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THE REVEILLE salutes the centennial of the city of Hays Design; The Corinthian pillar is designed similarly to those of Pi eke n Hell, oldest building on the Fort Hays State cam- pus. At its base stands a symbol of the block house which still can be found on the site of old Fort Hays, Encircling the pillar, strands of grain represent the contribution of early Russian immigrants, who helped boost the agricultural growth of Western Kansas by bringing Turkey Red wheat to the state from their na- tive land. Courtesy of Ralph ttormef J lJ -l . . 1 “ — . . -H- I zr. Hinting of the past and contrasting with the reality of the present, a small herd of buffalo grazes on a preserved area near Hays, Rising in the background are the modern buildings of the Fort Hays Kansas State College campus. 1967 REVEILLE Ron Fischli — Editor Deanna Miller— Assoc, Editor Edward Allen— Bus, Mgr. 2 Phofo by Virgin! Zimmerman- Fort Hays Kansas State College Hays, Kansas Volume 54 i i 3 Photo by Leon Max son Agriculture has been a source of livelihood for Hays citizens methods have changed, but the beauty of a field bearing a and other Kansans since early days in the state. Farming plentiful crop still holds the same uniqueness Foreword — Hays Marks Century of Progress et in the fertile, petroleum-rich prairies of Western Kansas. Hays today is a bustling city of more than 13,000 people. Here stand one of the world’s largest dry -land experiment stations, two of the finest hospitals in Kansas and Fort Hays State, the only state college in Western Kansas. Into the building of these accomplishments has gone a century of sweat and planning. It was 100 years ago, in 1867, that the city- was founded BuL the city’s heritage reaches back even further to old Fort Hays, founded first as Fort Fletcher in 1865, There such men as Buffalo Bill Cody, Gen. George Custer and his Seventh Cavalry regiment, and Wild Bill Hickok, who later became Hays’ first marshall, were stationed at various times. Today’s television Westerns have glorified and made legendary the type of life which characterized the his- tory of the fort’s operation and the early years of Hays. Buffalo herds roamed the plains, and a man’s life was as good as his draw But gradually lawlessness disappeared, and in its place appeared the culture which is today ingrained into the life of the community Dramatic clubs, literary societies, church groups and political parties found their way into Hays society. In 1902 Fort Hays Normal School, forerunner of Fort Hays State, became a part of Hays’ story. From meager beginnings — 34 students attending classes in the old fort hospital — has grown a vigorous liberal arts college which enrolls nearly 5,000 students and em- ploys more than 250 faculty members. Prospects for the future promise continued progress and expan sion. And so the city and its college look forward to the challenge generated by this promise— a challenge filled with broad horizons, limited only by the genius of coming generations. 4 Laying the stone base, former student Pete Fel+en finishes work on an 1 8-ton limestone buffalo, located at the site of old Fort Hays. At the north entrance to Hays, a view above the underpass of Interstate 70 reveals the recent expansion of the city northward Symbolic of learning, Picken HalLs pillars stand as a distinguishing mark of the coliege. Contents Groups . . • Classes . ■ ■ Advertising Index Features . Academics Sports • • .12 .52 .84 124 218 310 342 5 Otl derricks ri$Inq high info the air and brilliant sunsets add wealth and flavor to the features of Western Kansas, Rich petroleum Interests have played a particularly Important role in the development and economy of Hays, Rich Heritage Distinguishes Western Kansas estern Kansas is on llie march educationally, culturally, socially and economically. Histori- cal wagon trails, old forts, cattle towns, protected herds of lmffalo, vast hunting areas, fleets of com- bines, plains that stretch for miles— all contribute to the distinctive heritage of the region. Agriculture has become a way of life for the people of Western Kansas. It plays an important part in the economic well-being of the state. W + th the stimulation of improved varieties of grain and other crops, farm yields have increased tremend- ously, Even though the government-ad ministered allot- ment program has reduced acreage, the growing an- nual production of wheat has captured for Kansas the reputation of “The Wheat State 5 Western Kansas contributes to the state’s cattle mar- ket, fourth largest in the nation, and has helped place Kansas high in oil production. Petroleum has played a significant role in the growth of Fort Hays State. In 1929 the Kansas Board of Regents authorized the leasing of state lands to drill for gas and oik From the income received came the funds to finance the construction of the first unit of a men’s residence hall on campus. Photos by Leon Mix son Hunting has become a favorite sport In Western Kansas, Each year during the various hunting sea- sons, Kansas sportsmen and many out-of-state hunt- ers take to the fields to try their luck. 7 New skyline structure In Hays is the Bell Telephone building. Reminiscent of the city ' s heritage, the guard house being a tourist attraction, current plans call for building of old Fort Hays remains standing. The fort the structure to be remodeled into a museum. 8 Photo by Leon Max sor Enterprises Spur Hays To Prosperity, Growth ith the stimulation of retailing, medical facili- ties, farming pursuits and the cultural con- tributions of the college, Hays moves ahead. Patients from a 21 -county area are referred to Hays- — “The Rehabilitation Capital of Kansas.” Had- ley Rehabilitation Center boasts of being the first of its kind to he located in Kansas and the first in the nation to be established in a rural area. An act in 1900 granted land to the state for the establishment of the experiment station, Fort Hays Normal School and a public park. Each year ap- proximately 10,000 visitors tour the station, a branch of Kansas State University since 1902. Had fey Memorial Hospital stands ready to serve Hays and vicinity. St. Anthony ' s Hospital also provides service. In keeping with the holiday season, downtown Hays comes to life with sparkling Christmas lights and decorations. | — 1 Sbwi mmmr ■- — _ _ JT . Fort Hays State Grows Out of Pioneer’s Dream o many, the idea of a school of higher education in Western Kansas seemed infeasible, but a few pioneers worked to fulfill the goal. Such was the dream of Martin Allen, But almost 30 years elapsed from the time when Allen first recommended the plan until the opening day of classes in 1902, His foresight proved fruitful, for FHS has continued to grow. This year library facilities were transferred from die old building to a $L 500,000, three-level struc- ture, which tripled space With enrollment expected to near 7,000 by 1970, plans have been completed for an adequate power plant, and construction on a new men’s residence hall adjacent to Wiest Hall will begin soon. Zest for fun pervades college life. A tug of war defeat at Homecoming will remain just as memorable as a victory. Continually before collegians lies the challenge of broadening their knowledge and sharpening their capabilities. IjgBfiflf WJ • ■; llAf Wn ' i % lei During the growing season Ivy adds to the beauty of Picken Half, first permanent campus building, built in 1903. A Largest and newest of the five Fori Hays State residence halls, McMindes Hall accommodates more than 600 women. Photo by Leon M x$on Expansion of the college moves ahead! and the most recent sign of growth is the newly completed library building. I i ■ ' Features (1 ■ Top of the knee skirts, long hair. Sting Kays and the Animals distinguish present students’ tastes from their predecessors’. But the ever-broadening vistas yet ominous implications characteristic of the Atomic Age have prompted a more deep-seated difference. Despite the era’s intensified demands for academic and cultural adeptness, collegians still enjoy the delighted squeal of a Home- coming Queen, the excitement of athletics or a bull session with friends. This blending of fun with the tension of a fast-moving world provides the framework for another chapter in student life. 13 Enrollment Jump Misses Prediction Falling short of the projected 5,200 en- rollment, 4,962 collegians poured onto cam- pus to register in early September. This total, however, represented an increase of 184 students over 1965 and an all-time record enrollment. Only the freshman class showed a decrease over 1965. Sophomore, junior, senior and graduate classes all re- corded substantial gains. New students were kept zipping from one place to another by the usual enrollment pro- cedures and orientation activities. College officials outlined rules at separate meetings for men and women. Get-acquainted sessions at residence halls familiarized stu- dents with their new homes. Campus organizations made their pitches for new members at the activities merry-go- round, and churches sponsored suppers. The Tiger Hop and personal greetings from Pres- ident and Mrs. M. C. Cunningham at their open house also helped break the ice. Even during enrollment before fee-payment time, oc- casional requests for money from enrollees arise Students ere called into the Sheridan Coliseum arena, and men and graduate students registered on i the first two days of enrollment procedures grind out methodically Upperclass- enrollment, and freshmen enrolled on the final day. 14 ig with Fort Hays State ' s reputation as the friendly President and Mrs. M. C, Cunningham meet and welcome new students at their open house. Students also toured the president ' s home and received refreshments. Even Dad shares in the activity as the process of moving in gets under way at Wiest Hall. Students checked into the five residence halls on the first day of enrollment, and the halls sponsored get-acquainted sessions the next day. IS Registering in the Union, Moms and Dads arrive for Parents Day, In the voting booths In Memorial Union, students indicate their preferences. At the first pep rally of the year, foot- ball players are introduced. At a fraternity smoker sorority women down out a comedy September and October to acquaint them with Greek life skit. Alf fraternities invited potential pledges to smokers in and to try to interest them in Greek organisations. 16 KAYS ' carload of Benjie Bengals Joins several FHS and city entries In the College Appreciation Days parade. After the arrival of more than 8 2 tons of Reveilles for dis- tribution, students leaf through the 352-page book. Fall Carries Variety Of Campus Activities Balmy fall days arrived, and a variety of Septem- ber and October activities occupied students. College Appreciation Days, held for the first time, garnered $3,000 for the Fort Hays State Endowment Fund and promoted good will between the city and the college. In elections collegians chose a Homecoming Queen from five finalists, freshman class officers, and Stu- dent Council representatives for graduate students, foreign students and residence halls. Invited to the campus for a day of visiting with sons and daughters, parents attended special ac- tivities, toured the campus and watched Fort Hays State defeat Colorado State College in football. At the annual Retreat, held at Camp Peeusa near Stockton, student-faculty problems were discussed. 17 Naomi Sheets Homecoming Queen ! Phyllis Weigel Delta Sigma Phi Judy Marco tte Sigma Tau Gamma Judi Sipe McMindes Hall AKL Candidate Wins 1966 Queen Honors Sponsored by Alpha Kappa Lambda, black -haired, brown-eyed Naomi Sheets reigned as Homecoming Queen, A senior from Las Vegas, Nev., majoring in math, Miss Sheets was nominated frequently for cam- pus queen titles before becoming Homecoming Queen, Miss Sheets, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta soror- ity, was chosen by student vote from a field of five finalists selected from 17 candidates. Robed by Dr, Richard Burnett at the bonfire, she was crowned by President M. C, Cunningham at half- time of the FHS -Washburn football game. The student body vice-president escorted the queen to the field, and the student body president presented her with a bouquet of roses from the students. As queen, Miss Sheets reigned over the tug of war, parade and football game. She was interviewed by KAYS studios. Her attendants were Judi Sipe, Pam Engle man, Judy Marcotte and Phyllis Weigel, Pam Engleman McGrath Hall 19 With low-hanging clouds threatening and icy winds blowing, students brave the weather to attend bonfire activities. Fighting the cold, Naomi Sheets represses a shiver before hearing the announcement that she is Homecoming Queen. Purchasing a mum in Memorial Union during registration, an alumnus treats his daughter to a Homecoming corsage. Alter gaining an early advantage, the sophomore tug Capturing sweepstakes honors, Alpha Kappa Lambda $ float, Bourn of war team loses ground to the determined freshmen, ty-ful Victory " keeps with the parade theme of " Great Books, Bad Weather Ebbs; Homecoming Crisp, Clear Coach Wayne McConnell maps strategy on the sidelines. The Tigers downed Washburn 7-0 in the Homecoming tilt. Cloudy, windy weather at the bonfire threatened to destroy the festive atmosphere of Homecoming, but the occasion dawned sunny, crisp and clear. During the longest tug of war in history, the fresh- man team managed to pull their sophomore opponents into Big Creek. The battle lasted 3 minutes and 52 seconds. Early in the contest the freshmen found them- selves in a precarious position at the edge of the creek but held on for the victory. After the freshman -sophomore battle, 22 bands and 21 floats paraded down Main Street past rows of spec- tators. Alpha Kappa Lambda’s float, “Bounty-ful Vic- tory,” captured sweepstakes honors. First place in men’s competition was awarded to Sigma Phi Epsilon, and second place went to Delta Sigma Phi. Sigma Sigma Sigma and McMindes Hall won first and second places, respectively, in the women’s division, Newman Club garnered first place honors in open competition, Don Lakin, track and cross country star while a stu- dent at the college, was awarded the Busch Gross Award as outstanding athlete in 1965-66. 21 Voicing his exasperations concerning " the system, " Emil© leads Ml!©. Duvant to befieve mistakenly that he is malting advances. Scenes moved swiftly in the corViedy, which drew large audiences at each of the three performances. 22 With the new baby capturing their admiration. BerthcuHef, Lucie and Joseph pay a visit to Emile and his wife. Emile moves to the front of the stage to explain the dilemma he has encountered in trying to enter " the system 1 ’The Egg’ Launches Little Theatre Season With an 18 -member cast playing 32 roles, t4 The Egg 5 ' by Felicien Marceau launched the year’s Little Theatre presentations. A large production staff was pressed into operation to aid with special lighting and sound effects and with numerous costume changes Employing rotating props in order to present the 19 different scenes, the saucy French comedy was con- cerned with man’s use of the double standard, particu- larly in regard to sexual existence. Cast in the lead role of Emile, Ken Bauer played a young man who appeared weak and innocent at first but whose character and reasoning changed with his experiences Perry Schwartz directed the play 23 Drawing a dynamic sound from his singers, Nornnan Luboff in Sheridan Cofiseum, the singers were backed by a piano, displays his directing ability. Performing before a full house guitar, accordion and percussion instruments. Comedian Nipsey Russell draws bursts of Cheers go up from the audience at Nipsey Russell ' s antics as he leaps to the laughter with a routine of modern dances. stage wearing an FHS sweat shirt after being Introduced by Selafonte 24 Discovered by Belafonte while he was in Greece, Nana Mous- kouri entertains with a number in her native tongue. Crowds Fill Coliseum For Belafonte, Luboff Singer Harry Belafonte and the Norman Luboff Choir highlighted fall Artists and Lectures Series pres- entations, Capacity crowds poured into Sheridan Coli- seum to see the recording artists perform, Belafonte entertained with ballads, calypso, popular and protest numbers. Allowing the orchestra and audi- ence to join him in the final number, Belafonte drew a standing ovation from the crowd. Comedian Nipsey Russell and Greek songstress Nana Mouskouri accompanied Belafonte on bis tour. With comic routines and demonstrations of popular dances, Russell delighted the audience. Miss Mouskouri per- formed songs in English, French and Greek, With Norman Luboff directing, the choir combined classical and popular music in their program. Instru- mentalists added variety to the selections. Shifting from fight comedy to more serious moods, Harry Belafonte demonstrates the style which won him stardom. 25 Ugly Man on Campus hopefuls pose in their costumes, Louis Horton, back row at [eft, won the penny-a-vote contest. With the Varsity Band providing back-up music, trumpeter Earl Blauer adds swing to the evening ' s offerings. Percussion Artist Is Band Show Highlight Derry 1 Goes, professional percussion artist, per- cussion instructor at Colorado State College and a 1956 graduate of FHS, highlighted the annual Fort Hays State College Varsity Band Show. Directed by Lyle Dilley, the band presented a variety of numbers, which ranged from a Giovannini over- ture to Cole Porter’s “Begin the Beguine” and several selections by Count Basie. Other features included music by the Jazz Ensemble and performances by a guest trumpet soloist and four student trombonists. Proceeds from the program went to the college scholarship fund. 26 About 100 Participate In Rush Week Events Attending a series of teas and preferential parties, women interested in sorority life took part in Rush Week activities. Membership invitations to prospective pledges climaxed the week. Approximately 100 women signed intention forms to participate in rush. Rushees were required to have a minimum grade average of 1,0, attend each sorority tea and observe quiet time during designated hours on the day before sororities sent bids. With a maximum quota of 55 members, each soror- ity bade only the number of rushees which it needed to bring its chapter to full membership. Playing the role of the small girl Elotse, a Sigma Kappa woman introduces her pet at the sorority ' s rush party. Exaggeration of the " l " ve Got a Secret " show provides the theme for a Delta Zeta skit at a party during rush. In a holiday setting Janet Barnett and Jack Johnson reign as king and queen at the college ' s first Snowball dance. Shortly after her crowning Janet Barnett receives congratula- tions from Jack Johnson and student council members. Snowball Introduced By Women’s Group Sponsored by Associated Women Students, the first Snowball dance on campus featured a Winter Wonder- land theme. The semi -formal affair provided an all- campus dance during the Christinas season Music for the event was presented by the Showmen. Students attending the ball chose royalty from can- didates sponsored by residence halls, sororities and fraternities, Janet Barnett won the Snowball Queen Litle, and Jack Johnson was Snowball King, Miss Thar- nett was nominated by Delta Sigma Phi, and Johnson was the McM bides Hall candidate. 28 Narrating the action of the play, Doug Teel relates to the audience the movement and messages Involved in the story or Antigone. ' Antigone ' Second On Play Agenda Second on the list of scheduled Little The- atre productions was “Antigone 1 a contem- porary version of a Greek myth. The play depicted the attempts of the young girl An- tigone to bury her dead brother even though she faced death for doing so. Though the drama came under the classi- fication of tragedy, it had touches of humor. Perry Schwartz directed the play. In a tense scene Creon attempts to convince Anti- gone not to bury the body of her dead brother. Telling Santa Christmas wishes, children of students and fac- ulty attend the Memorial Union Childrens Party, Celebrating her birthday on Memorial Union Christmas Day, Mrs, Cunningham serves the president a piece of cake. Special Events Herald Christmas Traditions With the arrival of the holiday season a variety of activities heralded Christmas traditions Faculty and students attended the annual Madrigal Dinner, which depicted 16 th-century England- Roth floors of Memorial Union were utilized for the banquet and the evening’s entertainment. Christmas Vespers, presented by the Collegian Chor- ale and the Glee Clubs, featured a Rach cantata and a number composed by a faculty member. On Memorial Union Christmas Day, faculty mem- bers served free coffee to students. President and Mrs. Cunningham received the customary Christmas tree bearing cards from campus organizations 30 Preparing to entertain guests at the annua! Madrigal Dinner, entertainment In the [6th-century tradition added early Eng- court dancers greet their partners. Costumes, decorations and lish flavor to the atmosphere at the banquet 31 As fl naf exams near, more and more students appear in For- syth Library to finish projects and review for tests. Tests Bring Tension; Enrollment Revised Six days of final examinations brought the customary anxiety, tension, exhaustion and relief. Then came a blissful, study-free semester break. Most students left the campus to pursue a variety of ventures — relaxing at home, skiing in Colorado, visiting friends. Some, however, remained on campus to earn some extra money, meet a Reveille deadline or en joy the offerings of the city of Hays. Spring enrollment was conducted under a new pro- cedure. Students classified as seniors during the fall semester were allowed to enroll first. Capping a semester of study and preparation, collegians brave tne nerve-racking atmosphere of final examinations. 32 33 Royalty Hits Spotlight In February, March Campus royalty dominated the FHS spotlight during the months of February and March. Chosen by those attending the Sweetheart Ball, Sweetheart King and Queen were sponsored by Mc- Grath Hall and McMindes Hall, respectively. Ending the tradition of the Reveille Ball, the year- book staff revealed the Reveille Queen at halftime of the final basketball game. By winning a contest backed by the Union in con- junction with Glamour Magazine, Best-Dressed Girl on Campus qualified for national competition. At the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, McMindes Hall’s candidate was named Daisy Mae, and McGrath Hall’s choice captured Bearded Joe honors. An exuberant friend rushes forward to congratulate Ronda Chappef, who has just been crowned Sweetheart Queen, Chosen during the dance, Ronda Chappel and Charles Myers reign as Ung and queen of the annual Sweetheart Ball. 34 After being crowned Reveille Queen by the president of the college, Nancy Ann Ward 1$ escorted from the court. Wearing Dog Patch garb, Tim Murphy, winner of the Bearded Joe competition, helps to spread Leap Week spirit. Chen Lee Harbaugh models some of the ensembles which helped her win the title of Best-Dressed Girl on Campus, Stepping to the stage. Jill Rogers accepts an Easter rabbit in recognition of capturing the title of Daisy Mae. 35 Betty Converse Alpha Gamma Delta Barbara Bickford Sigma Tau Gamma Lynn Corn Agnew Hall Barbara Ochs Phi Sigma Epsilon New Method Decides 1967 Reveille Queen Chosen by a new procedure, Nancy Ann Ward, spon- sored by Delta Sigma Phi, reigned as Reveille Queen. Active in campus organizations, Miss Ward was Alpha Lambda Delta president, Panhellenic Council treas- urer and a member of All-Student Council She was also a member of Sigma Kappa sorority and served on the executive council of Nurses ' Club, An A -minus student, Miss Ward was Best-Dressed Girl on Campus for 1965-66. As talents, she listed singing, dancing and interpretive reading. Naming five finalists, a five-member faculty panel interviewed 15 original candidates. The panel chose the finalists on the basis of beauty, poise, personality, activities, honors, talents and academic standing. The United States Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colo,, selected the queen from photographs on the basis of beauty alone. Formerly, selection of the Reveille Queen had been done entirely from photographs by a well-known per- sonality, The queen was announced at halftime of the final basketball game of the season. 36 Nancy Ann Ward Reveille Queen 37 Drawing both applause and heckling, George Rockwell pre- senta his views to the campus audience. Much controversy Tn area newspapers and on campus preceded the speech by the seff-procfaimed leader of the American Nazi Party, 38 Relaxing before his speech at the Wooster Dinner r newsman Harry Reasoner enjoys the evening ' s entertainment. Before speaking on campus, Nazi leader George Rockwell is interviewed by area newsmen at a press conference. Reasoner, Pianists, Rockwell Appear in Spring Performing on twin pianos, Ferrante and Teicher entertain with numbers from their seven gotd-award albums. Highlighting personalities appearing on campus in die spring semester, newsman Harry Reasoner, duo- pianists Ferrante and Teicher, and controversial George L i n col n R ock we lid re w 1 a r ge c row d s . As featured speaker for the annual Wooster Fund Dinner, Reasoner presented views on “Citizenship, Cynicism and Computers,” The roving correspondent for CBS news also addressed an assembly on the mean- ing of the 1966 national elections. Billed as America ' s leading two-piano team, Fer- rante and Teicher performed before a full house in Sheridan Coliseum, They played numbers from their albums and entertained with comic routines. Despite protests from students and area organiza- tions, All -Student Council brought Rockwell, self-ap- pointed leader of the American Nazi Party, to campus. Received with resignation, Rockwell was allowed to present his views to interested persons 39 f t Campaign banners supporting the Chipman- Baxter ticket urge students to vote. More than 1,000 collegians voted. Casting their ballots, students select a student body president and vice-president and also elect new class officers. Top Election Contests Won by Independents Drawing nearly twice as many votes as his Demo- cratic Justice opponent, independent candidate Clark Chi pm an swept to victory in the race lor the student body presidency. Randy Baxter, Chipman’s running mate for vice-president, garnered the most votes given any candidate to gain a victory. Advocating “the removal of paternalism and pro- vincialism from FHS,” the two men expressed con- cern with what they believed to be student apathy and advocated removing, or at least revising, regulations on housing codes. They also expressed opposition to the existence of the college dress code. 40 Greeks Nab Spotlight During Week of Fun Climaxing annual Greek Week activities, sororities and fraternities met in the park for a noon luncheon, an afternoon of games and an all-Greek dance. Points were awarded to winners of the various contests, and the high-point team received a trophy. During the week women from the four campus soror- ities planned displays for downtown store windows. Displays of blazers trophies and Greek symbols were arranged. Beginning with a dress-up day for all Greeks, the week inspired fun, fellowship and friendly compe- tition with a variety of individual activities. Noses get a workout as each of severe! Greek women com- petes to be first to boost a ball over the finish I me. Struggling against a like poundage of fraternity men on the o+her end of the rope, Greek men hold a tug of war. In a Greek race, teams of fraternitv men attempt to unwind a roll of toilet tissue without breaking the paper. 41 Placed on the block, Miss Jean S+ouffer, dean of women, is sold to the highest bidder. The faculty slave auction netted about $25 for the Furlough Committee, which was responsible for determining the use of the funds. Nearing the finish of the grueling bicycle race, a Furlough rider receives the flag which signals the final lap. Furlough Queen Reigns Over Numerous Events Crowned at halftime of the in tra squad football game, Janet Thurlow reigned as queen during the Fort Hays Furlough, In the football contest, the White squad de- feated the Black team 14-0. For the third time in four years. Women’s Recreation Assn, won the women’s 10-mile bicycle race with a time of 39:45,2. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes took top honors in the men’s 20-mile race, covering the course in 1 :05 : 2 6, Volunteering to work, faculty members were put up for bids at a slave auction. Held concurrently with the slave auction, an auto smash allowed participants to take a swing at an old automobile. A booth carnival in Sheridan Coliseum closed activities. Money garnered by the events at the affair were presented to the Furlough Committee, which determined in what areas it was to be utilized. 42 After her coronation Furlough Queen Janet Thu How is es- corted to her car to reign over the intrasquad game. As part of her Furlough duties, Janet Thurlow presents trophies to the winners of the bicycfe race competition. Talcing a swing at an old car, the Furlough Queen joins the auto smash. Sigma Tau Gamma sponsored Miss Thudow, 43 n a special event, FHS men compete to catch and saddle a steer and to ride the animal into a designated area. Rain Dampens Rodeo, But Not FHS Spirits Cool, rainy weather dampened the second annual Fort Hays State Intercollegiate Rodeo, but the spirits of Rodeo Club remained unaffected as FHS took top honors in the two-night affair With the aid of four first places, the Fort Hays State cowboys and cowgirls defeated six other clubs from colleges and universities located in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. FHS riders won honors for all-around cowboy and a tie for the women’s all-around title. The Rodeo Queen was announced on the first night. Held at the new arena on the college farm, the rodeo included numerous events. Men competed in calf roping, steer wrestling and in saddle krone, bareback and bull riding. Women competitors participated in goat tying and in barrel and ribbon racing. Selected from a field of five candidates by a panel of per- sons from the city, Sondra Hutchins is Rodeo Queen. 44 r Bursting from the chute, a. bareback rider begins his fight to stay atop his animal. Despite rain and cool winds, the second annual Fort Hays State Rodeo drew a total of ap- proximately 2,800 spectators in its two-night run. 4S In a scene rom " Orpheus Descending, " Val Xavier and the nurse help lady ' s weak and dying husband to his feet. Range of Entertainment Closes Theatre Season Production of an opera, a Tennessee Williams dra- ma and two one-act plays wound up Little Theatre ac- tivities. Gian Carlo MenottPs comic opera “Amelia Goes to the Ball ' was a cooperative effort of both Little Theatre and the music division. Williams’ play “Orpheus Descending 5 ’ dealt with man’s search for freedom in a decaying society which devours the individual who attempts to be free, Man’s failure to communicate was examined by both the one- act plays — Edw r ard Albee’s “The Zoo Story” and Eu- gene Ionesco’s “The Bald Soprano.” Although he is an innocent victim of circumstance, Amelia ' s lover is arrested for the murder of her husband. 46 47 Adding the title of Miss Hays to her fist of achievements, Judy Anderson smiles broadly after her coronation. Forming a trio of beauty, Miss Hays for 1967 poses with Deborah Bryant and Pat Sportier, the 1966 Miss Hays. FHS Coed Wins Title In Miss Hays Pageant With Deborah Bryant, Miss America 3 966, serving as mistress of ceremonies, Indy Anderson, Fort Hays State senior, captured the title of Miss Hays for 1967. Miss Anderson won the title over 10 other candidates. Performing a modern dance routine. Miss Anderson scored in talent competition. She also snared first place in the swimsuit division. As Miss Hays, Miss Anderson won the right to repre- sent die city in the Miss Kansas pageant in Pratt and to make appearances at the Hays centennial celebra- tion and at area pageants. Her awards included a $250 scholarship and a $100 wardrobe. Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity sponsored Miss An- derson, Other FHS coeds captured runner-up positions and the title of Miss Congeniality. 48 Linda Depperschmidt Leader Lass of the Year Leader Lass Chosen By Men Students Only Vying against nine other coeds, Linda Depperschmidt snared Leader Lass of the Year honors Men students chose Miss Depperschmidt from the Lasses of the Month selected by the newspaper staff for feature spots in tire State College Leader Allowing only the male segment of the student en rollment to vote in the annual contest was an innova- tion. Formerly, Leader staffers had opened the voting to all Fort Hays State collegians. In addition to Leader Lass of the Year, two runners-up were named to be featured in the Reveille Jo Diane Rupp Second Runner-Up Sara Schnoebelen First Runner-Up Climaxing four years of study, the magic moment arrives as the registrar of the college presents the diplomas. As shadows fall over the stadium, Dr, OHq Chogufll delivers his Baccalaureate address — " Not by Bread Alone. " Weather Conditions Drive Commencement Inside Ominous weather conditions forced Commencement exercises to be held in Sheridan Coliseum rather than in Lewis Field Stadium. Prior to Commencement, the 585 degree candidates were fitted for caps and gowns, put through a rehearsal, congratulated by President M. C. Cunningham and members of the faculty at a reception, and treated to a luncheon. Dr. Orlo Chogufll spoke at Baccalaureate, and Kansas Gov. Robert Docking delivered the Commence- ment address. Nineteen seniors graduated with distinc- tion. Alumni Achievement Award recipients were Glenn C. Archer, retired International Harvester Co. execu- tive, and Dr. Maurice Faulkner, professor of music at the University of California. Kansas Gov, Robert Docking urges graduates " to participate In life with the weapons of courage and truth. " Ha ppTness h the anticipation of a diploma for the 585 de- were selected from those students who compiled at feast a gree candidates. The 19 seniors graduated with distinction 2.5 grade average for four years of coliege. 51 Academics When Jennie A, Ward en- rolled as the first student at Fort Hays Normal School in 1902 little did she real- ize that the institution was destined to establish itself as one of the lead- ing Kansas colleges Through the years FH3 scholars have won such top awards as Woodrow Wilson and Phi Kappa Phi Fellowships, Faculty members too have distinguished themselves In its statement of objectives, the college pledges to pursue the scholastic challenge “to provide the opportunities for students to pre- pare themselves for constructive and responsi- ble living in a democratic society,” 53 Signs for College Appreciation Days prompt President and Mrs. Cunningham to show that they are Fort Hays Staters. Enjoying a lighthearted moment at the annual faculty din ner, the Cunninghams react to a [oke from the speaker. President Lends Help To Promotional Affair Pledging full cooperation with city personnel. Presi- dent M. C Cunningham and Foil Hays State officials backed College Appreciation Days. Held for the first time, the project represented an attempt to promote better understanding between Hays businessmen and the college. Donations by merchants netted nearly $3,000 for the Endowment Assn.’s schol- arship, loan and awards program. In his 18th year as head of FHS, Dr. Cunningham saw construction completed on the new library. 54 Strolling across the q rounds of the college which he has headed for 18 years- Dr. M r C. Cunningham surveys the campus. Since he came to Fort Hays State in 1949, enroll- ment has skyrocketed from about 1,000 to nearly 5,000. 55 Dr. Ralph Coder — Dean of Graduate Division Dr John Garwood — Dean of Faculty Harold Stones — Director of Placement 56 Constructed in 1915, Sheridan Coliseum houses the offices of the president, the dean of the faculty, the registrar arid the comptroller. History, health, physical education and recreation activities also center in the building. Dr. Bill J el Si son Deari of Students Jean Sfouffer Assoc, Dean of StudeMs for Women. New Position Created In Administrative Staff Dr Bill Jellison, clean of men since I960, moved into the newly created position of dean of students. Hired to fill the position of associate dean of students for men, Michael Stewart joined the administration. Miss Jean Stouffer received the new title of associate dean of students for women. Administrative re-organization placed housing, coun- seling, health service and Memorial Union activities under the direction of Dr. Jellison. After devoting; 30 years as director of field services, Hugh Burnett died in December, 1966. FHS Officials — TOP ROW] Artman, Ethel V.: Asst. Prof.. Exec. Sec. of Student Aids: Beardslee- Carroll L: Instructor, Asst, in Student Aids and Federal Programs; Bizzell, O. Z.: Asst. Dir, of Memorial Union. BOTTOM ROW: Collier, Kent; Asst, Prof, of Pol, Sci., Esec. Sec, of Endowment Assn.; Huffman, Ralph: Prof, of ]nd- Arts, Dir. of Field Services; Rogers, R, Lynn; Instructor, Dir. of Memorial Union. With a new wing planned, Memorial Union is dedicated to former students who died in defense of their country. Board of Regents Says Okay to Wiest Addition With die unit tentatively scheduled for completion in 1968, the Kansas Board of Regents gave approval to sell revenue bonds to finance the first of two seven- story additions to Wiest Hall, The board also re- quested $350,000 from the state legislature for the remodeling o£ the old library building. Influenced by a marked drop in enrollments below the projected count, the board whittled funds from the educational and general operating budget requests of five of the six state colleges and universities. FHS was among those receiving budget cuts. Newly elected, Gov. Robert Docking recommended faculty pay raises and a 10 per cent boost in 1968 budgets of state colleges and universities. 58 Gov. Robert Docking Is the first Democrat ever to defeat an incumbent Republican for the Kansas governorship. Board of Regents-— BACK ROW: A. H. Cromb, John F. Eberhardt Ray Evans. Eidon Sloan, Max Bickford. FRONT ROW: Clement H. Hall, L. D. Morgan Dwight D. Klinger. Henry A, Bubb, C, N, Cubing 59 Firemen fight a losing battle as flames demolish the art annex. blaze, students and faculty members conducted an art sale. In an attempt to aid in replenishing losses incurred by the The cause of the fire was not determined. Baehfcora, Bryan: Instructor in Ind. Arts; Beasley, Alice F.: Prof, of Home Econ.. Head of Dept.; Brooks, R. U.: Assoc. Prof, of I nd. Arts, Supt. of Buildings; Caldwell, Dr. Eleanor: Assoc. Prof, of Art; Ficken, Dale: Instructor in Art; GEnther. Glenn G. : Instructor in Ind. Arts. Harwiclc, Eugene: Instructor In Art; Hint- house. James: Instructor in Art; Hoff- man, Maxine: Assoc. Prof, of Home Econ.: Johnson. Daniel: Instructor in Ind. Arts; Krebs, June L.: Asst. Prof, of Home Econ.; McGinnis, Darrell D.r Asst. Prof, of Art. i ' ' McKee, Dennis D.: Assoc. Prof, of Ind. Arts; Moss, Dr. Joel C : Prof, of Art, Head of Dept.; Thorns, John C, Jr.: Assoc. Prof, of Art; Tobias, Gary 9,: Instructor in Ind. Arts: Twarogowski, Leroy; Asst. Prof, of Art; Vafanne, Oil! Peter: Instructor in Art. 60 Applied Arts Fire Destroys Annex; Art Treasures Burn Fashioning a part for a piece of furniture he is building r an industrial arts student utilizes the wood lathe. Fire took its toll in the applied arts division Flames consumed the art annex, destroying equipment and art work of students and faculty Also in art, two FHS instructors placed works in the Ambassadors Show, which travels to foreign embassies Expansion of the electronics area was the main in- novation in the field of industrial ails A full-time in- structor was employed for students working in that area of study. New industrial ails equipment, worth more than $ 5,000, was purchased. Chairman of the division of applied arts, Dr. C. Richard Cain has been a member of the FHS faculty since 1950. To improve their domestic skills, coeds in a home economic? course take time in class to learn baking procedures. Center of applied arts activity, Davis Hafl is named to honor Ed Davis, long-time industrial arts professor at FHS. 61 Microscopes and other scientific equipment available in the modern classrooms of Albertson Hall prove invaluable aids to study. The division of biological science includes the areas of agriculture, biology, botany and zoology. rrfTfrrf Clark, Ttiaine.A,: Asst, Prof, of Agric.; Ely. Dr. Charles A.: Assoc. Prof, of Zool.; Flehar+y, Dr, Eugene D,: Assoc, Prof, of Zool.; Gentry, Ruff L: Asst. Prof, of Agric,; Hulett, Dr. Gary K + : Assoc, Prof, of Botany; McFarland 1 , Henry J,: Asst. Prof, of Biol, Pierson, Dr. David W.: Assoc, Prof, of Biol.i Reynolds, Dr. Howard G.: Prof, of Botany ; Riegel, Andrew; Asst. Prof, of Agric,, Supf, of Farm! Sayed, Dr + M Q.: Asst, Prof, of Botany: Schroder, Elton K+; Assoc. Prof, of Zool.: Simons, Kenneth W.: Prof, of Botany, Walker, Dr, Neil A.: Assoc, Prof, of Zool, : Wells, James R.: Asst. Prof, of Agric.; We nice, Dr, Thomas L.: Asst, Prof, of Zool, 62 Grassland expert, Or. Gerald Tomenek heads biological science activities. With a diagram serving as a partial guide, two biological science students dissect a fish In order to gain a knowledge of its anatomical structure. Concepts of human bone structure and body relationships are more readily grasped with the use of a skeleton. j Biological Science Effort Made to Update Agriculture Program Plans for (lie modernization of the curriculum in agriculture concerned faculty members teaching in that area. Efforts were made to establish closer liaison with Kansas State University. Grants from the National Science Foundation and the Bureau of Reclamation were awarded to the divi- sion. Several biological science instructors published articles in various periodicals. Among the physical improvements introduced to facilities in Albertson Hall were a new growth chamber and an artificial population sampler. 63 Capitalizing on the facilities of the shorthand laboratory, a coed takes dictation by means of a tape recorder. Facilities, classrooms and offices for the division of economics and business are concentrated in Picken Hall. Hired m 1963, Dr. Milburn J. Little has guided the economics and business division since joining the staff. Economics ? Business Marketing Curriculum Receives Green Light Upon final Senate approval in the fall, a full cur- riculum in the area of marketing was adopted in die economics and business division. With the adoption of the new program, students gained the opportunity to cam a bachelors degree in economics and business with emphasis in marketing. Large classes in elementary accounting made it nec- essary to depend more on graduate assistants and to increase use of visual equipment, A course dealing with economic development of underdeveloped countries was among those added to die expanding curricula encom- passed by the division. 64 V Striving to improve her typing accuracy and speed, a student two-year secretarial programs are included among the of- does practicaf assignments for a business course. One- and ferings of the division of economics and business. Atwater Alan M, Jr.: Instructor in Eton, and Bus.: Bale, Dr. John T.: Asst. Prof, of Econ, and Bus. r Coot, Kenneth W.t Assoc, Prof, of Econ. and Bus.: Criss- man, Robert S.: Instructor iin Econ. and Bus.; Crites, Carl R.: Instructor in Econ. and Bus,: Faulkner, Keith: Instructor in Econ, and Bus, Gay, Robert M.i Instructor in Eton, and Bus,: Gust, Date D.: Instructor in Econ, and Bus,; Higgins, Neal: Instructor in Econ. and Bus.; Jones. James R.: In- structor in Econ. and Bus.: McCartney, Dr. E- R.: Prof, of Eton.; McCullick, Jack J.: Asst. Prof, of Eton, and Bus. Myerly, Lois Lee: instructor in Econ. and Bus.: Osborne, Richard L,: Prof, of Eton, and Bus.; Peter, J. Dale: Asst. Prof, of Econ. and Bus.: Petersen, Albert J. Jr,: Instructor in Econ. and Bus-: Schenk, Ronald L: Instructor in Econ. and Bus.: Sidman, Ronda J,: Instructor in Econ. and Bus, Thomas, Dr. Archie C.: Prof, of Econ. and Bus.: Thompson, Dr. Leonard W,: Prof, of Econ, and Bus,: Vlaiak, Sharon: Instructor in Econ. and Bus,; Waif George R.: Asst. Prof, of Econ. and Bus. 65 Home of education., philosophy and psychology activities Is Rarlck Hall The building was constructed in 191 1, Using equipment in the psychology lab, a student tests a pigeon on a problem dealing with color discrimination. Adams, Seth Jr,: Asst, Prof, of Edge.; Cole, Dr. Blaine L: Asst. Prof of Educ,; Converse, Dr. Harold D r : Assoc, Prof of Psych.; Cornwell, M, Ren: Instructor in Educ. and Psych.: Daley, Dr. Billy C.: Prof of Educ.; Dechant, Dr. Emerald V. Prof, of Educ. Dobbs, Dr. Edith: Assoc. Prof, of Educ.; Ha mllton, Dr. Samuel M.: Prof of Phil,: Harsh, Donna : Instructor in Educ + ; John- son, Arris M,: Instructor in Educ.; King, Dr. John D.: Asst, Prof, of Educ, and Psych.: Kuhn, Dr, Jeanne M.: Prof of Educ. Kyrh, Dr, Ray: Asst. Prof, of Educ.: Kutner, Dr. Samuel Jerome: Asst. Prof of Psych.; Lyon, Roieene; Instructor in Educ,; MtCae, B. B.: instructor In Psych.: Price, Dr. Gordon W,: Assoc. Prof, of Educ.i Rawlings, Dr, Edna: Assoc. Prof, of Psych. Rawlings, Irving l.r Asst. Prof, of Psych.; Robinson, Dr, William N + : Asst. Prof- of Educ,; Sodamann, Harold: Asst, Prof, of Educ.; Stansbury, James C : Instructor in Educ.; Staven, Dr, LaVier L.: Prof of Educ,; Tilly, Gary: Asst. Prof, of Psych, Wood, Dr. W, Clement: Professor of Educ,, Head of Dept,; You man 5 , Dr, Raymond Prof of Educ, 66 jk . ;»■ ymmffm . jl a ’ 1 y . _ + X— JB tow fc. • , A j| ik. ft) 1 Wr v 4 f Gleaning first-hand experience in the classroom, a student teacher assists her pupils with class assignments. Education , Philosophy , Psych. 12-Unit Van Obtained For Driver Training Driver training and education courses were moved to a 12-unit van leased by die college. Instructors held classes in driver education in the van, located in the parking area behind Davis Hall. Three instructors were added to the teaching staff in education, and an almost completely new faculty as- sumed duties in psychology. Dr Harold Converse was named head of the psychology department in January, Large sections of psychology employing team teaching methods were introduced. Several grants were awarded in the area of special education. Collegians studying in that area assisted in endeavors with Ihe operation of the Hays Day Care Center for Exceptional Children Completing his 14th year at FHS. Dr, Calvin E. Harbin di- rects the education, philosophy and psychology division. 67 Baxter, Inex: Instructor m Health, Col- lege Nurse; Brehm, Charles G.: In- structor in Phys. Educ.; Coolt, Frances E-: Instructor in Health, College Nurse; Gotham, Nancy: Asst. Prof, of Phy$. Educ.; Damro. DiAnne M.: Instructor in Health, Phys. Educ, and Recreation; Duncan, Patricia L.; Instructor in Phys. Educ. Francis, Alex: Assoc, Prof, of Phys, Educ,; Hollister, Or. Albert V h ; Asst. Prof, of Phys. Educ.; Uemohn, Wendell P.: Asst. Prof, of Phys. Educ,; Lojfca, Glen F.: In- structor in Health, Phys. Educ. and Recreation; McConnell. Wayne J.: Assoc. Prof, of Phys, Educ.; McNeil, Edgar F, : Asst, Prof, of Phys. Educ. Ramsdell, Les: Instructor In Phys, Educ.; Somers, Monice La Ray: Instructor in Health, Phys . Educ, and Recreation; Suran, Cade; Assoc, Prof, of Phys, Educ. r Dfr h of Athletics; Winter, David: In- structor in Phys, Educ. 68 1 Utilizing facilities at Fort Hays Country Club, coeds shoot for lower totals while sharpening their golf game. Named division chairman in 1962, Dr. James Belisle heads health, physical education and recreation activities HPER Plans for New Facility Hit Preliminary Stages Preliminary planning stages for the construction of a new health, physical education and recreation facility got under way during the year Strengthened offerings in the area of health were the main curricular additions. More stress was placed on modern dance. A dance specialist joined the staff. Under her direction several dance workshops and con- certs were conducted, A new women’s fencing course also expanded offerings. 69 Batty, Elizabeth M,: Instructor in Eng,: Bogart, Katherine L: Assoc. Prof. of Eng.: Carballo. Dr, Benito: Instructor in Lang-: Collier, James R.: Instructor in Joiirn.; Costigan, James I.: Asst, Prof, of Speech: CouHon, Marion f.i Assoc, Prof, of Eng, Davidson, Eleanor: Instructor in Eng.; Day, R, Paul Jr,; Instructor in Eng.; Dion, Grace; Instructor in Eng.; Ed- wards, Dr. Clifford D, : Assoc. Prof, oT Eng.; Gamer, Naomi R.: Asst. Prof, of Eng. ; Gieber. Robert L.: I instructor in Lang. Graber, Dr, Paul A.: Prof, of Long.; Heather, Jack R.: Assoc. Prof, of Speech; Herndon, Dr. Geneva: Prof, of Speech; Ison, David L,: Instructor in Eng.; Jime- nez, Dr, Juan A.: Instructor in Long.; Johnson, Sidney E.: Asst, Prof, of Speech. Language , Literature , Speech Revision of English Courses Alters Requirements Revision of composition courses was a major in- novation in Lite division of language, literature and speech. Expository Writing 51, to be taken in the jun- ior year, replaced Composition 2 as a requirement. Emphasis was placed on drama in the area of speech. Four productions were staged, and vocalists combined talents with dramatists to present the comic opera “Amelia Goes to the Ball,” The journalism department added a new laboratory for students. Dr, Clifford D. Edwards earned a grant from the Fort Hays Committee for Instructional Research. The highest honor in the Kansas speech correction program went to Dr, Geneva Herndon. Members of the faculty gave a series of lectures on novels. Since conning to FH$ in (965, Dr. William R. Thompson has headed the language, literature and speech division. Increasing her familiarity with a foreign language, a coed uses earphones and tape recording equipment as aids. 70 r Martin Alien Hall contains English and language offices up- stairs. Offices and facilities for journalism and news are lo- cated downstairs. Finished in 1905, the building was the sec- ond to appear on the Fort Hays State campus. Ketch urn, Harriet V.: Assoc. Prof of Speech; Kiftman, George H,: Asst. Prof of Speech: Kucher, Dr. Roman V.: Assoc, Prof of Lang.; Lowen h Robert L: In- structor In Journ,; Maxsort, Leon: Instruc- tor in Journ.; Maxwell, Robert: Instruc- tor In Eng. McFarland, Alice: Asst, Prof, of Eng.: Miller, Danny L,: Asst. Prof, of Speech 3 Morrison, Alice: Assoc. Prof, of Eng.r Nahas, Marwan N.: Instructor in Lang,: Osterhoudt, Peter G,: Instructor In Eng.; Parish Dr. Verna M.: Prof, of Eng. Pfeifer, Leona: Instructor in Lang,; Reeves, O, Erik: Asst. Prof, of Eng,; Reinetke, Robeit E.: Instructor in Speech; Rogers, Katherine L.: Asst. Prof, of Journ.; Sackett. Marjorie: Instructor in Eng.; Sackett, Dr. Samuel J,: Prof, of Eng, Schwartz, Perry: instructor In Speech; Stout, Dr. Roberta C.: Prof of Eng,; Tow, Ted: Asst, Prof, of Journ., Dir, of Information Services; Vogel. Nancy Sue: Instructor in Eng.; Volf Mary Ellen: Instructor in Lang,; W Interim, DeWayne: Instructor in Lang, 71 Many collegians pass daily through the doors of the original Forsyth Library, a building familiar to all students. As is traditional for Fort Hays State buildings, the new Forsyth Library is constructed of native limestone. Library Science New Library Finished; Transfer Made in May Library facilities at Fort Hays State were greatly improved with the completion of and move to the new $1,500,000 Forsyth Library Plans for remodeling the old library building, located just across the street from the new structure, called for administrative oL f ices to be centered there. Containing three floors, the new building tripled the amount of space available in previous facilities. The new library featured the adoption of an open-stack plan as opposed to the closed-stack method which had been employed previously. Originally scheduled for January, the moving pro- cess was postponed until May because of a delay in the delivery of library furnishings. 72 Head of the library science division since 1964, Prof, Merc Campbefl Jr. inspects the plans for the new library. TOP ROW: Christopher, Rachel: Asst. Prof, of Library ScL ; Gross. Erna: Instructor in Library Sd., Circulation ' Librarian- Harltness, Margery: Asst. Prof of Library ScL, Cataloger Librarian: Powell, Bettie: Instructor in Library Sci., Acquisitions Librarian. BOTTOM ROW: Reed, Lawrence " Mac " : Instructor in Library ScL. Reference Librarian; Riley, Esta Lou: Asst. Prof, of Library ScL, Serials Librarian: Schmidt, Fred C + Jr.: instructor in Library Sci„ Documents Librarian; Smith, Robert: Instruc- tor in Library Sd. 73 Completing his first year as chairman of the music division. Dr. Lei and Bartholomew has been at FHS since 1954. Finished In 1965, Malloy Hall is the center for music and speech activities and houses campus radio facilities. Presenting one of the year ' s six faculty recitals, Dr. Donald Stout and Mrs. Alison Atkins wear forma! attire. Music Professor Wins Grant For Study in Scotland New to the music division this year. Dr. Janet Tap- per was awarded a fellowship for post-doctoral study and research in Edinburgh, Scotland, under the Na- tional Endowment for the Humanities. Four new additions to the music faculty helped meet teaching requirements. Extensive audio equipment for tape recording and record playing were acquired. Cur- ricular improvements included greater emphasis on the study of music composition. Recital activity was especially noticeable Music programs occurred on the calendar almost every week. Faculty members presented six recitals. In cooperation with students studying in the fields of speech and drama, vocal students participated in the comic opera “Amelia Goes to the Ball.” 74 Striving for coherence- end fluency, singers rehearse for an mental groups for both music and non-music majors afford upcoming musical production. A number of vocal and instru- opportunities for expression at Fort Hays S ate. Atkins, Alison: Instructor in Music: Bas- tm, Ernest: Instructor in Music: Brown, Robert H.: Instructor i n Music; Chan, Jennie: Instructor in Music: Dilley, Lyle: Asst. Prof, ol Music; Sceser, Patrick H.: Instructor in Music. Miller, Dr. Lewis M.: Asst, Prof, of Music; Moyers, E. Edwin: Asst. Prof of Music; Palmer, Harold: As oc. Prof, of Music; Premeiii, Renetc: Instructor in Music; Schleich, Phyllis A.: Asst. Prof, of Music: Stout, Dr. Donald E.; Prof, of Music. Tupper, Dr. Janet: Asst. Prof, of Music; Wilkins, Dr. William D.: Prof, of Music. 75 Beginning the march onto the floor of Sheridan Coliseum, During their program, nurses study on campus, at Hadley student nurses anticipate the coming capping ceremony. Memorial Hospital, In Chicago and in Topeka. 76 Nurse Education Combining of Courses Allows May Graduation Combining smaller nursing courses into more com- prehensive ones eliminated the summer senior session and introduced May graduation for FHS nurses. Attempts were begun to integrate and correlate all nursing courses, including pharmacology and diet therapy, as part of the general medical-surgical course of study taken by nursing students. Pediatric affiliations with Denver Children’s Hos- pital were terminated and senior women in the program went to the University of Chicago Hospital for courses in pediatrics and obstetrics. Office space for four instructors was added by re- modeling a store room adjacent to the nursing class- room Two raised rows of chairs gave the demonstra- tion room the look of an amphitheater. Babb, Judith: Instructor in Nurse Educ. ' Gangwer, Connie: Instructor in Nurse Educ, ; Lounsborry, Elinor: Instructor in Nurse Educ : Trostn, Elinor: Instructor in Nurse Educ. Working with a dummy, student nurses gain practical ex- perience In procedures before beginning hospital work Active in state, national and international nursing groups, Prof Leora 8, Stroup directs nurse education. Greeting the patient with a smile, a student nurse performs routine medical checks as part of her training 77 i The physical science division encompasses the areas of chem- istry, geology, mathematics and physics. Laboratory experimentation provides opportunity for prac- tical application of chemical concepts taught in the classroom Bailor, Vivian: Instructor In Math.: Bon- ner. Orville: Instructor in Geology: Brooks, Doyle K,: Assoc. Prof, of Physics: Cole, Dr. Jerry J.: Asst- Prof, of Chem.- Curtis. Nancy: Instructor in Math-: Dryden, Laurence A.: Asst. Prof, of Math, Eller, Orville E.: Asst. Prof, of Math ; George, David L.: Instructor In Math.: Gruber, James D.: instructor in Physics: Gumm, Robert D,: Asst. Prof, of Math.: Halpern, William: Asst, Prof, of Chem.; Hastings, Cora ion R,; Asst, Prof, of Chem. Marshall, Everett L; Assoc. Prof, of Math,; McGregor, Dr. J. D.: Asst. Prof, of Geology; McMechan, Dr. James H.s Asst. Prof, of Chem,- Rice, Dr, Jimmy; Prof, of Math.: Richards, Robert C.: Assoc, Prof, of Chem.; Rolfs, Marvin E.i Asst. Prof, of Math, Rumpel, Dr. Mac Assoc. Prof, of Chem,: Sievers, Wayne L,; Instructor in Physics: Toalson, Wilmont: Prof, of Math,: Veed, Ellen: Assoc. Prof, of Math,: Walker, Myrl V.: Assoc, Prof, of Geology, Dir. ot Museums; Witten, Maurice H.; Assoc, Prof, of Physics, 78 1928, Albertson Hall houses biological and physical and portions of nurse education facilities. Phys ica l Science AID Program Selects Two FHS Professors Two professors in the division of physical sciences were selected as consultants to teach in the United States AID program in India. New options added to basic science requirements in- cluded Basic Chemistry 5 and Basic Physics 10. Ad- ditional mathematics courses expanded computer of- ferings. The division received two grants of $2,000 each from the National Science Foundation and one of $750 from the Kansas Heart Assn. Students aided faculty members with such analytical, electrochemical and petroleum research work as the separation and identification of plant material, the determination of the rate of organic reactions and the Kansas Heart Fund project. One of two FHS professors named fo teach in India, Dr. Harold 5. Chogulll ■juides the physical science division. In order to solve a complicated mathematical problem, a physical science student operates the college ' s computer. 79 Contemplating the world ' s growing complexity, a student makes use of a globe to aid in his studies. The social science division includes a variety of courses in history,, political science and government, and sociology. 80 Social Science Large Sections Begun In Modern Civilization Following the pattern for required courses set by other divisions on campus, Modem Civilization 4 classes were revamped into large sections. Several courses were added to the social science curriculum. One instructor was added to the history faculty, and two sociology instructors assumed duties in the falh With the assistance of federal funds, the social science division was able to finance additional visual aids and office equipment. Or William D Moreland, head of the social science division, has served as dean of men and housing director. Climatic and cultural variations taught in a geography course help students gain a better knowledge of the world. Calvin, W. Kenneth: instructor in SodoL; Carlson, Terry R, t Instructor En Sociol.: Davidson, Dr, Gordon W, : Assoc. Prof, of History: Garton, Barbara: Instructor in History: Hdl, Richard R : Instructor in Pol. Sd.; Hodge, Patricia A.: In- structor in Sociol. Jones, Thomas A,: Asst. Prof, of History: Mulch, Barbara: Asst, Prof, of History: Mulch, Merrill h,: Asst. Prof, of His- tory: Oliva, Dr. Leo E.: Asst, Prof, of History; Rucltman, Jo Ann: Instructor in History: Schmeller, Helmut J.r Instructor in History, Slechta, Donald B.: Assoc. Prof, of Pol. Sc i- ; Smith, Dr. Wilde M.: Prof- of History: Taylor, Dr. George: Asst T Prof, of Sociol.; Tomlinson, John: Asst. Prof, of Pol. Scu; Witt, Robert: Assoc. Prof, of Pol. Sci. and Sociol. 8f Meeting in. small, informal groups, honors program students are encouraged to express and examine their ideas. Success- ful completion of the 24 credit hours in the program sub- stitutes for the regular basic studies requirement. 82 Honors Program Participants Perform Independent Research Taking courses in the humanities and in the natural and social sciences, students of outstanding intellectual ability participated in the honors program. Professors from the various academic divisions were selected by the Honors Board to teach in the program. Library hooks and records relating to topics of study, a tape recorder and a record player were purchased to meet academic needs of participants. With an invitation to join the program representing one of the highest honors the college bestows, honor stu- dents conducted several independent research projects. One paper on teen-age folklore written by a student enrolled in an honors seminar was selected for publica- tion in W estern Folklore, With the instructor guiding the discussion, students consider challenging ideas in a seminar dealing with art. Performing double duties, Or. Verna Parish, professor of English, coordinates the phases of the honors program. HKM . A I r Sports F- 7 I mentum m the FHS athletic history be- gan humbly in 1902 with a women’s basketball team and a men’s football squad. Track and field gained mo- 1920’s. An early attempt to launch baseball was abandoned, but in 1966 athletes again hit the diamond. In 1928 FHS joined the Central Intercol- legiate Conference. Twelve years later the college claimed its first basketball title. FHS athletic honors include two national cross count ry crowms. With the college’s entrance into the expanded Rocky Mountain Confer- ence, scheduled to become operational in 1969, growth continues. 85 Football Team Surges To Tie for CIC Title Snaring a tie for the Central Intercollegiate Con- ference championship the Fort Hays State football squad, coached by Wayne McConnell, moved to a 7-2-0 season The record included a 3-1 conference mark, good for a share of the crown with Pittsburg State The season was the best for the Bengal s since 1954, when they also shared the title. Seven team records and 15 individual marks were established or equalled. Bob Johnson, Tiger quarter- back, set or tied a total of 13 records After losing its first encounter of the season, Fort Hays State roared back to defeat its next six op- ponents A disappointing 21-12 loss at the hands of Pittsburg State followed, but the Bengals bounced back to cool Omaha University in the final game and in- sure the tie for the championship. Evading Colorado State College defenders, Charley Adams nabs a pass for extra yardage. FH5 downed CSC 34-0, CIC Standings W L T Fort Hays State 3 1 0 Pittsburg State , .. , , ,. .3 1 0 Emporia State 2 2 0 Washburn University ... 1 3 0 Omaha University I 3 0 Football Squad— BACK ROW: Wayne McConnell (head coach], Ed Mc- Neil (line coach), Wendell Liemohn (defensive coach), Max Van Laningham (graduate assistant), Dwi-ghf Hegfey (trainer), FIFTH ROW: Howard Sloan, Roger Fa u I ken der, Jack Johnson, Troy Porter, John Lowdermily, Tom Beatty, Dennis Hague, Steve Seirer, Tom Foran. Randy Randle. FOURTH ROW: Lyman Bainter, Bob Young, Ivan Clark. Ed Cox, Frank Tapper.. Burnell Davis, Lynn Lashbrook, Bob Blazer, Verlin Siefkes, Ken Feist, THIRD ROW: Dick Palmer, Dick Kolodick, Ken Cay- wood, Dave Zwtnk, Ken Albers, James Powell, Bob German, Larry Ollek. Gerald Bowman, Jerry Smetana, Charley Myers. SECOND ROW: Warren Watson, Ron Gustin, Doug Opdycke, Bob Niles, Leo Hayden, Bud Estes, Rich Drefling, Terry Claycamp, Bobby Gregg, James Jones. Dave Wright. FRONT ROW: John Terry, Jim Erickson, Tommy Stevens, Larry Nofisinger, Ron Tuley, Charley Adams, Bob Johnson. Ron Dar t, Bill Hudson, Bernie Blevins, Don Givens. 86 n V ' :• - ■ " ■ % ■RnBHBHMHH Vhile Jim Jones attempts to dear out tacklers, Bob John- on piles into the Colorado State College line. The Tigers bombed the visiting Bears 34-0, then went on to garner straight victories before suffering a setback four In an encounter won handily by FHS 34-0, Jerry Smetana at tempts to nail the Colorado State College quarterback. Season Record 7 FHS. . , . Southwestern Oklahoma State 13 20 FHS., . Kearney (Neb.) State 0 34 FHS . Colorado State College 0 29 FHS, ....... Northwest Missouri State 7 7 FHS. Washburn University 0 27 FHS ...... Emporia State 13 38 FHS . ....... Southern Colorado State 21 12 FHS Pittsburg State 21 19 FHS Omaha University 0 Tigers Drop Opener, Recover to Win Two Fort Hays Slate opened the football campaign by hosting Sou tli western Oklahoma State College. The Oklahoma team’s grinding ground game coupled with the ineffectiveness of the Tiger offense helped boost the Bulldogs to a narrow 13 7 victory. Traveling to Kearney, Neb., the Tigers bounced back from their first defeat to crush the Kearney State Antelopes 20-0. The victory evened the season record a Tone victory and one defeat. Teamwork combined with solid offense and defense added up for a smashing 34-0 victory over the Bears of Colorado State College, In gaining what Coach Wayne McConnell termed “a great victory,” the Ben- gals brought their over-all record to 2-1 . to move well against the squad from Oklahoma State lost its first game to the Bulldogs 13-7, In an effort to break up a pass play by Southwestern Okla- homa State. Terry Shane moves in on a Bulldog end. Unable 89 Fraternity men and the Tiger maScot are on hand to generate excitement in a capacity crowd on Homecoming Day, Three More Wins Run Victory String to Five Rolling over the Bearcats of Northwest Missouri State College 29-7, the Tigers chalked up their third straight win. The Tiger offense compiled its best yard- age for one game, and the defense held the opponent to the season low in total offense. On Homecoming Day the Bengals proved no dis- appointment as they nabbed their fourth win in a row, a 7-0 conquest of Washburn University Recording their longest winning streak in one sea- son since 1948, the Bengals gained a 27-13 victory over the Emporia Slate Hornets. Looking for a receiver, Bob Johnson pulls away from a Wash- burn tackier while Charley Myers comes to his aid. Getting the tciclc away, Tiger punter Larry Ollek boots the ball in the tight Homecoming tilt with Washburn. 90 91 Two Pifhburg State players team to stop Bob Johnson, FHS quarterback. The Gorillas nipped the Tigers 21-12. Coach Wayne McConnell has led his teams to records of 6-3 and 7-2 in his past two seasons at Fort Hays State. TD Record Established In Contest With SCS Quarterback Bob Johnson established a new FHS record by scoring five touchdowns as the Tigers downed Southern Colorado State 38-21 at Pueblo. The victory moved the Bengals’ over-all mark to 6-1 on the year with a six-game winning streak, Pittsburg State handed FHS its first CIC defeat by downing the Tigers 21-12 at Lewis Field Stadium, The defeat shattered the Bengals’ hopes for their first undisputed CIC crown since 1948. Closing out the 1966 football season, the Tigers traveled to Omaha to do battle witli the Omaha Uni- versity Indians. Held to a meager 76 yards offense in the first half, the Bengals roared back for 186 yards and three touchdowns to scalp the Indians 19-0 and cinch a tie for the CIC championship. 92 Fn the game which matched the CtC co-champions, three Gorillas try to halt Rich Drelling after he has cracked through the Pittsburg State line Taking a breather on the bench, a Fort Hays State player watches the action of the game Intently while refreshing himself with a drink of water. 93 CIC Crown Is Third In Row for Harriers Copping the third straight CIC crown for FHS high- lighted the cross country season for the Tigers Field- ing what he termed a “young, inexperienced squad,” Coach Alex Francis also guided his team to 10th place in NAIA competition at Omaha One veteran runner carried the Bengal colors. John Mason led FHS to several dual and meet wins. Called by Francis “the greatest, most inspirational runner ever to participate at FHS,” Mason was named NAIA All- American for the second time. Most notable of Mason’s performances was a 19:59.4 four-mile clocking at the NAIA championships, which stood as a new FHS mark and was the second fastest time ever for the Omaha course The distance ace also smashed the old FHS three-mile mark with a 14:05 showing at Kearney (Neb,) State. Country Squad — BACK ROW: Francis Ross, Jim Haines. John Mason. Dick Bruin, Ken Rhoden, Jerry Shelley, Roger Forsberg. Ron Borger. SECOND ROW: Coach Ah Francis. Duane Harper, Cecil Johnson, Lynn HaveL Neil Cleaves. Gary Arthsud, Bruce Zamrzle, Ken Alien, Steve Stewart (trainer). FRONT ROW; Richard Hagen. Tom Willome, David Otis, J, D. Glazier, Jerry Duran, Anthony Lampe, Mike Laubhan. Season Record 19 FHS... Kearney (Neb.) State 40 15 FHS . Hutchinson Juco B-Squad 50 19 FHS Kearney (Neb.) State 42 Wichita Invitational .Second Emporia State Triangular First William Jewell Invitational .First Federation Invitational Third CIC Championships , . . .First Missouri Valley AAU First NAIA Championships Tenth CIC Meet Fort Hays State 23 Pittsburg State 47 Emporia State 63 Omaha University 105 (Washburn University — did not enter a complete team) L n ’ ' jr ' X 1 — 1 — ' " TT A v V % 1 1 : «- 1 A. ' 1 c IT“ FJ it £ | KJ % i r TT ' K - Sr j r 1 HHk „ 1 94 Si ■ ft - Hays, The Bengals won all three of their dual contests for the season, defeating Kearney State twice. in strong ' contention in a dual meet at Several Fort Hays State runners remain i as the Tigers face Kearney (Neb.) State 95 Season Reeord 92 FHS Southwestern Oklahoma 107 82 FHS . . . Southwestern College 64 67 FHS ... . . , . . Southern Colorado 77 96 FHS Kearney (Nek) State 79 85 FHS Southern Colorado 88 82 FHS Chadron (Neb.) State 80 56 FHS, . Omaha University 70 71 FHS Southwestern Oklahoma 66 85 FHS Lincoln (Mo.) University 100 68 FHS Pittsburg State 66 82 FHS St. Mary of the Plains S3 70 FHS, . St. Benedict’s College 93 55 FHS Washburn University 64 93 FHS Kearney (Neb.) State 85 79 FHS. . , . . . Emporia State 75 79 FHS . Lincoln University 102 57 FHS, . . Omaha University 55 72 FHS Emporia State 87 68 FHS . , Pittsburg State 76 61 FHS .... Washburn University 75 67 FHS St. Benedict’s College 78 3-5 CIC Mark Gains Cagers Tie for Third With an over-all 8-13 record and a 3-5 CIC mark, the basketball squad tied for third in the conference. At the outlet, Coach Chuck Brehm tagged his team as “young and inexperienced.” Only three lettermen re- turned to bolster Tiger hopes, I H ive freshmen saw con- siderable varsity action. At one time or another, cage teams faced by the Ben gals rated at the top of the NAIA or small-college NCAA charts. Lincoln University, Southwestern Okla- homa State College and St. Benedict’s College, eventual NAIA champ, headed the list of powerhouses en- countered by the Fort Hays State team. Top Tiger performers included Fred Andregg and Alan Billinger. Andregg was the leading scorer through 21 games, and Coach Brehm termed Billinger the best defensive player on the squad.” A three-year let terman, Billinger, who won the A shlem an -Walters award for the Most Inspirational Player, was the only graduating senior on the team. Varsity Basketball Squad- — BACK ROW: Bill Bray. Frank Lovitck Jim Miller. Coech Chuck Brehm, FRONT ROW: Alan Billinger, Mike McAfee. Afar, Fred Andregg, John McEwen, Steve Salter, Rodney Timm, Mike Jock Georgeson, Charlie Griffie, Roy ftektin, Francis Gronewalter. V ■ i J I 2 jUj j | 1,1- J v ) tNW ' .fcM E Guard Alan Billinger leaps high into the air for a rebound center. In its second home contest, Fort Hays State dropped but loses the battle to Southern Colorado State ' s seven-foot a 77-67 decision to the squad from Colorado. 97 Second team All -C I C choice Mike Miller (50) matches his Chadron State foe inch for inch in a tip-off battle. Outlining basic strategy, basketball coach Chuck Brehm con- ducts one of Fort Hays State ' s many cage practices. CIC Standings W L Washburn University P . , 6 2 Omaha University , . , 6 2 Fort Hays State . , . , 3 5 Emporia State ........ 3 5 Pittsburg State . 2 6 98 Bengal Cagers Go 3-4 in First Seven Contests Tiger cagers traveled to Weatherford, Okla., to open the season against Southwestern Oklahoma State Col- lege SWO held off a Tiger rally for the win. South- western College of Winfield was next on the schedule, and the visiting Mound builders became the first victim of Coach Chuck BrehnTs Bengals, Sporting a 1-1 mark, FHS rallied its troops for the invasion of Southern Colorado Stale College. I all and fast, SCS slipped by the Tigers. Kearney (Neb,) State College provided the opposition for the Bengals in the fourth game. Solid offense and defense helped FHS down the Antelopes. Carrying a 2-2 record, FHS journeyed to Pueblo, Colo , for a rematch with Southern Colorado State, The Tigers led until the final minutes, then bowed, Chadron (Neb,) State invaded Sheridan Coliseum with a perfect record. That, however, came to an end as a Tiger sank two free throws with one second left to give FHS a narrow two-point win. Now 3-3 on the year, the Bengals faced Omaha University. Using a fast break and full-court press, the Indians sent the Tigers to defeat. 99 Sh Benedict ' s Darryl Jones, NAIA All-American, maneuvers Ravens ' 78-67 win In Sheridan Coliseum. St. Benedicts later around four Fort Hays State defenders to score two in the copped the NAIA basketball championship. 100 Fort Hays State Nips Bulldogs’ Win Streak Breaking the Bulldogs’ eight -game winning streak, the Tigers closed out the old year by defeating South- western Oklahoma State College, Lincoln (Mo.) Uni- versity then cruised to a win over FHS. Conference action became the order in January when Pittsburg State battled the Tigers. FHS went to the wire before eking out a two-point victory. Now 5 5 on the year, lire Bengals made their fourth straight home appearance against St. Mary’s of the Plains. The invaders nipped the Tigers by one point. Next on the list of opponents were the veteran St. Bene- dict’s Havens. St. Benedict’s blew the contest open dur- ing the second half. Returning to CIC play, FHS faced Washburn Uni- versity in a state-wide televised game. Fielding one of their best teams, the Ichabods took advantage of Tiger fouls and poor shooting to cop the decision. Coach Chuck Brehm’s Bengals picked up their sixth win by downing Kearney (Neb.) State. As tension mounts in a Tiger cage encounter, freshman forward Frank Lovitch gives his bubble gum a workout. Alan Billinger second team AII-CIC choice, receives the Most Inspirational Player award at the final game. 101 Top Tiger scorer Fred Andregg. named to the A1I-CIC first team, goes up for two agamst Washburn University. Brief Title Aspirations Vanish as FHS Loses Arch rival Emporia State felt the Tiger bite as FHS heat the Hornets by four. Next stop on the basketball tour was at Lincoln (Mo.) University, where the hosts posted a lopsided win FHS moved into the thick of the CIC race by nipping league-leading Omaha Uni- versity At Emporia State, however, the Tigers ran smack into a pack of red-hot Hornets and came out on the short end of the final score Trouble came again at Pittsburg State as the Gorillas broke a 14-game losing streak. With all hopes of even a share of the CIC crown shattered, the Tigers returned home to meet Washburn University, The I ch a bods clinched at least a tie for the CIC title by posting an- other win over FHS, In their final outing, the Bengals hosted St Bene- dict’s, Ranked third in the NAIA, the Ravens had little trouble beating the Tigers 102 Junior Varsity Posts 5-3 Over-All Record Compiling a 5 3 season record, the junior- varsity basketball squad was coached by Les RamsdelL The young Tigers defeated Kearney State’s jayveeo twice, Colby Juco, Concordia Juco and Washburn’s jayvees. Losses came at the bands of Colby, Concordia and Washburn, Resulting in a 1-0 score, the win over Wash- burn came by way of a forfeiture. At the end of regula- tion time, the score was knotted at 88-88, and Wash- burn chose not to play an overtime. JV Season Record FHS 95 Kearney Slate JV 72 FHS 57, Concordia Juco 69 FHS 61 Colby Juco 75 FHS 76, . Concordia Juco 73 FHS 39, Colby Juco 38 FHS 84 Washburn JV 100 FHS 107 . Kearney State JV 79 FHS 1 Washburn JV 0 Confronted by the Fort Hays State mascot, a cheerleader shows the Tiger bas ' c motions for a routine cheer. Junior-Varsity Basketball Squad— BACK ROW: Bob Faurot (trainer), Dennis Stewart, Ron Wiggert, Richard .Grubb, John Glassman, Steve Schneider, Mike Hmnin r Coach Les RamsdelL FRONT ROW: Jim Lorsen, Randy Schmidtberger, Monty Applebee, Larry Dreilmg, John Porter, Stan Hogue, Gerald Wesshng. {|0Eife| 103 Tiger Gymnasts Surge To 5-3 Season Mark Under the direction of Coach Ed McNeil, the gym- nastics squad posted a 5-3 season. In the first outing, the Tigers entertained Nebraska University and Central Missouri State College. The Husker squad tallied a score of f 62.60 to the Tigers’ 159.95 and Central Mis- souri State’s 133.50. FHS moved its season mark to 2-1 with a 161-90- 156.60 win over Wichita State University, Journeying to Warrensburg, Mo., the Tigers garnered their third win. Central Missouri State fell 139.80426.20 as Bengal gymnasts won five events, McNeiTs squad won every event to cop a 153.50- 117.85 decision from Northwestern Oklahoma State. Carrying a 4-1 dual-meet record, FHS traveled to Wichita for a rematch. The Shockers gained revenge for the earlier loss, posting a 161.20-155,80 win. Failing to gain a single first place against Colorado State College, the Bengals dropped a 179.15-163,60 decision. Finishing against Northwestern Oklahoma State, FHS took a convincing 151,16-101.78 victory. Gymnasts closed out action at the annual NA1A cham- pionships at Natchitoches, La. After completing his routine on. the high bar, Bob Fussell dismounts. Fussell was second in scoring tor FHS. Working to perfect his style, Warren Teosley ends his routine by performing a handstand on the still rings. Season Record 159,95 FHS., , , Central Missouri State 133.50 159.95 FHS. . . . . . Nebraska University 162.60 161,90 FHS. . Wichita State University 156.60 139,80 FHS, . . . Central Missouri State 126.20 153.50 FHS.. . Northwestern Okla, State 117.85 155.80 FHS. . Wichita State University 161.20 163,60 FHS. . . . . Colorado State College 179.15 151,16 FHS, . Northwestern Okla. State 101,78 104 Maneuvering high above the trampoline, Mark Giese shows good form. Leading the fort Hays State gymnastics squad Gymnastics Squad — BACK ROW: Eddie Johnson (senior assistant}, Russell Schlichting, Bob Kuni, John Martin, Gary Thompson, Coach Ed McNeil. SECOND ROW: Warren Teasley, Mart Giese,. Joe Briggs, to a solid 5-3 record, Grese was the number one scorer for the season, garnering a total of 266.18 points. Dan McCord, Bernie Koss, FRONT ROW: Terry Colburn, Bob Fussell, Bob Wilburn. 105 : Surrounded by grapplers, Coach Dave Winter demonstrates techniques vital tor a consistent mat winner. Since coming to Fort Hays State in 1963, Winter has guided his squads to a total of 36 wins against 24 losses. Wrestling Squad — BACK ROW: John Duran (manager), Dennis Clasen, Don Scott, Stormy Johnson, Dwight Werner. SECOND ROW; Richard Barton, Bill Ramsey, Coach Dave Winter. Jesse Barnes, Duane Werner FRONT ROW: Ken Coover, Wfilfam Johnson, Frederick Toland, Bob Dey. Greg LaCoss. 106 at FHS. Downing both Fort Lewis and Kearney State, the Tigers took both ends of the wrestling doubleheader. Freshman grappfer Jesse Barnes picks up valuable riding time against his Fort Lewis College opponent in a double dual Injury-Ridden Matmen Compile 6-8 Record Wracked with injury, the wrestling squad compiled a 6-8 record. FHS grapplers placed fourth in the North- west Missouri State meet and second in the Missouri Valley A AIL The Tigers got off to a good start with a win over Emporia State. Then disaster struck as Slate College of Iowa, Wisconsin University , Bimidji (Minn.) State College and Southern Illinois University all re- corded victories over the Tigers. Injuries began cropping up at that point, and the problem was persistent. The Bengals lost to Central Missouri State and bowed to Adams (Colo.) State Col- lege. Rebounding, FHS beat Fort Lewis (Colo.) Col- lege and Central Missouri State. Nebraska University came to town and dumped the Tigers. Then Kearney (Neb.) State pulled an upset by beating the Bengals. Meeting for the unofficial CIC title, Omaha University and FHS battled, with FHS eking out a one-point win. Closing out action, the Ti- gers dropped Fort Lewis College and gained revenge by rolling over Kearney Slate. Offering advice, Coach Dave Winter barks out instructions from the sidelines during the meet with E-State. Season Record 17 FHS. Emporia State 11 7 FHS State College of Iowa 29 0 FHS.,.. Wisconsin University 31 6 FHS Bimidji (Minn.) State 29 0 FHS , , . . . Southern Illinois University 35 12 FHS Central Missouri State 21 8 FHS. Adams (Colo,) State 29 24 FHS Fort Lewis (Colo.) College 13 19 FHS.......... Central Missouri State 12 9 FHS Nebraska University 26 15 FHS. Kearney (Neb.) State 18 17 FHS. Omaha University 16 21 FHS. ..... Fort Lewis (Colo.) College 18 30 FHS .... Kearney (Neb.) State 5 107 I mm . 1 Sending the dust flying while endeavoring to sharpen his driving still, Dennis Close shows the stance that helped him lead his teammates to second place in the CIC tourney. FHS golfers also won the District 10 NAIA title. Golfers’ 14-3 Mark Is One of Best for FHS Tiger linksters ended the season with a 14-3 dual meet mark, one of the besL in the history of golf at FHS, In his first year as golf coach, Dr. A1 Hollister coached the Tigers to the District 10 NAIA title. The loss of two key players near the end of the season hurt the Bengals’ chances for the CIC title. FHS was second in the event. Leading the surge, Dennis Close, three-year letterman, played the number-one spot for the Tigers throughout the season. Dropping Wichita State University at Hays, the Bengals opened the season on an impressive note. A week later, the Tigers dropped matches to Wichita and Pittsburg State but gained wins over Emporia Stale and two other Wichita State squads. Hollister’s linksters then went on a nine-match win- ning streak. Victims of the Tiger bite included Kear- ney (Neb.) State, Bethany College, Kansas Wesleyan University, Emporia State, Ottawa University, Wash- burn University and Baker University. Washburn Uni- versity finally broke the streak as the Tigers dropped their final regular-season match. Season Record 8 FHS . 4 FHS, Wichita State University “Gold” 11 ays FHS . 9 FHS, Wichita State University “Black” 3 8 FHS , Freshman 7 4 FHS . 12% FHS . . Kearney (Neb.) State College 2% 12 FHS , 10% FHS . . . . Kansas Wesleyan University 4Va 10 FHS . 15 FHS . 12 FHS . 9 FHS . 15 FHS . 13 FHS , . Kansas Wesleyan University 2 11% FHS . 6 FHS . ... Washburn University 9 CIC Tournament Pittsburg State . . . . . 912 Fort Hays State ■ 940 Emporia State 956 Washburn University ■ - ■ 956 Omaha University , 965 Golf Squad— BACK ROW: Lon Palmer, Roger Carr, Don Palmer, Charles Fountain, John Engel, Terry McAfee, Coach At Hollister. FRONT ROW: Den ni ' i Clo-.o, Stan Mazzetta, Pat Barrett, Phil Kalivodo, Dan Dei net. Tennis Squad— BACK ROW: Coach Cade Suran, Don Hockett, Kim Goftschallc, Mike McAfee. Terry Cleveland. FRONT ROW; Allan Mai, David Rhoades, James Safes, Richard Leiker, David Zwinlc. Season Record 4 FHS Kearney (Neb.) State 3 2 FHS Emporia State 5 0 FHS Wichita State University 7 5 FHS Bethany College 2 2 FHS Northwestern Oklahoma 5 2 FHS ♦ . . . Washburn University 5 6 FHS . . Kearney (Neb,) State 1 2 FHS . . Wichita State University 4 4 FHS . Emporia State 3 3 FHS Bethany College 4 CIC Tournament Emporia State , . . 10 Washburn University 10 Pittsburg State , , g Fort Hays State . . . . 1 Omaha University 0 Net Mark Falls Short Of Early Expectations Bolstered by the return of five lettermen, the tennis squad looked like a CIC title contender at the season’s outset. However, things failed to turn out that way as FHS placed fourth in the conference and compiled a 4-6 dual-meet record. Victories were recorded over Kearney (Neb.) State, Emporia State and Bethany College. Losses came at the hands of Emporia State, Wichita State University, Bethany, Northwestern Oklahoma Slate College and Washburn University. In the CIC meet, the Tigers copped only one singles match in six outings and failed to win a doubles match. Athletic Director Cade Suran guided the team, Don Hockett posted the best over-all mark. 1 10 Getting ready to serve, Don Hockett prepares to fire the ball toward his opponent. Unable to produce a winning streak, Fort Hays State netters slipped to a 4-6 record after posting an 8-4 over-all mark last year. III Pole vaulter Bob Johnson shows the form which helped him clear J 3-6 and tie for third place at the CIC meet. Shot, Distance Marks Set as Thinelads Shine Under the direction of veteran mentor Alex Francis, Fort Hays State’s track and field squad finished sec- ond in the CIC, won one of three duals and made good showings in eight major meets John Mason and Bernie Blevins led the Tiger charge throughout the year. Mason established two school marks of significance when he cruised the mile in 4:04 6 and the 3,000-meter steeplechase in 9:09.4 Blevins put his name in the books in both the shot put and discus, tossing the 16-pound ball 45-6 2 and heaving the steel plate 159-5 FHS copped fourth in the NAIA Meet. Mason was first in the mile and 3,000-meter steeplechase, and third in the three-mile Blevins won third in the shot Both were NAIA All-Americans CIC Meet Emporia State , . , 113 Fort Hays State 89 Pittsburg State 69 Washburn University ♦ .. 13 Omaha University 4 Recent Pan American Games coach, track mentor Alex Francis has also guided FHS to two cross country titles. 112 Sprinter Terry Shane takes the baton from Troy Porter, Shane sped to fifth place in the QC 100-yard dash. During a practice, mile ace John Mason and Tim Chapman stop on the cinder track to talk over an upcoming meet Track and Field Squid — BACK ROW : Jack Johnson, Lonnie Kent, Neil Cleaves. John Mason, Jim Kisel. Ken Rhoden. Lynn Havel, David Wright. Larry Flint, Jerry Cates, Craig Thomas. SECOND ROW: Coach Alex Francis, Troy Porter, Jim Alexander, Tim Chapman, Ron Borger, Gary Arthaud, Bernie Blevins, Bob Newsom, Terry Shane, Bryce Zamrzla, Ken Allen, Joe Maverick. FRONT ROW: Ed Cox, Jerry Duran, Craig Gwinner, Bill Manning, Bob Holston. Bob Young, Jack Georgeson. Jerry Shelly, Lewis lavielte. In spite of cold, snowy weather, track and field squad mem- bers continue daily workouts at Lewis Field Stadium, Tigers Earn Honors In Big-Name Meets Placing fifth the thinclads began the season at the NAIA Indoor at Kansas City. Tiger trackmen won first in the mile and third in the shot. An indoor dual at Kearney (Neb.) State was next on the agenda, and for one of blit a few times, the Antelopes defeated the Bengals. Next the Tigers traveled to Omaha University, where they copped a triangular win, FITS participated in the Kansas Slate University Indoor, and John Mason was clocked in 4:06.9 in the mile. Other Tiger firsts came in the sprint medley relay and in the freshman high jump. Then it was on to the Texas Relays, where Mason ran his 4:04,6 mile, Kearney State hosted the Tigers in a return dual engagement and look a narrow one-point victory. At the Emporia State Relays. Bengal s won the mile, the steeplechase and the sprint medley relay. The Kansas University Relays found Mason finishing second in the steeplechase. One week later, Mason won die mile run at the Drake Relays, and FHS thinclads claimed firsts in freshman high jump and javelin events at the Colorado Relays, field in Boulder, Traveling to Wichita State University, FI IS came home with a dual-meet win. In defense of their CIC crown, the Ben gals journeyed to Omaha. Five firsts and a host of seconds and lid ids were not enough as FHS finished second to Emporia State, Getting set, Sernie Blevins prepares to heave the shot. A track record-holder, Blevins also played football. 14 Checking the charts, Wendell Liemohn, assistant track coach, the CIC track crown after copping two consecutive champion- arid Nell Cleaves discuss performances. Fort Hays State lost ships, but the Tigers were a strong second. I 15 Scooping up a grounder, Jim Dreilmg gets set for the throw to the Tiger first baseman, Dreiling led the team in walks during the season. He also received honorable mention the balloting for NAIA All-American last year. I 16 Season Record 1 FHS ...... Kansas Wesleyan University 4 3 FHS . . . , ♦ : ♦ Kansas Wesleyan University 1 1 FHS .................. Emporia State 3 3 FHS , Emporia State 4 10 FHS Hastings (Neb ) College 2 5 FHS . . . . Hastings (Neb.) College 4 7 FHS . McPherson College 0 15 FHS . McPherson College 0 3 FHS Hastings (Neb.) College 4 3 FHS Hastings (Neb.) College 0 4 FHS . . . . . Washburn University 6 2 FHS . . . . Washburn University 4 2 FHS ...... Emporia State 3 4 FHS . , . . Emporia State 2 5 FHS ...... Kearney (Neb.) State College 6 6 FHS Kearney (Neb.) State College 2 8 FHS . . . . , , . . , . . . Washburn University 2 0 FIIS . Washburn University 8 1 FHS . Washburn University 9 1 FHS Emporia State 2 2 FHS Kearney (Neb.) State College 11 16 FHS Kearney (Neb.) State College 6 CIC Tournament Washburn University First Omaha University Second Emporia State Third-Place Tie Fort Hays State Third-Place Tie Pittsburg State Third-Place Tie New Baseball Mentor Faces Hitting Problem Compiling a 10- 12 season record, the baseball squad tied for third in the CIC tournament. Earl Hobbs served his first year as baseball coach. Field- ing a team for only the second time in some 40 years, l he Tigers improved on last season’s 7-12 record. Lack of consistent hitting was the major problem faced by the Bengals. As a team, FHS batted .230 as compared to the opposition’s .234. Notable marks established by the Tiger squad in- cluded 103 runs to the opponents’ 85 and 145 hits to 143 for the opposition. The team also scored a total of 17 doubles, 5 triples, 4 home runs, 99 bases on balls and 75 runs baited in. Members of the pitch- ing crew compiled an earned -run average of 3.84 to the opposition’s 4.46. As a team, the Tigers fielded .941 to their opponents’ .922. On the individual charts, Louis Brungardt led in hitting w ith a .328 average, in RBI’s with 12, in total bases with 29, in bits with 22 and in at-bats with 67, Brungardt and Roy Ralstin lied for runs-scored honors with 15 each. Ralstin stole the most bases — 12. John Mast in led in doubles with five, Jim Dreiling drew the most walks — 18. Leading the pitching staff, Dennis Blankenship hurled 40 2 3 innings, gave up 35 hits, walked 14, struck out 23 and compiled a 1.99 ER A. Dennis Wells fanned 17 to win the strikeout title. Baseball Squad— SACK ROW: Dennis Blankenship, Jon Mesiin, Dennis ROW: Jim Dreiling. Randy Schmidt berg ar, Roy Ralstin Dennis Wells, Lefker Bob Power Bob Kitts, Rod Timm, Harold Hartlng, Bill Scott, Dean Stein. Dick Cole, Keith Riley (senior assistant). Jim Dinkel. Don Givens Bud Humphrey, Bill Sehrum, Coach Earl Hobbs. FRONT Dwight Negley. Louis Brungardt, Wes Bartlett. 1 17 Leaping high, first baseman Roy Ralstin snares a throw from a teammate, Ralstin led the team in stolen bases. Baseball mentor Ear! Hobbs completes his initial year on the Fort Hays State coaching staff with a 10-12 record. So-So Year Includes Low Tourney Finish Kansas Wesleyan University furnished the opposi- tion for the Tigers’ season opener and the Bengals and Coyotes split a twin bill. In their first home game, the Tigers hosted the Emporia State Hornets, and the visitors promptly added two more wins to their record at the expense of FHS. Bouncing back, the Tigers grabbed a pair of twin- hill victories from Hastings (Neb,) College and Mc- Pherson College Then Hobbs’ team traveled to blast- ings for a return engagement and split a pair. From there, it was on to Washburn University and Emporia State, where FHS lost two games to the Ichabods and split a pair with the Hornets. Kearney (Neb.) State was next on the list, and the two squads split a doubleheader. Against Wash- hurn University, the Tigers took the first game, but the Ichabods got revenge in the second. Drawing Washburn in the CIC tourney, FHS fell victim to the Ichabods’ big bats. In the loser’s bracket, 1HS pushed Emporia State 14 innings before dropping the decision. Closing out action, the Bengals split a pair with Kearney State, H8 Fort Hays State Snares First All-Sports Crown Awarded this year for the first lime, the annual sweepstakes trophy — -given to the CIC member posting the best finishes over-all in conference sports— went to Fort Hays State. Tiger teams copped the trophy by nabbing first place in cross country, tying for first in football, gaining second in both golf and track, sharing third in basketball, garnering fourth in tennis and sharing third in baseball. Athletic Director Cade Seiran displays the first annual sweep- stakes trophy, won by Fort Hays State athletes. Intramural Title Won By Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon used all-school titles in softball, swimming, bowling and badminton doubles to gain the FHS intramural championship. The Sig Eps edged Delta Sigma Phi, last year’s champion. Independent and Greek teams competed separately throughout the season before the champions in each division met to determine the all-school winners. Intramural Winners Badminton Doubles: Greeks and All School — Sigma Phi Epsilon. Badminton Singles: Independents — Ronald Charlton; Greeks — Keith Bunselmcyer, Prometheans; All-School — Ronald Charlton. Basketball: Independents — Newman Club; Greeks — Delta Sigma Phi; All-School— Delta Sigma Phi, Bowling: Greeks and All-School — Sigma Phi Epsilon, Football: Independents— 69 T er$; Greeks— Delta Sigma Phi; All School- Delta Sigma Phi, Golf Doubles: Greeks and All-School— Delta Sigma Phi. Golf Singles: Greeks and AllSchool— Jim Griffin, Sigma Tau Gamma. Horseshoes Doubles ; Greeks and AH School— Sigma Tau Gamma, Horseshoes Sin- gles: Independents — Jay Rowb; Greeks — Kenneth Depperschmidt, Sig- ma Tau Gamma; AH School— Kenneth Depperschmidt, Sigma Tau Gamma. Softball: Independents — Victors; Greeks — Sigma Phi Epsilon; All-School — Sigma Phi Epsilon. Swimming: Greeks and All School — Sigma Phi Epsilon. Table Tennis Doubles: Creeks and All-School — Alpha Kappa Lambda. Table Tennis Singles: Independents— Allan Mai; Greeks— Leon Boor, Delta Sigma Phi; AllSchool — Leon Boor, Delta Sigma Phi. Tennis Doubles: Greeks and All-School — Delta Sigma Phi. Tennis Singles: Greeks and All-School — John Schmidt, Phi Sigma Epsi lon. Track: Greeks and All-School — Delta Sigma Phi, Volleyball: Independents — International Relations Club; Creeks — Sigma Phi Epsilon; All-School— International Relations Club, Men race for the finish line in a swimming event. Swimming is one of seven team sports in men ' s mtramurals. Action is ready to get under way as the quarterback barks out signals during an Intramural football contest. Winner of the K-Award, Louis Horton of Delta Sigma Phi boasts the highest point total in intramural action Greek All-Sports Chart Sigma Phi Epsilon 887 1 5 Delta Sigma Phi - 877 1 6 Prometheans 697 Sigma Tau Gamma 670 2 3 Tau Kappa Epsilon 647 Alpha Kappa Lamb da ... 570 5 6 Phi Sigma Epsilon . . . 49 4 2 3 121 Taking careful aim with bow and arrow, a coed zeros in on her target while working to improve her archery skill. With a physical education professor lending a hand, a coed performs basic exercises to improve her coordination. Work, Fun Combined In Women’s Athletics Combining the seriousness of classroom work with the enjoyment of recreation, a broad program of ac- tivities was oifered in women’s physical education and in its related organizations. Sponsoring a series of Play Days for high school students provided practical experience for future teachers and encouraged sportsmanship at both the collegiate and secondary levels. Fencing, archery, howling, golf, swimming, tennis and dancing permitted students to select activity to suit; their liking and provided a well-rounded program for women s intramural competition. 122 Getting the knack of tumbling exercises high school girls visit the campus for one of a series of Play Days With blades clashing, women in a fencing course learn posi- tions and techniques involved in mastering the sport. 123 ) Groups Paralleling the growth of Fort Hays State, campus groups have encompassed college housing units, Greek social fraternities and soror- ities, academic and service organizations, and a wide variety of others. Oldest of the host of campus groups, the State College Leader, student newspaper, was founded in 1906 . The names of such organ- ized groups as Seventh Cavalry and Custer Hall reflect the college’s heritage. In group participation lies the challenge to learn to manage one’s time wisely, to in- crease one’s versatility, to mature socially and to grow intellectually. 125 Placing their bets, collegians try their luck at the Memorial Union Casino Party. Introduced this year by the Program Council, the project offered prizes to participants, who pur- chased play money with which to gamble 26 Program Council Ups Number of Committees Expanding from three committees to nine. Memorial Union Program Council, a student service organization, coordinated Union activities. Program Council spon- sored a Casino Party, a French gourmet dinner, two Tiger Hops, the Sweetheart Bali and aided with prepa- rations for the annual Madrigal Dinner. Members attended the regional conference of the Assn, of College Unions and the national conference in Philadelphia. Tom Baxter served as chairman, and 0. Z. Bizzell sponsored the council. Memorial Union Program Council — BACK ROW: Tom Sander, Fred Bongo, Cray McDonald, O. Z. Bizzell (sponsor}, Jim Baxter, FRONT ROW: Lynne Bradley, Shirlene Burrows, Sherry Powers, Dee Perkins, Judy Haigler, Barb NictioL With the servers waiting, Memorial Union workers prepare plates for the banquet at the annual Madrigal Dinner. 127 Tribunal Alters Rules, Recommends New Lot Traffic Tribunal— BACK ROW: Michael Stewart, Wendell Wyatt. Mark FRONT ROW: Jean Stouffer, Gail Me Whir ter. As its main project. Traffic Tribunal tackled the job of revising campus traffic regulations. The organi- zation also was responsible for the recommendation of the new parking lot which was opened just west of Malloy Hall during the year. Under the direction of Traffic Tribunal, the re- stricted parking area on campus was enlarged in order to accommodate additional faculty members and handi- capped students A number of appeals from violations were handled weekly by the group. Merwin Colburn served as chairman of Traffic Tribunal, Spotting a car v hich has violated a regulation, a campus policeman makiog his rounds fills out a traffic ticket. 128 All Student Council— BACK ROW; Jerry Stapleton, Nelson Krueger, Randy Bane, Fred Bongo, Gene Banger, Keith Bunselmeyer, Randy Lar- sen. SECOND ROW: Lynda Schmidt. David Zwink, Dave Aday, Mike Finnin, Ken Havner, Gary Vernon. Glen Degenhardt, Keith Ogburn, Mimi Delay. FRONT ROW: Dixie Westerveli, Lois Ruder, Pam Alspew, Marla Bass, Trudy Holler, Nancy Ward, Faye Gilchrist, Jo Anne Murphy, Sharon Daniels. Student Court ' — BACK ROW: Rich- ard Heil, Jean Stouffer, Dr. Richard Burnett, Michael Stewart, FRONT ROW: Sharia Barber, David Agnew, ASC Invites Rockwell For FHS Appearance In order to introduce students to controversial ideas and to establish a fund for organizational expenses, All- Student Council brought George Lincoln Rockwell, head of the American Nazi Party to campus and charged admission to bis speech. The council also re- introduced its Professor of the Month election aftei several months’ suspension. Reversing former procedure, a bill was passed to allow seniors to vote in campus elections. Court Handles Cases; Legal Board Enlarged Comprising the judicial branch of student govern- ment, Student Court handled cases referred to it by its legal board or by other campus judicial bodies. The Student Court was revised during the year with the enlargement of the legal board. Four faculty members served on the court. Officers included three justices, a chief justice and an attorney general. For the second consecutive year, Clark Chip- man served as attorney general. 129 SOC Evaluates, Okays Campus Organizations Student Organisations Committee — BACK ROW: Benito Carbaflo. Rich’ ard Burnett. Gordon Price, Michael Stewart. FRONT ROW; Jean Stouffer, Gene Byinger Dave Aday. As a coordinating council. Student Organizations Committee evaluated the plans and purpose of each campus organization. The group approved new or- ganizations, off-campus money-making projects and renewed recognition of existing clubs. Certificates of recognition were presented to approved groups. Students and faculty made up the committee, Jean Stouffer was selected to serve as chairman. Home Economics Chapter— SACK ROW: Marlene Odle, Bernice Dreil- iflg, Rhcda Danse!, Linda Swayze, Denise Bamberger, Margaret Hogan, Shirley Keller. Melva Perryman, Arista Lohmann. SECOND ROW: Dedria Ashworth. Lenna Woods, Nancy Herrington, Fran Hayse, Martha Bullock Janice Curtis, Linda Kshmeyer, Ivalee Smith, Linda Grant. Donna Graves. Nancy Kooehel. FRONT ROW: Rosemary Hlaus, Vickie Wright. AHreda Herman, Linda Thalheim, Georgian Hayse, Joyce Douthlt, Anita Laas. VicSci Cohen, Cindy Parsons. Home Economics Groups Back Service Projects As a service project, Home Economics Chapter made Easter favors for residents of Hillcrest Manor Nurs- ing Home, The chapter sent delegates to the National Home Economics Assn, Convention, Kappa Omicron Phi, home economies honorary, sent coupons to Crossmore School in North Carolina, which enabled the institution to buy foodstuffs. Delegates at- tended a conclave in Washington, D.C Vicki Wright served as chairman of Home Eco- nomics Chapter, and June Krebs sponsored the group, Kathalie Dortland was elected president of Kappa Omicron Phi Alice Beesley served as club sponsor. Kapp Omicron Phi — BACK ROW: Shirley Keller, Diana Dietz. THIRD ROW; Marlene Odle, Denise Bamberger, Jan- ice Piland, Linda Kahmeyer, Nellie Walter, Nancy Herrington. SECOND ROW; Rosemary Hlaus, Linda Swayze, Judy Tyson, Martha Bulloch. Rosa Jones, FRONT ROW; Dedria Ashworth, Katha- I i e Dort land, Ratty Stewa rt, Nancy Kooehel. Phyllis loerger, Eileen Wine- land. 130 3 Industrial Arts Club — BACK ROW: Bryan Bachkora (sponsor), John BandeF, Gary Tobias, Fred Rude, Dr. Richard Cain, Kart Hilgers, Dennis McKee, Bill Rueb, Jesse Garetson. Glenn Ginther, SECOND ROW; Hank Neufeld, Leslie Gould Robert Ashworth, Ralph Pitner, Rodney Applegate, John Armstrong, Ronnie Swenson, Deloyd Sander, Stephen Albright, FRONT ROW; Ellis McIntyre, Richard Sparks, Donald Blazek, Terry Miller, William Roland, Paul Lawrence, Ronald Harkrade r, Richard Porter, Edward Spangenberg. BACK ROW; Don Klish, Dale Ktish, Jim Nixon, Edward Westerman, Jerry Brown. Dan Johnson, Vernon Kraus, Arthur Seyler, Lee Scott, Dale Wagner, George Steele. SECOND ROW: Steve Cranston, Ed Edging ton. Wayne Dempsey, Ken Feist, Vernon Levin, Tom Button, Delbert Martin, Jack Howerton, Merlin Gagelman, Dwight Dunham. FRONT ROW; Ralph Barnett, Ken Ruder. Rick Matts. Glen Teel, Nick Thielen, Maurice Haberman. Charles Eaton, Marvin Cain, Ed Votruba, John Tweed. Epsilon Pi Tau— BACK ROW: Bryan Bachkora. Wayne Dempsey, Jerry Brown, Dan Johnson, Dale Wagner, Glenn Ginther. George Steele. SECOND ROW: John Bandel, Gary Tobias. Dr. Richard Cain (sponsor), Karl Hilgers, Dennis McKee, Terry Miller. FRONT ROW; Ellis McIntyre, Robert Ashworth, Delbert Martin, Lee Scott, William Roland, Edward Spangenberg, Ronald Harkrader. Fair, Alumni List Are Industrial Arts Projects Drawing more than 1,500 projects from 41 junior high and high schools. Industrial Arts Club sponsored the annual Western Kansas Industrial Arts hair. ] lie best entry earned the Ed Davis trophy. Epsilon Pi Tau, industrial arts honorary, main- tained a fbllow-up program on all industrial arts graduates since 1914. Each month members served on a Research Coordination Committee. Lee Scott was elected president of Industrial Arts Club. Bryan Bachkora sponsored the organization. Del heil Martin headed Epsilon Pi Tau, and Dr. Richard C a i n se rve d as f ac u 1 ty a d v i ser . nr Delta Tau Alpha— BACK ROW- Robert Brejcha, Lorn Schmidt, Kenneth Stewart, Richard Mentzer, THIRD ROW: Dan Sanneman, Larry Keyset Richard Scha- fansfcy, Loren Weeks. SECOND ROW: Darrell Davis, Steven Nolan, Frederick Schmidt, Clyde Goodman. FRONT ROW: Bill Smith, Norman O ' Neill, J. R. Wells (sponsor). Beta Seta Beta — BACK ROW: Jerrold Dodd. George Capp, Larry Zavesky, Donald Kaufman, Rodney Heitschmldt, Clair Sloan. SECOND ROW: Robert Gesmk, Tom Keyse, Dwight Ittner, Keith Sexson, Robert Todd. Clyde Goodman. FRONT ROW: Ken HUdek, Delbert Atheson, Barbara J. Smith, Donna Kaufman, Larry Anthony, Joe Thomasson, Dr. Howard Reynolds (sponsor). Delta Tau Alpha Tabs Poster Contest Winner Choosing a winner. Delta Tau Alpha, national agri- culture honorary, judged conservation posters sub- mitted by persons throughout Ellis County Delegates attended the national Delta Tau Alpha conference at Arizona State University The group presented a plaque to the outstanding freshman agriculture student, Frederick Schmidt headed Delta Tau Alpha. J. R. Wells sponsored the organization Students Request Help From Tri-Beta Tutors Offering assistance in the area of the biological sci- ences to those students who requested it, members of Beta Beta Beta, national biology honorary, volunteered l be m se 1 ves for tutoring se rv i ees. A m em her of l lie group was named to Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic honorary. Members elected Clair Sloan president of Beta Beta Beta. Dr, Howard Reynolds served as spon- sor for the organization 132 Chemistry Club Assists With Conference Plans Chemistry Club assisted with plans for the Science Open House and the Undergraduate Research Confer- ence. At the group’s banquet the outstanding freshman and senior chemistry students were named. A member of the club was elected to Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic honorary. Alfred Holstein w=as president. Sponsor was Robert Richards. Representatives Attend National Math Meeting Fort Hays State delegates journeyed to Atchison to attend the national convention of Kappa Mu Epsilon, honorary mathematics fraternity. Six members of the group were named for inclusion in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities . Stephen Tebo was chosen president of Kappa Mu Epsilon. Robert Gum served as sponsor for the organization. Chemistry Club— BACK ROW; Alfred Holstein, Charles Adams, William Richards (sponsor). Sung Yonq Tart:, Richard Wood. Mansukb Patel. Ledbetter, Palmer Meet, Alan Klusener, SECOND ROW; Robert Ronald Morford. FRONT ROW; Cynthia Jacobs, Sylvia Broclcmeisr. Kappa Mu Epsilon — -BACK ROW: Allred Holstein, Armond Smith, Rich ' ard Bieber, Darwin Brown. Stephen Tebo, Jim Ontjes, William Ledbetter, Donald Forgue. THIRD ROW: Larry D. Smith. Eugene Mason, Anthony Wu, Leslie Wilson. Khosrow Rahmanan, Leslie Dreiling, Dennis Bangert. SECOND ROW: Marvin Rolfs, Robert Gumm [sponsor). Hilary Scully, Bi[an Chaftian, Gary Schmidt, O. t, E+ter, E, L, Marshall, Jim Hudson, FRONT ROW: Sail McWhirter, Donna Rogers, Dorothy Gross. Sharon Whipple, Marjorie Fast, Marilynn Wilson. Ima Lee Heier. Robin Parker, Sandra Smith, Gaylene Hayden, (• i jjik f’ rtf j , A. j Wj V- jM | Mi ' ' j N I i ! fl Pi Omega Pi Delegates Attend National Meeting Pi Omega Pi, honorary for business education teach- ers, sent delegates to the national convention in Chi- cago. Members served lunch at the Kansas State Teach- ers Assn, meeting and assisted with Career Day. The club presented a Book Award and National Business Education Assn. Award of Merit. Robert Schlaefli was president. Sponsor was Dale Gust. Alpha Kappa Psi Men Travel to Kansas City Touring the commodity exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank, members of Alpha Kappa Psi, profes- sional business fraternity, traveled to Kansas City. Completing its second year on campus. Alpha Kappa Psi awarded honorary membership to local bu ness- men and sponsored a scholarship, jack Sidwell was president. Sponsor was Richard Osborne. Pi Omega Pi — BACK ROW: Donna Horden, Judy Handley, Laura Blade. Karlenc Meckfessel, Lucille Houser, Janet Bryant. John WiFleft. SECOND ROW: Dedria Ashworth, Barbara Fttner, Elaine Burg, Joy Georg, Tari Marietta, Vickie Wright, Dave Dennis. FRONT ROW: Lois Weeks, Marilyn Bouchey, Roberta Schlaefli, Karen Gilchrist. Mary Robison, Sue Ingram. Alpha Kappa Psi — BACK ROW: Jerry Shields, Randy Bane. Dave Coursen, Curtis Eosse+t, Alfred Zimmerman, Larry Noffstnger, Cleetus Doyel, Clyde Phillips. Eugene Konzem, Dave Hendrickson, Mervin Poore. William Turner, Dennis Reese. THIRD ROW: Edward Allen, Denni$ Be fort, Dwight Wieh!. Dick Jarvis, Lawrence Brungardt, Steve Olson, Delwin Grau, Robert Wagner, Maynard Estes, James Drees. Donald Korbe, Blake HempFer, Rodney Moore. SECOND ROW: Ronald Hark ness. Jack Sidwell, John Trapp,, Stephen Wondra, Delbert Stout, Roland Nuss, Bill Mangels, Gary Pogue, Raymond Whistler, Gary Hicks, Joseph Fok. FRONT ROW; Richard Osborne (sponsor), George Wall, Archie Thomas, Dr. M. J. Little, Rodger DeGarmo, Douglas Hickman, Joseph Ryan, Thomas Be fort. Monte Lareau, Dennis Bollig. 134 Student National Education A ssn. — BACK ROW: Arlie Raymond, Dr. Gor- don Price (sponsor), Lawrence Wendelin, Eldon Meckfes eh Harry Long. FRONT ROW; Janet Enfield, Dr. Edith Dobbs [sponsor] , Coreen Liflich. M Hi! k m JC2JL E Cl i T , Phi Beta Lambda — BACK ROW: Dr. John Bale (sponsor). Ralph Hartman, Eugene Vap, Don Meclcfessd, David Miller, Richard Fanner, Ronald Horne, Howard Reece, Vic Flegler, Donald D. Korbe, James Pfinsen, Mary Schreiber, Donna Norden, Cherry L. Close. THIRD ROW: Jim Baxter, Suzanne Welters, Charlene Flagler, Sharon Flagler, Cathy Prusa, Jack Humburg, Connie Van Kooten, Michael Downs, Erryn Landis, Vickie Wright, Darrell Ehrlich, Gregory Gleason, Alan Atwater [ sponsor). Local Members Handle State SNEA Positions FHS members served as slate president and secretary of Student National Education Assn. Tbe FHS chapter sponsored a caroling party at Lamed State Hospital during the holiday season. Annual W. C. Wood awards were presented to two outstanding Kansas educators at the club’s banquet Members attended a workshop and the student KSTA convention Lawrence Wend el in was president. Dr. Edith Dobbs and Dr. Gordon Price were sponsors. SECOND ROW; Janet Hladelc, Sharon Vlasak (sponsor], Ronda Sidman, Loren Reese, Aneta Ruff, Judy Leiker, Marilyn Btehm, Caro! Dreher. Merrie Rolland, Joyce Puckett, Elaine Rynerson, Mickey Alb n. FRONT ROW: Linda Bliss, Janice Cyr, Wilma Mlchaelis, Roberta Schlaefli, Lois Weeks, Janet Hankins, Carol Kayartz, Sharon Steponlck, Jo Ann Dietz, Janico Overmiller. Merilee Schmidt, Sarabeth Kerr, Mary Lou Schwarz, New Business Group Organizes on Campus Organized this year, Phi Bela Lambda, national honorary for persons preparing for careers in business and industry, sent delegates to area, stale and national conventions The groups presented Mr, and Miss Fu- ture Business Leader awards. Representatives entered state competition in various areas of business. James Pri risen was Phi Beta Lambda president Sponsors were Dr. John Bale Jr., Alan At- water and Sharon Vlasak 135 K-Club BACK ROW: Cade Suran (sponsor}, Emery Hart, Ron Darst, Toedman, William Hudson, Jim Erickson, John Mason, Robert Niles, Larry Noffsinger Maynard Estes, Terry Claycamp, Charles Myers, Alan Biilinger. FRONT ROWr Dean Stein. Robert Wilburn, Lee Albert, Fred Andregg " . SECOND ROWr Robert (Stormy) Johnson, Charles Mark Giese, Doug Opdy dee, Tom Stevens, Bob Gregg. Women ' s Recreation Assn, — -BACK ROW: Monice Somers (sponsor}, Andrea Kirk, Linda McHeniy, Louise Redger, Lois Fagenquist, Rose Wlljhaus, Charlotte Stlthem, Margaret Hogan, Beverly Ritter. SEC ' OND ROW: Wilma Michaelis, Pam Albert, Wava Ward, Ivalee Smith, Karen Snay, Jane Goodrow, Danis McWhirter, Barbara Brooks, Carole Converse, Paulette Hunter. FRONT ROW: Donna Gump, Mary Capps, Shirley Arneson, Elolse Cowan, Linda Jennings, Patsy Horner, Gaff Mc- WhErter, Luana Randels, Carolyn Horner. Award Funds Boosted By K-Club Pop Sales Selling pop at Tiger athletic contests, K-Club con- tributed to the Busch Gross Award presented each year to an outstanding Fort Hays State athlete. The club also donated money to the Athletic Awards and Scholarship Funds. As is customary, the group main- tained the “K ,! on College Hill west of campus. Larry Noffsinger was elected president of K-Club. Cade Suran sponsored the organization. WRA Members Take Ski Trip During Break Heading for the snowy mountain slopes of Colorado, Women’s Recreation Assn, took a ski trip during semes- ter break. Proceeds from concessions sold at football games financed a camping trip and an awards banquet. Hie group invited high school girls to campus for Play Day, Volleyball Sports Day and Softball Sports Day. Linda McHenry headed WRA. Monice Somers served as sponsor for the group. 136 Getting the feel of the trampoline, Kansas high school girls gather in Sheridan Coliseum on Play Day. The project was one of a series of such recreational days planned for sec ondary schools by Women ' s Recreation Assn. 137 Members, concentrated on issues pertaining to nurses and strove to improve their organization, formed in 1957, IHf kl r 1 Orchesls members perform in the finale of ChoreuH, e modern dance concert presented to foster appreciation of dance as an art. Dancers practiced regularly once a week and held several special practices to prepare for the show. Original Dance Show Produced by Orchesis To stimulate an interest in artistic and creative danc- ing, Orchesis presented an original modem dance con- cert, Choreuti. Dance club members participated in various dance workshops, the Madrigal Dinner and other activities. Sponsor DiAnne Damro and the offi- cers were presented awards at the group ' s banquet. Ann D reseller was elected president. Nurses’ Club Honored For Group Enthusiasm At the Kansas Student Nurses Convention, Nurses 1 Club received special recognition for increased member- ship and interest. Three FH3 student nurses were elect- ed to state offices. Advised by Elinor Trosin, the club sponsored a Christmas party for patients at Hadley Memorial Hospital and three money-making projects. Cathy Brin die was president. Nurses ' Club“BACK ROW: Louise Redger, Charlotte Highland, Gheryl Doyle, Pam Thurman, Julia Smith, Georgette Wiens., Jean Ann Quinn, Sharon Miller, Anita Roemer, Jean Danner, Betty McMulkln, Perry Comeau, Susan Karst, Mrs, Elinor Trosm (sponsor). THIRD ROW. Dean Zerr, Shirley Quint, Margaret Vesecky. Nancy McColm, Jennie Carlson, Mary Jones, Gloria Carpenter. Judy Linenberger, Shirley Schmidt, Sherry Peterson, Sandra Nebel, Kathy Swonger, Karla Conner, Rodney Brunson, SECOND ROW: Meredith Million, Barbara Kats, Donita Herring, Kathy Beublein, Ann Bettenbrock, Jo Agnew, Charlene Fenwick, Peggy Rhoades, Mona Shamburg, Shirley McDonald, Jackie Heharty, Jolene Donart, Linda Knight. FRONT ROW: Barbara Boyd, Susan Hays, Susan Rauscher, Susan Swank, Janis Hawkins, Cathy Brindle. Carol Henderson, Linda Poulignot. Tammy Wheeler. 139 New Campus Groups Honorary Hears Ideas Include History Club Of Several Speakers Initiated this year History Club became one of sev- eral new organizations on campus The club worked closely with Phi Alpha Theta, history honorary Mem- bers attended all Phi Alpha Theta programs in addi- tion to planning separate meetings for the future At these meetings, student papers will be presented and discussed. Larry Henry was president of the group. H T Schmeller was sponsor History Club— BACK ROW; H. J. Schmeller (sponsor}, Gary Smith. Richard Stahl, Larry Henry. John Kessler, John Marie ley. FRONT ROW; Robert Heier, Lewis Williams, Lynda Bongarti, Russell Herrick, Donald Fackllam, Speakers from the college, Kansas State Historical Society and Hays spoke at meetings of Phi Alpha Theta, national history honorary. During the year the group presented the annual Welty awards to the under- graduate student and graduate scholar who had written outstanding historical papers Deviating from normal scholastic activities, mem- bers of the organization socialized at a picnic Glenn Pettengill was elected president of Phi Alpha Theta Dr Gordon Davidson, sponsor, assisted with organi- zational plans for the group. Elaine Baedeker. Mike Sintzler, FRONT ROW; Jo Anne Murphy, Sharon Daniels, Kerry Thalheim, Carol McCarthy, Jo Anne Brown, Rita Juno, Mary Kay Mapes. Phi Alpha Theta — SACK ROW; Kevin Hase, Dr, Gordon Davidson, (sponsor), Ralph Voss. Gary Kisner, Doug Hurt. Carl Starkey, Robert Osborn, Gary Lamb, Dr. Leo Oliva. SECOND ROW: Dan Gish. Karen Schueler, Gene Buinger, Glenn Pettengill, Bud Elliott, Bob Learning, 140 Spanish Club — BACK ROW; Geraldine Henderson,, Margaret HuSstine, Jeanrtine Dalton, Karen Schueler, Arlyn Smith, David Moody. Richard Stahl, Larry Henry. Lynda Bongarfr, Nelson Krueger, Jim Bures, Diane Morel. FOURTH ROW; John Dosenbrock, Jane Goodrow, Linda Keeley, Mary Schreiber, Nicki Soice. Mike Page. Barbara Hand, Nancy Aust. Terry Shane, Theresa Lambert. Debbie Daily, Elaine Rabenseifner, Sue Votapka. THJRD ROW: Grace Carbollo, Linda Moxter, Henry Collier. Gerald Co ndra, Doug Hurt. Juar. Jimenez Jr r , Linda Steiti, Zelda Neely, Lynette Wahrman, Roslyn Jones. SECOND ROW: Karla Sheffer, Margaret Sherwood, Alma Lozano. Dianne Gum, Jody Hartsell, Carol O ' Hara, Mary Stapleton, Cherri Ruder, Georgann Toot, Ellen Biays. FRONT ROW; Dr. Benito Carballo (sponsor), Graciella Carballo. Alice A e!son, Pat Shane. Pat Grover. Peg Grover, Dr. Juan Jimenez. German Club — BACK ROW; Thomas Hoffman, Erich Hartmann, Aivin Hager- mann, Kim Gottsohalk. SECOND ROW; Dr. Roman Kuchar (sponsor). Mark Stuart, Galen Schmidtberger, Paul Graber. FRONT ROW; Arlene Bohm, Marjoris Weber, Sigrid Hagermann. Spanish Club Members Total More Than 100 With an increased membership of 115, Spanish Club presented speakers from Cuba and Argentina The group attended the annual Cervantes Day cele- bration, where members presented Spanish poetry and prose A Spanish film, “Dona Barbara, was shown for members and area high schools Arlyn Smith was chosen president. Dr Benito Carballo was sponsor. Club Members Learn About German Culture Music, lectures and films sponsored by German Club helped students to increase their knowledge of German customs. Members attended a conference of the American Assn of Teachers of German and as- sisted with German tests given on campus Book awards were made to active club members Mark Stuart served as president Dr Homan Kuchar was sponsor 141 French Club — BACK ROW.; Robert Gieber (sponsor), Arden Kobler Charles Vachal, Jeonnine Dalton, Barbara Bold, Sharon Adee, Sandra King, Harold Fanshrer, MiVe Tate. SECOND ROW; Linda LeiSter. Marilyn Hartrvess. Elaine Rynerson, Elizabeth Rowland- Debbie Daily, Sylvia Krueger, Cheryl Schoenthaler, Francis. Pecbanec, FRONT ROW: Mar- wan N. Nahas (sponsor}, Eldene Forney. Barbara Bickford, Sherry Ihrig, Anne Marie Bobsi, Mile Glntzler, Loel Brooks, C. j h atti n Sessio n s Help French Club Members Chatting sessions twice a week were added to the activities of French Club to give students an oppor- tunity to practice speaking French. The club sponsored a French Christmas party, and club members presented three plays in French dialogue. Outstanding students in French classes were pre- sented with Certificates de Me rite en franca is near the end of the year. Loel Ann Brooks was elected president of the organization. Robert Gieber and Mar- wan Nahas served as sponsors for the group. New Psychology Club Eyes National Affiliation As a new organization on campus, Psychology Honor Fraternity concentrated on developing a strong club and planning activities. The group discussed possi- ble future affiliation with Psi Chi. national honor so- ciety in the field of psychology. J. E. Benoit was elected as the first president of the club. Irving Rawl- ings advised the new group. Psychology Honor Fraternity ' — BACK ROW: Wayne Schon. James. Be- noit, Randolph Brull, John Morgan, Shirley Masai. FRONT ROW: Larry Dawes, Mary Yilk, Bernfe Mermis, Caro ' Sinclair, Norma Wagner, 142 Sociology Enthusiasts Sigma Alpha Eta Aids Launch Organization Handicapped Children Devoting bi-monthly programs to such social issues as poverty and civil rights, interested persons orga- nized a Sociology Club. The group sent delegates to meetings of the Rocky Mountain Sociological Assn, and the Midwest Sociological Society. As a profes- sional club one of its main concerns was broadening vocational opportunities. James Green served as pres- ident. Terry Carlson was sponsor. Providing help and encouragement for handicapped children, Sigma Alpha Eta, national speech therapy honorary, prepared Christmas cookies and bought puz- zles and games for youngsters receiving help in Hays. The group presented nine awards to students with out- standing scholarship and participation. ' Two women. Carol Barnett and Cynthia Pa his, served as president. Dr. Geneva Herndon was sponsor. Sociofogy Club — BACK ROW; Dennis Petrus, Richard Brook James Green, Stormy Johnson, Harvey Fisher, Randy Brull, James Morford. Biff Barr. SECOND ROW; Jean Kelly, Mary Burnett. Rosalie Sweat, Cherri Ruder, Vera Weltz, Theresa Lambert. Maclyn Pettengill. Virginia Fink, Sondra Murphy. FRONT ROW; Marie Woods, Terry Carlson (sponsor), Gerald Condra. Carol Miller, Mite Gidtzler, Brent Merydifh, Sigma Alpha Eta— BACK ROW; Barbara Russell, RiJa Pollnow, Anne Schroder, Karen Mills, Glenn Hfadek, Dick Lopes, Glenda Gay, Janice Joy, Helen Youngdahl, Janet Walters. SECOND ROW; Geneva Hern- don (sponsor), Sue Stackhouse,’ Mary Lou Smith, Cindy Trout, Carol Ingersoll, Jan Thurlow, Diana Larson. Janet Venmeberg, Jpyce Lupton. FRONT ROW; Mary Ad sit, Jane Hamman, Carol Barnett, Muriel Walters. Cynthia Pahls, Janet Kuiper, Kathleen D railing, Kay Clark. M3 i In an attempt to enter " the system, " Emile unsuccessfully Being accused of having a lover, Amelia is reprimanded by approaches a young woman In the comedy " The Egg. " her husband in the opera " Amelia Goes to the Ball. Little Theatre Stages Numerous Productions Presenting a one-aet play. Little Theatre partici- pated hi the Mary mount Drama Festival. The special interest organization in the field of dramatics staged four major productions- — “The Egg,” “Antigone,” “Orpheus Descending” and two one-act plays, “The Zoo Story” and “The Bald Soprano.” The organiza- tion aided the music department with the production of the opera “Amelia Goes to the Ball ” Awards were presented for the best performances by an actor and actress and for technical achievement. Calene Bomgardner served as president Sponsors were Perry Schwartz and Robert Reinecke Little Theatre — BACK ROW: Steve Larson, Efwood Dowd. David Long- ■fellow, John Junger, Walter Charter, Wayne Sipe. THIRD ROW: Robert Drake, Kenneth Bauer, Doug Teel. Michael Stinemetz, Joe Frazier, Calene Bomgardner, SECOND ROW: Kathleen Price, Pat Riner, Janice O Heh Linda Mulch, Laura Scott, Barbara Puffin. FRONT ROW: Sue Ostrander, Elaine Thomas, Judy Morgan, Tammy Wheeler, Vicky Boswell, 144 Using modern radio facilities In Malloy Hall a KFHS disc jockey plays music to be piped to residence halls. Residence Halls Hear KFHS Radio Offerings Completing iheir second full year in Malloy Hall, staffers of KFHS, campus radio station, beamed pro- grams to the residence halls. From a supply of more than 2,000 albums, music to suit various tastes was selected. KFHS presented talk programs from the Na- tional Aeronautics arid Space Administration and from the Hays Chamber of Commerce. To air student opinions, interviews were taped in the residence halls, KFHS also recorded interviews with personalities who visited the campus Using facilities costing more than $25,000, KFHS personnel had access to the latest in radio equipment. Dale Schields and Doug Teel served as station man- agers. Jack Heather sponsored KI 1 FIS. In order to inform students of upcoming campus events KFHS broadcasters deliver o report of the latest news. 145 Rick Schwein — Assistant News Editor Under the guidance of Jim Collier, who became newspaper adviser in 3965, the Leader has snared two A-j- ratings. Gary Kisner — Editor-in-Chief Marla Bass— Managing Editor 146 Leader Sports New Flag; Staffers Travel to Denver To help modernize the appearance of the newspaper, the Leader staff introduced a new flag (name plate). Leader staffers and other journalists utilized the extra working space made available by a new journalism lab. During the first semester staff members journeyed to Denver, where they toured an advertising agency and the plant of the Denver Post. Snaring its second top award, the Leader won an A-(- rating from National Newspaper Service. Dennis Pearce — ' News Editor Leader Staffers — TOP ROW: Jim Flavin, edi- torial assistant Duane Kraft, editorial as- sistant: Connie Parish, copy editor. BOTTOM ROW: Scott Sproier, sports: Pat Stuart, so- ciety nows; KalHy Walters, society news. 147 Now b her IQ+h year as adviser, Mrs. Katherine Rogers has guided staffs to one A+ award and two All-Americans. Largest Reveille Uses Seven Color Pictures Adding eight pages, die yearbook staff produced a 3 60 -page Reveille, the largest to date. Seven ftdl- color pictures were employed to carry out the theme, which honored the centennial of Hays. Breaking tradition, the staff abandoned the Reveille Ball and announced the Reveille Queen at halftime of the final basketball game of the season. Formerly chosen on the basis of beauty alone, the queen was selected with regard to beauty, poise, personality, ac- tivities, honors and talents. One of 33 yearbooks throughout the nation to gain the honor, the 1966 Reveille garnered an All-American rating from Associated Collegiate Press— the highest award granted by the organization. Friends surround Nancy Ann Ward to extend congratulations shortly after she has been named 1967 Reveille Queen. 14B Deanna Miller- — Assoc. Editor Ron Fisctili — Editor Wayne and Damans Claassen — Index and Circulation Pam Alspaw and Henry Krueger— Advertising Managers Edward Allen — Business Manager Pam Ison and Ella Rayburn — Organizations Editors Reveille Staff Members — TOP ROW: Mary Burnett, senior class editor; Martha Darnel, Greek editor; Ken Ross, sports Meritee Schmidt, opening section. BOTTOM ROW: Herb Schwa rtzkopf, sports; Pat Stuart, Greeks; Kathy Walters, academics; Janice Wheatcroft, Sousing. 149 Forensics Organizations Arrange Oratory Contest Debate Club and Pi Kappa Delta, honorary foren- sics fraternity, cooperated to host the Women’s Christian Temperance Union Oratory Contest, in which FHS students competed. Debate Club held a debate retreat at Ellis for the purpose of analyzing and gath- Debits Clob — BACK ROW; D. L Miller (sponsor), Craig Thomas, Kim Goffschalfe, Henry Woff, Kirk Mussulman. FRONT ROW; Dixie Wesfer- velt, Linda Werth, Bev Claassen, Pat Smith, Sharia Barber, ering evidence on the topic for the year — Resolved: that the United States should substantially reduce its foreign policy commitments Traveling from coast to coast to compete in tourna- ments, the debate squad had an especially heavy schedule. Sharia Barber headed both Debate Club and Pi Kappa Delta D. L Miller was sponsor Pi Kappa Delta — BACK ROW: Bill Gilbert, Craig Thomas, Kirk Mussel- Corrine Sidener, Bev Claassen. FRONT ROW; D, L Miller (sponsor), man, Sharia Barber, SECOND ROW; John Harrison. Walter Charter, Mark Maxson, Henry Wolf. Dixie Westervelt, Lola Loving. 150 Lambda Iota Tan — BACK ROW: Ron Fischli, Ted Bame, Lynn DeVore, Anderson, FRONT ROW: Kathy Clark, Susan Conard, Pat Sheets, Kathy Marion Tcmnjon, Dr S. J. Sackett (sponsor), David Ison (sponsor). Eisenhour, Roslyn Moran. SECOND ROW: Sandra Shipek, Nick! Soice, Kathleen Walters, Marlys Men ' s Glee Club — BACK ROW: Barrett Haldermen. Jerry Lippold, Lawrence Carter Ronald Leitner, Tim Murphy, Bob Blackburn. Gary ■Miller, Thomas Murphy, Edward Wes term an, William Kemp, David Nor- ton. Ron Cramer SECOND ROW: Richard Hfgerd, Brian Brooks. Ken Munson, Ed Votruba, James Stambau h. Don Meckfessel. Bob Ward, Lambda Iota Tau Ups Membership Invitations As a newly adopted project, Lambda Iota Tau agreed to help edit a script for a promotional film on Fort Hays State. In an attempt to increase mem- bership, the national language and literary honorary offered additional bids. Speakers from the college and community discussed literary topics at club meet- ings. Lynn DeVore was elected president. Sponsors were David Ison and Dr. Samuel Sackett. Robb Eaton. Larry Gerber, Larry Klaus. Pete Shull, Stephan Kadef, FRONT ROW: Patrick Goeser (director), Thomas Franke, Kenny Price, Larry Westhoftf, James Burns, Everett DeHaven. Lee Phillips, Ron Straight, Darrel Sowell, Richard Barter, Elmer Ward, Les Jensen. New Director Takes Charge of Men’s Glee Under the supervision of the new director Patrick Goeser, Men’s Glee Club joined Concert Choir in pre- senting the annual spring concert. The club also of- fered a set of carols for Christmas Vespers, the tra- ditional contribution of Fort Hays State College to holiday festivities. Open to all male students, mem- bership in the vocal group totaled more than 35. Mem- bers performed special solos. iSt Band Leaders — Marilyn Querry, majorette; Jim Sfambaugh, drum major; Carol Henderson, head hvirler; Jon Sims, drum major: Janet Harvey, majorette. Band Activities Include Tour of High Schools Under the direction of Lyle Dilley, the band per- formed from the first football game until Commence- ment, During a three-day tour the group presented programs at various Kansas high schools. Different groups within the band — Symphony Band, Marching Band, Tiger Pep Band, Varsity Band — ful filled different entertainment needs and provided pro fessional musicianship. Band members assisted with Band Day, an annual event at which numerous high school marching bands performed. With spats flashing, the all-male Fort Hays State Marching Band progresses along the Homecoming parade route. Leading the band in the College Appreciation Days parade, a Fort Hays State drum major sets the marching pace. 152 A 1 153 Top Vocalists Perform In Fort Hays Singers Including some of Fort Hays State’s lop vocal talent, the Fort Hays Singers filled many requests for en- tertainment at the college and in the community and surrounding area. The group took a two-day tour of high schools in North-Central Kansas and climaxed the year by presenting a concert in May, Dr Donald Stoul directed the Fort Hays Singers. Concert Choir Sings During Commencement Selective in membership, Concert Choir performed at Commencement exercises The group also enter- tained with two concerts — one in January and one in April On a lour of several Kansas high schools, the group performed for students and personnel. Com- posed of 50 members chosen by audition, the choir was under the direction of Dr Donald Stout. Fort Hays Singers — BACK ROW: Thomas Argo, Donna Synovec, John Bushier, Vicki Steen, Ron Llndberg. SECOND ROW; Cray McDonald, Kathy Georg, Galen Olson, Jeannette Evans, Terry Mai. Candi Hoover, FRONT ROW; Brenda McCallum, Allaire Homburg, Rita Rasmussen, David Bauer, Ann Siefkes. Concert Choir— BACK ROW: Terry Mai, Dennis Micheelis, Ron Lind berg, Cray McDonald, Robert Helm. John Buehler, Brad Ayres, Bruce Wilkins, Charles Rouse, Galen Olson, Thomas Argo, tavern Million, THIRD ROW: Vicki Steen, Judy Patterson, William Walter, Rick Schwein, Ed Votruba, Don Meckfessel, Jim Stambaugh, Jydson Murphy, David Bauer, Arthur Gribben, Carolyn Horner, Betty Converse. SECOND ROW: U lieu Camlibel, Connie Cody, Shiela Schmidt, Mary Pfeifer, Jeannette Evans, Rfta Rasmussen, Freda Brauer. Donna Synovec, Luanna Leichliter. Melva Barlow, Kathy Georg, Candi Hoover, Rosemary Bagby, Evelyn Root. FRONT ROW: Margaret Long. Brenda McCallum, Barbara Krehbief, Judy Seuser, Barbara Ochs, RoAnn Harmon, Shirley Woodson, Ann Siefltes. Virginia Gofer, Onalee Beer, Mary Mapes, 154 A n| J% !M J|0 -i at Wm l mn- ■ JlfiP li i ilH JfV flHffjff ' jBl Vfl s -JIB ht xM ■; » M Brais. Choir — BACK ROW: David Dud- r-ay , Jon Sims, Charles Rouse, Terry Karlin, Gary MerSslein. SECOND ROW: Warren Hixengaugh, Robert Regies Connie Cody, Ruby Boedeler, Kenneth Faulk, FRONT ROW: Charles Willis, Robert Salm, John Bur fey. David Foley, Clarinet Choir— BACK ROW: Sharon Nagel, Dennis West, Janice ROW; Peggy Orth off, RoAnn Harmon, Nancy Thiele, Jacklyn McWhirter, Bendel, Clinton Raynes, Mike Tate, Ron Frank, Joe Gilbert. FRONT Don Urban, Carolyn Preedy, Shareen Perry, Brass Choir Journeys To Secondary Schools On a tour of seven high schools in North -Centra l Kansas, the Brass Choir presented a variety of num- bers, In a January concert the instrumental group performed with Concert Choir. Ihe Brass Choir was directed by Dr. Leland Bartholomew, Clarinet Choir Helps With Spring Concert Joining forces with Collegian Chorale and the Men’s and Women’s Glee Clubs, the Clarinet Choir performed in the spring concert With the director Harold Palmer serving as guest speaker, the instrumental group per- formed at a banquet at Logan 155 Recitals Draw Women Of Sigma Alpha Iota Participating in contemporary and pledge recitals, members of Sigma Alpha Iota, professional music fraternity for women, furthered their interest in music Other activities included a bake sale, a Halloween party with Phi Mu Alpha, a caroling party and a buffet dinner, Jeannette Evans was president of SAL Joan Henry served as sponsor for the organization Phi Mu Alpha Backs Jazz Ensemble Show Promoting music on campus, Phi Mu Alpha, hon- orary music fraternity, sponsored the Jazz Ensemble in the spring. Proceeds from the ensemble were used to start a scholarship fund fo r the most outstanding freshman pledge. The group also participated in a caroling party for music faculty, John Burley was president, Robert Brown was sponsor. ‘ W ' l 1 1 1 } ; " t § | ] ' Ill tU ' tffll r ' Tit i r i n f l e I 1 1 w lL 1 1 | i i v i ■ ,i 1 I J t « [ l m -j ML M JF ' ■ mwv v-7 M Vr rw 1 i W i tS ir ' 1 jB Sigma Alpha iota — BACK ROW: Freda Brauer, Joan Henry (sponsor), Domna Synovec, Vicky Meyer, Donna Thompson. THIRD ROW: Shirley Woodson, Ruby Boedeker, Susan Gooch, Marianne Kats, Barbara Ochs. Phi Mu Alpha- — BACK ROW: Terry Mat, Larry Stetler, Charles Rouse, Gerald Brown, Robert Brown (sponsor}. SECOND ROW: Galen Olson, Cray McDonald, John Buehler. Jon Sims, David Dudrey, Allaire Hom- SECQND ROW: Judith Seuser, Rita Rasmussen, Jofeen Novotny, Judy Ahrens, Tamara Sebaughu FRONT ROW: Sandra Befort, Barbara Mustoe, Linda Mlchadis, Jeannette Evans, Laynne Kumberg. burg, FRONT ROW : Jim Mullen, Gary Merklein, Jim Kuhlman, John Burley. Robert Safm, Richard Ellis. 156 Chorale Goes on Tour, New 4-H Club Fulfills Helps Produce Concert Social, Service Needs Joining the Men ' s and Women ' s Glee Clubs, Colle- gian Chorale helped produce the annual spring con- cert, The group toured area high schools for perform- ances. During the holidays Collegian Chorale supplied numbers for the customary Christmas Vespers pro- gram, The more than 60 singers in the group were under the direction of Patrick Goeser. Formed as a social and service organization, 4-H Club, a new group on campus, sponsored a variety of projects. Members judged at county 4-H days, served as tabulators at judging schools and helped with clean- up days at 4-H camps, James Trapp served as first president of the club. Barbara Garton and Don Kneck sponsored the organization. Collegian Chorale — BACK ROW: Ron Straight, Alan Klusener. Ken Munson, Barrett Helderman, Terry Krob, Darryl Gleason, Tom Forney, Tim Murphy, Dave Pfanensiiel, Edward Westerman, David Norton, Dennis Powell, Mike Springfeldt, p Gale Scanlon, Wliliam Kemp, Jerrid Schubert, Jo Haflagin. THIRD ROW: Jerry Peterson, David Eppinger, Dale Seka- vec, Darrel Bowel], Steven Heiman, Donald Urban. Everett DeHaven, Gary ZimbeSnnan, Richard Porter, Elmer Ward, Larry Gerber, Pete Shull. Jim Reinert, Carol Shriver, Donna Thompson, Richard Ellis, Laynne Kumberg, SECOND ROW: Lee Phillips, Sally Denison, Vivian Bray, Karla Novotny, Pat McIntosh, Ann Baugher, Karfa Bose, Carolyn Preedy, Sharis Frack, Vicky Meyer, Carol tngersoll, Barbara Mustoe, Marian Shaw, Linda Altenbaumer, Lois Smith, Bronwen Smith, Sue Tovslee, Diana Luckey, FRONT ROW: Patrick Goeser (director}, Richard Higerd, Linda Middleton, Laab Hachmeister, Aden Van Galder, Janice Thornton, Penny Pruter, Gloria Mitchell, Connie Morris, June Robinson, Maridetl Goings, Judy Ahrens, Mary Stapleton, Marsha Merritt, Eldonna Dyche, Patsy Horner, Tamara Sebaugh. 4-H Club— BACK ROW; Don Kneck (sponsor), Richard Van Winkle, James Trapp, Robert Fallier, Terry Lindner, Randy Bane, Dennis Dryden, Lee Phillips. SECOND ROW; Arleta Lehmann, Fran Hayse, Peggy Moomaw, Louise ftedger, Barbara Garton (sponsor), Barbara Bolt, Vicki Giles, Karen Moore, FRONT ROW: Jo Browning, Margaret Vese cky, Sylvia Harbaugh, Joyce Douthit,, Carolyn Gassner, Susan Hays, Linda Thompson, Linda Patchen. 157 Alpha Lambda Delia— BACK ROW- Arlene Morgenstern. Joyce Graf. Grlbben, Shereen Perry, Janice Blank, Janet Hladek, Sandra Mabel. Carol Ingersoll, Deanna ' Beal, Kay Lynn Philip, Judy Patterson, Jean FRONT ROW: Dr. Edith Dobbs, Catherine Merrill, Katherine Sponger. Stouffer (sponsor), SECOND ROW: Dr. Geneva Herndon, Carolyn Diane Wilson, Linda Poppen, Gloria Lockhart. i i IU r - ft mL Phi Eta Sigma— BACK ROW: Gary Leikam. Jim Allen, Kenne+h Smith, Kenneth Frahm. Randy Bane, Robert Purdy, Wendell Nicholas, SEC- OND ROW: Ronald Weber, John Belt, R. L. Watkins, Richard Bear, John Trapp. Jon Sims, Kenton Nicholas. FRONT ROW: Ron Fischli, Bob Letter, Warren Young, Alan Piper, Richard Dietz, Jim Hudson, Group Supplies Guides For FHS Muster Day v Alpha Lambda Delta, national honorary for fresh- man women who have obtained a 2.5 grade index, helped with freshman orientation, provided guides for Muster Day and promoted scholastic achievement Senior members with a cumulative grade average of 2.5 were given special awards, Nancy Ann Ward acted as president. Jean Stouffer was sponsor 13 Scholars Welcomed To Academic Honorary Thirteen new members were initiated into Phi Eta Sigma, freshman men’s honorary fraternity To quali- fy the men must have a 2.5 grade average for their first semester of college work On Muster Day the group served as tour guides and hosts for the high school seniors. Wendell Nicholas was elected president, Mi- chael Stewart served as sponsor. 58 Who ' s Who— TOP ROW; Anderson, leota; Anglin. Judy; Betlach, Yvonne; Boedecker. Elaine; Bray. Ca rol ; Bri ckey. M i Id red . SECOND ROW; Brooks. Settle; Brull, Randolph; Converse. Betty; Darst, Ronald; Frost, Rita; Gil- christ. Karen. BOTTOM ROW: Gish, Daniel, Grabar, Lois; Hoi stein Alfred; Hoss. Sam- mye; Jacobs, Corliss: Koentopp. Anne. Faculty Members Name 34 Seniors to Who’s Who Thirty -four Foil Hays State seniors were chosen for inclusion in the 1966-67 edition of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges . Faculty members selected students with regard to academic achievement, qualities of leadership, partici- pation in campus activities and potential contributions to society, A minimum grade average of 2.0 and senior class standing comprised the basic requirements for membership in the elite group Who’s Who honors top seniors from 750 colleges and universities yearly. The number chosen from each is limited to not more than 10 per cent o L the insti- tution’s graduating class. Darwin Brown was among those chosen but is not pictured. Who ' s Who— TOP ROW: Leiker. Judy; Meek, Pal- mer; Oliver, Barbara; Ontjes, James; Osthoff. Peggy; Parish. Connie. SECOND ROW; Parker, Robin; Peehanec, Janet; Poore, Mervin; Ru bottom, Avonne; Smith, William D.- Sullivan, Michael. BOTTOM ROW: Tremel, Stephen: Trapp, John; Wright, Vickie. 159 Phi Kappa Phi — TOP ROW: Anglin. Judy; Setloch, Yvonne: Boedeker, Elaine; Brooks, Bettie; Bru II, Randolph, SECOND ROW: Buinger. Gene: Clothier. Hazel; Darst, Ronald; Fischli, Ron; Fleharty, Jackie, BOTTOM ROW; Frost, Rita; Gilchrist. Karen; Gottschalk, Kim; Greber, Lois; Hoss, Sam- rnye. 33 Undergraduates Initiated Into Phi Kappa Phi Academic achievement, character and potential contribution to society comprised standards considered for electing new members to Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic honorary fraternity. Initiated in the spring, new members included 33 undergraduates, 15 graduate students, 4 alumni and 6 faculty members. Two juniors, Kim Gottschalk and Ron Fischli, were elected. Gottschalk received a scholarship for compil- ing the highest grade average in the junior class and was named Junior Scholar. Seniors elected but not pictured are Darwin Brown, Donald Forgue and Mary Lou Ruud. Phi Kappa Phj— TOP ROW: Jacobi, Corliss ; Koentopp, Anne: Meek, PaTnei - ; Oliver, Bar- bara; Ontfes, James. SECOND ROW; Osthoff Peggy; Parish, Con- nie; Parker, Robin; Petty, Bonnie; Rubottom, Avonne, BOTTOM ROW; Schlaeflh Roberta; Sullivan, Michael; Tramel, Stephen; Trapp, John; Woodson, Cheryl, 160 WLO Seeks Link With Mortar Board Seeking national standing. Women’s Lead- ership Organization investigated possible af- filiation with Mortar Board Main projects of the group included ushering at Artists and Lectures programs, serving a breakfast at Homecoming and decorating the Christmas tree in Forsyth Library WLO helped Student National Education Assn, gather Christmas gifts to be sent to Lamed State Hospital. For a money-making project the organization conducted a bazaar during the state teachers meeting. Cooperating with the Field Service office and Seventh Cavalry, WLO helped select guides for Career Day. Members of the or ganization also co-hosted a Smarty Party for those students who had a first -semester grade average of 2.5 or better. Late in the spring the group awarded a scholarship to a junior woman Selection was made on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character and personality Nine WLO mem- bers were named to Who’s Who and or Phi Kappa Phi. One member earned an NDEA Fellowship. Avonne Rubottom was president. Sponsor was Alice McFarland. In cooperation with Student National Education Assn., WLO members prepare Christmas gifts for delivery to Lamed State Hospital, Woman ' s Leadership Organitation — T Q P ROW: Judy Anglin, Diana Bailey, Patricio Bale, Phy IFjs Berens, Elaine Boedeker, SECOND ROW: Card Bray, Betty Converse, Mimi DeLay, Karen Gilchrist, Sammye Hoss. BOTTOM ROW: Robin Parker, Janet PecHa- oee, Avonne Rubottom, Barbara Smith, NOT PICTURED: Bonnie Brandenburg, Janice Deal Linda Satchell, Kathleen Stein. 161 long been a project of the men ' s leadership organization, which is limited to no more than 21 active members. At a Tiger basketball encounter, Bengal fans patronize the Seventh Cavalry popcorn stand. The sab of popcorn has Seventh Cavalry Sells Popcorn, Backs Directories Contributing to the Endowment Assn,, members of Seventh Cavalry, honorary men’s leadership organiza- tion, sold popcorn at football and basketball games. The group was also responsible for financing and as- sembling campus directories. Attempting to spark in- terest in state election races, the organization helped with a get-out -to -vote campaign. Seventh Cavalry aided with plans for Career Day and campaigned for the March of Dimes. As is cus- tom ary in the Homecoming parade, the group provided horseback riders in uniforms similar to those of Gen. George Custer’s Seventh Cavalry regiment, for which the organization is named. Palmer Meek was president. Sponsor was Sfcandlee Dalton. Seventh Cavalry — TOP ROW: David Aday, Gene Buinger, John Burley, Rich ard Clintenbeard, Michael Farrell, Ron Fischli, Daniel Gish. SECOND .ROW : Kim Gottschallf, Ken ne+h Havner. Jeffery Hill, Alfred Ho U stein, Robert (Stormy) Johnson, Palmer Meek, William Neal. BOTTOM ROW: Kenton Nicholas, Glenn Pettengiil, Gary Schmidt, Jon Sims, Wil- liam D. Smith, Jerry Stapleton, NOT PICTURED: Donald Forgue, Larry Stetler. 162 Alpha Phi Omega — BACK ROW: Jim Prinsen, Jack Humburg, Kenneth Abendshien, Thomas Murphy, Jack Hcaiher (sponsor), Eugene Leitner, Stephen Humburg, John Carmichael, Stephen Paynter, SECOND ROW: John Bergman, Michael Stewart (sponsor). Thomas Franks, Ronald Leitner, Lovern Schulte, Gerald Stone, Ron Cramer, Scott MSdgorden, Kenneth Albers, Ronald Schulte. FRONT ROW: Kirk Musselman, Thomas Bulloch. Selby Batty, Dennis Ernst, Joseph Clements, Jerry Llppold, Jim Montgomery. Hubert Deines. Jerry Peterson. Alpha Phi Omega Conducts Campus Blood Drive Presenting awards to the campus organization sup- plying the largest percentage of its membership as donors. Alpha Phi Omega, service fraternity, conducted a campus blood drive for the Red Cross Bloodmobile, The group sponsored the traditional penny-a-vote Ugly Man on Campus Contest, Proceeds from the project went to the Endowment Assn, Other projects of Alpha Phi Omega included usher- ing at campus activities, sponsorship of a leadership training program for officers of campus groups and assistance with financial drives for charitable organiza- tions, Jim Prinsen was elected president of the organi- zation, Sponsors were Michael Stewart, Jack Heather and Dr. Richard Burnett. Solicited by members of Alpha Phi Omega, a student turns out to contribute blood to the Red Cross Bloodmoblle. 163 Dairies ' Club — BACK ROW; Lois Koenigsmen, Bonnie Wagner, Nancy Estes, Sandie Gust in. Judy Abbey, LaVerna Thompson, Beverly Loweri [sponsor), Judith Moody, Janie Hamby, Noel Cromwell, SECOND ROW; Kathle Prlnsen. Delores Moflhagen, Melva Perryman, Sonfa Kougb, Janet Weber, Helen Jungef, Susan Mayo, Janice Swenson, Marcia Plrukham. FRONT ROW; Judy Heitschmldt, Karen DeVore. Judy Boe deker, Carol Baker, Karen Capp. Kathy Schmidt, Marietta Mason. Cheri Parks, Jody Kepka. BACK ROW: Marilyn Galligos., Judi Farmer, Bev Connally, Janet Schuder, Pat Doyel, Lynda Ward, Betty McGavran, Cheryl Smith, Dianna Stapleton. SECOND ROW: Vicki Cohen, Pam Folbre, Carol Smiley, Sue Sander, Velma Andregg, Marleen Wendel. Jen Liesveld. Rosanna Felbush. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Harmon, Nancy St. Aubyn, Lorraine Merydith, Linda Getty, Eileen Kunz, Deana Coffey, Jacque Wohler, Janet Bird, Dames Club Projects Include Bazaar, Sale Money -making projects of Dames Club included a bazaar and a white elephant sale. Members sold sand- wiches at football and basketball games and celebrated Washington’s birthday with a cherry pie sale. As a serv- ice project, the women helped decorate a house for the Mental Health Clinic. Jan Liesveld was president. Beverly Lowen served as sponsor. Women’s Group Plans New Snowball Dance For the first time, Associated Women Students, gov - erning body for campus women, sponsored a Snowball dance during the holidays. To aid new women on cam- pus, AWS distributed a booklet to answer possible questions. Members and sponsor jean Stouffer attended a bi-state convention. Kathy Weigel was elected presi- dent of Associated Women Students, Associated Women Students— BACK ROW; Charlotte Stithem, Ruth Brockel, Lynn Tschanz, Linda Griffith, Pam Giles,, Judi Sipe, Sue Nielsen, Laura Lang, Georgette Wiens, Pat McIntosh. SECOND ROW; Jean Stouffer {sponsor), Linda Sheets, Virginia Wood, Jan Papes, Fawne Winter, Edith Beatty. Kathy Cory, Sandra Fuller. Kaye Swank. FRONT ROW; Nancy Peterson, Tonya Biggs, Kathi Weigel, Barbara Wilken, Candita Owen, Jams Schiedeman, Diana Dietz, VergEe Dean, 1 64 Representing Dames Club in the Homecoming parade, Dame of the Year, Karen DeVore (center), and her two attendants greet students and alumni. Dames Club is a national service organization composed of the wives of college men. T | i I 165 Tiger ' s Roar — SACK ROW: Gloria Lamia, Phyllis Weigel, Barbara Bickford, Janet Barnett, Sammye Hoss, SECOND ROW: Terry Shoe- maker, Bernice Polrflca, Mary Beth Mulch, Rebecca Diehl, Pam Akpaw, Nancy Lei eig, Richard Burd. FRONT ROW: Madeline Shaw, Joy Lawrence, Martha Daniel, Jill Smith, Kent WeigeL 166 Cheerleaders — Sammye Host, Janet Barnett, Barbara Bickford, Rebecca Diehl, Martha Daniel, Phyllis Weigel, Gloria lamia. Tiger’s Roar Presents Awards to Boost Spirit Tiger’s Roar, campus booster club, awarded annual Spirit Awards to the Greek group and residence hall earning the greatest number of points on an enthusi- asm-evaluation system. Tan Kappa Epsilon and Custer JIall garnered top honors. The club also financed a scholarship for the athletic department. Resides promoting spirit and attendance at ath- letic events, Tiger’s Roar supported worthwhile campus activities, Ted Tow sponsored the group. Getting a sales pitch from the FHS mascot during orienta- tion, a collegian is encouraged to join Tiger ' s Roar. 167 New Arena Provides Site for Second Rodeo Held in Rodeo Club’s new arena, financed by funds from the 1966 rodeo, the second annual FHS Inter- collegiate Rodeo occurred in the spring. Rodeo Club presented a scholarship to a top high school senior. Larry JfCumle was president. Sponsors were Robert Lowen, Leon Maxson and Nancy Gotham. Veterans Treat Elderly To Party at Christmas Journeying to Ellis, Veterans Club members arranged a Christmas party for residents of the Good Samaritan Old Folks Home. The group won an award for donating blood to the Red Cross Blood mobile. Jay Deines was elected president of Veterans Club. James Gruber was sponsor for the organization. Rodeo Club — BACK RQW: Van Lewis. Ronald Chester. Richard Norman, MiEie Miller, Tom Symns, Ed Woods, Mike Womacks. Larry Kumfe, Harry Trosirt, Terry Collins, Doug Philip. FOURTH ROW: Robert Partridge, Donald Seufer, Clifford Alexander. Joel Franz, Lonnie Kent, Kirk Otfa- way, Terry Lindner, Dale Jacobsen. Joe Hedrick. THIRD ROW: Leon Maxson (sponsor), Warren Petty, Linde Amerine, Glenda Rudolph, William Moore. Sue Trimmer. Gloria tiler, Judy Morgan, Wes Bartlett, Rita Smith, Janice Serquht, Pansy Callaway. SECOND ROW; Robert Lowen (sponsor). Kathleen Fischer. Pat Riner, Faye Gilchri t, Jean Oberg, Conna Bmgaman, Cheryl Scott. Vickie Dickson. Sharon Hefdemann, Shcla Mosher, Kay Lynn Philip, Debbie Sramek. FRONT ROW; Dennis Swayze, Johnny Rohrbough, Roy Turley, Monte Lareau, Lonnie Murphy, Fighting to stay on top, a Rodeo Club member takes a prac- introducing an intercollegiate rodeo to FHS students in 1966, tice ride to prepare for upcoming rodeo competition. After the dub backed the event again this year. 168 - Representing the branches of the armed forces, Veterans Club members lead the Homecoming parade. Striving to improve their organization, Veterans Club officers attended the leadership conference sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega. Veterans Cub— BACK ROW: Marlon Tomson. Barry Walter, Dennis Von- feldt, Errol Gl«e. James Defnes, Bill Walter. SECOND ROW: Jim Mar- tin, Joseph .Kirlcmen, Gary Anschutz, Joy Thielen, Lon Palmer, Don Palmer, FRONT ROW; Leon Brungardt, Jay Delnes, Herbert Petracek, Duane Kraft, Harold Grybb. 169 Collegiate Yeung Republican — BACK ROW; Ray Lewis, Roger Carr, Terry Donahey, Greg Heinze, Mike Ffnnin. THIRD ROW: Ken Havner. John Strefla, Martin Myers, Bill Rogers, David Zwlnk. SECOND ROW: Judi Sipe, Jennie Carlson, Gene BuHger, FRONT ROW: Marldel Goings, Marie Woods, Peggy Pancake. Sylvia Harbaugh. Barbara Ochs, Sharin Daniels. BACK ROW: Clair Brown, John Etk, Bob Blackburn, Bob Deeds, John Trapp, William Turner. SECOND ROW: Klrlc Musselm n, Kenneth Ahn, Gary Hicks, James Trapp, Bob Reed. FRONT ROW; Kathy Schulte, Ruth Eickbush, Linda Michaefi , Sue Schenewerk, Joyce Douthit, Karen Ochsner, Barbara Bolt. Setting up a table on campus during enrollment, CYR mem- bers attempt to interest collegians in the organization. Vote Campaign Backed By Young Republicans In a joint effort with Seventh Cavalry, Collegiate Young Republicans backed a get-out-lo-vote compaign Delegates attended slate, regional and national con ventions, Awards were presented to the most active man and woman (,Y R members. Kirk Musselman was elected president of CYR Dr. William Moreland served as sponsor for the group CYD Registers Voters In Support of Docking Helping register voters. Collegiate Young Democrats supported the election of Robert Docking foi the Kan- sas governorship. The group also sent delegates to the state convention. Changes in the organization included framing a new constitution and acquiring a new spon- sor, Dr. Gordon Davidson Denny Keenan was elected president of Collegiate Young Democrats. People-to-People Holds International Art Show Conducting the International Arts Festival, People- to-People showed graphic arts, films and entertain- ment representative of foreign nations. The group sent welcome letters to foreign students, helped them find housing and held a reception. Parties ' were also ar- ranged during the year. Mary Schreiber was president. Sponsor was Mrs. Barbara Mulch, Collegiate Young Dsmocrafj- BACK ROW; Dr, Gordon Davidson (spon- FRONT ROW; Terry Keenan, Sally Wernet, Beth Canfield, Gail Me- sor ) , Charles Cummings, Mike Billinger. Denny Keenan, John Kessler. Whtrter, Frederick Schmidt. People-tc-People — BACK ROW: Bifen Chefiian, Mary Ads it, Nematollah Tabriz I raj Sheriff, Fred Bongo, Kirk Musselman, Doug Hurt, George Huang, SECOND ROW: Mary Wohlford, Nora Jennings, Ulku Cam. libel. Kathrynn Schultz, Mohammed Naeem Khan, Sung Yong Tart, Eduard Quiko, FRONT ROW: Barbara Mulch (sponsor), Mary Schrei- ber. Arlene Van Gelder. Nasser Anfssy, Mansukh Patel, Sung Hee Chung, Ahmadullflh Donto. 171 At a Greek social function, sorority women and fraternity dances. The party was one of numerous social activities men don " Roaring 20 ' s " garb for one of the year ' s informal conducted by the four sororities and seven fraternities. 172 Inter- Fraternity Council— BACK ROW; Phillip Elder, James Baxter, ROW: Michael Stewart [sponsor), Dave Aday, Bob Murphy. Lea Nelson Krueger, Bob Blackburn, Keith Ogburn, Gary Vernon. FRONT Jensen, Steve Fox, Loren Popped. Councils Support Greek Week, Centennial Drive Working together. Inter ' Fraternity Council and Pan- hellenic Council, Greek coordinating bodies, backed Greek Week activities and conducted a fund-raising drive for the Hays Centennial. Both groups sponsored rush programs and recog- nized Greek organizations having the pledge and active classes with the highest semester grade averages. In cooperation with the Memorial Union Program Coun- cil, IFC helped organize an intra -collegiate College Bowl in which Greek and housing organizations com- peted for honors. Panhellenic Council planned a carni- val for the Fort Hays Furlough, IFC president was Keith Ogbum. Michael Stewart was sponsor. Barbara Bickford headed Panhellenic Council, Jean Stouffer was sponsor. Panhellenic Council — BACK ROW: Tari Marietta, Phyllis Berens, Jean Stouffer [sponsor), Mary Beth Mulch, Christina O ' Donnell. FRONT ROW; Wanda Coot,, Nancy Ann Ward, Barbara Bickford,, Martha Daniel. 173 During Rush Week activities, Alpha Ganns present the skit “Alice in Alpha Gam LancT for prospective pledges. Alpha Gams Capture Several Royalty Titles Alpha Gamma Delta coeds copped royalty honors. Alpha Gams were named Homecoming Queen Snow- ball Queen, Pledge Queen and Best-Dressed Girl on Campus, One Alpha Gam was a Reveille Queen finalist and another was Miss Kansas Heart Fund Girl, Alpha Gamma Delta had a good representation in campus groups w T ith a cheerleader, Panhellenic Council president, senior and sophomore class vice-presidents, French Club president and a Student Council represen- tative, An Alpha Gam was awarded the Wooster Schol- arship. Members of the sorority were named to Who’s Who and Phi Kappa Phi, For projects Alpha Gams conducted a rummage sale and made favors to take to Hadley Memorial Hospital during the Christmas season. The sorority socialized with an informal and die Rose Formal. Epsilon Mu Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta, Number of chapters: 176. Founded at Syracuse University, N. Y,, 1904, Epsilon Mu Chapter es- tablished in 1959, President: Betty Converse, htou emother: Mrs. Dorothy Denk, Color of suits: camel brown. Arnhold, Marilyn ri A.: Arnho!d f Roselyn K, ; Aust, Nancy J.; Barnett, Janet G-: Beckley, Beverly L.- Beyer. Linda M.: BollJg, Mary $. Bollig, Reatha M.: Bnnkoeter, Rae Jean; Brooks, Loel A.: Brubaker. Elizabeth J.; Brubaker Marflynn R. Converse, Betty K.; Cook, Wanda L- Corry, Beth A.: Daily, Debra A.: Deni- son, SaNy A.; Dietz H Diana K.: Dinltel, Patricia A.; Ehrlich, Judy L.: Eickbush, Ruth E. Ferguson, Teryi L; Fo I kerfs, Karen Y, Gribben, Carolyn Hand, Barbara 5. Herbaugh, Cheri L.; Hladelc, Janet K. Hotzrmeister, Sherri A. 174 Knight, Linda K.{ Krueger, SyEvia J,; Low, Marlene S.i McBride, Bonita R.; McDougal, Jen J.: Menzie, Jill r Morrison, Julie F. O ' Donnell, Chrbtina P ; Pechanec. Jan- et: Rickard, Georgia A.; Rockwell, Sue A,; Rowland. Elizabeth A.: Schiedeman. Janis C,: Schmidt, Lynda K, Schroeder, K, AnnOi Shaw, Madeline K.: Sheets, Naomi N,; Shriver, Carol L.: Sothers, Judith A,: Springer, Carol A,: Stephenson. Linda S, Thomas. Sherry J.: Walt, JoAnn; Wess, Patricia R.: Wiens, Georgette K,: Win- ter, Fawne L, Providing accommodations for between 15 and 20 Alpha W, Eighth St. The building is the center for deciding and Gamma Delta members, the sorority ' s house is located at 409 planning the various activities of the group. Home of 30 Delta Zeta members, the DZ house, located at 210 W. Sixth S+.p provides a meeting place for the sorority. Lattice work on the porch carried signs ranging from sup- port for the Tigers to a welcome on Parents Day. National Award Goes To Delta Zeta Woman ing Party informal to the Rose Form al. Members won recognition in WTO, Who’s Who and Phi Kappa Phi. DZs were cheerleaders and finalists for Homecoming Queen. The sorority participated in basketball, bowling and archery intramurals. Sammye Hoss, Delta Zeta member, won recogni- tion when she was awarded the national Arlene Davis Aviation Award presented to an outstanding DZ. For a money-making project, the Delta Zetas spon- sored a hat sale just before Easter, The sorority took pumpkins to Greek houses as Halloween gifts and par- ticipated in the Heart Fund Drive, Social activities of Delta Zeta ranged from a Brand- Delta Omega Chapter of Delta Zeta, Number of chapters: 174. Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1902, Delta Omega Chapter established in 1925, President: Mimi Delay, House- mother: Mrs, Rea Marshall. Color of blazers: white. Adams. Marsha J,- Alden, Nanette; Alspaw, Pamela 6C; Armstrong, Tonya L; Beebe., Teresa G.; Berens, Phyllis D.; Bickford, Barbara I. Biggs. Tonya R . r Brenlng, Elizabeth A,; BreniEkofer. Diane M.; Burrows, Shir- lene A.; Danner, Jean 1C- Davis. Janii L; Delay, MimT, 176 Denning, Maxine E.; Diehl, Rebecca S,: Eberhart, Marva S,; Emery, Barbara J,; Faollcner, Barbara E.; Fell, Diana C.: Fountain, Dian R, Hansen, Mary M.i Henderson, Carol A.; Hendrixson, Julie A,; Herrington, Nancy Lr Holler, Trudy A-; Holiday, Cynthia J.; Ho Linson, Venita L. Hass, Paula 5.: Hoss, Sammye J.: Hunct- er, Diane C,; Ingram, Deborah K.: Kes- ler, Karen A,: Lamia, Gloria J.; Mar- cotte, Judy A, Millard, Sandra K.j Moman. Kaye: Mus- toe, Judyanne: Ostrander, M, Susan ; Parsons, Tanis K. ; Peter Kathy J.i Poll- row, Rita K r Querry, Marilyn J.r Rogers, Donna K,: Schippers, Donna L " Sexsmlth, Cheryl S. ; Shalledy, Mary L.: Steincamp, Mar- tha R.: Tedesco, JoAnne R Thomas, E, Elaine: Thompson, Linda F.: Weigel, Phyllis E. Delta Zeta coeds help a prospective customer choose her the hat sale was a sorority money-making project, DZs served Easter hat. Held in the basement of the Hays National Bank, refreshments to those who came to shop. 177 Making hats from kitchen goods, rushees are entertained at mately 100 women participated in formal rush activities of a Sigma Kappa rush party, called Kitchen Kapers, Approxi- the four sororities late In the fall semester. Allen, Martha A.: Beeler. Ann E. r Blank. Janice J.- Bray, Carol A. " Bryant, Jan- et E.r Con a rd. Susan K.: Depe, Janet L, Dietz, Vicki L.; Oonahey, Linda I.; Ebriqht Beverly A.: Gilchrist, Rachel F.; Goetz, Bedty A.: Hamburg. Arlene W.; Jones. Mary R Kern, Gloria J.; Klein, Diane R.- Kreh- biel, Barbara J.: Lesseig, Nancy A.; Marietta, Tan F.: McCarthy, Carol F.t Me Coley, Roma L. Montelth, Frandal: Musselwhite. Patricia I.: Nichol, Barbara S.r Quinn, Jean A.: Reising, Gretchen L.: Robinson, Mary A. : Ruff, Aneta N, Scott, Laura J.’ Smith, Barbara J.: Smyres, Sharie S.: Stewart, Carol A.: Todd, Yvonne J.i Tcmanek, Walta J.i Trimmer, Sue A. Wall Ruth Ann ; Ward, Nancy A.: West phal, LaVetta L : Westphal, Valerie J.; Wheeler, Tamara. 178 Sigma Kappa Snares Reveille Queen Crown Selected on the basis of beauty, poise, personality, activities, talents, honors and academic standing, a member of Sigma Kappa sorority snared the Reveille Queen title in competition with 14 other candidates. Coeds from the sorority also vied for Homecoming Queen, Best-Dressed Girl on Campus and various oth- er campus royalty honors. For money-making projects Sigma Kappas sold mum corsages on Parents Day and conducted a rummage sale in the spring. Opportunities for socializing came with the sorority’s pledge informal and the Pearl and Triangle Formal. Active in campus sports, Sigma Kap- pas competed in intramural bowling. Delta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Kap- pa. Number of chapters; tit. Found- ed at Waterville, Maine, 1874. Delta Omicron Chapter established in 1959. President; Janet Dope. Housemother: Mrs. Elsie Veateh. Color of blazers: black. At halftime of the final basketball game, Sigma Kappa Nancy Ann Ward is presented the Reveille Queen ' s trophy. Sigma Kappa sorority house, located at 200 W. Sixth St., Is the center for the numerous activities of the group. 179 Tri-Sigs Pave Way Toward New House Anticipating new living quarters. Sigma Sigma Sig- ma sorority purchased property on which a new sorority house will be built The Tri-Sigs sponsored a Valen- tine’s Day project at the Hays hospitals and participated in Christmas caroling. “Tigers in the C1CA the Homecoming float built by the group, came away with first place honors in the women’s division of parade competition, Mrs, A. J Farias, national officer of Sigma Sigma Sigma, visited the Alpha Gamma chapter on her in- spection of chapters throughout the nation. The sorority held a reception in her honor. Members and pledges participated in social functions with the various fraternities and sponsored an informal and a Deep Purple spring formal Members of Tri-Sigma were nominated for Home- coming Queen, Reveille Queen, Snowball Queen and IFC Pledge Queen Two members of Foit Hays Singers, a cheerleader, Greek editor of the Reveille and mem- bers of honoraries belonged to Tri-Sigma. Alpha Gamma Chapter of Sigma Sig- ma Sigma, Number of chapters: 6!, Pounded at Farmvilfe, Va,, I 898. Alpha Gamma Chapter established m 1925, President: Virginia Gilmore House- mother: Mrs. Agnes Townfey. Color of blazers: navy blue. Located at 417 W Eighth St,, Tri-Sig house, home of about 20 coeds, is the site of the sorority ' s activities. Broach, Doris W.; Daniel, Martha J.; track, Sharis L; Georg,, Kathlyn M.; Gilmore, Virginia K.; Hachmelster, Laah M.; Hayes, M. Susan. Holt,, V. Kay: Kundred, Jacqueline A.: LeCfair. Carolyn J.; Legleiter, M. Lynnr Leiker, Doris M.i Loomis, Sharon K,; McCallum, " Brenda M r McIntosh, Patricia J.: Meckenstock, Lea A,; Morris, Jan Mulch, Mary B.; Newcomer, Sandra D.; Novotny, Karla J,: Papes, Janet A. 180 Parson. , Cynthia L: Perkins, Dee Li Perry, Sheraen S.; Polifka, Bernice A.; Pry ter. Penny S, : Schoen thaler, Cheryl E.: Schorl, Wilma J. Schreiber, Barbara J.; Simminger, Sheryl L; Shannon, Joyce E.; ST p e , Judith A,; Smiley, Connie L; Steen, Vicki L; $ tra il 5 j, JoAnn, Stuart, Patricia L; Swank, Kaye L- Thiele, Nancy E.i TSlelen, Kay S.: Thur- man, Pamela D.: Tyson, Judy L.r Werth, Agnes C. White, Dana K,; Zerfas, Sidney K. One of 21 floats competing m the Homecoming parade, a gigantic octopus constructed by Sigma Sigma Sigma coeds snared first place in the women ' s division. The caption " Tigers in the CIC " [sea I see) accompanied the float. ■ • , : 131 Drumming up support for the football squad ' s upcoming game, AKLs ride in the College Appreciation Days parade. With maximum accommodations for 21 men, Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity house Is situated at 317 W. Seventh St. AKLs Have Top Float; Victory String to Four For the fourth consecutive year, Alpha Kappa Lamb- da’s float entry in the Homecoming parade nabbed sweepstakes honors. In keeping with the parade theme of “Great Books,” the idea for the float, entitled “Boun- ty-ful Victory,” was inspired by the title of the novel Mutiny on the Bounty „ Adding spice to Alpha Kappa Lambda’s Homecoming honors, the fraternity’s candi- date was Homecoming Queen. AKLs served as sophomore class and Inter- Fraternity Council officers and as Student Council representatives. An AKL was Snowball King. Among the fraternity’s social activities were ex- change functions with sororities, an informal Go- to- Hell Party and a spring formal. Alpha Kappa Lambda competed in all intramural sports. Alpha Delta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda. Number of chapters: 35. Founded at University of California! Berkeley, 1914. Alpha Delta Chapter established in 1962. President: John Kreighbaum. Housemother: Mrs. Lillian Genne+te. Color of Blazers: antique gold. Garnering top honors in the Homecoming parade, Alpha Kappa Lambda ' s float depicts fife on an ocean-going vessel The sweepstakes award received by the AKLs, their fourth in a row, set a new record for consecutive victories. Adams, Dennis M.r Baxter, Randall W.: Beymer. Gary G : " Bleeha, Stephen V.; Brent, Edward E, : Charter. Walter L.f Cfotfelter, Cortland Q, Depperschmidt, Keith E.; Dibble, Mat L. ■ Feldkamp, Bruce R. " Getty, Carlton A. r Giese, Marl L,; Glaie, Errol R,; Hund. Edward J. Kemp, William J.; Krueger, Nelson L.; Meckel, Vernon E.-; Meekfessel, Donald L: Michel, Jerry D. ; Niernberger, Gary R,- Roberson, Mike C. SchlicMlng, Rgssell W.i Schoeni, Arden W.: Sim, Stephen C-; 5lopan$lcy, Paul E,; Springfddt, Mite; Sullivan, Michael L.: Twarogowski, Robert J. VanDoren, David A.: Weigel, Leo K.; Westhoff, Larry W r 183 Bieker, Gerald F.; Bi lllnger, Thomas W.; Blackburn, Robert L.: Blazek, Donald L: Boor, Leon J,: Buchfiei tar, William R,; Campbell, Douglas P. Cole, Richard CL: Coup, Curtis D,: Cyr, Gail A r ; Dale, Owen. E-: Deines, Dan S,; Eefc. P. John; Grizzell, Dennis E, Hays, David W,; Heble, Leo D.; Hemp- ler, Blake G.; Hendrickson, David L; Hewett, Dana S,: Horton, Louis E.; Jor- dan, John E. Delta Sigma Phi Grabs Royalty Contest Honors Garnering campus royalty honors, the Delta Sigma Phi candidate snared the crown of Snowball Queen, and a Delta Sig captured the title of Ugly Man on Campus, A member of the fraternity was elected presi- dent of Inter-Fraternity Council. For service projects Delta Sigma Phi planned a Christmas party for children at Lamed State Hospital and donated money to the institution. Two informal dances, the Sphinx Ball and the Sailors’ Ball, and the formal Carnation Ball highlight- ed the fraternity’s social activities. Participating in intramural sports competition, Delta Sig teams grabbed championships in football and golf and finished second in swimming. Gamma Omicron Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi. Number of chapters: 94. Founded at New York t N. Y . 1899. Gamma Omicron Chapter esta bished in 1953. President: Louis Horton. Housemother; Mrs, Esther 5+einle. Color of blazers: green. On a pleasant day Delta Sigma Phi men chat on the porch of the fraternity house, located at 429 W, llth St. At halftime of a Tiger basketball game, Delta Sig Louis contest for Ugly Man on Campus. Ugly Man was chosen by Horton (left) receives a plaque honoring his victory in the the students, who purchased votes at a penny each. Kessler, John C,: King, Carroll W j Kline, Terry M,; Lanum. W. George; Leifeer, Richard 0.; Lynch. Durward IX; Wans, Leonard A. Mec ken stock, David L,; Miller. David L.; Miller, Kenneth L.; Mills, William E.; Morton, J[m L. ; Murphy, Robert L-: My- ers, James E. Neuschafer, Darrel R,; Ggburn, Keith D,: Olson, Victor J.: Patterson, Fred D.: Pearce, Dennis K.: Reese, C, Dennis; Sehl, Thomas E. Spalsbury, Arthur L; Spencer, Harry W,; Straight, Ronald E.; Teasley, Warren B. : Vincent. J. Ray. 185 Berger, Ronald D.; Deehant, Jerom-e; Dey, Robert H.; Dutcher, Bob; Estes, Maynard L,; Fehrenbach, Joseph T.; Frank, Ronald E.; Frazier, Joe A. Greenway, Tom L.; Insfey, Ronald L.; Johnson, Robert W. ; Juno, James F.: Larson, Stephen J,: Leder. Robert J. Masson. Mart A.; Peterson, Patrick C.; Petty, Bruce A.: Schafer, Ronald L.t Schaffer, James R-: Simmons, Glenn G.; Young, Robert J, New Phi Sig Wagon Makes Campus Scene Sporting a new fraternity wagon, Phi Sigma Epsilon completed the project of renovating a 1923 Bitick fire engine. The raffling of a stereo on campus constituted the group’s money-making project. Highlights on the agenda of social functions were the Alumni Homecoming party, formal and informal Between IS end 20 men reside at Phi Sigma Epsilon fra- ternity house, which is situated at 207 W, Seventh St. pledge parties, the White Tea Rose formal, a hayrack ride and get-togethers with sororities. Phi Sigs participated in athletics and in various cam- pus organizations. Competing in all intramural sports, the fraternity snared first place honors in tennis com- petition and second in golf. Zeta Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsi- lon, Number of chapters: 43, Founded at Emporia. Kan., 1910 Zeta Chapter established in 1930, President; Bob Young. House- mother: Miss Fanny Riley. Color of blazers; black W V I V 136 ■ Braving the chill of Homecominq, Phi Sigma Epsilon members and the Fort Hays State cheerleaders pile into the Phi Sig wagon and join In parade festivities. Renovation of the old fire engine was one of the fraternity ' s projects. 187 Prometheans Continue To Petition Sigma Chi With word expected in 1967, Prometheans continued to petition for Sigma Chi affiliation Members helped build a fence around the Day Care Center, caroled at the hospitals at Christmas time and conducted an auto safety check Prometheans held class offices, All-Student Council membership and offices in various organizations A Promethean was named Sweetheart King Social activities included an informal, a formal and exchange parties with the sororities Local chapter of Prometheans, Founded at Fort Hays Kansas State College in 1962, Pres- ident; Dave Aday. Housemother: Mrs Nina Stuart Color of blazers: navy blue Located at 2 f 3 W, f fth St,, the Prometheans fraternity house is the home base for the only local social chapter. Adams, Charles E.: Adams, Joseph: A- day, David P,; Bainler, Lyman N.; Best- gen, James H.r Bieberly, John S.; Bunsel- meyer, Keith W, Giirb, Larry B.; Colter, Fred L.r Cook, Rodney J.- Coutaon, Brute W,; Cogsland. Craig R r : Creathbaum. David M ■ Dodd Frank P. Drees, Larry J,: Eltlund. Kenneth G,r Eneff, Darrel L: Eubank, Charles D.; Farrel, Michael K.: Flanders, Richard L.: Hake, William J, Hargrave, Stanley E; Hill, Kent A.: Hus- sey, Merlin C.; Ingersoll, David L.; Jen- nings, David L,: Johnson, Thomas M,; Kelley, Joseph W. Ke-ty, John R.: Moore, Michael W,: Niedens, Stanley D.; Norris, Joseph M, ' Puyeor. Scott A.; Rice, Dennis E,’ Scant - lin, Wiiliam M. 188 Boning op on his studying, the Promethean mascot, a St. Ber- during the year by the fraternity, the pup soon became quite nard puppy, shows an uncanine zest for knowledge. Purchased at home and a favorite with the members. Schiefds, Dale A.; Sears, Robert E ; Shield ' s, Ron D,; Slankard, Jonroy: Smith, Spencer L.; Strelt, Jerome G.t Sweat, Michael. Vernon, Gerald A.: Watson, Stephen J-: Windscheffel, Jen A. re? 4W Auit. Eddie W.: Bahr, Kenneth E Be- fort, James 3.1 Cannon, Michael Clink- enbeard, Richard A.; Oabbs, C. Wayne: Critchfield, Stephen N. Dennrnq, Larry W.; Deutscher. Steven J,; Drech, W. Tearel; DuBois, Leo J : Etrick, Joseph F. ■ Fox- Steven L.; Heck- man, Jay D. Helm, Robert W, ; Helman, Stephen W.: Hendrixon, Gary L.r Hladek, Glenn A,: Holopirek. Rick D.r Hunley, Rodney D.; Johnson, Michael J, Josserand, Michael W,; Lewis, Van B.: Lowdermillc, John C.i Martin, Robert E,: Mayo. Stephen B,: McFarland, Gary J,: McNeely, W, D- Neal. William L. ; Nemechek, Lawrence D.r Nicholas. Kenton C,; Nicholas, Wen- dell R.r Palmer, Roy E.: Partridge. Rob- ert E.i Peck, Douglas A. Repperd. Loren J.: Price. Gregory L.- Scanlon, Gale E . ; Shoemaker, Terry C. : Stapleton, Jerry W.: Teel, Douglas W. : Tucker, Glenn J. Watkins, Sheldon L.; Weber, J. Scottr Webring. Gary L. Placed on the field during the Homecoming football game, eagle, with the title " Profiles in Courage, " won first place Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s float adds cotor to festivities. The giant in the men ' s division of float competition. 190 Intramural Honors Go To Sigma Phi Epsilon Active in intramural sports, Sigma Phi Epsilon snared first in swimming and bowling and garnered second in football and basketball. Opportunities for socializing came with the informal Blue Mountain Blast and the formal Golden Heart Ball, Sig Eps raised money by sponsoring a spaghetti feed and sold tickets for the Lincoln Grade School carnival. Members of various campus organizations came from the group, and a Sig Ep was elected vice president of Seventh Cavalry Zeta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Number of chapters: 163. Founded at Richmond College, Richmond, Va,, 1901, Zeta Chapter established in 1956 President: Loren Pepperd. House- mothers: Mrs. Ester Eslinger and Mrs, Grace Wilson Color of blaiers: red. ■ f 1 IwHlHI Sigma Phi Epsilon members live in two similarly styled fra- ternity houses, located at 402 and 404 W. Seventh St. Dynamic noise maker at home football contests, the Sigma Phi Epsilon cannon is displayed by fraternity members. 191 j—JlULMUH Site of the oldest existing fraternity on campus, the Sig Tau house, located at 518 W 2 1st St M provides residence for Sig Taus Win Awards For Donation of Blood Producing a large turnout of members, Sigma Tau Gamma men earned awards for donating blood to the Red Cross Rloodmobile during the fall semester. In competition with other campus organizations, the fra- ternity won two trophies for having the highest per- centage of members who donated blood Competing in intramural athletics, Sig Tau teams garnered first place in horse shoes singles and doubles from 20 to 25 members. The house served as a planning center for social activities during the year. and third place m football, Sig Tau social activities included a pledge class informal and a formal in the spring, A member of the fraternity served on the Student Court. a Eta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma Num ber of chapters; 62 Founded at Central Missouri State College, War- rensburg, Mo., 1924 Eta Chapter es- tablished in 1926 President; Richard Miller. Housemother; Mrs. Ina Thomas Color of blazers: French blue. Aschenbrenner, Stephen A.; Borta, Roger L.; Baxter, James 0.: Baxter, Thomas A.; Borth, Perry M.: Bullock, Thomas M.: Buser, Gabriel J. Carlisle, E. Clair; Davidson. Tom D.; Depperschmidt, Ken; Oepper chmidt, Lester E.: Downs. Michael K.; Elder, Phil- lip L; Ellis. Richard W. Eppinger. David R.; Fuller, Brad A.: Halfagin, Garry L; Hartman, Ralph M.: MtSavran. Fred L.: McGavran, Thomas D.; Meredith, Danny L 192 Miller, Richard P,; Pafmberg, Edgar G.; Palmberg, John E.: Pearson, Dennis D.t P icSeett, Eldon E.; Porter, Troy L: Rogers, Rick L. Rueb, William J.i Shull, Peter W.; Side ner, Ronald L; Smith, Arlyn E.i Terry, Bill L: VanDonge. Jerry P,; Worden, CherJes E.t Yeager, Donald V, Working to repair a bicycle tire, a Sig Tau member helps ed and repaired by the fraternity and given to underprivi- with the fraternity ' s Christmas project. Bicycles were collect- leged children as Christmas gifts. 193 Clean-up Projects Held By Tau Kappa Epsilon As a community service, Tau Kappa Epsilon fra- ternity conducted two clean-up campaigns. On Parents Day members of the fraternity enter- tained their parents with a picnic. Other social activi- ties of the group included the informal Roman Party, die Red Carnation Ball formal and a variety of get togethers with women from the four sororities. Tau Kappa Epsilon candidates competed for honors in the various campus royalty contests. Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Number of chapters: 221. Founded at Bloomington, III., 1899. Al- pha Upsilon Chapter established in 1942, President: Danny England, Housemother: Mrs Marguerite Thomp- son, Color of blazers: burgundy. Climbing aboard the official fraternity wagon, a revamped fire truck, TKE$ prepare for a spin around town. Donning Togas, Tau Kappa Epsilon men and their dates swing to modern music at the Roman Holiday informal. 194 Home of the nation ' s outstanding Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter In addition to providing eating and sleeping facilities, the for [9S9-60. the TKE house is located at 406 W. Eighth St. house serves as a place to entertain friends. Ashley. Larry A,; Brown, Stephen J, Christianson, Paul; Corder, Joseph R. Cox, Edward D. J Cunningham, Gerald R. Deal, Terry D. Dempsey. John R.: Divel, Larry R,; Gid- dlngs, Bradley K.: Hartrader, Rona ' d K.: Jensen, Lester C.; Jones. Riclt D. : Kelley, Thomas C. Mazzetfa, Ridt; Moody. David J.; Neu- feld, Hank L: Odle, Stanley L.t Regier. Robert D.: Robinson, David H.: Sim- mons, Calvin L. Swenson, Ed L.; Treu. Michael B-: Vea- zey, Thomas A.; Ward, Elmer M. _ Ward, Robert C.; Young, Robert J, 195 Cars fill the parking lots of residence halls on days set aside ents were used to transport the students ' belonqinqs from tor moving in. Boxes, subcases, clothes rocks and helpful par- cars to the rooms which became home. 196 Foreign Students Join Agnew Hall Managers For tbe first time on campus, Agnew Hall had as resident managers international students from Tehran, Iran — Mr. and Mrs. Manouchehr Sharifi. Agnew Hall coeds socialized with a hall formal in the spring and a pizza party for the residents at Christmas time. Hosting parents, friends, alumni and Hays residents, the women held open house on Parents Day and during Homecoming activities. Residents sponsored candidates for royalty contests. The hall added to student aids by sending two students to the Wooster Dinner. Mrs, Esther Biays was housemother for Agnew women, Mary Stapleton acted as hall president. Converted from a men ' s to a women ' s residence hall this year, Agnew Hall furnishes housing for 180 coeds. Adsit, Mary L; Alexander, Birdie; Arnold, Phyllis J,; Arpin, Rebecca J.; Avery, Catherine A,; Babcock, Dorothy M.; Ballard 1 , Connie J.j Barnett, Carol L. Barron, Rose Mary; Bayless, Mernle F.; Beggs Linde D,; Bellerive, Kathryn A.; Biggs. Tonya; Bittel, Elaine A,: Blair, Connie J.; Bliss, Linda. Bobbitt, Sherylene; Boyd, Nancy J.; Brenzi- kofer, Diane M.; Bnnkoeter, Rae Jean; Brooks, Peggy; Brown, Jo Anne; Burg, Elame; BusH- nell, Sheryl. Carr, Kay E.j Carswdl, Terry R,; Christenson, Suellin; Christian, Mary E.; Chung, Sung H.: Colyer, Linda J.; Corn, Lynn; Corry. Beth A. Crittenden, Mary K.; Daniel, Linda; Davidson, Lynann; Davis. Cynthia A.; Davis, Sandra K„t Depperschmidf, Jean G.; Donart, Marifyn S.; Ebright, Beverly. Feist, Connie; Feist, Mary A.; Fluharty, Joyce L,; Forney, Eldene; Froelich, Margie A.; Fru- sher, Jo Ann; Garrett, Charla R.; Gilchrist, Karen D. Giles, Pam; Glick, Sondra A,; Goings, Man- dell; Graves, Patricia; Grie e, Joan; Haddock, Sandra K.; Halbleib, Kay A.; Hailing, Jan- ice E. 197 Agnew Hall Hayse, Frances J.; Hedges. Son[a K.; Hirsch, Kathleen: Hladek, Janet K.: Holmes, Sonia Sm Hoover Gandi R.; Hrabe, Paulette M.; Hrabe, Susan M, Hubbs, Karen: Hunt. Connie F r ; fmm, Jean E.: Inloes. Charlotte S.; Irvin, Susan. P.; Jen- sen, Linda J,; Jones, Mary R.; Jorgensen, Charlotte E. Juno, Rita M.; Keefey, Linda A.: Kennedy. Anne E,; Klepper, Anita L.; Kohman. Anne M.; Krueger, Sylvia J.; Lambert, Donetta S; Leon, Nancy. Lovelace. Carol J.; Low, Marlene Lowry, Linda J.: Lowry, Shirley A.; Maag, Janet M r ; Mai. Alondra U,; Mai, Delmo M.; Malsom, Karen R, Mapes, Mary K ; McCartee, Ellen M.; Mc- Kain. Ruth A.; Mock, Janet M.: Moore, Kar- en S.: Moran, Rosemary; Moreland, Vicki j.; Murphy, Ruth A r Nagel, Connie 8.; Naylor, Joleen; Ozmun, Iris R.; Pafchen, Linda £,; Pearcy, Karen; PenLa, Janice E.; Peter, Sondra J.; Peterson, Carolyn M, Shaking a package placed under the Agnew Hall Christmas decorated for Christmas with fights, trees, mistletoe, holly tree, a coed wonders what the box contains. Residence halls and individual messages on windows of the rooms. 198 Gathering around the piano, Agnew Hall women sing Christ- mas carols. Caroling was popular not only In the residence halls but also among clubs and organizations which went from place to place to spread the holiday spirit. i i Agnew Hall Pfeifer, Linda E.: Piland, Janice E.; Powers, Sherry L.; Price. Kathleen C. " Puckett, Joyce M.; Ragsdale. Donna J. l Reisig. Shirley A,; Roberts, Rose M. Robinson, Nancy Jr, Rogers, Shelley A,: Rot land, Merrie Ir, Ruda, Lucille A.; Ryan, Ruth A.; Rynerson, Elaine K.; Salm, Elizabeth A.: Schenewerlc, Sue Ann. Schippers, Donna L.; Schmidt, Sheila K.; Schmidfberger, Joleen; Schreibvogel, Bever- ly; Schultz, Kathryn M,; Seyb. Marilyn Shamburg, Carol A,: Shanley, Cynthia D. Smith, Mary L, ; Sova, Diana L.; Stackhouse, Sue A.; Stapfe+on, Mary A,: Steele, Marlene A,: Stewart, Patty S,; Stutterheim. Rebecca; Svaty, Linda E. Thacker, Margaret E-t Thompson, Barbara A,; Turner, Linda K.; Walker. Arliss J.; Whipple, Charlyn F,; Whipple, Sharon L.; Wolfe, Lil- lian; Wood, Barbara A. Woods, Marie A.; Youngdahl, Helen E. 1 199 Remodeling of Custer Cramps Living Space Oldest campus housing unit, Custer Hall Is named tor Mrs. George Armstrong Custer. The hall serves 200 women. Remodeling of a section of Custer Hall during the first semester forced 35 residents to move to other rooms of the hall or to other housing units. Informal get-together dances brought in men from McGrath and Wiest Halls for evenings of socializing. The Christmas Formal highlighted the year’s social activities. Residents who attained the honor roll for the fall semester were guests at a special scholarship dinner sponsored by the hall. Custer Hall coeds were named Leader Lasses of the month by the campus newspaper. Hall candidates also competed for other campus royalty spots, Mrs. Ollie Harris was housemother for Custer Hall. Residents elected Julia Smith president. Adamson, Elaine; Adee, Sharon M.; Albin, Mickey M.; Andregg, Patricia I.; Baker, Rita K.; Barber, Sharia J.; Baumann, Marlene R.t Baumann, Marilyn K. Berscheidt, Jayne A.; Betten brock, Ann M.; Billings, Dixie R.; Bingaman, Conna MV; Seed- ing. Colleen A.; Bohn, Arlena M.- Berngard- ner, Cafene B.: Borthwick, Mary H. Brock el, Ruth A.; Burrell, Julia L,; Burrows, Shirlene A.; Callaway. Pansy B : CamEibel, Ulku; Cofer, Virginia M,: Coffman, Ruth R.; Cook, Margaret A, Cramm, Terri L.; Cranston, Ramona L.; Cris- well, Janice G.: Depperschmidf, Linda W.; Dodge, Myrna J. _ Drescher, Mary T. ; Drew, Lynn R,; Dye, Judy E. Elliott, Vicki L.; Efniff, Marlene K.; Everett, Francos E. r Fast, Marforie A.; Ferguson, Teryl L ; Fountain, Dian R.; Franklin, Becky L„; Gil- bert, Doris L. Gilchrist, Rachel F.; Giles, Sheila M.: Giles, Vicki L.; Gllg, Carol S.; Gilmer, Kay C.; Glaze, Gwen N.; Goddard, Gloria A.; God- dard, Terrie L. Grauerholz, Jo Ann; Graves, Donna M,; Haage, Deborah A.; Hamburg, Arlene W.; Hamilton, Jo; Hankins, Janet D r ; Harper, Dixie Lee; Harper, Marie! L. 200 Custer Hall Harper, Rife J.: Hartnes , Marilyn R.: Hayse, Georgians B,; Hedge, Jo Ann; Heidemann, Sharon R.r Henderson, Geraldine R,: Highley, Tonda S.t Hiitter. Vera K1. Horli-ctt, Theresa L; Jantj, Carrol E.- Jones, Mary C,; Jones, Roslyn A, ' Kashka, ThreSe M,; Keller. Shirley O.i Kelley, Sandra R.; Knight, Linda K, Laas, Anita A,: Lackey, Judy L.; Landis, Er- ryn E.r Leiker, Linda R.- Lesovsky, Terry K. Lewis, Linda K.: Locker, Patricia J.: Loker, Lila M. Loving, Lola K+ ' Mai, Sheila K.: Marietta, Jart K.; Mattke, Marcia L.: McWhirter, Jaek- fyn S.; Mendell, Beatrice L- Mesa, Isabel L; Michaelis, Wilma D, Middleton, Linda K.; Miller, Cherie E-; MIL ler, Lela J.: Money. Susan; Moran, Roslyn A,; Musselwhiie. Patricia L; Neidhart, Bar- bara A.; Norvell, Nancy E. Ochs, Barbara A,; Osborne, Marsha R.; Pan- kow, Tonia C,-, Pearce, Colette; Peters, Pat- ricia K,; Petterson, Linda A,; Phlieger, Shar- on M.; Ple+t, Ramona L, Plymesser, Delene J,; Quint. Shirley A.; Ran- dels, Luana J.; Rauscher, Jane A,; Reeves, Connie J,; Reif, Susan J.; Robinson, Mary A.; Robinson, Susan K, Ruckerf, Yvonnn L.: Rufenacht, Della 6-; Schreiber. Barbara J,; Schreiber, Mary M r Schwarz. Mary Lou; Shafer. Joyce D,; Sheets. Linda L.; Shoemaker, Elaine M. Shoemaker. Laura A.; Simmelink, Lillie M.r Smith, Julia L: Smyres, Shane S.; Sramelt Debby L,; Steponiek, Alans L.; Suiter, Donna J.; Thalheim, Kerry A. Thibault, Marion M.; Tschani, E. Lynn; Ve- secky, Margaret A..; Weber, Mar[orie D,; Werts, Vicki L.; Wheeler, Tamara L,: White, Mary G.r Wilken, Karen S. Witlhaes, Rose M.; Wilson, Ann L.; Winkler, Connie J.; Wohfford, Mary L.; Yilk, Mary D, 20 Creating Christmas spirit, McMindes Hall residents deco- rate their rooms and windows for the holiday season. McMindes Hall Cops Homecoming Honors McMindes Hall’s float in the Homecoming parade, “The King and V’ snared second place in the women’s division, and the hall’s candidate for Homecoming Queen was named an attendant. Other candidates were sponsored for campus royalty honors. To provide coeds with a break from the daily routine, the hall entertained with a spring formal, an informal dance, the KFHS Battle of the Bands and a Christmas party for residents, Mrs. Mary Redd, Mrs. Adah Churchill and Mrs. Virginia Wright served as housemothers for the 600 women, Linda Malone was president first semester, and Darlene Linder the second term. Acker, Linda K.; Ahrens, Judy L.; Alden Nanette; Altenbaumer. Linda D.: Amsberry, Lynette; Ankenman, Teresa A.; Annis, Mar jorie G.; Appel, Denise M. Arneson, Shirfey; Augustine, Mary L.; Ayers, Pam E.; Ayres, Karen S,, Bag by, Rosemary A.: Bangs. Constance M.; Barricklow, Deanna L, : Barry, Shirley K. Garta. Phyllis J.; Bass, Jams K,; Bassett, Joyce E,r Batchman, Kathleen A Baugher. Anna M.: Beat, Deanna K,; Beatty, Edith E.; Beck- man, Lynda L Beer, Onalee E.; Benda, Christine L,; Bendef, Janice L.: Bergman, Betty R,; Bergren, Judith Berquist, Janice L.: Beyer, Elfen Km Biays, Eflen M. Bieber, Marcia A.; Billinger, Mary J.; Birney, Lorna A,: Blank, Janice J.; Btehm, Marilyn A,; Blessing, Becky M.: Bliss, Marilyn NT,: Boland, Sharleen K. Bolt, Barbara L; Boman, Ui A.: Bose, Karla K.: Boswell, Vicky L.; Bouchey, Carfa J.; Bouchey, Marilyn K,; Boudreau, V, Kay; Bow- den, Rita L. Boyd, Barbara K.; Bradley, Lynne $ ; Brass, Carolyn E. : Bray, Linda C.; Bray, Vivian J.; Bremser, Katherine R.; Brening, Elizabeth A,; Bridge, Edith A r 202 McMindes Hall Briney, Rebecca 6,; Brookhouser, Deanna C.; Brogks, Barbara J.; Brown, Nora F. ; Brownell, Royaone 1,1 Browning, Emma J.; Brubaker, Elizabeth J.; Brubaker, Marilynn R, Brtjnell, Diene M.: Burdge, Linda S.; Busker. Janis M.r Cain, Cheryl Y.; Caldwell. Linda I,; Callaway, Christine M, ; Canfield, Beth; Carlson, Donna G, Carlson. Jennie; Carlson, Susan J.; Carpenter, Gloria J.; Carter, Nancy L. : Gatlin, Sharon Chambers, Cathy S. : Chandler, Sheryl S-i Chappel, Ronda L. Childers, Patricia A.: Clark, Nelda I.; Clark, Pamela M.; Goody, Janet F,i Coady, Mary A,; Coady, Patricia A. ' Conard, Barbara A.; Conaway. Eve M. Connor, Karla J,; Connor, Kaiha J.r Con- verse, Carole R.: Cooper, Lana ,; Cordel, Jolene S.; Cory, Kathy A.; Couture, Audrey E. ; Cowan, Eloiss A, Co , Beverly. ,J,i Cox, Roseann E.; Craven, Teresa J.; Daily, Debra A.; Dalrympfe, Cyn- thia R,; Dean, Vergie- D,: Dearden, Janet E,; De a trick, Geneva J, Deifies, Bonnie E,; Dennett, Linda J.; Denning, Maxine F.; Dennison, Jana S.r Desaire, Arlinda J.-, Dewees, Martha A.t Dewey, Carolyn J,j DeYoung, Martha K + In an attempt to complete her studies, a McMindes Hal! coed concentrates in the solitude of her room. In the evening residents also study in the cafeteria, where a tutor is pro- vided for those who need academic help. 203 With the completion of a second wing in the fall of 1965, ice, most extensive of the housing units, provides meals for McMindes Hall houses 600 women. The building ' s food serv- residents of both McMindes and Wiest Halls. McMindes Hal! Diet, Dona L.: Diet;,, Diana 1C; Dietz, JoAnn J,; Dixon, Nancy J.; Doerfler, Tonya G.; Dougherty, Mary L; Douthit, Joyce M.; Doxon, Cynthia K. Doyle, Chery! A.; Dreher, Carol A,: Dreiltng, Carol J,; Drilling, Carol J.; Dresher Ann: Dryden, Elizabeth R.: DueN, Dorothy; Dumler, Donna K. Duncan, Susan G,; Eberhart, Marva S,; Ellis, Judith K.; Emery, Barbara J,; Emory, Lana M.; Enfield, Janet S,; Engleman, Pam A.; Enstrand, Cynthia K. Enqwall. Susan C.; Erickson, Anne M,: Essmil- br. Barbara A.; Evans, Marsha L.; Everett, Phyllis L. ■ Eye, Cynthia S,; Fawcett, Cynthia L.; Fink, Donalea, Fisher, Ruth E.; Foltz, Jacquelete S.; Fonts. Linda $,; Frack, Sharis L; Freeborn, Kathryn G,; Frink, Bobbett D.; Frye, D, Lou; Funk, Victoria R, Gardinier, Janice E.; Gardner, Linda L; Garetson, Chloe R,; Garman, Karen S,; Gas- per. Carol S.; Gates, Patricia L,; Geering, Ruth E.; Gibeay, Carolyn R, 204 McMindes Hall Gin+her, Connie 5.; Ginther, Jane M.r Good- man, Marcia R.; Goodrow, Uarda !.: Gordon, MEchele K r ; Gouldie Judy E,: Graham, VEefcT L: Grandstaff, Kitty J, Green, Jennifer L.; Griffin, Barbara J,: Grus- ing, Linda 6.: Gustin, Sherrie M.; Guyer, Linda S,; Hagerman, Judith S.; Hale, Betty D,; Hall, Annette J, Hamann, Twylla H,; Hamman, E. Jane; Han- son, Qalga T,: Harbaugh, Chen L.; Har- baugh, Sylvia A.; Hardy, Sharon K.; Har- mon, Jewell M,; Harris, Caroi L. Harrison, Diane J,: Harrison, Sharon I.; Haiisell, Judy K-; Harvey. Kathleen A.; Hays, Susan E.; Hayward, Linda M r ; Heekert, Gloria J.; Hedge. Judy L. Heier, Eileen M.; Heitschmidt, Jann E-; Hel- get, Joyce E.: Helin, Daryl A.; Hendrixson, Julie A,; Hennigh, Kathleen A.; Herbel, Kathy D.; Herrenbruck, Joan E, Hewett, Evelyn K.; Highland, Charlotte A,; Hildebrand. Rond-a G.; Hill, Margaret M.; Hilyard, Cynthia J,; Hoagland, Sandra L.; Hockersmith, Janice K.: Hodges, Shirley A. Holler Trudy A.; Hopson, Sharon J„; Horner, Carolyn M.; Horner, Palsy L,: Horton, Shir- ley J.; Hosklnson, Venita L-; Hoss,, Paula S.; Houston, Carol J, Howland, Clelia K.; Huffman, Glennis C.: Hughes, Mary C.; Hunter. Paulette E.; In- gersoll. Carol L, : Ingram, Deborah K, : loerg- er, Phyllis R.; Ison. Pamela L. Jacobs, Judith A.; Jeffery, Beverly B.; Jenkin- son. Susan M,: Johnson, Jams J-; Johnson, Linda M.; Jones, Linda L.; Jones, Mglva J.; Jones, Muriel M, Jorg. Karen $.; Kahler, Mary Ann; Kane, Evelyn A.; Karst, Susan Kats, Barbara A.; Kayartz, Carol J.; Keating. Wylma J,: Keep- ers, Mary A. Keller, Karen L,; Kelly. Jean L.; Kendall. Peggy J.; Kerr, Sarabeth; Kilbourn. Bonnie J.; Kindler, Linda S.; Kingen, Patricia G.; Kirk, Andrea S. 205 McMindes Hall Kirkham, Rebecca J,; Kitchen, Kathleen S.; Kfaus, Ladona M.; Kleysteuber, Jerra L: Koch, Marcy; Koehn, Judy F r ; Koetkemeyer, Judy A.; Kootz, Ruby A. Koula , Barbara S.; Kuiper, Janet K.; Kum- berg, I. Laynne; Lahey, Vana J,; Lambert, Theresa A.: Lane, Pamela A.; Long, Laura F.; Langdon, Linda K- Lav rence, Joy 5,; LeClair, Carolyn J.; Le- Clerc. C r Michelle; Legere, Rebecca A.; Letourneau, Charlene C.: Lindenman, Doreen L.: Linder, M. Darlene: Link, Barbara E. Locke, Twryla C,; Lockhart, G. Jean; Loh- menn, Arteta A,; LoVette, Sharon K.; Lozano, Alma: Luc key. Diana ,; Mabry, Ann M.; Maglll, Diane L. Maier, Judy L,; Major, Linda S.; Malone, Linda J-: Marcell. Marilyn K.; Marchand, Mary A.; Margheim, Mary R.; Marks. MaL lory F,; Martin, Janice M. Martinez, Linda C.: Martins, Carol Ann: Mastin, A. Jolene; Mayer, R. Lavon; May- hew, Linda K. : McBride. Bonita R.; McBride, Cathy; McCartney, Judy M. McColm, Nancy C.; McDonald, Shirley A.; McEwen, Virginia K. : McHugh, Orva L.; Mc- Intosh, Patricia J.; McLain, Mary Mc- Millan, Donna D.; McMulkin, Betty J. Mead Audry A.; Meek, Peggy A.; Meenen, Dena B.; Menzie, Jill; Merrill, Catherine M.; Merritt, Marsha L.; Metr, Linda R.: Meyer, Vicky L. Michaelis, Aria K. r Michaeiis, Linda M.: Mil- ler, Carolyn S.; Miller, Deanna 0. : Miller. Judith A.; Miller, Kay A,; Miller, Suzanne; Mills, Karen K, Mize. Lila M.; Mosmaw, Peggy J.: Moore, Madonna A- . Moore, Paula J.; Morel, Diane £.: Morford, Betty J.; Morgan, Judith E. ; Morgenstern, Arlene. Morrison, Julie F,: Motzkus, Carolyn A.; Mountford. Dixie L.; Mulch, Linda K.; Mur- phy, JoAnne; Mustoe, Barbara S.- Neal, Linda K.; Neeley, Roweroa Q. 206 Held on the lawn of McMindes Hall, the all-dorm picnic gives residents a chance to have fun and make friends. i Hit by a car, Chester, a small black dog, becomes the ward of McMindes Hall coeds who raised money for his care. McMindes Hall Nelson, Cynthia K,; Nelson, Delores Eu Nemechek, Trudy L.; Nichol, Barbara S.: Nlcoll, Sandra S.; NiedenthaL Ada M.r Miel- sen. Sue A.i Nolan. Susan R. Norris, Jerifynn D.: Novalc, Evelyn R.: Nov otny, Karla J.: Qehsner, Karen K,: O ' Delf, Linda D.; Odle, Marlene K,; Omlor, Jean- nine $.: Opdycke, Peggy A. Osborn, Susan E, 1 ; Oshel, Janice K,: Oswald, Karen F.r Oswald, Sharon K.i OH, Paula J.t QHa, Wava V.- Overmiller, Janice C, ; Owen, Candita S. Owen, Jill A.- Paintin, Barbara S- ' Pancake, Peggy Lri Panzer, Nancy L.; Parsons, Cynthia L.- Parsons. Sydney D,; Patrick, Jayn: Paynter, Janet A. Perltins, Dee L; Perry, Ferne K.; Perry. She- reen S.: Pesicke, Gila A. ' Pirott, Eileen K,; Poll now. Rita K,: Poppen, Linda R.: Porter. Nancy J. Post, Cecelia A.; Preedy, Carolyn L.r Prodv aska, Linda L.j Prosser, Elaine J.: Pruter, Penny PuHln, Barbara L.: Querry, Marilyn J.-, Reburn, Geanene R. 207 McMindes Hall Rafferty, Clydelt; Rati. Connie Randall, Berneicer Rassmussen. Rita B.: Ratliff, Joyce E.t Rauscher, Susan 0.: Rayburn, Ella Sue: Reager, Barbara L, Redd ' , Cheryl A,; Redger, Louise: Reed, Jams E.i Remler, Adlen C.: Richards, Georgia A,; Rickard, Georgia A.: Rife, Rebecca J-: Ringle, Carla J. Ritter, Severely J.: Robinson, June A.: Rob- inson, Mary L.: Rogers, Donna 1C: Rogers, Mary J.: Rolf, Leslie L.: Ross, Linda L: Ross, Marilyn Kay, Rouse, Marsha A.: Rowan, Judi: Rowley, Jo- ann: RucUr, Jacqueline G,; Ruda, Peggy L; Rundell, Carolyn K.: Rusco, Angela M,: Sad- dler, Donna K, S a mire Ison, Bonnie L,; Sanger, Carol S,: Saum, Connie S-r Savolt, Linda R.: Scanlan, Patricia M,: Schaller. Leona A.: Scheib, Linda D.: Schmidt. Lynda K, Schmidt, Merilee R.: Schmitt, Sandy A, Schneider, Susan A.: Schnoebelen, Sara J. Schoen, Norma J,; Schoeni. Anne H. Schreuder, Shad L.: Schrott, Sharon J, Schugart, Janice C.: Schultz, Freya K,; Scott, Laura J.: Seamans, Coni J,: Seamans, Donna L.: Sebaugh, Tamara L: Seeman, Jane A,: Seeman, Joyce M. SeEdl. Barbara L.: Seuser, Judith A.: Sex on. Sherrill A.: Shay, Cynthia A.: Shean, Con- stance M.‘ Sheffer, Karla J-: Shinkle, Darla L.; Shriven Carol L. Sh river, Prudence L, ; Sidener, Linda M.t Sie- bert. Janice S,t Slemers, Erma R,: Sigle, Jo- letta R.: Simmons, Sheryl J-: Sipe, Judith A.: Sleichter, Sheryl L, Slipsager, Barbara L,; SmelEer, Pat L.; Smith, Beverly A,; Smith, Carol A,; Smith, Ivalee G-: Smith, Jill C,: Smith, LaRita M,; Smith, Marilyn S, Smith, Patricia A.: Smith, Rita M.: Snell, Janet D.: Sproul, Sally A,: Steele, Susan L.: Steen, Vicki L. Steffen, Marilyn: Steffen, Constance J, 200 McMindes Hall Steitr, Linda K.; Stephen. Katherine M. Steponick, Sharon K-: Stevens, Deanna J. Stewart, Carol A.; Stithem, Charlotte L. Stithem. Scharleen H.t Stricter, Diana L, Stull, S„ Jean; Swank, Kaye L.i Swank, Susan K.: Swonger, Kathy L.; Taslea. Michelle L,; Taylor, Cheryl L; Taylor, Yvonne E.; Thah heim, Linda S. Thiele, Marcia A.i Thielen, Kay 5,; Thomas. Pamela L. i Thompson, Donna L.3 Thompson, Kathy P.; Thompson, Linda F,: Thornton, Jan- ice A.: Thurlow, Janet M. Thurman. Pamela D.; Tittel,, Barbara A.; Tit- tel. Joyce C,; Tittle, Linda S,: Todd. Yvonna J,; Toot, Seorgann M.: Trout, Cindy M.t Van Kooten, Connie K. McMindes Half women join other residence hall students at the all-dorm picnic. Held near the beginning of the fall semester, the picnic afforded an opportunity for the mem- bers of the various residence halls to get acquainted. jr - ■ T J Ibi 209 McMindes Hall Van Pelt, Renee L: Ven John, Karen; Venne- berg, Janet K.; Vernon. Diana S.; Vint, Janice M,; Vodraslta, Judith A,; Vomberg, Theresa A.: Von Fangs. Donna L. Wagner, Franc E.; Wahrman, Lynette M.r Wal!. Ruth Ann 7 Wallert, Deborah R.; Ward, Kathleen E-; Ward, Wava J.; Warfe, Gloria A.; Watson, Rachel S. Weber, Linda J-: Wernet, Sally L. ; Wertz, Beverly A.; Westcrvalt, Dixie L,; Westphal, Valerie J.; Wheat croft, Janice L. ; Wheeler. Cynthia R.; White, Connie L. White, Dana K,; Whitney, Neva J t ; Wiens. Georgette K.; Wilson, Diane K.; Wilson, Donna D.; Wilson, Teri L.; Winter, Fawne; Witt, Linda K, Wolters, Suzanne l.i Wolfing, Linda L,; Wood, Virginia L,; Woods, Wanda; Yeager, Patricia A.; Zander, Katharlna M.: Zerr, Patricia A, On a quiet evening McMindes Hall residents matte use of one taxed and entertained friends in two downstairs parlors, a of five pajama lounges. During the year the women also re- recreation room and a music listening room. 210 McGrath Hall Holds Open House Twice Providing an opportunity for parents and Foil Hays State alumni to inspect the hall and visit with the resi- dents, McGrath Hall sponsored open houses on both Homecoming Day and Parents Day Get-together dances with Agnew, Custer and Me- Mindes Hall women afforded change-of-pace breaks. Candidates sponsored by the hall competed for honors in various campus royalty contests. The hall’s can- didate for Homecoming Queen was a finalist. Boosting Wooster Fund proceeds, McGrath Hall con- tributed to the annual student-aids project. Mrs. Beulah Lamb served as housemother for Mc- Grath Hall. John Wheeler was president. Larger and older of the two men ' s residence halls, Mc- Grath Hell provides housing and meals for 174 students. Abies, Tracy A.; Albers, Leslie; Amos. Donald R.; Anderson, Les W.; Asbilf, Randy E.T At- kisson, Robert $,; Austin, Norman P.r Bahr, Kenneth E. Bainter, Everet Lr Bainter, Lyman N.; Bane, Randy P,; Barter, William F. ; Bartlcosici, Rob- ert F.: Bear, Richard E,: Beatty, Thomas L,: Behan, James R. Berry, David V,; Betsworth. Michael M r ; Bie- ber, Richard A.; Booth. David T.; Borger, Ronald E.; Bowetl, Darrell D.; Brin, Larry J.: Brown, Clair W, Brown,, Robert G-; Brown, Stewart A.: Bunsel- meyer, Leonard F. Jr.; Burke, Larry B.; Button, Thomas H.; Carlson, Robert G.; Carr, Roger J.; Chan, David W. Channel!, Albert B.; Chlumsky, Michael L,r Clarke, Kirby J.; Col born, Terry L.t Conyac, Alby L.; Cook. Rodney J r : Cooper, Ken G.; Cordel, David C. CritcKfield, Stephen N.; Dailey, John L; Davidson, Tom D.; Dawson, Joe L.; DeBey, Gary G, : Denning, Dan M,; Dryden, Dennis K.: Dumler, Dennis W. Echard, Dennis W.: Engel, John E,: Ernst, Den- nis D.; Etriclt, Joseph E.; Eubank, Charles D.7 Evans, Gera id J,: Farney, Thomas E.r Gabel, Dale L. McGrath Hall Gayer, Robert L; Gleason, Darryl W,; Grii- zeir, Dennis E.r Haberman, Maurice J.: Han- nan Robert J.: Hansen, Morris D.; Heimer, Robert J.; Hibbs, Gary L Holt, Robert M.; Hooper, J. Curtis; Hud- son, James M.; Hudson. Thomas E.; Hurt, Ray D,; Jackson, Allan L; Jacobs, Ronald L; Johnson, Charles E. Johnson, Maurice E.; Johnson, Thomas M.: Josserand, Michael W.; Keating, Warren J L ; Kerr, Gaylen P.; King, Rodney W + : Kliew- er, Lonnie W.; Koster, Don N. Lav- ' , M. Alvina Lewis, Francis R-; Lewis, Ron- ald L.: Lindberg,. Roger C.; Lltson, Lawrence H,; Lowdermillt, John C-; McCarty, Dennis R.r McChristian, Douglas C, McNeefy, W. D,; Meier. Kenneth G.; Meschbe, Larry J r - Mickey, Charles A.; Mont- gomery, Michael W.; Moore, Rodney L.; Munsch, Stanley J.: Murphy, Tim L, Nagel, Darrel D.; Nelson, Ronald C.; Nich- olas, Kenton C,: Nicholas, Wendell R,; Nie- dens, Stanley D.: Nolan, Steven N.; Noone, Thomas C.; Norris, Joseph M Nuss, Jerry A.: Ngtsch, Donald E.: Ohnmacht, Norbert L; Olson, Steve C.; Orchard, Gary R-- Osborn, Robert W.; Palmer, Roy E.; Pechanec, Gregg E, Settling down with a book, McGrath Halt residents look for- ward to a quiet evening of relaxation. Rooms provide a place of seclusion for studying, visiting with friends, listening to records or being alone with thoughts. 212 McGrath Hall Phillips, Lee A.; Phye, Fred R r ; Potter, Joe P, ; Price- Kenneth D.i Puyear, Scott A.i Remus, Jack Y ; Rieltenberg, John M.; Riffel, Jerris L. Riley, James W r ; Ringlet, Glenn P,- Robert- son. Larry E. : Ropp, Dan L. : Rusco, Steve R-: Setter, Gary D.i Scherix, Steven K, ; Schneider, James R r Schumacher. Carl J.: Scott, Lee E-; Sekavec, Dale A.: Sipes, Donald E.; Sprlclt, Roger G.; StecUein. Franklin D.- Stites, Martin D. ; Stubbs, John H. Suelter, Dennis D.: Sutton, Roddy D,: Thiel- en, Nick C ; Thompson, Phillip D ; Tuqqle, John A. ' Tull 1 . Don E.: Turner, Gary E.r Vaugh- an, EarJe H. Walton, William S . ; Warkentine, Terry L, ; Wefr, Mark S.; Wheeler, John P.: Williams, Robert E, Willis, Charles Wilson, William R r ; Ziegler, Delbert D-rlwink, David R. Taking time for a Coke break, McGrath Hail residents en- joy services of vending machines In the recreation room Making a date for the weekend, a McGrath Half man talks on the telephone, a vlfal fool of college social life 2 ia Providing a mixer to break the ice, Wiest Hall holds an all-dorm dance in the McMindes Hall recreation room. Wiest Men Spark Fun With All-Dorm Dance To help residents of the various halls get acquainted, Wiest Hall sponsored an all-dorm dance. Residents and their dates were invited to participate in the fun. The dance was held in the McMindes Hall recreation room to provide adequate space, Wiest Hall sponsored candidates for honors in cam- pus royalty contests. The hall contributed to student aid proceeds by buying tickets to send representatives to the Wooster Dinner. Alumni and families of residents were guests at open houses on Parents Day and Homecoming Day, Wiest HalTs housemother was Mrs. Marguerite Walters. Richard Joyce was elected president. Allen, Dennis: Applebee. Monty D-; Apple- gate, Rodney L.: Barnes, Larry f ; Barnett, David G.; Boyce, Gleen W.; Brooks, Brian W.; Buehfer, John M. Button. Robert D,; Call, Jack D.; Call, Jerry R,: Christensen, Dane E-: Cleveland, Terry L. : Cole, Douglas L; Dasenbrock, John B-: DeHaven, Everett D. Dennis, David T.; Dieckhoff, Foster G.; Dinfcle, David F - Doersehlag, James L; Dooley, Thorn, as L.: Dougherty,, D- Eric; Dubbert, Steven D,: Dunning, Earl L. Durham, Jerry; Ehmke, Clifford D,: Frick, James R.; Fuller, Brad A.: Giddings, Bradley K,: Graham, Larry W ; Graver, Robin E. : Harbaugh, Ronald W. Harmon, Richard A,; Harting, Harold D.: Haymond, Artie V„; Heinen, Ross H.; Higerd, Richard L: Hilton, Dean A.: Isbell, Dennis L.; Joyce, Richard M. Koehn, Arden M.; Larsen, Randall E,; Len- herr. Richard A.: Liven good 1 , Rodney D.: Lo- gan, Leon C.; Long, Keith E,: Long, Kelsey Martin, George D. Me Fall , M ichael R.; McKay, David L: McLain, Tom R.; Meek. Milo EL; Miller, Gary R.; Miie, Phillip B.; Moos, Alfred D.; Neeley, Paul 0, Wiest Hall Nicholson, Harry W.; Niermeier, Everett H. Nuk, Roland E.t Okeson, Donald T.t Okeson, Warren K.; Painter, Jeffrey C.; Pearson, Dennis D.t Powell. Charles W, Ray. Ross C.; Rietcheck, Roger L; Rist, Jarrofd W,; Saddler, John M.r Sayier, Arthur M.t Schweitzer, Phillip E,: Seirer, Stephen R.: Shanline, Steve J. Shelly. Geraid E.t Shirk, Layne C.; Shogren, Richard E,i Shriver, Raymond Slattery, Richard E.; Sparks, Richard D Stamey, Ste- phen L; Stewart, Dennis E. Stinemetze, Michael P,; Sfreit, Jerome G.; StreEt. Ronafd L.; Teter, Jerry W.: Thornburg, Ronald R,: Timken, Steve W.r Toland, Fred- erick A.t Tomson. Marion, Treu, Michael B,: Van Dorn, Roger L; Wende- lin, Lawrence F.: Wolf. Henry ,: Young, William K.t Zimbleman, Gary L. Constructed in 1961, Wiest Hall provides air-conditioned Half was named to honor C, F. Wiest, who was a long-time housing for 120 men. Newer of the two men ' s halls, Wiest professor of philosophy at the college. Apartments Are Home for Majority of Students h ether for reasons of economy, freedom, privacy or marriage, nearly three-fourths of the student popu- lation lived in apartments both on and off campus, in trailer houses and in sleeping rooms. College officials and Hays townspeople cooperated to provide sufficient Jiving space for students. Several new privately owned housing units sprang up during the year. Providing living facilities for some of the married students, 84 Wooster Place apartments helped fulfill the need for housing. Several Lewis Field apartments, carry-overs from World War II, also provided low-cost housing accommodations for students. Married students and single off-campus residents elected representatives to Student Council. 216 Taking time out from her studies, a coed enjoys the light entertainment afforded by evening television shows. With four units completed in 1961 and two in 1964, a total of 84 Wooster Place apartments serve married students. Classes In 1902, 34 students be- ginning classes at the Fort Hays Normal School were greeted by two faculty mem- bers and a campus of two classroom {buildings. Today nearly 5,000 stu- dents attend classes on a spacious campus which has 11 classroom buildings, employs about 250 faculty members and offers almost a thousand different courses. Authorities predict that such growth will c on! i nue. As f u tu re en rol 1 m ent s cl i mb an d then climb again, FHS personnel and students will face the challenge of meeting the light- ning-fast demands of growth while maintain- ing high scholastic standards. 219 Graduate Students Blackwood. Donna L. Elkins, W. Va. Elerru Educ.; Brook, Richard K., Burr Oak, Educ.; Brown, Jerry C. r Dodge City, 1nd 4 Arts- Bull, Jeffery R., Central City, Neb., Psyche Carrolla, Virginia E, r Rolla, Mo., Elem. Educ. Cooley, Sidney A., Selma, History: DeVore. C. Lynn, Hays, Eng : Dodd, JerroTct L.. Mor- lond, Botany: Earley, Roger A., Quinter, Chem.; Frink, Jeannette A., Dodge City, Educ. Goodman, Clyde. Beeler, Botany: Green, Shirley R. t Hays, Educ.; Hakimtan, Farrokh, fran r Math.: Hamilton, Robert K., Ef Dorado, Bus.: Hayavi, Reia, Iran, Art. Horton. John W.. Hays, Guidance and Counseling; Ittner, Dwight R., Wichita, Zoo!.; Kemper, Sharon V, p Logan, Math.; Lillich, Coreen, Hays. Elam, Educ.: Lundgrin, Larry D., Russell, Ind, Arfs T Marlin, Delbert W t , Tribune, Ind. Arts; Me Clain, Ernest E., Portls, Educ.: Rice, Daniel B,. Osborne, Guidance and Counseling; Rob ben, Rodger H,, Denver, Colo., Ind, Arts; Roland, Jean R., Hays, Speech. Roland, William H., Hays, Ind, Arts: Ruang- methanon, Supote, Bangkok, Bus.; Sallee, Terry L., St. John, Chem,; Sander, John C., Hays. Psych.; Scanion. Jarold D. f Co flyer, Math. Sedgi, Sabah, Iraq, Bus.; Sissel, Dallas P,. Palco, Erg.; Smith, Galen P,, Topeka, Ecoft.r Smith, Ralph A., Wichita, Psych.; Springfeldt, Martha L„ Bushton, Bus. Tarlton, H. Masf, Hoisington, Educ.; Voss, Ralph F . Hays, Eng.; Vratil, Ronald 1 D., Rad- ium. Bus.; Wilson, Marilynn J„ Great Bend, Me ■ h . : Youmans, Maria n S., Hays, Elem. Educ. 220 During the 1966 summer session, students drink In the at- merits for classes. Many graduate students were included in mosphere of a balmy summer day while completing assign- the more than 2.000 students who enrolled for summer work. 221 mh Providing leadership for the seniors, class officers are Gary in 1966 spring elections, both candidates ran as members of Vernon, president, and Betty Converse, vice-president. Chosen the Democratic-Justice Party, Guide to Abbreviations Used in Senior Section A AH PER — American Association of Health, Physi- cal Education and Recr eation; A.B. — Bachelor of Arts; Ady. — Advertising ; Agric,- — Agriculture; AKL — -A 1 pha K a pp a La mb da ; A L — A r t i st s a nd Le c tu res ; ASC — All -Student Council; Assn. — Association; As soc. — “Associate; AWS — Associated Women Students; B M,- Bachelor of Music; ILS. — Bachelor of Science; Bus. — Business. CEC — Council of Exceptional Children; Chenu— Chemistry; Chrm. — Chairman ; Comm, — Committee ; Cor. — Corresponding; CYD — Collegiate Young Demo- crats; CYR — Collegiate Young Republicans; D-J — Democratic -Justice: DZ — Delta Zeta; Econ. — Econom- ics; Educ. — Education; Eng. — English; Gen. — Gen- eral; Hist. — History. ICF — Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; IFC — In- ter-Fraternity Council; Ind. — Industrial; IRC — Inter- national Relations Club; K AH PER — Kansas Associa- tion of Health, Physical Education and Recreation; KFHS — Campus Radio Station; KMEA— Kansas Mu- sic Educators Association; KSSNA — Kansas State Student Nurses Association; KSTA — Kansas State Teachers Association. Math— Mathematics; MENC— Music Educators Na- tional Conference; Mgr- — Manager; NEA — National Education Association; NSNA — National Student Nurses Association; PEMC — Physical Education Ma- jors Club; Phil.— Philosophy ; Phys, — Physical; Pol. — Political ; Pres. — President ; Psych. — Psychology; P-t-P — People-to-People ; Rec. — Recording; Rep. — Representative. Sec. — Secretary; SOC — Student Organizations Com- mittee; Sociol. — Sociology; SNEA— Student National Education Association; TKE- — Tau Kappa Epsilon; Treas. — Treasurer; UCCF — United Campus Christian Fellowship; UCF- — United Christian Fellowship; UN — United Nations; V-Chrm. — Vice-Chairman; V Pres. — Vice-President; Who’s Who- — Who’s Who in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges; WLO — Women’s Lead- ership Organization; WRA — Women’s Recreation As- sociation; ZooL — Zoology. 222 Seniors Ach-Bar Acheson, Delbert W,: Morland, B.S,, Biol,, Bela Beta Beta, Chi Alpha, KSTA; Adams, Charles E.: Colby. 8.S., Chem T| Prometheans (V-Pres,), Football, Chem. Club (V-Prps.) ; Adams, Dennis M.: Colby, B.S.. Art, AKL, UCF Rep., Intramurals, Delta Phi Delta, Kay Award for Intramurals, Concert Choir, Collegian Chorale Adams, Larry L,: Belpre, B.S, in Ind- Arts, lnd- Arts Club: Albert, Lynlia L: Wichi- ta, B.S. in Phys. Educ. Albright, Stephen 8,: Pretty Prairie. B.S, in Ind. Arts, lnd. Arts Club, SNEA; Alcorn, Marion E.; Concordia, B.S., Math. Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma jV-Pres,}. Alpha Phi Omega: Alexander, James E,: Hill City, B.S. in Phys. Educ.; Allen, R. Edward: WaKeeney, B.S. in Bus.. Alpha Kappa Psi (V-Pres.), Reveille (Bus. Mgr.}, CYR; Amerine, Linda M,r Satanta, B.S. in Home Econ., Home Econ. Club, SPURS, Alpha Xi Delta, SNEA. Kappa Omicron Phi. Anderson, Lcota L; Russell, A.B., Eng,, Graduate With Distinction, Alpha Lambda Delta, WLO, Lam- bda lota Tau, SNEA, KSTA, Kansas Assn, of Teach- ers of Eng., Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who: Anglin, Judy M,: Gove, B.S. In Educ., Graduate With Dis- tinction. SNEA, Alpha Lambda Delta, WLO. Phi Kappa Phi. Who ' s Who; Anissy, Nasser: Tehran, Iran, B.S., Math; Anthony, Larry W.: Satanta, B.S, in Bio!,,, Beta Beta Beta, SNEA, KSTA- Archer, Philip S.: Russell, B.S, in Bus, Armstrong, John M.r Hays, B.S. in lnd. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; Armstrong, Tonya L,: Goodland, B.S. in Educ., DZ, Little Theatre, SNEA, Leader Loss; Arnesoti, Harvey J.: Lebanon, B.S, in Phys. Educ., Football, Intramurals; Aschenbrenner Stephen A.: Brewster, A.B„, Hist,, Sigma Tau Gamma, Newman Club, SNEA; Ashworth, DedrEa A.: Lamed, B-S- fn Home Econ., SPURS, Kappa Omicron Phi (Cor, Sec.), Pi Omega PI (V-Pres,}. SNEA, Home Econ. Club. Ashworth, Robert A.: Lamed, B.S. in Ind. Arts. led. Arts Club. Epsilon Pi Tau- Aust. Eddie W,: Hays. B.S. In Bus., Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alit, Mousa: Iran, ELS., Ma+h; Bachus, Kay E-: Abbyvilie. B.S., Gen. Sci., Nurses’ Club; Baier, Daniel E.: Abilene, B.S. in Educ., Newman Club, Delta Sigma Phi, Infra murals. Baier, Nancy L.: Abilene, B.S. in Educ,, DZ. SNEA: Bailey, Diana R,: Russell, B.S, in Educ., AWS, SNEA, Alpha Lambda Delta (Sec.), WLO (V-Pres.): Bailey, Thurman, L Dodge City, 6-S- in Bus.: Balter, Kenneth EL: Clay Center, B.S. in Bus., CYR. Tennis; Bale, Patricia E,: Sublette, A-B,, Art, Hist,, Alpha Gamma Delta [V-Pres.), Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta. WLO, Union Program Council, Union Board, Ballard, Rodney D.: Delphos, B.S, in Bus.- Ballcun, Randy D.: Liberal, B.S. in Bus.: Bangerf, Dennis R.: Russell, B.S., Math. Kappa Mu Epsilon: Banister, James R,r McDonald. B.S. in Agric.; Barlow, James B.: Holcomb, B.S.. Math. Barlow, Melva J.: Holcomb, B.M., Music; Barnes, Jerry T,: Protection, A.B., Eng.; Barnett, Carol L: Natoma, B.S. in Educ., Sigma Alpha Eta (Pres.. V-Pres. |, CEC; Barnett- h Ralph W.: Gem, B.S, in Ind. Arts, lnd. Arts Club [Trees.. V-Pres.), Football; Barn- hart, Michael R.: Coldwater, B.S,, Botany, Seniors Bar-Bon Barta, Roger L,: Pfainville, B.S.. Math, Sigma Tau Gamma (V-Pres.j; S-auer, David A.: Clay Center. B.M., Music; Banter. Thomas D.: Stockton, B.S., Math, Union Program Council: Bean, Sharon K,: Beloit. B.S. in Phys t Educ., WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon. Intramural CHrm.; Beehard, Robert D.: Hays, B.S- in Bus., Neuman Club r Beeler, Ann E.; Beloit, A.B., Eng., Sigma Kappa (Pres., V-Pres.), SNEA, Newman Club, ASC, Tiger ' s Roar, WRA; Befart, Betty A,: Hays, 8.S, in Educ., Sigma Sigma Sigma, Newman Club: Befort, Dennis L: Hays, B.S. in Bus,, Alpha Kappa Psi (Set.). Intramgrafs; Belcher, Juanita C.: Kinsley, B.S. in Gen. Sci-, Nurses ' Club (Pres.); Bell, Donald G : Liberal, B,$. in Jnd. Arts, AKL, SNEA, Intramurals. Ind- Arts Club, Berens, Phyllis D.: Hays, A r B r , Eng., Alpha Lambda Delta. CYD„ Newman Club. WRA. PZ, WLO: Best- gen, James H.: Manhattan, A.B., Psych., Prome theans. Men ' s Glee Club, Jmprompiwos; Betlach, Yvonne M.: Marlenthal, B.S r in Educ.. Newman Club, WRA. SNEA, Intramurals. Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi; Bielcer, Eugene: Hays, B.S, in Bus,. Phi Sigma Epsilon; Blilinger, Alan L,: Hays, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Basketball. Most inspirational Player Award- Blilinger, Thomas W.r Hays, A.0., Psych., Delta Sigma Phi (Pres.); Billings, Frances M.: Hays, B.S, in Educ,; Birkenbaugh, Judith A.: Kingman, B.S. in Home Econ., Home Econ. Club, AWS; Blew, Ellis D.: Ford. B.S. in Bus-; Boedeker, Elaine M.j Natoma, A-B., Hist., Alpha Lambda Delta. SPURS, WLO, Phi Alpha Theta (Sec.-Treas.) , SNEA. Gamma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi. Who ' s Who, Bongo, Frederic: Kinshasa, Congo, A.8., Pol. Sou, ASC. IRC, Soccer Club, P-t-P, Student Forum Comm. (Chrm.). Creating enthusiasm for the evening football game, coeds event, a joint effort of Hays and FHS officials, encouraqed co- ride in the first College Appreciation Days parade. The operation between the city and college. Seniors Bon-Cod Bonnerlin, Barbara J.: Dodge City, A.B., Psych., French Club, CYR; Boor, Raymond B,; Liberal, B.S, in Bus.: Borth, Perry M.: Englewood. A.8. r Pol. Set., Sigma Tau Gamma, Inframurals; Bower, Randy W,; Liberal, B.S, in Bus., Math: Brainard, Rick L.: Colby AJm Psych.. AKL Branson, Shirley A,: Stafford, B.S. in Educ.; Brauer, Freda R.: Nekoma, B.M.. Music, Sigma Alpha lota ( Trees. ) ; Bray. Carol A.: Miltonvale, A.B., Chem,, Sigma Kappa, Newman Club, CYD, Chem. Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, WLO, Union Board, Who ' s Who; Bricfcey . Mildred L: Arkansas City, A.B-, Spanish, WRA, Spanish Club, IRC, Who ' s Who; Brindle, Catherine L.r Fredonia, B.3., Gen. Sci., Nurses ' Club (Pres., First V-Pres.), KSSNA, NSNA. Brockel, Donald J + : Hoisington, B.S., ZooL; Broek- meier, Sylvia E. : Hope, A.B., Chem., Chem. Club, Math Club (Sec,, Trees.], WRA, Gamma Delta: Broeckelman, Judith C.: Grinnell, B.S. in Home Econ., Home Econ. Club; Brooks, Bet+ie J.: Ells- worth, B.S- in Educ.„ Graduate With Distinction, SNEA, Alpha Lambda Delta, SPURS, Dames Club, Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi; Brooks, Bonnie M.: Densmore, B.S, in Agric., Phys, Educ., WRA, CYR, Eta Rho Epsilon, Ind. Arts Club- Brown, C. Jansen: Liberal, B.S. in Educ., SNEA, Canterbury Club (Trees.}. French Club; Brown, Gerald A,: Hays, B.M,, Music, Phi Mu Alpha (Pres,), Malloy Music Au ard, Concert Choir, Choral Union, Recorder Ensemble; Brown, Jams A,: Oberlfn, B.S, in Educ., Concert Band, Concert Choir, Orchestra, Stage Band- SNEA; Brown, William R,; Delphos, 8.S., Math, Newman Club, SNEA: Bruit, Randolph F ; Hays, A.B., Psych., Graduate With Distinction. Newman Club, SocioL Ciub, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who, Brumftt, James E.: Hays, B.S., Art; Buinger, Gene A,; Prairie Village. A.B., Hist., Model UN. IRC (Pres.), ASC„ CYR, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Theta Kappa, Seventh Cavalry; Bullock, Ronald W. : Salina, B.S. in Bus,, TKE; Bullock, Thomas M + : Jet- more, B.S, in Bus., Sigma Tau Gamma, Alpha Phi Omega (V-Pres.); Bunker, Gerald R.: LaCrosse, B.S. in Phys. Educ,, PEMC, Burris, Raymond D,r Garden City, B.S. In Bus,, Gun Club, CYR; Buser, Gabriel J,: Cawker City, B.S., Math, Sigma Tau Gamma, Kappa Mu Epsilon; Cain, Marvin Ls Palco, B.S, in Ind- Arts, Ind. Arts Club; Canfield, Sharon L„: Satanta, B.S. in Educ., DZ, WLO (Historian), SNEA, AWS, Spanish Club; Carlisle, E. Clair; Cold water, B.S. in Agree,, Sigma Tau Gamma, Rodeo Club. Carpenter, Mefvin G : Colby, B.S, in Phys. Educ., TKE. PEMC; Charles, Richard L.r Hoisington, B.S., Botany; Chegwidden, Dennis L,i Bunker Hill, B.S. in Art; Chegwidden, Douglas D,: Bunker Hill, B.S, in Phys. Educ,, KAHPER; Chipman, Clark; Hill City A-B„ Eng, Clark, A. Kay: Hill City, AB„ Speech. Educ., Sigma Alpha Eta, CEC (Sec.); Clarkin, Michael J.: Greens- burg, A.B., Psych., Newman Club. Spanish Club, CEC; Clothier, Harel M,: Lewis, B.S. in Home Eton.. Graduate With Distinction, Home Eton. Club, Phi Kappa Phi; Cobb. Charles V.: Russell, B.S. in Bus,; Cody, Connie E„: Oberlin. B.M., Music, Fort Hays Singers, Concert Choir, Concert Band. Brass Choir Sigma Alpha lota. Seniors Cof-Dor Coffey, Roger D,: Hays, B.S, in Sen. Sci.: Coffin, Aliens: Herndon, A.B., Eng., Lambda Iota Tau, SNEA; Cohen, Richard B.: Dodge City, B.S. in Educ., SNEA, Band. Chorus; Cole, Kenneth R : Jet- more, B.S. in Agric.; ColglaiEer, Ronald E.: Monu- ment, B.S. Tn Agric,, Delta Tau Alpha. Conard, John W.: Coolidge, B.S., Zool., Beta Beta Beta, NEA, SNEA: Condra, Gerald D r : Proteotion, A.B,, Psych., IRC, Spanish Club, Sociol, Club; Con- dra, Lois D.: Gfasco, B.S. In Educ,; Connelly, Richard D, f Collyer, B.S. in Ind, Arts, Bus., Ind, Arts Club, Epsilon Pi Tau; Converse, Betty K-: Pawnee Rock, A. B., German, Graduate With Distinction, Alpha Gamma Delta (Pres,}, Concert Choir, Fort Hays Singers, Alpha Lambda Delta (Pres.), SPURS, WLO, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who, Wooster Scholarship, Senior Class V-Pres,, Reveille Queen Finalist, Craig, Johnnie V r ; Hays, B.S. in Phys. Educ., SNEA, PEMC, Ind. Arts Club; Cronin, Jon K,; Ptercoville, B. S. in Art; Cronin, Sylvia A.: Johnson, B.S, in Art, SNEA, Dames Club; Cummings, Charles L.: Morland, A,B.. SocioL, CYD (Pres.j, Sociol. Club, Chora! Union; Curtis, Janice K.: St. John, B.S, In Home Econ., Kappa Omicron Phi (Trees.) , SNEA, Home Econ. Club. Cyr, Gall A,: Gfasco, B.S, In Phys. Educ., Delta Sigma Phi; Dale, Richard H,: Scott City. B.S. in Bus.; Daniels, Sharon J.r Ness City, A.B,, Pol. Scu, Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi Alpha Theta, Mode! UN. IRC [V-Pres,), Impromptwos, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Newman Club, ASCr Denial, Rhode J-: Jetmore, B.S, in Home Econ., Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Econ. Club, SNEA; Darst, Ronald L.; Bucklln, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Phi Kappa Phi, SNEA, K-Gub, PEMC, Football, Who ' s Who, Davidson, Dale A.: Oaflin, B.S., Geology, Sigma Tau Gamma; Davis, Roger C.t Pratt, B.S, in Educ,, CYR SNEA- Dawes, Marilyn J + ; Mgrland, B.S, in Home Econ., SNEA; Dean, Larry M.; Tribune, A.B.. Psych., TKE, CYD, Intramurals; DeGarmo, Rodger C,; Bel- pre, B.S, in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi. Deges, Virgil L.: Gra ' nfleld. B.S, in Art, Newman Club; Deines, James A.: Wa Keeney. A.B.. Hist,, Jntramurals, Veterans Club (Treas,); Deines, Robert M,: Wa Keeney, B.S. in Bus.; OeLay, Mi mi: Oakley, A,B„ Eng,, WRA, SNEA, ASC, SOC, WLO. DZ [Trees., Pres.), Reveille Staff, Tiger ' s Roar, IRC: Dempsey, John ft,: Jewell, B.$„ Math, TKE, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Denk. Annette L.: Agenda, A,8„ Fng., CYR; Denny, Charles A.: Colby, B.S. in Agric.; Deppersehmidt, Ken: Park. B.S. in Ind. Arts, Sigma Tau Gamma, Ind. Arts Oub, Newman Club, fntramurals; Dick, P, Beth: Garden City, B.S. in Educ.; Dick, Phillip R.j Garden City, B.S, in Bus. Diehl. Rebecca S.: Dodge City. B.S. in Educ.. DZ. Cheerleader, Sweetheart Queen Attendant Tiger ' s Roar. Homecoming Queen Attendant, SNEA; DlnW. Gary P Victoria, B.S,, Math, Newman Club, SNEA; Doggett, Robert H.: Hays, B.S., Math, Chem., CYD: Donto. Ahmadullah: Tibet. A.B,, Hist,, IRC, P-t-P, Speaker on Campus for All-American Conference; Dortland, Kathalie A.: Gorham, B,S, In Home Eton., Kappa Omicron Phi (Pres.). 22b Seniors Dow-Giv Downs, Michael K-: Scott City, B.S. in Bus,, Sigma Tag Gamma (V-Pres,), Phi Beta Lambda; Drake, Robert D.: Lyons, B.S. in Phys. Edge., TKE; Drees, James H : Hays., B.S, in Bus.. Alpha Kappa Psi; Drees, Larry J,: Hays, A.B,, Hist,, Trade, Prome- thean? (Sec,}. Newman Club; Dreiling, Gerald G.: Plainville, A,B,, Hist., Eng., Spanish Club, Newman Club. IRC. DuBois, Leo J,; Newton, B.S. In Art, Rodeo Club. Reveille (Circulation Mgr,), Sigma Phi Epsilon; Dunham, Dwight J.; Copeland, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind, Arts Club; Duteher, Bob M,: Hugoton, B.S., ' Geology, Phi Sigma Epsilon: Ehrlich, Darrell R.: ' Jet- more, B.S. in Bus., K-Club, Phi Beta Lambda; Erch- enauer. Casey: Scott City, B.S., Math, Sigma Tau Gamma, All-Greek Pledge King, Elliott, Bud: Richland Center, WE?., A.B., Pol- ScL, ASC, A L Comm., Campus Christian Council, CYR, CYD, Delta Sigma Phi (Cor, Sec.]. Phi Alpha Theta; Ellis, Richard W.: Stockton, B.M., Music, Sigma Tag Gamma. Ph] Mg Alpha (Alumni Sec.), Band {Pres.): Enfield, Janet S.: Hutchinson, 8-S, In Educ., SNEA (Sec,}. Tiger ' s Roar; Engleman, Pam A,: Hill City, B.S. in Phys, Educ., WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon, Leader Lass, Sweetheart Queen At- tendant, Homecoming Queen Attendant; Erb, Marie F.: Badne, B.S. in Edge., SNEA, Erickson, Jim L.; Stand ia, B.S. an Bus,, K-Club, Football; Farr, Lonnie R.r Great Bend, A.B.. Psych.; Faulkner, Barbara E.: Santa Barbara, Calif., A.8„ Spanish, DZ (V-Pres.), Model UN, Panhellenic Coun- cil (Trees,}, Deseret Club; Feldkemp, Bruce R.: Ellis, A.B„ Speech, AKL (Pres,}, IFC (V-Pres.), Little Theatre (Pres.}, Alpha Psi Omega KFHS Staff; Fisher, Karon K.: Bucklin, A.B,, Eng., SNEA. Fleharty, Jackie A,: Scott Cl+y, B.S., Gen, Sci Phi Kappa Phi. Nurses " Club, KSSNA; Foelgner, Ronald D.: Great Bend, B.S, in Bus.; Fofbre, Pamela S.t Oakley, B.S. in Educ,; Folkerts. Karen Y.: Rush Cen- ter, B.S. in Educ,, Alpha Gamma Delta (Cor, Sec.); Fossett, William G.: Osborne, B,S. in Bus., Agnew Hall Treas., Alpha Kappa Psi, Foster, Alton R, : Garden City, B.M,, Music; Frahm, Sheila G„: Colby, B.S. in Bus.. SNEA " Frarn, JoeJ L: Kanorado, B.S, in Aqric.. Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club, Rodeo Club " Frazier, Mary C.: Fowler, B.S, in Educ., ICF, CYR, Soeiol. Club: Freeman. Leslie A.: Ellis, B.S- P Math. SNEA, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Frost, Rita C.: Fsbon. B,S,, Gen. ScL. Alpha Lambda Delta. Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi; Fullen, Dale G-: Hilf City, B.S. in Bus,; Gagelman, Merlin D.r Great Bend, B.S. in Ind, Arts. Ind. Arts Club: Geiger, Larry E.: Stockton, B.M., Music, Newman Club; Gerstner, Robert W.: Victoria, A.B„ Hist., Newman Club. CYD, SNEA. Gesink, Robert W,: Downs, B.S., Botany, Be!a Beta Beta (Pres.); Gilchrist, Karen D.: Retford, B.S, in Bus., Graduate With Distinction, Outstanding Senior Woman Award, Alpha Lambda Delta, SPURS, Pi Omega Pi, WLO, AWS, SNEA, Phi Kappa Phi, Who’s Who; Glntzler, Mike L: Liberal, A.B.. SodoL. Hist., French Club, Sociol. Club. Phi Alpha Theta; Gish. Daniel C: Enterprise. A.B,, Hist,, Seventh Cavalry (Pres.), Phi Alpha Theta. Phi Eta Sigma-, Who ' s Who, Leader (Bus. Mgr.); Givens, Donald R.; Phillipsburg, B.S. in 6us„ Phys. Edge.. Football, Basketball, Baseball. Seniors Giv-Har Inspecting the ruins, students survey the remains of the art- annex building, which was destroyed by fire early in March, The building was a total loss, and many art works of faculty members and students were consumed in the blaze. Givens, Nancy J + : PhNIipsburg. A.B., French, French Club: Glaze, Eldon W.: Lamed, B.S, in Bus., AKL, IRC (Treat .} : Goodwin J. D.: Great Bend. A.B., Pol, Sci-; Gould, Leslie W + : Pratt, B.$. in Ind. Arts. J n d . Arts Club; Gould, Mary M,; Pratt, B-S-, Art, Grabbe, Patricia X: Hays, B.S, in Educ,, Newman Club, SNEA; Graber, Lois J.: Hoys, B-S. in Educ., Graduate With Distinction, Alpha Psi Omega (His- torian), Little Theatre, Alpha Lambda Delta, SPURS, SNEA. IRC, P-t-P. UCCF, UCF. Honors Program, Phi Kappa Phi; Gray. Dalwin C.: Phillipsburg, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Ps-E; Graves, Connie P-: Rozel, A-B-, Hist,; Green, John V.; Garden City, B.S- in Ind. Arts, TKE, Ind, Arts Club, SNEA. Griffith. Linda D-; Arkansas City, B.S. in Educ., SNEA, AWS: Grimsley, Carole Garden City, B.S. in Educ.; Hale, Lucinda M McPherson, A.B., Eng.; Hampton, Richard J. ' larned, B.S. in Bus.; Hand, Barbara S.: Spearman, Tex., A.B., Eng., Span- ish, Spanish Club, Alpha Gamma Delta (Sec). Hansen, Mary M,: Hutchinson. B.S, in Educ., SNEA, OZ, Tiger ' s Roar, Women ' s Glee Club; Hanson, Edward C,: Atwood, B.S. in Phys, Educ., K-Cfub. PEMC, SNEA, TKE, Wrestling; Hartmann, Carol J.: Ness City, B.S. in Bus.; Harkness, Mario A.: Great Bend B.S, in Educ., SNEA; Harkrader, Ronald K.: Lyons, B.S, in Ind- Arts, TKE, Epsilon PI Tau- Seniors Har-Hun Harmon, Robert K,: Hugoton, B.S. in Educ,; Harms, Ronald E.i Jetmore, B-$. in Bus., Intramurals; Hart man, Ralph M.: Srainfield, B.S. In Bus., Sigma Tay Gamma. Newman Club. Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Beta Lambda; Haskins, David L : Seotbvilla, B.S. in Agrig.; Hayden, Gaylene J,: Ryleton, B.S,, Math, SNEA, Kappa Mu Epsilon, AWS (Council, Board of Standards}, Hays, David M.: Ellis. B.S. In Phys. Educ,, Delta Sigma Phi, Rodeo Club, Football; Hays, Sharon K,: Nekoma, B.S, in Educ., SNEA; Hedrick, Joe D,: Nickerson. B.S, in led. Arts, Rodeo Oub, 3nd r Arts Club; Heimer, Robert I.: Gypsum, B.S, in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; Heitschmidt, Rodney K,: Paradise, B.S., Botany. Beta Beta Beta. Helin, Kent R.: Dodge City, B.S., Gen. Sci.; Hendrixscm, Gary L,: Buhler, B.S, in Ind, Arts. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ind, Arts Club; Hennigh, Barry W,: Englewood, B.S, in AgrEc., Delta Tau Alpha; Henry, Larry L,: Minneapolis, A,8., Hist,, Hist, Club (Pres.]. Spanish Club: Herdman, Terry L,: McCracken, B,S„ Math, Herman. A lfreda M.: Morland, B.S. in Home Econ., Newman Club, Home Eeon. Club, SNEA; Herrick, Russell W.t Phijlipsburg, A.B., Hist., Hist. Club; Hess, O. James; Alma, 8.S., Botany; Hewett, Beryle L.; Almena. B.S. in Home Econ., Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Econ, Club, Pi Lambda Theta, Theta Epsilon; Hickman, Donald D.: Lucas. B.S, in Bus,, Alpha Kappa Psi. Hicks, Gary Plainville, B.S. in Bus., CYR (Treas.). vpha K ppa Psi: Higgason, Don L.r Oakley, B-S. in Bus.; Hilgers, F. Karl; Russell, B.S. in Ind, Arts. Ind, Arts Club ( V- Pres., Trees.) , Epsilon Pf Tau (Trees.); Hill, Jeffrey A.: Fowler. B.S., Physics, A.B., Phil., Seventh Cavalry (Sec.}; Him, Philip R.: Longmont, Colo., B.S. in Educ., CEC (Treas.). Hoekett, Donnie R,: Ulysses, B.S,, Math; Hoffman, Thomas J,: Victoria, A,B., German, German Club, Newman Club; Hogan, Margaret J + : Kinsley, B.S. in Phys. Educ,, Home Econ. Club, WRA (Sec.- Treas,), Eta Rho Epsilon (Pres.), AWS ' Holstein, Alfred H.: Leotl, B.S., Math, Cham,, Gamma Delta, Sigma Pi Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Chern, Club (Pres,). Seventh Cavalry, Who ' s Who; Holt. V, Key: Liberal, B,5,, Math, Sigma Sigma Sigma (Treas,), Panhellenic Council. SNEA, Student Endow- ment Comm, (Co-Chrm.), Sigma Pi Sigma, Honors Program, Wooster Dinner Comm., Furlough Steering Comm. (Chrm.) . Homburg, Allaire T.: Ellis, B.M,, Music; Homewood, Benton W t : Luray, A.B., Hist.; Horne, Ronald G Hays, B.S, in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda; Horning, Laura A.: B.S, in Bus., Pi Omega Pi {Historian), SNEA; Hots. Sammy J.; Hays, A.B., French, German, Women ' s Glee Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, French Club. WLO (Treas.}. DZ. Cheerleader, Reveille (Assoc. Editor), MASCOM. Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who. Howland, Linda K.; Hugoton, B.S,, Gen. Sci., Sigma Kappa, Nurses ' Oub; Hulte, Gerald L.: Marquette, B S- In Ind. Arts, Ind- Arts Club; Hulstine, Margaret E.: Ashland, A.B„ Hist,, SNEA, Spanish Club, WRA; Humburg, Jack A.: Hays, B.S., Math, Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Beta Lambda; Hund, Edward J.: Beloit, A.B., Pol, Sci., AKL (Treas.), CYR. 229 Seniors Hun-Kli Hunter, Toma J.: SalEna. B.S., Math, SNEA; Inger- soll, David L: Claflin, B.S., Geology, Promethean , K- Award for Intramurafs; Insley, Mud; Hays, B,$. in ind, Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau; Jacobs, Corliss G,: Nor- ton, A.B„ Eng,, Graduate With Distinction, Phi Kappa PH, Lambda lota Tau, Who ' s Who: Jantx, Barbara L.i Havifand, B.S. an Educ. Jantx, Jack W.: Greensburg, B.S, an Bus.; Jarvis, Basil G,: Arnold. B.S, in Bus.; Jarvis, Richard D,: Almena, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramurals; Jennings, Linda L. ; Neltoma. B.S. In Phys. Educ.: Jennings, Nora L,; Codell, A.B., Eng,, SNEA, Ger- man Club, P-t-P. Jensen, Linda J.: Kinsley, B.S, In Phys. Educ.. Eta Rho Epsilon, WRA, SNEA; Johnson, Edwin R.: Hugoton, B.S. in Phys. Educ., PEMC {Pres.), Gym- nastics: Johnson, Robert G.: Logan. B.S r in Phys. Educ., Football, Tract:, K-Club, PEMC; Jones, Ber- nard G,: Garden City. A.B„ Hist.: Jones, John H.: Heringtgn. B.S. in Agric., Ind. Arts Club. Jones, Marsha K.t Hays, B.S. in Educ.; Jones, Rosa L.r Heringfon, B.S, In Home Eton., Kappa Omicron Phi {Sec.}, Dames Club, Home Econ. Club: Jones, William M.: Copeland, Degree in Gen. Sci., TKE: Jordan, John E.: Hutchinson, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Delta Sigma Phi, Ind. Arts Club; Joy, Janice l.: Hays, A.B.. Speech, Sigma Alpha Eta (Cor, Sec.), CEC, Canterbury Club. Jungel, Carroll D,: New Cambria. B.S, in Agric,; Juno, Rita M.: Otis. B.S. in Educ., Newman Club, AWS, SPURS (Sec.), Agnew Hall Sec.. SNEA, Phi Alpha Theta; Kahmeyer, Linda S.: Medicine Lodge, B.S. in Home Econ., Gamma Delta, Home Econ. Club, Kappa Omicron Phi (V-Pres.) , SNEA; Kaiser, Karen K.: Hoisington, B.S- in Educ., New- man Club, SNEA: Kasper, Allan L,: Jennings. B-S, in. Agric., Bus. Keoloy, Barbara O.; Lamed. B.S. In Gen. Sci.; Kelly, Benny J T : Good land, A.B., Pol. Sci,, Sigma Phi Epsilon, CYR, CYD; Kelly, Donald R.; El Dorado, B.S., Art: Kent, Lonnie R.: Hutchinson, B.S. in Agric., Rodeo Club, Track; Kephart, Robert L.r Collyer, B.S. in Educ., Rodeo Club (Pres.), SNEA, Veterans Club, Intramurals. Kessler, Duane E.: A.B., Phil,; Kessler, John C.: Shumwsy, III., A.B., Hist,, Delta Sigma Phi. Hist. Club, CYD; Keyset, Larry D,: WaKeeney, B.S. in Agric,, Bus.. Delta Tau Alpha (V-Pres.) ; Kilgore, Martha L.: Kinsley, B.S. En Home Econ,, Home Econ. Club (V-Chrm.), Kappa Omicron Phi (Sec,], SNEA; Kindsveter, Candy G.: Wichita, B.S, In Educ.. DZ. Reveille [Editor], Leader Staff, MASCOM (Sec,). Women ' s Glee Club, SNEA, King, Carroll W,: Satanta, B.S., Math, Delta Sigma Phi; Kisner, Gary J,; Great Bend, A.8., Eng., Sigma Tau Gamma, Leader (Editor), Pht Alpha Theta. MASCOM (V-Pres.); Kitchen, Kathleen S.: Kan- orado, A.B., HUt r ; Klein, Ronald L: Bison, B.S, in ind. Arts, Ind, Arts Club; Klish, Dale E,: Mulvane, B.S. in Ind, Arts, Ind. Arts Club. 230 Seniors Kli-Lee Kllsh, Don E. : Plainvllle, B.S. In lnd T Arts, Ind Arts Club; Koch, Kenton D.: Scott City,. B.S. in Art; Koentopp, Anne E.: Plainville, B.M., Music, Grad- uate With Distinction, Malloy Music Award, Con ' cert Band (Pres.), CYR, Woodwind Ensemble, MENC, PM Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who: Koniem, Eugene F.i Tipton, 8S, in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi, Newman Club: Keochel, John T : Albert, B.S. in Ind, Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau, Ind. Arts Club. Korf. Lawrence D.: Honston. B.S. in Ind. Arts: Kraus, Linda S.: Pretty Prairie, B.S., Biol: Kraus, Vernon J + : Pretty Prairie, B.S, in Ind. Arts. Ind. Arts Club, Basketball: Kumberg. I. Laynne: Sawyer, B.M., Music, Collegian Chorale, Band. MENC. Sigma Alpha lota: Kumle, Larry L-: Marquette, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Rodeo Dub ( Pres.) , Ind. Arts Club. Kvasnlcka, Roger K.: Lucas, ELS., Math: LaBarge, Marvin E,: Damar, B.S. in Educ., Newman Club: Latin, Rita J.: Sawyer, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Eta Rho Epsilon, Intramurals: Lamoreux, Ruth E,i Longmont, Cob,, B.S, in Gen. Sci.. KSSNA, Nurses ' Club; Lanum, W. George: Englewood, Cob., B,S. in Educ., Delta Sigma Phi, SHEA, CYR, Tiger ' s Roar, Alpha Phi Omega. Lareau. Monte W : Rosston, Oltla., B.S. in Bus.. Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramural ' s, Rodeo Club; Lawr- ence. Kerry M,: Ellis, A.B., Hist., Reveille (Adv. Mgr.), Tennis; Lawson, Pat; Atwood, B,S,, Math, Alpha Lambda Delta: Ledbetter, William C,: Codell, B.S. , Chem., Math, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, Chem. Club: Lee, Richard F.: Harlan, B.S., Botany. fn response to a move by All-Student Council to bring the controversial George Lincoln Rockwell, leader of the American Nazi Party, to campus for a speech, banners protest his coming, Rockwell’s visit was without incident V HY DEGRADE OUR SCHOOL-? KEEP ROCKWELL OU ! Seniors Lei-Men Lerchliter, Luenna R.: Hays. B.M., Music, MENC fSec.Ji Concert Choir: Lellter, Deris M,: Hays, B.S, in Bus., Sigma Sigma Sigma, Tiger ' s Roar (Execu- tive Council), Newman Club, Cheerleader, Home- coming Queen Attendant, Furlough Queen At- tendant, Reveille Queen, Attendant: Leiker, Judy K.: Great Bend, B.S. in Bus., Graduate With Distinc- tion, Newman Club; Lewis, Van B.r Kinsley, B.S, in Bus,, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Lillie, Carol S.; Hays, B.S. in Phys. ' Educ. Lillie, Ted W. : Hays. A.B„ Hist,. NEA, SNEA, KSTA: Lindner, Terry L.r Kendall, B.S. in Ind- Arts, Rodeo. Club, Htramurals; Lippoldt,. Patricia J,: Kinsley. B.S. in Educ., SNEA: Livingston, Mary L.: Plainvilfe, B.S. in Bus., Newman Club, CYD; Locke, Marilyn L : Natome, B.S. in Art. Lohoefener, William W.: Oberlin, A.B., SodoL, AKL: Lohrmeyer, Gerald E.: Pafco, B.S, in Ind. Arts, Delta Sigma Phi (Pres.. Sec,), Newman Club, Ind, Arts Club: Lopes, Richard: Copiague, N. Y.. B.S, in Educ., SNEA, Sigma Alpha Eta. Men’s Glee Club, CYR, Newman Club: Losey, Betsy E,: Hugoton, B.S, in Educ.: Lovens+ein, Charles M.; Oakley, B.S. in Educji CEC Lupton, Joyce M.: Dodge City, A.B.. Speech, Sigma Alpha Eta; Lynn, Vyrl D.: WaKeeney, B.S,. Math: Mader. Connie R,: Garden City, B.S. in Educ.: Mallory, Larry R, : Ellis, A,B., Pol. Sci., CYD; Mar- cus, Peter E,: Ness City. B.S, in Educ, Martin, Nancy J,: Tribune, B.S. in Educ., SNEA’ Martin, Richard A.: Ulysses, A.B„ Pol. Sci.: Martin, Robert Lamed. B.S. in Bus., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Reveille (Adv. Mgr.), Accounting Internship- Me- Can diets, William 0.: St. John. B.S. In Bus. Infra - murals: McConnell, Maurilyn D.: Hays, B.S. in Phys. Educ, McCullough, Jimmie D.: Medicine Lodge, B.S, in Agric., Rodeo Club, McFarland, Gary J.: Almena, B.S. In Bus., Sigma Phi Epsilon (Pres.); Mclver. Lynno E, : Abbyville, A.B„ Eng.; McLain, Tom R,; Salina, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau, Ind. Arts Club, SNEA. Newman Club, ASC, Band, Men ' s Glee Club, Alpha Phi Omega: McLean, Christine F,: Lewis. B.S, in Educ., Alpha Gamma Delta, SNEA. mvTtmrrer, Luams U7.: Jignron, B.y m Khys. hduc„ Intramgrab, WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon, Band. Women ' s SJee Club; Mead, William D.: Pawnee Rock. A.B., PoL Sci,, Bus.. CYD: Meckenstock, David L: Hays, B.S. in Bus., Freshman Class Pres., ASC, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Phi, Home- coming Comm., A L Comm,. Human Relations Comm Student-Faculty Retreat Comm., Student Court (Chief Justice}; MecHessef, Donald L- Gar field, BS In Bus,, AKL (V-Pres.), Concert Choir, Mens Gle Club, Phi Beta Lambda; Metkfessel, Eldon E.: Garfield, B.S. in Educ., SNEA. Mackfessel, Karleoe fC: Lamed, B.S. In Bus Pi Omega Pi ( Sec.-Treas.) , SPURS (Historian), SNEA WRA: Meek, Palmer F.: Idana, A.B., Chem., Chem. Club (Sec.) Phi Eta Sigma (Pres,). Seventh Cavalry (Pres,), Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi; Men- dell, Beatrice I,: Hutchinson B.S, in Educ. SNEA ' Mendenhalb Agnes M.: Hays, B.S, In Educ ' ,, Sigma Alpha lota, Alpha Lambda Delta. Newman Club Mendenhall, Arnold G,: Mankato, B.S„ Botany, 232 Seniors Men-Nof Mentzer, Richard N : Ensign, B.S. in Agric,, Rodeo Club; Merklem, Gary A.; Prairie View, B,M,. Music, Phi Mu Alpha {V-Pres.J; Merydith, Brent S.r Hays] A.B., Sociol., Intramurols, Sigma Phi Epsilon, So- cial Club; Michel, Jerry D.: Russell, A.B., Psych., BloL, AKL; Mick, David L: Tipton, B.S. in Educ SNEA. Miller, David L.: Agra. 8,$. In Bus.. Delta Sigma Phi (Trees. SNEA, Phi Beta Lambda; Miller, Jem nefte K + : Weskan, B.S. in Educ.. Lutheran Student Assn. (Trees.), SNEA; Miller, Kenneth L.: Moscow, B.M., Music. Delta Sigma Phi. Phi Mu Alpha, MENC-KMEA (Pres,] ; Milter, Richard P.: Norton, A. EL, Pol. Sci., Sigma Tau Gamma, Newman Club, CYD; Miller, Terry L. : Moscow, B.S, in fnd. Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau, Ind. Arts Club, Gun Club. Miller, William F,: Mill Hall, Pa., B.S. in Bus,; Million, tavern C.: Dodge City, B.M., Music: Mills, Bill L. - Russell, B.S., Biol., Golf; Minneman, Joseph C.: Selina, B.S. in Bus.; Mohr, Darrell D.t T imken, B.S. in Bus. Moman, H. Kaye; Great Bend, B.S. in Educ., DZ (Rec. Sec.). Tiger ' s Roar, SNEA, AWS; Montford, Gary W,: Turon, B.S. in Bus.; Moore, Michael F,: Grinnefl, B.S., Malh, Newman Club; l Moore, Rod- ney L.: Bazine, B.S. in Bus,, Alpha Kappa Pst; Moore, Samuel J,: Otis, B.S. in Educ. Morrill, Larry M.: Luroy, B.S. in Agric.; Moyer, Lairen H,: Ellsworth, A.B., PoL Sci-, Sigma Tau Gamma: Mullen, James W r ; LaCrosse, B.S. In Educ., Phi Mu Alpha: Murphy, Judson E,: Dlghton, B.S, in Educ,, Concert Choir, Collegian Chorale, SNEA, Little Theatre; Murphy, Lonnie D,r Natoma, B.S, in Agric., Rodeo Club. Mussulman, Kirk P.: Ransom, B.S. in Bus., A pha Phi Omega. CYR (Pres.}, IRC. P-t-P; Mustoe, Judy- anne; Norton, A.B,. Spanish. Women ' s Glee Club. Choral Union, Alpha Lambda Delta, DZ, Tiger ' s Roar, Spanish Club, Homecoming Queen Finalist, Miss Hays Finalist; Nagel, Sharon R,: LaCrosse, B.S- in Educ., SNEA; Nairn, George W,t Buffalo, N. Y,, ELS, in Educ., SNEA, Men ' s Glee Club, Football; Neely, Don C.: Scott City, A.B-, Sociol., AKL. CYR, DJ Party (Chrm.). Neubauer, Dennis R.; Belleville, A.B., Speech; Men- feld, Hank L,: Hutchinson, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind, Arts Club ( V- Pres. ) , TKE - Newcomer, Sandra D.r Scott City, B.S, In Home Econ,. Sigma Sigma Sigma (V-Pres.). Tiger ' s Roar (Executive Council), Home Econ. Club Newell, Bernard F.: Damar, B.S, In Educ., SNEA, Newman Club, Spanish Club, Intra murals - Newell, Dele L-r Stafford, B.S. in Bus. Newell, Donald: Darner B.S, in Educ., Newman Club’ Newell, LeRoy A.: Damar. B.S,, Math, New- man Club, SNEA; Nicholson, Robert A.; Morland. B.S., Botany, CYR; Nixon, James A.: Pratt, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; Noffsmger, Larry D.: Phillipsburg. B.S. In Bus.. K-Club (Pres.), Alpha Kappa PsI, Football, Seniors Nof-Pan Noffsinger, Vicki J.: Elkhart, B.5. In Bus,; Nuss, Roland E,; Great Bend, B.S, in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi (Sec.}; Oberg, Jeanne R : Hutchinson, B.S, in Educ., SNEA, Rodeo Club- Ochs, Joyce A.: Hill City, B.S, in Educ., DZ, Rodeo Club, Sweetheart Queen; Oetken, Rita L„: Albert, A-B-, Hist, Ogburn, Keith D.: Ellsworth, A.B., Psych., I EG (Pres,), Delta Sigma Phi, A5C, Union Program Council. Union Board: Ohmes, Ramona T,: Garden City, B.S. in Home Econ., Newman Club; Oliver, Barbara J.: Garden City, B.S, in Educ., Graduate With Distinction, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who, SNEA; Oliver, Gloria C.: Darner, B.S. in Educ., Spanish Club. SNEA- O ' Neill, Norman E,: Lyons, B.S, in Agric., Delta Tau Alpha. Ontjes, James L.: Geneseo, B.$., Math Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma PI Sigma, Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi: Osborn, Robert W.; Stockton, A.B., Hist,, CYR McGrath Hall Pres., Phi Alpha Theta; Osborne, Phillip C.: Blue Rapids, B.S. In Bus.; Osthoff, Peggy A.: Athol, B.M., Music, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, KMEA, Who ' s Who; Ostrander, M. Susan: Hays. A.B.. Speech. DZ, Little Theatre, Tiger ' s Roar, Otte, Gary L,; Great Bend, B.S, in Bus.; Page, Michael V.: Plalnville, A.B., Spanish. Spanish Club, CYR, Intramurah; Palmberg, John E,: Palco, A.B., Eng,. Intramurels, Leader Staff, Furlough Comm. (Chrm.). Sigma Tau Gamma (Pres,); Palmer, Kent i.: Lucas. B.S. In Ind. Arts, Ind, Arts Club; Panfcow, Tonla C.: Hutchinson, B.S. In Educ., KSTA, NEA, WRA. On the day of an upcoming college dance, coeds shine shoes cuffing before many of the year ' s big dances, such shoe shines In Memorial Union to earn money for their organization, Oc- w ere one of many organizational projects. Seniors Par-Rey Parish, Connie L: Minneolo, A.B., Eng., Leader Staff, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda lota Tau. Phi Kappa Phf, Who ' s Who: Parker, Robin A.: Osborne, B.S,, Math, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, WLO. Leader Staff, Reveille (Editor), Women ' s Glee Club. Who H s Who, Phi Kappa Phi: Parks, Leland H, : Langdon. B.S., Bid.; Partridge, Robert E.; Hutchinson. B.S, in Rhys. Educ., Sigma Phi Epsilon. PEMC, Rodeo Club, Sweetheart King, Trade: Pastine. Maureen D.: Hays., TOJWjoSi Fred D.: Copeland, B.S. in Bus,, Delta Sigma Phf; Pearce, Dennis K.; Moscow, A. ., Eng,, Delta Sigma Phr, MASCOM, Leader Staff, Veterans Club; Pearson, LuEtta M.; Hays, B.S, in Educ.; Pechanec, Janet: Timken, A.B„ Speech, WLO, Pan- hellenic Council (Pres.), Little Theatre (V-Pres.J, KFHS Staff, Alpha Gemma Delta, Who ' s Who; Peltarck, M, Kay: HoTsingtan, B,S„ Math, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pepperd. Loren J,: Kinsley, A.8., Pol. Scu f K-Club, Men ' s Glee Club, Wrestling. Junior Class Pres.. Sigma Phi Epsilon (Pres.), SOC. IFC, ASC; Perkins. Thomas O.: E| Dorado, B.S. in Educ., Wrestling; Peter, Sally J,; Good land. B.S. in Bus,., Sigma Sigma Sigma; Peterson, Davfda L,: Hays, A. ., Psych., SocioL, CVR (Third V-Chrm.); Peterson. Patrick C,; Clyde, B.S. in Bus,, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Newman Club. CYR, Wrestling, Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes. Petrysayn, Yaroslaw: Ulysses. 8.S-, Biol., Newman Club; Pettengill, Glenn N.: Lawrence, A.B., Hist., Graduate With Distinction, UGCF (Pres.), Seventh Cavalry (Sec.), Football, Phi Alpha Theta ( His- torian, Pres.), Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi; Petten- gilj, Maclyn IX: Lawrence, A, 6., Social., SodoL- Club; Petty, Bonnie C.: Hays, B.S. in Educ., WLO, DZ, CYR, SNEA, Union Publicity Chirm,, AWS, Phi Kappa Phi; Petty, Bruce A.: Hays, Phi Sigma Epsilon (Pres.), SNEA. PfannenrK !, Don J.: Hays. B.S. in Art, Newman Club (Pre r .-j; Pfeifer, Carole J,: Garden City, A.B., Eng., Newman Club (Pres.), Tiger ' s Roar, SNEA, AWS, Alpha Gamma Delta; Pfeifer, Mary E.: Bogue, B.M.r Music, Sigma Alpha lota. Concert Choir; PfoHmfllflr, Roger D.: Natoma, B.S., Physics, Math; Phifer, Sally M.; Pa Ico, A.B., Eng. Phillips, Lawrence W. : Liberal, B.S. In Agric,; Pick- ett, Eldon E.: McDonald, B.S., Biol., Sigma Tau Gam- ma (Pres.), Beta Beta Beta; Pitner, Ralph F,: At- wood, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Newman Club, Ind. Arts Club; Poore, Mervin L.: Wooddon, B,S. in Bus., Track, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who; Powell, Janet S.: Liberal, B.S. in Home Econ., Pan- hdlemc Council, ASC, Student Body V-Pres., Alpha Gamma Delta. Price, Kenneth D,: Nekoma, A.B.. Eng,, German; Prinsen, James: Prairie View B.S, in Bus., A’phe Phi Omega, Phi Beta Lambda ; Prose, Ruby D.: Afamota, B.S, an Home Econ.’ Pugh, Walter E.: Bloom, A.B., Eng,, SNEA: Pywell. Brian S,: Zurich, B.S, in Agric, Rankin, Carolyn K + : Ashland, B.S. in Home Econ., Home Econ. Club, SNEA: Reese, C Dennis: Logan, A.B,, Econ,, Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramurals; Reese, Lorene L,; Logan, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda; Rein, Pamela FL: Ness City, B.S. in Educ.; Reynolds, Joanne J : Hays, B.S. in Educ,, SNEA. Newman Club, 235 Seniors Kic-Sch Richardson, Doodl ' d J.: LaCrosse, A.B., Speech, Ers g., Little Theatre, Alpha Psi Omega, Concert Choir, Choral Unions Rite, Harold E.: LaCrosse. B.S,. Math, Sigma Pi Sigma ( Pres.) r Riley, Keith L,: Dighton, B.S, in Phys. Educ,, Ind. Arts Club, Basketball, Base- ball; Riner, Patricia J.; Protection, A.B., Speech, Alpha Gamma Delta, Rodeo Club, Little Theatre (Sec,), SNEA; Riner, Ronnie R.j Scott City, B.S. in Agric, Riner, D. Sue: Scott City, B.S., .Gen. Sci.. Nurses ' Club; Rintoul, Dwayne L.: Garden City, A.B-, Bus. Roberts, J. Esther: Lamed, B.$, in Educ.; Roeder, Dean A,: Goodland, B.S, in Agric., CYR; Rohfeder, George M.: Garden City, B.S, in Ind, Arts. Rubottom, Avonne M,; Woodston, A.B,, Eng., Grad- uate With Distinction, Leader Stotf, SNEA, WLO (Pres.). Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who; Rubottom, Darrell G,; Woodston, A.B., Pol, Sci., SNEA, Rodeo Club; Ruckert, Yvonna L-: Chase, B.M,, Music; Rudolph, Glenda L.: Scott City, B,S, in Educ, p SNEA, Rodeo Club (Sec.),, Rodeo Queen; Rucsch- hoff, Kathleen A.: Oakley, B.S. in Educ., SNEA, Rodeo Club, Ryan, Joseph V,: Colby, B.S. in Bus.. Infra mu rajs. Alpha Kappa Psi; Salm, Robert L.: Dodge City, B.M., Music, Phi Mu Alpha; Satchell, Linda D,; Bunker Hill. A,B„ Eng., SPURS. Alpha Lambda Delta, WLO, French Club, Home Econ. Club, Lamb- da Iota Tau. SNEA; Scanlon, Gale E.: Collyer, B.M., Music, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Schields, Dale A.: Good- land, A.B., Speech, Prometheans (V-Pres.). Schlaefli, James F.: Cawker City, B.S, in Agric, Scores of fraternity and sorority members line the Custer Hall bridge to watch the canoe race competition at annual Greek Week activities. Greek men and women participated in numerous contests to climax the week of fun. 236 Seniors Sch-Sne Schlaofli, Roberta A,: Cawker City B.S. i a Bus.. Pi Omega Pi (Pres.), Phi Beta Lambda, Phi Kappa Phi: Schmidt, Frederick J.: EHinwaod, B.S. in Agric.. Bus., Delta Tau Alpha (Pres.], CYD; Schmidtberger, Galen F : Victoria, A.B.. German, Newman Club; Schneider, Leon K+; Osborne B.S. in Bus., K-Club; Schoeni, Arden W.; Kensington, A.B., $ociol ri AKL. Schreiner, Eugene; Collyer, B.S, Math, Sigma Pi Sigma, Newman Club, CYD, SNEA; Schrum, Steven D,: Norton B.S. in Educ. ' Schueler, Lawrence R,; Hays, B.S. En Ind, Arts, MASCOM, Ind, Arts Club ' Scott, Cheryl L: Norton, B.S. in Ed me., Home boon. Club, Women ' s Glee Club Rodeo Club (Historian), SNEA. WRA: Scott Lee E.: Rozel. B.S. in Ind- Arts, End. Arts Club (Pres.. Sec.), Epsilon PE Tau (V-Pres.J „ Scott, Nancy L,: Osborne. B.S. io Educ., SNEA: Scott, Roger L,; Ellsworth, A.B., Social., TKE, I FC (V-Pres.)r Scott Terry W.: Saunemin. Ill , A-B-, Eeon„ P-t-P. IRC, Baptist Student Movement, Span- ish Club; Scott, William M,; Osborne, B.S., Gen. Sci., Sigma PE Sigma, Baseball, SNEA. Intramurals. K-Club; Sellers. Carol J : Russell, B-S. in Bus. Seltmann Terry L: Nekoma, A.B., Chen .; Seltmann William D.: Nekoma. B.S. En Bus.; Seuser, Judith A.; Bison, B.M . Music, Sigma Alpha lota, Collegian Chorale, Concert Choir. Band; Sexsmith, Cheryl S.: Saline, B.S, in Educ. DZ, AWS SNEA, Second Generation Club, Tiger ' s Roar, Panhellenic Council (Sec ), Women ' s Glee Club; Sexson, Keith E,: Weskan,, B.S., Zool,, Beta Beta Beta (V-Pres.). Shea James F : Great Bend, B.S. in Bus., Intramurals; Sheets. Naomi H,; Las Vegas, Nev- B.S-, Math, Al- pha Gamma Delta. Homecoming Queen: Shelledy, Mary L . Hugoton, B.S. in Educ., DZ; Shoemaker, Terry C : Hays, B.S. En Bus , Sigma Phi Epsilon ( V-Pres.) ,, Tiger ' s Roar (Treas ); Shogren, Richard E,: Assaria, B.S, in Ind. Arts. Ind. Arts Club, Intra- murals. Sidener, Ronald L.; Ada, A.B.. Eng., Sigma Tau Gamma (V-Pres,), SNEA; Sidwell Jack D.: Hays, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi (Pres ); Sipe, Judith A : Denver, Colo,, B.S. in Educ., Sigma Sigma Sig- ma, Panhellenic Council (Pres ), ASC (Sec.). Sopho- more Cla s Pres , Student Court. Homecoming Queen Attendant, Traffic Tribunal, Second Genera- tion Club (Pres,), AWS, SNEA. CYft, Model UN; Slopansky, Paul E.: Belleville, B.S in Ind. Arts. AKL, Ind. Arts Club; Smiley, Connie L-; Hays, B.S, in Educ., Sigma Sigma Sigma, Reveille Queen At- tendant, Cheerleader, Tiger ' s Roar (Executive Council), SNEA. Smiley, John D.: Hays, B.S. in Phys. Educ., TKE; Smith, Arlyn E,: Radium, A B.. Spanish, Spanish Club (Pres.), Sigma Tau Gamma; Smith, Barbara J.; Philllpsburg, B.S,, Zool. SEgma Kappa, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Beta Beta Beta (Sec ), Newman Club. WLO, WRA; Smith, Carlyle H.: Lawrence. B.S In Art, TKE; Smith, Gary W,: Liberal, B.S in Bus. Smith, Sandra J : Russell Springs, B-S., Math, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon; Smith. Sharon K.: Ashland, B.S. In Educ., SNEA, AWS Band; Smith, William D.: Miltonvale. B.S., Math, Seventh Cavalry, Kappa Mu Epsilon, SNEA (Trees,, Pres.) Who’s Who; Snay, Karen J : Plevna, B.S. in Phys. Educ.; Snell, Janet D, : Elllnwood., B.S- n Educ . SNEA, Newman Club, Intramurah. 237 With the arrival of balmy spring weather, books are for- gotten momentarily In favor of capitalizing on the high spirits inspired by the climate. The banks of Big Creek frequently provide spots for fun and relaxation 238 Seniors Soi-Twe Soiee. Larry E. r Montezuma, BS. in Bus., Basketball Spencer, Harry W.: Lakin. B Math. Delta Sigma Phi (Pres., Sec.}: Spohr, Norman L.i Dodge City, B.S, in Educ.; Springer, Carol A,; Lyons, B.S. in Bos., Alpha Gamma Delta ; St, Aubyn, James. S.: Russell, B.S. in Bus,, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Steefclein, Alan M.: Hays, B.S. in Ind. Arts; Steffen, Donald D,: Burdeit, B.S, in Bus., TKE; Stein !e, Francis D,: Dorrence, B.S. in Bus., Phi Beta Lambda, GYR; Stevens, Tommy F.: Winchester, B.S, in Agric., K-Club: Stewart, Stephen ft,: Courtland, B.S, in Phys. Educ., Traci (Mgr., Trainer), Stcckdale, Richard G.: Humbolt, Iowa, A-B-. Psych.; Stos. Charles J,: Otis, Degree in Biot.: Stout, Del- bert B,: Merland, B.S. in Bus.. Alpha Kappa Psi: Stout, Gordon L.: Alden, B.S., Biol. TKE, K-Ciub Tiger ' s Roar (V-Pres.J, CYR, Basketball; Strait, Renus D.: Concordia. A.B„ Econ. Stull, Gordon B. r Turon, A.B., Hist.: Sullivan, Michael L.: Philfipsburg, A.B., Graduate With Dis- tinction, Pol. Sci,, AKL Phi Eta Sigma, Student Court. Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who: Sutphert, George H.: Piainville, B.$., Biol.: Swayre, Dennis T.: Cold- water, B.S, in Agric., Bus., AKL, Rodeo Club (Trees-), CYR: Sweat, John: Cedar, B.S. In Agric., Ind. Arts. Sweat, Michael: Kensington, B.S.. Botany, Promg- theans; Sweat, Rosalie R.,: Smith Center, A.B., So- cio!., Newman Club, Soclol. Club: Swenson, Ed L: Jewell, A.B.. Eton., TKE, Alpha Kappa Psi; Swenson, Ronald D.: Dodge City, B.S. In Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; Tark, Sung Y.: Korea, B.S., Chem., Chem, Club, P-t-P, IRC. Tauschef, Charles L: Schoenchen, B.S. in Bus., New- man Club: Tebo, Stephen D.: Hill City, B.S., Math, Kappa Mu Epsilon (Pres,], Fort Hays Singers, Con- cert Choir, Intramurals; Teel, Douglas W,: Russell. A.B„ Speech, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Psi Omega, Little Theatre (Pres.), CYR. KFHS Staff; Teel, Glen A.: Penokee, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; ThaJheim, Kerry A.: Great Bend, A.B., Po|. Sci.. ASC (Chrm.. Sec.), CYD, CYR, Phi Alpha Theta Model UN. Thomas, E. Elaine: Hays, B.S. in Educ,, Women ' s Glee Club. Little Theatre, Baptist Student Union, Tiger ' s Roar, SNEA, CEC, DZ (Pres.). Urlon Board (V-Chrm ); Thuman, Kathy J.: Gberlin. B.S, in Educ,, DZ. SNEA, CYD. Women ' s Glee Club; Tirone, Carmin A.: Lyndhurst, N, J,, B.S. in Phys. Educ,: Todd, Robert O,: Goodland, Degree in Biol., Bela Beta Beta, SNEA; Tramel, Stephen G,: Atchison, A.B., Phil, Graduate With Distinction, Debate, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who, Trapp, Charlene J.: Geneseo, A.B., Eng.. Gamma Delta (Sea.}, SNEA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lamb da b+e Tau j Trapp, John L.; Waldo, B.S. in Bus., Graduate With Distinction, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi (Historian), CYR, Phi Kappa Phi. Who ' s Who; Turner, William G.: Otis, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi, CYR; Twarogcwski, Robert J.: Chicago, I ' ll., B.S. in Ind. Arts. AKL. Ind. Arts Club; Tweed. Jo Ann: Norton, B.S. in Educ., Women ' s Glee Club, Collegian Chorale, WRA, SNEA. 239 Seniors Twy-Win Twyman, Joe W.: Overland Park, B.S. m Rhys, Educ., K-Club, Cross Country,, Trad; Tyson, Judy L: Hays- ville, B.S. in Home Econ,, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Boon. Club, SHEA; Unrein, Judith A : Hays, B.S, in Educ,, Newman Club, SNEA; Van Galder, Arlene L.: Hudson, B.5 jo Educ,, Collegian Chorale. P-t-P (Sec,), SNEA; Vernon, Gearld A.; Colby, A.B., Psych,, Senior Class Pres., Prometheans (Pres.,, V-Pres.J, IFC (Sec.), CYO, IRC. Veseeky, Roselee J,: Timken, B.S. in Educ,, Newman Club. SNEA; Vonfeldt, Dennis A,: Gorham, A,B„ Pol, Scl.. Veterans Club, Newman Club, Phi Beta Lambda, Alpha Phi Omega; Vonfeldt, G, L,; Gor- ham, B.S, In Bus.; Vossman. Kenneth L.: Beloit, A. B., Hist., Newman Club, Intramurals, CYD, Phi Kappa Theta; Wagner, Robert B,. WaKeeney, B.S. in Bus,, Alpha Kappa Psu Wait, Lynn D,: Natoma A.B., Hist.. Veterans Club, Phi Alpha Theta: Walker, Claressa B.t Lamar, Colo., B. S, in Educ., SNEA P-t-P: Walker, Susan J.: Wes kan, B.S. in Home Econ., Kappa Omicron Phi; Walter, Dorothy A.: Catherine, B.S, in Educ.. New- man Club. SNEA; Walters. Muriel L.; Hays, A.B., Speech, Sigma Alpha Eta (Rec. Sec,), Ward, .Bruce G,: Natoma, B.S. in Phys. Educ.; Ward, Robert C.: Alden, B.S. in Phys. Educ,, TKE ijTreas.)- AAHPER, Intramurals; Warren, Douglas L.: Hays. B.S. in Bus.: Wasinger, Michaelita J : Chase, E S in Phys. Educ., WRA, Intramural Chrm., Eta Rho Epsilon- Waters, Robert D,; Satanta, B.S. in Art. Watkins, Sheldon L: Wellington, A.B., PoL Set., Sigma Phi Epsiicn (Trees.), 3FC, Phi Eta Sigma (V-Pres.); Webring, Gary t.: Stafford, B.S. in Bus.; Webster, Robert K.: Hays. B.S, in Bus,; Weeks, Lois J.: Esbon, B.S. In Bus., PI Omega Pi; Wcndelm, Lawrence F.: Herndon, B.S. In Educ,, GYR. Gamma Delta. P-t-P. SNEA (Local Pres., State Historian. State Pres.). West, Mary E.: Great Bend, B.S. in Educ., SNEA, Newman Club; Whipple, Sharon L,; Jetmore, B,S„ Math, SNEA, Kappa Mu Epsilon; Whistler, Raymond Great Bend. A,B., Ecors,, Bus. and Econ. Club, Newman Club, Alpha Kappa Psi: Whitaker, Marlene L, ; Culiison, B.S, in Edge,, SNEA; Whitney, Derry M. : Hays, B.S. in Bus. Whitney, John W,: Philllpsburg, B.S., Botany. Alpha Phi Gmeqa (Sec.) - Wilken, Barbara J.: Modoc, B.S, in Educ., SNEA, AWS; Willett, John E.: Junction City, B.S. n But.. Pi Omega Pi 1 Williams, Jerry E.: Alexander, B.S. in Art; Williams, Richard 8,i New- ton, B.S, In Bui. Wilson, Ann L.r Goodie nd, B.S, in Educ,; Wilson, Rodney E,; Beloit, B.S, in Bus., IKE (Pres,], Intra- murals; Winder, Rogene L.: Great Bend, B.S. in Educ.. 02 , Reveille Queen; Winder, Wayne A,: Natoma, B.S, in Agric.: Wineland, Eileen K,: Natoma, B.S. in Home Econ., Kappa ' Omicron Phi, 240 Seniors Win-Zim Winklepleck, Carol M,: Hays. B.S. in Educ,, SNEA: Woelk, John C.; Russell, A. B., Econ,, CYR, Union Board. ASC. Sigma Phi Epsilon: Wolfe,, Leanna K.: Horton. 6-S. in Educ., Collegian Chorale, Twider: Womacks, David M,: Lake City. B.S- fn Phys. Educ.. Phi Delta Theta. Rodeo Club- Woodson, Cheryl A.: Penalosa, B.S. in Art. SHEA, Phi Kappa Phi. Wright, David K.: Westbury. N. Y. r B.S. in Phys. Ed uc- ; Wright, Vickie J.: Kiowa, B.S. in Bus., SNEA. Pi Omega Pi, Kappa O, micron Phi, Home Econ. Club (Treas., Pres,), Phi Beta Lambda (Sec.J, AWS, Who ' s Who: Wynn, James F,: Seneseo, B.S., Zool.i Yeradi. Alener LaCrosse, B.S. in Educ.: Yilfc, Mary D.i Hastings, Neb., A.8.. Psych. Ziller, Lorna L.t Hugoton, A.B., Eng., Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda lota Tag- Zimmerman, Alfred F.: Hays, B.S. in Bus.,, Alpha Kappa Psi; Zimmerman, Janice L: Arlington, Vt_, B.S. in Edge., SNEA: Zimmerman. Sharon K,; Mullinville, A.B., Math, WRA fPres., Rec. Sec.): Zimmerman, Virginia A,: Jelmore, B.S., Art. Singing a number in her native Turkish language, Ulku Cam- one of several Kansas college and university students audi- libel is filmed for a television appearance. Miss Camlibel was tioned for the program " Campus Talent ’67 " Taking advantage of the fountain in front of Picken Hall, students fill out registration cards during fall enrollment. En- rollment figures neared the 5,000 mark as 4,962 collegians poured onto campus to register for the fall term. 242 Underclassmen Abe-Ams Abend shien, Kenneth P., Turon sophomore: Abies, Tracy A., Maple Hill sophomore: Abram. Robert L, Jewell soph- omore: Ac Iter. Linda K , OKs freshman: Adams, David V. Phil lips burg freshman. Adams, Donna J., Dodge City junior: Adams. James A . Great Bend junior: Adams. Joseph, Atwood sophomore: Ada ms, Marsha J., Holcomb sophomore; Adams, Reba M., Larned junior. Adamson, Elaine S„ Saline freshman; Adamson, Thomas C, K Lincoln freshman; Aday, David P., Wellington junior; Adee, Sharon M., Great Bend freshman; Adrian, Gary L., Morton sophomore. Adsit, Mary L., Valley Center junior; Agin, James E., Ss- lina sophomore; Aqnew, Josephine C., Hays sophomore; Ahlveri, Rodney L., Glen Elder sophomore: Ahrens, Judy L., Pratt junior. Albers, Leslie, Ransom sophomore: Albert, Pamela J , Salina freshman; Albin, Mictey M., Quieter sophomore; Albright, Jacqueline K. t Arlington junior; Albright, Kay F., Hoys junior. Alden, Nanette, Smith Center freshman: Alexander, Birdie L. Coldwater sophomore; Alexander, Clifford G„ Satanta junior: Afford, Haiel D„ Hays freshman; Allen, Dennis E,, Scott City freshman. Allen. Glen D., Plainville freshman; Allen, James N., Ellis freshman: Allen, Kenneth W„ Lebanon sophomore; Allen, Martha A,, Concordia sophomore; Allen, Ralph E. Jr., Plainville sophomore. Allen, Warren D., Ellis sophomore; Alloway, Sharon K„ Ellis sophomore; Almquist, Sandy K., Hays freshman; Als- paw, Pamela K,, Hays junior; Altenbaumer, Linda D„ Chase freshman. Amarine, Clyde D., Great Bend sophomore; Amerine, Glen B„ Great Bend junior; Amos, Donald R„ Plainville fresh- man; Amos, Ronald R„ Goodlarvd freshman; Amsborry, Lynnette, Bird City sophomore. 243 Underclassmen And-Bab Anderson, Danny W,, Great Bend sophomore: Anderson, Les W., Valley Center freshman: Anderson, Pamela R., Hays [unior: Anderson, Susan E-, Woodston junior: Anderson, Warren R. t Clifton junior. Andregg, Fred W., Hoxie junior: Andregg, Patricia L, Hoxie freshman; Andrews, Veronica, Atlanta, Ga,, freshman: Anfcenman. Teresa A., Norton freshman; Annis, Marjorie C., Oakley sophomore. Appel, Denise M . Russell sophomore: Applebee, Monty D. f Beloit freshman; Applegate, George L, Utica sophomore: Applegate, Rodney L, Norton freshman; Archer, James B. ( Almena sophomore. Archer, Terry D., Afmena freshman: Argo, Tom L-, Vliets junior; Arias, Elsa, Colombia, S.A., junior: Arneson, Shirley A., Red Cloud, Neb., freshman; Arnett, Donald O-, Leb- anon freshman. Arnhold, Marilynn A., Hays freshman; Arnhold. Reselyn K., Russell sophomore; Arnold. Phyllis J + , Larned freshman; Arnott, James M., Zurich funior; Arpin, Allen A.. Damar freshman. Arpin, Rebecca J., Damar freshman; Arthaud, Gary L, McPherson sophomore; Asbill. Randy E,, Otis freshman: Ashley, Larry A., Selden sophomore; Atcheson, David B., Shawnee Mission junior. Ater, Jim L, Topeka freshman: Atklsson, Robert 5., Stock- ton freshman; Augustine, Gerald F., Lenora junior; Augus- tine. Mary L„ Hutchinson junior; Ault Connie R., Hays sophomore. Aust , Nancy J„ Palco junior; Austin, Eric, Cawlcer City junior; Austin, Norman P., Cawker City freshman; A ustin, Patrice D., Cawker City junior; Avery, Catherine A., Lamed sophomore. Ayers, Pam E + . Wichita sophomore: Ayres, Brad L-, Smith Center freshman; Ayres, Karen 5 , Smith Center freshman: Baalman, John P., Grinnell freshman- Babcock, Dorothy M,, Utica freshman. 244 Underclassmen Bag Bax Sag by, Rosemary A,, Dodge City sophomore; Bahru, Daryl L, Dlghton sophomore- Bahr, Kenneth E,, Olmih freshmen: Bailey, John A., PhiHipsburg freshman: Bainter, Everet L. Jennings freshman. Bainter, Lyman N., Jennings sophomore: Baker, Rita K,, Saline freshman: Baldwin, Marvin R., Zurich sophomore; Ballard. Connie J., Kiowa freshman; Ballard, Robert A., Stockton sophomore. Bamberger, Chris R., Jetmore sophomore: Bane r Randy P,, Rolla sophomore; Bangs, Constance M., Liberal sophomore; Banks, Sue A., Liberal junior; Barber, Sharia J,, Sharon Springs sophomore. Barter, Roger L p Saline sophomore; Barter, William F,, Clay Center sophomore; Barnes, Jesse L., Wichita fresh- man; Barnes, Larry F-, Goodland freshmen: Barnes, Merle M,, Lincoln junior. Barnett, David G., Goodland freshman; Barnett, Gerald W., Havifand junior; Barnett, Janet S., Garden City sopho- more; Barr, Marita J., Hoaue junior; Barr, William D., Freedom, Olda,. junior. Barricldow, Deanna L.„ Ness City freshman : Barron, Rose Mary, Rush Center freshman; Barrows, Charles W t , Ness City junior; Barry, Shirley 1C, Wellington sophomore; Barta, Larry R., Ellsworth freshman. Barta, Phyllis J., Plainville freshman; Bartlcosld, Robert F., Hartman, Colo., freshman: Bartlett, Wesley L., Hutchin- son sophomore; Barton, James R-, Colby freshman; Basgall, Kay F,, Bison freshman. Basgall, Sylvia A., Bison freshman; Bashford, Jerilyn S., Morland sophomore; Bass, Jams K,, Jewell freshman; Bas- sett, Joyce E., Hill City freshman Batchman, Kathleen A., Ellinwood freshman. Bauer, Judy J., Great Bend junior; Baugher, Anna M,. WsKeeney freshman; Baumann, Marilyn K,, Smith Center freshman: Baumann, Marlene R., Smith Center freshman; Banter James D.. Hays junior. 245 Underclassmen Bax-Bey Baxter, Kinney R. f Stockton sophomore; Baxter, Randall Stockton junior; Baxter, Thomas A,, Hays junior; Bayless, Mernie R, Topeka sophomore; Beal, Deanna K., Pfainville freshman. Beafby, Steven A., Paradise sophomore; Bear, Richard E., Waldo freshman; Beatty, Edith E.„ Manhattan freshman; Beatty, Thomas L., Lu ' ray freshman; Beckley, Beverly L. Scott City sophomore. Beck ley, Glen E„, Osborne sophomore; Beckman, Lynda L., Oakley freshman; Becltman, Paul A,, Phillipsburg freshman; Beebe, Teresa G , Hays freshman; Beer, Goalee E., Lamed sophomore. Beery, Benson L,„ Cimarron freshman; Beery, Charles B,„ Gorham f unior : Beeiley, Curtis R., Kinsley junior; Befort, Ernest R, Lebanon sophomore; Befort, James I., Hays [un for. Befort, Sandra M., Hays sophomore: Befort, Sharon L., Hays sophomore; Befort, Thomas T., Hays junior; Beggs, Linda D , Ensign freshman; Behan, James R,, Oakley fresh- man. Be He rive, Kathryn A,, Stockton freshman; Benda, Christine L. Colby junior; Bendel, Janice L. St. John freshman; Bennett, David L, WaKceney sophomore; Bennett, Ronnie, Ellsworth sophomore. Berger. Joe C., Hays freshman; Berger, Ronald D., Bucklin junior; Bergling, David A., Ludell freshmar- Bergman, Betty R., Lebanon sophomore - Bergman, John C., Lebanon soph- omore. Bergren, Judith E.. Kansas City sophomore; Berquist, Janice L. , Bridgeport freshman; Berry, David V., Russell fresh- man; Berry, Richard M., Ransom freshman; Berry, Stuart M. , Russell junior. Berscheidf, Jayne A„ Belpre sophomore; Betsworfh, Michael M., Hygoton freshman; Eettenbrcck, Ann M., Holyrood sophomore; Beyer, Ellen K.. Great Bend freshman; Beyer, Linda M., Belleville [unior. 246 Underclassmen Bey-Bie M Beymer, Gary C.. Lakin junior ' Biayi, Ellen M., Hays junior; Bickford, Barbara (., Deltas, Tex.. junior; Bister, Marcia A., Almena sophomore: Bleber, Richard A., Bison sophomore. Bioberly, John 3 , Manhattan junior; Bieker, Fred L, Salma freshman; Bicker, Gerald F, Ellis sophomore; Bieker, Richard U Ellis freshman; Bieker, Richard L, Hays freshman. tories provided a guide to student and faculty addresses and phone numbers, and to organized groups. Passing through Memorial Union, students stop to purchase campus directories. Sold during the first semester, the direc- 247 Underclassmen Big-Bou Biggs. Tonya R.. Phillipsburg sophomore: Billingar, Mary J t , Collyer freshman: Billing er, Rita A., WaKeeney junior: Billings, Dixie R, t Portb freshman; Bingaman, Conna Marion freshman. Birney, Lorna A., Satanfa freshman: Bitfel, Elaine A ri Ellis freshman; Bitter, Jerry L.. Hoisington junior; Blackburn. Robert Ln. Leoti junior: Bfackwelder. Kenneth D + , Isabel junior. Blackwood, Charles R,, Belleville sophomore; Blair. Connie J,. Mankato junior; Blank. Janice J. ( Nafoma freshman; Blauer. Jack D,. Stockton junior; Blazek, Donald L., Claflin junior. BJaier, Bob L. Hays freshman; Bleche, Stephen V., Woodsfon sophomore: Bfehm. Marilyn A., Russell freshman; Blessing, Becky M-, Russell freshman; Bliss, Linda R-. Osborne sopho- more. Bliss. Marilyn N + , Atwood freshman; Blount, Richard T., Coldwater sophomore; Bobbitt, Sherylene S„, Stockton freshman; Boedeker, Ruby E,, Hays sophomore; Boeding, Colleen A,, Manhattan freshman. Boeding. Thomas l, r Manhattan junior; Boe finer, Ernest D , Glen Elder junior; Bohm, Arlene M., Athol sophomore: Sobnd, Sharleen K„ Almena sophomore; Bollig, Mary S. ( Hays freshman. Bollig, Reafha M., WaKeeney sophomore: Bollig, Robert J., Hays freshman j Bolt. Barbara I., Goodland freshman; Bo- man, Lii A., Belpre sophomore; Bomgardner, Calene B., Hill City sophomore. Bongarh, Lynda L., Ellis junior; Boor, Leon J., Hoxie fun- ior; Booth, David T., Lebo freshman; Borger, Ronald E,. El Dorado freshman; Borgeson, Dennis D„ Ellis freshman. Borgmann, Lonnie B.. Goodland funior; Borthwitk, Mary H., Beeler sophomore; Bose, Karla K„ Cedar freshman; Boswell, Vicky L., G reat Bend fresh mar : Bouchey. Carl J., Stockton freshman, 248 Liider classmen Bou-Bro Bouchey, Marilyn K., Palco junior; Boudreau, Yvonne K„ Brewster sophomore: Bowden, Rita L, St, John freshmen ? Bo well, Darrel D, p Abilene freshmen: Bowen, Denny JC, Sa- tina freshman. Bowker, Warren C. p Richfield freshman: Bowman, Gerald D M Lamed junior; Boyce, Glenn W+, Haysville sophomore: Boyd, Barbara K., Ashland freshman; Boyd, Nancy J. ( Wright sophomore. Boyle. Michael L., Great Bend junior: Bradley, Lynne S., Lawrence freshman; Brass, Carolyn E. ( Coldwater sopho- more: Braun, James L, p Victoria sophomore; Bray, Bill G. p Glasco freshman. Bray, Linda C. p Salma freshman; Bray, Vivian J-. Great Bend sophomore; Breeden, Dennis l.. Hays sophomore; Bremser, Katherine R„ Colby sophomore: Brening. Eliza- beth A. , LaCrosse freshman. Brent, Edward E,, Alton sophomore; Brenzikofer, Diane M rl Phillipsburg sophomore; Bretton, Darrell D., Glade sopho- more; Brie Ur, Sherrill R, p Russell freshman- Bridge, Edith A,, Russell freshman. Briggs, Alan J,, Beatrice, Neb., junior: Brin, Larry J. p PEafn- ville sophomore: Briney, Rebecca B., Smith Center freshman: Brinkoeter, Rae, Wichita junior; Broach, Doris W., Bowling Green, Ky,. junior. Brocket, Ruth A,, Hoi sing ton sophomore: Brodbeck, John L., Great Bend junior; Broky, Kenneth A., Blue Rapids fresh- man; Brookhouser, Deanna L-, Hutchinson junior: Brooks, Barbara J., Clayton freshman. Brooks, Bart, Clayton sophomore: Brooks, Brian W-, Healy freshman: Brooks, Loel A, p Hays sophomore: Brooks, Michael M.. Pioinvilte junior; Brooks. Peggy L., Oakley freshman. Brown, Clair W, p Brewster sophomore: Brown, Dan M,, Liberal freshman; Brown, Elton B., Hoisington junior; Brown, Jack L, p Salina freshman; Brown Jo Anne, Dodge City junior. 249 Underclassmen Bro Cai Brown, Larry S . Hill City [unlor; Brown. Michael Hols- ington sophomore: Brown, Nora F., Prairie View freshman: Brown, Robert G., Selina freshman; Brown, Stephen J. f Oberlin freshman. Brown, Stewart A. Gorham freshman; Brown, Tommy E., Gorham Freshman; Brownell, Royanne L, Glasco freshman: Browning, Emma J,, Ensign sophomore; Brubaker, Elizabeth J., Bird City freshman. Brubaker, Marilyn R,, Bird City sophomore: Bruce, Delbert M., Gem sophomore; Brunell, Diane M-, Aurora freshman; Brungardt, Earl J., Hays junior; Brungardt, Lawrence J., Hays iuniof Brungardt, Pamela J,, Hoys freshman: Brungardt, Rosaiee, Hoys freshmen; Bruns, Timothy K., Dighton freshman; Brunson, Rodney A,, Stockton sophomore; Bryant, Janet E., Rozel junior. Buchanan, Kay D,, Healy sophomore; Buchheister, Wanda M.„ Hoys sophomore: Buchheister, William R., Hays soph- omore; Buehler, John M., Claflfn sophomore; Buehler. Richard D., Scott City junior. Bunker, Shirley M., Hays freshman; Bunselmeyer, Keith W Hudson [union: Bunsdmeyer, Leonard, Hudson freshman; Burch, Day jd L., Saline sophomore; Burdge, Linda S., Long Island freshman. Burg, Elaine R, Oberlin junior; Burke, Larry B., Greensburg freshman; Burley, John M., Smith Center junior; Burnett, Mary C,, Concordia junior; Burns, James 8 ., Clayton soph- omore. Burrell, Julia L, Arnold freshmen; Burris, Mary A., Russell junior; Burrows, Shirlene A., Hugoton freshman; Busch, Robert C„ Russell sophomore; Bushnell, Sheryl S., Phillips burg sophomore. Buster. Janis M., Lamed freshman; Button, iel freshman; Button, Thomas H., Rozel Flanders, Great Bend [unlor; Cain, Cheryl freshmen. Robert D., Ro [unior; Byford, Y., Holslngfon 250 Underclassmen Cai-Car Cain, Thomas M.. 8elpre funior; Caldwell, Unda L., Portls freshman; Call, Jack D. H Ulysses freshman; Call, Jerry R. ( Ulysses freshman; Callaway, Christine M., Liberal freshman. Callaway, Howard D., Esbon freshman; Callaway, Pamy B., Protection sophomore; Calnan, Craig A,, Ellsworth junior; Camlibel, Ulku, Istanbul, Turley, junior; Campbell, Douglas P., Valley Center sophomore. Campbell, Lawrence W,, Russell sophomore; Canfield, Beth A., Hutchinson junior; Cannon, Michael P., WaReeney jun- ior; Carlisle, Philip L,, Colcfwater freshman; Carlson, Donna G. r Salma freshman, Carlson, James A„ Hays sophomore: Carlson, Jennie L, Russell sophomore; Carlson, Linda F., Ha s sophomore; Carlson, Robert G., Formoso freshman; Carlson, Susan J., Salina freshman. Putting the drill into operation, workmen tackle the task of of the campus grounds, A dry 1966 summer had kept the sinking a new well to provide additional water for irrigation grounds keepers busy with the sprinkling system. Underclassmen Car-Cla Carmichael, John 6.. Stockton sophomore; Carpenter, Glo- ria J., Scott City sophomore: Carpenter, Robert L. Levant sophomore: Carr, Kay E. h Lamed sophomore: Carr, Roger J„ Oakley freshman. Carroll, Janice J-, Dodge City junior; Carswell, Terry R., Selden sophomore; Carter, Kenneth R.. St. John junior; Carter, Nancy L,. Stockton sophomore; Case, Jon EL, Phil- 11 psbu eg sophomore. Casteel, Steve M,, Kensington sophomore; CatlEn, Sharo n S., L ' beral freshman; Chaffin, Betty L, Morland junior; Chaffin, Robert G., Woodston junior; Chafiian, Bijan, Iran junior. Chain, James S., Ellinwood freshman; Chain, William O., Ellinwood sophomore; Chambers, Cathy S., Minneapolis freshman: Chan, David W r , Hong Kong freshman; Cham dfer, Sheryl 5., Almena sophomore. Channel!, Albert B., Goodland freshman; Chappel, Ronda Lr. Lyons freshman; Charter, Walter U, Abbeyvilfe fresh- mar; Chester, Ronald W., Glade freshman; Childers, Pat- ricia A. , Bird City sophomore. Childers, Steven R., Agra [unior: Chlumsky, Judy K., Hays sophomore; Chlumsky, Michael L, Rush Center sophomore; Christensen, Bill L, Concordia sophomore: Christensen, Dane E., Long Island freshman. Christensen, Delwin W., Phillipsburg [unior: Christenson, Sueflin, Tescott sophomore; Christian, Mary E., Lmdsborg sophomore; Christiansen, Kay A., Brewster freshman- Chris- tianson, Paul, Hutchinson freshman. Chung, Sung H., Sharon Springs sophomore; Claassen, C+ Wayne, Richfield sophomore; Claassen, Damaris P., Medi- cine Lodge sophomore; Clark, Ivan L„ Palco freshman; Clark, Kathleen R,, Barnard junior. Clark, Nelda L, Great Bend sophomore; Clark, Pamela M,. Natoma freshman; Clark, Richard M., Jewell junior; Clarke, Kirby J., Great Bend freshman; Claudel. Paul E., Oakley sophomore. 252 Underclassmen Cla-Cor Claycamp, Edward L, Goff sophomore; Clayton, Max A., Stockton junior: Cleaves, Neil E., Johnson iunior; Clements, Joseph E., Dodge City junior: Cleveland, Terry L., Garden City junior. Cline, Rex: 0,, Hays junior; Clinkenbeard, Richard A., Col- by sophomore; Clotfelter, Cortland Q,. Ellis freshman; Cloutman, Donald G.. Minneola junior; Coady, Janet F,, Russell freshman. Coady, Mary A., Russell sophomore; Coady. Patricia A., Gorham freshman r Cobb, Hubert L, Ford junior; Cofer, Virginia M,, Ransom sophomore; Coffman, M. Ruth. Min- neapolis freshman. Cohen, Vicki £., Dodge City junior: Coker, Fred L r Great Bend freshman: Colborn, Terry L, Lake City freshman; Cote, Douglas L, Great Bend sophomore: Cole, Richard C T , Larned Junior, Coleman, Richard M,, Rozel freshman: Collier, Henry E., Hays sophomore: Cclyer, Linda J.. Hays freshman - Comeau, Ferry J., Plainville junior; Conard, Barbara A., Coolidge fresh mao. Conard. Susan K,. Almena junior; Conaway, Eve M,, Athol freshman; Condra, Junior, Glasco freshnian; Conn, Martha J., Stockton junior; Connor, Karla J,, Collyer freshman. Connor, Katha J., Collyer sophomore Constable, Steve K., Minneapolis junior; Converse, Carole R-. Larned freshman; Conyac, Alby L., Stockton freshman; Cook, Kenneth J. t Hays sophomore. Cook, Margaret A., McPherson sophomore; Cook, Rodney J„ Great Bend freshman; Cook. Wanda L, Hays junior; Cooper, Galen A„ Grainfmld freshman; Cooper, Rex G. Hoxie sophomore. Cooper. Lana G,, Goodland freshman: Coover, Kenneth W., Kinsley sophomore; Cord L David C,. Tipton sophomore - Cordel, Jolene Osborne freshman; Corder, Joseph R,, Selden freshman. 253 Underclassmen Cor-Dan Corder, Michael A., Sclden junior; Corn, Lynn, Lawrence freshman; Corry, Beth A., Great Bend sophomore; Cory, Kathy A., Concordia sophomore; Costello, William C , Shawnee Mission freshman. ■ priupnure; ouison, Bruce W., Havs R 6 hT ; ' P ' r Urti | ° J - I ? ' ™ 0 ® 8 Co “ P ° ' Mo™ Hays ru „ lor ; Cousland, Craig R„ Liberal [unior. Couture, Audrey E., Pafco freshman; Cowan, Eloise A., Clyde sophomore; Cowgill, Laurel E,, Garden City junior; Cox , Beverly J., Atwood freshman; Cox, Edward D., Buffalo freshman. Cox, Larry G., Gove sophomore; Cox, Roseann E., Long Island freshman; Crabbs, C. Wayne, Hutchinson Ju nior; Craig. Donald L., Bazins junior; Cramer, Gerald J., Kano- rado sophomore. Cramer, P. Lea, Kanoredo sophomore: Cramm, Terri L., Great Bend freshman; Cranston, Ramona l., Ness City freshman; Cranston, Steve C., Ness City sophomore; Craven, Teresa J r , Russell freshman. Crawford, Peggy L., Healy sophomore; Creathbaum, David M r , Liberal freshman; Cress, Donald C., Council Grove sophomore; Crist, Judith J., Ellis junior; Criswell, Janice G., Hill City sophomore. Cntchfield, Stephen N., Hill City freshman; Crittenden, Mary FC, Plains freshman; Cromwell, Ronald E., Dodge City ; unior; Cunningham, Gerald R., Hutchinson Junior: Cunningham, Marianne, Hays Junior, Cyr, Janice F., Glasco junior; Dailey. John L,, Garden City freshman; Daily, Debra A,, Ellis freshman; Daise, Gerald W., Goodland Junior; Dele, Owen E., Liberal Junior. Dalrymple, Cynthia R., Rochester, Mich., sophomore; Dan- iel, Linda B., Great Bend freshman; Daniel, Martha J., Denver Junior; Daniels. Craig A., Earned freshmar: Daniels, Daryl L., Scott City junior. 2S4 Underclassmen Dan-Deb Danner, Jean K., Abilene tunior: Dasenbrodt, John B., Stratton, Colo., freshman: Davenport, Douglas R r Salina freshman ; Davidson, Homer M,, Simpson sophomore: Davidson Lynann J , CEoflin sophomore. Davidson, Tom D,. LaCrosse sophomore: DavEgnon, Ronnie G., Hill City sophomore; Davis, Carol S,, Russell sopho- more: Davis, Cynthia A , Salina sophomore: Davis, Dona J,, Deerfield Junior. Davis, Janis L H Russell junior; Davis, Lewis E., hakim junEor; Davis, Sandra K.„ RhillEpsburg freshman: Dawson, Joe L., Morcatur freshman: Deal, Terry D., Lyons freshman. Doan, Vergie D., Great Bend junior; Dearden, Janet E., Scott City sophomore: Deatrich, Geneva J., Wa Keeney jun- ior; Debes, Robert L, Claflin freshman: DeBey. Gary G,, Cawker City sophomore. Collegians line up before the mobile van of Christopher Stu- and the Reveille, The photographer snapped more than 3,000 dios of Topeka to have their pictures taken for news service underclass, senior, graduate and faculty portraits. 255 Underclassmen Dec-Die Deeha lit, Jerald F + , Hays junior ' De chant, Jerome, Hays freshman; DeDonder, William, St. Mary freshman; Dedrielc- son, Gordon R., Clay Center freshman; Deeds, Robert J-, Montezuma freshman. DeGarmo, Larry R., Rofla junior; DeHaven, Everett D,, Solomon freshman; Deines, Bonnie E., Collyer freshman; Deines, Dan S., Wa Keeney sophomore; Deines, Ernest J T , WaKeeney junior. Deines, Hubert D., WaKeeney sophomore; Deines, Larry 0., WaKeeney junior; Deisher, Douglas W., Liberal fresh- man; DeMay, Robert J., Qberfin junior; Denlo, Earl D,, Penokee freshman. Denison, Sally A., Hays freshman; Dennett, Linda F., Paloo freshman; Denning, Dan M Tl Russell freshman; Denning. Larry W., Ellis junior; Denning, Maxine F, p Ellis freshman. Denning, Russell A,, Salma junior; Dennis, David T., Great Bend junior; Dennison, Jana $,. Wichita freshman; Denny, Karla S., Colby sophomore; Depe, Janet L., Page City junior. Depperschmidt, D, L., Park sophomore- Depperschmidt, Jean G., Park freshman; Depperschmidt. Keith, Ellis soph- omore; Depperschmidt, Lester E., Park sophomore; Dep- perschmidt. Linda W., Park freshman. Desaire, Arllnda J,, Sallna sophomore- Deufscher, Steven J., Ellis junior; Dewees, Martha A., Prairie Village freshman; Dewey, Carolyn J,, Great Bend freshman; Dey, Robert H,, Olathe sophomore. DeYoung. Marsha K., Paloo freshman; Dibble, Max L„ Woodston freshman: Dible, David J., Rex ford sophomore; Dick, Dona L,, Garden City freshman; Diclrson, Vickie L., Stafford junior. Dieckhoff, Fester G., Phillfpsburg freshman; Dietz, Diana K., Russell junior; Dietz, JoAnn J r , Russell freshman; Dietz, Raydene G„ Collyer sophomore; Dietz, Richard E., Lebanon sophomore. 256 Underclassmen Die-Dre Dietz. Vicki L. WaKeeney sophomore; Dillon. Fred G., Lebanon freshman; Dlmond, Sheryl K., Little River junior: Dlnkel, Carol J., Ellis sophomore: DlnW, Darrell F., Victoria junior. Dinfcel, David P.. Oakley freshman; Dinlcel, James A., Vic- toria junior; Dinkel, Patricia A., Victoria junior; Dirks, Arthur L, Wa Keeney lunior; Divel, Larry R r , Jewell sopho- more. Dixon, Nancy J,, Great Bend freshman; Dobbins, Robert L., Abilene freshman; Dodd, Frank P., Manhattan junior; Dodge, Myrna J., Manhattan freshman; Doerfler, Tonya G., Alexander, Va.. freshman. Doerschlag, James L., Dighton freshman; Dolethek, Larry. Wilson sophomore; Dofeial, Charles R., Ellsworth freshman; Dome, Laura J., Pfeifer freshman; Donahey, Linda I., Logan junior. Donart. Jolcno K., Lamar, Colo., junior; Dcnart, Marilyn S.. Lamar, Colo., sophomore; Donovan, Dan M , Tribune soph- omore; Dooley, Thomas L,, Great Bend freshman; Doubrava, David M., Wilson freshman. Dougherty, D. Eric, Downs freshman; Dougherty, Dale, Pratt sophomore: Dougherty, Mary L f Great Bend fresh- man; Douthit, Joyce M., St. Francis freshman; Dowden, Christopher J., Ulysses sophomore. Dcxon. Cynthia K., Gove freshman; Doyle, Cheryl A.. Lecti sophomore; Drach, W, Tearel, Hudson iunior; Dragoo, Doris A., Hays freshman; Drake, Larry K., Larned freshman. Drake, Robert B., Great Bend freshman; Draher, Carol A., Russell freshman; Dreher, Marion F., Hays sophomore: Drill- ing, Carol J.. Ellis sophomore; Drolling, Carol J. p PlalnvElle freshman. D railing, Diana, Hays freshman; Drolling, Joanne, Gorham junior; Dreiling, Judy A., Victoria sophomore; Dreiling. Kathleen A., Hays junior; Dreiling, Larry D., Gorham fresh- man. 257 Underclassmen Dre-Emo Drolling, Leslie A,. Hays junior: Dreiling, Lynda S„ Russell sophomore: Drescher, Ann, Great Bend junior: Drescher, Mary T., Great Bend sophomore; Drew, Lynn R.. Great Bend sophomore. Drosselmeyer, Wesley L., Kingman sophomore: Dryden, Dennis K., Stockton sophomore; Dryden, Elizabeth R,, Stock- ton freshman: Dubbert, Steven D-, Cawker City freshman: Dudrey, David L„ Kismet junior. Duel), Dorothy, Ruleton sophomore ; Dumler, Dennis W., Russell freshman; Dumler, Donna K., Russell freshman; Dun- can, Susan G., St. John freshman; Dunning, Earl L, Hill City sophomore. Duran, John E., Johnson junior; Durham, Jerry, Beloit fresh- man; Dutcher. Connie L„ Oberlin junior; Dye, Judy E„ Ness City freshman: Earle, William M., Beloit sophomore. Eaton. Charles R., Manhattan junior; Eaton, Robb W„ Fowler freshman; Eberhart, Marva S., Great Bend fresh- man: EbrSght, Beverly A,, Lyons sophomore: E chard, Dennis W +1 Garfield sophomore. Echer, Steven J Lucas freshman; Eck, P. John, Sharon freshman: Edgingtcn, Wilbur L., Ulysses freshman- Edmonds, Darrel L., Clifton freshman; Eggleston, Gary V,. Scott City sophomore. Ehmke, Clifford D., Heafy sophomore: Ehrlich, Judy L., Dodge City sophomore; Eickbush, Ruth E-, Hays junior; Ellers, Gloria J r , Lamed junior’ Eilert, Stanley R., Harlan fresh man, Eisenhour, Katharine N +1 LaCrosse junior; Eklund, Kenneth G., Natoma freshman; Elder, Phillip, Beloit sophomore: Eller, Stephen, Phillipsburg sophomore; Elliott, Vicki L., Paradise sophomore. Ellis, Judith K., Hutchinson junior; Elniff, Marlene K,, Ran- dall freshman: Emery, Barbara J„ Dodge City junior; Em mert. Larry L, H Russell freshman; Emory, Lena M-, Overland Park freshman. 258 Underclassmen Ene-Eva Eneff, Darrel L, Great Bend sophomore; Engel. John E., Liberal sophomore; Engstrand, Cynthia K,, Ell ' s freshman; Engwall, Susan C„ Salma freshman: Eppinger. David ft,, Norton junior. Erickson, Anne M.. Selina freshman; Ernst, Dennis D,. En- terprise sophomore; Essmiller, Barbara A., Great Bond freshman: Ester!, Richard J,, Salina sophomore; Estes. Maynard L.„ Bucklln junior. Etrlclf, Joseph F., Garden City freshman; Eubank, Charles D., Coats sophomore; Evans, Gerald J., Russell sophomore; Evans. Jeannette M., Bethlehem. Pa,, junior; Evans, Marsha L-, Rose Hill sophomore. Building enthusiasm, the sophomore tug of war team strikes other side of Big Creek, Actions spoke louder then words, up an antagonistic yell to taunt the freshmen, located on the however, as the freshman team won the battle. 259 Underclassmen Eve-Fou Everett, Frances E., Scott City sophomore; Everett, Phyllis, ■Scott City freshman ' ; Eye. Cynthia S., Lamed freshman; Facklam, Donald D r] Abilene junior; Fagerqulst, Lois N.. Diqhton funior. Faimon, Gary L,, McDonald junior: Fanshler, Harold J., Great 8end freshman; Farmer, Richard K,, Colby junior; Farney, Thomas E,, Kiowa freshman; Farrell. Michael K„ Manhattan junior. Fast, Marjorie A-, Havlland junior; Faulkner, Keiheryrt, Hays freshman; Faurot, Robert A., Sublette freshman; Fawcett, Cynthia L,, Norton freshman; Fehrenbach, Joseph T., Oakley freshman. Feist, Connie R., Eflinwood freshman; Feist, Kenneth L, Ellinwood funior; Feast, Mary A., Ellmwood freshman; Fell, Diana C.. Lamed sophomore; Feltes, Allan J., Hoisington junior. Fenwick, Charlene R r , Inman junior; Ferguson. Teryl L. Lin- coln sophomore; Fife, Daniel J., Beloit freshman; Fink, Donalea, Downs freshman; Fink, Virginia L.„ Sallna sopho- more. Fischlf, Ron D., Klfwln junior; Fisher, Harvey L., McDonald ]unior; Fisher, James D.. Nickerson junior; Fisher, Ruth E„ Albuquerque, N.M., junior; Fisher, Stephen D.. Norton sophomore. Flagler, Charlene L,, Qum+er funior; Flagler, Sharon L., Culnter sophomore; Flaherty, Stephen L., Lincoln funior; Flanders, Richard L., Great Bend freshman; Fleharty. Lynn A.. Hays junior. Flick. John G„ Pawnee Rock freshman; Ffuharty, Joyce L„ McCracken freshman; Foley. Dave D„ Phiflipsburg junior; Folti, Jacquelete S., Great Bend freshman; Foran, Roger £., Ellsworth sophomore. Ford, Susan E., Hays sophomore; Forney, Eldene, Bunker Hill sophomore; Forristal, David W,, Salina sophomore; Foelk, Connie L-, Turon junior; Fountain, Dian R„ Arlington sophomore. 260 Underclassmen Fou-Ger Fouts, Linda S., Beloit freshman; Eo . David. G., Burdett freshman: Fox. Steven L.. Ulysses sophomore: Frack, Sharis L P Ingalls freshman; Frahm, Kenneth L., Colby junior. Francis. D. Clifton, Ellinwood sophomore; Frank, Ronald E., Hays freshman; Frankc, Thomas J,, Herndon sophomore; Franklin, Becky L., Atwood sophomore- Frasier. Joe A., Hill City freshman. Freeborn, Kathryn G., Smith Center sophomore; Freeman, Corliss L.. Eflinwood junior; Freitag, Lila J , Hays fresh- man; Frey. Jon G.„ Oakley junior; Frick, James R.. Ludetl sophomore. Frieling, Allen L, r Athol sophomore; Frink, Bobbett D.. St, John sophomore: FritiemeEer, Don L., Stafford junior; Fritiemeier, Jo C., Stafford junior; FroelEch, Margie A,, Walker freshman. Froelich, Randolph A.. Gorham freshman; Frost, Jill L. Hays freshman; Frownfeltor, Mickey L,, Lamed junior; Frusher, JoAnn, Jetmore freshman: Frydendall, Larry M., Portis freshman. Frye. D. Lou, Kanorado freshman; Fuller, Brad A., Beloit freshman- Funk, Janet J., Russell junior; Funk, Victoria R,, Russell sophomore; Gabel, Dale L., Ness City freshman. Gardinier, Janice E,. Tescott freshman- Gardner, Linda L., Smith Center freshman; Garetson, Chloe R-, Copeland sophomore; Garetson, Jesse J., Copeland junior- German, Karen S., Mankato freshman. Garrett, Charla R. p Oakley sophomore 1 Gasper, Carol $., Lenora freshman; Gassner, Carolyn S,, Hays freshman; Gates. James E., Anthony junior; Gates, Patricia L.. Downs freshman. Gayer, Robert L.. Derby sophomore; Geering. Ruth E.. Hunter sophomore; Georg, Kathiyn M,, Alexander junior; Georgeson, John D., Lenora freshman; Gerber, Larry J.. Fowler freshman. 261 Underclassmen Ger-Goi Gere, Mary M., Garden City junior; Gerhardt, Paul F., Victoria freshman; Germany, Walter C Palco sophomore; Getty, Allen $„ Phillipsburg sophomore; Getty, Carlton A„ Phlllipsburg junior. Gibeau, Carolyn R., Logan freshman; Gibson, Charles H., Russell sophomore; Giddings, Bradley K-, Beloit freshman; Gieber, Philip T., Linn freshman; Giebler, Harold J M Hays freshman. Giebler, Marlene Hays freshman; Giebler, Nadine, Hays freshman; Glese, Marti L, Bismarck, hLD., junior, Giess, Rodney A . Arnold junior: Gilbert, Doris L., Gem freshman. Gilbert, Harry D.. Plalnville iunior; Gilbert, Norlan J., Lebanon sophomore: Gilbert, William K,, Hugo ton fresh- man; Gilchrist, Rachel F., Cold water sophomore; Giles, Pam M., Great Bend sophomore. Giles, Sheila M., Hoisington sophomore; Giles, Vicki L,, Hopewell sophomore; Gilg, Carol S., Smith Center sopho- more: Gill, Cynthia Y-. Philllpsburg junior; Gilmer, Kay C, Kansas City freshman. Gilmore, Virginia K., Hays junior; Gingrau , John D., Derby sophomore; Ginther, Connie S-, Gem freshman; Ginther, Jane M.. Atwood freshman; Girvan, Brgce A., Plainville freshman. Gish, Rodney W,, Hiil City junior; Glassman, John T., Hays freshman Glassman, Robert E„ Hays sophomore; Gfaie, Errol R., Larned junior; Glaie, Gwen M. ( Lamed freshman. Gleason, Darryl W., St. John freshman; Gleason, Gregory J., Kinsley freshman: Gleason, Nancy L., Great Bend fresh- man; G licit, Sondra A., Pratt junior; Gnad, Michael L., Ellis freshman. Goddard, Gloria A., Stockton sophomore; Goddard, Terrie L., Stockton sophomore; Goeti, Becky A., LaCrosse sopho- more- Goeti, Paulette M-, Gorham freshman: Goings, Maridell I., Rule ton sophomore. 262 9 I I Landing by helicopter on the practice field for a surprise visit to a Fort Hays State football scrimmage, U. $ Sen. James Pearson talks with Coach Wayne McConnell. Pearson was in Hays for a speaking engagement at the time. 263 Underclassmen Goo-Gru Goodman, Marcia R,, Clayton freshman ' Goodman Marla R,, Stockton junior; Goodrow, Jans E., Morland junior; Goodrow, Uarda 1., Morfend freshman; Goodwin. Kent L, Hays junior. Gordon, Michele K,, Hoi-sing ton freshman; Gosser, Carolyn K,,, Hays junior; Got+schalk, Kim J,, Hays junior; Gotts- chalk, Timothy E., Schoenchen freshman; Gouldie, Judy E.. Lebanon freshman. Grabbe, Paul P., Hays freshman; Graber. Forest D. f Tribune junior; Graham. Larry W., Deerfield freshman; Graham. Vicki L, Russell freshman; Grandstaff, Kitty J,, Salina freshman. Grant, Linda E, r Wichita freshman; Grauer, Eileen R, f Wil- son junior; Grauer, Paul F., Wilson junior; Grauerholz, Jo Ann, Kensington sophomore; Graver, Robin £., Rush Center Freshman. Graves, Donna M., St. Francis junior; Graves, Gerald E. r Atwood sophomore; Graves, Patricia A.. Lamed sopho- more; Graves, Roy D., Great Bend junior; Gray, Alan M., Clyde sophomore. Green, Jennifer L., Minneapolis freshman; Green, Sammy D., Woodston freshman; Greenway. Tom L„ Hucotcn sophomore: Gregory, Richard L., PhiNipsburg junior; Grein- er, Harold D., Hunter freshman. Gribben, Arthur L, Leoti junior; Gribben, Carolyn S,, Hays freshman- Gribben, Ralph B., Hays freshman; Grice, Tommy M,, Medicine Lodge freshman; Griese, Joan L., Russell sophomore. Griffin, Barbara J., Almena freshman; Griffin, Larry D., Elllnwood sophomore; Grimsley, Larry J. t Garden City lunlor; Grizzell, Dennis E. h Macksville freshman; GronewoL ler, Francis L., Beloit sophomore. Gross, Dorothy A., Hays junior; Gross, Harold D., Hays junior; Grover, Patricia S., Hays sophomore; Grover, Peggy A., Hays sophomore; Grubb, Larry W„ Tribune freshman. 264 Underclassmen Gru-Han Grubb, Richard D., Tribune freshman; Grusing, Linde EL, Lakirs freshman; Gum, Dianne L.. Dodge City junior; Gump, Darina M + , Carlton [unior; Gustm, Sherrie M., Selden fresh- man. Gutsch, Steven J,, Goodland junior; Guyer, Linda S., Os- borne freshman; Gwinner, Charles C.. Ellsworth freshman; Haage, Deborah A., Phillipsburg freshman; Haas, Lorraine A„ Hays sophomore. Haberman, Maurice J» ( Great Bend freshman; Hachmeister, Bruce M., Codell freshman- Hachmeister, Laah M., Natoma sophomore; Haddock, Sandra K., Liberal freshman; Hagen, Richard P,, EHinwood freshman. Hagerman, Judith 5., Pawnee Rock freshman; Hagermann, Alvin L, Nekorna junior: Hague, Dennis N., Marion fresh- man; Haigler, Judith A., Hays sophomore; Haines, James M., St. Thomas, Ont., Canada, sophomore. Hake, John M., Norton sophomore; Hake, William J., Plain- vilfe freshman; Halbleib, Kay A., Oakley freshman; Hale. Betty D,, Ulysses freshman; Hale, Richard, Johnson junior. Hall, Annelle J., Garfield freshman; Hallagin, Garry L., McDonald junior; Hallagin, Jo A., McDonald junior; Hail- ing, Janice E., Hans+on sophomore; Hamann, Twylla N-, Hutchinson funior. Hamburg, Arlene W„ Ogallah sophomore; Hamilton, Jo, Dodge City freshman; Hamman, E. Jane, Garden City jun- ior; Hammersehmidt, James, Hays junior; Hanchett, Dale R., Phillipsburg freshman. Hand, Norman ft,, Hays freshman; Handley, Judy L., Lee ' s Summit, Mo., funior; Hanken. Donald L., Lamed junior; Hanken. Larry W., Great fiend sophomore; Hankins, Janet D., Salina freshman, Hanna, Robert J., Derby freshman: Hansen, Morris D., Wood ard, Iowa, freshman; Hanson, Charles W., Clifton junior Hanson, Kent W., Medicine Lodqe freshman; Han- son, Oelga T., Mankato freshman. 265 Underclassmen Han-Hay Hanson, Peggy J.. Atwood sophomore ' Harbaugh, Cheri L, Medicine Lodge freshman: Harbaugh, Clark T., Russell freshman; Harbaugh, Ronald W., Great Bend sophomore : Harbaugh, Sylvia A., Russell freshman. Hardy, Larry A. ( Long Island freshman: Hardy, Sharon K,, Liberal freshman: Harfmanir, Eric, Ness City junior; Hargrave, Stanley E., Hays sophomore: Harltness, Karen S, r Hays freshman. Harmon, Jewell M., Johnson freshman: Harmon, Richard A., Topelca freshman: Harper, Dixie L, Albert sophomore: Harper. Duane E., Albert |unEor; Harper, Mariel L, r Scott City sophomore. Harper, Rita J. , Liberal freshman Harreh Robert L. Bur- IHgfon, Colo, sophomore: Harris, Carol L., Ransom fresh- ma-; Harris, Glen E,, Oberlin sophomore- Harrison, Diane J., Plainville freshman. Harrison, Janet C.„ St, John freshman: Harrison, Jeffery L, Natoma sophomore: Harrison, Sharon P., Beloit sopho- more; Hart, Tom, Hays freshman; Harting, Harold D.. Nor ton freshman. Hartness, Marilyn R., Holslnqlon sophomore: Hartsell, Judy K,. Stafford freshman; Harvey, Janet L,, Hays freshman; Harvey, Kathleen A., Chama, N. M., sophomore’ Hasel- horst, Cheryl A., Hays sophomore. Haselhorst, Jane F., Hays freshman- Haslett. Jim J., Syracuse sophomore; Hatfield, Roger L, Sublette sopho- more; Hatten, Roger L„ Nebraska City. Neb., funior; Havel. Lynn B., Clyde funior. Havner, Kenneth C., Spearville funior Hawkins, Jenis A-, Atwood funior- Hawks, Jerry L,, Almena sophomore; Haw- ley, Roy R,, Dodge City junior; Hayes, Benjamin L, Scotts- dale, Arii., sophomore. Hayes, M. Susan, Great Bend funior: Heymond, Artie V,, Salma sophomore; Hays, Susan E„ Prairie View freshman; Hayse, Francis J . MgllinviNe freshman; Hayse, Georgiana 8., Mullinville junior. 266 Underclassmen Hay-Hei Hayward, [van L, Lebanon junior; Hayward, Linda M m L ebanon freshman; Heble, Leo D„ Atwood sophomore: Heckert, Gloria J.. Tribune sophomore; Heckman, Jay D., WaKeeney sophomore. Heckman, Rick H,, WaKeeney freshman; Hedge, Jo Ann, Hoiie freshman; Hedge, Judy L, Hill City freshman; Hedges, $or»fa K., Offerle sophomore; Hedrick, Emmit E, Bush ton freshma n. Hegarfy, William T_, Ottawa sophomore: Heggcmeler, Terry P., Great Bend sophomore; Heidemann, Sharon R„ A ' ta Vista freshman; Heler, Edward, Park sophomore- Heier, Eileen M., Perk freshman. Heier, Robert L.„ Perk [unlor; Heikes, Dennis ft., Lenora freshman; Helm, William A., Hoxie freshman; Helmer, Nedra R.. Jetmore junior- Heinen, Ross H,, Downs frash- inan r With the arrival of autumn comes the fallinq of leaves, and Student workers were employed by the grounds department equipment Is brought out to begin clearing the campus lawn, to help with mainlenance jobs throughout the year. 267 Underclassmen Hei-Hig Heinfeln, Rodger D., Stafford junior: Helnie, Gregory A., L ' ncoln freshman- Heitschmidf, Jann E„ Scott City fresh- man’ Hefget, Joyce £., Dightcm freshman • Helm, Daryl A., Brewster Sophomore- Heller, Jim L, Monument junior: Helm, Robert W., Junc- tion City freshman: Hefman, Stephen W., Goodfand sopho- more ' Hempler, Blake G., Almerva junior: Henderson, Carol A-, Hays junior. Henderson, Geraldine R-, Norton sophomore: Hendrick- son, David L, Almena junior; Hendrickson, Roy L., Monte- zuma junior; Hendrlxson, Julie A,, Buhler junior; Hennigh, Kathleen A., Ulysses freshman. Herbel, Kathy D-, Great Bend freshman; Herbig, Mark M., Hays freshman; Herdman, Carol K., McCracken sopho- more; Her!, Gerald L, Hays freshman; Herl, Lana L, Hays freshman. Herl r Robert X. Great Bend freshman; Herman, Gerald E., Gorham sophomore: Herman. Mary M +1 Hays fresh- man: Herold, Ronald B., Great Bend sophomore; Herren, James W., Great Bend freshman. Herrenbruck, Joan E., St. John, junior; Herring, Donita IK,, Liberal junior; Herrington, Nancy L. Kanopolis junior; Herrman, Adam L., Hays freshman; Heftel, Brian J. r Rus- sell freshman, Hertel, Gary W.. Great Bend freshman; Hertel, Wesley R,, Hays freshmar; Henog, Herb L, Quintet junior; Herzog, Maxine, Hays sophomore: Heubleln, Kathryn A, h Isabel junior. Hewes, Dorothy B-, Midland, Te „ freshman: Hewes, Mich aet A- h Hays sophomore: Hewett, Dana S-, Almena sophomore; Hewett, Evelyn K., Almena freshman; Hibbs, Gary L,, Rexford freshman. Hiebert, Harry L. ( Great Bend sophomore: Hlgerd. Richard L, Gem freshman; Higgins, Barry P., Hays freshman; Highland, Charlotte A„ Beloit sophomore; Highley, Tond ' a S., PhiJIipsburg freshman. 268 Underclassmen Hii-Hoo Hiitter, Vera M,, Sylvan Grove freshman: Hildebrand. Ronda G., Stafford freshman; Hill. Donald E., Smith Center sophomore: Hill. Kent A,, Kiowa sophomore; Hill, Margaret M., Be II a ire freshman. Hillan, James L P Salina freshman; Hillman, Donna L, Wa- Keeney junior; Hilton, Dean A., Salma freshman; Hllyard, Cynthia J. ( WaKeeney sophomore; Hme, Michael J., Salina freshman. Hinkle, Max E., Wichita freshman; Hirsch, Kathleen, FJlin- wood sophomore: Hirseh, Loretta A., Wa Keeney sopho- more; Hixenbaugh, Gall W, p Beloit freshman; Hixon, Jerry L, Pawnee Rock freshman. Hixon, Larry L., Pawnee Rock freshman; Hladek, Glenn A,. WaKeeney sophomore Hladek, Janet K., WaKeeney fresh- man; Hlaus. Rosemary J., Wilson junior; Hoag land, Sandra L., Dodge City junior. Hockersmith, Janice 1C. Oakley junior; Hodges, Shirley A,. Geneseo freshman: Hoener, Joe E„ Great Bond sopho- more; Hoffman, Bette K., Hays freshman; Hoffman, Pauline A,, Hays junior. Hoffman, Ronald J., Hays freshman; Hoffner. Larry W,, Brewster freshman, ; Hogue, Stan, Mesa, Ariz„ freshman; Hoke, Wanda E., Hays freshman; Holgerson, Joseph L,, Jamestown junior Holiday, Cynthia J-, taCrosse sophomore; H oil, Steven C., Lincoln sophomore: Holler, Trudy A., Haysville fresh- man; Holliday, Paul R r , Long Island sophomore; Holmes Sonja Honston freshman. Holopirek, Rick D., Timken junior; Holston, Robert L„ Salina freshman: Holt, Robert M„ Liberal freshman; Hobmelster, Sherry A., Hays sophomore: Honderlck, John W,, LaCrosse sophomore. HonomicM, Steve E,, Hays sophomore; Hood, Ruth A., Hays sophomore; Hooper, J. Curtis, Smith Center sopho- more; Hooper, Layton L r , Smith Center sophomore; Hoover, Candi R., WaKeeney sophomore. 269 Underclassmen Hop-How Hopson. Sharon J. ( Gem freshman; Horehem. Linda M-, Ransom junior; Horlidr, Theresa L., Brownell freshman; Horner, Carolyn M,, Great Bend junior ; Horner, Patsy L., Ellsworth freshman, Horton, Louis E„ Garden City junior; Horton, Shirley J„ Junction City freshman: Horyna, Stanley E„ Hanston fresh- man; Hosheii, Frances E, N Phillipsburg sophomore; HosHn- son. Venita L. t Satanta sophomore. Hoss, Paula S,, Great Bend freshman: Houser. Lucille J-, Paradise junior; Houston, Carol J., Dodge City junior; Howard, Gerald W. r Kismet sophomore; Howard, Ronald E.. Kismet sophomore. Howell. Beverly A., Earned sophomore; Howerton, Jade C, Pawnee Rook sophomore: Howerton. Michael C„, Kinsley freshman; Howland, Cfdia (C„ Fomnoso sophomore: How- land, Philip L., Abifene junior. Clannoring for tickets for Harry Belafonte ' s performance on campus, students create a lengthy line in the Memorial Union lobby. All available seats in Sheridan Coliseum were claimed only a few hours after the exchange opened. 270 Underclassmen Hra-Jac Hrabft, Paulette M,, Stockton freshman; Hrabe, Susan M r , Plainville freshman: Hubbs, Karen Salina sophomore; Huck, John C,, Protection junior; Hudson, James M., Macksville sophomore. Hudson, Thomas E., Macksville freshman: Huebnnr, Dennis E„ Bushton junior; Huebner Gloria R., CEaflin freshman; Huffman, Glennis C., Sharon Springs freshman; Hufford, David C., Hutchinson junior. Hughes, Craig, Dodgo City junior; Hughes, Mary C., Haysville freshman; Hultt, Linda K-, Cullison junior; HuP, Tom H., Hoys freshman; Humphrey, B. Grace, Wichita junior. Hunclrer, Diana G-, Goodland junior: Hunley, Hudson junior; Hunt, Connie f., Philljpsburg Hunt, Leslie L,, Marquette freshman; Hunter, Lyons freshman. Rodney D,, sophomore; Paulette E r| Hunter, Russell R,, Greensburq freshman: Hurst, B. Jill, Hays freshman: Hurt, Ray D., Ellis junior; Husa, Ivan D., Hutchir freshma-. Huser. Marie E., Hays sophomore. Hussey, Merlin C-, Goodland junior; Husted, Lester G., Liberal freshman: Hutton, Ustel G r , Stockton junior; 1mm. Jean E., PhtHipsburg freshman; Ingersoll, Carol L., Claflin freshman. Ingram, Deborah K., Beloit freshman; Ingram, Grant E,, Beloit junior; Ingram, Roy W., Jennings freshman; Ingram, Sue D,, Beloit junior; Inlocs, Charlotte 5., Cuinter fresh- man. Inslcy, Ronald L,, Hays freshman; locrger, Phyllis R., Wichita junior; Irvin, Susan P-, McCracken sophomore; Isbell, Dennis L, Beloit freshman; Isern, David J., Ellin- wood junior. Ison, Pamela L-, Pratt sophomore; Ittner, Barbara J,, Wichita sophomore- Jackson, Allan L., Logan freshman; Jacobs, Cynthia S„ Hays junior; Jacobs, Judith A. Gorham sophomore. 27 Underclassmen Jac-Kah Jacobs- Ronald L, Russell freshman; Jamas, Donald L., Goodland freshman; James, Eugene E., Wichita junior: Jamison, Galen R., Quinter sophomore; Jan+z, Carrol E., Tribune freshman. Jeffers, Don A,, Russell freshman; Jeffery, Beverly B., Burr Oak freshman; Jeffery, Sylvia D. t Scoff City sophomore; Jenkinson, Susan M., Meade sophomore: Jennings, Cheryll G,, Roiel Junior, Jennings, David L, Oakley sophomore; Jensen, Lester C,, Atwood junior; Jensen, Patricia A., Hays freshman; Jilg, Mickey R. Lamed sophomore: Jimenet, Juan, Hays fresh- man. Jimenez. Paul M,, Garden City junior; Johnson, Charles E„ Goodland freshman; Johnson, Janis J ., Beloit freshman; Johnson, Linda M., Goodland -unlor; Johnson, Maurice E., Goodland freshman. Johnson, Michael J,, Larned freshman; Johnson, Robert W., Saline junior; Johnson, Terry D., Hays junior; Johnson, Thomas M., $t. John freshman; Jones, A, Louise, Gorham sophomore. Jones, Harry H., Smith Center freshman; Jones, Joyce, Lenora freshman; Jones, Linda L,, Brewster freshman; Jones, Mary C., Ellis sophomore; Jones, Mary R., Formoso sopho- more. Jones, Melva J., Johnson sophomore; Jones, Muriel M,, Lyons sophomore; Jones, Myrna J., Leno-fa funior; Jones, Rick D., Scott City freshman; Jones, Roger R, Norton, sophomore. Jones, Roslyn A., Sterling sophomore Jorg, Karen $,, New Cambria sophomore; Jorgensen, Charlotte E., Lincoln sophomore; Josser and, Michael W.„ Johnson sophomore; Joy, Allen L., Garden City junior. Joy. Lee. Hays sophomore; Joyce, Richard M., Ulysses sophomore; Junger, John A., Medicine Lodge sophomore: Juno, James F,, LaCrosse junior; Kahler, Mary Ann, Holy- rood sophomore. 272 Underclassmen Kal-Ker Kaltenbach, Mary K., PLainvMIe sophomore; Kane, Evelyn A . Atchison freshman ; Kantor, Daniel K., Atwood fresh- mar.; Karlin, Francis L +i Victoria junior; Karlin, Patricia J . Hays sophomore. Karlin, lorry L., Hays sophomore; Karst, Susan F., Plain- ville sophomore; Keshka, Threse M., Goodfand freshman: Kaspar, Arlis G. r Jennings junior; Kaster, Gary W, r Natoma sophomore. Kastle, Mile L, Kirwin junior; Kastle, Robert F., Kirwln freshman; Kats, Barbara A., Long Island freshman; Kefs. Marianne G., Long Island junior: Katt, Bruce N., Ellis junior. Kaufmann, Donna M,, Blue Rapids junior; Kayartr, Caret J., Great Bend freshman; Keating, Warren J., Great Bend freshman; Keating, Wylma J , Liberal sophomore; Keegan, Linda D., Hays sophomore. Keeley, Linda A,, Radium sophomore; Keenan, Denny J,, Seward junior; Keenan. Lane F,, Seward freshman; Keepers, Mary A-, Elkhart freshman; Keith, Edward L., Almena freshman. Keith, Jo M., Almena junior; Keith. Milden D., Penokee sophomore; Keller, Gene W., Victoria freshman: Keller, Karen L., Oakley freshman; Keller, Shirley D., Bushton junior. Keller, Stanley D-, St. Francis freshman; Kelley, Douglas L., Hays junior: Kelley, Joseph W., Worland, Wyo., sopho- more; Kelley, Sandra R , Oakley freshman; Kelley, Thomas C„ Beloit junior. Kelly. Jean L., Scandia junior; Kelty, John R., Jetmore sophomore: Kemp, William J., Winona junior: Kendall, Pegg.y J +l Stockton sophomore; Kennedy, Anne E, r Hono lulu, Hawaii, sophomore. Kennedy, Karol L-. Stockton junior; Kennedy. Mai M., Hoxie sophomore; Kennis, Jesse L.. Phillipsburg sophomore; Kenyon, Alan R., Bogus sophomore; Kerr, Gaylen P., Ness City freshman. 273 Underclassmen Ker-Koi Kerr, Gloria J., Mess City sophomore: Kerr, Sarabcfh, Lincoln freshman : Kesler, Karen A., Garden City junior; Khan, Mohammed N„ Pa klsian junior: KielteL Emma Hays freshman. Krlboum, Bonnie J,, Garden City sophomore; Kindler, Linda S., Beloit sophomore- King, Rodney ,, Clay Center freshman; King, Rodney W.„ Liberal freshman: Kangen, Patricia G,, Keys, OStla., freshman, Kirby, Susan D., Dodqe City junior; KSrlr, Andrea S., Salina [unior; Kirt, Gary R P , Goodland sophomore; Kirltendall. Joseph C. r Phillfpsburg freshman: Kirfcham, Rebecca J,, Wallace sophomore. Kirltman, Joseph D.. Great Bend sophomore: Kite f Floyd E., Great Bend freshman: Kitts, Robert D.. Formoso junior: Klaus. Alberta T., Hays junior; Klaus, Ladona M., Lucas freshmen. Klaus, Larry J., Lucas [unior: Klaus, Theresa A., Hoys fresh- man; Klein. Diane R., Meade junior; Kleinsorge, Alice E,, Gberlin sophomore; Klepper, Anita L-, McDonald sopho- more Kleweno, Patricia A,, Hays freshman; Kleysteuber,, Jerra L P , Copeland freshman: Kliewer, Lonnie W,, Ingalls freshman; Kline. Terry M., Sa+anta sophomore; Knight, Jerry M,, Kensington freshman. Knight, Linda K,, Pratt sophomore - Knoeber, Margaret E,, Hays junior; Knoll, Shirley A., Hays freshman; Koch, Elvin R. P Great Bend sophomore : Koch, Merciana, Great Bend freshman. Koehn, Arden M., Greensburg junior ; Koehn. Judy F,, Satan ta freshman; Koeliing. Donald L„ Abilene freshman; Koenigsman, James J . Tipton [unior; Koerperich, Nicholas D., Selden freshman. Koerperich, Robert G, Selden junior; Koetlcemeyer, Judy A., Dorrance freshman; Koharf, Phil L„, Great Bend fresh- man; Kohman, Anne M,, Solomon sophomore: Kolrfh, Etta A., Hays junior. 274 Underclassmen Kol-Kru Kollhoff, Michael L. Burdette junior: K oilman, Gary G., Sfocldon junior ; Kolodiclr, Richard J., Punscsutawney, Pa., junior; Koocbel, Nancy A.. Albert junior: Kooti r Ruby A., Hofyrood freshman. Koss, Bernard O,, Topeka freshman: Koste Don N., Ben- nington freshman; Keugb, Ronald L., Winona sophomore; Kou-gh, Sonja K,„ Winona sophomore; Koulas, Barbara 5,, Overland Par!; freshman. Kraft. Duane A., Part junior; Krasny, William F., Con- cordia sophomore; Kraus, Richard J., Greinfi@ld junior: Krause, Sylvia J.„ PhiNipsburg sophomore: Krehbiel, Barb- ara J., Dighton sophomore. Krehbiel, Gary A., Bushton junior; Kreighbaum, John S., Olafhe junior; Kro ' b, Terry A,, Liberal freshman; Krone. William T. ( Minneapolis freshman; Krueger, Nelson L r , Hays sophomore. Stirring up enthusiasm with a bit of clowning, the cheerleaders ball team ' s tie for the CIC championship and the cross coun await the beginning of a special assembly honoring the foot- try team ' s third consecutive conference title. 275 Underclassmen Kru-Led Krueger, Sylvia J., N a tom a sophomore- Krug, Kenneth D., Terrington, Wyo., junior- Kruse. Ralph J-, Oakley fresh- man: Kuebler, Linda S.. Hays freshman: Kuhn, Benita M,. Ellis freshman. Kuhn. Donald L., Hays freshman: Kuhn, Rosea nn, Victoria freshman: Kuiper, Janet K,, Prairie View sophomore; Kulp, Raymond H., Haddam sophomore; Kundred, Jacqueline A,, Hays junior. Kundred, John E., Hays lunfor; Kimtxsch Joann D,, Gor- ham freshman; Kyle, Ted W., Greensburg freshman: Leas. Anfta A.. BrodkvNIe freshman; Lackey, Judy L., Inman sophomore. Laeoss, Greg D., Wiohita freshman; Ladd, Alton O., Phillipsburq sophomore; Lahey, Vana J., Satanta freshman; Leman, Stephen J., Porfis sophomore; Lambert, Dcnetta S., Kismet freshman. Lambert, Theresa A., Belleville sophomore; Lamia, Gloria J. r Kanopolis sophomore; Landis, Erryn E,, Courtland jun- tor; Lane, Pamela A.. Lincoln freshman; Lang, Laura F., Jet mo re sophomore. Lang, Lloyd F., Hays sophomore; Lang, Raymond W., Victoria freshman; Lang, Samet+a A., Great Bend sopho- more; Langdon, Linda K., Lucas freshman; Langvardf, Daryl R. t Luray freshman. Laprade, Doraleen M., Victoria sophomore; Laprade, Gerald P-, Victoria sophomore; Larsen, Randall E., Horton sophomore; Larson, Diana L., Protection junior; Larson, Stephen J , Concordia junior. Lash brook, Lynn G., Kansas City freshman; LaRue, Don W., Kirwin sophomore; LaRue, Linde K., Kirwin freshman; Laverenfi, Bernard D. L Isa be II freshman; Law, Marshall A., Hill City freshman. Lawrence. Joy 5., Dighton freshman; Lawrence, Paul E., Shields junior; LeClair, Carolyn J., Mankato freshman; Le- Clerc, C. Michelle, Lyons freshman; Ledbetter, Clint J., Codell freshman. 276 Underclassmen Lee-Lof Lee. Dennis E.. Minneola sophomore; Legere, Rebecca A,, Hill City freshman; Legleiter, M- Lynn, LaCrosse sopho- more; Lehman, Donald E., Gypsum junior; Lehman, Patrick T., Brewster freshman. Leichliter, Homer H., Hays sophomore; Leighton, Karen J., Hays sophomore; Lelkam, Gary E., Hays sophomore; Leilter, Linda R,, Great Bend freshman; Leiker, Richard D,, Hays sophomore. Letter, Robert J„ Jr., Hays freshman; Leitner, Eugene A., Herndon sophomore; Leitner, Ronald E, r Herndon junior; Lemuz, Robert D., Rozel freshman; Lenherr, Richard A., St. Mary ' s freshman. Leon, Nancy, Bucklin freshman; Lesovsky, Terry K., Cuba sophomore; Lesseig, Nancy A., Hays junior; Lefourneau, Charlene C. ( Aurora sophomore; Lewis, Francis R., Healy sophomore. Lewis, Linda K., Beloit sophomore; Lewis. Ronald L, ( John- son freshman; Lewis, William B., Scott City freshman; Llclc, Jerald C,. Hunter sophomore; Lightner, Lynn ft,, Garden City freshman. Lillich, Wendell L,, Hays freshman; Lindberg, Roger C., Courtland freshman; Lindberg, Ronald R., Sublette junior; Linden, Donald F., Lenora sophomore; Lindenman, Doreen L., Morland freshman. Lindenman, John t„ Morland sophomore: Linder, M, Dar- lene, Langdon sophomore; Lindner, Nina L., Kendall jun- ior; lindsfey, Steve E., LaCrosse junior; Linenberger, Judith A,. Hays sophomore. Link, Albert R,. Glasco freshman; Link, Barbara E., Chase junior; Lippold, Jerry L., Horndon junior; LHson, Lawrence H., Gove sophomore; Lltienb-erger, Denise A., Jet more junior. Li engood, Rodney D-, Greensburg junior; Locke, Twyla C., Smith Center freshman; Locker, Patricia J,, Ellis sophomore; Lockhart, Gloria J., Ellsworth freshman; Loflln. Edna L-, Ellis junior. 277 Underclassmen Log-Map Logan, Loon C., Scott City sophomore; Lohmann, Arle+a A„ Lincoln freshman: Lolcer, Lila M., McDonald 1 freshman; Long, Harry L., Ellsworth junior; Long, Keith E., Leoti freshman. Long, Kelsey E-, Leoti freshman; Lonnberg, Robert !»., Spearville freshman; Loomis, Sharon K . Mankato junior; Lorson, James R,, Hope freshman: Lovelace, Carol J r , Good I and sophomore. LoVette, Sharon K., Lewis sophomore; Loving, Lola K., Pawnee Rock freshman; Lovrtc h, Frank J . Kansas City freshman: Low, Marlene S., Wa Keeney sophomore; Lcwder- miJk, John C., Glen Elder freshman. Lower, Guy W., Sublette junior; Lowry T Linda J., Stock- ton freshman; Lowry, Shirley A., Ulysses freshman; Loyd. Darrell D., Phillipsburg freshman; Loiano, Alma, Great Bend freshman. Luclrey, Diana G„, Wa Keeney freshman; Lundin, Linda G, r St. Francis junior; Lunsford, Andrea N-, Hays sophomore; Lynch, Durward D., Hays sophomore; Lynn, Connie M. p Wa Keeney junior. Lynn, Ronald R,, WaKeeney freshman; Maag, Janet M +1 Salina sophomore; Mabry, Ann M.. Lincoln sophomore; Machart, Marie E.„ Oberlin sophomore; Maddy, Gloria A.. Stockton sophomore. Maglll, Diane L., Scott City sophomore; Mai, Allan K., Protection junior : Mai, Alondra U., WaKeeney freshman; Mai, Daryl L., Great Bend junior; Mai, Delrna M., Utica sophomore. Mai, Pamela J., Great Bend sophomore; Mai, Sheila K,, Phippsburg, Colo., sophomore; Maier, Judy L., Great Bend freshman; Majernilr, Barbara J., Russell junior; Major, Linda S., Beloit freshman. Malone, Linda J., Mecksville sophomore; Malsom, Karen R., Collyer sophomore; Mangels, Bill V., Roll a [unior; Mans, Leonard A,, Sharon freshman; Mapes, Mary K., Natoma sophomore. 278 Underclassmen Marc-Mart i Marcell, Marilyn K M Palco freshman: Marchand. Mary A., Ellinwood freshman; Marcotte, Judy A., Hays junior; Mar- gheim, Mary R., Great Bend sophomore: Marietta. Jari Esbgn fumor. Marietta. Tari F,, Esbon junior: Marine, Allen R., Cope- land [onior; Marine, Pauline L, Garden City junior; Mark- loy, Johny K., Lincoln sophomore; Marks, Mallory F., Kansas City freshman. Marsh, Jerry L-, Concordia sophomore; Martin, Douglas J N Salina junior; Martin. Eliiabeth L,. Hays freshman: Martin, Georgs D., Larned freshman; Martin. James W.. Chase sophomore. Enjoying proceedings at the Fort Hays Furlough, spectators watch the faculty slave auction. The slave auction was one of several activities providing fun at the annual Furlough, The event was sponsored by Veterans Club. 279 Underclassmen Mar-McH Martin, Janice M,, Osborne freshman: Martmer. Linda C., Mulwsne freshman; Martins, CarofAnn, Carle Place, N. Y„ junior; Masseglia, MicJiaef J., Hays freshman: Mason, M, Eugene, Stockton junior. Mastin, A. Jolene, Beloit freshman; Matheson, Alvin L, Natoma sophomore: Mathews, Terry A„ Kinsley freshman; Mafney, Kenneth M., Russell freshman: MattLe, Marcia L., Ogallah freshman. Maupln, Mary L., Natoma Natoma freshman: Maxson, Mayer, R. Lavon, Brewster Phillips burg freshman. freshman; Maupln, Michael J,, Mark A,„ Hugoton freshman- sophomore; Mayhew, Linda K., Mayo, Robert R, h Garden City sophomore; Mayo, Stephen B. ( Plainvifle freshman; Manetta, Rick, Highland Parle jun- ior; McAfee, Terry A., Oaflin freshman- McBride, Bonita R,, Lewis sophomore. McBride! Cathy, Great Bend M„ Great Bend sophomore; iunior; McCartee, Ellen M., Carol F., Hays junior. freshman; McCall urn, Brenda McCance, Donald C., Sallna Utica freshman: McCarthy, McCartney, Judy M., Lebanon freshman; McCarty, Dennis R.. Plains freshman; McChristian, Douglas C,, LaCrosse sophomore; McClellan, Gary W., Zurich iunior; McClure, Jeanette R., Formoso junior. McColey, Roma L,, Smith Center junior; McColm, Nancy C, p Buckliri sophomore: McDonald, Craydoe D., Syracuse junior; McDonald, Shirley A., Smith Center sophomore; McDougal, Jerf J.. Atwood sophomore. McElhaney, Nancy K., Hays freshman; McEwen, John J., Kansas City freshman; McEwen. Virginia K., Norlon fresh- mar: McFall, Michael R., Coats junior; McGaughey, Donald D., Jetmore junior. McGavran, Fred L., Ada junior; McGavrar, Thomas D., Ada junior; McGuire, G. Carlene, Gre-ensburg iunior; McHenry, Lmda G,, Ulysses junior; McHugh, Orva L-, Lamed freshman. Underclassmen Mcl-Mic i McIntosh, Patricia J., Oak Hill freshmar - McKain, Glendon E., Delphos sophomore; McKain, Ruth A., Delphos fresh- mar; McKay, David L, LaCrosse freshman; MeKim, John 6., Moscow junior. McLain, Mary B., Salina Freshman: McLeland, Jennifer L-. Great Bend freshman; McLdand, Joe D,, Great Bend sophomore; McMillan, Donna D,. St, John sophomore: Mc- Mulkin, Betty J,, Morton freshman. McMullen, Donald J,, Norton junior; McNeeTy, W. D., Colby freshman; McNerney, James A., Smith Center jam lor; McNulty. Marcia R.„ Norton junior: MePhall, Larry D,, Salina sophomore. McPhail, Rick L., Safina sophomore; MeWhirter, GaEl J., Dighton junior ' McWhirlrer, Jacklyn S., Dightr n sophomore: Mead, Audry A,, Zurich [un " o- Meckel, Vernon E.. Hays freshman. Meckenstock, Lea A,, Hoys freshman; Meek, Milo B,, Idana freshman; Meek, Peggy A,, Claflln freshman; Meeks, Larry W,, Otis sophomore Meenen, Dena B., Chfton sophomore. Meerian, Leroy F., Oakley junior; Meggers, Gary F., Sylvia sophomore: Meier, Kenneth G., Rozel sophomore; Melton, Steven J., Stockton sophomore; Memie, Jill, Ulysses sopho- more. Meredith, Danny L,„ Viola junior- Mermis, Richard A., Hays sophomore; Merrill, Catherine M-, Garden City freshman- Merritt, Hazel A., Eflis sophomore Merritt, Marsha L,, Lebanon freshman. Merz, Dianne L, Goodland junior; Mesa, Isabel I., Kanopo- lls freshman; Meschke. Larry J,, Garden City ’re:hman; Messmore, Roy H,„ Salina sophomore; Metz, Linda R., Stafford freshman. Meyer, Frank B., Russell freshman; Meyer, Vicky L T , Big Bow freshman ; MichaeLs, Aria K,, Wo Keeney freshman, Michael is, Dennis J,, Great Bend junior; Michael! , Jean L.. Kinsley junior. 281 Underclassmen Mic-Moo Mitheelis, Linda M., Russell sophomore; Michael, Wilma D., Utica ; unior: Mickey, Charles A„ Salma freshman; Middleton, Linda K., Hill City freshman; Midgorden, J r Scott, Great Bend sophomore. Milburn, John E., Hays junior; Millard, Sandra K., Great Bend sophomore; Miller, Carol J., Weskan junior; Miller, Carolyn S., Mayfield freshman ' Miller, Cherie E-, Aqra sophomore. Miller, Darrel ft., Hanston freshman; Miller, Deanna D., Ulysses sophomore; Miller, Gary R., Weskan freshman; MlU ler, Gayle D., Stockton freshman; Miller, Janice L,. Hoxle funior. Miller, John E., Rush Center freshman- Miller, Judith A., St. Francis junior: Miller, Kay A., Larned freshman; Mil- ler, LaVerne C., Downs sophomore- Miller, Lela J., Albert junior. Miller, Lynn K., Hoxle junior: Miller, Paul M., Liberal ■Veshma Miller, Suianne, Russell freshman: Miller, Virginia, Larned sophomore; Million, Meredith A., Bloom Junior. Mills, Karen K., Sublette lunior; Mills, Ricky l., Beloit sophomore; Mills, WEllfam E-. Garden City junior; Milton, Dwight L-, Basehor sophomore; Minor, Jimmie L,. Hays junior. Mitchell, Dennis L r , Larned Junior; Miie, Lila M. h Holyrood freshman; Miie, Philip 8„ Turon freshman; Mock, Janet M., Denver. Colo., sophomore: Mocder, Leon J+, Plainville freshman. Mondero, Edward J,. Hays freshman; Money, Susan, Hill City sophomore; Mongeau, Ronnie E., Zurich freshman; Montelth, Frandal, Hoxie sophomore; Montford, Virgcre A., Turon sophomore. Montgomery, James E,, Ransom junior; Montgomery, Michael W. ( Greensburq freshman- Moody, David J., Lyons freshman; Moomew, Peggy J . Ensign freshman; Moore, Alice J., Otis sophomore. 282 Packing info Sheridan Coliseum, hopeful Tiger fans turn out to cheer the basketball team on to victory. Drawing good support. Bengal cagers played before near co pacify crowds in the majority of the home basketball encounters. 283 Underclassmen Moo-Mur Moore Daniel E., Monument junior ' Moore, Eldon J + , Hays freshman : Moore, Gerald E . Oakley junior; Moore, Judy K., Oaldey sophomore; Moore, Karen $., St, Francis sopho- more. Moore, Madonna A., Elkhart freshman; Moore, Michael W,, Liberal junior; Moore, Paula J,, Belpre freshman; Moore, William D., Scott City freshman: Moos, Alfred D,. Grinnell freshman. Moran, Rosemary, McCracken freshman; Moran, Roslyn A., LeCrosse junior; Morel, Diane E„, Jennings freshman- More- land, Vicki J T . McDonald freshman; Morford, Betfy J,, Sharon Springs freshman. Morford, James R., Hays junior; Morford Ronald G., Hays sophomore: Morgan, Greg M. Hope freshman; Morgan, Judith E„ Montezuma sophomore: Morgan, Lyle E., Smith Center sophomore. Morgan, Stephen R., Selina junior: Morgenstern, Arlene, Denver, Colo,, freshman; Morrill, George A., Larned fresh- man: Morris, Carole A-, Hays junior; Morris, Devon L., Colby junior. Morris, Jan L., Garden City junior; Morris Roger D., Stockton sophomore; Morrison Julie F., Overland Park freshman; Morton. Jim L,, Seward junior; Morton, Marilyn L. Larned junior. Most, JeanEne fC, Atwood junior: Mothes. Jim G., Hugoton junior; Motikus, Carolyn A, Russell freshman; Mounday, Donald R., Roiel sophomore: Mouden, Ward H., Kansas City junior. Mountford, Djjrie L., Smith Center freshman; Master. Linda A,, Ellsworth sophomore; Mulch, Linda K., Scott City freshman: Mulch, Mary Beth, Scott City sophomore; Mul- ler, John D., McCracken sophomore. Mundhenke, James E., Glasco freshman; Munich, Stanley J., Ness City freshman; Munson Kenneth L„ Moscow freshmen; Murphy, James P., Colby freshman; Murphy, Jo Anne, Russell ]unior. 284 Underclassmen Mur-Nie Murphy, Robert L. h Hays sophomore: Murphy, Ruth A,, Lamed sophomore- Murphy, Sondra J n Osborne iunior; Murphy, Thomas J . Gorham junior: Murphy, Tim L, Abilene freshman. Musselwhite, Patricia I., Geneseo sophomore; Mustoe, Barbara S., R exford sophomore; Myers, Charles A., Otis junior; Myers, James E., Smith Center junior; Myers. Leonard J., Barnard freshman. Myers, Martin H., Russell junior; Myers. Phillip L,, Great Bend junior; Myhra, Joseph H., Colfax, Iowa, [unior; Nagel, Connie EL, LaCrosse sophomore; Nagel, Darrel D.„ Kanorado freshman. Naylor, Joleen K., Sylvan Grove freshman; Neal, Linda K.. Salina freshmen; Neal, William L., Ho ie junior; Nebel, Sandra fC. Esbon freshman- Neeley. Paul G., Dighton freshman. Neeley, Rowene O.. Plain villa freshman: Neely, Maylon K., Limon, Colo., sophomore; Neely, Zelda R., Hays junior; Neidhart, Barbara A., Hoisington sophomore; Nelson, Cynthia K., Lincoln freshman. Nelson, Delores E. ( Glasco freshman; Nelson, Joel M., Marquette freshman; Nelson, Judith G., Ellis freshman; Nelson, Richard H., Great Bend freshman; Nelson, Ronald G,, Tescott freshman. Nelson, Vicki L. r Luffly junior; Nemechek, Lawrence D„ WaKeeney sophomore; Nemechek, Trudy L.. Tribune fresh- man; Neebaucr, Karen $,, Belleville junior; Neuschafer, Darrel R., Holyrood freshman, Newell, Aden L., Hays freshman; Newman, Gary E.. Honie sophomore; Nfchol, Barbara S u Logan freshman; Nicholas, Kenton C., Johnson sophomore; Nicholas, Wendell R,, Johnson sophomore. Nicholson, Harry W.„ Greensburq freshman; Nicoll, Sandra S., Russell sophomore; Niedens. Mike R.. Lamed sopho- more: Niedens, Stanley D,. Great Bend freshman: Niedem thal, Ada M. ( Russell sophomore. 285 Underclassmen Nie-Ols Nielsen, Sue A., Russell freshman: Niermeier, Everett N., Ludell freshman; Niernberger, Gary R., Ellis freshman: Niles, Robert K,, Richfield junior; Nodine, Loren D,, Ulysses junior. Noel. James R., Wichita (union Nokes, Jimmy W., Sharon Springs junior; Nolan, Steven N., St, Francis sophomore; Nolen. Susan R,, St, Francis freshman; Noone, Thomas C, ( Densmore freshman. Norden, Donna J., Kensinqton iunior; Norman, Michael B., Fowler junior; Norris, Jerilynn D., Natoma freshman; Nor- ris, Joseph M., Coats sophomore; North, Daryl A., Mc- Cracken freshman, Norton, David A., Abilene sophomore; Norvell, Nancy E., Lincoln freshman; Novak, Evelyn R. ( Lucas freshman; Novotny, Karla J,, Luray freshman; Nulton, Neil A.. Hays freshman. Nuss, Jerry A,, Great Send freshman; Nutsch, Donald E., Hi?3 City freshman; Nygaard, Lonell R,, McDonald fresh- man: Obermueller, Evon L-, Lincoln junior: O ' Bleness, Larry L., Ashland junior. Oborny, Larry S,, Hays junior; Ochs, Barbara A., Good- land Treshman; Ochs, John L., Utica sophomore; Ochsner, Karen K., St. Francis freshman; O ' Dell, Linda D., St, John sophomore. Odle, Marlene K,. Glen Elder iunior; Odle, Stanley L., Glen Elder sophomore; O ' Donnell, Christina P., Ellsworth sophomore; O ' Hara, Carol R,, Hays sophomore; Ohnmaeht, Norbert L., Otis freshman. Olteson, Donald T., Weska n junior; Okeson, Warren K., Wcskan sophomore; OLeary. Ronald A., St. Francis fresh- man; Ollek, Larry L., Hillsboro sophomore; Oiler, D. Joe, Woods ton sophomore. Olson, Darlena L,. Pratt freshman; Olson, Galen W., Ober- lin junior; Olson, Richard E., Colby sophomore; Olson, Steve C., Russell sophomore; Olson, Terry R,, Pratt junior. 286 Underclassmen Ols-Owe Olson, Victor Dwight junior? Omlor, Jc-anine Larned freshman; Gpdyclce, Douglas D., Hutchinson junior; Op- dycle, Peggy A., Russell freshmen; Orchard, Gary R„, Kanorado sophomore. Orr, Dennis F., HoTsington freshman; Osborn, Susan E-, Soodland freshman; Osborne, Marsha R., Hanston sopho- more; Oshef, Janice K,, Hqfyrood freshman; Oswald, Karen F, p Denver, Colo., freshman. Oswald, Sharon K. t Denver, Colo., freshman; Otis, David L., Agra freshman; O’Toole, Sharon M., Arnold 1 junior; OH, Paula J,, Plainvilie freshman; OHa. Wava V +l Morland freshman. Ottaway, Kirk,, Scott City freshman; Overmiller, Janice C,, Smith Center freshman; Owen, Candita S,, Dighton fresh- man; Owen, Jill A.. Elkhart freshman; Owens, Gary D., LaCrosse freshman. On Parents Day a Fort Hays State student takes the op- ing the traditional day parents saw a special program, visited portunity to give his family a tour of the college museum. Dur- living units and toured the campus at leisure. Underclassmen Ozm-Pet Oxmuri, Iris R,, Mankato sophomore; Paget, Kenneth S., Lebanon sophomore; Painter, Jeffrey C., Healy freshman; Paintin, Barbara S., Morland freshman; Palmberg, Edgar G., Palco junior. Palmer, Ann E., Hays freshman; Palmer, Don M. ( Hoys sophomore; Palmer, Lon R., Hays sophomore; Palmer, Roy E , Waldo freshman; Pancake, Peggy L., Sharon Springs sophomore. Ranter, Mark L., Athol sophomore; Panzer, Arthur J., Ells- worth sophomore; Panzer, Nancy L, Ellsworth freshman; Papes, Janet A., WaKeerey junior- Parker, William K., Sterling sophomore. Parks, David R, P Byers freshman; Parsons, Cynthia L., Hunt- er freshman: Parsons, Sydney D., Hug of o n freshman; Par- sons, Tahis K,, Ef Dorado junior; Paselr, Ernie E., Dorranee sophomore. Patchen, Linda S„, Jetmore freshman; freshman; Patterson. Judy K„ Hays Kenneth J., HiN City junior; Paynter,, man. Patrick, Jayn, Liberal freshman; Patterson, Janet A-, Otis fresh- Paynter, Robert E. Otis sophomore; Paynter, Stephen D., Otis junior; Pearce, Colette, Beeler freshman; Pearcy, Eloise K„ Elkhart freshman; Pearson, Dennis D.. Asherville freshman. Pechanec, Francis H.. Timken freshman; Pechanec, Gregg E., Timken freshman; Pechanec h Mary, Timken freshman; Peck, Douglas A., Goodland junior; Rebel, David, Hays sophomore. Penka, Janice E., Healy freshman: Penland, Stanley J., Colby junior; Perkins, Dee L., Downs freshman; Perkins,, Roger D., LaCrosse sophomore; Perry, Ferna K., Oakley freshman. Perry, Shereen S., Dodge City freshman; Perryman, Melva L., Mullinvllfe sophomore; Pesicka, Gila A,. N a tom a sopho- more; Peter, Kathy J„ Goodland junior; Peter, Sondra J. t Good I and sophomore. 283 Underclassmen Pet-Pow Peters, Patricia K., Scott City sophomore ; Peterson, Alan A,, Hutchinson junior: Peterson, Carolyn M,, Halstead freshman; Peterson, Sherry D.„ Hays junior; Petterson, Linda A..„ Beloit sophomore. Petty, Warren L., Selman, Olda.. junior: Pfanenstiel, David L-, Leoti freshman; Pfannenstiel, Cora A., Hays freshman; Pfannenstiel, Imogens, Hays sophomore; Pfannenstiel, Mary K., Hays sophomore. Pfeifer, Kenneth K. t Hays junior; Pfeifer, Linda E., Node sophomore; Phifer, Gary D„ Hays junior; Philip, Kay Lynn, Hays freshman; Philippi, Michael J,, Bushton freshman. Phillips, Clyde W., Junction City junior; Phillips, Gary L., Kinsley sophomore; Phillips, Jolene (C. p Kinsley junior; Phi!- [pis, Lee A., Liberal freshman; PhEieger, Sharon M., Parle freshman. Phy Fred R., Coats sophomore; Piland, Janice E,, Macks- vide junior; Piper, Alan G., Hays sophomore: Pirott, Eileen K., Cawker City freshman; Plattner, Earl E., Bud: I in junior. Piatt, Ramona L., Sterling Glasco junior: Plymesser, Poliflca, Bernice A,, Hays Oberlin freshman. freshman: Plush, Kenneth J., Delene J r , Kirwin freshman; sophomore; Pollnow, Rita fC, Pool, Robert A,. Kinsley freshman; Poppe, Arthur L., Horton freshman; Popper, Linda R.. Downs freshman; Porter. John D., Glen Elder freshman ; Porter, Nancy J., Little River sophomore. Porter, Richard D, ( Little River junior; Porter, Troy L, p Atwood freshman; Post, Cecelia A., Plainvlew freshman; Post, Phillip L,, Bellalre junior; Potter, Joe P., Great Bend freshman. Potter. Kathy A,, Great Bend junior; Poulignof, Linda M-, PhiJIipsburg junior; Powell. Charles W. t Beloit freshman; Powell, Re A., Hays freshman; Power, Robert J,, Hays sophomore. 239 Underclassmen Pow-Rea Powers. Leland W., Gove junior Powers. Sherry L, Great Bend junior; Preedy, Carolyn L, Satanta sophomore; Price. Gregory L, Osborne sophomore; Price. Kathleen G., Gar- field sophomore. Prioieti, Kathleen K. t Hays freshman; Prochaslca, Linda L. Beloit freshman; Prosser, Elaine J„ Claflin sophomore; Pruter, Penny Nefoma freshman: Puckett, Joyce M„ WaKeeney freshman. Puckett, Margo F., WaKeeney junior: Pullln, Barbara L., Great Bend freshman; Pundsack, Diane M,, Great Bend junior: Purinton, Charles M., Collyer freshman; Puyear, Scott A.. Greensburg freshman. Querry. Marilyn J,, Great Bend freshman; Quinn, Jean A.. Almena junior Quint, Shirley A., Hi.! City sophomore; Rabes, Gary C„ Luray freshman; Rabenseifner, Edward C., Lamed freshman. Rabensetfner, Elaine L., Olmitz sophomore; Raburn, Gean- ene R,, Oberlin sophomore; Rafferty, Clydell, Russell freshman; Rafferty, Curtis M., Mankato junior; Ragsdale, Donna J . Agra freshman. Rahimian, Nasser, Iran sophomore: Rahmanan. Khesrow, Iran sophomore; RaElsbaek, Thomas C., Oberlin sophomore; Rail. Connie J.. Retford freshman; Ralstin. Roy H.. Wichita junior. Ramsey, Bill E., Colby junior; Ramsey, Jerry B,, Colby fresh- man; Randall. Bernelce J., Ransom freshman- Randefs, Luana J., Pratt sophomore: Rankin, Riley C., Clay Center junior. Rash, LeRoy C, ( Albany, Ore., sophomore; Rasmussen, Rita B., Grand Island, Neb,, sophomore: Ratliff, Joyce E„ Kensington freshman; Rauscher, Jane A,. Goodfand fresh- man; Rauscher, Susan D., Edson freshma-n. Ray. Ross C., Leavenworth freshman; Rayburn, Ella S., Shawnee Mission freshman; Raynes, Clinton A., Great Bend sophomore; Reager, Barbara L.. Stafford freshman; Reager. William M., Mankato sophomore. 290 Underclassmen Red-Rem Redd, Cheryl 1 A., Si John sophomore ; Redelberger, Mart L, Great Bend [un jqt : Redger, Louise, Ashland freshman; Reece, Howard L. Lancaster junior; Reed. Janis E hl Jet- more freshman. Reedy, Thomas A,, Norton sophomore: Reese, James H., Natoma sophomore: Reeves, Connie J.. Phillipsburg fresh- man; Regier, Robert D,, Buhler junior; Reiehenborm, Danny L. ( Dodge City junior. Reid 1 . Joroid W,. Downs freshman; Reif H Susan J.. Noising- ton freshman; Reifschneider, Frank R.. LaCrosse freshman; Reimcr, Deana D., Albert junior; Retn, Ray A,, Baiine sophomore. Reinert. Dennis R., Esbon sophomore; Roinert, Jtm D. p Ensign junior; Reisig. Shirley A., Russell junior: Raising, Gretchen L., Hays junior: Remler, Adlen C., Overland freshman. Policemen stand watch as a train causes a slight delay in the Homecoming parade. Nippy but dear weather greet- ed those who turned out to watch the parade, which included 21 floats and 22 bands and depicted the theme " Great Books. " 291 Underclassmen Rem-Roc Rempe, Francis L., Plalnviile frsihnosn; Remus, Jack Y. f Ft. Belvolr, Va, P freshman; Rem, Allen E„ Manhattan fresh- man; Resner, Darrell G,, Russell junior; Reynolds, Dale W., Kensington freshman. Reynolds, Marvin J. p Natoma junior; Rhea, Duane E., Mankato freshman; Rhoades, David B., WaKeene y sopho- more; Rhoades, Peggy J . WaKeeney junior; Rhoden, Kenneth K., WaKeeney sophomore. Rhudy, Richard K., Lincoln junior; Rice. Dennis E., Os- borne junior; Rice, Dennis R., Nickerson junior; Rice, Mar- tha L, Hoisington junior; Richards. Georgia A., Oberlin sophomore. Richards. Howard E., Ellis junior; Rickard, Georgia A,, Medicine Lodge freshman; Rfebel, Dennis D., Minneole freshman; Riedel, Robert E., Hays freshman; Riedel, William J r , Hays sophomore. Rlelcenberg, John M,, Sylvan Grove sophomore; Rietcheck, Roger L., Oakley freshman; Rife, Rebecca J., Burrton sophomore; Riffel, Jerris L,, Russell freshman; Riley, James W,, Dighton freshman. Ringle, Carla J., Wichita freshman; Ringkr, Glenn P., Sylvan Grove freshmen; Rlst, Jarrold W., Norcetur fresh- man; Ritter, Beverely J., Noreatur freshmen; Robben, Eugene W., Gorham sophomore. Robben, Leroy, Walker freshmen; Robben, Susan C., Hays sophomore; Roberson., Mike C., St. Francis freshman; Roberts, Donald £., Damar freshman; Roberts, Nancy J., Hays freshman. Roberts. Richard R., Auburn freshman; Roberts. Rose M +1 Saline sophomore; Robertson, Larry E. p Oberlin sophomore; Robinson, David H., Hays sophomore; Robinson, June A-, Hays freshman. Robinson, Mary A., Dodge City sophomore; Robinson, Nancy J., Cawker City sophomore: Robinson, Susan K,, Dodge City freshman; Robison, Mary L P Oberlin sopho- more: Rockwell, Sue A., Hays sophomore. 292 Underclassmen Roe-Rud Roemer, Anita L,, Grainfield junior: Rogers-, Donna K., Atwood sophomore; Rogers, James R-. Hoxie junior; Rogers, Janet E., Pretty Prairie junior; Rogers, Marilyn D„, Hoxie sophomore. Rogers, Mary J,, Long Island freshman- Rogers, Rick L-, Plainville freshman; Rogers, Ronald M r . Ellsworth sopho- more; Rogers, Shelby A.. Cloflin sophomore- Rogers, Thomas L„ Pretty Prairie sophomore. Rohr, Alfred P., Hays freshman; Rohr, Charles L, Hays freshman; Rohr, Gary L,, Gorham; freshman; Rohrbuugh, Johnny R., Scott City freshman; Rolf, Leslie L., Isabel sophomore. Holland, Merrie L, WaKeeney freshman: Rominger. Den- nis L., Glen Elder sophomore; Roos, Leo D.„ Shawnee Mission freshman; Root. Edward D-, Salina jnior : Repp. Dan L, Halstead sophomore, Roskilly, James D-, Stockton junior; Ross, Francis J., Ellinwood freshman; Ross, Geraldine ML, Great Bend, junior; Ross, Jud ie A-, Hays freshman- Ross. Kenneth F., Hays sophomore. Ross, Linda J,, WaKeeney sophomore; Ross, Linda L., Burr Oak [unior; Ross, Marilyn 1C, Jewell freshman " Roth, Allen P., Pfeifer sophomore; Roth, Cecil C., Bison sopho- more. Roth, Sharon K-, Pfeifer freshman- Rothe, Jim M,, Bison sophomore; Rounkles, Penny F,. Paradise juniorj Rouse, Marsha A., Ulysses freshman - Rowan, Judi, Lyons freshman. Rowland, Elizabeth A., Lawrence sophomore: Rowley, Joann, Holsington freshman; Roy, Gerry D„ Syracuse junior; Rucker, Jacqueline G., BurdelT freshman; Ruda, Lucille A,, Atwood sophomore. Ruda, Peggy L., Atwood sreshman; Oakley junior; Ruder, Earl F r , Hays Ken j., Hays freshman; Ruder, Lois; Ruder, Cherrl A., sophomore; Ruder, Hays freshman. 293 Underclassmen Rud-Sch Ruder, Sharon K„ Hays sophomore: Rueb, Patrick D„ Vona, Color, freshman: Rueb. William J.j Stratton, Colo., |unlor; Rufenacht, Della EL, Ness City |unior; Rufener, Larry J , Abilene [unior. Ruff. Anata N., Logan junior; Rundell, Carolyn K., Ulysses freshman; Rendle, David C., Clifton junior; Rupp, Charles F,, Greeley, Colo,, freshman: Rupp, Charlotte L„ Hays freshman. Rupp, Jo Diane, Denver. Colo., freshman; Rusco, Angela M., St. John freshman; Rusco, Steve R., Great Bend fresh- man; Ryan, Ruth A., Nekoma sophomore; Rynerson, Elaine fC, Jetmore sophomore. Saddler, Donna K., Colby freshman; Saddler, Doyle E., Col- by freshman; Saddler, John M,, Colby freshman; Sallee, James K., St. John sophomore; Salm, Eliiabeth A., Dodge City junior. Samuelson, Bonnie L,, Palto freshmen; Samuelson, Harley R., Oakley freshman; Sander, Carolyn A., Victoria sopho more; Sander,. Deloyd A., Victoria sophomore; Sander, James A., Hoisington freshman. Sanders, Judy A., Hays sophomore ' Sanger, Carol 5., Great Bend freshman; Sannemen, Dudley D., Palmer sophomore; Safter, Gary D„ Logan freshman; Sauer, Thomas L„ Anton- ino freshman. Saum, Connie S., Natoma freshman; Savolt, Linda R., Garden City freshman; Say ter, Arthur M., Albert freshman; Scanlan, Patricia M., Safina freshman - Scantlin, William M+, Liberal sophomore. Schafer, Ronald L., LaCrosse junior; Schaffer, R., LaCrosse junior; Schalansky, Richard D.. Alton Junior; Schaffer, Leona A., Kinsley freshman; Scheib, Linda D., Great Bend freshman. Schelbmeir, Alan J., Salina junior; Schenewerk, Sue Ann, New Cambria freshman; Scheopner, Robert E,, Bowie, Md., freshman; Scherti, Steven K.. Winona freshman; Scheuf- ler, Lyle R., Ellinwood freshman. 294 Underclassmen Schi-Schm Schledeman, Jams C., LaCrosse sophomore ; Schields, Ron D., Gbodland freshman; Schiew , Ronald E., Preston soph- omore; Schilta, Barbara J +1 Selden sophomore; Schippers, Donna L, Oakley freshman. Schissler, Dan C„ Herndon junior; Schlageck, John L. Hoiie sophomore; Sdillchting, Russell W., Beatrice, N b., freshman; Sehllck, David L„ Salma freshman; Schmeidler, Neal F., Hays freshman, Schmidt, Anita L, Hays junior; Schmidt, Gary Hays junior; Schmidt, Gerald A., Hoisington sophomore; Schmidt, John A,. LaCrosse junior; Schmidt, Lynda K,, Rus- sell freshman. Schmidt Meriloe R., Greensburg freshman; Schmidt, Mi- chael P ' ., Hays freshman; Schmidt, Mike C., McPherson sophomore; Schmidt, Pamela K„ Victoria freshman; Schmid t, Ramon J., Catherine freshman. Visiting the home of Mrs. Nita Landrum, long-time super- visor of correspondence study at FHS. Iranian students enjoy an American meaL Such dinners were held for foreign students by Hays families |ust before Christmas vacation. 295 Underclassmen Schm-Schw Schmidt, Robert D-, Hays freshman ; Schmidt, Russell D-. Syracuse sophomore; Schmidt, Sheila 1C. Pawnee Rock freshman; Schmidt, Shirley A, h Hays sophomore; Schmidt- berger, Joleen, Atwood freshman. Schmid+berger, Randall L, Victoria freshman; Schmitt, Denny J,, Sterling sophomore; Schmitt, Sandy A., Kinsley sophomore; Schnatterly, Arthur D r| Hays freshman; Schnei- der, David L, WaKeeney freshman. Schneider, James R., Albert freshman; Schneider, Susan A., Ellsworth freshman; Schnider, Diana L, Hutchinson junior; Schnoebelen, Sara J.. Lewis freshman; Schnoor, William F., Bou+on. Iowa, sophomore. Schoea, Norma J., Lenora freshman; Schoeni, H. Anne, Kensington freshman; Schoen thaler, Cheryt E., Ellis sopho- more; Schon, Wayne E„ Gorham sophomore: Schon, Wilma J.. Gorham junior. Schreiber, Barbara J„ Hoisington freshman; Schreiber, Mary M,, Ransom junior; Schreibvogel, Beverly, Lakin fresh- man; Schreiner, Donald K., Hays junior; Schreiner, Roger, Col Iyer freshma n. Schreuder, Shari L,. Cawker City freshman; Schrock, Den- nis R., Mankato junior; Schroeder, K. Anne, WaKeeney junior; Schrott, Sharon J., Albert freshman; Schubert, Jer- rid M-, Hays freshman. Schugert, Janice C., Hoisington freshman; Schulte, Clair R., Victoria freshman; Schulte, Kenneth A,. Cawker City freshman; Schulte, LaVem J,, Gorham junior; Schulte, Regis D., Victoria freshman. Schulte, Ronald L,. Cawker City sophomore; Schultz, Freya K r , Trousdale freshman; Schultz, Kathrynn M., Russell jun- ior; Schumacher, Carl J., Hinckley, 111., freshman; Schu- macher t Phyllis J-, Hays sophomore. Schupman, Marilyn D,, Hays sophomore; Schwarfikopf, Herbert G,, Ransom freshman: Schwarz, Mary Lou, Oakley freshman: Schwein, Richard R., Atchison sophomore: Schweitzer, Phillip E., Osborne freshman. 296 Underclassmen Sco-Shi Scott, Dwayne L„ Oberlin sophomore; Scott, Laura J., Garden City freshmen; Scoff. Stephen M., WaKeeney freshman; Seago, Diane Russell junior; Seago, George W., Russell sophomore. Seamans, Coni J., Jewell freshman; Seamans, Donna L, Burr Oat: freshman; Sears, Robert E., Good land junior; Seba, Larry R., Garfield freshman; Sebaugh, Tamara L-, Norcatur sophomore. Seeman, Jane A . Lamed freshman; Seeman, Joyce M., Lamed freshman; Sehl, Thomas E., Alexander sophomore; Seldl, Barbara L., St. John freshman; Seirar, Stephen R„, luray freshman. Sekavec, Dale A., Bazine sophomore; Sell, Katheryn J., LaCrosse sophomore; Selley, Charla J., Oakley junior; SeNey, Samuel J., Oakley junior; Service, William P-, Kan- sas City junior. Seison, Sherrill A,, Wcsltan freshman Seyb, Marilyn K„ Johnson sophomore: Shafer, Joyce D., Lakin sophomore; Shamburg, Carol A,, WaKeeney sophomore; Shamburg, Ramona L., WaKeeney funior. Shank, Harold D., Ness City freshman; Shanley, Cynthia D. , Smith Center sophomore; Shanline, Mary C., Turon funior; Shanline, Steve J., Turon freshman; Shannon, Joyce E. . Lincoln sophomore. Sharifi, Mohammad R., Iran sophomore; Shaull, James 8,. Dodge City sophomore; Shaver, Betty V., Hays freshman; Shaw, Madeline K„ Liberal sophomore; Shay, Cynthia A-, St. Fra ncis freshman. Shean, Constance M.. Spearville junior; Sheets, Linda L., Phillipsburg junior; Sheets, Patricia K-. Lincoln junior; Sheffer, Karla J, t Stockton freshman; Shelly, Gerald E., Ford freshman. Sherwood. Donald R.. Ulysses sophomore; Sherwood. Mar- garet C., Ulysses sophomore- Shields, Ron D., Goodlond freshman; Shinkle, Darla L, Good land freshman; Shirk, Layne C,, Friend freshman. Underclassmen Shi-Smi Shirley, Michael S., Colby freshman; Shoemaker, Elaine M., Lenora freshman; Shoemaker, Laura A r , Lee ora freshman, Shriver, Carol U Pratt freshman; Shriver, Prudence L. ( Coats junior. Shriver, Raymond G., Salina freshman; Shubert, Greg A,. Ellis freshman; Shull, Peter W., GEasco sophomore; Sians, Moussa, Iran freshman; Sidener, Corn me J., Ada junior Sidener, Linda M„ Ada freshman; Sieberf, Janice S,, Ulysses freshman; Siafltes, Anri L,, Sylvia junior; Sfefkes, Verlin K,, Hudson junior; Siemer, Gary N., Bushton fresh- man. Siemers, Erma R,, Utica freshman; Siemers, Kurtis G„ Lu- ray freshman; Sigle, Joletta R., Luray freshman; Siglinger, Stanley J,, Bird City freshman; Sim, Stephen C., Latin junior. Sim me link, Lillie M,, Osborne freshman; Simminger, Sheryl L., Ellis iunior; Simmons, Calvin L„ Russell sophomore; Simmons, Glenn G-, Hays junior; Simmons, Sheryl J , Be- loit freshman. Sims, Jon R., Smith Center sophomore; Sims. Margaret J , Paainville freshman; Sipes, Donald E,, Russell freshman; Sipes, James 5 ., Abilene sophomore; Slankard, Jonroy, Great Bend sophomore. Slattery, Richard E,, Dodge City sophomore; Slavik, Dale E., Kensington sophomore; Sfeichter, Sheryl L., Palco freshman; Slimmer, Virginia N., Pfainvllle sophomore’ Slip- sager, Barbara L., Clifton freshman. Sloan, Howard R., Norton freshman; Small, Gary G. t Rus- sell sophomore; Small, Leon G,, Great Bend freshman; Smarsh, John A., Great Bend junior; Smolder, Pat L,, Dighton freshman Smetana, Jerry M., PhiNTpsburg sophomore; Smith, Alvin F., Norton sophomore; Smith, Beverly A., Rozel freshman; Smith, Bronwen M., Offerle junior; Smith, Carol A., Nato- mo freshman. 298 Underclassmen Smi-Smy Smith, D. Kay, Clfly Center sophomore; Smithy Gary W,, Courtland junior: Smith, Harry L, Miltonvale sophomore; Smith, Ivelco G., Osborne sophomore; Smith, Jill C., Phjlllpsbur freshman. Smith, Julia I.. Arrington sophomore; Smith, Kenneth W., Natoma sophomore; Smith, La Rita M r , Kinsley freshman: Smith, Larry D., Bison junior; Smith, Margaret E., Hays funiof Smith, Marilyn Great Bend sophomore; Smith, Mary L., Garden City sophomore; Smith, Mick R., Smith Center sophomore; Smith. Patricia A,. Goddard freshman; Smith, Rita M.. Larned fre hman. Smith, Ronald D., Clay Center junior; Smith, Ronald L., Coldwater sophomore; Smith, Spencer L, Haze I ton [unior; Smith, William H,, Sun City junior; Smyres, Shade 5.. Little River Freshman. Although hours of work are required, Fort Hays State coeds of chicken wire and tissue paper went into the creation of 21 make progress in building a Homecoming float. Many rolls floats which competed tor prizes in the parade. 299 Underclassmen Sod-Ste Sodamann, Arlene L. Hays freshman: Scdemann, David C-, Hays freshman: Scice. Nick! J„ Dodge City junior: Solce, Verle P-, Montezuma freshman: Soriger, Robert W., Lincoln sophomore. Sothers, Judith A., Scandia junior: Soya, Diana L,, Great Bend sophomore; Spalsbury, Arthur L. Norton sophomore; Springenberg, Edward 1 L., Hudson junior; Sparks, Richard D., Oakley Freshman. Speier Kenneth R-. Hays freshman; Spicer, Jay A., Glade freshman: Spiess, Joseph M., Hoys freshman; Spillman, Mel D., Garfield freshman; Splitter, Larry R., Geneseo sophomore. Sprick, Roger G„ Prairie View junior; Springfeldt, Michael H., Bushton freshman; Springsted, Karen S.„ Dodge City junior; Sproul, Sally A.. Edmond sophomore: Sramek, Deb- by L,, McDonald sophomore. Staab, Joyce A., Hays junior: Stackhouse, Sue A., KlrwEn junior; Stagner, Gene H.. Fowler sophomore; Stahl, Theresa C.„ Hays freshman; Starrey, Stephen L.. Norton freshman. Stanton, Delbert W., Logan junior; Stanton, Loren P., Abilene sophomore " Stanford Richard L„, Abilene fresh- man; Stapleton, Jerry W r , Belpre junior; Stapleton, Mary A,, Jewell sophomore. Steeh. Terence V,, Cewker City junior; Steeklein, Cynthia L, Munjor freshman; Steeklein, Daniel R., Hays freshman: Stecklein, Franklin D., Ness City freshman: Steele, Marlene A,, Halstead sophomore. Steele, Susan L., Junction City freshman; Steen, Vicki L,. Smith Center sophomore; Steffan, Marilyn, Great Bend sophomore; Steffen, Constance J., Burdetf freshman 1 Steimcl, Robert L„, Claflin junior. Stein, Dean L., Plainville sophomore; Steinbring, Terry G-, Hanston freshman; Stefncamp, Martha R., Larned sopho- more; Steinert, Dennis N-, Hoisington junior; Stefnert, El- ton E., Hoisington freshman. 300 Underclassmen Ste-Sui Steiti, Linda K., Bison sophomore; Stephen, Katherine M., Tribune freshman; Stephenson, Linda S. p Hutchinson junior; Steponick, Alane L., Russell sophomore; Steponiclc, Sharon K., Russell freshman. Stevens, Deanna J., Goodland sophomore; Stewart, Carol A,, Cold wo ter sophomore; Stewart, Dennis E., Barnard freshman; Stewart, Kenneth T,, Beloit junior; Stewart, Patty S +1 Healy sophomore. Stewart, Rieka K., Hill City sophomore; Stewart, Wayne Shields junior; Stinemetie, Michael P., Ulysses freshman; Stites, Martin D., Wa Keeney freshman; Stites, Wayne A., Hill City freshman. Stithem, Charlotte L-, Zurich freshman; Stithem, Scharleen H, r Zurich sophomore; Stockman, Keith EL, Kirwin iunior; Sf oiler, James R, p Smith Center sophomore; Stone, Kathryn A., Hays freshman. Stoppel, Joan M. t Garden City freshman; Stos, Carol J. p Oimjti junior; Stout, Judy L., Liberal sophomore; Stout, Ron id D., Bushton freshman; Straight, Ronald E n , Abilene freshman. Stranathan, Sidney W,, Kiowa sophomore; Strauss, Jo Ann, Webster City, fowa, junior; Streeter, Stanley R., Bazine freshman; Streit, Donald L„ Tipton freshman; Streit, Janies M., Clayton sophomore. Streit, Jerome G„ Down;. freshman; Streit, Ronald L„ Tipton freshman; Strella, John £., Ellsworth junior: Strieker, Diana L, P Hoisington freshman; Stuart, Mark W„ Herfngton junior. Stuart, Patricia L„ Dodge City junior; Stuart, Steven E. t Downs freshman; Stubbs, John H., Grainfield freshman; Stull, Lary D,, Natoma freshman; Stull, S. Jean, Natoma freshman. Stutterheim, Rebecca S„ Prairie View sophomore; Suelter, Dennis D., Tescott freshman; Suelter, Robert G., Ellsworth sophomore; Suiter, Charles F., Macksville sophomore; Suiter, Donna J„ Hojde freshman. 301 Underclassmen Sul-Tho Sl liman. Jolene M., Oberlfn junior; Sunloy, Robert L-, Brownell freshman; Suppes, Carol J., Bison freshman; Sut- ton. Roddy D., Greensburg junior; Svaty, Linda £., Ells worth sophomore. Swank, Kaye L,, Osborne sophomore; Swank, Susan K., Dodge City freshman; Swenson, Janice K., Dodge City sophomore; SwTgert, Rudy V., El Dorado freshman; Swon ger, Kathy L,, Almena freshman. Symns, Thomas C-. Hutchinson junior- Tabrfti, Nemafot- lah H., Iran junior; Tacha, Warren. L., Jennings freshman; Tagtmeyer, Larry L., Goodland junior; Tappen, Benjamin F., Lyons freshman. Taska, Michelle L., Mankato freshman;; Tate,, Michael J, L Hugoton freshman; Tatkenhorst. Kenneth L., Natome fresh- man; Taylor, Cheryl L., Norton freshman; Taylor, Yvonne E,„ Junction City freshman. Teasley, Warren B„ Topeka sophomore; Tedesco, Jo Anne F,, Lake Mahopac, N.Y., junior; Terada, Koio, Japan junior; Terry, Bill L., Goodland sophomore; Terry, Douglas M,, Great Bend junior. Teter, Jerry W., Protection freshman; Thacker, Margaret E., Luray sophomore: Thalheim, Linda S., Long Island freshman; Thefander, Larry R., Salma sophomore; Thsbauft, Gary l., Osborne freshman. Thibaulf, Marion M., Osborne freshman; Thiele, Marcia A., Norton freshman; Thiele, Nancy E., Scott City junior; Thie- le. Jay B., Dorrance junior; Thielen, Joseph P., Dorrance junior. Thielen., Kay Dorrance freshman; Thielen, Niclt C., Dorrance freshman: Thieisen, Cecilia M,, Garden City freshman; Thiessen, Lauren K„ Peabody freshman; Tholen, Clare J„, Hays freshman. Thomas. Pamela L., Norton freshman; Thomas, Ralph W rl Tyron funior; Thomas, Sherry J., Logan junior; Themesson. Paul A., Hays freshman; Thompson, Barbara A., Russell junior 302 Onlookers examine carefully the newly constructed weather station placed in the center of the campus. The station provided a variety of information which helped the cam pus meteorologists predict weather variabilities. 303 Underclassmen Tho-Tur Thompson, Donna L, Russell freshman; Thompson Kathy P., Ulysses sophomore; Thompson, Linda F., Great Bend freshman; Thompson, Mary A., Greensburg [union Thomp- son, Phillip D., Greensburg freshman. Thornburg, Ronald R., Osborne freshman; Thornton, Janice A.. Republic freshman; Thurlow, Janet M., Hill City jun- ior; Thurman, Pamela D,, Great Bend sophomore; Tiche- nor, Steven R., Russell sophomore. Til I berg, Leland W., Saline sophomore; Timken, Alpha J., Lenora junior; Timken, Steve W., Cimarron freshman; Timm, Arthur W., Woodbine freshmen; Timm, Rodney W., Woodbine sophomore, Title I, Barbara A., Basins freshman; Tittel, Cynthia J., Russell freshmen; Tittel, Joyce C., freshman; Ttttei, Raymond L., Russell freshmen; Tittle, Linda $„ Liberal freshmen. Todd, Yvonne J., Elkhart freshman; Toedman, Charles L., Newton junior; Toland, Frederick A ( Selina freshman; Tomanek, Waite J. r Hays sophomore; Tomson, Marion, Syracuse junior. Tonne, Larry E,, Lincoln sophomore: Toot. Georgann M. Great Send freshmen; Topliff, Harold J., Jewell sophomore; Torfine, Galen J., Spearvalle junior; Trahan, Carmen F., Miltonvale sophomore. Trapp, James N„ Waldo sophomore; Tregellas, W. Michael, Greai Bend sophomore; Tree, Michael EL, Webster City, Iowa, freshman; Trimmer, Sue A.. Hays junior; Trout, Cindy M,, Ruth Center freshman. Tsehana, E, Lynn, Protection sophomore; Tsui, Daniel C., Hong Kong freshman; Tucker, Glenn J., Ogallah sopho- more; Tucker, Martha J , Seward junior- Tuggle, John A.. Manter frtshman. Tull, Don E.„ Jetmore sophomore; Turley, Roy A., Modoc freshman; Turner, Gary E., Fowler sophomore; Turner, Gary L, Smith Center freshman; Turner, Linda K., Brown- ell freshman. 304 Underclassmen Twe-Vot Tweedy John C,, Norton junior: Tymer, Dennis C., Kanopo- lis sophomore: Tyrell, David L., Mankato junior: Ulin, Larry R., Hunter junior ' Umseheid. Thomas E-. Wamego freshman. Underwood, Ronald D., Agra freshman - Unruh, Earl £,, Montezuma freshman: Unruh, Helen L., Halstead Junior; Urban, Daniel J,, Topeka sophomore: Urban, Donald X, Bison freshman. Urban, Gerald L . Hays freshman: Urban, Ronald X, Bison sophomore: Van Donge, Jerry P., Goodland junior: Van Doren, David A., Hays freshman: Van Dorn, Roger L„ Protection sophomore. Van Dyke, Dale A., Prescott. Ariz,, junior: VaneV, James F-. Wilson junior; Van Keoten, Connie K.. Long Island freshman; Vanover, Jane E.. Jennings freshman; Van Pelt, Renee L., Salina freshman. Van Winkle, Kenneth R., St, John freshman; Vap, Eugene Atwood junior; Vaughan, Earle Ellsworth freshman; Vavricka, Robert L-, Oakley freshman; Yeazey, Thomas A,, Newton freshman. Veeh, Thomas L., Phillipsburg freshman; Vehige, Kenneth D.. Logan sophomore: Ven John, Karen L., Garden City sophomore; Venneberg, Janet K«, Plainville freshman; Vernon, Diana Russell sophomore. Vesedty, Margaret A., Timken freshman; Vessey. Donald E., Oberlin junior; Vessey, Ronald D,, Hays junior; Vestal, Ronald E., Lincoln freshman : Vetter. Kenneth L.. Beloit sophomore. Vignery, Ronald J,, Clfiton junior; Vincent, J. Ray. Hays sophomore: Vint. Janice M„ Glen Elder junior; Vodraska, JudE+h A,, Wilson freshman; Vomberg, Kurt A., Kinsley junior. Vomberg, Theresa A,. Kinsley freshman; Von Fange, Donna L, ( Salina freshman; Vopat, Eugene O,. Plainville sopho- more: Vopat, Harry J., Wilson junior; Votruba, Edward J.. Wilson funior. 305 Underclassmen Vrb-Wei Vrbas, Ronald D„ Atwood sophomore; Vytourek, Uonard L., McDonald freshman; Wade, Bruce K., Mayfield soph- omore; Wegner, Arthur R, Victoria freshman 3 Wagner, Dale E., Russell junior. Wagner, Donald L. ( Osborne sophomore- Wagner, Franc E, t Franklin, Nd ., freshmans Wagner, Norma J,, Hays junior] Wahrman. Lynette M., Herndon sophomore: Walker, Arliss J + , Lincoln sophomore. Walker, Barry V,, Sharon Springs sophomore: Walker, Dan- ny N„ Penajosa freshman] Walker, Demi I D„ McCracken junior; Walker, Gary L., Shallow Water freshman 1 Walker, Judith L, Weskan junior. Wall, Ruth A,, Clay Center sophomore; Waller, William L, Stockton iunior; Wallert, Deborah R., Russell freshman; Walt, Jo Ann, Collyer sophomore; Walter, William 1C. Lincoln junior. Walters, Janet, Hays freshman; Walters, Janice M„ Hays sophomore; Walters, Kathleen A., Hoys junior; Walters, Mary L,, Hays sophomore; Walton, William S„ Liberal freshman. Walts, Donald S., Great Bend sophomore; Ward, David R., Clayton freshman; Ward, Elmer M„ Lebanon freshman; Ward, Kathleen E., N a tom a freshman: Ward, Nancy A., Pratt sophomore. Ward, Wava J.. Norcatur sophomore: Warden, Neil R,, Lakin freshman; Wark, Gloria A,, Resford sophomore; Warkontine, Terry L., Oakley freshman: Warnken, Gordon L„ Great Bend junior. Wasinger, Darrell E., Hays freshman; Watson, Rachel S,. Manter freshman: Watson, Stephen J., Liberal sophomore: Watson, Warren W r , Irwin. Pa., junior; Weber, J, Scott, Junction City freshman. Weber, Joseph C,, ClafJm freshman ; Weber, Linda J,, Lebanon freshman; Weber, Marjorie D., Mode sophomore; Weber, Ronald J,, Ellis freshman; Weigd. Kathryn E,, WaKeeoey junior. 306 Underclassmen Wei- Wes Weigel, Leo K,, Oakley junior; Weigel, Phyllis Mays junior: Weimer, Donna M,, Ellis freshman; Weise, Barbara A., Hofsington sophomore; Weisensee Charles A., Lamed junior- Wendel. Thomas L,, Great Bend sophomore; Werner, Du- ane S., Kinsley sophomore: Werner, Dwight E-, Kinsley sophomore: Wernet, Sally L. Burrton junior; Werth, Agnes C,, Hoys junior. Werth, Undo A., Hays freshman; Werts, Yield L,, Minne- apolis junior; Wertr, Beverly A,, Sharon Springs freshman; Wertz, David E., Ellis freshman: Wess, Patricia R. Great Bend sophomore. West, Daryl L, Ruleton junior; Westbrook, Robert L., Kirwin freshman; Westerman, Edward L,, Lorraine junior; Westervelt, Dixie L,, Oberlin freshman; Westhoff, Larry W., Morrowville sophomore. Expressions of students reveal many emotions during fall enrollment. Enrollment fines create the usual confusion and exhaustion, but also provide a chance to see old friends, make new ones and acquire the necessary class cards. i , 307 Underclassmen Wes- Win Westphal, Cart R., Isabel freshman; Wesfphal, LaVetta L.. Hays sophomore: Westphat. Valeria J.. The Dalles, Ore,, sophomore: Weh, Marie S,, Kiowa freshman: Wheatcroft, Janice L, Shields junior. Wheeler, Cynthia R., Ellis sophomore; Wheeler, John P-, Garden City sophomore; Wheeler, Tamara L, Onago sophomore: Whipple, Charlyn F., Jetmore freshman: White, Charles H., Pawnee Rock freshman. White, Connie L, Sublette freshman: White, Dana K„ Great Bend sophomore: White. Gary L, Colby sophomore; White. Mary ., Colby sophomore: Whitney, Neva J., Norton freshman. Wiehl, Connie S., Smith Center junior: Wiehl. Dwight A., Smith Center junior: Wiem, Georgetta K., Monument sophomore; Wiens, Karen J„ Hutchinson junior: Wllborn, Keith R. p Hoi sing ton freshman. Wtlken, Karen S., Modoc sophomore; Wiikens, Ardene R., McDonald freshman; Willey, Herald L, Leoti freshman; WMlhaus, Rose M r , Lyons junior: Williams, Cathy J., Hays sophomore. Williams, Robert E., Stockton freshman; Williamson, John R-. Glasco sophomore; Williamson, John T +1 Great Bend sophomore: Willis, Charles E., Syracuse freshman 1 Will metti, Darrel J., Smith Center freshman. Wlllmefh, Philip L., Smith Center W,, Kansas City junior; Wilson, man; Wilson, Diane K., Mankato D., El fin wood sophomore. freshman: Wilson, Daniel Dennis E.. Kinsley fresh- freshmar; Wilson, Donna Wilson, Kenneth E., Lawrence junior; Wilson, Terl L„ Mc- Pherson freshman- Wilson, Wanda B.. Ford junior; Wilson, William R., Ashland freshman; Wiltshire, William R„, Pratt junior. Wlndholz, Agnes, Victoria freshman; Windhoh, Brian Hays junior; Windholi, Catherine, Hays freshman; Wind scheffel, Jan A,, Smith Center freshman; Wineinger, Bar- ry A., Beloit sophomore. 308 Underclassmen Win-Zwi Winkler, Connie J., Hill City sophomore: Winter, Fawns L, Great Bend sophomore ; Witt, Linda K„ Hudson fresh- man: Witthuhn, Eldon D., Bazine freshmen; Witthuhn, Lar- ry K., Bazine freshman. Wohlford, Mary L,, Geneseo freshman; Wolf. Henry G,, Ellinwood sophomore; Wolfe, Lillian, Dodge City junior; Wolters, Suzanne F., LudeJI sophomore; Wooing. Linda L., Lincoln freshman. Womack, Richard D., St. John junior- Wondra, Stephen A, f Burdett junior; Wood, Barbara. A., Liberal fresh- man; Wood, Virginia L,, Geneses sophomore; Woods, Len- os L,. Lebanon junior. Woods, Marie A., Lebanon sophomore; Woods, Wanda R., Tribune freshman; Woodworth, Waiter L„ Kinsley fresh- man; Worden, Charles Norton sophomore- Wycoff, Linda C., Great Bend junior. Yeager, Donald V„, Teseott junior; Yeager, Patricia A., Lorned freshman; York,, Forrest M.. Healy freshman: Yost, James D.„ LaCrosse freshman; Young. Bradley E., Chap- man sophomore. Young. Douglas A., Ellis junior; Yeung, Robert J-, Lyons sophomore; Young, Warren P., Hays freshman; Young, William K., Coldwater freshman: Youngdahl, Helen E,, Safina freshman. Zamnla, Bruce A., Saline sophomore; Zander, Katharine M,, Dodge City freshman; Zeigfer, Trean W., Wifmore sophomore ; Zellner, Joe W., Marienthal freshman; Zerfas, Sidney K,, H ays sophomore. Zerr, Alfred P„ Qu inter sophomore; Zerr, Dean A., Atwood freshman- Zerr, Patricia A,, Grainfidd freshman; Ziegler, Delbert D., Grainfidd freshman; Ziegler, Richard D., CoH- yer junior. Zier, James A., Lincoln junior; Zimbelman, Gary L, St. Francis freshman; Zinfe, David A,, Bushton freshman; Zvolanek, Phillip J., Bogus [unior; Zwinic, David R., Mecksville sophomore. 309 Advertising Supplying Fort Hays State’s thousands of person- nel requires genuine com- munity support. Hays meets the test. The city’s many businesses offer those connected with the col- lege up-to-date goods and services. Indicative of the cooperation which the community lends to Fort Hays State is the help it rendered toward making the first College Appreciation Days a success. Mutual efforts of the community and its college have been a major factor in sparking Hays to prominence in Western Kansas, Con- tinued cooperation will make possible the realization of tomorrow’s potential. 3 1 f (Ihel i Hag e Shop Say It With Flowers MA 8-8513 705 Main St, Men ' s Clothing Ladles ' Sportswear Shoes for Everyone I 102 Main St. Ladies ' Shop MA 8-8317 Men ' s Department MA 5-9732 Hadley Memorial Hospital and Rehabilitation Center Pink Pony Flower Shop 201 E. Seventh St. MA 5-3441 Donning Village Shop fashions, Phyllis Weigel and Hank Krueger M dress to win ’ 312 Complete Printing Service Printcraft Printers Phone MA 5-2576 Modern Printing 230 W. Ninth St Charles Goetz, Owner Hays, Kansas 67601 Sammy’s ADMIRAL: TV, Stereo, Radio WOLLENSAK: Tape Recorders See Us for a Complete Stock of Tapes and Other Accessories 7-Up — First Against Thirst We Take Pride in Our Fine Selection of Classical IP Albums. A cheerleader stirs spirit at the Homecoming bonfire. Thank You, Students, for Your Patronage 7-Up Bottling Co. Hays, Kansas Visit Our New Bakery 109 W. Seventh St Grocery Department MA 5-5656 Meat Department MA 5-6013 Dillon’s Food Market Highway 40 By-Pass MA 5-9429 Dan’s Drive-In Cafe Food You Wifi Enjoy at Prices You Can Afford A paste-up J$ prepared for the camera. Subscription Rates: $3 Per Year Ef is and Adjoining Co. $4 Per Year Elsewhere Barbara Brungardt gets ideas on the latest hair styles. Ellis County Star Published Weekly by Star Communications, Inc. 121 E. I Ith St. MA 5-6528 314 Steaks, Chicken Lawson’s Sea Food, Meats Golden Ox Restaurant Located at 1-70 Station Jet. 183 and !-70 Complete Car Care and Truck Stop © « I 108 Main St. Hays National Bank Hays, Kansas Complete Restaurant and Banquet Facilities Rose Room Memberships Available MA 5-7371 Holiday Inn Won t You Plan Your Next Party With Us? Jet, J 83 and ( -70 Master Cleaners Pick Up and Delivery Service Complete A and A Tuxedo Rental After-Six Black and White Dinner Jackets Alterations Department Radio 1400 KC Carries FHS Sports and News to Western Kansas MA 5-22 il 201 W, Eighth St, MA 5-2578 2450 Hall St. 315 Neuburger’s Bakery Special Attention Given to Special Orders Cakes of All Kinds MA 5-2016 209 W. ! 0th St Vernon’s Jewelers MA 5-38 fO 1009 Main St MA 5-6215 Located at Eighth and Fort Ron’s APCO Service 317 James Motor Co., Inc. Your Authorized Plymouth Chrysler Imperial Dealer Move Up to a Chrysler MA 5-3481 200 E, Eighth St Steelcase Office Furnishings Exclusive Royal Typewriters Sales and Service Electric, Standard, Portable Victor Adding Machines Calculators Bookkeeping Machines Wood Office Furnishings by Stow and Davis MA 5-7323 800 Main St. Northwestern Typewriter Co. 318 Jafiufous C o fleet on of fie f a es f ash ions In the Ready-to-Wear and Sportswear Shop and In the Bridal Shop The Burger Shack At Our Library; Jji 2 Jo ur c Seasons MA 5-97 1 3 802 Main St, Hays, Kansas 67601 Paying for purchases, Kathy Herbel and Mallory Marks pick up a few supplies at Walburn College Grocery. The Convenient Place to Purchase Walburn College Grocery 507 W. Seventh St. MA 5-9886 Charcoal-Broile d Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers Bar-BQ Burgers, Charcoal-Broiled Book Burgers Grilled Cheese, Fishburgers French Fries, Onion Rings Beverages, Pizza At the Burger Shack: Cheeseburgers, 19c Hamburgers Drinks, Shakes Before a youngster ' s very eyes, a new hair style is shaped by the Coed Beauty Salon hair dresser, Goecf Jeauiy Sa on 702 Part St. MA 5-2250 319 Supply Locations: Hi!! City West Highway 24 674-2 ! 19 Hays 300 E. Eighth St. MA 5-7363 Plainville Third and Jefferson GE 4-4583 Colby 185 W. Fifth St. HO 2-3373 Member A. S. I. A Ail T Lmewan TOOLBOXES S W Supply Co., Inc. Machine Locations: Hill City West Highway 24 674-2119 Hays 300 E. Eighth St. MA 5-7363 Plainville Third and Jefferson GE 4-4583 Colby 185 W. Fifth St HO 2-3373 Member Automotive Engine Rebuilders Assn Your Men From Equitable in Northwest Kansas R. J. Smiley, Hays, FHS ' 65 Tom Mock, Hays, FHS f 63 Roger E Franke, Hays, FHS r 5l Carl Reeder, WaKeeney Clair E. Max Terrill, Gaylord, FHS ' 53 R. D, Brent, Alton Robert L Jones, Bird City Robert J, Gordon, Colby Law, District Manager With Living Insurance by The EQUITABLE Life Assurance Society of the United States • » HOME OFFICE NEW YORK, NEW YORK Phone MA 5-3418 710 Main St. Your Meckel House of Melody The Hays Music Co. I 32! Suburban Dry Cleaners and Launderers, Inc. MA 5-2574 219 W. I Oth St. Thinking about a purchase, Jo Anne Tecfesco views the latest fashions on display at Ann ' s Dress Shop. Wilson’s IGA Store F me Food for Fine People 1301 Main St. MA 5-31 16 322 Varied Selection of Cosmetics, Colognes, Gifts 1007 Main St. MA 5-2523 ABC Drug Hays Building and Loan Assn. Complete Loan Service at Lowest Rates MA 5-3413 101 ! Fort St. It Pays to Live in Hays. Quality Cleaners Complete Tux Rental New Style Coats White Dinner Jackets in Stock Free Pick-Up and Delivery MA S-322S 711 Mam St. PIZZA Pizza Hut Eat-In or Carr y-out Delivery Located on E Eighth St. MA 5-7511 323 DZ ' s ride in the College Appreciation Days Parade. For taste that beats the others cold, Pepsi pours it on. Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. MA 5-2613 East Highway 40 Midwest Tobacco and Candy Co. MA 5-3712 8 1 I Fort St. Tender, Juicy Steaks Pan-Fried Chicken, Shrimp Any Order May Be Boxed to Go. Open Six Days a Week 11:30 a,m. — 10:00 pjn. Closed Fridays Phone MA 5-9933 for Reservations. Ted’s Steak House Fort Hays Pharmacy MA 5-3469 217 W. 1 0th St. Hays, Kansas Audry Mead selects an album. (riant Value Discount Store Housewares Auto Supplies Sporting Goods Paint Appliances Hardware Drugs Sundries Beauty Aids Toys Clothing School Supplies 324 2414 Vrne St. Hays, Kansas Boogaart’s One-Stop Shopping Fine Foods, Housewares, Beautyaids, Shoes, Records Greeting Cards, Appliances, Clothing, Stationery Complete Building Service and Supplies Headquarters tor Bridge Planks and Timbers Home Lumber Co. MA 5-2216 Eighth and Vine Featuring The Hays Daily News MA 5-342 112 E. Ilth St. News Publishing Co. MA 5-94! ! . Wiesner’s Department Store Flowers and decorations combine for an eye-catching display, J fays Jforaf SAop Designed Especially for You MA 5 2223 I 15 W. Eighth St, Judy Haigler discovers that customers always win at . . . The Home Furniture Company George Gottschalk Manager 229 W. I Oth St.— Phone MA 5-2589 Free Home Decorating Service Centennial Lanes Free Lessons League and Open Play Sell Bowling Balls MA 5-2916 2400 Vine St. Bernard’s Men’s Wear Suiting Gentlemen of Distinction 1011 Main St. MA 5-3913 With construction undertaken this year the new First National Bank building is located at 1200 Main St. The First National Bank of Hays Located Just East of Campus For Your College Books and Supplies Campus Book Store FORT HAYS LINCOLN- MERCURY £ The Man ' s Car cMcufi JlitKxda-M uxibtf,, 9 tc. Located at 1 2th and Vine MA 8=8243 328 Just North of Campus Campus Apartments MA 5-560 f 900 Wafnut St. Two Bedrooms Air-Condt+ioned Furnished Fort Hays Insurance See Bob Finch Mack” and Dave Meckenstock MA 5 28 1 2 Wanda Cook helps finance her education by clerking at Duckwal!$ Duck wall’s 329 Centennial Shopping Center MA 8-8000 1305 Wain St. PHILLIPS MA 5-2715 Jep’s Super Service — Hays Oil Co. Quality Phillips 66 Products 1300 Main St. Schwaller’s Hays City Travel Agency CL ho Lit n, or hrip Sportswear for Guys and Gals Located Just Across From Campus MA 8-8231 Homecoming Queen Naomi Sheets stops in to look over the latest models. J ensen-Lungr en Buiclc, Pontiac, Cadillac, GMC Trucks Gagelman Motor Co. MA 5-341 f Authorized Ford Sales and Service 528 E, ESqhth St. Tiger Grill MA 5-9327 Lawn Supplies, Appliances, Paints, Glass WA 5-36i I Located at Eiqhth and Main 704 Park St. Close to Campus for Your Convenience Fox Theater Show Place of the Midwest 1202 Main St. MA 5-7112 MA 5-9567 2 nhr 3Jnnrlnj Diamonds — Our Specialty Columbia and Cosmic George Philip Hardware 333 Barbara Bickford looks over the selection, Arnie 7 s (Dress SAop You ' ll Find Just What You Want. MA 8-8616 2410 Vine St. Hays Jewelry and Trophy The Best in Trophy and Jewelry Selection M6 W. Ilth St. MA 5-92 ! 8 Al’s Bootery Harkness Store Foremost in Ladies ' Shoe Fashions MA 5-2123 809 Main St. Visit Our Gift Shop. MA 5-2521 715 Main St. Varsity Barber Shop The College Man ' s Barber Shop A Nice Place to Slay Completely Remodeled Reasonable Rates 8 fO E, Eighth Sf. Open 7:30 a.m, — 6 p.m. MA 5-2563 MA 5-9987 705 Fort St. Villa Motel 1 A W Root Beer Located on E. Eighth Featuring Mama, Papa, Baby, Teen Burgers 335 336 Markwell Stationery Supply Co. Allen Travel Agency See Georgia and Ed for All Your Travel Needs. for All Your School Supplies and Needs MA 5-961 l 1010 Main St. Hays National Bank Suit© 206 MA 5-7515 Music Manor 337 Braltng ’s Men % Meat 106 W. Ninth St. MA 5-6716 Vine Park Motel Dial MA 5-6537 for Reservations We Honor American Express Credit Cards Try Our Red Carpet Service 1308 Vine St. Hartman Champlin Service Centers 2 Convenient Locations Eighth and Ash 27th and Vine MA 5-621! MA 5-2569 Your Campus Location Your Authorized Firestone Dealer The Varsity Bowl Drive-In Fourth and Main 338 Central Kansas Power Co. Serving Fort Hays State and the Community MA 5-3437 III E. Nth St. i Hillcrest Manor, Inc. Heated Swimming Pool Two Bedrooms, Kitchen Furnished, Air-Conditioned Sound-Proot Walls Maid Service Laundry Facilities Spanish Contemporary Bills Paid Paved Parking Area Located Close to Campus -fy s ■% £ : w jfr i ' mm m t: 79 %. • m • — i t ft Buddy Butler takes a look at the comfortable H i Merest Manor apartments, available to Fort Hays State students . 339 Vagabond Motel „ 25 «v®s, ma 5-2S1 1 Vagabond Restaurant 2522 Vine St. MA 5-5914 Christopher’s MOBILE STUDIO , • ’’Efkant QJou fjOfc 9J ou t Smiles Advertising Directory A W Root Beer 335 ABC Drug 323 Allen Travel Agency 337 Al ' s Bootery 334 Ann ' s 322 Arnie ' s Dress Shop 334 Bernard ' s Men ' s Wear 327 Boogaart ' s One-Stop Shopping 325 Burger Shack 319 Campus Apartments 329 Campus Book Store 328 Centennial Lanes 327 Central Kansas Power Co. 339 Christopher ' s Mobile Studio 341 Coed Beauty Salon 319 Cross Shop 335 Dan ' s Drive-In Cafe 314 Dillon ' s Food Market 313 Dreiling ' s Men ' s Wear 333 Duck wall ' s 329 Ellis County Star 314 Equitable Life Assurance 321 Farmers State Bank 336 First National Bank of Hays 328 Fort Hays insurance 329 Fort Hays Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. 32B Fort Hays Pharmacy 324 Four Seasons 319 Fox Theater 333 Gagelman Motor Co, 332 George Philip Hardware 333 Giant Value Discount Store 324 Hadley Memorial Hospital and Rehabilitation Center 3 12 Harkness Store 334 Hartman Chemplin Service Centers 333 Hays Building and Loan Assn, 323 Hays City Drug 332 Hays City Travel Agency 330 Hays Floral Shop 327 Hays Jewelry and Trophy 334 Hays Music Co. 321 Hays National Bank 315 Hillcrest Manor, Inc. 339 Holiday Inn 316 Home Furniture Co. 327 Home Lumber Co, 32S James Motor Co.. Inc. 3 IB Jensen-Lu ngren 331 Jep ' s Super Service — Hays Oil Co. 330 KAYS TV 316 Lawson ' s Golden Ox Restaurant 315 Markwell Stationery Supply Co. 337 Master Cleaners 316 McDonald ' s 332 Midwest Tobacco and Candy Co. 324 Music Manor 337 Neu burger ' s Bakery 317 News Publishing Co. 325 Northwestern Typewriter Co. 3 J 9 Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. 324 Pink Pony Flower Shop 3 1 2 Pizza Hut 323 Printcraft Printers 3 1 3 Quality Cleaners 323 Rohr Jewelry 333 Ron ' s Apco Service 317 S W Supply Co., Inc. 320 Sammy ' s 3 13 Schwa Hers 330 7-Up Bottling Co, 3 13 Sidney ' s Beauty College, Inc. 314 Suburban Dry Cleaners and Launderers, Inc. 322 Sweetbriar 3 1 7 Ted ' s Steak House 324 Tiger Grill 333 Tiger Shop 331 Vagabond Motel and Restaurant 340 Varsity Barber Shop 335 Varsity Bowl Drive-In 338 Vernon ' s Jewelers 317 Villa Motel 335 Village Shop 3 32 Vine Park Motel 338 Walburn College Grocery 319 Wiesner ' s Department Store 326 Wilsons I.G.A. Store 322 Adams. Seth Jr. 66 Artmen, Ethel V, 53 Atkins, Alison 74, 75 Atwater, Alan M, Jr, 65. 135 Babb, Judith 77 Bachkora, Bryan 60, 131 Bale. Dr, John T. Jr. 65, 135 Bartholomew, Dr, Leland 74 Bastin, Ernest E, 75 Batty, Elizabeth M. 70 Baxter, Inez 63 Baxter, Vivian 78 B-eardslee, Carroll L. 53 Beesley, Alice 60 Belisle. Dr. James J, 69 Bizzell, O. Z. 58,127 Bogart, Katherine 70 Bonner. Orville 76 Brehm, Charles G. 68, 96. 98 Brooks, Doyle K. 73 Brooks, R. U. 60 Brown. Robert H. Burnett, Dr. Richard Cain, Dr, C. Richard Caldwell. Dr. Eleanor Calvin. W. Kenneth Campbell, Marc 73 Carbalfo. Dr. Benito 70, 130, 141 Carlson. Terry R. 81, 143 Chan, Jennie Mae 75. 156 Choguill, Dr. Harold S. 79 Christopher, Rachel 73 Clark, Thaine A,. 62 66 75, 156 56. 129, 130 61, 131 60 31 Coder, Dr. Ralph V. 56 Cole, Dr. Blaine L. 66 Cole. Dr. Jerry J. 78 Collier, James R. 70, 146 Collier, Kent 59 Converse, Dr. Harold D, 6 Cook, Frances E. 69 Cook, Kenneth W. 65 Cornwell, M, Rex 66 Costigan, James 70 Cotham. Nancy 68 Coulson, Marlon F, 70 Crissman, Robert S. 65 Crites, Carl 65 Cunningham Pres. M. C. 15, Curtis, Nancy 78 Daley, Dr. Billy G, 66 Dalton, Stan lee V, 56 Damro, M. 68 Davidson. Eleanor 70 Davrdson, Gordon 81. 140, Day, R. Paul Jr. 70 Faculty Index Dechant, Dr. Emerald V. 66 Diliey, Lyle 75 Dion, Grace 70 Dobbs. Dr. Edith Dryden, Laurence Duncan, Patricia L Edwards, Dr. Clifford D Ely, Dr, Charles A. 62 Etter, Orville E. 78, 113 Faulkner, Keith 65 Ficken, Dale 60 Ffeharty, Dr. Eugene D. Francis, Alex 63, 94. Gangwer, Connie 77 Garner, Naomi 70 Garton, Barbara 01, 157 Garwood, Dr. John D. 56 Gay, Robert M. 65 Gentry, Ruff L. 62 George, David L. Gieber, Robert L. Gfnther. Glenn G. Goeser, Patrick H. Graber, Dr. Paul A. Gross. Ema 73 Gruber. James D. Gumm, Robert D. Gust, Da le D. 65 Halpe rn, William Hamilton, Dr, Samuel M. Harbin, Dr, Calvin E. 67 Harkness, Margery 73 Harsh, Donna 66 Harwick. Eugene 60 Hastings, Corazon R, 78 Heather, Jack R. 70, 1 63 Heil, Richard R- 81, 129 Herndon, Dr. Geneva 70, 143 158 66, 135, 158 78 68 70 62 12. I 13 78 70, 131. 142 60 75, 1 51, 157 70 73 78, 133 78 66 Higgins, Neal 65 Hinkhouse, James 60 Hodge. Patricia 81 Hoffman. Maxine 60 Hollister, Dr. Albert V. 68, 109 Huffman, Ralph 58 Hulett. Dr, Gary K. 62 Ison, David L- 70, 151 Jellison, Dr, Bill D. 57 Jiminez, Dr. Juan A, 70, 141 Johnson, Arris M- 66 Johnson, Daniel H. 60. 131 Johnson, Sidney E, 70 Jones, James R. 65 Jones, Thomas A, 81 Keating. W. E. 56 Ketchum, Harriet V. 71 King, Dr. John D, 66 Kitzman, George H. 71 Krebs, June L. 60 Kuchar, Dr, Roman V. 73, 141 Kuhn, Dr. Jeanne M. 66 Kurtz. Dr, Ray 66 Ku+ner. Dr. Samuel J. 66 Liemohn. Wendell P. 68, 66. 115 Little, Dr. Milburn J. 14, 64, 134 Loika, Glen F, 68 Lgunsberry. Elinor J. 77 Lowen, Robert L. 73, 169 Lyon, Rozeene 66 Marshall, Everett L. 78, 133 Maxson. Leon 71, 163 Maxwell, Robert 71 McCea, 0. Boykin 66 McCartney. Dr, E. R. 65 McConnell Wayne J. 21,68, 36, 92, 263 McCuIJick, Jack J. 65 McFarland, Alice 7b 161 McFarland. Henry 62 McGinnis, Darrell D. 60 McGregor, J. D. 73 McKee, Dennis D. 60, 131 McMechan, Dr. James H. 78 McNeil. Edgar F. 68, 86, 105 Miller, Danny L. 71, 150 Miller, Dr. Lewis M, 75 Moreland. William D, 81 Morrison. Alice 71 Moss, Dr. Joel C. 60 Moyers. E. Edwin 75 Mulch. Barb ara 31, 171 Mulch, Merrill F. 81 Myeriy, Lois Lee 65 Nahas, Marwan N, 71, 142 Oliva. Dr. Leo E. 81 140 Osborne, Richard L. 65, 134 Osterhoudt, Peter G. 71 Palmer, Harold 75 Parish. Dr. Verna M, 71, 83 Peier, J. Dale 65 Petersen, Albert J. 6 5 Pfeifer, Leona 7 1 Pierson, Dr. David W. 62 Powell, Settle 73 Premezif, Renato 75 Price, Dr. Gordon W. 66, 130, 135 Ramsdell, Leslie 63. 103 Rawlings, Dr. Edna 66 Rawlings, Irving L. 66 Reed, Lawrence Mac 73 Reeves. Oscar ErEk 31, 71 Reinecke, Robert E. 71 Reynolds, Dr. Howard 62. 132 Rice, Dr. Jimmy 78 Richards, Robert C. 78, 133 Riegef, Andrew D, 62 Riley, Esta Lou 73 Robinson. Dr. William N. 66 Rogers, Katherine 71, 148 Rogers, R. Lynn 58 Rolfs, Marvin E. 78. 133 Ruckmaci, Jo Ann 81 Rumpel, Dr. Max 78 Sackett, Marjorie 71 Sackett. Dr. Samuel J. 71. 151 Sayed, Dr. M. Q, 62 Schenk. Ronald L. 65 Schleich, Phyllis A, 75 Sch meller, H. J, 9b 140 Schmidt. Fred 73 Schroder. Elton K. 62 Schwartz, Perry 7 I Sidman, Ronde J. 65, 135 Slavers, Wayne L. 73 Simons, Kenneth W. 62 Slechta, Donald B. 81 Smith. Robert D. 73 Smith. Dr. Wilda M. 8 I Sodamann, Harold L. 66 Somers, Monice LaRay 68, 136 S+ansbury. James 66 Staven,, Dr. LaVler L. 66 Stewart, Michael O. 56, 128, 1 29. 130, 163, 173 Stones. Harold A. 56 Stouffer, Jean 42, 57, 123, 129, 130, 158, 164, 173 Stout, Dr. Donald E. 74. 75 Stout. Dr. Roberta C= 71 Stroup, Leora B, 77 Suran, Cade 68, 119. 136 Taylor, Dr. George 81 Thomas, DollTe S. 56 Thomas, Dr. Archie C, 65, 134 Thompson. Dr. Leonard W, 6$ Thompson. Dr, William R, 70 Thorns, John C- 60 Tilly, Gary 66 ToaUon, Wllmont 78 Tobias, Gary G. 60, 131 Tomanek, Dr. Gerald W. 63 Tomlinson John 81 Tow. Ted C. 7 1 T rosin, Elinor 77. 139 Tupper, Dr, Janet 75 Twaragowskl. Leroy 60 Valanne. OIL Peter 60 342 Veed. Ellen 78 Vlasak, Sharon 65, 135 Vogel, Nancy 71 Volk, Mary Ellen 71 Walker, Myrl V, 78 Walker, Dr. Neil A, 62 Wall, George 65 134 Wells, James R, 62, 132 Wenke, Dr. Thomas L 62 Wilkins, Dr. William D. 75 Winter, David H. 68, 106, 107 Win+erlin, DeWayrig 71 WiH, Robert 81 Witters, Maurice H. 78 Wood, Dr. W. Clement 66 You mans, Dr. Raymond E. 66 General Index A Abbey, Judith L 164 Abendshien, Kenneth P, 163, 243 Abies. Tracy Alan 21 I, 243 Abram, Robert Lynn 243 Academic Section 52-83 Acheson, Delbert W. 132,223 Acker, Linda Kay 202, 243 Adams, Charles E. 86, 133, i 89, 223 Adams, David Vaun 243 Adams, Dennis Mason 183, 223 Adams, Donna J. 243 Adams, James A, 243 Adams, Joseph 188,243 Adams, Larry L. 223 dems, Marsha Jean 176 Adams, Reba Mae 243 Adamson, Elaine S. 200, 243 Adamson. Thomas G, 243 Aday, David P. 129. 130. 162, [73, 188. 243 Adee, Sharon Marie 142, 200, 243 Adrian, Gary L. 243 Adsit, Mary Louise 143, 171, 197, 243 Advertising Section 310-341 Agnew. David T. 129 Agnew, Josephine C. 139, 243 Agnew Hall 197-199 Ahlvers, Rodney L, 243 Ahn, Kenneth 170 Ahrens, Judy L. 156, 157. 202, 243 Albers. Albert Leslie 211, 243 Albers. Kenneth W. 86, 163 Albert. Lynlie Lee 136, 223 Albert, Pamela J. 136. 243 Albin, Mickey Moyne 135, 200, 243 Albright. Jacqueline 243 Albright, Kay F. 243 Albright, Stephen B, I 31, 223 Alcorn, Marion E, 223 Alden, Nanette 176. 202, 243 Alexander, Birdie L, 197, 243 Alexander, Clifford G. 168, 243 Alexander, James E, I 13, 223 Alford. Haiel D. 243 Allen, Dennis Edwin 214, 243 Allen, Glen Dale 243 Allen, James Newcomb 158, 243 Alien. Kenneth Wayne 94, 113, 243 Allen, Martha A 178,243 Allen. R. Edward 134,149,223 Allen. Ralph E. 243 Allen, Warren D. 243 Atloway, Sharon Kay 243 All-Student Council 129 Atmquist, Saundra K. 243 Alpha Gamma Delta 174, 175 Alpha Kappa Lambda 182- 183 Alpha Kappa Psi 134 Alpha Lambda Delta 158 Alpha Phi Omega 163 Alspaw, Pamela Kay 129, 149, 166, 176, 243 Altenbaumer, Linda D. 157, 202, 243 Amerine, Clyde Duane 243 Amerine, Glen B, 243 Working to conserve tirne, fraternity men aid sorority women with a change-off during Greek Week bicycle races 343 Amerine, Linda M. 168, 223 Amos, Donald R- 211, 243 Amos, Ronald R. 243 Amsberry, Lynnette 202, 243 Anderson, Danny W- 244 Anderson, J udy 48 Anderson, Leo fa L. 1 59, 223 Anderson Les W. 147, 211, 244 Anderson, Marlys J. 48. E S 1 Anderson, Pamela R, 244 Anderson, Susan E. 244 Anderson, Warren R, 244 Andregg, Fred W. 96, 102, 136. 244 Andregg, Patricia 1. 200, 244 Andregg, Velma 1 65 Andrews, Veronica 244 Anglin, Judy M. 159,160,161, 223 Anissy, Nasser 17! Ankenman, Teresa A. 202, 244 Annis, Marjorie C. 202, 244 Anschutz, Gary E, 169 Anthony, Larry W, !32, 223 Apartments 216-217 Appel, Denise M, 202, 244 Applebee, Monty D. 103. 234, 244 Applegate, George L 244 Applegate, Rodney L. 131. 214. 244 Archer, James E, 244 Archer, Philip S. 223 Archer, Terry Sean 244 Argo, Tom L. 1 54, 244 Arias, Elsa 244 Armstrong, John M. J 3 1 . 223 Armstrong, Tonya L, 176, 223 Arneson, Harvey J, 223 Arnescm, Shirley A, 136, 202, 244 Arnett, Donald O. 244 Arnhold, Marifynn 174, 244 Arnhold, Roselyn Kay 174. 244 Arnold. Phyllis J. 197,244 Arnott, James M. 244 Arpln, Alien A. 244 Arpirt, Rebecca Joan 197, 244 Arthaud, Gary L- 94, 113,244 Artists and Lecture Presentations 24-25, 39 Asbif, Randy Edward 2 l( , 244 Aschenbrenner, S. A. 192. 223 Ashley, Larry A, 175, 244 Ashworth, Dedr i a A. 130, 134, 223 Ashworth, Robert A. 131,223 Associated Women Students 1 64 Atcheson, David B- 244 Ater, James Leon 96, 244 Atkisson, Robert S. 211, 244 Augustine, Mary L. 202, 244 Augustine, Gerald 244 Ault. Connie Rae 244 Aust, Eddie W. 190. 223 Aust, Nancy J. 141.174,244 Austin. Eric L. 244 Austin, Norman Perry 211. 244 Austin, Patrice D- 244 Avery, Catherine Ann 197, 244 Axelson, Alice 41 I Ayers, Pamela Eileen 202, 244 Ayres, Brad L. 154, 244 Ayres, Karen Sue 202, 244 Aziz. Moussa 223 Baa I man, John P. 244 Babcock, Dorothy M. 197, 244 Bach us, Kay E. 223 Bagby, Rosemary A. 154, 202, 245 Bahm, Daryl L. 245 Bohr, Kenneth E. 190,211,245 Baier, Daniel E. 223 Baier. Nancy L, 223 Bailey. Diana R. 161, 223 Bailey. John A. 245 Bailey, Thurman L, 223 Baine. Ted 151 Ba inter, Everet L, 211, 245 Bo inter, Lyman N. 86, I 93, 21 t, 245 Baker. Carol I 65 Baker. Kenneth B, 223 Baker,. Rita K. 200, 245 Baldwin, Marvin R, 245 Bale, Patricia E, 161,223 Ballard, Connie J. 197, 245 Ballard. Robert A. 245 Ballard. Rodney D- 223 Balloun, Randy D. 223 Bamberger, Chris R. 245 Bamberger, Denise 130 Band 152-153 Bandei, John H. 131 Bane, Randy Paul 129. 134, 157, 1 58 r 21 I. 245 Bangert, Dennis R. 133, 223 Bangs, Constance M. 202, 245 Banister, James R. 223 Banks, Sue A. 245 Barber, Sharia J. 129. ISO, 200, 245 Barker, Roger L. 245 Barker, William F, 21 I, 245 Barlow, James B. 223 Barlow, Melva J. 154, 223 Barnes, Jerry Ted 223 Barnes. Jesse Lee 106, 107, 245, Larry F. 2 14, 245 Barnes. Merle M, 245 Barnett, Carol L. 143, 197, 223 Barnett, David G. 214, 245 Barnett, Gerald Wayne 245 Barnett, Janet Gail 29, 166, 167, 174, 245 Barnett, Ralph W. 131, 223 Barnhart, Michael R. 223 Barr, Marita J- 245 Barr, William 143 Barrett. James P. 109 Barricklow, Deanna L- 202. 245 Barron, Rose Mary 197, 245 Barrows, Charles W. 245 Barry. Shirley K, 202, 245 Barta, Larry Ray 245 Berta. Phyllis Jane 202, 245 Bartlett, Wesley L. I I 7, 168, 245 Bartkoski, Robert F, 21 I, 245 Barton, James R, 106, 245 Baseball 116-118 Basgall, Kay F. 245 Bashtord, Jerilyn Sue 245 Basketball 96-103 Bass. Jams Kay 202, 245 Bass, Marla Morgan 129, 146 Bassett, Joyce E. 202, 245 Bafchman, Kathleen A. 202, 245 Batty, Selby S, 168 Bauer. David A. 154, 224 Bauer, Judy J, 245 Bauer, Kenneth L. 144 Baugher, Anna Marie 157. 202, 245 Baumann, Marilyn K. 202, 245 Baumann, Marlene R r 200, 245 Baxter, James D. 127, 135, 173, 190, 245 Baxter, Kinney Ray 245 Baxter Randall W. 183 Baxter. Thomas Alan 246 Baxter, Thomas D. Bayless,. Mernie F. Beal, Deanna Kay 246 Bealby, Steven A, Bean, Sharon K, Bear, Richard E- Bearded Joe 35 Beatty, Edith Ellen Beatty, Thomas L. Bechard, Robert D, Beckley. Beverly Lynn Beckman, Lynda L. 127, 190, 224 197, 246 1 58 , 202 , 246 224 1 58, 21 I, 246 164, 202, 246 86, 2 LI, 246 224 174, 246 202, 246 Billlnger, Mary 202, 248 Billmger, Mike 171 Billlnger, Rita 248 Bllllnger, Thomas W. 184.224 Billings, Dixie R, 200, 248 Billings. Frances 224 Bingaman, Conna M, 168. 200, 248 Bird. Janet 165 Birkenbaugh, Judith A. 224 Blrney, Lome Ann 202, 248 Blttd, Elaine A. (97. 248 Bitter, Jerry L. 248 Black. Laura 134 Blackburn, Robert L. 1 51, 170, 173, 184, 248 Beckman, Paul A. 246 Blackwelder, Kenneth 248 Beebe, Teresa G, 1 76, 246 Blackwood, Charles R. 248 Beeler, Ann E. 178, 224 Blackwood. Donna Lynn 220 Beer, Onalee Ellen 154, 202, Blair, Connie J. 197. 248 246 Blank, Janice Jean 158. 178 Beery. Benson Lee 246 Blankenship, Dennis 117 Beery, Charles Burton 246 Glauer, Jack D, I MS Beezley, Curtis R. 246 Blaiek, Donald L, 13!, 184, 248 Befort, Betty A. 224 Blazer, Robert Lee 86, 248 Befort, Dennis L 134, 224 Blecha. Stephen .V t 183. 248 Befort, Ernest F, 246 Bfehm, Marilyn A. 135, 202, Befort, James I. 190, 246 248 Befort, Sandra M, 156, 246 Blessing, Becky M. 202, 248 Befort, Sharon L. 246 Blevins, Bernard M, 86, 113, Befort, Thomas T. 134, 246 1 14 Beggs. Linda D, 197, 246 Blew, Ellis Duane 224 Behan, James R. 211, 246 Bliss, Linda R. 135, 197, 248 Belcher. Juanita C, 224 Bliss, Marilyn N. 202, 248 Bell. Donald G- 224 Glount, Richard T. 248 Belle rive, Kathryn A. i 97. 246 Board of Regents 59 Benda, Christine L, 202, 246 Babbitt, Sherylene S 197, 248 Bendef, Jancie L. 155, 202, Bobst, Anne Marie 142 246 Boedeker, Elaine M, 140, 159, Bennett, David Loren 246 160,’ 161, 224 Bennet, Ronnie M. 246 Boedeker, Judy 165 Benoit, James 142 Boedeker. Ruby Elaine 155. Berens, Phyllis D. 161, 173, 156, 248 176, 224 Boeding, Colleen A. 200, 243 Berger, Joe C. ! 246 Boeding, Thomas L. 248 Berger, Ronald D. 186, 246 Boehner. Ernest D, 249 Bergling, David A. 246 Bohm, Arlene Mae 141, 200, Bergman, Betty Rae . 202, 246 248 + Bergman, John C, 163, 246 Boland, Sharleen Kay 202, 248 Bergren, Judith E, 202, 246 Bollig, Dennis J. 134 Berquist, Janice L. 168. 202, Bollig, Mary Sue 1 74, 248 246 Bollig. Robert J. 243 Berry, David V. 21 1, 246 Bolt. Barbara 1. 1 142, 157, 170, Berry, Richard M, 246 202, 248 Berry, Stuart M. 246 Bomen, Uz A, 202, 248 Berscheidf. Jayne Ann 200. 246 Best-Dressed Girl on Campus 35 Bestgen, James H. 180, 224 Beta Beta Beta 132 Batlach, Yvonne M, 159, 160. 224 Betsworth, Michael M, 211, 246 Bet ten brock, Ann M, 139, 200. 246 Beyer, Ellen Kay 202, 246 Beyer, Linda Mae 174, 246 Beymer, Gary C. 183, 247 Biays, Ellen M. 141,202,247 Bickford, Barbara L 36, 142, 166, 167, 173, 176, 247, 329 Bieber, Marcia Ann 202, 247 Bleber, Richard Allen 133, 211, 247 Bieberly, John S. 188, 247 Bieker, Eugene 224 Bieker, Fred L, 247 Bieker. Gerald F, 184, 247 Bieker. Richard L, (Ellis) 247 Bieker, Richard L. (Hays) 247 Biggs, Tonya R, 164,176,197. 243 Billlnger, Alan L 96,97,101. 136, 224 Bomgardner, Calene B. 144, 200, 248 Bongartz. Lynda L, 140, 141, 248 Bongo. Frederic 127, 129, 171, 224 Bonnerlin, Barbara J, 225 Boor, Leon J, 184, 248 Boor, Raymond B. 120, 225 Booth, David Thomas 211, 24B Borger, Ronald E. 94, 1 13, 21 E, 248 Borgeson, Dennis D. 248 Borgman, Lonnie B. 243 Borth, Peary M. 192, 225 Borfhwick, Mary Helen 200, 248 Bose, Karla Kaye 157, 202, 248 Boswell, Vicky Lea 202, 144, 248 Bouchey, Carla Jean 202, 249 Bouchey, Marilyn K. 134, 202, 249 Boudreau, Yvonne K, 202, 249 Bowden, Rita Lynn, 202, 249 Bowel I, Darrel Dean 151, 157, 21 I . 249 Bowen, Denny Kay 249 Bower, Randy W. 225 Bowker, Warren C. 249 Bowman. Gerald Dean 86. 249 Boyce, Glenn Wilford 214, 249 344 Boyd, Barbara K. Boyd, Nancy J, Boyfe, Michael L. Bradley. Lynne S, 249 139. 202, 249 179, 249 249 t27, 202. Brainard, Rick L. 225 Branson, Shirley A. 225 Brass. Carolyn E. 202, 249 Brauer, Freda R. 154, 225 Braun. James L. 249 Bray. Bill S. 96, 249 Bray, Carol A, f 59, t 61, 178, 225, 249 Bray, Linda Carol 202 Bray, Vivian Jane 157. 202, 249 Breeden, Dennis L 249 Brejcha, Robert 132 Bremser, Katherine R. 202, 249 Brening. Elizabeth A. 176, 202. 249 Brent, Edward Eugene 183, 249 Brenzikofer, Diane M r 176. 197, 249 Bretton, Darrell D. 249 Bricker, Sherril Rae 249 BricWy, Mildred L 159,225 Bridge, Edith Ann 202, 249 Briggs, Alan J. 105, 249 Brin, Larry Joe 211, 249 - M ' ll. " ii ' mV . ' I, Brindle. Catherine 139, 225 Briney, Rebecca B. 203, 249 Brfnkoeter, Rae J. 174, 197, 249 Broach, Doris 181, 249 Brocket, Donald J, 225 Brockel. Ruth Ann I 64, 200, 249 Brockmeier, Sylvia E, B rod bed. John L. Broeckelman, Judith Broky, Kenneth A, Brook. Richard 1C Brookhouser, Deanna 249 Brooks, Barbara J. Brooks, Barton W, Brooks, Bettie J. Brooks, Bonnie M, Brooks. Brian W, Brooks, Loel Ann Brooks. Mieheal M. Brooks, Peggy Lynn Brown, G. Janeen Brown, Clair William 249 Brown, Dan Miller Brown, Darwin W. Brown, Elton Benson Brown, Gerald A, 1 33. 225 249 225 249 143 , 220 L. 203, 136 249 159, 160. 225 225 150, 214, 249 142, 174, 249 249 197, 249 225 ! 70. 211. 249 133 249 156. 225 Brown, Jack Leroy 249 Brown, Jams A. 225 Brown, Jerry C. S3 1 , 220 Brown. Jo A. I 40, 249 Brown, Larry G. 250 Brown., Michael Steven 250 Brown, Nora Floyde 203, 250 Brown, Robert Gene 211, 250 Brown, Stephen James 195, 250 Brown, Stewart A. 211. 250 Brown, Tommy E. 250 Brown, William R, 225 Brownell, Ro-yanne L. 203, 250 Browning, Emma J. 157, 203, 250 Brubaker, Elizabeth J. 174. 203, 250 Brubaker. Marilyn R. 174, 203, 250 Bruce. Delbert Max 250 Bruin, Theodora 94 Bruit, Randolph F. 142, 143, 1 59, 1 60. 225 Brummltt, James E. 225 Brunell, Diane M, 203, 250 Brungardt, Earl 250 Brungardt, Kenneth L. 117 Brungardt, Lawrence J. 134, 250 Brungardt, Leon John I 69 Brungardt, Pamela J. 250 Brungardt. Rosa lee 250 Bruns, Timothy K, 250 Brunson, Rodney Alan 139. 250 Bryant, Janet E. 134, 178,250 Buchanan. Kay D. 250 Buchheister, Wanda 250 Buchh elder, William 184, 250 Buehler, John M. 154. 156, 214, 250 Buehler, Richard D 250 Buinger, Gene A. 129. 130. 140, 160, 162, 225 Bull, Jeffery R. 220 Bullock, Martha 130 Bullock, Ronald W, 225 Bullock. Thomas M. 163, 192, 225 Bunker, Gerald R, 225 Bunker, Shirley Mae 250 Bunselmeyer, Keith 120, 129, 188, 250, 334 Bunselmeyer, Leonard 211,250 Burch, David L. 250 Burd, Richard R. 166 Sawing lumber to be used in the construction of a float for Homecoming, collegians work to ready their entry. Burdge, Linda Sue 203, 250 Burg, Elaine F. 134, 197, 250 Burke, Larry Bruce 18®, 211, 250 Burley, John M, 155, 156, 162. 250 Burnett, Mary C 143, 149, 250 Bums. James Byron 141, I S S , 250 Burrell, Julia l. 200, 250 Burns. Mary Ann 250 Burris, Raymond D 225 Burrows, Shirlene A. 127, 176, 200, 250 Busch, Robert Carl 250 Buser, Gabriel J. 192. 225 Bushnel], Sheryl Sue 197, 250 Buster, Janis Mary 203, 250 Butler, Ralph Waldo 339 Button, Robert D. 214, 250 Button, Thomas H. 131, 21 1, 250 Byford, Flanders 250 C Cain, Cheryl Yvonne 203. 250 Cain,. Marvin L. 131, 225 Cain, Thomas M, 251 Caldwell, Linda Lee 203, 251 Call, Jack Dean 214,251 Call, Jerry R. 215, 251 Cal ' dway. Christine 203, 251 Callaway, Howard 0. 251 Callaway, Pansy Beth 16®, 200, 251 Calnan, Craig A. 251 CamlibeL Ulku 154, 171, 200, 241, 251 Campbell. Douglas P. 134, 251 Campbell, Lawrence W. 251 Canfield, Beth A, 171, 203, 251 Canfield. Sharon 225 Cannon, Michael P. 190, 251 Capp, George L. 1 32 Capp, Karen 165 Capps. Stella M. 136 Carballo, Grace 141 Carballo, Sradella 1 4 1 Carlisle, E. Clair 192, 225 Carlisle, Philip L. 251 Carlson, Donna Gail 203, 251 Carlson, James A. 251 Carlson, Jennie L. 139, 170, 203, 251 Carlson, Linda Faye 25 l Carlson, Robert G„ 211. 251 Carlson, Susan J. 203, 251 Carmichael, John B, 163, 252 Carpenter, Gloria J, 139, 252 Carpenter, Melvin G. 225 Carpenter, Robert L. 252 Carr, Roger Jay 109, 170, 21 I 252 Carr, Kay E. 197, 252 Carroll. Janice J. 252 Carrolla, Virginia E. 220 Carswell, Terry Ruth 197, 252 Carter, Kenneth 252 Carter, Lawrence W, 151 Carter,- Haney t. 203, 252 Castell, Steve M. 252 Cates, Jerry G. 113 Catlin, Sharon Sue 203, 252 Caywood, Kenny D, 86 Chaffin, Betty I. 252 Chaffin, Robert G. 252 Chapiian, Bijan 133, 252 Chain, James S. 252 Chain, William Grin 252 Chambers, Cathy Sue 203, 252 Chan, Tze Chung 211,252 Chandler, Sheryl Sue 203. 252 Channell, Albert B. 21 1, 252 Chapman, Timothy S, 113 Chappel, Ronda L, 34, 203, 252 Charles, Richard L. 225 Charlton, Ronald 1 ' 20 Charter, Walter L. 144, E SO, 183, 252 Cheerleaders E 66- 1 67 Chegwidden, Dennis L. 225 Chegwidden, Douglas 225 Chemistry Club 133 Chester, Ronald Way ne 16®, 252 Childers, Patricia A. 203, 252 Childers, Steven R. 252 Chipman, Clark D, 225 Chlumsky, Judy Kay 252 ChJumsky, Michael Lee i 252 Christensen, Dane E, 214, 252 Christensen, Delwln 252 Christensen., William 252 Christenson, Suellirt 197, 252 Christian, Mary E. 197, 252 Christiansen, Kay Ann 252 Christiansen, Paul E. 195, 252 Christmas Activities 30-31 Chung, Sung Hae 197, 252 Claassen, Beverly A„ 150 Claassen, C, Wayne 149, 252 Claassen, Damaris P. 149, 252 Clarinet Choir 155 Clark, April K, 143, 225 Clark, Ivan Lee 86, 252 Clark, Kathleen R. 151, 252 Clark. Nelda Irene 203, 252 Clark, Pamela Mae 203, 252 Clark, Richard M. 252 Clarke, Kirby Joe 21 J , 252 Clarkio, Michael 225 Clasen. Dennis Ray 106 Claudel, Paul Ernest 252 Gaycamp, Edward L. 253 Claycamp, Terry A. 86, 136 Clayton, Max Ardelle 253 Cleaves, Nell E. 94, 113, 115 Clements, Joseph E, 163, 253 Cleveland, Terry L. 1 10, 214. Collegiate Young Republicans 170 Collier, Henry E, HI. 253 Collins, Terry S. 1 68 Colyer, Linda J. 197, 253 Comeau, Perry J. 139, 253 Com m ence m e n t 50- 5 I Conard. Barbara A, 203, 253 Conard, John W. 226 Copard, Susan K, 151, 178, 253 Conaway, Eve Marie 203, 253 Concert Choir 154 Condra, Gerald D, 141, 143, 226 Condra, Junior 253 Condra, Lois D- 226 Conn, Martha J. 253 Connally, Bev 165 Connally, Richard D. 225 Connor, Karla Jo 139,203, 253 Connor, Katha Jill 203, 253 Constable, Steve K, 253 Converse, Betty K, 36, 154, 159, 161, 174. 225 Converse, Carole 136, 203, 253 Conyac, Alby Lawrence 211, 253 Cook, Kenneth Joe 253 Cook, Margaret Ann 200, 253 Cook, Rodney John IBB, 211, 253 Cook, Wanda L. 173, 174, 253, 329 Cooley, Sidney A. 220 Cooper, Galen A. 253 Cooper, Lana Gale 203, 253 Cooper, Rex Grover 211, 253 Coover, Kenneth Wynn 106. 253 Cordel, David C. 211, 253 Cordel, Jolene Sue 2Q3, 253 Corder, Joseph R. 195, 253 Corder, Michael A, 254 Corn. M. Lynn 36,197,254 Corry, Beth Anne 174, 197, 254 Cory, Kathleen Anne 164, 203. 254 253 Cline. Rex Owen 253 CJfnltenbeard, R. A. 162 , 190, 253 Close, Cherry Louise I 35 Close, Dennis F. EOS, 109 Clotfelter, Cortland 183, 253 Clothier, Hazel Marie 160, 225 Cloutman, Donald G. 253 Coady. Janet Faye 203, 253 Coady, Mary Ann 203. 253 Coady, Patricia Anne 203, 253 Cobb, Charles 225 Cobb, Hubert L, 253 Cody, Connie £, 154, 3 55. 225 Gofer. Virginia M. 154, 200, Costello, William C, 254 Cott, Phyllis 254 Coubon. Bruce W. 188.254 Coup, Curtis D. 184, 254 CoupaL Mona R. 254 Cour sen, John David 134 Coufland, Craig R. IBB, 254 Couture. Audrey E- 203. 254 Cowan, Eloise Ann (36, 203, 254 Cowgilf, Laurel Cox, Beverly Jo Cor, Edward D, 254 254 203, 254 36, I 13, 195, Cox, Larry G. 254 Cos, Roseaon E. 203, 2S4 Crabbs, Clarence W. |90, 254 253 Coffey, Deana 165 Coffey, Roger D, 225 Coffin, AHene 225 Coffman, Maudine R. 200, 253 Cohen, Richard B- 226 Cohen, Vicki Sue 130, 164, 253 Coker. Fred Levi 188, 253 Colborn, Terry L. 105, 21 1, Craig, Donald L. 254 Craig. Johnnie V. 225 Cramer, Gerald J. 254 Cramer, P. Lea 254 Cramer, Ronnie Lee 151, 163 Cramm, Terri Lee 200. 254 Cranston, Ramona L. 200 Cranston, Steve Craig 131, 254 2S3 Cole, Douglas Leon 214, 253 Cole, Kenneth R. 226 Cole. Richard C. 117, 184, 253 Colgiazler, Ronald E, 226 Collegian Chorale 157 Collegiate 4‘H 157 Collegiate Young Democrats !7I Craven. Teresa Jean 203, 254 Crawford, Peggy Lou 254 CrealTibaum., David M. 108, 254 Cress, Donald C. 254 Crist, Judith J, 254 Criswell, Janice G. 200, 254 Critchfield, Stephen 190,211, 254 Crittenden, Mary K, 197. 254 Cromwell, Noel 165 Cromwell, Ronald E. 254 Cronin, Jon K. 225 Cronin, Sylvia A, 226 Cross Country 94-95 Cummings, Charles L. 17!, 226 Cu nningham, Gerald 195. 254 Cunningham, Marianne 254 Curtis, Janice K. 130, 226 Custer Hall 200-201 Cyr, Gail A. 184, 226 Cyr, Janice Faye 135. 254 D Dailey, John Leslie 211, 254 Daily, Debra Ann I4E, I 42, 174, 203, 254 Daise, Gerald W. 254 Daisy Mae 35 Dale, Owen E. 1 84, 254 Dale, Richard H, 226 Dalrymple, Cynthia R. 203, 254 Dalton, Lela J. 141, 142 Dames Club I 64 Daniel, Linda Rea 254, J97 Daniel, Martha J, 149, 166, 167, 173, 180, 254 Daniels, Craig A, 254 Daniels, Daryl L. 254 Daniels, Sharon J, E29, 140, ! 70, 226 Danner, Jean K, 139, 176, 255 Dansel, Rhode J. 130, 226 Darst, Ronald L. 86, 136. 159, 160, 226 Dasenbrock, John B. I4E, 214, 255 Davenport, Douglas R. 255 Davidson, Dale A. 22 6 Davidson. Homer M. 255 Davidson. Lynann J, 397, 255 Davidson, Tom Darwin 192, 21 E, 255 Davignon, Ronnie Gale 255 Davis, Burnell E, 36 Davis, Caro! Sue 255 Davis, Cynthia A. 1 97, 255 Davis. Darrel! E. 1 32 Davis, Dona J, 255 Davis. Janis L 176,255 Davis, Lewis E, 255 Davis, Roger C, 226 Davis. Sandra Kay 197, 255 Dawes, Marilyn J, 226 Dawson, Joe L [42.211,255 Deal, Janice Marie J 6 1 Deal. Terry D- 195, 255 Dean, Larry M. 226 Dean, Virgie D. 164, 203, 255 Dearden, Janet E. 203, 255 Deatrich, Geneva J. 203, 255 Debate ISO Debes. Robert Leon 255 Debey, Gary Gene 211, 255 Dechant, Jerald F, 256 Dechant, Jerome 186 Dedonder, William E, 256 Deeds, Robert J. 170,256 Dedrtckson. Gordon R, 256 DeGarmo, Larry R. 256 DeGarmo, Rodger C. 134, 226 Degenhardt, Glen R. 129 Deges, Virgil L, 226 DeHaven. Everett D. P 5 1 , 157, 215, 256 Deines, Bonnie E. 203, 256 Deines, Dan S. 109,184,256 Deines, Ernest J. 169, 256 346 Delnes. Hubert- D, 163, 256 Delnes. James A, 169, 226 Deanes, Larry D. 256 Deines, Robert M. 226 Delsher, Douglas W. 256 DeLay, Marian !29, 161. 176. 226 Delta Sigma Phi 184-185 Delta Tau Alpha 132 Delta Zeta 176-177 DeMay, Robert James 256 Dempsey, John R. 1 9S, 226 Dempsey, Wayne R, 131 Denio, Ear! D. 2S6 Denk, Annette L. 226 Dennett, Linda Faye 203, 256 Denning, Dan Michael 21 1, 256 Denning, Larry W. 190, 256 Denning, Maxine F, [77, 203, 266 Denning, Russell A, 256 Dennis, David T. 134, 214. 256 Denny, Charles A. 226 Denison, Sally Ann 157, 174, 256 Dennison, Jana 5. 203, 256 Depe, Janet L. 1 78, 256 Depperschmidt, D. T. 256 Depperschmidt, Gloria J. 197,256 Depperschmidt, Ken 120, 192, 226 Depperschmidt, Keith 183 Depperschmidt, Lester 49, 192. 256 Depperschmidt, Linda 49, 200, 256 Desaire, Arlinda J. 203, 255 Deu+scher S+even J, 190, 256 DeVore, Karen 164, 165 DeVore, Charles L. 151. 220 Dewees, Martha Ann 203. 256 Dewey, Carolyn J. 203, 255 Dey, Robert Harold 106, 186, 256 DeYoung, Marsha Kay 203, 256 Dibble. Max Linn 183, 256 Dible, David James 256 Dick, Dona Lou 204, 256 Dick, Phillip , 226 Dickson, Vickie L, 168, 256 Dieckhoff, Foster G, 214, 256 Diehl, Rebecca 166, 167, 177, 226 Dietz. Diana K. 164, 170, 174, 204, 256 Dietz, Joann Joyce 135, 204, 256 Dietz. Raydene Glen 256 Dietz, Richard Elwood 158, 256 Dietz. Vicki Lynn 178. 257 Dillon, Fred Galan 257 Dimond, Sheryl K. 257 Dinkel, Carol Jean 257 Dinkel, Darrell F. 257 Dinkel. David P. 2 1 4, 257 Dinkel, Gary P, 1 226 Dinkel, James A. 117. 257 Dinkel, Patricia A. 257 Dirks, Arthur Lee 257 Divel. Larry Ray 195, 257 Dixon, Nancy Jane 257 Dobkins, Robert L. 257 Dodd, Frank Preston , 188, 257 Dodd, Jerrold 132, 220 Dodge, Myrna Jeanne 200, 257 Doerfler, Tanya G, 204, 257 Doerschtag, James L, 214, 257 Dogqe+t, Robert H. 226 Dolechek, Larry 257 Dolezal, Charles R, 257 Dome, Laura Jean 257 Donahey, Linda I. Donahey, Terry Ralph Donart, Jolene K, Donart, Marilyn Sue Donovan, Danny Neil Donto, Ahmadullah Dooley, Thomas Lee Dortland. Kathalie A. Do u brave, David M, Dougherty, DcVin D. Dougherty, Don E. Dougherty, Mary uu Douthit, Joyce M, 170. 204, 257 Doxon, Cynthia Kay Dowden, Christopher Dows. Michael K. 227 178, 257 170 139. 257 197. 257 257 171, 226 214, 257 130, 226 257 257 214, 257 204, 257 130, 157, 204, 257 257 135, 192, Doyef, Cleatus W. Doyel. Pat 165 Doyle, Cheryl Ann Drach, W, Tearel Dragoo, Doris Ann Drake, Robert D, Drake, Robert 8, Drees, James H, Drees, Larry J. Dreher, Carol Ann 134 139, 204, 257 190, 257 257 227 [44, 257 134, 227 186, 227 135, 204. 257 Dreher, Marlon F. 257 Drefling, Bernice A. 130 Drefling, Caro! J. (Ellis} 204,257 Dreiling, Carol J, (Plamvllle) 204, 257 Dreiling, Gerald G, 227 Dreiling, James R. J 16, 117 Dreiling, Joanne 257 Dreiling, Judy Ann 257 Dreiling, Kathleen A. 1 43, 257 Dreiling, Larry Dean 103. 257 Dreiling. Leslie A, 133. 258 Drefling, Lynda Sue 258 Dreiling. Richard Lee 86. 93 Drescher, Charlotte 204, 258 Drescher, Mary T. 200. 258 Drew. Lynn Rene 200, 258 Drosselmeyer, Wesley 258 Dryden, Dennis K. 157. 21 I, 258 Dryden, Elizabeth R. 204, 258 Dubbert, S+even Dale 214, 258 Dubois, Leo J. 190, 227 Dudrey, David L. 155, [56, 258 Duell, Dorothy Ann 204, 258 Dumler. Dennis Wayne 258 Dumler, Donna Kay 204, 258 Duncan, Susan Gayle 204, 258 Du nham, Dwight John 13 I, 227 Dunning, Earl Lynn 214, 258 Duran, John E, 106, 258 Durham, Jerry 214, 258 Du ' tcher, Connie L, 258 Dutcher. Robert M, 186. 227 Dyche, Eldonna 157 Dye, Judy Elaine 200, 258 E Eberhart, Marva Sue 177, 204, 258 Ebright. Beverly Ann 178, 197, 258 Echard, Dennis W. 211, 258 Echer, Steven J. 258 Eel. P. John 158. 170. 184, 258 Edgington, Wilbur L, 131, 258 Edmonds, Darrel l. 258 Eggleston, Gary Van 258 Ehmke, Clifford Duane 214, 258 Ehrlich, Darrell F, 135, 227 Ehrlich, Judy L. 174, 258 Eiehenauer. Casey 227 Eickbush. Ruth E. 170, 174. 258 Eilers, Gloria J. 258 Eflert, Stanley R. 258 Eisenhour, Katharine ESI. 258 Eklund, Kenneth Grant 188, 258 Elder, Phillip Lee 173. 192, 258 El actions 40 Eller, Stephen Cecil 258 Elliott, Clyde C. 1 40, 227 Elliott. Vicki 200, 258 Ellis, Judith K. 204. 258 Ellis, Richard W, 156, 157. 192, 227 Elniff, Marlene 200, 258 Emery. Barbara J, 177, 204, 258 Emmert, Larry Lee 258 Emory, Lena Mae 204, 258 Eneff. Darrell Lee 188, 259 Enfield, Janet Sue 168, 204, 227 Engel, John E, 109, 211. 259 Engleman, Pamela A. 19, 204, 227 Engstrand. Cynthia K 204, 259 Engwall, Susan C. 204. 259 Enrollment 14-15 Eppinger, David R. 192, 259 Epsilon Pi Tau 131 Erb. Marie F, 157, 227 Erickson, Anne Marie , 204, 259 Erickson, James L. 86, 136, 227 Ernst, Dennis Dean 163, 211. 259 EssmlHer, Barbara A- 204, 259 Esterl. Richard John 259 Estes, Maynard L. 86, 134, 136, 186, 259 Estes, Nancy 165 Etrick, Joseph p. 190, 21 1. 259 Eubank, Charles D, 188. 211. 259 Evans, Gerald Jeffrey 21 1, 259 Evans, Jeannette M. 154, 156, 259 Evans, Marsha Lynne 204, 259 Everett, Frances E. 200, 260 Everett, Phyllis Lyn 204, 260 Eye. Cynthia Sue 204, 260 F Facklam. Donald D. 140. 260 Fagerquist, Lois 1 36. 260 Faimcn, Gory L, 260 Faltier, Robert M. 157 Fenshier, Harold J- 142, 260 Farmer, Judl 165 Farmer. Richard K. 135. 260 Farney, Thomas E- 157, 2 M , 260 Farr, Lonnie R. 227 Farrell, Michael K. 162, 188, 260 Fast, Marjorie A. 133, 200. 260 Faulk. Kenneth W. 155 Foulkender, Roger L 86 Faulkner, Barbara E. 177, 227 Faulkner, Ka+heryn F. 260 Fa u rot, Robert A. 103. 260 Fawcett, Cynthia L. 204, 260 Features Section 1 3 SI Fehrenbach. Joseph T, 186, 260 Feist. Connie R. 197, 260 Feist, Kenneth L, 86, 131, 260 Feist, Mary A. 197. 260 Pe l bush, Rosa n a 1 165 Feldkamp, Bruce R- 183, 227 Felt, Diana Christina 1 77, 260 Faltes, Allen J. 260 Fenwick, Charlene R. 139, 260 Ferguson, Teryl Leigh 174, 200, 260 File, Daniel J, 260 Final Examinations 32-33 Fink, Donalea 260 Fink, Virginia Lee 143, 266 Rnnin.Mike L 103, 129, 170 Fischer, Kathleen O. 166 Fischli, Ronald D. 149, 1 51, 158, 160, 162, 260. 360 Fisher. James Dale 260 Fisher, Karan K, 227 Fisher, Ruth E. 204, 260 Fisher, Stephan D. 260 Flagler, Charlene L, 135, 260 Flagler, Sharon 135, 260 Flaherty, Stephen L, 260 Flanders, Richard L, 188, 260 Flavin, James P, 147 Flegler, Victor Otto 135 Fleharty, Jackie A. 139, 160, 227 Fleharty, Lynn A. 260 Flick, John G. 260 Flint. Larry L, M3 Fluhar+y, Joyce L. 197, 260 Foelgner, Ronald D. 227 Folbre. P m eta S. 227 Foley, Dave D- 155, 260 Folkerts, Karen Y. 174, 227 Foltz, Jacquelete S. 204, 260 Football 86-93 Foran, Roger E, 260 Foran, Thomas J, 86 Ford, Susan E- 260 Forgue, Donald R- 133, 162 Forney, El dene 142, 197, 260 Forristaf, David W, 260 Forsberg, Roger E- 94 Fort Hays Singers l 54 Fossett, Curtis 134 Fossett, William 227 Foster, Alton R. 227 Foufd, Constance L. 260 Fountain, Charles W, 109 Fountain, Dian Ruth 177, 200, 260 Fouts, Linda Sue Fox, David Giles Fox, Joseph L- Fox, Steven L. Frack, Sharis L, 261 Frahm, Kenneth L. Frahm, Sheila G. Francis, D. Clifton Frank. Ronald E. Franke. Thomas J. 261 204, 261 261 134 173, 190. 261 157, 180. 204. 158, 261 227 261 155, 186, 261 151, 163, 200. 261 1 68. 227 1 82-195 144, 186, Frankl in, Becky L. Franz, Joel L. Fraternities Frazier, Joe Allen 261 Frazier, Mary Claire 227 Freeborn, Kathryn G. 204, 261 Freeman. Corliss L. 261 Freeman, Leslie A, 227 Freitag, Lila J. 261 French Club 1 42 Frey, Jon G. 26! Frick James Ronald 214. 261 Frieling, Allen L. 261 Frink. Bobbett Diana 204, 261 Frink, Jeannette Ann 220 Fritzemeier, Don L. 261 Fritzemeier, Jo C. 261 Froelick Margie A. 1 97, 261 Froelich, Randolph A- 261 Frost, Jill Louise 261 Frost, Rita G, 159, 160, 227 Frownfelter, Mickey 261 Fresher. Joann 197, 261 FrydendalL Larry M. 26 J Frye, Dianna Lou 204, 2 1 Fullen, Dale G. 227 Fuller, Brad Alan 192, 214, 263 Fuller, Sandro S. 164 Funfe, Janet J, 261 Funk, Vittorio Roe 204, 261 Furlough 42 Furlough Queen 43 Fussell. Robert D. 104, 105 Gabel. Dole Leon 21 k 261 Gagefman, Merlin Dole 131, 227 Galligos, Marilyn 165 Gardinler. Janice E 204, 261 Gardner, Linda L. 204, 261 Garetson, Chloe R. 204, 261 Garetson, Jesse J. 131 German, Karen Sue 204, 261 German, Robert E, 86 Garrett. Chada Rae 197, 261 Gosper, Carol S, 204, 261 Gassner, Carolyn S, 157, 263 Gates, James E, 110, 263 Gates, Patricia Lee 204, 261 Gay, ' Glenda L 143 Gayer, Robert L, 212. 261 Gearing , Ruth Ellen 204, 261 Geiger, Larry E. 227 Georg, Joy M. 134 Georg, Kathlyn M. 154, J 80. 261 Georgeson, John D, 96, 261 Gerber, Larry J. I SI, 157, 261 Gere, Mary M, 262 Gerherdt, Paul F. 262 German Club 141 Germany, Walter D. 262 Serstner, Robert W. 227 Gesinlt, Robert W. 132, 227 Getty, Allen S- 262 Getty, Carlton A. 173,262 Getty, Linda I 65 Glbeau, Carolyn R. 204. 262 Gibson, Charles H, 262 Biddings, Bradley K, 195, 2 14, 262 Gleber, Philip Terry 262 Giebler, Harold J. 262 Giebler, Marlene M. 262 Giebler, Nadine 262 Giese. Mark L 65,105,128. 136, 183, 262 Giess, Rodney A. 262 Gilbert, Doris L 200, 262 Gilbert, Harry D. 262 Gilbert, N or Ian Joe 155. 262 Gilbert, William K. 150, 262 Gilchrist, Karen D, 134, 159, 160, 161, 197, 227 Gilchrist. Rachel F, 129, 167, 178, 200, 262 Giles, Pamela Marie 164. 197, 262 Giles, Sheila M. 200, 262 Giles, Vicki Lynn 157, 200, 262 Gifg, Carol Sue 200, 262 Gill, Cynthia Y. 262 Gilmer, Kay Candis 200, 262 Gilmore, Virginia K. 180, 262 Gingraux, John D. 262 Ginther, Connie Sue 205, 262 Ginther, Jane Marie 205. 262 Gintrler, Michael L. 140, 142, 143, 227 Girvan, Bruce A, 262 Gish, Daniel C. 140, 147, 159, 162, 227 Gish, Rodney Wayne 262 Givens, Donald R. 86, 117, 227 Givens, Nancy Jane 228 Glass man. John T. 103, 262 Giassman, Robert E, 262 Glaze, Eldon W. 228 Glaze, Errol R. 169, 183. 262 Glaze. Gwen N. 200, 262 Glazier, Jack D. 94 Gleason, Darryl W, 1 57, 23 2, 262 Gleason, Gregory J. 135. 262 Gleason, Nancy Leah 262 Glide, Sondra A. 197, 262 Gnad, Michael Lee 262 Goddard, Gloria A. 200, 262 Goddard, Terrie Lea 200, 262 Goetz, Becky Ann 3 78, 262 Goetz. PauJette M, 262 Goings. Maridell I. 157, 197, 262 Golf 59 Gooch, Gina S, 156 Goodman, C3yde L. 132, 220 Goodman, Marcia R. 264 Goodman, Marla Kay 264 Good row, Jane Ellen 3 36. 141. 264 Goodrow, Uarda I. 264 Goodwin, J. D. 147, 228 Goodwin, Kent L, 264 Gordon. Michele K 205. 264 Gosser. Carolyn K. 264 Gottschalk, Kim J, 3 10. 141, 150, J 60. 162, 264 Gottschalk, Timothy E. 264 Gould, Leslie W. 131, 228 Gould, Mary M, 227 Gould is, Judy E, 205, 264 Governor 50. 59 Grabbe, Patricia J. 228 Grabbe, Paul P. 341 .264 Graber. Forest D. 264 Graber, Lois JoAnn 159, 160, 228 Graduate Student Section 220 221 Graf, Joyce P, 158 Graham, Larry Wayne 214, 264 Graham, Vicki L. 205, 264 Grandstaff, Kitty J. 205, 264 Grant, Linda E. 130. 264 Gran, Delwin Cad 134, 228 Grauer, Paul F. 264 Graver, Eileen R. 264 Graver, Robin E. 214, 264 Grauerho ' lz, Jo Ann 220. 264 Graves, Connie L, 228 Graves. Donna Mae 130, 200, 264 Graves, Patricia Ann 197,. 264 Graves, Gerald E. 264 Graves, Roy D, 264 Gray, Alan M. 264 Greek Week 41 Green, James Clayton 143 Green, Jennifer Lynn 205, 264 Green, John Vernon 228 Green, Sammy DarrelJ 264 Green. Shirley R, 220 Greenway, Tom L. 3 86, 264 Gregg. Robert L. 86, 136 Gregory, Richard L. 264 Greiner, Harold D. 264 Gribben, Ar thur L, 154. 264 Gribben. Carolyn 5. (58, 174, 264 Gribben, Ralph B. 264 Grice, Tommy M- 264 Grlese. Joan 197, 264 Griffie, Charles G. 96, 102 Griffin, Barbara J. 205. 264 Griffin, James H. 120 Griffin, Larry Dean 264 Griffith, Linda D. 228 Grimsley, Carole 5. 228 Srlmsley, Larry J, 264 Grlzzeli, Dennis £. 184, 212, 26+ Gronewoller, Francis 96, 264 Gross, Dorothy A. 133, 264 Gross. Harold D. 264 Groups Section 1 24-2 I 7 Grover, Patricia Sue 341, 264 Grover, Peggy Ann I +1, 264 Grubb, Larry Wayne 264 Grubb, Richard Duane 103. 265 Grusing. Linda Beth 205, 265 Gum, Dianne L. 141, 265 Gump, Donna M. 136, 265 Gustin, Ron Eugene 86 Gustin, Sendie 165 Gustin,. Sherrie M. 205, 265 Gutsch. Steve J. 265 Guyer, Linda Sue 205, 265 Gwinner, Charles C, 113, 265 Gymnastics 304-105 Herbeugh. G, Timothy 266 Harbaugh, Ronald W. 214, 266 Harbaugh, Sylvia Ann 157, 1 70, 205, 266 Hardy, Larry Allen 266 Hardy, Sharon Kay 205, 266 Harfmann, Carol J. 223 Harfmann, Eric 141, 266 Hargrave, Stanley E. 188, 266 Harkness, Karen S. 266 Harkness, Marie A. 228 Harkness, Mary G 142 Harkness, Ronald D, 134 Harkrader, Ronald K. 131, 195. 228 Harmon, Jewell Marie 205, 266 Harmon, Phyllis A. 164 Harmon, Richard A. 214. 266 Harmon, Ro Ann Marie 3 54, 155 II Harmon, Robert K. 229 n Harms, Ronald E. 229 Harper, Dixie Lee 200, 266 Haage, Deborah A, 200, 265 Harper, Duane E. 94, 266 Haas, Lorraine A, 265 Harper, Mariel Lee 200. 266 Haberman, Maurice J, 133, Harper, Rita Jean 201, 266 212. 265 Harris, Carol L, 205, 266 Hechmeister, Bruce M. 265 Harris, Glen Edwin 266 Hachmeister, Leah M. rs7, Harrison, Diane Jean 205, 266 180, 265 Harrison, Janet C. 266 Haddock, Sandra Kay 197, 265 Harrison, Jeffery L. 266 Hagen, Richard Perry 94, 265 Harrison, John R. 150 Hagerman, Judith S. 265 Harrison, Sharon E. 205. 266 Hagermann, Akin L. 143, 265 Hart, Emery L. 136 Hagermann, Slgrid 14! Hart, Thomas B, 266 Hague. Dennis Neil 86, 265 Harting, Harold D- 117, 214, Haigler. Judith Ann 127, 265, 266 327 Hartman, Ralph M, 135. 192, Haines, James M, 95, 265 229 Hake. John M. 265 Hartness. Marilyn R. 203. 266 Hake. William Joseph 188, Hartsell, Judy Kay 341, 205, 265 266 Hakimlan, Farrokh 220 Harvey, Janet L, 152, 266 Halbleib, Kay Ann 197, 265 Harvey, Kathleen Anr i 205. Halbleib, Kay Ann 197. 265 266 Ha3derman, Barrett G, ESI , Hase. Kevin B, 1 40 157 Haselhorst, Cheryl A, 266 Hale, Betty Dee 205, 265 Haselhorst, Jane F. 266 Hale. Lucinda M, 228 Haskins, David Lyle 229 Hale. Richard 265 Hall Ann ell e J, 205, 265 Hallagln. Garry L. 192, 265 Hallagin, Jo Ardis 157, 265 Hailing, Janice E, 197, 265 Hamann, Twylla M, 205, 265 Hamburg, Arlene Wilma 178, 200. 265 Hamby, Janie 165 Hamilton, Mary J. 200, 265 Hamilton, Robert K. 220 Hamman, E. Jane 343, 205, 265 Hammerschmidt, James 265 Hampton. Richard J. 228 Hanchett, Dale Ray 265 Hand, Barbara S, 141, 174. 228 Hand, Norman R- 265 Handley, Judy L. 134, 265 Han ken, Donald L. 265 Hanken, Larry Wayne 265 Hankins, Janet Diane 135, 200, 265 Hanna, Robert J. 212,265 Hansen, Mary M. 177, 228 Hansen, Morris Dean 212, 265 Hanson, Charles W. 265 Hanson, Edward C. 228 Hanson. Kent Wayne 265 Hanson, Galga Tehl 205, 265 Hanson. Peggy Jo 266 Harbaugh, Cheri Lea 35, 174, 205, 266 Haslett, Tim J. 266 Hatfield, Roger Lee 266 Hatten, Roger L, 266 Havel. Lynn B. 94,113.266 Haverick, Joe 1 33 Havner, Kenneth G 129, J62, 170. 266 Hawkins, Jams A, 139, 266 Hawks, Jerry L, 266 Hawley. Roy R, 266 Hdyavi, Reza 220 Hayden, Saylene J. 133. 229 Hayden, John L. 86 Hayes, Benjamin L. 266 Hayes, Michelle S. 266 Raymond, Arlie Vernon 3 35, 214, 266 Hays, David M, 184, 229 Hays. Sharon K, 229 Hays, Susan E. 3 39, 157, 180, 205, 266 Hayse, Frances J. 3 30, 157. 198. 266 Hayse, Georgians 130, 201. 266 Hayward, Ivan L. 267 Hayward, Linda M, 205, 267 Heble, Leo David 184, 267 Heckert, Gloria Jean 205, 267 Heckman, Jay Douglas 1 90. 267 Heckman, Richard H. 267 Hedge, Jo Ann 201, 267 Hedge. Judy Lee 205, 267 348 Hedges, Sonja Kay 198, 267 Hedrick, Emmit E. 267 Hedrfck, Joe 0. 168, 229 Hegerty, William T. 267 Heggemeier. Terry P. 267 Heidemann, Sharon R. 169, Higgins, Barry P. 269 Highland, Charlotte A, 139. 205, 268 Highley, Tonda Sue 201. 269 Hiitter, Vera M. 201, 269 Hildebrand. Ronda G. 205, 201, 267 269 Heier, Edward 267 Hilgers. F. Karl 1 31, 229 Heier, Eileen Marie 205. 267 Hill, Donald E. 269 Heier, Robert L. 140, 267 Hill. Jeffrey A, 162, 229 Heikes, Dennis R. 267 Hill, Kent Atyn 188, 269 Heim, William A- 267 Hill, Margaret M. 205, 269 Heiman, Steven E. 157 HiNen, James L. 269 Heimer, Nedra R. 267 Hillman, Donna l. 269 Heimer, Robert 1. 212, 229 Hilton, Dean Alan 214, 269 Heinen, Ross H. 214. 267 Hilyard, Cynthia Jean 205, Heinlein, Rodger D. 268 269 Heinze, Gregory A, 170, 268 Hine, Michael J, 269 Heif chmldt. Jann E. 205, 268 Hinkle, Max Edward 269 Heitschmidt, Judy 165 Him, Philip R. 229 Heikchmidt, Rodney 132, 229 Hirsch, Kathleen 198, 269 Helget, Joyce E. 205, 268 Hirsh, Loretta Ann 269 Helin, Daryl Ann 205, 268 History Club 140 Helm, Kent Ray 229 Hixengaugh, Gail W. 155, 269 Heller, Jimmy L 268 Hixon, Jerry l. 269 Helm, Robert W. 154, 190, Hlxon, Larry L, 269 268 Hbdek, Glenn Allen 143, 190, Heiman, Stephen W. 190, 26 B 269 Bempler, Blake G. 134, 184, Hladek, Janet Kay 135, 158, 268 174, 198 Henderson, Carol A. 139, 152, Hladek. Kenneth L. 132 177, 268 Hlaus. Rosemary J. 130, 269 Henderson, Geraldine 141, Hoagland, Sandra 205, 269 201, 268 Hobbs, Earl 117, l 18 Hendrickson, David L. 134, Hockersmifh, Janice 205, 269 134, 268 Hockett, Donnie R, 110, Ill, Hendr ickson, Roy L. 268 229 Hendrlxson, Gary 190, 229 Hodges, Shirley Anne 205, 269 Hendrixson. Julie A. 177. 205, Hoener, Joseph E. 269 268 Hennigh, Barry 229 Hennigh, Kathleen A. 205, 268 Henry, Joan 156 Henry, Larry La verne HO, 1 4 1 , 229 Herbel, Kathy 0. 205, 268, 319 Hefbig. Mark M. 269 Herd man. Carol K- 268 Herdmon, Terry L. 229 Her). Gerald L. 268 Her!, Lana L 268 Her!, Robert J, 268 Herman. Alfreda M. 130, 229 Herman, Gerald E. 268 Herman, Mary Margaret 268 Herold, Ronald B. 268 Herrea, James W. 268 Herrenbruck, Joan E, 205. 268 Herrick, Russell W. 229 Herring. Domta K. 139. 268 Herrington, Nancy L ' 30. 177. 268 Herrman, Adam L- 268 Hertel, Brian J. 268 Hertel, Gary W. 268 Hertel, Wesley R- 268 Herzog, Herbert L, 268 Herzog. Maxine 268 Hess, Q. James 229 Heubleio, Kathryn A. I 39, 268 Hewes, Dorothy B. 268 Hewes. Michael Alvin 268 Hewett, Beryls 229 Hewett, Evelyn Kay 205, 268 Hewett, Dana Sherman 184, 268 Hibbs, Gary lee 212. 268 Hickman, Donald D. 229 Hickman, Douglas 134 Hicks. Gary F. ' 34. 170. 229 Hiebert, Harry Lynn 268 Higerd. Richard L 157, 214, 268 Higgason. Don L. 229 Hoffman, Bette Kay 269 Hoffman, Pauline A, 269 Hoffman. Ronald J. 269 Hoffman, Thomas J. 141, 229 Heffner, Larry Wayne 269 Hogan, Margaret J. 130. 136, 229 Hogue, H. Stanley 103, 269 Hoke. Wanda E. 269 Holgerson, Joseph L. 269 Holiday, Cynthia Jans 177, 269 Holl, Steven Grand el I 269 Holler, Trudy Ann 129, 177, 205, 269 Holliday. Paul R- 269 Holmes. Sonja S- 198, 269 Holopirek, Rick D. 190, 269 Holstein, Alfred H. 133. 159, 162, 229 Holston, Robert L. H3, 269 Holt, Robert Mack 212. 269 Holt, Vede K. ' 80, 229 Holthus. Judith L. 229 Holzmeister, Sherri I. 174. 269 Homburg. Allaire T, 154. 156 Homs Economics Chapter 130 Homecoming 20-21 Homecoming Queen 18 Homewood, Benton W. 229 Hoiiderick. John W, 259 Honomichl, Stephen E. 269 Hood. Ruth Ann 269 Hooper, J. Curtis 212, 269 Hooper, Layton Lynn 269 H oove r, Candice Rae 1 54, 198, 269 Hopson, Sharon Jane 205, 270 Horchem, Linda Marie 270 Horlick, Theresa L. 20 1, 270 Horne, Ronald G. 135. 229 Horner, Carolyn ML 136, 154, 205. 270 Horner, Patsy Lynn 136. 157, 205. 270 Horning, Laura A- 229 cfay Into the desired shape, an art student pre- s of pottery for firing in the kiln. 349 Horton, John W, 220 Horton, Louis E. 26, 121, 184, 1 65, 270 Horton, Shirley Jean 270 Horyna. Stanley E, 270 Hosheif, Francos E. 270 Hoskinson, Venita L. 177, 205, 270 Hoss, Paula Sue 177, 205, 270 Hoss, Sammye J. 159, 160, 161. 166, 167, 177, 229 Houser, Lucille J. 3 34, 270 Houston, Carol J. 205 Howard, Gerald W. 270 Howard, Ronald Edward 270 Howell, Beverly A. 270 Howerton, Jade 131, 270 Howerton, Michael C. 270 Howland, Clelia K. 205. 270 Howland. Linda Kay 229 Howland, Philip L. 270 Hrabe. Paulette M. 190, 271 Hrabe, Susan Marie 19®, 271 Huang, Chen Ching 171 Hubbs, Karen Sue 198, 271 Hack, John C. 273 Hudson, James M, 133, 158, 212, 271 Hudson, Thomas E. 212. 271 Hudson, William C- 86, 136 Huebner, Dennis E, 271 Huebrver, Gloria R, 271 Hutfman, Glennis C. 205, 271 Hufford, David G 271 Hughes, Jade G. 271 Hughes, Mary C. 205, 171 Huitt, Linda K. 27 1 Hull, Thomas H, 271 Hulse, Gerald Leon 229 Hulstlne, Margaret E, 341, 229 Humburg, Jack A. 135, 163, 229 Humburg, Stephen R, 163 Humphrey, Darre3 K. M7 Humphrey. £ r Grace 27 1 Huncker, Diane C. 3 77, 271 Hund, Edward J. 183, 229 Nunley,. Rodney D, 190, 271 Hunt, Connie Fay 198. 271 Hunt, Leslie L. 271 Hunter. Paulette E. 136, 205, 271 Hunter. Russell R. 27! Hunter, Tonia J. 230 Hurst, B, Jilt 271 Hurt, Ray Douglas 140, 141, 173, 212, 271 Husa, Ivan Date 271 Huser, Marie Evette 271 Hussey, Merlin C, 188, 271 Husted. Lester G. 271 Hutchins, Sondra E. 44 Hutton, Ustel G r 271 Ihrig, Sheryl Sue 142 1mm, Jean Elaine 19®, 271 Industrial Arts Club ! 3J Ingersoll, Carol L, 143, 157, 158. 205, 271 Ingersoll David L, 188, 230 Ingram, Deborah K. 177, 205, 271 Ingram, Grant Earle 27l Ingram, Sue 134, 27 l Ingram, Roy W, 271 Inloes, Charlotte S. 198, 271 Insley, Murl L, 230 Insley, Ronald L. 186, 271 Inter-Fraternity Council 3 73 loerger, Phyllis R. 1 30, 205, 271 Irvin, Susan 198, 271 Isbell, Dennis Lee 214, 27! bern, David J- 271 !?on, Pamela Lynne 149, 205. 271 Ittner, Barbara Jean 134. 271 Ittner, Dwight R r 132, 220 J Jacobs, Ronald Lee 212, 272 Jackson. Allan Lynn 212, 271 Jackson, Ruby Grace 230 Jacobs, Corliss G- 159, 160 Jacobs, Cynthia 5. 133, 271 Jacobs, Judith A. 205, 271 Jacobsen, Dale J, 168 James, Donald Lee 272 James, Eugene Earl 272 Jamison. Galen Re 272 Jantz, Barbara L. 230 Jantz, Carol E, 201, 272 Jantz, Jack W. 230 Jarvis, Basil S, 230 Jarvis, Richard D. 134, 230 Jeffers, Don Alan 272 Jeffery. Beverly B. 272 Jeffery, Sylvia Dawn 272 Jenkinson, Susan M. ary 205, 272 Jennings, Cheryll G 272 Jennings, David L, 188. 272 Jennings, Linda L, 136, 201, 230 Jennings, Nora L, 171. 230 Jensen, Lester G. 151. 173, 195, 272 Jensen, Linda J. 198. 230 Jensen, Patricia A- 272 Jilg, Mickey F, 272 Jimenez, Juan 272 Jimenez, Paul M. 272 Johnson, Cecil D- 94 Johnson, Charles E. 212, 272 Johnson, Eddie M, 105 Johnson, Edwin R. 230 Johnson, Jack R. 28, 86, 1 13 Johnson, Janis J. 205, 272 Johnson, Linda M. 205, 272 Johnson, Maurice E. 212, 272 Johnson, Michael J. I90, 272 Johnson, Robert G, 86, 87, 90, 92, 106, M2, 230 Johnson, Robert W. [Stormy] 106, 136, 143, 162. 186, 272 Johnson, Terry D. 272 Johnson, Thomas Mark 188, 212, 272 Jones, Alvetta L. 272 Jones. Bernard G. 230 Jones, Harry H. 272 Jones, James R. 86, 87 Jones, John H. 230 Jones, Linda Lee 205, 272 Jones, Marsha K- 230 Jones, Mary C. 20!, 272 Jones, Mary Rgth 139, 178, 198, 272 Jones, Melva Jane 205, 272 Jones, Muriel Maureen 205, 272 Jones, Myrna J. 272 Jones. Rick D. 195, 272 Jones, Roger F. 272 Jones, Rosa L. I30, 230 Jones, Roslyn A. 141, 20I, 272 Jones, Vera Joyce 272 Jones, William M. 230 Jordan, John t. 184. 230 Jorg, Karen Sue 205, 272 Josserand Michael 19Q, 212, 272 Joy, Allen L, 272 Joy, Lee 272 Joy, Janice L. 143, 230 Joyce, Richard Morris 214, 272 Jungel, Carroll D. 230 Jungel, Helen 165 Jynger, John A. 144, 272 Juno, James Francis 186, 272 Juno, Rita M, 140,198,230 K K-Club 136 Kedel, Stephen R. 351 Kahler, Mary Ann 205, 272 Kahmeyer, Linda S. 130. 230 Kaiser, Karen K. 230 Kalivoda, Phil L. 109 Kal+enbach, Mary K. 273 Kane, Evelyn A, 205, 273 Kan tor, Daniel K, 273 Kappa Mu Epsilon 3 33 Kappa Omicron Pha 130 Karlin, Francis L. 273 Karlin, Patricia Joan 273 Karlin, Terry L. 155, 273 Karst, Susan Pearl 139, 205, 273 Kashka, Threse M. 201. 273 Kespar, Allan L. 230 Kespar, Arils Gail 273 Kas+er, Gary Wayne 273 Kastle, Michael L. 273 Kasfle, Robert F, 273 Kats, Barbara Ann 139, 205. 273 Kats, Marianne G. 156, 273 Katt, Bruce N. 273 Kaufman, Donald W. 132 Kaufmann, Donna M„ 132, 273 Kayarti, Carol J. 135, 205, 273 Keating, Wylma Jane 205, 273 Keating, Warren J. 212, 273 Keegan. Linda Diana 273 Keefey, Barbara O, 230 Kealey. Linda Ann 141, 198, 273 Keenan. Danny J, 273, 171 Keenan, Lane F, 272 Keenan, Terry L. 171 Keepers, Mary Ann 205, 273 Keith, Edward L. 205, 273 Keith, Josephine M, 273 Keith, Milden Dale 273 Keller, Gene W. 273 Keller. Karen Lee 205, 273 Keller, Shirley Dari 130, 201, 273 Keller, Stanley 0. 273 Kelley, Douglas L. 273 Kelley, Joseph W. 188, 273, 334 Kelley, Sandra R. 201, 273 Kelley. Thomas Chas. 195. 273 Kelley, Benny J, 230 Kelly, Donald R. 230 Kelly, Jean Louisa 143, 205, 273 Kelly. John R. 188, 273 Kemp. William J. 151, 157, 183, 273 Kemper, Sharon V. 220 Kendall. Peggy Jane 205, 273 Kennedy, Anne E, 198, 273 Kennedy, Karol L. 273 Kennedy, Man Michael 273 Kennis, Jesse L, 273 Kent, Lonnie R. 133, 168, 230 Kenyon, Alan Robert 273 Kephart, Robert L. 230 Kepka. Jody 165 Kerr, Gaylen Pete 212, 273 Kerr, Gloria Jane 178, 274 Kerr, Serabeth 135, 205, 274 Kesler, Karen A, 177, 274 Kessler, Duane Edwin 230 Kessler, John G 140, 185. 230 Keyse, Thomas B. 132 Keyser, Larry D. 132, 230 KFHS (Campus Radio Station) 145 Khan, Mohammed Maeem 171, 274 Klekel, Emma J, 274 Kil bourn, Bonnie J, 205, 274 Kilgore, Martha L. 230 Kindler, Linda Sue 205, 274 KEndsvaier, Alice G. 230 King. Carroll W, 185, 230 King, Rodney Gail 274 King, Rodney Wayne 212, 274 King. Sandra E. 142 Kingen, Patricia G ■ 205. 274 Kirby, Susan D. 274 Kirk, Andrea S. 136. 205, 274 Kirk, Gary R, 274 Kirkendall, Joseph G 274 Kirkham, Rebecca J. 206, 274 Kirkman, Joseph D. 169, 274 KiseJ, James A, 1 13 Klsner, Gary J, 146, 230 Kitchen, Kathleen S. 206, 230 Kite, Floyd E. 274 Kitts, Robert Dean N7, 274 Klaus, Alberta T r 274 Klaus, Ladona Marie 206, 274 Klaus, Larry J, 150,274 Klaus, Theresa A, 274 Klein, Diane R. 178. 274 Klein, Ronald L. 230 Kleinsorge, Alice E, 274 Klepper, Anita L. 198,274 Kleweno, Patricia A, 274 Kleysfeuber, Jerra L. 206., 274 Kliewer, Lonnie W. 2 1 2, 274 Kline, Terry Morris 185, 274 KlTsh, Dale E, 131, 230 Klfsh, Don Eldon 131. 231 Klusener, Alan R. 133, 157 Knight, Jerry M. 274 Knight, Linda K. 139, 175, 201, 274 Knoeber, Margaret E, 274 Knoll, Shirley Ann 274 Kobler, Arden L. 142 Koch, Etvin R, 274 Koch, Kenton D. 231 Koch, Marcia na H, 208. 274 Koehn, Arden M. 214, 274 Koehn, Judy Faye 205. 274 Koelling, Donald L. 274 Koenigsman, James J. 274 Koanigsman, Lois 165 Koentopp, Anne E, 159, 160, 231 Koerperich, Nicholas 274 Koerperich, Robert G- 274 Koetkemeyer, Judy 206, 274 Kohart, Phil Lee 274 Kohman, Anne Marie 198, 274 Koirth, Etta A. 274 Koilhoff, Michael L 275 KoKman, Gary G. 275 Kolodick, Richard J. 86, 275 Koniem, Eugene F. 134, 231 Koochel, John T. 231 Koochel, Nancy A. 130,275 Kootz, Ruby Ann 206, 275 Korbe, Donald D. 134, 135 Korf, Lawrence D, 231 Roster, Don Nick 212, 275 Kough, Ronald L. 275 Rough, Sonja Kay 164, 275 Koulas, Barbara S, 206, 275 Kraft, Duane Anthony 147, 169, 275 Krasny, William F. 275 Kraus, Linda Sue 231 350 Kraus, Richard J. 275 Kraus, Vernon 131. 231 Krause. Sylvia J. 275 Krehbiel, Barbara J. 154, 178. 275 Krehbiel, Gory A. 275 Krefghbaum, John. S. 275 Krob, Terry Allan 157, 275 Krone. William T. 275 Krueger. Henry A. 149 Krueger, Nelson L. 129. 141, 173, 183, 275 Krueger, Sylvia J. 142, E 74, 198, 276 Krug, Kenneth D. 276 Kruse, Ralph J 276 Kuebler, Linda 5. 276 Kuhlman, James Dean 156 Kuhn, Benita Marie 276 Kuhn, Donald Lee 276 Kuhn, Roseann 276 Kulper, Janet Kay 143. 206, 276 Kulp, Raymond H. 276 Kumberg, I. Laynne 156, 157, 206. 231 Kumle, Larry Loverti 168. 231 Kundred, Jacqueline A. 180, 276 Kundred, John 276 Kunz, Eileen 165 Kunz, Robert A. 1 05 Kuntzsoh, Joann Dee 276 Kvasnicke, Roger K, 231 Kyle, Ted W. 276 L Leas, Anita Ann 130, 201, 276 Labarge, Marvin E. 23 1 Lackey, Judy L. 201, 276 Lacoss, Greg Dean 106, 276 Ladd, Alton Oliver 276 Lahey. Vana June 206, 276 La kin, Rita J. 231 La man, Stephen Jesse 276 Lamb, Gary L. 140 Lambda lota Tau I 5 I Lambert, Doneta $, 198, 276 Lambert, Theresa Ann E 4 1 , 143, 206, 276 Lamia, Gloria Jean 166, 167, I 77, 276 Lamoreu , Ruth F 231 Lampe, Anthony L. 94 Landis, Erryn E, 135, 201, 276 Lane. Pamela Ann 206, 276 Lang, Laura Frances 164, 206, 276 Lang, Lloyd Francis 276 Lang, Raymond Wayne 276 Lang, Sametta Ann 276 Langdon, Linde K, 206, 276 Langvardt, Daryl R. 276 Lanum, W. George 185 Laprade, Gerald P. 276 Laprade, Doraleen M, 276 Lereau. Monte W. 134, S 66, 231 Larsen, Randall E, 129, 214, 276 Larson, Diana 143, 276 Larson. Stephen J. 144, 186, 276 Larue, Don W. 276 Larue, Linda Kay 276 Lash brook. Lynn 86, 276 Laubhan, Michael M, 94 Laverentx, Bernard D. 276 Lavlelle, Lewis D. I 13 Law, Marshall A- 212. 276 Lawson, Pat 231 Lawrence, Joy Sue 166, 206. 276 Lawrence, Kerry M. 231 Lawrence, Paul E, Bl, 276 Leader 146-147 Leader Lass 120-121 Leo.mmg, Bobby L 140 Led air, Carolyn J. ISO, 206, 276 Led ere. C, Michelle 206, 276 Ledbetter, Clint J. 276 Ledbetter, William C. 133, 231 Lee. Dennis E, 277 Lee, Richard F, 231 Legere, Rebecca A, 206, 277 Legleiter, M. Lynn 180, 277 Lehman, Donald E. 277 Lehman, Patrick T, 277 Leichliter, Homer H. 277 Leichliter, Luanna R. 154, 232 Leighton, Karen J. 277 Leikam. Gary Eugene 158, 277 Leiker, Dennis E. 117 Leiker, Doris M. 180., 232 Leiker, Judy K. 135, 159, 232 Leiker, Linda R. 142. 201, 277 Leiker, Richard Dean 110, 185 Lei ter, Robert J. 158, 186, 277 Leitner, Eugene A. 1 73, 277 Leltner, Ronald E, 151, 163, 277 Lemus, Robert D. 277 Lenherr, Richard A. 214 Leon, Nancy 198, 277 Lesovsky, Terry Kaye 201, 277 Lesseig, Nancy A. 1 66. 1 78, 277 Letourneau. Charlene 206. 277 Lewis, Francis R. 170, 212. 277 Lewis, Linda Kay 201. 277 Lewis, Ronald L. 2 12, 277 Lewis, Van B. 168, 190, 232 Lewis, William B. 277 Uck, Jerald C. 277 Liesveld, Jan 165 LEghtner, Lynn R. 277 Lillich. Dorian C. 135, 220 Lillich. Wendell L. 277 Lillie, Carol 232 Lillie. Ted W. 232 Lindberg, Roger Cad 212, 277 Lfndberg, Ronald R. 154, 277 Linden, Donald F, 277 Linden man, Doreen L. 206, 277 Lindenman, John 277 Under, M, Darlene 206, 277 Lindner, Nina L. 277 Lindner, Terry L. 157, 168, 232 Linds ley, Steve E, 277 Llnenberger, Judith 139, 277 Link, Albert R ay 277 Link, Barbara E. 206, 277 Lippold , Jerry L. 151, 163, 277 Lippoldt, Patricia J. 232 Litsory Lawrence H, 212, 277 Little Theatre 144 Litzenberger, Denise 277 Live good, Rodney 214 Livingston, Mary L. 232 Locke, Marilyn L 232 Locke. Twyla Goleen 206, 277 Looker, Patricia J. 201, 277 Lockhart, Gloria J. 158, 206, 277 Lotlin, Edna L, 277 Logan, Leon C. 214, 278 Lehmann, Arleta A, 130, 1S7 h 206, 278 Lohoefener, William 232 Lohrmeyer, Gerald E. 232 Loker, Lila M, 201. 278 Long, Harry L. 135, 278 Long. Keith E, 214, 278 Long, Kelsey E. 214, 278 Students passing to and from classes and meeting at the crosswalks of the campus comprise a familiar scene. 351 Long, Margaret J. 154 Longfellow, David K. 1 44 Lon n berg, Robert L, 279 Loomis, Sharon Kay 190, 278 Lopes, Richard 143, 232 Lorson, James R, 103, 278 Lossy. Betsy E. 232 Lovelace, Caro! Jean 198. 279 Lovgnstein. Charles 232 Lovetts. Sharon Kay 206, 278 Lovfn, Vernon F, 131 Loving, Lola Kay 150, 20!, 278 Lovifch. Frank J. 96, 101, 278 Low, Marlene Sue 174, 198, 278 Lowdermilk, John C- 86, 190. 212, 278 Lowe n , Beverly 165 Lower, Guy William 278 Lowry, Linda Joyce 198. 278 Lowry, Shirley A. 399, 278 Loyd. Darnell Dos 278 Lozano, Alma 141, 206, 278 Luckey. Diana Gween 157. 206, 278 Lundgrin. Larry D. 220 Lundin, Unda G, 278 Lunsford, Andrea N. 278 Lupton, Joyce M. 143. 232 Lynch, Durward Dean 185, 278 Lynn. Connie M, 278 Lynn, Ronald R. 278 Lynn. Vyrl D, 232 M Maag, Janet Mae 198, 278 Mabry, Ann Marie 206, 278 Machart, Marie E. 278 Maddy, Gloria Ann 278 Mader, Connie Rote 212 Magfll, Diane L 206, 278 Mai, Allan K. 110,120,278 Mai. Alondra 198, 278 Mai, Daryl L. 278 Maf, Dalma Marie 198, 278 Mai, Pamela Jo 278 Mai, Sheila Kay 201, 278 Mai, Terry Arthur 154, 156 Maier, Judy L, 206, 278 Majernik, Barbara J, 278 Major, Linda Sue 206, 278 Mallory, Larry ft. 232 Malone. Linda Jane 206, 278 Mabom, Karen Rose 198, 278 Mangels, Bill V r 134, 278 Manning, William W. ill Mans, Leonard A. 185, 278 Mapes, Mary Kay 140, 154, 198. 278 Marcell, Marilyn K. 206, 279 Marchand, Mary Ann 206, 279 Marcotte, Judy A. 19, 177, 279 Marcus, Peter E. 232 Margheim. Mary R, 206, 279 Marietta, Jari K. 201, 279 Marietta, Tari F. 134. 173, 178. 279 Marine, Allen R. 279 Marine, Pauline L. 279 MarSJey, Johnny K. 140, 279 Marks, Mallory F. 206, 279, 319 Marsh, Jerry Lee 279 Martin, Delbert W. 131, 220 Martin. Douglas J, 279 Martin, Elizabeth L. 279 Martin, George D. 214, 279 Martin, James Woodrow 169. 279 Martin, Janice M. 206, 280 Martin. John Alfred 305 Martin. Nancy 232 Martin, Richard A, 232 Martin, Robert E, 190, 232 Martins, Carolann 206. 280 Martinez, Linda C. 206. 280 Masat, Shirley A. 142 Mason, John A. 94, 113, 136 Meson, M. Eugene 133, 280 Mason, Marietta f 65 Massaglie. Michael J 280 Mastin. A. Jolen® 206, 280 Mastln. Jon Michael 117 Matheson, Alvin Lee 280 Mathews, Terry A. 280 Matney, Kenneth M, 280 Mattke, Marcia L. 201. 280 Maupin, Mary L- 280 Maupin, Michael J, 280 Masson, Mark Alan ISO, 186, 280 May (Hoss), Sammy® J. 159, 160, 161. 166, 167, 177, 229 Mayer, Rae Lavon 206, 280 Mayhew. Linda Kay 206, 280 Mayo, Robert R. 280 Mayo, Stephen B. 180, 280 Mayo, Susan 165 Mazzetta, Richard- A. 195, 290 Marietta. Stanley J. 109 McAtee, John M. 96. 130 McAtee, Terry Allan 109, 280 McBride, Catherine L, 206, 280 McBride. Bonita R. 175, 206, 280 McCallum, Brenda M, 154, 180. 280 McCance. Donald C. 280 McCandless. William D. 232 McCarthy, Carol F. 140, 179, 280 McCartee, Ellen Mae 198, 280 McCartney. Judy M. 206. 280 McCarty, Dennis R. 212, 280 McChristian, Douglas 202, 280 McClain, Ernest £. 220 McClellan. Gary W. 280 McClure, Jeanette R. 280 McCoiey, Roma L. 178, 280 McColm, Nancy C- 139. 206, 280 McConnell, Maurilyn D. 212 McCord, Dan Alan 105 McCullough, Jimmie D. 232 McDonald. Graydgn D, 127, 154, 1 56, 280 McDonald, Shirley Ann 139, 206, 280 McDougal, Jeri J. 175. 280 McElhaney, Nancy K- 280 McEwen, John Thomas 96. 280 McEwen, Virginia K- 206, 280 Me Fall. Michael R. 214, 280 McFarland, Gary J- 190, 232 McGaughey, Donald D, 280 McGavran, Betty 165 McGavran, Fred L. 192, 280 McGavran, Thomas D. 192. 280 McGrath Hall 211-213 McGuire, Glenda C. 280 McHenry, Linda G. 136. 280 McHugh, Qrva Lee 208, 280 McIntosh, Patricia J. 157, 164, I 80, 206, 28 I McIntyre, Ellis E. 131 Mclver, Lynne E, 232 McKain, Glendon E. 281 McKern, Ruth A- 198, 281 McKay, David L. 214, 28 S McKim, John B. 281 McLain. Mary 206, 281 McLain, Thomas R. 214, 232 McLean. Christina F, 212 McLeland, Joe D. 281 McMillan, Donna Dean 206., 281 McMindes Hall 202 210 McMulkin, Betty J. 139,206. 281 McMullen, Donald J. 281 McNeely, W. D, 190, 212. 283 McNerney. James A. 281 McNulty. Marcia Rae 281 McPhall, Larry Dean 281 MtPhail. RicfeE L. 281 McWhirter, Danis G. 136, 232 McWhirter, J. Gail 128, 133, 136, 171. 291 McWhtrter. Jacklyn 5- 3 55, 201, 281 Mead, Audry A, 206,281, 324 Mead. William D. 232 Meckel, Vernon E 183, 281 Iviec ken stock, David L, 185, 232 Meckenstock, Lea A. 180, 281 Meekfessel, Donald L, 135, 151, J 54, 183, 232 Meekfessel. Eldon E, 168, 232 Meekfessel, Karlen® 134. 232 Me®k, Milo Ben 214, 281 Meek, Palmer F. 159, 160, 212 M®ek. Peggy Ann 206, 281 Meeks, Larry Wayne 231 Meenen, Dene B. 206, 281 Meerian, Leroy F. 28 1 Meggers. Gary F. 28! Meier, Kenneth Gene 212, 281 Melton. Steven J, 281 Memorial Union Program Council 1 27 M®ndell. Beatrice 3- 201. 232 Mendenhall, Agnes Ma® 232 Mendenhall, Arnold G. 232 Men’s Glee Club !51 Men ' s Infra murals 120-121 Menfzer, Richard N. 132, 233 Menlie, Jill 175, 206, 281 Meredith, Danny L 192, 281 Merklein, Gary A. F SS, 156, 233 Mermis, Bernle J. 142 Mermis, Richard A, 28! Merrill, Catherine M. 158, 206, 281 Merritt, Hazei A, 281 Merritt. Marsha L. 157. 206, 281 Merydith, Brent W, 143, 233 Merydith, Lorraine 165 Men, Diann® L, 281 Mesa, Isabel l 201. 28! Meschke, Larry J. 212, 281 Messmore, Roy H- 281 Metz, Linda Rae 206, 281 Meyer, Frank B, 231 Meyer, Vicky Lynn 1 56. 157, 206, 281 Michaelis, Aria 281 Michaefis, Dennis J. 3 54, 281 Michaelis, Jean 231 Michaelis. Unda M. 156, 170, 206, 282 Michaelis, Wilma D. 135, 136, 201, 282 Michel, Jerry D 183. 233 Mick, David l. 233 Midtey, Charles A. 212, 282 Middleton, Linda K, 1 57. 20! 282 Midgorden, Julian S. 163, 282 Milburn, John E- 282 Millard, Sandra Kay 177, 282 Miller, Carol J r 143,282 Miller, Carolyn 5, 206, 282 Miller, Cherie E, 201 , 282 Miller, Darrel R, 282 Miller, David L. 135, 185, 212 Miller, Deanna Dee 149, 206 282 Miller, Gary L. 151 Miller. Gary Ray 2J4 r 282 Miller, Goyl® D, 282 Miller, Janice L. 282 Miller, Jennette K, 233 M lifer, John E. 282 Miller, Judith A. 206, 282 Miller, Kay Ann 206, 232 Miller. Kenneth L. 135, 233 Miller, Laverne C, 282 Miller, Lela J, 201, 282 Miller, Lynn K. 282 Miller. Michael A. 96,98,3 68 Miller, Paul M. 282 Miller, Richard P, 193. 233 Miller, Sharon A. 139 Miller. Suzanne 206, 282 Miller, Terry L, 131, 213 Miller, Virginia 282 Miller, William 231 Million, Lavern Craig 154, 233 Million, M eredith A, 119. 282 Mills, Bill L 213 Mills. Karen K. 143, 206., 282 Mills Ricky L, 282 Mills. William E 185, 282 Milton. Dwiqht Louis 282 Miner, Jimmie L 282 Minneman. Joseph C. 233 Miss Hays 48 Mitchell, Dennis Lee 282 Mitchell, Gloria 157 Mize, Lila May 206, 282 Mile, Philip B. 214, 282 Mock, Janet M. 198, 282 Moeder, Leon J. 282 Mohler, Jecqu® 1 65 Mohr, Darrell D, 233 Mollhagen, Delores 165 Moman. Helen K. 177, 233 Mondero, Edward J, 282 Money, Susan 201, 282 Mongeau, Ronnie E, 282 Monteith, Frandal 3 78, 2B2 Montford. Gary W, 232 Montford. Virgene A. 282 Montgomery, James E. 3 63, 282 Montgomery, Michael 212, 282 Moody, David John !4I. 195, 282 Moody, Judith 165 Mcomow, Peggy Jane 157. 206, 282 Moor®., Alice J. 282 Moore, Daniel Eugene 284 Moore, Elden Jay 284 Moore, Gerald E. 284 Moore, Judy K. 284 Moore, Karen Sue 157, 198, 284 Moore, Madonna Ann 206. 284 Moor®, Michael F. 233 Moore, Paula Jo 206, 284 Moor®, Rodney L, 134. 212, 233 Moore. Samuel J. 233 Moore, William Duane 168, 233 Moos, Alfred D. 214.284 Moran, Rosemary 198, 284 Moran, Roslyn Anne 151, 201, 284 Morel, Diane E. 141. 206. 284 Moreland, Vicki J, 188, 284 Morford, Betty Jo 206, 284 Morford, James R. 143, 284 Morford, Ronald Gene 133, 284 Morgan, Greg M. 284 Morgan, John, Vergil 142 Morgan, Judith E. 144, !68, 206, 284 Morgan, Lyle E. 284 Morgan. Stephen R. 284 352 Morgenstern, Ar ' ene 204 Morrill, George A, Morrill, Larry M. Morns. Carole A. Morris, Devon Leon Morris, Connie M. Morris, Jan Hsbeth Morris, Roger Dean Morrison, Julie F, 294 Morton, James L Morton, Marilyn L„ Mosher, Sheila G. Most, Jeanine K. Mothes, Jim G, IS®, 206, 204 232 284 204 157 180, 284 284 1 75, 206, 284 234 168 284 204 Motzkus, Carolyn A. 206, 234 Mouden. Ward Hewitt 284 Mounday. Donald Ray 284 Mountford, Dixie L. 206, 284 Moxter, Linda Ann Ml, 284 Moyer, Lairen H. 233 Mulch, Linda Kay 144, 206, 284 Mulch, Mary Beth 166, 173, 180, 284 Mullen, James W. 156, 233 Muller, John David 284 Mundhenke, James E. 284 Munsth, Stanley J. 212, 284 Munson, Kenneth L, 151, 157, 284 Murphy, James P. 204 Murphy, Jo Anne 129, M0, 206, 284 Murphy, Judson E. 154, 233 Murphy. Lonnie D, 168. : 233 Murphy, Robert L. 173, 185. 285 Murphy. Ruth Ann 198, 285 Murphy, Sondra J. 143, 285 Murphy, Timothy L. 35, 151, 157, 212 Murphy, Thomas J, 151, 163. 285 Mussulman, Kirk P. ISO, 163, 170, 17!, 221 Musselwhite, Patricia 178, 201, 205 Musfoe, Barbara Sue 156, 157. 206, 285 M us toe, Judyanne 177, 233 Myers, Charles A, 34, 86, 90, 136, 285 Myers, James Edward 185, 285 Myers, Leonard J. 285 Myers, Martin H, 3 70, 285 Myers, Phillip L, 285 Myhra, Joseph H, 285 N Nemechelc, Lawrence D. 190. 285 Nemechek, Trudy L. 207, 285 Neubauer, Dennis R, 233 , Neubauer, Karen Sue 285 Neufald. Henry L, 195, 253 Neusehafer. Darrel R, l®5, 285 Newcomer. Sandra D- I 0, 233 Newell. Arlen L. 285 Newell, Bernard F. 233 Newell, Dale Lynn 233 Newell, Donald L, 233 Newell, LeRoy A. 233 Newman, Gary Eugene 265 Newsom, Roberts, M3 Nichol, Barbara S. 127, [70, 207, 285 Nicholas, Kenton C, 158. 162, 190, 212, 285 Nicholas, Wendell R, 158, 190, 212, 285 Nicholson. Harry W. 215, 285 Nicholson, Robert A. 233 Nicoil, Sandra Sue 207, 285 Niedens, Mile© R. 285 Niedens, Stanley D. 188, 212 Niedenthal, Ada M. 207, 295 Nielsen, Sue Anne 164. 207, 286 Niernberger, Gary R. 183, 286 Niermeier, Everett N. 2 IS, 206 Niles, Robert K, 86, 136, 286 Nixon, Jamas A- 131 Nodine, Loren D, 206 Noel. James R. 286 Noffsinger, Larry D, 86, 134. 136. 233 Noffsinger, Vicki J. 234 Nokes. Jimmy W. 286 Nolan, Steven, N. 132, 212, 286 Nolan, Susan Rose 207, 286 Noone, Thomas C. 212, 286 Norden, Donna J. 134. 135, 286 Norman, Michael B, 286 Norris, Jerilynn D- 207, 286 Norris, Joe M. 286 North, Daryl A. 286 Norton, David A, 151. 157. 286 Norvell, Nancy Eller i 201, 286 Novak, Evelyn Ruth 207, 206 Novotny, Karla J. 156, 157. 180. 207, 286 Nulton, Neil A- 286 Nurses ' Club 139 Nuss, Jerry Allen 212, 286 Muss, Roland E. 134, 215. 234 Nutsch, Donald E. 212, 286 Nygaard. Lonell R- 286 Nagel, Connie Beth 190, 285 Nagel, Darrel David 212, 285 Nagel, Sharon Ruth 155, 232 Naylor, Joleen Kay 198, 285 Neal, Linda Kay 206. 285 Neal, William L, 162, 190 Nebel, Sandra K. 139, 15®, 285 Neeley, Paul G, 2 H, 285 Neeley, Row na CL 206, 285 Neely, Don C, 233 Neely, Meylon Kay 285 Neely, Zelda R. 141 , 285 Negley, Dwiqht Leon 86, I 17 Neldhart, Barbara Ann 201, 285 Nelson, Cynthia K, 207, 285 Nelson, Delores E. 207, 235 Nelson, Joel M. 285 Nelson, Judith Gay 285 Nelson, Richard H. 285 Nelson, Ronald Clay 2 12, 285 Nelson, Vicki L. 285 o Oberg, Jeanne R, 163, 234 Obermueller, Evon L. 286 Obi e ness, Larry L. 236 Oborny, Larry S, 286 Ochs, Barbara Ann 36, 154, 156, 170, 201 Ochs, John Lynn 286 Ochs, Joyce A. 234 Qeh ner, Karen K. 170, 207, 286 Odell, Linda D. 207, 236 Odle, Marlene Kay 130, 207. 286 Odle, Stanley Lynn 195, 286 O ' Donnell, Christina 173, 175, 286 Oetfcem, Rita L, 234 Ogburn, Keith D- 129, 173, 185, 234 O ' Hara, Carol Rae 141. 286 Ohmes. Ramona T. 234 Ohnmacht, Norbert L, 212, 286 Olteson, Donald T, 215, 286 Okeson, Warren 1C 215, 286 Oleary, Ronald A, 286 Oliver, Barbara J, 159, 160, 234 Oliver, Gloria 234 Ollek, Larry L. 86. 90, 286 Oiler, D. Joe 206 Olson, Darlena L. 286 Olson, Galen W. 154, 156, 286 Olson, Richard E, 286 Olson. Steve Craig 134, 212, 286 Olson, Terry R, 286 Olson, Victor J. 185, 387 Omlor, Jeannine S. 207, 237 O ' Neill, Norman E. 132, 234 Qntjes, James L, 133, 159, 160. 234 Opdycke, Douglas D, 86, 136, 287 Opdycke. Peggy Ann 207, 287 Orchard. Gary R- 212, £87 Orchesis 139 Organizations 1 26- 1 73 Qrr, Dennis F. 287 Osborn, Robert W, 140, 212, 234 Osborn, Susan E. 207, 287 Osborne. Marsha Rae 201, 287 Osborne, Phillip C- 234 Oshel, Janice Kay 144. 207, 207 Osthoff, Peggy A. 155, 234 Ostrander, Margery S- 144, 177, 234 Oswald,, Karen Faye 207, 287 Oswald, Sharon Kaye 207, 237 Otto, Wava Verlee 207. 287 Otis, David Lee 94, 267 OToole, Sharon Mi, 287 Qtt, Paula Jean 207, 287 Ottaway, Clifton K- 163. 237 Otte, Gary L, 2 14 Overmiller, Janice C. 1 5. 207, 287 Owen, Candita Sue 164, 207, 287 Owen, Jill Arlene 207, 287 Owens, Gary D- 287 Ozmun, Iris Ruth 288 P Page. Michael 141, 234 Paget, Kenneth S. 288 Paintin, Barbara Sue 207. 288 Pa h Is , Cynthia 143 Painter. Jeffrey C. 215, 288 Palm berg, Edgar C. 193, 288 Palm berg, John E. 1 93, 234 Palmer. Ann E, 288 Palmer, Dick Dale 86 Palmer, Don Michael 109, 169. 288 Palmer, Kent E- 234 Palmer Lon Robert 109, 169, 283 Palmer, Roy E. 190. 212, 288 Pancake, Peggy Leo 170, 207, 288 Panhellenic Council Pankow, Tonia C. Ranter. Mark Lane Panier, Arthur Jon Panier, Nancy L. Papes, Janet A. Parish, Connie L. 160. 235 173 201 , 234 288 288 207, 288 164, 180, 288 147, 159, Parker, David R. 151 Parker, Robin A. 133, 159, 160, 161, 235 Parker, William K, 288 Parks, Cheri 165 Parks, David R. 238 Parks. Leland H. 235 Parsons. Cynthia L. 139, 161, 207, 280 Parsons, Sydney D- 207, 238 Parsons, Tanfs K, 177, 208 Partridge, Robert E. 168, 190, 235 Pasek, Ernest E. 288 Pastine, Maureen D. 235 Patchen, Linda Sue 157, 198, 288 Patel, M. M. 133, 171 Patrick, Jayn 207, 288 Patterson, Fred D. 165, 235 Patterson, Judy K. 154, 158. 288 Patterson, Kenneth J. 288 Paynter, Janet Ann 207, 288 Paynter, Robert E. 288 Paynter, Stephen D. 163, 288 Pearce. Carmen Marie 288 Pearce, Colett 201. 288 Pearce, Dennis Keith 147, 185, 235 Pearcy, E. Karen 198, 288 Pearson, Dennis D. 193, 215, 288 Pearson, Luetta M, 235 Pechanec, Francis H. 288 Pechanec, Gregg E. 212. 268 Pechanec, Janet S. 159, 161, 175, 235 Pechanec, Mary A. 233 Peck, Douglas A, 190, 288 Pekarek, Mark K, 235 Penka, Janice E. 198, 288 Penland. Stanley Joe 288 People -to -People 1 171 Pepperd, Loren J. 173, 190, 235 Perkins, Deedra L. 127, 181, 207, 288 Perkins, Roger D- 288 Perkins, Thomas O. 235 Perry, Ferna Kay 1 207, 288 Perry, Shereen Sue 1 55. 158, 181. 207, 2S8 Perryman, Melva L- 130, 164. 288 Pesicka, Gf ' a Alone 207, 288 Peter, Kathy J. 177, 288 Peter, Sally J. 235 Peter, Sondra Jill 198. 288 Peters. Patricia Kay 201, 288 Peterson. Alan Neale 289 Peterson, Carolyn M. 198, 289 Peterson, Davlda L, 235 Peterson, Jerry L, 157, 163 Peterson, Nancy A. 164 Peterson, Patrick C 186, 235 Peterson. Sherry D. 139, 289 Petracek, Herb F. 1 69 Petrus, Dennis Paul 143 Petrysiyn, Yarosf aw 235 Pettengill, Glenn N. 140, 162, 235 Pettengill. Maclyn D, 143, 235 Petterson, Linda Ann 201, 289 Petty, Bonnie 160, 235 Petty, Bruce A. I 86, 235 Petty, Warren L. 168. 239 Peiel, David 289 PfannenstieL Cora A. 289 Pfannenstiel, Dav id L. 157, 289 Pfsnnenstiel. Don J, 235 Pfannenstiel, Imogens 289 PfannemstieL Mary K, 289 Pfeifer, Carole J, 235 Pfeifer, Kenneth 289 Pfeifer. Linda 1 99, 239 Pfeifer, Mary E. 154, 353 Pfortmiltar, Roger D- 235 Phi Alpha Theta HO Phi Beta Lambda 135 Phi Eta Sigma I 58 Phi Kappa Phi 1 60 Phi Mu Alpha 156 Phi Sigma Epsilon I 86- 1 97 Phifer, Gary D. 289 Phifer, Sally Marie 235 Philip, Doug 168 Philip, Kayiynn 158, 168, 289 Philippi, Michael J. 289 Phillips, Clyde W. 134.289 Phillips, Gary Lynn 289 Phillips, Jolerte K, 289 Phi I Tips, Lawrence W, 235 Phillips, Lee A. 151,157,213, 289 ' Phlieqer. Sharon M. 201, 289 Phye, Fred Robert 213, 289 Pi Kappa Delta I SO Pi Omega Pi 134 Pic Lett, Eldon E. 193, 235 Piland, Janice 139,199,289 PTnkham, Marcia 165 Piper, Alan Gene 158. 289 Piro+t, Eileen Kay 207, 289 Piiner, Ralph F. 131,235 Platteer, Earl E. 289 ' Plays 22-23, 29, 46-47 Plett; Ramona Lee 201, 289 PLsh, Kenneth Joe 289 Plymesser, Delene J. 201, 289 Foque, Gary Lavern 134 Pofifta, Bernice 156. 181, 289 Pollnow, Rita Kay 143, 177, 207, 289 Pool, Robert Allen Poore, Mervln L. Poppe, Arrhur Lee Poppen, Linda Rae 289 1 34. 1 59. 235 289 1 58, 207, 289 Porter, John Dean 103, 289 Porter, Nancy J. 207, 289 Porter, Richard D. 131, 157, 289 Porter, Try L 86, I I 3. I 93, 289 Post, Cecelia A. 207, 289 Post. Phillip L 289 Potter, Joe P. 213, 289 Rotter, Kathieen Ann 289 Foul ig not, Linda M, 139, 289 Powell, Charles W, 215,289 Powell, Dennis D„ 1 57 Powell, James A, 86 Powell, Janet 5. 235 Powell, Rex Allen 289 Power, Rober J. I 17, 289 Powers, Lei and W. 290 Powers, Ronald L. Powers, Sherry Lynn 127, 199, 290 Preedy, Carolyn Lea 1 55, 157, 207, 290 Price. Gregory Lyle 190, 290 Price, Kathleen 144. 199, 290 Price, Kenneth D. 213.23$ Price, Kenneth L, 151 Prinsen, Janies 135, 163. 23S Prinsen, Kathleen Kay 164, 290 Price, Kenneth L. 151 Prometheans 188-189 Psychology Honorary Fraternity f42 Puckett. Joyce M. 135, 199, 290 Puckett, Margo F. 290 Pugh, Walter Ellis 235 Pullin, Barbara Lee 144, 207, 290 Pundsack, Diane M. 290 Purdy, Robert W, 1 58 Purinton. charles M. 290 Puyear, Scott Alan [88, 213, 290 Pywell, Brian F. 235 9 Quarry, Marilyn J. 152, 177, 207, 290 Quiko. Edward Quinn. Jean A, Quint, Shirley A. 171 139, 178, 290 139, 201, 290 R Rabas, Gary Curtis 290 Rabenselfner. Edward 290 Rabenseifner, Elaine I4L 290 Raburn, Geanene R. 207, 290 Rafferty, Clydell 208, 290 Rafferty, Curtis M. 290 Ragsdale, Donna J, 199, 290 Rahfmian, Nasser 290 Rahmanan, Khosrow 133, 290 Railsback, Thomas C. 290 Rail, Connie Jean 208, 290 Ralstin, Roy H. 96,117.118, 290 Ramsey. Bill E. 106, 290 Randall, Berneice J. 208,290 Ramsey, Jerry Bear 290 Randels, Luana J, 136. 201, 290 Randle, Randy A. 86 Rankin. Carolyn K, 23S Rankin, Riley C, 290 During the hectic period of examinations, fatigue overtakes a coed and the comfortable feeling of steep ensues. 3S4 Rash, Leroy Charles 290 Rasmussen, Rita Belle 154, 156, 208, 290 Ratliff, Joyce E. 208. 290 Rauscher, Jane Ann 201, 290 Rauscher, Susan D. 139. 208. 290 Ray, Ross C, 21$, 290 Rayburn, Ella Sue 149, 208, 290 Raynes, Clinton Adis 155, 290 Reager, Barbara L, 290 Reager, William M. 290 Redd, Cheryl Ann 208, 291 Redger, G, Louise 136, 139. IS7. 208 Redelberger. Mark L, 291 Reece, Houard T. 135. 291 Reed, Janis E, 208, 291 Reed, Robert James 170 Reedy. Thomas Arthur 291 Reese, Calvin D. 134. 185, 23$ Reese, James H. 291 Reese, Lorena L. 135, 235 Reeves, Connie J, 201, 291 Regier, Robert D, 155, 195, 291 Reifschn eider, F. R, 291 Refchenborn. Danny L. 291 Reid. Jerald W. I 291 Reif. Susan Jane 201, 291 Rein, Pamela R. 235 Rein, Ray A, 291 Reinert, Dennis R. 291 Relnert, Jimmie D. 157, 291 Reisfg, Shirley A. 199, 291 Reising, Gretchen L. 178, 291 Reimer, Deana D. 291 Remler Adlen C. 291 Rempe, Francis L, 292 Remus, Jack Y. 213, 292 Renz, Allen E. 292 Resner, Darrell S, 292 Reveille 148-149 Reynolds, Dale W, 292 Reynolds, Joanne J, 235 Reynolds, Marvin J. 292 Rhea, Duane Eugene 292 Rhoades, David Bruc e 1 10, 29i Rhoades, Peggy J. 1 39. 292 Rhoden. Kenneth K. 94, 113, 292 Rhudy, Richard K. Rice, Daniel B, Rice, Dennis E- Rice, Dennis R. Rice. Martha L Richards. Georgia A, Richards, Howard E. Richards, Ronald C. Richardson, Donald d, Rickard, Georgia A. 292 RiebeL Dennis D. Reidel, Robert E. Re id el, William J. Riekenberg, John M- Rietchek, Roger L 292 220 188, 292 292 292 209, 292 292 133 23b 1 75, 2QB. 292 292 292 213 215, 292 Rife, Harold E. 236 Rife, Rebecca J. 208. 292 Riffel. Jerris Lynn 2 I 3, 292 Riley, James William 213, Riley, Keith L. Riner, Diana S. Riner. Patricia J, Riner, Ronnie R. ft ingle, Carla Jo Ringler, Glenn P. RHtoul, Dwane L. Rist, Jarrold W. Ritter, Beverly J. Robben, Eugene W. 1 17, 236 236 144, 168. 236 236 208, 292 213, 292 236 2 1 5, 292 136, 208, 292 292 Robben, Susan C 292 Rudolph, Glenda L, 168, 236 Roberson, Mike C, 183, 292 Rueb, Patrick D 294 Roberts, Donald E. 292 Rueb, William Joseph 131. Roberts, Joanna Esther 236 193, 294 Roberts. Nancy Jo 292 Rueschhoff, Kathleen 236 Roberts, Richard R. 292 Rufenacht, Della B. 201 , 204 Roberts, Rose Marie 199, 292 Rufener, Larry J, 294 Robertson, Larry £. 213, 292 Ruff, Anefa N. 135, 178, 294 Robinson, June Ann 157, 208. Rundell, Carolyn K, 208, 294 292 R undie, David G, 294 Robinson, David ' " L 195. 292 Rupp, Charles F, 294 Robinson, Mary Ann 178, 201, Rupp, Charlotte L. 294 292 Rupp, Jo Diane 49, 294 Robinson, Nancy Jane 199, Rusco. Angela M. 208, 294 292 Rusco, Steve Ross 213. 294 Robinson, Susan J, 201, 292 Russell, Barbara E, 143 Robison. Mary L 134, 208, Ryan, Joseph V, 134, 206 292 Rvan. Ruth Ann 199, 294 Rockwell, Sue A. 175, 292 Rynersoo, Elaine Kay 135, 14! Rodeo Club 168 199, 294 Roeder, Dean Alan 236 Roemor, Anita L, 139, 293 Rogers, Donna Kay 133, 177, s 208, 293 Robben, Leroy 292 Robben, Rodger Henry 220 Rogers, James R, 293 Rogers, Janet E. 293 Rogers, Jill 35 Rogers, Marilyn Dee 293 Rogers, Mary Jill 35, 209. 293 Rogers. Rick L. 193, 293 Rogers, Shelby Anne 199, 293 Rogers, Thomas L. 293 Rogers, William E. 170 Rohleder, George 236 Rohr, Alfred Francis 293 Rohr, Charles L. 293 Rohr, Gary L. 293 Rohrbough. Johnny R. L68, 293 Roland, William H. 131. 220 Rolf Leslie Lynn 208, 293 Rolland, Merrie L. 135, 199, 293 Romlnger, Dennis Lee 293 Roos, Leo Dennis 293 Roof, Edward D. 293 Ropp. Dan 1. 213. 293 Roskilly. James D. 293 Ross. Francis J. 94, 293 Ross, Geraldine Marie 293 Ross, Judith Ann 293 Ross, Kenneth F. 149. 293 Ross, Linda Jean 293 Ross, Linda L. 208, 293 Ross, Marilyn Kay 208, 293 Roth, Allen Paul 293 Roth, Cecil C. 293 Roth. Sharon K, 293 Rothe, Jimmy Max 293 Rounkles, Penny F. 293 Rouse, Charles C. 1 54, 155, 156 Rouse, Marsha Arm 208, 293 Rowan. Judith L. 208, 293 Rowh, Jay Allen 120 Rowland, Elizabeth A- 1+2, 175, 293 Rowley, Roberta J. 208, 293 Roy, Gerry Dean 293 Ruangmethsnon, Supote 220 Ru bottom, Avonrte M. 159, 161, 236 Ru bottom, Darrell G, 236 Rucker, Jacqueline G, 208, 293 Ruckert, Yvonna L, 201, 236 Ruda, Fred R. 131 Ruda, Lucille Anne 199, 293 Ruda, Peggy L. 200, 293 Ruder, Cheryl A. 141, 293 Ruder, Earl 293 Ruder, Kenneth J. 293 Ruder, Lois 129, 293 Ruder, Sharon K. 131, 143, 294 Saddler. Donna K. 200. 294 Saddler, Doyle E, 294 Saddler, John M. 215, 294 Sallee, James Keith 220 Salm, Elizabeth A. 199. 294 Salm, Robert Lee 1 55, 1 56, 236 Salter, Steve G, 96 Samuelson, Bonnie L. 208. 294 Samuelson, Harley R, 294 Sander, Carolyn Ann 294 Sander. Deloyd A. 131, 294 Sander, James A, 294 Sander, John C, 220 Sander, Sue 1 65 Sanders, Judith Ann 294 Sanger, Carol Sue 208, 294 Sannemart, Danny D. 132 Sanneman, Dudley titan 294 Satchel I, Linda D, 161,236 Softer Gary Dears 21 3, 294 Sauer. Thomas L. 294 Saum, Connie Sue 208, 294 Savolt, Linda Rae 208, 294 Sayer, Arthur M. (31, 215. 294 Scanian, Patricia M, 208, 294 Scanlon. Gale E. 157. 190, 236 Scanlon, Jarold D. 220 Scantlin. William 188,294 Schafer Ronald l, 186, 294 Schaffer. James R. 186, 294 Schalansky, Richard 132, 294 SchaNer, Leona Ann 208. 294 Scheib, Linda D. 208, 294 Scheibmeir. Alan J. 294 Schenewark, Sue A. 170, 199, 294 Schertz, Steven K, 213, 294 Scheufler, Lyle R, 294 Schiedeman, Jams C, 164, 175, 295 Schields, Dale A. 189.236 Schields, Ronald D. 295, 296 Schiewe, Ronald E. 295, 296 Schippers. Donna L. 177, 199, 295, 296 Sdhiltr. Barbara J. 295, 296 Schissler, Dan C, 295. 296 Schlaefli, James F. 236 Schlaefli, Roberta A. 134, 135, 160, 237 Schlageck, John L, 295 Schlichting, Russell 105. 1 63. 295, 296 Schlick David L 295. 296 Schmeidler, Neal F. 295. 296 Schmidt, Anita L, 295, 296 Schmidt, Frederick J. 132, 171, 237 Schmidt. Gary E. 133, 162, 295, 296 Schmidt, Gerald A. 29$, 296 Schmidt, John A. 120, 295, 296 Schmidt, Kathy 165 Schmidt. Lorn J, 132 Schmidt, Lynda K. 129, 175. 208, 295. 296 Schmidt, Merilee R. 135, 149, 206, 295, 296 Schmidt, Michael C 295, 296 Schmidt, Michael Paul 295, 296 Schmidt, Pamela K. 295, 296 Schmidt, Ramon James 295, 296 Schmidt, Robert D, 296 Schmidt, Russell D- 296 Schmidt, Shiela K, 154, 199, 295 Schmidt, Shirley Ann 139, 296 Schmidtberger, Galen 141. 237 Schmidtberger, Joleen 199, 296 Schmidtberger. Randal 103, f 17, 296 Schmitt, Denny Joe 296 Schmitt, Sandy Ann 208, 296 Schnatterly, Arthur D, 296 Schneider, David L. 296 Schneider, James P, 213. 296 Schneider, Leon K. 237 Schneider, Susan A- 208, 296 Schneider, Steve B. 103 Schnider, Diana L, 296 Schnoebelen, Sara J. 49, 208, 296 Schnoor, William F. 296 Schoen, Norma Joyce 208, 296 Schoeni, Arden 183, 237 Schoeni, Hattie A. 208. 296 Schoen thaler., Cheryl 142, 181, 296 Schon. Wayne £, 142, 296 Schon, Wilma J. 181. 296 Schreiber, Barbara J. 181, 201, 296 Schreiber, Mary M, 13$, 141, 171, 201, 296 Schreibvogel, Beverly 199. 296 Schreiner, Donald K, 296 Schreiner, Eugene 237 Schreiner, Roger 296 Schreuder, Shari L, 208, 296 Schriock, Dorothy C, 296 Schrock, Dennis R. 296 Sthroeder, Kathryn A, I 75. 296 Schrott, Sharon J- 208, 296 Schrum, Steven D. 237 Schrum, William Dean 119 Schubert, Jerrid M, 157,296 Schueler. Janet 165 Schueler. Karen M. 140, 141 Schueler, Lawrence R. 237 Schugart, Janice C. 208, 296 Schulte, Clair R. 296 Schulte. Kenneth A. 296 Schulte, Lavern J. 163, 296 Schulte, Regis D. 296 Schulte, Ronald Lynn 163. 296 Schultz. Freya K. 208, 296 Schultz, Kathrynn 170, 171, [99, 296 Schumacher, Carl J, 24 3, 296 Schumacher. Phyllis 296 Schupman, Marilyn D, 296 Schwartz, Mary Lou 135, 20!, 296 Schwa rtikopf. Herbert 149. 296 Schwein. Richard Rex 146, 154. 296 Schweitzer. Phillip 215,296 Scott. Cheryl ' L, Scott, Don L Scott, Dwayne- L. Scott, Laura J. 297 Scott, Lee E. Scott, Nancy L. Scott, Roger L. Scott, Stephen M. Scott, Terry W. Scott, William M, Scully, Hilary M, Seago. Diana G. Seago, George W r Seamans, Coni J, Seamans. Donna Lee 163, 237 106 296 144. 178, 203, 131 . 213, 237 237 237 297 237 117, 237 133 297 297 208 203, 297 Sears, Robert E. 189, 297 Seba, Larry Roger 297 Seba ugh, Tamara Lynn I56 l 157, 208, 297 Sedgi, Sabah 220 Seemarn, Jane A, 208, 297 Seeman, Joyce Marie 208. 297 Sehf, Thomas E, 1 S. 297 Seidl, Barbara L. 208, 297 Seirer, Stephen R. 36, 215 297 Sekavec, Dale A. 157,213,297 Sell, Katheryn Jane 297 Setfem, Carol J. 237 Selley, Chari J, 297 Salley, Samuel 297 Seftmann. Terry L, 237 Seltmann, William D, 237, 297 Senior Section 222-241 Saujfer, Donald G. 168 Seuser, Judith A, 154, 156, 208, 237 Seventh Cavalry Senmith, Cheryl S. Season, Sherrill A, Season, Keith E. Seyb, Marilyn Kay Shamburg, Carol Ann Sham burg , Ramona L, 297 Shane, Terrance L, 141 Shank, Harold Dean Shan ley, Cynthia Dee Shanllne, Mary C, Shanline. Steve J. Shannon, Joyce E- Shapifl. I raj 171 Sharili. Mohammad R. 297 ShaulL J. Bruce 297 Shaver, Betty Viola 297 Shaw, Madeline Kay 157, 166, 175. 297 Shay, Cynthia Ann 297 Shea. James F. 237 Shean. Constance M. 206, 297 Sheets, Linda i. 164,201,297 Sheets, Naomi N. 18, 20, 175, 237. 331 Sheets, Patricia K. Sheffer, Karla J. Shelledy. Mary L. Shelly, Gerald E. 297 Sherwood. Donald R. 297 Sherwood, Margaret C. 141 h 297 Shields Jerry C- Shields, Ron D. Shlnlcle, Darla L. Shipek, Sandra S. Shirk, Layne C, Shirley, Michael S. Shoemaker Elaine M. Shoemaker, Laura A. Shoemaker. Terry C. 237 Shogren. Richard E, Shriver, Prudence L. 162 177, 237 208, 297 132, 237 199, 297 n 199. 297 139, 39, I ' 3, 297 199, 297 297 2 1 5, 297 181 297 151, 297 141. 208, 297 177, 237 94 113, 215, 134 1 89, 287 208, 297 151 215. 297 298 Sh river, Carol L- J57. 175. 208, 298 Shubert. Greg Adai r 298 Shirver, Raymond G , 215, 298 Shull, Peter W. 151, 1 57, 193. 298 Shutts, Kathy Ann 298 Stans, Mousse 298 Sidener, Corrine J, 150. 298 Sidener, Linda M. 208, 298 Sidener, Ronald L- 193, 237 Stdwell. Jack D. 134, 217 Siebert, Janice 5, 206, 298 Siefkes, Ann L. ! 1 54. 298 Sietkes, Verlin K- 66, 298 Siemer, Gary Nolan 298 Sremers, Erma Rogene 208, 290 Siemers, Kurtis G. 298 Sigle. Jolette Rae 208, 296 Siglinger, Stanley J, 298 Sigma Alpha Eta 143 Sigma Alpha lota 156 Sigma Keppa 173-179 Sigma Phi Epsilon 190-191 Sigma Sigma Sigma 180-181 Sigma Tau Gamma 192-193 Sim, Stephen C, 183, 298 Slmmelink. Lillie M, 201, 296 Simminger, Sheryl L. 181. 298 Simmons, Calvin L. 195, 298 Simmons, Glenn G. 1 86. 298 Simmons, Sheryl J. 203, 298 Sims. Jon Reed 152, 155, 156, 158, 162, 298 Sims, Margaret J. 298 Sinclair, Carol F. 142 Sipe, Judith A, 19, 164. 170, 181, 208. 237 Sipe, Wayne Alan 144 Sipes, Donald E. 213, 298 Sipes, James Stuart 290 SisseL Dellas P, 220 Slanlcard, Jonroy 189. 298 Slattery, Richard E- 215, 298 Slavik, Dale Eugene 298 Slelchter, Sheryl L. 203. 298 Slimmer, Virginia N. 298 Slipsager. Barbara l 208, 298 Sloan, Clair D, 1 132 Sloan. Howard R. 66. 298 Slopansky, Paul E- 133, 237 Small, Gary G. 296 Small, Leon Gene 298 Smarsh, John A. 298 Smeltier. Patricia L. 206, 298 Smetana, Jerry ML 86, 88. 293 Smiley, Carol 165 Smiley, Connie L. 161. 237 Smiley. John D. 237 Smith, Alvin F. 298 Smith. Arlyn E. 141.164,237 Smith, Armond D- 133 Smith, Barbara J. 132, 161, 178, 237 Smith, Beverly A, 203, 293 Smith, Beverly A. 208, 298 Smith, Bronwen M. 157, 298 Smith, Carlyle H. 237 Smith. Carol Ann 203, 298 Smith, Cheryl 165 Smith, Dorothy K. 299 Smith, Galen Perkins 220 Smith, Gary P, 140 Smith. Gary W. 237. 299 Smith, Harry Lee 299 Smith, Ivalee Gayle 130. 136, 208, 299 201, 298 Smith. Jill C, 1 66. 208, 299 201, 298 Smith, Julia Irene 139, 299 166, 190, Smith, Kenneth Warren 158, 299 215. 237 Smith, Larita M. 208, 299 203, 298 Smith, Larry D, 133. 299 Smith, Lois Jane Smith, Margaret E. Smith, Marilyn Sue Smith, Mary Lou Smith, Mick Reed Smith,, Patricia A. 299 Smith, Ralph Anthony 157 299 208, 299 143. 199, 299 299 150, 206. 220 168, 206, 299 299 299 133. 237 237 139, 299 132, 299 178, 201, 136, 237 208, 237 28 28 143 300 300 151 , Smith. Rita M. Smith. Ronald D. Smith, Ronald L. Smith, Sandra J. Smith, Sharon K. Smith, Spencer L. Smith, William Duane J 59, 1 62, 237 Smith, William H. Smyres, Sharie S. 299 Snay, Karen J. Snell, Janet D, Snowball King Snowball Queen Sociology Club Sodamann, Arlene L. Sodamann, David C, Soice, Larry E„ 239 Soiee, Verle P. 300 Soice, NScki Jean 141, 300 Songer Robert W, 300 Sororities 174-181 Sothers, Judith A. 175, 300 Sova, Diana Lee 199, 300 Spabburg, Arthur l. 105, 300 Spangenberg, Edward 131, 300 Spanish Club I 41 Sparks, Richard D. 131, 215, 300 Speier, Kenneth R. 300 Spencer, Harry W, 185, 239 Spicer, Jay Allen 300 Spiess, Joseph M. 300 Spillman, Mel D, 300 Spohr, Norman Lee 239 Sports Section 04-123 Spreier, Stott Wilson 43, 147 Sprick, Roger G. 213, 300 Springer, Carol A, 175, 239 Springi-eldt, Martha L. 220 Springfeldt, Michael 157,300 183, Springsted, Karen S. 300 Sproul, Sally Ann 208. 300 Sramek, Debby Lynn 168, 201, 300 St. Aubyn, James S. 239 St. Aubyn, Nancy 165 Staab. Joyce A, 300 Stackhouse, Sue A. 143, 199, 300 Stahl. Theresa C. 300 Stag net, Gone H, 300 Stahl, Richard J, 140, 141 Stamey. Stephen L. 2 IS, 300 Sta mba ugh, James F. 115, 152 I 54 Stanton. Delbert W. 300 Stanton, Loren P. 300 Stanton, Richard L. 300 Stapleton, Dianna 165 Stapleton, James Wm. 300 Stapleton. Jerry W, 129, 162 190 Stapleton, Mary A. 141. I 57 I 99. 300 Starkey, Carl 140 Stech. Terence V. Stecklein, Alan M, Stecklein, Daniel R. Stecklein, Franklin Stecklein, Cynthia L. Steele, George W, Steele, Marlene Ann 300 239 300 213, 300 300 131 199, 300 Steele, Su an L. 208, 300 Steen, Vicki Lynn 154, ler. 208. 300 Steffen, Marilyn 206, 300 Steffen, Constance : J. 208. 300 Steffen, Donald D. 239 Stefmel, Robert L, 300 Stein, Dean Leroy 117. 136, 300 Steinbring, Terry G J. 300 Steirtcamp, Martha R 177, 300 Steinert, Dennis N. 300 Ste inert, Elton E, 300 Steinle, Francis D, 239 Steitz, Linda Kay 141, 209, 301 Stephen, Katherine M. 209, 301 Stephenson. Linda S. 175,301 Steponick, Alane L 201, 301 S+eponick, Sharon 1 ♦ 135 " 209, 301 Ste tier. Larry E. 156, 162 Stevens, Deanna Jc 209, 301 Stevens, Tommy F- 66, 136, 239 Stewart, Carol Ann 176, 209, 301 Stewart, Dennis E, 103, 215, 301 Stewart, Kenneth T 132, 301 Stewart, Patty Sue 130, 199, 301 Stewart, Ricke K. 301 Stewart, Stephen R 94, 239 Stewart, Wayne S. 301 Sfien, Kathleen 161 Stineme+ze, Micheal P. 144, 215, 301 Stifes, Martin D. 213, 301 Str+es, Wayne A. 301 Stithem, Charlotte L 136, 164, 209 , 301 Stithem, Scharleen H. 209 Stockdafe, Richard 0, 219 Stockman, Keith B. 301 Stoller James R. 301 Stone, Gerald D. 163 Stone, Kathryn Ann 301 Stoppel, Joan M. 301 Stos. Carol Jean 301 5+os, Charles J. 239 Stout, Delbert B. 134, 239 Stout, Gordon L- 239 Stout, Judy Lynn 301 Stout, Ronald Dee 301 Straight, Ronald E, 157, 185, 301 Strait, Renus D, 239 Strenathan, Sidney ' W. 301 Strauss, Joann I 81, 301 Strecker, Stanley Ra y 301 Streif, Donald L. 301 Strella, John E, 170, 301 Streft, James M. 301 5 f re it, Jerome G. 189, 215, 301 Strait, Ronald L. 151, 215, 301 Strieker, Diana L, 209, 301 Stuart, Mark W. 141. 301 Stuart, Patricia L. 147, 149, 131, 301 Stuart, Steven E, 301 Stubbs, John H. 213, 301 Student Court [29 Student National Education Assn, 135 Student Organizations Committee 130 Stull, Gordon B- 239 Stull, Lary Dale 301 Stull, Sherlyn J T 209, 301 Stutterheim, Rebecca 199, 301 SueJter, Dennis D. 213, 301 356 Suelter, Robert G, 301 Suiter, Donna Jo 201, 301 Sullivan. Michael L 1 59, 160, 1 63. 239 Sulzman, MaryJ. 302 Sunley, Robert L 302 Suppes, Carol Jean 302 Sutphen, George H. 239 Sutton. Roddy D. 212. 302 Svaty, Linda E. 19?, 302 Swank, Kaye Lorraine 164, 1 8 L . 209, 302 Swank, Susan Kay 139, 209, 302 Swayze, Dennis T. I 66. 239 Swayie. Linda I 30- Sweat, John 23? Sweat. Michael T. 169, 239 Sweat, Rosalie R. 143, 239 Sweetheart King 34 Sweetheart Queen 34 Swenson, Ed L. 195, 239 Swenson, Janice Kay 164. 302 Swenson, Ronald D. 131,239 Swonger, Katherine 139. 158, 209. 302 Symns, Thomas C. 166, 302 Synovec, Donna Jean 154 T Tabriz!, Nematollah H. 121, 302 Taeha, Warren L, 302 Tagtmeyer, Larry L, 302 Tappan, Benjamin F, 66. 302 Tark, Sung Yong 133, 171.239 Tarlton, Harold Max 220 Taska, Michelle L 209, 302 Tate, Michael J. 142, 155, 302 Tetkenhorst, Kenneth 302 Tau Kappa Epsilon 194-195 Tauscher, Charles L. 239 Taylor, Cheryl L. 209, 302 Taylor. Yvonne E ' alne 209, 302 Tea ley, Warren B, 104, I OS, IBS, 302 Tebo, Stephen D. 133, 239 Tedesco. Jo Anne F. 177. 302, 322 Teel, Douglas W. 29, 144, 190. 239, 302 Teel, Glen A- 131, 239 Tennis 110-111 Terada, Kozo 302 Terry, Bill Lee 193, 302 Terry, Douglas M, 302 Terry Johnny B. 66 Teter, Jerry Wayne 2 1 S That, leer, Margaret E, 199, 302 Thalheim, Kerry A, 140, 201, 239 Thalheim, Linda S, 130. 209, 302 Thelander, Lorry R, 302 Thlbault. Delmer H, 302 Thibault, Marion M, 201, 302 Thiele, Marcia Ann 209, 302 Thiele, Nancy E, 155, 1 61, 302 Thielen, Jay B. 169, 302 Thlelen Joseph P. 302 Thielen, Kay S. 161, 209. 302 Thlelen, Niclt Carl 131, 213, 302 Thlessen, Cecilia M. 302 Th lessen. Lauren K. 302 Tholen, Clare J. 302 Thomas, E. Elaine 144, 177, 239 Thomas. J. Craig 1 13. 150 Thomas, Pamela Lou 209, 302 Thomas, R. Wayne 302 Thomas, Sherry Joyce 175,302 Thomasson, Joseph R. 132 Thomasson, Paul A- 302 Thompson, Barbara 199, 302 Thompson, Donna L. 156, 157, 209, 304 Thompson, Gary M. 105 Thompson, Katherine 209 , 304 Thom pson. LaVerna 165 Thompson, Linda F. 157, 177, 209, 304 Thompson, Mary A. 304 Thompson, Phillip D, 213, 304 Thornburg, Ronald R, 2 I 5, 304 Thornton, Janice A, 157. 209, 304 Thuman, Kathy 239 Thurbw. Janet M. 43. 143, 209, 304 Thurman. Pamela D, 139, 161, 209. 304 Tichenor, Steven R. 304 Tiger ' s Roar 1 66 Till berg, Lelend W. 304 Timken, Alpha J, 304 Timken, Steve Wayne » 215.304 Timm. Arthur W. 304 Timm, Rodney W. 96, 117, 304 Tirone, Carmine A. 239 Tittel, Barbara Ann 209, 304 Tittel, Cynthia Jean 304 Tittel Joyce C 209, 304 Tittel. Raymond L, 304 Tittle. Linda Sue 209, 304 Todd, Robert O. 132. 239 Todd, Vvonna J, 178, 209. 304 Toedman, Charles L. 136, 304 Toland, Frederick A. 106. 215. 304 Tomanelt. Walta Jean 178, 304 Tomson, Marion IS! 169.215. 304 Tonne, Larry E. 304 Toot, Georgann M. 141, 209, 304 Topi iff, Harold J- 304 Torltne. Galen J r 304 Touslee Sue Ella , I 57 Track 112-1 15 Traffic Tribunal 128 Thahan. Carmen F, 304 Tramek Stephen G. 159, 239, 160 At a symposium backed by the Leader, students and faculty air views on provincialism and paternalism at FHS + Trapp, Charlene J. 239 Trapp, Jaimes Nelson 157, »l 70 r 304 Trapp, John L. 134, 158, (59, 160. 170, 239 Tregeilas. William M. 304 Treu. Michael B. f95, 215. 304 Trimmer, Sue A. 168, 178. 304 Trosin, Harry David 168 Trout. Cindy Marie 143. 209; 304 Tschanz, Ema Lynn J 64, 201. 304 Tsui, Daniel Chun-Nam 304 Tucker Glenn J. 190, 304 Tuggle, John A. 2 1 3, 304 Tucker. Martha J. 304 Tuley, Ronald Frank 85 Tull. Don Eugene 2P3, 304 Turley, Roy A, 168, 304 Turner. Gary E. 2 I 3. 304 Turner. Gary Lee 304 Turner, Linda Kay 199, 304 Turner, William G, 134. 3 70, 239 Twarpgowski, Robert J. t83. 239 Tweed, Jo Ann 239 Tweed, John C 131, 305 Twymen, Joe W, 240 Tyrfier, Dennis Clair 305 TyreN, David Lynn 3 OS Tyson, Judy L. 181,240 Ugly Man on Campus 26 UJin, Larry R. 181, 240 Umscheid, Thomas E. 30S Underclass Section 242-309 Underwood, Ronald D. 305 Unrein, Judith A. 240 Unruh, Earl Edward 305 Unruh, Helen L, 305 Urban, Daniel J. 305 Urban, Donald J, 155, 157, 305 Urban, Gerald L. 305 Urban, Ronald J. 305 Vachal, Charles E. 147 Van Dorn, Roger l. 305 Van Kooten, Connie K. 135, 209, 305 Van Pelt, Renee L. 210,30$ Van Winkle. Kenneth R, 157, 305 VanDonge. Jerry P, 193, 305 VanDoren, David A, 183,305 VonDyke. Dale A, 305 Vanek, James F. 305 VanGaider, Arlene L. 157, 240 VanLaningham, Mas L, 86 Vanover, Jane E. 305 Vap, Eugene F. 135. 305 Vaughan, Earle H. 213, 305 Vavrlcka, Robert L, 305 Veaiey. Thomas A. 195. 305 Veeh, Tlv mas Lee 305 Vehige, Kenneth D. 305 Yen John, Karen L. 210, 305 Venneberg, Janet K. 2(0, 305 Vernon, Diana Grace 210, 305 Vernon. Geadd A. 129, 173, I 89, 240 Vesecky, Margaret A, 139. 157. 201, 305 Vesecky, Rosalee J. 240 Vessey, Donald E. 305 Vessey, Ronald D. 305 Vestal, Ronald E. 305 Veterans Club J 59 Vetter, Kenneth L, 305 Vignery, Ronald J. 305 Vincent, James Ray 185. 305 Vint, Janice M. 210,305 Vodraske. Judith A, 210, 305 Vomberg, Kurt Arnou Id 305 Vomberg, Theresa Ann 210, 305 Von Fange, Donna L. 210. 305 VonFefdt, Dennis A. 169, 240 VonFeldt, S. L. 240 Vopat, Eugene O. 305 Vopat, Harry J, 305 Voss. Ralph F. 140,220 Vossman, Kenneth L. 240 Votapka. Mery Sue I4f Votruba. Edward J. 131, 151 r 305 Vra til, Ronald D, 220 Vyaourek, Leonard 306 w Wade, Bruce Kent 306 Wagner, Arthur F. 306 Wagner, Bonnie 165 Wagner, Dale E. 131, 306 Wagner, Donald Lee 306 Wagner, Franc E, 210, 306 Wagner, Norma J, 142, 306 Wagner. Robert B. I 34, 240 Wahrman, Lynette M. 141, 210. 306 Wait. Lynn D. 240 Walker, Arllss J. 199, 306 Walker, Barry Vohn 169, 306 Walker, Claressa B. . 240 Walker, Danny N. 306 Walker. Demi! 0, 306 Walker, Gary Lee 306 Walker. Judith L. 306 Walker, Susan Jean 240 Wall, Ruth Ann 178.210,306 Waller, William L. (3 I, 151, 305 Walled, Deborah R. 210, 306 Walt, Jo Ann 175, 306 Walter, Dorothy A. 240 Walter, Nellie L. 130 Walter, William K. 154, 169, 306 Walters, Clara J. 143 Walters, Janet 306 Walters, Janice M. 306 Walters. Kathleen A. 147, ,149, 151. 306 Walters, Mary Lee 306 Walters, Muriel L- 143, 240 Walton, William S. 213. 306 Walts, Donald Gene 306 Ward, Bruce Gail 240 Ward, David Ross 306 Ward. Elmer M, 151, 157, I 95, 306 Ward. Kathleen E. 210. 306 Ward. Linda I 65 Ward. Nancy Ann 35, 37, 129, 148. 173, 178, 179, 306 Ward, Robert C. I S I 195, 240 Ward. Wova Jean 136, 210, 306 Warden. R. Neil 306 Wark, Gloria Ann 210, 306 Warkentine, Terry L. 213, 306 Warnken, Gordon Lee 306 Warren, Douglas L, 240 Wa singer, Darrell E- 306 Wasingar. Michaelita 240 Waters, Robert D. 240 Watson. Warren W. 86. 306 Watkins, Robert L. 158 Watkins, Sheldon L. 190, 240 Watson, Rachel 5. 210, 306 Watson, Stephen Jay ■ 189, 306 Weber. J. Scott 190, 306 Weber. Janet 165 Weber, Joseph C. 306 Weber, Linda J, 210, 306 Weber, Marfore Dawn 141, 201, 306 Weber, Ronald J, I 58, 306 Webring. Gary L, 190, 240 Webster, Robed K. 240 Weeks, Lois J. 134, 135, 240 Weigel. Kaihryn 164, 306 Weigel, Leo K. 166, 183, 307 Weigel, Phyllis E. 19, 166, 167, 177, 307 Weimer, Donna M, 309 Weise, Barbara Ann 307 Weisensee, Charles A, 307 Wells, Dennis M. 117 Weltz, Vera 143 Wendel, Marfeen 165 Wend el, Thomas L. 307 Wendelfn, Lawrence F. I3S, 215. 240 Werner. Duane S. 106, 307 Werner, Dwight E. 106, 307 Wemet, Sally L. 171, 210, 307 Werth. Agnes C. 181, 307 Weds, Vicki L 201, 307 Wedh, Linda Anne ISO, 307 Werte, Beverly A. 210, 307 Wertz, David E. 307 Wess, Mary E. 240 Wess, Patricia Rae 175, 307 Wessling, Gerald John 103 West, Daryl L 307 West, Dennis Lynn 155 Westbrook, Robert L. 307 Wederman, Edward L. 131, 157, 159. 307 Westervelt, Dixie L. 129, 150, 210., 307 WesthoH, Larry W. 151. 183, 307 Westphaf, Carl R. 308 Westphol, Levetta L. 178, 308 Westphal, Valeria J. 178, 210, 308 WetL MarkS. 213,308 Wheatcroft, Janice L 149, 210, 308 Wheeler, Cynthia Rae 210, 308 Wheeler. John P, 213, 308 Wheeler, Tamara Lou 139, 144. 178. 201. 308 Whipple, Charlyn F. 199. 308 Whipple, Sharon L. 133, 199, 240 Whistler, Raymond G, 134, 240 Whitakgr. Marlene L- 240 White, Connie L. 308 White, Charles H. 308 White, Dana Kay 181, 210, 308 White, Gary Lynn 308 White. Mary Gertrude 201. 309 Whitney, Derry 240 Whitney, John W. 240 Whitney. Neva J. 210,308 Who ' s Who 159 Wiehl, Connie S- 308 Wiebl, Dwight A- 134, 303 Wiens, Georgette Kay 139 164, 175, 210, 308 Wiens, Karen J. 308 WJest Hall 214-215 Wilborn, Keith R. 308 Wilburn, Robert E. 105. 136 Wilken, Barbara J. 1 64, 240 Wilken, Karen Sue 201, 308 Wilkens, Ardene R. 303 Wilkens, Bruce E. 154 Willett, John E. 134, 240 Willey, Herold L. 308 Willhaus, Rose M. 136. 201, 308 Williams, Cathy J. 308 Williams, Jerry E, 240 Williams, Lewis M, 140 Williams, Richard B. 240 Williams, Robert E. 213, 308 Williamson, John R, 308 Williamson, John T+ 308 Willis, Charles E. 155. 213, 308 Willmeth, Darrell J. 308 Willmeth, Philip L, 308 Willome, Thomas C. 94 Wilson, Ann L 201, 240 Wilson, Daniel W. 308 Wilson, Dennis Eugene 308 Wilson, Diane Kay 158, 210, 308 Wilson, Donna D. 210, 308 Wilson. Kenneth E. 308 Wilson, Leslie D, 133 Wilson, Marilynn 133, 220 Wilson. Rodney Erwir i 240 Wilson, Teri Lynn 2 to, 303 Wilson, Wanda B, 309 Wilson, William R„ 213, 308 Wiltshire. William R. 308 Winder, Rogene L- 240 Winder, Wayne A. 240 Windholz. Agnes 308 Windholz, Brian J. 308 Windholz, Judith M, 308 Windscheffel, Jan A. 308 Wineinger, ' Barry A. 308 Wlneland. Eileen 130, 240 Winkler, Connie Jean 201, 305 Winklepfeck, Carol 241 Winter, Fawne Lynn 164, 175, 210, 309 Witt, Linda Kay 210, 309 Witfhuhn, Eldon D. 309 Wifthuhn, Larry K, 309 Woelk, John C. 240 Wohlford, Mary L. 171, 201, 309 Wolf, Henry Glen 1 50. 2 1 5, 309 Wolfe, Leanna 240 Wolfe, Lillian R. 199. 309 Welters, Suzanne L 135, 210, 309 Wolfing, Linda L„ 210, 309 Womack, Richard D. 309 Womacks, David M. 168, 240 Women ' s Athletics 1 22- i 23 Women ' s Leadership Organization 161 Women ' s Recreation Assn. 136 Wondra, Stephen A, 134, 309 Wood, Barbara A. 1 99, 309 Wood, Harold Richard 133 Wood, Virginia Lee 164, 210, 309 Woods. Ed R. 168 Woods, Lenna L. 130,309 Woods, Marie Ann 143, 170, 199, 309 Woods, Wanda Rae 210, 309 Woodson, Cheryl I 60. 240 Woodson, Shirley L. 154, 156 Woodworth, Walter L. 309 Worden. Charles E. 193, 309 Wright. David K, 86, 1 13, 240 Wright, Vickie J. 130. 134, 135, 159, 240 Wu, Anthony Wal 133 Wycoff, Linda C. 309 Wynn, James F. 240 Y Yeager, Donald V, 193, 309 Yeager, Patricia A 210. 309 Yeradi, Alene 240 YTIIe. Mary Donls 142, 201, 240 York, Forrest M. 309 Yost, James D. 309 Youmaos, Marian 220 Young, Bradley E. 309 Young, Douglas A. 309 Young, William K- 215, 309 Young, Robert D. 86. 113 Young, Robert J. I S-6, 195, 309 Young, Warren P, 1 5B, 309 Youngdahl, Helen E, 143,, 199. 309 z Zorn rati. Bruce A. 94, 113. 309 Zander, Katharine M, 210. 309 Zavesky. Lorry D. I 32 Zeigler, Trean W. 309 Zellner, Joe W. 309 Zerfas, Sidney Kay 181, 309 Zerr, Alfred P. 309 Zerr, Dean Adam 139, 309 Zerr, Patricia Ann 210. 309 Ziegler, Delbert D. 213. 309 Ziegler, Richard D. 309 ' Zier, James A- 309 Ziller. Lorna L, 240 Zlmbelman. Gary L. 157, 215, 309 Zimmerman, Alfred F, 134, 240 Zimmerman, Sharon K. 240 Zimmerman, Virginia 240 Zimmermann, Janice L. 240 Zlnlt, Dlvid A, 309 Zvolanek. Phillip J. 309 Z ink, David R r 86, 1 10, 129, 170, 213. 309 During the transfer o f facili- ties to the new library, dis- carded materials prove in- teresting to youngsters. 359 Ending three years of work on FH$ yearbooks, Reveille Editor Ron Fischli writes his dosing remarks. And Finally . . . In the heritage and traditions of Hays and Fort Hays State, the Reveille holds a small but significant place. The book began with the publication of a 154-page, pa- perbound volume in 1914. The current volume’s 360 pages, color photographs and modern typography con- trast markedly with the appearance of the first book. Future physical, cultural and intellectual growth of FHS and the community will challenge successive yearbook staffs to fur tli er qualitative and quantitative improvement, for progress begets progress. Many hands have helped produce the 1967 Reveille. All persons who contributed to its publication have my thanks. Although it is impossible to mention everyone, it is inconceivable for me to close without giving special credit to Mrs. Katherine Rog- ers, adviser; Leon Maxson and his photography crew; Ralph Hormel, graphic artist; Bob Lowen, sports information di- rector; Deanna Miller, associ- ate editor; Ed Allen, business manager; Paul McClellan and Taylor Publishing Co.; Jack Ekey, who photographed the Reveille Queen finalists; and Christopher Studio, which han- dled production of student and faculty portraits. Having recorded another chapter in the story of Fort Hays State, the 1967 Reveille will help recall the heritage that belongs to those connected with the college and commun- ity. It is my wish that the book will become an informative and valued possession of each owner. Ron Fischli, editor 360 The Heritage and the Challeng

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