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1971 REVEILLE Fort Hays Kansas State College Hays, Kansas Rita English, editor Joel White, business manager 1 CONTENTS Faces of Fort Hays. . . 4 Features 18 Faces of Fact 42 Faces of Fun 82 sports 84 organizations 122 Faces of Friends ... 192 housing 194 greeks 216 classes 244 Index 324 3 6 To get involved, to be where it ' s at, to -find friends, to learn. The Reveille, 1971, is dedicated to these students, the Faces of Fort Hays State. 7 STUDENT GRADE REPORT FORT HAYS KANSAS STATE COLLEGE HAYS, KANSAS )(IT CCHJtSI NO COVtSI lint HOUtS GWS« GIAOt rs Tf BN {NOINC 10 2 i 70 0 C INS in tot :UR ;n :ur VTH PER 3UC 031 032 029 A 016 040 REVEILLE LAB L COLL NAT SCI 3 EL EM OF PHOTOG 3 GOLF FOUND OF EDUC I I U A I 5 7 L 096 335 “V t t 9 2 ?2 655 8 The whites, blacks, yellows, browns, and reds, the thin, and not so thin, the short and tall, the genius and flunkie, the introvert and extrovert, the young and older, all find freedom at Fort Hays. 9 10 Freedom to think, be themselves, to go without socks. 11 12 College tud nh firs unique individual , no one else, oats as muck drinks ns much, wonder as much, doles os much, reads as much, shoots the bull as much, and still enjoys life as much, 14 College life at FHS can be binoculars and McMindes Hall, hanging up on a midnight prankster, having your favorite night spot burn to the ground, going to Girls Night Out, transporting by motorcycle. is 16 It can be paying $3 to hunt for a parking space, coping with September drizzles, and unheated dorms, renewing school spirit, working your way through and going to one of the friendliest colleges in the midwestern states. 17 FEATURES FEATURES • FEATURES • FEATURES • FEATURES • 18 EATURES • FEATURES • FEATURES • FEATURES • FEATURES • “You have to make the good times yourself take the little times and make them into big times and save the times that are all right for the ones that aren’t so good.” Rod McKuen 19 Orienting activities abound with outset of fall classes 20 21 ► a b a. In remembrance of the 16 Wichita State University football players who lost their lives in an airplane crash, the campus flag was flown at half-mast at the FHS vs, Washburn game, bi When the balloting for 1970-71 homecoming queen candidates took place, the right to vote ' was fully exer- cised. c. An unusually mild October day proved advantageous to those teach- ers and students wishing outdoor classes. 22 a Kissing is the most self-explanatory of all extracurricular activities, b. Studying between class sessions helps prevent cramming for finals, c The season’s first Little Theatre production, The House of Bernarda Alba, ex- emplified its cast’s ability to characterize in a tragic drama situation. 23 Homecoming festivities illuminate football season ’ d. Jumping to save the football im- plemented exciting action to a capac- ity crowd during the Homecoming game. b. Sideline action at any game in- cludes numerous coach-quarterback conferences. e. Hawaiian dancing brought a good old-fashioned try from Hays men, and a smile to a native dancer from the Islands. d, Al Hirt entertained hundreds with his music and humor on Homecoming evening. e. Flames of the bonfire brought the announcement of Stella Howell as Homecoming Queen for 1970 at Fort Hays State. 26 r £ f ' T EfealKS? f ✓ « Entertainment promotes involvement 28 a« The Little Theatre group pro- duced William Shakespeare s As You Like It " as the second play of the drama season, b. Pomp and pageantry dominated the presentation of the Cold Stream Guard and Black Watch from England, c Gala colors prevailed throughout the FHS Varsity Show along with dis- tinctive talent as exemplified by the FHS Singers outstanding performance. d. Adding some swing to the Varsity Show, the Jazz Ensemble provided ex- cellent listening pleasure. e. Proving herself a versatile and concerned speaker. Jane Fonda ap- peared before an interested communi- ty as she offered her solutions to some of America ' s problems. 29 30 a. Presentation of the boar ' s head added to the uniqueness of the annual Madrigal Dinner, b. Bare trees and a crisp coldness ac- centuate the Inexpressable beauty of a winter season on campus, c. Endurance and patience are drained from students along with blood during the campus blood drive, d Regal soundings of beautiful music provided participants of the Madrigal Dinner with a taste of late 16th centu- ry Europe, 31 Semester now finishes before Christmas break First intersession proves beneficial a , Students discover enrollment for Fort Hays’ first intersession considera- bly simpler than regular term proce- dures. b As one of the most popular cours- es during intersession, bowling is taught according to the internationally utilized Brunswick method, c " The House " newly added to FHS, opens the way for free-flowing communication for those in need of advice or just seeking relaxation. Op- ©rating 24 hours a day, The House can be reached by dialing 628-1041. 3a Performers supply stirring entertainment a. Segovia, a world renown guitarist, entertains his audience with intricate fin- gering patterns and unusual artistic flare. b. Earning a standing ovation, members of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company exquisitely perform original ballet. c. Interpretation of strong emotion never evades the capabilities of Fort Hays performers in their rendition of the dramatic opera " The Tender Land. " 34 New basic study program passes Updating the present basic studies program was the work of the General Education Commit- tee, composed of four students and eleven faculty members. Although the new program is similar to the present require- ments, it does allow for a degree of flexibility. Instead of one set of standards for all students, the program will permit the student and his a dvisor to select courses beneficial for the individual. Approved by Dr, Gustad. the program will go into effect fall term of 1971. Then, as changes are needed, they will be imple- mented. a. Critically analyzing each word of the speaker. Student Senate members work toward a curriculum change, b. Suggesting a less radical change by student senate, faculty worked for a reasonable compromise. c Hilarious sets, characters and in- teresting costumes, get it all togeth er for the successful Canadian Opera Company, presenting Orpheus and the Underworld. as a. The switch of riders in the women s bicycle race during Furlough creates a frantic fury. b Spring football trainees battle it out in the traditional Blade and Gold game. c. Precision and an immense effort always prove to be a determining fac- tor in the men s bicycle races. 36 1 Furlough, Derby Days - traditional fun a Participants in the Little Furlough during Derby Days find laughing and peddling aren ' t the most advanta- geous combination. b. " Get that derby, " cries an exes perated Sigma Chi chaser to her team member. c. Attendants at the AWS carnival had the opportunity to salve their anx- ieties by beating this Sigma Chi man in the fraternity ' s Egg Throw. 37 Controversial speeches challenge opinion a. Living the gay life of Mark Crow- ley s Boys in the Band gave Little Theatre dramatists a chance to dem- onstrate their talents, b. Sometimes, we just want to play. c. Gary Puckett and the Union Gap entertain a standing room only crowd with songs that made them famous. 38 a. Evidently interested in youthful opinions at the spring Student Rights Rally, this listener records their words. b. Presenting his views of Nixon s policies, New York Senator Charles Goddell is featured through the Con- troversial Speakers Series in April c. Students and faculty listen intently at the Student Rights Rally, 39 HPER Complex Started in March Even though adverse weather conditions controlled the day, ground-breaking for the new HPER complex went on as sched- uled in the Black and Gold room of the Union. Speakers presiding at the affair were Governor Robert Docking, Pres. John Gustad, Athletic Di- rector Cade Suran, Mayor Louis Bieker and Student Body Pres. John Petty. 40 Graduation of 1283 breaks records ai by May 14, 1971 marked the end of school for 990 seniors who donned their caps and gowns with over 300 graduate students. Preceded by faculty and digni- taries, the long processional of 1283 graduates filed onto the field as friends tried to pick them out. Everyone sat under a clear and expansive sky to hear New York resident Miss Martha Peterson extol the beauties of Kansas, her home state. In her address en- titled " The New Pioneer, " she ' challenged each of them to be big enough to meet the chal- lenges of life be it marriage, the military or another employment agency. But whatever they ao the Faces from Fort Hays will be etched on their memories. a. As the graduates organized them- selves into lines for their march into the stadium, they tell jokes and remi- nisce to help make the wait seem shorter. b. President of Barnard College, Miss Martha Peterson, speaks of how the life on the plains helps the new pioneer to meet the struggles of the future. FACES r FACETOF FACT • FACES OF ACT • FACES OF FACT • FACES OF FACT • FACES OF FACT “College and University educators have a primary responsibility to teach students how to think, not what to think.” Ray Nadeau, Purdue University Campus hierarchy- policy originators Arriving in Kansas during the 1969 summer, Fort Hays State College President John W. Gus- tad and his family are enjoying their second year as the college’s first family. Claims Dr. Gustad: " It ' s refreshing to be among peo- ple who appreciate opportunity to go to college. We like Kansas, we like the people, and we like this college. ' ' Inaugurated as Fort Hays ' fifth resident, Dr. Gustad is a firm eliever in a liberal arts education and admires the " fun to learn " at- titude evident among first-gen- eration college students. a. Dr. and Mrs, Gustad enjoy a refreshing moment with Dr. Howard Reynolds at a faculty reception. b. Dr. John W. Gustad, the fifth president of Fort Hays State. c. President Gustad heads for his haven, the driving range. d. Governor and Mrs. Robert Docking return from the field with Cade Suran, di- rector of athletics. e. Ushering in the new season with the annual first kick is Governor Docking. b ▼ 44 45 Dalton, oldest administrator, retires a, LOIS LEE M YERLY, assistant to the president, b. WALTER E. KEATING, business manager, c DR, JOHN D. GARWOOD, dean of the faculty. 46 ( I t a. DR. JIMMY RICE, graduate dean. b. JOEL R. DICKINSON, executive assistant to the president, c STANDLEE V, DALTON, retiring after 35 years of service as registrar. 47 a A a DR. BILL J ELLISON, dean of stu- dents. b. MISS JEAN STOUFFER. associate dean of students. c. MISS ETHEL V. ARTMAN, execu- tive secretary of student financial aids. d. CARROLL L BEARDSLEE, direc- tor of student financial aids and feder- al programs. 46 a. RALPH HUFFMAN, director o f fipJrl CLprvirp b. MRS. SALLY WARD, assistant to the dean of students. c. EARL HOBBS, acting assistant dean of students, d. JAMES F. NUGENT, director of housing. i 49 a. R. U. BROOKS, superintendent of buildings. b. THOMAS HARTLEY, director of information services. c. DANIEL DURAND, director of physical plant. d. RICHARD OSBORNE, director of placement. e. RONALD PFLUSHOFT, exec, secretary of alumni association. f. DR. RAYMOND YOUMANS, di- rector of instructional technology. g. KENT COLLIER, exec, secretary of endowment association. a. In the Student Health Office are Ruth Joy, Frances Cook, and Betty Roberts. b Directing the Memorial Union are R Lynn Rogers, Director; O. Z Bizzell, Asst Director; and Arnold Drake, Bookstore Manager. 51 Education division supervises five depts. The Education Division controls five of the liveliest departments at Fort Hays: Education, Library Science, Industrial Arts, Home Economics and Health, Education and Recreation (HPER). Each department works with the majority of FHS ers since Forsyth Library, fundamental physical education classes and education courses fall under the supervision of this division. In the Education department itself, a constant pace of growth con- tinues. Each year 450 to 500 senior level students enroll in the semester of professional courses or the teaching block, which prepares these stu- dents as educators. A program which will provide the opportunity for students to complete the semester of the teaching block in a multi-insti- tutional center in an urban area is expected to be In operation by the fall of 1971. Two new laboratories in plastics and electricity- lectronics have been added in the Industrial Arts department to further facilitate under- standing and industry demand. The department is in charge of the annu- al high school industrial arts fair. DR. CALVIN E. HARBIN, chairman of the Education Division 52 a MAXINE HOFFMAN, department chairman JUNE KREBS, assoc, prof. KATHLEEN MINER, instructor h. and c. The Home Economics curri- culum is efficient in providing training for careers in dietetics and teaching 53 la Ed. dept, prepares seniors for careers A. DR. W. CLEMENT WOOD, department chairmen DR. RICHARD BAKER, asst. prof. DR. DONALD R. BLOSS. asst. prof. MARTHA CLAFLIN. asst. prof. WILLIAM CLAFLIN. asst. prof. DR. ALLEN R. CLARK, asst. prof. M. REX CORNWELL, asst. prof. DR. BILLY C. DALEY, prof. DR. EDITH DOBBS, assoc, prof. GERALD DUNCAN, asst. prof. DR. HULDA GROESBECK, prof. DONNA HARSH, asst. prof. DR. WILLIAM POWERS, asst. prof. DR. GORDON PRICE, prof. DR. WILLIAM ROBINSON, assoc, prof. DR. HESTER CLARK asst. prof. HAROLD SODAMANN. assoc, prof. HERBERT SONGER, instructor JAMES STANSBURY, asst. prof. DR. LAVIER STAVEN. prof, DR. JAMES WILLIS, asst. prof. DR. WELDON ZENGER, asst. prof. 55 P.E. classes offer students excitement, fun a. Curriculum planning is a responsi- bility of Dr, Russell Bogue, chairman of the HPER department, b A rather strained position is the result of the extra effort ' " in tennis class — at least for this student. c. Social dance students learn the practical skills of dancing. d. And, with a mighty bound , „ . e. Thrashing to the finish is a heart felt and face felt struggle. 56 CHARLES BREHM asst. prof. PATRICIA DUNCAN. Instructor ALEX FRANCIS, prof. JAMES HOPPEL instructor ORVENE JOHNSON, instructor GLEN LOJKA, asst, prof. SARAH MANGELSDORF, instructor WAYNE McCONNELL, assoc, prof. EDGAR McNEIL, assoc, prof. HELEN MILES, instructor MERLYN MOECKEL. instructor JAMES PARAMORE instructor NANCY POPP asst. prof. DOUGLAS SEBOLD. instructor TOM STROMGREN, instructor CADESURAN, prof. LARRY THIRSTRUP, instructor 57 a. MARC CAMPBELL, department chairman RACHEL CHRISTOPHER, assoc, prof. MARTHA DIRKS, instructor MARGERY HARKNESS, assoc, prof. ELAINE MILLER, instructor BETTI E POWELL, asst, prof, ' MAC ' ’ REED, asst. prof. ESTA LOU RILEY, asst. prof. ROBERT SMITH, asst. prof. Forsyth library - students’ haven c. Forsyth student librarians keep the library running efficiently, b Forsyth provides Fort Hays Sta- ters with a modern comfortable atmo- sphere to study and research. Industrial Arts holds annual fair a. DR, RICHARD CAIN, department chairman BRYAN BACHKORA, asst prof. DON BARTON, instructor GLENN GINTHER. asst, prof. DENNIS McKEE, prof. GARY TOBIAS, asst. prof. b. Students from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School place first in the multi-pupil project division at Fort Hays ' annual industrial arts fair, c In a varied department, welding remains just a part of the construction techniques taught. cW 59 Humanities division revises courses to align with changing academics To express one ' s individuality through concrete manners, such as writ- ing, acting, or painting, constitutes the goals of the Humanities division. In order to meet the current demand for a broader knowledge in linguis- tics, the English department has enlarged this area to include new cours- es in General Linguistics. Anglo-Saxon, History of the Language, and Modern Grammar and Usage. Another change effective next fall in the English departments is the re- turn of classroom instruction in Introduction to Literature. This course was previously an independent study program in which the students re- lied on tapes and skull sessions In place of class-time lectures. As is always true of the music, speech and art departments, this year was no exception in their ability to increase students ' knowledge in these areas. a. Dr. William Thompson, chairman of the Humanities division, serves on the faculty committee which was in- strumental in implementing the new changes made in the general educa- tion curriculum. V 60 Graber heads language dept. a. Dr. Paul Graber heads the lan- guage department at Fort Hays, b Class sessions in the foreign lan- guage laboratory promote conversa- tional use of the language, c. Dr. Roman Kuchar previews a tape to be used in class. ANTONIA ALCANTARA, asst. prof. DR. BENITO CARBALLO. asst, prof, MARIA CODINACH, instructor DR, JUAN JIMENEZ, instructor DR. ROMAN KUCHAR, assoc, prof, MICHAEL MEADE, instructor RODNEY NORTON, asst, prof. LEONA PFEIFER, asst. prof. DeWAYNE WINTERLIN, instructor 61 a. Linda Meier and Susan Armstrong diligently participate on the college news- paper, The Leader, which is only one facet of the busy journalism and information services department, b. Dr. Verna Parish, chairman of the English department, also heads the honors student program on campus. c. Writing a term paper remains a tribulation all English Composition I students must endure. 62 English department is multi-directional KATHERINE BOGART, assoc, prof. VIRGINIA BORNHOLDT, instructor OR. RALPH CODER, prof. MARION COULSON, assoc, prof. NAOMI GARNER, asst, prof PAUL GATSCHET, asst. prof. MARGARET HARRISON, instructor DR. ELIZABETH HODGES, asst. prof. DAVID ISON, asst, prof LORRAINE JACKSON, instructor " GENE ' JACOBS, instructor ROBERT LOWEN. asst, prof. MICHAEL MARKS, asst. prof. DR. WILLIAM MARQUARDT, prof. ROBERT MAXWELL, instructor alice McFarland, asst. prof. KATHERINE ROGERS, asst, prof MARJORIE SACKETT, instructor DR, SAMUEL SACKETT, prof. ROBERTA SHARP, instructor DR. ROBERTA STOUT, prof. NANCY VOGEL, asst, prof DR. RICHARD WHITTINGTON, prof. GRACE WITT, instructor 63 ‘As You Like It,’ one major show a. DR. JAMES COST1GAN, deportment chairman MARCIA BANNISTER, asst. prof. ELIZABETH EDMUND, instructor LLOYD FRERER, asst. prof. WILLIAM HANCOCK, instructor JACK HEATHER, assoc, prof. SIDNEY JOHNSON, assoc, prof. HARRIET KETCHUM assoc, prof. GLENNIS MEIER, instructor J. DAN ROTHWELL, instructor WILLIAM SEGAL, asst. prof. DR. CHARLES WILHELM, asst. prof. a. DR. LELAND BARTHOLOMEW, department chairman ALISON ATKINS, asst. prof. ROBERT BROWN, asst. prof. DR. RICHARD COLLINS, asst. prof. LYLE DILLEY, assoc, prof. BYRNELL FIGLER, asst. prof. PATRICK GOESER. asst. prof. DONN GRAHAM, instructor JOHN HUBER, asst. prof. DR. LEWIS MILLER, assoc, prof. E. EDWIN MOYERS, assoc, prof, JAMES OLCGTT. instructor HAROLD PALMER assoc, prof. PHYLLIS SCHLEICH, asst. prof. DR. K, MARIE STOLBA. asst, prof, DR. DONALD STOUT, prof. DR, WILLIAM WILKINS, prof. . Determined faces spell a long night f rehearsal for the Jazz Ensemble. 65 DALE FICKEN. asst. prof. EUGENE HARWICK, asst. prof. JOANNE HARWICK. instructor JAMES HINKHOUSE. asst. prof. KATHLEEN KUCHAR, instructor JAMES McGlNNESS, instructor DARRELL Mc INNfS. assoc, prof. FRANK NICHOLS, instructor JOHN THORNS, prof. OLLI VALANNE. asst. prof. hr a To create the individual out of mass is the genius of art b. Dr Joel Moss, chairman of the art department, excels in the field of painting 66 wwBBhBBHI DR. SAMUEL HAMILTON, department chairman DR. STEPHEN TRAMEL, asst. prof. Philosophy Smallest dept. In addition to the special cours- es of logic the philosophy curri- culum is designed to acquaint stu- dents with a comprehensive view of knowledge in fields other than their area of specialization and also prepare them for graduate study. 67 Natural sciences, mathematics division keeps pace with modern technology Advancing as fast as contem- porary research, all phases of education in the Natural Science and Mathematics Division are keeping pace with modern tech- nology. This is particularily evi- dent in the Biological Science and Agriculture department as recent concern over ecology grows. Dr. Neil Walker, chairman of this de- partment, initiated revisions in the Agriculture curriculum, which resulted in four areas of concen- tration being offered ranging from agri-business to agronomy. Another department keeping in stride is the Earth Sciences which is headed by Myrl Walker. Within the past year, the earth science area of geology has been author- ized to offer graduate work which facilitates the department to pro- duce well-rounded graduates. Joining a two-state consortium for the advancement of physics education Is probably one of the notable achievements of the Phys- ics Department with Dr. Maurice Witten as chairman. The Fort Hays State Physics Department has joined with six colleges in Kan- sas and Missouri to form this con- sortium which is a three-year co- operative effort to advance the teaching of physics for the under- gradua.e student. a. Studies of the physiological workings of a bird require first a thorough washing of the specimen. b. Dr. Gerald W. Tomanek, Chairman of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division, inspects new equipment for student use. c. Learning to recognize skeletal structures is a part of obtaining f ulT knowledge of zoological anatomy. d. Dr. Howard Reynolds identifies a tropical plant In the college greenhouse. e. Dr. Neil Walker, who satisfies his zoological interests by studying wildlife in other countries, is the Chairman of the Biological Science and Agriculture dept. 68 THAINE CLARK, assoc, prof. DR. CHARLES A. ELY, prof. DR. EUGENE D. FLEHARTY, prof. RUFF L. GENTRY, asst. prof. DR. WALLACE W, HARRIS, asst. prof. DUANE E. HOUSTON, asst. prof. DR. GARY K. HULETT, prof. HENRY J. McFarland, assoc, prof. DR. DAVID W. PIERSON, assoc, prof. DR, HOWARD C. REYNOLDS, prof. dA ANDREW RIEGEL. assoc, prof. DR. M, Q. SAYED, assoc, prof. ELTON K, SCHRODER assoc, prof. DR. G. DUANE SHARP, asst. prof. KENNETH W. SIMONS, prof. DR. THOMAS WENKE. assoc, prof. 69 Chemistry dept, applies technical knowledge a DR. HAROLD CHOGUILL, department chairman DR. ROBERT DRESSIER, asst, prof, DR. DELBERT MARSHALL asst. prof. DR. JAMES McMECHAN, assoc, prof, ROBERT RICHARDS, assoc, prof. DR. MAX RUMPEL, prof, DR. EDMUND SHEARER, asst. prof. r b. Chemistry laboratory provides practical application of the technical knowledge acquired in class. 70 Earth Science dept, takes advantage of intersession EARL BUDKE. asst. prof. MICHAEL NELSON, asst. prof. PAUL PHILLIPS, instructor OR, RICHARD ZAKRZEWSKI, asst. prof. a. Intersession provides time to take field trips and study the earth in its natural state. b. Myrl Walker, chairman of the Earth Sciences department, is closely affiliated wi fh the museum, c One facet of geology involves an- alyzing rocks and minerals as this stu- dent is doing. 71 Math courses involve deep contemplation a. Ervin Eltze analyzes along with his Calcul us class, a puzzling equation. b. Wilmont Toalson, chairman of the Mathematics department. VIVIAN BAXTER, asst. prof. DR. ELTON 8EOUGHER, asst. prof. NANCY CURTIS, asst. prof. LAURENCE DRYDEN. assoc, prof. ERVIN ELTZE, asst. prof. EUGENE ETTER. asst. prof. PHILIP JACOBS, asst. prof. EVERETT MARSHALL. assoc, prof. MARVIN ROLFS, asst. prof. ELLEN VEED assoc, prof. 72 Physics dept, probes nature’s forces a. DR MAURICE WITTEN, department chairman LOUIS CAPLAN. asst. prof. DOYLE BROOKS, prof. DR, ROGER PRUITT, asst, prof . Doyle Brooks looks over astronomi- :al equipment used to gaze at the leavens. Determining electron factors in a ' acuum tube gives a better under- tanding of electronic components. Nursing program now offers degree One of the biggest changes in the nursing program Is the change to a full baccalaureate program and the awarding of the nursing degree, bachelor of science in nursing, which was given with the rest of the degrees in May for the first time at Fort Hays State to a senior class of 27. Another change is in the addi- tion of the public health nursing field practice course for seniors. This course prepares seniors for the proposed county-wide home- visiting nurse service for the sick. a. The bloodmobile at Fort Hays is one of the many student nurse proj- ects. b. Nurse education provides firm, yet comforting hands which have ac- quired the skills of the nursing science. c. Miss Leora Stroup is retiring as the Chairman of nursing education after 19 years of service. L. ILEENE ALLEN, asst, prof. JoEVA BLAIR, instructor MARY FREY, asst. prof. MERRILL T. FRINK, instructor KATHLEEN GARWOOD, instructor RUBY JOHNSON, instructor RUTH ANNE THEIS. instructor a. Through the use of models and lectures, nursing students gain the technical knowledge of their field, b. Practical knowledge is obtained by students aiding in the local hospi- tals as these two in the operating room. 75 Social, behavioral science division concentrates on man, his adaptations " It ' s just an administrative change. " is the way Dr. M. J. Lit- tle described the sepa ration of business and economics Into two departments, effective with the second semester. Concerned with lacing graduates in the areas of usiness or collegiate education, these two departments play a prominent role in the develop- ment of Fort Hays enrollees. Drawing attention this election year, the Political Science Depart- ment ' s Young Democrats backed First District congressional candi- date, Bill Jellison, FHS dean of students. Demanding qualified person- nel, the continually expanding field of mental health provides in- creasing opportunities for psy- chology majors. Training students to efficiently function in applied settings remains the goal of the Psychology Department. Promoting the Raymond Welty Memorial Lectures — to honor the late chairman of the History Department — is a primary proj- ect for the current department. A memorial Library Fund honoring Welty ' s services provides history books to supplement Forsyth Li- brary ' s history section. a. Dr. Jack McCullick is cha irman of the new Economics Department. b. Ch airman of the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Dr. John Tomlinson, joined the faculty in 1961 after acquiring two of his three polltl- cal science degrees from FHS c. Utilizing the computer equipment available, an IBM student works on her programming project. 76 DR, M J. LITTLE department chapmen BRIAN BRIESE, instructor CHERRY CLOSE, instructor ROBERT CRfSSMAN, asst, prof, WILLIAM DOOLEY, instructor KEITH FAULKNER instructor JAMES KELLERMAN. instructor JACK LOGAN, instructor RICHARD McGRATH, instructor RICHARD OSBORNE, prof. J. DALE PEIER, asst. prof. ERNEST PRICE, instructor MARY ANN RUSH, instructor CHARLES SHERWOOD, instructor VERNON STALLMAN, instructor DR. ARCHIE THOMAS, prof. DOLLIE THOMAS, asst. prof. VERA THOMAS, instructor SHARON VLASAK. asst. prof. DR. GEORGE WALL prof. ECONOMICS DONALD BUMPUS. instructor JAMES JONES, asst, prof. GLEN PETTENGILL. instructor DAN RUPP, asst. prof. 77 CYD support Dean Jellison b A a A KENNETH CARTER, in tr. PATRICK ORJNAN. asst, prof DAVID JONES, asst, prof, SUSAN 8, MILLER, instr. a Advising pre-law majors and In- structing an Introductory law course are two responsibilities of Dr, Don Slechfa, chairman of the Political Science Department, b Collegiate Young Democrats took advantage of the election year by sup- porting Bill Jellison for First District Congressman. Many hours were spent working at his local campaign office. 78 JAMES FORSYTHE, assoc, prof. ANN LISTON, asst. prof. CHRISTINE W. LUEHRS. asst. prof. DR. ROBERT LUEHRS asst. prof. H. J, SCHM ELLER, asst, prof, DR. WILDA SMITH, prof. a. Along with other departments of the Social Behavioral Science Division, the History Department found McCartney Hall its home when reno- vations were complete in the late spring. b. Dr, Leo Oliva, chairman of the History Department, took a sabbatical leave during the spring semester. McCartney hall history dept.’s home VERNON FALL, asst, prof. 79 Soc. club spends January break at Larimer Street » A WILLIAM ASRUZZI, instr. ROSE ARNOLD, instr. RONALD J, FUNDIS, asst. prof. MARJORIE THOMSON, instr. a. Dr. W. Nevell Razak, a newcomer to the faculty th is year, heads the So- ciology Department. b. Artifacts in the museum at McCartney Hall aid students of an- thropology which is part of the Sociol- ogy Department. so DR. JAMES P. JAMES, department chairman ;ychology - a required basic DR. ROBERT ADAMS, asst. prof. DONN KAISER, instr. ROBERT P. MARKLEY. asst. prof. BERNIE MERMIS, asst. prof. JAMES RYABIK, asst. prof. DR. RONALD G. SMITH, asst. prof. PHYLLIS G. TIFFANY, instr. ten-Sfar Theater is the setting for the majority of basic pyschology courses of ed at FHS. 5 • - FACES OF FUN -FACES OF FUN FACES OF FU ES OF FUN • FACES OF FUN • FACES OF FUN • FACES Of To exist is not enough . . . the accomplishment of meeting new faces and ideas is to grow. To grow is to live. Reveille Staff a Crossing the goal line for a ID is freshman quarterback, Jonathan Douglas, who cracked eight individual records during the 1970 season, b Lloyd Logsdon puts his opponent out of commission with a body block during the Omaha game, c. Jake Heck puts a forceful punt into the air. d« Homecoming game finds Roy Humphrey pulling down the Omaha fullback. 94 C A Stromgren’s prediction rings true: Black and Gold bag 5-5 overall " I ' ll be terribly disappointed if we are not at least a .500 football team, " said Fort Hays State ' s sec- ond-year football coach Tom Stromgren. The team didn ' t disappoint the coach and turned in a 5-5 record for the 1970 sea- son. While the Tigers were only 2-3 in RMAC play, they were the only team to knock off conference win- ner Pittsburg State. The Bengals bounced back from the " Dark Days ’69 " when they recorded a 0-9 record with mostly freshmen and sophomores. 1970 saw the Tigers set or tie 34 team and individual records. The majority of the individual work on the record book was done by Tommy Evans, John Wood- worth, and Jonathan Douglas. Evans closed out his career as a running back by garnering three rushing records, one of which counted as a total offense record. Douglas, the 5-8, 155 lb. quart- erback, snared eight records for himself. His 1,521 yards total of- fense for the year is a new record, along with his 252 yards passing in one game and 1,325 yards passing in one season. Woodworth came up with five records including 40 passes caught in one season, 700 yards gained in one season, and six scor- ing passes caught in one season. 85 SCORING Most points scored In one season; 297 Most consecutive games scoring: 65 from 1963 1970 Most consecutive games scored upon: 31 from 1967-1970 TOTAL OFFENSE Most yards in one season: 4,346 Most ya r ds in one game: 761 RUSHING YARDAGE Most yards In one game: 572 a. Rushing for I 1 64 yards with a per game average of 116 yards was Tommy Evans, who was named to the A.P Little All-America honorable- mention and All-RMAC teams. b. Roy Humphrey, second team Kodak All America and All-RMAC member, was co-captain along with Evans, e. Bruce Hawley (I I) and Roy Hum- phrey (82) attempt to pull down their opponent for a yardage loss d Drill and more drill go into the making of a football player as assistant coach Jim Paramore works over a Tiger player, e Getting manhandled is Jonathan Douglas, who at the same time is at- tempting to catch a pass Team Records Set RUSHING YARDAGE Most yards in one season: 2,845 PASSES ATTEMPTED Most passes in one game; 37 Most passes attempted in one season: 203 PASSES COMPLETED Most in one game: I 6 Most in one season: 84 FIRST DOWNS Most in one game: 34 (new conference record) a ▼ FIRST DOWNS Most rushing in one game: 29 (new conference record) Most in one season: 196 Average I 3.5 first downs rushing per game (new conference record) OFFENSE Most plays rush and pass per game, average. 82.0 b ▼ C T 86 Records set; ' c »iio_ds : ;e “nr Tn mragr rr It “BfeiJTT fflniHtL ttUT: JJT tnt I- Z.imHr 3?nrE£ " tannrr z xxsadheEsz arc z m.v ' ZL wi ssarr sBffirmc “Carr 1m hrmnr ut umBvst unr zr Bv t wHt na’ Ta S faaofr imim £ van: im jjn v rr©’ ' TTI3TT t ftrtT rlX- x arrnsS tx tm r rt B TBmg imr igt ' jiae ' aTv: vos: anc xtua ri Jrrr WLu b Wiikt-.iTir +t«- aeisr-- suet isaiair td iro xte " : v«r umer T jfeara —orail x®tw ' ,ite aTir nui:d«r i maarmra mr fo: — UiTmrrr a. Head Coach Tom Stromgren brought the Tigers from an 0-9 record in his first year at FHS to a 5-5 tally this year, b, 1970 Football Coaching Staff — Kneeling: John Covington, Larry Zien- lein, and Ed McNeil. Standing: Jim Paramore, Head Coach Tom Strom- gren, and Jim Hoppel. 88 After a 14-game losing streak, he Tigers ended the drought ompiled over a two-year period, iy winning the first game of the 970 season. The final score ound FHS defeating Missouri outhern at Lewis Field by a score f 36-29. A thriving crowd of ,000 filled the stands for the sec- ond home game, only to see the igers fall to the Northwestern Oklahoma Rangers 27-3. Venturing from the home grid- ‘on for the first time, the Tigers ould not catch Kearney State nd fell short 30-2 I . In their first RMAC encounter, HS came from behind to pull an ipset over Pittsburg State, 28-20, lefeating the team that was later o be the conference champs, ' laying at home once again, the Hack and Sold pounded the Icha- ods from Washburn, 27-8. The igers first RMAC loss was at the lands of Emporia State, 42-3 I . Homecoming found the Tigers facing the University of Nebraska — Omaha before some 8,500 stu- dents, alumni and fans. The Tigers suffered a disappointing setback, losing 21-19. Facing two road games, the Bengals went into high gear de- feating both opponents In high scoring affairs. Southern Colora- do was the first victim, falling 42- 21. Next came a romp over Pan- handle A M 56- 1 4. The final game of the season was a chiller, both in the weather and in the score. Northern Colo- rado built an insurmountable lead in the first half and held on in the second to defeat FHS 55-34 and cooled all hopes of a possible bowl game bid. Although disappointed in some games, the Tigers came through with a 5-5 tally for the season and can take a great deal of solace from their performance of this season over that of one year ago. 1970 TIGER FOOTBALL TEAM — Front Row: Gary Dougherty, Tom Spicer, Robert Marsh, Mike Hires, Richard Doran, Rick Lacey, Jake Heck, Dennis Kress, Dennis Sprati and John Woodworth. Second Row; Tommy Evans, Butch Davis. Jim Riedel. Gary Riedy, J, D, Armstrong, Scott Turner, Ed Turner, Roy Humphrey, and Steve Crosby. Third Row: Ted Juneau, Joe Gresnick, Mike Hufstetler. Mike Karl, John Schmidt. Ernest Equlf, Jeff Zimmerman, Joe Kulbiski, Ed Young, and Greg Randel. Fourth Row: Dennis Brown, Roger McClaflm, Mike But- let, Robert Givens, Bruce Armstrong. Robert Levitt, Phil Stramel, James Murray, and Charles Krull. Back Row: Lionel Jenkins, John Tilson, Rick Hahn, Johnathan Douglas, Gary Shuster. Max Evans, John Getz, Dave Creech, and Lloyd Logsdon, Harriers place 2nd in NAIA Nationals a. Head Mentor Alex Francis gives his runners last minute instructions before a meet, b. Clocking his harriers in practice. Coach Francis encourages his runners, c. Alvin Penka races to a sixth-place fin- ish in the NAIA Nationals, d Dave McLeland, Tom Bradrick, and Steve Boehmer set the pace during the Fort Hays State-McPherson College meet. a A c A b ▼ 90 Head Coach Alex Francis again guided his cross country team to the RMAC championship and the NAIA District 10 titles this year The runners also picked up another trophy for their ef- forts by placing second in the NAIA Nationals, The victory in the RMAC meet runs the Tigers ' conference string of championships to seven in a row, dating back to the now de- funct CIO Francis harriers were trying for an unprecedented third national title in a row but came in second behind a tough Eastern Michigan team Top finisher for the Tigers was Alvin Penka in sixth spot, a plac- ing that again makes the Odin junior an All-American, Freshman Tom Bradrlck missed the elite squad by only one place as he fin- ished 16th in the race which had 526 entries Only one letterman, Steve Boehmer, will be lost this year via graduation, so Francis ' hopes are high for a tough team again next year IS Cross Country team members are: Front Row: Ron Lawrenz, Jim Rirnbaum, John Beaton, John mgardt, Ron Sieker, Hap Wood, and Marvin Jelinek. Second Row: Head Coach Alex Francis, Alvin ika, Tom Bradrick, Herb Carmen, Jon Nelson, Dave McLeland, and Steve Boehmer, Bengals earn champ standing in two tourneys, RMAC Championships were abundant for the Tiger basketball team as the squad won the Holiday Tour- nament in Anaconda, Montana during Christmas break and cap- tured two Rocky Mountain Ath- letic Conference Titles, both the Plains Division and overall cham- pionships. In the Christmas tournament, the Bengals defeated Carroll Col- lege and Western Montana State to claim first place. These were the first wins of the season away from Sheridan Coliseum. The RMAC race proved to be just as rough as predicted by the conference coaches and sports writers. FHS ' s cagers could not claim the championship until the last game of the regular season, and even then a Southern Colora- do win was the deciding factor. Before the last three games of the season, the Tigers were a game and one-half ahead of the University of Northern Colorado. By defeating Northern 97-73, the Bengals had clinched a tie for first place. 92 Two days after gaining the first place tie, the Tigers were out- classed by Southern Colorado, and there was still no undisputed winner of the Plains Division. A strong Emporia State team was the last opponent for the Ti- gers and a 77-75 overtime Empo- ria win was the outcome. As a re- sult, it was up to Southern to help FHS capture their first RMAC title. Southern did help by de- feating Northern 78-75 in over- time. Thus, Fort Hays State fin- ished the conference race 8-4, and second place Northern ended with a 7-5 mark. In team standings of the Plains Division the Tigers ranked first in offense with a 78.0 points per game average. They were also first in team defense, holding their opponents to only 72.8 points per game. a. Mike Gaskell reaches in vain to get the tip from the Regis center. b. Tiger fans whoop it up as another victory seems near. C. Senior Darryl Apel pumps up the ball over his Northern Colorado oppo- nent. d. Pulling down another rebound is Daryl Stockstill, who ended the season with an i I rebounds per game aver- age. e. Marcus Kemper appears to be hemmed in by Southern Colorado players but manages to drive past a fallen defender toward the goal. 93 Tigers cap season with 15-11 record After claiming the Plains Divi- sion Championship, the next event on the Tigers schedule was a trip to Silver City, New Mexico and the overall RMAC champion- ship game with the Mountain Di- vision winner, Western New Mexi- co. The Mustangs finished the Mountain Division race with a 10-4 mark and had won 18 straight on their home floor. The Tiger squad ended the home game winning streak and emerged as the overall RMAC Champion with a 101-99 overtime win over New Mexico. This was the second straight time that the Plains Division representative had captured the conference crown over their Mountain Division op- ponents. Final action for the 1970-71 season was a game against Friends University in the NAIA Dis , ict 10 Playoffs. Friends downed the Tigers in first round action 92-85. This was the second straight year that the Tigers were able to compile the best overall record of Kansas schools in the RMAC and earn a berth in the playoffs. The loss to Friends gave the Tigers a 15-11 record for the season. anticipation puzzlement ecstasy 94 Junior varsity ends season 4-5 Fort Hays State s junior varsity basketball squad, under the guid- ance of graduate assistant Bob Bartkoski, finished the 1970-71 season with a 4-5 record. Leading the JV ' s in scoring was sophomore Troy Rampy who av- eraged 12.3 points per outing. He was followed by freshman Galen McFarland who pumped in I LI points per game. In the rebound department freshman Gerald Gleason pulled down 8.1 caroms per game to lead the Tiger Cubs. Freshman Doug Thurman was second with 7.0 rebounds. Other Tigers who saw regular junior varsity action were Jim Kel- ler, Jim Beebe, Bruce Hawley, and Rod Goodin. a. Another tally goes up for FHS, as Johnny Woodworth lays in a basket. b. This kind of corner jump shot be- came a trademark of Dave Okeson to Tiger fans. orry happiness aggravation 95 Cagers are champs; honors galore accorded Coach Brehm and Tigers Fort Hays State ' s basketball team and coach received several individual honors at the conclu- sion of the 1970-71 season. Cage captain Daryl Stockstill and his sharp-shooting teammate Dave Okeson both gained All- Rocky Mountain Athletic Confer- ence and All-District 10 honors and were honorable mention NAIA All-America selections. FHS was the only school in the RMAC and Kansas to place two players on the top all-conference and all-district squads. This was the second straight year that Stockstill was named to the three elite squads. In RMAC Plains Division) competition he inished third in scoring behind Southern Colorado ' s Cal Tatum and Okeson. The Tiger Captain was also second in the division in rebounding behind Northern Col- orado ' s Mike Bannister. Stockstill led the division in free throw ac- curacy, hitting at an .882 clip from the charity stripe. Okeson, a junior college trans- fer, made a mark for himself in the RMAC by hitting 55 per cent of his field goal attempts in con- ference play. He was FHS ' s sec- ond leading scorer with a 15.6 season average, behind Stockstill who averaged 18.2 points per game. Head Coach Chuck Brehm was honored twice for his accomplish- ments during the season. He was named the NAIA District 10 Bas- ketball Coach of the Year and also Area III Coach of the Year by the national organization. The Tiger basketball team grabbed a final post-season honor, the RMAC sportsmanship title. The Bengals won by a slim two ' enths of a point over West- ern State (Colo.) of the Mountain Division. RMAC officials score all con- ference teams on player and coach conduct, both at home and on the road and the conduct of the school ' s fans. •A 1 .ik- A . r lift i , a- P Vi i.l 1 A JL 1 l P k r u i k rL 1 - Tl4i A ' ■ ' Wm - i 1970-71 TIGER BASKETBALL TEAM — Front Row: John Woodworth, Rick Gibbs. Daryl Stockstill Gary Ritter, Mike Gaskell, Doug Thurman, Marcus Kemper, and Af Campbell, Back Row: Assistant Coach Bud MockeL Junior Varsity Coach Bob Barfkoski. Duane Rauhut, Pat James, Tom King, Dave Okeson. Jim Keller, Troy Rampy, Darryl Apel, and Head Coach Chuck Brehm. 96 bA cW a. Although he ' s double-teamed, Gary Ritter puts up a shot, b. Eager fans gather at the airport to greet their team after the Tigers ' long journey back to Hays, c. Caught in a blizzard on their way home from Silver City, N, M,, the Tiger basketball squad arrives in Hays as RMAC Champs, 97 98 Gymnasts record Successful season The 1970-71 season was a good one for the Fort Hays State gym- nasts, as they topped all previous Tiger teams with a 9-2 dual rec- ord. Led by captain Jim Green and Hector Aponte, coach Ed McNeil s Bengals fell to Nebraska University in the opener at Lin- coln, then amassed seven straight wins before the University of Northern Colorado halted the Ti- ger ' s home win skein at 12. Aponte led Tiger scorers throughout the season and fin- ished with 325.80 points. He qual- ified for NAIA nationals in the all-around event, but didn ' t make the trip to Natchitoches, La, In spite of injuries to key per- sonnel and ineligibility, McNeil can reminisce on the season, and conclude with what he said before the season started- " We have more kids back than we ' ve ever had back and I ' m looking forward to a pretty good season " McNeil is well on the way to an even better team next year since he won ' t lose any gymnasts via the graduation route, and the outstanding freshmen from this season’s squad will have a year of experience under their belts. GYMNASTICS TEAM — Front Row: Johnny Sanders,, Frank Gray, Junior Dodwin, Bob Cunningham, Vincent Sernoz Back Row: Hector Aponte, Donovan i ndolph , Dan Blythe, Jim Green, Ed McNeil, coach. Freshman Junior Goodwin was one of the top point grabbers for FHS. Vincent Serrioz muscles himself through his performance on the parallel bars. Team captain Jim Green demonstrates his proficiency on the still rings With fingers and arms tensed, Hector Aponte lifts himself to a win in the free erase. Individuals spark Tiger matmen Under the direction of first- year head coach Jim Hoppel dur- ing the 1970-71 season, Fort Hays State ' s wrestling compiled a re- spectable 10-8-1 dual meet rec- ord and built up a 6-0 mark in Sheridan Coliseum. In the 1971 Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Tournament the Tiger grapplers captured sixth place with three individuals plac- ing fourth for a total of I 3 points. FHS ' s individual finishers were I 18-pound Mike Holliman, 150- pound Bob Brock and 177-pound Larry Feikert. This marked the first time in the conference ' s three-year history that FHS placed more than one individual in the meet. Three Bengal matmen traveled to Boone, N. C., in March to com- pete in the NAIA Wrestling Championships. The three Tiger entries were Holliman, Brock, and 142-pound Bob Brown. The three grapplers picked up four points in the national tourna- ment which featured 98 NAIA schools. Top performers on the Tiger squad were Brown, Brock and 158-pound Leon Tresner who had respective dual meet records of 13-9-0, 15-8-2 and 12-7-1. Five wrestlers from the 1970-71 team will be lost via the gradua- tion route, but the outlook for next season is good with several experienced matmen returning for another year of action. too a It looks close as Mike Burk and his opponent knock heads and lock arms. b. 1970-71 WRESTLERS — Front Row: Bob Brown, Mike Burk, Gary Ulmer Roy Prather and Mike Holliman, Back Row: Grady Elder. Rick Doran, Larry Feikert, Leon Tresner and Bob Brock. c. Finding himself on the wrong end of an arm lock, Leon Tresner appears in trouble. d. All wrapped up In his work. Grady Elder tries to break loose. e. Head Coach, Jim Hoppel voices encouragement to his squad. 10! Cindermen claim RMAC track title Fort Hays State ' s track team accomplished its goal for 1971 by capturing the RMAC track crown for the second time in the confer- ence ' s three-year history. In order to compete in the overall RMAC meet the Tiger tracksters had to participate in the Plains Division meet which they won by more than 50 points. Other finishes throughout the season included ninth place in the NAIA Indoor Championships, first in the Emporia Relays and three dual meet wins. The thin- clads also competed in the KU Relays, Drake Relays, and Colora- do Relays but were not awarded team places. bT a. Snapping the tape for FHS, Mar- vin Ayers takes a win in the 100-yard dash, b. Mike Shaw looks determined to make a good practice time. c. It’s touchy business for relay team members as they attempt to hand off the baton. d. While setting a school record in the javelin, Bill Manning placed second in the RMAC meet. e. This is not a circus aerialist. but a FHS vaulter on his way up over the bar. 102 Individual standouts through- out the indoor and outdoor sea- sons were four Tiger seniors. Steve Boehmer captured first in he 1 ,000 yard run at the national indoor meet, and for his effort was named to the elite All-Ameri- ca squad. Mike Estes finished his career after setting the indoor and out- door 440-yard dash records of 49.3 and 47.4 respectively. He also tied the indoor 220-yard dash mark of 22.5. In four years of competition Estes was defeated [n the conference 440-yard dash only once. He placed second this season with a time of 47.9. Marvin Ayers holds FHS rec- ords in indoor races of 60-yard dash, 6.3: and 60-yard high and low hurdles, 7.5 and 6.8. He also set marks in the outdoor 100-yard dash, 9.6; 220-yard dash, 21.4: and the 120-yard high hurdles, 14.6. Bill Manning established a new school record in the javelin during the 1971 season with a throw of 243-4. 103 Individuals gain points for team wins a. Team members work many late evenings to improve their perform- ances. b Freshman Tom Weber gained many points for the thinclads in the shot put. c. The first home dual meet found the weather cold and the track snowy. 104 FHS TRACK SQUAD — Front Row: Steve Boebm- er, Tom Bradncfc, Lawrence Look, John Lehman, Mike Shaw, Herb Camien, Alvin Penka, and Ron Sieker. Second Row: Trainer Doug Sebold, Hal Tali- aferro, Mike Gedney, Mike Estes, Marvin Ayers, Bill Manning, Dave McLeland, Dennis Kozub, and Maurice Lervold. Third Row: John Beaton, Dave Schneider, Tom Weber, Kevin Adams, Eric Erick- son, Jon Nelson, Jim Birnbaum, Kevin Murphy, and Head Coach Alex Francis Back Row: Ron Lawrenz, J D. Armstrong, Lynn Tatkenhorst, Dave Okeson, Rich Raney, Marvin Jelinek, and Larry Thirstrup, Assistant Coach. 105 Golfers end year 13-6-1, place fourth in RMAC meet Fort Hays State ' s golf team wrapped up the 197 1 season with a fourth place finish i n the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference playoffs, a fifth place in the NAIA District 10., and an overall mark of 1 3-6- 1 . . Top golfers for the Tigers were team captain Kelly Deines, Wa Keeney senior, who shot a 77.7 average and John Pekarek, Stock- ton freshman, who followed with a season average of 79.0. The Bengals lose three-year let- termen Deines and Mike Schae- fer, Wellington senior, from this year ' s squad. " These men will be missed, but I think enough young men to definitely we have take their laces, " Head leardslee said. Coach Carrol a. 1971 GOLFERS — Front Row: Jim Rayl, Joe Kanak, Terry Merrifield, John Pekarek. Back Row: Mike Schae- fer, Kelly De ines, Kevin Shaw, Art Bur+scher. b Taking a practice swing with his driver, Mike Schaefer works on form. bT 7 06 Tennis - up, down According to first-year Head Coach Bud Moeckel, Fort Hays State ' s tennis squad had its " ups and downs " during the 1971 sea- son. The Tiger team which consisted of one senior letterman (Greg Robinson) and several underclass- men carried a 3-9 dual meet mark into the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference meet. " Our inexperience hindered us against our opponents throughout the season. " Moeckel said. " All of the boys worked hard and showed dedication, but they met some real tough competi- tion, " the head mentor continued. a. Gary Hewett, practicing form, prepares for the serve. D. 1971 TENNIS TEAM — Front Row: Larry Gardner, Larry Siemens, Gary Hewett, and Gaylord Johnson, Back Row: Greg Robinson, Jim Keller. Rod Goodin, Bill Grover, and Carl Kuhn, 107 1971 TIGER BASEBALL TEAM — Front Row: Assistant Coach Lou Brungardt, Head Coach Ear! Hobbs, and Assistant Coach Marvin Miller, Second Row: Frank Leo, Ken DinkeL Galen Scbmidtberger; VEc Perri. Tom King, Bob Power, Ron Suppes, and Denny Considine. Third Row: Al Leonetti, Pat James, Dwight Williams. Rod Ruder, Ron Koster, Rich Maier, and Rich Higgins. Back Row: Troy Rampy, Randy Schmidtberger. Brian Bates and Mike Hannafin, 108 best season in history i OIL C Head Coach Earl Hobbs guided his 1971 Tiger baseball team to the second best record in Fort Hays State ' s history as the Bengals compiled a 23-16 mark. The 1970 Rocky Mountain Ath- letic Conference champions were unable to defend their title this season as they were beaten by Southern Colorado State and the University of Northern Colorado in the RMAC area playoffs. Senior Ron Koster led the Tiger hitting attack this past year with a .420 mark to rank him high in the nation in batting averages. All-America Ken Dinkel, senior and Rich Maier, sophomore, led the diamond crew in homeruns. Maier ended up on top with nine and Dtnkel was close behind with eight. Dinkel completed the year hitting at a .359 clip and Maier finished with a .307 percentage. The 1971 baseballers were the best hitting team ever at FHS as their combined average figured out to be .297. The diamond crew eclipsed previous records in team totals for doubles, 48; triples, 15; and homeruns, 34. a. An FHS baseman tries to nab the runner and get an out. b. It ' s a strike on infielder Frank Leo as the ball enters the catcher ' s glove. c. Vic Perri shows the form that gave the young pitcher five wins at the end of the season. Tigers fail in bid for second straight RMAC championship a Hurler Dwight Williams eyes the first base runner in hopes of getting an easy out. b. All-America Ken Din ke! blasts his eighth homer of the season in action at Larks Park. T TO -m2 V a. Pat James crosses the plate add- ing another tally to the FHS scorebox. b. Receiving a handshake from Head Coach Earl Hobbs is Frank Leo, after Leo knocked the ball over the fence for a homer c. Pitcher Brian Bates puts one over the plate as Rich Higgins anticipates a fly ball. in 4 M2 New marks set by individual players Topping the list of achieve- ments during the 1971 season were individual season records. Ron Koster ' s .420 average is the best for a Bengal baseballer and junior Frank Leo set a new mark with five triples for a single sea- son. Rod Ruder added another rec- ord to the books as he knocked out eight doubles. Pitchers Brian Bates and Vic Perri both estab- lished season marks in Innings pitched per season. FHS placed two players on the NAIA All-District 10 Baseball team for their performance dur- ing the season. Dinkel represented the Tigers at first base and Koster was named for his play at third base. and b. Unknown to the Friend ' s tcher, Galen Schmidtberger steals 3m first base and slides into second. Ken Dinkel reaches for Ron Kos- ter ' s hand after Koster hits one of his two homeruns of the season. d. Ken Dinkel races for the ball as the runner from the plate nears first base and an eventual base hit 113 114 Intramurals give athletic opportunity to every student Although participation in varsi- ty athletics is limited to a rela- tively small per cent of the FHS student body, the Intramural Sports Program provides an op- portunity for every student to compete in some type of activity, either individually or on a team. Men and women alike partici- pate in the program in such com- petition as bowling, softball, table tennis, and basketball. Heading the entire program is Wayne J. McConnell, associate professor of H.P.E.R. T 15 Greeks, independents, individuals - gain honors as all-school champions GOLF: One-man: Jim Akers Two-man: Sigma Chi VOLLEYBALL: Alpha Kappa Lambda TOUCH FOOTBALL: Delta Sigma Phi SOFTBALL: Smoky Hill Coyotes BOWLING: Singles: Roger Tramp Doubles: Sigma Phi Epsilon TRAC ' : Sigma Chi WRESTLING: Delta Sigma Phi BADMINTON: Singles: Gary Beymer Doubles: Sigma Phi Epsilon TENNIS: Singles: Steve Wilber Doubles: Sigma Phi Epsilon SWIMMING: Delta Sig ma phi TABLE TENNIS: Singles: Cheng Shiao Lun Doubles: Alpha Kappa Lambda HORSESHOES: Singles; Bob Brock Doubles: Sigma Tau Gamma BASKETBALL: Luceros Pollino 116 T 1 7 i la Victories kick off women’s athletics in initial year Along with intramural competi- tion, women at FHS this year had the opportunity to compete in three inter-scholastic sports. Vying with several other colleges throughout Kansas, women field- ed teams in basketball, volleyball, and softball. The inter-schoo! program got off to a good start in its initial year with all teams pulling out some victories. In addition, the softball team grabbed a first- place finish in the Salina Invita- tional Tournament. BASKETBALL Season Record 15-11 FOOTBALL Season Record 5-5 FHS Opponents 36 Missouri Southern 29 3 Northwestern Okla, 27 21 Kearney State 30 28 Pittsburg State 20 27 Washburn 8 3 1 Emporia State 42 19 Omaha [U. of Neb.) 21 42 Southern Colo. 21 56 Panhandle State 14 34 Northern Colo. 55 FHS Opponents 1 0 1 Kearney State 72 67 Regis College 83 50 St, Benedicts 53 71 Kearney State 102 84 Hastings College 79 75 St, Benedicts 64 74 Emporia State 73 86 Carroll College 7 1 80 West Montana State 79 62 West, Montana State 72 69 Northwestern Okla. 92 81 Omaha (U. of Neb,) 86 74 Washburn University 60 84 Pittsburg State 67 76 Regis College 69 64 Southern Colorado 62 62 Northern Colorado 83 73 Pittsburg State 72 83 Washburn University 70 99 Omaha (U, of Neb.) 74 95 Hastings College 103 97 Northern Colorado 73 69 Southern Colorj Jo 76 75 Emporia State 77 101 Western N. Mexico 99 85 Friends University 92 The Scorebox WRESTLING Season Record 10-8-1 FHS Opponents 9 Kansas State Univ. 27 34 Gustavus Adolphus 5 9 Univ. Southern Utah 20 8 Univ. Colorado 28 7 Adams State College 29 19 Southwest Missouri 7 26 Graceland College 13 18 Northwest Missouri 14 21 Morningside College 21 It Westmar College 24 29 Metropolitan College 9 28 Graceland College 11 12 Central Missouri 22 19 Emporia State 16 3 Univ, of Nebraska 29 6 Omaha (U. of Neb,) 28 28 Central Missouri 8 31 Kearney State 3 23 Emporia State 11 RMAC Tournament — sixth NAI A Tournament — four points GYMNASTICS Season Record 9-2 FHS Opponents 120.10 U. of Neb, 140 1 1 8.40 $. Dakota U. 66.50 121.05 Cem Missouri 55.16 121.05 Wichita St. 34.85 121.10 NW Oklahoma 82.85 136 S, Dakota U. o f 1 oo 1 1 8.93 Cen, Missouri 85.10 1 3 1 .60 East N. Mex. 32.65 1 3 1 .60 North. Colo. 144.10 127.95 North Texas 123.35 120 GOLF Season Record 1 3-6- 1 FHS Opponents 12 Panhandle State 4 16 Southeast Okla, 2 1 O’ a Austin College 4 ' i 7 Pittsburg State 12 6Va Kansas State U, IM j 15 ' ! Kansas Wesleyan 2 ' i 9 ' ! Baker Univ, 8 ' i 15 William Jewell 3 10 ' ! Colorado College 7 ' ! 1 Air Force Academy 17 6 South, Colo, 12 6 Pittsburg State 9 8 Emporia State 7 12 Kansas Wesleyan 3 12 Colo, School of Mines 6 9 Colorado College 9 9 Panhandle State 6 12 ' ! Bethany College 2 ' ! 1 1 Hastings College 4 ‘ 4 ' i Kearney State IO ' i Missouri Southern Invitational — third District 10 tourney — fifth RMAC tourney — fourth CROSS COUNTRY Meets FHS Finish Kearney (dual) 1st Wichita (invitation) 2nd Kearney (dual) 1st Oklahoma Jamboree 3rd 5. W, Missouri State 2nd McPherson College 1st Marymount (frosh) 1st State Federation 3rd RMAC 1st Mo, Valley AAU 1st NAIA Dist, 10 1st NAIA Nationals 2nd TRACK Meets FHS Finish (Indoor) 9th NAIA Championships Kearney State (dual) 1 st (Outdoor) Emporia State Triangular 1 st Emporia State (dual) 1st Emporia St. Relays 1st Kearney State (dual) 1 st RMAC (Plains Div.) 1st RMAC (Overall) 1st Competed in KU Relays, Drake Relays and Colorado Relays, but no team were kept. places BASEBALL Season Record 23-16 FHS Opponents 5 Phillips U. 6 2 Phillips U. 3 15 Plano U. 3 3 S. E. Okla. State 4 2 S. E. Okla. State 3 5 Emporia State 6 (E, State Forfeit-FHS wir ' ) 7 U, of Texas, Arlington 8 6 Kearney State 0 10 Kearney State 2 2 Washburn 5 8 Washburn 4 10 Sterling College 0 9 Sterling College 0 13 Bethany College 4 7 Bethany College 4 17 Yankton College 1 1 2 Yankton College 1 4 Yankton College 2 14 Yankton College 4 13 Kearney State ti 4 Kearney State 5 1 Emporia State 2 1 Emporia State 3 13 Friends Univ, 4 7 Friends (Jniv, 4 2 Emporia State 5 2 Emporia State 3 II Bethany College 1 6 Bethany College 7 6 Washburn 1 0 Washburn 1 1 1 St, Mary of Plains 0 13 St. Mary of Plains 0 13 Kansas Wesleyan 3 10 Kansas Wesleyan 6 II Sterling College 0 1 Sterling College 7 RMAC Playoffs t U. of North. Colo. 8 0 South. Colo, 2 e. YVONNE MANNING, 2nd attendant: sponsored by Vet’s Club 122 LEADER LASS Pat Leitner BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Lenelle Amsberry Ray McGavran Sponsored by: SIGMA TAU GAMMA 123 BEST DRESSED COED Kathy Berger sponsored by: SIGMA PHI EPSILON FURLOUGH QUEEN Kathy McGovern sponsored by: SIGMA TAU GAMMA 124 RODEO QUEEN Cathy Garten ATTENDANTS t r . r Yvette Graves Cheri Schulz 125 MISS FORT HAYS STATE Leann Muirhead FHS representative in MISS KANSAS PAGEANT, sponsored by: DELTA ZETA 126 I 127 Tiger Debs, 48 strong, march on w a, Leta Wheeler, student director, coordinates Tiger Deb routines. b, Front Row: (Leaders) Paula Brubaker, Karla Johnson, Charlotte Arnhold, beta Wheeler, Sherrill Coffin, Marlene McGuire, Diana Turlcle, Mascot: Deana Elston. Second Row: Deborah Bennett, Mary Beth Hoover, Susan Spangler, Robyn Tomasu, Betty Goebel. Cindy Furbeck, Connie Hardin, Beth Wil- lis, Lana Tittle. Jana Tittle, Shiela Hull. Roberta Miller, Nancy Wood, Katherine Huet, Barbara Nickel. Back Row: Dee Ann Smith, Terri Young. Deborah Pickering, Darcy Lahey, Linda Wheeler, Telia Se- baugh, Debra Andrist, June Cook, Deborah Doak, Susan Stuart, Debra Unruh. Sheryl Strong, Dawn Dunn, Debra Winter, Mary Smrcka, Susan Knox, Marcia Turnbull. Nancy Randle, Joyce Withers, Den- ise McClaren, Cathy Wrightsman, Karen Nilsson, Karen Culley, Debra Messerly, 123 figer Paws act as Union hostesses a, Newly established group guides tours And acts as hostesses lor Union function. b. Front Rows Sue Shaw Dawn Dunn, Shernll Collin, Susan Towns, Mary Smrcla Lois Linden man Ava Joss, Beet Row; Debbie Andnst Anita Beeler, Carol Diet . Jan Fon, Cindy Cum mings Lana Tittle. Stella HowelL GOVERNING BODIES Student Senate desires communication At its zenith, Student Senate functions as a representative voice of the students. Empowered to recommend policies to the Faculty Senate and to the Presi- dent, this year ' s Senate set as its goal more effective communica- tion between students and admin- istration. At mid-year when Senate mem- bers felt communications were failing among students and be- tween students and administra- tion, a resolution was proposed to dissolve the Senate. Negotiations began immediately, expressing the concern of both Senate and administration. Communication was increased, although problems remain. fl. STUDENT SENATE — Front Row; Fred Wilson, Lorry Cross. Debbie Andrist, Stella Howell, Loretta Miller. Second Row: Alvin Heinz© , Charlie Routh, Tamra Applebee, Rita Gerber, Rose Mary Huston. Third Row: Jeff Ehrlich, Howard Schaetzle, Teri Branum. Fourth Row: Tom Walters. Gfady Erbert, Melinda McAfee. Mary Lou Windhdz, Theresa Heeke. Bade Row: Curt Bender, Jan Kinsey, Frank Gray, Don Duryee. Steve RayL b Junior Goodwin, Freshman Class President C STUDENT SENATE — Front Row: Fred Thalhei m„ Bob Griffiths, Steve Michael. Toni Wells, Sheryl Nickelson. Second Row: Steve Prusa, Lynn Bunker, JEm Heller, Kathy Mc- Govern. Third Row: Leroy Rose, Ron K letch ka, Steve Worcester, Joe Norvelf, Dave Tarrant. Back row: Bill Elliott, John Petty, d Toni Wells, Secretary, records minutes as Dave Tarrant, Vice-President, conducts meet- ings, e, John Petty, Student Body President, f Keith Ballard, Senior Class President, g Ken Goebel, Junior Class President, h. Curtiss Bender, Sophomore Class President. 130 131 Board screens discipline cases Legal Board serves as an inter- mediate judicial body and screen- ing board for disciplinary cases presented by students and deans. The Board, under the jurisdiction of the Student Court, consists of the Student Court Chief Justice, Attorney General and the Associ- ate Deans of Students. Tribunal weighs traffic regulations M i LEG L Ti Fr0nt Row: Dean Jean Stouffer ' Bill Hedge. Back Row: Phil Nelson, Dean Earl Hobbs. b. TRAFFIC TRIBUNAL: Wendell Wyatt, Jim Hoover, Dean Earl Hobbs, Mary Lou Johnson. 7 ti ' on Wa,ter H ' cl e1, former Secretar Y of f he Interior, answers student panel’s ques- UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD — Front Row: Barbara Boyd, Carol Dietz, Juani- ta Vandiver. Marca Hiller, Janice Tinkel. Back Row: Lynn Rogers, Dave Shryock, O. L. oizzell, Dan Perkins. ft The Red barter Band entertains with music popular during WWI and Prohibi- Tion 132 M.U. Program Council resigns new board named «▼ Union Activities Board re- placed the Memorial Union Pro- gram Council after the original group, under the chairmanship of Ron Quint, resigned. In a letter to the Leader, the Council listed the reasons for dis- solving as: I. programming not being aimed at student wishes, 2. activities booked being products of the hierarchy ' s friends, 3. the " La Cantina " not being opened in accordance with wishes and suggestions, 4 . times for showing movies and other events were to the satisfaction of non-student or- ganizations, 5. events with little interest to the students being scheduled, 6. events selected by Student Forum being cancelled because of d isagreements about the budget, when Program Coun- cil was supposed to spend allocat- ed funds as they desired The let- ter ended with an apology to the student body saying, " We cannot continue as puppets 1 Special events and programs offered to the students by both Boards were free movies, Tiger Hops, The Red Garter Band, Al Hi ft, Gary Puckett, and co- spon- soring Walter HtckeL 133 CCC sets standards Rigidity in general education requirements is a thing of the past at FHS. A year ago Presi- dent Gustad appointed a com- mittee of faculty members, ad- ministrators and students to de- vise a new program. The defini- tion agreed upon by this Curricu- lum Change Committee holds that general education consists of a broadly based program de- signed to prepare students to continue their own educations throughout their lives — learning how to learn. To accomplish this, departments have developed new courses especially designed to meet the revised definition. The quality of each student ' s education is his own responsibility mu ch more than before. He must think carefully and deeply about himself and his future to arrive at a pattern of courses that will serve his needs, his life, " says President Gustad. SOC clears organizations Student Organizations Com- mittee (SOC) serves as clearing- house for campus organizations and their activities. Each group must meet initial approval by de- fining its Intentions and proposed activities to maintain recognition as an official campus group. a. CURRICULUM CHANGE COMMITTEE: Dr John Garwood, Dr Leland Bartholomew, Dr. Jack McCullick, John Petty, Dr. John Tomlinson, Dr, William Thompson, Dr Gerald Tomanek. b STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE - Seated: Dean Jean Stouffer, Karen Pickard, Mrs. Donna Harsh, Standing: Mrs. Ileene Allen, Bill Hedge, Jan Quint, Dr. James Forsythe, Dean Earl Hobbs. A j Residents comprise Interhall Council a. Just wait until I get you, " plots this drenched avenger during the all- do rm wa+erfight. b. INTERHALL COUNCIL - Front Row; Carole Converse: Cheryl Lembke: Cathy Cooksey: Ken GoebeL president; Larry Laas, Back Row: Kathy Pettera; Elvita Juno: Fred Thai- heirn, vice-president; Duane Beck- mann: James Nugent. c. Although publicized as a formal, the interhall dance ended up come as you are!” 135 jjy W1 H I A A bT cT a, ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS — Front row: Karen Pickard, Melva McGowan, Jerry Mapes, Sue Shaw, Second Row: Marla Koster, Bette Stum, Peg Krause. Third Row: Cristie Elder, Eileen Weber, Mary Jo Matter Becky Pyle. Back Row: Kathy McAfee. Diane Peterson, Sharon Voran, Cindy Boxber- ger, vice-president. b. ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS — Front Row: Jackie Wait, Sue Spangler. Cyria Hoh lings worth, Toni Kashka, Tranda Ward, Second Row; Cheryl Bolt, Sharon Purvis, Mary Knopp, Kathy Huddleston, Dawn Romanucci. Back Row: Mrs. Sally Ward, sponsor; Mary Ann Enslow, president; Judy Haas, Diane Fleming, Belinda Schoenfeld. Marilyn Enslow. c Miss Leora Stroup, chairman of the division of Nurse Education, proudly receives the Outstanding Faculty Woman honor. 136 AWS honors three senior women by a Stephanie Stewart, designated as senior member of Alpha Lambda Delta with the highest grade point average, accepts her award, ta. Dawn Romanucci. honor ' s night chairman, presents Outstanding Senior Women awards to Stephanie Stewart, Susan Armstrong and Karen Rolf; who share this years title. c One of the varied booths at the AWS-sponsored carnival, the Country Store, earns money for itself and the organization. 137 Leader staff strives for All-American ' ▼ iT a. Russ Cravens, editor-in-chief, spring semes- ter b. Susan Armstrong, editor-in-chief, fall se- mester C Linda Meier, managing editor d. Gene Jacobs, advisor: Rollie Fisher, report- er e Dan Perkins. editorial writer: Jim Cook, as- sistant editorial page editor f. Roger TeeL sports editor: Lon Pishny. re- porter g. Roxy Green, Greg Turnet, Karen Parker, copy staff; Lon Pishny h Terri St«ib. news editor L Anita Knopp, society coordinator E Sandy Johnson, reporter . Donna Stanley, reporter I. Bob Yoho, reporter ?39 Reveille staff strives for individual eA 140 a. Kerry Mapes, housing. b. Carol Turney, story of the year, c. Kay Herman, copy editor. d. Jeenie Osburn, classes. e. Sondra George, Robert Riedel, organize- tions. f Lynn Bunker, sports: Martha Millstead, index. g, Mrs. Katherine Rogers, adviser. h. Rita English, editor. li Kathy Riedel, assistant editor. j. Tomme Miller, academics. k, Debbie Ring, greeks, L Joel White, business manager, m. Debbie Ellsworth, organizations. 141 142 a. Jack Heather, director of radio and TV. supervises programming of KFHS campus stations. b. Absolute knowledge of the control board assures smooth production, c. William Hancock, TV producer-di- rector, oversees filming for campus, d« Video tape is utilized frequently for b road casts and classroom replays. 143 PERFORMING ARTS Orchesis performs “Evening in Dance” Orchesis, under the direction of Sarah Mangelsdorf, performed during the varsit y band show, in the Luau at Homecoming, and at Claflin High School. Members gave a demonstration for Hays High and attended a K.U. workshop. The main show for Orchesis was in February; entitled Eve- ning of Dance. Numbers featured at this performance were Time ' ’ and " Ha!” Dramatists in APO, Little Theatre The purpose of Alpha Psi Omega was to stimulate interest in dramatic jctivities, secure for the college all the advantages and mutual helpful- less provided by a large national honorary, and by electing students to nembership, serve as a reward for their efforts in participating in the days staged by the college. Vicki McConnell was president. Little Theatre, a working organization, required for membership a otal of ten points which are acquired by doing a variety of things in the heatre. Steve Winklner headed the organization. This year ' s award win iers for acting were: Harry Barnett, best actor: Glenda Burgett, best ac- ress and best supporting actress; and Terry Schenk, best supporting ictor. 0. LITTLE THEATRE — Front Row: Pam Dreit- ing, Phoebe Atchison, Donna Leuszler. LaVonne Grusing, Myma Ruder, Karel Robinson. Back Row: Bob Selby, Becky Wenrich, Dennis Dey, Glenda Burgett. Steve Winkler, Terry Schenk, Jack Combs, Butch Barrett, Lloyd Frerer, spon- sor, Ron Heape, Terry Weber, b ALPHA PSI OMEGA — Front Row: Lloyd Frerer, sponsor, Terry Schenk, Glenda Burgett, Pam Dreiling. Steve Winkler. Back Row: Jack Combs, Ron Heape, Donna Leuszler, LaVonne Grusing, Dennis Dey, Becky Wenrich, Butch Bar- nett. 145 Combined efforts of music dept., Little Theatre lend to opera’s success The Telephone by Gian Carlo Minofti and The Tender Land by Aaron Copland were two operas performed through the combined efforts of the music department and Little Theatre. t i D c T ra produced and directed the one-act comic opera, The Telephone. Bonnie Storm served as pianist for the production. With a cast of two, the opera depicted the story of a woman so involved with the use of her telephone she doesn t listen to her boyfriend s proposal of marriage. The Tender Land was a three-act opera about the daughter of a rural midwestern family, who being overprotected most of her life, falls in love with a stranger and plans to elope with him on graduation day. When her prospective groom leaves town before the ceremony, she leaves home, and her mother transfers her protectiveness to the younger daughter and the cycle starts over. Patrick Goeser, Harriet Ketchum, William Segal and Glenms Meier were the faculty production staff. 146 After winning five first-place rankings in State Competition, Fort Hays State vocalists repre- sented Kansas at the regional auditions held by the National Association of Teachers of Sing- ing, Competition in 10 categories was determined by hours com- pleted in vocal instructions. Fort Hays vocalists received three fourth-place honors at the Re- gional In Dallas, Larry Gerber, Senior Men ' s division, Gordon Hendrickson, Graduate Men ' s di- ision, Conrad Miller, Sophomore Men ' s division. Miriam Georg, Freshman Women ' s division. June Miller, Sophomore Women s ivision. 14 7 Fort Hays singers to entertain on USO Pacific tour next year Fort Hays Singers, under the direction of Dr. Donald Stout, has been announced as one of 14 groups in the nation picked for an eight-week USO Pacific tour ne xt year. The group performed fre- quently at banquets and conven- tions in western Kansas. At the Kansas Music Teachers Assn, state convention, the Con- cert Choir, also under the direc- tion of Dr. Stout, performed Vin- cent Persichetti ' s " Celebrations. " The composer was in attendance and discussed the work with the choir the following day. The choir, along with Hays High Choir, the orchestra and solosits, performed Bach’s " St. Matthew’s Passion " in the spring. Second Row A | YS STATE SINSERS — ont Row: Jill Demos, Lynne Chase. Wax Galloway, June Miller. Pow«IITh?M R Vnn . C ° urt ; e y LL M ? rl ' y " He ' " ' Gloria Mitchell, Barbara Krehbiel. Sue Lehman, Dennis Powe ' L Third Row: Larry Krehbiel Dr. Stout, director. Larry Gerber, Brad Ayres. 1 Jin R?sch P E M° N r CE T CH ? ' R - c Butch Ji " De ’ nes ' Ava Marilyn Helm, Mitn h»n A K T P ® rt ® r ' M3x Galloway, Janet Eitel, Don Urban. Janis Thomas. Terry Knight. Gloria bara H I C™ IT Ar ' ene McFa " ' Erlene Chuck Ames, Karen Witwer. Bar- Carol RittH a B °k- k ' L r f ' ourtney ' Kath y Peckover, Larry Krehbiel, Jerry Schwein, Will Robinson, McWilliams ' BaZ T £? ' WW,tB Rlch Ze ' “ ' Lewis Frigjfetti. Larry Gerber, Ron McWilliams. Barbara Krehbiel, Miriam Georg, June Miller, Sue Luhman. Seasonal concerts on Chorale agenda A fall tour and a Christmas concert highlighted the first semester for Collegian Chorale under Patrick Goeser. At the Christmas concert the Chorale performed a newly edited work by Dr. Leland Bartholomew, head of the music department. This piece was ’Magnificat " by Adriano Banchieri. Along with singing at Marian High School and at other towns around Hays, a spring concert was given. A featured number in the concert and the appearances was the Mass in G by Franz Schubert. 149 Glee clubs provide singing enjoyment The Fort Hays Men s and Women ' s Glee Clubs are open to college students who enjoy singing but do not necessarily have superior musical experience. Membership was determined by procedural audition. Donn Graham directed both groups. Receiving one credit hour for two rehearsals a week, both groups sang tor banquets and social events, as well as giving a complete concert each semester. WOMEN S GLEE CLU8; Debra Bengtson, Lynn Blair, Roberta Breitenbach Diane Colyer. Angela Coder, Nancy Davison, Karen Deha- ven Patricia Dorsch. Janice Elston, Marsha Har- baugh. Theresa Heeke. Rhonda Heinz©, Marcia Janice Johanna Johnson, Margaret Karlin, Linda Kneller Kathleen Kootz, Debra Lampe, Debra Libal, Connie Mai , Charleen Mateyec, Susan McClaren, Merlys McFarland, Janene Me Vicar, Melba Mowry, Susan Panning, Rita Pekarek Janice Pennington, Jan Porter Vicky Ray, Judith Roberts. Mary Ruder. Juanita Smith, Beverly Steffan, Louise Steffen, Geneva Suppes, Sharon Warlop, Katie Witwer. Patty Mullenix, Roselle Mason, b. MEN $ GLEE CLUB — Front Row: Roger Berg, Richard Irby, Douglas Miller, Marvin Fah- nng, Michael Bergstrom. Second Row: Darnel Baa Imam Steve Caron, Steve Reece. Lewis Frig- ufetti, Matt Springfeldt, Henry Erne!, Third Row: Kenneth Moody, Gary Le Count, Val Bur gess, Michael Casson. Steve Myers. Fourth Row: Mike Ashcraft. Harry Swart, Dave Hrabe, Charles Osborne Le Roy Jordan. Back Row: Fred Johnson, Charles Ames, Conrad Miller. James Hoover. 150 Able musicians in ensembles Instrumental ensembles offered various means of musical expres- sion to musicians at Fort Hays. Phyllis Schleich was director of the Recorder ensemble, Robert Brown director of the Woodwind Ensemble, and Harold Palmer di- rector of the Clarinet Choir. A concert and a tour highlight- ed the year ' s activities for both the Clarinet Choir and the Woodwind Ensemble. Members in these ensembles are select. Re- corder Ensemble played for the Madrigal dinner. Membership in the ensemble was also based on ability. a RECORDER ENSEMBLE: Peggy Anschutz, Barbara Boyd Twifa Custer, James McGinnis, Marrianne Schlatter, Phyllis Anne Schleich, di- rector, Linda Shaw, Pamela Slipke, Anna Trent, Pamela Van Duesem b. WOODWIND ENSEMBLE — Front Row: Mary Beth Norris, Susan Zwinkle. Linda Carver, Margaret Wherry, Carol Whisman, Allen Difley. Back Row: Kenneth Vine, Michael Phillips, Paula Huser, Judy Dugan. e. CLARINET CHOIR — Front Row: Allen Dilfey, Linda Shaw, Nancy Wurm Linda Goudy, Kay Kvasnicka, Carol Whisman. Margaret Wherry, Ava Joss, Back Row: Elaine Ellis, June Juarez, Cheryl Bolt, Al Cormeau, Chip Hardy, Don Urban, Mary Beth Stambaugh, Douglas Palmer, Peggy Anschutz. 151 Lyle Dilley directs FHS bands Symphonic Band, under the direction of Lyle Dilley, performed in the k rS held two concerts as part of their regular schedule. Members also hosted a band workshop for five outstanding high school bands in the state of Kansas. A tour through western Kansas was a high- light of second semester. Membership in the band was based on musical ability. Over the past three years the Fort Hays Symphonic Band has competed with major schools in a nine-state area to go to certain conventions and has gained national recognition by qualifying and attending. Marching band was also under the direcrion of Dilley. The band per- formed at the half time of all home football games. Marching band mem- bers also belong to Symphonic Band. a, SYMPHONIC BAND PERSONNEL: Collen Gillen, Linda Carver, Marilyn Miller. Paula Cole, Kathryn Johnson. Barbara Dilley, Keith Donley, Leona Schwarz, Susan Zwickle, Mary Beth Norris, Allen Dilley, Linda Shaw, Cindy Bo- gart, Sheryl Allison, Donald Urban, Linda Goudy, Anrta Elliott, Belinda Gilford, Marilyn Enslow, Cheryl Ann Bolt, Elaine Ellis, Julie Ann Deines, Pamela Slipke. Karen DeMoss, Kenneth Vine, Nancy Wurm, Margaret Wherry. Weston Hardy, Douglas Palmer, Carol Whisman, Rise Doud, Mary Adams. Sarah Hansen, Nancy Hjort, Vickie Dugan, Bonnie Biesner. Sam Fore- lich, Paula Nuser, Judy Dugan, Vincent Landau, Kimberly Ball Robert Ward, Bemadine Vohs, Linda Voran, Leigh Ann Rohr, Jane Sc hulte, Sharon Cudney, Alphonse Comeau, Michael Miller, Kay Kvasnicka, Brenda Greenwood Sus- anna Briand, Douglas Miller. Carmen Bohlen, Darrel Bowel!, David Outright. Charles Ames, Stewart Denton, Kenneth Scott, Gene Dirks, Dixie Walker, Stanley Bock, Kendall Stull, Wil- liam Robinson, Kathryn Schaffer, Jill Roberts, Carla Beesley Rhonda Nuckolls. Michael Mar- cotte, Mark Cooksey, Nancy Tipton, Stanley Denton. Susan KlEvert, Dannies Andersen, Rob- ert Schwindt, John Simpson. Thomas Hutchin- son, Robert Mann, Barbara Hilker. Carol Parks, Sondra Rohr. James Bowen, Matthew Spring- feldt, Dorothy Fagg, Michael Wiesner, Conrad Miller, Charles Willis, Dennis Purdy, Dell Naylor, Donald Cutright, Sherry Riegei, Cynthia Story, Richard Honish, Thomas Funk, Nancy Cooper, John Westmacott, Brenda Rigor, Ronald McWilliams, Allan Mickey, Mark Davis, Greg Hudon, Mike Lupo. 153 Jazz ensemble set in nightclub aura Performing in an informal, nightclub atmosphere, the Fort Hays Jazz Ensemble offered the sounds of the best of big bands In their main ap- pearance second semester Featuring Johnny Chambers, Steve Slater, and Conrad Miller, the Jazz Ensemble provided a night ' s entertainment for college students. All proceeds gained were usecf for music scholar- ships Jazz Ensemble was directed by James Olcott, and also appeared in the Varsity show and during Band Day, Also under the direction of James Olcott, Brass Ensemble performed in concert and went on tour. bT a, JAZZ ENSEMBLE MEMBERS: Stan Bock, Darrel Bowell, Jay Bowen, Rick Clock, Mark Cooksey, Sharon Cudney, Dave Outright, Gene Dirks, Chip Hardy, Larry Kirn, Conrad Miller, Doug Miller, James Olcott, director. Bill Robin- son, James Schulte, Matt Springfeldt, Bob Ward, John Westmacott. b- BRASS ENSEMBLE — Front Row: Dixie Walker, Bonnie Beisner. Paula Huser, Judy Dugan, Second Row: Dorothy Fagg, Brenda Rigor, Sondra Rohr, Third Row: Matt Spring- feldt, James Bowen, Michael Wiesner, Vincent Landau Back Row: Dr. Bartholomew director, Stan Bock, Kenneth Scott, David Outright Ron McWilliams. y 154 STRING ORCHESTRA — Front Row; Linda Storm, Shirley Bredfeldt, Sandra Duvall, Ruth Harbin, sbecco Kraus. Jeffrey Johnson, Mary Morrish. Back Row; Wendy Mickey. Sandra Befort, Rick Hahn, borah Tomlinson. Libby Dodson, Sue McIntosh, Mr, Moyers, director, STRING QUARTET; Edwin Moyers. K. Marie Stolba. Dean Angeles, Bonnie Storm. Moyers directs string ensembles Under the direction of Edwin Moyers, String Orchestra per- formed at Christmas time and ac- companied Collegian Chorale, Along with presenting a program, the orchestra accompanied the choir for St, Matthew ' s Passion, String Quartet originated in the fall of 1968, This year it ap- peared in two vocal faculty recit- als as accompaniment. All four members are section leaders of the Fort Hays Civic Symphony, 155 ALL CAMPUS HONORARIES Who’s Who Among Students IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Susan Armstrong Carla See stay Lynn Bunker Glenda Burgett Larry Dune keck Jeffery Ehrlich Susan Friesen Larry Gerber Vernon Harding Dennis Hatch Joyce Horyna Pred Johnson Elvito Juno Diana Keith Dianne Kemp Debbie Leis Marilyn Milter Barbara Nelson Joyce Pennington John Petty Karen Rdf Charles Routh Stephanie Stewart John Swob ode Ralph Thomm Emma Wiese Karen WEtwer Candance Yol Tim Z win It Not pictured Kelly Deines Phi Kappa Phi Spring Initiates ALUMNI: Barbara Etheridge FACULTY: James Kellerman GRADUATES: Sharon Cairns Lionel Caprez Michael Cavell Jeanine Dalton Phillip Gieber Donald Hufford Phyllis Kellerman Betty Kessler Deloris Lewis Paula Murphy Donnitta Plowman Richard Rupp Mary Sherwood Earl Shira III lyla Thompson SENIORS: Juliet Adolph Susan Armstrong Rozanne Avery Terrell Balthazor Sandra Bartkoski Richard Bretz Kathleen Brock Susan Corder Phyllis Cox Sheryl D re fling James Dyck Jeffery Ehrlich Susan Friesen Jan Garwood Sandra Haun Elvita Juno Charles Karlin Ruth Karst Linda Kern Martha Koehn Lynn Koons Frank Kroboth Geraldine McFadden Paula Nauer Lela Oglesbee Charlotte Otter Betty Roberts Rebecca Robertson Don Rynerson Clara Schultz Connie Smith Gregory Smith Lena Speer Norma Stangle Ralph Thomm Elaine Trowbridge Aljoe Wallace Patricia Walz Judy Welker Donald Werner Gaylen Williams Shirley Wilson ft Kenneth Woods Linda Wyley JUNIORS: Arthur Austin Marcia Bailey Eva Brown Max Brown Brenda Coats Karen Cole Jacquelyn Elliott Shirley Hayden Patricia Haynes Dixie Horton Barbara Jantz Basil Julian Antionette Kashka Patricia Myers Vivian Ogburn William Paget Loretta Teeter Tranda Ward Mildred Williams Women’s Leadership Organization 1 S 8 For admittance into Women ' s Leadership Organization mem- bers had to be seniors with a cu- mulative grade of at least 2.0. along with high ideals, excellent character, ana a potential of fu- ture usefulness. Activities of WLO included freshman orientation, a tutoring service, being campus hostesses, aiding the Artists and Lectures Series, and helping with enroll- ment and graduation. Members also presented a student scholar- ship, contributed to the Endow- ment Association and sent sum- mer congratulatory letters to Fort Hays scholarship winners. a. Women ' s Leadership Organiza- tion members prepare for the takeover of their new meeting room in the Union. b. Conducting meetings during the last part of the year was the job of the newly elected officers for the 1971-72 term. ieventh Cavalry Terry Bafthazor Lonnie Beadles Kelly Deines Don Ga skill Jim Green Vernon Harding Dennis Hatch Bob Miller Bill Paget Mike SchaeTer Tom Sekavec John Swoboda Ralph Thomm Mike Waldschmfdt Lee Weigel Not pictured: David Tarrant Seventh Cavalry membership was based on the demonstrated leadership ability, service, charac- ter, and scholarship of men on campus. To be eligible for mem- bership, fhe student had to have spent at least one year at the col- lege as a regularly enrolled stu- dent. Candidates eligible for membership were required to have a scholastic average of 1 .75. Vernon Harding headed the hon- orary. 159 Alpha Lambda Delta - Freshman Women’s Honorary Mary Adams Sheryl Allison Gail Bankston Bonnie Beisner Barbara Boyd Joan Broechelnnan Barbara Clark Linda Coffindaffer Barbara Cooper Sally Daniels Karen DeMoss Christie Elder Peggy Fishier Jeanette Gerritzen Theresa Heeke Patricia Herrmann Marcia Hiller Donna Kisner Janet Koptik Peg Krause Kathy McAfee Barbara McCall Rita Mills Margaret Moore Patricia Naylor Karen Nilsson Diene Peterson Carolyn Pfortmiller Sandra Philip Mary Rauscher Mary Ruder Myrna Ruder Katherine Schmidt laurita Schwarz Leona Schwarz Kathleen Seuser Pamela Slipke Linda Storm Barbara Walker Eileen Weber Not pictured: Linda Boxberger Shari Haar Pam Van Deusen 160 ’hi Eta Sigma - Freshman Men’s Honorary Robert Albright Terrell Balthazor Mark Berry Richard Bretz Fred Cook Larry Dahl Kelly Deines James Dyke Jeffery Ehrlich Steven Gleue Steve Graham William Hedge Larry Hendrickson Steven Hewson Charles Karlin Roger Kaufman Melvin KEtts Ronald Kletchka Robert Kraus Jimmy Kroboth Irvin Lefker Michael Marcotte John McCormack Denis Miller Frederick Nipple William Paget Curtis Partington Kenneth Pa try Paul Reifschnelder William Robinson Don Rynerson Michael Schaefer Ronald Schneider Kurfis Siemers Ralph Thomm Aljoe Wallace David Walters Donald Werner Joel White Kenneth Woods Steven Worcester Timothy Zwink t pictured: x Berneking ax Burnett Brassfield ymond Daubert Hand Goreham Kwatcher rrance Ogbum rald Robinson vid Tarrant 161 Sophomore Women’s Honorary SWH members - leaders on campus Members of Sophomore Wom- en ' s Honorary are initiated their freshman year and become active their sophomore year. Each mem- ber must have at feast a 2.0 grade point average and must show, by past records, a willingness to work and to serve others. Only 40 girls are selected from many possibles. Being an active member of SWH involved ushering at Little Theatre Productions and general community service. Laurita Schwarz was president. Mary Adams Tamra Applebee Deanna Bell Sandra Clark Sherry Clark June Cook Barbara Cooper Karen DeMoss Christie Elder Rita English Jeanette Gerritzen Linda Goudy Jane Haas Theresa Heeke Marilyn Helm Anita Knopp Jane Koptik Peg Krause Kathy Miley Margaret Moore Pat Naylor Karen Nilsson Kathy Riedel Mary Ruder Myrna Ruder Cheri Schulz Laurita Schwarz Leona Schwarz Pam Slipke Marilyn Smith Terri Staab Janet Staats Barbara Walker Julie Ward Eileen Weber Jan© Wittman Not pictured: Kathy Klein T 3 DEPARTMENTAL HONORARIES a. PSI CHI — Front Row; Stan Horyna, Shar- on Voran. Liz Kottwitz, Anafee Robinson. Car! Ingram, Barbara Spatz, Back Row: Robert Adams. Bob Mitchell, Bob Markley. advisor. David London, Charles Fox, b. PI OMEGA PI — Front Row: Marcia Bai- ley, Barbara Bland, Charlene Ford, Janis Ran- dolph. Phylhs Cox. Back Row: Candy Young, Judy Schrader, Kathy Berger. Linda Benda, Lois Dreiling, Ramona Clinesmith, Gayle McFadden. Sharon Vlasak. sponsor. Anita Johnson, Psi Chi - Psychology club Psi Chi, psychology honorary, was designed to stimulate further interest in the area of psychology. Members must have nine hours in psychology and be in the top 35% overall. Meeting once a month, the honorary had various guest speak- ers and set up a display at the Community Mental Health Asso- ciation. Carl Ingram was presi- dent. POP sends three to Chicago Set up especially for those in- terested in business education PI Omega Pi Honorary required 15 hours of business and education courses with a grade point of 2.0. Anita Donahoe was chosen as president. Activities of the honorary in- cluded a spring initiation banquet and sending three members to the national convention in Chica- go. i SIGMA ALPHA ETA — Front Row Jan Pacey district salesman, Julie Jansonijs, Julie Grable, ■ am Herrman, Mrs, Marcia Bannister, sponsor, Sharon Hurlbut Back Row; Mrs. Elizabeth Edmund, in- structor, Kathy Faulkner, Eileen Grauer, Mary Lea Rauscher, Janet Porter. i, PHI ALPHA THETA — Front Row: Tim Zwink. Janna Badenhop, Pat Barry, Susan Doll, Kathy “tammerschmidt, Second Row: Becky Lyons, Jerry Ramsey. Jane Krannawitter, Linda Goudy. Third tow: John Johnson, Jay Brown, Ann Liston. D + W, Tarrant. Fourth Row: Gary Grippin, Thomas Deuth, )on Rynerson. Back Row: Lonnie Beadles. Mark Berry, Clinton Jewell. Therapy Fraternity Sigma Alpha Eta Sigma Alpha Eta members at- tended two conventions this year, in Kansas City and Manhattan At Christmas time the national speech and hearing fraternity af- filiate, with Julie Graber as presi- dent, baked cookies tor children participating in the local speech clinic and the day care center. Members also learned about speech and hearing instruments and amplification for the hard of hearing. PAT works with History Club Phi Alpha Theta, history honor- ary, required a minimum of 1 2 hours of history and a 2.0 in these courses to become a member. The honorary combined meet- ings with History Club so that various speakers and films of his- torical significance could be at the disposal of both groups. Don Rynerson served as president of Phi Alpha Theta. 165 National theme KOP ' s concern With the national theme ot Challenge for Change Now — Our Responsibility to the Eco- nomically Deprived, " Members of Kappa Omicron Phi National Home Economic Honor Society participated in the February na- tional study program concerning this theme. Under president Judy Walker, the club also participated in National Founders Day, heard lectures concerning foreign cul- ture and study abroad, and aided at the H, B. Reed Adjustment and Training Center. Math honorary broadens members Kappa Mu Epsilon, honorary mathematics fraternity, recog- nized outstanding students of its field and gave them the opportu- nity to learn about topics they might not encounter in their own mathematics program. Kenneth Woods was elected president by the mathematicians. a. KAPPA OMKSRON PHI — Front Row: Janet Combs, Dianne Younker, Barbara Cooper Debbie Carrett, Me issa Green, Trande Ward, Second Row: Belinda Gifford. Judy Welker. Karen Pickard De- bris Kaster. Luana Lance. Mary Harrel. Back Row: Carol Spalsbury. Carole Noah. Sheryl Sowers Marla Koster, Patsy Swart, Linda Phye. Nancy Dierks, Jane Kay, Sharolyn Gobin. b. KAPPA MU EPSILON — Front Row: Carol Crawford. Linda Lesovsky. Kathleen Brock Kay Wil- l ams Second Row: Kenneth Woods, William Paget. O. E. Etter. Elton Beougher. sponsor. Back Row: Uwight nnlli0fn$, Herb Taylor, Donald NA erner, Gregory Smith. 166 .IT honorary has Epsilon Pi Tau ;tiff requirements takes field trips Members of the Lambda lota au, literature honorary, met to iscuss their original critical and reative writings in hopes of ursuing the discipline of literary fudy. Presided over by Gary Pogue, ie group s admittance require- ient$ were a 2,0 grade average i 12 hours of literature and an pper 35 percent class standing in ie fifth semester. Led by Stephen Hoch, Epsilon Pi Tau ( industrial arts honorary, promoted the objectives and skills In the industrial arts education field. Members needed 16 credit hours in industrial arts and a 2,0 in the field to qualify for member- ship. Bi-monthly meetings of the hon- orary were held along with field trips concerning different aspects of industrial arts. a, LAMBDA IOTA TAU — Rozanne Avery, Paula Murphy, Larry DePiesse, Gary Pogue, Gail Hixenbeugh, Robert Box. Don Richardson, David Ison, moderator, b, EPSILON PI TAU — Front Row: Gary To- bias, Bryan Baohkora. Robert Vavricka. Don Bar- ton. Second Row: Richard Hampton, Fred Rudd. Paul Campbell, Third Row: Dennis McKee. Richard Furbeck, Stephen Hoch, Back Row: Larry Dunekack, Clifton Rush, C. R. Cain, sponsor. 167 Sigma Alpha lota requires 2.0 average Sigma Alpha lota, women ' s music honorary, selected its music from the international, national, and Kansas tunes. The group is one of two or- ganizations which serves the music department. Eligibility for member- ship requires a 2.0 grade point average in music with a 1.5 overall. The women held several teas for music faculty wives and alumnae. Marilyn Miller was president. a. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA — Front Row; Bar- bara Krehbtel, Elaine Ellis, Gloria Mitchell. Anna Trent. Linda Goudy, Linda Shaw, Joyce Peri’ nington, Rozanne Avery, Nancy Wurm, Susan Zwickle, Jill Roberts, Kathy Stecklein. Second Row: Mary Beth Norris, Debbie Leis, Rise Doud, Bonnie Beisner, Karen DeMoss, Linda Storm, June Miller, Mary Lee Wilgers, Wendy Mickey, Joyce Horyna. Dixie Walker, Kathy Schaffer. Back Row: Cindy Schneffe, Cindy Bogart, Lois Smith, Marilyn Miller, Sharon Cudney, Carla Beesley, Geneva Suppes, Sandy Rohr Ava Joss, Becky Kraus b. Members of Sigma Alpha Iota often belong to various musical ensem- bles. Ag honorary - Phi Mu Alpha - Delta Tau Alpha Music fraternity Delta Tau Alpha, agriculture onorary, required a 2.0 grade oint in agriculture with 12 hours i the subject and a 1.5 overall. This year the honorary had two lembers elected to nationa I of- ces. Basil Julian was chosen as ational president and Ruff Gen- ry as national advisor. George 7 regg was chapter president. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, men ' s music fraternity, promoted music on campus by helping with musi- cal programs and workshops, giv- ing a recital, assisting the Kansas Music Teachers Convention, and sponsoring student auditions for scholarships. Stan Bock served as president of the honorary, which required a 1.5 grade point to belong. a, DELTA TAU ALPHA — Front Row; George Gregg, Richard McNaught. Gene Neu- forth. Deone Hudson, Lester Gross, Second Row; Elmer Ward, Joe Zellner, Paul Schlocter- meier, Eddie George, Basil Julian. Frank Kro- both. Back Row: Alfred Campbell, Phil Schmei- dler. Craig Dettmer, Charles Sellens, Ruff Gen- try. advisor. b PHI MU ALPHA — Front Row: Mark Davis, David Cutright. Matt Springfeldt, Con- rad Miller, Stan Bock. Allan Mickey. Back Row: Max Galloway. Charles Ames, Larry Hendrick- son, Lawrence Krehbiei. John Huber, sponsor. CAMPUS-WIDE ORGANIZATIONS APO serves all Alpha. Phi Omega, national ser- vice fraternity, was under the leadership of Jerry Call and Cur- tis Gregg. They were actively in- volved In aiding various projects on campus. By sponsoring the Beauty and the Beast contest and Furlough races, APO members were able to raise money for the Endow- ment Association Scholarships, Other activities performed by APO were ushering at Artists and Lectures programs and aiding with the bloodmobile. 1 it A Mr- L Ok ALPHA PHI OMEGA ACTIVES — Right Row (reading front to bade); Max Bearley, John Case, James Hoover, Edwin Deibert, Basil Ju- lian. Curtis Gregg. Second Row: Bob Threlkel. Bob Kraus. Ron Feldt, Jerry Call, Gary Samp- son. Dan Switzer, Merald Van Vleet. Charles Os- borne, Left Row; Floyd Wilson, Fred Johnson, Ian Bently, Jim Gravelle, Duane Adams, Jim Johnson, Fred Sheesley. ALPHA PHI OMEGA PLEDGES — Front Row: Dennis Wheeler, Robert Gosper, Jerrel Kuhh mann, Alvin Collins. Second Row; Fran Min Pentecost, Robert Brown, Richard Frahrm. Third Row; Jack Heather, advisor, Stanley Jackson. Don Noble. Back Row; James Kellerman, advi- sor, Rodney Osborne, Chester Rotrock. 170 et’s club aids local VFW program The Vets’ Club, with John Pyle as president, helped the local VFW in the National Lite-a-Bike campaign and Alpha Phi Omega on tne annual Fort Hays furlough. Members also assisted AWS with fhe spring carnival. During the year, the club had two semi-formal dances, various parties, and lake outings. For the first time Vets’ Club sponsored a homecoming queen candidate, Yvonne Manning, YAF sponsors free press paper Young Americans for Freedom have participated in several ac- tivities in coordination with the national organization. Included were the Honor America day and the handing out of blue buttons. The YAF paper, The Free Cam- pus News, was distributed month- ly. Pat Brown led the group as president. . VETERAN ' S CLUB — Front Row: James Oberg, Lambert Miller. Robert Marti, Jimmy Heller. Sec- ond Row: John Pyle, Arlie Haymond. Dale Brockhausen, James Knight. Third Row: Leroy Rose, Dwight Carter. Bill Broadie. Fourth Row: Bob Trumbull, Tim Fraiey, Rod Applegate, Bill Walters. Back Row. Ronald Cibolski. Larry Barksdale. Edwin Hayter. b. YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM — Jewell. Dr. Howard Reynolds, sponsor. Robert Akers, Nancy Walters, Patricia Brown, Vicky WRA ends year with banquet Believing the majority of col- lege students should take part in a variety of activities and gain a soundness of mind and body, the Women ' s Recreation Association, under Diana Keith, offered a number of sports activities to women of the college. These ac- tivities included a playday for area high schools, an overnight campout, a ski trip, a volleyball sports day, and intramural games. WRA members ended the year with the annual banquet. a. WOMEN’S RECREATION ASSOCIA- TtON — Front Row: Judi Hlaus. Cheryl Engel- land. Linda Allen, Karen Evert, Cindy Brass, Dotty Ashfock. Lila Schuman, Barbara Boyd. Back Row: Orvene Johnson, sponsor, Marilda White, Carol Brinkmayer, Emily Jahay, Rose Ann Hacker, Marie Albers, Diana Keith, Donna Rapp. Young Democrats improve politics To interest young citizens with political and social leadership at all levels of government was the purpose of the Collegiate Young Democrats, The club was active in trying to make constructive improvements in the country ' s politics by circu- lating political pamphlets and a door-to-door campaign of urging people to vote. Speakers, includ- ing Dean Jellison, addressed the club. Joe Norvell was president. Collegiate 4-H reorganizes £ YOUNG DEMOCRATS — Front Row; David Jones, sponsor, Cynthia Hartman, Joe Norvell. Sec ond Row; Linda Joyce, Anita Gordon, Don Schmidt. Eloise Johnson. Third Row: Edward Prewo, Gary Robben, Cheryl Bauman, Don McLaughlin. Back Row: Steve Powell, Joe Dejmal, Rocky Packer. Mary b. COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB — Front Row: Ellen Roberts. Melba Mowry. Joy Bethel!, Dana Nichol, Second Row: Kathleen Aschwege, Marly s McFarland, Verta Witthuhn, Third Row: Royee Morton, Mary Adams, Elvita Juno, Leslie Beecher, Fourth Row: Robert Sieves, Lyndel Schmalzned. Nancy Bran nan. Back Row; Larry Laas, Duane Sharp, advisor, Gary Roberts. 4-H agent. The Collegiate 4-H Club reor- ganized this year with a revised constitution and added member- ship, The club ' s purpose was to aid local 4-H clubs by judging club summaries and holding an of- ficers training school. Members also sponsored a display in the li- brary for National 4-H Week and contributed to the Homer B, Reed center, Robert Siefkes served as president. 173 Rodeo club hosts May sixth rodeo Rodeo Club members started out the year with a matched rodeo with club alumni and a meet in November with Kansas State College. Members attend- ed spring rodeos taking place in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Their own rodeo was held the first of May. A major project undertaken this year to better the fair grounds was the construction of additional bleachers at the arena. Practices took place twice weekly with presidenf Deone Hudson leading the activities. a. RODEO CLUB MEMBERS — Front Row: Cheri Schulz, Brenda Makes, Cathy Garten, Vicki Catnon, Rosemary Smith, sponsor, Mary Hutchins, Yvette Graves, Gloria Eilers, Carol Redger, Barbara Scott, Berneta Rose, Jo Frey, Janet Morgan. Judy Standish. Second Row: Doug Philip, sponsor, Ray Mokes. Terry Long, Dean Papes, Alan Likes, Deone Hudson. Tim Miser Bill Broadie, Ronnie Diehl. Bill Herman. Terry Rose, Rocky Freg, Johnny Rohrbough, Allen Dreiling. Back Row: Jim Zoltenko. Dwid Yust, David Snyder David Trowbridge. Bob Clemence Sty Doyle Martin Nelson, Lynn McBride Mike Nichols, Roy Johnson, Kent Swartz, Stan Schmidt, Vernon Wenger, Ron Rose. 174 Internationalists organize union International Student Union, formerly known as People-to-Peo- ple, is an organization for foreign and American students who are interested in promoting peace and understanding among na- tions. The ISU sponsored the Interna- tional Art Festival, and the Fort Hays soccer team. Another proj- ect was providing a scholarship for an incoming student. Becky Hickman spearheaded the group. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT UNION — out Row: Massoud Dabiri, Sue Kilvert, Valone :hiewe, Melinda Kite, Mehdi Pirzadeh. Second w; Manoo Mohseni, Becky Hickman, Lucho srmiento, Anita Becker, Deb Andrist. Carol ietz. M, Naeem Khan, Back Row; Dr. Benito arballo. sponsor. Yoshihisa Okugawa, Mario vrmiento, Robert Gosper, Shah ram Cham, avid Noorani. T 75 Star Promenaders promote, enjoy square dancing With Bob Dey as caller and Sandra Loeppke as president, the Fort H ays Star Promenaders pro- moted knowledge and interest in square dancing outside the class- room. Activities of the year included making a float for homecoming and having guest callers attend meetings. a. STAR PROMENADERS — Front Row: Bar- bara Breber. Joan Bennett, Sandra Loeppke, Ronnie Schneider, Second Row; Carla Schmidt, Barbara Jean Nelson, Donald Dehm, Stephen Hoch, Keith John, Dick Grabbe, Lonnie Rohr, Ellen Roberts, Kafheryn Riedl. Back Row: Mar- cia Applegate, Val Burgess, Gregory Smith, Leona Schwarz, Richard Baldwin, Ray Hudson, Larry Dunekack, Jeanette Gerritzen. James Hoover, Mane Klaus, Bob Kraus, Cade Suran. sponsor 176 PHT award - highlights Dames Fort Hays Dames Club is a chapter of the National Organi- zation of Dames composed of married girls in college or whose husbands are in college. The Dames sponsored assorted activi- ties such as a Christmas party, an Easter egg hunt, and a bazaar. Various interest groups, ranging from exercise sessions to interior decorating, were provided for members. For those with graduat- ing husbands, the year was high- lighted with the awarding of the PHT award — Putting Hubby Through. cT 0, Dames Club president, Ann Carr, leads the initiation ceremony for new members, b DAMES CLUB — Front Row: Betty House, Rita Hammond. Pam Page. Millie Hintersoheidt, Penny True, Beverly Coffey, Suzan Siemer. Ann Cau, Dorothy Hull Back Row: Donna coby, Pa- tricia Manganelli Debbie Westbrook, Becky McKim. Cindy Ware!. Kathleen Call. Deanna Pabst, CaHene lundgen, Linda Cullumber, Vicky Fisher, Carolyn Kennedy, Cherry Sim- mons. Mrs. Keith Faulkner, sponsor, Mrs. Carroll Beardslee, sponsor, c, DAMES CLUB OFFICERS — Front Row: Mrs, Keith Faulkner, sponsor. Mrs. Carroll Beardslee. sponsor. Back Row: Cherry Simmons, Suian Siemer. Ann Carr, Cindy Warel, Donna Scholey, Beverly Coffey, Millie Hinterscheidt. 177 DEPARTMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS Alpha Kappa Psi Fosters objectives As objectives, Alpha Kappa Psi wished to further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounting, and fi- nance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote and advance courses leading to degrees in business administra- tion. Jim Stephens performed the role of president. a A b ▼ a. ALPHA KAPPA PSI PLEDGES — Front Row: Robert Lemuz, Dana Katzenmeier, Alan Zillinger. Taylor Neuschwander, Don Schmidt, Second Row: Steve Wiens. Robert Wolf, Bret Biggs, Rick Farrell. Third Row: Dennis Gaschler, Denis Miller. John Sand well. Fourth Row: Lynn Mangels. Gary Wright, Darryl Apel- Bruce Walker, Jacob Dechant. Fifth Row: Doug Weathers, Mark Wanklyn, Bill Wetzel. b. ALPHA KAPPA PSI — Front Row: Dr Wall, Keith Walburn, Walter Manteuffel, Johr Mapes, Curtis Smith, Tommy Carlon, Davie Theis Back Row: Michael Herrman. Jame£ Bog ner, Ronald Cibolski. Lvnden Klein, Dennis Rich mond, Terry McFarland, Don Finger, Rick Blckel Joe Walter, Jim Stephens. ’hi Beta Lambda PDE promotes Jains gold seal Communications Phi Beta Lambda hosted both 3 Future Business Leaders of merica regional convention and s annual state Phi Beta Lambda siness Seminar. Members at- nded the state convention in arch and the June national con- ntion in Miami. At the national nvention the organization, der Joel White, was awarded e Gold Seal Award. The group ;o aided the bloodmobile and Id Paw Power car tags. Members of Pi Delta Epsilon journalism fraternity were actively involved with production of cam- pus newspaper, yearbook, and radio communications. Projects included assistance with a high school journalism conference, a state convention of Kansas Publi- cations Advisors, and fall distribu- tion of Reveilles. Susan Armstrong headed the Fort Hays chapter. a. PHI BETA LAMBDA — Front Row: Ellen Sefzer, Janice Peters, Debra Mellies, Janet Schloctemneier, Mary Ann Flakus Back Row: Steve Ochs, Lee Carey, Cheryl Schaben, Bever- ly Schwab. Betty Widener, Elsie Rupp, Jolece Tate, Judy Roberts, Joel White, b. PI DELTA EPSHON — Front Row: Anita Knopp, Jeanle Osburn, Joyce Rabas, Roxy Green, Susan Armstrong, Linda Meier, Tern Staab. Bock Row: Lynn Bunker, Rita English, Lon Pishny, Russ Cravens. Norma Ross, Thomas Hartley Katherine Rogers, advisor. Spanish, German language clubs Delve into European home lives The primary purpose of Spanish Club was to function as a medium whereby students interested in the language and culture could assemble to converse in Spanish and learn of the customs of vari- ous cultures speaking the lan- guage. Activities of the club, under the control of Fred Deyoe, included programs on Spanish countries and informal meetings of listening to Spanish music and talking. By meeting once a month, t German Club, with Phy Schmidt as president, saw fil and slides on Germany and c cussed German-oriented subjeci The programs delved further Irj the customs of the Germans, c- ing the members an insight it; German life. A combined me ing of the French and Gerrr clubs at Christmas brought be groups ' cultural interests toge er. a. SPANISH CLUB — Front Row: Elizabeth Hodgins, Janet Koptik. Karla Stangel, Gail Pot- ter, Peggy Livingston. Second Row: Jane Witt- man, Deborah Rifford, Sally Daniels, Valorie Juergensen, Karen Fetsch, Fred Deyoe. Back Row: Karen Sayler, Kay Eller, Linda Wheeler. Dr. Juan Jimenez, sponsor, Jack Robertson, Jack Kasl, Charles Sexson, George Warzeniak, b. GERMAN CLUB — Front Row; Ellen SeL zer, Phyllis Schmidt, Elsie Linenberger, Kathy Dickman, Patricia Pugh. Second Row: Karen Knight, Jeanette Rohr, Leslie Beecher, Beverly Fabln. Third Row; Imelda Koett, Kristin Zier. Sally Brungardt, Kathy McGovern, Pam Boos. Fourth Row; Steve Sobba. Charles Osborne, Ralph Jarboe, Dana Radcliffe. Back Row: Thom- as Jacobs, Gordon Haile, Greg Waldschmidt, ISO vent le fran ais’ Chemistry club aims French club Offers scholarship ro promote interest and enthu- ;m in the study of French was . prime goal of the French jb. Throughout the year, the b enjoyed seeing films pro- ed by the French department, iding French works, and expe ri- nting with French recipes. Each mber contributed to the club jjects, which were supervised president Theresa Heeke. Chemistry Club, under the leadership of Susan Friesen, was designed to increase interest and open opportunities in chemistry and related sciences. Through the meetings, more was learned about the various phases of chem- istry. Several members attended the American Chemical Society meeting in Nebraska. The club also provided a scholarship to one member. a. FRENCH CLUB — Front Row: Maria Codi- nach. Sherry Clark, Pam Van Duesen, Janna Ba- den hop, Morea Zouzas, Anita Husted, Debby Peak. Second Row: Donovan Randolph, Ron Miller, Steve Ochs, Cynthia Hartman, Theresa Heeke. Back Row: Eric Thoben, Rod Norton, sponsor, Barbara Krehbiel, Cynthia Fazel. b. CHEMISTRY CLUB — Front Row: Rmk Hunley, Mary Lou Harding, Melva McGowan Susan Friesen. Second Row: Robert Richards. Leland Weigel, Jay Schuknnan, Vernon Harding. Third Row: Terry Balthazor, Curtis Gregg Rob- ert Metzler, Byron Burke 181 Political science and history clubs Aim at expanding To give students an added in- terest in history and contempo- rary events, the History Club held informal meetings sparked by guest speakers and films, staged various supplementary field ex-_ cursions. Purchasing and pre- senting books to Forsyth Library and aiding the Project Opportu- nity Campaign were service ac- tivities sponsored by the group, headed by Jerry Ramsey. members’ interests In order to broaden and ex pand the minds of its members the Fort Hays Political Science Club visited with and heard sev eral leading candidates cam paigning in the 1970 state elec tion under the leadership of Joe Norvell. The club also sought tc form a closer relatio nship be tween the political science stu dents and faculty members. a. HISTORY CLUB — Front Row: George El- more, Lois Lutz. John Johnson, Tim Zwink, Linda Grout Second Row: E. A. Henry, Lewis Case, Jerry Ramsey, Don Rynerson. Back Row: Alan Riedel, Lonnie Beadles, Mark Berry, Douq McNiehols. b, POLITICAL SCIENCE — Front Row: Doug Huston, Steve Powell. June Wittig, Edward Prewo, Bill Elliott, Stepha rue Stewdrt, Second Row; Joe Norvell, Gary Robben, Mary Knopp, Don McLaughlin, Linda Michaelis, Back Row: Kenneth Carter, advisor, Rocky Packer. Cynthia Hartman, Joe D©|ma!, Fred Thalheim. at - ■ k H ■ ju Jy ■ 4 A b ▼ SNEA - a pre- Professional group As a pre-professional organiza- tion, the Student Nati onal Educa- tion Association offered opportu- nities for students preparing to teach or interested in education. To develop an appreciative un- derstanding for pedagogy, the Student NEA held programs con- cerning the teaching profession. Marsha Dibble served as presi- dent. Better special ed. Patterns promoted Working in the various areas of speci al education, the Student Council for Exceptional Children strove to promote the improve- ment of special educational stan- dards. Under the direction of Shirley Horvna, SCEC members gath- ered Betty Crocker labels to help buy a bus for Lakemary Center at Paola and sponsored parties and recreation programs for excep- tional children in the area. a. STUDENT EDUCATION ASSN. OFFICERS — Leota Brown, Linda Frazey. Bill Claflm, spon- sor. Marsha Dibble. Donna Engel, not pictured, Gerald Duncan, sponsor. L STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN — Front Row: Janet Hayes, Cas- sandra Gaither, Eloise Johnson, Shirley Horyna, Carol Dietz, Alison Hemphill, Lora Rehm. Sec- ond Row: Ron Sekavec, Linda Leiker, Anita Lo- renz. Kathy Reed, Jo Lieffring. Janet Council, LeAnn Mutrhead, Ted Livingston. Back Row: Karen Shivers, William Critchfield. Warren White, Mark Neuman. Dr. Hester Homines, sponsor, Bernard Smith Ronald Fielder, Vera Dahlquist. 183 Men, women’s P.E. clubs hustle Selecting new physical educa- tion major uniforms, sponsoring a softball sports day, and holding a fun night for ' the Men s Physical Education Club and faculty, were the activities of Eta Rho Epsilon, women ' s physical education orga- nization. The group was headed by Mary Jane Palmer. Men ' s Physical Education Club gave support to the Tigers by sell- ing bumper stickers, decorating the football field, and making a float for homecoming. They spon- sored the girls ' free throw contest and attended several conventions concerning P.E. With Allan Heinze as president, the club pro- moted all aspects of physical edu- cation. a. ETA RHO EPSILON — Front Row: Marie Albers, Donna Rapp Annette Sulzman. Patricia Holte. Second Row: Helen Miles, sponsor, Sonja Horyna. Cindy Bross. Winnie Williams. Third Row: Judy Manning, Paula Elder. Judity Hlaus, Kathy Ayres. Janene McVicar. Fourth Row: Jo Anne Quinn, Deanna Koelling, Jo Ann Stimatze. Toni Michel, Fifth Row: Lila Schuman, Emily Jahay, Diana Radcliffe, Nancy Jilka, Karen Evert. Last Row: Patty Heinz, Cheryl Engelland. Janie Dolechek, Linda Allen. b. MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB — Front Row: Lary Stull, Greg Schaffer, Allan Heinze, Lanny Hower. Roger Lynch, Dean Papes, Vjc Case, Ralph Hejny, Bob Threlkel, Greg Heinze, G. A t Westfall. Back Row: Glen Lojka, sponsor, Daryl Obermueller, Donald True, Randy Kaufman, Wayne La rick , Dennis Spohr. Mike Munsch, Donley Bristow, Don Rynerson, Bill Greenway, Lon Pishry, Bob Brown, Dennis Dandorf, Mark Carney, Dr. Russell Bogue. 184 Geology club Stages dinner The Sternberg Geology Club stimulated study and research in the field of Geology and related areas. Numerous speakers and an annual dinner highlighted the year. The president was Terry McMullen. Ecology club Fights pollution Cleaning the beach and plant- ing trees at the Fort Hays lake re- treat at Cedar Bluff reservoir, college farm cleanup, and plans for ridding Big Creek of pollution were active projects of the Stu- dent Chapter of Soil Conserva- tion. Marion Alford headed the club. a. STERNBERG GEOLOGY CLUB — Front Row: Curtis Anderson, Terry McMullen, Myrl Walker, sponsor. Second Row: Mike Nelson, sponsor, Charles Barrows, Jake Achenback, Jerry Maxfield. Third Row; Earl Budke, sponsor, Fredrick Sheesley, Beck Row: Richard Zakrzew- ski, sponsor, L P. Caprez, Richard Bretz, b, STUDENT CHAPTER SOIL CONSERVA JION — Front Row; Thame Clark, sponsor; Ted Swafford. Gene Neuforth. Second Row; Larry Dietz. Don Dehm, Richard Frahm. Third Row: Ronald Pfennioger, Paul Alford. Norman Doo- ley. Back Row; Lonny McLinn, Danny Soeken, Marion Alford. 185 a NURSES CLUB — Front Row: Jean Ann Portschy, Shirley Craft, Darlene Debes, Marilyn Stang, Second Row: Vicki Schinstock, Ellen Ker- sey, Kathleen Jacobs, Marcia Hiller, Janice Griffin, Margaret Pauls, Nona Balzer, Diane Grice, Kathy Hopkins, Patricia Solko, Barbara Schulte Paula Schulte. Back Row: Sondra George, Susan Mathes, Dianne Kemp, Sharon Hoover, Susan Belche, Diane Rajewski, Dean Zerr Clarice Pefeete. Karen Bailey. Maren Jen- sen, Glenda Schurle, Martha Millstead, Merrill Frink, co-sponsor, Lissa Clay, Charlene Ma- teyec, Mershon Smith, Susan Beckman, Colleen Chitwood, Mary Beth Collette, Mary Lou Le- Sage Jane Tittel, Sandra Clark Nurses club aids FHS bloodmobile The Fort Hays Nurses Club, under the leadership of Susan Mathes, provided entertaining and educational programs for stu- dents interested in nursing and helped promote student nurse re- cruitment. Aiding at the blood- mobile on campus and raising money by selling napkins were a few of the club ' s projects. b. NURSES CLUB — Front Row: Charly, Rupke. Janet Sager, Marcia Bray, Cindy Con rad, Jody Allen, Second Row: Kay Kriley, Jean ette Hailing, Gayle Marks, Pam Neaderhiser Third Row: lynette Ochs, Jeanette Vague Debra Clark, Eileen Weber, Debbie Hall. Fourtl Row: Beth Boy, Karen Schulte, Esther Windholz Cheryl Muck. Fifth Row: Phi! Yust, Lori Pfannen steil Pat Herman, Louise Steffen, Susai Dewees. Back Row: Sharon Baynes, Emily Horn ing, Roger Anschutz, Harold Meis, Linda Karlin 186 Soc. club reviews New curriculum A summary of job opportuni- ties and a review of the new curri- culum in the Sociology Depart- ment with members offering rec- ommendations, were subjects of the first meetings of the Sociolo- gy Club. During intersession, sev- eral sociology students journeyed to Denver and observed ghetto life. Picnics highlighted the begin- ning and end of the year for the club members. a. SOCIOLOGY CLUB — Front Row: Loret- ta Miller, Robert Jackson. Jo Cusick, Marcia Smies, Second Row: Rita English. Roberta Mil ler, Karen Brungardt, Tamra Applebee. Third Row: Laura Shoemaker, Debby Doak, Kathy Huet, Mrs. Arnold, Fourth Row: Ronald Fundis, sponsor. Lloyd Preston, Gary Bondurant, Les Strickland, Back Row; Gary Sampson. Charles Season, b. Blood donors gather as student nurses aid in one of their annual proj- ects. 187 Home Ec. group Aligns with AHEA The Fort Hays State Student Home Economics Association is organized to provide an opportu- nity for an introduction into the profession of home economics, the development of professional attitudes, the application of class- room experiences, and an involve- ment with the program of work of the American Home Economics Association and the Kansas Home Economics Association. The group participated in a workshop held in October on the Mount St. Scho- lastica Campus at Atchison and the April state convention in Kan- sas City. nr 1 » ” f 1 y y: r fm vvwPImvSv V w t .--A® IpStelilPS 1 ». k r V Br rwBm ffC Tf r ' j a. STUDENT HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION — Front Row: Belinda Gifford, Jerry Mapes, Patsy Swart, Jo Ann Bucic. Tranda Ward. Second Row: Janel Pahls. Charlene Zweygardt, Nancy Cock- rum Frances Casey. Third Row: Marla Koster, Judy Maresch. Patti Garrett, Diane Younker, Mildred Williams. Fourth Row: Cindi Broom. Mary Walker. Vicky Ray. Janice Pennington. Brenda Dinkel. Fifth Row: Kathy Johnson, Cherie Pearson. Sard! Swart. Karen Pickard, Janet Combs, Carolyn Rowland, Connie Beisner. Sixth Row: Barbara Giese, Linda Jorgensen. Cheryl Bauman. Kathy Thacker. Seventh Row: Jean Youngsteadt. Cathy Hammeke, Jeanette Gustafson, Susan Panning, Sharon Gugler. Kerry Lee Tripp, Margaret Lawver, Eighth Row: Debbie Garrett, Amber Graver, Patty Mullenix, Marsha Harbaugh, Susan Mattison. Top Row: Susan Wycoff, Linda Lawson, Lola Simpson, Barbara Cooper. Hene Andrewson. Brenda McFarlane 188 a A Industrial Arts Club - chance For activism a. Unloading projects is one of the tasks performed by the Industrial Arts Club as they get ready for the fair. Club members also design and construct the trophies given at the annual event, b. Steaks for the Industrial Arts campout were charcoaled by students and tacul- c! Members of the Industrial Arts Club prepare for an overnite camping trip by loading their trailer which was designed and built by their department. 89 a. In ter- Varsity Christian Fellowship members sell books in Memorial Union, b, Rap-sessions concerning Christian living take place in the Catholic Stu- dent Center, Worship centers cultivate peace With increasing tension and frustration present, students find comfort in the area worship cen- ters. Churches provide a good lace to seek God and peace, outh groups associated with var- ious denominations offer fellow- ship and activities to the students. These include encounter and dis- cussion groups, Sunday suppers, and Hayrides. S-O-C-approved religious organizations include: Baptist Student Movement Baptist Student Union Campus Crusade for Christ Catholic Student Center Chi Alpha Gamma Delta Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship United Christian Ministries in Higher Education, 191 t CE 5 OF FR llNDS • FACES OF FRIENDS • FACES OF FRIENDS • OF FRIENDS • F : ACES OF FRIENDS • FACES OF FRIENDS • FACE “If you need a friend I’m sailing right behind. Like a bridge over troubled water, I will ease your mind.” Simon and Garfunkel 193 Wooster: A home for married students T94 a John Lemon discovers his home at Wooster Place tor married students, is the most convenient spot for his hobby. b« Emily Vallin tries to convince her daughter Tonja, that bedtime is good for her health. c. Delores Kaster agrees with hus- band Gary, that the wall plaque is in the perfect spot. d Once again, it is time for Pam Page to do the dishes. 195 Dorm life: a multi-faceted experience Dorm life is an adventure which most students experience as a segment of their learning process. For many it is the first step into the outside after being released from parents. Visiting hours in each dorm were determined by its residents and were extended over last year ' s in most cases. Freshman women won release from the reg- imentation of hours when school resumed after spring break. Life in the dorm can be a grow- ing experience. It is a time for un- derstanding oneself, learning to accept others with their faults and making life-long friends. Dorm life is getting ready for early morning classes while your roommate is still asleep, window peeking, personal telephones and popcorn between meals. These two pages and the fol- lowing four have been devoted to the faces of dorm life in an effort to capture its typical happenings. 196 197 1 Dining, studying everyday happenings 1 98 J Just like home’ in many respects 200 201 Wiest hall sponsors homecoming queen Serving as housing for men on campus, Wiesf Hall was com- pleted in 1961, with a new addi- tion being completed this year. The hall was named for Dr. C. F. Wiest, professor of philosophy who drowned in the 1951 flood. Not having its quota complete- ly filled, Wiest served as housing for delegates attending the AWS and Residence Hall Council con- ferences held on the Fort Hays campus. Wiest Hall residents also did not have their own food service. Consequently, they dined in one of the other three dorm cafete- rias. Wiest Hall sponsored Home- coming Queen Stella Howell, and actively supported the Tigers dur- ing the homecoming festivities with the appearance of a Rene- gade Tiger decorating the front part of the dorm. Men at Wiest also had the privilege of being the only dorm on campus with its own driving range for golfers. 202 a. Rooms in the new addition to Wiest supply ample room lor individu- al concentration. b. Wiest golfers utilize their base- ment driving range for a practice area. c. Dorm officers for 1970-71 are, Sif- ting: Bruce Peverley, v.-pres.; Dane Babcock, sec.: George Forristal social chrm. Standing: Charles Sexson, intra- murals chm.; Doug Buchanan, pres.: Alan Von Fange, treas, d Mrs. Marguerite Walters watches over the men of Wiest. 6, The Renegade Tiger displays Wiest Hall s school spirit. 203 McMindes - mighty residential fortress Reigning like a mighty fortress over the other residence halls, McMindes Hall is the newest and largest dormitory on the Fort Hays campus. Providing housing for 600 women, McMindes was named in honor of Miss Maude McMindes of Osborne, a retired professor of education who helped develop the block system for preparing teachers. In close competition, McMindes sponsored Sue Shaw as first runner-up in the Homecom- ing Queen selection. Homecom- ing festivities were also sparked by the prize winning Kazoo band from second floor west McMindes. Another spark to the Homecoming parade was the McMindes-Wiest float, " Gold and Black; Paw Power Attack, 204 J a. ! 970-7 1 Dorm officers for McMindes are: Cleta Lemon, co-sec.; Jane Wittman, treas.; Brenda Brown, co- sec Sherri Baker, co-v.-pres.: Kathy Pettera, co-pres.: Cathey Cook- sey, co-v.-pres.; and Carole Converse, co-pres, b. Showing school spirit, McMindes Kazoo band marches to the school s fight song. c. Mrs. Mary Redd, assisted by Miss Karen Hensleigh and Mrs. Ruth Stra nathan. serve as dorm housemothers. d. Upperclassmen from McMindes need only present their school ID for the night watchman to let them in after hours. McGrath - Agnew’s small, mighty twin Completed in 1955 and a twin to Agnew Hall, McGrath Hall serves as housing -for men on cam- pus. The hall was named for Dr. Robert T. McGrath of Hays, who served in the education depart- ment for 24 years and was a for- mer head of the department. Being a small dorm, McGrath has a friendly atmosphere and often residents enjoy group card playing. The boys, with the help of the housemother and resident managers, work together in pre- paring a continental breakfast since McGrath does not have its own food service. Spirit was dem- onstrated at McGrath by their homecoming float — Step Aside, Purple Power: Paw Power is Here — which won the second prize for spirit. «▼ a, Mrs. Margareffe Habigerc house mother. 206 a, 1970-71 Dorm officers are: Bill Yount, Pres,; Larry Laas, v.-pres.; John Albright, sec.; Ron Kletchka, treas.; Pete Harman, social chrm.; Randy Hickman, athletic chrm, b Playing cards is a favorite sport among McGrath men. C. Hungry FHS er$ wait in line for the continental breakfast. 207 Custer - only coed dorm on campus Custer Hall, built in 1921 is the oldest dormitory on campus. It was named for Mrs. Elizabeth Custer, wife of General George A. Custer, who was stationed at old Fort Hays with the famous Seventh Cavalry in the 1800 s. Custer Hall became a coed dorm In 1968. As a Christmas project for the community, Custer Hall again en- tertained the residents of Hill- crest Manor Nursing Home with Christmas carols and bingo. This year, Custer and Agnew Halls shared the first place prize on their joint float, " Skunk ' Em " in the most original float division of the Homecoming Parade. Paulet- ta Arnold represented the dorm as one of the top finalists vying for Homecoming Queen. 208 a Housemothering for Mrs. Adah Ch urch hill involves records, paper work and efficient use of office time. b. Christmas dinner consists of make your own sandwiches for Custer resi- dents. c. Custers dorm officers for this year are: Doris Matteson, social chrm.; Duane Beckmann, co-pres.; Jan Quint, co-pres,: Lowell Moxter, social chrm.; Donna Schulz, treas.; Belinda Schoen- feld, sec. d. The lounge area of Custer Hall provides a setting for watching TV and other college endeavors. e. Playing bingo helps bring the Christmas spirit to residents of Hill- crest Manor, 209 Hit Agnew - home for 170 FHS coeds Agnew Hall, named for the late Elizabeth Agnew who was a long- time dean of women on the FHS campus, was constructed between 1955 and 1957. A 1970 addition to the dorm was the installation of a new lighting system in the south library. Like other dorms, Agnew food service sponsors special dinners. During the Roaring 20Y " dinner, Agnew flappers provided enter- tainment. Along with providing residence and food service, Agnew is also known for its " homey " atmosphere. During homecoming activities, Agnew girls helped Wiest in sup- ? orting their Queen candidate. hey also worked with Custer Hall in creating the 1st place float in the most original float division. 210 a Agnew flappers entertain at the dorm s Roaring 20 ' s party, b. The new lighting system in Ag- new ' s south library aids those studying, c Agnews Homecoming contribu- tion rolls down Hays ' main street, d. Mrs. Esther Biays. housemother, takes a brief moment to relax. ei Roaring 20 s servers wait patiently for the password to the bathtub gin, f. Dorm officers for 1970-71 are: Lorey Neuburger, pres,: Cheryl Lembke, v.-pres.; Ellen Roberts, co- sec.: Elvita Juno, treas,: Marla Koster, co-sec. 211 Evidently enjoying the free- doms and responsibilities of inde- pendence, nearly 75 per cent of Fort Hays State students choose off-campus housing as their resi- dence while furthering their edu- cation. Off-campus residents also choose modes of living with the hopes of attaining privacy, eco- nomic advantages, and nuptial bliss. Joint cooperation between col- lege officials and townspeople al- lows accommodation of Fort Hays Staters. Various forms of housing in the Hays community frequent- ed by students include basement and duplex apartments, homes, sleeping rooms and apartment complexes such as the popular collegian-dominated Campus and Hillcrest Apartments. Off-campus living gains popularity 212 a DeWayne Young lounges in a favor- ite position as he makes an evening date. b With the groceries at home, Steve and Madonna Bealby check rising prices. c. Linda Underwood finds her apart- ment a quiet place for typing. d. Guitar playing takes Rochelle Herr- man momentarily away from the pres- sures of college life. e. Rodney Dick assists Tom Maupin in adding the final touches to his art homework project. f. House cleaning entails a daily chore for Mrs. Donna Bailey. 213 Off-campus life amplifies togetherness ■ 214 d ◄ e ► a. Apartment sharing allows Debbie Vonada the opportunity to make homework a |oint effort. b. Ed and Gayle Hayter enjoy off- campus privileges — - even at the ex- pense of extra work, c. Family study hour follows supper time in Peggy Mans s household, d Linda Hooper finds living alone permits peace and solitude — and soli- taire, e, Reaching for a late snack to ac- company evening homework, Nancy Cooper enjoys a noted advantage of off-campus living. 215 Intergreek groups promote common goals a Intercommunication is the basis for Panhellenic Council. Its members are: Collene Chitwood. Karen W ' itwer, Diana Turkle, Marilyn Sturgeon. Back Row: LaNelle Amsbury, Kathy McGovern, Cindy Walschmidt, Kevin Nelson, Clarinda Schoenthaler. Dean Stouffer is adviser. b. Bringing sororities together is made possible by the growing number of activities in which they jointly partici- pate. c. Panhellenic members discuss Ideas at a regular meeting. 216 a. Each fraternity on campus is represented in Interfraternity Council. Members include: Front Row: Fred Brening. Dennis Kozub, Steve Graham, Dan File, Norman Austin, Luis Jimenez and Yoshi Fukasawa. Standing: Mike Schaefer, Keith Ballard, Bill Hedge. Ed Moore, Dan Meckenstock, Tom Toepfer, Dean Hobbs, sponsor, Joe Redetzke. Jim Green, Leo Herrman and Steve Sim. b. Interfraternity activities help all realize a common goal. c. President of the council, Luis Jimenez, presents a check to Steve Shipley for The House. ' 2 7 When formal rush begins, a girl sees dozens of other girls just like her waiting to meet the activities. She goes on coke breaks, at- tends parties, and special dinners, and is constantly trying to show her best side. Wondering about acceptance, waiting for Dean Jean and her as- sociates to finish matching girls preferences to bids extended by a sorority, wondering more, all kinds of emotions being felt, then . . . acceptance, and the emotion which prevails over the others is strong — - it ' s called sister love. 218 219 Greek affiliation calls for work, games, caring 220 221 I AfA From the beginning of school in the fall to graduation in May, the coeds of Alpha Gamma Delta so- rority were an enterprising group. Alpha Gams held positions in the campus organizations of Stu- dent Senate and WLO. Cheer- leaders, Tiger Debs, Tiger Paws, Fort Hays Singers, and the Miss McMindes and Miss Fort Hays pageants included these girls. Colleen Chitwood served as president of Panhellenic Council; Karen Rolf was selected as an Outstanding Senior Woman. A team of six took top honors in the women ' s bike race of the 1971 Furlough. Alpha Gams are noted for their zest in all aspects of campus life. L Barb Hickel 2 Jodi Redel 3, Liz King 4, Marilyn Van Doran 5, Sherry Riegel 6, Susan Knox 7 Kathy Miley 8. Jill Oeines 9. Marla Matkin 10. Nancy Noel 1 1. Charlotte Arnold 1 2. Tamara Porter 13. Denice Stephens 14. Jon Alton 1 5. Jana Tittle J6. Dee Ann Smith I7« Sharon Krug I8 + Cheryl Yoxall 222 19, Barb Nelson 20- Janet Kulbislti 2 1 . Karla Johnson 22. Debby Doak 23. Robin Deeds 24. Debbie Garrett 25. Patsy Swart 26. Susan Wheeler 27. Patti Sanders 28. Patti Depperschmidt 29. Tina Schlageck. 30. Anita Husted 3 I Terri Staab 32. Mrs. Fanny Riley, housemother 33. Marilyn Helm 34. Nancy Randle 35. Colleen Chitwood 36. Karen Rolf 37. Brenda Coats 38. Verlaine Thalheim 39. Dawn Dunn 40. Parrs Paul! 41. Cindy Bogart 42. Mane Klaus 43. Pam Thompson 44. Lennet McLain 45. Debbie Nottingham 46. Edna Anderson 47. Ruth Robinson 48. Rhonda Earp Not pictured — Sherrill Coffin Barb Converse Belinda Gifford Mindy McAfee Sheryl Nickelson Mary Beth Norris Clorinda Schoentheler 5a rid i Swart Lana Tittle Connie Vratil Debbie Winter Linda Poore Jan Goodwin Terri Branum Connie Heyen Diane Vann Anita Avery Wasinger . 223 224 AKA With such events as a " So to Hell ' 1 fall informal and a " Spring Splash " formal, the men of Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity make their presence known at Fort Hays. The AKL volleyball team re- mained undefeated while winning the all-school title. This aided in the chapter ' s conquest of second place in intramurals. Yoshi Fukasa- wa was the Greek Ping-Pong champion and Gary Beymer cap- tured top honors in the all-school badminton tourney. Working with the Tri Sigs and the Delta Sigs, the AKL ' s re- ceived the Spirit Award for their part in the 1971 Homecoming festivities. It is evident that Alpha Kappa Lambda is an active and produc- tive fraternity here on the Fort Hays campus. ► L Terry Weber 2« Steve Henry 3. Robin Scheuerman 4. Doug Petersilie 5 Jerry Helin 6 Doug Kingsley 7. Lillian Gennette, housemother 8. Steve Spreier 9. Fred Johnson 10. Randy Friederich 11. Casey Johnson 12. Mike Gaskell 13. Sam Die rberger 14. Tom Stejskal 1$. Larry DeGarmo 16. Swinley Corman 1 7. Craig Libsack 18. Stan Smith 19. Yoshi Fukasawa 20. Bob Martin 2 I . Terry Dimitt 22. Steve Sim 23. Rick Smith 24. Mike Schuster 25 Steve Hewson 26. Dave Cross 27. Lyle Erway Not pictured: Gregg Schwarz Tim Dierberger Tom Denning Gary Beymer Daryl Augustine 225 I AE4 Moving into their new home at 209 West 5th proved to be only one of many highlights of the 1970-71 Delta Sigma Phi year. The fraternity brothers showed their skills in intramurals by cap- turing the all-school title in foot- ball and the all-greek competition in swimming and basketball. And again the Delta Sigs made the news as they garnered a tro- phy during the Red Cross Blood- mobile visit for the most blood donated by an organization. As president and housemother, Jeff Porter and Esther Steinle helped to make Delta Sigma Phi an asset to both the campus and the community. 1. Tony Bessire 2. Jo© Redetzke 3. Jeff Porter 4. Mike Schaefer 5. Brad Wooldridge 6 Mark Walker 7, Stan Denton 8, Jan Rirsch 9, Jeff Schoonover 10, Tom Funk I I . Millie, Cook 12, Esther Steinle, Housemother 1 3, Dale Haag 14, Warren Goth 15, JJm Green 16, Johnny Sanders 17, Jim Rude 18, Randy Durr 19, Alan Woydziak 226 20. Darrell Lundgren 21. Dennis Brown 22. John Gregory 23. Clint Chase 24. Jim Scott 25. Ralph Thomm 26. Doug Roomer 27. Dave Williams 28. Marvin Finger 29. Jay Homer 30. Bob Clemence 31. Dennis Zerr 32. Max Wasinger 33. Blake McGuire 34. Mile© Roberts 35. Gary Shuster 36. Roger Teel 37. Bill Fischer 38. Frank Gray 39. Darrell BoweJI 40. Kevin Shaw 41 . Tom Cheney 42. Tom Meiers 43. Bill Pemberton 44. Bill Bruce 45. Rocky Gilger 46. Danny Cafdarera 47. Phil Harris 48. Fred Deyoe 49. Gale Cook 50. Bill Workman Not pictured: Gene Buchota Ralph Butler Rich Clark Bob Cunningham Kelly Deines Mike Eck Ron Efniff Junior Goodwin Bob Griffiths Larry Manhart Larry Mans Fame! McAfee Richard McNaught Randy Oeser Donovan Randolph Jim Rupp Darrell Werth Bill Yount Jerry Merrifield Stan Oyler John Pekarek Bob Ward Paul Wildgen Dan Wilson 227 AZ Not to be outdone by others, Delta Zeta sorority has centered its life around the campus and the community. DZ members headlined the pa- pers with such titles as Best Dressed Coed, Derby Darling, Miss Fort Hays State, and head Tiger Deb. With Phi Sigma Epsilon at their side, the DZ ' s snared the 1970 Homecoming Sweepstakes Award for the best float. Formal and informal rush quo- tas were filled; intramurals were participated in; charitable deeds, such as putting together a care box for the Navajo Indians, were performed. These activities and accom- plishments prove that the college, the city of Hays and the girls themselves can be proud of Delta Zeta. L Candy Young 2. Charli Borger 3. Diane Roth 4. Pat Naylor 5. Charlene Pickering h. Terri Young 7. Nadine Aton 8. Janet Staats 9. Susan McQaren 10, LaMelle Amsberry I f . Dee Ann File 12, Nancy Huitt 13, Karen Pickard 14, Cindi Fletcher 15, LeAnn Muirhead 16, Lynda Beardsley I 7, Sharon Feikert 1 8, Diana Turkfe 19. Nola Tedesco 228 20. Marilyn Steincamp 21 . Pam Hester 22. Janet Cooper 23. Linda Coffindaffer 24. Sherry Barnes 25. Kathy Berger 26. Mary Munsch 27. Donna Smith, Housemother 28. Marlene McGuire 29. Pam Boos 30. Linda McCandless 31. Lois Schneider 32. Jolene Kenyon 33. Mary Morrlsh 34. Darcy La hey 35. Linda Wheel ©r 36. Nancy Robertson 37. Linda Goudy 38. Bobbe Glover 39, Nancy Bird 40. Sheila Hull 41, Judy Dreiling 42. Becky Douthit 43, Linda Kneller 44. Nancy Davison 45. Sherry Clark 46. Leta Wheeler 47. Barbara Giese 48, Kathy Dreiling 49. Mary Beth Karlin 50. Jana Badenhop Not pictured Belinda Borth Connie Martin Karolyn Martin Beth Mast Susa n Blazer 229 1. Bill Sanborn 2. Doug Armstrong 3. John Lehman 4. Don Galliardt 5. Dennis Deines 6. John Sandwell 7. Ron Campbell 8 Rick Schmidt ' 9. Bob Hdfrich 10. Paul Jakubson I I . Eric Tboben 12. Earl Hansen 13. John Breit 14. Af Heinze 15. Mike Casson 16. Dennis Kozub 17. Eva Brandt, Housemother J@. John Mai 19. Tom Sigler 20. Pete Deiser 21. Brett Biggs 22. Rob Hemme 23, Jim Keller 24. Dave Creech 25. Leo Herrman 26. Fred Brening Not pictured Jeff Zimmerman Meal Bishop Mike Estes Jerry Bigham Bill Pettijohn 230 4 XE Representatives of Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity held offices in numerous campus organizations as well as participating in many events at Fort Hays. Mrs. Eva Branat assumed the role of housemother for these men. Mike Estes was recognized as one of 15 RMAC Scholar-Ath- lete Award winners. Delegates at- tended the national conclave in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During the Hays elections, the chapter offered rides to the polls. The Phi Sigs aided ecology and their treasury by collecting dis- carded pop and beer bottles and cans which were then redeemed for money. Whether It was in Infra murals, a campus club, or a voluntary ef- fort, the Phi Sigs were actively in- volved. 231 232 The 1970-1971 school year brought with it some outstanding achievements by members of the Sigma Chi fraternity. Annual events, such as the Thanksgiving canned food drive to aid needy families in Hays and Derby Days to raise money for Wallace Village in Colorado, are examples of Sigma Chi ' s charita- ble activities. John Petty held the post of Student Senate president — the second time in three years a Sigma Chi has filled the position. Several of the fraternity brothers were also staffers on The Leader. In the April Furlough, the men captured first place in the bicycle race. Sigma Chi also distin- guished itself by receiving the scholarship title for the I Ith time in the last 14 semesters. Showinq themselves to be a concerned and active part of Fort Hays, Sigma Chi fraternity can be proud. 1. Paul Reifschneider 2 . Roger Nolte 3. Roger Fricker 4. Darrell Schremmer 5. Kevin Grant 6. Rick Hahn 7. Allan Worley S. John Sherman 9. Howard Sehaetzle 10. Mike Cavanaugh 11. Johnnie Russell 12. Richard Irby 1 3. William Hedge 14. William Kelly 15. Larry McCants 16. Raymond Daubert 17. Gary Schields 18. Mike Muir 19. Vic Daubert 20. Pete Savage 21. Rick Smalley 22. Ron Irby Not pictured Tom Toepfer Tom Tricks BUI Rodgers Jan Garwood Kent Collins Leo French Darwin Alexander Dave Losey Bruce Armstrong Paul Hancock Junior Soeken Randy ScantlEn Scott Stein Jeff Ehrlich Lon Pishney John Petty Mike Taxter Jerry Rohleder 233 1. 2, Peggy Edwards 1 5. Rockelle Lesley Marty Puyear 16. Myra Shank 3. Mary Lea Rauscher 17. Kathy Pflughoft 4, Cnsti© Elder 1 8. Debbie Ring 5. Carol Kraus 19. Linda Carver 6. 7, Denise Olomon Connie Gordon Not pictured 8, Janet Jacobs Kay Sullivan 9 Joyce Horyna Carol Turney 10. Debbie Niermeier Ruth Harbin 1 1. Alana McClure Mary Harbin 12. Janet Koptilc Jen Kough 13. Kevin Nelson Vicki Ray 14. Debbie Rifford Sigma Kappa sorority is a busy group of girls at Fort Hays State. Its members serve in many organi- zations as well as invest their time in charitable projects. For the kids at the Day Care Center, the Sigma Kapps enter- tained with a Halloween party. Underprivileged children were treated to Christmas and Easter parties. And the folks at Hillcrest Manor were also visited by these gals. As a moneymaking project, the Kappas held a Casino party. The Novelty on Wheels Award went to this sorority for their entry in the 1970 Homecoming. Mary Harbin was president of Women ' s Leadership Organiza- tion. Sigma Kappa found energy to participate in many activities and as a result, will not be forgotten. 235 TKE Located just a short distance from campus, Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity now sports adjacent houses on West Eighth. Several weekends of cleaning the roadside from Hays to Mun- jor was the TKE service project. In Union bowling, the Tekes rolled to a first place win in the Frats and Rats League. Once again the men donned costumes as the Golden Girls per- formed for half time of a Tiger basketball game. Informal Toqa and Pajama parties helped the men relax from studying. In all their endeavors, the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon have shown themselves to be industrious. ! . Randy Lawrence 2. Tom Brad rick 3. Tim Wadsworth 4. Steve Vincent 5. Belinda Gifford 6. Dave Comeau 7. Mike Eckert 8. Pat Tree 9. Bob Netherton Jim Switzer I I ■ Greg Wesley Kendal Chance I 3. Max Liggett ’4. Phil Stmemetz 5. DanGi ngreux 16. Doug Morrison I 7. Jim Klema 18, Dennis Dandorf 19, Steve Wilbur 20, Terry Rud er 21. Bob Beckman 22. Steve Goseland 23. Myra Shank 24. Steve Sobba 25. Mark Ketterl 26. Ralph Gates 27. John Vincent 28. Mike Phillips 29. Marilyn Dreiling 30. Charles Pankrafz 3J , Chuck Warren 32. Dan Meckenstock 33. Larry Walker 34. Ken Dieck 35. Sharon Sterling 36. Ivan Gallion 37. Marguerite Thompson, Housemother 38. Ricky Clfnesmith 39. John Brung ardt Not pictured Ed Moore Don Manhart Greg Robinson Larry Dive I Greg LaCoss Brent Wenrich Vic Perri Bob Co rde I Steve Conaway Steve Pechanec Greg Abbot Lynn Bogart 237 L Steve Graham 27 Bob Brock 2, Jack Gardinier 28, Chuck Halm 3. Lance Fox 29, Gary McClelland 4. Dave Kazmaier 30. Jim Kee 5, Allen Miller 3 1 . Bob Ladenberger 6, Don Westphal 32 Rich Miller 7 Daryl Donahey 33. Frank Arnold 8, Jerry Johnson 34. Greg Schaffer 9. Joe Kanak 35 Bill Pearson 10, Steve Adams 36 Dwaine Meireis il. Rollie Fisher 37, Dan File 12 Norman Austin 13 Dennis Hale Not pictured 14. Tom Spicer Crayton Robinson 1 5. Larry Gerber John Majernik 16, Mike Artman Tom Barnes 17 Kirk Grizzell Mike Ashcraft 18 Ray McGavran Mike Saunders 19. Neil Ogburn Danny Merideth 20. Wayne Richmeier Don FinkeJdel 21. Boyd King Jim McBride 22. Garry Charvat Grover Williams 23. Doug Mafsam Alan McClure 24. Kirk Sfeichter Dennis Pearson 25 Duane Creamer Tom Sprinkle 26. Steve Gunn Gail Palmberg 238 ur A shortened academic year did not decrease the amount of fun, work and enthusiasm of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity. Keeping up their tradition of active participation in campus ac- tivities, the Sig Taus shareaa first place tie in Greek football as well as the title in the Beauty and the Beast Contest, co-sponsored with Delta Zeta. Sig Tau s entry in the Best Dressed Coed (Dontest, Kathy McGovern, earned first runner-up; and in the ten-state Sig Tau Basketball Tourney at Pittsburg, the local men won third place. In April All Star Wrestling was introduced to Hays by this Greek organization. Several members distinguished themselves by being included in Who s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, while the whole group placed in Who’s Who of Greet : Fraternities and Societies of America. As is obvious, the Sig Taus can be considered an integral part of the Fort Hays Campus. 239 Known commonly as the " Tri Sigs, " the gals of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority generated much energy in their endeavors. For their national service proj- ect, the Tri Sigs held a shoe shine and a stationery sale to aid hospi- tals caring for children with polio. The 1971 Homecoming Spirit Award went to these girls and the men of Alpha Kappa Lambda and Delta Sigma Phi fraternities. President Stephanie Stewart was voted one of the three Out- standing Senior Women; Kathy McGovern reigned as Furlougn Queen; and Gloria Mitchell starred in a Fort Hays opera for the second year in a row. Scholarship wgs not neglected as the actives broke the college panhellenic record with a 2.01 overall grade point average. Keeping all this in mind, Tri Sigs have certainly shown that they, too, are a part of Fort Hays State. r i. Karen Butler 1 V 2, Jackie Elliot r 3. Marilyn Smith TV 4. Cindy Reynolds in 5. Cindy Furbeck YJ 6. Debbie Maher i KM 7. Beth Willis J I 8, Amber Graver — W 9. Anna Trent V 10. June Cook II. Janie Ligget 12. Gall Bankston 13. Mary Beth Lawson 14, Cindy Cummins 15. Bev Kelman 16. Stephanie Stewart 17. Dorothy Arnold 18. Jan Fo f 9, Deb Tomlinson 20. Karen Witwer 21. Donna Blakely 240 WI m tmim ™ y - -WMfigL 22 . Nancy Wood 23. Kathy Moor© 24. Karen Gulley 25. Kathy McGovern 26 . Clarice Buehler 27. Jackie Wait 28. Vickie Schinstock 29. Pam Van Duesen 30. Shirley Craft 31. Joyce Wichers 32. Kathy Hammerschmidt 33. Jerry Schwein 34. Barb Walker 35. Susie Stuart 36. Geneva Davis 37. Marsha Harbaugh 38- Margy Moore 39. Nancy Hjiort 0. Connie Hardin Marcia Turnbull 42. Bert Milfer 43. Tania McCalmont 44, Alberta Davis 4$, Deb Leis 46. Vickie Cooper 47. Ava Joss 49. Telia Sebaugh 49. Rosie Grabbe 50. Sharon Gatlin 5L Mary Smrcka Not pictured Margaret Carter Thelma Waiter Gloria Mitchell Brenda Dixon Kathy Newberry Gloria Rohr Sharon Cudney Margaret Binder Shirley Hageman 241 Z S E and the DAUGHTERS of the GOLDEN HEARTS A combined team of guys and gals makes life interesting for the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraterni- ty and the women of the Daugh- ters of the Golden Heart, Sig Ep ' s auxiliary. Ten months of devotion paid off as the chapter acquired first place in intramurals with titles in basketball, tennis, bowling, golf, Ping-Pong, softball, and badmin- ton. Dave Tarrant was elected to the post of Student Senate presi- dent for the 1971-72 school year while serving as vice-president this past year. Informal and formal gatherings have given the men ample oppor- tunity to enjoy the Golden Hearts, several of whom this year achieved the first three places in the Miss Fort Hays State Pag- eant. By demonstrating their talents, Sigma Phi Epsi Ion and the Daugh- ters of the Golden Heart add vi- tality to Fort Hays. 1. Chuck Elliot 30. 3 1 . 2. Brian Schoenthaler 3. Roger Stroberg 32. 4. Gary Benfield 33. 5. Ed Beougher 34. 6. Doug Parker 35. 7, Debbie Doak 36! 37. 8, Craig Thurman 9. Terry Stuart 38. 10. Charlotte Arnold 39! 40. 41 IL Tom Wolf 12 . Pam Thompson 13. Phil Schmidt 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 14. Bob Miller 15. Ed Kuhn 16. Barb HickeJ 17. Mark Faulkner 18. Nancy Randle 19. Vernon Schwanke 20. Marilyn Helm 21, Bob Hellerud 22. Larry Cross 23. Robin Deeds 24, Curtis Bender 25. Larry Knoll 26, David Cross 27. Don Duryee 28, George Carter 29, Charles Schwanke Rick Ward Greg Johnson Charles Routh Mike Schaefer Jana Tlttel Kathy Hammerschmid t Phil Nelson Tom Kibbe Phil Helm an Dave Carroll Terry Driscoll Galen McFarland Jim Keller Mike Waldschmidt Dale Obermueller Susan Wheeler Dave Hand Rodney Bieker Greg Fort Bertha Scott, Housemother Don Barrett Afvin Heinze Janet Staats Howard Ruud Don Gaskill Dick Gansel Karla Johnson Charli Borger Rich Ochle 59, Rusty Carpenter 60 LeAnn Muirhead 61. Tamara Porter 62. Lennet McLain 63. Donna Bfakely 64. Kevin Nelson 65. J, Scott Weber 66. Cindy Furbeck 67. Susan Stuart 68. Steve Lansdown 69. Rick Hunfey 70. Ray Dei ter 7 1 . Mark Rhoads 72. Diana Turkfe 73. Sharon Feikert 74. Jim Noone 75. Dan Denning 76. Mary Smrcka 77. Bev Kelman 78. Larry Laubhan 79. M ary Munseh 80. Joyce Wichers 81. Debbie Maher 82. Cindy Cummins 83. Doug Thurman 84. Larry Feikert Not pictured Brenda Dixon 242 George Gregg Denny Considine Dave Tarrant Gary Schubaugh Carlene Pickering Clarinda Schoentbaler Kathy McGovern Kevin Silkman Mark Reha Diana Reha mis Jimenez John Dreiling eith Ballard athy Berger Jim Murphy .onni© Barton )on Degenhart vlark Hill ' en Holopirek +eve Rayl erry Erbert G I ad y Erbert nita Avery ' ©ri Windholz firry Seimans 4ik© Laubhan rian Bates 4ike Dreiling red Wilson 243 SENIOR ABBREVIATIONS Adm. — Administration; AGO — Alpha Gamma Delta; Agrlc. — Agri- culture; AKL — Alpha Kappa Lambda; APO — Alpha Phi Omega: A L — Artists and Lectures: ASC — All Student Council; B.M — Bachelor of Music; B S — Bachelor of Science: BSM — Baptist Student Movement; Bus, — Business; CCC - — Campus Crusade of Christ; Cath Camp. Cen, — Catholic Campus Center; Chem — Chemistry; Chrm. — Chairman; Clin. — Clinical; CCTV — Closed Cir- cuit Television; Col. — Collegiate; Com, — Committee; Cor — Corre sponding; CYD — Collegiate Young Democrats; CYR — Collegiate Young Republicans; Delta Sig — - Delta Sigma Phi: DTA — Delta Tau Alpha: DZ — Delta Zeta; ECC — Ecumenical Cam- pus Center; Econ — Economics: Ed. — - Editor; Educ — Education; Eng, — English; FHHEC — Fort Hays Home Economics Club; FHNC — Fort Hays Nurses Club; FHSP — Fort Hays Star Promenaders; Gen, — General; Hist, — History; IAC — Industrial Arts Club; ICF — Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; IFC — Inter-Fraternity Council; fnd — Industrial: Jr. — Jun- ior; KFHS — Fort H ays Radio Station; KOP — Kappa Omlcron Phi; KSSNA — Kansas State Student Nurses Asso aation; Math — Mathematics; MENC — Music Educators National Conference; MPEC — Men ' s Physical Education Club; NEA — National Education Association: Path — Pa- thology; P-to-P — - People-to-People: Phi Sig — Phi Sigma Epsilon ' Phys. — Physical; PoL — Political; Pres — President; Psych. — Psychology; Pub, — Publicity; Rep — Representative; SAI — Sigma Alpha lota; SCEC — Student Council for Exceptional Chil- dren; Sci — Science; SCSA — Soil Conservation Society of America; Sec — Secretary; Sev Cav — Seventh Cavalry; SK — Sigma Kappa: Sig Ep — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sig Tau — - Sigma Tau Gamma; SNEA — Student National Education Association; Soc, Sociology; SOC — Student Organization Committee; Soph. — Sophomore; Spec, — Specialist; SPS Society of Physics Students; SWH Sophomore Women ' s Honorary; Treas, — Treasurer; Tri Sig — Sigma Sigma Sigma: V-Chrm — Vice-Chair- man; V-Pres, — Vice-President; WL Women s Leadership Organizatio Who s Who — Who ' s Who Amor Students in American Universities ar Colleges; WRA — Women s Recre tion Association; YAF — Your 1 Americans for Freedom; ZPG — Ze Population Growth Seniors Ab-Ay SWHr ADAMS, DAviD: Ph ' illipsburg, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda; ADAMS, DUANE- Shields, B.S. in Ind. Arts. IAC Sec.. Cor. Sec.. " OCof. Sec.. Wiest Hall V-Pres.; ADAMS. GAYLE: Colby. 8.A., Hist,: ADOLPH, JULIET: Colby, B.S. in Art. AGIN, JAMES: Salina, M.S.. Bus.; ALBERS, LINDA: Ransom, B.S. in Bus. Educ.; ALLEn! DONALD; Hugoton. B.M., Music Educ., Delta Sig, Phi Mu Alpha: ALLEN. JOY ALEXI: Hays, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; ALLEN LINDA Hardtner. B.S. in Phys. Educ., WRA, Rodeo Club. ALLEN. VICKY: Ulysses, B.M., Music Educ. SAI. SNEA. German Club; ANDERSON, CUR TIS: Burdett, B.S. in Geology, Sternberg Geolo- gy Club: APEL. DARRYL: 6elpre, B.S. in Bus. Alpha Kappa Psi: APPLEGATE, BARBARA: Leoti, B.A.. Psych,, Psi Chi; ARMBRUST. JOYCE: Ellsworth. B.S. in Elem. Educ. ARMSTRONG. THRESE: Goodland. B.S in Elem. Educ.: ARNHOLD, CHARLOTTE: Rus- sell. B.S. in Phys, Educ., AGD, Daughters of the Golden Heart Sec.- ARNOLD, PAULETTA- Colby, B.S. in Elem, Educ.. SNEA, WRA, Little Theatre, Resident Asst.; AVERY. ROZANNE: Oberlin, B.A., Eng., SAI Ed., SNEA, MENC, 5WH. Lambda lota Tau 5ec„ Trees.; AYERS! MARCIA: Long Island. B.S, in Elem. Educ, 5NEA. a. Some claim they hate it, others love it. and still others find it meaning- less, but daily the Flag still flies. 345 Seniors Ba-Be BAHM, DARYL: Alamota, B.S, in Ird. Arts; BAILEY BERNY: St. John, B.S. in Rhys. Educ., MPEG: BAILEY, JEANETTE: Minneola, B.S. in Bus. : BAINTER, SHIELA: Hays, B.S. in Elem, Educ.. DZ, Alpha Lambda Delta, WLO, Spanish Club; BAKER, FRANCES; Portland, Ore., M.S., Elem. Educ,, SNEA, CCC, BAKER, INEZ; Hays. B.S. in Art, SCEC, SNEA; BALLARD, KEITH: Kiowa, B.A., Psych., $ig Ep. Senior Class Pres., ' Student Senate V-Chrm.; BALZER, NONA: Arkansas City. B.S. in Nurs- ing, FHNC; BARHYDT, JOAN: Topeka, B.S. in Psych.. SCEC; BARHYDT. ROBERT: Dodge City, B.S, in Art, Resident Asst. BARNES, MICHELLE: Cfaflin, B.S. in Art, KSTA SNEA; BARNETT, HARRY: Cawker City. B.A„ Speech; BARROWS, CHARLES: Ness City B.S, in Geology, Sternberg Geology Club; BARRY, PATRICK: Ellinwood, B.A., Hist., Phi Alpha Theta V-Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi; BATES, RICHARD: Lenora. B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi. BATES, SHIRLEY: Lenora, B.S, in Bus., WLO. Phi Kappa Phi. Pi Omega Pi: BAUGH, SCOTTY: Salina, B.S. in Zoology; BECKER, ANITA; Russell, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, Gamma Delta Pres., P-to-P Treas.; BECKER JACKIE: Abilene B.S. in Elem, Educ., SNEA; BEES LEY, CARLA: Gove, B.S. in Elem. Educ SWH, SA1. WLO, SNEA. a. During the snowy months, the icy cross-roads in front of Picken Hall make trav between classes slow. Sunset Lounge S+udentS scul P turin 9 talent ' $ displayed in the Memorial Unit 246 Seniors Be-Bu 6EGNOCHE, FRANCIS: Aurora. M.S Clin Psych., P S i Chi: BEHAN, WILLIAM: Oakley B S. m Bus.: BENDA. LINDA: Colby. B.S. in Bus SNEA, BSM. P, Omega Pi : BENEDICK PEGGY: Pfainville, B.S. in Biology, ICE: BEN- SNE Stockton, B.S. in Elem. Educ.. BERG, RODGER: Jamestown, B.S., Ind, Arts. I AC ' BE R LAND, DOUGLAS: Da mar, rumor - BICKEL, RAY; B.S. ir Bus.. Alpha Kappa Psi; BIRCHER. DIANE: Hutchinson. B + $, in Elem. Educ., DZ: BLACK, JUDY: 6.S. in Elem, Educ , SNEA. BLANK, JERRY: Natoma. B.S, in Art: BLOYD, LAURENCE: Lakin, B.S. in Ind. Arts: BOCk! STANLEY: Tribune. B.M., Music Educ, Phi Mu Alpha Sec,: BOEHMER. STEPHEN: Bern, B.S. in Phys, Educ.: BOEKEN, DALLAS: Holyrood. B.S. in Art. — v v riiy, u,j a p||i ypys APO- BOLLIG. HERBERT: Ellis. B.S. in Zoology- 80NDURANT, GARY: N ess City. B.A., SocL BSW. Soc. Club Pres.: BOONE. JOYCE: Taco- ma. Wash., M.S.. Elem. Educ., SNEA: BORTH BELINDA: Englewood B.S, in Elem. Educ., DZ Cor. Sec,, SNEA. XX ' uibworrn, jvi.o,, ounselmq: BOWELL, DARREL: Abilene. B.M., Music Delta Sig; BRANDT, PEGGY: Colby, B.S. in Educ., SCEC: BRETZ, DENNIS: Studley. B.S in Agric . Rodeo Club BRETZ, JOY: Shields, B.S. m Bus., Rodeo Club, SNEA, Pi Omega P . BRETZ. RICHARD: Wallace. B.S. in Geology. Phi Eta Sigma Sternberg Geology Club. ZPG; BRISTOL, DONLEY: Jetmore, B.S, in Phys. Educ.. MPEG, SNEA BRITTAN. FREDERIC: Scott City, B.S in Phys. Educ : BROADlE, WIL- LIAM: Ashland. B.S. in Bus,, Rodeo Club, Vet ' s Club: BROCK. KATHLEEN: Cawker City, B.S. in Math,, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsi- lon, SNEA. BROCK. ROBERT: Goodland. 8,5, in Ind. Arts, Sig Tau. I AC: BROCKHAUSEN, DALE: Ober- lin. B.S, in Biology: BRODBECK, KATHY: Great Bend. B.S. in Elem. Educ.. SNEA: BROWN. PA- TRICIA: Hays. B A,, Eng,, YAF Pres., FHSP, German Club, Cath. Camp. Cen.: BROWN, ROBERT: Dodge City, B.S, in Ind. Arts, IAC, APO, BROWN, STEPHEN: Selden, B.S in Ind. Arts, IKE, IAC: BRUHN, VERN: Lamed, B.A,. Eng,. Lambda lota Tau, Soph. Class Pres,: BRUN- GARDT, SALLY: Ellinwood. B.A., German, Ger man Club V-Pres,: BUCHANAN. DOUGLAS: Little River, B,S. in Agric., Wiest Hall Pres,: BUNKER LYNN: Do rrance, B.A. Eng.. Student Senate. Reveille, KFHS Pt Delta Epsilon Treas., Who ' s Who. 247 Seniors Bu-Co BURGARDT. LESTER: Hays, B.A., Psych., Psi Chi, Cath. Camp, Cen.; BURGESS, VAL: Bel- laire, 8.S. in Agric : BURKE, BYRON: Kingman. B.S. in Chem,, Chem. Club, German Club: BURKHEAO, JANICE: Great Bend. B.A., Eng., Reveille, Leader; BUSCH, ROBERT: Russell, M.S., Ind. Arts, IAC, Epsilon Pi Tau, BUSSE SHERRI: Bird City. B.A., Soc., FHNC, Gamma Delta, Col. 4-H; BUTLER, RALPH: Claflin, B.S. in Phys. Educ , Delta Sig; CALL, JERRY: Ulysses. B.S. in Ind Arts, APO Pres., IAC: CALVERY, WAYNE: Hays. B $ in Bus.: CAMELIO, CATHY: Great Bend, B.S. in Elem. Educ, CAMPBELL ALFRED: Hoxie, B.S. in Agric.. DTA; CAMPBELL, PAUL: Culbertson, Nebr., M.S., Ind. Arts; CAMPBELL, RONALD: Great Bend. B.S. in Bus.: CAREY, LEE: Sterling, B.S. in Bus,. Phi Beta Lambda- CARLON. TOMMY: Leoti. B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi, Vet ' s Club. CARLSON. ROBERT: Formoso, B.S. in Agric.; CARR, ROGER: Oakley, B.A.. Eng.: CARTER ALLAN: Jennings. B.S. in Ind. Arts. IAC Treas., Epsilon P, Tau: CARTER, DWIGHT: Russell. B.S, in Agric,, DTA, Vet ' s Club: CASE, JON: Phillipsburg, B.S. in Bus,, APO Phi Beta Lambda, FHSP. CASE. KEELA: Colby, M.S,, Counseling: CASE, VICTOR: Leoti, B.S, in Phys. Educ., MPEC, Rodeo Club: CASEY, SARAH: McCracken. B.S, in Nursing, FHNC: CASEY, THOMAS; Natoma. B.S. in Bus.. Alpha Kappa Psi: CAT LIN, SHARON; Liberal, B.S, in Elem. Educ,, Tri Sig. Cavanaugh, jean- Great Bend, b.s, in Bus, Pi Omega Pi. SNEA: CAVANAUGH, LINDA: Smith Center, B.S. in Bus., SNEA: CHAFFIN, PAUL: Woodston, B.S. in Ind. Arts, IAC, Chi Alpha Pres.; CHARVAT, GARRY; Wilson, B.S. in Bus., Sig Tau: CHIU, KATHY: Ontario, Canada, M.S.. Chem. CIBOLSK I RONALD: Agenda, B.S, in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi, Vet ' s Club Treas.: CLARK! DANIEL; Dodge City, B.S. in Bus.: CLARIS LARRY: LaCrosse, B.S. in Bus.: COCHRAN, ELMER: Dexter, M.S., Ind, Arts, IAC: COEN DAREN; Rolla, B.S. in Botany, ICF. SNEA. COFFIN, SHERRILL: Dodge City, B.S. in Ph v Educ., AGD, Resident Asst ; COLCLAZIE JOHN: Greensburg, B.S, in Bus.: COLE. Al THUR; Elkhart, B.S. in Ind. Arts, IAC: CO LETT BEVERLY: Grosse He, M,ch, MS Eler Educ., SNEA; COLTON. FERN: Hays, B.S Elem. Educ., SNEA. 248 Seniors Co-Do CONLEY. EILEEN; leo+i, B.A,, Hist., SNEA: CONRAD, RAND: Clay Center, B.S. in Ind. Arts, IAC: CONVERSE, BARBARA: Pawnee Rode. B.A . Art. AGD, Spanish Club: CON- VERSE, CAROLE: Earned. B,A„ Eng., McMindes Hall Pres., Inter-Hall Council, Ger man Club; COOK, MILDRED; Palco. B.S. in Educ. COPE, JANE: Safina, B.A., Psych,, Psi Chi; COPE, NANCY; Salma, B.S. in Elem. Educ.: CORMACK, STANLEY; Osborne, B.S, in Ind Arts, IAC; CORNETT, JOYCE: Colby B.S in Home Econ.; COX, PHYLLIS: Palco, B.S, in Bus,, Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA Pi Omega Pi Phi Beta Lambda, CRIST, JUDITH: Ellis, B.S. in Elem, Educ.: CRIST, SAMUEL: Emporia, 8.S, in Geoloqv; CROSS, CRYSTAL; Great Bend, M.S. Enq AGD; CROSS. LARRY: Pratt. B.S, in Bus., Sig Ep Student Senate, CYD, Phi Beta Lambda CUMMINGS, RONALD. Morland, B.A.. Pol. Set,, Pol, Sci. Club, CUMMINS, CINDY: Haven, B.S. in Elem. Educ,. Tri Sig. Daughters of the Golden Heart Pres,; CUSTER, RAYMOND: Colby B.S, in Ind. Arts. IAC; CUSTER, TWJLA: WaKeeney. B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; DANIEL. MARK: Gar- den City. B.A,. Pol. Sci.: DAVIS ROGER: Pratt, B.S, in Elem. Educ,, SNEA, Vet ' s Club. DEAN, JERRY; Glen Elder, B.S, in Aqric ' DEBES ROBERT; Claflin B.S. in Bus.: DEGEN- HARDT, DONALD: Hays, B + 5, in Elem. Educ.. Sig Ep., Sigrna Alpha Eta Treas,, Student Sen- ate Treas, $OC: DELHOTAL, TED: Wichita, B.S, Gen. Sci.; DE PI ESSE, LARRY: Great Bend. B.A., Eng., German Club Little Theatre. DEPPER C CHMIDT, MARI ANN: Ness City. B.S., Elem, Educ., FHSP. SNEA, Col. 4-H; DETT MER, CRAIG; Agra, B.S. in Agric., DTA: DIB- BLE, MARSHA: Alton, B.S. in Elem, Educ., SNEA Pres,; DIBLE, DERESA; Rexford, B.S., Nursing, FHNC, BSM: DICKMAN, GARY: B.S. in Physics, SPS V-Pres. DIERS, ALICE: Holyrood, B,S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda- DIERS, LEON: Cawker City, B.S, in Bus.: D1ET2, CAROL: WaKeeney, B.S, in Elem. Educ., SCEC: DIETZ. DENNIS: WaKeeney, B.S. in Bus,; DIETZ, RODNEY: Satanta, M.S,. Bus, Educ. D1NKEL, SHIRLEY: Ellis, B.S. in Elem, Educ. YAP Sec,, SNEA: DIXON, BRENDA: Great Bend, B.S. in Bus,, Tri Sig Treas., Daughters of the Golden Heart, SNEA; DIXON, NANCY: Great Bend, B.S. in Elem, Educ., SNEA; DOLE- CHEK MARY; Claflin. B.S. in Gen. Sci., Alpha Lambda Delta, SWH. SNEA: DONOHOE, ANITA: Ness City, B.S. in Bus,. SNEA, Pi Omega Pi Pres. 249 Seniors Do-Er DOOLEY, NORMAN; Hays, B.S, in Agric., Soil Conservation Club, Rodeo Qub; DRACH, JOHN: Dodge City, B,S. in Bus,: DREILING, EUGENE: Shawnee, B.A,, Eng,, Delta Sig. SOC; DREILING, LINDA SUSAN: Hays, M.5., Math,. Kappa Mu Epsilon Alpha Lambda Delta; DREILING, RENE: Victoria, B.S. in Bus. DRESSER, ROBERT: Manhattan, B.A., Soc.; DUNCAN VON STEWART: Great Bend, B.S. in Physics, SPS Pres.: DUNEKACK, LARRY: Great Bend, B.S, in Pnd, Arts, JAC Pres,, Epsilon Pi Tau: DUNLAP, JOAN; Great Bend, B.S. in Nursing: DUPREE, MARY: B.S. in Elem. Educ., French Club. DYCK, JAMES: Syracuse. BA., Soc., Phi Eta Sigma: EDMfNSTER, JO ANN: Junction City, B.S. in Soc,, Soc. Club: EHRLICH. JEFFERY: Dodge City, Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Kappa Delta, $ev, Cav., Student Senate: EHR- LICH MARY: 8,S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; ELDER, GRADY: Safina, B.S. in Art. ELLENBECKER, FREDERIC: Topeka, M.S., Bot- any: ELLIOTT, DWIGHT; Paradise, B.S. in Bus.: ELLISON. MICHAEL: Preston, B.S. in Zoology: ELLSWORTH, DEBBIE: Liberal, B.A.. Spanish, Pi Delta Epsilon, Reveille; ELMORE, ELDON: B.S. in Geology, Sternberg Geology Club, BSM, ECC. ELNIEF, RONALD: Randall. B.A., Psych.. Delta Sig, IFC: ELSEY, JOHN; Garden City, B.S. in Ind. Arts: ENGELLAND CHERYL; Nickerson, B.S. in Phys, Educ., WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon: ER- BERT, GLADYS: Hays. B,A., Speech, Student Senate Liaison, Da ughters of the Golden Heart, Alpha Psi Omega, Little Theatre: ERBERT, TER- RENCE: Zurich, B,S, in Gen. Sci., 5 g Ep V-Pres., Chem. Club. a. A snow dog somewhat resembling Schultz ' s Snoopy finds a home on the campus lawn. b Once on their own, seniors may miss the variety of foods offered in dorm cafeterias. 250 Seniors Er-Gi ERWAY, LYLE: Larned, B.S, in Bus,. AKL Sec,, CCC; ESFELD, JANE: Great Bend. B.A Psych., Alpha Lambda Delta, Gath. Camp. Cen.: EVANS. DIANE: Hays, B.S. in Elem. Educ., Spanish Club, SNEA; EWY, JOHN: Hanston, B.A., Speech. KFHS, German Club - lota Beta Sigma: FAGERQUIST, LARRY: Digh- +on. B.S, in Agric. FARMER MARY: Menlo, B.A,. Eng,, Phi Theta Kappa, SNEA: FAULKNER, KATHERYN: Hays, M.S., Speech Path., Sigma Alpha Eta- FEHRENBACHER, LONNIE: Kinsley, B.S. in Zoology, ZPG- FEIKERT, LARRY: St, Francis, B.S. In Phys. Educ., Sig Ep; FISCHER. WIL LIAM: Tescott, B.A.. Soc,, Delta Sig. 5oc. Club. FISHER, HOLLAND: Norton, B.A. Pol, ScL, Sig Tau. PoL Sci. Club, K-Club: FIXSEN, MI- CHELLE: Formosa, M.$„ Elem. Educ., MEA- FLAGLER LAQUITA: Collyer. B.A,. Phys. Educ., Rodeo Club: FLAKUS, MARY ANN: El- linwood, B.S, in Bus.. Phi Beta Lambda Sec., SNEA, P-to-P; FOLCK, GARY: Lyons, B.S. in Bus. FORBES, DELLA: LaCrosse, B.A., Eng. Spanish Club: FOX, JANEEN; Ellsworth, B.S. in Math., Tri Sig Sec., SWH Alpha Lambda Delta, Daughters of the Golden Heart, Kappa Mu Ep silon: FRAZEY. LINDA: Hoxie, B.S in Elem. Educ., SNEA Sec.: FRICKEY, WAYNE: WaKeeney, B.S, in Bus.: FREDERICK RAND ALL: Green, B.S. in Bus,, AKL. FRlEDLY. DOUGLAS: Beaver, B.A., Speech, Alpha P$i Omega, Little Theatre: FRIESEn! SUSAN: Colby, B.S. in Chem., Alpha Lambda Delta, WLO, Chem. Club Pres,, Agnew Hail Sec.: FRYE, DIANNA: Kanorado, B.S. in Elem Educ,. SNEA FULLER. NEIL: Beloit, B.S. in Elem. Educ.: FUR BECK, RICHARD: Abilene, M,S„ fnd. Arts, IAC, Epsilon Pi Tau, GANTZ. MARILYN: Ness City B.A., Eng. Fn ch Club: GARDNER, MARILYN: Selina, B,A, Math, and Psych „ Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, WRA French Club. Psi Chi, Eta Rho Epsilon: GARWOOD, JAN: Hays, B.S. Gen. Sci,, Sigma Chi, IFC V-Pre $., Pres., ASC: GASCHLER, DENNIS: Ness City, B.S. in Bus. Alpha Kappa Psi: G ASK ELL. MICHAEL: Mus- cotah, B.S. in Bus . AKL. GASSMAN, ANTONY: Dresden, B.S. in Zoolo- gy: GEIER, ALAN: Hays. B.S. in Botany: GEIER NIKKI: Garden City, B.A.. Soc.. Soc, Club: GENGLER, STANLEY: Beloit, B.S. in Phys, Educ., MPEG: GERBER, LARRY: Fowler. B.M., Music, Sig Tau Pres. GIESER. PHILIP: Linn. B.A.. Art: GIEBLER SHARON: Hays, B.S in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda, Pi Omega Pi, SNEA: GIESE. BARBARA: Bakers- field, Cal., B.S. in Home Econ., DZ, Home Econ. Chapter: GILBREATH RONALD: Salma. B.S. in Ind. Arts, IAC: GILES, DE8RA: Saline B.S. in Bus,. Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Omega Pi, 25? Seniors Gi-He GILKERSON, VERLIN: Oakley, B.S. in Bus.; GLADWILL, BARBARA: Columbia, Mo,, M.S., Elam. Educ,; GLASSMAN, MARCIANA: Great Bend, B.S. in Elem Eduo +t SCEC, SNEA; GLAZE ERROL: Dodge City, M.S., Math.: GLEUE, LORINE: Belleville, B $, in Elem Educ., SNEA. GOBIN. SHAROLYN: Derby, B.S, in Home Econ., Home Econ. Chapter Sec., V-Pres., KOP V Pres., SWH, SNEA, Resident Asst.; GOD- FREY, JAMES: Great Bend, B,A., Hist.; GOODWIN, JANICE: Belleville, B.S. in Elem, Educ., AGD; GORDON, CONSTANCE: Dodge City, B.S. in Elem, Educ., SK, SNEA: GOSCHA, ROBERT: Norton, B.S. in Bus. GOTTSCHALK, TIMOTHY: LaCrosse. B.S. in Bus., Delta Sig: GRABLE, JULIE: Wathena, B.S. in Elem. Educ., Sigma Alpha Eta Pres., SNEA; GRAHAM, SHARON: Quinter, B.S, in Math.: GREENWAY, WILLIAM: Hugoton, B.S. in Phys Educ.. MPEG: GREGG, GEORGE: Ster- ling, B.S. in Agric., Sig Ep. OTA, GRIZZELL, KIRK: Machsville, funior; GRUS- ING, LAVON: Leoti, B.A., Speech Alpha Psi Omega, Little Theatre: GUNN, STEVEN: Hardy, Nebr it B.S, in Bus., Sig Tau V-Pres., Alpha Kappa Psi: HAAS, ANTHONY: Hays. B.S. in Bus.; HAAS. JUDITH: Hays, B.A.. Art, CYD, German Club. HAAS, MICHAEL: Hays. B.A. Eng.; HABIG- ER. ROBERTA: Bushton, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SCEC: HAGERMAN, SHIRLEY: Lamed, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, Tri Sig Cor. Sec.: HALL, JUDY: Hill City. M S., Spec Educ., SCEC: HALLING, MELVIN; Hanston. B.S, in Ind, Arts, I AC, Epsilon Pi Tau V-Pres. HAMMOND, GERALD: Coats, B.S. in Agric HAMPTON, RICHARD: Tribune B.S. in Ind. Arts, JAC Sec . Epsilo n Pi Tau, BSM Pres,, ICF: HANSEN, CARROLL: Kirwin. M.S. Zoology, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Theta Kappa: HANSEN, DIXIE: Smith Center. B.S, in Bus., Phr Beta Lambda. SNEA: HARBAUGH, PAUL: Kiowa, B.S. in Agric HARBIN, MARY: Hays, B.S, in Elem. Educ., SK Asst. Treas., SNEA State Rep,, WLO Pres HARDING, VERNON: Isabel. B.S. in Chem Sev. Cav Pres., Chem Club: HARMAN, CONRAD: Jennings, B.S. in Psych.; HARREL MARY; Burlington, Cob., B.S. in Elem. Educ. KOP, SCEC, SNEA: HARTING, HAROLD- Norton, B.S in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi. AKL. HASKETT JANE: PhiIJipsburg, B.S. in htome Econ., Home Econ Chapter Sec.: HAXTON, RAYMOND: Kansas City, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi: HAYMQND, ARLIE: Salma, B.S. in Maih SNEA Historian: HEBLE. LEO: Lamed M.s„ Counseling: HEINZE, GREGORY: Lrn- mvo Phy ' Educ " Slg Tau - SNEA, MPEG. CYR, fFC. 252 Seniors He-Hu HEJNY, GARY : Otis, B.S. in Elem. Educ.; HEL- LERUD, ROBERT: Goodland. B.S. in Elem, Educ., Sig Ep Cor, Sec.: HELM, WILBUR: Sali- ne B.S. in Bus.: HEMPHILL, RUTH: Norton, B.S. En Elem. Educ,. SNEA, SCEC; HENRICK SON, GORDON: Logan. M,S., Music. HENRICKSON. PAMELA: Hays, BS in Gen Sci , DZ: HERONEME JOYCE: Ellis, ,unior: HERREN JAMES: Great Bend, B.S, in Physics. SPS: HERRMAN, LEO: LaCrosse, B.S. in Psych., Phi Sig Pres,, IFC V-Pres.: HERRMAN, MI- CHAEL: Ensign, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi HERRMAN, PAMELIA: Ensign, B.S. in Elern. Educ,. SNEA, Sigma Alpha Eta: HERRMANN, RON: Dodge City, B.S. in Agric., Rodeo Club: HESSMAN, STEVE: Dodge City, B.S. in Agric HEUBLEIN, LARRY: Isabel. B.S. in Ind. Arts. IAC, Epsiton Pi Tau: HEYEN, CONNIE: Kinsley B.S. in Gen. Sei., AGD Second V-Pres., SWH. HfLDWEIN, ADA: Plamville. B.S. in Elem, Educ.: HILLMAN, LARRY: Hays, B.S. in Elem, Educ., SNEA: HILLMAN, TERRY: Norton. B.S. in Elem, Educ.. Phi Kappa Phi, SNEA, Alpha Lambda Delta: HIXON, ROND A: Pawnee Roclc, B.S, in Elem. Educ., SNEA: HOBBS, MAR- JORIE: Kansas City, B.S, in Elem. Educ.. SNEA CYR. HOCK STEPHEN: Wilson, B.S. in Ind, Arts, IAC, Epsilon Pi Tau Pres., FH5P: HOFFMAN. CYNTHIA: Sublette. B.S. in Phys. Educ,, Tri Sig, Daughters of the Golden Heart: HOFFMAN, GERARD: Lake View, N,Y., B.S. in Phys. Educ,, MPEG: HOLLIMAN, PATRICK: St, Francis, B.A., Econ., Sigma Chi, Econ. Club, Student Senate: HOLOPIREK, KENNETH: Timken, B.S. in Bus., Sig Ep. HOLSTON, ANGELA: Hays. B.A., Eng.. French Club Pres.: HOOPER, LINDA: Bogus B.S. in Gen. Sck German Club: HORNER, ANDREW: Liberal. B.S. in Bus.: HORYNA, SHIRLEY: Han- ston, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SWH. SCEC Pres., SNEA ' HORYNA, SONjA: Hanston, B.S. in Phys. Educ. HORYNA STANLEY: H anston, B.A.. Psych. Psi Chi: HOUSE, RODGER: Pratt, B.S. in Agric.: HOUSTON, RUTHQNA; Lincoln. BA. Psych.: HOWARD, GERALD: Kismet B.S. in Zoology: HOWARD, JESSE: Kismet, B.S. in Ind. Arts, IAC. HOWARD. JUDY: McDonald, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, CCC: HOWARD, PATRICIA: Scott City, B.S. in Home Econ., FHHEC; HUD- SON, CHRISTINE: Great Bend, B.S, in Elem. Educ.: HULL, PATRICK: Phillipsburg, B.S. in Bus.: HUPACH, GEORGE: Concordia, M.S., Bus, 253 a. Students backing their Tiger basketball team, line the walks of Sheridan Col um early to insure themselves of a seat. HUSTED, LESTER: Liberal, B.A., Psych.: HUT- TER. TOMMY: Hoisington, B.S. rr Phys. Educ., SNEA, MPEC: HYRE, JOHN: Wichita, B.A. Pol, Sci.T INGRUM, PATRICIA: Hays, B.S. in Bus. Adm.; ISHII. GRACE: Lihuekawai. Hawaii, B.S. in Math. JACKSON, ROBERT: Norcatur, B.A,, Soc., Soc. Club: JACOBS. JANET: Hays. B.S. in Math,. SK Trees.: JACOBS, PAMELA: Plains, B.S. in Nursing, FHNC; JAKUBSON, PAUL: New Haven, Conn., B.S. in Phys. Educ., Phi Sig Cor. Sec., IFC Rec. Sec.: JANSONIUS, JULIE: Prairie View, B.S. in Elem. Educ.. SNEA, Sigrna Alpha Eta Sec., Pres. JINDRA, RUTH: Simpson, B.S. in Bus.; JOHN, JIMMY: Garden City, B.S, in Ind. Arts IAC- JOHNSON, BARBARA: Hays, B.A.. Spanish, Spanish Club V-Pres.. Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta Treas.: JOHNSON, FRED: Grainfield B.A.. Pol. Sci., AKL V.pres.. Jr. Class Pres.. IFC Pres.. Pol. Sci. Club; JOHNSON, FRED: Lamed, B.S. in Elem. Educ.. APO Sec., V-Pres. JOHNSON, HERMAN: Sha ron Spring , M.$ t , Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi: JOHNSON, JANIS: Be- loit, B.S. in Art: JOHNSON. SUSAN: St. Fran- cis, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda, Dames Club Pres,: JOHNSON, YVONNE: Garden City, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA: JONES, NORA: Junction City, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA. JOSS, AVA: Holcomb, B.M., Music Educ Tr Sig. SAL JOY. ROBERT: Garden City BA Hist,; JUNO, ELVITA: Otis, B.A., Eng. SWH Agnew Hall Treas.. Pres., Inter-Hall Council Col. 4-H. SNEA: KAISER. PAUL: Bushton jun- lor: KARBAN, KAYLENE: Wilson. B S in Art Seniors Hu-Kc 254 Seniors Ka-La KARLE, THOMAS: Holcomb. B,$. in Bus.; KAR- LIN. CHARLES: Hays, 8.5. in Physics, Sigma Chi. Phi Eta Sigma. Kappa Mu Epsilon: KAR- LIN, SHEILA: Pawnee Rock. B.S. in Elam. Educ., SNEA; KASTENS. JAYNE: Herndon, B.S. in Efem. Educ.. Resident Asst., Pub Chrm. of Agnew Half, Gamma Delta; KASTER. DE- LORES: Kinsley B.S. in Home Ecom, SWH, Home Eton. Chapter. KOP, KASTER GARY: Natoma, B.S. in Ind. Arts IAC ; AKL, Rodeo Club: KAY, C. JANE: Pro- tection, B.S. in Home Ec on., Home Econ. Chap- ter, KOP: KEENER. DONNA: Rush Center, B.S. in Gen. So.: KEISWETTER, DOUGLAS: Great Bend. B.A. Hist, Hist. Club: KEITH, DIANA: Penokee. B.S. in Phys. Educ., WRA Sec.. Pres.. Eta Rho Epsilon. KEITH, EDWARD: Almena. B.S. in Agric.; KEMP, DIANNE: Winona, B.S in Nursing: KEN NEDY, HOWARD: Russell B.S. in Phys Educ., MPEC; KERN LINDA: Garden City, B.S in Elem. Educ.. SNEA: KERR. GAYLEN: Ness City, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda. KISSINGER. PATRICIA: W, chita. B.S. in Elem, Educ., SNEA: KILVERT, SUSAN: Beenleigh, Australia, M.S., Bus, Adm. : KIM, SOOKETTE: Korea, B.A., Math: KINCAID, CHARLES: Kir- win, B.S. in Phys. Educ.: KIRK, TERRY: Winona. B.A., Psych. KISSICK WAYBURN: Beverly. B.S. in Bus.: KLEIN. LYNDEN: Burdett, B.S, in 8us.. Alpha Kappa Psi: KLING. GARY: Belleville. B.S, in Agric.; KNOPP, JULIANNA: Selden. B.S. in Elem. Educ.: KORTE. MICHAEL: Colby, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA. KOSTER, RONALD: Cawker City. 8. A,, Hist.; KOTPVITZ, ELIZABETH: Great Bend B.S, in Psych,, Psi Chi. State Public Relations Officer of KPA: KOUGH. JERi: Winona. B.S. .n Elem. Educ.. SNEA. SK First V-Pres. : KRANNAWIT- TER, JANE: Grainfield, B.A., Hist.; KREH8IEL. BARBARA: Healy, B.M.. Music, SK, SAL Phi Kappa Phi, KREHBIEL LAWRENCE: Healy, B.M„ Music Educ., MENC. Phi Mu Alpha Pres.: KROBOTH, FRANK: Wilson, B.S. in Agr.c., DTA: KURTZ, SHERYL: Alton. B.S. in Bus., Pi Omega Pi, SWH. Alpha Lambda Delta. SNEA: LA COSS, GREG: Wichita. B.S. in ind. Arts, TKE: LA COSS, LOIS: Hays. B.S. in Nursing. LAMMY, SHARON: Wichita. B.S. in Elem. Educ.. ICF, SNEA, CCC: LAMPE, NORMA: Spearville, B.S, in Home Econ,: LANE, PATRI- CIA: Lincoln. B.S, in Elem, Educ., SNEA: LANG. DENNIS: Hays, B.S. in Bus,; LANG. DUANE; Ellis. B.S, in Math. 255 Seniors La-Lo LANG, PAUL: Hoys. B.S. in Bus.; LARICK. WAYNE: Hoisington, B.S, in Phys. Educ,, MPEG: LARUE, LINDA: Liberal, B.S. in Elem. Educ,; LAUDICK, BONNIE: Speamlle, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; LAWRENCE, RUTH: Hoys, B.S, in Elem. Educ., SNEA. LAWSON, LINDA: Hays, B.S. in Home Econ„ Home Econ, Chapter: LEDBETTER, CAROL: Hoys, B.S. in Moth., Alpho Lambda Delta, Koppa Mu Epsilon Sec.; LEDBETTER, CLINT: No tome, B.S, in Moth.: LEGE RE, JERRY: Bogue, B.S. in Bus,: LEIKAM, ARLENE: Hutchin- son. B.S, En Art, LEIKER, LINDA: Hays, B.S, in Elem, Educ., SC EC: LEfS, DEBBIE; Fowler, B.M., Music, Tri Sig., WLO, SAI; LEITNER JOYCE: Herndon, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA: LENTZ, ROBERT: Hoys, M.$„ Elem. Educ.; LESLEY, ROCKELLE: Dodge City, B.S. in Elem, Educ,, SK, SNEA. LEWALLEN, WAYNE: Oakley, B.S. in Ind. Arts, IAC; LIEFEERING, JO ANNA: Wothena. B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, SCEC; LIGHT, JAMES: liberal, B.S. in Bus.: LINDBERG. NANCY; Great Bend, B.S, in Elem. Educ., SNEA, 3$M Sec.: LINDSAY. MICHAEL; Wichita. B.S. in Bus. LIVELY, JILL: Saline, B.S, in Phys, Educ,; LIV- INGSTON, PEGGY; Hays. B.A., Speech, Span- ish Club: LOHR MEYER, ROGER; Logan. B.A., Soc.; LOOMIS, ROBERT: Quinter, M S., School Psych.; LOUK, DONNA: Garden City, B.S. in Nursing. FHNC. tJr WednM ‘ Ja ' ,S the selling of The Seed, FHS ' s underground news 256 Seniors Lo-Mi LOWRY, SHIRLEY: Ulysses, B.S, in Rhys, Educ. WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon: LUKINS, DANNY: Kiowa. B.S. in Agric.; LUT2, LOIS: Hays, B.A. Hist.. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta SNEA Hist, Club, Spanish Club: LYNCH ROGER: Hugoton, B.S, in Phys. Educ., MPEC " MAHIN. RICHARD: Randal!, B.S. in Art. MAI, LEONA: Phillipsburg, B.S, in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda: MAI STEPHEN: Russell B.S. in Agric,: MAJOR, LINDA: Beloit, B.S. in Elem. Educ,. SNEA: MANHART. LAWRENCE: Grainfield, B.S, in Ind. Arts, IAC, Delta Siq MAPHEIS, LESLIE: Erie. B.S. in Agric, MARTIN, CONSTANCE: Hays, B.S. in Elem, Educ,, SNEA, DZ; MATHESON, RUTH: Del- phos, B,A, Eng., SNEA: MATTESON, JANE: Phillipsburg, B,S. in Elem. Educ,. SNEA: MATT! SON, SUSAN: Saline. B.S. in Home Econ., Home Econ. Chapter; MAYO, SUSAN: Hays, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA. McBRIDE, ROGER: Colby, B.S. in Agric. Rodeo Club: McCANTS, LAWRENCE: Good land, B.S. In Bus,, Sigma Chi, K-Club, Econ, Club; McCAULEY. JANELLE: Zurich, B.S. in Elem. Educ.. DZ, SNEA: McCLAREN, SUSAN: Lewis, B.A,, Speech, DZ, Sigma Alpha Eta McClelland. GARY: Norton, B.S. in Bus., Siq Tau. McCLURE. WILLIAM: Republic. B.S. in Bus., Sig Tau: McCONNELL, VICKI: Hays, 6,A„ Speech, Little Theatre. Alpha Psi Omega Pres., Who ' s Who: McCORMICK. LARRY: Great Bend, B.S. in Bus., Sigma Chi, CYR, Vet ' s Club: McCUBBIN, FLOYD: Almena, B.S. in Bus.: McCullough, cyrilla; Dodge City, b.a. Psych, McDonald, ARLEDA: Saline. B.S. in Elem. Educ.. SC EC: McGOWAN. LOUISE: Salina, B.S, in Elem. Educ., SNEA, B$M McGUIRE, S. MARLENE: Greensburg, 6,5, in Bus,. DZ, SNEA: McGUIRE, TERRY: Utica, B.S. in Ind. Arts, CCC Epsilon Pi Tau, IAC; McKENZIE, SUZANNE: East Point, Ga., M.S., Elem. Educ. McKlM JOHN: Moscow, B.S, in Ind. Arts, TKE, IAC: McLAIN. LENNET: Satanta, B.S. in Educ., AGD Pres., Daughters of the Golden Heart Pres.: McLlNN, LONNY: Garden City. B.S. in Agric.. ICF; McNlCHOLS, DOUGLAS: Burr Oak, B,A, t Hist., Hist, Club, Spanish Club; MEASE, BARBARA; Nashville, B.S, in Elem. Educ., SCEC. SNEA. MEIER. FRED: Phillipsburg. M.A,, Hist,, Hist. Club, Phi Alpha Theta; MEIERS. THOMAS: Ar- kansas City, B.S. in Bus., Delta Sig; MENDEN- HALL, CONNIE: Gove, B.S. in Elem. Educ.: MI- CHEL, STEVEN: Kiowa, B.S. in Math,, Student Senate; MICKEY, DARRELL: Atwood, B.S. in Bus. 257 Seniors Mi-Oa MILLER, CARL: Tescott, M.S., Educ.; MILLER, DARREL: Hanston, B.S. In Ind. Arts: MILLER, DELMA: Pfainville, B.S, In Elem. Educ M Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA: MILLER, DONNIS: Larned, B.S. In Elem. Educ.. SNEA, Kappa Delta Pi: MILLER, EUGENE: Walker B.S. in Bus. MILLER, LAVER NE: Long Island, B.S. in Educ.. SAL SNEA: MILLER, LORETTA: Collyer. B.A., Soc., Senior Class V-Pres , Student Senate, Soc. Club Sec., Treas,; MILLER MARILYN: Russell, B,M . Music Educ., SAI Pres., Treas.: MILLER. RICHARD: Norton, M.S., Bus., Srg Tau Pres . Treas,: MILLER, ROBERTA: Great Bend. B,A., Soc., Tn Srg. AWS Sec . Soc, Club. MILLS. MARY: Hays, B S, in Elem Educ , SNEA: MILLS, RICKY: Beloit. B.S in Ind. Arts, IAC: MILLS, RONALD: Garden City, B.S in Ind. Arts. IAC: MINIMUM, MAGGIE: Claflin B.S. in Elem. Educ , SNEA: MITCHELL, GLO- RIA: Orleans. Nebr,, B.M., Music, Tri Siq, SAI SNEA, MOHSENI, MANOUCHEHER: Iran, B.S, in Chem., P to-P Pres : MOORE. JUDITH: Oakley. B.S. in Art: MORAN, JUDY : Hays. B.S in Elem. Educ : MORAN, TERRELL: Great Bend, B,A., Bus.: MORFORD, DONNA: Colby, B $ in Elem. Educ,, SNEA, MORRIS, TERRY: Burr Oak, M $,, Bus.: MOR- TON. ROBERT: Larned, B.S. in Bus.; MUNSCH. MICHAEL: Bazme, B.S, in Phys, Educ,. MPEC: MURPHY, JAMES: Colby, B.S in Gen. Sci , Siq Ep, Chem. Club: MURPHY, PAULA: Hays M.A . Eng.. Lambda lota Tau V-Pres. MUSSELMAN, ROSS: Ransom, B.S. in Bus.: MYERS. STEPHEN: Barnard, B.A., Soc.; NAUER, PAULA: Jennings. B.S. in Gen Sci NEITZEL SHERRY: St, Francis, B $. in Elem Educ., SNEA: NELSON, ANDREA: Rush Cam ter, B.A Music. NELSON KEVIN: Safina, B.S in Home Econ,, SNEA, Home Econ. Chapter SK: NELSON. OPAL: Rush Center, B.S in Elem. Educ, SNEA- NEMECHEK, MARGARET: Goodiand B.S in Gen, Sci,, Cath. Camp. Cen : NEUFORTH H EUGENE: Great Bend B.S, In Agric., DTA Sec SCSA Treas.: NOAH, CAROLE: Hays, B,S. in Home Econ,. Home Econ. Chapter, KOP. NOKES, RAY: Sharon Springs. B.S. in Bus. and Agnc,. Rodeo Club, DTA: NORMAN. RICH- ARD: Norton, B.S. in Bus ’ NORTH, MARVIN- Bluff City B.S. in Bus : NORTHROP, PEGGY: Jetmore B.S. In Elem. Educ : OAKLEY, WES- LEY: Lakin, B.S, in Elem Educ 258 Seniors Ob-Ra OBERLE. STEPHAN: Efiinwood, B.S. in Bus.: ODEN, E. JUNE: Wichita. B.S. in Art, Tri $iq, A Sc L Com.: O0LESBEE. LELA: Great Bend, B,$. m Bus.. SNEA, Pi Omega Pi: O ' HARA. CHARLES: Salina, B.S. in Bus.. Delta Siq OKU GAWA, YOSHfHJSA: Japan, M.S., Bus, OLOMON, DENISE: Goodland, B.A., Eng. 5K Cor t Sec.. SNEA: OLSON, CONNIE: OberJin. B.S. in Elem. Educ , SNEA; OMAR, EMMITT: Hutchinson, BA,, History: OP DYCK E, VIRGIN- IA: Hutchinson, B.S. in Phys. Educ., WRA: OTTER, CHARLOTTE: New Almelo, B.S. in Elem. Educ,, SCEC. SNEA, PABST, DARRELL: Colby, B.S, in Bus.: PACK- ER. ANSEL: Marysville, BA, PoL Sci., Spanish Club. YAF, Pol. Sci. Club, Model United Na- fions, AKL: PAHLS, EDWIN: Cawker City, B.S In Bus.; PALMER, MARY: Oskaloosa, B.S. in Phys, Educ., WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon V-Pres,: PAPES, DEAN: WaKeeney. B.S. in Phys Educ., MPEG, Student Senate, Sigma Chi, Rodeo Club. PARKER. KAREN: Wichita, BA., Eng., Leader. Pi Delta Epsilon, Spanish Club; PARKHURST ANN: Wichita, B.S in Eng.; PATCHEN. LARRY: Jetmora. B.S. In Math.; PEARSON. DENNIS: Asherville, B.S. in Agric., Sig Tou V- Pres.. IFC ASC; PEKAREK, JANET: Wilson, junior. PENNINGTON. JOYCE: Oakley, B.M., Music Educ., SAI Ed,: PENNINGTON, KIM: Augusta, B.S, in Art: PERCIVAL, STAN: Medicine Lodge, B.S in Educ., MPEC, Delta Sig Sec.: PE- TERSON, LARON: Conway. B.S. in Phys, Educ., MPEC; PETTIJOHN, SHARON: Stockton B.A Spanish, Spanish Club, SNEA. PFENNIGER, RONALD: Nekoma, B.S. in Agric, Chem. Club, BSM, SCSA; PHYE. LINDA: Coats, B.S. in Home Econ,, KOP Sec- ond V-Pres,; PISHNEY. LON: Waterville B.S. in Phys, Educ., Sigma Chi, MPEC. Student Senate. Pi Delta Epsilon, SNEA, Leader; POPPEN, LINDA: Downs. B.S. in Bus , Alpha lambda Delta. Pi Omega Pi. Phi Beta Lambda: PORTER, DIANE: Glen Elder, B.S. in Elem, Educ. PORTER, JANET; Prairie View, M.S., Speech Path ; PORTER, RICHARD: Little River, M.S. Ind. Arts, IAC: POWERS, SHERAN: Hays. BA., Hist., Phi Alpha Theta; PRICE MARY: Rolfa. B.S, in Elem. Educ . SNEA. SCEC; PUCK- ETT, MARGO: WaKeeney, M.A., Eng. PYLE, JOHN: Stockton. B.S, in Bus., Vet ' s Club Pres.: PYLE, REBECCA: Damar, B.S. in Elem, Educ., SNEA: RABA3, JOYCE:- Luray, B.A., Eng . Pi Delta Epsilon, Reveille Ed., Alpha Lambda Delta, Leader, French Club: RATHGE- BER. KEITH: Kiowa B.S. in Ind. Arts, IAC; RAY, VICKY: Oberlin, junior. 259 a Big Creek proves a smooth surface for students who ice ska’ 5 REDOER, CAROL: Ashland, B.S. in Gen. Sci., Rodeo Club Cor. Sec,; REDGER, JANIS: Abi- lene, B.S, in Elem. Educ. SNEA, CYR, ASC, Leader: REED, BURTON: Hays. BA. Pol. Sci., Pol. Sci. Club; REED. JANET: Zurich. BA in Bus. Phi Beta Lambda; REED, KATHLEEN; Colby. B.S. in Elem, Educ,, SCEC. REID. CATHERINE: Holyrood. B 5. in Bus ■ REM PE, WALTER: Plahville, B.S, in Math.; RENNER, ROBERT: Oakley. B.S. in Bus,; REYN- OLDS. GORDON: Dodge City. M.S. Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi: RICHMOND. DENNIS: Co- de!!, B.S. in Bus. Alpha Kappa Psi. RIEDEL. DANIEL: Assaria, B,S. in Agric,: RIE- GEL, GARY: Ford, B.S. in Phys. Educ.. MPEG; RIFFORD, DE8BY: Hays. B.S. in Elem. Educ. SK; RIGGS, ALICE: Holyrood, B.S. in Elem. Educ. SNEA; ROBERSON, GWEN: Hays. B.S. in Elem. Educ. Alpha Lambda Delta. ROBERSON. MICHAEL: St. Francis. B.S, in Bus. AKL; ROBERTS, ANITA: Gove, BA, Soc. WRA. Soc. Club, Spanish Club, Archery Club: ROBERTS. CARL: Shields. B.S. in Bus. Adm.; ROBERTS. JILL: Pratt, B.S, in Music Educ. SAI: ROBINSON, GREGORY: Hays, B.S. in Bus TKE, ROBISON. WILLIAM: Oberlin. B.A.. Psych.: ROGERS, DEBRA: McCracken, B,5. in Elem Educ.; ROGERS, JEAN: Colby, BA, Soc. Soc. Club; ROGERS, JO ANN: Houle, B.S, in Elem, Educ.; ROHR, GERALD; Hays, B.S. in Ind, Arts, IAC. Seniors Re-Ro 260 Seniors Ro-Sc ROHR. STANLEY: Hays. 6.$. in Bus : ROLF, KAREN: Isabel, B.S. in Nursing, AGO. Alpha Lambda Delta Second V-Pres„ SWH WLO, Jr, Class V-Pres., Outstanding Senior Woman FHNC: ROLFS, GLENDA: Geneseo, BA., Speech. Little Theatre Sec., Treas,, Alpha Psi Omega Sec,. Treas., Custer Hall Treas,: ROM INE. JANICE: Abilene, B.S. in Nursing. KSSNA FHNC, Resident Asst.: ROSE, FRANKLIN: Greensburg. M.S., Biology, ROSE, THEDA: Greensburg. M.S.. Elem. Educ.; ROSS, NORMA: Haviland, M A, Eng., Pi Delta Epsilon; ROTH, HAROLD: Bison, B.S. in Math,- ROTH, LEONA: Great Bend, B.S, in Elem Educ.: ROTH MARVIN: Hays. B.S. in Bus. ROTHE, JIMMY: Bison, B.S. in Music Educ,, Phi Mu Alpha: ROUTH. CHARLES: Great Bend. B.A.. Psych., A$C, Student Senate, Psi Chi. Sig Ep: RUDA. JAMES: Atwood. B.S. in Agric and Bus.. Delta Sig: RUE8 CYNTHIA: Colby, B.S. in Home Econ.; RUFENACHT. AUDREY: Ness City, B.S. in Elem, Educ. RUNDLE, JOHN: Logan, B.S. in Elem. Educ SNEA: RUPP ELSIE: Ellis, B.S. in Bus. Phi Beta Lambda: RUPP, MARC: Scott City. BA. Art- RUPP, MARY: Hays, M.A.. Eng.: RUSCO, STEVE: Great Bend, B.S. in Rhys. Educ., MPEC, RUSH, CLIFTON: Hays, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Epsi- lon Pi Tau V-Pres.. I AC V-Pres,: RUSS, FLOR- ENCE: Stockton, B.S. in Elem, Educ,: RYAN. THOMAS: Brownell, B.S, in Art: RYNERSON, DON: Jetmore. BA,, Hist., Phi Eta Sigma, Hist. Club V-Pres., Phi Alpha Theta Pres., SNEA, MPEC, Spanish Club: PYTYCH BARBARA: Mankato, B.S, in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda, Alpha Lambda Delta. SADDLER, JOHN: Colby, B.S in Math.: SAL- LEE, RITA: St John, B.S. in Nursing. FHNC: SALMANS. NICK: Hanston, B.M. Music Educ,: SAMPSON, GARY: OakhilL junior; SANDER, JOSEPH: Victoria, B.S in Bus , German Club SANDER, SAM; Victoria, junior; SANDWELL, JOHN: Marion, B.S. in Bus. Adm,. Phi Sig V- Pres., Rec, Sec., Cor. Sec., Alpha Kappa Psi: SCHAEFFER, MIKE: Wellington, B.S. in Bus, Sig Ep: SCHAETZLE HOWARD: Garden City Park, N,Y, BA. Hist., B,S, in Bus.. Leader Bus, Mgr. Sigma Chi: SCHAFFER, KATHRYN; Hoxie. B.S. in Music Educ., SAL SNEA. SCHIELDS, GARY: Goodland, junior; SCHLEPP. JO ANN: Ruleton, B.S. in Bus.. Alpha Lambda Delta: SCHLICHTING, BON NIE: Ellis. B.S, in Elem. Educ.. DZ: SCHLICHT ING, RUSSELL: Ellis, BA. Psych.- SCHLOC- TERMEIER. JANET: Eflinwood. B.S. in Bus , Phi Beta Lambda. Oath Camp Cen, . 261 Seniors Schl-Sm SCHLOCTERMEIER, PAUL: Eflinwood, 8.S, m Agric. DTA; SCNMEIDLER. DONNA: Hays, B,S. in Nursing, FHNC; S CHMEIDLER, PHIL: Hays, ELS, in Agric., DTA, German Oub: SCHMIDT. JOSEPH: Hays, B.A., Psych.; SCHMIDT, PHYLLIS, Catherine, B.A., German, German Club Pres,, WLO Sec. SCHMIDTBERGER, RANDAL: Victoria, ELS. in Bus.; 5CHNELLE, CINDY: Oaldey, B.S. in Oem, Educ., SAI Ed., Treas., MENC, SNEA; SCHOENTHALER, CLARINOA: Ellis, B.S, in Elem, Educ., AGD Cor. Sec,, Daughters of the Golden Heart Sec,, Treas,; SCHRADER. JU- DITH: St. John, B.S, in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda, Pi Omega Pi, AGD. SNEA; SCHREIBER CATH- ERINE: Beaver, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SK Pres,, Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA, Daughters of the Golden Heart. SCHULTZ, FREYA: Trousdale, B.A., Eng.; SCHULTZ. GARY; Bucklin, B.S. in Bus,, Pi Omega Pi, SNEA; SCHUMACHER, DORO- THY; Ellis, M.S., Elem. Educ.; SCHUMAN LILA; Wathena, B,$. in Rhys Educ., WRA; SCHWAB, BEVERLY: LaCrosse, B.S, in Bus., Phi Beta La m bda. SCHWARZ, GREGORY: Hays. B.A., Pot. Sci„ AKL, Spanish Club, Model United Nations: SCOTT, WESLEY: Belle Plaine, B.S. in Geology; SEIBERT, PATRICIA: Macksville, B.S. in Elem, Educ.. NEA KSTA: SEYB. MARGARET: Leoti. B.S. in Elem. Educ.: SHANDY, MAE: Lebanon. B.S. in Elem. Educ.. SWH. SHANDY ROBERT: Manhattan, B.S. in Phys. Educ., MPEC: SHARPE. DELILAH: Phillipsburg. B.A., Eng.; SHAW, LINDA: Oakley. B.M.. Music, SAI, SNEA. MENC Pres.; SHAW, SAN DRA: Selden, B.S, in Nursing, FHNC; SHAW, SUE: Sublette, B.S. in Elem. Educ,, Inter-Hall Council, SNEA, McMmdes Halt V-Pres, SHAY, MARGARET: Healy. B.S. in Bus.- SHER RICK, NYLEEN: Battle Creek Mich,. M.S.. Elem. Educ., ICF, SNEA: SHIRACK. Ml CHAEL: Solomon, B.S. in Bus.: SHOEMAKER, LAURA: Lenora B.A., Soc.; SIEKER. JERRY: El- linwood, B.S. in Agric. SIMONEAU. ILENE: Damar, B.S. in Elem. Educ.; SIMPSON, JOHN: Hutchinson. M.M.E. in Music; SLIMMER, VIRGINIA: Plainville, Spe- cialist in Educ.; SLOAN JUDITH: Colby, B.S. in Elem. Educ.; SMITH, CONNIE: Hays, B.A., Speech. Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA. SMITH. CURTIS: Scott City, B.S. in Bus. Adrti., Alpha Kappa Psi Treas.: SMITH. GREGORY: Lorraine, B.S. in Math., Kappa Mu Epsilon V- Pres., BSM: SMITH. LEO: Garden City, B.S. in Bus.; SMITH. LOIS: Sharon Springs, B.S. in Elem. Educ.. SAI. SNEA; SMITH, PAMELA: Copeland. B.S. in Elem. Educ. 262 Seniors Sm-Te Mim, VtKN; Norton. 6.$ in Bus., Delta Sig. APO, Phi Beta Lambda: SMULL, MARVIN: St Francis, B.S, in Phys. Educ., MPEC, SNEA: SOWERS SHERYL: Colby, B.S in Home Econ,. KOP; SPITLER ANITA: Courtland, M.5 Bus Educ.: SPOHR, DENNIS: Dodge City B.S. in Phys. Educ., MPEG. SPOMER, KATHY: Edson, B.S. m Elem. Educ , SNEA. Gamma Delta: SPREHE, JANET: Oak ' ley. 8.5. in Phys. Educ,, SNEA, Gamma Delta Sec, Eta Rho Epsilon: SPREHE. JANICE: Oak- ley, B.S. in Bus., Gamma Delta Sec,; SPRING- FELDT, MICHAEL: Bushton. B.S, in Music Educ., Phi Mu Alpha, AKL; STAAB, LEON: Hays, B.A., German, German Club, STAAB, ROSE: Hays. B.S, in Elem. Educ., SCEC State Pres., SNEA. Cath, Camp. Cen, - STAATS. ROGER: Coats. B.S. in Phys, Educ STAMBAUGH, MARY: Russell, B.A. Hist ■ STAMEY MICHELLE: Lyons. B.S. in Art: STANLEY, DONNA: Goodland. B.A., Eng., Leader. STAUDINGER. MARY: Russell B.S, in Nursing, KSSNA, FHNC: STEARNS, MICHAEL: Cawker City, B.S. in Biology, BSM ; STEIGER JOHN- Menlo, M,A. Educ.: STEIN, PAULA: Cotlyer B.A. Eng,: STEIN, SCOTT: Plainville, B.S. in Bus., Sigma Chi STEJSKAL DONNA: Smith Center. B.S, in Bus, Educ,, Phi Beta Lambda, SNEA: STEPHENS, JAMES: Son net 1 !, B.S. in Bus,, Alpha Kappa Psi Pres.: STEWART, STEPHANIE: Stockton. BA, Pol, Sci , Tri Sig Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, SWH, WLO. Phi Kappa Phi Pol, Sci. V Pres,. Outstanding Senior Woman, Who ' s Who; STILL, ROBERT: Kirwin. B.S. in Agric.: STL MATZE, JO ANN: Partridge, B.S. in Phys. Educ,. Resident Asst., WRA Eta Rho Epsilon, 5TINNET T DANNY: Wichita, B.S, in Zoology. 2PG: STRICKLIN, GARY: Hill City. M.A.. Counseling; STROBERG, ROGER: Hutchinson, B.S. in Agric,, Sig Ep: STULL. LARY: Natome B S in Phys. Educ.. MPEC: STULL. PEGGY: Luray. B.S, in Art. WLO V Pres. SUN LEY, JAMES: Brownell B.S. in Ind, Arts, I AC: SUPPES RONALD: Scott City, B.S in Art: SWAFFORD TED: Byers B.S. in Agric. and Bus., SC5A Trees. . Rodeo Club: SWITZER. DANIEL: Dodge City, B.A., Psych , Resident Asst., APO: SWOBODA, JOHN: Salina B.S. in Bus,. Cath. Camp, Cen, Pres . Sev, Cav, TALDO, WILLIAM: Garden City, B,S. in Phys Educ,; TALIFERRO. HAL: Hiawatha, 8,S In Phys. Educ.. MPEC: TAYLOR DOLORES: Kin- sley. B.S. in Elem, Educ : TAYLOR. GARY: Longmont, Colo. B.S. in Elem. Educ.; TEASLEY. MIKE: Kansas City. B.S, in Phys, Educ,, MPEC. 263 Seniors Te-Um 264 TEDESCO, ANDREW: Hays. B.A., Gen. Sd.. TKE, Chem, Club, Spanish Club: TEMPLIN, BARBARA: WaKeeney, B.S. in Bus.: TENNANT, PATRICIA: Bun-ton, B.S. in Elem. Educ., Rodeo Club. NEA: THARP. TOMMY: Kiowa. B.S, in Ind. Arts, IAC: THEIS, DAVID: Kansas City, B.S. in Bus,, Alpha Kappa Psr. THELANDER, LARRY: Salina. 8.$. in fnd. Arts, BSM. CCC, IAC: THIELEN, JOSEPH: Dor- rance, B.S. in Bus.: THOMAS, DOUGLAS: Jet- more. B.S. in Ind, Arts, IAC, SNEA; THOMM, RALPH: Kensington, B.S, in Bus.. Delta Sig Treas., Sev. Cav., Phi Eta Sigma Treas.: THOMPSON, DENNIS: Beloit, B.A., Hist. THRASHER, TERRY: Page City. B.S. in Art: THRELKEL ROBERT: Atwood, B.S. in Rhys. Educ., APO Pres.. MPEG Sec., Trees.. CCC: THYFAULT, CARMELLA: Damar. B.S. in Elem. Educ., SCEC, SNEA: TILLBERG. LELAND: Said na, 8,5. in Agric., Delta Sig: TIMKIN, GARY: Cimarron, B.S. in Agric. TITTLE LINDA: Liberal, B,A„ Soc.: TOBIAS MARY: Hays, B.S. in Bus.: TOLAND, FREDER- ICK: Salma, B.S. in Bus.: TREU, MARY: Hays, B.S. in Bus.: TROWBRIDGE, ELAINE: Brownell, B.S, in Nursing. Alpha Lambda Delta, FHNC, Gamma Delta, TRUE, DONALD: Courtland, B.S. in Phys. Educ., MPEG, SNEA: TUTTLE, CAROLYN: Hays, M.S., Elem. Educ.. CCC, SNEA. 1CF; UBERT, ROBERT: Hays, B.S. in Bus,: ULMER, GARY: Norton. B.S. in Bus., Delta Sig, K-Club: UMSCHEID, THOMAS: Wamego, M.S., Bus. Adm. a. Like many anxious seniors, this pup would like to get to the outside world. Seniors Ur-We URBAN, DONALD: Bison, B.IvL. Music, Phi Mu Alpha: VAILIN, DWIGHT: Bird City, M.S, Educ., K5TA, NEA; VALLIN, EMILY; Bird City B.S. in Home Econ,, NEA; VANDERBUR, DEN N IS : Russell. B.S. in Bus,; VANDERSIESEN, MARSHA: Cawker City, B.S, in Elem. Educ. VAN KOOTEN, BARBARA: Long Island, B.S. in Nursing. FHNC: VANN, MARY: Fooler. B.S. in Elem. Educ. SNEA: VAN WEY, CONNIE: Belleville B.S + in Nursing, FHNC: VAN WIN KLE, RICHARD: Ransom, B.S. in Art, SC EC: VAP, RICHARD: Atwood, B.S. m Geology, Sternberg Geology Club Sec,, Cath. Camp. VAVRICKA, ROBERT: Oakley, M S., Ind. Arts, IAC, Epsilon P- Tau; VICE, CLAUDE: Bucklin, B.A., Ind, Arts, IAC: VONADA, KAREN: Lin- coln. B.S. in Elem. Educ . SNEA: VOPAT ALAN: Wilson, B.S, in Art; VORAN, SHAR- ON: Cimarron, BA, Psych. Psi Chi. Soc, Club. VOSS. ROBERT: Downs, B.S. in Bus.: WADS- WORTH, TIM: Sedgwick, BA, Hist., Hist. Club. IKE V-Pres,: WAHRMAN, JOSEPH: Bird City. B.S, in Bus., APO, Vet ' s Club; WAKE- MAN. KATHERINE; Fowler. B.S. in Gen, Sci., WRA: WALKER CHERIE: Deerfield, B.S, in Elem, Educ., SNEA. WALKER. DIXIE: McCracken B,M. Music Educ., $AI Rec. Sec.; WALKER. THELMA; Fowler. B.S. in Math,, Tri Sig V-Pres., Kappa Mu Epsilon; WALLACE, ALJGE: Barnard, B.S, in Bus., Phi Eta Sigma; WALTERS, NANCY: Lib- eral. B.S. in Elem. Educ., Rodeo Club. SNEA SCEC: WALTERS. THOMAS: Hays. B.A.. Eng.. FHSP. ASC. WAL A PATRICIA: Hays. B.S. .n Elem. Educ.: WALZ RAYMOND; Oakley, B.S. in Bus.: WANN, DAVID; Hays, B.S. In Art; WARRICK. KEN- Hoisington, B.S. In Pbys. Educ.: WAS IN GER, EDWIN: Hays. B.S. In Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi. WATKINS. DANIEL; Hoxie, B.S. in Bus.; WEBER, HERMAN: Victoria, B.S. In Bus.: WEBER, JOSEPH; Claflin. B.A., Ind. Arts, IAC WEINMAN, BETH: Phillipsburg. B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA: WELKER, JUDY: Alton, B.S. in Home Econ., Agnew Hall Treas,. Alpha Lambda Delta, SWH, KQP Pres., Home Econ. Chapter, WELLBROCK. RICHARD: Hays, B.S. in Bus.: WELTER, DOROTHY; Norton. BA, Speech, Little Theatre, Alpha Psi Omega V-Pres,: WENDT, TEVEN: Great Bend, BA., Speech, KFHS, CCTV, lota Beta Sigma: WENRICK, CARL; Cimarron, B.S. In Bus., TKE Treas,. IFC ASC; WERNER DONALD: Ellmwood, B.S. in Math M SNEA, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta 265 Seniors We-Wi WEST DARYL: Ruleton, B S, in Agric.: WHEATCROFT. JANICE: Shields, B.A.. Hist. ECC: WHITE, LYLE: Kansas City, B.A., Soc., Soc, Club. Spanish Club; WHITE, PAUL: Glen Elder, sophomore; WHITTEMORE, BECKY: Bakersfield, Calif,. B.S, in Bus WIDENER BETTY: Ellinwood. B S. in Bus,: WIECK. JANICE: Colby, M.S., Counseling: WIESE EMMA: Luray, B S, in Nurse Educ.: WILEY. MARILLA: Agra, B.S. in Home Econ., KOP; WILGERS. MARY LEE: Hays. B.M . Music Educ., SAL WILLIAMS, DWIGHT: Lenora, B.S. in Math., Kappa Mu Epsilon; WILLIAMS, GAYLEN; Lindsborg. B.S. in Bus : WILLIAMS. KAY: Rus- sell, B.S. in Math., Kappa Mu Epsilon Sec.: WIL- LIAMS. WINIFRED: Avon Lake. Ohio, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Eta Rho Epsilon; WILLIS, CHARLES: Syracuse. B.S. in Chem. WILSON BOYD: Shields, B.S. in Math.; WIL- SON, FLOYD : Gove, B.S. in Biology. APO, CCC; WILSON, FRED: Hazelton, B.S. in Math., Sig Ep, Student Senate: WILSON, ROBERT: Mankato, B.S. in Zoology; WINKLER, STEVEN: Roiel. B.A.. Speech, Little Theatre Pres.. Alpha Psi Omega a Attorney General Vern Miller evidently overlooked the gambling at Sigma Kappa s Casino Party b. Dr. stout directs Hays High School students and the col- lege concert choir while preparing for the " The Passion Ac- cording to St. Matthew " by Bach, given in April. 266 Seniors Wi-Zw WINTERSCHIEDT, LARRY: Oakley, B,A„ Econ.; WIRTZ, JAYNE: Great Bend, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, P-to-P; WITWER, KAREN: Abilene, B.M.. Music Educ.. In Sig Trees., A L Com., WLO Treas,, Student Senate Who’s Who: WOODS, KENNETH: Ellsworth, B.S. in Math,, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon Pres SNEA; WOODS, RUFUS: Dodge City B.S m Bus. WORDEN. ELAINE: Havlland, B.S. in Music Educ.. S A I : WYATT, SHARON: Ashland, B.S, in Elem. Educ., DZ, SNEA: WYLEY. LINDA: Kir- win, B.S. in Elem. Educ,, SNEA, SWH YAR- NELL, LAVERNA: Portis, B.S. in Elem. Educ,, SC EC, SNEA: YOUNG, CANDACE: Obertin B.S. in Bus., WLO. SNEA DZ. YOUNG, LAVELDA: Latin. B.S. in Elem, Educ.; YUST. PHILIP: Sylvia. B.S. in Gen. Sci.. FHNC, CCC: ZECHA, DAVID: Larned, B.S. in Ind. Arts. IAC; ZELLNER, JOE: Marienthal, B.S. in Agric. - ZERR. DEAN: Atwood. B.S. in Nursinq, FHNC. ZIEGLER EUGENE: Grainfield, M.S., Bus : ZIER. KRISTIN: Lincoln, B.S. in Math . BSM Treas,, German Club Sec., Treas.; ZIER LEIN. LARRY: Norton, 8.S. in Phys. Educ,: ZIMMER MAN, VALERIE: Hays, B.S. in Elem. Educ.: ZIP- PEL, GARY: Belleville, III.. B.S. in Bus , Sigma Chi. ZWEIFEL, BARBARA: Waldo. B.S. in Bus.: ZWINK, DAVID: Mactsville B.A.. PoL Sc... Pol. Set Club, P-to-P, CYR First V-Pres.. German Club, ASC: ZWINK, TIMOTHY: Macksvllle. B.A., Hist,, Ph» Eta Sigma, Hist. Club, Student Senate, Phi Alpha Theta, Spanish Club. ■ Tom Pfannenstiel helps a youngster while student teaching at the Eisenhower ? rade School in Great Bend. Ah, with graduation — - no more boring lectures. 267 Classes Ab-An ABBOTT, GREGORY, Phillipsburg freshman ABBOTT, KEVIN, Phillipsburg sophomore ABERCROMBIE, CLEMETH, Minneapolis freshman ABRAM, LYNDA LU, Jewell freshman ABT, HELEN, Medicine Lodge sophomore AC HEN BACH, CHARLES. Hardtner freshman ADAMS, JOHN, Lyons junior ADAMS, KEVIN, Plainvllle junior ADAMS, MARY, Shields sophomore ADAMS, THOMAS, Abilene freshman ADKINS. CYNTHIA Overland Part junior ADKINS, LYNN. Glasco junior AHLVERS, DAVID L„ Glen Elder AKERS, MICKEY, Lamed ALBERS. MARIE, Palco ALBERS, MARVIN, Oaldey ALBERS. RITA, Park ALBIN, MARSHA, Sylvan Grove junior freshman freshman junior junior freshman ALBRECHT, DIANNA, Natoma ALBRIGHT, JOHN, Kiowa ALBRIGHT, ROBERT, Kiowa ALEXANDER. DARWIN, Hays ALFORD, PAUL, Chanute ALLEN. JOHN, Pla rnvifle sophomore freshman junior sophomore junior sophomore ALLISON, SHERYL, Lyons ALLPHIN, CHARLES. Palco ALLTON. JANET, Lyons AMES, CHARLES. Belle Plane AMOS, DANNY, Goodland ANDERSEN, PENNIES, Kinsley sophomore freshman junior sophomore sophomore freshman + Enrollment begins with the stu dent s classification card, b. Paw Power ' signs help to inciti enthusiasm. 268 Classes An-Au ANDERSON, EDNA, Woodston junior ANDERSON, MELANIE, Hill City junior ANDERSON, WILLIAM, Oberlin freshman ANDREWSON, ILENE, Clyde sophomore ANDRlST, DEBRA, St. Francis junior ANDRIST, JERRY, St. Francis sophomore ANDRlST TINA, St, Francis freshman APPL PATRICIA, Leoti ; un ior APPLEBEE, TAMRA, Beloit sophomore APPLEGATE, MARCELLA. Norton junior APPLEGATE. RODNEY, Norton sophomore ARCHER, STEVEN, Logan junior ARCHIBALD, MICHAEL, Almena junior ARCHULETA, GAYLE, Plainvifle sophomore ARENSMAN, LARRY. Kinsley freshman ARHEART. SYLVIA, Elkhart sophomore ARMSTRONG, J. D., Liberal sophomore ARNOLD, LINDA, Lenora sophomore ARNOLD, WILLIAM, Alton junior ARPIN, LELAND. Safina freshman ASCHWEGE, KATHLEEN, Oberlin freshman ASHCRAFT MICHAEL, Bogue freshman ATOM, NADINE, Jetmore junior ATWELL, MARILYN, Minneapolis sophomore AT WILL ARTHUR, Stockton sophomore AUGUSTINE, DARYL, Ellis sophomore AUGUSTINE, JOYCE, Ellis junior AUGUSTINE. KERRY, Russell junior AUGUSTINE, RONALD, Hays freshman AUGUSTINE, WANDA, Hays ■ freshman 269 Classes Au-Be AUSTERMAN, RONALD, Logan freshman AUSTIN, ARTHUR, H fill City junior AWALT, SAMUEL Scandia junior AYRES, KATHY. Smith Center freshman BAALMAN, DANIEL, Grinnell junior BABCOCK, DANE, Cimarron freshman BACH, DOUGLAS, Holyrood freshman BADENHQP, JANNA. Kensington junior BAILEY, DONNA, Hays sophomore BAILEY, KAREN, Ellis junior BAILEY, MARCIA, Jennings junior BAILEY, SHEILA, Jennings freshman BAIRD SONORA Natoma BAKER, ANN, Quinter BAKER, MARTHA. Ashland BAKER, SHERRILL, Phillipsburg BALDWIN, JERRI, Scott City BALL KIMBERLY, Ellis freshman sophomore junior junior junior junior BANGLE, PEGGY, Morland sophomore BARBEE, JAMES, Pratt junior BARBEE, KERRY, Pratt sophomore BARDEN, RICK, Hill City freshman BARKER, JAMES, Pratt sophomore BARNES, SHERRY, Rozel junior BARRAGREE, GENE, Dodge City BARRETT. DON, Randall BARTLEY, GENEVA, Esbon BARTON, JAMES, Kansas City BASGALL, STAN, Hays BATES. ARTHUR, Lenora BATES, BRIAN, Alton sophomore BAl Y, TERRY, Syracuse sophomore BAUER. BRIAN, Clay Center freshman BAUER, BRUCE, Clay Center sophomore BAUER, MIKE, Sharon sophomore BAUER, TOM, Lenora sophomore junior sophomore freshman freshman freshman junior BAUMAN, CHERYL Seneca freshman BAUMANN, ERROL, Bloomington. Neb. BAYENS, SHARON, Long Island BEACH, KERRY, Phillipsburg BEADLES, LONNIE, Great Bend BEALBY, MADONNA, Bogue freshman junior freshman junior junior BEARDSLEY, LINDA. WaKeeney BEARLEY, MAX, Oberlin BEATON, JOHN, Scott City BECKMAN, ROBERT, Kensington BECKMAN, SUSAN, Phillipsburg BECKMAN, DUANE. Athol junior junior freshman freshman junior sophomore 270 BEECHER, LESLIE, Hill City BEEM. RODNEY. Navarre BEER BERNADETTE, WaKeeney BEFORT, VERADELL, Hays BEHL, STANLEY, Dodge City BEISNER. BONNIE, Alton freshman junior sophomore freshman junior sophomore BEISNER, CONNIE, Alton BELL. DEANNA, Lebanon BELL, GLORIA. Lebanon BENDER, CURTIS. Russell BENGSTON, DEBRA, Lindsborg BENNETT, DEBORAH. Scandia sophomore sophomore freshman sophomore freshman freshman BENNETT. JOAN, Garfield BENNETT, RICHARD, Garfield BERGL v, KATHLEEN, Budilin BERGER, ROBERT, Abilene BERGIN. VICTOR, Winchester BERGLIG, SUSAN, Ludell junior freshman junior freshman sophomore sophomore BERGMAN. RUTH, Lebanon BERGSTROM, DENNIS, Clyde BERLAND, ANN MARIE. Zurich BERLAND. CAROL, Zurich BERLAND. DEBORAH, Darner BERNHARDT, SANDRA, Burdett sophomore junior junior freshman sophomore freshman BESTHORN. KATHLEEN, Holyrood BETHELL, JOY, Hill City BETTENBROCK RUTH, Holyrood BICE, LOLA. Codell BICKNELL, JAMES. Marysville BIEBER, BARBARA, Almena junior sophomore junior sophomore sophomore sophomore lasses Be-Bi 2 n a. The Union s new Promenade Gallery is extremely interesting to its many visi- tors, b. En rollers find a new chatting locale which was created by the Union ' s addition. BIEL, JEANNINE, Leotr freshman BIELEFELD, GENE, Hope freshman BIGGS, BRETT, Phiflipsburg junior B I LUNGER, GERALD, Hays freshman BINDER, MARGARET, Munjor junior BINDER, STEPHEN, Munjor freshman BINGAMAN, MARLA, Marlon sophomore BIRD, DIANE, Prairie Village freshman BIRD, NANCY, Coldwater freshman BIRKES, ROBERTA, Montezuma freshman BIRZER, KAREN, Ellinwood sophomore BISEL JANICE, Ashland freshman BISHOP, CARLA, Geneseo BISHOP, DONALD, Holyrood BISHOP, NEAL, Leoti BJTTEL MARVIN, Hays BLACKWOOD, CHRISTINE, Clyde BLACKWOOD, LARRY. Clyde freshman sophomore freshman freshman freshman junior BLACKWOOD. PAMELA, Downs BLAIR. LYNN, Mankato BLAKELY, DONNA, Salina BLAND BARBARA, Gove BLAZER, SUSAN. Hays BLECHA, JEAN, Munden junior freshman freshman junior sophomore freshman BLECHA, MARGARET, Munden BLICK. CONSTANCE. Colwich BLOMBERG, WILLIAM, Lmdsborq BLOOM, BONNIE, Topeka BOEPPLE, DENNIS, Ellinwood BOGART, CINDY, Phillipsburg junior junior sophomore sophomore junior junior 272 Classes Bi-Bc Classes Bo-Br 80HLEN. CARMEN. Downs freshman BOLT. CHERYL. Goodlord freshman BONIN, TERRY. Salina sophomore BOOK, GERRIT, Prairie View junior BOOR. CHERYL, Hays freshman BOOS. PAM, Ellis sophomore BOOTH, STEVEN, Chapman freshman BORGER, CHARLOTTE Mankato sophomore BORTZ. MARLENE, Rush Center freshman BORTZ, ROBERT, Garden City sophomore BOTKA, RONALD, Wyandotte freshman BQURQUIN, ACHSLE, Gem junior BOWEN, JAMES. Hoisington BOWEN, STANLEY, Satanta BOWMAN, CYNTHIA, Cawker C BOWMAN, DAVID, Larned BOWMAN. STEVE. Salma BOXBERGER, CYNTHIA Russell freshman junior ity junior sophomore junior junior BOXUM, LARRY, Lebanon freshman BOY. BETH, Syracuse junior BOYD, ARNOLD, Natoma sophomore BOYD, BARBARA, Concordia sophomore BOYD, SANDRA, Natoma freshman BRACK, CHERIE, Otis freshman BRADFORD, JAMES, Liberal junior BRADRICK THOMAS, Wichita freshman BRANNAN, NANCY, Meade freshman BRAUN, BARBARA, Catherine freshman BRAY, CLAUDIA, Larned freshman BRAY, MARCIA, Larned junior BRECKEN RIDGE. MICHAEL, Stockton freshman BREDFELDT. SHIRLEY, Dodge City freshman B REIT, wOHN, Hays freshman BREITENBACH, ROBERTA. Pretty Prairie sophomore BREITENBACH, TYNA, Macksville freshman BRENING. FRED. LaCrosse junior BRIDGES. THERESA, Great Bend junior BRIGGS, DAVID, Teseoft junior BRIGGS, KAREN, Gove Sophomore BRINKMEYER. CAROL, Garden City junior 6ROADBOOK5, STEVE, Hays sophomore BROECKELMAN, JOAN, Grinnell sophomore BRONSON. DIANE Kensington sophomore BRONSON, DONNA. Kensington freshman BROOM, CYNTHIA, Shawnee Mission freshman BROSS, CINDY, Salina freshman BROWN, BRENDA. Preston sophomore BROWN, DENNIS, Hoisington junior 273 Classes Br-Ca BROWN. EVA, Fort Scott junior BROWN, JACQUELYN, Dodge City junior BROWN, JANET, Russell sophomore BROWN, JONATHAN, Gorham sophomore BROWN, LEOTA, Dodge City junior BROWN, MARGARET, Fort Scott freshman BROWN, MAX, Dodge City junior BROWN ROBERT L. Oberlin junior BROWN, SUSAN. Phillipsburg freshman BROWN, VIRGINIA, Lucas junior B UNELL CRAIG, Ames freshman BRUNGARDT, DEBORA, Hays freshman BRUNGARDT, E. JOHN. Hays BRUNGARDT, RICHARD, Victoria BRUNSON, KENNETH, Stockton BRUNTS, GEORGE, Claflin BRYAN, CORJNNE, Oberlin BUCK, JOHN, Atwood freshman freshman junior sophomore freshman junior BUEHLER, CLARICE, Claflin sophomore BUEHLER, HOWARD. Claflin junior BUEHLER, JERE, Claflin j unJor BUELL. PAMELA, Junction Gty sophomore BUFFER, DA JID, Overland Park freshman BURDITT, DEBI, Ness City freshman BURGARDT, MARY, Hays BURKHOLDER BRUCE, Plainville BURNHAM BRADLEY, St Francis BUSCH, JANICE, Russell BUSCH. KENNETH, Russell BUSER, CECELIA, Cawker City freshman freshman junior junior sophomore sophomore BUSSELL, JACQUALYN, Lawrence BUTLER, KAREN, Kiowa BUTZINE, BONNIE, Geneseo CALDARERA, DANIEL, Wich.ta CAREY, BRUCE, Sterling CARLSON, BARBARA, Safina freshman junior sophomore sophomore sophomore sophomore CARON, STEVEN, Clyde CARSWELL, PEGGY, Sefden CARSWELL, VINCENT. Selden CARTER. BARBARA, Stafford CARTER, DEANNA, Jamestown CARTER, GEORGE, Jamestown sophomore freshman junior junior sophomore junior CARTER, ROBERT, Wichita CARVER, LINDA. Modoc CASE, LEWIS, Atchison FRANCES ' McCracken rresnma CASSON, MICHAEL New Paltz, N, Y, junio CATES, MARY, Smith Center freshma junior freshman junior freshman 274 FHS students oppose the rumor of drug abuse and shoplifting charges made by one lawyer John Fierro, b. Students find time between classes to lend an encouraging word to classmates. ◄ ► b T; LL FKovfa ) N k Hiy CAVANAUGH MICHAEL, Great Bend freshman CHAFFIN, JANIS, Topeka sophomore CHAM SHAHRAM, Tehran. Iran sophomore CHANCE, KENDALL, Fowler freshman CHASE, JANICE, Smith Center freshman CHENEY. THOMAS. Wichita freshman CHENG. $HI AO, Hong Kong freshman CHICK. DOYLE, Colby freshman CHIPM AN. DEBORAH, detmore junior CHITWOOD, COLLEEN, Wichita junior CHRISLER, REGINA, Russell freshman CLANTON, CURTIS, Minneapolis freshman CLARK, BARBARA, Barnard sophomore CLARK, JUDY, Palco freshman CLARK, SANDRA, Clifton sophomore CLARK, SHERRY, Holyrood sophomore CLAUSEN, JOLENE, Cawker City freshman CLAUSSEN, RONALD, Salina junior CLAY, LISSA, Meade freshman CLEMENCE. ROBERT. Abilene freshman CLEWS, DIANA, Hays sophomore CLIFTON, SHERRY. Dekalb. III. sophomore CLINE, LANA, Hays sophomore CLINE, RODNEY, Formoso junior lasses Ca-CI 275 Classes Cl-Cr CLINE, SHARI, Hays freshman CLINESMITH. RAMONA, Rolla junior CUNESMITH, RICKY, Rolla freshman COATS, BRENDA, Fort Collins, Colo. junior COCHRANE. DENNIS, Sharon Springs sophomore COCKRUM, NANCY, Johnson junior COEN. JAMES. EILhart COLE. PAULA, Marysville COLLETTE, MARY, Aurora COLLINS, ALVIN, Weskan COMBS, JANET, Almena COMBS, KAREN. Dodge City sophomore freshman junior junior junior junior COMEAU. ALPHONSE. Hays freshman CONAWAY, LORI, Athol sophomore CONAWAY, STEVEN, Athol freshman CONAWAY, VGNA, Athol sophomore CONRAD, CATHY. Clay Center freshman CONRAD, CINDY, Harlan freshman CONSIDINE. DENNIS, Sterling COOK, BEVERLY, St. Francis COOK, FRED, Hays COOK, GALE, St. Francis COOK, JUNE, Hardtner COOKSEY, MARK, Grainfield junior sophomore funior freshman sophomore freshman COOPER, BARBARA, McDonald freshman COOPER, JANET, Plainville sophomore COOPER, MICHAEL D., Atwood freshman COOPER. MICHAEL L. Hoxie freshman COOPER. NANCY, Natoma sophomore COOPER, STEVEN, Natoma freshman COOPER. VICKI, Lawrence COPPER. NANCY, Smith Center CORDER, ANGELA, Oberlin CORDER, SUSAN. Selden CORKE, CARLQTTA. Goodland CORMAN, PATRICE, Edgar, Neb. freshman freshman sophomore freshman sophomore freshman CORNETT, KATHERINE, Scandia CORNS, DEBORAH, Norton CORRICK, LUCINDA, Esbon COUCH, DAVID, Stockton COUNCIL, JANET, Dodge City COUNTRYMAN. RITA, Esbon freshman junior freshman sophomore |unior freshman CGRTNEY, LYNDLE, Pratt COX, CONNIE, Russell COX, CRAIG, Atwood COX DELORI-S, Gove COX. SHIRLEY, Palco CRAFT. SHIRLEY, Edson junior junior freshman sophomore sophomore junior 276 Classes Cr-Da CRAIG. RHONDA. Abilene freshman CRANDALL, STEPHEN, Fort Scott sophomore CRANE, RANDELL, Russell CRANE, RUTH, Wathena CRAVENS, RUSS, St. John CRAWFORD, CAROL, Lincoln untor unior unior unior CRAWFORD, NANCY, Saline freshman CR0NN, PAULA, WaKeeney freshman CROSS, DAVID E„ Pratt junior CROSS, DAVID R.. Lewis freshman CROSSLEY, DENISE, Kansas City sophomore CROW, DALE, Hays freshman CUDDY, LAWRENCE, Bonner Springs sophomore CUDNEY, SHARON, Belpre sophomore CUDNEY, VICKI. Marysville sophomore CULLUMBER, VAN. Greensburg freshman CURTIN, STEVEN, Colby freshman CURTIS. JERALD, Longford freshman CUTRIGHT, DAVID, St, John junior CUTRIGHT, DON. St. John sophomore DAHL, LARRY, Colby sophomore DALE, TERRY, Jamestown junior DANDORF, DENNIS, I selin, N. J. sophomore DANIELS, SALLY, Haigler, Neb, sophomore DARNELL, BRENDA, Bogue junior DARNELL, MARILYN, Bogue sophomore DAUBERT, RICHARD, Otis ,unior DAUBERT, VICTOR, Great Bend junior DAVIDSON, BRYCE, Wakefield junior DAVIDSON, SUE, Claflin sophomore a Fall and the campus ' numerous trees combine to bring the annual influx of leaves, b. The annually held Tiger Hop welcomes students back to college living. 277 Classes Da-De DAVIS. CHERYL, Goodland sophomore DAVIS, GENEVA. Ulysses freshman DAVIS. MARK, Garden City sophomore DAVIS, SUSAN, Kanopolls sophomore DAVISON. NANCY, Rolla freshmen DAY, MARJORIE, Osborne junior DEAN, KATHY, Liberal freshman DEAN. RONNIE, Glen Elder junior DEARDORFF, MERLE, Waldo junior DEBES, DARLENE, Cfeflin sophomore DEBEY. LINDA, Kirwin freshman DEBEY, WAYNE, Cawker City sophomore DEEDS. ROBIN. Montezuma sophomore DEGARMO, LARRY, Olathe sophomore DE GOOD, LANNY, St. Francis junior DEHAVEN, KAREN. Solomon freshman DEIBERT, EDWIN, Esbon junior DEIN ES, DENNIS, WaKeeney sophomore DEITER, RAY, Norton DELANEY, JEREL, Alton DELP, CHARISSE, Burdett DEMAREE. BRUCE, Goodland DEMAREE, KATHRYN Goodland DEMAREE, NEILA, Jetmore freshman sophomore freshman junior sophomore junior Teamwork is sometimes necessary to complete class a appmess is being awarded five trophies at the Kea a. b. Tourn m nt assignments. 278 Classes De-Do DENTON, DAVID. Atwood freshman DEPOY, DONNA, Downs freshman DEPPERSCHMIDT, PATTY, Part freshman DERBY, BETTY. Dresden junior DEYOE. FRED, Dodge City junior DIBBLE, JAMES, Alton junior DIBLE, ROBERT, Menlo junior DICK, ANN, Lyons junior DICK, RODNEY, Lucas sophomore DICKMAN. KATHY, Grinnell freshman DICKMAN, LUCINDA. Grinnell sophomore DIEHL, HENRY. Brootville freshman DIERKING. KENT, Fowler sophomore DIERKS, NANCY, Haven junior DIETZ CAROL, Of is sophomore DIM ITT, TERRY, Johnson freshman D1NGES, CHARLES. Hays freshman DINGES, MARLENE, Ness City junior D1NKEL. BRENDA. McCracken sophomore DlNKEL, DIANA, Morlaod freshman DIPMAN. DAVID Lamed freshman DIX. GERALDENE Cedar freshman DIZMANG, ROCHELLE. Goodland freshman DOAK, DEBORAH, Kansas City junior a Bicycling aids the environmental cause, and also aids getting around campus quicker. be Gridder Rick Doran waits for his temperature reading at athletic check- up. 279 Classes Do-Du DODRILL, DEBORAH, Denver, Colo. junior DODSON, LIBBY, Russell DOLL, DOUGLAS. Ellinwood DOLL MARK, Ellinwood DOLL SUSAN. Ingalls DONAH EY, DARYL Logan sophomore junior sophomore junior junior DONAHEY, LARRY, Logan DONALDSON. DEBRA, Plainville DORSCH, PATRICIA. Bird City DOTY, LARRY, Tribune DOUBRAVA, MARK, Wilson DOUD, RISE, Cawker City freshman freshman freshman junior freshman sophomore DOUGHERTY. JIM, Colby junior DOUTHIT REBECCA, St Francis freshman DRACH, PAMELA, Wright freshman DREHER, SHEILA, Hays sophomore DR El LING, DAVID. Ellis freshman DREIUNG, FLORENCE, Great Bend sophomore DREJLING. HOWARD. Hays freshman DREILING, JANE, Hays sophomore DREIUNG. JUDITH. Hays freshman DRIEUNG, JUDY, Shawnee Mission sophomore DREILING. LOIS. Hays fUf1 i or DREILING, MARILYN, Walker sophomore DREILING, SHERYL Hays DREILING, SUSAN, Victoria DRESSER LYNN. Manhattan DRESSMAN, SHANA, Goodland DRINEN, CINDY, Abilene DUGAN, JUDY, Osborne | umor freshman junior junior freshman I union of the ™ in • - b. 280 Classes Du-Fa DUGAN, VICKIE Osborne freshman DUNN, DAWN. Dodge City junior DUN NINO. ALAN, Stockton sophomore DUVALL. SANDRA, Salma freshman EADES. JOHN, Stockton freshman ECK, MARY, Collyer sophomore ECK. MIKE, Sharon ECKHARDT. DONNA, Qberlin EDMUNDSON, DEBRA. Wichita EDSON, SHERYL. Plainville EDWARDS, JAMES, Great Bend EDWARDS, WILLIAM, Jewell EGGERS, HENRY, Yates Center EHLY, MARSHA LaCrosse EILERT. KAY, Portfs El TEL, JANET. Scott ELDER, BRENDA, Leoti ELDER, PAULA, Salma ELLIOT, IRENE, Ellinwood ELLIOTT, ANITA, Phillipsburg ELLIOTT, CHARLES H. Edson ELLIOTT, CHARLES K.. Manhattan freshman ELLIOTT. JACQUELYN, Leon junior ELLIOTT, LINDA, Phillipsburg freshman ELLIOTT, PAUL, Paradise freshman ELLIOTT, WILLIAM, Hill City junior ELLIS, MARTHA Kingman junior ELMORE, GEORGE, Rozel sophomore ELSTON, JAMES. Syracuse junior ENGEL, DEVON A, Great Bend sophomore ENGEL, DONNA, Bison junior ENGELSMAN. LOIS, Prairie View freshman ENG 1 D, MERLENE, Buhler junior ENGLISH RITA, Lenexa sophomore ENSLOW, MARILYN, Lakin freshman ENSLOW, MARY ANN, Lakin junior sophomore junior freshman freshman freshman junior junior junior junior freshman freshman freshman freshman junior junior ERICKSEN, KATHLEEN Ellsworth ERICKSON. ERICK, Scandia junior ESTES, KRISTY, Dodge City sophomore EVANS, RANDALL, Gove sophomore EVtRT, KAREN. GoodJand junior FABIN, BEVERLY, Phillipsburg freshman FA8RIZIUS, RUTH, WaKeeney FAGER, WAYNE, Ellsworth FAGG DOROTHY, LaCrosse FAIMON, SUSAN, Stratton, Neb. FANNING, CECYLE. Hays FARLEY, PATRICIA, Abilene freshman freshman junior junior sophomore freshman 281 Classes Fa-Ga FARR. KAROL, Stockton FARRIS, GARY, Edson FAZEL. CYNTHIA, Concordia FEARING, RANDY. Burr Oak FEfKERT, SHARON, St. Francis FELDT, RONDALD, Park freshman sophomore junior freshman freshman sophomore FELZIEN, MARLA, Benkelman, Neb. junior FERLAND, DONALD, Zurich freshman FEY, KRISTINE, Selina freshman FIALA, PEGGY, Oberlin freshman FIELDER, PHILIP, Belleville soph omore FIELDS, LAVERNE, Sedgwick freshman FILE, DEE ANN, Beloit FINCH, JERRY, Greensburg FINGER, DONALD Roiel FINNESY, DOUG. Plainville FISH, SUE, WaKeeney FISHER DONNA, St. John FISHER, JULEE, Oberlin FISHER, NANCY, Salma |umor freshman junior freshman sophomore junior freshman junior FISHIER, PEGGY Central City, Neb. sophomore junior junior junior FLAX. MARY, Oakley FLEMING, DIANE, Kanopolis FLETCHER, C1NDI, Leotl FLEWELLING. DEANNA, Courtland freshman HARD, Sharon Springs sophomore PATRICIA, LaCrosse sophomore FORRJSTAL, GEORGE, Claflin sophomore FOSTER, ANN, Hays junior FOSTER, RONALD, Great Bend freshman FOX, BRADLEY. Burdett FOX, LANCE, Stafford FRAHM. RICHARD, Hanover FRANK. SALLY. Hays , upr FREDRICKSON. DENNIS, Smith Center FRICK, STEVEN, Kinsley sopWe sophomore sophomore junior sophomore FROST, JANA, Springdale. Ark. junior FROST, JUDITH, Sauna freshman FUKASAWA. YOSHIKAZU. Engaru, Japan PULSHUM.RANOA. Glade ' YresUan FURBECK, CINDY. LaCrosse junior Gaither, Cassandra, WaKeeney junior GALE, LEE, Concordia freshmar r ihh A To Dodge Ci+ v 4T™ Medicine Lodge junioi LLOWAY MAY, WaKeeney IJhma LRICHARD, Hill City sophomore GARDNER, LARRY, Plevna junior 282 GARRETT. CATHEY. Wa Keeney junior GARRETT, DEBORAH. Great Bend junior GARRETT, LARRY. St. Francis junior GARRETT, PATTI, Lawrence freshman GARTEN, CATHY, Sharon sophomore GATTERMAN, MICHAEL. Sublette freshman GEBHARD, MARSLIE, Long Island junior GEBHARDS. JAMES. Weskan freshman GE HTER. DONNA, Cimarron freshman GECHTER MARSHA, Cimarron junior GEORG. MIRIAM, Alexander freshman GEORGE, EDDIE. Manter junior GEORGE, SONDRA, Lakin freshman GERBER RITA, Hutchinson freshman GERRITZEN. JEANETTE, Great Bend sophomore GERSTBERGER, LINDA, Marientha! freshman GERSTENKORN. DEBORAH. Great Bend junior GERSTENKORN LINDA, Athol sophomore GHOLSON, JANE, Dodge City junior GIBBS R!CK, Manchester freshman GIBSON, RICHARD, Ashland junior GIEBLER, CECILIA, Hays freshman GIEBLER, KAREN, Hays sophomore GIEBLER. SHEILA, Hays freshman Classes Ga-Gi 283 si essel, Thomas, Lamed GIFFORD. BELINDA, Kinsley GILES, A U DRY, Spearville GILES MICHAEL, Lamed GILLEN, COLLEEN, Ulysses GILLEN JAMES. Meade freshman junior freshman junior sophomore freshman GILLEN, JOHN, Gaylord sophomor GILLIHAN, GLORIA, Denver, Colo, freshma GILLILAND, MICHAEL. Topeka fresh ma GILMORE, DEBRA, Medicine Lodge freshma GIVENS, BOB Arkansas City j un j 0 LAURA, Arkansas City sophomor. GLEASON, GERALD, Kinsley GLEASON, JIMMY Bird City GLEASON, MARK, Kinsley GLENDENING, TIMOTHY Anahei freshman junior sophomore m. Calif. GLEUE, STEVEN, Belleville GOEBEL, BETTY, Wilmore junior junior freshman GOEBEL. KENNETH, Wilmore GOHEEN, DALE, Downs GOODIN, RODNEY, Clay Center GORACKA. JOSEPH, Agra GORDON, ANITA, Hays GOTH, KEVIN, Abilene junior junior freshman freshman freshman freshman GOTH, WARREN, Abilene j unic n CHALK, CAROL, Hays freshma ™c ALIC JUL ' ANNE. LaCrosse junic GOTTSCHALK, KAREN, Hays freshma GOUDY, LINDA, Macksville V sophomor, GRABBE, RICHARD, Hays sophomor, Classes Gi-Gr 284 Classes Gr-Gu GRABBE, ROSEMARIE, Hays junior GRAHAM BARBARA, Clyde junior GRAHAM. JERRY, Mahaska sophomore GRAHAM, STEVEN, Miltonvaie sophomore GRANT, JAMES, Hoisington sophomore GRANT, NANCY. Hardtner freshman GRASS, JENNIFER. LaCrosse freshman GRAVER AMBER, Rush Center sophomore GRAY. ALICE, Phillipsburg junior GRAY DEBORAH Topeka freshman GRAY, FRANK, Topeka sophomore GRAY, JAMES, Geneseo junior GRAY, JOE, Arkansas City junior GREEN. JAMES, Wichita junior GRE EN. ROXY, Lucas junior GREENWOOD, BRENDA, Cimarron freshman GREGG, RICHARD Banning, Calif, freshman GREGORY. JOHN, Woodston freshman GREINER, PATRICIA, Hunter freshman GRICE, DIANE, Medicine Lodge freshman GRIFFIN, JANICE, Colby junior GRIFFITHS, ROBERT North Platte, Neb. junior GRIFFITHS. ROXANN. Hays junior GRIPPIN, GARY, Russell junior GROSS. DELORES, Hays sophomore GROSS. LESTER, Hays junior GROSSHANS. JAMES. Scott City sophomore GUETTSCHE. PHYLLIS, Hays sophomore GUGLER, SHARON, Junction City freshman GUNN, STEVE Dodge City . junior a ◄ b ► a. Fort Hays ' scenic campus is an inviting place to stroll on a warm autumn day. b Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority spells out a desire for the Homecoming game. 235 Classes Gu-Ha GUSTAFSON, JEANETTE, Smolen HAAG, DALE, Garden City HAAS, JANE, Ness City HAAS, SHARON, Hoisinqton HACKER. ROSE, P.aft HADLEY, JULIA, Norton freshman freshman sophomore sophomore junior sophomore HADLEY, STEPHEN, Wichita sophomore HADORN. DEE, Goodland sophomore HAGER, KATHY. Clayton freshman HAGER. LINDA, Clayton sophomore HAHN, RICKIE, Dodge City sophomore HALE, PATRICIA, Ulysses junior HALL, DEBORAH, Russell HALL, DEBRA, Haviland HALL, STEVEN £„ Garfield HALL, STEVEN L. Liberal HALLAGIN, JEAN Goodland HALLAGIN, ROLLAND, Goodland freshman freshman sophomore junior junior junior HALLfNG. JEANETTE, Hanston sophomore HAMEL. CATHRYN, Zurich freshman HAMMAN. JANICE, Garden City junior HAMMEKE, MARY. Belpre freshman HAMMER, PATRICIA, Eflinwood Junior HAMMERSCHMIDT JEANET, Hays sophomore HAMMERSCHMIDT, KAREN, Hays freshman HAMMERSCHMIDT, KATHLEEN, Hays jumor R £ NDYi Abllene Whman Great Bend freshman NANCY, Wells freshman HANHARDT, RONALD, Bison junior HANSEN. EARL. Alexander HANSEN, JAMES, Lincoln HANSEN, JAMES. Hutchinson HARBAUGH, MARSHA, Kiowa HARBIN, RUTH, Hays HARDESTY, SANDRA, Dodge City junior junior sophomore freshman freshman freshman HARDIN, CONNIE, Newton HARDING, LEE. Stockton HARDING, MARY LOU. Goodland HARGADINE, ROY, Mullinville HARLOW, JIM, Barnard HARMAN, PATRICK, Jennings junior junior junior sophomore freshman sophomore HARMAN SHERRY, Jennings HARMAN, SUELLEN. Hays HARMS, DONNA, Hoisinqton HARPER, PEGGY, Frankfort HARPER, SANDRA, Colby HARRIS. PHILIP, Great Bend junior freshman junior sophomore junior freshman 286 a. Too young to attend classes, this little lass enjoys making her appearance on campus b. Chilled mornings hinder student pedestrians in arriving at their early classes. HARRISON, TAD, Oakley junior HARTLE, JUNE, Lyons freshman HARTMAN. BILLY, Lebanon freshman HARTMAN CYNTHIA Topeka freshman HARTNETT, LEWIS, Pleinville freshman HASELHQRST, JOYCE, Hays freshman HASKETT, PAULINE, Phillipsburg junior HASKINS ROBERT Formoso junior HATTEN MARY, Abilene sophomore HAVENER, NELDA Plainville sophomore HAWKS, JOHN, Almena freshman (Deceased, Dec. 22, 1970) HAWLEY BRUCE, Phillipsburg freshman HAYDEN SALLY, Goodland sophomore HAYES, JOHN Atwood freshman HEBRLEE, JAMES, Garden City junior HEDGlS, GREGORY. Kiowa freshman HEDRICK, STEPHEN, Hutchinson junior HEEKE. M. THERESA, Spearville sophomore HEIDRICK. STEVEN, Beloit junior HEIN, TERENCE Gra infield sophomore HEINZE. PATRICIA Lincoln freshman HEINZE, RHONDA, Wilson freshman HEJNY, RALPH, Olmitz junior HELIN. GERALD, Brewster sophomore HELM, MARILYN Junction City sophomore HEM ME, ROBERT, BucUin junior HEM MY, JAMES, Salina junior HENDERSHOT, RHONDA Natoma freshman HENDERSON. KAREN, Wichita sophomore HENRY, ADINA, Liberal freshman HERMAN EDDIE. Scott City sophomore HERMAN, KATHRYN, Hays freshmar HERMAN. WILLIAM, Sharon Springs junior HERONEME, WILLIAM, Zurich sophomore HERONEMUS. SUSAN, Stueids sophomore HERPICH LEAH. Ada freshman HERRMAN, CHRIS. Ensign sophomore HERRMAN, JEFFREY, Hays freshman HERRMAN, ROCHELLE. Hays junior HERRMANN, PATRICIA, Kinsley sophomore HERRMANN, THOMAS. Dodge City , , _ _ _ sophomore HERRON LINDA, Spearville junior HERSHBERGER. SHERRY, Hutchinson HESTER. PAMELA Bucklin HESTERMAN, DAVID, Kensington HEUBLEIN, DIANE. Nashville HEWETT DAVID, Hays HEWSON, GALEN, Lamed sophomore junior freshman junior freshman junior HICK EL, BARBARA, Ellmwood HICKMAN, RANDALL, Vista, Cal sophomore if HIEGERT. CHERYL, Wichita HIGGINS, RICHARD, McCracken „pho ™ HIGH, LINDA, Plainville fresh mar HIGLEY. GLEN EVA Atwood lunio HILGENBERG. SHEILA. Ellis HILKER. BARBARA McCook, Neb. HILL, BARBARA, Ulysses HILL, KARLA, Liberal HILL, THEODORE. Logan HILL, THOMAS, Lakin freshman freshman freshman freshman junior freshman Classes He-Hi 238 Classes Hi-Hu HINKLE. BRAD. Syracuse HITTLE, JIMMY, Huqoton HLAUS. JUDITH, Wilson HOAR. PATRICIA, Hill City HOCH, ROBERT. Wilson sophomore junior junior freshman freshman sophomore HODGES. JENNIE. Geneseo HODGINS, ELIZABETH Belleville HODGSON. JAMES, Garnett HOFFHAUS, KAREN. Great Bend HOFFMAN, CAROL, Hays umor unior junior junior freshman HOFFMAN, FLOYD. Hays HOFFMAN RONALD. Hays HOKE, PATRICIA, Hays HOLL. STEVEN, Lincoln HOILE, BECKY, Ludefl HOLLER, HARRIS, Gorham sophomore sophomore junior junior freshman junior HOLLIMAN, MICHAEL, St. Francis HOLLOWAY, DAVE, Sublette HOLMES, COLLEEN. Lakin HOLMES, PATRICIA. Kiowa HOLMES. STEVEN, Bow.e, Md HOLYAK. JOHN, Hays sophomore freshman freshman junior freshman freshman HOLZWARTH, VVLOR, St, Francis HOMAN, NANCY, Minneapolis NONAS, GERALD, Ellis HOOVER. BRENDA, Bazine HOOVER. JAMES, Phillipsburg HOOVER, MARY, Minneapolis freshman freshman sophomore sophomore junior freshman . ivieaoe HOOVER, SUSAN Chap man Deceased March 12, 1971 HOPKINS. KATHY, Overland Pi HORINEK, ROBERTA Page Cif HORNER. JAY Liberal HORNING, EMILY. Ransom freshman sophomore freshman freshman sophomore freshman HORTON. LORETTA, Hays HORYNA. JOYCE, Bhson HOUSE, BETTY, Medicine Lodge HOUSTON, HELEN. Norton HOWARD. DENNIS, Goodland HOWELL, RONALD, Haviland freshman funjor junior junior junior freshman HOWELL, SHARON. Lucas junior HOWELL, STELLA. St. Matthews, S. C. junior HUBALEK, SHIRLEY, WaKeeney freshman HUBERT. GREGORY, Monument freshman HUDDLESTON, KATHY Alexander sophomore HUDSON, DEONE, Marienthal junior 289 Classes Hu-Ji HUDSON, RAY, Stanford junior HUEBNER, GLORIA, Bushton junior HUET. KATHY, Hays freshman HUFF, TERRY, Ellinwood junior HULL, DOROTHY, Phillipsburg sophomore HULLSHIELA, Hays fresh man HUNG. YEE PING, Hong Kong freshman HUNLEY, RICKEY, Hudson junior HUNT, RHONDA, Phillipsburg sophomore HUNTER, PHYLLIS, Genesee sophomore HUNTER RUTH. Manlcafo junior HUSLIG, KATHLEEN. Clef fin sophomore HUSTED, ANITA, Liberal sophomore HUSTON, MARK. Abilene freshman HUSTON, ROSEMARY, Abilene sophomore HUTCHINS. MARY. Scott City freshman HUTCHINSON. THOMAS, WaKeeney sophomore HUXMAN, KIM, Arnold sophomore IDEKER, VICKI, Rozel IMM SHERI, Phillipsburg IRBY. RICHARD Liberal IVEY. RICKEY, Plainville JACKSON. STANLEY, Riverton, JACOBS, DEBRA, Hays sophomore freshman |unior freshman Neb. freshman sophomore JACOBS. KATHLEEN, Russell JACOBS, PATRICIA. Pfeifer JACOBS. THOMAS. Hays JACOBS, WILLIAM, Pfeifer JACOBSON, HOWARD. El Dorado |urii „ r JACQUES. EDWIN, Ensign sophomore sophomore freshman junior junior junior JACQUES, KAREN, Ellis JAHAY, EMILY, Ellinwood JAMES, RICHARD, Hugoton JAMISON. GALEN, Quinter JANKE, MARCIA, Junction City JAMKOVITS. GERY, Herndon sophomore sophomore freshman junior freshman junior JANKOVITS. ROXANNA, Goodland freshman JANNE. DONNA, Wilson ; uni0 r JANSEN, MICHAEL, Junction City junior BARA, Dodge City junior JARBOE, RALPH, Wellington JECHA, MARGARET, Timken junior sophomore J ELI NEK, MARVIN, Bluff City JENSEN, DAVID, Lincoln JENSEN, DE8RA, Hays JENSEN, MAREN, Hays JILKA, NANCY, Hill City JIMENEZ. ANNA, Garden City freshman sophomore freshman junior freshman junior 290 Classes Jo-Ju JOHNSON. BRYAN, Hays sophomore JOHNSON, CASEY. Gra infield sophomore JOHNSON. CHARLENE, Hill City freshman JOHNSON. DAN, McPherson freshman JOHNSON. EDITH, Russell freshman JOHNSON. EDNA, Scandia freshman JOHNSON, ELOISE, Falun freshman JOHNSON, GAYLORD, Salina junior JOHNSON, GREGORY, Courtland junior JOHNSON, JAMES. Lamed sophomore JOHNSON. JEFFREY, Hays freshman JOHNSON, JOHANNA, Lenora sophomore JOHNSON, JOHN, Hays JOHNSON, KARLA. Sioux Falls. S. D. freshman JOHNSON, KATHRYN, Hays freshman JOHNSON, MARY, Red Cloud, Neb, freshman JOHNSON, MARY LOU, Hill City junior JOHNSON, PEGGY, Kirwin junior JOHNSON, RICHARD, Red Cloud, Neb. junior JOHNSON, SANDRA, Hays junior JOHNSON, TAUNYA, Russell freshman JONES, DONNA. Penalosa junior JONES, ROBERT, Glasco freshman JONES. SUSAN, Overland Park sophomore JONES, VIRGIL Formoso junior JORGENSEN, LINDA, Lincoln sophomore JORGENSEN, REXANN. Lincoln sophomore JOSEPH, SHIRLEY KAY, Lamed freshman JOYCE, LINDA, Hays freshman JUAREZ, JUNE, Junction City freshman A worried Tiger Deb hopes the error she saw was to the advantage of the home team, b. Bowling facilities in the Union are used for the December Inter-hall Council party. 291 Classes Ju-Ke JULIAN, BASIL, Johnson junior KAHLER, KIT, Clyde sophomore KANAK. JOSEPH, Atwood freshman KARLIN, LINDA, Hays junior KARLIN, MARGARET. Hays sophomore KARLIN, MARY, Hays sophomore KARLIN, SUSAN, Hays sophomore KARST, MELVINA, Hays freshman KARST, SUSAN, Wichita sophomore KASER, LYNDIE, Smith Center freshman KASHKA, ANTOINETTE Goodland junior KASL, JACK, Concordia sophomore KASTENS, DIANNA, Oberlin KASTENS, GARY, Herndon KATZENMEIER, DANA, Norton KAUFMAN, ROGER, Dorrance KEARNS, DAVID, Phillipsbura KEENAN, JANEiL, Jennings sophomore sophomore junior sophomore sophomore junior KEIL, JANET, Hays KEIL. LARRY. Hays KEITH, LINDA, Great Bend KELLER, CECIL, Halstead KELLER, JAMES, Pueblo, Colo. KELLER. KENNETH, St. John freshman junior junior freshman sophomore junior KELMAN. BEVERLY, Sublette KELTNER. JAMES, Meade KEMP, CATHERINE, Winona KEMPER, MARCUS, Logan KENNEDY. SHERYL, Hosie KENYON. M. JOLENE. Bogue sophomore junior junior sophomore junior sophomore a. b. inrersession students find themselves trudginq thro Construct, on of Fort Hays’ H. P. E. R. building bee snow to get to class, in the spring. 292 KERN, DONNA, Smith Center junior KERSEY. KATHLEEN, Johnson sophomore KERSEY. LYLE, Little York, III. freshman KERSHNER RONALD, Rozel freshmen KETTERL. BERNARD, Herndon sophomore KETTERL. MARK, Herndon sophomore KINDHART. DEBRA, St. John freshman KING, BOYD. Lewis freshman KING, ELIZABETH Hays sophomore KIN5ER, JOSEPHINE Garden City sophomore KINSEY, JANIS, Medicine Lodge junior KiRK, LAN IS, Winona junior KIRK, SHERYL. Winona sophomore KIRN, LARRY, Minneapolis freshman KITCH, DANNY, Garden City junior KLAUS, MARIE, Hays freshman KLAUS, RICHARD, McCracken junior KLEMA, KARLEEN, Russell freshman KLENDA TIMOTHY, Lincolnville freshman KLETCHA. RONALD, Goddard junior KLING, GARY, Belleville senior KNELLER, LINDA, Pratt freshman KNIGHT, DONNA. Stockton sophomore KNIGHT, JAMES, Salina sophomore KNIGHT, KARIN, Hoaie jumor KNOPP. ANITA, Hays sophomore KNOPP. MARY, Leoville junior KNOX, CONNIE, Brewster junior KNOX, SUSAN, Wellington sophomore KOCH, DALE, Cawker City sophomore " lasses Ke-Ko 293 Classes Ko-La KOELUNG. DEANNA, Great Bend junior KOHL. KEN. Ellis sophomore KOLLING, ANNETTE, Winfield freshman KOOPS. ROBERT, Downs freshman KOOTZ, KATHLEEN, Kanopolis sophomore KOPTIK, JANET, Great Bend sophomore KOSTER ART, Cawker City sophomore KOSTER, MARLA. Cawker City lunior KOUGH, MICHAEL Wi nona sophomore KRAMER, JAMES, Hays freshman KRAMPE, LYNN, Stewart junior KRAUS, PAUL. Grain field freshman KRAUS, REBECCA, Hays junior KRAUS, ROBERT Grainfield junior KRAUSE PEG, Albion, Neb. sophomore KREUTZER, ALLEN, Hays freshman KRILEY, KAY, Esbon sophomore KROBOTH, JIMMY, Wilson sophomore KROBOTH, PATRICIA, Wilson freshman KRUG, MARK, LaCrosse freshman KUGLER, VICKI, Esbon ; un ; cr KUHLMAN, DEVON. Kensington freshman KUHLMANN. JERREL, Athol freshman KUHN, CARLE, Cawker City junior KUHN, ED. Victoria KUHN. JUDITH, Ellis KUHN, KERRYN, Emporia KUIPER, KENNETH, Prairie View KUNZA, ROBERT, Liberal KVASNICKA, KAY, Paradise sophomore |unior sophomore junior funior sophomore KWAN. HING LAM. Hong Kong freshman LAAS, LARRY. Brookville junior LADEN BURGER, DANIEL. Oakley sophomore LADENBURGER. ROBERT, Grainfield P LAHEY, DARCY, Moscow LAMPE, DEBRA, St. Francis freshman freshman freshman LANG, JEROME, Horsington LANG. SHARON, Lenora LANSDEN. RITA, Wellington LANTERMAN, WILLIAM, Salma LARE, DEBRA, Phillipsburg LARE, DENISE Phillipsburg junior junior freshman freshman freshman freshman LARSON, BARBARA, Chapman LARUE, ROGER, Russell LATHAM. CHERYL, Hoisington LAUBHAM. MICHAEL Russell LAWRENZ, RONALD, Herington LAWYER. MARGARET, Goodland junior freshman sophomore sophomore freshman freshman 294 Classes La-Li LAY, PATRICIA, Hope sophomore LE COUNT, GARY, Norton sophomore LEDELL, WARY. McPherson freshmen LEE, ANITA, Downs freshman LEE, CAROLYNE, Garden City sophomore LEE, GARY, Oakley junior LEGERE, JERRY, Bogue senior LEHMAN, JOHN, Leawood sophomore LEIKER, ALLEN, Hays sophomore LEIKER, IRVIN, Munjor junior LEIKER, JEN, Hays freshman LEINWETTER LYNETTE, Atwood sophomore LEIS, BARBARA, Fowler sophomore LE1TNER, LINDA, Herndon junior LEITNER, RANDOLPH, Herndon sophomore LEMON, CLETA, Smith Center junior LEONARD, DAVID, Lakin sophomore LE ROCK. ALLAN, Plainvlle junior LIBY, DAVID Minneapolis freshman LIGGETT, JANE. Mullinville sophomore LINDAHL, JULIA. Russell sophomore LINDBERG, CURTIS. Courtland freshman LINDBERG, SONJA, Sublette sophomore UNDENMAN, LOIS, Montand sophomore a. A new year brought snow to the campus. b, December meant getting into the spirit of Christmas. 295 Classes Li-Ma LINDER, KRISTA, Langdon freshman LINENBERGER, DONNA. Hays sophomore LINENBERGER, GILBERT, Hays junior LINENBERGER, JANICE, Hays sophomore LIVELY, DANA, Salina junior LOEPPKE, SANDRA, Lakin junior LOE5CH. JAMES, Raymond sophomore LON NON, THOMAS, Hays junior LOOK, LAWRENCE, Stockton sophomore LORENZ, ANITA, Bison sophomore LORSON, DON, Hope freshman LORSON, PHILLIP, Hope freshman LOW, MARK, Fowler freshman LOYD, MAX, Hiawatha freshman LUCAS, PAULA, Jetmore freshman LUEDKE, DARRYL, Atwood junior LUETTERS, DONNA, Ransom junior LUHMAN, SUSAN, Na+oma sophomore LYNCH, MARCIA, Hugoton LYNN, DONALD. WaKeeney LYNN, LARRY, Meade MACE, HENRY, Oberlin MACHAL. JOSEPH, Hays MADDEN. MARSHA, Great Bend junior junior junior sophomore junior junior MADDEN, PAMELA. Hill City freshman MADDY, WILLIAM, Stockton sophomore MAHER. DEBRA, Great Bend freshman MAHLMAN. LEE Smith Center junior MAI, CONNIE, Hoisington sophomore MAI. JOHN, WaKeeney sophomore t hletes a ! ° r State get great care and attention from their trainers, b. Card check stands are constant stops throughout the Union during enrollment. 296 Classes AAa-AAc MAIFELD. BETTY, Salina freshman MAJOR, RONALD. Dorrance sophomore MAJOR. STEVEN, Dorrance freshman MALEY, DARREL, Logan sophomore MALLORY, PATRICK, Colby junior MALONE, MARY, Ford sophomore MANNING, JUDY, Oberlin freshman MANNING, YVONNE, Jetmore junior MARES, JERRY, Natoma freshman MAPE5, JOHN, Norton junior MARES, KERRY, Natoma freshman MAR, JOHN. Great Bend sophomore MARCOTTE, MICHAEL, Victoria sophomore MARESCH, JUDY, Nekoma junior MARIS, RONALD, Protection junior MARKS, GAYLE, Caldwell freshman MARRS, CHARLES, Meade sophomore MARTENS. DAVID. Wilmore freshman MARTIN. PAUL, Utica junior MARTIN, ROBERT, Decatur freshman MASON, DENNIS, Stockton sophomore MASON, ROSELLA, Morrowville junior MASSER CONNIE Turn water, Wash. junior MASSER NEIL. Tumwafer, Wash. junior MAST BETHANY, Millersburg, Ohio freshman MASTERS. LARRY, Scott City junior MATEY EC, CHARLENE Ellin wood freshman MATHE5. SUSAN, Norton junior M ATKIN MARLA. Bucklin junior MAUESON, DORIS, Phillipsburg sophomore MAUPIN. TOM, Paradise sophomore MAURATH, RONALD, Meade junior MAZOUCH, EUGENE, Timken junior Mc vFEE KATHY, Palco sophomore McALLISTER CHANNING, Liberal sophomore McCALMONT, TANIA Sublette junior McCANDLESS, LINDA St. John freshman McCLELLAN, FRANK, Cunningham junior McCLELLAN, ROBERT, Phillipsburg freshman McCLELLAND, GLENN. Studley sophomore McCLURE, ALANA. Republic junior McCRAY. LOANN. Phillipsburg freshman McCULLOUGH, CYRILLA. Dodge City senior McCUNE, TERRY. Meade junior McELHANEY. NANCY, Hays sophomore McELROY, DIANE, Randall sophomore McFADDEN, GAYLE, Hanston junior McFALL, ARLENE Ransom freshman 297 Classes Mc-Mi McFALL, JAN ELL, Pratt junior McFARLAND, GALEN, Almena freshman McFARLAND, JOANN, Hutchison junior McFARLAND, MARLYS, Ensign freshman McFARLANE, BRENDA, Salrna freshman McGovern. Kathleen, Garden oty junior McGOWAN, MELVA, Salina McGREEVY, ROBERT, Great Bend McKENNA, MICHAEL, Jennings McLEAN, ANITA. Pratt McLEAN, BYRAN, Protection McCLELAND, DAVID. Great Bend junior freshman freshman junior junior junior McMILLEN, DIANA, Wichita freshman McMULLEN, DRONDA, Norton freshman McNABB, TONYA. Elkhart sophomore McNlCHOLS MARCIA, Burr Oak freshman McNINCH, GEORGE, Arnold junior McNlTT, ROSEANNA, Phiflipsburg sophomore McREYNOLDS, WILLIAM, Hutchison junior McVICAR. JANENE, Sedgwick freshman MEACHAM, SHERRY, Newton freshman MEAD STEVEN. Pratt junior MEAIRS. DEBRA, Nashville freshman MEAIRS, EARL, Medicine Lodge sophomore MEDER, JEROME, Pfeifer MEDER. TERRANCE, Pfeifer MEIER. LINDA, Hays MEfREIS, DWAINE, Goodfand MEIROWSKY, JEANINE, Peabody MEIS, HAROLD, Hays sophomore freshman junior sophomore sophomore sophomore MEfTl REGINA. Dresden MELUES, DEBRA, Ness City MERMIS, CLYDE, Hays MERMIS. RICHARD, Hays MER R f FIELD. TERRY, Agra MESECHER, GAYLE, Lucas sophomore freshman sophomore junior sophomore freshman MESSERLY, DEBRA, Sublette MET2LER, ROBERT Brewster MEYER, CHRIS, Sylvan Grov MEYER, MAXINE Osborne michaelis, Barbara, iw MICHEL, TONI Kiowa sophomore sophomore freshman sophomore junior junior MICKEY, ALLAN, Salma MILAM, VICKI. Blinwood MILEY, KATHLEEN, Kanor MILLER, BLAINE, Phillip s b k MILLER, BRUCE, Hays MILLER, DENIS, Kensingtoi freshman junior sophomore sophomore freshman sophomore 298 Classes Mi-Mo MILLER. E, ANN. Albert junior MILLER, JUNE, Hoisington sophomore MILLER, KANDIS, Wilson freshmen MILLER, KAREN, Albert sophomore MILLER, KATHLENE. Norcatur freshman MILLER, KATHY. Hoisington sophomore MILLER, LEIAND. Albert MILLER, MARY, Norton MILLER. MICHAEL, Cleflin MILLER, ROBERT, Great Bend MILLER, RONALD K„ Great Bend MILLER, RONALD L„ Albert freshman freshman freshman junior sophomore junior MILLER, THOMAS, Hays freshman MILLER, VICKY. Hays freshman MILLER, WAYNE Burdett junior MILLS, RITA, Garden City sophomore MILLSTEAD, MARTHA, Overland Park sophomore MILNER, DEAN, Courtland freshman MINDRUP. GERALD, Clayton junior MINNEMAN, JEFF, Salina freshman MINNEMAN, ROBERT, Tescott sophomore MISER TIM, Cottonwood Falls junior MITCHELL, GREGORY, Marysville freshman MOODY, DAVID 1 La kin freshman MOORE, CAROLYN, Belle Plaine freshman MOORE JOLENE, Clyde sophomore MOORE. MARGARET. Great Bend sophomore MOOS, CAROL. Plainville junior MORGAN, ALEXIS, Dodge City sophomore MORGAN, JANET, Long Island freshman b ► a Finding enough space in cabinets and closets is difficult for college students, b. Members of the Home Economics Chapter work diligently on one of the proj- ects. 299 Classes Mo-Na MORRIS. DONNA. Hill City freshman MQRRISH, MARY, Albuquerque, N. Mex. freshman MORRISON. DOUGLAS, Sedgwick junior MORRISON. SUSAN, Saline freshman MORTON. ROYCE. Ellis Sophomore MOSER, SHEILA, Winona junior MOTT. CRAIG, Kiowa junior MOWRY. MELBA, Hoxie freshman MOXTER, LOWELL, Cawker City freshman MUCK CHERYL, Downs freshman MUJRHEAD, LEANN, Oberlin sophomore MULLENIX, PATRICIA, Farmington, N. Mex freshman MUNSCH MARY, Hays sophomore MUNSCH, STANLEY, Ness City freshman MUNSEY, JAMES, Mankato freshman MURPHY, CONNIE. Natoma freshman MURPHY, LLOYD, Hays freshman MUSGROVE, TRUDY, Natoma sophomore MUTZ. ELIZABETH, Norton MYERS. JOEL, Smith Center MYERS, PATRICIA, Scott City NALANPOON, SIRINUM, Thailand NASH, CYNTHIA, Goodland NAYLOR. PATRICIA. Concordia freshman freshman junior freshman freshman sophomore n! V MB f VI Classes Ne-Od NEADERHISER, PAMELA, Longford freshman NECH, JOAN, Morlond junior NECH, LARRY, Kensington junior NEOROW, MARY. K irwin junior NEIDENTHAL, JOANN. Rush Center sophomore NEIDERMEYER DEBRA Goodland freshman NEIDHART, PAUL. Hoisington freshman NELSON, BARBARA E, Lincoln junior NELSON, BARBARA J„ Beloit |unior NELSON, BRENDA Nickerson junior NELSON. JON, Johnson freshman NELSON. JOYCE. Colby junior NEU8URGER LORETTA, Norton junior NEU BURGER. M AR LENA, Norton freshman NEWELL. ARLEN, Hays junior NEWTON, SANDRA. Natoma freshman NICHOL, DANA Hill City freshman NICHOLAS. JOEL, Johnson junior NICKELL. BETTY, Natoma freshman NICKEISON. SHERYL. Oakley junior NIECE, KERRY, Beach, N. D. junior NIEMEIER, DEBRA, Stockton sophomore NILSSON, KAREN. Los Alamos, N. M. sophomore NIPPLE. DONALD, Moscow freshman NIPPLE, FREDRICK. Moscow sophomore NOEL NANCY, Glasco sophomore NOKES, BRENDA, Sharon Springs sophomore NONDORF, WILLIAM, Hoxie junior NOONE, JAMES, Jennings freshman NORDBERG, ERNEST Tribune freshman NOR DEN, EDWARD, Kensington junior NOR DEN, ELAINE, Kensington junior NORMAN, JERiS, Hays freshman NORVELL. JOE, Lincoln junior NORWOOD, FREDRICK, Sahna freshman NOTTINGHAM, DEBORAH. Scott City freshman NOVINGER. CARL, Plains junior NUCKOLLS, RHONDA, Burdetf freshman NUSSER, JOHN, Elkhart junior NUSSER, TERRY, Jetmore sophomore NYHOFF, SUZANNE, Downs freshman OBERT MARK. Esbon sophomore OBORNY. MILDRED, Timken junior OCHS, MARY, Russell Springs sophomore OCHS, STEPHAN, Great Bend junior OCHSNER. ROBERT St. Francis junior ODEGARD, STEVEN, Great Bend junior ODEN, LINDA, Russell freshman 301 Classes Od-Pe ODLE, GARY, Glen Elder OELKERS, CONNIE, McCracken OKESON, DAVID. Weskan OLDER, LYNELLE, Wichita OLSON, FREDERICK, Clyde OLSON. MARK, Saline freshman sophomore junior junior ■freshman freshman OREAGAN, JEANETTE, Stockton ORJNGDEREF. RICHARD, Sublette ORWIG, LYNDA, Abilene OSBORNE, CHARLES, Hanston OSBORNE, RODNEY, Hanston OSBURN, JEAMIE, Peabody sophomore freshman freshman junior freshman junior OSBURN, GARY, Peabody OSH EL, JUDY, Holy rood O ' TOOLE, DAVID, Oberlin OTTE, BARBARA, Cawicer City OWENS, CYNTHIA, Edson PAGET, WILLIAM, Lebanon freshman junior sophomore freshman freshman junior PAHLS, DENNIS, Cawker City PAHLS, JANET, Cawker City PAHLS. PATRICIA, Downs PALM BERG, EDGAR. Palco PALMER, DOUGLAS, Hays PALMER JOHN. Waldo freshman junior freshman junior freshman sophomore PANNING, SUSAN, Ellinwood Parker, brian, Lacrosse PARKER, JACQUELINE, Wichi PARKER, LYNDA, Belpre PARKER. MARY, Plainville PARKER, ROBERT, Plairwille freshman freshman freshman junior sophomore sophomore PARKS, CAROL. Esbon PARNELL, TANDA, Kinsl PARSONS. PAMELA H u PARTIN. BARBARA, Staf- PATRY. KENNETH, Colwi PAULS. MARGARET, Sel freshman freshman freshman junior freshman junior PEARSON. CHERIE, Garden ( PEARSON, WILLIAM Beloit PECHANEC, STEPHEN, T, m k e PECK, SUSAN, Ltray PECKOVER, KATHY, Buhler PEIMANN, JANETTE, Lyndon freshman sophomore freshman freshman junior freshman PEINTNER. ROBERT, Spea EKAREK. JOHN, Stockto PEKAREK, RITA, Wilson PELLANT, MICHAEL, R us; PEMBERTON, WILLIAM ' PENNINGTON, JANICE sophomore freshman freshman freshman freshman freshman 302 . ' ■ - a. Future television workers get a chance to test themselves at the campus station, b. The January snow caused mobility problems to the livestock at the college farm and for students traveling to intersession. PENTECOST. FRANKLIN. Phillipsburg junior PERKINS, DIANA. LaCrosse sophomore PERON, GARY. Downs freshman PETERS. LINDA, Otis freshman PETERS, ROBERT, Pawnee Root freshman PETERS. SANDRA, Almena freshman PETERS, STEVEN, Goodland sophomore PETERSIUE, DOUGLAS, Ness City sophomore PETERSON. SUSAN, Stockton sophomore PETRIK, CHARLES, LaCrosse freshman PETTERA, KATHRYN, Ludell junior PETTIJOHN. WILLIAM Stockton freshman PFANNENSTIEL. CLIFF. Hays junior PFANNENSTIEL, JOANNE. Ness City sophomore PFA NENST1EL. JUDITH, Victoria junior PFANNENSTIEL, LINUS. Hays sophomore PFANNENSTIEL, SANDRA, Ha ys freshman PFEIFER. PATTI, Ellis freshman PFEIFER, RICHARD, Hays junior PFORTMILLER. CAROLYN Natoma sophomore PHELPS, BRENT. Atwood freshman PHILLIPS, WARREN, Lamed freshman PICKARD. KAREN, Vona, Colo, junior PICKERING, DEBORAH, WaKeeney freshman PIERCE. KENT, Dodge City sophomore PIERCE. MARTHA, Hill City freshman PINNICK, SHIRLEY. Minneola sophomore PIRZADEH, MEHDI. Tehran, Iran sophomore PISHNY, JANYTH, Ingalls junior PLATT. MICHAEL, Burr Oak freshman Classes Pe-PI 303 Classes Po-Pu POAGE, VERLA, Norton POORE. KATHY, Stockton POORE. LINDA, Stockton POPPEN, WANDA. Downs PORTER, KATHY, Glen Elder PORTER, TAMARA, Ulysses freshman freshman sophomore freshman freshman junior PORTSCHY, JEAN, Herndon POST, GARY. Plainvifle POST LINDA, Plalnville POTTBERG, MARY, Downs POTTER, KONNIE, Marysville POTTER, VIRGINIA, Conrordia freshman freshman sophomore sophomore sophomore junior POWERS, RONALD. Scott City PRATT, ELLEN, Hoxie Y PRESLEY, JOHN, Brewster PRESTON. ALDA, Kansas City PMl ' Psburg PRINC. DENNIS. Luray freshman freshman sophomore junior freshman freshman PROSSER. JUDY. Great Bend PRUETT. JAN IS, Dodge City PRUSA. STEVE, Claflin X PUGH, PATRICIA, St. Francis PUVcl S D SHAR0N ' W an PUYEAR. MARTHA, Greensburg junior junior sophomore junior junior junior a ‘ ast and west addit classrooms. b By the use of dosed of McCartney Hall make easier access to remodeled otrcait TV, enrollers can view which classes are closed. 304 a. Sheridan Coliseum provides a PUYEAR, VINCENT, Greensburg freshman PYKE, THOMAS, Abilene freshman QUINN, JO. Almena freshm an RASAS, ALAN J , Luray freshman RABERDING. LUCINDA, Harper sophomore RADCLIFFE, DANA, Hilt City junior RADCUFFE, DIANA, Hill City freshman RADER, MARSHA, Mutlinville freshman RAHE. DOROTHY, Ludell freshman RAilE, CHARLENE, Goodtand junior RAJEWSKI, DIANE. Victoria freshman RAMAGE, MICHAEL. Plains junior RAMPY, TROY, Sedgwick sophomore RAND, CHARLENE, Clifton sophomore RANDOLPH, JANIS, Jennings junior RANDOLPH, LENNI5, Jennings ‘freshman RAPP, DONNA. El I inwood freshman RAPP, JOHN. Smith Center freshman RATHGEBER CAROL. Mardtner freshman RAUHUT, DUANE, Garden City junior RAUSCHER, MARY, Edson sophomore READY, ESTHER, Oberlin freshman REDEL, MARYJO, Norfolk freshman REDETZKE, MELVIN, Claflin junior Classes Pu-Re 305 Classes Re-Ro REECE, STEVE, Downs sophomore REES, HOWARD, Lincoln freshmen REEVER, VERNON, Liberal sophomore REHM, LORA, Oberlin ; umor REIFSCHNEIDER. JOYCE, Sheridan, Colo. REIFSCHNEIDER, PAUL, LaCrosse sophomore REIMELT, LARRY, Sublette REIMER, RON, Meade REIN, CLEO, Bazin® REIN, MARILYN. Russell REINERT, BILL, Lincoln REINERT, ROSALIE. Atwood freshman sophomore sophomore freshman freshman freshman REINKING. VICTOR, Tescott REMPE, EDWARD, PJainville REMPE, GREG, Plamvrlle RENNER, SHARON, Goodland RENNER, SUSAN, Monument REYNOLDS. CAROL. Dodge City sophomore sophomore freshman freshman junior freshman REYNOLDS, CYNTHIA, Natoma REYNOLDS, PATRICIA, Salma RICE, DONALD, El Dorado RICH, CHERYL, Gridley RICH, PRISCILLA, Hoisington RICHMEIER, LAURA, MorJand junior freshman junior sophomore freshman sophomore RICHOLSON. KARLA, Ness City RIDDER, JAMES, Marienthal RIDDLE, DEBRA, Wichita RIDER, SUSAN. Abilene RIEDEL, ANDREW, Hays RIEDEL, DANIEL, Assaria sophomore junior sophomore freshman junior senior RIEDEL, KATHRYN Ha RIEDEL LINDA, WaKee RIEDEL, ROBERT E. Plai RIEDEL ROBERT L Ha RIEDL, KATHRYN Otis RIEGEL, SHERRY, Ford sophomore freshman sophomore freshman junior freshman RIFFORD, GEORGE, H RIGOR, BRENDA, West RINEHART, DEANNA i RING DEBBIE, Palco RITTER, GARY, Norcatu RITTER, TERRI, Norcatur freshman sophomore junior sophomore junior junior ROBBEN, GARY, Grinnell ROBERSON, CLARISSE St f ROBERTS, ELLEN, Shields ROBERTS. JUDITH. Zurich ROBERTS, SHIRLEY. Quinter ROBERTS, WAYNE, Gove junior freshman sophomore freshman freshman freshman 306 Classes Rob-Roo ROBERTSON, JACK, Greensburg sophomore ROBERTSON. NANCY Hutchinson junior ROBINSON, KARLA, Cawker Gty junior ROBINSON, RUTH, Hays sophomore ROBINSON WILLIAM, Hays sophomore ROBL, STEVEN, Ellinwood sophomore ROEMER, DOUGLAS, Grainfield freshman ROEMER, JANET. Grainfield sophomore ROEMER. TIMA, Grainfield freshman ROGERS, DENNIS, Selden freshman ROGERS. HERBERT, Farmington, Neb. freshman ROGERS, MARILYN, Norton freshman ROGERS, PAMELA, Plainville sophomore ROGERS. SUSAN. Hays freshman ROHLEDER. GERALD, Hays freshman ROHLEDER, MARY, Hays sophomore ROHR. GLORIA, Hays junior ROHR, JEANETTE, Hays junior ROHR, LONNIE, Garden City freshman ROLFS, JANET, Geneseo freshman ROLFS, REED, Geneseo freshman ROMAN UCCL ALISON, Kanopolis sophomore ROOS, KATHLEEN, Shawnee sophomore ROOS, LEO, Shawnee junior 307 Classes Ro-Sc RORABAUGH, CHRISTOPHER, Ellis freshman ROSE, RICHARD, Haviland junior ROSE, TERRI, Russell freshman ROSELL, CAROLYN, Abilene freshman ROSENBERG, NEIL, Great Bend junior ROSS. CAROLYN. Plainville freshman ROSS, JERALD. Luray ROSS, LLOYD. Meade ROSS. LINDA, Meade ROSS, MICHAEL, Silver ROSS, THOMAS, Hays ROTH, DEBORAH, Hays sophomore funior sophomore Spring, Md, freshmen freshmen sophomore ROTH, DIANE, Garden City ROTH, GEORGE, Anthony ROTH, SUSAN, Topeka ROTROCK, CHESTER. Saline ROWLAND, CAROLYN, Greet Bend iynior RUCKER, BARBARA, Dodge City junior sophomore freshmen sophomore freshman RUDA, MARY, Atwood RUDER, MARY, Hays RUDER, MYRNA. Hays RUDER. TERRY, Plainville RUFF, LYNNETTE, Ness City RUPKE, CHARLYN, Hays freshman sophomore sophomore freshman freshman freshman RUPP, NANCY, Ellis RUSS, EDWARD, Phillipsburq RUUD, HOWARD, Jamestown SADDLER, CORLA. Colby SAGER, JANET. Bird City SAINDON, RICHARD, Plainville junior sophomore junior junior junior freshman SALMANS. RANDOLYN, Hans SALSER. CHRISTINE. Paola SALTER, SHAN, Garden City SANDELl, DANIEL, Scandia SANDER, CECILIA. Hays SANDER, STEPHEN. Gorham sophomore junior junior sophomore freshman junior SANDERS, JOHNNY Wichita -tri SAUNDERS, MICHAEL, Stockton j u Z, SAWER, CAROL, Atwood SAWER, JAMES, Atwood SAYLER, KAREN, Great Bend SCHABEN, CHERYL. Bazlne SCHABEN. YOLANDA, Bazine SCHAEFER, MICHAEL, Holyrood freshma junio sophomor. junio sophomorf junio Classes Scha-Schm SCHAEFFER, ROBERT, Assaria junior SCHAETZLE, HOWARD, Garden CHy Park, N. Y. junior SCHAFFER, GREGORY, Wright junior SCHAFFER. RONALD, Dodge City junior 5CHALANSKY, GLENDA, Alrmena sophomore 5CHAMBERGER ROSE, Morland junior SCHARTZ, DONNA Cimarron freshman SCHEER, JOHN. Kirwin freshman SCHEUERMAN, ROBIN, Bison sophomore SCHIEWE, VALOR IE. Preston sophomore SCHINSTOCK, VICKI, Spearville freshman SCHIPPERS. PAIR tCI A, Oakley freshman SCHIRER, ELEANOR. Newton junior SCHIRMER. PHYLLIS, Holton sophomore SCHLAGECK. STEVEN, Hoxie sophomore SCHLESENER, ALAN, Hope freshman SCHMALZRIED, LYNDEL. Sharon Spr.ngs junior SCHMEIDLER DARRELL, Hays sophomore SCHMEIDLER, JOHN, Hays junior SCHMEIDLER MICHAEL. Hays freshman SCHMEIDLER, WANDA, Gorham freshman SCHMIDT, CARLA, Inman junior SCHMIDT, DAVID, Hays sophomore SCHMIDT, DONALD, Hays junior SCHMIDT, KATHERINE, WaKeeney sophomore SCHMIDT, KATHLEEN. Victoria freshman SCHMIDT. MARK, Hays freshman SCHMIDT, MARLA. Catherine sophomore SCHMIDT, MELVIN. Pfeifer junior SCHMIDT, MICHAEL, Grand Island, Neb. sophomore 309 0. Coach Brehm gives some necessary reminders to his team during a time-out, b. Dorms give students information about books for resale during spring enroll- ment. ◄ A ► b SCHMIDT, NEAL, Hays fresbma SCHMIDT, RAMON, Catherine sophomor SCHMIDT, STAN, Glasco f res hma SCHMIDT, TERRENCE. Hays sophomon SCHMIDT0ERGER, GERALD, Victor SCHMIDTBERGER, SYLVIA, Grainfield funic SCHNEIDER, JOHN, WaKeeney iunioi SCHNEIDER, LOIS. Olmitz sophomor SCHNEIDER, RONALD, Osborne sophomore SCHNEWEIS, GAROLD, Hoisinqton junioi Hoisington freshmar SCHOEN6ERGER, JUDITH, Goodland sophomore SCHOENFELD, BELINDA. Grainfield SCHOENTHALER, CINDY. WaKeeney ™ SCHREMMER, LOU ANN. Hoisington ™ SCHUKMAN, HAROLD, Hays treShmi SCHUKMAN. JAY, Hays SCHULTE, BARBARA, Hugoton SCHULTE. JANE, Walker SCHULTE, JUDITH, Cawlter City SCHULTE. KAREN, Russell SCHULTE, MARY. Victoria SCHULTE. PAULA. Norton SCHULTZ. ARLEN, Holyrood freshr juni fresh m freshmi juni ' [|i nji fresh me sophomoi sophomoi SCHULZ, CHER I, Gushton SCHULZ, DONNA. Hunter SCHUMACHER, CALVIN, Hays SCHUMACHER, LINDA Hays SCHUPHACH, GARY, Kiowa 5CHURLE, GLENDA, Manhattan sophomore sophomore sophomore freshman sophomore sophomore Classes Schm-Schu 310 Classes Sc-Sm SCHWANKE, CHARLES, Scott City junior SCHWARTZ, DEBBIE, Hoisington freshman SCHWARTZ. RALPH, Glasco junior SCHWARZ. IAURITA, Grinnell sophomore SCHWARZ, LEONA, Grinnell sophomore SCHWEIN, JERRY, Atchison freshman 5CHWER DTFEGER ANN. Bushton sophomore SCOTT, KATHERINE Hill City freshman SEBAUGH, TELIA, Norcatur junior 5EELE, LINDA, Monument junior SEIB, BELINDA, Hays sophomore SEKAVEC, RONALD, Brownell junior SELBY, ROBERT, Brewster junior SELFRIDGE. C, ALLEN, Hanston junior SELLENS, JOHN, Russell freshman SEMRAD, JUDY, Hays sophomore SEXSON, CHARLES Weskan junior SHANK, HARRIET, Ness City freshman SHANK, MYRA, Bison sophomore SHAW, KEVIN, Oakley sophomore SHAY, DELILAH Healy junior SHEETS, DEBORAH Lincoln sophomore SHEIL CORINNE, Liberal freshman SHERMAN, ELIZABETH, Ellsworth sophomore SHERMAN, TALMA. Cold water freshman SHERRADEN KENNETH, Chapman sophomore SHERRILL. DEBRA, Meade freshman SHERWOOD. CHARLES, Hays sophomore SHIR A. DIANTHA, Dodge City freshman SHIRK. KAREN, Friend sophomore SHRIVER BARBARA, Pratt sophomore SHRYOCK, DAVID, Shawnee Mission freshman SSL. KES. ROBERT, Hudson sophomore SIEKER, RONALD. Chase freshman SIEMENS, LARRY Buhler junior SIMONS, DONALD, Marlentha ' I sophomore SIMPSON, DONALD. Wichita sophomore SIMPSON. SANDRA, Garden City junior SKIPPER. GARY, Garden City freshman SKRDLANT, DAWN. Norton sophomore SLAVIK, DARYL, Kensington sophomore SLAVIN, DANNY, Burdett junior SLEICHTER. KIRK Palco freshman SLIPKE PAMELA, New Airnelo sophomore SLOAN, LARRY, Lewis junior SLOAN, MARY. Lewis sophomore SMALLEY, RICK, Dodge City junior SMIES. MARCIA. Courtland junior 311 Classes Sm-St SMITH, BERNARD, Winona junior SMITH, BILLY, Orange, Texas freshman SMITH, CORAL, Bazine junior SMITH, DEE Bird City sophomore SMITH, JAMES, Moscow freshman SMITH, JEANNETTE Partridge SMITH, JOHN, Beloit j un j or SMITH, JUANITA, Coldwater sophomore SMITH, KELVIN, Lenora sophomore SMITH, MARILYN, Bucklin sophomore SMITH MERSHON. Kinsley junior SMITH, RICK, Ellis sophomore SMITH, VICKY, Stockton 5MUIL, THOMAS, St, Francis SNYDER, DAVID, St. John SOBBA, STEVEN, Fowler SOEKEN, DANNY. Ellinwood SOLKO, PATRICIA. Herndon freshman freshman sophomore sophomore junior freshman SOLOMON, TERRY, Ellis SOLZE, CHERYL, Garden City SOUKUP, ELAINE, Ellsworth SPALSBURY, CAROL, Hays SPLICHAL. JANE, Munden SPLITTER, JANICE, Geneseo freshman junior freshman junior sophomore sophomore SPRATLING, BETTY, Norton SPREIER STEVEN. R oz »l SPRINGSTEEN, STAN, Brewster STAAB, BARBARA, Catherine STAAB, CAROL, Hays STAAB, LEON Hays freshman sophomore freshman freshman freshman junior STAAB, TERRI, Catherine STACEY, DOUGLAS, Abilene STACK. RODNEY. Saltna STAHL DUANE, Wichita STAND1SH, JUDY, Seward STANDLEY. TWILA, Kensington sophomore , freshman sophomore sophomore freshman freshman STANG. MARILYN. Victoria STANGEL, KARLA, Concordia STANLEY, LYNDA, Dodge City STANLEY, SANDRA, Hays STANSFlELD, JANE, Kansas City STEARNS, DEANNA, Cawker City freshman junior sophomore freshman freshman freshman STECKLEIN, KATHLEEN h STEFFAN, BEVERLY, Great STEFFEN LOUISE. Burdett STEINER. KATHY. Olmitz STENZEL, DEE ANN. Ness STENZEL, LOREN, Ness Cit sophomore junior sophomore sophomore junior sophomore 3T2 Classes Ste-Stu STEPHENS, DEN ICE, Grinnell freshman STEPHENS, ROGER, Claflin sophomore STEPP, MARY, Burr Oak freshman STERUNG, SHARON, Hardtner freshman STEVENS, EUGENE, Denver, Cob. sophomore STEVENS, TERRY, Wamego sophomore STEWART. JAMES, Hunter freshman STEWART RHONDA. Stockton sophomore STEWART, SUSAN, Ho ie freshman STICK NET, LOIS, Ellinwood freshman STINEMETZ. PHILLIP, Edmond freshman STINEMETZ6, JANICE, St, John freshman STORM, LINDA Hays sophomore ST. PETER, ROBERT, Hays freshman STRAMEL, CAROL, Ransom freshman STRAMEL, LESLIE, Pfeifer freshman STRAMEL, PHILLIP Cortez, Colo, sophomore STRAUSS, JACQUELINE, Garden City junior STRECKER. BARBARA, Bazine freshman STREETER, PRISCILLA, Honolulu, Hawaii sophomore STROEMEL, DOUGLAS, Hays freshman STROEMEL, MARY, Hays freshman STUART, PATRICK, St. Francis junior STUART, SUSAN, Ulysses freshman a Students relax by playing cards during spare moments, b. Apartment decor demonstrates individuality. 313 Classes Stu-Te STULL KENDALL, Turon sophomore STUM BETTE, Ness City junior STUTZ. DUANNA, Utica sophomore SUELTER, CAROL, Westfall sophomore SULLIVAN, KAY, Hays sophomore SULZMAN, ANNETTE Oberlin freshman SUPPES, GENEVA, Hays sophomore SUPPES, NANCY, Scott City freshman SUTTON, BARBARA, Greensburg sophomore SUTTON. JOHN. Hardtner freshman SWART, PATRICIA, Gnnnell junior SWART, SANDRA, Gnnnell sophomore SWARTZ HAROLD Republic TACHA. MYRON Meade junior TACHA, ROGER, Jennings freshman TADDIKEN, MARK, Clifton junior TAPPAN, BRUCE, Lyons sophomore TARM AN. DAVID. Tribune junior TARRANT, DAVID, Hill City TATE, JOLECE, Medicine Lodge TATE. WAYNE, Hugoton taylor, ione. Hoxie TEDESCO, NOLA, Mahopac, N. Y. sophomore TEEL. ROGER. Syracuse junior junior freshman freshman sophomore a. Collage 7 I " spells out the theme of the fourth anm convent, on held at Fort Hays State A diligent student attempts to locate a needed sour b. Kansas Residence Hall of information. 314 Classes Te-Un TEETER. LORETTA, Oakley Junior THALHEIM. ARTHUR, Great Bend Junior THALHEIM, VERLAINE, Long Island freshman THEIMER, LORETTA, Colby junior THOBEN, ERIC, New Palti, N. Y, sophomore THOMAS, DOROTHY, Jetmore freshman THOMAS. WILLIAM Lovewell freshman THOMPSON. DIANNA Ulysses sophomore THOMPSON. PAMELA, Wichita sophomore THOMPSON. SHIRLEY. Mullinville sophomore THUMMEL. JON Plainville junior THURMAN. DOUGLAS, Great Bend freshman TICE, MARCIA, Hoxie junior TILLBERG. RHONDA. Rozel junior TIMKEN, ALPHA, Hays junior TIMKEN, REBECCA. Cimarron freshman TIPTON. NANCY. Webber junior TITTEL. JANA, Russell junior TITTEL, LANA, Russell sophomore TITTEL, MARLENE. Bazine freshman TOEPFER. THOMAS. Hays junior TOMASU. ROBYN, Meade freshman TOMLINSON, DEBORAH, Hays freshman TOMPKINS. ROBERT, Wellington freshman TOPE, DANIEL, Kendall junior TOR LINE. DAVID, Spearville junior TOUSLEE, TERRY St. Francis freshman TOWNS, RANDY, Stockton freshman TOWNS, SUSAN. Palco sophomore TOWNSEND KATHRYN Lebanon, Neb. ‘ sophomore TRAINER, KAY. Victoria freshman TREGELLAS , DEBORAH, Great Bend sophomore TRfcNT, ANNA, Pratt sophomore TRESNER. LEON Hays sophomore TREU, SHELLEY, Studley freshman TRICKS, TOMMY. Ulysses sophomore TRIPP, KERRY, Beloit sophomore TUCKER. TOMMIE, Mankato junior TURKLE, DIANA. Haysville junior TURKLE, JON. Haysville freshman TURNBULL, MARCIA, Jetmore |unior TURNER PEGGY, Fowler junior TURNEY, CAROL. Hays freshman TWITCHELL BETTY. Rozel freshman ULERY, DEBRA, Oberlin freshman ULIN, TWILA. Hunter sophomore UNDERWOOD. LINDA Hutchinson junior UNREIN, MARYBETH. Plainville sophomore 315 Classes Un-Wa UNRUH, DAVID, Burr-ton freshman UNRUH, DEBRA, Montezuma sophomore UPHAM KATHLEEN, Junction City runior URBAN, DEBORAH, Hays freshman URBAN, TERRANCE, Bison sophomore VACHARAPORN, RACHANEE, Bangkok, Thailand freshman VAGUE. JEANETTE, Ellsworth junior VAHLING, WILLIAM, Clayton union VANDIVIER, JUANITA, Sawyer sophomore VAN DOREN, MARILYN, Hays sophomore VAN EATON, QUENTIN, Stockton junior VAN KOOTEN, JUDITH, Long Island junior VAN LOENEN, DARRELL, Goodland freshman VANN. DIANE Lakin junior VANROEKEL, MARCIA, Logan freshman VAN VLEET, MERALD, Danbury, Neb. sophomore VAUGHN. GARY, Selden freshman VAUGHN. MURRAY, Selden lu nior VEH. CHARLES, Natoma VENNEBERG, DARLENE, Plainville VINCENT, DENNIS. Sublette VINE. KENNETH, Hays VOHS. BERNADINE. Gaylord VONADA, DEBRA. Sylvan Grove freshman freshman |unior freshman freshman sophomore VONFANGE, ALAN, Sal ina VONFELDT. ROGER. Plainville VOPAT, JERRY. Plainville VORAN, LINDA. Cimarron VOSS. GLADYS, Cunningham WADE, LARRY. Wa Keeney sophomore freshman sophomore freshman junior freshman WArM?o ic ' CHARLK ' Borland freshman WAP ncp’ N , ETTE ' V,ctona freshman WAWI ucd ARCIA ' Palc ° sophomore WAHLMEIER. MARLA, Norton freshman WAIC JACQUELYN, Natoma soph™ WALDMAN, GEORGENE, Grainfield sophomore WALDSCHWDT. CYNTHIA, LaCrosse junior I t CH S !l GRESORY ' Hays freshman U cd ' n . ARA ' Fowler sophomore WALKER. DEBORAH Ulysses junior WALKER, KENNETH. St. Joseph. Mo. WALKER LARRY, R, n , lo „ tST WALKER, MARY, Penalosa WALKER, RICHARD, Colby WALKER, RONNIE, Ulysses WALKER, THELMA, Fowler WALLACE, ROBIN, W, chita WALSTROM, CLAUDIA, Salina freshman junior junior senior sophomore freshman 316 WALTER CATHERINE, Victoria |unior WALTERS, 8ERNITA. Hays sophomore WALTERS, DAVID. Hays sophomore WANNAMAKER JENNIFER, Ellis junior WARD, MARGARET, Clayton sophomore WARD, TRAN DA, Red Cloud, Nebr. junior WARNER, BEVERLY, Hill City freshman WARNER, ELMA, Hays sophomore WARNER. SUSAN, Anthony sophomore WARREN. CHARLES, Derby freshman WARREN, KEN. Kinnelon, N. J. freshman WARREN, MARY ANN, Stafford sophomore WAR2ENIAK. GEORGE, Bird City junior WASINGER DALE, Ness Gty junior WASINGER. DIANN, Hays freshman WASINGER, LAURA, Hays freshman WASINGER, LLOYD. Victoria junior WATSON, MITCHELL, Tribune freshman WATTS, STEPHEN,, Minneapolis junior WEATHERMAN, TRUDY, Elkhart freshman WEATHERS, DOUGLAS. Great Band sophomore WEBB, JOHN, Ellis sophomore WEBER, HELEN, LaCrosse sophomore WEBER. TERRY. Chicago, III. freshman WEBSTER, JUDITH, Quinter freshman WEERS RICHARD. Seward sophomore WEIGEL, LELAND, Oakley junior WEIGEL, ROBERT, Hays freshman WEINMAN. MARY JANE, PHIlipsburg freshman WEIS, DONALD. Dresden junior Classes Wa-We 317 Classes We-Wh WEIS, KAREN. Dresden WEISHAAR, VICKI, Argonia WELBORN, COLLEEN. Clyde WELTER. BARBARA, Dresden WELTY, ANN, Pittsburg WENDEL. GLENN, Ingalls freshman sophomore sophomore freshman sophomore junior WENDEUN. NORMAN, Herndon WENGER. VERNON. Powhattan WERNER. CLAUDE, Sharon WERTH. BARBARA, Hays WERTH, CONNETTE, Ness City WERTH, CYNTHIA. Schoenchen junior sophomore sophomore sophomore freshman junior WERTH. DALE, Hays WERTH, DARRELL, Hays WERTH. JANEL, Hays WERTH, JUDITH, McCracken WERTH KEITH, Schoenchen WERTZ, MARY, Sharon Springs sophomore junior freshman freshman freshman freshman WEST, THOMAS. Healy WESTBROOK, PATTI. Phillipsberg WESTMACOTT, JOHN, Salina WESTPHAL, DONALD, Hays WESTPHAL, NANCY, Isabel WETZEL, BILL, Brownell freshman freshman freshman junior junior sophomore WHALEN. GEORGE, Hays sophomor, WHEELER, LETA, WaKeenev iunio WHEELER, LINDA M., Overland Park WHEELER, LINDA WaKeeney WHEELER, SUSAN, Garden City WHERRY MARGARET, Rexford sophomore freshman junior freshman a b c Replacing a diseased American elm with a duous task for campus maintenance employees. giant spruce proves to be an dr- 310 Classes Wh-Wi WHISLER. DOUGLAS. Satanta freshman WHITE, JAMES, Sublette freshman WHITE. JOEL. Wichita junior WHITE. LINDA, Colby junior WHITE, MARILDA. Denison, Iowa junior WHITE, MERLE, Phillipsburg freshman WHITE, PEGGY. North Platte, Neb. junior WHITE, ROBYN, Geneseo freshman WHITE, RODNEY, Melvern junior WHITEHAIR MARY, Abilene freshman WHITESIDE, MARY, Spearville sophomore WICHERS. JOYCE. Beloit sophomore WIEDEMAN, STEVE, LaCrosse freshman WIEDMAN. BECKY. Kiowa freshman WIENS. STEVEN. Meade junior WIESENDANGER, JOYCE, Safina freshman WIESNER. MICHAEL, Hays freshman WILKERSON, GARY Manter sophomore WILLARD, CARLA, Claflin sophomore WILLIAMS, DEBRA, Mullinville sophomore WILLIAMS, MILDRED. Wallace junior WILLIAMS, NANCY Smith Center freshman WILLIAMS, STAN, Lindsborg junior WILLIAMS. TRUDY, Greensburg junior WILLIS. ELIZABETH. Syracuse sophomore WILSON, JERRY. Mankato sophomore WILSON, JOSEPH, Sterling freshman WtLVERS. SHERYL, Salma sophomore WINDHOIZ, ESTHER, Vi t ton a junior WINDHOLZ, FRANK, Victoria freshman 319 Classes Wi-Yo WINDHOLZ. JULIUS, Victoria freshman WINKLER. RONALD. Kinsley sophomore WITMAN, KATHRYN. Garden City junior WITTHUHN, VERLENE, Bazi ne sophomore WITTHUHN. VERTA, Bazine junior WITTIG. JUNE. Susanfc junior WITTMAN. CYNTHIA, Russell junior WITTMAN, JANE, Russell sophomore WiTTMAN, LLOYD, Hays sophomore WfTTMAN, PATRICIA, Ellis junior WITWER. KATIE, Abilene freshman WOLF, ROBERT, Hays junior WOLFE, ROVELLA, Norton sophomore WOLTING, MARY, Barnard freshman WOOD, HAROLD, Wichita freshman WOOD, KIM, Lamed freshman WOOD, NANCY. Dodge City j unJO r WOODS, PATTI. Hays freshman WOODS, ROSEMARY, Dodge City freshman WORCESTER, STEVEN, Hill City junior WOYDZIAK, ALAN. Claflin freshman WRIGHT, GARY, Pratt junior WRIGHTSMAN, CATHERINE Derby sophomore WURM, NANCY, Oberhn sophomore WYCOFF, SUSAN, Great Bend WYLEY. KAY, Kirwin WYMAN, DENNIS, Great Bend YEAZEL, DAYNA, Kansas City YOUNG. KAY. Salina YOUNG, TERRI. Oberlin junior sophomore freshman sophomore junior freshman 320 Classes Yo-Zw YOUNT. BILL, Sublette freshman YOXALL, BONNIE Stockton junior YOXALL, CHERYL, Phlllipsburg sophomore YOXALL. DIANNA, Stockton sophomore YUST, DAVID, Sylvie sophomore ZACHMAN, THOMAS Dodge City junior ZEHR, DANNY, Stafford sophomore ZEHR, TIMOTHY, Stafford freshman ZEIGLER, ZEARL, Wilmore sophomore ZEIS, FORREST, Lakewood, Ohio freshman 2ELLNER, BEN, Marienthal freshman ZERFAS. TERRY, Ellis junior ZERR, DENNIS, Grinnell junior ZERR, KATHLEEN, Grainfield freshman ZERR. KEVIN, Grinnetl sophomore ZIEGLER, KATHLEEN, Collyer sophomore ZIERLEIN, LARRY. Norton senior ZILL1NGER, ALAN. Phitlipsburg junior ZIMBELMAN. GARY, St. Francis junior ZIMMER, WILMA. LaCrosse freshman ZIMMERMAN, B. DENNIS, Mullinville freshman ZIMMERMAN, LARRY, Hays junior ZIMMERMAN, STEVEN Hays freshman ZOUZAS. MOREA, Ellsworth sophomore ZWEYGARDT, CHARLENE, St. Francis sophomore ZWICKLE. LONNY Norton junior ZWICKLE, SUSAN, Norton junior 321 222 Last year when I began going through yearbooks I noticed that almost every editor used t his age to lament the headaches of is job. I swore that I wouldn ' t. In- stead I would like to express what being editor has done for me. I have met many wonderful people and gained a little from each one. Maybe it was through them that I have changed from a naive, I carefree girl to an observing, searching, questioning, and active human being. I look back on the year and I like what I see. This book is not my work, but that of many, many people; 1 5 of them on this campus. This year ' s staff has got to be one of the most faithful and hardworking groups ever to produce a book. They are probably why I don ' t have the headaches to complain about. Thanks to you 15 for that, to Mrs. Rogers (our adviser) for your patient guidance and to Mr. Jackson and his four photogra- phers. Also, thanks to you, the many Faces of Fort Hays who have helped us capture the events of this year in the 197) Reveille. Editor General Index A Abbott. Gregory . 268 Abbott. Kevin 268 Abendshien. Linde 245 Abercrombie. Clemeth 268 Abram. Lynda 268 Abruzzi, William S . ,80 Abt, Helen .268 Achenbach, Charles E 268 Achenbach, Jacob L 185 Activities Board 132 Adams, David V 245 Adams, Duane 170, 245 Adams. Gayle A 245 Adams, John $, 268 Adams, Kevin E 105,268 Adams Ma ry E. 153. 160. 162 173, 268 Adams, Dr, Robert M. . .,.81 Adams, Steven W 238 Adams, Thomas L 268 Adkins, Cynthia L 268 Adkins, L. Lynn 268 Adolph, Juliet H, 157, 245 Agnew Hall 2 1 0-2 i f Agin, James E + 245 Ahlvers, David 268 Akers, Mickey A 268 Akers, Robert E. .169 Albers, Linda 5. . 245 Albers, Marie f 72, 1 84 268 Albers, Marvin 268 Albers, Rita 268 A I bin, Marsha 268 Albrecht, Dianna 268 Albright. John 207, 268 Albright, Robert 161. 268 Alcantara, Antonia ........ 6 1 Alexander, Darwin 268 Alford, Marlon 185 Alford. Paul 185, 268 Allen. Donald 245 Allen, L lleene 75, 134 Allen, Jody J 86 Allen, John 268 Allen. Joy 245 Allen, Linda 172, 184, 245 Allen, Vicky , 245 Allison, Sheryl ....... 153, 160, 268 Aflphin. Charles 268 Allton. Janet 222, 268 Alpha Gamma Delta „ . . . , .222 223 Alpha Kappa Lambda .224-225 Alpha Kappa Ps i -.178 Alpha Lambda Delta ...... 1 60 Alpha Phi Omega 170 Alpha Ps i Omega 145 Ames, Charles . . 148, 150, 153, 169, 268 Amos, Danny . . 268 Amsberry, J. LanelJe 123, 216 , 228 Andersen, Pennies 153, 268 Anderson, Curtis .... 185, 245 Anderson, Edna 223, 269 Anderson. Melanie 269 Anderson, William 269 Andrewson. Ilene ... I 76. 269 And r 1 st, Debra .128, 129, 130, 175, 269 Andrlst, Jerry 269 Andrist, Tina 269 Angeles, Dean ,155 Anschutz, Peggy 1 5 1 Anschutz, Roger . . . . . (86 A pel, Darryl , ,93, 96, 178, 245 Aponte, Hector 8 99 Appl. Patricia 269 Applebee. Tamra .130, 162, 187, 269 Applegate Barbara 245 Applegate, Marcella 176 269 Applegate, Rodney . 169, 269 Archer, Steven 269 Archib ald, Michael 269 V ' W ' r ft’ 3 furlou 5 h “ " s P hing the car half around the track, chang, ng the tire and then continuing to the finish fine. Archuleta, Gayle 269, Arensman. Larry . . . 269 Arheart, Sylvia ........ 269 Ambrust, Joyce 245 Armstrong, Bruce 89 Armstrong, J. D, 89. 105, 230. 269 Armstrong. Susan .62, 137. 139, 156. 157, 179 Armstrong, Threse . 245 Arnhold, Charlotte . 128. 222, 242, 245 Arnhold. Dorothy .... 240 Arnhold, Frank 238 Arnhold, Rose M. . . ..80. 187 Arnold. Linda 269 Arnold, Pauletta 122, 245 Arnold, William . .269 Arpin, Leland 269 Artman, Ethel V. . .48 Artman, Michael 238 Aschwege, Kathleen . 173, 269 Ashcraft. Michael . . 150, 269 Ashlock, Dorothy . , . Associated Women 145, 172 Students ,.136-137 Atchison, Phoebe . . .... 144 Atkins, Alison . 65 Aton, Nadine .228, 269 Atwell, Marilyn 269 Atwill, Arthur 269 Augustine, Daryl .269 Augustine, Joyce . 269 Augustine. Kerry 269 Augustine. Ronald , 269 Augustine, Wanda 269 Austerman. Roanld 270 Austin, Arthur . . . . 157. 270 Austin. Norman 217, 235 Avery. Rozanne . 157, 167, 168, 245 Await, Samuel 270 Ayers, Marcia 245 Ayers. Marvin , . 102, 105 Ayres, Brad . 148 Ayres, Kathy 184,270 Baalman. Daniel .150, 270 Babcock. Dane . . 203, 270 Bach, Douglas 270 Bachkora, Bryan 59, 167 Bedenhop, Janna . .165, 181, 229, 270 Babm, Daryl .... 246 Bailey, Berny 246 Bailey. Donna 213. 270 Bailey. Jeanette . 246 Bailey. Karen 186, 270 Bailey, Marcia , . ! 57, 270 Bailey, Sheila 270 Baioter, Sheila 158. 246 Baird. Sondra 270 Baker, Ann . . 270 Baker, Frances 246 Baker, Inez 246 Balter, Dr, Kenneth, 55 Baker , Martha 270 Baker. Sherrill 205, 270 Baldwin, Jerri 270 Baldwin, Richard 176 Ball, Kimberly 153, 270 Ballard, Keith 130,217,246 Balthazar, Terrell 157, 159, 161. 181 Balzer. Nona 1 86, 246 Bangle, Peggy .270 Bankston, Gail . 148, 160, 240 Bannister, Marcia A, , ,64, 165 Barbee, James . , . , 270 Barbee, Kerry 270 Barden, Rick 270 Barhydt. Joan 246 Barhydt, Robert 246 Barker. James 270 Barksdale, Larry 169 Barnes, Michelle , . . 246 Barnes, Sherry 228, 270 Barnett, Harry , . . 144, 148. 246 Barragree, Gene ... 270 Barrett, Don .242, 270 Barrows, Charles 185, 246 Barry, Patrick 165, 246 Bartholomew, Dr Leland , .65. 134, 154 Bartkoski. Robert . 96 Bartkoski. Sandra , 157 Bartley. Geneva 270 Barton, Don •■ . .59, 167 Barton, James ....... 270 Baseball JOB-113, 121 Basgali. Stan 270 Basketball ..,,92-97. 120 Bates, Arthur 270 Bates. Brian , . 108, Ml, 270 Bates, Richard . . 246 Bates, Shirley , 158. 246 Baty, Terry 270 Bauer, Brian 270 Bauer, Bruce ... 270 Bauer, Mike , 270 Bauer Tom 270 Baugh, Scotty 246 Bauman, Cheryl . 173, 176, 270 Baumann, Errol . . 270 Baxter, Vivian . . 72 Bayens, Sharon 186, 270 Beach, Kerry 270 Beadles, Lonnie 1 59, 165. 182, 270 Bealby, Madonna 213, 270 Beardslee, Carroll L .48 Beardsley, Linda 228. 270 Bearley, Max . .1 70, 270 Beaton. John . ,91 105, 270 Beauty and the Beast , . ■ J23 Becker, Anita .129, 175, 246 Becker. Jackie 246 Beckman, Robert . . 237, 270 Beckman, Susan 186. 270 Beckmann, Duane . 135, 209. 270 Beecher, Leslie 173, 180, 271 Beem, Rodney . 271 Beer, Bernadette 271 Beesley, Carla 153, 156. 158, 168, 246 Befort. Sondra 155 Befort, Veradell ... 271 Begnoche, Francis 247 Behan, William . .247 Behl, Stanley . . 271 Beisner, Bonnie ,153. 154, 160, 168, 271 Beisner, Connie 176. 271 Bell, Deanna .... 162, 271 Bell, Gloria 145, 271 Belshe, Susan 1 86 Benda. Linda 247 Bender, Curtiss . 130. V2, 271 Benedick. Peggy 247 Benfield, Gary . 242 Bengtson, Debra 150. 271 Bennett, Deborah . 128, 271 Bennett, tvalee . . 247 Bennett, Joan 176 271 Bennett Richard . . 271 Bentley. Ian 170 Beougher, Edward 241 Beougher 1 Dr. Elton .‘.. 72, 166 Berg. Rodger 150. 247 Berger, Kathleen . . 124, 228, 27! Berger, Robert ....... 271 Bergin, Victor . 271 Berg ling, Susan ,271 Bergman, Ruth 271 Bergstrom, Dennis . . , 150. 271 Berland. Ann 271 Be rland Carol 271 Berland, Deborah . .271 Berland. Douglas 247 Bernhardt, Sandra 271 Berry, Mark .161, I 6$. 182 Bessire, Anthony ... 226 Best Dressed Coed 124 Besthorn. Kathleen . . ,271 Bet hell, Joy 173,271 Bettenbrock Ruth , 271 Bice, Lola 271 Bickel, Ray 178, 247 Bicknell, James . .271 Bieber. Barbara . 176, 271 Bieker, Rodney 242 Biel, Jean nine ,272 Bielefeld, Gene 272 Biggs, Brett 178, 230, 272 Billinger, Gerald 272 Bmder. Margaret 272 Binder. Stephen . 272 Bingaman, Marla . . . . 272 Bircher, Diane .. . 247 Bird, Diane ... . . 272 Bird, Nancy 229, 272 Birkes, Roberta 272 Birnbaum, James . .91. I OS Birier, Karen 272 Bisel. Janice 272 Bishop. Carla 272 Bishop, Donald . 272 Bishop, Neal ...... ,272 Bittel, Caro! 148 Bittel, Marvin 272 Bizzell, 0 1 51, 133 Black, Judy ...... 247 Blackwood, Christine 272 Blackwood. Larry 272 Blackwood, Pamela 272 Blair, Joeva . 75 Blair. Lynn ISO, 272 Blakely, Donna 240.242,272 Bland Barbara . 272 Blank, Jerry . . 247 Blazer, Susan , 272 Blecha. Jean . 272 Blecha, Margaret .... 272 Blick, Constance, . 272 Blomberg, William 272 Bloom, Bonnie . .272 Bloss, Donald R ... 55 BJoyd Laurence 247 Blythe. Dan 99 Bock, C. Stanley 153, 154. 169, 247 Boehmer, Stephen 91, 105, 247 Boeken, Dallas 247 Boepple, Dennis 272 Bogart, Cindy . , 153. 168, 223, 272 Bogart, Katherine I ........ 63 Bogner, James 178. 247 Bogue, Dr. Rusself 184 BoMen, Carmen . . 1 53 1 273 Bollig, Herbert ...... .247 Bolt, Cheryl 136. 151, 153, 273 Bondurant, Gary 187, 247 Bonin, Terry 273 Boodrn. Robin [07 Book. Gerdt ...... . [48. 273 Boone, Joyce 247 Boor, Cheryl 273 Boos. Pamela 180, 229. 273 Booth, Steven ,273 Borger, Charlotte . . . 228, 242, 273 Bornhofdt, Virgin ia 63 Berth, Belinda ..... ... 247 Bortz, Marlene 273 Borfz, Robert 273 Boston. Jack 247 Botka. Ronald , . . , 273 Bourquln, Archile . . .273 Bowel), Darrel ... 153, 154, 227. 247 Bowen, James . 153 , 154 . 273 Bowen, Stanley 273 Bowman, Cynthia . , 273 Bowman, David 273 Bowman, Steve 273 Box, Robert J67 Boxberger, Cynthia [36, 273 Box Scores 1 20- 1 2 f Boxum, Larry . . 273 Beth 186. 273 Boyd, Arnold . . 273 Boyd, Barbara. , F 33 , 151, 160, 172, 273 Boyd, Sandra 273 Brack. Chene .273 Bradford, James 273 Bradrick, Thomas 91, f 05, 237. 273 Brandt, Peggy 247 Brannan, Nancy f 73 273 Branum, Theresa. . . | 3 .Q Braun, Barbara 273 Bray, Claudia 273 Bray, Marcia j @6 273 Breckenridge. Michael 273 Bredfeldt. Shirley [ 55 273 Brehm, Charles G. . 57, 93 9 Breit, John 230, 273 Breitenbach, Roberta . ISO, 273 Breitenbach, Tyna .273 Brening, Fred 217, 230, 273 Brefz. Dennis 247 Bretz, Joy 247 Brefz. Richard . 157, 161, 185, 247 Bnand. Suzanne 153 Bridges, Theresa 273 Briese, Brian D . , 77 Briggs, David 273 Brrggs, Karen . 273 Brinkmeyer, Carol , 172, 273 Bristow, Donley 184 247 Briftan, Frederic 247 Broadbooks, Steve 273 Broadie, William 169, f 74 , 247 Brock, Kathleen ,157, 166, 247 Brock, Robert , 101 , 238, 247 Brockhausen, Dale . . . . 169, 247 Brodbeck, Kathy 247 Broecketman, Joan ..160,273 Bronson, Di ane ,273 Bronson, Donna 273 Brooks, Doyle K. 73 Brooks, R U, 50 Broom, Cynthia ..... I 76, 273 Bross, Cindy ... I 72, ! 84, 273 Brown, Brenda . . . . . .205. 273 Brown. Dennis 89, 227, 273 Brown, Eva 157. 274 Brown, Jacquelyn ..... 274 Brown. Janet . . , . 274 Brown, Jay 165, 274 Brown, Jonathan . .274 Brown, Leota ... 1 83, 274 Brown, Margaret 274 Brown, Patricia 169. 247 Brown, Robert E. 101 . I 70, 247 Brown, Robert H. 65 Brown, Robert L , , 184, 274 Brown, Stephen ... 249 Brown, Susan . . . .274 Brown, Virginia 274 Brubaker. Paula |28 Bruce, William 227 Bruhn, Vern 247 Brunell, Craig . 274 Brungardt, Debora . . 274 Brungardt, John. 9 J ( 274 Brungardt, Karen , 107 Brungardt, Leon J 1 08, 237 Brungardt, Richard . 274 Brungardt, Sally ... 180. 247 Brunson. Kenneth 274 Brunts, George 274 Bryan, Corlnne . 274 Buchanan, Douglas. . . ,203, 247 Buck, Joann 176 Buck, John , . . . 274 Budke, Earl H. Jn 7 J 185 Buehler, Clarice . . . .241, 274 Buehler, Howard 274 Buehler, Jere 274 Buell, Pamela 274 Buffer, David 274 Bumpus, Donald 77 Bunker, Lynn I 30, 141 . 156, 179, 247 Burditt, Debi 274 Burgardt, Lester. . 248 Burgardt, Mary ..... .274 Burgess. Val I 50, I 76 Burgett, Glenda ... 114, f 56 Burk, Michael 1 01 Burke. Byron ...181, 248 Burkhead, Janice 248 Burkholder, Bruce . . 274 Burnham, Bradley, 274 Burtscher, Art, [ 06 Busch, Janice 274 Busch, Kenneth 274 Busch, Robert 248 Buser, Cecelia 274 Busse, Sherri , , 248 Bussell, Jacqualyn , . 274 Butler, George 89 Butler, Karen 240, 274 Butler, Ralph . . . 248 Butzine, Bonnie .......... 274 C Cain, Dr. C. Richard . . . 59 , 167 Ca irns, Sharon 157 Caldarera, Daniel . 227, 274 Call, Jerry ....... 1 70 Calnon, Vicki 174 Calvery, Wayne , .248 Camello. Cathy 248 Camien, Herbert . 91, 105 Campbell, Alfred . 96, 169, 248 Campbell, Marc T , Jr. 38 Campbell, Paul . , . 167, 248 Campbell, Ronald 230, 248 Caplan, Lewis J, . 73 Caprez, Lionel . , . 157, 185 Carballo, Dr Benito . -.61. 175 Carey, Bruce . , . .774 Carey, Le4 Carfon, Tommy ... . .178, 248 Carlson, Barbara 274 Carlson. Robert . Carney, Mark . Caron, Steven 150, 274 Carpenter, Russell . 242 Carroll, David ...... 242 Carswell. Peggy , . . 274 Carswell, Vincent . . , . 274 Carter, Allan . , 248 Carter. Barbara . . , . 274 Carter, Deanna 274 Carter, Dwight 169, 248 Carter, George .242. 274 Carter, Kenneth .... Carter, Robert ... Carver, Linda 151, 153, 234. 274 Case, Jon I 70, 248 Case, Keela 248 Case. Lewis 182, 274 Case, Victor I 84. 248 Casey, Frances I 76, 274 Casey, Sarah , 248 Casey, Thomas 248 Casson. Michael , . 150, 230, 274 Cates. Mary 274 Catlin, Sharon 241, 248 Cavanaugh, Jean 248 Cavanaugh, Linda 248 Cavanaugh. Michael . .233, 275 Cavell, Michael .157 Chaffin, Jams . . 275 Chaffin. Paul Cham, Shahram . 175, 275 Chance, Kendall . . . .237, 275 Charvab Garry 238. 248 Chase. Clinton 227 Chase, Lynne 148. 275 Cheerleaders . . Chemistry Oub Cheney, Thomas .227, 275 Cheng, Shiao Lun , . . . . .275 Chick, Doyle . . 275 Chick. Stephen . . 212 Chipman, Deborah 275 Chitwood. R Colleen 186, 216, 223, 275 Choguill, Dr. Harold 70 Chrisler, Regina 275 Christopher, Rachel , . 58 Cibolski, Ronald 169. 178, 248 Claflin, Martha 55 Claflin, William E 55, 183 Clanton, Curtis 275 Clarinet Choir 151 Clark, Dr. Allen R, .... .55 Clark, Barbara 160, 275 Clark, Daniel , 185, 248 Clark, Debra 186 Clark, Dr. Hester ...... 55, 183 Clark, Judy 275 Clark. Larry 248 Clark. Sandra .162, 186, 275 Clark, Sherry . 162,181,229. 275 Clark, Thalne A 69, 185 Clausen, Jolene 275 Claussen, Ronald 275 Clay, LSssa , . . . . - 186, 275 Clemence, Robert .174 226. 275 Clews, Diana ... .275 Cline, Lana 275 Cline. Rodney 275 Cline, Shari 276 Clinesmith. Ramona . . . .276 Clinesmith, Ricky 237, 276 Clock, Rick 154 Close i Cherry L. . . .77 Coats, Brenda , , 157, 223. 276 Cochran. Elmer 248 Cochrane. Dennis 276 Cockrum. Nancy 176, 276 Coder Dr. Ralph V. ....... 63 Codmach, Maria 61, 181 Coen, Daren 248 Coen, James .276 Coffin. Sherrill. .128,129.248 Coffindaffer, Linda 127, 160, 228 Colclazier, John 248 Cole, Arthur 248 Cole. Karen 157 Cole, Paula 153, 276 Collegian Chorale .... 1 48, 1 49 Collegiate 4-H Club ••••• 1 73 Collett, Beverly 248 Collette. Mary 186, 276 Collier, Kent 50 Collins, Alvin 170, 276 Collins, Dr. Richard ........ 65 Colton, Fern 248 Colyer, Diane 150 Combs, Jack 144 Combs, Janet . . . 166, 176, 276 Combs, Karen 276 Cormeau. Alphonse ,151, I 53, 276 Comeau, David . 237 Conaway, Lon . 276 Conaway, Steven , , . . , ,276 Conaway, Vona 276 Conley, Eileen , , , . 249 Conrad, Cathy 276 Conrad. Cindy 276 Conrad, Rand 249 ConsEdine, Dennis 108, 276 Converse. Barbara 249 Converse. Carole . 135. 205, 249 Cook, Beverly 276 Cook, Frances E. .......... 5 1 Cook. Fred 276 Cook, Gale 227, 276 Cook, James 139 Cook, June 128, 162, 240, 276 Cook, Mildred 249 Cooksey, Mark . . 153, 154. 276 Cooksey, Cathey . 135, 205 Cooper, Barbara 160, 162, 166, 176, 276 Cooper, Janet 228, 276 Cooper, Michael D. , . ; 276 Cooper, Michael L. . 276 Cooper, Nancy 153, 215. 276 Cooper, Steven 276 Cooper, Vicki ........241, 276 Cope, Jane .249 Cope. Nancy 249 Copper. Nancy . 276 Corder, Angela 150, 276 Corder, Susan J. . . . .157 Corder, Susan M. ... 276 Corke, Carlotta 276 Cormack, Stanley 249 Corman, Patrice. . 276 Corman. Swinley 225 Cornett, Joyce, 249 Cornett, Katherine ...... 276 Corns, Deborah 276 Cornwell, Rex 55 Corrick, Lucinda 276 Cosper, Robert 170. 172 Costigan, Dr. James ....... 64 Couch. David . . .... .276 Coulson, Mar ion ......... .63 Council, Janet .158, 183. 276 Countryman, Rita 276 Courtney, Lyndle, . . 148, 276 Covington, John 87, 88 Cox, Connie 276 Cox, Craig 276 Cox, Deloris - 276 Cox, Phyllis .1:57, 249 Cox, Shirley .276 Craft, Shirley . 186, 241, 276 Craig, Rhonda 277 Crandall Stephen 277 Crane, Randell 277 Crane. Ruth 277 Cravens, Carl .139, 179, 277 Crawford, Carol 166, 277 Crawford, Nancy 277 Creamer, Duane 238 Creech, Irvin 89, 230 Crissman, Robert S 77 Crist, Judith ... ,249 Crist, Samuel , , , 249 Critchfield. William , 183 Cronn, Paula 277 Crosby, Steve ...... 89 CrossCountry 90-9 1 , 121 Cross, Crystal 249 Cross, David E, 225, 277 Cross, David R. . . 242,277 Cross, Larry . .130, 242. 249 Crossley. Denise ... . 145, 277 Crow, Dale ... .... 277 Cuddy, Lawrence 277 Cudney. Sharon .153, 154, 168, 277 Cudney, Vickie . 277 Culley. Karen ...... J 28, 24 1 Cullumber, Van . . 277 Cummings, Ronald 249 Cummins, Cindy 129, 240, 242. 249 Cunningham, Royle 99 Curriculum Change Committee I 34 Curtin, Steven ...... 277 Curtis. Jerald , 277 Curtis, Nancy . ■ . 72 Cusick, Jo Ann 187 Custer Hall .208-209 Custer, Raymond E. lit .249 Custer Twila 151, 249 Cutright, David 153, ! 54, 169. 277 Cutright, Donald 153, 277 D DabSri, Massoud 175 Dahl, Larry 161, 277 Dahlquist, Vera 183 Dale, Terry 277 Daley Dr, Billy C, 55 Dalton, Lela 157 Dalton, Standi ee V. . •,. 147 Dames Club 177 Dardorf, Dennis. . 184, 237. 277 Daniel, Mark 249 Daniels, Sally 160. 180, 277 Darnell Brenda 277 Darnell Marilyn . 277 Daubert, Raymond 233 Daubert, Richard , 277 Daubert, Victor 233. 277 Daughters of the Golden Hearts 242-243 Davidson, Bryce 277 Davidson. Sue. ... 277 Davis. Alberta 241 Davis, Cheryl , 278 Davis, Geneva 241, 278 Davis, Mark .153, 169. 278 Davis, Melvin 89 Davis. Roger 249 Davts, Susan 278 Davison. Nancy . . ISO, 229, 278 Day, Marjorie 278 De Piesse, Larry .... 167, 226, 249, 279 Dean, Jerry 249 Dean, Kathy 278 Dean, Ronnie 278 Debes, Darlene 186, 278 Debes. Robert . .... 249 Debey, Linda . 278 Debey, Wayne . 278 Dechant, Jacob ... 1 78 Deeds, Robin 127,223,242, 278 Degarmo, Larry . , 225, 278 Degen ha rdt, Donald .249 Degood, Lanny 278 De haven, Karen 150, 278 Dehm, Donald 176. 185 Deibert, Edwin 170, 278 Deifies, Dennis 230, 278 Deines, Julie . . . 1 48, 153, 222 Deines, Kelly .. .106. 159. 161 Deiser. Peter . 230 Deiter. Raymond 242, 278 Dejmal Joe . 173, 182 Delaney, Jerel 278 Delhotal Ted , . . . . 249 Delp, Charisse 278 Delta Sigma Phi . . ♦ .226-227 Delta Teu Alpha . , , 169 Delta Zeta « .228-229 Demaree, Bruce . . . . .278 Demaree, Kathryn 278 Demaree, Nella 278 327 Demoss, Karen 153, 160. 162, 168 Denning, Dan , , , , 242 Denton, Clyde 153 Denton. David . , . 153 Depperschmidt, M ari Ann 249 Depperschmidt, Patty. 223, 279 Depoy. Donna . 279 Derby, Betty , 279 Dettmer. Craig 169, 249 Deuth. Thomas , . . 165 Dewees, Susan 186 Dey, Dennis 144 Deyoe Fred 1 180, 227, 279 Dibble, James ,279 Dibble, Marsha . , 183, 249 Dible, Deresa 249 Dible, Robert .... 279 Dick, Ann 279 Dick, Rodney 213, 279 Dickinson, Joel R.. . Dickman, Kathleen , 180. 279 Diokman, Gary 249 Dickman, Lucinda . 279 Dieck, Kenneth . . . . 237 Diehl, Henry . .279 Diehl, Ronald ... . ! 74 Dierberger, Sam ...... ,225 Dterking, Alyn . . . . 279 Dierks, Nancy . . 166. 279 Diets, Alice 249 Diers. Leon ...... 249 Dietz, Carol A. 133, 175, 183, 249 Dietz, Carol K 129, 279 Dietz, Dennis . . . 249 Dietz, Larry | Q 5 Dietz, Rodney 249 Dilley, Allen . I 5 J, 153 Dilley, Barbara . . . 153 Dilley, Lyle . ,65 Dimitt, Terry 225, 279 Dinges, Charles . . . . 279 Dinges, Marlene .279 Dinkel, Brenda | 76, 279 Dinkel, Diana 279 Dinkel, Kenneth J OB, f 10, I f 3 Dinkel. Shirley 249 Dipman, David 279 Dirks, Gene 153, | 54 Dirks, Martha SB Dix, Geraldene 279 Dixon. Brenda . .249 Dixon, Nancy 249 Dizmang, Rochelle 279 Doak, Deborah .128, 181, 187, 223, 242, 279 Dobbs, Dr. Edith . . . 55 Dodrill. Deborah 280 Dodson, Libby 155, 280 Dolecheck, Jane I 84 DoJechek, Mary 249 DolL Douglas 280 Doll, Mark 280 Doll. Susan ... ...... 165, 280 Donahey, Daryl . . . .238, 280 Donahey, Larry . 280 Donaldson, Debra 280 Donley, Keith . ..... | 53 Donohoe, Anita , 249 Dooley, Norman 185, 250 Dooley, William C. .77 Doran, Richard ... 89, 101 Dorsch, Patricia . , ISO, 280 Doty, Larry 280 Doubrava, Mark 280 Doud, Rise 153, 168, 280 Dougherty. Gary . 89 Dougherty, Jim 280 Douglas, Jonathan 84, 87. 89 Douthit, Rebecca 229. 280 Doyle, Stuart ... 1 74 Orach, John 250 Drach, Pamela 280 Drake, Arnold B . . , 5 i Dreher, Sheila 280 Dreiling, Allen 174 Dreiling, David 280 Dreiling. Eugene 250 Dreiling, Florence. . 280 Dreiling, Howard 280 Dreiling, Jane 280 Dreiling, Judith K 280 Dreiling, Judy M, . .229, 280 Dreiling, Kathleen . 229 Dreiling. Linda 250 Dreiling, Lois 280 Dreiling, Marilyn ... 237, 280 Dreiling, Pamela 144 Dreiling. Rene 250 In conjunction with May Day, students from the H lege work together at picking up trash in the park ays Junior High School and col- areas. Dreillng, Sheryl , 157, 280 Elder, Grady .101, 250 Fabin, Beverly 180. 281 Football 84 89 Dreiling, Susan . .280 Elder, Paula 1 84 28 1 Fabrizius, Ruth . 2BI Forbes, Della 251 Dresser, Lynne 280 Ellenbecker, Frederic . 250 Fager. Wayne 281 Forelich, Sam 1 53 Dresser, Robert 250 Eller, Gloria , . 180 Fagerquist, Larry 251 Forristal, George 203, 282 Dressler t Dr. Robert , „ 70 Eller, Stephen 142 Fagg, Dorothy . 153. 154. 281 Forsythe, James L. ... . 79 , 134 Dressman, Shana 280 Elliot, Irene 281 Fahring, Marvin ISO Fort, Gregory 242 Drinan, Patrick F 78 Elliott, Anita 1 S3. 281 Faimon, Susan . 281 Fort Hays Singers . . . 148 Drinen. Cindy 280 Elliott, Charles H. . 242, 281 Fall, Vernon W, . .......... 79 Foster, Ann 282 Driscoll. Terry . . , 242 Dryden, Laurence . 72 Dugan, Judy . . 151, 153. 1 54. 280 Dugan, Vickie.. 153, 281 Duncan, Gerald . . ,55 Duncan, Patricia . . . , 57 Duncan, Von Stewart .250 Dunekack, Larry 156. 167, 176. 250 Dunlap. Joan 250 Dunn. Dawn . 128, 129, 223, 281 Dunning. Alan ....... 281 Dupree, Mary 250 Durand, Daniel 50 Durr, Randy 226 Duryee, Donald 130, 242 Duvall, Sandra 1 55, 28 1 Dyck. James 157, 161, 250 E Eades. John 281 Earp, Rhonda 223 Eck, Mary 281 Eck, Mike 281 Eckert, Michael 237 Eckhardt, Donna 281 Edminster, Jo Ann 250 Edmund, Elizabeth ..... 64, 165 Edmundson, Debra 281 Edson, Sheryl 281 Edwards, James 281 Edwards. Peggy 234 Edwards. William 281 Eggers, Henry ,281 Ehly, Marsha 281 Ehrlich, Jeffery . . 130, 156, 157. 161. 250 Ehrlich, Mary 250 Eilers, Gloria . . 174 Eilert, Kay. . . 281 Eitel, Janet . . 148, 28 1 Elder, Brenda 281 Elder, Cristie . . . 136, 160, 162. 234 Elliott, Charles K. , . . , 281 Elliott, Dwight . 250 Elliott, Jacquelyn 157, 240. 281 Elliott, Linda 281 Elliott, Paul . 281 Elliott, William . . . 130, 182, 281 Ellis, Elaine 151. 1 53. 1 68. 28 1 Ellison, Michael .250 Ellsworth, Deborah 141, 250 Elmore, Eldon 250 Elmore. George 182. 281 Elniff, Ronald 250 Elsey, John 250 Elston, James 28 ! Elston, Janice .150 Eltze, Ervin . « .... . 72 Ely, Dr. Charles 69 Engel, Devona . 281 Engel, Donna 183, 281 Engelland, Cheryl . . 172, 184 250 Engelsman, Li is ... 281 England. Merlene 281 English. Rita 14 1. 162, 179, 187. 281 Enslow. Marilyn . 136, 153, 281 E ns low. Mary ... 136. 137. 281 Epsilon Pi Tau . 167 Erbert, Gladys 130. 250 Erbert, Terrence 250 Erichsen. Kathleen 281 Erickson. Erick 105, 281 Erway, Lyle ,225. 251 Esfeld, Jane 25f Estes, Kristy ..... 281 Estes, Michael 105 Eta Rho Epsilon . . S 84 Et+er, Orville E. ....... 72, 166 Evans, Diane 251 Evans, Max 89 Evans, Randall 281 Evans, Thomas 86, 89 Evert, Karen. .... 172, 184, 281 Ewy, John . 251 F Fanning, Cecyle 281 Farley, Patricia 281 Farmer, Mary 251 Farr, Karol .... 282 Farrell, Rick 178 Farris. Gary 282 Faulkner, Katheryn .165, 176, 251 Faulkner, Keith . 77 Faulkner, Mark 242 Faze!, Cynthia , . 181, 282 Fearing, Randy, 28,2 Fehrenbacher, Lonnie 251 Feikert, Larry I ' O ' li. 2 2 251. Feikert, Sharon 228 2 4 -2, ,282 Feldt, Ronald . 170 282 Fetzien, Maria 282 Ferland, Donald 282 Fetsch, Karen 180 Fey, Kristine 282 Fiala, Peggy 282 Fidcen, Dale .66 Fielder, Philip 282 Fielder, Ronald . . 183 Fields, Laverne 282 Figler, Byrnell . ,65 File, Daniel 217, 238 File, Dee 228, 282 Finch, Jerry 282 Finger, Donald . I d, 282 Finger, Marvin . 227 Finnesy, Douglas 282 Fischer, William, . . . , 227, 251 Fish, Martha 282 Fisher, Donna 282 Fisher, Julee 282 Fisher, Nancy .... 282 Fisher, Rolland . 139. 238, 281 Fishier. Peggy . . .160, 282 Fixsen, Michelle .251 Flagler. Laqulta 251 Flakus, Mary 1 79, 25 1 Flax, Mary 282 Flehar+y, Dr. Eugene D. .... .69 Fleming, Diane . 1 36, 282 Fletcher, Cindi ... 228. 282 Flewelling, Deanna 282 Foley, Richard 282 Foos Patricio 282 Foster. Ronald 282 Fox. Bradley 282 Fox, Lance ....... .238, 282 Fox , Joneen . . . 129, 240, 251 Frahm. Richard R. 170, 185, 282 Francis, Alex ...57, 90. 91, 105 Frank, Sally 282 Frazey, Linda 183, 251 Frazey, Tim 169 Fredrickson. Dinnis 282 French Club 1 8 1 Frerer, Lloyd A., Jr, . 64, 144 Frey, Mary 75 Frey. Jo 174 Frick, Steven 282 Fricker. Roger 233 Frickey, Wayne 251 Friederlch, Randall 225,251 Friedly, Douglas 251 Friesen, Susan 156. 157, 158, 18!, 251 Friguletti, Lewis . . 148, ISO Frink, Merrill .........75, 186 Frost. Jana 282 Frost, Judith 282 Frye, Dianna 251 Fukasawa. Yoshikazu 2! 7, 225, 282 Fuighum, Randa 282 Fuller, Neil .,251 Fundis, Ronald J 80, 187 Funk, Thomas 153, 226 Fur beck. Cindy. . 128, 240, 242, 282 Furbe k, Richard 167, 251 Furlough Queen 1 24 G Gaither. Cassandra 183, 282 Gale, Lee . 282 Gall Sandra 282 Gallaugher, Pamela . 282 Galliardt, Donald 230 Gallion, Ivan 237 Galloway. Max . 148 169, 282 GanseL Richard 242, 282 Gantz, Marilyn 251 Gardinier, Jack 238 Gardner, Larry , . . 107. 282 Gardner, Marilyn 251 Garner, Naomi A 63 Garrett, Cathey 283 Garrett, Deborah . . . . [66. 176, 223. 283 Garrett, Larry 283 Garrett. Patti | 76, 283 Garten, Cathy, , , 125, 174. 283 Garwood, Jan 251 Garwood, Dr John D 46, 134 Garwood, Kathleen 75 Gaschler. Dennis ,.178 GaschJer, Dennis . ,251 Gaskell, Michael 93, 96, 225. 251 Gaskill, Donald 159., 252 Gassmann, Anthony . . , 251 Gates. Ralph , . 237 Gatschet, Paul A. , 63 Gatterman, Michael , 283 Gebhard, Marsue 283 Gebhards, James 283 Gechter, Donna 283 Gechter, Marsha 283 Gedney. Michael . . . . . , 105 Geier. Alan 251 Geier, Nikki 251 Gengler, Stanley 251 Gentry, Ruff L ...69, 169 Georg, Miriam .147, 148, 283 George, Eddie . . .169. 283 George, Sondra 141. 186, 283 Gerber, Larry . , . 147, [48, 156, 238, 251 Gerber, Rita . . 1 30, 283 German Club 1 80 Gerritzen, Jeanette 160, 162, 176, 283 Gerstberger, Linda 283 Gerstenkorn, Deborah . . . 283 Gersfenlcorn, Linda 283 Getz, John gg Gholson, Jane .283 Gibbs, Rick ... 96, 283 Gibson. Richard . 283 GEeber, Philip 157, 251 Giebler, Cecilia 283 Giebler. Karen 283 Giebler, Sharon 251 Giebler, Sheila , 283 Giese, Barbara , , 176, 229, 251 Giessel, Thomas 284 Gifford, Belinda , 126, 1 53, 166, 176, 237, 284 Gilbreath, Ronald 251 Giles, Audry . 284 Giles, Debra 251 Giles, Michael 284 Gllger, John 227 Gilkerson, Verltn . . . . 252 Gillen, Colleen . . . . .153, 284 Gillen, James 284 Gillen, John . 284 Gillihan, Gloria 284 Gilliland, Michael 284 Gilmore, Debra , . 284 GEngraux. Daniel . , . 237 Ginther, Glenn G. 59 Girls ' Sports ,.,118-119 Givens, Robert . . , 89. 284 Gladwill, Barbara 252 Gfassman. Marciana 252 Glaze, Errol 252 Glaze. Laura 284 Gleason, Gerald 284 Gleason, Jimmy . . . ...... 284 Gleason, Mark , , 284 Glendening, Timothy 284 Gleue, Lorine 252 Gleue, Steven . . 161. 284 Glover, Bobbr , . 229 Gobm, Sharolyn 166, 252 Godfrey, James .... 252 Goebel, Betty 128, 284 Goebel, Kenneth . -130, 135, 284 Goeser, Patrick H. . Goheen, Dale 284 Golf 106-107, 121 Goodm, Rodney 107. 284 Goodwin, Janice 252 Goodwin, Junious . . .99, 1 30 Goracke, Joseph . .284 Gordon, Anita .173, 284 Gordon, Constance 234, 252 Goscha, Robert 252 Goseland, Gary 237 Goth, Kevin Goth. Warren .225, 284 Gottschalk, Carol 284 Gottschalk, Julienne 284 Gottschalk, Karen . . 284 Gottschalk, Timothy 252 Goody, Linda .151, 153, 162, 165. 168, 229, 284 Grabbe, Richard 1 76, 284 Grabbe. Rosemarie 241, 285 Graber, Dr. Paul A Grable, Julie 165, 252 Graham, Barbara 285 Graham, Donn 65 Graham, Jerry ..... . 285 Graham, Sharon . 252 Graham, Steven 161, 217, 238, 285 Grant, James 285 Grant, Kevin 233 Grant, Nancy 285 Grass, Jennifer . 285 Grauer, Eileen . . , . 155 Gravelle, James 1 70 Graver, Amber r . I 76. 240, 285 Graves, Yvette 125. 174 Gray, Alice 285 Gray. Deborah 285 Gray, Frank , 99, 130, 227, 285 Gray, James 285 Gray, Joe . . 285 Green, James . . . .99, 159, 217, 226, 285 Green, Melissa 166 Green, Roxy ... 139, 179, 285 Greenway, William ... I 84, 252 Greenwood. Brenda 153, 285 Gregg, Curtis I 70, 181 Gregg, George ... f 69, 252 Gregg. Richard 285 Gregory, John 227, 285 Greiner. Patricia . . 285 Gresnick, Joseph 89 Grice. Paula . I 86, 285 Griffin, Janice [86, 285 Griffiths, Robert 130, 285 Griffiths, Roxann 285 Grippin, Gary 165, 285 Grizzell, Kirk 238, 252 Groesbedt, Dr. Hulda G. 55 Gross, Dolores ,285 Gross, Lester 169, 285 Grosshans, James 285 Grout, Linda |g2 Grover, William 107 Grusing. Lavon f 44. 252 Guettsche, Phyllis 285 Gugler, Sharon I 76, 285 Gunn, Steven D 238, 252 Gunn, Steve L 285 Gustad, Dr, John W , 40, 44 Gustafson, Jeanette .176, 286 Gymnastics 98-99, 120 H Haag, Dale .226. 286 Haas. Anthony 252 Haas, Jane 162, 286 Haas, Judith . . [36, 252 Haas, Michael 252 Haas, Sharon 286 Habiger, Roberta . . 252 Hacker, Rose Ann 286 Hadley, Julia 286 Hadley, Stephen . 286 Hadorn. Dee Ann 286 Hager, Kathy 286 Hager, Linda 286 Hagerman, Shirley 89, 252 Hahn, Rickie . 155. 233, 286 HaEfe, Gordon f 80 Hale, Dennis 238 Hale. Patricia 286 Hall, Deborah A, , , 286 Hall, Debra E. 186,286 Hall, Judy L 252 Hall, Steven E 286 Hall, Steven L . 286 Hallagin, Jean 286 Hallagrn, Rolland 286 Hailing, Jeanette. . . . 186, 286 Hailing, Melvin . 252 Halm, Charles 238 Hamel, Cathryn 286 Hamilton, Dr Samuel M. ,67 Hamman, Janice 286 Hammeke, Mary ... I 76, 286 Hammer, Patricia 286 Hammerschmidt. Jeanet . 286 Hammerschmidt, Karen . 286 Hammerschmidt. Kathleen f 65, 241, 242, 286 Hammond, Gerald 252 Hammond, Randy 286 Hampton, Richard. , 167, 252 Hancock, William 64 143 Hand, David ........ 242 Haneke. James 286 Hanes, Nancy . .286 Hanhardt, Ronald 286 Hannafin, Michael 108 Hansen. Carroll 252 Hansen, Dixie ..... 252 Hansen, Earl 230, 286 Hansen, James 286 Hansen, Saratl , [ 53 Harbaugh. Marsha . . 150, 176, 241, 286 Harbaugh, Paul . 252 Harbin, Dr Calvin E 52 330 Harbin, Mary . 158, 252 Harbin, Ruth ........ 155, 286 Hardesty, Sandra. . . 286 Hardin, Connie . 128, 24!. 286 Harding, Lee Ann . , 286 Harding, Mary 18 J, 286 Harding, Vernon 156. 159, !8! 252 Hardy, Weston (Chip) 151, 153, 154 Hargedine. Roy 286 Harkness, Margery T 58 Harlow, Jim 286 Harman, Conrad 252 Harman, Patrick. . 207, 286 Harman, Sherry 286 Harman, Suellen 286 Harms, Donna 286 Harper, Peggy 286 Harper, Sandra 286 Harrel, Mary ........ !66, 252 Harris, Philip 227, 286 Harris, Wallace W. 69 Harrison, Margaret 63 Harrison. Tad . 287 Harsh, Donna . . - . 55, 134 Harting. Harold 252 Hartle, Kune 287 Hartley, Thomas R. .... 50, 179 Hartman, Billy 287 Hartman, Cynthia .173, (81, 182. 287 Hartnett, Lewis 287 Harwich, Eugene 66 Harwich, Joanne ......... .66 Haselhorst, Joyce 287 Haskett, Jane .252 Haskett, Pauline . . , 287 Haskins, Robert , 287 Hatch, Dennis 156, 159 Hatten, Mary , , , . I 36, 287 Haun, Sandra 3 57 Havener, Nelda 287 Hawks, John ... 287 Hawley, Bruce 86, 287 Haxton, Raymond .... . 252 Hayden, Sally ............ 287 Hayden, Shirley .157 Hayes. Janet ... 183 Hayes, John 287 Haymond. Arlie 169, 252 Hayter, Edwin . . ... 169, 215 Hayfer, Gayle . , . .215 Heape, Ronald 144 Heather, Jack R...64, 143. 170 Heble, Leo 252 Hebrlee, James ...... . 287 Heck. Alvin . ...... 85, 89 Hedge, William , , . , , 132, 134, 161, 217. 233 Hedges. Gregory 287 Hedrick. Stephen 287 Heeke, Theresa 130, 150. 160. 162, 181, 287 Heidrick, Steven 287 Hein, Terence 287 Heinz. Patricia 184 Heinze, Allan 184, 230 Heinze, Alvin 1 30, 241 Heinze, Gregory 184, 252 Heinze, Patricia 287 Heinze, Rhonda ,150, 287 Hejny, Gary 253 Hejny, Ralph 184. 287 Helfrich, Robert H. . 230 Helin, Gerald 225. 287 Heller, Jimmy . I 30, 1 69 Hellerud, Robert 242, 253 Helm, Marilyn ,148, 162, 223. 242, 287 Helm, Wilber , 253 Helman, Philip . .. 142, 242 Hemme. Robert . 230, 287 Hem my. James 287 Hemphill, Ruth 183, 253 Hendershot. Rhonda 287 Henderson, Karen 287 Hendrickson, Larry . 161, 169 Henrickson, Gordon . . 147, 253 Henrickson, Pamela . . . . 253 Henry. Adena 287 Henry. Erne! .182 Henry, Steve 225 Herman. Eddie 288 Herman, Kathryn ..... (41 , 288 Herman, William 174. 288 Heroneme, Joyce . , 253 Heroneme. William 288 Heronemus, Susan ...... 288 Herpich, Leah . 288 Herren, James 253 Herrman. Chris 288 Herrman, Jeffrey 288 Herrman, Leo .217, 230. 253 Herrman, Michael . 178, 253 Herrman, Pamelia . 165, 253 Herrman, Rochelle, , .213. 288 Herrmann, Patricia 160, 186, 288 Herrmann, Thomas . -288 Herrmann, Ron 253 Herron, Linda 288 Hershberger, Sherry , . . 288 Hessman, Steve . 253 Hester, Pamela 228, 288 Hesterman, David .288 Heublein, Diane , 288 Heublein, Larry 253 Hewett, David 107, 288 Hewett, Gary 107 Hewson. Galen . ... 288 Hewson, Steven 161, 225 Heyen, Connie ....... . 253 Hickel, Barbara 128, 222, 242, 288 Hickman, Randall 207, 288 Hickman, Rebecca 175 Heigert, Cheryl 288 Higgins. Richard 108. 288 High, Linda 288 Higley, Gleneva , .288 Hildwein, Ada . . . . . 253 Hilgenberg, Sheila , . 288 Hllker, Barbara 153, 288 Hill, Barbara 148, 288 Hill, Karla . 288 Hill, Theodore 288 Hill, Thomas . 288 Hiller. Marcia .133.260,286, 289 Hillman, Larry 253 Hillman, Terry 253 Hires, Michael 89 Hinkhouse, James 66 Hinkle, Brad 289 History Club . . 182 Hittle. Jimmy 289 Hixenbaugh, Gail . 167 Hixon. Ronda ........ .253 Hjort, Nancy 153, 241 Hlaus, Judith . . . . 172, 184, 289 Hoar, Michael 289 Hobbs, Earl R, ,,.49 108. 132, 134, 217 Hobbs. Marjorie 253 Hoch. Robert 289 Hoch. Stephen 167, 176, 253 Hoch man, Steven . . 289 Hodges, Dr, El izabeth . .... ,63 Hodges, Jennie 289 Hodgins. Elizabeth . 180. 289 Hodgson, James 289 Hoffhaus, Karen 289 Hoffman, Carol 289 Hoffman, Cynthia ,127, 253 Hoffman, Floyd 289 Hoffman, Gerard .... 253 Hoffman, Maxine . ■ , « 53 Hoffman, Ronald J 289 Hoke. Patricia . 184, 289 Holt, Steven .289 Holle, Rebecca 289 Holler. Harris , . . . 289 Holliman. Michael . 1 01. 289 Holliman, Patrick .. 253 Hollingsworth, Cyria 136 Holloway, David , 289 Holmes, Colleen . , . 289 Holmes, Patricia 289 Holmes, Steven .289 Holopirek, Kenneth 253 Holston, Angela 253 Holyak, John 289 Holzwarth, Vvlor .289 Homecoming 24-27 Homecoming Royalty .,, ,122 Honas, Gerald 289 Honish. Richard 153 Hooper, Linda 215, 253 Hoover, Brenda 289 Hoover, James 150, 170, 176, 289 Hoover, Mary 128, 289 Hoover, Sharon 186, 289 Hoover, Susan 289 Hopkins. Kathy 186, 289 Hoppel, James H 57, 88 Horinek. Roberta . . 2B9 Horner, Alan .226, 289 Horner, Andrew 253 Horning, Emily . 186, 289 Horton, Dixie 157 Horton, Loretta 289 Horyna, Joyce .156, 168. 234. 289 Horyna. Shirley .... 183, 253 Horyna. Sonja ..... 184. 253 Horyna, Stanley ........ 253 House, Betty ........ 177, 289 House. Rodger 253 Houston t Duane E , . • ., . 69 Houston, Helen 289 Houston, Ruthona 253 Howard, Dennis . , ... . . . . .289 Howard, Gerald . 253 Howard, Jesse 253 Howard, Judy 253 Howard, Patricia 253 Howell, Ronald 289 Howell, Sharon ... 289 Howell, Stella 26, 122, 129, 1 30, 289 Hower, Lanny . . 184 Hrabe, David ........ ,150 Hubalek, Shirley 289 Huber John E, .,, ..65, 169 Hubert, Gregory 289 Huddleston, Kathy . 136, 289 331 Hudon. Gregory 153 Hudson, Christine 253 Hudson, Deone (69, 174, 289 Hudson, Ray 176. 290 Huebner, Gloria . 290 Huet, Katherine 128. 187, 290 Huff. Terry . . . . , 290 Huffman, Ralph . ,49 Hufford, Donald 157 HufstetJer, Michael .89 HuEtt, Nancy , . . 228 Huleti Dr. Gary K. . . 69 Hull, Dorothy ... . 177, 190 Hull, Patrick . 253 Hull. Shield 128,229.290 Humphrey, Roy . 85. 86, 89 Hung, Yee Ping ... . 290 Hunley, Rickey 181.242,290 Hunt, Rhonda 290 Hunter, Phyllis 290 Hunter, Ruth , . 290 Hupach, George 253 Huser, Paula 151, 153, 154 Huslfg, Kathleen 290 Husted, Anita 181, 223, 290 Husfed, Lester . 254 Huston. M Mark 290 Huston, Douglas. , 182 Huston, Rosemary .... I 30, 290 Hutchins, Mary f 74 29Q Hutchinson, Thomas I 53. 290 Mutter, Tommy . . 254 Huxman, Kim 290 Hyre, John 254 fdeker, Vicki 290 Innm, Sheri 290 Industrial Arts Club 289 Ingrum, Patricia 254 Intramurals M4- II 7 Interfraternity Council .... 2 I 7 Interhall Council ...135 Irby, Richard . . . 1 50, 233, 290 Irby, Ron 233 Ishii, Grace Hiroko 254 Ison, David L.. 63. 167 Ivey, Rickey 290 J Jackson, (L, M.) Jack ..63, 142 Jackson, Robert .187, 254 Jackson. Stanley . - 1 70, 290 Jacobs. Debra 290 Jacobs, Gene Jacobs, Janet 234. 254 Jacobs, Kathleen 186, 290 Jacobs, Pamela 254 Jacobs, Patricia . 290 Jacobs, Philip Jacobs, Thomas 180. 290 Jacobs, William ..... 290 Jacobson, Howard 290 Jacques, Edwin . . 290 Jacques. Karen 290 Jahay, Emily . . . J 72, 184, 290 Jakubson, Paul 230, 254 James, Dr. James P. ..... ,8! James, Patrick . . 96. 108, I II James, Richard 290 Jamison. Galen . 290 Janke, Marcia 150, 290 Janfcovits, Gery 290 Jankovits, Roxanna . . 290 Janne. Donna .290 Jansen, Michael 290 Jansonius, Julie 165, 254 Jantz, Barbara 157, 290 Jarboe, Ralph 180. 290 Jecha, Margaret 290 Jefinek. Marvin 91. 105, 290 Jellison, Dr, Bill 48 Jemison, Eriene 148 Jenkins, Lionell ... 89 Jensen, David , , 290 Jensen. Debra 290 Jensen, Maren [ 86. 290 Jewell, Clinton 165 Jewell, Vicky .169 Jilka, Nancy 184, 290 Jimenez. Anna 290 Jimenez, Dr, Juan A... .61 180 Jimenez, Luis .,,217 Jindra, Ruth 254 John, Jimmy 254 John, Keith | 76 Johnson, Barbara A. , .254 Johnson, Bryan 29 1 Johnson, Casey . .225,291 Johnson. Charlene 291 Johnson, Dan 291 Johnson. Edith ... 29 1 Johnson, Edna 291 Johnson, Eloise ..173, 183. 291 Johnson. Fred A 156, 225, Johnson, Fred J. 150, I 70, 254 Johnson, Gaylord ... 107, 291 " i - Johnson, Gregory 241, 291 Johnson, Herman 254 Johnson, James .... 170, 291 Johnson, Janis 254 Johnson, Jeffrey ... 155. 291 Johnson, Jerry 238 Johnson. Joha nna ... 150, 291 Johnson, John . . 165, 182, 291 Johnson, Karla .128. 223, 241. 291 Johnson, Kathryn 153. 176, 291 Johnson, Mary A + 291 Johnson, Mary L. , . . , 132, 291 Johnson, Orvene L, , . , 57, 172 Johnson, Peggy . 291 Johnson, Richard 291 Johnson, Roy . 174 Johnson, Ruby 75 Johnson, Dandra 139, 291 Johnson, Sidney E 64 Johnson, Susan 254 Johnson, Taunya 291 Johnson, Yvonne 254 Jones, David M ...... 78. 171 Jones, Donna 291 Jones, James R 77 Jones. Nora 254 Jones. Robert 29 1 Jones, Susan 291 Jones, Virgil 291 Jordan, Leroy , 3 50 Jorgensen. Linda 176, 291 Jorgensen, Rexann 291 Joseph, Shirley .......... 291 Joss, Ava .129, 148, 151, 168, 241. 254 Joy, Robert .. . . . 254 Joy, Ruth ... 5 1 Joyce, Linda . , 173, 291 Juarez, June .151, 29 1 Juergensen, Valorie . 180 Julian, Basil 157, 169, 170, 292 Juneau, Theodore 89 Juno, Elvita 156, 157, 173, 211 254 K Kahler, Kit 292 Kaiser, Don .,81 Kaiser. Paul . . 254 Kanalc, Joseph 106, 238, 291 Kappa Mu Epsilon , . 166 Ka ppa Omicron Phi ....... 1 66 Karban, Kaylene 254 Karl, Michael 89 Karle, Thomas . 255 Karlin, Charles 157, 161. 255 Karlin, Linda 186, 292 Karlin, Margaret 150. 292 Karlin, Mary . . . 229. 292 Karlin, Shiela 255 Karlin, Susan 292 Karst, Melvina . . .292 Karst, Ruth ... 157 Karst, Susan 292 Kaser, Lyndie . . . 292 Kashka, Antoinette . . 136, 157, 292 Kasl, Jackie 180, 292 Kastens, Dianna . 292 Kastens, Gary , .292 Kastens, Jayne 255 Kaster, Delores . 166, 213, 255 Kaster, Gary 255 Katzenmeier, Dana 178,292 Kaufman, Randy 184 Kaufman. Roger . 161, 292 Kay, Jane 166,255 Kazmaier, Dave 238 Kearns, David 292 Keating, Walter .46 Kee, James 238 Keenan, Janeil . . . ... 292 Keener, Donna 255 KeiL Janet 292 Kell, Larry 292 Keiswetter, Douglas 255 Keith, Diana .156. 172, 255 Keith, Edward . 255 Keith, Linda . . . 292 Keller, Cecil 292 Keller, James . . . 96, 107, 242, 292 Keller, James Kellerman, James Kemp, Dianne Kenyon, Jolene Kessinger, Patricia Ketchum, Harriet V. Ketterl, Bernard Ketterl, Mark KFHS Kilvert, Susan 230 Kinsey, Janis 133. 293 .292 Kirk, Lanis 293 157, Kirk, Sheryl . 293 170 Kirk, Terry .... . . .255 157 Kirn, Larry 148, 154, 293 .233 Kisner. Donna . 160 292 Kissick, Wayburn 25S 292 Kitch, Danny 293 292 Kite. Melinda . 175 255 Kitts, Melvin . . 161 292 Klaus. Marie . 176. 223, 293 255 Klaus. Richard 293 .292 Klein, Lynden 178, 255 292 Klema, James . . . 237 293 Klema, Karleen 293 255 Klenda, Timothy 293 ,255 Kletchka, Ronald 130, 161 . 293 207, 293 293 Kling, Gary 255 293 Kneller, Linda 150. 229, 293 255 Knight, Donna 293 . .64 Knight, James 169. 293 293 Knight, Karin . 180, 293 293 Knight, Terry 148 .143 Knoll. Larry 242 .175 Knopp. Anita 139, 162. 179, 241 293 255 Knopp, Mary 136. 173. 182, 255 293 255 Knox, Connie 293 293 Knox, Susan . 128. 222, 293 293 Koch, Dale 293 293 Koehn, Martha 157 108 Koefling, Deanna 184, 294 225 Koett, Imelda 180 293 Kohl, Kenneth . . . 294 333 Kolling. Annetta 294 Koons, Lynn 157 Koops. Robert .294 Kootz, Kathleen ISO, 294 Koptik, Janet 160, 162, 180, 234, 294 Koster, Arthur ...... 108, 294 Korte, Michael 255 Koster, Marla 136, 166, 176. 211. 294 Koster, Ronald M3. 255 Kottwitz, Elizabeth 255 Kougk Jen 255 Kough, Michael 294 Kozub, Dennis 105, 217, 230 Kramer, James ... 294 Krampe, Lynn 294 Krannawitter, Jane . . , 165, 255 Kraus, Paul 294 Kraus, Rebecca 155, 168, 294 Kraus, Robert .161, I 70. I 76. 294 Krause, Peg ... 136, 160, 162, 294 Krebs, June .. . . , 53 Krehbiel, Barbara 148, 168, 181. 255 Krehbiel, Lawrence .148, 169. 255 Kress. Dennis 89 Kreutier, Allen . , 294 Kriley. Kay 186, 294 Kroboth, Frank 157, 169. 255 Kroboth, Jimmy. . 161. 294 Kroboth, Patricia 294 Krug, Mark 294 Krug, Sharon ... 222 Krull, Charles 89 Kuchar, Kathleen 66 Kucha r f Dr. Roman V ,61 Kugler, Vicki 294 Kuhlman, Devon . . ... 294 Kuhlmann. Jerref . . 170, 294 Kuhn, Carle 107. 294 Kuhn, Ed J, . 142, 242, 294 Kuhn. Judith 294 Kuhn, Kerryn . 294 Kuiper. Kenneth . . 294 Kuibiski, Janet . . 89, 223 Kunza. Robert 294 Kurtz, Sheryl . , 255 Kvasnicka, Kay 151, 153, 294 Kwan Hmg Lam Simon 294 L Laas, Larry 153, 173, 207, 294 Lacey, Rick , 89 Lacoss, Greg 255 Lacoss, Lois 255 Ladenburger, Daniel . . . 294 Ladenburger, Robert 238, 294 La hey, Darcy ... 128, 229. 294 Lambda lota Tau 167 Lammy, Sharon 255 Lampe. Norma ....... 255 Lampe, Debra ISO, 294 Lance, Luana . 166 Landau, Vincent. . . , 153, 154 Lane, Patricia . . . .255 Lang, Dennis 255 Lang, Duane 255 Lang, Jerome 294 Lang, Paul 256 Lang, Sharon 294 Lansden, Rita 294 Lansdown, Steven 242 Lanterman, William 294 Lare. Debra . . 294 La re, Denise 294 Larick. Wayne 184, 256 Larson, Barbara 294 Larue, Linda . 256 Larue, Roger . 294 Latham, Cheryl 294 Laubhan. Larry 242 Laubhan, Michael 294 Laudick, Bonnie , ,256 Lawrence. Randall 237 Lawrence. Ruth 256 Lawrenz, Ronald 91, 105. 294 Lawson, Linda 176,256 Lawson, Mary 240 Lawver, Margaret 176 294 Lay, Patricia , . , , 295 Leader 138-139 Leader Lass , . . . .123 Lecount, Gary 1 50, 295 Ledbetter, Carol 256 Ledbetter, Clint 256 Ledell Mary 295 Lee, Anita .295 Lee, Carolyne , . 295 Lee, Gary 295 Legal Board I 32 Legere, Jerry 256, 295 Lehman, John 105, 230. 295 Leikam, Arlene 256 Leiker. Allen . 295 Leiker, Irvin , 161. 295 Leiker, Jen 295 Leiker, Linda , 183, 256 Leinwetter, Lynette 295 Leis, Barbara 295 Leis, Debbie ,156, 158. 168. 24 f , 256 Leitner, Joyce 256 Leitner, Randolph 295 Lembke, Cheryl 135, 21 1 Lemon, Cleta . .205, 295 Lemon. Jon 213 Lemuz, Robert D. , . . 178 Lentz, Robert 256 Leo, Frank . 1 08. Ill Leonard, David 295 Leonefti, Alfonso . . 108 Lerock. Allan 295 Lervold, Maurice . 105 Lesage, Mary ...... 186 Lesley, Rockelle . . .234, 256 Lesovsky, Linda 166 Leuszler, Donna . , , . 144 Levitt, Robert 89 Lewallen, Wayne 256 Lewis, Delons 157 Libal, Debra . .. 150 Libsack, Craig . .225 Liby, David ... 295 Lieffring, Jo Anna 183,256 Liggett, Jane . , 240, 295 Liggett. Max 237 Light, James 256 Likes. George 174 Lindahl, Julia 295 Lindberg. Curtis , . .295 Lindberg, Nancy 256 Lind berg, Son] a , r 295 Lindenman, Lots , . 129, 295 Linder, Krista . . 296 Lindsay, Michael 256 Linenberger, Donna .296 Linenberger, Elsie . , 180 Linenberger, Gilbert 296 Linenberger, Janice . .296 Liston, Ann, Little, Dr. Milburn . . . ......77 Little Theatre ....... ,145. 146 Lively, Dana . . 296 Lively, Jill 256 Livingston, Peggy , 180. 256 Livingston, Theodore . .183 Loeppke, Sandra . 176, 296 Loesch, James 296 Logan, Jack Logsdon, Lloyd 84 89 Lohrmeyer. Roger . .. 256 Lojka t Glen Long, Terry 174 Lonnon, Thomas 296 Look Lawrence . . 105, 296 LUVMM3, 1 . , , , Lorenz, Anita .183. 296 Lorson. Don 296 Lorson, Phillip 296 Louk, Donna 256 Low, Mark ... . 296 Lowen, Robert ....,.,63 Lowry, Shirley. 257 Loyd, Max , , . 296 Lucas, Paula 296 Luedke. Darryl .296 Luehers Christine . . 79 Luehers, Dr. Robert . Luetters, Donna 296 Luhman, Susan 148, 296 Lukins, Danny ... 257 Lundgren, Darrel . 226 Lupo, Mike . . . . . , . 153 Lutz, Lois . , . .182, 257 Lynch, Marcia 296 Lynch, Roger , 184, 257 Lynn, Donald 296 Lynn, Larry ... 296 Lyons. Rebecca 165 M Mace, Henry . . , 296 Machal, Joseph 296 Madden, Marsha 296 Maher. Debra 240, 242 Mahin, Richard 257 Mai, Connie 150 Mai, John . 230 Mai, Leona 257 Mai, Stephen 257 Maier, Richard ... ... 108 Maifeld, Betty 297 Major, Linda 257 Major, Ronald . 297 Major, Steven 297 Maley, Darrel . 297 Mallory, Patrick . , . 297 Malone. Mary Ann . . 297 Malsam, Douglas . . ... 238 Mangels, Lynn . . .. 178 Mangelsdorf, Sarah ....... .57 Manhart, Lawrence . 257 Mann, Robert .153 Manning, Anita 122, 297 Manning, Judy ... 184. 297 Manning, William .... 103, 105 Mans. Peggy 2 1 5 Mapes, Jerry . 136, 176, 297 Mapes, John 178. 297 334 Mapes, Kerry ,141, 297 Maphies, Leslie 257 Mar, John , . . . 297 Marcotte, Michael ,153. 161, 297 Maresch, Judy . . - 176. 297 Maris, Ronald 297 Markley, Robert .,...81 Marks, Gayle 186. 297 Marks, Michael. .63 Marquardt, Dr. William ... .63 Marrs, Charles 297 Marsh. Robert 89 Marshall, Dr. Delbert ....... 70 Marshall, Everett 72 Martens, David 297 Martin, Constance 257 Martin, Paul . 297 Martin, Robert 225, 297 Marti, Robert !69 Mason, Dennis ....... 297 Mason. Rosefla, ISO, 297 Masser, Connie ...... ,297 Masses Neil 297 Mast, Bethany 297 Masters, Larry . 297 Mateyec, Charlene ..... I 50, 186, 297 Mathes, Susan 186, 297 Matheson. Ruth ,257 Mafkin, Marla 222, 297 Matteson, Doris 209, 297 Mat+ison, Susan ...... 1 76. 257 Maupin. Tom . . 213, 297 Maurath. Ronald 297 Maxfield, Jerry 185 Maxwell, Robert .63 Mayo, Susan . . . . . 257 Maxouch, Eugene 297 McAfee, Kathy . ... 136, 160 McAfee, Melinda . . 130 McAllister, Channing 297 McBride, Lynn , , 174, 257 McCall, Barbara . .160 McCalmont, Tania 241, 297 McCandless. Linda . , 229, 297 McCants, Lawrence 233, 257 McCauley. Janelle , . ,257 McClaflin, Roger .89 McClaren, Denise 127, 128 McClaren, Susan . . ISO, 228, 257 McClellan, Frank 297 McClellan, Robert 297 McClelland, Gary 238, 257 McClelland. Glenn 297 McClure, Alana , , 234, 297 McClure, William 257 McConnell, Vicki 257 McConnell, Wayne ........ 57 McCormack, John 161 McCormick, Larry . , 257 McCray, Loann 297 McCubbin, Floyd 257 McCullick, Dr, Jack 76, 134 McCullough, Cyrilla 257 McCune, Terry . 297 McDonald, Arleda 257 McElhaney, Nancy . 297 Me Elroy, Diane . . . 297 McFadden, Gayle 297 McFadden, Geraldine ... 1 57 McFall, Arlene 148. 297 McFall, Janell 298 McFarland, Alice 63 McFarland, Galen 242, 298 McFarland, Henry 69 McFarland, Jo Ann . „ 298 McFarland, Marlys 150, 173. 298 McFarland, Terry 178 McFarlane, Brenda , .176, 298 McGavran, Ray 123, 238 McGinness, James. .... 66. 151 McGinniss, Darrell ,66 McGovern. Kathleen 124 130, 180 216. 241, 298 McGowan, Louise 257 McGowan, Melva 136, 181. 298 McGrath Hall .......206, 207 McGrath, Richard 77 McGreevy, Robert 298 McGuire, James .227 McGuire, Marlene . 128, 229. 257 McGuire, Terry 257 McIntosh, Sue 155 McKee, Dennis. ....... 59, 167 McKenna, Michael 298 McKenzie, Suzanne 257 McKim. John 257 McLain, Lennet . ,223, 242, 257 McLaughlin, Donald .173, 182 McLean, Anita 298 McLean, Byron 298 McLeland, David 91, 105 298 Mclirrn, Lenny 185, 257 McMechan, Dr. James . . . . . 70 McMillen, Diana, 298 McMindes Hall 224-225 McMullen, Dronda 298 McMullen, Terrance .185 McNabb, Tonya 298 McNaught, Richird 169 McNeil, Edgar $7, 88 McNichols, Douglas 182. 257 McNichofs, Marcia 298 McN inch, George 298 McNitt. Roseanna ..... 298 McReynolds, William .298 McVicar, Janene .150, 184, 298 McWilliams, Ronald . . 148, 153, 154 Meacham, Sherry ... .298 Mead, Steven . .... 298 Meade, Michael 61 Meairs, Debra , .298 Meairs, Earl , , , 298 Mease, Barbara 257 Meckenstock, Dan , , 298 Meder, Jerome 298 Meder, Terrance ... 298 Meier, Frederick 257 Meier, Giannis .64 Meier. Linda 62,139.179, 298 Meiers, Thomas 227, 257 Meireis. Dwalne , .238, 298 Meirowsky, Jeanine . 298 Meis, Harold . 186, 298 Meitl, Regina 298 Mellies. Debra I 79, 298 Memorial Union Program Council 133 Mendenhall, Connie 257 Men ' s Glee Club ......... 1 50 Men ' s Physical Education Club 184 Mermis, Bernie ............ 8 1 Mermis, Clyde . , . 298 Mermis, Richard 298 Merrifield, Terry 106, 298 Mesecher, Gayle 298 Messerly, Debra 128, 298 Metzler, Robert .181, 298 Meyer, Chris 298 Meyer, Maxine 298 Michaelis, Barbara 298 Michaelis, Linda 182 Michel, Steven 130, 257 Michel, Toni . 184, 298 Mickey, Allan , . 153, 169, 298 Mickey, Darrell 257 Mickey, Wendy 155 168 Milam. Vicki . , . 298 Miles, Helen ...57, 184 Miley, Kathleen . 162, 222, 298 Miller, Allan . . . , 238 Miller, Blaine 298 Miller, Bruce 298 Miller, Carl 258 Miller, Clarence . 147, ISO, 153, 154, 169 Miller, Darrel 258 Miller, Delma 258 Miller, Denis 161, 178, 298 Miller, Dennis 258 Miller, Edward .150, 153, 154 Milter, Elaine 58 Miller, Elizabeth 299 Miller, Eugene . , . 258 Miller, June 147, 148, 168, 299 Miller. Kandis 299 Miller, Karen . 299 Miller, Kathlene 299 Miller, Kathy 299 Miller, Lambert 169 Miller, La verne 258 Miller, Leland 299 Miller, Dr. Lewis .65 Miller. Loretta , 130, 187, 258 Miller, Marilyn , , I S3, 156, 168, 258 Miller, Marvin 108 Miller Mary . . , 299 Miller, Michael 153, 299 Miller, Richard 238, 258 Miller, Robert . 159, 242, 299 Miller, Roberta 128, 187, 241 258 Miller, Ronald K 181, 299 Miller, Ronald L. 299 Miller, Susan .............. 78 Miller, Thomas . 14! , 299 Miller, Vicky 299 Miller, Wayne 299 Mills, Mary . . . 258 Mills, Ricky . 258 Mills, Ronald 258 Mills, Rita . 160. 299 Millstead, Martha . .141, 186, 299 Milner. Dean . ,299 Mindrup, Gerald . . 299 Miner, Kathleen . . 53 Minium. Maggie 258 Minneman. Jeff 299 Minneman. Robert . , , .299 Miser, Tim . . . . 174, 299 Miss Fort Hays. 126 Mitchell, Gloria 148 168, 258 Mitchell, Gregory 299 Moeckel, Merlyn ...... . 57, 96 Mohseni, Manoucheher . 175, 258 335 High School students participating in the Home Economics Day look over displays. Moody, David . . , . ISO, 299 Moor©, Carolyn 299 Moore, Edmund 217 Moore, Jolene 299 Moore, Judith , .258 Moore. Kathleen 241 Moore, Margaret . . . , 145. 160. 162, 24 j, 299 Moos.- Carol 299 Moran, Judy 258 Moran, Terrell , 258 Morford, Donna 258 Morgan. Alexis , , . . . 299 Morgan, Janet 1 74. 299 Morris, Donna 300 Morris, Terry 258 Morrish, Mary , 155, 299, 300 Morrison, Douglas . .237, 300 Morrison, Susan 300 Morton, Robert 258 Morton Royce I 73, 300 Moser, Sheila 3Q0 Mots, Dr Joel fafa Mott. Craig 30Q Mowry, Melba 300 Moxter, Lowell 209, 300 Moyers, Dr. Edwin ..... 65, 155 Muck, Cheryl f 86, 300 Muir, Michael 233 Muirhead. Leann 126, 183, 228, 242, 300 Mullenix, Patricia ,150. 176. 300 Munsch, Mary . 229, 242, 300 Munsch, Michael 184 258 Munsch, Stanley 300 Munsey. James 300 Murphy, Connie 300 Murphy, James 258 Murphy, Lloyd 105, 300 Murphy, Paula .157, 167, 258 Murray, James . . . 89 Musgrove. Trudy 300 Musselman, Ross . 258 Mutz, Elizabeth }Q0 Myerly, Lois 45 Myers, Joel 3QQ Myers. Patricia . I 57. 300 Myers. Stephen ISO. 258 Na Lampoon. Sinnun ...... 300 Nash, Cynthia , .300 Nauer Paula .......... 157 Naylor, Dell | 53 Naylor Patricia 160, 162, 228. 300 Neaderhiser, Pamela .186, 301 Neck, Joan 301 Nech, Larry 3QI Nedrow, Mary 301 Neidenthal, Jo Ann 301 Neidermeyer, Debra . 301 Neidhart, Paul 301 Neitzel, Sherry 258 Nelson, Andrea 258 Nelson, Barbara A. 156 Nelson, Barbara E, . 223, 301 Nelson. Barbara J. . . . , | 76, 301 Nelson, Brenda 301 Nelson, Jon ..... 105, 301 Nelson, Joyce ]Q| Nelson, Kevin . 216. 234, 258 Nelson, Martin . f 74 Nelson, Michael . , , 71 , 185 Nelson. Opal 258 Nelson, Phillip 1 32, 241 Nemechek, Margaret 258 Netherton, Robert 237 Neuburger, Loretta , . .21 I, 301 Neuburger, Marlene . ,301 Neuforth, Eugene . 169, 185. 258 Neuman, Mark 1 33 Neuschwander, John . . I 78 Newell, Aden 301 Newton, Sandra . 301 Nichol, Dana . I 73, 301 Nicholas, Joel 301 Nichols, Francis „ „ , , , 66 Nichols, Mike 1 74 Nickell, Betty . 30 1 Mickelson. Sheryl ..... J 30, 301 336 Niece, Kerry 301 ' Niermeier, Debra . . 234, 301 Nilsson. Karen .128, 160, 162. 301 Nipple. Donald , 30! Nipple. Frederick, . . 161, 301 Noah, Carole ....... 166. 258 Noble, Don 170 Noel, Nancy 222, 301 Notes. Brenda ! 74, 301 Nckes, Ray 1 74, 258 Nolte, Roger 233 Nondorf, William . , 301 Noone, James 242, 301 Noorani, David 3 75 Nordberg . Ernest 301 Norden. Edward 301 Norden, Elaine 301 Norman, Jens .... ..... 301 Norman, Richard . . . 258 Norris, Mary 151, 153, 168 North. Marvin . 258 Northrop, Peggy 258 Norton, Rodney .,. .,.61, 181 Norvell, Joe , . 130, 173, 182, 30! Norwood. Fredrick 301 Nottingham, Deborah 223, 301 Novinger. Carl . , 30! Nuckolls. Rhonda 153. 301 Nugent, James 49, 135 Nurses Club , . 186 Nusser, John 301 Nusser, Terry 301 Nyhoff, Suzanne 301 0 Oakley, Wesley 258 Oberg, James 169 Oberle, Stephan 259 Obermueller, Dale 24! Obermueller, Daryl . 184 Obert, Mark 301 Oborny, Mildred ....... .301 Ochel, Rikie . 241 Ochs, Mary 186, 301 Ochs. Stephan .179. 18!, 301 Ochsner, Robert 301 Odegard, Steven 301 Oden, June 259 Oden, Linda ...,,301 Odle, Gary 302 Oelkers, Connie . .302 Ogburn, Neal . 238 Ogburn, Vivian 157 Oglesbee. Lela 157,259 Ohara. Charles 259 Okeson. David 93, 95, 96, 105. 302 Okugawa, Yoshihisa 175, 259 Olcott, James . . . . . . . .65, 154 Older, Lynelle 302 Oliva, Dr, Leo 79 Olomon, Denise . .234, 259 Olson. Connie 259 Olson, Frederick . . . 302 Olson, Mark . 302 Omar, Emmitt . . . , 259 Opdycke, Virginia . 259 Orchesis . . 144 Oreagan, Jeanette 302 Oringderff, Richard 302 Orwig, Lynda 302 Osborne. Charles . . , 150, 170. 180, 302 Osborne, Rodney ISO, 302 Osborne, Richard . 50, 77 Osburn, Gary ..... 302 Osburn, Jeanie ..141. 179.302 Oshel, Judy . 302 O ' Toole, David 302 Otte. Barbara 302 Otter, Charlotte 151, 259 Owens, Cynthia 302 P Pabst, Darrell . 259 Packer, Ansel , 1 73. 182, 259 Paget, William . . 157, 159, 161, 166, 302 Pahls, Dennis 302 Pa his . Edwin . ,259 Pahls, Jane! , 176, 302 Pahls. Patricia 302 Palmberg. Edgar . . . 302 Palmer. Douglas 151, 153. 302 Palmer, Harold ....... h ... .65 Palmer, John 302 Palmer, Mary 259 Panhellenic 216 Pankratz, Charles . . 237 Panning, Susan 150, 176, 302 Papes. Dean . . . 174, 184, 259 Paramore, James ...57. 88 Parish, Dr. Verna .... .62 Parker. Brian 302 Parker, Douglas 242 Parker. Jacqueline . 302 Parker, Karen . .139, 148. 259 Parker, Lynda 302 Parker, Mary ... 302 Parkhurst, Ann . 259 Parks, Carol 153, 302 Parnell. Tanda . . 302 Parsons. Pamela . 302 Partin. Barbara 302 Partington. Curtis .16! Patchen, Larry 259 Patry, Kenneth, 161, 302 Pauli, Pamela 223 Pauls. Margaret 186, 302 Pearson, Cherlie 176, 302 Pearson, Dennis 259 Pearson, William 238, 302 Pechanec. Stephen 302 Peck. Mary.., ,127. 130 Peck. Susan 302 Peckover, Kathy . 148.302 Peier, Dale . . . . . . . 77 Peimann, Janette . . 302 Peintner, Robert .302 Pekarek, Janet 259 Pekarek, John 106. 302 Pekarek, Rita ! 50, 302 Reliant, Michael 302 Pemberton, William. , .227, 302 Penka, Alvin 90, 91, 105 Pennington, Janice ISO. 156. 176, 302 Pennington, Joyce 168. 259 Pennington, Kim 259 Pentecost. Franklin. . 170, 303 Percivaf, Stan 259 Perkins, Daniel 133, 139 Perkins, Diana 303 Peron, Gary ,303 Perri, Victor 108. 109 Peteete, Clarice. . 186 Peters. Janice 179 Peters. Linda 303 Peters, Robert 303 Peters, Sandra . . 303 Peters, Steve 303 Petersilie, Douglas 225, 303 Peterson, Laron 259 Peterson, Diane 136, 160, 303 Petri k, Charles , 303 Pettengill, Glenn 77 Pettera, Kathryn 135. 205, 303 Pettijohn, Sharon 259 Pettijohn, William 303 Petty, John 130, 134, 156 Peveriey, Bruce 203 Pfannenstiel, Anthony .203 Pfannenstiel, Cliff ... .303 Pfannenstiel, Joanne ... 303 Pfannenstiel Judith 303 Pfannenstiel. Unus ...... 303 Pfannenstiel Sandra 303 Pfeifer, Leona ...61 Pfeifer, Patti 303 Pfeifer. Richard 303 Pfenninger, Ronald ...185, 259 Pflughoft, Kathy 234 Pflughoft, Ronald 50 Pfortmiller, Carolyn 303 Phelps, Brent 303 Phi Alpha Theta .......... 1 65 Phi Beta Lambda ......... I 79 Phi Eta Sigma ............ 1 6 1 Phi Kappa Phi 1 57 Phi Mu Alpha ..... ....... 1 69 Phi Sigma Epsilon .... ,230-23 I Philip, Sandra . 160 Phillips, Michael 151. 237 Phillips, Paul .............. 7 1 Phillips, Warren 303 Photographers 142 Phye. Linda 166, 259 Pi Delta Epsilon 1 79 Pi Omega Pi .164 Pickard, Karen 1 34 136 166, 176, 228, 303 Pickering, Charlene 228 Pickering, Deborah 128, 303 Pierce, Kent 303 Pierce, Martha 303 Pierson, Dr. David .-69 Pinnlck, Shirley 303 Pirzadeh, Mehdi 1 75. 303 Pish ny , Janyth ...... 303 Pishny, Lon 139, 179. 184, 259 Platt, Michael 303 Plowman, Donnitta 157 Poage, Verla . . . 304 Pogue. Gary 167 Political Science Club ..... 182 Poore, Kathy .304 Poore, Linda 304 Popp, Nancy .57 Poppen, Linda ,259 Poppen, Wanda . 304 Porter. Diane , 259 Porter. Jan 150 Porter. Janet . . 165, 259 Porter. Jeffrey 226 Porter, Kathy 304 Porter. Richard 259 Porter, Tamara , 222, 242, 304 337 Portschy, Jean 186,304 Post, Gary 304 Post, Linda 304 Pottberg. Martha 304 Potter, Konnie . . 304 Potter, Gail . . . 148, 180, 304 Powell, Dennis . 148 Powell, Bettie . . . , ...58 Powell, Stephen . . 173, 182 Power Robert . . 308 Powers, Ronald . 259, 304 Powers, Sheran . 259 Powers, Dr, William 55 Pratt, Ellen . 304 Presley, John 304 Preston, Alda 304 Preston. Lloyd . 187 Preuss, Larry . .304 Prewo, Edward . . . . 173, 182 Price, Ernest ..... Price, Dr. Gordon ......... 55 Price. Marie 259 Princ, Dennis ... 304 Prosser, Judy . . . . 304 Pruett, Janis .... ... 304 Pruitt, Dr. Roger . Prusa, Steve . . . 130, 304 Psl Chi Puckett, Margo 259 Pugh, Patricia . . . . 180, 304 Purdy. Dennis 153 Purvis, Sharon . . . . .136. 304 Puyear, Martha 234, 304 Puyear, Vincent . . 305 Pyke, Thomas 305 Pyle, John . 169, 259 Pyle. Rebecca 136. 259 Q Quinn, Jo Anne 184, 305 Quint, Jan I 34, 206 R Rabas, Alan 305 Rabas, Joyce | 79, 259 Reberding, L ucinda . . ,305 Radcliffe, Dana . , . .180, 305 Radcliffe, Diana . f 84. 305 Rader. Marsha . 305 Rahe, Dorothy 305 RatJe, Charlene 305 Rajewski, Diane . . 186, 305 Ramage. Michael ... . 305 Rampy, Troy . .96, 108, 305 Ramsey, Jerry 182 Rand, Charlene 305 RandeJ, Gregory 89 Randle, Nancy .128,223,242 Randolph, Donovan . 99, 181 Randolph. Janis 305 Randolph, Lends ... ... .305 Raney, Richard 105 Rapp, Donna ... I 72, 184, 305 Rapp. John 305 Rathgeber. Carol 305 Rathgeber, Keith . . . , . . 259 Rauhut. Duane 96, 305 Rauscher. Mary. 160. 165, 234. 305 Ray, Vicky ISO. 176, 259 RayJe, James 106 Rayle, Steve 130 Razak, Dr, Nevelf 80 Redef, Maryjo 222, 305 Redetzke, Melvin .226,305 Redger, Carol .... . . 174, 260 Redger, J anis 260 Reece, Steven I 50, 306 Reed, Burton 260 Reed, Janet 260 Reed, Kathleen 183. 260 Reed, Lawrence (Mac) ..... 58 Rees, Howard 306 Reever, Vernon 306 Rehm, Lora 183, 306 Reid, Catherine 260 Reifschneider, Joyce 306 Reifschneider, Paul , .161, 233, 306 Reigel, Andrew .69 Reimeft, Larry . . . 306 Reimer, Ron 306 Rein. Geo 306 Rein, Marilyn . , . . 306 Reinert. Bill 306 Reinert, Rosalie 306 Reinking. Victor 306 Rempe. Edward 306 Rempe, Greg , . 306 Rempe, Walter 260 Renner, Robert 260 Renner, Sharon . . 306 Renner, Susan 306 Reveille 140-141 Reynolds, Cynthia 240, 306 Reynolds. Carol 306 Reynolds, Gordon 260 Reynolds, Dr. Howard ..44, 68, 69, 169 Reynolds, Patricia 306 Rhoads, Mark . 242 Rice, Donald , , . 306 Rice, Dr. Jimmy .47 Rich. Cheryl . , 306 Rich, Priscilla . 306 Richards, Robert 70, 181 Richardson, Donald 167 Richmeier, Laura 306 Richmeier, Wayne 238 Richmond, Dennu i 178, 260 Richolson, Karla 306 Ridder, James .306 Riddle, Debra , , . 306 Rider, Susan 306 Riedel. Alan . . 182 Riedel, Andrew 306 Riedel, Daniel . . . 260 Riedel, James . , . 89 Riedel, Kathryn 141, 162, 306 Riedel, Linda 306 Riedel, Robert E. 141. 306 Riedel, Robert L. 306 Riedl, Katheryn . 1 76, 306 Riedy, Gary . , . , 89 Rieget, Gary , Riegel, Sherry . .153. 222, 306 Rifford, Deborah . . 180, 234. 260 Rifford, George 306 Riggs, Alice 260 Rigor, Brenda , 153, 154, 306 Riley, Esta Lou 58 Rinehart. Deanna 306 Ring, Debbie 141, 234, 306 Ritter. Terri , - 306 Ritter, Gary 93, 96, 306 Robben , Gary 173, 182, 306 Roberson, Clarissa 306 Roberson, Gwen 260 Roberson, Mike 260 Roberts, Anita 260 Roberts, Betty . . . Roberts, Carl 260 Roberts, Ellen .173, 176, 21 1, 306 Roberts, Judith 1 50, 179, 306 Roberts, Jill . . . . 153, 168, 260 Roberts, Michael . .227 Roberts, Shirley , , 306 Roberts, Wayne 306 Robertson, Jack , . [80, 307 Robertson, Nancy. . .127, 229. 307 Robinson, Gregory . 1 07. 260 Rob! nson, Karel 144 Robinson, Karla 307 Robinson, Ruth .223, 307 Robinson, Dr. William 55 Robinson, William S, 148, 153, 154 , 161, 307 Robison, William 260 Robl, Steven 307 Rodeo Club Rodeo Queen ....... Roe me r. Douglas . . . .226, 307 Roemer, Janet .... .307 Roemer, Tima . 307 Rogers, Debra 260 Rogers, D innis ... 307 Rogers, Herbert 307 Rogers, Jean ... 260 Rogers, Jo Ann . . . . . . 260 Rogers, Katherine . . , . .63, 141, 179 Rogers, Lynn ....... Rogers, Marilyn ..... 307 Rogers, Pamela . . . . 307 Rogers, Susan . . , 307 Rohleder, Gerald ... 307 Rohleder, Mary 307 Rohr, Gerald 260 Rohr, Gloria . , ... 307 Rohr, Jeanette 182, 307 Rohr, Leigh ... 153 Rohr. Lonnie , . 176. 307 Rohr, Sandra .153, 154, 168 Rohr, Stanley . 261 Rohrbough, Johnny . . . 174 Rolf, Karen 137, 1 156, 158, 223, 261 Rolfs, Glenda .. .261 Rolfs, Janet . . . , 307 Rolfs, Marvin ....... Rolfs, Reed . 307 Romanucci, Alison 136, 137, 307 Rom ine, Janice . ,261 Roos, Kathleen . . . , 307 Rods. Leo 307 Rorabaugh, Chnstophi r ... 308 Rose, Berneta 174 Rose, Franklin 261 Rose, Leroy ,130, 169 Rose, Richard . . . . 308 Rose, Ronald , 174 Rose, Terrance 174 Rose. Terri , . , 308 Rose, Theda 261 Rose!!, Carolyn 308 Rosenberg, Neil 308 Ross, Carolyn , 308 Ross, Jerald .308 338 Ross, Linda 308 Ross, Lloyd 308 Ross, Michael 308 Ross, Norma I 79, 26 1 Ross, Thomas 308 Roth, Deborah 308 Roth. Diane 228, 308 Roth. George 308 Roth, Harold 261 Roth, Leona , 261 Roth, Marvin 261 Roth, Susan 308 Rothe. Jimmy 261 Rothwell, Dan 64 Rotrock, Chester , 170. 308 Routh, Charles 130, 156, 242, 261 Rowland, Carolyn ... 176, 308 Rucker, Barbara . . . .308 Ruda, Fred 167 Ruda. James ... . . 226, 261 Ruda, Mary . , , 308 Ruder. Mary 150, 160, 162, 308 Ruder, Myma 144 160, 162, 308 Ruder, Rodney 108 Ruder. Terry 237, 308 Rueb. Cynthia 261 Rufenacht, Audrey 261 Ruff, Lynnette .308 Rumpel, Dr, Max .70 Rundle. John .261 Rupke, Charlyn . . . I 86, 308 Rupp, Daniel 77 Rupp, Elsie 179. 261 Rupp, Marc 261 Rupp, Mary 261 Rupp. Nancy . 308 Rupp, Richard , . 157 Rusch, Jan 148, 226 Rusco, Steve . . 261 Rush, Clifton 167, 261 Rush, Mary Ann 77 Russ, Edward 308 Russ, Florence . . 26! Russell, Johnnie 233 Ruud, Howard 242. 308 Ryabik, James 8 1 Ryan. Thomas 261 Rynerson, Don 155, 161, 165, 182, 184, 261 Rytych, Barbara 261 S Sackett, Marjorie . .63 Sackett, Dr. Samuel .63 Saddler, Corla . 308 Saddler, John . . . . . . 261 Sager, Janet I 86. 308 Saindon, Richard 308 Sallee, Rita . 261 Salmans, Nick .261 Salmans, Randolyn 308 Salser, Christine . . . . 308 Salter. Shan 308 Sampson, Gary . . 170, 187, 261 Sanborn, William ...... 230 Sandell, Daniel 308 Sander, Cecilia 308 Sander, Joseph , 261 Sander, Sam , 261 Sander, Stephen 308 Sanders, Johnny . 99, 226, 308 Sanders. Margyre 308 Sanders. Patti 223. 308 Sandwell. John ,, 178. 230. 261 Sanneman, Dewey 308 Sarmiento, Luis 175 Sarmiento, Mario 175 Sauer, Gerald . . . 308 Saunders. Michael . . 308 Savage, Asa 233 Sawer, Carol 308 Sawer, James . . . 308 Sayed, Dr. M.. Q. , . . , 69 Sayler, Karen 180. 308 Schaben, Cheryl 179, 308 Schaben, Yolanda .308 Schaefer, Michael 159, 161, 217. 226. 241. 308 Schaefer, Mike 106, 261 Schaeffer, Robert . , 309 Schaetzle, Howard 130, 233, 261 Schaffer, Gregory 184. 138, 309 Schaffer, Kathryn , 153, 168, 26! Schaffer, Ronald . . , , 309 Schalansky. Glenda 309 Schamberger. Rose . . 309 Schartz, Donna 309 Scheer, John 309 Schenk, Terrence 144 Scheuerman, Robin . .225, 309 Schields, Gary 233, 261 Schiewe, Valerie 175, 309 Schlnstock, Vicki 186, 241, 309 Schippers, Patricia ,309 Schirer. Eleanor . . . . 309 Schirmer, Phyllis 309 Schlageck, Tina 223 Schlageck, St even . . 309 Schlatter, Marianne - 151 Schleick Phyllis , , . , . ..65, 151 Schlepp, Joann 261 Schlesener, Alan . 309 Sehlichting. Bonnie 261 Schlichting. Russell . . 261 Schloctermerer, Janet 179, 261 Schloctermeier, Paul 169, 262 Schmalzried, tyndel .173 309 Schmeidler, Darrell 309 Schmeidler, Donna 262 Schmeidler, John 309 Schmeidler, Michael . . 309 Schmeidler, Phil 169, 262 Schmeidler, Wanda . 309 Schmeller, H. J 79 Schmidt. Carla 1 76. 309 To correspond with the May Day rally in Washington, some students spent the day in the city park listening to music under the flags that were hang- ing from the swinging bridge and trees. Schmidt, David ....... 309 Schmidt, Donald 173, I 78, 309 Schmidt, John 89 Schmidt, Joseph 262 Schmidt, Katherine 160, 309 Schmidt, Kathleen 309 Schmidt, Mark 309 Schmidt, Marla 309 Schmidt, Melvin 309 Schmidt, Michael 309 Schmidt, Neal . . . . . . . . . 3 1 0 Schmidt, Phil . . . , 242 Schmidt, Phyllis - 158, 180, 262 Schmidt, Ramon . 230, 310 Schmidt, Stan t 74, 3 1 0 Schmidt, Terrence , 310 Schmidtberger, Gerald 108, 113 , 310 Schmidtberger, Randal. 3 08, 262 Schmidtberger, Sylvia . . . , ,310 Schneider. John . 105,310 Schneider, Lois 229,310 Schneider, Ronald . . .161. 176, 310 Schnelle, Cindy 168, 262 Schneweis. Garold . .310 Schneweis, Lois ... 310 Schoenberger, Judith 310 Schoenfeld, Belinda 136, 209, 310 Schoenthaler, Bran , 242 Schoenthaler, Cindy . . . .310 Schoenthaler, Clarinda . , 216, 262 Schoonover, Jeff . . 226 Schrader. Judith 262 Schreiber, Catherine 262 Schremmer. Darrell 233 Schremmer, Lou . 310 Schroder, Elton , 69 Schukina n, Harold 310 Schukmam Jay 181,310 Schulte, Barbara . 186, 310 Schulte, James , 154 Schulte, Jane I S 3 . 310 Schulte, Judith 3 IQ Schulte, Karen ... . , 186, 310 Schulte. Mary 3 Q Schulte, Paula . . , 310 Schultz, Aden . . 3 |Q Schultz, Clara f 57 Schultz, Freya 262 Schultz, Gary 262 Schulz, Cheri , 1 25, 162, 1 74 . 310 Schulz, Donna . .209, 310 Schumacher, Calvin 310 Schumacher, Dorothy , 262 Schumacher, Linda 310 Schuman, Lila 172, 184, 262 Schupbech, Gary 3,0 Schurle, Glenda . . . 186, 310 Schuster, Michael 225 Schwab, Beverly , . .179. 262 Schwanke, Charles , 2 42, 311 Schwanke, Vernon 242 Schwartz, Debbie 311 Schwartz, Ralph , 31 J Schwarz. Gregory , 262 Schwarz, Laurita 160. 1 62, 311 Schwarz, Leona . 153, 160, 162, 176, 31 1 Schweln, Jerry .148, 241, 311 Schwerdtfeger. Ann 311 Schwlndt, Robert 153 Scott. Barbara . . 1 74 Scott, James 227 Scott, Katherine 311 Scott, Kenneth 153, 154 Scott, Wesley , . . . 262 Sebough, Telia ... 1 28. 241 . 3 1 1 $e bold, Douglas .... ...57, 105 Seele, Linda ... .311 Segal, William ..... Seib, Belinda ... 311 Seiner Preston 142 Sekavec, Ronald 183, 311 Sekavec, Thomas 159 Selby, Robert 144. 31 1 Self ridge, Allen 311 Sellens, Charles 169 Seflens, John . . 311 Selzer, Ellen . . . 179, 180 Semrad, Judy 311 Serrioz, Vincent 99 Seuser, Kathleen .160 Seventh Calvary Sexson, Charles 180, 187. 203, 311 Seyb, Margaret 262 Shandy, Mae . . 262 Shandy. Robert 262 Shank, Harriet 311 Shank, Myra 234 237. 311 Sharp, Dr, Duane ..69. 171 Sharp, Roberta . . . Sharpe, Delilah , . ... .262 Shaw, Kevin . 106, 227 311 Shaw, Linda . . 151 , 153, 157, 168, 262 Shaw, Michael 105 Shaw, Sandra . 262 Shaw, Sue . 122 . 129, 136, 157, 262 Shay, Delilah 311 Shay, Margaret 262 Shearer, Dr Edmund ...... .70 Sheesley, Fredrick ,170, 185 Sheets. Deborah 3 M Sheil, Corinne . ,311 Sherman, Elizabeth 311 Sherman, John 233 Sherman, Talma 311 Sherraden, K enneth . .311 Sherrick, Nyleen 262 Sherrill, Debra .,.,311 Sherwood, Charles 311 Sherwood, Dr. Charles S. . , . 77 Sherwood. Mary , . .157 Shira, Diantha 311 Shira, Earl 157 Shirack, Michael . , 262 Shirk, Karen 311 Shivers, Karen . 183 Shoemaker, Laura .187, 262 Shriver. Barbara 311 Shryock, David 133, 3 ! I Shuster, Gary 89, 227 Sigma Alpha Eta 165 Sigma Alpha lota 168 Sigma Chi , .232-233 Sigma Kappa 234 235 Sigma Phi Epsilon 242-243 Sigma Sigma Sigma . . .240-241 Sigma Tau Gamma . . , .238-239 Siefkes, Robert 173, 3 I 1 Sieker. Jerry . 262 Sieker, Ronald . .91, f 05, 31 I Siemens, Larry . . |Q 7 , 31 J Siemens, Kurtis 161 Sigler, Thomas 230 Sim, Stephen 217, 225 Simons, Kenneth ........... 69 Simoneau. Ilene 262 Simons, Donald 3 | | Simpson, Donald , . 3 1 j Simpson, John , , . . I 53 a 262 Simpson, Lola |76 Simpson, Sandra 31 I Skipper, Gary. 3 | ( Skrdlant, Dawn ..,311 Slavik. Daryl 3 j j Stavin. Danny 3 | j Slechta, Dr. Donald 78 Sleichter, Kirk 238, 3 I I Slimmer. Virginia 262 Slipke, Pamela 153, 160, 162. 311 Sloan, Judith , Sloan, Larry , . . Sloan. Mary , . . Smalley, Rickey 233, 311 Smies, Marcia . 187, 311 Smith, Bernard . 183, 312 Smith, Billy .... Smith, Connie ■ 157, 262 Smith, Coral . . . ■ • 312 Smith, Curtis . . 178 262 Smith, Dee . 128, 222, 312 Smith, Gregory ■ • 157. 166, 1 76, 262 Smith, James . , 312 Smith, Jeannette 312 Smith. John . . . 312 Smith, Juanita . 150. 312 Smith, Kelvin 312 Smith, Leo 262 Smith, Lois . . . 168, 262 Smith, Marilyn , 162. 240. 312 Smith, Mershon 186, 312 Smith, Pamela . . 262 Smith, Rick 225, 312 Smith, Robert . Smith, Stanley . 225 Smith, Vern 263 Smith, Vicky 312 Smith, Dr. Wilda Smrcka, Mary 128. 129, 241, 242 Smull, Marvin Smull, Thomas . 312 Sobba. Steven 180, 237, 312 Snyder. David . ... 174, 312 Sociology Club . . Sodamann, Harold 55 Soeken. Danny . ... 185, 312 Solka, Patricia 186, 312 Solomon, Terry 312 Solze, Cheryl ... 312 Sanger, Herbert . Sophomore Women ' s Honorary Soukup, Elaine , 312 Sowers, Sheryl 166, 263 Spalsbury. Carol 1 66. 3 1 2 Spangler, Susan 125, 136 Spanish Club Speer, Lena .157 Speicer, Thomas 89, 238 Spi tier. Anita 263 Spfichal. Jane 312 Splitter, Janice 312 Spohr. Dennis . 184. 263 Spomer. Kathy 263 Spratling. Betty 312 Spratt, Dermis , , . . 89 Sprehe, Janet. . , . . .263 Sprehe. Janice 263 Spreier, Steven . . 225, 312 Springfeldt, Matthew 150, 153, 154, 169 Springfeldt, Michael . .263 Springsteen, Stan 312 St, Peter, Robert 313 Staeb, Barbara . , .3)2 Staab, Carol . . . 312 Staab, Leon I ,.,312 Staab, Leon J . 263 Staab, Rose Ann . . . 263 Staab, Terri . , 139, 162, 179, 223, 312 Staats, Janet - . , 162. 228, 242 Staats, Roger 263 Stacey, Douglas 3 ! 2 Stack, Rodney 312 Stahl Duane .312 Stallman, Vernon 77 5+ambaugh, Mary . , I S 1 . 263 S+amey, Michelle . , . 263 Standish, Judy 174, 312 Standley, Twila , 312 Stang, Marilyn 186, 3!2 Stangel, Karla 180. 312 Stangle, Norma 157 Stanley, Donna 139, 263 Stanley, Lynda 312 Stanley, Sandra 312 Stansbury, James 55 Stansfield, Jane , . . .312 Star Promenaders 176 Staudinger, Mary Ann. 263 Staven, Dr. Lavier . . . . 55 Stearns, Deanna 312 Stearns, Michael 263 Stecklein, Kathleen 168. 312 Steffen, Beverly ... 150, 312 Steffen, Louise ISO. 186, 312 Steiger. John . . . . 263 Stein, Paula ........ 263 Stein, Scott 263 Steineamp, Marilyn , , 228 Steiner, Kathy .... 312 StejskaL Donna 263 StejskaL Thomas . , , 225 Stenzel. Dee ... 3 1 2 Stenzel, Loren ... 3 1 2 Stephens, James I 78, 263 Stephens, Denice . .222.313 Stephens, Roger 313 Stepp, Mary R, . . 313 Sterling, Sharon 237, 313 Sternberg Geology Club , 185 Stevens, Eugene 313 Stevens, Terry 313 Stewart, James 313 Stewart, Rhonda 313 Stewart, Stephanie 137, 157, 158. 182, 240 263 Stewart, Susan , ..... .313 Stickney. Lois 313 Still, Robert 263 Stimatze. Jo Ann 184 263 Stinemetz, Phillip . . 237, 313 Stinemetze. Janice 313 Stinnett, Danny 263 Stockstill Daryl 93, 96 Stolba, Dr. K. Marie .,,65 155 Storm, Linda 155, 160. 168. 313 Story, Cynthia 153 Stauffer, Jean ... ,48 132, 134 Stout, Dr. Donald .... . 65, 148 Stout Dr. Roberta . ,63 Stramel, Carol 313 S frame t, Leslie 313 Stramel, Phillip 89, 3 ! 3 Strauss, Jacqueline 313 Strecker. Barbara . . ,313 Streeter, Priscilla 313 Strickland, Leslie 187 Stricklin, Gary 263 Stroemel. Douglas ... .313 Stroemel Mary , 313 Stroberg. Roger 241, 263 Stromgren, Tom - . 57, 88 Strong, Sheryl 128 Stroup, Leora . . 74, 136 Stuart, Patrick .313 Stuart, Susan ... 128, 241, 242, 313 Stuart, William . . 241 Student Chapter Soil Conservation 1 85 Student Council for Exceptional Children 1 83 Student Education Assn. ... 183 Student Home Economics Assn «... 1 88 Student Organizations Committee 134 Student Senate .......130 131 Stull, Kendall 153, 314 Sulzman, Annette 184, 314 Sunley, James 263 Suppes, Geneva . . . . 150, 168, 314 Suppes, Nancy 314 Suppes. Ronald .108, 263 Suran, Cade . . . , , . .44. 57. 176 Sutton, Barbara . 145. 314 Sutton, John ....... 314 Swafford, Ted . 263 Swart, Harry , , , 150 Swart, Patricia 166. 176. 223, 314 Swart. Sandra . 176, 314 Swartz, Kent 174. 314 Switzer. Daniel 170.263 Switzer, James 237 Swoboda, John 157, 159, 263 T Tacha, Myron , . . .3 14 Tacha, Roger 314 Taddiken. Mark . 3 14 Taldo, William .263 Taliaferro, Hal 105, 263 Tappan, Bruce 314 Tarma, David 130, 314 Tarrant. David . 165. 314 Tate. Jolece I 79, 3 14 Tate, Wayne . , 314 Tatkenhorst, Kenneth, . 105 Tau Kappa Epsilon. .. .236 237 Taylor, Dolores 263 Taylor, Gary . 263 Taylor, Herbert 166 Taylor , lone 314 Teasley. Mike ...... 263 Tedesco. Andrew 264 Tedeseo. Nola ..... 228, 314 Teel Roger . 139. 227, 314 Teeter, Loretta 157, 315 Templin, Barbara 264 Tennis .... 107, 121 Tennant, Patricia . ,264 Thacker, Kathy .176 Thalheim, Arthur, . .130, 135, 182, 315 Thalheim, Verlaine 223, 315 Thoben, Eric , . .181, 230, 3 f 5 Thomas, Dr. Archie 77 Thomas, Dollie 77 Thomas, Dorothy 335 Thomas, Douglas ... 264 Thomas, Janice 148 Thomas , Vera 77 Thomas. Willi am . ... .315 Tbomm, Ralph . 157, 159, 161, 227, 264 Thompson, Dennis 264 Thompson, Dianna 315 Thompson, lyla ...... 157 Thompson, Pamela .223 242, 315 Thompson, Shirley 315 Thompson, Dr. William R. .........60, 134 Thomson, Marjorie ......... 80 Thorns, John .66 Thrasher, Terry -264 Threlkel, Robert . . 170, 184, 264 Thummel, Jon 315 Thurman, Craig . . , ,242 Thurman, Douglas 96, 242. 315 Tbyfault, Carmella 264 Tice, Marcia ... . ,315 Tiffany, Phyllis 81 Tiger Debs 128 Tiger Paws 1 29 Tlllberg, Leland .264 Till berg . Rhonda 315 Tilson, John 89 Timken, Alpha 315 Timken, Gary 264 Timken, Rebecca 315 Tipton. Nancy . . . . . . 153. 315 Tittel, Jana 128, 186, 222, 242, 315 Tittel Lana . 128. i29. 315 Tittel, Marlene 315 Tittle, Linda 264 Toalson, Wilmont .......... 72 Tobias, Gary ...59, 167 Toepfer, Thomas 217, 315 Toland, Frederick 264 Tomanek, Dr. Gerald. . .68, 134 Tomasu, Robyn 128, 315 Tomlinson, Deborah 155, 240, Stull Lary .... . 1 84, 263 Stull Peggy 158, 263 Stu m , Bette . . . ..136,314 Sturgeon, Marilyn ... 216 Stutz, Duanna . ...... 3 14 Suelter, Carol 314 Sullivan, Kay ,314 Tharp, Tommy 264 Theimer, Loretta - 315 Theis, David ......... 178, 264 Theis, Ruth Ann ........... 75 Thelander, Larry 264 Thielen, Joseph 264 Thirstrup, Larry 57 315 Tomlinson, Dr. John .... 76, 1 34 Tompkins, Robert 315 Tope, Daniel .... 315 Tqrline. David 315 Touslee, Terry 315 Towns. Randy 315 Towns, Susan .129, 315 Townsend Kathryn , . 315 Track 102-105, 121 Traffic Tribunal 132 Trainer, Kay ,,.315 Tregellas. Deborah 315 Tramei, Dr, Stephen . „ 67 Trent, Anna . , 148, 151, 168, 240, 315 Tresner, Leon 101, 315 Treu, Mary , , . 264 Treu, Patrick , 237 Treu, Shelley . 315 Tricks, Tommy 315 Tripp, Kerry . . 176, 315 Trowbridge, David 174 Trowbridge, Elaine 157, 264 True, Donald 184, 264 Trumbull, Robert 169 Tucker, Tommie . . 315 Turkle, Diana . . 128,216,228, 242. 315 Turkle. Jon -,...315 Turnbull. Marcia .... 128, 241, 315 Turner, Charles 89 Turner. Gregory 139 Turner, Peggy. ........... 3 15 Turner, Scott . 89 Turney, Carol 141,315 Tuttle, Carolyn 264 TwitchelL Betty 315 U Ubert, Robert 264 Ulery , Debra .315 Dim. Twila ,.315 Ulmer, Gary ,101, 264 Umscheid, Thomas . . , . . 264 Underwood, Linda ,..,213, 315 Unrein, Mary Beth ,315 Unruh, David . . 316 Unruh, Debra 128, 316 Upham, Kathleen 316 Urban, Deborah 316 Urban, Donald .148. 151, 153, 265 Urban, Terrance 316 V Vacharaporn, Rachanee ...316 Vague. Jeanette , , 186, 316 Vahling, William.. . . 316 Valanne, Ollie, .66 Vallin, Dwight 265 Vallin, Emily 213. 265 Van Eaton, Quentin 316 Van Deusen, Pamela 151, 181, 241 Van Doren, Marilyn , . .222, 316 Van Kooten, Barbara 265 Van Kooten, Judith , 316 Van Loenen, Darrell , . .316 Vanroekel, Marcia , 316 Van Vleet, Merald 170, 316 Van Wey, Connie 265 Van Winkle, Richard 265 Vanderbur. Dennis 265 Vandergiesen, Marsha . .. 265 Vandivler, Juanita . 133, 316 Vann, Diane , 316 Vann, Mary. . . 265 Vap, Richard 265 Vaughn, Gary . . . 3 Vaughn, Murray 316 Vavricka. Robert (67, 265 Veed, Ellen 72 Veh, Charles 316 Venneberg, Darlene 316 Vet ' Club Vice, Claude Vincent, Dennis Vincent, John M. , Vincent, Stephen . Vine, Kenneth ,..151, 153. .316 Vlasak f Sharon Vogel, Nancy Vohs. Bernadfne . 153, 316 Vonada, Debra 215. 316 Vonada, Karen Vonfange, Alan . 206, 316 VonFeldt. Roger . .316 Vopat, Alan Vopat, Jerry Vo ran, Linda 153. 316 Voran, Sharon 136, 265 Voss, Gladys Voss. Robert , . .265 W Wade, Larry . 3 | Wadsworth, Tim , . .237. 265 Waggoner, Charles 316 Wagner, Jeanette 316 Wagner, Marcia 316 Wahlmeier, Marla 316 Wahrman, Joseph 265 Wait, Jacquelyn 136. 241. 316 Wakeman. Katherine . 265 Walburn, Keith ,178 Waldman, Georgene 316 Waldschmidt, Cynthia 216, 316 Waldschmidt, Gregory . 180. 316 Waldschmidt, Mike .159. 242 Walker, Barbara ... 160. 162. 241, 316 Walker, Bruce 178 Walker, Cherie , , , 265 Walker, Deborah 316 Walker, Dixie . . . 153, 154, 168, 265 Walker, Kenneth .316 Walker, Larry , , .237, 316 Walker, Marshall .226 Walker, Mary .... . ..176. 3 S 6 Walker, Myrl , , » .185 Walker, Dr. Neil. .68 Walker, Richard 316 Walker. Ronald 3 1 6 Walker. Thelma 265 Wall, Dr. George 77, 178 Wallace. Aljoe 157, 161, 265 Wallace, Robin 3 1 6 Walstrom. Claudia 316 Walter Catherine . . ,317 Walter, Joseph .178 Walters, Bernita 317 Walters, David ... . ,161, 317 Walters, Nancy 169. 265 Walters, Thomas 130, 265 Walters. William 169 Walz, Patricia . . 157, 265 Walz, Raymond 265 Wanklyn, Mark 178 Wann, David 265 Wannamaker, Jennifer 317 Ward. Elmer 1 69 Ward, Margaret 162, 317 Ward, Robert .153, 154, 242 Ward, Sally 49 1 136 Ward, Tranda. 136. 157, 166, 176, 317 Warlop, Sharon .......... 1 50 Warner. Beverly . . .,317 Warner, Elm a , . , 3 1 7 Warner, Susan 3 1 7 Warren, Charles 237, 317 Warren. Ken 31 Warren, Mary 317 Warrick, Ken 265 Warzeniak. George .180, 317 Wasinger, Dale . 317 Wasinger. Edwin 265 Wasinger. Diarm 317 Wasinger. Laura ,317 Wasinger, Lloyd 317 Wasinger, Max 227 Watkins, Daniel 265 Watson, Mitchell 317 Watts, Stephen 317 Weatherman. Trudy 3 L7 Weathers. Douglas . 178, 317 Webb, John 317 Weber. Eileen. .136, 160, 162, 186, 317 Weber, Herman. 265 Weber, Scott 242 Weber, Joseph 265 Weber, Terry. ... 144. 225, 317 Weber, Thomas . 105 Webster, Judith . ...... 3 1 7 Weers, Richard 317 Weigel, Leland , 159. 181, 317 Weigel, Robert 317 Weinman. Elizabeth 265 Weinman, Mary ,317 Weis. Donald 317 Weis, Karen ... 3 18 Weishear. Vicki . . . 318 Welborn, Colleen .318 Welker, Judy.. . I 57, 166, 265 Wellbrook, Richard . 265 Wells, Toni .130 Welter, Barbara . . 318 Welter. Dorothy 265 Welty. Ann 318 Wendel. Glenn 318 Wendelin, Norman 318 Wendt, Teven 265 Wenger, Vernon 174, 318 Wenke, Dr. Thomas , , 69 Wenrich, Carl 265 Wenrich, Rebecca 144 Werner, Claude 318 Werner, Donald 157, 161, 166. 265 Worth. Barbara , ... 318 Werth, Connette .... .... ,318 Worth, Cynthia 318 Werth, Dale ,,.,318 Werth, Darrell .318 Werth, Janet 318 Werth, Keith 318 Werth, Judy 318 Wertz, Mary 318 Wesley, Greg 237 West, Daryl 266 West, Thomas 318 Westbrook, Kerry .... ,212 Westbrook, Patti 318 Westerman. Randy t42 Westfall, George 184 Westmacott, John 153. 154, 318 Westphai, Donald . , 238, 318 Westphal, Nancy 318 Wetzel, Bill 178,318 Whalen, George 318 Wheatcroft, Janice 266 Wheeler. Dennis 170 Wheeler. Leta 122. 128. 229 318 Wheeler, Linda M 128, 180, 318 Wheeler, Linda R. ,229, 318 Wheeler. Susan 223, 241. 318 Wherry, Margaret .151, 153, 318 Whisler, Douglas . 319 Whisman. Carol I SI , 1 53 White. James . , . , 319 White. Joel 141, 161, 179, 319 White, Linda . .319 White, Lyle ,266 White, Marilda 172. 319 White, Merle 319 White, Paul . 266 White, Peggy. .... 319 White, Robyn 319 White. Rodney 319 White. Terry 148 White. Warren , ... .183 Whltehair, Mary ..... 3 19 Whiteside, Mary ...... .319 Whittemore, Becky 266 Whittington, Dr. Richard . « 63 Who ' s Who 156 Wichers, Joyce. ,128, 145, 241, 242, 319 Widener, Betty ...... I 79, 266 Wieck. Janice . 266 Wiedeman, Steven ...... 319 Wiedman, Becky ... . 319 Wiens, Steven .178, 319 Wiesendanger. Joyce 3 19 Wiese, Emma 157. 266 Wiesner, Michael 153, 154. 319 Wiest Hail 202-203 Wilbur, Stephen 237 Wiley, Manila 266 Wilgers, Mary Lee 168, 266 Wilhelm, Dr. Charles 64 Wilkerson, Gary. ... 319 Wilkins, Dr, William .65 Willard, Carla 319 Williams, David P. 227 Williams, Debra ... 319 Williams, Dwight .... 108, ! 10, 166. 266 Williams, Gaylen . , 157, 266 Williams, Kay. ... . J66. 266 Williams, Mildred. .157, 176, 319 Williams, Nancy 319 Williams, Stan 319 Williams, Trudy . . , .319 Williams, Winifred . . . 145. 184, 266 Willis, Charles 153, 266 Willis, Elizabeth 128, 240, 319 Willis, James 55 Wilson, Boyd , p 266 Wilson, Floyd 170. 266 Wilson. Freddy 130, 266 Wilson. Jerry K, 319 Wilson, Joseph 319 Wilson, Robert 266 Wilson, Shirley 157 Wilvers, Sheryl 319 Windholz. Esther . . . 186, 319 Windholz, Frank 319 Windholz, Julius 320 Winkler, Ronald . 320 Winkler, Steven .144, 266 Winter, Debra 128 Winterlin, Dewayne ....... .61 Winterscheidt, Larry 267 Wirtz. Jayne 267 Witman, Kathryn . . . , 320 Witt, Grace ... ,63 Witten, Dr. Maurice ....... 73 Witthuhn, Verlene 320 Witthuhn, Verta 171 320 Wittig, June . . . 320 Wlttman, Cynthia ... 320 Wittman, Jane 162, 180. 182, 205, 320 Wittman, Lloyd . . . 320 Wittman, Patricia 320 Witwer. Karen 148. 157, 158, 216, 240, 267 Witwer, Katie . 150. 320 Wolf, Robert ........ I 78. 320 Wolf, Thomas, 242 Wolfe, Rovella 320 Wolting, Mary . 320 34a Women ' s Athletics . ,118 119 Women ' s Glee Club 1 50 Women ' s Leadership Organization 158 Women ' s Physical Education Club 184 Wood, Harold 91, 320 Wood. Kim 320 Wood, Nancy . 128, 241. 320 Wood, Dr, W, Clement , .55 Woods. Kenneth , . . 157, 161. 166, 267 Woods, Patti 320 Woods, Rosemary 320 Woods. Rufus . . , 267 Woodworth, John 89, 95, 96 Wooldridge, Brad 226 Wooster Place , , 194-195 Worcester, Steven ...130, 161. 320 Worden, Elaine 267 Workman, William 227 Worley, Allen . . . 233 Woydziak. Afan . . .226. 320 WRA 172 Wrestling 100- 101 , 120 Wright, Gary. . . . .178, 320 Wrighfsman, Catherine 128, 320 Wurm, Nancy . . 151, 1 53, 168, 320 Wyatt, Sharon 267 Wycoff, Susan ....... 1 76, 320 Wyley, Kay . . 320 Wyley, Linda 157. 267 Wyman f Dennis . . 320 Y Yarnell, Laverna . . 267 Yeazel, Dayna . .320 Yobo, Robert ......... I 39 Youmans r Dr, Raymond 50 Young Americans tor Freedom | 7 1 Young, Candace . 157, 158, 228, 267 Young Democrats 173 Young, Dewayne 213 Young, Edmond 89 Young. Kay. . 320 Young. Levelda 267 Young, Terri 128, 228, 320 Youngsteadb Jean 176 Younker, Dianne ... 166, 176 Yount, Bill 207, 321 Yoxafl, Bonnie 321 Yoxall, Cheryl . 222, 32 1 Yoxall, Dianna 321 Yust, David I 74, 32 1 Yust, Philip 188, 267 Z Zachman, Thomas 321 Zakezewski, Dr, Richard , , t ,71, 185 Zecha, David 267 Zehr, Danny 321 Zehr. Timothy 321 Zeis, Richard J48. 321 Zellner, Ben 321 Zellner, Joe 169, 267 Zenger, Weldon ,55 Zerfas, Terry , 321 Zerr, Dean .......... 1 8 267 Zerr, Dennis ......... 226, 32 I Z err, Kathleen . 32 1 Zerr, Kevin , . . 321 Ziegler, Eugene 267 Ziegler, Kathleen 321 Zeigler, Zearl 321 Zier, Kristin 180, 267 Zierlein, Larry 88, 321 Zierlein, Lynn , 267 Zillinger, Alan I 78, 32 1 Zimbelman, Gary 321 Zimmer, Wilma .321 Zimmerman, Dennis . .321 Zimmerman, Jeffrey 89 Zimmerman, Larry 321 Zimmerman, Steven 321 Zimmerman, Valerie 267 Zipfel, Gary , 267 Zoltenko, James . . 174 Zouzas, Morea 181, 321 ZweifeL Barbara . 267 Zweygardt, Charlene 176, 321 Zwickle, Lonny 321 Zwickle, Susan..,! 51 , 153, 168, 321 Zwink, David 267 Zwink, Timothy .157, 161, 165, 182, 267 344

Suggestions in the Fort Hays State University - Reveille Yearbook (Hays, KS) collection:

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