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Ms m mmm ■ • : v : : :-:;:Sy ) -: h a - : : : ' Sx7-.-: :’»: : x ; : ■■■■PMm WI fcfip s HP — ■— i mmm : ■ SM sMK X- Xn-X- XXC-TX-— - y -y_ r -. ■ .-. y.- .-■ ; yy . 7,-; - ►_■•■ .-y. mzmMmmmtMmmmwm mmmmmrnmwm ox ' -; y xp xx " xx; ‘ -z -’r ' pK;- x-;-;- xx-xx vP - " % ’ yyW-y yy_ mmmmmmmmmmz g ggsI g E aSras i venty three : : - ; . : : vr--x4:-X“7 ' :i £ £ £ £ 5Koa£X ;y ■Hp MliMlSiSilSiSi 7;XxX- " XX--aXv - ' y yyrxlXSXXvXxplv-yXXyXXXX ' . ■ ■ . : ■ : ■ ■ ■ ■ ■; : ' ■ ■ : :■■■■■ ' mmmmmmmmmfflmBmmmm V-V- ‘ J V,VA , ' --%V- T ' - T ' - ' . 1 ' - J ’ ■ ' 7v T -- L - V ' J ‘-’vr r XCv.-.-7.V4‘- r - -vT J . ' r ' AV T v .v .y y . V . " V L y T y. ' .v, ' t . t _ - ' ■ Vl% ■ . : PiiiPPliiii V; : .v: ::-v::;::-;wVX x ::::::.--: ' S M 0 mWW %wM : - ,.:... ' ' : mmmmmmmrn :®;S®ir:-: ■ . ■ • . . •ivrfx : : ; x : :-: .-: : iiAv: . ; :-: : :V v - .-: 1973 Reveille Fort Hays Kansas State College Hays, Kansas Editor: Lee Barlow Durler Business Manager: Howard Sloan f|2 3 The Cover, 1 . Debbie Gilger | expfodes at the announcement that co-cheerleader Pat Pahls would reign as queen. 2 Fair but windy weather moved Graduation out of Sheri- dan and onto Lewis Field. 3. An FHS derby tops this entry in what seemed to be a Volkswagen brigade. Com bi nrng the Tjger and cavalry images. Frank Gray uses an amazing sense of balance and a sturdy pair of stilts to entertain the Homecoming parade crowd,. Contents Pathways Housing 16 Greeks 36 Organizations 66 On and Off-Campus Performers 104 Music and Drama 118 Sports 142 Passengers Administration and Faculty 202 Leadership and Honorary Organizations 208 Seniors 248 Classes 272 Index 320 America Pulls Out of Vietnam Re-elected President Richard M Nixon announced on Satur- day, January 27 at 6:00 p.m. (CST) f that for America, the Vietnam war was over The treaty was signed. Everyone (except the latest Canadian residents) was coming home. The POW ' s were released, with a few stalls on both sides that frightened expectant fami- lies. They came home to a coun- try that had changed quite a bit from the country they had remembered or dreamed about in their bamboo prisons. The men returned to a nation where, in four years, God willing and the People agreeing, Rich- ard Nixon will be the only ex- President living, for in the space of two months, Harry S. Truman and Lyndon B. Johnson had died. 2 ROTC Pushes for Berth at Fort Hays State In the U.S , everyone except a handful of Indians was surprised at the peace negotiations being held In South Dakota The Ameri- can Indians were uprising, and in their desolate reservation in a settlement called Wounded Knee, they were holding their own with ' Illegal ammunition ' 1 against the government The U S had them surrounded and no one was getting through — no doc- tors, no food, no white-eyes and especially no redskins But the Indian situation didn ' t hit home as hard as the food sit- uation did Rocketing food prices drove out the tantalizing dreams of two-inch steaks and replaced them with macaroni and cheese. Beef and pork prices rose by dimes and quarters almost over- night A little town in New York state mailed the White House 100 peanut butter and jelly sand- wiches to emphasize their meat boycott How did all the national tur- moil affect Fort Hays State? ROTC picked this year to push for a berth on campus A sudden spurt of concern from a minority of students burst forth 3 Johnson Dies Before Ceasefire A " straw poll " was held to meas- ure student feelings. Unfortu- nately, not enough students felt a neccessity to be measured. The spurt of action ended with black paint on sidewalks proclaiming " stop ROTC by any means. " In honor of former presidents Truman and Johnson, the flags were lowered and the days of their burials were declared holi- days. During the month of mourning for Johnson, while the flags on campus were at half mast, the Vietnam war was ended. As for the end of the war, Fort Hays State as a whole did nothing to celebrate the end of the longest battle in America ' s history. No speeches were given, no days off were granted to honor the war dead or the returning soldiers, no black proc- lamations stained the sidewalks. No special attention was paid by FHS to the end of the Vietnam war. Fort Hays State was tackling its own problems in 1973. A lack r vi 4 Building Repairs Unhampered by Short Funds of funds from the state and a decreased enrollment put a defi- nite pinch on the budget. Presi- dent Sustad tried streamlining the administration section and was forced to send letters to I 2 faculty members urging them to begin searching for other posi- tions pending the actual necessb tation of a release. In spite of the lack of funds, the campus at Fort Hays State finally received some well deserved and desperately needed sprucing up. Picken and Albertson Halls were graced with new roofing. The rain leaking through the roofs had begun to tire employ- ees, instructors and students with its constant drip and the sudden moves of people and equipment to drier quarters. The scaffolding surrounding half of a b uilding at a time, caused some inconvenience to those students who, while racing to a class, happened upon a blocked exit. Anyone walking along the sidewalk during the incredibly windy spring days often had to dodge flying debris. Classes held inside the build- ings were led by hoarse instruc- tors screaming over the racket of the hammers and the occasional crashing of roffed tile being dumped over the roofs edge, down a rackety wooden funnel. Yet, with all the improvements, the student teachers and others who had the opportunity of working in Rarick Hall hoped in vain for someone to summon a Pied Piper of termites. The shak- 5 Coliseum Makes Way for New Complex ing third floor threatens to send the overcrowded Ed. Psych, classes tumbling down into the basement. By far the biggest change on campus is the near completion of the new HPER complex that is slowly and painfully being paid for by extracting an extra $1 per credit hour from each student. Old Sheridan Coliseum snake pit saw its last basketball game — a defeat at the hands of Wash- burn. The building, built In 1916 and termed as " much too large " by the Kansas legislature, was filled to overflowing the first time it was used and the home basket- ball crowd has been filling it ever since. The Coliseum arena will remain intact and in use for some activities, while most of the offices in the building will con- tinue with their present services. The building will continue to stand on campus, unless the set- tling of the ground under the pool cracks the west end of the Coliseum beyond any hope of repair. 6 m mm wmm ppwi il »v l 2 3 5 L Workmen labor diligently to 4 complete the new HPER com- plex. The complex will open in the fall of 1973 giving FHS the best HPER facilities in the state. 2 The rick- ety wooden shaft amplified the sound of the rotted shingles as they were dumped from Pickens roof. 3 . In a comedy about the drafting of a middle- aged man, Sharon Collier and Phil Joseph comment on today ' s army. 4. Enrollment, supposedly easier, as going to be even harder to live through with the rising tuition. 5. Reworking old dresses, and slowly hand patching bits and pieces stretch the dollars in the wardrobe room of Malloy. 7 " This country does not belong to the President or the govern- ment; it belongs to the people. They have a right to know . . . My freedom to write is not even as important as the people ' s right to be informed. " — Jack Anderson 8 Pathway! FORMERLY TITLED ADtXE PtWf Sc tT. 455 v$t 14 j: 25 Q) PAPER MOON JOE DAVID BROWN NOT SINCE TRUK GRIT HAS THERE. E4KEN A MORE DfSARMl NX ; H E: m UN K MERRY K(. XiUES AND U KA81 .F CON ARTISTS PURE EJsTERTAlNME NT - LIFE SOON TO BE A MAJOR PARAMOUNT PICTURE STARRING RYAN O ' NEAL DIRECTED BY PETER BOGDANOVICH I 1 2 1 3 I 4 J Farmed columnist Jack I I 1 Anderson appeared before an enthusiastic crowd in Sheridan Coliseum. 2 1972 ' s Most Val- uable Player for the Bengal Baseball squad. Pat James, keeps in practice during the winter months by using facil- ities in Wiest Hall 3 Ryan O ' Neal and his daughter Tatum lodged in Hays while filming Paper Moon on location around the city 4, Various predictive floats graced Homecoming ' 72, but the FHS Tigers didn ' t come through with a win. Pathways S " The two words ' information ' and ' communication 1 are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; com- munication is getting through. " — Sydney J. Harris [0 Pathways I. A number of bars in 2 4 5 Hays offer the student a chance to leave it alf behind at the end of a day on campus. 2 With an 8 2 season record, the Women ' s Basketball Team nabbed second place honors in the 1973 State Women s Basketball Tourna- ment at FHKSC. 3. After a game of pool or a line of bowling, many students stop in the Memorial Union ' s recreation area to play a couple of hands of cards or recap their previous game, 4. " Vixen, " a local rock band adds to the enjoyment of the Memorial Union ' s open house by entertaining these apparently spellbound youths In the Fort Hays Ballroom. 5, The intercultural communications class discussed gaps between different social cultures and posed possible bridges across these gaps. Pathways 1 1 L Snow this year was infrequent, and generally moderate as it covered the campus and laced the imbs of those trees that had sur- vived last summer s disease 2. Fort Hays States 1972 Homecoming game tallied a loss in the season ' s 1-8-1 record 3 A break in the wintry weather brings some wandering min- strels out onto the sunwarmed lawn In front of the Memorial Union 4 A stroll with a special friend highlights a break in one of the many rainy days that plagued March 12 " We are like children privi- leged to spend a day in a great park tilled with playgrounds, beautiful lakes, with boats sailing on peaceful waters. The day allotted to us is not of the same length; some will have a long day, some a short one, some will have more shadows, some more sunshine. Time is but loaned to us. " — Mrs. Frank W. Boyd [4 Pathways I I. The Flag corps is just one of — the Intricate parts of the Tiger ' Marching Band. 2. Early Fall found a surge of Bible distrib- utions on campus. 3. Homecoming s snake dance grew as it traveled through the streets collecting participants for the bonfire and pep rally. 4, The Union ' s hostesses don cowboy hats and jeans to add to a festive buffet, 5. The children of FHS students give refresh- ing highlights to the campus. Pathways I 5 " Custer has an atmosphere ail its own that makes it really uni- que, It ' s the only dorm on cam- pus that ' s completely on its own. " — Jan Quint, senior 1 6 Housing J. Custer Hall rose again, ||2 3 4 according to prediction, and coed-co-op living came Jnto existence at Fort Hays State, 2, 3, and 4. 50 s parties were popular this year and many hall residents and their guests put themselves all out to copy and capture the mood of Rock n Roll. Housing 1 Highlights of 1 973 Residence Hall Activities Whether it is a dorm room, a first apartment, or a honeymoon cottage, the home of a college student is truly his castle. Home for many Fort Hays State students is one of the five residence halls. In addition, I 800 FH S students find housing off-campus. Loyal supporters rejoiced this year at the reopening of Custer, The coed, upper-classman hall benefited from many innovations including a successful cooperative cleaning service. Social activities for the year ranged from a 50 s party to Farkle Days — - a week of activities in which each floor spon- sored a contest or program. Resi- dents also participated in a Keg Party during Homecoming week- end. a watermelon feed, and several dances. In the spring, resi- dents united to stage a successful campaign against locating the Student Health Service on the first floor of the hall. Agnew ' s year was highlighted by a formal Banquet on Apr, 14. The girls were also involved in var- ious activities throughout the year. Homecoming found the Agnew coeds capturing the nov- el+y- on-foot trophy with their entry, " Once Upon a Tiger Tale ' Service was important at Agnew. In conjunction with the Interna- tional Students, they sold hand- crafts made by refugees, and dur- ing Senior Weekend, Agnew-ites acted as hostesses to visiting sen- ior girls. With 80 per cent of its resi- dents upperclassmen, McGrath Hall has become a symbol of unity on the FHS campus. In Aprlh the men staged a marathon basketball game that netted nearly $650 for the Cancer Drive. Throughout the year McGrath was active in infra - murals. They captured first place in football and horseshoes, and were also dorm champions in bas- ketball LeAnn Muirhead, McGrath s Homecoming Queen candidate, pl aced In the top five, and their entry in Beauty and the Beast received second. The 600 women who entered McMindes in September found it to be an active, enthusiastic resi- dence hall. The McMmdes-WIest Homecoming float was awarded the first place Sweepstakes prize. McMindes girls participated in Best-Dressed Coed, Miss FHS, Furlough, Derby Days, and Beauty and the Beast. Profits from a Valentine Formal gave the girls an opportunity to donate $ I 72 to Managua University. Through other service projects, including a rummage sale, McMindes was able to donate to the United Fund. Weist found the opportunity for promotion and recognition with " Weist Hall Week. " Throughout the year, Weist also sponsored an election watch, two polka parties, dances and hall tournaments. A trash clean-up along Big Creek gave the men a chance to do their part for ecol- ogy. Several improvements were added to Weist, including a weight room and a Weist Hall Sign. 1 8 On and Off Campus Housing Independence doesn ' t alwaus mean freedom Daily Duties Defy Dwellers I I, A warm autumn afternoon — I — 4 provides time for golfing prac- fjce for young and old on the vacant grounds north of Lewis Field 2 , Eager hands join mother in unpacking newly purchased groceries 3 College life lends its residents the opportunity of keeping up with their own laundry and wondering where mom ever found the time. 4 . Domestic housework makes way for clean rooms and rediscovery of long- forgotten items. Housing 19 " Some people are going to like me and some people aren ' t, so I might as well be me. The n at least I will know that the people who like me, like me. " — Hugh Prather in I Touch the Earth, The Earth Touches Me £ L Sewing breaks the ycr monotony of work and study by offering relaxa- tion, accomplishment and another piece to your wardrobe. 2. The warm spring aids the girls of McMindes in getting a head start on a tan, 3. Mother sometimes needs to Intervene in sidewalk collisions. 4, A toothbrush finds its way to the grooming of a moustache, S The solitude along Big Creek relaxes the tensions of attending class finals. 6 As it often happens, come rain, snow, sleet, hail or college tuition, the car won ' t move without immediate repairs. 7. The night watchmen of McMindes check ID cards admitting girls after dosing hours. 8 Hamburgers, even with the rising meat costs are still the least expensive beef on the market, so they find their way into many college skillets. 20 Housing Household Chores Fall to Leisure Activities Housing 2 I 2 T]3 L A Spring Formal banquet is enjoyed by Agnew resi- dents and their guests to close the year ' s activities. 2. Agnew resi- dents Roseann Ling and Marsha Corder inspect jewelry made in Thaiiand that was sold as a service project. 3, Mrs, Marguerite Walters, Agnew s head resi- dent, finds a few moments to relax and enjoy a magazine. 4. Agnew Hall Offi- cers, Front row: Jerry Mapes, v.p.; Rhonda Appfebee, soc.chm.; Maxine Rogers, sec.: Diane Minks, pub. Back row: Barb Otte, pres.: Marcia Janke, treas. 5. Candletighting is a time for joy and surprise for Agnew girls. 6. Strange characters were found bobbing for apples at the Agnew Halloween party. 22 Agnew Agnew Hall Goes International With Special Christmas Bazaar Custer Offers Off-Campus Freedom: Residents Carry Management Responsibility L Custer residents stage a parade to support their 1 1- 5 7 Homecoming queen candi- date, Laura Pugh. 2. Pat Thibault, head resident, posts the daily notices on the announcement board. 3, Custer Hall Officers, front row, from bottom; Gayle Self,, co- pres.; Jan Quint, pub!.; Celia Scott; Linda Morrison; Beverly Legg: Bobbie Kohl, sec.; Libby Kirby, soc chmn. back row: Rex Linenberger: Dick Detwiler, soc. chmn,: Milton Young; Sam Scott, co- pres.; Ken Pfeifer, treas ; Duane Beckman. 4, Colleen Regan, Dave Swartz, and Paula Mayhew find that stringing lights for the Christmas tree generates the season’s spirits, 5. A 50 party finds residents wearing bobby socks, long skirts, and rolled-up jeans while dancing the bunny hop. 6. Rhonda Awtrey and Doug Wrightsman experi- ence co-op cleaning as Dick Detweiler offers some well-meaning supervision. 7 The fire escape affords Custer men a convenient shortcut after lunch in McMindes. 24 Custer Half Custer Hall 25 Weekend of basketball for cancer drive Marathon Garners $647 " The basketball marathon was a lot of hard work on the part of the guys In the dorm, but with the goals over-achieved, it was very much worth-while and we hope it will become a tradition. " — Larry Laas, graduate student 26 McGrath 1, Billy Culver, sponsored by McGrath Hall, finds that being elected Little Mr. Fort Hays State gives him a chance to get a close view of a real FHS Tiger 2 Breaking down the reserve of fellow card players is part of the " psyching-out " that goes with a card tournament 3 The men of McGrath take advantage of having beer in the residence hall by promot- ing an all-hall beer bust 4 1973 McGrath Hall Officers: Dave Wess- ling, trees ; Charlie Goslln, sec ; Larry Clark, soc. chm.: Jim Munsey, pres.; Larry Dumler, athletic chm.; Greg Stand ish, v.p. S After a hard weekend of basketball and hustling to collect pledges, the residents of McGrath handed a check for $647 to the Amer- ican Cancer Society. 6. Mrs. Ruth Stranathan, head resident, finds stuff- ing mailboxes a part of her daily chores. McGrath 27 " Tiger Tales Do Come True " McMindes Women Capture Sweepstakes Prize for Float ll 2 l 4 3 5|6 I. As the other RA ' s watch, Mary Lou Lineberger per- forms in a skit presented at Parent ' s Day. 2. Sherry Reigel watches Jane Schultz beam with joy after being named Miss McMindes 1973. 3, Time and effort pay off with the Sweepstakes prize for McMindes Homecoming float, ' Tiger Tales Do Come True.” 4. Couples enjoy dancing at the Valentine formal, the proceeds of which were donated to the Manaugua University fund. 5, Mrs, Esther Biays, head resi- dent, checks tabs as a means of getting to know her 600 girls. 6. McMindes Hal! officers, Debbie Popp, co-sec,; E. J. Schlegel, co-pres,; Karen Sayler, co- pres.; Patti Garrett, v.p.: Dale Smith, co-sec,; Jolece Tate, treas. 28 McMindes " The close friends I ' ve made on my floor make me want to come back here again next year. " — Sandi Heinze, freshman 2 I 5 I- Wiest Hall Officers, I - i 1 — -I. top: Tom Kuhn, pres.: 3 | 4 | 6 Tim Kuhn, v.p,: Dale Rein, treas.: Byron Cook, sec. 2 Pool is a favorite pastime for Wiest residents. 3. Wiest head resident Mrs. Margarette Habiger, confers with a housing official on the phone, 4, Wiest cooks find the kitchen a busy place before and after meals. 5 For a little extra cost each week, these Wiest Hall men can participate each steak night, in the Captain ' s Table arrangement where residents have a chance to dress up and be formally served. 6. Mrs. Habiger turns into a blackjack dealer during Casino night. 30 Wfest Tempting Vern Miller Wiest Hall ' s Casino Night: Betting on Bigger Recruitment " The Captain’s Table is much more pleasant than the army barracks atmosphere of the large residence hall cafeterias. " — Marla Whorton, senior Please have a seat on the floor Wooster Place Residents Suffer Through Refurnishing " Wooster is a really nice place to live — not too expensive and right on campus, but when they take all your furniture away for a month to refinish it f you get tired of sitting on the floor, " — Lee Durler, senior 32 Wooster Place I I Judy Wolf discovers that 2 1 4 5 the dining room floor is a 13 6 convenient place for cutting out a pantsuit. 2. Debbie and Randy Conrad find a few moments to relax on a cold winter ' s evening, 3 Martha and Rod McDaniel share the responsibilities of marriage, which include making a bed, 4. A piggyback ride with Daddy sure beats walking for this Wooster tyke. 5- Soft music breaks the monotony of studying for Carol and Arlie Haymond. 6, Pint-sized residents of Wooster use the sidewalk for a play- ground. Wooster Place 33 n sibifify, deucy. 11 it ' s freedom and respon- but mainly it ' s indepen- — Sue Fish and Jeanine Meirowsky, Seniors 34 Off- Campus Housing Nearly 1800 Singles Enjoy Off-Campus Life 34 ] 2 L Emptying the waste cans Is a 5 trashy job especially on cold winter nights 2 An exhausted Tiger fan curls up with her pet for a nap between classes. 3 A small tree adds a Christmas touch to Dennis and Twila Fredricksons living room when limited space doesn ' t permit a large one, 4 Living In an apartment some- times provides residents with a chance to experiment with their own cooking as Gregg Ireland has discovered 5, Trevor Krueger dreams of being a 2nd flight officer with TWA like his father, Nei- Off ' Campus Housing 35 . . the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, dressed in mobster outfits and wielding toy guns raged through the streets of Hays in an antique car, kid- napped all four of the sorority presidents and held them for ransom. One can of food for every member of the sorority was the ransom ... " — State College Leader 36 Fraternities and Sororities n w a a Fraternities and Qororities VTLr u □ vZ I Kidnapping sorority presi- ll 2 | 3 | 4 dents for ransoms of canned food was quite a job for the TKEs as they raised contrib- utions for their canned food drive for Hays, 2, Barbara Hickel in the Scare- crow ' s straw hat, and Nancy Randle portraying Dorothy present a modified version of ' The Wizard of Oz " during a sorority rush. 3, A little cherub, sur- rounded by candles, highlights a display of Greek pins and pendants, 4, Many stars are born while trying to influ- ence the girls participating in rush week to bid for the right sorority. Fraternities and Sororities 37 Highlights From FH8 Fraternities and Sororities Not all fraternities and sorori- ties can be extremely successful in afl they do r but judging from the 78 pledges entering their ranks this year, the Hays groups are at least quite busy The men from Sigma Phi Epsilon took pride in scholarship as they took the Scholarship Trophy for the Highest GPA during the spring semester The Hays Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter also received the Outstanding Chapter trophy from their National headquarters In sports, the SIg Eps took 1st place in the Furlough Bike Race and won the Regional Sigma Phi Epsilon basketball crown Affiliated with the Sig Eps are the Daughters of the Golden Heart, Pa m Boos was elected Sweetheart Queen In their April Golden Heart Ball. Sigma Chi Fraternity main- tained the Scholarship Trophy for the highest over-all GPA for the fourth straight semester and the fraternity had a dozen members In the Student Senate Sigma Chi al so held their annual Derby Days to raise money for Wallace Village In Colorado In conjunction with Delta Ze+a, Sigma Chi men collected food for a Thanksgiving feast for needy Hays families The DZs also found that work- ing for themselves could be quite rewarding as they won Best Ani- mation on a Homecoming float with their Tiger chasing an Icha- bod around a tree, which they constructed with some help from the Vets Club The women also took a scholar- ship trophy as both active and pledge members kept the highest over-all GPA. Delta Ze+a ' s L inda Wheeler played Beauty to Al Link ' s Beast in the annual contest Link, an Alpha Kappa Lambda, captured this honor (?) for the second year Alpha Gamma Delta did volun- teer work this year reorganizing and categorizing books in the Hadley Memorial Hospital Alpha Gam’s were very active in campus activities such as Tiger Debs, Tiger Paws and various beauty pageants The Alpha Gamma Delta women were squeezed out of first place in the Derby Days competition by the Delta Zeta’s Men of Sigma Tau Gamma grouped together again for their annual Bike Ride for Cancer f In a cold and windy effort to draw contributions for the Cancer Fund Delta Sigma Phi fraternity cele- brated its 20th anniversary on the FHS campus this year, while last year ' s newly formed Acacia slowly dropped from sight Phi Sigma Epsilon had a slow season this year. Even though they participated in the many intramu- ral games, the Phi Sigs couldn ' t quite catch any first place stand- ings. The small sorority of Sigma Kappa turned out In big fashion to repair the Day Care Center The girls worked diligently paint- ing, refinisbrng, dusting — gener- ally brightening up the center with some help from Sigma Chls Sigma Sigma Sigma women also banded together to help the needy. During the Holiday season, the Tri-Sigmas hosted a Christmas party for underprivileged chil- dren. And Tau Kappa Epsilon men decided to make the sororities an ' offer they couldn ' t refuse ' 1 in order to fill the TKE’s canned food drive larders Driving around like the gang- sters of the 30s, the TKEs ’ kidnap- ped 1 all four sorority presidents from their evening of shopping or club meetings, and held them for ransom The ransom was a can of food for every member of the respective president’s sorority The ransoms were met with smiles and the food drive was deemed a success Greeks f L Shouts of joy come from the Alpha Gamma Deltas after win- ning the Derby day Tug-of-War. 2. A IKE finds that riding motorcycles is a relaxing way to spend a warm spring day. 3. Rock and roll now seems to be reach- ing its height in the sorority and frater- nity houses. 4 . Weekends find many Greeks in the partying mood. mm EfflBBQ mm tmm Greeks 39 " We need a strong fraternity system on campus because the Greeks have something to offer that appeals to some of the pro- spective students. " — Dr. Bill Jellison, Dean of Students 40 Greeks ;-J HMrJ VIMMM f, The Tri-Sigmas tried to | .£_ $ pleas© their customers with a 3 5 smile and a shine in their Memorial Union based shoe-shine shop. 2, These sorority beauties surround Best Dressed Coed winner LeAnn Muirhead, a Delta Zeta. 3. The Sigma Kappas seem to be searching for someone prior to their successful attempt at the Derby Day Tug-O War. 4, Delta Sigs relax in their living room while doing homework or playing a game of cards. 5, Slicked down hairdos and ponytails, T-shirts and sloppy sweaters, bobby-socks and jeans accented this Greek 50 ' s party, 6 Fra- ternity men keep in shape by competing with one another in an intramural Greek league. Greeks 41 ! , The members of the Greek league of Intramural activi- ties are a very competitive group, 2. The girUchasIng-the-guy theme Is altered a little for the Derby Day chase, where the girls ' ' hunt " in packs to get those little black derbies. 3, Roaring 20 ' s rush parties were very popular this year. 4, Social fraternities usually do more than socialize. Almost all fraterni- ties spend a lot of time cleaning up dif- ferent Hays areas or working for chari- ties, 5 . All rush parties aren ' t fun and games; some, like this candlelighting affair, are rather formal and mysterious. 6 , Two Tri-Sigma ' s seem quite pleased with their new " sisters. 42 Greeks Rush, Hell Week Sororities and Fraternities Draw Pledges Greeks 43 Ki I - 1 IhI rd y lju i nw v jjfin - _ra : 11 % M fljlr A ft SSsBi . . HJI a tHi J , a 4 mr : ' W S V- -» f ' . QM - ■ sb, . 1 . Becky Waller 2. Phyllis Bender 3. Phyllis Petracek 4. Barb H3ckel 5. Susan Kier 6. Dee Smith 7. Bonnie Harrison 8. Marilyn Helm 9. Sherri Riegef 10. Susie Reynolds I I . Denise Stephens 12 Michelle Sherraden 1 3. Jane Howell 14. Kim Bradley 1 5. Peggy Zollman 16. Sara Marshal! 17. Mimt Osfmeyer 18. Kathie Vratil 1 9. Kathy Mattison 20. Sherri Hobbs 21. Patty Depperschmidt 22. Linda Harsh 23. Sandy Swart 24. Monica Jennings 25. Cheryl Yoxal! 26. Janice Kruse 27. Lynne Hubert 28. Kaylene Hrabe 29. Joyce Randle 30. Becky Schmidt 3 J , Jo HoUworth 32. Becky Anderson 33. Jan Nelson 34. Jil Courtney 35. Linda Pfeifer 36. Elizabeth Kirby 37. Debbie Gray 38. Connie Poore 39. Jody Redel 40. Patti Sanders 41 . Alice Manhart 42. Nancy Leg ere 44 Alpha Gamma Delta I Alpha Gamma Delta ' s Open — - 3 House provided the coeds a chance to display their cooking and show off their house 2. The sister- hood of a sorority can be seen In this sing-a-long rush party as Phoebe Atchi- son and Renee Moore sing abo ut the joys of being sisters, 3, An Alpha Gam deliv- ers the ' ' ransom ' ' [one can of food for each sorority member) with smiles In order to get the kidnapped president back safely from the TKEs. Alpha Gamma Deltas not pictured on previ- ous page: Kathy Bender Charlene Brubaker Jan Chittenden Cindy Dipman Pam Dumler Diane Garwood Terri Kuhlman Renee Moore Nancy Noel Kathy Poore Ruth Robinson Connie Swisher Alpha Gamma Delta 45 , I Alpha Kappa Lambda ' s Tim 1 Dierberger waits patiently for his turn in a friendly horseshoe tournament. 2, " Beauty " and her " Beast ’ elected by a penny-a-vote fund drive sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity were Linda Wheeler, candidate from Delta Zeta, and Albert Link, candidate from AKL. 46 Alpha Kappa Lambda 1 7 . Lillian Gennette 1 8. Dave R. Cross 19. Al Link 20. Mike Muir 2 1 . Frank Schwartz 22. Robert Cross 23. Tim Kennedy 24. Gerry HeJin 25. LyJe Erway 26. John DeGarmo 27. Jeff Schwarz 28. Mjk© McGillivery 29 + Bart Not Pictured: Kerry Coulter Erick Ericson Steve Henry Steve Hewson Dave Jensen Casey Johnson Benny Kruse Doug Petersilie Charles Smith Greg Stice 1 . Gary Hostin 2. Larry DeGarmo 3. Dave Price 4. Paul Bcwerman 5. Roger Kingsley 6. Wayne Roberts 7 Lynn Fulwider 8. Randy Carney 9. Rod Wilkenmg 10. Brad Smith I I . Rick Smith I 2. Rick Kellener I 3. Don Satterfield 14. Bill Prather 15, Swinley Gorman f 6. Dave Shryock Alpha Kappa Lambda 47 1 , Jeff Anschutz 2, Danny Caldarera 3, Randy Rector 4, Phil Harris 5, Orvan Roach 6, Doug Julian 7, Bill Desbien 8, Ray Shaneen 9, Jim White fO. Richard Oringderff I I . Jay Horner I 2, Gale Cook 1 3. Mark Walker 14, Dale Haag I 5. Tony Bessire 1 6 Ron Powers 1 7 . John Stramel 18. Lynn Speer 19. Ellis McCleiren 20. Dennis Zimmerman 2 1 . Brad Wooldridge 22. Ester Stein le 23. John Gregory 24. Ken Miller 25. Mike Gatterman 26. David Halloway 27. Brice Gilbert 28. Bob C lenience 29. Gene Buchholz 30. Alar Woydzlak 31. Mike Robert 32. Mark Soeken 33. Gary Litzenberger 34. Roger Learning 35. Doug Roemer 36. Dale Young 37. Dennis Rector 38. William Nichols 39. Gordon Til I berg 40. Richard McGinley 4! . Millie Maska Not Pictured Kim Ahrens Carlos Arnaros Doug Birdsong Pat Charlton Bill DeYoe Randy Durr Tim Flagler Tom Funk Hal Gray Alan Hart James McGuire Terry Merrifield John Pekarek Kevin Shaw Dan Wilson Randy Zimmerman 48 Delta Sigma Phi I I . Informal parties bring out inter- 1 esting costumes and often intri- 3 guing conversations. 2. Rains, snows, and dusty days were easily washed out of memory by many Delta Sigma men. 3 Each Delta Sig room has its own personality. This one, under the dominion of the Budweiser flag, makes a comfortable area for conversation. Delta Sigma Phi 49 Top Scholarship 1. Nancy Bird 2. Kathy Bansemer 3. Becky Douthit 4. Judy Dreiling 5. Charli Borger 6. Cheryl Corcoran 7. Barbara Ford 8. Chris Riley 9. Patty Seller fO. Linda McCandiess I I . Pat Naylor 12. Sharon Feikert f 3. Linda Wheeler 14. Charlotte Olrphant 1 5. Jan Rewfings 1 6. Naydine Aton 1 7. Karen Beavers 1 8. Linda Kneller 19. Joy Bennett 20. Stacy Crist 2 I Rhonda Flowers 22. Karen King 23. Susan Blazer 24. Fama Hanks 25. Ann Marie Caldarera 26. Cheryl Lincoln 27. Pam Boos 28. Becky Davison 29. Patty Woods 30. Rhonda Heinze 3 I . Susan Stewart 32. Janet Cooper 33. Karen Hester 34. Linda Goudy 35. Patsy Wilkens 36. Debbie Cook 37. Joni McClintock 38. Connie Whitely 39. Denise Thurman 40. Kathy Dreiling 41. Monica Lohmuller 42. Nancy Kramer 43. Lori Grabbe 44. Marilyn Bird 45. Vickie Beiser 46. Nancy Davison 47. Glenda Stallings 48. Janice Legiighter 49. Linda Townley 50. Pam Cook 5 f . Terry Luther 52. Nancy Crim 53. Jana Jaco 54. Sherry Clark 55. Deb Gifger 56. Linda Mans 57. Marsha Rader 58. Linda Pearson Not pictured: Elaine Haziett leAnn Muirhead 50 Delta Zeta ■ t L TV commercials influenced the Delta Zetas as they came " a long 2 1 way, baby " for a sorority rush. 2, The DZs are tops this year in scholarship after winning both the pledge and active scholarship trophies. 3. Congratulations are in order for Delta Zeta coed LeAnn M airhead as FHS ' s 1972-73 " Best Dressed Coed. " Della Zeta 51 1 . Dennis Kozub 2. T. J. Robertson 3- Esther Dreher 4 . Eric Thoben 5. Eve Brandt 6. Jerry Bighan 7. John Mai 8. Steve Rtebel 9. Ron Holzworth 10. Von Phillips J I . Zon Pastes I 2. John Comerford 1 3 Dave Cheek !4. Jeff Zim merman 15 David Ison 16 Scott Tichenor 1 7. Jim Fry 1 8 Ken Vine 19 John Lehman 20. Dale Moser 2 J Mike Das 22 Kim langdon 23. Ed Noll 24. Jim Keller Not Pictured Mark Cooksey John Das Ric Frahm Gary Glendenning 52 Phi Sigma Epsilon Phi Sigma Epsilon ' s Dennis Kozub moved on from ' friendly ' intramural competition to Coach Alex Francis ' var- sity track team ' s relay squad. Phi Sigma Epsilon 53 I I ' Neither rain nor snow . . . 2] 3 could stop the Sigma Chi ' s canned food drive. 2. Interest and ambition plus some rain softened ground help the Sigma Chls dig post holes for a fence around the Day Care Center. 3. A Sigma Chi works diligently as he rolls the paint over the furniture at the Day Care Cen- ter during his turn at the work day. 54 Sjgma CHS 1 . Mark Pfannenstiel 2. Dave Hewe+t 3. John Cunard 4. John Rerfschneider 5. Bill Darnell 6. Brad Bassett 7. Scott Nichols 8. Darwin Alexander 9. Mike Cavanaugh 10. Bruce Renberger I I . Paul Reifschneider J 2. Chuck Goslin 13. Roger Nolte 14. Lee Flamik I 5. Gerry Billinger 16, Kevin Grant I 7, Gary Leitner J 8. Jonnie Russell 19. Steve Wade 20. Lyle Mitchel 2 1 . Bill Rauscher 22. Roger Leitner 23. Rex Egbert 24. Don Little 25. John Sherman 26. Randy McCanfs 27. Rick Smalley 28. Alan Schneider 29. Brent Wente 30. Greg Mahoney Not Pictured: Dave Barnes Marcus Bassett Kenny Billinger David Doud Rich Irby Bill McLeish Mike Peteete Terry Ptacek Bill Rogers Jr. Mike Schardein Dave Shields Sid Stranathan Mike Taxter Allan Worley Sigma Chi 55 . Linda Carver 2 + Debbie ScherJmg 3. Deb Schmidt 4. Cheryl Oswald 5. Myra Shank 6. Marie Desilet 7. Donna Spafford 8. Joy FrownfeJter 9. Carol Hoffman 10. Nyla Lipperf f I . Kay Sullivan I 2. Cefia Scott ! 3 Kathy Robben 14. Linda Marti I 5. Carol Turney 16. Barb Abendshien 17. Pam Rishefl 1 8. Debbie O ' Brate 1 9. Christie Elder Not Pictured Betsy Billinger Kathy Idecker Mary Lea Rauscher Debbie Silkman Faye Stuewe Linda Vo ran b Sigma Kappa I. Explaining the symbolism of a 3 sorority pin is an integral part of pledge training class. 2. Sigma Kappa members happily ransomed their presi- dent from a ruthless band of kidnappers with a load of canned food. 3 Sigma Kappa women displayed a variety of tal- ents during rush week. Sigma Kappa 57 f. Scholastic endeavors through- bl 1 out the school year brought the 3 Sigma Phi Epsilon men the recog- nition of having the highest grade point average of any fraternity on cam- pus, 2. Intramural tennis, as well as baseball, basketball, football and vol- leyball, takes up a lot of time, 3 Home- coming gave the Slg Eps a chance to demonstrate their " old college spirit " with a float. SB Sigma Phi Ep$ilon 1 . Bob Bergman 2. Kent Larson 3. Dave Dfpman 4. Bruce Buss 5. Terry Stuart 6. Kathy Stuart 7. Jeff Crist 8. Rhonda Flowers 9. Patty Sanders 10. Ray Deiter 1 t . Don Hammer 12. Mike Laubhan 13. Vernon Swanke [4, Doug Thurman 15. Karen Steen 16. Dick Gansel 17. Ron Berman 1 8. Craig Gfeller 19. Jerry Caldwell 20. Jeanie Slaughter 2L Randy Olson 22. Cheryl Lincoln 23. Greg Anderson 24. Gene Pennington 25. Nancy Bird 26. Clay Alexander 27. Annie Poleson 28. Bob Johnson 29. Cindy Dipman 30. Mother Scott 31. Ed Kuhn 32. Kent Kredem 33. Don Barrett 34. Greg McFaden 35. Brett Feltner 36. Galen McFaden 37. John Fort 38. Carla Rowh 39. Steve Ward 40. Jim Melby 4! . Fama Hanks 42. David Faulkner 43. Monica Lohmuller 44. Mike Deiter 45. Ric Ochef 46. Phillis Petrasek 47. Joe Holzwarth 48. Steve Brown 49. Brian Schoenthaler 50. Chuck Elliott 51 . Ed Beaugher 52. Shannon Milner 53. Kirk Hewey 54. Joyce Randle 55. Jeff Yeager 56. Greg Fort 57. Mike Anderson 58. Bill McCall Not pictured: Curtis Bender Bill Comfort David Cross Dan Denning Mike Dreiling Mark Faulkner Dan Fornstal Don Gaskill Chip Hardy Ric Harsel Chad Heckman Ken Keller Jim Keller Larry Lobhan Jeff McDonald Jim McDonald Mike Olson Doug Parker Mark Parsons Gary Scheepback Mike Waldschmidt Ric Ward Dave White Sigma Phi Epsilon 59 1 . Cindy Borger 2. Debbie Frbert 3. Louise Varah 4. Ginny Blair 5. Debbie Prusa 6. Susan Bergling 7. Sonny Baird 8 Beth Beni gnus 9. Peggy Jenousek 10, Dana Sayer I L Marsha Harbaugh I 2. Karla Klepper i 3. June Cook 14 . Jerry Schwein I 5. Bev Kelman i 6. Denise Liggett 1 7, Becky Elden i 8. Sharon Rose 19. Beth McGovern 20. Clarice Buehler 2 1 . Kathy Hahn 22. Susan Carter 23. Janie Liggett 24. Annie Poison 25. Nancy Hjort 26. Diana McMitlen 27. Jolene Waldman 28. Agnes Townley 29. Sherri Steen 30. Debbie Selichnow 3 I . Diane Grice 32, Karol Kirmer 33, Pam Pegg 34, Karen Steen 35, Pam leatherwood 36, Carla Rowh 37, Pam Fondoble 38, Debbie Baldwin 39, Cindy White 40, Renee Foos 41 , Joyce Wichers 42, Mary Jo Feaster 43, Robyn Tomasu 44, Debbie Maher 45, Anne Henderson 46, Carla Streck 47, Janie Willis 48, Mol lie Cook 49, Corinne Sheil Not Pictured; Paulette Bieker Sue Brown Claudia Durfee Pauline Ellert Cindy Garrett Barb Harden Michelle Henry Sue Richardson Barb Rudd Karen Sch willing Beck Wichers 60 Sigma Sigma Sigma I L During rush week many new, 1 — but soon to be familiar faces are 2 3 found in the Tri-Sigma house. 2, Though washing windows is usually a dreaded activity for men or women, this Sigma Sigma Sigma seems to be donating her time to the chore quite cheerfully. 3. Skits during the rush par- ties brought out bizarre and hilarious appearances to some of the Tri-Sigma actives. Sigma Sigma Sigma 61 ■ j|2 I Mike Ashcraft rides the station- ary bike during the Sigma Tau Gamma " Bike Ride for Cancer.” 2 Fel- low participants sit lazily on the sidelines cheering on the cyclist and boosting morale for the drive. SfgmaTau G ke Ride fo r ( ' jPl 62 Sigma Tau Gamma if TJ H fV i M 1 V l . ' " V- 1 . Bob Peterson 2. Mike Artman 3. Joe Ka nak 4 h Maxine Wise 5. Pauline Walters 6. Alton Williams 7. John Majernik 8. Ken Vetter 9. Pat Burke 10. Dwane Kramer ! I „ Dennis Hale 12. Don Westphal I 3. Dwane Meireis 14. Allan Miller 1 5. Mike Ashcraft 1 6. Garold Sandell 7. Van Timbers 1 8. Robert Haskins [9. Doug Malsam 20. Steve Graham 2 I Jack Gardinier 22. Tom Palmer 23. Wayne Richmeier 24. Paul Montoia 25 Rex Staven 26. Bill Pearson Not Pictured Dave Barnes Tom Barnes Dave Fyler Joe Gresnich Bill Gross Richard Jensen Jerry Johnson Greg Schaffer 63 I - Larry Walker 2. Susan Carter 3. Becky Fisher 4. Mark Ketterl 5. Larry Long 6. Steve Sobba 7. Steve Vincent 8. Kay Vincent 9. Cookie Bisel 10. Emerson McDonald I L Dr. Allen Bush 12. Steve Goseland 13. Miona Burder — housemother 14. John Klier I 5. Mrs, John Klier I 6. Greg Abbott i 7. Pam Williams 1 8. Jim Switzer 19. Pennies Andersen 20. Ken Bjornstad 2 t , Ken Dobrinski 22. Marsha Rader 23. Bob Gates 24. Mike McAvoy 25. Claudia Durfee 26. Cletus Gross 27. Jo Ann Caldarulo 28. Tom Bradrick 29. Sue Richardson 30. Tom Gross 3 I . Darrell Dechant 32. Beth McGovern 33. Steve Bamber 34. Greg McDonald 35. Becky Peck 36. Frank Musalek Not Pictured Ed Chaplin Steve Clark Leon Crowley Dennis Dandorf Jim Doerschlag Dave Fabric! us Ivan Gallion Greg Gates Ralph Gates Jim Klema Gary Osborn Joel Robinson Dennis Waldo Greg Wesley 64 Tau Kappa Epsilon . L Though most people think hor- -11? seshoe pitching is a " thing of the 3 past ' some of the TKEs seem to enjoy the sport, 2. While the 50 ' s were the theme for most parties and functions this year, the Tau Kappa Epsilon men used the 20 ' s gangster era as a theme for their canned food drive. 3 The TKEs were able to simply walk across the street to Alpha Gamma Delta ' s open House and enjoy some good conversation, food and drink T u Kappa Epsilon 65 " In a public meeting Friday, the two-year-old problem of ROTC on our campus once again came to the surface. One faculty member, obviously wor- ried about the rising financial straits of FHS, asked the Regents about the cost of getting a ROTC program. " — State College Leader 66 All-Campus Organizations " 1-Campus Organizations L Tiger plaques, seen occa- I 2| 3 4 sionaJly at club meetings, are supposed to boost spir- its, and at least they make amusing decoration. 2. Hector Aponte makes a speech at the Cbicano minority recruit- ment weekend ”Es Lo Que Pasa. Mano ' [it s what ' s happening, brother), 3. Prize winning calves are hard to come by, but this one pulled a ribbon in a Fitting and Showing contest held here. 4 Catholic mass is held in the Memorial Union on Sunday mornings and every- one joins along in singing to the accom- paniment of a guitar. All-Campus Organizations 67 Highlights of 1 973 Clubs and Organizations In addition to a variety of classes, most departments at FHS also boast of extra-curricular clubs. Throughout the 1972-73 year these clubs were active in various ways on the campus. The Women ' s Recreation Asso- ciation sponsored a volleyball clinic at Hays High. Social activi- ties included a fall campout and a pizza party. An awards banquet concluded the year. One of the major activities of the 4-H Club included judging 4- H days around the state. They were also active in donating to the Cancer Drive and Boys Home. The History Club was promi- nent In petitioning against the loss of faculty members In December. Throughout the year they also promoted general Interest in his- tory. An awards banquet honoring the outstanding freshman and sen- ior was the highlight of the year for the Chemistry Club. During Spring Break, members took a field trip to chemical plants at Liberal and Dodge City. The newly formed Block and Bri- dle Club participated in fitting and showing contests. Several livestock shows completed the year. The Dames Club sponsored two contests, Little Mr. Fort Hays State and the Baby Beauty Con- test. At Homecoming the club was awarded the theme award for their float. Money-making pro- jects included annual sales and bazaars. An Industrial Arts Fair in April highlighted the year for the Indus- trial Arts Club. Their annual wat- ermelon feed was again a success- ful social event. The FHA Home Economics Chapter gathered toys for the Day Care Center as a service pro- ject. Members were active in state and national dub affairs and held a Home Economics Day on campus for high school students. Activities of members of the Veterans Club included a Home- coming float, and members also donated money to help the Nicar- aguan earthquake victims. The Sociology Club sponsored members to the Social Workers Convention in Topeka, Members held a symposium on Wounded Knee. Social activities included a pool night at the Union and several keggers. A Black Student Union formed at FHS. They sponsored a Black Awareness Weekend, and helped to sponsor the Chicano weekend for minority groups. 68 Afl’Campus Organizations 1 2 I ■ Held every year in the spring, .l-j- Furlough, sponsored by Alpha Phi ' Omega , offers many darl ng stu- dents the chance to work their leg mus- cles to death in the bicycle marathon. 2. The eighth annual Fort Hays State Rodeo was held on May 4, 5 and 6. Presi- dent Gustad and this year ' s Rodeo Queen, Kathy Geier, examine a schedule of the planned events. 3, Rita English, Reveille staff member, gets a page ready for submission to the yearbook editor. Organizations 69 " Everybody needs his memo- ries. They keep the wolf of insigni- ficance from the door. " — Saul Bellow 70 Organizations 4s 1 Fort Hays State 2(3 1 6 Rodeo, held May 4-6 turned out to be a suc- cessful event. 2. This year our vot- ing was done electronically, and the results of the Senate election for 1973-1974 were known quickly 3. Demonstrations and exhibits could be seen throughout Albert- son at its spring open house. 4 Chicano Weekend, sponsored by the Black Student Union and minor- ity students, brought many stu- dents to Fort Hays State early in the spring semester. 5, French, Spanish and German Clubs met together for a Christmas gathering at the Memorial Union, Spanish students listen to this member as she tells her story 6 ' The Red Cross Bloodmobile visits the campus each semester and Fort Hays State has the distinction of being one of the most generous contributors in total of pints of blood given each visit. Organizations 7 1 Veterans Sponsor Bloodmobile 1 I Twice a year a bloodmobile drive r$ — held This year Vet ' s Club sponsored 2 one of the drives, 2. Vet ' s Club, front row: Tom Mohr Arlie Raymond, Marvin Kramer, Delbert Siemens, Donald Simons, Bob Williamson, George Nest- ing Second row: Rod Applegate, Roger Rooker, Mark Obert, Mike Keltner, James Knight, J. Dean Ochs, Fred Irby. Gerry Shafer, Dean Milner, Thaine Clark, 72 Vet’s Club Pooh on the Ichabods Collegiate 4-H Takes Prize For " Pooh " I. 4-H Club, front row: Jolene Lambert, [ Roberta Bj rkes. Katie Meagher, Second 2 row; Lois Vesecky, Avis Wallace, Kath- leen Aschwege. Joy Beth ell, Myrna West, Carol Siefkes. Peggy Shay. Third row: Robert Schraeder, Mark DeWald. Robert Siefkes. Tom Kreutzer, Mary Adams, Not pictured: Rita Adams, Karen Bolt, Nancy Brannan. Peggy Fiafa, Susan Gouldie, Mike Hammond, Linda Mans, Dale Miller, Dave Mcfntosh, Sharon Rose. Carol Whisman, Nancy Whisman, 2 The 4-Hers banded together to win the Most Humorous division of the parade with their float Pooh on the Ichabods. " 4-H 73 WRA Pushes for Women ' s Varsity Sports I. Women ' s Recreation Association, _ alphabetically: Tamara Applebee, Barb Askew, Sondra Baird, Cheryl Barnes, Jean- ette Beckman, Jean Blecha r Cindy Bogart, Cindy Bross, Susan Butterfield, Kathy Clou- s ton, Roberta Colson, Janet Cooper, Marsha Corder, Marilyn Darnell, Vickie Delgado, Jean Dible, Vickie Dugan, Sadie Garner, Bea Gotschalk, Judi Hlaus, Jo Lynn Huxman, Deb Kasl, Karen King, Deb Kurtz, Jean McCune, Connie Misal, Pat Morris, Mary Morrish, Shir- ley Pinntck, Donna Rapp, Jody Redel, Susan Richardson, Laure REchemeier, Alice Roberts. Mary Ruda, Barb Rudd, Diane Sanders, Diana Sherrard, Becky Shuster, Sue Soper, Beth Tempero, Vickie Thyfault. Cinda Toptiff. Vir- ginia Woydziak. 2. Women ' s gymnastics was new to Fort Hays State this year, but should develop into a competitive sport within the next few years. 74 WRA Information. Insurance SEA Serves Future Educators [ L Student teaching h an important 2 learning experience in the fietd of education 2. Student Education Association, front row: Marlene Kay TTttel, LuAnn DeWald, Marcia Wagner, Shirley Joseph. Colleen Gillen. Sharon Gugler. Cheryl Davis. Carlotta Corke, Alexis Morgan, Kathy Rohrbough, Celia Scott Sherri GillSspie, Bonnie Beisner, Bar- bara Clark, Conette Werth, Carolyn Lee. Second row: Kathleen Aschwege. Pat Lertner, Randy Leitner, Marilyn Dreiling, Jean Hal- lagin, Sheryl Krier, Bernard Ketterl, Dwight Gooch, Linda Hillman, Janet Henry, Char- lotte Siefkes, Mike Keftner. Third row: Pat Naylor, Kathleen Kooti, Janice Yosten, June Cook, Beverly Kelman, Pam Boos. Debbie Schuckmen, Gary Wilkerson, Debbse Dawkins, Marlene Rupp, LyndaAbram, Cindy Wil- liams, Janice Gleason. Myra Shank, Dora Gross, Janet Bates. Tongay Budke, Linda Goudy, Nadine Alton. SEA 75 Alpha Phi Omega APO Backs Fund Drive " The sponsoring organizations win the right to possess the trav- eling trophies this year, but the real winner Is the student loan fund. A total of $385, realized from the penny-a-vote event, will make nearly $5,000 loan capital available for student assistance, since the federal matching pro- gram contributes 1 2 times the basic gift. " — Beauty and the Beast Contest FHKSC News Release 1 L Albert Link s beastly stare could 2 not have won the Alpha Phi Omega sponsored Beauty and the Beast con- test without the help of the ’ Beauty, ' Linda Wheeler, 2 , Alpha Phi Omega (APO), front row: Margaret Brown, Rhonda Smith, Nancy Jo Clark, Myra Amos, Kathryn Peacock. Jo Ann Taylor. Second row: Bob Marsh, Alfred Staab, Mark Dou- brava. John Gregory. Charles Osborne, Edwin Deibert, Richard Frahm, Ron Schneider. Robert Seifkes, Donald Outright. 76 APO Wives of students and student wives Married Women Participate in Dames Club Functions 1 1. Youthful Tiger supporters brave 2 the cold for a ride in the Dames Club Float " Tales Around the World ' ' 2. Dames Club, front row; Karla Whiteside. Annette Armstrong, Donna Scoby, Kathy Moyer, Kathy Rogers, Julia Nolte. Nancy Barnaby, Second row: Martha McDaniel. Leanna Purling. Sylvia Edwards, Sheila Miller. Sue Miller, Linda Blanding, Linda Lambert, Pauline Mclver, Marcia Michel, Marlene Taxter, Jan Evans, Annette Weaver. Third row: Gina Kimbrel, Carolyn Nichols, Sheila Blazer. Marie Gray. Verlaine Hays, Cindy Harvey, Carol Doran, Cathy AlJphin, Sylvia Krennawitter, Gladys Calla- han. Linda Bisbee, Marcia Taylor, Cheryl Pfannenstiel. Mrs. Keith Faulkner, Mrs. Douglas Sebold, sponsors. Dames Club 77 Annual Rodeo Highlights May . I . A daring rider gets off to a jumping start in the 1973 FHS Rodeo which was held in May, 2. Rodeo Club, in alphabetical order: Dennis Alexander, Gary Bacon, Terrilynn Baker, J, C. Barr, Jerry D, Beagley, Kenny Bernard, Larry Bernard, David Cross, Bonnie Danner, Gary Danner, Larry Davisson, Luwanna Davisson, Richard Engweiler, Steve fens+er, Kathy Geier, Joe Gottie, Pam Gottie, Colette Graves, Gene Hackney, Jack 1 Jackson (spon- sor); Robin Jennison. Beverly Lagg. Keith Lewis, Alan Likes, Linda Likes, Max Loyd, Floyd Mann, lelend Mann, Debbie Mann, Tom Marlin, Helen Miles (sponsor); Bruce Papon, Yvette Papon, Doug Philip (sponsor): Ken Pike, Sue Rose, Terry Rose, Charles Rum- ford, Stan Schmidt, Donnie Simpson, Rose Smith (sponsor); John Vogt, Vernon Wenger, Carol Whisman, Nancy Whisman, Dave Yust, f , ■ ► ! » , ,v , - ,- i J odeo Club Block and Bridle Club Sponsors Fitting Contest I Block and Bridle Club, newly formed this year, sponsored its first 3 annual Fitting and Showing contest first semester. 2 Block and Bridle Club, front row: Leonard Robbins, Stephen Binder, Tom Martin, Darla Sutor, Ed Brungardt, Danny Leinen, Glenn Barnaby, Henry Bingaman, David E. Yust. Second row: Bill Jones. Doyle Talkington, Dr. Duane Sharp. Vincent Borland, Harvey Janso- nius, Jim Bernhardt, Don Sambo. Mike Jan- zen, Royce Morton, Dr. Carl Thompson. 3, Fort Hays Star Promenaders, front row: Mary Adams, Larry Arensman, Maribeth Schwartz- kopf, Gary Fisher, Bruce Johnson, Janet Schuckman, Gerald Schippers. Diane Minks, Second row: Darla Sutor, Tom Martin, Carol Allen, Steve Dechant, Nancy Brannan, Ron Schneider, Lynn Schriock, Connie Montgom- ery, Dave McIntosh, Cheryl Allen, Jerald Ban- del. Joyce Franklin. Block and Bridle, Star Prom enad era 79 Awareness weekend B8U Presents Black Heritage I. Black Student Union, front row; j Utah Brown, Jr., Jonathan Douglas, Y” Second row; Sadie Garner, Rita Norman, Maria Garcia. Victoria Canada. Earlice M, Switzer, Third row; Kenneth Brown, Lionel! Jenkins, Cyril D. Foote, Barton Snow, Martin Lewis, Rob- ert Allen. Larry Osborne, Johnny San- ders, Ronald Crowell, Junior Goodwin. 2. BSU sponsored Black Heritage Weekend Feb. 9-1 L As a clima x, a black awareness theater production was presented by the Kutana Players from Southern Illinois University. SO BSU Democrats. Republicans Election Year Stimulates Political Action L Young Democrats, front row: Rich J Wright, Leon Staab, Joe NorvelL Susan 2 Breeding, Tom Gashler Second row: John Petty, Third row: Steve Rinkel. Joe J unger, Fourth row: David Jones, George Warzeniak, Julie Barhydt, Darrell Dechant, 2. Young Republicans: Randy Hammond, Gary Schmidt, John Hull, Kathy Humburg, Dane Babcock, Lois Jennison, Tom Rails back, Ken Pike, Atlen Leiker, Young Democrats, Republicans 81 V Departmental Organizations I I. Laboratories in Albertson are -rrr- constantly in use as chemistry stu- dents conjure up those flavorful odors. 2, Steve McDonnell and Dave Lefurgey set up lights for a live TV pres- entation of KAYS. 3 An open house held in Albertson at mid-semester in the spring offered many student nurses and science students a chance to demon- strate and exhibit learned techniques. Chemistry and History Clubs Add to Classes rt-it ' iV ' SS-si f I. Chemistry Club: Mike Cavanaugh, _L Richard Grabbe, Roberta BErkes, Stanley 2 Davis, Alan Dunkelberg, Carol Wen+e H Mike Artman, Jerry Malone, Roger Stephens, Mike Breckenndge, Ken Kohl, George Erbacher, Mark Shirwise, R. C. Richards. 2« History Club, front row: JoAnn Pfannenstiel, Alexis Morgan, Judy Drelling, Ella Rayburn, Rex Cooper. Back row: Bonita Pabst, Lonnie Beadles, Tom RaSlsback, George Elmore, Dave Weaver, Ernel Henry. Chemistry Club, History Club 33 Business Administration Field Studied by Alpha Kappa Psi I I Alpha Kappa Psi Pledges: Dave — Schreiner. Steve Reece, Chuck Haag, Rob Brosseau, Walt Reynolds. Gloyd Efchenauer Roger Kough, Robert Schrae- der. Chuck Gardner. 2. Alpha Kappa Psi Actives, front row: Terry Scott, Bill Wetzel. Richard Kendall, Bob Lernuz, Jon Brown, Jinn Fair Wayne Pager, Bob Bortz, Jim Bicknell. Dennis Miller, Bob Jasper. Back row: Alan Kreutzer. Jacob Dechant, Rich Barnaby, William Dooley. Tom Fyke, Kirt Sleichter. Dennis Fredrickson. Don Curl, Bob Griffith. Daryl Slavik, Gary Wright. Ralph Kreitler, Dennis Guseman, John Marcy Fred Nipple, Not pictured: Jack Logan, Neal Ogburn Jim Tyler. 84 Alpha Kappa Psi I I, Phi Beta Lambda, front row: Gerald — Vogel, Ken Pike, Bert Kaiser, Floyd Bryan, Second row: Jane Dowdy, Vickie Hoff- man, Sheryl Kner, Cindy Tharp, Corrine Bryan, Vena Conaway, Martha McCabe, Jams Dreiling, Marilyn Dreiling, Pam Boos. Third row: Dr. John Hocutt, Dave Schreiner. Ronald Oberle, Donnie Simpson. Larry Lewis, Nancy Brannan, Daryl Craft, Vick Bergen, Stan Niermeier, 2. A brunch in honor of retir- ing business professor, Dr, Archie Thomas, was held by members of Phi Beta Lambda on Mar, 24, 1973. Phi Beta Lambda 85 Sociology Club Aids Bloodmobile Campaign Election debates Poli Sci Hears Candidates I I. Sociology Club, front row: Judy Dreil- 2 mg, Joe Hnatiow. Carol Doud. Barb Boyd Sheila Miller, Traci Sculley, Terri Sculley. Linda McCandless, Kathy Humburg, Ronald Fundis. Back row: Wayne Miller, Steve Dechant. George Warzeniak Doug Ptacek. Dr, W. Neve!! Razek, Bill Simmons, M r Meber. Sandy Peters, J. Dan Smeltzer. Tom Panzer Rose Arnhold, 2 . Political Sci- ence Club, front row; Erma Schmidt, Diana Selenke, Leon Staab. Back row: Kathy Hum- burg. Steven Rupp, Cliff Roberts. " [ feel like we ' re behind a limestone curtain out here , 11 — Comment directed toward Congressman Chuck Wilson, Jetmore 86 $oc. Club: Polk Sci. Technically if s called biopsychosocial Nurses Study Man ' s Needs as a Whole Nursing Club, alphabetically: Shelley Apel, Nancy Bird. Vickie Burke, Terri Casey, Pat Charleton, Vicky Conley, Roberta Colson, Debbie Davignon. Elia Dilts, Alice Drees, Cindy Drinen. Sondra George, Sylvia Gie- bier, Sue Gillum, Jeannine Hatfener, Pat Herrmann, Marcia Hiller, Geneva Hockett, Maida Hodgins. Mary Hoover, Kathy Ideker, Rita Julian, Patsy Kroboth. Linda Lashell, Eleanor Lounsberry, Julia Ledell, Betsy Mai- feld, Rose Malone, Tala Mandeville, Monte Mathias, Catherine Meagher, Rebecca Meier, Becky Meier, Diane Minks, Cheryl Muck, Linda Norton, Mary Olson, Wanda Oplinger, Mike Parks, Jean Portschy, Pat Roberts, Tima Roemer. Charlene Rupke, Bar- bara Scheck, Michele Schlittenhardt, Janet Schmidt. Ruby Schumacher, Francis Seymour, Nancy Simons, Donna Skillet, Sharon Smith, Janet Snavely, Pat Solko, Marilyn Stang, Faye Stuewe, Debbie Sulanka, Beth Temporo, Louise Varah, Pat Vincent, Avis Wallace, Allen Warren, Janice Watkins. Marilyn Welch, Diane West, Myrna West, Jody Wig- gins, Karen Wilkinson, Amy Williams Nursing Club 87 French, German and Spanish Clubs Join Forces for Christmas Holiday Festivities I L Russian Club, front row: Dr. Roman 2 [’3 V. Kuchar, Marcia McNachols. Linda McCandless, Morea Charvat, John Gregory. Kay Trainer. Jane Harkness. Sec- ond row: Mike Cavanaugh. Richard Del- camp. Grover Williams, Chuck Elliot, Dale Haag. David Halloway. Keith Seifert, 2. A group shot of German, Spanish, and French Clubs was taken at their annual Christmas gathering. Members of these organizations ere, front row, on floor: Chris Springfeldt, Dorothy Rucker, Conrad Miller. Anne Martin, Second row, on floor: Debbie Edmundson, Cynthia Dierks, Phyllis Riggs, Laurel Temple, Stacy Crist, Jeannine Haffener. Becky Ber- ens, Monisa King, Karin Knight, Joyce Foster. Third row: Sadie Garner. Charles Mitchell, Leona Schwarz. George Erbacher, Rudolf Bob lig, Kathy Dickman, Bonnie Beisner, Dena Keener, Kathy Stecklein. Patty McAvoy. Pam Brown, Janice Gleason, Katie Reed, Jennifer Grass. Dennis Dye. Mike Cooper. Fourth row; Dave Wessling. Mark DeWald, Joe Dibble, Bob Walters, Mitchell J. Shalicky, Matt Springfeldt, Galen Unruh. Larry E. Swank, Mark A, Hagerman, Jim Muller. Larry Laidig, David H, Barron, Henry K. Y. Cheung, Dr. Paul A. Graber. Mike Meade, Leona Pfeifer, Marta Codinach. Paul Gross, DeWayne Win- terlin. Dr, Benito Carballo. 3 It ' s fiesta time for members of the Spanish club, as they salute each other with a toast. 38 French, German. Spanish Clubs Russian Club Celebrates Cecond Year 89 90 Industrial Arts. Home Economics Aft Society Alpha Rho Tau Joins Home Economics and Industrial Arts I. Industrial Arts Club, front row: Ber 3 nard Ketterl Vince Puyear, Ron Aus- teriman. Second row: Jerry Ross. Rob- ert Hoch, Third row: C R. Cain. Don Bar- ton. Ride Remmert, Ronald Major. Dennis Oelke. George Bakumenko. Ken Hofaker. John Neal. Robert Albers, Larry J. Horacek, Dennis Fredrickson, Steven Cooper, Loren Jacobs Not pictured: Bruce Martin, Doug Durr, Jerry Burkhart. 2. Home Economics Club, front row: Peggy Shay. Marcie Mur phy, Patsy Wifken. Susan Richardson, Sec- ond row: Audrey Baafmann. Karen Herrman, Madelb Lege re. Jerry Mapes. Shirley Law- ver. Jeanette Gustafson, Kathy Thacker. Sharon Gugler, Mary Wafker. Jan Rawlings. Third row: Arlene Rfner. Sue Laird. Pam in Davis Hall Johnson. Terri Luther. Cheryl Kershner, Kerry Lee Tripp, Barbara Bieber, Lola Simp- son, Janet Rasdall, Ann Hood, Fran Casey, Becky Riffey. Carol Siefkes. Debra Spiller, Carolyn Moore, Debi Derr, 3 Alpha Rho Tau (ART), front row: Peg Turner, Kathy Rohrbough, Becky Durr, Audry Giles, Torn Panzer, Eugene Vance, Judy OsheL Second row: Charlotte Siefkes, Enid Schlegel. Pat Burgardt. Colleen Gillen, Kathy Besfhorn. Stephanie Merrill, Bill Wisher, David Leo- nard. Third row: Edson Solt, Jim Mages, Chuck Ellis. Not pictured: Craig Brunei!, David Doud, Nancy Hardman, Jules Holt. Sue Reynolds, Terry Schroeder. Brad Wflk- enson. Alpha Rho Tau 9 1 Eta Rho Epsilon and Men ' s Physical Education Club Anxiously Await New HPER Complex ■ | 2 I Eta Rho Epsilon, Front row; Debbie || 3 Kurtz. Donne Rapp, Cherr Livingston, Becky Shuster, Susan Butterfield. Judt Hie us, Debbie Koster. Second row: Cheryl Engel land, Karen King. Barb Rudd. Judy Steele, Tamr Applebee. Shirley Pennick, Annette Subman, Kathy Cameron. 2, Men’s Physical Education Club, Front row; Larry Look. Dan Delgado, Second row: Chuck Zadina, Dennis Kozub, Galen Hewson, Roy Hargadine, Frank Gray, Jerry Hfxon, Jerry Caldwell, Ken Zeigler, Dave Davenport, Rich- ard Phillips. Third row: Glen F Lo|ka. Jerry Beerdslee. Steven Robl, Ted Nuttle. Rick Tutak. Larry Lockwood, Howard Hardwick, Michael Nach+igal, Bruce Cooper. John C. Beaton, Johnny Sanders, Mark Meter. Dr. Russell Bogue. 3 The new HPER complex will be open- ing in the tall semester of 1973. Much greater capacity will be advantageous to the Physical Education Department, 92 Eta Rho Epsilon Men’s Physical Education Club 93 Campus Denominations Cover Majority of Religious Needs 94 Churches 4 $ 6 L Sunday masses are offered weekly an the Black and Gold room of the Memorial Union. 2 , A pre- Easter montage of the church spires in Hays was first printed in the Hays Daily News, 3. Baptist Campus Center, located close to campus on Elm Street, sponsored speakers and services throughout the year. 4. The Ecumenical Campus Center offered a non-denomi- natlona! service each Sunday. 5. Setting right across the street from the Coli- seum, the Catholic Campus Center gave many students a close fellowship group. 6. Campus Crusaders for Christ braved the cold this winter to distribute free copies of Good News for Modern Man, Churches 95 Reveille Deadlines Duffer From Dtaff s Case of the " Slows " l| 2)4 I. Lee Durler, Editor-In-Chief, J3 explains the proper layout pro- cedures to Zon Eastes, depart- mental and all-campus organizations edi- tor, 2. Finances are important to a year- book staff, especially when everyone is being cutback. Taking care of this year ' s business management was Howard Sloan. Mrs. Katherine Rogers advised the 1973 publication. 3. Carol Rethge- ber, typist and indexer: Pennies Ander- sen, story of the year; and Rita English, leadership and honorary organizations, talk over steps involved in putting out the book. 4. A conglomeration of staff members get together for another of the desperately needed spring work nights. 96 Reveille 1 973 Section Editors 1 . Ann-Marie Caldarera, Greeks 2. Mark DeWald, Music, Theater, and Administration 3. Bob McClellan, Shorts 4. Barry Col tins. Sports Assistant 5. Rex Gebhards, Seniors Assistant 6. Kerry Mapes. Housing 7. Lee Durler, Editor-In-Chief 8. Dianne Applegate, Classes 9. Peggy Shay, Story of the Year 10. Tony Powers. Classes Assistant I I . Marla Whorton, Copy 12, Sondra George, Seniors Reveille 97 Leader Vs. Senate Over Legislative Coverage " in its last meeting the Student Senate passed an amendment . . . all future and past bills are in full force and effect whether they are published in the Leader or not, but the Leader is still required to print the bills and if it doesn ' t the funds appropriated to it will be cut. This bill is the latest result of the controversy being carried on between the Student Senate and the State College Leader. The Student Senate feels it cannot be an effective governmental body as long as it lacks communication between the students and itself. It blames the newspaper for this deficiency, citing a general lack of coverage. Last semester 19 sto- ries were printed in the Leader concerning the Senate and activi- ties related to it, making it the best covered activity on campus tr — State College Leader Editoral View 98 State College Leader Wje JL 1 ■ 1 1 Wf -M ■ i W ll Us %l Am 1 r I B I Linda Townley, copy editor; Steve Be! I P copy editor; Sharon Nicolet, business manager. 2. Larry Walker, photography editor; Pat James, managing editor, 3, Barry Collins, circulation manager; Dave Kearney, editorial writer; Jean Peters! - lie. news edi tor 4 Pam Fondoble, Galen Unruh, Stan Berry, Bob McClellan, Susan Car- ter, Rhonda Castor. Dannies Andersen, Rod Ruder, Dave Beilis, Dave Wessling, reporters. 5 Al Tucker, reporter; Bob Keating, copy editor; David Chestnut, reporter. 6 . Rich Higgins, sports editor; Chuck Ha Lick, second semester editor-in-chief. Not pictured: Jim Cook, first semester editor-in-chief; Gene Jacobs, adviser; Bob Lowen, adviser. State College Leader 99 Campus Radio-TV Department Trains Students by Internship L Dave Lefurgey, TV producer- g director, oversees a production with Mary Lou Windholz at the program panel and Gordon Baum run- ning the audio. 2 . TV production is under way The campus TV Studio is the scene of many live productions seen each year on the campus and on Hays cable TV, channel 12 3 Chief engineer Ralph Bax- ter makes a final check on the camera set up for a remote broadcast. 4 Live tele- casting of Fort Hays State basketball pleased those who didn ' t or couldn’t get into crowded Sheridan Coliseum. Vance Tyrell operates camera for one of the telecasts over KAYS and KlOE TV 5 Terry Williams and Richard Billinger team up to produce one of the many radio productions presented on KAYS radio. EDO RfldioTV " I am impressed with the radio- TV department at Fort Hays and the training available there. And I am greatly in favor of the Intern- ship program in order that train- ees learn how to apply their train- ing on the job. " — Isadore A, Salm General Manager KGNO Dodge City, Kansas Radio-TV 101 I [ 2 5 L Brian Schoenthaler. 2, 3| 4 6 7 Larry Walker. 3. Lorraine Jack 11 Jackson, head of photography, 4. Steve Clark. 5. Dave Adams. 6 Doug Leiker. 7 Ed Kuhn. 102 Photography Benefits news services, individuals Photography Qtaff Aids Campus " And now we ' d like to sing the song that made us famous, our first really big hit. When you say Bud ... " — Burgundy Street Singers 104 On, and Off Campus Performers DJ a c p m J T IWi and Off Campus Performers •tfl . . . L The Burgundy Street M2 3 4 Singers gave a lively per- formance for the campus crowd, and gave everyone a chance to stand up and sing along 2, Kerry Beach uses his spare time to practice his gui- tar, 3, Studying last minute lines for the Opera ' Carmen " is Steve Miller, who played Don Jose. 4 Lynne Chase points out flaws in June Millers make-up as June prepares for her title role in " Car- men. M Lynne played the part on oppo- site nights. On and Off Campus Performers I OS Highlights of Performances at Fort Hays State Performers were abundant on the FHS campus in ' 1972-73, They ranged from nationally famous personalities to local aspirants. Perhaps the highlight of the year was a Homecoming perform- ance given by the Lettermen. A sta ndi ng-room-only crowd was enthralled by the unique and widely-known sounds of the trio. Through the Artist and Lecture Series, several concerts and speakers were brought to Fort Hays, DeJan ' s Band, a brass band with New Orteans tradition, were on campus on Sept. 7, A Kansas- originated group, the Burgundy Street Singers, also performed In September. With a somewhat dif- ferent emphasis, the Don Cossack Dancers performed Russian music and folk songs in October. Willi am Kuntsler, defense attorney for the " Chicago 7, " spoke on Oct. 31. He urged a small gathering to read the Penta- gon Papers. Jeremiah Collins presented his impersonation of JFK on Nov. 9. On Nov. 27 Alfred Deller presented the Deller Con- sort of 16th and 17th century music for the male-alto voice. Launching the spring semester, the Bartok Quartet performed in Felten-Start Theater in February. Jack Anderson noted Washing- ton columnist, spoke to a large crowd in early March. Also In March was a concert with the Moog Synthesizer, a one-man electronic band. The Artist and Lecture Series was completed on April 24 with a concert by Fer- rente and Teicher, duet pianists. In addition to regular TGIF presentations, the theater depart- ment gave several major prod- uctions throughout the year. In October they presented " Lysis- trata, " a story of women ' s libera- tion in ancient Greece. " Tiny Alice, " a play presenting views on sex and religion, was staged in November. The ballad of Barbara Allen, " Dark of the Moon, " opened Feb. 22 tor a four-day run. An April presentation of " Land of the Teddy Bears, " a chil- dren’s play written by FHS ' H. V. Ketchum, completed the year. The music department was also active throughout the year. Nov. I I found them presenting the Var- sity Show. Concert Choir, Con- cert Band and other music ensem- bles toured and performed for Kansas high schools, " Carmen, " this year ' s opera, was the major production for the year; it was presented in February. Home- Town Cookin ' , a jazz concert of local performers, featured Forrest Buchtel. The Fort Hays Singers presented their annual concert in March. The year for the music department drew to a close with the Spring Concert on May I . 106 Off and On-Campus Performers Spring Swing Swings Again 1 1 2 I - j a ck rac I n g ca n prove to be a d if - “j ficuff feat, especially when all that J sacking gets in the way. 2 , Togeth- erness is the answer to success in the Spring Swing Four-Legged Race. 3 , During the Fgg Rolling Race, Spring Swing partici- pants were not only competing against each other s speed, but also against their ability to keep their noses to the grind- stone, or egg, as the case may be. Spring Swing 107 Derby Days Benefit Charity S(| 1 08 Derby Days f [2|3 I This contestant is almost Wg ' ready to ' get busted " as she fills her overalls with soon-to-be- broken balloons for the " Balloon Bust. ’ 2. It was a floury ending as the Derby Days contestants dug through a tub of flour in the " Disc Hunt. " 3. Derby Day s " Yard " contest showed the entrant ' s talents with needle and thread. 4, Sigma Chis had more than a little trouble getting across campus unmolested as the Derby Days teams were out in full force to get those derbies. 5. Before the girls ' cycling abili- ties could be tested, the tricycles had to be modified. Derby Days 1 09 Alpha Phi Omega Holds Annual Furlough to Aid Endowment 2HI .5 I- Girls in the Furlough bike 71 3 races received a little help getting off their bicycles dur- ing the relays. 2, Out of the pit area comes another Furlough cyclist as the race gets under way, 3, He’s not really signaling a right turn; this Furlough rider is making sure his pit crew is ready. 4. Furlough Queen Rhonda Appfebee received the traditional bouquet of flow- ers to accompany her crown. 5 Volk- swagen pushing is not quite as easy as these Sigma Tau s anticipated before the race. I 1 0 Furlough " The dinner is a lot of hard work and an exciting, unique experience if you let yourself get involved in it. " — Max Galloway, junior 2 | The Head Table of the J 3 4 Manor, actually the Fort Hays Ballroom of the Memorial Union, is lavishly decorated with food and garlands. 2, Fort Hays Singers member Mike Miller is flanked by two English damsels, all of them part of the evening s entertainment, 3 Max Gallo- way sits in repose after one of the seven courses of traditional Old English food. 4. Softly accented behind the flickering candles, the Lady of the Manor Miss Harriet Ketchum, FHS speech and drama instructor, and her honored guest Regent Robert Heilman, welcome the visitors to the Manor. I I 2 Madrigal Dinner The Miracle of the Madrigal Dinner Transfigures Union Into English Manor Madrigal Dinner I 1 3 Varsity Band Show Features Hard Rock, Jazz and Classics 2 I Dapping their flags, the Flag 4 Corps conclude a precision drill. 2 . The Jazz Ensemble brings the sound of " hard rock " to the Varsity Band Show 3 and 4 The Civic Sym- phony and the Concert Band fill the Coliseum with more cfassical pieces. I 14 Varsity Band Show " The orchestra could compete with those of Denver and Kansas City. " — Bob Marsh, junior Varsity Band Show 1 1 5 f 3(4 J - Originally a Kansas group, 2 the Burgundy Street Singers per- | formed to a lively, sing-along audience In Sheridan Coliseum. 2. The seats look empty behind the stage of the Don Cossack Chorus and Dancers, the widely traveled group that per- formed their nomadic songs and sabre dances for a FHS crowd. 3 DeJan ' s Olympia Brass Band was the first A and L concert of the year. They led a parade around the campus in true New Orleans style. 4 , William Kunstler, the defense attorney for the " Chicago Seven, " presented his opinions and ideas to a group In October. 3 16 Artist and Lecture Series Talent From Russia to Chicago Highlighted by Fort Hays Artist and Lecture Series Artist and Lecture Series I I 7 Tiger Debs, Flag Corps, Add Style to Tiger Marching Band I 18 Flag Corp$, Tiger Debs f4 I |s[3 The Marching Band, Tiger Debs, A and Flag Corps work as a unit under the direction of Lyle Dilley. Linda Wheeler, and Deborah Totten, respectively. Performances include home football games, Parent s Day, Varsity Show, Band Day and home basketball games. L Flag Corps, front row; Marilyn Palmer. Laura Pugh. Jody Redel, Sandra Hammond, Tina Andrist. Sec- ond row; Jody Reinhart, Renee Foos, Debo- rah Totten, Rita Adams. Third row; Zenda Swearengin, Earlice Switzer, Pat Stansfield. Fourth row: Debbie Prusa, Neva Sedrocek. Top row: Luann Alexa. Not pictured; Jamie Tur. 2. Matthew Spnngfeldt and Ken Anderson serve as drum majors for the Marching Band. 3. Marching Band; Mary Adams. Rita Adams, Luann Alexa, Carol Allen, Craig Allison, Sheryl Allison, Marta Allton, Charles Ames, Pennies Andersen, Ken Anderson, Ron Bailey, Julie Barhydt, Max Barta, Bonnre Beisner, Stephen Bell. Patricia Bishop, Marjorie Bock. Stanley Bock, Barbara Broeckelman. Pam Brown, Debbie Bryant, Delores Bryant, Fred Bunyan, Linda Carver. Ronda Castor. Patrick Charlton, Paula Cole, A3 Cornea u, Mark Cooksey, Richard Cooper, Jil Courtney. David Cut right, Donald Outfight, Mark Davis, Debra Sue Dawkins, Mark DeWald, Gene Dirks, Keith Donley, Vickie Dugan, Bruce Dunn Kim Ellis, Renee Foos, Rhea Foster, Thomas Funk, Donna Gassner. Cecilia Giebler, Col- leen Gillen, Becky Goddard, Linda Goudy, Susan Go u Idle, Norman Greiert. Renee Guesnier, Terry Hackney, Cathy Hafner, Kathy Hahn, Ronald Hall, Robert Heiser, Michele Henry. Bob Hensley, Fiona Herrm- ann, Michael Hestor, Donna Hibbs, Keith Higgins, Stephen Hood, Kaylene Hrabe, Greg Hudon, Paula Huser, Richard Ives, Pamela Johnson, Frank Kamas, Deborah Kennedy, Monisa King, Elizabeth Kirby. Carla Klepper, Juliann Knudson, Dean Kranzler, Shirley Krug, Pam Leatherwood, Kathy Lederer, Rex Lienberger, Denise Lig- gett, Janice Linder, Vickie Lodivici, Lee Mann, Mitch Markovich, Kay Massaglia, Ron McWilliams. Catherine Meagher. Brad Meredeth, Allan Mickey, David Mickey, Conrad Miller, Douglas Miller, Doyle Miller, Sheila Mills, Lyle Mitchell, Radel Pedersen, Elizabeth Page, Michelle Parker, Carol Parks, Linda Pearson, twirler; Von Phillips, Marilyn Plshny, Sherri Powell, Fred Prosser, Thomas Railsback, Patricia RajewskE, Aaron Rasmus- sen, Brenda Rigor, Marian Rose, Sharon Rose, Paula Rothe, Dana Sayre, twirler; Deborah Scheriing, Roy Schippers, Cheri Sehminke, Robert Schraeder. Tim Schu- macher, Don Schwartz, Leona Schwarz, Mar- cia Schwienthale. Robert Schwindt. Kenneth Scott, Robert Shriner, Debra Selichnow, Pa m Slipke. Frankie Smith. Donna Spafford, twirler; Matthew Spnngfeldt, Elizabeth Sprung. Vernon Staab, Avis Starke, Jon Sta- ton, Sharon Steen, Andrea Struble, Zenda Swearengin, John Taylor, Steve Tow, Beverly Trumpp, Lois Vesecky, Ken Vine. Linda Voran, Larry Ward, Jerry Weems, Michael Wiesner, John Westmacott, Eleanor Wherry, Margaret Wherry, Carol Whisman, Nancy Whisman, Connie Whiteley, Sharon Willis, William Wolf, Victor Wong. 4. Tiger Debs, front row: Terri Luther, Sharon Rose, Linda Wheeler, leader; Charlene Brubaker. Second row: Diane Grice, Mollie Cook, Linda Pfeifer, Jane Huffaker, Peggy Leis, Debbie Swank, Becky Douthif, Robyn Tomasu. Third row: Kathy Hochman, Sheila Mills. Cheryl Lincoln, Jenny Snyder, Connie Whiteley, Debbie Cook. Jerri Jo Engle, Becky Davison, Becky Peck, Susan Kier, Janell Locke. Debbie Erbert, Leann Muir- head, Marian Rose. Fourth row: Jama Up- poldt, Becky Lahey. Glenda Wood, Kathy Kruse, Ann-Marie Caldarera, Cristie Elder, Linda Marti. Kay Harold, Catherine Meagher, Nancy Crim, Fama Hanks, Elaine Haizletf, Marsha Rader, Rhonda Heinze, Cfnda Topliff. Not pictured: Mitzi Davison, Janet Chittenden, Patricia Bishop. Marching Band I 19 _l. The Brass Choir gave concerts in Southwest Kansas in the fall, and in December they performed in Sheri- dan Coliseum, Members, front row: Dr, lefand Bartholomew, director; Ron Bailey, John Westmacott, Robert Schwindt, Julie Knudson, Paula Huser, Bonnie Beisner, Con- rad Miller, Carla Klepper, Shirley Krug, Kenneth Scott, Cathy Hafner, Michael Wiesner, Vickie Dugan, Stanley Bock. Back row: Jerry Weems, Ron McWilliams, Rhea Foster, Matthew Springfefdt, 2 , Brenda Rigor adds the sounds of the xylophone to a number performed by the Wind Ensemble. 3 Civic Symphony ' s concert was held in December. Shirley Bredfeldt, concert mas- ter; Linda Storm, concert master; Emily Young. Fay© Bemis, Bonnie Hemken, Edwin Moyers, Michele Henry, Barbara Ortiz. Sue Dofezal, Connie Wilson, George Wherry, Ruth Pruitt, Edward Shindler, Martin Sha- piro, Bonnie Storm, Ruth Riedel. Ben Nor- man, Zon Eastes, Lisa Schultz, Pamela John- son, Martha Livers. Elizabeth Carlgren, Carol Bay singer, Deborah Hahn, Donna Gassner, Dean Angeles, Robert Nicholas, Patricia Bishop, Brenda Rigor, Beverly Trumpp, Janice Linder, Julie Barhydt, Linda Carver, Zenda Swearengin, Nancy Wufm, Margaret Wherry, Beth Bolton, Kenneth Vine, Paula Huser, Von Phillips, Leland Bar- tholomew, Mary Bartholomew, James Ofcott, Dorothy Eagg, Rhea Foster, Terry Hackney, William Wolf, Greg Hudon, John Westmacott, Ronald Bailey, Donald Schwartz, 4. Brynell Figfer, assistant profes- sor of music, performed the first movement of Tchaikovsky ' s Piano Concerto in B b Minor with the Civic Symphony at the Var- sity Show. S« Wind Ensemble members, front row: Donna Hibbs, Elizabeth Sprung, Colleen Gil- len, Michele Henry, Leona Schwarz, Beverly Trumpp. Janice Linder, Keith Donley. Sec- ond row: Debra Selichnow, Cheri Schminke, Sheryl Allison, Nancy Wurm, Margaret Wherry, Linda Goudy, Doug Miller, Marjo- rie Bock, Michele Parker, LuAnn Alexa, Renee Foos Third row: Sharon Willis. Sharon Rose, Delores Bryant, Joann Taylor. Mark Cooksey, Stephen Hood, Carol Whis- man, Vickie Lodivici, Patricia Rajewski, Ken Vine, Beth Bolton, Fourth row: Charles Ames, William Wolf, Ken Scott. Rhea Fos- ter, Stan Bock, Vickie Dugan. Paula Huser, Bonnie Beisner, Julie Knudson, Matthew Springfeldt, Cathy Hafner, Michael Wies- ner, Coarad Miller, Doyle Miller, Lee Mann. Fifth row: Brenda Rigor, Ron Bailey, John Westmacott, DAvid Mickey, Dean Kranzler, Robert Schmidt, Jil Courtney, Pam Johnson. Don Schwartz. Greg Hudon, Robert Hens- ley, Victor Wong, Ron McWilliams. (20 Civic Symphony Smaller Instrumental Groups Perform Concerts and Tours Brass Choir. Wind Ensemble 2l Fort Hays ' Choirs Tour Kansas 12 3 h Collegiate Chorale, top row: Col- | I Seen Gillen, Marilyn Pishny, Cather- ine Hoffa, Deborah Sobering, Richard James, Charles Osborne, Carl Urbanek, Kevin O ' Donnell, Marion Oborny, Joe! Nol Jette, John Yeradi, David Nelson, Steve Bankston, Steve Cooper, Gilbert Kent Sel- fridge, David Meyer, Steve Hochman, Charles Engel, Robert Schraeder, Steve Cooper, Jerry Haviland, Jerry Weems, Paul Harden, Steve Nuckolls, Keith Higgins, Robin Merritt, Bottom row: Mary McCall, Kathy Stecklein, Louise Windhob, Melanie Albright, Catherine Schippers, Carmen Boh- len, Janice Caliban, Shirley Lawver, Kathy Nuckolls, Zenda Swearengin, Maryetta Yeager, Donna Kohman, Connie Whitely, Shelley Nondorf, Katie Witwer, Kathy Hochman, Christie Temple, Tamra Harmon, Julie McComb, Deborah Loesch, Frankie Smith, Linda Hardy, Rita Jecha, Paula Rothe, Lois Vesecky, Cheryl Lincoln, Cindy Luhman, and Betty Twichell, Not pictured: Daniel Calderera, Barbara Rudd and Bruce Renberger The Collegiate Chorale gave a Christmas Concert on Dec. 10 En Sheridan Coliseum. Spring activities include perform- ances at the Choral Clinic, touring Kansas high schools on Apr. 24 and a Spring con- cert. Mr. Patrick Goeser directs. 2. Concert Choir: Clyde Amerine, Charles Ames, Gail Bankston, Carol Brenn, Virginia Bush. Linda Carver, Lynne Chase, Jil Courtney, Lyndle Courtney, Jill Dairies, Mark DeWald, Mary Lynne Dunn, Gary Earl, Max Galloway, Michael Gatterman, Cyndy Gill, Marilyn Helm, Michele Henry, Karen Hester, Dale Hoosier, Priscilla Hoover, Chris Janzen, Jack Kasl, Larry Kirn, William Korinek, Jr,, Warren Lewaflen, Debra Libaf, Susan Luh- man, Kerry Mapes, Randy McAfee, Arlene McFafL David McIntosh, Dan McKinney, Ron McWilliams, Brad Meredith, Conrad Miller, June Miller, Mike Miller, Steve Miller, Carolyn Moore, Glenna Mullens, Sid- ney Murphree, Becky Niles, Sherry Riegel, John Rietchek, William Robinson, Jr., Jan Rusch, Elaine Schenk, Chen Schminke, Jerry Schwein. Robert Schwindt, Celia Scott, Shari Steen, Anna Trent, Larry Ward, Dar- lene Weers, Nancy Whisman. and Barbara Wright, Dr, Donald Stout directs the Con- cert Choir. Concerts were given at the Pfeifer Catholic Church, and at FHS on Par- ent ' s Day and at the Varsity Show. The group also took a tour to Southwestern Kan- sas on Nov. 7 and 8 where they visited high schools. The Brahms Requiem was per- formed on Apr. 15. The choir also sang for the Choral Clinic this spring. 3. Mrs. Dar- lene Weers is the accompanist for the 1972- 73 Concert Choir. [22 Collegiate Chorale " Let ' s wander slowly through the fields, Slowly, slowly through the fields; And touch the leaves that touch the sky, Just you and I, through fields of }oy. All memory slowly fades away. Slowly, slowly fades away; You hold my mind inside your hand Like drifting sand through fields of joy. Let ' s wander slowly through the fields, Slowly, slowly through the fields; I know that we will never die. Just you and I, through fields of ioy. " — From Fields of Joy Concert Choir 123 3 24 Fort Hays State Sirtgers 12 3 The Hays Singers performed " in conjunction with the marching band at Homecoming. This select vocal group performed for many events on and off campus, 2. Mitch Markovich is the explicit drummer for the Fort Hays Jazz Ensemble. 3. Fort Hays State Singers, on the floor: Max Galloway, Jil Courtney, Randy McAtee, June Miller. Seated: Jill Deines, Chris Janzen. Anna Trent, Mike Miller. Standing: Gail Bankston, Lyndle Courtney, Gary Earl, Marilyn Helm, Sue Luh- man, Janice Lynne Chase. Dr. Donald Stout. director: Warren Lewallen. 4. Fort Hays State Jazz Ensemble presented its third ’Home Town Cookin ' 1 show this year. Front row, kneeling: Mark Cooksey, Delores Bryant. Sharon Willis. Doug Miller, Phil Joseph. Sec- ond row, kneeling: Gene Dirks, Bob Schwindt, Stan Bock. Charles Ames. Standing: Assistant Professor James Olcott, director; Larry Kirn, Dean Kranzler. Mitch Markovich, Steve Tow, Larry Osborn, Tim Schumacher, Mike Wies- ner, Matthew Sprlngfeldt. Carol Parks, Doyle Miller. Singers and Jazz Ensemble Provide Special Entertainment Fort Hays State Jazz Ensemble 125 Exacting Ensembles Display Individual Talents | 2 3 I The Woodwind Ensemble poses 4 5 around the statue of Henry Edward Malloy, who was the music depart- ment chairman from 1914-1937. Front row; Marfa Allton, Elizabeth Sprung. Marjorie Bock, Back row: Von Phillips, Deborah Scher- ling, Assistant Professor Robert Brown (director), JoAnn Taylor. Richard Ives, Keith Donley. Not pictured: Beverly Trumpp, Julie Sarhydt. Douglas Mjller, Eleanor Wherry. This group went on tour to Northwest Kan- sas. Other performances were during morn- ing recitals. 2. String Quartet; Shirley Bred- feldt, Emily Young, Martha Livers, Linda Storm. 3. Clarinet Choir, front row; Debra Selichnow, Linda Goudy. Margaret Wherry. Second row; Patricia Kajewski, Nancy Wurm, Sheri Schminke, Marjorie Bock. Third row; Steve Tow, Michele Parker, Doug Miller, Monisa King, Carol WhSsman, Al Comeau, 4. Doug Miller contributes his tal- ent to many instrumental organizations, 5 . String Orchestra; Emily Young, Barbara Ortiz. Linda Storm, Shirley Bredfeldt, Becky Kraus, Ruth Riedel. Martha Livers, Zon Eastes, Patricia Bishop, Lisa Shultz, 126 Woodwind Ensemble, String Quartet Clarinet Choir. String Orchestra 127 Recorders and Glee Clubs Provide Musical Opportunities 1 28 Recorder Class |l 4|§ 4 The assr00m ©corder Ensem- —-] 1 bio, front row: Linda Carver, Sharon Willis, Leona Schwarz. Bon- nie Beisner, Beth Bolton, Back row: Carol Parks. Nancy Wurm, Marcia Schwienthale, Deborah Hahn. Pricilla Hoover. 2, The Recorder Duo was composed of Barbara Boyd and Phyllis Schleich, 3 Women ' s Glee Club, front row: Maxine Rogers, Darla McMullen. Angela Corder, Barbara Ortiz. Kristi Ekum, LoEs Broeckelmen, Sadi Garner, Celia Jodi Rinehart. Second row: Ha Renick, Rhonda Smith, Marsha Rader. Patricia Vin- cent, Vickie Beisner, Marsha Corder. Kathryn Rogers. Third row: Deborah Kennedy, Susan Bruce, Neva Sedorcek, Audry Baalmann. Jo Ann Robben, Kathy Heiiman, Anna Trent, assistant director: Donn Graham, director. Not pictured: Carol Brenn. 4, Conrad Miller accepts the Henry Edward Malloy Outstanding Senior award from Dr. Leland Bartholomew, department chairman, 5. Along with the many ' " regular " secretarial duties, Adella Atkeson prepares the bulletin board. Women ' s Glee 129 Music and Drama Combine in the Magic of " Carmen " || 2[3 J- Carmen s magical powers radiate love to men and disgust among the women. 2. Carmen knifes a girl in the factory and is arrested. She persuades her new lover. Don Jose, to let her escape. She joins her gypsy friends and waifs for Don Jose s release from prison, 3 The gypsies plan a smuggling mission only to find out that Carmen values Don Jose more, 4. Car- men grows tired of Don Jose and acquires a new romance with Escamillo, the Toreador, Escamillo and Don Jose meet in a mountain pass and discover that they love the same woman. They fight over Carmen. 5 The gypsies con- gregate and discourage Zuniga ' s idea of returning for Don Jose. Later, Carmen decides that Don Jose cannot match her feelings for Escamillo. Don Jose tries to persuade her but fails. He kills the one he so dearly loved. Cast members , Conrad Miller, Stephen Miller, Nick Salmans, Max Galloway, William Robinson, Lynne Chase, June Miller. Gail Bankston, Sherry Riegel, Tamra Harmon. John Rietcheck, Dan McKinney, Mike Miller, Steve Bankston, Carol Brenn, Richard Cooper, JIl Courtney, Mark DeWald, Colleen Gillen, Keith Higgins, William Korinek, War- ren Lewaflen. Deborah Loescb, Kerry Mapes, Robin Merritt, Sidney Murphree, Rebecca Niles, Kathy Nuckolls, Bruce Renberger, Paula Rothe. Gilbert Selfridge. Frankie Smith, Shari Steen, Nancy Whisman, Steve Schmalzned, C. Dale Rein, Lois Vesecky, Marilyn Pishny. Barbara Bradley, Christopher Janzen, John Cunard, Charles Goslin, Kenneth Anderson, Jerry Haviland. 130 " Come to Carmen to learn of love, She ' ll teach you all you need to know. Love ' s not sent from the gods above, just ask the devil He ' ll tell you so. If a gypsy decides she want you, Then she ' ll get you without a doubt. You can ' t stop it, though you may want to, just stay around and you ' ll find out. " — from " Carmen " Carmen I 3 I " We can force our husbands to negotiate Peace, Ladies, by exercising steadfast Self-Control — By Total Abstinence . . . From WHAT? Yes, what? You ' ll do it? Of course we ' ll do it! We ' d even die. Very well, then here ' s the Program: Total Abstinence from sex, (The cluster of women dissolves) Why are you turning away? Where are you going? " — Lysistrata 2 3 I . " Grant us victory, supremacy H 45 and a testimonial plaque ! [against the old women), " beg Casey Johnson, David Leonard, Phil Joseph and Alan Piper, 2, Dan Doherty Is told, " Come back tomorrow commis- sioner, and we ll lay you out. 1 ' by the scheming Lysistrata, Phoebe Atchison, 3. " Life with women Is hell, and life without women is also hell, 1 ' admits Phil Joseph to a conquering Glenda Bur- gett. 4, Phoebe Atchison and Joellen Hull begin organizing matters to con- vince the Athenian women of the plan to bring their men home from war, 5 The women of Athens pledge to abstain from sex to influence their men to end the war with Sparta. Kneeling: Joellen Hull, Dorothy Rahe, Marcia Lynch, Phoebe Atchison, Kerri Ahrens, Karel Robinson, and Jacque Paden. Standing: Jo Johnson, Mary Morris, and Charleen Heape Other cast members: Phyllis Laspisa, Joan Doherty, Rose Johnson, Sharon Collier. Jani Adams. Terry Weber. Terry Peters, Ned Smith, Bill Rhoads, Mike Doherty, Craig Thompson, Rodney Surgett, and Fred Bunyan. Dancers; Junior Goodwin, Chris Janzen. Mike Miller. Linda Popp. Barbara Bradley, Sandy Engle, and Jeni Roth, (32 Lysisf rat a ' Lysistrata ' : Revised Greek Comedy Highlights War and " Peace " Quintet Probes Religion, Sex Through Drama of ' Tiny Alice ' I 34 Tiny Alice " 1 am rich and I am beautiful and ! live here in all these rooms . . . without relatives; with a (wry) companion, from time to time ... (leans forward, whis- pers, but still amused) . . . and with a secret. Oh? (trying to be light, too) And may I know it? The secret? I don ' t know yet. " — Miss Alice and Brother Julian I rT A I in 1 my Alice L Bu tier, the Butler (Tom me Miller) offers a glass of wine to 2 Brother Julian (Terry Peters) while the Lawyer (Greg Abbott) impatiently waits. 2. Butler, the Butler, questions Brother Julian why the Cardinal sent him, and his reasons for wanting to see Miss Alice. 3, Brother Julian meets Miss Alice (Jani Adams) to discuss her dona- tion to the church. Not pictured is Joseph Martin who played the part of the Cardinal. Tiny Alice I 35 Back-Hill Folklore Underlines ' Dark of the Moon’ Drama A witch-boy from the mountain came, A-pinin 1 to be human, Fer he had seen the fairest gal 9 A gal named Barbara Allen. O Conjur Man, O Conjur Man, Please do this thing I ' m wantin ' Please change me to a human man, Fer Barbara I ' d be courtin ' . Now Barbara had a red, red dress And one she had of blue, And many men did Barbara love, But never was she true. Oh, you can be a man, a man, If Barbara will not grieve you, If she be faithful fer a year, Yer eagle, he will leave you. O Barbara, will you marry me, And will you leave me never? Oh, yes, my love, I ' ll marry you, And live with you forever. Oh, Barbara was burled in the old church yard, And many years she lay there. The grass grew up around her grave How peacefully she lay there. And then one night, the moon went dark. A fog came from the mountain. It floated down to Barbara ' s grave And settled there around her. — The Ballad of Barbara Allen 3|4 1. John (Garnold Kreft), the |J2 witch-boy rivals the county ' s strongest boy. Marvin Hudgens (Dan Doherty], to prove himself worthy of Barbara Allen ' s (Ca ro I Hoffman) love, 2 The hidden witches attempt to persuade John to remain in the mystical world. Marvin finds Barbara and tries to convince her to return and be his woman, 3, John and Barbara are mar- ried at the country store and make their home in the nearby country hills. The witches make a deal: Barbara has to remain true to John for one year In order for John to become human; if she isn ' t, she will die. 4, Barbara and John prepare for their first child. Upon birth, it is burned as it looks " like a witch. ' Friends and family decide later that Barbara needs to destroy John, so they allow Marvin to rape her during a revival service. After the witches tell John what has happened, he returns to them and Barbara dies. Cast members: Garnold Kreft, Dan Doherty, Fred Bunyan, Mike Doherty, Bob Cross, Dave Leonard. Casey Johnson. Arnold Drake, Terry Weber, George Brunts. Greg Abbott, Sid Murphree, Carol Hoff- man, Jani Adams. Joan Doherty. Jo Ellen Huff. Dorothy Rahe, Connie Swisher, Karel Robinson, Glenda Burgett, Marcia Lynch, Dafe Smith. Phyllis Laspisa, Betsy Billinger, Jo Johnson, Elaine Schenk, I 36 Dark of the Moon Ketch um ' s Original ' Land of the Teddy Bears ' Delights and Entertains Children of All Ages " in 1 97 i, the college sent me to New York to attend the opening night of an off- Broad way prod- uction of a play I wrote. On the plane coming home, there was no one sitting beside me and i had a chance to think instead of to talk and I thought ’I wish I could write a play for children.’ Suddenly, I remembered a little boy who had the unfortunate habit of sucking his thumb. (He was one of my brothers.) He became Jody. And since I wanted him to correct that fault, I thought of a wondrous land where ’anything can happen — if you want It badly enough. That year there was also a resur- gence of interest in teddy bear toys, I then recalled other children who had little problems. I put them all together and finally wrote ’The Land of the Teddy Bears.’ " 138 Land of the Teddy Bear t[2|3{4|5 The Land of the Teddy Bears begins when Jody ' s mother gives Jody a teddy bear in hopes that he will stop sucking his thumb. He rejects the bear and as usual, falls asleep sucking his thumb. He dreams about him- self and four other children with little problems who also have teddy bears. I Gladdie Good girl ' s (Jerri Rohr) problem is fear of the dark Goodybear (Shari Steen) is her guardian and helps her overcome her fear, 2, Roger (Marta All- ton) likes to beat up his bear Raggedy- bear (Bill Rhoads) only has one eye and one ear due to such treatment. Raggedy- bear sings his conversations with Roger, who convinces his bear to take him to Teddy Bear land 3, Johnnybear (Dwayne Spady) succeeds in stopping his little owner from wetting his bed 4. Gertie Tattler (JoEllen Hull} likes to tattle on everyone Tattlebear (Dave McIntosh) spanks her whenever she tells tales, 5 Jody (Sand! Hammond) dreams he gets a big paper thumb that is impossible to suck, so he hugs his bear, and falls asleep again under the watchful eyes of his mother (Rose Johnson), Other cast mem- bers: Rita Ash, John Cunard, Junior Goodwin, Charles Goslin, Ed Knoll, Rose Rohr, Connie Swisher. Land of the Teddy Bears 139 Thank God If s Friday ! Friday Theatrical Productions Provide Free Entertainment " TGIF is a lot of fun, a lot of work and a cheap way to spend a Friday afternoon 1 1 — Dan Doherty, senior !40 TGIF I 2|3 4 1 Tomme Miller received the T Outstanding Director Award. 2. Casey Johnson A as selected as Outstanding Actor tor his performance in Dark of the Moon. 3. Glenda Burgett received the Outstand- ing Actress Award for her role as Women Chorus Leader in Lysistrata. TGIF (Thank God It ' s Friday} Experimen- tal Theatrical Productions were pres- ented on Friday afternoons at 3:30, These are only a few of the TGIF plays: 4. Calm Down Mother was a play about three hookers and their problems. Caro- lyn Brann, Jo Ellen Hull and Jani Adams portrayed the hookers. 5. Plaza Suite plot centers around incidents of a Jewish wedding. Sharon Collier and Bill Rhoads are parents of the bride-to-be, who locked herself in the bathroom on the day of her wedding, 6. The Golden Fleece Is a modernized drama of Jason and Medea. Rochelle Peters defends the actions of Medea while Greg Abbott jus- tifies the motives of Jason. TGIF 141 FHS Men ' s Varsity Football Season record 1 -8- 1 OPPONENTS 15 Missouri 40 21 Southern Northwestern 21 21 Okla. Kearney State 24 16 Northern 45 28 Colorado Pittsburg 14 29 Sta te Washburn 31 7 Unive rsity Emporia State 27 14 Omaha 24 9 (Up of Neb.) Southern 34 7 Colorado Colo, School 37 of the Mines Women ' s Varsity Basketball Season record 8-4 FHS OPPONENTS 36 Sterling 37 53 Kearney State 48 62 KU 47 24 K -State 47 36 KU 43 46 K -State 43 72 Wichita 33 72 Wichita 24 54 Kearney State 49 49 Tabor College 46 57 Benedictine 31 College 42 K-Stat© 50 State Tournament 2nd Men ' s Varsity Basketball Season record 9-15 FHS OPPONENTS 9! Fort Lewis 68 98 Kearney State 9] 83 Sacred Heart 82 63 Washburn University 59 96 Kearney State 93 57 Western Ca rolina 89 84 Carson-Newman 83 78 Northern Colorado 75 60 Southern Colorado 62 73 Sacred Heart 87 57 Emporia State 62 69 Omaha |U, of Neb ) 78 50 Benedictine 48 60 NW Oklahoma 69 79 Pittsburg State 72 65 Eastern New Mexico 87 70 Northern Colorado 77 56 Southern Colorado 86 64 NW Oklahoma 75 78 Emporia State 80 60 Benedictine 73 83 Omaha (U. of Neb.) 89 66 Washburn University 70 57 Pittsburg State 78 Women ' s Varsity Volleyball Season record 14 8 Women ' s Varsity Gymnastics Season record 2-3 Men ' s Varsity Gymnastics Season record I M FHS OPPONENTS 120.00 South Dakota U. 30 95 o o o NI South Dakota State 85 95 125.45 Central Missou ri 103.20 132 55 Northern Colorado 144 50 132.55 South Dakota U. 64.15 1 19,10 Central Missouri 103.95 ] 30 JO Sterling 30.15 130.70 North Texas 1 17.65 1 14.80 NE Louisiana 103 85 i 1 4.80 North Texas 107.45 126.31 San Jacento 1 1 6.92 126 31 Texas A M Univ. 79,99 NAIA Nationals 4th Place Men ' s Varsity Cross Country MEETS FHS FINISH Marymount (dual) 1 st Kearney State 2nd (dual) Emporia State 2nd (dual) WSU Invitational 4th Emporia Invitational 2nd Marymount Invitational 2nd NAIA District 30 2nd GPAC Championships 1st Missouri Valley 2nd NAIA Nationals 10th Men’s Varsity Track MEETS FHS FINISH NAIA Indoor 3rd Kearney State Dual Omaha Invitational Relays 3 st Emporia State Dual 1st Emporia Relays 1st Emporia Triangular Texas Relays Kearney State Dual 1st KU Relays ¥ Drake Relays ¥ Southwestern Relays ¥ GPAC Championship 1 st Missouri Valley AAU ¥ NAIA Championships ¥ no team scores Women ' s Varsity Track MEET FHS FINISH Dodge City Relays 1st FHS Relays 2nd Associated Colleges of Central Kansas 2nd Kearney Relays 2nd J42 Men ' s Varsity Tennis Season record 6-7 FHS OPPONENTS 2 Tabor College 7 2 Bethany College 7 I McPherson College 8 6 Sterling 0 9 Alumni Meet 1 4 McPherson College 5 1 Washburn 8 University 9 Kansas Wesleyan 0 9 Sterling 0 9 Kan sas Wesleyan 0 2 Bethel 5 7 Emporia 2 2 Tabor College 7 Junior Varsity 9 PrattJunior 0 College 0 Liberal Junior 7 College GPAC Tournament 6th Place Women’s Varsity Tennis Triangular meets FHS OPPONENTS 18 Baker 8 Marymount 1 17 KSU 10 Marymount 0 17 KU 9 Barton Co. 7 KAIAW Invitational 7 McPherson 9 KSU I Men ' s Varsity Baseball Season record 25-1 J FHS OPPONENTS 2 Arlington (LL 0 of Tex.) 1 1 Arlington (U. 1 of Tex.) 1 Univ. of Dallas 0 7 Univ, of Dallas 5 4 Plano Univ. 5 4 Emporia 5 4 Southwest 3 Minnesota 7 Kearney State 3 2 Texas Wesleyan 3 5 Kearney State 0 13 Yankton College 1 3 Yankton College 2 5 Yankton College 1 3 K-Stete 4 5 K -State 3 5 Bethany College 0 5 Bethany College 4 4 Emporia 3 17 Bethany College 0 12 Bethany College 2 3 Emporia 1 0 Emporia 4 2 Colorado Univ. 8 2 Colorado Univ. 3 1 J K -State 0 3 K -State 10 2 NW Missouri 4 6 NW Missouri 4 12 Benedictine 3 College 12 NW Missouri 2 2 Emporia 1 7 Sterling 1 2 Sterling 1 2 Northern 6 Colorado 4 Omaha [U of 0 Neb.) 3 Northern 4 Colorado Women’s Varsity Softball FHS Season record 8-2 OPPONENTS 22 Kansas Wesleyan 2 23 McPherson 5 12 Garden City 5 20 Garden City 2 18 Garden City 3 24 Garden City 10 6 Wichita State 8 19 Marymount 3 6 State Tournament KU 1 1 16 Washburn 3 FHS Men’s Varsity Golf Season record 4- 1 OPPONENTS 0 T u Isa 13 J6 ' 2 University Kearney State " A 1 1 Emporia 7 SW College S ' 2 10 ' j NW Oklahoma 4 ' A 1 0th Crossroads in- vitational at Joplin 2nd NAIA District 10 at Satina 2nd GPAC Championship at Pueblo Men’s Varsity Wrestling Season record 3-9 FHS OPPONENTS 19 Univ. of Wisconsin 15 9 Central Missouri 28 12 NW Missouri 31 9 Omaha (U of Neb.) 31 48 Nebraska Wesleyan 6 22 Omaha (U. of Neb.) 24 12 K- State 24 6 Western State 30 9 Northern Colorado 28 12 Colorado State 25 9 Central Missouri 30 22 Kearney State 15 43 Highlights of Men ' s and Women ' s Athletics First year Head Coach Bill Giles was faced with the task of rebuilding the Tigers 1 Football fortunes Showing youth and inex- perience, the Bengals struggled through a 1-8-1 season. The Tigers led the Great Plains Athletic con- ference In total offense while the conference statistics had the Ben- gal defense last. Coach Chuck Brehm ' s Tiger Basketball squad broke from the gate fast, winning seven out of eight games The Tigers traveled to Boiling Spring, N C during the Gardner-Webb Invitational to place third. At the start of the spring semester, youth and inexperience caught up with the Bengals and they lost the last nine games of the season Coach Alex Francis ' Cross Country team captured the first GPAC crown Led by Tom Bra- drick and All-America Jim Birn- baurn, the runners were strong In all competition with a second place finish at the Missouri Valley AAU meet The Tigers placed 10th at the NAIA meet at Lib- erty, Mo The meet was plagued with confusion which meet offi- cials stated kept the Tigers from placing higher in the standings New Tiger Wrestling coach Barry Allen greeted 29 prospects for the wrestling season Freshmen were counted on heavily as the Tiger squad only had two seniors, Rick Doran and team Captain Gale Epp Doran gained All- America honors by placing sixth at the NAIA Nationals at Morn- ingside College, Sioux City, Iowa Epp was chosen by the team as the most valuable wrestler The overall team record was 3- 1 2, with most of the losses from strong NCAA contenders Five lettermen returned for Coach Ed McNeil ' s 16th Gymnas- tics squad. Strong performances by Frank Gray, Donovan Ran- dolph and Captain Johnny San- ders , enabled the gymnasts to garner an I M record and a fourth place finish at the NAIA Nationals at the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse. Outstand- ing performances by freshmen turned what was thought to be a rebuilding year into a strong year for Tiger gymnasts. Baseball at Fort Hays was viewed with optimism Six letter- men bolstered Coach Earl Hobb s hopes for a GPAC championship Hitting and pitching were the Tiger ' s strong points as they cap- tured a first place finish in the Texas Wesleyan Tournament and a first place tie at the Northwest Missouri Invitational Tournament. The Bengals brought a confer- ence crown closer to reality when they defeated the Emporia Hor- nets by a 2-1 decision, moving them into the GPAC playoffs which were held In Hays, Unfortu- nately the Tigers lost their chance of a GPAC crown when Hays lost to the University of Northern Col- orado Head Coach Alex Francis greeted 16 lettermen (seven All- Americans) for the 1973 Tiger Track season The Tigers took the GPAC championship by edging out the University of Northern Colorado. This made the fourth time In the last five years the Tigers have won a conference championship in track. Head Tennis coach Bud Moeckel had six lettermen return- ing from a 7-8-2 team of last sea- son, Kim Emrnert and Dave Hew- ett led the young team. Hopes are high that the experience for the youngsters will pay even big- ger dividends in the future Rain and cold weather ham- pered the Tiger Golf team for most of the season Led by John Pedarek and Danny Harvanek, the Bengal squad missed capturing the District 10 crown by a single stroke Due to an exceptionally rainy spring and scheduling problems, the Men ' s Soccer Club was lim- ited to a season of only two games, both narrow losses Women ' s Varsity Sports were given a special emphasis at Fort Hays State this year Women competed in six different varsity sports throughout the year Highlighting the Women ' s Var- sity Volleyball season was a sec- ond place finish in the state Tour- nament This entitled them to compete in regional tournament action in Minneapolis, Minn , where they were eliminated while wrapping up the season with a record of 14-8 Women ' s Tennis at FHS had a short fall season Competing in four matches, the squad managed three victories for the year, Including wins over the University of K ansas and Kansas State Uni- versity. With a 7-3 record, the FHS Wo men ' s Varsity Basketball team earned the right to enter the state championships which were held in Fort Hays State ' s own Sheridan Coliseum They swept by Benedic- tine in the first round but were beaten by Kansas State in the finals to finish with a record of 8- 4 A new sport on the FHS scene was Varsity Gymnastics for women. Coached by Warren Teasley, the women gymnasts won two of five meets in their initial season Ending the regular season at 7- l t the FHS Women ' s Softball team entered the State Tourna- ment on May 5 with high hopes. Drawing the eventual champion, KU, in the first round, the Tiger- ettes were defeated, but came back to beat Washburn for third That completed their season at 8- 2 The Women ' s Track team was a major contender in all meets in which it participated In the first four meets, the team finished sec- ond three times, while taking the top spot once. Under the direction of Wayne McConnell, the men ' s intramurals program was very popular with 3,088 male students who com- peted in 13 different sports Overall I 9 championships were decided throughout the intramu- ral year. This year, for the first time, women in varsity sports were not allowed to compete in the women ' s intramurals program Still there were 818 girls who par- ticipated in the program directed by Helen Miles Seventeen cham- pionships were decided 1 44 Sports Cheerleaders Display Vitality I J2 I Fort Hays State cheerleaders 3 urge the Tigers to get two points during crucial moments in the sneke th 2. Executing a flip cheerlead- ers perform for the home fans during the football season 3.-1972-1973 Cheerleaders: Janey Willis, Jo Hofzwarth, Debbie Gilger, Pat Pahls, Annette Sulzman, Karen Steen Not pjo lured: Kathy Cameron, MadfcSfe Cheerleaders 1 45 2 3 I ■ Agnew Hall ' s Tiger girl is j ” " 4 ringmaster for " Conference Foes ' ' Agnew Hall s entry tn the parade, 2, The gun toting Tiger defi- nitely stands above all others. 3, Pre- Homecoming festivities begin with the enthusiasm and cheers of the traditional pep rally and bonfire. 4 P Homecoming attendants for 1972 are Charli Bergen Rhonda Nuckolls. Cheryl Yoxall, and Leann Muirhead. i46 Homecoming 1 972 Brings ' The Wonderful World of Tiger Tails ' to FH8 Homecoming 147 2|4 1. McGrath Hall s parade entry is a victoriou s Tiger carried aloft by four balloon-shrouded bear- ers. 2, The Lettermen topped off Homecoming with old and new songs for the sellout crowd at Sheridan Coliseum. 3. Splash! The cold water of Big Creek welcomes the defeated fresh- men during the annual tug-of-War with the sophomores. 4. Band spectaculars at every home game are the result of hours of drill and preparation. 5, Defen- sive back Jonathan Douglas tackles Washburn s end Michael Morgan as No. 20, Jerry Smith, flies to assist. 49 Homecoming Homecoming 149 Injuries and Inexperience Plague Tigers: Young, Spirited Squad Stirs Hope for Future ISO Football I First year head coach Bit! = Giles searches for a solution to the Tiger ' s problems. 2. Cut’ ting back behind a wall of blockers, tail- back Steve Crosby, 35 r finds an open- ing for additional yardage. 4. With the use of a face mask, a Washburn defender stops the progress of fullback Isiah Brown, 34. 5. After taking the han- doff from quarterback Bruce Hawley, If, fullback Ken Zergler, 33, looks for daylight. 6 Defensive tackle Lewis Kas- $elman ( 77, and defensive back, Mike Mlinar, 21, lead a mob of tacklers in halting a Washburn ball carrier. 7- New Tiger football emblem decorates sched- ule posters and programs. 3. 1972 Tiger Football Team, front rows Coach Ed McNeil. Coach Jerry Cullen, Head Coach Bill Giles, Coach Barry Allen, and Coach John Getz. Second row: Owen Zook, Warren Sutton, Richard Hays, Jim Riedel, Max Evans, Ken Zeigler, Steve Crosby, Gary Marvine. Bruce Bruce, Lewis Kasselman, Jerry Smith, Bob Kuhn, Shannon Mlynar. Third row: Doug Da 1 1 man, Steve Thompson, Bill Merritt, Rick Doran, J, D. Armstrong, Lanny Unruh, Bruce Hawley, Bruce Van Petten, Frank Ann hold, Jim Bick- nell. Kurt Watson, John Woodworth. Fourth row: Britt Feltner, Jerry fstas, Wayne Hen- derson, Dan Forristal, John East, Craig Casey, Dennis York, Lynn Moses, Jim McDonald, Jim Melby, Scott Soukup, Ed McMillin, Willie Gallegos, Jon Weinman. Fifth row: Girard Bieker, Bob Blazer, John Vogt, Bob Girard, Robert Heug, Francis Soukup, Craig Gfeller, Mike Turner, Ken Weimer, Phil Harris, Mike Sobba, Jerry Hoggath Sixth row: Greg Randel, Rod Lun- gren, Dale Pike, Steve Pohlman, Brad Stall- ings, Paul Bowerman, Keith Pophem, Ron Hawley, Nate Mobly, Danny Boyce, John Ganser. Back row: Jonathan Douglas, Mar- tin Lewis, Mike Mlinar, Kent Needham, Kirk Huey,. Brad Wright, Jim Van Arsdale, MEke Crutckshank, Jeff Zimmerman, Mike Kozlow- ski, Isiah Brown. m h a ' roRT maw - " OftT HAVS FGlTWaYs f Football 153 " Total responsibility -from side- line to sideline. Potential contact on every play. Every time an opponent touches the ball they can expect me to be around. That ' s what the middle line- backer is ail about. I love it. Nobody can stop me — I do what I want on the field — I go where the action is. It ' s more than just a game, it’s a life style. ! want to be the best at what I do. " — J. D. Armstrong, senior 1 52 Football Hawley Wins Passing, Total Offense Titles IH l|2|3l I- Greg Turner, 84, ducks his ' head to meet a Northwestern Oklahoma defender after receiving a short pass 2, Co-captain d. D. Armstrong, 53, stacks up an Antel- ope ballcarrier from Kearney State as Miek Mlinar, 2 1 , rushes in to assist 3 Steve Crosby, 35, stumbles through the tine in an effort to pick up a critical first down against Kearney State. 4. Bruce Hawley, ! I, barks out the signals to set the Tiger offensive machine in motion. 5 Split end John Woodworth, 88, battles two defenders in the end zone for a touchdown reception. Football 153 J Ms ' ■ Tiger mascot aims for a home victory at the F 972 Homecom- ‘ ing game against Washburn. 2 . An open field tackle is registered by defensive cornerback Jonathan Douglas, 1 . 3 , Quarterback Bruce Hawley, I I , lobs a pass over the outstretched arms of a Washburn player. 4 Inj uries played a major role in the Tigers ' sea- son as middle linebacker J. D, Arm- strong, S3, is assisted from the field. 5. A dejected Bill Giles walks slowly and quietly off the field after a disappoint- ing loss. 154 Football " The best laid schemes of mice and Sang aft a-gley t And leave us naught but grief and p For promised joy " ' ' » ' » — Robert Burns Great Expectations for 1972 Bengal Squad Fall With Realization of 1 -8- 1 Record Football 155 Tiger harriers caught in NAIA ' s jumbled finish Francis ' GPAC Titlists Fail in Bid for NAIA When Unidentified Runner Falls at Finish L 1972 Tiger Cross Country team, front row: John Beaton k Jon Nelson, Tom Bradrick, Jim Birnbaum, Ron Lawrenz, and Dennis Kozub. Back row: Steve Clark, Steve Drake, Bob Lowen, Scott Tichenor, Bill Houf, Steve Roberson, and Paul Ide. 2 . Some are relaxed and some are tense but all are ready for the starter ' s gun. Ron Lawrenz, Bob Lowen, Jon Nelson, Scott Ticheno r, Tom BradHck, Jim Birn- baum and Dennis Kozub. 3. By virtue of his 15th place finish In the NAIA finals, Tom Bradrick was awarded All-America honors for the second year in succes- sion, 4, A tired Jim Birnbaum listens to his time. Birnbaum was awarded Alf- America after placing fourth in the NAIA finals an Liberty, Missouri. 5. Lead- ing a pack of runners out of the woods is Tiger harrier Dennis Kozub. 6 Last min- ute instructions are given to the runners by Head Coach Alex Francis. I 56 Cross Country " In my 38 years of coaching, I ' ve never seen a bigger mix-up. It was the best race we ' ve run all year. I was sick — not for myself — but because of them. Every- one was }ust sick about It. " — Coach Alex Francis Cross Country 157 Irate Fan Hurls Ice as Tigers Fade at Finish " It ' s unfortunate and we all feel badly about it. I doubt that any fan was more frustrated than the players. " — Coach Chuck Brehm 1 58 Basketball w 6 L Forward Barton Snow, 42, soars above Kearney State players and Doug Thurman, 44, to tip in two points. 2. Keying a Tiger fast break against the Kearney State Antelopes is guard Cliff Haltom, 22. 3. Pacing the sideline, Coach Chuck Brehm is momentarily dejected. 4. When the action becomes heated, Coach Brehm sheds his jacket. 5 Never at a loss for words with an official Brehm discusses a controversial call. 6. Releasing a guarded jump shot, Ron Crowell 40, is fouled. Brent Frock, 54, jockeys underneath for the rebound position. Basketball 159 160 Basketball Last basketball season in Sheridan Tigers °i Win First Five Games Maintaining position, for- ward Greg Sfandish r 34, H l reaches for a rebound as team- mate Barton Snow, 42. screens out an opposing player. 2 . Forward Ron Crowell, 40, hits a jumper from inside the freethrow line. 3. For changes in strategy, the Tigers huddle around Coach Brehm during a time-out. 4. All eyes are on guard Keith Harper, 24, as he cashes in on a fast break. 5 During a break in the action, center Doug Thurman, 44, quenches his thirst. 6, Team captain and lone senior Troy Rampy, 10. fires a two-pointer from the top of the key. " Fans have been great both years I ' ve played in Sheridan Coliseum and ! hope we don ' t lose this support and enthusiasm in the new place 1 — Keith Harper, sophomore Basketball 161 Nine Unbroken Losses Termed " Frustrating " 5 I, Emporia State Guard Bob | ■ 4 — Babb, 15, finds the path to an easy bucket blocked by Tiger guard Gary Werling. 3. With Washburn center Gene Dodd, 25, bear- ing down on him, guard Tim REetzke, 14, hits a layup during the closing min- utes of the last game In Sheridan Coli- seum. 4 . Twisting inside for a reverse layup, forward Larry Clark, 32, scores two points during the junior varsity game against Emporia State, 5. Center Dave Wessling, 52, dogs the middle during a junior varsity game with the Hornets, 2, 1972- f973 Port Hays State basketball team, front row: Sieve Clark, Cliff Haltom, Troy Rampy, captain; Keith Harper, Gary Werling. Tim Rietzke. Second row: Tom Hal- brook. Mike Ma+hes, Bruce Wasinger, Larry Clark, Barton Snow, Chris Rorabaugh, Back row: Assistant Coach Bud Moeckel, Greg Standish, Doug Thurman, Dave Wessling, Brent Frack, Ron Crowell, Head Coach Chuck Brehm. Not pictured: Steve Hennel. Basketball 163 Four Returning Lettermen Lead Gymnasts I { 2 l 3 Co-captain Frank Gra y — H 4 executes a hand stand dur- J ing still rings competition against North Texas State, 3, Coach Fd McNeil confers with North Texas State ' s gymnastics coach during a break in the action. In his 15 years at Fort Hays State, McNeil has compiled a dual record of S3 -57-1. 4, Paul Bower- man prepares to dismount from the parallel bars. 5, Danny Delgado attempts a kip maneuver under the watchful eye of the judge. 6 . Leading scorer and co-cap+ain Johnny Sanders demonstrates his ability on the side horse In the meet against North Texas State, 2. 1972-1973 Tiger Gymnastics Team, front row: Paul Bowerman, Danny Delgado. Frank Gray Johnny Sanders, Bobby Allen, Hal Gray Danny Quasi. Back row: Steve Alejos. Donovan Randolph, Gary Hostin, Bill Shultz. Terry Douglas. Brad Smith. Barry Cohen. Richard Phillips. 1 64 Gymnastics Gymnastics 3 65 Surprising Freshmen Boost Spirits i66 Gymnastics I | J L During his floor exercises, —!■ 2 — | 4 Johnny Sanders is caught in 5 6 the middle of a back flip. 2 Arching his back, Dave Buchheim completes a hand stand as part of his floor routine. 3, As team- mate Paul Bowerman spots. Bill Shultz swings through his performance on the high bar in the North Texas State dual. 4, Keeping motion to a minimum, Paul Bowerman performs a handstand on the still rings. 5, Showing bis excellent bal- ance. Dave Buchheim executes the splits 6. Demonstrating his strength. Danny Quast comes to a stop in the middle of his still rings exhibition. Gymnastics 167 Doran All-America Heavyweight: Team Records Overall Mark of 3-8 in Duals 168 W rest!! mg „ h 1972-1973 Fort Hays State 1 2 , Wrestling Team front row: a| c " J Keith Von Feldt, Gary Delmez. Mike Gill. Jeff Anschutz. Sec- ond row: Rick Doran. Terry Fuller, Mike Cruickshank, Greg Lohoefener. Randy Olson. Rex Mauck. Jerry Istas. Steve Hochman. Third row: Coach Barry Allen, Gale Cook, Scott Soukup, Scott Warner, Bill Watson. Gale Epp, Terry Ptacek, Ron Beavers. Mike Cooper. Mark Harbach. Russ Decker, Bob Peter- son, John Ganser. 2 Gary Delnnez. I 18 lb. wrestler, struggles for better posi- tion in a match with Kearney State. 3 Wrestling in the 1 26 lb. division. Greg Lohoefener drives his opponent into the mat. 4. First-year wrestling coach Barry Allen attempts to coax two points from the referee for his squad. 5. Mike Cooper had the upper hand in his match against a Kearney State wrestler. 6. Adding another point to his total. Gale Cook escapes the hold of an opponent. " This year was a experience for both the and myself t but I know are going to get better, our opponents had been division teams, our record have been much better. 1 ' — Wrestling Coach Wrestling 169 2 3 I. Center Kathy Bahner of T c [ A e Tigerettes moves in to block a shot In the champi- onship game of the state tournament against Kansas State. Annette Sulzman, !5 closes in tor a possible rebound, 2. Donna Rapp, 10. hits a short shot as Susan Btazer, 20, fol- lows the action. 4. Fighting for control of a missed shot are Tigerettes Mary Morrish, 21, and Kathy Bahner, 14. 5. Leading scorer Annette Sulzman, IS. looks on helplessly as a pass intended for her is intercepted by a K-State opponent. 6, Forward Susan Blazer. 20, hangs In the air before adding another basket to the Tigerettes ' score. 3. 1972- 73 Women ' s Basketball Team, front row: Susan Butterfield, Diana Sherrard, Paula Croon, Donna Rapp, Annette Sulzman, Jeanie Beckman. Second row: Tabetha Eich- man, Becky Bradley, Judi Hlaus, Karen King, Susan Blazer, Chris Keller, Geneva Hockett. Third row; Trainer Barbara Rudd, A$st. Coach Cheryl Engelland, Kathy Bahner, Lois Engelsman, Joyce Tucker, Mary Morrish, Head Coach Helen Miles. I 70 Women ' s Basketball Compiles 7-3 record Women ' s Basketball Team Takes 2nd in State Tourney Action Against KSU Women ' s Basketball 171 " I had heard a lot about Coach Francis. He doesn ' t pressure you. He supplies the coaching, you supply the guts. " — Paul Ide, Tiger race walker I 72 Track Francis ' Track Team Expands to Race Walking as Paul Ide Joins Fort Hays State as Walker I . | L Three individual FHS track ]4 1 - records are owned by junior 3 | J6 half-mile specialist Jon Nel- son. They are the indoor 1000-yard run (2:12,9), the 800-meters (1:49.8) and the 880-yard run (1:50.3). 2, A major per- former for the Bengels in field events was J. D. Armstrong, In our dual with Empo- ria he is In the process of launching a dis- cus, 4 On his way to a second-place fin- ish in the NAiA Indoor Walk is Paul Ide, Ide is the first race walker in FHS track history. 5 Just clearing the hurdle in the 440-yard intermediate hurdles race is Tom Brad rick, on his way to a first place finish against Emporia State in the Tigers 1 only home meet. Bradrick was a member of FHS s strong corps of middle- distance runners. 6. Trailing an Emporia State runner, Dennis Kozub eventually moved up to take third in the 880-yard run with a time of 1 :56.9. This completed a I -2-3 sweep by Hays in the event as Jon Nelson and Ron Sieker finished ahead of Kozub, 3. 1973 Fort Hays State Track Squad T front row: Ron Lawrenz, John Lehman. Larry Look, J D. Armstrong, Gordon Kaufman, Mike Mathes, Cyril Foote. Second row: Terry Douglas, Dennis Kozub. Ken Beil, Dale Moser, Marvin Jel i nek , Ron Sieker, John Beaton, Tom Ha I brook. Third row: Paul Ide, Steve Drake, Steve Garrett, Scott Trchenor, Gary Glen- dening, Jerry Francis, Tom Weber. Fourth row: Jim Birnbaum, Aaron Sander, Bob Kuhn, Pat Scott, Tom Bradrick, Jon Nelson. Track 1 73 Tigers Top Emporia in Only Home Track Dual I 2 I Straining to get the rest of 3 his body over the bar, Tom Halbrook takes third in the high jump during the Emporia State dual, with a leap of 6 ' 4 2 . Aiex Francis, in his 2bth year as Tiger track coach, has brought prominence to Tiger athletics by coaching numerous track All-Americans. This year s Bengal squad was one of the youngest he has ever coached. 3. Jim Birnbaum and Ron Lawrenz lead the pack during the one- mile run with Emporia State, Birnbaum and Lawrenz both earned All-America honors at the NAIA indoor track meet held in Kansas City. 4. As he did throughout the season, Jim Birnbaum leads the field in the three-mile run. Another member of FHS ' s middle dis- tance crew, Ron Lawrenz, follows close behind. 5. Gordon Kaufman receives the baton from Tom Bradrick to start the third leg of the mile relay in the Tiger ' s only home dual. Track i 75 1 2)3) I. Keeping his head down I 4 and his eyes on the ball, John Pekarek prepares for a meet against Kearney State by hitting a few drives off the tee. 2 ■ John Maple seems to be satisfied with this shot as he follows the flight of his drive 3 A frustrated Dan Harva nek watches this putt stop just short of the hole. 4 On one of the rare sunny days of spring, Dick Ahlberg hits his tee shot during a home meet with Kearney State, 5, Touching up his put- ting stroke, Bob Lowen, Jr. makes good use of the practice green at the Fort Hays Country Club, 6. 1972-1973 Fort Hays State Golf Team, front row; Dan Harvanek, John Pekarek, John Maple, Terry Merrifield, Coach Bob Lowen, Sr. Back row: Blake McGuire, Dennis Speier, Bob Lowen, Jr„ Dick Ahlberg. J 76 Golf Wet Spring Slows Golfers Golf 177 " We competed well consider- ing the fact that some of our play- ers played in higher positions because we lacked the real out- standing player. All ten men that were out got into the action, either in varsity or junior varsity matches. The kids who had the most success in singles, Dave Hewett and Kim Emmert, will be returning to our squad next year. " — Coach Bud Moeckel MMOL; i 78 Men ' s Tennrs Tennis Team Falters in GPAC Tournament L Pursuing an opponent s shot, Wayne Copeland is forced to use his backhand shot in order to save the point. % By charging the net, Larry Laubhan has an opportunity to use his slam to help win the match 3. One of Mike Reliant s strong points was his powerful serve, 4, Dave Hewett, one of the top FHS singles players, demonstrates his strong back- hand shot, 5, I 972- 1 973 FHS Tennis Team, front row: Mike Pellant, Joel Rob- inson, Larry Laubhan, Steve Lang, Tom Carpenter Back row: Kim Ernmert, Dave Hewett, Wayne Copeland, Randy Thompson, Larry Lockwood, Coach Bud MoeckeL 6. Randy Thompson appears to be out of position but uses his forehand shot to return the ball. Men ' s Tennis 79 " We have won over 1 00 games in the four years that I have been here, and I think that we played an integral part In making a name for Fort Hays State on the college baseball scene. " — Pat James, team captain 1 1 2] 3 4 L Showing the speed of his 5|6 swing, Rich Mater, 14, con- nects with another ball for another Jong drive. 2. Intimidating opposing batters, right-hander Vic Perri, 2 I , stretches back to deliver a fast ball to the plate whale Galen Pfannenstiel waits for possible action at second base. 4. A conference on the mound is often what a pitcher needs to calm him down. Coach Earl Hobbs. 7, discusses the situation with catcher Pat James, 22, and pitcher Vic Perri, 2 1 . 5, Against Kansas State, Pat James has to hurry back to the bag, as the pitcher attempted to pick him off at first base. 6 . Bill Hall. I 1 , tries to push the ball down the third base line in hopes of a sacrifice to get a runner to second. 3 1 973 Tiger Baseball Team, front row:Rod Ruder. Dennis Staab, Vic Perri, Pat Ja mes, Dave Beilis. Second row: Rich Maier, Keith Harper. Dennis Brown, Troy Rampy, Bill Half, Harold Dangler. Third row: Mark Bishop, Galen Pfannenstiel, Dick Kollhoff, Jerry Staab. Wayne Brummer, Steve Jones, Kent Koentopp, Fourth row: Greg Standish, Randy Smith, Mike Weiser, Jose Augostini. Jerry Adams, Chuck Gibson, Brian Bates. 1 30 Baseball Baseball Reason Hampered by Month of Rain Baseball 181 Six Seniors Lead Tigers to Winning Season f| 2 h |4 I Displaying his strong ej!b throwing arm, Galen Pfan- nenstlel guns down a runner from his position at second base. 2. Showing his form while pitching a no-hit- ter against Yankton, S + D., Jerry Adams, 29, prepares to deliver another pitch. 3, Despite the efforts of a Bethany base runner, Galen Pfannenstiei, 19, success- fully completes a double play 4 Center- fielder Rod Ruder, 31, dodges a high inside pitch delivered by the Yankton, 5. D. pitcher. 5 Clean up hitter Rich Maier, !4, strides into another pitch hoping to add to his runs batted in total. 6, Three year shortstop for the Tigers, Troy Rampy, 24, picks himself up after sliding across the plate for another Bengal Tally. I 82 Baseball V " This year ' s team is probably the most dedicated and experi- enced overall that I have ever had I have never had a team which was so deep at all the posi- tions like this one The whole squad seems to be working toward the same clear cut objec- tives: the championship. It is a very cohesive unit 11 — Head Coach Earl Hobbs Baseball I 83 $ v Woman Steps Into FHS Training Team 1 2 13 4 J Student t rai ner Steven 5| $ | Henry administers aid to Greg Standish who was bruised on the baseball field. 2 . 1972- 1973 FHS Athletic Training Staff, front row; Steven Rabl. Dave Burton, Steven Henry. Back row; Barbara Rudd, Head Trainer Doug Sebold, Ken Clark, Jim Gil- len, 3 Jimmy Arias tries to move the ball into a position for a shot at the goal In a match against McPherson College 4 Trying to gain control of the loose ball, Juan Font is in pursuit during a home match with McPherson. 5. Hitting the floor hard after a drive to the basket, Barton Snow is immediately attended by head trainer Doug Sebofd. 6, After an out-of-bounds play, Jimmy Arias is in the midst of a battle to obtain possession of the ball. I 84 Trainers Soccer Club Following Grows Soccer Club 185 students. Nothing is done in the intramural program without the consent of the students. The intra- mural council is composed entirely of students. " — Wayne McConnell, Intramurals Director j| v " We have one of the outstand- ing intramural programs In the state because we bave such high participation by the men. Our whole program is student run. The rules and regulations are set up by students, the officials are students and the supervisors are graduate MR 1 86 Intrarmirals Participants Battle for Intramural " K " Award I |2|4)5 f. Two participants are J 3 L caught above the net in an attempt to spike the ball dur- ing volleyball action. 2 One of the best intramural basketball finals ever, saw the Shellhammers edge the Sig Eps 67-66. 3 After slipping behind the opposition, this ballplayer is wide open and is waiting for the pass 4. A full ' ' barn 41 crowd watched the championship round of the basketball finals 5. This player is in the clear, and trying to decide where to go, shortly after receiving a short pass in an intra- mural game 6 . All eyes are on the ball as the shooter struggles to get off a shot. tntramiurah 187 I Nice days in the falf bring out many tennis players to I try their luck in the intramu- ral tennis tournament, 2. By reaching over the net, this volleyball player auto- matically loses the point, 3 One of the main spring sports is softball. This was the first year that the six new fields just south of the new HPER Complex were used for intramural softball. 4. John Pek- arek eyes the ball before slamming it over the net in the intramural tennis tour- nament, $♦ Greg McDonald lets the hor- seshoe fly in the horseshoe tournament which was held in the fall. 6. Straining to " hit the ball as far as possible, this hitter is under the watchful eyes of his teammates during an intramural softball contest. 7. Sprinting down the first base line this runner is safe, as the ball is late in arriv- ing. Intramurals Offer 20 Individuals and Team Events " Intramurals help to relieve ten- sions through competition and at the same time, I get some good exercjse. It is also a good way to team pride 1 — Ted Fritz, se ' moc form friendship and unity among a launch of individuals and at the same tjme it gives them a sense of In+ramurak 189 Tennis Marks First Varsity Squad for Women L Following through with her 1 1 2 3|4 serve, Barb Boyd prepares to move toward the net in antic- ipation of an opponent ' s return shot. 2 Hitting a forehand return, Chris Keller effectively covers the net. 3. Sliding into third base, Susan Stewart eludes the tag for a triple. 4, Setting her sights on the ball, Judy Hlaus steps into the pitch in a game against Kansas Wes- leyan. 5. 1972-1973 FHS Women ' s Ten- nis Team, front row: Sue Soper, Jo Lynn Huxman, Donna Rapp, Judy Glantz. Back row: Debbie Keegan, Patty Meier, Cassy Hantle, Barb Boyd, Chris Keller. Barb Rudd, Coach Orvene Johnson. 6 1972- 1973 FHS Women ' s Softball Team, front row: Cathy Cameron, Diane Sanders, Marlene Knoll, Annette Sulzman, Susan Stewart, Karen King, Vickie Dugan, Donna Rapp. Back row: Linda Maxwell, Diane Workman, Janice Linder, Cassy Hantla, Judy Hlaus, Joyce Tucker, Mary Morrish, Chris Keller, Susan Butterfield. 7 Foiling a pickoff attempt, Annette Subman dives safely back into third base. i 90 Women ' s Tennis Tigerettes Take Seven of Eight Matches " I feel like we have as dedi- cated a bunch of players and coaching staff as any school in the state. We have a great bunch of individuals on this team and 1 think we are all real proud to be repre- senting FHS as a women ' s softball team, because our program does compare very favorably with any other In the state, " — Annette Sulzman, junior Women ' s Softball 1 9 1 11 As far as the state competi- tion — we had a very successful season by taking second in the state. Next year we hope to add more home and away games for our team. Everyone learned from our experience in the Minneapolis, Minn., regional tournament com- petition. " — Head Coach Orvene Johnson 1 92 Women ' s Volleyball Women Gain Recognition, Play-Off Status __L 45_ L Getting tuned for the 3 h regional tournament in Min- nesota. Karen King and Patty Meier practice their spike shots. 2. 1972- 1973 FH5 Women ' s Volleyball Team front row; Jerri Engle, Jean Blecha, Diane Sanders, Vickie Dugan, Marsha Corder, Cheri Livingston. Back row: Marilyn Wyman, Marilyn Darnell, Karen King, Elouise Ison, Cynthia Hartman, Laura Richmeier, Bea GotschalL Patty Meier. 3, Laura Richmeier, 20, and Bea Gotschall, 18. combine their efforts to spike the ball for a point. Cynthia Hart- man is the defender. 4. As uninterested buffalo grazed in the background, the women ' s intramural softball tournament was taking place on the new intramural fields south of the new HPER complex, 5. Marlene Knoll serves the shuttlecock dur- ing the intramural badminton tourna- ment for women. 6 . The flying shuttle- cock is the center of attention during the badminton competition. Women ' s Sports ! 93 " While enrollment numbers have dropped the past few years, the overall view of FHS shows a stable college enroll- ment. Even though the total number of students has dropped 406 from last year, this year ' s enrollment is up nearly 1,300 from 1 0 years ago. " — State College Leader 194 Passengers i.i I. Glen Lojka holds an rnter- I[2j3|4 esting class In family camp- ing and students get a first hand study of easily prepared camping meals, 2, Each day, students from vari- ous classes drop by the campus weather instruments and record their findings, 3, Nurses have decided to acquaint youngsters with the materials in a hospi- tal or doctor s office so the children won ' t be so frightened If they should have to spend some time in either place. 4 In the hustle of everyday activities, it ' s nice to be able to lean against a big shade tree and just forget about everything. Passengers 195 |2j f Homecomings annu al tug-of- { [3)4 war over Big Creek ends in a I i ropeburned victory for the soph- omores. 2. Students in Speech Pathol- ogy and other related courses take time to test elementary children ' s hearing. 3 The Homecoming parade drew smiles, laughs and applause with some of its unusual entries. 4 . Big Creek ' s banks provide plenty of shade trees and thick grass as an ideal place to get away from the usual hustle of the campus. 1 96 Passengers - ffiv J -s ' - ' Tj-i: SiliSp " No school can give you what life can give you, " — Petr Mecl, photographer kfc i- - • r V’.- .-» • • • »• V . ; - % V - . - • ; ■ ' ..._ ■; " ■; • ' •■• ' ; ’ ■ Jfo - |k ' : v? ■,- f a _ ; ■ £££ . N vjr v rfi Passengers 197 " Brooks become crooked from faking the path of least resist- ance. So do people. " — Jarold E. Kohn 198 Mi I. Joe Norvell, winner of the I I Ith District Representative 3 race, finds that happiness as well as disappointment line the path of a political career. 2 Unknown thoughts cross the mind of a fur-capped Fort Hays Stater as she sits outside McCartney m a lull between classes. 3 . While in the Memorial Union ' s Chuck- wagon dining area, students find time to eat, study, and laugh about the day s events. 4 Phi Beta Lambda, busi- ness organization, sponsored this year ' s Red Cross Bloodmobile drive for the first time. 5. A cross-country runner is caught in the final moments of his race. 199 i • SeW z t M- PeaceVtfA wiMmm . I L As peace finally came to 1 1 J Vietnam, many Fort Hays stu- dents awaited the return of " their ' POW ( whose I.D. band they had worn as a symbol of their protest and concern 2 Even though flags throughout the nation were to be flown at halfmast on Feb, 14, 1973 to honor American POW ' s returning from South- east Asia, the flag at Fort Hays State flew proudly at full mast. 3, After the splashdown of Apollo 17, Captain Ron- ald Evans — the ’ first Kansan on the moon” — took some precious time to relax with his family. 200 Passengers " We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon. " — Konrad Adenauer asserigers 20 1 " If we quit growing, we are going to have to do some new things, make some changes, do some of the things we are doing now differently. We may lose some faculty members if enroll- ment is down and continues to decrease. We are going to have to engage in soul searching and some difficult decision making. " — President John W. Gustad 202 Administration and Faculty ® A mJrninistr Faculty III I. President John Gust ad 1 1 2 | 3 | 4 enthusiastically attends most FHS home athletic events. 2. Lorraine Jack Jackson, head of the photography department, takes his class outside to study their cameras. 3. James Olcott takes his turn at the trum- pet during the annual Jazz concert. 4. Sandra Rupp tries to point out some of the shortcuts in using the various office machines. Administration and Faculty 203 Highlighting the Faculty and Administration At a convocation of Sept 8, President John Gustad announced that the " College was looking forward to a great, some- what strenuous year " Thirty new faculty members were also on hand to face the new year when classes convened in late August One of the year ' s highlights was an Hawaiian Luau given in honor of the Board of Regents on Sept. 16. Also on the year ' s agenda was the annual Old English Madrigal Dinner, an event of Dec. I -3 Due to decreased enrollment, twelve faculty positions were to be eliminated at the end of the school year. After a frantic appeal, however, Governor Dock- ing restored a portion of the cut- back in funding and the elimina- tions were not necessary. On the national scene, Presi- dent Gustad was selected as pub- lication advisor for College Man- agement, an administrator s maga- zine Several faculty members were honored at the end of the year with a retirement dinner, these included Mrs. Frances Cook, Miss Naomi Garner, Miss Harriet Ketchum, Dr. Archie Thomas, and Mr Myrl Walker. Two FHS fac- ulty women, Dr, Verna Parish and Dr. Lorraine Machan, were also honored on AWS Honors Night as Outstanding Faculty Women, 204 Faculty and Administration Gustad Shifts Administration 6 I. Earl R, Hobbs, Assistant to the Vice President for Aca- demic Affairs- 2, Waiter E. Keating, Vice President for Administra- tion and Finance. 3 Lois Lee Myerly, Administrative Assistant to the Presi- dent, 4, Ronafd Pflughofh Executive Assistant to the President, 5. Dr Ger- ald W. Tomanek, Vice President for Academic Affairs 6, President Gustad tosses in the first ball to begin a Tiger baseball game. President 205 Deans Possess Wide Administrative Powers The Council of Deans [C.O.D.J. This is the decision-policy making body for Fort Hays State- Standing: Dr, Calvin Harbin, dean of education; Dr, William R. Thompson dean of liberal arts: Dr. John Garwood, dean of instruction; Walter Keating, vice-president for administra- tion and finance. Seated: Betty Wolf, acting secretary; Dr. Gerald Tomanek, vice-president for academic affairs; Dr, Lorraine Mach an, dean of nursing; Dr. Jimmy Rice, dean of the graduate fac- ulty; Dr. Bill Jellison, dean of students. 206 Administration Dr, John Garwood, Dean of Instruction Dr, Calvin Harbin, Dean of Education Dr, Bill Jellison, Dean of Students Dr, Lorraine Machan, Dean of Nursing Dr, Jimmy Rice, Dean of the Graduate Faculty Dr, Michael Stewart, Director of Institutional Research Jean Stauffer, Associate Dean of Students Dr, William R, Thompson, Dean of Liberal Arts Sally Ward, Assistant to the Dean of Students Administration 207 Administrative Directors Caught Between Student Desires and College Demands 5 6 7 2 8 9 10 Tj 1 1 (2 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 l , Memorial Union Book Store Manager, Arnold Drake and Bruce Harper, Cater- ing Service, discusi production costs. 2 Dr. Duane Sharp Farm Superintendent, establishes a record for this newly born calf. 3. Jacqueline Valanne, Frances Cook, Dr. Ralph Bula, and Ruth Joy keep students healthy by maintaining an efficient Health Service. 4. James Nugent arranges housing at the dormitories, 5. Carroll L. Beardslee, Director of Student Financial Aids and Fed- eral Programs. 6. O. Z. Bizzell, Assistant Director of the Memorial Union. 7. Earl G + Bozeman, Director of Planning and Develop- ment, 8. Dan D urand. Director of the Physi- cal Plant. 9. Jack Heather, Director of Closed Circuit Television. 10, Ralph Huff- man, Director of Field Services, I I. James Kellerman, Registrar and Director of Admis- sions, 12 Robert Lowen. Director of Inform- ation Services. 13, Dr. Robert Luehrs, Direc- tor of the Honors Program. 14. Robert Max- well, Assistant Director of Field Services. 15, Richard Osborne, Director of Placement. 16, Lynn Rogers, Director of the Memorial Union, 17 Cade Suran, Director of Athlet- ics. 18. Myrl Walker, Director of the Stern- berg Memorial Museum. 19, Dr, Raymond Youmans. Director of Instructional Technol- ogy. 208 Directors Directors 209 Chairmen Prepare to Tighten Departmental Belts Foreseeing Decrease in Enrollment Bartholomew, Dr Leland; Chairman of t he Department of Music Bogus, Dr. Russell ; Chairman of the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) Cain, Dr. C. Richard; Chairman of the Department of Industrial Arts Campbell, Marc T. r Jr.; Chairman of the Department of Library Science Costlgan, Dr. James !,; Chairman of the Department of Speech Graber, Dr, Paul A.; Chairman of the Department of Foreign Languages 210 Department Chairmen Hamilton, Dr. Samuel M,; Chairman of the Department of Philosophy Hoffman, Maxine; Chairman of the Department of Home Economics James, Dr, James P.; Chairman of the Department of Psychology McCullick, Dr, Jack J.; Chairman of the Department of Economics Moss, Dr. Joel; Chairman of the Department of Art Oliva, Dr, Leo E,; Chairman of the Department of History Parish, Dr. Verna; Chairman of the Department of English Price, Dr, Forrest W.; Chairman of the Department of Business Razak, Dr. W, Nevell; Chairman of the Department of Sociology Rumpel, Dr, Max; Chairman of the Department of Chemistry Slechta, Dr, Donald B,; Chairman of the Department of Political Science Toalson, Wilmont; Chairman of the Department of Mathematics Walker, Dr. Neil A ; Chairman of the Department of Biological Sciences and Agriculture Witten, Dr. Maurice H.; Cha irman of the Department of Physics Wood, Dr. W. Clement; Chairman of the Department of Education, Department Chairmen 2 3 I Liberal Arts Art, Drama, English, Language, Music, Philosophy, Speech Atkins, Alison; asst, prof, of music Bannister, Marcia L; asst, prof, of speech Bogart, Katherine; assoc, prof, of English Bornholdt, Virginia; instr. of English Brown, Robert H.; asst, prof, of music Cal nan, Craig; instr. of art Carballo, Dr, Benito ; assoc, prof, of Spanish Coder, Edna; instr. of journalism Coder, Dr, Ralph; prof, of English Codinach r Maria; instr, of French Collins, Dr Richard; asst, prof, of music Coulson, Marion F ; assoc, prof, of Engfish Dilley, Lyle; assoc, prof, of English Doggett, John; asst. prof, of English Edmund, Elizabeth; asst. prof, of speech Ficken, Dale; asst, prof, of art Flgler, Byrnell W,; asst. prof, of music Frerer, Dr. Lloyd A,; asst. prof, of speech and drama 212 Humanities Garner, Naomi; asst. prof, of English Gatschet, Paul; asst. prof, of English Goeser, Patrick H.; asst. prof, of music Graham, Donn; instr. of music Harwick, Eugene; asst. prof, of art Harwick, Joanne; asst. prof, of art Heather, Jack; assoc, prof, of speech Hinkhouse, James; asst. prof, of art Hodges, Dr. Elizabeth; asst. prof, of English Huber, John; asst. prof, of music Ison, David L; asst. prof, of English Jackson, Lorraine M.; instr. of journalism Jacobs, Carl E. " Gene”; instr. of journalism Johnson, Sidney E.; assoc, prof, of speech Ketchum, Harriet V.; assoc, prof, of speech and drama Kuchar, Kathleen; asst. prof, of art Kuchar, Dr, Roman V,; assoc, prof, of Russian and German Lefurgey, David; instr. of speech Marks, Michael C.; asst. prof, of English Marquardt, Dr, William F.; prof, of English linguistics McFarland, Alice; assoc, prof, of English McGinnis, Darrell D,; assoc, prof, of art Meade, Michael; instr. of German and French Miller, Dr Lewis; assoc, prof, of music Moyers, E. Edwin; assoc, prof, of music Nichols, Francis; asst, prof, of art Olcott, James L.; asst. prof, of music Palmer, Harold; assoc, prof, of music Paul, Christopher; instr, ot speech Pfeifer, Leona; asst, prof, of German Rogers, Katherine; asst. prof, of journalism Rothwell, J, Da n; instr. of speech Sackett, Marjorie; Instr. of English Sackett, Dr. Samuel J ; prof, of English Schlefch, Phyllis A ; asst, prof, of music Sears, David F.; instr. of music Shapiro, Dr. Martin; asst. prof, of music Stout, Dr. Donald; prof, of music Stout, Dr. Roberta C.; prof, of English Thorns, Jr , John C.; prof, of art Tramel, Dr. Stephen; asst. prof, of philosophy Valanne, Olli; asst. prof, of art Vogel, Dr. Nancy; asst. prof, of English Wilhelm, Dr. Charles L,; assoc, prof, of speech Wilkins, Dr. William E,; prof, of music Winterlin, DeWayne; instr. of Spanish Witt, Grace; instr. of English Humanities 2 I 3 Education Education, Home Economics, HPER, Industrial Arts, Library Science Allen, Barry; instr. of HPER Bach kora r Bryan; asst prof, of Indus arts Baker, Dr Kenneth R.; assoc, prof, of ed. Barton, Donald E,; instr. of Indus, arts Bless, Donald R.; asst, prof, of ed. Brehm, Charles G.; asst, prof of HPER Christopher, Rachef; assoc, prof, of library science; reference librarian Claflin, Martha asst. prof, of ed. Ciaflm, William E,; asst. prof, of ed. Cornwell, M. Rex; asst. prof, of ed, Cullen Jerry; instr. of HPER Dafey, Dr. Billy C.; prof, of ed. Dirks, Martha; instr. of library science Dobbs, Dr. Edith; prof, of ed, Engelland, Cheryl; instr. of HPER Fillinger, Louis C ; asst. prof, of ed. Francis, Alex; prof, of HPER Giles, Wilfiam; asst, prof, of HPER Ginther, Glenn G.; asst, prof, of Indus, arts Harsh, Donna; asst. prof, of ed. Jennings, Robert E.; asst, prof, of ed. Johnson, Arris M.; asst. prof, of ed. Johnson, Orvene; Instr. of HPER Krebs, June L.; assoc, prof, of home ec. Lofton, Wayne; instr. of ed. Lojfea, Glen F.; asst. prof, of HPER McConnell, Wayne J.; assoc, prof, of HPER McNeil, Edgar F,; assoc, prof, of HPER Miles, Helen; instr. of HPER Mill er t Allan; asst. prof, of ed. Miller Elaine; instr. of library science: doc. librarian Miner, Kathleen; instr, of home ec. Moeckel, Merlyn D„; Instr, of HPER Morrison, Dr, W. Earl; assoc, prof, of ed. Nichols, Gilbert; assoc, prof, of ed, Popp, Nancy; asst. prof, of HPER Powell, Bet+Ie; asst. prof, of library science: acquisitions librarian Powers, Dr, William; asst, prof, of ed. Price, Dr. Gordon W,; prof, of ed. Reed, Lawrence; asst. prof, of library science; reference librarian Riley Esta Lou; asst. prof, of library saence; serials librarian Robinson, Dr, William N«; prof, of ed. Ruda t Fred P.; instr. of indus, arts Sebold, Douglas D,; instr. of HPER Smith, Robert; asst. prof, of library science; circulation librarian Stansbury, James C,; asst. prof, of ed. Staven, Dr, Lavier L.; prof, of ed. Stehno f Dr, Edward H.; asst, prof, of ed. 214 Education 5+ehno, Dr, Edward: asst, prof, of ed. Thirstrup, Larry; instr, of H PER Tobias, Gary; asst, prof, of Indus, arts Wilson, Jerry; instr. of library science Zenger, Dr, Weldon; asst. prof, of ed. Nursing Education Allen, L, ffeene; asst. prof, of nursing Brungardt, Rose; Instr. of nursing Everhart, Barbara; Instr. of nursing Garwood, Kathleen; instr. of nursing Johnson, Ruby; asst. prof, of nursing Littlejohn, Jane; asst. prof, of nursing Lounsberry, Elinor; asst. prof, of nursing Meis, Jean; instr. of nursing Petee+e, Clarice; Instr, of nursing Roberts, Betty; Instr. of nursing Thomas, Calvina; instr. of nursing Wiese, Emma; instr. of nursing While student teach Baumgartner works witl stones class. Natural Sciences, Mathematics Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics Baxter, Vivian: asst, prof, of math Beougher, Dr, Elton E.; assoc, prof, of math Brooks, Doyle K.; prof of physics Budko, Earl H ; asst. prof, of earth sciences Caplan, Louis J.; asst. prof, of physics Choate, Dr, Jerry; asst. prof, of zoology Choguill, Dr, Harold; prof, of chemistry Clark, Thain© A,; assoc, prof, of ag, Curtis, Nancy; asst. prof, of math Dressier, Dr, Robert; assoc, prof, of chem, Dryden, Laurence A.; assoc, prof, of math Eltze, Dr Ervin; asst. prof, of math Ely, Dr, Charles A ; prof, of zoology E+ter, Orville Eugene; assoc, prof, of math Fleharty, Dr. Eugene; prof, of zoology Gentry, Ruff L,; asst, prof, of ag. Ha rris, Dr. A allace; assoc, prof, of ag. Herman, Dr. Norma J.; asst. prof, of biology HuStt, Dr, Gary K,; prof, of biology Jacob , Philip J,; asst. prof, of math Marshall, U Delbert; assoc, prof, of chem. McMechan, Dr, James H-; assoc, prof, of chem. Nelson, Michael E.; asst. prof, of geology Phillips, Paul; asst, prof, of earth science Pierson, Dr, David; assoc, prof, of biology Pruitt, Dr. Roger A ; asst, prof, of physics Reynolds, Dr. Howard; prof, of botany Richards, Robert C.; assoc, prof, of chem. Robertson, Dr. Stanley; asst, prof, of physics Rolfs, Marvin E ; assoc, prof, of math Schroder, Elton K.; assoc, prof, of zoology Shearer, Dr, Edmund; asst, prof, of chem. Thompson, Dr. Carl E.; asst. prof, of ag. Turpin, Dr. Gilbert; asst. prof, of biology Veed f Ellen; assoc, prof, of math Votaw, Charles; asst, prof, of math Watson, Dr. John Leslie; asst. prof, of bota n y Wenke, Dr. Thomas L.; assoc, prof, of zoology Zakrzewski, Dr, Richard J.; asst. prof, of geology 216 Natural Sciences, Mathematics Social Behavioral Sciences Business, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology Adams, Dr, Robert; assoc, prof, of psychology Ambroid, Rose M,; asst. prof, of sociology Barton, Sharon; asst, prof, of business Boor, Dr, Myron; asst, prof, of psychology Busch, Dr, Allen X; asst, prof, of history Carter, Kenneth; instr. of polit. science Close, Cherry; instr. of business Crissman, Robert S.; asst, prof, of business Dooley, William C,; instr. of business Drlnan, Dr, Patrick; asst. prof, of polit, science Fall, Vernon W,; asst, prof, of history Faulkner, Keith; asst, prof, of business Forsythe, Dr, James L.; prof, of history Fundis, Ronald; asst, prof, of sociology Ginn, Mary Lea; Instr. of business Guseman, Dennis; instr, of business He il t Richard P.; asst. prof, of polit. science Hnatiow, Joseph; asst, prof of sociology Hocutt, Dr. John S.; asst, prof, of business Jones, David; asst, prof of polit. science Jones, James R.; asst, prof, of economics Kfier t John; asst, prof, of history Kuder, John; Instr. of economics Liston, Ann; asst, prof, of history Little, Dr, Milburn; prof, of business Logan, Jack N.; Instr. of business Markley, Dr, Robert P .; assoc, prof, of psychology Peier, J, Dale; asst. prof, of business Pettengill, Glenn N ; Instr, of economics Podolsky, Stanley L,; asst. prof, of polit. science Prlce t Ernest B,; instr. of business Reichuber, Melvin A,; Instr, of business Rickman, Bill D,; asst, prof, of economics Rupp, Daniel G.; asst, prof, of economics Rupp r Sandra; instr. of business Ryabik, James E,; asst. prof, of psychology Sherwood, Charles; Instr. of business Slonaker, Robert; instr. of psychology Smeltzer, J, Dan; Instr, of sociology Smith, Dr, Ronald G,; asst. prof, of psychology Smith, Dr Wllda M,; prof, of history Thomas 1 Dr, Archie C,; prof, of business Thomas, Dolfie B.; asst, prof, of business Thomas, Vera E.; instr. of business Tiffany, Phyllis G instr, of psychology Wall, Dr, George R ; prof, of business Weber, Marvin G ; asst, prof, of sociology Social, Behavioral Sciences 217 " The decline of AWS has been due simply +o the accumu- lating lack of interest and less involvement on the part of the women students. This I believe, is because the organization seems to have outlived its function. " — Dean Jean Stouffer 218 Leadership and Honoraries I | | I- Sophomore Women ' s 1|2|3|4 Honorary helped serve FH$ by ushering and taking tick- ets to productions at Felten-Start thea- er, 2, Being tapped for Mortarboard J his year was a surprise, for the initiates were called for during a regular class. 3, Al Link and Sue Gillum, next year ' s student body president and liaison, find out about their victory. 4 Senior class president John Sherman is initiated into the Seventh Cavalry, Leadership and Honorarie$ 2 f9 Highlights of Leadership and Honoraries Leadership is an important ele- ment in the life of any college The 1972- 1973 school year at Fort Hays gave many people the opportunity for leadership and recognition. In September, Student Senate President Dennis Schamber announced that the goal of his term In office would be to prod- uce better public relations. With a membership of 38, the campus government organization worked throughout the year to promote and guide FHS. Thirty-two FHS seniors were elected to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Criteria for elec- tion included scholarship, campus contributions, faculty evaluation, and election by senior peers. In addition, the 20th annual Phi Kappa Phi initiation banquet found 9 juniors and 29 seniors inducted into the campus-wide scholastic organization. AWS Initiated the Big Sister Program In the fall. Honors night climaxed the year. Due to lack of Interest, however, the organiza- tion disbanded In March in search of something better. Sophomore Women ' s Honorary was active throughout the year ushering for L ittle Theater, help- ing with the Bloodmobile, and campaigning for the United Fund. The organization also petitioned for national membership in SPURS. Seventh Cavalry, a fraternity for men who exhibit outstanding scholarship and leadership quali- ties, again sponsored two aca- demic scholarships. Members were also active In Parents Day and the sale of campus directo- ries. " Az-Lit, " a student produced literary magazine was a major undertaking of Lambda lota T au, English honorary. The Magazine contains everything from fiction to poetry. The national mathematics hon- orary. Kappa Mu Epsilon, helps math students gain a broader view of mathematics and Its appli- cation. This year, the organization also constructed visual aids to be used in various math classes. Kappa Omicron Phi f home eco- nomics honorary, showed distin- guished service by supporting Cross no re School in Cross no re, North Carolina. The year was highlighted by observance of Founder ' s Day in December, Innovation of a book exchange was one project of Phi Alpha Theta, history honorary. A spring banquet was given to initiate new members and was open to all his- tory students. The National Student Speech and Hearing Association again sponsored hearing screening tests. This campus-wide service is free to all students. ip and Honoraries I I, Plaques displaying the symbols " TIT of most honoraries on campus hang ' in the Meadowlark Room of the Union. 2, As a service project, the National Speech and Hearing Associa- tion gives free hearing tests 3 Apr 18 marked voting day at FHS, with the usual great turnout of non-voters. Leadership and Honoraries 22 I " i have a kind of contempt for Intelligence all by Itself. Coupled with energy and willingness, it ' ll go. Alone, it winds up riding the rails. " — John Hersey 222 Leadership and Honoranes Hard Working Organizations Benefit Fort Hays 2 £ i. Ken Windholz gets ready to It 7 close the doors to the Black and 4 I 6 Gold room so that the Tuesday evening movies sponsored by the Memorial Union Activities can begin, 2 . Voting along with other Delta Tau Alpha collegiate representatives is Henry Diehl from Fort Hays. The agricul- ture honorary ' s national convention was held on campus In March. 3. Mortar Board Initiates were ' tapped h during one of their classes. Shirley Bredfeldt rises to accept the honor 4. Phi Alpha Theta members and sponsors sell books, maps and extra materials donated from the libraries of the faculty in order to earn money for new history books for Forsyth Library. 5. Kappa Omicron Phi members explain exhibits during the Home Eco- nomics Department ' s open house. 6 High school seniors visiting the FHS campus are shown around by Student Senate member Bill Darnell. 7 Sopho- more Women ' s Honorary members act as usherettes at dramatic and musical productions held in Malloy Hall. Leadership and Honoraries 223 224 Phi Kappa Phi 1 1 2 L Working with the Soldfisch liquid Extraction Apparatus is Peg Krause, the local PKP nomination lor a national scholarship given by the fraternity. 2, Kathy Thacker, the recipi- ent of Phi Kappa Phi s junior Scholarship, receives her invitation to Mortar Board. I 1 2 I, Phi Kappa Phi t Front row: Darlene Weers, Vicki Burke, Barbara Kohl, Son- dra George, Vickie Dugan, Linda Car- ver, Donna Bailey, Gail Bankston, Cathryn Allphin, Linda Bessire, Fran Casey, Sharon Haas, Connie Nichols, Second row: Annette Meier, Kathy Thacker. Kathlene Moyer, Jose- phine Wiggins, Barbara Ot+e, Wayne Scbon, Glenna Bott, Grill Krans, Carolyn Gatschet, Cynthia Jewell, William Hedge, Jean Hal- lagin, Deborah Hahn. Back row: Walter Keat- ing, Dr + Robert Dressier, Robert Schmidt, Emma Kolb, Annette Weaver, Rita Pekarek, Ken Patry, Dr. Larry Good, Marcus Bassett, Ronald Sturgeon, Frederick Juenemann, Wil- liam Critchffeld, Cynthia Hartman. Jeanette Gerritzen. 2. Phi Kappa Phl t Front row: Che- ryl Lernbke, Tania McNabb. Barbara Osborne, Pat Naylor, Mary Olson. Second row: Merleen L. Gall, Larry Dahl, Rodney Bur- gett, Shirley Bredfeldt, Sheryl Allison, Linda Joyce, Back row: Charlotte Borger, Lyne+te Ochs, Leona Madden, Barbara Cooper, Keith Stockman, Verlaine Hays. Not pictured: Jani Adams, James Allen, Sylvia Ann Bain, Bonnie May Belsner, Barbara Boyd, Alice Breiten- bauch. Max Jay Brown, Sally Daniels, Everett DeHaven, Dr. Don Dwyer, Gloria Kay Eller, Lonnie Fehrenbacher, Gloria Fetsch, Peggy Fishier, James L Green, Pamela Hardy, Mary Jane Harkness. William Harris, Roger Kauf- man, Margaret Krause, Kathy McAfee, Con- rad Miller, Donnis Miller, Barbara Jean Nel- son, Mary Lea Rauscher. Thomas Renshaw, Don Rynerson, Leona Schwarz, Sheryl Songer. Dwayne Spady, Carol Spalsbury, Kathleen Spicer, Thelma Trigg, Marla Wharton. Phi Kappa Phi 225 Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges Applebee. Tamra Bates, Janet Beisner, Bonnie May Bender, Curtiss M. Borger, Charlotte Clark, Sherry Cook, June Eck, Mike Elder, Cristie English, Rita Gerritzen, Jeanette Goudy, Linda Green r Margaret Ann Hahn, Deborah Karlin, Mary Elizabeth Keller, James B, Koptik, Janet Lawson, Mary Beth McAfee, Kathy Miley, Kathleen June Mulrhead, LeAnn Naylor, Patricia Patry, Kenneth Reifschneider, Amber Richmeier, Laura Schwarz, Leona M, Sherman, John Slipke, Pamela Trent, Anna Weber, Helen Eileen Willis, Sharon Jo Yoxall, Cheryl Lynn 226 Who’s Who " There are many different peo- ple in the world, and strangely enough, they can be compared to different kinds of boats. First of all Is the row boat, and it has to be pushed wherever it goes. Next Is the sail boat that waits for the wind and goes wherever it ' s blown. And last is the steamboat. It goes steadily under its own power through storm or calm. " — John Sherman senior class president Leadership and Honoraries 227 Mortar 1 Board Women ' s Leadership Organization " Mortar Board is the one organization I belong to I have pride in It seems the girls go out of their way to make it a worth- while organization The girls feel like It Is an honor to be in the organization and they try to live up to this We have tried to volun- teer, to be of service in several ways, as guides to the NKATE team, during freshman orientation and at A and L series We deco- rated a room at the Day Care Center We try to be of service to the school and community; to help bring town and school together " — Gloria Fetsch, senior 228 Mor+ar Board 2 . New Mortar Board members - gather in the fall to picnic and share ideas concerning projects for the school year. 3 Kathy McAfee plants a tulip for the purpose of beautif- ying the campus, one of Mortar Board ' s projects I 1973 Mortar Board members, front row] Cheryl Yoxall, Jackie Baum- gartner, Jeanette Gerritzen, Eileen Weber, Marla Schmidt Second row: Pat Naylor. Charlotte Borger, Janet Bates, Kay Eller, co-adviser; Amber Reifs- chneider, Kathy McAfee Back row: Christie Elder, Pam Hardy, Alice McFarland, adviser; Rose Arnhold, co- adviser; LeAnn Muirhead, Gloria Fetsch, Margaret Green, Janie Liggett. 4 Mor- tar Board Initiates, front row: Sondra George, Tongay Budke, Vickie Burke. Robyn Tomasu, Diane Grice, Verlane Hays, Kathy Thacker. Back row: Barb Otte, Linda Wheeler, Pat Heinze, Cindy Hartman, Shirley Bredfeldt, Cheryl Muck, Becky Riffey, Patti Depper- schmidt, Kathy Moyers. Mortar Board 229 Seventh Cavalry Leadership, Scholarship | L Seventh Cavalry, front row? ” 2 Arris Johnson, sponsor; Rick Olcel. John Sherman. Denis Miller. Galen McFarland, Don GaskilL Back row: John Bourquin, Dwayne Spady, Rex Bernektnq, Marcus Basset, Dave Hewett. 2, Greg Fort sports a Seventh Cavalry uniform worn by members as their traditional part in the Homecom- ing parade. Not pictured, Seventh Cavalry: Greg Abbot, Bruce Buss. Mike Cavana ugh, Junior Goodwin, Don Hoffman. Mike Waldschmidt Dennis Zimmerman, ”1 think that Seventh Cavalry ought to be an organization for leaders. You can be really smart, and not a leader, 11 — Mike Cavanaugh, junior 230 Seventh Cavalry Freshman Men ' s Honorary Phi Eta Sigma Bassett, P. Marcus Brungardt, Gerald Buss, Bruce Christense n, Gayle Curtin, Scott Dahl, Larry Eastes r Zon Fuller, Steve Grahan, Steve Hedge, William Kaufman, Roger Wellerman, Rich Kough, Roger Macy, Ronald McFarland, Galen Miller, Denis W. Needham. Leslie Kent Nipple. Fredrick Oborny, Marlon Pa try , Ken Peck, Douglas L. Pfeifer, Kenneth Relfschneider, Paul Robinson, William Schneider, Ronald Schraeder, Robert Schwartz, Don Sutton, John Ward, Larry Not pictured, Phi Eta Sigma: Michael Artman, J. Reynolds Atkins. Craig Brown, James Bruce, Galen Doll, Myron Ho as, Frederick Horton. Steve Kaufman, AJphonso Leoneth. Ter ra nee McMullen. James Ogburn. Mark Parsons, Terry Ptacek, Orvan Roach, Gerald Robinson, Mike Slipke. Daniel Zeigler, Earl Hobbs, sponsor. Phi Eta Sigma 23 1 Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Women ' s Honorary Alexa, Luann Allen, Cheryl Applegate, Dianne Buckwalter, Sondra Dinkel, Wanda Foster, Joyce Giebler, Joan Gouldie, Susan Hahn, Elva Keyser, Judy Kier, Susan Kinser, Janet Lippert, Nyla Peach, Helen Popp, Debra Pratt, Lynn Schmidt. Erma Schulte, Mary Jo Schultz, Carla Trumpp, Beverly Not pictured, Alpha Lambda Delta: Kathy Bahner, Janet Baumgartner, Vicki Beisner, Trina Carlson. Dianna Childress, Debra Christy. Katherine Clouston. Charlotte Earls, Diane Edgett, Tabetha Eichman, Dea Ann Fahrenbruch, Kathleen Gabel. Sandra Ham- mond, Mary Ellen Hasselman, Wynona Hawthorne, Susan Hefnze, Lynnette Hepp, Debra Hillman. Lonna Hurst, Jo Lynn Hux- man, Pamela Jamison. Lois Jennison. Debra Joslin, Janet Keyser. Eileen Kinderknecht Patricia Knowles, Madella Legere, Monica Lohmuller, Linda Marti, Melanie Martin, Beth McGovern. Mary Jo Morris. Connie Nicholas. Nancy Niernberger. Mary Pfan- nenstiel. Diane Pfeifer. Marilyn Pishny, Marie Rose. Deborah Scherling. Linda Snook, Faye Thompson, Deborah Totten, Myrna West, Cathy Wiedman, Barbara Wil- lis, Ka+hteen Zimmerman. Jean Stauffer, sponsor. 232 Alpha Lambda Delta Sophomore Women ' s Honorary " We have applied to Spurs, but it won ' t be official until the fall of 73, It is national instead of local, but our goals are the same — service, 11 — Lois Jennison, sophomore Bahner. Kathy Beiser, Vickie Broeckelman, Lois Bruce, Susan Edgett, Diane Eichman, Tabe+ha Fournier, Barbara Gass, Helene Hammond, Sandi Harrel, Jan Hubert, Lynne Huxman, Jo Lynn Jennison, Lois Keegan, Deb Kinderknecht, Eifeen Legere, Madella Lohmuller, Monica Marti, Linda McGovern, Beth Minks, Diane Nicholas, Connie Pishny, Marilyn Pooler. Kay Prusa, Debra Richardson, Gail Rinehart, Jodi Scherling, Deborah SchlegeL Enid Schulte, Luanne Stephens, Dianna Thompson, Faye Totten, Deborah West, Myma Not pictured, Sophomore Women ' s Hon- orary: Kay Ahrens, Pam Fondoble, Georgia Perkins, Mary Ann Pfannenstiel, Sharon Bar- ton, sponsor. Sophomore Women ' s Honorary 233 J_ 2 I. 1972-1973 Class officers, front 34 rowfUIll McLeish, soph, pres.; Marilyn Enslow, jr. pres.; Frank Kamas, fresh, vice-pres.; Bill Darnell, fresh, pres.; Ann Marie Caldarera, soph, vice-pres. Back row: John Sher- man, sr. pres.; Rita English, sr. vice- pres.; Sherry Riegel jr. vice-pres. 2. Student body officers Marcus Bassett, vice-pres., Dennis Schamber, pres., and Tom Funk, liaison, meet almost daily m their office to discuss courses of serious and not so serious action. 3. 1972-1973 Student Senate, front row: Dave Hewett, Randy Hickman. Mike Flanagan, Lee Flamik, Second row: Bill McLeish. Bill Darnell. Mari- lyn Pishny, Pam Rishell, Janet Koptik. Stacy Crist. Greg Mahoney. Back row: Marcus Bassett, Rita English. John Sherman, Dale Rein, Frank Kamas, 4. Student Senate, front row: Sherry Riegel, Deanna Woydizak, Carol Hoffman, Crktie Eider, Second row: Barbara Brockelman. Marilyn Endow, Colleen Regan, Linda Townley, Ken Patry, Debbie O Brate, Myra Shank, Sue Gillum, Dennis Schamber, Tom Funk, Mike Cavanaugh, Linda McCandless, Rex Cooper, Ann Marie Caldar- era, Dave E. Barnes. Vk mm T " : J f " Wmi : lH V 234 Student Senate Schamber expects attitude change Senate Petitions Regents for Continued FHS Support " We are helping to promote 11 the growth and betterment of Fort Hays by programs in recruitment and emphasis on more financial help from the Board of Regents and Legislature for the school and at the same time helping the student with projects like the Consumer Union Board, teacher-course evaluation and possible free legal aid. " — Dennis Schamber, president Student Senate 235 AWS disbands, seeks new idea Jj3 L Outstanding faculty women of 2 4 the year. Dr. Verna Parish and Dr. Lorraine Machan. receive gifts from Kerry Mapes. AWS s last president. 2, The State College Leader ' s Mar, 28 article telfs of the disbandment of AWS, 4, Jeanette Gerntzen. president of Mor- tar Board smiles after receiving a tong- stem red rose and the title of one of the Outstanding Senior Women. 5, With a GPA of 3.94. nursing major Eileen Weber gains the distinction of being the senior woman with the highest grades and an Outstanding Senior Woman. 3, Associated Women Students Representa- tives, front row; Cindy Williams. Joni McCall, Judy D reding. Jennifer Howland. Marsha Corder. Back row: Ann Henderson. Kerry Mapes, Nancy Simons, Erma Schmidt. Becky Meier, Sharon Willis, Becky Smith, Jeanette Gustafson Janet Anderson. Cheryl Mickey, Jofece Tate Roberta Shaw. Not pictured; Sally Ward, sponsor. Associated Women Students is being disbanded after this semes- ter, Jean Stouffer, dean of wo- men students, said “It ' s time for a new idea; the old legislative idea is outdated ' In the past, AWS has been a ruling body, setting regulations for freshmen women ' s hours Its additional function was to act as a judiciary body when these regu- lations were not followed Basically, AWS’s function was to give the freshman woman a guide to live by. Each year these rules have become less strict and until now there are virtually no restrictions. Next year incoming women won ' t have hours at all. This is partially due to the new Equal Rights Law passed by the Kansas Senate. The organization has come to an end and some of the represen- tatives hate an idea why. Anne Henderson, Overland Park sopho- more, remarked, “I think that this year’s executive council, and es- pecially Kerry Mapes, president of AWS, should be commended for their efforts The decline of AWS has been due simply to the ac- cumulating lack of interest and less involvement on the part of the women students. This, I be- lieve, is because the organization seems to have outlived its func- tion " Another representative, Jolece Tate, Medicine Lodge junior, said, “Its basic function was to set standards which would help the freshmen women, and that purpose is no longer there " Next fall a new woman’s or- ganization will come to Hays, This organization will cater specifically to those women who are interest- ed in it This means that there will no longer be a women’s or- ganization that represents all wo- men on the FHS campus When asked about the new or- ganization, Miss Mapes said, “It has not yet been determined as to what the new organization will do because it is still in the planning stage There is money being put aside for the new program and the main function will be to alert women to job opportunities and how they can further themselves in the business world. There will be a dinner next month to make further plans, " 236 AWS Associated Women Students Outlive Function AWS 237 I L Interhall Council, on floor: Marce- 2)3 I i n a Marez, Enid Sc h legal, Barbara Broeckelman. Colleen Regan, Seated: Jim Nugent, sponsor; Larry Clark, Pat Heirue, Gayte Self, Linda Town ley, Sam Scott, Tom Kuhn. Standing: Larry Laas. Marilyn Pishny 1 Chris Temple, Jack Robertson, Barb Otte, Ken Patry, Karen Sayler, Dale Rein, Marla Whorton. Pam Rishell, Jim Munsey, 2, Panhel- lenic Council, front row: Debbie Gray, Dean Jean Stauffer, sponsor; Myra Shank, Carol Turney, Marsha Harbaugh. Back row: Nadene Atom Bev Kelman, Barb Hickel, Carol Hoff- man, Sue Stewart, 3, Interfraternity Council, seated: Mike Schardeim Larry Walker, John Gregory. Jeff Zimmerman. Back row: Dave Hewitt, Gary Hostin, Jack Gardinier, Dave Cross, Garnold Sandell, John Pekarek. Tom Bradrick, Dennis Kozub, Chad Heckman. Bill Comfort. 4 Interhall Council President Ken Patry explains the rules of the game to contest- ants in the sack race, one of many com- petitions held during IFC ' s Spring Fling Weekend. 5. Larry Walker , President of Interfraternity Council, discusses details of the Senior Weekend the council spon- sored in their attempt to acquaint high school students with Fort Hays 238 Jnterhall Council and Panhdlenic Intrafraternrty Council 239 Sanctions Groups Student Organizations Committee Memorial Union Activities Board Entertainment 240 SOC. MUAB 12 I- Student Organizations Committee " 3 4 _ (SOC), first row: Dr. Robert Dressier, Linda McCandless, Wayne McConnell, Marilyn Enslow, Ken Pfeifer. Second row: John Junger, John Eppich, Jean Stouffer. 2. Tiger Paws, seated Linda Harsh. Jeanette Gustafson, Jolece Tate, Barb P. Boyd. Standing: Marsha Harbaugh, Pat Heinze, Mary Cates. Marcia Janke, Debbie Gray. On table: Debbie Prusa, Connie Swisher, Vickie Cooper. 3 Memorial Union Activities Board, (MAUB} r front row: Anita Lee, Gary Osburn, second row: Julia Nolte, Melody Meckel, Vicki Cooper. Jim Shirley, Jan Roberts, Barbara Yelek. 4. Traf- fic Tribunal, front row: John Junger, Mary Walker, Randy Hickman, Back row: Earl Hobbs, Wendell Wyatt. Tiger Paws, Traffic Tribunal 241 Dramatics Alpha Psi Omega Adams, Jani Burgett, Glenda Burgett, Rodney Colfier, Sharon Detwiier. Dick Fink, Jackie Goodwin, Junious Hoffman, Carol Johnson, Johanna Joseph, Phil Kreft, Garnold Laspisa, Phyllis Lynch, Marcia Peters, Terry Epsilon Pi Tau Industrial Arts Andrews, Jim Asbury, Charles Austerman, Ron Bell, James Cook, Ryan Foster, Vernon Fredrickson, Dennis Hinshaw, Gail Hoch, Robert Horacek, Larry Ketterl, Bernard Leitner, Randy Major, Ron Puyear, Vince Remmert, Ri ck Riedel, Robert Ross, Jerry Sloan, Larry Not pictured, Alpha Psi Omega: Steve Ash, Phoebe Atchison, George Brunts, Dan Doherty, Joan Doherty, Mike Doherty, Becky Kraus, Tomme Miller, Dorothy Rahe, Karel Robinson, Terry Weber, Dr, Lloyd Frerer. sponsor. Epsilon Pi Tau: Bill Arnnbrus- ter, Wallace Bowman, Dennis Oelke, Dr. C. R, Cain. 242 Alpha Psi Omega Epsilon Pi Tau " After proving myself I find I ' m readily accepted in the ag department. My fiance and I are planning on going into agricul- ture together, In a partnership. " — Nancy Kraus, sophomore Delta Tau Alpha Agriculture Albers, Ronald Allphin, Charles Barnaby. Glenn Barrett, Don Binder, Stephen Kasters, Gary Kirchoff, Rodney Knowles, Robert Koops, Bob Kraus, Nancy Pahls, Dennis Schmeidler, Michael Siefkes. Robert Suelter, Stanley Tallcington, Doyle Veh, Charles Kappa Mu Epsilon Mathematicc Pelcarek. Rita Reinner, Ron Schmeidler, Darrell Schneider, Ronald Zimmer, Wilma Not pictured. Delta Tau Alpha; David Brenn, David Colgin, Roger Dick, Henry Diehl, Galen Doll, James McDowell, Dean Milner, John Palmer, Bernard Rabenseifner, Orvan Roach, Stan Schmidt, Mike Slipke. Kappa Mu Epsilon: Sandra Bush, Robert Diehl, Don Galliardt, Larry Masters, Dixie Lee Smith, Kent Wendler, Dr. Elton Beougher, sponsor. Allphin, Cathryn Bassett. P. Marcus Berneking, Rex Burgett, Rodney Elder. Christie Kaufman, Roger Koptrk, Janet McAfee, Kathy Delta Tau Alpha. Kappa Mu Epsilon 243 Music Phi Mu Alpha Qinfonia Andersen, Pennies Bock, Stanley Comeau, Alphonse Outright, David Davis, Mark DeWald, Mark Galloway, Max Higgins, Keith Korinek, William Mickey, Allen Miller, Conrad Miller, Mike Robinson, William Springfeldt, Matthew Vine, Ken Weisner, Michael Sigma Alpha lota Music Beisner, Bonnie Bredfeldt, Shirley Carver, Linda Doud, Rise Goody, Linda Hahn, Deborah Hoover, Priscilla Kraus, Rebecca Libal, Debbie Miller, June Stecklein, Kathleen Storm, Linda Trent, Anna TwitchelL Betty Whisman, Carol Wurm, Nancy Not Pictured List p. 245 144 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Sigma Alpha lo+a Home Economics Kappa Omicron Phi Psi-Chi Psychology Gugler, Sharon Gustafson, Jeanette Kell, Janet Mapes, Jerry Montgomery, Connie Nipple, Diantha Ochsner, Susan Prowell, Marilyn Reifschneiderv Amber Riffey, Rebecca Roberson, Clarice Shay, Peggy Siefkes, Carol Swart, Sandi Thacker, Kathy Tripp, Kerry Walters, Cindy Amerin, Leonard Bowman, David Ca vender, James Fishier. Peggy Gass, Helene Griffith, Charles Hon nek, Lesta Kearns, David Moss, SeEtta Nickels, Robert Pfannenstiel, Terry Reifschneider, Paul Robinson, Gerald Schon, Wayne Schumacher, Paul Williams, Stanley Witt, Joseph Wyseloff, Linda Not pictured, Pht Mu Alpha Srnfonia: Chuck Ames. Kenneth Anderson, Daniel McKinney. Robert Schwindt. Sigma Alpha lota: Marjorie Boch. Cathy Hafner, Paula Hu sen Juffe Katanuza, JoAnn Taylor, Bev Trumpp, Kappa Omicron Phi: Barbara Bie- ber, Belinda Gifford, Cathy H ammefte. Arlene Riner. P$i Chi: Lahoma Cants, Jams Chaffin, Jackie Crist. Kay Dey, John Fentck, Richard Hamill, Tom Hammeke, Jane Hark- ness, Pat Pfeifer. Rex Rosenberg, Gerald Vernon. Diane White, Marla Whorton. Kappa Omicron Phi, P$i Chi 245 Pi Delta Epsilon Journalism Abbott. Greg Bell, Stephen Collins, Barry Durfer, Lee English, Rite Kearney. Dave McClellan, Robert Nicolet, Sharon Unrijh, Galen Walker, Larry Corcoran, Cheryl Dechant, Judy Haas, Sharon HaNagin, Jean Lee Stephens, Dianne Cooper, Rex Couch, David Couture, Edith Dreifing, Judy Gerntzen, Jeanette Grant, Kevin Holloway, David Lutz, Lois Meireis, Dwaine Morgan, Alexis Pabst, Bonita Pfannenstfel, Joanne Railsback, Thomas Weaver, David Not pictured, PI Delta Epsilon: Sue Brown, James Cook, Chuck Hauck, Kathe- rine Rogers, Robert Lowen, Pi Omega Pi: Carol Stramel. Phi Alpha Theta: Lonnie Bea- dles, Max Brown, James Coen, Pats! Cox, Greg Fort, Sharon Hammeke, Donald Ham- Pi Omega Pi Business Education Phi Alpha Theta History mer, Craig Haneke, Susan Hatfield. Fred Horton. Clinton Jewell, Jerry Marsh. Ken McElhaney. Tim Rietzke. Don Rynerson, Mark Schmidt, Melvtn Schremmer. Tim Zwink. National Student Speech and Hear- ing Association: Lynn Bryan, Sherry Fox. Monte Hardin, Marlene Hill, Rat Hooper, Dave Moody, Roger Scott, Bill Solko, Marla Staab. Rhonda Tillberg, Gary White, Judy Wolf. Lambda lota Tau: Larry DePiese, Christina Krull, Stephen Vincent. 246 Pi Delta Epsilon, POP PAT Lambda lota Tau Literature Darnell, Marilyn Eller. Kay Erichsen, Christina Keller, Jim B, Krampe. Donald Laubhan, Larry Robertson, Jack Vincent, Kay National Student Speech And Hearing Association Allen, Mary Bangle, Peggy Clark, Sherry Fetsch, Gloria Fink, Jackie Gabel, Marie Green, Margaret Heinrich, Dixie Hermes, Jeanne Korf. Gloria McNabb, Tania Nash, Cynthia Rajewski, Diane Raucher, Mary Reynolds, Cynthia Richmeier, Lois Schroder, Tom Simpson, Brooks Wolf Thomas Not pictured: see page 246 LIT, NSSHA 247 " We are now alternating some of our course offerings. We get a large number of transfers from Junior colleges and many com- plain that with our alternation of courses, they are unable to obtain the courses they want to take in a fwo-year period of time. " — Earl H. Budke, Jr. Assistant professor 248 Classes A 2 j 4 I- Lab experiments involve l I I time, precision and costly equipment. 2 In their native costumes, foreign students at FHS give an interesting Insight to their countries. 3. Classwork includes the intricate study o f a fossil still cased in its protective plaster. 4 Built this year, the garden between the Coliseum and McCartney Hall provides a paved, sunny seat tor resting between classes. Seniors and Underclassmen 249 Seniors, Post Graduate and Graduate Students Fort Hays offers degrees In several areas, the divisions of which are often confusing. The 1971-73 General Catalogue explains them thus: Four graduate degrees are offered on two levels. The Master of Science (M.S.) degree, the Master of Arts (M,A.) degree and the Master of Music (M,M,) degree are awarded for the first year of graduate study. The Spe- cialist In Education degree is given for one year of advanced graduate study beyond the Mas- ter ' s degree. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree and the Bachelor of Sci- ence (B.S.) degree are offered In the Liberal Arts area of the Col- lege, Requirements for these undergraduate degrees provide a broad education encompassing multiple areas of study. Courses are taken in humanities, natural science and mathematics, and social and behavioral sciences, B.A. and B.S. majors may be in the same subject fields with the dis- tinction that the B.A. degrees usu- ally carry a language requirement and B.S. degrees require that a student have 50 hours of sciences with a minimum of 30 hours in one sub|ect field. Curricula offered in the Applied Arts provide intensive preparation In a given field, usu- ally for a particular vocation of profession. Applied Arts degrees are listed as B.S. in (major). Libera] Arts Degrees; S.A.. art biology (bfol.) botany (hot.) chemistry jchem.) economics (econ,) English (Eng.) general science (gen. sci ' J geology (geol.) history (hist.) languages (lang r ) mathematics (math.) music philosophy (philos.) physics political science (polit. sci.J psychology (psych.) sociology (sociol.) speech zoology (zoo.) B.S.. biology botany chemistry general science geology mathematics physics zoology Applied Arts Degrees B.S. in agriculture (agric.) business elementary education (elem. educ.) home economics (home econ.) industrial arts physical education (H PER J nursing B.M., music Graduate Degrees M.A., art English history mathematics M.M., music M.S,. biological sciences business business education chemistry earth sciences education counseling edicational administration (educ, ad.) elementary education secondary education special education (spec, educ.) English physical education history industrial arts mathematics physical sciences political science psychology clinical psychology general psychology ' School psychology social sciences Spanish speech speech pathology (speech Path.) Seniors Abb-Bai Abbott, Kevin: Phillipsburg , B.S. In HPER: Abram t Lynda: Jewell, B.S. in elem. educ.: Adams, Jani: Charlotte, N. C„ M.S., speech-theater; Adams, Mary: Shields, B.S, in busi ness: Adkins t Cindy: Overland Park. B.S. in elem. educ. -spe- cial educ.: Albers, Ron: Cunningham, B.S. in agric. Albin, Donna: Burrton, B.S. in elem. educ.: Alexander, Darwin: Hays. B.S. in elem, educ.: Alexander, Dennis: Law- rence, B.S. in agric.; Allen David: Greensburg, B.S. in agric.; Allison, She- ryl: Lyons, B.A., art: Amerin, Leonard: Plains, B.A.. psych. Amerine, Clyde: Great Bend, B . M , , music educ.: Ames, Marla: Long Island, B.A.. art: Amos, Danny: Goodland. B.A.. art: Anderson, Susan: Garden City, B.S. in HPER : Andrew, Ji mmie: Gypsum, B.S. in industrial arts: Applebee, Tamra: Beloit, B.S, in HPER. Applegate, Rod: Norton, B.S, in agric.; Archuleta, Gale: Plainville, B.S, in elem. educ.: Arnold, William: Alton, B.A,, sociol.; Asbury, Charles: Kingman. B,S. in industrial arts; Aton f Nadine: Jetmore, B.S. in elem. educ. -special educ.: Bailey, Donna: Hays, B.A., sociol. 1 12 I Barring a tight finish, the only thing that has everyone standing in ancient Sheridan Coliseum is the FHS Fight Song. 2 , The distaff side of Custer Hall worked hours to string popcorn chains for the hall ' s Christmas tree. Seniors Abb- Bo i 25 1 Seniors Bak-Bou Baker, Ann Marie: Quintner, B.S, in efem. educ.: Balthazor, Gloria: Palco, B.S. in business ad.; Bangle, Peggy: Morland, B.S. in elem. educ,: Bankston, Gail: LaCrosse, B.M r in music educ,: Barber, Robert: Zurich, B.S, In business ad.; Barlow, Nancy: Nlatoma, B.S, in eJem. educ, Barnaby, Glenn: Howard, B.S, in agric,: Barrett, Don: Randall, ELS. 3n agric.: Basinger, Kerry: WaKeeney. B.S. in bus- iness ad,: Bates, Janet: Hays. B.S. in special educ,, psych.: Baumgartner, Jaquelyn: Natoma. B.A.. Eng,: Beard- slee, Jerr y: Lebanon, B.S, in HPER, Beckman, Jeanette: Selden B,5. in HPER: Beckmann, Duane: Athoh B.A., psych,: Beisner, Bonnie: Alton, B,M.. music educ.: Bell, James: Great Bend. B.S. in industrial arts; Bell, Stephen: Kins- ley, B.A,, Eng,; Bender, Curtiss: Hays, B,A,. gen, SCI. Bender, Robin: Montezuma, B.S., psych,; Bergin, Victor: Winchester, B.S, in industrial arts; Bergling t Susan: Ludelh B.S. in elem. educ. Bergman, Ruth: Lebanon, B.A,. Eng,; Berneking f Rex: Hays. B.S,. math,: Bessire, Linda: Ulysses. B.A,, math., Spanish. Bethell Joy: Hill City, B.S. in elem, educ.; Blcknell, James: Hays. B.S, in business; Bieber, Barbara: Almena. B.S. in home econ.; Billinger, Rich: Hays. B.A.. speech; Bingaman, Marla: Pratt, B,S„ bot.; Bjurstrom f Leo: Leoti, B.S, in HPER Blair, Dennis: Quinter, B.S. in business ad.: Blattner, Cecil: Rozel B.A., hist.: Blattner, Stanley: Rozel, B.S. In indus- trial arts; Blazer, Susan: Hays, B.A.. psych.; Bock, Stanl ey: Winona, B.M,, music educ,; Boethin, Vivian: Logan, B.S, in nursing. Bohling t Susan: Byron, Nebr.. B.S, in elem. educ,: Bohme, Larry: Colby, B.A.. art: Boling, Eldon: Clifton. B.S. in busi- ness ad,: Bollig, Gherald: Clayton, B.S. in business ad.: Bolton, Beth: Dodge City, B.M,. music educ,: Boman t Wal- lace: Hays, B.S. in industrial arts. Boos, Pam: Ellis, B.A,, Eng.- Boos, Susan: Hays. B.S. in nursing; Borger, Charlotte: Mankato, B,S. in elem. educ.: Borthwick, James: Beeler. B.S, in industrial arts: Bottom, Carol: Beloit, B.A,, psych.: Bourquin, Achile: Gem, B,S,. psych. 252 Seniors BaloBou Seniors Bow-CIa mmmrn Bowman, David: Larned, B S , psych ; Boyd, Barbara: Concordia, B.A , socioL; Boyd, Barbara: Hays, M.A., art; Brenner, Paul: Delmar, N. Y., B.S. in business; Brown, Jonathan: Gorham, B.S. in busi- ness; Broyles, Daniel: Logan, B.S in industrial arts Brungardt, Gerald: Victoria. B.A,, polit, scL; Brungardt, Robert: Hays, B A . polit scL; Brunson, Ken: Salina, B 5 , zoo.: Bryan, Floyd: Herndon, B.S. in business; Buehler, Clarice: Clatlin, B.S. in business; Buehler, Jere: Clatlin, B.S in business Burd, Michael A : Hays, B.S in business ad.; Burgardt, Patricia: Garden City, B.A., art; Burge, Janet: Atwood. B.S in math : Burgett, Glenda: Hays. M.S., speech-theater; Burgett, Rodney: Hays, B S. f hist ; Bush, Ken net; B.S, in business. Bush, John: Pratt, B.S. in HPER; Gaidar- era, Daniel: Wichita, B.S. in business; Caldwell, Jerry: Ulysses, B.S. in HPER; Carlile, Connie: Liberal. B.A., prelaw; Carlson, Darrell: Scandia, B.S in busi- ness; Carlson, Gary: Hays. B.S. in indus- trial arts. Caron, Steve: Clyde, B A , gen. sc i . : Cavanaugh, Jean: Great Bend, M.S., specialist in educ. -counseling ; Chaffin, Dale: Woodston, B.S. in business ad.; Charvat, Libby Jo: Russell, B.S in elem educ,; Charvat, Morea: Ellsworth, B.S. in elem. edue.-specEal educ.; Charvat, Rose: Wilson, B.S in elem educ -specla! educ Chase, Janice: Smith Center, B.M., music educ.; Chung-Der, Chin: Talway, tvf.S. in business; Christensen, Delores: Glasco, B.S in elem educ ; Christensen, William: Concordia, B.S , bot,; Christo- pher, Jim: Protection, B.S. in industrial arts; Clark, Barbara: Barnard, 8.5. in elem. educ. Sketching artifacts for a class assign- ment is one way to get a detailed look at Sternberg Museum ' s Hall of Archeology and Ethnology. Seniors Bow-CIa 253 Seniors Cla-Cor Free swims in Sheridan Coliseum ' s ancient pool pleases even the youngest Fort Hays Staters, Clark, Bob; Sedgwick, B,$,. math: Clark, Sherry; Holyrood, B.A., speech; Claus- sen, Ron; Salina, B.S. in elem. educ.; Cline, Bob: Garfield, B,A,, psych., socioL; Cline, Lana; Hays, B«A., lang.- French: Cline, Rodney: Formoso, B.S . , zoo. Coady, Nick: Gorham, B.S, in business: Colglaiier, Ruth: Wathena. B.S, in home econ.; Collier, Sharon: Midland. Tex., B.A,, speech: Collins, Barry: Salina, B.A., Eng.: Coliins t Terald: Page City. B.S. in business ad,: Combs, Karen: Dodge City. B.S. in elem. educ. Conrad, John W. Jr.: Sublette, M.S., biol.: Conaway, Lori: Athol, B.S. in nursing: Conaway, Vona: Athol, B.S. in business ad.: Conkright, Thomas: Arnold. B.S. in business ad.: Conrad, Debbie: Hays, B.S, in elem. educ.: Con- verse, fcarole: Larned, M.S., guidance and counseling, specialist in educ. Cook, June: Hardtner. B.A., psych,; Cook, Pamela: Hays. B.S. in elem. educ.: Cook, Ryan: Bunker Hill, B.S. in industrial arts: Cooper, Rex: Hoxie. M.A.. hist.: Copeland, Wayne: Hays. B.A., art; Corcoran, Cheryl: Oberlln, B.S. in business. 254 Seniors CJa-cor Seniors Cor-Dav Cordel, Robert: Tipton, B.S. In business ad,; Corder, Angela: Oberlin, B,S., psych,; Cork©, Carlotta: Goodland, B.S, in elenn, educ.: Cossman, Michelle: Fort Dodge, B.S. in elem, educ,; Couch, David: Stockton, B.A., hist,; Couture, Edith: Glade, B.A., hist. Crayton, Bernadette: Wa Keeney, B.S. in elem. educ.: Cullumber, Van: Greens- burg r B.S., psych,; Curl, Donald: Hays, B.S. in business ad,; Cutnght, David: St, John, B.M., music educ.; Cu+right, Don- ald: St. John, B.S., math; Outright, Mar- tha: St.John, B,5, in elem. educ. Dahl, Larry: Hays, B.A., polit. sci.: Dahl, Susan: Hays, B.S. in nursing; Dandorf, Dennis: Fords, N. J., B.S. In HPER; Dan- iels, Sally: Haigler, Neb.. B.S.. bot.; Dar- nell, Marilyn: Bogue, B,A., Eng,; Daven- port T David: McCracken, B.SJn HPER, Davis, Cheryl: Goodland, B.S, tn elem, educ,; Davis, Johnny: Hugoton. M.S,, special educ.; Davis, Mark: Garden City, B.M., music educ.; Davis, Stanley: Salina, B.A., chem,; Davisson, Larry: Plevna, B.A., art; Davisson, LuWana: Plevna, B.S. in elem, educ. Seniors Cor-Dav 255 Seniors Daw-Eng Change of classes brings a confused pattern to the cross-campus traffic, especially at the " star” made by the con- verging walks. Dawson, Karolyn: Hays, B.A.. psych.: Debes t Darlenes Claflin, 8.S. in nursing: Debes, Joseph: Holsington, M.S., psych,; DeBey, Wayne: Cawker City, B.S , bot.: Dechanf, Mary Kay: Hays, B S in elem. educ.; DeGarmo, Larry: Olathe, B A., speech. Delaney, Jerel: Alton, B $ In business ad,: DeLong, Gary: Claflin. B.A., polit. scL: Dempsey, Linda: Mankato, B.S, m elem. educ.: Denning, Dennis: Ellis, B.S. in business ad : Denton, Clyde: Stockton, B.S.. chem,; DeWald, LuAnn: Ness City, B S In elem. educ. Dewell, Steve: Fowler, B.A., math,; Dex- ter, Kris: Garden City, B.A., art; Dick, John: Dodge City, B.S In business ad.: Dick, Rodney: Lucas, B,$ in industrial arts: Dierberger, Tim: Beatrice, Neb., B.S, in business ad : Dietz Carol: Otis, B.S, in nursing, Dobrmski, Kenneth: Lorraine, B.A., speech: Doll, Gary: Hays, B.A., sociol.; Doll, Mark: Ellinwood, B.S. In business ad.: Doud, David: Lawrence, B.A.. art; Doud, Rise: Cawker City, B.S. in elem. educ.; Dreiling, Allen: Hays, B S,, polit. sci. Dreiling, Judy: Shawnee Mission, B.A., hist., sociol,; Dreiling, Kathy; Victoria, B.S. in business ad.; Dreiling, Marilyn: Walker. B S. in business educ.; Durler, Lee: Great Bend, B A,, Eng,: Durler, Stan: Great Bend, B.S. In business; Eck t Mike: Sharon, B.S in business. Edwards, Bill: Jewell, B.S. in business ad : Eichenauer, Gloyd: Scott City, B.S in business; Elder Gristle; Kingman, B.S., math ; Ell er t Kay; Hays, B.A., Eng.; Elmore George: Rozeh B A,, hist.: Eng- lish, Rita; Kansas City, B.A., socioL 256 Seniors Dsw-Eng Seniors Ens-Goo Ensign, LeAnne: Holyrood, B.S. in elem. educ.: Erbacher, George: Hays. B.S.. gen, $d.: Evans, Darrel: Gove. B.S. in business ad.: Evans, David: Russell. B.S. in business ad,; Eva ns r Randall: Gove, B.S. in elem. educ.; Evert, Karen: Goodland B.S. in HPER, Evins, Calvert Jr.: St, Francis, B.S. in business ad., industrial arts; Fair, James: Hays, B.S. in business ad.; Fan- ning, Cecyle: Hays, B.S. in elem. educ.: Faurot, Robert: Sublette. B.A., speech: Feldt r Pam: Junction City. B.S. in nurs- ing- Feldt, Ronald: Park, B.A., hist. Fenster, Steve: Wichita. B.S. in business ad.; Fetsch, Gloria: Marinethal B.S. in elem. educ.: Fink, Jackie: Paradise. B.S. in elem. educ,: Finke, David: Garden City. B.A., polit. sci.r Fish, Martha: WeKeeney, B. S. in elem. educ.: Fishier, Peggy: Central City IMebr., M.S.. psych. Ford, Charlene: Rush Center B.S. in business: Ford, Robert: Hays, B.S, in HPER; Foster, Vernon: Lenora, B.S, in industrial arts: Fox r Brad: Burdett. B.S. in business; Frahm, Richard: Hanover, B.S, in agric,; Francis, Leland: Colby, B.S. in elem educ. Francis, Lois: Colby, B.S. in elem, educ.: Frank, Sally: Hays, B.A.. art; Fritz r Ted: Grinnell, B.S, in business ad.; Fukasawa, Yoshi: Hokkaido, Japan, B.A. econ., Eng.: Furbeck, Cindy: LaCrosse, B,A,. art; Gall r Marleen; LaCrosse. B.S, in elem, educ. Gall, Sandra: Dodge City, B.S. in elem, educ.: Galliardt, Donald: Hays, B.S.. math.: Gallion, Ivan: Salina. B.A.. speech: Gardinier, Jack: Minneapolis, B.S. in business; Gardner, Charles: Plain villa, B.S. in business - Garrett, Larry: St. Francis, B.S. in nursing. Garrett, Marsha: Dighton. B.S, in nurs- ing: Garten, Cathy: Sharon, B.S. in elem. educ.: Gaschler, Dennis: Hays, B.S. in business: Genereux, Barbara: Clyde, B.S, in nursing: Gerritzen, Jean- ette: Great Bend. B.A.. hist.; Gerstber- ger, Juanita: Marinethal. B.A., speech Eng. Glddings, Brad: Hays. 6, A., art: Gillen, Colleen: Ulysses, B.A., art: Gladwill, Barbara: Columbia, Mo„ M.S. educ.: Gleason, Mark: Kinsley. B.S. in business ad,: Goebel, Ken: Wilmore, B.S. in bus- iness: Gooch, Dwight: Tribune, B.S. in elem. educ. Seniors Ens-Goo 257 Seniors Gou-Hay Goudy, Linda: Macksville, B.M., music educ.: Grabbe, Richard; Hays, B.S.. math., chem.; Graham, Eudora: Long Island, B.S, in nursing; Graham, Jerry: Ellis, B.S. in business; Graham, Steve: MNtonvafe, B S in business; Graham, Vir- gma: Concordia. 8.S. in business ad Graves, Yvette: Hardtner, B.S. in busi- ness ad.; Gray, Frank: Hays, B.S. in HPER; Green, James: Del City, Okla,, 8.5., chem ; Green, Margaret: Great Bend, B.S. in elem. educ.; Griffin, Lots: Almena. B.S in elem. educ ; Griffin, Tim: Kansas City, B.S. in HPER Griffith, Charles: Norton, M.S., psych.; Griffith, James: luka. B.S. in agric.; Grif- fith, Robert: Hutchinson, B.S in business; Gross, Janeal: Stockton, B.S. in elem. educ.; Haas, Jane: Ness City, B.S. in elem. ©due ; Haas, Sharon: Hoisington, B.S. in business. Hahn, Deborah: Hays, B.S in elem educ ; Hahn, Rick: Hays, 8.S., chem.; Hale, Dennis: Stockton. B.S., geol; Hall, Steven: Garfield, B S in industrial arts; Hallagin, Jean Lee: Jennings, B S in bus- iness; Hamilton, Sheldon: Dodge City, B.A., history. Hamman, Janice: Garden City, B,$, in elem. educ.; Hammerschmidt, Allen: Vic- toria, B $. in industrial arts; Hansen, James; Hays, B.S. in business ad.; Har- bin, Ruth: H ays, B.S in elem educ,; Har- ding, Mary Lou: Goodland, B.S., chem.; Hardy, David: Hays, B.S. in HPER Hardy, Pamela: Hays, B.S. in elem educ.; Hargadine, Roy: Mullinville, B.S in HPER; Harris, Jeremy: Canton, Ohio, M.S., psych.: Hartman, Connie: Harper, B.S. in elem, educ.; Hartman, Rod: Har- per, B.S. in industrial arts; Harvanek, Daniel: Scott City, B.A., speech. Haskins, Robert: Formoso, B.S., psych.; Hatten, Mary Jo: Smith Center, B.S. in elem. educ. — special educ.; Hauser, Geneva: Hays, Hayes, Patricia: Hays, B.A., psych.; Haymond, Arlie: Hays, B.S. in business; Haymond, Carol: Westfall, B.A., sociol. Tb, M m l ft 1 g B " g r ' — - Take 22 little carved men skewered on 8 metal rods, put the ends of the rods through the holes on the sides of what looks like a miniature football field, and throw a ball in the middle. What do you have? Foosball, probably one of the fast- est growing ' sports ' ' at FHS. 258 Seniors Gou-Hay Seniors Hay-Hun Hayzlett, Dennis: La kin, 8.S. Eng.: Hedge, William: Colby. B,A., speech: Hein, Richard: Grainfield. B.S. in busi- ness ad.: Heinrich, Dixie: Hays. M.S., speech path.- Helm, Marilyn: Junction City. B.S. in elem, educ.: Hendrickson, Glenda: Hill City. B.S. in elem. educ. Henne, Elaine: Holyrood B.S. in elem. educ.: Henry, Steven: Cheney. B.S. in HPER: Hermes, Jeanne: Sterling, III.. B.A., speech: Herrman, Chris: Ensign, B.S. in business: Herrman, Karen: Ensign. B.S. in home econ.- Herrmann, Duane: Berry ton. B.A„ hist. Herrmann, Patricia: Kinsley. B.S. in nursing: Hertlein, Vada: Pratt, B.S. in elem. educ.: Hewson, Steven: Lamed, M.S., business: Hickel, Barbara: Ellin- wood, B.S. in elem. educ.: Hickey, John: Flagler, Colo.. B.S., gen. scL; Hickman, Randall: Hays. B.A., polit. sci. Hickman, Rebecca: Sublette. B.S. in elem. educ.: Hickman, Virginia: Hays, B.A., art; Hicks, Gary: Plainville, M + S + , counseling: Hregert, Cheryl: Wichita. B.S. in business ad.: Higgins, Rich: McCracken, B.S, in HPER: Hiller, Mar- cia: Overland Park, B.S. in nursing. Hinshaw, Gail: Haviland, B.S. in indus- trial arts: Hird, Steven: Lawrence, B.S., bioL: Hoch, Robert: Wilson. B.S. in industrial arts: Hochman, Steven: Kanopolis, B.S,. gen. sci.: Hoffman, Donald: Hays. B.S., zoo.: Hoffman, Vickie: Hays, 8.5,, business ad. Hogan, Sharon: Hays. B.S. in business ad.: Holl, Steven: Lincoln, B.S. in busi- ness; Holmberg, Jeff: Belleville. B.S. in business; Holopirek, Rick: Timken. M.A.. hist.: Holt, Clinton; Harper, B,S,, chem.; Honas, Gerald: Ellis, B.S.. geol. Hood, Ann: Hays, B.S. in home econ.; Hooper, Jeanne: Oberlin, B.S. in elem, educ,: Hoover, Brenda: Bazine. B.S. in elem. educ.: Horacek, Larry: Utica B.S. in industrial arts Horinek, testa: Hays. ELS., psych.: Hornbuckle, Steven: Hutchinson B.A.. speech. Howell, Steven: Hutchinson. B.S, in bus- iness ad. Huber, Barbara: Hays, B.M.. music: Huebner, Gloria: Bushton, B.A.. sociot; Huff, terry: Ellinwood, B.A.. psych,; Hummelke, Charles; Hays, B.A.. art: Hunt, Rhonda: Philfipsburq, B S in HPER. Seniors Hay-Hun 259 Seniors Hun-Kea Students and adults alike braved the cold and wind to watch the Tiger Foot- ball squad, hoping that the team would puJ! off a winning season under new head coach Bill Giles. Hunzilcer t Heather: Selden, B.A., art; Huser, Frederick: Hays, B.5. in business; Huston, Rosemary: Abilene, B,S + in elem. educ.; Hutchinson, Thomas: WaKeeney, B.S. in elem. educ.: Huxman, Kim: Arnold. B.S. in business ad.; Irby, Judith: Hays. B.S. in elem. educ. Irby, Richard: Liberal, B.S., Eng., psych.; Jac obs, Donald J,: Liberal, B.S. in nurs- ing: Jacobs, Kathleen: RusselJ, B.S. in nursing; Jacobson, Howard: El Dorado. B.S., art; Jacques, Karen: Ellis, B.S, in elem. educ.; James, Donna: Hays, B.S, In elem. educ. James, Pat: Pueblo, Colo., B.S.. Math.: Jansonius, Harvey: Prairie View. B.S. In agrfc,; Jecha, Margaret: Timken, B.S, in elem. educ.; Jemison, Erlene: Osborne, B.S. in elem. educ.; Johnson, Craig D.: Phillipsburg. B,5., geo!.: Johnson, James Lee: Lamed, 8.$,, math. Johnson, Jerry: Salina. B.S,, zoo.: John- son, Johanna: Lenora, B.A,. speech: Joyce, Linda: Hays, B.S., biol. : Juerte- mann t Frederick: Selden, B.S., geol.: Jun- ger, John: Medicine Lodge, B.S., polit. sci.: Justyna, Ignacy: Hays, B.S, in busi- ness. Kaiser, Bert: Bush ton, B.S. in business: Karban, Kaylene: Wilson, M.A., art; Kar- lin, Margaret: Hays. B.M., music educ.: Karlin, Mary: Hays, B.S. in elem, educ,: Karlin, Susan: Hays, B,S, in business ad.: Kasl, Jack: Concordia 8. A., psych. Kastens, Dianna: Herndon. B.S. in elem. educ.; Kastens, Gary: Herndon. B.S. in agrlc.: Kaufman, Roger: Dorrance, B,S., math.; Kazmaier, David: Lewis, B.S. in business; Kearney, David: Belpre. B.A.. Eng.; Kearns, David: Phillipsburg, B.S. . psych. 260 Seniors Hun-Kes Keiswetter, Douglas: Great Bend. B.A.. hist,; Keller, J rm : Pueblo, Colo,, B.A.. Eng.: Kelman, Beverly: Sublette. B.S. in elem, educ.; Kemper, Marcus: Logan, B.S, in business; Kendall, Albert: Havi- land, B.S. in business; Kennedy, Carl: Lebanon, B.S., geol. Kenyon, Jolene: Bogue, B.S, in elem. educ.: Kertz, Debbie: Natoma, B.S. in elem. educ.; Ketterl, Bernard: Herndon, B.S. in industrial arts; Ketterl, Mark: Herndon, B.S. in elem. educ.; Kirchoff, Rodney: Garden City, B.S. in agric,; Kirmer, Karol: Ingalls. B.S. in elem. educ.- special educ, Klein, Floyd: Victoria, B.A,, econ,: Klien, Linda: Pfeifer. B.S. in elem. educ.; Kline, Kathy: Great Bend, B,A. in polit. sci,; Knight, Karin: Hoxie. B.A, in lang. -Ger- man: Knox, Sandra: Clifton, B.S, in nurs- ing; Koch, Dale: Glen Elder, B.S. in agric. Kohl, Barbara: Ellis, B.A,, sociof.; Kohl, Kenneth: Ellis. B.S. in chem.. math.; Kootz, Kathleen: Kanopolis, B.S. in elem. educ. -special educ.; Koptik, Janet: Great Bend, B.S., math.: Korf, Gloria: Hanston, B.A., speech; Korinek, William: Ellsworth, B.M.. music ed. Koster, Arthur: Winona, B.S, in industrial arts: Kraemer, Richard: Hays. B.A., Eng,; Kramer, Mark: Geneseo, B.S. in industrial arts: Krarnpe, Doanld: Seward, B.A., Eng.: Krans t (Drill: Minneapolis, Minn., M.S., speech: Kraus, Rebecca: Hays, B.M,, music educ. Krause, Peg: Albion, B.S., zoo.; Kreitler, Ralph: Hays. B.S. in business-accounting ; KrI er } Sheryl: Claflin. B.S. in business: Kuhn, Carle: Cawker City, B.S. in HPER; Lambert, Lawrence: Leoti. B.S. in agric,: Laubhan, Larry: Russell. B.A.. Eng, Seniors Kei-Lau 261 Seniors Law- Mai Lawson, Mary Beth: Milford, B.S. in elem. educ.; Lawyer, John: Hays, B.S. In nurs- ing; Lee, Carolyn: Garden City, B.S. in elem. educ. -special educ.; Lehman, John: Shawnee Mission East, B.S. in HPER; Leilcer, Allen: Hays, B.S. in business: Leilcer, Irvin: Munjor, B.$„ math Leiieer, JenEllen: Hays, B.S,, gen, sci.: Leiner, Danny: Simpson, 6.S. in agric,; Leitner, Patricia: Herndon, B.S. in busi- ness: Leitner, Randy: Herndon. B.S. in industrial arts; Lemuz, Robert: Lamed, B.S. in business: Lenz, Pamela: Ellis, B.S, in nursing. Leo, Barbara: Hays, B.S. in elem. educ.; Leo, Frank: Hays, M.S., educ. ad., HPER; Lervofd, Maurice: Scandia, B.S. in busi- ness ad.: LewU t Frank: Victoria, B.A., polit. sci.; Liggett, Janie: Mullinville, B.S., psych, -special educ.: Likes, G. Alan: Salina, B.S. in agric. Lingo, Patricia: Ames, B.S, in business ad.: Logsdon, Catherine: Hays, B.S. in elem. educ.: Look, Lawrence: Stockton, B.S. in HPER: Look, Linda: Stockton, B.S. En elem. educ.: Loomis, Robert: Hays, M.S,, school psych.: Lowry, Janie: Colby; B.S. in home econ. Luedke, Dennis: Atwood, B.S. in business ad.: Luhman, Susan: Natoma, B.M., music educ.: Lutz, Lois: Manhattan, M.A., hist,; Lynn, Ronald: WaKeeney, B.A., polit. sci.: Maddy, Wiliiam; Stock- ton, B.S. in business; Mai,« John: WaKeeney, B.S., bot. Over 60 McGrath residents partici- pated in a 62-hour basketball marathon for the cancer crusade. Various Hays merchants pledged so much money per point. The marathon ended in a 4,900 to 4,900 tie. The McGrath men presented a check for $647.00 to the American Can- cer Society. 262 Seniors Law- Mai Seniors Maj-McL Pat James, FHS senior, spends his extra time coaching for the Hays Rec- reation Commission. Major, Ronald L: Dorrance, BS. in industrial arts; Manee, James: 8ri dge- ton. Mo.. B.S in HPER; Mangels, Lynn: Rolla. B.S. in business; Mangus, Danny: Kanorado. B.S. in business: Mann, Robert Jr,: Satanta, B.h L music educ.; Manning, Yvonne: Lycan. Colo., B.S. in special educ. Mar, John: Great Bend B.S. in business ad.: Marcy, John: Wa Keeney. B.S. in business: Marrs, C, Denton: Meade. B.S., physics, math.: Martng, Joseph: Chase, B.A., hist.: Martin, Paul: Utica, B.A., speech.; Martin, Tom, B.A.. philos. Martinez, John: Little River, 8.S., gen. sci.: Mason, Dennis: Stockton, B.S., math.; Matteson, Doris: Phfllipsburg , B.S. in elem. educ. -special educ.: May, Connie: Oberlin, B.S, in elem. educ.; McAfee, Kathy: Duncan, Okla.. B.S. math.: McClellan, Frank: Cunningham, B.S. in business ad. McCrory, Carolyn: Aledo, III., B.S, in efem. educ.: McDaniel, Rodney: Sharon, B.A.. speech ; McGinley, Richard: Dodge City, B.S, in business ad.: McKain, Linda: Miftonvafe, B.A., art: McKee, Caroline: Hays, B.A., sociol.; McLain, Elizabeth: Ellsworth, M.S., Eng. Seniors Maj-McL 263 Seniors McL-Nic McLain, Jerry: Ellsworth, B.S. in busi- ness ad.; McMullen, Susan: Anthony. B.S. in elem. educ ; McNabb, Tania: Sublette, M,S,. speech pathology; McNInch, George: Hays, B.S. in indus- trial arts: Meireis, Dwaine; Goodland, B.A., hist.: Meirowsky, Jeamne: Pea- body, B.S. in elem. educ. Meis, Harold: Hays. B.S. in nursing: Mermis, Richard: Hays, B.S. in business ad.; Meyer, Donald, Jr : State College, Pa., B.S. in agric ; Meyer, Mark: Mack- svilie, B.S. in HPER: Meyer, Mary: Nor- ton, B.S. in HPER; Meyer, Maxine: Osborne, B.S. in elem. educ. Michel, Edward: Albert. B.S. in business ad,; Michel, Marcia: Kiowa, B.S, in elem. educ.: Michel, Stan: Kiowa. B.S.. psych.; Miley, Kathie: Kanopolis, B.S. in elem, educ.: Miller, Bruce: Lawrence, B,A. speech: Miller, Conrad: Gram- bling, La.. B.M., music. Miller, Denis: Kensington, B.S. in busi- ness ad.: Miller, Elizabeth: Great Bend. B,A. socioL; Miller, Judy: Great Bend, B.S. in elem. educ.: Miller, June: Hois- ington, B.M.. music educ.: Miller, Ron- ald: Great Bend. B.S, in business ad,: Miller, Sheila: Hays, 8, A.. socioL Miller, Stephen: Howard, B,M,. music educ.: Miller, Wayne: Hays, B.A.. socioL ' Millstead, Martha: Overland Park, B.S. in nursing: Mmneman, Rob- ert: Tescott. B.S.. math.: Montgomery, Connie: McDonald, B + S. in home econ.; Mooney, Stephen: Hays, B.A., zoo. Moore, Elden: Hays, B.S, in business; Moore, Kathleen: Great Bend. B,5. in elem, educ.: Morgan, Alexis: Dodge City. B.A. hist,; Morgan, Edward: WaKeeney. B.S. in business ad.; Morri- son, Linda: Salina, B.S, in business: Mor- ton, Royce: Ellis, B.S. in agrlc. Moss, SeEtta: Kansas City, M.S.. clini- cal psych.: Motz, Betty Jean: Selden, B.S. in elem ed.: Muirhead, LeAnn: Oberlin, B.S, in elem. ed,: Munsch, Mary: Hays, B.S. in business: Murphy, Robert: Hays, M.S, in business: Nachti- gal, Michael: Hutchinson. B.S. in HPER. Naylor, Pat: Concordia, B.S, in elem. educ. - Nelson, Bonita: Courtland. B.S. in elem. educ.; Nelson, Joyce: Good- land, B.S, in business ad.; Nichepor, Stephanie: Ness City. P. Grad,: home econ.: Nicholas, Joel: Johnson, B.S. in agric.: Nichols, Douglas: Assaria, B,S, in industrial arts. 264 Seniors McL-Nic Seniors Nic-Pin Nickels, Robert Columbus, Nebr., B.S., psych,, gen. sci. Nicolet, Sharon: Great Send, B.A., speech: Niermeier, Stanley: Hoxie, B.S. in business ad.: Niles, Rebecca: Lebo, B.S. in business ad.: Nipple, Diantha: Dodge City, B.S. in home aeon.: Nipple, Fredrick: Moscow, B.S. in business ad. Noel, Nancy: Glasco. B.A.. art: Nord- berg Ernest: Tribune, B.S. in elem. educ.: Novinger f Carl: Plains. B.S. in nursing: Nusser, Terry: Jetmore. B.S. in business ad.: Obert, Kay: Esbon, B.S, in nursing: Ochs, Lynette: Russell Springs. B.S. in nursing. Oelke, Dennis: Hoxie, B.S, in industrial arts: Olinger, John: Hugoton, B.A.. hist,: Oliphant, Charlotte: Claflin. B.S. in elem. educ.: Olson, David: Colby. B.S., geol.; Olson, Dorothy: Concordia. B.S. in business ad.: Olson, Michael: McPherson, M.S.. business ad. Olson, Stacy: Jetmore, B.S. in business ad.: Olson, Vicki: Colby, B.S., geol.: Osborne, Charles: Mansion, B.A., speech: Osborne, Paul: Webber, B.S. in HPER: O ' Toole, David: Hays, B.S. in business: Ottaway, Clifton: Scott City, B.S.. geol. Pabst, Bonita: LaCrosse, B.A., hist.: Par- ker, Mary: Plamville. B.S. in elem. educ.: Parmer, Jody: Hays, B.S.. psych,: Patry, Kenneth: Colwlch. B.S, in business ad.: Pauls, Janella: Selden, B.S. in elem. educ.: Pearson, Bill: Beloit. B.S. In busi- ness. Pientner, Robert: Spearville, B.S. in bus- iness ad.: Pekarek, Rita: Wilson, B.S., math,; Rebel, David: Hays, B.S. in busi- ness ad.: Perei, Israel: Quebec, Can- ada, M.S.. psych. -cli nical psych.: Peteete, Clarice: Hays. B.S. in nursing: Peters, Janice: Utica, B.S. in business. Peters, Steve: Goodland, B.A.. art: Peters, Terry: Goodland. B.A,, art: Pet- ersllie, Douglas: Ness City, B.S. in agrfc.: Petracek, Cyrilla: Dodge City, M.S., counseling: Pfannenstiel, Cora Lee: Hays, B.S. in nursing: Pfannenstiel, Diana: Hays. B.S, in nursing. Pfannenstiel, Joanne: Ness City, B.A.. hist.: Pfannenstiel, Linus: Hays. B,A r . polit. sci.: Pfannenstiel, Terry: Hays, B.S. in agric.: Pfortmi!ler r Carolyn: Natoma, B.A.. art: Pierce, Kent: Hays. B.S., psych.: Plnnlck r Shirley: Minneola. B.S. in HPER. Seniors Nic-Pin 265 Seniors Pit-Rie Student ni — practice therapy. Pittman, Betty; Fowler, B.S. in elem. educ.; Pohlman, Steve: Hutchinson, B.S. tn HPER; Portschy, Leon: Hern- don, ELS. in industrial arts; Potter, Gail: Concordia, B.S., Eng,: Pratt T Dan: Kansas City, M.S., counseling; Priest, Richard: Newton, B.S. in bush ness ad, Prusa, Steve: Claflin, B.5., bio!,: Pugh, Laura; St. Francis, B.S. in elem, educ,; Quint t Jan: Denver, Colo,, B.A., Eng.; Ragan, Philip: Kiowa, B.S. in elem. educ,; Railsback, Thomas: Oberlin, B.S., hist.; Rampy T Troy: Sedgwick, B.S. in business ad. Rand, Charlene: Clifton, B.S, in HPER; Randel, Deborah: Hays, B.S. in elem. educ.; Randel, Greg: Hays, Rartdie Nancy: Ulysses, B.S,. speech; Rauscher, Mary: Edson, M.S.. speech pathology; Raven, Mark: St, John. B.S. in business. Reifschneider, Amber: LaCrosse, B.S. in home econ.: Re if sehneider, Paul: LaCrosse, B.S., psych.; Reimer, Ron: Meade, B.S... physics, math.; Rem, Dale: Baiine. 8.S. in business: Rem- mert, Rick: Great Bend, B.S. in industrial arts: Rempe, Edward: Plain vi lie, B.S. in business. Reynolds, Cynthia: Natoma, B.S. in elem. educ., M.S., speech pathology; Richmeier, Larry: Boulder. Colo.. B.S. In business: Richmeier, Laura: Mor- [and. B.S. in elem. educ.; Richmeier, Lois: Morland, B.S. in elem, educ.; Richmeier, Wayne: Morland, B.S. In business; Riedel, Robert: Plains, B.A., psych. 2 66 Seniors Pit-REe - I, A candle-lighting ceremony for I a newly engaged woman is always an exciting affair in any residence hall. 2 Roofing repairs on Albertson Hall stopped leaking ceilings, but tem- porarily replaced them with bouts of hammering, sawing, and dumping. Seniors Rif-Sch Riffey T Brenda: Hays. B.S, in elem. educ.: Riggs, Phyllis: Lawrence, B.S., art: Rigor, Brenda: Weskan. B.M.. music educ ; Robben, Eugene: Hays, B.S, in business: Roberts, Alan: Damar, B.S. in HPER; Robertson, David; Lawrence, B,A., art. Robertson, Jack; Greensburg, B.5. r library sci.; Robinson, William: Hays. B.M., music educ ; Robison, William: Oberlin; Robl, Steven: Ellinwood, B.S. in HPER; Robl, Vera: Lenora, B.S. in busi- ness; Rolfs, Dennis: Geneseo, B.S. in busi- ness ad. Rome, William: Russell, B S in business ad.; Rooker, Roger: Ionia, B.S, in busi- ness ad ; Roos, Leo: Shawnee, B.S. in HPER: Rose, Monte: Cunningham, B.S. in Industrial arts: Ross, Jerry: Luray, B.S. in industrial arts; Rummel, Kathy: McDonald, B.S. in elem. educ Russ, Edward: Phillipsburg r B.A,, speech: Russell, Jonnie; Ensign, B.S, in HPER; Salter, Steve: Garden City, MLS , educ,-$econda ry ad.; Sandell, Daniel: Scandia, B.S in business ad.; Sandell, Garold: Republic, B.S in busi- ness ad,; Sanders, Johnny: Wichita, B.S. in HPER Sanko, Linda: Spearvifle, B.S. in nursing: Sawer, James: Hays, B.S. in business ad.: Sayler, Karen: Great Bend, B.A., Spanish: Schaeffer, Robert: Assaria, B.S., biol ; Scheck, Tim: Gorham, B.S in business ad ; Scheve, Terry: Herndon. B.S in business ad. Seniors Rif-Sch 267 Seniors Sch-Sim Schiewe, Valerie: Preston, B.A. hist.: Schlageck, Steven: Hays. 8,5. in agric,: Schmeidler, Brenda: Hays B.S. in home econ,; Schmeidler, Darrell: Hays B.S. in industrial arts: Schmidt, Gary: Hays, B.S, in business ad.; Schmidt, Katherine: WaKeeney. B.S.. bioL Schmidt, Kevin: Hays. B.S. in elem. educ.; Schmidt, Marla: Catherine, B.S.. speech: Schmidt, Melvin; Pfeifer, B.S. in business ad.: Schmidt, Rebecca: Hays, B.S. in business: Schmidtberger, Ray- mond: Victoria, B.S, in business ad.; Schneider, David: WaKeeney. M.S., HPER. Schneider, Ronald: Osborne, B.S. in business, math.; Schoenfeld t Belinda: Grainfield, B.A., art; Schon, Wayne: Hays. M.S., school psych.: Schonthaler, Susan: Palco, B.S. in elem, educ.: Schroeder, Terry; Smith Center. B.A., art: Schroder, Tom: Hays, B.A., speech, Schuckman, Debra: Brownell. B.S. in elem. educ.: Schukman, John: Hays, B.S., zoo.: Schulte, Paula: Norton. B.S. in nursing: Schulti, Aden: Holy rood, B.S. in industrial arts: Schumacher, Paul; Humphrey. Neb. B.S., psych., gen. sci.; Schwarz, Leona: Grlnnell, B.M,. music educ. Scott, Kenneth: Salina. B.M., music educ.: Scott, Sam: Greensboro, N.C., B.S, In business ad,: Scott, Steve: WaKeeney. B.S. in business; Sculley, Theresia: Hays, B.A.. sociol,: Seib, Thomas: Hays. B.A., polit. sci.: Sejkora, Lee: Summerfield, B.S. in industrial arts. Sellers, Richard: PhEllipsburg, B.S., zoo.: Settles, Cheryl: Olathe, B.S. in elem. educ.: Shahan, Neva: Goodlend, B.S. in elem. educ.; Shank r Myra: Bison. B.S. In elem, educ,; ShaWi Kevin; Oakley, B.S, In HPER: Shaw, Roberta: Hoxle. B.S. in elem. educ. Sherman, John: Ellsworth, B.S. in busi- ness: Sherraden, Kenneth: Chapman, B.S., zoo.: Shirk, Karen: Friend. B.S. in business ad.; Shirley, Michael: Hays, B.S, in elem. educ.: Shirley, Sharon: Hays, B.S, in elem, educ.: Shulsky, Mike: Overland Park, B.S., gen. sci. Siefkes, Carol: Hudson. B,S. in home econ.: Slefkes, Charlotte: Ellinwood. B.A., art; Slefkes, Robert: Hudson, B.S. in agric.: Slefkes Verlin: Hudson, B.S. in business ad.; Siglinge Marlin : Phillips- burg, B,S,, geol.: Simmons, Barbara: Midwest City, Okla,. B.S, in elem. educ. 268 Seniors Sch-Si rm Seniors Sim-Tha Simons, Donald: Marlenthal, B.S. in bus- iness: Simpson, Brooks: Ellis, B.S. in elem. educ.; Sims, Morton: Meade, B.S. in business ad.: Skrdlant, Dawn: Norton, B.S. in nursing: Skudus, Susan: Belleville, B.S. in nursing; Slattery, Michael: Wright, B.S. in HPER. Slavik, Daryl: Kensington, B.S. in busi- ness ad.: Slipke, Pamela: New Almelo, B.M., music educ.: Sloan, Howard: Nor- ton, B.S. in business ad., econ.: Sloan, Larry: Hays, B.S, in industrial arts: Sloan, Mary: Hays, B.S. in elem. educ,: Smalley, Rick: Dodge City M.S,. bust ' ness. Smith, Glenda: Lenora, B.S. in elem. educ.: Smith, Kay: Hays, B.S. in elem, educ.: Smith, Mary: Plains, B.S. in home econ.; Smith, Rick: Ellis. B,A.. econ,: Smith, Spencer; Hazelton, M.A., art- sculpture; Soil, Elder: Belvue, B.A., art. Songer, Joyce: Hays, B.S. in elem. educ.; Songer, Robert: Hays, M.S.. polit, sci.; Spady, Dwayne; Liberal, B.A,, speech: Spalsbury, Carol: Hays, M.A.. art; Springer, Nancy; Hoi sing ton, B.A.. soclot.: Spring! eldt, Matthew: Great Bend, B.M., music educ. Stecklein, Kathleen: Hays, B.M.. music: Steele, Judy: Atwood, B.S. in HPER: Steimel, Carol: Gatlin, B.S. in business ad.; Stephens, Greg: Jennings, B.S. in HPER; Stephens, Roger: Claflin, B.S., chem,; Stevens, Eugene: Aurora, B.S.. bot. Stickney, Robert: Dodge City, B.S. in business: Stockman, June: Lenora, M.S,, business; Stockman, Keith; Kirwln. M.S., business ad.; Stone, Marla: Dodge City, B.S. in elem. educ.; Storm, Linda: Hays, B.M,, music educ.; Suelter, Stanley: Lin- coln, B.S. in agric. Sullivan, Kay: Hays, B.A., psych.: Sut- ley, June: Hays, B.A., Eng.: Sutter, Janet: Hays, B.S.. math.; Swafford Janet: Plainvllie, M.S,. counseling B.S., educ,: Swart, Sandi: Grinnell, B.S. in home econ.: Swisher, Lana: Greens- burg, 8. A., sociol. Talkington, Doyle: Matfiald Green B.S. in agric.; Tantipmtavat, Paisarn: Bang- kok, Thailand. M.S., business ad.: Tax- ter, Michael: Hays, B.A. polit. set.: Teel, John: Rextord, B.S. in agric.; Terry, Douglas: Hays, B.S.. btol.: Tharp, Cindy: Pratt, B.S. In business. Seniors Sim-Tha 269 Seniors Tha-Whi Thayer, Teresa: Belleville. B.S. in nurs- ing: Thille, Elizabeth: Cawker City, B.A,. psych.; Thomas, Calvma: Hays, B,S in nursing: Thompson, Dianna: Ulysses, B.S. in elem. educ.; Tillberg, Rhonda: RozeL B A,, speech: TItteL Marlene; Bazine, B.S, in elem, educ Toot, Carol: Hays. B.S. in business: Townsend, Kathryn: Lebanon, Nebr., B.S. in business: Trent, Anna: Pratt, B.S,, music educ : Tripp, Kerry: Beloit, B.S, in home econ.: Trumbull, Robert: Middletown, MY., B.A., hist.: Twitchell, Betty: RozeL B.M., music Tyler, James: Mankato. B.S. in business ad.: Ubelaker, Douglas: Osborne. B.A.. hist.; Unruh, Galen: Pawnee Rock. B.A . Eng : Urban, Gerald: Hays, B.S. in elem educ : Urban, Terrance: Bison, B.S. in business: Van Dolah, Patricia: Garden City, B.S. in elem. educ. Van Eaton, Dianna: Hays, B.A.. art: Van Eaton, Quentin: Hays, B.A.. hist.: Vink, Craig: Hays. B.S. in business: Vonada, Debra: Sylvan Grove, B.S. in elem. educ,: Von Fange, Alan: SaJina, B.S. In business ad., speech: Vopat T Thomas: Wilson. B.S., gen. sci. Wagner, Marcia: Palco. B S in elem. educ : Waldschmidt, Mike: Wichita. B.S., gen. sci.: Walker, Duanna: Utica, B.S. in elem. educ.: Walker, Mark: Ulysses, B.S,, biol . : Walker, Sheila: Dodge City, B.A.. speech: Ward, Ken- ton: Hays, B.S. in business ad. Warren, Mary Ann: Stafford, B.A., lang .-French: Waters, Pauline: Plainville, B.S. in elem. educ.; Watkins, Janice: Geneseo, B.S. in nursing: Weathers, Doug: Great Bend, B.S. In business ad.: Weaver, Annette: Winfield. B.A.. art, Spanish: Weaver, R David; Utica. B.A., hist Weber, Eileen: LaCrosse, 8.5 in nurs- ing; Weers, Darlene: Hays. B.S. in elem. educ ; Weers, Richard; Hays. B.S., math: Weiser, Randy: Oakley, B.S in business ad.; Wendelin, Norman: Hern- don. B.S,. bid : Wenger, Vernon: Pow- hattan, B.S. in agric. Wen te, Carol: Morland, B.S., gen. sci.: Werth, Barbara: Hays, B.S. in nursing: Wesely , James: Hays, B.S . psych.; Wetz, Greg: Hays, B S,, sociol.: Wetzel, William: Brownell, B $ , in business: Whisman, Carol: Palco, B.M., music educ. 270 Seniors Tha-Whi Seniors Whi-Zer Whitaker, Michael: Atwood, B.S. bid.: White, Bonnie: Hays, B.S. in nursing: White, Paul: Selina. B.S. in industrial arts: White, Rodney: Melvern, B.S. in agric.; White, Warren: Hays. B.S,, spe- cial educ., psych.: Whiteside, Gerald: Hays. B.S., psych. Whiteside, Karla: Hays. B.S.. psych ; Whiteside, Susan: Jetmore, B A,. Eng,- lit.; Whorton, Marfa: Great Bend, B.S. in elem, educ : Wichers, Joyce: Beloit, B.S. in HPER: Wilkerson, Gary: Manter, B.S. in elem. educ.: Wilkinson, Brad: McDonald, B,A,. art. Williams, Grover: Russell. B.S., 200.: Williams, Stanley: Grundy. Va.. B.S,. zoo.: Williamson, Jean: Lamed, B.S. in elem, educ, -speech path.: Wall i by , Janet: Colby, B.S. in nursing; Willis, Sharon: Belpre, B,M., music educ,: Wrn- dholi f Wayne: Hays. B.A., psych. Witt, Joseph: Hays, B,S. psych.: Witt- man! Jane: Russell, B.S. in elem educ.: Wittman, Lloyd: Hays. B.S. math.: Wolf, Thomas: Englewood. Colo., B.A.. econ.: Wooldridge, Brad: Ulysses. B.S, in business ad.: Worley, Allan: Law- rence, B.S in business ad, Woydziak, Kathleen: Shawnee, B.S. in home econ,: Woydziak, Robert: Dor- ranee, B.S., math.: Wright, Barbara: Pratt B.M. music educ : Wright, Gary: Pratt, B.S. in business ad. Wurm, Nancy: Oberlin. B.M., music educ.; Wyselhoff, Linda: Liberal, B.A,. pollt. scL Yeazel, Dayna: Kansas City. B.S. in nursing: Young, Kay: Salina, B.A., art: Yount, Bill: Sublette B.S. in HPER; Yox- all, Cheryl: PhillEpsburg, B.S, in elem. educ.: Yust, David: Sylvia, B.S. in agric.: Zadma, Chuck: Mankato, B.S. in HPER. Zamrzia, Bruce: Salina. M,$.. zoo.: Zeig- ler, Zearl: Wilmore, B.S. in industrial arts; Zenger, Steve: Haddam, B.S. in agric.: Zerr, Kevin: Gnnnell, B,S. fn bus- iness, econ. Senior Whi-Zer 271 Classes Abb-Are Under- classmen Taking advantage of the warm days and free time during fall enrollment, sophomore Cindy White of Salina enjoys a game of frisbee outside the Tri-Sigma sorority house. Abbott, Deborah; Alton, sophomore Abbott, Greg; Phrllipsburg, junior Abendshien, Barbara; Turon, sophomore Achenbach, Charlie; Hardtner, junior Acheson, Joyce; Morland, freshman Adams, Priscilla; Atwood, junior Adams, Rita; Shields, freshman Adams, Ron, Goodland, sophomore Alberdlng, Gayle; Kiowa, junior Albers, Robert; Grinned, sophomore Albright, John; Kiowa, junior Albright, Melanie; Colby, sophomore Alexa, Luanri; San Jose, Calif., sophomore Allen, Carol; Bellaire, sophomore Allen, Cheryl; Bellaire, sophomore Allen, Mary; Plainville, junior Allison, Craig; Lyons, freshman Allison, Rick; Phillipsburg, freshman Allphin, Cathryn; Zurich, junior Allphin, Charles; Palco, junior Allphin, James; Palco, sophomore Amos, Myra; Hoxie, sophomore Andersen, Pennies; Kinsley, junior Anderson, Becky; Woodston, sophomore Anderson, Janet; Norton, sophomore Anderson, Keith; McPherson, freshman Anderson, Kenneth; Kensington, freshman Anderson, Mike; Ulysses, freshman Anschutz, Jeff; Clearwater, freshman Antholz, Cecilia; McDonald, freshman Apel, Rochelle; Belpre, freshman Applebee, Rhonda; Beloit, sophomore Applegate, Debbie; Norton, freshman Applegate, Diartne; Mayfield, sophomore Ard, Bruce; Salina. freshman Arend, William; Hays, freshman 272 Classes Abb-Are Classes Are-Bau Arensman, Larry? Kinsley, junior Arnhold, Frank? Hays, junior Arpin, Leland? Sail na , junior Aschwege, Kathleen? Oberlin, junior Ashcraft, Mike? Bogue, junior Atkinson , Steve? Logan, freshman Atwill, Arthur? Stockton, junior Atwood, Larry? Kinsley, freshman Augustine, Carmen; Hays, freshman Augustine, Elma; Hays, freshman Austerman, Ron; Logan, junior Awtrey, Rhonda; Ulysses, junior Baalman, Audrey? Gnnnell, sophomore Babb, Linda; Wa Keeney, junior Babcock Dane; Cimarron, junior Bach, Douglas? Ellsworth, junior Bahner, Kathy? Belvue, sophomore Baird, Sondra; Natoma, junior Baker, Terrilyn? Phillipsburg, freshman Bakumenko, George; Kinsley, junior Bamber, Steve? Lawrence, sophomore Bandel, Jerald; Alma, freshman Bankston, Steve; laCrosse, sophomore Bansemer, Kathleen; Hugoton. sophomore Barhydt, Julie? Dodge City, freshman Barker, Steve? Prairie View, junior Barnes, Cheryl? Belleville, freshman Barnes, David? Wa Keeney, freshman Barnett Charles? Garden City, sophomore Barnett, Roger? Kansas City, junior Barr, Charles? St. John, sophomore Barr, J ames? Cottonwood Fa [Is, freshman Barta, Max; Ellsworth, junior Bartholomew, Ray; Alton, sophomore Bassett, Marcus; Salina, junior Bauck, Dennis; Leoti, freshman This year ' s winter was bitterly cold. Even if there were not a lot of great snow storms, the cofd wintry winds seemed to bring about a flurry of knit- ted hats and long, flowing mufflers. Classes Are-Bau 273 Classes Bau-Bir Baum, Gordon; Hoisington, sophomore Bauman, Fredrick; Kensington, sophomore Baxa, Jerry; Randall junior Baxter, David; Stockton, sophomore Beach, Kerry; Phillipsburg, junior Beagley, Jerry; Medicine Lodge, freshman Bearley, Montine; Oberlin, sophomore Beaton, John; Scott City, junior Beavers, Karen; Junction City, sophomore Beavers, Ronald; Topeka, freshman Becker, Charles; Plainville, freshman Beckwith, Kathy; Lamed, freshman Beecher, Leslie; Hill City, junior Bellman, Paula; Hays, freshman Beiser, Vickie; Lewis, sophomore Belisle, Janice; Damar, freshman Bell, Ken; Tonasket, Wash., junior Bender, Kathy; Russell freshman Bender, Phyllis; Russell, sophomore Bengtson, Debra; Lindsborg, junior Bennett, Janet; Dorrance, freshman Bennett, Joy; Overland Park, freshman Bennett, Kim; Larned, junior Bennett, Marlene; Garfield, sophomore Bennett, Richard; Larned. junior Benson, Chaille; Shawnee Mission, freshman Bentley, Dana; Shields, freshman Bentley, DeeAnn; Shields, freshman Berens, Becky; Grainfield, freshman Bergin, Margaret; Winchester, sophomore Bergman, Robert; Minneapolis, freshman Berland, Carol; Zurich, junior Berland, Reg; Damar, freshman Berland, Vincent; Damar, junior Berry, Stan; Ransom, junior Besthorn, Annie; Holyrood, sophomore Sever, Susan; Hays, sophomore Breker, Paulette; Ellis, junior Billsnger, Brenda; Hays, sophomore Billinger, Gerald; Hays, junior Billinger, Jeanne; Victoria, sophomore Billinger, Kenneth; Hays, sophomore Billinger, Mary; Hays, sophomore Binder, Stephen; Hays, junior Bmgaman, Henry; Pratt, freshman Bird, Marilyn; Coldwater, freshman Bird, Nancy; Coldwater. junior Birdsong, Doug; Satina , freshman 274 Cfasses Bau-Bir Classes Bir-Bra One of the more quiet and pictur- esque spots near campus is the swing- ing bridge that spans Big Creek. Birfees, Beverly; Montezuma, freshman Birkes t Roberta; Montezuma, junior Birnbaum, James; Wa Keeney, junior Bisel, Janice; Ashland, junior Bishop, Marie; Lincoln, freshman Blackwood, Debbie; Clyde, freshman Blair, Gayle; Mankato, freshman B!air t Ginny; LaCrosse, sophomore Blakely, Donna; Salina, junior Bias), Janet; Pratt, junior Blecha, Jean; Munden, junior Boeken, Linda; Claflin, freshman Bogart, Kim; Carlton, sophomore Boggs, Randy; Hays, junior Bohlen, Carmen; Downs, junior Boling, Janet; Clyde, freshman Bolti, Arthur; Syracuse, junior Boman, Pamela; Republic, junior Borger t Cindy; Meade, junior Bortz, Robert; Manhattan, junior Bosch, Ray; Gorham, junior Soft, Karen; Good land, freshman Bowerman, Paul; Olathe, freshman Boxberger, Mary; Hoisington, freshman Boxum, Larry; Lebanon, junior Boyce, Danny; Farmington, N. M., freshman Boyd, Stephen; Fowler, junior Braden, Howard; Pratt, junior Braden, Jan; Cunningham, sophomore Bradley, Kimberly; Ulysses, freshman Classes E(r-Bra 275 Classes Bra-Bus Bradrick, Tom; Wichita, junior Brandste+ter, Lots; Budd Lake, N. J., junior Brannan, Nancy; Meade, junior Bredfeldt, Shirley; Dodge City, junior Breitenbach, Tyna; Macksville, junior Srenn, Carol; Tribune, freshman Brethower, Janice; Bird City, freshman Brickiey, Marsha; Plainville, sophomore Bridge, Maralyn; Russell, junior Briney, Lesa; Brewster, freshman Brodmerkle, Bruce; lola, freshman Broeckelman, Barbara; Grinnell, freshman Broeckelman, Lois; Grinnell, sophomore Broom, Cindi; Shawnee Mission, junior Brooks, Kathy; Edmond, sophomore Brosseau, Robert; Clyde, sophomore Brown, Caroline; Garden City, junior Brown, Margaret; Ft. Scott, junior Brown, Mary; Kansas City, sophomore Brown, Pamela; Hugofon, sophomore Brown, Stephen; Pratt, freshman Brubaker, Charlene; Bird City, sophomore Brubaker, Darla; Bird City, freshman Bruce, Susan; Luray, sophomore Bruchy, Verdawna; Garden City, junior Brummer, Wayne; Wilcox. Nebr., freshman Brunts, Richard; Oaflin, junior Brunts, Susan; Claflln, freshman Brust, Kris; Ptalnville, freshman Bryan, Corrme; Oberlin, junior Bryant, Delores; Kiowa, sophomore Buchelm, Dave; Topeka, freshman Buchht , . t Gene;Wa Keeney, junior Buckwar " r, Susan; Turon, sophomore Budke, 1 igay; McCook, Ntebr.. junior Buehne, Dale; Wright, junior Buhrman, Ron; Scott City, junior Bunyan, Fred; Hugoton, junior Burch, Anita; Leoti, junior Burd, Thelma; Plainville, junior Burger, Dalene; Wellington, sophomore Burger, Loa; Russell, sophomore Burgess, Susan; Scott City, junior Burke, Pat; Beloit, freshman Burnham, Stan; St. Francis, freshman Burns, Bill; Syracuse, junior Burns, Jay; Haviland, junior Bush, Carla; Phillipsburg, freshman 276 Classes Bra-Bus Classes Bus-Col Buss, Bruce; Ulysses, sophomore Butterfield, Susan; Clay Center, junior Cahoi, Leonard; Colby, junior Cairns, Thomasena; Hays, freshman Caldarera, Ann Marie; Wichita, sophomore Calvert, Bill; Hays, freshman Cameron, Kathy; Clay Center, junior Campbell, Jeanie; Beloit, junior Carlgren, Beth; Concordia, sophomore Carlson, Karen; Goodland, sophomore Carney, Randy; Lewis, junior Carpenter, Dale; Hays, freshman Carpenter, Thomas; Dighton, junior Carswell, Daryl; Selden, sophomore Carter, Shirley; Utica, freshman Carver, Linda; Modoc, junior Casey, Craig; Glen Elder, sophomore Casey, Fran; Bazine, junior Casey, Theresa; McCracken, freshman Castor T Ronda; Oberlin, freshman Castrellon r Elmer; Puerto Armuelles, Panama, freshman Cates, Mary; Smith Center, junior Cavanaugh, Mike; Great Bend, junior Cavender, James; Larned, junior Cavin, Jean; LaCrosse, sophomore Chaffin, Jams; Hays, junior Chalmers, Sandy; Hutchinson, junior Chappee, Marilyn; Ashland, sophomore Charley, Elaine; Mound City, sophomore Charlton, Patrick; H oxie r freshman Cheung, Henry; Hong Kong, junior Chittenden, Janet; Phillipsburg, sophomore Christensen, Gayle; Phillipsburg. freshman Christy, Debra; Agra, sophomore Clair, Michael; Bushton, junior Clark, Kenneth; Holcomb, junior Clark, Nancy Jo; Junction City, freshman Clark, Steve; Hays, freshman Clary, Suzanne; Hill City, sophomore Clausen, Jolene; Cawker City, junior Clemence, Robert; Abilene, junior Cline, Craig; Victoria, sophomore Clotfelter, Susan; Ellis, sophomore Coady, Karen; Gorham, freshman Coffman, Cynthia; Newton, freshman Cohen, Barry; Prairie, Village, freshman Cole, Paula; Marysville, junior Collins, Gary; Garnett, junior Classes Bus -Co I 277 Classes Col-Oo Colson, Roberta ; Selden, freshman Comeau, Alphonse; Hays, junior Comfort, Bill; Delphos, junior Conkle, Larry; Radium, junior Conkie, Unde; Ensign, junior Conley, Vicky; Beloit, junior Conrad, Kim; Clay Center, freshman Constant, Mike; Lamed, freshman Cook, Byron; Beloit, sophomore Cook, Carolyn; St, Francis, freshman Cook, Debbie; Goodland, freshman Cook, Sale; St, Francis, junior Cook, Mollie; Hardtner, freshman Cook, Rebecca; Russell, freshman Coons, Stan; Goodland, junior Cooper, Barbara; McDonald, junior Cooper, Bruce; Hoxie, junior Cooper, Janet; Plainville, junior Cooper, Marian; Lucas, freshman Cooper, Mark; Hoxie, freshman Cooper, Michael L,; Hoxie. junior Cooper, Stevan; Natoma, junior Cooper, Vicki; Lawrence, junior Corder, Marsha; Selden, sophomore Corrick, Lucinda; Esbon, sophomore Countryman, Rita; Mankato, junior Courtney, Jil; Wa Keeney, freshman Cowles, Kathy; Jetmore, sophomore Cox, Linda; Norton, freshman Coy, Patricia; Kansas City, Mo., sophomore Craft, Daryl; Dodge City, junior Craft, Debra; Edson, junior Crane, Randell; Hays, junior Crist, Jeff; Modoc, sophomore Crist, Stacy; Modoc, freshman Crome, Shirley; Hoxie. sophomore Sharing a secret with a friend can bring out the fun and laughter in any situation. And one of FHS ' s attractions is that it is small enough for one to make lasting friends, but large enough to obtain the education one desires. 278 Classes Col-Cro Classes Cro-Dip Cronn, Barbara ; Wa Keeney, sophomore Cronn, Paula; Wa Keeney, junior Gross, David; Hays, sophomore Cross, Robert; Lewis, freshman Cullumber, Krin; Greensburg, freshman Cunningham, Denise; Stockton, junior Currey, Lennie; Kensington, Junior Curtin, Scott; Colby, Junior Daigle, Rofland; Wa Keeney, freshman Darington, Susan; Hays, freshman Davignon, Debra; Bogue, sophomore Davis, Carol; Great Bend, junior Davis, Donna; McCracken, freshman Davison, Becky; Rolla, freshman Davison, Nancy; Rolla. junior Dawdy t Jane; Salina, sophomore Dawes, Michael; Levant, freshman Dawkins, Debra; Bucklin, freshman Debauche, Karen; PhiHIpsburg, freshman DeCamp, Shirley; Hugoton, sophomore Dechant, Darrell; Hays, sophomore Dechanf t Judy; Hays, junior De Garmo, John; Olathe, freshman Deines, Elizabeth; Olmifz, junior Deiter, Mike; Norton, freshman Deiter, Raymond; Hays, junior Delgado, Dan; North Platte, Neb., sophomore Delgado, Vicki; North Platte, Neb., junior Delmez, Bary; Newton, freshman Dennett, Denise; Palco, freshman Denning, Judy; Hays, sophomore Depenbusch, Keith; Zenda, freshman Depperschmidt, Patty; Park, junior Derr, Debra; McCracken, freshman Desilet, Marcella; Concordia, freshman Detwiler, Dick; Wichita, junior DeWald t Mark; LaCrosse. junior Dibble t Joe; Alton, freshman Dickman, Kathleen; Grinnell, junior DIerks, Cynthia; Haven, freshman Dilts, Ella; Sedgwick, sophomore Dinges, Deborah; Hays, freshman Dinges, Joyce; Hays, junior Dinges, Kathleen, Ness City, sophomore Dinkel, Donald; Hays, freshman Dinkel, Laren; Hays, sophomore Dinkel, Wanda; Victoria, sophomore Dipman, Cynthia; Lamed, freshman Classes Cro-Dip 279 Classes Dip-Edm Dipman, David; Lamed, junior Doctor, Carol; Wilson, junior Doctor, Teresa; Wilson, sophomore Doerschlag, James; Hays, sophomore Dohrmann, Denny; Ensign, junior Dome, Susan; Ashland, freshman Dorsch, John; Bird City, freshman Doubrava, Alan; Ellsworth, freshman Doubrava, Mark; Wilson, junior Doud, Carol; Cawker City, freshman Douthit, Becky; St. Francis, junior Drach, Steven; Dodge City, junior Drake, Robert; Hays, freshman Drake, Steve; Minneapolis, freshman Draper, Sherry; Hays, junior Dreiling, Eileen; Walker, sophomore Dreiling, Janice; Great Bend, junior Dreiling, Marie; Hays, freshman Drinen, Cindy; Abilene, junior Driscoll, Jane; Cfaflin, junior Dubbert, Denise; Cawker City, freshman Dugan, Vickie; Osborne, junior Dunkelberg, Alan; Garden City, junior Dunn, Bruce; Overland Park, freshman Dunn, Mary Lynn; Plains, junior Durfee T Claudia; Ness City, junior Durr, Becky; Dodge City, sophomore Durr, Doug; Smith Center, freshman Dye, Dennis; Mankato, freshman Eades, Johnny; Stockton, junior Ealden, Becky; Ellis, sophomore Earl, Gary; Glade, freshman Eastes, Zon; Pratt, freshman Eckert, Jenny; Great Bend, freshman Edgetf, Diane; Almena, sophomore Edmunson, Debra; Wicbjta, junior Somewhere to do last minute home- work, s t u dy with a friend for that upcoming test, or just relax and talk over last weekend. 280 Classes Dfp-Edrri Classes Eds-Fea Edson, Vickie; Plainville, freshman Edwards, Gay; Bison, freshman Edbert, Rex; Goodland, freshman Eichman, Richard; Liberal junior Eichman, Tabetha; Paleo, sophomore Elekmann, Mary; Belleville, freshman Eilert, Pauline; Beloit, junior Ekum, Kristi; McPherson, freshman Elder, Bob; Elkhart, freshman Elder, Renee; Auburn, Calif., freshman Elliott, Charles; Manhattan, junior Elliott, Martha; Phillipsburg, freshman Elliott, Paul; Paradise, junior Elliott, Robin; Philjipsburg, freshman Ellis, Regena; Byers, junior Emmert, Kim; Russell, freshman Engel t Sandra; Bison, sophomore Engelsman, Lois; Prairie View, junior Engle, Jem; oOlomon, freshman Enslow, Marilyn; Lakin, junior Erbert, Debbie; Zurich, sophomore Erichsen, Christina; Ellsworth, junior Eskew, Beverly; Overland Park, junior Evans, LeElda; Phillipsburg, freshman Fa bin, Beverly; Phillipsburg, junior Eager, Wayne; Hays, junior Farley, Pat; Abilene, junior Faulkner, David; Ulysses, freshman Faulkner, Mark; Ulysses, junior Feaster, Elizabeth; Syracuse, freshman Classes Eds-Fea 28 I Classes Fea-Gal Feaster, Mary Jo; Syracuse, sophomore Feikert, Sharon; St. Francis, junior Fenner, Dennis; Goodland, sophomore Ferland, Don; Zurich, junior Finger, Edward; Rozel, junior Fisher, Gary; Agra, sophomore Fisher, Guy; Belleville, junior Fisher, Julee Ann; Oberlin. junior Fisher, Rebecca; Lewis, freshman Flagler, Tim; Wa Keeney, junior Fla mile, Lee; Rush Center, sophomore Flanagan, Mike; Lyons, freshman Flax, Patricia; Arnold, freshman Fleske, Bill; Pawnee Rock, freshman Flowers, Rhonda; Good I and, sophomore Floyd, Janet; Ashland, sophomore Flynn, Mike; Rusself junior Folk, Jerry; Bushier, sophomore Fondoble, Pam; Ellis, sophomore Foos, Renee; Weskan, sophomore Ford, Barbara; Ulysses, sophomore Forristal, Dan; Salina, freshman Fort, Jon; Ulysses, freshman Foster, Jack; Claflin, freshman Foster, Joyce; Jennings, sophomore Fournier, Barbara; Plainville. sophomore Francis, Jerrold; Harper, sophomore Frank, Leon; Hays, freshman Fredrickson, Dennis; Smith Center, junior Fredrickson, Jill; Selden, freshman Freeman, David; Kansas City, junior Frick, Kim; Larned. freshman Friesen, Rodney; Johnson, sophomore Frizell, Jon; Larned. freshman Froelich, Lennet; Hays, junior Froelich, Randy; Hays, freshman Froman, Sue; Hays, sophomore Frownfelter, Joy; Conway, sophomore Fry, John; Wilmore, freshman Fuller, Steve; LaCrosse, sophomore Fulwider, Lynn; Brewster, sophomore Fufwider, Wanda; Brewster, junior Funk, Thomas; Otis, junior Gabel, Marie; Hays, junior Gadson, Curzie; Salina, junior Gaither, Christine; Wa Keeney, freshman Gallegos, Willie; Carrizozo, N. Mex,. freshman Galloway, Max,; Hays junior 282 Classes Fea-Gal Classes Gar-Gin Garcia, Marta ; Garden City, sophomore Garetson, Melanie; Copeland, freshman Garrett, Cynthia; Ellsworth, freshman Garrett, Patti; Law rence, junior Garten, Terri; Abilene, sophomore Gaschler, Joyce; Hays, freshman Gaschler, Thomas; Hays, sophomore Gass, Helene; Esbon, sophomore Gassner, Donna; Hays r freshman Gat+erman, Michael; Sublette, junior Gebhards, Rex; Weskan, freshman Gechter, Jeanne; Cimarron, sophomore Gefer, Max; Garden City, sophomore GeiseJf Ronald; Russetl, Junior Genereux, Delmar; Clyde, junior Gengler, Thomas; Beloit, sophomore George, Sondra; Lakin, junior Gibson, Charles; Russell, sophomore Gibson, Richard; Ashland, junior Giebler, Alvin; Hays, freshman Giebler, Cecilia; Hays, freshman Giebler, Joan; Hays, sophomore Giebler,, Pam; Hays, freshman Getbler, Sylvia; Hays, freshman Giesaking, Karen; Ulysses, junior Glesick, Karla; leoti, freshman Giessel, Tom; Lamed, junior Gilbert, Brice; Topeka, sophomore Gilg, Marcia; Smith Center, freshman Gilger, Debra; Hutchinson, sophomore Gill, Cynthia; Hays, sophomore Gill, Donald; Sublette, junior Gillen, James; Meade, junior Gillispie Sheryl; Colby, Junior Gilmore, Louis; Hays, freshman Ginthner, Nancy; Hays, freshman Ever ready to see the team win, the Fort Hays State cheerleaders often become as enthusiastic as the players themselves. Classes Gar-Gin 233 I Classes Gis-Gug sh t Charles; Lyons, junior Gish T Douglas; Hill City, sophomore Gish, Sonia; Lyons, junior Gleason, Carol; Kinsley, freshman Gleason, Janice; Kinsley, sophomore Goad, Sandy; Great Bend, junior Goddard, Jerry; Penokee. freshman Goodin, Rod; Clay Center, junior Goodwin, Junious; Topeka, junior Goodwin, Marylin; Derby, sophomore Gordon, Anita; Hays, junior Gottschalk, Karen; Hays, sophomore Gottschalk, Karla; Hays, freshman Gouldie, Susan; Natoma, sophomore Grabbe, Loretta; Hays, freshman Graber, Eve; Colorado Springs, Colo,, freshman Graham, Janet; Clyde, freshman Graham, Sondra; Scott City, junior Grant, Kevin; Sal Ena, junior Grant, Nancy; Hardtner, junior Grass, Jennifer; LaCrosse, junior Graves, Colette; Hardtner, freshman Gray, Deborah; Topeka, junior Gray, Hal; Topeka, freshman Gray, Marie; Hays, junior Green, Ed; Kinsley, sophomore Gregg, Linda; Manhattan, sophomore Gregory, John; Woodston, junior Greiert, Alfred; Wichita, freshman Grice, Diane; Medicine Lodge, junior Gross, Dora; Hays, freshman Gross, Thomas; Victoria, freshman Gross, Timothy; Larned, freshman Grubbs, David; Hays, freshman Guesnier, Renee; Great Bend, freshman Gugler, Sharon; Junction City, junior One of the McMindes Hail residents takes time out from her dinner to read the Leader. The paper, published weekly by Fort Hays Staters, covers all aspects of college life as well as current happenings on and off campus. 284 Classes GEsGug Classes Gus-Har Gustafson, Jeanette; Smolan, junior Haag, Dale Garden City, junior Haas, Fred; Hays freshman Haase Sandra; Ellsworth, junior Hackney, Terry; Newton, junior Hadley, Kathy; Kensington, freshman Haffa, Catherine; Hays, sophomore Haffener, Jeannine; Alta Vista, freshman Hagerman Dennis; Lamed, freshman Hahn, Elva; Stockton, sophomore Hahn, Kathy; Dodge City, freshman Hake r Dorene; Lenora, freshman Halbrook Thomas; Hutchinson, junior Hamilton Dennis; Clay Center, freshman Hammerschmidt, Geri; Victoria, freshman Hammerschmidt, Jeanette; Hays, junior Hammerschmidt, Karen; Hays, sophomore Hammerschmidt, Theresa; Victoria, freshman Hammond, Charles; Wichita, freshman Hammond, Randy; Abilene, junior Hammond, Sandi; Hays, sophomore Haneke Beth; Great Bend, freshman Hanks, Fama; Ulysses, sophomore Hansen Sara Jo; Hays, sophomore Hantla, Cassy; Meade, freshman Harbaugh, Marsha; Kiowa, junior Harbin, Charles; Hays, freshman Harden Paul; Ashland, sophomore Harder, Cliff; El Dorado, junior Hardwick, Howard; Hutchinson, junior Harkins Anita; Hays, junior Harkins Melvin; Hays, sophomore Harkness, Kathleen; Hays, freshman Harlow Jim; Barnard, junior Harman, Roger; Hays, freshman Harman, Sue; Hays, junior Harmon, Marla; Logan, freshman Harmon, Tamra; Logan, sophomore Harold, Kay; Oberlin, freshman Harrel, Jan; Burlington, Colo,, sophomore Harris Kathleen; Garden City. sophomore Harris Phil; Great Bend, junior Harrison, Bonnie; Plainville, freshman Harrison, Kathryn; Hays, sophomore Harsh, Linda; Hays, sophomore Hartman, Cynthia; Topeka, junior Hartman, Henry; Hays, junior Hartner, Ardis; Herndon, freshman Classes Gus-Har 285 Classes Har-Hoc Hartsel, Ricky; Jewell, junior Hatfield, Lou Ann; Cold water, freshman Haug, Robert; Ransom, freshman Hauser, Kathleen; Hays, junior Havice, Ramona; Goodland, freshman Hawley, Bonny; Dodge City, freshman Hawley, Bruce; Phillipsburg, junior Hawley, Ron; Phillipsburg. freshman Haynes, Bradley; Larned, freshman Hayme Eddie; Larned, freshman Hays, Phillip; Merriam, junior Hays f Verlaine; Long Island, junior Hayzlett, Randy; La kin, sophomore Haifett, Elaine; Prairie Village, sophomore Heckman, Chad; Wa Keeney, sophomore Heiman t Cathy; Barnard, freshman Heinrich, Murray; Hays, sophomore Hemze, Pat; Lincoln, junior Heinze, Rhonda; Wilson, Junior Heinie, Sandi; Sylvan Grove, freshman Heifer, Mark; Hunter, freshman Hemphill, Richard; Byers, freshman Hendershott, Rhonda; Natoma, junior Henderson, Karen; Wichita, junior Henderson, William; Partridge, freshman Henry, Adena; Liberal. Junior Henry T Janet; Concordia, junior Hensiek t Beverly; Nashville, freshman Herman, Marilyn; Morland, freshman Herrman, Brenda; Hays, freshman Herrmann, Elona; Berryton. sophomore Hertel, David; Hays, freshman Hesher T Tom; Larned, freshman Hester, Karen; Plevna, junior Hewett, David; Hays, junior Hewett, Sydna; Hays, freshman Higgins, Keith; McCracken, freshman Higgins, Pris; St. Marys, freshman Hildenbrand, Chris; Wichita, junior Hill, Gail; Logan, freshman Hill, Ted; Logan, junior Hillman, Jarry; Hays, junior Hillman, Linda; Concordia, junior Hmman, Gary; Plains, junior Hjort r Nancy; Hutchinson, junior Hlaus, Judith; Wilson, junior Hobbs, Sherri; Hays, freshman Hochman, Kathy; Kanopolis, sophomore 286 Classes Har-Hoc Hockett, Geneva; Levant, freshman Hodgms, Malda; Belleville, junior Hoffman, Carol; Brighton, Colo., junior Hoffman i, Chris; Hiawatha, junior Hofstetter, Charlene; Hill City, freshman Hoggatt, Jerry; Farmington, N, M., freshman Holle, Becky; Ludell, junior Holloway, David; Sublette, junior Holmes, Colleen; Lekin, junior Holzwarth, Jo; St Francis, sophomore Holzwarth, Ronald; St. Francis, freshman Honas, Susan; Ellis, freshman Hoofer, Christine; Halstead, freshman Hoosier, Dale; Ellsworth, sophomore Hoover, Priscilla; Hoisington, junior Hoover, Sharon; Meade, junior Hopkins, Kathy; Overland Park, junior Horinek, Marilyn; Ludell, freshman Horton, Laura; Hays, freshman Hostin, Gary; Olathe, freshman Howard, Charles; Abilene, sophomore Howell, Jane; Hutchinson, freshman Howland, Jennifer; Formoso, freshman Howland, Joan; Bird City, freshman Classes Hoc-How 287 Classes Hra-Joh Hrabe, Dave; Stockton, freshman Hrabe, Kaylene; Plainville, freshman Hrabe, Randall; Plainville, sophomore Hubert, Lynne; Monument, sophomore Hudson, Steve; Macksville. sophomore Huey T Kirk; Russell, freshman Huffaker, Jane; Emporia, freshman Hugo, Gerardo; Call© Pto. Cabelio, Venezula, freshman Hull, Doug; Hays, freshman Hull, Jo Ellen; Dodge City, freshman Humburg, Katherine; Hays, junior Hurley, Jacqueline; Republic, junior Hurst, Connie; Hays, freshman Hutchinson, Connie; Wa Keeney, junior Hufchinson, Thomas; Concordia, sophomore Huxman, JoLynn; Morland, sophomore Ide, Paul; Lincoln, Nebr., junior Ideker, Kathryn; Rozel, sophomore Ingersoll, Jean; Claflin, freshman Ison, Eloise; Hays, sophomore Mas, Jerrold; Aurora, freshman Jackson, Rodney; Phi I lips burg, sophomore Jaco, Jana; Plainville, freshman Jacobs, Loren; AthoL freshman Jamison, Dian; Scott City, freshman Janke, Marcia; Junction City, junior Janousek, Peggy; Ellsworth, sophomore Jansonius, Elwynn; Prairie View, freshman Jantz, Judith; Dodge City, junior Janzen, Chris; Hays, freshman Janzen, Michael; Geneseo. freshman Jay, Renee; Leoti, freshman Jecha, Rifa; Timken, freshman Jelinefe, Marvin; Bluff City, junior Jennings, Monica; Oakley, freshman Jennison, Lois; Healy, sophomore Jensen, David; Hays, sophomore Jensen, Kay; Hays, sophomore Jensen, Patricia; Concordia, junior John, Judith; Hays, freshman Johnson, Bob; Great Bend, freshman Johnson, Bruce; Pratt, sophomore Johnson, Casey; Grainfield, junior Johnson, Debra; Jetmore, sophomore Johnson T Eloise; Falun, junior Johnson, George; Great Bend, freshman Johnson, Jeffery; Hays, junior Johnson, Mary; Larned. sophomore 288 Classes Hra-Joh Classes Joh-Kin Johnson, Pamela; Hays, freshman Johnson, Rose; Scandia. junior Jones, Monna; Brewster, sophomore Jones, Sherri; Copeland, junior Jones, William; Kirwin. sophomore Jorgensen, Janet; Beloit, junior Joseph, Shirley; Oakley, junior Joseph, Shirley; Larned, junior Joseph, Phil; Overland Park, sophomore Julian, Douglas; Manhattan, sophomore Julian, RHa; Johnson, junior Kamas, Frank; Wichita, freshman Kanak, Joe; Atwood, junior Karlin, Coleen; Hays, freshman Karlin, Jeaninne; Hays, freshman Kasiska, Debbie; Kanopolis, sophomore Kaspar, Joleene; Jennings, sophomore Kastner, David; Kinsley, sophomore Kaufman, Myrna; Mahaska, junior Keegan t Deb; Hays, sophomore Keener, Dena; Rush Center, sophomore Keesee, Robert; Phillipsburg, sophomore Keil, Janet; Hays, junior Kell, Kay; Hays, sophomore Kelleher, Rick; Olathe, freshman Keller, Chris; Great Bend, junior Keller, Ray; Hunter, freshman Kelierman, Rick; Hays, freshman Kelley, Duane; Falun, sophomore Keltner, Mike; Meade, junior Kennedy, Deborah; Sedgwick, freshman Kepka, Kim; Great Bend, junior Kepke T Pamula; Dorrance, freshman Kershner, Cheryl; Rush Center, freshman Kershner, Ronald; Rozel. junior Kefter, Dennis; Cawker City, sophomore Key, Carl; Spearville, sophomore Keyser, Judy; Wa Keeney, sophomore Kier, Susan; Mankato, sophomore Kimball, William; Medicine Lodge, junior Kimbrel, Regina; Hutchinson, junior Kimbrel, Tom; Hutchinson, sophomore Kimpler, Lana; Ellinwood, freshman Kinderknecht, Cheryl; Ellis, junior Kinderknecht, Eileen; Collyer, sophomore Kinderknecht, Roger; Hays, junior King, Karen; Winfield, junior King, Monlsa; Clay Center, sophomore Classes Joh-Kin 289 Classes Kin-Koz Kingsley, Roger; Ellis, sophomore Kinser, Janet; Clayton, sophomore Kirby, Elizabeth; Offerle, sophomore Kirmer, Gail; Spearville. junior Kite, Linda; Lyons, sophomore Kitten, Joan; Dodge City, freshman Kittle, Ellen; Hutchinson, fresh man Kitts, Jo Ann; Formoso, freshman Klaus, Ken; Hays, sophomore Klema, Karleen; Russell, junior Klepper, Carla; Great Bend, freshman Klima, Donna; Cfaflin, freshman Kneller, Linda; Pratt, junior Knight, James; Hays, junior Knoll, Steve; Collyer, freshman Knowles, Robert; Kirwin, sophomore Knudson, Juliann; Rexford, junior Koch, Becky; Cawker City, freshman Koetkemeyer, Jane; Dorrance, freshman Kohlrus, Terrence; Hays, freshman Kohlrus, Tim; Hays, freshman Kohman, Donna; Abilene, freshman Koons, Dennis; Colby, junior Koops, Bob; Downs, junior Kootz, Charles; Kanopolis, freshman Koptik, Carolyn; Great Bend, sophomore Korf, Stephanie; Hanston, junior Koster, Deb; Cawker City, junior Kough, Roger; Winona, sophomore Kozub, Dennis; Hamburg. N. Y., junior Classes Kra-Lam Peggy Bangle, Eloise Johnson, and Lynn Burrell take time between classes to inspect the Half-Century Stone placed m front of Plcken Hall by the Half-Century Club honoring their con- tributions to the beautification of the campus. Kramer, Nancy; Bird City, freshman Krampe, Gorin ne; Seward, freshman Krasny t William; Hays, junior Kraus, Dana; Hays, freshman Kraus, Marcia; Grainfield, freshman Kraus, Nancy; Hays, sophomore Kreft, Garnold; Natoma, sophomore Kriley, Roland; Stockton, sophomore Kroboth, Patricia; Wilson, junior Krug, Shirley; Stafford, freshman Kruse, Janice; Oakley, sophomore Kruse, Kathy; Wichita, sophomore Kuchar, Roman; Hays, freshman Kuhlman, Ten; Englewood, freshman Kuhn, Timothy; Cawker City, sophomore Kuhn, Tom; Cawker City, sophomore Kupzyk, Donald; Shawnee, junior Kartz, Debra; Alton, freshman LaBarge, Debbie; Demar, freshman Lacy, Mike; Norton, sophomore Ladd, Alton; Phiflipsburg, junior Ladd, Leanne; Tucson, Ariz., sophomore Ladenburger, Daniel; Hays, junior Lahey, Becky; Moscow, freshman La h man, Gary; Winona, junior Laidig, Larry; Arvada, Colo., sophomore Laird, Donna; Ulysses, sophomore Lambert, Jolene; Zurich, freshman Lambrecht, Carmie; Hays, freshman Lamia, Jim; Kanopolis, junior Classes Kra-Lam 291 Classes Lan-Lei A picnic! What a great way to meet new faces and make new friends while filling up with delicious food under a spacious western Kansas sky. Landry, Carolyn; LaCrosse, sophomore Lang, Gayle; Collyer, freshman Lang, Mary; Claflin, freshman Lang, Mary; Hays, sophomore Lang, Steve; Hays, sophomore Lange, Leila; Ellsworth, freshman Lanterman Mary; Smith Center, junior La Shell, Linda; Utica, freshman Laspisa, Phyllis; Hays, sophomore Lawrenz, Linda; Ramona, sophomore Lawrenz, Ronald; Herington, junior Lawver, Shirley; Hays, junior Learning, Roger; Ulysses, junior Leatherwood, Dick; Cimarron, sophomore Leatherwood, Pam; Cimarron, freshman LeClair, Bruce; Mankato, junior LeClerc, Steven; Lyons, junior Ledell Julia; ' McPherson, junior Lederer, Kathy; Abilene, sophomore Lee, Anita; Downs, junior Legere, Madella; Penokee, sophomore Legere, Nancy; Hays, freshman Legg, Beverly; Osborne, sophomore Legleiter, Gene; Hays, junior Legleiter, Janice; Hays, sophomore Leiker, Daniel; Munjor, freshman Leiker, Douglas; Hays, freshman Leiker, Ernie; Hays, junior Leiker Jane; Hays, freshman Leis ( Peggy; Fowler, sophomore 292 Classes Lan-Lei Classes Lei-Mal Leitner, Barbara; Herndon, junior Leitner, Gary; Goodie nd. sophomore Leitner, Roger; Herndon, freshman Lemuz, Sherry; Larned. junior Lewalten, Warren; Oakley, sophomore Lewis, Larry; Dighton, freshman Lewis, Michael; Rolla, junior Lewis, Sonia; Garden City, freshman Libal, Debbie; Salina. junior Liby t David; Minneapolis, junior Liesfer, Michelle; Colorado Springs, Colo , freshman Liggett, Denise; Mullmville, freshman Lincoln, Cheryl; Oberlin, sophomore Lindberg, Curfis; Courtland, junior Linder, Janice; Osborne, freshman Lmenberger, Donna; Hays, junior Ling, Rosanne; Jetmore, sophomore Lippert, Nyta; Bison, sophomore Lippoldt, Jama; Kinsley, freshman Littler, Patricia; McCracken, freshman Livingston, Cheri; Jefferson City, Mo,, junior Locke, Daniel; Lancaster, junior Locke t Janell; Stockton, sophomore Lodlvici, Vickie; Victoria, sophomore Loesch, Deborah; Raymond, freshman Lohmuller, Monica; Great Bend, sophomore Lohoefener, Greg; Hays, freshman Long, Larry; Wichita, sophomore Lorimer, Jani; Atwood, freshman Lorson, Debra; Hope, sophomore Love well, Orrin; Courtland, junior Lowen, Robert; Hays, freshman Luhman, Cynthia; Natorma, freshman Luther, Terri; Hays, freshman Lynd, Becky; Wa Keeney, freshman Macy, Ronald; Portis, sophomore Madden, Marie; Wichita, sophomore Madden, Pam; Hill City, junior Mages, James; Wright, junior Maher, Debbie; Great Bend, junior Ma honey f Gregory; Stockton, sophomore Mai, Kimberly; Russell, freshman Malar, Marilyn; Russell, freshman Main, Christopher; Fredonia, junior Major, Deb; Dorrance, freshman Major, Steve; Dorrance. junior Malcolm, Norman; Almena, freshman Malone, Rosalie; Herndon, freshman Gasses Lei-Mal 293 Classes Mal-MoF Malsam, Douglas Wa Keeney, [unior Mandeville t Tala? Colorado Springs. Colo,, freshman Manharl, Alice; Grainfield, sophomore Mans, Unde; Hays, freshman Mapes, Jerry; Natoma, junior Mapes, Kerry; Natoma, Junior Marcy, James; Wa Keeney, junior Marcy, Lyrm; Offerle, Junior Marez, Marcell na; Good land, freshman Marintzer, Randy; Herndon, sophomore Marshall, Sara; Stockton, freshman Martell, Debra; Hays, freshman Marti, Linda; Bern, sophomore Martin, Anne; Chase, freshman Martin, Melba; Lewis, freshman Mason, Judy; Stockton, freshman Mattison, Kathy; Salina, sophomore Ma+zen, John; Wichita, freshman Maupin, Tom; Paradise, Junior Mayhew, Paula; Plainville, sophomore Maxwell, Linda; Pawnee Rock, freshman Maxwell, Sharia; Ft. Dodge, junior McAdoo, Leslie; Russell, junior McAfee, Karen; Duncan, Okla.. freshman McAfee, Randy; Claflin, freshman McAvoy, Michael; Offerte. junior McAvoy, Patrice; Offerle, junior McCall, Joni; Stockton, freshman McCall, Mary; Culver, freshman McCandless, Linda; St, John, junior McCants, Randall; Goodland, sophomore McClaren, Denise; Lewis, junior McClellan, James; Phillipsburg, freshman McClellan, Robert; Phillipsburg, junior McClintock, Joni; Simpson, sophomore McClure, Colleen; Russell, freshman MeComb, Julie; Downs, freshman McComb, Kathryn; Stockton, sophomore McCormick, Robert; Cedar, junior McCoy, Gerald; Oxford, sophomore McCoy, Kermit; Ellsworth, sophomore McCray, LoAnn; Phillipsburg, sophomore McCulley, Kathleen; Great Bend, junior McCune, Jean; Meade, junior McDaniel, Martha; Sharon, junior McDonald, James; Scandia, freshman McElroy, Mickle; Palco, freshman McFall, Arlene; Ransom, junior 294 Classes Mal-McF I . L It ' s supposedly the bicycle craze that is sweeping the coun- try, but this Fort . Hays Stater has modi- fied the system to suit himself, 2 . After a rough class, the quietness of Forsyth Library can lull a susceptible student into a deep slumber. " Life on campus is doing your own thing. 11 — John T, Corman, freshman ■ mm McFarland, Galen; Norton, junior McFarland, Gregory; Norton, sophomore McGillivray, Mike; Ulysses, sophomore McGovern, Beth; Lawrence, junior McGuire, Brenda; Satanta, freshman McGuire, Marianne; Hutchinson, sophomore McIntosh, Dave; Oak Hill, freshman Mcleish, Bill; Alamota, sophomore McMillan, Linda; Jewell, freshman McMullen, Darla; Norton, freshman McMullen, Rod; Lyons, freshman McMurtrie, Vallerie; Hays, junior McNiehols, Marcia; Burr Oak, junior McSpadden, Twylia; Kinsley, sophomore Meagher, Catherine; Solomon, freshman Mealrs, Wayne; Medicine Lodge, junior Meckel, Melody; Hays, sophomore Meier, Annefte; Hays, junior Meier, Cheri; Satanta, freshman Meier, Patricia; Garden City, junior Meier, Rebecca; Satanta. sophomore Meitler, Mary Lynn; Lucas, sophomore Melby, James; Scandia, freshman Merritt, Robin; Great Bend, junior Meskimen, Alene; Hays, sophomore Metzler, Lawrence; Brewster, sophomore Meyer, Davie; Salina, freshman Meyer, Douglas; Hays, sophomore Michel, Bonnie; Russell, sophomore Michel, Thomas; Albert, sophomore Classes McF-Mic 295 A long morning’s walk to the new HPER complex will begin with these steps that lead up to the bridge over Classes Mlc-Mis Big Creek. Mick, Russell; Osborne, sophomore Mickey, Allan; Salina. junior Mickey, Cheryl; Good I and, junior Miller, Allan; Norton, junior Miller, Dale; Goddard, junior Miller, Geraldene; Cedar, sophomore Miller, Janese; Kensington, freshman Miller, Janet; Mecksville, freshman Miller, Kathy; Glasco, sophomore Miller, Kenneth; Ensign, sophomore Miller, Linda; Ft. Leavenworth, junior Miller, Marilyn; Derby, freshman Miller, Marilyn; St. Francis, freshman Miller, Mike; Claflin, junior Miller, Rita; Oberlin, freshman Miller, Ronald; Hays, sophomore Miller, Willard; Brewster, junior Mills, Michael; Plainvllle, junior Mills, Sheila; Leoti, freshman Mills, Sue; Ellis, freshman Minks, Diane; Ulysses, sophomore Minnas, Cynthia; Lamed, freshman Minnas, Ronald; McPherson, freshman Misak, Connie; Bluff City, sophomore 296 Gasses Classes Mis-Nor Misegadis, Debbie; Rush Center, sophomore Mitchell, Lyle; Goodland, freshman Mlynar, Shannon; Mankato, freshman Mohr, Tom; Hays, freshman Molby, Deanna; Cawker City, junior Molby, Nathan; Cawker City, sophomore Monroe, Susan; Geneseo, freshman Montgomery, Michael; Greensburg, junior Moore, Carolyn; Belle Plaine, junior Moore, Harvey; Belpre, freshman Morford, Quentin; Haviland, freshman Morton, Michele; Atwood, freshman Moses, Lynn; Ottawa, freshman Moxter, Lowell; Cawker City, junior Moxfer, Marlene; Cawker City, freshman Moyer, Kafhlene; Hays, junior Muck, Cheryl; Downs, junior Muir, Dana; Hays, sophomore Muir, Michael; Hays, sophomore Mullemx, Linda; Garden City, freshman Mullens, Glenna; Hill City r junior Mullens, Ralph; Hill City, junior Munk, Terence; Hays, junior Munsey, James; Mankato, junior Murphree, Sidney; McPherson, freshman Murphy, Kevin; Hope, junior Murphy, Marcia; Langdon, freshman Musalek, Frank; Goodland, junior Musick, Willis; Minneapolis, freshman Myers, Man; Barnard, freshman Nash, Cynfhla ; Goodland, junior Nash, Terry; Goodland, freshman Needham, Leslie; Oberlin, sophomore Neidhart, Paul; Hoisington, junior Nelson, David; Oakley, junior Nelson, Dee Ann; McPherson, freshman Nelson, Jon; Hays, junior Newquisf, Waldo; Cawker City, sophomore Nicholas, Connie; Johnson, sophomore Nichols, Scott; Ellsworth, freshman Niederee, Michael; Great Bend, freshman Nielsen, Debra; Russell, freshman Nternberger, Nancy; Etlis, sophomore Nipple, Donald; Moscow, junior Nollette,, Debbie; Oakley, freshman Nollette, Joe; Monument, freshman Nondorf, Shelley; Hoxie, junior Norman, Rita; Kansas City, freshman Classes Mis-Nor 297 Classes Nor-Pat North, Janice; McCracken, freshman Norton, Karen; Colorado Springs, Colo,, junior Norton, Linda; Colorado Springs. Colo , freshman Nuckolls, Kathy; Burdett, sophomore Nuckolls, Rhonda; Burdett, junior Nufer, Steve; Dodge City, junior Oberle, Ronald; Claflin, junior Oborny, Marlon; Timken, freshman Ochel, Rlk; Hudson, junior Ochs, Dean; Wa Keeney, freshman Ochs, Owen; Hoisington, junior Ochsner, Susan; 5t. Francis, sophomore Oden, Linda; Russell, sophomore Odle, Gary; Glen Elder, junior Odle, Kimberly; Beloit, sophomore Odle, Mary; Glen Elder, freshman O ' Donnell, John; Ellsworth, sophomore Oetting, Jane; Hays, freshman Ohlemeler, Jerry; Wa Keeney, sophomore O ' Leary, Peggy; Pretty Prairie, junior O ' Leary, Ron; St. Francis, junior Oliphant, Debra; Claflin, freshman Olson, Jon; Colby, sophomore Olson, Mary; Red Cloud, Nebr., junior Olson, Randy; Oberlin, junior Oplinger, Wanda; Jewell, sophomore Orr, Patti; Oberlin, freshman Orth, Mary; Hays, freshman Orth, Teresa; Hope, freshman Osborn, JoAnn; Ashland, junior Osborne, Rodney; Hanston, junior Osburn, Gary; Peabody, junior Ostmeyer, Gene; Colby, junior Ostmeyer, Mimi; Grinnell, junior Oswald, Cheryl; Luray, sophomore Otis, Dara; Agra, sophomore Otte, Barbara; Downs, junior Overmiller, Kim; Smith Center, freshman Paden t Jacque; El Dorado, freshman Page, Elizabeth; Liberal, freshman Pahls, Dennis; Cawker City, junior Pahls, Pat; Downs, junior Palmer, Marilyn; Goodland, freshman Parker, Douglas; Befpre, junior Parker, Michelle; Athens, Ga.. freshman Parks, Mark; Johnson, sophomore Parks, Michael; Esbon, sophomore Patton, lla; Gaylord, freshman 298 Classes Nor-Pat Classes Pav-Pie Pavlu, Pamela; Brownell, freshman Pavlu, Paul; Brownell, sophomore Payne, William; Scott City, freshman Peach, Helen; LaCrosse. sophomore Peacock, Kathryn; Bird City, sophomore Pearson, Linda; Beloit, freshman Pechanec, Charlene; Timken, freshman Peck, Douglas; Prairie Village, freshman Peck, Rebecca; Goodland. freshman Pegg, Pamela; Haysville, freshman Pekarek John; Stockton, junior Peltzman, Sydney; McPherson, freshman Pemberton, Bill; Wichita, junior Perez, German; Venezuela, freshman Perkins, Georgia; Hays, junior Perkins, Shelley; Smith Center, freshman Peron, Gary; Downs, junior Peter, Larry; Clay Center, sophomore Peter Melanie; Goodland, junior Peters Robert; Pawnee Rock, junior Peters Rochelle; Hays, junior Peters Sandra; Almena, junior Peterson Virginia; Hunter, freshman Petracek, Phillis; Jennings, freshman Petrik, Charles; Hays, junior Petterson, Bob; Beloit, freshman Pfannenstie!, Galen; Ransom, sophomore Pfannenstlel, Patricia; Hays, freshman Pfannemtiel, Paula; Hays, freshman Pfannenstiel, Thomas; Hays, sophomore Pfeifer, Arlene; Victoria, junior Pfeifer, Kenneth; Ellis, sophomore Pfeifer, Patti; Ellis, junior Phillips Richard; Emporia, junior Phillips Von; Hays, sophomore Pierce, Bonnie; Hays, sophomore Twirling their batons to the music of the 1972-73 Tiger Marching Band were Donna Spafford, Dana Sayre, and Linda Pearson. Classes Pav-Pie 299 Classes Pie-Rad Pierce, Patricia; Hays, junior Pierce, Richard; Hays, freshman Pike, Charles; Ashland, Junior Pishny, Marilyn; WaterviJIe, sophomore Pittman, Debbie; Abilene, freshman Platt, Michael; Burr Oak, junior Plummer, Tom; Oakley, junior Poflman, Mary; Scott City; sophomore Pollman, Terry; Scott City, sophomore Poison, Annie; Great Bend, freshman Pooler, Kay; Greensburg, sophomore Poore, Connie; Stockton, freshman Poore r Kathy; Stockton, junior Popp, Connie; Russell, sophomore Popp, Debra; St. Francis, sophomore Porter, Kathy; Glen Elder, junior Porter, Tim; Glen Elder, sophomore Portschy, Jean; Herndon, junior Portschy, Rita; Herndon, freshman Potter, Richard; Arnold, junior Powell, Sherri; Hays, fr eshman Powers, Ronald; Scott City, junior Powers, Tony; Spearvtlle, freshman Powers, Wilma; Hays, sophomore Prather, William; Gove, sophomore Pratt, Lynn; Hoxie, sophomore Preuss, Larry; Phillipsburg, junior Price, Dave; Olathe, freshman Prowell, Marilyn; Isabel, sophomore Prusa, Debra; Portis, sophomore Puy ear, Vincent; Greensburg, junior Pyice, Thomas; Abilene, junior Quast, Danny; Topeka, sophomore Rack, Donald; Hays, sophomore Radclifte, Diana; Hill City, junior Rader, Marsha; Mullinville, junior All set and ready to shoot, a student finds relaxation playing pool while wait- ing between classes. 300 Qe$$e$ Pie-Rad Classes Raj-Roe Rajewski t Diane; Victoria, junior Rajewskir John; Victoria, sophomore Rajewski, Patricia; PlamvMIe, freshman Randle, Joyce; Ulysses, sophomore Rapp, Donna; Ellinwood, junior Rasdall, Janet; Beloit, junior Rathgeber, Carol; Hardtner, junior Rauscher r William; Edson, sophomore Raven, Kevin; St, John, junior Rawlings , Jan; Hays, junior Razak, Scott; Hays, sophomore Re del, Jodi; Oakley, junior Rees, Howard; Lincoln, junior Regan, Colleen; Garden City, junior Reifschnelder, John; LaCrosse, freshman Rein, Kenneth; Russell, junior Relnert, Rosalie; Atwood, junior Rhoden, Brad; Wa Keeney, sophomore Ribordy, Keith; Oakley, junior Richardson, Gall; Wilmore, sophomore Richardson, Susan; Winfield, freshman Ricketts, Terri; Sublette, freshman Ridder, Jerald; Marienthal, freshman Riedel, Betty Ruth; Hays, freshman Riedel, Jo Marie; Hays, freshman Riedel, Mary Jo; Hays, sophomore Riedel, Robert; Hays, junior Riedel, Valor; H ays, junior Riegel, Sherry; Ford, junior Riegel, Steven; Dodge City, junior Riffey, Rebecca; Sawyer, junior Riley, Krista; Valley Center, sophomore Rinehart, Jodi; Ford, sophomore Riner, Adella; Sylvia, junior Rinkel, Steven; Pratt, junior Rishefl, Pamela; Anthony; sophomore Robben, Jo Ann; Grinnell, freshman Robben, Kathy; Oakley, sophomore Roberson, Clarlsse; St, Francis, junior Roberts, Alice; Palco, freshman Roberts, Jan; Hays, sophomore Roberts, Patricia; Hays, sophomore Roberts, Wayne; Gove, junior Robinson, Joel; Hays, sophomore Robinson, Steven; Hutchinson, junior Robison, Susan; Oberlin, sophomore Roemer, Doug; Grainfield. junior Classes Ra[-Roe SOI Classes Roe-Sch With a smfle brought out by sharp winter winds, these FHS coeds hurry back to the dorm after class to enjoy the warmth of a heater and a friend s ' Hello. Reamer, Tina; Gra infield, junior Rogers David; McCracken, freshman Rogers, Linda; Plalnville, sophomore Rogers, Maxine; Hardtner. junior Rogers, Roxann; McCracken, freshman Rohrbough, Kathy; Scott City, junior Rome, Steve; Hugoton, sophomore Rose, David; Phillipsburg, junior Rose, Marian; Phillipsburg, freshman Rose, Sharon; Phillipsburg, sophomore Ross, Dianfha; Meade, freshman Roth, Donna; Bison, sophomore Rothenberger, Joyce; Great Bend, junior Rott, David; LaCrosse, freshman Rous, Vernon; Claflin, freshman Rowland, Debra; Newton, sophomore Rucker, Dorothy; Hays, junior Rucker, James; Hays, junior Ruda, Mary; Atwood, junior Rudd, Barbara; Garden City, sophomore Ruder, Ranell; Hays, sophomore Rummel, Shirley; McDonald, freshman Rupke, Charlyn; Hays, junior Rupp, Charles; Hays, freshman Rupp, Marlene; Ness City, sophomore Sager, Fred; Bird City, freshman Samlar Donald; Manter, freshman Sander, Aaron; McPherson, freshman Sanders, Patti; Hays, junior Santee, Sheila; Kansas City, Mo., freshman Satterfield, Donald; Shawnee, sophomore Sauer, Gerald; Brownell, junior Savage, Debbie; Hays, freshman Sayre, Dana; Dodge City, freshman Schaeffer, Gary; Ass aria, sophomore Schaeffer Steven; Assaria, junior 302 Classes Roe-Sch Classes Sch-Schu Schalansky, Rhonda; Almena, freshman Schaller, Marlene; Kinsley, freshman Schamp, Susan; Russell, freshman Schardem, Michael; Great Bend, sophomore Schechinger, Mary; Hays, freshman Scheer, John; Hays, junior Schemper, Ca+halee; Prairie View, sophomore Schepmann, Ron; Bushton, freshman Scherling, Deborah; Smith Center, sophomore Schinstock, Denise; Spearville, freshman Schippers, Catherine; Victoria, freshman Schippers, Mary; Grainfield, freshman Schippers, Pat; Oakley, junior Scbleget, Enid; Alexander, sophomore Schlittenhardt, Michele; St, Francis, freshman Sehmalzried, Steve; Digbfon, freshman Schmeidler, Allen; Hays, freshman Schmeidler, Michael; Hays, junior Schmidt, Cynthia; Hays, freshman Schmidt, Dan; LaCrosse, sophomore Schmidt, Erma; Hays, sophomore Schmidt, Marcelius; Hays, sophomore Schmidt, Ramon; Hays, junior Schmidtberger, Gerald; Victoria, junior Schmidtberger, Harvey; Victoria, sophomore Schna+terly, Ann; Hays, junior Schneider, Alan; Ellsworth, freshman Schneider, Diane; Tribune, freshman Schoendaller, Sharon; LaCrosse, freshman Schoenthaler, Brian; Ellis, junior Schrader, Lewis; Kinsley, sophomore Schraeder, Robert; Rush Center, sophomore Schramm, Kathryn; Hays, freshman Schreiber Richard; Beaver, freshman Schremmer, Jeanne; Wa Keeney, freshman Schremmer, Lou Ann; Hofsington, junior Schriock, Lynn; Shields, sophomore Schroer, Karen; Oberlin, freshman Schuckman Janef; Arnold, sophomore Schulte, Cynthia; Victoria, freshman Schulte, Jane; Walker, junior Schulte, Luanne; Norton, sophomore Schulte, Mary Jo; Walker, sophomore Schultz, Carla; Russell, sophomore Schultz, Kevin; Holyrood, sophomore Schultz, Steve; St. Francis, freshman Schumacher, Calvin; Hays, sophomore Classes Sch-SeKu 303 Classes Soh-Smi Schumacher, Ruby; Protection, junior Schwa b t Betsy; LaCrosse. freshman Schwanke, Vernon; Scott City, junior Schwartz, Don; Salina. freshman Schwartzkopf, Maribeth; Ransom, sophomore Schwarz, Jeff; Hays, sophomore Schwein, Jerry; Atchison, junior Schwilling, Karen; Great Bend, sophomore Schwind+ a Rick; Nekoma, freshman Scoff, Brad; Russell, freshman Scott, Celia; Scott City, junior Scott, Lea Ann; Smith Center, freshman Seamans, George; Jewell, junior Self, Gayle; Salina, sophomore Selichnow, Debra; Garden City, freshman Semrad, Judy; Hays, sophomore Seyfert, Theodore; Sawyer, freshman Shannon, Michael; Clay Center, freshman Shay, Peggy; Healy. junior Shell, Corinne; Liberal, sophomore Shellito, Raymond; Smith Center, sophomore Sherraden, Michelle; Chapman, freshman Sherrard, Diana; Winfield, junior Shirley, James; Medicine Lodge, sophomore Shoemaker, Carolyn; St. Francis, sophomore Shortridge, Karr; Jetmore. sophomore Silkman, Debby; Hays, freshman Simmons, William; Pratt, junior Simons, Nancy; Manenthal. junior Simpson, Roger; Beloit, freshman Sims, Joyce; Garfield, sophomore Simpson, Donald; Wichita, junior Simpson, Lola; Jetmore. sophomore Skalicky, Mitch; Meade, freshman Skipper, Gary; Garden City, sophomore Skillett, Donna; Rush Center, freshman Slattery, Debbie; Wright, junior Steichter, Kirk; Palco, sophomore Smith, Brad; Olathe, freshman Smith, Charles; Bird City, sophomore Smith, Dale; Wichita, sophomore Smith, Frankie; St. John, freshman Smith, Jim; Hays, sophomore Smith, Kevin; Lenora, junior Smith, Leonard; Lamed, freshman Smith, Randy; Rolls . freshman Smith, Rob; Pawnee Rock, sophomore Smith, Sharon; Marienthal. freshman 304 Classes Sch-Smi Classes Smi-Ste The annual freshman-sophomore tug- of-war across Big Creek started Home- coming Day activities. The freshmen lost after a rallying pull, but promised that next year, as sophomores, they would take their turn at initiating the freshmen to Big Creek. Smith, Terrance; Great Bend, junior Smith, Vernon; Phillipsburg, sophomore Snavely, Janet; Concordia, sophomore Snyder, James; Courtland, freshman Snyder, Jenny; Court! and. freshman Sobba, Barbara; Fowler, sophomore Sobba, Steven; Fowler, junior Soeken, Nancy; Claflin, junior Soelter, Greg; Ulysses, sophomore Solko, Patricia; Herndon, junior Soukup, Thomas; Morse Bluff, Nebr., freshman Spafford, Donna; Concordia, freshman Spangler, Lynette; Scott City, freshmar Speer, Lynden; Clearwater, freshman Spiller, Debra; McPherson, freshman Spratling, Betty; Norton, junior Springfeldt, Mary; Great Bend, junior Sprung, Elizabeth; Bonner Springs, freshman Staab, Alfred; Ellis, freshman Staab, Charles; Hays, freshman Staab, Deanne; Hays, freshman Staab, Ronald; Hays, freshman Stafford, Sue; Russell, freshman Sfahl, Bruce; Sedgwick, junior Stallings, Glenda; Jetmore, sophomore Standard, Lea; Winona, sophomore Standish, Greg; Goodland, sophomore Stang t Marilyn; Victoria, junior Starke, Avis; Sublette, freshman St Clair, Mary Ann; Harlan, freshman Stearns, Richard; Cawker City, freshman Stecklein, Daniel; Hays, freshman Steen, Karen; Pratt, sophomore Steen, Shari; Pratt, freshman Steffen, Janet; Burdett, freshman Classes Smi-Ste 305 Classes Ste-Tac 12 I- Waiting as eagerly as his mas- I ter for the whistle to blow, a cam- pus canine surveys the scene. 2. Taking it easy on a beautiful fall day, this Fort Hays Stater doesn ' t seem too involved in the flurry of activity that marks the beginning of a new semester. Stegman, Debra; Vienna. Va. t sophomore Stein, Anita; Spearville. freshman Stein, Leslie; Spearville, junior Stephen, Dianna; Bogue, sophomore Stephens, Denise; Grinnell, junior Stepp, Carl; Smith Center, freshman Stevenson, John; Great Bend, sophomore Stewart, Gretchen; Lyons, sophomore Stewart, Susan; Hoxie, junior Stocking, Nancy; Hays, freshman Stone, Jerry; Abilene, sophomore Stoskopf, John; Otis, sophomore St Peter, Tom; Da mar, freshman Stramel, Terry; Hays, freshman Streck, Carta; H ays, freshman Streeker, Laurel; Russell, freshman Stucfcy, Bernetta; Galva, sophomore Stuewe, Faye; Alma, sophomore Sulanka, Debra; Concordia, junior Sulzman, Annette; Oberlin, junior Summer, Dan; Hill City, sophomore Sutton, Barbara; Greensburg, junior Sutton, John; Hardtner, junior Swartz, David; Salina, sophomore Swearengin, Zenda; Hays, freshman Sweat, James; Cedar, junior Swim, Janet; Garden City, junior Swisher, Connie; Phillipsburg, sophomore Switzer, Earlice; Nicodemus, freshman Tacha, Cheryl; Jennings, sophomore 306 Classes Ste-Tec Classes Tal-Var Talburt Allen; Damar, freshman Tate, Jolece; Medicine Lodge, junior Taylor! Lois; Waldo, sophomore Taylor, Phyllis; Hutchinson, sophomore Teasley, Paula; Phillipsburg, freshman Tempero, Beth; Scott City, freshman Temple, Christie; Llndsborg, sophomore Temple, Lauref; Lindsborg, freshman Terrill, Catherine; Burr Oak, sophomore Thacker, Darlene; Paradise, freshman Thacker, Kathy; Luray, junior Thompson, Faye; Genesee, sophomore Thompson, Randy; Ashland, freshman Thompson, Steve; Geneseo, freshman Thurman, Denise; Great Bend, freshman Thurman, Doug; Great Bend, junior Tichenor, Scott; Paradise, freshman Tillberg, Gordon; Salma, sophomore Timbers, Roy; Glen Elder, freshman Trnkel, Alvlta; Claflin, freshman Todd, Larry; Hays, junior Toepfer, Philip; Hays, junior Tolbert, Janette; Emporia, junior Toll, Judy; Mo Hand, freshman Tomasu, Robyn; Meade, junior Topllff Cinda; Goodland, freshman Totten, Deborah; Overland Park, sophomore Tousles, Richard; St, Francis, freshman Tow, Steve; W a Keeney, freshman Townley, Linda; Phillipsburg, sophomore Townsend, Paul; Derby, sophomore Tracy, Marla; Phillipsburg, freshman Trainer, Kay; Hays, junior Trump, Christine; Salina, freshman Trumpp, Beverly; Clay Center, sophomore Tucker, Alan; Ashland, sophomore Tully, Dwight; Spearville, sophomore Turney, Carol; Hays, junior Tuttle, Camellia; Lucas, freshman Unkel, Pamela; Derby, sophomore Unruh, David; Burrton, junior Urbanek, Carl; Ellsworth, sophomore Vanderbur, Ernest; Russell, freshman Van Donge f Bob; Hays, freshman Vankooten, Karen; Long Island, junior Vanscyoc, Luann; Hoisington, junior Varah, Louise; Olmitz, sophomore Glasses Tal-Vor 307 Classes Vav-Wen Vavricka, Pat; Oakley, junior Veach, Linda; Ellin wood, sophomore Veh, Charles; Natoma, junior Vesecky, Louts; Timken, freshman Vice, Kent; Wichita, sophomore Vincent, Kay; Hays, junior Vincent, Patricia; Sublette, freshman Vine, Ken; Hays, junior Vogel, Gerald; Wright, junior Vogel, Margaret; Topeka, sopho more Vogt, John; Halstead, freshman Vonfeldt, Keith; Plainville, freshman Vonfeldt, Richard; Larned, freshman Voran, Linda; Cimarron, junior Voss, Jyl; Downs, freshman Vratil, Kathie; Lamed, freshman Waggoner, Charles; Morland, junior Wagner, Lynn; Prairie View, junior Wahrman, Wayne; Herndon, junior Waldman, Joiene; Grainfield, sophomore Waldo, Dennis; Oberlin, junior WaJdschmidt, Gregory; Hays, junior Walker, Larry; Penalosa, junior Walker, Mary; Penalosa, junior Wallace, Avis; Shallow Wafer, sophomore Wallace, Susan; Minneapolis, sophomore Wallace, Valerie; Barnard, freshman Waller, Rebecca; Stockton, freshman Walter, Nancy; St. Francis, sophomore Walters, Cindy; Hays, junior Walz, Stephen; Ellis, freshman Wanklyn, Alla n; Randall, sophomore Ward, Larry; Ulysses, freshman Ward, Steve; St. John, freshman Wasinger, Bruce; Hays, junior Wasinger, Mary; Victoria, freshman Watson, Glenn; Ardara, Pa., freshman Watson, Janeice; Ashland, freshman Wafts, Harry; Hays, freshman Weber, Jane; Sheridan Lake, Colo,, junior Weber, Paula; Wa Keeney, freshman Weber, Suellen; LaCrosse, sophomore Webster, Jill; Jefmore, freshman Weeks, Larry; Brownell, junior Weems, Terry; Collyer, freshman Weigel, Elizabeth; Hays, freshman Wiemer, Kenneth; Hays, freshman Wendler, Craig; Nekoma, freshman 303 Classes Vav-Wen Classes Wen-Woy Wenlger, David; Kingman, junior Wente, Brent; Hifl City, junior Werling, Gary; Hill City, sophomore Werth, Connette; Ness City, junior Wessling, David; St. Louis, Mo., sophomore West, Diane; Rush Center, freshman West, Myrna; Rush Center, sophomore Wesfhusin, Renee; Natoma, freshman Westmacott, John; Salma, junior Wheeler, Onda; Hays, junior Wherry, Eleanor; Wa Keeney, freshman Whisler, Doug; Satanta. junior Whisman, Nancy; Palco, freshman White, Cynthia; Salina. sophomore White, Ford; Moscow, junior White, James; Sublette, junior Whitehall Lynne; Abilene, junior Whiteley, Connie; Protection, freshman Wichers, Becky; Beloit, freshman Wiesner, Michael; Hays, junior Wiggins r Josephine; Red Cloud, Nebr., junior Wigginton, Joycelyn; Hoxie, junior Wilken, Patsy; Leoti, freshman Wilkinson, Karen; Stratton, Nebr., junior Wilkinson, Tanya; McDonald, sophomore Williams, Pam; Lenora, freshman Williams, Susan; Montezuma, junior Willis, Jo Anne; Wichita, freshman Wilson, Dan; Liberal, sophomore Wilson, Leonard; Johnson, junior Windell, Randy; Goodland, junior Windhofz, Carolyn; Hays, junior Windholz, Louise; Victoria, freshman Windholz, Ralph; Victoria, freshman Winter, Craig; Wichita, sophomore Witwer, Katie; Abilene, junior Wolf, Charlene; Grainffeld, freshman Wolters, Joni Lou; Porfis, freshman Wood, Harold; Wichita, junior Wood, Vickie; Abilene, sophomore Woods, Carol; St. Louis, Mo., freshman Woods, Cheryl; Carlton, junior Woods, Patti; Hays, junior Workman, Diane; Folsom, Pa., freshman Woydziak, Alan; Claflin. junior Woydziak, Virginia; Hoisington, freshman Classes Wen-Woy 309 Classes Wri-Zuk Wright, Richard; Pratt, junior Wylie, Linda; Quinfer, freshman Wyman, Marilyn; Brownell, freshman Yeager, Jeffrey; Great Bend, freshman Yeager, Maryetta; Tescott, freshman Yelekr Barbara; Windsor, Colo,, sophomore Yeradi, John T.; LaCrosse, sophomore York, Denise; Healy, freshman York, Judy; Salina, freshman Young, Emily; Salina, freshman Young, Terri; Oberfin, junior Younger, Lonnie; Wa Keeney, junior Zeigler, Jadeen; Wilmore, sophomore Zeis, Richard; Lakewood, Ohio, junior Zellmer, Oneta; Norton, freshman Zerr, Debra; Hill City, sophomore Zerr, Kathy; Grainfleld, junior Zimbelman, Robin; St, Francis, freshman Zimmer, Wilma; LaCrosse, junior Zimmerman, Dennis; Hays, freshman Zimmerman, Dennis; Mullinville, junior Zimmerman, Jeff; Overland Park, junior Zollman, Peggy; Phillipsburg, sophomore Zuker, Anita; Minneapolis, sophomore 3 JO Classes Wrf-Zuk Names and years tlew by rapidly as she brought the past up to date. But then, . . . ’Lights out came a call from below . . . — • " If Buildings Could Talk ' ' (from the Varsity Basketball pro- gram for the last game in Sheri dan Coliseum Jan 17, 1973) FH8 — A World Within Itself Fort Hays State, like any col- lege is somewhat a world within itself, it operates under its own special government, has its own defined spending limits, and is. peopled with special brands of homo-sapiens known as the faculty members, the administrators and the students. As it does in other communi- Dennis D. McKee, professor of auto shop and industrial arts education. 3 The Den- nis ' Mac ' 1 McKee award for the Best Multi-PuptI Activity in the FHS annual Western Kansas Industrial arts fair. 4. A busy day on the Hays campus is caught by an aerial photographer. 312 FHS ' Dennis McKee Suffers Fatal Heart Attack ties, tragedy struck FHS on Satur- day, Oct. 7, when Professor Den- nis D. McKee died. The 60-year- old professor was preparing for an outing with the Industrial Arts Club and faculty, when he suf- fered a heart attack. McKee had been a part of Fort Hays since his study here in the thirties before his graduation in 1936. After studying in Colorado, and teach- ing for a few years, McKee joined his Alma Mater ' s teaching staff In 1953. He taught auto shop and industrial arts education until the 313 Hays Faces Year of Growing Pains, Apathy time of his death. To honor Dennis " Mac ' 1 McKee, a special award for the Most Outstanding Multi- Pupil Project division of the annual Industrial Arts Fair was cast and presented. The student body suffered another loss this year as James V. Allphin, Palco sophomore, was accidentally wounded in a shoot- ing mishap. All ph i n and some of his friends were cleaning guns when one discharged, killing the FHS youth. FH5 also faced a year of grow- ing pains, periods of apathy, a few false hopes, and a session or two in ' big universitlzation, 1 ' Probably the biggest advance came through the work of the 22 campus students who organized the Black Student Union to culti- vate and promote the understand- ing of Black culture. The newly formed BSU stretched out its hand to help organize the Chi- cano and Latin American brothers Ilf? 1 H HI . ir,. m - ItirV 11 ' - ' .12 |, Derby Days finds the Union [3 lined with participants tor the various activities, and the mob bursts into excited cries each time a crowd of females go after a single black- derbied male. 2, Preparing for a blast from an ancient cavalry cannon are three museum visitors. 3. Near the Fort Hays campus, these two cyclists stop to watch the small buffalo herd grazing near the highway. 4. The Kutana Players per- formed for the Black Heritage Weekend sponsored by the Fort Hays State BSU. 3K B8U Starts info an organization of their own. But some of the FHS organiza- tions didn ' t fair so well. Threaten- ing clouds hung over the State College Leader ' s head as the Stu- dent Senate decided the paper wasn ' t printing the required amendments and bills, therefore nullifying their passage. So the 315 Professor Initiates Nicaraguan Earthquake Fund Senate threatened to, and did once, cut off the paper ' s funds. Finally the Senate bought adver- tising space in the Leader, and advertised all their missing mate- rial and a new bill that said, in effect, that the bills would all be binding even if the Leader didn ' t print them. The Leader suffered again after staying up all night during the national elections so that the col- lege paper could be the first on the streets of Hays. The electronic age must have deadened every- one ' s excitement as hardly anyone bothered or even wanted to see the special edition. One of the more publicized, fruitless hopes was the ' highly opfi m istic try at getting John Denver to perform at Fort Hays, figuring the sudden rise of the performer ' s ratings on the charts would definitely fill Sheridan, Unfortunately, his sudden rise in popularity also signaled a sudden rise in his price. Another, more worthy, but less publicized endeavor was Assistant Professor Ronald Fundis ' initiation of the Nicaraguan Earthquake Fund to help rebuild the National University of Nicaragua in Mana- gua, The 5,000 student University was almost totally destroyed by the great quake, Fundis was par- ticularly interested as he lived in Managua for two years while he 316 Students Fight did research in association with the Agency for International Development in 1966-69. This agency helped build the new, now devastated campus for the 150- year-old University. Mimicking the campuses of K- State and KU, FHS finally came up with a self-beautification pro- ject which dotted the landscape. From the stone of the Half Cen- tury Club to the redwood lattice work and the red and yellow metal to Recruit New Faces for FHS sculpture, our newly found " cul- ture ' changed the scenery, to say the least FHS also stepped Into the mod- ern scene with Its bomb threat of McMindes Hall All women, except those on the top two floors, were ushered out to safety while the building was searched. Fortunately, FHS isn ' t quite sophisticated enough to have a bomb Still on the destructive side, the new HPER complex suffered Its first damage when someone broke through a couple of windows in an unsuccessful attempt to get Into that inviting, gigantic pool. On the more positive side, the students were vitally concerned for the future of Fort Hays and worked as never before to recruit new students: cooperated with the faculty and administration In student and college government and planning Going to great 317 Students Give lengths for philanthropic pro- grams, organizations played bas- ketball, rode bicycles, ptayed games and worked long hours that others might benefit. President 0us tad lauded the Student Senate and governing L Indian artifacts, such as these, 3j4 prove interesting objects for detailed sketches. 2. Construc- tion and repair on PIcken ' s roof draws occasional crowds of students who sit on the fountain edge and watch the work- men ' s antics, 3 Rain repeatedly over- came Spring s natural sunshine this year and seems to have set a record for inter- rupting most campus activities. 4 The first big piece of sculpture to dot the FHS campus was this red and yellow specimen. 318 Slightly Used HPER Complex Opens Next Year officers for their cooperation and leadership, making it a good year. So next year, the FHS campus and Its unique brand of homo- sapiens will be greeted with a slightly used (very slightly) HPER complex, and a new chance to wrestle with the Kansas Legisla- ture, seeking equal consideration and financial support for the only State-assisted College in the Western two-thirds of the State. KtCMfd Ed Kuhn Doug Leiker Sharon Nicofet Brian Schoenthaler Larry Walker 319 General Index A Abbott, Deborah . .......... . 272 Abbott, Gregory .64 135, 136 141, 230, 244, 272 Abbott Kevin 251 Abendshien. Barbara 56.272 Abram. Lynda . 75. 251 Achenbach, Charles 272 Acheson, Joyce 272 Adams. David 103 Adams. Jani 1 33. 135, 136. 141.225, 242 251 Adams. Jerry ... 181 , 1 82 Adams. Mary 73. M9, 251 Adams. Priscilla 272 Adams f Dr. Robert 217 Adams. Ronald . . , . 272 Adams. Rita 73, 118, I 19, 272 Adkins. Cynthia r ,251 Agnew Hall 22.23 Ahfberg, Dick ... I 77 Ahrens. Kay .233 Ahrens, Kerry . T , I 33 Ahrens. Kim 48 Atberding, Gayle .272 Albers. Robert 90 272 Albers, Ronald . . . 243, 251 Albin, Donna 251 Albright, John 272 Albright, Melanie ........ 122, 272 Alejos. Steven I 64 Alexa luann 1 18, 119. 121, 232, 272 Alexander. Clay , . 59 Alexander, Darwin 55, 25 1 Alexander. Dennis 78, 251 Alien, Barry . 151. 168 214 Alien, Carol 79 119,272 Allen. Cheryl 79, 232, 272 Allen, David 251 Allen, James 225 Allen, L, lleene ..215 Allen. Mary 245. 272 Allen. Robert 80, 164 Allison Rick. . .272 Allison. Sheryl ... 1 1 9 1 2 1 . 225. 25 1 Allison. Craig 119, 272 Allphin, Cathryn , . 77. 224 243 272 Allphin. Charles , , ,243. 272 Allphin, James 272 Alfton, Marta L 119 126 138 Alpha Gamma Delta . ,44-45 Alpha Kappa Lambda ...... .46-47 Alpha Kappa Psi 84 Alpha Lambda Delta 232 Alpha Pi Omega .76 Ameron. Carlos, ,48 Amerin. Leonard 245, 25 1 Amerlne Clyde. 123, 251 Ames, Charles ..,119. 12 L 123. 245 Ames. Marla 251 Amos. Danny 251 Amos. Myra 76, 272 Andersen, Demies . .64 96. 98. I 19. 244 272 ruiycouri, . . , . . Anderson. Mike ...... 59, 272 Anderson. Janet . . . , , 237.272 Anderson. Keith . . . . . 272 Anderson. Ken ..11 8? 1 19. 130. 245. 272 Anderson, Mary 251 Anderson, Rebecca , . 272 Andrew. Jimmie , . . .242, 251 Andrist Tina 118 Anschutz, Jeffrey ,48. 168.272 AnthoJz, Cecilia . , . . . 272 A pel. Rochelle . , , . ,87, 272 Applebee, Rhonda . . . 24.272 Applebee, Tamra . , 74. 92. 226, 251 Applegate, Debra , , . . 272 Applegate. Dianne . , . .97, 232, 272 Applegate, Rodney . . 72.251 Archuleta, Gale 251 Ard, Bruce 272 Arend. William . . 272 Arensman, Larry ....... .273 Arias. Jimmy 185 Armbrister, William . . 242 Armstrong, Jr.. J. D, . 151. 152. 154, 155. 172 Armstrong. P. Annette 77 Arnhold, Frank ..... 151 273 Arnhold,. Rose M. . , .86 217 228 Arnhold. William .... 251 Arpin Leland 273 Artists and Lectures .... 1 16-1 17 Artman, Michael .... . .63 83 23! Asbury, Charles .... 242 251 Aschwege, Kathleen , . .73, 75, 273 Ash, Rita 139 Ash, Stephen , 242 Ashcraft. Michael , „ . 63 273 Askew. Barbara . . . 74 Associated Women Students ,,236, 237 Atchison, Phoebe . . . , 132 133,242 Athletic Trainers 184 Atkins, Alison 212 Atkins. J. Reynolds 231 Atkeson, Adella 129 Atkinson Stephen 273 Atom Nadine 51, 75.238. 251 Atwill. Arthur 273 Atwood, Larry 273 AugostinL Jose 181 Augustine Carmen . . , 273 Augustine, Elma 273 Austermam Ronald .... 90 129,273 Awtrey. Rhonda 24, 273 B Baalmann, Audrey 90, 129, 273 Babb. Linda 273 Be bcock. Dane , , 81.273 Bach, Douglas 273 Bachkore, Bryan , 214 Bacon, Gary . . , 78 Behner Kathy, , ,170, 171. 232 233 273 Bailey. Donna 224, 251 Bailey, Ronald 119, 120, 121 Bain, Sylvia .225 Baird, Sondra .60 74 273 Baker. Ann Marie 252 Baker, Dr, Kenneth R. .214 Baker, Terrflyn 78, 273 Bakumenko. George , , . 90. 273 Baldwin. Debra 60 Balfhezor, Gloria 252 Bamber, Steve 64 273 Bandet. Jerald 79, 273 Bandef, Peggy , 245 252 Bankston. Gail .123. 124 130 244, 252 Bankston. Steven 122, 130. 273 Bannister, Marcia 212 Bansemer, Kathleen 51, 273 Baptist Campus Center 95 Barber. Robert .252 Barhydt, Julie . .81. 119. 120, 273 Barker. Stephen 273 Barlow, Nancy 252 Barnaby. Glenn ...... 79. 243. 252 Barnaby, Nancy . 77 Barnaby. Richard 84 Barnes. Cheryl 74. 273 Barnes, David E 55, 235 273 Barnes Dove M .63 Barnes, Tom . . . 63 Barnett Charles 273 Barnett Roger 273 Barr, Charles 273 Barr, James C 78 273 Barrett. Don 59 243. 252 Barron, David 88 Barta, Max I 19. 273 Bartholomew, Mary, . . 120 Bartholomew; Dr. Leland . . 1 20. 2 10 Bartholomew. Ray 273 Barton, Donald 90, 2 14 Barton, Sharon , 217.233 Baseball . . 180. 181. 182, 183 Basketball, Men ' s 158, 159. 160, 161. 162, 163 Basketball, Women s 170, 171 Basinger. Kerry 252 Bassett, Brad 55 Bassett Marcus , . 55. 224 230, 23 I . 234,235 243,273 Bates. Brian 18 1 Bates. Janet,. ... .75. 226 228. 252 Bauck, Dennis ,273 Baum. Gordon 1 00. 274 Baumann Fredrick 274 Baumgartner. Jacquelyn . .215 228. 252 Baumgartner, Janet 232 Baxa, Jerry 274 Baxter. David . „ 274 Baxter. Ralph . . 1 01 Baxter, Vivian . .216 Beach, Kerry , 274 Beadles, Lonnie 83 244 Beagley. Jerry 78. 274 Beardslee, Carroll L 209 Beardslee Jerry 93 252 Besrley. Montine 274 Beaton. John 93 156 172 274 Beauty and the Beast . . 46 Beavers. Karen ,..51. 274 Beavers. Ronald 168. 274 Becker. Charles 274 Beckman. Jeanette .... 74. 171, 252 Beckmann. Duane ......... 24, 252 Beckwith, Kathy. .274 Beecher. Leslie 274 Beilman, Paula 274 Beiser. Vickie 51 129 232 235. 274 Beisner. Bonnie ... .75. 88 1 19, 120. 121,225. 226 244. 252 Belisle. Janice . - . 274 Bell, James 242, 252 Bell. Kenneth I 72. 274 Bell. Stephen .... .98. I 19, 244, 252 Beilis. David.. . . ..98. 181 Bender, Curtiss 59. 226. 252 Bender Kathy 274 Bender, Phyllis ♦ . , 44. 274 Bender Robin , .252 Bengtson. Debra , ♦ , , 274 Benignus. Elsbeth , . 60 Bennett, Janet 274 Bennett. Joy 5 1 274 Bennett. Kim 274 Bennett. Marlene 274 Benson. Chaille .274 Bentley. Dana .............. .274 Beougher, Edward 59 Beougher, Dr. Elton E 2J6 r 243 EJerens, Becky 88. 274 Bergin. Margaret .274 Bergin. Victor 85, 252 Bergling, Susan 60,252 Bergman. Robert 59 274 Bergman. Ruth .252 Berland, Card 274 Berland Reginald 274 Berland. Vincent 79. 274 Berman, Ron 59 Bernard, Kenny 78 Bernard. Larry . r , , . 78 Berneking, B. Rex 230 243. 252 Berry, Stanley 98 274 Bessire Linda 224.252 Besssre, Tony 48 Best Dressed Coed 51 Besthorn. Annie 274 Besthorn. Kathleen 91 Bethel!, Joy 73. 252 Bever, Susan .274 Biays, Esther 29 Bicknefl, James ....... 85, I 5 1 . 252 Bieber, Barbara 90, 244, 252 Bieker. Paulette .60. 274 Big ham, Gerry 52 Billinger, Betsy 56. 136 Billinger. Brenda , 274 Billinger Gerry + ....... 55 274 Billinger. Jeanne 274 BilFinger, Kenneth 274 Billinger Mary 274 Billinger. Richard 1 0 1 , 252 Binder, Stephen 79, 243. 274 Bfngaman, Henry 79.274 Bingaman. Marla 252 Bird . Marilyn .............51. 274 Bird. Nancy 51 59 87 274 Birdsong, Doug . . ,48. 274 Birkes. Beverly , . . 275 Birkes. Roberta ........ 73 83. 275 Birnbaum. James 156, 157. 172 174. 275 Bisbee. Linda 77 Bisel, Janice , , .64. 275 Bishop. M ark ,...181. 275 Bishop Patricia 118 119, 120 Btzzell, O. Z 209 Bfornstad, Kenneth 64 Bfurstrom. Lee , . 252 Black Student Union 80 Blackwood, Debbie ,275 Blair. Dennis 252 Blair. Gayle 275 Blair, Ginny 60. 275 Blakely, Donna 275 8landi ng, Linda ,77 Blasi, Janet 275 Blattner Cecil 252 Blattner, Stanley 252 Blazer Robert ♦,. .♦..151 Blazer, Sheila . . 77 Blazer, Susan 51. 170 171 252 Blecha, Jean ,74. 192 275 Block and Bridle ,79 Bfoss, Donald .214 Bock Stanley ... 1 19. 120, 121. 125, 244. 252 Bock. Marjorie ... I 19, 121 126 244 Boeken. Linda 275 Boethin Vivian 252 Bogart, Cindy 74 Bogart, Katherine . , , 212 Bogart. Kim , 275 Boggs, Randy . , , . . , .275 Bogue, Dr. Russell 93 210 Bohlen, Carmen, 122 275 Bohling, Susan 252 Bohme. Lawrence 252 Boling. Eldon , , 252 Boling, Janet 275 Bollig. Cherald 252 Bollig. Rudolph 88 Bolt, Karen 73.275 Bolton Beth 120. 121. 252 Bolts. Arthur 275 Boman, Pamela 275 Boman, Wallace 252 Boor, Dr, Myron 217 Boos. Pamela 51.75. 85 252 B-orger, Charlotte , 5 1 . 146, 225, 226. 228. 252 Borger. Cynthia ., 60,275 Bornholdt, Virginia .212 Borfhwick, James . ,, 252 Bortz, Robert . 84 275 Bosch, Ray 275 Bott, Gfenna 224 Bottom Carol 252 Bourquin, Achile 252 Bourquin, John 230 Bowerman, Paul , .47, 151. 164. 165, 167,275 Bowman. David 245, 253 Boxberger, Mary ............. 275 Boxum. Larry 275 Boyce, Daniel 1 5 1 , 275 Boyd, Barbara C 225, 253 Boyd, Barbara P, ,36 1 90 24 1 . 253 Boyd. Stephen 275 Bozeman, Earl G 209 Braden. Howard .275 Braden, Janice , , . . 275 Bradley. Barbara 130 133 Bradley. Kimberly , , , , ,275 Bradley, Rebecca 171 Bradrick. Tom .... 64, I 56. I 57, I 72. 173. 174 239. 276 Brandstefter. Lois 276 Brandt, Eve 52 Brann, Carolyn 141 Brannan, Nancy , , , , 73. 79. 85 276 Brass Choir 121 Breckenridge Michael 83 Bredfeldt Shirley .... 120 222. 225. 229. 244. 276 Breeding. Susan 81 Brehm, Charles ...... 16! . 162, 214 Breltenbach. Alice . . 225 Breftenbach. Tyna 276 Brenn. Carol .... 122. 129, 130. 276 Brenn. David 243 Brenner. Paul 253 Brethower. Janice 276 Brickley. Marsha 276 Bridge. Maralyn . ,276 Briney. Lesa 276 Brodmerkfe. Bruce . 276 Broeckelma-n, Barbara 1 19, 238, 276 Broeckelman, Lois .,,,129. 233. 276 Brooks, Doyle K 216 Brooks, Kathy .276 Broom. Cynthia 276 Bross Cindy . . . 74 Brosseau, Robert 84, 276 Brown, Caroline .276 Brown, Craig . ...,.231 Brown, Dennis . . , . 1 8 I Brown, tsiah , , 80. 151 Brown, Jon 84. 253 Brown, Kenneth 80 Brown. Margaret 76, 276 Brown, Ma ry 276 Brown. Max 225. 244 Brown, Pamela 88 119. 276 Brown, Robert 1 26. 2 1 2 Brown. Stephen 59, 276 Brown, Susan .244 Broyles. Daniel 253 Brubaker. Charlene .,,,,, I 18 276 Brubaker, Darla . 276 Bruce Bruce 1 5 1 Bruce James 231 Bruce Susan 129 233,280 Bruchy, Verdawna , . , , , 276 Brummer Wayne ,,.181.280 Brunell Craig 91 Brungardt Edward 79 Brungardt. Gerald .......231 253 Brungardt, Robert 253 Brungardt, Rose 215 Brunson, Kenneth ..,.253 Brunts, George . 136, 242 Brunts, Richard 276 Brunts, Susan ,276 Brust. Kristin . . ,276 Bryan. Corinne 85,276 Bryan. Floyd 85. 253 Bryant, Debra 1 19 Bryant. Delores . 121, 125. 276 Buchheim Dave 166, 276 Buchholz. Gene 48 276 Buckwalter. Sondra 232, 276 321 Budke, Tongay.. 75. 229. 276 Buehfer, Clarice. 60 253 Bushier Jere 253 Buehne. Dale , . . 276 Buhrmen, Ronald 276 Sula, Dr. Ralph 208 Bunyan. Fred 1 19, 133 136. 276 Burch, Arnita , , , 276 Burd. Michael 253 Burd. Thelma . .276 Burder, Mion . 64 Burgandy Street Singers 116 Burgardt. Patricia 91, 253 Burge Janet 253 Burger Dalene , , , ,276 Burger, Loa 276 Burgess. Susan . , 276 Burgett, Glenda . 1 33. ! 36. 140, 242. 253 Burgett. Rodney . I 33, 225. 242. 243. Sudke, Jr., Earl HL Burke, Patrick . . . Burlte Vicki Burkhart, Jerry . . Burnham. Stanley Burns, Jay Burns. William . . . Burton. Dave Busch, Dr. Allen J. Busch, Kennet . „ , Bush, Carla . . . . Bush. John Bush, Sandra . . . . Bush. Virginia , . . 253 216 . ...63.276 87. 224. 229 90 .276 276 276 . . J 84 .. . .64 217 253 276 253 243 ....... 123 Buss, Bruce . . .59, 221 230 231, 277 Butterfield. Susan , ,74. 92. 171 191, 277 C Cahoj. Leonard 277 Cain, Dr t C. Richard . . .90. 2 10, 242 Calms Thomasena ,277 Caldarera Ann Marie , .51 97, 234. 235. 277 Caldarera. Daniel 48 122. 253 Caldarulo. Jo 64 Caldwell. Jerry 59 93. 253 Caliban. Janice . ..122 Callahan, Gladys 77 Calnan, Craig 212 Calvert. William 277 Cameron. Kathleen . . .92. 145. 191, 277 Campbell, Jeannlne 277 Campbell, Jr. f Marc T 210 Canada, Victoria 80 Ca plan, Louts J. 216 Carbalfo, Dr. Benifo 88.212 Cants. Lahoma 245 Carfgren, Elizabeth 120, 277 Carfile. Connie 253 Carlson. Darrell 253 Carlson. Gary , . , 253 Carlson Karen 277 Carlson, Trina . .... .232 Carmen . ... 1 30- 1 3 1 Carney. Randy 47 277 Caron, Steven .......... 253 Carpenter. Dale 277 Carpenter, Thomas 178. 277 Carswell Daryl 277 Carter, Kenneth .2 I 7 Carter. Shirley .277 Carter. Susan 60. 64 98 Carver Linda., ..56. 119. 120 123 224. 244.277 Casey, Craig ...... 151277 Casey. Frances 90, 224. 277 Casey. Therese ,37, 277 Castor. Ronda 98. I 19 277 Castrellon, Elmer. . 277 Cates. Mary 241 277 Catholic Campus Center ...... .95 Cavanaugh. Jean ...253 Cavanaugh. Michael 55. 83 88. 230. 235.277 Cavender James 245 277 Cavfn, Jean ...... 277 Chaffin. Dale. .253 Chaffin. Jams .......... .245 277 Chalmers, Sendee .277 Chaplin, Ed 64 Chappee Marilyn 277 Charley, Elaine 277 Charlton. Patrick , . .48, 87, 1 19 277 Charvat. Libby 253 Charvat. Mores .88. 253 Charvat, Rose 253 Chase, Lynne 123. 1 24 1 30, 253 Cheek. Dave 52 Cheerleaders 1 45 Chemistry Club 83 Chestnut, Dave .99 Cheung. Henry 88 277 Childress, Dianna 232 Chung, Der Chin 253 Chittenden. Janet 118. 277 Choate, Dr. Jerry .216 Choguill, Dr. Harold 216 Christensen, Delores 253 Christensen. Gayle 231. 277 Christensen. William 253 Christopher. James 253 Christopher, Rachel . 214 Christy. Debra 232. 277 Civic Symphony 120 Claffin, William 2 1 4 Clair, Michael ..... 277 Clarinet Choir 127 Clark, Barbara 75, 253 Clark. Kenneth 184. 277 Clark. Larry 27. 162. 163. 238 Clark. Nancy .76.277 Clark. Robert 254 Clark. Sherry 51 64.226,245 Clark. Steve 102. 156. 162, 277 Clark, Thaine A 72. 2 1 6 Clary. Suzanne 277 Clausen. Jolene 277 Cfaussen, Ronald 254 Cfemence. Robert . „ 48. 277 Cline, Craig , , , , . 277 Oine, Lana ...... 254 Cline, Robert , . , , .254 Cline, Rodney .......... 254 Close, Cherry 217 Ootfelter. Susan 277 Clouston Katherine 74. 232 Coady, Karen ... 277 Coder, Edna 212 Coder, Dr + Ralph . 212 Codinanch, Maria 88, 212 Coen. James 244 Coffman, Cynthia 277 Cohen Barry . . . 164. 277 Cole. Paula 1 19.277 Colgin. David 243 Colglazier, Ruth , . , 254 Collegiate Chorale 122 Collegiate 4-H 73 Collier. Sharon , , 133 140, 242. 254 Collins, Barry . , , , . ,97, 98. 244. 254 Collins, Gary ...... 277 Collins, Dr. Richard 212 Collins, Terald . . 254 Colson. Roberta .74. 87. 278 Combs. Karen 254 Comeau Alphonse 244 278 Comerford, John 52 Comfort, william 59, 239, 278 Conard. John , . ....... 254 Conaway. Lori 254 Conaway, Vona ,85. 254 Concert Choir 123 Conkle. Larry 278 Conkle. Linda .............. .278 Conkright. Thomas ,.,... 254 Conley. Vicky 87. 278 Conrad. Debra 32.254 Conrad, Kim 278 Conrad, Randy T ... 32 Constant, Michael , . .278 Converse Carole . 254 Cook, Byron 30, 278 Cook, Carolyn ,278 Cook. Debra 51 118, 278 Cook, Frances 208 Cook. Gale 48, 168. 169,278 Cook. James 244 Cook. June 60, 75 226, 254 Cook. Mollfe 60. I 18.278 Cook. Pamela 51 . 254 Cook. Rebecca 278 Cook. Ryan ,242 254 Cooksey, Mark , , . 52. I 1 9. I 2 1 , 1 25 Coons, Stanley . .278 Cooper Barbara 225, 278 Cooper Bruce 93, 278 Cooper, Janet 5 1 . 74, 278 Cooper Marian 278 Cooper. Mark ,278 Cooper, Michael . .... .88. 168. 278 Cooper. Re .... .83 235. 244. 254 Cooper Richard ,,,.119, 130 Cooper. Stevan ...... .90, 122. 278 Cooper. Vicki ...... 240 24 1 . 278 Copeland. Wayne . I 78 P 254 Corcoran, Cheryl , . , ,255 Cord el. Robert ,255 Corder, Angela 129, 255 Corder. Marsha 23 29. 74 192, 237 278 Corke, Carlotta 75. 255 Gorman, Swinley . ♦ ,47 Cornwell. M, Rex 214 Corrick. Lucinda , , , . ,278 Cossman Michelle 255 Costigan, Dr. James ......... 2 10 Couch David 244 255 Coulson, Marion ..212 Coulter Kerry ..47 Countryman, Rita 278 Courtney, Jil.44. 119. 121, 123. 124 130. 278 Courtney, LydeJ 1 23, 124 Couture, Edith 244, 255 Cowles. Kathy .278 Cox Linda 278 Cox Patricia 244 Coy. Patricia , .278 Craft. Daryl 85 278 Craft. Debra 278 Crane, Randell , . ,278 Crayton, Bernadette 255 Creamer. Duane 63 Crim, Nancy .51 118 Crissman, Robert 217 Crist, Jacquelyn .. T , 245 Crist, Jeff 245 Crist, Stacy 51 38 234. 278 Critchfield, William , , ,224 Cronne, ShirEey .278 Cronn. Barbara 279 Cronn, Paula „ 1 7 1 279 Crosby. Steve 151, i S3 Cross Country 156. 157 Cross. David E 239 Cross, David R 47 78,279 Cross. Robert 47 136 279 Crowell, Ronald, , .80. 159. 160 162 Crowley, Leon 64 Cruickshank. Michael ...... 151. 168 Cullen r Jerry , 151.214 Cullumber Krln 279 Cullumber. Van . , ,255 Culver, Billy . . . . 26 Cunard. John 55 1 30, I 39 Cunningham. Denise ......... . 279 Curl, Donald 84, 255 Currey, Lennie . . . 279 Curtin, Scott 231.279 Curtis, Nancy 216 Custer Hall 24 25 Cu+right. David ,, 119. 125. 244. 255 Cu+right. Donald 76. 119 255 Outright. Martha 255 D Dahl Larry 225 231. 255 Dahl. Susan 255 Daigle, Rolland 279 Daley, Dr, Billy C 214 Da liman, Douglas 1 51 Dames Club 77 Dandorf, Dennis .64 255 Dangler Harold ............. I 8 1 Daniels. Sally ...225. 255 Danner. Bonnie ,78 Danner. Gary 78 Darington Susan 279 Dark of the Moon . 136- 137 Darnell Marilyn . . . 74, 192. 245 2S5 Darnell William . , , . . .55 223 234 Das. John . 52 Das. Mark ....... 52 Davenport. David . ...93.255 Devignon, Debra . . 87.279 Davis, Carol ....279 Davis, Cheryl 75.255 Davis, Donna . . 279 Davis. Johnny . . . . 255 Davis, Mark ...119. 244 255 Davis, Stanley . . . . 83 255 Davison, Becky . . . . ... .51 I 18 279 Davison. Nancy . . . 51 279 Davisson Larry . . . 78, 255 Davisson, Luwana , 78. 255 Dawdy, Jane 279 Dawes. Michael . . 279 Dawkins Debra . , 75 119,279 Dawson. Karolyn . 256 DeGarmo John , 47.279 Debauche Karen ,279 Debes, Darlene , . 256 Debes. Joseph . . . 256 DeBey. Wayne , . 256 DeCamp, Shirley . .279 Dechant. Darrell . 64. 31 279 Dechant Jacob , . 84 Dechant, Judy . , . 244 279 Dechant Mary , . ,256 Dechant, Steven , 79.85 Decker. Russell . , 168 DeGarmo, Larry . 47,256 DeHoven, Everett 224 DeEbert Edwin . . 76 Domes, Elizabeth . . , 279 Deines, Jill ...... 123. 124 Deiter Michael . . .59 279 Dei ter. Raymond 59. 279 Dejan s Olympia Brass Band . . .117 Delaney, Jerel 256 Delcamp, Richard 88 Delgado, Danny 93. 164. 279 Delgado. Vicki ,74, 279 Delmei, Gary 168. 279 Delta Sigma Phi 48 49 Delta Tau Alpha 243 Delta Zeta 50 5 f Dempsey, Linda 256 Dennett, Denise 279 Denning, Dan 59 Denning, Dennis 256 Denning, Judith 279 Denton. Clyde 256 Depenbusch, Keith . , . ,279 Depress, Larry . . ........ 245 Depperschmidt. Patty. .44 229 279 Derby Days 107 108, 109 Derr, Debra .90, 279 Desbien William, 48 Desilet. Marie 56. 279 Detwiler, Dick ........ 24. 242, 279 DeWald, Luann 75. 256 DeWald, Mark .73.88,97 119, 123. 130. 244.279 Dews II. Steve , . . 256 Dexter, Kris . . 256 Dey. Kay 245 Deyoe. Bill 48 Dibie. Jean 74 Dibble, Joseph 88 279 Dick. John ....... 256 Dick, Rodney ......... 256 Dick, Roger 243 Dickman. Kathleen 88. 279 Diehl, Henry 222. 243 Diehl, Robert 243 Dierberger, Tim 256 Di erics, Cynthia 88.279 Dietz. Carol 256 Dilfey, Lyle .212 Dilts. Ella . 87, 279 Dinges, Deborah 279 Dinges. Joyce 279 Dinges. Kathleen 279 Dinbl. Donald 279 Dinkel. Laren 279 Dinkel, Wanda 232 279 Dipman. Cynthia 44. 59 279 Dipman, David 59. 280 Dirks. Gene 119 Dirks. Martha .2f4 Dobbs, Dr. Edith ,214 Dobrinski Kenneth 64 256 Doctor. Carol 280 Doctor. Teresa 280 Doerschlag. James 64. 280 Doggett, John ,212 Doherty, Daniel 132 136,242 Doherty, Joan ....... 1 33. 136, 242 Doherty. Michael .,..133. 136 242 Dohrmann, Dennis 280 Dolezal Sue 120 Doll, Galen 231, 243 Doll, Garyold 256 Doll, Mark 256 Dome, Susan 280 Don Cossack Chorus and Dancers . . 116 Donley Keith .... 1 19, 121,216 Dooley, William . ........ 84, 2 1 7 Doran, Carol 77 Doran. Richard . . . ....... ISI. 168 Dortch. John 280 Doubrava. Alan . , , 280 Doubrave Mark . „ 76, 280 Doud. Carol . , , . . 86 280 Doud, David , . . . 55.91 256 Doud Rise 244, 256 Douglas, Jonathan 80. 149, 151. 154 Douglas Terry . , . . 164, 172 Douthit, Rebecca 51. 118. 280 Dowdy, Jane 85 Drach Steven . . . . 280 Drake Arnold . , . . 136, 208 Drake, Robert . . , . 280 Drake Steven . . . ...156. 172 280 Draper, Sherry 280 Drees, Alice .87 Dreher, Esther .52 Dreiling. Alien 256 Dreiling Eileen 280 Dreiling. Janice 85. 280 Dreiling, Judy ,,51,83. 86 237 244 256 Dreiling. Kathleen 51. 256 Dreiling, Marie 280 Dreiling. Marilyn .75, 85 256 Dreiling, Michael. ............. 59 Dressier, Dr. Robert . ,216. 224. 240 Drinan, Dr. Patrick 217 Drinen Cindy 87,280 Driscoll. Jane .280 Dryden, Laurence A, . 216 Dvbbert, Denise 280 Dugan. Vickie 74, 119 120 121 224. 280 Dumler. Larry 27 Dumler Pam . . 44 Dunkelberg, Alan S3 280 Dunn. Bruce ............ . II 9. 230 Dunn, Mary ..... . ... ... . 123. 280 Durand, Dan, 209 Durfee. Claudia 60. 64 280 Durler. Lee 96. 97. 244 256 323 Purler, Stanley 256 Durr, Douglas , .90, 280 Durr, Randy .48 Durr, Rebecca . „ ,91, 280 Dye, Dennis 88, 280 E Eades, John 280 Ealden, Becky 280 Earl, Gary 123, 124,280 Earls, Charlotte 232 East, John ,.151 Eastes. Zon ... 52. 96, 120, 23 1 , 280 Eck, Mike.. 226, 256 Eckert, Jennifer 280 Ecumenical Campus Center ..... 95 Edgett, Diane ...... .232, 233, 280 Edmund, Elizabeth 2 1 2 Edmundson, Debra 88, 280 Edson, Vickie 281 Edwards, Gay 281 Edwards, Sylvia 77 Edwards, William ,256 Egbert, Re 55. 281 Eichenauer, Gloyd 84, 256 Eichman, Richard 281 Eichman, Tabetha 171,232,233,281 Eickmann, Mary 281 Eilert, Pauline .60, 281 Ekum, Kristi 1 29, 28 1 Elden, Becky 60 Elder, Bobby 28 1 Elder, Cristie 56, I 18. 226, 228, 235, 243, 256 Elder. Renee 281 Eller. Kay 225, 228. 245, 256 Elliott, Charles 59, 88. 281 Elliott. Martha 28 f Elliott. Paul 281 Elliott, Robin 281 Ellis, Charles ,,.,91 Ellis, Kim + . 119 Ellis, Regena , . 28 1 Elmore, George . 83, 256 Eltie, Dr Ervin ,.,,,216 Ely, Dr. Charles A 216 Emmert, Kfmimy 1 78. 281 Engel, Charles 122 Engel Sandra . . 133, 281 Engel! and, Cheryl 92, 171.214 Engelsman, Lois 171,281 Engle, Jerri I 18, 192, 281 English. Rita , .69, 96, 226, 234, 244, 256 Engweiler. Richard ........ , . . . 78 Ensign, Leanne 257 Endow, Marilyn 234, 240. 281 Epp, Gale 168 Eppich. John ........... 240. 24 1 Epsilon Pi Tau 242 Erbacher, George ,83. 88. 257 Erbert, Debbie 60. 118,281 Errchsen, Christina ...... ,245, 281 Ericson, Erick ........... 47 Erway, Lyle 47 Eskew, Beverly 281 Eta Rho Epsilon , 92 Efter, Orville Eugene .216 Evans, Darrel ,257 Evans, David ,257 Evans, Jan 77 Evans, Leelda .281 Evans, Max 15 1 Evans. Randall .«, , 257 Everhart, Barbara 215 Evert. Karen 257 Evins, Calvert 257 F Fabln, Beverly ,281 Fabrlcius, David 64 fager. Wayne ............ 84. 28 1 Fagg, Dorothy. 120 Fahrenbruch. Dea Ann 232 Fair, James .84. 257 Fall, Vernon W ,.217 Fanning, Cecyle 257 Farley, Patricia , ,28f Faulkner, David 59. 281 Faulkner, Keith 217 Faulkner, Mark 59.281 Faurot, Robert 257 Feoster, Elizabeth 28 1 Feaster, Mary 60, 145. 282 Fehrenbacher, Lonnie 225 Feikert. Sharon . , 5 1 , 282 Feldt, Pamela . .257 Feldt. Ronald. . , 257 Feltner, Britt 59, |5| Fenick, John ...... 245 Fenner. Dennis 282 Fenster, Stephen 78, 257 Ferland, Donald .282 Fetsch, Gloria . .225, 228. 245. 257 Fiala, Peggy 73 Ficken, Dale , , . 2 1 2 Figler, Bry noli W, 2 1 2 Fiflinger, Louis C 214 Finger, Edward 282 Fink, Jackie 225,242.245.257 FEnke, David 257 Fish, Martha 257 Fisher, Gary .79, 282 Fisher, Guy , 282 Fisher, Julee 282 Fisher, Rebecca 64. 282 Fishier, Peggy ....... 225, 245. 257 Flag Corps || 8 Flagler, Tim 48. 282 Ffamik, Lee 55, 234, 282 Flanagan, Michael 234, 282 Flax, Patricia i 282 Fleharfy, Dr. Eugene 216 Fleske, William 282 Flowers, Rhonda 51. 59. 282 Floyd. Janet 232 Flynn. Michael 282 Folk, Jerry 282 Fondoble, Pam 60.98,233,282 Foos, Renee , .60, I 18, 1 19. 121, 282 Football 150, 151, 152, 153, I S4 r 155 Foote, Cyril 80 r 172 Ford, Ba rbara ,.,,51, 282 Ford, Charlene 257 Ford. Robert .257 Forristal, Dan 59. 151. 282 Forsythe, Dr, James L 2 1 7 Fort. Gregory 59, 230, 244 Fort Hays Singers 1 24 Fort, Jon 59. 1 84, 282 Foster, Rhea .... I 19, 120. 121, 125 Foster, Jock .282 Foster, Joyce 88. 232, 282 Foster. Vernon 242, 257 Fournier, Barbara 233, 282 Fox, Bradley 257 Fox, Sherry 245 Frock, Brent ... t ......... 1 59, 162 Frahm. Richard 52, 76, 257 Francis, Alex . .... 174, 214 Francis. Jerrold 172. 282 Fra ncis. Leland 257 Francis, Lois 257 rroistis, Frank, Leon .282 Frank, Sally 257 Franklin. Joyce . . . 79 Fredrickson,. Dennis .84, 90, 242, 282 Fredrickson, Jill . . . 282 Freeman, David , . . .282 French Club ..88 Frerer, Jr , Dr Lloyd A, , . .212, 242 Frick. Kim .......... .282 Friesen. Rodney , . 282 Fritz. Theodore . . . 257 Prize II. Jon . 282 Froelich, Lennet . , 282 Froelich. Randolph 282 Froman. Sue 282 Frownfel+er, Joy , , 56,282 Fry, James 52 Fry, John , 282 Fuller, Stephen . , . 231. 282 Fuller, Terry ...... 168 Fulwider. Lynn . . . . 47,282 Fulwider. Wanda . 282 Fund is t Ronald 86,217 Funk. Thomas 48. 1 19, 235, 282 Furbeck. Cindy 257 Furlough .110, 111 Fyler, David .63 G Gabel, Kathleen 232, 245, 282 Gadson, Curzie . .282 Gaither. Christine 282 Gall, Marleen ,.225,257 Gall. Sandra 257 Gallegos, Willie 3 51. 282 Gelliardf, Donald 243, 257 Gallon, Ivan 64. 257 Galloway, Max , , F 23 . 124, 130, 244, 282 Gansel, Richard 59 Ganser. John ............151, 168 Garcia, Maria 30, 283 Gardinier. Jack 63, 239, 257 Gardner. Charles 257 Garetson. Melanie .283 Garner, Naomi .,,.213 Garner, Sadie ...... 74, 80. 88. 1 29 Garrett, Cynthia , .69. 283 Garrett, Larry 257 Garrett, Marsha 257 Garrett. Patti .29, 283 Garrett. Steve 1 72 Garten, Cathy 257 Garten, Tarry 283 Garwood, Diane .44 Garwood, Dr. John D, 206, 207 Garwood, Kathleen ........ 2 1 5 Gaschler. Dennis 257 Gaschler, Joyce . . , 283 Gaschler, Thomas 8 f . 283 Gaskill, Donald 59.230 Gass. Helene 233,245. 283 Gassner, Donna ...... 119. 120. 283 Gates, Gregory .64 Gates, Ralph 64 Gates. Robert 64 Gatschet. Garolyn 224 Gatschet, Pa til 213 Getterman, Michael . . .48. 123, 283 Gebhards, Rex 97. 283 Gechter, Donna .283 Geier. Kathy . .69, 78 Geier, Max 283 Gersel. Ronald. 283 Genereux, Barbara .257 Genereux, Delmar . 283 Gengler. Thomas 283 Gennette. Lillian .47 Gentry, Ruff L 216 George, Sondra ... 87, 97, 229. 244, 283 German CIud 88 Gerritzen, Jeanette . .224. 226, 228, 237, 244,257 Gerstberger. Juanita 257 Getz, John 151 Gfeller, Craig 59, 151 Gibson, Charles 181.283 Gibson, Richard .283 Giddings, Brad - .257 Giebler, Alvin 283 Giebler. Cecilia ..119. 283 Giebler, Joan 232. 283 Giebler, Pamela 283 Giebler. Sylvia 87.283 Giesaking. Karen . .283 Giesick. Karla 283 Giessel, Thomas 283 Gifford. Belinda 244 Gilbert. Srice . .48. 283 Giles, Audry 91 Giles. Bill .,151.214 Gilg. Marcia 283 Gilger, Debra 51, 145,283 GUI, Cynthia 123,283 Gill Donald 283 Gill. Mike 168 Gillen, Colleen . ,..75.91,1 19. 1 21, 122, 130, 257 Gillen, James 184, 203 Gillispie, Sheryl , , ♦ , 75, 283 Gillum, Susan 87,235 Gilmore, Louis 283 Girm, Mary Lea 217 Ginther, Glenn G .214 Ginfhner, Nancy , .283 Girard, Robert 151 Gish, Charles .284 Gish, Douglas 284 Gish, Sonia . 284 Gladwill, Barbara 257 Glanh. Judy 190 Gleason. Carol , 284 Gleason. Janice 75, 38, 284 Gleason. Mark, 257 Glendening. Gary 52, 172 Goad. Sandra 284 Goddard. Jerry 284 Goddard. Rebecca 1 19 Goebel. Kenneth. .257 Goeser, Patrick H 213 Golf 176,177 Gooch, Dwight 75,257 Good, Dr. Larry 224 Goodin, Rodney 284 Goodwin, Junious 80. 133, 139,230. 242. 284 Goodwin, Marylin ,284 Gordon, Anita .......... + f , 1 284 Goseland, Gary . .64 Goslin, Charles ... .27, 55, 130, 139 Gotschall. Bea 74. 192 Gottie, Joe r 78 Gottie, Pam 78 Gottschalk, Karen 284 Gottschalk, Karla 284 Goudy. Linda . . . . 75, I 19. I2f, 151, 226, 244, 258 Gouldie, Susan .. .73, 1 19. 232. 284 Grabbe, Loretta ..........51. 284 Grabbe, Richard . . S3. 258 Grober, Evelyn 284 Graber, Dr. Paul A 88, 210 Graham, Donn 129. 213 Graham. Eudora 258 Graham, Janet , . , . 284 Graham, Jerry 258 Graham. Sondra f . ■ ■ 284 Graham, Steven ..... ,63 231, 258 Graham, Virginia 258 Grant, Kevin 55. 244, 284 Grant, Nancy - 284 Grass, Jennifer .83. 284 Graves, Colette 78. 284 Graves. Yvette 78,258 Gray. Deborah . , ,44, 238, 241 , 284 Gray, frank 93. 164,258 Gray. Hal , .43. 164,284 Gray, Marie 77,234 Green. Edward 284 Green, James 225, 253 Green. Margaret 226. 228, 245,258 Gregg, Linda 284 Gregory, John , . 48, 76, 88, 239. 284 Greiert. Norman 13 9. 284 Gresnick. Joseph . , . .63 Grice, Diane . ... .60, 118. 229, 284 Griffin, Lois 2S8 Griffin, Timothy 258 Griffith. Charles 245. 258 Griffith, James . 258 Griffith, Robert . . . . , .84, 258 Gross, Cletus 64 Gross, Dora 75. 284 Gross, Janeal 258 Gross, Paul 88 Gross, Tom 64. 284 Gross, Timothy , . .284 Gross, William 63 Grubbs, David 284 Guesnier, Renee . I 19. 284 Gugler, Sharon . . . .75. 90. 245. 284 Guseman, Dennis .84, 217 Gustad, John W 69,205 Gustafson, Jeanette , . 90. 237, 24 1 , 245, 285 Gymnastics, Men ' s. . . 164, 165. 166, 167 H Haag, Charles , .84 Haag. Dale 48,83,235 Haas, Fred .235 Haas, Jane , . 258 Haas, Myron . . 23 3 Haas, Sharon ♦ ,224, 244, 253 Haase. Sandra .235 Habiger. Margerette 30 Hackney. Gene 78 Hackney, Terry 119, 1 20, 285 Hadley, Kathy 285 Haffa. Catherine 285 Haffener, Jeannine 87, 88, 235 Hafner. Cathy .. .119, 120. 121, 124. 244 Hagerman. Dennis 285 Hagerman, Mark 88 Hahn, Deborah ,.120, 224, 226. 244, 258 Hahn, Elva .232, 285 Hahn, Kathy 60. M 9. 285 Hahn, Rickie , , , 258 Hake, Dorene 285 Ha Ibrook. Thomas ... 162, 172, 174, 285 Hale, Dennis 63. 258 Hall, Ronald I 19 Hall, Steven . . 258 Hall, William ,181 Hallagin, Jean.. ..75. 224, 244, 258 Haltom, Clifford 159. 162 Hamill, Richard 245 Hamilton. Dennis 285 Hamilton, Dr. Samuel M. ...... 2 I I Hamilton. Sheldon ,, ,, 258 Hamman. Janice 258 Hammeke. Catherine , . . 245 Hammeke. Sharon. 244 Hammeke, Thomas 245 Hammer, Donald 59. 244 Hammerschmidt. Allen 258 Hammerschmidt. Geri 285 Hammerschmidt, Jeanet 285 Hammerschmidt, Karen 285 Hammerschmidt. Theresa 285 Hammond, Mike 73, 285 Hammond, Randy . 81, 285 Hammond, Sandra ... 1 38, 139, 232. 233. 285 Haneke, Seth 285 Haneke. Craig 244 Hanks, Fama ...... 5 1 , 59, 118, 285 Hansen. Sarah 235 Hantla. Gassy 190. 191,285 Harbach, Mark 168 Harbaugh, Marsha 60, 238. 24 1 . 285 Harbin, Dr. Calvin E. 206, 207 Harbin. Charles 235 Harbin, Ruth 258 Harden, Barb , 60 Harden, Paul 122. 285 Harder, Cliff 285 Hardin, Monte 245 Harding, Mary ,258 Hardman, Nancy , 91 Hardwick, Howard ,93. 285 Hardy, David 258 Hardy, Linda 122 Hardy. Pamela 225,223.253 Hargadine. Roy, .... .225. 228. 258 Harkins, Melvin 235 Harkins, Anita 285 Harkness, Kathleen 285 Harkness, Jane ,88.225.245 Harlow, Jim , . 285 Harman, Roger , « .285 Harman, SueJlen ...... ♦ , . , . , 285 Harmon, Tamra 3 22. 130. 285 Harold, Kay I 18, 285 Harper. Bruce 208 Harper, Keith 160, 162, 181 Harre!, Jan 233, 285 Harris, Jeremy .258 Harris, Kathleen , . . .285 Harris, Philip 48, 151,285 Harris, Dr Wallace 216 Harris, William 225 Harrison, Bonnie ,44, 285 Harrison, Kathryn .285 Harsel, R3c. . . . 59 325 Harsh, Donna 2(4 Harsh, Linda ...44.241,285 Hart, Alan 48 Hartman, Connie , , . 258 Hartman, Cindy 258 Hartman, Henry 285 Hartman, Rodney .258 Hartner, Ardi$ 285 HartseL Ricky 286 Harvanek. Danief 177. 258 Harvey, Cindy .77 Harwlck, Eugene 2 1 3 Harwlck, Joanne 213 Haskins, Robert 63, 258 Hasselman. Mary 232 Hatfield, Lou 286 Hatfield. Susan 244 Ha+ten, Mary 258 Hauck, Charles 99. 244 Ha ug. Robert I 51 . 286 Hauser. Kathleen 286 Ha vice. Ramona 286 Haviland, Jerry 122, 130 Hawley, Bruce ...151, 152, 154. 286 Hawley, Bonny 286 Hawley, Ron ,,,,..151. 286 Hawthorne, Wynona ........ .232 Hayes, Patricia 225.258 Haymond. Arlie .33,72,258 Haymond. Carol 33. 258 Haynes. Bradley 286 Haynie, Edgar 286 Hays, Phillip . . . 286 Hays, Richard E53 Hays. Verlaine ... .77. 225, 229, 286 Hayzlett, Dennis , , 259 Hayzlett. Randy . . . .286 Hazleft, Elaine 5f , 286 Heape, Charleen ,133 Heather, Jack 209, 2 1 3 Heckman. Chad S9, 239, 286 Hedge. William 224.231,259 Heif, Richard P« . 217 Heiiman. Kathy . , 129, 286 Hein, Richard 259 Heinrich, Dixie 245. 259 Heinrich, Murray . 286 Heinz©. Patricia . . 229. 238, 241 , 286 Heinz©, Rhonda ...SI, 118. 286 Heinz©, Sandra , , , . .286 Heinze, Susan 232 Heiser, Robert , r ,..,119 Helln, Gerald . . 47 Heller, Mark 286 Helm, Marilyn 44, 123. 124, 259 Hemphill, Richard 286 Hendershot, Rhonda 286 Henderson, Anne ...60. 237 Henderson. Karen ...... ,286 Henderson, Wayne .... . . .151.286 Hendrickson. Glenda , , 259 Henne, Elaine 259 Hennef, Stephen ..,,,, 162 Henry. Adena 286 Henry. Erne! 83 Henry, Janet 75, 286 Henry, Michele .. .60, F 19. 120. 123 Henry, Steven 47, 184 Hensiek, Beverly . 286 HensFey, Bob F 19 Hepp, Lynette 232 Herman, Marilyn 286 Herman Dr. Norma J, 216 Hermes, Jeanne 245,259 Herrman, Brenda 286 Herrman, Chris 259 Herrman, Karen . . .90. 259 Herrmann, Duane 259 Herrmann, Elona ..119. 286 Herrmann, Patricia 87. 259 Herfel. David 286 Hertlein. Vada 259 Hesher, Tom 286 Hester. Karen 5 1,1 23, 286 Hester. Michael 119 Hes+lng, George 72 Hewett, David . ..55, F78, 179,230, 234, 239, 286 Hewett, Sydna 286 Hewey, Kirk 59 Hewson, Galen 92 Hewson, Steven 259 Hibbs. Donna 119, 1 2 E Hick el, Barbara 44. 238. 259 Hickey, John . . , .259 Hickman. Randalf ,.,,234,241.259 Hickman. Rebecca , , , .259 Hickman. Virginia 259 Hicks. Gary 259 Hiegert. Cheryl 259 Higgins, Keith .. I 19. 122. 130. 244. 286. 290 Higgins. Priscilla ,286 Higgins, Richard 99, 259 HUdenbrand, C. E. 286 Hill, Edith 245 Hill, Gail 286 Hill, Theodore 286 Hiller. Marcia .87. 259 Hillman, J, Debra 232,286 Hillman, Linda , 75. 286 Hinkhouse, James . 213 Hfnman, Gary 286 HEnshaw. Gail 242. 259 Hrrd. Steven 259 History Club ,83 Hixon, Jerry 93 Hfort, Nancy 60, 286 Hlaus, Judith , 74, 92, 1 7 1 . 1 9 1. 286 Hnatiow, Joseph . , , 86. 2 1 7 Hobbs. Earl 205, 231,241 Hobbs, Sherri 44 .236 Hoch. Robert 90,242.259 Hochman, Kathryn ,,,118. 122, 286 Hochman, Steven .... 122. 368. 259 Hockett. Geneva ..87, 171,287 Hocutt, Dr, John S, . . 85,217 Hodges, Dr, Elizabeth ..213 Hodgins, Malda .... 87,287 Hofacker. Kenneth . . ..90 Hoffa, Catherine . . . 122 Hoffman, Carol .... ......... 122 Hoffman, Donald ,56. 136,235,238. 242. 287 Hoffman. Jo Ann , , . 230 Hoffman, Maxine . . . 21 1 Hoffman. Sarah .287 Hoffman, Vickie . . , . , 85, 259 Hofstetter, Charlene , 287 Hogan. Sharon ,,.... 259 Hoggatt. Jerry 151.287 Holl. Steven Holle. Rebecca 287 Holloway. David , .48, 88, 287 Holmberg, Jeffrey , . . ........259 Holmes. Colleen 287 Holopirek. Rick 259 Holt. Clinton 259 Holt. Jewell Hoizwa rth, Jo 3 1 , 59. 1 45. 287 Holzwarth, Ronalcf , . . ... ..52. 287 Homecoming .... 1 46. 147, 148, 149 Home Economics Chapter 90 Hones, Gerald ...... ....... .259 Honas, Susan ....... 287 Hood, Ann 90, 259 Hood, Stephen ...119, 121 Hoofer, Mary 287 Hooper. Jeanne 259 Hooper, Patricia 245 Hoosier, Dale . . . . 123, 287 Hoover, Brenda ...... 259 Hoover, Mary , , 87 Hoover, Priscilla 123, 244, 287 Hoover. Sharon 287 Hopkins, Kathy 287 Horeoek, Larry .90, 242, 259 Horinek. Lesta . . . .245, 259 Horfnek. Marilyn 287 Hombuckle. Steven . . . .259 Horner. Jay 48 Horton, Frederick .... . . .231. 244 Horton. Laura ....... , 287 I Hostin, Gary .... .47. 164. . 239. 287 Houf, William . [56 Howard, Charles 287 Howell. Jane . . . .44, 287 Howell, Steven 259 Howland. Jennifer . . . 237. 287 Howland. Joan 287 Hrabe, David 288 Hrabe. Kaylene ...... .44. 119, 288 Hrabe. Randall 288 Huber, Barbara 259 Huber, John 213 Hubert. Lynne .44. 233. 283 Hudon, Gregory 1 19. 120, 121 Hudson. Steven ... .288 Huebner, Gloria , . . . .... 259 Huey, Kirk ........... 151, 288 Huff, Terry , , . .259 Huffaker, Jane 1 18. 21 1 Huffman, Ralph .... 209 Hugo, Gerardo ... .288 Huleft, Dr. Gary . . . .216 Hull, Douglas , . , ,288 Hull, Joellen 132. 133. 1 36. 139. 141. 288 Hull, John 81 Humburg. Katherine . . . .81 , 86, 288 Hummalke, Charles. , . . . .259 Hunt. Rhonda . . . .259 Hunziker, Heather , . , . . . .260 Hurley. Jacqueline , . . , . , ,288 Hurst. Connie , . , .288 Hurst, Lonna . . . .283 Huser. Frederick . . , . . ... 260 Huser. Paula .... 1 39, 120, 121.244 Huston, Rosemary . . , . , 260 Hutchinson, Connie , . , ,, ,,288 Hutchinson. L. Thomas , ., ,.238 Hutchinson. Thomas R. , .. .260 326 Huxman. Jo Lynn .74, I VO. 232. 233, 208 Huxman, Kim. ■ ■ -260 I Ide, Paul. 156. 172. 173.288 Ideker, Kathryn .56, 87, 208 Industrial: Arts Club .,..90 Ingersoll. Jean 288 Interfraternity Council .239 Interhall Council ............ 238 Intramurals, Men ' s . . . 186, 187, 183. 189 Intramurals, Women’s 193 Irby, Fred 72 Irby, Judith . , , 260 Irby, Rich 55, 260 Ison, David 52. 21 3 Ison, Eloise 192, 288 Istas, Jerrold .151. 168, 288 Ives, Richard ............ 1 19, 126 J Jackson, Lorraine (Jack) 78, 1 02, 2 1 3 Jackson, Rodney .288 Joco, Jana 5 1 - 288 Jacobs, Carl " Gene " ,213 Jacobs, Donald - 260 Jacobs, Kathleen .260 Jacobs, Loren 90, 288 Jacobs, Philip 216 Jacobson, Howard 260 Jacques, Karen 260 James, Donna ,260 James, Dr. James ,,.,,.211 James. Patrick ........ 98. 181. 260 James, Richard 122 Jamison, Dian 288 Jamison, Pamela 232 Janke, Marcia 24, 241, 288 JanoLjsek, Peggy -60, 288 Jansonius, Elwynn .283 Jansonius. Harvey .79, 260 Jantz. Judith , „ 288 Janzen, Christopher .. 1 23. 124, 130. 133, 288 Janzen, Michael 79,288 Jasper. Robert .84 Jay. Renee ■ 288 Jazz Ensemble 125 Jecha, Margaret .260 Jecha. Rita 122, 288 Jelinek, Marvin 1 72, 283 Jellison, Dr Bill D. . . . 206, 207 Jemison, Erlene .260 Jenkins. Lionell 80 Jennings. Monica .44, 288 Jennings, Rogert .,214 Jennison, Lois ... ,81, 232. 233, 288 Jennison, Robin 78 Jensen, David (Duke) 47. 288 Jensen, Kay , 288 Jensen, Patricia, . 288 Jensen, Richard. ,63 Jewell, Clinton ,244 Jewell, Cynthia 224 John, Judith ,288 Johnson, Arris .214, 230 Johnson, Bruce 79.288 Johnson, Casey ..47, 132, 136. 140. 288 Johnson, Craig 260 Johnson, Debra ,288 Johnson, Eloise 288 Johnson, George 288 Johnson, James 260 Johnson, Jeffrey ♦ , , ♦ .288 Johnson, Jerry .63, 260 Johnson, Johanna 133, 136,242,260 Johnson, Mary Ann 288 Johnson, Orvene ...... 1 90, 2 1 4 Johnson, Pamela,. 90. I 19, 120. 121, 289 Johnson, Robert 288 Johnson, Rose 133, 139, 289 Johnson, Ruby 215 Johnson, Sidney 213 Jones, David 81,217 Jones, James .......... + 2 E 7 Jones, Sherri 289 Jones, Steven ! 8 1 Jones, William 79. 289 Jorgensen, Janet 289 Joseph, Phillip .125, 132, 133.242 289 Joseph, Shirley Kay 75, 289 Joseph. Shirley Raye 289 Joslin, Debra 232 Joy, Ruth 208 Joyce. Linda .225. 260 Juenemann, Frederick. . T , .224, 260 Julian, Douglas .48, 289 Julian, Rita 87, 289 J Linger, John . , . 81, 240, 260 Justyna, Ignacy . . . , 260 K Kaiser, Bert 85,260 Karnes, Frank ...... . 1 19,234, 239 Kanak, Joseph . 63, 289 Kappa Mu Epsilon . . . . 243 Kappa O micron Phi . . 245 Karban, Kaylene . . . . . 260 Karlin, Coleen 289 Karlin, Jeaninne 289 Karlin, Margaret - ,260 Karlin, Mary 226, 260 Karlin, Susan 260 Kasrska, Debra 289 KasI, Deborah 74 Kasl. Jackie 123,260 Kaspar, Joleene 289 Kasselman. Robert .,,,151 Kastens, Dianna . ,260 Kastens, Gary 243. 260 Kastner, David - 289 Katanuza, Julie 244 Kaufman, Gordon 1 72. 174 Kaufman, Roger . 225, 23 1 , 243, 260 Kaufman, Steven 23 1 Kaufmann. Myrna .289 Kazmaier, David .260 Kearney, David 98, 244 Kearns, David .245, 260 Keating, Robert .99 Keating, Walter .... 205, 206. 224 Keegan, Deb 190, 233. 289 Keener. Dena 88, 289 Keesee. Robert 289 Keil, Janet 245, 289 Keft, Kay .289 Keiswetter, Douglas 261 Kelleher, Rick 47,289 Keller, Christine .171, 190, 191,289 Keller, James 52.226. 245, 261 Keller, Kenneth 59 Keller, Ray. 289 Kellerman, James 209 Kellerman. Rickey 23 3 , 289 Kelley, Duane 289 Kelman. Beverly, , , .60. 75, 238, 261 Keltner, Michael 72, 75, 289 Kemper. Marcus 261 Kendall. Richard 85, 261 Kennedy, Carl 261 Kennedy, Deborah 129. 289 Kennedy, Tim 47 Kenyon, Jolene 261 Kepka, Kimberly .289 Kepka, Pamela 289 Kershner. Cheryl 90, 289 Kershner. Ronald , .280 Kertz. Deborah ..261 Ketchum, Harriet 213 Ketter. Dennis 289 Ketted, Bernard . , .75. 90. 242, 261 Ketteri. Mark 64. 261 Key, Carl 289 Keyser. Judy .232, 289 KFHS 100, 101 Kler, Susan 44. 118, 232, 289 Kimball. Will 289 Klmbrel, Regina 72, 289 Kimbrel, Tommy 289 Kimpler. Lana .289 Kinderknecht, Cheryl ,289 Kinderknecht, Eileen . ,232, 233, 289 Kinderknecht, Roger 289 King, Karen ....51, 74.92, 171, 191, 192,289 King, Monisa ,88, 119, 289 Kingsley, Roger 47, 290 Kinser, Janet 232, 290 Kirby, Elizabeth ... .24, 44, I 19, 290 Kirchoff Rodney 243, 261 Kirrmer, Gail 290 Kirmer. Ka rol 60, 26 ! Kirn. Larry 123, 125 Kite, Linda .290 Kitten, Joan . . .290 Kittle, Sion 290 Kitts, Jo Ann 290 Klaus, Kendall .290 Klein, Floyd 261 Klein, Linda 26 1 Klema. James 64 Klema, Karleen .290 Klepper, Carla .60, 119, 120,290 Klier, John 64, 2 1 7 Klier, Mrs. John 64 Klima, Donna 290 Kline, Katherine ............. 261 Kneller, Linda 5 1 . 290 Knight, James ........... .72, 290 Knight, Karin 88. 261 Knoll, Marlene. 1 9 1, 193 Knoll. Steven . . 290 Knowles, Patricia 232 Knowles. Robert 243,290 Knox, Sandra 261 Knudson, Juliann ,119, 120, 121, 290 Koch, Dale 26 1 Koch, Rebecca .290 Koentropp. Kent 1 8 1 Koefkemeyer. Jane .290 Kohl, Bobbie 24,224,26! Kohl, Kenneth 83, 261 Kohlrus. Timothy 290 Kohlrus, Terrence 290 Kohman, Donna ,,(22, 290 Kolb, Emma 224 Kollhoff, Richard . . (81 Koons. Harold 290 Koops, Robert . 243, 290 Kootz, Charles 290 Kootz, Kathleen .75. 261 Koptik, Carolyn 290 Koptik, Janet .... 226. 234, 243, 26 I Korf, Gloria 245. 26 1 Korinek, William .123, 130,244.261 Koster, Arthur ..261 Koster, Debra 92, 290 Kough, Roger 84, 23 1 , 290 Kozlowski, Michael 151 Kozub, Dennis . . 52, 53, 93, 156, 157, f 72, [73,239,290 Kraemer. Richard .261 Kramer. Mark 261 Kramer, Marvin 72 Kramer, Nancy 5 1 . 29 1 Krampe, Corinne 291 Krampe, Donald ......... 245, 26 1 Krannewitter, Sylvia 77 Kranzfer, Dean . 121 Krans, Becky 242 Krans, Orill 224. 26 1 Krasny. William ,,,291 Kraus, Dana 291 Kraus, Marcia 291 Kraus, Nancy 243, 29 1 Kraus, Rebecca . . 244. 261 Krause, Margaret . . . . 224, 225, 261 Krebs, June 214 Kredem, Kent 59 K reft. Ga mold 3 36.242.291 Kreitler, Ralph 84, 261 Kreutzer, Allen 84 Kreutzer, Thomas 73 Krier, Sheryl , . ,75,85,261 Kriley. Roland 291 Kroboth, Patricia 87, 29 1 Krueger, Nelson .35 Krug, Shirley 119, r 20. 291 Krull, Christina 245 Kruse. Benny 47 Kruse, Janice 44, 29 1 Kruse, Kathy I 18, 291 Kuchar, Kathleen .213 Kuchar, Dr, Roman ..83.213 Kuchar. Roman , . 291 Ruder, John . , . 217 Kuhlman. Teresa ,44.291 Kuhn, Carle .... .261 Kuhn, Ed 59, 103 Kuhn, Robert 151 , 172 Kuhn, Thomas 30. 238. 29 1 Kuhn. Tim 30, 29 F Kuns+ler, Wifliam I ! 7 Kupzyk, Donald , 291 Kurtz, Debra 74. 92. 291 Leas, Larry . 238 La Barge. Debra 291 Lacy, Mike. 291 Ladd, Alton 291 Ladd. Leanne 291 Ladenburger, Daniel .291 La hey, Rebecca MS. 291 Lahman, Gary .291 Laidig, Larry , 38. 291 Laird, Sue .90. 291 Lambert. Jolene 73. 291 Lambert, Lawrence 261 Lambert. Linda 77 Lambda lota Tau 247 Lambrecht, Carmie 291 Lamia, Jimmie 29 1 Land of Teddy Bears 139 Landry, Carolyn 291 Lang. Gayle 292 Lang. Mary Ann 292 Lang, Mary ......... T . , 292 Lang. Stephen ! 78, 292 Langdon, Spencer K, . , , .52 Lange, Leila 292 Lanterman. Mary 292 Larson, Kent 59 Lashell, Linda 87.292 Laspisa. Phyllis.. .133, 136,242, 292 Laubhan, Larry 178. 245. 261 lawrenz, Ronald . 156, 172. 174. 292 Lawson, Mary Beth 226. 262 , ... ,262 90, 122, 292 98-99 , . , ,48. 292 60. I 19. 292 292 292 292 87, 292 . . . 119. 292 , , ,240. 292 , . , .75, 262 82. 100.213 Lawver. John Lawver, $h i rley Leader Learning, Roger , , . , , Leaf her wood, Pamela , Leatherwood, Richard LeCfair, Bruce LeClerc, Steven ..... Ledell, Julia Lederer. Katherine . . . Lee. Anita Lee. Carolyn Lefurgey, David Legere. Madella . .90, 232, 233. 292 Legere. Nancy 44. 292 Legg, Beverly - . . , 24, 78. 292 Legfeiter, Eugene . ,292 Leg lei ter. Janice 51 . 292 Lehman, John ..52, 172,262 Leiker. Allen 81,262 Leiker. Daniel 292 Leiker. Douglas . t , JQ2, 292 Leiker, Ernest 292 Leiker. Irvin , , . . 262 Leiker. Jane 292 Leiker, Jen 262 Leinen. Danny . . . , 79, 262 Leis, Peggy J 18,292 Leitner, Barbara + t . ,293 Leitner. Gary 55. 293 Leitner, Patricia 75, 262 Leitner, Randolph 75, 242, 262 Leitner. Roger 55, 293 Lembke, Cheryl 225 Lemuz, Robert 84. 262 Lemuz. Sherry 293 Lenz. Pamela 262 Leo, Frank 262 Leonard, David . 9 1 , I 32, I 36 Leonetti, Alfonso ..,231 Lervold, Maurice 262 Let+ermen 143 Lewallen, Warren 123. 124. 130,293 Lewis. Francis 262 Lewis. Keith 78 Lewis, Larry .85, 293 Lewis. Martin. ,80. 151 Lewis, Michael 293 Lewis, Sonia 293 Libal, Debra 123 244.293 Lfby. David 293 Lienberger, Re . , t . 1(9 Liester, Michelle 293 Liggett, Denise 60, 119, 293 Liggett, Janie 60.228.262 Likes, Alan 78, 262 Likes, Linda 78 Lincoln, Cheryl 51.59. 119. 122, 293 Lindberg, Curtis , 293 Linder. Janice ... 11 9, 120, 121, 191 , 293 Linenberger, Donna , ,293 Linenberger, Mary Lou 28 Linenberger. Res, . , , ,24 Ling, Rosanne . .23. 293 Lingo, Patricia 262 Link. Albert .46, 47, 76 Lippert, Nyla 56,232,293 Lippoldt, Jama . . , . 119. 293 Liston, Ann 217 Little, Don 55 Little, Dr. Milburn 217 Littlejohn, Jane 215 Littler, Patricia .293 Litzenberger, Gary 48 Livers, Martha 120 Livingston, Cheri 92, 192,293 Lobhan. Larry 59 Locke. Daniel .293 Locke. Janell 118, 293 Lockwood. Larry 93. 178 Lodivicf. Vickie I 19, 121,293 Loesch, Deborah 122. 130. 293 Lofton! Wayne 214 Logan, Jack N. 84.217 Logsdon. Catherine 262 Lohmuller. Monica . 5 !, 232, 233. 293 Lohoefener. Gregory . 168. 169. 293 Lojica, Glen . .93, 214 Long, Larry 64, 293 Look, Larry . .93, 172, 262 Look, Linda , 262 Loomis, Robert 262 Lorimer, Jam 293 Lorson, Debra 293 Lounsberry, Elinor 87. 2 1 5 Lowen. Robert ... 1 56, I 76, 1 77. 293 Lower, Robert, . 177. 209 Lowry, Janie 262 Loyd, Max 78 Luedke. Dermis 262 Luehrs, Dr. Robert 209 Luh man, Cynthia 122, 293 Luhman, Susan 123, 124, 262 Lungren, Rodney. 151 Luther, Terri 51 , 90, 1 18. 293 Lutz, Lois 244. 262 Lynch, Marcia .133. 136. 242 Lynd, Rebecca ,293 Lynn. Ronald 262 Lysf strata 132-133 M MacDonald, Emerson . . .64 MacDonald, Gregory 64, 189 Machan, Dr. Lorraine .... .207, 236 Macy. Ronald 231.293 Madden, Leona 225 Madden . Marfa 293 Madden. Pamela 293 Maddy. William .262 Madrigal Dinner ..,,112-113 Mages, James 91. 293 Maher. Debra 60. 293 Mahoney, Greg. ..... .55, 234. 293 Mai, John 52,262 Mai. Kimberly ,293 Maier, Marilyn . , t , , ,293 Meier, Richard . . . 181. 182 Maifeld, Betty 87 Main. Christopher ....293 Majernik, John 63 Major, Debra .,.,293 Major, Ronald 90. 242 Major, Steven , . . ,293 Malcolm, Norman 293 Malone, Gerald .83 Malone. Rosalie .87, 293 Mafsam, Douglas .......... 63, 294 Mandevilfe, Tala 87,294 Manhart. Alice Mann. Debbie , Mann. Floyd - , Mann, Leland . Mann, R. Lee . . Mans, Linda . . . Mapel, John . . Mapes, Jerry , . Mapes, Kerry 97 .44, 294 .78 , .78 ,78 I f 9. 121. 263 .51. 73.294 .. 176. 177 . . .24, 90. 245, 294 123. 130,236, 237, 294 Marching Band 119 Marcy, Douglas .............. 294 Marcy, James . , , 294 Marcy, John 84 Marez, Marcefina 238, 294 Marintzer, Randy 294 Markfey, Dr. Robert P, 217 Markovich, Mitchell 119 Marks, Michael C 2 1 3 Marlin, Tom 78 Marquardt, Dr. William R 213 Marsh, Jerry 244 Marsh, Robert . . . 76 Marshall, Dr, Delbert 216 Marshall, Sara 44. 294 Martel I, Debra .294 Marti, Linda 294 Martin, Anne, 56. I IS. 232,233,294 Martin, Bruce 90 Martin, Melanie 232 Martin, Melba 294 Martin, Thomas 79 Marvine, Gary 151 Maska, Millie 48 Mason, Judy 294 Massaglra, Kay 119 Masters, Larry 243 Mathias, Monte 87 Mathes, Michael 162. 172 Mattison, Kathy .......... 44. 294 Matzen, John 294 Mauck, Rex 168 Mauptn, Marshall 294 Maxwell, Linda 191.294 Maxwell, Robert 209 Maxwell, Sharia 294 Mayhew, Paula 24,294 McAdoo, Leslie 294 McAfee, Karen 294 McAfee. Kathy .225, 226,228,229, 243 McAfee, Randy 123. 124. 294 McAvoy, Michael ........ .64, 294 McAvoy. Patrice 88, 294 McCabe. Martha . .85 McCall, Bill 59 McCall, Jonl 237. 294 McCall. Mary 122.294 McCandless. Linda ,51.86. 88. 235, 240, 294 McCants, Randy . .55, 294 McClaren, Denise 294 McClellan, James . 294 McClellan, Robert. ,97, 98. 244. 294 McClintock, Joni .51, 294 McClure. Colleen . , , . , ,294 McComb, Kathryn 294 McComb, Julie .122. 294 McConnell, Wayne . . .... .214, 240 McCormick, Robert .294 McCoy, Gerald . ... 294 McCoy, Kermit 294 McCray, Loann 294 McCulley. Kathleen 294 McCullick, Dr. Jack 211 McCune. Jean 74, 294 McDaniel, Martha 32, 77, 294 McDaniel, Rodney .32 McDonald. James 59. 151. 294 McDonald. Jeff 59 McDonnell. Steve 82 McDowell, James 243 McEfhaney. Kenneth . , , 244 McElroy, Mickle 294 McFall, Arlene 123,294 McFarla nd, Alice 213, 223 McFarland. Galen 59, 221, 230. 231, 295 McFarland, Gregory . .... ..59, 295 McGillivray, Mike , . . 47. 299 McGinley. Richard . . 48 McGinnis, Darrell , 213 McGovern, Seth. . .60, 64, 232, 233, 295 McGrath Hall 26-27 McGuire. Brenda . . . 295 McGuire. Blake 48, 177 McGuire. Marianne . 295 McIntosh, David ... 73, 79, 123, 139, 295 Mclver, Pauline 77 McKinney, Daniel . , . .123,1 30, 245 McLain, Jerald .264 McLeish, William . . „ . 55. 234. 295 McMechan, Dr. James H. .... , 2 1 6 McMindes Hall .28-29 McMillan, Linda . . . 295 McMillen, Diana . , . . .,60 McMIllin, Edward . . , 151 McMullen, Darla . . . . 129,295 McMullen. Rodney , . 295 McMullen. Susan . . , . 264 McMullen. Terrance . 231 McMurtrie. Vallerie . 295 McNabb, Tania .225, 245. 264 McNeil, Edgar .151, 165.214 McNrchols, Marcia . . 88. 295 McNinch. George , . , 264 McSpadden, Twyfia . 295 McWilliams, Ronald . . 119. 120, 121, 123 Mead. Mike .88 Meade, Michael .... 213 Meagher, Catherine . ..73.87. 118, 1 19. 295 Meairs, Wayne 295 Meckel. Melody 240, 295 Meier, Annette ...... 224, 295 Meier. Cheryl ...... . ,295 Meier. Patricia 190, 191, 295 Merer, Rebecca 87. 237, 295 Meireis, Dwayne . .63, 244, 264 Meirowsky, Jeanine . . ,264 Meis. Harold 264 Meis, Jean 215 Meitler, Mary .295 Melby, James .59. 151,295 Memorial Union Activity Board 240 Men ' s Physical Education Club. . ,93 Meredith. Brad ....119, J 23 Merrifield, Terry , , . . .48, 177 Merrill. Stephanie . . . „ 91 Merritt, Robin 122. 130, 295 Merritt. William , . . , 151 Meskimen, Alene 295 Metzler, Lawrence . . .295 Meyer, David 122. 295 Meyer. Donald 264 Meyer. Douglas 295 Meyer, Mark 93, 264 Meyer, Mary 264 Meyer, Maxine 264 Michel, Bonnie 295 Michel, Edward 264 Michel, Marcia 77, 264 Michel, Stanley .264 Michel, Thomas 295 Mick. Russell 296 Mickey, Allan 119,244,296 Mickey, Cheryl 237, 296 Mickey, David H9. 121 Miles, Helen . . . . 78, I 7 1 . 2 14 Miley, Kathleen .226, 264 Miller, Allan. 63, 296 Miller, Dr, Allan, .214 Miller. Bruce 264 Miller. Conrad ... 88, I 1 7, 1 1 9, 1 20, I2L 123, 130, 225, 244, 264 Miller, Dale 73, 296 Miller, Denis .,,..84.230,231,264 Miller, Doyle 1 19, 121, 125 Miller, Doug 124 Miller, Elaine .,.214 Miller. Geraldene 296 Miller, Janese 296 Miller, Janet 296 Miller, Judy 264 Miller, June .123, 124, 130, 244, 264 Miller, Kathy 296 Miller, Kenneth 48, 296 Miller, Dr. Lewis 213 Miller, Linda 296 Miller, MarilynS, 296 Miller, Marilyn S, 296 Miller. Michael .123, 124. 130. 133, 244, 296 Miller, Rita 296 Miller, Ronald 296 Miller, Ronald Lynn . , 264 Miller, Sheila 77.86.264 Miller, S, Douglas .,, .319, 121, J 23. I 30, 264 Miller, Sue 77 Miller, Thomas 135, 140, 242 Miller, Wayne 86, 264 Miller, Willard 296 Mills, Michael 296 Mills, Sheila 118, H9, 296 Mills. Sue 296 Miilstead, Martha 264 Milner. Dean 72. 243 Milner. Shannon 59 Miner, Kathleen 214 Minks. Diane , , 24. 79, 87, 233, 296 Minneman, Robert 264 Minnis, Cynthia 296 Minns, Ronald 296 Misak. Connie . . , . 74, 296 Misegadis, Debra . .56, 297 Mitchell, Charles , , , . 88 Mitchell, Lyle 55. 119. 297 Mlinar. Michael , 151. 152 Mlynar, Shannon 151, 297 Moeckel, Merlyn 162, I 78,2 14 Mohr, Tommie 72, 297 Molby, Deanna . .297 Molby, Nathan 151, 297 Monroe, Susan 297 Montgomery, Connis . . 79. 245. 264 Montgomery, Michael 297 Montoia, Paul 63 Moody, David 245 Mooney, Stephen 264 Moore, Carolyn . 90, 123, 297 Moore, Renee 44. 45 Moore, Elden 264 Moore, Harvey 297 Moore, Kathleen 264 Morford, Quentin ,297 Morgan, Alexis .... 75. 33. 244, 264 Morgan. Edward .264 Morgan, Michael .149 Morris, Mary 133, 232 Morris, Patricia 74 Morrish, Mary . . ♦ 74, 170, 171, 1 9 1 Morrison, Dr. W. Earl ........ ,214 Morrison, Linda 24, 264 Mortar Board ........... 228-229 Morton, Michele . 297 Morton. Royce 79. 264 Moser. Dale , 52, 172 Moses. Lynn 1 5 1 , 297 Moss, Dr. Joel • 2 1 1 Moss, Seetta 245, 264 Motz, Betty 264 M ox ter. Lowell 297 Mojcter. Marlene ,297 Moyer. Kathlene . . 77, 224. 229. 297 Moyers, Edwin 1 20. 2 i 3 Muck, Cheryl 87. 229. 297 Muir, Dana 297 Muir. Michael 47, 297 Muirhead, Leann .51, 118, 147, 226, 228, 264 MullenEx, Linda 297 Mullens, Glenns . 123. 297 Mullens, Ralph 297 Muller, James 88 Munk, Terence .297 Munsch, Mary 264 Munsey, James 27.238,297 Murphree. Sidney 1 23. I 30, 1 36, 297 Murphy, Kevin 297 Murphy, Marcia 90, 297 Murphy. Robert 264 Musalek. Frank 64. 297 Musick, Willis 297 Myers, Mari 297 N Nachtigat, Michael 93, 264 Nash, Cynthia 245. 297 Nash. Terry 297 National Student Speech and Hearing Association 247 Naylor, Patricia ... 51 , 75. 225, 226, 228, 264 Neal, John 90 Needham. Leslie 151, 231. 297 Neidhart, Paul . . 297 Nelson, Barbara 225 Nelson, Bonita 264 Nelson. David 122, 297 Nelson. Dee Ann .297 Nelson, Jeanette 44 Nelson, Jon 156. I 72. I 73, 297 Nelson, Joyce 264 Nelson, Dr. Michael E 216 Newquist, Waldo 297 Nlchepor, Stephanie 264 Nicholas, Connie ....... . 232, 297 Nicholas, Joel 264 Nichols, Carolyn 77 Nichols. Connie .224. 233 Nichols. Scott 55. 297 Nichols, William . ,48 Nickels. Robert 245, 265 Nicolet, Sharon 98, 244, 265 Niederee. Michael 297 Nielsen, Debra 297 Miermeier, Stanley 85, 265 Niernberger, Nancy 232, 297 Niles, Rebecca 123, 130, 265 Nipple. Diantha. 245, 265 Nipple. Donald 297 Nipple. Fredrick 84,231,265 Nole, Nancy .44, 265 Noll, Ed 52, 139 Nollette. Debbie , , .297 Nollette, Joel ,122. 301 Nolle, Julia 77.240 Nondorf, Shelley 122, 297 Nordberg. Ernest 265 Norman. Rita 80,297 North. Janice 298 Norton, Karen .298 Norton, Linda 97. 298 Norvelf, Joe 8 1 Novinger. Carl 265 Nuckolls, Kathy 122, 130. 298 Nuckolls, Rhonda 147, 298 Nuckolls, Steven 122 Nufer, Steve 298 Nugent, James 209, 238 Nursing Club 87 Nusser. Terry 265 NuttEe. Ted 93 0 Oberle, Ronald . 85. 298 Obert. Kay 265 Obert. Mark 72 Oborny, Marion 231, 298 Gbrate. Debbie 56. 235 O ' Brien. Jerne 1 25 Octal, Rikie 59,298 Ochs, Dean 72. 298 Ochs, Lynette 225. 265 Ochs. Owen 298 Ochsner, Susan 245, 298 Oden. Linda 298 Odle, Gary 298 Odle, Kimberly .298 Odle, Mary 298 O ' Donnell. Kevin 122, 298 Oelke, Dennis 90. 242. 265 Getting, Jane , . , 298 Ogburn, Neal . 84. 231 Ohlemeier. Jerry 298 Qkel, Rick 230 Olcott f James 120, 125, 213 O ' Leary, Peggy 298 O ' Leary, Ronald 298 Ofinger, John 265 Oliphant, Charlotte 51,265 Oliphant. Debra .298 Oliva, Dr Leo E 2 II Olson, David 265 Olson, Dorothy 265 Olson. Jon 298 Olson, Mary 87.225,298 Olson, Michael 59. 265 Olson, Randy 59. 168, 298 Olson, Stacy .265 Olson, Vicki 265 Oplinger, Wanda 87. 298 Qringderff. Richard .48 Orr. Patricia 298 Orth. Mary T . . . 298 Orth, Teresa 298 Ortiz, Barbara , , 120. 129 Osborn, Joann . 298 Osborne, Barbara ........... ,225 Osborne, Charles 76. 122.265 Osborne, Larry . 80 Osborne, Paul 265 Osborne, Richard 209 Osborne. Rodney 298 Osburn, Gary 64. 240, 298 Oshel, Judy 91 Ostmeyer, Gene 298 Ostmeyer, Miriam, 44, 298 Oswald. Cheryl 56, 298 Otis, Dara 298 O ' Toole. David . 265 Ottaway. Clifton 265 Otte, Barbara 24, 224. 229. 238. 298 Overmiller, Kimberly , ., ., .298 P Pabst. Bonita 83, 244. 265 Paden, Jacquelin 133, 298 Page, Elizabeth .,.,.119. 298 Pahls, Dennis 243, 298 Pahls, Patricia 145. 147, 298 Palmer, Harold 213 Palmer. John 243 Palmer, Marilyn . . 118. 298 Palmer. Thomas 63 Pa nhellenic Council . . 238 Panzer, Thomas 36.91 Papon, Bruce ...78 Parker, Douglas 59, 298 Parker, Mary 265 Parker. Michelle . 1 IP. 121. 298 Parks. Carol 1 19. 125 Parks. Mark 298 Parks. Michael 87. 298 Parmer. Jody 265 Parish, Dr. Verna 2 M . 236 Parsons, Mark . .59, 23! Patry, Kenneth .224, 226. 23 J , 235. 238. 239, 265 Patton, I la .... 298 Paul, Christopher ..213 Pauls, Janella 265 Pa vlu. Pamela 298 Pavlu. Paul 298 Payne. William 298 Peach, Helen r . .232, 298 Peacock, Kathryn ,76. 298 Pearson. Linda. . 51. ! 19, 299 Pearson, William 63. 265 Pechanec. Charlene 299 Peck. Douglas 231,299 Peck. Rebecca 64, 118, 299 Pegg . Pa me! a 60 . 299 Peler, J. Dale .217 Peintner, Robert 265 Pekarek. John48. 176, 177, 188.239, 299 Pekarek, Rita . 224, 243, 265 Reliant, Michael . ,, b I 78. I 79 Peltzman, Sydney 299 Peliel. David 265 Pemberton. William ,299 Pennick, Shirley 92 Pennington. Eugene , .59 Perel. Isreai . 265 Perez, German . .299 Perkins, Georgia .233. 299 Perkins. Shelley 299 Peron, Gary 299 Perri, Victor 181 Peteete, Clarice , 215, 265 Peteete, Mike 55 Peter. Larry .. ,, .., 299 Peter. Melanie. 299 Peters, Janice ., ,,, 265 Peters, Robert , 299 Peters, Rochelle 141.299 Peters, Sandra .86. 299 Peters. Steve 265 Peters, Terry .... 133, 135,242,265 Petersilie, Douglas 47. 265 Peterson. Bob .63, 268 Peterson. Virginia .299 Petracek, Cyrille .265 Petracek, Phillis 44,59. 299 Petrik, Charles 299 Pettengill, Glenn N. 217 Petterson, Robert ,299 Petty, John .81 Pfannenstiel, Cora ,265 Pfannenstiel, Cheryl h „ , .77 Pfannenstiel. Diana . .265 Pfannenstiel, Galen ..181, 182,283, 299 Pfannenstiel, Joanne ... 83. 244, 265 Pfannenstiel, Linus , . .265 Pfannenstiel, Mary 232, 233 Pfannenstiel, Patricia .299 Pfannenstiel, Paula 299 Pfannenstiel, Terry 245.265 Pfannenstiel, Thomas . , , 299 Pfeifer, Arlene . 299 Pfeifer, Diane ,232 Pfeifer, Kenneth , .24,231. 240. 299 Pfeifer, Leona . 38. 2 1 3 Pfeifer. Linda 44,118 Pfeifer. Patti 245.299 Pfort miller, Carolyn ,265 Phi Alpha Theta 246 Phi Beta Lambda 85 Phi Eta Sigma 231 Phi Kappa Phi . .225. 226 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 244 Phi Sigma Epsilon 52-53 Philip, Doug 78 Phillips, Paul .216 Phillips, Richard 93, 164, 299 Phillips, Von , .52. I 19, 120. 126, 299 Photographers . 102-103 Pierce, Bonnie 299 Pierce, Kent , , . , . , , . 265 Pierce. Patricia 300 Pi Delta Epsilon 246 Pi Omega Pi 246 Pierce, Richard 300 Pierson, Dr David 216 Pike, Charles , 300 Pike. Dale 151 Pike. Kenneth 78. 81. 85 Pinnick, Shirley 74, 265 Piper, Alan . , 1 32 Pishny, Marilyn, .1 19, 122, 130.232. 233,234,238. 300 Pittman, Betty . .266 Pittman. Deborah 300 Platt, Michael 300 Plummer, Tom 300 Podolsky, Stanley L 217 Pohfman. Stephen 151. 266 Political Science Club 86 PoIJman, Mary 300 Pollman, Terry 300 Poison, Annette 59. 60 Pooler, Kay 233, 300 Poore, Connie 44, 300 Poore, Kathy 44, 300 Popham, Harvey 151 Popp, Connie 300 Popp, Debra 29, 232. 300 Popp. Linda 133 Popp f Nancy 214 Porter, Kathy ,300 Porter, Tim 300 Portschy. Leon 266 Portschy. Jean 87, 300 Portschy, Rita 300 Potter, Richard 300 Potter, Gail 266 Powelf r Bettie .214 Powell, Sherri . I 1 7, 300 Powers, Debbie 241 Powers, Ronald .48, 300 Powers, Tony ,97, 300 Powers, Dr William 214 Powers, Wilma 300 Prather, William 47,300 Pratt, Daniel . . 266 Pratt, Lynn. 232, 300 Preuss. Larry . 300 Price. Dave .47, 300 Price, Ernest B 217 Price, Dr. Forrest W 211 Price, Dr Gordon .214 Priest, Richard 266 Prosser, Frederick 1 19 Prowell, Marilyn 245, 300 Pruitt, Dr. Roger A ........ 2 1 6 Prusa, Debora ... . 60. 118, 233. 300 Prusa, Steve 266 Psi Chi 245 Ptacek, Douglas. , . . Ptacek, Terry 55, 168,23! Pugh. Laura 24, 118, 266 Purling, Leann 77 Puyear. Vincent 90. 242, 300 Pyke, Thomas .84, 300 Q Quasi Danny [64. 167, 300 Quint, Jan 24, 266 R Rabenseifner. Bernard 243 Rack, Donald 300 Radcliffe. Diana 300 Rader, Marsha .51. 64. 1 18, 129,300 Ragan, Philip 266 Rahe, Dorothy [33, 136, 242 Railsback. Thomas .81. 83, I 19, 244. 266 Rajewski, Diane 245, 301 Rajewski, John 301 Rajewski, Patricia . . . . I f9. 121. 30 1 Rampy, Troy 161, 162. 181, 183,266 Rand, Chari ene 266 Randef. Deborah 266 Randel, Greg [51,266 Randle, Joyce 44. 59, 301 Randle, Nancy , . , 266 Randolph. Donovan . 164 Rapp. Donna . 74, 92. J 70. 1 7 f r 190, 191, 301 Rasdalf, Janet 90. 30 [ Rasmussen. Aaron 119 Rathgeber, Carol 96.301 Rauscher, Mary , , .56, 225. 245. 266 Rauscher, William 55, 303 Raven, Kevin 301 Raven. Mark .266 Rawlings, Jan 5 J , 90. 301 Rayburn. Ella 83 Razak. Scott .301 Razak, Dr. W. Nevell 86. 2 [ I Rector. Dennis .. .... 48 Rector. Randall 48 Kedel. Maryjo 44, 74, I J 8. 30 I Reece. Steven 84 Reed, Katherine 88 Reed, Lawrence (Mac) 214 Rees, Howard . r 301 Regan. Colleen . . . 24, 235. 238, 301 Recchuber, Melvin 217 Reifschneider. Amber 226. 228, 245, 266 Reifschneider, John 55. 30 f Reifschneider, Paul 55, 23 I. 245, 266 Reimer, Ron. .......... ,243, 266 Rein, Dale ... 30, J 30, 234, 238, 266 Rein, Kenneth 301 Reinert, Rosalie .301 Remmert, Rick 90; 242. 266 Rempe. Edward 266 Renberger, Bruce ... .55, 122, 130 Renick, Ela ....129 Renshaw. Thomas 225 Reveille 96-97 Reynolds. Cynthia 245. 266 Reynolds, Dr. Howard 216 Reynolds, Susan 44. 91 Reynolds, Walter .84 Rhoads. William 133. E38, 140 Rhoden, Bradley .301 Ribordy. Keith .301 Rice, Dr. Jimmy 206. 207 Richards, Robert .. ..83.216 Richardson, Gail 233. 301 Richardson, Susan 60, 64. 74, 90. 301 Richmeier, Wayne ....... ,63, 266 Richmeier, Larry 266 Richmeier. Lois .245, 266 Richmeier, Laura . , 74. 192. 226, 266 Rickman, Bill D, 217 Ricketts. Terri 301 Ridder, Jerald .301 Riebel, Steven ................ 52 Riedel, Ruth 120.301 Riedel, James , , 1 5 1 Riedel. Jo Marie 301 Riedel, Mary 30 1 Riedel, Robert E . ,266 Riedel Robert L. . 242,301 Riedel, Vator , 301 Riegel, Sherry . 28. 44. 123. 130.234. 235, 301 Riegel Steven 301 Rietchek, John. . . 123, 130 Rietzke, Timothy 162, 244 Rrffey, Brenda 267 Riffey, Rebecca . . ,90. 229. 245, 301 Riggs, Phyllis ..88, 267 Rigor. Brenda , . . 1 1 9 r 1 20. ! 2 1 , 267 Riley, Esta Lou 214 Riley, Krista 51, 301 Rinehart. Celia ,118. 129, 233, 301 Riner. Arlene . .90. 244, 301 Rinkel, Steven 8 1 . 301 Rishell, Pamela. , . 56, 234. 238. 301 Roach. Orvan 48.231,243 Robben, Eugene .267 Robber . Joann 129, 30 1 Robben, Kathleen 56, 301 Robbins, Leonard . 79 Roberson, Clarisse 245,301 Roberson, Steve ....156 Robert, Mike ,48 Roberts. Alan 267 Roberts, Alice 74. 301 Roberts, Betty .215 Roberts, Clifford 86 Roberts, Jan 240.301 Roberts, Patricia G 301 Roberts, Patricia L .87 Roberts, Wayne ,47, 301 Robertson, David 267 Robertson, Jack . , , . ,238, 245, 267 Robertson, Dr. Stanley 2 1 6 Robertson, Timothy .52 Robinson. Gerald 231, 245 Robinson, Joel ........ 64, 1 78. 30 1 Robinson. Karef 133, 136, 242 Robinson. Ruth ,44 Robinson. Steven 301 Robinson. William ... 1 23, I 30, 23 1 . 244. 267 Robinson, Dr. William N. ...... 2 14 Robison. Susan 301 Robison, William 267 Robl, Steven , .93, 184. 267 Robl, Vera ,267 Rodeo Club 78 Roemer, Douglas 48. 301 Roemer, Tima . .87, 302 Rogers. David .302 Rogers, Katherine ,97, 2 13 Rogers. Kathryn 77,129 Rogers. Linda 302 Rogers, Lynn . 209 Rogers, Maxine ...... 24, 129, 302 Rogers, Roxenn 302 Rogers, William 55 Rohr, Jerri 1 38 Rohr, Rose 139 Rohrbough, Kathryn ... .75. 9 f . 302 Rolfs, Dennis 267 Rolfs, Marvin E. . . .216 Rome, Steve . 302 Rome, William 267 Rooker. Roger 72 Roos, Leo 267 Rorabaugh, Christopher. ...... 162 Rose, David 302 Rose, Marian .... IIS. E 3 9, 232, 302 Rose, Monte 267 Rose, Sharon, .60. 73, MS. 119. 121, 302 Rose, Sue 78 Rose, Terry 78 Rosenberg, Mark 245 Ross Diantha 302 Ross, Jerald 90, 242, 267 Roth, Donna 302 Roth. Junt .133 Rothe, Paula 1 19, 122, 130 Rothenberger, Joyce 302 Rothwell, J. Dan . . 213 Rott. David 302 Rous. Vernon . . . 302 Rowh. Carla 59. 60 Rowland. Debra . . , 302 Rucker, Dorothy . , , 88,302 Rucker, James 302 Ruda, Fred P. ... Ruda, Mary , 74, 302 Rudd, Barbara .60. 74, 92. 122, 171, 184, 302 Ruder, Ranell .302 Ruder. Rodney .... . . .98. 181, 183 Rumford. Charles . . 78 Rummel. Kathryn . . . .267 Rummel. Shirley . , , 302 Rumpel, Dr, Max . . . . , . . . , . , .21 1 Rupke. Charlyn .... 87. 302 Rupp, Charles ..... .,.,302 Rupp, Daniel G, . . , 217 Rupp. Marlene .... 75, 302 Rupp, Sandra 217 Rupp, Steven ...... 86 Rusch, Jan .. J23 Russ, Edward .267 Russell. Jonnie 55.267 Russian Club 89 Ryabik, James E. . . . 217 Rynerson. Don ..... . . . . . 225,244 8 Sackett, Marjorie 213 Sackett, Dr. Samuel J. 213 Sager. Fred 302 SainJar. Donald 302 Saint Clair, Mary 305 Salmans, Nick 130 Salter, Steve 267 Sambo, Don 79 Sandell, Daniel .267 Sartdell. Garold 63,239, 267 Sander, Aaron I 72, 302 Sanders, Diane 74, 191, 192 Sanders, Johnny . . . 80, 93, 1 64, 1 66, 267 Sanders, Patti 44, 59. 302 Sanko, Linda 267 Santee, Sheila 302 Satterfield 1 , Donald ....... .47. 302 Sauer, Gerald 302 Savage, Debra 302 Sawer, James . . 267 Sayler, Karen 29, 238, 267 Sayre, Dana.. 60, 119, 302 Schaeffer, Gary 302 Schaeffer, Robert .267 Schaeffer, Steven 302 Schaffer, Gary A. r 63 Schalansky, Rhonda , 303 Schaller, Marlene 303 Schember. Dennis 235 Schamp. Susan .303 Schardein, Michael ... .55. 239, 303 Scheehinger, Mary 303 Scheck, Barbara 87 Scheck, Tim 267 Scheer, John 303 Schemper, Ca+helee . 303 Schenk, Elaine 1 23 . 136 Schepmann, Ronald 303 Scherling, Deborah . . .56, 1 19. 122, 126. 232, 233, 303 Scheve. Terry 267 Sohiewe, Valerie .268 Schmstock, Denis 303 Schippers, Catherine ..... 122, 303 Schippers. Gerald 79 Schippers, Mary 303 Schippers. Patricia .303 Schlageck, Steven . .268 Schlegel. Enid .29,91.233,238,303 5chleich ( Phyllis 213 Schllt+enhardt, Michele , , . ,37. 303 Schmalzried, Steven ..... I 30. 303 Schmeidler. Allen . , 303 Schmeidler. Darrell 243, 268 Schmeidler. Brenda .......... .268 Schmeidler, Michael 243, 303 Schmidt, Cynthia 303 Schmidt. Daniel 303 Schmidt, Deb 56 Schmidt, Erma . . . .86, 232, 237, 303 Schmidt, Gary 81, 268 Schmidt, Janet 87 Schmidt, Katherine 268 Schmidt, Kevin 268 Schmidt, Marcellus 303 Schmidt. Mark 244 Schmidt. Marla .223, 263 Schmidt. Melvin 263 Schmidt, Ramon . .303 Schmidt. Rebecca 44, 263 Schmidt. Robert 224 Schmidt. Stan 78. 243 Schmidtberger. Gerald 303 Schmidtberger. Harvey 303 Schmidtberger. Raymond .... .268 Schminke. Cheri , 119, I2f. 123 Schnatteriy, Ann 303 Schneider, Alan 55. 303 Schneider, David. 268 Schneider, Diane 303 Schneider. Ronald . 76. 79. 23 J , 243. 268 Schoendaller. Sharon .303 Schoenfeld. Belinda 268 Schoen thaler. Brian .... 59, 102. 303 Schon, Wayne ...... .224. 245. 263 Schonthaier, Susan . 263 Schrader, Lewis .............. 303 Schraeder. Robert . 73, 84. M 9. 1 22, 231,303 Schramm, Kathryn , . , , ..... , .303 Schreiber, Richard . 303 Schreiner, David . . . ,84, 85 Schremmer, Jeanne ......... .303 Schremmer, Lou Ann . 303 Schriock, Lynn 79. 303 Schroder, Elton K 216 Schroder, Thomas 245, 268 Schroeder, Terry 91, 268 Sehroer, Karen .303 Schuckman, Debra 75, 268 Schuckman, Janet 79. 303 Schukman. John 268 Schulte, Cynthia , „ . 303 Schulte, Jane 303 Schulte. Luanne 233, 303 Schulte. Mary 232. 303 Schulte. Paula , ,268 Schulte, Aden . .268 Schulte, Carla 232. 303 Schulte, Kevin 303 Schultz, Stephen 303 Schumacher. Calvin 303 Schumacher. Paul 245, 268 Schumacher, Ruby 87, 304 Schumacher, Tim 1 19, 124 Schwab, Betsy 304 Schwanke, Vernon . , , 59, 304 Schwartz, Don, . . I 19. 120, 1 2 1, 231. 304 Schwartz, Frank ,47 Schwartzkopf, Maribeth ... .79, 304 Schwarz, Jeff 47. 304 Schwarz, Leona. , .38. I 19. 120. 225. 226, 263 Schwein, Jerry 60. 123, 304 Schwiethafe, Marcia 119 SchwilUng. Karen .60, 304 Schwindt, Rickie 304 Schwindf. Robert I 19, 120, 121, 123, 244 Scoby, Donna ........ 77 Scorebox 142-143 Scott. Bertha . . 59 Scott, Bradley 304 Scott, Celia . . , .24, 56, 75, 123, 304 Scott, Kenneth .,119, 120. 121. 124. 263 Scott, Lea 304 Scott, Roger 245 Scott, Samuel . . 24, 238, 268 Scott, Stephen .268 Scott, Terry 84 Sculley. Traci .86 Sculley, Terri 86, 268 Seamans. George 304 Sears, David 213 SeboEd, Douglas D 134, 214 Sedorcek. Neva US. 129 Seifert. Keith 88 Sejkora, Lefand 268 Selenke. Diana .86 Self, Gayfe 24. 238, 304 Selfridge, Gilbert 122, 130 Selichnow. Debra .... .60, 121. 304 Seller, Patty ,51 Sellers, Richard 268 Semrad. Judy 304 Settles. Cheryl 268 Seventh Cavalry 230 Seyfert. Theodore ............ 304 Seymour. Francis 87 Shafer. Gerry . .72 Shahan. Neva , . ,268 Shalicky, Mitchell J 88 Shaneen, Raymond 48 Shank, Jean 98 Shank, Myra, , .56, 75, 235. 233. 268 Shannon, Michael 304 Shapiro, Dr. Martin ,,..... 1 20. 2 1 3 Sharp, Dr, Duane 79. 203 Shaw. Kevin .48. 263 Shaw, Roberta 237. 268 Shay. Peggy, . . .73. 90. 97, 245. 304 Shearer, Dr. Edmund 216 Shell, Cormne . ,60, 304 Shellito, Raymond 304 Sherman. John . . . 55, 221. 226. 230, 234. 268 Sherraden. Kenneth ,268 Sherraden, Michelle 44. 304 Sherrard. Diana 74, (71, 304 Sherwood, Charles 217 Shields, David 55 Shirk. Karen 268 Shirley, James 240, 304 Shirley. Michael 268 Shirley, Sharon .268 Shoemaker. Carolyn 304 Shortridge, Kari 304 Sbriwise, Mark , 83 Shriner, Robert | 19 Shryock, David 47 Shulsky, Michael 268 Shuftz, Lisa 120 Shultz, William 164, [67 Shuster. Becky 74. 92 Siefkes. Carof 73, 90. 245, 268 Siefkes, Charlotte ...... 75, 9 1 , 268 Siefkes, Robert ....73.76,268.243 Siefkes, VerJin 263 Sieker. Ronafd 1 72, 173 Siemers, Delbert 72 Siglinder. Marlin 268 Sigma Alpha Iota 244 Sigma Chi 54-55 Sigma Kappa 56-57 Sigma Phi Epsilon 58-59 Sigma Sigma Sigma 60-61 Sigma Tau Gemma 62-63 SiJkmen, Debra 56, 304 Simmons, William 86,304 Simons, Donald ........... 72, 269 Simons. Nancy 87, 237 Simpson, Donald 78. 85. 304 Simpson. Brooks 245,269 Simpson. Lola .90, 304 Simpson, Roger 304 Sims, Joyce 304 Sims, Morton 269 Skalicky, Mitchell 304 Skillett, Donna 87. 304 Skipper, Gary 304 Skrdlant, Dawn 269 Skucius, Susan 269 Sfattery, Debra 304 Slattery. Michael .269 Slaughter, Jeanie 59 Slavik, Daryl . .85, 269 Slechta, Dr. Donald B 211 Sleichter, Kirk 84, 304 Slfpke, Mike 231,243 Slipke, Pamela f 19, 226, 269 Sloan. Howard 96, 269 Sloan. Larry . 242, 269 Sloan. Mary 269 Slonaker, Robert 217 Smalley, Rickey 55. 269 Smeltzer, J. Dan 86,217 Smith, Becky 237 Smith, Brad 47. J64. 304 Smith. Dale 29, 136. 304 Smith, Dee 44 Smith, Dixie Lee 243 Smith, Frankie ... 1 1 9, 1 22, 1 30, 304 Smith, Glenda 269 Smith, James , 304 Smith, Jerold ............149, 151 Smith, Kay 269 Smith. Kelvin 304 Smith, Lenard 304 Smith, Mary 269 Smith, Ned 47, 333. 304 Smith, Randy .,.,...,.,..181. 304 Smith. Rhonda. 76, 129 Smith. Rick 47.269 Smith. Rob 304 Smith, Robert 214 Smith, Dr. Ronald G 217 Smith, Rose 78 Smith, Sharon .87, 304 Smith, Spencer 269 Smith. Terrance 305 Smith, Vernon 305 Smith, Dr, Wilda M 2 1 7 Snavdy, Janet 87, 305 Snook, Linda 232 Snow, Barton ,80, 155. 3 60. 162. 284 Snyder, James 305 Snyder, Jenny ........... 1 19, 305 Sobba, Barbara 305 Sobba, Mike ,,.... 1 5 1 Sobba, Steven, 64, 305 Soccer Club .... 185 Sociofogy Club 86 Soeken, Mark 48 Soeken, Nancy 305 Soelfer, Gregory . , . . 305 Softball. Women ' s 191 333 Solko, Patricia 87. 305 Solko, William , , , 245 So t Elder 91. 269 Sanger. Joyce . ♦ 269 Songer, Robert 269 Songer, Sheryl 255 Soper Sue 74, 190 Sophomore Womens Honorary .233 Soukup, Francis 151 Spady. Dwayne , ,138. 225, 230, 269 Spaf ford. Donna 56, 1 19, 305 Spalsbury, Caro! 269 Spangler. Lynette , . 305 Spanish Club 88 Speer, Lyn , 48. 305 Speier, Dennis .177 Spicer, Kathleen 225 Spiller. Debra 90,305 Sports Scoreboard 142. 143 Spratling, Betty 305 Spring Fling 1 1 0- 1 1 1 Springer, Nancy . . . . .269 Springfeldt, Mary 88. 305 Sprlngfeldt, Matthew .88, 118, I E 9 . !20, 121. 125. 244.269 Sprung. Elizabeth 1 19. 12!. !26. 305 Staab. Alfred 76. 305 Staab, Charles 305 Staab. Deanne ..305 Staab, Dennis 181 Staab, Gerald E B 1 Staab, Leon 8 ! , 86 Staab. Marla 245 Staab, Ronald , , 305 Staab, Vernon 119 Stafford. Susanne .305 Stahl, Bruce 305 Stallings, Bradley, 1 51 Stallings. Glenda 151, 305 Standard. Lea 305 Standish. Greg , , .27. 160, 162, 181. 184, 305 Stang, Marilyn 87, 305 Stanley, William 245 Stansbury James C. .,214 Stansfield, Patricia . , 118 Star Promenaders 79 Starke, Avis 119. 305 Staton, Jonathan H 9 Sta ven , Dr. La V j er 214 Staven, Rex , .63 Stearns, Richard 305 Stecklein. Daniel ,305 Stecklein. Kathleen 88. 122. 244. 269 Steele, Judy .92. 269 Steen, Karen 59, 60. 145, 305 Steen, Sharon . . . .60, 119, (23, 130. 138, 305 305 Stegman, Debra 306 StehnOp Dr, Edward H 2 f 4, 2 1 5 Steimel. Carof 269 Stein. Anita 306 Stein, Le$lie 306 Steinle. Ester 48 Stephens, Denise , . . , 44. 306 Stephen, Dianna 233. 244 Stephens, Gregory 269 Stephens, Roger 83. 269 Stepp, Carl 306 Stevens, Eugene ' , . 269 Stevenson, John 306 Stewart, Gretchen 306 Stewart, Dr. Michael O. ....... 207 Stewart, Susan 5 1 , 191, 238, 306 Stice, Greg 47 Stickney, Robert 269 Stocking, Nancy 306 Stockman, Keith 225,269 Stockman. June 269 Stone, Jerry 306 Stone, Marla 269 Storm, Linda ........ I 20, 244. 269 Stoskopf. John 306 Stouffer, Jean . . , 207. 232, 238, 240 Stout, Dr. Donald 124, 213 Stout, Dr. Roberta 213 St. Peter, Tom 306 Sframel, Carol 244 Sframel, John 48 Stramel, Terry 306 Stranathan, Ruth . 27 Stranathan, Sidney 55 Streck. Carla 60. 306 Strecker. Laurel , ... 306 String Orchestra 127 String Quartet 126 Struble. Andrea 119 Stuart. Kathy ,59 Stuart, Terry 59 Stucky, Berneta 306 Student Education Association ,75 Student Organization Committee . , 240 Student Senate 234-235 Stuewe, Faye 56. 87, 306 Sturgeon. Ronald 224 Suelter, Stanley 243, 269 Sulanka. Debra 87 r 306 Sullivan. Kay 56, 269 Sulzmon, Annetta ,92, 145. 170. I7f. 191,306 Summers, Daniel 306 Summey, Edna, (36 Suran, Cade 209 Sutley, June 269 Sutor. Darla , , 79 Sutter. Janet , . 269 Sutton, Barbara 306 Sutton, John 231,306 Sutton, Warren t SI Swafford, Janet 269 Swank, Deborah ....... T , . . . . 1 [ 8 Swank, Larry 88 Swart, Sandra 44. 245, 269 Swartz, David 24,306 Swearengin, Zenda ..118, 1(9. J 20. 122. 306 Sweat, James 306 Swim, Janet 306 Swisher. Connie . 44. 136, 139,241. 306 Swisher, Lana 269 Switzer. Earlice SO, 306 Switzer, James .,.64 T Tacha, Cheryl 306 Talburt, Aden 307 Talkingfon, Doyle 79, 243 Tantipintavat, Paisa r. 269 Tate, Jolece 29,237, 241,307 Tau Kappa Epsilon 64-65 Taster. Marlene 77 Taxter, Michael 55, 269 Taylor. Lois 307 Taylor. Marcia 77 Taylor. Joann 76. H 9, 1 2 1 , 1 24. 1 26. 307 Teasley. Paula 307 Teel. John 269 Tempero. Beth 74. 87, 307 Temple, Christie , . , . . 122, 238. 307 Temple, Laurel 88. 307 Tennis, Men ' s 178, 179 Tennis, Women ' s 190 Terrill, Catherine .307 Terry, Douglas .269 Thacker, Darlene .307 Thacker, Kathy , , .90, 224, 225, 229, 245, 307 Tharp, Cindy 85. 269 Thayer, Teresa 270 Thibeult, Patricia . . , , ,24 Thille, Elizabeth . . . , ,270 Thirstrup, Larry 23 5 Thoben. Eric .52 Thomas, Dr. Archie C 85,217 Thomas, Calvina 2(5,270 Thomas, Dollie B 2(7 Thomas, Vera E 23 7 Thompson, Dr. Car! E 79, 216 Thompson. Faye 232,233,307 Thompson. Craig 133 Thompson. Randy .... 1 78, 179, 307 Thompson. Steve .151, 307 Thompson, Dr. William R. . .206, 207 Thorns Jr, t John C« 213 Thurman. Denise 51. 307 Thurman. Doug . . . 59, 1 59. 1 6 1 , 1 62. 307 Thyfault, Vickie 74 Tichenor, Scott . . . 52, I 56. I 72. 307 Tiffany, Phyllis G ,,2(7 Tiger Debs I 1 8 Tiger Paws 241 Tillberg, Gordon 48, 307 Tilfberg, Rhonda 245, 276 Timbers, Van 63, 307 TinkeL Afvita 307 Tiny Alice 134-135 Tittel. Marlene .75, 270 Steffen, Janet , Toalson, Wilmont 2 II Tobias, Gary . ,,.....215 Todd, Larry ,, . 307 Toepfer, Philip 307 Tolbert, Janette . , 307 Toll. Judy 307 Tomanek, Dr. Gerald ....... ,206 Tomasu, Robyn 60. 229, 307 Toot, Carol 270 Topliff, Qnda 74, 118, 307 Totten, Deborah .118. 232, 233, 307 Touslee. Richard 307 Tow, Steven .....,.,119. 307 Townley, Agnes . . ,60 Townley, Linda 51,98,235,238, 307 Townsend, Kathryn 270 Townsend, Paul .307 Track, Men ' s .... 172, 173, 174, 175 Track, Women ' s Tracy. Mada .307 Traffic Tribunal ........ 241 Trainer. Kay . 88. 307 Tramel, Dr, Stephen 213 Trent. Anna 123, 124, 129, 226. 244. 270 Trigg, Thelma 22$ Tripp, Kerry 90, 245 Trumbull, Robert 270 Trump, Christine .307 Trumpp, Beverly .119, 121, 232. 244. 307 Tucker. Alan 99.307 Tucker, Joyce I 7 1 , 1 9 f Tully, Dwight 307 Turner. Greg T I S2 Turner. Mike 151 Turner. Peggy .91 Turney, Carol 56.238.307 Turpin, Dr, Gilbert ,.216 Tutak, Rick .93 Tuttle, Camellia ,307 Twitchell. Betty 122, 244. 270 Tyler, James 84 TyrelL Vance 10 J U Ubelaker, Douglas, , ,.270 Unkel. Pamela 307 Unruh, David 307 Unruh, Galen .88, 98, 244.270 Unruh, Lanny 151 Urban, Gerald .... .270 Urban, Terrance . . 270 Urbanek, Carl . . , , . ,....322,307 V Valanne, Jacqueline 208 Valanne, Oil) 213 Van Arsdale, James 151 Van Oolah. Patricia .270 Van Donge. Robert 307 Van Eaton, Dianna 270 Van Eaton. Quentin ,.270 Van Kooten, Karen 307 Van Petten, Bruce J5I Van Scyoc, Luann 307 Vance, Eugene 91 Vanderbur, Ernest ............ 307 Varah, Louise 60, 87,307 Varsity Show 1 14-1 15 Vavricka, Pat 308 Veach. Linda . , 308 Veed, Ellen 216 Veb, Charles 243. 308 Vernon, Gerald 245 Vesecky, Lois .73, 119. 122, 130, 308 Vetter Kenneth . . 63 Vice, Kent 308 Vincent, Kathryn 64, 245, 308 Vincent, Patricia .... .87. 129. 308 Vincent, Stephen 64, 245 Vine, Kenneth .... 52, f 19, 120, 1 2 i 244, 308 Vink. Craig 270 Vlasak, Sharon 233 Vogel, Gerald 85, 308 Vogel. Margaret 308 Vogel, Dr. Nancy .,213 Vogt. John. . ........ .78, 151, 308 Volleyball, Women ' s 192 Vonada. Debra 270 Von Fange. Alan .270 Vonfeldt, Keith 1 68. 308 Vonfeldt, Richard ,,, ,, ,, . 308 Vopat Thomas 270 Voran, Linda 56, 119. 308 Voss, Jyl , ,..,«. 303 Votaw, Charles , , ,.216 Vratif, Kathie ,44. 308 W Wade, Stephen 55 Waggoner, Charles . . ,308 Wagner. Lynn 308 Wagner, Marcia 75, 270 Wahrman. Wayne 308 Waldman. Jolene ... ...60,308 Waldo, Dennis. ........... 64, 308 Waldschmidt. Gregory .......303 Waldschmidt. Mike. . . ,59, 230, 270 Walker, Duenna ...270 Walker. Larry .64, 98, 102, 239, 244. 308 Walker, Mark .48, 270 Walker, Mary 90,241.308 Walker, Myrf ... . ..219,211 Welker, Dr Nell A 211 Walker, Sheila 270 Wall, Dr. George R 2 1 7 Wallace, Avis 73, 87, 308 Wallace. Susan .308 Wallace. Valerie 308 Waller, Rebecca 44. 308 Walter, Nancy . , 308 Walters, Cynthia 245, 308 Walters, Marguerite . . , , 23 Walters. Pauline 63 Walters, Robert , 88 Wall, Stephen 308 Wanklyn, Allan 308 Ward, Richard 59 Ward, Kenton 270 Ward, Larry .... 119. 123.231, 308 Ward, Sally 207.237 Ward, Steven 59. 308 Warner, Scott 168 Warren, Allen 87 Warren, Mary 270 Warzeniak, George 8 1 , 86 Wasinger. Bruce ......... 1 62, 308 Wasinger, Mary .308 Waters, Pauline. 270 Watkins, Janice .87, 270 Watson, Glenn 308 Watson, Janeice . .308 Watson, Dr, John L. 216 Watson, Kurt 151 Watson, William 168 Watts, Harry 308 Weathers. Douglas 270 Weaver, Anette .77. 224. 270 Weaver. David .83, 244. 270 Weber, Eileen . .225. 226. 228. 237, 270 Weber, Jane 308 Weber, Marvin S, 86,217 Weber, Paula .308 Weber, Suefleni 308 Weber, Terry 133. 136. 242 Weber, Thomas . , 172 Webster. Beverly 308 Weeks, Larry , 308 Weems, Jerry ... 119, 1 20, 1 22, 308 Weers, Darlene 123, 224, 270 Weigel, Elizabeth 308 Weimer, Kenneth 151, 308 Weinman, Jon 151 Weiser. Randy .......... 1 8 1 , 270 Welch. Marilyn 87 Wendelin, Norman 270 Wendler, Craig 308 Wendier, Kent . . 243 Wenger, Vernon .78, 270 Weniger, David 309 Wenke, Dr. Thomas L 2 16 Wente, Carol .83, 270 Wente, Brent. . , . . ,55, 309 We ding, Gary 1 62. 309 Worth, Barbara . , .270 Worth, Connette ,.75,309 Wesely, James 64,270 Wessling, David .... 27. 88. 98, 1 62, 163, 309 West, Diano 37, 309 West, Myrna , . 73, 87, 232, 233. 309 Westhusin, Renee 309 Westmacott, John . . . 1 1 9, 1 20, 1 2 1 , 125, 309 Westphal. Donald . , , .63 Wetz, Greg 270 Wetzel, William 84,270 Wheeler, Linda M f 18 Wheeler. Linda R. .46, 60, 77, 229, 309 Wherry, Eleanor I 19, 309 Wherry, Margaret ...119, 120, 121 Whisler, Douglas 309 Whisman, Carol .. .73, 78, I 19, 121. 244. 270 Whisman, Nancy . .73, 78, I 19. 123, I 30. 309 Whitaker. Michael 271 White. Bonnie .. .271 White. Cynthia 60,309 White. Diane 245 White. Ford 309 White. Gary 245 White, James .48, 309 White, Paul ,.,273 White, Rodney 271 White. Warren 271 Whitehair. Lynne 309 Whiteley, Connie.5L I 18. 1 19, 122. 309 Whiteside, Gerald 271 Whiteside, Karla . 77, 271 Whiteside . Ma ry , . , , 27 ] Whorton, Marla . 97. 225.238, 245, 271 Who r s Who 226 Whichers, Joyce 60, 271 Wichers, Rebecca 60, 309 Wfedman, Cathy 232 Wiese, Emma 215 Wiesner, Michael .... 1 20, 121, 125, 244, 309 WiestHal! 30-31 Wiggins, Josephine ... 87, 224, 309 W i g g i nton , Joy c elyn 309 Wilhelm, Dr, Charles L. . 213 Wilken, Patsy 51,90. 309 Widening, Rod .47 Wifkerson, Gary 75,271 335 Wilkins, Dr. William D. 213 Wilkinson. Bradley 91, 2 7 E Wilkinson. Karen 87, 309 Wilkinson, Tanya 309 Williams, Amy 8? Williams. Cindy 75,237 Williams, G. Alton 63,88.271 Williams, Pamela 64, 309 Williams, Stanley 27 1 Williams, Susan 309 Williams. Terry 1 01 Wjlliamson. Jean 271 Williamson, Robert 72 Williby. Janet ,27 1 Willis, Barbara 232 Willis, Jo Anne ,60. 145,309 Willis, Sharon... I 1 9, 121, 125.226, 237, 271 Wilson, Bonnie 120 Wilson, Dan . , , , .48, 309 Wilson, Jerry 215 Wilson, Leonard 309 Windell, Randall . 309 Windholz, Carolyn- 309 Windholz, Kenneth 222 Windholz. Louise .122, 309 Windholz, Mary 100 Windholz, Ralph . 309 Windholz, Wayne 271 Winter, Craig 309 Wmterlin, Dewayne 88. 213 Wise, Maxine 63 Wisher, Bill 94 Witt, Grace 213 Witt, Joseph 245. 271 Witten, Dr. Maurice H 2 I I Wittman, Jane 271 Wittman, Lloyd 27 1 Witwer. Katie 122. 309 Wolf. Charlene .309 Wolf. Judy 32.245 Wolf, Thomas 245,271 Wolf , William . . ,119. 120, 121, 125 Wolters, Joni 309 Women ' s Glee Club 129 Women ' s Recreation Association. 74 Wong. Victor 119, 120 Wood. Glenda 118 Wood. Harold 309 Wood. Vickie 309 Wood, Dr. W + Clement 211 Woods, Carol 309 Woods, Cheryl .309 Woods, Patti 51. 309 Woodwind, Ensemble 126 Woodworth, John 151, 153 Wooldridge, Brad ........ ,48. 271 Wooster Place 32-33 Workman, Diane 191. 309 Worley, Allan , 55, 271 Woydziak, Alan 48. 309 Woydziak. Deanna 235 Woydziak, Kathleen . 271 Woydziak, Robert . . 27 1 Woydziak, Virginia 74, 309 Wrestling ...168,169 Wright. Barbara 123,271 Wright, Bradley ♦ . . . 151 Wright, Gary . 84, 27 I Wnght, Richard ... ,81.310 Wrightsman, Douglas 24 Wurm, Nancy ... 1 20. 1 2 L 244, 27 1 Wyatt, Walter 24! Wylie, Linda ,,310 Wyman, Marilyn ......... 1 92, 3 10 Wyseloff, Linda 245,271 Y Yeager, Jeffrey 59, 3 1 0 Yeager, Maryetta 1 22, 3 10 Yeazel. Dayna ,271 Yeiek, Barbara .240, 3 10 Yeradr, John 1 22. 310 York, Dennis | 5 1 York, Denise 3 JQ York, Judy 330 Yosten, Janice .... 75 Youmans, Dr. Raymond 209 Young, Dale 48 Young Democrats 81 Young. Emily I 20, 3 10 Young, Kay . . , 271 Young, Milton 24 Young Republicans 8 I Young, Terri 3 fO Younger, Lonnie .310 Yount. Bill .271 YoxaJI, Cheryl 44, 146, 226, 228. 271 Yust, David 78, 79, 271 2 Zadrna. Guy .93, 271 Zaknewski, Dr. Richard 216 Zamrzla. Bruce 271 Zeigler, Daniel, .231 Zeigfer, Jadeen 310 Zeigler. Kenneth ,93, 151 Zeigler, Zearl 271 Zeis, Richard .310 Zell me r. Oneta 3 1 0 Zenger, Steven + . . 271 Zenger, Dr, Weldon 215 Zerr. Debra ...... T .3 10 Zerr, Kathleen 3 JO Zerr, Kevin 271 ZimbeJrman. Robin 3 1 0 Zimmer. Wilma 243. 3 10 Zimmerman. Dennis .......... 3 TO Zimmerman. Dennis L, .43. 230, 310 Zimmerman. Jeffrey ,.52, 151.239. 310 Zimmerman. Kathleen 232 Zimmerman, Randy 48 Zolfman, Peggy . .44. 310 Zook, Owen , . J5I Zuker, Anita 3 J 0 Zwink, Timothy 244 LATE BREAKING NEWS Colette Graves, Hardtner sophomore, placed first in the barrel racing competition at the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Finals held in Bozeman, Mont. June 1 9-23. The Fort Hays State Women ' s team cap- tured second place in the team competition, Jane Schulte, representing Fort Hays State, was crowned Miss Kansas at the annua! pageant in Pratt on July 14. 336 mmhwhsmmm liB ' IBI i ■ ■: ' : : ' ■■ ' ■■■ ■ :.v-:-:-- : : : : . . .•: . •. :•. :•••••• ' : y:y - ; -7 ' : ’ “f. v;.: " : v ' “ ’ ‘ . -■-.-•• Iiilil|||liil® :« ;•:• .v.-:v. ' .-: ; :-. : .-S-. ••:.•.-; . . •■•■••• »«!«$«» — Hi .-v: ' . p ; ; ; :-v ::;?; " V . XX ' •• : : : ' -: : : : : ; _ ; : .v:v. v, :. : :• ' ' •■ ■ ' ' . . - r.vv.%v i : ; ' ;“. ' -» •:•: ' • .•:•: ' -■• ' ■ : : . -:-i-x-:-:- x:x x-xxyivXBy;-: ■:•■ ;. x ' v-: 1 : 1 :- ' - ' - ' " ■■■••.■•■’■ ' V v •-.•••••• : v y y yxy- ' x : ::■: : :::•:• ' ' ' : -• ' : ' ■ ... . " : •■■:•:•••.• ■. ' ! . : ' £;: ? ■?: mm M mm £•: .: " . ' “V;:?. ■ %;?•■• - .;T k. : . . Illfl PlI plIi WSI? ggilp M IH MI I1IM1IW g9PPta«£g SS g WtvSSvK- ' a egs ! KiisSSsi togll fg«gg i§j SsPsHbIE xI?MiM . : . mmMM ■ x: «s»ai$ MHhHI pisiiix ■ isii«® X -X» X yXX ■‘; ' fXXXX: ’Xfv:--y ?X-- £-1 Av i.» .jIRvA l ' rajK g KX”V ' :X X - r 2 XX-X- XX ; v MaH a ssaasBW iiasa g •• ■ g=5SEg{alpSg|gl ‘-‘ X XX’?X-rvC-’XXX alSM Sli ■- - IliiiliWglWl ■ P : i- .xt : X; ' ; yyyB7 x -xy: . 1 ::b . ' •,•• ' •■ • ' ., . i ■; ■ wmMmmm ; ' v yXXXIXXXXX W i’ BvJ TOMS ■ I — . mmrnmmmmmm mm imSmmmBB

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