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mm Mmw 1 ' Umm %fj$sp£Wj mm nit mb mmm mmWm mmsSU ;«|i|| 1966 REVEILLE- VOL 52 RAYS, KANSAS CONTENTS Young minds . probing . Fort Hays State’s driving tore . FOREWORD From the first day, filled with tense yet expect- ant faces, to the last, rich with memories, a year at Fort Hays State is a true spectacle. This volume of the Reveille purports to reveal the captivating show which college life produces. Within its pages are contained glimpses of the excitement inside the main tent of academics and in the numerous side shows of activities. Here Fort Hays State ' s many performers, nearly 4,800 students, discovered the challenge of scholas- tic advancement, opportunities for self-expression, the zest of athletic competition, the sparkle of fun, the warmth of new friendships. Treat yourself to an enjoyable experience as the Reveille presents 1965-66 at Fort Hays State . . , an impressive show on earth. rNSTDETUE MAIN TENT Administration . . . . . . . . « 8 Faculty and Academics . 14 imaDBQuom Sports , , , . . . , 68 Organizations 116 Housing , , . , 139 Greeks 157 Student Life . . - , . . 182 Royalty , 223 the MANY performers Classes 235 Advertising and Index 302 2 Phofo by Lorraine J acJcson ACADEMIC — MAIN TENT 0F7UE COU-ECE SI-fClA Every show has its main attraction At Fort Hays State the Big Show is academics— the pursuit of quality education. The college en- deavors to produce high-caliber students equipped to meet the complex demands of today’s world Each year many people work behind the scenes and in the spotlight to combine talents for the development of the scholastic program Courses are evaluated and changes mtroduceo. Both administration and faculty extend intensive efforts to spur FHS scholars to greater accomplish- ment. Students study, strive and achieve. These factors result in intriguing feature per- formances , - inside the main tent. 3 INSfDk TWk MAIN TENT 4 APPUED ARTS BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE ECONOMICS BUSINESS EDUCATION S PSYCHOLOGY HEALTH, PE RECREATION LANS-, UP SPEECH UBRARY SCIENCE MUSIC NURSE EDUCATION PHYSICAL SCIENCE SOCIAL SCIENCE 5 AROUND TUB R NO Administration— responsible for management— evaluate . . . interpreting . , . improving . . . re-evaluating. The college show — -a co-operative ef challenge through study . . . knowledg ing . , . progress . . . academic excetlc ! Dr. Morton Christy Cunningham, president of the college Cunningham Heads Show for 1 7 Years Completing his seventeenth year as president of Fort Hays State, Dr. M. C. Cunningham has guided the college show through the years of its most rapid development. Since he came in 1949. enrollment has nearly quintupled and the number of faculty members has more than doubled. Coming to FHS from the dean of the faculty’s chair at Northwest Missouri State College in Mary- vide, Dr, Cunningham has gained national prom- inence as an educator and administrator. He was a member of a group of educators sent by the United States to study the educational system of Pakistan in the spring of 1964. During his career he has served as a high school English teacher, coach, principal and super- intendent; director of financial accounting in the office of the Missouri State Department of Educa- tion; instructor, chairman of the education de- partment and eventually dean of the college at Northwest Missouri State College. Striving to give Fort Hays State a reputation as the friendly college where students go to study and learn, Dr, Cunningham has a broad under- standing of and background in education. He is active in a number of national education organiza- tions, including the National Education Assn, and the American Assn, of School Administrators. As tension mounts at a Fort Hay, Slots basketball game. President Cunnmghom-pro- Fulfilling one of the more enjoyable privileges often granted gram in handed Mrs. Cunningham experience an apprehensive moment. him, the President crowns the Homecoming queen. S New Library, Power Plant Assured Projects Okayed by Regents Gain State Approval Two Fort Hays State building projects approved by the Board of Regents moved closer to reality this year Construction on a new library, okayed last year by the state legislature, began with completion set for January, 1967. The $1,500,000 structure, styled similarly to Malloy Hall, will more than triple library space. Money was also made available for a new power plant to replace the college ' s over-aged boilers. Completion of the plant was tentatively scheduled for within the year. Besides requesting state appropriations for institutions of higher learning, the Board of Regents, appointed by the governor, sets policies and approves budgets. 9 Keating. Walter E, Comptroller Garwood, Dr. John 0. Dean of Faculty Stones, Harold A. Director of Placement Coder, Dr- Ralph V. Dean of Graduate Division Dalton, Standlee V. Director of Admissions Burnett, Dr. Richard E. Executive Asst, to the President 10 Administrators Concerned With Students’ Needs Today ' s collegians are waging a search for purpose and understanding critical to the future of mankind. Seeing the world in its current state of unrest and turmoil, they want to know how it can be bettered and what they can contri- bute toward this betterment. Recognizing the uncertainty confronting college students, administrators at Fort Hays State push continually to help them clarify their purposes In life, to develop a compassion for other cultures and to gain a perspective of the broad scope of the biological, physical and social sciences and the interrelationship of these areas. To generate in the student a feeling of belonging and to produce a friendly environment in which he can work are goals of the administration. Their task is not always easy in the face of soaring enrollment and subsequent crowded conditions, but it is one which they tackle and pursue energetically. Proud of their accomplishments and undaunted by fail- ures, they work tirelessly to make FHS a productive organ in complex contemporary society. Stouffer, Jean Dean of Women Thomas, Doliie B. Asst, to the President Jellison, Dr. Bill D. Dean of Men Johnson, Edward R. Director of Housing FHS Officials Toil Behind the Scenes Supporting the administration but frequently working behind the scenes are those individuals who handle the college ' s recruitment, public rela- tions and financial aids for students. One of the many personal and productive duties of those persons managing Field Services is par- ticipation both on and off the campus in the annual Career Day which provides help and guidance for high school seniors. People behind college publications build the FHS image through news and publicity. Through the various scholarships and loans made available by the student aids and endow- ment offices, needy and promising students re- ceive the help necessary to attend college. Disagreeable weather greets students on campus election day. Arfman, Ethel: Asst, Prof., Exec. Sec. of Student Aids: Burnett, Hugh: Prof, of Pol. Set., Dir, of FieFd Services; Collier, Kent: Asst, Prof, of Pol. 5oi., Exec. Sec. of Endow- ment Assn. Huffman, Ralph: Assoc. Prof- of Ind. Arts, Asst. Dir. of Field Services; Johnson, Jerry: Asst. Prof, of Pol. Sci-, Asst, Dir. of Admissions; Tow, Ted; Asst. Prof of Journalism, Dir. of News and Publications. Shooting a picture through the pillars of Piclten Hall, a photographer captures the bleak atmosphere of a wintry day on campus. 12 Plans Nearly Set For Union Addition Pending approval of federal loan funds and letting of contract, construction will begin this summer on an addition to Memorial Union. To more than double current space, the struc- ture will spread to the south and west of the present union and will provide additional dining facilities, meeting rooms and basement space. Guiding the project will be Lynn Rogers, who replaced Gerald Ruttman as union director after Ruttman resigned March 1 to join the staff of the student union at Oklahoma State University. Ruttman, Gerald: Asst. Prof., Dir. of Memorial Union; Mizell, Phayee: Instructor, Asst. Dir. of Memorial Union; Rogers, R. Lynn; Instructor, Asst. Dir. of Memorial Union. Whether one be a college president or merely an infrequent visitor to the campus, he may take advantage of the facilities and services of Memorial Union, Faking a breather between classes, students relax and visit in the snack bar of Memorial Union. 13 Bird watchers seek to identify a specimen they have spotted. Biological Science Changes Introduced In Biology Program In an effort to vitalize biology offerings, ex- tensive changes were introduced In the program. The most significant alteration Included a core of five courses which Is now required of all biol- ogy majors before they begin to specialize. Women have joined the men In the agriculture program. Three coeds were enrolled in agricul- ture courses, and one, Bonnie Brooks, received a degree in the field at spring commencement. Three research programs were carried on by the division of biological science during the year. They included a study of prairie remnants of the central Great Plains, an investigation of phrea- tophyte (a deep-rooted plant which obtains its water from the water table or the layer of soil just above it) vegetation around Cedar Bluffs Reservoir and a mapping of the patterns of this vegetation along the Arkansas River, 14 Running a plant physiology experiment on rate of transpiration are Larry Myers, John Whitney and Eldon Pickett. 1 Clark, Thalne A.: Asst. Prof, of Agnc,; Farney, John P.: Instructor in Zool.; Fleharty, Dr, Eugene D-t Asst. Prof, of Zool.; Hu left, Dr, Gary K-; Assoc. Prof, of Botany: Mc- Farland. Henry J.: Asst, Prof- of Biol. Pierson, Dr David W,: Assoc, Prof, of Biol.: Reynolds. Dr, Howard C.i Assoc. Prof, of Botany; Riegel. Andrew: Asst. Prof, of Agric,, Supt. of Farm; Sayed, Dr, M. Q,: Asst. Prof, of Botany; Schmuti. Lester J.; Assoc, Prof, of Agric. Schroder. Elton K-: Asst, Prof, of Zool,; Simons, Kenneth W,: Assoc. Prof, of Botany; Walker, Dr. Neil A.: Assoc. Prof, of Zool,; Wells, James R.: Asst, Prof, of Agric.; Wenke, Thomas L: Asst, Prof, of Zool. 15 ii k J Liff -fak |RRt a r J R JR ■ APAJIR R ■ . j Delta Tau AEpha members are. back row: Robert Brejcha, Ralph Trenory, Wiilivn Bennett; third row: Danny Sanneman, Larry Keyser, Dennis Bambu ' oer Ron Hallegin; second row: James Ochs. James Coutson, Jack Rolph, Loren Weeks,, Darrell Davis: front row: William Smith, Garry Anthony. Frederick Schmidt, J, R. Wells, sponsor. Delta Tau Alpha Picks Conservation Poster Si.: ■ ing a winner from some 900 entries. Delta Tau Alpha, national agriculture honorary, judged conservation posters for Ellis County. Delta Tau Alpha members had charge of the agriculture section on senior Career Day. At the group ' s annual banquet, members honored the outstanding freshman agriculture student. Delegates from FHS attended the national convention of Delta Tau Alpha at Southeast Missouri State College in Girardeau. Beta Beta Beta Visits Missouri Interest Sites Highlighting the year for members of Beta Beta Beta, national biology honorary, was a visit to the Missouri Bo- tanical Garden and the St, Louis Zoo, Delegates were sent to the regional Tri-Beta convention at Kearney, Neb. Open to all interested persons, biological films were shown by the group, Luray Parker of the National Audubon Society spoke at the organization ' s annual banquet. Bill Gesink was president, and Dr. Howard Reynolds was sponsor. Beta Beta Beta members are beck row: John Canard. Bob Wilhelm, Jerry Walken Dwight Ittner; front row: Dr. Howard Ant! ony, Jim Spicer; third row: Keith Severn Eldon Whitmer, Reynolds, sponsor, Rosalie La Rue, Lona Korf, Barbara Smith, George Rrobasto, Bill Gesink; second row: Ernie Brown, Dallas Clair Sloan. 1 8 Health, P. E . and Re c. Innovations Include Rhythm on Parade Innovations in the health, physical education and rec- reation program this year included the first production of the Rhythm on Parade show in January, Coordinated by Suzanne Rosier, instructor in physical education, and Ed McNeil, gymnastics coach, the per- formance featured dance numbers and gymnastics rou- tines by men gymnasts and women in Orchesis. Also new was intercollegiate baseball competition, which was re-introduced after a 42-year absence. Office space for the division s faculty members was expanded to accommodate an enlarged staff. Maneuvers and calling techniques are taught in square dance courses, which are a part of the recreation program. Bclisle, Dr James J s Prof, of Phys, Educ., Chrm. of Div. of Health, Phys, Ediic, and Rec. “Right and left grand, " ' calls Cade Suran, square dance instructor. Baxter, Inez: Instructor in Health, College Nurse; Brehm, Charles G.: Instructor in Phys. Educ,; Coot, Prances E,; Instructor in Health, College Nurse; Coth ' em, Nancy: Asst Prof, of Phys. Educ.; Duncan, Patricia L: Instructor In Phys. Educ. Francis, Alex: Assoc. Prof, of Phys. Educ.! Holhstar, Dr. Albert V,: Asst. Prof, of Phys, Educ.; Liemohn, Wendell P,i Asst. Prob of Phys. Educ.: Macbeth, Mary: Instructor in " Phys, Educ,; McConnell, Wayne J : Assoc. Prof, of Phys. Educ, McNeil. Edgar F.: Asst. Prof, of Phys. Educ.: Ramsdell. Us: Instructor in Phys, Educ.: Resler, Suianne: Instructor in Phys. Educ.; Suran, Cade: Assoc. Prof, of Phys. Educ.. Dir of Athletics; Winter, David; Instructor in Phys. Educ, 17 Ptt , tHV Baseball Reappears In P.E. Program Orthesis dancers, polish a routine for Rhythm on Parade. Activities and offices of the health, physical education and recreation division are centered in Sheridan Coliseum, Physic ! education major Mickey Wosinger referees a high school girls’ basketball game in Sheridan Coliseum on Play Day. 18 P. E. Majors Club members are, back row; Robert Reed, Roy Unger. Ron Darst; third row: James Gnffirt, William Hudson, David Koelseh, Larry Pickering; second row: Mel Carpenter, Jack L. Harms, Ed Hanson. Wendell Liemghn; front row: Dwight Negley, Robert Allmon, James Boesman, James BelEsle, sponsor, Albert Hollister, Career Adviser Talks Scholarship Fund Built To P.E. Majors Club By K-Club Pop Sales Former Fort Hays State student Carl Haney, state con- sultant on careers in physical education, spoke to the P. E. Majors Club during the year. The group also brought other speakers to campus and sponsored films dealing with various areas of health, physical education and recreation. Holding their meetings with Eta-Rho Epsilon, members co ordinated their activities closely with those of the women. Jack Harms was elected president of P. E, Majors Club. Dr. James Belisle served as sponsor. Sale of pop at football and basketball games provided money for a scholarship fund in the name of K-Club. With the return of baseball to the sports program, ad- ditional men became eligible for membership in K-Club. In order to qualify for membership, a man must earn a letter in any of the nine intercollegiate sports. As is customary, K-Club maintained the huge K, composed of rocks, on College Hill, west of the campus. K-Club members are, back row; Merv Heifcchmidt. Fred Andregg. Bob Anthony. Bob Johnson; fifth row: Cleat Doyel, Leon Schneider, Bill Strait, Bill Hudson, Ron Darst; fourth row: Terry Clayeamp, John Mason. Terry Cleveland, Maynard Estes, Johnny Terry; third row: NeEl Cleaves. Lowell Smith. Don Lakio, Stormy Johnson, Dennis Been: second row: Charlie Rose. Cedi Johnson, Riley Rankin, Bruce Zambia, Marlon Neely, Robert Wilburn; front row; Cade Scran, sponsor, Roger Buck, Mark Giese. Allan Mai, Ed Hanson, Don Keller, Bob Gregg. Ba Rho Epsilon members ere. back row: Denise O ' Gera, Sharon Bean, Danis McWhirter. Rose WUlheus. Jeenner.e Tucker, Pam Englsmen, Margaret Hogan Lois Fagerquist, Linda Williams, Mickey Wasmger, Linda denser: second row: Donna Gump, Rosie Milford, Luana Randefs, Charlotte Jorgensen. Linda McHenry. Peggy Stewart, Linda Huitt, Rite Humble: front row: Nancy Gotham, sponsor, Mary Capps, Carol Gilg, Anita Bennett, Helen Miles. Wilma Michaelis, Mary Macbeth, sponsor. Eta Rho Epsilon Takes Third in Bicycle Races Women of Eta Rho Epsilon, professional health, physical education and recreation organization, captured third place in the bicycle races at the Fort Hays Furlough, Joining Womens Recreation Assn, as co-sponsor of the all-school carnival, the group helped finance scholarships for women majoring in health and physical education. Ail women physical education majors qualify for member- ship in Eta Rho Epsilon. Rita Humble was elected president Nancy Gotham acted as sponsor for the organization. WRA Holds Play Days For High School Girls Inviting high school girls to campus for its annual series of Play Days, Women ' s Recreation Assn,, organization for all coeds interested in sports and recreation, provided them with several types of athletic competition. The group also sponsored the annual all-school carnival. Always a power, WRA snared the Fort Hays Furlough, bicycle race championship for the second straight year. Sharon Zimmerman was elected president of the group. Suzanne Resler served as sponsor for the organization. Students patronke the dirt throw at the a II -school carnival, sponsored by Eta Rho Epsilon end WRA. WRA Board members are, back row: Rose Willhflus, Linde McHenry: second row: Linda Huitt, Karon Snay, Mary Capps: front row: Sharon Zimmerman, Helen Miles, Wilma Michaelis. 20 Business education headquarters in Piclcen Hall, the oldest building on the Fort Hays State campus. Economics, Business Comprise Largest Division Little, Dr. Mil burn J.; Prof, of Econ. and Bus., Chrm. of Div. of Econ, and Bus.; Adams, Curtis H,: Asst, Prof of Econ. and Bus. Blfckentseff, Dale: Instructor in Econ. and Bus.: Brethour, Carol I,: Instructor in Econ. and Bus.; Cook, Kenneth W,: Asst. Prof, of Econ. and Bus,; Crlssman, Robert In- structor in Econ. and Bus,; Crites, Carl R.: Instructor in Econ. and Bus. Faulkner, Keith: Instructor in Econ. and Bus.; Gallion, Leona: Asst, Prof of Econ, and Bus.; Gay, Robert M-: Instructor in Econ, and Bus.; Gust, Dale D,: Instructor in Eton, and Bus,: Higgins, Neal: Instructor in Econ, and Bus. Jones, „ James R.: Instructor in Econ, and Bus.; McCartney, Dr. E. R, : Prof, of Econ,; Osborne, Richard L-; Assoc. Prof, of Econ. and Bus,; Peter, J. Dale: Instructor in Econ, and Bus.; Petersen, Albert J.: Instructor in Econ, and Bus. Schenk, Ronald L.: Instructor in Econ, and Bus,; Thomas, Dr. Archie C.; Prof, of Econ. and Bus.; Thompson, Dr. Leonard W.: Prof, of Econ. end Bus,; Trujillo, Milton M.: Asst. Prof, of Econ, and Bus.; Walden, J. B.: Asst, Prof, of Econ. and Bus, 21 Economics and Business Student Boon Created By Stenographic Lab Opened this year, a stenographic listening laboratory proved a boon to secretarial training in the economics and business division. More than 3.000 students were enrolled in one or more classes in the division in the fall. Included on the teaching staff were 23 full-time faculty members, as well as part-time instructors and graduate as- sistants. Seven specialized areas offered more than 100 courses in economics and business. The curriculum covered accounting, economics, general business, business teaching, data processing, secretarial work and geography. Concentration is a must when totaling figures on an adding machine. In typing desses students learn to prepare different types of documents and correspondence and to improve their speed and accuracy. 22 Pi Omega Pi members are, back row: Lucille Houser, Dedria Ashworth, Verladyn McDargh, Donna Norden; third row: Karleno Seeman, Janet Bryant. Joyce Ndlette, Lois Bartley; second row: Karen Gilchrist, Vickie Wright, Carol ScHissler, Sharon Baler- front row: Marilyn Bouchey, Roberta Schleefli, Laura Horning,, June Thompson, Beverly Hendrfjo Pi Omega Pi Serves At Teachers Meeting Pi Omega Pi, honorary business education fraternity, served refreshments to visiting teachers at the state teachers meeting at Fort Hays State in November. Members of the organization typed information on student identification cards. A $10 book award was given to an outstanding senior member. Pi Omega Pi elected Karen Gilchrist president. Leona Gallion served as sponsor for the group. Alpha Kappa Psi Aids With Special Meetings Chartered on campus last year. Alpha Kappa Psi, business fraternity for men, assisted with special conferences brought to campus by the business and economics division. The men concentrated on strengthening the organization in order to assure its stability In future years. Robert Wagner was president of Alpha Kappa Psi. Richard Osborne served as sponsor for the organization. Alpha Kappa Psi members, are. beck row: Ronald Schenk, Roger Bennett, Donald Zvolanek, David Hendrickson, Charles Vachal, Larry Trusself, Clyde Phillips, GaMen Bartel, Paul Jennison, Larry Noffsinger, Robert Wagner, Dines Kyriakldes. Waiter ManteuHeP third row: Dennis Befort, Rodger DeGarmo, Stephen Wondra, Leo Kolfman, Laurence Brungardt. Richard Jarv is, Ronald Vratil, Roland Nuss. Dwight Wiehl, Bill Mangels, Rodney Moore, Jack Sid we II; second row: John Trapp, Dennis Boliig, Richard lebteck, Monte Lareau, David Meckenstock, Robert Sears, Harry Judd, Larry Sherrill, Ron Ashley, Edward Allen, Joseph Fox; front row: Tom Befort, Norman Befort, Verlin Edwards. Delbert Stout, Milton Tru- jillo, Blaine Hardman, Ronafd Harkness, M. J, Little, Richard Osborne, sponsor. 23 Nurse Education Trousers Join Skirts in Nursing Program Perry Comeau brought something unique to FHS this year, but it wasn ' t a crooning voice. He was the first male student to seriously study nursing at the college. Earning his badge [equivalent of cap) upon completing the second year of the four-year nursing program in April, Comeau worked with male patients white the 36 sopho- more women in the program attended women patients Comeau was not entirely alone in hrs aspirations. Sev- eral freshman men were enrolled in nursing courses, which often prove to be the testing ground for helping one determine if he is suited for the profession. Also in nursing, Miss Leora Stroup, professor of nurse education, was named a member of the Kansas Voluntary Advisory Committee on the Selection of Physicians, Dentists and Allied Specialists by Gov, William Avery. in addition to on-campus learning, student nurses use the Hadley Manorial Hospital library and hold several classes in the building Perry Comeau. first mole nurse at FHS, lights the Florence Nightingale lamp, symbolic of nursing, at capping ceremonies. Conducting the ritual is Leora B, Stroup, chairman of the division of nurse education. Assisting Hadley Memorial Hospital ' s chief laboratory technician in testing a blood sample is Sue Riner, a third-year student nurse. Stroup. Leora 6,: Prof, of Nur e- Educ., Chrm. of Div, of Nurse Educ. ' Cobb, Mae L.: Instructor in Nurse Educ.; Klassen, Kathryn: Instructor in Nursg Educ.; Lounsberry, Elinor: Instructor in Nurse Educ.: Trosin, Elinors Instructor in Nurse Educ, 24 While directing physical therapy exercises, a student nurse helps others to help themselves. Nurses ' Club gave student nurses an opportunity to get acquainted and to develop a professional concept of nursing through programs, meetings and parties during the year. Members are. bade row; Mary Jones, delta Howland. Betty Bergman, Beverly Beckley. Georgette Wiens, Pam Thurman, Sidney Zerfas, Charlotte Highland, Janice Walters, Jeri McDougal, Durward Lynch. Susan Karst, Julia Smith, DeVore Me- Claren; fourth row: Connie Graves, Linda Cress, Mary Ann Coady, Cheryl Doyle, Sharon LoVette, Shirley Quint. Jo Eva Ziegler, Ruth Eickbush, Grace Humphrey, Pamela Voth, Priscilla Mosler, Mary Me- Farlane, Ivalee Smith, Jean Ann Quinn; third row: Ann Bettenbraek, Juanita Smith, Beth Lamoreux, Jennie Carlson, Pam Ayers, Gloria Car- penter Jerilyn Bash ford, Peggy Rhoades, Elsa Arias, Jolene Don art. Sharon Miller, Julia isenbart. Marilyn Seyb. Norma Adams, Jan Morris, Barbara Krehbiel: second row; Linda Nielsen. Kay Beck. Carol Haaga, Diane Magill, Sharon Elder, Shirley McDonald. Barbie Weise, Donlta Herring. Sharon Kogler, Charlene Fenwick, Mary Gentry, Kathy Mullenix, Kathy Heubbin. Karen Brown, Leora B. Stroup, R. N. Crirm.; front row: Linda Howland, Sarah Miller, Reatha Bollig. Cathy Bnndle, Claudia Magie, Nancy Ward, Mona Shamburg, Sheila Spati. Sylvia Krause, Meredith Million, Connie Lynn. Kerry Mullenix, Perry Comeau, Kathy Kaltenbach, Linda Poulignot. Elinor Trosin, R. N. Sponsor. 25 Taking to the outdoors on a pleasant afternoon, art students sketch the fountain in front of Picken Hall, Cain, Dr. C, Richard: Prof, of Ind. Arts, Chmn, of Div, of Applied Arts; Bachkora, Bryan: Instructor in ind. Arts; Beesley, Alice F.: Prof, of Home Eton. Head of Dept. Boor, Jerome F+: Asst, Prof, of Ind. Arts; Brooks. R, U-: Assoc, Prof, of Ind- Arts, Supt. of Buildings; Caldwell. Dr. Eleanor: Assoc, Prof of Art; Ficken, Dale: Instructor in Art; Harwick, Eugene: Instructor in Art. Hinkhcuse, James: Instructor in Art; Hoffman. Maxine: Assoc. Prof, of Home Econ.; Johnson. Daniel: Instructor in Ind, Arts; Krebs, June L: Instructor in Home Econ.; McGinnis, Darrell D.: Asst. Prof, of Art. McKee, Dennis D,; Assoc. Prof, of Ind- Arts; Moss. Dr. Joel C.: Prof, of Art, Head of Dept,; Nelson, Dr. Rex A,: Assoc, Prof, of Ind. Arts; Thorns, John C.: Assoc, Prof, of Art; Twarogcwski, Leroy: Instructor in Art. 26 Constructed in I9S3, Davis Hall, home of applied arts, is one of the newer buildings on campus Featuring works of 112 students, the annual Fort Hays State Student Art Show again high- lighted spring art activities. Each student exhibited from two to eight pieces of his year ' s work. In May students sold their work at the Village Art Sale. Recipients of Mabel Vandiver Awards for out- standing art in the show were Louise Pickering, Douglas Freed, Conrad Chlumsky, Don Kelly. Linda Memming, Martha Nelson and Maribeth Engle. In late April, juniors and seniors from 60 high schools in Central and Western Kansas submitted more than 2,000 projects for competition in the college ' s annual Industrial Arts Fair. Several pieces of power equipment were added to the industrial arts department. The equipment included electronic machines for testing various engine parts, training stations for running elec- tronic experiments, a wood surfaces, a table saw, a plane, a shaper and a box and pan breaker, which folds sheet metal Into the shape of a pan. Applied Arts Highlights Include College Art Show Silhouettes of costumes through history are prepared in a Home economics class. 27 Ari ' im blend a f’ar for creating with imagination. Delicate equipment helps two industrial art students tune up a car engine. Newly squired training stations for various types of elec Preparing dinner at the residence halls, home economics women in a quantity cookery t r o " i C equipment serve Industrial arts students, class learn procedures for cooking large amounts of food. 23 Kappa Omlcfon Phi members are, back row: Carolyn Sasse, Sheryl Earley, Vickie Wright, Nancy Selbe, Decfria Ashworth, Shirley Keller: third row: Vicky Irvin, Martha Kilgore, Rhoda Danse!, Linda Kahmeyer, Janice Curtis, Nancy Koochei second row: Kathalie Dortbnd, Connie Bennett, Judy Tyson, Sheryl Drake, Sharon Kralicek, Priscilla Jackson: front row: Casendra Undberg, Dorothy Urban, Marsha Smith, Joan Johnson, Alice Beesley, sponsor. Home Economics Organizations Sell Pie, Candy Money-making projects of pie and candy sales helped finance the programs for Home Economics Chapter and Kappa Omicron Phi, national home economics honorary. Connie Bennett was state treasurer of Home Economics Chapter, and Maxine Hoffman, associate professor of home economics, was adviser to the treasurer. Mrs. Hoffman and Alice Beesley, professor of home economics, served on the state executive committee of the organization. More selective in membership, Kappa Omicron Phi re- quired that members maintain a 2.0 average in home ec- onomics and complete at least 12 hours in the department. Sharon Kralicek served as president of Home Economics Chapter, and June Krebs was sponsor, Sheryl Drake headed Kappa Omicron Phi, and Miss Beesley was adviser. Home Economics Chapter members are, back row: Carolyn Sasse, Vicky Irvin, Judy Casey, Margaret Hogan, Trylla Kli ' ni- man, Cheryl Whitney, Rhoda Dansel, Sharon Kralicek: third row: Connie Bennett, Vickie Wright. Dodria Ashworth, Martha Kilgore, Georgian Hayse. Shirley Keller. Nancy Koocheh second row: Helen Cribble, Janice Wheateroft, Marsha Smith, Carolyn Rankin, Denise U+zenberger, Charlotte Canard: front row: Nancy Carter, Beverly Kaupp, Barbara Sehoentheier, Patricia Peters, Phyllis loerger. 29 Industrial Arts Club members are. batlt row: Wally Wiech n, Rex Nel- son Dan Johnson. Don Lehman, Larry Skelton, Jerry €♦ Brown, Vernon Kraus Franck Noel Donald Bell, Edward Westerman, Galen Jamison. Bernard Weigel. Edwin Hampton third row: Fred Rude. Larry Kurol . Dudley Sanneman, Gerald Hdse, Don Klish, Roger Pruter. Dale KlisH, D M Morphy, Thomas Button, Delbert Martin. Steve Wor.ey, Dwight Dunham second row: Arthur Bates, Merl Insley. Robert Hackerott Terry Mi ier, Steve Cranston, Richard Connally. Lin Gordon, Glen Ted, Willed Johnson. Edward Vo+ruba : front row: Ronald Oliver. Hack Nenfeld, John Greer Danny Jacobs. Richard Westbrook, Danny Sanneman. Charles Eaton Marvin Cain, Larry Adams, Stephen Albright. George Steele, Beck row: Dennis McKee, sponsor. Ralph Barnett, David Robertson, Mar- vin D ' nkel, Kenneth Dreiling, Karl HiJgers. Dale Wegner, Larry Micheells, Jesse G a re +5 on, John White, Bill Rueb, Lee Scott, Donald Hoberman; third row: Robert Ashworth, Bryan Bechkora, Larry Jenisch, John Koochel John Bandel, Jerry Bitter, Mike Laird. Jim Deason, Ernest Heikes. Donald Blaiek, John Tweed, John Armstrong; second row: Ellis McIntyre, Ralph Pitner. Conrad Peterson, Edward Spangenberg, Robert Heimer, Tom McLain, Ed Jones, . Richard Porter, Paul Lawrence, Lawrence Schueler, C. R. Cain; front row: Kent Nollette, Cecil Pettit, Larry Westhoff, Stephen Gill. Gene Stagner, Leslie Gould. Eldon Zim- belman, Don Keller. Industrial Arts Clubs Hold Fair, Contact Alumni More than 2,100 e ntries from 64 Kansas high schools poured onto campus for the annual Industrial Arts Fair, sponsored by Industrial Arts Club, in April. Projects judged at the fair ranged from furniture io machinery. Other activities of the organization included a customary overnight cookout and a dinner honoring outstanding scholar- ship of industrial arts students each semeste . More selective, Epsilon Pi Tau, honorary for industrial arts students ranking in the upper one-fourth of their classes, maintained contact with alumni ot the department and pro- vided placement sources for graduating seniors. Delbert Martin was president of Industrial Arts Club; Den- nis McKee was adviser. Epsilon Pi Tau was headed by Conrad Peterson, Sponsor of the group was Dr. Rex Nelson. Epsilon Pi Tau members are back row: Rex Nelson, sponsor, Edwin Hampton, Lorry Skelton, Dan Johnson, Franck Noel, Wally Wiechen, Lee Scott, Murl Insley; third row: Karl Hilgers, Richard Connelly, John R, White, Delbert Martin, C. R. Cain. Donald Haberman, Larry JanUch; second row; Larry Mlchaelis, David Robertson, Dennis McKee, Kenneth Dreiling, Marvin Dinkel. George Steele, John Koochel: front row: Bryan Bachkora, Conrad Peterson, Richard Westbrook, Wilfred John- son, Ellis McIntyre, Kent Nollette. 30 Speech therapy major Carolyn Todd positions a patient ' s mouth for better enunciation and then allows her to see her facial expression in a mirror. Language, Literature, Speech Reach All Students Thompson, Dr. William R,: Prof, of Eng., Chrm. of Div, of Lang,, Ut,, and Speech; Batty, Elizabeth M.: Instructor in Eng.; Bogart, Katherine I.: Assoc, Prof, of Eng.; CarbalSo, Dr.’ Benito: Instructor in Lang.; Ciplljauskaite, Danuta: In- structor in Lang. Cirurgiao. Antonio A.: Instructor in Lang.; Collier, Jaimes R, » Instructor in Jourh.; Costigan, James I.: Asst. Prof, of Speech; Coulson, Marion E-: Assoc. Prof, of Eng.; Davidson, Eleanor: Instructor In Eng. Davis, Dale W,: Instructor in Eng.; Day, R- Paut: In- structor in Eng.; del Barca, Dolores: Instructor in Lang,; Edwards, Dr. Clifford D.: Assoc. Prof, of Eng,; Gamer, Naomi R,; Asst. Prof, of Eng. Graber, Dr, Paul A.: Prof, of Lang.; Heather, Jack R.t Assoc, Prof, of Speech; Herndon, Dr„ Geneva: Prof, of Speech; Ison, David L: Instructor in Eng.; Johnson, Sidney E.: Asst. Prof, of Speech. 31 Cover designer Jack Wilson and student writer Su Cott discuss the spring Smoky Hill Review issue. The magazine was sold on campus to students aod faculty. Lang., Lit. and Speech Sheaf Gives Way To New Magazine Replacing the Sheaf, a new campus literary mag- azine, known as the Smoky Hill Review, was born. Two issues, one in the fall and another in the spring, carried poetry, fiction and drama by students, fac- ulty and outside writers. To become effective at the beginning of the fall semester next year, a change in the basic studies requirement in English was outlined by the Faculty Senate. Under the new system, Composition 2 will no longer be offered. Instead, students will take Composition I their freshman year and Expository Writing 5 I their junior year. With an answer anticipated by next fall, applica- tion was made to the Board of Regents for approval of a journalism major for FHS. T ra n$ la ted by Dr. S. J. Sackett. professor of Eng- lish, M The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short’ 1 by John Daisne. a Flemish novelist, was released by a New York publisher. Dr. ’ A illEam Thompson, profes- sor of English, succeeded Dr. Reginald Reindorp, professor of language, as chairman of the division of language, literature and speech. Kitzman, George H.l Asst. Prof, of Speech: Kuchar, Dr. Roman V.: Asst, Prof, of L ang.: Leonard, John: Instructor in Eng.; Lowen, Robert L : Instructor in Journ.; Maason, Leon; Instructor in Journ, McFarland, Alice: Asst, Prof, of Eng.; Morrison, Alice: Assoc. Prof, of Eng,; Parish, Dr, Verna M.: Prof, of Eng.; Reeves, E. Erik: Instructor in Eng. ' Reinecke, Robert E-: Instructor in Speech. Reising, Robert W.: Asst. Prof, of Eng.; Rogers, Katherine l.: Asst. Prof, of Journ.; Sadcett, Marjorie: Instructor in Eng,; Sackett, Dr, Samuel J.; Prof, of Eng, ' Schwartt, Perry; Instructor in Speech, Spear. Guy E,: Instructor in Eng.: Stout, Dr. Roberta C-: Prof, of Eng,; Vogel, Nancy Instructor in Eng.; Volk, Mary Ellen: Instructor in Lang.; Winterlin, DeWayne: In- structor in Lang. 32 Pointing up important Issues, debate coach Jim Gostigan outlines with College newspaper adviser Jim Collier assists Gary Kisner fr writing a his debaters the approach for the next intercollegiate encounter story while Pam Alspew and Marla Bass discuss a tentative page layout. 33 Utiliiing -the Hays television studios during hours off the air, a radio and television class practices with cameras. Backstage during play practice. Don Richardson prompts actors During one of their practice sessions at television station KAYS, radio and on stage, and Ken Bauer relaxes while awaiting his next cue. television students signal instructions to sublets and camera operators. Tacking together the frame, Robert E. Reinecke, .instructor in speech,, begins building a piece of scenery for a play. 24 Lambda lota Tau members are, back rowt S. J. Sackett, David Smith, Dale W. Davis, sponsor; second row: Vera Thomas, Clodell Thomas, Mary Schwmdt; front row; Marilyn Walden Leo+a Anderson, Judy Johnson. Lambda lota Tau Pays Author of Best-Seller Visits to Other Groups Speaks to MASCOM Making extracurricular investigation and interchange of ideas their goals, members of Lambda lota Tau, national language and literary honorary, accompanied Dr. Samuel Sackett to visit other chapters. Dr. Sackett, who helped organize the college chapter of Lambda lota Tau, serves as International executive secretary for the organization. David Smith was president. Sponsor was Dale Davis. Organized to unite students of radio., photography, journal- ism, Leader and Reveille. MASCOM invited Father John Terbovich. author of the best-seller The Faces of Love, to speak at a meeting. Father John, chaplain of the FHS New- man Club, won a prize with his work when it was named book of the month by National Literary Foundation. Joe Fox headed MASCOM. Ted Tow was sponsor. MASCOM members are. back row: Leon Maxson, Tad Tow, Jim Collier, Becky Bodenhamen third row: Joe Fox. Dermis Pearce; second row: Jim Flavin, Duane Kraft, Lorraine Jackson, Katherine Rogers. Gary Kisner; front row: Marla Bass, Connie Parish, Kathy Walters, Louise Symon, Dixie Harper, Pam Alspaw, 35 Leader staffers are. back row; Gerry Daise, Loren Nodme, Jim Collier, adviser, Gary Kisner, Jim. Flavin, Dennis " Pearce, Slennis Carpenter, third row: Louise Symon. Ann Kohmen; second row: Jack Matlack, Lee Mai. Connie Parish, Scott Spreier, Riqk Schwein ' front row: Ken Ross, Maria Bass. Pam Aljpaw, Duane Kraft. 36 As Marla Bass pecks out a news story, Gary Kfsner offers advice. Gathering at Martin Allen Hall and then invading the home of Jim Collier, the not- too- worried Leader adviser, staffers display their disdain for college newspaper salaries. Leader editorial staff and printers are, standing: Lee Mai, Dennis Pearce, Scott Spreier, Ed Urban, Gob May, Connie Parish, Jim Uht, Gary Kisner; seated: Marla Bass, Pam Alspaw, Gerry Daise. Kisner Will Retain Top Leader Post Gary Kisner, editor of this year ' s State College Leader, was tabbed to head the newspaper staff for a second year by Jim Collier adviser In a good-natured protest of current wages,, staff members picketed Collier ' s home. In addition to Kisner, other top staffers were Connie Parish, news editor; Maria Bass, copy edi- tor; Dennis Pearce, editorial editor; Lee Mai and Scott Spreier, sports editors; Pam Alspaw, organiza- tions editor: Jack Wilson, business manager; and Gerry Daise,, circulation manager. 37 Circulation manager while Louise Symon ■ ing manager, prepare Photography operations personnel are Lorraine Jackson, Joe Fox, Lawrence Schueler. Martha Daniel, Leon Masson, Earfene Campbell, ' Dave Arnold, rrrr rrrr In rr 38 Reveilfe staffers are, back row: Ken Ross Ann Tester, Margaret Thacker, Ane+a Ruff, Linda Hardgrove; third ' row: Deanna Milter, Ron Fischli, Steve Base, Bob Martin; second row: Robin Parker, Rick Schwein front row: Clarefta Mayhew, Katherine Rogers, adviser. 1966 Yearbook Theme Emphasizes Academics Selecting a theme emphasizing academics, the yearbook staff prepared the second fall ' delivery Reveille, Entitled the College Show, the theme likened academics to the Main Tent of, collegiate life and relegated other activities to the role of Side Shows. Decorations at the Reveille Ball, which attracted more than 300, also portrayed this theme. Picking up pointers to improve the 1966 book at the an- nual American Collegiate Press Conference in San Francisco were Robin Parker, editor; Ron Fischli, assistant editor; and Katherine Rogers, adviser. Other top staff members included Steve Base, business manager; Bob Martin, advertising man- ager; Deanna Miller and Linda Hardgrove, organizations edi- tors- and Rick Schwein, sports editor. Judged by two rating services, the 1965 Reveille garnered AC P ' s second highest rating (first class] and National School Yearbook Assn. ' s most coveted award (A + ). 39 In Spanish clothing, children perform a hat dance at the Re$ta ' n Memorial Union. Spanish Club members are. back row: Richard Hawley, David Dennis, James Benoit, Mary Burleigh, Gloria Oliver, Mary ScWiber- third row; Dr. Benito Carballc, sponsor, Arfyn Smith. Sharen Walker, Margaret Hulstine, Theresa Lam- bert: second row; Lynda Bongartj, Ellen Biays, Corliss Jacobs, LaVetta Westphal, Barbara Ellison, Vicky Spurgin; front row: Carol Thummel. Pat Grover. Peg Grover, Caro! Hawley. Carolyn Sosser. Lynette Wahrman. Spanish Club Attends German Club Learns Cervantes Day at KU About Life of Germany Members of Spanish Club attended Cervantes Day at the University of Kansas. One presented an address in Spanish and three others gave recitations in the language. Club participants enjoyed a picnic at Cedar Bluffs reservoir and a Spanish Fiesta honoring Dr + and Mrs, Benito Carballo, sponsors. Arlyn Smith was president. Gaining inspiration and enthusiasm from the years of resi- dence in Germany of Dr. and Mrs. Roman Kuchar, sponsors, German Club supplemented textbook and laboratory study with glimpses of German life. German culture, including music, art and literature, shared the spotlight at meetings of the group,, who chose Jim Peril to serve as president. German Club members are, back row: Gaien Schmidt berger, Doug Huft. Dr. Roman Kuchar, sponsor, Erich Hartmann, Thomas Hcffman; front row: Jim Peril, Sue Ann Mapes, Linda Channell, Nora Lee Jennings, Mark Stuart, Little Theater members are, back row: Connie Keesling, Sue Ostrander. Fred Deal, Perry Schwartz, adviser, Don Richardson, Kenneth Bauer, Doug Teel 1 ; front row: Wayne Alan Slpe, Arthur Dirks, Pat Riner, Calene Bomgardner. Little Theater Presents Contemporary Dramas With the innovation of New Drama 65-66, Little Theater participants spent the year producing contemporary dramas which dea lt with man ' s relationship to society. " A Thousand Clowns " launched the productions. Second on the agenda was " Rhinoceros. 1 11 " Death of a Salesman " was the last long play given. Two one-act presentations, " The Tiger " and " The Typist, " closed out the season. Playing polka music, Freda Brauer entertains German Club. Joining fortes to review the script for an upcoming Little Theater presentation ' , Fred Deal and Sue Ostrander discuss their roles. 41 KFHS staffers are. standing: Charlotte Gaston, Doug Teel, Gary .Thompson, Tom Sprentel. Dale Sehields. Jack Heather, adviser: seated, 8ev Claassen. Terry Keenan, Pat Riner, Alan Scherbrmeir. Radio Staffers Adjust Correctionists Attracted To New Headquarters To Children’s Centers Spacious new headquarters and improved equipment In Malloy Hall gave KFHS. the college radio station, better facilities to produce programs for campus reception. Utilizing KAYS radio and television facilities, the nine radio staffers piped programs to the five residence halls and taped " ' Coaches ' Corner ' programs, featuring interviews with the college coaches, for general use, Gary Thompson directed KFHS operations during the fall semester, and Tom Sprenkel was director in the spring. Adviser for college radio activities was Jack Heather, Making jigsaw puzzles and candy-filled stockings, members of Sigma Alpha Eta, speech therapy honorary, visited children in speech centers on campus and at Hadley Memorial Hos- pital, They toured the Hadley Rehabilitation Center and visited the Institute of Logopedics in Wichita, In order to qualify for membership, a student is required to rank in the upper 35 per cent of his class or to maintain an overall grade average of at least a B. Carolyn Todd was elected president of Sigma Alpha Eta. Dr, Geneva Herndon served as sponsor for the group. Sigma Alpha Eta members are, back row: Delmer HibauItT George Kitzmon. Robert Bcder,, Terrance Shane: second row: Dick Lopes. Janice Joy, Glenda Gay. Pat Spomer: front row: Carol Barnett, Carolyn Todd Elizabeth Kasper, Anne Schroeder, Diana Teter. Dr. Geneva Herndon, sponsor. 42 Married Couple Debates In Harvard Tournament Husband-wife team, Doris and Richard Scott, represented FHS in the Harvard Debate Tournament after compiling a 26-7 marie up to the meet. During the season the Scotts argued their way to first in the Kansas Wesleyan and Colorado University meets. Clark Chipman and Sharia Barber won second in the junior division of the Kansas Wesleyan meet. They also snared second in the College of Emporia novice meet; going undefeated but losing to Wichita State University on the basis of point totals. Top: Husband-wife team. Dork and Richard Scott, prepare for Harvard meet. Bottom: With a meet near, Murray Anderson and Sharia Barber review notes. Debate coach Jim CostEgan adds a trophy to the collection. Debater! Nancy York and Jean Qborny discuss their data. 43 Adjusting the telescope he built, Doyle Brook associate professor of physics, shows the Instrument to Rex Davis. Carefully. Jackie Flake takes a thermometer reading in a chemistry ex- periment on the fractional distillation of an organic substance. Physical Science New Neutron Howitzer Strengthens Facilities Used to contain radiation emitted by alpha particles from atoms reacting inside It, a neutron howitzer was pur- chased to vitalize physical science facilities. Added to mathematics offerings, a scientific computer course taught students to solve complicated mathematical and chemical problems on the college ' s computer. Geology personnel introduced a three-hour course in general physical geology. Having no pre-requisite, the course was designed primarily for non-geofogy majors. FHS earned several grants for research in chemistry. Kansas Heart Assn, awarded grantsdn-ald to Dr, James McMechan ($2,300) and Dr. Harold Choguill ($1,000). National Science Foundation granted $6,900 to the chemistry department to support an In-Service Institute in the Chemical Bond Approach for high school chemistry teachers. The Foundation also awarded a $2,000 academic year extension to Dr, Max Rumpel for research work. 44 t Home of physical sciences at the college is Albertson Hal Bonner, Orville: Instructor in GeoL; Brooks, Doyle K.: Assoc. Prof, of Physics: Cole, Dr. Jerry J.; Asst. Prof, of Chem.; Curtis, Nancy: Instructor in Math.: Dryden, Laurence: Asst. Prof, of Math. To be exhibited in the college museum, a fossil mammoth skull is prepared for display by Steve Constable and Danny Moore. CboguiN, Dr, Harold $-: Prof, of Chem r , Chmn. of Div, of Physical Sciences: Baxter, Vivian: Instruc- tor in Math. Etter, Orville E.; Asst, Prof, of Math.: Gruber, James D.: Instructor in Physics; Gumm, Robert D.: Instructor in Math.; Halpern, William: Asst. Prof, of Chem.; Hast ings, Corazon R.: Asst. Prof, of Chem. Marshall, Everett L.: Assoc, Prof, of Math.; McGregor Dr. J. D.: Asst. Prof, of Geol.; McMechan, Dr. James H.; Asst. Prof, of Chem- Rice, Dr. Jimmy: Prof, of Math.; Richards, Robert C,: Asst. Prof, of Chem, Rolfs, Marvin E,: Asst, Prof, of Math.; Rumpel, Dr. Max L.: Assoc. Prof, of Chem,; Silvers, Wayne L: Instructor in Physics; Toalson, Wllmonf: Prof, of Math,; Walker, Myrl, V,: Assoc. Prof, of Geol,; Director of Museums. OOP ' TO Ju4 P 45 Mathematic instructor Nancy Curtis demonstrates the operation of the col ' iege ' s I 620 Computer to her das . Obtaining an osmometer reading, Terry Sallee measures molecular weight. Completed in 1963, the new wing of Albertson Hail provides large classrooms and modern science equipment for students. Historical geology class views fossil mammoth bones recently uncovered and placed on exhibit in the college museum. 46 Kappa Mu Epsilon members are, back row: Keith Burtselmeyer. Jim Ontjes, Les Dreiling, Stephen Tebo, William Ledbetter, Jean Oborny, El DeForest, Ronald Hoover, Ralph Tapphorn. Rich Duran. Tommy M, Cain, Rodney Nunley third row: John Dempsey, Larry D. Smith, Mickey Frownfelter, Eugene Mason, Stephen Pay n ter. Gerald Hertel, Alan Thornburg, Blaine Roberts, Terry Cleveland Robert Steimel. Forest Math Honorary Sends Delegates to Missouri Delegates " from Kappa Mu Epsilon, honorary mathematics fraternity, attended the organization ' s regional meeting at Springfield, Mo. The group held initiation for new members in both fall and spring. At the spring ceremony Dr. William Briggs of Colorado University spoke. Manlynn Wilson was elected president of Kappa Mu Epsilon. Robert Gumm served as sponsor for the group. Grabs r, Donald Forgue; second row: T. C. Chan. Felix VanLeeuwen, Gary Schmidt. Jim Dinkel, Faye Steffen, Ima Lee HeSer. Marilynn Wilson. Bifan Chafiian. Rodney Hugley. Robert Orth, John Briery: front row: Marvin Rolfs, Robert Gumm. sponsor, Dorothy Gross, Marjorie Fast, Dixie Smith, Cynthia Jacobs, Sandra Smith, Robin Parker, Vivian Baxter! Sharon Kemper, Eugene Etter, Laurence Dryden. Chemistry Club Tours Topeka Interest Points Journeying to Topeka, Chemistry Club members toured Goodyear Tire Co,, the DuPont plant and the Kansas Academy of Science. Dr. A. H, Doane of Kansas State University spoke at the spring banquet, where the outstanding freshman and senior chemistry students were honored. Diana Callen was president of Chemistry Club, and Robert Richards served as sponsor for the organization. Chemistry Club members are. back row: Terry Sdllee. James K lever, Robert Richards, sponsor. Dean Coffee n, William Ledbetter, Alfred Holstein: second row: Gerald Hoffman, Diana Callen, Danny Westphal, Jackie Flake, Palmer Meek; front row: Kyu Chull Kim, Sylvia Brockmeier. Carol 8ray, Margaret Schaefer, Shirley Green. 47 Old gives way to new as work on the new library surges ahead. In the back- ground is Forsyth Library, soon to lose its place as the center of study. Supplying a wealth of information to students, Forsyth Library s documents department contains federal and state government publications. Gathering data for a term paper, Mary Wherry researches. 45 Need lor more library space become acutely apparent this year as students packed into the reference room daily. Library Science Work Moves Ahead On Library Building Anticipating more up-to-date facilities. Fort Hays Staters saw construction on a new library get underway In November, The $1,500,000 structure, slated for completion In January, 1967, will more than triple current space and will acquire Its name from the present Forsyth Library. According to present plans, the old library, center of campus study since 1926, will be remod- eled into an administration building. Approximately 70 students helped finance their education during the year by working in the li- brary. Twenty-seven hours of library science courses were offered to enable secondary educa- tion majors to qualify as teacher librarians. Campbell, Marc: Prof, of Library ScL Chrm. of Div. of Library ScL; Christopher, Rachel: Asst, Prof of Library ScL Bibliography Librarian; Gross, Erne: Instructor in Library ScL Circulation Librarian; Harltness, Margery T.: Asst. Prof, of Library ScL, Cataloger Librarian, Powell, Bettie: Instructor in Library ScL Acquisitions Li- brarian ; Reed. Lawrence: Instructor in Library ScL. Refer- ence Librarian; Riley, Esta Lou: Asst, Prof, of Library ScL Serials Librarian; Schmidt, Fred: Instructor in Library Sen, Documents Librarian; Smith, Robert: Instructor in Library ScL 49 An FHS graduate, Or. Leo Oliva works on his forthcoming booL Social Science Professor’s Book Nears Publication Scheduled for publication early next year is the book ' " Soldiers of the Santa Fe Trail " by Dr. Leo Oliva, assistant professor of history. Information on military activity along the trail from 1829 to 1880 will be contained in the volume. The work will describe military forts formerly located along the trail. Indian campaigns and the role of the Santa Fe Trail in the Mexican and Civil Wars will also be covered. At a historical study conference at Fort Hays State, members of the history faculty conducted sessions in which student papers from seven colleges and universities were presented. James L. Forsythe, assistant professor of history, received a $2.400-plus fellowship, financed through the National Defense Education Act. to continue his doctorate studies on agricultural policies during the administration of President Truman. Moreland, Dr. William D.: Prof, of Pol. Set, and Social., Chrm, of Div. of Social Sci.t Grains, Dr. Eugene R.: Prof, of History ' Da- vidson, Dr. Gordon W.: Asst, Prof, of History! Davis, Eleanor M.r Instructor in SocioL Evans, Charles H.: Asst. Prof, of Pol. Sci,: Forsythe, James L.: Asst. Prof, of History: Hed. Richard P.: Instructor in Pol. Sci.r Jones. Thomas A.: Asst. Prof, of History, Lane, Thomas A.: Instructor in Sodol.; Mulch, Barbara: Asst, Prof, of History! Mulch, Mer- rill F.: Asst, Prof, of History: Oliva, Dr. Leo £.; Asst. Prof, of History. Ruckman, Jo Ann: Instructor in History; Smith, Dr, Wilda M.: Assoc. Prof, of History; Tomlinson. John: Asst, Prof, of Pol. $d.: Witt, Robert: Assoc. Prof, of Pol, $cu and Sodol. 50 Phi Alpha Theta members are, bade row: Helmut J. Schmeller, Gordon W. Davidson, Ralph F. Voss, James Saddler, -Glenn Pettengill; fourth row: James Forsythe, sponsor, Patsi Bale. Kevin Has . Dan Westphal, Tom Scatesr third row: Linda McKee. Jim Rock. Elaine BoedeW, Khosrow Sadeghi, Dan Gish: second row; Sidney Cooley, Louise Albright, Diana Carmichael, Gene Buinger. Larry Stephens: front row: Carol Miller, Kerry Thalheim, JaAnna Murphy. Cheryl Cain, Steve L. Culver. 70 Give Papers at Phi Alpha Theta Conference Sponsoring the historical study conference at FH$ was the big project of Phi Alpha Theta, history honorary. At the con- ference 70 students and faculty members from seven colleges and universities presented research papers. Conferences for junior and sensor high school history instruc- tors also were hosted by the organization. Participants in Phi Alpha Theta assisted with the Interna- tional Affairs Conference and promoted participation in the Midwest Model United Nations sessions. Encouraging original research and writing, the group award- ed a cash prize for the best paper in the Student Historian to a Fort Hays State scholar. Jim Saddler was elected president of Phi Alpha Theta, James Forsythe served as sponsor for the group. Explaining causes of climate variation, Albert Peterson instructs a geography class. FHS delegates to the Midwest Model United Nations are, back row: Khosrow Sadeghl. Gena Bu- gger, Jerry Michel, Fred Bongo, Merrill Mulch : front row: Sharon Daniels, JoAnne Murphy, Cheryl Ruder, Kerry Thalheim. Barbara Faulkner, Leroy M unsell. 51 Stage band members ere Jon Sims (standing), Hal Sager (drums}, Steve Trainer (bass); back row: Dave Foley, Ron Jensen, John Bur- ley, Bob Seim, Mike Johnson: sec- ond row: Earl Blauer, director. Robert Regier, Gary Merllein. Terry Karlin: front row: Clint Rflynes, Sandy Hqagjand, Janis Brown, Louise Polcyn, Mary White. I I Herren, Dr. Lloyd K.; Prof- of Music. Chrm, of Div r of Music; Bartholomew, Dr. Leland; Prof, of Music: Brown, Robert H,: Instructor in Music. Chan, Jennie Mae: Instructor in Music; Dilley. Lyle: Asst. Prof, of Music; Fdten, Lucille: Prof, of Music: Moore, Mary Maudei Asst. Prof, of Music; Moss, Alison, Instructor in Music. Palmer, Harold: Assoc. Prof, of Music; Schleieh, Phyllis A,: Asst. Prof, of Music; Stout, Donald E.: Assoc, Prof, of Music; Wilkins. Dr. William D. : Prof, of Music; Zenge, Michael W.: Instructor In Music. 52 i v Dedicated this year Malloy Hall, newest campus building, houses music, speech and drama classes and activities. Music Only Men Qualify For Marching Band Completing its first full year in the new Malloy Hall, the music division incorporated several inno- vations into its program offerings. An all-mafe marching band, one of the few in the state and the only one in the Central Intercollegiate Conference, was organized. Under the direction of Lyle Dilley, the band presented halftime shows at home football contests. Although not offered for classroom credit, a college stage band gave interested musicians an opportunity to master techniques of playing various dance arrangements in preparation for participation in professional dance groups. After having served FHS for 47 years, Lucille Felten, professor of music, retired. Donald £. Stout, associate professor of music, received his doctorate from the University of Indiana. Well-known for her annual Poise ' n 1 Ivy shows and for her troupe of I m prompt wos, Mary Maude Moore, assistant professor of music, took a leave of absence after six years at the college. hou rt , of lnten5i r r effor 9° Sfl [° 1 to P‘ n tch mgsica . f Here Ger rd Brown practices a recital piece on the large pipe organ in Malloy Hall. More than 200 singers and dancers teamed to produce the last Poise V Ivy show, originated six years ago by Mary Mauds Moore (on podium). 53 Waiting for the signal, Imprompt os line up before the camera. Cameraman starts the film rolling as Nione begins singing. Impromptwos Appear On Television Special Winding up a busy six-year history, the Impromp- twos were filmed for an appearance on television. Their own version of " All My Trials " was selected to close the 17-number Campus Talent ' 66, a showcase of top entertainers from 10 Kansas colleges and universities The hour-long pro gram featured vocalists, folk singers, instrumental groups and a ventriloquist. Mary Maude Moore, assistant professor of music and originator of the group, is taking a leave of absence next year, and Poise V Ivy appearances thus marked the last for the troupe, known throughout Kansas, Concluding last year ' s whirlwind USO tour of the Orient, Korea and the South Pacific, during which they gave 147 shows in II weeks, the Impromptwos were booked for three weeks in Disneyland. Back home, they slowed their pace to about one show per week. An album, " The Impromptwos Hit the Road, " featuring numbers used on the tour and solos by Miss Moore, was sold on campus. Records of numbers by the Impromp- twos, Miss Moore and the men ' s and women ' s glee clubs at Poise V Ivy were also pressed. Last year ' s troupe of Impromptwos presented FHS a friendship banner received from the Chinese Navy 54 Impromptus ore, bode row: Dan Price, Mione Olson Munsell, Carol Up p, Sharon Daniels, Lon Palmer, Mary Maude Moore, sponsor; second row George Kay, Clyde Amerine, Wayne WStwer, Tom Riffe; front row: Don Palmer, Jim Bestgen 55 I I Fort Hays Singers Perform at Madrigal Dinner Helping Memorial Union personnel turn back the clock to 16 th century England, the Fort Hays Singers performed amid decorations simulating a baronial castfe at the Madrigal Danner in December, The Singers also entertained collegians and townspeople at a spring concert in Malloy Hall and took their customary tour of high schools. From the group came many of the soloists for major college productions. Handpicked by the director, Donald E Stout, the Singers are traditionally one of the top entertainment attractions at the college. They have performed at state and regional music conventions and have provided special music for Innumerable other events. FW Kithv a? Tro ]l, b N I rOW T A " a ;? ■ Hombu ; g ' L ° " y St ? tler ' Jim ' - on : third row: R on Lindberg. Eleanor ltr?R h : es fi:? 0n J 4 n t h N tL T O[7on ° l; “ " " d BaUer ' ™ cJ.i. Cod, b£ K4 ! 56 Varsity Band Anchors Two-Hour Pops Show Featuring the mellow sound of George Roberts, " Mr, Bass Trombone, " the Varsity Show in February was anchored by the Varsity Band. The band joined the men ' s and women ' s glee dubs and faculty members, in producing the two-hour show, comprised primarily of Broadway arid popular music. Composed of members from the Varsity Band, the college stage band supplied backup music for Roberts and presented their own Interpretation of several arrangements. At Christmas Vespers in December, the Symphonic Band joined the men ' s and women ' s glee clubs in bringing music in the Christmas mood to collegians and townspeople. The Clarinet Choir also played several numbers. In April the Symphonic and Varsity Bands appeared in concert. Several instrumental soloists presented numbers at the performance. Lyle Dllfey was conductor of Symphonic Band and Varsity Band, Earl Blauer directed the college stage band. Urging performers to precision and coherence, Lyle Dllley directs the Symphonic Band at Christmas Vespers in Sheridan Coliseum. Leaders of the marching band ore Jon Sims, drum majors Phyllis Weigel and Mary Ben- nett, majorettes: and James Stam bough, drum major. Perfo rming feature routines for crowds at Fort Hays State athletic contests during the year was Carol Henderson, head twirler for the ali-mele marching band. 1 300 Combine Talents For Handel Oratorio More than 300 musicians, including students, faculty and townspeople presented ’Israel in Egypt, ' 1 a sacred oratorio by George Frederic Handel, in January, Donald E, Stout, associate professor of music, directed the performance. Participating groups included Choral Union, Concert Choir, the men ' s and women ' s glee clubs and the Community Symphony Orchestra. Soloists were Alison H. Moss, instructor in music; Mary Maude Moore, assistant professor of music; Dr, Lloyd K. Herren, chairman of the division of music; Ronald Pflughoft, vocal instructor at Hays High School; and Marvin Cochran, an instructor at the Morland schools. Ready for performance, soloists discuss " Israel in EgypT score. Brass Choir members are. bach row: Bob Safm, Mike JoKr.j.n,. John Burley, Duane Roesch Dave Foley: second row: Chuck Rouse, Connie Cody, Terry Karlin, Robert Regier, Gary Merklein; front row: Jon Simms, Robert Osborne, Sidney Bott, 59 Concert Choir members ore, back row; Rick Sehwein, Rudy Loeweri, Michael DiElon, John Bushier, Larry Sutler, Jerry Brown, Bruce Wilkins. Charles Rouse. Clyde Amerine, LaVern Million, Lorry Koons, Thomas Argo. Galen Olson; third row; Ed Votruba. Ron Lindberg, Terry Map, Bill Richardson, James Long, Don MecHessel, Mary Noel, Kathy Georg, David Bauer, Jim Rathe, Allaire Homburg, George Strobel; second row: Carol Bailey, Susan Gooch. Janis Brown, Linda Thornton, Jeannette Evans Rita Rasmussen, Linda Schfedeman, Janet Nelson, Judy Si hn H Luanna Lelchliter. Freda Brauer Alice Kleinsorge, Emilia Miller; front row: Jan Deifies, Marilyn Crabtrey, Connie Cody. Margaret Long, Brenda McCeltum, Carol Barnett, Barbara Reese, Candi Hoover. Betty Converse, RoAnn Harmon, Sue Ann Mapes, Peggy Osthoff. Concert Choir Presents Collegian Chorale Is Choral Arrangements Choir ' s Training Agent Concert Choir presented a concert of choral music in April Under the direction of Donald E. Stout, the 50-voice choir was heard at many other functions, including Com- mencement. Composed primarily of music majors, the choir joined other vocal groups and the College Community Orchestra in producing- the oratorio " Israel in Egypt. 1 ' Acting as a proving ground for future members of Concert Choir, Collegian Chorale appeared in concert in May. Less selective than Concert Choir and composed of underclassmen, the Chorale gave more students a chance to perform and supplied the music division with more depth for major pro- ductions. Donald E. Stout directed the group. Collegian Chorale members are, back row: Dennis Adams, Dennis Clark, Denns Michaelis. Larry Masat. Alvin Eaton, Steve Hetman, Ed Wester- man, Arthur Gribben, Lawrence Woods, Jud on Murphy; third row: Camilla Reed, Dennis Wallace, Gary Trader, Michael Gatterman, Dale Sekavec, Tim Edwards, Howard Richards, Keni Chesney, Wesley Galyon, Gerald Howard. Virginia Miller: second row: Shirley Dreiling, Carol Sol- lens, Karla Bose, Marti Bieber, Judy Seuser, Gloria Kerr, Jolene Summon, Nancy Porter, Susan Sauer, Marilyn Treu, Onalee Baer, Laynne Kumberg; front row: Janice Martin. Deanna Hating. Barbara Krehbiel, Arlene VanGalder, Vivian Bray, Janette Angel, Virginia Gofer, Judy Ahrens, Sheryl Chandler, Tamara Sebaugh, Donald E, Stout, director. 60 1 Phi Mu Alpha members are, back row: Jim Giebler. Galen Olson, Bruce Steven. Larry Stetler, John Bushier. Chuck Rouse, Gerald Brown: second row: Gory Merkiein, Burton Schilling, Sidney Bott, Jim Mullen, Chris Conklin, Dave Dudrey, Terry Mai: front row: Richard Ellis, John Ruff Jim Kuhlman, Mike Johnson, John Burley. Bob Salm. Phi Mu Alpha Backs SAI Holds Receptions College Radio Program For Retiring Professor Working to build interest in music, Phi Mu Alpha, national men ' s music honorary, sponsored a program ' featuring selec- tions used in introductory courses, on KFHS. At the dedication of Malloy Hall, members of the group assisted in showing visitors through the building. Joining forces with Sigma Alpha lota, women ' s counterpart of Phi Mu Alpha, members caroled at homes of music faculty, Gerald Brown was elected president of Phi Mu Alpha, Dr. Leland Bartholomew served as sponsor for the group. Honoring Lucille Felten, who retired after having taught at Fort Hays State for 47 years, members of Sigma Alpha lota, national women ' s music honorary, served as hostesses at re- ceptions recognizing their long-time adviser. They also helped with the dedication ceremonies for Malloy Hall. During the Christmas season Sigma Alpha lota joined Phi Mu Alpha, men’s counterpart of the organization, in carol- ing at the homes of college faculty members, Linda Schiedeman headed SAL Joan Henry was sponsor. Sigma Alpha lota member! are back row: Freda Brauer, Susan Gooch, Judy Sillfn, Janet Nelson, Judean Drach, Jeanette Evans, Barbara Reese; second row: Mary Ellen Pfeifer, Marianne Kats, JoLynn Jamison, Mary Lou Ruud; front row: Judith Seuser. Constance Cody, Laynne Kumberg, Mary Noel, Linda Schiedeman. 61 Preparing for another nights work, Jon Peters readies his subject and equipment for an experiment on dreams. Harbin, Dr. Calvin E, : Prof, of Educ.. Clhrm. of Div. of EdeC, and Psych,: Broach, Dr. B. W.: Prof, of Educ. ' Daley, Dr, Billy C.: Assoc, Prof, of Educ.: Dechant Dr. Emerald V.: Prof, of Educ. ' Dick, Dr. R. Dale; Prof, of Psych, Dobbs. Dr, Edith: Assoc. Prof, of Educ.] Gledman, Or, Orin L,: Assoc. Prof, of Educ. ' Groesbeck. Dr. HuEda G.: Assoc. Prof, of Educ.: Gwynn, Dr, William F. : Assoc. Prof, of Psych.: Hamilton, Dr. Samuel M.: Prof of Phil. Harper, Dr, Jerry L,: Asst. Prof, of Psych.; Hell, Eleanor; Instructor in Educ.: Johnson, Arris M.: Instructor in Educ.i King, Dr, John D,; Asst. Prof, of Educ.; Kuhn, Dr. Jeanne M,: Prof, of Educ. Peoples, Dr. Crocker: Assoc, Prof, of Psych,; Price. Dr. Gordon W,: Assoc. Prof, of Educ.; Proctor, Dr. David E,: Assoc. Prof, of Psych.; Pugh, Dr, Lawrence: Asst, Prof, of Psych.: Robinson, Dr. William N.: Asst. Prof, of Educ. Smiarowski, Richard: Asst, Prof, of Psych.; Smoot, Dr. Ken- neth E.: Assoc. Prof, of Psych.; Staven, Dr, LaVier L: Assoc, Prof, of Edge.: Wood. Dr. CEement; Prof, of Educ.. Head of Dept. Youmans, Dr. Raymond E,: Assoc. Prof, of Educ. 62 Education and Psychology Student Observes Dreaming Subjects Spending 20 sleepfess nights, Jon Peters, a junior, ran tests on dreaming persons. In his experi- ment, conducted for classroom credit in psychology, Peters set out to determine the correlation between rapid eyeball movement and dreaming and to locate dreams in the sleep cycle, A machine known as a polygraph recorded brain waves of sleeping subjects as well as all patterns of eyeball movement. When it became evident that a subject was dreaming, Peters awakened the person and questioned him concerning the dream. In the morning Peters also asked his subjects to relate all dreams or thoughts of the previous night. In most cases, Peters observed, they could freely recall the dreams, although at times a certain amount of prompting was necessary. From his observations Peters concluded that dreams were most likely to occur during the lightest stages of sleep. While subjects were in deep sleep, Peters observed virtually no rapid eyeball movement, and, consequently, no dreams. Polygraph indicates the regularity of eye movements of a sleeping subject. Professor Handles Entire Department Dr. Samuel Hamilton, professor of philosophy, comprised a one-man philosophy department during the year. He handled 12 different courses, which totaled more than 25 credit hours. These courses included all the required and elective ones necessary to earn an A. 8. degree in the field. Many students became acquainted with Dr. Ham- ilton, an ordained minister, through his introduction to logic course, which teaches practical application of the basic rules of logic. Raridt Hall houses education, philosophy and psychology. Using a workbook he wrote, Dr. Samuel Hamilton teaches a philosophy course which proves beneficial to any student, no matter what his field — logic. Changes Reflected In Teaching Major Changes in teacher certification requirements were placed in effect early in July, 1966. Under the new system, requirements in two areas, oral and written communication, and literature-foreign language and history-behavioral sciences could be met by the basic studies program. Elective courses in science or math were allowed to meet a four-hour deficiency created in the area of natural science-mathematics. Electives to complete the 50-hour general edu- cation requirements were restricted more than previously, but the new regulations were more flexible in permitting all liberal arts courses to be included En the general education field. Student teacher Larry Michaelis (right) checks tor smooth- ness a shop profect of one of the boys in his class. Finding his students eager to learn, student teacher Jerome Nelson, instructing his first high school American history class, conducts a lesson in map study. Learning to eccncmhe on fabric is an important asset to a homemaker, as student teacher Carolyn Dunlap (right) points out to students in her clothing class. FHS Students Nab Top SNEA Posts State offices En Student National Education Assn, for 1967 went to two FHS students. Lawrence Wendelin and Audry Mead were elected president and secretary, respectively, at the state convention in Lawrence. Consequently, Wen- delin received a trip to the National SNEA Con- vention in Miami, Fla,, during the summer, William Smith, president of the group, who re- ceived a Kansas State Teachers Assn, scholarship, was recognized for his achievement at a banquet for all SNEA members from FHS. Dr, Gordon Price and Dr. Edith Dobbs sponsored the group. 64 New slate SNEA officers, Lawrence Wendetm, presi- dent, and Audry Mead, secretary (seated), discuss their duties w] th Dr. Gordon Price and Dr. Edith Dobbs, Often used in experiments, white rats receive attention from psychology students, SNEA officers are, back row: Terry Knoll treasurer Harry Long, publicity William Smith, president; Lawrence Wendelin, vice-president; front row: Janet Snell, publicity; Karren Cl a yea mp, secretary; Edith Dobbs, sponsor. 65 the. ode. shows migfc ' Zestful excitement is generated by a carrousel of extracurricular activities at FHS. Collegians experience many unforgettable mo- ments — the glistening smile of a newly crowned queen, the thrill of an athletic contest, the bond- ing of friendships through social groups. These side shows of the college show are subor- dinate to academics, but they provide the stimulus to produce socially adept individuals. Why not share the fun? The following pages allow you to witness the entertaining performances which occurred in . . . fhe side shows 66 67 There is something excitingly grand about an athletic contest at Fort Hays State, Both players and fans exhibit a keen zest for competition, and opponents have developed genu- ine respect for Tiger power and prowess, r- Enthusiasm grips the fans as the Bengals appear for battle. Anticipation grows as the contest be- gins and the teams go doggedly into action. Ten- sion mounts as Tiger momentum gathers, and pande- monium runs rampant when the Bengals score. Losing brings disappointment but also added determination to win the next encounter. These factors make fine teams a tradition at FHS and comprise . . . the Tiger spirit. SPORTS Omaha Stops Tiger Bid For CIC Football Title With 56 seconds remaining m the final game of the football season, a 5-yard pass spelled defeat for the Fort Hays State Tigers and shattered their hopes for the col- lege ' s first undisputed CIC championship since 1936. Ending with a 6-3-0 season record, the Tigers posted their best mark since 1962 and the third winning season in. the last four years for Coach Wayne McConnell £ teams. Picked by sports fans to be a dark-horse, the Timers quickly surprised observers when they won their first two games over rough competition. They lost the next game but roared back to win the next three impressively. After another loss, the Bengals faced Pittsburgh State and Omaha University. They defeated Pittsburg and the championship depended on the Tiger-Qmaha outcome. The season was one minute too long, said Coach McConnell after the touchdown which cost the Tigers the title. 1965 Season Record 7 FHS So u th we ste r n O k la 6 21 FHS 13 7 FHS . Colo. State College 21 40 FHS Central Missouri State 14 25 FHS Washburn lb 0 42 FHS . . . .Emporia State Teachers 7 14 FHS 24 21 FHS Pittsburg State 7 21 FHS Omaha U. 26 Season Record 6-3-0 Football team members and coaching staff are, back row: Gordon Mauch, Neal Kinlund, trainer. Paul Resler, graduate assistant, Wayne McConnell, head coach, Wendell Liemohn, assistant coach, Elmer Trail, graduate assistant - fifth row: John Gingraux, David Jennings, Robert German, Dennis Wells, Calvin Simmons, Charley Myers, Don Givens. Dennis Bean, Paul Monty, Ron Morel, Bob Ridler: fourth row: David Zwink, Terry Shane, Carmine Tirone, John Terry, Ken Albers, Jim Eisenhour. Don Fitzsimmons, Joe Arneson, Frank Hubbard. Bernie Blevins: third row; Steve Cranston, John Kreighbaum, Buddy Butter. Kent Niles, Terry Dissinger, Evan McCartney, Bob Newsom. Ron Darst, Jerry Marsh, Homer Davidson, Randy Randle: second row: Jim Erickson, Bud Estes, Bob Gregg, Gary Lingle, Bill Hudson, Charley Adams, Bob Walters, Mark Watts, Lyman Bainfer, Doug Opdycke, Dick Palmer: first row: Bob Anthony, Dave Hays, Bob Johnson, Ron Tuley, Larry Noffsinger. Tom Stevens, Jon Mastin, Terry Glflycamp, Rich Dre: - Tng, Ken Harris. Max VanLaningham. 70 «r SfcHmg his left end, Sob Anthony (23) drives for long yardage against Southwestern Oklahoma. The Tigers won their opener from the Bulldogs 7-6. Tiger coaching staff; Elmer Trail, graduate assistant; Wendell Lfomohn, defensive coach; Wayne McConnell, head Coach; Ed McNeil, line coach; Paul Resler, graduate assistant. 71 Bernie BJevinst AII-CIC defensive tackle; Jon Mastfn; All-ClC defensive end, District 10 teem, NAiA All-American honorable mention; Dennis Bean: 2nd Team All -G 1C middle guard, District 10 Team, NAlA All- American honorable mention ' Larry Noffsinger: 2nd Team Ali-CIC of- fensive tackle, District 10 Team, NAJA Ali-American honorable mention: Rich Dreiling: AfJ-ClC offensive back, FHS rookie of the year. Bob Johnson: 2nd Team All- CIC offensive team, NAlA All- American honorable mention. Little All-American honorable mention. District IQ team. 1 1 Tigers Nab Post-Season Honors CIC Standings W L T Omaha University 4 0 0 Fort Hays State 3 I 0 Pittsburg State 2 2 0 Washburn University I 3 0 Emporia State 0 4 0 Three seniors, six juniors, one sophomore and one freshman received honors at the close of the 1965 football season. All I 1 were named to all-CIO berths, six to the NAJA District 10 squad,, and four earned NAJA All-American honorable mention, Quarterback Bob Johnson received Little All-American honorable mention Selected besides Johnson for post-season honors were Ron Morel. Rich Dreillng, Bob Anthony, Gordon Mauch, Dennis Bean, Jim Erickson, Bernie Blevins, Larry Noff- singer, Jon Mastin, Max VanLaningham, Jim Erickson: 2nd Team AII-CIC defensive tackle; Ron Morel, co-captain; AII-CIC offensive end. 2nd Team AII-CIC defensive safety; Bob Anthony, co-captain; 2nd Team All-ClC defensive halfback, District 10 Team; Gordon Mauch: District 10 Team. 2nd Teem AII-CIC defensive fine- backer; Max VanLaningham: 2nd Team All-ClC defensive halfback 72 Fort Hays State Trips Bengals Pul K Upset; Southwestern Oklahoma Topple Kearney State Southwestern Oklahoma ' s Bulldogs provided the first competition for the Fort Hays State Tigers in 1965, Playing at Weatherford only a week after classes began, the Tigers eked out a 7-6 victory over the Bulldogs to begin the season on an optimistic note. Drawing first blood, the Bengals scored early in the first quarter on a two-yard keeper by quarterback Bob Johnson, Max VanLaningham ' s kick for point was good, and the Tigers held a 7-0 lead for three quarters, Midway in the fourth quarter Bulldog quarterback Ron Engel tossed a five-yard aerial to his fullback to put the Dogs in the scoring column. The try for point was wide, and the Tigers held on for the narrow 7-6 win Even though the season was young, the stage was set and the eager Tigers were on the rampage. Opening the home season Sept. 25, the Tigers entertained the highly rated Kearney (Neb.) State Antelopes. Champions of the tough Nebraska College Conference in 1964, Kearney ' s near-perfect season was marred only by a 34- J 9 drubbing by Fort Hays State at Kearney. This record, combined with the brilliant performances of Neil Kaup, one of the finest passing quarterbacks in the nation, made the topers the strong favorite. Coach Wayne McConnell shifted the Tigers to cope with the potent Antelopes, Rich Dreiling, sophomore transfer from Kansas University, took over the fullback slot. Bob Anthony moved from fullback to halfback. Dreiling ran up 164 yards on the ground. With the pass- ing of Bob Johnson and the speed of Anthony, the Tigers pulled the upset, defeating the Antelopes 21-13. 73 Tigers Fall to Bears; Recover to Rip Mules Bob Johnson fI2) 3s caught by a Central Missouri tackier. Taking to the road again, this time to Greeley, to battle the Colorado State College Bears, Coach Wayne McConnell s charges encountered some grizzly opposition. Tigers errors proved costly, and the Bears were quick to capitalize. They raft 1 - through the Bengal defense and kept the FHS offense from scoring. The Tigers showed spurts of good play both offensively and defensively, but just when they began to move, a mistake shattered their poise. Tasting defeat for the first time in the season, the Bengals succumbed to Colorado State 2 I -7. Undismayed, the Tigers revamped their attack and began a three-game winning streak Oct. 9, meeting the Mules of Central Missouri State in Lewis Field. Quarterback Bob Johnson set four school records while leading the Bengal eleven to a convincing victory with the final score 40-14. Johnson ' s records: single game rushing, 191 yards; points for one game, 25; total offense gained in one game, 244; plays for one game. 42, Leaping over a Tiger defender, a Colorado Slate College player moves for a slight gain before being tackled by Bob Ridler (73). The Bears, mov- ing the bell well on the ground, stopped the Bengal offensive and handed the Tigers their first setback of the season 21-7, 74 Finding hirmelf being hauled down by a host of Tigers, a Washburn player fights to keep possession of the ball The Bengals roared past the defending CIC champions 25-0, Bob Johnson ' s jersey gets a stretching as a Central Missouri State tedder tries to bring him down. The Tigers won the game 40- 1 4, Tiger Victory Darkens Washburn Homecoming Washburn was defending conference champion and was in the midst of a Homecoming celebration commemorating the college centennial when the Tigers came to town. When they left, th e Ichabods were nursing the wounds of a 25-0 drubbing by the Bengals. A strong Tiger defense and the passing combination of quarterback Bob Johnson to ! 52-pound end Ron Morel proved too much for the punch- less Ichabod Squad, Bengal defenders constantly broke into the Ichabod back- field and threw the Washburn backs for fosses. Johnson hit paydirt with scoring passes to Morel three times m the first halt to give the Tigers a 19-0 lead. Tightening their defense, the Ichabods kept the Bengals from scoring in the third quarter but could not muster a tallying drive themselves. Then, in the final period the Tiger offense began to click once more. With hard running by Bob Anthony and Rich Dreiling supplying the impetus, the Bengals moved to the Washburn four-yard line where Johnson took the ball in for the touch- down to make the final score 25-0, With an impressive win in their CIC opener behind them, the Bengals began to show they had title potential. Tigers Wallop E-State In Homecoming Clash Emporia State ' s Hornets were out to give the Tigers a stinging at the FHS Homecoming game Oct, 23. This clash has always proved exciting and this year was no exception. Drawing first blood on an II -yard aerial from Bob Johnson to Ron Morel, the Bengals dominated play the rest of the game and dashed Emporia State ' s hopes for a victory by handing the Hornets a 42-7 swatting. Piling up 264 yards rushing and 329 yards total offense, Johnson erased two of his own records, both set earlier in the season in the Central Missouri State game. 3n addition to Johnson ' s pass to Morel, the Tigers scored five other touchdowns on a 7-yard pass from Johnson to Bob Anthony, three runs by Johnson of 13, 23 and 83 yards; and one by Max VanLaningham of two yards. Unbeaten SCS Cools Error-Prone Bengals Undefeated in five games, a strong Southern Colorado State team faced the Tigers in Hays Oct, 30. With tremendous speed in the backfield and a strong defensive effort, the Indians from Pueblo repeatedly capi- talized on Bengal errors and turned them into valuable points. Trying vainly to counter the attack, the Tigers could not get the breaks. The final score read 24-14 with Southern Colorado State owning the victory. Win at Pittsburg Puts Tigers in Title Picture Coming down the home stretch, the Tigers met Pittsburg there. A victory over the Gorillas would put the Ttgers in contenton with Omaha for the CIC crown. Pittsburg scored first and showed a strong attack and stiff defense. The Gorillas stopped the Tigers cold on nu- merous occasions before the FHS attack got rolling. But gains by halfback Bob Anthony and fullback Rich Preiling paced the Bengals to a come-from-behind 21-7 win, their first on the Pittsburg field since 1942. and goes in for the touchdown. Ron More! leaps high to snore a pass . , . evades- two Washburn defenders . , . If I In the Homecoming contest with Emporia State, which the Tigers won handily 42-7. Rich Dreiling lunges for a few extra yards. Bob Johnson [with ball} runs into a stone wall in the game with Pittsburg State. FHS came from behind to win the contest 21-7. Slipping from the arms of an Emporia State defender, 8ob Johnson goes over the top for a long gain. Johnson shattered two FHS records In the game. 77 With Rich Dreilmg (35) ready to dear the way, Bob Johnson (12) attempts an end sweep against the Omaha University Indians. The action-packed game, p!ayed for the conference championship, ended with the Tigers on the short end of a 26-21 score Max VanLantngham puts the stops on Omaha University speedster Rick Davis (27). Assisting on the tackle was Bob Walters [74). Last-Minute Touchdown Costs FHS CIC Title Hungry for a CIC championship, the Tigers battled the Omaha Indians on the home field Nov, 1 3, Fighting hard before a capacity crowd, the Tigers built up a lead of 14-6 during the first half. Shortly after the start of the third quarter, the Bengals scored again on a 40-yard gallop by sophomore fullback Rich Dreifing and took an imposing 2 l -6 advantage. But the Indians were not so easily subdued. They started a march downfield and climaxed the drive with a touchdown pass from Marlin Briscoe to his left end. With the amazing passing of Briscoe and the brilliant running of All-American Gerald Allen, the Indians came to life against a weakening Tiger defense. Scoring another touchdown before the end of the third quarter, Omaha moved to within two points of the Tigers. Then came the fatal attack. With only 56 seconds left In the game. Briscoe unleashed a 5-yard aerial to Bill Haas, the Indians scored and the game ended 26-2 L 78 Depending upon the stamina built through countless hours of training, Don Latin grinds away the miles in a cross country meet. Coach Alex Francis holds a position in NAIA Ha ll of Fame. Tiger Harriers Romp To Second NAIA Title A second NAIA championship and the second national title for Fort Hays State climaxed the finest season in the 10-year history of cross country competition at FHS. Squad victories list all but two of the 10 meets the Tiger harriers entered. The Bengals placed second and third in the invitational they didn ' t win. Major wins included the CIC conference and NAIA national championships. Coach Alex Francis, 1965 Track Coach of the Year for Area Three of the NAIA and NAIA Hal! of Fame member, in the past 10 years has fielded teams which won two CIC championships, two NAIA championships, the runner-up CIC spot seven times and second place in the NAIA four times. Pacing the Bengafs this year were NAIA All-Americans Don Ui.i ' r, John Mason. Lakin finished first in five of the eig||[| ' j|j?ets he entered and second in the remaining three. Six of the eight times Lakin and Mason competed to- gether. they finished in consecutive spots. Other consistently high finishing Tigers were Marlon Neely, who won both of the two duals the B-squad had dur- ing the season, and Lowell Smith, a four-year letterman. This year Lakin broke two FHS records In cross country. He set the four-mile record at the CIC Championships with a winning time of 19:39,5. He had set the record earlier in the season at the Oklahoma State Jamboree. In Kearney, Neb,, he set the three-mile record at 14: 1 1 .8, 79 At the sound of the gun, thindads surge from the starting tine at the dual meet with Kearney (Neb.) State. FHS Runner Named Top Senior Don La kin was selected ' " Outstanding Missouri Valley Athlete En Long Distance Running. " Other honors he received during college were NAIA All-American team positions — twice in cross country and once in track Coach Alex Francis Missouri Valley Athlete tabbed him “the best distance runner in FHS history. " Letters were awarded to the following harriers: Neil Cleaves. Jerry Herteh Jerry Katz, Lakir, John Mason, Marlon Neely, Lowell Smith, Joe Twyman and Bruce Zamrzla. Cross country squad members are. back row: Marlon Neely, Neil Cleaves, John Mason. Gary Arthaud, Coach Alex Francis: second row: Lowell Smith, Gerald Hertel, Don Lakim Jerry Katz, Joe Twyman, Jack Harms; front row: Maylon, Neely, Ken Allen, Bruce Zamrzla, Duane Harper, Steve Stewart, manager. 80 FHS runners John Mason and Don Ukin run one-two against Kearney (Neb.) State harriers. CIC Standings Fort Hays State . ,., , ,» IS Pittsburg State 51 Emporia State 77 Omaha University HI Washburn University ,,,. ,132 1965 Season Record FHS 3 7. ,,, ., Kearney [Neb.) State 44 FHS. , 15. . . . , Hutchinson JC (B squad) 48 FHS 15,,., Kearney State 50 FHS 1 5 Hutchinson JC [B squad) 45 Wichita Invitational: 1st Oklahoma State Jamboree: 2nd Federation Invitational: 3rd CfC Championships: 1st Missouri Valley AAU: 1st NAIA Championships: 1st Adding another victory to his achievements, Lakin breaks the tape. SI Basketball team members aed coaching staff are, back row; Check front raw: Bill Strait, Steve Salter, Mick Farrell Johnnie Locke, Fred Brehm. head coach, Jim Dreiling, Alan Billinger, Ron Stull. Gene Rider. Andregg, Francis Gronew oiler, Frank Harris, Cleat Doyel, Mike McAfee, Keith Riley, Larry Soice, Les Ramsdell, assistant coach; Close Games Tell Tale in So-So Cage Season Fort Hays State ' s basketball squad ended its first season under Coach Chuck Brehm by posting an I l - 1 0 record and tying Washburn for third place In the CIC. Only four of the 10 losses suffered by the Bengals were by 10 or more points; four were by five or fewer points. The largest winning margin for the Tigers came with a 103-78 victory over Kearney (Neb,) State at Hays. Of the l t Bengal victories, seven were by 10 or more points. Tiger victories on the road were hard to come by as the Black and Cold came out on top in only three of 10 contests. At home, however, the win-loss record for seven seasons In Sheridan Coliseum climbed to an imposing 72-12. In spite of ranking last in height in the conference. Tiger oagers were seldom outrebounded by their opponents. Hustle, good board position and the leadership of two senior strong- men, Bill Strait and Cleat Doyel. gave the Bengals the best one-two rebounding punch in the conference, Doyel set the school one-game rebounding record by pulling down 23 caroms En a CIC contest against Washburn University at Hays, The previous record was set at 2! by Tom Ashleman In 1963, Four Tigers ended their collegiate bas- ketball careers this season — Doyel, Johnnie Locke and Strait, all regulars, and Keith Riley, a reserve. Coach Brehm, 1964 national junior college coach of the year, came to FHS after serving five years at Dodge City Junior College, where his teams had a M3-29 record. In 1964 his squad of Conquistadors won the national jun- ior college championship. Last year they placed fifth in the tournament. In his last two years as head mentor for the Conquistadors, hls teams won 29 and lost two. A+ right; Leaping high to grab a rebound from Bethany College player. Cleat Doyel ( 50) tips the ball toward Alan Billinger ' s waiting arms. At left;, Losing dose games can be painful for a coach, as basketball mentor Chuck Brehm reveals. 82 4 83 Varsity Season Record 91 FHS. ........... . .Southwestern College 73 39 FHS Lincoln University 78 86 FHS Southern Colorado State 76 103 FHS. . . .Kearney State College 78 85 FHS. ........ .Southern Colorado State 89 84 FHS .....Colorado State College 82 78 FHS. .............. .Omaha University 62 82 FHS,.,. Illinois State University 84 73 FHS. Rookhurst College 74 65 FHS Pittsburg State 71 69 FHS Omaha University 67 53 FHS... , «...$t, Benedict ' s College 69 69 FHS Bethany College 68 76 FHS ....Hastings College 64 80 FHS Emporia State 72 75 FHS Washburn University 68 60 FHS .Emporia State 72 65 FHS ....Pittsburg State 71 68 FHS. ... , .St. Benedict ' s College 76 86 FHS . . .Omaha University 68 75 FHS .Washburn University 80 J-V Season Record 84 FHS........ Bethany College 65 78 FHS. ......... Colby Community College 94 78 FHS....... Bethany College 61 93 FHS. ......... Colby Community College 53 7 1 FHS Emporia State 75 79 FHS Kearney State 76 86 FHS Emporia State 90 90 FHS . ................... .Kearney State 84 Coach Los Rams del! guide; the Tiger [unior varsity squad. President M. C. Cunningham presents the award recognizing induction info the NA!A Hal] of Fame to Cade Suren. At left h Mrs. Suran. Suran Gains Position In NAIA Hall of Fame Cade Suran was inducted into the NAIA Basketball Hall of Fame early in March in a ceremony at the Hotel Muehle- bacb in Kansas City. Head basketball coach at FHS for 19 years and present athletic director, Suran became the second Tiger cage mentor to be awarded the honor, Paul Gross, who coached basketball for 16 years and was athletic director for 35 years, was named to the Hall of Fame in 1957. Junior Varsity Posts Season Mark of 5-3 Under the leadership of Coach Les Ramsdell, the Tiger jun- ior varsity chalked up a 5-3 win-loss record. Coach Ramsdell said he thought the team played " very well " all year, especially in the closing game. In that con- test the jun ior Bengals posted a 90-84 victory over the Kear- ney (Neb.) State junior varsity. They fired 43.2 per cent from the field and a blazing 81.3 per cent from the charity stripe. Kearney State never threatened. Teams falling to the Tigers were Bethany College, Colby Community College and Kearney State. Colby Community College and Emporia State defeated the Bengals. 84 Screening out Southern Colorado State players. Fred Andregg makes way lor Alan Biflinger. Cagers Open Season With Three Straight Wins Against Lincoln, Cleat Doyel (SO) and Johnnie Lodes [20] try for two. Opening the season with a victory, the Tiger cagers downed Southwestern Conge ' s Moundbuilders 91-73 at Winfield, Early in the contest the Bengals snagged a 15-poini lead. By halftime, however, a rally by Southwestern put the Mound- builders within four points at 38-34, In the second half the Bengals checked another Mound- builder rally after SWC had taken a five-point lead, then took the initiative and led the rest of the way, Two squads of Tigers — from FHS and Lincoln University of Jefferson City, Mo. — fought to an 89-73 decision in Sheridan Coliseum, with FHS coming out on top. The Black and Gold found itself trailing only once during the first half. Five straight points by Cleat .Doyel, who led the game ' s scoring with 23, put the locals on top to stay. Win number three for the Tigers was chalked up In Hays against the Indians of Southern Colorado State, When the final buzzer sounded, the scoreboard read 86-76. Rapid scoring in the first two minutes of play gave the Bengals a solid [4-2 margin. But the Indians began to hit the basket shortly after that and pulled ahead 48-45 by the end of the half. Stability returned to the Bengals in the second half, and they dominated the rest of the game. 85 With Johnnie Locke (20] petitioning for a possible rebound. Bill Strait (52) goes for a layup against Southern Colorado State, FHS won the contest 86-26 in Hays, Bengals Top 100 In Kearney Game Tiger scoring passed the century mark when Kear- ney State went down to defeat 103-73 in the Coli- seum. Overcoming a 2 I CO Antelope lead, Coach Chuck Brehm ' s squad jumped , to a 15-point ad- vantage and never let it drop below 13 points. Freshman Steve Salter made a layup that gave the Tigers 101 points and Mike McAtee then made the final goal to push the final score to 103-78, Through the second half every man on the Bengal roster saw action as the Tigers put a 32-point wall between themselves and Kearney State. FHS Streak Halted At Four by Indians Southern Colorado State snapped the Tigers tour-game winning streak by tallying an 89-85 vic- tory in Pueblo. Coach Chuck Brehm called the game the best of the year to that point. FHS trailed throughout most of the game,, a cold 35,5 shooting average being the cause. Dur- ing the second half, however, better accuracy kept the Bengals within three to five points. With 4:31 remaining in the game, the score was knotted at 75-75, But four quick goals by SCS proved too much for the Tigers to overcome. 86 Tigers Down CSC; Push Mark to 5-1 Winning ways once again came to the Tigers at home against Colorado State College as they downed the Bears 84-82, The Tigers jumped off to an early 6-0 lead and widened the gap to 49-30 et intermission. With 16:43 to go in the second half, the Bengals were leading by 21 points. Then a comeback by the Bears moved them to within one point of the Tigers at the 2:47 mark. But FHS hung on for a two-point victory. Cleat Doyel set the season one-game scoring high for FHS in the game by tallying 33 points. The victory gave the Bengals a 5-1 record. FHS Takes Fourth In Holiday Tourney Fourth place went to the Tigers in the Midwest Collegiate Tournament at Emporia over the Christ- mas holiday, Omaha University fell to the Bengals in the first round by a 78-62 score. When halftime rolled around, the Indians had jumped, out in front 33-3 L That lead disappeared, however, as a Tiger rally dur ing the first five minutes of the second half pushed the score to 43-35 in favor of the surging Bengals. Bottom-seeded Illinois State University dumped the -Tigers into the consolation bracket of the tournament by handing them an 84-82 setback. Down by 22 points at 74-52 with 3 1:42 remaining in the ball game, the Bengals closed the gap steadi- ly until senior Bill Strait meshed a set shot to tie the count at 82-82 with 1:16 remaining. Illinois State then went into a control pattern, working for one last shot. The strategy paid off as a Redbird goal in the final seconds shattered the Tigers 1 hopes for a victory, FHS never held the lead and trailed by as many as 12 against the Rockhurst Hawks in the final Tiger game in the tournament. During the second half the Bengals worked to a 63-63 tie. It was a see-saw battle for the next five min- utes, The score was deadlocked at 65 65, 67-67 and 69-69. Then Rockhurst copped a field goal and a free throw to lead 72-69. The Tigers cut the lead to 72-7 I on a basket by Larry Soice. But Rockhurst forced FHS to foul and connected on both free throws to widen the gap to 74-71. A layup by Tiger Al Billinger at the buzzer was not enough as the Bengals lost 74-73. Fighting off two Colorado date players, Cleat Doyel snares a rebound. An unidentified •Bengal lights for control of the bait with two CSC Bears. 87 Attempting to deflect the ball, Fred Andregg batr ' cs a Pittsburg State player For a rebound. The Gorillas dumped the Tigers ?l-a$ in Sheridan Coliseum, Strait Sets Record, But Bengals Lose Bill Strait tied a Fort Hays State record by grabbing 21 rebounds at home against Pittsburg State College, but the Tigers lost 71-65. Inability to hit the basket plagued the Bengals They put up 102 shots but hit only 26 for a frigid 25.6 shooting percentage. The Gorillas tallied 43 per cent from the field and connected on 67 7 per cent of their free throws. Although the Tigers had more rebounds and fewer turnovers than the Gorillas, they took it on the no$e for their third straight loss. Nine of the 10 Bengals who saw action broke into the scoring column, Fred Andregg led FHS scor- ing with 17 points. Strait tallied 15 Omaha Rally Killed By Goal at Buzzer Running into trouble. Cleat Doye has a layup blocked by Omaha ' s Dermis- Browne A last-second field goal spelled victory for the Tigers against Omaha University there. After the Bengals had led all the way. the Indians tied the count at 67-67 with 1:07 left to play. FHS used stalling tactics to counter the rally and held onto the ball until the final second, when Bill Strait bucketed a baseline shot to give the Tigers the narrow two-point victory. Hitting a best-to-date percentage of 50.8 from the field, the Tigers copped their first win in the CIC. Larry Soice paced the Bengals with 17 points, and Johnnie Locke garnered 14. As they did all season, KAYS radio announcers broadcast a Tiger basketball contest from Sheridan Coliseum. 88 St. Benedict’s Rips Cold-Shooting FHS Traveling to Atchison after the victory over Omaha, FHS suffered the first of two defeats at the hands of St. Benedict ' s 69-53. Facing a tight Raven defense, the Bengals connected on only 27 per cent of their field goaf attempts, com- pared to 47 per cent shooting by St. Benedict’s. The Ravens jumped to a 9-0 lead before the Tigers got their first point— a free throw. It was another two minutes before a Bengal shot found its way through the basket. Steadily, the Ravens pu Fled away to lead 39-20 at halftime and 60-36 with only seven minutes left. Em- ploying a press, the Tigers put on their only real surge of the game, running in nine straight points to cut the gap to 60-45 and to 62-49 with about three min- utes to go. But that was as close as they could come. Tigers Nip Swedes For Eighth Victory Bill Strait puts one up from 20 during the Tiger-St, Benedict ' s game at Hays. Alan Biirr ng r (12) and Fred Andnegg (30) move in for a rebound. In a nip and tuck game at home. Fort Hays State As a Bethany College player goes for a shot. Fred Andregg attempts a block, squeaked past Bethany College 69-68. Again finding it hard to connect from the field, the Bengals pumped in 37 per cent from the field while the Swedes hit 40 per cent. fn the first half the score was tied twice, and the lead exchanged hands twice. The Tigers Jed by a nar- row margin throughout the second half. The win ran the Bengals’ record to 8-5. Bengals Warm Up To Tame Broncos Taming the Hastings College Broncos 76-64 in a non-conference game at home, the Tigers chalked up victory number nine. The Broncos led all the way through the first half and were on top during the first few minutes of the second half. Finally warming up, the Bengals gained a comfort- able margin over the Nebraska team and held it for the remainder of the game. 89 Hornets Overtake FHS With Torrid Shooting After making a good showing against Emporia State in the first half, the Tigers fell behind in field shooting to drop a 92-80 decision to the Hornets at home. Both teams hit 50 per cent from the fteld in the first half, and the Tigers were leading by II at half time. But in the second half the Bengals went cold, hitting only 27 per cent, while the Hornets hit 56 per cent. Tiger Victory Erases Ichabods’ Title Hopes Breaking back into the win column. FHS downed Wash- bum University 75-68 here to knock the Ichabods out of the title race. Still plagued with cold shooting, the Bengals hit 26 per cent from the field in the first half, but garnered 57 per cent in the final period. Emporia State Grabs Second Win from FHS Virtually all Tiger hopes for the CIC crown took a quick trip down the drain at Emporia as Emporia State won its second encounter with the Bengals 72-60. Outplayed from the field and the charity stripe, the Tigers connected on only 44 per cent of their field goal attempts and 58 per cent of their free throws. Considered a dark horse in the CIC, the Hornets stifled a second-half Tiger rally and led all the way. Pittsburg State Blasts Tigers’ Title Chances Pittsburg State dealt the final blow to Tiger title hopes as they grabbed a 71-65 win at Pittsburg. Although their shooting warmed up in the second half, the Bengals never seriously threatened the Gorillas. 90 91 St. Benedict’s Wins Hard-Fought Game Tiger fans watched FHS go down to its second defeat at the hands of St. Benedict’s as the Ravens won 76-68 in Sheridan Coliseum. Moving into the lead midway through the first half. St. Benedict ' s built a 39-33 margin by half- time. The Bengal roared back, setting up a nip- and-tuck battle which lasted until the six-minute mark. Seven quick points by the Ravens put them ahead again, but the Tigers knotted the count at 55-S5. Not to be denied. St. Benedict ' s forged ahead once more for the victory. Tigers Find Range; Rip Indians 86-68 Finally finding the range, Fort Hays State drubbed Omaha University ' s Indians 86-68 to round out the home stand. The Tigers played well, main- taining a lead throughout the contest. Cleat Doyel, Johnnie Locke and Gen e Rider scored in double figures with 23, 19 and 15 points, respectively. Recording their best shooting per- formance in nine outings, the Tigers sank 46 per In a three-way scramble for a rebound, Qeet Doyel ( 50 ) skirmishes with two St, cent of theEr field goal attempts. Benedict ' s players. The Tigers lost a 76-66 thriller to the Ravens. Opponents may dub it the ' ‘Snakepit, " but the Tigers have racked up 72 victories in Sheridan Coliseum in the last eight seasons. Frigid Tigers Drop Finale to Washburn Poor shooting accounted for the Tigers ' final loss of the season as they dropped an 80-75 heart- breaker to Washburn University at Topeka, After gaining an early lead, the Bengals cooled off, and the Ichabods warmed up to -overcome the Tigers and lead 39-33 at halftime. In the second half the Ichabods increased the margin to 60-46. Technical fouls and confusion gave the Tigers another chance, and they roared back to knot the score at 67-67 with less than five minutes of playing time remaining. But the Ichabods once again pulled ahead and were leading by five when the game ended. Basketball mentor Chuck Grehm registers another goal against Wastebasket University, a persistent rival. Hatted at midcourt by a Bethany defender. Alan Billinger hunts for a teammate. In a scramble with Washburn, Cleat Doyel comes up with the basketball 93 1965-66 Season Record Moving into a vault, Eddie Johnson performs on the long horse. 1 50.43 FHS.. Kansas State 86,68 1 50,43 FHS Northwestern Oklahoma 85.29 143,70 FHS. . Nebraska University 155.10 121.95 FHS . . .Central Missouri State 84,15 121,95 FHS ...Kansas University 152,1 5 1 16.40 FHS, , , .New Mexico University 127.65 103,50 FHS. . . . Northwestern Oklahoma 36 50 143.95 FHS. . 108.40 [34.25 FHS.. Kansas State l 1 5.93 130,55 FHS. . . . Central Missouri State II 8.85 133.58 FHS. . Colorado State 153,52 133.58 FHS. . Ft Lewis College 133.50 8-4 Mark Represents One of Gymnasts’ Best Sporting an 8-4 mark. Coach Ed McNeil ' s gymnasts had one of the best seasons in FHS history. Eddie Johnson was the leading scorer for the Bengali with 169.5 points. Scoring 10 points, FHS placed 1 0th among 18 colleges in the NA!A Gymnastics Championships at Macomb. Ill Coach McNeil was named chairman of the National Assn, of Intercollegiate Athletics Gymnastics Committee and chairman of the NAIA Gymnastics Coaches Assn. Gymnasts are. baclc row: Ed McNeil, coach. Warren Teasfey, Stephen By ram. Joe Briggs, Mad Giese, Eddie Johnson, Bob Fussell; front row: Bob Wilburn, Ed Harvey, John Bartholomew, Craig Simmons, Frank Yard ley, Gary Thompson. 94 Gymnasts Open Season With Two Home Wins Fort Hays State opened its 1965-66 gymnastics campaign at home with a meet against Kansas State University and North- western Oklahoma State College- Winning first place in every event, the Tigers scored 150,43 points, compared to Kansas State ' s 86.68 and Northwestern Oklahoma ' s 85,29, In a meet with rugged Nebraska University at Lincoln, the Bengals pushed the Cornhuskers all the way but lost 155.1-143.7, Running their record to 3=2 in dual competition, the Tigers split a meet in Hays with Central Missouri State and Kansas Univer- sity. They bombed Central Missouri 1 2 1 .95-84.1 5 but bowed to the powerful Jayhawks 1 52. 1 5- 1 2 1 ,95, Crippled by the loss of freshmen Steve By ram and Ed Harvey through grade deficiencies, the Tigers lost to New Mexico Uni- versity 127.65-116,4 in Sheridan Coliseum. But they bounced back to smother Northwestern Oklahoma State College 103.5- 36.5 and topped Oklahoma University 143.95-108.4. Traveling to Manhattan for a return match with the Kansas State University Wildcats, the Bengals won I34.25UI5.93 by copping first place in every event Moving on to Warrensburg, Mo., the Tigers had a return encounter with Central Missouri State. The Bengals took first In every event but the parallel bars to hand the Mules a 130.55-1 18.85 setback. FHS gymnasts dosed out the regular season at Ft. Collins, Colo., where they split two matches, losing to Colorado State University 153,52-133.58 and nudging Ft Lewis College 133.58- 133.5 by coming from behind in the last event. Loading FHS gymnast, Eddie Johnson, works out on the still rings. Setting good lift, Bob Wilburn shows fine control in a side horse performance. Grapplers End 8-9; Finish 8th in NAIA Facing a schedule of stiff opponents, Coach Dave Winter ' s grappfers racked up an 8-9 record in dual competition. That brought Coach Winter ' s mark In three seasons at the head of the wrestling squad to 30 victories and J 6 defeats, fn the NAIA national championships at St. Cloud (Minn.) State. FHS scored 22 points to tie for eighth among 60 colleges. Stormy Johnson fought his way to second in the 137-pound class, and Charley Toed- man was second in the 177-pound division. Don Kel- ler and Bob Ruda won first round matches before being eliminated from competition. Coming to FHS from Newton High School in 1963. Coach Dave Winter has led his wrestlers to a 30-16 record. Positioning -for a hold, Jerry Cunningham wrestles a Central Missouri Stater. 96 An opponent finds himself caught in the grip of Tiger Don Keller. Capturing second p acn in J H« 177-pound division of the NAlA na- tional wrestling championships was fetterman Charley Toedman, Wrestling squad members are. back row: Roger Buck, Coach Dave Winter, Bob Rgda. Kenneth Coover, Roy Graves: third row: James Noel, Charles Kinderknecht, Doug Opdycke, Stormy Johnson. Charley Toedman; second row: Preston Hilemen, Larry Mitchell. Bob Moberly, Bob Dey, James Applegate: front row: Jerry Cunningham. Tom Perkins, Emery Hart. Bill Ramsey. Don Kefler, 97 FHS Deals Losses To First Two Foes Coach Dave Winter ' s matmen got off on the right foot as they stopped the Emporia State Hor- nets 23 6 and Kansas University 31-10, Then the tide reversed as the grapplers fell to Colorado State College 26-3 and Adams (Colo,) State 28-3, But the Tigers bounced back to stop St. Cloud (Minn.) State 19-13. Three straight losses followed, but the Bengals again recovered and copped three straight wins. Losses came at the hands of Central Missouri State 19-14, Denver University 21-15 and Colorado Uni- versity 33-7, Wins were recorded over Northwest Missou ri State 17-16, Gracefand College 17-13 and Southeast Missouri State 17-13. Mustering only two victories in their last six outings, the wrestlers first bowed to Central Missouri State 19-11 and Hiram Scott College 19- 15, then stopped Omaha University 18-15. In their final three season matches before the NAIA meet, the Tigers lost to Colorado State Uni- versity 21 -16, topped Kearney (Neb ) State 21-13 and bowed to Nebraska University 22-9, Tiger bench comes alive as an FHS grappler moves in lor the pin. Coach Dave Winter explains the operation of the clock to the Bengaletfes, .newly organized women ' s wrestling auxiliary. Members are, standing: Mary Rohr, Cheryl Garrett, Donna Kenyon, Karen Malsom: seated; Linda Ross, Linda Nbuburger. The coeds helped conduct wrestling meets. 98 Referee keeps careful watch as Bengal Don Keller attempts to pm an opponent. Stormy Johnson (left}, who plated second in the [37-pound class in the NAIA meet, grapples with a Central Missouri State wrestler. 1965-66 Season Record 23 FHS....... Emporia State 6 31 FHS Kansas University 10 3 FHS, , , , , . .Colorado State College 26 3 FHS . , .Adams (Cofo.) State College 28 19 FHS .St. Cloud (Minn.) State 13 14 FHS. .Central Missouri State 19 1 5 FHS Denver U n iversity 2 I 7 FHS.,...,..,, Colorado University 33 17 FHS....,,... Northwest Missouri State 16 17 FH5. ........... .Graceland (Iowa) College 13 17 FHS . . , Southeast Missouri State 13 H FHS .Central Missouri State 19 15 FHS,...,. Hiram Scott (Neb.) College 19 15 FHS ...... . Omaha University [ 5 16 FHS...... Colorado State University 21 21 FHS..,.,,, Kearney (Neb.) State 13 9 FHS, Nebraska University 22 99 Squaring off for intramural honors, soitdaII teams battle i t out on the college diamond. All-school championship swimming team members are, beet row; Wayne Witwer, George Lanum, Thomas BiNinger; front row: Doug McMillan, Dave Cook, I --- i P 100 Tau Kappa Epsilon touch football team members are Wayne Gray, Larry Crocker, Tim Francis, Ted DeVore, John Demp- sey, Bob Ward, Gordon Stout, Rod Wilson, Steve Caselman, Tom Kelley, Jim Ford, 1965-66 Intramural Results Independents Greeks All- school Football P.A. Steelers TKEs TKEs Basketball Goal Tenders Delta Sig ' A 1 ' Goal Tenders Volleyball IRC Prometheans IRC Swimming Delta Sigs Delta Sigs Softball Sherwood Forest Sig Eps — Delta Sigs — -Promethea ns Sherwood Forest Horseshoes Singles Doubles. Larry Tonne D. Weber (Sig Tau) Sig Eps Larry Tonne Tennis Singles Doubles R Lebsack M. Leas [Sig Ep) Prometheans R, Lebsack Golf Singles Doubles J. Dinkel S Schlegel (Phi Sig) AKLs J. Dinkel Track Delta Sigs Delta Sigs Table Tennis Singles Doubles D. Hockett R. Kilbourne [Delta Sig) Delta Sigs D„ Hockett Bowling Individual Team J Francis D Ingersolf Delta Sigs D. Ingersoll Badminton Singles Doubles R. Charlton K Bunselmeyer (Prometheans) Delta Sigs K, Bunselmeyer Action k rugged in intramural_cage competition. Sending the birdie flying Keith Bunselmeyer shows the form that won him the oil -school badminton Crown. Intramurals Offer Inclusive Program In fhe comprehensive intramural program, five team sports, five two-man sports and five in- dividual events afforded opportunity for every piale student to participate if he so desired. Organizations won trophies and medals, awarded to school champions in each individual event. Each organization was limited to one entrant in competi- tion for the intramural " K " award, won this year by Dave IngersoN, a Promethean. In addition to the Greet champions, all-school winners were the Goal Tenders, International Rela- tions Club. Sherwood Forest, Larry Tonne, Richard " Lebsack, James Dinkel and Donnie Hockett. Greek All-Sports Chart Delta Sigma Phi 922 Sigma Phi Epsilon .,,,,.....1.879 Tau Kappa Epsilon 70S % Prometheans 685 % Sigma Tau Gamma -636 % Alpha Kappa Lambda 628 2 h Phi Sigma Epsilon , .,.,495 1 16 Intramural bowling champion Dave Ingersoll fires the ball down the alley. Delta Sigma Phi championship track and field team members are, back row: James Morton, Louis Horton, Tom Gitlinger, Fred Adams,, Terry Grown: front row: Terrance McMullen, Owen Dale, Dave Hays, Dwight McAllister, 102 Sherwood Forest softball team members are, back row: Dick Jarvis, Bill Ballig, Earl Brungarcft, Jerry Maska: front row: Monty Lareau, Gene Rider. At Billinger, Darrell Ehrlich. Table tennis champion Don Hodsett slams the ball toward an opponent. Delta Sig bowling team members are, back row: Wayne Witwer, Bob Blackburn. Larry Myers: front row: Curt Coup, Owen Dale, Dwight Williams. Dave Ingersoll copped the K- Award by scoring the most points in intramural athletic competition. 103 Golf Squad Grabs 9-5 Season Mark One of the top Tiger golfers, Bud Frieden gets set for e short putt. fn Coach Cade Suran ' s first year at the helm of the golf team, the squad compiled a 9-5 record in dual competition, Suran replaced Dr. Joel Moss, who coached golf for seven years and led his golfers to the CfC title in 1965. FHS finished second in the CfC golf tourna- ment and the NAIA District 10 meet, bowing only to Washburn University in both cases. in the NAIA national championships at Shawnee, Okla. p Fort Hays State linksters were eliminated from competition after 36 holes. Returning letterman Dennis Close had the best dual record on the squad during the season. Post- ing a best round of 71, he had a 9-4-1 mark and averaged 78.8 strokes per round. Led by the strong play of Close, the Bengal golf- ers started with a bang, winning their first five matches. They knocked off Kansas Wesleyan Uni- versity IOI 2 - 4 I 2 , Emporia State College of Emporia 12-3, Kearney [Neb.) State Vi V2 an Northwestern Oklahoma State Running into stiffen competition, the Bengals were bounced for three consecutive losses by two Wichita State University teams I 3 I 2 -M 2 and IU j 3 ' 2 , and by Kansas University I 1-4. Wins over St. Benedict ' s College 10-5, Kansas Wesleyan University 15-0, Bethany College 15-0 and Kearney State 10-5, and losses to Washburn University r d Omaha University 8-7 rounded out the season ' s slate for the Tigers. 1966 Season Record I Ol j FHS Kansas Wesleyan University 41 2 8 j 2 FHS.,, Emporia State 6 2 FHS...,, , ..College of Emporia 3 f4! 2 FHS. .Kearney [Neb,] State I 2 8 1 2 FHS. . Northwestern Oklahoma State 6 I 2 I V2 FHS Wichita State University No. f [ 31 2 31 2 FHS Wichita State U mversity No. 2 I U 2 4 FHS. Kansas University ( i 10 FHS, .......... . St. Benedict ' s College 5 ! 5 FHS Kansas Wesleyan University 0 1 5 FHS Sethany College 0 10 FHS. ......... Kearney State 5 V 2 FHS,. Washburn University 1 FHS..., Omaha University 8 Coadi Cade Suran completes his first year as golf mentor. 104 Golf squad members ere, back row: John Engel, Ralph (Baddy) Butler, Charlie Fountain, Coach Cade Suran; Front row: Harold (Bud) Frieden. Lon Palmer, Don Palmer, Dennis Close. At the Fort Hays Country Club, Dennis Close H leading Tiger llnkster for the season, sharpens his putting ye on a practice green. 105 Netmen Finish 8-4 Under New Coach Under the guidance of new coach Jerry Johnson, the tennis squad racked up an 8-4 mark. FHS netmen placed third in the CIC meet at Topeka, Kim Gotfschalk and Mike McAtee finished second in the number one and number two singles, respectively. McAtee and Dave Young copped second place 3n the number two doubles. Jumping to two early wins, the Tigers defeated Kearney (Neb.) State 7-0 there and won over Bethany College 5-4 at home. Bethany rebounded to beat the Bengals 7-2 at Lindsborg and Kansas State University trimmed the Tigers 5-2 at Manhat- tan. Hosting Kearney State, the squad repeated its earlier 7-0 sweep of the Antelopes, Pittsburg State bowed to the Bengals 5-4 at Emporia. Also at Emporia. Emporia State clipped FHS 5-4. At home the tennis team slipped by Garden City Junior College 4-3. fn Topeka, Tiger netmen fell to Washburn University 4-3. Winding up the regular season with three con- secutive victories, the Bengals won easily over Hutchinson Junior College 7-3 in Hays, Garden City Junior College 6-1 at Garden City and Dodge City Junior College 7-0 at Dodge City. At left: Letterman Terry Clevefand returns a slam . Besides coaching, Jerry Johnson is an administrator. 106 1966 Season Record 7 FHS . , . . Kearney (Neb-) State 0 5 FHS Bethany College 4 2 FHS . , . , . . Bethany College 7 2 FHS Kansas State University 5 7 FHS Kearney State 0 5 FHS , Pittsburg State 4 4 FH$ Emporia State S 4 FHS Garden City Junior College 3 3 FHS Washburn University 4 7 FHS . . , . Hutchinson Junior College 2 6 FHS Garden City Junior College I 7 FHS Dodge City Junior College 0 CIC Tournament Washburn University Emporia State Fort Hays State ' Pittsburg State Omaha University . . . 15 6 4 3 0 Netman Kim Gottschalk was the top scholar among Fort Hays State athletes with foil and spring semester averages of 3-00 and 2.94, Tennis squad members are. back row: Jerry Johnson, coach. David Zwinfc. Jim Gates, Rick Uifcer, Phil Howland. Dave Rhoades. Arden Kohler, Ron Hamby: front row: Allan Mai. Donnie Hockett. Bill Fraser, Dave Young, Terry Cleveland, Kim .Gotta hoik, Mike McAtee. 107 Top Fort Hays State broad [onnper Darwin Asbbaugh, ties the record at the Kearney meet. Two Dual Wins Set Strong Track Pace Setting the pace for the track season, Fort Hays State romped over Kearney (Neb.) State 96-79 and Wichita State 97-48 in dual meets. Participating in three Texas Relay events, the Bengals placed second In the distance medley relay and third in the three-mile run. In the E mporia Relays the Tigers captured firsts in the high jump, steeplechase and distance medley relay; second and third En the mile; third in the 880 relay and shot put; and fourth in the 120-yard high hurdles and the 440 relay. In the Kansas Relays the distance medley and two-mile relay teams copped first, and Don La kin took second in the 10,000-meter run. Competing En the Drake Relays, the distance medfey team placed second. Additional Tiger points were garnered by Lakin in the six-mile run and by the two-mile relay team. Closing the relays season at Colorado University, FHS was first In the high jump and 880 relay, second in the 440 relay, third in the discus and third and fourth in the 100-yard dash. In the CIC meet FHS scored J 02 ' points for the title, placing in 27 events, including eight first places. The NAIA championships put the frosting on the cake as the Tigers placed third with 44 points — most ever by an FHS team. Up and over with plenty of room to spare goes high jumper Rod Williams. Coach Alex Francis gained another honor when he was In a visit to the FHS campus, A.sian coaches continued a friendship begun several years named District fO Trade Coach of the Year, ago with Coach " Alex Francis Here Coach Francis demonstrates starting blocks. f 09 V Runners surge over the high hurdles in the dual meet with Kearney (Neb.) State, won by the Tiger j 96-79. Tigers Set Marks; Cop Third in NAIA John Mason shattered records in both the one and the two mile during the year. Winning third place in the NAIA national cham- pionships climaxed one of the best track and field seasons in Fort Hays State ' s history. Earlier, the Tigers won the CIC crown in both cross country and outdoor track, copped the NAIA cross country title and wound up second in the first annual NAIA indoor track meet. Records toppled all year as a total of 14 new marks were set and one tied in the outdoor season alone. The third place finish was a repeat for the Bengals in the NAIA race as were the CIC titles in cross country and outdoor track. Establishing a record 9:50,4 clocking at the Drake Relays, Fort Hays State ' s distance medley team of Jack Harms, Lynn Havel, Jerry Katz and John Mason ranked first among smaller colleges In the nation and ninth among all colleges and univer- sities throughout the country. Bob Schmidt and Rod Williams tied for honors and set a new state all-time high jump record of 6-10% at the Colorado Relays. Relay teams and distance runners John Mason and Don lakin accounted for 10 new records during the year, Katz set a new time for the 880, Bernie Blevins heaved the shotput 53-8 for a record and Darwin Ashbaugh jumped 45-1 in the triple-jump to complete the list of record breakers. Tract squad members are, back row: Alex Francis, Bernie Blevins, Jerry Cotes, Larry Pickering, Leon Schneider, Bob Schmidt, Bill Strait, Rod Williams, Bill Lindner, Steve Stewart: second row: Bruce Zamrila, Gary Arthaud, Ken Alien, Cecil Johnson, Jerry Hertel, Lowell Smith, Gary Beymer, Jim Griffin, Riley Rankin, Don Lakin; front row: John Mason, Jack, Harms, Ron Morel, James Abxander, Terry Shane, Bob Newsom, Jerry Ketj, Lynn Havel, Lonnie Antrim. I I I 1966 Marks Return Of Baseball to FHS After an absence of 42 years, baseball returned as an intercollegiate sport at Fort Hays State. Playing 19 games, the squad posted a win-loss record of 7-12. As a team, the Tigers batted .206, compared to the op- ponents ' .226, The Bengals picked up 64 runs on 108 hits and 41 errors on the opposition. The opposition garnered 82 runs on I 22 hits and 43 Tiger miseues. On the basis of a minimum of 20 times at bat, Jon Mastin led Bengal batters with a .278 mark. Jim Dreiling led in runs-batted-in with nine and picked up the most total bases with 24. Belting the only Tiger homers of the season were Dreiling (one) and Ron Daise (one). Defensively, Fort Hays State had a .932 fielding percent- age to .934 for the opponents. Coach Bob Reislng s squad had 419 putouts, 174 assists, five double plays and 43 errors. Opponents finished with 421 putouts, 160 assists, nine double plays and 41 errors. Led by Bob Power with a 1.78 mark, the pitching crew compiled an ERA of 3.67 while the opponents finished with 2,88. Don Givens saw the most action, appearing in nine games and compiling a 2-3 mark. The right-hander gave up 29 hits, 18 runs, 17 walks and struck out 33. Tiger catchers Dennis Bean. Bill Schrum and Jim Pearce tall over the upcoming season opener against the Swedes of Bethany College. 112 1966 Season Record 8 FHS . . Bethany College 3 3 FHS . . Sterling College I 5 FHS ........... Sterling College ! 6 FHS ........ Bethany College 2 1 1 FHS . Bethany College 3 2 FHS .......... College of Emporia 3 3 FHS College of Emporia 4 4 FHS . . . .. . Sterling College 2 2 FHS . . . . . . Sterling College 3 2 FHS Wichita State 6 0 FHS . . . Kearney State 2 2 FHS Kearney State I 3 FHS Washburn University 7 4 FHS Emporia State 6 4 FHS .... Kearney State 5 0 FHS Emporia State 4 4 FHS Pan American 19 ! FHS College of Emporia 3 Wjfh Its many billboards promoting Hays businesses, LarSct Park served as the location for home games. Here a Sterling College player [21 ) slams a pitch toward Tiger first baseman Galen Schmid tberger. At home against the Bethany College Swedes, Jim Dinkel (25) goes for broke but only catches a piece of the ball, FHS won the contest B-3, Baseball coach Bob Reisrng. completing his first year as head of Tiger baseball fortunes, was named Baseball Coach of the Year " for District 10 of the NAIA. Reislng guided his Ben gals to a 7-12 mark in their first baseball season in 42 years. In addition to coaching, Raising served as an assistant professor of English. Sizing up a pitch, Jim Drilling bats against Wichita State University. Wichita stopped the Tigers 6-2 in the game. Reising Is District TO Baseball Coach of Year On a close calf, Dennis Leilcfer slides into home plate against Sterling College. The Tigers split with the Warriors, winning 4-2 and losing 3-2. I 14 Tigers Start Fast, Then Lose Punch Winning their first five games, the 1966 baseball Tigers started fast but faltered as they won only two of their last 14 encounters. In the season opener at home against Bethany College, the Bengals jumped to a 4-0 lead and never trailed as they went on to an 8-3 win. Strong pitching by Terry Thomas and Don Givens led the Tigers to two more home victories, 5-1 and 3- 1 , over the Sterling College Warriors, Traveling to Lindsborg for a rematch with Beth- any, the Bengals won two, 6-2 and H-3, Returning home, the Tigers dropped two heartbreakers to College of Emporia, 4-3 and 3-2. In a doubleheader at Sterling College, the Bengals split with the Warriors, winning the opener 4-2 and dropping the second game 3-2 + At the Fort Hays Furlough, the Bengals enter- tained Wichita State University. The powerful Shockers proved too much for the Tigers as they banged out I I hits to post a. 6-2 victory. Hosting Kearney (Neb.) State in a twin bill, the Tigers dropped the first game 2-0 but bounced back to win the second contest 2-1, running their record to 7-5, But that was to be the last victory of the season for Bob Reising ' s squad, Washburn University subdued the Bengals 9-4 in the CfC tournament at Omaha. Continuing in the loser ' s bracket, the Tigers saw a 4-0 lead disappear as they lost to Emporia State 6-4. Playing three teams at Emporia to dose out the season, the Tigers first were shut out 4-0 by Emporia State. They then fell victims to a 19-4 bombing by Pan American College of Edinburg, lex., and lost to College of Emporia 3-1 . Hopeful compete for baseball squad positions at fall tryouts. Baseball squad members are, back row: Coach Bob Reding, manager Steve Salter, Roger Bechtel, Lester Depperschmidt. Larry Knoll, -student assistant Dick Shogrem third row: Jim Dinfed, Terry Thomas, Dwight Megfey, Dean Stein, Dennis Leiker, Jon Mastin. Bill Schrum; second row; Bernie Juno, Jim Dreiling, Galen Schmidtberger, Jim Pearce. Paul Ber- land, Bill Scott, Don Givens: front row: Darrell Depperschmidt, Keith Riley, Ron Daise, Dennis Wells, Dennis Bean. Bob Power, Dennis Blanken- ship. M5 Interwoven into the social life of the college show are a host of organizational activities. Organizations afford a wealth of opportunities for collegians to become actively engaged in the processes of campus betterment and community service and to develop socially and intellectually. In addition to teaching the value of leadership and the importance of co-operation, participation in organizations offers a challenge for individual improvement and mutual understanding. Through organizational activity collegians clarify many of their own attitudes and ideas and learn to cope effectively with va rious problems while conducting . . . show business. 0 117 All-Student Council members, are, back row: Marilyns Wilson, Carlene McGuire, Mimi Delay, Helen Bogart, Craig Beach, Kerry Thelheim, Jo Anne ‘Murphy: second row: Herb Herzog, Loren Pepperd. Dave Aday, Randall Baxter, Larry Michaelis, Chris WoeUt. Paul Monty: front row; John Duff, Larry Roberts, Kirk P. Mussulman. Tom McLain. Randy Larsen, Blaine Roberts, Jay Rowh, David Fret;. Campus Parties Begun; Tribunal Concentrates Spring Elections Back On Parking Problem With the return of spring elections to campus came the vigor and enthusiasm of two newly formed political parties. Candidates representing the Democratic Justice Party and the Collegiate Unification Party ran for offices All-Student Council enacted a bill which prevented double jeopardy by allowing Student Court to try only those cases which had not been heard in another court. In a constitutional election, the student body president gained veto power over legislation passed by the council Limited parking space on campus was the biggest problem confronting Traffic Tribunal, an organization composed of students and faculty members. The major responsibility facing the committee involved traffic planning. Meeting weekly, the members studied existing traffic regulations and recommended changes to President M. C, Cunningham. Other duties of the group included issuing special parking permits and handling cases concerning traffic violations. Merwin Colburn was chairman. Traffic Tribunal members are Wendell Wyatt, BUI Jellison, Chris Conklin, Merwin Colburn, CherrE Ruder, Jean S+ouffer, Leroy MunselL M3 Student Oregfniatlons Committee mem- bers are, back rows Dr. Richard Burnett, R. Lynn Rogers, Dr. Gordon Price, Dr. Bill Jell! so n ; front row; Loren Pepper’d, Mimi DeLay, Carlene McGuire, Jean Stouffe r. SOC Approval Entitles Groups to Recognition Responsibility for developing a list of approved organi- zations on campus rested with Student Organizations Com- mittee. The plans and purpose of each organization were submitted to the committee for evaluations Approval by the group entitled the organization to recognition in the college catalog and use of Memorial Union services. Both students and faculty served on the committee. SOC members selected Dr. Richard Burnett to serve as chairman. Student Court Decides Campus Controversies Student Court, a committee which acted on cases brought by the hearing committee, ASC, or other campus organi- zations, comprised the judicial branch of student government. Offices cgnsisted of four justices, a chief justice and an attorney general. Four faculty members also served on the court All members had an equal vote on disciplinary cases while only students voted on cases of constitutional interpretation, Clark Chlpman was attorney general. Student Court members ore, bock row: Clark Chfpman, Ken D. Brown, Gene Bulnger, Dr. Richard Burnett; front row: Jean Stouffer. Judy Sipe, Mike Sullivan. I 19 Associated Women Students council members are, back row: Rita Rasmussen, Lets Libby, Karen Brown, Carol Peters: fourth row: Diana Bailey, Corrine Sidener, Gretchen McMaster, Rita Juno: third row: Ann Teeter, Sue Hudson, Jan Papes, Vickie Wright, Linda Donahey: second row: Sharon Jo Sramek, Pansy Beth Callaway, Linda L. Sheets, Karen D, Gilchrist: front row: Kafbi Low, 8obbf Bland iog. Lash Hath- melster, Gaylene Hayden, Marsha Evans. AWS Show Reveals Latest Fall Fashions Models Cindy Dalrympfe, Janet Barnett. Karen Kesler and Mary Lynn Burger wear the latest in fashion at the Associated Women Students style show. Newly organized Associated Women Students pre- sented a fall style show displaying the latest in fashion, AWS sponsored penny-a-minute nights each semester. On these evenings girls living in residence halls and sorority houses were allowed to stay out an hour later. The fee was a penny a minute or 50 cents for the entire additional hour. Members included all women regularly enrolled at Fort Hays State. Consequently, the group had the largest membership of all campus organizations. To establish a workable situation, members elected representatives to AWS council, the executive, legis- lative and judicial body of the organization. Repre- sentatives were elected on the basis of one repre- sentative to approximately 50 girls. Purposes of the organization included unifying women on campus, providing leadership opportunities for women, encouraging and developing intellectual curiosity and legislating rules pertaining to and govern- ing women students on campus. Sue Hudson was elected president by the members. Jean Stouffer was adviser of the group. 120 Alpha Phi Omega members are, back row: Arm in Ruud, Jack Humburg, Jerry W. Johnson, sponsor sixth row: Richard Bur- nett, Edwin Hampton, David L. Mecken- stock, Jim Prinsen; fifth row: Thomas J. Mtrrphy, Steve Humburg, Tom McLain; fourth row. Robert Orth, Rich D. Ziegler, Ronaid Leitner, John Whitney. Marion Alcorn; third row: Kenneth Abendshien. Eugene A, Leitner, Jerry Lippold, James E. Montgomery, Leo D. Heble, Edwin B. Deibert: second row: Kirk R. Musselman, Stephen Paynter. Tim Rupp, Dennis Ernst, Jim Haines, Robert Paynter: front row: Thomas M. Bullock, John B. Carmichael,, Cecil Pettit, James Sallee, Hubert Deines.. Selby Batty. Service Club Sponsors Selection of Ugly Man Washington’s Birthday Prompts Club Project To earn money for the Endowment Fund, Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, sponsored the penny- a-vote Ugly Man on Campus contest, won by Bob Blackburn, Campus services included sponsoring a leadership con- ference, helping direct traffic at Homecoming, ushering at campus functions and assisting with the blood donors program. Before Thanksgiving vacation, the group placed a wrecked car on campus to encourage safe driving. Turn Rupp was president. Jerry W, Johnson was sponsor. Incorporating the legend of George Washington ' s cherry tree info a group project, Dames Club, national service organization composed of wives of students, sponsored a cherry pie sale on the first President ' s birthday. Other projects of the organization included the selection of " Dame of the Year " to ride in the Homecoming parade and a square dance and potluck supper. At Christmas they gave a food basket and Christmas tree to a needy family. Kathleen Schmidt was president. Dames, Club members are, back row: Bonnie Wagner, Jan Schroer. Judy Pickering, Sandra Jamison, Dona Davis, Janet Schueler, Marilyn Smith, Carol Unger, Bev Connolly, Lynda Ward Pat Walt; fourth row; Janie Selley, Sharon Trus ell, Sharon Hardman, Norene Lindner, Delores Mdlhagen, Sue Nebon, Maxine Hays, Jeanio Weyerts, Sue James, Rowene Slmmonds: third row: Janice Bennett, Betha Edwards. Mary Harknets, Marilyn Deason, Elaine Tebo, Rosa Jones, Kay Claussen, LaVonna Sherman, Janet Skelton, Janet Bird, Judith Moody; second row: Kathy Schmidt. Betty Meyers, Judy HeiHchmidt, Jan Lesveld, Pat Johnson, Arnefta Bogan, Cheryl Pestling, Lanara Luthi, Irina Lock, Myra Poage. Judy Boedeker, Barbara Korte ' first row: Tanis Kelly, Sue Sander, Ellen Roberson, Phyllis Harmon, Randy Chick, Melba Millard. Deana Coffey, Kathy Sturgeon, Carol Baker, Vickie Peterson, Karen DeVore. 121 Anthony, Bob: Beckman, Karleen. Briery, John: Brock, Cathleen; Burrows, Sandra, Cain, Cheryl: Crider Paul: Dolezah Sue: Engle, Maribeth; Fenwick, Lynda. Grossardt, Darlene: Hate, Kevin: Heier, Ima; Hudson, Sue: Johnson, Judy. Faculty Chooses 34 Seniors for Who’s Who Mamed for inclusion in the 1965-66 edition of Who s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges were 34 Fort Hays State seniors. Faculty members selected the nominees for the honor on the basis of academic superiority, character, leadership, and potential service to society. The basic requirement is a 2.0 grade index. Who ' s Who honors outstanding seniors from 750 American colleges and universities every year. The number representing each school is limited to not more than 10 per cent of the institution ' s graduating class. Students chosen but not pictured are Walter J r Man- teuffel, Betty McGregor and Glenn Pettengill. Keeley, Patricia; Klein, Joyce: McFarland, Gloria: McKee, Linda: Nelson. Sue. Oborny Jean; Ohlemefer, Linda: Quiring, Margaret; Roberts, Blaine; Saddler, Jim. Schaefer, Margaret: Smith, Dixie: Smith, Sara; Tapphorn, Ralph; We tphal. Dan: Wherry, Mary. 122 Bailey, Larry; Beckman, Karteen; Briery, John; Brock, Catbleen; Brun- gardf, Roy; Burrows, Sandra, Converse, Betty; Doleial Sue; Engle, Maribeth; Fenwick. Lynda; Hard ' grove, Linda; H ' ase, Kev- in, Hasz, LaVonna: Heier, line; Hendrix,, Beverly: Hudson, Sue; Kaupp, Beverly; Keeley, Patricia, 48 FHS Scholars Named to Phi Kappa Phi Academic excellence brought recognition to 48 Fort Hays State students elected to Phi Kappa Phi, honorary scholastic society. Selection was made by members on the basis of standards higher than those for most honorary scholastic organizations. Advanced study for honor students, scholarship week and an honor convocation were sponsored by the group. Leota Anderson received a scholarship for compiling the highest grade average among juniors, a 2,9. Newly elected members of the society not pictured are Leota Anderson, Robert Anthony, Michael Bogan, Ronald Norinek, Judy Johnson, Joyce Klein, Betty McGregor, Glenn Pettengiil, Louise Pickering, Helen Reha, Wayne Schumacher and Paul Wallace. Lock, Ros ; Manteuffef, Walter; Miller, Elaine; Noel, Mary: Oborny, Jean; Ohlemeier, Linda. PfannenstEel. Cynthia; Quiring, Margaret; Ro-b- erh, Blaine: Schaefer, Margaret; Schledeman, Linda; Schwindt, Mary, Shepherd, Roger; Smith, David; Smith. Dixie; Smith, Sara: Tapphorn, Ralph; Walter, Jerry; Wherry. Mary. 123 Brock, Cathleen: Burrows, Sandra; Cain- Cheryl; Dolezal, Sue: Orach, Judeen: Eilrich, Sharon ; Engle, Meribeth, Heier, ' Ima: Hudson, Sue; Keeley, Pat- ricia: Lang, Ross: Montgomery, Janet; Nefson, Janet; Nelson, Sue. OhEemeier, Linda; Pfannenstid, Cynthia; Schiedeman, Linda: Smith, Sara; Todd, Carolyn; Wherry, Mary. WLO Adds Funds For Scholarships Making and selling Christmas gifts provided money for WLO ' s main project, a scholarship fund. Other projects included serving breakfast for WLO alumnae during Homecoming and ushering at Artists and Lecturers programs throughout the year. WLO and Phi Eta Sigma entertained students who had earned a 2.5 grade index for the fall semester at a Smar+y Party. Judy Johnson was president, and Alice McFarland was sponsor. Top: " Smar+ies, " Peg and Pat Gr over are congratulated by President Cunningham at the Smarty Party, which honored students with a 2.5 grade index. Bottom: Smarty Party hostess Sue Dolezd serves punch to guest Don Kelly. J 24 Rushing to speed delivery. Seventh Cavalry members box campus directories By selling popcorn to Tiger fans, Seventh Cavalry members supplied money for Endowment Fund scholarships. 7th Cavalry Speeds Directory Delivery Through the efforts of Seventh Cavalry, student directories were assembled and distributed in record time. The organization also served the campus by ushering at activities and by leading the Homecoming parade with a color guard. Proceeds from the group ' s popcorn sates at Tiger football and basketball games were donated to the Endowment Fund. The twenty-one members, chosen for scholarship, leadership and potential contribution to society, elected Dan Gish presi- dent. They were sponsored by Standfee Dalton Anthony, Bob; Base, Steve: Cross.. Tom; Daise t Ron. Fischli, Ron; Gish, Dan; Gottschalk, Kim; Hardman, Pat; Meek, Palmer; PettengiJI, Glenn, Saddler, Jim; Scott, Richard; Stapleton, Jerry: Stat- ion, Larry; Westphaf, Dan; Wolfe, Randy. 125 Alpha Lambda Delta members ore. back row: Kath Connor, Daryl Ann Hefin, Damans Henderson, Ann Mabry, Waits Tomaeek, Judy Ehrlich, Kathy Potter Peggy Ballou a, Suzanne Wolters, Donna Keener; third row: Carol Stewart, Carol DEnfcel, Marilyn Seyb, Sandy Shindler, LaVetta Westphal, Loel Brooks, Susan Swartz. Donna Crawford; second row: Mrs. Barbara Mulch, Janet GascMer, Marilyn Hartness, Ruth Thorn- burg, Barbara Mustoe, Deanna Miller, Helen E Bonneau, EEdene For- ney, Linda Klndler; front row: Darlene Linder. Nancy Ann Ward, Bar- bara Brunt, Mickey Albin. Peg Grover, Pat Grover. Jo Ann Murphy, Carol Snodgrass, Shirley Gasper. During final week, Alpha Lambda Delta posters urge intensive study. Honorary Promotes Study During Finals Alpha Lambda Delta, national scholastic honorary for freshman women who attained a 2.5 grade index for the first colle ge semester or a 2,5 average for two semesters promoted study during finals. Posters placed conspicuously around campus and mailbox inserts with learning tips urged collegians to step up their study efforts. At the March initiation, 35 freshman women and professors Barbara Mulch and Edith Dobbs were received into membership, A banquet with Phi Eta Sigma members followed initiation, JoAnne Murphy was president. Dean of Women Jean Stouffer acted as adviser for the group. Dr. Willie Ley addresses the Honors Convocation, which recognizes outstanding students and honor societies. 126 Phi Eta Sigma members are. back row: Jon R, Sims, Jean J, Oborny, Wendell R. Nicholas-, Randy Bane, Rich Duran, Delwin Christensen, Keith Bunseimeyer: second row: Forest Graber, Rodney Hun ley. Bill Neal, Palmer Meek, Donald Forgue, Larry Wilkinson, M, F. Mulch; front row: Anthony Wu, Roger Waiter, Kenton Nicholas, Randy Lar- son, Dick Clinkenbeard, James M. Hud 1 son, Bill Jetlison, sponsor. Phi Eta Sigma Hosts Spurs Serves Campus Annual Smarty Party With Lost and Found Serving as cohost tor the annual Smarty Party was Phi Eta Sigma, national scholastic honorary. The group also sponsored a spring banquet with Alpha Lambda Delta, Freshman men earned membership by achieving a 2.5 grade index tor their first college semester or a 2.5 average for the first two semesters, Keith Bunselmeyer served as president. Dr. Bill Jellison advised the group. Lose something? That question was ashed frequently by members of Spurs, who operated a lost and found de- partment in Memorial Union. Organized as a service group, members were selected from sophomore women who com- piled a 2.0 grade index or better. Members of Spurs elected Jan Papes president, and Nancy Curtis served as sponsor for the organization. Members of Spurs are, back row: Cynthia Jacobs. Vada Huxman, Donna bare Thompson, Judy Bauer, Jo Anne Murphy. Carol McCarthy. Connie Kaufmann, Jan Papes, Tari Marietta: front row: Marilyn Bouchey. Bar- Lynn. 127 Union Board 1 members are, back row: R. Lynn Rogers, Bob Blackburn, Robert Witt, W E. Keating, G E. Ruttman, John Tomlinson, Chris Woelk; front row: Elaine Thomas, Card Bray, John Duff, Jon Peters, During the book exchange in Memorial Union, Vicki Noffsmger purchases a needed text from Jackie Keller. Modeling an outfit she wore in winning the Memorial Union Program Councils Best- Dressed Girl on Campus Contest, Nancy Ward poses for the cameraman. Union Board Nixes Charge on Checks Action of the Memorial Union Board resulted in withdrawal of the five-cent check charge and establishment of a three-dollar, limit for checks Through efforts of the Memorial Union Program Council, students enjoyed the Sweetheart Ball, Tiger Hops, Madrigal Dinner, and Hawaiian Luau. Highlighting the Union Pops Series was the Ford Caravan of Stars with the Serendipity Singers. Program Council also sponsored the Best-Dressed Girl on Campus Contest, won by Nancy Ward. John Duff served as chairman of both groups, and Jerry Ruttman was Memorial Union Director Students flood Memorial Union to purchase tickets to the Ford Caravan of Stars, featuring the Serendipity Singers. 123 At the Memorial Union organizations merry-go-round, Jane Beck talks Baptist Student Union with a freshman. Religious Group New on Campus Headquartering In Memorial Union, national Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, a new re ligious organization on campus, attempted to bring Christian students together. The organi- zation sponsored Bible study, prayer groups, speakers and fellowship activities. Typical of other religious organizations on campus, the group was headed by Larry Watkins. Or. Clifford Edwards was sponsor. Union Program Council members are, bock row: Bob Blackburn, Robert A. Peacock, Richard Shrader, Stanley Hughes, John Duff; front row: Katherine Hanel, Carole Jer- marfc, Janet Barnett, Susan Jenklnson, Barbara Teschner. I liter- Varsity Christian Fellowship members are, back row: Lindy Lamb, Larry Watkins, Terry L Cleveland, Dr. Clifford Edwards, sponsor, La Donna Woods; front row: Shirley Re big, Barbara Thompson, Jeannette Frink. I V « t II 129 Leader Poll Shows Students Seek God Ever the innumerable advancements of this age have not solved many of the mysteries of the uni- verse. Students frequently turn to churches and affiliated groups to find purpose, In a survey con- ducted by the Leader, 93 per cent of the stu- dents replying professed a belief in God. Religious organizations encourage Christian attitudes and give students an awareness of the importance of healthy moral standards. fn extending a mutual effort to draw others to Christianity, participants in these groups experi- ence a common bond which often leads to lasting friendships. Organizational activities supply whole- some outlets for youthful energy. These two pages are dedicated to the various religious organizations at Fort Hays State. Baptist Student Movement Baptist Student Union Campus Christian Council Canterbury Club Chi Alpha Christian Youth Fellowship Deseret Cfub Disciples Student Fellowship Gamma Delta Hillel Club Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Lutheran Student Assn, Newman Club United Campus Christian Fellowship United Christian Fellowship Wesfey Foundation 130 Officially opening construction, Dr, Geneva Herndon, vice-president of the Fort Hays State Baptist Student Foundation, turns the first earth at ground- breaking rites for the Baptist Campus Center; to be located at 5th and Elm, f 31 Tiger ' s Roar Council members ere, bade row: Jim Morton, Ted C. Sue Ostrander, Maggie Jacobs, Anne Schroeder, Cheryl Whitney: Tow, sponsor, Nelson Krueger, George Kay: second row: Pam AUpaw, front row: Martha Daniel, Connie Smiley, Doris Leiter, Eulonda Schoeni. Cheerleaders Start Tiger ' s Roar Club Through efforts of the cheerleaders, Tiger ' s Roar pep club was formed to support athletics and increase school spirit at athletic contests. Climaxing an intensive drive, 383 students wore the black and gold badges denoting membership in the organization. Members occupied two en- tire sections at basketball games and assisted the cheerleaders and Tiger mascot with yells. Ushering in Fort Hays State ' s first baseball sea- son In 42 years, the group sponsored a Diamond Days parade. George Kay was elected president, and Ted Tow sponsored the organization. 3f£ $ $ + + Leading yells and urging the Bengals to victory were seven enthusiastic Fort Hays State cheer- leaders, Elected by the student body In the spring, the cheerleaders prepared for their jobs by at- tending the Southern Methodist University cheer- leading clinic in Dallas during the summer. Addition of baseball to the Fort Hays State ath- letic slate increased their duties. Cheerleader Becky Bodenhamer sCowEs at a Tiger error , . . 132 ri$ Leilc r, Eglonda Schoeni, Becky Boderihemer, Connie Smiley Martha Daniel ard Bonnie Partin lauds a play questions the referee ' s decision . . - and cheers the Bengal; on to victory. J 33 Members of Rodeo Club are, back row: Neil Barstow, Lorry G ' BEeness, Clair Carlisle, Tom Symns, Ed Woods, John Fieken, Clifford Alexan- der, Leon Maxson, sponsor: fourth row: Lonnie Kent, Dennis Swayze, Joel Franz, Mike Womacks, Jimmie McCullough, Harry Trosin, Dennis Schmidt, Harley Mills: third row; Lonnie Murphy, David Hays, Lynn Barton, Darrell Rubottom, Rex Rowh, Richard Williams, Eugene Leh- mann, Bill Murphy, Douglas Philip: second row: Danny Meredith, Danny Sanneman, Barbara Faulkner, David Tinkler, Jim Holterman, Larry Kumie, Sig Collins, Joe Hedrick, Bill Chain: front row: Sheryl Chandler r Barb Teschner, Sue Conard, Glenda Rudolph, Gloria Carpenter, Pat Riner, Deb by Sramek, Pansy Callaway, Cheryl Scott, Elinor T rosin. Top: Rodeo Queen Glenda Rudolph competes in barrel racing. Bottom: FHS cowboy holds on in the bareback riding event. Attendance Hits 2,000 At Two-Night Rodeo Drawing over 2,000 spectators in two nights, an in- tercollegiate rodeo, the first event of its kind In the Hays area in more than 20 years, climaxed activities of Fort Hays State ' s Rodeo ■ Club, Hosting 1 1 other schools, the Fort Hays State cow- boys captured first place In the team division. Glenda Rudolph reigned as Rodeo Queen, Gloria Carpenter, the group ' s candidate, won the title of Daisy Mae during Leap Week. Harry T rosin headed the club, and Leon Maxson and Robert Lower served as faculty advisers. After a practice ride. Joe Hedrick picks up Larry Kumie. 134 Soccer Chib members are, back row: Donny Stafford, Fa rah Gedleh, Afi Abdulla. Antonio Cirurgiao, Renan del Barco: front row: Carlos Carlos Arias; second row: Luis Bermudez, BEjon Chstiian, Mohamed Revifla, David Zwinfc, Jaime Leon, Teodoro Robles, New Club Organized FHS Skydivers Utilize By Soccer Enthusiasts Hays, Russell Airports New on campus this year, the Fort Hays State Soccer Club was composed of members from Costa Rica, Ecuador, Iran, Peru, Portugal, Somalia. Yemen and the United States. Playing for fun and recreation, the group lost 13 games and tied one. The club engaged in competition with the University of Kansas, losing 3-1 and 3-2, and Wichita State University, losing 5-3 and tieing 3-3. Carlos Revilla was president, Antonio Cirurgiao sponsored the club. Utilizing the Hays and Russell airports, the Fort Hays State Skydivers took advantage of every hour of good weather to practice jumping and to repack their chutes. Dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of the art of free-fall sport parachuting, the club complied with the basic rules and safety regulations of the Parachute Club of America. David Ayres was elected president. Dr, Gordon Price sponsored the organization. Skydivers Owen Dutt, Cave Ayres, Dr, Gordon Price, Jerry Jeffries, Dave McCoy, 135 Collegiate Young Democrats are, bade row: Bernard Hammerschmidt, front row: ferry Keenan, Card Bray, Robert Doggett, John Lirtdenmen. Gary Kohl, Dorian Dreiling, Harold A, Woodham, Charles Cummings: Young Demos Bring Veterans 1 Club Rejoins Speakers to Campus Campus Organizations To build support for the Democratic party, Collegiate Young Democrats brought Harold Herd, State Sen. from Coldwater and Herbert Dreiling, Ellis County chairman, to the campus for political lectures and discussions. Members attended the state CYD convention in Parsons, The group also assisted other clubs with ' Project Conscience . ' 1 Charles Cummings was president, Robert Witt served as sponsor for the organization. Veterans ' Club members are, bad row: James E, Benoit, Lynn D. Wait, James Deines, John F, S+oskopf, Dennis K. Pearce. Barry Walker, Ken Havner, Jim Adams, Eldon Bennett, Ernest Deines, Dennis Von- Reac+iva+ed after a lapse of several years, Fort Hays State ' s Veterans ' Club again appeared among campus organi- zations ' . Although much of the year was spent organizing, rebuilding and planning projects, the group did sponsor a Homecoming Queen candidate, Diana Tholen. Flexing their muscles, the veterans also participated in intramurals. President of the organization was Jay Thlelen. Jim Gruber served as adviser. feidt, Errol Glaze, Dwight F, High : front row: Bill Walters, Dean Spark- man, Ralph Trenary, Kenneth Solomon, Marion Tomson, Jay B. Thielen. Ronald K. Horkrader. 136 Collegiate Young Republicans are, back row: Kirk P. Mussulman, Ken Havner, Barry Walker, Dennis Franz, Robert Paul Wherry, Derma Fisher, Sue Banks. Mary Frazier, Richard Drailing, John Attwood, Bernard Droste, Curtis E, Clutter, Albert Albers: second row: Judi Sipe, David Zwlnk, Roger Maggard, F, Ray Lewis, Gary F, Hicks, Alan R. Schroer. Jim Hudson., John Duff, Erich Harfmann, Ronald Ashley. Edward Allen; front row: Charlotte Gaston, Bobbi Jane Barrows, Kafrhrynn Schultz, Carol Pember, Deanna Miller, Peggy Pancake, Kathy Walker, Marie Woods, Patty Kirkham, Mary Kay Mapes, Diana Carmichael, Davida Peterson, Marsha MornlL Young Republicans Sponsor Politicians Making an intensive effort to interest college students In government and in the Republican party, the Collegiate Young Republicans brought several guest political speakers to the campus. Lecturers were United States Rep, Bob Dole, State Sen, Glee Smith, State Sen. Keith Sebelius, State Rep. Vivian Meckel, and Ellis County Chair- man Lawrence Hamby. CYR executive council members attended a regional leadership training school in Kansas City and a national school in Washington D. C. Club members represented Fort Hays State at the First District Young Republican Convention in Hays and at state conventions in Kansas City and Lawrence. The organization also sent delegates to an Eisenhower Birthday Dinner in Great Bend and to Kansas Day Activities in Topeka. In November, the group helped to organize " Project Conscience, 1 ' a nation-wide lecture-in to interpret U. S. policy in South Viet Nam. Diana Carmichael served as CYR chairman, Merrill Mulch replaced Dr. Moreland as sponsor. 1 37 Dressed in native costume, Tahe Qirbi answers questions about his country at the activities merry-go-round, which gives freshmen a chance to [o3n organirations. Talks, Socials Held By Relations Clubs Promoting good international relations, People- to-People and International Relations Club held lectures, discussions and social activities. To earn money to bring a foreign student to campus. IRC sponsored the Bearded Joe Contest and Leap Week Dance. At a spring conference the group hosted diplomats from five countries . People-to-People entertained foreign students with a Christmas party and found homes for these collegians over holidays and vacations. Fred Bongo headed IRC, and Merrill Mulch was sponsor. President of People-to-People was Barbara ZweifeL Eric Reeves advised the group. Internationa! Relations Club members ore, back row: Gerald D. Condra, Mohammed S, Butt, Fred Bongo, Farah H. Gedleh, Merrill F. Mulch, sponsor; second row: Mrs. Barbara Mulch, sponsor. Elaine Boedeker, Khosrow Sadeghi, Nematollah Tabriz], Taha QirbEr fr ont row: Sharon Daniels, Jo Ann Murphy, Nasser Rahfmian, Nasser Anfssy. Martha Nowbrey, JoNelle Corley. People-to-Peoplo members are, back row: Taha Qirbi. Khosrow Sadeghi: second row: Diana Bander, Sung Hae Chung. Claressa Walker, Mary Scbreiber: front row: Nasser Rahimian. Himat Shah, Mansukh M. Patel, Nasser Anis-sy, Margaret Schaefer. m m B JU N «V | j$3i. pi m 5 a. _ % SI IL 1 • i) r ! j . MOUSING Group living plays a vital role in teaching the collegians responsibility and compatibility. Through it he learns to manage his affairs and to adjust to ideas and habi contrary to his own. ft phase of the cqllege show also allows stu- dents to gain friends and to experience memorable times through . . . troupe fellowship. 139 Agnew Converted to Men’s Residence Hall oc po Arkwfmwtk Abdulla, Mohamed A,: Abram, Robert Adams, Ray D,; Albers, Albert L; Allen, Kenneth W.: Arias, Carlos A,- Arthaud, Gary L. Artr, Kenneth D.; Ary, Ronald K.: Bolter, Zane S. : Bark- er, William F. : Bartholomew, John A,; Berry, Stuart M.; Birdsell, Jackie D. Bondy, Ray C. Boyd, James B.: Brejcha, Robert J.; Brown, Clair W.: Burd, Richard R.r Button, Thomas H.; Byram, Stephen B- CarmichaeL John B,- Cartwright! Glen R.; Cloutman, Don- aid G. " Cordel, David Or, Craig, Jim Hr, Cranston, Steve C.; Davidson Aden C. Davidson, Tom D,; Degenhardt. Glen R,’ Deines, Dan S,; Dey, Robert H,; Dible, David J.; Dletr, Raydene G,- Dietz, Richard E- Divel, Larry R.; Donecker. James M,; Duran, Richard; Eneff, Darrel L.; Ernst, Dennis Dr, Esterl, Richard J.; Focklam, Donald D, Fomitaf, David W,: Fossetf, W. Curtis; Fountain, Charles W.; Fox, Tim K.; Francis, Donald Or, Gilbert, Norlan J.; Gooden, Tony R. 140 Goodwin, Richard A,; Hallum, Bob; Hamp ton, Edwin: Harkrader. Ronald EC: Hat- field, Roger: Heckman, Jay D.r Hill, Donald E.; Hladek, Glenn A, Hockett. Don: Honderick, John W.; Hooper, J. C,: Hooper, Layton. L; Howland, Philip L„r Hudson. James M.; Hudspeth, Donald W r ; Janfz, Jerry L. Jennings., David L,; Jones, Richard M,; Jones, Roger R; Kadel, Roger A.; Kirk, Gary; Leman, Steve J.: Lament. Dennis; Lansden. Roger Lee, Dennis £.; Lehman. Donald E.i Lewis. Francis; Litsgn, Lawrence H.; Lowe. Duskin, Maggard, Roger K,; Manning, Steven D.r Martin, Joseph P. Mayo. Robert R.: McChristian, Douglas C. McClellan, .Gary W,; McLain. Tom R.; Mc- Laughlin, Ken M.; MelTon, Steven J.: Mit- chell. Charles W,: Morris, James R. Orchard, Gary; Paget, Kenneth S-; Perkins, Roger D. : Peterson, Donovan G + : Phillips, Gary L.; Phye, Fred R.; Powers, Lonnie R,; Price, Kenneth D. Querbach, Jerry J,; Rahmanan, Khosrow; Rails back, Thomas C; Rash, LeRoy C.; Raynes, Clinton A.; Reedy. Thomas A,; Reif- schneider, Robert H,; Refnert, Donald C, Agnew Hall Riekenberg, John M.; Riemann, Leland J.; Satchel!, Lester G.; Scantlin, William M.; Schmidt, Michael C,: Schneider, Bernard C,: Shogren, Richard £,; Slankard, Jonroy Snodgrass. Keith E.; Spreier, Scott W.: Stag- ner, Gene H.; Stout, Delbert B. r Strain, Patrick C.; Sutton, Roddy D, ; Tannahill, C, Allan; Tomson. Marion Tubbs, James O.; Turne ' r, Gary E.; Walker. Gary; Weiser, Lonnie; White. John A,; Whit- ney, John W.; Wilson, Leslie D.; Wood, Har- old Zamrzla, Bruce A.; Ziegler, Eugene P.; " Zwink, David R.; Resident Assistants: Bailey ' Larry W,; Seifert, Dave: Seifert, Shrrl; Wolfe, Lean- na K. ; Wolfe, Randy J4I Built in ’21 , Custer Is Oldest Residence Hall Coed ponders the beauty produced by Custer Halt at night. Albln, Mickey M.: Alexander. Birdie L: Amos. Dianne L: Anderson, Cheri A.: Anderson, Susan E-: Angel, Janette M r ; Avery, Cathy A, Avis, Linda J.; Baker, Eileen R.: Bartley, Lois J.; Beam, Gloria S. ' Bedore, Martha L. : Beims, Patricia J.; Bor- land, Susan F. Bettenbrock, Ann M.; Biggs. Tonya R.; Boatten hammer, Linda L, ; Bohm, Artene M-; Bollig, Reatha M.r Bomgard- ner, Calene B,; Bongartr, Lynda L, Brenzikofer, Diane M.; Brockel, Ruth A.: Bruner, Nancy J,; Brunk. Barbara J,r Callaway, Pansy B.; Clarlc, Kath- leen R.; Cofer, VirgEnia M, Corry, Beth A.; Criswell, Janice G,; Curtis, Janice K.r Davis, Cathy S.; Dixon, Sharon E,; DreilEng. Margaret F.; Dunsfan, Olive J, Eckles, Barbara J.; Elliott, Vicki; Elniff, Marlene K.; Fast. Marjorie A.; Faulds, Hazel L,; Fenwick, Chartene R.; Fleckenstein, Sheri L, 142 FroSfj Rita C.; Fry, Daria J.; Garrett, Cheryl A,i Gilchrist, Rachel F. ; Giles. Vicki L; Goddard, Terrie L.j Goetz, Becky A,; Good- row, Jane E, Grauerholz, Jo Ann; Gump, Donna M,; Hadagln, Jo A.: Hamburg, Arlene W. ; Hand- ley, Judy L: Harden. Pamela C,: Harper. Carole L,: Harper, Dixie L Hayse, Georgians B.; Heimer, Nedra R.; Heiberg, Nancy J,; Hemken, Janice K.; Hend- erson. Geraldine; Herring, Donita K.; Her- rington, Nancy L: Hinton, Deana D. Hlaus, Rosemary J,; Holiday, Cynthia J,, Hoo- ver, Neola R.; Horning, Laura A.; Houser, Lu- cille J r ; Hubbs, Karen S. ; Humphrey, E. Grace; Hunt, Connie F. Isom, Alpha J,; Jacobs, Margaret J.; Jen- nings, Cheryl! G.; Jensen, Linda J.; John- son, Olivia; Jones, Connie J.: Jones, Mary C.; Kautmann, Donna M, Keeley, Linda A.; Keith, Cynthia L.; Keller, Shirley D.; Kennedy, Karol L. j Ken nedy. Sharon S.; Kenyon, Donna J.; Kisner, Pat- ricia A,; Kfepper, Anita L, Kleymann, Marsha L.; Kogler, Sharon K,; Koochel. Nancy A.; Lamia, Gloria Lan- dau, Nancy K.; Lesovs ky, Terry K,; Lindner. Nina L-; Locker, Patricia J. Custer Hall Maag, Janet M.; Mar. Defma M,; Malsom, Karen R , : Marietta. Jari K,- McCurdy, Klela C,: McHenry, Linda G.; McWhirter, J. Gail; McWhirter, JacUyn S, Michaells, Wilma D.r Miller, Lela J.; Mines, Connie L. ; Money, Susan; Monteith, frandal; Morgan, Alta A.; Most, Jeanine K.; Mowry, Janice L. Murphy, Melanie A.; Musselwhite. Patricia L; Nagel, Connie B.; Neidhart. Barbara A.; Neu- burger, Linda L,; Norden, Donna J,: Norden, Linda A.; Osborne, Marsha R. Papes, Janet A.; Peters, Patricia K.; Peterson. Nancy A,: Pfeifer, Linda E.r Pickett, Marion F, ; Piland, Janice E. ; Quint, Shirley A,; Reed, Sonia S. J43 Ritienhouse, Jinna L: Robinson, Mary: Rockwell, Sue A.: Rohr, Mary J.; Romig, Marcia D.; Rooney, Patricio A.; Ross, Linda J, Ross, Marla K.; Rounkles, Penny K; Ruckert, Yvonne L.; Schoenthaler, Barbara E.; Schraiber, Mary; Seifried, Sharilyn M,; Sheets, Linda L. Shirk, Mary .; Smith, Julia L; Snay, Karen J.; Snay, Lana M.; Sothers, Judith A.; Spatz, Sheila K.; Sramek, Oebby L Steele. Marlene A,; Stephenson, Norene E.; Suiter, Donna J.; Sullivan, Linda J r ; Tabier. Fern C,; Thacker, Gloria J.; Thacker, Margaret E, Thalheim, Cheryl D.; Thalheim, Kerry Ann: Tomanek, Walta J,i Trapp. Cheryl L, : Troli, Connie S.i Trout, Donna D.: Tsohani. Lynn Van DerWege, Judeen; Von Galder, Arlene L.; Vesecky, Rosalee J.; Wallace, Barbara J. ' Weber, Marjorie’ Wheeler, Tamara ' Whitney, Cheryl D, Wlcke, Rita r Wilhaus, Rose: Wilken, Karen; Wobker, Mary: Wolting, Gaye L. : Zeigler, Trean W.; Zweifel, Barbara J Custer Hall Continued growth of enrollment at Fort Hays State has stimulated construction of spacious Custer Hall ' s dining room becomes the scene of housing facilities. Outdated buildi ngs are giving way to more serviceable structures. the residence hall ' s annual Christmas formal. 144 - McGrath Hall 1 residents engage in a game of cards during their leisure hours. Study sometimes gives way to less taxing endeavors. McGrath Hall Houses More Than 170 Men Abendshien, Kenneth P.; Abies, Tracy A.; Ahlvers, Rodney L. ; Alexander, Clifford G. Allison, Curtis E.: Austin, Eric L.; Bainter, Lyman N. Ballard, Robert A.; Bane, Randy P.; Barstow, Neil B.: Beach, Curtrs L. ; Beck ' ley. Glen E. Bennett, Ronnie M.; Bieber, Richard A.; Bitter, Jerry L.: Brin, Larry J r ; Brooks. Mi- chael M.; Brunson, Rodney A. ; Bunselmeyer, Keith W.: Burns, James B, Campbell, Douglas P. : Carter, Lawrence W.: Chain, Bill O.; Cheney, Larry D.: Chesney, Kent L.; Chlumstty. Michael L. ■ Claassen, C, Wayne: Claudel. Paul E. Clements, Joseph E.: Cooper, Rex G.: Cross. Harry L. : Daise. Ronald M,: Davis, L. Charles: DeBey, Gary G,; DeForest, Elbert L,: Defnes, Herbert D. Donovan, Dan N.; Drach, W, Teareli Dry- den, Dennis K-: Echard. Dennis W.; Engel. John E.i Eubank, Charles P. : Evans, Gerald J, ; Fisher, Harvey L. Freeland, Curtis E,: Garver, Ronald A.; Ged- leh,- Farah H.: Gibson, Charles H.; Gieb- Jer. Victor J.; Glass. Rodney A.: Graber, Forest D.: Gray. Robert E. Haberman, Donald R,: Harrison, Jeff L.; Haynes, Gary D.- Hearting, Russell A.: Heble, Leo D.: Heimer, Robert L; Hennigh, Barry W.: Henry, Douglas L, 145 Hohrmann, Lynn J,; Holstem, Alfred H,; Holstein, Duane A,: Huntey, Rodney D,; Hussey, Merlins C; Ji!g, Mi okays Josserand, Michael W.: Kaufman, Gene Keith. Milden D,: Kennedy, James ' Kenyon, Alan: Lebsack, Richard R.; Lehman, Ron: Lemui, Isaac: Linden, Donald: Lippold, Jerry L. Marsh, Jerry L,; Meeks, Larry W.; Meier, Kenneth G.: Mlchaelis, Larry D.: Milton, Dwight, Moore. Rodney L.: Morgan. Lyle E.; Mounday, Donald R, Murphy, Thomas J.; Neely, Marlon R.; Nel- son, Patrick ' Newman, Gary: Nicholas, Ken- ton C,; Nicholas, Wendell K.; Norris, Jo- seph; Odle, Stanley L., Olson, Steve; Osborn, Robert W.; Panzer, Arthur J , : Paynter, Stephen D,; Pugh, Wal- ter E. ; Randle, Randy A.: Rhoden, Kenneth K.: Rieth, Herbert J. Robertson, Larry Rogers, Ronald M,: Rowh, Re E.: Rusco, Jim; Salter, Steve G,; Schaffer, Willie J.: Schlageck. John L. Schmitt, Denny J, Schnoor, William F.t Scott, Danny G.; Scott. Lee: Sears, Robert E r ; Sckavec. Dale A.: Smith, Greg A; Sprick, Roger .; Stein, Dean Steinert, Dennis N.; Stites, Wilbur; Sueiter, Robert G.: Sweat, John; Tichenor, Steven R,; Tull 1 , Don E.; Tymer, Dennis C.; Wade, Bruce Walker, James L,; Watson. Stephen J.; Watts, Mark A.; Wegele, Allen E.; West. Dermis L; Wheeler. John; Wright, David; Zerr Dean A. McGrath Hall Men of McGrath built a Tiger which climbed the beanstalk, but the float failed to win a prize. Btm stacS 146 At night the lights in MtMindes Hall enhance the modern architecture design of the building. New Wing Opens; McMindes Capacity Tops 600 Abels, Eloyce J.; Adams, Diana F.; Adams, Donna J.i Adams, Jane L. ; Adams, Marlene L.; Adams, Norma J,; Ahrens. Judy L: Allen. Martha A, Anderson, Dorothy M.r Anglin. Judy M.; Appel, Denise M.; Archibald. Peggy A.: Arnold. Roselyn K,; Ary. Vicki J.; Ayers, Pamela E.; Bachar, Pauline K. Bahr. Stephanie J.: Bailey, Card A.; Balloun, Peggy L.; Bangs. Constance M.; Banks, Sue A,-; Barnett, Caro! L.; Barnett, Janet G.; Bashford, JeriJyn S. Bauer, Carol E.; Bauer, Darlene L.; Bauer, Judy J,; Beefs, Janalee E. : Bechard, Connie S-r Becker, Janet J.: Beekley, Beverly L.: Beer, Onalee E. Beeson, Linda J.; Benda, Christine L . Ben- der, Diana L.; Bergiing, Peggy J.; Berg- man, Betty R. ; Bernbeck, Donna L,- Bersc- heidt, Jayne A,; Biays. Ellen M. Bieber, Marcia A.; Bingesser, Jo Ann; Black- wood. Paula L; Blair, Connie J,: Boedeker, Elaine M.; Boedeker. Ruby E-: Bogart, Helen L; Boland, Sharleen K. Boman, Liz A.; Bonneau. Helen E.; Borth- wick. Mary H.; Bose, Karta K Bouchey, Marilyn K.; Boyce, Sandra J.: Brack, Sheryl A.; Bray, Vivian J. 147 Bremser, Katherine ft.: Briery, Pamela A.; Brock, Norman Broeckelman, Judith C: Brown, Karen E,: Brubaker, Marilyn R.: Brunt, Sandra K.; Bryant, Janet E. Burger, Mary L: Burkle, Patricia: Burleigh. Mary; Bushnell. Sheryl; Capps, Pamela S.: Carbon, Jennie L; Carlson, Pam D.; Car- penter Gloria Carswell, Terry R.: Carter. Nancy L: Chand- ler Sheryl S.: Childers. Patricia A,: Chung, Sung Hae; Clark, Nelde L-; Clark, Vallar Claycamp. Karren E. Coady, Mary A.: Coddington, Cecilia: Col- glazier, Rebecca: Conn, Martha J.; Conner, Katha; Cory, Kathleen A.: Cowan, Eloise A.; Cowgill, Laurel E. McMindes Hall Crabtree, Jacquelyn A.: Crawford, Donna M.; Creathbaum, Pat R.: Crist, Hazel M.: Dal- ryrnple, Cynthia; Dansel, Rhode J.; Davidson, Lynann; Davis, Carol S. Dawkins, Donna K.; Dean, Vergie D,; Dea- trich, Geneva; Deeds, Reva G.: Dennett, Rita K, j Desaire. Arlinda J.; DeVore, Kathleen A.; Diehl, Rebecca S. Dietz, Diana K.; Dietz, Vicki L.; Dinkd, Ellen M- Dinkel, Patricia A.; Doggett. Christine P. ; Donahey, Linda; Donahey, Lo- rene L.; Donart, Marilyn 5, Doyle, Cheryl A.; Dreiling, Shirley A.; Ores- cher. Charlotte A.; Drescher, Mary T,; Dris- coll, Joyce, L,; Dwell, Dorothy A.; Dumler, Cindy: Ebright, Beverly A, Ehrlich, Judy L.; Eldridge, Paula K. : Ellis, Marcia R.; Enfield, Janet S.; Engel, Jeanice: Engel, Jeanita; Engleman, Pam A.; Evans, Jeannette Evans, Marsha L.; Everett, Frances; Fell, Diana C.; Ferguson, Teryl: Perland, Donna R.: Fink„ Virginia: Fisher, Donna; Fisher, Ruth . Flagler, Charlene: Flagler. Sharon; Forney, Eldene; Foulk. Connie; Franklin, Becky; Frans, Linda: Freeborn, Kathryn; Fricker, Shirley J. 148 Frink, Bobbett O.r Garetson, Chios R.; Garrett, Charla R . : Garrett, Jere J L - Gasper, Shirley A,; Geering, Ruth E.: Gentry, Mary E,; George, Lois J. Giles, Pam M,: Gilg, Carol S.: Goings. Mari dell L; Gooch, V. Susan: Graham, Deborah G.; Graham. Susan K,: Grant, Patricia A.; Graves, Patricia A. Greenway, Janice K.; Griese, Joan L,: Gro- ver, Patricia S.: Grover, Peggy A.: Haas, Betty A.: Haehmeister, Laah M.: Hadley, Carol J.: Hagaman, Nancy L. Hailing, Janice Halfing. Wanda K.: Har- mon, RoAnn M.: Harper, Mariel L: Harris, Jancie A.: Harris, Marilyn J,: Harrison, Jean A..i Harrison, Sharon I. McMindes Hall Harvey, Kathleen A.: Hawk, Lorrene M-i Hayden, Gaylene J.: Heckert, Gloria J,: Hed- ges. Sonja K.: Helin, Daryl A,; Henderson, Damaris P,: Herd, Sherilyn K. Herdt, L. Sue: Herman, Alfreds M.; Heu- blein. Kathryn A,: Highland, Charlotte A.: Hii , E. Marlene: Hilyard. Cynthia J.: Hoag- land, Sandra L. : HockersmEth. Janice K- Holt, Connie J,r Hoover, Candi R.r Hoover, Sylvia M,: Hoskinson, Venita L; Howe, Barbara J.; Howland, Clelia K.: Hubin, Sharon K. : Humble. Rita J. Hummel), Linda A,- Hutchins. Cynthia A,: loerger Phyllis R.: Irvin. Susan P. j Irvin, Vicky N.- Isenbart, Jufia A,- Ison, Pamela L.: Ives, Sandra K. Jeffery, Sylvia D.: JenkEnson, Susan M.; Jen- sen, Jolene K.: Jensen, Judith M.; Johnson, Kay L.; Johnson, Linda M.: Johnston, Cheryl A.: Jones, Mary R. Jones, Melva J.: Jordan, C- Jane: Jorg, S.t Jorgensen. Charlotte Joy. E. Lee: Juno, Rita M.: Justus. Diane A,; Kahler, Mary Ann Kaltenbach, Mary K,; Karst, Janice L.r Karst, Susan P.- Katz, Carole A.: Keating, Wyl- ma J.; Keene, Mary P.; Keener, Donna D.: Keesling, Connie S- 149 McMindes Hall Has Open House Visitors are served lunch at McMmdes Hall s open house, held in late November after the opening of the new wing. The building, largest residence hall on campus, houses over 60C women. Keith, Josephine M.; Kendall. Peggy J.; Kerr. Gloria J.; Kilgore, Martha L; Kindler, Linda $.; King. Sandra E.; Kirk, Karon K.; Kirlcham, Patty L. Kirfcham, Rebecca J,; Kitchen, Kathleen S.r Koch, Darrie A.: Koelling, Kristine M.; Koh- man, Anne M,; Krause, Sylvia J,: Krehbtel, Barbara J.; Krone, Mary J. Kuiper, Janet K.; Kumberg, L Laynne; Lam- bert. Theresa A.: Lane, Arlene A,; Lang, Laura P.; LaRue. Rosalie D.; Legleiter, M. Lynn; Leonard, Susan M. Letourneau. Charlene C.; Letsch, Linda D.; Lewis, C Jean; Libby, Leta K.; Light, Nancy R.; Linder, M. Darlene; Linjf, Cynthia A. Litienberger, Denise A. Logsdon, Karen K.; Long ton, Pam R. ; Losey, Linda L.: Lott, Pamela A.; Lovelace, Carol J.: LoVetfe, Sharon K.; Low, Kathryn E.; Low, Marlene S. Lowdermillt, Gayle A,: Lowry, Linda C.; Lu- cas, Joanelle; Lund in, Linda G„: Mabry, Ann M.; Mogill, Diane L,: Mejernilc, Barbara J.; Malone, Linda J. M anion, Linda N.; Manry, Reba M,r Mapes. Mary K.; Mapes, Sue A.; Mareorte, Judy A.: Margheim, Mary R. ; Martin, Linda M,; Mau- rath, Laura A, Maurath, Luetta M.; Maxwell, Gaila K. ; Mayer, R. Lavon; McCallum, Brenda M,; McDonald, Shirley A.; McFarlane, Mary L. _ McGuire, G- Catfene; McKee. Sharon J. 150 McKernan, Barbara J.i McMaster, Ginger L: McMillan, Donna D.: McNitf, Mary E.: Mead, Audry A. Melroy, Bernadette A. ' Menard, Deanne L: Menjie, Jill. Meyer, Terry E. : Michaelis, Jean L. : Mi- chaelis, Lmda M,- Millard, Sandra K.: Miller. Carol J.r MEEIer Deanna D,; Miller, Jennette K.: Miller, Judith A. Milter, Naomi A-- Miller, Sandra R,: Miller. Sue A.: Miller. Virginia; Mills, Karen K. r Mitchell. Inge; Moore, Karen S.: Moore, Sherry A. Morris, Jan L.- Morrow, Lana 5,: Morton, Marilyn L.; Mosier Priscilla: Motzlcus, Linda R,: Moater, Linda A-: Mueller, Dianne K,; Mulch, Jeanne R. Mulch, Mary B-: MiiHenix, Kathy L,: Mul- lenix, Kerry L.: Murphy. Jo A.: Murphy, Ruth A,: Murray, Jacqueline A.; Musfoe, Barbara S.: Musfoe, Judyanne, Naasz, Claudia L.; Nebel, Ann L,; Nemnich, Marla K.: Newbrey, Martha J.: Newsom, Sharon £.; Nicoll, Sandra S. : Niedenthal. Ada M. ' Nossaman, Janet L, Oberg. Jeanne R.,; Odle, Marlene R.: O ' Don ' nell, Christina P.; Olds, Deanna K.r Omlor, Jane A.; Gs+meyer, Mary L.: Ozmun, Iris R„: Pancake, Peggy L. McMindes Hall Pankow, TonEa C.r Parnell, Pamela L.: Pat- rick, Sheryl Pember. Verna F,; Pesicka Gila A.- Peter, Sondra J.: Peterson, Karen S. : Phelps Dianne K. Porter. Nancy J.; Pound, Cherilyn R. " Preedy, Carolyn L,‘ Prewett. Donna J.r Price, Jo A.; Price, Kathleen C.: Probasco, Barbara A.: Pru- sa, Cathy M. Rabenseifner, Elaine L,: Raburn, Geanene R.; Randels, Luana J.; Rankin, Carolyn K-i Ras- mussen, Judith K,; Rasmussen, Rita .: Rathbun, Jacqueline S.; Redd, Cheryl A, Reever. Anna R,; Reinhardt, Susan M.: Rei- sig, Shirtey A.; Rempe, Marilyn K.: Richard. Sylvia A.; Richardson, Judith A,; Rife, Rosa- lee bM Roberts, Rose M. 151 Robinson, Nancy J.r Rogers, Donna K.: Ro- gers. Shelby A.; Rolf, Leslie L,; Roffe, Mane £ r - Roohms, Janet F.; Ross, Geraldine M.- Ross, Linda L. Ruda. Lucille A.: Rueb. Cynthia A.r Rue- schhoff. Kathleen A,: Rule. Leta L; Ryen r Ruth A.: Rynerson, Elaine K„: Sandstrom, Joyce E.; Sasse, Carolyn J, Sauer, Susan L-i Schiedeman, Janis C.: Schmitt. Sandy A ■ Schneider, Pamela J . Schoenberger, Karla S-: Schoenthaler, Cheryl E,: Schreuder, Peggy A.: Schultz, Kathrynn M. Schultz. LaRee: Seidel. Cheryl J, ' Sells, Patricia A,: Seyb, Marilyn K.: Shamburg, Carol A,; Shamberg, Sondra K.; Shanley. Cynthia D.; Shannon, Joyce E. McMindes Hall Shaw. Madeline K. : ' Stylll, Sharron A,: Sie- bold, Linda L.- Smaltzer. Patricia L.: Smith, Ardith iE.-; Smith, l alee G.; Smith, Marie J,; Smith, Marilyn , Smith, Marsha F.: Smith, Mary L.: Smith, Sharon Kr, Smith, Stephanie L; Snell, Janet D.- Snodgrass, Carol S,; Solberg, Barbara A.; Sova, Diana L, Sprout, Sally A.; Spurgin. Yicly A.; Stearns, Patrice D.; Steifan, Marilyn; Sfeinbacher, Jolene C, _ Steincamp, Martha R.: Stelnert, Nancy L,; Steitz, Linda K, SteponicL Alane L: Stevens, Deanna J,; Stewart. Caro! A,; Stewart, Patty S,; Stewart, Peggy L.: Stiles, Kathy A.; Stithem, Schar- leen, H.: Strayer, Virginia L. Strobel, Sally L-; Studer, Shirley D.; Svaty, Linda E, : Swank, Kaye L, ; Swann, Mary P.: Swarti Susan M.: Sweat, Sandra L.; Sy- mon. Louise D, Taylor, Pat A.; Tedesco, JoAnne P,; Terwil- Ilger, Charyne K. ; Thiele, Waunita M.; Thomas, Sherry J.: Thompson, Barbara A,; Thompson. Katherine R.: Thompson, Mary A. . Thummel, Patricia A,; Thudow, Janet M.r Thurlow, Linda K. : Thurman, Pamala D.; Trapp, Charlene J.: Treu, Marilyn D.: Trus- sell, Linda J.; Turner. Nancy J. 152 Kansas Rep. Bob Dole discusses political issues and policies with McMindes Hall residents during lunch hour. Dole ' s visit to campus In November was sponsored by the Young Republicans. McMindes Hall Donning old clothes. McMindes women work on decorations for their Homecoming float. Twitchell, Sherry D.; Uriruh. Cynthia Lt U rban. Dorothy A. Van De Wege, Karyn L; Van De Wege. Sharyn D. Vann. Paulette A.; Van Vleet, Karen Li Ven John, Karen L; Vernon. Diana G.; Vint. Janice M.i Voran, Patricia L Voth. Pamela J.; Wahrman, Lynetfe M,; Walker, Judith L.: Walker, Linda K. : Wall, Ruth A.: Wallace, Linda $.: Walt, Jo Ann; Walters, Edye L. Ward, Kathy J . ; Wa rd. Wava J • : W ark, Gloria A.; Warns, Lora K.; Weathers, Connie K,: Weathers, Jane A.: Weaver, Linda L; Weir, Pam R. Wells, Brenda K.: Wess, Patricia R„: West- phal, Alice P . - Whoatcroft, Janice L.; Wheeler, Cynthia R,; Whipple, L, Jo: Whipple, Sharon L. : White. Mary ♦ Wiens, Georgette K,: Williams. Linda M Williams, Polly A.; Williams, Rita K.: Wil- son, Donna D,: WEndbolz, Carol A. ' Wink- ler, Connie J,: Wise- Judith A. Welters, Suzanne l.; Wood, Virginia L.: Woods, Lenna L.i Woods. Marie A.: Wood- son, Cheryl A-; Workman, Beverly C-: Wor- ley. Cathy J,: Wright, Vickie J. Wygal, Flora L.; Young, LaVelda l.i Young, Patricia A.: Young, Patricia A.: Younger, Judy A,; Younger. Rinda M.: Zerr, Mary A,: Zimmerman, Janice L. 153 ne Tatdug advantage of the ice on Big Creek, formed by sub-iero temperatures in January, students skate in front of Wiest Hall. Wiest Provides Housing for More Than 1 20 Men Ahlstedt, Roger M.; Amerine, Clyde D.; Baehner, Ernest D, Soger, Terry J,: Brack, Ned N.; Brower, Mi- chael R.: Christensen, Delwin W.: Cleveland, Terry L; Cole. Douglas L.; Davidson Homer M.; Davignon. Ronnie G, Deibert, Edwin B- ' Dennis, David T.: Dep- perschmidt, Darrell L: Depperschmidt, Les- ter E.: Deutsch. Duane L; Dougherty. Dale; Dowden. Christopher, J. - Dudrey, David L Dumfer, Steve W,; Earle. William M.: Ehm- !te, Clifford D.; Elder, Philiip L. : Ellison, Lanny D.; Fox, Steve L.; Fraser. William E.; Frets W. David. Frick, James R.; Frownfelter. Mickey; Gat- terman, Michael K.: raH, Car! A.; Grone woller, Francis L.; Gunn, Richard H,; Hack erott, Robert A.; Harbaugh, Ronald W, Hartiell, Gary L,: Raymond. Arlie V.; Meg- gemeier. Terry P,: Herman, Stephen W.; Hickman,, Maxwell K.: Hickson. Larry D.; Holliday, Paul R.: Holterman, James L, 154 Johnson, Michael E, : Johnston, Dan W.: Joyce, Richard M,: Kline, Charles. E.; Koehn. Arden M. Lang, Derrell F-t Larsen, Randal! E, LemSte, Allred H.; Logan, Leon C.: Long, Lfoyd H.: Makings, Gary 0.; Meckfessel, Eldon E,; Miller, Phillip M,; Morris, Brian D. Nuss, Roland E.f Oborny, Jean J.; Ochs- John L.: Oden, James W. : Qkeson, Donald I.; Qkescm, Warren K, ' Pal- mer, Barnett D. Petty, Warren L. ; Reinert, Dennt? R.; Rhudy, Richard K,r Rominger, Dennis L,: Rofhe, Jim M.r Rowh. Jay A.: Rufener, Larry J. Sanders, Gary D,; Schwein, Richard R.: Sipe, Wayne A,; Slattery, Richard E,; Smith, Harry L.; Smith, William D.- Stafford, Don L. Stafford, Michael L.; Steimel, Robert L, ; Suiter, Charles F.; TeasEey. Warren B.; Van Pelt, Regan D.: Vetter, Kenneth L.: Von Leonrod, George A, Walts, Don G.; Wangerin, David L,; Watkins, Larry C,: Weisensee, Charles A.: Wendefin, Lawrence F.; Wherry, Robert P, ' Williamson. John T, Wolf, Henry G.: Worden, Charles E. ; Yantiss, Paul C.; Yard ley, Frank E. ' Yearout, Phillip D.: Young, Roger Or, Zitnik, Joseph M, Wiest Hall Wiest men and McMindes women share lunch with special guests, their parents, in the Mc- Mindes Hall cafeteria on Parents ' Day. r , i J 55 Mitts and Jan Murphy hit the books, and Brian lends Mom a hand. Lewis Field Units Bow to Progress Giving way to progress, 36 of 85 Lewis Field apartments, carry-overs from World War It, were razed and the remainder were slated to be torn down in the near future. They will gradually be replaced by additional new housing units. Eighty-four spacious Wooster Place apartments provided modern, economical living for a limited number of married students during the year. Other couples found accommodations in mobile homes and apartments in the surrounding community. Married student representatives to Student Council were Marilynn Wilson and John Stoskopf. Serving FHS since 1947. Lewis Field 1 Housing is razed. Fatherly duties and study can be com- bined, as Bill Brownell illustrates. 156 Permeating Greek life and stimulating unity within the various chapters is a healthy spirit of athletic, academic and social competition. Social events promote fellowship and a sense of belonging. Each fraternity and sorority emphasizes loyalty for the organization and strives to create a feeling of , , . espirlt de corps. Panhellenic Council members are Bonnie Partin, Barbara Faulkner. Patsi Bale. Sammye May, Judl Sipe. Diane Smith, Sue Hudson. Sheryl Simmlngar, Barbara Smith. Heaving a huge sack of trash into a truck, fraternity men display some of the debris cleared from the highways during Greek Week. Councils Supply Support For Two Greek Weeks Two Greek Weeks, sponsored by Panhellenic and Inter-Fra- ternity Councils,, highlighted all-Greek activities this year, A week of fun, including canoe races, a new event, was held in the fall, in addition to the annual spring activities which featured Greek Sing, a picnic and games. Delegates from five states attended the regional fFC confer- ence at FH$, hosted by the local fFC. Junior IFC, a training program for pledges, sponsored an all-pledge dance each se- mester. Blaine Roberts was IFC president. Bill Jellison advised the group, which coordinates fraternity activities. Planning of rush, an all-sorority slumber party, an all-Greek hootenanny and retreat for new Panhellenic officers were respon- sibilities carried out by Panhellenic Council. President was Judi Sipe. Jean Stouffer served as adviser. 158 Inter-Fraternity Council members are John Schmidt, Rod Wilson, Jerry Grecian, Jim Baxter, Dave Aday, Jerry Michel, Bruce Feldfcamp, Gary Vernon, Bryce Petty, Bill Jellison, sponsor. Shelly Watlins, Keith Ogburn, Jim Morton. IS? Alpha Gams Snare Greek Sing Trophy Amid an Oriental iheme, Alpha Gamma Delta women welcome prospective pledges to their preferential party. The sorority attracted 19 pledges in the foil. By winning the women ' s division of Greek Sing for the third straight year, Alpha Gamma Delta earned permanent possession of the traveling trophy. Costumed as chimney sweeps, the women performed from a simulated London roof top. As a Christmas project the Alpha Gams pre- pared packages for soldiers in Viet Nam. Eng- land Swings " was the theme of their spring in- formal. The sorority chose Jim Johnson for Alpha Gam Wan, He was honored at Alpha Gamma Delta ' s annual Rose Formal. Alpha Gamma Delta ' s fall pledge class copped the scholarship plaque. Campus leaders from the group were Bonnie Partin, cheerleader; Bev Claas- sen. junior class vice-president; and Janet Powell. Student Council vice-president. Members of Epsilon Mu chapter, began at FHS in 1959, wore camel-brown suits, Cheryl Gain was president. Housemother was Nina Fuller. Epsilon Mu Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta Am hold, Roselyn; Aust, Nancy ; BecUey, Beverly: Beyer. Linda- Bollig, Reatha: Briery, Pamela: Brools, Loel, Cain. Cheryl; Claajien, Beverly; Con- verse, Betty; Code. Wenda; Crabtrey, Marilyn- Dietz, Diana: Dinlc l, Patricia. Duelling Joanne; Ehrlich, Judy: Eiclt- bush, Ruth; Fielder, Jennifer: Follterfs, Karen: Freeman. Linda: Goetz, Card. f 60 Alpha Gams greet rushes? at their Sunday tea during faH rush week activities. Sfiese, Joan; Hand, Barbara; Haning. Deanna; Harris, Janice; Low, Kathryn; Low, Marlene; McLean, Christina. Menzie, Jill: Myers. Pamela; Q ' Donnelf. Christina: Partin, Bonnie; Pechanec, Janet; Pfeifer, Caroie: Powell, Janet. Riner, Patricia; Rockwell, Sue; Roomer, Anita; Schiedeman. Janls; Schroeder, Ann; Shaw, Madeline; Sheets, Naomi. Sothers, Judy; Springer, Carol: Thomas, Sherry; Thornton, Linda: Timmons, Karen; Twitchell, Sherry; Wess, Patricia. f6 r DZ Coeds Selected For Royalty Spots Royalty from Delta Zeta graced the campus scene during the year, Tammy Weigel won Home- coming Queer honors. EuJoncfa Schoeni and Rebec- ca Diehl were elected Sweetheart Queer and sec- ond attendant, respectively. At the pledge dance, Martha Conn was crowned Pledge Queen. Miss Schoeni and Miss Weigel were also among the seven Tiger cheerleaders. Carol Henderson and Phyllis Weigel were twirlers for the band. Dressed as someone they had always wanted to be. DZs and their dates laughed at one another at a Suppressed Desire Party. In the spring they donned western garb for a Branding Party. The Rose Formal completed " the dance schedule. Projects of the sorority included contributing to GaJiaudet College for the Deaf and sending clothes to a Nava|o Indian Reservation. White blazers characterized Delta Omega Chap- ter, launched at FHS in 1956. Elaine Thomas was president. Rea Marshall was housemother. An old West background set the stage for the Delia Zeta Branding Party. Members of all four campus sororities engage in card games in Memorial Union. Delta Omega Chapter of Delta Zeta Afspew, Pamela: Armstrong, Tonya; Beefs, Jenal e; Becb Jane; Befort, Janice; Berens, Phyllis; Brandenburg, Bonnie, Conn, Martha; Danner. Jean; Davis, Carol; Davis. Janis; Delay, Mimi: DieM, Rebecca: Elsea, Mery Lou, 162 Faulkner, Barbara; Flair, Beth; Frye, Lea; Nansen, Mary: Hender on, Carol; Herrington, Nancy: Holt, Carolyn. Hoslfinson, Venita; Hunqker, Diane; Kes- ler, Karen; Lamia, Gloria: Mareotte, Judy; May, Sammye; McClaren, Julie. Menruvung, Linda; Moman, Kaye; Mosher, Sheila; Nelson, Martha: Ostrander, Su- san; Pivonka, Kathy; Renner, Penny. Schoeni,, Eulonda; Se smith. Cheryl: Steincamp, Martha; Strobel, Sally; Ted- esco. JoAnne: Thomas, Elaine; Weigel, Tammy; Wobker, Mary, 163 Invading the O. K. Baker Shoe Co. in downtown Hays for an evening, Sigma Kappa sorority members and sponsors browse and buy at their Shoe Party, Sigma Kappa Stops Scholarship Plaque Compiling the highest grade average, a 1.8, among campus sororities tor the third consecu- tive year, the Sigma Kappa actives stopped the traveling scholarship plaque permanently. Nancy Ward earned the title of M 8est-Dressed Coed " on campus in a contest sponsored by GLAMOUR MAGAZINE, The sorority snared second place honors in the women ' s division of Greek Sing performances. Highlighting the group ' s social events were an informal, held in a make-believe Indian village, and the Pearl and Violet Formal. Pledges gave an all-sorority tea on Valentine ' s Day. For projects, Sigma Kappas sent clothing and money to the Maine Sea Coast Mission, presented Christmas gifts to needy families and visited senior citizens in a home at Victoria. Sigma Kappas could be recognized by their black blazers. Delta Omicron chapter was intro- duced at FHS in 1959, Sharon Baler headed the group, and Elsie Veatch was housemother. Delta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Kappa Allen, Martha; Baier, Sharon,; Beeler. Ann: Bray, Carol: Bray, Sharon: Bryant, Janet: Canard, Susan. Depe, Janet: Dietz, Vicki: Donahey, Linda : Gilchrist, Rachel : Goetz, Becky; Gregg, Janet: JermarL, Carole, 164 Ready for action, Sigma Kappas, clad in baseball uniforms, join in the Diamond Days parade, which ushered in Fort Hays State ' s first baseball season in 42 years. Sigma Kappa active, Roma McColey, shows scrapbooks to rushees during their tour of the sorority houses. Kerr, Gloria: Klein Diane; Krehbiel, Barbara; Leopold, Mary; Lesseig, Nancy: Lucas, Joanelle; Marietta, Tari. McCarthy, Carol; MeColey, Roma; Mead, Joyce, Monteith Frandal; Nel- son, Barbara; Ohlemeier. Linda ' Olson, Nione. Piland, Janice; Quinn, Jean; .Reising 1 Gretchen; Riftenhouse. Jinna; Ruff, Anata; Selbe, Nancy; Smith, Barbara. Smith, Diane: Teeter, Ann: Teschner, Barbara; Teter, Diana; Tomenek, Walta; Trimmer, Sue; Trout, Donna. 165 FHS Coed Named Nation’s Top Sigma Pausing momentarily, Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority ' s Linda Tambasdo is caught in the act of helping with a project of the organisation — shining shoes. Named the outstanding Sigma Sigma Sigma in the nation, Gloria McFarland received the Mabel Lee Walton Award tor 1965. The award, presented to Miss McFarland at the sorority ' s national con- vention En New York City, recognizes collegiate lead- ership and distinctive potential. Sigmas kept busy on campus. Sue Hudson pre- sided over Associated Women Students; Judy Sipe headed Panhellenic Council, and four Sigma cheerleaders — Doris Leiker, Connie Smiley, . Martha Daniel and Becky Bodenhamer— sparked the Tigers. At Homecoming festivities Miss Leiker was chosen first attendant to the Homecoming Queen. Donating proceeds to the Robbie Page Memorial Fund, Sigmas shined shoes before big dances. They also treated underprivileged children to a Christ- mas party and found time to relax at a Barn Party. Jim Ford was named Sigma Sir, the group s favorite man, at the Deep Purple Formal. Members of Alpha Gamma chapter, started at FHS in 1925, wore navy-blue suits. Judy Rolfs was president. Agnes Townley was housemother. Alpha Gamma Delta Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma Albrecht, Dorothy ; Boden homer, Rebec- ca; Brandt, Sheri; Broach, Dons; Clark, April; Daniel, Martha: Georg, Kathlyn. Gilmore. Virginia: Grim, Carolyn; Hach meister, Laah ; Holt, Kay: Hudson, Sue: lannitti, Mary: Jeffery. Sylvia. 166 Encouraging visiting rushees to feel fit home, Sigma Sigma Sigma women stralte up a lively sorority song. Kundred, Jacqueline; Leg lei ter, Lynn; Leiker, Doris; Long, Margaret; Loomis, Sharon; Lunsford, Andrea; Martin, Linda, McCallum, Brenda. McFarland, Gloria; Mor- ris, Jan; Mulch, Jeanne; Mulch, Mary; Murray, Jacqueline; Newcomer. Sandra; Reinhardt, San- dra; Reinhardt, Susan. Rolfs, Judith; Ross, Ger- aldine; Schoe n th a (e r, Cheryl; Schon, Jeanne; Shannon, Joyce; Simmin- ger, Sheryl; Sipe, Judi; Smiley. Connie. Stranathan. Joyce; Stuart, Patricia; Tambascio. Linda; Thiele, Nancy. Ty- son, Judy; Weigel, Jane; Werth, Agnes: Zerfas, Sidney. 167 Greek Sing First Nabbed by AKLs Snapping Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s seven-year vic- tory streak, Alpha Kappa Lambda nabbed first place at Greek Sing. Their skit portrayed a crew of sailors about to ship out to sea. AKLs won the Homecoming float Sweepstakes for the third straight year with a huge, mobile dragon. Relying on fireworks for its ammunition, a cannon constructed from an oil drum by the AKLs added pep to Tiger football contests. Campus politicians from the fraternity were Craig Beach, senior class president, and Randy Baxter, sophomore class president, Glenn Sekavec won the title of Bearded Joe. A Spring Splash Formal .and the Go-To-Hell Party provided AKL members with opportunities for relaxation. Gold blazers identified Alpha Delta chapter, started at FHS in 1961. Bruce Feldkamp was presi- dent. Lillian Gennette was housemother. Burdened with the [ob of carting Mark Giese to class in a chariot during Help Week, AKL pledges Steve Hart and Danny Scott accept their task dutifully. Alpha Delta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda Adams, Dennis; Banter, Randall; Beach, Curtis; Bell, Donald; Beymer, Gary: Blecha. Stephen; Boyer. Roger. Brainard, Rick; Brent, Edward; Brooks, Michael; Carter, Kenneth; Conard, Norman; Degenhardt, Glen; Delaney, Robert. Eckels, Richard; Feldkamp, Bruce; Getty, Carlton; Gl se, Mark’ Gloie, Eldon; Hrabe, Larry; Hudspeth, Donald. 163 Hund. Ed; Jadta, Al an; Kemp. William; Krueger, Nelson; Lohoofner. Bill; Meet- Tessa), Donald; Meerian, Roy. Miller, Gary; Morgan, Lyle; Moser,, Michael; Palmer, Bennett; Revilla. Car- los; Roy, Jim: Schoeni Arden. Scott, Danny; Sekavec, Glenn; Slopan- sky, Paul; Spicer, Jim: Spilker, Steven; Sullivan, Michael; Swrayie, Dennis. Thomas, John; Thompson. Gary; Walker. James; Weigel, Kent: Westhoff, Larry; Wildeman, Dick; Young, Gary; Zimmer, Max. 169 Delta Sigs Finalize New House Plans Plans for building a new Delta Sigma Phi house were finalized in the spring. The $200,000 struc- ture will spread over three and one half acres near the softball park and will house 60 men. Delta Sigs sponsored Homecoming Queen Tammy Weigel and Sweetheart Queen Eulonda Schoeni. Bob Blackburn was selected Ugly Man on Campus. At Lamed State Hospital Delta Sigs engaged in a baseball game with patients. Pledges gave a Christmas party at Hadley Memorial Hospital. On the fraternity ' s schedule of dances were a formal, the Carnation Ball, and two informal, the Sphinx Ball and the Sailor ' s Ball, at which the Delta Sigs chose Betty Converse the coed with whom they would most like to be shipwrecked. Dark green blazers identified Gamma Omicron chapter, launched in 1953, Jerry Lohrmeyer was president. Housemother was Ethel Elliott. Bell-bottom pants monopolize wear at the Sailor ' s Ball, a Delta Sig " nformal. At Greek Sing, Delta Sigs perform in western duds. Gamma Omicron Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi Ad a. mi. Fred; 8a er, Dan; Barten. Lynn: Billinger, Thomas: Blackburn, Robert: Blazed, Donald, Boor, Laor; Bowerso . Stephen- Brown. Clair; Brown, Terryll; Brur.gardt. Roy: Cost, David, Coulson , James- EngeJ, John; Gotchall, Thomas; Hays. David; Higgins, Patrick- Horton. Louis. 170 Used as decoration, the fountain at the Delta Bigs’ Carnation Ball proves a popular spot Humburg, Stephen: King, Carroll; bai- ter, Richard; Lohrnneyer, Gerald; Me- Alllsler, Dwight: McMillen, Doug; Mec- Ice n stock, David. Miller, Kenneth: Morton, Jim; Murphy, Robert; Myers, Larry; Ogburn. Keith; Pearce. Dennis; Peters, Jon, Reese, Calvin; Spalsbery, Arthur; Spen- cer, Ha rry; Thaete, Garry; Vincent, Ray; Whittecar, Donald; Witwer, Wayne, 17 1 Reveille Queen Title To Phi Sig Choice A sharp eye for beauty won Phi Sigma Epsilon an honor when their candidate was chosen Reveille Queen. Reva Deeds was judged the 1 most beautiful ;,eci at Fori Hays State by Deborah Bryant, the ■ Kansan to become Miss America. pledges of Phi Sigma Epsilon removed lit- ■ from the Highway 40 bypass. All members outed to the Red Cross blood bank ■ r heir formal Phi Slgs and their dates danced die theme ' Hawaiian Night. " " Let ' s Go was the theme of their informal. In Sigma Kappas splashed with the Phi Sigs : dimming party in the college pool, a chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon was estab- ■ l the college En 1930. Members sported ■ b ! azers. Alan Thornburg headed the crgani- :a bn, and Fanny Riley was housemother. Setting together at a swimming party, Phi Sigs and Sigma Kappas splash it up. Zeta Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon Beffort, Joseph; Berger. Ronald: 3 o r d , Richard; Caho|, Fred: Cooley, Sidney ' Cooper, David. Corder, Michael- Deason, James: Dey, Robert; Dutcher Robert; Estes, Maynard; Hayes, Alan, 172 Grueling time trials for the annual Fort Hays Furlough bicycle races test endurance of Phi Sigs, Johannes Lowell; Johnson, Alan; John- son, Stormy; Larson, Stephen: Miller, Lambert; Oberg, James; Peterson, Pat- rick, Petty. Bruce; Roberts, Blaine; Rogers, Ronald; Schafer, Ronald; Schaffer, James; Schmidt, John; Shellhaas, Mau- rice Simmons, Glenn; Smith Gary; Smith, Larry; Thornburg, Alan; Vrbes. Dennis; Wilkinson, Larry; Wilson, Norman; Young, Robert. 173 Invited by the Prometheans. Sigma Kappas pay a visit at a card party. Prometheans Eye National Affiliation Spring of 1967 was set for the Prometheans " charter affiliation with Sigma Chi, The local fra- ternity began working toward national affiliation soon after its formation in 1962, Men ' s division scholarship trophies went to the actives for the fourth consecutive semester and to the fall pledge class. The Ellis County Heart Assn, awarded the Prometheans first place among campus solicitors for the Heart Fund. Vice-president of the sophomore class was Dave Aday, Three Prometheans won offices for the 1966- 67 college year at spring election. Student voters elected Aday student body vice-president, Gary Vernon senior class president and Keith Bunsel- meyer junior class president. Selected on the same merits as a Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Sally Strobel was honored as the Prometheans ' sweetheart at their spring formal Navy blue blazers distinguished members of Prometheans. Heading the organization was Gary Vernon. Nina Stuart served as housemother. Local Fraternity of Prometheans Aday, Dave- Adams, Charles; Adams, Joseph; Bestgen, James; Bieber, James; Bieberly, John; ' Brown, Mike. Bunseffneyer. Keith; Cou-sland. Craigs Crane. Jerry; De Forest. Elbert; Dodd, Frank: Durall, Michael; Enetf, Darrel. 174 Fixsen, Dennis: Folmns- boe. Gary: Hanson, Ch ir c k : H a yds n , Leo: Heggemeier, Terry; Hus- sey. Merlin: Ingersoll, David; Jennings, David. Kdfy, John; Moore, Michael; Myers, Charles; Oden, James; Panyife, Richard: Rethford, Ger- aid; Rice, Dennis; Rob- inson, Michael. Scbfelds, Dale; Schmidt, Michael; Sears, Robert: SJanJtard, Jonroy; Smith, Spencer; Stranathan, Sid- ney; Streit, James: Sweat, Michael; Vernon, Ger- ald. 175 8?PW B ■ | - J ' Brains, Brawn Get Sig Eps Trophies Classroom and athletic abilities gained Sigma Phi Epsilon tropies for compiling the highest grade average among Kansas chapters and for winning the fraternity ' s state basketball title. Personalities were Paul Monty, student body president; Loren Pepperd. junior class president: and Bud Partridge, Sweetheart King. Siq Eps sponsored Doris Leiker, first attendant to Homecoming Queen: Janet Barnett, first atten- dan- to Reveille Queen; and Rebecca Diehl, second attendant to Sweetheart Queen. Blue Mountain Blast and the Golden Heart Ball ; gf Ighted the fraternity ' s social activities. As a ommunJy project, Sig Eps sold tickets to the . incoln Grade School PTA Carnival. Red blazers typified Kansas Zeta chapter, be- gun a. FHS in 1958. Gary McFarland was president. Moms were Esther Eslinger and Grace Wilson. Kansas Zeta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Anderson. Murray; Anthony, Robert; Aust, Eddie; Baffin, John Befort, James; Bennett, Marvin; Briery, John. Brown, Richard; Butler. Ralph; Cannon, Michael; Clintenbeard. Richard; Colburn. Merwin; Denning. Larry: Deutscher, Steve. Dietz, Dennis; Drach, Tearel; Dreiling, Kenneth; DuBois, Leo; Edgmon, Johnnie; Ficten, Jon; Freelar.d, Curtis. 76 Fritzsmeier, Don; Fox, Steve i Ga sch I e r , Le o n ; Graii,, Stephen’ Hendrijc- son, Gary; Herman, Ger- ald, Holopirek. Rick; Nunley, Rodney: Knoll. Larry; Leas, James; Lewis, Von; Long, James: Lowe, Dus- Idn; Merydlth, Brent. McFarland, Gary; Myers, Larry; Nelson, Jerome; Peck, Douglas; P epperd, Loren; Perkins, Roger; Reager, William; Scanfon, Gale, Schmidt, Gary; Shepherd, Roger; Shoemaker, Ter- ry; Stapleton, Jerry; Walts, Don; Westphal, Danny: Wilson, Jack; Wondra, Stephen. 177 Sig Taus Execute Dribbling Marathon Pledges of Sigma Tau Gamma renewed a customary distance marathon this year as they dribbled a basketball from Hays to Ellis. From a point just west of Hays, the men bounced the ball along 1 1 miles of Highway 40 to Ellis. Sig Taus were well represented in campus acti- vities by Gary Kisner, who edited the Leader; Tom SprenkeL who directed KFHS, the campus radio station; and Eldon Palm berg, who spear- headed the Fort Hays Furlough steering committee. Informal dress was the byword for the Sig Taus ' Hobo-a-go-go Party, but the situation was reversed at the annual White Rose Formal. Eta chapter, established at FHS in I926 r is the oldest existing fraternity on campus. Members wore French blue blazers. Andy Nelson was presi- dent Ida Thomas served as housemother. Sig Taus 1 version of a Batmobile was the fraternity ' s contribution to the Diamond Days Parade, which saluted the return of baseball as a major sport to FHS. Eta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma Agnew, David: Aschenbrenner, Stephen; Berta. Roger; Baxter, James: Bullock, Thomas: Butler, Marlin: Carlisle, Claire. Davidson, Dale; Dcpperschmidt, Ken; Depperschmidr, Lester; Downs, Michael; Eichenauer, Casey; Einsel, Rodney; Ellis, Richard. 178 Eppinger, David; Fournier, Robert; Grif- fin, James; Getsch, Steve; Hartman, Ralph; Lindsay, Gary; MoGavran, Fred. McGavran, Thomas; Meredith, Danny; Miller, Richard; Moore, Larry; Nelson, Andy; Palm berg, Eldon; Pickett, Eldon, Rycker, Roberts; Shell, Peter; Stdener, Ronald; Smith, Arlyn; Sprenkel, Tom; Toole, Terry; Wflkens. Bruce. 179 TKEs Nab Honors At Greek Activities Athletic prowess won Tau Kappa Epsilon several trophies. At fall Greek Week, TKEs excelled both on land and in water. The fraternity ' s runners raced to first place in the chariot race finals at half- time of ’ the FHS-Kearney State football game, and TKE canoeists paddfed past the Sig Tans to win the irterfra tern tty canoe races. Physical skill also brought the fraternity the intramural touch football championship. Sending their acquisitions to Ba rber-Scotfa College in Concord, S, C., the TKEs held a drive for textbooks and other reading materials. Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority honored Jim Ford as Sigma Sir and sponsored Joe Dunham, who was chosen first runner-up to Sweetheart King. N ightwear and togas were donned by TKEs and their dates for the fraternity ' s two informal , Pajama Party and Roman Holiday. More formal attire was required for the Red Carnation Ball Men of Alpha Upsilon chapter, launched at the college in [942, sported burgundy blazers. Herb Songer was elected president, and Marguerite Thompson served as the group ' s housemother. Togas were the password for the TKE Roman Holiday informal. Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Tail Kappa Epsilon Amenne, Clyde ; Boston, Jack; Caselman, Stephen; Crocker, Larry; Cunningham, Gerald; Dempsey, John. Dempsey, Wayne; Divel, Larry; Dunham, Joseph; Dut- ton, Richard; Exposrto, Don; Ford, James. Francis, Timothy: Fraser, William; Gray, Lonnie: Grecian, Jerry: Green. John; Harkrader, Ronald; Jantz. Jerry. Jensen, Lester; Jones, William: McKEm, John; Kelley, Thomas; Montgomery, J_En don; Murray, Dwight; Neufeld, Hank. Regier, Robert; Roesch, Duane; Simmons, Calvin; Swan, Larry; Swenson, Ed; Wen- dell. James; Wilson, Rod; Zink, Larry. 131 Fort Hays Staters become caught up in the whirl of the college’s ever-changing moods. Like the turn of a kaleidoscope, scenes shift rapidly. At one moment, tense, tired faces fill the cam- pus, and lights burn brightly far into the night as students cram for crucial final examinations. At another, the air fairly buzzes with activity as a highlight of the year draws near. There, are also quiet times alone with one ' s thoughts, treasured moments with that certain someone and occasions for gaining new friends. All these aspects of college life play a role in the overall development of the student and gener- ate . . , more fun fhan a barrel of monkeys 182 STUDENT UFE Photo by leort Maxson 133 Enrollment Tops 4,700; 1,644 Freshmen Enroll Clothes are a girl ' s biggest asset. Carol Shamburg and Kathy Low enter their residence hall room with wardrobes while Carol ' s mother looks on. Students arrived with a barrage of belongings to cfairn living quarters, the college flung open its doors, the cam- pus sprang to life and another year got underway. Enrollment soared to 4,778. highest in the college ' s 64-year history as 1,644 freshmen enrolled. Registration lines ran more smoothly than in previous years because of a change in procedure. Upperclassmen enrolled Wednes- day and Thursday while freshmen tackled the task Friday. Unknowing frosh suffered the usual frayed nerves as they filled out a -maze of cards, scurried here and there to obtain help from advisers and struggled through a lengthy line of purchasers at the book store. They soon began to feel more at home, however. Dr. and Mrs. Cunningham extended personal greetings at the President ' s customary open house. The annual Tiger Hop provided a chance to become acquainted. Orientation meetings and the activities merry-go-round helped familiarize them with college rules and the campus and afforded an opportunity to join organizations. After overcoming the anxieties of locating first-day classes, they discovered a less hectic pace and were well on their way to becoming full-fledged collegians. Shoe bones tumble from the arms of Mrs. Alvin PeslcLa while she is helping her daughter Si la move in. 184 With a rysh, a stream of students pours into Sheridan Coliseum to begin enrollment procedure. Filling out registration cards is a tedious undertaking. Husband Ron ' s back serves as a writing surface for Corrine Sidener es they fourney across campus to- complete their enrollment. Slated for fall delivery this year for the first time toms of Reveilles arrived for distribution. Members of Seventh Cavalry and Alpha Phi Omega helped unload and distribute the boob. President Cunningham introduces a new freshman to Mrs. Cunningham. Line of students waiting to purchase boob continued endlessly each day for more than a week after enrollment. 186 Through a relaxed atmosphere retreat purports to encourage free and constructive debate on college ssuet among students end faculty. Or. John Garwood,, dean of. the faculty, gains rapt attention of students while airing views. Retreaters Deliberate ‘Roles of the Student’ Discussion at the fourth annual Student- Faculty Retreat centered around " The Roles of the Student in a Campus Community. " Forty-two students and 32 faculty members spent a day at Camp Pecusa on Webster Lake near Stockton where they hashed out problems of mutual concern. Taking advantage of the informal situation, they at- tempted to define through an exchange of views " The Academic Role, " " The Role of a Responsible Citizen " and " The Role of a College Policy Maker. " More than 300 hungry fraternity and sorority members turned out lor the Greek Week picnic in the city park. Relieving the tension of academic demands, AKU unwind at the picnic. Greek Week Changed; Becomes Fall Highlight Fraternities and sororities accelerated the fall activity schedule by holding Greek Week in September, to stimulate unity among participating organizations. Addition of canoe races to competitive events created spirit and interest, as well as sore muscles. Weekend activities began with an all-Greek dance to the music of the Renegades Friday night. At a Saturday breakfast, sorority women entertained prospective ru$h- ees, who were then taken on a tour of Greek houses by fraternity men. Greeks picnicked in the city park at noon, then adjourned to Big Creek for the canoe races, Tau Kappa Epsilon dominated special events, grabbing championships in the canoe and chariot races. After having nosed out Sigma Tau Gamma to win the canoe races, the TKEs won handily over Sigma Phi Epsilon in the chariot race finals at halftime of the FHS-Kearney State football contest Saturday night. Winning the Greek tug-o-war, held between the prelimi- naries and finals of the canoe races, was a team composed of Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Sigma Tau Gam- ma and Phi Sigma Epsilon members. They defeated a team of Sig Eps, TKEs and Prometheans. 188 Sig Tans, AKLs, Delta Sigs and Phi Sigs outlast Sig Eps. TKEs and TKEs nose out Sig Taus tor canoe race championship. Prometheans in hard-fought tug-o-war battle over Big Greet. Competition ran keen during the Greek canoe races. Here the Sig Eps hold to a slim lead as the AKU fight to catch up. 189 During his tour of the campus Gov. Avery found time for light con- versation with President Cunningham and students. Invited as guests to the college on Parents ' Day, parents visited with sons and daughters attended special programs and toured the campus at will. Governor Pays Unprecedented Visit to Campus Five good-natured volunteers clown with the cheerleaders in the performance of a skLt at the first pep rally of the football season m Sheridan Coliseum. Kansas Gov. William Avery paid an unprece- dented visit to the campus in October and gleaned first-hand knowledge of the college ' s needs. Accompanied by a delegation of state officials, Avery toured the housing area by bus met with FH$ administrators and took a walking tour of the campus proper. President M. C, Cunningham addressed the delegation in Memorial Union. Other high lights heading the October agenda were Parent ' s Day and campus elections. Moms and Dads saw a program featuring the Tiger football band and the Concert Choir and were guests at receptions at Greek houses and res- idence halls. They were also invited to attend the FHS-Central Missouri State football game. At the polls, a field of 17 Homecoming Queen candidates were narrowed to five and student council and class officers were determined. 190 Prospective pledges weigh the offerings of Greek life at an Alpha Kappa Lambda smoker. Here Bobbi Barrows distributes cigarettes. With 49 candidates running for 17 campus offices and 17 coeds vising for Homecoming Queen, Posters splashed in conspicuous campus spots promote J .494 student voters turned out to mark their choices in the October election, favorites and urge a trek to the polls. 191 Pep Rally Prompts Homecoming Fervor Top; Cheer-lea ders Bonnis Partin, Afld Eulonda Sohooni call " For a Tiger victory. Anticipation sky-rocketed as Homecoming drew near Last-minute preparations were hurriedly completed, and fi nally all was In readiness. Students unharnessed the exuberant enthusiasm characteristic of the affair at the pep rally Friday evening to kick off festivities, A snake dance and bonfire highlighted the rally, and from all the excitement Tammy Weigel emerged queen. Saturday morning 2,000 pounds of freshmen sent a like poundage of sophomores plunging into the waters of Big Creek to become the second freshman team to win the annual tug-o-war. Thirty bands, three drill teams and 20 compet- itive floats portraying the theme " Fables and Fairytales " comprised a gala Homecoming parade. Emporia State supplied the opposition for Sat- urday afternoon ' s football contest, and the Tigers rose to the occasion to swat the Hornets 42-7. The crowning of Miss Weigel by President Cun- ningham highlighted halftime ceremonies Indian summer weather and the cross country team ' s lopsided 15-50 victory over Kearney (Neb.) State added zest to a successful celebration. 192 Muscles strain as sophomore tug-o-war team mem- bers find themselves being pulled closer to defeat. At right; Sophomores fall soggy victims to a mighty heave from a determined freshman team. Lower right: Big Creek ' s murky waters loom ominously nearer as sopho- mores lose ground. The freshmen won the battle in 25 seconds. Bob Anthony, Tiger co-captain for the Homecoming game, bestows the traditional Homecoming Queen’s robe on Tammy Weigel. f m Homecoming Observance Cleric Engel acknowledges the honor after accepting the " ' Busch " ' Gross Award from Harold Stones, executive secretary of the Alumni Assn, Capturing the sweepstakes award for the third straight year was Alpha Kappa Lambda with " Tigers Dragon the Hornets to Defeat. " The Prometheans ' float, which copped first place In the men ' s division, depicted Puff treating himself to a delicacy of Hornets. Adapting a float theme from the classic fable " Seven In One Blow ' Alpha Gamma Delta snared first place in the women ' s division, Emporia State Hornets were cast at the mercy of an angel-winged Tiger in Newman Club ' s " Justice Conquers ' the independent winner. Among those present for the unveiling of the bust of the late Henry Malloy and dedication of Malloy Hall were President M. C. Cunning- ham, Mrs. Malloy and Wallace Steeples, a charter member of Phi Mu Alpha fraternity, which promoted the purchase of the bust. 194 Mirrors Traditions Throughout the Homecoming observance, the honoring of alumni and other individuals reflected growing traditions of an expanding college. Official dedication of Malloy Hall assured per- manent recognition of the many years service of Henry Malloy, James Start and Lucille Felten. Sculptured by John Be Hand, a brome bust of Malloy was unveiled as a tribute of Phi Mu Alpha fraternity alumni and friends, A Sigma Alpha lota Alumnae Chapter luncheon honored Miss Felten. Fort Hays Furlough Work-Scholarship winners were Joseph Thomasson, James Adams, Jerry Mi- chel Larry Kruse and Charles Lovenstem. Selected as recipient of the " Busch ' 1 Gross Award was Clark Engel, 1964 graduate and four- year letterman In track and football. Events were well attended with an estimated 7,500 lining Main Street for the parade and over 9,000 turning out to witness the Tiger football victory over Emporia State. Alpha Kappa Lambda captured the sweepstakes award In float competition. Other winners were in- dependents, Newman Club; men, Prometheans, first, and Sigma Phi Epsilon, second; women, Alpha Gam- ma Delta, first, and Sigma Sigma Sigma, second. ' ' Mr. Tiger, would yog like to lead the next yell? " inquires Eufonda Schoenl. Booming happily, Homecoming Queen Tammy Weigel is escorted to the football field for crowning ceremonies. She is flunked by Doris Leiker, first attendant, and Sue Ann Mapes, second attendant. Royalty was determined by student vote. 195 Flashing brightly, the chest of Bubbles, the favorite toy of Nick Bums (Rob Saekett), disturbs psychiatrist Albert Amundson (James Brumitt). Unresponsively, Nick watches the shenanigans of. Leo Herman (Wayne Sips}, who imitates a chipmunk on his regular television program. Drawing disdainful looks, Murray Burns (Ken Bauer} spies upon two upset psychiatrists, Sandra Markowitz (Polly Williams) and Albert, 196 Two Plays Kick Off New Drama 65-66 New Drama 65-66 presented the first two of its slated four major productions in October and November. There were four reasons behind the selection of the name New Drama 65-66 for the presentations. First, this year marked the first time that the new Fel- ten -Start Theater was used for a major dramatic produc- tion. Second, a new staff, Perry Schwartz and Robert Reineeke, headed the drama department. Third, all four plays selected were contemporary dramas. Finally, In- creased emphasis was placed on theater and drama. Opening the years dramatic performances was " A Thousand Clowns, " a comedy concerned with an un- employed television script writer and his difficulties as he fried to keep his 1 3 -year-old nephew as his ward. Second on the agenda was " Rhinoceros, " which dealt with an epidemic of " rhinoceritis " which struck a small village. One by one, inhabitants turned into rhinoceroses until only one. Berenger, was left. More deeply, the play was concerned with the conformity of society and one in- dividual ' s struggle to fight that conformity. Included in the cast for " A Thousand Clowns " were Kenneth Bauer, Rob Sackett, dames Edgar Brumitt, Polly Ann Williams, Doug Teel and Wayne Alan Sipe. Cast in " Rhinoceros " were Chris O ' Donnell, Kathy Stiles, Calene Bomgardner, Don Richardson. Arthur Dirks, Loren Nodine, Kenneth Bauer, Murray Anderson. Frederick Deal, Janet Pechanec, Dale Schields, Wayne Alan Sipe, Bruce Feldkamp, Eileen Baker and Gerald Daise. Disgusted but concerned, Berenger (Arthur Dirks) looks on as Jean (Don f Richardson] undergoes the transformation into a rhinoceros. Heatedly, Jean (at left) and Berenger (second from left) argue about a rhinoceros which has [ust run pest. Were there one or two? Other villagers watch the argument with keen interest. 197 Displaying the form and style which Denmark ' s young ath- letes are developing as a result of the country physical education program, the Danish Gym Team, composed of 12 men and 12 women, made its second appearance at FHS. Carl T. Rowan, columnist for the Chicago Daily Hews, news commentator For the Westinghouse Broadcasting Co. and former director of the U. S. Information Agency, delivered two lectures, “America ' s Image Abroad ' 1 and " New Dimen- sions in World Affairs " on campus during November. Danish Gymnasts, Rowan, Ford Caravan Appear The Ford Caravan, a group of comical and musical stars, featured the Serendipity Singers in Sheridan Coliseum In November, 198 Greek Peek Launches Sorority Rush Events In early November the question of whether to go Greek once again presented itself to Fort Hays State coeds. Sorority rush began informally before mid-semester at Greek Peek. All interested women were invited to this Coke social, sponsored by Panhellenic Council, to learn of the offer- ings of Greek life. Striving to create a relaxed atmosphere in which they could become acquainted with rushees, soror- ity women performed a comedy skit. After mid-semester grades were issued, rushees posses- sing a C average or better were allowed to attend Sunday teas sponsored by the sororities. Here they became famil- iar with the individual organizations and toured the houses. From prospective pledges each sorority chose those whom it wished to Invite to Its two preferential parties during Rush Week. Amid colorful decorations, rushees visited with sorority women and received refreshments. They then stated their sorority preferences; sororities sent out bids, and formal pledging occurred the next Sunday. Of the 345 women who started rush procedures, 65 pledged the four national sororities on campus. Sigma Sigma Sigma led in pledges with 20. Alpha Gamma Delta had 19; Delta Zeta attracted 18, and Sigma Kappa garnered 8. While touring the Delta Zeta house, rushees view scrapbooks. These fours help them to decide which sororities they prefer. Prospective pledges are served punch at the Alpha Gamma Delta house. Other sororities served similar refreshments at Sunday teas. At their preferential party portraying the theme Hellenic Holiday, Sigma Sigma Sigma women sing a traditional sorority song to rushees. w i 1 1 i 1 1 1 Talcing the last critical step before pledging, Sigma Kappa rushees ere bid a good night by Sigma Kappa women carrying candles. 199 Time moves beck to sixteenth century England at the Madrigal Dinner in Memorial Union, After hearing the announcement that she has been selected Reveille Queen by Miss America, Rev Deeds is escorted to the platform for crowning ceremonies. 200 Madrigal Dinner, Reveille Ball Highlight December Highlighting December activities were the Mad- rigal Dinner and the Reveille Ball. Costumes and settings characteristic of the Old English Period set the atmosphere for the dinner, attended by students, faculty and townspeople. Memorial Union Director Jerry Ruttman and the Fort Hays Singers provided entertainment with Old English flavor for the two-night event. Garnering one of the largest crowds since it was begun, the Reveille Ball featured the music of the college stage band. Reva Deeds, sponsored by Phi Sigma Epsilon, was named Reveille Queen by Miss America Deborah Bryant. First attendant was Janet Barnett, sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon, and second attendant was Nancy Light, sponsored by McMindes Hall. Spreading the Christmas spirit, the Memorial Union treated faculty and student children to a visit with Santa Claus at its Christmas Party Other campus groups and organizations also held parties so that all collegians experienced the excitement of the holiday season As is traditional, shortly before Christmas vaca- tion President M. C. Cunningham was presented a tree bearing cards from campus organizations, Christmas Vespers in Sheridan Coliseum featured the men ' s and women ' s glee dubs, the Concert Band and other instrumental groups Brisk air greets coeds on the morning after the first snow of the college year. After receiving the traditional Christmas card tree at a morning ceremony tn Memorial Union. President M. C. Cunningham extends thanks and wishes students a merry Christmas, a happy New Year and a safe journey home for the holiday. 201 Wifh a critical e Kami nation nearing, Glen Degenhardt hits the books. 844 Earn Recognition Card files in Forsyth Library get a workout during examination week. Pushing aside the social life of the residence hall, Shirley Drying polishes a term paper. 202 on Fall Honor Roll Capped by the nerve-racking pressure and ex- haustion of final examinations, the fall semester produced mixed emotions in the students. Some, among them the 844 who earned recogni- tion of the Dean ' s Honor Roll, found the term satisfying. For the 33 who achieved perfect 3 QQ (A) averages, it was one of much elation. To gain recognition on the honor roll, a student must carry at least 10 hours of classes and compile a 2.00 (8) average or better. For those students with lesser averages, emo- tions ran the gamut from mild satisfaction to utter frustration. Men with low indexes became in creasingly aware of rising demands for recruits brought about by the war in Viet Nam, All, however, were relieved when tests were completed and term papers submitted, allowing a retreat Into a blissful four-day vacation before enrollment for the spring semester. Enjoying the only assignment- free vacation of the year, many students went home to work or simply to eat, sleep and loaf A few skiing enthu- siasts headed for Colorado ' s snowy mountains. Even though a few decided not to return for the second semester, new and transfer students helped keep spring enrollment near that of the fall. Enrollment procedures ground out routinely, students plunged Into the whirl of the shorter, more intensive second semester, and the last half of the yearly college show was underway. Nerves are tense and concentration keen as students tackle final tests. Htiiiiii i Recollection of an answer is sometimes inhibited 1 by the intense pressure and electric atmosphere during critical examination periods. 1 .. 203 Folk Singers Score Hit in Appearance Receiving the robe of Sweetheart Queen from Dr. Bill Jelllson. dean of men, is Eulondo Shoeni, sponsored by Delta Sigma Phi. Sweetheart King was Robert Partridge, sponsored by Delta Zeta, Student body vote determined royalty. Kicking off January attractions were the Back Porch Majority, The modern folk-singing group scored a big hit with Fort Hays State students George Roberts, considered the outstanding per- sonality on bass trombone, was featured In the sec- ond annual Varsity Show In February, College instru- mental and vocal groups and music faculty also pro- vided entertainment for the event. Other February highlights Included the Sweet- heart Ball and Leap Week, which was climaxed by a dance, featuring the music of the Renegades. Twelve suspicious-looking characters vied for the dubious honor of Ugly Man on Campus in December The contest was sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega to raise funds for student loan programs. Care to venture a gu«ss as to which of these rogues was selectid Ugly Man on Campus? The dubious honor went to Bob Blackburn [back row L thcrd from, right}, sponsored by Delta Sigma Phi. Ballots were a penny a vote. Silhouetted against the curtains of the stage, the Back Porch Majority (at left) drew spontaneous outbursts of ap- plause from a Targe crowd during a two-hour performance in Sheridan Coliseum. Named Daisy Mae and Bearded Joe at the Leap Week dance, featuring the music of the Renegades, were Gloria Carpenter and Glenn Sefcavec. Mr. Bass Trombone, George Roberts, was the featured performer at the second annual Varsity Show in Sheridan Coliseum fn February. I 2GS Canada’s “Les Feux Follets” Hit FHS Spotlight February’s Artists and Lectures series presenta- tion was " Les Feux Follets ' a troupe of Canadian musicians. Using more than 600 costumes and properties, plus authentic musical instruments, the 65 performers in the company presented old and modern music in the Canadian tradition. Then, in March the Memorial Union Pops series brought recording artist Glenn Yarbrough, known for his 1965 hit " Baby, the Rain Must Fall ' to campus. Weaving touches of humor into his per forma nee, Yarbrough sang modern folk music. Other March highlights included the 50-mem- ber Goldovsky Opera Company, which staged Puc- cini ' s " La Boheme ' and M. Victor Gares, French consul-general in Denver, who discussed travel and study opportunities in his country. The opera company was sponsored by the Artists and Lectures series, and French Club sponsored Gares ' visit. Before speaking at a French Club banquet M, Victor Gares meets guests. 206 " Us Feu Follets " dancers rip off a lively Charleston routine during their performance In Sheridan Coliseum, Donning authentic Indian costumes, Canadian dancers Singing Star Glenn Yarbrough entertains In Sheridan Coliseum, FHS was one of more depict a skirmish between two tribal warriors, than SO colleges and universities which booked Yarbrough in a three-month span. V i A1 B kI ' ' m 4 E 1 1 207 Diamond 1 Days parade commemorates the return of baseball to FHS. Democratic- Just ice candidate Jo Anne Murphy defeated the Col- legiate Unification candidate by a count of 524-45I for the Stu- dent Body presidency- Spring Election Held; Top Spot to Murphy Jo Anne Murphy copped the Student Body presidency in the first spring election ever conducted at FHS. Posters supporting the two newly formed campus politi- cal parties, Democratic-Justice and Collegiate Unification, appeared in many spots and added interest. More than 1 ,000 students voted in the election in which the D-J Party snared II of 18 All-Student Council and class offices. Running on the D-J ticket with Miss Murphy! Dave Aday won the ASC vice-presidency. Named ' Best-Dressed Coed " in the first such contest at the college was Nancy Ward. Held in March, the contest, nationally sponsored by GLAMOUR MAGAZINE, was or- ganized by the Memorial Union program committee. Run- ners-up were Sharon Loomis and Judyaone Mustoe. In April, Tiger fans ushered in Fort Hays State ' s first baseball season in 42 years as they boarded decorated cars, trucks, floats and motorcycles and formed a Diamond Days parade, which culminated in a pep rally at Larks Park where the baseball squad was introduced. 208 At the polls, voters wait in line to cast their balfoh. " Best-Dressed Coed " at FHS this year was Nancy Ward (center). Runners- up were Judyanne Mustoe [left] and Sharon Loomis. Trying to soothe him, Linda (Sue Ostrander} helps Willie of his jacket and into h ' s s ' ippers after a hard day. Three Get Oscars From Little Th eater Outstanding dramatic performances in " Death of a Salesman " earned Little Theater Oscars for two cast members. Sue Ostrander and Ken Bauer, cast as Linda Loman and a son Biff, claimed the awards as best actress and actor. Don Richardson received a special Oscar for stage management. Arthur Miller ' s tragedy relates the story of a traveling salesman, Willie Loman, who believed that the key to success lies in being well-liked by every- one. The sad effects of his philosophy were seen in the attitudes of his sons and in the downhill slide of his own business career. Members of the cast, directed by Perry Schwartz, were Art Dirks, Sue Ostrander, Ken Bauer, Wayne Si pe , Fred Deal. Doug Teel, Loren Nodine, Richard Nix, Diane Legg, Lane Rolland, Tamara Wheeler, Cherri Ruder and Chris O ' Donnell. Rubbing Willie ' s back, Linda questions the weary man about His day. In a flash bade, Willie ' s successful brother (Loren Nod me) pays a visit, impressing the boys (Ken Bauer and Wayne Sipe) with his discovery of diamond- mines in deepest Africa. 209 Top During his first day on the job, Paul (Ken Bauer] 3 s familiarized with office procedures by Sylvia (Catena Bomgardner}, Bottom: Paul displays his dexterity as he operates both typewriters at onto. Two Plays Close Drama Productions Final productions of New Drama 65-66 were two one-act plays, " The Tiger 1 ' and " The Typist, " by Murray Schfsgal. These plays continued the trend set by three previous productions, of investigation of the individual ' s relationship to society. Day-to-day drabness and tedium of the lives of two people was the theme of " The Typist. 11 Sylvia Payton end Paul Cunningham worked side by side each day in an office, each dreaming and hoping for something a little better, but neither going out to look for it. Finally it became apparent that they had accomplished nothing but to grow older. Calene Bomgardner was cast as Sylvia, and Ken Bauer as Paul, the typist. " The Tiger " began with the abduction of a woman oft the street and into a basement room. There Ben informed Gloria that she was his prisoner to do with as he wished. Proceeding to instruct her on the ills of society, he discovered that she was actually an intelligent woman. Overcoming her fright, Gloria was able to become Ben ' s friend, help him with his French and make a date to return, Gloria was played by Bobbi Blanding and Ben was played by Don Richardson. Both plays were di- rected by Perry Schwartz, instructor in speech. Gloria (Bobbf Blanding] won ' t kiss Ben (Don Richardson}. Finally overcoming a mental block, Ben 15 able to loom French with Gloria ' s help. 210 Pausing between dances, a couple chat beside a decorative Sigmas entertain their dates in a colorful spring atmosphere at the annual Deep water fountain at the McMindes Hall formal. Purple Formal and banquet, held In the VFW buifding. Formality of Events Varies in Spring Balmy spring and high student spirits arrived at FHS simultaneously, inspiring activities from most informal to very formal. Numerous pinnings and engagements called for serenades. Students dug out cut-offs and sandals for picnics in the country or at the lake. In anticipation of one of many formal dances given by residence halls and Greek organizations, boys acquired tuxedos and girls spent afternoons in the beauty shop. Sentimental lyrics of the sweetheart song initiate the pro- ceedings at a typical TKE serenade. At the Alpha Sam house, TKEs honor thr e girl friends by a kissing fine and roses. Bursting out of the chute on a saddle bronc, Joe Hedrick tries to stay animal for a winning time at the first fHS rodeo. Elected by Rodeo Club from five candidates, Glenda Rudolph reigns as queen for Fort Hays State ' s first rodeo. Getting In on the rodeo excitement, the McGrath Hall men attempt to put a rider on a calf they have roped and saddled. The special event gave students a chance to try their hand in the rodeo arena. 212 Rodeo, Greeks Stir Excitement in May Greek Week activities and the first FHS Rodeo filled the early part of May with excitement. Held In conjunction with Greek Week, Greek Sing kept some groups busy with extra preparations Rodeo Club, formed last year, planned and hosted the first annual FHS Rodeo and captured overall first place as well FHS cowboys who won firsts were Roger McCabe, calf roping, Neil Barstow, bull riding, and Joe Hedrick, a tie in bareback riding. Kearney State College entered the first place women ' s team and University of Nebraska claimed the all-around cowboy and cowgirl. Eleven colleges joined FHS in the two-right event, held at the quarferhorse grounds, east of Hays. Rodeo Club members, Gloria Carpenter, Cynthia Hutchins, Glenda Rudolph, Pat Ferry, and Cheryl Scott, were candidates for Rodeo Queen, with top honor going to Miss Rudolph. Criteria for the judging of Greek Sing this year included not only the singing by the groups, but also the staging of the numbers. Alpha Gamma Delta and Sigma Kappa claimed first and second places among the sororities, and top men ' s honors went to Alpha Kappa Lambda, first, and Tau Kappa Epsilon, second. Highway clean-up, a dance, a picnic and con- tests, including pie throwing, egg-batting, piggy-back races, and a mock striptease, rounded out activities for Greeks ' weekend of fun. Top: Alpha Gams, wearing the garb of chimney sweeps, sing " Chim ChEm Cheree. ' Bottom: AKLs bail an unexpected guest at their Greek Sing sailors ' party. Carrying the extra weight of sorority women, fraternity brothers race for the finish line. Greeks turn trashmen for an hour during thi joint highway dean-up project. Displaying form that won him first place, Loren Pepperd proceeds with his strip. 213 Confusion, contemplation and delight ore [List some of the emotions found on the faces of those observing the students ' work. Even a young visitor finds enjoyment in the variety and quality of pieces displayed at the opening of the Student Art Exhrbition. Using the printed key to the student exhibit, visitors are able to identify the pieces done by their friends and acquaintances. Mabef Vandiver Art Award winners, Martha Nelson, Conrad Chtumsky, and Donald Kelly, display pieces they have entered in the show. 214 A bicycle rider gets cramps worked out of her leg by a friend as she prepares for her next lap around the track. During halftime of the intra-squad football gome, members of the winning women ' s bile team, WRA, accept their trophies from Furlough Queen Judy Marcotte. 1 1 2 Artists Display Work at Exhibition Seven FH3 students received the Mabel Vandiver Award for art achievement at the opening of the Student Art Exhibition. Representing the work of I 12 artists, the exhibition was made up of a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, jewelry, design, ceramics and graphics. Sixty-four high schools flooded the Industrial Arts Fair with 2,100 entries. Projects ranging from furni- ture to farm machinery were judged by a team of industrial arts instructors from Kearney, Neb., who picked a walnut TV-stereo console for top honors. Rain and chilly weather failed to halt Furlough activities, as the Women ' s Recreation Assn, team Completed the women ' s i 0-mile bicycle race with a first place time of 44 37.5. Sigma Jackie Murray loses no time on a bike change-over as she starts Her lap with the assistance of a member of the corresponding men ' s team. High school industrial arts students in- spect a sub-soiler, one of 2,100 entries in the Industrial Arts Fair. 215 Raising the bid just one more time r Becky B-odenhemer tries to buy her favorite faculty member for some work she wants done. With Dean Jellison on the block, auctioneer Dennis Swayze proceeds to sell him to the highest bidder. 216 Rounding a curve, entrant begin the first Tap of the grueling 30-mile relay bicycle race. McGrath Hall Nabs Third Bicycle Title At the third annual Fort Hays Furlough, McGrath Hall ' s speedy bicycle team pedaled to first place for the third consecutive year, covering the 30 miles in a record time of one hour, 36 minutes. In addition to the men ' s and women ' s bicycle races, the FHS baseball team played Wichita State at Larks Park and an intra-squad football battle was waged between the Black and Gold teams. Crowning of Furlough Queen Judy Marcot+e and her attendants, Doris Leiker and Karen Folkerts, a dance and faculty slave auction added to the fun- filled atmosphere of Furlough weekend. Sponsored by the Endowment Assn, and guided by a student committee, Furlough provided work, scholarships and fun. Winning men ' s team, McGrath Hall, displays the trophy. Two TKEs pull Joe Dunham off his seat and free the bike quickly for the next lap. 217 Dancing to wait music, Marla Folkerts and other dancers perform a ballet. Displaying their usual lively stage presence, the Impromptwos deliver a favorite selection with Mary Maude Moore. 1 966 Production Is Last for Poise ‘rT Ivy Presented for the last time, Poise n’ Ivy pops concert marked two other milestones: Mary Maude Moore s last performance before taking her leave of absence and the last time the Impromptwos sang together. Dressed in formats and tuxedos, men ' s and women ' s glee clubs and Impromptwos, under Miss Moore s direction, de- livered light songs. Poise ' n ' Ivy dancers, coordinated by Suzanne Resler, accompanied some of the numbers and pre- sented several of their own. More than $300 taken In for admissions was given to the Wooster Fund to be used for National Defense loans. To open the ihow, Poise ' n‘ Ivy dancers join the entire group in " Fifty Nifty United States. 218 Giving one of the numbers choreographed by Suianne Restar, four of the dancers add color to “ ' Step in Time " from " Mary Popping 1 ' In a style familiar to her students, Miss Moore alternately coaxes, pleads and bosses them into giving the sound she wants. Climaxing a semester of classroom training, more than 200 voices of the men ' s and women ' s gtae dubs and the Impromptwos, assisted by a group of dancers, made the rafters of Sheridan Coliseum ring with music at the finale of a popular but short-lived tradition, the Poise ‘n Ivy show. 219 Miss Hays of 1965, Karen Fleming, congratulates her successor, Pat Spomer; Customers Investigate paintings at the Village Art Sale. FHS Coed Snares Miss Hays Honor Winning the opportunity to represent the city of Hays and vie for the Miss Kansas title, Pat Spomer,, FHS senior, was crowned Miss Hays of I %6. Candidates, including 13 FHS students, par- ticipated in the Miss Hays pageant parade, inter- views, talent show and beauty contests. With her honor, Miss Spomer was awarded prizes including a $100 scholarship to the college of her choice, a $100 wardrobe, $100 in jewelry and a trip to Pratt for the Miss Kansas pageant. In a native atmosphere of island music, guests received leis at the Memorial Union Hawaiian Luau. Hawaiian food was eaten from low tables in native fashion, Cyhthia Dalrymple, performing some of the ancient Hawaiian dances, and the Impromptwos provided the evening ' s entertainment. fn conjunction with the Luau gourmet dinner, the Memorial Union sponsored the annual Village Art Sale. Student art works for sale were displayed from clotheslines strung across the lobby. Dressed in appropriate clothes and d raped with leis. guests enjoy their Luau rneaf 220 jfa ■ Finding themselves required to prove their knowledge of a course, students apply themselves to a test as the professor looks on. Certain diabolical satisfaction is gained by a simple ritual with a match and a book. Attitudes Run Gamut During Final Tests Evoking a variety of attitudes and emotions, spring finals arrived once again to plague the stu- dents. Some met the challenge well, reviewed for their tests, and came out in grand shape. Seniors took comfort in the anticipation of graduation. Burning books or simply refusing to study were two of the less profitable actions taken by students. More worthy satisfaction is felt by seniors at a robe-fitting. 221 Seniors wait In line before their procession into Lewis Field Stadium. Weather was Icind enough to permit both ceremonies to be held outdoors. Missouri Man Speaks To Degree Candidates Dr, Robert P. Foster, president of Northwest Missouri State College, Maryville, delivered the 1966 Commence- ment address. Baccalaureate sermon was given by the Rev. Warren W. Schmidt, pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church, Hays, Presentation of 528 degrees was made at the 63rd annua! exercises. Sixteen seniors were graduated with distinction. Alumni Achievement Awards were presented to Dr, Viola C. Ames, associate professor of psychology at Ohio State University, and Vinton D, Carver, president of the Atherton, Calif., division, of Litton Industries. As shadows lengthened, graduates and faculty filed onto the held, the band played, the choir sang and Commencement began. Top: Dr. Robert P. Foster urges graduates to become actively Involved in current world probfems and to help build a better civilization. Bottom: Following tradition. Commencement week activities open with Baccalaureate service. The Rev, Warren Schmidt gave the sermon. 222 All the performers are important to the college show, but each year a favored few are elevated to stardom by their fellow students. These headliners add glamor and distinction to college life. You will now meet these celebrities who for a few precious moments experienced the glitter and thrill of being , . . in the spotlight. ROVAUV 223 WO UECO UINO QUEEN -pVW WY U QEt- SPONSORED BV Dim SISM4 PHI Tammy, one ol the regular cheerleaders, applauds the Tigers. Displaying her usual charm and provocative smile, Tammy helps check registration cards during enrollment. Smiles of approval spread across the faces of the other finalists after Tammy has received the robe of Home- coming Queen. From left, Judyanne Mustoe, Sue Ann Mapes. Queen Tammy. Doris Lellcer and Pom Englemon. 224 (WECOWN ROYAL COURT SUE ANN MAPES SPONSORED BY (Ue WNDES HALL queen tammy AND ATTENDANTS Photo by Leon Max son DORIC LEIRER, SPONSORED BY Cl GMA PHI EPCILON 225 FIRST ATTENDANT JANET BARNETT SPONSORED BV SIGMA PHI EPSILON SECOND ATTENDANT NANCY LIGHT SPONSORED BV MtMINDES hall Reveille royalty was announced at the Reveille Ball Dec. I I . 226 REVEILLE QUEEN REVA DEEDS SPONSORED BV PHI SIG UA EPSILON 227 BARBARA BfCJCFORD SPONSORED BY DELTA SIGMA PHI MARTHA COMM SPONSORED BY SIGMA TAU GAMMA FfRMA DREIUMG SPONSORED BY WIEST HALL RAREM RECLER SPONSORED BY DELTA ZETA JUDYMARCOTTE SPONSORED BY ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 228 JOYCE MEAD SPONSORED BY SIGMA KAPPA UMDA NEUBURGER CONNIE S WfLEY NAOMI CKEETS KAREN TIMMONS SPONSORED BY SPONSORED BY SPONSORED BY SPONSORED BY AGNEW HALL SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA TAU KAPPA EPSILON ALPHA GAMMA DELT Uf££ AW ttCA WK REVEILLE RGVAttV CHERM- TRAPP SPONSORED BY CUSTER HALL Deborah Bryant, Kansas ' first Miss America, selected Reveille royalty on the basis of beauty alone from a field of 14 candidates. 229 Presenting a bouquet of carnations to Sweetheart Queen Eulonda Schoeni h Joyce Ochs, East year ' s queen. At left is Sweetheart King Robert Partridge, and waiting to present the trophy to Miss Schoeni is Terry Shoemaker, last year ' s king. Sweetheart royalty was determined by student body vote. FfR T ATTENDANTS JOk DUMH4M NANCY UGUr SPONSORED W SPONSORED BV SIGMA McGPATR UAH SIGMA SIGMA SECOND ATTENDANTS REBECCA DIEHL (JlflC ZIMMER SPONSORED By SPONSORED By SIGMA PHI EPGILON CUSIER HALE 230 SWEETHEART QUEEN SWEETHEART KING EULOMP A SCHOENI ROBERT PARTRTDSE SPONSORED BY SPONSORED BY DEEP SISW PHI DEUA ZE1A 231 Extending her congratulations, Fort Hays Furlough Queen Judy Marco tie presents the first place trophy for the bicycle races to Lowell Smith of the McGrath Hall team. FUfcLOUGR QUEEN juwmzocm SPONSORED BY SIGMA W GAMMA RR£T ATTENDANT DOR C LETTER, SPONSORED BY SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA AND DEI4A SIGMA PHI SECOND ATTENDANT R4REN FOLRERTS SPONSORED BY ALPHA GAMMA DEUA AND SIGMA PHI EPSILON 232 Twelve unsavory-looking characters competed for the title of Ugly Man on Campus. Money from the penny-a-vote contest, sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega, service fraternity, was donated to the National Defense Loan program. Winners of the Daisy Mae and Bearded Joe Contests were announced at the annual Leap Week dance. International Rela- tions Club, sponsor of the project, donated money raised from penny votes toward scholarships for foreign students. DAISY MAE GLORIA CARPENTER SPONSORED BV RODEO CLUB BEARDED JOE GLENN SEfcAVEC SPONSORED BV ALPHA KAPPA tAMBDA UGLY MAN ON CAMPUS BOB BLA CKBURN SPONSORED BV DELIA SIGMA PHI LEAVER, LASS OF THE YEAR BETTY HAAS FIRST ATTENDANT POLLY WILLIAMS SECOND ATTENDANT SHERRY THOMAS Staff members of the college newspaper adopted a new procedure for selecting Leader Lass during the year. Rather than allowing one staff member to make the selection each month, names were submitted by several staffers Final selection was then made by the staff from these suggestions. From the nine monthly choices, Leader Lass of the year was determined by student vote Polly Williams Sherry Thomas 234 Forsyth library _ Students per ' orrnTfr nja capacities at FHS, and their persona liti sTTeflect many interests. Through puj u t of these interests, collegians lend limities ariety to me show, a factor vitat to its uccess. Without this diversTlTeC A J college show could not go on. It is now time to introduce . . the many performers Graduates Bailey. Larry W,, Son Fernando, Calif., Psych., Barron, Robert R., Blair, Neb., Psych.’ Bonine, Esther Ml. Thayer, Efem. Educ,;’ Edwards, Verlln L., Luces, Bus. Admin,; Fefdt, William B., Oakley, Bus, Freeman. Karen S,. Oakley, Elem. Robert £., Abilene, Art; Hull, Harry Ihrfg, Charles A., Goodland, Bus. ' Tucson. Aril,, Bus. Educ.; Hottman, G,, Hays, Psych.; Judd, Harry L„ Katr, Clarence J., Garden City, Phys, Educ, Kuchar, Kathleen A., Meadow Grove, Neb., Art; Kuehn, Seth W., Bazinc, Math.; Lamb, Karon L,, Hays, History; Lewis, Nfki L., Kinsley, Eng. Graduate Student Count Hits High for Fall, Spring Lock, Ross A., Ulysses, ZooL; Luthi, Darrell D, f Logan, Econ. Martin, Delbert W,, Tribune, Ind. Arts; Martin Lloy- dene, Nortonville, Efem, Educ. " Miller, Ernest P-, Liberal, Pol. S c i . ; Minti, D. Coreen. Ha Howell. Elem. Educ,; Olson, Joanne K., Wakefield Neb,, Elem. Educ, Packard, Terry F,, Plains, Bus. Educ. ; Peterson, Con- rad P„, Garfield, Ind, Arts; RTeth, Herbert J., Clark, N. J„. Psych. " Rock, James T„ Abde ie, Sociol. ; Ru co, James A.„ Great Bend, Counseling and Guidance, Seifert, Dave, Clyde. Psych . 1 Sherman, Joe O., Nowata, Okla.. Ecor.- Smith, B, David, Sucklin, Eng.; Steffen, R. Faye, Pawnee Rock, Math.; Stoskopf, Lilboura R., Hois- ington, fnd. Arts, Taybr, Sheila K., Greensburg, Math.; Trussell, Larry R., Kackley. Econ r ; Verse h ue re n, Dorothy J., Astoria, Ore.. A " - Walker, Jerry A,, Englewood, Zool, ■ Webster, Allen L., Hays, Econ. 236 Seniors Ach-Bea Senior Enrollment Surpasses 770 Heading the senior class of 1 965-66 were Craig Beach, president, and Wayne Witwer, vice-president. Acheson, Donald E., Borland, B.S. in Educ.; Adams, Fred D,, Lakin, B.S., Math., Delta Sigma Phi; Adams, Nancy E., Jetrnore, B.S,, Sen, Sci. (Nursing), KSSNA, Nurses Club; Albers, Twila M., Park, A, EL, Psych.-; Albrecht, Dorothy A. t Natoma. B.S, in Educ,, SNEA„ Sigma Sigma Sigma. Allmon, Cortland R., B.S. in Phys. Educ., P.E., Majors. Club; Amerine. Terry W., ColdwaSer, B.S. in Bus.; Anderson, Murray E,, Jamestown, A.B-., Speech, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa Delta (pres.]; Anthony, Garry L, Satanta. B.S. in Agric,, Delta Tau Alpha (pres.} ; Anthony. Robert G., Kensington, B.S., Biol,, Sigma Phi Epsilon, K ' Club, Beta Beta Beta, 7th Cav., Football, Track, Arias, Carlos A.. Colombia, S.A., B.S. in Agric.. IRC, Spanish Cl ub: Armstrong, John M.. Hays, B.S, in 1 nd. Arts- Armstrong, Wanda E,. Hays, B.S. in Bus,; Attwood, John D., Larned. A.B,. Psych.: Aust, Eddie W., Hays, B.S, in Bus., Phi Sigma Epsilon, Baalman, Lawrence E., Oaltley, B.S, in Agnc,. Newman Club; Baehus, Terry K„ Abbyville. A.B.. History; Baler, Sharon R„ Stafford. B.S. in Bus,, Sigma Kappa (pres,), Pi Omega P " - Baker, Barbara J., Concordia. A.B., Psych.- Bamberger, Charles D„ Jetmore, B.S-. Botany, Delta Tau Alpha. Bandel, John H., St. Francis, B.S. in lnd. Arts. Ind. Arts Club; Barleen, Arnold L., Concordia. B.S, in Bus., Bartel, Gallen K.. Greensburg, B.S. in Bus. Alpha Kappa p s Barten, Lynn l,, Carlton, B-S. In Agric.. Delta Sigma Phi. Rodeo Club. V. Rep,; Bartos, Dale L., Zu r ich, B.S,, Gen, Sci. Base. Steven W., Rotel, B.S, in Bus.. Sigma Phi Epsilon. K-Club, Reveille (bus, mgr,) 7th Cav., Football: Bass. Marla M. ( Hays, A.B., Eng,. Leader, MASCOM; Bauer. Darlene L„ Garden City, B.S. in Educ,, SNEA, Newman Club; Baxter, Thomas D., Stockton, B.S., Math; Beach, A. Craig. Kensington, A.B., Sociol., Alpha Kappa Lamb- da, ASC, Sr. class, pres. 237 Seniors Bea-Cai Beaver, Vera E.. Quinfer, B.S. in Educ.. SNEA: Bech- told, Gaylo D., Gaylord. B.S,, Gen. Scl- ■ Beckman, Karleen K., Smith Getter, B.S., Gen. Sci. (Nursing), WLO, KSSNA. Phi Kappa Phi. Who ' s Who; Beecher, Clair P,, Palco, B.S., Math, Sigma Pi Sigma; Beffort, Joseph D-, Safina, 8.S., Geology, Befort, Norman G., Hays B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi, Beggs, John L. Ellis, A.B., Phil; Bennett, Connie M., Kirwin, B.S. in Home Econ., WRA, SNEA. Kappa Omicron F Phi, Home Econ. Chapter (state trees.); Bennett, Roger D., Hugoton, B.S. in Bus,, Alpha Kappa Psi; Bilfinger, Shirley A.. Morland, B.S,, Math, 5NEA f Newman Club. Bland, Gary R., Lucas, B.S. in Bus,, Sigma Tau Gamma (v.-pres.) ; Bodon, Robert 0,, Downs. A.B., Speech, SNEA, Sigma Alpha Eta. Reveille, Newman Club; Bo- denhamer, Rebecca 5., Ada, A.B., Eng., Sigma Sigma Sigma. Cheerleader, ASC, Tiger ' s Roar, Leader; Boiler, Judy A., Natoma B.5., Math; Bolllg, Dennis J,, Hays, B.S, In Bus., Alpha Kappa PsL Senior Coeds Gain Extended Closing Hours Boone, Linda S„ Hays, B.S. in Bus,; Boston, Jack R,, Ellsworth, A.B., SocioL, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Newman Club; Bott, Sidney W., McCracken, B.M.. Music, Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Band, Brass Choir; Boucher, Eu- gene D,, Plalnville, B.S. in Agric.; Breeden, Carolyn S. r Great Bend, B.S. in Homo Econ., SNEA. Kappa Omi- cron Phi. Breer, William J., Solomon, B.S. in Ind. Arts. Jnd, Arts Club, Newman Club; Brejcha, Robert J., Holyrood, B.S. in Agric,, Delta Tau Alpha: Brickey, Karyl, Wichita, B.S., Gen, Sci (Nursing), KS5NA. Delta Zeta; Briery, John H., Hays, B.S., Math., Sigma Phi Epsilon, DeJta Epsilon , Kappa Mu Epsilon,, Phi Kappa Phi; Brock, Cath- leen A-, Hoxie, B.M., Music, Sigma Alpha lota, WLO, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who. Con- cert Choir, Brock, John H,, Cawker City, B.S. in Agric., Phi Sigma Epsilon, Newman Club " Brooks, Bonnie M., Densmqre, B.S, in Agric., WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon; Brown, Ernest L., Macksvifle, A.B., Biol,, Delta Sigma Phi, SNEA, Beta Beta Beta; Brown, Jerry C., Dodge City. 8.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club, Football: Brown, Richard A., Brew- ster. B,5, in Agric,, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Brown, Terry II H,, Haddam. B.S. in Phys, Edut,, Delta Sigma Phi, P.E, Mafors Club. Football; Brown, William R., Delphos, B.S., Math., SNEA, Newman Club; Brun- gardt, Roy F., Russell, S,S. in Bus.. Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, JFC, Phi Kappa Phi Newman Club; Buck, Roger D-, Atwood, 6-S. in Phys. Educ., P.E. Majors Club, K-Club, Ind. Arts Club, Wrestling; Burger, Loren F., Natoma, B.S. in Bus. j i - j.i ' vi i v i -j 1 1 - Q I aU tramma; Burroughs, Roger L,, Washington, D.C.. B.S,, Math,, Kappa Mu Epsifon, Phi Eta Sigma- Burrows Sandra A... Otis, B.S., Gen, Sci.. Alpha Lambda Delta SPURS, WLO, Baptist S.U.. Phi Kappa Phi; Butler, Marlin J., Lewis., B.S. in Bus., Sigma Tau Gamma (pres.) ; Cain, Cheryl A, Hays, A.B., Pol. ScL, Alpha Gamma Delta (pres,). ASC, WLO, SNEA, Y, R ep . Pn i Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Panhellentc, Who ' s Who. 238 Seniors Cal-Deci Callen, Diana L., Tribune, B.S., Gen. ScL, Y. Rep., WRA. Chem, Club; Cam pbell, Jack S., Macksville. B.S. in Ind. Arts, Attendant to Sweetheart King’ Capps, S. Mary. Hoisington, B.S. in Educ., WRA, Eta Rho Eps-i- fon; Carlin, Richard D., Bycklin, B.S. in Educ,, SNEA; Carmichael, Diana K., Great Bend, A.B.. History, Phi Alpha Theta, Y. Rep r , State CYR (convention chrm.), State Women ' s CYR (sec .4 re as.}. Carter, Danna E.. Kinsley B.S,. Gen r Sc , [Nursing], Alpha Xi Delta, Nurses Ctub; Caselman, Stephen F., Beloit, A.B., Eng., Tau Kappa Epsilon r Casey, Judith A,, Natoma, B.S, in Home Econ., Home Econ, Club, SNEA. WRA, Newman Club ' Channell, Gary W,, Hoxie, B.S-, Math, Alpha Phi Omega, Basketball; Chick, Lloyd D., Hays. B.S. in 8u ., Alpha Kappa PsL Chlumsky, Conrad J,. Hays, B.S. in Art, Newman Club; Churchill, Karol M., Hays, B.S. in Educ,, SNEA; Claussen, Carol K., Larned, B.S. in Educ,, Hon- ors Program., SNEA, Dames Club; Claussen, Norman D,, Wilson, B,S- in End. Arts, SNEA, Ind. Arts Club; Coffeen, Dean A., Russell, 8.S„ Gen. Sci, Texas Western Cagers Cop NCAA Championship Colburn, Merwin J,, -Russell, A.B,, Psych., Sigma Phi Epsilon, ASC, Traffic Tribunal (chrm.}; Conard, Char- lotte L., Sublette, B.S. in Home Econ., Home Econ, Club, NEA, CYF; Conard, John W„ Coolidge, B.S. JooL CYF, SNEA, Beta Beta Beta; Conard, Norman H, Rush Center. A.B., Chem, " Alpha Kappa Lambda; Conklin, Christopher J., Abilene, A.B,, Spanish, Phi Mu Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega (pres.), Newman Club. Cooley, Sidney A„ Safina, A,8„ History and Math, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Phr Alpha Theta, UCCF (pres.), K-Cfub; Cooper, Helen M,, Oakley, B.S. En Bus., Alpha Xi Delta; Gotropia, Marsha L, Holyrood, A, 8., Speech, Alpha Psi Omega, Eta Rho Epsilon; Coufson, James D-, Hays, B.S. in Agric., Delta Sigma Phi; Cowan, Vernon D. , Clyde, B.S.. Math. Cox, Bonnie L., Alton, B.S. in Educ.; Crabtree, Jacque- lyn A., Ransom, B.S. in Educ., UCCF (sec., v.-pres.) Little Theater, Wesley Found., Concert Choir; Craig, Johnnie V., Bazins, B.S, in Rhys. Educ., SNEA, P.E. Ma- jor Club; Crider. Paul E,, Hays. A.8., Pol. Sci., Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Y. Rep., Sty, Cf. (assoc, justice)- Crocker, Larry D., McCook, Neb,, B.S, in Bus,, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Cummins, W. Jean, Mulvane, B-S, in Art ' Cyr, Gail A., Glasco, B.S, in Bus,. Delta Sigma Phi; Daise, Ronald M., Good la rid, A.B,, History, 7th Cav., Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta; Danielson, Linda R. r Clifton, B.S. in Bus., Tigerettes, AJphe Lambda Delta; Davidson, Dale A,, Claflin, 3.S., Geology, Sigma Tau Gamma, Davis, Darrell E., Portis. B.S. in Agric., Delta Tau Alpha (trees.). Phi Eta Sigma; Davis, Rex E-. Alamota, B.S., Math, and Physics. Vets Club; Davis, Roger C,, Pratt, B.S, In Educ,, SNEA, Y. Rep,; Dean, Gary L. Hill City, B.S. in Bus., Tau Kappa Epsilon (rush chrm., house mgr,] : Deason, James A„ Great Bend. B.S, in Ind. Arts. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Ind, Arts Club. 239 Seniors Del-Fla Dellinger, Hal D., Dodge City, B.S, in Educ., ASC, Band and Chorus {pres.}; SNEA. Dleti, Dennis A., Wa- Keeney. B.S, in Educ., Sigma Phi Epsilon, ASC (treas.), Dinltel, Marvin J r , Hays. B.S. in Ind. Arts, Newman Club, Ind. Arts Club, Epsilon Pi Tau: Dodge, Darrell G., Buhler, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Tract:, K-Club; Dodson, Donald W .. Coldwater, B.S. in Bus. Doleial, Carol Sue, Plainville, B-M-, Music, Alpha Gam- ma Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota, WLG. SNEA, MENC, Orchestra. Concert Choir, Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi: Donovan, Michael L., Norton, B.S. in Agrie.; Dory, Janet L., Hoisington, A.B., History. Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Alpha Theta, SPURS; Doyel, Cleatus W.. Rush Springs, Okla., B.S. in Bus., Basketball, K-Club: Drath, Judeen C., Hudson, B.S. in Educ., WLO, Sigma Alpha Iota, SPURS. Dreiling, Kenneth F„ Victoria, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Sigma PhE Epsilon (sports chrm,), Epsilon Pi Tau, Ind, Arts Club, K-Club, Intramural Council (sec.-treas.) , Football; Droste, Bernard F., Spearville, A.B., Pol. Scf., Y, Rep, (v,-pres.j ; Duff, John D,, Beloit, 8.S., Gen. Sci., Union Prog. Council (chrm.}. Union Board (pres.), ASC, Wiest Hall fv.-pres.}, SOC, Union Arts and Exhibits Comm., Union Music Comm.; Duncan, Sharon L., St. John, B.S. In Educ,, Home Econ. Club (treas.J, UCF (prog, chrm.), Wesley Found.. Y, Dem,; Dunham, Joseph E., Overland Parle, A. 8, Eng., Tau Kappa Epsi- lon, Dunlap, Carolyn F., Brewster, B.S. in Home Econ, Du- pont, Judith Ann, Lenora. B.S., Gen. Sci. (Nursing}. Nursing Club; Dupont, Merle D., Hays, B.S. in Bus.: Earley, Roger A., Quinter, B.S., Che-m., Delta Sigma Phi, Chcm, Club (v.-pres,), Am, Chemical Society; Ear- ley, Sheryl L., Quinter, B.S. in Home Econ, Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Econ, Club. FHS Harriers Grab Second NAIA Championship Ebdugh, Harry E . Garden City, B.S. in Bus.; Edmons- ton, Harold M., Protection. BS in Agrie; Edwards, Betha K,, Russell, B.S. in Bus,, Choral Union, Dames Club, Assoc, member Am. Aetf, Assn,; Eichenauer, Casey, Scott City, B.S., Math., Sigma Tau Gamma; Ellis, Richard W., Stockton, B.M., Music, Sigma Tau Gamma, Phi Mu Alpha. Ellison, Elaine, Goodland, B.S. In Educ., SNEA; El- sea, Mary Lou, Medicine Lodge, A.B., Speech. Delta Zeta, Sigma A ' pha £ta, Glee Club, L. Theater; Engel. Douglas A., Ellis. B.S., Math., Scrlblerus; Engle, Mari- beth, Abilene. A.B., Art, Alpha Lambda Delta, SPURS, CYF WLO, SNEA, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who; Ewing, Glen M.. Turon, B.S. In Agrlc. Fa u Ids, Haiel L,, Dodge City, B.S, in Educ., SNEA; Faulkner, Barbara E., Golete, Calif., A.B., Languages, Deseret Club. Delta Zeta. Panhellenic, Rodeo Club; Fefdt, Lolita R,, Hays. B.S., Gen. Sci. (Nursing); Fellers, Patricia C., Hays, A.B., Eng., WLO, SNEA, Lambda Iota Tau; Fenwick, Larry D., Macksville, B.S. in Bos. Fenwick, Lynda F,„ Byers, B.S. in Educ,, SNEA, Who ' s Who. Phi Kappa Phi; Ficken, Jon L.. LaCrosse, B.S.. Gen. Sci.. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Golf; Fiser, Larry K,, Mahaska, B.S. In Bus.; Flair, Beth E., Kingsdown, B.S, in Educ., SNEA, Delta Zeta- Flake, Jackie R., Hoisington, B.S, in Gen. Sci. 240 Seniors Flu-Has Flummerfelt, Judy M r , Hugoton, B.S, in Educ., SNEA, Dames Club; Ford, James E., Hays, B.S. in Bus., Tau Kappa Epsilon, K-Club, Golf: Francis, John A„ Hays. B.S. in Rhys, Educ,, Golf: Frydendall, Sue A., Portis, A.B,, Eng,: Fuller). Dale G-, Hill City, B.S, tn Bus. Gagelman, Merlin D., Great Bend, B.S, in Ind. Arts; Garner, Larry D,, St. John, B-S,, in Ind. Arts, Delta Sigma Ph i r Epsilon Pi Tau, Ind. Arts Club: Gaston, Charlotte A„ Bucyrus, A.B,j Speech, Alpha Psi Omega, KFHS, L Theater, Y. Rep.: Gerstnor, Timothy J-, Hays, B.S. In Bus., Track, Newman Club, Bus. Club; Gilbert, Alvin R., Plainville, B.S., Math. Gill. Stephen L,. Phillipsburg. B.S. in Ind. Arts, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Ind. Arts Club: Gilmore, Glora D., Kinsley, B.S. in Home Eqon.; Giate, Donald R., Min- neola, B.S,, Math., Alpha Phi Omega: Gordon, Donald B., Great Bend, B.S, in Art; Gotchall, Thomas D,, GoodJand. B.S. in Bus,, Delta Sigma Phi. Grauerholi, Eldon H., Kensington, B.S. in Bus,. IFC, Sigma Phi Epsilon- Green, Shirley R„ Hays, B.S, in Educ, and Gen Sei., SNEA, Phi Kappa Phi; Green- wood, Ronald J„ Hays, B,S„ in Agric., Wrestling, Rodeo Club - Griffin, James H,, Dighton, A.B., History, Sigma Tau Gamma, P.E. Majors Club, SNEA, Intramural Council (pres.) : Grim, Carolyn S., Cheney, B.S, in Educ,, Sigma Sigma Sigma, SNEA. Controversial Medicare Bill Signed Into Law Grossardt, Darlene F., Oaflin, B,S., Math., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta. SPURS, Tigsrettes; Hab- erman, Donald R,. Great Bend, B.S. in Ind. Arts. Ind. Arts Club Epsilon Pi Tau; Haden. Russell R., Clifton, B.S, in Bus,, Football, Track; Hagamen, Slynda J,, Satanta, B.S., Gen, Sci. (Nursing). Baptist S.U.; Hager- man, Lynn E,, Long Island, A.B-, Pol. Sci,. Alpha Psi Q- mega, Y. Dem., Gamma Delta. IRC, Union Movie Comm,, Football. Hakimian, Farrokh, Tehran, Iran, A. 6,, Math,, IFC. ' P-to-P; Halbgewachs, Jerry D-, Glen Elder, B.S. in Bus.; Hamel, Jolene L„ Hays, B.S. in Educ., SNEA- Ham- mer, Denis G., Elllnwood, B.S. In Educ.; Hampton, Edwin W., Tribune., B.S. in Ind, Arts, Alpha Phi Omega, Epsilon Pi Tau, Baptist S,U,, Ind. Arts Club, Hanoi, Katherine A. ( Cuba, B.S. in Art, Union Prog. Council Union Board: Hardgrove. Dean C.. Liberal, 3.S. in Bus.: Hardgrove, Linda S., Jetmore. B.S. in Educ.. Phi Kappa Phi. SNEA, SPURS; Hardman, John B.. Hill City, B.S. in Bus,. Alpha Kappa Psf, Y. Rep.; Harkness. Clifford H.„ Hays, B.S. in Bus., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Harm?, Jack L.. Hays. B.S. in Phys, Educ,, P.E. Majors Club, K-Club, Track, Cross Country; Hartman. Ralph M., Grainfield, B,S, in Bus., Sigma Tau Gamma, Newman Club- Hase, Kevin B., Springfield, Va., A B,. History, Prometheans, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Kappa Phi: Haskins, David L., Scottsville, B.S. in Agric.; Hasi, Lavonna A., Scott City, A.B., Gen. Sci., Alpha Lambda Delta, Pht Kappa Pht. 241 Seniors Hat-Joh Hitch, Lane+ti M., Benkelman, Neb., B.S,. Sen. 5ci. [Nursing], Sigma Kappa, Nursing Club; Hawley, Rich- ard J„ Dodge City, A.B., Spanish and Pol. St!., Spanish Club: Hays, David M„ Ellis, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Delta Sigma Phi; Holer, Ima L-, Hays. B.S,, Math., WLO. Sigma Pi Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Math Club; Heikes. Ernest E., Minneapolis, B.S. Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club, SNEA. Heitschmidt, Mervln E., Scott City, B.S. in Phys, Educ., Basketball, K-Club. P,E. Mafors Club; Hemp. Ronald E,, Hays, B.S. in Educ., Wesley Found, Coun- cil; Hendershot, Gary D., Burdett, B.S-, Biol., SNEA; Hendrix, Beverly K,, Kiowa, B.S., in Bus,, Pi Omega Pi, Phi Kappa Phi; Hennigh, Barry W,, Englewood, B.S. in Agric. Henry, Douglas L, Ottawa, B-S-, ZooL; Herd, Warren A, r Protection. B.S. in Agric.; Hering, Gary R., Garden City, B.S. in Bus.; He del, Robert G., Great Bend, B.S. in Ind, Arts. Ind, Arts Club; Hickman, Maxwell K., Phillipsburg. B.S,, Botany. Higgins, Janice L, Hays, B.S, in Educ., Delta Zeta, SNEA, AWS; Hillman, Terry M-. Wa Keeney, B.S., Biol,, Beta Beta Beta; Hogan, Margaret J.. Kinsley, B.S, In Phys. Educ. and Home Econ., Eta Rho Epsilon (seo.-freas.}, Home Econ. Club, WRA; Holt, Carolyn S., Liberal, B.S. in Educ,. Delta Zeta, SNEA, Glee Club; Hoover, Ronald D. r Almena, B.S. in Bus, and Math., Kappa Mu Epsilon. Hornung, Donald F.. Dodge City, B.S. in Bus.; Howland, Gary M., Abilene, A.B., SocioL Sigma Tau Gamma; Hrabe, Larry R.. Plainville, B,S, in Bus., Alpha Kappa Lambda; Hubbard, Gary J., B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Lambda, V- Pem,; Hudson, Sue L-, Hutchinson, B.S. in Educ., Ssgma Sigma Sigma, WLO, AWS [pres.), PanheHeotc, Leader, Who ' s Who. Phi Kappa Phi. Paul Monty Wins All-Student Council Presidency Huffman, Donna C-, Edmond, B.S, In Educ,, SNEA; Hugley, Rodney D,, Plainville. B.S., Me+h,, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma PI Sigma; Irvin, Vicky N„ McCracken, B.S. in Home Econ,, Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Eton. Chapter. SNEA; Jatka, Alan W., Cimarron, B.S, in Bus,, Alpha Kappa Lambda ' Jackson. Lorraine M.. Belle- ville, B.S. in Gen. ScL MASCQM. Jackson, Priscilla A., Belleville, B.S. in Home Eton,, SPURS, Kappa Omicron Phi; Jackson, Ruby G., Stock- ton. B.S. in Euc.; Jacobs, Joe D.„ Norton, B.S, in Educ., Basketball, P-E. Majors Club. SNEA, AAHPER, KAHPER; Jarvis. Richard D . Almena, B.S. in Bus,, Alpha Kappa P$i; Jennison, Paul S„ Healy, A.B., Eton., Alpha Kappa Psi. Johannes, Lowell R.. Satina,. B.S. in Ind, Arts, Ind, Arts Club. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Newman Club; Johnson, Edwin R., Hugoton, B.S, in Phys. Educ., Gymnastics; John- son. Jack L„ Kan as City, B.S., Math., K-Club, Football; Johnson. Joan l., Plainville, B.S. in Home Eton., Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Econ. Chapter; Johnson, Wilfred C.. Hays, B.S, In Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club, Epsilon Pi Tau. 242 Seniors Jun-Lei Juno, Bernard E,, Otis, B.S. in Bus., Newman Club, Baseball; Kaiser, Jerry L, Park, B.S. En Edue., Phi Alpha Theta, SNEA. Y. Dem.; Kaspar, Elizabeth J t , Randall, A,B,, Speech, Sigma Alpha Eta; Kafr, Lyle D.. Kinsley. B.S. in Agric.; Kat enmeier. Ivan D., Ellsworth, A. EL, Sociol. end Psych., Gamma Delta, Y. Rep. Kaupp, Beverly J,, Ness City. B.S. in Home Econ,, Home Eton. Club [sec.), Phi Kappa Phi; Kay, George M „ Hays, A.B., Economics, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sr, Class Pres., Jr, Class Pres., Impromptwos. Wen’s Quartet, Glee Club, Tiger ' s Roar (pres.)’ Koeloy, Patricia J., Radium, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Lambda Delta. Pi Omega Pi, WLQ, Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi; Keller, Donald E., St. Francis, B.S. in Ind, Arts. K-Club (v.-pres), Ind- Arts Club, Wrestling: Kelly, Benny J.. Goodland, A.B., Pol. Sci., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Y, Dem, Kenyon, Georgia ., WaKeeney, B.S. in Edue., WRA, Y. Rep,, SNEA; Kepka, Dennis J., Wilson. B.S., Gen, Sci.; Kern, Kayleen A,, Hoisington, B.S, in Edue-, New- man Club: K tchum, David E., Rexford. B.M,, Music. Fort Hays Singers, Concert Choir; Killen, Kenneth B-, Courtland, B.S. in Bus., Pi Omega Pi. SNEA. Klimman, Trylla M,, Agra, B.S. in Home Econ., Home Econ, Club; Kfish, Dale E., Mulvane, B.S, in End. Arts, Ind. Arts Club " Koelsch, David M.. ElEinwood, 6-S, in Phys, Edue., Football. Newman Club, P.E. Majors Club; Kollman, Martin L„ Stockton. B.S. in Bus,, Alpha Kappa Psi; Korf, JoAnn C., Hans+on, B.W., Music, Band, Choral Union, Union Dance Comm.. Reveille, Korf Lena D., Hanston, B.5., Biol. Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Seta Beta; Koriel, Mary M . Rush Center. B.S-, Gen, Sci. (Nursing), Nurses Club; Kraft, Richard R +1 Utica, B.S,. Math.; Kralicefc, Sharon K., Hunter, B.S. in Home Econ.. Kappa Omicron Phi (v,-pres,} WRA (pres.), Home Econ, Club, Eta Rho Epsilon; Kruse, Larry F., Selden. A.B., Eng., SHEA. Cuban Exiles Freed by Castro Flee to Key West Kuehn, Betty J.. Bazine, A-B-, Eng.- Kyriakides, Dlnos Q.„ Nicosia, Cyprus, B.S, in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psi. IRC, P-to-P: La Barge, William J., Downs, A,B. H His- tory, Newman Club; Lahar, Cheryl A., N ckerson, B.S. in Edue.; La kin , Donald N . Pawnee Rock. B.S. in Ind- Arts, Cross Country, Track. Lang. Rose A., Ellis, B.S., Gen, Sci, (Nursing); Larson, Georgia E„ Hays, B.S, in Edue.. SNEA; LaRue, Rosalia A., Hermgton, B.S., Biol,, Beta Beta Beta, German Club; Learning, Bobby L„ Dodge City, A.B., History. Alpha Kappa Lambda. Y, Rep., SNEA; Leas, James M.. Hays, B.S, En Phys. Edue., Sigma Phi Epsilon, P.E. Majors Club, Second Generation Club (pres,). Basket ball. Leasure, Frank D, p Wichita. B.S. in Bus,, Tau Kappa Ep- silon- Lebsack, Richard R., Otis. B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kap- pa Psi: Lehmann, David E., Hays, B.S. in Ind, Arts, Rodeo Club. Ind. Arts Club, Wrestling; Lehmann, Lynne J.. Luray. B.S. in Art; Leiter, Robert J„ Hays, B.S. in Bus. 243 Seniors Lib-Mil Libby, Leta K., Haviland, A.B., Eng., SNEA, Y. Rep,; Lillie, Carol S T . Hays. B S in Rhys, Educ,, Eta Rho Epsilon, WRA; Lindahl, Gary M., Plevna, B.S., Biol. Beta Beta Beta; Lind berg, Chandra L., Hays, B.S. in Home Econ., Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Econ. Club Bannerettes; Lindberg, Howard W.. Hays, B,S, in Bus, Lindner, Terry L, Kendall, B.S. in Ind, Arts, Ind. Arts Club: Linenberger, Rosella M., Hays, B.M., Music. Sigma Alpha lota, Newman Club, SNEA; Lingle, Gary R., McPherson. B.S. in Bus., Football; Lipperf, F, Dale. East Alton, ill., B.S. in Bus,, Y. Dem„; Lippoldt. Patricia J , Kinsley, B.S. in Educ., SNEA. Lockard, Carol R., Ellis, B.S. in Educ., Delta Zeta., Span- ish Club, SNEA; Locke, Johnnie G., Natoma. B.S., Biol., Alpha Kappa Lambda, Beta Beta Beta; Basketball; Loesch. Jack A., Protection, A,B„ SocioL, Sigma Tau Gamma, Y. Rep.; Lchrmeyer, Gerald E., Logan, B.S. in Ind- Arts, Delta Sigma Phi (pres.): Long. James A., Hays, 8.M., Music, Sigma Phi Epsilon, MENC. Concert Choir, Fort Hays Singers, Choral Union. Levin, Sandra L,, Plainville, A.B.. Spanish; LowdermiHr, Gayle A., Glen Elder, B.S, in Educ,, SNEA; LyczaL, Victor H., Northbrook, III., B.S, in Phys. Educ., Wres- tling. Football, K-Club; Lynch, Ralph W., Logan, B.S. in Bus.; Makings, Gary D + , Downs, B,S., Math. Paul Crider Wins Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Martin, John D., Hosington, B.S. in Art, Tennis, SNEA, Promefheans: Mason, Richard A., Hugoton, A.B., Pol. Sci. r Leader Y. Rep., Tag Kappa Epsilon; Matter, Paul M., Jewell, B.S. in Agric,; Mayfield, Vetma P., McDonald, B.S. in Edge.; Mayhew, Roger H,, Plainville, B.S,, Biol., Sigma Tau Gamma (pres., sec.], SNEA, IFC, Wiest Hall {pres.}. McCabe. Roger L,, Selina, B.S-, ZooL, Football, Rodeo Club, K-Club; McCarthy, Duane T., Garden City, B.S. in Educ., SNEA, Newman Club; McDargh, Verladyne, La- Crosse, B.S. in Bus.: McDougel, Lila M., Atwood, A.B., Speech- McDougal, Marl Lee, Atwood, B.S. in Educ. McFarland, Gloria J., Almena, A.8., Eng., Sigma Sig- ma Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Iota Tau, Ph ' Kappa Phi, SNEA, WLO. Who ' s Who, Impromp- twos: McIntyre, Ellis E,, Jewell, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ep- silon Pi Tau; McKee, Linda A,, Culver, A.B., History, Alpha Lambda Delta, SPURS, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi; Kappa Fhi ; Mendell, Beatrice I,. Hutchinson, B.S- in Educ.; Mermis, Bernie J,, Hays, A.B.. Psych, Mermls, Clarence J-, Great Bend, 8.S. in Bus.; Merydith, Brent W., WaKeeney, A.B., SocioL, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Meti, Susan L., Wellington. B.S. in Home Econ., Home Econ. Club, SNEA; Michaelis, Larry D-, Utica, B.S- in Ind. Arts and Math., Ind. Arts Club, SNEA, Epsilon Pi Tau: Miles, Helen M., Ashland, B.S. in Phys. Educ., WRA {board member]. Eta Rho Epsilon (Board mem- ber}. 244 Seniors Mil-Pal Millard Melba L., Hays, B.S. in Bus., Dames Club; Miller, Carol L., Hanstgn, A.B., History and SocioL. vMpha Lambda Delta, Reveille, Phi Alpha Theta; Miller David L, Agra, B.S. in Bus,, Delta Sigma Phi; Miller! J, Elaine. Hays, A. B,, Spanish, UCCF, Phi Kappa Phi, Spanish Club; Miller, Gary L,, Kensington, B.S. in Bus,, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir Fort Hays Singers, Glee Club, Y. Rep., IFC, Union Comm. Miller, Pamela K., Natoma, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Alpha Gamma Delta, German Club, Glee Club, Eta ftho Epsilon, WRA, Y. Rep.; Miller, Terry L. ( Moscow, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind, Arts Club; Million, Lavern C., Hays, B.M., Music; Montgomery, Janet L., Holyrood, B.S, Gen Sci, (Nursing), Nurses Club: Montgomery, Linden C., McDonald, B.S., Math,, Tau Kappa Epsilon, SNEa ' Math Club, Y Rep. Leader. Morgan. Frances J., Hays, B.S, in Educ,, SNEA; Mosher, Sheila G., Plainville, A.B„ Home Eeon., Delta Zeta, Home Econ, Club; Munsell, Leroy W., Balls Plaine, A.B„ Pol, Sci., Sigma Tau Gamma, Alpha Phi Omega, Glee Club: Murphy, Bill W, r Pretty Prairie, B.S, in " Agric., Rodeo Club: Murphy, David M., Abilene. A.B.. Ind, Arts, Football, UCCF, Ind, Arts Club. Murphy, Janice K,„ Haven, B.M., Music. Band. Clarinet Choir. Choral Union; Murphy, Joseph A., Great Bend, B.$, in Bus.: Murphy, Melvin M,, Larned, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind, Arts Club: Nadrow, Kathryn R., Kirwin, B.$, in Educ., SNEA; Nelson, Andrew O,, Teseott, B.S,, Biol., Sigma Tau Gamma, Radio Club, Viet Cong Scorns Peace Moves of United States Nelson, Janet L, Hays, B.M., Music, Alpha Gamma Del ' i, Sigma Alpha lota, Alpha Lambda Delta, WLO, SPURS, Concert Choir, Concert Band. Fort Hays Singers, Choraf Union; Nelson, Jerome A., Valley Center, A.B,, History, Sigma Phi Epsilon, SNEA: Nelson, M. Sue, Valley Center, B.S. in Educ., Delta Zeta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Who ' s Who, SPURS, WLO. AW5, Dames Club, SNEA; Nickel, Gary J., Hays, B.S, in Bus.: Nieman, Law rence N., Grinnell, B.S-., Botany, Beta Beta Beta. New man Club, Niles, Kent E., Richfield, 8.S. in Agric., Delta Tau Alpha, K-Club, Football- Noel, Francis P +1 Logan, B.S. En Ind. Arts. Epsilon Pi Tau, Ind. Arts Club; Noel, Mary L,, Logan, B.M., Music. Sigma Alpha lota, Alpha Lambda Delta, Concert Choir, Phi Kappa Phi, Fort Hays Sing ers; Noland, A- Kent, Burdett, A.B., Spanish, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Psi Omega. SNEA, Y Rep., Spanish Club, L. Theater, Leader P-to-P: Nollette, Kent W., Monument, B.S. in Ind, Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau, Ind. Arts Club, Oborny, Jean J,, Timken, B.S., Math., Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pi Kappa Delta, Fr, Class Pres., ASC (pres.), Newman Club (pres,), Debate, Band. Y. Dem., Who ' s Who, UCCF, Phi Kappa Phi; Ohfe- meler, Linda M., LaCrosse, A.B., Speech, Sigma Kappa. WLO. Alpha Psi Qmeqa, Reveille, Little Theater, SNEA, Panhellenic, Debate; Oliver, Ronald L., Sate eta, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club; OllveriLis, Maynard F., Tim ken, B.S. in Bus.. Alpha Kappa Psi, Band: Olson, Niona D., Herndorv A.B., Eng., Sigma Kappa, Sigma Alpha lota, Impromptwos, Oplinger, Carolyn M.. Jewell, B.S. in Educ., SNEA: Orth, Rqbert G.’, Manitowoc, Wis., B.S.. Math., Alpha Phi Omega, hio ' ma Pi Sigma. Newman Club, Math Club; Page, John W, Salina. B.S., Gen. Sci., Tennis, German Club, ASC; Pahls, Richard J., Downs, B.S, in Educ,, SNEA, Newman Club: Palmberg, J. Eldon, Palco, A.B.. Eng r , Sigma Tau Gamma (pres,). Fort Hays Furlough Comm, (chrm.f, Student Endowment Comm. (pres.). 245 Seniors Pan-Rif Pankow, Tonia C,, Hutchinson B.S. in Educ., SNEA, L, Theater: Panylk, Richard L. East Alton, ill., B.S. In Bus., Promethean ; Partin, Bonnie C., Stafford. A.B., His- tory, Alpha Gamma Delta, Cheerleader, Ponhellenic (v.-pres.); Peeking, Reger H M Salina, B.S. in Bus.: Pee He. Kathleen J,, Belleville, A.8., French, Le Cercle Franca is. Pekarek, Rodney L, Holly, Colo., A.B., Pol. Scb, ASC, K-Club, P-to-P, Golf, Intramural Council (pres.), !au Kappa Epsilon- Peril, Jim L, McPherson, A.B., Spanish, Newman Club, German Club (pres.), Spanish Club; Peter, Sally J., Goodland, B.S. in Bus., Sigma Sigma Sigma: PfannenstJel, Cynthia 5., Hays, A.B., Eng., Al- pha Lambda Delta. Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda lota Tau, WLO: PfannenslieL William J., Hays, A.B., PoL Sci. Phelps, Evelyn D., Hays, B.S. in Art, Alpha Gamma Delta, Newman Club; Phillips, Dorothy M., Hanston, B.S. , Math., Math Club, SNEA; Pickering, William L., Hays, A.B., Psych,, Y. Rep., Choral Union: Platt, Mary R., Great Bend, A.8., Sodof., Baptist S, M, (sec,): Poage. Nan L, Almena, B,S + in Educ, Sue Hudson Earns Annual Wooster Scholarship Poage, Myra L, Gorham, B.S. in Educ.: Pool, Eleanor F. r Phiilipsburg, B.M., Music, Fort Hays Singers. Con- cert Choir: Porter, Ronnie D„ St. Francis, A.B.. Eng,; Powell, Janet S., Liberal. B.S, In Home Econ., Pan- hellenlc, ASC (v.-pres,), Alpha Gamma Delta (v.- prti. , ; Pratt, Claudia A., Hays, A.B., French, French Club (pres.) , Newman Club, SNEA, Y. Dem, Preston, James P. Kansas City, Mo., B.S. In Educ., SNEA, Newman Club: Probasco, George E„ Stockton, B.S., Zool. Beta Beta Beta; Pruter, Robert R., Hays, ' B.S. in Ind, Arts; Pywell, Roy D,. Plainvllle, B.S. in Agric.: Q giring, Margaret A., Smith Center, B.S,, Gen, Sci, (Nursing), Phi Kappa Phi, KSSNA, Whg“s Who. Rabenseifner, Bernard A., Olmiti, B.S., Math; Ransom, Clara R„ Hays, A.B., Psych.: Ransom, Robert J., Hays, B.S. in Bus.. Alpha Phi Omega; Reed, Judith J., Oakley ' B.S. in Art. Penguin Cub; Reese, Barbara G., Logan, B,M„ MusiCj Alpha Gamma Delta, Sigma Alpha lota! MENC, Concert Choir, Fort Hays Singers. Renner, Penney L, Oakley, B.S. in Educ. and Art. Delta Zeta Rethford, Gerald L„ Russell, B.S., Math Prome- theans. Baptist S. U. (pres ), I FC ; Revifla, Carlos O, Manhattan, B.S. In Agdc. and Math., Alpha Kappa Lambda. Soccer Club (pres.),; Rexford, Ray A„ Monte- 3uma, B.S. in Ind- Arts, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Hdl. Arts Club- Reynolds, Gordon E., Dodge City, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Psf, Rhodes, Terry L, Garden City, B.S. in Bus.; Rice, Daniel B Osborne, A.B., SocfoL. Jr. Class Pres., Union Board, ASC. Union Addition Comm,, Concert Choir Ridgway, Margaret L, Atwood, B.S. in Educ, Tiger- ettas: Riedel, Arthur R., B.S. in Bus., Alpha Kappa Lambda. Newman Club, Y. Dem; Riffe, Tommy W., Stockton, B.S. in Bus,, fmpromptwos. Glee Club, Men ' s Quartet, Concert Choir. 246 Seniors Ril-Ske Riley, KotfJi L, Dighton, B,S. in Phys. Educ,; Robbins, Jeffrey V,, Atwood, B.S, in Bus., Tau Kappa Epsilon (sec.): Roberts, Blaine, Hays. A.B., Economics, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Leader, IFC (pres,), ASC, Traffic Tribun- al, Y, Rep,, Who’s Who, Phi Kappa Phi: Roberts, C, Larry, WaKeeney, B.S. in Art, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Y. Rep. (v.-pres,), Freshman Class Pres.; Robertson, David V,, Monteiumo, B.S. In ind, Arts. Epsilon Pi Tan. Ind. Arts Club, Y. Rep.. Rodeo Club, Rogg, Darrell W,„ Bunker Hill, B.S. in Bus,; Rogg, Roberta M,, Russell. B.S. in Educ.: Rolfs, Judith K., Lorraine, B.S, in Educ,, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA; Rolph, Jack F., Delphos, B.S. in Agrio., Delta Tau Alpha: Romeiser, Janice K., Bailne, B.S. in Educ., SNEA, Rose, Charlie C., Havlland, B.S, in Bus,, Cross Country, Track, K-Club; Rucker, Robert N,, Burdett. B.S. in Bus,, Sigma Tau Gamma, Alpha Kappa Psi; Ruff, John G., Logan, B.S. in Economics and Bus., Phi Mu Alpha, Bend, Chorus ' Russell, A. Joy, Ellis, B-S. in Educ., Sigma Alpha Iota, SNEA, Band, Orchestra, Dames Club: Rut- ledge, Jim J„ Wellington. B.S. in Bos. Princess Margaret, Lord Snowdon Tour States Ruud, Armirt E., Jamestown, B.S. in Bus., Alpha Phi O- mega (pres,); Ryan, Mary C., Gem, B.S- in Educ.. SNEA, Newman Club; Sadler, James l., Gem, A.B., History, Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Theta (pres.}, 7th Cav., Baptist S-M. (pres.}; Sander, John C, ( Hays, A.B,, Psych,, Basketball; Sanneman, Danny D„ Palmer, B.S. in Agric., Delta Tau Alpha, Rodeo Club. Collegiate 4-H. Sasse, Carolyn J, h Gaylord. B.S, in Home Econ,, Kappa O micron Phi, Home Econ. Club, Lutheran S.A., SNEA; Scanlon, Gayle E., Col Iyer, B.M., Music, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Schaefer, Margaret A. r Qfferle, A.B., Chum., Kappa Mu Epsilon, P-to-P, Sigma Pi Sigma, Gamma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Chem. Club; Schalansky, Joseph A., Kirwin, B.S,, Math, and Bus., Math Club (v. pres.), Newman Club: Schissler, Caro] J., Herndon. B.S. In Bus., Pi Omega Pi (historian), SNEA, Schmidt, Mickey D. t Syracuse, B.S., Biol,, Deseret Club; Schoeni, Eulonda K., Kensington. B.S. in Phys. Educ., Delta Zeta (cor, sec.). Eta Rho Epsilon f WRA, Tiger’s Roar, Furlough Queen, Sweetheart Queen; Schue- ler, Lawrence R r| Hays, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club, MASCQM: Schumaker, Gary E., Clifton, B.S, in Agrio. and Bus,, Newman Club; Schumaker, Sharon L., Clifton, B.S. In Educ., Newman Ciub- Sco+f, Richard W,, Rushville, Mo,. A.B., Speech, 7th Cav,, Pi Kappa Delta, Debate; Sekavec, Glenn 8.. Oakley. B-S,, ZooL, Alpha Kappa Lambda, German Club, Y, Rep.; Shank, Dennis L,, Bison, B.S, In Econ, end Bus.. Y, Dem,; Shepherd, Roger L. ( Russell, B.S. in Bus., Sigma Phi Epsilon (pres.), IFC; Shields, Jerry C., Lebanon, B.S, in Bus. Shogren, Richard E., Assyria, B.S. in I nd r Arts, Basket- ball; Sidener, Ronald L„ Ada, A.B., Eng.. Sigma Tau Gamma (v.-pres, ); Stllin, Judith A„ Hudson, B.M., Music, Concert Choir, Am, Guild of Organists, Band, Sigma Alpha lota (v.-pres.); Sinclair, Mary F-, Hays, B.S, in Art: Skelton, Larry N., Lamed, B.S. in Ind, Arts, Ind. Arts Club, SNEA, Epsilon Pi Tau, 247 Seniors Smi-Utz Smith, Diane M. f Springfield, Va., A. EL Eng., Sigma Kappa, Pi Kappa Delta, Stu. Ct. (assoc, justice)., PanheNenic, Newman CJub, Union Music Comm,: Smith, Dixie L, BueltJi n, B.S., Math.: Smith, Lowell R«, Clyde, B.S,, Math,, Cross Country, Track, K-Oub: Smith, Marsha F., Hays, B.S, in Home Econ,, Kappa Omicron Phi, SNEA, Home Econ. Club: Smith, Ralph A., Wichita, A. EL Psych.. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Newman Club [v,- pres.). Smith, Sara A. f Garden City, A.B., Eng., Sigma Sigma Sigma, WLQ, SNEA, Who ' s Who. Phi Kappa Phi: Spicer, James W„ Phillipsburg ELS., filol., Alpha Kappa Lambda. Beta Beta Beta, Lutheran S.A.: Sprenke!, Thom- as E, Qu ' nter. A.0., Speech, Sigma Tan Gamma: Sramek, Sharon J., McDonald, B.S. 3n Bus, end Econ., Newman Club, Nurses Club, Reveille: Staab. Donald B,, Hays, B,S- in Bus., Newman Club. Y. Rep. Stanberry, Ann C., Hays, B.S., Gen. ScL (Nursing), Nurses Club; Stauth, Randy M., Dodge City, B.S. in Bus.; Staven, Brute L., Hays, B,M„ Music, Phi Mu Alpha : Steele, George W., Saline, B.S, in Jnd. Arts, Ind, Arts Club, Epsilon Pi Tau; Steinert, Lloyd O,, Russell, B.S., Geology, Stevens, Frank D„ Hoisington, B,S., Biol.; Stout, Joyce Y„ Prlneville, Ore., A.B., Eng,; Stranathan, Joyce I., Elhs, B.S, in Educ.. Sigma Sigma Sigma, French Club, PanheNenic (v.-pres,), SNEA; Strouse, Barbara £., AsE land A.B. Psych., German Club: St rouse, Beverly J,, Bafcine. A.B., Eng. SNEA, Gamma Delta. Tammy Weigel Wins Homecoming Queen Title Summers, Delore A„ Kendall. B.S. In Educ.; Sutphen, George H., Plalnville, B.S., ZoqI.; Tapphorn, Ralph M,, Grlnnell, B.S., Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma (pres.), Phi Kap. pa Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon; Tart, Sung Yong, Yung un- Dong. Pusan Korea, A.B., Chem.. Chem Club; Teeter, Anne M,, Oakley, B.S. in Phys. Educ., Sigma Kappa. Temple, Loyal C.. Norcatur. B.S, in Bus,: Thaete, Garry C. Downs, B.S. In Bus., .Delta Sigma Phi (trees.), P-to-P, Gamma Delta; Thomas. John K,, Woodston, B.5„ Geology. Alpha Kappa Lambda. Sigma Pi Sigma; Thomp- son, Gary M,. Elkhart. A.B,. Speech, Alpha Kappa Lambda. Leader, KEHS (mgr., continuity dir., news dir.], Gymnastics, Y, Dem.- Thornburg, Alan L., Alton, B,S., Math,. Phi Sigma Epsilon (pres.), Kappa Mu Ep- silon. Thyfault, Harlan A, Darner, Pro-veterinary; Todd, Caro- Jyn K., Oberlln, A.B., Speech and Educ.. Sigma Alpha Eta (pres.), WLO. SNEA Tomrdle, Susan K„ Hays B.S. m Educ., SNEA, Baptist S.M, UCCF: Toole, Terry L, Hugoton, B.S, in Bus,, Sigma Tau Gamma, Alpha Kappa Psi; Tuttle, Donald E., Lucas. B.S, in Bus. Unger, Roy £.. Oberlin, B.S, in Phys. Educ. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Unrein, Judith A.. Hays. B.S. in Educ.; Unruh, Eileen J., Pawnee Rock, B.S, In Art, Alpha Lambda Delta SPURS, Home Econ. Club. Concert Band. Orchestra; Urban, Dorothy A„ BrooWille, B.S. in Home Econ Kappa Omicron Phi (v. pres.), Newman Club, SNEA Home Econ, dub; Utz, Judith A., Kingman, B.S. [ n Home Econ,, DefM Zete. 248 Seniors Van-Zit VanLeeuwen, Felix F, t St. Paul, B.S,, Math.. SHEA. Kappa Mu Epsifon, Sigma Pi Sigma, Newman Club: Vratil, Ronald 0., Radium. B.S. in Bus.. Alpha Kappa P i (v.-pres.); Vrbas, Dennis L, Atwood. B.$, f Math.. Phi Sigma Epsifon (treas,), Kappa Mu Epsilon, Newman Club. Y. Demo.; Wegner, David, Great Bend, Phys. Educ., SNEA, Y. Rep.- Waldman, Donna M., Park, B.S. in Art, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Newman Club. Walker, CUrassa EL. Lamar. Colo., B.S. in Edue,, P-to-P SHEA, WRA, Union Prog. Council; Walker,, Sharen K., Englewood, A.B., Eng. and Spanish; Walters, Lucida A,, Hays, B.S, in Educ,, L, Theater, Newman Club (sec.), SNEA; Weber, Richard J.. Ellis, A.B,, Psych., Track: Weigel, M, Jane, Hoisington, A.B.. Eng., Sigma Sig- ma Sigma. Leader. Orchesis, Newman Club, Union Dance Comm, Weigel, Tamra D.. Oakley. B,5- in Educ.. Delta Zeta. SNEA, Newman Club, Homecoming Queen, Cheerleader: Wells, George L, Roiel, B.S. in Bus.- Westpha!, Danny M., Isabel, A.B., History and Gen, Sci,, Sigma Phi Epsilon,- 7th Cav, ( historian]!. Chem, Club (sec.]. Phi Alpha Theta, Y, Rep.; Weyerts, Dale, Lodgepole, Neb., B.S. in Bus., Bus. and Econ, Club; Wherry, Mary A,, Dqrrance, B.S, in Educ., Alpha Lambda Delta, WLQ (v.-pres.), P ' to-Pi Phi Kappa Phi, CYR, SNEA. White, John R., Heafy, B.S. in Hid, Arts, Ind. Arts Club, Epsilon Pi Tau; Wiedien, Walter A., Wilson, B.S. in Ind, Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau. Ind, Arts Club (v.-pres.), Lutheran S.A.; Wiedeman, Delbert E., WaKeeney, B.S. in Agric., German Club Veterans Club (v.-pres.); Wilkens, Bruce E., Scott Cith, B.S. In Agric., Sigma Tau Gamma; Wilkerson, Thomas A., Farmington, Mo., B.S,. Math., Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Mu Epsiton, Phi Alpha Theta. Gemini 8 Nabs Space First With Agena Link-Up Williams, Rodney S., Plainville, A,B,, Pol. Sci., K-Club, Track; Wilson, Ann L., Goodiand, B.S. in Educ.; Wilson. Douglas D., Edmond, B.S,, Math.; Wilson, Jack S,. Good- land, A.B-, Art, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Leader. Wilson, Marilynn, Great Bend, B.S-, Math., Kappa Mu Epsilon (pres. | , ASC, Math Club, Newman Club, AWS ( Board of Standards); Wind hok. Oren M,, Hays, B-S. in Bus,, Newman Club; Wi+wer, Wayne, Abilene, B.S, in Bus., Delta Sigma Phi. Irnpromptwos; Wolfe, Randall D., Norton. B.S,. Math, 7th Cav., SNEA (v.- pres.) , Wolte, Richard D-, Norton, B.S., Math., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Football: Worley, Steve D., Clay Center, B.S, in Ind, Arts, Football: Wright. Patty J., McPherson, B.S. in Educ,, SNEA, Orthesis. Union Dance Comm., Dames Club, Y, Demo,: Young, LaVefda L., Lakin, B.M., Music. Choral Union, Collegiate Choir. Yow, Stephen Mok, Hong Kong, China. A.B,, Cbem., IRC (v.-pres.) . Soccer Club; Zimbelman, Eldon K., St. Fran- cis. B.S. in Ind, Arts, Ind. Arts Club; Zimmer. Max P.. Downs, B.S,, Gen, Sd., Alpha Kappa Lambda, Newman Club; ZitnSk, Joseph M., Leoti, A.B,, History,, Canterbury Club 249 Underclassmen Abd-And Abdulla, Mohamed A,, Aden, Yemen, junior: Abels, Eloyee J,, Clay Center freshmen; A- bendshion, Kenneth P . Tvron freshman; Abies. Tracy A., Maple Hill freshman; Abram, Robert L., Jewell freshmen: Ache- son, Delbert W., Morland freshman. Adams, Charles E. r Colby junior: Adams. Dennis M.. Colby junior; Adams, Diane R. Great Bend freshman; Adams, Donne J. Dodge City sophomore; Adams, James A,, Greet Bend sophomore; Adams, Jane L, Prairie Village freshman. Adams, Joseph J., Atwood freshman; Adams, Larry L, Hofsingfon junior; Adams, Marlene L. t Cull iso n junior; Adams, Norma J,, Dodge City sophomore; Adams, Ray D,. Dodge City junior; Aday, Dave, Wellington sopho- more. Adkins, Gene P., Glasco freshman; Adkins, Nicholas R., Glasco sophomore; Agnew, David T., Selina junior: Ahfstedt, Roger M,, Salina freshman; Ahjvers, Rodney L-, Glen Elder freshman: Ahrens, Judy L,, Pratt sopho- more. Fall Enrollment Reaches All-Time High of 4,778 Afcagl, Wayne K.„ Ulysses freshman; Albers, Albert L. Ransom freshman; Albers, Ken- neth W,, Chapmen sophomore: Albin. Mick- ey M., Quin+er freshman; Albright, Kay F., Ellsworfh sophomore: Albright, Stephen B., Pretty Prairie junior. Alcorn, Marion E., Concordia junior; Alex- ander, Birdie L., Cold water freshman; Alex- ander, Clifford G,, ' Safanta sophomore; Allen, Kenneth V., Lebanon freshman; Allen, Larry E.. Hygoton junior; Allen, Martha A-, Concordia freshman. Allen, Ralph E., Ploinville fresh man; Allen. R. Edward, Great Bend funior; Allen, Sandra L, Jetmore freshman; Alien, Warren D,, Ellis freshman; Allison, Curtis E., Safanta freshman; Alloway, Sharon K, Ellis freshman. Alspaw, Pamela K,, Hays sophomore; Amer- inc. Clyde D., Great Bend freshman; Amer- Ine, Glen B.. Great Bend sophomore; Amer- ine, Linda Satanta junior; Amos, Dianne L., Good land sophomore; Anderson, Cheri A., Russell freshman. 250 Underclassmen And-Arn Discussing issues at a student council meeting are freshman class officers Jay Rowh, vice-president, and Randy Larsen, president. Construction on New Library Gets Underway Anderson,. Danny W,, Great Bend sopho ' more; Anderson, Dorothy Great Bend freshman- Anderson, Pamela R,, Hays sopho- more; Anderson, Susan E., Woodston sopho- more: And r egg. Fred W.. Hoxie sophomore: Angel, Janette M., Paradise sophomore. Anglin, Judy M„ Gove junior; Anissy, Nasser, Tehran, Iran, junior; Appel, Denise M.. Rus- sell freshman: Applegate, George L,. Utica freshman; Archer, James B., Logan fresh- man; Archer, Philip S,. Russell junior. Archer, Wayne L., Logan junior: Archibald, Peggy A., Norton freshman; Arensman, Lar- ry A-, Kinsley freshman; Argo, Thomas L., Vliefs sophomore; Arias, Elsa, Colombia. S-A. sophomore; Armbruster, Paul C„ Ellis sophomore. Armstrong, Joe W., Goodland freshman; Armstrong, Tonya L, Goodland junior; Ar- neson, Harvey J,, Red Cloud, Neb., junior; Arm hold, Donald L,. Hays freshman; Arnhold. Roselyn K., Russell freshman; Arnold, David M,, Lamed sophomore. Underclassmen Arp-Bar Arpin, Harold J., Hays [union Arthaud, Gary L., McPherson freshman; Arti, Kan neth D., Pbillipsburg freshman; Ary, Ronald K„ Lewis freshman; Ary, VickE J-, Lewis sophomore: Aschenbrenner, Gerald L,, Colby junior, Aschenbrenner, Stephen A., Brewster junior; Ashworth, Dedria A., Lamed junior; Ash- worth, Robert A,, Lamed junior; Augustine Gerald F„ Lenora sophomore; Augustine, Richard, Ellis freshman; Ault, Connie R,, Hays freshman, Aust. Nancy J., Palco sophomore; Austin. Eric L, Cawker. City sophomore; Avery, Ca- thy A., Lamed freshman; Avis, Linda J., Kanopolis freshman; Axelson, Alice L,, Na- toma freshman; Ayers, Pamela E,, Wichita freshman. Aiii, Moussa, Tehran, Iran, junior; Saalman, Lyle F-, Oakley freshman- Bachar, Pauline K.. Russell freshman; Bahr, Stephanie J., Wichita freshman; Baier, Dan E-, Abilene junior; Baler. Nancy L,_ Abilene junior. Bailey, Carol A., St. John freshman; Bailey, Thurman L,, Dodge City sophomore - Bainter, Lyman N-, Jennings freshman; Baker. Eileen R., Wilson sophomore; Baker, Kenneth B,. Clay Center junior; Baker, Zarve S., Culli- son freshman. FHS Gets $100,360 for Two Summer Institutes Baldwin, John 8.. St. Thomas Ontario, Canada freshman; Baldwin. Marvin R., Zurich fresh- man; B-allflh, Jack G., Tribune freshman; Ballard, Robert A,. Stockton freshman; Bal- lard, Rodney D,, Delphos junior; Batloun, Peggy L., Liberal freshman. Bane, Randy P., Rolla freshman; Bangert, Den- nis, Russell junior: Bangs, Constance M., Lib- eral freshman- Banks, Sue A., Liberal soph- omore; Barber, Robert L., Zurich sophomore; Barker. Nerval K-, pointer junior. Barker, Roger L, Salina freshman; Barker, William F., Clay Center freshman: Barlow, Melva J., Hays junior; Barnett, Carol L„, Na- toma junior; Barnett, Janet G,, Garden City freshman; Barnett, Ralph W., Gem junior. 252 Underclassmen Bar-Bel Barr, Marita J., Hoxie junior: Barr, William D., Freedom, Okla., sophomore; Barrows, Charles W.. Ness City sophomore; Barstow, Neil 8., Johnson freshmen; Barta, Roger L, Plainville junior; Barta, Terry L, Lucas freshman. Bartholomew. John A., Medicine Lodge fresh- man; Bartley, Lois J., Esbon sophomore; Basgalf, Kenneth E. , Bison sophomore; Bash- ford, Jerilyn S., Morland freshmar; Bates, Arthur 1 , Lenore freshman; Battin, John H., Ulysses junior. Bauer, Carol E.. Culbertson, Nebr;, sopho- more; Bauer, David A., Clay Center junior; Bauer, Edward P-, Burdett sophomore; Bauer, Judy J., Great Bend sophomore; Baughman, Ron D,, Hutchinson freshman; Baxter, James D., Hays sophomore. Baxter, Randall W., Stockton sophomore; Beach, Curtis L., Kensington freshman; Beals, Janalee E,, Dodge City sophomore; Beam, Gloria S,, Luray sophomore; Bean, Dennis D., Phillipsburg junior- Bechard, Con- nie Great Bend freshman. Bcchard, Robert D,. Hays junior; Beck, Kay E., Plevna junior- Beck. Martha J.; Hoising- ton sophomore: Becker, Arthur W,, Good- land junior; Becker, Clifford R.,, Goodland freshman; Becker, Janet J.. Russell sopho- more. India, Pakistan Exchange Blows Over Kashmir Beokloy, Beverly L,, Scott City freshman; Beckley, Glen E.„ Osborne freshman: Bed ore, Martha L., Stockton sophomore; Beeler, Ann E., Beloit " junior; Beer, Onalee E,. Lerned freshman ; Beery, Benson L., Cimarron fresh- man. Beeson, Linda J., Bird City freshman; Befort, Ernest F. t Lebanon freshman; Befort, James I., Hays sophomore; Befort, Janice M. H Hays junior; Befort, Richard D., Denver, Colo., sophomore: Befort, Sharon L., Hays fresh- man. Befort, Thomas T., Hays sophomore; Befort, William D„ Hays freshman; Begnoche, Gary M., Miltonvale junior; Bellman, David R.. Hays sophomore; Bcims. Patricia J., Atwood freshman; Bell. Donald G., Liberal junior. 253 Underclassmen Bel-Bla BeH, Sjry E., Hays Junior; Benda, Christine L, Colby sophomore " Bender, Diana L., Russell freshman: Bcnisch, Francis A-, Shar- on Springs freshman: Bennett, Anita FL. Sterling [union Bennett, David L., Wa Keeney freshman. Bennett, Marvin L„ Abilene sophomore; Bennett, Ronnie M., Ellsworth freshman: Be- rens r Phyllis D., Hays Junior; Berg. James H., Lawrence sophomore; Berger, Ronald D., Bucklm sophomore; Bergling, Peggy J., Ludeil freshman. Bergman, Betty R., Lebanon freshman; Berg- man, John C-, Lebanon freshman; Bergmann, Robert J„ Beloit Junior; Borland, Susan F.. Daman freshman: Bern beck, Donna L, Quin- fer freshman; Berry, Daryl L., Bunker Hill sophomore. Berry, Stuart M., Russell sophomore; Ber- scheidt, Jayne A., Belpre freshman: Best- gon, James H., Manhattan junior; Bctfaeh, Yvonne M. H Marien+haf junior; Bettenbrod, Ann M., Holyrood freshman; Beyer, Linda M + , Belleville Junior, Beymer, Gary C., La kin sophomore; Biays, El Jen M„ Hays sophomore; Bieber, James H. h Colby sophomore; Bieber, Marcia A., Almcna freshman; Bieber, Richard A., Bison freshman; Bieherly, John S,, Manhattan sopho- more. Bieborly, Victoria M., Wellington junior; Biefcer, Alice J., Hays freshman; Bieker t Fran- cis C,, Hays junior; Biefcer, Kenneth L,, Hays freshman; Biggs, Tonya R., Phillipsburg fresh- man; Billinger, Alan L, Hays Junior, Billinger, Larry V., Victoria freshman; Bill- inger, Thomas W,, Hays Junior: Binder, E- laine M., Hays sophomore; Binder, Ernest J-. Hays freshman; Blngesser, Jo Ann, Cawker City freshman; Birdsell, Jackie D., Jewell sophomore. Bird sell, Steve B-. Ellis freshman; BEttel, Ste- ven G,. Ellis freshman; Bitter, Jerry L., Otis sophomore; Blackburn, Johnnie W,. Hugoton Junior; Blackburn, Robert L-, leaf! sopho- more; Blackwood, Charles R., Belle- ville freshman. Blackwood, Paula L,. Belleville sophomore; Blackwood, Sherrie M,. Goodland Junior; Blair, Connie J,, Mankato sophomore; Blend- ing, Bobbie F., Beloit sophomore; Blau, Douglas D., Brewster freshman; Blauer, Jack 0., Stockton sophomore. 254 Underclassmen Bla-Bra J ' TX I % J 1 0 1 i £ ' v j i v § Ik y 1 y ink Btazelr, Donald L., Claffin sophomore; Blo- cks ' Stephen V.„ Woodston freshman; Blew, Ellis D., Ford junior: Block. Pauline L, p Gar- den City junior; Blodgett, Scott H., Russell freshman: Bloomer, James W.„ Smith Center junior. Blount, Richard T,. Coldwater sophomore: Boa tten hammer, Linda L, Great Bend fresh- man; Boedeker, Alvin E., N a tom a sopho- more; Boedeker,, Elaine M., Natoma sopho- more- Baedeker, Ruby E,, Osborne freshman; Boebme, William D-, Goodland sophomore. Boehner, Ernest D., Glen Elder sophomore; Bogart, Helen L., Salina freshman; Bogart, Loren E-, Salina freshman; Boger, Terry J.„ Dodge City junior- Bohm, Arlene M„ Athol freshman; Bohm, Donald G„ Clifton junior. Sohm. Michael J r , Beloit junior; Boland, Shar- pen K. t Almena freshman; Boiler, Gail E,, Natoma freshman; Bollig, Reatha M„ Ellis freshman; Boljig, Rudy A., EIKt sophomore; Bollfg, William J., Hays junior. Borne n, Lii A., Belpre freshman; Bowman, Nancy E., Republic sophomore: Bomgardner, Calone B., Hill City freshman; Bondy, Ray C., Salina freshman; Bongartz, Lynda L, Ellis sophomore: Bongo, Frederic f Popskabaka, Congo, junior. Kansas’ Debbie Bryant Reigns as Miss America Bonneau, Donald L., Glasto sophomore;, Helen E., Glasco freshman; Bon- nerfin, Barbara X, Dodge City sophomore; Boor, Leon X, Hoxie sophomore; Boor, Ray B., Liberal junior; Booth, James P,, Cold- water freshman. Borgmann, Lonnie B, r Goodland junior; Borth, Perry ML, Englewood junior; Borth- wlclt, Mary H., Beeler freshman; Bose, Karla K., Cedar freshman; Bouchey, Marilyn K-, Pal co sophomore: Bowersox, Stephen R. p Meade junior Bowsky, Roger E., Great Bend freshman; Boyce, Sandra J., Jetmore freshman; Boyd, James B., Stockton freshman; Boyer, Roger A„ Kinsley sophomore; Brack, Dennis W., Nekoma sophomore: Brack. Ned N., Great Bend freshman. 255 Underclassmen Bra-Bru Bract, Sheryl A., Albert freshman; Brainard r Riclc L, Colby junior; Brandenburg, Bennie C, Hays junior; Brandt, Sheri A,, Amarillo, Tex., junior; Brann, Randall Great Bend freshman; Bra tier, Freda ft., Neltoma junior. Braun, James L, Victoria freshman- Bray, Carol A., Miltonvale junior; Bray, David, Glasoo junior; Bray, Sharon L, Miltonvale freshman; Bray, Vivian J. h Great Bend fresh- man; Breeden, Dennis L., Hays sophomore. Bremser, Katherine R., Colby freshman; Bren- ner, Harold M., Wichita sophomore; Brent, Edward E., Alton freshman; B remit afar, Di- ane M., Ph ' llipsburg freshman; Bretton, Dar- rell D., Glade freshman; Brewer, Michael P,, Ulysses freshman. Brfokey, Mildred I., Arkansas City junior; Briery, Pamela A., Hoxie freshman; Briggs, Alan J,, Beatrice, Neb., sophomore: Briggs, Joe F., Dodge City freshman; Brin. Larry J., Plainvflle freshman; Brindle, Catherine L., Fredonia junior. Broach, Doris W,, Hays sophomore; Brock, Norma J., Cawker City freshman: Brockel, Donald J. ( Hotsington junior; Brockel, Ruth A. f Hoisington freshman; Broeckelman, Jud- ith C., Grjnnell junior; Brooks, Barton W,, Clayton - freshman. Soccer Enthusiasts Organize Club on Campus Brooks, Bettie J, h Ellsworth junior; Brooks, Darrel! R., Lindsborg junior: Brooks, John M„ Norton freshman; Brooks, Loel A., Hays freshman; Brooks, Michael M,, PlainvIlUe sophomore; Brown, Clair W,, Brewster fresh- man. Brown, Darwin W., Great Bend junior : Brown, Gerald A,, Hays junior; Brown, James L., Brewster freshman; Brown, J aneen, Liberal junior; Brown, Janis A,, Oberfin junior; Brown, Karen E + , Gorham sophomore. Brown, Mike S., Hoisington freshman; Bru- baker, Marilyn R„ Bird City fresh man ; Brull, Randolph f%, Hays sophomore; Bru- mdt, James E., Hays junior ; Bruner, Nancy J„ Kismet freshman: Brungardt. Earl J., Hays sophomore. 256 Underclassmen Bru-Can Brungardt, Fred J,,. Hays sophomore ; Brun- g rdf, James F,, Hays junior; Brunk, Bar bara J , Hill City freshman; Bruns, Sandra K., Liberal junior: Brunson, Rodney, Stockton freshman; Bryant, Janet E., Roiel sopho- more „ Buchanan, Kay D., Healy freshman; Such holster, Wanda M. p Hays freshman: Bullock, Thomas M., Jetmore junior; Bunker, Gerald R,, LaCrosse junior; Bunselmeyer, Keith W. t Hudson sophomore; Burd, Richard R., Con- cordia freshman. Burgardt, Lee Ann, Hays freshman; Burg- er, Mary L. Sylvan Grove freshman; Burgess, John V., Scott City freshman; Burke, Vicki L., Greensburg sophomore: Burkle, Patricia I., Gypsum freshman; Burleigh, Mary E., Simpson freshman. Burley. John M„ Smith Center sophomore; Burns, James B., Clayton freshman; Burton, Victor J-, Spearvllle junior; Busch, Robert G-i Russell freshman; Buser, Gabriel J., Caw- Iter City junior; Bushnell, Sheryl 5+ P Phillips- burg freshman. Butler, Ralph W., Hays freshman; Butt, Mo- hammad $., Hays freshman; Button, Thomas H., Roiel sophomore; Byram, Stephen B. r Olathe freshman; Cahoj, Fred M., McDonald freshman; Cain, Marvin L,, Palco junior. Cain, Thomas M., Belpre sophomore; Call, Thomas J., Hays sophomore: Callaway, Pan- sy B., Protection freshman; Campbell, Douglas P,, Valley Center freshman; Cand- ler, John B„ Johnstown, Penn., freshman; Canfield, Sharon L, Satanta junior. Established to incorporate the growing group of foreign soccer dub. composed of players from the United States students into sports activity and to popularise soccer among college students, the newly formed FHS and 10 foreign countries, engaged in competition with other colleges and universities. 257 Underclassmen Can-CIa Cannon Michael P., WaKeengy sophomore; Capps, Donna E. Hoisington freshman; Capps Pamela G„ Philhpsburg sophomore: Carley, Lois J +1 Hays junior; Carlisle, E, Clair, Coldwater junior; Carlson, James A., Oberlin sophomore. Carlson, Jennie L-, Russell freshman; Carl- son, Pam D,, Garfield freshman; Carlson, Shelly T., Formoso junior; Carmicheal, John B., Stockton freshman ; Carpenter Glennis L. r Goodbnd junior; Carpenter, Gloria J, p Scot City freshman Carpenter, Melvin G., Levant junior; Car- penter, Robert L,, Levant freshman; Car ' roll. John W,. Phillipsburg sophomore; Cars- well, Terry R., Selden freshman; Carter, Kenneth R., St, John sophomore; Car+er Lawrence W., Jennings freshman. Carter, Nancy L„, Stockton freshman; Cart- wright, Glen R„ Saline freshman; Casey, Jo- leen K., Natoma junior; Casey, Patrick J„ Ellinwood sophomore; Casteel Steve M. Kensington freshman; Cates, Jerry G,„ Smith Center sophomore. United States Intensifies Viet Nam War Effort hA Chaffin, Betty I., MorJend sophomore- Chaf- fin, Robert G., Woodstor sophomore; Chaf- rian, Bijan J. p Tehran, Iran, sophomore; Chain, Bill Q. Ellinwood freshman; Chand- ler, Leo F., Smith Center junior Chandler, Sheryl S., Almena freshman. Channell, Linda L. Honie sophomore; Chap- man Loren W,, Ellis freshman- Charlton. Ronald W. r St. Thomas. Ontario, freshman; Chehrenegar. Khosrow, Shirai. Iran, sopho- more; Cheney, Larry D., Vesper freshman; Cheney, Kent L., Woods+on freshman. Childers, Patricia A., Bird City freshman; ChJemsky. Judy K,, Hays freshman; Chlum- sky, Michael L- r Rush Center freshman; Christensen, Deiwin W., Phfllfpsburg sopho- more; Christensen William L. Concordia freshman; Christenson, Wayne D., Concordia junior. Chung, Sung H„ Sharon Springs freshmar; Cfrurgiao, Maria J., Hays sophomore; Claas- sen, Bev A., Newton junior; Claassen, Wayne Richfield freshman ■ Clark, April fC, Hill City junior: Clark, Kathleen R., Barnard sophomore. 258 Underclassmen Cla-Cor Clark, Nelda l-r Great Bend freshman; Claris Valla S, r Salina freshman; Clarkin, Michael J . Greensburg, junior: Claudel, Paul L, Oakley freshman: Claussen, Thomas W., Sa- line sophomore; Claycamp p Karren E,, Wes- kan sophomore. Clements, Joseph E., Dodge City sopho- more; Cleveland, Terry L, Garden City soph- omore; Clevenger, Darrell W., Wa Keeney freshman; Cline, Rex O., Hays sophomore; ClinStenbeard, Richard A., Colby freshman; Close, Cherry L, Hays junior Cloutman, Donald G, r Minneola sophomore: Coady, Mary A., Russell freshman; Cobb, Charles, Gorham junior: Ccddlngton. Cecilia A., Palto freshman; Cody, Connie E., Oberlin junior; Cofer, Virginia M-, Ransom; freshman. Cohen, Richard B,„ Dodge City junior; Cohen, Vicki S., Dodge City freshman: Cole, Arthur T., Liberal junior; Cole. Douglas L., Great Bend freshman: Colglaiier, Rebecca J., Monument freshman; Colglailer, Ronald E,, Monument junior. College Men Feel Breeze as Draft Calls Soar Colton, Fern L, Hays freshman; Comeau, Perry J,, Plainville sophomore; Conant, Charles D,, Atwood junior; Conard, Susan K-, Almena sophomore; Condra, Gerald D., Montezuma junior; Conger, Grant W., Woodston sophomore. Conn, Martha J. r Stockton sophomore; Con- nor, Katha J., Co I Iyer freshman; Constable, Steve K., Minneapolis sophomore; Converse, Betty K,. Pawnee Rock junior Cook, David L., Hays junior; Cook, Kenneth J.. Hays freshman. Cook, Larry E, r Gove freshman; Cook, Wanda L.. Hays sophomore; Cooper. David M., Bettendorf, Iowa, junior; Cooper, Eliia- both A., Hoxle sophomore: Cooper, Rex G., Hoxie freshman; Coover, Kenneth W +1 Kins- ley freshman. Copp, Diane M,, Gorham freshman: Cordel, David C., Tipton freshman; Corder. Craig D., Selden sophomore; Corder, Michael A., SeL den sophomore; Corry, Beth A., Great Bend freshman; Cory, Kathleen A-, Concordia fresh- man. 259 Underclassmen Cot-Dav Cott, 5u, Hays freshman; Coupaf, Mona R., Hays sophomore; CousUnd. Craig R.. Liberal sophomore; Cowan, Eloiss A., Clyde fresh- man; Cowgill, Laurel E., Garden City junior: Crabtrey, Marilyn S., Chase junior. Craig, Donald L., Baiine sophomore; Craig, Jim H. ( Concordia freshman; Cramer, Ron L, Alrnena freshman; Crane, Jerry N., Great Bend sophomore; Cranston, Steve C., Mess City freshman; Craven, Richard L, Russell junior. Crawford, Donna M.. Lincoln freshman; Crayton, Thomas D., Concordia freshman; Creathbaum, Pat R., Liberal freshman; Cress, Joe W., Goodland junior: Cress, Linda J.. Morton fursfor; Crist. Haiel M,, Hofcomb freshman. Crist, Judith J., Ellis sophomore: Criswell, Janice G., Hill City freshman; Cronin, Jon K., PierceviJIe junior; Cross, Harry L„ Plainville freshman; Crowe, Ron E., Coldwater fresh- man; Cummings, Charles L. Morland junior; Cunningham, Gerald R., Hutchinson soph- omore; Cunningham, Marianne, Hays soph- omore; Currier, Fred P., Selina freshman; Curtis,, Janice K., St. John junior; Cusiclt, Connie L., Mmneolo junior; Daise, Gerald W., Goodland sophomore. Parking Tight; Sophs, Frosh Denied Permits Dale, Richard H,, Scott City, junior; Dab rymple, Cynthia R., Wichita freshman; Dan- iel, Martha J., Pafmer, Alaska, sophomore; Danner. Jean K-, Abilene sophomore- Dan- se!, Rhode J.. Jetmore junior; Darst, Ron L., Butldin junior. Davidson, Aden C,. Great Bend fresh- man; Davidson, Homer M., Sim pson fresh- man; Davidson, Lynann J.„ Claflin fresh- man; Davidson, Tom D,, LaCrosse freshman; Davignon, Ronnie G., Hill City freshman; Davila, Sara, Great Bend freshman. Davis, Carol 5., Russell freshman; Davis, Cathy 5., Hoisington freshman; Davis, Cedi G.. Russell junior; Davis, Charles, Libera! freshman; Davis, Dona J. Deerfield sopho- more; Davis, Jamas T . Liberal junior. 260 Underclassmen Dav-Die Davis, Janis L., Russell sophomore: Davis, Jerald L., Grants, N. M., junior; Davis, Johnny J. H Hugoton junior: Davis, Lewis E.„ Lakh junior; Dawes, Marilyn J., Morland junior; Dawkins, Donna 1C. Bucklin -freshman. Dean, Gary W., Hutchinson junior: Dean, Vergie D., Great Bend sophomore: Deaf- rich, Geneva J., WaKeeney sophomore: De- Bey, Gary G, r Cawker City freshman; De- chant, Jerald F,, Hays sophomore: Dechant, Marietta. Selina junior. Deeds. Rove G . Edson freshman; De Forest. Elbert L, Wichita sophomore; DeGermo, Larry R., RoNa sophomore; DeGarmo, Rodger C., Befpre junior; Degenherdt, Glen R., Bison freshman; Degas, Virgil L,, Grainfield jun- ior. Deibert. Edwin B,. Esbon freshman; Deines, Dan S . Wa Keeney freshman; Deines, Ernest J., WaKeeney sophomore; Deines, Hubert D., WaKeeney freshman; Deines. James A.. WaKeeney junior; Deines, Jan L, f WaKeeney sophomore. Delaney. Robert R.. Alton junior; Delay, Mimi, Oakley junior; Dempsey, John R.. Jew- ell junior; Dempsey, Wayne R. t Montrose sophomore; Denk, Annette L . Hays junior; Dennett, Rita K., Palco freshman. 1965 National Economy Hits All-Time High Denning, Arfene F., Russell freshman- Den- ning, Larry W., Ellis sophomore; Denning, Russell A-, Salina junior; Dennis, David T., Greet Bend sophomore; Denny, Charles A., Colby junior; Depe, Janet L., Page City sophomore. Depperschmidt, Darrell L, Park freshman; Depperschmidt, Ken, Park junior; Depper- scbmidt, Lester E,, Park freshman; Desairo, Arlinda J., Stockton freshman; Deutsch, Duane L.. Hofsington junior: Deutsch, Steve J., Ellis sophomore. DeVore, Kathleen A,, Russell freshman; Cen- ter, Kris K.„ Hanau, Germany, freshman: Dey, Robert H., Newton freshman; Dibfe, David J,, Retford freshman; Dickey, Linda L., Hays freshman; Diehl, Rebecca S., Dodge City junior. 26 Underclassmen Die-Dun Dietx, Diana K., Russell sophomore: Dietr, Raydene G„ Colfyer freshman; Dietr, Rich- ard £., Lebanon freshman; Dietz, Vickt I,, WaKeeney freshman- Dillon, Michael, Glasco sophomore: Dimitt, Robert V., Syracuse freshman. Dinltol, Carol J., ENfs freshman; Dinkel, Darreil F., Victoria sophomore: Dinkel, Ellen M., Bison freshman; Dinkel, Gary P., Vic- toria junior; Dinkel. James A., Victoria sopho- more; Dinkel, Patricia A,, Victoria sopho- more. Dirks, Brenda S., ENis sophomore; Dirks John M., LudeN sophomore: Dirks, Norvln L., Leoti fumor; Divel, Larry R., Jewell freshman; Diton, Sharon E., Jetmore junior; Daane, Walter B., Downs junior. Dodd, Frank P., Manhattan junior; DoggeB, Christine P-,, Hopewell freshman; Dolechek, Larry J„ Wilson freshman; Donahey, Linda O., Logan sophomore; Donahey, Lorene L„ Logon junior; Donart, Jolene K,, Lamar. Colo., sophomore. Donart, Marilyn S., Lamar, Colo., freshman; Donee ker, James M., Healy freshman; Don- ovan, Dart N., Tribune freshman; Donto, Amadulfah, Lhasa, Tibet, junior; Dortland, Kathalie A,, Gorham junior; Dougherty, Dale. Ellinwood freshman. Dowden, Christopher J,, Ulysses freshman; Downs, Michael K., Scott City . junior; Doyle, Cheryl A,, Leoti freshman; Drach, Tearel, Hudson sophomore: Dreher, Marion F„ Hays sophomore; Dreilirtg, Dennis J., Hays fresh- man. Dreiling, Dorian D., Walker freshman; Droll- ing, Gerald G-, Plain vil le junior; Duelling, Joanne, Gorham sophomore; Dreijing, Kath- leen A,, Hays sophomore; Dreifing, Margar- et F., Mode freshman; Dreijing, Shirley A., Shawnee Mission sophomore. Drescher, Charlotte A., Great Bend soph- omore; Drescher, Mary T-, Great Bend fresh- man; Driscoll, Joy L., Russell freshman; Dros- selmeyer, Wesley L,, Kingman freshman; Droste, Karen K,, Spearvifle junior; Dryden, Dennis K., Phiilipsburg freshman. DuBols, Lao J., Newton junior; Dudrey. Da- vid L ( Kismet sophomore; Duel!, Dorothy A., Rulefon freshman; Dumfer, Cindy L,, Rus- sell freshman; Dumler, Steve W, H Liberal sophomore; Dunstan. Olive J., Russell fresh- man. 262 Underclassmen Dur-Eub Durall, Michael D,, Hays sophomore; Duran, Richard, Manter sophomore; Dutther, Rob- ert Mi. Hugoton junior; Dutton, Richard W,, Concordia sophomore: Earle, William M +1 Beloit freshman; Eaton, Charles R., Manhaf- tan sophomore. Ebright, Beverly A., Lyons freshman; Eeh- ard, Dennis W., Garfield freshman; Eckels, Richard L. ( Wallace freshman- Eckles,. Bar- bara J,, Nelson. Neb-, freshman; Edgmon, Johnnie D., Bunker Hill sophomore; Edmons- ton, Susan L, Protection sophomore. Edwards, Thomas T., Latin freshman; Ehmke, Clifford D., Healy freshman; Ehrlich, Darrell F., Jetmore junior: Ehrlich, Judy L., Dodge City freshman: Erckbusb, Ruth E,, Hays soph- omore: Ellers, Charlotte R., Plain ville soph- omore. Eilrich, Sharon R., LaCrosse junior; Einsel, Rodney R., Wilmore junior; Eisenhour, Kath- arine N. ( LaCrosse sophomore; Elder, Phil- lip L., Beloit freshman- Eldridge, Paula K., Halstead sophomore: Ellenberger, Terry J„ Klrwin sophomore. Eller. Stephen C., Phillipsburg freshman- El- liott, Vicki L„ Paradise freshman; Ellis, Marcia R., Norton sophomore: Ellison, Bar- bara A-, Goodland freshman; Ellison, Lanny D., Topeka freshman: Elnlff, Marlene K-, Randall freshman. Kansan Jim Ryun Scampers Mile in 3:55.3 Eneff, Darrel L„ Great Bend freshman; En- field. Janet S., Hutchinson junior; Engel. Francis L., Hays freshman- Engel, Jeaniee E-, Oakley freshman; Engel, Jeanita K-, Oak- ley freshman; Engel, John E., Liberal fresh- man. Engle, John E., Clyde sophomore: Engleman Pam A., Hill City junior: Eppinger, David R Norton sophomore; Erb, Marie F., Bazme sophomore; Erickson. Beth A.. Scandla fresh- man: Erickson, Eric M-, Salina sophomore. Erickson, James L., Scandia junior; Ernst, Dennis D. h Enterprise freshman; Erwin, Phil- lip V., Wellington sophomore; Esterl, Richard Jr., Salina freshman- Estes, Maynard L.. Bucklin sophomore: Eubank, Charles D., Coats freshman- 263 Underclassmen Eva-Fox Evans, Gerald J., RusseN freshman: Evans, Jeannette M,, Bethlehem, Penn,, sophomore Evans, Marsha L, Rose Hill freshman’ Ever- ett, Frances E., Scott City freshman - E t- posito, Don P. ( Hutchinson freshman; Facie- lam, Donald D.. Abilene sophomore. Fagerquist, Lois N., Dighton sophomore; FaS- mon, Gary L., McDonald sophomore: Fair- child, Robert K., Wallace freshmen; Fal- lier, Viclti K., Syracuse freshman; Farr, Lon- nie R., Great Bend sophomore; Farrell, Mi- chael K., Manhattan sophomore. Fast, Marjorie A,, Haviland, sophomore: Faw- cett, James P., LaSnn sophomore: Feldfcamp, Bruce R r , Ellis junior; Fell, Diana C,, Lamed freshman; Feltes, Allan J„, Hoisfngton jun- ior; Fenwick, Charlene R,, Inman sophomore. Ferguson, Teryl L., Lincoln freshman: Fer- land, Donna R., Zurich freshman; Ferry, Pat E. Hutchinson sophomore: Ficken, John W,, LnCrcsse sophomore; Fielder, Jennifer L„ W Keeney sophomore; Fink, Virginia L,, Sa- line freshman. Finley. James R„ Littleton, Colo,, fresh- man; Fischer, Zelda R,, Hays sophomore; Fischll, Ronald D„ Kirwm sophomore; Fisher, Donna J., Wichita freshman ; Fisher, Gene L., Guoklin freshman; Fisher, Harvey L. Mc- Donald sophomore. Fjsher, Ruth E,„ Albuquerque, N.M., sophomore Fisher, Steve D., Horton freshman; Fitrslm- mons, Donald E.. Dodge City junior; Fixsen, Dannls L., Goodland freshman; Flagler. Charlene L., Quinter sophomore; Flagler, Sharon L,, Qumter freshman. Flaherty, Stephen, Lincoln sophomore; Fla- vin, Jim P,, Esbon sophomore; Fieckanstem, Sheri L., Herndon sophomore; Flebarty, Jack- ie A., Scott City junior; Flint, Larry L., Smith Center junior; Folbre, Bill E., Sharon Springs sophomore. Folkerts. Karen Y., Rush Center jun- ior; Folmnsbee, Gary E., Great Bend sopho- more; Foran, Roger E., Ellsworth sophomore ; Forney, Eldene. Bunker H[J| freshman; For- ristal, David W., Salma freshman; Fossett, William C., Osborne junior. FouJlt, Connie, Turon sophomore: Fountain, Charles W., Hill City freshman; Fournier. Rob- ert E., Plainville junior; Fox, Michael S-, Great Bend freshman; Fox, Steve L., Ulysses freshman; Fox, Tim K., Medicine Lodge fresh- man. 264 Underclassmen Fra-Gab Frahm, Kenneth L, Colby sophomore: Frahm, Sheila G„ Colby junior; Francis, D. Clifton, Ell inwood freshman- Francis. Timothy, Spring- field. Mo., junior; Frank®, Thomas J., Hern- don freshman: Franklin, Becky L, Atwood freshman. Frans, Linda A., Phillipsburg freshman: Fram, Joel L. Kenoredo junior : Fraser, Michael C., Concordia freshman; Fraser, William E., Lyons freshman; Frajier, Mary C., Fowler junior; Freeborn, Kathryn S., Smith Center freshman. Freed, Douglass L, r Ulysses junior: Freeland, Curtis B,, Lamed freshman; Freeman, Linda L., Simpson sophomore; Freti, David, Dodge City freshman; Frey, Jon G-, Oakley sopho- more; Frick, James R.. Ludell freshman. Fricker, Shirley J., Lebanon sophomore; Frie- den, Harold A., Hardtner junior; Frieling, Allen L., Athol freshman; Frink. Bobbett D., Si John freshman: Fritaemeler, Don L-, Staf- ford junior; Frltiemoier, Jo Stafford sopho- more. Frost, Rita C„ Esbon sophomore; Frownfeb ter, Mickey L. Belpre sophomore; Fry, Dar- la J., Ellis freshman; Frye. P. Lea, Kanorado freshman; Funk, Barbara A-, WaKeeney jun- ior; Gabel, Dennis D., Ellis freshman. Academics Emphasized; Probation System Revised Sophomore Hast year were Da d dent, and Rarefy officers for the Aday. viee-presi- Baxter, president. 265 Underclassmen Gae-Gla Gdfidc, Duane A„ Liberal sophomore; Gal- (Egos, Cart D., Wood River, tIL, sophomore: Garcia, Ramon A,, Leoti freshman; Gardi- ner, Thomas, Garden City freshman; Garet- son, Chloe R., Copeland freshman; Garetson, Jesse J., Copeland sophomore. Garner, Sheryl I., Hays freshman; Garrett, Charta R., Gakley freshman; Garrett, Cheryl A., Wa Keeney freshmar; Garrett, Doyle W., Wa Keeney sophomore; Garrett, Jere J,, Hugoton freshman; Garrett, Lloyd D., Oak- ley sophomore. Garver, Ronald A., Johnson freshman ; Gas- chler, Janet S-, Hays freshman; Gaschler, Leon. Etlis sophomore; Gasper, Shirley A.. Lenora freshman; Gatterman, Michael K., Sublette freshman; Gaul, David L,„ Glen El- der freshman. Gearhart, Jerry L, Atchison sophomore; Gedleh, Farah H,, Horgeisa. Somalia, sopho- more; Geering, Ruth E., Vesper freshman; Geiger, Larry E.. Satina funior; Gengler, Stanley C.. Beloit freshman; Gentry, Mary E. r Tribune freshman. Georg, Kathlyn M.„ Alexander sophomore; George, Lois J,, Oakley freshman: Gering, Jerry $ r , Mankato freshman: Gerstner, Rob- ert W., Victoria junior: Getty, Carlton A,. PhiJIipsburg sophomore; Gibbs, Timothy R., Salina freshman. 1 1 Saturday, 20 Evening Classes Offered in Fall Gibson, Charles H., Russel! freshman; Gieb- Jer, Victor J„ Stockton freshman: Giese, Mark L. Bismarck, N. D., sophomore; Giess, Rodney A., Arnold sophomore; Gilbert, Har- ry D., Plainville sophomore; Gilbert, Marsha J, s Gem sophomore. GUbert, NorUn J., Lebanon freshman 1 Gil- christ, Karen D,, Retford junior: Gilchrist Rachel F r . Coldwe ter freshman : Giles, Pam M., Great Bend freshman; Giles, Vicki L, Hopewell freshman; Gilg, Carat S„ Smith Center freshman. ■ Gill, Cynthia Y., Phfllipsburg sophomore: Gif- more, Virginia K., Hays sophomore; Gish, Daniel C,„ Enterprise junior 1 Gish, Rodney W., Hill City sophomore; Givens, Donald R., Phillipsburg junior; Glaze. Eldon W., Lamed junior. 266 Underclassmen Gla-Gro Glaze, Erroi R., Lamed sophomore: Goddard, Terrie L, t Stockton freshma n ; Goetz, Becky A., LaCrosse freshman; Goetz. Caro! J., Hays freshman: Goetz, Gerald D,, WaKeeney freshman: Goetz, Gerald E, f Hays freshman. Goings, Maridell I., Ruleton freshman: Gooch, Susan, Hugoton sophomore: Gooden, Tony R., Garden City freshman: Goodrow, Jane E., Morfand sophomore: Goodwin, Kent L., Hays sophomore: Goodwin. Richard A , Great Bend freshman. Gordon, Lin H., Hays freshman: Gosser, Carolyn K., Hays sophomore: GoHschallt, Alan L,, Hays freshman; Go+tschalk, Joanna, Hays freshman: Gottsehallt, Kim J,, Hays sophomore: Gould, Leslie W., Pratt junior. Gould, Mary M., Pratt junior: Grabbe, Pa- tricia J,, Hays junior; Graber, Forest D., Tribune sophomore: Graber, John A., Hays sophomore: Graff, Carl A,, Glen Elder fresh- man: Graham, Deborah G,, Miltonvale fresh- man. Graham, Susan K., Colorado Springs. Colo., freshman; Grant, Patricia A.. Noising ton sophomore: Grau, Oelwtn C., Phillipsburg funior ; Grau, James A,, Winona sophomore; Grauer, Paul F., Wilson sophomore; Grauer- holi, Jo A., Kensington freshman. Pope Paul Visits United States; Addresses U.N. Graves, Connie L., Rozel junior; Graves, Patricia A., Earned freshman; Gray, Alan M„ Clyde freshman: Gray, Lonnie W„, Mc- Pherson junior: Gray, Robert E., Garden City junior; Grecian, Jerry L., Beloit junior. Green, John V,, Garden City junior; Green- way, Janice K., Hugoton freshman; Green- wood, Eric L,, Hugoton sophomore; Gregg, Janet F., Smith Center sophomore; Gregg, Robert L,, Great Bend junior; Gregory, Rich- ard L., Phillipsburg junior. Gribben, Arthur L, Leoti junior: Griese, Joan L., Russell freshman: Griffin, Larry D-, Ellinwood freshman: Gronewoller, Francis L., Beloit freshman; Gross, Clarene M., Hays freshman; Gross, Dorothy A., Hays sopho- more. 267 Underclassmen Gro-Har Gross. Lester C., Hoys Freshman: Grover, Patricia $,, Hoys freshman: Grover, Peggy A., Hays freshman: Gump, Donna M r , Carl- ton sophomore: Gunn, Richard H,, Newton freshman: Gutsch, Steve J., Goodfand soph ' omore. Haaga, Carol J., Salina junior: Haas. Betty A., Ness City freshman: Haas, Jim C., Ellis freshman: Haas. Lorraine A., Hays freshman: Hachmeister. Laah ML, Natomo freshmen; Hackerotf, Robert A., Great Bend junior. Hadley, Carol J., Kendall freshman; Haga- man, Nancy L, Satanta freshman: Bagerman, Mark A.. Long Island freshman: Hagermann, Alvin L,, Nekoma sophomore: Haggard, Lin- da E., Wellington junior: Haines, James M.. St, Thomas, Ontario, freshman. Hake, John M,, Norton freshman- Hale. Lu- cinda M-. McPherson junior: Hallagin, Garry L,, McDonald sophomore; Hallagin, Jo A., McDonald sophomore: Hallam, Bob, La- Crosse freshman: Hailing, Janice E-, Hanston freshman. ‘Playboy Philosophy’ Film Proves Controversial Hailing. Wanda K,, Hanston freshman- Ham- burg, Arlene W., OgeJIah freshman: Hamby. Ronnie R., Dodge City junior; Hammer- schmidt, Bernard L., Hays freshman; Ham- merschmidt, Dennis J., Victoria freshman; HammersehrnJdt, Elvis D., Hays freshman. Harnmerschmidt, James, Hays sophomore; Hand, Barbara Liberal |unior; Handley, Judy L., Lee ' s Summit, Mo., sophomore; Haning. Deanna D,. Otis sophomore; Han- sen, Lyman D, a Ogallah junior; Hansen, Mary M., Cheyenne, Wyo,, junior. Hanson, Charles W., Clifton junior: Hanson, Douglas A., Jamestown freshman; Hanson, Edward C-, Atwood junior; Harbaugh, Ronald W., Great Bend freshman; Harden, Pamela C., Oakley freshman; Hardman, Pat K h Good- land junior. Hartmann, Erich, Boulder, Colo,, freshman; Hargrave, Stanley E. r Antonino freshman; Harkrader, Ronald K . , Lyons sophomore; Harmon, RoAnn M., Great Bend freshman: Harmon, Robert K„ Hugo+on junior; Harms, Ronald E., Jetmoro junior. 268 Harper, Carole L., McDonald freshman; Harper, Dixie L, Albert freshman; Harper, Duane E., Albert sophomore; Harper, Ma- rie! f«i Healy freshman; Harris, Floyd M., Rlainville freshman; Harris, Frank F., Mon- toursville, Pa., freshman. Harris, Janice A., Colby freshman; Harris, Ken L, Plainville freshman; Harris, Marilyn J., Greensburg sophomore; Harrison, Jean A., St. John freshman; Harrison, Jeff L, Ha- toma freshman; Harrison, Sharon I., Beloit freshman. Hart, Emery L, Hoxle junior; Hartman. Donald L. GrainfieJd freshman; Hartnell, Gary L. ( Lincoln freshman; Harvey, Kathleen A„ Carbondale, Colo., freshman; Haselhorst, Cheryl A., Hays freshman; Haskins, Linda L. , Concordia freshman. Hatfield, Roger L., Sublette freshman; Havel, Lynn B., Clyde sophomore; Havner, Kenneth Cr, Spearville sophomore; Hawk, Lorrene M„ Larned freshman; Hawkins, Janis A., Atwood sophomore; Hawley, Caro! L„ Dodge City sophomore. Underclassmen Har-Hel Second Heart Attack Strikes Dwight Eisenhower Hayden, Gaylene J,, Rule+on sophomore; Hay den, Leo J., Goodland junior; Hayden, Wil- liam B., Ruleton junior; Hayes, Alan D., Hays sophomore: Hayes, William M,, Jet- more junior; Haymond, Arlie V., Salina freshman. Haynes, Gary D., Hi I! City freshman; Hays, Sharon K-. Nekoma junior; Heyse, Georgian B., Mullinville sophomore; Hayward, Ivan L.. Lebanon junior: Hearting, Russell A,, Wa Keeney freshman; Heble, Leo D., Atwood freshman. Heckert, Gloria J„ Tribune freshman; Heck- man, Jay D., WaKeeney freshman; Hedges, Sonja K., Offerle freshman; Heffel, Marvin G.. Dorrance sophomore; Heggemeier, Terry P., Great Bend freshman; Heier, Robert L., Park junior. H sinner, Nedra R., Jetmore sophomore: Hei- mer, Robert I., Gypsum junior; Heinlem, Roger D.„ Stafford junior; Heiny, John L-, Goodland junior: Heftschmidt, Rodney K,. Paradise junior; Heiberg, Nancy J., Phillips- burg junior. 269 Underclassmen Hel-HIa Helin. Daryl A,. Brewster freshman; Helin, Kent R., Dodge City junior: Heller, Jimmy L„ Monument sophomore; HeEman, Stephen W., Good land freshman; Helmkamp, John D., East Alton, IN., funior- Hemken, Janice K,, Lamed junior Hempler, Blake G.„ Afmena sophomore; Henderson, Carol A., Hays sophomore; Henderson, Damans F.. Medicine Lodge freshman; Henderson, Geraldine R., Norton freshman- Henderson, William E., Ellts freshman; Hendrickson, David L., Almena sophomore. Hendrlxson, Gary L,, Buhler junior; Herd, Sherilyn K.. Protection freshman; Herdman, Carol K., McCracken freshman; Herdman, Terry L,, McCracken junior; Herdt, Sue, Plairsvilfe freshman; Herman, Alfreda M,. Morfand junior. Herman, Gerald E., Gorham freshman; Her- renbruck, Galen G., St, John junior; Her- rick, Russell W., Phlllipsburg junior; Herring, Donita K-, Liberal sophomore; Herrington. Nancy L,, Kanopolis sophomore; Hershey, William L., Ellmwood sophomore. Henog, Herbert L,, puinter sophomore; Herzog, Judy, Hays freshman; Heaog, Max- ine, Hays sophomore; Heskett, James 1., Oakley sophomore; Hess, O. James, Alma junior; Heublein, Kathryn A., Jsabef sopho- more. Hewes, Danny R., Cimarron freshman: Hew- ett, Dana $„ Almena freshman; Hickman, Donald D,, Lucas junior; Hickman, Larry D.„ Lucas sophomore; Hicks, Gary F., Pfamville junior: Hicks, James P., Smith Center sopho- more Hickson, Larry D., Kanorado freshman 1 Hie- bert, Harry L, Great Bend freshman; Hlg- gason, Don L,, Oakley junior; Higgins, Galen EL Clayton freshman: Higgins, Patrick M., Hays freshman; Highland, Charlotte A,, Be- loit freshman. Hllgers, Karl, PlainviJIe junior; Hill, Donald £■ Smith Center freshman; Hill, Jeffrey A.. Fowler junior; Hill, Marlene, Hoxle fresh- man; Hillman. Donna L,, Ogallah sopho- more; Hillman, Maureen D., Ogallah junior. HiJyard, Cynthia J., WaKeeney freshman: Him, Philip ft,, Longmont, Colo., junior: Hirsh, Loretta A., WaKeeney freshman; Hirsh, Lorraine A., WaKeeney sophomore; Hixon, Deana D,, Pawnee Rock sophomore; Hladek, Gfenn A., WaKeeney freshman. 270 Underclassmen Hla-Hud Hlaus, Rosemary J,, Wilson sophomore: Hoag- land, Sandra L„ Dodge City sophomore; Hockersmith. Janice K., Oakley sophomore; Hacfcett. Don R.. Ulysses junior: Hodge, Dar- rel A,, Morland freshman; Hodge, Rex E„ Phillfpsburg sophomore. Hodges, Donald L., Hays freshman: Hoff- man, Barry A., Russell freshman- Hoffman. Connie L., Hoys sophomore; Hoffman, Paul- ine A.. Hays sophomore; Hoffman, Thomas J, p Victoria junior; Hohrmann, Lynn J., Gar- den City freshman. Holiday, Cynthia J., LaCrosse freshman; Hot- land, Guy J-, Hutchinson sophomore; Hol- liday, Paul R.. Long Island freshman; Halo- pirelr, Rick D. f Timken sophomore: Holstein. Alfred H, r Leoti junior Holstein, Duane A., Leoti freshman. Holt, Connie X, Moscow freshman; Holt, Veda K., Liberal junior; Holterman, James L, ( Long Island freshman; Homburg, Allaire T., Ellis junior; Homewood, Benton W., Luray junior; Honderick, John W., LaCrosse freshman. Hood, Ruth A., Hays freshman; Hooper J. C„ Osborne freshman; Hooper, Layton L., Smith Center freshman; Hoover, Candi R ., WaKeeney freshman; Hoover, Neola R r , Nor- ton freshman: Hoover, Sylvia M., Wichita freshman. New York City Paralyzed by Power Failure Horchem, Linda M., Ransom sophomore; Horne, Ronald G-. Hays junior: Horney, Richard K., Albany, Mo., freshman; Horning, Laura A,. Gaylord junior; Horton, Louis E.. Garden City junior; Hosheit, Frances Phillipsburg freshman. Hoskinson, Venita L-, Satanta freshman; Houser, Lucille J.. Paradise sophomore: Howe. Barbara J,, Honston sophomore; Howerton, Jack. Pawnee Rock sophomore; Howland, Cle- [id K,, Formoso freshman; Howland, Linda K,, Hugoton junior. Howland, Philip t„ Abilene sophomore; Hubbs, Karen S, ( Saline freshman; Hubin, Sharon K., Mansion freshman; Huclt, John. C., Protection sophomore; Hgckabey, Ches- ter E„ Hutchinson junior; Hudson, James M. r Macksvrlle freshman. 27 Underclassmen Hud-Jen Hudson, William C., Macksville junior: Hud- speth, Donald W., Kinsley freshman; Hueb- nsr r Dennis E., Bushton sophomore; Hulse, Gerald L. p Marquette junior Hulstine, Mar- garet E., Ashland junior; Humble, Rita J., Sawyer junior. Humburg, Stephen R. Hays freshman: Hum- mel!, Linda A., Concordia freshman: Hum- phrey, Grace. Goddard sophomore; Huncker, Diane C , Good land sophomore; Hund. Ed- ward J., Beloit junior; Nunley, . Rodney D., Hudson sophomore. Hunt. Connie F., Phillipsburg sophomore; Hunter. John C. p Mankato freshman; Hunter, Tonia J.. Selina. junior; Hurley, Kenneth L., Belleville sophomore; Hurt, Ellis sophomore; Huser, Frederick J„ Hays freshman. Hoser, Marie E.„ Hays freshman; Hussey, Merlin C.. Goodbnd sophomore: Hutchins, Cynthia A.. Scott City freshman; Hutton. Ustel G., Stockton junior; Huxman, Vada J., Arnold sophomore; lanmtti, Mary K., Hoising- ton junior. Ifland. Kent L., Gaylord sophomore: Inger- soll, David L,. Gatlin junior; Ingram, James D., Pawnee Rock freshman; loerger, Phyllis R., Wichita sophomore: Irby, Fred Q-, Se- lina freshman; Irvin, Susan P,, McCracken freshman. Tiger’s Roar, New Pep Club, Sparks Bengals Isenbart, Julia A., Englewood freshman; ! - ern, David J., Elhnwood junior; Isom, Alpha J., Lenora sophomore; Ison. Pamela L rl Pratt freshman; Ives. Sandra K,, Norton freshman; Jacobs. Corliss G., Norcatur junior. Jacobs, Cynthia S„ Hays sophomore; Ja- cobs, Margaret J., Gorham freshman; Ja- cobs, Thomas C., Hays sophomore; Jamison, Galen Quinter freshman; Janke, Phil D,, Junction City sophomore; Jantz, Barbara L., Haviland junior. Jantz, Jack W,, Greens burg junior; Janti, Jerry L„ Copeland sophomore: Jarvis, Basil G., Arnold junior; Jeffery, Sylvia D., Scott City freshman; Jenkins, Stephan J,. Wichita freshman; Jenkins, Steven L., Bunker Hill junior. 272 Underclassmen Jen-Jon Jenkinson, Susan M. r Meade freshman; Jen- nings, Cheryll S., Nekoma sophomore; Jen- nings, David L„ Oakley freshman; Jennings, Linda L. fc Nekoma junior; Jennings, Nora L„ Codelf junior; Jensen, Jolene K. p Kinsley sophomore. Jensen, Judith M-, Gem freshman; Jensen, Lester C., Atwood junior; Jensen, Linda J,, Kinsley junior; Jormark, Carole A., Beloit sophomore; Jtlg, Mickey F. r Lamed fresh- man; Joerg, Warren D., Randal! junior. Johnson, Afan L. Concordia junior; Johnson, Bruce, Hays sophomore; Johnson, Carof J., Hays freshman; Johnson, Cecil D., McPherson junior; Johnson, Danny L., Randall sopho- more; Johnson, Howard M., Prairie Village junior Johnson, Jerry D., Salma freshman; John- son, June L. r Hays sophomore; Johnson, Kay L, Glade sophomore; Johnson. Lauren, Hays sophomore; Johnson, Linda M., Lawrence sophomore; Johnson, Michael E., Courtland junior. Johnson, Olivia, Hays freshman; Johnson, Robert r . Red Cloud, Nebr., junior; John- son, Robert W. Salima sophomore; John- son, Terry D. t Hays sophomore; Johnston, Cheryl A,, Russell freshman; Johnston, Dan W„, Farmington, N. M., freshman. Jones, Cary W,, Prairie Village junior; Jones, Connie J., Dighton freshman; Jones, John H., He ring ton junior; Jones, Jon R, p Oakley junior; Jones, Marsha K. p Hays junior; Jones, Mary C,. Ellis freshman. On the way to the Homecoming bonfire and pep rally, happy Tiger rooters whoop it up in anticipation of a victory. Underclassmen Jon-Kel Jones, Mary R., Formosa freshman; Jones. Melva J,, Johnson freshman; Jones, Myrna J,, Lenora sophomore: Jones, Richard M., Edson freshmen: Jones, Roger F., Norton freshmen: Jones, Rosa L, HerEngton junior. Jones, William M., Copeland junior- Jordan, Jane, St r John sophomore: Jordan, John E», Hutchinson junior: Jorg, Karen S.. New Cam- bria freshman: Jorgensen, Charlotte E., Ves- per freshman: Josserand, Letitia A., Otis sophomore. Josserand, Michael W„ Johnson freshman: Joy, Lee, Hays freshman; Joyce, Richard M., Hygoton freshman; Juenemann, John N., Sefden freshman- Jungel, Carroll 0 ., New Cambria sophomore: Jun, James F,, La- Crosse sophomore. Juno, Rite M,, Otis junior ; Justus, Diene A,, Hill City freshman- Kadel, Roger A., Be- loit freshmen; Kahler, Mary Ann, Hofyrood sophomore: Kahmeyer, Linda S„ Medicine Lodge junior; Kaiser, Karen K,, Hoisington junior. Kaftenbech, Mary K., Plalnvillg freshman; Kerl in, Francis L., Victoria sophomore; Kar- lin, Patricia A,, Hays sophomore; Karlin, Pa- tricia J.. Hays fresh man; Karst, Janice L., Great Band freshman: Karst, Susan P.„ Plain- vjlle freshman. Kasper, Allan L„ JennEngs junior; Kaspar, Arils G., Jennings junior: Kasper, James R., Wilson junior; Kaster. Gary W,, Natoma freshman: Kastle, Michael L,, Klrv in sopho- more: Kats, Marianne G r , Long fsla nd soph- omore. Kat?, Carole A,, Kinsley freshman; Kaufman, Gene A., Sunder Hill sophomore: Kaufmann, Oonna M,, Lawrence sophomore; Keupp, Phillip L., Ness City freshman; Keating, Wylma J r , Liberal freshman: Keegan, Linda D., Hays fresh man, Keeley, Linda A., Radium sophomore: Keen- an, Denny J., Seward sophomore; Keenan, Terry L.. Seward junior; Keene, Mary P,, Liberal freshman; Keener, Donna D., Rush Center freshman: Keesling, Connie $., Great Bend freshman. Keith, Cynthia L., Wichita freshman; Keith, Josephine M., Almena sophomore: Keith, Mrlden D., Penofcee sophomore: Keller, Jac- queline K., Arlington sophomore; Keller, Shir- ley D, Bushton sophomore: Kelley, Thomas C., Beloit sophomore. 274 Underclassmen Kel-Koc Kelly, Donald R., El Dorado junior; Kelly, Sonya R.. Hays freshman; Kelly, Tanis K„ El Dorado sophomore; Kelty, John R., Jet- more sophomore; Kemp, William J, ( Winona sophomore; Kendall, Peggy J., Stockton fresh man. Kennedy, James A„ Russell freshman; Ken- nedy, Karol L, Plarnville sophomore; Ken- nedy Wan ML, Honie freshman: Kennedy, Sharon S,, Plainville sophomore; Kent, Lon- nie R., Hutchinson junior; Kenyon, Alan R-, Bogue freshman. Kenyon, Donna J,, Osborne freshman; Kerr. Gloria J.. Ness City freshman; Kesler, Karen A., Garden City sophomore: Kessler, John C-, Shumway, ML. junior: Kefchum. Atonic J,, Rexford freshman- Keyser, Larry D,, W a - Keeney junior. Keyset, Larry N., Hoisington junior; Kilgore, Martha L,„ Kinsley junior; Kmderknecht, Charles J., Hays junior- Kind ler, Linda S. ( Beloit freshman; King, Carroll W., Satanta junior; King, Sandra E. ( Liberal sophomore. Kippes, Eileen A., Victoria sophomore; Kirk, Gary R„ Goodland freshman; KErk, Karon K.„ Bucklin funior; Kirkham, Patty L., Wal- lace freshman; Kirkham, Rebecca J., Wallace fr eshman; Kirkham, Joseph D., Greet Bend junior. Floods Rip Through Southwest Kansas in June Kisner, Patricia A., Great Bend freshmen: Kitchen, Kathleen $., Kanoredo junior: Klaus, Larry J. t Lucas sophomore - Klein, Di- ane R,. Meade sophomore; Klein, Ronald L, Bison junior; Kleinsorge, Alice E., Oberlin sophomore. Klepper, Anita L„ McDonald freshman; Kleymann, Ann L., Tribune sophomore; Kleymann, Marsha L + . Tribune freshman: Kline Charles E., Tribune freshman; Klish, Don E., Plalnvilfe junior; Knoeber, Margaret E., Hays sophomore. Knoll, Larry G,, Victoria freshman; Knoll, Terry J,, Victoria junior Kobler. Albert K.. Hill City freshman; Kobler, Arden L,, Hays freshman; Koch, Darrio A.. Atwood fresh- man; Koch, Kenton D,, Sco+t City junior. 275 Underclassmen Koc-Lan Koch, Martin D, p Clyde freshman; Koehler, Dale J., Russell sophomore; Kc hn, Arden M n Greensburg sophomore ' Koelling, Kris- tine M„ Natoma freshman; Koerperlch, Ro- bert C,, Selden sophomore; Koett. Ronald J., Hays freshman. Kogler, Sharon K., Gypsum sophomore: Kohl, Gary L, Ellis freshman; Kohman, Anne M., Solomon freshman; Koirth, Etta A,, Hays sophomore; Kotina n, Gary G, H Stockton sophomore; Koniem, Eugene F., Tipton junior Koochel, Nancy A., Albert sophomore; Kough, Ronald L, Winona sophomore; Kough Sonfa Kr, Wfnona freshman: Kraft, Gerald L, Park sophomore; Kraft, Leroy J, p Park junior; Kraft, Marvin J., Park junior. Baseball Returns to FHS After 42-Year Absence Kramer, Marvin D., Cimarron freshman; Kraus, Linda $., Pretty Prairie junior; Kraus, Vernon J., Pretty Prairie junior- Krause, Syl- via J r , Phillipsburg freshman- Kreft, Leonard N., Natoma sophomore; Krehbiel, Barbara J„ Healy freshman. Krehbiel, Gary A., Bushton sophomore; Krone. Mary J,, Minneapolis freshman; K rue ken berg, Jennifer L., Great Bend fresh- man; Krueger, Nelson L r . Hays freshman; Kruse, Terry L., Selden sophomore Kuhn, Earl F r , Plalnvijfe freshman. Kuiper, Janet K.. Prairie View freshman; Kumberg, Laynne, Sawyer junior; Kumle, Larry L p Margue+te junior; Kundred, , Jac- queline A,, Hays sophomore; Kuntz, Robert K,. Abilene freshman; Kunra i Robert J,, Ulysses freshman. Kvasnlcka, Roger K. P Lucas junior; Ladd, Alton O,, Phillipsburg freshman; Laird, Michael J,, OberJin sophomore; Laman, Steve J. p Portls freshman; Lamberd, Dennis S-, Hays junior; Lamberd. Sandra S t| Hays sophomore, v Lambert; Theresa A r , Belleville freshman; Lamia, Gloria J., Kanopolis freshman; La- moiit, Dennis R,, Kensington freshman; La- moreujf. Ruth E., Longmont. Colo,, junior; Landau, Nancy K. P Atwood freshman; Lane, Arlene A.. Bgcklln freshman. 276 Underclassmen Lan-Lig Lang, Derrell F., Quinter freshman; Lang, Laura F,, Jetmore freshman; Lang, Lloyd F,, Hays freshman: Lang, Sametta A., Great Bend freshman; Langley, Gary L., Bugoton junior; Langley, Susan D., Tulsa, Okie,, sophomore. Lenkas, Cynthia A,, McDonald freshman; Lansden, Roger D., Wellington freshman; Ureau. Monte W , Rosston. Okie., junior Larsen, Randall E., Norton freshman- Lar- son, Donald L,, Chapman junior; Larson, Stephen J., Concordia junior. Lattin, 8111 J., Smith Center sophomore; Lawrence, Paul E. r Shields sophomore- Led- better, William. Cod ell junior; Lee, Dennis E. Minneola freshman: Legleiter, Lynn, LaCrosse freshman; Legleiter, Raymond C., Uebentha! freshman. LBJ r Industry Clash Over Price Raises Lehman, Donald E., Gypsum sophomore- Lehman, Ron L, f Tribune freshman; Leich- liter, Homer H„ Hays junior; Lelchliter, Lu- anna R.. Hays [unior; Leielc, Roger L., Prairie Village junior; Leighton, Karen J„ Hays freshman. Leikam, Gary F., Hays freshman; Leiker. Doris M,. Hays junior; Leiker, Judy K-, Great Bend junior; Leiker, Richard D., Hays freshman; Leiker. Robert F„ Hays fresh- man; Leitner. Eugene A,, Herndon sopho- more. Leitner, Ronald E,, Herndon sophomore Lemke. Alfred H,. Fort Worth. Tex., fresh- man; Lemux, Isaac, Rowl freshman; Leo- nard, Susan M., Garden City tun! 0 ' " Leo- pold. Mary E,, Hoxie sophomore; Lesovsky, Terry K„ Cuba freshman. Lessoig. Nancy A„ Hays sophomore; Le- them, Beverly J., Phillipsburg sophomore; Letoornea u, Charlene G,, Au rora fresh man ; LeHch, Linda D., Bunker Hill [unior; Le- wallen. Richard R., Brewster freshman; Lew- is, Coral J . Satanta sophomore. Lewis. Linda K-, Beloit freshman; Lewis, Ray Healy freshman; Lewis, V n B.. Kinsley junior; Lick. Jerald C., Hunter freshman; Llester. Daniel Hoxie freshman; Light. Nancy R-, Rolls freshman. 277 Underclassmen Lil-Mag Lillie. Ted W, r Hays junior; Lindberg, Ron- ald R., Sublette junior; Linden, Donald F., Lenora freshman; Under, Darlene, Lang- don freshman; Lindner, Nina L ., Kendall sophomore: Lindsay. Gary W. h Protection sophomore. Lindsley, Steve E., LaCrosse sophomore ; Linenberger, Judith A,, Hays freshman: Link, Cynthia A., Rolla freshman- Lippold, Jerry L, Herndon sophomore; Litson, Law- rence H., Gove freshmen: Li hen berg er, Denise A., jetmore sophomore. Loclte, Ferry) A.„ Stockton sophomore; Locke, Marilyn L,, Natome sophomore; Lacker, Patricia J„ Ellis freshman; toe- wen, Rudy, Ingalls sophomore: Logan, Leon C., Scott City freshman; Logsdon, Kar- en K., Liberal sophomore. Lohoefener, Bill W,, Oberlln junior; Long, Lloyd HL, Norton freshman; Long, Marga- ret J., Hays freshman- Longton, Pam Concordia sophomore; Loomis, Sharon K-, Mankato sophomore; Lopes, Richard, Cop- iague, L. I., N. Y. junior. Lorimor. Ronald J,, Spearvifle junior; Lo- sey. Linda L, Oakley freshman; Lott, Pam- ela A., Hill City sophomore; Lovelace, Carol J., Goodfend freshman; Lovenstein, Charles M,, Hoxie junior; Lovette, Sharon K., Lewis freshman. Low, Kathryn £., WaKeeney sophomore; Low, Marlene S. r WaKeeney freshman; Lowe, Duskin K., Colby freshman; Lower, Guy W,, Sublette sophomore; Lowry, Linda C,, Ulysses sophomore; Lucas, Joa nolle, Macksville freshman. Luea, Paul A., Ellis freshman; Lundblade. Charles £„ Court land junior; Lundgren, Larry J,, Gove sophomore; Lundin, Linda G„ St. Francis sophomore: Lunsford, Andrea N,, Hays freshman; Lynch, Durward D., Hays Freshman, Lyn n, Connie M,, OgaHah sop ho m o r e ; Lynn, VyH D., Wa Keeney junior; Maag, Janet M., Safin, i freshman; Maas, James V., Ford junior ; Mabry, Ann M., Lincoln freshman; Mace, Raymond L., Smith Center freshman. Maddox, Glen W., Salma freshman; Maddy, Gloria A., Stockton freshman; Mador, Con- nie R„ Garden City junior; Mader, Cynthia J., Russell freshman- Maggard, Roger K., LaCrosse freshman; MagSe, Claudia L„ Healy sophomore. 278 Underclassmen Mag-McC Magill, Diane L., Scott City freshman: Mai. Allan K-, Protection sophomore ' Mai. Daryl L., Great Bend sophomore; Mas, Delma M., Utica Freshman; Mai, Sheila K-, Phippsburg, Colo,, Freshman; Mai. Terry A., Russell freshman. Maier, Donald S., Hays sophomore; Majer- nib. Barbara J,, Russell sophomore; Mal- lory, Larry R., Ellis junior; Malone, Linda J,, Maeksville freshman; Malsom, Karen R., Collyer freshman; Manion, Linda N., Se- lina freshman. Manning, Steven D., Great Bend freshman; Manry, Reba M,, Larned sophomore; Mapes, Mary K + , N atoms freshman: Mapes, Sue A,, Natoina junior; Marcotte, Judy A.. Hays sophomore; Marcus, Peter E,, Ness City jun- ior. M rghaim, Mary R. p Great Bend freshman; Marietta, Jari K,, Esbon sophomore; Mari- etta. Tari F„ Esbon sophomore; Marine, Allen R,. Copeland junior; Marsh, Jerry L-, Concordia freshman; Marsh, Lemuel L,, Almene freshman. Martin, Douglas J., Saline sophomore; Mar- tin, Janice K., Hays sophomore; Martin, John A., Zurich freshman; Martin, Joseph P., Chase sophomore; Martin, Larry D.. Norton sophomore; Martin. Linda M., Peck freshman. mm fttrturi Geminis 6, 7 Effect First Space Rendezvous Martin, Richard A.. Ulysses junior; Mar- tin, Robert E,, Earned junior; Mashal, Mouse A,. Amman Jordan, sophomore; Ma- son. M, Eugene, Stockton sophomore; Ma- son, John A-, Phfllipsburg sophomore; Mau- rath, Laura A,. Monument freshman. Maurath, Luetta M., Meade freshman; Max- well, GaEla K., Beloit freshman; May, Sam- mye J.. Hays junior; Ivl yer, Lav on, Brews- ter freshman; Mayhew, Ctaretfa M., Great Bend junior; Mayo, Robert R-, Garden City freshman. McAllister, Dwight, St. John sophomore; McCallum, Brenda M., Great Bend fresh- man; MtCanee, Don C., Satina junior; Mc- Carthy, Carol F., Hays sophomore; McCart- ney. Evan L.„ Oberlin freshman; McChrist- Tan, Douglas C-, LaCrosse freshman. 279 Underclassmen McC-Mey MeClaren, Julie K,, Lewis sophomore; Mc- Clellan, Gary W., Zurich sophomore; Mc- Clure, Jeanette R., Fornnoso sophomore; McColay, Roma L, Smith Center sophomore; McCrary, Georganna Russell freshman; McCubbrn, Floyd L„ Almena sophomore. McCurdy. Kiel ' s C., Great Bend freshman; McDonald, Shirley A., Smith Center fresh- man; McFarland, Gary J,. Almena junior; McFarlane, Mary L,. Saline freshman; Me Gaughey, Donald D,, Jetmore sophomore; McGavran, Fred L., Ada junior. McGavran, Thomas D., Ada sophomore; McGuire, G. Carlene, Gree nsburg freshman; McHenry, Linda G„ Ulysses sophomore; McKee, Sharon J., Colby freshman; Mc- Kernan, Barbara J„ Salina. freshman; Mc- Kim. John B., Moscow sophomore. McKinley, Sharon E., Ashland junior; Mc- Lain, Tom ft,, Salina junior; McLaughlin, Ken M., Great Bend freshman; McLean, Christina F., Lewis junior; McMaster, Gin- ger L., Norton freshman; McMillan, Donna D., St, John freshman. McMillen, Doug K,. Wichita sophomore; McMullen, Donald J,, Norton sophomore; Me Mitt, Mary E.„ Syracuse sophomore; Me- PhaEl, Larry D., Salina freshman; McWhir- ter, Danis G. Dighton sophomore: Me Whir- ter. Gall, Dighton sophomore. McWhirter, Jacklyn Dighton freshman; Mead, Audry A-, Zurich sophomore; Mead, Joyce L,, Hays sophomore: Meadows,, War- ren D., Hays freshman - Meckenstock. Da- vid L. Hays junior; Meckfessel, Donald L„ Garfield junior. Meckf esse I, Eldon E,, Ga rf feld junior ; Meek, Palmer F., Idana junior; Meeks, Larry W,, Otis freshman- Meenen, Lynn Clifton junior; Meerian, Roy F-, OaUey sophomore- Meier, Artie Hays freshman. Meier, Kenneth G., ftoiel freshman; Met- ro y, Bernadette A., Norton freshman; Mel- ton, Steven J., Stockton freshman; Mem- ming, Linda M., Shawnee Mission junior; Menard. Dcanne L-, Kinsley freshman ; Menher, Richard N., Ensign junior. Mamie, Jill, Ulysses freshman; Meredith, Danny L., Viola sophomore; Merklein, Gary A,, Prairie V iew junior; Mernnis, Richard A,, Hays freshman; Messerly, Robert W,, Sublette sophomore; Meyer, Terry E. ( Sa- line freshman. 280 Underclassmen Mic-Mil Michaells, Dennis J. r Great Bend junior; Michaelis, Jean L., Kinsley sophomore; Mi- chaelis, Lind M., Russell freshman; Mi- chaelis, Wilma D., Utica sophomore; Mick. David L, Tipton junior; Mickey, Darrell L. Atwood junior. Mldgorden, Julian S., Great Bend freshman; Millard, Rosalynn J., Dodge City junior; Millard, Sandra SC, Great Bend freshman; Miller. Card J., Weskan sophomore; Miller, Deanna D.. Ulysses freshman; Miller, Jea- nette K +l We ska n junior. Miller, Joseph R„ Wichita junior; Miller, Judith A., St. Francis sophomore; Miller, Kenneth L, Moscow junior; Miller, Lam- bert J,. Catherine sophomore; Miller, La- verne C,. Glen Elder freshman; Miller, Lela J . Albert sophomore. Miller, Linda M., Bucklln sophomore; Mil- ler. Lynn K-, Hoxie sophomore: Miller. Naomi A,, St. John freshman: Miller, Phil- lip M., Great Bend freshman; Miller, Rich- ard P., Norton junior; Miller, Sandra R., Colby freshman. Miller, Sarah A,, McCracken junior; Mil- ler, Sharon A„ WaKeeney sophomore: Mil- lar, Sue A,, Liberal freshman; Miller, Timo- thy D., Russell freshman: Miller, Virginia, Lamed freshman; Miller, William F., Mill Hall, Pa,, junior. 23 Faculty Members Awarded Promotions Representing the junior class on student council during the year were Loren Pepperd, president, and Bev Claassen, vice-president. After a final examination two apprehensive coeds search for answers which partially or completely escaped them during the test. 281 Underclassmen Mil-Mul Mills, Karen K., Sublette sophomore; Mil- ton, Dwight L, Basehor freshman; Mines, Connie L, Oberlin sophomore; Minneman, Joseph C,. Salrna junior; Minnis, Hubert 0 -. St. John sophomore; Mintr, D. Careen. H allowed junior Misegadis, Nina C,, Bazlne junior; Mit- chell, Charles W., Hugoton freshman; Mit- chell, Inge, Ulysses freshman; Mitchell, Larry D,- Emporia freshman: Mercian, Kaye. Great Bend junior; Mondero, Edward J.. Hays freshman. Money, Susan, Hfli City freshman; Montan don r Larry D.. Wallace freshman; Monteith, Frandaf, Hoxie freshman; Montford, Gary W., Turon junior; Montgomery, Doris M., Penolcee freshman; Montgome ry, James A., Goodfand freshman. Moore, Gerald E. r Galdey sophomore; Moore, Gwen M., Hays freshman; Moore, Karen 5., Sf. Francis freshman; Moore, Larry L., OaUey sophomore: Moore, Michael W.. Lib- era! junior; Moore, Rodney L., Bazme junior. Moore, Sherry A.. Great Bend freshman; Morford, James R,, Oberlin sophomore; Mor- ford, Ronald G. t Oberlin freshman; Mor- gan, Alta A-, Ogallah sophomore; Morgan, Judith E-, Hays freshman; Morgan, Lyle E.. Smith Center freshman. Morgan, Ma A., Ogallah sophomore; Mer- riri, Larry M,, Luray junior; Morris, Brian D., Dighfon freshman; Morris, Carole A , Hays sophomore: Morris. James FL, Safina fresh mar; Morris, Jan L., Garden City sopho more. Morris. Leon D., Colby sophomore; Morris, Roger D., Stockton freshman; Morrow, Lana S., Berkeley, Calif., freshman; Mor- ton, James L., Seward freshman; Morton, Marilyn L.. Lamed sophomore- Moser, Mi- chael J., Lamed sophomore. Mosier, Priscilla G. Lenora freshman; Most, Jeanina K-, Atwood sophomore: Motikus. Linda R., Russell sophomore: Mounday, Donald R., Rozel freshman; Mounts, Milam A., Defter sophomore; Mowry, Janice L., Stud ley sop horn re. Moxfer, Linda A., Cawkcr City freshman; Moyer, Lairen H., Ellsworth junior; Muel- ler, Dianne K., Sylvan Grove freshman; Mulch, Jeanne R„ Scott City fresh man ; Mulch, Mary B„ Scott City freshman; Mul- ler, James W., LaCrosse junior. 282 Underclassmen Mul-New Mullenix, Kathy L, Button sophomore; Mul- lenix, Kerry L, Bush ton sophomore; Munk, Terence W,, Hays freshman; Murphy,. Jo A., Russell sophomore; Murphy, Judsan E., Dighton junior; Murphy, Lonnie D-. Na- toma junior. Murphy, Melanie A., Scott City freshman; Murphy, Robert L., Hays freshman; Mur- phy, Ronnio D., Natoma junior 1 Murphy, Ruth A-, Larned freshman; Murphy, Tho- mas J„ So r ham sophomore; Murray, Dwight R., Mankato junior. Murray, Jacqueline A,, Holyrood freshman; Musselman, Kirk P., Ransom junior; Mus- selwhlte, Patricia I., Geneseo freshman; Mus- +oe f Barbara S., Rexford freshman; Mustoe, Judyanne, Norton junior: Myers, Charles A., Great Bend sophomore. Myers, Cletice L, Great Bend junior; Myers, James E., Smith Center sophomore; Myers Larry L., Sublette freshman; Myers, Pamela S. H Oakley junior; Myers, Phillip L, Great Bend sophomore; Naast, Claudia K. r WaKeen- ey freshman. Nagel, Connie LaCrosse freshman; Nash, Kenneth, Ulysses junior; Nebel, Ann L-, Esbon freshman; Neely, Marlon ft, John- son freshman; Negley, Dwight L, Durham junior; Neidhart, Barbara A,, Hoisington freshman. Dodgers Nail World Series Crown in Seven Neken, Donald L., Copeland freshman; Nelson, Barbara E., Great Bend sophomore; Nelson, Martha L., Hays sophomore; Nel- son. Patrick G-, Tescott freshman- Nelson, Vicki L., Lyray sophomore; Nemechek, William J + . Wa Keeney sophomore. Nemnieh, Marla K+. Miltonvale freshmon; Neubauer, Dennis R.. Munden junior; Neu- bauer. Karen Belleville sophomore; Neu- burger, Linda L., WaKeeney freshman; Neufeld, Henry, Hutchinson junior; New- brey, Martha J., Great Bend freshman. Newcomer, Sandra D., Scott City junior; Nowell, Leroy A„ Damar junior; Newman, Gary E., Hosie freshman ; Newsom, Cheryl L., Lewis freshman; Newsom, Keith E., Lewis junior; Newsom, Sharon E., Cimar- ron freshman. 283 Underclassmen New-Ont Newsom, Walter D., Llmon, Colo., fresh- man; Nicholas, Kenton C., Johnson fresh- man: Nicholas, Wendell R., Johnson fresh- man; Nicoll, Sandra S,. Russell freshman; NledenthaJ, Ada, Russell freshman; Nieh sen, Linda K,, Russell junior. Nlertian, Kenneth J., Grinnell freshman; Nodine, Loren D, r Ulysses sophomore; Noel James R., Wichita sophomore; Noffsinger. Larry D. f Hays junior; Noffsinger, Viclti J., Elkhart junior; Nokes, Jim W + , Sharon Springs sophomore. NolleBe, Joyce A., Monument junior; Nor- den, Donna J., Kensington sophomore; Nor- den, Linda A., Kensington freshman; Nor- ris, Joseph M., Coats freshman; Nossaman, Janet L., Pratt freshman; Nowak, Jerry A., Gorham sophomore. Noyce, William A„ Broomfield, Colo., sophomore; Muss, Roland E., Great Bend jun- ior; Oakley, Dixie L., Laltin freshman ; Oberg, James E-, Salina sophomore; Oberg, Jeanne R., Hutchinson junior; Obholi, Len- ny R., Hays freshman. Requirements for Teaching Major Altered Oborny, Larry S., Rush Center junior; Ochs, John L., Utica freshman; Oden, James W., Sterling freshman; Odle, Marlene K., Glen Elder freshman; Odle, Stanley L., Glen Elder freshman; O ' Donnell, Christina P + , Ellsworth freshman. Odum, Jerry D., Russell sophomore; Oet- ken, Rita L., Albert junior: Offner, Betty M,. Utica sophomore; O ' Gara, Denise A., Hays freshman; Ogburn, Keith D., Ells- worth junior- O ' Hara, Carol R., Hays fresh- man. Ohmes, Ramona T., Garden City junior; Okeson, Donald T., Weskan sophomore; Okeson. Warren K,, Weskan freshman; Olds, Deanna K., Colby freshman- Oliver, Barbara J,, Garden City junior- Olson, Can- dance J., QbeHirt sophomore. Olson, Galen W., Oberlln sophomore: Ol- son, Richard E., Colby freshman; Olson, Steve C., Russell freshman; Omlor, Jane A,, Seward freshman; O ' Neill, Norman E,, Lyons junior; Qntfes, James L., Genesee junior. 284 Underclassmen Opd-Pet Opdycke, Douglas D., Hutchinson sopho- more; Orchard, Gary R., Kanorado fresh- man; Osborn, Robert W,, Stockton junior; Osborne, Marsha R„ Hanston freshman; Osthoff, Peggy A., Athol junior: Ost- meyer, Mary L,. Oakley freshman. Ostrander, Susan, Burdstt junior; Owens, Terry L, Gove freshman; Gyfer, Stanley E,, Johnson freshman; Oimun, Iris R,, Mankato freshman; Paget, Kenneth S., Le- banon freshman; Pa his, Cynthia A,, Great Bend junior. PaMs, Dianna K., Downs freshman; Palm- berg, Edgar G,, Palco sophomore; Palmer, Bennett D„ Haysville freshman; Palmer. Don M„ Hays freshman; Palmer, Kent E,. Lucas junior; Palmer, Lon R., Hays freshman. Pancake, Peggy L, Sharon Springs fresh- man; Panzer, Arthur J„ Ellsworth fresh- man; Papes, Janet A-, WaKeeney sophomore; Parker. Craig X, Hays freshman; Parker, Robin A-, Osborne junior; Parnell, Pamela L., Kinsley freshman. Charles DeGaulle Re-elected French President Pass It, Ernest E.. Dorrance freshman; Pat- rick, Sheryl E., Formoso freshman; Patter- son. Kenneth X. Hill City junior; Paynter, Christine, Woods ton sophomore; Paynter, Stephen D., Otis sophomore: Pearce, Bryan F., Wallace sophomore. Pearce. Dennis K., Moscow junior; Pearce, James L, Lincoln freshman; Pearson, Lu Etta Mh. Hays junior: Pechanec, Janet S., Timken junior: Peck, Douglas A„ Goodbnd sophomore; Pelzel, David, Hays- freshman. Pember, Vorna F., Ness City freshman; Rep- perd, Loren J., Kinsley junior; Perkins, Ro- ger D., LaCrosse freshman; Pesicka, GEla A,, Natoma freshman; Peter, Kathy J„ Good- land sophomore; Peter, Sandra J., Goodland fresh man. Peters, Dennis W., McCracken freshman; Peters Jon F„, Gberlin junior; Peters, Pat- ricia K., Scott City freshman; Peterson. Davida L., Hays junior; Peterson, Dona- van G-. Halstead freshman; Peterson, Karen S., Lincoln sophomore. 285 Underclassmen Pet-Qui Peterson, Nancy A,, Norton freshman Peterson, Patrick C., Clyde junior; Peter- son, Sherry D., Hays sophomore: Petracefc, Herbert R, Jennings freshman; Petrysryn, Yarosfaw, Ulysses junior; Pettengill, Glenn N., Hays junior. Pettit, Cecil A,, Solina sophomore; Petty, Bruce A,, Hays junior- Petty, Warren L-, Sdman, Okla., sophomore; Petidd, Mary M„ Hays sophomore " Pfannenstief, Don J., Hays junior; Pfannenstiel, Eileen, Hays freshman. Pfannens+fel, Imogene, Hays sophomore-; Pfannenstief, Mary K., Hays freshman; Pfeifer, Carole J., Garden City junior; Pfei- fer. Linda E., Studley freshman; Phelps, Dianne K., Atwood freshman; Phifer, Gary D., Hays sophomore. Phillips, Clyde W., Junction City junior; Phillips, Gary L , Kinsley freshman; Phil- lips, Paul G., Great Bend freshman; Phye, Fre-d R., Coats freshman; Pickett, Eldon E., McDonald junior; Pickett, Marion F., Ed- son freshman. Piland, Janice E., Machville sophomore; Pitner, Ralph F., Atwood junior; Plattner, Earl E., Buckfln sophomore; Plunkett, Rich- ard, Syracuse junior; Poore, Marvin L, Woodston junior; Porter, Nancy J., Little River freshman. Porter, Richard D., Little River junior; Post, Phli L„ Bellaire sophomore; Poulignot, Lin- da M., PhiJIipsburg junior; Pound, Cheri- lyn R,, Wichita freshman: Powell, Marietta J., Neodosha freshman: Power, Robert J., Hays sophomore. Powers, Lonnie R., Grainfield freshman; Precdy, Carolyn L-, Satanta freshman; Pre- wett, Donna J,. Liberal junior; Price. Jo A.„ Norton junior; Price, Judith A., Wichita sophomore; Price, Kathleen C. Garfield freshman. Price, Kenneth D., Nekoma junior; Prinsen, James, Prairie View junior; Pritchard, Mi- chael J H , Hutchinson junior; Probasco, Barbara A., Stockton freshman; Prusa, Ca- thy M,, Claflin freshman; Pruter, Roger A. ( Natoma sophomore. Puckett, Margo F., WaKecney sophomore; Pugh, Walter E-, Bloom junior; Purdy, Lou- ise E„ Hays freshman; Pywell H Brian S.. Zurich junior; Querbach, Jerry J., Hans- ton freshman; Quinn, Jean A., Afmena sophomore. 286 Underclassmen Qui-Ric Quint. Shirley A., Hill City freshman; Ra- benseifner, Elaine L, Olmitz freshman; Ra- burn, Geanene R., Gberlln freshman; Rad- nor, Peggy J,, Scott City junior; Rahmanan, Khosrow, Meshed, [ran, freshman; Railsbatk, Thomas C.. Oberlin freshman. Rafstin, Roger J., Mellinvitle junior; Ral- ston, Rozenne, Hoysville freshman; Ramsdetl, Jan J-, Hays junior; Ramsey, Bill E., Colby sophomore; Ramsey. James X, Valley Center junior; Randels, luana J-, Pratt freshman. Randle, Randy A-, Rolla freshman; Rankin, Carolyn K-, Ashland junior; Rankin, Riley C., Clay Center sophomore; Rash, LeRoy C., Alberty, Ore., freshman; Rasmussen, Judith K.„ Oakley freshman; Rasmussen, Rita B,, Norton freshman. Rathbun, Jacqueline $„ Great Bend freshman; Raynes, Clinton A, r Great Bend freshman: Reager, William M„ Mankato sophomore; Redd, Cheryl A., St. John freshman; Red- elberger, Mark L. Great Bend sophomore; Reed, Sonia A,, Dodge City freshman. Raedy, Thomas A., Norton freshman; Reese, Calvin D. p Logan junior- Reese, James H., Natoma freshman; Reever, Anna R., Liberal freshman; Regier, Robert D,. Buh- ler sophomore; Rerfschneider, Robert H., LaCrosse freshman. Subway, Bus Strike Cripples New York City Reimer, Keith E., Albert junior; Rein, Pam- ela R„ Ness City junior; Rein, Ray A„ Ba- zine freshman; Reinert, Dennis R„ Esbon freshman; Reinert, Donald C., Selina fresh- man; Reinhardt, Sandra K., Russetl junior. Reinhardt, Susan M., Russell freshman; Rei- sig, Shirley A., Russell sophomore; Raising, Gretchen L, r Newton sophomore; Remplce, Marilyn K., St. Charles, Mo., freshman; Reynolds, Joanne J,, Hays junior; Reynolds, Marvin J., Natoma junior. Rhoades. David B,, Wj Keeney freshman; Rhoades, Peggy J-, Wa Keeney sophomore; Rhoden, Kenneth K., WaKeeney freshman; Rhodes, Sandy L., Muflinville sophomore; Rhudy, Riohard K., Lincoln sophomore; Rice, Dennis E-, Osborne sophomore. 237 Underclassmen Ric-Roo Rice, Martha L, Hoislngton sophomore ' Richard, Sylvia A., Johnson junior; Rich- ards. Howard E„ DEghton sophomore; Rich- ardson. Judith A,. Valley Center freshman: Rickard, Barbara L, Ulysses freshman; Ri- der, Eugene D., Haysville sophomore. Ridler. James M., Hays freshman; Riedel, Danny L., Assaria junior; Riedel, Kenneth D., Hays junior; Riedel, William J., Hays freshman; Ridtenberg, John M., Sylvan Grove freshman; Rlemann, Leland J., Nor- ton freshman. Rife, Harold E., LoCrosse junior; Rife. Rosa lee H., Lyons freshman; RIner, Diana S.. Scott City junior; Riner, Patricia J,, Pro- tection junior; REner, Ronald R., Scott City junior; Rintoul, Dwane L, ( Garden City junior. Rittenhouse, Jinna L-, Selina freshman; Robben, Eugene W., Gorham freshman; Ro j berts, Norman A., WaKeeney freshman; Ro- berts, Rose M-, Saline freshman; Robert son, Larry £., Oberlin freshman- Robinson. Larrry E-, Phillipsburg freshman. Robinson, Mary A.. Dodge City freshman; Robinson, Michael W., Protection sopho- more; Robinson, Nancy J., Cawker City freshman; Robison. Mary L., Oberlin tresh- man; Rockwell, Sue A,, Hays freshman; Roeder, Dean A,. Soodland junior. Students Receive New Plastic Identification Cards Roemer, Anita L., Grain field sophomore: Roesch, Duane A., Colby sophomore; Ro- gers, Donna K., Atwood freshman; Rogers, James R., Hgxie junior; Rogers, Ronald M,, Ellsworth freshman; Rogers, Shelby A., Jetmore freshman. Rogg, Alan R.. Russell freshman; Rohr, Mary J., Gorham freshman; Rolf, Leslie L, Isabel freshman; Rolfe, Marie E,, PSelnville freshman ; RolUnd. La no N., Wa Keeney sophomore; Romig, Marcia D,, La kin fresh- man. Rominger, Dennis L., Gian Elder- freshman: Rom me, Donna M., Victoria freshman ; Ro pri- me. Doris A. , Victoria freshman; Rodims, Janet F,, St, John sophomore; Rooney, Pa- tricia A-, McDonald freshman; Root, Edward D,, Salina sophomore. 288 Underclassmen Ros-Ruu Roskilly, James D., Stockton junior ; Ross, Geraldine M., Great Bend sophomore; Ross, Kenneth F., Hays freshman; Ross, Linda J., Wa Keeney freshman; Ross, Linda L., Burr Oak sophomore; Ross, Marla K., Stockton sophomore. Roth, Allen P, r Pfeifer freshman; Roth, Ce- cil C., Bison sophomore; Roth, Cynthia A,, Hays sophomore; Roth, Edmund, Pfei- fer freshman; Rothe, Jim M., Bison fresh man; RounMcs Penny F., Paradise sopho- more. Rowh, Jay A., Norton freshman; Rowh, Ren E., Clay+on freshman; Roy, Gerry D,. Syra- cuse sophomore; Roy, Jim F,, Syracuse freshman; Roylanee, Kenny W.„ Great Bend sophomore; Ru bottom, Avonne M., Woodston junior. Rubottom, Darrell G., Woodston junior; Ruckert, Yvcnna L-, Chase junior; Ruda, Lucille A., Atwood freshman; Ruder, Cheryl A., Oakley sophomore; Ruder, Earl F., Hays freshman; Ruder, Jeannette M,, Hays fresh- man. Ruder, Sharon K., Hays freshman; Rudman, Sally M. f Palco junior; Rudolph, Glenda L. Scott City junior; Rueb, Cynthia A., St. Francis freshman; Rueb, William J. K Vona, Colo., sophomore: Rueschhoff, Kath- lean A M Oakley junior. Rufenacht, Delia B., Ness City junior; Rufe- ner, Larry J + , Abilene sophomore; Ruff, Aneta N., Logan sophomore; Rule, Leta I., Norton freshman; Rundle, David C,, Clifton sophomore; Ruud. Mary L., James- town - junior. New plastic identification cards, each containing the photo, name and address of the student, were made on campus and distributed to collegians " this year. 289 Underclassmen Rya-Sch Ryan, Ruth A,, Welcome freshman; Ryner- son, Elaine K., Jetmore freshman; Salm, Robert L, Dodge City junior: Salter, Stove G., Garden City freshman: Samples, Fred R., Hays freshman: Sander, Carolyn A., Victoria freshman. Sanders, Gary D., Good land sophomore: Sanders, Judy A,. Hays freshman; Sand- strom r Joyce E., Larned freshman ; Sanford, Larry E., Belleville sophomore; Sanneman, Dudley D„ Palmer freshman: Satchel!, Lester G„ Bunker Hall freshman. Sauer, Susan L-, Cimarron freshman; Scant- lin, William M., Liberal freshman; Schafer, Ronald L., LaCrosse sophomore; Schaffer, James R., LaCrosse sophomore; Scheffer, Willie J,, Hoxie freshman; Schalansky, Rich- ard, AJton sophomore. Scherr, B, J,, Collyer junior; Scherr, Charles P,. Collyer junior; Schiedeman, Janis C., LaCros ' se freshman; Schiedeman, Linda A., LaCrosse junior; SchieJds. Dale A,. Good- land junior; Schiewe, Ronald E, p Preston sophomore. Schilling, Burton L-. Delta Junction, Alas- ka sophomore ' Schissler, Dan C,, Herndon sophomore: Schlagedc, John L, Hoxie fresh- man; Schlegei, Myron L, ( LaCrosse fresh- man; Schmidt, Anita L., Hays sophomore; Schmidt., Dennis L., Hays sophomore. Schmidt. Frederick J , Elllnwood junior; Schmidt, Gary E., Hays junior; Schmidt, Jacqgelm R„ Hays sophomore; Schmidt, John A., LaCrosse sophomore; Schmidt, Michael C,. McPherson Freshman; Schmidt, Shirley A., Hays freshman. Schmidt, Timothy P,, Hays sophomore; Schmfdtberger. Galen p., Victoria junior: Schmidtberger, Wayne A,, Victoria freshman; Schmitt, Denny J., Sterling freshman; Schmitt, Sandy A., Kinsley freshman; Schnatterly, Arthur D,, Hays freshman. Schneider, Bernard C., Olmitz freshman; Schneider, Leon K., Osborne junior; Schneider, Pamela J,, Great Bend freshman; Schnoor, William F., Booton. Iowa, freshman: Schoenberg er„ Karla S., Atwood freshman; Schoeni, Arden W,, Athol junior. Schoenthaler, Barbara E., Ogallah freshman; Schoenthaler, Cheryl D,, Ellis freshman; Schon, Jeanne, Gorham sophomore; Schon, Wayne E., Gorham freshman; Schreiber, Mary M,, Ransom sophomore; Schreiner, Don- ald K., Hays sophomore. 290 Underclassmen Sch-Sha Schreiner, Eugene, Colfyer junior; Schreu- der, Peggy A., Cawker City freshman; Schriock, Dorothy C„ Ness City freshman; Schroeder, Ann. WaKeeney sophomore; Schroeder, Troy A., Afbert junior; Sc buck- man, Patricia L., LaCrosse junior. SchueJer, Karen M., Hays sophomore; Schufte, tavern Gorham sophomore; Schulte, Ronald L, Cawker City sopho- more; Schultz, Kathryn M., Bunker Hill sophomore; Schiilla, La ' Ftee E., Timken fresb- man; Schumacher, Judy K„ Jewell junior. Schumacher, Phyllis J., Hays freshmen; Schupman, Marilyn D,, Hays freshman; Schwartz, Channing D., Hays sophomore; Schwarzenberger, John D,, Collyer sopho- more; Schwein, Richard R., Atchison fresh- man; Scott, Cheryl L, Norton sophomore. Scott, Danna K. f Great Bend sophomore; Scott, Danny G,, St. John freshman; Scott, Doris H-. Downs junior; Scott. Dwayne L, OberJin freshman; Scott. Lee E,, Rozel jun- ior; Scott, Nancy L, Osborne junior. Scott. Ronald L. Oberlin freshman; Scott, Terry W,, Saunemin, III., junior; Scott, William M., Osborne junior; Seago, Diane G., Russell sophomore; Sears, Robert E. Goodfand sophomore; Seeman, Karlene K.. Lamed junior, Adlai Stevenson, Ambassador to U.N., Dies Seidel, Cheryl X. Osborne freshman; Seifert. ShirJ A.. Hay freshman; Seifried, Shari- lyn M., Dight n freshman; Sekavec. Dale A. , Brownell freshman; Selbe, Nancy S M Bo 5e sophomore; Sells, Patricia A., Great Bend freshman. Selins, Carol J. Russell junior; Selley, Charfa J T , Oakley junior; Selley, Samuel J., Oakley junior: Seltmann, Terry L., Ne- korna junior; Seuser, Judith A., Bison jun- ior; Sexsmith, Cheryl S., Salina junior Sexson, Keith £., Weskan junior; Sayb, Marilyn K,, Johnson freshman; Shamburg, Carol A.. WaKeeney freshman; Shamburg. Ramona L., WaKeeney sophomore; Sham- burg, Sondra K.. Beloit freshman; Shank, Linda D., Arkansas City junior. 291 Underclassmen Sha-Smi Stanley, Cynthia D„ Smith Center freshmen; Shannon, Joyce E,. Lincoln freshman; Shaw, Madeline K., Liberal freshman; Sheets, Linda L., Phllllpsburg sophomore; Sheets, Naomi N. p Los Vegas, Nev., junior; Sheets, Patricia K., Lincoln sophomore. Shellhaas, Maurice A., Hays freshman; Shepherd, Charles E., Manter sophomore; Sherraden, Kenneth F., Chapman freshman; Sherrill, Larry E-, Burrton junior; Sher- wood, Donald R., Russell freshman; Sher- wood, Margaret C.. Russell freshman. Shindler, Sandra M . Hays freshman; Shi’ rack, Michael D., Solomon sophomore; Shirk, Mary G,, McPherson sophomore; Shoe- maker, Terry C. Hays junior; Shull, Peter W +I Glasco freshman; Shull, Sharron A.. Dlgh+on sophomore. Sidener, Corrine J., Ada sophomore; Sie- bold, Linda L., Clay Center freshman; Sim, Stephen C.. Lakin sophomore; STmminger, Sheryl L, Ellis sophomore; Simmons, Cal- vin L., Russell freshman; Simmons, Glenn G., Hays sophomore. Simmons, John E., Russell junior; Simon, Lawrence L., Stud ley sophomore 1 Sims, Jon R., Smith Center freshman; Sinclair, Carol F„, Newton junior; Slpe, Judi A,, Denver, Colo., junior; Sipe, Wayne A. t Baiine fresh- man. 36 of 85 Lewis Field Apartments Razed Sipes, James S., Abilene freshman; Sian- Icard. Jonroy, Great Bend freshman; Slate, Joleen S., Jewell sophomore; Slattery, Rich- ard E., Dodge City freshman; Slavick, Dale E, h Kensington freshman; Slopansky, Paul E- r Belleville junior. Small, Gary G„ Russell freshman; Smarsh, John A., Great Bend sophomore; Smelt- ier, Patricia L,, Dighton freshman; Smiley, Connie L, Hays sophomore; Smith, Ardith E., Oberlin freshman; Smith, Arlyn E., Paw, nee Rock junior Smith, Barbara J., PhilSipsburg junior; Smith, Bronwen M„ Offerle sophomore; Smith, David C.. Offerle sophomore; Smith, Garfield E., Abilene sophomore; Smith, Gary W., Ulysses junior; Smith, Greg F.. Earned freshman. 292 Underclassmen Smi-Squ Smith, Harry L, Mlltonvole freshman; Smith, Ivelee G., Osborne freshman; Smith, Jimmy L., Oakley freshman; Smith, Julia I., Arring- ton freshman; Smith, Kenneth W., Natoma freshman: Smith, Larry D., Bison sophomore. Smith, Larry G., Qutnter freshman; Smith, Marcelo M., Bucklin sophomore; Smith. Marie J.. Phtllipsburg freshman; Smith, Marilyn S., Pawnee Rock freshman; Smith, Mary L., Garden City freshman; Smith, Mi- chael J., Great Bend sophomore. Smith, Mitchell R., Smith Center freshman; Smith, Robert E., Russell Springs junior; Smith, Ronald D- p Clay Center junior; Smith, Ronald L,, Coldwater freshman; Smith, Sharon K., Ashland junior; Smith, Spencer L . Hazelton sophomore. Smith, Stephanie L, Olathe freshman; Smith, Sybil K.. Ellis freshman; Smith, William David. Beloit sophomore: Smith, William Duane. Miltonvafe junior; Smith, William H., Sun City ' sophomore; Snay, Karen J., Plevna junior. Snay, Lana M. P Plevna freshman; Snell, Janet D,, Hudson junior; Snodgrass. Carol S.. Kan- sas City freshman; Snodgrass, Keith E., Great Send freshman; Soice, Larry E. r Montezuma junior; Solberg, Barbara A,, Salina sophomore. American, Russian Complete Walks in Space S others. Judith A., Scandia sophomore: Sou- Ecu p, Alvin C.. Dorrence junior- Sova, Diana L, t Great Bend freshman- Spacil, Paul E., Ellinwood junior; Spahbury, Arthur L.. Horton freshman; Spangenberg, Edward L, Hudson sophomore. Spanier, Jerry A., Great Bend sophomore; Spati, Sheila K., Beloit sophomore; Spencer, Harry W,, Ulysses junior; Spilker, Steven W., Beatrice. Neb., sophomore: Splitter, Larry R., Geneseo freshman; Spohr, Neuman L., Dodge City junior. Spreier, Scott W., Jefmore freshman; Sprick, Roger G., Prairie View sophomore; Springer, Carol A., Lyons junior; Sproul, Sally A. , Edmond freshman; Spurgin. Vicky A. r Lin- coln, Neb., freshman; Squyres, Melvin R., WaKoeney freshman. 293 Underclassmen Sra-Sui Sramek, Deb by L., McDonald freshman; Staab, Joyce A., Hays sophomore: Staab, Leon A,, Hays freshman; Stafford. Donovan L, Russell freshman: Stafford. Michael L., Norman. Okie,, freshman; Stagner, Gene H.. Fowler freshman. Stapleton. James W., Jewell freshman; Stapleton. Jerry W,, Belpre junior; Stearns, Patrke D., Cawker City sophomore; Sfech, Terence V., Cawker City sophomore; Steele, George L, Hays junior; Steele, Marlene A.. Halstead freshman. Steffan, Marilyn. Great Bend freshman; Stef- fen. Donald D. r Burdett funior; Steimef, Rob- ed L,, Claffin sophomore; Stein, Dean L-, Plainvilie freshman; Steinbacher, Jolene C., Great Bend freshman; Steincamp, Martha R, f Lamed freshman. Steined, Dennis N., Russell sophomore: Stem- ert, Nancy L,, Great Bend freshman: Sfeinie, Francis D,, Dorrance junior; Steita, Linda K., Bison freshman; Stephenson, Norene F. Jennings freshman; Steponiek, Alane L-, Russell freshman. Stevens. Deanna J., Goodland freshman; Stew- art, Carol A., Cold water freshman; Stewart, Kenneth L, Hunter sophomore; Stewart, Pat- ty S., Heafy freshman; Stewart, Peggy L., Healy_ freshman; Stewart, Stephen R., Court- land funior. Stiles, Kathy A,, Liberal freshman; Stinson, David L.. Concordia freshman; Stites, Wi|- bur R.. Hill City freshman; Stithem. Schar- lean H., Zurich freshman; Stockman, Keith B., Kfrwfn sophomore; Stone, Gerald D. P Goodland junior. Stos Carol J., Oimitz junior; Stos. Chads 7 " ° fls H™ or; StciJ t, Delbert B., Morlan, lumor; Strain, Patrick C, Lamed freshman Strait Renys D Concordia funior; Strana than. Sidney W., ICowa freshman. Strayer, Virginia L. Norcatur freshman; Strait, James M,, Clayton Freshman; Stro- be , George A., Great end sophomore: Stro- be!, Sally U Protection freshman; Strom, Kay t Clifton freshman; Stuart, Mark W., Heringfon sophomore. Stuad, Patricia L., Dodge City sophomore; Studer. Shirley D., Beloit Freshman; Stull, Ronald D., Chapman freshman; Suelter, Rob- ed G, Ellsworth freshman; Suiter, Charles F„ Macksville freshman; Suiter, Donna J. r Ho ie freshman. 294 Underclassmen Sul-Tho Sullivan, Linda J , Great Bend freshman ; Sullivan, Michac! L., Philiipsburg [union Sulzman, M, Jofene, Setdon sophomore: Sulzman, Ronald J., Selden junior; Suppes, Carol J., Bison freshman; Suter. Don M., Oak fey [unior. Sutton, Roddy D., Greensburg sophomore; Svaty, Linda E„ Ellsworth Freshman; Swan, Dana L,, Hugotgn sophomore ; Swan, Larry R., Hugoton sophomore; Swank, Kaye L. ( Osborne freshman; Swann, Mary P., Russell freshmen Swartz, Susan M., Great Bend freshman; Swayie, Dennis I,, Coldwater junior; Sweat, John, Cedar junior Sweat, Michael, Cedar [unior; Sweat, Richard L, Cedar jun- ior; Sweat, Sandra L„ Cedar freshman. Swenson, Ed L, JeweiJ [unior; Swenson, Ronald D.„ Dodge City [unioi , Switzer, Sandra K., Great Bend freshman; Syirms, Tom C., Hutchinson junior; Syrian, Louisa 0„ Selina freshman; Tabler, Fern C n Russell freshman. Ta brizi, Nematollah H., Shiraz, Iran, sopho- more; Taggart, Thomas L, Hays freshman; Tambascio, Linda M., Hays freshman- Tan- nahiil, C. Allan, Great Bend freshman- Tau- scher, Charles L,, Sthoenchen junior; Tay- lor, Pat A,, Tribune freshman. Clay TKO’s Patterson for Heavyweight Crown Teasley, Warren B., Topeka freshman; Te- bo, Stephen D,, Hill City junior; Tedesco, Jo Anne F,, Lake Mahopae, N.Y., sopho- more; Tester, Melvin E r| Ulysses fresh- man; Terada, Kozo, Wakayama, Japan, [unior; Terry, Bill L., Good land freshman. Terry, Johnny 8., Haigler, Neb,, junior; Terwilfiger, Charyne K-, Shields freshman; Teschner, Barbara R., Atchison sophomore; Teter, Diana L., Protection sophomore; Thacker, Gloria J., Luray sophomore; Thacker, Margaret E., Luray freshman. Thalherm, Cheryl D-, Great Bend freshman: Thalbeim, Kerry A., Grteat Bend junior; Thiele, Nancy E., Scott City sophomore; Thiele, WaunEta M., Norton sophomore; Thielen, Joseph P., Dorrance sophomore; Thomas, E, Elaine, Hays junior. 295 Underclassmen Tho-Tym Thomas, J. Craig, Dighfon sophomore: Tho- mas, R, Wayne, Turon sophomore: Thomas. Sherry J., Logan sophomore: Thomas, Stephen ft.. Great Bend freshman: Thome- ciek, Bill J,, Syracuse freshman: Thome cielt, Linda K,. Syracuse freshman. Thompson. Barbara A., Russell sophomore: Thompson, David A., Liberal sophomore: Thompson, Katherine ft,. Ulysses freshman: Thompson, Mary A., Greensburg sophomore: Thornburg, Dennis D., Alton sophomore: Thornburg. Mary Ann, Hoisingtcm sophomore. Thornburg. Ruth £,. Alton freshman: Thorn- ton, Linda J.. Republic iunigr; Thummel, Patricia A., ftlainvilfe sophomore: Thuriow, Janet M t Hill City sophomore: Thurlow. Linda K-. Hill City freshman: Thurman, Pamela 0„ Great 8end freshman. Tithe nor, Steven R, Russell freshman: Till- berg, Vernon G,, Safina sophomore; Tim- ken, Gary ' L., Cimarron junior: Timmons. Karen L, Hugoton sophomore: Tinkler. Da- vid E-, WaKeeney freshman; Tirone, Car- min A„ Lyndhurst, N. J„ junior. Todd, Patricia A., Salina freshman; Todd. Robert O,, Goodland junior; Tomanek, Den- nis A., WaKeeney sophomore; Tomanek, Lynn E., WaKeeney sophomore; Tomanek, WaJta J., Hays freshman; Tomsen, Marion, Syracuse sophomore. Tonne. Larry E,. Lincoln freshman; Trapp, Charlene J,, Geneseo junior; Trapp, Cheryl L„ Luray sophomore; Trapp, James N., Wol- do freshman; Trapp, John L., Waldo junior; Treblfcock, Wanda B., Ford sophomore. Treu. Marilyn D., Studley freshman; Trim- mer, Suo A,. Hays sophomore; Troll. Connie S-. Great Bend freshman; Trout, Donna D., Augusta, Ga„ freshman- Truan, Cynthia ft-, Victoria freshman; Trussed, Linda J., John- son freshman. Tscham, Lynn, Protection freshman; Tubbs, James O., Levant freshman; Tucker. Silly D- f Scott City sophomore; Tucker, Martha J,. Seward sophomore; Tull, Don E., Jet- more freshman; Turner, Gary £., Fowler freshman. Turner, Nancy J., Brownell freshman; Tur- ner, William G., Otis junior; Tuttle, S. Harry, Greensburg freshman: Tweed. John C- h Norton junior; Twitchell. Sherry D.. Rozel freshmao; Tymer, Dennis C., Kanopolis fresh- man. 296 Underclassmen Tyr-Von Tyrelf. David L., Mankato sophomore; Ty- son, Judy L, Wichita junior; Ufm, Larry R., Hunter sophomore; Unrein, Edwa rd J-, Hays freshman; Unruh, Cynthia L,, Me- Pherson freshman; Urban. Gloria J. p Hays sophomore. Urban, Janet C., Quinter junior; Vender- ree, Marine L, Pierceville freshman; Van Der Wcge. Judeen S., Glade freshman; Van De Wege, Karyn L, Long Island freshman; Van De Wege, Sharyr D., Long Island fresh- man; Van Donge, Jerry P„ Goodland junior. Van Dyke, Dale A,, Prescott, Ariz„ sopho- more; VanDyke, Garvin K., Clay Center jun- ior; Van Eaton, Marjorie L., Monument sophomore; Van Galder, Arlene L. Hudson junior; Venn. Paulette A,, Fowler fresh- man; VanPelt, Regan D., Dighton freshman. Van Vleet. Karen L,, Danbury, Neb-, fresh- man; Vap, Eugene F.,, Atwood sophomore; Ven John, Karen L., Garden City freshman; Vernon, Diana .. Russell freshman; Ver- non. Gearld A., Colby junior; Veseeky, Rosa- lee Timken junior. Vessey, Ronald D,. Clayton sophomore; Vetter, Kenneth L. r Beloit freshman; Vin- cent, J, Ray, Hays freshman; Vincent, Vio- la M,.. Hays junior; Vint, Janice M., Glen Elder sophomore; Vonfeldt, Dennis A., Gor- ham junior. Lecture-In Interprets U.S. Policy in Viet Nam Kansas Sen. Frank Carlson, featured speaker at the lecture-in. interprets and urges support for the U. S, policy in South Viet Nam in his address to a large audience in Sheridan Coliseum. Sen, Carlson was sponsored by the Young Republicans in November, 297 Underclassmen Von-Was VooFeldt, G. L, Gorham junior; Von Leon- rod, George A,. Dighton freshman; Vopat, Harry J. ( Wilson sophomore; Voran, Pat- ricia L, Cimarron freshman; Vossman, Ken- neth L, Beloit junior; Voth, Pamela J, p Sharon Springs freshman. Votruba, Edward J,, Wilson sophomore; Vrbas, Ronald D,, Ludefl freshman- Wade. Bruce K., Mayfield freshman- Wagner, Dale R Russell junior- Wagner, Donald L,„ Os- borne freshman; Wagner, Norma X, Hays sophomore. Wagner, Robert B,, WaKeeney junior; Wahl- meier, Roger R. Clayton junior- Wahrman. Ly- nette M., Herndon freshman; Wait, Lynn D., N a tom a junior: Waite, Curtis D., Benninq- junior: Walker, Barry V., Sharon Springs freshman. Walker, Gary L.. Shallow Water fresh man: Walker, James L., Lamar, Colo,, sopho- more; Walter, Judith L, Weskan sopho- more: Walker, Linda K., Sharon Springs freshman; Walker, Susan X, Weshn fun- ior: Wall, Ruth A., Clay Center freshman. Wallace, Barbara J , Barnard freshman; Wallace, Dennis J-, Safina freshman; Wah lace, Linda Nekoma freshman; Walsh, Gary J,„ Selina sophomore; Walt, Jo Ann, Collyer freshman; Walter, Dorothy A„ Ca- therine junior. New FHS Power Plant Gets Legislature’s Okay Walter, Roger N., Hays freshman; Walters, David A., Hays freshman- Walters, Edye L.. Manter freshman; Walters, Janet C,, Hays sophomore; Walters, Janice M., Hays fresh- man; Walters, Karen Ml,, Hays junior. Walters, Kathleen A., Hays sophomore; Walters, Mary L,. Hays freshman; Walts, Don, Great Bend freshman; Walz, Roger M,, Oakley freshmar; Wangerin, David L-. Ken- sington freshman; Ward, Kathy J., Lakin freshman, Ward, Wave J., Norcatur freshman; Wark, Gloria A, Record freshma n ; Warne, Lora K., Wichita freshman; Wasinger, Cheryl L., Hays sophomore; Wasinger, Glen A., Hays freshman; Wasinger, Judith L., Hays sopho- more. 298 Underclassmen Was-Whi Wasinger, Richard L, Garden City junior: Watkins, Larry C., Garden City sophomore: Watson, Stephen J,, Liberal freshman: Watts Marie A., Oakley freshman: Weathers, Con- nie K., Great Bend freshman: Weather Jane A., Great Bend freshman. Weaver, Linda L, Undsborg freshman: Weber. Douglas C., Garden City junior; Weber, Marjorie D„ Hode freshman; Weeks, Loren L,, Cawker City junior; Weers, Diane M., Seward junior: Wegele, Allen E., Ot:$ freshman. Weigel, Bernard H., Gorham freshman: Wei- gel, Kent, Oakley sophomore; Weir, Pam R-, Plalnville freshman: Weise, Barbara A., Hoisinqton freshman; Weise nsee, Charles A., Larned sophomore- Weiser, Lonnie D., Oalt- ley freshman, Wells, Brenda K„ Alexander freshman; Wells, Dalmer L., Rozel junior; Wendel, Thomas L, Great Bend freshman; Wende- fin, Lawrence F., Herndon junior; Wendell, James W., Beloit sophomore- Wen+lmg, Mary Kay, Ellis sophomore. Worth , Agnes C,, Hays sophomore; Wenn, Charlene F„ Hays freshman; Weis, Mary E-, Great Bend Junior; Wess, Patricia FL, Great Bend freshman; West, Dennis L, Hugoton freshman; Westerman. Edward L, k Lorraine sophomore. Admission of Red China Rejected by U.N. Westhoff, Larry W„, Morrow ille sophomore; Westphal, Alice P., Kinsley freshman; West- phal, LaVetta L., Hays freshman; Wheat- croft, Janice L, Shields freshman- Wheeler, Cynthia R., Ellis freshman; Wheeler, John P., Garden City freshman. Wheeler. Tamara L., Onaga freshman; Wher- ry, Robert P,, Dorrance freshman; Whip- ple, L, Jo, Jefmore junior; Whipple, Sharon L., Jetmore Junior; Whistler, Raymond G., Great Bend Junior- Whitaker, Jim D., Cim- arron freshman. White, John A., Long Island freshman; White, Mary G., Colby freshman; White, Paul R-, Glen Elder freshman; Whitney. Cheryl D., Phillipsburg freshman; Whitney, John W M Phillips burg Junior; Whittecar, Donald G-, Abilene sophomore. 299 Underclassmen Wic-Woo Wiclre. Rita K., Atwood sophomore; Wiehl Connie 5., Smith Center sophomore: Wiehl, Dwight A,, Smith Center junior: Wiens, Georgette K,, Monument freshman: Wies- ner, David J,, Ellis freshman: Wiesner. Shelia M., Hays freshman. Wilburn, Robert £., Atchison junior: Wil- cox, Gary D., Salina junior: Wildemen, Dick R., Ransom junior: Wilken, Barbara J.. Modoc [union Willten, Karen S„ Modoc freshman: Wilkinson, Larry K., McDonald sophomore. Wfllett, John E,, Junction City junior- Will- hairs, Rose M., Lyons junior: Williams, Carolyn A., Hays sophomore: Williams, Cathy J n Hays freshman- Williams,, Jerry E.., Alex- ander junior; Williams, Linda M,, Great Bend freshman. Students Ski in Colorado During Semester Break Williams, Polly A-, Medicine Lodge junior: Williams, Richard B. ( Newton junior: Wil- liams, Rita K,. Almena freshman: Williams, Wilbur W, r Wallace junior: Williamson, John T., Great Bend freshman: Wilson, Don- na D, ( Ellinwood freshman. Wilson, Kenneth E„ Lawrence junior: Wil- son, Leslie D., Burr Oak freshman: Wilson, Marie A, ( Great Bend junior: Wilson, Nor- man, Syracuse sophomore: Wilson, Philip R., Mankato sophomore: Wilson, Rod E,, Beloit junior. Winder, Rogene L., Great Bend junior: Wind- holi, Carol A., Plninville freshman: Wind- hoh, Wil ma J-, Victoria freshman: Wine- land, Eileen K., Natoma junior - Winkler, Connie J., Hill City freshman: Wise, Judith A,, Cawlter City freshman. Witthehn, Patti A r , Hays freshman; Wcb- ker 1 Mary J,, jGreat Bend freshman: Wolf, Henry G., Ellinwood freshman: Wolf, Rich- ard J., Hays freshman; Wolfe, Leanna K., Norton junior; Wolters, Suzanne L, Ludell freshman, Wolfing, Gaye L„ Barnard freshman- Wo- mack, Richard D., St, John junior: Womacks, David M., Champaign, ML, junior; Wondra, Stephen A., Burdett sophomore; Wood, Har- old R., E " nwood freshman; Wood, Virginia L. Genesoo freshman. 300 Underclassmen Woo-Zwi Woodhem, Harold A,, Wichita junior: Woods, Lenna L, Lebanon sophomore: Woods, Marie A.„ Lebanon freshman: Woods, Rufus M., Dodge City freshman: Woodson, Cheryl A,, Penalosa junior: Worden, Charles E., Norton freshman. Workman, Beverly C„ Natoma freshman; Worley, Cathy J,„ Concordia freshman; Wright, David K. f Westbury, N.Y., junior; Wright, Vickie J., Kiowa junior; Wygaf, Flora U Saline freshman- Wynn, James F., Sene- seo junior. Yantlss, Paul C., Long Island sophomore; Yardley, Frank £., Medicine Lodge fresh- man: Yeerout, Phillip D,, Palco freshman; Yoho, Robed E., Liberal sophomore; York, Nancy A,, Hoisington sophomore; Yost, Jack A., Gorham freshman. LBJ Undergoes Gall Bladder Operation Young, Austin B., Saline sophomore; Young, Brad E,. Stockton freshman; Young, Doug- las A,, Ellis sophomore; Young, Gary D-, Oberlin sophomore; Young, Patricia A., Goodland sophomore: Young. Patricia Ann, Lamed freshman. Young, Robert K . Ellsworth sophomore; Young, Roger D., Great Bond freshman; Younger, Judy A., Ellis freshman; Younger, Rinda M,, Goodland freshman; Zamrila, Bruce A., Salma freshmen; Zeigler, Trean W,, Wilmore sophomore. Zerfes, Sidney K., Hays freshman; Zerr, Al- fred P r , Quinter sophomore; Zerr, Dean A., Atwood freshman; Zerr, Elmer C., Quinter junior; Zerr, Mary A., Grainfield fresh- man: Ziegler, Eugene P., Grainfield fresh- man. Ziegler, Jo Eva J-, Wa Keeney sophomore; Ziegler, Rich D., Collyer sophomore: Zieg- ler, Richard D., Collyer sophomore: Zim- mer. Marvin G., LaCrosse freshman; Zim- merman, Alfred F., Hays junior; Zimmer- man, Virginia A., Jefmore junior. Zimmermann, Janice L,, East Arlington. Vt,, junior; Zink, Larry D., Larned freshman; Zohner, Carl J., Penokee junior; Zvofanek, Donald D., Vesper junior: Zvofanek, Phillip J., Bogue sophomore; Zweifel. Bar- bara J., Waldo junior; Zwink, David R-, Macksvjile freshman. 301 SFF ADVERTISING AND fND 6 Playing an Indirect but vital role in the college show Is the surrounding city of Hays. Through the numerous services and products of- fered by businessmen ' and the support which Hays citizens lend to the show, Fort Hays State gains Immeasurable benefits. In return, the college con- tributes Important cultural, Intellectual, social and financial stimulation to the community. This interdependence of the college, merchants and other townspeople has proved a source of community livelihood and has produced a strong bond between Fort Hays State and . . . patrons. 302 303 CAMPUS BOOK STORE For Your College Books and Supplies MA 4-26 f I 509 West 7tb 7-UP Bottling Co, Hays, Kansas J, E. PUftOV, RE C PH. ” 109 w. ioth sr.. i DIAL MA 4-412S PHARMACY HAYS, KANSAS 7-UP FIRST AGAINST THIRST 304 BIKE ' S BURGER BAR The Best Hamburgers by Taste Test Fast Courteous Service Quality Food at Painless Prices MA 4-3055 17th and Vine , ft t El t, 1 I B | i For Your School Supplies Try MARKWELL STATIONERY COMPANY GOODWIN SPORTING GOODS " Sports Equipment That Scores " MA 4-2419 119 West Nth V1TZTUM, INC, Ti I e — U n o I e u m — -Ca rpet Paints — Appliances Commercial and Residential Floor Contractors MA 4-4817 113 East 1 3th MA 4-46 ! I 1010 Main Woodmen Accident and Life Company Lincoln , Nebraska C. J. LINDAHL Fort Hays State College Graduate A MUTUAL LEGAL AESERVE COMPANY ESTABLISHED l»»0 A PERSONAL FINANCE SPECIALIST OFFERING Life Health Accident Hospital Major Medical and Group Protection Contact C X LINDAHL MA 4-5942 404 West 8th A W Drive-In Eat In Your Car or in Our New Dining Room Phone-in Orders Promptly Filled Will Be Ready When You Arrive Phone MA 4-8241 306 WIESNER ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Established in 1898 Everything for the Shopper MA 4-441 1 801 Main 307 Carol Goetz, Pam Alspaw HARKNESS STORE Fountain Service — Sundry Items MA 4-2521 715 Main Feature Lock Cosmic . . Diamonds ROHR JEWELRY Watch Repairs of All Kinds 709 Main MA 4-4327 QUALITY CLEANERS Complete Tux Rental FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY MA 4-3225 71 I Main 308 The Farmers State Bank MEMBER F.D.I.C. DRIVE-IN AND WALK-UP WINDOWS Loans of All Types MA 4-3645 718 Main 309 Gila Peseta, Laah Hachmeistsr, Anna Reever ABC DRUG . . , for the Complete Line of Cosmetics MA 4-2523 1007 Main Bernard’s MENSWEAR Suiting eKtU n€K “VcAttHctiOH. Gerry Aschenb re Finer, Joe Kraus F W. WOOLWORTH CO. Hays Most Modern Variety Store Best In Values HARTMAN ' S CHAMPLIN SERVICE CENTERS 2 Convenient Locations 8th and A$h WA 4-621 I 27th and Vine MA 4-2569 310 MA 4-3418 710 Main Your Music Department Store THE HAYS MUSIC COMPANY, INC. MA 4-4513 1003 WaI, » J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Ready-to-Wear Clothing for the Entire Family A Complete Line of Accessories 3! I YES » , When You Look Your Best, You Do Your Best Gloria McFarland, John Baffin Thai ' s Why Our Shop is the " FAVORITE FASHION SPOT " for Students at Fort Hays Leave Your Appearance to Us « The Rest is up to You!!! Join the " WINNERS” at . , . (Ihel illa eShop 2M ” Fashion Center for Gentlemen and Their Ladies ” • Men ' s Clothing • Ladies Sportswear • Shoes for Everyone 3 2 GAGELMAN MOTOR COMPANY, INC. MA 4-4414 1031 Main HAYS CITY DRUG Pastries Fresh Daily NEUBURGER’S BAKERY Special Attention Given to Special Orders CAKES OF ALL KINDS MA 4-2016 209 West 1 0th 7 4a flacJt and jJiU SAoft SMART APPAREL FROM INFANT TO PRETEEN TOYS AND INFANTS ' FURNITURE 1100 Main Street Hays — Kansas Mustang, 1966 Authorized FORD Sales and Service MA 4-3411 528 East 8th 313 2410 Vine Ha V 5 ' Kansas BOOSAART ' S ONE-STOP-SHOPPING Fine Foods — Houseware — Beautyaids — Shoes — Records Greeting Cards — Appliances — Clothing — Stationery ■ ' KESSLER CLEANING COMPANY MA 4-3429 (26 West 9th 314 Dennis Dretling, Lindon Montgomery DREILING’S MEN ' S WEAR MA 4-6716 106 West 9th FREE Home Decorating Service GEORGE GOTTSCHALK, Manager FORT HAYS PHARMACY MA 4-3469 217 West 1 0th 315 MA 4-4429 DAN ' S DRIVE-IN CAFE Food You Will Enjoy at Prices You Can Afford Highway 40 By-Pass NORTHWESTERN TYPEWRITER COMPANY Exclusive Royal Typewriters Sales and Service Electric — Standard — Portable Exclusive Victor Adders Calculators, Bookkeeping Machines Stow and Davis Wood Office Furnishings STEELCASE OFFICE FURNISHINGS MA 4-2565 800 Main 316 SUPPLY SHOP LOCATIONS: Hill City West Highway 24 674-2119 Hays 300 East 8th MA 4-3415 Plainville 3rd and Jefferson GE 4-4583 Colby 185 West 5th HO 2-3373 MEMBER A.5.LA. S W Supply Company, Inc. MACHINE SHOP LOCATIONS: Hill City West Highway 24 674-2 1 19 Hays 300 East 8th MA 4-3415 Plainville 3rd and Jefferson SE 4-4583 Colby 185 West 5th HO 2-3373 MEMBER Automotive Engine Rebuilders Assn, 317 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HAYS MEMBER F.D.I.C. FORT HAYS SPECIAL STUDENT ACCOUNTS REGULAR CHECKING ACCOUNTS MA 4-2587 1001 Main mi : H A ft S n BO VARSITY BOWL DRIVE-IN Ready to Serve You Weelcnights and Weekends Phone In Your Order to MA 4-9955 318 Your Authorized Dealer Hays, Kansas PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER IMPERIAL MA 4-3481 200 East 8th Kays national bank 1108 MAIN STREET HAYS, KANSAS 67601 319 Carofyn Gosser and Al Rupp AL ' S BOOTERY Foremost in Ladies Shoe Fashions MA 4-2123 809 Main David and Janice Murphy GEO. PHILIP HARDWARE Lawn Supplies, Appliances, Paints, Glass MA 4-361 I 8th and Main A. L. DUCKWALL COMPANY MA 4-2812 1103 Main 320 225 PARK AVENUE SOUTH NEW YORK, N. 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MAIN GIANT VALUE DISCOUNT STORE Housewares Auto Supplies Sporting Goods Paint Appliances Hardware Drugs Sundries Beauty Aids Toys Clothing School Supplies 323 LINMAR ' S STEAK HOUSE 1001 East 15th MA 5-7413 ■nfieier Andy Nelson MA 4 6310 505 West 7th AL’S COLLEGE MARKET Open Weekdays, Sundays and Holidays Just Across From the Campus for Your Shopping Convenience BobbeH Frink VINE PARK MOTEL A Nice Place to Stay " MA 4-6537 1 308 Vine T TEI JN verm WETttrrnjR V yft uTi TTWs Sw HAYS’ RELIABLE CREDIT JEWELERS •DJAMpNTJQLOGISTS ■ ■ GEMOLOGI ST • VILLA MOTEL 810 East 8th Dial MA 4-2563 for Reservations 324 Phone MA 4-3810 1009 Main I will ■mill ■ I mu III 1 1 iilf r f nriTiiilTiv ifilrf DAIRY QUEEN " The Cone With the Curl on Top " COLD DRINKS Extra Thick Malts and Shakes Come in for a Treat Today MA 4-3201 428 East 8th OLDHAM SALES, INC. 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The Home of Famous Brand Furniture 326 Serving Fort Hays State and Community CENTRAL KANSAS POWER COMPANY MA 4-3437 III East Nth 327 " A Community Builder " FARMERS COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Tires — Ba ft eries — Ac tessories MA 4-3312 8th and Oak Mac and Dave Meckensfodt FORT HAYS INSURANCE MA 4-6248 900 Walnut GARDEN GRILL 706 Main Home Cooked Food AL AND EVON HOMM zSumzt A {otz[ 500 East Bth Phone MArket 4-2571 Hays, Kansas 32S HADLEY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL and REHABILITATION CENTER MA 4-5656 DILLON ' S FOOD MARKET 109 West 7th HOME LUMBER COMPANY Complete Building Service and Supplies Headquarters for Bridge Planks and Timbers MA 4-2216 8th and v:r,e Advertisers Support the Reveille Patronize Them Asphalt Paving— Crushed Rock— Excavating 329 Marie Wilson,, Cliff Harleness Countryside Mobil Homes " Providing Homes for Forf Hays Students " MA 4-4428 815 East 8th 330 ' FORT HAYS MOTEL TV and Phones in Every Room Individually Cooled and Heated Carpeted MA 4-2581 527 East 8th Say It With Flowers PINK PONY FLOWER SHOP MA 4-3012 705 Main MA 4-2574 219 West I Oth MANN ' S IGA STORE " Charge Accounts Available tor Your Convenience " SAMMY’S ADMIRAL: TY — Stereo— Redio WOLLENSAK: Tape Recorder? We also have the best selection of LP albums in Western Kansas. See us for complete stock of tapes and other accessories. THANK YOU STUDENTS FOR YOUR PATRONAGE HAYS BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Complete Loan Service at Lowest Rates MA 4-3413 HO I Fort " It Pays to Live in Hays ' ' f 331 Vagabond Motel MA 4-2511 2524 Vine Vagabond Restaurant MA 4-5914 2522 Vine 332 ' vO-44- ' SHOP VARSITY BARBER SHOP " College Men’s Barber Shop " MA 4-9987 705 Fort Barbering Convenience h Right Across the Street From Campus at the CAMPUS BARBER SHOP 708 Part MA 4-9929 MUSIC MANOR MA 4-6324 207 West 1 0th SERVING FORT HAYS AND COMMUNITY LYNCH TEXACO SERVICE MA 4-9984 30! West 8th NEW TEXACO SERVICE MA 4-9970 I 3th and Vine ZIMMERMAN ' S TEXACO SERVICE MA 4-9823 8th and Allen 333 FOX THEATER " Show Place of the Midwest " MA 4-4567 1202 Main Your Corvair Dealer O ' LOUSHLIN MOTOR SALES MA 4-2533 126 West 12th Nancy Light P.eva Deeds Janet Barnett STARLITE JEWELER MA 4-2121 235 West 1 0th 334 " Come Alive, You’re in the Pepsi Generation” PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY M A 4-26 1 3 East Highway 40 SCHWALLER LUMBER COMPANY " Everything to Build Anything " MA 4-5646 900 Main 335 paul McClellan Box 112 Hays, Kansas MA 4-4838 THE PIZZA HUT MA 4 9930 East 8th St. Eat In or Garry Out Delivery Kenny or Norman Staab 336 Supplying the Needs of Hungry Fort Hays Staters RODGERS-HOISINGTON WHOLESALE GROCERS Paradise, Kansas THE BURGER SHACK At Our LIBRARY Charcoal Broiled Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers Bar-B-Q Burgers — ‘Charcoal Broiled Book Burgers Grilled Cheese — Fishburgers French Fries — -Onion Rings Beverages and Pina At the BURGER SHACK I5c Hamburgers— Cheeseburgers Fish Sandwlches Fried Pies I Ic French Fries— Onion Rings Soft Drinks Shakes Try the Cub Cadet at . . . INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER SALES AND SERVICE MA 4-56B5 Nth and Vine Go Like a Tiger! Attend Fort Hays State Athletic Contests Home Games 1966 Football Schedule J7 • Southwestern Oklahoma State Sept 24 Kearney (Neb.) State ° C+ - 1 Colorado State College ® ■ ■■■- Northwest Missouri State Oct. 15 . . , Washburn University 0c+ ‘ 22 ' Emporia State ° c+ - 29 Southern Colorado State •■ - Pittsburg State ov ‘ 2 ' ‘ ' ' + ■■ ■■■ ■ ■ ■ • Omaha University 1966-67 Basketball Slate Nov. 29 . . Dec. 2 Dec, 3 Dec. 6 . . , Dec. 10 Dec, 13 . . Dec. 17.. Dec. 19 . . Jan. 3 . , . . Jam. 7 . . . . Jan. 10 . , . Jan. 21 Jan. 28 . . . Jan. 31 Feb. 4 .... Feb, 6 Feb. J| Feb. 16 ... Feb. 18 Feb. 25 Feb. 27 ... March 13-18 [tentative} - ■ Southwest Oklahoma - . Southwestern ■ • • ■ • ■ Southern Colorado Kearney (Neb.) State ■ ■ - Southern Colorado State Chadron [Neb ) State ■ Omaha University Southwest Okfaho ma 1 1 ■ ■ ■ - - Lincoln University — - - ■ Pittsburg State St. Mary ' s of the Plains h ' St. Benedict ' s ' Washburn University Kearney (Neb.) State Emporia State ■ Lincoln University - ■ Omaha University - ■ - Emporia State T Pittsburg State Washburn University St. Benedict ' s NAIA Tournament 338 Endowment Assn. Disperses Scholarships, Loans Organized to colled and disperse private funds to provide support for the college, the Fort Hays State Endowment Assn, acts as a clearing house for all scholarships, loan funds and contribu- tions in order to supplement state funds In carrying out the college program. Establishing a goal of $90,000 for the year, the association distributed its in- come among scholarships and achieve- ment programs. It contributed gener- ously to the National Defense Loan Fund, where each dollar was matched with $9 of Federal money and loaned to students according to a low-interest plan. Students shared in the program through " buck-passing " each semester, and alumni and friends of the college contributed through memorial funds, scholarships, outright gifts and in numer- ous other ways. Kent Collier served as executive secretary of the association. Student committee member check time during bicycle race trial for the Fort Hoys Furlough sponsored by the Endowment Assn, to raise money for scholarships. After Commencement President M. C. Cunningham talks with Alumni Achievement Award winner . Dr. Viola C. Ames and Vinton D, Carver [second from left). Cart H. Sperry (second from right), Alumn Assn, president, presented the awards. Alumni Assn. All students who have attended Fort Hays State for a year or more are eligible to join the Alumni Assn. Endeavoring to maintain lifelong contacts, the association offers both annual and life memberships and urges stu- dents to keep in touch with FHS. Homecoming, Parents Day and Com- mencement are special days which draw alumni back to campus. The K-Letter, de- partmental newsletters and the Alumni News all strive to keep graduates and former stu- dents Informed concerning the college s de- velopment and progress. Each spring a committee selects one or more alumni to receive the Alumni Achieve- ment Award, which is presented at Com- mencement exercises. Harold Stones was executive secretary of the Alumni Assn. President of the organiza- tion was Carl Sperry, St. Francis. 339 Faculty Index Adams, Curtis 21 Artman. Ethel 12 Bachkora, Bryan 26, 50 Bartholomew. Leland 52 Batty, Elizabeth 3 1 Baxter, Inez 1 7 Baxter. Vivian 45, 47 Beesley. Alice 26. 29 Belize, James 17, 19 BUckenstaff, Dale 21 Bogart, Katherine Borner, Orville Boor, Jerome Brehm, Charles Bretbour, Carol Broach, B, W, Brooks, Doyle Brook . R, U, Brown, Robert Burnett, Hugh Burnett, Richard Cain, Richard Caldwell, Eleanor 26 Campbell, Marc 49 Carballo, Benito 31, 40 Chan, Jennie 52 Choguill, Harold 45 Christopher, Rachel 49 Cipli|a jsltaite, Danute Clrurgiao, Antonio IS 45 26 17, 82, 93 21 62 44. 45 26 52 12 10, 26, 30 19, 121 31 31. 135 Clark, Tbaine Cobb, Mae 24 Coder, Ralph 100 Cole. Jerry 45 Collier. James Collier, Kent Cook, Frances Cook, Kenneth Costlgan. James Gotham Nancy Coulson. Marlon Craine, Eugene Crissman, Robert 21 Crites, Carl 2 1 Cunningham. M, C. 8, 9. 34. 124, 1 86, 190, 194, 201 Curtis, Nancy 45, 46 Daley, Billy 62 Dalton, Standlee 10 Davidson, Eleanor 31 Davidson. Gordon 50 51 31. 33, 35. 36 37 12 17 21 31, 33 43 17, 20 31 50 Davis, Dale 31. 35 Davis. Eleanor 50 Day. Paul 31 Dechant, Emerald 62 del Barco, Dolores 31 Dick, Da p e 62 Dll ley, Lyle 52, 57 Dobbs, Edith 62, 65 Dryden. Laurence 45. 4? Duncan, Patricia 17 Edwards. Clifford 31, 129 Etter, Eugene 45, 47 Evans. Charles 50 Famey. John 1 15 Faulkner, Keith 21 Felten, Lucille 52. 346 Ficken, Dale 26 Fleherty, Eugene 15 Forsythe, James Francis, Alex 1 in Gallion. Leona SO, 51 7. 79, 90, 109, 21 Garner, Naomi 31 Garwood John 10, 87 Gay, Robert 21 G ' admon, Orin 62 Graber, Paul if Groesbeck, Hulda 62 Gross, Erna 49 Gruber, James 45, 343 Gumm, Robert Gust, Dale 21 45, 47 Gwy n r , W i i 1 i a m 62, 343 Halperrs, William 45, 343 Hamilton. Samuel 62. 63 Harbin, Calvin 62 Harkness, Margery 49 Harper, Jerry 62 Marwick, Euoene 26 Hastings, Corazon 45 Heather. Jack 31. 42 Heil, Eleanor 62 Hell. Richard 50 Herndon Geneva 31, 42, 131 Herron. Lloyd 52 Higgins, Neal 21 Ni-.khouse, James 26 Hoffman, Maxine 26 HcJfister Albert 17 Huffman, Ralph 12 HJett, Gary 15 lior David 31 Je isor. Bill 1 4, 119. 119, 127. 1 59 204, 216 Jeh " sc a Arris 62 Joh-scr Daniel 26 John so " Edward n Johnson, Jerry 12 106, 107, 121 Johnson, Sidney 31 Jones, James 21 Jones, Thomas 50 Keating, Walter 10. 129 King, John 62 Robinson, Willierr i 62 Kitzman, George 32, 42 Rogers, Katherine 32. 35. 39 Klassen. Kathryn 24 Rogers, Lynn 13. 1 19, 129 Krebs, June 26 Rolfs, Marvin 45. 47 Kuchar, Roman 32, 40 Ruckman, Jo Ann so Kuhn, Jeanne 62 Rumpel, Max 45 Lane, Thomas 50 Ruftman, Gerald 13, 128 Leonard, John 32 Sackett. Marjorie 32 Liemohn, Wendell 1 7 Sackett, Samuel 32, 35 Little, Milburn 2 1 , 23 Sayed, M. Q, IS Lounsberry. Elinor 24 Schenk, Ronald 21, 22, 23 Lowen, Robert 32 Sohleich, Phyllis 52 Macbeth, Mary 1 7, 20 Schmidt, Fred 49 Marshall. Everett 45 Schmitz, Lester IS Maxson, Leon 32, 35, 38, 134 Schroder., Elton 15 McCartney, E, R. 2 1 Schwarts. Perry 32. 41 McConnell, Wayne 17 Sievers, Wayne 4S McFarland, Alice 32 Simons, Kenneth 15 McFarland. Henry 15 Smiarowski. Rlcha «rd 62 McGinnis. Darrell 26 Smith. Robert 49 McGregor, J. D, 45 Smith, Wilda 50 McKee. Dennis 26, 30 Smoot, Kenneth 62 McMechan, James 45 Spear, Guy 32 McNeil, Edgar 1 7, 94 Staven, LaVier 62 Mriell, Phayee 13 Stones, Harold 10 Moore, Mary Maude 52, 53, Stouffer, Jean II, 118, 119 55. 218, 219 Stout, Donald 52, 59, 60, 344 Moreland, William 50 Stout, Roberta 32 Morrison, Alice 32 Stroup, Leora 24 Moss, Alison 52 Suran. Cade 17, 1.9, 84. 94, 1 Moss, Joel 26 105 Mulch. Barbara 50, 126, 137 Thomas, Archie 21 Mulch, Merrill 50. 51. 127, 137 Thomas. Dollie II Nelson. Rex 26, 30 Thomas, Clodeil 35 Oliva, Leo 50 Thompson, Leona rd 21 Osborne, Richard 21, 23 Thompson, William 3 1 Palmer, Harold 52 Thorns. John 26 Parish, Verna 32 Toalson, Wilmont 45 Peter, Dale 21 Tomanek. Gerald 15 Peoples, Crocker 62 Tomlinson, John 50, 129 Petersen, Albert 21,51 Tow, Ted 12, 35. 135 Pierson, David 1 5 Trosin, Elinor 24. 134 Powell, Betti e 49 Trujillo, Milton 21. 23 Price, Gordon 62, 65, 1 19, Twarogowski, Leroy 26 135 Vogel, Nancy 32 Proctor, David 62 Volk, Mary Ellen 32 Pugh, Lawrence 62 Walden, J, B. 21 RemsdelL Les 17, 82, 84 Walker, Myrl V. 45 Reed. Lawrence 49 Walker, Neil 15 Reeves. Erik 32 _y ells, James IS. 16 Reinecke, Robert 32, 34 y Wenke, Thomas 15 Reising, Robert 32. H3, MS Wilkins, William 52 Resler, Suzanne 1 7 Winter, David 17, 96, 97, 98 Reynolds, Howard 15. 16 Winterlin, DeWayne 32 Rice, Jimmy 45 Witt, Robert 50, 129 R ' chards, Robert 45, 47 Wood, Clement 62 Riegel, Andrew 1 5 Youmans, Raymond 62 Riley, Esta Lou 49 Zenge. Michael 52 Student and Organizations Index Abdulla, Mohamed A. 135, 140, 250 Abels, Boyce J. 147, 250 Abends’nien. Kenneth P. 121, 145 250 Ab ' es. Tracy A, 145,250 Ab am Robert L 140, 250 Acheso-. Delbert V , 250 Acheso " . Donald E. 237 Adams, Charles E, 70 174 250 Adams, Dennis M. 60, 169, 2 SO Adams. Diana F, 147, 250 Adams. Donna J, 147, 250 Adams Frederick D 102, 17 23? Adams, James A. 136, 250 Adams, Jane L. 147, 250 Adams, Joseph 174. 250 Adams, Larry 30, 250 Adams. Marlene L, 1 47, 250 Adams, Nancy E, 237 Adams, Norma J. 147. 250 Adams, Ray D. 140. 2 SO Aday, David P, 250, 265 118, 159, 174 Adkins, Gene P T 250 Adkins, Nicholas 250 Agnew, David 1 T. 178, 250 AGNEW HALL 40, 41 Ahlstedt, Roger M. 1 54. 250 Ahlvers. Rodney L. 145, 250 Ahrens, Judy L 60,147,250 Akagi, Wayne K. 250 Albers, Albert L 137, 140, 250 Albers, Kenneth W, 70, 250 Albers, Twila M, 237 Albin. Mickey Ivl. 126, 142, 250 Albrecht, Dorothy A. 166, 237 Albright, F. Louise 5 Albright, Kay F. 250 Albright, Stephen B, 30, 250 340 Alcorn, Marion E. 121, 250 Archibald, Peggy A. 147, Baldwin, John B r 252 Beeler, Ann E. 164, 253 Alexander, Birdie L. 142, 250 251 Baldwin, Marvin R. 252 Beer, Onalee E. 60, 147, 253 Alexander, Clifford G. 134, Arensman, Larry A, 251 Bale, Patsi 51, 158 Beery, Benson L. 253 145, 250 Argo, Thomas 60, 251 Balfah. Jack G. 252 Beeson, Linda J. 147, 253 Alexander, James lit Arias, Carlos A, 137, HO, 237 Ballard, Robert A, 145, 252 Beffort, Joseph D. 172, 238 Allen, Kenneth W. 80, M 1 , Amnbruster, Paul C. 251 Ballard, Rodney D. 252 Befort. Dennis 23 140, 250 Armstrong, Joe W. 251 Baltoun, Peggy L, 126. 147, Befort, Ernest F. 253 Allen, Larry E. 250 Armstrong, John M. 237 252 Befort, James I. 176, 253 Allen, Martha A. 147. 164, Armstrong, Tonya L. 162, 251 Bamberger, Charles D. 16, Befort, Janice M r 162, 253 250 Armstrong, Wanda E. 237 237 Befort, Norman S. 23, 238 Allen, R. Edward 23, 137 A meson, Harvey J. 70, 251 BAND 52, 57 Befort. Richard D. 253 Allen, Ralph E, 250 Arnhofd, Donald L. 253 Bandel, John H. 30. 237 Befort, Sharon L. 253 Allen, Roger L. 250 Arnhold. Roselyn K, 147, 160, Bane, Randy P. 127, 145, 252 Befort, Thomas T r 23, 253 Allen, Sandra L. 250 251 Bangert, Dennis R. 252 Befort, William D, 253 Allen, Warren D, 250 Arnold, David Mi, 38, 251 Bangs. Constance M, 147, 252 Beggs, John L. 238 Allison, Curtis E, 145, 250 Arptn, Harold J. 252 Banks, Sue A. 1 137, 147, 252 Begnoche, G an M. 253 Allmon, Cortland R. 237 Arthaud, Gary L. 80, Ml, Barber, Robert L, 252 Beilman, David R. 253 ALL-STUDENT COUNCIL 118 140, 252 Barber, Sharia 43 Beims, Patricia J. 142, 253 Alloway, Sharon K. 250 Artz, Kenneth D. 140, 252 Barker, Norval K. 252 Bell, Donald G. 30, 168, 253 ALPHA GAM MA DELTA 1 60. Ary, Ronald K. 140. 252 Barker, Roger L. 252 Bell, Gary E. 254 161 Ary, Vicki J. 147, 252 Barker, William F. HO, 252 Benda, Christine L, 147, 254 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 168, Aschenbrpnner, Gerald 252, Barleen. Arnold L. 237 Bender, Diana L. 1 38, 147. 169 310 Barlow, Melva J, 252 254 ALPHA KAPPA PSI 23 Asehenbrenner, Stephen A. Barnett, Carol L, 42, 60. 147, Benisch, Francis A. 254 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 126 178, 252 252 Bennett, Anita R, 20, 254 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 121 Ashbaugh. Darwin 108 Barnett, Janet G. 120, 129, Bennett, Connie M. 29, 238 Alspaw, Pamela K, 33, 35, 36, Ashley. Ronald A. 23, 137 147, 226, 252, 334 Bennett, David L, 254 37, 132, 162, 250 Ashworth, DedrEa A. 23. 29, Barnett, Raiph W. 30. 252 Bennett, Eldon F. 136 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 339 252 Barr. Marita J, 253 Bennett, Marvin L. 1 76, 254 Amerine, Clyde D. 55, 60, 154, Ashworth, Robert A. 30, 252 Barr, William D. 253 Bennett, Mary 57 180, 250 ASSOCIATED WOMEN Barron, Robert R r 236 Bennett, Roger D. 23, 238 Amerine. Glen B, 250 STUDENTS 120 Barrows, Bobbi J. 137, 191 Bennett, Ronnie M. 145, 254 Amarine, Linda M. 250 Attwood, John D. 137, 237 Barrows, Charles W, 253 Bennett, William C, 16 Amerine, Terry W. 237 Amos, Dianne L 1-42, 250 Anderson, Cheri A, 142, 250 Anderson, Danny W. 25 S Anderson, Dorothy M. (47, 251 Anderson, Leota 35 Anderson, Murray E. 43, I 76, 237 Anderson, Pamela R. 25 1 Anderson, Susan E, 142, 251 Andregg, Fred W, 19, 82, 85, 88. 89. 251 Angel. Jan-ette M. 60, 142, 251 Anglin, Judy M, 147. 251 Anissy, Nasser 1 38, 251 Anthony, Garry L. 16, 237 Anthony, Robert G, 16, 19, 70, 7 F. 72, 122, 125, 176, 193, 237 Antrim, Lonnie 1 1 1 Appel, Denise M, I47 r 251 Applegate, George L. 251 Applegate, James 97 Archer, James B. 251 Archer. Philip 5, 251 Archer, Wayne L, 251 Augustine, Gerald 252 Ault, Connie R. 252 Aust, Eddie W. I 76, 237 Aust, Nancy J, 1 60, 252 Austin, Eric L. 145, 252 Avery, Catherine A. 142. 252 Avis, Linda J. 142, 252 Ax-elson. Alice L, 252 Ayers, Pamela E. 147, 252 Ayres, David L, 1 35 Aziz, Mousse 252 8aalman, Lawrence E, 237 Baalman, Lyle F, 252 Bachar, Pauline K. 147,252 Bachus, Terry K. 237 Eahr, Stephanie J, 147, 252 Baier, Daniel E. 170, 252 Baier, Nancy L. 252 Baier. Sharon R„ 23, 164, 237 Bailey, Carol A, 60, 147, 252 134, 145, 177, 253 253 23, 237 1 34, 170, 237 94, Bailey, Diana R. Baitey, Larry W, 120 1 23, 141, 236 Bailey, Thurman L. 252 Bainter, Lyman N. 70, 145, 252 Baker, Barbara J. 237 Baker, Eileen R. 142, 252 Baker, Kenneth B. 252 Baker, Zane S. 140, 252 Carl Rowan, former director of the U-S. information agency, answers questions of faculty members alter his speech 5n Sheridan Coliseum. Barstow, Neil B. 253 Barta, Roger L. Barts, Terry L. Bartel, Sallee K, Garten, Lynn L- Bartholomew, John A. 140, 253 ' Bartley, Lois J, 23, 142, 253 Bartos, Dale L. 237 Base, Steven W, 39,125,237 Basgail, Kenneth E. 253 Bashford. Jerilyn S, 147, 253 Bass, Marla M. 33. 35, 36, 37, 237 Bates, Arthur T. Battle. John H. Batty, Selby S. Bauer, Carol E. Bauer, Darlene L. Bauer, David A. Bauer, Edward P, Bauer, Judy J. Bauer, Kenneth 210 Baughman, Ron D, Baxter, James D. 253 Baxter, Randall W r 253, 265 Baxter, Thomas D, Beach, A. Craig Beach, Curtis L, 253 Beals, Janalee E. 253 Beam, Gloria S. Bean, Dennis D, I 12. M3, 115, 253 Bean, Sharon 20 Beaver, Vera E- 238 Bechard, Connie S. 147, 253 Becbard, Robert D, 253 Bechtel, Roger I 15 Bechtold, Gayle D. 238 Beck, Kay E. 253 Beck, Martha J. 129, 162, 253 Becker, Arthur W. 253 Becker, Clifford R. Becker, Janet J, Beckley, Beverly L. 253 Beckley, Glen E. Beckman, Karleen K. 238 Bedore, Martha L. Beecher, Clair P, Benoit, James E- Berens, Phyllis D, Berg, James H. Berger, Ronald P, Bergling, Peggy J, Bergman, Betty R, Bergman, John C, Bergmann, Robert J, Berland, Paul I IS Berland, Susan F, Bermudez, Luis G. Bern beck, Donna L. Berry, Daryl L. Berry, Stuart M. 40, 136 162, 254 254 172, 254 147, 254 147, 254 254 254 142. 254 135 147, 254 254 140, 254 30, 253 176, 253, 312 121 M7, 251 147, 237 56, 60, 253 253 127, J 47, 253 34, 41, 196, 253 1 59. 177, 118, 168, 237 118, 237 145. 168, 147, 162, 142, 253 19, 70, 72, 147, 55, 1 74. 254 16 254 142, 160, 254 III, 168, 40, 147, 254 228 1 74, 254 60, 147, 254 145, 254 1 74, 254 254 253 147, 253 147, 160, 145, 253 121, 123, 142, 253 238 Berscheidt, Jayne A. 254 Bestgen, James H, BETA BETA BETA Betlach, Yvonne M. Bette n brock, Ann M, 254 Beyer, Linda M. Beymer, Gary C. 254 Biays, Ellen M, Bickford, Barbara 1. Bieber, James H. Bieber, Marcia A. Bieber. Richard A. Bieberly, John S. Bieberly, Victoria M. Sinker, Alice J. 254 Bfeker, Francis G. 254 Bieker Kenneth L. 254 Biggs. Tonya R. 142, 254 Billinger, Alan L. B2, 85, 91, 93. 103, 254 Billinger, Larry V, 254 Billing er, Shirley A. 238 Billinger, Thomas W r 100, 102, 170, 254 Binder, Elaine M. 254 Binder, Ernest J. 254 Bingesser, Jo Ann 147, 254 Birdsell, Jackie D. 140, 254 Birdseil, Steve B. 254 Bittel, Steven G, 254 Bitter, Jerry L. 30, 145, 254 Blackburn, Robert L. ,103, 128, 129, 170, 204, 231 254 Blackwood, Charles ' R. 254 Blackwood, Paula l- 147, 254 Blackwood. Sherrie M. 254 Blair, Connie J. 147,254 Bland, Gary R. 238 Blanding, Bobbie F, 120, 210, 254 Blankenship, Dennis Blau, Douglas D. Blauer, Earl 52 Bfauer, Jack D, Blarek, Donald L, Blech a. Stephen V, Blevins, Bernard M- 254 254 Bremser, Katherine R, 148.255 Brenner. Harold M, 256 Brert. Edward E. 168, 256 Brenzi kofer, Diane M. 142, 256 170, 255 168, 255 70, 72, ettor, Darrell D- Brewer. Michael P. Brickey, Karyl L, 256 154, 256 238 256 1 33, 166, 2 16, 238 Baedeker, Alvin E. Boedekec Elaine M. 147. 255 Bcedoker, Ruby E Boehme, William D, Boehner, Ernest D. Bogart, Helen L Bogart, Loren E. Boger, Terry J. Bohm, Arlene M, Bohm, Michael J, Boland, Sharleen K- 255 51, 1 3S P 147, 255 255 154. 255 118, 147, 255 255 154, 255 142, 255 255 147, 255 Boiler, Gall E. Boiler, Judy A. Bolllg, Dennis J, Boll ig, Reaihfi M. 255 ' Bollig, Rudolph A, Bol lg, William J. Boman, Liz A. Boman, Nancy E. 255 238 23, 238 142, 160, 255 103, 255 147, 255 255 Berngard ner. Calene B. 41. 142, 210, 255 Bendy, Ray G- 140, 255 Bongartr, Lynda L, 40, 142, 255 Bongo, Frederic 51, 138,255 Bonine, Esther M. 236 Bonneau, Donald L- 255 Bonneau, Helen E, 126, 147, 255 Bounerlin, Barbara J. 255 Boone, Linda 5, 236 Boor, Leon J. 170, 255 Boor, Raymond B. ' 255 Booth, Jim P, 255 Borgmfinn, Lonnie B. 255 Borth, Perry M, 255 Borthwick, Mary H. 147, 255 Bose, Karla K. ' 60, 147, 255 Boston, Jack F, 180, 238 Bolt, Sidney W. 59, 61, 238 Boucher, Eugene D. 238 Bouchey, Marilyn K. 23, 127, 147, 255 Bowersox, Stephen R, [70, 255 Bowsky, Roger E. 255 Boyce. Sandra J. 147, 255 Boyd, James B. 140, 255 Boyer, Roger A. 1 68, 255 Brack, Dennis W r 255 Brack, Ned N. 154, 2$S Brack. Sheryl A, 147, 256 Braina rd, Rick L, I6B, 256 Brandenburg, Bonnie 162. 256 Brandt, Sheryl A. Brann, Randall L, BRASS CHOIR Brener, Freda R. 256 Braun, James L, Bray, Carol A, 1 64, 256 Bray, David K. Bray, Sharon L, Bray, Vivian J T Breeden, Carolyn S. Breeden, Dennis L, Breer, William J, Brejcha, Robert J, 238 166, 256 256 59 41, 60, 61, 256 47, 128, 136. 256 164, 256 60, 147. 256 238 256 238 15, 140, 124. 238 Brock, John H, Brock, Norma J. Brooke " , Donald J. Brooke!. Ruin A. Brockrneier, Sylvia Broeckelman, Judith Brooks. Barton W. Brooks, Bettie J, Brooks, Bonnie M. Brooks. Darrel! R. Brooks, John M, Brooks, Loel A. Brooks. Michael M, 256 Brown, Clair W, Brown, Ernest L. Brown, Gerald A. Brown. James L, Brown, Jansen Brown, Jams A. Brown, Jerry C- Brown, Karen E, Brown, Kenneth D. Brown, Michael 5, Brown Michael T, Brown. Richard A, Brown, TerryEI H. 218 Brown. William R. Brownell, William F. Brubaker, Marilyn R, Brull, Rando ph F. Brumitt, James E. Bruner, Nancy J. Brungardt. Ear! J. Brungardt. Fred J. Brungardt. James F, Brungardt, Lawrence Brungardt, Roy F. 238 Brunk, Barbara J. 257 Bruns, Sandra K- Brunson, Rodney A Bryant, Janet E. 257 Buchanan, Kay D. Buchheister. Wanda M, 257 Buck, Roger D- 19, 97, 230 Buehler, John 60, 63 Buinqer, Gene A, SI, I 19 Bullock, Thomas M- 121, 178 257 Bunker, Gerald R. 257 Bunselmeyer, Keith W r 47, 101, 127, 145, 174 257 233 148. 256 256 142, 256 47 I4SL 256 256 256 238 256 256 1 26, 1 50. 256 145. 168, 140, 170, 256 16. 238 53, 61, 256 256 256 52, 60, 256 30, 60, 238 120, 148, 256 I 19 256 174 176, 238 102, 170, 238 156 1 48, 256 256 196 142, 256 103. 256 257 257 23 123, 170, 126, 142, [48. 257 145. 257 23, 148, 164, 257 Buser, Gabriel J. 257 Bushnell, Sheryl S, 257 Butler, Mar!m J. I 78, 238 Butler, Ralph (Buddy) 105, 176, 257 Bu+t, Mohammad S T 138, 257 Button, Thomas H. 30, 140, 257 Blew, Ellis D. 255 Briery. John H, 47. 122. 123, Byram, Stephen B. 94, 140, Block, Pauline L. 255 176, 238 257 Blodgett, Scott H. 255 Briery. Pamela A. 148. (60. 256 Cahoj, Fred M, 1 72, 257 Blbomar, James W. 255 Briqqs, Alar. J. 256 Cain. Cheryl A. 51, 122, 124, Blount, Richard T, 255 Briggs, Joe F. 94, 256 160, 238 Boattenhammer, Linda L. 142, Brin, Larry J. 145, 256 Cain. Marvin L, 30, 257 255 Brindle, Catheri ne 256 Cain, Thomas M. 47, 257 Boden, Robert D. 42, 238 Broach, Doris 166, 256 Call, Thomas J. 257 Boderthamer. Rebecca 5. 132, Brock, Cathleen A. 122, 123, Callaway, Pansy B, 120, 134, Burd, Richard R. Burgardt, Lee A. Burger. Loren F, Burger, Mary L 257 Burgess, John V. Burke, George D- Burke, Vicki L. Burkle, Patricia I. Burleigh, Mary E. Burley, John M, Burns, James B. Burroughs, Roger L, 140, 172, 257 257 238 120, 148, 257 238 257 148. 257 40, 143. 257 52, 59, 61, 257 E45, 257 238 38 239 257 257 176, 258 258 148, 258 20, 239 134, 173, 256 148, 25B 143. 258 258 51, 137, 121, 140. CeNen, Diana L. 47, 239 Campbell, Douglas P. 145, 257 Campbell, Earfeone Campbell, Jack S. Candler, John B, Canfield, Sharon L. Cannon, Michael P Capps, Donna E, Capps. Pamela G. Capps, Stella Mary Carley, Lois J. 138. 258 Carlin, Richard D. 239 Carlisle, E. Clair 258 Carlson, James A. Carlson, Jennie L. Carlson, Pamela 0. Carlson, Shelly T. Carmichael, Diana K. 239 Carmichael, John B, 258 Carpenter, Glennis 36 Carpenter, Gloria J. 134, 143, 205. 233,-258 Carpenter, Melvin G. 258 Carpenter, Robert L, 258 Carroll. John W. 258 Carswell, Terry R. 148, 258 Carter, Danna E. 239 Carter, Kenneth 168, 258 Carter. Lawrence W. 145, 258 Carter, Nancy L 29.148,250 Cartwright, Glen R. 140 Caselman, Stephen F. 100, 180, 239 Casey, Joleen K. 253 Casey, Judith A. 29, 239 Casey, Patrick J- 258 Casteel, Steve M. 253 Cates. Jerry G. Ml, 258 Chaffin, Betty I, 258 Chaffin, Robert G, 256 Chafiien. Bijan 47,115.258 Chain, William O, 134,145, 258 Chan, Tze Chung 47 Chandler, Leo F. 258 Chandler, Sheryl S. 60, 134, 148. 253 Channel!. Gary W, 239 Channell, Linda t. 40, 25B Chapman, Loren W. 258 Charlton, Ronald W. 258 Chehrenegar, Khosrow 258 CHEMISTRY CLUB 47 Cheney. Larry D, Chesney, Kent L. Chick, Lloyd D. 145, 256 60, 145, 253 219 Burrows. Sandra A. 124, 210 Burton, Victor J, 122, 123, 257 Childers, Patricia A, 148,258 Chipman, Clark D. 1 19 Chlumsky, Conrad J. 214, 239 Chlumsky, Judy K, 258 Chlumsky, Michael L. 145, 258 CHORAL UNION 59 Christensen, Delwln 127, 154, 258 Christensen, William L 256 Christenson, Wayne D, 258 Chung, Sung Hae 138, [48, 258 Churchill, Karol M. 239 Cirurgiao, Maria J. 258 Claassen, Beverly A. 42, 160. 258. 281 Claassen, C, Wayne 145, 258 CLARINET CHOIR 58 Clark, April K. 166, 253 Clark, Dennis 60 Clark, Kathleen R t 142, 258 Clark, Nelda I. 148, 259 Clark, Valla S, 148, 259 Clarkfn, Michael J. 259 Claudel, Paul E, 145, 259 ■ Claussen, Carol K, 121, 239 Gaussen, Norman D. 239 Claussen, Thomas W, 259 Claycamp, Karren E, 65, 148, 259 Claycamp, Terry A, 19, 70 Cleaves, Nell 19, 80 Clements, Joseph E. 145, 259 Cleveland, Terry L, 19, 47, 106. 107, 129, 154, 259 Clevenger. Darrel! W. 259 Cline, R.e ; O, 259 Clinkenbeard, Richard A. 127, 176, 259 Close, Cherry L, 259 Close, Dennis 105 Goutman, Donald G. 140, 259 Clutter, Curtis E. 136 Coady, Mary A, 148,259 Cobb, Charles 259 Coddington, Cecilia A, 148, 259 Cody, Connie E. 56, 59, 60, 61. 259 Gofer, Virginia M, 60, 142, 259 Coffeen, Dean A. 47, 239 Cohen, Richard B. 259 Cohen. Viki S. 259 Colburn. Merwin J. 118, 176, 239 Cole, Arthur T. 259 Cole, Douglas L. 154. 259 Colglazier, Rebecca J. 143, 259 Colg lazier, Ronald E. 259 Collins, Terry S. 134 COLLEGIAN CHORALE 60 Colton, Fern L, 259 Comeau, Perry J. 24, 259 Conant, Charles D. 259 Canard, Charlotte L. 29, 239 Conard, John W. 16, 239 Conard, Norman H. 168, 239 Conard, Susan 1C 134, 138, 259 CONCERT CHOIR 60 Condra, Gerald D, 130, 259 Conger, Grant W. 259 Conklin, Christopher 61,118, 239 Conn, hjartha J. 148, 159, 162, 228, 259 Connally, Richard D„ 30 Connor. Katha J, 126, 148, 259 Constable, Steve K. 45. 259 Converse, Betty K- 56, 60, 123, 160, 259 Cook. David L. 100, 170, 259 Cook, Kenneth J, 259 Cook. Larry E. 259 Cook, Wanda L, 160, 259 Cooley, Sidney A. 51. 172. 239 Cooper, David M, 172, 259 Cooper, Elizabeth A, 259 Cooper, Helen M, 219 Cooper, Rex G, 145, 259 Coover, Kenneth W. 97, 259 Copp, Diane M. 259 Cordel, David C- M0, 259 Corder, Craig D. 259 Corder, Michael A. 172, 259 Corry, Beth A. 142, 259 Cory, Kathleen A. 259 Cotropla, Marsha L. 239 CoH, Phyllis Su 32, 260 342 Coulson, James D, 16, 170, 239 Coup, Curt 1 03 Co j pa I, Mona R. 260 Co upland, Craig R. 174, 260 Cowan, Eloise A, -140,. 260 Cowan, Vernon D. 239 Cowgill, Laurel E. 140, 260 Co. , Bonnie L 239 Crabtree, Jacquelyn 148, 239 Crabtrey, Marilyn 5. 60, 160, 260 Craig, Donald L 260 Craig, James H. 140, 260 Craig, Johnnie V. 239 Cramer, Ronnie L, 260 Crane, Jerry N. 174,260 Cranston, Steve C 30, 70, i 40. 260 Craven, Richard L. 260 Crawford, Donna M. 126, 143, 260 Crayton, Thomas D. 260 Creathbaum, Patricia 148, 260 Cress, Joe W. 260 Cress, Linda J. 260 Crider, Paul E. (22,239 Crist, Held M, 1 48, 260 Crist, Judith J. 260 Criswell, Janice G. 1 42 . 260 Crocker, Larry D, 100, 180. 239 Cronin, Jon K, 260 Cross, Harry L. 143, 260 Cross, Thomas J, 125 Crow, Susan E. 58 Crowe, Ronald E, 260 Culver, Steve L. 51 Cummings, Charles L, 136, 260 Cummins, WJIa J. 239 Cunningham, Gerald R. 96, 97, ISO, 260 Cunningham, Marianne 260 Currier, Fred rid P. Curtis, Janice K. Cusick, Connie L, 260 CUSTER HALL Daise, Gerald W, Daise, Ronald M. 260 29. 142, 260 35, 36, 37, 142, 143, 144 36, 37, 260 115, 125, 145, 239 Dale, Owen 102, 103 Dale, Richard H, 260 Dalrymple, Cynthia R. 120, 1 48, 260 Daniel, Martha J. 38, 132, 133, 166. 260 DanieU, Sharon J. 51, 55, 138 Danielson, Linda R. 239 Danner, Jean K, 162, 260 Dansel. Rhode J. 29, 148, 260 Darst, Ronald L. 19, 70, 260 Davidson, Aden C. 140. 260 Davidson, Dale A. 1 78, 239 Davidson, Homer M- 70, 154, 260 Davidson, Lynann J 148. 260 Davidson, Tom D- 140, 260 Davignon, Ronnie G, 1 54, 260 Davila, Sera 260 Davis. Carol S, 148. 162, 260 Davis, Cathy 5. 142, 260 Davis, Cecil G, 260 Davis, Darrell E. 16 Davis, Dona J. 121, 260 Davis, James T. 260 Davis, Janis L. 162, 261 Davis, Jerald L, 261 Davis, Johnny J. 261 Davis, Leonard C, 145, 260 Davis, Lewis E, 261 Dawes, Marilyn J, 261 Dawkins, Donna K. 148, 261 Deal, Fred 41 Dean, Gary W r 261 Dean, Vergie D. 148, 261 Deason, James A, 30, 172 Deatrich, Geneva DEBATE 43 J. 148, 261 Debey, Gary G. 145, 261 Dechan+i Jerald F, 251 Dechant, Marietta 261 Deeds, Reva G. 148, 200. 227, 261, 334 De Forest, Elbert L, 47, 145, 174, 261 DeGarmo. Larry R. 261 DeGarmo, Rodger, C. 23, 261 Degenhardf, Glen R. 140, 166, 202, 261 Deqes, Virgil L, 26 1 Deibert, Edwin B. 121. 154, 261 Deines, Dan S. 140, 261 Deines, Ernest J. 136, 261 Deines, Hubert D- 12 S, 145, 261 Deines, James A. 136, 261 Deines, Janet L. 60. 261 Delamey, Robert R, 168. 261 Delay, Mim? 118, 1 19, 162, 261 Demarco, Renan 135 Dellinger, Hal D. 240 DELTA TAU ALPHA 16 DELTA SIGMA PHI 170 . 171 DELTA ZETA 162, 163 Dempsey, John R, 47, 100, 180 . 261 Dempsey, Wayne R- 180, 261 Dunk, Annette L, 261 Dennett, Rita K. 148, 261 Denning, Arlene F. 261 Denning, Larry W, 176, 261 Dennfng, Russell A. 261 Dennis, David T. 40. 154. 261 Denny, Charles A. 261 Depe, Janet L. 164, 261 Depperschmidt, Darrell L. 154, 261 Depperschmidt, Kenneth 1 15, 178, 261, 333 Depperschmidt, Lester 115, I 54 t 176, 261 Desaire, Arlinda J. 148. 261 Deutsch, Duane L, 154, 261 Deutscher, Steve J. 176, 261 DeVore, Kathleen A. 121 , 148. 261 DeVore. Ted 100 Dexter, Kris K, 261 Day, Robert H. 97,140.172, 261 Dible, David J. 140, 261 Dickey, Linda L. 261 Diehl, Rebecca S. 148, 162, 230, 261 Dieti, Dennis A. Dietz, Diana K. Dleh. Raydene G. Dietz, Richard E- Dietz, Vicki L. Dillon, C. Michael Dimitf, Robert V. Dinkel, Carol J. Dinkel, Darrell F, Dinkel, Ellen M. Dinkel, Gary P, Dinkel, James A, 176, 240 148, 160, 262 1 40, 262 1 40, 262 148. 164, 262 60, 262 262 126, 262 262 148, 262 262 47, M3, 1(5, 262 Dinkel. Marvin J. 30, 240 Dinkel, Patricia A, 148, 160, 262 Dirks, Arthur 41, 197, 209 Dirks, Brenda 5. 262 Dirks. John M. 262 Dirks, Norvin L 262 Disslnger, Edward H. 70 Divel, Larry R. 140,160,262 Dixon, Sharon E. 142, 262 Doane, Walter 8, 262 Dodd, Frank P. 174. 262 Dodge, Darrell G, 240 Dodson, Donald W, 240 Doggett. Christine P. 148, 262 Doggo tt, Robert H. 136 Dolechek, Larry J, 262 Doleial. Sue 122, 123, 124, 240 148, 262 262 146, 262 140, 262 145, 262 240 262 29. 262 154, 262 154, 262 I 78, 262, 19, 82, 85, 146 , 262 61, 124, 240 145. 176, 262 262, 315 136, 262 Donahey, Linda L 120, 148, 164, 262 Donahey, Lorene L. Donart, Jolene K r Donort, Marilyn S. Donecker. James M. Donovan. Danny N, Donovan, Michael L. Donto, Ahmadullah Portland, Kathalie A. Dougherty, Dclwin D, Dowden, Christopher Downs. Michael K. 333 Doyel, Cleatus W, 87, 68, 92, 93, 240 Doyle, Cheryl A. Drach, Judeen C- Droch p W, Tearel 262 Drake. Sheryl 29 Dreher, Marion F. Drelling, Dennis J. Dreiling, Dorian D. Drelling, Firme 228 Drerirq, Gerald G. 262 Drelling, Jim 82, 114, II 5 Dreifing, Joanne 160, 262 Dreilmg, Kathleen A. 262 Drelling. Kenneth F. 30, 176, 240 " Drelling, Leslie 47 Dreilfng. Margaret F. Dreiiino, Richard L. 77, 78. U7 Dreilino, Shirtey A. 202 . 262 Drescher, Charlotte Drescher, Mary T. Driscoll. Joyce L Drosselmeyer, Wesley 262 Droste, Bernard F. 137, 240 Droste, Karen K, 262 Dryden, Dennis K. 145, 262 Dubois, Leo J. 38,176,262 Ducfrey, David L, 66, 154, 262 Duel!, Dorothy A. 148. 262 Duff, John D. 118,126,129, 137. 240 Dumler, Cindy L. □under Steve W. Duncan, Sharon L Dunham, Dwight Dunham. Joseph E. 230, 240 Dunlap, Carolyn F. Dunsfan, Olive J. Dupont, Judith A. Dupont, Merle D. Duroll, Michael D, Duran, Richard 263 Dutcher, Robert M„ 172. 263 Dutt, Owen D, 1 35 Dutton, Richard W. 180,263 Earle, William M. 154,263 Earley, Roger A. 240 Earley. Sheryfl 29, 240 Eaton, Alvin 60 Eaton, Charles R. 30, 263 tbaugh Harry E. 240 Ebrlght, Beverly A. 148, 263 Echard, Dennis W. 145, 263 Eckels. Richard L. 168, 263 Eckles, Barbara J. 142, 263 Edgmon, Johnnie D. 176. 263 142. 262 70, 72, 60, 148, 148. 262 J 48, 262 262 143, 262 154 262 240 30 1 80, 2 1 7, 64. 240 142, 262 240 240 174, 263 127, 140, 47 Edmonston. Harold M. 240 Edmonston, Susan I. 263 Edwards, Betha K. 121,240 Edwards, Thomas T. 60. 263 Edwards, Verlin L, 23. 236 Ehmke, Clifford D, 154, 263 Ehrlich, Darrell F, 103, 263 Ehrlich, Judy L, 126, 148, 160, 263 Eichenauer, Casey 178. 240 Eickbush, Ruth D. 160. 253 Ellers, Charlotte R. 263 Eilrich, Sharon R. 124, 263 Etnseb Rodney R, 178, 263 Eisenhour, Jim D. 70, 72 Eisenhour, Katharine N. 263 Elder, Phillip L 154, 263 Eldridge, Paula K. 148, 263 Ellenberger, Terry J. 263 Eller, Stephen C- 263 Elliott, Vicki 142,263 Ellis, Marcia R. 148, 263 Ellis, Richard W. 61, 178, 240 Ellison. Barbara A, 40, 263 Ellison, Elaine 240 Ellison, Lenny D- 154, 263 E! niff. Marlene K. 142,263 Ebea Mary L. 162, 240 ENDOWMENT ASSOCIATION 339 Eneff. Darrel L. 140,174.263 Enfield, Janet S, 148, 263 Enoch Douglas A. 240 Engel. Francis L. 263 EngeL Jeanice E, 146, 263 Engel, Jeenile K. 148. 263 Engel, John E. 105, 170, 263 Engle. John E. 145. 263 Engle. Maribeth 122, 123. 124. 240 Engleman, Pamela A, 20. 148. 224 263 Eppinaer, David R. 179, 263 EPSILON PI TAU 30 Erb, Marie F. 263 Erickson, Beth A. 263 Erickson, Eric M, 263 Erickson. James L. 70, 263 Ernst, Dennis D. 121, 140.263 Erwin, Phillip V. 263 Esterl. Richard J, 140, 263 Estes. Maynard L. 19, 70. 1 72, 263 ETA RHO EPSILON 20 Eubank, Charles D- 145, 263 Evans, Gerald J, 1 45, 264 Evans, Jeannette M. 60.61, 148, 264 Evans. Marsha L, 120, 140, 264 Everett, Frances E, I4S, 264 Ewing, Glen M. 240 Exposito, Don P. 180, 264 Facklam. Donald D. 140, 264 Fagerqurst, Lois N. 20, 264 Faimon, Gary L. 264 Fairchild, Robert 264 Fallier, Vicki K. 264 Farr, Lonnie R- 264 Farrell, Michael K. 82, 264 Fast, Magorie A, 47, 142, 264 Fa u Ids, Haze! L 142, 240 Faulkner, Barbara E. SI. 134, 158, 163, 240 Fawcett, James P. 264 Feldkamp, Bruce R- 159, 168, 264 Feldt, Lolita R. 240 Feldt, William B. 236 Fell, Diana C. 148. 264 Fellers, Patricia C. 240 Feltes, Allan J. 264 Fenwick, Charlene R. ! 42, 264 Fenwick, Larry D. 240 Fenwick, Lynda F 122. 123, 240 Ferguson, Teryl L. 148, 264 Fedand, Donna R. 140. 264 Ferry, Patricia E„ 264 Ficken, John W. 134, 264 FScken.JonL 176,240 Fielder, Jennifer L. Fink, Virginia L. Finley, James R. Fischer, Zelda R. Fischli. Ronald D. Fiser, Larry K. Fisher. Donna J. 264 1 60, 264 148, 264 264 264 39, 125, 264 240 50, 137, 148, Fisher, Gene L, 264 Fisher, Harvey L- 145, 264 Fisher. Ruth E- 140. 264 Fisher, Stephen 264 Fitzsimmons. Donald E- 70, 264 343 In the opera " The Masked Ball, " Dr. Donald Stout and Eleanor Pool perform. Fixsen, Dennis L. 175, 264 Flaoler, Charlene L 264 Flagler, Sharon 148, 264 Flaherty, Stephen L. 264 Flair, Beth E 163.240 Flake, Jackie R, 44. 47, 240 Flavin. James P. 35. 36, 264 Fleckenstem, Sheri L. 142, 264 Fleharty. Jackie A, 264 Flint, Larry L 264 Flummerfelt, Judy 241 Folbre, William E. 264 Foley, David D. 52. 59 Folkerts, Karen Y. 160, 232, 264 Folkerts, Marla 218 Folmnsbee, Gary E. 175, 264 Foran, Roger E. 264 Ford. James E. 1 100, 180. 241 Forgue, Donald R. 47, 127 Forney. Eldene 1 126, 148. 264 Forristal, David W. 140, 264 FORT HAYS SINGERS 56 Fosse , William C. 140. 264 Foulk, Constance L 148. 264 Fountain. Charles W. 105. 140, 264 Fournier, Robert E, 1 79, 264 Fox, Joseph L. 23, 35. 38 Fox, Michael 5. 264 Fox, Steven L 154, 177, 264 Fox, Tim K, 140,264 Frahm, Kenneth L. 265 Frahnv, Sheila G. 265 Francis, D. Clifton 140, 265 Francis, John A. 241 Francis, Timothy 100, 181, 265 Frartke, Thomas. J. 265 Franklin, Becky L, 148, 265 Frans, Linda A. 1 48. 265 Franz, Dennis L. 137 Franz, Joel L 134. 265 Fraser, Michael C. J 54. 265 Fraser, William E. 107, 181. 265 Frazier, Mary C. 137. 265 Freeborn, Kathryn G. 148, 265 Freed, Douglass L 265 Freeland. Curtis B. 145, 176, 265 Freeman, Karen S. 236 Freeman, Linda L. 1 60. 265 Freft, David 118,154,265 Frey, Jon G- 265 Frick, James R. 1 54, 265 Fricker, Shirley J. 148, 265 Frieden, Harold A. 104, 105. 265 Frielmg, Allen L, 265 Frink, Bobbetf D. 149, 265, 324 Frink, Jeannette A. 129 Fritiemeier, Don L, 177, 265 Fritzemeier, Jo C. 265 Frost, Rita C, 143, 265 Frownfelter, Mickey 47. 154. 265 Fry, Darla J, 143, 265 Fryderdall, Sue A. 241 Frye. Paula L 1 63, 265 Fgllen, Dale G, 24! Funk, Barbara A, Fussetl, Bob 94 265 Gabel, Dennis D. 265 Gaede, Duane A. 266 Gagelman, Merlin D. 241 Galligos, Carl D. 266 Galyon, Wesley 60 Garcia. Ramon A. 266 Gardiner, Robert T. 266 Garefson, Chios R. 149, 266 Garefson, Jesse J. 30. 266 German, Robert E. 70 Garner, Larry D. 241 Gamer. Sheryl 1. 266 Garrett, Charla R. 149, 266 Garrett, Cheryl A. 9B. 143, 266 Garrett, Doyle W. 266 Garrett. Jere J. 149, 266 Garrett, Lloyd D. 266 Server, Ronald A. 145. 266 Gaschler, Clemens L, 177, 266 Gaschler, Janet S. E26, 266 Gasper, Shirley A. 126, 149, 266 Gaston, Charlotte A. 42, 137, 24E Gates, Jim 107 Gatterman. Michael K. 60, 154, 266 Gaul. David L, 266 Gay, Glenda 42 Gearhart, Jerry L- 266 Gedleh, Farah H, 135, 138, 145, 266 Geering, Ruth E, 266 Geiger, Larry E- 266 Gengler Stanley C. 266 Gentry, Mary E. 266 Georg, Kathlyn M, 60, 166, 266 George, Lois J. 149. 266 Sering, Jerry S- 266 GERMAN CLUB 40 Gerstner, Robert W r 266 Gerstner, Timothy J 241 Gesink, Robert W. 16 Getty, Carlton A, 168, 266 Gibbs, Timothy R. 266 Gibson, Charles H. 145, 266 Giebler. Victor J. 61, 145, 266 Giese, Mark L, 1 19, 94 168, 266 Giess. Rodney A, 145. 266 Gilbert, Alvin R. 24L Gilbert. Harry D. 266 Gilbert, Marsha J. 266 Gilbert, Norlan J. 58, 140, 266 Gilchrist, Karen D. 23, 120, 266 Gilchrist, Rachel F. 143, 164, 266 Giles, Pamela M. 149, 266 Giles, Vicki L 143. 266 Gilo. Carol S. 20.149,266 Gill, Cynthia Y. 266 Gill, Stephen L. 241 Gilmore, Glora D. 241 Gilmore, Virginia K, 166,266 Gingraux, John D. 70 Gish. Daniel C- 51, 125, 266 Gish. Rodney W. 266 Givens, Donald R. 70. 115, 266 Glaze. Donald R. 241 Glaze, Eldon W. 168. 266 Glaze, Errol R. 1 36, 267 Goddard, Terrie L. 143, 267 Goetz, Becky A. 143, 164, 267 Goetz. Carol J. 1 60, 267 Goeh, Gerald D. 267 Goetz, Gerald E. 267 Goings, MarEdell 1. 149, 267 Gooch, G, Susan 56, 60. 61. 149, 267 Gooden. Tony R, 140. 267 Good row. Jane E, 143, 267 Goodwin. Kent L. 267 Goodwin, Richard A, 141, 267 Gordon, Don B, 241 Gordon, Lin H. 30. 267 Gosser, Carolyn K. 40, 267, 320 Gotcha II, Thomas D. 170, 24! Gottschalk, Alan L. 267 Gottschalk, Kim J- 107. 125, 267 Gould. Leslie W. 267 Gould, Mary M, 267 Grab be, Patricia J, 267 Sraber, Forest D. 47. 127. 145. 267 Graber, John A. 267 Graff, Carl A, 1 54. 267 Graham, Deborah G. 149, 267 Graham, Susan K, 149, 267 Grant, Patricia A, 149, 267 Grau, Delwin C, 177, 267 Gray, James A. 267 Grayer. Paul F. 267 Grauerholz, Eldon H. 241 Grauerholz, Jo Ann 143. 267 Graves, Connie L, 267 Graves, Patricia A. 649, 267 Graves. Roy 97 Gray, Alan M. ' 267 Gray. Lonnie W. 100. 181, 267 Gray, Robert E. 145, 267 Grecian, Jerry L- 159, 181, 267 Green, John V. 30, E 81. 267 Green, Shirley ft. 47, 241 Greenway, Janice K, 149, 267 Greenwood, Eric L. 267 Greenwood, Ronald J. 24! Gregg, Janet F. 1 64, 267 Gregg, Robert L. 19. 70, 267 Gregory, Richard L. 267 Gribben, Arthur L. 60, 267 Gribble, Helen M. 29 Griese, Joan 149, 161, 267 Griffin, James H. Ml, 179. 241 Griffin, Larry D. 267 Grim, Carolyn S, 166. 241 Gronewoller, Francis 82, 154, 267 Gross, Cfarene M, 267 Gross, Dorothy A. 47, 267 Gross, Lester C. 268 Srossordt, Darfene F, 122, 24 1 Grover. Patricia S. 40, 124, 126, J49, 266 Grover, Peggy A. 40, 124, 126. 266 Gump, Donna M, Gunn, Richard H. Gutsch. Steve J. Haaga. Carol J. Haas, Betty A, Haas, Jim. C, 20, 143. 268 154, 268 1 79. 268 268 149, 234, 268 268 268 Haas, Lorraine A. Haberman, Donald ft. 30, 145. 241 Hachmeister, Laah M. 3 20, 149, 166, 268, 310 Hedcerott, Robert A- 30, 154. 268 Haden, Russell R, 241 Hadley, Carol J, 149, 268 Hagaman. Nancy L. 149, 268 Hagaman, Slynda J. 241 Hagerman. Lynn E. 241 Hagerman, Mark A- 268 Hagermann, Alvin L. 268 Haggard, Linda E. 268 Haines, James M, 121, 26 B Hake, John M. 268 Hakimian, Farrofch 241 Halbgewachs, Jerry D. 241 Hale, Lucinda. M, 268 Hallagm, Garry L, 268 Hallaqin, Jo A. 143, 268 Hallagin. Ronald C. 16 Hallam, Robert T, 141, 268 Hailing, Janice E. 149. 268 Hailing, Wanda K. 149. 268 Hamburg. Arlene W, 143, 268 Hamby, Ronald R. 107, 263 Hamel, Jolene 24! Hammer, Denis 241 Hammerschmidt, B. 1. . 136,268 Hammerschmidt, D. J, 268 Hammerschmidt. Elvis 268 Hammerschmidt. James 268 Hampton, Edwin W. 30. 121, 141, 241 Hand, Barbara 5. 161, 268, 331 Handley, Judy L, 143. 268 Hanel, Katherine A. 129, 241 Haning, Deanna D 60, 161. 268 Hansen, Lyman D. 268 Hansen, Mary M. 163, 268 Hanson. Charles W. J 75, 268 Hanson, Douglas A. 268 Hanson, Edward C. 19. 263 Harbaugh, Ronald W. 1 54, 268 Harden. Pamela C. 143, 263 Hardgrove, Dean C. 241 Hardgrove, Linda 5- 39, 123, 241 Hardman, John Blame 23. 241 Hardman, Patrick K. 125, 268 Hartmann, Eric 40, t 3 7, 268 Hargrave, Stanley E- 268 Harkness, Clifford H. 241 Harkness, Mary C. 121 Ha rkness, Ronald 23 Harkrader, Ronald K. 136, 141. 181, 268 Harmon, Ro Ann M, 58, 60, 1 49, 268 Harmon, Robert K. Harms, Jack L. Harms, Ronald E. Harper. Carole L. Harper, Dixie L. hharper, Duane E. Harper, Marie! L. Harris, Floyd M. Harris, Frank F. Harris. Janice A. Harris, Kenneth L Harris, Marilyn J. Harrison, Jean A, Harrison, Jeffery L. 268 80, III. 241 268 143, 269 35. 143, 269 80, 269 149, 269 269 82, 269 149, 161, 269 70, 269 149, 269 149, 169 145, 269 344 Harrison, Sharon I. 1 49 , 269 Hart, Emery L 97, 269 Hart, Steven L 1 69 Hartman, Donald L 269 Har+man, Ralph M. 179, 241 Hartness, Marilyn R. 126 Harwell. Gary L. 1 54. 269 Harvey. Ed 94 Harvey, Kathleen A. 149, 269 Hase, Kevin B. 51. 122, I 23 . 241 Hoselhorst, Cheryl A. 269 Haskins., David L. 241 Haskins, Linda L. 269 Hasz, Levonna A. 123, 241 Hatch, La nett a M, 242 Hatfield. Roger L. 1 41, 269 Havel, Lynn B. Ml, 269 Havner. Kenneth C, 136, 137, 269 Hawk, Lorrene M, 149, 269 Hawkins, Ja nis A. 269 Hawley. Carol L. 40, 269 Hawley, Richard J. 40, 242 Hayden, Gaylene J. 120, 149, 269 Hayden, John L. 175,269 Hayden, William B. 269 Hayes,. Alan D. 172, 269 Hayes, William M. 269 Haymond. Arlle V. 154. 269 Haynes, Gary D. 145, 269 Hays, Ada M. 121 Hays, David M. 70, 102, 134, I 70, 242 Hays, Sharon K. 269 Hayse, Georgiana B. 29, 143, 269 Hayward, Ivan L. 269 Hearting, Russell A- 145, 269 Heble, Leo D- 121. 145. 269 Heckert, Gloria J, 149, 269 Heckman, Jay D. 141, 177, 269 Hedges, Sonja K, 149, 269 Hedrick. Joe D. 134.212 Heffel, Marvin G. 269 Heggemeier, Terry P. 154, 1 75, 269 Heier, Ima L 47, 122, 123, 124, 242 Heier. Robert L. 269 Heikes. Ernest E, 30, 242 Heimer, Nedra R. 143. 269 Helmer, Robert I. 145, 269 HeEnlein, Rodger D- 269 Hefny, John L. 269 Heitsehmidi Marvin 19, 242 Heltschmidt. Rodney 269 Heiberg, Nancy J, 143, 269 Helin, Daryl A. 126. ,149, 270 Helin. Kent R. 270 Heller, Jimmy L 270 Heilman. Stephen W. 60, 154, 177, 270 Helmkamp. John D. 270 Hemken, Janice K, 143, 270 Hemp, Ronald E. 242 Hempler, Blake G, 270 Hendershot, Gary D, 242 Henderson, Carol A, 57, 163, Henderson, Da marls P, 126, 1 49, 270 Henderson, Geraldine 143, 2 0 Henderson, William E. 270 Hendrickson, David L. 23, 270 Hendrix, Beverly K. 23, 123, 242 Hendrixson, Gary 177, 270 Hen nigh, Barry 145, 242 Henry, Douglas L. 145, 242 Herd, Sherilyn K. 149, 270 Herd, Warren A. 242 Herdman, Carol K. 270 Herdman, Terry L. 270 Herdt, Linda S. 149, 270 Hermg. Gary R, 242 Herman, Alfreda M. ! 49, 270 Herman, Gerald E, 177. 270 Herrenbruck, Galen G, 270 Herrick, Russell W. 270 Herring, Donita K. 143, 270 Herrington, Nancy L, 143, 163, 270 Hershey, William L, 270 Hertel, Gerald 47, 80, Ml Hertsl, Robert C. 242 Herzog, Herbert L. MB, 270 Herzog, Judith 270 Henog, Maxine 270 Haskett, James E. 270 Hess-. O. James 270 Heublein, Kathryn A. 149, 270 Hewes, Danny R. 270 Heweft, Dana S. 270 Hickman. Donald D. 270 HHlckman, Larry D. 270 Hickman, Maxwell K. 154, 242 Hicks, Gary F. 137,270 Hicks, James P. 270 Hickson, Larry D. 154, 270 Hiebert, Harry L. 270 Higgason, Don L, 270 Higgins. Gaien B. 270 Higgins, Janice L, 242 Higgins. Patrick M. 170, 270 High, Dwight F, 136 Highland, Charlotte A. 149, 270 Hileman, Preston 97 Hilgers, F. Karl 30. 270 Hill. Donald E. 141, 270 Hill, E. Marlene 149, 270 Hill, Jeffrey A. 270 Hillman, Donna L. 270 Hillman, Maureen D. 270 Hillman, Terry M. 242 Hllyard, Cynthia J. 149, 270 Hinz, Philip R- 270 Hirsh, Loretta A. 270 Hirsh, Lorraine 270 Huron, Desna, D. 143. 270 Hladek. Glenn A. 1 4 1, 270 Hlaus, Rosemary J. 143, 271 Hoagland, Sandra 52, 149, 271 Hoekersmith, Janice K, 149, 27 1 Hockett, Donnie R. 103, 107, 141, 27! odge. Darrol A. 271 odge. Rex E, 27 L edges, Donald L- offman. Barry A. offman, Connie L, offman, Gerald offman. Pauline A. offman, Thomas J. ogan. Margaret J. ohrmann. Lynn J. olid ay , Cynthia J. ollandi Guy J- olliday, Paul R, - , olopirek, Rick. D. 177, 271 271 271 271 47 271 40. 271 20, 29, 242 146, 271 143, 271 271 54 . 27 1 Holstein, Duane A. 146. 271 Holt, Carolyn S. 163, 242 Holt, Connie J. 149, 271 Holt, Veda K- 166, 271 Holterman, James L. 134, 154, 271 Homburg, Allaire T, 56. 60. 271 HOME ECONOMICS CHAPTER 29 Homewood, Benton W. 27 I Honderick, John W. 141. 271 H o o d , R u th A. 271 Hooper, J. Curtis 141,271 Hooper, Layton L. 141,271 Hoover, Candice R- 60, 149, 271 Hoover, Neoia R. Hoover, Ronald D. Hoover, Sylvia M. Horchem, Linda M. Home, Ronald G. Homey, Richard K. Horning. Laura A, Hornung. Donald F. Horton, Louis E. 143. 271 47, 242 (49, 271 271 271 271 23, 143, 271 242 102, 170, 271 Hosheit, Frances E. 27! Hoskinson, Venita L 149, 163, 271 Hottman, Robert E. 236 Houser. Lucille J. 23. 143. 271 Howard, Gerald 60 Howe, Barbara J. 149, 271 Howerton, Jack 27 1 Howland, Cilia K. 149. 271 Howland, Gary M. 242 Howland, Linda K. 27 I Howland, Philip L, 107. 141, 271 Hrabe, Larry R. I 63. 242 Hubbard, Gary J. 242 Hubbard, Robert F. 70 Hubbs, Karen S. 143, 271 Hubin, Sharon K. 149, 271 Huck, John C. 271 Huckabey, Chester E. 271 Hudson, James M. 127, 137, 141. 271 Hudson, Sue L. 120, 122. 123, 124. 1 SB, 166, 242 Hudson, William C. 19, 70, 272 Hudspeth, Donald W. 141. 163. 272 Huebner, Dennis E. 272 Huffman, Donna 242 Hughes, Stanley G. 129 Hugley. Rodney D. 47, 242 Huitt, Linda 20 Hull, Harry 236 Hulse, Gerald L. 30, 272 Hulstine, Margaret E. 40, 272 Humble, Rita J. 20, 149, 272 Humburg, Jack A, 121 Humburg, Stephen R. 121, 171, 272 Hummetl, Linda A. 149, 272 Humphrey, E, Grace 143, 272 Huncker, Diane C. -163. 272 Hund, Edward J. 169, 272 Nunley, Rodney D. 47, 127, 146, 177, 272 Hunt, Connie F. 143, 272 Hunter, John C. 272 Hunter, Tonis J. 272 Hurley, Kenneth L, 272 Hurt, Ray Douglas 40, 272 Huser, Frederick J. 272 Huser, Marie E. 272 Hussey. Merlin C. 146 175 272 ' Hutchins, Cynthia A. 149, 272 Hutton, U. Galen 272 Huxman, Vada J. 127, 272 lannitti, Mary K. 166, 272 Ifland, Kent L. 272 fhrig. Charles A. 236 IMPROMPTWOS 54, 55 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB 30 Ingersolk David L. 102, 175, 272 Ingram, James D- 272 Insley, Murl L. 30 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 159 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB 138 JNTER-VARS1TY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 129 loerger, Phyllis R. 29, 149, 272 Irby, Fred O, 272 Irvin, Susan P. 149, 272 Irvin, Vicky N, 29, 149. 242 Isenbart, Julia A. 149, 272 Isern, David J. 272 l som, Alpha J. 143, 272 l son. Pamela L. 149, 272 tttner, Dwight R. 16 Ives, Sandra K, 149, 272 Jacko, Alan W. 169, 242 Jackson, Lorraine 35, 36, 242 Jackson, Priscilla 29, 242 Jackson, Ruby 242 Jacobs, Corliss G. 40. 272 Jacobs. Cynthia S- 47, 127, 272 Jacobs, Danny 30 Jacobs. Joe D. 242 Jacobs, Margaret J T 132, 143, 272 Jacobs, Thomas C. 272 Jamison. Galen R. 30, 272 Jamison, Jo Lynn 61 Jamison. Sandra L, 121 Janke, Philip D. 272 Jantz, Barbara L. 272 Jantz, Gerald L, 1 141, 272 Jantz, Jack W. 181.272 Jarvis, Basil G. 272 Jarvis, Richard D. 23, IQ3, 242 Jeffery., Sylvia D, 149, 166, 272 Jeffries, Jerry R. 135 Jervisch, Lawrence J. 30 Jenkins. Stephan J. 272 Jenkins, Steven L. 94, 272 Jenkinson, Susan M, 129. 149, 273 Jennings, Cheryl! G. 143, 273 Jennings, David L. 70. 141, 175, 273 Jennings. Linda L. 273 Jennings, Nora L. 40, 273 Jennison. Paul 23. 242 Jensen, Arthur H. 179 Jensen, Jolene K. 149, 273 Jensen, Judith M, 149, 273 Jensen, Lester C, 20, IB 1,273 Jensen, Linda J, 143, 273 Jensen, Ron 52 Jermark, Carola A. 129. 164. 273 Jilg , Mickey F. 146, 273 Joerg, Warren D. 273 Johannes. Lowell R. 3 73. 242 Johnson, Alan L. 173, 273 Johnson. Bruce 273 Johnson, Carol J, 273 Johnson, Cecil D. 19. Ml, 273 Johnson. Danny L. 30, 273 Johnson, Edwin R. 94, 95, 242 Johnson, Howard M. 273 Johnson. Jack L. 242 Johnson, Jerry D- 273 Johnson, Joan L. 29, 242 Johnson, Judy L, 35, 122 Johnson, June L. 273 Johnson, Kay L. 149. 273 Johnson, Lauren 273 Johnson, Linda M. 149, 273 Johnson. Michael E- 52, 59. 61. 155, 273 Johnson, Olivia 143, 273 Johnson, Patricia A. 121 Johnson, Robert G, 19, 70, 72. 73, 74, 75. 77, 78, 273 Johnson, Robert W. (Stormy) 19, 97, 99, 173, 273 Johnson, Terry D. 273 Johnson, Wilfred C. 30, 242 Johnston, Cheryl A. 149, 273 Johnston, Dan W. 155. 273 Jones, Cary W. 273 Jones, Connie J. 143. 273 Jones, John H. 273 Jones, Jon R, 273 Jones, Marsha K. 273 Jones, Mary C. 143, 273 Jones. Mary R. i 49, 274 Jones, Melva J- 149. 274 Jones, Myrna J, 274 Jones, Richard M, 141, 274 Jones, Roger F. I4f, 274 Jones, Rosa L. 121, 274 Jones, William M. 181. 2 74 Jordan, C, Jane 149, 274 Jordan John E, 274 Jorg, Karen S. 149, 274 Jorgensen, Charlotte 20, 149, 274 Josserand, Letitia A, 274 Josserand. Michael 146, 274 Joy. E. Lee 149. 274 Joy, Janice 42 Joyce, Richard M- 155, 274 Judd, Harry L 23, 236 Juenemann, John Jung-ei. Carroll D, Juno, Bernard E, Juno, James F. Juno, Rita M. Justus, Diane A, K-CLUB 19 Kadel, Roger A. Kahier, Mary A. Kahmeyer, Linda $. Kaiser, Jerry L, Kaiser, Karen K, 274 274 I J 5, 243 274 120. 149. 274 [49, 274 141, 274 149, 274 29, 274 243 274 Kaltenbach, Mary K. [49, 274 KAPPA MIT EPSILON 47 KAPPA OMfCRON PHI 29 Karle, Carol L- Karlin, Francis L Karlin, Patricia A. Karlin, Terry L Karst, Janice L, Karst, Susan P. I Kesp at. Allan L. Kaspar, Artis S. Kasper, Elizabeth J r Kasper, James R, Kaster, Gary W, Kastle. Michael L, Kots, Marianna G. Katz, Carole A, Katz, C. Jerry 80, Katr, Lyle 243 Katzenmeier, Ivan Kaufman, Gene A, Kau ' riann, Donna M. 143, 274 Kaupp, Beverly J, Kaupp, Phillip L. Kay, George M. Keating, Wyima J Keegan, Linda D. Keeley. Linda A, Keeley, Patricia J, 120 274 274 52. 59 149, 274 149, 274 274 274 42, 243 274 274 274 61, 274 [49, 274 11, 236 243 146. 274 127, 29, 123, 243 274 55, 132, 243 149, 274 274 143, 274 122, 123, Kesler. Karen A. 22ft, 2 75 Kessler, John C, Ketchum, Alonzo J. Ketch um, David E- Keyser, Larry D. Keyser, Larry N. KFHS 42 Kilgore, Martha L. 275 120, 1 63. 275 275 243 1 6, 275 275 29. 150, Killen. Kenneth EL 241 Kinderkneeht, Charles J, 97, 275 Kindler. Linda S. 126, 150. 275 King, Carroll W. 171, 275 King, Sandra E. 150, 275 Kinlund, Neal W. 70 Kippes, Eileen A. 275 Kirk, Gary K. 141, 275 Kirk. Karon K. 275 Kirkham, Patty L. 137, ISO, 275 Kirkham. Rebecca J. 150,275 Kirkman, Joseph D. 275 Kisner, Gary 33, 35, 36, 37 Kisner, Patricia A. ' 143, 275 Kitchen, Kathleen S- 150, 275 Klaus, Larry J, 275 Klein, Diane R, 165. 275 Klein, Joyce R. I 22 Klein, Ronald L. 275 Kleinsorge. Alice E, 60, 275 Kfepper. Anita l. 143 275 Klever, James 47 Kleymaon, Anna L. 275 Kleymann, Marsha L, 143, 275 Kline, Charles E, 155, 275 Ktinzman, Trylfa M. 29, 243 Klish, Date E. 30, 243 Klish, Dor E. 30. 275 Knoeber, Margaret E- 275 KnolL Larry G. 275 Knoll, Terry J. Kobfer, Albert K, Kobler, Arden L. Koch, Dame A, Koch, Kenton D. Koch, Martin D, Koehler, Dale J. Koehn, Arden M. Koetsch, David M. 115, 177, 65, 275 275 107, 275 ISO, 275 275 276 276 155, 276 243 Keenan, Denny J. 274 KoeNing. Kristine M- 150, 276 Keenan, Terry L. 42, 1 36, 274 Koerperich, Robert C. 276 Keene, Mary P, 149, 274 Koett, Ronald J. 276 Keener. Donna D, 3 26, 149, Kogler, Sharon K. 143, 276 274 Kohl. Gary L 136, 276 Keesiinq, Connie S. 41, 149, Kohman, Anne M. 36, 150, 274 276 Keith, Cynthia L. 143, 274 Koirth, Etta A. 276 Keith, Josephine M- ISO, 274 Koliman, Gary G. 276 Keith, Malden D. 146, 274 Kollman, Martin Leo 23, 243 Keller. Donald E- 19. 97. 243 Konzem, Eugene F, 276 Keller, Jacqueline K. 128, 274 Koochel, John 30 Keller, Shirley D. 29, 143 274 Koochel, Nancy A. 29, 143 Kelley, Thomas C. 100, 181, 276 274 Koons, Larry 60 Kelly, Benny J r 243 Korf, JoAnn C, 243 Kelly. Donald R. 124, 234, Korf, Lona 1 6. 243 275 Koriel. Mary M. 243 Kelly; Sonya R, 275 Kough, Ronald L. 276 Kelly. Tanis K, 121, 275 Kough, Sonja K- 276 Kelty, John R. 175, 275 Kraft, Duane 35. 36 Kemp,, William J, 169, 275 Kraft, Gerald L. 276 Kemper Sharon 47 Kraft, Leroy J- 276 Kerdall. Peggy J. 3 50. 275 Kraft. Marvin J. 276 Kennedy, James A. 146. 275 Kraft, Richard R. 243 Kennedy, Karol L, 143, 275 Kralkek. Sharon K. 29, 243 Kennedy, Max 275 Kramer, Marvin D. 276 Kennedy, Sharon S. 143, 275 Kraus. Linda S. 276 Kent, Lonnie R. 134, 275 Kraus, Terrence J. 310 Kenyon, Alar, R. 146, 275 Kraus, Vernon 30, 276 Kenyon, Donna J, 98, 143, 275 Krause, Sylvia J, 150.276 Kenyon. Georgia G, 243 Kreft, Leonard N. 276 Kepka, Dennis J, 243 Krehbief, Barbara J. 60, 150. Kern, Kayleen A. 243 165. 276 Kerr, Gioria J, 275 60, ISO, 165. Krehbiel, Gary A. 276 Kreighbaum, John S- 70 Krone, Mary J. 150,276 Kruckenberg, Jennifer 276 Krueger, Nelson L- 132, 169, 276 Kruse, Larry F. 243 Kruse. Terry L 89, 276 Kuchar, Kathleen A. 236 Kulper, Janet K. 150, 276 Kumberg, I. Laynne 60, 61, 150, 276 Kumle, Larry L, 30. 134, 276 Kundred, Jacqueline A. 1 67, 276 Kunti, Robert K. Kunza, Robert J. Kvasnicka, Roger K, Kyriakides, Dinos La Barge. William J. Ladd, Alton O, Lahar, Cheryl A, Laird, Mike J , Lakin, Donald N, 81, M l. 243 Laman, Stephen J. 141. 276 Lamb,. Karen L 236 Lamb, Lorinda 129 LAMBDA IOTA TAU Lamberd, Dennis S. Lamberd. Sandra S. Lambert, Theresa A, 276 Lamia, Gloria J, 276 Lament, Dennis R. Lamoreujr, Ruth E. Landau. Nancy K. Lane, Arlene A r Lotourneau, Charlene 150. 277 Letsch. Linda D„ 150, 277 LeWaJfen. Richard R. 277 276 276 276 23. 243 243 276 243 30, 276 19, 79, SO, 35 276 276 40. 150, 143, 163, Lang, Derrell F. Lang, Laura F. Lang, Lloyd F, Lang, Rose A. 141, 276 276 143, 276 150, 276 155, 277 ISO, 277 277 124, 243 ISO, 277 137, 141, 277 277 236 177, 277 [20, 150. 277 277 1 50, 226, 230, Lewis, Coral J. Lewis, Francis R, Lewis. Linda K. Lewis, Niki L. Lewis, Van B. Libby, Let a K. 244 Lick. Jerald C. Liester, Daniel M. Light, Nancy D. 277. 334 Lille, Carol 244 □lie, Ted W. 278 Lindahl, Gary M, 244 Lindberq, Casandra L. 29, 244 Lind berg. Howard W. 244 Lindberg, Ronald R. 56, 60, 278 Linden. Donald F. 146, 278 Llndenman, John 136 Linder, M, Darlene 126, 150, 278 Lindner. Nina L 143, 278 Lindner, Terry L 244 Lindner, William I I t Lindsay, Gary W. I 79, 278 Lindsley. Steve E. 27ft Linenberger, Judith A- 278 Linenberger, Rosella 244 Lingle, Gary R. 70, 244 Kuehn, Betty J. Kuehn, Seth W, Kuhlman, Jim Kuhn, Earl F. 243 236 61 276 Lang, Sametta A. 277 Link. Cynthia A, 150,278 Langley, Gary L, 277 Lipp, M, Carol 55 Langley, Susan D, 277 Lfppert. F. Dale 244 Lankas, Cynthia A. 277 Lippold, Jerry L, [21, 146, Lansden, Roger D. 141, 277 278 Lanum, George 100 Lippoldt. Patricia J. 244 Lareau, Monte W. 23, 103, LITTLE THEATER 41,209 277 Litson, Lawrence H. 141, 27ft Larsen, Randall E. IIS, 127, Lihenberger. Denise A. 29. 155, 251, 277 ISO, 278 Lanon. Donald L, 277 Lode, Ross A. 123,236 Larson, Georgia E. 243 Lockard, Caro! 244 Larson, Stephen J. 173. 277 Locke, Ferryl A, 278 Larue, Rosalie 1 6, 1 50, 243 Locke, Johnnie G. 82, 85, Latt.n, Bill J 1 . 277 86. 91, 244 Lawrence, Paul E. 277 Locke, Marilyn L, 278 LEADER 36-38 Locker, Patricia J. 143. 278 Learning. Bobby L. 243 Loesch, Jack A. 244 Leas. James Mike 177. 243 Loewan, Rudolph 60, 278 Leasure, Frank D- 243 Logan, Leon C. 155, 278 Lebsack, Richard R. 23, 146, Logsdon, Karen K. 150, 278 243 Lohoffener, William W. 169, Ledbetter, William C 47, 277 278 Lee, Dennis E, 141, 277 Lohrmeyer, Gerald E. 171, 244 Legg, Laura D, 58 Long, James A. 56. 60, 177, Legleiter, M. Lynn 150, 167, 244 277 Long, Lloyd Henry 65, 155, Legleiter. Raymond C. 277 27ft Lehman Donald E. 30, t41. Long. Margaret J, 60; 1 67. 277 278 Lehman, Ro : " nid L, J46, 277 Longton, Pamela R, 150, 278 Lehmann, David E. 134, 243 Loomis, Sharon K. 167, 208, Lehmann, Lynne J. 243 27ft LeicMiter, Homer H. 277 Lopes, Richard 42, 278 Leichliter. Luanna R. 60. 277 Lorfmor, Ronald J. 278 Leick, Roger L. 277 Losey. Linda L. 150, 278 Leighton, Karen J r 277 Lott, Pamela A. 150, 278 Leikam. Gary £. 277 Lovelace, Carol J, I SO, 278 Leiker, Dennis 1 14, 115 Lovenste ' n. Charles 278 Leiker, Doris M. 132, [33, 167, Lovette, Sharon K, ISO, 278 195, 224. 225, 232, 277 Levin, Sandra L 244 Leiker, Judy K. 277 Low. Kathryn E. 5ft, 120, ISO, Leiker, Richard D. 107, 171, 277 161, 184, 278 Leiker, Robert F. 277 Low, Marlene S. 150,161,278 Leiter, Robert J, 243 Lowdermilk, Gayle A. 150, 244 Leitrer. Eugene A. 12L, 277 Lowe. Duskin R. 141, 177, Lfiitner, Ronald E. 121, 277 278 Lemke, Alfred H. 155, 277 Lower, Guy W. 27ft Lemuz, Isaac, 146, 277 Lowry, Linda C, 278 Leon, Jaime 115 Lucas, Joanelle ISO, 1 65, 27ft Leonard, Susan ML 150. 277 Luea, Paul A, 278 Leopold, Mary E, 1 65, 277 Lundbfade, Charles E. 278 Lesoviky, Terry K- 143. 277 Lundgren, Larry J, 278 Lesseig, Nancy A. 165. 277 Lundin, Linda G- 150, 278 Lethem, Beverly J. 277 Lunsford, Andrea N. 167. 278 346 LuthL Darrell D. 236 Lyezek. Victor H, 244 Lynch, Durward D. 278 Lynch. Ralph W. 244 Lyon, Connie M. 127. 278 Lynn, Vyrl D. 278 Maag, Janet M. J43, 279 Maas, James V. 279 Mabry, Ann M. 126, ISO, 279 Mace. Raymond L, 278 Maddox, Glen N. 278 Maddy, Gloria A. 278 Mader, Connie R „ 278 Mader, Cynthia J. 278 Haggard, Roger K, 137, J4I, 278 Magie, Claudia L, 278 Magill, Diane L ISO. 279 Mai. Allan K. 19, 107, 279 Mai, Daryl L 279 Mai, Delme M, 143. 279 Mai, Lee 37 Mai, Sheila K. 279 Mai. Terry A, 56. 60, 61, 279 Maier, Donald G. 279 Majernifc, Barbara J. 150, 279 Makings, Gary D. 155, 244 Mallory, Larry R. 279 Malone, Linda J. 150, 279 Makom, Karen R. 98, 143. 279 Mangels, Bill 23 Manion, Linda N. ISO. 279 Manning, Steven D. 141, 279 Manry, Reba M. ISO, 279 MentWfel, Walter 23, 123 Mapes, Mary K. 137. 150, 224, 225, 279 Mapes, Sue A. 40, 60, 1 50, 195, 279 Marcotte, Judy A, 150, 163, 215, 216, 229. 232, 279 Marcus, Peter E. 279 Margheim, Mary R. 150, 279 Marietta, Jan K, 143, 279 Marietta, Tarl F. 127, 165. 279 Marine, Allen R, 279 Marsh, Jerry L, 70, 1 46. 279 Marsh, Lemuel L. 279 Martin, Delbert W. 30, 236 Martin, Douglas J. 279 Martin, Janice K. 60, 279 Martin. John A. 279 Martin, John D. 244 Martin, Joseph P, 141, 279 Martin, Larry D. 279 Martin, Linda M, 150, 167. 279 Martin, Llcydene 236 Martin, Richard A, 279 Martin, Robert E. 39. 279 Masat, Larry 60 MASCOM 35 Masha I, Mouse A. 279 Maska, Jerry 86, 103 Mason, John A- 19, 80, 81, IH. 279 Mason,, M. Eugene 47. 279 Mason. Richard A, 244 Mastin. Jon M. 70, 72, 1 15 Metlack, Jack 36 Matter, Paul M. 244 Mauch, Gordon G, 70. 72 Maurath, Laura A. 150, 279 Man rath, Luetta M. ISO, 279 Maxwell, Gaila K. 150, 279 May, Robert E, 37 May, Sammye J- 158, 163, 279 Mayer. Rae L. 150, 279 Mayfield, Velma P, 244 Mayhew, Claretta M, 39, 279 Mayhew. Roger H. 244 Mayo, Robert R. 141, 279 McAllister. Dwight O, 102, 171. 279 McAtee, Mike 82, 107 McCabe. Roger L. 244 McCollum, Brenda M, 60, 150, 167. 279 McCance, Donald C + 279 McCarthy, Carol R 127, (65. 279 McCarthy. Duane T, 244 McCartney, Evan L, 70. 279 McChristian, Douglas 141. 279 McClaren, Julie K, 163, 280 McClellan, Gary W. 141,280 McClure, Jeanette R, 280 McColey, Roma L. 165, 280 McCrary, Georqanna 280 McCubbin, Floyd L. 290 McCullough, Jimmie D. 134 McCurdy. Kiel a C, 343, 280 IS 280 60, 281 151. 231 30, 64, 151, 28! 20, 143, Meyer, Terry E. Michaelis, Dennis J Michaelis, Jean Michaelis. Larry D. 118. 146, 244 Michaelis, Linda M. Michaelis, Wilma D 281 Michel. Jerry 51, 159 Mick, David L 28! Mickey, Darrell L 291 Midgorden, Julian S. 281 Miles, Helen M. 20, 244 Milford, Rosalynn 20, 281 Hillard, Melba L, Millard, Sandra K. Miller, Carol J 121, 245 151, 281 291 Morgan, Lyle E. 282 Morgan, Max A, Morrill, Larry M. Morrill, Marsha L, Morris, Brian D, Morris, Carole A, Morris, D. Leon Morris, James R. Morris, Jan L, Morris, Roger D. Morrow, Lana S. Morton, James L. 159, 171, 282 Morton. Marilyn L Moser, Michael J. Mosher, Sheila G 146. 169, 282 282 137 155, 282 282 282 141. 292 151. 3 67. 282 282 151, 282 102, 1 32 r 151,232 169, 282 163, 245 McDargh, Verledyne 23. 244 Millar! Carol L 51, 151, 245 M osier, Priscilla 151, 282 McDonald, Shirley A. 150. 280 Miller, David L. 245 Most, Jeanine K. 143, 282 McDougal, Lila M. 244 Miller, Deanna D. 39, 126, Motzkus, Linda R. 151, 282 McDougal, Mari L. 244 137, 151, 281 Mounday, Donald R 146,292 McFarland, Gary J, 177, 280 Miller, Emilie 60 Mounts. Milam A, 282 McFarland. Gloria J. 122, Miller, Ernest P. 236 Mowry, Janice L, 143, 282 167, 244. 312 Miller, Gary L 169, 245 Moxter, Linda A. 151, 292 McFarlane, Mary L, 1 50. 280 Miller, Jennefte K. 151, 281 Moyer, Lairen H. 292 McGaughey, Donald D. 280 Miller, Joseph R. 261 Mueller, Dianne K. 151, 232 McGavran. Fred L. 179. 290 Miller, Judith A. 1 51 , 29 1 Mulch, Jeanne R. 151, 167, McGavran, Thomas D, 179. 280 Miller. Judy E, 123. 245 282 MCGRATH HALL 145. 146 Miller, Kenneth L 171, 231 Mulch, Mary B. 151, 167.282 McGuire, Glenda C, 118. 1 19, Miller. Lambert J. 173, 281 Mullen, James V , 61, 282 150. 280 Miller, Laverne C. 281 Mullenix, Kathy L. 151. 283 McHenry, Linda G. 20, 143, Miller, Lei a J. 143, 291 Mullenix, Kerry L. 151,283 280 Miller, Linda M. 281 Munk, Terence W, 286 McIntyre. Ellis E, 30, 244 Miller, Lynn K. 281 Mgnsefl. Leroy W. 51, 118, McKee, Linda A. 51, 122, Miller, Naomi A. 151, 281 245 244 Miller, Pamela 245 Munsell, Nlone Olson 54.55, McKee. Sharon J. 150, 290 Miller, Phillip M. 155. 281 1 65, 245 McKernan, Barbara J. 151, 280 Miller. Richard P. 179, 281 Murphy, Bill W. 134, 245 McKIm, John B. 181, 280 Miller, Sandra R, 151, 28! Murphy, David M. 30, 156, McKinley, Sharon E. 280 Miller, Sarah A. 281 245. 320 McLain. Thomas R. 118, 121. Miller, Sharon A. 281 Murphy, Janice 58, 156, 245, 14!, 280 Miller, Sue A. 151. 281 320 McLaughlin, Ken M. 141. 280 Miller, Terry L. 30, 245 Murphy, Jo Anne 51. 118, 126, McLean, Christina F. 161. 280 Miller, Timothy D. 28 1 127. 151, 208, 283 McMaster, Ginger L, 151, 230 Miller, Virginia 60. 151,281 Murphy, Joseph A. 245 McMaster, Gretchen A, 120 Miller, William 28! Murphy Judson, E. 60, 283 McMillan. Donna D. 151. 280 Million, Lavern C. 60, 24S Murphy, Lonnie D, 134. 283 McMillen, Douglas K, 100, Milk. Harley G, 134 Murphy, Melanie A. 143, 171, 280 Milk, Karen K. 151, 282 283 McMullen, Donald J. 280 Milton, Dwight L. 146, 282 Murphy, Melvin M. 245 McMullen, Terrance 102 Mines, Connie L. 143, 292 Mu r ohy. Robert L 171, 283 MCMINDES HALL 147- 1 53 Mlnneman, Joseph C. 282 Murphy, Ronnie D. 293 MeMitt, Mary E. 151, 280 Minnis, Hubert D. 282 Murphy, Ruth A, 151, 283 McPhail, Larry D, 280 Mintz, D. Coreen 236 Murphy, Thomas J. 121, 146, McWhirter, Danis G, 20, 280 Misegadk, Nina C. 282 283 McWhirter, J. Gail 143, 280 Mitchell. Charles W. 141, 282 Murray, Dwight R. 191. 283 McWhirter, Jacklyn S. 143, 290 Mitchell, lnqe 151, 232 Murray, Jacqueline A. 151. Mead, Audry A, 65, 151, 280 Mitchell, Larry D. 97, 282 167, ' 215. 203 Mead, Joyce L. 165,228, 280 Moberly. Bob 97 Musselman, Kirk P. 1 18, 121, Meadows, Warren D. 280 Moman, H, Kaye 163, 282 136, 283 Mecken toek. David L. 23, Mondero, Edward J. 282 " Musselwhite, Patricia 1. 143, 121. 171, 280 Money. Susan 143, 282 283 Meckfessel, Donald L, 60, Montandon, Larry D. 282 Mustoe, Barbara S. 126, 151, 159, 280 Monteith, Frandal 143, 165, 283 Meckfessel, Eldon E. 155, 282 Mustoe, Judyanne 151, 208, 280 Meek, Palmer F. 47. 125. 127. 280 Meeks, Larry W. 146, 280 Meenen, Lynn B- 280 Meerian, Leroy F. 169, 280 Meier, Artie E. 280 Meier, Kenneth G- 146, 280 Melroy, Bernadetta A. 151, 280 Melton, Steven J. 141, 280 Hemming, Linda M- 163, 280 Menard, Deanne L. 151, 280 Mendell, Beatrice I. 244 Meatier, R ' chard N, 280 Menzie, Jill 351, 161, 280 Meredith, Danny L, 134, 179, 280 MerVJein, Gary A. 52. 59, 61, 280 Mermis, Bernie J 244 Mermis, Clarence J. 244 Mermis, Richard A. 280 Merydi+h. Brent W. 177, 244 Messerly, Robert W. 280 Metz, Susan L. 244 Montford, Gary W. Montgomery. Doris M, Montgomery, James A. Montgomery, James E- Montgomery, Janet L. Montgomery, Lindon C- 245, 315 Monty. Paul L, 70. 73, I IB Moore, Daniel E, 45 Moore, Gerald E. 262 Moore, Gwendolyn M Moore, Karen S, Moore, Larry L. Moore. Michael W. Moore, Rodney L. 282 Moore, Sherry A, Morel, Ronnie D. 282 232 282 121 124, 245 181, 282 151. 282 79. 282 1 75, 282 23, 146, 151, 282 70, 72, 76, 1 1 224, 283 Myers, Charles 70, i 75, 293 Myers, Cletice L. 283 Myers, James E, 283 Myers. Larry L, 15, 103, 171, 1 77. 283 Myers, Pamela S, 161. 283 Myers, Phifl : p L, 283 Naasz, Claudia K. 151, 203 Nagel, Connie B- 143, 283 Nash, H. Kenneth 283 Neal, William L. 127 Hebei Ann L, 151.283 Nedrow, Kathryn R. 245 Neely, Marlon R. 19, SO, 146, 283 Neely, Maylon 90 Neqley, Dwight L, 115, 283 Neidhart. Barbara A. 143. 283 Morford, James R. 282 Morford, Ronald G. 282 Morgan. Alta A, 143, 282 Morgan, Frances J. 245 Morgan, Judi+h E. 282 Nelson, Donald L. Nelson. Andrew 0. 245, 324 Nelson, Barbara E, Nelson, Janet L. 1 24. 245 283 I 79, 165, 283 56, 60. 61, Nelson. Jerome A. 64, 177, 245 Nelson, Martha L 163. 214, 293 Nelson, Mary S 121, 122, 124, 245 Nelson, Patrick G, 146, 283 Nelson, Vicki L 283 Nemechek, William J, 283 Nemnich, Marla K. 151, 283 Neubauer, Dennis R. 283 Neubauer, Karen S, 283 Neu burger, Linda L 98, 143, 229. 283 Neufeld, Henry L 30, 181. 283 Newbrey. Martha J. 138, I5E. 283 Newcomer, Sandra D. 167, 283 Newell, Leroy 283 Newman, Gary E. 146, 283 Newsom, Cheryl L, 283 Newsom. Keith E. 283 Newsom, Robert S. 70, 1 1 1 Newsom. Sharon E, 151, 283 Newsom, Walter D, 284 Nicholas, Kenton C. 127, 146, 284 Nicholas, Wendell R, 127, 146, 284 Nickel, Gary J, 245 Nicoll, Sandra S. 151,-284 Niedenthal, Ada M. 151.284 Nielsen, Linda K. 284 Nieman Kenneth J, 284 Mieman, Lawrence N. 245 Niles, Kent E, 70, 245 Nodine, Loren D. 36. 209, 284 Noel. Francis P. 30. 245 Noel. James R. 97, 284 Noel, Mary 60, 61, 123. 245 Noffsinger, Larry D, 23, 70, 72, 284 Noffsinger, Vicki J. 128, 284 Ngkes, Jimmy W, 284 Noland. A. Kent 245 Nollette, Joyce A. 284 Mellette. Kent W, 23. 30, 245 Norden, Donna J. 23, 143, 284 Norden, Linda A, 143, 284 Norris. Joe M, 146, 284 Nos-saman, Janet L 151. 284 Nowak, Jerry A. 284 Noyce, William A- 284 Nuss, Roland £. 23, 15$. 284 Oakley, Dixie L 284 Oberg, James E. 173, 284 Oberg, Jeanne R. 151, 204 Obholi. Lenny R, 284 Obleness, Larry L, I 34 Oborny, Jean J. 43.47,122, 123, 127. 155, 245 Obomy, Larry S. 284 OcHs, James L, 16 Ochs, John L. 155, 284 Ochs, Joyce A. 230 Oden, James W. 175, 284 Odle, Marlene K, 151.284 Odle, Stanley L 146.284 O ' Donnell, Christina P. I5L, 161, 284 Odum, Jerry D- 284 Qetken. Rite L. 284 Offner, Betty M. 284 O ' Gara, Denise A. 20, 284 Ogburn, Keith D, 159, 171, 284 Ohlemefer, {Jnda M. 122, 123, 124 165, 245, 324 O ' Hara. Carol R. 264 Ohmes. Ramona T. 284 Okeson, Donald T. 155, 284 Okeson, Warren K, 155. 204 Olds. Deanna K. 151, 284 Oliver, Barbara J. 284 Oliver, Gloria 40 Oliver, Ronald L. 30, 245 Ollverius, Maynard F. 245 Olson, Candance J. 2B4 Olson, Galen W, 56, 60, 63, 284 Olson. Joanne K. 236 Olson, Nione D, 54, 55, 16$, 245 Olson. Richard E. 284 Olson, Steve C 1 46, 284 Omlor, Jane A, 151. 284 O ' Neill, Norman E. 284 Ontjes, James L 47. 284 Opdycke, Douglas D, 70. 97, 285 Oplinger. Carolyn M, 245 Orchard, Gary R- 141, 285 ORCHESIS 18 Orth, Robert G, 47, 121, 245 Osborn, Robert W. 59, 146, 285 Osborne, Marsha R, 143, 285 Osthoff, Peggy A. 58, 60, 285 Ostmeyer, Mary L 151, 285 Ostrander, M. Sue 41, L32, 163, 209, 285 Owens. Terry L. 285 Oyler, Stanely E. 285 Ozmun, Iris R. 151, 285 Packard, Terry F, 236 Page, John W, 245 Paget, Kenneth S, 141, 285 Pah Is, Cynthia 285 Pahls, Dianna K. 285 Pah Is, Richard J. 245 Palmberg, E. Gail 285 Palm berg, J. Eldon 179, 245 Palmer, Bennett D. 155, 169, 285 Palmer, Dick D, 70 Palmer, Don M. 55, 105, 2$S Palmer, Kent E. 28$ Palmer, Lon R, 55, 105, 285 Pancake, Peggy L. 337, 151, 285 PAN HELLENIC 158 Pankow, Tonia C. 151. 246 Panyik, Richard L 175, 246 Panzer, Arthur J. 146, 285 Papes, Janet A, 120, 127. 143, 285 Parish, Connie C. 35. 36, 37. 260 Parker, Craig J, 285 Parker, Robin A. 38. 39, 47, 285 Parnell, Pamela L r 151, 28$ Partin, Bonnie C. 133, 158. 161. 192. 246 Partridge, Robert E, 204, 230, 231 Pasek, Ernest E. 285 Patel, M. M. 138 Patrick, Sheryl E. 151,285 Patterson, Kenneth J. 285 Paynter, C- Christine 285 Paynter, Robert E. 121 Paynter. Stephen D. 47, 121, 146, 285 Peacock, Robert A. 129 Pearce. Bryan F. 285 Pearce, Dennis K, 35, 36, 37, 136, 171, 285 Pearce, James L 112, 115, 285 Pearson, luetta M. 285 Peatling, Roger H, 246 Pechanec, Janet 5. 161, 285 Peck, Douglas A. 177, 265 Peele, Kathleen J. 246 Pekarek, Rodney L. 246 Peltel, David 285 Pember, Carol J. 137 Pember, Verna F. 151, 285 PEOPLE-TG-PEGPLE 13 Pepperd, Loren J. I 18, I 19, 176. 177, 213, 281. 285 Perkins, Roger D. 141, 177. 285 Perkins, Tom 97 Peril, Jim L 40, 246 Pesicka, Gila A. 285, 310 Peter, Kathy J. Peter, Sally J, Peter. Son d re J. Peters, Dennis W Peters, Jon fc 285 Peters, Patricia K 28$ Peterson, Conrad P. Peterson, David a L, Peterson, Donovan G. Peterson, Karen S. Peterson,. Nancy A. Peterson, Patrick C. 286 Peterson, Sherry D, Petracek, Herb F. Pelryszyn. Yaroslaw Pettenglli, Glenn N. 286 151. 184. 285 245 151,285 285 63, 128, 171, 29. 143. 30, 236 137, 285 141, 285 151, 285 143, 236 173, 286 286 286 51, 125. Price, Kenneth D. 141, 286 Prinsen. James 121, 286 Pritchard, Michael J. 286 Probaseo. Barbara A. 151, 286 Pro ba sco, George E, 16, 246 PROMETHEANS 174, 17$ Prusa, Cathy M. 151, 286 Pruter, Robert R. 246 Pruter, Roger A. 30, 286 Puckett, Margo F, 286 Pugh, Walter E. 146, 286 Purdy. Louise E, 286 Pyyyell, Brian F. 286 Pywell, Roy D, 246 Qirbi, Taha A. 138 Querbacb, Jerry J. 141, 206 Quinn. Jean A, 165, 236 Quint, Shirley A. 143. 287 Quirrng, Margaret A, 122, 123, 246 Rabenseifner, Bernard Rabenseifner, Elaine 246 151, 287 Pettit, Cecil A, 12 L 286 Raburn, Geanene R. 151, 287 Petty, Bruce A, 1 $9, 1 73, Radnor Peggy J. 287 286 Rahamanan, Khosrow 141,287 Petty, Warren L, 155, 286 Rahimfan, Nasser (30 Petzold, Mary M. 286 RaJsback, Thomas C. 141,287 Pfannenstiel, Cynthia 123, Ralstin. Roger J. 287 124, 246 Ralston, ftozanne 287 Pfannenstiel, Don J. 286 Ramsdell, Jan H. 287 Pfannenstiel, Eileen 286 Ramsey, Bill E. 97, 99, 287 Pfannenstiel, Imogen 286 Ramsey. James J. 287 Pfannenstiel, Mary K. 286 Randels, Luaoa J. 20, 151, Pfannenstiel, William 246 207 Pfeifer. Carole J. 161, 236 Randle, Randy A. 70, 146. Pfeifer, Linda E. 143.236 287 Pfeifer. Mary E. 61 Rankin, Carolyn K, 29, 151 . Phelps, Dianne K. 151, 286 287 Phelps, Evelyn D. 246 Rankin, Riley C. 19. Ill, 287 PHI ALPHA THETA 51 Ransom, Clara R. 246 PHI ETA SIGMA 127 Ransom, Robert J. 246 PHI KAPPA PHI 123 Rash, Leroy C. 141, 287 PHI MU ALPHA 61 Rasmussen, Judith K. SSL, PHI SIGMA EPSILON 172, 287 173 Rasmussen, Rita B, 60, 120. Phifer, Gary D. 286 151, 287 Phillips, Clyde W. 23. 286 Rathbun, Jacqueline S, 151 , Phillips, Dorothy M. 246 287 Phillips, Gary L. 141.286 Raynes, Clinton A. 52, 141, Phillips. Paul G. 286 297 Pbye, Fred R. 141, 286 Reager, William M, 177, 287 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Redd. Cheryl A. 151, 237 MAJORS CLUB 19 Redelberger, Mark L, 287 Pickering, Larry 1 1 1 Reed, Judith J, 246 Pickering, William L 246 Reed, Sonia S. 58, 143, 287 Pickett, Eldon E. 15,179.286 Reedy. Thomas A, 141, 287 Pickett, Marion F. 143, 286 Reese, Barbara G. 56, 60, 61, Pfland, Janice E. 143, 16$. 286 246 PI OMEGA PI 23 Reese, Calvin D. 171, 287 Pitner, Ralph F, 286 Reese, James H, 287 Pivonle, Katharine N, 163 Reeve r, Anna R. 151. 287, Platt, Mary R. 246 310 Plettner, Earl E. 286 Regler, Robert D- 52, 59, 181, Plunkett, C. Richard 2B6 287 Poage, 3, Lonn 246 Reifschneider, Robert H- 141, Poage, Myra L, 121, 246 287 Polcyn, Louise 52 Refmer. Keith E. 237 Pool, Eleanor F, 56, 246. 344 Rein, Pamela R. I 287 Poore, Mervin L. 286 Rein, Ray A. 287 Porter. Nancy J, 60, 151, 286 Reinert, Dennis R. 155, 287 Porter, Richard D, 286 Reinert, Donald C, 141, 287 Porter. Ronnie D. 246 Reinhardt, Sandra K. 287 Post, Phillip L 286 Reinhardt. Susan M. 151, Potter, Kathleen A. 126 167. 287 Paul jg not, Linda M. 286 Relsig, Shirley A, 129. 151, Pound, Cherilyn R. 151, 286 287 Powell, Harrietts J. 286 Raising. Grefchen L, 165, 287 Powell, Janet 5, 161, 246 Rempe, Marilyn K. 151. 287 Power, Robert J r 115,286 Powers, Lonnie R. 141, 286 Pratt, Claudia A, 246 Preedy, Carolyn L, 151, 286 Preston, James P. 246 Prewett. Donna J. 151, 286 Price, Dan L. 55 Price, Jo Ann 151 „ 286 Price, Judith A. 286 Price. Kathleen C. 58,151, 286 Renner. Penney L. 163, 246 Resler, Paul D. 70, 71 Rethford. Gerald L, 175, 246 REVEILLE 38-39 Revilla, Carlos D. 13$, 169, 246 Rexford, Ray A. 246 Reynolds, Gordon E. Reynolds, Joanne J, Reynolds, Marvin J. Rhoades, David B, 246 287 287 107, 287 Rhoades, Peggy J. 287 348 Rhoden, Kenneth K. 146, 287 Rhodes. Sandy L 287 Rhodes, Terry L. 246 Rhudy. Richard K. 155,287 Rice, Daniel 8, 245 Rice. Dennis E. 175, 287 Rice, Martha L 288 Richard. Sylvia A. 151. 283 Richards. Howard E. 60, 288 Richardson, Donald J, 34, 41, 197, 210 Richardson, Judith A, 151, 288 Richardson, William 60 Rickard. Barbara 288 Rider, Eugene 82, 103, 288 Ridgway, Margaret L. 246 Ridler, James M Ridler, Robert E. Riedel Arthur R. Riedel. Danny L. Riedel, Kenneth D. Riedel, William J, Riekenberg, John M Riemann, Leland Rieth, Herbert J. Rite, Harold 1 E. Rife, Rosalee H + Riffe, Tommy W. Riley, Keith L Riner, Diana S. Riner, Patricia J. 161, 288 Riner, Ronnie R. Rfntauf, Dwane L. Rittenhouse, Jinna L 165, 288 Robben, Eugene W. Robbins. Jeffrey V. Roberts, Blaine R. 123, 173. 247 Roberts, C. Larry Roberts, Norman A, Roberts, Rose M. i Robertson, David V. Robertson, Larry E. Robinson, David H, Robinson, Larry E. Robinson, Mary A, Robinson, Michael W. Robinson, Nancy J. 288 70. 74 246 288 288 288 141. 288 141, 288 146, 236 137. 288 151. 288 55, 244 82, US. 247 24, 288 41, 42, 134, 289 288 144. 288 247 47, I 18, 122. 118. 247 288 151. 283 30, 247 146. 238 179 288 144. 288 175, 288 152, 288 Robison, Mary L. Robles, Teodoro Rock, James T. Rockwell, Sue A- RODEO CLUB Roeder, Dean A. Roemer, Anita L. Roesch. Duane A. Rogers, Donna K. Rogers, James R, Rogers, Ronald M. 288 135 SI. 236 144, 1 61, 288 134 288 161, 288 59, 181, 288 152, 283 288 146, 173, 289 134, 289 I 79, 247 144, 289 152, 289 Roth, Cecil C. 289 Roth, Cynthia A. 289 Roth, Edmund 289 Rothe, Jimmy M. 60, 155, 289 Rounkles, Penny F, 144, 289 Rouse, Charles C, 59, 60, 61 Rowh, Jay A. 1 I 8, I 55, 251 , 289 Rowh, Rex E. 134, 146. 289 Roy, Gerry D, 289 Roy, Jim F. 169,289 Roylance, Kenny W. 289 Ru bottom, Avonne M Rubottom, Darrell G. Rucker, Robert N. Ruckert, Yvonna L. Ruda, Fred R, 30 Ruda, Lucille A Ruda, Robert 97 Ruder, Cheryl A. 51. 118, 289 Ruder, Earl F. 289 Ruder, Jeannette M. 289 Ruder, Sharon K. 289 Rudman, Sally M, 289 Rudolph. Glenda L. E 34. 212, 289 Rueb, Cynthia A. 152. 289 Rueb. William J. 30. 289 Ruesehhoff, Kathleen 152, 289 Rufenacht, Della B, 289 Rgfener, Larry J. E55, 289 Ruff, Aneta N. 39, 165, 239 Ruff, John G, 61 , 247 Rule, Leta L 152, 289 Rundle, David C 289 Rupp, Timothy A, [21 Rusco, James A. 146, 236 Russell, A. Joy 247 Rutledge, Jim J. 247 Ruud. Armin E Ruud. Mary L. 61, 289 Ryan. Mary C. 247 Ryan, Ruth A. 152, 290 Rynerson, Elaine K. 152, 290 Saddler. James L. 247 Sadeghi, Khosrow 51, 138 Sager. Hal 52 Sallee, James K. Sallee, Terry L, Seim, Robert L. Salter. Steve G, 290 Samples, Fred R. Sander, Carolyn A, Sender. John G- 247 Sanders, Gary D. 155, 290 Sanders, Judith A. 290 Sands trorn. Joyce E. 152, 290 Sanford. Larry E. 290 Sanneman, Danny D. 16, 30, 121. 247 51. 122, 125, 121 46, 47 52, 59, 61, 290 82, 115, 146. 290 290 146, 290 290 51 290 134, 146, 1 6, 290 47, 177, 290 290 159, 173, 290 [41, 175, 247 10, HI 290 290 40, 113, 290 Schlageck, John L, Schlegel, Myron L. Schmeller, Helmut J. Schmidt. Anita L. Schmidt, Dennis L, 290 Schmidt, Frederick J Schmidt, Gary E. Schmidt, Jacquelin R Schmidt, John A. Schmidt, Michael 1 C 290 Schmidt, Mickey D. Schmidt, Robert Schmidt, Shirley A. Schmidt, Timothy P. Schmidtberger, Galen 115. 290 Schmidtberger, Wayne Schmitt, Denny J. 290 Schmitt, Sandy A, 152, 290 Schnatterly, Arthur D, 290 Schneider, Bernard C. HI. 290 Schneider. Leon K, 19, HI. 290 Schneider. Pamela J. 152, 290 Schnoor, William F. 146, 290 Schoenberger, Karla 152. 290 Schoeni, Arden W. 169, 290 Schoeni, Eulonda K. 132, 133, 163, 1 92. [95, 204, 230, 23 1, 247 Schoenthaler, Barbara E. 29, [44, 290 Schoenthaler. Chefyl 152. 167, 290 Schon, Wayne E, 290 Schon, Wilma J, 167, 290 Schreiber, Mary M. 40. 138, 144, 290 Schreiner, Donald K. 290 Schreiner, Eugene 291 Sehreuder, Peggy A. 152, 291 Schriock, Dorothy C. 291 Sc h roeder,, Kathryn A, 42, I32 r E 61 r 29! Schroeder, Troy A. 291 Schroer, Alan R. E37 Schrum, Bill I E2, 115 Schuckman. Patricia L. 291 Schueler. Karen M. 991 Schuefer, Lawrence R. 38, 2+7 Schulte, tavern J. 291 Schulte, Ronald L. 271 Schulti, Kathrynn, M, 137, 152, 291 Sehulh, Laree E- 152, 291 Schumacher, Judy K. Schumacher, Phyllis Schumaker, Gary E. Schu maker, Sharon L. Schupman, Marilyn D. 291 291 247 24? 291 291 Sekavec, Glenn 247 Selbe. Nancy S. Selle, Patricia A, Sellens, Carol J. Sdley, Charla J. Selley, Samuel J, Seltmann, Terry L. Seuser, Judith A, SEVENTH CAVALRY S exsmith, Cheryl S 169, 205. 233, 29, 165, 291 1 52, 291 60, 29! 291 291 291 60, 61, 291 125 163, 291 152, 184, 291 291 42. 70, EH 247 291 152, 292 152, 167. 292 152, 161. 292 1 20 r 144, 292 161, 229. 292 173, 292 292 123, 177, 236 Sexson. Keith E. 16, 291 Seyb, Marilyn K. 126,152,2911 Shah, Himat 138 Shamburg, Carol A. 291 Sham burg, Ramona L Shamburg, Sondra K. Shane, Terrance L, Shank, Dennis L, Shank, Linda D. Shanley, Cynthia D Shannon, Joyce E- Shaw, Madeline K, Sheets, Linda L. Sheets, Naomi N. 292 Sheets. Patricia K. Shellhaas, Maurice Shepherd, Charles E Shepherd, Ro ger L. 247 Sherman, Joe O Sherraden, Kenneth F. 292 Sherrill, Larry E, 23, 292 Sherwood, Donald R. 292 Sherwood, Margaret C. 292 Shields, Jerry C. 247 Shindler, Sandra M. 126, 292 Shirack, Michael D. 292 Shirk, Mary G. E44, 292 Shoemaker, Terry C, 177,230. 292 Shogren, Richard E. 115, 141, 247 Shrader. Richard F. Shull, Peter W. Shull, Sharron A. Sidener, Corrine J. 292 Sidener, Ronald L, 247 Sidwell, Jack 23 Siebold, Linda L 152, 292 SIGMA ALPHA ETA 42 SIGMA ALPHA JOTA 61 SIGMA KAPPA 164,165 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 176, 177 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA 166. 167 SIGMA TAU GAMMA 178, 129 1 79, 292 152, 292 120, 1 85, 179, 185, 288 34, 247 Schwa men be rger. John D. 291 [79 Rogers, Shelby A. 152, 288 Sanneman, Dudley D. 30, 290 Schwem. Richard R. 36, 39. 60, Sillin, Judith A. 60, 61, 247 Rogg, Alan R. 238 Sasse, Carolyn J. 29, 152. 247 1 55, 29 1 Sim, Stephen C. 292 Rogg, Darrell W. 247 Sate hell, Lester G, 141, 290 Schwindt, Mary E, 35, 123 Simminger, Sheryl L, 1 58, 1 67, Rogg. Roberta M. 247 Sauer, Susan L. 60, [52. 290 SOCCER CLUB 135 292 Rohr. Mary J, 98, 144, 288 Scanlon, Gale E, 177, 247 Scott, Cheryl L 134, 291 Simmons, Calvin L, 70, 3 8 1 , 29 j Rolf, Leslie L. 152, 288 Scantfm, William M, 141. 290 Scott, Danna K, 291 Simmons, Craig 94 Roffe. Marie E. 152, 288 Spates, Tom 51 Scott, Danny G. 146, 168, 169. Simmons., Glenn G. 173, 292 Rolfs, Judith K. 167, 247 Schaefer, Margaret A. 47, 122, 29 E Simmons, John E, 292 Rolland, Lane N, 288 123, 133, 247 Scott. Doris H. 43, 291 Simon, Lawrence L, 292 Rolph, Jack F + [6, 247 Schafer, Ronald L, 173, 290 DwAwne L_ 291 Sims, John R, 52, 57, 59, 127, Romeiser, Janice K. 247 Schaffer, James R, 173, 290 1 C Iftl Ak 291 292 Romig, Marcia D. 144, 288 Schaffer, Willie J- 1 46, 290 ' Sinclair, Carol F, 292 Rominger. Dennis L. 155.288 Schalansky, Joseph 247 Scott. Nancy I 29 Sinclair, Mary F. 247 Romme, Donna M. 288 Sehalansky, Richard 290 Scott, Richard W, 43. 125, 247 $ipe, Judith A, 119,137,158, Romme, Doris A- 288 Schardein, Janice R. 152 Scott, Ronald L, 291 1 67. 292 Roohms, Janet F. 152. 288 Scheibmeir. Alan 42 Scott, Terry W. 291 Sipe, Wayne A, 41, 155, 196. Rooney, Patti A. 144. 288 Scherr, Bernard J. 290 Scott, William M. 115, 291 209. 292 Root, Edward D- 288 Scherr, Charles P, 290 Sea go. Diane 146, 175. 291 Sipes, James S. 292 Rose, Charlie C. 19, 247 Schiedeman, Janis C 161,290 Sears, Robert 23. 29. 146, Skelton. Larry N. 30, 247 Roskilly, James D. 289 Sr.hiedeman. Linda A- 60. 61, 1 75 SKY DIVERS 135 Ross, Geraldine M L 152. 167, 123, 124, 290 Sebaugh, Tamara 60 Slankard, Jonroy HI. 175, 292 289 Schields, Dale A. 42, 175, 290 Seeman. Karlene K. 23, 29! Slate. Joleen S. 292 Ross, Kenneth E. 36, 39, 289 Schiewe. Ronald E. 290 Ross. Unda J. 98, E44, 289 Schilling, Burton L 61, 290 Ross, Linda L 152, 289 Schissler, Carol J. 23, 247 Ross, Marta K, 144, 289 Schissler, Dan C. 290 Roth. Allsen P, 289 Schlaefli, Roberta 23 Seidel, Cheryl J, 152.291 Seifert, Dave HI. 236 Seifert, ShSrl A. 141. 291 Seifried, Shanlyn M, 144, 291 Sekavec, Dale A. 60, 146, 291 Slattery, Richard £. 155,292 Slavik, Dale E. 292 Sloan, Clair D. 16 Slopansky, Paul E, 169, 292 Small, Gary G, 292 Smarsh, John A. 292 Smeltzer, Patricia L 152. 292 Smiley. Connie L 132. 133, 167, 229, 292 Smith. Ardith E, 152, 292 Smith, Arlyn E, 40, 179, 292 Smith, Barbara J. 158, 165, 292 Smith. Bedford D, 123, 236 Smith, Bronwen M, 292 Smith, David C, 35, 292 Smith, Diane M. 158, 165, 248 Smith, Diaie L. 47,122,123. 248 S m i th , G a rf ie Id 292 Smith, Gary P, I 73 Smith. Gary W, 292 Smith, Greg F. 146. 292 Smith, Harry L 155, 293 Smith. Nalee G, 1 52, 293 Smith, Jimmy L 293 Smith, Julia I. 144. 293 Smith, Kenneth W. 293 Smith. Larry D. 47. 293 Smith, Larry G- 173, 293 Smith, Lowell R r 19, BO, IIP, 248 Smith, Marcelo M, 293 Smith, Marie J, 152, 293 Smith. Marilyn S- 121, 152, 293 Smith, Marsha F. 29, 152, 243 Smith, Mary L, 152, 293 Smith, Michael J. 293 Smith, Mitchell 293 Smith, Ralph A. 248 Smith, Robert E. 293 Smith, Ronald D. 293 Smith. Ronald L 293 Smith, Sandra 47 Smith, Sara A, 122.123,124, 248 Smith, Sharon K. 152, 293 Smith, Spencer L. t 75, 293 Smith, Stephanie L- 152, 293 Smith, Sybil K. 293 Smith. William D 155,293 Smith. William Duane 65, 293 Smith, William H. 16.293 Smrcka, Rod K. 1 76 Snay. Karen J. 20. 144, 293 Snay, Lana M. 144. 293 SNEA 64, 65 Snell. Janet D, 65,152,293 Snodgrass, Carol S. 126, 152, 293 Snodgrass. Keith E. 141, 293 Soice, Larry E. 82, 293 Solberg, Barbara A. 152. 293 Solomon, Kay 56 Solomon, Kenneth W. 136 Sothers, Judith A. 144,161,293 Sou hup., Alvin C. 293 Sova, Diana L. 152. 293 Spacil, Paul E, 293 Spalsbu ry. Arthur L. 1 71, 293 Spangenberg, Edward L. 293 Spanier, Jerry A. 293 SPANISH CLUB 40 Sparkman, Dean 136 Spat:, Sheila K. 144, 293 Spencer. Harry W, 171, 293 Spicer. James W, 16,169.243 Spilker, Steven W. [69, 293 Splitter, Larry R, 293 Spoil r. Norman L. 293 Spomer, Patricia 42, 220 Spreier, Scott W. 36. 37, 141, 293 Sprenkel, Thomas E, 42, I 79, 248 Spriclc. Roger G. 146, 293 Springer. Carol A. 161, 293 Sproul, Sally A. 152,293 Spurgin, Victoria A. 40, 152, 293 SPURS 127 Squyres, Melvin R- 293 Studer, Shirley D. 152, 294 Thomas, Terry 1 1 5 Sramek. Deb by L, 134. 144. 294 Stull, Ronald D. 82, 294 Thomas. Vera 35 Sramek, Sharon, J, 1 20. 24B Suelter, Robert G. 1 46, 294 Thomeczek, Bill 296 Staab, Donald V. 248 Suiter, Charles F. 155, 294 Thomeczek, Linda K. 296 Staab, Joyce A. 294 Suiter, Donna J r [44, 294 Thompson, Barbara A. 127, Staab, Leon J. 294 Sullivan, Linda J, 144, 295 129, 1 52. 296 Stafford. Donovan 3 35, 1 55. Sullivan, Michael L, 119, 169. Thompson, David A, 296 294 295 Thompson. Gary M. 42, 94, 169, Stafford, Michael L, 155, 294 Sulzman. M. Jolene 60, 295 248 STAGE BAND 52 Sulzman, Ronald J. 295 Thompson, June 23 Stagner, Gene H. 141, 294 Summers, Delora A. 248 Thompson. Katherine 152. 296 Stambaugh. James 57 Suppes, Carol J 295 Thompson, Mary A, 152. 296 Stanberry, Ann C. 248 Suter, Don M, 295 Thornburg, Alan L. 47, 173, 248 Staple+on, James W. 294 Sutphen, George H, 284 Thornburg, Dennis D. 296 Stapleton, Jerry W. 125, 177, Sutton, Roddy D. 141, 295 Thornburg, Mary A. 296 294 Svaty. Linda E. 1 52, 295 Thornburg, Ruth E. 126, 296 Stauth. Randy M, 248 Swan, Dana L. 295 Thornton, Linda J, 60, 161, 296 Staven. Bruce L. 61, 248 Swan, Larry R. 181, 295 Thummel, Carol 40 Stearns, Patrice D, 152, 294 Swank, Kaye L. 152, 295 Thummel, Patricia A. 1 52, 296 Stech, Terence V. 294 Swann. Mary P r 152, 295 Thudow, Janet M. 152, 296 Steele, George L. 294 Swartz. Susan M. 126, 1 52, Thurlow, Linda K, 152, 296 Steele, George W. 30. 248 295 Thurman, Pamala D. 1 52, 296 Steele, Marlene A. 144, 294 Swayze, Dennis T. 134. 169. 295 Thyfault, Harlan A, 24B Stella n, Marilyn 152, 294 Sweat, John 146, 295 Tichenor, Steven R. 146. 296 Steffen, Donald D- 294 Sweat, Michael T. [75, 295 TIGERS ROAR J 32 Steffen, R. Faye 47, 236 Sweat, Richard L- 295 Tillberg, Vernon G, 296 Steimel. Robert L, 47 r 1 55, 294 Sweat, Sandra L. 152, 295 Timken, Gary L. 1 796 Stein, Dean L [15,146,294 Swenson, Ed, L. 181. 295 Timmons. Karen L. 161, 229, Steinbacher, Jolene 1 52, 294 Swenson, Ronald D. 29 S 296 Steincamp, Martha R. 152. 163, Switzer, Sandra K. 295 Tinkler, David E. 1 34, 296 294 Sym ns, Tom C, 1 34. 295 Tirone, Carmine A, 70, 296 Stelnert, Dennis N. 146, 294 Symori, Louise D- 35. 36. 38, Todd. Carolyn K. 31. 42. 124, S+einert, Lloyd O, 243 152, 295 248 Steinert, Nancy L, 152, 294 Tabter, Fern C. I 144. 295 Todd, Patricia A. 296 Steinle, Francis D, 294 Tabrizi, Nematolloh H. 138, 295 Todd, Robert Q. 296 Steltz, Linda K. 152. 294 Taggart, Thomas L. 295 Toedman, Charley 97 Stephens, Larry 5! Tambascio, Linda M 166, 167, Tomanek, Dennis A. 296 Stephenson, Norene 144, 294 295 Tomanek, Lynn E. 296 Steponick, Alane L. 152, 294 Tannahill, C. Allan 295 Tomanek, Waite J, 126. 144, Stetler, Larry E. 56. 60. 61. 125 Tapphorn. Ralph M. 47, 122, 165, 296 Stevens, Deanna J, 152. 294 123. 24B Tomrdle, Susan K, 248 Stevens, Frank D. 243 Tark, Sung Yong 24$ Tomson, Marion 136. 141, 296 Stevens, Tommy F. 70 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 180 101 Tonne. Larry E, 296 Stewart, Carol A, 126, 152. 294 Tauscher, Charles L. 295 Toole, Terry L. 1 79, 248 Stewart, Kenneth T, 294 Taylor, Patricia A. 152, 295 TRAFFIC TRIBUNAL 1 IB Stewart, Patty 5- 152, 294 Taylor, Sheila K. 236 Trail. Elmer Q. 70, 71 Stewart, Peggy L, 20, 152, 294 Teasley, Warren B. 94, 155. 295 Trainer, Steve 52 Stewart, Stephen R. 80, HI. Tebo, Stephen D- 47. 295 Trapp, Charlene J. 152. 296 294 Tedesco, Jo Anne F 152, 163, Trapp, Cheryl L. 144, 229, 296 Stiles, Kathy A. 152, 294 295 Trapp, James N. 296 Stinson, David L. 294 Teel, Douglas 41, 42 Trapp, John L, 23, 296 Stifes, Wilbur R, 3 46. 294 Teel, Glen A. 30 Trebilcock. Wanda B 296 Stithem, Scharleen 1 H, 152,294 Teeter, Anne M, 39, 120, 165. Tregallas. Mike 1 59 Stockman. Keith B. 294 Stone, Gerald 0. 294 Stos, Carol J. 294 Stos, Charles J. 294 Stoskopf, John F, 136 Stoskopf, Li I bo urn R. 236 Stout. Delbert 8. 23.141,294 Stout, Gordon I 00 Stout, Joyce 248 Strain, Patrick C. 141, 294 Strait, Renus D. 294 Strait, William 19. 82, 86, 91, Ml Stramathan, Joyce I. 167, 243 Stranathan, Sidney W. 175, 294 Strayer. Virginia L 152, 294 St re it. James M. 175,294 Strobe!. George A. 60, 294 Strobe!. Sally L 152, 163. 294 Strom, D. Kay 294 Strouse, Barbara E. 248 Strouse. Beverly J, 248 Stuart. Mark W. 40. 294 Stuart, Patricia L. 38, 167. 294 STUDENT COURT 119 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE I 19 Teeter, Melvin E- 295 Temple, Loyal C, 248 Terada, Kozo 295 Terry, Bill L 295 Terry, Johnny B. 19, 70, 295 Terwilliger, Charyne K. 58, 152, 295 Teschner, Barbara R. 129, 1 34. 165, 295 Teter, Diana L, 42, 165, 295 Thacker. Gloria J, 144, 295 Thacker, Margaret E. 39, 144, 295 Thaete, Gary C, 171,246 Thalheim. Cheryl D. 1 44. 295 Thathelm, Kerry A. 51, 118, 144, 295 Thibault, Delmer 42 Thiele, Nancy E. 58,167.295 Thiele. Waunita M. 1 52, 295 Thielen, Jay B. 136 Thielen, Joseph P. 295 Thomas, E. Elaine 128, 163, 295 Thomas. J, Craig 296 Thomas. John K. 169, 248 Thomas, R. Wayne 296 Thomas, Sherry J r 152, 161. 234, 296 Thomas, Stephen R. 296 Trenary, Ralph H. 16, 136 Treu, Marilyn D, 60, 152, 296 Trexler, Gary Trimmer, Sue A. 60 165, 296 Troll, Connie S- 144, 296 Trosin, Harry D. 134 Trout, Donna D, I 44, 165, 296 Truan, Cyntlra R. 296 Trussell. Larry R. 23, 236 Trussell, Linda J, 152, 296 Trussell. Sharon K. J2I Tscbanz, Ema L. 144, 296 Tubbs, James D. 141, 296 Tucker, Billy D. 296 Tucker, Martha Jeanene 20, 296 Tuley, Ronald F. 70 Tull, Don E. 146, 296 Turner, Gary E- 141, 296 Turner, Nancy J, 152, 296 Turner. William G. 296 Tuttle, Donald E. 248 Tuttle, S, Harry 296 Tweed, John C. 296 Twitchell. Sherryl 0- 153 161, 296 Twyman, Joe BO Tymer, Dennis C, 146, 296 Tyre II, David L, 297 Tyson. Judy L. 29. ! 57, 297 350 Ulin, Larry R. 297 UNION BOARD 128 UNION PROGRAM COUNCIL 128 Unger, Carol K. 121 Unger, Roy E, 248 Unrein, Edward J. 297 Unrein, Judith A. 248 Unruh, Cynthia L, 153, 297 Unruh, Eileen J r 248 Urban. Dorothy A. 29, 153, 248 Urban, Gloria J. 297 Urban, Janet C 297 Utz, Judith A, 248 Vacha!, Charles 23 Van Der Wage, Judeem 144, 297 Vanderrel, Maxine L, 297 Vandewege, Karyn 6 53, 297 Vandewege, Sharyn D- 153, 297 Vondonge, Jerry P. 297 Vandyke, Dale A. 297 Vandyke, Garvin K, 297 Van Eaton, Marjorie L. 297 VanGalder, Arlene L. 60, 144, 297 Vania ning ham, Max L, 70, 72, 78 Vanleeuwen, Felix F, 47, 249 Vann, Paulette A. 153, 297 Van Pelt, Regan D, 155, 297 Van Vleet, Karen L 153, 297 Vap, Eugene F. 297 Veo John, Karen L. 153, 297 Vernon, Diana G, !53, 297 , Vernon, Gearld A. 159, 176, 297 Verschueren, Dorothy 236 Vesecky, Rosales J- 144, 297 Vessey, Ronald D, 297 Vetter. Kenneth L. 155, 297 Vincent, James R. 171. 297 Vincent, Viola M. 297 Vint, Janice M , 153, 297 Vonfeldt, Dennis A. 136, 297 Vonfeldi, G. L. 298 Von Leonrod. George 155, 298 Vopaf, Harry J. 298 Voran. Patricia L, 153. 298 Voss, Ralph 56 Vossman, Kenneth L, 298 Voth, Pamela J, 153, 298 Votruba, Edward J. 30, 60. 298 Vratil, Ronald D- 23. 249 Vrbas, Dennis L 173, 249 Vrbas, Ronald D. 298 Wade. Bruce K. 146, 298 Wagner, Dale E. 30, 298 Wegner, David 249 Wegner, Donald L. 298 Wagner, Norma J. 298 Wagner, Robert B, 23, 298 Wahlmeier, Roger F. 298 Wahrman, Lynette M. 40, 153, 298 Wait, Lynn D. 136, 298 Waite, Curtis D, 298 Walden, Marilyn 35 Waldman, Donna M. 249 Walker, Barry V. 136, 137, 298 Walker, Clar.essa B. 138, 249 Walker, Gary L. Ml, 298 Walker, James L. 146, 6 69,298 Walker, Jerry A.- 16, 123, 236 Walker, Judith L. 153, 298 Walker, Kathryn 137 Walker, Linda K, 153, 298 Walker. Sharen K. 40, 249 Walker, Susan J, 298 Wall, Ruth A. 153, 298 Wallace, Barbara J. 144, 298 Wallace, Dennis J, 60, 298 Wallace, Linda S, 153, 298 Walsh. Gary J, 298 Walt. Jo Ann 153, 298 Walter, Dorothy A, 298 Walter, Roger N. 127, 298 Walters, C. Janet 298 Walters, David A. 298 Walters, Edye L. 153, 298 Walters. Janice M. 298 Walters, Karen M. 298 Walters Kathleen A. 35, 298 Walters, Lucida A, 249 Walters, Mary L, 298 Walters, Robert E„ 70, 78 Walts, Donald G. 155, 177, 298 Walz, Roger M, 298 Wangerin, David L, 155, 298 Ward. Kathy J r 153, 298 Ward. Linda L, 121 Ward, Nancy A. Ward, Bob 100 626, 208 Ward. Wava J. 153, 298 Wark, Gloria A. 153. 298 Warne, Lora K. 153, 298 Wasinger, Cheryl L. 298 Wasinger, Glen A. 298 Wasinger, Judith L. 298 Wasinger, Michaelita 18,20 Wasinger. Richard 299 Watkins, Larry C. 129, 155, 299 Watkins, Shelly 159 Watson, Stephen J. 146, 299 Watts, Mark A. 70, 146, 299 Weathers, Connie K. 153, 299 Weathers, Jane A. 153, 299 Weaver, Linda L 6 53, 299 Weber, Douglas C. 299 Weber, Marjorie D. 1 44, 299 Weber, Richard J. 249 Webster, Allen L, 236 Weeks, Loren L 16, 299 Wears. Diane M, 299 Wegele, Allen E, 146, 299 Weigel, Bernard H. 30. 299 Weigel, Leo K, 1 69 . 299 Weigel, M. Jane 1 67, 249 Weigel, Phyllis 57 Weigel, Tamra D. 133, 163, 193, 195, 224, 225, 249 Weir, Pamela R, 1 53 299 Welse, Barbara A r 299 Weisensee, Charles A. 155, 299 Weiser, Lonnie D. 141, 299 Wells, Brenda K, 153, 299 Wells, Dalmer L, 299 Wells, Dennis M, 70, 115 Wells, George L. 249 Wendel, Thomas L. 299 Wendelln, Lawrence F, 65, 155, 299 Wendell, James W. ESI, 299 Wentling, Mary K, 299 Werth, Agnes C, 167, 299 Werth, Charlene F, 299 Wess, Mary E, 299 Wess, Patricia R. 153. 161, 299 Weft, Dennis L. 55, M6. 299 Westbrook, Richard D, 30 Westerman, Edward L. 30, 60, 299 Westhoff, Larry W. 669, 299 Wes+phal, Alice P. 153, 299 WestphaL Danny M. 47. 51, 122, 125, 137, 177, 249 Westphal, Lavetta L. 40, 126, 299 Weyerts, Dale 249 Wheatcroft, Janice l. 29, 153, 299 Wheeler, Cynthia R. 153. 299 Wheeler, John P. 146, 299 Wheeler. Tamara L, Wherry, Mery A. 124, 249 Wherry, Robert P. 299 Whipple. Lila J, Whipple, Sharon L, 1 44, 299 48. 122, 123, 137, 155, 1 53, 299 153 Whistler. Raymond G. 299 Whitaker, Jim D- 299 White. John A, 141, 299 Wolfe. Randall D. 125, 141. 249 Wolfe, Richard D. 249 Welters, Suianne I. 126, 153, 300 Wolting, Gaye L. 644, 300 Womack, Richard D. 300 Womacks. David M, 134, 300 WOMEN ' S LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION 124 WOMEN ' S RECREATION White, John R, 30, 249 ASSOCIATION 20 White. Mary 0. 52, 153, 299 Wondra, Stephen A. 23, 177, White, Paul R. 299 300 Whitmer, Eldon L 16 Wood, Harold R. 141, 300 Whitney, Cheryl D. 29,132, Wood, Virginia L. 153, 300 644. 299 Woodham, Harold A. 136, 306 Whitney, John W. 15, 12 L Woods, Ed R. 1 34 Ml, 299 Woods, La Donna M. 129, 153 Whittecar, Donald G. 176,299 Woods. Lawrence 60 WHO ' S WHO 122 Woods, Lenna L 301 Wicke, Rita K. 144, 300 Woods, Marie A, 137, 153, 301 Wincheri, Walter A. 30, 249 Woods, Rufus M. 301 Wiedeman, Delbert E. 249 Woodson, Cheryl 153, 301 WiehL Connie S. 300 Worden, Charles E, 155. 301 Wiehl, Dwight A, 23. 300 Workman, Beverly C. 153, 301 Wiens, Georgette K. IS3, 300 Worley, Cathy J. 153, 301 Wiosner, David J. 300 Worley. Steve D, 30, 249 Wiesner, Sheila M. 300 Wright. David K. 146, 301 Wilburn, Robert E. 69, 94, 95, Wright, Patty J, 249 107, 300 Wright, Vickie J. 23, 29. 1 20, Wilcox, Gary D. 300 153, 301 Wildeman, Richard R, 169, 300 Wu, Anthony 127 Wilhelm, Dallas E. 66 Wygal, Flora L. 153, 301 Wilicen, Barbara J. 300 Wynn, James F. 301 Wilken, Karen S. 300 Yantiss, Paul C, 155. 301 Wilkens, Bruce E. 60, 1 79, 249 Yardley, Frankie E. 155. 301 Wilkerson, Thomas A, 249 Yearout, Phillip D, 155, 306 Wilkinson, Larry K, 127,173. Yoho, Robert E. 301 300 Willett, John E, 300 Willhaus. Rose M. 20, 300 Williams, Carolyn A. 300 Williams, Cathy J. 300 Williams, Dwight 103 Williams. Jerry E. 300 Williams. Linda M. ?0 ' 53. 300 Williams, Polly A, 234, 300 Williams. Richard B. Williams, Rita K. Williams, Rodney S- 249 Williams. Wilbur W. Williamson, John T. Wilson, Ann L. 249 Wilson, Donna 0, 153, 300 Wilson. Douglas D- 249 Wilson. Jack S. 32, 37, 177, 249 Wilson. Kenneth E. Wilson. Leslie D. Wilson, Marie A. Wilson, Marllynn Wilson, Norman L Wilson. Philip R. Wilson Rodney E. 181, 300 Winder, Rogene L. Windhofe, Carol A. Windholz, CVen M. Wind helz.. Wilma Wineland, Eileen Winkler, Connie J. Wise, Judith A, Witthuhn. Patti A. Witwer, V. Wayne 103. 171. 249 Wobker, Mary J. ' Woelk, John C. Wolf. Henry G. Wolf, Richard J. Wolfe, Leanne i 53, 196, 1 34 r 300 153, 300 109, Ml, 300 155, 300 300 Ml. 300 300 47. I IS. 249 173, 300 300 100, 159, 300 153. 300 249 300 300 153, 300 153, 300 300 22, 55, 100, 144, 163, 300 118, 128 155, 300 300 141, 300 York, Nancy A, 43, 301 Yost, Jack A. 301 Young, Austin B. 301 Young, Bradley E. 306 YOUNG DEMOCRATS Young, Dave 107 Young, Douglas A, 301 Young., Gary D. 169, 301 Young, Lavelda L. Young, Patricia A. Young, Patricia YOUNG REPUBLICANS 137 Young, Robert K, 173,301 Young, Roger D. Younger. Judy A. Younger, Rinda M, Yow, Stephen M, Zamrzla, Bruce A, 141, 301 Zeigler, Trean W, Zerfas, Sidney K, Zerr, Alfred P. Zerr, C. Elmer Zerr, Dean A. Zerr, Mary A, Ziegler, Eugene P. 136 653, 249 153, 306 153, 301 1 55, 301 153. 301 1 53. 301 249 19, 80, 1 1 I, 144, 301 167, 301 306 301 146. 306 153, 301 141. 301 Ziegler, Jo E. 301 Ziegler, Rich D. 121, 301 Ziegler, Richard D. 301 Zimbelrnan, Eldon K. 249 Zimmer, Marvin C- 301 Zimmer. Max P, 169, 230. 249 Zimmerman, Alfred F, 301 Zimmerman. Sharon 20 Zimmerman, Virginia 301 Zimmerrnann, Janice L. 153, 301 Zink, Larry D. 181.301 Zitnlk, Joseph M, 155, 249 Zohner, Carl J. 301 Zvolanek, Donald D. 23, 301 Zvolanek, Phillip J. 301 ZweifeL Barbara J, 144. 301 Zwink, David R. 70, 107, 135, 137. 141. 301 FINALS- The 1 966 Reveille has meant many things to me — late nights, late mornings, a decent cup of coffee, a pay- check every month. It has also meant some work, some determination, many mistakes and new friends. Many people have played integral parts in the pro- duction of this book. To them I wish to express my gratitude, and in some places, pleas for forgiveness: the entire Reveille staff, especially those who stepped in at the last, and those who stayed until the end: the news service faculty and staff; the Leader staff; Leon Maxson and his photographers, especially Joe Fox and Lorraine Jackson, who always seemed to know just what pictures I wanted, even when I didn t; Ralph Hormel, for artwork; Paul McClellan and Taylor Publishing Co,; and Delma Studios. Thanks also must go to family and personal friends— Mr, and Mrs, Robert Parker, Janis Brown, Anne Schroeder, and John Thomas— for patience. Most important, my biggest thanks go to two hearty people who endured my mistakes, depressions, reversed decisions, temper and general bad mood without complaining Katherine Rogers and Ron Fischli, Without Ron, there wouldn ' t be a word in the Reveille, Without Mrs. Rogers, there wouldn ' t be a Reveille. She has been not only an adviser in the best sense of the word, but a friend as well. The purpose of this book has been two-fold: First, to set forth a record of 1966 at FHS, and also, to remind us that, although activities greatly supplement our education, pure academics must remain the student ' s foremost concern. A lighthearted subject, the show, was used to illustrate this vita! concept. So, this book Is meant for all, whether participants or interested bystanders, who are concerned with the college purpose. It Is my sincerest wish that we have created a Reveille which captures the images of the 1966 FHS College Show. Robin Parker Editor Relieved and delighted, the editor places the lest shipment of Reveille pages on a train bound for the publishing company. 152 wJSlSii i® IS®: •jfJlV : ' YV r ' l-V .WSSiv

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