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Milestones — a tribute to Morton Christy Cunningham President, Fort Hays Kansas State College 1949-1969 The Reveille Fort Hays Kansas State College Hays, Kansas 1969 I 0 319 . 1 ?( H-P lUS ABOVE: Dr. E. R. McCartney, as dean of the college, was on hand to greet the new president at the door of the building which would be his headquarters— Sheridan Col- iseum. BELOW: The Cunninghams find a home-like atmosphere in the President ' s office. 2 The Cunningham Era Begins Each day becomes a part of man ' s pilgrimage, a touchstone of values and a milestone in the mosaic of life. For Morton Christy Cunningham, the mosaic of life changed, and his pilgrimage took a new direc- tion when he accepted the presidency of Fort Hays Kansas State College and left his native state of Missouri. Wooded hills gave way to rolling prairie and grassland. Limestone fenceposts stood like mile- stones marking the way. Fort Hays State appeared as an oasis of green in August, 1949. The wide sweep of the plains was interrupted by the meandering stream and wooded lowland. Sturdy buildings of native limestone lent per- sonality to the campus. In the distance the throb of a pump and a tall derrick evidenced the pres- ence of oil, part of the natural wealth of Kansas. L. D. Wooster, president emeritus, gave 50 years of dedicated service as teacher, administrator and builder to Fort Hays State and received tributes from the Cunninghams and hosts of friends at his retirement. 4 Issues A Challenge T his was to be home for the Cunninghams— Mor- ton or " Pete, " Lottie and the two " Little Hams, " Chris and Marianne. Here they would live for 20 years while the children would grow to adulthood and the President would strive to provide opportunities for students to prepare themselves for responsible living. Accepting the reins of administration from retiring President L. D. Wooster, Dr. Cunningham issued a Call to Students, as timely in 1969 as in 1949. " The challenge to you today, " he said, " Is that of survival in a world torn with ideological conflicts. The hope of the world lies with you and all other youth . . . Through the education that you attain here and all that which you gain throughout your life, you should develop an abiding faith in yourself, your fellowman and your God. All of your contributions toward a better world in which to live will then be made in the light of the principles and tenets of the Christian faith. Without these, man cannot hope to forge a peaceful world. " C Early in the Cunningham era the elements of nature tested man ' s mettle. Savage storms and flood are milestones of his- tory. On May 22, 1951, flood waters swept through Hays and the campus, bringing death and destruction. Damage to buildings and campus made it impossible to continue classes or to house students. The college year ended abruptly without final examinations and commencement. Vicious winds and driving snow, as well as epidemics of flu periodically disrupted commu- nications and routine of school life. 6 In a brighter tone, Fort Hays State celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1952 and launched new programs as it moved into another half century. When the Cunningham regime began, enroll- ment stood at 1,023 with 110 faculty members. The post-war boom was making an impact. Build- ings needed repair: classrooms were crowded and housing was at a premium. The man destined to be known as the " Builder President " wasted no time. Easing of war tensions and controls made pos- sible a program of expansion. Funds had been appropriated for the applied arts building, but were insufficient. An additional grant made com- pletion possible and the building (now Davis Hall) was opened in 1952, the first new class- room structure in 24 years. TOP LEFT: A spring blizzard damaged trees and left eerie beauty in its wake. But stark tragedy came with the flood of 1951 when water swept through the cam- pus, causing extensive damage to the Library, Coliseum and Picken Halls. LEFT: In 1952 the college assumed a festive mood for its 50th anniversary pageant. BELOW: A new classroom building— Applied Arts— opened for use. I lousing demanded immediate action. Stone upon stone was laid for a wing to Custer Hall, then two wings for Residence Hall (McGrath), followed later by three new halls— Agnew, then Wiest and McMindes. Married students gained a trailer court, then Wooster Place, an apartment complex. The Pres- ident ' s Home was built in 1954. Improvements were made at the stadium. Ser- vice buildings, a power plant, improvements on the college farm and air conditioning modernized the college ' s physical plant. The Memorial Union opened in 1958 and pro- vided a social center for students. A wing was added in 1961-62 to Albertson Hall, then Malloy Hall was opened in 1965. Most recently, Forsyth Library was completed in 1 968. 8 New Buildings Rise Nteanwhile Rarick and Picken Halts under- went extensive renovation. The Social Building (now Martin Allen Hall) was remodeled. Class- rooms and expanded administrative office facili- ties were provided in the Coliseum. Old Forsyth became a classroom building with a new name — McCartney Hall. An allocation from the state for planning a new home for health, physical education and recreation has been made. A $2 million-addition to Wiest Hall to accommodate 432 men and an addition to the Memorial Union, doubling its size, are under construction. Turning earth for the Memorial Union, construction of the residence halls (far left), Malloy Hall (left) and the President ' s Home (above), contributed to the designation of the " Builder President " for M. C. Cunningham. But he also found time for football and to crown a Homecom- ing Queen, (top) Administrative responsibilities take heavy toll of a President ' s time, but " Pete " Cunningham has never been too busy to meet and know students. His jaunts to the Union for coffee, casual meet- ings on campus with a student and major events of all descriptions have found him an active par- ticipant. An ardent sports fan, he has frequented the practice field and is an avid fan at games. He ' ll crown a queen or allow himself to be " sold " in a slave auction when it ' s for the good of Fort Hays State. TOP: Driving a stake on his lawn testified to his asso- ciation with Fort Hays State on College Appreciation Days. LOWER LEFT: A victim of a student Slave Auction, he wore overalls in his office. LOWER RIGHT: Demonstrating his skill as a punter, he sent the pigskin high in the air. 10 The Students ' President His interest in students is genuine. He seeks their friendship and acquaints himself with their problems. He has written uncounted numbers of letters of congratulation and sympathy, sharing bits of their lives. Perhaps their attitude toward him is best illus- trated by the student who remained after Com- mencement to tell him: " President, I just want you to know what you have meant to me at Fort Hays State. Never have you failed to speak to me when you have seen me on campus nor to show an interest in me and my progress. Twice when I was at wit ' s end to know how to manage to stay in school, you encouraged me with assur- ance that ' somehow I could manage. ' I stayed in town to tell you how much I appreciate you. " LEFT: Queen candidates waited the moment when the winner was announced and the President placed a crown on her head. ABOVE: An annual custom has been the pre- sentation of the President ' s Christmas Card Tree, bearing greetings from organizations. Accreditation is vital to a college and President Cunningham has zealously guarded this seal of approval. He points with pride to full recognition by national agencies. Administrative problems increase as a college grows. Enrollment rose to nearly 2,000 by the end of the first decade of the Cunningham era, then continued to spiral, reaching 5,469 in the fall of 1968, with 250 faculty members. ABOVE: Gov. Robert Docking and LOWER RIGHT: the State Board of Re- gents represent the relation of the State of Kansas to the college. ABOVE RIGHT: On the local level, the Pres- ident works with his " little cabinet, " Mrs. Dollie Thomas, his secretary; Dr. Richard Burnett, his administrative as- sistant. FAR RIGHT: The President ' s re- ception, rehearsal for commencement and the event itself represent the cul- mination of a year— another milestone for students and the college. 12 He Measures the Task Like milestones, the college programs expand each year and at year ' s end the ceremonies of Commencement mark completion of another cycle. It ' s a time of pageantry and pomp, looking ahead and back and appraising the record. Man is a measure of all things, and his measure is judged by his peers. A former member of the Kansas Board of Re- gents has said, " The head of a great college must be a benevolent despot, an autocrat. It is his personality, his qualities, his dreams that must shape to a large extent the future of an institution of higher learning. " Esteemed by his peers, President Cunningham is listed in Who ' s Who in America and numerous other selective directories. He has served as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Rocky Mountain Educational Lab- oratories and was national president of National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes. He was sent by the United States Department of State with a group of educators to study the educational systems in Pakistan. Fellow educators like President James McCain of Kansas State University pay tribute to the Builder President of Fort Hays State. Forsyth Library and McMindes Hall stand as recent milestones of academic and physical growth in the Cunningham era. The tranquil verdure of the campus belies the legends of barren and windswept Kansas. 14 Esteemed by His Peers P resident Cunningham is identified with doz- ens of educational projects, organizations, boards and committees. He has made hundreds of addresses, served on national, state and local commissions. His opinions and judgment are respected by the Legislature, Board of Regents and his fellowmen. But he also has found time to be a friend, a husband and father, as well as grandfather— and time to laugh and to listen. His values of perspective, instruction, achieve- ment, competition and community living have etched a permanent place for him at Fort Hays State College where he has seen the culmination of many dreams and hopes, with other work yet to be done. I! To pay tribute to the Builder President, the Kansas State Board of Regents designated the new building for Health, Physical Education and Recre- ation at Fort Hays State, Cunningham Hall. Now on the architect ' s planning boards, it will be the next major structure erected on the campus. A poet has said the years are the milestones of life ' s highway, and in the years of retirement, the President and his Lady will leave their campus home to live amid the peaceful pines, high in the Colorado Rockies. 16 Milestone Edition of the REVEILLE 1969 Fort Hays Kansas State College Hays, Kansas Volume 56 Joyce Luder, Editor Greg Gleason, Business Manager Barb Huser, Assistant Editor 17 18 We will never relive this mo- ment. Time merely pauses with us and then flies on. All we have left are our memories. This book is an attempt to cap- ture things " as they were " at FHS in 1968-9. What was unique about this year? What were our MILE- STONES? Sixteen pages in the front of the book have been set aside for the story of our President, Dr. M. C. Cunningham, who is retiring after 20 progressive years in office. They are only a small part of the recognition he deserves. To our personal, academic, group and sports achievements we have devoted the remaining 368 pages. Our book has changed. Our campus has changed. Our thoughts have changed. But the contents tell the real story. They show us that THIS YEAR WE CHANGED! 20 Contents Milestones ' 69 30 Academics 60 Student Life 90 Living Groups 154 Athletics 200 Classes 240 Advertising 336 Index 368 Each Day Of College Life ” V ill ? V c d. « , 1 » — $ 1 1 i I CTN g i : ' • " Tvj“r. IJ —Ih rt— I 1 MtoKmS mr T ' -ft ' fcj HI ■ Kl ■ 1 1 i 1 HI ■ 22 1 fi 1— 4- u » ' , . JtxjP r » - » iTl, ■ ' ' ; 4% fBQ: T u »wk A 4 v ' JkKB - V $j i 24 26 2 s 0$ A Milestone In Your Mosaic Of Life i MILESTONES ' 69 Water Fights and Football Initiate Tern Activities, both social and aca- demic, crowded the first week of autumn classes. Freshmen became acquainted with campus life and upper classmen settled in with the familiar atmosphere of college. Each year has unique moments of its own, such as the first football game of a new season. Gridiron excitement filled the air as the Tigers triumphed 33-21 over Northwest Oklahoma. The friendly atmosphere of the residence halls lent itself to many unusual social events throughout the year. First among these was a water fight between Custer men and women on the banks of Big Creek near their hall. 32 Festus ' Livens AWS Song Fest Sing-outs, dances, and thie task of enrolling kept students busy at tFie start of classes. Peggy Turner of McMindes Hall portrayed Gunsmoke ' s Festus for everyone ' s entertainment at the Campus-Wide Sing-Out. All-Stu- dent Council and Associated Wo- men Students sponsored the song fest on Sept. 16 for all new stu- dents. Held in the Black and Gold room of the Memorial Union, Sept. 13, the Tiger Hop was the first social event of the season. Students made use of all avail- able space for filling out IBM packet cards during the three days of enrollment, Sept. 9-1 1 . The campus cop cheerfully looked on as his car was over-run by hurried students. Frosh Drench Sophs in Big Pull Homecoming activities started enthusiastically with a bonfire and pep rally Friday evening Oct. 11. The highlight of the evening was the robing of the 1968 Homecom- ing Queen. All suspenseful waiting ended when Linda Burdge was an- nounced as queen. Freshmen staged a hurried upset victory over the sophomores in the traditional tug of war across Big Creek early Homecoming morning. However, the sophomores soothed their hurt pride by throwing the frosh into the murk of the Creek. Linda Burdge, junior speech major from Long Island, Kansas, expresses her sur- prise and pleasure upon hearing of her new honor. 34 Several fine float entries empha- sized parade excitement, making the choice of a winner very diffi- cult. The Men ' s P. E. Club captured the Sweepstakes award, however, with their entry of the " FHS Wide World of Sports. " Snoopy and the Peanuts gang made up the New- man Club entry, " The Great Pump- kin Special. " Newman Club walked away with two prizes: Sweepstakes runner-up and First Place in open competition. Alumni were arriving all after- noon, giving many former students the opportunity to visit with old friends and teachers. 3E Linda Burdge Reigns as Queen The Tigers played the Washburn Ichabods before a capacity crowd as the weather turned unseasonably warm. Varied and exciting half- time activities kept the spirit of the occasion high. A queen was crowned, the Tiger Debs per- formed, and concert band numbers were presented. Defeat only slightly clouded the day, however, as Washburn handed Hays a 9-6 loss. The first of the Artists and Lec- turers Series for 1968-69 provided further entertainment for alumni and students. The Ramsey Lewis Trio performed in concert before a full house in Sheridan Coliseum. An overwhelming response greeted the trio, as they presented songs they had helped to make famous and treated other popular numbers to their own special brand of jazz. if f 3 " Strangler” Opens Season ' s Efforts in Drama Little Theatre presented their first theatrical effort of the season Oct. 17-19. Perry Schwartz di- rected a cast of nine appearing in a two-act play entitled " The Strangler. " The actors involved themselves with conveying the effect an overbearing wife can have on the psychological regres- sion of her husband. Key perform- ances were given by Wayne Alan Sipe, George Stevenson and Vicki McConnell. Construction Improves Union Area Concrete and steel greeted students this fall as they took their study breaks and gab sessions to the Memorial Union. Earlier in the year, workmen tore down Cody Commons to make way for greatly needed space in the form of bowling lanes, a food service, new ballroom and bookstore. Students made-do with limited facilities and Union activities continued much the same as before construction began. Associated Women Students pre- sented Fort Hays women with a showing of fall and winter fashions Oct. 23. Crisp autumn air sparked interest in the latest line and color of recent designer fashions. Coeds ooohed and ahhed at coats, sportswear, formal attire and sev- eral men ' s sports outfits supplied by local merchants. Students also served as models for the presenta- tion. 3 Convention Politics Involve Leader Staff Students became concerned with the nation ' s politics this election year, especially as Election Day drew near. Leader staff toiled into the wee hours of Wednesday morning to prepare a special election edition for 7:30 a.m. distribution. But with the results still hours away at press time, exhausted staffers gave up to fatigue and cold coffee. ★ ★ ★ SPECIAL ELECTION EDITION ★ STATE COLLEGE LEADER VOl.t ME LXII I l I M AYS KANSAS STATE (OUKGE. H Ws. KAN- V- Kl r»NKS|»AV. NOVKHRU . I DeadHeatNow Docking Gains Second Nod ★ Dole, Sebelius Victorious What had promlaad to be a naek an t peek haul. brenm ju t that, hot Incumbent Democratic Gover- nor Robert Docking upended Re. publican opponent Rkk Uamen. Early return chawed Docking with a lln lend, but later report eon latently went onto the Dock- ing .ide of the ledger The (toe liia ir victory «M ronakd- rred an poi arrordiag to wni of I he Male pall. II, leaver, the incumbent that de- feated William Avery lm year, ago on the la ttaoe agvin dom- inated the Republican challenger for poaaihiy the eame reoaon. Presidential Campaign 20th Century ' s Closest By JAX AH Arrnt w..hlnr an — TV. W a. | hrff the eWtaeal hey enh Tea . umi nini I eapite a repeat victory fee ncwnVnt Detn-svntl- Governor Robert Docking, Hob Dole. Repub. been candidate for the UR. Hen- ' Ma, a.d Keith Sebaliu., the G.0 T „ adulate for Congeeaaman ef the Hlg lr»t I’latr , t, arorvl darlalte v .clone « ever their Pea.-Tt-tic ri- val Hob Dole, the mrumWat Cmv- of the Rig Kind DUtrVt who gave up that office to run f«r I’-H. Senator, ae declared the • inner In tlial contcU at »s S pa Tueaday night Kariy return -ho» -l Dole hwiht- ing a alaaahie n-.rr a ovar h- Ikw -nl. rival. Wuliam ana. and a. the vv-nlng prugae.- ed II twain, evident that the Wad GOV KOIIHfT DOCKING I hr king campaigned on hia rec- ord of the paat two year, of tvn run lave and reduction of «tatr I re -me tan. uhili charging that Harman would ralae aW . Income aad gaud, ne tax. to finance hi. program Harman had charged Dorking • Hh rtudni properly lave to nearly double by neglecting aUle aid far aehoola. Harman ' , mai • achool. and i reform «f the alnle lav .Iruriure. An Arhanaa. (’tty hanker. Dock- mg ta only lh- aevrnlh Democrat t» occupy the gubernatorial office it. Kan.a. Ill father, the Into George Dorking won two conaoru- live term a the laat Democratic Itohlnaun coaeedi In a telephone mlervtow nt about 11 pjn Tueaday night H me- eluded that Ma affoet. had toe " award away” by the ..ta 14 la bed Republican voter of Kanaaa. In the race for the otn e re- linquWhrd by Dole. Keith Hebellu. bad g ter than tJM» vot. Meeker SebelliM rather meager Wad early In the evening and • .pan, led the margin • lea, lily through the night. Although Setoliv had not For Local Results See Page 2 V It VI IllT art. Ihe lull, sifter, pi. -feted am Ihe law at daw ml aula a He.dua.Mer. at !!• B. I llh. — n«ata Kata Department I. Record Turnout Indicates National Concern u. I»r. John TamUnwn. no political Mien, Mo hard Hell. auKlaal prof . eiale . and of political M leper Early ivtum from the IPKR elertlon Indicate that IV Am.r -an voter, arc .,ii,rrn d enough to record a numlet of vote li-lv ulo.. atv that appntiimaUly Mi million people r .t vnta. in tht ebvliun. Return intlirate- approximately 00 per rent of the ••dec. have repudiated I to |,, but they ha • fail ' d in indicate a clear rhnbe for new pro gram, and polun. Dnouerul. hav M received a man- dale to govern (or anottor four year., but neither have Kr|,«l.i ft ' Demorata- annual of l orgn.. indicate. Ilatta ,a far from a .etory f..r the Republican pre-cram Ihrmntraiic .Irmrth remain- .iron la the nrhaa tealer. Ihe Negro, the It,,,. laotu.ii atul ullwr ath- nb miiwville- spiuai I- .nil -uppori Ihe D-mwcralie l» ' a helm •« , mayo.,,,.. i.— .rai.r Waller. fall •« ••h ' ht , t,-.d • lu Ibw nr ton li,oi, i | .tr,a lh and rural arc - »hawt I—-.,- — .. --- eon, hitneeU With Ito po ' hl.m. nf urban Auacck . The percent pe ..f Arnertfhi.. living la (he large urban area, will continue to Inrfeaa TV appeal of G— iegv Walinc aid hW Atnckaa ln dcpon-l, • ■ Party pp«-r. to remain ha malty centered ah moat entirely In th, « » South Ttor rcno.It.- no ntgptft- cant ihngt i« i to •i»l— , arrieil thl year by Wallace and II.,— carrlwl t. strop- Thurmond in iwt or lurry Goldwat-r in 1 “ The mi (met the Wallace nb la mnriicial etal, -. « Oho, n.l M-v-nir. nuvy ellll 4r tom-in. tha, eveotaal i upon ' of the Whit. llouar aftuc January 50. I l,„, rrlntr WalU, vwl carrir- ih apprarnnte of a proli -I b a .Ignlfh anl aumtor of -i - again , the two, perl. al-im, hul «, for r-nernmental • hang. Wallace • » ■••, " hit. mil a large a. man. «- licinaled. eoat " ' " ’ ' " • obm,,. la Ibr While lion., f»r lb. ae« (• ■• ' tar. IN U a miaorU i I ' rv-Mrnl A INiabhewt. ti.W kaiW, Tbk. rantM-m baa ta e pnM t on lad a .artnal ab. la drtl.rr Ibr , - , either a Ktpablwa or a Dr, TV t , ' - » hoar ..f a I " ,t ' TV ak itaml tvte. pvvd t„ Onin mane new-t-IJ and -» «W to tto h|V I ' adkn I hi- and poebap- 1 W Aemraht aepriulh fart lh. eVlrn «—••• ' Ik. .toamn of a,., and - lb. Senate l rt aa.t-a of Ik. -nl-oi " aek • _ !»? ' • I«t l« afford ., Ih.l web ! , (- I ha tb A i to I ' 40 Rush Week Proves Hectic Rush week kept coeds on the go between Nov. 1 7 and 24. Sorori- ties prevailed upon rushees to choose their particular organiza- tion, utilizing skits, parties and talk fests. It was a hectic week for actives and rushees ending with the formal pledge. Fifty-eight girls found themselves accepted by their chosen sororities. " Man of La Mancha, " the second of the A L series, came to Sheridan Coliseum Nov. 22. Two truck loads of scenery converted the barn of the Coliseum into a dreary dun- geon of the Spanish Inquisition. A unique slanting stage, effective costuming and a stirring musical score set the mood for this Broadway performance. 4 Students Stage Twin Plays Twin one-act plays made up the second presentation of the drama department, Dec. 5-7. The first of the pair, entitled, " The Successful Life of Three, " proved to be a satirical look at modern day living. Comprising the cast were Cinthy Schmidt, Wayne Allen Sipe and George Stevenson. " A Bad Play for an Old Lady, " the second production, presented a completely different mood. Its basic theme dealt with man ' s tendency to hide his true identity. Again three actors comprised the main cast, Phil King, Ken Bavuso and Glenda Rolfs. Perry Schwartz and William Segal, instructors in the depart- ment, directed the plays and engineered sets and costumes. 42 Dec. Brings Basketball Contests December brought many excit- ing events to campus in addition to the yuletide season. Football gave way to basketball in the special realm of athletic excitement. Sheri- dan Coliseum bulged with students who came to watch Fort Hays battle Kearney State in the first home game of the season. The Tigers triumphed with a score of 90-85. December 7, the arena was again packed for the dual attraction of basketball and the naming of the Beauty and Beast contest winners. Alpha Phi Omega sponsored the event in which students bought votes for a penny each. All proceeds went to the college Endowment Fund. Sheryle Sim- mons and Jim Walker won the prize for Delta Zeta. Flu Shuts Down Campus Hong Kong flu epidemic gave Fort Hays collegians a day and a half of extra Christmas vacation. During the week preceding the President ' s decision to dismiss classes early, nearly twice the average number of students re- ported to the Health Office for relief from the bug. Trees lost their lights and tinsel, and suitcases bulged with hastily packed clothes as students prepared to leave. Before dismissal, however. Yule- tide activities continued. Residence Halls sponsored caroling parties and students rushed to finish last minute shopping. Memorial Union pre- sented the children of the faculty, students and staff with a special Christmas party. 44 ■B Kansas Miler Picks Queen Crowning of Reveille Queen highlighted the AWS Snoball formal held Dec. 14. Jim Ryun, Kansas miler, chose Jan Schneider as the 1 969 Queen from the photographic entries of thirteen coeds. During coronation ceremonies. President Cunningham presented Jan with the traditional crown and kiss. Attending couples danced to the music of Ray Hempler and his orchestra amidst candle-lit tables and a Christmas tree trimmed with red velvet bows. The air of formal dress, flowers, candlelight and music set a romantic atmosphere. A Capp Last Performer Before Finals Al Capp, creator of L ' il Abner cartoon strip, provided the last A L Series lecture before finals. Capp, who says he is an expert on noth- ing but has an opinion on every- thing, used questions submitted by students as a basis for his lecture. He expressed his views on student demonstrations, integra- tion, peace and inflation, often in a light vein. Also, in the afternoon preceding his appearance, Capp held a press conference for interested students in Memorial Union. Al Capp ponders a question put to him during the press conference in the Me- morial Union. 46 Students Face Final Exams Fort Hays Staters faced the inescapable reality of semester exams Jan. 20-24. For some, the onset of finals meant marathon studying to bring up a sliding grade point. For others, finals came as a matter of course. Whatever the student ' s attitude, finals were a harsh reality which would bring either reward or disappointment. Following a week of relaxation in the form of semester break, collegians returned to Fort Hays for enrollment. Again, standing in line was a tedious means toward a necessary end: completion of spring semester enrollment. 4 Operas and Choir Offer Variety Special entertainment varied greatly during February. Early in the month Malloy Hall opened the doors of Felten-Start Theater for another college production. Combining talents, the music and drama departments presented a three act opera, an adaptation of Shakespeare ' s " The Merry Wives of Windsor. " The audience found much enjoyment in the songs, action and well defined characters. Dennis Urban portrayed John Fal- staff. Marsha Parkins and Gloria Mitchell characterized the wives. To complete February ' s special entertainment, the Vienna Choir Boys performed in Sheridan Coli- seum Feb. 25. The Choir was the fourth A L Series presentation. Twenty-two boys comprised the company and entertained a capacity crowd with religious numbers, German folk songs and two duet presentations. The Choir offered especially appealing entertainment in the form of a short opera. The boys portrayed kitchen maids, middle aged men and young swains with equal proficiency. 48 Late Winter Activities Grant Honors to Many Late winter ' s first activity, the annual Sweetheart Ball, fell on Valentine ' s day giving the event just the right atmosphere. Couples attending the dance elected Russell Schlichting and Bonnie Clotfelter as King and Queen of Hearts. Miss Clotfelter won the trophy for Alpha Kappa Lambda while Schlichting captured the honors for Delta Zeta. At left Jana Tittle strolls down the ramp as one of the eleven coeds who competed for the Best Dressed Coed award March 18. Sponsored by various living groups, the girls modeled three different outfits. A panel of students and faculty evaluated entries on individuality in dress, understanding of figure type and basic charm. On this criteria, they awarded the title to Jan Schneider, Ellsworth sophomore. Taking over the chivalrous duties of the men, the wo men opened doors and carried books for the men during Leap Week. Capping the week, Anita Roberts and Barry Abies were named Daisy Mae and Bearded Joe. Students elected the Dog Patch royalty in a penny-a-vote election held during Leap Week. Funds raised from the election went to the People to People program for a scholarship to be given a deserv- ing foreign student. 49 Classes Cut Short for President ' s Party All morning classes were cut short Feb. 28 to enable students to attend President Cunningham ' s sur- prise birthday party sponsored by ASC. Because the President is one of the few people born on Leap Day, Feb. 29, he celebrated the event on the earlier day. Students crowded into the Black and Gold Room to join in singing " Happy Birthday " to the President. Mike Finnin, student body presi- de nt, presented Dr. Cunningham with a special gift of a Fort Hays State chair. Other gifts included a rocking chair and a set of tools from the Industrial Arts Club and a 13-foot- long birthday card from McMindes Hall. After a short acceptance speech by the President, those attending shared in coffee and cake. 50 mmm Comedy and Cliburn Climax A L " You Know I Can ' t Hear You When the Water ' s Running " opened for a one night stand in Sheridan Coliseum March 19. " I Can ' t Hear You " , a Broadway comedy produc- tion, offered candid philosophy con- cerning the eternal battle between the sexes. Imogene Coca and King Donovan starred in the four short plays. Van Cliburn appeared as the last A L Series performer April 25. Cliburn played a two hour con- cert composed of selections from Brahms, Beethoven, Prokofieff and Chopin. The crowd called Cliburn back for two encores and gave the master pianist a standing ovation. 51 One-Act Plays Present American Family Life March plays were billed as two one-act plays dealing with contem- porary family life in America. The first of the two plays, " The Lover " , (above and far right) by Harold Pinter, involved a search for hap- piness by an upperclass married couple. Husband and wife slipped from the status of spouse to lovers with little hesitation in each scene. Edward Albee ' s " The American Dream " , (near right and below) was the second play. Dealing with the phoniness and materialistic na- ture of modern society, " American Dream " provided much insight into upper class living. 52 Dreams and Problems Close Season Every child ' s circus dream filled the drama department ' s children ' s theatre production April 20 and 27. " Circus in the Wind " by Aurand Harris portrayed a small boy ' s ad- venture with the circus, putting Johnny in the center ring with a snake charmer, strong man, trained horses and a magician. " No Negro Problem in Hays " was the last dramatic effort of the sea- son. " No Problem " was an original play written by Robert Day, instruc- tor in English at Fort Hays State. The short production poked satirical fun at college administration, teaching methods and modern day prej- udices. Bike Relays Start Annual Furlough Days Furlough Queen candidates anxiously await the half time crowning ceremo- nies. Debbie Leis, second from the left, shares the exciting moments with a friend and candidate. Ft. Hays ' s sixth annual Furlough Days started off with a new twist as the Delta Sigs pedaled in relays to Topeka in order to present Gov. Docking with a personal invitation. An inter-squad football game at Lewis Field kicked off the actual Furlough Days. Debbie Leis was pre- sented as Furlough Queen at half time. The Fowler sophomore fin- ished first in a field of five finalists with Sue Shaw as first runner-up. Bike racing, the chief event of Furlough, began Saturday morning with competition in the women ' s division. WRA increased its monop- oly of wins by making this year ' s victory its fourth in a row. Sigma Phi Epsilon pedaled to top honors in the men ' s division. Besides a general admission fee, a faculty auction added to the proceeds turned over to the Endowment As- sociation. Funds are used to provide student scholarships. 54 WRA team member circles the track with the victory flag, making it four straight wins. .t ' 55 Rodeo and Derby Days Enliven May Weekend There was no time for anyone to be bored the weekend of May 1 6- 18 as Collegian Rodeo and Sigma Chi Derby Days livened the pace. Rodeo action took place during three sessions with Hays hosting the championship finals for the Central Plains Rodeo Assn. Men competed in the traditional bare- back riding, saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, calf roping and bull riding. Women ' s competition in- cluded goat tying, barrel racing and pole bending. Men ' s fraternity steer riding was the only open class event. Joe Hedrick, former FHS student and professional rodeo clown, high- lighted the evening with his per- formance during the bull riding event. KayLynn Philip reigned as Rodeo Queen. 56 Sigma Chi sponsored the second annual Derby Days in an effort to raise money for the Wallace Village Children ' s Home in Bloomfield, Colo. Women ' s living groups competed for points in various contests to win honor for their group. Sigma Chi ' s scurried across campus to avoid the eager coeds trying to snatch their derbies. Besides stealing derbies, the women tried their hand at sell- ing tickets, decorating houses and a tug-of-war across Big Creek. May 17 saw the culmination of Derby Days with the final Derby Chase and a variety of fun compe- tition such as lemon pie relays, a doughnut dash and stage coach races. Delta Zeta placed first, Alpha Gamma Delta second and Custer Hall third. 57 Elections Quell Apathy; Record Number Vote Student apathy lost ground the week of elections as 1 ,503 voters recorded their choices at the polls, a record turn out for any election. Progressive student involvement and representative leadership were the opposing issues of the 1969 campaign. RLMS (Representative Leadership for Modern Students) banners appeared a week before most other campaign posters and did the trick. Steve Rayl and Doug Lyman, the Prexy and Veep hope- fuls of the RLMS ticket, defeated the Progressive Involvement team of John Petty and Vern Bruhn. Students elected Trudy Holler student liaison in the first election for th t office. Voters also cast votes for two representatives from each college department. 58 Graduation Ceremonies Involve 850 Candidates Graduation involves more cere- mony than that of receiving a de- gree. For the more than 850 degree candidates, commencement began May 31 with the President-Faculty Reception, their first appearance in academic dress. Baccalaureate took place Sunday evening in Lewis Field Stadium. Rev. Orlo Choguill of the First Presby- terian Church delivered the mes- sage. Following the services, the Alum- ni Assn, honored winners of the Alumni Achievement awards. Hon- ored were Dr. Geneva Herndon, professor of speech, Rep. Keith Sebelius and Don Garnet. Dr. M. C. Cunningham performed his last public duty before his re- tirement as president by delivering the commencement address the evening of June 2. 59 Deans Work For Campus Co-ordination Although apart fro m the eleven major divisions of the college, the administration ' s work is co-ordi- nated with these divisions and that of the entire college community. Serving under the Kansas State Board of Regents and the President of FHS, the various administrative personnel are the people who make the business of FHS function smoothly. All aspects of student life are included in the work of the Dean of Students and the Associate Deans for Men and Women. Policy concerning student activities is cleared through the Dean of Students. 62 The Dean of the Faculty serves as head of the Faculty Senate which makes decisions and recommenda- tions concerning curriculum and the faculty. The Dean of the Graduate Di- vision is chairman of the Graduate Council. The nine divisions of the college which offer graduate study are represented on the council, which considers all policies con- cerning the graduate division and makes recommendations to the graduate faculty. The Associate Graduate Dean aids in these op- erations. TOP: Dr. John Garwood, Dean of the Faculty. ABOVE: Dr. Ralph Coder, Dean of the Graduate Division. ABOVE RIGHT: Dr. Jimmy Rice, Assoc. Graduate Dean. ABOVE: Walter Keating serves the college as Comptroller. ABOVE RIGHT: Dr. Richard Burnett is Executive Assist- ant to the President. RIGHT: The Direc- tor of Field Service is Ralph Huffman. 64 Administrators Handle A Variety Of Duties LEFT: Standlee Dalton fills the office of Director of Admissions. BELOW LEFT: Ethel Artman acts as Executive Secretary of Students Aids. BELOW: Executive Sec- retary of the Endowment Association is Kent Collier. FAR BELOW: Milford Messer serves as Director of Placement. 65 Directors Head Specialized Areas RIGHT: Carroll Beardslee acts as Director of Student Aids and Federal Programs. BELOW: James Nugent fills the office of Director of Housing. BELOW RIGHT: As- sistant to the President is Mrs. Dollie Thomas. FAR BELOW: Superintendent of Buildings is R. U. Brooks. 66 ABOVE LEFT: O. Z. Bizzell and R. Lynn Rogers serve as Asst. Director and Director of the Me- morial Union. LEFT: Director of Information Services is Thomas R. Hartley. ABOVE (top to bottom): Mrs. Ruth Joy, Mrs. Frances Cook and Mrs. Inez Baxter are the College Health Nurses. 67 BACHKORA, BRYAN: Asst. Prof, of Ind, Arts; BEESLEY, ALICE: Prof, of Home Econ., Head of Dept.; FICKEN, DALE: Asst. Prof, of Art. GINTHER, GLENN: Asst. Prof, of Ind. Arts; HAR- WICK, EUGENE: Asst. Prof, of Art; HARWICK, JOANNE: Instr. in Art. HINKHOUSE, JAMES: Instr. in Art; HOFFMAN, MAXINE: Prof, of Home Econ.; JOHNSON, DANIEL: Instr. in Ind. Arts. KREBS, JUNE: Asst. Prof, of Home Econ.; KU- CHAR, KATHLEEN: Instr. in Art; McGINNIS, DAR- RELL: Asst. Prof, of Art. McKEE, DENNIS: Prof, of Ind. Arts; MOSS, DR. JOEL: Prof, of Art, Head of Dept.; NICHOLS, FRANCIS: Instr. in Art. THORNS, JOHN JR.: Assoc. Prof, of Art; TOBIAS, GARY: Instr. in Ind. Arts; VALANNE, OLLI: Instr. in Art. 68 Applied Arts Division Features 3-Part Program Keeping up with the demands of both industry and education, sev- eral courses of general plastics were incorporated into the industrial arts curricula this year. Students work with both the fabrication and design of plastics. More courses, some for graduates, are in the planning stages. Members of the home economics faculty are hoping to give their area a new image. Showing that home economics is more than cooking and sewing, special em- phasis was put on such courses as home management and purchas- ing. Designed for appreciation and learning, many of the art courses were held in the new art annex in the Campus Service Center. Works of students and faculty were dis- played at exhibits in the Memorial Union, as well as in Davis Hall. ABOVE FAR LEFT: Rocks and relics often become the subjects for the drawings of art students. ABOVE CENTER: Comparing costs and nutritive values of meats is a part of home management. LEFT CENTER: Machines become a challenge to indus- trial art students. ABOVE: Housing the Di- vision of Applied Arts, Davis Hall was the first building constructed during President Cunningham ' s administration. LEFT: Serv- ing in his present capacity since 1960, Dr. C. Richard Cain is division chairman. 6 BYLER, BENNIE: Instr. in Bio. Sciences; CLARK, THAINE: Assoc. Prof, of Agric. ELY, DR. CHARLES: Prof, of Zoo.; FLEHARTY, DR. EUGENE: Assoc. Prof, of Zoo.; GENTRY, RUFF: Asst. Prof, of Agric.; GREEN, SHIRLEY: Instr. in Bio. Sciences; HOUSTON, DUANE, Instr. in Bio. Sciences. HULETT, DR. GARY: Assoc. Prof, of Bot.; McFARLAND, HENRY: Assoc. Prof, of Bio.; PIERSON, DR. DAVID: Assoc. Prof, of Bio.; REYNOLDS, DR. HOWARD: Prof, of Bot.; RIEGEL, ANDREW: Assoc. Prof, of Agric. SAYED, DR. M. Q.: Assoc. Prof, of Bot.; SCHRODER, ELTON: Assoc. Prof, of Zoo.; SIMONS, KENNETH: Prof, of Bot.; WALK- ER, DR. NEIL: Prof, of Zoo.; WENKE, DR. THOMAS: Assoc. Prof, of Zoo. 7n FAR LEFT: Nursing students are required to include anatomy and other biological science courses for their degree program. MIDDLE LEFT: Memorizing the make-up of a flower is a basic task for botany students. ABOVE LEFT: Life on a Kansas farm provides a valuable background for agriculture majors who work on the col- lege farm. LEFT: Albertson Hall head- quarters both science divisions, biologi- cals and physical, plus the Division of Nursing. ABOVE: Besides heading the Division of Biological Science, Dr. G. W. Tomanek directs grassland research proj- ects in Western Kansas and Eastern Col- orado. Biological Sciences Division Sees Growth Plans are under development for the installation of closed circuit tele- vision in some Albertson Hall class- rooms because of increased class size in biology. Enrollment has also expanded throughout other parts of the division. To keep pace with the rapid ad- vances in agriculture, the curriculum in that area was revised this year. Research remained active within the division, resulting in the publi- cation of 24 scientific articles. Two hundred fifteen papers have been published by the division in the last 52 years. 71 ATWATER, ALLAN: Instr. in Econ. and Bus.; BUMPASS, DON- ALD: Instr. in Econ. and Bus.; COOK, KENNETH: Assoc. Prof, of Econ. and Bus.; DOOLEY, WILLIAM: Instr. in Econ. and Bus.; FAULKNER, KEITH: Instr. in Econ. and Bus. JONES, JAMES: Instr. in Econ. and Bus.; KELLERMAN, JAMES: Instr. in Econ. and Bus.; LOWERY, TOM: Instr. in Econ. and Bus.; McCULLICK, JACK: Asst. Prof, of Econ. and Bus.; MYERLY, LOIS: Instr. in Econ. and Bus. OSBORNE, RICHARD: Prof, of Econ. and Bus.; PEIER, J. DALE: Asst. Prof, of Econ. and Bus.; PRICE, ERNEST: Instr. in Econ. and Bus.; PHILLIPS, PAUL: Instr. in Econ. and Bus.; RUPP, DR. DAN: Asst. Prof, of Econ. and Bus. RUSH, MARY ANN: Instr. in Econ. and . Bus.; SHERWOOD, CHARLES: Instr. in Econ. and Bus.; STEWART, B. J.: Instr. in Econ. and Bus.; THOMAS, DR. ARCHIE: Prof, of Econ. and Bus.; THOMAS, VERA: Instr. in Econ. and Bus. VLASAK, SHARON: Instr. in Econ. and Bus.; VOSS, DR. RICH- ARD: Instr. in Econ. and Bus.; WALL, DR. GEORGE: Assoc. Prof, of Econ. and Bus. 72 Computers Grow In Importance Planned and sponsored by Alpha Kappa Psi, Pi Omega Pi and Phi Beta Lambda, business and economics honor fraternities, the annual Eco- nomics and Business Week in May highlights the year for the division. Featured during the week is a special honor banquet at which rec- ognition is given to all honor stu- dents within the division. Several local and area business representa- tives are on campus throughout the week. Phi Beta Lambda, co-educational business fraternity, was also host to a regional Future Business Leaders of America Convention earlier in the year. FAR LEFT: Sharing Picken Hall with other divisions and administrators is the Di- vision of Business and Economics. MID- DLE AND UPPER LEFT: Located in Sheri- dan Coliseum, digit computers and key punch machines are available for student practice. LEFT: Dr. Milburn Little serves as head of the division. ABOVE: Two and three-semester programs are offered in secretarial education. 73 Education Gives Special Note To New Fields Aerospace education, special edu- cation, education for migrant child- ren and economic education were given special emphasis this year by the Division of Education, Philoso- phy and Psychology. Service sections of the division were influential as 417 students were aided through reading im- provement and tutoring. Completing requirements for entering profes- sional teaching were 460 students. Several important state confer- ences for members of the division were held on campus this year. Included were the Governor ' s Safety and Driver Education Con- ference, the Council for Exceptional Children ' s Conference and the Inter- national Conference on Reading. 74 ■I BOTTOM LEFT: Rarick Hall, one of the older campus buildings, serves as the division ' s center. FAR LEFT: Student teachers gain professional experience in schools throughout the area. LEFT: Dr. Calvin E. Harbin heads the Division of Education, Philosophy and Psychology. BELOW: As summer nears, a psychology instructor takes his class outdoors. ALMGREN, RICHARD: Instr. in Psych.; ALVER, WALLACE: Instr. in Psych.; BACHARACH, VERNE: Instr. in Psych.; BUTTERFIELD, DR. GARY: Assoc. Prof, of Psych.; CLAFLIN, MAR- THA: Asst. Prof, of Educ.; CLAFLIN, WILLIAM: Asst. Prof, of Educ. COLE, DR, BLAINE: Asst. Prof, of Educ.; CORN- WELL, REX: Instr. in Educ.; DALEY, DR. BILLY: Prof, of Psych.; DECHANT, DR. EMERALD: Prof, of Educ.; DOBBS, DR. EDITH: Assoc. Prof, of Educ.; DUNCAN, GERALD: Asst. Prof, of Educ.; GROESBECK, DR. HULDA: Prof, of Educ.; HAM- ILTON, DR. SAMUEL: Prof, of Phil. HARSH, DONNA: Instr. in Educ.; JOHNSON, ARRIS: Asst. Prof, of Educ.; KING, DENNIS: Instr. in Psych.; KING, DR. JOHN: Assoc. Prof, of Educ. and Psych.; KURTZ, DR. RAY: Assoc. Prof, of Educ.; PRICE, DR. GORDON: Prof, of Educ.; RANDALL, DR. DON: Assoc. Prof, of Psych. ROBINSON, DR. WILLIAM: Assoc. Prof, of Educ.; SNYDER, MELVIN: Instr. in Psych.; SODAMANN, HAROLD: Asst. Prof, of Educ.; STANSBURY, JAMES: Instr. in Educ.; STAVEN, DR. LaVIER: Prof, of Educ.; WOOD, DR. W. CLEMENT: Prof, of Educ.; YOUMANS, DR. RAYMOND: Prof, of Educ. 75 HPER Makes Activity Its Goal Activity centered, the Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is composed of four areas: the service program for non-majors, the professional prep- aration program, the intramural sports program and the intercol- legiate varsity sports program. Although stress is placed upon physical fitness, many courses are designed to give students skills they can use throughout their adult years. For the first time, the summer session of 1969 will have an H.P.E.R. workshop for profession- als in physical education. Primarily for teachers, it is one of few in physical education in the state. BREHM, CHARLES: Asst. Prof, of Phys. Educ.; DUNCAN, PATRICIA: Instr. in Phys. Educ.; FRANCIS, ALEX: Prof, of Phys. Educ.; HOBBS, EARL: Instr. in Phys. Educ. JOHNSON, RALPH: Instr. in Phys. Educ.; LIEMOHN, WENDELL: Assoc. Prof, of Phys. Educ.; LOJKA, GLEN: Instr. in H.P.E.R.; MANGELSDORF, SARAH: Instr. in H.P.E.R. McCONNELL, WAYNE: Assoc. Prof, of Phys. Educ.; McNEIL, EDGAR: Assoc. Prof, of Phys. Educ.; POPP, NANCY: Asst. Prof, of Phys. Educ.; RIDGWAY, ARTHUR: Instr. in Phys. Educ. SOMERS, MONICE: Instr. in H.P.E.R.; STROMGREN, TOM: Instr. in Phys. Educ.; SURAN, CADE: Prof, of Phys. Educ., Dir. of Athletics; WINTER, DAVID: Instr. in Phys. Educ. ABOVE FAR LEFT: Not the flying nun or Peter Pan, but one of H.P.E.R. ' s own faculty, Miss Mangelsdorf, dance instructor. LOWER FAR LEFT: Sheridan Coliseum is home court for the FHS basketball team. LEFT: Not much bigger than a bath tub, the pool provides enough water for swimming classes. ABOVE RIGHT: Dr. Russell Bogue is completing his first year as head of H.P.E.R. ALCANTARA, ANTONIA: Instr. in Lang; BOGART, KATHERINE: Assoc. Prof, of Eng.; CARBALLO, DR. BENITO: Asst. Prof, of Lang.; CODER, DR. RALPH: Prof, of Eng.; COULSON, MARION: Assoc. Prof, of Eng.; DAVIDSON, ELEANOR: Instr. in Eng.; DAY R. PAUL: Instr. in Eng.; EDMUND, ELIZABETH: Instr. in Speech. EDWARDS, DR. CLIFFORD: Assoc. Prof, of Eng.; GARNER, NAOMI: Asst. Prof, of Eng.; GATSCHET, PAUL: Instr. in Eng.; GIEBER, ROBERT: Instr. in Lang.; GRABER, DR. PAUL: Prof, of Lang.; HARTLEY, THOMAS: Asst. Prof, of Journ.; HEATHER, JACK: Assoc, Prof, of Speech; HENRY, GORDON: Instr. in Journ. HERNDON, DR. GENEVA: Prof, of Speech; HOULIHAN, JUA- NIA: Instr. in Journ.; ISON, DAVID: Asst. Prof, of Eng.; JIME- NEZ, DR. JUAN: Instr. in Lang.; JOHNSON, SIDNEY: Asst. Prof, of Speech; KEILSTRUP, LORRAINE: Instr. in Eng.; KETCHUM, HARRIET: Assoc. Prof, of Speech; KIM, DR. SUKSAN: Asst. Prof, of Eng. KUCHAR, DR. ROMAN: Assoc. Prof, of Lang.; LOWEN, ROBERT: Asst. Prof, of Journ.; MAXSON, LEON: Instr. in Journ.; MAX- WELL, ROBERT: Instr. in Eng.; McFARLAND, ALICE: Asst. Prof, of Eng.; MEADE, MICHAEL: Instr. in Lang.; MILLER, DANNY: Asst. Prof, of Speech; MONTGOMERY, JANIE: Instr. in Speech. MORRISON, ALICE: Assoc. Prof, of Eng.; NORTON, RODNEY: Asst. Prof, of Lang.; OWECHKO, IWAN: Instr. in Lang.; PAR- ISH, DR. VERNA: Prof, of Eng.; PFEIFER, LEONA: Instr. in Lang.; ROGERS, KATHERINE: Asst. Prof, of Journ.; SACKETT, MARJORIE: Instr. in Eng.; SACKETT, DR. SAMUEL: Prof, of Eng. SCHWARTZ, PERRY: Instr. in Speech; SEGAL, WILLIAM: Instr. in Speech; STOUT, DR. ROBERTA: Prof, of Eng.; WAGENHEIM, ALLAN: Asst. Prof, of Eng.; WAGENHEIM, SANDRA: Instr. in Speech; WARD, DOUGLAS: Instr. in Eng.; WINTERLIN, De- WAYNE: Instr. in Lang.; WITT GRACE: Instr. in Eng. 78 Lit. Program Modernized One of the biggest curriculum changes on campus took place in the language, literature and speech department this year. The individ- ual-study Introduction to Literature course encouraged students to study on their own in a required course. No formal classes were held in this fexperimental program. Language, literature and speech employs the largest faculty of any FHS department. There are two Woodrow Wilson fellows on the staff, Dr. Clifford Edwards and Miss Lorraine Kielstrup. The rapidly growing speech correction program has proved itself worthy of special mention. This division turns out a high percentage of prospective teachers. It cultivates close relations with high school teachers and students by offering English teacher work- shops, debate clinics, speech and drama festivals, foreign language tests and journalism conferences. TOP FAR LEFT: Dr. William R. Thompson is completing his fourth year as chair- man of the Division of Language, Literature and Speech. TOP LEFT: Being inter- viewed for a television special about the new individual-study literature course is Dr. Samuel Sackett, director of the course. ABOVE: Broadcasting students learn the uses of radio station equipment. 7 BELOW: Individual listening carrels which allow more time for class dis- cussions are new to library facilities. RIGHT: Showcases feature new books and special materials found in the li- brary. BELOW RIGHT: New York Times and other reference holdings are available on microfilm for student use. CHRISTOPHER, RACHEL: Asst. Prof, of Library Sci., Bibliography Librarian; GROSS, ERNA: Instr. in Library Sci., Circulation Librarian. HARKNESS, MARGERY: Asst. Prof, of Library Sci., Cataloger Librarian; POWELL, BETTIE: Instr. in Li- brary Sci., Acquistions Librarian. REED, L. " Ma c " : Instr. in Library Sci., Reference Librarian; RILEY, ESTA LOU: Asst. Prof, of Library Sci., Serials Librarian. SCHMIDT, FRED JR.: Instr. in Library Sci., Docu- ments Librarian; SMITH, ROBERT: Instr. in Library Sci. 80 Tape System Boosts Library Facilities One of the newest campus buildings, Forsyth Library, fur- nishes FHS with an excellent facility for study and research. Although a degree is not offered in library science, students can take courses to become certified school librarians. Besides loaning books and documents, the library provides a microfilm lab, typing rooms, a language lab, and film and record loans. New to the library this year is a " switch-access " tape listening sys- tem which has been installed in 75 study carrels. Putting the responsi- bility for learning on the student, the system enables instructors to use more time for class discussions. Operating on 24 different chan- nels, recordings range from litera- ture to music. ABOVE LEFT: Magazines and local papers found in the browsing area give students a break from the routine of studies. LEFT: One of the first places students look when researching for a term paper are the many drawers of the card catalogue. ABOVE: M arc Campbell, chairman of the Division of Library Science, oversees all additions and changes in Forsyth Library. 81 Music Reaches Students, Area A full range of degree programs at the undergraduate level and a master ' s degree program in music education are conducted by the Division of Music. This division offers opportunities for music study by all of the stu- dents on campus, whether they be music majors or otherwise. Malloy Hall is often found to be the center of musical activity for the entire community and surrounding area as well as serving campus needs. Special honors were received by the Symphonic Band when they were the only Kansas band invited to perform at the Music Educators National Convention in St. Louis. TOP: Faculty members entered the per- forming act with their Brass Quintet. RIGHT: Eldonna Dyche exhibits talent and feeling on the large pipe organ in Malloy. ABOVE: Rehearsals require hours of pre- paration as music students prepare for individual senior recitals. 82 ATKINS, ALISON: Instr. in Music; BROWN, ROBERT: Asst. Prof, of Music; DILLEY, LYLE: Assoc. Prof, of Music; FIGLER, BYR- NELL: Asst. Prof, of Music; GOESER, PATRICK: Instr. in Music. HUBER, JOHN: Instr. in Music; MILLER, DR. LEWIS: Asst. Prof, of Music; MOYERS, EDWIN: Assoc. Prof, of Music; OAG, RUTH: Asst. Prof, of Music; OLCOTT, JAMES: Instr. in Music. PALMER, H. G.: Assoc. Prof, of Music; SCHLEICH, PHYLLIS: Asst. Prof, of Music; STOLBA, DR. K. MARIE: Asst. Prof, of Music; STOUT, DR. DONALD: Prof, of Music; WILKINS, DR. WILLIAM: Prof, of Music. ABOVE: Filling the role of chairman of the Division of Music is Dr. Leland Bar- tholomew. LEFT: Malloy Hall is one of the newer campus buildings serving as a combined center for both music and speech. Nursing Offers Chance to Serve Using the facilities of both St. Anthony and Hadley Memorial hos- pitals, nursing students at FHS begin their actual experience on the floor in the second semester of their sophomore year. The long-awaited capping ceremony marks the begin- ning of this phase of training. Psychiatric nursing is studied in addition to the regular courses in nursing. Understanding lab techniques and theories of nursing stand as import- ant accomplishments toward pro- ducing able nurses for the future. TOP: Student nurses help patients along the rough path of rehabilitation. ABOVE: A smile makes giving blood a near pleas- ure. RIGHT: Capping ceremonies signify achievement, ability and the opportunity to begin actual hospital work. 84 ALLEN, LAURA: Instr. in Nursing; GARWOOD, KATHLEEN: Instr. in Nursing; SCHMUTZ, KARYL LEE: Instr. in Nursing; THEIS, RUTH: Instr. in Nursing; YOUMANS, MARIAN: Instr. in Nursing. i TOP: Junior student nurses help label blood given at the bloodmobile held on campus. LEFT: A hospital convalescent is assisted by a nursing student. ABOVE: Miss Leora Stroup heads the Division of Nurse Education as its chairman. 85 BAXTER, VIVIAN: Asst. Prof, of Math.; BE- OUGHER, ELTON: Asst. Prof, of Math.; BROOKS, DOYLE: Assoc. Prof, of Physics. BUDKE, EARL JR.: Asst. Prof, of Chem.; CURTIS, NANCY: Asst. Prof, of Math.; DRESSLER, DR. ROBERT: Asst. Prof, of Chem. DRYDEN, LAURENCE: Assoc. Prof, of Math.; ET- TER, ORVILLE: Asst. Prof, of Math.; GRUBER, JAMES: Instr. in Physics; HEGG, PETER: Instr. in Math.; MARSHALL, DR. DELBERT: Asst. Prof, of Chem. MARSHALL, EVERETT: Assoc. Prof, of Math.; Mc- MECHAN, DR. JAMES: Assoc. Prof, of Chem.; MILLER, DR. HALSEY: Asst. Prof, of Geology; PINKALL, ROBERT: Instr. in Physics; RICE, DR. JIMMY: Prof, of Math. RICHARDS, ROBERT: Assoc. Prof, of Chem.; ROLFS, MARVIN: Asst. Prof, of Math.; RUMPEL, DR. MAX: Prof, of Chem.; SHEARER, EDMUND: Asst. Prof, of Chem.; TOALSON, WILMONT: Prof, of Math. VEED, ELLEN: Assoc. Prof, of Math.; WALKER, MYRL: Assoc. Prof, of Geology, Dir. of Museums; WILSON, JOHN: Instr. in Physics; WILSON, MARILYNN: Instr. in Math.; WITTEN, DR. MAU- RICE: Prof, of Physics. 86 Students and Faculty Focus Attention on Projects In Physical Sciences Research provides a special challenge to students in physical sciences as they assist faculty members with several projects. Grants for these came from such sources as the Kansas Heart Assn., Quality Chemicals and the National Science Foundation. Probably the greatest interest among students in the division is evidenced in geology and com- puter science classes. Courses offered by the Division of Physical Science are in the fields of mathematics, chemistry, geology and physics. ABOVE FAR LEFT: Women, such as this physics student, become involved with the tools and equipment of FHS Science labs. ABOVE CENTER: Time and patience are required to make chemistry experi- ments work. LEFT: Much work is done by geology students peering over topo- graphical maps. ABOVE: On leave of ab- sence for studies in Europe the second semester, Dr. Harold S. Choguill is Chair- man of the Division of Physical Science. 8 ARNHOLD, ROSE: Instr. in Soc.; BEATTY, DAVID: Instr. in Pol. Sci.; BORING, WILLIAM: Instr. in Soc.; BURCH, PAT: Instr. in Soc.; CALLAHAN, JOHN JR.; Instr. in Soc. DAVIDSON, DR. GORDON: Assoc. Prof, of History; FALL, VERNON: Asst. Prof, of History; FORSYTHE, JAMES: Assoc. Prof, of History; HEIL, RICHARD: Asst. Prof, of Pol. Sci.; LISTON, ANN: Asst. Prof, of History. LUEHRS, DR. ROBERT: Asst. Prof, of History; OLIVA, DR. LEO: Assoc. Prof, of History; ROWLAND, MARY: Instr. in History; RUCKMAN, JO ANN: Instr. in History; SCHMELLER, HELMUT: Instr. in History. SLECHTA, DONALD: Assoc. Prof, of Pol. Sci.; SMITH, DR. WILDA: Prof, of History; TOMLINSON, DR. JOHN: Assoc. Prof, of Pol. Sci.; WATT, PHYLLIS: Instr. in Soc.; WITT, ROBERT: Assoc. Prof, of Soc. ABOVE AND RIGHT: Of special interest in current events for social science ma- jors were the peace rallv in front of Picken Hall and the death of former President Eisenhower as shown bv the half-mast flag. TOP: With the growing enrollment of the college, large lecture classes such as Modern Civilization are held in Felten-Start Theater. MIDDLE RIGHT: After more than 30 vears at FHS, Dr. W. D. Moreland will retire this year. FAR RIGHT: Tours taken by government classes often include the Hays Post Of- fice. 88 Social Sciences Chairman Retires Responsible for the first docu- ments library on campus. Dr. W. D. Moreland, Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences, will retire after serving the college for more than 35 years. Before becoming head of the division, Dr. Moreland served as dean of men and director of housing. Dr. John Tomlinson, associate professor of political science will become the new chairman. For the first time next fall the division will have a full-time instruc- tor in anthropology. This will enable the division to add four new courses in anthropology to its curriculum. 89 90 Personalities Reveille Royalty Queen Janeen Schneider Sponsored by Delta Sigma Phi 2nd Attendant 1st Attendant Nancy Aust Linda Haffner Sponsored by Sigma Chi Sponsored by Custer Hall ‘ 94 Homecoming Royalty Queen Linda Burdge Sponsored by McMindes Hall 1st Attendant Barbara Brungardt Sponsored by Delta Sigma Phi 2nd Attendant Lynn Corn Sponsored by Agnew Hall Daisy Mae Anita Roberts Sponsored by Wiest Hall Bearded Joe Barry Abels Sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma 96 Sweetheart Royalty King Russell Schlichting Sponsored by Delta Zeta Queen Bonnie Clotfelter Sponsored by Alpha Kappa Lambda Beauty and the Beast Royalty Sheryl Simmons jim Walker Sponsored by Delta Zeta 9 Best Dressed Coed Ian Schneider Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon Furlough Queen Debbie Leis Sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma 98 Rodeo Queen KayLynn Philip 1968-69 Leader Lass Pam Glover 99 Jo Ann Keating — AWS President Chuck Eubank Dixie Westervelt Vern Bruhn Bob Miller 1968-69 Class Presidents Mike Finnin — ASC President Ian Shaffer — Leader Editor Joyce Luder — Reveille Editor 101 Outstanding Faculty Woman Dr. Geneva Herndon Sponsored by Sigma Kappa Outstanding Senior Woman Sharia Barber Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon Karen Anderson — Head Tiger Deb Cindy Parsons — Head Cheerleader 10 Governing Bodies New Ideas Actuated By Student Government All Student Council actions brought Bill Sands and Julian Bond to campus this year, adopted a new constitution, put a student on Faculty Senate and sponsored the annual Student-Faculty retreat at Webster Dam. A style show, two penny-a-minute nights, Honor ' s night and the snowball capped activities for the Associated Women Students. AWS also featured Frederic Staraska speaking on self defense and were responsible for sophomore keys and extended hours. TOP: TRAFFIC TRIBUNAL-BACK ROW: Fred A. Johnson, Mary Lou Gustafson, Henry Wolf. FRONT ROW: Dean Michael Stewart, Wendell Wyatt, Dean Jean Stouffer. MIDDLE: ALL STUDENT COUNCIL— BACK ROW: Paula Murphy, Mike Finnin (Pres.), Lois Ruder (Chairman), David Wobker, Warren Teasley. FOURTH ROW: Henry Wolf, Crystal Dickerson, Dixie Westervelt, Stephen Miller. THIRD ROW: Rex Cooper, Lana Underwood, Barbara Bolt, Trudy Holler. SECOND ROW: Chuck Worden, Debbie Andrist, Linda Loomis, Linda Steitz. FRONT ROW: Bob Miller, Charles Eubank, Margo Shomshor, Carolyn Nelson, Marcia Turnbull. RIGHT: STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE-BACK ROW: Robert Patterson, Dr. Richard Burnett, Mr. R. Lynn Rogers, Dave Walters, Dean Jean Stouffer. FRONT ROW: Dr. Benito Carballo, Dean Michael Stewart, Steven Ray, Mike Schmidt. 104 Governing bodies on campus also include Traffic Tribunal which hears cases involving students ac- cused of non-moving violations; Student Organizations Committee, designed to approve groups on campus and regulate their money- making projects; and Legal Board which reviews and helps students in trouble either on campus or in town. TOP: LEGAL BOARD-BACK ROW: John Wheller (Chief Justice), James Clark. FRONT ROW: Dean Jean Stouffer, Dean Michael Stewart: MIDDLE: AS- SOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS-BACK ROW: Linda Wiesner, Marsha Evans, Nancy Tucker, Linda O ' Dell. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Daily, Neila Litzenberger, Dianne Kemp, Linda Michaelis, Annelle Hall. THIRD ROW: Donna Schenk, Marsha Dibble, Gloria Dible, Jerilyn Josserand, Shirley Horyna. SECOND ROW: Sharon Russell, Kathy Newberry, Nanetta Alden, Cheryl Carsten, Nancy David. FRONT ROW: Louise McGowan, Linda Siemers, Carolyn Olson, Melanie Anderson, Jo Ann Keating (Pres.). I0E Honoraries Who ' s Who in American Colleges CATHERINE AVERY SHARLA BARBER JANICE BECK RICHARD BLOUNT SUE BRIGGEMAN RICHARD CLINKENBEARD KATHA CONNOR VICKI CONSTABLE GLORIA DIBLE RICHARD DIETZ LYNDA DREILING CAROLYN ELLIOTT JANET GASCHLER STEPHANIE GRABER PEGGY GROVER CHERYL HASELHORST BEVERLY KERNOHAN M. LYNN LEGLEITER CHARLENE LETOURNEAU ANN MABRY MARY MAPES RONALD MORFORD NEIL NULTON KATHERINE OLSON REX POWELL RITA RASMUSSEN WILLIAM SCANTLIN ARTHUR SCHNATTERLY WAYNE SCHON WALTA STANTON MARY LEE WALTERS NOT PICTURED: ARLENE BUNSELMEYER LEANN HICKS CAROL SNODGRASS 106 Phi Kappa Phi Senior Scholastic Honorary Society JANICE BECK DR. ELTON BEOUGHER DENNIS CHEGWIDDEN RICHARD CLINKENBEARD KATHA CONNOR LAVERN COURTNEY RONNIE CRAMER CRYSTAL DICKERSON RICHARD DIETZ LYNDA DREILING CAROLYN ELLIOTT PEGGY GROVER CHERYL HASELHORST CHARLENE LETOURNEAU ANN MABRY JERRY MARSH MICHAEL McFALL DEANNA MILLER KATHERINE OLSON CARL POLLOCK ROBERT POOL JOHN RIEKENBERG ARTHUR SCHNATTERLY KENNETH SMITH ELEANOR TANGEMAN SUSAN WALKER MARY LEE WALTERS LESLIE WILSON NOT PICTURED: PAMELA AYERS MARILYN BELL VIRGINIA CRABTREE LINDA McFARLENE BERTHA WINKEL MARILYN ATKINSON JAMES CRABTREE RODNEY HEITSCHMIDT BYRON HULL THOMAS OSBORNE 107 Women ' s Leadership Organization CATHY AVERY SHARLA BARBER JANICE BECK SHERYL BUSHNELL TERRY CARSWELL KATHA CONNOR JUDY EHRLICH VICKI ELLIOTT JANET GASCHLER PEGGY GROVER CHERYL HASELHORST LYNN LEGLEITER ANN MABRY MARY KAY MAPES DENA MEENEN KATHERINE OLSON RITA RASMUSSEN LUCILLE RUDA GEANENE SCHAFER MARTHA SCHNATTERLY WALTA STANTON 108 Seventh Cavalry Men ' s Leadership Organization TRACY ABLES TERRY BALTHAZOR RANDY BANE RICHARD CLINKENBEARD KELLY DEINES RICHARD DIETZ JEFF EHRLICH DOUG HURT MICHAEL JOSSERAND JERRY MARSH DARREL NEUSCHAFER WENDELL NICHOLAS JOSEPH NORRIS JOHN PETTY THOMAS SEKAVEC BILL TOEPFER ANTHONY WU NOT PICTURED: MICHAEL FINNIN ALAN KLUSENER RAY KURTZ I O ' Phi Eta Sigma Organized to honor freshmen men achieving a grade point average of 2.5, Phi Eta Sigma initiated 22 new members. ACTIVES — BACK ROW: Richard Bear, Dr. Calvin Harbin, R. L. Watkins, Richard Dietz, R. A. Clinkenbeard. THIRD ROW: Dr. Gerald Tomanek, Richard Bretz, Kenneth Woods, Anthony Wu, Dean Michael Stewart (Sponsor). SECOND ROW: Don Rynerson, Leonard Bunselmeyer, Ron Weber, Kelly Deines, Neil Nulton. FRONT ROW: Wendell Nicholas, James Bell, John Eck (Pres.), Ralph Thomm, Terry McMullen. INITIATES— BACK ROW: Iri Brassfield, Donald Sanders, Robert Albright, Mike Schaefer. THIRD ROW: Melvin Kitts, Mark Berry, David Tarrant, William Paget, James Dyck, Steven Gleue, Steven Worcester. SECOND ROW: Stanley Schmidt, Rocky Boeken, Fred Cook, Dave Walters, Ron Kletchka. FRONT ROW: Jay Reimer, Joel White, Rolland Gore- ham, Ira Kwatcher, Al Joe Wallace, Timothy Zwink. Pi Omega Pi Pi Omega Pi, as the honorary business education fraternity, had Lois Myerly completing her first full year as group sponsor. BACK ROW: William Brock, Lois Myerly (Sponsor), Janet Hladek, Carolyn Elliott. SECOND ROW: Karen Keller, Marilyn Haynes (Pres.), Sharon Schrott, Mary Ann Rush (Sponsor), Anita Spitler. FRONT ROW: Lynda Dreiling, Waunita Henderson, Patti Howarter, Lynda Lowery. NO Alpha Lambda Delta Requiring a 2.5 grade point for freshman women. Alpha Lambda Delta initiated 34 new members as well as passed out study guides to the residence halls. ACTIVES-BACK ROW: Lois Lutz, Barbara Moh- ler, Jo Ann Schlepp. THIRD ROW: Jane Esfeld, Jeanne Chronister (Pres.), Phyllis Cox. SECOND ROW: Judy Welker, Linda Stieben, Elaine Gardner, Barbara Johnson. FRONT ROW: Mary Dolechek, Caro- lyn Olson, Susan Trout, Jamie Bigham. INITIATES — BACK ROW: Terrie Oshant, Kathy McGovern, Nancy Wood, Carol Woodson, Merritta Atwell. THIRD ROW: Kathleen Brock, Gwen Ziegler, Joyce Augustine, Ro- salie Mattson, Claudia Dietz. SECOND ROW: Judy Pfannenstiel, Lois Dinges, Margaret Blecha, Pamela Dreiling, Jolene Niernbergar, Loretta Ribordy. FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Gustafson, Antoinette Kashka, Del- ma Marston, Norma Stiawalt, Roxy Green, Tranda Ward. INITIATES (cont.)-BACK ROW: Cindy Bogart, Sherri Baker, Geraldine Carper, Sharon Bayens. SEC- OND ROW: Dixie Horton, Mary Harbin, Carol Craw- ford, Karen SchOlte. FRONT ROW: Barbara Carter, Mary Lou Nemechek, Sheryl Drieling, Connie Smith. I Kappa Omicron Phi Professional home economics fraternity, Kappa Omi- cron Phi, highlighted its year ' s activities by sponsor- ing a spring bridal show. BACK ROW: Margene Mc- Fall. SIXTH ROW: Carolyn Blount, Vicki Giles, Linda Gfeller. FIFTH ROW: Connie Schwartz, Carole Noah. FOURTH ROW: Virginia Slimmer, Arleta Lohmann. THIRD ROW: Nanetta Alden, Elizabeth Brening. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Zimmer, Tonda Dieckhoff. FRONT ROW: Linda Applebee, Cindi Parsons, Geral- dine Henderson (Pres.), Carolyn LeClair. Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha, national professional music fraternity, ushered for concerts on the campus and helped with music festival activities. BACK ROW: Clinton Rayne (Pres.), Charles Rouse, John Buehler, Arthur Buehler, John Huber (Sponsor). SECOND ROW: Curtis Wright, Terry Krob, Laurence Bolton, Michael John- son, Terry Mai. FRONT ROW: Norbertt Little, Tom Railesback, John Burley, David Dudrey, Galen Olson. 7 Phi Alpha Theta Requiring at least 12 hours of history and a 2.0 in those courses, Phi Alpha Theta awarded the an- nual Welty Award to the outstanding graduate and undergraduate papers. BACK ROW: Richard Stahl, Gary Lamb, Jim Ater, Roy Ingram, Gary Herman, Robert Osborn, Kenneth Smith. THIRD ROW: Lavern Courtney, Ron Weber, Fred Atchison, Allan Kenyon, Jerry Ramsey. SECOND ROW: Rex Cooper, John Morris, Dan Deines, Kaye Swank, Berdene Russell, Terry Archer, Miss Ann Liston. FRONT ROW: John Markley, Janice Beck, Ella Rayburn, Cathy Merrill, Donalea Fink, Donna Lusk, Dr. Wilda Smith. Ml nn v ’ ■ i it HP Egr m A Epsilon Pi Tau Epsilon Pi Tau, honorary industrial arts fraternity, continued its traditional newsletter along with aiding and supervising the annual Industrial Arts Fair. BACK ROW: Mr. Dan Johnson, Mr. Dennis McKee, Mr. Glenn Ginther, Donald Haberman. FRONT ROW: Mr. Gary Tobias, Roger Mauch, Robert Koerperich, Mr. Bryan Bachkora. I Eta Rho Epsilon Setting up a dress code for the women of the group was Eta Rho Epsilon ' s major change for the year. BACK ROW: Barbara Eubank, Shirley Lowry, Mary Lester, Marjorie Day. THIRD ROW: Sharon Russell, Mary Flax, Sharon Michaelis, Peggy Whitcher. SEC- OND ROW: Marilyn Bliss, Pam Albert, Linda Kay Thompson, Eloise Cowan. FRONT ROW: Janet Sprehe, Karen Ven John, Carla Rathbun, Carol Gilg, Wilma Michaelis. Pi Kappa Delta Hosting debate, speech and oratorical contests were the major activities for the year for Pi Kappa Delta, honorary forensics fraternity. BACK ROW: Lee Sher- man, Mitch Stanfield, Jeff Ehrlich, Shanann Johnston, Dave Wobker. FRONT ROW: Janey Montgomery, Sharia Barber (Pres.), Joan Griese, Lynne Davis, Elizabeth Sherman, Dan Miller (Sponsor). 114 Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota, honorary women's music frater- nity, aided area piano students witih auditions and attended the Sigma Alpha Iota State Day. BACK ROW: Mrs. Joan Henry CSponsorJ, Susan Gooch, Wendy Zelenka, Sandra Befort, Cindy Schnelle, El- donna Dyche. THIRD ROW: Laverne Van Kooten, Rozanne Avery, Karla Novotny, Marilyn Miller, Linda Shaw. SECOND ROW: Gloria Mitchell, Beth Scholle, Lois Smith, Shirley Woodson, Joyce Pennington, Lin- da Michaelis lPres.J. FRONT ROW: Cynthia Gray, Tamara Sebaugh, Donna Thompson, Rita Rasmussen, Jeanette Evans, Vicky Meyer. a Sigma Alpha Eta With Dr. Geneva Herndon serving her last year as sponsor, Sigma Alpha Eta baked cookies for the chil- dren in Hadley hospital and worked with the Day Care Center. BACK ROW: Dr. Geneva Herndon, CSponsorJ, Sheila Bills, Norma Schoen, Julie Janson- ius, Sue Rockwell, Andrea Yates, Carol Wodyziak. SECOND ROW: Karen Ochsher, Cathy Ostmeyer, Roselyn Hackman, Jan Porter. FRONT ROW: Mary Smith fPres.J, Cheryl Westbrooks, Julie Grable, Ruth Crane. Delta Tau Alpha Judging the annual soil conservation poster contest and sponsoring a Bureau of Land Management on campus kept Delta Tau Alpha, honorary in agricul- ture, busy. BACK ROW: Mike McFall (Pres.), Wesley Nuesselmyer, Bruce Hachmeister, Ruff Gentry (Soonsor). THIRD ROW: Dennis Reinert, Douglas Ditus, Jim Litton, Richard Blount, Paul Babcock. SEC- OND ROW: Robert Clydesdale, Steven Bealby, Max Bruce, Terry Stech. FRONT ROW: Joe Herrman, Steven Nolan, Karen Marti, Charles Eubank, Terry McMullen. Sophomore Women ' s Honorary Ushering at Little Theatre as well as initiating its full quota for next year was Sophomore Women ' s Hon- orary. BACK ROW: Carla Beesley, Janet Heinz, De- lores Herrmann, Nancy Swank, Elvita Juno. THIRD ROW: Linda Wyley, Debbie Leis, Alberta Davis, Jan Schneider, Carlene Pickering. SECOND ROW: Judy Welker, Sharolyn Gobin, Shirley Horyna, Jeanne Streit, Connie Heyen. FRONT ROW: Joyce Bennett, Stephanie Stewart, Susan Trout, Karen Rolf, Sheryl Kurtz. I I A Kappa Mu Epsilon A spring banquet climaxed the year ' s events for Kappa Mu Epsilon, honorary mathematics fraternity. BACK ROW: Jerold Reid, John Rickenberg, John Bailey. THIRD ROW: Thayne Abbey, Thomas Sekavec, Max Kennedy, Richard Kraus. SECOND ROW: Ken- neth Woods, Judy Ehrlich, Jim Hudson, Mr. O. E. Etter. FRONT ROW: Marilynn Wilson (Sponsor), Kent Weigel (Pres.), Linda Dreiling, Carol Ross. Lambda lota Tau Headed by Zelda Neely and faculty sponsor David Ison, Lambda lota Tau members deepen their literary understanding by reviewing modern works. BACK ROW: David Ison (Sponsor), Gail Hixenbaugh, Stephen Laman. THIRD ROW: Kathy Pirotte, Nadean Rutt. SECOND ROW: Cindy Stephen, Zee Neely, Deanna Miller. FRONT ROW: Lynette Wahrman, Anita Taylor. II Special Interest TOP: SPANISH CLUB — BACK ROW: Lynnette Nolan, Carlos Sarmiento, Warren Tacha, Don Rynerson, Roy Ingram. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Converse, Janice Bendel, Martha Mattheyer, Dan Denning, Dr. Juan Jimenez (Sponsor) Raymond Blum. FOURTH ROW: Dr. Benito Carballo (Sponsor), Grace Blum, Denise Olomon, Don Tull, Theresa Lamburt, Bob Woydziak. THIRD ROW: Anita Rob- erts, Elia Dominquez, Kay Lynn Philip, Juan Jimenez, Jr. (Pres.), Linda Steitz. SECOND ROW: Diane Jensen, Sharon Pettijohn, Barbara Johnson, Lynn Pearson, Brent Carad. FRONT ROW: Jill Kickman, Susan Doll, Candace Langley, Barbara Kline, Ken Keller. MIDDLE: GERMAN CLUB-BACK ROW: Iwan Owechko, Larry Zierlein, Mr. M. F. Meade, Fred Lysinger, John Hake. THIRD ROW: Warren Allen, Terence Palmer, Phil Martin, Charles Rohr, John Murray. SECOND ROW: Gordon Hale, Vicki Meyer, Sally Brungardt, Bernard Brull, Jerry Ramsey. FRONT ROW: Gayla Peacock, Sherry Harman, Leslie Smith, Ann Dick, Leona Pfeifer (Sponsor). BOTTOM: GERMAN CLUB (Cont.)-BACK ROW: Fred Atchison, Leon Staab, Marjorie Weber, Donalea Fink, John Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Allen Elliott, Eugene Mazouch, Max Liggett, Lily A. Kings, Marilyn Watkins. THIRD ROW: Tom Blubaugh, Fred Johnson, Robert Chittenden, James Billinger, Alfred Sutley, Mary Ann Enslow, Carole Con- verse. SECOND ROW: Martha Puryear, Jeanette Rohr, Danny Walker, Vernon Reever, Richard Irby. FRONT ROW: Diane Dickman, Cynthia Werth, Mary Ann Feist, Elaine Adamson, J. Paul Cox (Pres.), Phyllis Schmidt. FAR RIGHT: FRENCH CLUB-BACK ROW: Mr. Rod Norton, Robert Gieber (Sponsor), Charles Routh. THIRD ROW: Bob Westbrook, Leo Heble, Donald Nelson, Larbi Oukada. SECOND ROW: Gail Hixenbaugh, Rick Goddard, Gregg McPherson, Allen Elliott. FRONT ROW: Elaine Gardner, Stella Howell, Terry Lesovsky, Angela Holston (Pres.). 118 Language Clubs Offer Inside View French, Spanish and German language students put into practice what they learned in class through activities sponsored by their re- spective clubs. Events such as German and Spanish Club Christ- mas parties and the French Certici- ates de Merite en francais provided students with goals and on the spot acquaintance with the language and customs of the countries they studied. Christmas caroling in the sur- rounding hospitals gave the stu- dents a chance to share their newly acquired lingo with the unfortunate who spent Christmas in bed. Films, lecturers, and records re- vealed new facets of the languages studied and added interest to the classes themselves. President of the German Club was J. Paul Cox with Mrs. Leona Pfeifer as sponsor. Angela Holston headed the French Club with Robert Geiber, sponsor and Juan Jimenez, Jr., president and Dr. Benito Carballo, sponsor, serving the Spanish Club. y w 1 xL-rJl I Alpha Kappa Psi Hosts Insurance Day Co-sponsoring business week and hosting insurance day. Alpha Kappa Psi had Kurt Siermers as president and Richard Osborne as sponsor. Representatives attended the na- tional fraternity convention in August and one member. Art Schnatterly, was chosen for Who ' s Who bringing honor to the business fraternity. ALPHA KAPPA PSI— BACK ROW: Steve Honomichl, Stanley Hargrave, Arthur Schanatterly, Steve Olson. THIRD ROW: Darrel Barnett, Kurtis Siemers (Pres.), James Montgomery, Mike Estes, Danny Hewes. SEC- OND ROW: Steve Lunt, Bill Stapleton, Kenneth Paget, Tom Beiker, Aryln LoVette. FRONT ROW: Dar- rel Ochs, Tracy Abies. Business Group Holds Contests Phi Beta Lambda as a depart- mental organization helped with the campus bloodmobile both in the fall and spring. The group also spon- sored spring high school business contests to encourage young busi- ness interests. Roy Hendrickson served as state treasurer, Greg Gleason as group president and Bill Stewart, Vera Thomas and Sharon Vlasak as sponsors. State convention representatives took several awards during activi- ties held in March. PHI BETA LAMBADA— BACK ROW: Jim Frick, Karla Smith, Geraldine Zellner, Roy Hendrickson, John Dugan. THIRD ROW: Mac Wise, Don Fought, Candace Young, Joel White, Jim Myers, Steve Ochs. SECOND ROW: Larry Klopfenstein, Louise Bosch, Phyllis Cox, Janet Ferland, Greg Gleason (Pres.). FRONT ROW: Patricia Ingrum, Margaret Thacker, Dorothy Sander, Beverly Edwards, Christine Benda. PHI BETA LAMBDA (cont.)— BACK ROW: Rodney Livingood, Bill Stapleton, R. Wayne Thomas. THIRD ROW: David Adams, Jon Case, Richard Slattery, Danny Hewes, LaVern Schulte, SECOND ROW: Beverly Kernohan, Rhonda Tamm en, Barbara Wallace, Glen- da Tyler, Jaxon Brown. FRONT ROW: Valerie Barton, Sharon Giebler, Mary Ann Drees, Sally Lamoureaux, Barbara Mohler. 120 Speakers, Movies Fill H istory Club Year History Club, as a departmental organization, spent part of the year viewing movies such as " The Twisted Cross " and " The Civil War " as well as watching slides of Europe displaying student travels. Awards for papers in graduate and undergraduate divisions were given; also included was a field trip to the Nelson Gallery in Kansas City. Jerry Ramsey served as president of the group and H. J. Schmeller was sponsor. HISTORY CLUB-BACK ROW: Roy Ingram, Richard Stahl, H. J. Schmeller (Sponsor). SECOND ROW: Gerald Augustine, Jerry Ramsey (Pres.). FRONT ROW: Barbara Bolt, Donelea Fink. STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN - BACK ROW: Martha Claflin (Sponsor), Lynn Corn (Pres.), Ruth Zohner, Lana Gieber, Marcia Archer, June Beamgard, Joyce Lofgreen. SECOND ROW: Lynann Davidson, Sheryl Lorance, Benita Kuhn, Rita Martinez, Barbara Larson. FRONT ROW: George Swihart, Don Lehman, Lem Marsh, Gary Trexler, Dale Sekavec. SCEC Takes State Posts Made up of special education majors and others interested in ex- ceptional children, SCEC spent much of its time helping children at Homer B. Reeds Adjustment Center and the Day Care Center. Gary Trexler served as state SCEC president and Rita Martinez as its secretary. Career Days were held to interest Juco Students in joining FHS ' s program. P.E. Activities Range From Trips to Trophies Physical education organizations consist of WRA and Men ' s P. E. Club. Both groups were active on and off campus. WRA sold conces- sions at football games and pro- vided playdays and sports days for area hi gh school students. The club also offered a ski trip for members during semester break and hosted campouts in the spring for interested members. WRA was headed by Eloise Cowan with Monice Somers serving as sponsor. Men ' s P.E. Club gained the sweepstakes rating for their home- coming float, sponsored a girls free-throw contest and had entries in the furlough competition. Taking state offices from the group were Larry Brin, club presi- dent, as state vice-president and Greg Price, program chairman for the state. Glen Lojka served as spon- sor for the men. WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSN— BACK ROW: Karen VenJohn, Monice Somers (Sponsor), Cathy Garten, Beverly Ritter. FOURTH ROW: Jeanette Vague, Mary Flax, Shirley Thompson, Shirley Lowry. THIRD ROW: Janice Berquist, Toni Michael, Pam Albert, Sharon Michaelis, Margaret Whitcher. SECOND ROW: Elaine Gardner, Patricia Hoke, Sharon Russell, Lucille Ruda, Linda Thompson, Eloise Cowan (Pres.). FRONT ROW: Diana Keith, Judy Dugan, Marjorie Day, Marilyn Bliss, Carol Gilg, Wilma Michaelis. MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB-BACK ROW: Jim Heimer, Rich Riggin, Gerald Shelly, Richard Har- mon. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Streit, Donald True, Den- nis Zehr, Duane Warner. THIRD ROW: Dennis Nelson, Stephen Seirer, Ron Goates, Philip Carper, Bob Cun- ningham, Jack McCommand. SECOND ROW: Glen Lojka (Sponsor), Carl Case, Ned Toms, Bob Bearley, Bob Threlkel. FRONT ROW: Larry Brien, Eugene James, Gregory Price, George Beezley, Ronald Scott. 122 Socially oriented, Rodeo Club hosted the fourth annual FHS Rodeo in May. Their annual project for the year was building new bleachers for the arena. Rick Stewart served as president and Robert Lowen, Doug Philip and Leon Maxson as sponsors. May Rodeo Highlights Club ' s Year RODEO CLUB— BACK ROW: Curtis Swayze, Doug Philip (Sponsor), Darrel Hanson, Douglas Press, Roger Fricker, Michael Balthazor. FOURTH ROW: Les Strickland, Everett Miller, Terry Paradeis, Neil Barstow. THIRD ROW: Richard Norman, Bruce Ruby, Ivan Husa, Ray Nokes, Doug Hayes, Glenn Lambert. SECOND ROW: W. R. Duncan, Gloria Eilers, Joyce Wolfram, Steve Park, Sally Lamoureaux, Mary Bates. FRONT ROW: Mike Miller, Gary Meggers, Rick Stewart, Kay Lynn Philip, Debby Sramek, Conna Livingston. RODEO CLUB (cont.)— BACK ROW: Jack Gardner, Rick Frey, Ron Ochs, Jim Bruning. FOURTH ROW: Roger Barker, Tim Miser, Jim Bobinmyer, Dan Moore, Donald Seufer. THIRD ROW: Larry Yoder, Rita Smith, Casey Lukens. SECOND ROW: Louise Redger, Karen Marti, Ann Davenport, Jeri Josserand, Lonny McLinn, John Squire. FRONT ROW: Rich- ard Mays, Johnny Rohrbough, Berneta Rose, Jennifer Wannamaker, Roy Turley, Dennis Alexander. 123 Fossils, Projects Intrigue Geologists Completing its first year on campus Sternberg Geology Club offered its members fossil hunting trips and f ield trips to local industry dealing with geology. Robert Mitten as president and Myrl Walker, Dr. Halsey Miller and Earl Budke as sponsors directed group attention to members ' proj- ects of special interest. STERNBERG GEOLOGY CLUB-BACK ROW: Roger Barker, Richard Olson, Charles Suiter. FIFTH ROW: Gary Small, Richard Bretz, Fred Appleby. FOURTH ROW: Doyle Saddler, Dr. H. W. Miller (Sponsor), Curtis Anderson, THIRD ROW: Dan Moore, Dana Hewett, Kent Bratton. SECOND ROW: Myrl Walker (Sponsor), Katherine Olson, FRONT ROW: Danny Walker, Jim Hudson, Donald Seufer. i» k 1|A ' f fm V i J i m Conservationists Aid Youngsters Student Chapter of Soil Conser- vation, a special service and interest group, assisted Boy Scouts and 4-H with work projects. Richard Joyce led activities as president and Thaine Clark aided the group as faculty sponsor. SOIL CONSERVATION CLUB-BACK ROW: Wesley Drosselmeyer, Richard Joyce (Pres.), James Oden, Rodney Livenqood Bill Schnoor. FIFTH ROW: Kenneth Blackwelder, James Sallee, Steven Nolan, Dan Mortimer. FOURTFI ROW: Arlo Smith, Bruce Warren, Richard Schlaefli, Terry Stech, Charles Eubank. THIRD ROW: Sam Atherton, Paul Babcock, Roger Fickel, Ardene Wilkens. SECOND ROW: Alan Guttery, Steve Chain, Curtis Swayze, Karen Marti, Ivan Husa. FRONT ROW: Leon Morris, Max Bruce, Tom Whitaker, Terry Chancy, Thaine Clark (Sponsor). Guest Callers Enhance Club Dancing Star Promenaders highlighted their activities this year by holding dances with guest callers. They invited other square dance clubs to come as well as opening the dances to anyone interested in just dancing. Active recreation and a chance to learn and improve the art outside of class was the club ' s goal according to Andrea Kirk, president and Cade Suran, sponsor and caller. STAR PROMENADERS-BACK ROW: Lee Phillips, Boyd Scarrow, Martin Keller, Marvin Baldwin, Clint Ledbetter.. THIRD ROW: Jon Case, Karen Van Vlett, Wayne Archer, Lou Numrich. SECOND ROW: Larry Cabbage, Signe Shumate, Doris Dragoo, Andrea Kirk (Pres.). FRONT ROW: Ernestine Highland, Sandra Loepplce, Charles Chandler, Carol Sanger, Carol Mohler. STAR PROMENADERS (cont.)-BACK ROW: James Billinger, L. Lynn Thornton, Dr. Maurice Witten (Sponsor), Linda Williams, Darlene Linder. THIRD ROW: Carol Walline, Alice Hoth, Joan Bennett, Ron Smullins, Edith Couture. SECOND ROW: Linda Phye, Linda Dreiling, Sheryl Pfeifer, Bob Dey, Helen Hous- ton. FRONT ROW: Gregory Smith, Kay Lynn Philip, James Bradley, Katherine Bradley, Carol Ross. Archers Acclaimed Throughout State ■hfii i i ‘i l ARCHERY CLUB-BACK ROW: Ted Minor, Ron Wertz, Alan Von Fange. SECOND ROW: Don Bumpass (Sponsor), James Hoover, Henry Wolf (Pres.), Dr. Halsey Miller (Sponsor). FRONT ROW: Brett Biggs, Anita Roberts, Connie Mendenhall, Linda Kern. State and out of state tourna- ments, a home tournament and regional and national competition held adventure for the Fort Hays Archers Club. Being the first archery organiza- tion in a state college or university to participate inter-collegiately, the group distinguished itself through- out the state shooting both indoor and outdoor ranges. Henry Wolf, a top archer, headed the group as president with Don Bumpass and Dr. Halsey Miller giving time as faculty sponsors. P-t-P Promotes International Understanding People-to-People had among its goals the promotion of international friendship and understanding. This year, under John Callahan, the group held lectures and films about such places of interest as Venezuela, Singapore and Iran. Iraj Sharifi served as president. In May, the International Art Fes- tival featured exhibits from many foreign lands. As a service project, the group granted a scholarship to a foreign student. RIGHT: PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE-BACK ROW: Lucho Sar- miento, Vithaya Pinthapataya, Larbi Oukada. THIRD ROW: John Callahan (Sponsor), Decha Yudhasara- prasithi, Jennie Carlson. SECOND ROW: Juan Jim- enez, Jr., Anwar Baig, Annelle Hall, David Tabrizi. FRONT ROW: Iraj Sharifi, Nooshin Sharifi, Lea Sharifi, Noorollah Aziz, Pravati Thanasiri. BELOW RIGHT: PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE EXEC. COUNCIL —BACK ROW: John Callahan (Sponsor), Luis Sar- miento (V-Pres.). FRONT ROW: Iraj Sharifi (Pres.), Jennie Carlson (Sec.). i y i a 11 i j j 126 Political Groups Sway Student Voting Trends Serving the political-minded on the FHS campus were Collegiate Young Republicans and Collegiate Young Democrats. November elections were a time of great value as the groups worked avidly to sway student votes in the direction of their candidates in the lobby of the Memorial Union. CYD ' s planned a constitutional revision while CYR ' s made plans to attend the state convention. Michael Camelio and Dr. Gordon Davidson served on the side of the Democrats while Steve Miller and Dr. William McFarland handled the operations on the Republican side. COLLEGIATE YOUNG DEMOCRATS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-BACK ROW: Jay Reimer, Lonnie Beadles, Denny Keenan. FRONT ROW: Michael Camelio (Chairman), Cathy Graham, Keith Baker. Industrial Arts Club Serves Entire Campus One of the largest departmental organizations on campus, the Indus- trial Arts Club once again high- lighted the spring semester activi- ties with the annual Industrial Arts Fair. The weekend event brought entries from across the state. Club activities aside from the fair included regular work nights at which time fraternity and sorority pledge paddles and homecoming trophies were made to earn money for the group. A banquet and two hamburger feeds honoring the top ten scholars of the previous semester climaxed the social activities of the group. Jesse Garetson served as the group president and Daniel Johnson as its sponsor. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB— BACK ROW: Mike Gashell, Edward Westerman, James Nixon, Dan Johnson (Sponsor), Leon Portschy. THIRD ROW: Vernon Lovin, Kirby Clarke, Doug Thomas, Howard Degen- hart. SECOND ROW: Leon Albert, Ronald Patton, Jim Leitner, Rick Mills, Dudley Sanneman. FRONT ROW: Gery Jankovits, Ronald Kough, Don Blazek, Anthony Biddle, David Morris. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB (cont.)— BACK ROW: David Carter, Stephen Hoch, James Walters, Tom Rogers, Terry Ellenberger. THIRD ROW: Robert Perry, Duane Adams, Clayton Schmidt, Douglas Eisenhour, Charles Mickey. SECOND ROW: Allan Carter, Maurice Haberman, Gary Rabas, Donald Haberman, Ron Gil- breath. FRONT ROW: Robert Koerperich, Ronald Mills, John Grennan, John Gingraux, Rodger Berg, Paul Lawrence. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB (cont.)-BACK ROW: Mil- den ■ Keith, Wayne Lewallen, Glenn Ginther (Spon- sor), Steve Brown. THIRD ROW: Arthur Sayler, Jerry Call, Jesse Garetson, (Pres.), Edward Votruba, Mr. Gary Tobias. SECOND ROW: Mr. Dennis McKee, Curtis Swayze, Tom Noone, Randy Schneider, Bryan Bach- kora (Sponsor). FRONT ROW: Jim Dougheity, Robert Vavricka, Richard Sparks, John Treder, Roger Mauch. [ J 1 1 128 Chem Club Plans National Affiliation Working out plans for national affiliations, the Chemistry Club president Wayne Stewart and R.C. Richards, sponsor, kept busy. Departmentally oriented, the club recognized and presented awards to outstanding freshmen and senior chemistry students in the spring. CHEMISTRY CLUB-BACK ROW: Carl Westphal, Thomas Byerley, Wayne Stewart (Pres.). SECOND ROW: Terry Krob, Thomas Sekavec, Anthony Wu. FRONT ROW: Douglas Cole, Curtis Gregg, Jay Spicer. SEA Aims Professional Professionally organized, SEA took part in the annual Dr. W. C. Wood award presentations. Their yearly service projects in- cluded caroling and ushering. Wesley Bartlett was president and Dr. Raymond Youmans and Gerald Duncan served as co-spon- sors. STUDENT EDUCATION ASSN. EXECUTIVE BOARD-BACK ROW: Dr. Raymond Youmans (Sponsor), Lee Phillips, Gary Langlois, Wesley Bartlett (pres.), Gerald Duncan (Sponsor). FRONT ROW: Lola Loving, Marsha Evans, Lynda Sullivan, Elaine Adamson. 129 Debate Posts Best Year Yet Representing FHS across the na- tion and at home with the Dust Devil Debate Tournament was the departmental debate club. Capturing over 22 trophies through the course of the year, the group posted the best season ever. Coaches for the group are Dan Miller, Janey Montgomery, Betty Watts and Harriet Ketchum, all of the speech department. Emphasizing fun and getting ac- quainted as main objectives for the year, the Fort Hays Nurses Club held its annual big and little sister orien- tation project, hosted picnics and raised money for the second year in a row by co-sponsoring the Tom- my Drum Saloon Variety Show. Delegates were sent to the state convention in Kansas City where Pam Thurman was selected Kansas Student Nurse of the Year. Barbara Weise was chosen as Kansas record- ing secretary. Susan Swank was president of the departmental organization and Mrs. Karyl Schmutz helped out as faculty sponsor. 130 Home Econ. Club Sponsors Scholarship Home Economics Club held its annual spaghetti supper in October and picnic and " white elephant auc- tion " in May. A yearly rummage sale to raise money for a scholarship was their money-making project, and making tray favors for the Hillcrest Manor Nursing Home was their service project. They plan to send two represent- atives to the National Convention in June. Elizabeth Brening was president and June Krebs served as sponsor. HOME ECONOMICS CHAPTER-BACK ROW: Dixie Cline, Susan Mattison, Jane Huck, Fran Hayse, Mar- cella Applegate. SIXTH ROW: Virginia Slimmer, Janet Pike, Sharman Morford, Sharolyn Gobin. FIFTH ROW: Geraldine Henderson, Karen Pickard, Melva Perryman, Linda Phye, Belinda Gifford, Carol Kurtz. FOURTH ROW: Susan Wycoff, Arleta Lohmann, Vir- ginia Gering, Janet Combs, Carleen Miller. THIRD ROW: Delores Herrmann, Karen Smerchek, Vicki Giles, Rhonda Clarke, Charleen Heape. SECOND ROW: Debbie Garrett, Carole Noah, Linda Mai, Jolene Johnson, Elizabeth Brening (Pres.). FRONT ROW: Jane Haskett, Virginia Cooley, Joyce Bennett, Pa- tricia Swart, Joan Zimmer. Dames Club Presents Annual PHT Award Cookbook sales, picture sales and a May dinner-dance climaxed the yearly activities for the Dames Club. The annual PHT awards, " Putting Hubby Through, " were presented each semester to the members whose husbands were graduating from FHS. This award was created to stress the basic goal of the or- ganization. In the spirit of Christmas, the women also helped at the hospitals by decorating for the occasion. Roxanna Felbush was president. Mrs. Doris Faulkner, Mrs. Beverly Lowen and Mrs. Sue Maxson served as sponsors. TOP: DAMES CLUB— BACK ROW: Lynnette Nolan, Bettye Lester, Joyce Birdsell, Nadine Thomasson. FOURTH ROW: Virginia Klaus, Brenda Link, Lynn Mares, Dianna Stapleton. THIRD ROW: Beverly Lowen (Sponsor), Florence Marsh, Mary Bowen, Vicki Albert, Ruth Bruce. FRONT ROW: LaVerna Thompson, Connie Dutcher, Gloria Huebner, Vicki Babcock. BOTTOM: DAMES CLUB— BACK ROW: Sandi Sallman, Helen Petrysoyn, Judy Dinges, Sue Bade, Susan Corder, Neva Georgeson. SECOND ROW: Pam Bow- man, Sharon Bell, Roxanna Felbush (Pres.), Nancy Massaglia, Connie Grizzell, Donna Spatz. FRONT ROW: Sharon Hutton, Karen Cassen, Sharyn Dow- dell, Mary Smith, Susan Johnson, Dixie Stein. K-Club Stresses Athletic Accomplishment Athletic accomplishment was the basis for participation in K-Club. Yearly activities consisted mainly of raising money to be contributed to the Grants and Aids Fund in the Physical Education department and financing the Busch Gross Award given to the outstanding senior athlete of the previous year. Bruce Zamrzla and Cade Suran, sponsor, led the group. K-CLUB— BACK ROW: Frank Tappan, Butch Gilbert, Dennis Spratt, Cade Suran (Sponsor). FOURTH ROW: Bill Greving, Duane Werner, Steve Boehmer, Dean Stein. THIRD ROW: Gerald Shelly, Mike McAfee, Craig Gwinner, Mike Schaefer, Leland Tres- ner. SECOND ROW: John Markle, Gene Rider, Grady Elder, Lynn Lashbrook, Gary Ulmer. FRONT ROW: Robert Holston, Robert Young, Warren Teasley, Mark Hill, Bruce Zamrzla (Pres.). J i rF ' jT . ' If i i V " r J A . V 9 ' Jfw 711 t ipA ' ll J ” jm VETS CLUB— BACK ROW: Jay Thielen, (Pres.), Clayton Schmidt, Herbert Petracek, Marvin Heffel. SECOND ROW: Dwight Carter, Gary Owens, Raymond Fagan, Tom Blubaugh, Donald Koelling. FRONT ROW: James Martin, John Steichen, Dean Link, John Swoboda, Jim Shiew. Veterans Carry Nation ' s Colors Socially oriented for veterans, the Vets Club made itself known to cam- pus this year by donating money to worthy causes, carrying the national colors during parades and football games and also hosting its annual Christmas Project. Bringing the memorial board of veterans up to date at the Union was the major project this year. Headed by Jay Thielen, the fac- ulty sponsors were Robert Richards and James Gruber. 133 Glee Clubs See Open to all men and women wanting to sing and participate in college performances are the Men ' s and Women ' s Glee Clubs. Combining efforts at Christmas, the two groups joined with other sections of music such as the String Quartet and the Collegian Chorale Christmas Action helping to put on the Vespers. This year the women contributed to the program with the " Seven Joys of Christmas " while the men sang such selections as " Jingle Bells, " and " I Saw Three Ships. " Patrick Goeser is the director of the two musical groups. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB-BACK ROW: Nancy Huitt, Jeri Kough, Marsha Ander- son, Bev Steffan, Barb Oden, Susan Walker, Connie Van Kooten, Barbara Taylor, Joyce Hageman, Cheryl Portenier, Lennel McLain, Carol Walline, Pat Hale. FOURTH ROW: Mary Mathes, Janet Sprehe, Jeanette Smith, Penny Irvin, Linda Grusing, Debbie Leis, Linda Wicke, Mary Harrel, Sharon Somers, Ruth Jindra, Marla Malkin, Janice Helm, Eva Brown, Patrick Goeser (Director). THIRD ROW: Linda Stieben, Jane Esfeld, Mary Ann Enslow, Elsie Rupp, Connie Mai, Tammy Porter, Deanne Blair, Janet Hayes, Margaret Thacker, Viv Hill, Corla Saddler, Rise Bell, Marilyn Bell, Tranda Ward. SECOND ROW: Sharon Holopirek, Marie Gross, Lee Ann Fulwider, Nancy Wagner, Signe Shumate, Connie Mendedhall, Marilla Klinzman, Sheryl Pfeifer, Shirla Hora- chek, Pat Howard, Milly Oborny, Vicky Ray, Judy Sumner. FRONT ROW: Ruth Crane, Beverly Schwab, Carol Hadley, Vicky Kugler, Connie Martin, Marilyn Martin, Sharon Wyatt, Peggy Whitcher, Jan Meenan, Susan McClaren, Mary Jo Vann, Pam Irby, Karla Schmitt. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB— BACK ROW: Patrick Goeser (Director), Jerry Hawks, Doug Press, Dean Dietz, Dave Carter, Tim Murphy, Rod Livengood, Larry Krehbiel, Darryl Gleason, Randy Conrad, Lynn Mangels, Tom Farney, Fred Wilson. THIRD ROW: Dennis Urban, Leroy Jordan, Doug Kingsley, Richard Berry, Lon Pishny, Jim Tibbetts, Lee Phillips, Allan Carter, Ralph Thomm, Randy Friederich, Thomas Lieurance, Doug Rose. SECOND ROW: Rodger Berg, Lester Herzog, Elmer Ward, Steve Miller, Larry Hendrickson, Norman Wende- lin, Terry White, Lee Walz, Martin Keller, Durward Lynch, Charles Willis, Steve Huston. FRONT ROW: Gary Hejny, Keith Hazen, Jan Rusch, David Carroll, Paul Harbaugh, Claude Hibbs, Steven Michel, Jim Ragan, Richard Irby, Conrad Harman. I Fine Arts Singers Take Top Putting on numerous concerts and helping with a December musical kept the hand-picked members of the Fort Hays Singers busy. Directed by Dr. Donald Stout, the singers occupied one of the most Vocalist Honors versatile and elite positions within the music division. Teamed with ensembles or alone, the group proved superior through- out the school year. FORT HAYS SINGERS— LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Lee Wilgers, Gordon Henrickson, Pamela Kraus, Galen Olson, Larry Gerber, Linda Bieker, Gloria Mitchell, Phil Shuman, Lynn Chase, Terry Mai, Marsha Dietz, John Buehler. 135 Brass Choir Heightens Holiday Season One of the smaller performing groups of the music department is the Brass Choir. Directed by Dr. Leland Bartholomew, this group is especially popular during the holi- day season. The group participated actively with the Fort Hays Singers to pro- vide a December Musical and were enjoyed by high schools in the southern part of the state when on tour and locally when they pre- sented their final May concert. BRASS CHOIR: Darlene Hickman, Mike Brown, Leland Bartholomew (Director), Cindy Gray, Mike Treu, Mike Springfeldt, Charles Rouse, Robert Little, Terry Karlin, Curtis Wright, Greg Ayres, David Dudrey, Vincent Landau, Judy Dugan, Barbara Johnson, Larry Bolton, Sandy Rohr, Mike Johnson, Rozanne Avery, Kenneth Holsom, Ken Faulk, John Burley. 136 Percussion Ensemblists shared the spotlight with the Brass Choir this year during concert tours of six Kansas towns. Lyle Dilley took over the task of directing the group of eleven mem- bers as they took part in the Varsity Band Show. PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE-LEFT TO RIGHT: Dixie Walker, Beth Scholle, Greg Johnson, Cindy Gray, Mike Johnson, Candy Young, Carol Bailey, Darlene Nickman, Clinton Raynes, Mike Treu, Larry Hendrick- son. Percussion Ensemble Tours Area Towns Clarinetists Employ Seldom-Used Instruments ■M »J!!a LinU 1 HLifii XL liJr im nt ■! ' m CLARINET CHOIR-BACK ROW: Elaine Ellis, Jill Deines, Erlene Jamison, Don Urban, Nancy Watkins, Clinton Raynes, Marjorie Day, Belinda Gifford, John Francisco. FRONT ROW: Allen Dilley, Linda Shaw, Joe Gilbert, Cindy Bogart, Marian Railsback, Nancy Wood, Yvonne French, Anita Elliot. Under the direction of Harold Palmer, the Clarinet Choir along with the Woodwind Ensemble took a two-day tour of six area high schools. Adding spice to the Christmas Vespers and also the Varsity B and Show, the group utilized the seldom found A-flat Soprano Clarinet and F Basset Horn. FHS boasts the largest library for clarinet choirs in the country. Choir Performs Handel ' s " Maccabaeus " " Judas Maccabaeus " by Handel was the main production of the Concert Choir this year. Dividing into lead roles and choruses, the group told the story of Jewish his- tory in 1745. Under the direction of Dr. Donald Stout, the singers also took two winter tours to south central Kansas performing for high schools. Choir members are selected by au- ditions and form one of the larg- est choral groups at Fort Hays State. Mainly upperclassmen, the choir was seen at various concerts throughout the year. CONCERT CHOIR— BACK ROW: Mike Springfeldt, Joleen Novotny, Larry Gerber, Steve Miller, Jill Deines, Terry Mai, Nick Salmans, Gloria Mitchell, Larry Krehbiel. SECOND ROW: Janice Thomas, Vivian Bray, Brenda Kelley, Shirley Woodson, Mary Lee Wilgers, Vicky Meyer. FRONT ROW: Gordon Henrickson, Pamela Kraus, Byron Bunke, Lois Smith, Don Allen, Iris Moore, Lavern Million, Jeannette Evans, Jim Stambaugh, Susan Buehler, John Buehler, Rita Rasmussen, Richard Berry, Donna Yenne, Galen Olson, Andrea Nelson, Larry Garrett, Marilyn Miller, Jim Ragan, Jerre Deines, Darrel Bowell. 138 Providing entertainment during the last half of the Christmas Con- cert was the Collegian Chorale. An " African Noel " and " O Beloved Shepherds " plus two sets of familiar Christmas Carols made up their sec- tion of the program. Seventy voices under the direc- tion of Patrick Goeser, the Chorale also joined with the Glee Clubs in May to present the Spring Concert. Chorale Entertains During December Concert 1 • IW ■ - ' WUWLMwxJt ' 1 p COLLEGIAN CHORALE-BACK ROW: Lester Herzoq, Fred Wilson, Tom Farney, Bill Nelson, Charles Ames, Rod Livengood, Terry White, Larry Hendrickson, Cecil Bricker, Bernard Smith, Pete Shaw, Martin Keller, Bruce Olds, Ronald Pfenninger. FOURTH ROW: Gary Hejny, Rodger Berg, Alan Klusener, Lee Phillips, Bill Taldo, Douglas Press, Terry Krob, Ron Straight, David Wann, Les Moore, Ann Davis, Glenda Rolfs, Gayle Rollman, Ann Houser, Marilyn Watkins, Patrick Goeser (Director). THIRD ROW: Larry Cuddy, Everett DeHaven, Tom Lieurance, Jere Buehler, Robert Kraus, Steven Michel, Jan Rusch, Larry Hillman, Lavon Grusing, Nancy Lindberg, Dana Inloes, Susan Rodkey, Marilyn Martin. SECOND ROW: Sally Deni- son, Susan McClaren, Linda Bauer, Connie Vratil, Kathy Tucker, Deborah Dodrill, Chris Burton, Terry Bennett, Peggy Turner, Sharon Voran, Debbie Leis, Rosemarie Grabbe, Karen Witwer, Donna Thompson. FRONT ROW: Rochelle Reiser, Elaine Ellis, Tranda Ward, Penny Pruter, Verona Chapman, Joyce Pen- nington, Erlene Jemison, Sharon Voran, Dorothy Bryant, Eldonna Dyche, Joyce Horyna, Susan Faimon, Beverly Schwab. 139 Violinists Serve Division As Accompanists String Quartet is under the direc- tion of Edwin Moyers. These four specially chosen musicians are kept busy throughout the year serving as senior recital accompanists and tak- ing part in other musical programs such as the Christmas Vespers. STRING QUARTET: Wendy Zelenka, Becky Kraus, Barbara Michaelis, Kay Young. Giving a concert for the Jazz Forum at the University of Kansas, presenting " Another Evening of Jazz " and making nine off-campus guest appearances were the high- lights of the Jazz Ensemble ' s year. . - -r It was under the direction of James Jazzists Make Guest Tours Olcott. JAZZ ENSEMBLE-BACK ROW: Lonnie Sands, Robert Little, Mike Treu, James Olcott (Director), John Burley, Ken Faulk, Roger Lewis, Mike Johnson, Ron Roe. SECOND ROW: Paul Smith, Clifton Francis, Greg Ayres, Terry Karlin, Curtis Wright. FRONT ROW: Don Allen, John Francisco, Jon Hischke, Ar- thur Buehler, Clinton Raynes. Symphony Proves Unique Unique as the only one in West- ern Kansas, the Fort Hays Civic Sym- phony is composed of faculty, stu- dents and area musicians. Performing under the direction of Lyle Dilley, the group distinguishes itself with selections by Mozart, Hayden and Handel. Concert time for the group is usually confined to once a semester because of the mix- ture of participants. Orchestra serves as a link be- tween the musical interest of the college and those of the community. TOP: Lyle Dilley, director of the Orchestra, discusses a last minute problem with an area violinist. MID- DLE: The Civic Symphony, formerly known as the College-Community Orchestra, performs annually in Felten-Start Theater. LEFT: Rehearsals are a must for the musicians whether it be before a concert or just for practice. 141 Woodwinds Tour Area High Schools Brass and percussion joined wood- winds this year to make up the Woodwind Ensemble. With Robert Brown directing, the musicians took a two-day touring trip of area high schools and took part in the Christmas Vespers. Varsity Band Show saw their presence as well as did numerous combined concerts throughout the course of the school year. Convention Trip Highlights Band Year Combining the Varsity and Sym- phonic bands this year resulted in a return invitation to the Music Educa- tors National Convention in March. The group represented the only band from Kansas to be invited. Cutting a record in St. Louis was another activity of this group of individually picked students. Conducted by Lyle Dilley, the band took time to put on their an- nual Varsity Band Show and also sponsored the fall Band Day and marching contest for the area high school students. Varsity-Symphonic Band is composed of members of the various other instrumen- tal groups including Marching Band, Pep Band and ensembles. The group is under the direction of Lyle Dilley. Orchesis Stages Spring Concert Unassisted this year, orchesis put on its annual spring modern dance concert in February. Attending the American Dance Symposium in Wichita and the K. U. Dance Concert in March kept the group busy while individuals took time off themselves to add to their skills at ballet and modern dance workshops in other areas of the state. Sarah Mangelsdorf took over leadership of the class this year. ORCHESIS— BACK ROW: Bonnie Anderson, Betty Berg- man, Jeannie Chronister, Terry Schenk, Sharon Jac- obs, Barbara Nelson, Lucy Ruda. FRONT ROW: Lita Wheeler, Barbara Mullin, Sarah Mangelsdorf (Direc- tor), Darlene Linder. Leader Features Special Editions Special issues such as those for Cunningham, Gustad and the elec- tions served to prove experienced staffers on this year ' s Leader. Continuing under the reins of Gordon C. Henry for the second consecutive year, the Leader suc- ceeded in capturing the first-class rating from the Associated Colleg- iate Press for the first semester ' s run. Jan Shaffer served as editor-in- chief for the year. Policy changes included a Friday distribution date as well as publish- ed coverage of Fort Hays State stu- dents involved in city and county incidents. TOP: Susan Trout— News Editor. TOP LEFT: Jan Shaffer— Editor-in- chief. LFFT: Les Anderson— Manag- ina Editor. ABOVE: Joe Norris— Bus- iness Manager. 144 FAR LEFT: Gordon Henry— Advisor. LEFT: Sharon Jacobs— Copy Editor. MIDDLE LEFT: Rick Schwein— Editorial Assistant. LOWER LEFT: Loren Stanton —Sports Editor. LEADER STAFF MEMBERS-TOP ROW: Debbie Andrist, reporter; Eric Aspengen, asst, copy editor; Joyce Augustine, re- porter; Patricia Brown, reporter; Gary Freed, asst, sports editor. MIDDLE ROW: Tom Hudson, circulation; Larry McCants, reporter, Lee Mahlman, reporter; Ella Ray- burn, asst, news editor. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Toepfer, asst, editorial page editor; Gregg Turner, reporter, Bob Wherry, re- porter, Patty Wittman, reporter. 145 TOP LEFT: Roxy Green— Milestones Editor. TOP: Mrs. Katherine Rogers and Robert Lowen— Advisers. MIDDLE LEFT: Joyce Augustine and Janice Graf— Class Editors. MIDDLE: Lynn Bunker— Academics Editor. ABOVE LEFT: Joyce Luder— Editor-in-Chief. ABOVE: Greg Gleason— Business Manager. 146 Reveille Honors Retiring President Sixteen pages dedicated to retir- ing President M. C. Cunningham, a new layout style and added pages were the changes to be found in this year ' s Reveille. Staffers worked hard to keep up the tradition set by four consecutive years of All American books. Kathy Walters Ochs, 1968 Reveille editor who took over duties in January, captured the top rating from the Associated Collegiate Press for her publication last year. Joyce Luder edited the book this year. Mrs. Katherine Rogers advised first semester before taking her sabbatical leave after which Robert Lowen took over the duties. Jan Schneider took the crown of 1969 Reveille Queen at the Decem- ber Snowball sponsored by AWS. She was the candidate of Delta Sigma Phi. TOP LEFT: Loren Stanton— Sports Editor. MIDDLE LEFT: Barbara Fluser— Organiza- tions Editor. MIDDLE: Tom Toepfer and Patty Wittman— Advertising. LEFT: Connie Van Wey and Kris Randel— Housing Edi- tors. REVEILLE STAFF MEMBERS-TOP ROW: Linda Birzer, classes; Phil Carper, circulation; Roseann Kuhn, index; Diana Lively, advertising. BOTTOM ROW: Rick Schwein, sports. 14 Photo Services Meet Campus Demands Photography services at Fort Hays State center around the Photography Lab located on the first floor of Picken Hall. Under the direction of Leon Max- son, the lab provides prints for News Service, Leader and Reveille and for all other departments on campus in need of them. The athletic department profits from the lab by receiving movies of every major sporting event while fraternities, sororities and organiza- tions are serviced with pictures of queen and king contestants. I4R KFHS Provides Fun, Experience " This is your friendly KFHS an- nouncer bringing you the tops in music from 650 on your radio dial. " A familiar sound to residence halls and the Memorial Union is the campus radio. Broadcasting regularly from facilities in Malloy Hall, the radio provides students with the op- portunity to operate equipment and gain experience in announcing. Jack Heather is faculty adviser for the station which is now expand- ing its facilities to include TV. ABOVE LEFT: Leon Maxson serves as di- rector of Photoqraphy Services. MIDDLE LEFT: Photographers include Ian Bentley, Brad Boyer, Steve Eller, Torida Diechoff, Matt Peak and Joe Wright. ABOVE: Jack Heather conducts business in one of the radio rooms of Malloy Hall. N APO Services Profit School, State Alpha Phi Omega lived up to its title of being a national service fraternity this year in numerous ways. Wichita Red Cross workers were aided by APO to carry out two bloodmobile drives, and the Endow- ment Assn, profited both by the Beauty and Beast contest in Decem- ber and the annual Furlough races in May. Local and regional Boy Scouts received assistance and a scholarship went to a worthy recipient. Artists and Lectures had ushers for spon- sored events thanks to APO. Added to their list of activities was a new event this year. Pop bottles were collected as a money- making project for the football team to be used at the discretion of the new coach. APO— BACK ROW: Roger Foran, Roger Rietcheck, Robert Holston, Jack Heather (Sponsor.) FIFTH ROW: Douglas Cole, Jon Case, Russell Cravens. FOURTH ROW: Robert Suelter, Chuck Worden, Wesley Dros- selmeyer. THIRD ROW: Stacy Olson, Robert Threlkel, Charles Osborne, Berny Bailey, Ron Cramer. SECOND ROW: Gerald Venneberg, Jim Ruda, Bob Bearley, John Carmicheal, Lee Phillips. FRONT ROW: Wes Bartlett, Eric Belt, Danny Walker, Nick Thielen, Thomas Franke. 150 M U Groups Prepare for Addition As student services on campus, Memorial Union Board and Program Council had a busy schedule this year preparing for the new Union addition ' s opening. The Program Council was occu- pied with sponsoring their annual night of gambling in the form of the Casino Party, holding the Best Dressed Coed Contest, mock presi- dential elections and the Speakers Service. Introducing a Sunday supper and entertainment topped off their regu- lar schedule of movies, game tourn- aments and December ski trip. The board was busy selecting furnishings for the new addition as well as planning recreational activi- ties and publicity for the grand opening next November. Cathy Graham was chairman of the Council with O. Z. Bizzell as sponsor. Mike Camelio headed the Board with Lynn Rogers sponsor. TOP: PROGRAM COUNCIL-BACK ROW: O. Z. Biz- zell (Sponsor), Peggy Zerfas, Julie Burrell, Debbie Andrist. SECOND ROW: Lyman Bainter, Lynda Sulli- van, June Wittig. FRONT ROW: Mike Camelio, Na- dine Aton, Cathy Graham (Chm.), Keith Baker Jr. LEFT: UNION BOARD-BACK ROW: Bob Brown, Tom Hartley, R. Lynn Rogers (Sponsor). SECOND ROW: Ron Livengood, Pat Rueb, Mrs. Cheryl Sie- mers. FRONT ROW: Dr. Maurice Witten, Cathy Graham, Mike Camelio (Chm.). IE Religious Baptist Student Movement Baptist Student Union Chi Alpha Disciples Student Fellowship Gamma Delta Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Newman Club 15 I HOUSING 155 McMindes Wins Homecoming Title Highlighting the activity at Mc- Mindes was the hall ' s float, " Gun- smoke, " which took second place in the women ' s division plus the home- coming queen crowning of Linda Burdge, sponsored by McMindes. Candidates were also sponsored for campus royalty honors. Picnics, floor parties, and in- formal dances provided entertain- ment during the year in order to break the monotony of studies. Ned and Betty Jo Toms, as the new resident managers, assisted three housemothers in the manage- ment of 600 girls. To keep the hall running smoothly also required a large staff of workers including maids, janitors, food service work- ers and many others. DORM OFFICERS: Carol Walline, Pres.; Rhonda Clarke, V. Pres.; Yvonne French, Sec.; Alberta Davis, Sec.; Lavon Grusing, V. Pres.; Thelma Walker, Pres.; not pictured: Carole Converse, treas. 156 Passing the Candle . . . Down the Hall ... To the Tub ABOVE LEFT: Housemothers from left: Mrs. Margie Habinger, Mrs. Virginia Wright, Mrs. Mary Redd. ABOVE: Candle lightings in the women ' s residence halls are a frequent event signifying that Cupid has struck again. Whether it be a class ring, lavaliere, or engagement they are always full of fun, excitement, and sur- prise. LEFT: Powder puff games were popular activity among McMindes wom- en this fall in spite of the many aches and pains which always resulted. BE- LOW: Couples utilize front steps of Mc- Mindes in order to spend the last few minutes together before closing hours. McMindes Gets New Piano ABOVE: Wow! What ' s going on over at McMindes? RIGHT: Mary Ann Enslow tries out the baby grand piano which was a new addition to McMindes this year. BELOW: Couples enjoy a romantic evening of dancing at the McMindes spring formal. The theme this year was " A Paris Night. " IRQ McGrath Hall Houses 173 Men Bernard Smith, Jim Cook and Ron Fielder take time out for a little jam session. DORM OFFICERS: Lawrence Krehbiel, Pres.; Frank Lovitch, Sec.; Conrad Harman, Social Chm.; John En- gel, Treas.; Randy Conrad, V. Pres. Completed in 1955 and housing 173 men, McGrath is the largest of the men ' s residence halls. Miss Beulah Lamb, housemother, pro- vided the management necessary to keep the hall running smoothly. She was assisted by Donald Haberman, resident manager. Social activity included an ex- change dinner with the Agnew coeds. McGrath residents spon- sored candidates for campus con- tests and took part in many other campus functions. McGrath men participated in intramurals and assisted in pre- senting all-dorm dances during the year. BOTH ABOVE: Residents and visitors ob- tained many hours of entertainment from McGrath ' s newly installed color TV and stereo. RIGHT: Rise and shine time. 160 New Stereo and TV for McGrath LEFT: I ' d call that a misdeal. McGrath men use the privacy of their room to play cards. BELOW: Man this is living. Mc- Grath ' s all-dorm meetings have a relaxed atmosphere. 16 Coed Custer Becomes a Campus First Work, fun and activity cer- tainly increased this year as Custer introduced coeducational living to FHS campus. After extensive remodeling the hall became the home for 82 men and 121 women. Custer Hall supported candi- dates for royalty contests and competed for various other high spots on campus. Besides providing many activi- ties for their own residents, Custer also joined the other halls in presenting informal dances throughout the year. To help spread the good will spirit, Custer residents adopted a family of four children whom they entertained during the Christmas season. Mrs. Ada Churchill, housemother, James Leonard and Mrs. Agnes Hintz, resident managers, worked to- gether in managing the hall ' s numerous activities. DORM OFFICERS: Dennis Hatch, Sec.; John Cav- anaugh, Co-Chm.; Glenda Rolfs, Co-Treas.; Mike Saunders, Social Chm.; Tom Beatty, Co-Treas.; Linda Wyley, Social Chm.; Jane Matteson, Co- Chm. 162 Custer Shows Christmas Spirit RIGHT: " Jingle bells! Jingle bells! " Custer residents get into the Christmas spirit of things by forming a caroling party. BE- LOW RIGHT: " The Ides of March " was the theme for Custer ' s informal formal which brought out some interesting cos- tumes. BELOW: Some energetic Custer coeds spend a snowy morning building a gigantic eight-foot snowman. Nice work! 1 1 || i . i i I ® t. M New Wiest Addition Started n i if :r J J Construction began last spring on the Wiest Hall extension. The first section of the addition will house 432 men and cost an estimated total of $2,825,000. The seven-story, air-condi- tioned building will be built in the form of a rectangle. First floor will contain kitchens, dining room and house mother ' s apartment, while the upper six floors will be living quarters. Occupancy for the first addition is expected by fall, 1970. The second addition, planned for 1972, will hold 444 students. DORM OFFICERS: Alvin Heinze, Social Chm.; Niles Niermeier, Athletic Chm.; Layne Shirk, Treas.; Neil Christensen, V.-Pres:; AlJoe Wallace, Sec.; Barrett Halderman, Pres. 16 Wiest Sponsors Daisy Mae RIGHT: Steve Mooney makes use of the old " molar roller " as he gets ready for class. BELOW: Wiest Hall, with the other halls, helped in sponsoring informal dances throughout the year. BELOW RIGHT: How about a date? 166 Anita Roberts, sponsored by Wiest Hall, was chosen Daisy Mae from a field of six candidates during Leap Week. Wiest residents also sponsored candidates for other campus contests. Open house was held on special occasions, including Christmas and Parents ' Day, with the help of Mrs. Marguerite Walters who served as housemother for the 1 25 men. FAR ABOVE: Wiest men discuss an article (?) in their favorite magazine. ABOVE AND ABOVE RIGHT: Wiest residents use ingenuity to add brightness and variety to their rooms. I 168 Wooster Place - Home for the Married Student Wooster Place provides a laundry unit and 84 apartments for FHS married students. Four apartment buildings of 12 units each were completed in the spring of 1961. Two more buildings of 18 units were completed in the fall of 1 964. The housing area ' s name honors Dr. Lyman D. Wooster, president of the college from 1941 to 1949 and faculty member for 50 years. FAR LEFT: How Creative! Mrs. Lyman Fel- brush braves the cold weather to add finishing touches to the snow woman which she and her husband created. LEFT AND BELOW: Neighboring Wooster Place residents Phil Carper, Connie Frigon, Cheryl Brandsted, John Brandsted, Gerry Carper and Harv Frigon enjoy coffee and an evening of cards. Id A Busy Year For Agnew Helping to organize Agnew ' s ac- tivities this year were resident man- agers Don and Faye Whittecar, Del and Pat Thibault, Jim and Linda Gfeller and Mrs. Esther Biays, house- mother. Smaller in size, the house affords an atmosphere of home for 172 girls. The hall was bustling with activi- ties this year including open house and buffet dinners on special oc- casions. Of special interest was the Tot Watch in which the Agnew coeds entertained 70 faculty children with a supper, puppet show and visit from Santa Claus. DORM OFFICERS: Linda Patchen, Pres.; Peggy Ruda, V.-Pres.; Jeanne Chronister, Social Chm.; Jayne Kas- tens, Publicity Chm.; Judy Welker, Treas.; Merrie Rolland, Sec. [gr j r 4JI — i I 70 Agnew Atmosphere . . . Just Like Home BELOW: Ruth Crane finds that hair dryers are not only good for drying hair but for studying, too. RIGHT: A new Easter outfit? This coed spends her spare time at the sewing machine— one of the many convenient facilities provided at Agnew Hall. BELOW RIGHT: Who ' s winning? Ping pong provides a refreshing break from studies. 172 Apts. As Housing LEFT: Who me? MIDDLE LEFT: What ' s for supper? LOWER LEFT: Campus apart- ments are home for many FHS students. BELOW: Food makes studying much eas- ier for Frank Vincent. FAR BELOW: Just like mom used to make. Trailers Provide Homes for FHS Students Trailers are popular dwelling places among FHS students, includ- ing Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wiese. There are many mobile parks located throughout the city of Hays which provide homes for FHS students. ABOVE RIGHT: The often unpleasant task of doing dishes can be made enjoyable by sharing the responsibility. RIGHT: Emma and Fred Wiese plant flowers to add a little extra to the comfort of their mobile home. 174 Many Students Live in Apartments Various forms of off-campus liv- ing are provided throughout the city of Hays— basement apartments, trailers, entire homes and sleeping rooms. Hillcrest and Campus Apart- ments also accommodate students. Cooperation between college offi- cials and Hays townspeople provides sufficient living space for students. Student Council representatives are elected by off-campus residents, married and single. College students choose apartment life for many reasons— marriage, economy, privacy and freedom. Stu- dents feel a degree of independence but also have responsibilities. Cook- ing, cleaning, washing, ironing and various other household duties oc- cupy a part of the student ' s time. ABOVE LEFT: Mechanic at work. ABOVE RIGHT: Steve Bealby enioys a telephone conversation in the privacy of his apart- ment. LEFT: Apartment life eliminates the burden of room checks. 17 ! Panhellenic, IFC Unite Greeks The role of the Panhellenic Council and the Inter-Fraternity Council in the Greek system is vital. It is through these two organiza- tions that all Greeks on a campus are bonded. Besides serving as a place to air gripes and settle differences, these organizations co-ordinate all Greek activities on campus such as Greek Week and rush. This year Dean Jean Stouffer and Dean Michael Stewart served as sponsors. Jane Rice and Mike Treu filled the offices of president. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL BACK ROW: Dean Jean Stouffer, Trudy Holler; FOURTH ROW: Fawne Winter, Karen Anderson; THIRD ROW: Vicki Dietz, AAiki Dreiling; SECOND ROW: Janice Bendel, Gloria Mitchel; FRONT ROW: Cheryl Schoenthaler, Jane Rice. IFC BACK ROW: Dave Van Doren, Joe Norris, Larry Gerber, Leo Herrman, Dean Michael Stewart; SECOND ROW: Mike Finnin, Brent Wenrich, John Petty, Mike Treu, Jim Clark, Tom Beiker; FRONT ROW: Stan Per- cival, Darcel Neuschafer, Dick Cole, Ken Bahr, Sam Dierberger, Bill Earle. 176 Greek Week Boosts Spirit Greek Week is a time when all Greeks are bonded in true Greek spirit— and this year was no exception. " Greek Week " proved to be filled with blazers, dinners, speakers, functions, seminars and elections. This doesn ' t begin to cover the tea, rally, parade, picnic, crowning, dance and above all — SPIRIT!!! 177 ArA Karen Anderson, Charlotte Arnhold, Marilyn Arnhold, Nancy Aust, Anita Avery, Kathy Bellerive. Terry Branum, Jane Brubaker, Colleen Chitwood, Jeanne Chronister, Barbara Converse, Wanda Cook. Beth Corry, Debbie Daily, Jill Deines, Sally Denison, Jean Dep- perschmidt, Crystal Dickerson. Judy Ehrlich, Jan Goodwin, Carolyn Gribben, Joan Griese, Becky Herrman, Elaine Herrman. Connie Heyen, Janet Hladek, Anita Husted, Sandy Klitske, Linda Knight, Sharon Krug. Marlene Low, Mindy McAfee, Bonita McBride, Linnet McLain, Julie Morrison, Margaret Moss. Barb Nelson, Sheryl Nickelson, Mary Beth Norris, Cathy Ost- meyer, Tammy Porter, Linda Ray. Judy Redd, Susan Reif, Sue Rockwell, Karen Rolf, Donna Schenk, Janis Schiedeman. Clarenda Shoenthaler, Carol Shriver, Donna Smith, Pat Swart, Jana Tittle, Diane Vann. Connie Vratil, Cindy Waldschmidt, Pat Wess, Susan Wheeler, Fawne Winter. 178 Such a big house! Alpha Gamma Delta had it full of active girls. The powder puff football game was a big success. Tiger Debs included Karen Anderson, organizer and director, Judy Redd, Elaine Herrman, Sheryl Nickelson, Sandy Klitzke, Gwen Wright, Barbara Nelson, Mindy McAfee, Barbara Converse, Colleen Chitwood and Anita Husted. Jeanne Chronister was elected president of AGD; Pat Wess was vice-president of the Senior class, and Susan Wheeler was vice-presi- dent of the freshman class. Judy Ehrlich served in WLO. Sue Rockwell, Jean Chronister, Cathy Ostmeyer and Tamara Porter attended the speech and hearing convention. Cheerleaders were Julie Krehbiel and Connie Vratil. !, 1 i ir». j fn r ■ TOP: At 409 W. 8th, the Alpha Gamma Delta house is located conveniently close to campus. ABOVE LEFT: Stars of the powder puff game discuss team strategy. ABOVE: Rush took on a Scottish atmos- phere for both actives and rushees. LEFT: March activities included a function with Sigma Chi. 17 ' Seen any white blazers on campus? Sure, they ' re Delta Zetas! DZs were an active group this year. Congratulations to Donna Rogers who received a scholarship for a year ' s study in Australia. Sharia Barber was named to Who ' s Who, and Nan Alden was in AWS. Trudy Holler captured two of- fices, junior class vice-president and student council vice-chairman. Car- olyn Nelson, Margo Shomshor and Lana Underwood were also on student council. Delta Zetas supported FHS in a variety of ways. Judy Gregg and Cheryl Fort was cheerleaders while Marlene McGuire, Leta Wheeler, Kathy Berger and Diana Turkle performed with the Tiger Debs. November and December found Belinda Borth and Marlene McGuire as Leader Lasses. Hanmwifl BaAMttlgdjS SaSiSflMfiiSSB [tViiBBBBBSiKfi BfcBfiBBBBBBi Nanette Alden, Janna Badenhop, Sharia Barber, Lynn Beardsley, Teresa Beebe, Kathy Berger. Diane Bircher, Belinda Borth, Elizabeth Brening, Diane Brenzikofer, Chris Burton, Bonnie Clotfelter. Judy Dreiling, AAikl Dreiling, Susan Duncan, Nancy Edmondson, Merlene England, Madessta Engstrand. Diana Fell, Cindi Fletcher, Ann Foster, Judy Gregg, Pam Hester, Cindi Holiday. Trudy Holler, Sharon Holoperik, Paula Hoss, Gingi Johnson, Jan Kinsey. 180 C « Sheryle Simmons and DZ spon- sored Jim Walker were chosen Beauty and the Beast. Sweetheart King and Queen were DZ ' s own Bonnie Clotfelter and their candi- date Russ Schlichting. Activities this year included the Pledge Informal, Rose Formal, Branding Party, Homecoming Tea, Tea for Parents ' Day and Formal Faculty dinners. Clothes to the Navajo Indians was the service project. The National Activities Award was pre- sented to them at the 1 968 convention in St. Louis. House- mother Mrs. Newcomer was proud of her group. FAR LEFT: The Delta Zeta house 210 W. 6th, served as the hub of much activity. LEFT: Rush skits presented in November proved the DZs versatile and comical showmen. Pam Kraus, Sarah lahey, Janelle McCauley, Susan McClaren, Marlene McGuire, Connie Martin. Carolyn Nelson, Sue Nielson, Carlene Pickering, Rita Pollnow, Sue Robinson, Margo Shomshor. Sheryle Simmons, Lou Skubal, Judy Sullivan, Nola Tedesco, Linda Thompson, Sheila Tomanek. Susan Trout, Nancy Tucker, Diane Turkle, Lana Un- derwood, Leta Wheeler. Sharon Wyatt, Candy Young, Gerri Zellner, Joan Zimmer. 18 2K Burgundy blazers signify Sigma Kappa. Their " Gentle Ben " theme won another first on the homecoming float entry this year. They also sponsored candidates for Reveille Queen, Homecoming Queen, Best- Dressed Coed, Daisy Mae, Sweet- heart King and Furlough Queen. Sigma Kappas supported philan- thropies through the Maine Sea Coast Mission. TOP: Sigma Kappas make their home at 200 W. 6th. MIDDLE: Coke parties ' help orient rushees to the ways of sorority life. RIGHT: The children ' s Christmas party proved to be fun for the children and the women alike. FAR RIGHT: Bonnie Kilbourn works diligently on the home- coming float. It payed off— with a first place trophy. 182 Rose Mary Barron, Janice Bendel, Ellen Beyer, Dorothy Carlson, Virginia Cooley, Vicki Dietz. Beverly Ebright, Peggy Edwards, Ruth Geering, Pat Hale, Mary Harbin, Lois Herrman. Karen Hoffhaus, Jolene Johnson, Mary Jones, Gloria Kerr, Bonnie Kilbcurn, Barbara Krehbiel. Jan Martin, Sue McIntosh, Kevin Neiscn, Barbara Nichol, Denise Olomon, Carolyn Olson. Joyce Pennington, Carla Rathbun, Linda Rathbun, June Rob- inson, Cathy Schreiber, Karen Schulte. Carol Stewart, Marilyn Sturgeon, Sue Tindell, Tammy Wheeler. At Christmas time, the Sigma Kappas sponsored a children ' s Christmas party. Money-making projects were spaced between other activities. Participating in bowling, volley- ball and tennis intramurals kept the women busy throughout the school year. Mrs. Bernice Peck served as housemother with Carolyn Olson heading the group as president. 18 : What a group! What a year! Sigma Sigma Sigma won honors by the dozen. Heading the list were Sophomore Women ' s Honorary members Alberta Davis, Jan Schnei- der, Stephanie Stewart and Nancy Swank. Jan Schneider won first in the freethrow contest, the crown of Reveille Queen and the title of Best Dressed Coed. Colleen Kirkpatrick and Nancy Swank were September and February Leader Lasses. Vicki Kaiser was crowned Greek Goddess and Sigma candidate, Doug Lyman, was Greek God. Mrs. Agnus Townley, house- mother, enjoyed meeting rushees. Tri-Sigma girls like to make money and give it away, too. Mum sale funds were used to support the Hays Day Care Center. Children held a special place in the Sigmas ' hearts. The women sponsored a Christmas party for underprivileged children in the area and helped support the wing of a children ' s hospital by means of the Robbie Page Memorial Fund. Supporting FHS as cheerleaders were Cindi Parsons and Laah Hackmeister. Sandi Schultz and Linda Frack performed with the Tiger Debs. TOP: Tri-Sigmas bid farewell to rushees during Informal Rush. ABOVE LEFT: Just across the corner from campus, the house is located at 417 W. 8th. ABOVE RIGHT: Homecoming Day found the Sigmas once again serving children. RIGHT: Jane Farr and Shirley Craft shine for Sigma Tau Gamma Jim Baxter at the fun-raising Sigma Sigma shoe shine. 184 Linda Adams, Dorothy Arnold, Jeanne Blackwood, Sheryl Bushnell, Karen Butler, Maggie Carter. Sharon Catlin, Shirley Craft, Cindy Cummins, Alberta Davis, Brenda Dixon, Beverly Edwards. Jane Farr, Janyth Frack, Linda Frack, Meredith Garver, Laah Hachmeister, Shirley Hagerman. Kathy Hammerschmidt, Jann Hetschmidt, Cynthia Hoffman, Palricia Holmes, Sylvia Jeffrey, Shanann Johnston. Vicki Kaiser, Vana Lahey, Carolyn LeClair, Lynn Legleiter, Carol McCurdy, Kathy McGovern. Betty Martin, Lea Meckenstock, Roberta Miller, Gloria Mitchell, Joleen Novotny, Cindi Parsons. Shereen Perry, Bernie Polifka, Penny Pruter, Jane Rice, Susan Rodkey, Gloria Rohr. Telia Sebaugh, Carla Schick, Jan Schneider, Cheryl Schoent- haler, Sandi Schulz, Joyce Shannon. June Sinclair, Gail Suiter, Kaye Swank, Nancy Swank, Karen Witwer, Nancy Wood. 18 AKA Alpha Kappa Lambda men were busy during the 1968-69 school year. Jim Walker won the Ugly Man on Campus contest. Bonnie Clot- felter and the AKL ' s Russ Schlichting were elected Sweetheart King and Queen. March 5 was the date of AKL All-Housemothers ' Dinner. Spring came in with a splash on April 25; the theme of their formal party was Spring Splash. All of the men enjoyed living in their new house. The Go-to-Hell (oops!) informal party was held during the fall semester. Also among the year ' s top events were the fund-raising chili supper, the trap shoot and winning the ping-pong championship. Larry Barrows, Cort Clotfelter, Thomas Conkright, Douglas Degarmo, Sam Dierberger, Tim Dierberger, Lyle Erway, Mike Gaskell, Harold Harting, Steve Hewson, Jeff Holmberg. Fred Johnson, Doug Kingsley, Albert Link, Robert Lowis, Dan McCulley, V. E. Meckel. John Murray, Wes Oakley, Doug Petersilie, Russ Schlichting, Pete Schneider, Gregory Schwarz. Gary Seibel, Dick Sherbondy, Stanley Smith, James Tibbets, James Walker. 186 FAR LEFT: Dean of Students Bill Jellison spoke at the open house and dedication of the new house. LEFT: AKLs got acquainted with prospective pledges through Smokers. BELOW LEFT: Jim Tib- bets, Mrs. George Grass, Russ Schlichting and Mr. Grass inspect the new house. BE- LOW: The house dedication was attended by two national representatives. From Left, V. E. Meckel, local president; Gregg Long and Lewis Bacon, national repre- sentatives; and Mike Stewart, Assoc. Dean of Students for Men, discuss the new house. BOTTOM: " Modern " is the word for the new home of the AKLs. 1 87 A24 During the school year Delta Sigma Phi continued its campus leadership. Their choice of girls proved excellent when their candidate Jan Schneider was chosen Reveille Queen, and Vicky Kaiser was crowned Greek Goddess. Greek God was their own Doug Lyman. Delta Sigma Phi men livened Student Council, Seventh Cavalry, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Alpha Theta, FHS Honors Program, Alphi Phi Omega, Kappa Mu Epsilon, SEA, CYRs, CYDs and various varsity athletic teams and musical organizations. This year ' s highlights included the Carnation Ball, Sphinx Ball, Pyramid Day, Founders ' Day and social functions. Housemother Mrs. Esther Steinle found these men to be tops in thoughtfulness. Fund raising drives for Larned State Hospital and Homer B. Reed Day Care Center were sponsored by the men. Rex Beasley, Bob Blackburn, Don Blazek, Steve Bomgardner, Clinton Chase, Dick Cole. Owen Dale, Bob Deeds, Kelly Deines, Gene Dreiling, John Eck, Allen Elliot. Ron Elniff, Bill Fischer, Rocky Gilger, Warren Goth, Tim Got- tschalk, Roger Hatfield. Ben Hayes, Dana Hewett, Paul Holliday, J. C. Hooper, Dwight Judy, Doug Lyman. Richard Mahin, Marty Mandt, Leonard Mans, Darrel Neuschaf- fer, John Ochs, Charles O ' Hara. 88 Jeff Painter, Steve Porter, Bill Robison, Jim Ruda, Rick Rupp, Jan Rusch. John Sampson, Steve Settles, Warren Teasley, Roger Teel, Ralph Thomm, Lee Tillberg. Rodney Timm, Fred Toland, Earl Unruh, Alan Vopat, Lee Walz, Darrel Werth, Dwight Wil- liams. ABOVE LEFT: Exhausted at the end of a 200 mile bike relay to Topeka to invite Gov. Docking to furloughs, the last team member is helped off by his fellows. ABOVE RIGHT: Mini-skirts and newly crowned Reveille Queen Jan Schneider highlighted the Christmas In- formal. Jan Schneider was the Delta Sig- ma Phi candidate. I8S f 2E Black blazers signify Phi Sigma Epsilon at FHS. Mike Estes headed the group while Duane Steffen and Robert Maxwell served as faculty sponsors. Mrs. Pearl Veed once again filled the position of housemother. Fall brought an informal and Homecoming party to the group. The fire engine was out for the Homecoming parade. Blotter sales served as a money- making and service project as FHS blotters were delivered to the dorms and places of business. Renovating the house highlighted the year for Phi Sigma Epsilon. As the school year drew to a close Phi Sigs prepared for the White Tea Rose formal early in May. Phi Sig men were also entered in the special fraternity event in the FHS Rodeo. ky Tom Beiker, Robert Bollig, Richard Burd, Michael Estes, Robert Faurot. Gary Grippin, Robert Hemme, Leo Herrman, Brian Hertel, Randy Kirk. John Muller, Bruce Olds, James Schaffer, Glenn Simmons, Robert Young. bat. TOP LEFT: Renovating the Phi Sig house was one of the main projects this year. ABOVE: The Phi Sigma Epsilon house, close to campus at 207 W. 7th, is the scene of many treasured moments. LEFT: Treasurer James Schaffer was caught by the photographer as he left the weekly meeting. 191 Sigma Tau Gamma spent an ac- tive year on campus as their candi- dates won both the titles of Bearded Joe and Furlough Queen. Representatives were sent to the national and regional conferences, and the Sigma Tau Gamma Basket- ball Tournament in Kansas City. A stereo was raffled as a money- making project. By giving the best percent of any 2TT campus group, they took the Blood Donation Trophy. Members of Sigma Tau Gamma served on Student Court, Student Council, Alpha Phi Omega and Al- pha Kappa Psi. Art Schnatterly was named to Who ' s Who. Chuck Worden served as presi- dent of the group, with Dean Mc- Williams and Alan Atwater as spon- sors. CENTER: Barry Abels of Sigma Tau Gam- ma was elected Bearded Joe and Anita Roberts won Daisy Mae. RIGHT AND FAR RIGHT: The Sig-Taus make their home at 518 W. 21st. ABOVE: Debbie Leis, Sigma Tau Gamma candidate, was crowned queen of Furlough Weekend. 192 Norman Austin, Thomas Baxter, Jerry Belcher. Robert Brock, Jim Clark, Daryl Donahey, Bill Earle. Robb Eaton, Phillip Elder, Vearl Ferguson, Dan File. Larry Gerber, Francis Gronewoller, Gregory Heinze, David Kazmaier. James Knight, Tom McGavran, Dennis Pearson, Troy Porter. Patrick Rueb, Arthur Schnatterly, Richard Slattery, Steve Stamey. Bill Terry, Kenneth Vetter, Chuck Worden. gfTMl f jg 1 w SJ 1 u,J 5j!jk Lv ' Jyfl prffvj [i k‘ ! m " ' a 111:’; U 193 20 E Construction of a new addition to the fraternity house at 402 W. 6th was Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s big news this year. A chapter of the Daughters of the Golden Heart was also established. Parties such as the Red Mountain Blast and the formal Golden Heart Ball kept the Sig Ep spirit up. Service projects and benefits included helping the Homer B. Reed adjustment center and selling tickets for the Lincoln School benefit. President Donald Duryee headed the group. Housemother Mrs. Esther Esling- er ' s group also won first place honors in tennis, golf singles and doubles, basketball, swimming and ping-pong doubles. TOP: The Red Mountain Blast proved to be a highlight. ABOVE: Digging at the construction site began in the fall. RIGHT: Dr. Richard Burnett, executive assistant to the President, turns earth at the new addition ground-breaking ceremony. 194 Ken Bahr, Lonnie Barton, Rick Brittan, John Burley, Jack Call, Richard Clinkenbeard. ft 4iM T a lAiMi o infill mm w dk Steve Critchfield, John Cross, Dan Denning, Larry Denning, Dave Dible, Terry Drach. Terry Erbert, Larry Feikert, Dave Forristal, Steve Fox, Al Guttery, Dave Hand. Ron Heape, Jay Heckman, Al Heinze, Bob Hellerud, Bob Helm, Phil Helman. Steve Helman, William Henderson, Mark Hill, Glenn Hladek, Ken Holopirek, Don Jeffers. Gregg Johnson, Mike Johnson, Mike Josserand, Terry Kerbs, Larry Knoll, Wes Lilley. Leon Logan, Allan McDonald, Doug McEntarfer, Bob Miller, Jim Murphy, Bill Nelson. Phil Nelson, Lawrence Nemechek, Wendall Nicholas, Dale Obermueller, Roger Perkins, Gregg Price. Steve Rayl, Mark Reha, Mike Schaefer, David Tarrant, Glenn Tucker. Don Walts, Scott Weber, Terry Zerfas. 19 Winning both scholarship tro- phies for the fall ' semester was the newest fraternity on campus, Sigma Chi. Sigma Chi ' s were well repre- sented in various positions in student government, school newspaper and athletics. Mike Finnin served as stu- dent body president, while Chuck Eubank presided over the senior class. Joe Norris, Mike Finnin, John Petty, Bill Toepfer and Jeff Ehrlich were members of Seventh Cavalry. 2X Spring brought a host of events to this group with the barn party in April, the spring formal in May and the second annual Derby Days. Proceeds from the Derby Day ac- tivities were donated to Wallace Village, a rehabilitation center near Denver for children with brain dam- age. Joe Norris headed the group as president and Calvin Markwell filled the post of citizen sponsor. Nina Stuart housemothered the group. Joseph Adams, Gene Anderson, Les Anderson, Steve Billinger, Dwight Bowles, Gary Brehm. Jim Coffin, Bruce Coulson, Jerry Council, Rick Deines, Jeff Ehrlich, Darrel Eneff. Chuck Eubank, Dennis Fixsen, Gary Freed, Bill Hake, Dale Hamburg. Kent Hanson, Kent Hill, Mike Holliman. 196 BOTTOM FAR LEFT: Ice water kept the " musical tubs " competition at Derby Days interesting. MIDDLE LEFT: Gerry Ross, Great Bend senior, was named Sweet- heart of Sigma Chi. LEFT: Housemother Nina Stuart helps with the Derby Day drawing. BELOW LEFT: 213 W. 11th is the address of the Sigma Chi house. BELOW: Tri-Sigma ' s pull for points and to keep away from the Big Creek water in the annual Tug-o-War. Pat Holliman, Mel Hussey, Rich Irby, Dave Jennings, Thomas Johnson, Charles Karlin, Rick Keenan. Joe Kelley, Bernard Laverentz, Dennis Lee, Larry McCants, Larry McCormick, Dave McKay, Stanley Niedens. Joe Norris, James Oden, Michael O ' Kane, Bob Patterson, John Petty, Lon Pishny, Mike Scantlin. Howard Schaetzle, Gary Schields, Spencer Smith, Mitch Stanfield, Scott Stein, John Stone, Sid Stranathan. Jim Streit, Bill Toepfer, Tom Toepfer, Stephen Watson, Gary Zipfel. i‘ FAR RIGHT: Enroute to the Greek Week picnic, TKEs crowd the fire engine. RIGHT: A " Mission Impossible, " secret agent, theme made up the homecoming float entry. BELOW RIGHT: TKEs make their home at 406 W. 8th. BELOW: Providing " transportation " for coeds is another func- tion of the TKE wagon. Ralph Arias, Larry Ashley, Jim Ater, Brock Baber, Ron Balding, Rex Banta, Joe Corder. Terry Deal, Kraig Dexter, Ken Dieck, Larry Divel, Mike Eckert, Ralph Gates, Dan Ging- raux. Larry Hanken, Jerry Harrison, Norman Haynes, Mike Kollhoff, Max Ligget, George Martin. 198 TKE Speaking of spirit — TKEs are known for it! Tau Kappa Epsilon men went out for sports in a big way this year. Two trophies were added to the collection when the fall pledge class won the TKE-Sig Ep pledge football game, and TKEs came in first in the football intramurals. They also took first in Greek basket- ball and first in all-school volleyball. Another first was won by the bowling team. TKE men conducted public service weekend again this year. President Larry Ashley headed the group and Mrs. Marguerite Thompson served as housemother. Dave Moody, Edward Moore, Bob Netherton, Stan Odle, Charles Pankratz, Gene Rider. Dave Robinson, Greg Robinson, Calvin Simmons, Wayne Smith, Dee Stukey, Mike Treu. Pat Treu, Gary Turner, Brent Wenrich, Dennis West, Bob Young. I 3 3 ; uJUr ATHLETICS : . -• i Sp- ■ » » ; i.; i ; j J ' J »wn iiw r « — m «! « -■ ■ I 201 Tigers End CIC Career Losing Seven of Nine Fort Hays State ' s football forces suffered a disappointing year in the last season in the 40-year-old Central Intercollegiate Conference. Serious injuries to key personnel in the line and backfield— and the inexperience of their replacements —kept the squad from mustering more than two wins. Wins were over Northwest Oklahoma State and Northwest Missouri State. Losses came from Kearney (Neb.) State, Colorado State College, Washburn University, Emporia State, Southern Colorado State, Pittsburg State and the Uni- versity of Nebraska at Omaha. A winless conference record left FHS in the cellar of the CIC. Guiding the Tigers in their last season in the CIC were: BACK ROW: Ralph Johnson, head trainer; Art Ridgway, defensive line coach; Wayne McCon- nell, head coach; Ed McNeil, offensive line coach and chief scout. FRONT ROW: Terry Claycamp, Phil King, senior assistants; Tony Leiker, graduate assist- ant; Jesse Kennis, senior assistant. FOOTBALL SQUAD— BACK ROW: graduate assistant coach Tony Leiker, senior assistant coaches Phil King, Jesse Kennis, Terry Claycamp, head coach Wayne McConnell, defensive coach Art Ridgway, line coach and chief scout Ed McNeil, head trainer Ralph Johnson, student assistant trainers Glen Grun- wald, Steve Bowles. FIFTH ROW: senior assistant coach Ken Burkhart, Fred Lysinger, Ron Walker, Paul Molleker, Dave Davis, Jerry Andrist, Charles Sexson, Terry Enright, Richard Wise. FOURTH ROW: Joe Shoemaker, Keith Houghton, Darrell Maley, Dean Papes, Quent Van Eaton, Pete Hizen, Francis Dreiling, George Carter, Greg Vertin, Dan McCulley. THIRD ROW: Stan Cormack, Gary Reidy, Lyle White, Lynn Lashbrook, Roger Faulkender, Tom Beatty, Tim Dierberger, Mike Butler, Steve Bill inger, Ralph Arias, Greg Randel. SECOND ROW: Jim Powell, John Covington, Larry McCants, Kurt Siemers, Willie McNeil, Maurice Lervold, Erick Erickson, Carl Helm, Steve Seirer, Lloyd Logsdon. FRONT ROW: Jerry Harrison, Jack Georgeson, Dennis Spratt, Paul Simmons, Rich Dreiling, Ken Caywood, Jon Mastin, Frank Tap- pan, Craig Gwinner, Jim Jones, Tom Foran. McConnell Ends Job as Coach Another milestone for 1969 was marked as Wayne J. McConnell ended his 13-year career as head mentor of Tiger football. After 25 years of coaching at four Kansas high schools and two colleges, McConnell compiled a composite 88-74-5 mark in the collegiate ranks. His 13 teams at FHS stand at 49-62-4. In resigning his position, 56- year-old McConnell said, " I feel the time has come to turn the job over to a younger coach. " His reason for relinquishing his duties in No- vember was to allow his replacement to work with the play- ers during spring practice. Coach McConnell ' s best season at FHS came in 1966 when the Tigers marked a 7-2 record and shared the CIC crown. His 1962 and 1965 squads tallied marks of 6-3 and 6-2-1 respectively. His accomplishments here in- clude the founding of the annual Fort Hays State Football Coaches Clinic which usually attracts about 200 participants each summer. A 1934 graduate of Washburn University, McConnell came to FHS from College of Emporia where he led six teams to a 39-12-1 mark, including four undefeated squads. The Rockne Foundation named him " Little All-American Coach of the Year " in 1953. McConnell is remaining as an as- sociate professor of health, physical education and recreation. A key factor in the Bengals ' poor win-loss record was injuries. " Doc " Johnson was able to repair most on the sidelines, but the more serious wounds kept nearly a dozen regular starters from the lineup during the better part of the season. 20 Year Not All Dim Consideration of the won-lost mark aside, the season did have its bright spots. Senior fullback Rich Dreiling rushed for a team record of 2,956 yards in 668 attempts dur- ing his four-year career. Little Ralph Arias (5-8, 138) set a field goal record against North- west Oklahoma State when he split the uprights from 41 yards out. Six Tigers won all-conference honors. Dreiling and Paul Simmons made the first string on offense and defense respectively. Dennis Spratt and Tom Foran were on second string offense and Jon Mastin, Foran and Jack Georgeson made second-team defense. Rich Dreiling (No. 35) is hit after trying to pull in a pass during a rainy game at Lewis Field Stadium. Dreiling was named to the all-conference offensive first team for the fourth consecutive year. 204 ABOVE: Defensive end Jon Mastin dis- cusses a problem with a spotter on the sideline phone. A standout when he was not injured, he was named to the second- team AII-CIC. LEFT: Frank Tappan, tackle, sits on the sidelines in exhaustion. BE- LOW: First-team AII-CIC selection Paul Simmons yells encouragement to players on the field. A defensive line-backer, Simmons led the defense chart with more than 1 00 tackles. FHS OPPONENTS 33 21 NW Oklahoma St. 10 29 Kearney State 7 14 Colorado State 14 3 NW Missouri St. 6 9 Washburn Univ. 21 41 Emporia State 14 20 So. Colorado St. 13 19 Pittsburg State 14 32 Omaha University 20 ! NAIA Honors Tiger Standouts Conference honors were not all that were garnered by fullback Rich Dreiling and linebacker Paul Simmons. Both were named to first teams in NAIA District 10 and Dreiling earned honorable mention ranking on the NAIA All-American list. Teammates voted them co-cap- tains for the 1968 team in an honorary capacity. " Most Inspira- tional Player " title was given to senior Jerry Harrison. CIC STANDINGS Omaha University 4-5-0 Emporia State 5-2-2 Pittsburg State 4-5-1 Washburn Univ. 2-7-0 Fort Hays State 2-7-0 ABOVE: Defense was the most consistent strong part of the Bengal game. Here, Jon Mastin (30) and Willie McNeil (83) blitz Washburn quarterback Dean Ferrel (11) as Mike Butler (60) reaches to block the pass. RIGHT: Quarterback Kurt Siem- ers rolls out to the right in an attempt to gain vital yardage. Siemers shared signal calling duties with John Covington until injuries took them both out of action. 206 FAR ABOVE: Jack Georgeson, a two-year letterman for the Tiger basketball team, was chosen " Rookie of the Year " by his teammates after his first season on the college gridiron. ABOVE: Graduate assist- ant coach Tony Leiker discusses game strategy with a player during one of the five hom e games. Andregg Wins Athletic Honor Fred Andregg, pictured below, received the 1968 Paul (Busch) Gross Award as part of half-time ceremonies during the homecom- ing football game. A four-year basketball lettermen, Andregg was the 1 3th athlete to earn the honor. It is given each year to the graduated athlete deemed most outstanding in scholarship, leadership and sports. The award honors the late Paul Gross, athletic director from 1930 to his death in 1964 and basketball coach from 1930 to 1946. 20 Grid Mentor ' s Job Not Easy; Never Ending A football coach ' s job never ends, especially during a game. He must analyze, evaluate and many times make changes in strategy during play. At right, Coach McConnell discusses a problem with the spotter in the press box and finally takes remedial action. Defender Jack Georgeson (14) slams into a ball carrier while Paul Simmons (42) and Lloyd Logsdon (66) rush in for the assist. 208 LEFT: Not even rainy weather could dampen the spirits of some Tiger sup- porters. Two pretty coeds rely on both smiles and an umbrella to ward off the rain. BELOW: Cheerleader Cheryl Fort manages a happy expression in spite of dreary weather and a football season to match. Rich Dreiling (35) carries the ball in one of his rushes which pushed his career mark over the Tiger record set by Bob Johnson in 1966. Johnson, a quarterback, carried the ball 2,452 yards during his four-year stint with the Tigers. Dreiling carried 668 times for 2,956 yards in four years. Basketball Squad Finishes Fourth In Premiere Season of RMAC It was not a particularily brilliant debut the Fort Flays State basketball squad made into the newly-formed Rocky Mountain Athletic Confer- ence, but the season did have its rewards. The Tigers finished with a 4-6 record in conference action to give them a fourth place tie shared with Kansas State College at Pitts- burg. Southern Colorado State won the Plains Division of the RMAC with a 7-3 mark. Head Coach Chuck Brehm guided FHS to a 9-13 record overall in his fourth year at the helm. Seven of those victories came on the home floor of Sheridan Col- iseum. Both road wins were gar- nered in winning the Holiday Tour- nament at Hastings, Neb., Dec. 27-28. Two new individual marks were added to the record books, a team mark was tied and senior-guard Gene Rider moved to 1 1th on the all- time Bengal scoring charts. The two individual m arks were set by center Bill Greving and for- ward Frank Dowdell. Greving ' s 52.9 field goal percentage for two sea- sons is now tops at FHS. Dowdell set a single-game rebound record by grabbing 26 caroms against Colo- rado State College. Greving was selected to the NAIA District 10 All-Star squad and second-team All-RMAC. Rider was voted the teams annual Most Inspirational Player award. He also made honorable mention on the All-Conference team. FHS OPPONENTS 90 85 Kearney (Neb.) State 78 57 NWOkla. State 66 64 St. Benedict ' s 77 85 Lincoln University 76 101 Pittsburg State 63 85 SW Okla. State 80 94 Lincoln University 68 73 St. Benedict ' s 75 70 NW Missouri 72 63 Midland College 84 88 Colo. State College 76 77 So. Colorado State 85 78 Emporia State 95 79 Colo. State College 68 79 U. Of Neb. at Omaha 73 83 Washburn University 80 85 So. Colorado State 74 72 Pittsburg State 85 103 NWOkla. State 60 74 Washburn University 62 73 Emporia State 102 86 U. of Neb. at Omaha 210 2 Season Begins On Winning Note FHS ' s Tiger basketball crew opened the campaign with four home games. The first three were racked up in the victory column but the powerful Lincoln University Tigers broke the string. Three wins came against Kearney (Neb.) State College, Northwestern Oklahoma State College and St. Benedict ' s College. A month-long road trip followed in which the Tigers won only two while losing six. The first game of the journey was the league opener against Kansas State College at Pittsburg. The Gorillas broke the 100-barrier by winning 101-76. Three non-league games fol- lowed and all resulted in defeat. St. Benedicts gained revenge for the loss at Hays. Lincoln University made it two in a row and Southwestern Oklahoma State also accounted for a defeat. 919 ' ( LOWER FAR LEFT: Frank Dowdell receives congratulations from teammates Darryl Apel and Steve Spratt following the win over St. Benedict ' s College. F AR LEFT: An intent John Markle defends against St. Benedict ' s All District 10 forward Matt Downing. BELOW: Bill Greving looks for help from Markle and Rider after grabbing a rebound. ABOVE: It looks as though the Tigers are in a punting position as Frank Dowdell kicks high while grabbing a rebound. LEFT: Head Coach Chuck Brehm watches the action from the bench. 2 214 BASKETBALL SQUAD— BACK ROW: Melvin Kitts, Mike Gaskell, Bill Greving, Martyn Howgill, Frank Dowdell, Assistant Coach Earl Hobbs. MIDDLE ROW: Head Coach Chuck Brehm, Steve Spratt, Bill Toepfer, Butch Gilbert, Allen Gross, Bob Bartkoski. FRONT ROW: John Markle, Charlie Griffie, Laneal Locke, Gene Rider, Mike McAfee, Darryl Apel. RIGHT: Frank Dowdell seems to be humored by a St. Benedict ' s player who takes time out to do the Jerk. TOP RIGHT: Darryl Apel tries to dribble around an opponent and drive for a shot. FAR RIGHT: Everybody wanted it but nobody could grab an errant pass in the Emporia State game. FARTHEST RIGHT: The Tigers reach the century mark in scoring in their final game of the season against the University of Ne- braska at Omaha. Long Road Trip Ends in Defeat When the Tigers moved into the Holiday Tournament in Hastings, Neb., their record had dropped to 3-5. But they regained the form that was responsible for the three opening wins and came away with a trophy. Two conference foes, Colorado State College and Southern Colo- rado State College, then downed FHS on successive evenings. This ended the long road trip and put the Tigers 0-3 in the RMAC. But the Bengals retained their title hopes by coming home to avenge Colorado State College and up-end Emporia State College. Omaha University quickly dampened the growing optimism by stopping the Tigers at Omaha 79-68. Washburn University made it six in a row over the Bengals in a non-conference clash in the squads ' first meeting of the season. 2 Tigers Bow Out By Routing OU FHS ' home floor was not enough to stop the title-bound Southern Colorado State Indians as they topped FHS 85-80. Pittsburg State found the going a little rougher at Sheridan Coliseum as they fell 74-72. The Tigers then lost three in a row. Northwestern Oklahoma tripped up FHS at Alva, Washburn gained yet another win here and Emporia State bounced the Ben- gals at Emporia. One of the most satisfying wins of the season came in the season finale against Omaha in Sheridan Coliseum. FHS broke the century mark for the only time of the campaign in winning 102-86. Five seniors played their final game for the black and gold in the OU encounter. Included were Gene Rider, Bill Greving, John Markle, Charlie Griffie and Mike McAtee. A i W - V f i .. 216 TOP FAR LEFT: Martyn Howgill finds action under the boards a little rough against Emporia State. BELOW FAR LEFT: Mike McAtee also gets a taste of rebounding against E-State. LEFT: It looks like its going to be a takedown for Frank Dowdell as he and a Lincoln University Player become entangled. BELOW: Bob Bartkoski and Colorado State player hit the deck in a scramble for the ball and the Tigers gain possession. ABOVE: Charlie Griff ie trys to elude an opponent after taking a pass under the basket. Young Bengals Finish at 4-4 FHS ' s junior varsity basketball squad finished its season with a 4-4 record. The season got off to a slow start as the young Tigers dropped their first two games to Colby Junior College. But the Bengals rebounded and picked up three straight wins. Two of those conquests came against Emporia State ' s JV ' s. The other was against Concordia Juco. Concordia then avenged FHS al Sheridan Coliseum. The Air Force Academy JV team also dropped the Tigers 77-72. The Season was capped off with a 79-77 home victory over Wash- burn University. 2 Cross Countrymen Win Title Again; Mason Concludes Illustrious Career It was another banner year for the Fort Hays State cross country squad. Accomplishments included wi n- wing the CIC Championships for the fifth straight year and capturing first in the NAIA Championships for the third time in FHS history. Premiere distance ace John Ma- son concluded his athletic career for the Black and Gold in fine fashion. He extended his winning streak to 21 straight meets. Included in those firsts was his winning of the Mis- souri Valley AAU Cross Country Meet, the NAIA Meet and the CIC Championships. A welcome addition to the squad this season was Larbi Oukada. He came to FHS from Morocco and rep- resented his country in the 1968 Olympics. Oukada finished second behind Mason in the Missouri Valley and CIC meets and third in the NAIA encounter. The only other senior that head Mentor Alex Francis will lose is Bruce Zamarzla. Tiger harriers opened the season with a win over Kearney (Neb.) State College. They then finished second in the Wichit a State Univer- sity Invitational. At the Oklahoma Jamboree +he Bengals gained another second. FHS followed this with its only dual meet loss of the season as it was against Emporia State. But the Tigers rebounded with another win against Kearney State. Harriers closed out the season with a win at a triangular including Arkansas University, Wichita State and FHS. BOTTOM LEFT: Larbi Oukada, a valuable addition to the FHS cross country squad. TOP LEFT: TOP ROW: Coach Alex Francis, Roger Carlin, Steve Boehmer, Gerald Shelly, Jerry Duran, John Mason, Bruce Zamrzla. BOTTOM ROW: Herb Camien, Alvin Penka, Larry Masters, Dave Geer- ing, Dennis Wheatcroft, Brett Biggs. TOP: John Mason consults with coach Alex Francis. TOP RIGHT: The legs of the FHS cross country crew. RIGHT: A top per- former this season and a future prospect is Odin freshman Alvin Penka. FAR RIGHT: Closing out his career this season is senior Bruce Zamrzla. ABOVE: Mason accepts an award at halftime of a Tiger basketball game. 219 Tiger Gymnasts Finish at 7-4 Under the direction of Coach Ed McNeil Fort Hays State ' s gymnastics squad gained its fourth consecutive winning gymnastics season as it finished with a 7-4 mark. Gordon DuWayne Guthrie, Medi- cine Lodge freshman, was the lead- ing scorer with 258.405 markers in the 1 1 dual meets. Stan Percival, Medicine Lodge sophomore, was the second leading scorer with 258.94 points and James Mull, Lawrence junior, was third with 1 55.6 points. Medicine Lodge senior Bob Fus- sell ended his gymnastics career at FHS with 222.7 markers to place fourth in team scoring. Another senior, Warren Teasley, from Topeka, closed the season and his college career with 212.3 points for fifth in team scoring. 220 TOP LEFT: Leadinq scorer on this year ' s squad was DuWayne Guthrie with 258.405 points. LOWER FAR LEFT: Loos- ening up in practice is sophomore Sam Dierberger. ABOVE: BACK ROW: Coach Ed McNeil, Robert Briggs, Stan May, Sam Dierberger, Bill Holmes, Jim Mull, Jim Green, Bob Fussell, Graduate Assistant Mark Giese. FRONT ROW: Stan Percival, Warren Teaslev, Richard Green, Richard Behrens, Bob Cunningham, Larry Nutsch, Randall Allen, DuWayne Guthrie. LEFT: Another top prospect to return next vear is Stan Percival who finished second in scoring this season with 258.94 markers. 221 Grapplers Compile 6-5 Record; Tresner Captures NAIA Title It was a good year for Fort Hays State ' s wrestling squad as it finished with a 6-5 record, but it was a great year for Leland Tresner as he brought home a national champion- ship. Tresner compiled a season mark of 22-2-1 and was 34-9-1 for his two seasons at FHS. To cap it off he won the National Assn, of Inter- collegiate Athletics 152-pound title. This victory made him the first native Kansan to capture a national wrestling championship since 1931 when Kansas State ' s Bill Doyle took the 147-pound division title of the NCAA championships. Tresner was the team captain and won the " Outstanding Wrestler " award at the Northwest Missouri State College Tournament. The Tigers opened the year in impressive fashion by downing Emporia State College 24-17. Next action for the grapplers was the Colorado State University Invita- tional tournament where FHS fin- ished fourth in the eight-team com- petition. Russell Chipman and Tres- ner were second place finishers in the tourney. UPPER RIGHT: The referee prepares to raise the arm of Leland Tresner after one of his 22 victories of the season. RIGHT: Coach Winter gives some last minute en- couragement. UPPER MIDDLE RIGHT: Duane Werner and Tresner engage in an intrasquad battle during practice. LOWER MIDDLE RIGHT: Senior Bob Dey closed out his college grapolinq career with a 9-4 season mark. LOWER FAR RIGHT: Grady Elder works for a pin. UPPER FAR RIGHT: Coach Dave Winter gives his grap- plers some pointers during practice. 222 223 Tigers Win in First Four Duals The Bengals resumed dual meet action with wins over Central Mis- souri State College, Southwest Mis- souri State College and Kearney (Neb.) State College. Finally Adams State College, de- fending national NAIA champ, stopped the Tigers win string with a 31-6 defeat. At a triangular FHS lo st to Central Missouri and downed Southeast Missouri State College. The grapplers then lost a dual to Kansas State University and the Uni- versity of Nebraska at Omaha. A win over Kearney followed. Colo- rado State University dropped the Tigers at home to end the season. Tresner and Bob Dey were the only seniors on the squad. Dey con- cluded with a 9-4. 224 FAR LEFT: FFIS ' s sophomore Grady Elder spent most of the season wrestling in the heavyweight division. MIDDLE LEFT: Getting wrapped up in his work against a Kansas State wrestler is Leland Tresner. LEFT: 1969 SQUAD-BACK ROW: Coach Dave Winter, Bob Brock, Steve Miller, Larrv Feikert, Ken Dieck, Grady Elder, Harold Harting, manager. SECOND ROW: Russell Chipman, Mike Burk, John Vig- nery, Duane Werner, Steve Bowles, Bryce Davidson, Leland Tresner. FRONT ROW: Bob Ledbetter, Mike Holliman, Paul Bish- op, Tom Carmichael, Gary Ulmer, Brad Taylor, Bob Dey. ABOVE FAR LEFT: Work- ing for position against a Kansas State wrestler is Duane Werner. ABOVE LEFT: NAIA champion Leland Tresner. ABOVE: Mike Holliman receives congratulations from teammate Leland Tresner. 225 Individual Accomplishment Brightens A Disappointing Baseball Season It was a long season for Fort Hays State ' s baseball squad as it suffered its most dis- appointing record in history at 5-21. The Tigers ' premiere in the Rocky Moun- tain Athletic Conference was no more suc- cessful as they failed to garner a single victory in eight contests. But there were individuals who had good years and the future looks bright with an abundance of young players who will return next season. Freshman catcher-first baseman Allen Dinkel was the top Bengel hitter with a record-setting .400 average. Another receiver, Ron Koster, hit at a .327 pace and drove in seven runs. Following close behind in the average department were a pair of freshmen. Bob McGreevey and Mike Hammerschmidt, with marks of .320 and .310 respectively. Junior outfielder A. J. Schlegel and senior Ed Hargrove were next in hitting with .293 averages. Another senior, Paul Simmons, finished the season with a .227 average, 1 1 runs batted in to lead the club and two homeruns to tie for tops in that department. t! ' ’ j r . 9 T FT. V ! ; ■ U |J ( Ififij t • • V J 1 | M M ? — . W ... r — 226 LEFT: Senior outfielder Roy Ralstin con- cluded his baseball career at FHS. FAR LEFT: Leading off first is A. J. Schlegel. In his first year of play for the Tigers, he hit .286. ABOVE FAR LEFT: This was the scene of baseball practice in Sheridan Coliseum in the early season when bad weather confined practices indoors. ABOVE LEFT: Dean Stein winds up here before ending his baseball days at FHS. He finished the year with a 2.20 earned run average. ABOVE: Informing his team about an upcoming opponent is Coach Earl Hobbs who ended his third year at the helm of Tiger baseball teams. 22 Pitchers Suffer Against Foes ' Bats Dennis Spratt tied for the home run lead, drove in nine runs and hit for a .222 average. Pitching was the chief problem of t he Tigers this season as the staff allowed 207 runs and carried a combined earned run average of 5.74. FHS had opening day spoiled as the invading Ichabods of Washburn Univer- sity dropped the Tigers in both ends of a doubleheader in Larks Park by scores of 10-2 and 4-0. Kansas Wesleyan then hosted the Bengals in Salina for their opening day and made it a success as the Coyotes downed FHS twice, 7-3 and 5-0. The first RMAC game was a disaster as Southern Colorado State College ex- ploded for a 21-0 defeat of the Tigers. WELCOME LEG] ... r 1 ANTIC Season Concludes On Winning Note Coach Earl Hobb ' s charges tri- umphed in a doubleheader against Friends University 1-0 and 4-1. The Tigers hit another five-game losing string. Losses were dealt by Colorado State College, Emporia State College and Washburn Uni- versity. Two more wins were picked up at the Salina Tournament. Another win was not gained by FHS until the final game of the sea- son against the Air Force Academy junior varsity 12-2. Prior to that game, defeats came against Southern Colorado three times, Wichita State, Colorado State and Northwestern Oklahoma State College twice and Air Force once. ABOVE LEFT: Taking a pick-off throw is senior Paul Simmons. BE- LOW FAR LEFT: A would-be bean ball pitch is avoided by a Colorado State College player. MIDDLE LEFT: Stolen base leader this season was second baseman Ron Suppes who waits for action at his position. ABOVE: Pleading to first with another hit is Ron Koster who hit .317 this season for second best among the regulars. LEFT: A swing for the fences is made by senior third baseman Ed Hargrove. 22 Linksters Fourth in RMAC Meet After a 3-5 showing in dual meet action for the season, Fort Hays State ' s golf squad finished well in tournament competition with a fourth place finish in both the RMAC meet and the NAIA District 10 meet. To open the season Coach Chuck Brehm ' s linkers lost to Northwestern Oklahoma State College and downed Southwest- ern Oklahoma State College in a double dual. They then dropped decisions to Wichita State University and Emporia State College. After losing a squeaker, 8-7, against the Air Force Academy freshmen, the Tiger linksters split a meet at Salina with a win over Kansas Wesleyan University and another loss to E-State. Those representing FHS at the NAIA District 10 meet were Dan and Kelly Deines, Mike Schaefer, R. J. Robertson and Artie Burt- scher. To close out the campaign FHS took fourth in the RMAC cham- pionships at Durango, Colo. Mak- ing the trip were Kelly Deines, Schaefer, Burtscher, Robertson and Steve Critchfield. Robertson tied for second medalist honors in the RMAC meet. 1 Jj 1 N ' |i ABOVE FAR LEFT: A promising young golfer for FHS is Mitch Haney. ABOVE LEFT: Second runner-up medalist in the RMAC meet, R. J. Robertson, displays his winning form here. ABOVE: Junior Steve Critchfield swings for a long drive. FAR- THEST LEFT: A top competitor for the Ti- gers this season was Kelly Deines, one of only three lettermen on the squad. NEXT RIGHT: A good golf future should be in store for Artie Burtscher who competed regularly for FHS as a freshman. FAR LEFT: The only senior to be lost to the golf squad next year by graduation is Dan Deines. LEFT: One of the better linksters for the past two seasons was sophomore Mike Schaefer. 2 ! Netters Sixth in RMAC Meets After having a complete lack of success in dual meet action Fort Hays State ' s tennis squad gained a sixth place finish in the 11 -team Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference championships in Denver. Teams downing the Tigers over the course of the season included Northwestern Oklahoma State Col- lege, Bethany College, Emporia State College twice and Washburn University. Senior Mike McAtee was the only returning letterman on the team this year. This marked the fourth season McAtee has earned a letter in the sport at Fort Hays State. Head coach was regular wrestling mentor Dave Winter. Others on the squad who will be eligible to return next season in- clude Steve Wilbur, George Stewart, Joe Kramer, Greg Robinson, Randy Lawrence, Jim Gross, Mike Haxton and Steve Spratt. 232 ABOVE FAR LEFT: Joe Kramer, a freshman from Great Bend gets in position to back hand a serve. ABOVE MIDDLE LEFT: The only returning letterman on the squad this season was Ells- worth senior Mike McAtee. ABOVE LEFT: John Harvey, Kansas City senior, prepares to return a serve. ABOVE: This year ' s coach, who is also the wrestling mentor, was Dave Winter. BELOW FAR LEFT: Steve Spratt offers a serve to his opponent. BELOW MIDDLE LEFT: A regular per- former for the Tigers this season was Randy Lawrence. NEXT RIGHT: Hays sophomore Greg Robinson slams one. LEFT: Raymond Haxton, also from Kansas City, displays his back hand swing. 23 Thinclads Enjoy Prosperous Season Of Record Setting, Award-Winning Records were set, a championship was captured and honors were won by Fort Hays State ' s track squad during both the indoor and outdoor campaigns. Nine new records were estab- lished during the indoor track season while seven more were set in the outdoor season. One of the milestones of this track season was the winning of the first Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Track and Field Champ- ionships at Emporia by the Tigers. Soon after that victory the head track mentor, Alex Francis, was named the top track coach in the nation by votes from other track and field coaches and Amateur Ath- letic Union officials. To open the season the Bengals ventured to the NAIA Indoor track and field championships in Kansas City. Larbi Oukada gained a third in the two-mile run and Jerry Duran a fifth in the 1,000-yard run. FHS then initiated dual meet ac- tion against Kearney (Neb.) State with a 74-68 victory. 234 ABOVE FAR LEFT: Head Coach Alex Francis, left, and Assistant Coach Art Ridg- way observe a practice session. FAR ABOVE: Jack Georgeson races down the lane toward a pole vault. FAR LEFT: Larbi Oukada crosses the finish line for FHS. ABOVE: Joe Haverick gets in position to hurl the javelin. ABOVE LEFT: Mea- suring an upcoming jump is Kevin Adams. LEFT: Midway toward a good broad jump is senior Butch Gilbert. 235 Indoor Campaign A Big Success At Omaha the Tigers won a tri- angular meet against the University of Nebraska at Omaha and South Dakota University. At the Kansas State Indoor meet at Manhattan the Tigers gained the top trophy in the college division. Two new school marks were set as FHS won three firsts. The Tigers opened the outdoor track season at the Emporia Relays. No team score was kept but five events were won by the Black and Gold. In the first dual of the outdoor season the Bengals got another vic- tory over Kearney State. Following were the Kansas Relays where the distance medley relay squad of Ron Borger, Mike Estes, Steve Boehmer and Bruce Zamrzla won a first. 236 ABOVE LEFT: A different way of looking at it— the Wichita State-FHS track meet that is. LEFT: A top sprinter and hurdler this season was Marvin Ayers. The speed- ster holds five school records and was a part of the quartet that set a sprint med- ley mark. ABOVE RIGHT: Mike Gedney practices his specialty, the pole vault. ABOVE: These six runners were part of either the mile relay or two-mile relay teams which both set records for FHS in the outdoor season. From left: Bob Young, Mike Estes, Bruce Zamrzla, Dave Schneider, Ron Borger and Steve Boeh- mer. 237 FAR LEFT: Dave McLeland, also a cross country performer at FHS shows his run- ning form. LEFT: A member of the indoor two-mile relay team that holds an FHS record is Jerry Duran. BELOW: Rich Raney rares back to heave the iron ball. RIGHT: Starting his jump over the bar is Jack Georgeson. LOWER FAR RIGHT: High in the air goes broad jumper Larry Freder- king. LOWER MIDDLE RIGHT: A consistent performer this season in both track and cross country was Dennis Wheatcroft. LOWER RIGHT: A fine distance runner for FHS is sophomore Alvin Penka who also doubles on the cross country squad. 238 Tigers Capture RMAC Crown Rival Emporia State College was then dropped at Emporia to keep the dual meet record perfect. A pair of third-place finishes were garnered by the Tigers at the Drake Relays. In the only home meet of the year the Tigers downed Wichita State University 83-58. At the RMAC meet Larbi Oukada grabbed three first places to help the Tigers win the first track and field championship of the new con- ference. FHS racked up 159 points to Emporia State ' s 125 to coast to vic- tory. At the Missouri Valley AAU meet at McPherson the Tigers brought home top laurels. 240 THE ALBUM 241 242 Unique, Busy, Alive. 243 Guide to Abbreviations AAHPER — American Association of Health, Physical Education and Recrea- t i o n ; Adm.— Administration; ADV.— Advertising; AGD— Alpha Gamma Delta; Agric— Agriculture; AKL— Alpha Kappa Lambda; A L— Artists and Lectures; ASC —All Student Council; Assn.— Associa- tion; AWS— Associated Women Students; B. A. —Bachelor of Arts; B.M.— Bachelor of Music; B.S.— Bachelor of Science; BSM —Baptist Student Movement; Bot.— Bot- any; Bus— Business; C CC— Campus Cru- sade of Christ; Chem.— Chemistry; Chm. —Chairman; Comm.— Committee; Cor. —Corresponding; CYD— Collegiate Young Democrats; CYR— Collegiate Young Re- publicans; Delta Sig. — Delta Sigma Phi; DZ— Delta Zeta; Econ.— Economics; Ed.— Editor; Educ.— Education; Elem.— Elemen- tary; Eng.— English; FCA— Fellowship of Christian Athletes; FHSP— Fort Hays Star Promenaders; Gen.— General; Hist.— His- torian; ICF— InterrVarsity Christian Fellow- ship; IFC— Inter-Fraternity Council; Ind.- Industrial; IRC— International Relations Club; KAHPER— Kansas Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation; KATE— Kansas Association of Teachers of English; KFHS— Campus Radio Station; KHEA— Kansas Home Economics Associa- tion; KMEA— Kansas Music Educators As- sociation; KSSNA— Kansas State Student Nurses Association; KSTA— Kansas State Teachers Association; Math— Mathematics; MENC— Music Educators National Confer- ence; Mgr. — Manager; MPEC — Men ' s Physical Education Club; NSNA— National Student Nurses Association. PEMC— Physical Education Majors Club; Phi Sig —Phi Sigma Epsilon; Phys.— Physical; Pol. —Political; Pres.— President; Psych.— Psy- chology; P-t-P— People-to-People; Rec.— Recording; Rep.— Representative; SCEC— Student Council for Exceptional Children; Sci. — Science; Sec.— Secretary; Sig Ep-Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sig Tau— Sigma Tau Gamma; SOC— Student Organizations Committee; Soc.— Sociology; S.P.E.B.S.Q.S. A. —Society for the Promotion and Enjoyment of Barber Shop Quartet Singers of America; SK-Sigma Kappa; SNEA-Student Nation- al Education Association; TKE— Tau Kappa Epsilon; Treas.— Treasurer; Tri Sig— Sigma Sigma Sigma; UCF— United Christian Fel- lowship; UN— United Nations; V-Pres.— Vice President; Who ' s Who— Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; WLO-Women ' s Leadership Organization; WRA-Women ' s Recreation Association. The 1969 Seniors have seen many changes in their years at Fort Hays State, and as they leave, many changes are still taking place, as is evidenced by the recent construction on Wiest Hall. 244 Seniors Ab-Be ABIES, TRACY: Maple Hill, B.S. in Bus. and Econ., Alpha Kappa Psi, Seventh Cavalry; ACHENBACH, RICHARD: Clay Center, Grad., M.S. in Educ.; AKSHARAMAT, PRAPHATRA: Thailand, Grad., M.S. in Educ.; ALBERS, ALBERT: Ransom, B.S., Bot., Beta Beta Beta (V-Pres.), CYR (Soc. Chm.); ALBERT, LEON: Glen Elder, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club (V-Pres.). ALEXANDER, BIRDIE: Coldwater, B.S. in Bus., CYR; ANDERSON, GENE: Hays, B.A., Eng., Sigma Chi, Leader; ANDREWS, KAREN: Garden City, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, P-t-P, CYR; ANNIS, MARJORIE: Oakley, B.S. in Phys. Educ., WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon; ANSCHUTZ, GARY: Paradise, B.A., History, SNEA. APPLEBY, FRED: Clyde, B.S., Geology, Geology Club; APPLE- GATE, GEORGE: Stockton, B.S. in Bus. Adm.; ARCHER, JAMES: Logan, B.S., Math; ARCHER, MARCIA: Almena, B.S. in Educ., SNEA, SCEC; ARCHER, WAYNE: Logan, B.S. in Bus., FHSP, CYR. ASHLEY, LARRY: Selden, B.S., Math, TKE; ASHTON, KIRK: Belle- ville, B.S., Speech Agric., Alpha Phi Omega; ATCHESON, DAVID: Shawnee Mission, B.S., in Bus, Adm., CYR; ATHONS, DAVID: Hutchinson, B.S., Zoology; AUGUSTINE, GERALD: Lenora, B.A., History, History Club. AUST, NANCY: Palco, B.S. in Elem. Educ., AGD; AVERY, CATHERINE: Lamed, B.S. in Elem. Educ., WLO, Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS (Treas.), Homecoming Queen Candidate, Who ' s Who; BABCOCK, PAUL: Hoxie, B.S. in Agric., Soil Conservation Society of America; BAIER, DANIEL: Abilene, B.S. in Bus. Adm., Delta Sig.; BAILEY CAROL: St. John, B.M., Music Educ. BAILEY, JAMES: Wakeeney, B.S. in Bus.; BAINTER LYMAN: Jennings, B.S., Math, Memorial Union Program Council, Film Society; BAKER, BARBARA: Concordia, Grad., Counseling; BAKER, CYNTHIA: Stockton, B.S. in Elem. Educ.; BAKER, KEITH: Hays, B.A., Pol. Sci., TKE, CYR, P-t-P, Memorial Union Program Council. BALLARD, ALVA: Ellis, B.S., Bio.; BANE, RANDY: Rolla, B.A., Eng., Phi Eta Sigma (V-Pres.), Juniot Class (V-Pres.), Alpha Kappa Psi, SNEA, P.T.A. Scholarship Recipient; BANGE, ED- WARD: Hoxie, B.S. in Agric., Newman Club, Ind. Arts Club, Soil Conservation Society of America; BARBER, SHARLA: Good land, B.A., Speech and Pol. Sci., AWS (Sec., Pres., V- Pres.), Pi Kappa Delta (Pres.), DZ (Pres.), WLO, Debate Club (Pres.); BARKER, ROGER: Salina, B.S., Geology, Geology Club, Rodeo Club. BARR, MARITA: Hoxie, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; BARTLETT, WESLEY: Hutchinson, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Alpha Phi Omega, SNEA (Pres.), Baseball; BAXTER, JAMES: Hays, B.S. in Bus., Sig Tau, Phi Beta Lambda, Memorial Union Program Council; BAXTER, THOMAS: Hays, B.S in Art; BEALS, JANALEE: Dodge City, B.S. in Phys. Educ., DZ, WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon, Orchesis, AWS. BEAMGARD, JUNE: Atwood, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SCEC, SNEA; BEARLEY, ROBERT: Oberlin, B.S. in Phys. Educ.; BECK JANICE: Natoma, B.A., History, Alpha Lambda Delta, SK, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who, Gamma Delta; BEER, ONALEE: Lamed, B.A., History, Histo ry Club; BEEZLEY, GEORGE: Kinsley, B.S. in Phys. Educ., MPEC, FCA, SNEA. 24! Seniors Be-BI BEFORT, ERNEST: Lebanon, B. S. in Educ.; BEFORT, HAROLD: Antonino, A. B„ Speech, Alpha Psi Omega, Little Theatre (sec.- treas.); BEFORT, SANDRA: Hays, B. M., Music, Sigma Alpha lota. Orchestra; BEFORT, THOMAS: Hays, B. S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi; BEGNOCHE, FRANCIS: Aurora, A. B., Psych. BEIKER, TOM: Plainville, B. S. in Bus., Phi Sig (V-Pres.), Alpha Kappa Psi; BENDA, CHRISTINE: Colby, B. S. in Bus., SNEA, BSM, Phi Beta Lambda; BENNETT, DAVID: WaKeeney, B. S., Math; BERGMAN, BETTY: Lebanon, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, Orchesis, Newman Club; BERGREN, JUDITH: Overland Park, A. B„ History, AWS, 1968 Snoball Chm., CYR, Hall Council, Student-Faculty Retreat. BERRY, DAISY: Russell, B. S. in Elem. Educ.; BICKLEY, CHERYL: Salina, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; BIDDLE, ANTHONY: Prince- ton, N. J., B. S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club, Intramurals; BIEKER, GERALD: Ellis, B. S. in Bus., Delta Sig, Newman Club; BIGGS, TONYA: Phillipsburg, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, AWS, Homecoming Queen. BILLINGER, MARGARET: Hays, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA. BILLUPS, KENNETH: Hutchinson, B. S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club. BINDER, ERNEST: Munjor, B. S., Gen. Sci. BIRDSELL, STEVE: Hays, A. B„ Psych. BITTEL, STEVEN: Russell, B. S. in Bus. Adm. BITTER, TWILA: Hoisington, B. S. in Elem. Educ.; BIXENMAN, PAULINE: Levant, B. S. in Bus., Pi Omega Pi, P-t-P, SNEA, Newman Club; BLACKBURN, ROBERT: Leoti, B. S. in Bus., Delta Sig, Union Program Council, IFC, CYR, Ugly Man on Campus Award; BLAZEK, DONALD: Claflin, B. S. in Ind. Arts, Delta Sig (V-Pres.), Ind. Arts Club, SNEA, IFC, Newman Club; BLECHA, STEPHEN: Woodston, B. S. in Bus., AKL. " Secrets over the Suds " is a frequent pastime for many students . . . Seniors Bl-Br BLAU, MICHAEL: Brewster, B. S. in Bus.; BLOUNT, CAROLYN: Coldwater, B. S.; Home Econ., Kappa Omicron Phi, SNEA; BLOUNT, RICHARD: Coldwater, B. S.; Agric., Delta Tau Alpha; BOHM, ARLENE: Athol, B. S., Math, Gamma Delta, German Club, CYR; BOLAND, SHARLEEN: Almena, B. S.; Elem. Educ., SNEA. BOND, DAVID: Russell, B. S. in Elem. Educ.; BOWEN, FRED: Norton, B. S.; in Phys. Educ., MPEC, Kansas Assn, of HPER; BOYD, NANCY: Wright, B. S., in Elem. Educ., AWS, CYR, SNEA, Newman Club; BOYER, CALENE: Hill City, A. B„ Speech, Al- pha Psi Omega; Little Theatre; BRANDENBURGER, DENNY: Scott City, B. S., Gen. Sci. BRAUN, JAMES: Victoria, B. S., in Agric.; BRAY, VIVIAN: Great Bend, B. S. in Eiem. Educ., Sigma Alpha lota, SNEA; BREHM, GARY: Pratt, B. S. in Bus., Baseball, Collegian Chorale; BRENT, EDWAR D: Alton, B. S. in Bus.; BRENZIKOFER, DIANE: Phillips- burg, B. S. in Elem. Educ., DZ, SNEA, AWS, Tigers Roar. , BRIGGEMAN, SUE: Preston, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Beta Sigma Phi, SNEA; Who ' s Who; BRIN, LARRY: Plainville, B. S... in Phys. Educ., MPEC (Pres. V-Pres.), SNEA; BRINKLEY, DWIGHT: Milford, Iowa, B. S., Geology, Geology Club (V-Pres.); BRINKLEY, MARY: Milford, Iowa, Post-Grad., Speech Correction, Sigma Alpha Eta, P-t-P (Pres.), SNEA, SCEC; BROOK, RICHARD: Burr Oak, Grad., M. S. in Educ. ... as is regular attendance of classes and giving undivided attention to instructors. BROOKS, MICHAEL: Plainville, B. S. in Bus., AKL (V-Pres. Treas.); BROWN, JAXON: Coolidge, B. S. in Bus.; BROWN, LARRY: Hill City, B. S. in Bus. Adm.; BROWN, MICHAEL: Hois- ington, B. M., Music Educ.; BROWNING, EMMA: Dodge City, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA. 247 Seniors Bu-Co BUNNEY, JAMES: Garden City, B. S. in Agric.; BURD, RICHARD: Concordia, B. S. in Bus., Phi Sig.; BURLEY, JOHN: Smith Center, B. M., Music Educ., Sig Ep, Phi Mu Alpha, Symphonic Band (Pres.), Seventh Cavalry; BURNS, JAMES: Clayton, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, Men ' s Glee Club, Spanish Club, Intramur- als; BURRELL, JULIA: Arnold, A. B., Art, Collegian Choralle, Women ' s Glee Club, Memorial Union Program Council. BUSCH, ROBERT: Russell, B. S. in Ind. Arts; BUSHNELL, SHERYL: Phillipsburg, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Tri Sig, WLO, CYR, SNEA, Tiger ' s Roar; BUTTON THOMAS: Rozel, B. S. in Ind. Arts, Epsi- lon Pi Tau, Ind. Arts Club; BYERLEY, THOMAS: Bloom, B. S., Math-Chem., Chem. Club, Intramurals; CALL, THOMAS: Hays, B. S. in Bus. CAMELIO, MICHAEL: Bronx, N. Y., A. B., Pol. Sci., CYR, Union Recreation Comm. (Chm.), Program Council, Leader (Co-Sports Editor), Intramurals; CARLON, CHERYL: Leoti, B. S., Gen. Sci., Nurses Club; CARLSON, JAMES: Hays, B. S. in Bus.; CARLSON, JENNIE: Russell, B. S. in Elem. Educ., P-t-P (Sec.), CYR, SNEA; CARLSON, MICHELLE: Formoso, B. S. in Elem. Educ. CARMICHAEL, JOHN: Stockton, B. S. in Art, Alpha Phi Omega, SNEA, FHSP; CARPER, PHILLIP: Jennings, B. S. in Phys. Educ., MPEC; CARSWELL, TERRY: Rexford, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, CYR, WLO (V-Pres.), AWS (V-Pres.); CASE, CARL: Leoti, B. S. in Phys. Educ., MPEC, FCA; CASE, VICTOR: Leoti, B. S. in Phys. Educ., Intramurals. CAVANAUGH, JOHN: Hutchinson, B. S. in Secondary Educ.- History, Custer Hall Executive Council (Co-Chm.); CHANDLER, CHARLES: Smith Center, B. S. in Bus. Adm., Phi Beta Lambda, FHSP; CHAPMAN, VERONA: Ellis, B. M. in Music Educ.; CHINN, DENNIS: Coats, B. S. in Agric.; CHLUMSKY, BARBARA: Hays, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, KSTA, Dean ' s Honor Roll. CHLUMSKY, MARY: Hoys, A. B., History, Phi Alpha Theta; CHLUMSKY, MICHAEL: Hays, A. B., Eng.; CHOUNG, WON: Korea, Grad., M. S., Pol. Sci.; CHUNG, KING-CHI: Singapore, Grad., Guidance Counseling; CLARK, NELDA: Great Bend; A. B., Eng., SNEA. CLARK, RICHARD: Jewell, B. S. in Bus.-Econ.; CLAUDEL, PAUL: Oakley, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; CLAYCAMP, LINDA: Ran- som, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; CLAYTON, MAX: Stockton, A. B., Philosophy; CLEMENTS, JOSEPH: Dodge City, B. S., Math, Alpha Phi Omega ( V-Pres. -Pres. ), Newman Club. CLINE, REX: Hays, B. S. in Agric.; CLINKENBEARD, RICHARD: Colby, B. S., Math, Sig Ep, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Seventh Cavalry; CLYDESDALE, ROBERT: Lenora, B. S. in Agric., Delta Tau Alpha, Soil Conservation Club; CLYDESDALE, SALLY: Lenora, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; CLINE, CAROLYN: Lyons, B. S. in Art. COADY, MARY: Russell, B. S., Gen. Sci.; COLE, DOUGLAS: B. S., Chem., Alpha Phi Omega, Chem. Club (V-Pres.), Wiest Hall Pres.; COLE, RICHARD: Sidney, Neb., A. B., Pol . Sci., Delta Sig, Baseball, IFC (Pres.), CYR; COLE, TERRY: Plains, Grad Bus. Educ.; COLGLAZIER, JADENE: Lamed, B. S. in Educ. 248 Seniors Co-Di COLLIER, JON: Garden City, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; CONKRIGHT, CHARLES: Arnold, B. S. in Bus. Adm.; CONNOR, KATHA: Collyer, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Alpha Lambda Delta, WLO, McMindes Hall Social Chm.; CONSTABLE, VICKI: Minne- apolis, A. B„ Eng., SNEA, Dames Club; CONYAC, CONSTANCE: Stockton Grad., Eng. COOK, KENNETH: Hays, A. B., History, Phi Alpha Theta, BSM; COOK, WANDA: Hays, A. B„ History, AGD; COOPER, REX: Hoxie, A. B., History, Phi Alpha Theta, ASC, SNEA; COOVER, KENNETH: Kinsley, B. S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club, Wrestling; CORDER, MICHAEL: Selden, B.S., Gen. Sci., Phi Sig. (Sec.). CORRY, BETH: Great Bend, B. S. in Art, AGD (Treas.); COURT- NEY, LAVERN: Liberal, A. B., History, Phi Alpha Theta (V-Pres.), Phi Kappa Phi, SNEA; COVEY, DONNA: Ulysses, B. S. in Educ., SNEA, KAHPER; COVEY, GARY: Ulysses, B. S. in Bus. Adm.; COWAN, ELOISE: Clyde, B. S. in Phys. Educ., WRA (Pres., Treas., Cor. Sec.), Eta Rho Epsilon, AWS, SNEA. COX, J. PAUL: Dodge City, A. B., History, Phi Alpha Theta, Seventh Cavalry, German Club (Pres., V-Pres.); COX, LARRY: Gove, B. S. in Bus.; CRAIG, DONALD: Bazine, B. S., Math; CRAVEN, RICHARD: Russell Grad., M. S„ Chem.; CRAWFORD, PEGGY: Healy, B. S. in Bus., PEMC, WRA. CRIPE,. LESLIE: Garden City, B. S. in Elem. Educ.; CRIST, CAROLE: Quinter, A. B„ Eng.; CRISWELL, JANICE: Hill City, A. B„ Eng., AWS, SNEA, KATE; CROSS, JOHN: Pratt, B. S. in Bus., Sig Ep; CURL, LAWRENCE: Great Bend, B. S. in Bus. CUSTINE, PATRICIA: Morland, B. S. in Elem. Educ., DZ, SNEA; DALE, OWEN: Hays, B. S. in Bus. Adm., Delta Sig, Intramurals, IFC; DAVENPORT, ANN: Hutchinson, B. S. in Home Econ.; DAVIDSON, LYNANN: Claflin, B. S. in Spec. Educ., CYR, SCEC; DEARDEN, JANET: Scott City, B. S., Math, SNEA. DECHANT, LEANA: Hays, B. S., Math, WLO; DEEN, ROBERT: Brandon, Fla., B. S., Gen. Sci., Phi Mu Alpha; DeHAVEN, MARTHA: Hoisington, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; DEINES, HUBERT: WaKeeney, B. S. in Agric., Alpha Phi Omega; DEINES, LARRY: WaKeeney, B. S., Zoology. DELLINGER, ROBERT: Dodge City, B. S. in Bus. Adm.; DELP, V. COLLEEN: Burdett, A.B., Art; DENNING, LARRY: Ellis, B.S. in Bus., Sig Ep, Alpha Kappa Psi; DENNING, RUSSELL: Sa- lina, B. S. in Bus. Adm.; DEY, ROBERT: Olathe, A. B., Speech, Phi Sig, MPEC, KFHS, FHSP, Wrestling. DIBLE, DAVID: Rexford, B. S. in Phys Educ., Sig Ep.; DIBLE, GLORIA: Rexford, A. B., Psych., Gamma Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA, Who ' s Who, Kappa Delta Sigma; DICK, ROBERT: Ellinwood, A. B„ Speech; DICKERSON, CRYSTAL: Pratt, A. B„ Eng., AGD, ASC; DICKMAN, ESTHER: Colby, B. S. in Elem. Educ., KSTA. 249 Seniors Di-El DIETZ, RICHARD: Lebanon, B.A., Pol. Sci., Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Seventh Cavalry (V-Pres.), Honors Program; DIETZ, VICKI: WaKeeney, B.A., Eng., Rodeo Club, AWS Standards Board, Panhellenic, SNEA, ICF; DINGES, DENNIS: Hays, B.S. in Bus.; DINKEL, CAROL: Ellis, B.S. in Educ., Alpha Lambda Delta, Newman Club; DIRKS, JOHN: Ludell, B.S. in Agric. DITUS, DOUGLAS: Burdett, B.S. in Agric., Delta Tau Alpha, Soil Conservation Society of America; DOERFLER, RICHARD: Hays, Grad., Guidance Counseling; DONART, MARILYN: Lamar, Colo., B.S. in Educ., Alpha Lambda Delta, Spurs; DRACH, W. TEAREL: Hudson, B.S. in Bus. Adm. and Acct.; Sig Ep (Comp- troller and House Mgr.), Alpha Kappa Psi, Basketball; DREHER, MARION: Hays, B.S. in Bus. Adm. DREILING, CAROL: Ellis, B.S. in Art; DREILING, DENNIS: Hays, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi; DRESCHER, MARY: Great Bend, B.S. in Educ., SCEC; DROSSELMEYER, WESLEY: Derby, B.S. in Agric. and Bot., Alpha Phi Omega, Soil Conservation Society of America, Delta Tau Alpha (Sec.); DUDREY, DAVID: Kismet, B.M., Music, Phi Mu Alpha. DUELL, DOROTHY: Goodland, B.S. in Art; DUGAN, JOHN: Dodge City, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda (Treas.), DUM- LER, JOANNE: Russell, B.S. in Educ., AGD; DUNNING, EARL: Hill City, B.S., Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma (Pres.), Student Physics Society (Pres,); DUTCHER, CONNIE: Oberlin, B.S. in Bus. DUTCHER, ROBERT: Hugoton, B.S., Geology, Phi Sig; DUTT, OWEN: Grad., Bot.; DYCHE, ELDONNA: Pratt, B.M., Music Educ., Sigma Alpha lota (V-Pres.), Collegian Chorale, Girls Glee Club; EBERLE, SHARON: Ellis, B.S. in Educ., SCEC, SNEA; EBRIGHT, BEVERLY: Lyons, B.A., Eng., CYR, Tigers Roar, P-t-P, Reveille. ECHARD, DENNIS: Garfield, B.S., Math., Band; EDGINGTON, WILBUR: Ulysses, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; EHMKE, CLIFFORD: Healy, B.S. in Bus.; Intramurals, CYR, Gamma Delta; EHRLICH, JUDY: Dodge City, B.S., Math, Alpha Lambda Delta, AGD, WLO, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Spurs; EILERS, GLORIA: Lamed, B.S. in Home Econ., Home Econ. Chapter, Rodeo Club. EISENHOUR, KATHARINE: LaCROSSE, B.A., Eng., DZ, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda lota Tau, Honor Program, Who ' s Who. ELDER, PHILLIP: Beloit, B.S. in Art, Sig Tau (V-Pres.), IFC rep., SNEA. ELDRIDGE, BARBARA: Lenora, B.S. in Educ. 250 Seniors El-Fo ELLER, STEVEN: Phillipsburg, B.S. in Bus., Leader Staff, Reveille Staff. ELLIOT, RICHARD: Pratt, B.S., Zoology. ELLIOTT, CAROLYN: Phillipsburg, B.S. in Bus. Ed., SNEA, Pi Omega Pi, Phi Kappa Phi. ELLIOTT, VICKI: Paradise, Elem. Ed., WLO, P-t-P, SNEA. EMRICH, RUTH: Indianola, Neb., Grad. Elem. Educ. ENGLE, JOHN: Liberal, B.S. in Bus., Varsity Golf, McGrath Hall (Pres.). EPPINGER, DAVID: Norton, B.M., Music, Sig Tau, Phi Mu Alp- ha; ESWEIN, LARRY: B.S. in Phys. Educ., Rodeo Club, MPEC, FHSP; EUBANK, CHARLES: Coats, B.S. in Agric., Sigma Chi, Delta Tau Alpha, Soil Conservation Society of America, Senior Class (Pres.); EVANS, JEANNETTE: Bethlehem, Pa., B.M., Music, Sigma Alpha lota, MENC, Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, Fort Hays State Singers; EVANS, MARSHA: Rose Hill, B.S. in Educ., Newman Club, AWS, SNEA (Sec.). FELBUSH, LYLE: Abilene, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; FELL, DIANA, Larned, A.B., Soc., DZ; FERGUSON, VEARL: Abilene, A.B., Art, Sig Tau; FICKEL, ROGER: Chanute, B.S. in Agric., Rodeo Club, Soil Conservation Society of America; FINE, KEN- NETH: Hays, Grad., Bus. Adm. FITZPATRICK, RAYMOND: Salina, A.B., History, ICF (Sec.- Treas. ); FIXEN, DENNIS: Goodland, B.S. in Bus., Sigma Chi; FORBES, SHARI: Grad., Eng.; FORRISTAL, DAVID: Salina, B.S., in Bus., Sig Ep; FORSBERG, ROGER: Assaria, A.B., Pol. Sci., Cross Country. 25 Seniors Fo-Gr FOUGHT, DON: Norton, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda, Intra- murals; FOX, STEVEN: Ulysses, B.S., Psych., Sig Ep; FRANCIS, D. CLIFTON: Ellinwood, B.M., Music, KMEA, MENC, Band; FREE- BORN, KATHRYN: Smith Center, B.S. in Home Econ., KHEA; FRICK, JAMES: Ludell, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda, Gamma Delta (V-Pres. ). FRIGON, HARVEY: Clay Center, B.S. in Bus.; FRYMAN, PANSY: McCracken, B.S. in Educ., AWS, SNEA, Rodeo Club (Sec.), Resident Assistant in Custer Hall; FULTON, RUSSELL: Hays, B.S. in Elem. Educ.; FUSSELL, ROBERT: Medicine Lodge, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Varsity Gymnast; GAEDE, DUANE, Liberal, B.S. in Bus. GARDNER, JACK: Lewisville, Tex., B.S. in Agric., Rodeo Club; GARETSON, JESSE: Copeland, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club (Pres., Seargent at Arms); GARTEN, JANET: Limon., Colo., Grad., Eng.; GASCHLER, JANET: Hays, B.S. in Educ., Alpha Lambda Delta, WLO, Newman Club SNEA; GEERING, RUTH: Hunter, B.S. in Gen. Sci., SK. GEORG, JOY: Alexander, B.S. in Bus. Educ., Pi Omega Pi; GERING, VIRGINIA: Hutchinson, B.S. in Educ., SNEA, Home Econ. Chapter; GERMANY, WALTER: Palco, B.S. in Elem. Educ., GETTY, ALLEN: Phillipsburg, B.S. in Bus.; GIEBER, LANA: Linn, B.A., Soc., Special Educ., Fort Hays Singers. GIESE, MARK: Bismarck, N. D., B.S. in Phys. Educ., AKL, Gym- nastics Team, Senior Class Pres., MPEC, ASC; GIESS, ROD: Arnold, B.S., Math; GILBERT, BUTCH: Plainville, A.B., Eng., Journ., Reveille Staff, Track, Baseball, Phi Sig, Memorial Union Program Council; GILBERT, NORLAN: Lebanon, B.M., Music Educ v Band, Orchestra; GILES, VICKI: Hopewell, B.S. in Home Econ., Chem. Club, Home Econ. Club, Collegiate 4-H, Memorial Union Program Council. GILG, CAROL: Smith Center, B.S. in Phys. Educ., SNEA, Eta Rho Epsilon, WRA; GISH, RODNEY: Hill City, B.A., History, Chi Alpha (Pres.); GLANTZ, JUNE: Hays, B.S. in Bus., Phys. Educ., WRA, SNEA, Rodeo Club; GNUSE, SHARON: Hutchinson, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; GOINGS, MARIDELL: Ruleton, B.A., Eng., CYR, UCF, Collegiate 4-H. GOOD, RONALD: Cimarron, B.S. in Bus.; GORBALL, NANCY: Lowell, Ind., Grad., Eng.; GRABER, FOREST: Tribune, ©rad., Chem., Math., Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Honors Program; GRABER, STEPHANIE: La- crosse, B.S. in Music Educ., Band, Orchestra, Woodwind En- semble; GRAUER, EILEEN: Wilson, B.S. in Speech Therapy. GRAUERHOLZ, JO: Kensington, B.A., Eng., SNEA, German Club; GRAVES, PATRICIA: Larned, B.S., Math; GRAY, ALAN: Clyde, B.S., Bot., Beta Beta Beta (Sec.); GRAY, CYNTHIA: Geneseo, B.M. in Music, Sigma Alpha lota; GREENWAY, BECKY: Hays, B.A., Speech. GREENWAY, TOM: Hays, B.S., Pre-Med, Phi Sig; GREVING, BILL: Prairie View, B.S. in Agric., K-Club, Soil Conservation Society of America, Basketball; GRIEBEL, DONNA: Stockton, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; GRIESE, JOAN: Russell, B.S. in Elem. Educ., AGD (V-Pres.), Newman Club, SNEA, Chairman of Custer Hall Judicial Board, Floor Pres.; GRIFFIN, LARRY: Ellin- wcod, B.A., History, Band, Forensics. 252 Seniors Gr-He GROVER, PEG: Hays, B.A., Spanish, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, WLO, Spanish Club; HABERMAN) DONALD: Great Bend, M.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club, McGrath Hall (Sec.), Epsilon Pi Tau (V-Pres.); HACHMEISTER, LAAH: Na- toma, B.S. in Art, Tri Sig, AWS, Daisy Mae, Sweetheart Candi- date, Cheerleader; HAINES JAMES: St. Thomas, Ontario, Cana- da, B.S., Math, Cross Country; HALL, KEVEN: Great Bend, B.S. in Bus. HALLAGIN, JO: McDonald, B.S. in Elem, Educ., SNEA; HALLEN- BECK, ROGER: Lawrence, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SEA; HALLING, JANICE: Hanston, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, WRA, German Club; HAMMAN, JANE: Garden City, Gen. Sci., Newman Club, Kansas Academy of Sci. HAMMOND, ERIC: Syracuse, B.S. in Bus.; HANKEN, DO NALD: Lamed, B.S. in Bus.; HANKEN, LARRY: Great Bend, B.A., Psych., IFC; HANNA, JOE: Ulysses, B.S., Math; HARBAUGH, RONALD: Hays, B.A., Speech, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football, Phi Beta Rho (V-Pres.), KFHS Mgr. and Progr; i Director. HARGRAVE, STANLEY: B.S. in Bus., Alpha K- .pa Psi, Newman Club, Intramurals; HARGROVE EDDIE: Arkansas City, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Leader Staff, Baseball; HARMON, RO ANN: Great Bend, B.S. in Eiem. Educ., SNEA, AWS, Concert Choir, Clarinet Choir; HARPER, DUANE: Albert, Grad., Bus. Educ.; HARREL, ROBERT: Burlington, Colo., B.S. in Agric. HARRISON, JERRY: Beloit, B.A., Pol. Sci., Football, TKE; HARVEY, JOHN: Kansas City, B.A., History, Tennis; HASEL- HORST, CHERYL: Hays, B.S., Math, Kappa Mu Epsilon, WLO, CYD, Newman Club; HATFIELD, ROGER: Kismet, B.S. in Bus.; HAVEL, LYNN: Clyde, M.S. in Art, Track, Cross Country. HAVERICK, JOSEPH: Orange, N.J., B.S. in Phys. Educ., Track; HAYES, BEN: Palco, B.A., Soc., Delta Sig, Wrestling; HAYES, MARY: Scott City, B.S. in Elem. Educ., Tri Sig, Tigers Roar (Sec.), SNEA, Panhellenic Council; HAYNES, MARILYN: Hays, B.S. in Bus., Pi Omega Pi, SNEA, AWS; HEBLE, LEO: Atwood, A.B., Psych. HECKERT, GLORIA: Tribune, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; HEDGE, SUSAN: Colby, B.S. in Art; HELIN, DARYL ANN: Brewster, B.A. in Bus. Adm., Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Lambda; HELMAN, STEPHEN: Goodland, B.S, Gen. Sci., Sig Ep; HELMKAMP, JOHN: Alton, III., B.S. in Bus. HEMP, MARY: Bogue, B.S. in Elem. Educ., WRA, Wesley Foun- dation; HENDERSON, GERALDINE: Norton, B.S. in Home Econ., Newman Club, Spanish Club, Home Econ. Chapter, Kappa Omi- cron Phi (Pres.); HENDRICKSON, JOLENE: Johnson, B.S., Gen. Sci. and Diploma in Nursing, Alpha Lambda Delta, Nurses Club (Cor. Sec.); HENDRICKSON, ROY: Montezuma, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda (State Treas.); HENNES, JOSEPH: Beloit, B.S., Math and Geology. HENRICKSON, GORDON: Logan, B.S. in Elem. Educ., Concert Choir, Collegian Chorale; HENRY, AUDREY: Hays, Grad., Educ.; HERL, TOM: Hays, B.S. in Bus. Adm.; HERMAN, GARY: Utica, B.A., History, History Club, SEA, Phi Alpha Theata, S.P.E.B.S.- Q.S.A.; HERMAN, ROBERT: Hays, Grad., Psych. 253 Mrs. Cunningham and the President enjoy their last spring in the Presi- dential Residence on campus. Dr. John Gustad will replace the retiring President. Seniors He-Ho HERRMAN, JOSEPH: Utica, B.S. in Agric., Collegiate 4-H, Soil Conservation Society of America, Delta Tau Alpha, Newman Club; HERZOG, MILFORD: WaKeeney, B.S. in Bus.; HEWES, DANNY: Cimarron, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda, Alpha Kappa Psi; HEWES, MICHAEL: Cimarron, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda; HEWETT, DANA: Almena, B.S., Math, Geology, Delta Sig, Rev- eille Staff, Geology Club. HICKS, ROSLYN: Sterling, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, Spanish Club; HIGGINS, PATRICK: Hays, B.A., Pol., Sci., Delta Sig; HILDEBRAND, CARMELITA: Paradise, B.S. in Elem. Educ., Mixed Chorus, Girls Choir, Dean ' s Honor Roll; HILL, KENT: Hays, B.S. in Agric., Sigma Chi; HILL, VENITA: Satanta, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA. HINTZ, AGNES: Salina, B.S. in Art, Gamma Sigma Sigma, SNEA; HINTZ, SANDRA: Hays, B.A., History, Phi Alpha Theta, German Club, CYR; HIRSCH, KATHLEEN: Ellinwood, B.A., Eng.; HLADEK, GLENN: WaKeeney, B.S., Speech Therapy, Sig Ep, Sigma Alpha Eta; HOAR, RETA: Hill City, B.S. in Spec. Educ., SCEC, SNEA. HOLIDAY, CYNTHIA: LaCrosse, B.A. in Art, DZ (Pres.), (V- Pres.), AWS, A and L Comm.; HOLLIDAY, PAUL: Long Island, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Delta Sig, Intramurals, PEMC; HOLZ- MEISTER, SHERRY: Hays, B.S. in Elem. Educ., AGD, SNEA, New- man Club; HONOMICHL, STEPHEN: Hays, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi (Treas.); HOOPER, J. CURTIS: Smith Center, B.S. in Bus., Delta Sig (E.L. Chairman), Tigers Roar, Social Director of Agnew Hall. 254 Seniors Ho-Ke HOWARD, RONALD: Kismet, B.S., Zoology; HOWARTER, PATRICIA: Dodge City, B.S. in Bus. Educ., Pi Omega Pi (V- Pres.); HOWERTON, JACK: Pawnee Rock, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club, SNEA; HOYT, SHERYLE: Hays, B.S. Geology, AGD; HUDSON, JAMES: Macksville, B.S., Math-Geology, Geol- ogy Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Honors Program, Phi Eta Sigma. HUEBNER, DENNIS: Bushton, B.S., Math; HUMPHREY, D. K.: Russell, B.S. in Phys. Educ., AAHPER, MPEC, SNEA, KAHPER, Concert Choir; HUNT, CONNIE: Phillipsburg, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; HUPACH, GEORGE: Concordia, B.S. in Bus.; HUSER, MARIE: Hays, B.S. in Bus., Newman Club. HUSSEY, MERLIN: Goodland, B.S., Geology, Sigma Chi, SNEA; HUTTER, TOM: Hoisington, B.S. in Phys. Educ., SNEA, KAHPER; IFLAND, KENT: Gaylord, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; IRBY, LEO: Satina, B.S. in Bus.; IRWIN, CONNIE: Hill City, B.A., Eng. JACOBS, DONALD: Liberal, B.S., Bio; JAMES EUGENE: Wichita, B.S. in Phys. Educ., MPEC, SNEA, KAHPER; JEFFREY, SYLVIA: Scott City, B.S. in Elem. Educ., Tri Sig, SNEA; JENKINSON, SUSAN: Meade, B.A., History; JENNINGS, DAVID: Oakley, B.S. in Bus., Sigma Chi. JENSEN JUDITH: Gem, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; JOHNSON, JOLENE: Pratt, B.S. in Home Econ., SK, ASC; JOHNSON, LARRY: Hill City, B.A., History, Phi Kappa Phi; JOHNSON, LEON: Co- lumbia, S.C. Grad., Psych; JOHNSON, MICHAEL: Courtland, B.S. in Bus., Phi Mu Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi, Sig Ep (V-Pres.). JONES, LOUISE: Gorham, B.S. in Elem. Educ.; JONES, MARY: Salina, B.A., Eng.; JORGENSEN, CHARLOTTE: Lincoln, B.S. in Phys. Educ., WRA, SNEA, Eta Rho Epsilon (Pres.); JOSSERAND, JERILYN: Johnson, B.S. in Elem. Educ.; JOSSERAND, MICHAEL: Johnson, B.A., Pol. Sci., CYR, Sig Ep (Pres.), IFC. JOY, ALLEN: Garden City, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; JOYCE, JILL: Ulysses, B.S. in Art, AGD; JOYCE, RICHARD: Hugoton, B.S. in Bus.; JUNGER, JOHN: Medicine Lodge, B.A., Eng., Lambda lota Tau, CYD, Newman Club, Little Theatre; KAMPE, LANNY: Norton, B.A., Bio. KARLIN, PAT: Hays, B.S., Gen. Sci., Newman Club; KARST, SUSAN: Plainville, B.S., Gen. Sci.; KATZENMEIER, BARBARA: Ashland, B.A., Psych., Kappa Delta Sigma; KEATING, JO: Hays, B.A., Soc., AWS (Pres.), CCC, Memorial Union Program Coun- cil; KEELEY, LINDA: Radium, B.S. in Elem. Educ., Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA, Newman Club, Spanish Club. KEENAN, DENNY: Seward, B.A., Pol. Sci., CYD (Pres.); KELLER, MARTHA: WaKeeney, B.S. in Bus. Educ.; KELLEY, BRENDA: Great Bend, B.M., Music, Tri Sig, Concert Choir, Fort Hays Singers; KELLEY, JOSEPH: Worland, Wyo., B.S. in Bus., Sigma Chi; KEMP, WILLIAM: Winona, B.S. in Phys, Educ., AKL, MPEC, KAHPER. 255 Seniors Ke-Le KENNEDY, DIANA: Russell, B.S. in El em. Educ.; KENNEDY, JAMES A.: Russell, B. S„ Math; KENNEDY, MAX: Hoxie, B.S., Math, SNEA, Kappa Mu Epsilon; KENYON, AlAN: Bogue, B.A., History, Phi Alpha Theta, Newman Club, CYR; KENYON, MARLENE: Randall, B.A., Speech, Sigma Alpha Eta. KERNOHAN, BEVERLY: Meade, B.S. in Bus., Kansas CPA Scholar; KERR, GLORIA: Ness City, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SK (Pres.); KHONGCHANTRA, BUNLUE: Thailand, Grad., M.S., Soc.; KIL- BOURNE, BONNIE: Garden City, B.S. in Home Econ., SK, Home Econ. Club; KINDLER, LINDA: Beloit, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spurs. KING, PHIL: Albuquerque, N. M., B. S. in Phys. Educ. and Speech, Little Theatre, MPEC, Football (Asst. Coach); KING, SANDRA: Liberal, B. A., Soc., WRA, French Club; KIRK, AN- DREA: Salina, B. S. in Phys. Educ. and B. M., Music, Eta Rho Epsilon, WRA, KMEA, MENC, FHSP (Pres.); KIRK, GARY: Good- land, B. S. in Bus. Adm; KIRK, LINDA: Goodland, B. S, in Elem. Educ., AWS. KIRKHAM, REBECCA: Wallace, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; KITTS, NANCY: Bucklin, B.S., Gen. Sci., KSSNA; KITTS, ROBERT: For- moso, B.S. in Bus. Adm., Phi Beta Lambda; KLAUS, LARRY: Hays, Grad., Bus., Phi Beta lambda; KLEVER, JAMES: Plattsmouth, Neb., B.A., Psych. KLINE, BARBARA: Great Bend, B.S. in Elem. Educ., Spanish Club, SNEA, Concert Band; KLOPFENSTEIN, MIKE: Lawrence, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda; KOELLER, D. JOHN: Russell, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda, Veterans Club, Newman Club, CYD; KOLACNY, ELIZABETH: Hays, B.A., Eng., AGD, French Club; KOLODICK, RICHARD: Punxsutawney, Pa., B.S. in Elem. Educ., Football, SNEA. KOUGH, RONALD: Winona, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; KRAUS, RICHARD: Grainfield, B. S., Physics and Math, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Newman Club; KREHBIEL, BARBARA: Healy, B. S., Gen. Sci.; KROEGER, IRENE: Ellis, B. S. in Bus., SNEA; KUHL- MAN, JAMES: Great Bend, B. S. in Bus., Phi Mu Alpha. KULP, RAYMOND: Haddam, B. S. in Bus.; KUNG, ELLEN: China, Grad., Bus.; LAKSANAKORN, WIWAT: Thailand, Grad., Econ.; LAMB, GARY: Bird City, B. A., History, AKL, CYR, Phi Alpha Theta; LAMAN: STEPHEN: Portis, B. A., Eng., Men ' s Glee Club, SNEA. LAMBERT, THERESA: Belleville, B. A., Spanish and Soc., Spanish Club (Pres.), Gamma Delta (Treas.), CYR.; LANDIS, ERRYN: Courtland, B. S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda, KSTA, SNEA; LANG, LLOYD: Hays, B. S. in Bus., Newman Club; LANGLOIS, GARY: Dodge City, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; LARUE, DON: Jennings, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, KSTA. LATTIN, BILL: Smith Center, B. S„ Chem., Chem. Club; LAWRENCE, PAUL: Shields, B. S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; LAWTON, CHAD: Lawrence, B. S. in Bus.; LEE, DENNIS: Min- neola, B. A., Psych., Sigma Chi; LEGLEITER, LYNN: LaCrosse, B. A., Speech, Tri Sig, WLO, Tigers Roar. 256 Senior nursing student Pam Thurman Larsen was named State Student Nurse of the Year. Seniors Le-Li LEHMAN, DON: Gypsum, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SCEC; LEICK, ROGER: Prairie Village, B.S. in Bus.; LEIKER, ANTHONY: Hays, B.A., Soc.; LEITNER, EUGENE: Herndon, B.S., Math., Alpha Phi Omega, Football; LEITNER, JAMES: Herndon, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club. LEITNER, RONALD: Herndon, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Kappa Psi, Newman Club; LEONARD, JAMES: Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Grad., Clinical Psych.; LESOVSKY, DON: Cuba, B.S., Math; LESOVSKY, TERRY: Cuba, B.A., Soc., Spurs, French Club, Tiger ' s Roar, AWS, WRA; LESTER, JAMES: Caddo, Okla., Grad., Bot., Beta Beta Beta. LETOURNEAU, CHARLENE: Aurora, B.A, Soc., Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi, Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors Program; LEWIS, F. RAY: Healy, B.A., Psych., CYR (Treas.), UCF, Soc. Club, P-t-P, Psych. Club; LIANG, HENRY: China, Grad., Bus.; LINDEN, FRANCES: Colby, B.A., Eng., Newman Club, SNEA, KATE, Spanish Club; LIENMAN, JOHN: Morland, B.S. in Bus. LINDER, DARLENE: Langdon, B ' .S. in Phys. Educ., Alpha Lamb- da Delta (V-Pres.), Spurs, AWS, Orchesis, McMindes Hall Pres.; LINDSAY, WILLIAM: Holyrood, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; LINDSLEY, STEPHEN: LaCrosse, B.A., Soc., Psych.; LINENBERGER, JUDITH: Hays, B.S. in Nurse Educ.; LIPPOLD, JERRY: Herndon, B.S., Math, Alpha Phi Omega, Intramural Bas- ketball, Music Chairman on Memorial Union Program Council. 257 Seniors Li-Me LITSON, LAWRENCE: Gove, B.A., Pol. Sci., Alpha Phi Omega, FHSP; LIVENGOOD, RODNEY: Greensburg, B.S. in Bus., Agric., Phi Beta Lambda, CYR, Intramurals, Soil Conservation Society of America, Memorial Union Program Council; LOCKHART, JAMES: Stockton, B.S in Bus.; LOGAN, LEON: Scott City, B.S. in Bus., Sig Ep (Comptroller), Wiest Hall Treas; LOHMANN, ARLETA: Lincoln, B.S. in Home Econ., Sophomore Women ' s Honorary (Pres.), Kappa Omicron Phi (V-Pres.), Gamma Delta, Collegiate 4-H, KHERA. LONG, HARRY: Neola, Iowa, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA (Treas.), (Publicity Chm.); LORANCE, SHERYL: Almena, B.S. in Spec. Educ., SNEA, SCEC (Treas.); LOSEY, BETSY: Hays, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; LOSEY, LINDA: Oakley, B.S. in Bus. Adm., Pi Omega Pi, Phi Beta Lambda; LOBE, BEVERLY: Burrton, B.S. in Elem. Educ., Tau Beta Sigma, SNEA. LOVE, STEVE: Hutchinson, B.S. in Bus.; LOVETTE, ARLYN: Lewis, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi; LOVIN, VERNON: Plainville, B.A. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; LUSK, DONNA: Tribune, BA., History, Phi Alpha Theta, (Sec.-Treas.), SNEA; LYNCH, DUR- WARD, B.S., Gen. Sci., Diploma in Nursing. LYNCH, KAY: Hays, B.S., Art; McCANCE, DON: Salina, Grad., Art; McCLAREN, FREDRICK: Mullinville, B.S. in Bus. Adm.; Mc- CLELLAN, GARY: Zurich, B.S. in Bus., B.A., Soc., Symphonic Band, Marching Band; McFALL, MARGENE: Pratt, B.S. in Home Econ., Kappa Omicron Phi (Cor. Sec.) McFALL, MICHAEL: Coats, B.S. in Agric, Delta Tau Alpha; Mc- LELAND, JOE: Great Bend, B.S., AAath.; McMULLEN, DONALD: Norton, B.S. in Agric., Soil Conservation Society of America; McNEARNEY, JAMES: Scott City, B.S. in Bus.; McVEY, CHARLES: Lakin, B.S. in Bus., AKL. MABRY, ANN: Lincoln, B.S. in Elem. Educ., Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA, WLO; MACHART, MARIE: Oberlin, B.S. in Home Econ., SNEA, FHSP, KHEA; MAI, ALLAN: Protection, B.A., Math., K- Club, Tennis; MAI, TERRY: Russell, B.M., Music Educ., Phi Mu Alpha; MANOT, MARTIN: Scott City, B.S. in Bus. Admn., Delta Sig. MANNING, ELLEN: Lamed, B.S. in Science, Diploma in Nursing; MAPES, MARY: Natoma, B.A., History, WLO, Spurs, IRC, P-t-P, Phi Alpha Theta; MARGHEIM, BECKY: Great Bend, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; MARKLEY, JOHNNY: Lincoln, B.A., History, Phi Alpha Theta, SNEA; MARKS, MARY: Atwood, B.A., Foreign Language, Spanish Club, German Club, Newman Club. MARSH, LEMEUL: Almena, B.S in Spec., Educ., CYR, SCEC (V- Pres.); MARSH, JERRY: Concordia, B.A., History, Seventh Ca- valry, Phi Alpha Theta; MARSH, ROBERT: Arkansas City, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Baseball; MARTI, KAREN: Bern, B.S. in Agric., Rodeo Club, Soil Conservation Society of America; MARTIN, JAMES: Chase, B.A., History. MASON, CHARLES: Salina, B.S. in Bus. Adm.; MASON, MARIET- TA: Salina, B.S. in Bus. Adm., Newman Club, Dames Club; MASSAGLIA, NANCY: Stockton, B.S. in Home Econ., Dames Club, P-t-P, Gamma Delta, KHEA; MAUCH, ROGER: Casper, Wyo., B.S. in Ind. Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau; MEENEN, DENA: Clifton, B.S., Math., Spurs, Kappa Mu Epsilon (V-Pres.), WLO (Treas.). 258 Seniors Me-No MEHRINGER, DANIEL: Kinsley, B. A., Psych., SCEC, Newman Club, FHSP; MEIS, FRED: Jamestown, B. A., Speech, KFHS; MEIER, KENNETH: Rozel, B. S., Math., American Institute of Physics; MERRITT, HAZEL: Ellis, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; MEYER, RICHARD: Concordia, B. S. in Bus., Phi Sig. MICHAELIS, LINDA: Russell, B. A., History, AWS (Rep.), Sigma Alpha lota (Pres., V-Pres.), SNEA, CYR, German Club; MICH- AELIS, WILMA: Utica, B. S. in Bus., Eta Rho Epsilon, Phi Beta Lambda, WRA, Intramurals; MIDGORDEN, J. S.: Great Bend, B.A., History, Alpha Phi Omega, German Club, History Club; MILLER, CHERIE: Agra, B. S., Eng. ; MILLER, DEANNA: Ulysses, Alpha Lambda Delta, CYR, SNEA, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda lota Tau. MILLER, JANICE: Studley, B. S. in Elem. Educ. SNEA, Orchesis, MILLER, LELA: Albert, B. S. in Home Econ.; MILLER, PEGGY: Oberlin, B. A., Eng.; MILLER, STEPHEN: Albert, B. S. in Bus. Adm., CYR, ASC, Football; MILLER, VIRGINIA: Lamed, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, SCEC. MILLER, WANDA: Hays, B. S. in Elem. Educ. SNEA, SCEC; MILLION, LAVERN: Hays, Fort Hays Singers; MILLS, MAXINE: Russell, B. A., Eng.; MITSUHASKI, TAKAE: Japan, Grad., Eng.; MOCK, JANET: Denver, Colo., B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA. MONTGOMERY, JAMES: Ransom, B. S. in Bus., Alpha Phi Omega (V-Pres.), Alpha Kappa Psi (V-Pres.); MOORE, DON: Clyde, B. A., Psych.; MOORE, RODNEY: Clyde, B. S. in Bus. Adm.; MORFORD, RONALD: Hays, B. S., Chem., Chemistry Club, BSM; MORGAN, JUDY: Montezuma, B. S. in Educ., Little Theatre, CYR, SNEA. MORRIS, JANET: Page City, Grad., Econ.; MORRIS, LEON: Colby, B. S. in Agric., Bus., Soil Conservation Society of America (Treas.); MORRIS, TERRY: Burr Oak, B. A. in Bus.; MORTON, RONALD: Oberlin, B. A., Pol. Sci., Alpha Phi Omega; MOljDEN, WARD: Prairie Village, Grad., Bus. MURPHY, ROBERT: Hays, B. A., Pol. Sci, Delta Sig, Track; MUSSELWHITE, PATRICIA: Hutchinson, B. A. in Elem. Educ.; MYERS, PHILLIP: Great Bend, B. S., Math.; NAGEL, CONNIE: LaCrosse, B. A., Soc.; NAGEL, SHARON: LaCrosse, B. S. in Elem. Educ, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spurs, Sigma Alpha lota, WLO. NAKAHARA, OSAMU: Japan, Grad., Bus.; NEAL, CAROL: Sa- tanta, B. S. in Elem. Educ, SNEA; NEELY, ZELDA: Hays, Grad., Eng., Lambda lota Tau; NELSON, CHARLOTTE: Hays, B. S. in Elem. Educ. Sophomore Womens Honorary; NELSON, JO ANN: Collyer, B. S. in Home Econ., CYR, Homecoming Queen Candi- date, AGD. NICHOLAS, WENDELL: Johnson, B. S., Zoology, Sig Ep, Seventh Cavalry, Beta Beta Beta, Rhi Beta Sigma; NICOLL, SANDRA: Russell, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; NOLAN, LYNNETTE: St. Francis, B. A. in Art, Spanish Club, Dames Club, SNEA; NOLAN, STEVEN: St. Francis, B. S. in Agric., Delta Tau Alpha (V-Pres.), Soil Conservation Society of America (V-Pres.); NORRIS, JOSEPH: Coats, B. A., Eng.-Journ., Sigma Chi (Pres.), Seventh Cavalry, Phi Eta Sigma, Leader Bus. Mgr. 259 Seniors No-Pa NORTH, WILMA: Ness City, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; NUL- TON, NEIL: Hays, B. S. in Art, Phi Eta Sigma, FHSP, Veterans Club; NUSBAUM, DIANE: St. John, B. A., History, Alpha Lambda Delta; OBLENESS, GLORIA: Scott City, B. S., Gen. Sci., OBORNY, LARRY: Hays, Grad., Zoology. OCHS, JOHN: Utica, B. S. in Bus., Delta Sig.; O ' DELL, LINDA: St. John, B. S., Math, WRA, AWS, Collegian Chorale, Acapella Choir; ODLE, STANLEY: Glen Elder, B. S. in Agric., TKE; OEUSOONTHORNWATTANA, PHONGSRI: Thailand, Grad., Bus.; OKESON, DONALD: Weskan, B. S. in Agric., Intramurals. OLSON, GALEN: Herndon, B. M., Music, Phi Mu Alpha, Fort Hays Singers, Concert Choir; OLSON, KATHERINE: Colby, B. A., Speech, SNEA, Honors Program, WLO, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who- OLSON, RICHARD: Colby, B. S., Geology, Stern- berg Geology Club (Pres., Sec.); OLSON, STEVE: Russell, B. S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi, UCF; ORCHARD, GARY: Kanorado, B. S. in Elem. Educ., KFHS, SNEA. OSBORNE, MARSHA: Hanston, B. S., Bot., Beta Beta Beta. OVERMILLER, MARIE: Lebanon, B. A., Soc., CYR (Sec.), Soc. Club. PAGET, KENNETH: Lebanon, B. S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi (Sec.), intramurals. PALMER, DON: Hays, B. S. in Phys. Educ., MPEC, SNEA, Vet- erans Club, Impromptwo ' s. PALMER, LON: Hays, B. S. in Phys. Educ., Impromptwo ' s, Veterans Club, MPEC. PATTON, RONALD: Scott City, B. S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club. Tom Toepfer, campus mailroom employee, works at sorting mail to be delivered to the various campus departments as well as outgoing mail. The campus post office is located in Sheridan Coliseum. Seniors Pe-Pr PEARSON, SHELDON: Simpson, B. A., History; PENIX, BETTY: Quinter, B. S. in Elem. Educ.; PERRYMAN, MELVA: Mullinville, B. S. in Home Econ., Dames Club, WRA, Collegiate 4-H, KFHS, Second Generation Club (Pres.); PESICKA, GILA: Otis, B. S. in Elem. Educ.; PETERSON, NANCY: Norton, B. S. in Elem. Educ., AWS, SNEA, Newman Club. PETRACEK, HERBERT: Hays, Grad., Econ., Newman Club, ASC. (Graduate Rep.), Veterans Club; PETRYSZYN, HELEN: Halstead, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; PETRYSZYN, YAROSLAW: Ulysses, Grad., Zoology; PFANNENSTIEL, MARY: Hays, B. S., Gen. Sci., Newman Club; PFEIFER, LINDA: Studley, B. S., Gen. Sci., Newman Club. PFEIFER, MARY: Bogue, B. M„ Music; PHELAN, PATRICK: Holy- rood, B. S. in Phys. Educ.; PHILLIPS, CONNIE: Selden, B. S. in Elem. Educ.; PHILLIPS, GARY: Hays, B. S., Math, SNEA, Intramural Basketball; PICKETT, JERI: Edson, B. S. in Educ. PIKE, JANET: Ashland, B. S. in Home Econ., KHEA; PLATTNER, EARL: Bucklin, B. S. in Phys. Educ., Track, Cross Country; PLOWMAN, DONNITTA: Dodge City, B. A. in Language, Spanish Club; PLOWMAN, RICHARD: Macksville, B. S. in Spec. Educ.; PLUMMER, JIMMY: Cunningham, B. S. in Bus. Adm., B. A., Pol. Sci. POLLOCK, CARL: Larned, B. A., Soc.; PORTER, JANET: Prairie View, B. S. in Speech Correction, Sigma Alpha Eta, SNEA; PORTER, STEVE: Hugoton, B. A. in Bus., Delta Sig; POWELL, REX: Hays, B. S. in Art; PRATT, FRED: Hill City, B. S. in Bus. Adm., Intramural Football (Mgr. and Coach) Obituary — Warren D. Allen Warren D. Allen, Ellis senior, was found dead in his car Jan. 29 about two miles east of Hays on Interstate 70. Allen was in the FHS Honors Pro- gram and was a member of German Club. Survivors are his mother, Mrs. Helen Allen of Ellis; a brother, Pvt. James Allen with the U. S. Army, and grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Meyn, also of Ellis. 261 Seniors Pr-Ro PRATT, JAMES: Wichita, B.A., Pol. Sci., CYD. PRATT, VESTA: Pine, B.S. in Art and Bos. Adm. PRICE, GREGORY: Osborne, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Si ' g Ep, MPEC, KAHPER. PROSSER, ELAINE: Clafiin, B.S. in Elem. Educ., Newman Club (Sec., V-Pres.), SNEA; PUCKETT, MARGO: WaKeeney, B.A., Eng., QUINT, SHIRLEY: Hill City, B.S., Gen. Sci., Nurses ' Club, KSSNA, AWS; RAFFERTY, CURTIS: Mankato, B.S. in Bus. Adm.; RAHIMIAN, NASSER: Iran, B.S., Bio. RAILS BACK, THOMAS: Oberlin, B.M., Music Educ., Phi Mu Al- pha, CYR, BSM, MENC; RANDELS, LUANA: Pratt, B.S. in Phys. Educ., WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon, SNEA; RASH, LeROY: Albany, Ore., B.S. in Bus.; RASMUSSEN, RITA: Grand Island, Neb. B.M., Music Educ., AWS, Sigma Alpha lota (V-Pres.), Fort Hays Singers, Concert Choir; RATHBUN, CARLA: Coldwater, B.S. in Phys. Educ., SK, Eta Rho Epsilon. RATHBUN, LINDA: Coldwater, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SK; RAY, LINDA: Dodge City, B.S. in Elem. Educ., AGD, SNEA, Tiger Debs, Little Theatre; RAYNES, CLINTON: Great Bend, B.M. Mu- sic, Phi Mu Alpha, (Pres.), MENC; REAM, RONALD: Great Bend, B.S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; REED, CHERYL: St. John, B.S., History. REICHENBORN, DAN: Dodge City, B.S. in Educ.; REINERT, DEN- NIS: Esbon, B.S. in Agric., Delta Tap Alpha; REINERT, JIM: En- sign, B.S. in Agric. AKL; REYNOLDS, CAROL: Rush Center, B.S. in Elem. Educ.; RICKE, LEON: Hays, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club. RIEDEL, WILLIAM: Hays, B.S. in Bus.; RIEKENBERG, JOHN: Syl- van Grove, B.S., Math, Kappa Mu Epsilon, American Physics Society, Phi Kappa Phi; RISELEY, JERRY: Stockton, Grad., Educ.; RIXON, KENT: St. John. B.S. in Bus. and Agric., AKL; ROBBEN, SUSAN: Hays, B.S., Bio. ROBERTS, GUY: Grants Pass, Ore., Grad., Psych; ROBERTSON, LARRY: Oberlin, B.S., Physics, American Physics Society, Sym- phonic Band; ROBINSON, ANALEE: Hays, B.A., Psych., Phi Kap- pa Phi, Kappa Delta Sigma; ROBINSON, DAVE: Hays, B.A., Psych., TKE; ROBINSON, NANCY: Cawker City, B.A., History, SNEA, CYR, History Club. The Tiger mascot could be seen at all games cheer- ing for his team and keeping the crowd laughing with his antics. Seniors Ro-Sc ROBINSON, MARY: Oberlin, B. S. in Bus. Educ., SK, Pi Omega Pi, SNEA, Phi Beta Lambda, Panhellenic Council (Pres.); ROBIN- SON, PEGGY: Dodge City, B. S. in Bus. Educ.; ROCKWELL, SUE: Hays, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Speech Therapy, AGD, Spurs, Sigma Alpha Eta (Corr. Sec.), AWS, Student-Faculty Retreat; ROGERS, DONNA: Atwood, B. S., Math., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Spurs (Sec.), ASC, SNEA; ROGERS, MARILYN: Quinter, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Collegian Chorale. ROGERS, THOMAS: Pretty Prairie, B. S., Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club (Sgt. at Arms); ROHLEDER, GEORGE: Garden City, B. S., Ind. Arts; ROHLEDER, KENNETH: Hays, B. S. in Bus. Adm.; ROLAND, JEAN: Hays, Grad., Speech, Forensics; ROLAND, WILLIAM: Hays, Grad., Educ. ROLFS, LAVETTA: Hays, B. S. in Elem. Educ, SK, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Spurs, Dames Club, SNEA; ROONEY, CONNIE: Dodge City, B. S. in Bus. Educ.; ROSE, FRANKLIN: Greensburg, B. S., Gen Sci.; ROSE, THEDA: Greensburg, B. S. in Elem. Educ.; ROSS, KENNETH: Hays, B. A., Eng., Newman Club, Reveille Staff, Leader Staff (Man. Editor), ASC. ROTH, CECIL: Bison, B. S., Math.; ROUNKLES, PENNY: Paradise, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; ROWH, JAY: Norton, B. S. in Phys. Educ., SNEA, V-Pres. of Freshman Class, KAHPER; RUDA, LUCILLE: Atwood, B. S. in Elem. Educ., WLO, Intramurals, WRA, Newman Club; RUDER, EARL: Hays, B. S., Math., March- ing Band, Concert Band. RUDER, SHARON: Hays, B. S., Math., Kappa Mu Epsilon (Sec.- Treas.), Newman Club; RUSSELL, BERDENE: Pawnee Rock, B. A., History, Honorary History Fraternity; RUTT, NADEUN: Hastings, Neb., Grad., Eng.; RYAN, RUTH: Nekoma, B. A. in Art, SNEA; RYNERSON, ELAINE: Jetmore, B. A., Eng., French Club, AWS, Phi Beta Lambda, SNEA, CYR. SALLEE, JAMES: St. John, B. S. in Agric.; SALTER, STEVE: Gar- den City, B. A. in Phys. Educ., MPEC, SNEA, Basketball; SAMPSON, JOHN: Salina, B. S., Soc., Delta Sig, Wiest Hall Res. Assistant; SANDERS, JUDITH: Hays, B.S. in Elem. Educ., CYR, Newman Club, Tigers Roar, SNEA, Leader Staff; SAYLOR, E. HAROLD: Hays, B. S., Psych. SCANTLIN, WILLIAM: Liberal, B. S., Chem., Sigma Chi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, American Chemical Society, Chem. Club; SCARROW, BOYD: Mankato, B. S. in Bus.; SCHAFER, GEANENE: LaCrosse, B. A., Eng., WLO, Tiger ' s Roar; SCHAFFER, JAMES: LaCrosse, B. S. in Bus., Phi Sig (V-Pres., Treas., Pledge Master); SCHEP- MANN, VERN: Bushton, B. S., Gen. Sci. SCHIEWE, RONALD: Preston, B. S. in Bus., Math.; SCHILTZ, BARBARA: Selden, B. S., Gen. Sci., Diploma in Nursing; SCHLAEFLI, RICHARD: Cawker City, Soil Conservation Society of America, Delta Tau Alpha; SCHLAGECK, JOHN: Hoxie, B. A., Pol. Sci., CYD; SCHMIDT, JOHN: LaCrosse, B. S., Math., Phi Sig. SCHMIDT, RETHA: Ellis, B. S., Gen. Sci.; SCHMIDT, RUSSELL: Syracuse, B. A., Spanish; SCHMIDT, SHIRLEY: Hays, B. S. in Bus. Adm., Newman Club; SCHMIDT, TIMOTHY: Hays, B. S. in Bus. Adm.; SCHMUTZ, DALE: Abilene, B. S., Pol. Sci., AKL. 263 Seniors Sc-Se SCHNATTERLY, ARTHUR: Hays, B. S. in Bus. Adm., Sig Tau, Alpha Kappa Psi, Who s Who, Phi Kappa Phi; SCHNATTERLY, MARTHA: Hays, B. S. in Elem. Educ., WLO, SNEA; SCHNOEB- ELEN, MARK: Lewis, B. S. in ind. Arts; SCHOENTHALER, CHERYL; Ellis, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Tri-Sig (Pres., V.-Pres.), Tigers Roar, Homecoming Queen Candidate; SCHON, WAYNE: Hays, B. A., Psych. SCHRADER, STUART: Kinsley, B. S. in Bus., AKL. SCHREIBER, RICHARD: Downs, Grad., Zoology. SCHREIBER, THOMAS: Nickerson, B. A. in Bus., Sig Ep. SCHREINER, DON: Hays, B. A., Psych., SCEC. SCHREMMER, ALAN: Great Bend, B. S. in Bus. Adm. SCHRFMMER, JANET: Great Bend, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Delta Delta Delta, SNEA. SCHULTE, LAVERN: Gorham, B. S. in Bus., Econ., Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Beta Lambda, Newman Club; SCHULTE, RONALD: Cawker City, B. S. in Phys. Educ.; SCHUMACHER, PHYLLIS: Munjor, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, Newman Club; SCHUP- MAN, MARILYN: Hays, B. A., History, Newman Club, History Club; SCHWEIN, RICHARD: Atchison, B. A., Eng., Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Leader Editor, Reveille Sports Editor, Concert Choir, President ' s Dinner Committee. SCOTT, DWAYNE: Hays, B. A., Psych., Chi Alpha (Pres.); SEBAUGH, TAMARA: Norcatur, B.M., Music Educ., Sigma Alpha lota, Collegian Chorale; SEEMAN, ELAINE: Larned, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, Newman Club; SEEMAN, JOYCE: Larned, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; SEKAVEC, DALE: Brownell, B. A., Psych., Phi Mu Alpha, Collegian Chorale. Six foot, eight inches tall, Martin Howgill practices jumping before the Tigers meet tough competition. ILA H+S Humphrey sco X T porgeojiSTiTUTioNAi AMENDMt) BAYOUTh SSfc PBIMTCS Campaign posters were seen both on campus and off this fall. Seniors Se-Sp SELTMANN, TERRY: Nekoma, Grad., Chem ; SERVICE, WILLIAM: Kansas City, B. S. in Bus. Adm., Intramurals, Newman Club, Phi Beta Lambda; SEUFER, DONALD: Holly, Colo., B. S., Geology, Rodeo Club, Geology Club; SEYB, MARILYN: Johnson, B. S. in Gen. Sci, Diploma in Nursing; SHAFER, LAWRENCE: Plevna, B. A., History. SHANNON, JOYCE: Lincoln, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Tri-Sig, Tigers Roar, SNEA; SHARIFI, I RAJ: Iran, Grad., Chem., P-t-P (Pres.). SHERRILL, ROGER: Liberal, B. S., Math., Soc.; SHRADER, RICH- ARD: Lenora, B. S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda, Memorial Union Program Council. SIMPSON, GREG: Ransom, B. S. in Phys. Educ., Intramurals, SNEA, MPEC; SIRIRATTNA, SURIYA: Thailand, Grad, Econ. SKURAT, DENNIS: Ansonia, Conn., B. S. in Elem. Educ., Foot- ball; SLATTERY, RICHARD: Dodge City, B. S. in Bus., Sig Tau, Memorial Union Program Council. SLAVIK, DALE: Kensington, B. S. in Bus. Adm.; SLIMMER, VIRGINIA: Plainville, B. S. in Home Econ., Art, Kappa Omicron Phi (Recording Sec.), KHEA, SNEA. SMALL, IOLA: Alden, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Collegiate 4-H, FHSP, SNEA, ICF; SMITH, DEBORAH: Russell Springs, B. A., Soc.; SMITH, IVALEE: Coldwater, KHEA, WRA, AWS, SNEA, Nursing Club; SMITH, KENNETH: Natoma, B. A., History, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta; SMITH, MARY: Jewell, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, Pres, of Agnew Hall, UCF. SMITH, MARY LOU: Garden City, B. S. in Educ., Sigma Alpha Eta, Debate; SMITH, PEGGY: Scott City, B. S., Gen. Sci.; SMITH, ROBERT: Russell Springs, B. S. in Econ.; SMITH, SPENCER: Hazelton, Grad., Art; SONGER, HERBERT: Lincoln, Grad., Coun- seling, TKE. SONGER, SHERYL: Ellis, Tri-Sig, SNEA; SNODGRASS, CAROL: Kansas City, B. S., Gen. Sci., Diploma in Nursing; SOOBY, ALICE: Stockton, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; SPARKS, MARJORIE: Hays, B. S., Math., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA; SPELLMAN, STEVE: Sublette, B. S. in Phys. Educ., KAHPER, AAHPER. 26 Seniors Sp-Su SPILLMAN, KATHLEEN: Garfield, B. S. in Elem. Educ.; SPRICK, ROGER: Prairie View, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; SPRINGSTED, KAREN: Dodge City, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; SRAMEK, DEBBY: McDonald, B. S. in Bus. Adm., Rodeo Club, Newman Club; STAGNER, GENE: Fowler, B. S., Geology. STANSEL, LYNN: Hutchinson, B. S. in Bus., AKL; STANTON, DELBERT: Stockton, B. S., Gen. Sep STANTON, LOREN: Inde- pendence, Mo., B. A., Pol. 5cL„ leader (Sports Ed.); STANTON, WALTA: Hays, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, Alpha Lambda Delta, WLO, SK, Second Generation Club; STAPLETON, JAMES: Jewell, B. S. in Bus. Adm. STAPP, LARRY: Norcatur, B. S. in Bus.; STEELE, MARLENE: Halstead, B.S., Math; STEICHEN, JOHN: Lenora, Grad., Econ.; STEIN, DEAN: Plainville, CYR, K-Club; STEIN, DIXIE: Albert, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Gamma Delta, CYR, SNEA, Mascom. The winter flu epidemic brought a large and varied assortment of stu- dents to the Student Health Service, and photographer Steve Eller was on hand to record the happenings. STEITZ, LINDA: Bison, B. A., Eng., Spanish Club, CYR, ASC, Leader, Gamma Delta; STEWART, CAROL: Coldwater, B. S. in Educ., SNEA, SK, CYR, Alpha Lambda Delta; STEWART, MARY: Lindsborg, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, Spanish Club; STEWART, RICK: Hill City, B. S. in Ind. Arts; STEWART, WAYNE: Shields, B. A., Chem., Chem. Club (Pres.). STOOPS, ALLEN: Sawyer, B. S. in Agric. and Bus.; STRANA- THAN, SIDNEY: Kiowa, B. S. in Educ., Sigma Chi; STREIT, JAMES: Clayton, B. S. in Bus. Adm., Sigma Chi, Newman Club; SUELTER, ROBERT: Ellsworth, B. A., Pol. Sci., Alpha Phi Omega (Sec.), CYR, SNEA; SULLIVAN, LAVERA: Hoisington, B. S. in Bus. Educ. 266 Seniors Su-Ur SULLIVAN, LYNDA: Pratt, B. S. in Phys. Educ., Eta Rho Epsilon, SNEA, Memorial Union Program Council, WRA; SULLIVAN, RITA: Ulysses, B. S. in Bus., Alpha Sigma Tau, Intramurals, Rodeo Club, Phi Beta Lambda, Agnew Hall Sec.; SULZMAN, RONALD: Hays, B. S. in Bus.; SUMMERS, DARRELL: Hunter, B. S., Bio.; SUPKEIT, ORARAT: Thailand, Grad., Bus. SWANK, KAYE: Osborne, B. A., History, Tri-Sig, Spurs, AWS; TANGEMAN, ELEANOR: Hays, B. S. in Elem. Educ.; TAYLOR, EDITH: Colby, B. S. in Elem. Educ.; TEASLEY, WARREN: Topeka, Delta Sig, ASC (Greek Rep.), K-Club, SNEA, Gymnastics Team (Co-captain); TERRY, BILL: Goodland, B. S. in Bus., Sig Tau (V-Pres.). THACKER, MARGARET: Luray, B. S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda, Reveille Staff, Intramurals; THIELEN, JAY: Dorrance, B. A., History, Newman Club, Veterans Club (Pres.), CYR Football; THOMAS, FRANCES: Peachland, N. C„ Grad., History; THOMAS, WAYNE: Turon, B. S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda; THOMPSON, SIDNEY: Hays, B. S., Gen. Sci., Diploma in Nursing. THOMPSON, JOHN: Hays, B. S. in Bus., CYR. THURMAN, PAM: Great Bend, B. S., Gen. Sci., Diploma in Nursing. TIMM, RODNEY: Woodbine, B. A. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club, Basketball, Baseball. TODD, ROBERT: Goodland, Grad., Bio., Beta Beta Beta, SNEA; TOEDMAN, CHARLES: Hays, B. S. in Bus., Wrestling; TONNE, LARRY: Lincoln, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Intramurals, SNEA (State Rep.); TORLINE, GALEN: B. S. in Bus. Adm., Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; TOU, KUO-YING: Taiwan, Grad., Econ. TSCHANZ, LYNN: Protection, B. S. in Elem. Educ.; TULL, CYN- THIA: Ellis, B. A., Spanish, Spanish Club, CYR; TULL, DON: Jetmore, B. S., Chem., Chem. Club; TURNER, GARY: Fowler, B. S., Math., CYR; TURNER, MICHAEL: Great Bend, B. S. in Art. TURNER, PAM: Derby, B. S. in Elem. Educ., CYR, Reveille Staff; TYRELL, DAVID: Mankato, B. S., Speech Educ.; UNREIN, ED- WARD: Hays, B. A., Pol. Sci.; UNRUH, PHIL: Copeland, Grad., Bus. Adm.; URBAN, DANIEL: Topeka, B. S., Bus. Adm. 267 Seniors Va-We VALLIN, DWIGHT: Bird City, B. A., History; VANEK, JIM: Wilson, B. S. in Agric.; VENJOHN, KAREN: Garden City, B. S. in Phys. Educ., B.S. in Bus., WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon; VESSEY, DONALD: Hays, B. S. in Bus.; VESSEY, PATRICIA: Hays, B. A., History, French Club. VIGNERY, RONALD: Clifton, B. A., History; VOTRUBA, ED- WARD: Wilson, B. S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club (Sec. Treas.), Men ' s Glee Club, Concert Choir; WAHRMAN, LYNETTE: Herndon, B. A., Eng., Newman Club, SNEA, Spanish Club, Lambda lota Tau, KATE; WALKER, SUSAN: McCracken, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Alpha Lambda Delta; WALLACE, BARBARA: Barnard, B. S. in Bus., SNEA, Phi Beta Lambda. WALSH, GARY: Salina, B. A., Speech, KFHS; WALTER, DAVID: Hays, B. S. in Bus., Newman Club; WALTERS, MARY: Hays, B. S., Gen. Sci., Newman Club; WALTS, DON: Hays, B. A., History, Sig Ep; WARD, WAVA: Norcatur, B. S. in Elem. Educ., Eta Rho Epsilon, WRA, SNEA. WATKINS, LARRY: Hays, B. S. in Agric.; WEBER, MARJORIE: Hoxie, B. A., German, Gamma Delta (Treas. Pres.), German Club (Sec.-Treas.), SNEA; WEIGEL, KATHRYN: WaKeeney, B. M., Music, AGD, AWS (Pres.); WEIGEL, LEO: Oakley, Grad., Math, AKL, Kappa Mu Epsilon; WEISENSEE, CHARLES: Larned, B. S. in Bus. WEISER, LONNIE: Oakley, B. S. in Bus. Educ., Newman Club. WELLS, DENNIS: Hays, B. S. in Bus Adm. WENDEL, THOMAS: Great Bend, B. A., Psych. WERNER, DUANE: Kinsley, B. S. in Phys. Educ., SNEA, AAHPER, MPEC, KAHPER, Newman Club. WESBROOKS, CHERYL: Harper, B. A., Speech; WESS. PATRICIA: Great Bend, B. A., Psych., AGD (V-Pres.), ASC, Senior Class (V-Pres.); WESSLING, JOHN: Beloit, B. S. in Bus.; WESTERMAN, EDWARD: Lorraine, B. S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club, Concert Choir, Collegian Chorale; WESTHOFF, DONNA: Hays, B. M., Music Educ., Tri Sig, Sigma Alpha lota. Reveille Queen Finalist. 268 Seniors We-Zo WESTHOFF, LARRY: Morrowville, B. S. in Ind. Arts, AKL, Ind. Arts Club; WHEELER, JOHN: Garden City, B. A., Pol. Sci., Junior Class Pres.; WHERRY, ROBERT: Bison, B. A., Pol. Sci., CYR, Leader Staff; WHEELER, TAMARA: Onaga, B. S., Gen. Sci., SK, Nurses Club; WHISLER, PATRICIA: Russell, B. S. in Elem. Educ. WHITAKER, TOM: Russell, B. S. in Agric.; WHITTECAR: DON: Hays, Grad., Art, ASC, Delta Sig; WHITTECAR, FAYE: Cold- water, B. A., Eng., SK, Lambda lota Tau, ASC (Treas.); WIL- COX, GARY: Hays, B. S. in Bus.; WILKEN, KAREN: Modoc, B. S., Math, SNEA. WILLHAUS, ROSE: Lyons, B. S. in Phys. Educ., WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon; WILLIAMS, CATHY: Hays, B. A., Eng., Lambda lota Tau, Spanish Club, Newman Club; WILLIAMS, TERRY: Phillips- burg, B. S. in Bus.; WILSON, CAROL: Syracuse, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA; WINTER, FAWNE: Great Bend, B. S. in Elem. Educ., AGD, AWS, Furlough Queen Attendant, Sweetheart Queen Attendant, Pledge Queen. WISE, JUDITH: Cawker City, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SNEA, CYR, Tigers Roar; WOLF, HENRY: Ellinwood, B. A., Speech, Pi Kappa Delta, SNEA, ASC, KFHS, Debate; WOLF, JAMES: Colby, B. S. in Bus. Adm., Phi Beta Lambda; WORDEN, CHARLES: Norton, B. A., Pol. Sci., Alpha Phi Omega (Treas.), Sig Tau (V-Pres.), ASC, Spanish Club; WU, ANTHONY: Hong Kong, B. S., Chem., Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Chem. Club (Treas.), Ameri- can Chemical Society, Seventh Cavalry. WU, LI-PEI: China, B. S. in Bus.; YAZICIOGLU, AHMET: Turkey, Grad., Bus.; YEAROUT, PHILLIP: Palco, B. S. in Art; YONG- SMITH, WATANA: Thailand, Grad., Bus.; YOUNG, BRAD: Chap- man, B. S., Math. YOUNG, ROBERT: Lyons, B. S. in Bus. Adm., TKE (V-Pres.); ZAMRZLA, BRUCE: Salina, B. S., Zoology, Track, K-Club; ZEIG- LER, TREAN: Wilmore, B. A., Soc.; ZIMMERMAN, VIRGINIA: Hays, B. S. in Art, Phi Kappa Phi; ZOHNER, RUTH: Hoisington, B. S. in Elem. Educ., SCEC, Newman Club, AWS. More than 700 high school seniors from Western Kansas attended the Career Day Activities at Fort Hays State on April 15, 1969. Students explored occupational roles and visited various areas of interest on campus. 269 Classes Ab-AI ABBEY, THAYNE, Dodge City junior ABBOTT, KEVIN, Phillipsburg freshman ABENDSHIEN, KENNETH, Turon junior ACHENBACH, JAKE, Hardtner junior ADAM, KEN, Plainville freshman ADAMS, DAVID, Goodland sophomore ADAMS, DUANE, Shields sophomore ADAMS, KEVIN, Plainville freshman ADAMS, LINDA, Lyons sophomore ADAMSON, ELAINE, Salina junior ADAMSON, TOM, Lincoln junior ADKINS, CINDY, Overland Park freshman AERNI, LINDA, Columbus, Neb., freshman AGIN, JAMES, Salina junior AILSHIE, DALE, Kingsdown junior AKERS, JAMES, Hays freshman ALBERS, LINDA, Ransom sophomore ALBERS, RITA, Park freshman ALBERT, PAMELA, Lawrence junior ALBRECHT, DIANNA, Natoma freshman ALBRIGHT, ROBERT, Kiowa freshman ALDEN, NANETTE, Smith Center junior ALEXANDER, DENNIS, Lawrence freshman ALEXANDER, NANCY, Copeland sophomore ALFORD, MARION, Chanute junior College and community join forces in many ways. These coeds are members of the Civic Symphony, which is composed of both college and local musicians. 270 Classes Al-Ar ALLEN, DENNIS, Scott City junior ALLEN, JODY, Kansas City, Mo., freshman ALLEN, JOHN, Plainville freshman ALLEN, KENNETH, Lebanon junior ALLEN, RANDY, Colby junior ALTENBAUMER, LINDA, Chase junior AMES, CHARLES, Belle Plaine freshman AMOS, RONALD, Goodland junior AMSBERRY, J. LaNELLE, Bird City freshman ANDERSON, CURTIS, Burdett sophomore Students of the physical sciences make use of many lab facilities in their research. ANDERSON, EDNA, Woodston freshman ANDERSON, KAREN, Hays junior ANDERSON, LES, Valley Center junior ANDERSON, MARSHA, Johnson freshman ANDERSON, MELANIE, Hill City sophomore ANDERSON, ROGER, Hays sophomore ANDREGG, MARY, Hoxie freshman ANDREGG, PATRICIA, Hoxie junior ANDREWS, VERONICA, Atlanta, Ga., junior ANDRIST, DEBRA, St. Francis freshman ANKENMAN, TERESA, Norton junior APEL, DARRYL, Belpre sophomore APPL, PAT, Leoti freshman APPLEBEE, LINDA, Beloit junior APPLEBEE, MONTY, Beloit junior APPLEGATE, BARBARA, Leoti freshman APPLEGATE, MARCELLA, Norton freshman APPLEHANS, ALLEN, Hays sophomore ARCHER, STEVEN, Logan freshman ARCHER, TERRY, Almena junior 271 Classes Ar-Ba ARCHIBALD, DONA, Norton freshman ARIAS, RALPH, Hays freshman ARMBRUST, JOYCE, Ellsworth sophomore ARMSTRONG, THRESE, Goodland sophomore ARNESON, SHIRLEY, Red Cloud, Neb., junior ARNHOLD, CHARLOTTE, Russell sophomore ARNHOLD, DOROTHY, Hays freshman ARNHOLD, MARILYN, Hays junior ARNOLD, BETTY, St. Francis freshman ARNOLD, JAMES, Assaria freshman ARNOLD, PAM, Plains sophomore ARNOLD, WILLIAM, Alton freshman ARPIN, KAREN, Salina freshman ASBILL, RANDY, Otis junior ATCHISON, FRED, Hays junior ATHERTON, SAM, Fredonia junior ATHEY, JEAN, Junction City sophomore ATON, NADINE, Jetmore freshman ATWELL, MARILYN, Minneapolis freshman ATWELL, MERRITTA, Utica freshman AUGUSTINE, JOYCE, Ellis freshman AUGU STINE, KERRY, Russell freshman AUGUSTINE, RICHARD, Ellis sophomore AUSTIN, ARTHUR, Hill City freshman AUSTIN, NORMAN, Hill City junior AVERY, ANITA, Lamed freshman AVERY, ROZANNE, Oberlin sophomore AYERS, GREG, Mulvane junior AYERS, JUDITH, Emmett freshman AYERS, MARCIA, Long Island sophomore AYRES, KAREN, Smith Center junior AZIZ, NOOROLLAH, Teheran, Iran, freshman BAALMAN, DANIEL, Grinnell freshman BABER, EDWARD, Tribune junior BADENHOP, JANNA, Kensington freshman BAILEY, JOHN, Phillipsburg junior BAILEY, KAREN, Ellis freshman BAILEY, MARCIA, Jennings freshman BAILEY, SHARROLL, Jennings sophomore BAIN, DEBORAH, Ness City freshman BAINTER, EVERET, Jennings junior BAKER, MARTHA, Ashland freshman BAKER, ROBERT, Kiowa freshman BAKER, SHERRILL, Phillipsburg freshman BALDWIN, MARVIN, Zurich junior 272 Classes Ba-Be BALDWIN, TERESA, Hutchinson sophomore BALL, KIMBERLY, Ellis freshman BALLARD, KEITH, Kiowa sophomore BALTHAZOR, MICHAEL, Palco freshman BALTHAZOR, TERRY, Palco sophomore BALZER, NEVA, Arkansas City freshman BALZER, NONA, Arkansas Cfty sophomore BANE, SANDRA, Rolla junior BANTA, REX, Greensburg freshman BARBER, M. CELESTE, Liberal junior BARBER, KENNETH, Plainville freshman BARHYDT, ROBERT, Dodge City sophomore BARNETT, DARREL, Clayton junior BARRETT, RHONDA, Quinter freshman BARRON, ROSE MARY, Rush Center junior BARROWS, LARRY, Hugoton sophomore BARRY, PATRICK, Ellinwood sophomore BARSTOW, JANET, Greensburg freshman BARSTOW, NEIL, Johnson junior BARTLESON, SHERRY, Colo. Spr., Colo., freshman BARTON, JAMES, Colby junior BARTON, LINDA, Great Bend sophomore BARTON, LONNIE, Russell sophomore BARTON, VALERIE, Russell junior BARTONEK, WILLIAM, Olmitz freshman BASGALL, JIM, Hays junior BASS, JAN IS, Jewell junior BATES, MARY, Salina freshman BATES, RICHARD, Lenora sophomore BATY, MICHAEL, Syracuse freshman BAUGH, SCOTTY, Ellis sophomore BAVUSO, KENNETH, Great Bend junior BAYENS, SHARON, Long Island freshman BEADLES, LONNIE, Great Bend freshman BEAR, KAY, Russell sophomore BEAR, RICHARD, Waldo junior BEARDSLEY, LINDA, WaKeeney freshman BEASLEY, REX, Hugoton sophomore BEATTY, BECKY, Manhattan freshman BEATTY, THOMAS, Luray junior BEAUPEURT, EDWARD, Newton sophomore BECKER, ANITA, Russell sophomore BECKHAM, ROBERT, Hugoton freshman BECKMAN, CHARLES, Smith Center sophomore BECKMAN, MARIE, Hoxie sophomore 273 Classes Be-Be BECKMAN, SUSAN, Phillipsburg freshman BECKMANN, DENNIS, Athol freshman BEEM, RODNEY, Navarre freshman BEER, BERNADETTE, WaKeeney freshman BEE5LEY, CARLA, Gove sophomore BEFORT, STEVE, Denver, Colo., freshman BEHAN, JAMES, Oakley sophomore BEHNKE, ALICE, Lyons freshman 3EHRENS, RICHARD, Beatrice, Neb., freshman BELCHER, JERRY, Lewis sophomore BELL, JAMES, Hays sophomore BELL, RISE, Lebanon sophomore BELL, RONDA, Moscow freshman BELL, VICKY, Lebanon freshman BELLERIVE, KATHRYN, Stockton junior BENDA, LINDA, Colby sophomore BENDEL, JANICE, St. John junior BENEDICK, PEGGY, Plainville sophomore BENNETT, JOAN, Garfield freshman BENNETT, JOYCE, Hays sophomore BENN ETT, TERRY, Norton sophomore BENNETT, THERESE, Dorrance freshman BERG, RODGER, Jamestown sophomore BERGEN, JAMES, Ingalls junior BERGER, KATHLEEN, Bucklin freshman Waterfights broke the monotony of the first fall classes for students living in the residence halls. n-t a Classes Be-Bo BERGSTROM, DANIEL, Clyde freshman BERLAND, ANN, Zurich freshman BERQUIST, JANICE, Bridgeport junior BERRY, MARK, Monument freshman BERRY, RICHARD M., Ransom junior BERRY RICHARD R., Fulton, Mo., freshman BERTHELSON, ROBERT, Hays freshman BESTHORN, KATHLEEN, Holyrood freshman BETTENBROCK, ALICE, Holyrood sophomore BETTENBROCK, RUTH, Holyrood freshman BETZ, TOMMY, Bazine freshman BEYER, ELLEN, Great Bend junior BIEKER, JAMES, Hays sophomore BIEKER, RICHARD, Ellis junior BIGGE, RUTH ANN, Stockton junior BIGGS, BRETT, Phillipsburg freshman BIGHAM, JAMIE, Luray sophomore BILLINGER, JAMES, Hays freshman BILLINGER, KATHLEEN, Victoria freshman BILLINGER, STEVE, Hays freshman BILLS, GARY, Hays sophomore BILLS, SHEILA, Hays junior BINDER, DONALD, Hays junior BINDER, MARGARET, Hays freshman BIRCH6R, DIANE, Hutchinson sophomore BIRZER, JANICE, Great Bend freshman BIRZER, LINDA, Ellinwood freshman BLACK, BARRY, Kanopolis freshman BLACK, JUDY, Dodge City junior BLACKBURN, BRENDA, Ellis sophomore BLACKWOOD, CHARLES, Belleville junior BLACKWOOD, JEANNE, Goodland freshman BLACKWOOD, LARRY, Clyde freshman BLAIR, DEANNE, Quinter freshman BLAIR, MARSHA, Syracuse sophomore BLANK, JERRY, Natoma sophomore BLANKENSHIP, LINDA, Salina freshman BLATTNER, STANLEY, Rozel freshman BLECHA, MARGARET, Munden freshman BLEHM, MARILYN, Russell junior BUCK, CONNIE, Colwich freshman BLISS, MARILYN, Atwood junior BOBINMYER, JAMES, Herndon junior BOCK, STANLEY, Almena freshman BOEHMER, STEVE, Bern sophomore 275 Classes Bo-Br BOEHNER, STEPHEN, Glen Elder sophomore BOEKEN, ROCKY, Holyrood freshman BOGART, CINDY, Phillipsburg freshman BOLLIG, CHERALD, Clayton freshman BOLLIG, HERBERT, Ellis sophomo re BOLLIG, ROBERT, Hays sophomore BOLT, BARBARA, Goodland junior BOMGARDNER, STEPHEN, Palco freshman BONDURANT, GARY, Scottsdale, Ariz., sophomore BOOTH, MARY JANE, Lakin sophomore BORTH, BELINDA, Englewood sophomore BOSCH, LORRAINE, Lincoln freshman BOSCH, LOUISE, Gorham junior BOSCH, RAY, Gorham freshman BOUCHER, KEN, Zurich freshman BOUCHEY, CARLA, Stockton junior BOURBINA, ARTHUR, Abilene sophomore BOWEN, SUSAN, Garden City junior BOWLES, DWIGHT, Atwood sophomore BOWLES, STEVE, Lawrence freshman BOWMAN, CYNTHIA, Cawker City freshman BOWMAN, ROBERT, Coldwater freshman BOX, CAREY, Hoisington junior BRADDOCK, MARY, Dodge City sophomore BRADFORD, JIM, Liberal freshman BRADLEY, LYNNE, Lawrence junior BRADLEY, PAMELA, Belpre junior BRADLEY, THOMAS, Belpre freshman BRANDENBURG, LUCINDA, WaKeeney freshman BRANDSTED, CHERYL, McPherson junior BRANDSTED, JOHN, McPherson junior BRANDYBERRY, PHYLLIS, Lenora freshman BRANN, BRAD, Great Bend freshman BRAY, MARCIA, Larned freshman BRENING, ELIZABETH, LaCrosse junior BRENING, FRED, LaCrosse freshman BRENNER, LAYTHA, Ellis freshman BRENT, KENNETH, Alton freshman BRETTON, DARRELL, Glade junior BRETZ, RICHARD, Wallace sophomore BRIAND, MARJORIE, Arnold freshman BRICKER, CECIL, Gorham freshman BRIGGS, ROBERT, Perior Lake, Minn., freshman BRITTAN, RICKY, Scott City junior BROADIE, LINDA, Ashland junior 276 Classes Br-Bu BROACIE, WILLIAM, Ashland freshman BROCK, KATHLEEN, Cawker City freshman BROCK, ROBERT, Goodland sophomore BROCK, WILLIAM, LaCrosse junior BROCKHAUSEN, DALE, Oberlin sophomore BRODBECK, KATHY, Great Bend freshman BROKENICKY, PHILIP, Blue Rapids sophomore BROKY, KENNETH, Blue Rapids junior BROOK, LINDA, Burr Oak sophomore BROOKS, RHONDA, Logan freshman BROWN, BARBARA, Plainville freshman BROWN, EVA, Fort Scott freshman BROWN, GERRY, Gorham sophomore BROWN, JANET, Russell freshman BROWN, MARY JANE, Hoisington freshman BROWN, MICHAEL, Great Bend freshman BROWN, NORA, Prairie View sophomore BROWN, PATRICIA, Hays sophomore BROWN, STEVE, Selden junior BROWN, TOMMY, Gorham junior BROWN, VICKY, Garden City junior BROWN, VIRGINIA, Lucas sophomore BRUBAKER, ELIZABETH, Bird City junior BRUEGGER, STEVE, Bushton junior BRUHN, VERN, Rozel junior BRULL, BERNARD, Hays junior BRUNGARDT, LORRINDA, Hays freshman BRUNGARDT, PAUL, Hays freshman BRUNGARDT, SALLY, Ellinwood sophomore BRUNING, JAMES, Phillipsburg sophomore BRUNSON, KENNETH, Stockton freshman BRYANT, DOROTHY, Kiowa freshman BRYANT, ROBERT, Ellinwood freshman BRYANT, STEVEN, Great Bend freshman BUEHLER, GLORIA, Wilson freshman BUEHLER, HOWARD, Claflin sophomore BUEHLER, JERE, Claflin freshman BUELL, KATHY, Macksville freshman BUNKER, LYNN, Dorrance sophomore BUNSELMEYER, LEONARD, Hudson junior BURDGE, LINDA, Long Island junior BURDICK, LEONA, Sabetha freshman BURDICK, LILA, Sabetha sophomore BURGE, JANET, Atwood junior BURGER, CHERYL, Sylvan Grove junior 277 Students and staff operate the campus radio station, learning to apply the fundamentals of announcing and broadcasting techniques. Classes Bu-Ca BURK, CAROL, Stratton, Neb., freshman BURK, MICHAEL, Goodland freshman BURKE, BYRON, Kingman sophomore BURKHEAD, LELAND, Salina junior BURNHAM, BRAD, St. Francis freshman BURTON, CHRISTINE, Greensburg freshman BUSCH, JANICE, Russell freshman BUSER, DANIEL, Cawker City sophomore BUSH, JOHN, Isabel junior BUTHERUS, JANE, Otis freshman BUTLER, KAREN, Kiowa freshman BUTTON, ROBERT, Rozel sophomore BYLER, LINDA, Hays junior CABBAGE, LARRY, Stockton freshman CAHOJ, RON, Stratton, Neb., sophomore CALE, SUE, Hoisington freshman CALL, JACK, Ulysses junior CALL, JERRY, Ulysses junior CALLAWAY, HOWARD, Esbon junior CALVERY, WAYNE, Hays sophomore CAMPUS, PRISCILLA, Leoti freshman CAMPBELL, RONALD, Hays sophomore CAPPS, DEBRA, Salina sophomore CAREY, LEE, Sterling junior CARLIN, ROGER, Bucklin sophomore CARLON, TOMMY, Leoti sophomore CARLSON, DOROTHY, Jamestown junior CARMICHEAL, THOMAS, Stockton freshman CARSTEN, CHERYL, Stockton junior CARSWELL, VINCENT, Selden freshman Classes Ca-Ch CARTER, ALLAN, Jennings sophomore CARTER, BARBARA, Kismet freshman CARTER, DAVID, Jennings sophomore CARTER, DWIGHT, Russell sophomore CARTER, GEORGE, Jamestown freshman CARTER, MARGARET, Syracuse sophomore CASE, JON, Phillipsburg junior CASEY, SARAH, McCracken sophomore CASEY, THOMAS, Natoma sophomore CASPERS, GARY, Smith Center junior CATLIN, SHARON, Liberal sophomore CAVENDER, JAMES, Lamed freshman CAYLOR, KAREN, Russell sophomore CHAFFIN, PAUL, Woodston sophomore CHAIN, JAMES, Ellinwood junior CHAMBERS, HELEN, Lebanon, Neb., freshman CHANCE, JODY, Liberal sophomore CHAPPEL, MARVLYN, Lyons freshman CHARLES, MICHAEL, Prairie Village freshman CHASE, CLINTON, Abilene freshman CHESNEY, JUDY, Woodston sophomore CHESTER, RONALD, Glade junior CHIPMAN, DEBORAH, Jetmore freshman CHITTENDEN, ROBERT, Phillipsburg sophomore CHITWOOD, COLLEEN, Wichita freshman CHRISTENSEN, LEONA, Long Island sophomore CHRISTENSEN, NEIL, Phillipsburg freshman CHRONISTER, JEANNE, Abilene sophomore CHU, ROWENA, Hong Kong freshman CHUNG, SUNG, Sharon Springs junior As finals draw near , studying takes on a new sense of urgency. FHS students flocked to the library and reviewed late into the night for Jan- uary finals. 279 Classes Ci-Co CIRCLE, BUDDY, Hazelton freshman CLAASSEN, JOLEEN, Newton freshman CLARK, CATHERINE, Osborne junior CLARK, RANDY, Clifton freshman CLARKE, KIRBY, Great Bend junior CLARKE, MIKE, Kensington freshman CLARKE, RHONDA, Great Bend sophomore CLAUSSEN, RON, Salina freshman CLAYTON, RONALD, Hoisington sophomore CLEAVES, RITA, Johnson freshman CLEVENGER, ROGER, Bucklin freshman CLINE, BILL, Garfield freshman CLINE, BOB, Garfield freshman CLINE, DIXIE, Hays sophomore CLINESMITH, RAMONA, Rolla freshman CLOTFELTER, BONNIE, Ellis sophomore CLOTFELTER, CORTLAND, Ellis junior CLOTFELTER, SENDA, Ellis sophomore COADY, JANET, Russell junior COATS, BRENDA, Beale A. F. B., Calif., freshman COCKROFT, DWAYNE, Hays junior COEN, DAREN, Rolla junior COFFIN, JAMES, Dodge City junior COLCLAZIER, JOHN, Greensburg sophomore COLE, ARTHUR Jr., Liberal sophomore COLLIER, CHRISTA, Hays freshman COMBS, JANET, Almena freshman CONDRA, CLARENCE, Overbrook junior CONKRIGHT, TOM, Arnold junior CONLEY, EILEEN, Leoti sophomore CONNOR, KARLA, Collyer junior CONRAD, RAND, Clay Center sophomore CONSIDINE, DENNIS, Sterling freshman CONVERSE, BARBARA, Pawnee Rock sophomore CONVERSE, CAROLE, Larned junior CONYAC, ALBY, Stockton junior COOK, FRED, Hays freshman COOK, PAMELA, Hays freshman COOK, RODNEY, Cherokee, Iowa, junior COOK, TERESA, St. Francis sophomore COOKSEY, CATHEY, Russell freshman COOLEY, LINDA, Great Bend junior COOLEY, VIRGINIA, Salina sophomore COOPER, ALAN, Natoma junior COPE, JANE, Salina sophomore 280 Classes Co-Da COPP, MIKE, Gorham freshman CORDEL, ROBERT, Tipton freshmar. CORDER, JOSEPH, Selden junior CORDER, SUSAN, Salina junior CORMACK, STANLEY, Osborne sophomore CORN, KIMBERLY, Friend freshman CORN, LYNN, Lawrence junior CORNETT, JOYCE, Colby sophomore CORNS, DEBORAH, Nort on freshman COSSMAN, JAYME, Jetmore freshman COTT, LaDONNA, Garden City junior COUNCIL, JERRY, Dodge City sophomore COUTURE, EDITH, Palco sophomore COWGILL, ANDREA, Garden City freshman COX, BEVERLY, Atwood junior COX, CONNIE, Russell freshman COX, GLENDA, Medicine Lodge freshman COX, PHYLLIS, Palco sophomore COX, SHERYL, Sublette freshman COY, DEE, Wichita freshman CRAFT, SHIRLEY, Edson freshman CRAMER, RICHARD, Healy freshman CRANE, RANDELL, Russell freshman CRANE, RUTH, Wathena freshman CRANMER, ROBERT, St. Francis freshman CRANSTON, DONNA, Ness City freshman CRAWFORD, CAROL, Lincoln freshman CRITCHFIELD, STEPHEN, Hill City junior CROFT, BRUCE, Hays sophomore CROFT, LINDA, Mulvane junior CROMWELL, SHARON, Logan junior CROW, MARY, Hays freshman CRUZ, ALEX, Satanta sophomore CULVER, CONNIE, Plains freshman CUMMINGS, RONALD, Morland sophomore CUMMINS, CINDY, Haven sophomore CUNNINGHAM, BOB, Grand Island, Neb., freshman CUNNINGHAM, M. KENT, Wilson freshman CURL, DONALD, Hays sophomore CUTRIGHT, DAVID, St. John freshman DAILEY, JOHN, Garden City sophomore DAILY, DEBRA, Ellis junior DANA, FRANK, Bunker Hill freshman DANIELS, JEFFREY, Ness City freshman DANIELS, JUDY, Ellsworth sophomore 281 Classes Da-De DANSEL, ROBYN, Jetmore junior DARNELL, BRENDA, Bogue sophomore DASENBROCK, JOHN, Stratton, Colo., sophomore DAUBERT, VIC, Great Bend freshman DAVID, NANCY, Lenora junior DAVIDSON, BRYCE, Wakefield freshman DAVIS, ALBERTA, Kinsley sophomore DAVIS, DAVID, Millstadt, III., freshman DAVIS, SHEILA, Hays sophomore DAWSON, JOE, Norcatur sophomore DAY, MARJORIE, Osborne freshman DAY, MAURICIA, Arkansas City sophomore DAY, ROBERTA, Lenora sophomore DEAL, TERRY, Lyons junior DEAN, JERRY, Glen Elder sophomore Mixing cement is one of the many tasks involved in the expansion of DEAN, JILL, Lincoln, Neb., sophomore DEAN, RONNIE, Glen Elder freshman DEARDORFF, MERLE, Hays freshman DEBES, FRED, Great Bend junior DEDRICKSON, GORDON, Clay Center, Neb., junior DEEDS, ROBERT, Montezuma junior DEEDS, SHERRY, St. Francis freshman DEETS, DIANA, Garfield freshman DeFOREST, KENNETH, Wichita freshman DeGARMO, DOUGLAS, Olathe junior DeGOOD, ALAN, St. Francis junior DeGOOD LANNY, St. Francis freshman DeHAVEN, DENNY, Great Bend junior DeHAVEN, EVERETT, Solomon junior DEINES, BONNIE, WaKeeney junior 282 Classes De-Di DEINES, JERRE, Scottsbluff, Neb., junior DEINES, JILL, WaKeeney freshman DEINES, KELLY, WaKeeney sophomore DEINES, RICKY, WaKeeney freshman DELHOTAL, TED, Wichita sophomore DEMAREE, BRUCE, Goodland sophomore DENNING, DANIEL, Russell freshman DENTON, DEBBI, Minneola freshman DEPPERSCHMIDT, JEAN, Park junior DeSAIR, H. F., Damar freshman DETTMER, CRAIG, Agra sophomore DEWEES, MARTHA, Prairie Village junior DEXTER, KRAIG, Colo. Spr., Colo., junior DIBBLE, MARSHA, Alton sophomore DIBBLE, MAX, Hays junior the Memorial Union. ■ I i ' Li Si Crewmen work through the cold, wet winter to lay the foundation and set the beams for the new addition. DIBLE, DERESA, Rexford sophomore DICK, ANN, Lyons freshman DICK, ROSA LEE, Burdett freshman DICKMAN, DIANE, Grinnell junior DIECK, KENNETH, Waukegan, III., junior DIEHM, SANDRA, Hays freshman DIERBERGER, SAM, Beatrice, Neb., sophomore DIERBERGER, TIM, Beatrice, Neb., freshman DIERKS, NANCY, Haven freshman DIERS, LEON, Cawker City sophomore DIES, DIXIE, Hays freshman DIETZ, CLAUDIA, Lebanon freshman DIETZ, LARRY, Ogallah sophomore DIETZ, MARSHA, Lebanon junior DINGES, LOIS, Hays freshman Classes Di-Dr DINGES, MARLENE, Ness City freshman DINKEl, ALLEN, Victoria freshman DINKEL, GEORGE, Zurich freshman DIRKS, GENE, Great Bend sophomore DIRKS, NORVIN, Hays junior DIRKS, SANDRA, Ellis freshman DIVEL, LARRY, Jewell junior DIXON, BRENDA, Great Bend sophomore DIXON, GARY, Hanston freshman DIXON, NANCY, Great Bend sophomore DOAK, DEBBY, Shawnee Mission freshman DODRILL, DEBORAH, Denver, Colo., freshman DOERFLER, TANYA, Hays junior DOHRMANN, PAMELIA, Ensign sophomore DOLECHEK, JANE, Wilson freshman DOLECHEK, MARY, Claflin sophomore DOLL, SUSAN, Ingalls freshman DOME, DON, Dodge City junior DONAHEY, DARYL, Logan sophomore DONAHEY, TERRY, Logan junior DONOHOE, ANITA, Ness City sophomore DOOLEY, NORMAN, Hays sophomore DOUGHERTY, ELIZABETH, Great Bend freshman DOUGHERTY, ERIC, Downs sophomore DOUGHERTY, JIM, Colby freshman DOWNER, DOROTHY, Concordia sophomore DOWNING, RHETT, Deerfield junior DOXON, PATRICIA, Gove freshman DRAGOO, DORIS, Lawrence junior DREILING, CONNIE, Plainville freshman DREILING, EUGENE, Shawnee Mission sophomore DREILING, FLORENCE, Great Bend freshman ?H4 Sculpture students have the opportunity of working directly from a model as they learn the basic methods. Classes Dr-El DREILING, FRANK, Victoria freshman DREILING, GLORIA, WaKeeney freshman DREILING, JOHN, Hays sophomore DREILING, JUDY, Victoria junior DREILING, LINDA, Hays sophomore DREILING, LOIS, Hays freshman DREILING, MIKI, Hays sophomore DREILING, PAMELA, Ellis freshman DREILING, RENE, Victoria sophomore DUDDIE, TIM, Carlsbad, N. M., sophomore DUELL, CLARENCE, Goodland sophomore DUGAN, JUDY, Osborne freshman DUNCAN, JOYCE, Great Bend freshman DUNCAN, SUSAN, St. John junior DUNEKACK, LARRY, Great Bend sophomore DUNN, GARY, Plains sophomore DURALL, CAROLYN, Raymond sophomore DURAN, RUEBEN, Johnson freshman DURR, DAN, Smith Center freshman DURYEE, DONALD, WaKeeney sophomore DYCK, JAMES, Syracuse sophomore EAGLIN, ANNE, Hays junior EARNEST, JEFF, Dodge City junior EATON, VIRGINIA, Great Bend freshman ECK, P. JOHN, Sharon junior ECKART, DEBORAH, Hutchinson junior ECKELS, PAMELA, Wallace freshman ECKHARDT, DONNA, Oberlin freshman EDGERLE, TERI, Hutchinson junior EDMONDSON, NANCY, Baileys Roads, Va., junior EDWARDS, BEVERLY, Meade freshman EDWARDS, PEGGY, Greensburg freshman EDWARDS, WILLIAM, Jewel freshman EHLY, MARSHA, LaCrosse freshman EHRLICH, CAROL, Russell sophomore EHRLICH, JEFF, Dodge City sophomore EILERT, STAN, Portis junior EISENHOUR, DOUGLAS, Stafford junior EISIMINGER, JOHN, Plainville sophomore ELDER, CAROL, Salina freshman ELDER, GRADY, Salina sophomore ELDER, KATHERINE, Bison freshman JELIAS, DENNIS, McCracken freshman ELLENBERGER, TERRY, Kirwin junior ELLIOTT, ANITA, Phillipsburg freshman 285 Issuing Reveilles is a big job for the yearbook staff. The books are distributed each September. Art students view this faculty showing in the Davis Hall art gallery. Classes El-Eu ELLIOTT, BILL, Hill City freshman ELLIOTT, CHARLES, Edson sophomore ELLIOTT, D. ALLEN, Hill City sophomore ELLIOTT, JACQUELYN, Hardtner freshman ELLIOTT, STAN, Newton sophomore ELLIS, ELAINE, Kingman freshman ELLSWORTH, TERRY, Olathe freshman ELMORE, ELDON, Rozel sophomore ELNIFF, RONALD, Randall sophomore EMMERT, LARRY, Russell junior EMORY, LENA, Overland Park junior ENEFF, DARREL, Pratt junior ENGEL, DONNE, Bison freshman ENGEL, LUCILLE, Ellis freshman ENGLAND, MERLENE, Hutchinson sophomore ENGLER, BILL, Satanta junior ENGSTRAND, MADESSTA, Ellis sophomore ENRIGHT, TERRY, Hays sophomore ENSLINGER, BELINDA, LaCross freshman ENSLOW, MARY ANN, Lakin freshman ERICHSEN, KATHLEEN, Ellsworth freshman ERNST, DENNIS, Enterprise junior ERWAY, LYLE, Lamed sophomore ERWIN, BEVERLY, Belleville freshman ESFELD, JANE, Great Bend sophomore ESFELD, VALERIE, Portis freshman ESHELMAN, RENA, Salina freshman ESTES, MIKE, Bucklin sophomore EUBANK, BARBARA, Protection freshman EULERT, WAYNE, Russell freshman Classes Ev-Fi EVANS, DIANE, Hays sophomore EVEL, GARY, Eureka freshman EVEL, RONALD, Arnold freshman EVERS, SUSAN, Great Bend freshman FAGAN, RAYMOND, Hays junior FAHRENHOLTZ, CHRISTENE, Hays junior FAIMON, SUSAN, Stratton, Neb., freshman FALTERMEIER, DIANE, Russell freshman FANNING, CECYLE, Hays freshman FARNEY, THOMAS, Kiowa junior FARR, JANE, Great Bend sophomore FARRIS, GARY, Edson freshman FAULKENDER, JOYCE, St. Francis junior FAULKNER, DEBI, Ulysses freshman FAULKNER, KATHERYN, Hays junior FAUROT, ROBERT, Sublette junior FAVINGER, MONA, Hill City sophomore FEHRENBACHER, LONNIE, Kinsley sophomore FEIKERT, LARRY, St. Francis sophomore FEIL, LEON, Lucas freshman FEIST, MARY, Ellinwood junior FELKE, JOE, Great Bend sophomore FELLERS, SHAUNA, Bogue sophomore FERLAND, JANET, Zurich sophomore FIELDER, RONALD, Belleville sophomore Wafer pipes outside Custer Hall broke on Jan. 9, flooding the lawn. Residents were without water supply from about 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. 28 Classes Fi-Fu FIELDS, ELIZABETH, Sublette junior FILE, DAN, Beloit junior FILE, DEE, Beloit freshman FINGER, DONALD, Rozel freshman FINK, DONALEA, Downs junior FINNEY, MARSH A, Garden City junior FISCHER, WILLIAM, Tescott sophomore FISHER, DONNA, St. John freshman FISHER, RICHARD, Cimarron sophomore FLAKUS, MARY, Ellinwood sophomore FLAX, MARY, Oakley sophomore FLEMING, DIANE, Kanopolis freshman FLETCHER, CINDI, Leoti freshman FOGO, JAMES, Burr Oak freshman FOLEY, FRED, Cheney junior FOLMNSBEE, CHRISTINE, Great Bend sophomore FORBES, MAXINE, LaCrosse sophomore FORRISTAL, LINDA, Salina freshman FORSTER, SUSAN, Great Bend freshman FORT, CHERYL, Ulysses sophomore FOSTER, ANN, Hays freshman FOX, DAVID, Burdett junior FRACK, JANYTH, Ingalls freshman FRACK, LINDA, Goddard freshman FRANKE, THOMAS, Herndon junior FRANKLIN, ARDIS, Haigler, Neb., sophomore FRANS, MYRON, Marion freshman FRAZEY, TIM, Hoxie sophomore FREED, GARY, Valley Center freshman FRENCH, GARY, Pawnee Rock sophomore FRENCH, LESLIE, Great Bend sophomore FRENCH, YVONNE, Great Bend sophomore FRICKER, ROGER, Lebanon freshman FRIEDERICH, JUDY, Green freshman FRIEDERICH, RANDALL, Green sophomore FRIEDLY, DOUGLAS, Beaver sophomore FRIESEN, SUSAN, Colby sophomore FRIGON, CONNIE, Clay Center junior FRISBIE, GLENDA, Medicine Lodge sophomore FRITZ, LINDA, Hoisington freshman FRITZ, TED, Grinnell sophomore FROSS, GERALD, Hays freshman FROST, JANA, Springdale, Ark., freshman FRYDENDALL, LARRY, Portis junior FUKASAWA, YOSHI, Japan freshman 28 fl Classes Fu-Ge FULTON, JOANNE, Hays junior FULWIDER, LEANNE, Brewster sophomore FUNK, ROBERT, Scott City sophomore FURBECK, CINDY, LaCrosse freshman GABEL, DALE, Ness City junior GAINES, ALVIN, Phillipsburg freshman GARDNER, ELAINE, Salina sophomore GARDNER, GAYLE, Plainville freshman GARDNER, LINDA, Smith Center sophomore GARETSON, JERRA, Copeland junior GARLOW, FLOY, Hays junior GARRETT, CATHEY, WaKeeney freshman GARRETT, DEBORAH, Great Bend freshman GARRETT, JERE, Hugoton junior GARRETT, KARLA, Great Bend freshman Students willingly donate blood to the Bloodmobile as it makes its semi-annual visit to campus. GARTEN, CATHY, Sharon freshman GARVER, MEREDITH, Phillipsburg sopho more GASCHLER, DENNIS, Ness City sophomore GASKELL, MICHAEL, Muscotah sophomore GASKILL, MICHAEL, Moscow freshman GASPER, ROBERT, Tipton freshman GASSNER, CAROLYN, Hays junior GATES, RALPH, Lyons freshman GEDNEY, MICHAEL, Gaylord sophomore GEERING, DAVID, Hunter freshman GEIST, JIM, Hays freshman GEIST, LOIS, Hays freshman GEORGE, EDDIE, Manter freshman GERBER, LARRY, Fowler junior GERSTBERGER, KENNETH, Marienthal junior 289 Classes Ge-Gr GERSTENKORN, DEBORAH, Great Bend freshman GHOLSON, JANE, Dodge City freshman GIEBIER, MARLENE, Hays junior GIEBLER, SHARON, Hays sophomore GIENGER, GWYN, St. Francis sophomore GIESE, BARBARA, Bakersfield, Calif., sophomore GIESE, BONNIE, Hays junior GIFFORD, BELINDA, Kinsley freshman GILBERT, DORIS, Gem junior GILCHRIST, BEVERLY, Colby junior GILGER, JOHN, Garden City freshman GINGLES, LEONARD, Phillipsburg freshman GINGRAUX, DANIEL, Derby sophomore GINGRAUX, JOHN, Derby junior GINTHER, KATHLEEN, Garden City freshman GISH, DOUGLAS, Hill City freshman GISH, JAMES, Lyons freshman GLASSMAN, MARY, Hays freshman GLAZE, LAURA, Arkansas City freshman GLEASON, DARRYL, St. John junior GLEASON, GREGORY, Kinsley junior GLENN, LARRY, Pratt junior GLEUE, STEVEN, Belleville freshman GOBIN, SHAROLYN, Overland Park sophomore GODDARD, MICHAEL, Ingalls freshman GODDARD, RICKY, Penokee sophomore GODWIN, CHARLENE, Hutchison junior GOEBEL, KEN, Wilmore freshman GOETZ, TWILA, Park junior GOODWIN, JAN, Belleville sophomore GOOSTREE, DENNIS, Haysville freshman GORE, MARY ELLEN, Larned junior GOTH, WARREN, Abilene freshman GOTTSCHALK, TIM, LaCrosse junior GRABBE, ROBERT, Hays freshman GRABBE, ROSEMARIE, Hays freshman 290 Classes Gr-Ha GRABBE, WAYNE, Hays freshman GRABER, NANCY, Liberal freshman GRABER, PAULA, North Newton freshman GRABLE, JULIE, Wathena sophomore GRAF, JANICE, Great Bend sophomore GRAHAM, CATHY, Great Bend sophomore GRAHAM, SHARON, Quinter sophomore GRANDSTAFF, KITTY, Salina junior GRAVER, ROBIN, Rush Center junior GRAVES, YVETTE, Hardtner freshman GRAY, ALICE, Phillipsburg freshman GRAY, JIM, Geneseo freshman GREEN, JAMES, Wichita freshman GREEN, ROXY, Luray freshman GREENWAY, WILLIAM, Hugoton sophomore GREGG, CURTIS, Lyons freshman GREGG, DOUGLAS, Wallace, Neb., sophomore GREGG, GEORGE, Sterling sophomore GREINER, DOUG, Hunter junior GRIBBEN, CAROLYN, Hays junior GRIFFIN, BARBARA, Almena junior GRIFFIN, SUE, Sublette junior GRIPPIN, GARY, Russell freshman GRIZZELL, DENNIS, Macksville junior GROSS, MARIE, Hays freshman GROTFELD, SANDIE, Norton freshman GROVER, DONALD, Derby sophomore GRUNWALD, GLEN, Albert sophomore GRUSING, LAVON, Leoti sophomore GRUSING, LINDA, Lakin junior GULLETT, MARY, Macksville freshman GUSTAFSON, MARY, Hill City freshman GUTTERY, ALAN, Alton junior GUYER, LINDA, Osborne junior GWINNER, CHARLES, Ellsworth junior HAAS, DOROTHY, Hays sophomore HAAS, THOMAS, Hays sophomore HABIGER, JOHN, Bushton junior HABIGER, ROBERTA, Bushton sophomore 29 1 Classes Ha-Ha HACHMEISTER, BRUCE, Codell junior HACHMEISTER, JOHN, Natoma freshman HADLEY, CAROLE, Portis sophomore HADLEY, STEPHEN, Wichita freshman HAFENSTINE, ICLE, WaKeeney sophomore HAFFNER, LINDA, Hoxie junior HAGEMAN, JOYCE, Tribune junior HAGER, LINDA, Clayton freshman HAGERMAN, SHIRLEY, Larned sophomore HAILE, GORDON, Wichita freshman HAINES, EDWARD, Mentor freshman HALDERMAN, BARRETT, Long Island junior HALE, PATRICIA, Ulysses freshman HALL, ANNELLE, Garfield junior HALL, JUDY, Hill City junior HALL, RICHARD, Haviland junior HAMBURG, DALE, Ogallah sophomore HAMMER, PATRICIA, Ellinwood freshman HAMMERSCHMIDT, ALLEN, Victoria freshman HAMMERSCHMIDT, KATHY, Hays freshman HAMMOND, GERALD, Coats sophomore HAMPTON, RICHARD, Tribune sophomore HAND, DAVID, Kanopolis freshman HANEY, KIRK, Concordia junior HANHARDT, RONALD, Bison freshman HANSEN, CARROLL, Kirwin junior HANSEN, JIM, Hays freshman HANSON, DARRELL, Hardy, Neb., freshman HANSON, SHEILA, Concordia junior HARBAUGH, PAUL, Kiowa sophomore HARBAUGH, SYLVIA, Russell junior HARBIN, MARY, Hays freshman HARDESTY, SHARI, Mullinville freshman HARDIN, CONNIE, Newton freshman HARDING, VERNON, Isabel sophomore HARDY, LARRY, Long Island junior HARGREAVES, BRUCE, Solomon freshman HARKNESS, MARY, Ransom freshman HARMAN, CONRAD, Jennings sophomore HARMAN, SHERRY, Jennings freshman HARMS, DONNA, Hoisington freshman HARNESS, KATHRYN, Kansas City sophomore HAROLD, SANDRA, Dresden freshman HARREL, MARY, Burlington, Colo., sophomore HARRIS, CAROL, Ransom junior Classes Ha-He HARRIS, MICHAEL, Dodge City junior HARRISON, BARBARA, Plainville sophomore HARRISON, TAD, Oakley freshman HART, HOWARD, Nashville junior HARTER, DENNIS, St. John freshman HARTING, HAROLD, Norton junior HASKETT, JANE, Phillipsburg sophomore HASKETT, PAULINE, Phillipsburg freshman HASLAM, KATHLEEN, Plainville sophomore HAXTON, RAYMOND, Kansas City junior HAYES, DOUG, Palco freshman HAYES, RONALD, Salina freshman HAYES, TOM, Great Bend freshman HAYNES, CHARLES, Hays junior HAYS, CLEO, Ellis freshman HAYS, LAJUNE, Ellis sophomore HAYS, SUSAN, Prairie View junior HAYSE, BETH, Greensburg sophomore HAYSE, FRAN, Mullinville junior HEADRICK, CONNIE, Kismet freshman HEAPE, CHARLEEN, Pratt sophomore HEAPE, RONALD, Pratt junior HEATON, DIANN, Norton sophomore HECK, DENNIS, Morrowville junior HEDGE, JERRY, Hill City freshman HEIM, WILLIAM, Hoxie junior HEIMAN, STEVEN, Barnard sophomore HEIMER, JIM, Jetmore sophomore HEINZ, JANET, Fowler sophomore HEINZE, ALLAN, New Paltz, N. Y., freshman HEINZE, ALVIN, Wichita sophomore HEINZE, GREG, Lincoln junior HEITSCHMIDT, JANN, Scott City junior HEJNY, GARY, Otis sophomore HELFRICH, ROBERT, Spearville sophomore HELLERUD, ROBERT, Goodland sophomore HELM, JANICE, Tribune sophomore HELM, ROBERT, Junction City junior HELMAN, PHIL, Goodland sophomore HEMME, ROBERT, Bucklin freshman HEMMY, JAMES, Salina freshman HEMPHILL, JOHN, Oakland, Calif., freshman HENDERSON, WAUNITA, WaKeeney junJar HENDRICKSON, LARRY, Almena freshman HENDRICKSON, STEVEN, Lyons sophomore 6 293 Classes He-Hl HENNIGH, KATHLEEN, Ulysses junior HERBEL, CAROL, Agra freshman HERL, DENNIS, Hays freshman HERL, GERALD, Hays junior HERMAN, MARY, Hays junior HERONEME, JOYCE, Ellis sophomore HERRING, HAROLD, Derby freshman HERRMAN, BECKY, LaCrosse freshman HERRMAN, CONNIE, LaCrosse freshman HERRMAN, ELAINE, LaCrosse sophomore HERRMAN, LEO, LaCrosse sophomore HERRMAN, LOIS, Hays freshman HERRMAN, MICHAEL, Ensign sophomore HERRMAN, ROCHELLE, Hays freshman HERRMANN, DELORES, Kinsley sophomore HERRMANN, RONALD, Dodge City sophomore HERZOG, LESTER, Quinter freshman HESSENFLOW, CHUCK, Oberlin freshman HESTER, PAMELA, Bucklin freshman HETT, MICHELLE, Marion freshman HEUBLEIN, LARRY, Isabel sophomore HEVNER, CONNIE, Goodland freshman HEWES, DOROTHY, Midland, Tex., sophomore HEWES, SHARIS, Ingalls junior HEWETT, EVELYN, Almena junior HEWETT, KAREN, S». Francis junior HEWSON, STEVE, Earned sophomore HEYEN, CONNIE, Kinsley sophomore HIATT, STANLEY, Wellington freshman HICKEL, BRENDA, Ellinwood freshman HICKMAN, ANNE, Sharon Springs freshman HICKMAN, SHARON, Lucas sophomore HIGHLAND, ERNESTINE, Englewood, Colo., freshman HIGHLAND, LOU, Brewster junior HILL, MARK, Newark, Del., junior HILL, THEODORE, Logan freshman HILL, VIV, Hoxie freshman HILLMAN, LARRY, Hays sophomore HIRD, STEVEN, Lawrence freshman HISH, CYNTHIA, Nickerson sophomore HISH, RONALD, Nickerson sophomore HITCHCOCK, HOLLY, Belleville sophomore HIXENBAUGH, GAIL, Beloit junior HIXON, LARRY, Pawnee Rock junior HLADEK, JANET, WaKeeney junior Classes Hl-Ho HLAUS, PATRICIA, Wilson sophomore HOAR, DIANA, Woodston freshman HOCH, STEPHEN, Wilson sophomore HODGES, SHIRLEY, Geneseo junior HODGINS, MAIDA, Belleville freshman HOFFHAUS, KAREN, Great Bend freshman HOFFMAN, CYNTHIA, Sublette sophomore HOFFMAN, FLOYD, Hays freshman HOFFMAN, KATHY, Hays freshman HOFFMAN, TRUDY, Hazelton freshman Bob May, of the Letterpress Shop, Susan Trout and Jan Shaffer, of the Leader staff, discuss front page layout. HOKE, PATRICIA, Hays freshman HOLLE, REBECCA, Ludell freshman HOLLER, TRUDY, Seattle, Wash., junior HOLLIMAN, MICHAEL, St. Francis freshman HOLLIMAN, PATRICK, St. Francis sophomore 295 Classes Ho-lm HOLMBERG, JEFF, Belleville sophomore HOLMES, PATRICIA, Dighton freshman HOLOPIREK, KENNETH, Timken sophomore HOLOPIREK, SHARON, Timken freshman HOLSTE, MARIAM, Edson freshman HOLSTON, ANGELA, Hays sophomore HOLSTON, ROBERT, Hays junior HOMM, CHERYL, Hays freshman HOOPER, LINDA, Bogue sophomore HOOVER, JAMES, Phillipsburg freshman HOPE, GARY, Wichita freshman HORACEK, SHIRLA, Utica freshman HORNER, ANDREW, Liberal sophomore HORNER, PATSY, Ellsworth junior HORNING, ROSANNE, Ransom sophomore HORYNA, JOYCE, Bison freshman HORYNA, SHIRLEY, Hanston sophomore HOSS, M. ANN, Ness City junior HOSS, PAULA, Great Bend junior HOTH, ALICE, Holyrood sophomore HOUGHTON, KEITH, Tipton sophomore HOUSER, ANN, Hanston sophomore HOUSER, DAVID, Quinter junior HOUSTON, RUTHONA, Lincoln sophomore HOWARD, DENNIS, Goodland sophomore HOWARD, DOUGLAS, Mc Donald sophomore HOWARD, JESSE, Kismet sophomore HOWARD, JUDY, McDonald junior HOWELL, STELLA, St. Mathews, S. C., freshman HUCK, C. JANE, Protection sophomore HUDSON, TOM, Macksville junior HUEBNER, GLORIA, Claflin freshman HUEBNER, JILL, Tonganoxie freshman HUENERGARDE, JAMES, Smith Center junior HUITT, NANCY, Pratt freshman HUMPERT, MARY, Abilene sophomore HUNLEY, RICKEY, Hudson freshman HUNTER, RUTH, Mankato freshman HURLBUT, SHARON, Russell freshman HUSA, IVAN, Hutchinson junior HUSER, BARBARA, Hays junior HUSLIG, VICKIE, Claflin freshman HUSTED, ANITA, Liberal freshman HUTFLES, CLEMENS, Herndon freshman IMEL, JIM, Bucklin junior Classes In-Jo INGRAHAM, DIANE, Lewis sophomore INGRAM, ROY, Stratton junior INGRUM, PATRICIA, Abilene junior IRBY, PAMELA, Liberal sophomore IRBY, RICHARD, Liberal freshman IRVIN, LINDA, McCracken sophomore IRVIN, PENNY, McCracken sophomore ISHII, GRACE, Kawai, Hawaii, sophomore ISSINGHOFF, CARLA, Burlington, Iowa, sophomore IVES, NANCY A., Logan freshman IVES, NANCY S., Norton freshman JABARA, WILLIAM, Wichita freshman JACKSON, RALPHETTA, Rush Center freshman JACOBS, GLENN, Hays freshman JACOBS, JANET, Hays sophomore JACOBS, MARY, Russell sophomore JACOBS, SHARON, Hays sophomore JACOBS, WILLIAM, Pfeifer freshman JAMES, LYNDA, Rexford sophomore JANKOVITS, GERY, Herndon freshman JANNE, DONNA, Wilson freshman JANSEN, MICHAEL, Joliet sophomore JANSONIUS, JULIE, Prairie View sophomore JANTZ, SHARON, Moundridge freshman JEFFERS, DON, Russell junior JEMISON, ERLENE, Osborne freshman JENKINS, EVELYN, Roswell, N. M., sophomore JENNINGS, SHARLYN, Phillipsburg freshman JENSEN, DIANE, Bird City freshman JENSEN, MAREN, Hays freshman JENSEN, PATRICIA, Hays junior JENSEN, ROGER, St. Francis freshman JEVONS, DERYL, Wakefield sophomore JILG, MICHAEL, Larned junior JIMENEZ, JUAN, Hays junior JIMENEZ, LUIS, Hays freshman JIMENEZ, PAMELA, Plainville sophomore JINDRA, RUTH, Simpson sophomore JOHANNES, RICKY, Weskan junior JOHNSON, BARBARA, Hays sophomore JOHNSON, FRED A., Grainf ield junior JOHNSON, FRED J., Larned sophomore JOHNSON, FREDRICK, Culver sophomore JOHNSON, GAYLORD, Wichita freshman JOHNSON, GINGIE, Hays freshman 297 Classes Jo-Ke JOHNSON, GREGORY, Courtland freshman JOHNSON, HERMAN, Hays junior JOHNSON, JAMES, Macksville freshman JOHNSON, JAN, Beloit sophomore JOHNSON, JOHN, Hays freshman JOHNSON, KEITH, Lawrence freshman JOHNSON, MARGARET, Osage City junior JOHNSON, MAURICE, Goodland sophomore JOHNSON, PATRICK, Windom sophomore JOHNSON, RICHARD, Red Cloud, Neb., freshman JOHNSON, SANDRA, Hays freshman JOHNSON, SARAH, Plainville freshman JOHNSON, STEVE, Wichita freshman JOHNSON, SUSAN, St. Francis sophomore JOHNSTON, SHANANN, Russell sophomore JONES, CAROLYN, Johnson sophomore JONES, LANCE, Great Bend freshman JON ' ES, NORA, Junction City sophomore JONES, RICHARD, Edson junior JONES, SHERRI, Copeland freshman JONES, VIRGIL, Formoso freshman JONES, WALTER, Effingham freshman JORDING, DUANE, Oberlin freshman JORG, KAREN, New Cambria junior JOSS, VERN, Holcomb junior JOY, LOIS, Hays sophomore JUDY, DWIGHT. Hays junior JUERGENSEN, VALORIE, Ellinwood freshman JUNO, ELVITA, Otis sophomore JUST, LINDA, Garden City junior KAISER, VICKIE, McPherson sophomore KARBAN, KAYLENE, Wilson sophomore KARLIN, CHARLES, Hays sophomore KARLIN, LINDA, Hays freshman KARST, SUSAN, Great Bend freshman KASHKA, ANTOINETTE, Goodland freshman KASSELMAN, JOHN, Medicine Lodge freshman KASSELMAN, LINDA, Ellinwood freshman KASTENS, JAYNE, Herndon sophomore KASTER, JOYCE, Natoma freshman KATS, BARBARA, Long Island junior KATZENMEIER, DANA, Norton freshman KAZMAIER, DAVID, Lewis sophomore KEAGY, DAVID, Derby sophomore KEAST, SCOTT, Larned freshman 298 Classes Ke-Ki KEATING, WARREN, Great Bend junior KEATING, WYLMA, Liberal junior KEENAN, JOHN, Jennings junior KEENAN, ROBERT, Great Bend freshman KEENE, RONALD, Hays sophomore KEIL, LARRY, Hays freshman KEITH, DIANA L., Almena freshman KEITH, DIANA R., Penokee sophomore KEITH, EDWARD, Almena sophomore KEITH, MILDEN, Penokee junior KELLER, BARBARA, Waldo freshman KELLER, KAREN, Oakley junior KELLER, MARTIN, Bushton sophomore KEMPER, MICHAEL, Logan junior KENNEDY, KEN, Plainville freshman KERN, LINDA, Stockton sophomore KERR, FRANKLIN, Ness City sophomore KERR, GAYLEN, Ness City junior KERTZ, DAVID, Natoma sophomore KESSINGER, PATRICIA, Wichita sophomore KEYTE, JAMES, Ellis sophomore KIM, CHEUNG, Korea sophomore KING, RODNEY, Clay Center junior KINGSLEY, DOUGLAS, Ellis freshman KINSER, KAY, Clayton freshman KINSEY, JAN, Medicine Lodge sophomore KIRBY, ALBERTA, Lamed junior KIRK, JOHNNA, Bucklin freshman KIRK, RANDALL, Bucklin sophomore KIRKENDALL, JOSEPH, Phillipsburg junior The Magnificent Seven provided music for the Tiger Hop which ushered in second term. Students spent much time dancing to music of a variety of bands at the Lampliter Club. Classes Ki-Kr KIRKMAN, JILL, Great Bend freshman KISNER, JaNELL, Hays freshman KISSICK, WAYBURN, Beverly sophomore KITCH, PEG, Scott City freshman KITE, EUGENE, Hays junior KITE, MELINDA, Great Bend freshman KITTS, MELVIN, Formoso sophomore KLAUS, ALEXANDER, Hays freshman KLAUS, DONALD, Plainville freshman KLAUS, ELDEN, Hays freshman KLAUS, RICHARD, McCracken freshman KLEIN, JERRY, Pfeifer freshman KLETCHKA, RONALD, Wichita freshman KLIEWER, LONNIE, Ingalls junior KLINE, TERRY, Satanta junior KLINZMANN, MARILLA, Agra sophomore KLITZKE, NANCY, Ransom freshman KLITZKE, SANDY, Ransom sophomore KLITZKE, STEVE, Ransom sophomore KNIGHT, LINDA, Pratt junior KNOLL, JOHN, Hays freshman KNOLL, LAWRENCE, Garden City junior KNOLL, LEO, Hays sophomore KNOX, CONNIE, Brewster freshman KNOX, MARGARET, Lamed junior KOCH, MARCY, Great Bend junior KODRAS, JIM, Manhattan freshman KOELLING, DONALD, Abilene junior KOERPERICH, NICHOLAS, Selden sophomore KOESTEL, PATTI, Partridge freshman KOETT, IMELDA, Hays freshman KOLACNY, JOHN, Hays junior KOLB, KELVIN, Phillipsburg freshman KOOCHEL, JANE, Albert sophomore KOSTER, MARLA, Cawker City freshman KOSTER, RONALD, Cawker City sophomore KOUGH, JERI, Winona sophomore KOULAS, BARBARA, Overland Park junior KRAFT, GERALD, WaKeeney junior KRAMER, JOE, Great Bend freshman KRAMER, LOUISE, Winchester sophomore KRANNAWITTER, ANITA, Hoxie junior KRANNAWITTER, OLIVER, Hoxie junior KRAUS, DANIEL, Garden City sophomore KRAUS, PAMELA, Hays sophomore 300 Classes Kr-Le KRAUS, REBECCA, Hays freshman KRAUS, ROBERT, Grainfield freshman KREHBIEL, LAWRENCE, Healy sophomore KROB, TERRY, Concordia junior KROBOTH, FRANK, Wilson sophomore KRUCKENBERG, LYMAN, Great Bend freshman KRUG, SHARON, LaCrosse freshman KUEBLER, LINDA, Hays sophomore KUGLER, VICKI, Esbon freshman KUHLMAN, RICHARD, Smith Center sophomore KUHN, AGNETA, Ellis freshman KUHN, BENITA, Ellis junior KUHN, CARLE, Cawker City freshman KUHN, JUDITH, Ellis freshman KUHN, RONALD, Plainville freshman KURTZ, CAROL, Alton freshman KURTZ, SHERYL, Alton sophomore KVASNICKA, GARY, Salina freshman LAAS, ANITA, Brookville junior LAAS, LARRY, Brookville freshman LAHEY, SARAH, Moscow freshman LAHEY, VANA, Moscow junior LAMBERT, DONETTA, Kismet junior LAMBERT, GLENN, Zurich freshman LAMOUREAUX, SALLY, Dodge City sophomore LAMPE, NORMA, Spearville junior LANDAU, VINCE, Dodge City sophomore LANE, DENISE, Bucklin freshman LANE, PATRICIA, Lincoln sophomore LANG, DENNIS, Hays sophomore LANG, DUANE, Ellis sophomore LANG, PAUL, Hays sophomore LANGLEY, CANDACE, Lamed sophomore LARSON, ALVIN, Wauneta, Neb., junior LARSON, BARBARA, Chapman freshman LARSON, RALPH, Tescott freshman LaRUE, LINDA, Hays sophomore LASHBROOK, LYNN, Hays junior LAUBHAN, LARRY, Russell freshman LeCLAIR, CAROLYN, Mankato junior LeCOUNT, RONALD, Norton junior LEDBETTER, BOB, Wichita freshman LEDBETTER, CLINT, Natoma junior LEE ' , JANE, Liberal sophomore LEE, JOHN, Dwight freshman 301 Classes Le-Li LEE, R. MICHAEL, Wichita sophomore LEGLEITER, GENE, Hays sophomore LEHMAN, PATRICK, Brewster junior LEIKER, IRVIN, Hays freshman LEINMILLER, VIRGINIA, Great Bend freshman LEIS, DEBBIE, Fowler sophomore LEITNER, JOYCE, Herndon sophomore LEITNER, LINDA, Herndon freshman LEMON, CLETA, Smith Center freshman LeROCK, ALLAN, Plainville freshman LERVOLD, MAURICE, Scandia freshman LESTER, MARY, Oskaloosa sophomore LETSCH, SHERRILL, Bunker Hill sophomore LEWALLEN, WAYNE, Oakley junior LIANG, CHAO-CHUN, Taiwan junior LIEURANCE, THOMAS, Kiowa freshman LIGGETT, MAX, Mullinville sophomore LIGHT, JAMES, Ellis sophomore LIGHTCAP, ARDLEY, Dodge City junior LIGHTNER, LYNN, Garden City junior LILLEY, WES, Dodge City junior LINDBERG, NANCY, Great Bend sophomore LINDEMANN, PATRICIA, Oberlin sophomore LINDENMAN, DOREEN, Morland junior LINENBERGER, DELVERN, Hays freshman Students enjoy watching the women ' s physical education classes play volleyball in the Arena. LINK, ALBERT, Aurora junior LINK, CHARLES, Chase junior LITTON, JAMES, Beloit junior LITZENBERGER, NEILA, Jetmore freshman LIVELY, DANA, Salina freshman Classes Li-Mc LIVELY, DIANA, Salina sophomore LIVINGSTON, CONNA, Marion junior LOCKHART, JEAN, Ellsworth junior LOEPPKE, SANDRA, Lakin freshman LOFLIN, JOHN, Ogallah freshman LOHRMEYER, BECKY, Logan freshman LOKER, LILA, McDonald sophomore LOOMIS, LINDA, Quinter freshman LONNON, THOMAS, Hays freshman LORSON, JAMES, Hope junior LOVING, LOLA, Pawnee Rock junior LOVITCH, FRANK, Kansas City junior LOWER, TERRI, Great Bend sophomore LOWIS, ROB, Colby junior LOWRY, ROBERT, Plainville freshman LOYD, DARRELL, Phillipsburg junior LOYD, JEAN, Phillipsburg junior LOZANO, ALMA, Hays junior LUDER, JOYCE, Luray sophomore LUETTERS, DONNA, Ransom freshman LUKENS, KAYE, Medicine Lodge junior LUTZ, LOIS, Hays sophomore LYMAN, DOUG, Hutchinson junior LYNCH, ROGER, Hugoton sophomore LYNN, DONALD, WaKeeney freshman LYNN, RONALD, WaKeeney junior LYSINGER, CHARLES, Oakley junior McAFEE, MELINDA, Coal Valley, III., freshman McATEE, TERRY, Claflin junior McCALMONT, TANIA, Sublette freshman McCAMMOND, JACKIE, Trousdale freshman McCANTS, LAWRENCE, Goodland sophomore McCASLIN, TRUDY, Copeland freshman McCAULEY, JANELLE, Zurich sophomore McCLAREN, SUSAN, Lewis sophomore McCLURE, WILLIAM, Republic junior McCONNELL, VICKI, Hays sophomore McCORMACK, JOHN, Lakin freshman McCORMICK, LARRY, Great Bend sophomore McCUBBIN, LEE, Almena junior McCULLEY, DAN, Oswego freshman McCUNE, TERRY, Meade freshman McCURDY, CAROL, Hutchinson junior MCDONALD, ALLAN, Salina junior MacDONALD, EMERSON, Great Bend freshman Classes Mc-Ma McENTARFER, DOUG, Hutchinson junior McFADDEN, GAYLE, Hanston freshman McGOVERN, KATHY, Garden City freshman McGOWAN, LOUISE, Salina sophomore McGOWAN, MELVA, Salina freshman McGREEVY, BOB, Great Bend freshman McGUIRE, MARLENE, Greensburg, freshman MclNTOSH, SHERLYN, Oak Hill freshman MclNTOSH, SUE, Clay Center freshman McKAIN, LARRY, McDonald freshman McKAIN, RUTH, Delphos junior McKAY, DAVE, LaCrosse sophomore McKENNA, PAT, Jennings freshman McKINNEY, SARA, Lincoln sophomore McLAIN, LENNET, Satanta sophomore McLELAND, JENNIFER, Great Bend sophomore McLINN, LONNY, Garden City junior McMULLEN, ROD, Lyons freshman McPHAIL, LARRY, Hays junior McPHAIL, RICKI, Salina sophomore McPHERSON, DIANA, Pratt freshman McPHERSON, GREGG, Pratt junior MADDEN, PAT, Hays freshman MADDOX, GLEN, Derby sophomore MAES, LINDA, Bushton freshman MAGUGLIN, PATRICIA, Piper junior MAHIN, RICHARD, Randall junior MAHLMAN, LEE, Smith Center freshman MAI, CONNIE, Hoisington freshman MAI, KAREN, Wa Keeney freshman 304 Classes Ma-Ma MAI, KATHLEEN, WaKeeney freshman MAI, KATHRYN, Great Bend freshman MAI, LINDA, Russell freshman MAJOR, LINDA, Beloit junior MAKINGS, JOHN, Atwood freshman MALEY, DARREL, Logan freshman MALONE, JO, Ford freshman MANHART, LARRY, Grainfield sophomore MANNING, YVONNE, Lycan, Colo., freshman MANS, LARRY, Sharon freshman MANS, LEONARD, Sharon junior MAPES, JOHN, Norcatur freshman MARCHAND, MARY, Ellinwood junior MARESCH, JUDY, Nekoma freshman MARINE, DONNA, Garden City junior MARPLE, COLLEEN, Smith Center freshman MARRS, GARY, Montezuma junior MARSHALL, SALLY, Wadsworth junior MARSTON, DELMA, Plainville freshman MARTIN, CONSTANCE, Hays sophomore MARTIN, ELIZABETH, Hays junior MARTIN, GEORGE, Larned junior MARTIN, JAN, Healy junior MARTIN, JOSEPH, Chase junior MARTIN, KAROLYN, Hays freshman MARTIN, MARILYN, Hays freshman MARTIN, PAUL, Utica freshman MASSAGLIA, MIKE, Hays junior MASSEY, DEBORAH, Liberal sophomore MASTERS, LARRY, Scott City freshman MATHES, MARY, Kinsley freshman MATHES, SUSAN, Norton freshman MATTESON, JANE, Phillipsburg sophomore 305 Classes Ma-Me MATTISON, SUSAN, Salina sophomore MATTSON, ROSALIE, Inman freshman MAXWELL, ROBERT, Smith Center freshman MAYHEW, JERRY, Phill ipsburg freshman MAYO, ROBERT, Garden City junior MAYO, SUSAN, Garden City sophomore MAZOUCH, EUGENE, Timken freshman MEADE, JOHN, Brunswick, N. J., sophomore MEASE, BARBARA, Nashville sophomore MECKEL, MAflK, Hays freshman MECKEL, VERNON, Hays junior MECKENSTOCK, DAN, Hays sophomore MEENEN, JAN, Clifton sophomore MEHLHAFF, KARLA, Fremont, Neb., freshman MEHRINGER, RICHARD, Kinsley freshman MEIER, LINDA, Hays freshman MEIER, MICHAEL, Dodge City junior MEIER, RHONDA, Rozel freshman MEISTER, ROSEMARY, Great Bend freshman MELIA, SHELLY, Elkhart freshman MELTON, JANET, Concordia junior MENDENHALL, CONNIE, Gove sophomore MENDENHALL, DAVID, Mankato freshman MENZER, SHARON, Olmifz sophomore MERRILL, CATHERINE, Garden City junior 306 Classes Me-Mo MESSERLY, ROBERT, Sublette junior MEYER, JOHN, Ellinwood freshman MEYER, MELISSA, Norton sophomore MEYER, VICKY, Big Bow junior MICHAELIS, BARBARA, Russell freshman MICHAELIS, SHARON, Utica sophomore MICHEL, ROSA, Russell freshman MICHEL, STEVEN, Kiowa sophomore MICHEL, TONI, Kiowa freshman MIDDLETON, DAVID, Lyons freshman MILAM, VICKI, Ellinwood freshman MILES, REBECCA, Hill City junior MILLER, BECKY, Moscow freshman MILLER, BOB, Great Bend freshman MILLER, CARLEEN, Hays sophomore MILLER, CAROL, Plains sophomore MILLER, CURTIS, Lyons freshman MILLER, DARREL, Hanston junior MILLER. EVERETT, Scott City junior MILLER, GAYLE, Stockton junior MILLER, JACOB, Mulvane freshman MILLER, JERRY, Moscow freshman MILLER, JOHN, Rush Center junior MILLER, LORETTA, Collyer sophomore MILLER, MARILYN, Russell sophomore MILLER, ROBERTA, Great Bend sophomore MILLER, STEPHEN D., Howard sophomore MILLER, STEPHEN J., Norcatur freshman MILLER, STEVEN, St. Francis freshman MILLER, WAYNE, Burdett freshman MILLS, RICKY, Beloit junior MILLS, RONALD, Garden City junior MINOR, TED, Liberal freshman MISER, TIM, Cottonwood Falls freshman MITCHELL, GLORIA, Orleans, Neb., junior MIZE, PHILIP, Turon junior MOHLER, BARBARA, Mankato sophomore MOHLER, CAROL, Mankato freshman MOLLEKER, DONALD, Hays freshman MOLLEKER, PAUL, Hays freshman MONDERO, MARY, Hays sophomore MONDY, CONNIE, Kinsley sophomore MONTGOMERY, CHARLOTTE, Hays junior MONTGOMERY, MICHAEL, Greensburg sophomore MOODY, DAVID, Lyons junior 307 Classes Mo-Na MOOMAW, PEGGY, Ensign junior MOORE, ED, Hays sophomore MOORE, ELDEN, Hays junior MOORE, HERBERT, Wichita freshman MOORE, IRIS, Grinnell freshman MOORE, KAREN, Wichita freshman MOOS, CAROL, Plainville freshman MORAN, LEAH, Plainville sophomore MOREL, DIANE, Jennings junior MORFORD, DONNA, Codell sophomore MORFORD, SHARMAN, Haviland freshman MORGAN, CHERYL, Hoxie freshman MORGAN, DONNA, Smith Center sophomore MORRIS, JOHN, Hays junior MORRIS, LINDA, Hays freshman MORRIS, MICHAEL, Hutchinson junior MORRIS, ROGER, Stockton junior MORRIS, SUE, Minneapolis sophomore MORRISON, JILL, Overland Park freshman MORRISON, JULIE, Overland Park junior MORSE, JUDY, Great Bend freshman MORTON, ROBERT, Larned sophomore MOSS, MARGARET, Los Angeles, Calif., sophomore MOTT, CRAIG, Kiowa freshman MOUNDAY, DONNA, Rozel freshman MOYER, JAMES, Ulysses freshman MUCK, JAMES, Gaylord junior MUELDNER, KARL, Lyons freshman MULLENDER, VANAN, Waldo sophomore MULLER, JOHN, McCracken junior MUNOZ, RICHARD, Kanopolis freshman MUNSCH, ALAN, Ness City freshman MUNSELL, RUBYE, Healy junior MUNSEY, CYNTHIA, Beloit freshman MURPHY, KAY, Quinter freshman MURPHY, JIM, Colby junior MURPHY, PAULA, Hays sophomore MURRAY, JOHN, Holyrood sophomore MUSGROVE, TRUDY, Natoma freshman MYERS, CAROL, Barnard freshman MYERS, LEONARD, Barnard junior MYERS, MARVIN, Hays freshman MYERS, STEPHEN, Barnard sophomore NAEGELE, CAROL, Lucas freshman NAGEL, TAMARA, Kanorado sophomore 308 Classes Na-Ne NAUER, PAULA, Jennings sophomore NEAL, KARIN, Hoxie freshman NEBEL, SANDRA, Esbon junior NEDROW, MARY, Kirwin freshman NEELY, STANLEY, Copeland freshman NEIDENTHAL, JoANN, Rush Center freshman NEITZEL, SHERRY, St. Francis sophomore NELSON, BARBARA A., Derby sophomore NELSON, BARBARA E., Lincoln freshman NELSON, BARBARA J., Beloit freshman NELSON, CAROLYN, Manhattan freshman NELSON, CINDY, Lincoln junior NELSON, DENNIS, Sylvan Grove junior NELSON, DONALD J., Ludell junior NELSON, DONALD, W., Rexford junior NELSON, JOEL, Marquette sophomore NELSON, JUDITH, Colby junior NELSON, KEVIN, Salina sophomore NELSON, LARRY, Johnson junior NELSON, OPAL, Rush Center sophomore NELSON, PATRICK, Tescott junior NELSON, PHIL, Valley Center sophomore NELSON, RICHARD, Courtland junior NELSON, RON, Tescott junior NELSON, WILLIAM, Kiowa junior NEMECHEK, MARGARET, Goodland sophomore NEMECHEK, MARY, Goodland freshman NETHERTON, BOB, Larned junior NEUBURGER, LORETTA, Norton freshman NEUFORTH, HAROLD, Great Bend sophomore Tigers attract large crowds of fans as they battle for the ball with Pittsburg State College. Fort Hays State offers fencing in its curriculum, offering a chance to explore the field of sports. 309 Classes Ne-Ob NEUMAN, BETTY, Ellsworth sophomore NEUSCHAFER, DARREL, Holyrood junior NEWBERRY, KATHY, Haysville sophomore NEWBERRY, MARCY, Colby sophomore NEWELL, STANLEY, Selden junior NEWELL, VINCENT, Damar freshman NEY, KENNETH, Hoisington freshman NICHOL, BARBARA, Stockton junior NICHOLAS, JOEL, Johnson freshman NIELSEN, SUE, Russell junior NIERMEIER, NILES, Ludell junior NIERNBERGER, JOLENE, Ellis freshman NOAH, CAROLE, Hays junior NOKES, RAY, Sharon Springs sophomore NOONE, THOMAS, Densmore junior NORDEN, EDWARD, Kensington freshman NORDEN, ELAINE, Kensington sophomore NORMAN, HELEN R., Ness City freshman NORRIS, MARY, Burdett freshman NORTH, MARVIN, Hays sophomore NORTHROP, PEGGY, Jetmore sophomore NORVELL, JOSEPH, Lincoln freshman NOVINGER, CARL, Plains freshman NOVOTNY, KARLA, Luray junior NUTSCH, LARRY, Hill City sophomore Square dancing is offered at FHS for those who are interested in learning Social Dance prepares the student for ball- a traditional American dance. room dancing by teaching the basic steps. NUTSCH, LEON, Hill City freshman OAKLEY, WESLEY, Lakin sophomore OBERLE, KENT, Claflin junior OBERLE, STEPHAN, Ellinwood sophomore OBERMUELLER, DALE, Lincoln sophomore 310 Classes Ob-Pa O ' BRATE, BARBARA, Syracuse sophomore O ' BRATE, PATRICK, Ingalls sophomore O ' BRIEN, REX, St. Francis sophomore O ' BRIEN, TIM, Hays junior OCHS, DARREL, Hays junior OCHS, OWEN, Hoisington sophomore OCHS, STEPHAN, Great Bend freshman OCHSNER, KAREN, St. Francis junior OCHSNER, ROBERT, St. Francis freshman OCKER, DIANE, Copeland junior ODEGARD, STEVE, Great Bend freshman ODEN, BARBARA, Sterling sophomore ODEN, JAMES, Sterling junior ODLE, DIANE, Glen Elder sophomore OFFUTT, GERALD, Hays junior O ' HARA, CHARLES, Salina sophomore O ' HARE, DEVRA, Norcatur freshman OLDS, BRUCE, Liberal freshman OLOMON, DENISE, Goodland sophomore OLSON, BONNIE, Garfield sophomore OLSON, CAROLYN, Russell sophomore OLSON, CONNIE, Oberlin sophomore OLSON, STACY, Jetmore freshman OMLOR, JEANNINE, Seward junior O ' REAGAN, JEANETTE, Stockton freshman ORR, JEFF, Hays junior OSBORN, CLYSTIA, Lamed junior OSBORN, RON, Leoti freshman OSBORNE, CHARLES, Hanston freshman OSBURN, DOROTHEA, Peabody freshman OSHANT, SHERAN, Hays sophomore OSHANT, TERRIE, Hays freshman OSHEL, JANICE, Holyrood junior OSHEL, JUDY, Holyrood freshman OSTMEYER, CATHLYN, Grinnell junior OTTE, LaVONNE, Great Bend freshman OWENS, GARY, Hays junior PABST, DARRELL, Colby junior PAGET, WILLIAM, Lebanon freshman PAHLS, EDWIN, Cawker City sophomore PAHLS, JANEL, Cawker City freshman PAINTER, JEFF, Healy junior PALMBERG, M. ELAINE, Palco freshman PALMER, TERENCE, Hays junior PANKRATZ, CHARLES, Marion freshman 311 Classes Pa-Pf PAPES, DEAN, WaKeeney sophomore PARISH, STEVE, St. John sophomore PARKER, BOB, Peck sophomore PARKER, ROBERT, Plainville freshman PARSONS, CINDI, Hunter junior PASEK, CYNTHIA, Dorrance freshman PATCHEN, LARRY, Jetmore sophomore PATCHEN, LINDA, Jetmore junior PATTERSON, ROBERT, Garden City junior PAULEY, ROBERT, Gypsum freshman PEACOCK, GAYLA, Sylvia freshman PEAK, MATT, Pratt junior PEARCE, COLETTE, Beeler junior PEARSON, DENNIS, Beloit junior PECHANEC, ANITA, Timken freshman PECHANEC, DENNIS, Timken freshman PEKAREK, JANET, Wilson freshman PENKA, JOYCE, Garfield freshman PENNINGTON, JOYCE, Oakley sophomore PERKINS, ROGER, LaCrosse junior PERRY, ROBERT, Scandia freshman PERRY, SHEREEN, Dodge City junior PETERSILIE, DOUGLAS, Ness City sophomore PETERSON, LaRON, Conway sophomore PETERSON, SUSAN, Great Bend freshman PETTERA, KATHRYN, Ludell freshman PETTIJOHN, SHARON, Stockton sophomore PETTY, JOHN, WaKeeney sophomore PFANENSTIEL, DAVE, Leoti junior PFANNENSTIEL, CORA, Munjor junior Forsyth Library provides a place for students to between classes. Clarinet Choir, one of Fort Hays State ' s specialized music groups, offers many hours of entertainment. 312 Classes Pf-Po PFANNENSTIEL, JANICE, Collyer freshman PFANNENSTIEL, MERLE, Hays junior PFANNENSTIEL, RONALD, Hays sophomore PFEIFER, MADONNA, Bogue sophomore PFEIFER, RICHARD, Hays freshman PFEIFER, SHERYL, Morland freshman PFENNINGER, RONALD, Nekoma sophomore PFORTMILLER, LARRY, Natoma sophomore PHELPS, JOYCE, Colby junior PHILIP, KAYLYNN, Munjor junior PHILLIPS, JOAN, Lamed freshman PHILLIPS, LEE, Liberal junior PHILLIPS, WARREN, Lamed freshman PHYE, LINDA, Medicine Lodge sophomore PICKARD, CHERYL, Vona, Colo., freshman PICKARD, KAREN, Vona, Colo., freshman PICKERING, CARLENE, WaKeeney sophomore PINKALL, KAREN, Hays junior PIROTTE, KATHLEEN, Cawker City junior PISHNY, LON, Waterville sophomore PIXIER, EDWIN, Smith Center sophomore PLEMONS, MARIE, Medicine Lodge freshman PLYMELL, SHIRLEY, Scott City freshman POERSCH, MONTE, Barnes freshman POPPE, ARTHUR, Norton junior PORTENIER, CHERYL, Jamestown sophomore PORTER, JOHN, Glen Elder junior PORTER, TAMARA, Ulysses freshman PORTSCHY, LEON, Herndon sophomore POTTER, JOE, Great Bend junior Homecoming activities included the parade through Hays honoring Linda Burdge, the 1968 Homecoming Queen. Classes Po-Re POTTS, TERESA, Haysville sophomore POWELL, MYRNA, Kalvesta junior POWERS, LONNIE, Grainfield sophomore PRAVIA, AUGUSTO DAVID, Hays sophomore PRESS, DOUGLAS, Quinter freshman PROSSER, JUDY, Great Bend freshman PROSSER, LEONARD, Claflin freshman PRUITT, DOUGLAS, Lincoln sophomore PRUTER, PENNY, Natoma junior PUGH, PATRICIA, St. Francis freshman PULLIN, BARBARA, Great Bend junior PURVIS, SHARON, Weskan freshman PUYEAR, MARSHA, Greensburg freshman PUYEAR, MARTHA, Greensburg freshman QUINT, RONALD, Hill City sophomore RABAS, GARY, Luray junior RADCLIFFE, DANA, Hill City freshman RAHJES, ROBERT, Agra freshman RAILE, CHARLENE, Goodland freshman RAILSBACK, MARIAN, Oberlin freshman RAMSEY, JERRY, Colby junior RAMSEY, MARVIN, Donna, Tex., junior RANDEL, KRIS, Bison junior RANDLE, RANDY, Rolla junior RANDOLPH, JANIS, Jennings freshman RANKIN, STEVE, Salina junior RASSETTE, LINDA, Russell sophomore RATHGEBER, KEITH, Kiowa sophomore RATZLAFF, BARBARA, Harper freshman RAUSCHER, SUSAN, Edson junior RAWSON, ROBERT, Marquette freshman RAY, DEBORAH, Sterling sophomore RAY, VICKY, Oberlin freshman RAYBURN, ELLA, Shawnee Mission junior RAYL, STEVE, Hutchinson junior REBEIN, JOHN, Dodge City junior Students find creativity in oil painting Classes Re-Ro REDGER, JANIS, Abilene sophomore REECE, LELAND, Rozel freshman REESE, NORMADINE, Logan freshman REEVER, VERNON, Liberal freshman REHA, MARK, Great Bend sophomore REHM, LORA, Oberlin freshman REID, DONNA, Downs freshman REID, JEROLD, Downs junior REIF, MARILYN, Hoisington freshman REIF, SUSAN, Hoisington junior REIMER, JAY, Inman freshman REINERT, MICHAEL, Tipton sophomore REISER, ROCHELLE, Wichita freshman REMPE, WALTER, Plainville sophomore REYNOLDS, CYNTHIA, Natoma freshman REYNOLDS, WALTER, Natoma freshman RHINE, JOHN, Hays sophomore RHOADES, CHARLES, WaKeeney sophomore RIBORDY, LORETTA, Oakley freshman RICE, JANE, Hays sophomore RICE, RONALD, Baldwin freshman RICH, MICHAEL, Great Bend freshman RICHMOND, DENNIS, Codell sophomore RICHOLSON, KARLA, Ness City freshman RIDDER, JAMES, Marienthal freshman RIDLER, GLADYS, Hays sophomore RIEDEL, ALAN, Claflin freshman RIEDEL, ANDREW, Hays freshman RIEDEL, HERBERT, Gorham freshman RIEDEL, ROBERT, Hays sophomore RIESE, DAVID, Cawker City freshman RIETCHECK, ROGER, Oakley junior RINEHART, DeANNA, Ford freshman RISLEY, ROBERT, Sterling sophomore RITTER, BEVERLY, Norcat.ur junior ROBBEN, MICHAEL, Gorham freshman ROBERSON, DAVE, St. Francis freshman ROBERTS, ANITA, Gove sophomore ROBERTS, JILL, Hays sophomore r , 315 Classes Ro-Ro ROBERTS, PAUL, Palco junior ROBINSON, DONNA, Liberal sophomore ROBINSON, GREG, Hays sophomore ROBINSON, JUNE, Hays junior ROBINSON, KARLA, Cawker City freshman ROBINSON, SUE, Great Bend sophomore ROBINSON, WILLIAM, Oberlin sophomore RODKEY, SUSAN, Kiowa freshman ROEMER, JANET, Grainfield freshman ROGERS, DEBRA, McCracken sophomore ROGERS, JEAN, Colby sophomore ROHR, CHARLES, Hays junior ROHR, GARY, Gorham junior ROHR, GLORIA, Hays freshman ROHR, JEANETTE, Hays freshman ROHR, JOLENE, Morland freshman ROHR, JOYCE, Gorham freshman ROHR, SANDRA, Ness City freshman ROHRBOUGH, JOHNNY, Salina junior ROLF, KAREN, Isabel sophomore ROLF, LESLIE, Isabel junior ROLFS, GLENDA, Geneseo sophomore ROLLAND, MERRIE, WaKeeney junior ROLLMAN, GAYLE, Morrowville freshman ROMINE, JANICE, Abilene sophomore ROSE, BERNITA, Scott City freshman ROSENBURG, NEIL, Great Bend freshman ROSENBURG, REX, Great Bend sophomore ROSS, CAROL, Hays sophomore ROSS, JOSEPH, Luray freshman Orchesis presents many modern dance programs. It is offered as an advanced class of modern dance. Introduction to Literature was offered on an individual study basis this year. Local newsmen asked the students ' opinions. 316 Classes Ro-Sa ROSS, NORMA, Haviland junior ROTH, HAROLD, Bison sophomore ROTH, THOMAS, Pfeifer sophomore ROTHFUSS, LARRY, Clifton sophomore ROUSE, MARSHA, Ulysses junior ROUTH, CHARLES, Great Bend sophomore ROWAN, JUDY, Lyons junior ROWE, TOM, Garden City sophomore ROWLAND, CAROLYN, Great Bend freshman ROY, DUANE, Phillipsburg sophomore RUBY, BRUCE, Bunker Hill freshman RUDA, JIM, Atwood sophomore RUDA, PEGGY, Atwood junior RUDER, ANN, Pecos, Tex., freshman RUDER, LOIS, Hays junior RUDER, MARY, Hays sophomore RUEB, PATRICK, Vona, Colo., junior RUNDLE, JOHN, Logan junior RUPP, ELSIE, Hays sophomore RUPP, NAOMI, Ellis freshman RUPP, RICK, Hays freshman RUSCH, JAN, Chapman freshman RUSCO, CLARK, Great Bend sophomore RUSCO, STEVE, Great Bend junior RUSH, CLIFTON, Hays sophomore RUSSELL, PENNY, Courtland junior RUSSELL, SHARON, WaKeeney sophomore RUUD, HOWARD, Jamestown freshman RYAN, TOM, Brownell sophomore RYMAN, MICHAEL, Wichita freshman RYNERSON, DON, Jetmore sophomore SADDLER, CORLA, Colby freshman SADDLER, DOYLE, Colby junior SADDLER, JOHN, Colby junior SAGER, JANET, Bird City freshman SALLMAN, GARY, Aurora junior SALMANS, LEWIS, Hanston junior SALMANS, NICK, Hanston sophomore SALTER, SHAN, Garden City freshman SAMMONS, RUSH, Goodland sophomore SAMPSON, GARY, Oak Hill sophomore SANDER, JOSEPH, Victoria sophomore SANDER, LARRY, Hays freshman SANDER, SHARON, Great Bend freshman SANNEMAN, DEWEY, Palmer sophomore Classes Sa-Sc SANNEMAN, DUDLEY, Palmer sophomore SATTER, GARY, Logan junior SAUNDERS, MICHAEL, Stockton freshman SAWER, JAMES, Atwood freshman SAWIN, ROBERT, Lyons freshman SAYLER, ARTHUR, Albert junior SCHABEN, CHERYL, Bazine freshman SCHAEFER, MIKE LEE, Holyrood freshman SCHAEFER, MIKE L., Wellington sophomore SCHAEFFER, ROBERT, Assaria sophomore SCHAETZLE, HOWARD, Garden City Park, N. Y., freshman SCHALLER, DAVID, Kinsley junior SCHALLER, LEONA, Kinsley junior SCHAMAUN, DIANA, Great Bend freshman SCHAUVLIEGE, VICKI, Hays freshman SCHEIB, DEBORAH, Albuquerque, N. M., freshman SCHEIB, LINDA, Albuquerque, N. M., junior SCHENK, DONNA, Great Bend sophomore SCHEUERMAN, CLIFF, Ellinwood freshman SCHEUERMAN, MICHAEL, Otis freshman SCHICK, CARLA, Phillipsburg freshman SCHIELDS, GARY, Goodland sophomore SCHIEWE, MARCIA, Collyer junior SCHIFFELBEIN, JAMES, Garden City junior SCHILTZ, ELAINE, Selden freshman SCHIPPERS, DONNA, Oakley junior SCHIRER, ELEANOR, Newton freshman SCHLAEFLI, PEGGY, Cawker City sophomore SCHLEGEL, A. J., Wichita junior SCHLEGEL, MYRON, LaCrosse junior SCHLEGEL, SHERYL, Hays freshman SCHLEPP, JoANN, Ruleton sophomore SCHLICHTING, RUSSELL, Beatrice, Neb., junior SCHLITTER, CYNTHIA, Hays freshman SCHLOCTERMEIER, PAUL, Ellinwood sophomore SCHLOEMER, DARWIN, Great Bend freshman SCHMALZRIED, LYNDEL, Sharon Springs freshman SCHMEIDLER, DARRELL, Hays freshman SCHMEIDLER, JOHN, Hays freshman SCHMEIDLER, NEAL, Hays junior SCHMEIDLER, PHIL, Hay ' s sophomore SCHMIDT, CARLA, Inman freshman SCHMIDT, CLAYTON, Hope junior SCHMIDT, DAVID, Hays freshman SCHMIDT, DONALD, Hays freshman 318 Classes Sc-Sc SCHMIDT, ELAINE, Hays junior SCHMIDT, JACINTA, Topeka freshman SCHMIDT, JOSEPH, Hays sophomore SCHMIDT, KEVIN, Hays freshman SCHMIDT, MARY, Hays freshman SCHMIDT, MELVIN, Pfeifer freshman SCHMIDT, MICHAEL, Hays junior SCHMIDT, PAMELA, Catherine junior SCHMIDT, PHYLLIS, Victoria sophomore SCHMIDT, RICHARD, LaCrosse sophomore SCHMIDT, SHERRY, Glasco freshman SCHMIDTBERGER, RANDY, Victoria sophomore SCHMITT, SANDY, Kinsley junior SCHNEIDER, CAROLYN, Trenton sophomore SCHNEIDER, JAMES, Albert junior SCHNEIDER, JAN ' EEN, Ellsworth sophomore SCHNEIDER, JOHN, WaKeeney freshman SCHNEIDER, PETE, Salina freshman SCHNEIDER, STEVEN, Otis freshman SCHNELLE, CINDY, Oakley sophomore SCHNEWEIS, GAROLD, Hoisington freshman SCHNOOR, WILLIAM, Hays junior SCHOEMANN, ANN, St. Mary ' s sophomore SCHOEN, NORMA, Lenora junior SCHOENFELD, GEOGETTA, Monument junior SCHOENFELD, ROBERT, Monument junior SCHOENTHALER, CLARINDA, Ellis sophomore SCHOLL, DOUGLAS, Beloit junior SCHOLLE, BETH, Dodge City sophomore SCHOONOVER, TIMOTHY, Ulysses junior 0 319 Classes Sc-Se SCHON, DARREL, Gorham freshman SCHOONOVER, ALICE, Ulysses junior SCHREIBER, CATHY, Beaver sophomore SCHREIBVOGEL, BEVERLY, Lakin junior SCHREINER, BARBARA, Ashland junior SCHREPEL, VINCENT, Great Bend sophomore SCHROEDER, JEAN, Albert freshman SCHROTT, SHARON, Albert junior SCHUGART, JUDY, Great Bend freshman SCHUKMAN, JAY, Hays freshman SCHULTE, CLYDE, Victoria sophomore SCHULTE, JUDY, Cawker City freshman SCHULTE, KAREN, Russell freshman SCHULTZ, FREY A, Trousdale junior SCHULTZ, RONDA, Pawnee Rock sophomore SCHULZ, SANDRA, Lyons freshman SCHWAB, BEVERLY, LaCrosse sophomore SCHWANKE, CHARLES, Scott City freshman SCHWARTZ, CONNIE, Kiowa junior SCHWARTZ, CONSTANCE, Hays junior SCHWARTZ, DOUGLAS, Scott City freshman SCHWARTZ, RICHARD, Kiowa junior SCHWARZ, GREGG, Hays sophomore SCHWINDT, BARRY, Lakin sophomore SCHWINDT, ELIZABETH, Bazine sophomore SCOTT, RONALD, Oberlin junior SCOTT, WAYNE, Preston junior SCOTT, WESLEY, Belle Plaine junior SEAGO, GEORGE, Russell junior SEBASTIAN, LINDA, Tribune sophomore SEBAUGH, TELIA, Norcatur freshman SEELE, LINDA, Monument sophomore SEIBEL, GARY, Ellis sophomore SEI FRIED, BRY ANT, Dighton sophomore SEIRER, CYNTHIA, Lucas sophomore SEIRER, STEPHEN, Luray junior SEKAVEC, MARY, Brownell freshman SEKAVEC, RONALD, Brownell freshman SEKAVEC, THOMAS, Brownell sophomore SELBY, LINDA, Belleville freshman SELBY, ROBERT, Brewster freshman Classes Se-Si SELFRIDGE, C. A., Hanston sophomore SENZEE, WAYNE, Odin junior SETTLES, STEVE, Scott City sophomore SEUSY, MIKE, Salina junior SEXSON, CHARLES, Weskan freshman SHANDY, ROBERT, Manhattan sophomore SHANK, HAROLD, Ness City junior SHARP, MICHAEL, Downs sophomore SHAW, LINDA, Oakley sophomore SHAW, ROBERTA, Hoxie freshman SHAW, SANDRA, Selden sophomore SHAW, SUE, Sublette sophomore SHEAFF, TOM, Hoisington freshman SHEFFER, KARLA, Stockton junior SHELLY, GERALD, Ford junior SHERBONDY, DICK, Alton sophomore SHERMAN, ELIZABETH, Ellsworth freshman SHERROD, DUANE, Steamboat Springs, Colo., junior SHERWOOD, MARY, Hays junior SHIPLEY, CHRIS, Holyrood sophomore SHIRK, LAYNE, Friend junior SHIRLEY, PAMELA, Norcatur freshman SHOEMAKER, ELAINE, Lenora junior SHOEMAKER, JOE, St. Francis freshman SHOEMAKER, LAURA, Lenora sophomore SHOMSHOR,. MARGO, Garden City sophomore SHOOK, LYNNE, Hutchinson junior SHRIVER, CAROL, Pratt junior SHUBERT, SANDRA, Ellis freshman SHUMATE, SIGNE, Garfield freshman SHUSTER, GARY, Medicine Lodge freshman SIEFKES, CHARLOTTE, Ellinwood freshman SIEKER, JERRY, Ellinwood sophomore SIEMERS, LINDA, Luray freshman SIGLINGER, STANLEY, Bird City sophomore SIMMONS, CHERRY, Great Bend junior SIMMONS, GARY, Great Bend junior 321 Classes Si-Sm SIMMONS, SHERYLE, Hays sophomore SIMPSON, JAMES, Salina sophomore SIMS, JOE, Alton junior SIMS, MARGARET, Hays junior SIMS, SANDRA, Pla inville freshman SINCLAIR, JUNE, Wichita sophomore SINK, STEVE, Esbon junior SKUBAL, LOU, Denver, Colo., sophomore SLAGLE, PENNY, Beeler freshman SMALL, GARY, Russell junior SMEE, JOHN, Zurich freshman SMERCHEK, KAREN, Blue Rapids sophomore SMIES, MARCIA, Courtland freshman SMILEY, JAMES, Bucklin freshman SMITH, ARLO, Independence junior SMITH, BERNARD, Winona freshman SMITH, BEVERLY, Rozel sophomore SMITH, CAROLYN, Pla inville junior SMITH, DAVID, Great Bend freshman SMITH, DONNA, Dodge City junior SMITH, ERIC, Hugoton sophomore SMITH, GREGORY, Lorraine sophomore SMITH, JEANNETTE, Partridge freshman SMITH, JERRY, Hill City freshman SMITH, JILL, Phillipsburg junior SMITH, JON, Norton junior SMITH, KARLA, Stockton sophomore SMITH, LEE, Valley Center freshman SMITH, LEO, Garden City sophomore SMITH, LOIS, Sharon Springs sophomore Students learn to appreciate and enjoy art in the fundamentals classes. Activities Merry-Go-Round is one of the high- lights of the fall semester. 322 Classes Sm-St SMITH, LESLIE, Agra freshman SMITH, MARY, Hays junior SMITH, MERSHON, Scott City freshman SMITH, ROBIN, Kinsley freshman SMITH, STANLEY, Walton sophomore SMITH, STEVEN, WaKeeney freshman SMITH, VERN, Norton sophomore SMULL, MARVIN, St. Francis sophomore SNIDER, CHARLES, Ellis freshman SNYDER, KAYLEEN, Holyrood freshman SODAMANN, ARLENE, Hays junior SOEKEN, DANNY, Ellinwood freshman SOEKEN, NANCY, Claflin freshman SOEKEN, RAY, Lyons freshman SOMERS, SHARON, Corpus Christi, Tex., junior SPARKS, RICHARD, Goodland junior SPEER, RITA, Lenora junior SPICER, JAY, Glade junior SPIES, SHARON, Morland junior SPITLER, ANITA, Courtland junior SPOMER, KATHY, Edson sophomore SPRATT, STEVE, Ellsworth freshman SPREHE, JANET, Oakley sophomore SPREHE, JANICE, Oakley sophomore STAAB, CATHERINE, Hays freshman Sportswriting offers an opportunity for students to learn the principles and methods of covering athletic events for the news media. 323 Classes St-St STAAB, LEON I., Hays freshman STAAB, LEON J., Hays sophomore STAGGS, GERALDINE, Liberal freshman STAMEY, STEPHEN, Norton junior STAMPER, ELOISE, Great Bend sophomore STANFIELD, MITCHEL, Wichita sophomore STAPLETON, DIANNA, Downs freshman ST. AUBYN, RICHARD, LaCrosse freshman STEARNS, MICHAEL, Cawker City sophomore STECKLEIN, CYNTHIA, Hays junior STECKLEIN, DANIAL, Ness City freshman STECKLEIN, FRANK, Ness City junior STECKLEIN, VIRGINIA, Hays freshman STECKLINE, JOYCE, Hays freshman STEELE, CHARLOTTE, Burrton freshman STEHNO, RAELEEN, Lucas freshman STEIN, SCOTT, Hays sophomore STEINBRING, RANDOLYN, Hanston freshman STEIN IKE, PAUL, Sharon Springs freshman STEPHENS, JcANNE, Oakley freshman STEPHENS, LINDA, Grinnell, sophomore STETLER, BARBARA, Brownell freshman STEVENSON, GEORGE, Sterling freshman STEWART, GEORGE, Wilmore junior STEWART, KAREN, WaKeeney sophomore STEWART, STEPHANIE, Stockton sophomore STIAWALT, KAREN, McPherson junior STIAWALT, NORMA, McPherson freshman STIEBEN, LINDA, Otis sophomore STILES, DAVID, Liberal freshman ' -C- 7 ■ ft IPI CPs Inf - m i B - M (m ♦ i’ dx ' ZT Pi A V ) % ■ A •- ■ i k J Ak k ' N A j| ' — U . V m W d ft • lf£ ■rx . •• kff a ' 7 I Fjar ' .. l Em V i r N WtL 3 jAffc J ill . ■ icl 1 28 A wf Agriculture majors conduct a yearling sale as one of the requirements for grad- uation. Governor Robert Docking was one of the distinguished visitors at FHS. 324 Classes St-Su STILL, ROBERT, Kirwin sophomore STINNETT, DAN, Wichita sophomore STOCKTON, SHARLENE, Kensington sophomore STONE, JOHN, Wichita freshman STOPPEL, KENNETH, Ness City freshman STORY, BILLIE, Hays sophomore STORY, CYNTHIA, Hays sophomore STOS, RON, Scott City freshman STRAIGHT, RONALD, Abilene junior STRECKER, KAREN, Hoisington freshman STREIT, JEANNE, Tipton sophomore STREIT, JEROME, Downs junior STREIT, RONALD, Tipton junior STROBERG, ROGER, Hutchinson sopho.more STROEDE, MARLENE, Ellsworth freshman STUART, MARY, Dodge City freshman STUART, PATRICK, St. Francis freshman. STUKEY, DEE, Lyons freshman STULL, LARY, Natoma junior STULL, PEGGY, Hays sophomore Fort Hays State holds many exhibits in the Davis Hall Gallery. Wet weather doesn ' t stop students a little more effort. from going to classes. It only requires STULL, RICHARD, Natoma freshman STURGEON, MARILYN, Dodge City junior SUELTER, DENNIS, Tescott junior SUELTER, NANCY, Ellsworth junior SUITER, GAIL, St. John sophomore SULLIVAN, JUDY, Garden City freshman SULLIVAN, KAY, Hays freshman SULZMAN, DARIUS, Oberlin freshman SUMMERS, SUSAN, Ransom freshman SUMMERS, TONJA, Salina sophomore 325 Classes Su-Te SUMNER, JUDY, Plainville freshman SUNLEY, ROBERT, Brownell junior SUPPES, RON, Scott City sophomore SURPRISE, DONNA, Hays junior SUTLEY, ALFRED, Phillipsburg junior SWAFFORD, TED, Byers junior SWANK, NANCY, Osborne sophomore SWANK, SUSAN, Dodge City junior SWART, PATRICIA, Grinnell freshman SWAYZE, CURTIS, Coldwater sophomore SWEAT, STANLEY, Kirwin freshman SWOBODA, JOHN, Hanover sophomore SWONGER, KATHERINE, Almena junior TACHA, WARREN, Jennings junior TADDIKEN, MARK, Clifton freshman TALDO, WILLIAM, Garden City junior TAMMEN, RHONDA, Pawnee Rock sophomore TAPPAN, BENJAMIN, Lyons junior TARBET, STEVE, Ulysses sophomore TARRANT, DAVID, Hill City freshman TATKENHORST, LYNN, Natoma freshman TATRO, FRANCIS, Glasco freshman TAYLOR, BARBARA, Woodston freshman TAYLOR, BRADFORD, Kinsley freshman TAYLOR, GARY, Longmont, Colo., sophomore TEDESCO, NOLA, Mahopac, N. Y., freshman TEEL, MARIETTA, Penokee freshman TEEL, ROGER, Syracuse freshman TEETER, FRED, Oakley junior TENNYSON, TERRY, Pratt sophomore Physical Education students compete in volleyball tournaments. It « o V. 326 Classes Te-To TERRY, SHERYL, Palco junior THALHEIM, ARTHUR, Great Bend freshman THARP, TOM, Kiowa sophomore THEIMER, ESTHER, Colby junior THEIS, DAVID, Hays sophomore THIBAULT, ALVIN, Osborne freshman THIELE, THEODORE, Norton freshman THIELEN, NICK, Dorrance freshman THOMAS, CAROLYN, Alamota freshman THOMAS, DOUGLAS, Jetmore sophomore THOMM, RALPH, Kensington sophomore THOMPSON, DONNA, Russell junior THOMPSON, LINDA F., Great Bend junior THOMPSON, LINDA K., Mullinville junior THOMPSON, MARY, Lebanon freshman THOMPSON, SHIRLEY, Mullinville freshman THORNTON, LAWRENCE, Osborne freshman THRELKEL, ROBERT, Atwood junior THUMMEL, JON, Plainville freshman THURMAN, CRAIG, Great Bend freshman THYFAULT, CARMELLA, Damar sophomore TIBBETTS, JAMES, Belleville junior TILLBERG, VERNON, Salina junior TILLITSON, JEANETTE, Ransom freshman TIMKEN, STEVE, Cimarron junior TINDELL, SUE, Oakley sophomore TINKEL, JANICE, Hays junior TITTEL, JANA, Russell freshman TITTEL, JOYCE, Bazine junior TITTLE, LINDA, Liberal sophomore TODD, YVONNA, Elkhart sophomore TOEDMAN, VIRGINIA, Ransom junior TOEPFER, BILL, Hays sophomore 327 Classes To-Ub TOEPFER, TOM, Hays freshman TOLAND, FRED, Saline sophomore TOMANEK, SHEILA, Hays sophomore TOMLIN, RICK, Ensign sophomore TOWNSEND, SUSAN, Arnold freshman TREDER, JOHN, Dodge City junior TREU, MICHAEL, Hays junior TREU, PATRICK, Webster City, Iowa, freshman TRICKLE, ROBERT, Longford freshman TRIMMER, DIANE, Hays freshman TROUT, SUSAN, Haysville sophomore TRUE, DONALD, Courtland junior TUCKER, BILLY, Scott City junior TUCKER, GLENN, Ogallah junior TUCKER, NANCY, Johnson sophomore TURKLE, DIANA, Haysville freshman TURLEY, ROY, Modoc junior TURNBULL, MARCIA, Jetmore freshman TURNER, GREGORY, Wichita freshman TURNER, JOHN, little River sophomore TURNER, PEGGY, Fowler freshman TWIDWELL, KENNETH, Frankfort junior TYLER, GLENDA, Mankato sophomore UBERT, JEREL, Hays sophomore UBERT, ROBERT, Hays sophomore During Homecoming the Memorial Union becomes a busy flower shop. Animal husbandry courses enable college students to raise healthy, prize-winning cattle. 328 " 1 f V Classes Um-Ve UMSHEID, THOMAS, Manhattan junior UNDERWOOD, GLORIA, Almena freshman UNDERWOOD, LANA, Wichita freshman UNDERWOOD, RONALD, Agra junior UNRUH, BONNIE, Fowler freshman UNRUH, EARL, Montezuma junior UPHAM, KATHLEEN, Junction City freshman URBAN, KATHRYN, Ellsworth sophomore UT2, SCOTT, Liberal sophomore VAGUE, JEANETTE, Ellsworth freshman VANDEGRIFFE, JANICE, Atwood freshman VanDOREN, DAVID, Hays junior VanEATON, QUENTIN, Stockton freshman VanKOOTEN, CONNIE, Long Island junior VanKOOTEN, LAVERNE, Long Island sophomore VANN, DIANE, Lakin freshman VANN, JO, Fowler sophomore VanVLEET, MERALD, Danbury, Neb., freshman VanWEY, CONNIE, Belleville sophomore VanWINKLE, KENNETH, St. John junior VanWINKLE, RICHARD, Ransom sophomore VAP, RICHARD, Atwood sophomore VAUGHN, JACALYN, Decatur, III., freshman VAVRICKA, ROBERT, Oakley junior VEAZEY, THOMAS, Newton junior Tau Kappa Epsilon, with their fire engine and dalmatian pup, carry the FHS cheer- leaders down Main Street on Homecoming Day. 329 Classes Ve-Wa VENNEBERG, GERALD, Syracuse sophomore VERNON, EDITH, Oberlin junior VESECKY, MARGARET, Timken junior VICE, LEROY, Bucklin junior VIGNERY, JOHN, Concordia junior VINCENT, FRANK, Hill City sophomore VINT, LUCILE, Glen Elder junior VOBORIL, TERRY, Esbon freshman VONADA, KAREN, Ellis sophomore VOPAT, ALAN, Wilson sophomore VOPAT, EUGENE, Plainville junior VORAN, SHARON, Cimarron sophomore VORE, CARL, Kendall sophomore VOSS, ROBERT, Downs sophomore VRATIL, CONNIE, Larned sophomore VRBAS, DALE, Atwood freshman WADSWORTH, TIM, Sedgwick sophomore WAGENSELLER, BEVERLY, Liberal freshman WAGNER, ARTHUR, Victoria junior WAGNER, DALE, Hays freshman WAGNER, FRANC, Franklin, Neb., junior WAGNER, GERALD, Hays sophomore WAGNER, NANCY, Kensington junior WAKEMAN, KATHERINE, Fowler sophomore WALDRON, SAM, Colby freshman WALDSCHMIDT, CYNTHIA, LaCrosse freshman WALDSCHMIDT, RICHARD, Ellis sophomore WALKER, DANNY, Penalosa junior WALKER, DIXIE, McCracken sophomore WALKER, JAMES, Lamar, Colo., junior Among the performing artists featured at FHS were the Outsiders, a popular recording group. Crowds of fans filled the Coliseum to cheer the Bengals on against their opponents. 330 Classes Wa-We WALKER, NAOMI, Medicine Lodge sophomore WALKER, RONALD, Ulysses freshman WALKER, THELMA, Fowler sophomore WALLACE, AL, Barnard sophomore WALLACE, ROBIN, Wichita freshman WALLERT, DEBORAH, Russell junior WALLINE, CAROL, McPherson junior WALTER, CATHERINE, Victoria freshman WALTER, RONALD, Lincoln sophomore WALTERS, DAVID, Hays freshman WALTERS, IRIS, Hays freshman WALTERS, JAMES, Hays junior WALTERS, NANCY, Paola sophomore WALTERS, PETER, Hays freshman WALZ, LEE, Greensburg junior WANN, DAVID, Hays sophomore WANNAMAKER, JENNIFER, Ellis freshman WARD, ELMER, Red Cloud, Neb., junior WARD, LESLIE, Ellis freshman WARD, STEVEN, Lucas junior WARD, TRANDA, Lebanon freshman WARREN, BRUCE, Harper junior WARREN, KEN, Kinnelon, N. J., freshman WASINGER, DARRELL, Hays junior WASINGER, LLOYD, Victoria freshman WATKINS, DANIEL, Hoxie junior WATSON, RICHARD, Formoso freshman WATT, GLENDA, Sublette sophomore WAYNE, DAVID, Elkhart freshman WEAVER, VIRGINIA, Washington freshman WEBER, ARLENE, Fowler freshman WEBER, JOSEPH, Claflin sophomore WEBER, RONALD, Ellis junior WEBER, SCOTT, Junction City junior WEBER, SUSAN, Ellis freshman WEEKS, ARLEDA, Salina sophomore WEEKS, LARRY, Brownell freshman WEGENER, BARBARA, Norton freshman WEIGEL, LELAND, Oakley freshman WEIGEL, SANDRA, Hays freshman WEIMER, EUGENE, Ellis sophomore WEINLAND, RONALD, Russell Springs junior WELKER, JUDY, Alton sophomore WELTY, SUSAN, Hill City sophomore WENDELIN, NORMAN, Herndon freshman 331 Classes We-Wh WENDLER, LAIN, Dighton freshman WENRICH, CARL, Cimarron sophomore WENTE, CAROL, Morland freshman WERNER, DONALD, Ellinwood sophomore WERNER, DWIGHT, Kinsley junior WERTH, CHARLENE, Hays junior WERTH, CYNTHIA, Schoenchen freshman WERTH, DARRELL, Hays freshman WERTH, JAMES, Hutchinson junior WERTZ, RONALD, Quinter freshman WESSEL, HELEN, Selden sophomore WEST, DARYL, Ruleton junior WEST, KENNETH, Greensburg freshman WESTBROOK, DORIS, Phillipsburg freshman WESTERVELT, DIXIE, Oberlin junior WESTON, STEPHANIE, New Paltz, N. Y„ freshman WESTPHAL, CARL, Isabel junior WESTPHAL, DONALD, Hays freshman WESTPHAL, NANCY, Isabel freshman WETZ, MARK, Kiowa junior WETZEL, ELAINE, Brownell sophomore WEYAND, WILLIAM, Quinter freshman WHEATCROFT, DENNIS, Ellinwood freshman WHEELER, LETA, WaKeeney freshman WHEELER, SUSAN, Garden City freshman WHIPPLE, CHARLYN, Jetmore junior WHITCHER, MARGARET, Prairie Village freshman WHITE, BOBBI, Hill City freshman WHITE, CONNIE, Sublette junior WHITE, DORIS, Coldwater sophomore Fort Hays State coeds are chosen by the State College Leader staff as Leader Lasses. The girls are featured on the front page of the weekly newspaper. 332 Classes Wh-Wi WHITE, JOEL, Wichita freshman WHITE, LYLE, Kansas City sophomore WHITE, TERRY, Sharon Springs freshman WHITEHAIR, TOM, Abilene freshman WHITESIDE, SUSAN, Spearville freshman WHITHAM, DAVID, Scott City freshman WIERMAN, RITA, McCracken freshman WIESE, EMMA, Luray sophomore WIESNER, ALICE, Hays freshman WIESNER, DAVID, Ellis junior WIESNER, LINDA, Plainville sophomore WIESNER, LORETTA, Ellis freshman WILHELM, ROBERT, Ness City freshman WILKENS, ANITA, McDonald sophomore WILKENS, ARDENE, McDonald junior WILKERSON, GAYLON, Utica freshman WILKINSON, GREG, McDonald sophomore WILLETT, PEGGY, Junction City freshman WILLIAMS, BILL, Garden City freshman WILLIAMS, CAROLYN, Hays junior WILLIAMS, DONNA, Oberlin freshman WILLIAMS, DWIGHT, Alexander sophomore WILLIAMS, EILEEN, Kismet freshman WILLIAMS, JAMES, Hays freshman WILLIAMS, MILDRED, Wallace freshman WILLIAMS, STEVE, Lakin junior WILLIAMS, TRUDY, Greensburg freshman WILLIS, CHARLES, Syracuse junior WILLOME, TOM, Junction City junior WILLSON, KENT, Russell freshman WILSON, DIANE, Mankato junior WILSON, FRED, Hazelton sophomore WILSON, ROBERT, Mankato sophomore WILSON, ROGER, Hays freshman WINDHOLZ, ESTHER, Victoria freshman WINDHOLZ, GUY, Hays freshman WINDSCHEFFEL, JEAN, Lebanon freshman WINGERT, DANIEL, Russell sophomore WINKLER, STEVEN, Rozel sophomore WINTER, ALAN, Marienthal freshman WINTER, LANA, Burdett freshman WINTER, LINDA, Hoxie sophomore WIRTZ, JAYNE, Great Bend sophomore WIRTZ, JOLEEN, Great Bend freshman WISE, MAC, Cawker City junior 333 Classes Wi-Wo WISE, RICHARD, Cawker City freshman WITTHUHN, ELDON, Bazine junior WITTHUHN, VERTA, Bazine freshman WITTIG, JUNE, Susank freshman WITTMAN, CYNTHIA, Russell freshman WITTMAN, PATRICIA, Ellis freshman WITWER, KAREN, Abilene sophomore WOBKER, DAVID, Omaha, Neb., freshman WOELK, CHERYL, Russell sophomore WOHLFORD, MARY, Geneseo junior WOLF, DONALYN, Lincoln sophomore WOLF, ROBERT, Hays freshman WOLFRAM, JOYCE, Herndon junior WOLTING, LINDA, Lincoln junior WOOD, KATHERINE, Salina freshman WOOD, NANCY. Dodge City freshman WOOD, TAMMY, Wichita freshman WOODS, DAVID, Prairie Village sophomore WOODS, KENNETH, Ellsworth sophomore WOODS, MAE, Lebanon freshman WOODSON, CAROL, San Diego, Calif., freshman WORCESTER, STEVEN, Hill City freshman WORDEN, SUSAN, Norton freshman WORKMAN, ROBERT, Natoma freshman WOYDZIAK, CAROL, Claflin junior 334 Classes Wo-Zo WOYDZIAK, DONALD, Claflin freshman WOYDZIAK, STEPHAN, Hoisington freshman WRAAAPE, EDELL, Atlanta sophomore WRIGHTSMAN, CATHY, Wichita freshman WYATT, JOHN, Salina freshman WYATT, SHARON, Ashland sophomore WYCOFF, SUSAN, Great Bend freshman WYLEY, LINDA, Kirwin sophomore WYNN, BECKY, Almena freshman YALE, LUCILLE, Grainfield sophomore YARNELL, LaVERNA, Portis junior YBARRA, MARILYN, Hays freshman YENNE, DONNA, Smith Center freshman YODER, LARRY, Sharon Springs sophomore YOUNG, CANDACE, Oberlin sophomore YOUNG, DeWAYNE, Hill City sophomore YOUNG, KAY, Salina sophomore YOUNGER, MICHAEL, Coolidge junior YOUNKER, DIANNE, Hays freshman YOWELL, CLAUDIA, Palco freshman YOXALL, BONNIE, Stockton freshman ZEHR, DENNIS, Stafford junior ZELLNER, GERALDINE, Marienthal junior ZEMAN, CAROL, Hays sophomore ZERFAS, TERRY, Ellis freshman ZERR, DEAN, Atwood junior ZERR, DENNIS, Grinnell freshman ZIEGLER, GWEN, Collyer freshman ZIEGLER, KENNETH, Collyer sophomore ZIEGLER, LINDA, Grainfield freshman ZIEGLER, REBECCA, Collyer freshman ZIER, KRISTIN, Lincoln sophomore ZILLINGER, ALAN, Phillipsburg freshman ZIMMER, JOAN, Downs junior ZIMMER, MARY LOU, Downs junior ZIMMERMAN, BETTY, Selden freshman ZIMMERMAN, DENNIS, Schoenchen freshman ZIMMERMAN, LINDA, Selden freshman ZIPFEL, GARY, Belleville, III., sophomore ZOLTENKO, JAMES, Hardy, Neb., freshman ZWEIFEL, KEITH, Russell junior ZWENGER, KATHLEEN, Hays freshman ZWEYGARDT, CHARLENE, St. Francis freshman ZWICKLE, LONNY, Norton freshman ZWINK, TIMOTHY, Macksville sophomore o 335 «RW W ® " 336 wsmrrn mc ADVERTISING tim n 337 801 MAIN ST. Wiesner ' s 625-941 1 SERVING THE COLLEGE THE COMMUNITY, AND THE AREA WITH DEPENDABLE, LOW-COST GAS AND ELECTRIC SERVICE. Central Kansas Power Company 625-3437 111 East 11th AN INVESTOR-OWNED UTILITY New high-pressure gas transmission line was completed in 1968. 338 The Farmers State Bank 718 MAIN ST. 625-6542 MEMBER OF FDIC Pizza Hut 2102 VINE ST. 625-751 1 339 For years people have come to us for lawn and household supplies. George Philip 719 MAIN STREET Son 625-3611 The bride ' s headquarters for silver, china and crystal. EB ' njOIV • DIAMONTSOLOGIS’ rsiu f wKttartsm. W € L € R S HAYS’ RELIABLE CREDIT JEWELERS FOLOGISTS • •GEMOLOGfST- 1009 MAIN STREET 625-3810 Students know where to go for quick lunches and after school snacks. Varsity Bowl 625-9955 4th AND MAIN STREET 1Af S W Supply Co., Inc. Member of Automotive Rebuilders Assn. 300 East 8th 625-7636 Service to our customers is our main objective. 341 Dillon ' s Super Market 109 West 7th 27th and Hall We can help fill your needs at Christmas— and all year. Alco Discount Stores 1103 Main Street 625-2812 342 Al ' s Bootery 809 Main 625-2123 For women ' s shoes, purses, hosiery— the best place to shop is . . . Guercio Studio 1300 West Main 625-2310 We specialize in distinctive wedding or family group photography. wmm ,i Guercio ' 5U.. 1 x-v.i.i.i. • A A A • • T v t ?•¥• ' •X ' X ' i-i-i ' i.i.i.i.i.i.i. ■X«X " X»x x x-x-i-W-W ' ' A X X ' X X-X " X‘X X X-X-X ' .i.x.W ' X ' X ' X-x-x-x-x-x .X«X»X X-X ' X-X-X-X- -x- ' •i.i.X-X-X-X-X-X-X ' X ' X-f Fill your Pharmacy needs and do your gift shopping at convenient . . . Fort Hays Pharmacy " Let ' s see now. The gravitational pull plus the rota- tion of the earth ought to bring that last drop down in about 4.5 seconds. 7-Up Bottling Co. 217 West 10th 625-3469 Vine St. 625-9322 343 Taste That Beats the Others Cold Pepsi Pours it On! Home of Giant-sized values . . . Giant Value Discount Store 344 600 Main St. 625-6593 Brown ' s Shoe Fit 1102 Main Street 625-2711 A fit for every foot. Calhoun ' s 27th and Hall Inc. 628-8816 We sell fashions for the college set in our new store. " That ' s the car for me, a ' 69 Torino. " Gagelman Motors 528 East 8th 625-341 1 345 2414 Vine For all your grocery needs, Boogaarts ' is ready to serve you. Boogaart ' s Super Market 625-3015 When you are ready to buy quality Pontiacs, Cadillacs, or Buicks go to . . . Jensen Motors 108 East 13th 628-8231 346 T, RIBUTE A Racing car for your every need, complete with accessories: 54 hp. engine, 15 ' wheel rims, and a sporty fastback. Ben Dreiling Motors 2800 Vine 625-7337 347 Harkness The Cross Shop Buy your newspapers, tobacco goods and gifts at Hark- ness Store, 715 Main, in Hays. 1 1 07 Main Smart girls like Judy Dreiling know where to shop for name brand blouses. Home of the " in " beat; whether you need a guitar or fine organ. Hays Music Company has it. Hays Music Co. 710 Main 625-3418 We specialize in school supplies, stationery, gifts and office needs. Markwell ' s Stationery Co. 1010 Main 625-9611 348 Feme Bridal Shop Bob Finch Real Estate First National Bank Bldg. 625-7313 Apartment hunting? Let Bob Finch Real Estate help you locate a place to live. Sue Hilgenberg Stabb models her wed- ding gown. Customers relax over a steak at Ted ' s Steak House. Ted ' s Steak House Reveille-Leader staff members went to the Associated Press Convention in New York City. They purchased their tickets at . . . Hays City Travel Agency 2505 Vine 625-9933 1305 Main 628-8000 349 3205 North Vine 628-8261 Put Yourself in Our Place RAMADA INN 350 Campus Book Store 509 W. 7th 625-2611 Campus Book Store serves students with books, gift items and records. Lee Lively and Jill Dean browse through the latest school books and records. Home Furniture Co. 229 W. 10th 625-2589 Jan Schneider, Reveille Queen, receives her Hays Floral flowers from President Cunningham. nsw.e Ha y s Fl °ral 625-7115 351 McDonalds 806 Main 625-201 1 Judy Morgan tries on a synthetic fur coat, perfect for campus or casual wear. House of Color HOW. llth 625-3814 Pat Wilson admires a wooden dish, one of the many gift ideas at the House of Color. Music Manor, Inc. McGrath Hall purchased this stereo console from Music Manor as a dorm project last year. 1 1 9 W. 1 0th 625-6324 The Vi llage Shop 6259732 1102 Main 628-8317 Karen Anderson and Mike Johnson model clothes with that smart, " Village Shop " look. Jep ' s Super Service Hays Oil Company 1300 Main 625-2715 John Dugan chats with the attendant who is servicing his car with Quality Phillips 66 products. 353 Herb Lungren Chevrolet-Olds, Inc. 126 W. 12th St. 625-2532 Only the best Chevrolets and Oldsmobiles are found at Herb Lungren ' s. Record Village 513 w. 27th st. 625-971 1 7 Janice Graf and Leland Burkhead find the records they want, The Protectors CLAIR E. LAW DISTRICT OFFICE 119 E. nth ST. HAYS, KANSAS The EQUITABLE Life Assurance Society of the United States Home Office: New York, N.Y. ROGER E. FRANKE CLAIR E. LAW 354 Motel Vagabond 2524 Vine 625-2511 Vagabond Restaurant 2522 Vine 625-5914 355 Hays National Bank Patrons of the Hays National Bank are assured of sincere individual help. Put your clothes in the competent hands of those at Suburban Dry Cleaners. Suburban Dry Cleaners Hays City Drug has all your drug, cosmetic, and camera needs. Hays City Drug 1013 Main Street 625-9414 ABC Hallmark has cards for every occasion. ABC Hallmark 1007 MAIN STREET 628-8915 Only the best in movie entertainment can be found at the Fox Theater. Fox Theatre 1202 MAIN STREET 625-9567 357 " The Service Stop Where Service Never Stops " Lawson ' s Golden Ox Restaurant 1-70 DX North Vine and 1-70 James Motor Company 200 E. 8th Street 625-3481 358 Purdy ' s Pharmacy For all your medical needs shop at Purdy ' s Pharmacy. 109 West 10th 625-2529 FHS personnel Robert Lowen and Rick Schwein take ad- vantage of the services of . . . News Publishing Co. Midwest Tobacco Candy Co. 507 Main 625-3421 811 Fort St. 625-3712 T Home Lumber Co. 8th and Vine 625-2216 359 225 PARK AVENUE SOUTH NEW YORK, N.Y. 10003 360 For the finest tailored suits shop . . . Bernard ' s Menswear Holiday Inn 1011 Main 625-3913 Highway 183 North 625-7371 You can find what you want, both in products and in services at . . . 800 MAIN Northwestern Typewriter Co. 625-7323 361 Hartman Oil Co. Champlin Service Center 27th and Vine 625-2569 ABC Drug Co. 107 W. 10th Street The Four Seasons 802 Main 625-2523 Many FHS students shop ABC Drug for their pharma- ceutical supplies. Mrs. Sally Smith exhibits this example of the fine clothing found 625-9713 at The Four Seasons dress shop. 362 The folks at Hinkhouse Real Estate are always ready to help, whether you ' re selling, buying, or renting. HINKHOUSE REAL ESTATE 232 W. 9th ST. 628-1022 Hungry? Stop off at Dan ' s Cafe for a bite to eat. DAN ' S CAFE 3A3 HI WAY 40 BY-PASS 625-9429 2700 VINE 625-9116 364 Reuben ' s Where a sandwich is a meal. Josten ' s Supplier of Class Rings And Announcements GARY CASEY— Local Representative 3002 Tam O ' Shanter Dr. 625-5769 120 E. 12th 625-9868 The members of The First National Bank are always ready to help you with finan- cial problems. The First National Bank 1200 MAIN 625-6595 365 Centennial Lanes 2400 Vine 625-2916 FHS students enjoy their bowling classes at Centennial Lanes. Whether you eat in the air conditioned dining room or outside in your car, you ' ll enjoy the food at the . . . A W Root Beer Kobler Rambler Co. 124 E. 8th 625-9710 366 Dag ' s Open 7 Days a Week 8th and Vine 628-1522 A look of contentment which can only be found at . . . Pizza Spaghetti Sandwiches Salads KAYS Thanks . . . 1400 Radio to Our Advertisers. Channel 7 KAYS-TV Your Support Is Appreciated. KAYS Radio and Television Station 2450 Hall 625-2578 367 368 INDEX 369 Advertising Directory ABC Druq Company 362 ABC Hallmark 357 Alco Discount Stores 342 Al ' s Bootery 343 A W Root Beer 366 Balfour 347 Ben Dreilinq Motors 347 Bernard ' s Men ' s Wear 361 Bob Finch Real Estate 349 Booqaart ' s 346 Brown ' s Shoe Fit Co 345 Calhoun ' s 345 Campus Book Store 351 Centennial Lanes 366 Central Kansas Power Co. . . . 338 The Cross Shop 348 Daq ' s 367 Dan ' s Cafe 363 Delma Studios 360 Dillon ' s 342 Farmers State Bank 339 Feme Bridal and Ready to Wear 349 First National Bank 365 Fort Hays Pharmacy 343 Fox Theatre 357 The Four Seasons 362 Gaqelman Motors 345 Georqe Philip Hardware 340 Giant Value 344 Guercio Studio 343 Harkness Store 348 Hartman Oil Co 362 Hays City Druq 357 Hays City Travel Agency ... 349 Hays Floral Shop 351 Hays Music Co 348 Hays National Bank 356 Herb Lunqren Chevrolet-Olds, Inc 354 Hinkhouse Real Estate 363 Holiday Inn 361 Home Furniture 351 Home Lumber Co 359 House of Color 352 James Motor Company 358 Jensen Motors 346 Jep ' s Super Service Hays Oil Co 353 J. M. McDonald Co 352 Josten ' s 365 KAYS 367 Kobler Rambler Co 366 Lawson ' s Golden Ox Restaurant 358 Markwell ' s Stationery Co. . . . 348 Midwest Tobacco Candy Co 359 Music Manor 352 News Publishinq Co 359 Northwestern Typewriter Co 361 Pepsi Cola 344 Pizza Hut 339 The Protectors 354 Purdy ' s Pharmacy 359 Ramada Inn 350 Record Village 354 Reuben ' s 365 S W Supply Co 341 Sandy ' s 364 Seven-Up Bottlinq Co 343 Suburban Dry Cleaners 356 Ted ' s Steak House 349 Vaqabond Motel 355 Vagabond Restaurant 355 Varsity Bowl 340 Vernon Jewelers 340 The Village Shop 353 Wiesner’s Inc 338 Faculty Index Alcantar a, Antonia R 78 Allen, Laura 85 Almgren, Richard 75 Alver, Wallace M 75 Arnhold, Rose Marie 88 Artman, Ethel V 65 Atkins, Alison 83 Atwater, Alan M. Jr 72 Bacharach, Verne R 75 Bachkora, Bryan 68, 113, 128 Bartholomew, Dr. Leland . 83, 136 Baxter, Inez 67 Baxter, Vivian 67, 86 Beardslee, Carroll 66 Beatty, David 88 Beesley, Alice 68 Beougher, Dr. Elton 86, 107 Bizzell, 0.2 67, 151 Bogart, Katherine 78 Bogue, Dr. Russell 77 Boring, William T 88 Brehm, Charles G. .. 77, 213, 214 Brooks, Doyle 86 Brooks, R. U 66 Brown, Robert H 83, 151 Budke, Earl H. Jr 86 Bumpass. Donald 72, 125 Burnett, Dr. Richard .. 12, 59, 64, 104, 194 Burch, Patricia 88 Butterfield, Dr. Gary L 75 Byler, Bennie L 70 Cain, Dr. Richard C 69 Callahan, John M. Jr. ... 88, 126 Campbell, Marc Jr 81 Carballo, Dr. Benito . 78, 104, 118 Choguill, Dr. Harold S 87 Christopher, Rachel 80 Claflin, Martha 75, 121 Claflin, William E 75 Clark, Thaine A 70, 124 Coder, Dr. Ralph 63, 78 Cole, Dr. Blaine 74 Collier, Kent 65 Cook, Frances 67 Cook, Kenneth W 72 Cornwell, Rex 74 Coulson, Marion F 78 Cunningham, Dr. M. C. . 1-18, 50, 61, 254, 351 Curtis, Nancy 86 Daley, Dr. Billy C 75 Dalton, Standlee V 65 Davidson, Eleanor 79 Davidson, Dr. Gordon W 88 Day, R. Paul Jr 79 Dechant, Dr. Emerald V 75 Dilley, Lyle 83, 141 Dobbs, Dr. Edith 75 Dooley, William C 72 Dressier, Dr. Robert L 86 Dryden, Laurence 86 Duncan, Gerald 75, 129 Duncan, Patricia L 77 Edmund, Elizabeth 79 Edwards, Dr. Clifford D 78 Ely, Dr. Charles A 70 Etter, Orville Eugene 86 Fall, Vernon W fj3 Ficken, Dale 68 Figler, Byrnell 83 Fleharty, Dr. Eugene 70 Forsyth, James L 88 Francis, Alex ... 77, 218, 219, 234 Garner, Naomi R 78 Garwood, Dr. John D 63 Garwood, Kathleen 85 Gatschet, Paul A 78 Gentry, Ruff L 70, 116 Gieber, Robert L 78, 118 Ginther, Glenn G. .. 68, 113, 128 Goeser, Patrick H. .. 83, 134, 139 Graber, Dr. Paul A 78 Green, Shirley 70 Groesbeck, Dr. Hulda G 75 Gross, Erna 80 Gruber, James D 86 Hamilton, Dr. Samuel M 75 Harbin, Dr. Calvin 75, 110 Harkness, Margery T 80 Harsh, Donna 74 Hartley, Thomas R. .. 67, 79, 151 Harwick, Eugene 68 Harwick, Joanne 68 Heather, Jack R 79, 149, 150 Hegg, Peter 86 Heil, Richard P 88 Henry, Gordon C 79, 145 Herndon, Dr. Geneva 59, 78, 102, I 15 Hinkhouse, James 68 Hobbs, Earl R, 77, 214, 227 Hoffman, Maxine 68 Houlihan, Jpanita 78 Houston, Duane 70 Huber, John E 83, 112 Huffman, Ralph 64 Hulett, Dr. Gary K 70 Ison. David L 78, 117 Jellison, Dr. Bill D 62, 186 Jimenez, Dr. Juan A 78, 118 Johnson, Arris M 74 Johnson, Daniel 68, 113, 128 Johnson, Ralph A. .. 77, 202, 203 Johnson, Sidney 78 Jones, James R 72 Joy, Ruth 67 Keating, Walter E 64 Keilstrup, Lorraine 79 Kellerman, James 72 Kim, Dr. Suksan 79 Ketchum, Harriet V 79 King, Dennis 75 King, Dr. John D 75 Krebs, June L 68 Kuchar, Kathleen 68 Kuchar, Dr. Roman 78 Kurtz, Dr. Ray 75 Liemohn, Wendell P 77 Liston, Ann E 88, I 1 3 Little, Dr. Milburn J 73 Lojka, Glen F 77, 122 Lowen, Robert L. ... 78, 146, 359 Lowery, Tom C 72 Luehrs, Robert B 88 Mangelsdorf, Sarah 77, 143 Marshall, Dr. Delbert 86 Marshall, Everett L 86 Maxson, Leon 78, 148 Maxwell, Robert 78 McConnell, Wayne J. 77, 202, 203, 208 McCullick, Jack J 72 McFarland, Alice 78 McFarland, Henry J 70 McGinnis, Darrell D 68 McKee, Dennis D. ... 68, 113, 128 McMechan, Dr. James H 86 McNeil, Edgar F. ... 77, 202, 221 Meade, Michael 79, 118 Messer, Milford 65 Miller, Danny L 79, 114 Miller, Dr. Halsey W. ... 124, 125 Miller, Dr. Lewis M 83 Montgomery, Janey D 79 Moreland, Dr. William D 89 Morrison, Alice 88 Moss, Dr. Joel C 68 Moyers, Edwin 83 Myerly, Lois Lee 72, 110 Nichols, Francis N 68 Norton, Rodney L 78, 118 Nugent, James F 66 Oag, Ruth 83 Olcott, James L 83, 140 Oliva, Dr. Leo E 88 Osborne, Richard L 72 Owechko, Iwan 78, 118 Palmer, Harold 83 Parish, Dr. Verna M 78 Peier, Dale 72 Pfeifer, Leona 78, 118 Phillips, Paul E 72 Pierson, Dr. David 70 Pinkall, Robert 86 Popp, Nancy 77 Powell, Bettie 80 Price, Ernest 72 Price, Dr. Gordon W 75 Randall, Dr. Don H 75 Reed, Lawrence " Mac " 80 Reynolds, Dr. Howard C 70 Rice, Dr. Jimmy 63, 86 Richards, Robert C 86 Ridgway, Arthur A. . 77, 202, 234 Riegel, Andrew 70 Riley, Esta Lou 80 Robinson, Dr. William N 74 Rogers, Katherine L 79, 146 Rogers, R. Lynn 67, 104, 151 Rolfs, Marvin E 86 Rowland, Mary 88 Ruckman, Jo Ann 88 Rumpel, Dr. Max 86 Rupp, Dr. Daniel G 72 Rush, Mary Ann 72, 110 Sackett, Marjorie 79 Sackett, Dr. Samuel J 79 Sayed, Dr. M. Q 70 Schleich, Phyllis 83 Schmeller, H. J 88, 121 370 Schmidt, Fred Jr 80 Schmutz, Karyl 85 Schroder, Elton K 70 Schwartz, Perry 78 Seqal, William 78 Shearer, Edmund C 86 Sherwood, Charles S 72 Simons, Kenneth W 70 Slechta, Dr. Donald B 88 Smith, Robert 80 Smith, Dr. Wilda 88, 113 Snyder, Melvin 74 Sodamann, Harold 75 Somers, Monice 122, 77 Stansbury, James C 75 Staven, Dr. Lasier 75 Stewart, B. J 72 A Abbey, Thayne 117, 270 Abbott, Kevin 270 Abels, Barry 49. 96. 192 Abendshien, Kenneth 270 Abies, Tracy 109, 120, 245 Academics Division 60 Achenbach, Jake 270 Achenbach, Richard 245 Adam, Ken 270 Adams, David 120, 270 Adams, Duane 128, 270 Adams, Joseph 196 Adams, Kevin 235, 270 Adams, Linda 185, 270 Adamson, Elaine .. 118, 129, 270 Adamson, Thomas 270 Adkins, Cynthia 270 Advertising Division 336-367 Aerni, Linda 270 Aqin, James 270 Agnew Hall 170-172 Ailshie, Dale 270 Akers, James 270 Akinqs, Lillian 118 Aksharamat, Praphatra 245 Albers, Albert 245 Albers, Linda 270 Albers, Rita 270 Albert, Leon 128, 245 Albert, Pamela 114, 122, 270 Albert, Vicki 132 Albrecht, Dianna 270 Albright, Robert I 10, 270 Alden, Nanette ... 105, 112, 180, 270 Alexander, Birdie 245 Alexander, Dennis 123, 270 Alexander, Nancy 270 Alford, Marion 270 Allen, Don 138, 140 Allen, Dennis 271 Allen, Jody 271 Allen, John 271 Allen, Kenneth 271 Allen, Randy 221, 271 Allen, Warren 118, 261 All-Student Council 104 Alpha Gamma Delta .... 178-179 Alpha Kappa Lambda .. 186, 187 Alpha Kappa Psi 120 Alpha Lambda Delta Ill Alpha Phi Omega 150 Altenbaumer, Linda 271 Ames, Charles 139, 271 Amos, Ronald 271 Amsberry, J. LaNelle 271 Anderson, Bornie 143 Stewart, Michael 0 62, 104, 105, 110, 176, 187 Stolba, Dr. K. Marie 83 Stouffer, Jean .. 61, 62, 104, 105, 176 Stout, Dr. Donald E 83 Stout, Dr. Roberta 78 Stromgren, Tom 77 Stroup, Leora 85 Suran, Cade 77, 133 Theis, Ruth Ann 85 Thomas, Dr. Archie C 72 Thomas, Dollie B 12, 66 Thomas, Vera 72 Thompson, Dr. William R 78 Thorns, John C 68 Toalson, Wilmont 86 Anderson, Curtis 124, 271 Anderson, Edna 271 Anderson, Gene 196, 245 Anderson, Karen .. 103, 178, 271, 353 Anderson, Les 144, 196, 271 Anderson, Marsha 134, 271 Anderson, Melanie 105, 271 Anderson, Roqer 271 Andreqq, Mary 271 Andreqq, Patricia 271 Andrews, Karen 176, 245 Andrews, Veronica 271 Andrist, Debra 104, 145, 151, 271 Andrist, Jerry 202 Ankenman, Teresa 271 Annis, Marjorie 245 Anschutz, Gary 245 Apel, Darryl 212, 214, 271 Appl, Pat 271 Applebee, Linda 112, 271 Applebee, Monty 271 Appleby, Frederick 124, 245 Appleqate, Barbara 271 Applegate, George 245 Appleqate, Marcella ... 131, 271 Applehans, Allen 271 Archer, James 245 Archer, Marsha 121, 245 Archer, Steven 271 Archer, Terry 113, 271 Archer, Wayne 125, 245 Archery Club 125 Archibald, Dona 272 Arias, Ralph 198, 202, 272 Armbrust, Joyce 272 Armstronq, Threse 272 Ameson, Shirley 272 Arnhold, Charlotte 178, 272 Arnhold, Dorothy 185, 272 Arnhold, Marilynn 178, 272 Arnold, Betty 272 Arnold, James 272 Arnold, Pamela 272 Arnold, William 272 Arpin, Karen 272 Artists Lectures 46, 51 Asbill, Randy 272 Ashley, Larry 198, 245 Ashton, Kirk 245 Aspegren, Eric 145 Associated Women Students . 105 Atcheson, David 245 Atchison, Fred 113, 118, 272 Ater, James 113, 198 Atherton, Sam 124, 272 Tobias, Gary G 68, 113, 128 Tomanek, Dr. Gerald W. . 71, NO Tomlinson, Dr. John 88 Valanne, Olli Peter 68 Veed, Ellen 86 Vlasak, Sharon 72 Voss, Dr. Richard B 72 Wagenheim, Allan J 78 Waqenheim, Sandra 78 Walker, Myrl V 86, 124 Walker, Dr. Neil A 70 Wall, Dr. Georqe R 72 Ward, Douqlas E 79 Watt , Phyllis C 88 Wenke, Dr. Thomas L 70 Wilkins, Dr. William D 83 Athey, Jean 172 Athletics 200 Athons, David 245 Aton, Nadine 151, 272 Atwell, Marilyn 272 Atwell, Merritta Ill, 272 Augustine, Gerald 121, 245 Augustine, Joyce . Ill, 145, 146, 272 Augustine, Kerry 272 Auqustine, Richard 272 Aust, Nancy 92, 178, 245 Austin, Arthur 272 Austin, Norman 193, 272 Avery, Anita 178, 272 Avery, Catherine .. 106, 108, 245 Avery, Rozanne ... 115, 136, 272 Ayers, Greqory ... 136, 140, 272 Ayers, Judith 272 Ayers, Marcia 272 Ayers, Marvin 236 Ayres, Karen 272 Aziz, Noorollah 126, 272 B Baalman, Daniel . . . . 272 Babcock, Paul . 116, 124, 245 Babcock, Vicki 132 Baber, Edward 198, 272 Bade, Sue 132 Badenhop, Janna . . 180, 272 Bahr, Kenneth 176, 195 Baier, Daniel 245 Baiq, Anwar 126 Bailey, Berny 150 Bailey, Carol 137, 245 Bailey, James 245 Bailey, John 117, 272 Bailey, Karen 272 Bailey, Marcia 272 Bailey, Sharroll 272 Bain, Deborah 272 Bainter, Everet 272 Bainter, Lyman 245 Baker, Barbara ... 245 Baker, Cynthia . . . 245 Baker, Martha ... Baker, Keith .. 127, 151, 245 Baker, Robert .... 272 Baker, Sherrill . . . . III. 272 Baldinq, Ronald . . 198 Baldwin, Marvin .. 125, 272 Baldwin, Teresa . . 273 Wilson, John A 86 Wilson, Marilynn 86, 117 Winter, David . . 77, 223, 225, 233 Winterlin, DeWayne 79 Witt, Grace 79 Witt, Robert 88 Witten, Dr. Maurice H. .. 86, 125, 1 5 r Wood, Dr. W. Clement 75 Youmans, Marian 75, 85 Youmans, Dr. Raymond E. ... 129 Ball, Kimberly . . . . . 273 Ballard, Alva . 245 Ballard, Keith . 273 Baithazor, Michael . 123 , 273 Balthazor, Terry . . . . 109 , 273 Balzer, Neva 273 Bane, Randy , 109, , 245 Bane, Sandra 273 Banqe, Edward ... 245 Banta, Rex , 198 , 273 Barber, Kenneth . . 273 Barber, Celeste . . . 273 Barber, Sharia . . . . , . 102, 106, 108, 1 14 180 . 245 Barhydt, Robert . . . 273 Barker, Roqer .. 123-124, 245 Barnett, Darrel . . . . . 120 . 273 Barr, Marita 245 Barrett, Rhonda . . . 273 Barron, Rose Mary . 183. 273 Barrows, Larry 186, 273 Barry, Patrick 273 Barstow, Janet . . . . 273 Barstow, Neil 123, 273 Bartoski, Robert . . . 214, 217 Bartleson, Sherry .. 273 Bartlett, Wesley . . . 129, 150, 245 Barton, James .... 273 Barton, Linda 273 Barton, Lonnie 195, 273 Barton, Valerie . . . . 120, 273 Bartonek, William . , 273 Baseball 226 -229 Basgall, James 273 Basketball 210 -217 Bass, Janis 273 Bates, Mary 123, 273 Bates, Richard 273 Baty, Michael 273 Bauer, Linda 139 Baugh, Scotty 273 Bavuso, Kenneth . . . 273 Baxter, James 184, 245 Baxter, Thomas .... 193, 245 Bayens, Sharon .... III. 273 Beadles, Lonnie .... 127, 273 Bealby, Steven . . . . , 1 16, 175 Beals, Janalee 245 Beamqard, June . . . 121, 245 Bear, Kay 273 Bear, Richard 1 10, 273 Bearded Joe 49 Beardsley, Linda . . . , 180, 273 Bearley, Robert ... 122, 150, 245 Beasley, Rex 188, 273 Beatty, Becky 273 Beatty, Thomas 162, 202, 273 Beaupeurt, Edward . 273 General Index 371 Beck, Janice 106, 107, 108, 113, Binder, Ernest 246 245 Binder, Marqaret ... 273 Becker, Anita 273 Bircher, Diane 180, 273 Beckham, Robert . . . 273 Birdsell, Joyce 132 Beckman, Charles . . 273 Birdsell, Steve 246 Beckman, Marie .... 273 Birzer, Janice 273 Beckman, Susan . . . . 274 Birzer, Linda 147, 273 Beckmann, Dennis . . 274 Bishop. Paul 225 Beebe, Teresa 180 Bittel, Steven 246 Beem, Rodney 274 Bitter, Twila 246 Beer. Bernadette . . . 274 Bixenman, Pauline ... 246 Beer, Onalee 245 Black, Barry 273 Beesley, Carla 1 16, 274 Black, Judy 273 Beezley, George . . . , 122, 245 Blackburn, Brenda ... 273 Befort, Ernest 246 Blackburn, Robert . . . 188, 246 Befort, Harold 246 Blackwelder, Kenneth 124 Befort, Sandra 115. 246 Blackwood, Charles . . 273 Befort, Steve 274 Blackwood, Jeanne . . . 185, 273 Befort, Thomas .... 246 Blackwood, Larry .... 273 Beqnoche, Francis . . 246 Blair, Deanne 134, 273 Behan James 274 Blair, Marsha 273 Behnke, Alice 274 Blank, Jerry 273 Behrens, Richard .... 221, 274 Blankenship, Linda . . 273 Beiker, Tommy 120, 176, 190, Blattner, Stanley .... 273 246 Blau, Michael 247 Belcher, Jerry 193, 274 Blazek, Donald 128, 188, 246 Bell, James 1 10, 274 Blecha, Marqaret . . III. 273 Bell, Rise 134, 274 Blecha, Stephen . . . . 246 Bell, Ronda 274 Blehm, Marilyn 273 Bell, Sharon 132 Blick, Connie 273 Bell, Vicky 274 Bliss, Marilyn 1 14, 122, 273 Bellerive, Kathryn ... 178, 274 Blount. Carolyn 1 12, 247 Belt, William 150 Blount, Richard .... 106, 116, 247 Benda, Christine . . . . 120, 246 Blubauqh, Thomas . . . 118. 133 Benda, Linda 274 Blum, Grace 1 18 Bendel, Janice 118. 176, 183, Blum, Raymond 118 274 Board of Regents . . . . 12 Benedick, Peqgy . . . 274 Bobinmyer, James . . . 123, 273 Bennett, David 246 Bock, Stanley 273 Bennett, Joan 12b, 274 Boehmer, Stephen W. 133, 218. Bennett, Joyce 116, 131. 274 237, 273 Bennett, Terry Jo . . . 139, 274 Boehner, Stephen . . . 276 Bennett, Therese ... 274 Boeken, Rocky 1 10, 276 Bentley, Ian 148 Bogart, Cindy III. 137, 276 Berq, Roqer .. 128, 134, 139, 274 Bohm, Arlene 247 Bergen, James . . . . . 274 Boland, Sharleen .... 247 Berqer, Kathleen . . . 180, 274 Bolliq, Cherald 276 Berqman. Betty .... 143, 246 Bollig, Herbert 276 Berqren, Judith . . . . 246 Bolliq, Robert 190, 276 Berqstrom, Daniel . . 273 Bolt, Barbara 104, 121, 276 Berland, Ann 273 Bolton, Laurence .... 112, 136 Berquist, Janice .... 122, 273 Bomqardner, Stephen . . 188, 276 Berry, Daisy 246 Bond, David 247 Berry, Mark 110 , 273 Bondurant, Gary .... 276 Berry, Richard M. .. 273 Booth, Mary 276 Berry, Richard R. .. 134, 138, 273 Borqer, Ronald 237 Berthelson, Robert . 273 Borth, Belinda 180, 276 Best Dressed Coed . . . 49, 98 Bosch, Lorraine 276 Besthorn, Kathleen . 273 Bosch, Louise 120, 276 Bettenbrock, Alice . 273 Bosch, Ray 276 Bettenbrock, Ruth . . 273 Boucher, Ken 276 Betz, Tommy 273 Bouchey, Carla 276 Beyer, Ellen 183, 273 Bourbina, Arthur . . . . 276 Bickley, Cheryl 246 Bowell, Darrell 138 Biddle, Anthony . . . . 128, 246 Bowen, Fred 247 Bieker, Gerald 246 Bowen, Mary 132 Bieker, James 273 Bowen, Susan 276 Bieker, Linda 135 Bowles, Dwight 276 Bieker, Richard .... 273 Bowles, Steve . 196, 202, 225, 276 Biqqe, Ruth 273 Bowman, Cynthia . . 276 Biqqs, Brett l?R, 218, 273 Bowman, Pam 132 Biqqs, Tonya 246 Bowman, Robert . . . 276 Biqham, Jamie . . . . IN, 273 Box, Carey 276 Billinqer, James — 118, 125, 273 Boyd, Nancy 247 Billinger, Kathleen . 273 Boyer, Brad 148 Billinqer, Margaret . 246 Boyer, Calene 247 Billinqer, Steven ... 196, 202, 273 Braddock, Mary . . . . 276 Bills, Gary 273 Bradford, James ... 276 Bills, Sheila 1 15, 273 Bradley, James .... . 125 Billups, Kenneth . . . . 246 Bradley, Katherine . 125 Binder, Donald 273 Bradley, Lynne . 276 Bradley, Pamela 276 Bradley, Thomas 276 Brandenburq, Lucinda 276 Brandenburqer, Denny 247 Brandsted, Cheryl 169, 276 Brandsted, John 169, 276 Brandyberry, Phyllis 276 Brann, Brad 276 Branum, Theresa 178 Brass Choir 130 Brassfield, Irl NO Braun, James 247 Bray, Marcia 276 Bray, Vivian 138, 247 Brehm, Charles 196 Brehm, Gary 247 Breninq, Elizabeth . 112, 131, 180, 276 Brening, Fred 276 Brenner, Laytha 276 Brent, Edward 247 Brent, Kenneth 276 Brenzikofer, Diane 180, 247 Bretton, Darrell 276 Bretz, Richard NO, 124, 276 Briand, Marjorie . . . 276 Bricker, Cecil 139, 276 Briggeman, Sue . . . . 106, 247 Briggs, Robert Brin, Larry 122, 247 Brinkley, Dwiqht . . . . 247 Brihkley, Mary 247 Brittan, Ricky 195, 276 Broadie, Linda ..... 276 Broadie, William . . . 277 Brock, Kathleen . . . . Ill, 277 Brock, Robert . 193, 225, 77 Brock, William . . . . 1 10, 277 Brockhausen, Dale . 277 Brodbeck, Kathy .., 277 Brokenicky, Philip . , 277 Broky, Kenneth . . . , 277 Brook, Linda 277 Brook, Richard .... 247 Brooks, Michael .... 247 Brooks, Rhonda . . . , 277 Brown, Barbara .... 277 Brown, Eva 134, 277 Brown, Gerry 277 Leading the Tiger yells during the sports season were, startinq at the top, Cindy Parsons, Laah Hackmeister, Judy Gregg, Julie Krehbiel, Connie Vratil and Linda Patchen. 372 Brown, Janet 277 Brown, Jaxon 120, 247 Brown, Larry 247 Brown, Mary 132 Brown, Michael P 277 Brown, Michael S 136, 247 Brown, Nora 277 Brown, Patricia 145, 277 Brown, Stephen 128, 277 Brown, Tommy 277 Brown, Vicky 277 Brown, Virginia 277 Browninq, Emma 247 Brubaker, Elizabeth 178, 277 Bruce, Delbert 116, 124 Bruce, Ruth 132 Brueqqer, Steven 277 Bruhn, Vern 100, 277 Brull, Bernard 118, 277 Brunqardt, Barbara 95 Brunqardt, Lorrinda 277 Brunqardt, Paul 277 Brunqardt, Sally 188, 277 Bruninq, James 123, 277 Brunson, Kenneth 277 Bryant, Dorothy 139, 277 Bryant, Robert 277 Bryant, Steven T 277 Buehler, Arthur 112 Buehler, Gloria 277 Buehler, Howard 277 Buehler, Jere 139, 277 Buehler, John . 112, 135, 138, 140 Buehler, Susan 138 Buell, Kathy 277 Bunker, Lynn 146, 277 Bunney, James 248 Bunselmeyer, Leonard .. 110, 277 Burd, Richard 190, 248 Burdqe, Linda ... 34, 36, 94, 277 Burdick, Leona 277 Burdick, Lila 277 Burqe, Janet 277 Burqer, Cheryl 277 Burk, Carol 278 Burk, Michael 225, 278 Burke, Byron 138, 278 Burkhart, Kenneth 202 Burkhead, Leland 278, 354 Burley, John . 112, 136, 140, 195, 248 Burnham, Brad 278 Burns, James 248 Burrell, Julia 151, 248 Burton, Christine .. 139, 180, 278 Burtscher, Art 230 Busch, Janice 278 Busch, Robert 248 Buser, Daniel 278 Bush, John 278 Bushnell, Sheryl .... 108, 185, 248 Betherus, Jane 278 Butler, Mike 202, 206 Butler, Karen 185, 278 Button, Robert 278 Button, Thomas 248 Byerley, Thomas 129, 248 Byler, Linda 278 Cabbage, Larry 125, 278 Cahoj, Ronald 278 Cale, Sue 278 Call. Jack 195, 278 Call, Jerry 128, 278 Call, Thomas 248 Callaway, Howard 278 Calvery, Wayne 278 Camelio, Michael . 127, 151, 248 Camien, Herbert 218 Campas, Priscilla 278 Campbell, Ronald 278 Capps, Debra 278 Carey, Lee 278 Carlin, Roqer 218, 278 Carlon, Cheryl 248 Carlon, Tommy 278 Carlson, Dorothy 183, 278 Carlson, James 248 Carlson, Jennie 126, 248 Carlson, Michelle 248 Carmichael, John 150, 248 Carmichael, Thomas 225 Carper, Geraldine Ill, 169 Carper, Phillip .... 122, 147, 169, 248 Carroll. David 134 Carsten, Cheryl 105, 278 Carswell, Terry 108, 248 Carswell, Vincent 278 Carter, Allan 128, 134, 279 Carter, Barbara Ill, 279 Carter, David 128, 134, 279 Carter, Dwight 133, 279 Carter, Georqe 202, 279 Carter, Marqaret 176, 279 Casad, Brent 118 Case, Carl 122, 248 Case, Jon 120, 125, 150, 279 Case, Victor 248 Casey. Sarah 279 Casey, Thomas 279 Caspers, Gary 279 Cassen, Karen 132 Catlin, Sharon 185, 279 Cavanauqh, John 162, 248 Cavender, James 279 Caylor, Karen 279 Caywood, Kenny 202 Chaffin, Paul 279 Chain, Steve 124, 279 Chambers. Helen 279 Chance, Jody 279 Chancy, Terry 124 Chandler, Charles 125, 248 Chapman, Verona 139, 248 Chappel, Marvlyn 279 Charles, Michael 279 Chase, Clinton 188, 279 Chase, Janice 135 Chemistry Club 129 Chesney, Judy 279 Chester, Ronald 279 Chinn, Dennis 248 Chipman, Deborah 279 Chipman, Russell 225 Chittenden, Robert 118, 279 Chitwood, Colleen 178, 279 Chlumsky, Barbara 248 Chlumsky, Mary Jane 248 Chlumsky, Michael 248 Choung, Won Chul 248 Christensen, Leona 279 Christensen, Neil 165, 279 Chronister, Jeanne Ill, 143, 170, 178. 279 Chu, Rowena 279 Chung, Kinq-Chi 248 Chunq, Sunq 279 Circle, Buddy 290 Civic Symphony 141 Claassen, Joleen 280 Clarinet Choir 137 Clark, Catherine 280 Clark, Jim 105, 176, 193 Clark, Nelda 248 Clark, Randy 280 Clark, Richard 248 Clarke. Kirby 128, 280 Clarke, Michael . . . 280 Clarke, Rhonda ... . 131, 156, 280 Classes 240 Claudel. Paul 248 Claussen, Ronald . . 280 Claycamp, Linda . . 248 Claycamp, Terry .. 202 Clayton. Max 248 Clayton, Ronald . . 280 Cleaves, Rita 280 Clements, Joseph . 248 Clevenger, Roger . 280 Cline, Carolyn .... 248 Cline, Dixie 131, 280 Cline, Rex 248 Cline, Robert 280 Cline, William .... 280 Clinesmith, Ramona 280 Clinkenbeard, Richa rd . ' 107, 109, 1 10, 195, 248 Clotfelter, Bonnie . . . 49, 96, 180, 280 Clotfelter, Cortland 186, 280 Clotfelter, Senda . 280 Clydesdale. Robert 1 16. 248 Clydesdale, Sally .. 248 Coady, Janet 280 Coats. Brenda .... 280 Cockroft, Dwayne . 280 Coen. Daren 280 Coffin, James 196. 280 Colclazier, John .. 280 Cole, Arthur 280 Cole, Douglas . 129, 150, 248 Cole, Richard . 176, 188, 248 Cole, Terry 248 Colglazier, Jadene 248 Collegian Chorale 139 Collegiate Young Democrats . 127 Collier, Christa ... 280 Collier, Jon 249 Combs, Janet 131. 280 Concert Choir .... 138 Condra, Clarence . 280 Conkriqht, Charles 249 Conkright, Thomas . 186, 280 Conley, Eileen .... 280 Connor, Karla Jo . 280 Connor, Katha . . . . 106, 107, 108, 249 Conrad, Rand . 134, 159, 280 Considine, Dennis . 280 Constable, Vicki . . . 106, 249 Converse, Barbara , . 1 18, 178, 280 Converse, Carole . . 118. 280 Conyac, Alby .... 280 Conyac, Constance 249 Cook, Fred 1 10, 280 Cook. James 159 Cobk, Kenneth . . . . 249 Cook, Pamela . . . . 280 Cook, Rodney .... 280 Cook, Teresa 280 Cook, Wanda 178, 249 Cooksey, Cathey . . 280 Cooley, Linda .... 280 Cooley. Virginia . . . .. 131 , 183 , 20 Cooper, Alan 280 Cooper, Rex . 104, 113, 249 Coover, Kenneth . . 249 Cope, Jane 280 Copp, Mike 281 Cordel, Robert ... 281 Corder, Joseph . . . . 198, 281 Corder, Michael .. 249 Corder, Susan 132, 281 Cormack, Stan .... 202, 281 Corn, Kimberly ... 281 Corn, Lynn .. 95, 121, 281 Cornett, Joyce . . . 281 Corns, Deborah . . . Corry, Beth Cossman, Jayme .. Cott, Ladonna .... Coulson, Bruce ... Council, Jerry Courtney, Lavern . . Couture. Edith .... Covey, Donna Covey, Gary Covinqton, John . . Cowan, Eloise Cowqill, Andrea . . Cox, Beverly Cox, Connie Cox, Glenda ..... Cox, Paul Cox, Larry Cox. Phyllis Cox, Sheryl Coy. Dee Craft, Shirley Craig, Donald Cramer, Richard . . Cramer, Ronnie ... Crane, Randell .... Crane, Ruth Cranmer, Robert ... Cranston, Donna . . , Craven, Richard Cravens, Russell . . . Crawford, Carol ... Crawford, Peqqy . . , Cripe, Leslie Crist, Carole Criswell, Janice . . . , Critchfield, Stephen Croft, Bruce Croft, Linda Cromwell, Sharon . . Cross Country Cross, John Crow, Mary Cruz, Alex Cuddy, Lawrence . . Culver, Connie . . . . Cummings, Ronald . Cummins, Cindy . . . Cunningham, Bob . Cunningham, Kent . Curl, Donald Curl, Lawrence . . . . Custer Hall Custine, Patty Cutright, David . . . . 281 178, 249 281 281 196 196, 281 107, 113, 249 125, 281 249 249 202 114, 122, 249 281 281 281 281 I 18, 249 249 I II, 120, 281 281 281 184, 185, 281 249 281 .... 107, 150 ...‘ 281 I 15, 134, 281 281 281 249 150 I 1 1, 281 249 249 249 249 ... 195, 231, 281 281 281 281 .... 218, 219 . . . . 195, 249 281 281 139 281 281 185, 281 122, 221, 281 281 281 249 162-164 249 281 Dailey, John 281 Daily, Debra 105, 178, 281 Daisy Mae . 49 Dale, Owen 188, 249 Dames Club 132 Dana, Frank 281 Daniels. Jeffrey ... . 281 Daniels, Judy 281 Dansel. Robyn 282 Darnell, Brenda . . . . 282 Dasenbrock, John 282 Daubert, Victor 282 Davenport, Ann 123, 249 David, Nancy 105, 282 Davidson, Bryce 225, 282 Davidson, Lynann . . . 121, 249 Davis, Alberta . 116, 156, 185, 282 Davis, Ann 139 373 Davis, David 202, 282 Davidson, Lynann 121, 249 Davis, Sheila 282 Dawson, Joe . 282 Day, Marjorie . 114, 122, 137, 282 Day, Mauricia 282 Day, Roberta 282 DeGood, Alan 282 Deal, Terry 198, 282 Dean, Jerry . . - 2B2 Dean, Jill 282, 351 Dearden, Janet 249 Deardorff, Merle 282 Debes, Fred 282 Dechant, Leana 249 Dedrickson, Gordon 282 Deeds, Robert 188, 249, 282 Deeds, Sherry 282 Deets, Diana 282 DeForest, Kenneth 282 DeGarmo, Douglas .... 186, 282 Degenhart, Howard 128 DeGod, Lanny 282 DeHaven, Denny 282 DeHaven, Everett 139, 282 DeHaven, Martha 249 Deines, Bonnie 282 Deines, Dan I 1 3, 23 1 Deines, Hubert 249 Deines, Jerre 138, 283 Deines, Jill .... 137, 138, 178, 283 Deines, Kelly . 109, I 10. 188, 230 283 Deines, Larry 249 Delhotal, Ted 283 Dellinqer, Robert 249 Delp, Colleen 249 Delta Sigma Phi 188-189 Delta Tau Alpha 116 Delta Zeta 180-181 Demaree, Bruce 283 Denison, Sally 139, 178 Denning, Dan 118, 195, 283 Denning, Larry 195, 249 Denning, Russell 249 Denton, Deborah 283 Depperschmidt, Jean ... 178, 283 Derby Days 57 DeSair, Henry 283 Dettmer, Craig 283 Dewees, Martha 283 Dexter, Kraiq 198, 283 Dey, Robert ... 125, 223, 225, 249 Dibble, Marsha 105, 283 Dibble, Max 283 Dible, David 195, 249 Dible, Deresa 283 Dible, Gloria 105, 106, 249 Dick. Ann I 18, 283 Dick, Robert 249 Dick, Rosa 283 Dickerson, Crystal . 104, 107, 178. 249 Dickman, Diane 118, 283 Dickman, Esther 249 Dieck, Kenneth 198, 225, 283 Dieckhoff, Tonda 112. 148 Diehm, Sandra 283 Dierberqer, Sam ... 176, 186, 220, 221, 283 Dierberger, Tim .... 186, 208, 283 Dierks, Nancy 283 Diers, Leon 283 Dies, Dixie 283 Dietz, Claudia Ill, 283 Dietz, Richard E. .. 106, 107, 109, 250 Dietz, Richard K I 10 Dietz, Larry 134, 283 Dietz, Marsha 135, 283 Dietz, Vicki 176, 183, 250 Dilley, Allen 137 Dinges, Dennis 250 Dinges, Judy 132 Dinqes, Lois Ill 283 Dinqes, Marlene 284 Dinkel, Allen 284 Dinkel, Carol J 250 Dinkel, George 284 Dirks, Gene 284 Dirks, John 250 Dirks, N ' orvin 284 Dirks, Sandra 284 Ditus, Douglas I 1 6. 250 Divel. Larry 198, 284 Dixon, Brenda 185, 284 Dixon, Gary 284 Dixon, Nancy 284 Doak, Debby 284 Dodrill, Deborah 139, 284 Doerfler, Richard 250 Dohrmann, Pamelia 284 Dolechek, Jane 284 Dolechek, Mary III. 284 Doll, Susan 118. 284 Dome, Don 284 Dominguez, Maria I 18 Donahey, Daryl 193, 284 Donahey. Terry 284 Donart, Marilyn 250 Donohoe, Anita 284 Dooley, Norman 284 Dougherty, Eric 284 Dougherty, Elizabeth 284 Dougherty, Jim 128, 284 Dowdell, Frank 212, : 213, : 214, 217 Dowdell, Sharyn . . . . . 132 Downer, Dorothy . . . . 284 Downing, Rhett 284 Doxon, Patricia 284 Drach, Tearel 195. 250 Dragoo, Doris 125, 284 Drees, Mary Ann . . . . 120 Dreher, Marion 250 Dreilinq, Carol 250 Dreilinq, Connie . . . . 284 Dreiling, Dennis ..... 250 Dreilinq, Eugene . . . . 188. 284 Dreiling, Florence . . . 284 Dreiling, Francis . . . . 202, 285 Dreilinq, Gloria .... 285 Dreilinq, John 285 Dreilinq, Judy 180, 285, 348 Dreilinq, Linda 1 17, 125, 285 Dreilinq, Lois 285 Dreilinq, Lynda 106, 107, 1 10 Dreiling, Michaelyn . , . . . 176, 180, 285 Dreilinq, Pamela .... III. 285 Dreilinq, Rene 285 Dreilinq, Richard Lee 202, 204, 209 Dreilinq, Sheryl . . . . 1 1 1 Drescher, Mary 250 Drosselmeyer, Wesley .. 124, 150, 250 Drescher, Mary 250 Drosselmeyer, Wesley .. 124, 150, 250 Duddie, Timothy 285 Dudrey, David 112, 136, 250 Duell, Clarence 285 Duell, Dorothy 250 Dugan, John 120, 250, 353 Dugan, Judy 122, 136, 285 Dumler, Joanne 250 Duncan, Joyce 285 Duncan, Susan 180, 285 Duncan, William 123 Dunekack, Larry 285 Dunn, Gary 285 Dunning. Earl 250 Durall, Carolyn 285 Duran, Jerome 218, 238 Duran, Rueben 285 Durr, Dan 285 Duryee, Donald 285 Dutcher. Connie 132, 250 Dutcher, Robert 250 Dutt, Owen 250 Dyche, Eldonna 82, 115, 250 Dyck, James 1 10, 285 Eaglin, Anne 285 Earle, William 176, 192 Earnest, Jeff 285 Eaton, Robb 192 Eaton, Virginia 285 Eberle, Sharon 250 Ebright, Beverly 183, 250 Echard, Dennis 250 Eck, John NO. 188, 285 Eckart, Deborah 285 Eckels, Pamela 285 Eckert, Michael 198 Eckardt, Donna 285 Edgerle, Teri 285 Edgington, Wilbur 250 Edmondson, Nancy 180, 285 Edwards, Beverly .. 120, 185, 285 Edwarls, Peggy 183, 285 Edwards, William 285 Ehly, Marsha 285 Ehmke, Clifford 250 Ehrlich, Carol 285 Ehrlich, Jeff .. 109, 114, 130, 196, 285 Ehrlich, Judy . 108, 117, 178, 250 Eilers, Gloria 123, 250 Eilert. Stanley 285 Eisenhour, Douglas 128, 285 Eisenhour, Katharine 250 Eisiminger, John 285 Elder, Carol 285 Elder, Grady . 133, 223, 224, 225. 285 Elder, Katherine 285 Elder, Phillip 193, 250 Eldridqe, Barbara 250 Elias, Dennis 285 Ellenberger, Terry 128, 285 Eller, Stephen 149, 251 Elliot, Richard 251 Elliott, Anita 137, 285 Elliott, Carolyn ... 106, 107, 110, 251 Elliott, Charles 286 Elliott, Allen 118, 188, 286 Elliott, Jacquelyn 286 Elliott, Stan 286 Elliott, Vicki 108, 251 Elliott, William 286 Ellis, Elaine 137, 139, 286 Ellsworth, Terry 286 Elmore. Eldon 286 Elniff, Ronald 188, 286 Emmert, Larry 286 Emory, Lena 286 Eneff, Darrel 196, 286 Enqel, Donna 286 Engel, John 159, 251 Enqel, Lucille 286 Enqland, Merlene 180, 286 Engler, William 286 Engstrand, Madessta ... 180, 286 Enright, Terry 202, 286 Enrollment 47 Enslinger, Belinda 286 Enslow, Mary . 118, 134, 158, 286 Eppinger, David 251 Epsilon Pi Tau 113 Erbert, Terrence 195 Erichsen, Kathleen 286 Erickson, Erick 202 Ernst, Dennis 286 Erway, Lyle 186, 286 Erwin, Beverly 286 Esfeld, Jane Ill, 134, 286 Esfeld, Valerie 286 Eshelman, Rena 286 Estes, Michael 120, 190, 237, 286 Eswein, Larry 251 Eta Rho Epsilon 114 Etter, O. E 117 Eubank, Barbara 114, 286 Eubank, Charles ... 100, 104, 116, 124, 196, 251 Eulert, Wayne 286 Evans, Diane 287 Evans, Jeannette .. 115, 138, 251 Evans, Marsha 105, 129, 251 Evel, Gary 287 Evel, Ronald 287 Evers, Susan 287 F Faqan, Raymond 133, 287 Fahrenholtz, Christene 287 Faimon, Susan 139, 287 Faltermeier, Diane 287 Fanning, Cecyle 287 Farney, Thomas ... 134, 139, 287 Farr, Jane 184, 185, 287 Farris, Gary 287 Faulkender, Joyce 287 Faulk, Kenneth 136, 140 Faulkender, Roqer 202 Faulkner, Deborah 287 Faulkner, Katheryn 287 Faurot, Robert 190, 287 Favinger, Mona 287 Fehrenbacher, Lonnie 287 Feikert, Larry 195, 225, 287 Feil, Leon 287 Feist, Mary 118, 287 Felbush, Lyle 251 Felbush, Roxanna 132 Felke, Joe 287 Fell, Diana 180, 251 Fellers, Shauna 287 Ferguson, Vearl 193, 251 Ferland, Janet 120, 287 Fickel. Roger 124, 251 Fielder, Ronald 159, 287 Fields, Elizabeth 288 File, Daniel 193, 288 File, Dee 288 Fine, Kenneth 251 Finqer, Donald 288 Fink, Donalea . 113, 118, 121, 288 Finney, Marsha 288 Finnin, Mike 101, 104, 176 Fischer, William 188, 288 Fisher, Donna 288 Fisher, Richard 288 Fitzpatrick, Raymond 251 Fixsen, Dennis 196 Flakus, Mary Ann 288 Flax, Mary 114, 122, 288 Fleming, Diane 288 Fletcher, Cindi 180, 288 Foqo, James 288 Foley, Fred 288 Folmnsbee, Christine 288 Folsom, Kenneth 136 374 Balmy spring weather encourages holding class outside. Football 202-209 Foran, Roqer 150 Foran, Thomas 202 Forbes, Maxine 288 Forbes, Sharon 251 Forristal, David 195, 251 Forristal, Linda 288 Forsberq, Roqer 251 Forster, Susan 288 Fort, Cheryl 209, 288 Fort Hays Civic Symphony Orche stra 141 Fort Hays Singers 135 Foster, Ann 180, 288 Fouqht, Donald 120, 252 Fox, David 288 Fox, Steven 195, 252 Frack, Janyth 185, 288 Frack, Linda 185, 288 Francis, Clifton 140, 252 Francisco, John 137, 140 Franke, Thomas 150, 288 Franklin, Ardis 288 Frans, Myron 288 Frazey, Tim 288 Frederkinq, Larry 239 Freeborn, Kathryn 252 Freed, Gary 145, 196, 288 French Club 119 French, Gary 288 French, Leslie 288 French, Yvonne .... 137, 156, 288 Frey, Richard 123 Frick, James 120, 252 Fricker, Roger 123, 288 Friederich, Judy 288 Friederich, Randall 134, 288 Friedly, Douqlas 288 Friqon, Connie 169, 288 Frigon,, Harvey 169, 252 Frisbie, Glendai 288 Fritz, Linda 288 Fritz, Theodore 288 Fross, Gerald 288 Frost, J na . ... 288 Frydendall, Larry 288 Fryman, Pansy 252 Fukasawa, Yoshi 288 Fultin, Joanne 289 Fulton, Russell 252 Fulwider, Leanne 134, 289 Funk, Robert 289 Furbeck, Cindy 289 Furlough 54, 55 Furlough Queen 98 Fussell, Robert 221, 252 G Gabel, Dale 289 Gaede, Duane 252 Gaines, Alvin 289 Gardner, Gayle 289 Gardner, Jack 123, 252 Gardner, Linda 289 Gardner, Elaine ... Ill, 118, 122, 289 Garetson, Jerra 289 Garetson, Jesse 128, 252 Garlow, Floy 289 Garrett, Cathey 289 Garrett, Deborah 131, 289 Garrett, Jere 289 Garrett, Karla 289 Garrett, Larry 138 Garten, Cathy 122, 289 Garten, Janet 252 Garver, Meredith 185, 289 Gaschler, Dennis 289 Gaschler, Janet ... 106, 108, 252 Gaskell, Michael .. 128, 186, 214, 289 Gaskill, Mike 289 Gasper, Robert 289 Gassner, Carolyn 289 Gates, Ralph 198, 289 Gedney, Michael 237, 289 Geerinq, David 218, 289 Geerinq, Ruth 183, 252 Geist, James 289 Geist, Lois 289 Geology Club 124 Georg, Joy 252 Georqe, Eddie 289 Georqeson, Jack .. 202, 207, 208, 234, 239 Georqeson, Neva 132 Gerber, Larry 135, 138, 176, 193, 289 Gering, Virqinia 131, 252 German Club 118 Germany, Walter 252 Gerstberqer, Kenneth 289 Gerstenkorn, Deborah 290 Getty, Allen 202 Gfeller, Linda 112 Gholson, Jane 290 Gieber, Lana 121, 252 Giebler, Marlene 290 Giebler, Sharon 120, 290 Gienger, Gwyn 290 Giese, Barbara 290 Giese, Boni 290 Giese, Mark 221, 252 Giess, Rodney 252 Gifford, Belinda ... 131, 137, 290 Gilbert, Butch 133, 214, 235, 252 Gilbert, Doris 290 Gilbert, Norlan 137, 252 Gilbreath, Ronald 128 Gilchrist, Beverly 290 Giles, Vicki 112, 131, 252 Gilq, Carol 122, 252 Gilqer, John 188, 290 Ginqles, Leonard 290 Ginqraux, Daniel 198, 290 Ginqraux, John 128, 290 Ginther, Kathleen 290 Gish, Douglas 290 Gish, James 290 Gish, Rodney 252 Glantz, June 252 Glassman, Mary 290 Glaze, Laura 290 Gleason, Darryl 134, 290 Gleason, Greqory . 120, 146, 290 Glenn, Larry 290 Gleue, Steven I 10, 290 Glover, Pamela 98 Gnuse, Sharon 252 Goates, Ronald 122 Gobin, Sharolyn ... 116, 131, 290 Goddard, Michael 290 Goddard, Ricky 118, 290 Godwin, Charlene 290 Goebel, Kenneth 290 Goetz, Twila 290 Goings, Maridell 252 Graduate Students 245-269 Graduation 59 Graf, Janice 146, 291, 354 Graham, Cathy ... 127, 151, 291 Graham, Sharon 291 Grandstaff, Kitty 291 Grauer, Eileen 252 Grauerholz, Jo Ann 252 Graver, Robin 291 Graves, Patricia 252 Graves, Yvette 291 Gray, Alan 252 Gray, Alice 291 Gray, Cynthia 115, 136, 137, 252 Gray, James 291 Greek Week 177 Green, James 221, 291 Green, Richard 221 Green, Roxy Ill, 146, 291 Greenway, Becky 252 Greenway, Tom 252 Greenway, William 291 Greqq, Curtis 129, 291 Greqq, Douqlas 291 Greqq, Georqe 291 Greqq, Judy 180 Greiner, Douq 291 Grennan, John 128 Grevinq, William . 133, 213, 214, 252 Gribben, Carolyn 178, 291 Griebel, Donna 252 Griese, Joan 114, 178, 252 Griffie, Charles 214, 217 Griffin, Barbara 291 Griffin, Larry 252 Griffin, Sue 291 Grippin, Gary 190, 291 Grizzell, Connie 132 Grizzell, Dennis 291 Gronewoller, Francis 193 Gross, Allen 214 Gross, Marie 134, 291 Grotfeld, Sandra 291 Grover, Donald 191 Grover, Peggy .... 106, 107, 108, 253 Grunwald, Glen 202, 291 Grusinq, Lavon 139, 156, 291 Grusing, Linda 134, 291 Gullett, Mary 291 Gustafson, Mary .. 104, III, 291 Guthrie, DeWayne 220, 221 Guttery, Alan 124, 195, 291 Guyer, Linda 291 Gwinner, Craiq .... 133, 220, 291 Guyer, Linda 291 Gwinner, Craiq ... 133, 202, 291 Gymnastics 220 Golf . .. 230, 231 Gooch, Susan 115 Good, Ronald 252 Goodwin, Janice Haas, Dorothy 291 Goostree, Dennis 290 Haas, Thomas 291 Gorball, Nancy 252 Haberman, Donald . . . . .. 113, 128, Gore, Mary 290 159, 253 Goreham, Rolland . . . . no Haberman, Maurice .. 128 Goth, Warren . .. 188, 290 Habiqer, John 291 Gottschalk, Timothy ... ... 188, 290 Habiger, Roberta .... 291 Grabbe, Robert 290 Hachmeister, Bruce ... .. 116. 292 Grabbe, Rosemarie ... .. 139, 290 Hachmeister, John ... 292 Grabbe, Wayne 291 Hachmeister, Laah . . . . .. 185, 253 Graber, Forest 252 Hadley, Carole .. 134, 292 Graber, Nancy 291 Hadley, Stephen 292 Graber, Paula Hafenstine, Icle 292 Graber, Stephanie . . . . .. 106, 252 Haffner, Linda ... 92, 292 Grable, Julie .. 115, 291 Haqeman, Joyce . . 134, 292 375 Haqer, Linda 292 Haqerman, Shirley 185, 292 Haile, Gordon 118, 292 Haines, Edward 292 Haines, James 253 Hake, John 118 Hake, William 196 Halderman, Barrett 165, 292 Hale, Patricia 134, 183, 292 Hall. Annelle 105, 126, 292 Hall, Kevin 253 Hall, Judy 292 Hall Richard 292 Hallaqin, Jo Ardis 253 Hallenbeck, Roqer 253 Hallinq, Janice 253 Hamburq, Dale 196, 292 Hamman, Jane 253 Hammer, Patricia 292 Hammerschmidt, Allen 292 Hammerschmidt, Kathy . 185, 292 Hammond, Eric 253 Hammond, Gerald 292 Hampton, Richard 292 Hand, David 195, 292 Haney, Kirk 292 Haney, Mitch 230 Hanhardt, Ronald 292 Hanken, Donald 253 Hanna, Joe 253 Hansen, Carroll 292 Hansen, James 292 Hanson, Darrell 123, 292 Hanson, Kent 196 Hanson, Sheila 292 Harbauqh, Paul 134, 292 Harbaugh, Ronald 253 Harbauqh, Sylvia 292 Harbin, Mary III. 183, 292 Hardesty, Shari 292 Hardin, Connie 292 Harding, Vernon 292 Hardy, Larry 292 Hargrave, Stanley 120, 253 Hargreaves, Bruce 292 Harqrove, Eddie 229, 253 Harkness, Mary 292 Harman, Conrad . . 134, 159, 292 Harman, Sherry 118, 292 Harmon, Richard 122 Harmon, Ro Ann 253 Harms, Donna 292 Harness, Kathryn 292 Harold, Sandra 292 Harper, Duane 253 Harrel, Mary 134, 292 Harreli Robert 253 Harris, Carol 292 Harris, Michael 293 Harrison, Barbara 293 Harrison, Jerry 198, 202, 253 Harrison, Tad 293 Hart, Howard 293 Harter, Dennis 293 Hartinq, Harold ... 186, 225, 293 Harvey, John 233, 253 Haselhorst, Cheryl 106, 107, 108, 253 Haskett, Jane 131, 293 Haskett, Pauline 293 Haslam, Kathleen 293 Hatch, Dennis 162 Hatfield, Roqer 188, 253 Havel, Lynn 253 Haverick, Joseph 235, 253 Hawks, Jerry 134 Haxton, Raymond 233, 293 Hayes, Benjamin 188, 253 Hayes, Douglas 123, 293 Hayes, Janet 134 Hayes, Mary 253 Hayes, Ronald 293 Hayes, Tom Haynes, Charles Haynes, Marilyn Haynes, Norman Hays, Cleo Hays, Lajune Hays, Susan Hayse, Beth Hayse. Frances Hazen, Keith Headrick, Connie .... Heape, Charleen .... Heape, Ronald Heaton, Diann Heble, Leo Heck, Dennis Heckert, Gloria Heckman, Jay Heckman, Roselyn ... Hedqe, Jerry Hedqe, Susan Heffel, Marvin Heim, William Heiman, Steven Heimer, James Heinz, Janet Heinze, Allan Heinze, Alvin Heinze, Greqory Heitschmidt, Jann ... Hejny, Gary Helf rich, Robert .... Helin, Daryl Hellerud, Robert .... Helm, Carl Helm, Janice Helm, Robert Heiman, Stephen .... Helmkamp, John ... Hemme, Robert Hemmy, James Hemp, Mary Hemphill, John Henderson, Waunita Henderson, Geraldine Henderson, William . Hendrickson, Jolene . Hendrickson, Larry . . , Hendrickson, Roy .... Hendrickson, Steven . Hennes, Joseph Henniqh, Kathleen .. Henrickson, Gordon . Henry, Audrey Herbel, Carol Herl, Dennis Herl, Gerald Herl, Tom Herman, Gary Herman, Mary Herman, Robert .... Heroneme, Joyce ... Herrinq, Harold .... Herrman, Becky Herrman, Connie ... Herrman, Elaine Herrman, Joseph . . . . Herrman, Leo Herrman, Lois Herrman, Michael ... Herrman, Rochelle .. Herrmann, Delores . Herrmann, Ron Hertel, Brian Herzog, Lester Herzoq, Milford .... Hessenflow, Charles . Hester, Pamela Hett, Michelle 293 293 ... HO. 253 198 293 293 293 293 ... 131, 293 134 293 ... 131, 293 ... 195, 293 293 ... 118, 253 293 253 195 115 293 253 133 293 293 ... 122, 293 ... 116, 293 293 165, 195, 293 .... 193, 293 ... 185, 293 134, 139, 293 293 253 ... 195, 293 202 . . . . 134, 293 .... 195, 293 .... 195, 253 253 . .. 190, 293 293 253 293 ... 110, 293 . 112, 131, 253 193 253 ... 134, 137, 139, 293 .... 120, 253 293 253 294 ... 135, 138, 253 253 294 294 294 253 .... 113, 253 294 253 294 294 . ... 178, 294 294 178, 294 .... 116, 254 176, 190, 294 .... 183, 294 294 294 116, 131, 294 294 190 134, 139, 294 254 294 .... 180, 294 294 Heublein, Larry 294 Hevner, Connie 294 Hewes, Danny 120, 254 Hewes, Dorothy 294 Hewes, Michael 254 Hewes, Sharis 294 Hewett, Dana 124, 188, 254 Hewett, Evelyn 294 Hewett, Karen 294 Hewson, Steve 186, 294 Heyen, Connie 116, 178, 294 Hiatt, Stanley 294 Hibbs, Claude 134 Hickel, Brenda 294 Hickman, Anne 294 Hickman, Sharon 294 Hicks, Roslyn 254 Hiqqins, Patrick 254 Hiqhland, . Ernestine 125, 294 Hiqhland, Lou 294 Hildebrand, Carmelita 254 Hill, Mark 133, 195, 294 Hill, Kent 196, 254 Hill, Theodore 294 Hill, Venita 254 Hill, Viv 134, 294 Hillman, Larry 139, 294 Hintz, Aqnes 254 Hintz, Sandra 254 Hird, Steven 294 Hirsch, Kathleen 254 Hischke, Jon 140 Hish, Cynthia 294 Hish, Ronald 294 History Club 121 Hitchcock, Holly 294 Hixenbaugh, Gail .. 117, 118, 294 Hixon, Larry 294 Hizen, Peter 202 Hladek, Glenn 195, 254 Hladek, Janet 110, 178, 294 Hlaus, Patricia 295 Hoar, Diana 295 Hoar.Reta 254 Hoch, Stephen 128, 295 Hodqes, Shirley 295 Hodqins, Maida 295 Hoffhaus, Karen 183, 295 Hoffman, Cynthia 185, 295 Hoffman, Floyd 255 Hoffman, Kathy 295 Hoffman, Trudy 295 Hoke, Patricia 122, 295 Holiday, Cynthia 180, 254 Holle, Rebecca 295 Holler, Trudy . 104, 176, 180, 295 Holliday, Paul 188, 254 Holliman, Michael . 196, 225, 295 Holliman, Patrick 197, 295 Holmberq, Jeffrey 186, 296 Holmes, Bill 221 Holmes, Patricia 185, 296 Holopirek, Kenneth 195, 296 Holopirek, Sharon . 134, 180, 296 Holste, Miriam 296 Holston, Anqela 118, 296 Holston, Robert ... 133, 150, 296 Holzmeister, Sherry 254 Homecoming 34-37, 94, 95 Homecoming Queen 94 Home Economics Chapter ... 131 Homm, Cheryl 296 Honomichl, Stephen .... 120, 254 Hooper, Curtis 188, 254 Hooper, Linda 296 Hoover, James 125, 296 Hope, Gary 296 Horacek, Shirla 134, 296 Horner, Andrew 296 Horner, Patsy 296 Horning, Rosanne 296 Horton, Dixie 1 1 I Horyna, Joyce 139, 296 Horyna, Shirley ... 105, 116. 296 Hoss, Mari 296 Hoss, Paula ISO, 296 Hoth, Alice 125, 296 Houqhton, Keith . . . . 202, 296 Houser, David 296 Houser, Ann 139, 296 Housing Division . . . 155 Houston, Helen .... 125 Houston, Ruthona .. 296 Howard, Dennis .... 296 Howard, Douglas ... 296 Howard, Judy 296 Howard, Jesse 296 Howard, Patricia ... 134 Howard, Ronald ... 255 Howarter, Patricia .. 1 10, 255 Howell, Stella 118, 296 Howerton, Jack . . . . 255 Howgill, Martyn ... 214, 216, 264 Hoyt, Sheryle 255 Huck, Jane 131, 296 Hudson, James 117, 124, 255 Hudson, Thomas . . . . 145, 296 Huebner, Dennis ... 255 Huebner, Gloria . . . , 132, 296 Huebner, Jill 296 Huenerqarde, James 296 Huitt, Nancy 134, 296 Humpert, Mary .... 296 Humphrey, Darrell .. 255 Hunley, Rickey .... 296 Hunt, Connie 255 Hunter, Ruth 296 Hupach, Georqe ... 255 Hurlbut, Sharon . . . . 296 Hurt, Douqlas 109 Husa, Ivan 123, 124, 296 Huser, Barbara 147, 296 Hussey, Merlin 197, 225 Husliq, Vickie 296 Hussey, Merli 197, 225 Husted, Anita 178, 296 Huston, Stephen 134 Hutfles, Clemens 296 Hutter, John 255 Hutton, Sharon 132 Ifland, Kent 255 Imel, Jim 296 Industrial Arts Club 128 Ingraham, Diane 297 Ingram, Roy .. 113, 118, 121, 297 Inqrum, Patricia 120, 297 Inloes, Dana 139 International Art Festival .... 126 Intramurals Inter-Fraternity Council 176 Irby, Leo 255 Irby, Pamela 134, 297 Irby, Richard . 118, 134, 197, 297 Irvin, Linda 297 Irvin, Penny 134, 297 Irwin, Connie 255 Ishii, Grace 297 Issinghoff, Carla 297 Ives, Nancy A 297 Ives, Nancy S 297 J Jabara, William 297 Jackson, Ralphetta 297 376 Jacobs, Donald 255 Jacobs, Glenn 297 Jacobs, Janet 297 Jacobs, Mary 297 Jacobs, Sharon 143, 145, 297 Jacobs, William 297 James, Euqene 122, 255 James, Lynda 297 Jankovits, Gery 128, 297 Janne, Donna 297 Jansen, Michael 297 Jansonius, Julie 115, 297 Jantz, Sharon 297 Jazz Ensemble 140 Jeffers, Don 195, 297 Jeffery, Sylvia 185, 255 Jemison, Erlene ... 137, 139, 297 Jenkins, Evelyn 297 Jenkinson, Susan 225 Jennings, David 197, 255 Jenninqs, Sharlyn 297 Jensen, Diane 118, 297 Jensen, Judith 255 Jensen, Maren 297 Jensen, Patricia 297 Jensen, Roqer 297 Jevons, Deryl 297 Jilq, Michael 297 Jimenez, Juan .118, 126, 297 Jimenez, Luis 297 Jimenez, Pamela . . 297 Jindra, 1 ?uth 134, 297 Johannes ;, Ricky ... 297 Johnson, Barbara . . Ml, 118, 136, 297 Johnson, Fred A. . , , 104, 186, 297 Johnson, Fred J. . . 297 Johnson, Fredrick J. 118, 297 Johnson, Gaylord . , 297 Johnson, Ginqie ... 180, 297 Johnson, Greqory . 137, 195, 298 Johnson, Herman . . 298 Johnson, James . . . . 298 Johnson, Janis 298 Johnson, John 118, 298 Johnson, Jolene . . . 131, 183, 255 Johnson, Keith 298 Johnson, Larry 255 Johnson, Leon 255 Johnson, Margaret 298 Johnson, Maurice 298 Johnson, Michael . 112, 136, 137, 140, 195, 255 Johnson, Patrick 298 Johnson, Richard 298 Johnson, Sandra 298 Johnson, Sarah 298 Johnson, Steven 298 Johnson, Susan 132, 298 Johnson, Thomas 197 Johnston, Shanann . 115, 185, 298 Jones, Louise 255 Jones, Carolyn 298 Jones, James 202 Jones, Lance 298 Jones, Mary 255 Jones, Nora 298 Jones, Richard 298 Jones, Sherri 298 Jones, Virqil 298 Jones, Walter 298 Jordan, Leroy 134 Jording, Duane 298 Jorg, Karen 298 Jorqensen, Charlotte 255 Joss, Vern 298 Josserand, Jerilyn . 105, 123, 255 Josserand, Michael ... 109, 195, 255 Joy, Allen 255 Joy, Lois 298 Joyce, Jill 265 Joyce, Richard 124, 255 Judy, Dwight 188, 298 Juerqensen, Valorie 298 Junger, John 255 Juno, Elvita 116, 298 Just, Linda 298 K Kaiser, Vicki 177, 185, 298 Kampe, Lanny 255 Kappa Mu Epsilon 117 Kappa Omicron Phi 112 Karban, Kaylene 298 Karlin, Charles 197, 298 Karlin, Linda 298 Karlin, Patricia 255 Karlin, Terry 136, 140 Karst, Susan M 298 Karst, Susan P 255 Kashka, Antoinette Ml, 298 Kasselman, John 298 Kasselman, Linda 298 Kestens, Jayne 170, 298 Kaster. Joyce 298 Kats, Barbara 298 Katzenmeier, Barbara 255 Katzenmeier, Dana 298 Kazmaier, David 193, 298 K Club 133 Keagy, David 298 Keast, Scott 298 Keatinq, Josephine 100, 105, 255 Keating, Warren 299 K eatinq, Wylma 299 Keeley, Linda 255 Keenan, Denny 127, 255 Keenan, John 299 Keenan, Robert 197, 299 Keene, Ronald 299 Keil, Larry 299 Keith, Diana L 299 Keith, Diana R 122, 299 Keith, Edward 299 Keith, Milden 128, 299 Keller, Barbara 299 Keller, Karen 110, 299 Keller, Kenneth 118 Keller, Martha 255 Keller, Martin 125, 134, 139, 299 Kelley, Brenda 138, 255 Kelley, Joseph 197, 255 Kemp, Dianne 105 Kemp, William 255 Kemper, Michael 299 Kennedy, Diana 256 Kennedy, James 256 Kennedy, Kenneth 299 Kennedy, Max 117, 256 Kennis, Jesse 202 Kenyon, Alan 113, 256 Kenyon, Marlene 256 Kerbs, Terry 195 Kern, Linda 125, 299 Kernohan, Beverly . 106, 120, 256 Kerr, Franklin 299 Kerr, Gaylen 299 Kerr, Gloria 183, 256 Kertz, David 299 Kessinger, Patricia 299 Keyte, James 299 KFHS Radio 149 Khonqchantra, Bunlue 256 Kilbourn, Bonnie 183, 256 Kim, Cheung 299 Kindler, Linda 256 Kinq, Phillip 202, 256 Kinq, Rodney 299 Kinq, Sandra 256 Kinqsley, Douglas .. 134, 186, 299 Kinser, Kay 299 Kinsey, Janis 180, 299 Kirby, Alberta 299 Kirk, Andrea 125, 256 Kirk, Gary 256 Kirk, Johnna 299 Kirk, Linda 256 Kirk, Randall 190, 299 Kirkendall, Joseph 299 Kirkham, Rebecca 256 Kirkman, Jill 118, 300 Kisner, Janell 300 Kissick, Wayburn 300 Kitch, Peqqy 300 Kite, Euqene 300 Kite, Melinda 300 Kitts, Melvin M0, 214, 300 Kitts, Nancy 256 Kitts, Robert 256 Klaus, Alex 300 Klaus, Donald 300 Klaus, Elden 300 Klaus, Larry 256 Klaus, Richard 300 Klaus, Virqinia 132 Klein, Jerry 300 Kletchka, Ronald 110, 300 Klever, James 256 Kliewer, Lonnie 300 Kline, Barbara 118, 256 Kline, Terry 300 Klinzmann, Marilla 134, 300 Klitzke, Nancy 300 Klitzke, Sandra 178, 300 Klitzke, Steve 300 Klopfenstein, Larry 120, 256 Klusener, Alan 139 Kniqht, James 193 Kniqht, Linda 178, 300 Knoll, John 300 Knoll, Lawrence 195, 300 Knoll, Leo 300 Knox, Connie 300 Knox, Marqaret 300 Koch, Marcy 300 Kodras, James 300 Koehler, Dale 256 Koellinq, Donald 133, 300 Koerperich, Nicholas 300 Koerperich, Robert 113, 128 Koestel, Patti 300 Koett, Imelda 300 Kolacny, Elizabeth 256 Kolacny, John 300 Kolb, Kelvin 300 Kollhoff, Michael 198 Kolodick, Richard 256 Koochel, Jane 300 Koster, Marla 300 Koster, Ronald 229, 300 Kouqh, Jeri 134, 300 Kough, Ronald 128, 256 Koulas, Barbara 300 Kraft, Gerald 300 Kramer, Joseph 232, 300 Kramer, Louise 300 Krannawitter, Anita 300 Krannawitter, Oliver 300 Kraus, Daniel 300 Kraus, Pamela 135, 138, 181, 300 Kraus, Rebecca 140, 301 Kraus, Richard 117, 256 Kraus, Robert 139, 301 Krehbiel, Barbara 183, 256 Krehbiel, Lawrence 134, 138, 159, 301 Krob, Terry ... 112, 129, 139, 301 Kroboth, Frank 301 Kroeqer, Irene 256 Kruckenberq, Lyman 301 Kruq, Sharon 178, 301 Kuebler, Linda 301 Kugler, Vicki 134, 301 Kuhlman, James 256 Kuhlman, Richard 301 Kuhn, Aqneta 301 Kuhn, 8enita 121, 301 Kuhn, Carle 301 Kuhn, Judith 301 Kuhn, Ronald 301 Kuhn, Roseann 147 Kulp, Raymond 256 Kung, Ellen 256 Kurtz, Carol 1 3 1 , 301 Kurtz, Sheryl 116, 301 Kvasnicka, Gary 301 Kwatcher, Ira 110 L Laas, Anita 301 Laas, Larry 301 Lahey, Sarah 181, 301 Lahey, Vana 185, 301 Laksanakorn, Wiwat 256 Laman, Stephen . . . 117, 256 Lamb, Gary 113, 256 Lambda lota Tau . 1 17 Lambert, Donetta . . 301 Lambert, Glenn . . . 123, 301 Lambert, Theresa . . 118, 256 Lamoreaux, Sally .. 120, 123, 301 Lampe. Norma ... 301 Landau, Vincent . . . 136, 301 Landis, Erryn 256 Lane. Denise 301 Lane, Patricia 301 Lanq, Dennis 301 Lanq, Duane 301 Lanq, Lloyd 256 Lang, Paul 301 Lanqley, Candace 118, 301 Lanqlois, Gary 129. 256 Larson, Alvin 301 Larson, Barbara 121, 301 Larson, Ralph 301 LaRue, Don 256 LaRue, Linda 301 Lashbrook, Lynn ... 133, 202, 301 Lattin, Bill 256 Laubhan, Larry 301 Laverentz, Bernard 197 Lawrence, Paul 128, 256 Lawrence, Randall 232 Lawton, Chad 256 Leader 40, 144, 145 Leader Lass 98 Leap Week 49 LeClair, Carolyn .. 112, 185, 301 Lecount, Ronald 301 Ledbetter, Clint 125, 301 Ledbetter, Robert 225, 301 Lee, Dennis 197, 256 Lee, Jane 301 Lee, John 301 Lee, Robert 302 Legal Board 105 Leqleiter, Gene 302 Leqleiter, Lynn .. . 106, 108, 185, 256 Lehman, Donald . . 121, 257 Lehman, Patrick . . 302 Leick, Roger . . . . 257 Leiker, Anthony ... 202, 207, 257 377 Leiker, Irvin 302 Leinmiller, Virqinia 302 Leis, Debbie 54, 98, 116, 134, 139, 192, 302 Leitner, Euqene 257 Leitner, James 128, 257 Leitner, Joyce 302 Leitner, Linda 302 Leitner, Ronald 257 Lemon, Cleta 302 Leonard, James 257 Lerock, Allan 302 Lervold, Maurice 202, 302 Lesovsky, Don 257 Lesovsky, Terry 118, 257 Lester, Bettye 132 Lester, James 257 Lester, Mary 114, 302 Letourneau, Charlene .. 106, 107, 257 Letsch, Sherrill 302 Lewallen, Wayne 128, 302 Lewis, Francis 257 Lewis, Roqer 140 Lianq, Chao-Chun 302 Lianq, Henry 257 Lieurance, Thomas . 134, 139, 302 Liqqett, Max 118, 198, 302 Liqht, James 302 Liqhtcap, Ardley 302 Liqhtner, Lynn 302 Lilley, Wesley 195, 302 Lindberg, Nancy 139, 302 Lindemann, Patricia 302 Linden, Frances 257 Lindenman, Doreen 302 Lindenman, John 257 Linder, Darlene 125, 143, 257 Lindsay, William 257 Lindsley, Steve 257 Linenberqer, Delvern 302 Linenberqer, Judith 257 Link, Albert 186, 302 Link, Brenda 132 Link, Dean 133, 302 Lippold, Jerry 257 Little, Robert 112, 136, 140 Litton, James II 6, 302 Litzenberqer, Neila 105, 302 Lively, Dana 302, 351 Lively, Diana 147, 303 Livenqood, Rodney 120, 124, 134, 139, 151 Living Groups 154 Livinqston, Conna 123, 303 Locke, Leneal 214 Lockhart, Jean 303 Loeppke, Sandra 125, 303 Lofqreen, Joyce 121 Loflin, John 303 Loqan, Leon 195 Loqsdon, Lloyd 202, 208 Lohmann, Arleta 112, 131 Lohrmeyer, Rebecca 303 Loker, Lila 303 Lonnon, Thomas 303 Loomis, Linda 104, 303 Lorance, Sheryl 121 Lorson, James 303 LoVette, Arlyn 120 Lovin, Vernon 128 Loving, Lola 129, 303 Lovitch, Frank 159, 303 Low, Marlene 178 Lowen, Beverly 132 Lower, Terri 303 Lowery, Lynda NO Lowis, Robert 186, 303 Lowry, Robert 303. Lowry, Shirley 114, 122 Loyd, Darrell 303 Loyd, Jean 303 Lozano, Alma 303 Luder, Joyce 101, 146, 303 Luetters, Donna 303 Lukens, Georqia (Casey) ... 123, 303 Limit, Steven 120 Lutfk, Ctepna 113 iLufr, Lois. 1 1 1 , 303 Lyman . Oouqlas .... 177, 188, 303 Lynch, Durward 134 Lynch, Roqer 303 Lynn, Donald 303 Lynn, Ronald 303 Lysinger, Fred 118, 202, 303 M Mabry, Ann 106, 107, 108 MacDonald, Emerson 303 Madden, Patricia .. 304 Maddox, Glen 304 Maes, Linda 304 Maguglin, Patricia . 304 Mahin, Richard .... 188, 304 Mahlman, Lee 304 Mai, Connie .... 134, 304 Mai, Karen 304 Mai, Kathleen ..... 305 Mai, Kathryn 305 Mai, Linda 131, 305 Mai, Terry 1 12, 135, 138 Ma|or, Linda 305 Makings, John 305 Maley. Darrel 202, 305 Malone, Jo Elian . . . 305 Mandt, Martin .... Manqels, Lynn 134 Manhart, Lawrence . 305 Manning, Yvonne .. 305 Mans, Larry 305 Mans, Leonard 188, 305 Mapes, John 305 Mapes, Mary 106, 108 Marchand, Mary ... 305 Mares, Lynn 132 Maresch, Judy 305 Marine, Donna 305 Markle, John 133, 212, 214 Marple, Colleen ... 305 Marrs, Gary 305 Marsh, Florence ... 132 Marsh, Jerry 107, 109 Marsh, Lemeul 121 Marshall, Sally 305 Marston, Delma . . . . Ill, 305 Marti, Karen , 1 16, 123, 124 Martin, Constance . 134, 181, 305 Martin, Elizabeth .. 185, 305 Martin. Georqe ... 198, 305 Martin, James 133 Martin, Jan 183, 305 Martin, Joseph .... 305 Martin, Karolyn . . . . 305 Martin, Marilyn ... 134, 139, 305 Martin, Paul 305 Martin, Philip 118 Martinez, Rita 121 Mason, John . 201, 218, 219 Massaglia, Michael . 305 Massaglia, Nancy .. 132 Massey, Deborah ... 305 Masters, Larry 218, 305 Mastin, Jon . 202, 205, 206 Mathes, Mary 134, 305 Mathes, Susan .... 305 Matkin, Marla .... 134 Matteson, Jane . . . . 162, 305 Mattheyer, Martha 118 Mattison, Susan 131, 306 Mattson, Rosalie Ill, 306 Mauch, Roqer 113, 128 Maxwell, Robert 306 May, Stan 221 Mayhew, Jerry 306 Mayo, Robert 306 Mayo, Susan 306 Mays, Kicnara Mazouch, Eugene ... 1 18, 306 McAfee, Melinda ... 178, 303 McAtee, John 133, 214, 216, 233 McAtee, Terry 303 McBride, Bonita ... 178 McCalmont, Tania . 303 McCammond, Jackie • . . 122, 303 McCants, Lawrence . , ,, 145, 197, 202, 303 McCaslin, Trudy ... 303 McCauley, Janelle . . 181, 303 McClaren, Susan .. 134, 139, 181, 303 McClure, William .. 303 McConnell, Vicki . . . 303 McCormack, John . . 303 McCormick, Larry ., 197, 303 McCubbin, Floyd . . 303 McCulley, Dan 186, 202, 303 McCune, Terry .... 303 McCurdy, Carol .... 185, 303 McDonald, Allan . . . 195, 303 McEntarfer, Douqlas 195, 304 McFadden, Gayle . . 304 McFall, Marqene .. 1 12 McFall, Michael .... 107, 116 McGavran, Thomas . 193 McGovern, Kathleen . . • 1 M, 185, 304 McGowan, Louise .. 105, 304 McGowan, Melva . . 304 McGrath Hall . 159 -161 McGreevy, Robert . 304 McGuire, Marlene . 181, 304 McIntosh, Sherlyn .. 304 McIntosh, Sue 183. 304 McKain, Larry 304 McKain, Ruth 304 McKay, David 197, 304 McKenna, Pat 304 McKinney, Sara . . . . 304 McLain, Lennet ... 134, 178, 304 McLeland, David . . . 238 McLeland, Jennifer . 304 McLinn, Lonny 123, 304 McMindes Hall . . . , . 156 i-I58 McMullen, Rodney . 304 McMullen, Terrance 110, 116 McNeil, William . . . 202, 206 McPhail, Larry 304 McPhail, Ricki 304 McPherson, Diana . . 304 McPherson, Gregg . 118, 304 Meade, John 306 Mease, Barbara .... 306 Meckel, Mark 306 Meckel, Vernon . . . 186, 187, 306 Meckenstock, Dan . . 306 Meckenstock, Lea Meenen, Dena . . Meqqers, Gary 123 Mehlhaff, Karla 306 Mehringer, Daniel 259 Mehringer, Richard 306 Meier, Kenneth 259 Meier, Linda 306 Meier, Michael 306 Meier, Rhonda 306 Meis, Fred 259 Meister, Rosemary 306 Melia, Shelly 306 Melton, Janet 306 Memorial Union Board 151 Memorial Union Program Council 151 Mendenhall, Connie ... 125, 134, 306 Mendenhall, David 306 Men ' s Glee Club 134 Men ' s P.E. Club 122 Menzer, Sharon 306 Merrill, Catherine M3, 306 Merrill, Stephanie 306 Merritt, Hazel 259 Merritt, Sondra 306 Messerly, Robert 307 Meyer, John 307 Meyer, Melissa 307 Meyer, Richard 259 Meyer, Vicky . 115, I 1 8, 138, 307 Michaelis, Barbara 140, 307 Michaelis, Linda ... 105, 115, 259 Michaelis. Sharon .. 114, 122, 307 Michaelis, Wilma .. 114, 122, 259 Michel, Rosa 307 Michel, Steven 134, 139, 307 Michel, Toni 122, 307 Mickey, Charles 128 Middleton, David 307 Midqorden, Julian 259 Milam, Vicki 307 Miles, Rebecca 307 Milestones ' 69 30 Miller, Becky 307 Miller, Bob 100, 307 Miller, Carleen 131, 307 Miller, Cherie 259 Mille r, Curtis 307 Miller, Darrel 307 Miller, Deanna 107, 117, 259 Miller, Everett 123, 307 Miller, Gayle 307 Miller, Jacob 307 Miller, Janice 259 Miller, Jerry 307 Miller, John 307 Miller, Lela 259 Miller, Loretta 307 Miller, Marilyn 115, 138, 307 Miller, Carol 307 Miller, Michael 123 Miller, Peqgy 259 Miller, Robert 104, 195 Miller, Roberta 185, 307 Miller, Stephen J 307 Miller, Stephen D 104, 259 Miller, Stephen D. . 134, 138, 307 Miller, Steven L 225, 307 Miller, Virqinia 259 Miller, Wanda 259 Miller, Wayne 307 Million, Lavern 138, 259 Mills, Maxine 259 Mills, Maxine 259 Mills, Ricky 128, 307 Mills, Ronald 128, 307 Minor, Ted 125, 307 Miser, Tim 123, 307 Mitchell, Gloria ... 48, 115, 135, 138, 176, 185, 307 Mitsuhashi, Takae 259 Mize, Philip 307 Mock, Janet 259 Mohler, Barbara ... Ill, 120, 307 Mohler, Carol 125, 307 Molleker, Donald 307 Molleker, Paul 202, 307 Mondero, Mary 307 Mondy, Connie 307 Montgomery, Charlotte 307 Montgomery, James ... 120, 259 Montgomery, Janey 114 Montgomery, Michael 307 Moody, David 199, 307 Moomaw, Peqqy 308 Mooney, Stephen 166 Moore, Daniel 123, 124 Moore, Don 259 Moore, Edmund 199, 308 Moore, Elden 308 Moore, Leslie 139, 308 Moore, Iris 138, 308 Moore, Karen 308 Moore, Rodney 259 Moos, Carol 308 Moran, Leah 308 Morel, Diane 308 Morford, Donna 308 Morford, Ronald 106, 259 Morford, Sharman 131, 308 Morgan, Cheryl 308 Morqan, Donna 308 Morqin, Judith 259, 352 Morris, Leon 124, 259 Morris, Janet 259 Morris, John 113, 308 Morris, Linda 308 Morris, Michael 128, 308 Morris, Roger 308 Morris, Susan 308 Morris, Terry 259 Morrison, Jill 308 Morrison, Julie 178, 308 Morse, Judy 308 Mortimer, Dan 124 Morton, Robert 308 Morton, Ronald 259 Moss, Marqaret 178, 308 Mott, Craiq 308 Mouden, Ward 259 Mounday, Donna 308 Moyer, James 308 Muck, James 308 Mueldener, Karl 308 Mull, James 221 Mullender, Vanan 308 Muller, John 190, 308 Mullin, Barbara 143 Munoz, Richard 308 Munsch, Alan 308 Munsell, Rubye 308 Munsey, Cynthia 308 Murphy, James 195, 308 Murphy, Kay 308 Murphy, Paula 104, 308 Murphy, Robert 259 Murphy, Timothy 134 Murray, John 118, 186, 308 Musqrove, Trudy 308 Musselwhite, Patricia 259 Myers, Carol R 308 Myers, James 120 Myers, Leonard 308 Myers, Marvin 308 Myers, Phillip 259 Myers, Stephen 308 N Naeqele, Carol 308 Nagel, Connie 259 Nagel, Sharon 259 Nagel, Tamara 308 Nakahara, Osamu 259 Nauer, Paula 309 Neal, Carol 259 Neal, Karin 309 Nebel, Sandra 309 Nedrow, Mary 309 Neely, Stanley 309 Neely. Zelda 117, 259 Neidenthal, Jo Ann 309 Neitzel, Sherry 309 Nelson, Andrea 138 Nelson, Barbara A 143, 178, 309 Nelson, Barbara E 309 Nelson, Barbara J 309 Nelson, Carolyn ... 104, 181, 309 Nelson, Charlotte 259 Nelson, Cynthia 309 Nelson, Dennis 122, 309 Nelson, Donald J 309 Nelson, Donald W 118, 309 Nelson, Jo Ann 259 Nelson, Joel 309 Nelson, Judith 309 Nelson, Kevin 183, 309 Nelson, Larry 309 Nelson, Opal 309 Nelson, Patrick 309 Nelson, Phillip 195, 309 Nelson, Richard 309 Nelson, Ronald 309 Nelson, William ... 139, 195, 309 Nemechek, Lawrence 195 Nemechek, Margaret 309 Nemechek, Mary Lou ... Ill, 309 Netherton, Robert 199, 309 Neuburger, Loretta 309 Neuforth, Harold 309 Neuman, Betty 310 Neuschafer, Darrel . 109, 176, 188, 310 Newberry, Kathy 105, 310 Newbery, Marcy 310 Newell, Stanley 310 Newell, Vincent 310 Ney, Kenneth 310 Nichol, Barbara 183, 310 Nicholas, Joel 310 Nicholas, Wendell 109, I 10, 195, 259 Nickelson, Sheryl 178 Nicoll, Sandra 259 Niedens, Stanley 197 Nielsen, Sue 181, 310 Niermeier, Niles 165, 310 Niernberqer, Jolene .... Ill, 310 Nixon, James 128 Noah, Carole 112, 131, 310 Nokes, Ray 123, 310 Nolan, Lynnette ... 118, 132, 259 Nolan, Steven 116, 124, 259 Noone, Thomas 128, 310 Norden, Edward 310 Norden, Elaine 310 Norman, Helen 310 Norman, Richard 123 Norris, Joe .. 109, 144, 176, 197, 259 Norris, Mary 178, 310 North, Marvin 310 North, Wilma 260 Northrop, Peqqy 310 Norvell, Joe 310 Novinqer, Carl 310 Novotny, Joleen .. 115, 138, 176, 310 Nulton, Neil 106, I 10, 260 Numrich, Louise .... 125 Nurses’ Club Nusbaum, Diane 260 Nutsch, Larry 221, 310 Nutsch, Leon 310 O Oakley, Wesley 186, 310 Oberle, Kent 310 Oberle, Stephan 310 Obermueller, Dale ....... 195, 310 Obleness, Gloria 260 Oborny, Larry 260 Oborny, Mildred 134 O ' Brate, Barbara 311 O ' Brate, Patrick 311 O’Brien, Rex 311 O ' Brien, Tim 311 Ochs, Darrel 1 20, 3 1 I Ochs, John 188, 260 Ochs, Owen 311 Ochs, Ronald 123 Ochs, Stephan 120, 311 Ochsner, Karen 115, 311 Oschsner, Robert 311 Ocker, Diane 311 Odeqard, Steven 311 O ' Dell. Linda 105, 260 Oden, Barbara 134, 311 Oden, James 124, 197, 311 Odle, Diane 311 Odle, Stanley 199, 260 Oeusoonthornwattana, Phongsri 260 Offutt, Gerald 311 O’Hara, Charles 188, 311 O ' Hare, Devra 3 1 f Okane, Michael 197 Okeson, Donald 260 Olds, Bruce 139, 190, Olomon, Denise 118 183, 311 Olson, Bonnie 311 Olson, Carolyn ... 105, III, 183, 31 I Olson, Connie 311 Olson, Galen . 112, 135, 138, 260 Olson, Katherine .. 106, 107, 108, 124, 260 Olson, Richard 124, 260 Olson, Stacy 150, 311 Olson, Steve 120, 260 Omlor, Jeannine 311 Orchard, Gary 260 Orchesis 76, 143 Oreaqan, Jeanette 311 Organization Division 91-153 Orr, Jeff 311 Osborn, Clystia 311 Osborn, Robert 113 Osborn, Ron 311 Osborne, Charles 150, 311 Osborne, Marsha 260 Osburn, Dorothea 311 Oshant, Sheran 311 Oshant, Terrie Ill, 311 Oshel, Janice 311 Oshel, July 311 Ostmeyer, Cathlyn . 115, 178, 311 Otte. Lavonne 311 Oukada, Larbi 118, 126, 218, 234 Outstanding Faculty Woman 102 Outstanding Senior Woman . 102 Overmiller, Marie 260 Owens, Gary 1 33, 3 1 1 P Pabst, Darrell 311 Paqet, Kenneth 120, 260 Paqet, William NO, 311 Pahls, Edwin 311 Pahls, Janel 311 Painter, Jeffrey 189, 311 Palmberq, Marie 311 Palmer, Don 260 Palmer, Lon 260 Palmer. Terence ... 118, 311 Panhellenic Council 176 Pankratz, Charles .. 199, 311 Papes, Dean . 202 , 312 Paradeis, Terry .... 123 Parish, Steve 312 Park, Steven 123 Parker, Robert D . . . 312 Parker, Robert L. . . . 312 Parkins, Marsha .... . 48 Parsons, Cynthia .. 103, 1 12, 185, 312 Pasek, Cynthia 312 Patchen, Larry 312 Patchen, Linda .... 170, 312 Patterson, Robert . . 104, 197, 312 Patton, Ronald 128, 260 Pauley, Robert 312 Peacock, Gayla 118, 312 Peak, Matt 148, 312 Pearce, Colette . . . . 312 Pearson, Dennis .... 193, 312 Pearson, Sheldon . . . 261 Pearson, Lynn Jr. . . . 118 Pechanec, Anita . . . 312 Pechanec, Dennis . . . 312 Pekarek, Janet 312 Penix, Betty 261 Penka, Alvin 218, 219, 239 Penka, Joyce 312 Pennington, Joyce . 115, 139, 183, 312 People-to People . . . 126 Percival, Stan 176 Percussion Ensemble , 137 Perkins, Roger 195, 312 379 Perry, Robert 128, 312 Perry, Shereen 185, 312 Perryman, Melva 131, 261 Pesicka, Gila 261 Petersilie, Douqlas 186, 312 Peterson, Laron 312 Peterson, Nancy 261 Peterson, Susan 312 Petracek, Herb 133, 261 Petryszyn, Helen 132, 261 Petryszyn, Yaroslaw 261 Pettera, Kathryn 312 Petti|ohn, Sharon 312 Petty, John ... 109, 176, 197, 312 Pfanenstiel, David 312 Pfannenstiel, Cora 312 Pfannenstiel, Janice 313 Pfannenstiel, Judith Ill Pfannenstiel, Mary 261 Pfannenstiel, Merle 313 Pfannenstiel, Ronald 313 Pfeifer, Linda 261 Pfeifer, Madonna 313 Pfeifer, Mary 261 Pfeifer, Richard 313 Pfeifer, Sheryl 125, 134, 313 Pfenninqer, Ronald 139, 313 Pfortmiller, Larry 313 Phelan, Patrick 261 Phelps, Joyce 313 Phi Alpha Theta 113 Phi Beta Lambda 120 Phi Eta Sigma 110 Philip, Kaylynn . 99, 1 18, 123, 125 Phillips, Gary .... 261 Phillips, Joan .... 313 Phillips, Lee . . 125, 129, 134, 139, 150, 313 Phillips, Warren .... 313 Phi Mu Alpha .... 112 Phi Sigma Epsilon . . . 190, 191 Phye, Linda 125, 131, 313 Pickard, Cheryl .... 313 Pickard, Karen 131, 313 Pickerinq, Carlene . 116, 181, 313 Pickett, Jeri Pi Kappa Delta .... 114 Pike, Janet 131, 261 Pinkall, Karen .... 313 Pinthapataya, Vithaya .... 126 Pi Omega Pi . . . . 110 Pirotte, Kathleen ... 117, 313 Pishny, Lon 134, 197, 313 Pixler, Edwin .... 313 Plattner, Earl 261 Plemons, Marie 313 Plowman, Donnitta 261 Plowman, Richard 261 Plummer, Jimmy 261 Rlymell, Shirley 313 Poersch, Monte 313 Polifka, Bernice 185 Pollnow, Rita 181 Pollock, Carl 107, 261 Pool, Robert 107 Poppe, Arthur 313 Portenier, Cheryl 134, 313 Porter, Janet 115, 261 Porter, John 313 Porter, Steven 189, 261 Porter, Tamara 134, 178, 313 Porter, Troy 193 Portschy, Charles 128 Potter, Joe 313 Potts, Teresa 314 Powell, James 202 Powell, Myrna 314 Powell, Rex 106, 261 Powers, Lonnie 314 Pratt, Fredrick 261 Pratt, James 262 Pratt, Vesta 262 Pravia, Auqusto 314 Press, Douqlas . 123, 134, 139, 314 Price, Greqory 122, 195, 262 Prosser, Elaine . ' 262 Prosser, Judy 314 Prosser, Leonard 314 Pruitt, Douqlas 314 Pruter, Penny 139, 185, 314 Puckett, Marqo 262 Puqh, Patricia 314 Pullin, Barbara 314 Purvis, Sharon 314 Puyear, Marsha 314 Puyear, , Martha o 1 18, 314 Quint, V Ronald 314 Quint, Shirley 262 R Rabas, Gary 128, 314 Radcliffe, Dana . . . 314 Rafferty, Curtis . . . 262 Raqan, James 134, 138 Rahjes, Robert .... 314 Rahimian, Nasser . 262 Raile, Charlene ... 314 Railsback, Marian . , 137, 314 Railsback, Thomas . . 112, 262 Ralstin, Roy 227 Ramsey, Jerry , 113, 1 18, 121, 314 Ramsey, Marvin ... 314 Randel, Kris 147, 314 Randel, Greqory . . 202 Randels, Luana ... 262 Randle, Randy .... 314 Randolph, Janis — 314 Raney, Richard . . . 238 Rankin, Stephen .. 314 Rash, Leroy 262 Rasmussen, Rita ... 106, 108, 1 15, 138, 262 Rassette, Linda ... 314 Rathbun, Carla . 1 14, 183, 262 Rathbun, Linda . . . . 183, 262 Rathqeber, Keith . 314 Ratzlaff, Barbara .. 314 Rauscher, Susan . . . 314 Rawson, Robert ... 314 Ray, Deborah 314 Ray, Linda 178, 262 Ray, Vicky 134, 314 Rayburn, Ella . 1 13, 145, 314 Rayl, Steven 195, 314 Raynes, Clinton ... 112, 137, 140, 262 Ream, Ronald .... 262 Rebein, John 314 Redd, Cheryl 262 Reid, Judith 178 Redqer, Louise ... 123 Redqer, Janis . — 315 Reece, Leland — . 315 Reese, Normadine 315 Reever, Vernon . . . , 1 18, 315 Reha, Mark 195, 315 Rehm, Lora 315 Reichenborn, Danny 262 Reid, Donna 315 Reid. Jerold 117, 315 Reif, Marilyn 315 Reif, Susan 178, 315 Reimer, Jay I 10, 127, 315 Reinert, Dennis 116, 262 Reinert, Jimmie 262 Reinert, Michael 315 Reiser, Rochelle 139, 315 Rempe, Walter 315 Reveille 146, 147 Rev eille Queen 45 Reynolds, Carol 262 Reynolds, Cynthia 315 Reynolds, Walter 315 Rhine, John 315 Rhoades, Charles i 315 Ribordy, Loretta Ill, 315 Rice, Jane 176, 315 Rice, Ronald 315 Rich, Michael 315 Richmond, Dennis 315 Richolson, Karla 315 Ricke, Leon 262 Ridder, James 315 Rider, Gene 133, 199, 214 Ridler, Gladys 315 Riedel, Alan 315 Riedel, Andrew 315 Riedel, Herbert 315 Riedel, Robert 315 Riedel, William 262 Riedy, Gary 202 Riekenberg, John .. 107, 117, 262 Riese, David 315 Rietcheck, Roqer 150, 315 Riqqin, Rick 122 Rinehart, Deanna 315 Riseley, Jerry 262 Risley, Robert 315 Ritter, Beverely 122, 315 Rixon, Kent 262 Robben, Michael 315 Robben, Susan 262 Roberson, David 315 Roberts, Anita . 49, 96, 118, 125, 192, 315 Roberts, Guy • 262 Roberts, Jill 315 Roberts, Paul 316 Robertson, Larry 262 Robertson, Richard 231 Robinson, Analee 262 Robinson, David 199, 262 Robinson, Donna 316 Robinson, Greqory . 199, 233, 316 Robinson, June 183, 316 Robinson, Karla 316 Robinson, Nancy 262 Robinson, Peqqy 263 Robinson, Sue 181, 316 Robison, Mary 263 Robison, William 189, 316 Rockwell, Sue 115, 178, 263 Rodeo 56 Rodeo Club 123 Rodeo Queen 99 Rodkey, Susan 139, 316 Roe, Ronald 140 Roemer, Janet 316 Rogers, Debra 316 Rogers, Donna 263 Rogers, Jeane 316 Roqers, Marilyn 263 Roqers, Thomas 128, 263 Rohleder, George 263 Rohleder, Kenneth 263 Rohr, Charles I 18, 316 Rohr, Gary 316 Rohr, Gloria 185, 316 Rohr, Jeanette 118, 316 Rohr, Jolene 316 Rohr, Joyce 316 Rohr, Sandra 136, 316 Rohrbouqh, Johnny 123, 316 Roland, Jean 263 Roland, William 263 Rolf, Karen 116, 178, 316 Rolf, Leslie 316 Rolfs, Glenda 139, 162, 316 Rolfs, Lavetta 263 Rolland, Merrie 170, 316 Rollman, Gayle 139, 316 Romine, Janice 316 Rooney, Connie 263 Rose, Berneta 123, 316 Rose, Douqlas 134 Rose, Franklin 263 Rose, Theda 263 Rosenberq, Neil 316 Rosenberq, Rex 316 Ross, Carol 117, 125, 316 Ross, Joseph 316 Ross, Kenneth 263 Ross, Norma 317 Roth, Cecil 263 Roth, Harold 317 Roth, Thomas 317 Rothfuss, Larry 317 Rounkles, Penny 263 Rouse, Charles 112, 136 Rouse, Marsha 317 Routh, Charles 118, 317 Rowan, Judith 317 Rowe, Tom 317 Rowh, Jay 263 Rowland, Carolyn 317 Roy, Duane 317 Ruby, Bruce 123, 317 Ruda, James 150, 189, 317 Ruda, Lucille . 108, 122, 143, 263 Ruda, Peqgy 170, 317 Ruder, Ann 317 Ruder, Earl 263 Ruder, Lois 104, 317 Ruder, Mary 317 Ruder, Sharon 263 Rueb, Patrick 151, 193, 317 Rundle, John 317 Rupp, Elsie 134, 317 Rupp, Naomi 317 Rupp, Richard 189, 317 Rusch, Jan ... 134, 139, 189, 317 Rusco, Clark 317 Rusco, Steve 317 Rush, Clifton 317 Rush Week 41 Russell, Berdene 113, 263 Russell, Penny 317 Russell, Sharon .... 105, 114, 122, 317 Rutt, Nadean 117, 263 Ruud, Howard 317 Ryan, Ruth 263 Ryan, Thomas 317 Ryman, Michael 317 Rynerson, Don NO, 118, 317 Rynerson, Elaine 263 S Saddler, Corla 134, 317 Saddler, Doyle 124, 317 Saddler, John 317 Saqer, Janet 317 Sallee, James 124, 163 Sallman, Gary 317 Sallman, Sandi 132 Salmans, Nick 138, 317 Salmans, Lewis 317 Salter, Shan 317 Salter, Steve 263 Sammons, Russell 317 Sampson, Gary 317 Sampson, John 189, 263 Sander, Dorothy 120 Sander, Joseph 317 Sander, Larry 317 Sander, Sharon 317 Sanders, Donald 110 Sanders, Judith 263 Sands, Lonnie 140 Sanger, Carol 125 Sanneman, Dewey 317 Sanneman, Dudley 128, 318 Sarmiento, Carlos 118 Sarmiento, Luis 126 Satter, Gary 318 Saunders, Michael 162, 318 Sawer, James 318 Sawin, Robert 318 Sayler, Arthur 128, 318 Saylor, Harold 263 Scantlin, Mike 197 Scantlin, William 106, 263 Scarrow, Boyd 125, 263 Schaben, Cheryl 318 Schaefer, Michael 318 Schaefer, Mike ... 110, 133, 195, 231, 318 Schaeffer, Robert 318 Schaetzle, Howard 197, 318 Schafer, Geanene 108, 263 Schaffer, James ... 190, 191, 263 Schaller, David 318 Schaller, Leona 318 Schamaun, Diana 318 Schauvliege, Vicki 318 Scheib, Deborah 318 Scheib, Linda 318 Schenk, Donna 105, 178, 318 Schenk, Terrence 143 Schepmann, Vern 263 Scheuerman, Clifford 318 Scheuerman, Michael 318 Schick, Carla 185, 318 Schiedeman, Jam’s 178 Schields, Gary 197, 318 Schiewe, Marcia 318 Schiewe, Ronald ............ 263 Schiffelbein, James 318 Schiltz, Barbara 263 Schiltz, Elaine 318 Schippers, Donna 318 Schirer, Eleanor 318 Schaefli, Peggy 318 Schlaefli, Richard 124, 263 Schlageck, John 263 Schlegel, A. J 226, 318 Schlegel, Myron 318 Schlegel, Sheryl 318 Schlepp, Joann Ill, 318 Schlichting, Russell .. 49, 96, 186, 187, 318 Schlitter, Cynthia 318 Schloctermeier, Paul 318 Schloemer, Darwin 318 Schmalzried, Lyndel 318 Schmeidler, Darrell 318 Schmeidler, John 318 Schmeidler, Neal 318 Schmeidler, Phil 318 Schmidt, Carla 134, 318 Schmidt, Clayton ' .. 128, 133, 318 Schmidt, David 318 Schmidt, Donald 318 Schmidt, Elaine 319 Schmidt, Jacinta 319 Schmidt, John 263 Schmidt, Joseph 319 Schmidt, Kevin 319 Schmidt, Mary 319 Schmidt, Melvin 319 Schmidt, Michael A 104 Schmidt, Michael P 319 Schmidt, Pamela 319 Schmidt, Phyllis 118, 319 Schmidt, Richard 319 Schmidt, Russell 263 Schmidt, Shirley 263 Schmidt, Stanley 110 Schmidt, Timothy 263 Schmidtberger, Randal 319 Schmitt, Sandy 319 Schmutz, Dale 263 Schnatterly, Arthur 106, 107, 120, 193, 264 Schnatterly, Martha 108, 264 Schneider, Carolyn 319 Schneider, David 237 Schneider, James 128, 319 Schneider, Janeen .... 45, 93, 98, 1 16, 185, 319, 351 Schneider, John 319 Schneider, Pete 186, 319 Schneider, Steve 319 Schnelle, Cindy 115, 319 Schneweis, Garold 319 Schnoebelen, Mark 264 Schnoor, William 124, 319 Schoemann, Anna 319 Schoen, Norma 115, 319 Schoenfeld, Robert 319 Schoenthaler, Cheryl ... 176, 185 Schoenthaler, Clarinda . 178, 319 Scholle, Beth 115, 137 Schon, Darrel 320 Schon, Wayne 106, 264 Schoonover, Alice 320 Schrader, Stuart 264 Schreiber, Catherine ... 183, 320 Schreiber, Richard 264 Schreiber, Thomas 264 Schreibvoqel, Beverly 320 Schreiner, Barbara 320 Schreiner, Donald 264 Schremmer, Alan 264 Schremmer, Janet 264 Schrepel, Vincent 320 Schroeder, Jean 320 Schrott, Sharon 110, 320 Schugart, Judy ,... 320 Schukman, Jay 320 Schulte, Clyde 320 Schulte, Judith 320 Schulte, Karen Ill, 183, 320 Schulte, Lavern 120, 264 Schulte, Ronald 264 Schultz, Freya 320 Schultz, Ronda 320 Schulz, Sandra 185, 320 Schumacher, Phyllis 264 Schupman, Marilyn 264 Schwab, Beverly ... 134, 139, 320 Schwanke, Charles 320 Schwartz, Connie 112, 320 Schwartz, Constance 320 Schwartz, Douqlas 320 Schwartz, Richard 320 Schwarz, Greqory 186, 320 Schwein, Richard .. 145, 147, 264, 359 Schwindt, Barry 320 Schwindt, Elizabeth 320 Scott, Dwayne 264 Scott, Wayne 320 Scott, Ronald 122, 320 Scott, Wesley 320 Seago, George 320 Sebastian, Linda 320 Sebauqh, Tamara 115, 264 Sebaugh, Telia 185, 320 Seele, Linda 320 Seeman, Elaine . . , Seeman, Joyce .. Seibel, Gary Selfried, Bryant . . Seirer, Cynthia . . Seirer, Stephen ... Sekavec, Dale Sekavec, Mary ... Sekavec, Ronald . , Sekavec, Thomas . Selby, Linda Selby, Robert .... Selfridge, Allen . . . Seltmann, Terry . . . Seniors Senzee, Wayne ... Service, William . , Settles, Steve .... Seufer, Donald ... Seusy, Michael ... Seventh Cavalry .. Sexson, Charles ... Seyb, Marilyn .... Shafer, Lawrence .. Shaffer, Jan Shandy, Robert . . . Shank, Harold .... Shannon, Joyce . . . Sharifi, lra| Sharifi, Nooshin ... Sharp, Michael ... Shaw, Linda Shaw, Pete Shaw, Roberta .... Shaw, Sandra Shaw, Sue Sheaff, Thomas ... Sheffer, Karla .... Shelly, Gerald .... Sherbondy, Dick . . . Sherman, Elizabeth . Sherman, Lee Sherrod, Duane ... Sherwood, Mary . . Shiew, James Shipley, Chris .... Shirk, Layne Shirley, Pamela ... Shoemaker, Elaine . Shoemaker, Joe . . . , Shoemaker, Laura . Shomshor, Marqo ., Shook, Lynne Shrader, Richard .. Shriver, Carol Shubert, Sandra ... Sh’uman, Philip . . . . , Shumate, Signe Shuster, Gary Siefkes, Charlotte ., Sieker, Jerry Siemers, Cheryl ... Siemers, Kurtis .... Siemers, Linda .... Siglinqer, Stanley Sigma Alpha Eta . . Sigma Alpha lota . , Sigma Chi Sigma Kappa Sigma Phi Epsilon . . Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Tau Gamma Simmons, Calvin ... Simmons, Cherry ... Simmons, Gary Simmons, Glenn ... Simmons, Paul Simmons, Sheryle . . 264 264 186, 320 320 320 . 122, 202, 320 121,264 320 320 109, 117, 129, 320 320 320 321 265 245, 269 321 265 189, 321 . 123, 124, 265 321 109 202, 321 265 265 . 101, 144, 295 321 321 185, 265 126, 265 126 321 , 115, 137, 321 139 321 321 321 321 321 122, 133, 218, 321 186, 321 1 14, 321 114 321 321 133 321 165, 321 321 321 202, 321 321 104, 181, 321 321 265 178, 321 321 135 125, 134, 321 321 321 321 151 120, 202, 206 .... 105, 321 321 115 115 . 57, 196, 197 .... 182, 183 194, 195 .... 184, 185 192, 193 199 321 321 190 202, 205, 208, 228 . 43, 96, 181, 322 Simpson, Greg 265 Simpson, James 322 Sims, Joe 322 Sims, Marqaret 322 Sims, Sandra 322 Sinclair, June 185, 322 Sink, Stephen 322 Sirirattna, Suriya 265 Skubal, Lou 181, 322 Skurat, Dennis 265 Slagle, Penny 322 Slattery, Richard .. 120, 193, 265 Slavik, Dale 265 Slimmer, Virqinia .. 112, 131, 265 Small, Gary 124, 322 Small, lola 265 Smee, John 322 Smerchek, Karen 131, 322 Smies, Marcia 322 Smiley, James 322 Smith, Arlo 124, 322 Smith, Bernard 139, 159, 322 Smith, Beverly 322 Smith, Carolyn 322 Smith, Connie Ill Smith, David L 322 Smith, Deborah 265 Smith, Donna 178, 322 Smith, Eric 322 Smith, Gregory 125, 322 Smith, Ivalee 265 Smith, Jeannette 134, 322 Smith, Jerry 322 Smith, Jill 322 Smith, Jon 322 Smith, Karla 120, 322 Smith, Kenneth .... 107, 113, 265 Smith, Leo 322 Smith, Leslie 118, 323 Smith, Lois 115, 138, 322 Smith, Mary A 265 Smith, Mary K 132, 322 Smith, Mary L 115, 265 Smith, Paul 140 Smith, Peggy 265 Smith, Rita 123 Smith, Robert 265 Smith, Robin 323 Smith, Spencer 197, 265 Smith, Stanley 186, 323 Smith, Steven D 323 Smith, Mershon 323 Smith, Vern 323 Smith, Wayne 199 Smith, Wilbur Jr 323 Smull, Marvin 323 Smullins, Ronald 125 Snider, Charles 323 Snodgrass, Carol 265 Snyder, Kayleen 323 Sodamann, Arlene 323 Soeken, Danny 323 Soeken, Nancy 323 Soeken, Raymond 323 Soil Conservation Society 124 Somers, Sharon 134, 323 Songer, Herbert 265 Songer, Sheryl 265 Sooby, Alice 265 Sophomore Women ' s Honorary 116 Spanish Club 118 Sparks, Marjorie 265 Sparks, Richard 128, 323 Spatz, Donna 132 Speer, Rita 323 Spellman, Steve 265 Spicer, Jay 129, 323 Spies, Shaon 323 Spillman, Kathleen 266 Spitler, Anita 110, 323 381 Spomer, Kathy .... 323 Spratt, Dennis 133, 202 Spratt, Stephen . . . 212. 213, 232, 323 Sprehe, Janet 1 14. 134, 323 Sprehe, Janice .... 323 Sprick, Roqer .... 266 Sprinqfeldt, Michael . . . 136, 138 Springsted, Karen . . . . . . 266 Squire, John .... 123 Sramek, Debby 123. 266 St. Aubyn, Richard . .... 324 Staab, Catherine . . . .... 323 Staab, Leon 1 .... 324 Staab, Leon J 1 18, 324 Staqqs, Geraldine . . .... 324 Staqner, Gene .... 266 Stahl, Richard .... 113 Stambauqh, James . .... 138 Stamey, Stephen . . . H3, 324 Stamper, Eloise . . . . 324 Stanfield, Mitchel . 1 14, 197, 324 Stansel, Lynn .... 266 Stanton, Delbert . . . . .... 266 Stanton, Loren 145, 147, 266 Stanton, Walta 106, 108, 266 Stapleton, Dianna . . 132, 324 Stapleton, Bill 120, 266 Stapp, Larry .... 266 Star Promenaders . . .... 125 Stearns, Michael ... . ... 324 Stech, Terence 116. 124 Stecklein, Cynthia . . .. .. 324 Stecklein, Danial . . . . .... 324 Stecklein, Frank . . . . .... 324 Stecklein, Virqinia . . .... 324 Steckline, Joyce ... .... 324 Steele, Charlotte ... . ... 324 Steele, Marlene . . . . .... 266 Steffan, Beverly . . . . .... 134 Stehno, Rae .... 324 Steichen, John 133, 266 Stein, Den 133, 227, 266 Stein, Dixie 132, 266 Stein, Scott 197, 324 Steinbring. Randolyn .... 324 Steinike, Paul .... 324 Steitz, Linda 104, 118, 266 Stephen, Cynthia . . .... 117 Stephens, Jo Anne . .... 324 Stephens, Linda .... .... 324 Stetler, Barbara .... .... 324 Stevenson, Georqe . .... 324 Stewart, Carol 183, 266 Stewart, Georqe . . . .... 324 Stewart, Karen .... 324 Stewart, Mary 266 Stewart, Ricke 123, 266 Stewart, Stephanie .. 116, 324 Stewart, Wayne ... 129, 266, 268 Stiawalt, Karen .... .... 324 Stiawalt, Norma . . . . III, 324 Stieben, Linda III, 134, 324 Stiles, David .... 324 Still, Robert .... 325 Stinnett, Danny .... .... 325 Stockton, Sharlene . .... 325 Stone, John 197, 325 Stoops, Allen .... 266 Stoppel, Kenneth .. .... 325 Story, Billie .... 325 Story, Cynthia .... 325 Stos, Ronald .... 325 Straiqht, Ronald . . . 139, 325 Stranathan, Sidney . 197, 266 Strecker, Karen .... .... 325 Streit, James 197, 266 Streit, Jeanne 1 16, 325 Streit, Jerome .... 325 Streit, Ronald 122, 325 Strickland, Leslie ... String Quartet 140 Stroberq, Roqer 325 Stroede, Marlene 325 Stuart, Mary 325 Stuart, Patrick 325 Student Council for Exceptional Children 121 Student Education Assn 129 Student Life 90 Student Organizations Committee 104 Stukey, Dee 199, 325 Stull, Lary 325 Stull, Peqqy 325 Stull, Richard 325 Sturqeon, Marilyn 183, 325 Suelter, Dennis 325 Suelter, Nancy 325 Suelter, Robert 150, 266 Suiter, Charles 124 Suiter, Gail 185, 325 Sullivan, Judy 181, 325 Sul livan, Kay 325 Sullivan, Lavera 266 Sullivan, Lynda ... 129, 151, 180, 267 Sullivan, Rita 267 Sulzman, Darius 325 Summers, Darrell 267 Summers, Susan 325 Summers, Tonja 325 Sumner, Judy 134, 326 Sunley, Robert 326 Supkeit, Orarat 267 Suppes, Ronald 228, 326 Surprise, Donna 326 Sutley, Alfred 118, 326 Swafford, Ted 326 Swank, Kaye 113, 185, 267 Swank, Nancy 116, 185, 326 Swank, Susan 326 Swart, Patricia 131, 178, 326 Swayze, Curtis 123, 124, 128, 326 Sweat, Stanley 326 Sweetheart King Queen .... 49 Swihart, Georqe 121 Swoboda, John 133, 326 Swonqer, Katherine 326 T Tabrizi, David 126 Tacha, Warren 118, 326 Taddiken, Mark 326 Taldo, William 139, 326 Tammen, Rhonda 120, 326 Tanqeman. Eleanor 107, 267 Tappan, Frank 133, 202, 205, 326 Tarbet, Steve 326 Tarrant, David NO, 195, 326 Tatkenhorst, Lynn 326 Tatro, Francis 326 Tau Kappa Epsilon 198, 199 Taylor, Anita 117 Taylor, Barbara 134, 326 Taylor, Brad 225, 326 Taylor, Edith 267 Taylor, Gary 326 Teasley, Warren .. 104, 133, 189, 221, 267 Tedesco, Nola 181, 326 Teel, Marietta 326 Teel, Roqer 189, 326 Teeter, Fred 326 Tennis 232, 233 Tennyson, Terry 326 Thein Thibault, Alvin 193, 267 Tucker, Nancy . 105. 181, 328 327 Tull, Cynthia 267 134, 267 Tull, Don 1 18, 267 327 Turkle, Diana 181, 328 126 Turley, Roy 123, 328 327 Turnbull, Marcia . . . 104, 328 327 Turner, Gary 267 327 Turner, Greqory . . . 145, 328 327 Turner, John 328 327 Turner, Michael . . . 267 133, 267 Turner, Pamela ... 267 150, 327 Turner, Peqqy .. 33, 139, 328 327 Twidwell, Kenneth . 328 128, 327 Tyler, Glenda 120, 328 267 Tyrell, David 267 Thomas, Janice 138 Thomas, Wayne 120, 267 Thomas, Sidney 267 Thomasson, Nadine 132 Thomm, Ralph 110, 134, 189, 327 Thompson, Donna .. 115, 139, 327 Thompson, John 267 Thompson, LaVerna 132 Thompson, Linda F 181, 327 Thompson, Linda K. ... 114, 122, 327 Thompson, Mary 327 Thompson, Shirley 122, 327 Thornton, Lawrence 125, 327 Threlkel, Robert ... 122, 150, 327 Thummel, Jon 327 Thurman, Craiq 327 Thurman, Pamala 257, 267 Thyfault, Carmella 327 Tibbetts, James ... 134, 186, 189, 327 Tillberq, Leland 189 Till berq, Vernon 327 Tillitson, Jeanette 327 Timken, Steve 327 Timm, Rodney 189, 267 Tindell, Sue 183, 327 Tinkel, Janice 327 Tittel, Jana 49, 178, 327 Tittel, Joyce 327 Tittle, Linda 327 Todd, Robert 267 Todd, Yvonna 327 Toedman, Charles 267 Toedman, Virqinia 327 Toepfer, Thomas .. 145, 147, 197, 328 Toepfer, William .. 109, 197, 214, 327 Toland, Frederick 189, 328 Tomanek, Sheila 181, 328 Tomlin, Rick 328 Toms, Betty 156 Toms, Ned 122, 156 Tonne, Larry 267 Torline, Galen 267 Tou, Kuo-Yinq 267 Townsend, Susan 328 Track 234-239 Traffic Tribunal 104 Treder, John 128, 328 Tresner, Leland ... 133, 222, 224, 225 Treu, Michael 136, 137, 140, 176, 199, 328 Treu, Patrick 199, 328 Trexler, Gary 121 Trickle, Robert 328 Trimmer, Diane 328 Trout, Susan .. Ill, 116, 144, 181, 295, 328 True, Donald 122, 328 Tschanz, Lynn 267 Tucker, Billy 328 Tucker, Glenn 195, 32£ Tucker, Kathy 139 U Ubert, Jerel 328 Ubert, Robert 328 Ulmer, Gary 133, 225 Umscheid, Thomas 329 Underclassmen 270-335 Underwood, Gloria 329 Underwood, Lana .. 104, 181, 329 Underwood, Ronald 329 Unrein, Edward 267 Unruh, Bonnie 329 Unruh, Earl 189, 329 Unruh, Phil 267 Upham, Kathleen 329 Urban, Daniel 267 Urban, Dennis 48, 134 Urban, Donald 137 Urban, Kathryn 329 Utz, Scott 329 V Vaque, Jeanette 122, 329 Vallin, Dwiqht 268 Van Eaton, Quentin 202, 329 Van Kooten, Connie .... 134, 329 Van Kooten, Laverne ... 115, 329 Van Vleet, Karen 125 Van Wey, Connie 147, 329 Van Winkle, Kenneth 329 Van Winkle, Richard 329 Vandeqriffe, Janice 329 VanDoren, David 176, 329 Vanek, James 268 Vann, Diane 178, 329 Vann, Mary 134, 329 Vap, Richard 329 Varsity Band Show Varsity Symphonic Band 142 Vauqhn, Jacalyn 329 Vavricka, Robert 128, 329 Veazey, Thomas 329 VenJohn, Karen ... 114, 122, 268 Venneberg, Gerald 150 Venneberq, Janet 330 Vernon Edith 330 Vertin, Greq 202 Vesecky, Marqaret 330 Vessey, Donald 268 Vessey, Patricia 268 Veteran ' s Club 133 Vetter, Kenneth 193 Vice, Leroy 330 Viqnery, John 225, 330 Vignery, Ronald 268 Vincent, Frank 330 Vint, Lucile 330 Voboril, Terry . . . Vonada, Karen . . . 330 VonFanqe, Alan . . 125 Vopat, Alan 189, 330 Vopat. Euqene . . . Voran, Sharon . . . 139, 330 Vore, Carl Voss, Robert . . . . 330 Votruba, Edward . Vratil, Connie . . . . .. 139, 178, 330 Vrbas, Dale 330 w Wadsworth, Tim . . . 330 Waqenseller, Beverly 330 Waqner, Arthur . . . . 330 Waqner, Dale 330 Waqner, Franc . . . . 330 Waqner, Gerald . . . 330 Waqner, Nancy .... 134, 330 Wahrman, Lynette . . 117, 268 Wakeman, Katherine 330 Waldron, Sam 330 Waldschmidt, Cynthia .. 178, 330 Waldschmidt. Richard .. 330 Walker, Danny 118, 124, 150, 330 Walker, Dixie 137, 330 Walker, James . . 43 , 96, 186, 330 Walker, Naomi .... 331 Walker, Ronnie 202, 331 Walker, Susan 107 , 134, 268 Walker, Thelma 156, 331 Walker, Susan 107 , 134, 268 Walker, Thelma 156, 331 Wallace, AlJoe ... 1 10, 165, 331 Wallace, Barbara . . . 120, 268 Wallace, Robin .... 331 Wallert, Deborah . . . . .... 331 Walline, Carol .... 125, 134, 156, 331 Walsh. Gary .... 268 Walter, Catherine . . . .... 331 Walter, Ronald .... 331 Walters, David A. . . . .... 104 Walters, David L. . . . 1 10, 331 Walters, Iris Walters, James 128, 331 Walters, Mary 106, 107, 268 Walters, Nancy .... 331 Walters, Peter .... 331 Walts, Donald 195, 268 Walz, Lee 134, 189, 331 Wann, David 139, 331 Wannamaker, Jennifer 123, 331 Ward, Elmer 134, 331 Ward, Leslie .... 331 Ward, Steven .... 331 Ward, Tranda 1 1 1, 134, 139, 331 Ward, Wava . ... 268 Warren, Bruce 124, 331 Warren, Ken Wasinqer, Darrell .... .... 331 Wasinqer, Lloyd .... .... 331 Watkins, Daniel .... 331 Watkins, Larry . ... 268 Watkins, Marilyn . . . . 118, 139 Watkins, Nancy Watkins, Robert ... 110 Watson, Richard .... .... 331 Watson, Stephen . . . . . .. 197 Watt, Glenda ... 331 Wayne, David ... 331 Weaver, Virqinia ... 331 Weber, Arlene Weber, Scott 195, 331 Weber, Joseph 331 Weber, Marjorie 118, 268 Weber, Ronald .... 110, I 13, 331 Weber, Susan 331 Weeks, Arleda 331 Weeks, Larry 331 Weqener, Barbara 331 Weiqel, Kathryn 268 Weiqel, Leland 331 Weiqel, Leo 117, 268 Weiqel, Sandra 331 Weimer, Euqene 331 Weinland, Ronald 331 Weisensee, Charles 268 Weiser, Lonnie 268 Welker, Judy . Ill , 116, 170, 331 Wells, Dennis .... 268 Welty, Susan .... 331 Wendel, Thomas . . , .... 268 Wendelin, Norman . 134, 331 Wendler, Lain .... 332 Wenrich, Carl 199, 332 Wente, Carol .... 332 Werner, Donald . . . . .... 332 Werner, Duane . . . . 122, 224, 133, 223, 225, 268 Werner, Dwiqht . . . . Werth, Charlene ... .... 332 Werth, Cynthia . . . . 118, 332 Werth, Darrell 189, 332 Werth, James Wertz, Ronald 125, 332 Wesbrooks. Cheryl 115, 268 Wess, Patricia 178, 268 Wessel, Helen 332 Wesslinq, John 268 West, Daryl 332 West, Dennis 199 West, Kenneth 337 Westbrook Doris 332 Westbrook, Robert 118 Westerman Edward 128, 268 Westervelt, Dixie .. 100, 104, 332 Westhoff, Donna 268 Westhoff, Larry 269 Weston, Stephanie 332 Westphal, Carl 129, 332 Westphal, Donald 332 Westphal, Nancy 332 Wetz, Mark 332 Wetzel, Elaine 332 Weyand, William 332 Wheatcroft, Dennis . 218, 239, 332 Wheeler, John 105, 269 Wheeler, Leta 143, 181, 332 Wheeler, Susan 178, 332 Wheeler, Tamara 183, 269 Wherry, Robert 145, 269 Whipple, Charlyn 332 Whisler, Patricia 269 Whitaker, Tommie 124, 269 Whitcher, Peqqy .. 114, 122, 134, 332 White, Bobbi 332 White, Connie 332 White, Doris 332 White, Joel 110, 120, 333 White, Lyle 202, 333 White, Terry 134, 139, 333 Whitehair, Thomas 333 Whiteside, Susan 333 Whitham, David 333 Whittecar, Donald 269 Whittecar, Faye 269 Who ' s Who 106 Wicke, Linda 134 Wierman, Rita 333 Wiese, Emma 174, 333 Wiesner, Alice 333 Wiesner, David 333 Wiesner, Linda 105, 333 Wiesner, Loretta 333 Wiest Hall ... 165. 166, 167, 244 Wilcox, Gary 269 Wilqers, Mary 135, 138 Wilhelm, Robert 333 Wilken, Karen 269 Wilkens, Anita 333 Wilkens, Ardene 124, 333 Wilkerson, Saylon 333 Wilkinson, Gregory 333 Willett, Peggy 333 Willhaus, Rose 269 Williams, Carolyn 333 Williams, Cathy 269 Williams, Donna 333 Wiliams, Dwiqht 189, 333 Williams, Eileen 333 Williams, James 333 Williams, Linda 1 25 Williams, Mildred 333 Williams, Stephen 333 Williams, Roger 333 Williams, Terry 269 Williams, Trudy 333 Williams, William 333 Willis, Charles 134, 333 Willome, Thomas 20, 333 Willson Kent Wilson. Carol .... Wilson, Diane Wilson, Freddy . . . , . 134, 139, 333 Wilson, Leslie Wilson, Patricia . . . , Wilson, Robert . . . , 333 Windholz, Esther . . . 333 Windholz, Guy .... 333 Windscheffel, Jean . 333 Winqert, Daniel . . . . Winkler, Steven . . . . 333 Winter, Fawne 176, 178, 269 Winter, Alan 333 Winter, Lana 333 Winter, Linda 333 Wirtz, Jayne Wirtz, Joleen 333 Wise, Judith 269 Wise, Mac 120, 333 Wise, Richard 202, 334 Witthuhn, Eldon 334 Witthuhn, Verta 334 Wittig, June 334 Wittman, Cynthia 334 Wittman, Patricia . 145, 147, 334 Witwer, Karen 139, 185, 334 Wobker, David 104, 114, 334 Woelk, Cheryl 334 Wohlford, Mary 334 Wolf Donalyn 334 Wolf, Henry 104, 125, 269 Wolf Jimmy 269 Wolf, Robert 334 Wolfram, Joyce 123, 334 Wolfing, Linda 334 Women ' s Glee Club 134 Women ' s Leadership Organization 108 Women ' s Recreation Assn. . . . 55, 122 Wood, Katherine 334 Wood, Nancy Ill, 137, 185, 334 Wood, Tammy 334 Woods, David 334 Woods, Kenneth .. 110, 117, 334 Woods, Mae 334 Woodson, Carol Ill, 334 Woodson, Shirley 115, 138 Woodwind Ensemble 142 Wooster Apartments 169 Worcester, Steven 110, 334 Worden, Charles .. 104, 150, 193, 269 Worden, Susan . . . . 334 Workman, Robert . . 334 Woydziak, Carol ... 115, 334 Woydziak, Donald . . 335 Woydziak, Robert . . 1 18 Woydziak, Stephan . 335 Wrampe, Edell .... 335 Wrestling 222 -225 Wright, Curtis 1 12, 136, 140 Wriqht, Joe 148 Wriqhtsman, Catheri ne . . 335 Wu, Anthony . 109, 1 10, 129, 269 Wu, Li-Pei 269 Wyatt, John 335 Wyatt, Sharon 134, 181, 335 Wycoff, Susan 131, 335 Wyley, Linda 116, 162, 335 Wynn, Becky 335 Y Yale, Lucille Yarnell, Laverna Yates, Andrea Ybarra, Marilyn 335 Yearout, Phillip 269 Yenne, Donna . 138, 335 Yoder, Larry 123, 335 Yonqsmith, Watana .... 269 Young, Bradley 269 Young, Candace .. 120, 137, 181, 335 Young, DeWayne 335 Younq, Kay 140, 335 Young, Robert D 133, 237 Young, Robert J 199, 269 Younq, Robert K .... 190 Younger, Michael Younker, Dianne .... 335 Yowell, Claudia .... 335 Yoxall, Bonnie .... 335 Yudhasaraprasithi, Decha . .... 126 Z Zamrzla, Bruce .... 133, 218, 129, 237 , 269 Zehr, Dennis 122 , 335 Zeiqler, Trean 269 Zelenka, Wendy . . . . 115, 140 Zellner, Geraldine . 120, 181, 335 Zeman, Carol 335 Zerfas, Peqqy 151 Zerfas, Terry 195, 335 Zerr, Dean 335 Zerf, Dennis 335 Zieqler, Gwen III, 335 Zieqler, Kenneth . . . 335 Zieqler, Linda 335 ‘Ziegler, Rebecca . . . 335 Zier, Kristin 335 Zierlein, Larry 1 18 Zillinqer, Alan 335 Zimmer, Joan 131. 181. 335 Zimmer, Mary 1 12, 335 Zimmerman, Betty . . , 335 Zimmerman, Dennis . , 335 Zimmerman, Linda . . Zimmerman, Virqinia 335 269 Zipfel, Gary 197, 335 Zohner, Ruth 121, 269 Zoltenko. James .... 335 Zweifel, Keith 335 Zwenqer, Kathleen . . 335 Zweyqardt, Charlene 335 Zwickle, Lonny 335 Zwink, Timothy 1 10, 335 And So to Close . . It is -my wish to express a final word of thanks to everyone who has helped to make this book what it is. Special thanks go to Delma Stu- dios, our portrait photographers; Mr. Leon Maxson and the photo lab staff, for all of the candids, special shots, group shots and " impossible " shots in the book; Taylor Publishing Company and Mr. Paul McClellan, for their advice and printing of the book; the Leader staff, for its fellow- ship and cooperation; Mrs. Katherine Rogers and Mr. Bob Lowen, for their long hours advising us; the Reveille staff members for their loyalty and determination to do their best; the entire faculty and student body at FHS for cooperating with us in an effort to make this YOUR book. Ironically, as I chose the theme of MILESTONES for the 1969 Re- veille, I was also choosing the theme my year was to take on. It has truly been a MILESTONE for me and a privilege I shall never forget. Thank you all again. Joyce Luder Editor

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