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t. 1 « K. i ■ £ Fort Hays Kansas State College Hays, Kansas A Time To Remember 1963-1964 Mac Reed Editor Arlene Goetz Copy Editor Gary Nagel Bus. Manager J A T ime Fort Hays Kansas is one of man ' s most valuable gifts, yet frequently the one he treasures least, Man seldom makes full and wise use of time and when he finally realizes its true worth— it is gone forever. He can only look back and rejoice or regret. When the 1963-64 college year is only a memory, you may open your Reveille and re- member Fort Hays Slate. All the events, activ- ities and people, like the grains of sand trickling through, the small opening of the hourglass, are a measure of the time you spent here. Within these pages you will recapture mo- merits on the football field and basketball court when you cheered the Tiger teams from the side- lines. Scanning the pictures of students, profes- sors and imposing stone buildings, you will be reminded of the classrooms and laboratories where you worked. You will remember friends in sororities, fraternities, professional clubs, re- ligious organizations and residence halls. Most of all, you will remember that you were a part of Fort Hays State. It was here that you had the time of your life! Remember State College 1963-64 o o o 1 W lie re We W or Led Buildings Administration Faculty and Academics And Played Football Basketball Other Sports Intramurals .fide !F nends Honoraries All-School Organizations Religious Groups Housing Greeks Self Expression Royalty nd Mad tike 1 -e ol ' Story of the Year Classes Advertising Index 3 II I ! r 111 ' 1-! ' iiiSii W? Ifft-lflii-fli: fr lllf rb|l iibc liu i jK liis Ull « ni i i » uittl 41-1 ■- ' I ' ) fUf trijili Slii n 4 Members of the Board of Regents, standing from left: Whitley Austin. Dwight 0. Klinger. W, F. Danenbarger, L. D. Morgan, Clement II. Hall, A r H r Cromb. Max Bickford. Seated: Clyde M, Reed, Henry A. Bubb. Ray Evans. Fort Hays Stale College is one of the five tax-supported colleges and uni- versities administered by a Board of Regents appointed hy the governor. This year Wichita University will join the state system and will also come under the jurisdiction of the Board This group sets policies approves budgets and requests legislative appropriations for the institutions of higher learning. John M. Anderson Governor of Kansas m 4f ' m i f waS 1 ■ 1 v ' jB‘ f I JR,. 4 ■ Cunningham Serves FHS for Fourteen Years Dr. M. C. Cunningham revealed Isis philosophy of education in his inaugural address 14 years ago when he said the college must assume the responsibility for teach- ing an appreciation of the good, the true and the beauti- ful, and to give meaning to the better things in life. His stress on quality in Fort Hays State College’s edu- cational program has gained stature for the college in the academic world. Unwavering in Iris efforts. Dr. Cun- ningham has tried to bring to youth who come under the influence of this college, the finest possible opportunities for developing their highest capacities. Noon hour brings a deluge of students out of Pic ken Hall, the old- est building and first administration hall on campus. In tribute to the assassinated president, residents of McMindes Hall blacked out some windows and lit others to imprint JFKs initials on the north side of the six-story building. Other students gather outside to sing patriotic songs. Harold Stones talks with Kennedy, who shook count- less hands when he visited the campus in 1959 during his presidential campaign. 1 , o „ Andl so, my fellow Americans, as! £ not what you it country can c lo for you — ash what you can d lo for your country., . „ . Jolim F. Ke nneJy Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961 A TRIBUTE In the death of the late President Kennedy, education lost a true and valued friend. He was one who spon- sored and fought for better educa- tional opportunities for all mankind. He realized that the success of a de- mocracy is dependent upon the educa- tion and intelligence of its citiz enry. His death should he a challenge to every American to become better ed- ucated and to use that education to carry on the principles for which he stood — equality, peace and good will among all mankind. M, C. Cunningham President of the College 7 " Wliere ' We •- -i- ' •’ - ® , ft . % ; » , ' . c 0«l vr cVo. ' . i . l A JFi i e J - 0 o OaCOOdOO S % ■- C J 0 ®o P Q 9 0 o £ 00 00 0 6 « 6- O • ' oVoS -‘r aV r ' f cVVo«0«0 f? r °«° J ’£ c , £ • . 1 a °e °? r l0f 3 J fi J o ° fer " ' ' ,; - o ° .°A -s-» I I " W ork ecu O O Q The students at our college come from everywhere and to each Fort Hays State is something different. Yet all are hound in the pursuit of one common goal— attainment of an education . This is the force which directs our lives . We work hard in conferences with instructors, in lecture classes, in individual study and in special research projects . lief ore we can realize, another year has slipped away — -another year in preparation for a lifetime of work. 9 Complexities of Universe Challenge FHS Scientists From the observatory of Albertson Hail, where astronomers watch the moon and the stars, to the feedlot on the college farm where agri- culture students tend stock— students strive to understand the complexi- ties of our universe. The demand for people trained in the biological and physical sciences is constantly growing At FHS tins demand is evidenced in the addition to Albertson Hull- constructed two years ago, which doubled its size and added modern and extensive science facilities Last spring the building- was dedicated to Dr. Fred Albertson, long-time faculty member who was known inter- nationally as an authority on grasses and range management The subject fields for classes in this building are agriculture, astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, geology, mathematics, nurse education, physics and zoology Future scientists resea rch in a world of lest tubes and laboratories at Albertson Hall. 1 Professor Eugene Fleharty diagrams th e sexual stages of moss for a large group of biology stu- dents. In human anatomy class, Lynmi I vda inspects the human skull and com- pares her findings ’with a checklist o parts. Zoology students Lynnay Pammenter and Jackie Flake examine the internal organs of a slightly mutilated starfish which failed to survive an amateur dissection job. Johnnie Locke weighs chemicals for an experiment on an analytical balance, one of the more sensitive scales used in chemistry courses. Heme economist 5. artists and students of industrial arts {tattler at Davis Hall, the center of creativity and workmanship on the campus. : Talented Minds Produce Creative, Practical Works Marilyn Metz, who is pinning Sharon Goetz ' s dress, discovers that tailoring requires much skillful calcic lation. Whether put to a potter’s wheel, a sewing machine or an elec- trie saw, a pair of skilled, ready hands can produce and create. It is for these dexterous workmen that Davis Hall was built, for here there are opportunities for the talented and practical mind to express itself. Displayed in the hall showcases of the building are creations from the sewing rooms of the home econo- mists, studios of die artists and the workshops of the industrial arts classes; One is free to participate or enjoy, create or criticize. The Faculty Art Exhibition in December and the Student Art Show and Industrial Arts Fair in the spring are annual events, Davis Hall, formerly called the Applied Arts Building, was dedicated last fall to Edwin Davis, professor and head of the industrial arts department for 40 years. 1 2 I Auto mec hanics Melvin Kollman, Larry jenisch and Larry Higerd find lhat skill as well as a hook of instructions arc needed to assemble the complex parts of an engine. Equipped with pie pans, bowls, egg beaters and rolling pins, pie bakers Sally Kay, Beatta Maurath and Mary Garner combine in- gredients in the Davis Hall kitchens. -• J ij- V Myrl Walker, director of museums, explains the fossil exhibits in the geology and paleontology museum to a group of summer students enrolled in a geology work- shop. Forsyth Library, the nucleus of study, attracts campus scholars and visitors from Western Kansas schools and communities. Giggles and shouts usher from the natural his- tory division of the museum, where children from local schools examine the well-preserved animals. Several thousand specimens of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes and inverte- brates are displayed. Campus Center of Study Also Attracts Visitors Faces — some staring dreamily into space, other ex- pressionless, a few with brows drawn tight in concentra- tion- — line the tables of Forsyth Library. From the congest- ed aisles in the stacks to the bulging shelves in the docu- ments department, students from diversified areas of study are probing, seeking knowledge from printed ma- terials. Overcrowded conditions have prompted plans for a new building to be constructed across the street from the present library and expected to he completed by 1966 . Forsyth Library is a melting pot for visitors as well as students. A popular attraction is the museum, which is divided into natural history, geology and pale- ontology, prehistory and history, and the Flam Bartholo- mew Herbarium sections. Items published by the federal and state governments are filed in the documents department, where Francis Bieker pages through a booklet on taxation. C. L. Magana consults the Western Collection, which consists of theses written by FHS students, hooks about Kansas and the West, and folklore. Teachers, psychologists and philosophers are trained in the classrooms in Karick Hall. Student teacher Carol Tomasheck works with a reading class in the third grade while doing her teaching block. 1 Fr, Earl Meyers, a practice teacher, ex- plains the operation of an analytical balance to a high school chemistry student. Students in Rarick Hall Concerned With Children Rarick Hall serves children. Most of the students Center, which is available to children and youth of Western Kansas, Rarick Hall, built in 1912 as an agricultural build- ing, was later called the Industrial Building, hi 1954 it was remodeled to house the division of education and psychology. who study here are directly concerned with youth. In its classrooms future teachers, psychologists and phi- losophers learn methods and skills adaptable to the practice of their profession. Whether mastering the transfer of thought in teaching or understanding the process of thought in psychology, students in these fields are expected to keep apace. FHS constantly surveys its teacher education pro- gram and steadily steps up requirements for accept- ance in the field. Current progress has increased de- mands on the students (from aspirant kindergarten teachers to speech correctionists) and the quality and type of their preparation. Psychologists serve children too, for Rarick Hall houses the Psychological Sendee Psychology researchers Bill Alboti and Clara Fan shier lest a subject on a memeograph, a machine which measures the capacity of the memory. A prospective teacher watches the master teacher at work with her kindergarten class. Students have many opportunities to observe in pre-teaching laboratories. 17 Reading data on a newly installed IBM machine in the IBM Center are Keith Faulkner, who teaches IBM courses, and two of his students. Sheridan Coliseum, whose needs have long since outgrown its facilities, remains a landmark and is probably the best known building on the campus. V «i 30 mm fiT W :|W tWf u ' y | ■ voi W 7 s xva L i 4mj1 1 r l V w H? .vafi jgaw : j£g ■ ... 2wjPr j m i . - 3® BCy • ' • »ji?L .. M rl 1 11 ' y k V j ! y Jm mpjam • rf fat 7 Jr W ' l.tiyP Ji p 2 -.HE Hu V V 1 w JF T V Kv jBBr I ■ ' V7 1 J ■ ..Mj 1 1 1 BK . ' J H A j ll f 7 J Ik Coliseum Houses Varied Offices, Services, Classes Sheridan Coliseum, home of the Tiger teams, is the most versatile, all-purpose building on the campus. It houses a gymnasium, executive and administrative offices, divisions of music and health, physical educa- tion and recreation, a radio station and the student health center. Music floats (and blares) from the third and fourth floors; KFHS transmits programs to campus build- ings and, in the studios on the second floor, special and regular radio and television presentations are bom. Emergency care, health counseling and dispen- sary treatment bring every student to the health center at some time or other. The women ' s gym, arena and the swimming pool are in almost constant use for sports events and physical education classes. Between times, there are assemblies, shows, professional entertainers and performers pre- sented in the Artists and Lecture Series, conventions and other events which strain the facilities of the building, long conceded to be outgrown and inadequate. Built in 1917, the Coliseum was believed to be a monstrosity which could never be filled. The fallacy in this belief was proved long ago. College nurses Mrs. Frances Cook and Mrs. Inez Baxter give a student a flu immunization shot. Tigers meet their opponents in the arena, where they have compiled few losses and many victories. To those who have been de- feated here, the Tiger home court is known as the “Snake Pit.” 19 GARWOOD. DR. JOHN D.: BURNETT, DR. RICHARD E.: Dean of Faculty Executive Asst, to the President Administration and Faculty CODER. DR. RALPH V.: Dean of Graduate Division Behind every successful college or university is a good administration— executives of ability and dedication, working tirelessly for the betterment of each student and the college as a whole. Each executive, no matter what die scope of his administra- tive powers, bears responsibilities in common with his associates. All are charged with formulation of policies, setting and maintaining academic standards, establishing the budget and operating an institution which continues to grow at a rapid pace. The faculty senate, the council of division chairman, the various committees and boards, the informal coffee sessions and the individual conferences play an important part in the joint procedure. The administrators keep Fort Hays State running smoothly, serving the youth of Western Kansas. 20 It an informal coffee session in the Memorial Union, )r, William Moreland tells about his experiences in England last fall where he studied courts anti law. THOMAS, D0LL1E U.: Asst, to the President 21 Professor James Start watches the audience’s re- action to Bob BoderPs speech. A captive Conversation and Reading class listens to Dr. Paul Graber explain a point in German. Faculty of 32 Teach Language, Lit., Speech The division of Language, 1 item Hire and Speech is perhaps one of the most familiar to the general student population. Every student must take at least 12 hours of English and literature and three hours of speech. This division is also one of the broadest. It includes radio and TV, drama and journalism. Thirty-two faculty members teach these classes, many of whom have earned doctorates and some who have studied abroad recently. REIN DORP, DR. REGINALD : Prof, ol Lang,; Chr. of Div. APPLEGATE, MALCOLM: Infltr. in Jouin. BOGART, KATHERINE: Assoc. Prof, of Eng, COST IC AN, JAMES: Instr. in Speech. COI ' LSON, MARION: Assoc. Prof, of Png. DUCKWORTH, JAMES: Asst, Prof, of Eng. DUN A VAN, ALBERT: Assoc, Prof, of Speech EDWARDS, DR. CLIFFORD: Asst, Prof, of Eng, GARNER, NAOMI: Asst, Prof, of Eng. GRABER. DR. PAUL: Prof, of Lang. HEATHER, JACK: Asst, Prof, of Speech HERNDON, DR. GENEVA: Prof, of Speech HILLMAN, JOHN: Instr, in Eng t HUTTANUS, WILLIAM: Instr, in Lang. KETCHUM, HARRIET: Assoc. Prof, of Speech KUCHA R, DR. ROMAN: Asst. Prof, of Lang, LACEY, MABEL: Assoc. Prof, of Eng. LINNEY, DONA BEL: Instr. in Eng. MAHER, WILLIAM: Instr, in Eng, McFARLAND, ALICE: Asst. Prof, of Eng, 22 MERRITT, MICHAEL: Inst. in Lang. MORRISON, ALICE- Assoc. Prof, of Eng, PARISH, DR. VERNA: Prof, of Eng. REMATORE, ANDREW: Prof, of Lang. ROGERS, KATHERINE: Asst. Prof, of Joum. SACKETT, DR. SAMUEL: Assoc. Prof, of Eng. SPANGLER, ROBERT: Asst. Prof of Jour.; Dir. of News Lind Pub. START, JAMES: Prof, of Speech STOUT, DR. ROBERTA: Prof, of Eng. TOW, TED: Instr. in Jo urn. VOLK, MARY; Instr. in Lang. WINTER LIN, DE WAYNE: in Lang. Library Offerings And Staff Increased Because of increased use of the library facilities and more students enrolling iti library courses, the faculty has increased to eight in recent years. More courses than ever before are being offered in the field of library sci- ence. Students obtain reading material for classes in the Reserve Room, where special hooks are cheeked out for a limited time only. FRIESNER, PAUL: Prof, of Li- brary Sci.; Chr. of Div. CAMPBELL, MARC, JR,: Asst. Prof, of Library Science.; Refer- ence Librarian CHRISTOPHER, RACHEL: Asst. Prof, of Library Sci.; Bibliography Librarian HELL EM, MARGERY; Asst, Prof, of Library Sci.; Cat a lager Librarian KEMPER, ROBERT: Instr. in Li- brary Sci.; Acquisitions Librarian MULLEN, EUGENE: Instr. in Li- brary Sci.; Circulation Librarian RILEY, ESTA LOU: Instr, in Li- brary Sci.; Serials Librarian VAWACKEREN, M A R G A R ET : Assoc. Prof, of library Sci.; Docu- ments Librarian I t ! I 5 3 I Applying a knowledge of the fundamentals of music. Leo Dubois fills in the bass part in music theory class. The Fort Hays Singers know that rehearsals build confidence and insure a good performance. FHS Musicians Anticipate Move BARTHOLOMEW, DR. LELAND: Prof, of Music BUCK EN STAFF, MARVIN : Asst. Prof, of Music BROWN, ROBERT: In sir. in Music DfLLEY, LYLE: Asst. Prof, of Music FELTEN, LUCILLE: Assoc, Prof, of Music MOORE, MARY MAUDE: Asst. Prof, of Music MOYERS, EDWIN: Asst. Prof, of Music OAG, RUTH: Instr. in Music PALMER, HAROLD: Assoc. Prof, of Music SCHLE1CH, PHYLLIS: Asst. Prof, of Music STOUT, DONALD- Assoc. Prof, of Music WILKINS, DR. WILLIAM: Assoc. Prof, of Music HER REN, DR, LLOYD: Prof, of Music: Chr. of Div. FHS musicians are anticipating the move to Malloy Hail, expected to be finished in 1965. The new building will have more practice and classrooms as well as better facilities for performers. The music division had several additions this year, including the Collegian Chorale organ- ized this fall. Increasing the stature of faculty performances are two new members of the staff, a bassoon specialist and concert pianist. 24 During a lecture on ancient American history. Dr. Eugene Craine talks about Indian cultures Moreland, Chipman Do Research Abroad Hays City Manager Jerry Johnson discussed practical aspects of city affairs with administrative interns Leland Biodbeck and Jim ' Windholz Faculty in the social science division strive to keep in touch with current research to take into their classrooms. Dr. William Moreland resumed chair- manship of the division this semester on his return from England where he studied English courts and justice. Last summer Dr. Donald Chipman studied in Spain, doing research on a Mexican conqueror and govern- ment officials of the 16 th cen- tury. MORELAND, WILLIAM: Prof, of FoL Sci. and Soc, ; Gir. of Div, of Social Sciences Prof. Edwin Moyers and students of his orchestration class transform a piano selection into music for an orchestra. BARTLOW, ROBERT! Instr, in History CHIPMAN, DR. DONALD: Asst. Prof, of History COLLIER, KENT: Asst, Prof, of Pol Sci. CRAINE, 1)K, EUGENE: Prof, of History CREIGHTON, JOHN: Asst, Prof, of History FORSYTHE, JAMES: Asst, Prof, of History MARCUS, RICHARD: Asst. Prof, of History SLECHTA, DONALD: Assoc Prof, of Pol. Sci. SMITH DR. WILD A: Assoc. Prof, of History’ TOMLINSON, JOHN: Instr. in Pol. Sci, UR BON, JOSEPH: Instr. in Soc, WITT, ROBERT: Asst. Prof, of Pol. Sci. and Soc. 25 Iii a physics laboratory Quentin Mohlcr determines acceleration due to gravity on a spark-graph. Summer Institutes Help Scientists Keep Abreast Miss Ellen Veed demonstrates the application of the cosine law. The National Science Foundation provides summer faculty staff of the division of physical science also keeps institutes at FHS for high school chemistry and math pace with new knowledge. Dr. Harold thoguill studied teachers so they may keep abreast with changing develop- recently in Europe and Dr Dods Stage taught lot two meats in the field of science and mathematics. The years in India, while on leave from FHS. CHOC TILL, DR, HAROLD: Prof. of Chem.; Chr. of Div. ALMQI 1ST, EDWARD: Asst. Prof, of Pliys. ScL BROOKS DOYLE: Assoc, Prof, of Physics CATHEY. EVERETT, JR.: Asst. Prof, of Physics DRYDEN. LAURENCE: Asst. Prof, of Math ETTER, ORVILLE: Asst. Prof, of Math CU.MM, ROBERT: Instr. of Phys. Sci, HALPERN, WILLIAM: Asst. Prof, of Chem. MARSHAL!.. EVERETT: Assoc. Prof, of Math McCREGOR, j. D.: Instr. in Geology RICE, JIMMY: Asst. Prof, of Math RICHARDS. ROBERT: Asst. Prof, of Chem. ROLFS, MARVIN : Asst. Prof, of Math R IMPEL, DR. MAX: Asst. Prof, of Chem. STAGE, DR. DORIS: Prof, of Chem. TOALSON, WILMONT; Prof, of Math VEED, ELLEN: Asst. Prof, of Math WALKER. MYRL: Asst. Prof, of Geology, Director of Museums WITTEN. MAURICE: Asst. Prof, of Physics YOU MANS. DR, HUBERT: Asst. Prof, of Chem. 26 I STROUP, LEORA: Prof, of Nurse Educ, ; Chr. of Div. brown, sybil: in St . in N urse Education ROWLANDS, SHIRLEY: Instr. in Nurse Educ. ZAVESKY, JANET: Instr. in Nurse Edue. Nursing and Biological Science Have Strong Staffs The 12-year-old nursing division, one of the newest programs of study on campus, was established by Leona Stroup, who is still head of its staff. 1 though its faculty is small in number, the division has an enviable record in that none of its students lias ever failed to pass a slate hoard nursing examination. Student nurses serve affiliations in Chicago, Topeka, Denver, Norton and Hays, The preservation of grasslands, plant and animal life is of par- ticular importance to the Great Plains area, l ruler such experts as Dr. Gerald Tomanek and his associates, graduates in biological science have excelled in this field and have gone on to a variety of positions. Assistant professor of zoology, Dr. Charles Elv. is on leave of absence this year while Liking part in a study of bird and mammals of the Central Pacific by the U.S. National Museum, a branch of the Smithsonian Institution. Above: Student nurses learn the intricate parts of the heart and study its delicate functions. Below: Prosper live farmers mix grains and silage to feed cattle on the college farm. TOMANEK, DR. GERALD: ProL of RioL; Chr. of Div. CLARK, THAINE: Asst. Prof. of Agri. J LEHARTY, DR. EUGENE: Assoc. Prof, of Rio], HU LETT, DR. GARY : Asst. Prof, of Botany McFarland, henry : ami. Prof, of Rioi. PIERSON, DR. DAVID: Asst, Prof, of Biol. REYNOLDS, DR. HOWARD: Assoc. Prof, of Botany RIEGEL, ANDREW ' : Asst. Prof, of Agri.; Stipt. of Farm SCHMUTZ, LESTER: Assoc. Prof, of Agri. SCHRODER, ELTON: Asst. Prof, of Zoo]. SIMONS, KENNETH: Assoc. Prof, of Rolan v WALKER, NETT,: Asst. Prof, of ZooL WELLS, JAMES: Asst. Prof, of Agri. 27 Lewis Mills and a Hays High School student oil an electric drill in Mills " industrial arts class. 6 TU show you how to do it right,” Janet Little tells her fourth grade arithmetic students. Education Faculty Boasts Many Doctors The division of education and psychology is the largest one at FHS as more students major in educa- tion than any other field of study. Nearly 90 per cent of the faculty in this department have earned doctorates. Two important service centers come under the ad- ministration of this division. The Reading Improve- ment Program, designed primarily for college students, is also a laboratory for prospective teachers. The Psychological Service Center assists both youths and adults on and off campus. Members of the psychology staff also play an important ' role in the work of the new multi -county Mental Health Clinic in Hays. DALLY. DR. BILLY: Assoc. Prof, of Educ. DE CHANT, DR. EMERALD: Assoc, Prof, of Educ, DICK. DR DALE: Prof, of Psy. DORRS DR. EDITH: Asst. Prof, of Educ. FRAME, DR NORMAN: Asst, Prof, of Educ, Cl, ADMAN, DR. GRIN: Asst. Prof, of Educ. CRQESBECK. DR, HILDA: Assoc. Prof, of Educ. GWYNN, DR. WILLIAM: Asst. Prof, of Psy. HAMILTON, DR. NAM l EL: Prof, of Phil, HARPER, JERRY: Asst. Prof, of Psy. KUHN, DR JEANNE: Prof, of Educ. KURTZ, RAY: histr in Educ. PEOPLES, DR. CROCKER: Asst. Prof, of Psy. PRICE, DR. GORDON: Assoc. Prof, of Educ. PROCTOR, DR. DAVID: Assoc. Prof, of Psy. SMIAROWSKJ. RICHARD: Asst. Prof, of Psy. SMOOT, DR. KENNETH: Asst. Prof, of Educ. WOOD. DR. CLEMENT: Prof, of Educ,; Head of Dept YOU MANS, DR. RAYMOND: Assoc. Prof, of Educ, 23 At Left: In first aid class Professor Paul Gross directs Sam McDowell in the application ol a splint on Marry Holmes. Below: What may look like aimless thrashing and splashing is actually the skill of a swimming student. HPER Division Handles Intramurals The health, physical education and recreation division offers a well-rounded curriculum with special attention to nurses, therapists, teachers and recreational directors. The women on die faculty, assisted by the Women ' s Recreation As- sociation, sponsor women’s in tra murals. To addi- tion to men’s in tra murals, the faculty handles eight varsity sports. This year FHS copped the first national award it has ever received at the NAIA cross country. And this year too, ihe first National NAIA contest (gymnastics) ever to be held at FHS took place in March. RELISLE, DR. JAMES: Prof, of Phys, Ethic-.; Chr. of Div. BAXTER, INEZ: lnslr. in Health; Col- lege Nurse BICRY, PHYLLIS ; Instr, in Phys. Educ, COOK, PRANCES: Instr. in Health; College Nurse GOTHAM, NANCY: histr. in Phys. Educ. FALLS, l)R. HAROLD: A s t. Prof, of Phys. Educ. FRANCIS, ALEX: Assoc. Prof, of Phys. Educ. GROSS, PALL: Prof, of Phys, Educ.: Dir. of Athletics McCONNELL, WAYNE: Asst. Prof, of Phys, Educ. McNElL, EDGAR: Asst. Prof, of Phys. Educ, RENDER, SUZANNE: Instr. in Phys. Educ. R INKER, JUDY: Instr. in Phys. Educ. SURAN, CADE: Assoc, Prof, of Phys. Educ. WfNTER, DAVID; Instr. in Phys. Educ, 29 Industrial arts students pour molten To obtain a desired shape, Leroy Twarogow- Sue Gwynn helps one of her art students metal into a mold a t the college ski and student Carl Smith heat metal for a plan a sketch, foundry. piece of jewelry. Art Instructors Exhibit Talents at Faculty Show Art instructors show their talent, at the annual Faculty Art Exhibition in December. Members of the art faculty also receive national recognition for work shown at art centers in the Midwest. The Industrial Arts Fair is directed by faculty members, assisted by the Industrial Arts Club. The fair draws thousands of high school hoys and their BERLAND, JOHN: Assoc, Prof, of Art POOR. JEROME: Instr. in Ind. Arts BROOKS, R. U. : Assoc. Prof, of Ind, Arts; Supt. of Buildings DELLINGER, MARTHA: Assoc, Prof, of Art GWYNN, SUE: Instr. in Art HENNESSEY, EVERETT: Instr, in Ind. Arts HOFFMAN, MAXINE: Asst. Prof, of Home Economics HUFFMAN, RALPH: Assoc, Prof, ol Ind, Arts JONES, LAYMAN, JR.: Instr. in Art KREBS, JUNE: Instr. in Home Economics McKEE, DENNIS: Assoc. Prof, of Ind, Arts MOSS, DR. JOEL: Prof, of Art; Head of Dept, NELSON, REX: Asst. Prof, of Ind, Arts THORNS, JOHN, JR.: Assoc. Prof, of Art TWAROCQW5KI, LEROY: Instr. in Art CAIN, DR. RICHARD: Prof, of Ind, Arts; Chr. of Div, REESLEY, ALICE: Prof, of Home Economics; Head of Dept, displays to the campus each spring. FHS home economists gained state recognition this year. Miss Alice Beesley, head of the division, held the office of president of the State Home Economics Association, and Sheryl Wright w r as president of the state’s student organization. 30 LITTLE, DR. MILBURN: ProL of Econ, and Bus.; Chr, n£ Div, COOK, KENNETH: Asst, Prof. of Econ. and Bus, ERIK SEN, DOUGLAS: In sir. in Econ. and Bus. GALIJON, LEONA: Instr, in Econ. and Bus, LEVITT, RICHARD; Assoc. Prof, of Econ, and Bus, LOY, DAVID: Asst. Prof, of Econ. and Bus. McCARTNEY, DR. E. R,: Prof, of Econ. OSBORNE, RICHARD: Assoc. Prof of Econ, and Bus. PEIER, DALE: Insir. in Econ. and Bus. ROOME, CHARLES, Instr. in Econ. and Bu , SPGMER, E. J.: Assoc. ProL of Econ. and Bus. THOMAS, DR. ARCHIE: Prof, of Econ. and Bus, THOMAS, CAROL: Instr. in Econ, and Bus, THOMPSON, DR. LEONARD: Prof of Econ. and Bus, WALDEN p J. B.: Instr, in Econ. and Bus. Little Becomes Head Of Economics, Business WALL, GEORGE; Asst. ProL of Econ. and Bus. WESTLEY, JOHN: Instr, in Bus. and Econ, The economics and business division, one of the largest on campus in enrollments, has a staff of 17 members. The biggest adjustment this year has been the installation of IBM machines and the addition of curriculum courses in their operation. Other addi- tions include an honorary organization for students who plan to teach business and Dr. Milburn Lit tle, who joined the faculty as chairman of the division last fall. Dozens of FHS economics and business graduates find their niche in the business world each year and many more go out into the high schools to teach their skills. Professor E. j. Spomer diagrams the rise Checking Kevin Foran’s accounting problem J- B. Walden explains the operation and fall of the supply and demand curve is Dr. Milburn Little, head of the division. of calculator, in an economics class. Endowment officers, standing from left: Kent Collier. K. R. Hinkhouse, Walter Keating. Art Leas, Vernon Meckel, E. R. Caster, president. ART MAN, ETHEL V„ Asst. Prof.: Exec. Sec. of Student Aids BURNETT, HUGH: Prof, of Pol 3d.; Dir. of Extension Service COLLIER, KENT: Asst, Prof, of Pol. Sci.: Exec. Sec., Endowment Assn. LANDRUM, NIT A M.: Asst. Prof.; Supervisor of Correspondence Study _ , STONES, HAROLD A : Asst. Prof, of Speech; Dir. of Placement Memorial Union Is Heart of Campus Loans and Aids Help Hundreds More than 1,300 students re- ceive benefits each year from the Student Aids Program. The Endowment Assn. the Fed- eral Defense Student Loan pro- gram, scholarships and other forms of assistance are administered by a corps of faculty members. About 234 students received $45 835 worth of scholarships, ath- letic grants and other awards dur- ing the fall semester, compared to only $33,175 last year Every student is invited to help build the Endowment fund through voluntary contributions during en- rollment. The Endowment Assn distributed $409,206 to 1,911 stu- dents last year, deriving its funds from several special programs pre- sented each year, proceeds from the Wooster Dinner, and generous gifts from alumni and friends of the college. A total of 534 teachers were placed by the Placement Office in 18 states and 79 Kansas counties during the 1962-63 school year. The Placement Office assists both the students seeking jobs and the employers looking for workers Unquestionably, the Memorial Union is the busiest building on the campus Not only is it a place to get a soft drink or cup of coffee, but, more important, it is the cultural and social center of the college Full-time staff members serve as advisors and a board of students and faculty members formulate Union P °In addition to the services it provides students, faculty and Staff, the Memorial Union also sen es as a meeting place for hundreds of Western Kansans. Dr. Gerald Tomanek, nationally-recognized grass- lands expert, examines a specimen from a local pas ture where he conducts research. Keith Faulkner runs the newly installed IBM system and teaches courses in its operation, a program added to the curriculum this year. At right: Marvin Blickenstaff, popular young concert pianist who studied both in the states and abroad, joined the mus- ic staff this year . At jar right . Dr. Emerald Dechant of the division of education and psychology, adds another volume to the growing list of text books be has authored. Faculty Pursue Academic And Professional Interests Beyond their teaching responsibilities, faculty members have a duty to develop professionally arid to pursue their own academic interests while serving the college, community state and nation. Those on this page who were chosen at random, are teachers con- stantly striving for self -improvement so that they may be more quali- fied to train their students in the classroom. No matter what the area —researching abroad, writing a book or utilizing personal talent the development of the teacher is vital to the maintenance 0 f the college ' s academic stature. 33 o o o f - 1 ,-i i ■ H-. i A basketball game at FHS is more than an athletic con- test; it is an extravaganza. The crowd , cheerleaders and band support a cast of star players . When the Bengals score, old alums and young students alike rival one another in a cheer of victory. Tiger teams and school spirit go hand in hand l On the basketball court , football field , wrestling mat , track , trampoline , tennis court , golf course or cross country — wherever Fort Hays Staters play — pride in our school, as well as our personal athletic abilities, sustains us through wins and losses. 3 $ The jubilant Tigers leave the field after winning the Homecoming game against a tough Emporia State team. Injury-Plagued Gridders Earn 2-6-1 Season Larry No ff singer and Ronnie Morel stop Omaha s Allen after a four- ard gain. L Back row y from left: W. McConnell, head coach; E. McNeil line coach; B. Barnett, R. Gardner, graduate assistant; G. Strecker, graduate assistant: L. Pritchett, trainer. Fifth row: D. Harris, J. Oberzam E, Hart. G. McDaniels. J. Eisenhour, K. Darst , L Terry, C. Adams, K, Sexson, M. Wagner. Fourth row: M. Lindsay, T, Stevens, K. Brown, L. Hayden, J. Howser , J, Kil- bourne, R, Reed, D. Koelsch, R. Yost, P. Jacob. Third row: 1). Cooper. B. Hudson, B. Ham, D. Fryman, B. Anthony, R. Morel, R. McCabe, B. R idler. C. Canty. K. Ruda. Second row: L, Skelton. M. VanLaningham. J, Johnson, P. Monty, L, Dreil- ing, R, Schumacher, C. Engle, K. Palmgren, C. Leiker, B. Johnson. First row: K. Leiker. K. Pope, J. Kermis, K. Dreiling, D. Jones, J. Hazlett, L. Noffsmger, S. Worley. L, Bates, B. Walters, Jones Named to District NAIA And CIC Offensive Teams Fort Hays State’s football squad, plagued by injuries and drop-outs, established a 2-6-1 record for the 1963 season. Head Coach Wayne McConnell, in his eighth season at FHS was constantly changing the line-up with hopes of tilling va- cancies caused by injuries. Junior guard Dave Jones was elected to the District 10 NAIA offensive team and the ALL-CIC offensive team. Despite the loss of eight senior lettermen, the Tigers look for- ward favorably to the 1964 season. With the possible return of almost all gridders who saw action at the end of the season and several impressive transfers, ! h HS should he a much improved team. Newcomers to this team dominated the annual squad awards taking four of six awards. Coach Wayne McConnell Honorary Co-Captains: Kirk Pope Larry Dreiling Best Back: Jack Johnson Best Lineman : Dave Jones Most Inspirational Player: Dave Jones Rookie of the Year: Bob Johnson From Uft to right: Gerald Strecker, Ron Gardner and Coach Ed McNeil listen as Coach McConnell gives a briefing on the day’s practice schedule. 37 I KIRK ROPE Guard ' Honorary Co-Captain” KEN PALMGREN Center Bill Ham. blocked- out in the lower foreground, waits as Dave Jones and Max an Laningham move in to make the tackle. FHS 7 NORTHWEST MISSOURI 7 The Fort Hays State Tigers and the Bearcats from Maryville, Missouri, exchanged touchdowns in the first half and then staged a see-saw battle after intermission to come up with a 7-7 tie in the opening game of the 1963 season. Burly Steve Worley was sent over from the one-yard line for the Bengals’ only touchdown. Max VanLaningham kicked the extra point. Bob Johnson scampers around right end with Emporia State players in close pursi 38 1 FHS 0 WESTERN COLORADO 42 Colorado Western wasted no time in scoring, with two touchdowns in the first six minutes of play. Later in the first quarter the Mountaineers sco red a n ot he r tou c hd o w n . Plagued by fumbles and the inability to complete passes, the Tigers could not put together a substantial offense, Fort Hays State was held to a sea- sonal! in total offense at 128 yards, FHS 14 KEARNEY STATE 26 Kearney State produced a determined rushing attack to pull away from Fort Hays State in the second half to win 26-14, The Tigers had four good opportunities to score and upset the nationally ranked Antelopes, but were stopped by the visiting defensive line each time. FHS 6 OMAHA UNIVERSITY 39 : I Omaha, sporting the biggest defensive line in college football, downed Fort Hays State, 39-6. The Indians’ hefty line, which averaged 261 pounds per man, outweighed the Tigers by about 50 pounds per man. The Tiger offense was hampered again by the absence of an effective passing attack. The Bengals tried seven aerials without a completion. The runners gained 192 yards, but were thrown for 60 yards in losses. HHB LARRY DREILING Guard “Honorary Co-Captain ’ 7 LARRY BATES Halfback 3 ? RON SCHUMACHER Tackle FHS 12 PITTSBURG STATE 42 FHS 28 EMPORIA STATE 13 At Pittsburg, the favored Gorillas drove to a 28-0 lead before the Tigers managed to score. The contest was watched by an overflow homecoming crowd of 11 , 000 . ' Fumbles played a big part in the contest as six ot the eight touchdowns scored were the result of eight fumbles. Both FHS scores came on fumble returns by halfback, Ronnie Morel and tackle, Dudley Fry- man. Tlie official indicates that a first and ten has been missed by inches. Led hy the passing of freshman quarterback Bob Johnson and the running of halfback Jack Johnson. Fort Hays State stung the Emporia State Hornets, 28-13. The Tigers gained their first win of the sea- son before a Homecoming crowd of 7,500. Bob Johnson passed for 14 7 yards with tosses to Cliff Leiker for a 59-yard touchdown and Jesse Ken- n is for a 5- yard touchdown. Jack Johnson, playing the running halfback position, gained 104 yards in 19 attempts. JACK HAZLETT Guard KARL LEIKER Guard Dave Jones moves in to cut down a would-be tackier. FHS 18 SO. COLORADO 14 FHS 0 WASHBURN UNIV. 47 The Fori Hays State Tigers jumped out to a 18-0 halftime lead and then outlasted a strong Southern Colorado second half comeback to notch their second straight victory. The two halves seemed to reverse themselves as the Tigers, marching to what appeared a possible rout in the first half, let the Indians dominate the play after intermission, CUFF LEIKER End An injury-riddled Tiger team lost its CIC game to the Washburn Ichabods, 46-0. The loss left Fort Hays State with a fourth place finish in the confer- ence. The contest, p laved before Washburn’s homecom- ing crowd, w r as a rough and tumble affair. Four Tigers were sent h die sidelines by the officials and another four players were injured during the first half of play. Bl 1 1 Walters hauls one in for Fort H ays State. 41 DAVE JONES Guard First Team Dist. 10 NAIA First Team ALL-CIC " Most Inspirational Player 4i Best Lineman” FHS 14 S.W. OKLAHOMA Southwestern Oklahoma State came from be- hind for a 19-14 victory over FHS in a thrill- ing finale for both teams. The loss left the Tigers with a seasonal record of 2-6-1 . Fort Hays State took its halftime lead on two scores hy Hob Johnson. Another score was nullified in the first quarter when halfback, Jack Johnson, raced 61 yards to paydirt, hut a teammate was offside. Bob Johnson is thrown down hard after gaining short yardage through the middle against Pittsburg State. JACK JOHNSON Halfback ' Best Back’’ JV’S RECORD FHS 7 Kearney State 13 FHS 0 Kearney State 20 FHS 6 Emporia State 13 CIC STANDINGS Ronnie Morel, foil rt Cranked punter in the conference, puts his foot to the ball against Washburn U. SEASON’S RECORD FHS 7 Northwest Missouri 7 FHS 0 Colorado Western ....42 FHS 14 Kearney State 26 FHS 6 Omaha University ... 39 FHS 12 Pittsburg State 42 FHS 28 Emporia State 13 FHS 18 Southern Colorado —.14 FHS 0 Washburn University 46 FHS 14 Southwestern Oklahoma —.19 W L Omaha University 4 0 Pittsburg State .2 1 Washburn University 2 2 Fort Hays State i 3 Emporia State .... .0 3 BOB JOHNSON Quarterback “Rookie of the Year” in 43 Back row, from left: Student manager Bill Breer, assistant coach Larry Werhan, Alvin Casey, Tom Ashleman, Mcrv Heitschmidt, Dick Sehur, Ed Walters, Bill Strait, Don Givens, Coach Cade Suran. Front row: Jude Gerstner, Bill Royer, Sam McDowell, Gordon Stout, Neal Kinlund, Mike Leas, Larry Phillips, Johnnie Locke, Cagers Win 10; Set Many Records Fort Hays State concluded its poorest basketball record in six years, but set many team and individual records. One starter, Sam McDowell, from the 1962-63 Tiger team that took fourth in the NAIA championships, along with four other returning leftermen and several trans- fers made up this year’s team. Despite finishing with a 10-9 record and a 3-5 slate in conference play, the Ben- gals averaged 87.2 points per game to better the old mark of 85.5, set in the 1962- 63 season. They hit 43,5 per cent of their shots from the field and connected on 71,8 from the free throw line, bettering previous marks of 42.0 and 69,4. Seven individual scoring marks were set by senior sensation Sam McDowell w F ho missed the last four games because of illness. The other individual mark w r as set by Tom Ashleman in rebounds. He pulled i in 21 caroms in one game to break the old record of 19, Coach Suran has guided three teams to the NAIA tourney in the last six years and has totaled 259 victories and 138 losses in 18 years at FHS, This year was the first time in three years the Tigers have failed to qualify for post-season tourney play or w r on or tied for the CIC title. The Bengals started the season with five victories before losing the CIC opener to Washburn and being dropped twice on a road trip to Colorado. Returning to action at the Hutchinson Christmas Classic, the Tigers defeated 1 favorite Central Oklahoma State lief ore returning home to lose another CIC game, this time to Omaha, It was the first home loss of the season. The staters vron four of the next six games before losing McDowell, With their scoring punch gone, the cagemen lost the three remaining games. McDowell and Larry Phillips are the only players lost this year by graduation. LARRY WERHAN Graduate Assistant 45 McDowell, surrounded by several players, goes up for two points. sam McDowell NAIA Second Team All-American McDowell Ends Brilliant Career With Nine Records Coach Suran refers to Sam McDowell as the best all-around player for his height I’ve ever coached. It there’s a basketball move he doesn’t have, I don’t know what it is.” , n McDowell was named to the District 10 NAIA top IU and earned first team all -conference recognition this sea- son. He received honorable mention for conference hon- ors as a freshman, but he was overlooked as a sophomore. He won a second-team CIC berth his junior year. In spite of the fact that McDowell missed the last four games of the year because of illness, he still set the following records: Most points in career: 1220 Most points in one game: 41 Highest season average: 24.3 Most field goals in one game : 17 Most free throw attempts in career: 625 Most free throw attempts in one season : 233 Most free throws made in career: 448 Most free throws made in one season: 169 Most free throws made in one game: 19 Year G FG FT TP Avg. RB Avg. Freshman 18 51 57 159 8.8 45 2.5 Sophomore 23 53 96 202 8.8 57 2.4 Junior 28 163 169 495 17.7 199 7.1 Senior 15 119 126 364 24.3 117 7.8 McDowell shows his ball control ability as he breaks toward the basket. This foul in the closing seconds of the Southern Colorado game enabled the Tigers to go ahead for the 112 110 victory. Ashleman stuffs in two points as two Colo rado players standby, unable to do a thing. FHS 83 SOUTHWESTERN OKLAHOMA 76 Fort Hays State opened the 1963-64 basketball season with an 83-76 win over the Bulldogs of Southwestern Oklahoma State. Sam McDowell topped the Tiger scoring with 29 points and was followed by Tom Ashleman’s 15. Gary Abercrombie threw in 29 for the Bulldogs. FHS 112 SOUTHERN COLORADO 110 Against Southern Colorado’s Indians in the next game, fans saw r possibly the wildest game ever held in Sheridan Coliseum An all-time scoring record was set as the Tigers squeezed by Southern Colorado, 112-110. These records were established: (1) Most rebounds by one player: 21 (2) Most points by both teams in one game: 222 ( 3 ) Most points by visiting team in one game : 110 McDowell scored 29 points and Ashleman hit 25 and pulled in 21 rebounds. Tension mounts on the bench as the Tigers fall behind in their scoring against Hastings. Dick Schur goes high to pull down a rebound against Washburn, FHS 49 KANSAS WESLEYAN 36 Kansas Wesleyan, playing a stall-type game, held the high scoring Tigers to a seasonal low of 49 points. During one stretch of 9 minutes and 38 seconds the Coyotes didn’t take a single shot. FHS was leading 36-33 with 2 minutes and 40 seconds left in the game when they went into the traditional wagon-wheel stall pattern. The visitors were forced to go after the ball and gave up 4 field goals and 5 free throws in the process. Gordon Stout, Neal Kinlund, and Dick Schur led the home scoring with 12, 11, and 11 points respectively. FHS 95 HASTINGS COLLEGE 72 FHS fell behind 30-19 in the first 5 minutes of play before battling hack with 9 free throws and 3 field goals while the op- ponents scored only 3 points. Holding a slim 40-37 halftime lead, the Tigers gradually in- creased their lead to the winning score behind the long shooting of Bill Royer and McDowell. McDowell had 31 points and Royer had 26 to lead the scorers, FHS 103 KEARNEY STATE 73 In their next outing against Kearney State, the Tigers put on a sparkling show as they downed the Antelopes 103-73, Leading 5641 at halftime, the margin grew to as much as 36 points as the Tigers steadily pulled away. McDowell led the scorers with 27 points and every man on both teams, except one from Kearney, entered the scoring columns. 1 Benny Crawford (53) of Hastings has the wrong game in mind as ho nses football tactics on Bill Royer. FHS 89 WASHBURN UNIVERSITY 93 Washburn University dumped Fort Hays at Topeka in the opening CIC clash of the season, 93-89. The tall Iebabods, averaging 6 5 5’ 5 per man on the front line, dominated die Tigers 5 backboard. On many occasions FHS got only one shot at the basket before losing possession on the rebound. Regulation play ended in an 81-81 lie and the score was tied four times in the overtime before the home team jumped out in front for the four-point victory. Once again McDowell led the scoring with 26 points and was followed by Ashleman’s 25, FHS 96 SOUTHERN COLORADO 99 At Pueblo, Colorado, the Staters couldn’t do anything right as Southern Colorado earned revenge for an earlier Tiger win, by defeating the visitors 99-96. Hitting only 36 per cent from the field, FHS spotted the hustling Indians a 52-33 halftime lead. With their most impressive one-half showing in years, the Bengals out- scored the home forces 63-47 in the second half while connecting on 71 per cent of their field goal shots. FHS 90 COLORADO STATE 94 Against Colorado State, the Tigers met defeat for the third straight game, losing 94-90, This game was in reverse of the previous one, ihe Rengals led 68-66 at halftime but slipped to a 36 per cent shooting average the second half and couldn’t pull the game out. McDowell and Schur led the scoring with 27 and 23 points, respectively. Ashleman led the rebounders with 17 caroms. TOM ASHLEMAN GORDON STOUT BILL ROYER Kinlund drives in for two points despite the efforts of a St. Michael s player. FHS 84 CENTRAL OKLAHOMA 82 FHS’s victory over Central Oklahoma was a true thriller, Down 10 points at half ' time, 5040, and trailing 14 on three oc- casions early in the second half, the Tigers slapped a full court press on the Oklahomans and pulled ahead, 66-65, midway in the last half. Central spent the rest of the game t lying to regain the lead, and the Bengals took advantage of the Bronc fouls. Hitting only 13 shots from the field the second half, the Tigers tossed in 28 of 32 free throws, McDowell’s 31 led the winners, while Luther Pegues had 21 for Central. It was CentraPs first loss in collegiate competi- tion this year. JUDE GERSTNER FHS 82 OMAHA UNIVERSITY 85 The Indians of Omaha University earned an upset CIC victory of 85-82 over FHS, despite a record -shattering 41 points by Tiger senior Sam McDowell, It was a nip-and-tuck game all the way. The score was tied 10 times and die lead changed hands 13 times before the visitors pulled away in the final half minute of play. The loss dropped the Tigers to an 0-2 conference slate. FHS 79 EMPORIA STATE 67 After losing 4 of the last five games. Fort Hays State upset CIC favorite Emporia State 79-67. Emporia, ranked 12th in a national small -college poll going into the game, held a 60-61 lead with 10 minutes remaining in the game. The Tigers scored seven field goals and held die Hornets to one point in the next 3 2 minutes to grab a 65-51 lead. The home forces widened the gap after that, with the final score the biggest margin of the game. Schur led the home team in scoring with 18 points and Ash 1 email added another 17 and pulled in 16 rebounds. 50 FHS 108 PITTSBURG STATE 93 Fort Hays State broke away from Pittsburg State midway in the second half and stormed home with an important 108-93 CIC victory. The lead changed hands 20 times in the contest before the Tigers went ahead for good 65-63. FHS steadily incr eased the margin behind the shooting of McDowell, Schur, and reserve Jude Gerstner, with the biggest lead being 17 points, 101-84. FHS 80 ST. BENEDICT’S 86 The Tigers, playing without the services of guards Kinlund and Stout, hospitalized be- cause of a car wreck, lost to St. Benedict’s 86-80. FHS could not find the shooting range and hit only 36 per cent of their shots, as the Ravens tallied 55 per cent With Schur hitting 27 points and Gerstner and Johnnie Locke leading the rebounding with 16 and 13 caroms, the Staters still could not catch the home team. Sam McDowell (40) blocks a pass of an Emporia player as Gordon Stout moves in to recover the ball. Bill Royer (32) ties up Hon Ford (33) of Washburn. Royer {32} shoots for two points as Julian Fabry (41) of St. Michael ' s attempts to block the shot. JOHNNIE LOCKE 52 FHS 71 OMAHA UNIVERSITY 86 At Omaha the Tigers shot wildly, hitting only 30 per cent of their shots, and trailed 51-25 at intermission. Coach Sura n hustled all 12 cagers into the lineup in hopes of finding a stop to the scoring problem. Dick Schur had 27 of the Tigers’ 71 points. Larry Vilinow and Sam Singleton combined for 42 of the home team s 36 points. FHS 95 WASHBURN UNIVERSITY 82 Gordon Stout and Neal Kinlund returned to action after their car wreck, and led Fort Hays State to a 95-82 victory over Washburn University. Stout, who was averaging 12.5 per game until the car ac- cident, fired in 22 points. But Kinlund, averaging 4.5 per game, came off the bench to toss in 27 points. He had 10 tallies in the last 2 minutes and 19 seconds of playing, enabling FHS to move from a 79-75 lead to the final margin. FHS 84 ST. MICHAEL’S COLLEGE 82 Tom Ashleman scored 15 points in the last 8 2 minutes to enable the Tigers to slip by St. Michael s College 84-82. The Knights controlled the boards the first half and took a 43-39 lead to the dressing room with them. Ashleman finished the game with 32 points and 18 re- bounds to lead both teams in both categories. His fine show- ing was necessary as the Tigers lost top scorer Sam McDowell because of illness. It looks as if Locke (20), McDowell (40), and Schur (44) have joined in a free-for-all, but they actually are trying to retrieve the ball. Ash Jem an (left! tips the hall back towards the basket as Fabry (41) of St, Michael ' s and Schur (441 wait for the rebound, FI IS 71 EMPORIA STATE 79 Fort Hays State was all but eliminated from the CIC Litle as Em poria State downed the Tigers 79-71. The visiting Tigers led 43-35 at halftime, but the home team came back and shot in 65 per cent of their shots and slapped a tight defense on the Ben gals. Schur and Royer led the FHS scoring with 24 and 20 points, , respectively. ! FHS 83 PITTSBURG STATE 106 Pittsburg State broke from the opening tip-off and buried FHS, 106-83, in the final CIC contest for the Tigers. The Gorillas, out rebounding the visitors 60-38, were led by center Jim Chroust’s 30 points. Sophomore reserve Don Givens led the Bengals with 18. FHS 98 ST. BENEDICT’S 106 St. Benedict ' s tall Ravens outlasted a furious rally by FHS for a in 20 points in less than 5 minutes to close the gap to 100-96. The Bengals fouled desperately in an effort to gain control of the ball only to see the visitors ice it away on free throws. LARRY PHILLIPS 53 A Season’s Record FHS Opp. 83 Southwestern Oklahoma 76 112 Southern Colorado 110 49 Kansas Wesleyan 36 95 Hastings College 72 106 Kearney State 73 89 Washburn University 93 96 Southern Colorado 99 90 Colorado State College 94 86 Central Oklahoma 84 82 Omaha University 85 79 Emporia State 67 108 Pittsburg State 93 80 St. Benedict’s 86 71 Omaha University 86 95 W a shbu m U n i ver si ty 82 84 St. Michael’s College 82 71 Emporia State 79 83 Pittsburg State 106 98 St. Benedict’s 106 Hutchinson Christmas Classic DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS Paul B. (Busch) Gross Nominated in 1956 to Helms Foundation Hall of Fame for noteworthy achieve- ment in NAIA basketball. Dick Schur (44) add? two more points to the Tiger cause. Outstanding Athlete Receives Gross Award The Busch Gross Award honors Paul “Busch " ’ Gross, now in his 34th year as director of athletics at FHS. Gross was a Tiger athlete from 1917 through 1921 and served as head basketball coach from 1930 to 1946. A selection committee anually chooses the recipient of the award from a list of all senior athletes of the preceding school year. The award is based on each man’s scholarship, lead- ership, character and athletic achieve- ment while at Fort Hays State. Harold Slones (left) present? Herb Stange, scoring leader of FHS’s CIC championship basketball teams of 1962 and 1963. with the seventh animal Busch Gross Award. 54 Back raw, from left: senior assistant Don Reed, Jim Tieszen, Duane Schneider. Bill Bollig, Alan Billinger, Jerry Maska. Front row: Rod Heitschmidt, Ron Jamison, Paul Graber, Don Givens, Gerald Bunker. Junior Varsity — Mostly Freshmen Completes Season With 12-3 Fort Hays State’s junior varsity team completed one of the better seasonal records in the history of the school. The freshman-dominated squad compiled a list of 12 wins and 3 losses under the coaching of senior assistant Don Reed Don Givens, the only sophomore on the team, led the young Tigers in scoring with a 19.6 average after becoming eligible the second semester. Givens was followed in scoring by Jerry Maska with 14.7, Paul Graber with 12.8, and Ron Jamison with 12 7. Six players boasted a double figure scoring average for the season The three defeats came at the hands of Kearney State’s junior varsity, 83-77, Sterling Junior College of Colorado in the Goodland Christmas Classic Tournament, 99-77, and Kansas State University freshman squad, 88-70. FHS Junior Varsity Record Opp. 8 8 Kansas Wesleyan JV 52 81 Gilmer Oilers (Great Bend) 80 110 McPherson Central College 93 88 Bethany College JV 59 89 McCook (Neb.) Junior College 64 77 Sterling (Colo.) Junior College 99 70 Kansas State Freshmen 88 75 Emporia State JV 71 104 Kearney State (Neb.) JV 79 77 Kearney State (Neb,) JV 83 138 McPherson Central College 50 93 Emporia State JV 74 123 Brewster Town Team 45 124 Menlo Town Team Good land Christmas Classic 63 Rod Heitschmidt (34) makes a basket as teammates Paul Graber (32) and Don Givens (52) move into rebound positions. NAIA Cross Country Champions These seven men carried For. Hays State to a national championship and a new high in athletic competition. Back row, from left: Charlie Hose, Joe T wyman, Gerald Hertel, Lowell Smith. Front row: Dwight Gillespie, Jade Harms, Don Lakin. 56 The cross country runners won the first national championship in any sport for Fort Hays State when they won the Na- tional Association of Intercollegiate Ath- letics (NAIA) championship The Tigers, runner-up in three of the previous seven NAIA meets, out ran de- fending champion Emporia Slate and How- ard Payne of Texas for the national title. FHS finished with 53 points to 69 for Emporia State and 82 for Howard Payne. Don Lakin finished fourth in the field of 103 runners. The other Tiger finishers were Gerald Her tel, 7 th; Lowell Smith, 13th; Charlie Rose, 17th; Jack Harms, 21st; Joe Twyman, 28th; and Dwight Gil- lespie, 32nd. Although the FHS runners defeated Em- poria State in the NAIA meet, it was a different story in the CIC meet. Emporia State beat the Tigers, 21-30, for its eighth straight conference championship. Since the sport was begun in 1956, the Tiger harriers have finished as runners-up every year but 1960. The Hornets of Emporia are the only team to ever win the con- ference. The prospects for cross country look mighty bright to Coach Alex Francis, All seven men who placed in the NAIA meet are underclassmen and will probably re- turn next year. SEASON’S RECORD FHS Opp. 21 Kearney State 38 19 Kansas Wesleyan f B Team) 50 36 Emporia State 40 Oklahoma U 50 Wichita U 99 23 Hutchinson JC ( B Team ) 37 26 Emporia State 46 Kearney State 55 19 Wichita U 40 25 Hutchinson JC ( B Team) 30 Wichita Invitational: 2nd Oklahoma State Jamboree: 4th CIC Meet: 2nd Missouri Valley AAU: 1st NAIA Meet: 1st Cross Country Coach Coach Alex Francis, in his eighth year as cross country coach, is a graduate and former athlete of Fort Hays State, Francis is a member of the NAIA Track and Field Hall of Fame and has been president of the NAIA Track and Cross Country Coaches Association, Back row, from left: R. Harders, J. Katz, J. Twyman. Fifth row: U Chandler. S. Stewart, D, Manncring, Coach Francis. Fourth row: I. Harms, C. Rose, H. Walker, Third row: M. Pfannensliel, D. Gillespie. J. Dunham. Second rote: Cecil Johnson, B. Parker, D. Brookshire. Front row: 1). Lakin, I.. Smith, G. Herteh 57 The CIC runners get ready to start the long four-mile championship run. Don Lakin set new three and four- mile school records. He ran three miles in 14.39.5 and four miles in 20.13. G. Hertel (2) and L. Smith (4) move up on a Pittsburg harrier. At the end of the first mile, FHS s 1-2 punch, Hertel (2) and Lakin (1), trail several unidentified runners. i Buck row y from left Coach Malcolm Applegate, Derry Whitney, Pat McAtee, Jim Griffith, Rex Vonachen. Front rot v: J. D. Goodwin Philip Williams, Byron Welch, Jim Wells, John Page, Merwin Colburn. Netmen Tie for Fourth In CIC Meet Last Year At Reveille press time the Fort Hays tennis team was preparing for the season’s opener agaist Hutchin- son Junior College Ten players, including four re- turning lettermen, will play an 1 1-meet schedule. Last spring the FHS netmen turned in a duplicate of the 1962 season, winning 3 and losing 7. However, they dropped a notch in the CIC championships to fourth place. The Tigers lost the opening meet of the season to Hutchinson Junior College by a slim 5-4 margin Playing indoors because of bad weather, the tennis team won the first meet with a score of 4-3 against Kearney State. The Bengals lost their next three meets to Bethany College 5-2 Washburn U 6-1 and KU, 4-2 After defeating Kearney State, 4-2, the netmen lost two more matches to Emporia State, 4-3, and Pittsburg, 5-2, before upsetting Hutchinson Junior College, 5-4. In the last meet of the year, Emporia State bombed the Tigers, 8-L Washburn took the CIC meet with 15 points and FHS took fourth with 4. Jim Well? return letterman returns? a serve. Tentative Schedule March 24 Hutchinson Junior College March 31 Emporia State April 2 Kearney State April 10 Air Force Academy April 11 Colorado School of Mines April 15 Bethany College Apri l 21 Kearney State April 27 Pittsburg State April 29 Emporia State May 1 Hutchinson Junior College May 8 CIC Meet May 9 CIC Meet I ! I | i i Bob Wilburn prepares to go into the “giant during a meet with CSU. Bulletin at presstime: Joe John- son. FH$ ? named to NAT A gym- nastics All Star team for side- horse performance. David Blackwell works on the back flip in practice on the trampoline. Gymnasts Win 4, Lose 4 Johnny e Appleton is caught by the camera as he performs the “scale ’ a part of the free exercise routine. Back roWt from left: Coach McNeil, Isaac Jackson, Lyle Houpl, Johnnye Appleton, Joe Johnson, David Blackwell. Front row: Bob Wil- burn, Eddie Johnson, Gary Cooper, Jan Kilbonrne, Danny Gifford. FHS Hosts Gymnastics Championships Fort Hays State gymnastics gained national attention this year as host school for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) championships March 20 and 21. At Reveille press time, the Tiger gymnasts still faced a double dual meet with Colorado U and Wichita U, with a 4-4 record to date. In review of the year’s action, the Tiger acrobats opened the season with double dual victories over Kansas State U and North western Oklahoma. The Bengals, taking first place in every event, out scored both opponents 86-25. Competing in the Colorado U Invitational, the gymnasts took third place with ■ points behind Denver U with 68 1 -? and Colorado U with 35 2- In the next three meets, FHS lost to Nebraska U 82-30, and defeated Kansas U 76-36, and Colorado State U 59-53, in a double dual. The Bengals then lost dual meets to Colorado State U, Colorado Stale College, and Ft. Lewis A and M. Trounced badly by CSU, 76-35, and CSC, 83-29, the Tigers fell short by one point to Ft. Lewis, 56-55. Leading 49-46 going into the last event, the visitors were outscored 10-6 for the one point win. r COACH ED McNEIL Joe Johnson demonstrates the loop- dismount on the horse. Gary Cooper performs the “lever” on the parallel bars. 61 Jim Tinkler was named the outstanding wrestler in the Missouri Valley Association of the AAU for 1963. Tinkler won the Missouri Valley AAU championship at 191 pounds in 1962 and walked off with the heavyweight crown in 1963. He had a 7-2 1 record in dual competition m 1963. JIM TINKLER Tinkler is on top against an Adams State wrestler. Wrestlers on Top in 8 of First 1 1 Duals The referee indicates two points for Fort Hays 62 Nine Lettermen Return Fort Hays State’s wrestling team won 8 of the first 11 duals under the coaching of Dave Winter. Winter built a winning team from a squad of 25 prospects, including nine returning lettermen. Nearly half of the squad- men, 12, were freshmen. Adams State dumped die FHS matmen 21 8 in the season opener for both teams, Adams State won 5 of 8 matches, including two pins. The grapplers won two of the next three meets to even their dual record at 2-2. They beat Kearney State, 29-5, and Omaha U, 14-12, while losing to Big Eight power Nebraska U, 26-6. Colorado University, ranked 10th in the nation before meeting the Tigers, buried die home forces, 28-5, in a meet that saw FHS winning only one match and drawing another. Losing four men because of grades at semester and one more by w r ay of injury during the Colorado meet, the grap- plers raced to 6 straight dual wins. They defeated Kearney State, 24-6, Trinidad College of Colorado, 20-13, Central Missouri State, 22-15, Kansas U, 26-8, Denver U, 18-13, and Ft. Lewis A and M, 23-13. As the Reveille went to press, the grapplers had two meets left, one with Kansas State U and the other being the NAIA tourney at Spearfish, S. Dakota, COACH DAVE WINTER Prior to coming to FHS, he was wrestling coach at Newton, Kansas, high school for 5 years. In 1963 his New High grapplers won the Kansas state championship. Graduating from Kansas State University in 1956 with a B.S. in physical education. Winter earned his master’s at Indiana Uni- versity in 1960, Front row, from left: Jim Noel, Tom Perkins, Fred Scott, Ed Hanson, Sid Cooley. Ffack rotv: Student manager Gene Lehmann, Bill Ritterhouse. Delbert Erickson, Jim Tinkler. Pat Peterson. Coach Winter. 63 Track Squad Prepares for Another Season Coach Francis had 12 returning letter- men to form the nucleus of the 1964 track team. In the only meet run before the Reveille press time, Kearney State downed the Tigers 78 j-63 j. The Bengals established three indoor records, Tom Kindsvater set a new inaik in the 220, winning in 22,7, The other two marks went to Don Lakin in the two- mile run and Lowell Smith in the mile. Their times were 9:31.1 and 4:22,5, re- spectively. Rodney Williams (left) and Bob Schmidt move the bar up another notch during a practice session. Don Lakin, left, and Lowell Smith loosen up before beginning their daily mile runs. 64 Back row, from left: David Brookshire, Joe Twyman, Leon Schneider, Darrell Humphrey, Bob Johnson, Bob Anthony, Timothy Gerstner, Keith Wilson, Rodney Williams, Robert Schmidt, Gary Smith, Coach Francis, Second row: Larry Pickering, Palmer Meek, Cecil Johnson, Danny Rouse, Ronnie Morel, Larry Flint, Ron McKown, Lowell Smith, Harry Walker, Gerald Iiertel, Charles Lundblade, Clark Engle. Front row Steve Stewart, Kenneth Brown, Bill Parker, Dennis Mannering, Dwight Gillespie, Charlie Rose, Jack Harms, Don Lakin, Melvin Carpenter. Cindermen Finish Fourth in ’63 In the 1963 season’s indoor opener Keamy State earned its first dual meet victory over FH5 in the history of cinder competition between die schools, 93-49 The Tigers finished last in a quadrangular with Kearney, Denver, and South Dakota State scoring 67 3 5, 63 1 2, 43 7 10, and 37 1 5, respectively At the CIC indoor meet in Omaha, FHS preserved its record of never finishing lower than second in the five-year history of the meet. The Tigers took one first place in the mile relay, Emporia won with 70 points. The Tigers earned three first places in the annual Kansas State U Indoor, winning the sprint medley, two-mile relay and the distance medley. Outdoors, the cindermen entered the Texas Relays and the Emporia Relays, Bob Schmidt high jumped 6 7” and shat- tered the old school record of 6 4” a L Texas, Kearney State smashed a 31 year-old jinx as they slapped the Tigers 110-54 in a dual meet. In the only Tiger home appearance, Emporia State scored a 79-53 victory. Two records went into the books, one in the 440-yard relay. Jon Day got the other with a 49.0 in the 440 dash, FHS finished fifth in team scoring at the annual Colorado Relays and defeated favorite Wichita U in a dual, 76-68. The Rengals finished a low fourth in the CIC champion- ships, It was only the second time in 17 seasons that 1HS failed to finish first or second, Jon Day earned third in the 880-yard run for the only Tiger points in the NAIA championships. COACH ALEX FRANCIS 1964 Track and Field Schedule Feb. 15 Kearney Indoor 29 Kearney Triangular Indoor March 6-7 CIC Indoor 14 Kansas State Indoor April 3-4 Texas Relays 11 Emporia Relays 14 Kearney State 17-18 KU Relays 21 Emporia State 25 Colorado Relays 29 W ichita U n i ve is i tv May 8-9 CIC 23 Missouri Valley AAU 29-30 NAIA 65 Many Records Set In 1963 Season Jon Day (left) and Roger Sayers finished the 440 in identical time of 5L0 ? but Sayers was awarded first place. Tiger cindermen put on their spikes and prepare for the Emporia State dual. Don Lakin (right) set an indoor record of 9:36 8 in the two mile. 66 From left: Coach Joel Moss. Jon Ficken. Bud Carlisle, John Francis. R. J. Smiley. Bud Frieden, Rodney Fekarek, Bill Getty. Golfers Tie for Second in 1963 At Reveille press time, a schedule had not been made out for the 1964 golf season. The Bengals had two letterraen of last year’s squad that won 7 and lost 5 returning for action again this year. In review of the 1963 season the golfers opened the season with a second-place finish in a four-team meet at Topeka. Washburn took first place, beating the Tigers, 14-1, while FHS defeated St. Benedict’s, 91 2-5 2, and Emporia 8-7. The Staters won the next two duals with Hutchinson Jr. College, 12-6, and Kearney State, 14 6 2, be- fore b ing trounced by Wichita U, 19- -! , At Atchison the Tigers look second place in a three -team meet with Washburn and St. Benedict’s. The golfers lost to Was hburn, 9 1 2-5 1 , but they buried St. Benedict’s, 13-2, Playing without number one player, R. J. Smiley, Bengal golfers defeated Hastings College, 12-3, and lost to Kearney State, 9% -5 Vi- A combination of varsity and B team golfers earned a split against Garden City Jr. College, beating them 1 1% " %, and losing to Hutchinson Jr. College 1 1-10. The golfers earned a tie for second place in the CIO meet. from left: Coach Moss, R. J. Smiley, and Bud Carlisle discuss some of the finer points of the wood. 67 ,, . , „„ . ■ „ Wlf j trvou ts carry the name of Fort Hays State in inter-school basketball competition. Sac rote, ‘from le ™ ' Judy Rinker, advisor; Judy Boiler. Karen Snay, Sharon Bean, Mickey Wasingcr, Sharon Krajicek D anis McWhirter, Dorothy Hull From row: Gaylene Frydendall. Judy Dibel, Anita Lang. Anita Bennett, Sondra Barnett, Iona Grosshans, Mary Capps. Marauders Organized for Inter-School Competition The following coeds were chosen to represent FHS in volleyball. Back row from left: Rose Willhaus, SWon Bean Vicki Harlan, fona Grosshans, Margaret Hogan. La Donna Grover, Sr on! row: Mary Capps, Linda Jenkins, Mickey Wasmger, Danis Me Whir ter, Carol Snay. 68 A member of the BB’s, winners of touch football, goes down among a group of taggers in the championship game. Intramurals Offer Fun for All Women Oh ball! Please stay on the alley this time! The AGILE ALLIGATORS won the championship in basketball by defeating th SATURATED SAND- DUNES in the league play-offs. Back row , from left : Rayonelle Williams, Grade Windholz, Nina Johnson, Carolyn Tovrea, Betsy Steele, Front rate : Jolene Medsker, Janice Jones, Anita Lang, I at tuner. Coeds Enjoy Recreation; Compete in 13 Sports Women ' s intramurals, enjoying one of Us best years, provides activity and recreation for all Fort Hays State coeds. The IM program, sponsored by the WRA and directed by Judy R inker, had more than 800 participants this year. Competition is offered in 13 different spoils: volleyball, touch football, archery, basketball, bowling, softball, swim- ming, jacks, golf, tennis, table tennis, badminton, and hand soccer. The swimmers are off in an IM meet that was marked with many broken records. Vicki Harlan and Danis McWhirier won badminton doubles. 70 Kathy Ncdrow, left and Carol Smith teamed to win the championship in doubles table tennis- Mary Anderson, second place finisher in the billiards tournament, takes dead aim on the cue ball Volleyball, a highly competitive sport, is one of the highlights in the intramural program 71 Competition Keen in Men’s I.M. Program Bud Frieden winner of the golf singles blasts out o f the sand trap. The ROAMERS won the championship in touch football with a perfect record. Back row, Innes, Victor Hays, Don Givens, Bud Humphrey, tront row; Jim Griffin. Ron Augustine from left: Dick Jarvis Rod Steve Robinson, Lyle Smith, Jack Jantz. 72 Mike McEnterfer, IM billiards winner, cues die ball up and prepares to shoot again. The competition in this year’s intramura l program was Better than it has been in previous years. An estb mated 1400 men (about 60 per cent of the men al FHS) took part in the intramural program. FHS’s program is set up to provide an opportunity for every male student on the campus to participate in some kind of competitive sports activity as frequently as his interest, ability and time will permit. The swimmer on the left gets the jump on his opponents in the hack stroke race. Participants compete in twelve different events: touch football, horseshoes, tennis, golf, swimming, basketball, table tennis, bowling, badminton, volley- ball, softball and track and field. The organizations and independents participate in two different leagues with the winners of each league meeting for the championship. Steve Robinson of the Roamers gets his pas% off as the opponent moves to tag him. Don Herron (left) and Ted Witt, Delta Sigs, play a round of horseshoes 73 The NEWMAN CLUB won the school championship in basketball for the third year in a row defeating the DINGLEBERRIES. 79-49. Back row, from left: Kenneth Haas. Gerald Daniels, James Copp. Brian Ruder, Max Zimmer, Front r ow. Galen Schmidt berger, John Kriery, Larry Desaire. Jerry Brinker. Warren Schmidt. ' ] 74 1 All heads are turned upward as the ball sails toward the goal. Si Wm V fl Mr a W ]B M 1 Jack Campbell won the horseshoes singles for the Delta Sigs. Larry Desbien, Delta Sig turns loose the bowling ball anticipating another strike 75 o o 0 IMlacle o nen O O Besides giving us an education , college offers countless opportunities for making new friends. Our college world is made up of different people , but we learn to appreciate and respect individuals who do not share our viewpoints . True friendships , which will not. be forgotten when college days are over, grow out of our contacts in fraternities, sororities, professional clubs, religious organizations and residence halls. These are the people who give Homecoming its special mean- ing Already we are making plans to see them again. 77 AIDING THE ESTABLISHMENT OF ORGANIZATIONS like the United Chmtian takefcare ' of’ X of tlie All-Student Council The legislative group. cgepowd of class officers L d Junior Rotarians. Back row, traffic tribunal approves till money- making projects, and sponsor. The . ii r. nr t i hliter oresident. A.S.C. Aids Establishment of New Organization; All Student Court Gives Students Responsibility ALL STUDENT COURT, the judiciary body of AIL Student Council, aims to give students more responsibility in making decisions and regulating campus affairs. A legal board, made up of the dean of men and dean of women and the chief justice and attorney general of the court, determines whether a case should be taken before the court. Seated Jone Bur- ris Standing: Leland Rrodbeck. Charles Miles, Robert Ochs, Jim Windholz. 78 Fort Hays State Cheerleaders Kirkham. Standing: Dr John Garwood, Gerald Ruttman, Richard McCollum, Lynn Rogers, Walter Keating. Ralph Huffman. Memorial Union Board Determines Policies; Program Council Plans Special Activities EVERYTHING FROM DANCES TO ART EXHIBITS to special programs like the Chad Mitchell Trio and the Traveling Hootenanny are sponsored by the Union Program Council. Seated , from left: John Peter Everett Stewart Lynn Rogers, Betty Brandenburg. Ron Hosie. Standing: Jim Huelsmarm, Karen Knorp, Lindon Montgomery, Claudia Peacock, Walter Wetzel, Barbara Mohr, 80 UNION COMMITTEES; back row t from left: Steve Elliott, Ron Hallagin, Lance Clay, John Duff, Ken Zrubek, Richard Pahls, Third row: M M, Patel, Jerry Scanlon, Richard Robinson, Doug Morris, Cary Jones, Don Herron, Art Riedel, J. D. Beffort, H. B, Patel. Rickey Carlin. Second row: Dixie King, Verena Hnfer, Linda Kortman, Claretta Tannahill, Jane Weigel, Becky Bodenhamer, Linda Spreier, Valette Schukman, Sheila Hallagin. Betta Maura th, France ne Hamlin, Front row: Lanetta Hatch, Linda Skelton, Sandra Cummins, Bernadine Uhrich, Georgia Riffe, Patty Manning, Kay Dutton, Mary Lou Elsea, Vicki Thompson, Carolyn Mountford, Janice Koerperich, Pat Lutterman, Katherine HaneL SEVEN UNION COMMITTEES, music, dance, movie, arts and exhibits, publicity, games and variety, plan Union activities. Chair- men of the committees meet weekly as the Program Council to evaluate past program- ming, improve programming and coordinate the various committees. Betty Brandenburg, director of Program- ming, the Union Board, (Hon Hosie, Chm.), Program Council, (Lynn Rogers, Chm.), and various Union Committees plan anti execute the varied activities of the Union. Above: Publicity committee members Barbara Mohr, Linda Skelton and Linda Kortman prepare a display for a classical movie. At left: Card games, as well as pool tournaments, are spon- sored by the games committee. SJ “I want . . a faculty tot tells Santa at (lie annual Christmas party. Dancing Geisha Girta were only one of the highlights of the Union’s Japanese gourmet. The judo team from Schilling Air Force base also performed. Union Personnel Presents Colorful Programs Above: Key members of the Union Board and Program Council attended a regional conference at Missouri University. At left: Union personnel celebrated the building ' s fifth birthday with a party. 82 0 o o Wliere We Earned A.cad cademic H Growth in higher academic standards at FHS is evidenced in the fact that honorary groups are increasing steadily in number, New on campus this year are the Spurs for sophomore women 5 Pi Omega Pi for future business teachers t and a revision oj the honors program. Honor aries chose outstanding students — -those who show promise of leadership, potential service and special skills, as well as proven scholarship . As a rule } students with high grades are also those who contribute to the overall picture of the college , who engage in student activities and belong to organizations. •Nst Phi Kappa Phi, Scholastic Honorary, Chooses Top Seniors and Graduates SCHOLARSHIP AND FOTEN TIAL contribution to society are the criteria for election to Phi Kap- pa Phi, national honorary scholastic fraternity. A parallel of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi is chartered in col- leges and universities offering ap- plied aits and sciences. Members elected are seniors, graduate students, and outstanding faculty members, chosen from the top 12 Y 2 per cent of the graduating class. Twenty-two persons were ac- corded this highest academic rec- ognition during the first semester with additional members elected in the spring semester, after the Reveille had gone to press. Dreiling. Robert Gaskilh Rex Iloryna, Sharon Hyer, Carol Kershncr, Larry King, Rose Klaus, Alberta J. Lally, Luvena Martin, Danny McCoy j Kim McGovern, Dan Peacock, Claudia Powers, Ramon Thomas, Barbara Ubert, Judy van Ackeren, Margaret 84 Thirty-Three Scholars Represent FHS in 1964 Edition, Who’s Who Among Students THIRTY-THREE FORT HAYS STATE STUDENTS were elected to be represented in the 30th edition of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges The Who’s Who publication has a dual purpose: to recognize deserving students, and to furnish a reference file for employ- ers looking for above-average employees Scholarship, citizenship, leadership, participation in campus activities, and gen- eral service to the college are the criteria used in selecting students for this honor The college faculty elected 18 women and 15 men from the 96 seniors who had a 2X) cumulative grade index Babb, Judy Bell, Bernice Bomholdt, Virginia Brum ilt, Ximena Capps Melvin Colburn, Margie DeBoer, Jean Dreiling, Robert Gaskill, Rex H ago man, Charlotte Hawkins Daphne Horyna, Sharon Johnson, Dennis Kershner, Larry Kkus Alberta Krug Karen Lally, Luvena Leas, Judy Lynn Robert McCoy, Kim Moss, Joel Oborny, Kdmund Parish, Arlyn Peacock Claudia Pfortmiller, Lawrence Sands trom, Ronald Thomas, Barbara Timken, Robert Ubert Judy Warner, Gary WillU, Ronald Wilson, Cinda Lou 85 ' That will he 10i_ " savs Gene Hottman as he makes another sale at the Seventh Cavalry popcorn stand. Jim Rock, left, fills more orders. NAMED FOR GENERAL CUSTER’S FA- Seventh Cavalry Leads Parade in Full Uniform MOUS REGIMENT, Seventh Cavalry re-creates the image each year as it leads the Homecoming parade in the traditional uniforms. Publishing the student directory and selling popcorn at sports events are the group ' s two money-making projects. Each year Seventh Caval- ry donates money to the Endowment Association for student loans. A new project this year was the publication of a newsletter which was sent to all Seventh Cavalry alumni Boss, Richard Brown, Richard Campbell, Bud Daise, Ronald Dreiling, Robert Goering Vernon Hotiman, Eugene KrentzeL Jim Leichliter, Kent Loop, Larry May dew, Gary McDowell, Jerold McGovern, Dan Melton, Jerry Oborny, Edmund Rock, Jim Sandstrom Ronald Scott., Richard Timken, Robert Willis, Ronald Dalton, Standlee V. Sponsor 86 Babb, Judy Bell, Bernice B ornh o Id t , V i rg i n ia Brumiu, Ximena Colburn, Margie DeBoer, Jean Doane, Sharon Horyna, Sliaron Krug, Karen Leas, Judy Milford, Connie Mohr, Barbara Renick, Vera Ringer, Roberta Ubert, Judy Wilson, Cinda Lou McFarland, Alice Sponsor Women’s Leadership Organization Serves Campus Top: Vera Renick, WLO saleswoman, peddles Christmas gifts at the bazaar held during Teachers 7 meeting. Bottoms WLO officers: Judy Leas, Barbara Mohr, Jean DeBoer, Xicnena Rrumitt and Roberta Ringer discuss plans for the SPURS initiation. UNIFORMED IN NEWLY PURCHASED BLACK BLAZERS, members of WLO acted as campus hostesses for many events during the year. To further interest in scholarship among women, WLO helped organize a new honora ry - service group, SPURS, for sophomore women. The 15 senior members of the honorary - service organization operated a tutoring serv- ice and ushered at Artists and Lectures pro- grams To raise money for their scholarship fund, members made and sold decorated soap, Santa candy dishes and other Christmas gifts. They also sold decorated post cards to earn money. Ushers Cinda Wilson and Sharon Doane look over the program before one of the Artists and Lectures events. 87 Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma Members m 1 3 Sr « r, ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA introduced outstanding seniors attending PHS’s Muster Day to the col- leges facilities and faculty. Actives, back row, from left: Margaret Quirmg, Danna Carter, Eileen Unruh Sue DolezaL Kathleen Beckman. Fourth row: Linda McKee, Linda Danielson, LaVonna Hasz, Judv Johnson, Louise Booth. Third row: Jan Montgomery, Carmen Conard, Vicki Harlan, Janet Dory Darlene Grossardt. Second row : Gerry Fehrenbach, Lona Korf, Maribeth Engle, Carolyn Peavey, Carol Miller. Front row: Patty Keeley, Sue Loewen, Tammy Weigel, Pat Lawson, Bernadme Uhnch. To become a member of Alpha Lambda Delta a freshman must earn a 2.5 grade index for her first semester or year in college. An initiation banquet is held for new pledges in the spring. Pledges, back row, from left: Sondra Smith, Jo Nelle Carley, Fontaine Thiele, Carol Schreiber, judyanne Mus- toe, Diana Evans. Third row: Judy Rolfs, Jolene Donart, Connie Cusick, Barbara Smith, Dorothy Petzold, Second rote: Robin Parker, Charlene Trapp. Jackie Carpenter, Karen Gilchrist, Phyllis Berens. Front rote: Mary Lou McDowell, Bettie Zvesper, Lois Hartman, Janice Bcfort, Peggy Osthoff, Jean Stouffer, sponsor. 88 Host Outstanding Seniors on FHS Muster Day Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma members help reg- ister visitors. PHI ETA SIGMA men, who attain membership in the fraternity with a 2,5 grade index their first semester or year in college, serve as student leaders for visiting high school students on campus. Actives, back row, from left : Jean Oborny, president; Michael Hoge, Robert Timken, Ronald Willis, Bill Jellison, sponsor. Third row: Clinton Pearce. Wilmer Kiser. Steven Lally, Darrell Davis, John Trapp, Second row: Dennis Johnson, Edmund Oborny, Ronald Daise, Gene Wester, Roger Bur- roughs. Front row: Larry Kershner, Roy Brungardt. Ron Capps, Arlyn Parish, Ronald Sandstrom, The honorary held a coffee hour at the nine weeks for prospective members. Phi Eta Sigma pledges are back row , from left: Clair Swann, Blaine Roberts, Dennis McNown, Donald horgue. Front row: Jim Kifer, Palmer Meek, Gary Begnoche, Sheldon Watkins. 89 Homemakers Bake and Sell AS A MONEY-RAISING PROJECT, homemakers i,. Kappa Omicron Jhiu Kieb MaJiin HoX ' a " ,,ie S . The professional home «onom: ies fra tern itvso. « " « ' 1 {£ ., Marlene Smith! Janis Dempsey. Second row: Margaret OhomSha n Henderson. Beau a M.uU, Mary Garner. Marlene Thaete, president. Front roto: Catherine Whttley, Sheryl Kay Wright, Joyce Trogtlon, Mary Jo Huston, Sally Ka , Kappa Mu Epsilon Solves, Discusses Math Problems THF math HONORARY KAPPA MU EPSILON, spends much of its meeting time discussing and solving P 6 ™ 5 ’,? 0 90 Delta Epsilon Sponsors Science Lecture Series DELT EPSILON, ALL-SCIENCE HONOR SOCIETY, sponsors a series of lectures to stimulate interest in science on campus. Back row, from left: Henry McFarland, Dr. Howard Reynolds, Robert Gumm. Third row: Dr Haro d Chogu.ll, Edmund Oborny. Second row: Thaine Clark, Curtis Carley. Front row: Dr, Kenneth Smoot, Ellen Veed, Virginia Bornholdt, Maunce Witten. Biology Honorary Sets Up Displays in Albertson Hall BIOLOGICAL SCIENTISTS IN BETA BETA BETA set up displays of everything from birds to mammals in Albertson Hall. Next September the group will hold a biological conference which will draw students from colleges and universities m all of the central states. Back row, from left: Harlan DeGarmo, John Farney, DarroR Eaton, Dennis Johnson Ginja Roy La erne Rexroad, Kent Schreiber, Oair Sloan Verle Smith Dr David Pierson, sponsor. Second row: Larry Belcher, Daryl Filbert, Gerald Van Amburg Jon Nuttle Dallas Wil- helm Robert Sha ffst all, Larry Phillips, Jerold McDowell, Marvin Jeffers, Eldon Whit mer, Sam Stranatham Front row: Albert Smith president; Frank Deatrich, Ray Widiger, Lona Korf, Diane Hunter, Susan Boos, Dr. Howard Reynolds, sponsor; John Steiger, Paul Cavaiani, Larry Robinson, Ross Lock, Dr. Gary Hulett, sponsor. 91 Drama Honorary Works PARTICIPATING IN CAMPUS PRESENTATIONS, applying makeup, building scenery, publicizing or acting in productions ar ijust some =IS £X «« S« Mr Alee. Front row: Mary Taylor. Karen Schwein. Alice McFarland, Becky Ragan. Pi Kappa Delta Debaters Represent FHS in N ational Tournaments PI K VPI’X DELTA FORENSIC HONORARY, whose chief interest is debate, represents FHS m national and province c onventions and tournaments all over the nation. Back row, from left: James Cost. gan aponaor Steve Tram el, John Klever. Jerry Michel. Front row: Richard Scott. Connie Leu tv. Cheryl Bentley, Jone Burris. 92 Epsilon Pi Tau Publishes Newsletter, Plans Fair EPSILON PI TAU PUBLISHED A 30-PAGE NEWSLETTER and planned and supervised the Indus- trial Arts Fair in the spring. Other spring events included the initia- tion banquet for new members. Back row, from left: Jerry Boor, Harold Wei n hold, Allen Jink, Di C Rich- ard Cain, sponsor. Second row: William Debes, Dennis McKee, Larry Jenisch, president. Front row: E. L. Hennessey, Ralph Huffman. Carl Fankhauser, Gary Graves. Delta Tau Alpha Attends Agricultural Convention REPRESENTATIVES OF FHS ' s DELTA TAU ALPHA attended an agriculture convention a! Sam Houston Slate Teachers College in Huntsville, Tex., in April. The group also conducted a soil conservation project and assisted at the spring roundup at the experi- ment station. Back row, from left: Lester Schrnutz, Dale Kirkham, Dennis Metz, Tom Steffen, president; Myron Behnke. Front row 1 : Larry Belcher, Clyde Goodman, Norman Bamberger, Harry Walker, ). R. Wells, sponsor. 93 Sophomore Honorary Set Up; Pledges Service to School M NEWLY ORGANIZED THIS YEAR, ihe Spurs Y Litda McK«! HX Cpop rPam 6 Bsirbara Bran- ss- wsTrHs Sigma Alpha Eta Attends Speech, Hearing Meetings TO KEEP ABREAST WITH CURRENT TECHNIQUES IN ”Sk« M°J hattan, Kansas City and Wichita. The groups Christmas cookie project hro g l a Xl]mev . Beverly Claassen, Melva Bemis, Hospital. Back rote, Iron, loir Robert Wi hams, S.ev e h Jj! Second rote: Terri Mai, Pa, Spomer, Eunice Hurlbut. president; Betty. Maier. Kohert ™ n p p. lst0 .,‘ Camille Rolland Celia Franz. Muriel Campbell, Dr. Geneva Herndon, w ■ K " " c “ “ Le ,y ' J ” d ’ Deanna Colwell. Carol Walters, Carolyn McCartney. Marian Campbell. 94 Dr. Donald Chipman Lectures At History Honorary’s Meeting DR. DONALD CHIPMAN TOLD HONORARY HISTORY STUDENTS of Phi Alpha Theta about his summer trip to Spain, where he researched for a hook he intends to write. Guest lectures were not the only incentive for thought: the students also wrote essays for and published the Student Historian. Back raw , from left: Dr. E. R. Crainc. Dr. Wilda Smith. Fourth row. Robert Hiebert. Wayne Wingo, president; Janies Forsythe, sponsor; Atlyn Parish. Third row: Ray Thompson. Mickey Ulrich, Carton, Barbara Ihomas, Ken Cott. Second row: Robert Dreiling. Kent Leichliter, Susanne Houston. Hazel Josserand, Virginia Smrcka. Front row: Vernon Fall, Kenneth Dieckhoff, Grablc Ford. Sharon Steinle, Gloria Dizmang. Lambda Iota Tau Studies International, American Novels MEMBERS OF LAMBDA IOTA TAU studied international literature and discussed novels monthly. The group focused its attention on two contemporary American novels at the end of the year. Back row y from left ; Richard Malm berg, Karen Zimhelman, Roberta Ringer, Dr. S. j r Sackett, Andrew Remat ore, sponsor. Front row: Virginia Bornholdt, Mary hupp. Louts Kaupp, president; Marilyn Walden. Business Honorary Organized THE nt LOCAL CHAPTER OF PI OMEGA PI, national ho " o r ar { 5 b r s s Tand an rall grade indci LS. " « am membership student? must have a 2.00 grada rage in Leona Callion, sponsor; Joanne Rympli, Kathy Propp. - 5h “ k - Eta Rho Epsilon Introduces Fencing and Sharp-Shooting :TA RHO EPSILON, professional organization far women OLorrp zn jj pri lily n actNio ' elub 8 Back row, Rom l e O Marjorie earing and, whieh are not Sharon Dean, Rose Will, an, Dam. irickey, Emma Lou Brtimitt, Jamece Brunk, Phyllis I E I’ - j m)y K inter- sponsor; Nancy C.otham. sponsor; Anita Bennett, SfmTS ' Fro ;™: ' Judy Hamman, Carol PfannenstieL Mickey VVas.nger, Myra Ftsher, JherylVoehler, Mary Capps, Anita Lang, Arlene Estes, Iona Crosshans. president. 96 All-School organizations , lending their part to the overall development of the individual, offer practical opportunities in organization and man- agement of student activities. Equally as impor- tant as a lesson in leadership, is a spirit of co- operation and a feeling of self confidence gained by participation in student groups ■ At the Me- morial Unions Activities Merry-Go-Round in the fall , students signed up for everything from swim- mers 9 Penguin Club to SNEA. A o matter what the student 7 s special interest or talent, there is a campus group for him. College-Community Orchestra Accompanies Musical Shows THE QNLY ORGANIZATION OF ITS KIND IN W EST E R N K A N S A S, c ™ ” forms? concern of ' its ' ow rf an dace om pa n his and wives, high school students, area music tans, as well ® s r e|toA PERSONNEL: BHemken. S. Nelson, E. Shindlcr, D Blickenstaff. musical presentations The director is Edwin Moyers OKCHK, n , c g son 4 Ross, Manderscheid, E. Brown, M. S. Scott, E. Horchem, J. Buchanan, A, High S. Shmdler A, S or " ’ S Boone? J. Shindler, C. Bay singer, J. Haigier P, SSrich ' Harshbarger, W. Wilkins, M. Bartholomew. L. Bartholomew, S, Bot, j. F 0X . P. Fitzgibbons, D. Foley, L, Dilley. F. Southard, F. Thompson, J. Dolezal, J. Regter. FHS Band Uniforms Arrive for Three-Day Spring Tour SPORTING NEW UNIFORMS THIS YEAR i. tb. F. H,„ " t j S spring tour, when the group visited 11 Northwest Kansas high whools. Lyle 5 cka ell n clar k. E, Clow, C, Cody, S. Daniels, D. Bauer. L. Blomendahl, B. Bolton, S. Bolt, J. Brown, D, Gamer . ' 1 plummerfelt D Foley, D. Freeman, V. Goering, J. Dolezal, G. Downing, J. Drach. S. Eilrich, R. Ellis, D. Eppingei , P- .Fitzg.bbomi ,M ■ Hummertelt, rmey ■ R Jensen . J. Griffirt, M. Griffin, C. Haag., R. Harshbarger, K Hase, L. Hendrickson, A, mgh, H. cock, . LeM %. Lundin. C. N. Ksithka. R. Kessler. C. Kiefer, J, Klaurens R. Knitig. Kohler, J. ■ , Mullen D Murphy J Nelson. J. Oborny, R. Osborn, ISW3 hS rustt S: I Unruh J, Weber, M. Witt, R. Wright, M. Yost, D. Young, B. Zweifeh 98 Sharon Henderson, at right, who led the FHS band, presented solo twirl- ing programs during football half- times. Majorettes: Lynn Rlomendahl, Ola Kearney, Lean n a Yates, Connie Leuty. Bannerettes, precision marching group, led the FHS Band in pa- rades and half-time performances during football games. Back row?, from left : C. Bray, C. Stephens, Kaye Doner, A. Teeter, J. Hamman, G. McGaw, j. Price, C. Stuart, V. Smrcka, C. Poison, C. Peavey, G. Fehrenbach, S. Loewen, V, Thomp- son, B. Reese, J, Latas, A. Riding, G. Kohler, T. Weber, M. Miller. Front row: S. Henderson, S. Mosher. ■ JBgE Fi i Brass Choir Performs At N ational Convention THE BRASS CHOIR made tome to Southeast Kansas schools and perfumed at a national contention in Kansas Bet tv .Summer. Vernon Coering. Front row: Pete Fitzgibbon , Brian Thielen, Baud Foley. Clarinet Choir Presents Two Concerts for Local Audiences LARGEST INSTRUMENTAL CHOIR AT FHS, tha Cl.oino. Choi,. ‘“ " ' Tl aX ' S™ BltS Ml bS , dSS suss? jjaar " " " roit. Vic Sisk, Emilie Miller, Diane Legg vonne Stum, Susan Barta, Peggy Osthoff, Sheila Mallagm, Mnei 10 100 Fort Hays Singers personnel, back row , from left : Eleanor Pool, Joe Dolezal, Judy King, Carl Bice, Janet Nelson. Second row ; James Long, Betty Converse, Mary Kay Yost, Gary Miller. Front rote: Konald Lindberg, Margie Colburn, Morris Deewall, Connie Cody, David Ketchum. Vocal Groups Make Tours THE FORT HAYS SINGERS, who are chosen by audition, made tours to area high schools. They also handled a series of out-of-town engagements Members of the Concert Choir made up a living Christmas tree at a ceremony mark- ing the beginning of the- holiday season in downtown Russell. Other events on their heavy perform- ance schedule include fall and spring tours. Band and Parents’ Day program and a concert for Lite KMEA convention in February Donald E, Stout directs both the Concert Choir and the Fort Hays Singers. Eleanor Pool and David Ketchum join fellow Fort Hays Singers in a rehearsal for an out-of-town appear- ance. CONCERT CHOIR PERSONNEL: Janis Brown, Connie Cody, Cheryl Irvin, Mary Noel Agnes Plannenstiel, Eleanor Pool Mary Taylor, Billie Dye. Judy King. Carolyn McCartney, Emilie Miller, Sarah Miller, Joyce Reynolds, Mary Kay Tost, Kathleen Beckman Margie Colburn, Betty Converse, Diana Evans, Nancy Gilliland, Janet Nelson Ethel Clow Mary F ummerfelt, Dorrs Hampton Nancy Ka hU, Peggy Osthoff, Linda Overton, Barbara Reese, David Bauer, Sidney Bolt, Bob Frobemus Vernon Goerrng, David Ketchum Gary Mi ller, Terry Baehus, Joe Dolezal. Robert Fournier, Bud Humphrey, Lynn Ttschha user James Bailey, Keith Baker, Gerald Brown MorriaDeew a , Jim Kifer. James Long, Gary Saddler, Carl Bice, Ron Lindberg, Tom Riffe, Glenn Sekavec, Clair Swann, Danny Westphal, Hilbert Edell. 101 Mary Maude Moore directs her groups at a joint rehearsal for the annual Poise ' n Ivy show. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB, back row, from left : S. Selby. P. BeiderwelL K. DeMa , P. j antley, D. Light, Third rote: L Ohlemeier. N Claar, N. Bajpdl, D Albrecht, V pK W B. Pfeifer, A. Wyatt. J Burris. S. Mosher, S. Porter, S. Peters A. Palmer C Tovrea P « i, Mustoe, L. Shover, B. Hand, L. Meyers, M. Keith. J. ' Burris. S. Mosher. S. Porter S Peters A Palmer C. Tovrea P Kenney sea B Hand, L. Meyers M Keith, c Riffe V. Chegwidden, C. Drehk. L. Lyda. B. Schmitt, J. Brunk. . Sclmfcma , J, . - . , ( Drach. S. Loewen, P. Krueger. K. Cain. V. Bowman. Second row; A Mollenkamp M . Caroenter, C.’ Stephens, J. Wess, G. Rusco.K. Mahoney R. K. Cain. ' V. Bowman, Second row: A. Mollcnkamp, M. Phtn n ft-h ' “ m rpente C .’ Stephens, J.’ Wesa, G.‘ Rusco.K. Mahoney, R- fctttSS; b. SttyaS a f L. e. Si.I“ Vb„ F ' f n: Lewis, c. Thummel, M. U W “■ A " J ' " son, B, Uhrich, S. Day, accomp. 1 i 102 MEN ' S Gl EE CLUB back row jrom left: Benny Neaderhiser. Ron Sidener, Fred Patterson, Jack Humburg, Richard Boss. an Lewis, Herb Songer, Bill Stapleton , Jeff Bobbins ' Third row: Wayne Witwer, Dan Gish. Gale Larson, Leroy Sawyer, Jerry Sherrill. Bruce Petty. Second row: Larry Cox, Gary Jones, Jerry Jerry Patterson, Dale Vincent, Kent Amerine, Doug Nagel, Ernie Miller. Front row. I.oren Clausen, Don Herron. Bill Stark. Chris Conklin, Lynn Babcock. Richard Boyle, Richard Randall, James RoskiUv, Suzanne Day, accomp. IMPKOMPTWG PERSONNEL: Mary Munk, Bill Stapleton, Nione Olson, Rita Saddler, Carol Lipp, .lim Lundin, Mac Reed, George Kay, Gloria Dizmang, Gloria McFarland, Judy Dresselhaus, Vernon Minnis, Tom Riffe, Jerry Michaelis. Val Stecklein. Collegian Chorale Organizes; Glee Clubs, Impromptwos Rehearse Organized this year, the Collegian Chorale designed chiefly to give more people the opportunity to sing. Dr. Lloyd Herren directs the new chorale. Maiy Maude Moore’s groups combined talents to put on the annual Poise n Ivy show. The Impromptwos, Women’s Glee Club and Men’s Glee Club performed. Other accomplishments of the Impromptwos include a record album and an invita- tion to sing at the University of Kansas’ Rock Chalk Review, The group enter- tained at schools, conventions and dinners in Oklahoma and Nebraska, as well as Kansas cities. COLLEGIAN CHORALE PERSONNEL: Cheryl Bryan, Sharon Daniels, Christina Findeiss, Kay Finley, Paula Hicks, Tonia Hunter. Nina Misegadls Judvanne Mustoe, Mary Pfeifer. Carol Saddler, Cheryl Sexsmith, Leanna Yates, Marilyn Crabtrey, Annette Denk, Carma Drehle Sharon Eilrich, Rosella Linenberger, Jennette Miller. JoAnn Price, Sandi Rice, Judy Schauf, Dan Baler John Brock, Chris Conklin, Armin Rudd. Richard Goering. Roy Ilarshbargcr. James Mullen, Bill Stark. Tom Baxter, James BrumrU, Dennis Clark. Leo DuBois, Don Herron, Dale Lundin, David Meckenstock, Francis Noel, Bruce Wilke ns. Sigma Alpha Iota Sings P TTFNTS AT THE REHABILITATION CENTER in Hadley Hospital are frequently entertained by Sigma A p c ACTIVES K..L1J ™ — Besides si;,ie 5 .he h.spit.l .he ,r»p f™ " ;; " t« I« ®.i E asiTcSi asr sr aswsi Jrs5fta, . D a » — «- Front row: Judy King, Alula Ross, Linda Overton, president; Betty Summer, Kathleen Beckman. 104 Phi Mu Alpha Hosts State Convention PHI MU ALPHA, national professional music fraternity, helped host the Kansas Music Education Assn, convention in February, The group also ushered for concerts on the campus and helped with music festival activities. Back row, from left: Jim Krentzel, president; Carl Pice. Bill Wiliison. Front row: Vic Sisk, Richard Ellis, Ronald Cokeley, John Clark. Former Scouts Serve Campus and Community ALPHA PHI OMEGA, SERVICE ORGANIZATION designed to further the interest of young men in scouting, serves the campus and community Among the many projects the group undertook this yeai are selling Tiger ties for the Endowment Assn. assisting the A.S.C. with Homecoming queen elections and aiding city police with traffic during the Homecoming parade. Back row, from left: Jack Humburg, Ben Neaderhiser, Edwin Hampton, Don Glaze, Dave Cook, Richard Burnett, sponsor. Fourth row: Harold Gross, Jerry Patterson, Armin Ruud, Stephen Tebo, Bill Stark. Third row : David Cooper, La Verne Rexroad. Chris Conklin. Terry Rhodes, Tom Baxter, Second row: Jim Rook. Ted Lucas, Lynn Francis, John Whitney. Pat Walters. Front row: Kent Noland, Thomas Bullock, Monte Fink. Gary Channell, Roger Rupp, president; Clair Sloan. 105 Penguins Demonstrate Skill In Annual Water Show CWIMMFRS OF THE PENGUIN CLUB demonstrate aquatic skill in an animal spring ater wl,kb ' features Foumi”ck m ' Z® L arry Cole. Larry ' Lri ie BHcS ' : Lona Kor f, Mlfdred Byickey. Barbara Foley. Judy Hamman. Anita Lang. “K” Club Sells Refreshments To Build Scholarship Fund it sh »f f itf.? Yf t ' f f rre ft ft }| i «lt b 106 RELUCTANT TO LET OLD SWEATERS go to waste. Tiger ettes cut them up and made stuffed tigers to be used as mascots or sold- Tigerettes, a pep dub for upperclass girls, support the Tiger teams at football and basketball games. Members are, back row , from left: Carol Thomas, sponsor; Pat Spomcr, Nancy Claar, Ximena Rrumitt, Lynda Meyers, Donna Brett, Nelda Adamson, Wanda McClurg, Emma Lou Brumitt. Second row: Marcy Brown, Marilyn Denham, Janice Beckham, Mary Darkness, LaDonna Graver, Darlene Grossardt, Sharon Henderson, Sharon Peters, Linda Danielson, Front row: Sheryle Sheets, president; Cathey Fowler, Vae Jene Bowman, Cheryl Clevenger, Nancy McDonald, Sheila Pfost, Cheryl Koehler, Vicki Demmitt. Tigerettes, Kit Kats Cheer Teams With Untiring Spirit UNTIRING SPIRIT AND CONSTANT SUPPORT characterize Kit Kats, pep organisation for freshman girls who cheer the Tiger basketball and football learns to victory. Members are, back row, from left: Sylvia Richard, Joiene Donart, Judith Rolfs, Kay Garrett, Third row: Tonia Hunter, Jill Hicks, Rose Willhaus, Severely Tracy, Charlene Trapp, Second row ; Bar bara Elder, Carma Drehle. Vicky Fuller, Janice Rahjes. Front rote: Diana Tholen, 1 at Krner, Judy Tyson, president; Connie Leuty. Diana Harvey. 107 WRA Demonstrates Recreational Activities WRA’s fall activities included traveling around the state (Dodge City High School, Camp Webster, Mary- mount College) to demonstrate unusual recreation like scootering. One of tire highlights of the year was a four-day ski trip to Estes Park, Colorado, over semester break. In the spring WRA members went to near-by lakes for swimming, water skiing and camping. Neliia Ford. Dresideiu: Anila Lang- 103 German Club Views All Sides of German Life SEEKING TO ACQUIRE A TRUE UNDERSTANDING OF GERMAN CULTURE, the German Club studies the music and literature of the country as well as its language. Aided by films records and speakers who have lived there, the members have viewed all sides of German life, thick row, from left: Kim McCoy president; Paul Graber Michael Merritt, sponsor. Third row: Wilmer Kiser Renate Hausin. Ricardo Landes. James Saddler. Second row: hred Scott. Mary Rupp, Rosalie LaRue Barbara Strouse, Kent Schreiber. Front rote: Robert Cline, Judeen Drach, Charlotte Deters. Jeanette Latas. Ingo Roedig. Spanish Films Show Practical Use of Language SPANISH CLUB, LA LIGA PANAMERICAN, open now to Students in elementary classes, shows Spanish speaking films to help its members see and better understand the practical use of Lke language. Back row , from left: Kay Sapp, Mary V oik, sponsor; Arlyn Parish Lawrence I.aPorge, Richard Wolf Dennis McNown. Second row: Judy Walls, Mildred Bnckley Mary bcovil, Virginia Smrcka president; Luis Contreras, Chris Conklin, Arlyn Smith. Front row. Martha Steffens, Sharon Herndge, Carolyn Christian, Carol Thu mm el, Virginia Bornholdt, Teodaro Robles, Carlos Arias. 109 Little Theater Discusses Acting with Celeste Holm LITTLE THEATER HOSTED CELESTE HOLM ™ her vUitU, ££££ Z Trot Z ' Tlf: C j™ Riffd. CHennl ' Eri, Third row: Roger Younger, Dale Ymcent, Cathey J™ e B Celeste Holm, Harriet Ketchum, sponsor; Sarah Cain, Louise gr ii tirTSrs w • M " G, °“ ' » c ’■ y • Andrea McKinley, KFHS Broadcasts to Dorms and Union 1 10 KFIIS. OPERATED BY A STUDENT RADIO STAFF, broadcasts to campus resi- dence halls and the Memorial Union. 1 he students also prepare programs about the college for use on commerical radio and television stations. Above t from left: Fred Deal. Billie Lee Allen, Janet Peehanec. Dick Tillery, At right: Joe Gutter- res, Dean Denning, Karen Hilgers. Dames Give Food Baskets to Needy Families WIVES OF STUDENTS AND YOUNG MARRIED WOMEN on campus find lime in their strained schedules to help others through the Dames Chib Beside sponsoring a Christmas party for their own youngsters, they make up food baskets for needy families in the area d urfna t he holiday Vo dcture back row, from left: Wanda Younkin. Maureen Becker, Judy Boyle, Jud. Wheeler, Celia F our msmmmmmmMrn Sharon Schmeidler, Writers Develop Creative Ability SCRATCHING PENS AGAINST PAPER and clicking typewriters char- acterize the literary activity of the Scriblerus Club. Besides creating their own works, members read and review new and old pieces of literature from left: Douglas Engel, Faith Givens, pres- ident; Gene Mullen, sponsor; Barbara Shirk, ill Chemistry Club Visits Local Oil Refinery VISITING THE OIL REFINERY IN PHILLI Franz lTrr ' ' kcJslTner° M r Overton, Kim ssBrfaa sfaSuMC ».».»■■■ j. t wr ' iSJ " 1, mm Ch ‘ rl ' ‘ • Landes. Front row: James Lott, Deanne Rothe, Jugalkishor Shah, Tom Pure - Mathematicians Attend Out-of-State Seminars MATH CLUB, IN AN EFFORT TO KEEP PACE : with Tctfow fZThftr Larr Noke, and Colorado, so that they might bring back thei i Caous Dorothy Phillips, Sharon Horyna, Robert Bighanm O, E. Etter, Lo.Ha Burnett, Joe Schalansky, Marilynn Wilson, Harry Grubb. 112 Campus Boosters Arrange Half-time Performances HALF-TIME ENTERTAINMENT, ranging from tumbling performances to drill routines by twirling corps, was arranged by the Campus Boosters. The Boosters also schedule pep rallies before both basketball and football games to encourage school spirit and elevate team morale. Back r ou. from left trank Southard Barbara Hand, Sam McDowell, Jean Oborny, John DufL Third row: Frank Thompson, Cindy Coen, Becky Bodenhamer, Linda Skelton. Second row: Lindon Montgomery, Sandra Cummins, Sheryle Sheets, ViVi Sterling. Leroy Holmes, president, frront row: Breril Merydith, Kathy Archibald, Ima Jean Atwood, Susan Ridgway. Carol Lipp. Guest Lecturers Speak To Members of SNEA DR. ROMAN KUCHAR AND PRESIDENT M. C. CUNNINGHAM were among the many guest speakers who met with future teachers of the SNEA. When a speaker was not on hand, a com- mittee was assigned to research a topic dealing with education and present it at a regular meeting. Officers, standing from left: Larry Kruse, Bud Campbell, president; Leon Divel. Seated: Linda Wilson, Nelda Adamson, Janice Slate. M3 Nurses Club Acquaints New Members With Hadley Hospital NURSES CLUB ACQUAINTED FRESHMAN NURSING STUDENTS with Hadley Memorial Hospital by holding its first the year there. Club members become part of a state-wide group of nurses by continually working with the Kansas State Nurses Assn. Junior members, back row, from left: Margaret Nelson. Judy Sims, Arleta Willmeth, Lynda Meyers, Peggy Hayes, „ ’ Diana Light, Judith Russell. Barbara Bevan. Janice Beckham, Elizabeth Rabenseifner. Second row: Pauline Kresm, Geneva Smu th, I Sara Custer, Elsie Me Falls Then Wagner. Front row; Judy Rindt, president; Linda Mahoney, Roma Rmer, Sybil Bro n, Leora Stroup, Sophomore members, back row , from left : Linda Russell, Jan Montgomery, Danna Carter, Barbara Branson, Third row: Karleen Beckman. Dixie King, Margaret Quiring, Rose Lang, Carolyn Tovrea Second row; Ann Clydesdale, Lanetta Hatch, Sharon Sramek, Lila Lbert, Glora Gilmore. Front row: Nancy Sterling, Karen Knorp, Jean Peden, Mary KorieL Clarnetta Schwiem Freshman members, back rote, from left: Sharon Stutsman, Judy Schumacher, Connie Poison, Cheryl Markle, Linda Siebert. Second rotv: Anita Fahring, Judy Blickenstalf, Linda Nielsen, Mere- dith Burney. Front row: Linda Smies, Sarah Miller, Sandra Newcomer, Jackie Carpenter, Sue Norman. 114 Back roit from left: June Krebs, sponsor; Karen Hauschild, Kathryn Heglund, Vicky Irvin, Susan Metz, Margaret Olson, Maxine Hoffman, sponsor. Second rotv : Sharon Kralicek, Janice Timken, Connie Bennett. Vickie Wright, Janice Curtis, Kuth Spurlock, Carol Moore, Janis Dempsey, Erma Stithem. Front row: Reta Shuck, Margaret Hoffman, Phyllis Plowman, Mary Waggoner, Mary Smith, Melba Larrick, Judy Tyson, Connie Hrahe, Home Economics Workshop Held at FHS in Fall “CHALLENGING CHANGES” was the theme for the state home economics workshop held at FHS this fall. The Home Economics Chapter sponsored a style show in which clothes from downtown stores were modeled. Guests speakers were invited to speak at the regular meetings. Faculty members spoke on safety and foreign students told about home life in their native lands. Home economists make small favors for residents of a home for the aged. Back row t from left: Margaret Hogan, Earlene McComas, Sheryl Drake, Judy Casey, Kathy DeGcer, Marilyn Griffin, Barbara Doese, Louise Booth, Second rotv: Cheryl Ingram, Linda Amerine, Marcia Jindra, Joyce Trogdon, Cathy W hitley, Marlene Tha ete , Dorothy Urban, Marsha Smith, Carolyn Sasse. Front row: Marlene Smith, Casandra Stephens, Sally Ray, Sheryl Wright, Patricia White, Jane Brnngardt, Clydene Kagarice, Mary Jo Huston, president. I IS IRC Delegates Represent Uruguay At Model United Nations Assembly Back roll-, horn left: Dr, Donald Chipman, sponsor; Terry Scott, George Balch, lefon otl " 8 Ji RuaJO, ' president; Farrokh Hakimian. Kozo Terada. N rnn« Gibson u R.e.rdo Lande , Pa. .1 Klotz, a A [X‘ Hislitn Nnkadomnri. Judith Nusse. Sharon Kemper, Marjorie Bnckev. Gloria Rusco, Diane Hunter, Mild _ , v-inWinkle Donna Browning. Dianne Burdick, Renate Han, in, Kenneth Nelson, Cyrus Eilian . Front r oh- : A. Donto. Stephen Skishor Shah Robin Bigge Julie Chu, Martha Aguirre, Daphne Hawkins, Fred Hakimian, H, B. 1 atel, M. M. Fate , J c FOUR DELEGATES FROM THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB took part In the Model Lnited Nation? Assembly at the University of Oklahoma. The students represented the country of Uruguay. The IRC spon- sors the Leap Week dance and Bearded Joe and Daisy Mae contests. Proceeds are used for a scholarship, which was awarded to Martha Aguirre of Uruguay ihis Year Above: Stephen ow. H„ B. Patel and Patel get a taste of Dr, Donald Chipman 1 becue cooking at a picnic in early fall, A Chinese foreign student, Julie Chu, dec writing on a painting while IRC ntembe amine other pictures and doll? from her count ry. 116 Students Visit Europe, Mexico on P-t-P Trips U A. Don to. FHS student from Tibet, visits a local family for a holiday dinner. PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE, organized only last spring, has already initiated some noteworthy programs. Last summer two students went to Europe and another to Mexico on People-to-People trips. Since the organiza- tion is a voluntary effort of private citizens to advance the cause of international friendship, the travelers assumed then own expenses. To help foreign students get settled, the group scouted for jobs, and to acquaint them with local families in their homes, People-to- People originated the holiday-visitation program. Preparing books for shipment to Asian students are Ken Nelson and M, M. Patel. People-to-People collected books of all types for the project last spring. Back row from left ■ Dennis Garrison, Mari bet h Engle, Diane Hunter. Robert Timken, Garry Thaete, Charles Frilzemeier, A. Don to, Gary Saddler, Kenneth Nelson, Chris Conklin, Terry Scott, Dennis McNown, Ricardo Landes. Second raw: Carlos Arias, Jim Kusco. Margaret Schaefer, Barbara Zweifel, Robin Bigge. Judith Nusse, Juan Sardon, linker Apaydin, Luis Contreras, Kent Noland. Alary Unruh, Clinton Pearce. Front row: Cinda Lou Wilson, Dr. Doris Stage, sponsor; Crystal Marcum. Kathleen Hanson, Daphne Hawkins, Cheryl Clevenger, Martha Aguirre, Himatlal Patel, Mansukh Patel. Jim Rock, president; Eldon Fleury. 117 p. . « ■» r v Sieele Melvin Murphy, Lovell Johannes, Dick White, Allen Roberts, Buck row, from left: Doug VanT.oenen Jlu ' phy. Delbert Kid veil, Robert McKinney, Herman Gerntaen, i3S, F K » s I J B S£S “ p j.fS;rwm£? ti£j , b- “«■ • » e-r • Duane Nichols, Doug Eisenhour, Conrad Peterson. Industrial Arts Club THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB made trophies for the 1963 winning Homecoming floats. As a money -rais- ing project, the club made and sold fraternity pledge paddles. The group also helped sponsor the Industrial Arts Fair, which draws hundreds of high school students and their displays to the campus in April. At left: Awards in dozens of categories are given at the Industrial Tts Fair The student exhibiting the outstanding project receives the Ed Davis Award, named for the professor who started the Industrial Arts division at FHS. Makes Float Trophies o o o ' Wliere We IglOHlS St Fen Evidence of the value of religious organiza- tions at FHS teas shown this year by the es- tablishment of a new group. United Christian Fellowship, and the swelling membership roll of the Newman Club and other denominational groups. Religious activities not only stimulate spiritual development t but also offer friend- ship and an opportunity to serve others. One of the UCF ' s major projects this year was work with the patients at the Lamed State Hospital f Hays churches cooperate and en- courage campus groups so that hardly a student lacks a place to worship , to complement intel- lectual development with spiritual growth. v 119 UNITED CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, made up of seven Protestant denomi- nations, utilizes the ideas of students and faculty in initiating projects giv- ing people a chance to shown concern for religion on the college campus. Back row, from left: Dorothy ScoviL Rev. Howard Trask. Robert Spangler, Rev. Paul Deever. Merrill Hamburg. Seated at table: Jean Stouffer. Rev. Myron Chartier, Rev. Bob Goodson, Dr Doris Stage. Rev. Douglas Dono- van, Rev. Ed Mehlhoff, Rev. Larry Thomas, Dr. Orlo Choguill, JoNelle Carley. U.C.F.. which looks tor God at work in the college world, was °[fTw o Pearce Anna- hers of the steering committee standing, from left. Eldean • ' J 11 t r ' nnrLrm W Andres ToNelle Carlev. Carol Burgess. Seated: Dorothy Scovd. Rev. Boh Goodson. 1 i New Organization Founded on Campus Audiences got a glimpse of hell as imagined by Jean-Pau) Sartre when the United Chris- tian Fellowship and Alpha Psi Omega, dra- matics honorary put on his play, L ' No Exit - Rehearsing a scene, the Rev. Myron Ch artier and Becky Ragan discuss their eternal pun- ishment, while Karen Schwein and Jack Ililgers listen. 120 Campus Christians Hold Discussions in Dorms EM T • CAMPUS CHRISTIAN COUNCIL, a group made up of representatives from all campus religious organizations, conducted religious discussions in residence halls, fraternity and sorority houses. Back row, from left: Robert Timken Larrv Burrows, Dennis Johnson, president; Dr. Doris Stage, sponsor. Fourth row: barren klotz Rev. Roh Goodsom Rex G ask ill, Rebecca Heine. Third, row: Jim Rusco, William Willison, Dorothy ScoviL Palmer Meek Myron Chartier. Second row: Tony Ryan Becky Ragan. Robin Bigge. Clinton Pearce. Front row: Roger Knoll, Jacquelyn Crabtree, Laura Horning, Annalee Andres, r aul Klotz, U.S.C.F. Examines Precepts, Structures of Many Churches TO BROADEN THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF OTHER RELIGIOUS SECTS, United Students Christian Fellowship members study not only their own church, but also the beliefs and structures of many churches. Back rote from left: D tt. and H jP ChoguilL sponsors. Second row: Bob Ransom, Sheila HaUagin, Clara Fanshier. president; Mary Pancake, Diane Hunter. Front ron. Jim Rock, Laura Horning, Sidney Cooley, Mary Kay Staub, JoNelle Carley. I I DOCTRINE AND THOUGHT OF THE DISCIPLES are Curtis Young, 1 Don ' oiaze, Bob Fournier, Lloyd »» ' • “ ■— c ' " “ B “- tr ”‘ r ” : Disciples’ Student Fellow ship Study Philosophy of Christ’s Followers Christian Youth Fellowship Constructs Signs for Local Church and Highway JPPLIED WITH HAMMER AND NAILS, _ members .1 instructing a sign board for the Hays Christian urci William Willison, Robert Eckman. Second row; Arlene MET; 8K-“riS SfiSL ate |S «tr p " “ " Eli “ b " h Lobin n ™ Dim n. Maribeth Engle, Sharon Vhet, Marilyn Denham, Rodney Miet. 122 Baptist Student Union Holds Retreat Over Semester Break SEMESTER BREAK PROVIDED A LIKELY TIME to get the mind off distractions and have a Baptist Student Union retreat. Featured speaker at the retreat was a missionary from Nigeria,. Back row, rom e f: Gary Timken, Doug Morris Larry Burrows, Robert Timken, president, front row: Cindy Ha gam an. Glenda Cleveland, Katherine Simon, Elaine Thomas, Sandra Burrows. Gamma Delta Is Host For Regional Convention GAMMA DELTA HOSTED THE SPRING REGIONAL CONVENTION which drew Lutheran students from colleges and universities in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska, At weekly meetings, the group discusses pastor led topics and invites speakers to discuss Internationa! relations and segregation. Back row, from left: Gale lhaete. Larry Sc hie we. David Isern. War- ren Klotz. Third row: Alfred Hol- stein, Sharon Eilrich. Fontaine Thiele, Pam Geyer, Linda Oster- maun. Second row: Orville Isern. jan Montgomery, Carmen Coer her. Ivan Katzenmeier. Bill Barnett, Front row: Linda Kahmeyer, Janet Gray, Charlene Trapp, Sondra Bar- nett, Carma Drehle. Back row, from left: Lawrence Wen deli n Dennis Krug. Duane Dcutsch, Duane Alai, Paul Klotz, president; Ricardo Landes, Third rote: Robert Krug. Marlene Thaete, Melvin Deutsch, Leland Thaete Ronald Kruse. Second row: Mar- garet Walker, Kaye Doner VerLee Chegwidden, Gary Withers Mar- garet Schaefer, Front row: Rev. Victor Policy, Judy Richter, Phyl Keller, Elda Jean Tillberg, Dr. John Garwood sponsor. 123 Bible Provides Stimulation For Canterbury Members PASSAGES FROM T1IE BIBLE provide ...bus ' sol R ffoSd G. ' ikm W s3°? ‘ ”.“p“ zlSlk, " Mm sSll, Louise Miller. Dorothy, Cre,j Truk, froot ro»: B.rb.r. Vine, jonna Ochs, Janeen Wilson, Annalee Andres. I LSA Sends “Kiddie Kits” To Underprivileged Children ■der, Jennetie Miller, Meredith Burney, Cindy Gill. 1 24 Baptist Student Movement Conducts Church Services BAPTIST STUDENT MOVEMENT DEPUTATION TEAMS visit area churches and conduct the services. The students provide every- thing from the music to the sermon. Back roie, from left: James Brumitt, James Saddler, Donna Wait Judith Rolfs, Bruce likens, Ximcna Brumitt, president; Rev. Myron Ch artier, sponsor; Becky Ragan, Roy Harshharger. Second row?; Bill Wilcox, Emma Lou Brumitt. Terry Scott, Rita Saddler, Ruth Bodenhamer, Becky Bodenhamer, Cary Saddler, Susan lomrdle, Carol Saddler, Roger Bur- roughs, Kerry Lawrence. Front row: Janie Bullock, Glora Gilmore. Tom Jimerfield, Jeanette Latas. Helen MeCarroll, Marie Miller. Pat Riner, Larry Higerd. Daphne Hawkins, Loretta Higerd, Wesley Foundation Members Visit State Hospital CL ' RRENT RELIGIOUS PROBLEMS are discussed by member? of the Wesley Foundation in regular Sunday evening sessions. In addition, the Foundation bolds retreats end conducts a social service program, visiting the Lamed State Hospital and sponsoring parties for the patients. 125 Sister Mary Owen o£ St. Louis was the first woman ever to speak to the FHS Newman Club Newmanites Join Day of Prayer FHS NEWMANITES joined Christians every- where " in the World Day of Prayer. The group met in the Memorial Union for special prayers and meditation Regional and provincial conferences are held annually by the Newman Club. Mary mount College in Salina was the site of a regional conference in the spring. . , , , . Other activities for the year included strong participation in intramurals, socials and a caroling party. Standing: Father John Terbovich. Officers, from left: Carol Walters, Mary Ann Schnoebelen, Roger Rupp, pres. (sec. sem,) t Larry Rud- er. pres, (first sem.l not pictured. 126 McMindes Hall towering six stories over the campus ? opened in the fall. The 315 -student kali for utomen has greatly eased housing problems on the campus and a second wing to the building is planned. Women living in the new dormitory enjoy the latest innovations in residence hall plan- ning. Compact rooms , two elevators , central air conditioning , and an intercom are just some of the modern features. Agnew Hall Houses Male Students in South Wing After a review of the Reveille Queen candidates, Agnew Hall entertains Celeste Holm at an informal reception Acker, Kathleen; Adamson, Nelda; Amenne, Linda; Anglin, Judy: Barten, Jams; Bean, Shar- on; Beeler, Arm Bennett, Anita; Bieberly, Victoria; Bittner, Bar- bara; Branson, Barbara; Bristow, Doreen; Broeek- elman, Judith: Brown, Barbara Bruns, Sandra; Brunson, Judith; Bryan, Cheryl; Burnham, Nancy; Cameron, Dorene; Casey, jo leen; Casey, Judith Chain, Zandra; Cheney, Carol; Cleveland, Glenda ; Cooper, Helen; Couch, Judith; Crabtrey, Marilyn, Dansel, Rhoda DeLay Marian; Dixon, Sharon; Donah ey, Lorene; Donart, Jolene; Ealrich, Sharon; Findeiss, Chris- tina; Fox, Dana Franz Sonja; Gilchrist, Karen; Could, Nancy; Greene, Karen; Hand, Barbara; Hartman, boi ; Hatch, Lanetta Hauschild, Karen; Hauschild, Wanda; Herridge, Sharon; Hicks, Paula; High, Anne; Hildebrand, Carol; Hogan, Margaret Hoh, Carolyn; Holt, Kay; Homey, Janet; Hrabe, Connie; Ingram, Cheryl; Irvin, Cheryl; Irvin, Vicky Jensen, Linda; JincJra, Marcia; Jones, Marjory; Juno, Rita; Kaba, Marilyn; Kyhmever, Linda; Karban, Elvina I2B A picnic in early fall provided an excellent opportunity for Agnew women to get acquainted. Babysitting for faculty tots while their parents attend a Christ- mas party, is a service offered annually by Agnew women. Agnew Hall Katz, Veld a; Kilgore, Martha; King, Dixie King, Sandra; Kitchen, Kathleen; Klein, Sue; Knorp, Karen; Koehler, Cheryl; Korf, loAnn; Kortman, Linda Lamoreux, Beth; Lay, Dorothea; LowdermiJk, Gayle; Lyon, Raelee; Matesch, Sharon; Mathe- son, Marilyn; McDowell, Mary McWhirter, Danb; Menges, Nancy; Miller, Sarah; Misegadis, K arisen; Mull, Dianne; Munk, Mariet- ta; Murphy, Derind a Ochs, Jonna; Ostholf, Peggy; Overton, Linda; Peril, Rcgena; Peters, Rogene; Poison, Connie; Framer, Pamela Prewett, Donna; Price, Jo Ann; Richard, Sylvia; Riffe, Georgia; Ross, Alida; Saddler, Carol; Scbiff, Sue Schreiber, Carol; Schumacher, Judy; Seuser, Judy; Shover, Linda; Shuck, Reta; Simon, Katherine; Sipe, Judy Smith, Barbara; Smith, Nancy; Smith, Sharon; Sparks, Maureen; Spreier, Linda; Stephen, Bar- bara ; Stewart, Diane Stuart, Connie; Taylor, Janet; Tener, Sue, Thaete, Marlene; Tillberg, Elda Jean; Timken, Janice; Trogdon, Joyce Waggoner, Mary; Weigel, Tanira; W hippie, Shar- on; Wilson, Janc-cn ; Weight, Sheryl; Wright, Vickie; Zohner, lane Alcorn, Marion; Barker, Norval Bergman, Robert; Betz, Larry; Bloomquist, Van Carlisle, Clair; Cole, Larry ; Ei n ' hour, Jim; Evans, Dallas Goering, Vernon; Hampton, Ed- win; Hennigh, Barry; Hoge, Mike Hudson, William; Hurley, Arthur; Jennings, James; Kadel, Stephan Kline, Cedi; Klotz, W ' arren; Lind- berg, Ronald; Long, Harry McCartney, Roger; Murphy, Jud- son; Perkins, Tom; Peril, jirn P f ortm i Her, Lawrence ; Reed , James; Smith, Ronald; Stos, Charles Swayze, Dennis ; Swenson, Ed ; Whitney, John; Wright, Robert Pint-sized wrestlers fearlessly attack their Goliath -like opponent, who is, in reality, babysitting while the children’s faculty par- ents attend a Christmas party. Agnew men sprawl comfortably (?) in the lounge and attach themselves to textbooks, Agnew Hall , ! 130 150 Coeds Live in Custer Hall A strumming guitar and spirited songs; these can only mean there’s a hootenanny before be dc heck at Custer Hall Akers, Barbara ; Appl, Janet; Archer. Carol; Barer, Sharon; Baker, Cherie; Bale, Patricia Barr, Marita; Barta, Susan; Bateman, Bella; Bell, Catherine; Bentley, Cheryl; Birney, Nina; Blank, Judy Blickenstaff, Judy; Boese, Barbara; Bray, Carol; Breit, Donna; Brickey, Marjorie; Brickey, Mil- dred ; Brungardt, Carolyn Brunk, Janiece; Bullock, Janie; Burrows. Sam dra; Cain, Karen; Cameron, Connie; Capps, Sleh la; Carbon, Carlenc Carlson, Shelly: Chapman, Marsha; Cherney, Pat; Christian, Carolyn; Coerber, Carmen; Congdon, Connie; Converse, Betty Cook Carolyn; Coppock, Saundra; Cry an. Dorm thy; Currier, Georgia; Curtis, Janice; Cusiek, Connie ; Dechanl, Marietta Dent, Diane; Dicke, Marilyn; Doner, Kaye; Dory, Janet; Drehle, Carina; Dye, Billie; Fee lesion, Fransiska Fanshier, Clara; Fidler, Vicky; Finley, Kay; Flagler, Janet; Folkerts, Karen; Ford, Sheila; Fowler, Jane ! 3 1 Custer Hall Custer Hall ' s Homecoming float entry, “Tigers Miss Moon, Hit Hornets,” depicted a multilated hornet which failed to withstand the blows of its opposition. Fox, Connie; Freeman, Margaret; Freeman, Pa- tricia; Fritschen, Laynete; Garrett Kay; Gill Cynthia ; Gilliland, Nancy Graham Jo; Gregory Ruth: Hallagin Sheila; Harvey, Diana; Hemken, Janice; Hering, Marilyn; Herring Clara Htnshaw, Lynne: Holmes Vickie; Hoover, Linda; Horning Laura; Hudson, Myrna; Hunter Tonia; Irvin, Cheryl Janne, Shirley; Janssen, Billi; Johnston, Sherri; Joy Janice; Kaiser, Karen; Kearney, Ola; Kceley, Patricia Klaurens, Jean; Kline, Carolyn; Koerperich, Janice; Kohler Barbara; Kruse, Karol; Lang, Bonnie; Legg Diane Leiker, Judy; Leuty, Connie; Livingston Mary; Lytle, Patricia; Malmowsky, Kerry 7 ; Manos, Claudine; Marcum, Crystal Metcalf, Sue; Metz Susan; Miller, Marie; Minear, Carolyn; Minor, Deanna; Mbegadis, Nina; Mol- lenkatnp, Anita Morehead, Jolene; Motzncr, Alene; Murphy, Saundra; Nay, Cheryl; Nedrow Cheryl; Noah, Deanna; Nutsch, Bernice Olson, Margaret; Ostermann, Linda; Ostrander, Chari cen; Ostrander, Susan; Paul, Carol; Posting- er T Mary ; Peterson, Kathleen 132 Custer Hall Custer Hail women reviewed nominees from each floor before they selected their candidate for Reveille Queen. ? r % H- 1 1 t H a Wml fjfi rjj Peterson. Rita; Plowman. Phyllis; Pottroff, Sharon; Poulignot, Linda; Proesch, Carol; Rich- ter. Judith; Riding. Alice Riedel, Kay lent ; Ringer, Roberta ; Rolfs, Judith ; Rudolph, Glenda ; Sapp, Carol ; Schaefer, Mar- garet ; Schamber, Saundrea Schauf, Judy; Schmidt, Judy; Schoeni, Eulonda; Schroedei. Susan; Schukman, Vale tie; Schuster, Lois; Schweitzer, Sonja Seibel, Carol ; Sewing, Anita ; Sexsmith, Cheryl ; Shank, Linda; Skelton, Linda; Sloan, Sheila; Smies. Linda Smith, Betty; Smith, Sondra; Snay, Karen; Sneed, Marlene; Springer, Carol; Sramek, Sharon; Sterrett, Jane Stultcrheim, Doris; Sweat, Rosalie; Taylor, Cynthia; Thalheim, Kerry; Thibault, Joyce; Tracy, Beverely; Tyson. Judy Unruh, Eileen; tjnruh, Mary; Valerius, Jennie; VanGalder, Arlene; Vesecky, Rosalee; Vince, Lin- da ; Walker, Joyce Wcers, Diane; Wess, Mary; Wherry, Mary; Wiley, Benia Deane; Wilken, Barbara; W ' illhaus, Rc$e; Williams, Rayonelle Williams, Skaye; Wingfield Barbara; Wurm, Jacqueline; Wyley, Diane; Zerr. Antonia; Zim- merman , Shpron ; Zweifel, Barbara 133 McGrath Hall Shelters 168 I Waiting for the food line. McGrath men find distraction from their hunger with a bull session. Adams. Ray; Anthony, Gam; Arias, Carlos; Barlow, James; Bennett, William; Bigham, Rob- ert; Bobst, Steve Rortli, Perry: Bower, Randy; Brant, Darrel; Bray, David; Breeding, Ralph; Brooks, Jerry; Bullock, Thomas Bunker, Kenneth; Chafieian, Nasser; Christen- son, Wayne; Cole, Arthur; Cooper, David; Cooper, Larry; Cooper, Mex Cordry, Richard; Daisc, Ronald: DeGarmo, Rodg ' er; Delaney, Robert; Dinkei, Marvin; Doanc, Walter; Draper, Gary Dunn, Roy: Dutton, Richard; Engelsman, Ken- noth ; Eppinger, David; Fossett, William; Freed, Douglass; Frieden. Harold Frieseu, Steven; Caede, Duane; Galloway, Gary; Gibbs, Sam; Gienger, Royce ; Gilbreath, Chester; Goering, Richard Gordon, Don; Griffith, Jimmy; Haberman, Don- ald; Hamit, Richard; Hartley, Shirley; Hayes, William; Heckcr, Gordon 134 McGrath Hall Trophies earned over the years get a shine before they are put into McGrath Hall s new trophy case, purchased and installed in the lounge this fall. Heimer, Robert; Henry, Douglas; Herrick, Rus sell; Hicks, Gary; Migcrd, Larry; Hogan, Bruce; Holstein, Alfred Hutton, Us tel; Jacob, Philip; Jarvis, Basil; Jim- erfield, Thomas; Joy, Robert; Kaufman, Gene; Keith, Max Kepley, David; Kifcr, Charles; Kilgore, Thomas; King, Daniel; La Clef, Terrill; Lang, Roger; Lawson, David Lebsack, Richard; Lewis, Jim; Lewis, Van; Loew- en, Roger ; Long, James; Losey, Robert; Mander- scheid, Val Martin, Delbert; Martin, Richard; McCall, Rich- ard; McCrary, Ronald; McLain, Tom; Meckfes sd, Donald; MeckfesseL Eldon Meek, Palmer; Meenen, Lynn; Merklein Gary; Merrill, Dan; Michaelis, Lorry; Miller, Joseph; Moore, Rodney Musselman, Kirk; Myers, Larry; Nash, Kenneth; Neal, Charles; Nelson, Michael; Nelson, Roger; Nicholas, William 135 Nichols Duane; Nolle, Larry; Q Blene$s f Larry; Oborny, Edmund Oborny, Jean; Parker, William; Pepperd, Loren; Perkins, Verlyn; Pickett, Alan Picked Eldon; Price, Kenneth; Ralstin Roger; Randall, Richard; Rankin, Darrell; Riley, Keith Riner, Ronnie; Roberts Allen; Roskilly James; Saddler, Gary; Schalansky, Richard; Schiele, Larry; Schmidt Frederick Schreiner, Eugene; Schumacher, Bill; Scott Lee; Shepard Stephen; Sherrill, Larry; Simpson Rob erl; Sitlner, Marvin Sloan, Clair; Soonsawad, Thong-in; Soukup, Al- vin; Stevens, Tom; Steering, Harold; Stone, Gerald; Stout, Delbert Sullivan, Michael; Swann Clair; Teel Doug; Thompson Larry; Thurlow Larry; Tisehhauser Lynn; Turner, William Walker, Harry; Watkins, Sheldon; Weeks Loren; Williamson, Guy; Wilson, Kenneth; Woelk, John; Younger Roger McGrath Hall Bill Schumacher operates the desk and switchboard which handles all incoming and outgoing telephone calls. New McMindes Hall Finished at Last McMindes Hall, SI .8 million, six-story women ' s residence hall with rooms for 314 students, opened this fall. Construction began in June 1962. Anderson Mary; Andres, Anna lee; Appel. Shir- ley; Armitstead Sharon; Baker Gwendolyn; Bangle, Patty Beckman, Karleen; BeidcrwdI Pauline; Bell Ramona; Bennett Connie; Blackburn, Mary; Blaine Janet; Bogenhagen, Linda Bose, Dixie; Brady, Beth; Brockmeier, Sylvia; Brown, lanis; Brown Susan; Burgess Carol; Burney Meredith Burr Orian; Carmichael Diana; Carpenter Clem nis; Carpenter Jackie; Carter, Danna; Case Sue; Cheatum Leslie Churchill, Karol; Claassen Bev; Clevenger, Cheryl; Colvin Hazel; Cook Crystal; Cotropia, Marsha; Crabtree, Jackie Cramer, Carolyn; Daniels Sharon; Danielson, Linda ; Dean, Shirley; DeGeer, Katharine; Pen- ham, Marilyn : Denk, Annette Deters Charlotte; Devaney Diane; Dih ' le, Julia; Dipman, Pedria; Drach judeen; Drake, Sheryl; DrOste, Karen Elder, Barbara; Engle, Maribcth ; Engleman, Pamela; Erbes, Lucinda; Estes, Arlene; Evans Diana; Fahring Anita Farmer Lila; Fchrcnbach Gerry; Fisher Mick- ey; Flair, Beth; Foley Barbara; Forbes Shari; Fowler, Cathey Gilmore Glora; Goings Amy; Gray Janet; Green- wood Georgia; Griffins, Elizabeth; Grim Carolyn; Gro sardt Darlene Haaga. Carol; Hagman. Linda; Hale Lucinda; Hailing Pat; Hamlin, Fran; Hamman, Judith; Harlan Vicki 137 Hasten, Karen ; Hausm, Kathryn; Hein, Kathleen ; Herdt, Jane; Hevner, Judy Renatc ; Heglund, Henderson, Susan; Hibbs, Janet; Hicks Ann: House, Carol: , Jill: Higtrd, Loretta: Hood, Hubbell, Deana; Humble, Rita Hutchins, Pani ; Johnson, Bonnie; Sis; Jones, Nancy Hyer, Carol; Jacobs, Gaily a; Johnson, Nina: Johnson, PhyL Judd. Jean; Kagarice, Clydene; Ka«-r Nancy; Kaufmann, Priscilla; Keith, Myrtle; Keller, Phvl Sis; Kemp, Corliss Klinzman, Trylb; Koei, Lois; Kerb, Sandra; Koricl, Mary; Kralicek. Sharon; Krueger. Pamela; Kurnberg. Laynne Kurth, Janiee: Kwak, Susan; Lambert, Ellen. Lang. Anita; Larson, Cheryl; LaRue, Rosalie; Latas, Jeanette Li by, Charlotte; Uppoldt, Patricia; Lutterman, Pat; Mahoney, Kathy; Manning, Patty Jo, Markle, Cheryl; Marshall, Lara Maura tli, Beatta; McCarty, Connie; McCue, Janice; McDonald, Nancy; McGaw, Gayle; Mc- Kee, Linda; McKinley, Andrea Medsker, Jolene: Meitl, Mary; Meng Linda; Miles, Helen; Miller, Louise; Milter, Jennette; Miller, Sandra Mitchell, Candy; Mitchell, Leu Ann; Mizell, Phyllis; Mohr, Barbara; Moman, Helen; Mont- gomery, Janet; Morgan, Marla Murphy, Tenna; Mustoe, Judyanne; Myers, Pam; Ncdrow. Kathryn; Neely, Norma; Newcomer, Sandra ; Nielsen. Linda -v McMindes Hall The silence in the study lounge is disturbed by laughter and conversation. 138 ■ Norman, Diana; Gplinger, Carolyn; Ostmeyer, Judy; Overmiller, Lois; Parker, Robin; Partin, Bonnie; Pe chance, Janet Peterson, Connie; Pfeifer, Mary; Pfost, Sheila; Phlieger, Kathy; Platt, Mary; Pope, Nikki; Pres- ton, Corliss Pruitt, Carilynn; Quiring, Margaret; Radnor, Jean- Rahjes, Janice; Rankin, Carolyn; Reed, Judy; Regier, Jeanette Reinhardt, Sandra; Kenner, Penney; Rif fed, Jeanne; Riiult, Sharon; Riner, Patricia; Ruther- ford, Mary; Saddler, Rita Sasse, Carolyn; Sauer, Mary Ann; Scheck, Linda; Schi sler, Cam!; Scott, Susan; Scovil, Dorothy; Scovil, Mary Seeman, Karlene; Siebert, Linda: Sillin, Judy: Sinclair. Carol; Smith, Juanita; Smith, Marsha: Smith, Sam Sp omer, Pat ; Stephens, Casandra : Sterling, Nancy; Stevenson, jamee; Stieben, Karla; Stum, Yvonne; Slulzniyn, Sharon Swann, Virginia; Taddiken. Dixie; Teeter, Ann; Thiele, Fontaine; Tholen, Diana; Thompson, Vic ki ; Thummel, Carol Tigner, Janet; Till berg, Vivian; Til tel, Beverly; Traliern, Lana; Trapp, Charlene; Tucker, Judy; Uhrich, Bern a dine Urban, Dorothy; Wait, Donna; Wallace, Dolly; Walters, Barbara; Whitley, Cathy; Wilkes, Lana; W ilson, Cinda Leu Wolteson, Twila; Yates, Leanna; Young, Deborah ; Young, La Veld a; Ziegler, Louise: Zimmer, Mary Lou ; Zvesper, Bet lie McMindes Hall A chat with a friendly visitor breaks up the monotony of study. 139 Although a telephone call can be made and answered by only two people, there is no limit to the number of people who may be included in the conversation. Wiest Is Newest Men’s Residence o r O f erJ o p ijiM J 1 e- drk £ C5 Jfc ' rJ e c a o a a p- a a a a a a a c r 5 : - 4 V Jr .itH c y a l o a r aSw P a. 44 r ' IG? h L5 ■I a 5 Jl Apaydin, Turker; Aschenbiermer, Stephen; Back- us, Terry; Balloon, Randy; Barker, Robert; Bar la, Roger; Bauer, David Begnoehe, Cary; Blair, Cary; Brown, James; Campbell, Bud; Campbell, Ronald; Chandler, Leo ; Glaussen, Norman Clay, Barry; Cloe, Robert; Collins, Howard; Conan t, Qiarles; Coval, Lester; Deal, Fred; Dee- walR Morris Dempsey, John; Denny, Charles; Depperschmidt, Kenneth; Deutsch, Duane; Deutsch, Melvin; Dirks, John ; Donovan, Dennis Downing, Gene; Duff, John; Eaton, Darrell; Fernandez, Eva Ido; Fink, John; Fleharty, Lynn; Flint, Larry Fournier, Robert; Freeman, Gary; Fritzemeter, Don; Frobenius, Robert; Garrison, Dennis; Gocdale, Sam: Goodman, Clyde Goodwin, J. D.: Haas, Janies: Hanson, Edward; Heier, Robert; Heiny, John; Hickman, Maxwell; Hicks, James Hitchcock, Hayden; Tngersoll, David; Johnson, Alan; Johnson, Dennis; Kinser, Jerry; Kisner, Gary ; Korte, David 140 Wiest Hall The antics of Wiest Hall men won for them third place in the men’s division of Homecoming float competition. Kruse, Larry; Larson, Stephen; Lee, Elton; Luet- ters, Charles; Mai, Duane; Makings, Gary Martin, Joseph; MeCubbin, Floyd; Miller, Ken- neth; Miller, Stephen; Miller, Tim; Mills, Ricky; Moyer, Lairen Nairn, George; Newell, Dale; Nuss, Roland; Page, John; Penland, Stanley; Petryszyn, Yarns law; Pitt- man, Roger Reynolds, Mark; Roberts, Richard; Robinson, Stephen; Rose, Steve; Ruda, Robert; Ryan, Warn- er; Schneider, Richard Schreiher, Richard; Schultz, Stanley; Schur, Richard; Scott, William; Season, Keith; Sharp, Jim; Smith, Arlyn Smith, William; Steffen, Donald; Stewart, Billy; Stull, Marshall; Sweat, Michael; Teel, Glen; Tweed, John Tyler, , James ; Unruh, Phillip; Vincent, Dale; Vra til, Ronald; W r ebring, Gary; Wells, James; Wendeltn, Lawrence Wicgand, William; W ' ilburn, Robert; W ,r illison, William; Withers, Gary; Wolfe, Randall; Zerr, Elmer; Zitnik, Joseph 141 Built in 1961, Wooster Place lias 4S apartments for married students. Construction Begins on New Apartments To meet the increasing demand for mar- ried student housing, two more apartment buildings, which will accommodate 36 fami- lies. are under construction. The buildings, each with 18 apartments similar to the 48 in Wooster Place, will be three-story stone struc- tures across the street from Wooster. Two apartment buildings, each to house 18 families, are under con St ruction. Ann Gardner puts husband Ron to work in the kitchen. 142 Eldon Lauxman and his wife, who live in a temporary housing unit for married students in Lewis Field, make quick work of dishwashing. Wooster Place’s laundromat is open to men from the residence halls as well as to those living in Wooster Place and apartments off campus. Married Students Live at Lewis Field, Wooster Place This typical family gets together for a story hour in a Wooster apartment. 143 Sharon Kenney has contrived a fairly satisfactory combination of babysitting small brothers and siS’ ters and studying. Students Live at Home . . . . . . in Apartments . . . At right: College gu 5. dates and Little Blaek Books are svnozivmous in bachelor apartments. Lynn and Rita Rogers take time out from their busy schedules to watch their toddler in the compact comfort of their mobile home. . . . and in Trailers. Although fraternity and sorority rush affects only a small percentage of the students on campus , the ten sion and excitement is felt by all. It is a time of con- fusion , rumors , disappointment ? fun and joy. It is pressured and hectic with smokers , open houses f skits and impressive preference parties. But iv hen it s over ? four sororities and seven fraternities are delighted with their new pledge classes . PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, standing, from left: Nancy Claar, BUlie Lee Allen, Joyce Buell, ViVi Sterling, Diana Bartholomew Sitting Dottle Gibbons, Jone Burris, Cathey Whitley, Judy Ubert, president. Fraternities Earn Scholastic Award National In ter fraternity Council gave the local IFC a scholastic award for die spring semester. The six fraternities compiled a 1.29 grade index, which is higher than the average in past years. IFC encourages fraternities to strive for higher scholastic achievement and participate in campus activities. Presentation of traveling trophies to the pledge class and active chapter with the highest grade average is made each semester. High averages among fraternities for the spring semester, ’63, were made by Sigma Phi Epsilon actives with 1.72 and Delta Sigma Phi pledges with 1 ,84. A major event of this year was president Don Vlasz and Dean of Men Bill Jellison’s trip to the national IFC convention in New York as representatives of the FHS council. Don Vksz accepts the National IFC Scholastic Award from Bill Jellison dean of men. I Panhellenic carried out a Halloween theme in Greek Week and served apple cider and doughnuts after the rushees had been briefed about rush week regula- tions- Panhellenic Aids New Sorority Panhellenic Council concentrated efforts toward the establishment of Alpha Xi Delta on campus this year. In January, Patihel- lenic entertained the sorority ' s house coun- cil, province director, expansion director, alumnae and collegiate members from Kansas State University. Hy February the sorority was ready to hold open bidding. Establishment and regulation of rules pertaining to rush week, pledgeship and initiation are regular functions of Panhel- lenic, which is composed of the four social sororities. In November the council pre- sented information about rush w r eek to pros- pective pledges at Greek Week. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL, standing, from left: Lynn Nelson, Marlin Butler, Lindon Montgomery, Peterson, John Murray, Richard Rice, Bill Adams. Jerry Stecklein, Verlyn Leiker. Sitting: Jerry hnerrilJ, Don Vlasz, president. Richard Henderson, Monte Ron Hosie, Jerry Patterson, 147 Alpha Gam milkmaids and farm hands entertained rushees at a farmyard party. The AGD s pledged eight during formal Epsilon Mu Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta 90 chapters . . . Founded: Syracuse, New York, 1904 . . . Epsilon Mu chapter es tablished 1959 , . House- mother: Nina Fuller . . President: Sandy Boys To raise money this fall, Alpha Gamma Deltas set aside one work day for a car wash and another for cleaning Greek houses. Besides a busy work schedule, AGD s had a wide-ranging social program this year. The sorority entertained the house- mother at a tea in September and alums on Homecoming. Hour dances, caroling parties, exchange dinners, card parties, an informal and the traditional Feast of Roses, a spring formal and farewell to seniors, completed the Alpha Gams social season. Competing with other Greeks and living groups, Alpha Gams won second place in Greek Sing last spring and second for their Homecoming float this fall. They also had 1963 Homecoming Queen Jane Schnoebelen and a representative in the cheerleading line-up. Alien, Billie Lee Atwood Ima Jean Boys, Sandra Brown, Judith Burris June Cain, Cheryl Claassen, Bev Converse, Betty Cooley, B. L Crablrey Marilyn Day, Suzanne Ellingboe, Ann Folkerts, Karen Graves Amy Grosshans, Iona Kingsley Bonnie I4B Jane Schnoebelen and Bonnie Kings- ley put a hard-earned Follies trophy on the mantle for proud display. The AGD’s and TKE’s captured the follies sweepstakes for their “Greek Side Story " last spring. Krueger, Pam Lewis, Niki Lynch, Lynda McKibbin, Lana Misegaclis, Nina Nelson, Janet O ' Loughlin, Kathleen Phelps, Evelyn Powell, Janet Powell, Saundra Reese, Barbara Ridgway, Susan Sctmoebelen, Jane Schnoebelen, Mary Ann Seibel, Carol Skinner, Judy Stuart, Connie Stutz, Betty Whitmore, Sandra Meckel, Evelyn Sponsor As a money- raising project, ambitious Alpha Gams set aside a work day to dean Greek houses. Mary Ann Schnoebelen, Sandy Whitmore and B, J, Cooley give this kitchen the treat- ment with cleaner and sponges. J49 Delta Zeta rush party, “South Pacific,” was held at the Smoky Hill Country Club. Delta Omega Chapter of 160 chapters . . Founded: Oxford, Ohio, 1902 , Delta Omega chapter estab- lished 1956 , , House mother: Bess Callahan . President: Judy Dressel- bans The Delta Zetas started off the school year with a new home The house, which shelters 21 women, was remodeled last summer. November was a big month for llie DZ’s, who pledged 20 women after rush week. In December the DZ’s had Reveille Queen Rogene Peters; Jane Wood reigned as Pledge Queen over all pledges on campus, and the sorority entertained their dates at the annual winter formal. Candy land. Other social events during the year included two informals and a spring formal. Parents and alums had a chance to visit the new ' DZ house on Parents’ Day and Homecoming. For service projects, DZ’s sent gifts to patients at Lamed State Hospital and Carville Hospital. The group also sent clothing to a Navajo Indian Mission and money to Galleaudet College (a school for the blind) . Anderson, Mary Baker, Barbara Bartholomew, Diana Berens, Phyllis Bowman, Vae Jene Brie key, Karyl Campbell, Muriel Cook, Judy Cramer, Kay Decker, Cheryl DcLay, Marian DeMay, Kathy Drcsselhaus, Judy Else a, Mary Flair, Beth Gatewood, Gwynne ISO Geyer, Pamela Henderson, Sharon, Hernd ge, Sharon Hint .e, Jacqgie Kortman. J inda Lake, Dana Loewen, Sue Menges, Nancy Meyers; Lynda Mitchell, Candy Morris, Rulli Mosher, Sheila Ostrander, Margery Faustian, Carole Peavey, Carolyn Peters, Rogene Peters, Sharon Pfeifer, Barbara Reschke, Ramona Renner, Penney Se smith, Cheryl Skelton, Linda Smith, Carol Stephens, Carole Sterling, Vi Vi Super, Joyce Thomas, Elaine Tucker, Judy Chert, Judy Chrieh, Bernadine Weigel, Tammy- Wood, Jane Moore Mary Maude Faculty patroness Everyone likes to look back on past victories and accomplish- ments and the DZ s have many trophies and plaques to remind them of successful years. Barbara Baker and Vae Jene Bowman enjoy relaxation and solitude in the new DZ front room. 151 1 To keep the chapter scrap-book up-to-date. Sigma Kappas clip articles about their members from local newspapers. Delta Omicron Chapter of Sigima Kappa 101 chapters , Founded: Waterville, Main, 1874 . Delta Omicron chapter es- tablished 1959 . House- mother: Elsie Veateh . . President: Nione Olson Delta Omicron Chapter gave service to elderly people in die Golden Years Club. The Sigma Kappas provided enter- tainment for club meetings and made hospital visitations To fortify their contribution to the national philanthropy fund, the sorority held a rummage sale. Unlike the other sororities on campus, Sigma Kappas held a formal preference party and did away with theme and cos- tuming During rush week, the chapter had the advice and guidance of a national traveling secretary Two national awards, the Endowment Fund Award and the National Award of Recognition, were given to the Sigma Kappas for chapter accomplishments. Sigma Kappa, chartered in the spring of 1959, is the youngest sorority on campus Baier, Sharon Brown, Marcei Ua Buchanan, Janet Chegwidden, Ver Lee Qaar, Nancy Cummins, Sandy Demmitt Vicki Douglas?, Millie Eilrich, Sharon Gibbons, Dottie Halligan, Sheila Harkne $ t Mary Hayes, Peggy Jones, Janice Klaus, Alberta Kohler, Gaye 152 Legg, Diane Mathews, Sandy McFall, Elsie Nedrow, Kathy Ghlemeiei, Linda Glson, Nione Peter, Karla Regier, Jeanette Sheets, Sheryle Sneed, Marti Steele, Betsy Tannahill, Claret t a Taylor, Mary ' Trogdcn, Joyce Wagner, Mary Weber, Theresia White, P atty Herndon, Geneva Faculty advisor Sigma Kappas create the eerie world of Black Beard and piracy on the high .seas for their informal in the Memorial Union Black Room, D u ri n g ru sh Si gm a Ka p pas gave prospective pledges a tour of the house. Here, Sandy Cum- mins describes the sorority pin and its meaning. 153 Fraternity men greet 19 new Tri Sigma pledges with a Yell-In. made up of representatives from all the fraternities on campus. Alpha Gamma Chapter of Sigma s; g ma Sigma. 64 chapters . , . Founded: Farmville, Virginia, 1898 , , , Alpha Gamma chapter established 1925 ■ . Housemother: Agnes Town- ley . . President: Gloria Dizmang Tri Sigmas hosted a national officer in the fall. To acquaint her with the FHS campus and its Greeks, the group sponsored an All-Campus Tea and invited campus officials as well as representatives from all the fraternities and sororities. Service projects had special emphasis this year. To put its motto, 4i Sigma Serves Children 5 into practice, Tri Sigma made weekly visits to the patients at St. Anthony’s Hospital, decorated Christmas trees at Hadley Hospital, and shined shoes on the morning of the Sweetheart Ball to raise money for the child retrs wing at a hospital in Chapel Hill, N, C, Tri Sigmas won Greek Sing and the scholarship plaque last spring, and captured first place in the Women’s Division for their homecoming float last fall. Albrecht, Dorothy Andrews, Jeannette Archibald, Kathleen Basgall, Norma Bauer. Sharon Beckham, Janice Boor, Jean Rrcos„ Susan Bornemann T Nancy Daniels, Sharon Dirks, Sandra Dizmang, Gloria Duell, Joyce Fowler, Cathey Gilmore, Carolyn Goetz, Arlene Grim, Carolyn Hallagin, Sandra Holt, Kay Johnston, Sherri Korb, Sandra Lciker, Doris Leuty, Connie Linenbcrger, Marla IS4 Lippi, Carol Mahoney, Kathy Mathews, Judith McCall, Patricia McFarland, Gloria Mermis, Patricia Miller, Linda Newcomer, Sandra Peter, Sally Pfeifer, Betty Reinhardt, Sandra Kindt, Judy Rolfs, Judith Schweitzer, Sonja Selby, Sherry Shank, Jane Sipe, Judith Smith, Phyllis Smith, Sara Smrcka, Virginia Spomer, Patricia Sterling, Carol Sterling, Nancy Tomasheck, Carol Waldman, Donna Walls, Judith Walter, Janet Ward, Rita Werth, Joyce Whitley, Catherine Williams, Skaye Wyatt, Arliss Zimbelman, Karen Bccsley, Alice Faculty Sponsor l . V % VK| l " it 1 ' 1 » Santa visited the annual Christmas party for underprivileged children. Sigma elves distributed gifts and invited the children to join them in games. “Hellenic Holiday,” Tri Sigma ' s traditional rush party, was set in a lavish Greek garden. Athenian women introduced prospective pledges to Tri Sigma through song. 155 AKL’s gather outside a sorority house to serenade a new AKL sweetheart, recently pinned to one of their brothers. Alpha Delta Chapter of Alplia L amm A Homecoming float trophy and a large pledge class rep- resent a successful year for the brothers of Alpha Kappa Lambda. The AKL float, “Fort Hays Martian to Victory, took the sweepstakes trophy in the Homecoming float com- petition. During formal rush AKL pledged 32. AKL’s found distractions from studies on weekends with the a “Go to Hell” informal in the fall, “Spring Splash” in the spring, hour dances, exchange dinners and picnics. Alpha Gamma Delta, their sister sorority, joined them for a caroling party. Parents visited on AKL Parents Day. Adams, Dennis Adams, Gary Aschenbienner, Gerald A list, Jim Beacli, Craig Beougher, Bill Bergman, Dean Bergman, Robert Rrainard, Rick Brooks, Jim Conard, Donald Gonard, Norman Cor dill, Jerry Delaney, Robert Drussel, Gary Gil!, Stephen llrabe, Larry Jacks, Alan Johnson, Charles Jones, Larry Jones, Warren Kirkham, Dale Knoll, Terry Lamb, Gary Leiker, Verlyn Linenhergcr, Thomas Locke, Johnnie Meckfessel, Donald Meyers, Roger Miles, Chuck Miller, Ernie Neely, Don i 56 Newlin, Roger Ney, Merlin Nichols, Kendall Palmer, Tom Pammenter, Lynnay Pittman, Kenneth Purer, Tom Reece, Carl Robinson, Larry Robinson, Richard Rodeman, Kyle Rupp, Leon Russell, Ray Sanders, Carl Schmutz, Dale Schulz, Bob Soul ley, Mai Selcavec, Glenn Simmonds, Gail Slopansky, Paul Sleek loin, jerry Swann, Clair Sw inton, Gene Teschner, Thomas Thomas, John Wallers, William Watson, Mike Weber, Jay Wilcox, Gary Wilcoxson, Larry Wildeman, Richard Zimmer, Max Tomlinson, John Sponsor Alpha Gamma Deltas helped their brother fraternity twist nap- kins for the 27-foot ' Wide AKL float, “Fort Hays Martian to Victory.” 42 chapters , . , Founded: Berkeley, California, 1914 . . . Alpha Delta chapter es- tablished 1961 , , , House- mother: L i 1 Ha n Gennette . , President: Charles Miles Fraternity sponsor, John Tomlinson and President Chuck Miles make room in the trophy case for the award from the National Council which Alpha Della Chapter received last fall for its outstanding record of accomplishment. 157 " Is it real?” asks Joyce Super, tugging at Don Herron’s beard while Fred Patterson laughs at her female naivete. Growing beards for the Sailors ' Ball is an annual Delta Sig tradition. Gamma Omicron of Delta Sigma Pki Delta Sigma Phi made a special effort to do social service work this year. The group traveled to the Lamed State Hospital where they played football with the hos- pital’s intramural team and Delta Sig pledges decorated Hadley Hospital for Christmas. Gamma Omicron chapter has a wide variety of ac- complishments to its credit In the area of scholaiship, Delta Sigma Phi received the IFC pledge scholarship trophy for the spring semester of last year. In intramural play Delta Sigs captured first place in touch football The fraternity also won first place in the men’s division of Homecoming float competition and sponsored Home- coming Queen, Jane Schnoebelen. Annual social events are the Sailors Ball, White Car nation Ball and Sphinx BalL 104 chapters . Founded: College of the City of New York, 1899 . , Gamma Omi- cron established 1953 , H ousem other: A vi s Thom as , President: Jerry Patterson Armbrusler, Ronald Baier, Dan Barten, Lynn Baxter, Thomas Rillmger, Thomas Boli tiger, Mitch Brown, Ttrrry Brun garth, Roy Campbell, Jack Clausen, Rod Clay, Barry Clay, Lance Corder, Craig Ooulson, Jim I Jam man, Rodney Desbien, Larry Francis. Lynn Frobeniu. , Robert Fross, Gerald Gamer, Larry Gotcha II, Tom Henrkkson, Wallace Herron, Don Hladek, Kenneth Bolen, Ralph Holmes, Leroy Hoppas, Stephen Hosie, Darrel Hosie, Ronald Huelsmann, Jim Hum burg. Jack ESS Jennings, Ken Junes, Gary Keller. Jerry Kilbournc, Randall King, Carroll Klever, John Korle, David Lap pin,. Lowell Leighton, Larry Lohrmeyer, Gerald Markham, Bud Meekenstock, David Miller, Kenneth Miller, Tim Minnis, Vernon Neaderhiser, Ben Newell, Bernard Oghurn, Keith Patterson, Fred Patterson, Jerry Pearce, Clinton Peters, Jon Pittman, Roger Prick ctt, Larry Reese, Dennis Spencer, Harry Stark, Bill Slephen T Jerry Sutley, Inin Thaete, Gale Thaete, Garry Tischhauser, Lynn Tyler, James Walters, Pat Webster, Allen Witt, Pete Wit war, Wayne Za chinan, Ronald Ruttman, Gerald Sponsor 159 Entangled in chicken .wire and napkins. Phi Sigs construct a Homecoming float around their theme, “Kick’M in the Stratosphere. Zeta Chapter of Pki Sig ma Epsilon 38 chapters . . ♦ Founded; Emporia, Kansas, 1910 .. . Zeta chapter established 1930 , ♦ , . Housemother ; Arilla O’Leary , . . Presi dent; John Murray Phi Sigs earned both a state and national award this year. In appreciation of their social service, they received a recogni- tion plaque from the Kansas Heart Fund Assn, and for chap- ter scholarship the Phi Sigs were awarded the fourth place scholarship plaque from national. In the fall the Phi Sigs offered their services to Hadley Memorial Hospital for their open house. The men served as guides and parked cars for visitors. The White Tea Rose formal is the highlight of the Phi Sigs’ social calendar. Parties included an informal in the fall, hour dances with sororities and dormitories, and a Homecoming dance for alumni at the City Auditorium. Bcfforr, Joseph Bicker, Eugene Brock, John Brown „ Dennis Carlin, Richard Collins, Robert Cooley, Sidney 160 Above: Phi Sigs get together for an informal bull session At right: A familiar sight at the Phi Sig house is a brother engrossed in books. The fraternity received fourth place scholarship plaque from their national office. Putcher, Hob Finney, Donald Fraiey Lynn Kohlasch Gary La Rocque, Robert Lo Minor, Lee Melton Jerry Murray John O ' Brien, Stanley Pah Is, Richard Petty, Bruce Rogers Olen Thornburg Alan Vlasz, Don Vrbas Dennis Welch, Byron Gumm, Robert Levitt Richard Sponsors 161 Kathy Archibald pins a name tag on rushee Steve Base, who among many others visited the Sig Ep house. Kansas Zeta Chapter of Sigma Pki t psil OH This year saw diversified activity at the Sig Ep house. December found the Sig Eps combining efforts with Tri Sigmas to sponsor 4 4 Wheelchair Basketball. The Sig Eps and other IFC members, strapped in wheelchairs, played against a professional wheelchair basketball team. Ticket proceeds went to the Heart Fund. Zeta Chapter gained national recognition at Sigma Phi Epsilon’s semi-annual conclave last summer, where the chapter received the outstanding chapter award for a In- state district including Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. Topping the list of social activities was the Golden Heart Ball in the spring. Other events were the Blue Mountain Blast informal, a Christmas caroling party, exchange dinners, card parties, hour dances and Home coming activities for alums. Last spring the Sig Eps won the trophy for the chariot races and took first place in Greek Sing. 162 chapters . . . Founded: Richmond, Virginia, 1901 . . . Zeta Chapter established 1958 , . Housemother: Esther Eslinger . , President: Frank- lin Nelson Anthony, Robert Aust, Eddie Babcock, Charles Base, Steve Baxter, Ron Brandon, Glen Breeding. Ralph Channell, Bob Christiansen, Don Colburn, Menvin Cote, Da if Dietz, Dennis Dietz Larry Dunlap, Marvin Ficken, John Freed, Douglass Fritzemeier, Charles Fritzemeier, Don Gallo waV, Gary Gaskill Rex Grauerholz, Eldon Hilgers, Jack H i nn ergo r d E , Roger Ho ti man, Robert Howard, Don Ihrig, Charles Jenkins, Steve Johnson, Jim Kay, George Kelly, Benny Kepley, David 162 Brothers match wits over a chess hoard while quiet onlookers observe the calculated moves. Lambert, Carl Laugh I in Gary I ps, Mike Lewis, Van Loop, Larry Maneth, Paul Markley, Gary Martin, Richard McFarland, Gary Merydith, Brent Monty, Paul Nagel, Doug Nagel, Gary Nelson, Lynn Nelson, Jerome Newell, Dale Pepperd, Loren Pickering, Larry Reed, Mac Reichel, Merlyn Roberts, Larry Rock, Jim Sandstrom, Ron Scanlon, Gale Scb on, Joe Shepherd, Roger Shoemaker, Terry Smith, Gary Smith, Woodie Stapleton, jerry Stapleton, William St, Aubyn, Jim Steffen, Tom Wehring, Gary Whitley, Joe Wilson, Jack Windholz, Jim Yager, Lyle Applegate, Malcolm or 163 Sig Taus joined the women of Custer Hall for a hootenanny. Eta Tau Alpha Chapter of s lgma T am G a vix ma Hour dances, exchange dinners, an informal, the annual White Rose Formal, and a hootenanny with the women of Custer Hall made up the Sig Tau’s social schedule this year. Homecoming found the Sig fans entertaining alums at a Homecoming dance and building a float for the parade Social service took the form of helping with a survey conducted by the city. Sig Tans counted cars and pedestrians at elementary and secondary schools in Hays. Although Sigma lau Gamma is one of the oldest fiater- nilies on campus, the house is the newest. Sig Taus are buy- ing a house which they moved into only last spring. Abels, Harry Barra, Roger Bartel, G ilen Hurt os, Dale Belcher. Larry Bland, Gary Butler, Marlin Cline, Dave Davidson, Dale Dep perscli midi, Ke n Fournier, Robert Gesink, Robert Hanzlkk, Jerry Hartmun, Ralph Kelly, Terry Koonu, Norman i 164 Kraft,. Marvin Larson Steve Mayhew Roger Moyer, La iron Munsell, Leroy Nelson, Andrew Palm berg, John Rucker, Robert Sawyer, Leroy Sherrill, Jerry Sidener Ronald Thompson Don Toole, Terry Wunder Richard Halpern, William Sponsor Sig Taus entry in the Homecoming parade was an automatic computer, which rang-up Tiger points. 62 chapters . , . Founded: Warren sburg, Missouri, 1924 . . Eta Tau Alpha chapter es- tablished 1926 . House- mother: Jessie Harper . . President: Marlin Butler. Adding their female charm to the Sig Tau smoker during formal rush were the fraternity ' s house mother, Mrs, Jessie Harper, and cigarette girl Jane Schnoebelen 165 The captain of the TKE touch football team rails a huddle before a decisive play. Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Tam Kappa Epsilon The height of the TKE ' s social season was the Red Carna- tion Ball in the spring. Also highlighting the fraternity’s sea- son was the annual pajama party, the Roman Holiday informal in the spring, hour dances, picnics, card parties exchange dinners and a Christmas dinner and gift exchange. Besides a full schedule of social activities, TKE’s took on a complete intramural program and won volleyball, track and softball events. , In the fall the Alpha Upsilon Chapter received the 1 Mi. in- ternational scholarship award for supremacy on a medium campus. rTiT _.„ Taking pride in community service, the TKE s were campus blood donors, sponsored the FHS lake retreat candy drive and assisted Hays police with a traffic survey at a school crossing . £ The TKE ' s have the distinction of being the only fraternity having an official mode of transportation. An antique fire truck takes the Tekes to lake outings, parades and other special occasions. Amerinc, Kent Anderson, Floyd Baker. Keith Boston Jack Brown, Ken Bula Joe Carpenter. Melvin Cox Larry Davis, Johnny Denny Charles Erickson, Hex Ford Jim Haas Jim Hanson, Andy Hanson Edward Harkness Cliff 66 Hayes, Dennis Henderson, Richard Hoffman, Richard Hoyt, Dec Kellogg, Brooks Leasure, Dan McCall, Richard Millard, Monty Montgomery, Lindon Nichols, Bill Palmer, Ken Pavlicek, Richard Pekarek, Rod Rex ford. Ray Robbins, Jeff Ruda, Ken ScoO, Roger Seifert, Dave Steffen, Donald Zi mb el man, Eldon Reynolds, Howard Sponsor All modes of fashionable nigh t wear show up at the TKE’s annual Pajama Party. 200 chapters . ■ Founded: Bloomington, Illinois, 1899 . , Alpha Upsilon established 1942 , . . Housemother: Phyl- lis Kiser . . . President: Lindon Montgomery In the process of redecorating their rooms at the beginning of the school year. Herb Songer, Don Steffen and Gene O’Toole mix up a can of fresh paint. 67 Promethean spruce up their new home for an open house, which included an introduction to their housemother and a guided tour of the living quariers. Local Fraternity of Pile PrometlieairiLS Local fraternity established 1962 « , Housemother: Nina Stuart . . . President: Bill Adams September classes brought the Prometheans back to greet their first housemother and a new house. I he local fraternity was organized only last year. The object of the Prometheans is to provide an opportunity for like-minded men to acquire and foster scholastic achieve- ment and social graces in a fraternity atmosphere. The group seeks affiliation with a national fraternity whose goal would enable the group more successfully to meet its own. Informals. hour dances, a spring formal, exchange dinners, and ice cream socials make up the Prometheans social sched- ule. In the area of social service to the community, the Prome- f beans canvassed Ellis for the Heart Fund Drive. Adams, Bill Adams, Charles Aldrich, Phil Baker, Ken Brewer, Norman Bullet Mike 1 68 At left: Promethean President Bill Adams (center) ponders questions about his fraternity at a smoker daring rush. Above: " Were Atomizing secured second place for the Prometheans in the men ' s division of Homecoming float competition. o c 4 4 Fried en, Harold Hase } Kevin Koch, Bay Kvasnicka. Charles Martin John McCormick , Stephen Min son, Mike Panyik, Bichard Rhodes, Terry Rice, Richard Rogers, Lynn Stevens, Frank Southard, Frank St Canadian, Leon Thompson, Frank Stones, Harold Spangler, Robert Sponsors 16 ? Collegiate members of Alpha Xi Delta at Kansas State University installed pledges of the new chapter at FHS. Delta Tau Colony of Alpha Xi Delta 102 chapters . . . Founded: Lombard College, 1893 . . . Delta Tau Colony Established 1964 . . . President: Mickey Ulrich. Branson, Barbara Carter, Hanna Cooper, Helen Conyac, Connie Cry an. Dottle Deters, CharloUe Holmes, Vicki Miller, Louise Scovil, Mary Thalheim, Kerry 170 At FHS there are constant opportunities for the artistic , talented and cultured mind to create and criticise. Talent is expressed , not only in the more obvious fields of art and music, hut also in the area of mass communications. Students with a flair for journalism may join the Leader and Reveille staffs, while those with a literary leaning can con- tribute to the Sheaf ? a fiction and poetry booklet . Whatever the media , students find a place and a way for self expression of thought and impres- sion . Editor Norman Brewer and Jerry Deni el Brief Tlie Leader staff reporters. Task of Leader Demands Responsible Staffers To inform, entertain and mold student opinion is the commission of the State College Leader, Such a task is not easy, for it entails a great deal of responsibility. The Leader reaches hundreds of students faculty, parents, alumni and advertisers every week. Leader staff members have an opportunity to learn from experience — -and mistakes — -what the business of journalism is all about. Their work is put before all to see and judge. The Leader has received numerous “A " ratings in recent years from collegiate newspaper critique services. i Four photographers must be better than one. Serving the News Service, Leader and Rev- eille. these specialists take thousands ol pictures annually. Marla Morgan poses for Rex Vonaehen. Sam Houston, Lorraine Jack- son and joe Sehon. " We ' ll have to change this part, " says Malcolm Applegate to second semester society editor Marla Morgan, Jim Uhl is running the linotype. Weekly jobs of business man- ager, Joe Whitley, and first semester society editor, Suzanne Day, are planning the ad sec- tions and collecting Greek news. 172 At left; Editor Norman Brewer, advisor Malcolm Apple- gate and news editor Martha Roberts go over an important story. Below: Bob May supervises the final printing process. Circulation of The Leader is taken care of by Richard Boyle, Examining their work in print are sports assistants Eldon Palmberg, Steve Larson and Bill Scott, Sports editors of The Leader and Rev eille. Floyd Anderson and Larry Cole, compare notes. [73 21 Yearbook Staffers Put Out ’64 Reveille Probably the largest financial undertaking of any student project is the Reveille. Yearbook staff members are volun- teers, most of them working without pay or academic credit. Theirs is a year-long task, to know FHS and to tell its story within 336 pages. In May when the printed product arrives, all the time and effort that went into the planning and prepara- tion of the Reveille seem worthwhile. Reveille staffers Candy Mitchell and Diana Evans shuffle through the files for the correct name and classification of a picture. Trylla Klinzman and Grabk Ford prepare copy sheets, check pictures and names Joe Schtm, News Service photographer, took all organization pictures for this volume of the Reveille. Housing editor. Bob Boden, Creek editors, Linda Skelton and Pat Mermis, and housing editor, Robin Parker, plan page layouts for their sections. 174 Not pictured— but important to the preparation of this book— Gloria Dizmang, who drew the hour glasses; News Service photog raphers, who took innumerable candid shots; and Ted Tow, sports publicist, who supervised the sports section. Mike Lawrence crops a picture for the advertising section while Larry Cole, sports editor, draw ' s up a copy sheet. Mary Lou McDowell, Sharon Sramek and Bobbie Barrows, class editors, find that keeping 2,800 names and pictures m order is no easy task. Discussing the financial situation of the yearbook are Gary Nagel, business manager; Mrs. Katherine Rogers, advisor; and bhan Forbes, circulation manager. 175 Debate coadi Jim Costigan and senior varsity de- baters Jone Burris and Rex Cask ill show some of their victor v trophies- Below: Steve Tramel and Richard Scott men ' s junior division team, won two out of the final three rounds at Southwestern University, taking second m the tourney. Members of the Fort Hays Singers wore costumes for their louring show, which included selections from Carnival. Debaters Travel Far for Tourneys Debating offers not only an intellectual challenge, but also a chance to travel. FHS debaters have attended tourneys at universities and colleges as far as Arizona, Massachusetts and Texas. Representing the college this year were veterans Rex Gaskill and Jone Burris, and junior debaters Steve Tramel, Richard Scott, Cheryl Bentley and Connie Leuty, Music and dramatics are other areas where students find ample opportunities for self-ex- pression. Some vocal groups (Fort Hays Sing- ers) are specifically organized for music maj- ors and other like the Impromptwos for non- music majors. If dramatics is bis particula 1 forte, the student may join the casts of the all- student and Little Theater productions. Little Theater actors Susan Brown, Merlyn Reichel and Roger Younger rehearse a scene from ‘“Inherit the Wind” 176 Being chosen a campus favorite is a distinct honor , for it reflects the opinion of fellow stu- dents. A Ithough the Reveille Queen is traditionally named by a celebrity. Homecoming and Sweetheart royalties, Leap Week ' s Bearded foe and Daisy Mae, and the Leader Lasses are selected by popu- lar vote. Attendants Skeryl Kay " W riglit Sponsored by Agnew Hall Janice Sponsored by IcCjrratb- Hall Linda Kortman Sponsored Iby nest Hall 179 1 am my VV eigel Sponsored by Delta Zeta Slierim jfolmsfcom Sponsored by Custer Hall Sandy .Boys Sponsored by Alpha Kappa Lambda IFaye " Wilson Sponsored by Phi Sigma Epsilon RarLara Balter Sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma Karla Peter Sponsored by Sigma Kappa Jane W O ' oJ Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon 182 Suzanne Day Sponsored by Alpha Gamma Della K err y almowslky Sponsored by Delta Sigma Phi t-andy Mitchell Sponsored by McMindes Hall Sue Car son Sponsored by Prometheans Skerry Selhy Sponsored by Wiest Hall Rogene Peters, sponsored by Agnew Hall, was chosen 1964 Reveille Queen by Celeste Holm, celebrated star of stage and screen. Carol Sterling, representing Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Connie McDonald, nominated by McGrath Hall, were Reveille attendants. Miss Holm selected the queen from 16 can- didates Mac Reed, editor of the 1964 Reveille, crowned Queen Rogene and presented tro- phies to the royal three at the Reveille Rail December 6 George Kay was master of ceremonies 183 K tby .Archibaldl 1964 Sweetkeart Queen Sponsored! by Alplia Ik, appa Lambcla aloe Sctom. 1964 Sweetkeart King Sponsored! by Sigma Sigma Sigma en Leroy Mum sell Sponsored Iky Hgma Jack Campkell SponsOTcil ky Alpiia Gamma Delta Skerry Selky Sponsored by Delta Sigma Pbu Tammy W e i g e 1 Sponsored by Wiest Hall Don H erron Ugly Mam, on Campus Sponsored by Delia Sigma Pin Bill Rogers !B carded Joe Sponsored by iPiii Sigmoa .tLpsaloo. iVJarceilla B rown Daisy TUae Sponsored Iky Sigma Kappa Sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega, the new Ugly Man on Campus contest prompted imaginative, grotesque pho- tographs of qualified candidates Votes were a penny and the money went to the Endowment Association A trophy was awarded to the organization who sponsored the winner. Leap Week ' s Bearded Joe and Daisy Mae contests are conducted by the International Relations Club. Votes for this contest are also a penny and receipts go into the IRC scholarship fund. A scholarship is awarded to a foreign student every year. K tiiy ArcLifcald 3 Leader Lass Leader Lass of 1963 was Kathy Archi- bald and runners up were Carole Faustian and Carol Walters. Miss Archibald was elected by popular vote last May out of 12 contestants, who were chosen by the staff and appeared in The Leader last year. Carol W alters Carole Paustian 187 And Had tW Time £ OuiF L Ives, In some ways Fort Hays State is tio different than any other college. Like all students , we will remember final week ? first impressions of a professor , the burden of English themes and newspapers from home. These are universally collegiate. But in other ways FHS is unique . We can look back and remem - her singing the Alma Mater with the pep band after basket ball games, making preparations for the big game with Em poria , attending Mary Maude Moore ' s Poise n Ivy show , and commencement in the Stadium , These things are I art Hays State and we were a part of it all — here we had the time of our lives , 18? Armed with a scrub mop, Alpha Gams Janet and Saundra Powell and efficient housekeeping in all Greek houses. Suzanne Day tackle a cleaning job. Teamwork is the key to Students Arrive Early to Move We could have used a moving van” exclaims brother John. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Saddler pitch in to help Rita move into her residence hall. in Even before enrollment and classes begin, students arrive to organize clean-ups, move in their belongings and meet new roommates. Occupants of residence balls and Greek houses get together to discuss group life. Everywhere, students are making new friends and renewing acquaintances 190 The first steps to registration are taken in the Coliseum. . . . and Enroll Another group gathers in the Coliseum and enrollment begins. Within three days, thous- ands of white cards are filled out and count- less schedules are planned— and replanned. Even the most experienced student is slightly bedraggled by the time he reaches the Me- morial Union and the end of the line. 191 I ! Student leader David Rlic li- en staff introduces Richard Randall to President and Mrs. Cunningham at the President’s Open House. New students have little time to be lonely and homesick during their first two weeks at Fort Hays State. Besides handling hectic moving problems and enduring the tedious enrollment process, they attend meetings, and special events designed to help them adjust to college life and to become familiar with facilities and policies of the college. Special conferences offer suggestions for learning to study, to use available assistance and to utilize time. The well-rounded program lays a foundation for the new student on which he can build a success- ful year for himself. Dancers relax at the Tiger Hop, a traditional climax of orienta- tion activities Campus organizations acquaint students with their groups at the activities Merry-Go-Round. First Weeks Crammed With Special Events 192 Thousands Visi t Campus on Band — Parents’ Day Fort Hays Staters— 1974. These children will take their places in the bands of tomorrow. Today they watch the parade. One of the largest crowds of the year visits the campus for Band and Parent’s Day. This year, parents of FHS students were entertained at a special program and reception About 2,000 musicians from 38 high schools took part in the downtown parade The FHSOmaha football game climaxed the busy day and an outstanding half-time show presented by Dodge City and Lakin high school bands drew admiration and approval from an overflow crowd A Lakin High School drummer sets the tempo for fellow band members. ork Dizmang, president of the Second Generation Club, a hostess r Band and Parents’ Day, invites Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. 1 atmk ot . . I 1 ‘ o 1— — tL ■! --i. -w-fc-ii - i il ll II 1. 1TI 193 t Students Attend Programs . . . Popular pianist Peter Nero ap- peared in concert at Sheridan Coliseum to entertain with his specialty a hlend of classical music and jazz- Celeste Hein, end Agee. Hell j «g£,,!d ”o M Shakespeare to Rodgers and Hammerstein. After a lecture to the student body, Herbert Philbnck author of " I Led Three Lives” and FBI county-spy for nine years, discusses communism with Marvin Martin and Varden Penn. Students gather in the lobby to comment on umvj a show which included big name inttiiph ftf the Limeliteis. the Traveling Hooten- folk singers like Di 194 Corn Husking Bee Everyone was invited to come to the WRA ' s corn husking bee a fall party for singing, hog calling and square dancing. The fall winds cooled and picked up speed, bringing a whirl of activi- ties to the campus. The Artist and Lecture Series presented performers Peter Nero, Celeste Holm and lecturer Herbert Philbrick; the Memorial Union sponsored a Traveling Hooten- anny. Students took time out to elect class and student council officers, as well as attend fall parties. Leslie Cheat oil greets ihe brisk autumn air and the traditional Halloween pump- kin with a delighted smile. Amateur politicians employ novel campaign gimmicks during student elec- lions held annually in the tail. 195 Crowd Jams Lewis Field For Homecoming Victory Fort Hu VS State Tigers tote Coach Wayne McConnell olf the field after a victory of 28-13 over the Emporia State Hornets. 77 m President Cunningham congratulates Homecoming Queen lane Schnoebelen with a kiss. Attendants were Sheryl Wright, Janice Slate and Linda Kortmam l-J j Sweepstakes float winners, Alpha Kappa Lambda, built a 27-foot wide flying saucer to develop their theme, “Fort Martian to Victory ” The bright yellow saucer, operated by two moon men, pur- sued a hornet (Volkswagen complete with yellow stripes and antennas) down Main Street, Nineteen Floats Vie for Awards “0 rhit in g to V ic tory Sigma Sigma Sigma’s entry in the parade, won first place in the women’s division. Tigers orbited a giant globe while a helpless hornet looked on from a small moon. Delta Sigma Phi captured first place in the men’s division with “Unity, de- picting a divided world being pushed to- gether by the peoples of many nations. Foreign students rode on the float in native attire. Newman Club, first place winners in open class presented “Victory through Unity” urging the cooperation of al! faiths during “Century 21 — 1963 tort Hays Homecoming theme. T - ill 1 } ' ;mci?f - A 197 Freshman Team Wins Traditional Tug Bill Gesink. member of the sophomore tug-of-war team which was dunked by the freshmen in a record 10 seconds, wrings out his soaked shirt while teammates, Bob Todd and Roy Brungardt look on. Homecoming Queen candidates were, front row, from left: Jane Schnoe- belen Amv Graves, Nancv Fehrenbach, Second row: Sheryl Wright Ima Jean Atwood. Linda Kortman. Third row: Judy Ostmeyer, Carol Lion, Kathy Archibald. Fourth row: Janice Slate. Lind a Stecklem, San Ara Bnvs. Fifth row : Connie McDonald, Mone Olson, Gloria Diz- mang. Ralph Huffman, associate professor of industrial arts, gives tribute to Edwin Davis, standing with his wife, at the dedication of Davis Hall, Davis, who taught at FHS for 41 years, established the industrial arts department and helped plan the building which bears his name. Mc- Mindes, McGrath and W ' iest residence halls were also dedicated. 198 Itaib tfoldins artistry and gymnastics with ballet and folkdancing, Goatish Gym Team drilled and delighted a nll house m dieridan Coliseum. The team, scheduled m the Artist ertures Series, is acelaimed for the delicate artistry of ,t ' CeS md the flawless performance of precision gymnastic drills. FHS Applauds Skill Of Danish Gymnasts Folk songs of the past merged with musical comments on current events when the Uia.l Mitchell Trio appeared on campus, lhe Irio was sponsored by the Memorial Unnon tn con- nection with the Memorial Unions Fifth birth- day Party The gr CDPiv around the Custer relaxing setting for study and Bales and Deanna Minor compare in the textbook and observed firsthand. Bridge provides a conversation. Gary nature as pictured Monty Millard anil Melba Scheck take time out between classes to read a newspaper in the Memorial Lnion lobby. Combining work with play, Bonnie Fatten and R. J. Smiley find a perfect solution to the drudgery of study. Dating Is Laughter . . . Excitement, agitation, seriousness, laughter dating can prompt any of these emotional reac- tions. To some, dating is companionship; to others it is merely a social accomplishment. To all it is an excellent opportunity for meeting people and for expanding social attitudes. Whatever its scope, serious or light, dating cannot be denied its significance as a part of college life. Couples like Carol Lipp and Larry Phillips find time to pause and talk between classes. and Seriousness There’s no more appropriate way to spend a free pert chip onto the green. Tom Smith and Sue Carson warm up with hot coffee after venturing out onto the ice at Big Creek. afternoon than with a golf date. Mary Beggs watches Dale Lip- 201 Rogene Peters Crowned Queen at Reveille Ball Mac Reed, editor, cr owned Rogene Peters yearbook queen at the annual Reveille Rail Dec. 6. Vi Vi Ster- ling, last year’s winner, presented roses to her succes- sor. Carol Sterling, representing Sigma Sigma Sigma, was first attendant and Connie McDonald, nominated by McGrath Hall, was chosen second attendant. Miss Peters was sponsored by Agnew HalL The royal party was chosen from a group of 16 candidates by Celeste Holm, Broadway and screen star who reviewed the candidates when she visited the campus in October, then made the final selection from photographs. First runner-up Carol Sterling receives her trophy from year- member, Mike Lawrence. Emcee George Kav and Miss Sterlings escort. Larry Dietz, look on. Mac Reed, yearbook editor, ki sses the queen of the 1964 Reveille. President Cunningham extends his season’s greetings to the students before Christmas vacation. 202 Mary Maude Moore, one of the “Messiah 1 ' soloists, is accompanied by the Choral Union and orchestra. Four Soloists Featured In Presentation of “Messiah” Pre-Christmas activities included the traditional “Messiah " 5 and the presenta- tion of a Christmas tree to President Cunningham, Soloists in HandeFs oratorio this year were Don Stout and Mary Maude Moore, music faculty, Mrs. Beverly Dick of Hays, and David Ketch urn, student. They were accompanied by the Choral Union and Symphonic orchestra, A silver Christmas tree, hung with cards from all campus organizations, was presented to President Cunningham and his family. Following the presentation, the Concert Choir sang Christmas carol . 203 President Cunningham and Mrs. Henry E. Malloy watched the beginning con- struction of Malloy Hall, milliomdollar speech and music building. Parts of New Malloy Hall To Be Ready by Fall Term By January the construction of Malloy Hall was w r ell underway. The building, named in memory of the first head of the college’s music department, is expected to be in use by spring semester 1965, although some parts will be ready next fall. The Impromptwos, Mary Maude Moore’s vocal group, cut a record at an open recording session at the Memorial Union. The record, called “Impromptwos on Campus,” features folksongs and show tunes. The Impromptwos. the first group at FHS to cut a record, sang at an open recording session at the Memorial Union. 204 In anticipation of their capping cere- mony in March, 24 sophomores were meas- ured for uniforms early in the year. To the student nurse, the capping ceremony is a milestone, the completion of pre-clini- cal instruction and the beginning of hos- pital experience. The 1964 capping class was one of the largest in the history of FHS. Sophomore Nurses Measured For Spring Capping Ceremony Dixie King and Jan Montgomery inspect a new shipment of caps, which they hope lo don in March. Being measured for uni- forms are Cindy Hagaman and Karen Knorp. 205 A Finals — a time of anticipation . , . . - . hesitation . ♦ - ♦ ■ desperation , . , Final Week Marks End of Fall Semester . . . January brought the end of the first semester, final week and another enrollment. Students prepared for exams in individual and group study ses- sions during final week. After finals came relief, and a four-day semester break, the first real vacation of the year, and on Jam 26 students returned for enrollment, handled by the newly installed IBM machines. The student population numbered 3754 for the spring semester. Mr and Mrs Roger p oore son t ] iejr ibm material ’Wherever a smooth surface could he found, students were filling out their enrollment cards. 206 . . . frustration . . . . . . Spring Term Begins . . . And when it’s all over — celebration! Elton Schroder helps Beverly Schmitt plan her spring semester class schedule. Two students enlist the aid of Hugh Burnett. Many enrol lees en- countered problems with the new IBM process. 207 FHS’s own Geisha Girls danced at the Memorial Union’s Japanese Gourmet. New Sorority Interviews Prospective Members While Greeks were busy helping ilia new sordrity, the staff of the Memorial Union was planning a Japanese Gourmet. The Black and Gold Room was transformed by a set- ting of a teahouse and Buddha 3 surrounded by huge rocks, trees, lanterns and two reflecting pools of water. After an authentic Japanese dinner, complete with sukiyaki and chopsticks, Kozo Terada " narrated scenic color slides of his country and the Schilling AFB Judo Team performed. I Alpha Xi Delta, newest sorority on campus, worked tirelessly during February to establish their membership. Women interested in establishing the new chapter were interviewed by the sorority’s province and expansion directors. A Rose Reception Tea was held for prospective mem- bers and open bidding was held for a week. At left: Panhellenie Council entertained national representatives and collegiate members of Alpha Xi Delta at a tea. Above: Alpha Xi Delta’s national di- rector of expansion, Mrs, G. A. Griffen, visits with FHS sorority representatives and guests. 208 Actors, Concert Singer Perform in Coliseum A national touring theater company of Canada, the Canadian Players, opened FHS ' s second semester Artists and Lecture Series with Shakespeare ' s “Henry IV” in February Marian Anderson, famed Negro contralto who has become a living legend to millions around the world, sang at Sheridan Coliseum March 2 as a part of her farewell tour Miss Anderson will retire from the stage after a world tour; her final conceit in this country will be at Carnegie Hall in April, 1965. A performance by the St, Louis Sym- phony concluded the series March 5 FHS Alumni Display Work at Art Exhibit February 7 s art exhibit featured sculpture and ceramic work by three FHS graduates, Darrell Mc- Ginnis, instructor of art at Northwest Missouri State College; Gary E. Coulter, instructor at Hastings, Neb., College; and Jim Hinkfiouse, University of Kansas graduate student Below: McGinnis shows some of his earthenware ceramic pieces to Coulter, John Bor- land, FHS sculpture instructor, and Hinkhouse, 209 Alpha Gamma Delta “card sharks” match wits at the Casino. Above: The AKLs try the latest dance craze at their “Go to Hell” party. Below: Two young seafarers recline in the South Pacific setting at the Delta Sigs’ Sailors’ Ball. Pajama mates Roger Scott and Bobbie Barrows pose at the TKEs T annual P-J party. Weekend Parties Release Tension Seldom does a weekend go by that someone isn ' t having a party, whether it be with or with- out costumes. It is not uncommon to have your date meet you at the door of her dorm or sorority house in pajamas, sailor suit or straw hat and overalls. In forma Is are common on the social schedule. No matter what the occasion, for many students these get-togethers release academic pressure and make college life unforgettable. King and queen Kathy Archibald and Joe Schon reigned over the Sweetheart Ball Feb, 15. At right are first attend- ants Tammy Weigel and Jack Campbell, and at left are second attendants Leroy Munsell and Sherry Selby. Novel Contests Spur Excitement Winners of the Daisy Mae and Bearded Joe contests were selected by money vote and announced at the Leap W r eek dance Feb. 28. Proceeds from the elec- tion went to a foreign student scholar- ship fund. George Seitz, as Marryin Sam, found business lined up and waiting at the Leap Week finale. It was all good fun and the eternal vows” lasted only a few minutes. Voted Ugly Man on Campus in a new novelty contest sponsored by Alpha Phi Oinega, Don Herron received a trophy to be given to Delta Sigma Phi t who nominated him. Votes were a penny and $386 was contributed to the Endowment Assn. Bill HuttanuSj French instruc- tor, was one of the soloists featured in Poise iT Ivy. FHS ' s modern dance group donned hillbilly costumes for a number with the Men’s Glee Club. Three Groups Join Poise ’n Ivy Show Top right : The audience and performers take a break during intermission. At right : Ernie Miller and Jane Wood sing “Little Me” from the Broadway hit of the same name. Non-music majors — the Impromptwos, and the Men’s and Women’s Glee Clubs — presented the annual Poise ’n Ivy show Feb. 21 and 22 in Sheri- dan Coliseum, Selections from Broadway plays and other popular music were featured in the pro- gram. Mary Maude Moore directed the show and A1 Dunavan was master of ceremonies. Proceeds from the performances added almost $900 to I he Wooster Endowment Fund. 212 “Baby, it ' s cold outside ” coos Mary Maude Moore, but Ai Dtmavan remains unmoved — - ' My mother will worry, he explains laicr in the song. 213 Riotous action characterized “The Male Animal” last spring. Merlyn Reichel and Pat McAtee, football heroes, carry in Garry Ball, the college prof., while his wife, Alice McFarland, is horrified. Rex Gaskill, student editor, is comforted by his girl friend, Karen Jo Fleming. Mary Taylor, the maid, looks on in disgust. Plays Offer Experience and Entertainment . . . LITTLE THEATER SHOWS offer experience in all phases of production and give oppor- tunity for self-expression as well as training for drama teachers, “Inherit the Wind,” and Light Up the Sky were this year’s shows, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” was staged last summer and “The Male Animal” last spring. Rex Gasklll. Jody Harness and Carol Cain are prisoners of Bill Albott, Gloria Dizmang and Rex Mahan in the summer play, “A Connecticut Yankee . . Pat McAtee points an accusing finger at the young lovers, Rex Gaskill and Meredith Rose. 214 Above: Preacher Richard Ross incites his parish into a frenzy in an attempt 10 make them oppose the scientific theory of evolution. At right: In this court scene, from “Inherit the Wind. " based on the famous Scopes trial of the mid-’20 s, Dave Wolfe cross-examines Ken Pittman. To College, Community Richard Ross, who plays a flamboyant director, sneers at Pat McAtee in the spring production “Light up the Sky. In an early rehearsal of “Light up the Sky " Becky Ragan, playing a successful Broadway actress is surrounded by her supporters Pat McAtee, Linda Ohlemeier, Richard Boyle and Rex Gaskill. 215 Greeks Coordinate Spring Activities Greek Week, highlight of the 1963 school year for all Greek organizations, opened with an All-Pledge dance. Sig Tan Robert Rucker and Tri Sigma Ardis Bour- bina reigned as king and queen over the affair. Later in the week. Sigma Phi Epsilon and Sigma Sigma Sigma won the tradi- tional Greek Sing. The Sig Eps also cap- tured the trophy at the chariot race at Lewis Field. Greek Week was originated five years ago by Panhellenie Council and Inter- fraternity Council to coordinate Greek ac- tivities into one week. Sig Ep runners, Dave Hurt arid Bob Anthony, strain toward the finish line, while TKF s Steve Brock and John Ehrlich follow close behind. At rig hi: Tri Sigmas sing a show-stopper with the ac- companiment of Mac Reed. Below: Sig Eps. directed by Jim Long, win first place for the third year in a row. 216 Carol Resley belts out a Dixie melody and Agnew Hall cops second place with “Highlights of Night Clubs ” 1963 Follies Features Eleven Night Club Acts Joe Dolezal anti Mary Ann Schnoebelen’s musical comedy sketch captured first place in the single s division. Set in the exclusive “Club Esquire ’ the 1963 Fort Hays Follies presented one of the liveliest floor shows in follies history. Staged in the Coliseum the 11 acts included every- thing from dancing girls in red tights to honky took piano players. Alpha Gamma Delta and Tau Kappa Epsilon team up with “Greek-Side Story” and carry home first place and traveling sweepstakes trophies. 217 Art students put their creative works up for sale at the clothesline sale in the Memorial Union last spring Spring Activities Mark Year’s End Spring concerts and programs, ihe arrival of the yearbook, anticipation of graduation — all are signs that the year is almost oven Or- ganizations initiate new members, hold ban- quets and plan ihe annual spring form ah The climax of the season, of course, is commence- ment For the graduates it is the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another. Penguin Club members demonstrate their aquatic skill at the annual spring water show, which features swimming stunts, costumes and unusual lighting. 218 Students jam the lobby of the Memorial Union to get their copies of the Reveille, FHS Hosts Fall Meetings, Conferences As a central point in Western Kansas, Hays and Fort Hays State hosts numerous activities, many of which are sponsored by the Kansas High School Activities Assn Fal! conferences and meetings bring many to the campus. Among the events Held at FHS this fall were the journalism seminar for staff and advisors, debate meets, Stueo LeCon, Band Day and Teacher’s Meeting, Young journalists look over the countless yearbooks displayed at the journalism seminar sponsored by FHS last fall. Student Council representatives from area high schools confer with Cade Suran. High school debaters prepare their notes for the district debate meet. ' 219 High Plains Music Camp instructors display their accomplished talents in a saw orchestra, using regular carpenters ' saws and violin hows. Young People Swarm Campus in Spring Large crowds of high school students visit the campus each spring to attend district and state music contests, speech and debate meets and Career Day. The Fort Hays Relay is the highlight of the track season for many area high schools. The Industrial Arts Fair features the handiwork of thousands of boys. Young musicians develop their talents at the annual summer High Plains Music Camp. Through these diverse activities for youth. Fort Hays State serves the educational needs of Western Kansas. Above ; Hit: Big Horns tunc up for another session at the spring music festival. Below : High school students prepare their projects for display at the Industrial Arts Fair. 220 Participants In the aerospace workshop toured Vandenburg Air Force Base last summer. Teachers Supplement Work With Intense Summer Study Grants from the National Science Foundation are awarded every year to selected high school chemistry and mathematics teachers for summer’s study in their respective fields. Other teachers come to FHS to participate in their choice of one, two or three workshops offered in three sessions in June and July. Supplementing the regu- lar summer class schedule are the two institutes sponsored by the science foundation, various conferences and nearly 30 workshops. Yearbook and newspaper advisors study the wide range of reference materials made available at the publications workshop. Elementary school science teachers make a field trip to the city water plant to observe the water softening process. 221 Planners of the first Fort Hays Furlough in May were Nancy McDonald. Ken Brown, Jerry Hildreth, Janet Little, Elaine Hubbard, Ernie Miller, Kent Collier and Gloria Oilman g. The Furlough, modeled after the Indianapolis 500. included a football game and fund-raising shows and competitions. Proceeds went to the Endowment Association. FHS Furlough, Retreat Offer Sports, Recreation Recreation is easy to find at FHS, whether it be at an event like the Fort Hays Furlough, or the year-round facilities of the FHS Lake Retreat, Students and faculty joined forces to landscape, erect fences and buildings for die lake retreat at Cedar Bluffs. Started in 1961, it serves as a center for boating and swimming, tobogganing and ice skating. At first glance this looks like a lonely wanderer in the desert, but a second glance confirms the guess. It’s Dr. Reynolds on the frozen surface of Cedar Bluffs Lake, Top: Dean John Garwood and President M. C. Cunningham were among the faculty members who helped at the lake. Bottom: TKE’s helped with the construction projects at the retreat. 222 Graduating sisters Ximena and Emma Lou Brumitt pick out their announcements. Seniors Look Forward To Spring Graduation Four years ago the idea of graduation and a degree seemed remote. But when the samples of announcements, caps and gowns arrive and the payment of fees is due, the dream becomes a realization. The diploma is a meas- ure of the graduate’s accomplishment — lie has received an education and is ready to enter the world as a responsi- ble citizen. Payments of graduation fees is made at the business office. At a job interview, Bonnie Kingsley shows a sample of her work to Don ElJenberger from Hallmark Cards. Terry and Jeri Esfeld try on their graduation garb for size. Spring graduation last year marked the end of college days and the beginning of a new life for 393 students. 393 Candidates Graduate in May A total of 393 graduates joined in a whirl of commencement week activities last spring. Two luncheons, a reception, the baccalaureate service, and a dinner made up the candidates’ social schedule. At Commencement on May 27, Dr, Boyd McCandless, distinguished FI IS alumnus and faculty member of the school of education, Indiana University, gave the address. Presi- dent Cunningham conferred the degrees. In addition, 221 graduates received degrees at summer Commencement. A much larger class is expected to graduate this spring. A reception given by President Cunningham and the faculty opens Commencement week. Here, Mr. and Mrs, Thomas Keyse talk with the President. Leon Graver receives a hand-shake and congratulations from Presi- dent Cunningham. 224 -r 0 W tere ' W e Prog ress F rom Freslk res Jo. mem a emiors Each year brings a greater challenge 9 advanced study and a new classification to mark another milestone in the student’s academic career. The freshman arrives, just out of high school , and embarks on the first of four years of study; the sophomore, tempered by experience, tackles his books confidently ; the junior selects his major and plunges into research; the senior , anticipat- ing graduation, climaxes his education , Graduates Tackle Master’s Theses APAYDIN TURKER, Larncd, Predental. BAHM, EL- DEAN, Scott City, Math. BECKER, HARRIET J., U- Crosse, Art Ed. BERGMAN, PAUL E., Hays, Botany. BIRNEY, S. DARYL Bucklin, Psych. BIRNEY, ELMER C, Sstanta, ZooL BOLTON, BILL L., Smith Center. Music. BURGE, HAZEL A., Hays, Educ. BUTLER, MICHAEL W.. Ho ism -ton. Earn. CALLAHAN, RONALD R., Good land. Econ, CAMPBELL, MARIAN F., Larned, Sp, Therapy. CAR LEY, CURTIS 1, Hays, ZooL CHU, JULIE M. f Hong Kong, Art, DODD, DIXIE L„ Great Rend, Eng. FARNEY, JOHN P.. Kiowa, ZooJ. FJCKEN, DALE L., Bazine, Ind. Arts. FLUMMERFELT, JAMES E., Hugoton. Ind, Arts. FULTON, BERNIECE M., Good land, Phy$. Educ. GARD- NER, RONALD E„ Abilene, Phys, Educ. GATES, RONALD. W.. HiH City, Psych. GIEBLER, GALE R., Hays, Psych. GLUBR, KEN J . Hays, Psych. GRAVES, GARY, Healy, Ind. Arts. GRIFFITH, GARY D., Norton, Psych. HARRELL. LYLE D,. Wamego, Educ, HASSELQUIST, ROGER J., Omaha, Nebr., Eng. HAUS1N, REN ATE, Germany, Sociology, HOCK MAN, BETTY R„ Ellsworth, Art. HOCSETT, STANLEY G., Hays, Psych. JOHNSON, ANNE P,. Kansas City, Art Educ. LINDSEY, GERALD D„ Stockton, Zook LOTT, JAMES A., Hill City, Chem. MEADOWS, SALLY S., Ellimvood, Art Educ, MOORE. VERNON L,, Englewood, Ind. Arts. PALMER, ARTHUR R , Independence, Mo., Psych. PARISH, HARLIE A., Great Rend, Chem. PFANNEN- STIEL, TERRENCE, Hays, Sp, Therapy, ROBERTS, LARRY R„ Pratt, Ind. Arts. ROY, CIRIJA P.. India, Bot any. RYAN, MARY L.. Nekoma, Educ, SCATES, W ALTER T,, Grand Junction, Colo., Hist. SC H L 1 P M A N, A R l A X 1 , La Crosse , Ec on . S H A hi , j U G A I ■ KISH OR B., India, Chem. SJSSEL, DALLAS P., Paleo, Eng. SMITH. DELBERT I... Si. John, Psvch. SOONSAWAD, THONG- IN, Thailand, Eng. STADEL, DENNIS, Westmore- land. Ecology. STAPLETON, BILL A., Belprc. Zook STRECKER, GER- ALD D , Plain ville, Phys. Educ. THOMAS, JACQUELINE C, Hay?, Eng. WALTERS, HERBERT D„ Hays, Ind. Arts. WEBSTER, DAVID R„ Salina, Psych, WEINHOLD, HAROLD S., Sylvan Grove, Ind. Arts, W ' ERHAN, LAWRENCE L„ Salina, Phys. Educ. WHIP- PLE, GERALD B.. Jet more, Educ, WILEY, N BERN A DEANE, Salina, Music. W ILSON, CHARLES E WuKeeney Educ. Admin. WINGO, WAYNE C.. Hays, Hist WOLF RICHARD L, Colby, Eng 226 Seniors Look To Graduation Selecting announcements for graduation are sen- ior class officers Jane Schnoehelen, secretary; Ron Hosie, president, and Charles Frilzemeier. vice-president. AILSLIEGER, ROSS E., Hoi ington, A.B, t Psychol. German Club, Psycho). Club ALDRrCH, CHARLES R, Garfield, A.R., Pol. Sci, Y, Dem. f IRC. ALDRICH, THY LA M, Garfield, A,B., Math ALLEN, BILLIE L., Ellis, A.B., Speech, Alpha Gamma Deity, Campus Boosters (sec.), OrchesU, Glee Club, Little Theater, Kit Kats. ANDERSEN, KENNETH W,, E bon, R.S., Biology. ARNESON, RONALD W,, Lebanon, B.S, in Bus. Football. AYR ITT, PENNY R„ Dodge City, B.S, in Educ. SNEA. AYRES, GARY C, Smith Outer, A.B., Psychol. Track. B ARBER. LG ELL A S., Brownell, A.B., Eng. SNEA. BARDOT, RAMONA L, Coldwater, A.R., Speech. Little Theater, SNEA, People -to -People BATES, LAWRENCE A , Hoisington, B.S, in Phys. Edue. K-Club (sec.), Football, BAXTER, RONALD W„ Gorham, B.S., Math. 1FC, Sigma Phi Epsilon. BAY, ROBERT W.. Russell, B.S. in Bus RECHARD, WAYNE L.. Hays, B.S. in Bus. Phi Sigina Epsilon, Newman Club. BELL, BERNICE J,, Hays, B.S., Math. Sigma Pi Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, WLO, SNEA, Math Club, People- to People, Who’s Who. Phi Kappa Phi. BELL, KENNETH M„ Morland, B.S., Math. BEOUGHER, WILLIAM B., Plamville, B.S. in Bus. Alpha Kappa Lambda, BERGMAN, DEAN F,, Osborne, B.S., Geo I, Alpha Kappa Lambda, BICE, CARL M,, Kinsley, B.M., Music. Phi Mu Alpha (v.-pres.), Fort Hays Singers, Concert Choir, BIGGE, ROBIN L., Stock- ton, B.S., Gen, Sci, People-to-Pcople Iv.-pres.L IRC, Y. Rep,, WRA, German Club. BIG HAM, ROBERT l).. PyJco, B.S, in Bus. Math Club, People- to- People. 227 Seniors BIN NS, JUDITH G., Scott City, B.S., Gen. Sci. Nurses Club. RIRNEY. REGINA Lj Dodge City, A.B., Hist. VR A BLAIR, VIRGINIA IX Satanta, B.S. in Ed uc. SNEA, BLAUER, GARY A., Phillipsbtirg, B.3VL, Mu ic. Phi Mu Alpha, Choral Union, Orch., Band, Wind Ensemble, Brass Choir. BO DEN HAMER, RUTH A.. WuKeeney, B.S. in Art, SNEA, Y. Rep. BOOS, GERALD A., Hays, B.S, in Bus. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Newman Club. BOOS, SUSAN, Hays, A.R., Zool, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Beta Beta Beta (v. pres.), Newman Club. BORNEMANN, NANCY E., Garden Citv, B.S. in Educ, SNEA, Sigma Sigma Sigma. BORN- HOLDT. VIRGINIA L., LaCrosse, A,B„ Eng. and Psychol. Delta Epsilon. Spanish Club. Lambda Iota Tau, WLO, Phi Kappa Phi, Honors Seminar, Who ' s Who. BRAUN, EVERETT J., Victoria, B.S, in Bus. BREJCHA, VERNON L., llolyrood, B.S. in An. SNEA. Union Committee, BRODBECK, LELAND K., Kinsley. A. B,, Pol. Sci,, Fr, V,-Pres., Soph, Pres., Stu. Co., Y. Rep., (chief justice) Student Court. BROECKELMAN, EDITH M., Grinnell, A.B., Psychol. Newman Club, Glee Club. BROOKOVER, DALE L„ Scott City, B.S. in Educ, BROWN, DENNIS H„ Abb lene. B.S.. Math. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Tennis, SNEA, BROWN, Y. DUANE, McCracken, B.S. in Educ, BROWN. JUDITH A., Great Bend, B.S. in Educ. Alpha Gamma Delta (house pres.), SNEA, Kit Kats. BROWN- ING, DONNA M., Elkhart, A.B., Soeiol., IRC. BRU- BAKER, MONA M., Ellsworth, B.S. in Educ. BRU- MITT, EMMA L, Hays, B.S. in Phys. Educ. Rapt. Stu, Movement, Eta Rho Epsilon, Kit Kats, Tigereties, SNEA. WRA. BRU MM ITT, XI.MENA A„ Hays, B.S. in Educ, WLO. SNEA, Bapt. Stu. Movement (presJ. BRUNS, STAN LEY R,, Dighlon, B.S., Math, Kappa Mu Epsilon, BUCHANAN, JANET C, Healy, IIS in Bus. Sigma Kappa. Sigma Alpha Iota, SNEA, Orch, BUNKER, THOMAS G., Hays, B.M., Music. Phi Mu Alpha, Newman Club, Band. Choral Union. BURDICK, E. DIANNE, Nickerson, B.S. in Bus. SNEA, IRC, BURR, ORIAN M„ Bird City, B.S. in Bus. CAIN. CAROL S., Trousdale, A. 1.1, Speech. Alpha Psi Omega, Little Theater, SNEA. CAIN, SARAH R., Hays, B.S, in Home Eonn, Alpha Psl Omega (sec.) Little Theater, Kit Kats, Home Economics Chap, CAMPBELL. TERRY E.. Kinsley, B.S,, Math. Sigma Tau Gamma. CANNON, RALPH J„ WaKeeney, B.S., Geol. CAPPS, MELVIN R., Hoisington, B.S,, Math, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Math Club, German Club, Who’s Who. CARLSON, NEIL F., Utica, 11$., Math, SNEA. CARLE Y, SARA H., Rolls, Mo., B.M., Music. Sigma Alpha Iota. CAVAIANI, PAUL, Hays, B.S., Botany. Beta Beta Bela. CHITTENDEN, PAMELA L., Hays, B.S, in Bus. C KITTY, MICHEAL A., Jamestown, B.S. in Bus. SNEA, Newman Club. CLARK, JOHN €., Lakin, B.M„ Music. Phi Mu Alpha, Clarinet Choir, Concert Choir, MENC, Band, KM FA. CLOTHIER, JERRY E„ Sylvia, B,S„ Gen, Sei, SNEA CLOW. ETHEL K , Luray, B.M., Music. Sigma Alpha Iota, SNEA, MENC, Band, Garb net Choir, Concert Choir. COCHRAN, ALFRED J.. Elwoodp B.S, in Bus. Football- 228 Seniors COFFEY, DON ! ., Hays, B.5., Ceol. COLBURN, MARGIE B., Stockton, R.M., Vocal Music Ed. Sigma Alpha Iota, Who’s Who, WLQ, MENC, SNEA, Concert Choir. For! Hays Singers, COLLINS, ROBERT D,, Nekoma, B.S- in Educ. Phi Sigma Epsilon, SNEA, Y. Rep. COWARD, DONALD D.. Turned, B.S. in Ind. Arts. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Ind. Arts Club. COPP, JAMES R., Gorham, B.S. in Edue. Newman Club (pres.), Intramurals. CORDELL, LAWRENCE R., Soldier, B.S., Botany and Agri. CORDER. MARVIN L., Hays, A.B., Econ. Y Rep. COTT, KEN S., Hays, A.B., Hist., IRC, Phi Alpha Theta, People-to-People. COWAN, VERNON E., Salina T B.S, in Art. COLWELL. LEANNA M.. Phillips burg, B.S., Speech Therapy and Edue. Sigma Alpha Eta, DAISE, WILLIAM L,, Kanorado, A.B., Psychol. Tan Kappa Epsilon. DANIELS, GERALD G., Granby, Colo., B.S,, Math, Football, SNEA, Newman Club. DEATRICH, FRANK S., Quin ter, B.S,, Botany. Beta Beta Beta. DEBES, WILLIAM E„ Great Bend, B.S. in Ind, Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau (sec,), Ind, Arts Club, Newman Club. DeBOER, JEAN E,, Prairie View, B.S, in Educ. WLO, Alpha Lambda Delta. Y, Dem., SNEA, Who’s Who, Phi Kappa Phi, D FINES, EVA A., Hill City, B.S. in Educ. DESBIEN, LARRY D., Palco, B,S. T Math, Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Mu Epsibn. DIETZ, LARRY L„ Collyer, A.B., Hist. Sigma Phi Epsilon (pres.), Stu, Co., Luth. Sin, Assn. DINKEL, CORRINE F., Victoria, B.S. in Edue, SNEA, Newman Club. DINKEL, DONALD L, Grainfield, B.S, in Bus., Newman Club, Intramurals. 1)1 V EL, LEON j., Jewell, B.S. in Educ. SNEA, IRC, People to- People. DIZMANG, GLORIA A., Holyrood, A.B., Hint. Impromplwos, Sigma Sigma Sigma (pres.), Sigma Alpha Iota, Pi Kappa Delta, Y. Rep., Stu. Court (assoc, justice). DR FILING, HILARY D,, Hays, B.S. in Bus. DR FILING, ROBERT K,. Victoria, A.B., Pol. Sci. Phi Eta Sigma, 7th Cavalry, Stu. Court, Phi Kappa Phi, DRUSSEL, GARY R.. Cimarron, B.S., Math. Alpha Kappa Lambda. DUNLAP. MARVIN D„ Brewster, B.S. in Bus. Sigma Phi Epsilon. DUNLAP, MARVIN L, .Mount Hope, A.B., Pol. Sci. SNEA, People-to- People. DYER; ROBERT 11, Great Bend, B.S. in Ind. Arts. Ind. Arts Club. EATON, DARROLL M., Scott City, B.S., Botany. Beta Beta Beta. EISIMINGER, CAROLE K., WaKeeney, A.B., Eng. and French. Alpha Lambda Delta, French Club, Kappa Phi. ELLIS, ROBERT W., Norton, B.S. in Agri. EI I IS, VICKI, Healy, B,S,, Gen. Sci. Diploma in Nursing. Nursing Club. EMICIL KEITH W„ Seldom B.S. in Ind. An -. ENG El.. DONATA M., Oahh-y, B.M.. Mu-n . Newman Club, SNEA, Choral Union. ERICKSON, DELBERT L., Herndon, B.S. in Phys. Educ. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Wrestling, K-Cjub. ESFELD, JERILYN, Gorham, B.S. in Educ. Alpha Gamma Delta, Newman Club. Kit Kats (sec.), ESFELD TERRY R„ Portis, B.S. j„ Bus. ESTES, ARLENE E., Kanorado, B.S, in Phys. Educ. WRA, P.E. Majors Club, PeopIe-to-PeopIe, EULERT, GENE K. Russell B.S., Botany. FAIRBAIRN, LINDA I... Garfield, B.S. i n Bus. Gumma Delta. 229 Seniors FANKHAUSEH, CARL E„ Haviland, B.S. in Ind. Arts. Epsilon Pi Tan, Ind. Arts dub. FETTERS, JAMES R., Glasco A.B., Speech, Newman CJub, Union Variety Comm., fmpromptwos. FISHER, MICK- EY Y., Wichita, B.JVL, Music. Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Phi t Concert Choir. Fort Hays Singers, SNEA, Wesley Found. FLEUR Y, ELDON H. t Jamestown, A.B.. Pol Sci. Stu. Co. (pres, ) T Union Board, SNEA, Y. Rep. (v.-pres.), PeopIe-to-People. FOX, CONNIE K. t Ells- worth. B,S. in Bus. Tigcrettes, SNEA. FOX, JAMES F., Ulysses, B.M., Music. Phi Mu Al- pha, Rand, Oreh,, Choral Union, FRANCIS, LYNN I St. John, B.S. in Bus. Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega. FRANZ, MELVIN A., Rozel, R.S., Chem, Sigma Pi Sigma, Chem, Club. FREEMAN, GARY L, Sublette, B.S. in Educ, SNEA, Traffic Tribunal, Y. Dem., Basketball, Football, Intramurals. FRTTSCHEN, ISABELLE AT, Dorrance, B.S, in Educ. FRlTZEMEIER, CHARLES E., Stafford, A.B., Pol. Sci. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Stu. Co., PeopIe-to-PeopIc, SNEA, Y. Hem. GALLOWAY, GARY R., Holcomb, A.B., Eng. Sigma Phi Epsilon. GARNER, MARY E,, Bush to ii, B.S, in Home Econ. Kappa Omicron Phi, SNEA, Home Econ. Chap. GARRISON, DENNIS H., Plains, A.B., HisL Student Affairs Comm. GASKILL, REX W., Hutchinson, A.B., Speech. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa Delta, Debate, Y. Rep., Campus Christian Council, Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi, GATEWOOD, G WYNNE L„ Hays, B.S. in Educ. Delta Zrta (corres. see.), IRC, SNEA, Spanish Club. GERRITZEN, HERMAN J.. Claflin, B.S. in Ind. Arts. Ind. Arts Club. Newman Club. GIBBONS, DQTTIE £., Hutchinson, B.S. in Educ, Sigma Kappa {pres.), (v,. pres,). Soph. Class Use, tress.), Slu. Co, (sec.), Band, Y. Rep., Glee Club. SNEA, Oreh., USCF, Panhell. ( ,- pres.). Artist and Lectures Comm. GIVENS, FAITH M,, Hays, A.B., Eng. Scriblerus Chib (pres.), Intra- murals, GLENN. GALEN E., Syracuse, B.S., Math. GDETZ. ARLENE A,, Hays, A.B., Eng. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Reveille {copy editor) Leader. GOTTSCHALK, DONALD L, Hays, B.S. in Bus. GRAHAM, ROSE M., Quin ter, B.S. in Educ, SNEA. GRAVES, AMY L., Burdett, A.B., Eng. SNEA, Alpha Gamma Delta. GROSS, MARY E., Hays, A.B., Span, Newman Club, Little Th ruler, Y. Pern., Spanish Club, SNEA, GRU ER, LaDONNA K., Scon City, B.S, in Phys. Educ. WRA, Eia Rho Epsilon, Concert Choir, Wesley Found,, Tigeretles. GUNN, VICTORIA L, Great Bend B.S. in Educ, GUSTAFSON, ALFRED E. Pako BS Biol. HAAS, KENNETH J.. Hays, B.S. in Ind. Arts. Newman Club, Ind. Arts Club. H AIRFIELD, HARRY W,, Hoisington, A.R., Psychol. HALL AG IN, JAMES A., McDonald, B.S. in Ind. Arts. HALLBICK, R 11 A I.., Di gluon, B.S., Gen. Sci. Diploma in Nursing. Nurses Club, Kappa Phi. HAM ANN, WIL- LIAM E„ Tribune, B.S., Geol. and Biol, HAMMER, HAROLD E., Seandia, B.S, in Phys, Educ. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Football. HAMMER, VICKI S. Scan- dia. A.B., Eng, Alpha Xi Delta, SNEA, HAMMERSCHMIDT, HAROLD F., Hays, A.B„ French. Newman Club, French Club, Peopled a People! Y. Dem. HAMPTON, MARTHA T., Downs, A.B., Eng. HANSEN, EDITH L., Hoxie, B.S, in Edut SNEA. HANSON. ANI) J., Herndon, B.S. in Agri. Tau Kappa Epsilon. HANSON, JOHN E., Courlland, B.S. m Agri, 230 Seniors HANSON, KATHLEEN M., Westmont, N. J., A.B., Speech Therapy. People- to People, HANZLIGK, JERRY D., Beeler, A.B., Pol Sd. Sigma Tan Gamma, Y Hep,, German Club, HARKNESS, MARY B., Hays, A.B., Eng. Sigma Kappa, Tigerettcs. HARRIS, JACK D., Hays, B.S. in Bus. Tuu Kappa Epsilon. HAWKINS, DAPHNE J,. Sylvan GtOVe, B.S. in Educ, Campus Christian Coum dl (sec.-treas.}, People-to- People, IRC (sec.-treas.), $lu, Co., SNEA, Who ' s Who, Bapt. Stu. Movement, Little Theater. HEIKES, JEANNETTE J„ Ada, B.S. in Bus. SNEA. HENDERSON, RICHARD E.. Norton, A3., Math. Tau Kappa Epsilon, SNEA, Newman Club, HENDER- SON, SHARON S., Hays, B.S. in Home Econ, Delta 2eta, Kappa Omicron Phi, SNEA. Tigerettes, T wirier. HENRICKSON, WALLACE L r , Logan, B.S in Educ. Delta Sigma Phi, Football. HERL, CAROL A., Great Bend, B.S. in Edue. SNEA. HIEBERT, ROBERT L, ' WaKeeney, A.B., Hisi. Phi Alpha Theta, Y. Rep. HIGERD, LARRY A., Gem, B.S, in I rid. Arts, Ind. Arts Club, Campus Christian Council, Bapt. Stu, Movement. HIGERD, LORETTA R,, Gem, B.S. in Educ. Bapt, Stu, Movement. HIL- CERS, KAREN K., Great Bend, B.S. in Educ. Sigma Kappa, SNEA, Y. Dem, HINSHAW, DEAN R„ Plevna, B.S., Gen. Sci. HINZMAN, JOHN L., Rushton, A.B„ Psych, and Eng. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Basketball. HISCHKE, LINDA D., Osborne, B.S. in Educ. HOBELMAN, DONALD G., Hays, B.S., Physics. HOFER, VERENA M, p Portis, B.S. in Educ, SNEA. HOLDEN, ROBERT E., Garden City, B.S,, Physics. HOLDREN, WALTER E„ Montrose, A.B., Hist. HOLLIDAY, SHARI G., St. Francis, B.M., Music. MENC, Concert Choir, Fort Hays Singers. HOLMES, LEROY F., Utica, A.B., Hist. Delta Sigma Phi, Penguin Club, Campus Boosters. HOLOPIREK, MEL D., Tim- ken, B.S. in Bus. HOOVER, JOHN E., Norton, B.S, in Bus. HOSIE, RONALD G., Abilene, B.S, in Art. Delta Sigma Phi, 1FC, Onion Program Council, Variety Comm. (dtmJ, Union Board (chmj. Peopled o- People, Y, Rep,, Stu. Co«, Senior Class Pres. HOWARD, DONALD P., Plainville, B,S. in Bus. Sigma Phi Epsilon. HOWERTON, WESLEY W., Pawnee Rock, B.S. in Ind. Arts, HUMBLE, DARREL J., Sawyer, B.S. in Agri, HUMBLE. HA BLAND H. t Sawyer, B.S. in Ind. Arts. Ind. Arts Club. HUNTER, JAMES D., Mankato, All, Math. Math Club. HURLBUT, EUNICE l„. Hays, B.S., in Educ. and Speech Therapy. Sigma Alpha Ela (pres.L HUSTON, MARY J., Abilene, B.S. in Home Econ. Kappa Omicron Phi, Newman Club, SNEA, Home Econ. Chap, (pres,), HYER, CAROL L„ Rucklin, US. in Bus. Alpha Lambda Delta (v.-pres.), WRA, Who’s Who, Phi Kappa Phi, LSERN, ORVILLE S., Ellin wood, B.S. in Agri, Gamma Delta. IVES, I. EVONNE L„ Stockton, B.S in Educ. SNEA. JACOBS, CHESLEY C, Pfeifer, B.S.. Physics. Newman Club. JENKINS, DAVID L, Norton, B.S., Math and Physics. Math Club, Y. Dem, JOERG, CHARLES W., Eormoso, B.S, in Bus. JOHNSON, DENNIS L., Bridgeport, All, Botany. Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Beiu Beta, Luth, Stu, Assn,, Campus Christian Council (pres.), Who f s Who. 231 Seniors JOHNSON, JOE W. s Preston. B.S., Gen. Sci. Gym- nastic?, K-Club, Y, Drm., SNEA, Prometheans, JOHN- SON, ORPHA K.. B.S. in Educ. JOHNSON. KAY MON L„ Hugoton, B.S., Geol. JONES, GARY D., Garden City, B.S. in Agri. Delia Sigma Phi. JONES, JANICE K,, Gla co, B,S. in Phys, Educ, Sigma Kappa, Eta Rho Epsilon, WRA. JONES, JOHN P. T Jennings, A.B., Hist. IRC, SNEA, Wesley Found, JOSSER AND, HAZEL E„ Hays, A.B., SocioL KARLIN, ROBERTA J., Dodge City, R.S., Gen. Sd, KASTRUP, WILLIAM R„ Russell, B.S, in Agri. Penguin Club fv.-pres i. KAUPP, CLAYTON U, Ness Cily, A.B., Eng. Phi Ela Sigma, Lambda Iota Tau. Iniramurals, KENT, JOY B,, Hays, A.B., Eng. French Club, Lillie Theater. KENYON, GARY E.„ Rogue, A.B,, Hist. Newman Club. KERN, GERALD M., Great Bend, B.S. in Bus. Pi Omega PL KERNS, ROMA V , Jetmore, B.S. in Home Econ. Kappa Omieron Phi, Home Econ. Chap., SNEA. KERSHNER, LARRY D„ Larned, A.B., Chein. Phi Eta- Sigma, Della Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Chein, Club, Newman Club, Whos Who, Phi Kappa Phi. KIDW ELL, DELBERT O., Dodge City B.S. in Ind Arts, Ind. Arts Club. KING, FLORENCE, Agra, B.S. in Educ. KINGSLEY, BONNIE L„ Ellis, B.S. in An, Alpha Gamma Delta. Slu. Co., Panhell. Council Or- diesis. Glee Club, Kit Kal . KIRKHAM, DALE R., Valley I alls, B.S. in Agri. and Bolany. Alpha Kappa Lambda iv -pres.l, Delta Tau Alpha. KISER, WILMER 0-, Ness City, A.B., Chem. Phi Ela Sigma, German Club, Chem. Club. KLAUS, ALBERTA J,. Hays, A.B.. German. Sigma Kappa, Alpha lambda Della, Delta Epsilon, Y. Dem., Newman Club, Phi Kappa Phi, KNAPP, SHARON lb, McDonald, B,M„ Music. KN1PP. DENIS R., Damar, B.S, in Bus. Newman Club. KNOLL, ROGER D., Portis, B,S. in Agri, Campus Christian Council, KNORR, DAVE G„ Ellsworth, B.S. in Educ. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Newman Club. KOCH, DENNY S. T Atwood, B.S., Gen Sci Tau Kappa Epsilon. TOLLMAN, MELVIN L„ Slock ton, B.S. in Ind. Arts. KOONTZ, NORMAN C„ Jetmore, B.S. in Bus. Leader. KRAFT, RAYMOND L. p Hays, B.S. in Educ. KRENTZEL, JIM I.., Hudson, B.M., Music. 7th Cava]r r , Phi Mu Alpha. KRUG, KAREN S., Russell, B.S. in Educ. Alpha Lambda Delta, WLO, We$ley Found,, SNEA, Kappa Phi (pres.). KRUG, ROBERT W., Russell, B.S, in Agrt. Delta Tau Alpha, Delta Epsilon, Gamma Delta, A. Rep. LAFFOON, DON R,. Osborne, A. lb. Speech. Alpha Psi Omega, Little Theater. Wesley Found., Artists and Lectures Comm, LAKE, DANA D., Meade B. S, in Educ. Delta Zeta, SNEA. LALLY, LUVENA K„ Russell, B.S. in Educ. Phi Kappa Phi. SNEA, 232 Graduates End College With Commencement LANDES, ADOLFO R., Havana, Cuba, All, Qiem. LANG, ANITA L., Jetmore, B.S. in Phys, Educ, Eta Rho Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Iota, WRA, Penguin Club, LARKIN. (ALBERT M., Greenshurp, B.S, in A peri, LARRICK, MELBA K., Ashland, IIS. in Home Econ. Home Eeon. Chap. LAUXMAN, ELDON M„ Abilene, US. in Ind. Arts. Ind. Arts Club, LEAS, JUDY K., Hays, B.$. In Educ. WLO frresj Reveille — Editor, SNEA, Tigerettes, Y, Rep. LEE JAMES H., Cummings, 1L$., Math. Kappa Mu Epsilon Football, Newman Club. LEHMAN, CRAIG A., Gor ham. A.B., Chem, LEICHLITER, KENT D„ Nickerson A.B., PoL Sci. Alpha Kappa Lambda, 7ih Cavalry Junior Class Pres., Stu. Body Pres. LEIKER, CUE FORD J.. Hays, A.IL, Social. Football. LEIKER, KARL K r . Hays, A.B., Hist. Y. Dem., New- man Club. LEIKER, VERLYN J„ Ness City, B S., PoL Sci. I EC, Alpha Kappa Lambda. LEVIN, WILBER L. h Kensington, ILS., Biol. LI BY, MAX L,, Glasco, R.S. in Agri. LITTLE, JANET R„ Littloton, Colo., B.S. in Educ, Delta Zeta, SNEA, Cheerleader, Reveille, Sweetheart Queen. LOCK ROSS A.. Ulysses, ILS., Zool and Botany. Beta Beta Bela. LOOP. MARILYN K.. Hays. B.S. in Educ. Alpha Gamma Delta, SNEA. LUL L, RUDOLPH L., LaCrosae, B.S, in Agri. Sigma Tau Gamma. LUND- IN. JIM D., St. Francis, A IL. Mist, and Social, Phi Mu Alpha tgec.), Wesley Found., Band, Orth.. Choral LI it i on , Jm prom p t was . Y . Dem, LIT I " I E K M A N , P A - TRICIA IL, Garden City, A.R., Art. Newman Club, JYople-to-FeopIc, Union Comm. LYNN, ROBERT E.. WaKeemry. A.B., Math, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Y, Rep., Who’s Who, McCALL, PATRICIA A, Sulina, B.S. in Educ. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Reveille, SNEA. Kit Kats, Tigerettes. McCAU ISTER. WAITER W., Clayton, A IL, Hist. McCLELl AND, LARRY W., Atwood, B.S , Mailt. Me- COY. DAVID K , Kanopolis, A.IL, Span. Me COY, KIM E. M., Topeka, A.IL, Chem. and Math. Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Epsilon, Client. Club, German Club, Intramuxals, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who McCULLUM, RICHARD V., Groat Bend, B.S., Physics and Math. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Y Rep., Union Games Comm., Union Board. MC- DONALD, CONNIE F,, Lamed, B.S. in Educ. Reveille Queen Attendant. McDOWELL, JEROLD E„ (Sam), Smith Center, B.S., Biol. 7th Cavalry, Basketball, K- Club (pres,). Beta Bela Beta. McGOVERN, DANIEL W., Upland, Calif,, A.B., Psychol, and Phil. Phi Eta Sigma, 7th Cavalry, Pi Kappa Delta, Stu. Co. (v.-pres ). Debate, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who. Mr INTYRE, MARION S., Great Bend, A.IL, Hist, McKIBBIN, LANA L., Jetinore, ILS.. Biol, Alpha Gamma Delta, MAGANA, CONCEPTION L„ Kanopnlis, A.IL, Span. MAJOR, ROGER G„ B.S. in Bus. MALM- BERG, RICHARD C„ Hays, A.IL, Eng. 233 Seniors MANETH, PAUL E,, Great Bend, A,B., Hist. Sigma Phi Epsilon (pres.), M ANNER1NG, DENNIS G,, Smith Chiller, B.S., Math. K-CJub, Cross Country. Track. MANNING, LOUIS A., New Haven, Conn., B.S, in Educ. Football MARKHAM, AMOS E,, Logan, B,S. in Bus. Delta Sigma Phi. MARTIN, GUY B., Carden City, B.S. in Bus, Football, K-Club. MARTIN, MARVIN L., Quin ter, B.S., Physics. New- man Club, Slu, Co, (v. chm,}. MASSEY, BARBARA, Hays, B.S. in Educ. SNEA, Wesley Found, Kappa Phi, Span. Club. MAUPIN, JEANANN, Liberal, B.S. in Educ, SNEA. MAYUEW. GARY L„ Lebanon, B.S, in Bu.. 7th Cavalry, . Rep. MECKFESSEL, CHARLES G,. Garfield, B,S. in Bus. MERSCH, JACK D„ Edmond, B.S,, Botany. METZ, DENNIS LL Wellington, ILS. in Agri Delta Tau Alpha. METZ, MARILYN .]., Wellington, B.S. in Phys. Educ, Kappa Omicron Phi, WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon. MICHAELIS, JERRY G., Ness City, R.S., Geol. Im- promptus. MICHEL, GORDON K„ Russell, B.S. in Bus. Luth. Stu. Assn. MILES, CHARLES S. t Carden City, A.B., Speech. Alpha Kappa lambda (pres,). MILFORD, CONNIE, HeaJy, B,M. Music. Sigma Alpha lota, WLO. MENC, Fort lla - Singers , Concert Choir. MILLER. CAROL R., Scott City, B.S. in Educ, SNEA, MILLER, ERNEST P , Liberal, A.R., Pol, Sci, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Phi Mu Alpha, Stu. Co., Union Board, Homecoming Comm., Choir, Fort Hays Singers, Freshman Class Pres. MIL- LER MARVIN K. t Scott City. B.S,, Math. MILLS, LEWIS, Hays, B.S, in Ind. Arts, Football, MINN1S, VERNON C,, St. John, B.S. in Bus. Delta Sigma Phi, Football. Impromptwos. MQHLER, CARO- LYN K„ Scott City. B.S. in Educ. MOHR, BARBARA .1-, Great Bind, A.B., Art. WLO tsec.-trcas, ., Agnew Hall (pres.). Reveille, Union Program Council (adv. chrJ, Little Theater, Choral Union, SNEA, Glee Club, Union Movie Comm,, Y. Rep. MORTON, AVIS I., Oberlln, B.S. in Home Econ. Wesley Found, (ireas.l, Home Econ, Chap., SNEA, c v-. ' u M. O S ' 1 i mk Jtk O O Cl o 6 kk t) di M’ , © MOSS, JOEL M., Hays, B.S., Chern. Chem. Club, Golf. MU Cl, JOHN B., St. John, B.S. in Educ MULD- ER, GARY E., Logan, B.S, in Agri. MURRAY, JOHN F., Normandy, Mo., B.S. in Bus, Phi Sigma Epsilon (pres ), Newman Club. MYERS, CHARLES L. t Great Bend, A.B., Pol. Sci. and Econ. In tram urals, Y. Rep. (slate officer), Stu. Co., People- to People. NAGEL, GARY A., Lend, B.S. in Bus, Sigma Phi Epsilon (conipt.}, Bus, Mgr. Reveille. NELSON, FRANKLIN W., Ness City, A.B., Hist. Sigma Phi Epsilon (pre$J T Intramurab, French Club. NFW- LIN, ROGER K., Liberal. B.S, in Bus. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Y. Rep, NEY, MERLIN K , Hoidngton, B.S. in Bus, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Newman Club, WEY- MAN, FLOYD F., Dravosberg, Pa., A.B., Psychol. NICHOLS, KENDALL E., Harlan, B.S, in Bus, Alpha Kappa Lambda (sec.), Pi Omega Pi, NOLTE, LARRY D.. Hudson, B.S., Math. Math Club, SNEA. NUSSE, JUDITH A„ Liberal, A.B„ Hist. IRC, Wesley Found,, IVopIe-to People. OBORNY, EDMUND I... Timken, B.S. t Math. Phi Eta Sigma (v.-pres, ■), Kappa Mu Epsilon (sec ), Sigma Pi Sigma, Math Club (pres, ), Newman Club, Delta Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi. 7th Cavalry, Y. Dem., Who’s Who. OLDS, PEGGY L.. Wilson, B,S., Gen. Sci, Diploma in Nursing. Gamma Delta, Nurses Club. 234 Seniors r; o o p, mtirhkkmtik sk o p D (Sk P D f - P P 4 aL 4, fe A4T4 OTOUGHLIN, KATHLEEN G Hays, B.S. in Educ. $NFA, Alpha Gamma Delta (see,). OLSEN, DIANA K. Burdett B.S. in Dus. ORINGDERFF, DIXIE L Dodge Citv, B.S. in Educ. 0RM5BEE LORRAINE, Athol, B.S. in Educ. OVERTON, MACK W„ Wa- Keeney, B.S., Ghent. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Fi Sigma, Omni, Club. PALMER, C. KEN, Atwood, B.S. in Bus. Tau Kappa Epsilon {soc. chin. L Y. Dem. PALMGREN, KENNETH R., Levant. B.S. in Phys, Educ, K-Club Football, PAM M ENTER. LYNN AY 0„ Sou City, B.S., Botany and Agri. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Delta Tan Alpha, PARISH, ARLYN J., St, John, A IL, Span, and Hist. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta, SNEA, Span. Club, Who’s Who, PARSONS, GARY D., Brewster, B.S. in, Bus, PATEL, H, B. t Bombay. India, B.S. in Bus. and Econ. IRC, Pen pie- to- People, Union Movie Comm., Y. Rep. PAVLICEK RICHARD A.. Oberlin, B.S. in Bus, Tau Kappa Epsilon Ureas.). PEACOCK, CLAUDIA j. T Great Bend, B.S, in Art, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pro- gram Council, Union Arts and Exhibits Comm., Who’s Who, Phi Kappa Phi. PEARCE, CLINTON J , Blue Rapids, B.S, in Bus. Delta Sigma Phi. Phi Eta Sigma, Pcople-io- People, Y. Rep,, Campus Christian Council, Reveille thus, mgr.), Disciple Stu. Fellowship, Band, PECK, PATRICIA L, Bunker Hill, B.S, in Educ, PENN. V ARDEN V,, Sharon Springs, B.S. in Educ Phi Mu Alpha. PERRIN, BETTY, Jennings, A.R.. Eng. SNEA, Christian Youth Fellowship. PETER, DONALD L„ Broomfield, Colo,, ILS. in Bus, PETER, JOHN N., Selden, B.S, in Bus. Union Program Coun- cil. PFANNEN5T1EL GERALD I„ Hays, B.S., Speech Therapy and Edue, Sigma Alpha Eta, Football, Y. Dent., Newman Club. PFANNENSTIEL. HARVEY J,. Hays, B.S. in Bus. Newman Club, Y, Dem., Gymnastics, Intramurals. PFEIFER, BARBARA A., Ellis. B.S, in Educ, Della Zeta (see-), Tigcrettes, Glee Club, SNEA, Newman Club, New Student Week Comm. FFQRTMILLER LAWRENCE G,, Natoma, B.S., Physic?. Phi Eta Sigma Sigma Pi Sigma ( pres.). Sigma Phi Epsilon, Who ' s Who. PHILLIPS, LAWRENCE M., McKeesport, Penn., B.S,, Biol, Basketball K-Club. PIT l MAN, KEN- NETH R., Liberal, B.S. in Bus. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Y, Dem., Reveille (sports). PITTMAN, MARTHA A., Hugoium B.S. in Educ. Glee Club, SNEA, POORE, ROGER E„ Alton, B.S, in Bus. and Art. POPE. GEORGE K., B.S, in Plus, Educ. K-Club, Football Basketball, SNEA. PORTER, GERALD W., Little River, B,$. T Eeon, and Bus. Con- cert Choir, Chcral Union. POWELL, SAUNDRA K, Liberal, R,S. in Art. Alpha Gamma Delta, PRITCHETT, LARRY W., Byers, B.S. in Phys. Educ. Football, PROPP, KATHLEEN I,., Hays, B.S. in Bus. Alpha Lambda Delta, Dames Club, Pi Omega Pi. PURER, TOM G, Liberal A.B. Cbem. Alpha Kappa Lambda, REED, DONALD L,, Great Bend, B.S. in Phys. Educ. SNEA Basketball, Jr. Varsity Coach. REED, L. MAC Ellis, B.S, in Bus. Sigma Phi Epsilon (rec. sec.), People- to-PeopIe, Y. Rep. Im- promptwos, Reveille Editor, USCF, RElSSIC DUANE A„ Hays, B.S. in Bus, RESCHKE RAMONA A., Pratt, B.M,, Music. Delta Zeta (v.-prcs.) Sigma Alpha Iota, Concert Choir, MENU, . Rep,, Choral Union, Wesley Found. RICH LARRY L., Protection, B.S. in Phys. Educ. P E. Majors Club. RINGER, ROBERTA G., Quinter, A.B., Eng. WLO l v.-prcs.), Lambda Iota Tau tsec, ireas ), Y. Rep., SNEA, Wesley Found-, Traffic tribunal. ROBINSON, LARRY D., Downs B.S., Botany, Alpha Kappa Lambda Beta Beta Bela. 235 Seniors HOCK. JAMES T., Abilene, A,B.. Pol. Sci. and Sociol. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, 7th Cavalry, People- to -People, IRC, Traffic Tribunal, Stu. Co. (treas.). ROGERS, R, LYNN. Hoisington, A.B., Psychol. Union Music Comm. ' (dim.). Program Coun- cil (chm.), Union Board, Program Director of Union, Chairman of Fort Hays Follies, ROLL AND, CAMILLE, W a Keeney, A.B., Speech Therapy, Sigma Alpha Eta, SNEA, Union Publicity Comm. R0THE, DEANNE F., Salina, A.B., Chem. Union Music Comm, RUDER, BRIAN, Hays, ITS,, Math, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Y, Deni., Newman Club, Math Club. RUDER. LARRY L., Plainvillc, B.S., Speech Therapy and Educ. Newman Clnh (pres.), Sigma Alpha Eta, Y. Dem. RUPP, RICHARD C., Long Island, B.S. in Bus, SNEA. RUSCO, JAMES A., Great Bend, B.S, in Bus, IRC (pree ) r Campus Christian Council, New man Club, People d People, Y. Dem. RUSSELL, AMOS Q,, Lawrence, B.M., Music. MENC. Phi Mu Alpha. RUSSELL, RAYMOND M„ Hobbs, N. M., B.S,, Math; Alpha Kappa Lambda (eorr, sec.), Y. Rep. RUTH, DONALD W, Johnson, B.S. in AgrL RUTH- ERFORD, MARY G. Little River, ‘ A.B., Chem, RYMPH, D, JOANNE, Hays. B.S. in Bus. Pi Omega Pi. SADDLER, GARY L., Colby, B.S. in Bus. Concert Choir, Bapt, Stu, Movement. SANDER, ROBERT N., Victoria, B.S,, Geol. and Biol. Newman Club. SANDERS. CARL D., Meade, A.B., Hist, and Pol. Sci. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Y. Dem. SANDERSON, JAMES K., f .a Crosse, B.S. in Phys. Educ, Football, SANDSTROM, RONALD D., Bison, A IL, Math, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Till Cavalry, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Phi Eta Sigma, N.YEA, Who’s Who, Wesley Found. SAUND- ERS, DWIGHT M., Fort Colling ' Colo., A.B., Eng, SAWYER, LEROY E„ Lewis. B.S. in Phys. Educ. Sigma Tau Gamma. SCANLON. JAR0LD D., Collyer, B.S,, Gen. Sci, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha. SCHABEN, T, TROY, Barine, B.S,. Math and Physics. SCHARDEIN, JOE D.. Nickerson, A.B„ Psychol, and B.S. t Math, SNEA. SCHMEIDLER, NORBERT J., Hays. A.B., German, Newman Club, German Club. SCHMIDT, WARREN J.. Hays, B.S, in Bus. Newman Club, In tra- in ura L. SCHNOEBELEN, JANE, Lewis. B.S. in Educ. Alpha Gamma Delta, Leader Lass, K it Kats, Newman Club, Campus Boosters (v.-pres.), Head Cheerleader, Home- coming Queen, SNEA. SCHON, JOSEPH G., Gor- ham, ILS.. Math and Physics. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Y, Dem,, Math Club, Newman Club, Reveille and Leader Photographer, Sweetheart King. SCHUKMAN, C. VAL- ETTE, Almena. B.S. in Bus. Wesley Found., Kappa Phi, SNEA, Union Movie Comm. SCHULER, DAVID E,, Ness City, B.S, in Ind, Arts. hid. Arts Club. SCHULTZ, WILMA E., Stockton, B.S. in Educ, SCHULZ, ROBERT M.. Osborne, B.S. in Bus. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Y. Dem, SEARLE. CAYLEN L ... Hud- son, ILS. in Bus, SEELEY, BEVERLY J,. Hays, B.S. in Educ. SHAW, VIOLET L. Oberlin A.B., Eng SHELL, KAREN, S., Hays, A.B.. Hist. SHERRILL. JERRY R., Kilgore, Tex., A.B., Hist, Sigma Tau Gamma (pres.), Y. Rep,, Glee Club, SHERWOOD, CHARLES F„ Hays, B.S. in Ind. Arts, Ind. Arts Club. SHIRK, BARBARA L., Ellis, A.B.. Eng, Kappa Phi Uec, i. SNEA. Scriblerus Club, Leader, Band, Stu, Co. Ureas. 3. SHOWALTER. JESSE A., M i ( ,] ae ken , B.S. in Ind. Art?. Ep? i |i » n Pi Ta u i I rea s . ) . SIMPSON. SH[RLE M.. Hays, B.S. in Bus. S1TTNER, MARVIN L., Hudson, B.S. in Bus, SNEA, Pi Omega Pi. SKINNER, JUDY A., Hays, B.S. in Educ r and Speech Corn Alpha Gamma Delta, Sigma Alpha Eta, SNEA, Y. Derm SLATE, JANICE K„ Jewell, B.S, in Educ. SNEA. SMITH, ALBERT E., WaKeeney, R.S., Botany. Beta Beta Beta. SMITH, MARLENE D., Jewell, B.S. in Home Eeon. Kappa Omicron Phi, Newman Club, Home Ecom Chap., SNEA, Kit Kats, Tigerettes, Twirler, SMITH, MARY T + B.„ Augusta, B.S. in Bus. SMITH, WOODY D., A.B., Pol. Sci. Sigma Phi Epsilon. SNYDER, DARYL K„ Derby, B.S,, Math. Football. STEFFEN, THOMAS M., Great Bend, B.S. in Agri. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Tau Alpha (pres.), New Stu. Comm,, Union Dance Comm. STEINERT, STAN- LEY K., Ransom, B.S., Biol, STEPHENSON, JAMES B., Alton, B.S., Ghent, Chem, Club. STERLING, CAROL E., Garden City, 13. 3., Math. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Math Club, Tiger ettes, SNEA, Reveille Queen Attendant. STEVENS. JOANN D., Great Bend, B.S. in Educ. STRANA- THAN, SAM E,, Kiowa, B.S,, Botany. Beta Beta Beta, SUMMERS, JOYCE M. t Syracuse, B.S, in Bus. Dames Club, Penguin Club, SNEA. SW ALLEY, CAROL D., Ulysses, B.S. in Bus. Alpha Gamma Delta. SWANSON, TED A., Dodge City, B.S. in Bus. SWT N TON, GENE L., Hunter, B.S., ' Math Alpha Kappa Lambda, Sigma Pi Sigma, Kappa Mu Epdlon. TANG EM AN, ELEANOR G., Hays, B.S. in Educ. TERRY, JOSEPH H., Great Bend, A.B , Speech THAETE, MARLENE K„ Sylvan Grove, B.S, in Home Econ. Kappa Omicron Phi (pres.), Gamma Delta, Home Eeon. Chap, l HIELEN, BRIAN E r , Dorrance, B.M., Music. Band, MENC, Choral Union, Brass Choir, Orch. THOLEN, LUCILLE C., Hays, B.S,, Gen. Sci. Newman Club. THOMAS, BARBARA A„ Palco, A.B.. Hist. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta iv. pres.). Who’s Who, Phi Kappa Phi, THOMPSON, DONALD K., Burrton, B,S r in Ind, Arts. Sigma Tau Gamma, SNEA, Ind. Arts Club. THOMPSON, LINDA, Elkhart, B.S. in Educ. SNEA. THURLOW, LARRY, Prairie View, B,S, in Phys. Educ, Basketball, McGrath Hall (pres). TIMKEN, ROBERT L., Cimarron, B.S. in Bus. Phi Eta Sigma, Feopje to-People, Bapt. Stu. Union, Who’s Who. TOMASHECK, CAROL B., Zurich, B.S. in Educ. SNEA, Sigma Sigma Sigma, TOVREA, STANLEY M., Brewster, B.S. in Agri. TRASK, GREGG H, Hays, R.S., Physic. Canterbury Assn. (pres,). UBERT, JUDY F., Hays, A.B., Spanish. Delta Zeta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Reveille, Newman Club, Tiger- cttes, Phi Kappa Phi, Who’s Who, SNEA, WLO, Panhell- Council (pres,). VAN WINKLE, RUTH E„ St. John, B.S. in Bus. VAN AMBURG, GERALD L, Hunter, B.S., Botany, Sigma Tau Gamma, Beta Beta Beta. VEGA, PAUL J,, Newton, B.S. in Bus. Basket- ball. VLASZ, DONALD Aurora, 111., B.S. in Bus. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Newman Club, Y. Dem., IFC (pres,). VO PAT, ROBERT E„ Wilson, B.S., Biol. VSET ECKA, RICHARD L., Great Bend, B,S., GeoL and Biol. WAGNER, MARY E., Hays. B.S. in Bus, Sigma Kappa, Newman Club, SNEA, Y, Dem., Glee Club, Pi Omega Pi. WAIT, DONNA D„ Natoma, A.B., Hist. WALKER, HARRY O,, Englewood, B.S. in Agri. 237 Seniors WALKER, IERRY A., Englewood, B,$., Biol and Geol. Track. WALKER, MARGARET A„ Fowler, A B En-. Gamma Delta, SNEA, Peopie-to- People, WRA. WALLS JUDITH A„ St, John, A.B., Language, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kit Kats, French Club, Span. Club, SMEA IRC. WARNER, GARY L., Hoisington, A.B., Math, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Epsilon, Who’s Who, W ATSON, CELIA O., Kansas City, A.B, f Sociol. WELCH, BYRON, j., Lyons, R.S., Math and ScL Phi Sigma Epsilon, Tennis, K-Club. W ' ERNER, HOL- LAND E„ Dodge City, B,S. in Bus, WETZEL, WALTER E, Pratt, B.Si in Art. Variety Comm, (ohm.), Y. Dem., Union Program Council. WHEELER, MICHAEL L,, Oakley, II. S. in Bus. and Econ. Track. Intramurals. WHITE, SHARON K.. Ada, R.S. in Bus. Tigerettes (pres,), WRA, SNEA, Agnew Hall (treasD, Pi Omega Pi, Kit Kats, WHITEHEAD, KATHRYN M., Hays, A.B., Art. SNEA. WHITLEY, CATHERINE L., LaGrossc, B.S. in Home Econ, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Econ, Chap., Glee Club, SNEA. W ' HLT- MER, ELDON L., Dorrance, B.S., Biol, Beta Beta Beta. WICKHAM, ROSEMARY, Hays, B.S. in Home Econ. Newman Club. WTDIGER, RAY E,, Bazine, B.S., Botany. Beta Beta Beta. WTLCOXSON, LARRY E., Port is, R,S. T in Agri. Alpha Kappa Lambda. WILHELM, DALLAS E„ Sterling, A. B Zool. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Beta Beta Beta. WILLIAMS, CHARLES R. T Garden City, B,S., Chem. Chem Club. WILLIAMS, L, CLAYTON, Plain ville, B. S. in Phys, Educ. Football, WILLIAMS, RUTH M„ Garden City, B.S. in Educ. Dames Club, Little Theater. WILLISON, WILLIAM L., Dodge City, B.S. in Bus. Phi Mu Alpha, Campus Christian Council W ILSON, Cl NBA LOU, Liberal, A.B., French and Eng. Lambda Iota Tau, WLO, French Club, Traffic Tribunal, SNEA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Homecoming Queen, Who’s WTio. W ILSON, R FAYE, Pawnee Rock, B.S., Math. Kappa Mu Epsilon, SNEA, Math Club. W YNDHOLZ, GLEN J., Hays, B.S. in Business. Newman Club. W ' TND- HOLZ, JAMES A., Flays, A.B., Pol. ScL Sigma Phi Epsilon (v.-pres,), Basketball, Assoc. Justice Student Court, Y. Dem, WITT, THEODORE N., Hudson, B.S. in Agri. Delta Sigma Phi, IFG, Y. Rep., Intramural K-Award. W r OL LESEN, DELBERT B,, Vesper, B.S. in Educ. Penguin Club German Club. W OUTERS, DARREL L„ Port is, B.S. in Phys. Educ. WOODS, VIRGINIA C., Tribune, B.S.,- Gen. ScL Diploma in Nursing, Nurses’ Club. Kappa Phi. WRIGHT, SHERYL K„ Kiowa, B.S, in Home Econ., Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Econ. Chap., SNEA, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Kan. State Home Econ. Chap. Pres, YAGER, LYLE E., Holyrood, A.B., Hist. Sigma Phi Eprilon. YOHE, DAVID B. T Burrton, B.S. in Bus. ZIELKE, CHARLOTTE R., Wichita. B.S., Gen. ScL Diploma in Nursing, Nurses’ Club, KSSN’A. ZTMBEL- MAN, KAREN K.. St. Francis, A.B.. Eng. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kit Kats, Tigerettcs, SNEA, ZIMMER- MAN, SHERMAN B., Schoenchen, RS. in Bus. ZRU- BEK, KENNETH R.. Cunningham, B.S. in Art. Union Variety Comm. 233 Juniors Contemplate Choices of Careers Rod Clausen, vice-president; Carol Ltpp, secretary; and George Kay, president, discuss the interests of the junior class they represent in All-Student Council. Adams, Carl V., $L Francis Adams, Gary F,» Colby Adams, William D., Colby Adamson, Nclda J. h Lincoln Albright, Frances L,„ Hays Allen, David R., Norton AH o way, Earl W,, Ellis Alumbaugh, Jack E,, Hutchinson Amerine, Kent L., Great Bend Anderson, Floyd L., Hays Anderson, James L. Courtland Andres, Annalee, Hutchinson Andrews, Jeannette A., Ellsworth Archibald, M. Kathleen, Garden City Arneson, Tanya R., Brewster Atwood, Ima J., Russell Aust, James L., Ellis Bamberger, Carl N., jetnwre Bamberger, Charles D t Jetmore Bandel, John H., Hays Bangka, Patty J., Mar land Barclay, Royer C., Lindsborg Barlen, Lynn L., Carlton Bartholomew, Diana M., Great Bend Basgall, Norma J., Bison Bates, Gary R., Alton Bauer, Grover E., Burdett Bauer, Judie I,., Burdett Bauer, Sharon R,, Burden Beal, Kenneth M. t Springtide, Ind. 239 Bef fori, Joseph D., Satina Beforl, Norma K., Demer, Colo . Beggs, John L., Ellis Belcher, Larry D., Lewis Reougher, Cheryl L., PlainvUte Bevan, Barbara N., Harilanrl Bieker, Alexander, Hoxie Billinger, Marlene Victoria Binns, Hubert L., Scon City Bittner, Jerome A., Glass port. Pa. Blackwell, David B., Earned Blair, Gary A,, Quinter Bland, Gary R,, Lucas Blickenstaff, David Oberlin Boiler, Robert A,, N atom a Bousman, James R-, Paola Bowman, Ronald M., Cold water Bowman, Vae Jene., Smith Center Bovs, Sandy J., Hoisington Brady, V. Belli, Hill City Braun, Elmer, Victoria Brcer, William J,, Solomon Breit, Donna L, Scott City Brejcha, Robert J., Holy rood Brewer, Norman, Norway Brickey, Karyl L., Wichita Brinker, Jerry R-, Catcher City Brooks, Carla M., Vesper Brooks, Gary B,, Healy Brooks, Jimmie D., Liberal Brown, Buddy 0,, Russell Brown, D. Leonard, Lucas Brown, Jerry C., Dodge Cits Brown, Kenneth D,, Kinsley Brown, Marceilla F.. Bazine Brow n, Pat tie L., EUis Brown, Richard C., Ellis Bruce, Weslye H., Atwood Buck, Roger D., Atwood Bub, Joe R., Hays Bullock. Ronald W., Sal in a Bunker, Ken net h D + , Dor ranee 240 Juniors Work on Floats for Homecoming Parade Jim Ford and Ray Rexford put the finishing tour hr on the Tau Kappa Epsilon Homecoming float. Burgess, Dale E., Pafco Barnett, Loudly G„ Ahmoltt Burns, Diane C, Wilson Burris, Jone L,, Hoys Burris, Raymond D., Garden City Burrows, Larry D., Otis Butler, Marlin J., Lewis Cain, Karen J,. Great Bend Campbell, Bud F., Ellis Campbell, Jack S., Macks ville Carlisle, Bud, Russell Cates, Terry D., Smith Center Channell, Robert D,, Good land Chick, Lloyd D., Colby Christian, Carolyn j. t horned Clausen, Rod 1)., Kinsley Clay, Lance K., Meade Cleveland, (ilenda G., Garden City Cline, Robert R., Lamed Coer her. Carmen C., Deerfield Coffey, Roger D , Ulysses Coghill, James D., Dan bury r Neb. Coke ley, Ronald G., Paleo Coles, Jerry L., Cold water Colvin, Hazel M., Sylvia Conard, Norman H., Rush Center Conklin, Kenneth E,, Abilene Conyac, Constance M., SfocAforc Cooley, B. J., Bison Cooley, Sidney A., Safina Cooper, Cary R., Alton, lit. Cooper, Mex A., Hvxie Cor dill, Donald E,, Alton Cotilson, Jim D„ Hays Covey, Forrest W., CuHison Cox, Larry G., Atwood Craig, Johnnie V., Bazine Cramer, M. Kay, Nealy Cronin, Marsha N, t Pierceville Cummins, Sandra K,, Chula Vista Cali Custer, Sara B„, WttKeene) Danner, John P., Pratt 24! Dolezal Joe F, Cuba Dougin, Mildred L + Garden City Orel ling, Kenneth F., Victoria Oresselhaus, Judy G,, Vesper Droste Bernard K, Spear vide Duer, Wayne C, St. John Edwards Verlin L. Lucas Eichenauer, Dee A., Scott City Elliott, Robert D., Great fiend Elliott, Steven B., Edson Engel, Marita S f Gore Engle. Clark $.» A bilene Davis, Cary L, Glen Elder Day Marvin E., Clyde Day Suzanne E. El Dorado Dean Gary L., Hill City Dean, Shirley R, Great Bend DeMay, Kathy J. Qberlin Demel, Gerald F., Odin Deni mitt,. Vicki G., Johnson Dempsey, Janis E. Montrose Denham, Marilyn S Tulsa. Qkfa. Dirks, Sandra S., Lad ell Divel, L, Carol Jewell Dixon Larry D., Houston Doane Sharon L,, Hays Dodd, Jerroid L. Morlartd Dodson Donald W,, Cold water Do ley, Allan D. Palm Springs Cali}. Doley Edna D., Kinsley Ethem, Henry G. Englewood . Colo. Fanshier, Clara R., E l is Farmer. Lila E., Garden City Fehrenbaeh, Nancy E, T Jet more Fehrenbacher Francis K t Hays Feldt, W illiam R. Oakley Ferree, Daryl E, Russell Fike Donald L.. Courtland Filbert Daryl W., Bazine Finger Robert J,, Hoisington Fink John B., Good I and Finney Don L., Great Bend Flummerfelt, Mary E„ Hit go ton Folkerts W en de l L., LaC fosse Ford, James E. Hays Ford, Grable M , Great Bend Ford, Nelda R. Rozel Foster, Gary J., Russell 242 Foreign students on campus meet members of the American Association of University Women at a buffet dinner which is held annually. Francis, Diana R,, St. John Franz Jerald C«, Newton Frazey Lynn A., Hoxie Freed, Ronald L. Ulysses Fry, Donald E., Winfield Frydendall, Sue A., Ponis Gabel Rita M., Hays Gales, Rita G,, Oberlin Garner, Larry D,, St. John Gaston, Charlotte A., Bucyrtts Gerritzen, Eugene W. C la f I in Gerstncr, Jude J,, Hays Giebler Wayne fL, Hays Giess, Lyle D., Arnold Gilmore, Carolyn A., Hays Gilbert, Clifford B, McCracken Girton Michael W,, Great Bend Goering, David J. Inman Goering Vernon G., Hutchinson Goodman, Clyde L,, Beeler Gordon, Don LL Great Bend Gotcha II Thomas D., Good land Graves Hilly K., Healy Green Shirley R r , Hays Greenwood, Georgia R., Dodge City Griffin, James H., Sublette Griffin, Joanne, Almentt Griffith Charles L„ Scott City Griffith Shirley L Modoc Gross, Harold D., Hays Grosshans, Iona R,„ Scott City Gruh, Michael IX Sylvia Gruhb, Harry M„, Wilson Gunn, James R Hutchinson Haf flier Frances M., Hoxie Hager, Richard A r Norton International Students Meet University Women Jowler Cathey W, t Wa Keeney Fox, Dayton A., Bezel 243 Juniors ii Hale, Roger W, t JF oWsron Hallagin, Janice G„ Hallagin, Sheila G., M cDonatd Hailing, Patricia A,, Mansion Ha m h let, Jim L„ Hays Ham man, Judith A., Garden City Hammer, Denis G,, Ellinwood Harder, Gary C, Lindsborg Harkness, Clifford H, n Hays Harris, David W., Ness City Harris, Dennis E., Plainville Harris, G. Duane, Stafford Harrison, Robert E., 5f r John Harsh barge r, Elwood R., Hit vs Hart, William D., Hays Hauschild, Karen S., Oakley Hayes, Peggy S„ Liberal Headley, Ranee K., Ellsworth Heidriek, Jerome, Beloit He ikes, Ernest E,, Minneapolis Hein, Jerome A,, Kensington Heitschmidt, Mervin E,, Sco f City Henrickson, Regina R., Oberlin Henry, Songie L., Norton Bering, Marilyn J. Satanta Herron, Donald Ik, Kinsley Hickman, Maxwell K., Phillipsburg Hildreth, F. Jerry, Greensburg Hillman, Terry M,, a Keeney Hinxiergardt, Roger N., Barden Hladek, Kenneth L , Ellis Hoffman, Barbara 1C, Ashland Hoffman, Gar ‘ IL, Ashland Hoffman, Margaret J., Kano pods Hoffman, Richard E., Lakin Helen. Ralph R., Phillipsburg Holmes, Garry L.. Woodsion Horinek, Ronald L, Ludetl Hottman, Robert E., Abilene Houser, Gail L, Paradise Houser, Randall L,. Paradise Hoyt, Fred D., Ford Hrabe, Larry R., Plainville Hudson, Myrna K.. Kingman Huebmann, James R-, Selden 244 Juniors Jones, Larry L.. Colby J nes, LeRoy R., Glasco Jones, Marjory E,, Kensington Karban, Elvina L,, WUson Katt, Ronald O., Grain field Katz, Clarence J,, Deerfield Hu]!, Dorothy E.. Plainville Hunter, Diane 5 ., Hays Hunter, Monde K., Satan ta Hurley, Arthur R., Bur kiln Huston, Gerald J.. Abilene Ihrig, Charles A., Goodhind Inner, Dwight R,, Wichita Jacob, Philip C., Pratt Jeffries. Jerry R., Salma Jenkins, Steven L„ Hunker Hill Jimerfifltl, Thomas B,, Morningside, Mil. jindra, Marti a J., Simpson Johannes, Lowell R., Safina Johnson, Deanna F., Ulysses Johnson, Gary W.. Red Cloud, Neb. Johnson, Jack L.. Kansas City Johnson, James C, Zenith Jones, J. Douglas, Timken Kaufman, Donald W., Lucas Kay, George M.„ Hays Keller, Donald E,, St. Francis Kellogg, Rrooks L., Evanston, III . Kessler, James R., Garden City Ketchum, David E., Rexford Keyse, Tom B,, Scott City Kilbourne, J, R r , Hugoton King, Dennis D., Goodland King, Judy A., Belleville Kitchen. Lawrence D„ Kunorado Klaus, Alberta T., Hays Kline, Carolyn R., Morland Klotz, Paul M,, Norton Koch, Celia A., Great Bend Kohlasch, Gary G,, Salina Korf, Lawrence D., Houston Kortman, Linda A rp Colbv Kraus, Joseph E., Garden City Kraus, Sandra K,, Garden City Kraus, Terrence J., Garden City Kreitler, Ralph A,, Centerville K resin, Pauline M., Glen Elder Krilcy, Raymond W,, Stocktort 245 Juniors La Barge, Lawrence J., Da mar La Barge, Marvin E,, Damar La Barge, William J., Gaylord Lane, Bonita C, Wichita LaRocque, Robert, Burr Oak Larson, Stephen W , Tescott Laugh lin, (.-ary IX, Goodland Lawrence, Kerry M., Hays Leaaure, Frank I),, Lyons Leighton, Lurry E r . H ays Leiker, Dennis W,„ Walker Leiker, Jan M+, Great Bend Leikcr, Tom N,, Hays Lewis, Niki L., Kinsley Li by, Lloyd F., Mikonvale Light, Diana M„ Liberal Lindquist, Robert L„ Russell Lindsay, Michael E,. Sharon Spring , Linenberger. Marla j,. Hays Linenberger, Rose Ha M,, Hays Lipp, M. Carol, Burdett Little, Ron H., Englewood Loop, Larry L., Hays Lucas, Ted V„ Sylvia Lundgrin. Larry D r . Russell Lyrzak, Victor H., North Brook , III, Mahoney, Mary L., Dorrance Monos, Claud ine R r . Miami, Okla , Marmie, David D„ Great Bend Martin. Delbert W. T Tribune Marlin, John D., Hoisington Marti!. Robert H.. (Jointer Mathews, Judith J„ Bethesda, Md, Mathews, Sandy J., Hays Matter, Paul M,, Jewell Maura! It, Reatta M.. Monument Maura! It. Clement J., Monument May hew, Roger I L Plain till e M ( Carroll, Helen L.. Hays MeClurg, Wanda L., Logan McComas, H. Earle ne. Dodge City McCormick, Steve M.. Lakin MeCuc, Linus L.. Lakin McElroy. Donald W,, Randall McFall, Elsie J„ Coats McFarland. Gloria J., A l menu Mr Guy re, Patricia R.. Wichita McKinney, Robert E„ Lewis 246 Juniors McLdand, Larry L., Great Bend McMullen. Floyd C., Haviiand Mecldessel, Mary A., Garfield Meier, Dean W., Norton Mcitl, Mary K,, Oakley Melton, Jerry J., Concordia Merlins, Patricia L.. Hays Meyers, Lynda L., Cayman, Okla. Miller. Emilie, Russell Miller, Gary L., Agra Miller, Linda M + , Great Bend Miller, Monte J., Ashland Miller, Sandra L., Phillipsburg Miller, Terry D., Great Bend Mills, Steven K,. CuBison Min son, L. Mike, H rising ton Montgomery, Lin don C«, McDonald Montgomery, Kirliard R,. Penokee Moore, Michael F„ Grinnell Morgan, Edward II,, 0 go Bah Morgan. Linda J- Alexander Mortimer, James L„, Russell Motaner, Ale no K., Wilson Mu ilk, Mary T., Victoria Murphy, Melvin M., Lamed Naylor, Terry E., Great Bend Ncaderhiscr, Benny D., Cuba Neely, Don C, Scott City Nelson, Kenneth R r . If ugo ion Nelson, Margaret F., Rush Center Nelson, Michael E„ Tescott Nicholas, William L„ Johnson Nichols, David C„ Qbertin Nichols, Duane L „ Hunter Nickel, Gary I , Colby Niles. K,-m E„ Richfield Noah, Roger B., Plainvitle Noel, Francis R, Logon Oberzan, Joe M, Lawrence O’Brien. Stanley J„ Bazine Ochs, James L. , Utica Ohnmacht, Judy A,, Mealy Olson, .Margaret A.. Len ora Olson, Nione D., Herndon Organ, Daryl 1,., Oakley Ostermann, Linda A., Sylvan Groce Ostmeyer, Judy K„ Grinnell Otis, James F„ Concordia 247 Juniors 0 verm i Her. Lois I., Smith Center Overtoil, Linda L., Jetmore Packard, Terry F., Plains Palmer,, Ava D., Atwood Palmer, Daphne A., Hays Pancake Mary A., Atwood Patterson Jerry G-, Hill City Pearson, Loren J-. Hays Pekarek, Rod L., Elkhart Peter, Karla A.. Selden Peters, Lavona L,, McCracken Peterson, Conrad P-, Gar field Petrus, Robert L, f Garden City P fa nnen stic I, Caroline J Hays Pfeifer, Betty A,, Hays Plvonka Louis R, EHinwood Pizel, Ronald L., Kanorado Plowman, Phyllis M. Dresden Poague, Larry C., PhilUpsbarg Pool, Eleanor F.. Phillipsburg Pratt, Donald E., Alton Pundsaek, Donald J„ Great Bend Puzig, Edward H., Hays Rahenseifner. Elizabeth L. Lamed Ragan. Rebecca L. Ellis Ransom Robert J„ Kansas City Ray, Sally _ L, Ashland Heed, James F. Lukin Reichcl Merlyn D., LaCrosse Reinhardt, Gerald D r Hays Rex ford, Ray A., Montezuma Reynolds, Mark A., Natoma Rhodes, Terry L. t Garden City Rice, Richard W., Hoisington Rifle, Tommy W., Stockton Hindi Judy K., Herington Riner, Roma L., Scott City R Iordan, John T, Solomon Ritterhouse, William 1C Safina Robbins Jeffrey V„ Atwood Roberts, Allen D., Shields Robles Teodoro N., Hays , Cj ter- WGr Rogers, Norma J-. Ellsworth Rogg, Darrell W., Bunker Hill Rome, Gleiini A., Winona Ross, Alida A., Long Island Rounkles, Marvin L., Paradise Rucker, Mary j.. Burden 248 Juniors Ruder Darrell J Hays Rupp, Leon G., Ness City Rupp, Mary L., Hays Rupp Roger P., Ellis Rusco, Gloria J., Great Bend Russell Judith A, Utica Russell, Linda L„ Russell Ryan, Warner A., Concordia Sack, Sharon A,, Hays Saddler, Rita A., Colby Sager, James L, Clyde Sallee Terry., St. John Sanneman. Danny D, Palmer Sawyers, Jon IX, Ashland Schafer, William IX. LaGfosse Schalansky joe A., Kirwin Schippers. Norman R,, Victoria Schmidt, Gerald F., Hays Schneider, Richard IX, Downs Schneider, Sharon K,, LaCrosse Schreiber, Karen A., Nickerson Schreiber, Richard K., Downs Schukman L. Jay. Almena Schulte Martha J., Cawker City Schulze, Lonnie L., Norton Schumacher, Juleen R,. Hays Schur, Richard C., Minneapolis Schwindt, Frances V,, Bazine Scott, Edward j,, Liberal Scott, Fred W., Liberal Scott, Jerry D, Great Bend Scott. Susan E., Ellis Scovil Dorothy J„ Hutchinson Scovil, Mary V,, Hutchinson Sculley .Max D. Beeler Seifert Dave M., Clyde Seitz, George K., Holyrood Seltmann, Lyle J.. Nekoma Seltmann William IX, Nekoma Sewing. Anita M r , Mticksnille Shank Jane E., Burden Sheets Slier yle J„ Phillips burg Shcrraden Vickie J., Abilene Sims, Judith L, Smith Center Sisk, Victor R., Hutchinson Sites, Bruce E., Hays Sloan, Clair IX, Esbon Smiley Robert J,, Hays 249 Juniors Shi it Ik Geneva L., Codell Smith, .Mary F.„ Jewel l S ini ill, Phyllis J., Good land Smrcka, Virginia R,, Plain idle Sneed, Marlene G., Haviland Sommers, Curtis W. b Burns Souk up, Robert E., Wilson Southard, Frank A., 0 be rim Stark. Bill R., Hiawatha Stecklein, Ik jerry. Hays Stecklein, Linda M.. Hays Steele, Elizabeth B,, Arlington Steele, George U ., Satina Steffens, Martha J, Dighton Steiger, John JL Menlo Steinle, Sharon L., Wilson Stephens, Carole L Good land Sterling, Vi Vi, Greenwich Conn. Stevens, Frank I)., Hoisington Stevenson, John T., Mankato Stewart, Bill J + , Coldwater Stineburg, Gait M., St. John Stites, Eugene F., Satina Stithem, Erma A., Zurich Stranathan. Leon D.. Kiowa Slrouse, Cary P., Ashland Summer, Betty L., Good land Tassel, Leonard G,, Spearvitle Teichmann, Galen R„ Hudson Thaete, Gale H., Downs Thaete, Garry C, Downs Thompson, Gayle R., Almena Thummel, Carol J-, Plain mile Tit! berg, Eld a j,, Salma Torluemke, Ken H., Manhattan Tovrea, Carolyn F., Brewster Trogdon, Joyce I., Hugo ton Trussed, Larry K., Kackley Tuttle, Donald E.. Lucas VanAmhurg, Janet K.. Tulsa, Okla. Yeatch. Lynn A., Gorham Vogel, Kenneth E., Dodge City Yonacben, Cecil R., Pratt Voss, Ralph F, t PUtinvitle Waggoner, Stephen L„ Morland W agner, Nellie C, Victoria Wagner, Theo j., Dresden Wahlmeier, Larry J., Clayton 250 Juniors Walden, .Marilyn JL, Hays Walker Claris a Ik. Lamar Colo. Wallace Dolly A, Kingman Walters, Patrick. Hays Watts, Jack J., Hays Weber, Jay C, Chicago , Hi Weber John R., Fowler Webster. Allen L Hays Weerst Francis H r . Seward Wellbrodt, Kenneth, PlainviUe Wells, Glenn D., Rozel W ells, James R,, Garden City W ' erth, Joyce M. Hays Wcss Janice L., Great Bend Wester man Bryon K r . Hays W hjsler Patricia A. WaKeeney White, Patricia A. Salina Whitmore, Sandra E,, Brookville Williams Philip W., Garden City Williams Robert L., Plain ville Williams, William A. Hays W ' illmeth, Arleta R., Smith Center Wilson Bill R., Pawnee Rock Wilson Carol J. Ellinwood Wilson, Gary 1,., Lamed Wilson, Marilynn J. Great Rend Winder Wayne A. W ' alda WJndholz, Oren M, t Hays Wiseman, James A. Goodland W itte Sam L.. Great Bend Wittman Willetta R., Baiine Wollesen, Twila E. , Vesper Weight Joe B. Garden City W under, Richard D., Rush Center Yeradi Sibyl A., LaCrosse Yoho, Rex E., Liberal Yon key Eloyce A,, Si. Francis Y r ow, Stephen M., Hong Kong Young, Curtis C, Lukin Young, LaVelda L., Lakin Yunker, Robert IX Hays Zeller Victoria K, Dighton Zielke, Arthur T., Goodland Zier, Larry R., Lincoln Zimbelman Eldon K., St. Francis Zimmer, Eugene A., LaCrosse Zitnik, Joseph M, p Leoti Zohncr jane M. Penokee 251 Elected to offices for t lie Class of 1966 are Larry Roberts,, president; Mary Anderson, secretary, and Johnnye Appleton, vice-president. Sophomores Complete General Requirements Abels, Barry L, Clay Center Acheson, Donald E., Mar tend Adams, Ray D„ Dodge City Albert, Leon D., Gfen Elder Albert, L. L,, Wichita Albrecht, Dorothy A., N atom a Albright, Step ben B., Pretty Prairie Alexander, James E., Dili City - Allmon, Cortland R. h Concordia Anderson, Mary B,, Oherlin Anthony, Garry L„ Satanta Anthony, Larry W., Satanta Anthony, Robert C., Kensington Appleton, Johnnye P., Wichita Archer, Philip S., Russell Arias, Carlos A., Colombia, S.A , Armbruster, Ronald L., FJfis Arm it stead, Sharon K., Isabel Ashley, Ronald A., Palco Ansi, Eddie W., Hays Av I ward, James J., Hoisington Ayres, Dave L , Smith Center Ayres, Judith G,, Smith Center Raier, Sharon R., St. John Bailey, James D r , Russel f Baker, Barbara J-, Concordia Baker, Gwendolyn K„, Monument Baker, Kenneth B r , Clay Center Ballard, Rodney D r , Defphos Barenherg, Stanley L., Atwood 252 Berry Kenneth L., Topeka Rest gen, James H., .Manhattan Bcymer, C. Easton, Lakin Bieker, Fra nr is C, Hays Biles, Larry E., Atwood Billinger, Shirley A„ Morland Ritlel, Cynthia S., Ellis Blackburn, Mary K., Stafford Blank, Judy A., Grain field Bliss, Fred G, Atwood Blomendahl, Lynn Good land Bobst, Steve W.. Goodhnd Bodrn, Robert Ik, Downs Bodenliamer, Rebecca S,, Wq K eeney Roese, Barbara R,, Lamed Bolingcr, Milch E,, Lakin Boiler, Judy A., Natoma Btdiig, Dennis J„ Hays Bonham Jerry T.. .Uanter Boor, Norma J„ Hoxie Booth, Louise S., LaCrosse Booth, Mary I.., LaCrosse Boston, Jack F., Ellsworth Boll, Sidney W,, McCracken Boucher, Eugene IX, Zurich Bowen, Jack F., Ulysses Boyle, James E., Great Bend Branson, Barbara A,, Great Bend Brant, Darrel L., Sawyer Breeden, Carolyn K„ Hays Bare n berg, Teresa E., Atwood Barker, Robert C, Pratt Barleen, Arnold L., Concordia Barlow, James R., Holcomb Barrows, Bob Jane, Topeka Bartel, Gailen K,, Grcensburg Bart os, Dale L., Zurich Base, Steven W, t Rozel Beach, A. Craig, Kensington Reams, Erma J,, Hays Recher, Arthur W, T Good land Beekley, Judy K,, Osborne Beckman, Karlet.-n K,, Smith Center Beckman, Kathleen A., Hoxie Beecher, Clair P., Polco Beesley, Edward W r , Go re Bennett, Connie M., Kir win Bercns, Nancy A., Colby 253 Spare Time Spent on Study Rosalie Lei Rue and Barbara St rouse decide to catch up oil studies and appreciate fine weather at the same time. Breit, Judy A,, Gorham Brock, John H., Canker City Brooks, Bonnie M., Dens more Brown, Donald L., Bazine Brown, Michael T,, Liberal Brown, Richard A., Brewster Brown, Terry IF, Haddam Brownell William F. t Glasco Brum ley, Virginia L., Sail no Brungardt, Gerald A., Victoria Bmngardr, Katherine E,, Victoria Brungardt, Richard A,, Victoria Brungardt, Roy F„ Hill Cit j Buchanan, Cad W., Horsing ton Btiffon, James M., Topeka Burket, Charles H,, Elkhart Burkey, Donald R., Beloit Burroughs, Roger L., Washington, D.C. Burrows, Sandra A., Otis Cain, Cheryl A,, Hays Call, Jimmie L. Holy rood Canty, Charles E,, Junction City Capps, Stella Si., Hoisingion Carlin, Richard D., Buck) in Carlin, Rickey L, Satina Carmichael, Diana K., Great Bend Carpenter, Glenn is L., Goodland Carpenter, Melvin G., Colby Carroll, Connie T „. Russell Carter, Danna E., Kinsley Case! man, Stephen F., Beloit Casey, Alvin L., Hays Casey, Judith A., M a tom a Channel], Gary W,, Menlo Chegwidden, VerLee E,. Sylvan Grove Chiu ms ky, Conrad J., Hays 254 Christensen, Harold S., Norway Christiansen, Don £ r , Hudson Churchill, Karol U, Hays Ciaar, Nancy J r . Oberlin Claussen, N, Dale, If ' if son Clevenger, Cheryl V„ Kingsdown Cline, Dave L., Hugo ton Clydesdale, Judith A., Lenora Cobb, Charles V,, Russell Cold), Chery l M + , Plains Cody, Connie E,, Oberlin Coffeen, Dean A r , Russell Coffey, Karen D., Hays Colburn, Menvin J r , Russell Cole, Dale K., Great Bend Cole, Kenneth R lh Jetmore Conard, Carmen S., Lamed Conklin, Christopher J., Abilene Cooper, Helen XL, Oakley Cooper, Larry J., GoodUmd Cordill, Jerry R., Woodston Coiropia. Marsha L., Holy-rood Cowan, Vernon D,. Clyde Crabtree, Jacquelyn A,, Ransom Craven, Richard L, Russell Cress, Joe W., Gaodland Cress, Linda j., Norton Crisi, Teddy P., Garden City Croft, Vickie L,, Mulmne Cummins, Willa J-, Mulmne Cunningham, Gary 11, , W j Ison Daise, Ronald XL, Good land Damman, Rodney D., Palmer Daniels, Sharon J., Ness City Davidson, Dale A., Clajlin Davis, Cecil G.« Russell Davis, Darrell E., Glen Elder Davis, James D„, Scandia Davis, James T., Liberal Davis, Rex E,, Alamota Deason, James A., Great Bend Decker, Cheryl K. s Bethel DeGarmo, Elsie E, t Haviland DeGeer, Katharine A., Lake City Deines, Robert M., If ' a Keeney Denton, Jonathan M., Atwood ncpperschmidl, Ken, Park Dicke, Marilyn R., Court land 255 Dietz, Dennis A., W a Keeney Dinkel, Marvin J.. Bison Dodd. Nyla M » Greut Bend Doerfler Joanne J., Hays Doerfler, Judith A., Hays Donovan,, Mike L, Norton Dory Janet L„ Hoisington Drach, Judeen C Hudson Drake Sheryl L., Nekoma Duel!, Joyce I, Great Bend Duff John II Beloit Dumler, Bill K, Leoti Eisenhour, Douglas K., Stafford Ellinghoe. Ann Hays Elliott Bud Richland Center, Wis, Ellis Richard W, Stockton Elsea, Mary L r , Medicine Lodge Engel, Douglas A„ Ellis Dull. Sylvia K., Hays Dutton M. Kay Hutchinson Edmonston Harold M.„ Protection Edwards Bet ha K., Russell Eggers, Kenneth J, Ness City EiHan, Cyrus Tehran , Iran Engle, Maribeth Abilene Erbes Lucinda, LaCrosse Eulert Lynda K., Paradise Evans, Anita J., Russell Felvrenbach Gerry M. Jet more Fenwick, Larry D,, Macksville Ficken Jon L LaCrosse Fink Monte D., Abilene Flair Belli E,. Kingsdo wn Flake Jackie, Hoisington Flcgler, Dwaine A r . Hays Flummerfelt Judy M. Hugo ton Foley, Barbara J.. Kansas City Koran. Kevin W., Uilson Forbes, Shari S„ LaCrosse Ford, Mary M., Kensington Franz, Celia A. Newton Freeman, Diana F, Lamed Frey, Earl E., Abilene Frieden, Harold A., Hardtner Fryman, Dudley J., Rossrille Cal liart, Mary A., Beloit Garden Susan F„ Sterling Caret son, Beverly M. Copeland c o «kmk 2S6 Sophomores Make Friends Over Cokes Friends meet in the Memorial Union between classes for a coke and light conversation. Gerstner, Timothy J,, Hays Gesink, Robert W., Downs Geyer, Pamela K., Sylvan Grave Gilbert, Alvin R., Plainville Gill, Stephen L, Pkillipsburg Gilmore, Glora D., Kinsley Glaze, Donald FT, Minneoht Claac, Errol R., Lamed Goings, Amy R r , Rule ton Grauerholz, Eldon H., Kensington Grecian, Jerry L., Beloit Gregg, Eldon A., Smith Center Griffin, Marilyn F., Hutchinson Griffitls, Elizabeth J., Randall Grim, Carolyn S., Argonia Grossardt, Darlene F., Ctaflin Haberman, Donald R., Great Bend Hachmei$ter, Judy L., Codell Haden, Russell R , Clifton Hagaman, Sly n da J., Satanta Hakimian, Farrokh, New Gardens, N.Y. Halbgewachs, jerry D., Glen Elder Hallagin, Ronald C, Good land Hallagin, Sandra L., G odfond Hampton, Edwin W-, Tribune Hamlin, Fran, Cimarron Hanel, Katherine A., Cuba Hardgrove, Dean C,, Liberal Harlan, Meredith V., Repub it Harmon, Douglas E., £ l Dorado Harris, Dennis L., Lawrence Hart, Emery L., Hoxie Hartley, Shirley F,, Elkhart Hartman, Ralph M., Grain field Has=e, Kevin R., Springfield, Va , Hasten, Karen j., Elf inwood 257 Sophs Follow Tiger Teams Hasz LaYonna A., Scott City Hatch, Lanetta M+, Benkelman, Neb. Hayden, W Benny, Ruleton Hayes, Dennis L, Levant Hays, Victor L,, Long Island Heffel, Lynne J.» La ray Students refer to the basketball program and acquaint themselves with particulars concerning the oncoming game. Heglund, Kathryn L r . Mentor Heine, Rebecca A r , H on se f N.M. Hemp, Ronald E,, Hays Hendershot, Gary D., Burdett Hennigh, Barry W,, Englewood Henry, Douglas L-, Ottawa Henry, Larry L r , .1 inn e a polis Herman, Alfreds M,, Penokee Herring, Clara M., Liberal Hertel, Gerald J„ Ne$$ City Her tel, Kayleen A., Great Bend Hertel, Robert C., Great Bend Hibbs, Janet L., Rexford Hie bert, David C,, Pawnee Rock Hilbig, Albert L., Liberal Hildebrand, Carol A,, Hill City Hillman, Maureen D., Ogaflah llintzc, jacquie, Joliet , . Hockett, Artlrnr E,, Ulysses Hogan, Margaret I,, Kinsley Huge, Michael A., Great Bend Holler, Harris R r , Gorham Holt, Carolyn S., Liberal Hoover, Ronald D„ Almena Hoppas, Stephen C. h Oberlin Hosie, Darrel D,, Abilene Howe, Dean R., Mansion Hubbard, Gary J„, Colby Hudson, William C., Macksville Hull, Harry G., Hays Humburg, Jack A., Hays Hutchins, Pamela K., Scott City Hutchison, John E., Jewell Irvin , Vicky N., McCracken Jacka, Alan W. f Cimarron Jackson, Bruce Russell 2E8 Jackson, Lorraine M., Belleville Jacobs, Joe D., Norton Jarvis, Richard D.. A! menu Jantz, Jack W M Greensburg Jennings, James A., Council Bluffs, Iowa Jennings, Ken W., Phillipsburg Jc unison, Paul Healy Jezck, Carol J.. Holyrood Johnson, Carl W., Ulysses Johnson, Edwin K., Hagoton J o li n son , j oa n L., Plat n t ill e Johnson, Judy L. t Hays Johnson, Phyllis C, Ellis Johnston, Sherri R. Wichita Jones, John H.. Herington Jones, Rosa L., Herington Kath-l, Stephan FL, Beloit Kagarice, Clydene C., Hutchinson Kaspar, Allan, Jennings Katz, Lyle D., Kinsley Kaufmann, Priscilla A,, Olathe Kceley, Patty J,, Raduim Keith, Doris A,, Morland Keith, Myrtle A., Morland Keller, Jerry W., Ellis Kelly, Benny J,, Good land Kemper, Sharon V., Logon Kent, Lonnie R., Hutchinson Kessler, Ronda J., Kensington Kiehl, Scott R., Wichita King. Carroll W„ Satnnta King; Dixie A., Stafford Kippes, Jeanette, Victoria Klever, John H., Indianoia, Iowa Kline, Cecil A., Great Bend Klinzman, Trylla M., Agra Klisli, Dale E P , Plain tille Klotz, Warren S„ Phillipsburg Knauf, Jerry L., Hays Knoll, Terry J., Victoria Knorp, Karen L., Anthony Koci, Lois L., LaCrosse Koehler, Cheryl A., Oberlin Koelsch, David L, Ell inwood Kohlasch, Karen K,, Salma Korf, jo Ann Q, Hanston Korf, Luna II, Hanston K oriel, Mary M., Rush Center 2S9 Kraft Leroy J., Park Kraft, Marvin J,„ Park Krafi, Richard R., Utica Kralicek, Sharon K., Hunter Kraus, Vernon J. Pretty Prairie Kroeger, Ronald IL If a Keene y Krueger Pamela Y,, Natoma Kruse, Larry F,, Selden Kundred, John, Hay 5 Kvasnicka Charles E, Colby Kwak, Susan D., Morton Kyriakides Dinos G, Cyprus Lakin, Donald N. Pawnee Rock Lally, Steven E., Russell Lang, Rose A., Ellis Larson Donald L. s Chapman LaRue, Rosalie A., Herington La las, Jeanette M, Rozel Lawson, Patricia R„ Atwood Learning, Bob L., Dodge City Leary, Michele M., Hays Leas, J. Mike, Hays Lebsack, Richard R., Otis Lillie Ted W., Hays Lindsey, Joyce E, Stockton Lippuldt, Patricia J,, Kinsley Locke, Johnnie CL, Natoma Laewen Roger K„ Ingalls Locwen, Sue Valley Center Lohmieyer, Gerald E., Logan Sophs Dunked in Big Creek Sophomores lose the Homecoming tug-of-war for first lime in three years. Long, Saundra S. WaKeency Lori mo r, Lee A., Phillips ha rg Lowdermilk, Cayle A., Glen Elder Lowell, Rill H, Florissant Mo. Lyda, Lynn a E., Alexander Lynch, Lynda L,, Great fiend Lynn, Douglas A. fPichila Alai, Walter A., Great Bend Makings, Gary D., Downs 260 Manning, Patty J., Great Rend Marcum Crystal D., Turon Markiey Cary J„ LttCrosse Martinez, John K., Lit tie River May, Barhara L,., Ellis McCartney Carolyn K., Qberlin McCarty Connie L., Great fiend McClain, Lola B,, Luray McCullum Alice F.. Meade McDonald, Nancy C, Smith Center McFarland, Gary J., Aimena McGavran, C. Ray, Ada McIntyre, Ellis E., Jewell McKee, Linda A. Culver McLallcn, Jack J- ilson McNeill, Jerry L., If ays McWhirter, Danis G., Digkion Mendenhall, Arnold G., Mankato Menhusen, Malinda G., Jewell Mermis, Bernie J., Hays Merydith, Brent W., ft ' ti Keeney Metcalf, Sondra S., Lyons Metz, Susan L Wellington Meyer Kenneth L., Sublette Meyers, Terry F Lamed Michaelis, Larry D-, Utica Miles Helen M, Ashland Millard, Jack L , U ' a Keeney Miller, Carol L., Mansion Miller, David L., Agra Miller, J. Elaine. Ellis Miller, Louise, Stafford Minor Deanna L. Minneola Moliler, Quentin E., Lamed Mohr, Damdl D,, Timken Montgomery, Janet L., Holy road Monty Paul L., Concordia Morel, Robert J,. Jennings Morgan, Marla M,, Pratt Morris, Drexyel J-, Plainville Morris, Ruth A,, Hill City Mosher Sheila G., Plainville Moss, Linda Z., Hays Munsell, Leroy W., Belle Plaine Murphy David M., Abilene Murphy, Joseph A., Great Bend Murphy, Judson E, Dightoit Murphy, Lonnie D., Natoma 261 Myers, Dale G,. Medicine Lodge Nagel, Douglas E., Leoti Ned row. Kathryn R.. Kind ft Neely, Nor ma J., Johnson Nelson, Andrew 0.. Tuscan Nelson, Janet L, Hays Nelson, Jerome A., Valley Center Nelson, C. Sue, Hays Newell, LeRoy A.. Da mar Nichols, Douglas A,, Mentor Nicholson Robert A., Morland Nieman, Lawrence N., Grinnell Nieman, Paul IL, Grinnell Noah, Deanna M., Palco Noel, Mary L„ Logan Noland. A. Kent r Harden O bor ny. J e a n I . . Timken OffuU. Gerald E.. Arnold Ohlemeier, Linda M., La Crosse O ' Leary, Eugene E., S;. Francis Oplinger, Carolyn M., Jewell Ostrander, Charleen. Burden Owens, Sandra K,. Edson Page, John W., Safina Pah Is, Richard J., Downs Pa I m berg, John E,. Palco Palmer, Kent E., Lucas Palmer, Tom C., Smith Center Panyik, Richard, East Alton , III. Parks, Gary L r £7 (4 Partin, Bonnie C,, Stafford Patterson, Fred D., Copeland Pauslian, Carole L., Wichita Peavev, Carolyn J., Plaint if fe Pc den, Jean A., Kinsley Peril, Jim L,, McPherson Peter, Sally J,, Good land Peterson, David a L r . Hays Peterson, Patrick C., Clyde Pettengill, Glenn N., Lawrence PettengiH, Maelyn IX, Lawrence Petty, Bruce A,, Hays Pfeifer, Do lor is. Hays Pfost, Sheila B.. Medicine Lodge Phelps, Evelyn D., Hays Phillips, Dorothy M.. Hanston Phillips, Lawrence W., Liberal Pickering, Larry T., WaKeeney 262 Sophs Join Follies Cast Carole Faustian sings a sultry song in Custer Hall’s Follies act, which won second prize in the group division last year. Pitner, Ralph SC, A twaad Platt, Mary R., Great Bend Porter, Richard D., Little Riier Powell, Janet S, T Liberal Pricket t, Larry J,, Ellis Pruitt, Carilynn S., Barnard Py well, Brian S,, Zurich Quiring, Margaret A,, Smith Center Ramsey, James X, Bentley Rankin, Darrell D., Ashland Reed, Ernie E,, Jetmore Reed, Judy J,, Oakley Reed, Robert T,, Monument Reese, Barbara G., Lagan Renner, Penney L,, Oakley Reynolds, Joyce E., A atom a Rice, Daniel B , Osborne Rice, Sandra S., Hays Ridgway, Margaret L., Atwood Ridgway, Susan G,, Oberlin Riedel, Arthur R r , Hays Rife, Joe L, LaCrosse Riffe, Georgia E. f Stockton Riff el, Jeanne A., Ellis Riley, Keith L., High ton Hindi, Sharon E Herington Roberts, C, Larry, If ' aKeeney Robert on, David V,, Montezuma Robinson, Richard L„ Downs Rode man, Charles K,, Arnold Roedig, Ingo W., Oberlin Rogg, Roberta M., Bunker Hill Romeiser, Janice K,, Alexander Ruse, Charlie C., Haviland Rucker, Robert N., BttrdeU Ruda, Kenneth F., Atwood Ruder, Nancy L,, Hays Rudman, Sally ]VL, Dal to Riipke, Wayne K,, Prairie View 263 Ru s, Vertiald, L„ Phillips burg Ruud, Annin E„ Jamestown Saddler, Carol M,» Gem Saddler, James L rt Gem Sander, John C-. Hays Sander, Ronald P Oakley Sander, Sam L., Victoria Sapp, C. Kay, Lamed Sasse, Carolyn J., Gaylord Saler, Donna F ++ Oberlin Sauers, Martha M., Russell Saylor, E. Harold, Liberal Scanlon, Gale Collyer Schaefer, Margaret A., Ojjerlc Schaver, Anthony L,, St. Francis Scheck, Linda )X, Great Bend Sc heck, Melba L., Gorham Sc hie de man, Linda A ,, LaCrosse Sehavee. Glenn lx. Oakley Selin , Sh err y A , . B el l e vil le Shepherd, Roger L Russell Sidener, Ronald L.. A da Sigrist, Charles J., Hays Si 1] in, Judy A., Hudson Simnionds, Gail 1.,, Inman Sinclair, Carol F„ Xewton S ke 1 1 on , J anet S . . Lamed Skelton, Burn N,. Lamed Skcllon, Linda L.. Lamed Smith, Betty M,, Pawnee Rock Sc hiss I er, Carol J.. Herndon Schmitt, Beverly A., Park Schmutz, Dale R., Abilene Schnoehelen, Mary A, T Lewis Sehoen, A1 H., Beloit Sehoen i t Eulonda K., Kensington Sehrock, Eldena G, f Plainville Schumacher, William C., Jewell Schweitzer, Sonja K,, N ess City Schwien, Garnett a, Bazine Scott, Roger L., Ellsworth Scott, Richard W , Atchison Smith, Giro I I).. St. Marys Smith, Juanita C.. Kinsley Smith, Lowell R., Clyde Smith, Martha F,, Junction City Smith, Ray S., Larkinbtirg Smith, Sara A., Garden City 264 Sophs Fill Social Lives With Dancing and Dating Mary Lou Elsea stamps Kay Dutton ' s hand while buys tickets to a dance Gary Cooper Spicer, James W., Phillips burg Spomer, Patricia, Hays Spreier, Linda L , Jetmare Sprcnkel, Thomas E,, Qu inter Sraniek, Sharon J., Stratton , Neb. Starney, David L., Norton St. Aubyn, James 5., Russell Staven, Bruce L, Hays Steeklein, Carol S-, Victoria Steffen, Donald D., Burden Steffens, Mary M, Di§hton Steinle, Wayne K,, Russell Stephen, Jerry L., Curden City Stephens, Casandra L., Great Bend Sterling, Nancy I , Garden City Stilts, Martha U„, Belpre Stoppef, Gerald W., Dor ranee Stramel, Gary L, Pfeifer Sun ley, James E., Brownell Super, Joyce A„ H HI City Swisher, Dwight L., Lindsborg Taddiken, Dixie R., Clifton Tannyhill, Clarelta M,, Great Bend Tapphorn, Ralph M., Grinnell Taxacher, James M., State College, Pa. Taylor, Mary L. t Hoys Teho, Stephen D., BUI City Teeter, Ann M. t Oakley Teichmann, Charlotte K.. Hudson Terry, Johnny B,, Haigler „ Neb. Teschner, Thomas R., Atchison Thibaulr, Stanley L, Osborne 1 Emmas, John K., Woodston 265 Kay Dutton, Cary Cooper, Becky Bodenhamer, Joyce Super and Jane Weigel serve on Union dance committee. Thompson, Franklin B.. Russell Thompson, Virki J., Elkhart Thornburg, Alan L., Alton Thy fault, Harlan A., Damar Sherry Selby and Allen Shelton have punch and cookies at the Union Birthday Party. Tillery. Richard L.. Sr. John Timken, Gary L , Cimarron Title!, Beverly J„ Bazine Todd, Robert 0-. Good land Tomrdlc, Susan K., Hays Toole, Terry L,, Hu got on Trapp, Dennis N., Susan k Trible, Ronnie D., Pafco Turner, Michael G, t Great fiend Ubert, Lila Russell Ullrich, Bcrnadine M.„ Colly er Unruh, Arvid L., Lamed Unruh, Eileen J., Pawnee Rock Unruh, Phillip F., Great Bend Urban, Dorothy A., Brook ville Van Allen, Riehard L r , Sharon Springs Van Dyke, Garvin K., Hays VanLaningham, Max L., Concordia Van Scyoc, Larry D., Russell Von, Dennis A., Gorham Vratil, Ronald D. ( Radium Vrbas, Dennis 1... Atwood Wagner, Dale E., Russell Waldman, Donna M., Park Walker, Denzil D., McCracken Walker, Sharen K,, Englewood Waller. William L. T Stockton Walter, Janet M., Ness City Walters, Carol A., Hays Ward, Rita L., Waldo 266 Sophomores Serve Union on Planning Committees Warren, Jim L., Hays Watson, Eunice E,, St, John Watson, Martha j., Branson, Mo. Watson, Michael E., Liberal W eber, Ki chard j, Ellis Wears, Diane M., Seward Weigel, M. Jane, HoisingtOn Weigel, Tammy D., Oakley We] I brock, Richard P„ Hays Wells, George L, Rozet W ' erth, Richard L„ Ness City Wester, Gene W . Mankato Westphal, Danny M., Isabel Wherry, Mary A. t Dor ranee Whisler, Elizabeth, W a Keeney White, John R., Healy Whitley, Joseph D., LaCrosse Whitney, Derry M.. Hays Whitney, John W. s Phillips burg Wicke, Archie E., Hays W ilcox, Bill C., Clay Center Wilkcns, Bruce E„ Scott City Wilkerson, Norman E., Plain ville Willed, John E.. Junction City W ilson, Fred L., Lamed Wilson, Jack s., Goodland Windhok, Brian J., Hays Witt, Merle D„. Pi son Witwer, Verland W r , Abilene W olf, David L, Hays W olfe, Randall D., Norton Wolfe, Richard D., Norton W oolen, Glen D., Hugoton Worley, Steve D., Clay Center Wyatt, Arliss L., Hays Yost, Mary K., Alexander Younkin, Harvey A., Oakley Zuchnian, W. Ronald, Ellis Zimmer, Max P., Downs 267 ding the largest freshman class in the history of the college David Mec ken stock. president: Clair Swann, vice-president, and Beverly Claassen. secretary. Largest Freshman Class Launches College Career Acheson, Delbert W., M or land Acker, Kathleen A., Otis Adams, Charles E,, Cot by Adams, Dennis M,, Colby Aquirre, Martha J., Montevideo, Uruguay Akers, Barbara A., Lau-rencc Akers, Karolyn M., Hays Alcorn, Marion E., Concordia Amerine, Linda M., Scrrartfn Anderson, Darlene L., Hays Anglin, Judy M., Cote Appel, Shirley A,, Garfield Appl, Janet L., LaCrosse Archer, Carol S,, K a norad o Archer, Wayne L,, Logan Arpin, Harold J., Satina Aschenbrenner, Gerald L-, Colby Aschenbrenner, Stephen A., Brewster Ashton, Craig J., Belleville Augustine, Ronald L., Lenora Augustine, Rose! in, Ellis Babcock, Charles L,, Abilene Bachus, Terry K. f Abbyville Baier, Dan E., Abilene Baker, Charles D., Monument Raker, Cherie R,, Buffalo, Okla . Baker, 0. Keith, Hays Raich, George T, Formosa Bale, Patricia E., Sublette Balloun, Randy D. ( Liberal 268 Balthazar, Keith A., Pa Icq Rangert, Dennis R„ Russell Barker. Norval K., Q ii inter Barnett. Ralph W., Gem Barnet L Sondra IX, Gem Barr. Marita J , Hoxie Bari a, Roger L.. PI aim i fie Barra, Susan E.. Lucas Bar ten, Janb L, Carlton Bangui I, Kenneth EL Bison Bateman, Retta M,, Edson Bauer, David A„ Broughton Begnoche, Gary M., Mil ton vale Beiderwell, Pauline A., Belleville Bell, Catherine .1., Beilina Bell, Ramona K., Moscow Belts, Roger W.. Bazine Bennett, Anita R., Sterling Bennett, Roger IX, Hu got on Bennett, William CL Jennings Bentley, Cheryl H., Garden City Be re its, Phyllis D., H ays Berger, William R., Jetmore Bergman, Robert R,, Osborne Betz, Larry D., Bazine Beymer, Steven L, Lakin Bieberly, Larry L., Sal in a Ricberly. Victoria M., Wellington Bicker, Eugene, Hays Bil linger, Alan L,, Hays Billinger, Thomas W., Hays Birney, Nina M., Sublette Rittel, Mary A., Hays Bittner, Barbara J-, Bazine Blaine, Janet K. ( Greensburg Blielcenslaff, Judy H., Oberfin Baxter, Thomas A., Hays Beals. Martha J., H ays Bean, Sharon K., Beloit Beeler, Ann E.. B doit Before Janice M., Hays Befort, Richard D„ Denver, Colo. Bloom quist, Van A., Falun Bock, Berta M., Cawker City Bogenhagen, Linda N., J Wallace Bollig, William J,, Hoys Boor, Ray B,, Liberal Borgmann, Lonnie B., Good land It Jii 26? Freshmen Pass ACT Tests and Pre-enroll Rower, Randy W,, Liberal Boyd, Melvin E., Great Bend Brainard, Rick L, Colby Brandenburg, Bonnie C, Hays Brandon, Glenn if., II ays Brauer, Freda R., Nekama Bray, Carol A., Milioniafe Bray, David K., Glased Breeding, Ralph E., Hugoton Brickoy, Marjorie E., Arkansas City Brickey, Mildred I., Arkansas City Bristow, Doreen A,, Jetmore Brockmeier, Sylvia E., Hope Broeckelman, Judith C., Grinned Brooks, Darrell R-. Oakley Brooks, Jerry L., Russell Brown, Barbara J,, Green shit rg Brown, Doris I., Lucas Brown, Gerald A,, Hays Brown, James I-., Lincoln Brown, Jan is A., Oberlin Brown, Robert L, Oberlin Brown, Susan, Stafford Brumitt, James E., Hays Brungardl, Carolyn K., Gorham Brunk, J a niece E., Hutchinson Bruns, Sandra K,, Liberal Brunson, Judith A., Norton Bryan, Cheryl K„ Oberlin Bullock, Janie M., Ulysses Bullock, Thomas M., Jetmore Bump, Billy J,, Morfand Bunker, Gerald R,, LaCrosse Burgess, Carol L., Be Hair e Burney, Meredith A., Minneola Burnham, Nancy L, Hill City Cain. Albert L., Glen Elder Cain, Marvin L., Pafco Cameron, Connie J., Great Bend Cameron, Dorene F., Oberlin Campbell, Muriel L,, Hays Campbell, Ronald D. f Great Bend 270 Tests are a more serious, demanding parr of the enroll- ment process. Rogene Peters offers a friendly back as an improvised writing support for enrol lee Karen Greene, Car ley, L. JoNelle, Hays Carlin, John D., Natoma Carlisle, E. Clair, Cold water Carlson, Carlene E., Kackley Carlson, Shelly X, Formosa Carpenter, Jackie A,, Scott City Case, C Sue, Scott City Casey, Joleen K., Natoma Chafieian, Nasser, Tehran „ iron Chain, Zandra I., Isabel Chandler, Leo F., Smith Center Chapman, Marsha I., Solomon Cheatum, Leslie J., Carden City Cheney, Carol j., Rex ford Cherney, Patty A., Wayne Chrisler, Eldon L., Natoma Christenson, Wayne D., Concordia Claasscn, Beverly A,, Newton Clay, Barry H,, Meade Qoe, Robert 0,, Atwood Clutter, Curtis E., horned Cole. Arthur T., Elkhart Cole, Larry E., Osborne Colglazier, Ronald E., Oakley Collins, Howard L., ffleskan Collins, Terry S., Partridge Co nan t, Charles D., Atwood Congdon, Connie 5., Garden City Converse, Betty K., Pawnee Rock Cook, Carolyn A., Great Bend Cook, Crystal C, Bunker Hill Cook, Judy K., Hays Cooper, David M., So lino Cooper, John D., Safina Coppock, Saundra K., Good! and Cordcr, Craig D., Selden 271 New Students Face First Enrollment Cordry, Richard D., Clifton Couch, Judith M,, Greens burg Coval, Lester W., Dodge City Crabtrey, Marilyn 3,, Great Bend Cramer, Carolyn S., Mealy Cranmer, Shirley A., Si. Francis Crumrine, Virle M., Brewster Cryan, Dorothy C, Fairfield, Cat if., Cunningham, Larry K., Ellsworth Currier, Georgianna M., Hoxie Curtis, Janice K., St. John Cusick, Connie L., Minneola Cussen, Tim F,, Plainville Danielson, Linda R. t Clifton Danielson, Que Jilin E. t Hays Dannebohrn, Larry G., Ellin wood Dansel, Rhoda J., Jet more Darst, Ronald L. T Buck! in Davis, Johnny J., Hu got on Da wso n , { i ] he r t 1L, Oakley Deal, Fred R,, Colby Decham, Marietta, Satina Deem, Sharon S., Russell Dee wall, Morris, P., Cold water DeGarmo, Rodger C, Kiowa Deges, Virgil L., Grain field Dei nes, " William F., W a Keeney Delaney, Robert R., Alton DeLay, Marian, Oakley Dempsey, John R., Jewell Dcnk, Annette L., Agenda Denning, Russell A., Safina Denny, Charles A., Colin Dent, Diane L., Bavaria Deters, Charlotte K., Downs Deutsch, Duane, Hoisington Deuiseh, Melvin D,, Hoisington Devaney, Diane C., Liberal Diblr, Julia J., Menlo Dinkel, Gary R, Victoria Dipman, Dedr i a A., Lamed Dirks, John M., Ludell 272 Dixon, Sharon E., Jetmore Doan, Chester W.„ Hays Doanc, W. Brent, Downs Doggetl. Robert H., St. Francis Donahty, Lorene L., Logan Donart, Jolenc K., Johnson Doner, Kaye G., Satina Donovan, Dennis D., Lewis Donto, Ahmadullah, Chasa, Tibet Portland, Kathalie A., Gorham Downing. Gene L r , Liberal Downs, -Michael K., Scott City Draper, Gary G., Glade Drehlc, Carina L., Great Bend Drciling, Annabel L, Victoria Dreiling, Gerald tL, Plainville Driscoll, Jack I)., Russell Droste, Karen K., Spearville DtiBois, Leo J., Newton Dudcn, Vi van K, Colby Dunn, Roy L., Plainville Dutcher, Robert M., Hu go ton Dutton. Richard W,, Concordia Dye, Billie L, Muhane Eccleston, Fransiska L., Fowler Eil rich, Sharon R., LaCrosse Eisenhour, Jim D., LaCrosse Elder, Barbara S., Smith Center E! sasser, Doug C-. Manchester Engel, Therese A,, Hays Engels man. Kenneth D., Prairie View Engleman, Pamela A., HiU City Eppinger, David R., Norton Erickson, Rex A., Rex ford Evans, Dallas M.. Wichita Evans, Diana R.. Russell Fahring, Anita L., Concordia Fenwick, Lynda F., Byers Fernandez, Eva ldo E„ Norton Fidler. Vicky S,, Meade Ficl, Donald R,, Lamed Findeiss, Christina A., Stockton Finley, Kay A,, Atwood Fischer, Beulah M., Ellis Flagler, Janet E,, Col Iyer Fieharty, Lynn A., Hastings Nebr T Flint, Larry L. t Smith Center Foley, David D., PhiUipsburg Folkerts, Karen Y., Rush Center 273 Movers Get Settled Early and Visit President at Home Ford, Shelia L., Phillipsbttr Forguc, Donald FT, Damar Laden with personal belongings, a harassed mover enlists the aid of her mother. Fossett, W. Curtis, Osborne Fournier, Robert E,, Plain ville Fowler, jane E., Selden F ox , Dana L, Hugotan Francis. John A., Hays Franz, Sonja S., Kan or ado Freed, Douglass L, Ulysses Freeman, Margaret A., Kirwin Freeman, Patricia A., Sl John Frey, Jon G., Oakley Friesen, Steven J., Hits sell Fritsdien, Layncte, Dor ranee Fritzemeier, Don L., Stafford Frobcnius, Robert F., Salina Fross, Gerald L., Hays Frydendall, Gaylene, Portis Funk, Robert E., Scott Cits Gaede, Duane A., Liberal Garrett, Kay E., W ne Garrett, Lloyd ! ., Oakley Geist, C. Frank, Scott City Genglcr, Dennis W., Beloit Gerstner, Robert W,, Victoria Gibbs, Sam R., Clay Center Gienger, Royce E., Si. Francis Gilbreath, Chester J,, Salina Gilchrist, Karen D., Selden (rill, Cynthia Y,, Phillipsburg Gilliland, Nancy J., Phi l lips bn rg Gish, Daniel C., Enterprise Gocring, Richard S., McPherson Goff, Gary L-, Penokee Goodale, Sam G„ Si. Francis 274 Karyl Brickey, student leader, introduces freshman Judith Tucker to President Cunningham at special open house. Grabbe, Janice A., Hays Graber, Paul N, T Hays Graham, Jo S., Concordia Grau, Del win C, Phillips burg Gray, Janet C, Meade Greene, Karen U., Great Bead Greenwood, Eric L, Hu got on Gregory, Richard L, Philiipsburg Gregory, Ruth L., Satina Griffith, Jimmy R,, Scott City Grinslead, Arthur E,, Paradise Haaga, Carol J,, Salina Haas, James L, Coid water Haas, Marilyn J., Ellis Ha german, Jon H., Long Island Hagman, Linda K., Kensington Haie, Lucinda M, McPherson Hamann, Belly 13,, Tribune Humii, Richard IL, Stockton Hampton, Doris L., Downs Hand, Barbara S., Liberal Hansen, Lyman, IL, Mankato Hanson, Edward G r , Atwood Hare, David J, T Clayton Hartman, Lois A., Park Harvey, Diana G., HaysviUe Hysclhorst, Duane A r , Hays Hauschild, Wanda L, Oakley Hayes, William M., Jetmore Hayward, Ivan L., Lehanoi j 275 Hecker, Gordon L., Quin ter Heier, Robert L,, Park Heimer, Robert I., Mentor Hein, Kathleen D.. Grainjield Heinlein, Rodger EX, Stafford Heiny, John L., Good land Heitschmidt, Rodney K- T Natoma He! get, John, Ellis Hemken, Edwin G, Lamed Hem ken, Janice K„ Lamed Henderson, Susan E, Pratt Hendrickson, Larry EL, Almernt Herd man, Terry L., McCracken Herdt, B, Jane, Liberal Herman, Edward, Catherine Herrick, Russell W., Phillipsbtirg Hemdge, Sharon L , San tan ta Hermraan, Carol A., Antonina Hevner, Judy A„ Goodland Hickman, Donald EX, Lucas Hicks, Gary F„, Plainville Hicks, James IX, Smith Center Hicks, ML Jill, Goodland Hicks, Paula, Norton Hladek, Donald LX, Col Iyer Hoffman, Thomas J,. Victoria Hogan, Bruce L., Beloit Hogan, Dennis F,, Saline Holmes, Vickie j,. Hays Holstein, Alfred H., Leoti Holt, Veda K M Liberal Homewood, Benton W., La ray Hood, Ann M., Ellin wood Hoover, Linda C, Salma Horney, Janet G,, Kinsley Horning, Laura A., Gaylord Hoskins, Nancy G+, Russell House, Carol M, Isabel Houser, Roger L., Quin ter Hrabe, Connie V., Plainville Hub bell. Dean a G , Spearville Huffman, Janies L,, Belleville 276 Newcomers Become Serious Students An engrossed student audience listens to a lecture on English literature by Dr. Samuel SacketL Humble, Rita J, Sawyer Hunter, Tonia J., Satina Hutton, Max A., OF ood start Hutton, Ustel (?., Stockton Ingersoll, David I.., Claflin Ingram, Cheryl A., Norton In ties, Rodney L., Phillipsburg Irvin, Cheryl A , Scott City Irvin, Cheryl F,, Hays Irvin, Reggie L„ McCracken Isem, David 1,, El l in wood Jacobs, Gaily a D;, Athol Jaime, Shirley A., Lttray Janssen, Bill i M., Ness Cit) J u ii El, Grant E., Beloit Jarvis, Basil C., Arnold Jensen, Linda J., Kinsley Joerg, Sandra S r , Courtland Johnson, Alan L, Concordia Johnson, Ronnie J., Burr Oak Johnson, Cecil I)., McPherson Johnson, Charles T., Belleville Johnson, Nina M., Great Bend Johnson, Robert G,, Logan Jones, Jay I)., Penal osa Jones, Jon R. s Monument Jones, Nancy K., Johnson Jones, Warren D., Woods ton Joy, Janice I,., H ays Judd, Gloria J., Greens burg Juno, Rita M.. Otis Kalia, Marilyn K.. Plain vide Kahmeyer, Linda S., Medicine Lodge Kaiser, Karen K. f H vising ton Kaiser, Ron L., Quinter Karlin, Bernard L„ Hays 277 Freshmen Sign Up for Campus Clubs Spanish Club members Mary Gross and C. L Magana and Mary Volk, sponsor of the group, invite Janet Pechanec to become a member. Karlin, Patricia A., Hays Kaser, Nancy L , Osborne Kasselnian, Larry D., Great Bend Katz, Velda j., Kinsley Katzenmeier, Ivan D., Ellsworth Kaufman, Gene A,, Bunker HU! Kearney, Ola R, Plaint ill e Keith, Max S., Penokee Keller, Phyllis E., Sc F ranch Kelly, Terry M„ Plain vilte Kemp, Corliss L., Ellinwood Kent, J. Alexi Hays Kepley, David L-, Ulysses Keyser, Larry D., JFaKeenev Kill be, Jim D., Randall Kief for, James Hays Kifer, Charles J., Scott City Kilbourne, Jan R. r Hugoton Kilgore, Martha I.., Kinsley Kilgore, Thomas C., Man ter King, Daniel L-, Jetnwre King, Sandra E,, Liberal Kinser, Jerry J ., Clayton Kisner, Gary J.. Great Bend Kitchen, Kathleen S,, Kanorado Khorens, Jean A., Menlo Klein, Floyd E., Pfeifer Klein, Kathryn S,, Ness Cit Klein, Ronald L,, Bis on Kliina, Curtis R, Belleville Knipp, Donald E,, Damar Koch, Elvin R., Great Bend Koerner, Randolph L,, Hays Koerperich, Janice K., Selden Kohler, B, Cave, Good land Kollman, Marlin L., Stockton 278 Kon .em, Eugene F., Tipton Korb, Sandra G r , flurr Oak Korie, David G., Colby Krug, Dennis R., Hoisington Kruse, K ' iroJ A,, Monument Kruse, Ronald M, Hays Kuelvnhoff, Susan J. s Sun Francisco, Calif, Kuhn, Dennis L., Ulysses Kuhn, Elizabeth A., Victoria Kmnberg, I, Laynne, Sawyer Kurth, Janiee S., Liberal Kvasni eka, Roger K., Lucas La Clef, Terrill Ik, Clyde Lamb, Cary L., Bird City Lambert, Carl L, Ulysses Lambert, Ellen K., Liberal Lamoreux, Ruth E., Longmont, Cato. Lam ph ere, Gary L., Flu! lips burg Lang, Betty J., Ellis Lang, Bonnie C,, ft ' a Keeney Lang, Roger IX, Jetmore Lappin, Lowell IX, Logan Larson, Cheryl A,, Scandia Larson, Stephen J,, Concordia Lauer, Donald M., Hays Laugh 1 in, Jo M„ Russell Lawson, David K., Kiowa Lay, Dorothea K., Hope Ledbetter, William Cl, Natoma Lee, Elton R., Smith Center Legg, L. Diane, Ness City Leiker, Doris M., Hays Leiker, Judy K.. Great Rend Leiker, Shirley A.. Hays Leuty, Connie A., Ellsworth Lewis, Da r vie W,, Syracuse Lewis, Jim, Hazel ion Lewis, Van IX, Kinsley Li by, Charlotte L,, Ghsco Liljestrand, John E,, Satina Li nd berg, Ronald R., Sublette Linenberger, Thomas R., Hays 279 Link. Mas W., Lyons Livingston, Mary L., PMnville Loewen, Stanley L., Meade Long, Harry L-, Ellsworth Long. Janies L.. Oakley Long. Larry L,, Solti ta Lorbeer, Jane He A. h Hays Lor i mo r, Ronald J,, Spearvffle Losev, Robert E., Grinnell Lovensteiiu Charles M., Hoxk Luetiers, Charles D.j Ransom Lun cl in. Dale L., St Francis Lynn, Vyrl D., WaKeeney Lyon, Raelee A., Plmnville Lytle, Patricia J., Cold water Mahoney. Kathy S.. Russell Mai. Duane F., Hoisington Maintfuist, Robert j„ Courtland Malinowsky, Kerry M., Col Iyer Mandcrscheid, Val D.. Great Bend Ma resell, Sharon K,, .V ekoma Markle, Cheryl P., Sublette Marshall, Lara G., Smith Center Martin, Joseph P., Chase Martin, Melvin E., Russell Martin, Richard A., Ulysses Matheson, Marilyn K., Liberal McAdoo, Leslie N., R as sell McCall, Richard G., Saiina McCartney, Roger P., Red Cloud , Nebr Mr Christy, Bayle L, Lewis McCormick, Candy E., Lukin McCormick, DeWayne J., Great Bend McCormick, Kenneth I Great Bend McCormick, Larry P., Great Bend McCrary, Ronald N„ Russell Me Cub bin, Floyd L., Almena McCue, Janice S., Moscow McDowell, Mary L., Jamestown Me E I ha n ey, J a n ic L, , ays McGaw, Gayle L., Dor ranee McKinley, Andrea R„, WaKeeney McLain, Tom R.. Elmo Me N own, Dennis D,, Holy rood Meckenstock. David L. p H ays Meckfessel, Donald L., Garfield Meckfessel, Eldon E., Garfield Medsker, Jolenc L., Plainville 280 Weekend Activities Attract Visitors Mrs. Steve Broeckelman visits with Jkt daughters Judy and Edith. on Band and Parents Day. Meek, Painter E„ Iff ana Mcencn, Lynn B., Clifton Meng, Linda K., Ingalls .Menges, Nancy L , Abilene Medkldn, Cary A., Prairie View Merrill, Dan R r Canker City Meyers, Roger K, Cold water Michel, Jerry D., Bunker Hill Mickey, Darrell L,, Atwood Miller, Jennette K,, Weskan Miller, Joseph R., Wichita Miller, Kenneth L., f$sxQut Miller, Lawrence J., Scott City Milter, .Marie A., Rush Center .Miller, Richard P Norton Miller, Sarah A., McCracken Miller, Stephen W, , Lit ray Miller, Tim J,, Moscow Miller, V. Do u g las, Russell Mills, Kicky L. h Beloit Minear, Carolyn L, Liberal Mist-gad is, Karleen K., Alexander Misegadis, Nina C, p limine Mitchell Candy G., Wichita Mitchell, Luann A., Great Bend Mfceli, Phyllis L„ Norton Mollenkamp, Anita K., Wa Keeney Moman, Helen K., Great Bend Moody, Margaret A., Dodge City Moore, Carol A., Hays Moore, Rodney L. h Bazine More head. Joleen .VL, Downs Morris, Douglas L., Stockton Morse, Edward Ai Oakley Mover, La iron 11., Ellsworth Mull, Iona D., Croat Bend 28 Freshmen Mu Urn, James W LaCrosse Munk, Marietta L., Oakley Murphy, Derinda L., Lamed Murphy, Ronnie D., Natomu Murphy, Suundra M., Walt lo Murphy, Tenna R-, Russell Mussulman, Kirk P., Ransom Mustoe, Judyanne, Norton Myers, C. Larry, Great Bend Myers, Pamela S., Oakley My rick, Ronald E., Scott City Nairn, George W., Buffalo, N. Y. Nash, H. Kenneth, Ulysses Nay, Cheryl L. h Glade Neal, Charles II , Ulysses Nedhalek, Thomas L , Collyer Ned row, Cheryl A„ Kir win Nelson, Roger G„ Mullinville Newcomer, Sandra D„ Scott City Newell, Bernard F., Damar Newell, Dale L, Stafford Nichols, William M., Bremerton, Wash, Nielsen, Linda K.. Russell Noffsingcr, Larry IX, Phfllipsburg Norman. Diana S., Scott City Nuss, Rcdand E., Great Bend Nn I si h, Bernice L, Hill City Ohholz, Mary R., H ays O ' Bleness, Larry L,, Ashland Oborny, Larry S., Hays Ochs, Jenna J., Great Bend Ogburn, Keilh D., Ellsworth O ' Leary, Arrilla M,, Hays Orr, Robert A., Ellin wood Osthoff, Peggy A., Athol Ostrander, Margery S., Burdett Palmer, Roger L, Portis Parker, Robin A., Osborne Parker, William IX, Horton Patterson, Patty M., Hays Paul, Carol A., Scott City Pechanee, Janet S., Timken Pen I and, Stanley J., Colby 282 Pepperd, Loren J„ Kinsley Perkins, Tom CL, El Dorado Perkins, Verlyn L.. Phillipsburg Peril, Regena 3VL, M cP her son Pestinger, Mary L, Satina Peters, Jon F., Oberlin Peters, Rogene L., Great Bend Peterson, Connie, Concordia Peterson, G, Kathleen, Hays Peterson, Rita S,, Gypsum Pelrone, Ronald T., Chicago, III. Petryszyn, Yaroslaw, Ulysses Petzold, Dorothy A„ Logan l fannenstiel, Agnes M., Hays Pfannenstiel, Carol S.. Hays Pfannenstiel, Don J,, Hays Pfeifer. Mary E,, Bogue Pfortmiller, Larry G., Natoma Pf or t miller, Roger D„ Natoma Phifer, Sondra K,, Hays Phlieger, Kathy J, + Collyer Pickett, Alan EL, Goodland Piekctt, Eldon E,, McDonald Pittman, Roger D„ Hugoton Poison. Connie L., Rozcl Pope, Nikki L, Selden Porter, Sandra L., Plainville Pottroff, Sharon Y., Liberal Poulignot, Linda M., Phillipsburg Framer, Pamela J,. Liberal Preston, Corliss G., Norcalur Prevr’ett, Donna J., Liberal Price Jo A,, Norton Price, Kenneth D., Nekoma Proesch, Carol K., Great Bend Propp, Johnny D., Russell Pschigoda, Von TKC. Elmo Race Lie, Daniel L., Oakley Radnor, P. Jean, Scotl City Rahjes, Janice J., Agra Ralstin, Roger J., Mullinville Randall, Richard L, Protection Rankin, Carolyn K r , Ashland Recce, Carl L., Scandia Reese, C. Dennis, Logan Regier, Jeanette E., Ness City Reh, Gary A., Natoma Reha, Helen EL, Timken 283 Determined Freshmen Win Tug-of-War Freshmen grit their teeth and pulled with all their might to win the traditional Homecoming tug-of-war with the sophomores in a record 10 seconds. Reiiner, Keith E. Albert Reinhardt, Sandra K., Russell Rice, Dana S,, Bushton Rice, John A. T Clifton Richard, Sylvia A., Johnson Richardson, Donald L., Stockton Richter, Judy A., Selden Riding, Alice j, s Pioche Nee. Riedel, Kaylcne S,, Colby Riner. Patricia J. h Protection Rincr, Ronnie R., Scott City Roberts, Richard D., Qttimer Robinson, Stephen E., Phillipsburg Rogers, James R., Hoxie Rogers, Oleii W., Independence Rogers, Rita R.. Hays Rolfs, Judith K., Lorraine Rome, Gladys M., Hays Romeiser, Kenneth Rush Center Romey. Kathleen M., Hays Rose, Steve A., Agra Rosenbaum, Gary R„ Great Bend Roskilly, James D, t Stockton Rouse, Danny H., Johnstown r Cofo. Rubottom, Darrell G,, (Pood st on Ruda, Robert R., Atwood Rudolph, Glenda L., Scott City Rufenacht, Dale W r . Ness City Rupp, Franklin G,, Ness City Ryan, Guy R. t Salina 284 Sander, Mary S., Hays Sauer, Mary A., Russell SdiiiJansky, Richard l)„ Alton Schambcr, Satindrea J r , Phil ipsburg Schauf, Judy E., Hoisington Schcclz, Richard E,, Oakley Schiewe, Larry W,, Ellin wood Schiff, Sue E., Medicine Lodge Schmidt, Carol J., Hays Schmid I, Frederick j.. Eli into ood Schmidt, Judy A,, LaCrosse Schmid tberger, Galen F, Victoria Schneider, Leon K,, Osborne Scfooeni, Arden W., Athol Schreiber, Carol J,, Olmitz Schreiner, Eugene, Co! Iyer Se breeder, Susan A., Lorraine Schroeder, Troy A., Albert Schultz, Stanley L, Newton Schumacher, Judy K,, Jewell Schuster, Lois A., Ellis Scott, Lee E,, Rozel Scott, William M., Osborne See man, Karlene K. T Lamed Sell), Jerry J,, Ness City Seibel, Carol A., Ellis Selley, Samuel j., Oakley Seltmann, Terry L., Nekoma Seuscr, Judith A,, Bison Sexsmilh, Cheryl S,, Salina Sexson, Keith E., Weskan Shank, Linda D., Scott City Sharp, Jim H., Norton Shaw, Jim E,, Hays Shepard, V. Stephen, Johnson Sherrill, Larry E,, Burrton Shindler, Judith F., Hays Shoemaker, Terry C., Hays S hover, Linda J., Liberal Shrader, Richard F„ Lenora Shuck, Rcta F., Liberal Siebert, Linda L,, Florence Simon, Katherine J., M or land Simpson, Robert IX, Plainville Sipe, Judith A., Denver, Colo. Sloan, Sheila C., Colby SIo pansky, Paul E., Belleville Smies, Linda S, t Court land 285 Rushees accept cigarettes from a sorority girl acting as hostess for a Sorority girls relate the advantages of Creek life to interested fraternity smoker. freshmen at an afternoon tea. Smiley, John IX, Hays Smith, Arlyn E. T Pawnee Rock Smith, Barbara L, Phillipsmtrg Smith, Donald E., Hays Smith, Cary W. t Liberal Smith, Gerald M., Kahesta Smith, Nancy L., Kinsley Smith, Ronald D., Clay Center Smith, Sharon K., Ashland Smith, William IX, Milton vale Snay, Karen J., Plevna Solomon, Kay A., Zurich Solomon, Kenneth W„ Zurich Sou klip, Alvin C, Dorrance Spacil, Paul E., Ell inwood Sparks, Maureen K,, Oakley Springer. Carol A., Lyons Staab, Norman F P , Hays Stan berry, Michael L., Hays Stapleton, Jerry W., Relpre Stecklein, Alan M., Hays Stephen, Barbara J M Tribune Stephens, Mike C, LaCrosse Stephens, Robert E., Alexander Stcrrett, Jane E,, Idana Stevens, Tom F., Winchester Stevenson, James M., Ellin wood Stewart, Diane K., Hcaly Stewart, Stephen R., Court l and Stieben, Karla M., Bazine 286 Si uart,, Connie P., Ulysses Stull, Gordon li., Turon Siull, Marshal] W,, Natoma Stum, Linda Y,, Ness City Slutterhcim, Doris E,, Fmirie View Slut , Retry J., Hays Stutsman, Sharon K., Ulysses Sullivan, Michael L., Phiilipsburg So ter. Don M., Oakley Sat ley, Irvin H., Mill Valley t Calif. Swann, Clair L., Russcfi Swann, Virginia A., Russell Sway ze, Dennis T., Coldwater Swearingen, Robert J., Jamestown Sweat, .Michael T., Cedar Sweat, Rosalie R., Smith Center Swenson, Ed L, Jewell Sypher, Charles E„ Greensburg Tam men, Ronald IC, Pawnee Rack Taylor, Cynthia A,, Great Rend Taylor, Janet S., Tribune Teel, Doug W. h Russell Teel, Glen A., Morlund Tyner, Sue E,, Liberal Thaete, Lei and L., Downs Thalheim, Kerry A., Great Rend Thibault, Joyce A,, Osborne Thiele, Fontaine E., Norton Tholen, Diana K., Victoria Thomas, E, Elaine, Hays Freshmen Learn About Greek Life During Sorority and Fraternity Rush Sioering, Harold IT, Liberal Stone, Gerald D., Good land 287 Frosh Queen Reigns Over Reveille Ball Students get together for fun and dancing at the Reveille Ball which TV Four fresh- was reigned over by a freshman. Queen Rogene Peters men were among the candidates nominated for the honor. Thompson, Larry M,, Ingalh Tigner, Janet K., Sterling Till berg, Vivian M., Salim Timken, Janice E,, Hugotofi Tischhauser, M. Lynn, Elmo Tracy, Beverley A,, Bretesier Trahern, Lana M, t Richfield Tram-el, Stephen G,, Atchison Trapp, Charlene J., Genesee Trapp, John L., W a Ido Trimmer, Robert W , Hays Tucker, Judy K., M (inter Turner, William CL, Otis Tweed, John C, Norton Tyler, James T,, Copeland Tyson, Judy L., If ' ich ita Unruh, Mary K., Colby Urban, Gloria J,, Bison Valerius, Jennie B. t Hoisington Van Bonge, Jerry P r , Good land Van Galder, Arlene L., Hudson Veatch, Philip W., Gorham Vesecky, John F t Timken Vesecky, Rosalee J„„ Timken Vince, Linda L-, Soli no Vincent, Dale E,, Concordia Vincent, Viola M., Hays Vine, Barbara D.. Ellis Volok, Cary D., Hunter Waggoner, Jerald L., Hays Waggoner, Mary J., Morland Wagner, .Michael L., Beloit Wahbieier, Roger F, t Clayton Wail, Lynn D., N a tom a Walker, Joyce A, Kingman Walter, Dorothy A,, Catherine Walters, Barbara J., Hays Walters, William 1C, Hays Warren, Douglas L,, Hays Wasinger, Miehaelita J., Chase Watkins, Sheldon L., Wellington We her, Theresia M ., Hays 288 Wright Vickie J., Kiowa Wurm, Jacqueline S. Oberlin Wyley, Diane L, Kir win Yates, Leanna K. Norton Yost, Richard A., Gorham Young, Deborah J,, Goodhnd Webring, Gary J,., Stafford Weeks, Loren L. p Cawker City Well brock, Rosunn M ri Victoria Wendelin Lawrence F.„ Herndon Wcss, Mary E„ Great Beni Whipple, Sharon L, Jet more Whitney W ' aher F., Norton Wiegand, W ,r illiam F-, Inman Wienl Dwight A., Smith Center Wilburn Robert E.„ Atchison Wilcox Gary D. Salina Wild Wilbur W L Ellsworth Wildeman, Rieliard IL, Ransom Wilken Barbara J r „ Modoc Wilkes Lana S. Belleville Willhaus Rose M,, Lyons Williams, E. Rayonclle, Brewster Williams Jerry E,, Alexander Williams Ska ye A., Wichita Williamson, Guy P» G lasco Wilson, C Janeen, Liberal Wilson, Kenneth E Lawrence Windholz, Mary L., Victoria Wingfield Barbara L, Haviland Withers Gary E Selden Woclk, John C Russell Wolf, Dennis L, Ellis Wollesen Jerry E. Vesper W ' ood, B. Jane, Hays W ' right, Robert CL Medicine Lodge Young, Patricia L Hays Younger, Harold F., Lebanon Zeller, James D., Colby Zcrr, Antonia T., Gra infield Zerr, Elmer C, Quinter Ziegler Louise A., Grainfield Zimmer, Mary L. Downs Zimmerman, Alfred F,, Hays Zimmerman Sharon K,„ MaUinville Zvesper, Rettie J., Ellsworth Zvolanek Donald IL Vesper Zweifel, Barbara J. Waldo 289 ndex and Advertis m Midsummer is the time to see Hays merchants mixing work with play . Each year they move their wares from the counters indoors to the makeshift stands outside for a Sidewalk Bazaar , and sell their goods personally in the tradition of the friendly, small town shopkeeper. Although the bazaar is held only one day a year, the congeniality of Hays businessmen exists year- round. To the college students, they offer their cooperation as well as their products and services. It is only fitting that they be listed with the students and faculty as friends of Fort Hays State. 291 COUNTRYSIDE Many Married Students at Fort Hays Have Proven the Getting Married??? Let Countryside Conveniently Located on East 8th Street " NOW IT ' S PEPSI FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOUNG " TEAMED UP JUST RIGHT Lemon-Lime Teamed Up Just Right! MOBILE HOMES Economy and Satisfaction of Owning Their Own Trailers Show You the Advantages of Modern Living Phone MA 4-4428 Burtscher Books CHECK HERE WHEN IT ' S HOMECOMING TIME . . FORT HAYS MOTEL 527 East 8+h Street T.V. and Phones in Every Room individually Cooled and Heated Carpeted MA 4-2581 CACTUS MOTEL 24 UNITS Showers — Tubs — Combinations Individually Controlled Heating and Air Conditioning FAMILY UNITS MA 4-6549 Easf Hiway 40 un±£.t 500 East 8th Phone MArket 4-2571 Hays, Kansas VILLA MOTEL Dial MA 4-2563 for Reservations 810 East 8th VINE PARK MOTEL " A Nice Place To Stay " MA 4-6537 1308 VINE EL CHARRO MOTEL ONE MILE EAST ON HI-WAY 40 HAYS, KANSAS TELEVISION PLAYGROUND AIR CONDITIONED HEATED SWIMMING POOL WALL-TO-WALL CARPET 24-HOUR PHONE SERVICE VAGABOND MOTEL Phone MA 4-251 1 North on U. S. 183 HARTMAN ' S CHAMPLIN SERVICE CENTERS 2 Convenient Locations FIRESTONE TIRES — DELCO BATTERIES 8th a nd Ash MA 4-6211 27th and Vine MA 4-2569 Established in 1898 MA 4-4314 Everything for the Shopper 805 Main 295 The inferior of this sports coupe catches the eyes of Jock Boston, Kent Amerine, and Richard Mason. GAGELMAN MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Authorized FORD Sales and Service MA 4-341 1 528 East 8fh Sprucing up for a night out are Chris Woetk, Bruce Hogan and Thong-in Soonsavvad, VARSITY BARBER SHOP ' College Men ' s Barber Shop " MA 4-9987 705 FORT " Here is a pretty one " says Phyllis Smith to Donna Wald man, THE CROSS SHOP " SMART CLOTHES FOR THE GIRL WHO KNOWS ' 1 MA 4-2914 296 1107 MAIN JEP ' S SUPER SERVICE HAYS OIL CO. Quality Phillips " 66 " Products MA 4-2715 MA 4-481 1 FORT HAYS INSURANCE Mary Taylor, Mack Meckenstock, and David Meckemtock discuss some new insurance material. Mack is a Life Member of fhe Million Dollar Roundtable MA 4-6248 702 Park Drive Sue Link. Efgerine WeigeJ, and Walter Mai take a short break after filling mail orders for SEARS ROEBUCK CO. MA 4-5641 106 West 12th 297 COED BEAUTY SALON Susan Metz chooses from the complete line of cosmetics at ABC DRUG MA 4-2523 1007 Main Your Fort Hays Hairstylists Ann and Dianne Across From Campus MA 4-2250 VITZTUM, INC. Tile — Linoleum — Carpel- Paints — Appliances Commercial and Residential Floor Contractors MA 4-48 1 7 113 East 13th Woodmen Accident ami Life Company Lincoln , Nebraska A MUTUAL LEGAL RESERVE COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1650 A PERSONAL FINANCE SPECIALIST OFFERING Life Health Accident Hospital Major Medical and Group Protection Contact C. J. LINDAHL MA 4-5942 404 West 8th C, J. LINDAHL Fort Hays Slat® College Graduate 298 Chrysler Plymouth RUPP MOTOR COMPANY MA 4-2219 133 East 12th Imperial Valiant MANN ' S IGA STORE " Charge accounts available for your convenience " MA 4-2574 219 West I Oth Comer on Fashion MA 4-4727 I fth and Main Personal Home Decoration Service GEORGE GOTTSCHALK, Manager Phone MA 4-2589 229 West I Oth 299 QUALITY CLEANERS Complete Tux Rental FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY MA 4-3225 71 1 Main 3cltle el s SPORTING GOODS • WESTERN GOODS • CRAFTS AND HOBBIES • ARCHERY 118 WEST Nth MA 4-2117 CENTENNIAL BOWLING LANES Fun for the Entire Family Come Out Often MA 4-2916 2400 Vine We have a complete line of magazines and paperback books. HARKNESS STORE Fountain Service — Sundry Items MA 4-2521 715 Main " ‘When its correct time you want, choose your timepiece at . , , STARLITE JEWELERS " Say Sandy Whitmore and Susan Rfdgway MA 4-212 1 235 West 10th 300 THE HOME OF FAMOUS BRAND FURNITURE row ' LABEL OF QUALITY ' " Suitituf QetUlemeM. of SbiiiutdUoH. ' ion MAIN PHONE MA 4-3913 BUTLER FURNITURE COMPANY Where Western Kansas Buys Quality Furniture at a Savings Easy Terms — We Deliver MA 4-33 1 I 1 1 9 West I Oth ANN ' S DRESS SHOP Home of Jantzen Sportswear and Thermo-Jac PHONE MA 4-3116 Main at 13th A ' . ■ ' • Mrm JfesS m The following is a comment made by Betsy Steele to Sheryle Sheets didn ' t know a truck line ' s office could be so Interesting. H. M. POPP TRUCK LINES Crude Oil Transportation Our offices are located at 309-310 Union Center Building, Wichita, with ail office at East 8th In Hays 301 t t CLEPNIND =P CempbU LAUHORY S " u U Meet Dick Moore, your friendly delivery r sn, KESSLER CLEANING COMPANY MA 4-3429 126 West 9th 2410 VINE Hays, Kansas ONE- STOP -SHOPPING Fine Foods — Houseware — Beauty-Aids Shoes — Records — Auto — Greeting Cards Appliances — Clothing — Stationery 302 HUMBURG HARDWARE, INC. Gas and Electric Appliances MA 4-21 19 1 10 West I i+h HAYS BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Complete Loan Service at Lowest Rates MA 4-3413 MQ] Fort " It Pays to Live In Hays " lit jack and jiU Skofx SMART APPAREL FROM INFANT TO PRETEEN TOYS AND INFANTS ' FURNITURE 1 1 00 Main Street Hays — Kansas Irv Sutl-ey and Jerry Stephen settle down for an expert liaarcut by the barbers at the MONTGOMERY WARD Our Big Catalog Is America ' s Shopping Center Over 100,000 Quality Items MA 4-3478 114 West H P 4Htc ajt I 203 West 9th HAYS — KANSAS CLASSIC BARBER SHOP MA 4-6818 207 East 13th Phone MA 4-2576 " A Complete Printing Service " 303 DILLON ' S FOOD MARKET MA 4-5656 109 West 7th PASTRIES FRESH DAILY Special Attention Given to Special Orders CAKES OF ALL KINDS BILLINGERS BAKERY Nione Olson MA 4-2016 209 West 1 0th Portrait by GUERCIO STUDIO MA 4-2310 1303 Main 304 r | NORTHWESTERN TYPEWRITER COMPANY Exclusive Royal Typewriters Sales and Service Electric Standard Portable Exclusive Victor Adders Calculators, Bookkeeping Machines Stow and Davis Wood Office Furnishings STEELCASE OFFICE FURNISHINGS MA 4-2565 800 Main Date Cole and Jtm St. Aubyn discuss the feature of a blazer at J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Ready-fo-Wear Clothing for the Entire Family MA 4-45 1 3 1003 Main 305 A!an Schenk displays a new camera to Car] Lambert at the HAYS CITY DRUG MA 4-4414 1031 Main This year style dictates: O. K. BAKER SHOES ' ' fashion ' s finest M See them now at I 109 Main PHONE MA 4 43 16 THE LAMER HOTEL Catering Service MA 4-347 1 Coffee Shop 1200 Main THE FARMERS STATE BANK Loans of All Types DRIVE-IN AND WALK-UP WINDOWS Member F.D.I.C. PHONE MA 4-3645 718 MAIN 307 " You ' re right, " says Saundra Powell to Joanne Doerfler " AL ' S BOOTERY has the finest in Women ' s footwear. " Call MA 4-2 1 23, or see us at 809 Main. " Now we It now where to come for our diamonds, " B. J. Cooley tells Janet Powell as Charlene Moon looks on. u ' nVjiv KB JW WEPSTBR W £ L£ R S HAYS’ RELIABLE CREDIT JEWELERS ■ DI AM, OTOLOGISTS • GEMOLOG1ST - PHONE MA 1-3810 • • LAMER HOTEL BLDG. quality YtWw, LAUNDRYSCMCe If you want to know how the new Buicks ride, ask Kent Leiehllte r or Jane Schnoebelen. Ur see the largest new and used car dealer in Northwest Kansas 308 MA 4-2531 BEN F. DREiLING, INC 108 East 13th Bill Harper wastes no time as he runs 120 students through the Reveille picture line every day for a month Delma wants your pictures to be the best THE OFFICIAL REVEILLE PHOTOGRAPHER DELMA STUDIOS Studios 381 Fifth Avenue New York, New York Office and Laboratory 9 West 20th St. New York if, New York 309 OSH ANTS ' Clothes and Shoes tor Men Rainwear " Wrangler " Jear s for Men, Women and Children Camping and Sporting Goods Parkas, Our Specialty M A 4-2882 129 West I Oth ROHR JEWELRY Feature Lock Cosmic . . . Diamonds Watch Repairs of All Kinds 709 Main MA 4-4327 EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING Building Materials Wholesale and Retail O ' Brien ' s Paints Plumbing and Heating MA 4-5646 900 Main ' This is how the power saw starts, " says Steve Larson to Lester CovaL GEORGE PHILIP HARDWARE Lawn Supplies Appliances Paints and Glass J. E. PURDY, PEG, Ph. ” in w in™ st l DIAL MA 4.-4 25 PHARMACY 109 W, 1 0th ST., HAfS, KANSAS 310 MA 4-361 I 8th and Main MASTER CLEANERS Known for Better Cleaning Drive-In Window CANDY CO rtlDITCST TOBACCO In the early days of Hays City this building, then ihe Opera House, served as a social center for the people of this area. MIDWEST TOBACCO CANDY COMPANY carries on this fine tradition. MA 4-3712 Sr r Fort Sf. WORKING ON YOUR CAR AND NEED PARTS? Come to 114 West 9th Street In Hays or call MA 4-2324. • Jlumheft fat Zmtefr Pmpade X P. VAN 00 REN. JR., B, W, READ. CLARENCE BEIKER — Owners-— NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY Featuring: The Hays Daily News MA 4-342 1 M2 East Nth FARMERS COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION M A Community Builder " AL’S COLLEGE MARKET Open Weekdays, Sundays and Holidays Just Across From the Campus for Your Shopping Convenience MA 4-63 TO 507 West 7+h Grain— Feed Seed — Fertilizer M A 4-2535 2 f 9 East 9th THE HAYS MUSIC COMPANY, INC. Your Music Department Store MA 4-3418 710 Main ,h Oi " Rutledge discusses money matters with Fred and JeennEne Wilson THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HAYS MEMBER F.D.I.C. Fort Hays Special Student Accounts and Regular Checking Accounts MA 4-2587 1001 Wain S W SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Hill City West Highway 24 Phone 674-21 19 Plamville 3rd and Jefferson GEneva 4-4563 hdember Automotive Engine Re builders Association Hays 300 East 8th M A 4-141 5 Colby I 85 West 5th HO 2-3373 313 FOX THEATRE SHOW PLACE OF THE MIDWEST MA 4-4567 1202 Main Carol Sterling and Jean Boor find a mirror the best place to check for a coat fitting. MA 4-201 1 806 Main SScDONALDS Selecting cosmetics can be fun, as Dana Lake and Cheryl Decker found when they went to FORT HAYS PHARMACY M A 4-3469 217 West 1 0th 314 HARDMAN LUMBER COMPANY Complete Line of Building Materials for the Contractor and Home Owner DuPONT PAINTS MA 4-33 1 5 126 East I l+h THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY Color Experts Paint and Wallpaper W. K " BILL ' 1 RYMPH WILL SARVERT MA 4-41 13 10 8 West 9th Linda Kortman “A cool number " and so Is 7up SEVEN-UP BOTTLING COMPANY MA 4-33 1 1 Lyle Harrell and Larry Jones pay Judy Decker t tor paper supplies before leaving CAMPUS BOOK STORE for your college books and supplies MA 4-26 II 509 West 7th CHECK HERE WHEN IT ' S TIME TO EAT . . . We are open a!l night, so stop in lor a midnight snack If you fust happen to be walking by, stop in for a pizza. KENT CAFE PIZZA DEN Good Food at Popular Prices M A 4-3 1 69 East 8th Carry Out on All Items MA 4-6613 I Ith and Elm A W ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN Call in your order, well have it ready for your pick-up Phone MA 4-57 1 3 or drive out on east 8th 316 • • • THE TIGER GRILL Malts — Sandwiches — Soups " Across from fhe Campus " M A 4-9925 704 Park TASTEE-FREEZ Drive up window CARRY OUT SERVICE Sundaes — Shakes — Cones Sandwiches Open 1 i a.m, to EO p,m. Call MA 4-2425 or drive to North Vine Al ' s Chlckenette, South Vine Mecca Hamburger House, North Vine Nick’s Cafe, 106 West I Ith Pina Hut, East 8th Robinson ' s Transport Inn, East Hiway 40 Shelly ' s Trail Grill, 610 East 8th VARSITY BOWL DRIVE-IN Ready to serve you weeknights and weekends Phone in your order to MA 4-9955 317 • Four aces ore hard io beol ' , , r so h our SERVICE! GARDEN GRILL 706 Main Home cooked food by A[ and Evon Homm s TED ' S STEAK HOUSE Tender Juicy Steaks Pan Fried Chicken — Shrimps Any order may be boxed to go Open Sunday 11:30 a.m.-F;30 p.m, and 5;00 p-m. -10:00 p.m Weekdays 5:00 — Midnight Closed Friday pho ne for reservations MA 4-9933 CENTENNIAL RESTAURANT where the atmosphere is quiet and relaxing We serve Luncheons and Dinners OPEN H am-2 pm and 5 pm-M pm Weekdays and Sunday CLOSED TUESDAY North Vine call MA 4-2225 MA 4-4429 Highway 40 By-Pass 318 DAN ' S DRIVE IN CAFE Food You Will Enjoy at Prices You Can Afford DAIRY QUEEN " The cone with the curl on fop " COLD DRINKS Extra Thick Malts and Shakes Come in for a treat today MA 4 3201 428 East 8th GOODWIN SPORTING GOODS " Sports Equipment That Scores " MA 4-2419 1 19 West !lth Judy Skinner PINK PONY FLOWER SHOP Say It With Flowers See JERRY KARLIN MA 4-30 1 2 70S Main Variety Store plus Fountain Service A. L DUCKWALL COMPANY MA 4-28 1 2 1103 Main 319 Lawrence Wendelin tries a new sweater os Mike Minson explains its advantages. John Tweed looks on. DREILING ' S MEN ' S AND BOYS’ WEAR MA 4-6716 106 West Sth TONY ' S DERBY STATION —Says — Thank you for your patronage throughout the school year! MA 4-995 I East Sth HOUSTON LUMBER COMPANY Quality products for Your Building and Decorating Needs MA 4-39 1 I 807 Allen HADLEY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL and REHABILITATION CENTER Hays, Kansas Bob Boden end Bob Barker look at some typewriters on a free afternoon. For your school supplies try MARKWELL STATIONERY COMPANY call MA 4-461 I or come to 1 0 1 0 Main 320 OLDHAM SALES, INC. Serving Hays and Northwest Kansas With Automotive Parts Accessories REFINISHING MATERIALS MA 4-2547 I Oth and Allen F DAIRY PRODUCTS KARLIN DAIRY At the Store or at Your Door Phone MA 4-4066 Office 202 E + 21 Another National Home, World ' s Largest Producers of Pre-Engineered Houses HAYS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY K. R. HINKHOUSE, President J. D. WILLIAMS, Associate REAL ESTATE MA 4-4318 232 West 9th VOLKSWAG EN BEN DREIL1NG VOLKSWAGEN Sales and Service MA 4-6811 125 East 12 Wbk. HAYS FLORAL SHOP " Designed Especially for You " FREE DELIVERY MA 4-2223 I 15 West 8th 321 Store Hours Mon. thru Sat. 9 - 9 Sunday 12 pm - 7 pm GIANT VALUE DISCOUNT STORE 600 S. Main At 6th Street MA 4-6593 Houseware Paint Toys Auto Supplies Sporting Goods Appliances Hardware Clothing Sch °°l Supplies Good Lighting is Important tor Everyone SERVING NORTHWEST KANSAS CENTRAL KANSAS POWER CO. Phone MA 4-3437 ||( East Nth Ready-to-Wear and Bridal Shop MA 4-4713 802 Main 322 Home Produced and Home Processed Bottled Fresh Daily HAYS ' MOST MODERN DAIRY PLANT ALL CARTONS ARE COATED WITH BRIGHT PLASTIC TO PROTECT OUR MILK MA 4-3406 312 East 9th j McGrath Hall Hays Junior High School Markin High School i Y- Woodrow Wilson Grade School JAMES MOTOR COMPANY, INC. WE BACK OUR SALES WITH SERVICE Lincoln — - Mercury — Comet Sirnca — Studebaker — deep MA 4 3481 200 East 8th HOME LUMBER COMPANY Complete Building Service and Supplies Headquarters for Bridge Plants and Timbers MA 4-2216 8th and Vine Fort Hays Service Buildings With an Interest tn Education HUNTER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC Ready-Mixed Concrete 323 Your Corvair Dealer O ' LOUGHLIN MOTOR SALES Chevrolet Chevelle Chevy l[ Corvair Corvette Oldsmobile F-85 O.K, Used Cars MA 4-2533 126 West 12th Jim Davis Gives Service With a Smile LYNCH SERVICE STATION Cars Called for and Delivered MA 4-9984 301 West 8th Doug Teel is happy that guitars are here to stay. Visit Our Complete Department and be Convinced. MUSIC MANOR Instruction Available Call MA 4-6324 Doug Gunn and Bill Callahan discuss a feature of the new International tractor. Come In and see atl of the features yourself at , . . INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER SALES AND SERVICE MA 4-5685 324 I 1th and Vine The Most Distinguished Name in School and College Jewelry YOUR GUARANTEE OF; Perfect Satisfaction Unmatched Quality Dashing Style Complete Security Paul McClellan Fort Hays State Representative Ec§ita ml The FCW STABLE Life Assurance Society of the United States Represented by CLAIR E. LAW C. EDWARD LAW District Manager Special Representative 19 East ilth Street HAYS, KANSAS living insurance by equitable rhis milk tastes great. " says Larry Noffsinger, 192-pound x tbal! end. HIGHER VIEW DAIRY North on Highway 183 MA 4-5165 325 KENNY ' S ELECTRICAL COMPANY, INC. K. E, BARNHART 512 North Main Dial MO 2-8731 HUTCHINSON, KANSAS Electrical Contractor for Malloy Hall COMPLIMENTS YOU FOR SERVICE ON YOUR STUDENT INSURANCE call Mary Ann Schnobelen and Pat Walters consult Jim Elias in selecting their diamond in the diamond room of Westerri Kansas ' finest diamond jewelers. Gene Veil — Hays — MA 4-3500 Paul Higgins — Hays — MA 4-4370 KUHN ' S JEWELRY United of Omaha Mutual of Omaha MA 4-4814 804 Main KOBLER RAMBLER CO. 124 E. 8th Rambler Sales and Service A — A — A 10% Discount to Students MA 4-4710 ftepr, Shop MA 4-6584 Tomorrow ' s Styles . . Today! A constant experience for the Wise Collegians who make this exciting New Shop their “Fashion Headquarters ” See You At The Village Shop “ Where all men of good taste congregate 5 Don Volker I 102 Main Russ Clark Brown ' s Shoe Fit Company “A fit for every foot ” Offering the newest and most complete Selection of shoes for the entire family. Brand names in shoes that give you The best quality at reasonable prices. 127 Faculty Index Alinqulst, E. C. 26 Appltfllfl) Malcolm . .. 22, 59, 103, 1 72, s 73 Art man, Ethel — — r 32 Bartholomew Lciand 21. 98, 100 Baitlow, - — Eo Baxter, Mr . fur 1 19, 29 Btflltjlf, Alice 38, 90. 155 Beliile, James J 29 liei Land, John 30. 209 Bigby , Phyllit 29. 96, 108 BHekeji iifL Minin R. — _ — 24, 33 Bogart. Mr . Katherine — - 22 Boor, Jerome F, — — — .— . — 30 Binnd eaburg, ' Mrs. Betty 32, 80. 81 Broach, B. W. __ 28 i : ;; )oks, Doyle — — — 26 Hmukv h, r. .. 38 Brown , Robert [1. 24, 98 Brown, Mr .. Sybil 2?, ill Burnett, Hugh — 32, EOT Burnett, Richard 20, 105 Ctin, Richard 30, 93, 118 Campbell, Mare — 23 Cathey, Everett B 20 ChLpman, Donald — 23, 93, 116 Choguill, Harold 26, 91, 120, 121 Christopher, Rachel 23 Clark, Thame — 27, 91 ( Oder, Rtlpfi V, 20 Collier, Kent 25, 32. 222 i k, Mr-., Frances 19, 29 Cook, Kenneth . — — 31 • . J i - 22. 92, 176 C Hham, Nancy 29, 96 Con bon, Marion 22 Cninr, Eugene! 25, 93 Creighton, John ™ „ — 25 Cunnipghnm, M, C, 5, 113, 192, 196, 202, 203, 204, 222. 224, 275 Baby, Uiliy C, 29 ] i . 1 1 ■ i m _ s. v. 20, 86 DechapF, Emerald 28, 33 Dellinger. Martha — — — 30 DrfW, R, Dale — 28 Dill- ' . . Lyle 24, 98 Dobbs , Edith — 28 Dryden, Laurence 26 Duckworth, James E. .... 22 Dundvan, Albert 22, 213 Edwards, Clifford . ........ 22 Eriksen, Douglas 31 Etter, Eugene 26, 90. 112 Falls, Harold B. 29 Faulkner, Keith 18, 33 Felton, Lucille , 24, 98 Flebarty, Eugene D.. _ 1J, 27 Forsythe, James L, ... .... 25, 95 Frame, Norman 28 Francis, Ales 29. 57, 65 Friesner, Paul 23 Gallagher, Mrs. Helen 32 Gal Lion, Leona 31, 96 Garner, Naomi 22 Garwood, John 20, 80, 123, 222 Gladman, Grin J 28 22 Croesbcck, llu Id a 28 Gross, Paul — ........ 29, 124 Cumm, Robert D 20, 91. 161 Gwynn, Mrs. Sue 30 Gwynn, ' illiam 28 11 a 1 per u, William 26 Hamilton, Samuel .... 28 Harbin, Calvin 28 Harper, Jerry L, 28 Heather, Jack R. 22 He Hem, Mi ., Margery 23 Hennessey, Everett — „„ 30, 93, 11B Herndon. Geneva . . .... 22, 91. 153 H erren , Lloyd 21, 98 Hillman, John $ 22 HoHman, Mrs. Maximo . 30. 90. US Huffman. Ralph 30, 00, 93, 118, 198 Hulei.1 , Gary — - 27, 91 Huttanu , Henry — 22, 212 Jellisuii, Bill D. 21, 78, 89, 146 Johnson, Edward R. 21 Jones, Lay nun 30 Keating, W, E. 20, 32, 80 Kemper, Robert E. - ■ 23 K etc hum. Harriet 22. 110 Krebs, June 50, 90, 115 Landrum, Mrs. Nila 32 Levitt, Ricltard 31. 161 Lin my. Mr . Donabcl .... 22. 94 Little, Milhurn J - 31 Loy, David C. ...... 34 Maher, William 22 25 Marshall, Everett 26 31 McConnell, Wayne . . 29. 37, 196 McFarland;, Mrs. Alice ... 22, 87, , n McFarland, Henry 27, 91 McGregor, jack 26 30 McNeil, Edgar F. , . 29, 37, 61 Merritt, Michael . 23, 109 Mdure, Mary Maude 24, 00, 151, 203. 213 Moreland, W. D. . 21, 25 Mcirriaon. Alice ... 23 Moss, Joel 30. 33, 67 Moyers, E. Edvrin ____ 24, 25, 93 Mullen, Eugene - 23, 111 Nelso n, Rex A. 30 24 Qshorne, Richard Palmer Harold 31 24 23 31 28 91 28 28 Parish, Vein A , - Peter, J. Dale Peoples, L. Crocker .. Pierson, David ... 27. Proctor, David E. Reindorp, Reginald C, 22 Remat ore, Andrew I. .... .. 23. 95 Rosier, Mrs. Suzanne _ — , 29, 96 Reynold , Howard 27 , 91. 167, 222 Richards, Robert C, 26, 112 Rtcgcl, Andreiv D. — 27 23 R inker, Judy 29, 68, 96 Ruttmun. Gerald 32, 80, 159 Sackctt, Snm 23, 9$, 227 Sfhleieh, Phyltij 21, 98 Sehmulz, L, J, 27, 93 Schroder, Ellon 27, 20? Simons, Kenneth „ — _ 2? Sleek ta, Don . . 25 Smiarowski, Richard 28 Smith, Wilda 23, 95 Smoot, Kenneth — - — 28. 91 Spangler. Robert _ ... . 23, 120, 169 Sptimcr, E, J, — ■ 3 1 Stage. Doris 26, 117, 120, 121 Start, James R. 22, 23 Stones, Hjtroid 6. 32. 54, 169 Stauffer, Jean , 21. 80, 120 Stout, Donald 24, 98, 101 Stout, Roberta , 23 Stroup, Lcora. 27, 114 Sit ran, Cade ™_ 29, 45, 106, 219 Thomas, Archie — 31 Thoruas, Carol 31. 10? Thomas, Mr , Dollie 21, 111 TELompson. L. W ' 31 Thoms, John 30 Tii M so n. Wilnmnl 26 Tomanek, Gerald 27, 33 Tomlinson, John . 25, 15? Tow, Ted 23 Twarogowaki, Leroy 30 Urboit, Joseph C. 25 van. Ackeren, Margaret 23, 84 VeecJ, Ellen 26. 90. 91 Volk, Mary E 23. 109, 278 Walden. J. B 31 Walker, M, V. _ 26 Walker, Neil 27 Wall, George R. ... 31 West ley, John W, „„ 31 Wilkins, William D. 21, 93 Winter, David H, 29, 63 Winterlin, Dc Wayne 23 Witt, Robert 23 Wilton, Maurice 26, 91 Kuchar, Kuhn, j Kurtz, Roman .... 22, 113 Rogers Mr Katherine Wood, W. C, 28 28 R ul fs, Minin 23 17 26 You mans. Hubert — 26 — 28 B,yv monel 28 Roome, Charles C 31 Row! and s , Shi rl e y 27 " i oumans, Raymond — - Lacey, Mabel 22 Kit m pel . Alas 26 Zavcsky, Mr . Janet 27 Student and Organizations Index Abels. Barry L, 164. 252 Atdicsou. Delbert W, 268 Adltton, Donald E. — 252 Acker. Kathleen 12fl, 268 Adams, Car] V 239 Adams, Charles E. 37, 163. 268 Adams, Dennis M. 156, 268 Adams, Cory F_ . 136, 239 Adams. Ray Dean 134, 252 Adams, William D, .... 147, 168, 169, 239 Adamson, Nclda J 162, 187, 128. 239 AGNEW HALL 128, 129, 139 Aguirre, Martha J, 116. 117, 268 Aiken, Gerald - 01 Ailaliegcr, Ross E. - 227 Akers, Barbara Ann 131. 268 Akers, Karel yn M. 268 Albert, Leon D, , 252 Albert, Lynlte L. . — „ 252 A | hot I, Bill Leroy 16. 94. 214 Albrecht, Dorothy A. 192, 154, 252 Albright, France L. 239 Albright, Stephen l B, 252 Alcorn, Marlon E. 136. 268 A Id rich, Charles P. 70. 116, 168. 227 Aldrich, Thyla M 227 Alexander, James E. , 252 Allen. Billie L. » 102, 110, 146. 148, 227 Alien, David _ . ■ 239 Allmon, Cortland R. 252 Allow ay, Earl W 239 ALL STUDENT COUNCIL 78 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 148, 149. 217 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA — 156, 157. 197 ALPHA I M ESI) DELTA 88 ALPHA PHI OMEGA ... 165, 136 ALPHA LSI OMEGA 92. 126 ALPHA XI DELTA 170, 208 Amarine, Kent L, 102, 166. 239. 296 Amcrjne. Linda M, 115, 128, 268 Andersen. Kenneth W. . _™ 22? Anderson, Darlene L, . 268 Anderson. Floyd L. m ,„„ 166, 173, 239 Anderson, James L, 239 Anderson. Mary B. 71, 7$, 1Q2, 137. 150, 252 Andetson. Murray £, 110 Andres. .Vnnalee 120, 121, 121, 137, 239 Andrew , Jeannette A. IS I, 239 Anglin, Judy M. 128. 268 Anthony, Garry L 134. 252 Anthony, Larry W 252 Anthony, Robert J„ 3 " , 65. 162. 216, 252 Apaydin, Tucker 117, M0, 226 Appel. Shirley A. . . 137, 268 Appl, Janet L. „ 131, 268 Appleton. Johnny P. ... 69. 61, 252 Archer, Carol S, 131. 268 Archer, Philip $, 252 Archer, Way no L. 268 Archibald M. Kathleen 54, 79. 102, 113, 162, 181, 107, 198, 211, 239 Arias, Carlos A. _ 109. 117. 134, 252 Armbrustcr, Ronald L- 158, 252 A r mil stead, Sharon I„ ... 137, 252 Arnesnn, Ronald W. 22Z Ameson, Tany R. 239 Arjnn, Harold J, 208 Aschenbrenner, Gerald L. 156, 208 Aschenbrenner, Stephen A. 140. 268 Ash lemon. Thomas M. 45, 47, 49 Ashley, Ronald A, . 252 Ashton, Craig J. 268 Atwood, Ima J, . 79. 113, 1-18, 198 Augustine, Ronald L. 72, 268 Augustine, Roselin 260 Aust, Eddie W 162, 232 AuH. James L. 156. 239 Avritt, Penny R. 227 Ay I ward, James J. 252 Ayres, David L 252 Ayres, Cary C. 227 Ayres, Judith G. 252 Babb, Judy - 85. 8 " Babcock, Charles L, 102, 162. 268 Backus, Terry K. T _ m , 101, 140, 268 Bihm, Eld can 226 Baiei. Danny E. 103, 158, 268 Baier, Sharon R. 96, 131, 152. 252 Bailey, Jame s D, 101, 252 Baker, Barbara J 102, 150, 182, 252 Baker, Charles D, . , 268 Baker, Che tie R, — — 131, 252 Baker, Gwendolyn K 137, 252 Baker, Kenneth B. 108. 252 Baker, O r Keith 101, 166, 268 8.1 Ic li , G forge T . 116, 268 Bale, Patricia E. 122. 131, 260 Ball. Garry F 214 Ballard, Rodney D. __ 252 Balloun, Randy D. 140, 263 Baltharor, Keith A. 269 Bamberger, Carl Pf. 93 Band berg er, Charles D. 239 Band el, John H, 110, 239 Banger t, Dennis R, 269 Bangle, Pally J. 137 BANNERETTES 99 BAPTIST STUDENT MOVEMENT .125 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 123 Barber, Ltrella S. 227 Barclay, Roger C. , 239 Bardot, Ramona J, 110, 227 Barmberg, Stanley L. . 252 Bare n berg, Teresa E. 253 Barker, Norval K- 130, 253 Barkcr, Robert C. 140, 253 Barleen, Arnold L m 253 Barlow, James B. . 134. 253 Barnett, Rnlph W. ... 37. 118, 123, 269 Barnett, SoOdra D, - = 68, 123. 269 Bar r. Man(i J. 131, 269 Barrows, Bohbi Jane 175, 218, 253 Ba rta , R oge r L 140, 104, 269 Bart a, Susan E, 98, 100, 131 r 209 Bartel. GaiLen K. 164, 253 Barten, Janis I 128, 269 Rarten. Lynn L, 158, 239 R art Itol r m cw r Diana M. , 150, 239 Bartholomew.-, Mary W , 98 RartoS. Dale L. 161, 253 Base, Steven W r 162, 253 Basgall. Kenneth E. 269 Basgail, Norm a J. 102, 15 4. 239 Bateman. Rclta M, 131, 209 Bate , Cary R, m 200, 239 Bate , Lawrence A, .. 37, 39, 100, 227 Bauer, David A. 99. 101, 140, 269 Bauer, Grover E. 239 Bauer, Judith L. 239 Batter, Sharon R. 154, 239 Baxter, Ronald W, 162, 227 Baxter, Thomas A 103, 105, 150, 269 Bay, Rohr-Tt r . . ' j 227 Beach, A. Craig ...... 156, 253 Heal, Kenneth M. 239 Beals, Martha J. 269 Beams, Erma J. 253 Bean, Sharon K. — 6E, 90, 128, 209 Bechard, ’Ji ' ayne L. __ 227 Bcchtold, Cayle D, 210 Becker, Arthur W. 253 Becker, Harriet J, 226 328 Beck ley. Judy K, — - — , _. 253 Beckhnm, Janice R. _, 107, 111. 13-1, 310 Beckman, Karlecn K. 114, 134. 137, 333 Beckman, Kathleen A 08, 101, 104, 233 Beecher, Clair P, _ 25$ Beeler, Ann E. 128, 209 Brtilry, Edward W. 233 B effort, Joseph D. 81, 130, 240 Before. Janice M ,. 88, 269 Bcfort, Norma K. .... 2.40 Before, Richard D r 269 Bred, John L. - — . 240 Bepga, Mary K, , — 201 Bcgnoche, Cary M 89. MO, 260 Brhnltr, Myron F . 93 Beiderwell, Pauline A. 102, 137, 269 Bclchcr, Larry D. 01, 93, 134. 240 Bell, Bern fee J. 84, 85, 87, 227 Bell, Catherine J. 131, 269 Bell, Kenneth M, _ 227 Bell, Ramona K. 137, 269 Bd u , Roger W + 269 Beni fa, Meiva W, T 94 Bennett, A nil a R, 68, 96, 128, 269 Bennett, Connie M 113, 137, 253 Bennett, Roger D„ 269 Bennett, ’William C. — 131, 269 Bentley, Cheryl H. 92. 131. 176, 269 Beougher, Cheryl L, 240 Beougher, Wm. B. , 156, 227 Heron , Nancy A. — 253 Berms, Phyllis D. ........ fiB, 150, 269 Berger, William H, . 269 Bergman, Dean F. 156, 227 Bergman, Paul E. 226 Bergman, Robert R. 130. 156, 269 Berry, Kenneth L. . 122, 253 Eestgen, James H, — 253 Ren, Larry D. 130. 269 Sevan, Barbara PC Jl4, 240 BcymCr, C, Bast on 253 Bey m et, Steven L. 269 Bice, Cart M. 101, 105, 227 Bicberty, Larry L„ 269 Biebcrly. Victoria M. 128, 269 Bicker, Alexander _ — 840 Bicker, Eugene 160. 269 Bicker, Francis C. ■ - 253 Biggc, Robin L. 116, 117, 121, 122, 227 Bigham, Robert D 112, J34, 227 Biles, Larry E. 253 Bill inner, Alan L 55, 269 Billlnger, Marlene A, 210 Rillinger, Shirley A 253 Billinger, Thomas W, 158. 269 Bin ns, Hubert L„ 240 Bin ns, Judith G. 228 BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE CLUB 91 Birncy, Elmer C. .... ■■■ ■ 226 Birney. Nina M 131, 269 Birncy. Regina L. . — - 228 Birncy, Sherman D. - — . 226 Bit tel, Cynthia 5. . 253 Bit lei, Mary Ann 269 Bittner, Barbara J. — 128, 269 BUlner, Jerome A 240 Blackburn, Mary K. . 137, 253 Blackburn, Wayne A. - - - 240 Blackwell, David B. 60, 61 Blaine, Janet K. . 137, 269 BUir, Gary A. M0, 240 Blair, Virginia D. — 228 Bland, Gary R T 164, 240 Blank, Judy A 131. 253 Blauer, Cary A, — , _ — „ — 228 Blickcn staff, Darlene R, 98 Blitken staff, David 192, 240 BJickcnstaff, Judy H. 114, 131, 269 Blisa, Fredrick C, 253 Blomendaht, Lynn P. 98, 99, 253 Bloomquist, Van A. _ — 130, 269 Bobs!. Stephen W. 134, 253 Seek, Berta M. 269 BrtdciL, Robert D, 174, 253, 320 Bodcnhamcr, Rebecca S, 79. 81. 102, 113. 125, 253. 266 Bodenhamer, Ruth A. ■ — 125, 229 Bocae, Barbara R, _ „ HS, 131, 253 Bogcnhagcti, Linds N. - - 137. 269 Bolinger, Mitchell E, _ _ 158. 253 Holler, Judy A, 68, 253 D oiler, Robert A, — — 240 Bollig, Dennis I. 253 Bollig, William J. — 55, 209 Dolton . Bill L. — __ 98. 100, 226 Bonham, Jerry T. 253 Boor, Norma J, _ 154. 253, 314 Boer, Raymond B. — 269 Boor, Gerald A. 93, 118, 228 Boos, Susan 93. 154, 228 Bn-nth, Louise S, 88, 110, 115. 253 Booth, Mary L, — . 253 Borgmanu, LonOfc B. — 209 Borne mana, Nancy E, 134 , 228 Bomholdt, Virginia I $4, 85, 07, 91. 95, 109. 220 Borlh, Perry M, 134 , 270 Bose, Disie A, . 137 , 270 Boas, Warren R 06, 1 02, 130, 215 Bctt, Sidney W. 98 , || j _ 2 3 Bontbina, Arthur L. 2 U Boucher, Eugene D r 253 Bousman, James R, 240 Bowen, Jack F. 253 Bower, Randy W. „ 134, 270 Bowman, Ronald M. „ _ 240 Bowman. Vac J. 102, 107, 150, 210 Be yd,- Melvin E. 270 Boyle, Jfjw E 13, 112 , 253 jj djf K, 111 Boj ' s, -jxinrfy J, . 116, Ms, 182. 198. 210 Brady, V. Beth „ 137 , 240 Bfainnrd, Rick L, 156, 270 Brandenburg, Bonnie C. 270 Brandon, Glenn II, „ 162, 270 Branson, Barbara A. , .... 94. 114, 128, 170, 253 Brant. Darrel L. J34, 253 Bran | Icy, Greta G, 102 BRASS CHOIR , _ 100 Brauer, Freda R. „ 270 Braun, Elmer , 240 Braun, Everett J, 228 Bray, Carol A, . 99, 131, 270 Bray, David K. ___ 13 4 n 270 Breeden, Carolyn K, 253 Breeding, Ralph E. 134, 162, 270 Breer, William J. 45, 118, 240 Brcit, Donna M. 107, 131, 210 Brcit, Judy A. 254 Brcjcha, Robert J, . 240 Breach a, Vernon L. 228 Brewer, Norman __ 160, 173, 222, 240 Brick ey, Karyt L. ___ 150. 240, 275 Brie key, Marjorie E. 69, 96, 106, 116, 131, 270 Brie key, Mildred I. ™ 69, 106. 109, 116, 131, 270 Briery, John H. 74 Blinker, Jerry B. - --- ■- ■ 74, 240 Bristow. Doreen A. . — 128, 270 Brodbcek, Linda M. 155 Brocckelman, Edith M. 102, 228, 281 Bmdhcck, L viand K. 73, 380, 228 Brotk, John 13. 103, 160, 254 Brock, Stephen W. 216 BrnckmcEcr, Sylvia E„ 137, 270 Droeckelmin, Judllh C. 128, 270. 281 Bro-okover, Dale 228 Brnoks, Ronnie M. ■ 25f Brooks, Carla M- 240 Brooks, Darrell R, 270 Brooks, Gary B, — 240 Brooks, Jerry L. - 134, 270 Brooks, Jimmie D. — 156, 2)0 Brookshire, David E. 57, 65 Brown, Barbara J, 120, 270 Brown, Buddy O. 240 Brown, D. Leonard 240 Brown, Den nil H. 160 , 220 Brown, Donald L. . — 254 Brown, Doris 1. 270 Brown, Gerald A. — - 101, 2 " Q Brown, James L, 110, 276 Brown, Janis A. .. . 98, 1E 1, 137, 270 Brown, Jerry L -- — — 240 Brown, Judith A. MS, 228 Brown, Kenneth D, . 166, 222, 2-10 Brown, Kenneth S, — 37, 65 Brown, M area ilia F. 107, 152, 136, 240 Brown, Michael T. 254 Brown, Pattie P, — 91, 240 Brown, Richard C. 86, 106, 2-10 Brown, Richard A. — — — — 254 Brown, Rohm L„ 270 Brown, Susan 110, 137, 270 Brown, Tcrryll H. 158, 254 Drown, W. Duaut - 228 Brownell, William F. - 254 Browning, Donna N. 116, 220 Brubaker, Mona M. 228 Bmmitt, Emma L 96, 107. 125, 223, 228 Brurnitt, James E. 103, 125, 270 Brumilt, Ximcna A. __ 05, 87, 107, 125, 223, 220 Brumley, Virginia L, — — 251 Brungjrdt, Carolyn K, 131, 270 Biuogaydt, Gerald A. 254 Brungardt, Jane C. 115 Brungardt, Katherldo F- ™ 254 Brungardt, Richard A. 254 Brungardt, R y F. 89, 158, 198. 254 Brunk, Jantceo E. Bruns, f-andra K. .. 96, 102, 131, 270 128, 270 Bruns, Stanley It. 228 Brunson, Judith Ants 120, 270 Bryan, Cheryl K. 103, 128, 270 Huehauan, Ctrl W, 254 Buchanan, Janet C .. 98, 101, 152, 228 Buck, Roger D, 106, 240 Buff on, James M. £54 Du la, Joe R 166, 240 Bullock, JonEc Mr 125, 131, 270 Bullock, Thomas M 105. 134, 270 Bump, Billy J. 270 Bunker, Gerald R, 55, 270 Bunker, Kenneth D. 134, 240 Bunker, Thomas G 228 Burdick, E, Dianne 116. 228 Burge, George D, ■ ■■ 122 Burge. Hazel A, 122, 226 Burgess, Carol L 120, 122, 137, 270 Burgess, Dale E. 241 B Uriel. Charles. 13. 254 Bilrkoy, Donald R. — 251 Biirnctt, Louella G 90, 112, 211 Burney, Mciredith A. Ill, 124. 13 " , 270 Burnham, Nancy L. _ n . 128, 270 plane C £41 Burr, Orian M. 137, 220 Bum , Jone L. 78, 92, 102, 146, 1 48. 176, 241 Eurrii, Raymond D, — 24 1 Burroughs, Roger L. 89, 125, 251 Burrows, Larry D 112, 121, 123, 211 Burrowft Sandra A. 94, 120, 131, 254 Butler, Marlin J M7, 164, 241 Butler. Michael W. 168, 226 Cain, Albert L. H8. 270 Cain, Carol S. 110, 2M, 220 Cain, Cheryl A, 14 , 254 Cain, Karen J. 94, 102. 131, 241 Cain. Marvin L — — ... — £70 Cain. Sarah B. — 92. 110 Call, Jimmie L. 254 Callahan, Bon aid R, — - Cameron, Connie J. . 131, 2 j0 Cameron, DoreHus 90, 123, 270 Campbell, Btiddv F. 86, 113, 140, 211 Campbell, Jack S, 75, 1 58, 185, 211. 211 Campbell, Marian I 94, 226 Campbell, Muriel l- 94, 150, 270 Campbell, Terry E, 228 Campbell, Ronald D. M0. 270 CAMPUS BOOSTERS COUNCIL 113 CAMPUS CHRISTIAN COUNCIL 121 Cannon, Ralph J. 720 CANTERBURY CLUB 124 Canty, Charles E. 37, 254 Capps, Ida M, ■ — 66, 108 Capps, Melvin R. ... 05 , 89, 90, 112, 220 Capps. SlrlU M. 96, 131. 231 Car|ey, Curtis J, — 91. 226 Carley, L. Jonelfo _ 08. 110, 120, 121, 271 Carle y , Sara H, — — 228 Carlin, John D. 271 Carlin, Riehard D. 160, 254 Carlin, Kiekcy L, 01, 254 Carlisle, F. Clair 130. 271 Carlisle, Hubert E, — 67, 241 Carlson. Carlene- E, — 131, 271 Carlson, Michell T. — — 131, 271 Carlson, Neil F 220 Carmichael, Diana K. 137, £54 Carpenter. Cltnflis L. — — ■ 137, 254 Carpenter, Jai ' kie A. 88, 96, 100, 102, 114, 137. 271 Carpenter, Melvin G 65, 166, 251 Carroll, Connie L. 254 Carson, Sue E — 201 Carter, Danua E 80, 94, 141, 13 j, 170. 254 Case, Charlotte Sue . Caael man, Stephen F, Casey, Alvin L, — Casey, Joleefl Kay Casey. Judith Ann , — Cates, Terry D. — — — Cavaiani, Paul — Chefleian, Nasacr Chain, Zandra I C hand ler , Leo F Channel]. Gary W. Channel], Robert D. Chapman, Marsha I, . Chart! or. Myron R. Chen Eurt, Leslie Jeau CHEERLEADERS CHEMISTRY CLUB Cheney, Carol Jean Ghegwidden, VfiLee 107, 271 — 254 45, 251 128, 271 102, 115. 128, 254 241 91, 228 116. 134, 271 128, 271 57, MO. 271 105, 254 162, £41 131, 271 121 _ 137, 195, 271 79 112 128, 271 E. 102 p 123, 152, 254 Chcmey, Patricia Ann 131, 271 Chick, Lloyd D 118. 2 1 Chittenden, Pamela L, £20 Chitty Michael A. — 220 Chlumaky, Conrad J. 254 Chris] or, Eldon L. . £71 Christensen, Harold. S. — 255 Christian, Carolyn J, ...... 109, 131, 241 CHRISTIAN YOUTH FELLOWSHIP 122 Christia nsen. Don E. 162, 255 Christenson, Wayne D, 134, 271 Chu, Julie M - U6- Churchill, Karol M. 137, 255 Claar, Nancy J- 102, 107, 116, 152. 255 Claasscn, Beverly Ann 94, 90, l3r, 148, 268, 271 CLARINET CHOIR 100 Clark, Dennis J - IOT. 103 Clark, John C. 100, 105, 228 Clarke, Dale M- 90 Clausen, Rodriok D, 7B, 102, 158, 239, 241 Claussen, Norman D, 118, M0, 255 Clay, Harry H, 140, 158, 27 J Clay, Lance K. .. 01. 158, 241 Cleveland, Glenda C. 123, 128, 241 Clevenger, Cheryl V. 107, 117. 137, 255 Cline, Davie 1 .. 164, 235 Cline, Robert R. „„ 109, 241 Cloe, Robert O, M0, 271 Clolbltl, jerry E. . , — 228 Clow, Ethel K. 98, 100, 101, 101, 228 Clutter, Curtis E, ™ 271 Clrdesdate, Judith A. , 111, 255 Cobb, Charles V, 255 Cobh, Cheryl AT. 235 Cochran, Alfred J. __ — 223 Cody, Connie E. 98, 101, 16 . 255 Coen. Cindy S. 79, 113 Cocrber. Carmen C, 123, 131. 24 1 Coffey, Don D. £29 Coffey, Karen D r 255 Coffey, Roger D, ■ 241 Coghill, James D. 241 Cokcley, Ronald 100, HI Colburn, Margie Ff. 85, 07. 101. 104, 229 Colburn, Merwip J, 59, 70, 162. 255 Cole, Arthur T. — 131. 271 Cole. Dale K. 162, 255, 305 Celt, Kenneth R. 255 Cole, Larry E. 106, 130, 173, 175, 271 Cndes. Jerry L. 241 Coliluier. Ronald E. — — 271 Collins, Howard L, , ....... 140, 271 Collins, Robert D. — 160, 229 Collins, Terry S. , 271 Colvin, Ha el 137, 211 Con ant. Charles D. M0, 271 ConarHl, Carmen S, 08. 255 Con aid, Donald D, 156, 229 Conard. Norman II, — 156, 241 CONCERT CHOIR Conklin, Christopher J Conklin. Kenneth E Cnngdon, Constance S. Contreras. Luis R, Converse, Betty K. Con y e, Constance M. Cook. Carolyn A. ... Cook, Crystal C, — Cook, David L, Cook, Judith K. Cooke, Ronald G, Cooley, Bonnie Jo Cooley, Sidney A. Cooper, David M. Cooper. Gary R , Cooper, Helen M. Cooper. John D, Cooper, Lorry J. Cooper, Men A. Copp, James R Coppock, Saundra K. Cordell, Lawrence R. CordcT, Craig D — Cotder, Marvin L- Coidill, Donald E, - Cord ill, Jerry R. Cordry, Riehard D. Cotropia, Marsha L. Cott, Ken nett S, - Coueh. Judith M, — ■ 101 . __ 102, 103, 105. 109. 110. 117, 255 . 241 ..... 78, 131, 271 109. 117 .._ 101, 131, 1 18, 271 170, 241 131, 271 137, 271 105 i 150, 271 105 102, 118, 149, 241, 308 63, 106, 121, 160. 241 37, 105, 134, 271 61, 106, 241 £65. 266 94, 120, 170, 255 271 334, 255 75. 134. £41 74, 229 131. £71 229 158, 271 229 241 156, 255 134, 272 137. 255 05, 229 128. £72 329 Coulson, Juinea D. 158. 211 Coral. Lester W. — _ „ 146, 272, 316 Cnvey, Forrwt TV. 21! Cowan, Vernon D, 255 Cowan. Yernon E. — 229 Cox. Latfy G. 102, 166, 241 Crabtree, Jacquelyn A, 121, 137, 255 Crnbtrev. Marilyn S 103, 128. 118, 272 Craig, Johnnie V. 241 C ranter, Carolyn S. 137, 272 Cramer, Marilyn K. ___ 79, 150, 241 Grannie r. Shirley A. 272 Craven. Richard L. 255 Crcs , Joe W, 255 Ctrs . l ipda J - 255 Crist, Teddv P 255 Croft Vickie L — 255 Cronin, Mftshn N. 241 Crumrine, VLrle M. 272 Cryan. Dorothy C, 131 170, 272 Culver Eva 1-2 Culver, Stephen L. . • 122 Culweli, I.eanna M. 94. 229 Cuiniuin . Sandra K, 81. 102, 113. 152, 153, 241 CiiDirniii), Wiifsi J. 253 Cunningham, Gary B, .. 235 Cunningham, Larry K. 272 Currh-r, Georgianna M. 96, 131, 272 Curtis, Jan lee K. — - 115, 131, 272 Cuatek, ContiiH- 88 . 131. 272 Cu »en. Tim F. — — 272 [ESTER HAH 131 , 132. 133 Custer. Sata D. __ — 114, 241 Passe, Ronald M. 86, B9, 13 4, 255 Datse, William L. ... 229 DAMES CLUB 111 Damrnan. Rodney D. . 158, 255 Daniels, Gerald G, 74. 229 Daniels, Sharon J, . . 94, 98, 103. 137, 154. 255 DanieLon, Lands R, 88. 102, 107. 137. 272 Danielson. G ucn lt n E 272 IbnikbohiD, Larry G. . 272 Daniel Rhoda J 128. 272 Darst, Ronald J. 37. 272 Danner, John P. . 241 Davidson, Pale A. 161. 255 Davis, Cecil G. 2 55 Davis, Darrell E 89, 255 Davis. Gary L. 242 Davis. James D. 255 Davis James T. 255 Davis, Johnny J- 166. 272 Davis. Rex E. . 255 Dawson, Gilbert D, 272 Day, Jon , , „„ 66 Day, Marvin E. 212 Day, Suzanne E- .... 162, 118, 172. 183, 196, 212 Deal, Frederick R, 110, 110, 272 Dean. Gary L. .. 242 Dean, Shirley R. _ , 137, 242 Ooi James A 255 Deatrieh, Frank S. 91, 229 DEBATE 176 DehrH. ’illiam E. 93. 118, 229 DeBoer, Jean E. .... 8i, 85, 87, 229 P reliant. Marietta 131, 272 Derker, Cheryl K. 150, 255, 314 Deekert, Judy 315 Deem, Sharon S„ ... 272 Pet-wall. Morris P. 161, 140. 272 DeGarmo, Elsie E . . 255 DeGarnm, Harlan C. .... _ 91 DeGarmo, Rodger C, . 134, 272 DeCcfr, Katharine A. ...... 102. 115. 137, 255 Drpfs, %‘Ergil L. - 272 Deincs, Eva A. 229 Deirtcs, Robert M. _ - 255 Deincs, William F. 272 Delaney, Robert T _ 131, 156, 272 Brl.iv. Marion 128, 150, 272 DELTA EPSILON ...... 91 DELTA SIGMA PHI ... . . 150. 159, 197 DELTA TAD ALPHA 93, 170 DELTA ZETA - 156, 151 DeMay, Kathy J. 102, 130, 212 Tlemcl, Gerald F. 172, 212 Demmitt. ATeki C. — 107, 152 212 DetnpBcy, Janis E. 90, 115. 242 Dempsey, John R. 1 10. 272 Denham. Marilyn S. .... 107, 122. 137, 242 Denk, Annette L. _ 103, 137. 272 Denning, Dran P. 110 Denning, Rimell A. 272 Denny, Charles A, 110, 166, 272 Dent, Dtane L, 131, 272 Denton, Jonathan M. 255 Dop p ersc h mid t . K en noth __ MO, 164, 255 Dcsbicn. Larry D. __ 75, 158, 229 Deters, Charlotte K. w, 137, 170, 272 Drutich, Duane 123, MO, 272 Deutsrh. Melvin D. 123, MO, 272 Dmncy. Diane C. — 137, 272 Dible, Julia J. 68, 137, 272 Dickc. Marilyn R 131, 233 Dicckhoff, Kenneth L, 93 Dietz. Dennis A 162, 156 Dicta, Larry L 162, 202, 229 Piitkel, Cotrirtt F. 229 DinkcL Donald X,. ___ 229 Pinkel. Cary P, _____ 272 Dinkel. Marvin J. 118 13 i, 256 Di[imiR, Dedria A, 137, 272 DItIcj, John M MO, 272 Dirks, Sandra S, 151, 212 DISCIPLES STUD EXT FELLOWSHIP 122 Dive], Leon j, , 113, 229 Divcl, Lora C, „___ — — 212 Dixon, Larry P. 212 Diion, Sharon E. 128, 273 DExmjinp, Gloria A, 98 103, 151, 198, 198, 21-C 222, 229 Doan, Chester W. 273 Dnane, Sharon L, - 87, 112. 212 Doane. Walter R. 131, 273 Dodd, Dixie L. 226 Dodd, Jerrold L. 212 Dodd, NyJx M _ 256 Dodson, Donald W, 242 Doerfler, Joanne J, 162. 256, 308 Doe Filer, Judith A. ... 256 Domett, Robert H. _ 273 Do ley, Allan D, 2l2 Doley, Edna Delander 90, 112, 212 Drvlfiil, Joe F. 98, 101, 217. 212 Dolczal, Sue BE, 101 Dona hey, Loren e L. 123, 273 Donart, Gary .. 0.4 Don art, Joleoe K. 88, 107. 128, 273 Doner, Kaye G. 99, 123 131, 273 Donenn Dennis D, 140. 273 Donovan, Michael L. 256 PofvIo. Ah mad u Hah 116, 117 , 273 Don land, Kalhalie A. 273 Pory. Janet L. . 88 94, Ml, 256 Douglass, Mildred L. . 152, 2l2 Downing, Gene L 98, MO. 273 Downs, Michael K, 273 Orach . Judeen C. 94, 98, 102. 109. 137, 256 Drake, Sheryl L, __ , 115, 137, 256 Draper, Gary C, 134, 273 Preble, Carina L, _ _ 102, 103, 107, 123, 131, 273 Drilling, Annabel L, . 273 Dreiling, Gerald G, , _ 273 Dreiling, Hilary D. , 229 Dreiling, Kenneth F, 37, 118, 212 Deeding, Larry F, ■ 37. 39 Dreiling. Robert K 84. 85, B6, 95, 229 Dreiling, Theresa M. 94 Drc-sselhaus, Judith G „„ . 163, 150, 242 Drisecdl, Jack D 373 Droste. Bernard F. „ 242 Drante. Karen K, ,_ 137, 273 Drussel, Gary K, 156, 229 DuBois, Leo J. _ 24, 103, 273 Doden. Vivan F. — _ 1 IQ, 273 Duell, Joyce I. __ 102, 146, 131, 236 Duer, Wayne C, M2, 212 Duff. John D. 81, 113, HO, 256 Du ml nr, William K 256 Dungan, Mary 122 Dongan. Norman M 122 Dunham, Joseph E. 57 Dunlap, Marvin D. 162, 229 Dunlap, Marvin L„ 229 Dunn. Roy L. .... _ _ 13-1. 273 Dulcher, Robert M. 161, 273 Dull, Sylvia K. 256 Dutton, Marilyn K. 81, 256 , 263. 266 Dutlort. Richard W 13 1. 273 Dye. Billie J _ 101, 131 273 Dyer, Robert H 219 Eaton, Darroll M, 91, ]40. 229 Eretealon, Fransiska ' L. 131, 273 Eeltman, Arlene _ , 122 Eddflfim. Robert A. 122 Edell, Hilbert C. „ i01 Edmonson, Harold M. .... 256 Edwards, Beth a K. _ __ 25$ Edwards Verlin L. 212 Eggers, Kenneth J. . . 25$ Ehrlich, John N. _ . 216 Eiehcnaurr, Dee A, 242 Eilian, Cyrus 1 16. 256 Eilrich, Sharmt R. 98, 100, 103, 123. Eiscnhour, Douglas R. Eiaenhour, Jim D 128, 152, 273 118, 256 37, 130. 273 Eiaiminger. Carole K, Elder. Barbara S. 229 167, 137, 273 Ellinfibue, Ann C. .......... 102. 1(8, 256 78. 256 Eilintt, Robert 0. ... 212 Elliott. Steven B, __ 87 , 242 Ellis Richard W 90, ]65, 236 Ellis, Robert W. Ellis, Vicki L 229 Ei sasser, Douglas C, .. 273 El ea, Mary L 81, 102, 150, 256, 265 Emigh, Keith W. , 118, 229 Engel, Dnnata M. 229 Engel, Dq;ugla» A, . Ill, 256 Engel, Marita S, 94.9 Engel, Thcrcse A. 273 Engelsntan Kenneth 1). 134, 273 Engle, Clark S, 37. 42, 65, 242 Engle, Marihcth ..._ 88, 94. 117, 122. 137, 256 Engleman, Pamela A, ■ Eppingcr, David R 137, 273 98. 131. 273 EPSILON PI TAU .. 93 Erbcs, Lucinda R. ]37 b 25b Erickson, Delbert L. . . „ 63. 229 Erickson, Glenn is A. MO Erickson, Rex A. Wi 273 Esfcfd, Jcrilyn T. 10-2 223, 229 Estes, Arlene E. 96, 108, 110, 137, 229 ETA RHO EPSILON __ 96 Elltcm, Henry C. _ 242 Eulert, Gene K, ... 229 Eulcrt, Lynda K. 256 Evans, Anita J. , 256 Evans. Dallas M JJQ, 273 Evans, Diana H, ™_ 88. 101, 137, 174, 273 FahriMg. Anita L 114, 137, 273 Fairbairn, Linda L. 229 Fall, Vera on W. 95 Fankhauser. Carl E. . 93, 118, 230 Fanslrier, Clara R. 17, 121, 131, 2 12 Farmer, Lila E. . „ 137, 212 Farney, John P; 91. 226 Fehrenbaeher, Francis K, ___. 242 Felirenbacb, Gerry M. _ 88, 94, 99, 137, 256 Fehrenbach, Nancy E. _„ 198. 212 Feldt, William LL ' __ 212 Fenwick, Larry D, 256 Fenwick, Lynda F. 273 Fernand«. Eva! do E, - MO, 273 Ferret, Daryl E. 242 Fetters, James R. . 242 Fieken, Dale L. 226 Fieken, Jon L, 67, 162, 256 Fid ter, Vicky S. 107, 131. 273 Ficl, Donald K, 273 Fike, jJonald 1 242 Filbert, Daryl W. 91, 242 Findeiaa, Christina A. 1(J3, 128, 273 Finger, Robert J. 2J2 Fink, John B. - HO. 242 Fink, Mottle E, 105. 256 Finley, Kay A. 103, 131, 273 Finney, Don L, loi. 242 Fischer, Beulah M. 273 Fisher, .Mickey Y, 104, 137, 230 Fisher, Myra L. 96 Fitzgibbons. Peter P. 98. 100 Flagler, Janet E. __ ____ 131, 273 Flair, Beth E. 162, 137, 150, 256 Flake. Jackie R. 1 1, 256 Ftcgler, Dwaine A. 2S6 Flehaity, Lynn A. ._. HO. 273 Floury, Eldon II. 78, 11 " , 230 Flint, Larry L. 64, 65. 140 273 FI uni nter felt. Janies E. ilB, 226 Flummerfelt, Judy M. 256 FlummerfeU Miry Ellen . 98, lOO, 101, 101, 242 Foley, Barbara, J, _., 166, 137. 256 Foley, David D. 98, 160, 273 Folkcrts. Karen Y, lal, 148. 273 Folkerls, Wendel L, . 212 Foran, Kevin W r , . .. .31, 236 Shari S .... 137, 175. 256 Ford, G table, M. ... 95. 174, 242 Ford, James E 166, 241, 242 Ford. Mary M. , 85 j Ford, Nelda R. J60 k 242 Ford, Sheila I ... 131. 274 Forgue, Donald R. . 89, 274 FORT HAYS NURSES ______ 114 FORT HAYS SINGERS 103. 176 Fo cll, W r il linen C, 134, 274 Foster. Gary J. ... , 242 Fournier, Robert E. 101, 166, 122, 140. 164, 274 Fowler, Cathey W. 167, 1 10, 137, 154, 243 Fowler Jane E. 131, 274 Connie K. — - 132, 230 Fox, Dana L. 128. 274 Fox, Payton A 243 Fox, James F 96, 230 Eraneis, Diana H 102. 243 Francis., John A ™ 67. 274 Francis, Lynn P __ 102, 105, 158. 230 Frani, Carmen E. ... in Franz, Celia A 94. hi, 256 Franz, Jerald C- .... 118, 243 Franz, Melvin A. 112. 230 Franz, Son)a S 128 274 Frazey, Lynn A _____ 16], 243 Freed, Douglass L. 134 162, 274 243 Freeman, Plana F. 98. 160, 104, 256 Freeman, Gary L. - , HO, 230 Freeman, Margaret Ann 132, 274 Freeman, Patricia Ann 132, 274 256 274 Frteden, Harold A, 67, 72, 134, 169, 256 Frieaen, Steven J. • 134 274 Frilsehen, Isabelle M, 230 Fri lac lien, Laynete M, 132. 274 FritzcmCier, Charles E. .. . 78, 117, 162 227, 230 Fritzcmeier, Don L. . 140 162, 274 FfOhenius, Robert 101, 140 158, 274 Fro . Gerald L. 158, 274 Fry, Donald E. 243 Frydendall, Gaylene — 68. 274 Frydcndnll, Sue Ann 102 Fryman. Dudley J, 37 40, 256 Fulton, Bemiecc M. 226 274 Gabel, Rita M, 213 Gaede Duane A. — . 131. 271 GAMMA DELTA - 123 Galea Rita G. — 243 Galltarl, Mary Ann . 256 Galloway, Cary R. 134. 162. 230 256 Gardner, Ronald E - 37, 118. M2. 226 Caret son, Beverly M. ... 256 Garner, Larry D. __ 102. 150 243 Garner, Mary- E 13, 96, 102, 230 Garrett, Kav £ 107, 132, 274 Garrett, Lloyd D, _ 274 Garrison Dennis H. ... 78, 117 140, 230 Carton. Barbara 95 Gaakill. Rex W. 84, 85, 121, 121, 162, 176, 214. 215, 236 Gaston, Charlotte A, ■ ... 92, 91, 243 Gates, Renal cl W. 226 Gatewood. Gwynne 150, 230 Ceist. Charles F 274 Cengler, Dennis W, 274 GERMAN CLUB . ... 109 Cerritien, Eugene W. 118, 243 Cerritzen, Herman J, lie, 230 Gerstner, Jude J- 45, 50 , 106, 213 Gerstncr, Robert W. __ 274 Gerstner, Timothy J. ... 65. 257 Gcsirtk, Hubert IF. .. 164 198, 257 Cetty. William H 67 Gn-yer. Pamela Kay 94, 123, 151, 257 Gibbon , Dollie E, __ M6, 152. 230 Gibbs, Samuel R 131, 274 Gibson, Norman I, ... 116 Cicnger, Royee E. 134, 274 Gicbler, Gale R, 226 Ciebler. Wavne B. 243 Gifford, Danny R, 6L Gilbert, Alvin B, ..... 257 Gilbert, Clifford B, ___ 243 Gilbreath. Chester 131, 274 Gilchrist, Karen D, ._ SB, 128, 27 4 Gill, Cynthia Y 124, 132, 274 Gill, Stephen L 156. 257 Gillespie, Dwight E. 56, 57, 64. 65 Gilliland, Nancy Jo 101, 132, 274 Gilmore, Carolyn A 154, 213 Gilmore, Cl ora D r .. 114, 125, 137, 257 Girlou, Michael W, .. 243 Gish , Da niel C 102. 274 Givens, Donald R. - 45. 55, 72 Givens, Faith M. • 111. 230 Glaze, Donald R, 105, 122, 257 Glaze, Errol R. 257 Glenn. Cairn E. - _ 230 GInbb. Kenneth J. 226 Glaring, David J. - 243 Goering. Richard S, 103, 134 274 Gnering. Vernon G, 06, 93, 10O, 101, 130, 243 Ceet,z, Arlene A. .. 154. 175, 230 Gbeiz, Sharon K. 12 330 Goff, Gary L + — . — — _ 274 Goings, Amy R, — __i 137, 257 Goods le. Sammy G, HO, I?4 Gotilffltn, Clyde L. — 93. HO, 243 Goodwin, J, P. 59. 110, 275 Gordon, Don B. . 134, 243 Coach a, Michael R. 275 Gotchall, Thomas D. 158, 243 Gottschalk, Donald L, 23p Gould, Nancy C 120, 275 Grabbe, Janioo A. 27S Griber, Paul N. 55, 109, 124, 275 Graham, Jo Susan 132, 275 Graham. Rose M. - .... 230 Crau, Ddwin C. ■ 275 Graueiholi. Eldon H. _ 162, 257 Graver, Loon .... 224 Graves, Amy L. — 118, 190, 230 Groves, Billy K, 213 Groves, Gary L, 93, 118, 226 Gray, Janet C. , 123, 137, 275 Grecian, Jerry L. — 257 Green, Shirley R. __ _ _ 243 Greenwood, Erie L. 275 Greenwood, Georgia R, _ , 137. 243 Greene, Karen U, 128, 271, 275 Cruvcr, LaDonna K. ™ — _ 68. 107, 230 Gregg. Eldon A. __ .... _ 257 Gregory, Richard L. 275 Gregory. Ruth L, 132, 275 Griffin , James H, _ 72, 90. 243 Griffin, Margaret J. — 98, 100. 104, 213 Griffin, Marilyn F. __ 98, 100, 115, 257 Griffith, Gary D+ __ 226 Griffith, Jimmy R r ,... 59, 134, 275 Griffith, Shirley M. — ... 243 Griffin?, Elizabeth J 94. 122, 137, 257 Grim, Carolyn S. 137, 154, 257 Grinslead, Arthur E. — . 275 Gross, Harold D. 105, 243 Cross. Mary E, lip. 23(J p 2TB Grossardl, Darlene F, 08. 94, 102. 107. 137, 257 Grosshan . lona R 68, 95, 148, 213 Grub, Michael D _ 112. 243 Grubb, Harry M. _____ 90. 112, 213 Conn, Jamea R — _ — 213 Gunn, Victoria L. „ 239 Gustafson, Alfred E. — 239 Gutierrez, Joseph D, _ 119 Haaga, Carol L _____ 90, 137, 27S Haas, Jiffies L. __ „ 149, 166, 275 Haas, Kenneth J. 74, 230 Haas, Marilyn J. ... 275 Haberman. Donald ft. 110, 13 E, 257 Hachmcister, Judy L. _ 257 Hatfen, Russell R. 257 Haffner. Frances M. , 243 Hsgaman, Charlotte C. 83 Hagaman, SlymJi Jo , 123, 295, 257 Hager. Richard A_ 243 Hagcrman, Jon H, „ 275 Hag man, Jerry R ]10 Hogman, Linda K. 137, 275 Haiglcr, James P, _ r .„ ... 99 Hair field, Harry W- 230 Hakimian, Farhad . R6 Hakim ian, Farhad 116 Hakimian, Farrokh 116, 2S7 Ha tbgewachs, Jerry D, __ 257 If ale, Lucinda M. 137, 275 Hale, Roger Willard 244 Hallagln, James A. 239 Hal lag in, Janice G. __ , 244 Hall agin, Ronald C 13, 81, 257 Hallagin, Sandra L, , 154, 257 Hallagin, Shelia C. 01, 100, 121, 132, 152, 241 Hallbiek, Rif a L. _____ 230 Hailing, Patricia A 137, 244 Ham, William H, _____ 37. 38 Ham arm, Betty B. 275 Ha man n. William F. . 239 Hamblct, James L. - 244 Harmt Richard R, 134, 275 Hamlin, Francene _ 01, 137, 257 Fla mm an, Judith A, 99, 99, 19(1, 137, 244 Hammer, Denis G, 244 Hammer, Harold E. 230 Hammer, Vioki 5. __ — _____ 239 Hammers eh m id E, Harold F, 230 Hampton, Doris L, 101, 275 Hampton. Edwin W, 105, 130, 257 Hampton, Martha T. ___ _ 230 Hand, Barbara S, 102. 113, 120, 275 Hand. Katheri ne A. 81, 257 Hansen, Edith L. 102, 239 Hansen, Lyman D, 275 Hanson, Andy J, 166, 230 Hanson, Edward C. 62, 63. 119, l fib, 275 Hausmi, John E. Ihnson. Kathleen M $1, 117 231 Hanriick, jerry D. . ]6t, 231 Harder, Gary C. 211 Harders, Richard L. 37 H«rdgrove T Dean C. .... 257 Hare, David J. .... 275 lfnrkncss, Clifford IL „ . 166, 211 l|nrkncs , Mary 13. 102, 107, 157, 230 Harlan, Meredith V. 68, 79, BO, 94, 96. 100, 137. 257 Harmon, Duugla E 257 Halin’-, Jock L, 56, 57, 65. 106 Harrell, Lyle P. 226. 31 S Harris, David W. - 37, 110, 241 Hajjfe, Dennis E, 24 4 Harris, Dennis L. 257 Harris, George D 241 Harris, Jack D. . 122, 239 Harrison ; Robert E. 214 Haiahhargor, Kknml K, 98, 100. 103, 125, 714 Hart, Emery L, 37, 257 Hart. William D, 214 Hart, William L. 211 Hartley Shirley F, 134, 2S7 Hartman, Lola A. 80, 128. 275 Martpnau. Ralph M. no, lei. 757 Harvey, Diana G, 197, 132. 275 Ilssc, Kevin B. 98, 169. 257 Haselhorsl, Duane A. 275 KasvcIfjumE. Roger J. lb ' . 22b Mo-tno. Kami J. 130, 257 Ilasr, LaVonna A. 0B, 258 Hatch. I.noetta M. . 01 .lit. 120, 258 EfapiChild, Wniid L, ... 128. 175 H a li s in , Ren ate 109, 116, 138. 226 Hawkins, Daphne J 05, 116, 117, 125. 231 Hayden, John L. 37 Hayden, William B, 258 HaytS, Dennis L. 167, 258 Hayes. Peggy ,S. III. 152, 214 Hayes, William M. 131, 275 Mays, A ' Ector L, 72, 258 Hayward, Ivan 1 275 lldrll, Jack L. 37, 10 Headley, Ranee K, 241 flecker, Gord-rm L 131, 276 HcMh ' I, Lynne J. Heglund, Kathryn ],, 115, 130, 258 He Eil rick, Jerome 211 Hcier, Robert L. no. 276 HeiVes, Ernest E. 241 Heikes, Jeannette J, , 231 Heimcr, Rr,hert 1. 135, 276 Mein, Jerome A. 241 Hein, Kathleen D, 138, 276 Heine, Itchccca A. 121, 250 H --in Lein, Rodger P. 276 Heiny, John L 149, 276 Heiuchmidt. Mervln K 45, 106, 2 41 IJeitsfhmidt, Rodney K. 55. 276 Helget, John 276 He ink CM. Edwin C» ._ 276 M.-mh.-n, Janice K. 132. 276 Hemp, Ronald E. 250 Hcndershct, Gary D. _ 250 Henderson, Richard E. . . 147, 167, 231 Henderson, Sharon S, 99, 99, 197, 151, 231 Henderson, Susan M. 99, 130, 276 Hendrickson, Larry E+ . 90, 276 Hennigh, Barry U 139. 258 Henrieksoo, Regina R 214 IJenrickson, Wallace L. 150, 231 Henry, Dougins L. 135, 258 Henry, Larry L 258 Henry, Songie — 214 Herd man, Terry L 276 Herd!, Bonnie J. - - 130. 276 Tiering, Marilyn J. - 132. 241 1 1 erl , Ca rnl A 231 lief hi an, .41 Freda M, 258 lferrick, Russell W. 135, 276 Herridgc, Sharon L, 109, 128, . 151, 276 Herring, Clara 132, 250 Herrtoan, Carol A, 276 Herron. Donald 73, 81, 102, 103, 158, 106, 211. 241 HerleL Gerald J 57, 58, 65, 106, 253 11 eri el, Kaylecn 9 L 250 Herlel, Rnibert C, 250 II ev tier, Judith A. 130, 276 J 1 i bhs . Janet L r 138, 250 Hickman, Donald J3, 276 Hickman, Maxwell K. M0, 214 Hick . Gary F. J35, 276 Hicks, James P ■ 140, 276 Hicks, Margaret J, 197, 138. 276 Hicks, Paula 103, 120, 276 Hickson, Edward L. 276 Hie hurl, David C 258 Hlcbert, Robert 1 93. 231 Hiperd, Larry A- 13, 125, 135, 231 lligerd. Lore 11 a R. 125, 130. 231 High, Anne E. 90, 120, 276 ITilhip, A then L 250 Hildebrand. Carol A. 128, 250 Hildreth, Fred j. _ 222 lingers, lark E. . 129, 162. 276 H tigers, Karen Kay ... HO, 231 Mill, Jeffery A. 122, 276 Hillman, Maureen D. 258 Hillman. Terry M. 2)1 Minnie rga frit, Roper N. 118, 162, 241 lfinshaw, Dee.fl 13. 231 Hinahaw, Lynne E, 132, 276 lliltlge, laerjuie 108. 131, 258 Hinaman. Jolm f.. 231 IfisH-hkH ' . I.irtd’i D, 23 1 Hitchcock, Hayden M. 98, 1 E9, 276 HUidek, D»neM O. .. 27 Flr.ol.k, K ' ■ 11 n ■ " 1 h L. 158. 244 Hohelman, DmiisIiI C, 23 1 Hockntan, Betly R. 226 Hockell, Arthur E, 120, 258 Flufer, Verena M. Kl, 23] Hoffman, Barbara K. 214 Huffman, Cary D. 244 Hoffman. .Margaret j. 115, 211 Hoffman. Richard E, 107. 211 Hoffman, Thomas J, 27fi H gan, Bruce f„ . 135. 276. 296 Hogan. Dennis F, 2“6 Hogan. Margaret J. . 68, 96, 115, 128, 250 Huge, Mir hat I A . 89, 90, 130, 230 Hogselt, Sian C. 226 Holden, Robert E 231 He! ilren, Walter E. 231 Ifiilen, Ralph £1. 108. 214 Holler, Harri? R, 258 Holliday, bhari C. 231 Holmes, Garry L 244 Holmes, Harry I., 29 Hh, loirs. I, my F. H3, 150. 231 Hulmr . Vickie J, .... 132, 170 . 276 Holoptri-k, Mel D. 231 Holstein, Alfred If. .. 123, J35, 276 Hull. Carolyn S. 120, 250 Holt. Veda K, 128, 151, 276 HOME ECONOMICS CHAPTER 115 HnrneH Ood, Beni on W. 276 Hood, Ann Marie . 130, 276 Hoover, John F-. 231 Hoover, Linda C. ___. 132. 276 Hoover, Repaid D. 250 Hop pas, Stephen C, 8, 130. 250 Horinr ' k, Rouald I 214 Homey, Janet G 120, 276 Horning, Laura A. 121, 132. 276 Huryna, Sharon K. HI, 05, 07, 1]2 Hnsie, Ronald G. 70. 09. 81. 147, 150, 227, 231 Husk, Darrel 158. 258 Hu kins, Nancy 98, 100. 101, 276 Hoi I ui an, Robert E. 86, 162. 241 Jloupt, Lyle - . ,, , , 61 House, Carol M. 13H, 276 Houser. Gail L 244 Houser, Randall L. 2U Houser. Roger L 276 Houston, Alexander C. 172 Houston, Susnnnc Ff. 95 Howard, Donald F. 162. 231 Jfowe, Dean ft 250 Howerton, W r esley W r , 118. 231 Ifowser, James F, .37 Hrabe, Connie V. 115, 120. 276 Uribe, Larry R. 156 , 244 TIubhard, Elaine — 222 Hubbard, Gary L. 258 Hubbell, Henna G 130, 276 Hudson, Myrn.i K. 132. 244 Hudson, William C. 37, 139. 250 Hu els menu, janin ' S R. 80, 150, 2lf Hull, Dorothy E 60, 96, 245 Hull, Harry G. 250 Humble, Darrel J. 231 Humble, liar hind It 110, 231 Humble, Rita J. 130, 277 Jlumburp. jack A. 102. 105. 158, 250 Humbiifg, Merrill 120 Humphrey, Darrell K. 61, 65, 191 Hunter. Piano S 91, 116, H7. 121, 243 Hunter, Jimtl P- . 331 Hunt or, M anl ie K . 215 Hunter, Tuiiia J, 103, 107. 132, 277 Hurl but, Eunice L 91, 231 Hurley, Arthur R. — 130, 245 lluslon, Gerald J. . — 172, 2l5 Huslon, Mary j, 90, 115, 231 Hutchins, Pamela K 198, 258 Hutchison, Jbhn E. .... lint Lon, Max A. 27, Hutton, Cstel G- 102. 135, 27- Hycr, Carol L. — — 81, 05, 138, 231 Thrift. Charles A. 162, 215 IMPROMPTWOS 103, 201, 213 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB IlS Ingcrgoll, David L. 110, 277 Ingram. Cheryl A. 115. 128, 277 Inncs, Rodney L. 72 277 INTER FRATERNITY COUNCIL 146. 147 l.VTE R N A T IONA L ft E l . A T IONS CLUB 116 Irvin, Cheryl A. ..._. 101, 128, , 132, 277 Irvin, Cheryl F. — . 277 277 Irvin, Vicky N. 103, 115. 120, 258 lsern, David j. v_ 123, 277 Jsern, OrviJEc S, .... 123, 231 Inner, Dwight R. 245 Ives, LeVon ne L r .. 231 Jacks. Alan W. 156, 258 Jerk son, Rrucc F. 258 Jackson, hut 61 Jackson, Lorraine M, . 172, 259 Jacob. Philip C. 37. 135. 245 Jacobs, Chesley C. 231 Jacobs, Gaily a D. 138. 277 Jacobs, Joe D„ 359 Jamison, Ronald E, 55 Jamie, Shirley A. 132, 277 Janssen. Bill! M. 132, 277 janlt. Jack W r , 159 Jaquith. Grant E. 277 Jarvis, Basil G 135. 277 Jarvis, Richard D, 72, 259 Jeffers, Marvin L. 91 Jefiries, Jerry R 110. 245 Jenlfcb, I.arry ___ 13, 118. 93 Jenkins, David L. . 231 Jenkins, Linda 68 Jenkins, Sleveti L. -.... 162, 245 Jennings, James A, . 130, 259 Jennings, Ken W. 159, 259 Jennison, Paul S. _ _ 259 J Hucii . I.inda J, 120, 277 Jensen, Ronald 1. 98 Jesek, Carol J. 259 Jilka, Edward R, 162 Jimer field, Thomas B. 125. 135, 245 Jindra, Marcia J. __ 115, 128, 215 jirik. Alien J. 93, 118 Jnerg, Charles w 231 Jcerp, Sandra S 277 Johannes, Lowell R. 1 18, 245 Johnson, Alan L. 110, 277 Johnson, Anne F, 226 Johnson, Bonnie J, . 130, 277 Johnson, Carl W. 259 Johnson, Cecil P- 57, 65, 277 Johnson, Charles T. 156, 277 Johnson, Deanna F, 245 Jolmson. Dennis L. 85, 89. 91, 121. 124, 140, 231 Johnson, Edwin R. , 60 , 6i. 259 Johnson. Cary W. 245 J ch nson , Ja ck L . _ 37, 40, 42. 245 Johnson, James C r — . 162, 245 Jolanson, Joan L, 259 Johnson, Joe W, _____ 61, 106. 232 Johnson, Judy L, ....„ 08. 259 Johnson, Orpha R. . 232 Johnson, Nina M, 7 " . 130, 277 Johnson, Phyllis - .. 138, 259 Johnson, Raymond L. 232 Johnson, Robert C. 37. 30, 40. 42, 13, 65, 191. 277 Johnston. Sherri R, 132, 151, 182, 259 Junes, David L. 37, 38, 41. 42, 118 Jones. Janice K. 70. 152, 232 Jones, Jones, Oa r Jay Mr I), - ei, 10a, 1 VJ 277 Jones. John D. 245 Jones. John Hr 259 Jones, John F r 232 Junes, Jon f! 277 J..nes, Larry L 1 56 , 245, 33 5 Jones. LeRoy R. . 215 J ones. Marjory E, 102 r 128. 245 Jones. N anc y K. 138, 277 Jones, Rosa L. ._, iu r 259 J ones. Warren D. 156, 277 Jo$gg rand. Hard E. 95, 232 Joy, Janice L 132, 277 Joy. R ohe rl L. 135 Judd, Gloria J : 122, 138, 277 Juno, Rita hJ. 128, 27? K-CLUR 106 Kaba, Marilyn K. 128, 277 Kadel, Stephan R 139. 259, Clyde nc G. 115, 130, 259 Knhmeycr. Linda S. 123. 120, 2 " 7 Kaiser, Karen K. 132, 277 K.ii ' .-r, Ronald L, 2 77 331 KAPPA ml; epsilon 90 KAPPA OM1CK0N PHI 90 K arban , El van a I, . 123. 245 Mr]iu, Bernard L. 277 Karlin. Patricia A 278 Karlin, Roberta J. 232 Kascr, Nancy L. 138, 278 Kas[irr, Allen L. 259 Kassclman. l,arty D. 278 KasUup», William ll. 232 Kalhka, Nancy G. , 90, 109, 101, 276 Katt. Ronald D, - 215 Katz. Clarence J- 57. 245 Kali. Lyle D, — 259 Kate, Veld a J. 129. 278 Katirmsicl, Ivan D 123, 278 Kaufman, Donald W, 215 KauLiutn, Geiic A. 135. 278 Kaulmaun, Priscilla A 91, 138, 259 Kouti-p, Clayton, L. 95, 232 Kay, George M. 71, 103, 162, 202, 213, 239, 245 Kearnev. la IL 9. 132. 278 Keeley, Patricia J. 08, 96, 132, 259 Keilh, Doris A. 259 Keith, Mat S. 135, 270 Keiih, Myrtle A, 102, 138, 259 Keller, Drtrtdd £, 10b. 118. 215 Keller, Jerry W. 159, 259 Keller, Phyllis E. — 123, 138, 278 Kellogf, Brooik-i L r 106, 167, 245 Kelly. Benny J, . 162, 259 Kelly. Terry M. 164, 278 Ketcifh, Corliss L. 130, 270 Kemper. Sharon V. 116, 259 Kenney, Sharon L, 144 Kermis. Jes»c L. 37, 40, 106 Kent, Jov A, 278 Kent, Jov 8. ■■■- — - 232 KerU, Lonnie R . 259 Kenyon, Cary E. . ... 232 Kifplrv, David l. r , 135, 162, 278 Kern, Gerald M- 96, 232 Kerns. Roma V. 2.12 Kershner, Larry D. fit. 85, 09. 112, 232 Ke-tsler, Hondii J. 98. 259 Kilter, James R 215 K ft chum, David E, 101, 245 Keytc, tbcinit B, 245 Keyaer, l.arrv D r 278 KFHS RADIO 110 Kibhe. Jim t . 278 Kidwell, D rl her t 0 . . 110, 232 Kiefer. Charles E, 90 Kieffer, James S, . 270 Kiehl, Scott K 259 Kifer, Charles J. 89, 101, 135, 270 Kilhourne, J. Randall 159, 215 Kilbourne, Jan R, 37. 61. 270 Kilgore, Martha L, 129, 27fl Kilgore, Thomas C 1 35, 278 King, Carroll W 159, 259 King, Daniel L. D S t 578 King, Dtnnh D, , 245 King, Disk A, 81, Hi, 129, 203, 259 King, King, K i up , Flore nc e Judith A. __ 101, Rote 101, 232 245 84 Kin " , Sandra E. 129, 278 Kingsley, Bonnie L. .... 118, 149. 223, 232 Klnliimd, Neal W, 15, 50. 53 K inter. Jerry J, . iso. 278 Klpp «, Jeanette ■ 259 Kirkhar Dale R SO, 93, 136, 232 K i te r. Wi Inter 09, 109. 232 Kisner, Cary j, — — 110. 270 Kitchen, Kathleen S. 129. 2713 K i i r h i " n . Ijurener D, 245 KIT KATS 107 KUurrns, Jean A, __ 98. 101. 132, 1S2. 278 232 245 Klaus, Alberta J. 84, 85, KTaus, A] be rl a T, Klein, F|ovd E. 278 Klein, Kathryn S. 129. 27s Klein, Rnnald . 27B K lever, Julm H. 92 , 159, 259 Klinta, Curtis R. ... . 270 Kline, Carolyn R. . — . — 132, 215 Kline, Cecil A 130, 259 Klintman. T rytla M. 138, 171. 259 Klish, Dale E. 239 Klolr. Paul M 116. 121 . 123. 215 Klola. barren 3 121, 125, 130, 259 Knapp, Sharon B. . _ 232 KnatiJ, Jerry L. , r . 259 jtk iiaiu f, jerry l, . Knipp, Denis R. . .. Knipp, Dnin.-ild E 259 232 278 Knitig, Kenneth R. .... 98 Kn®!l, Roger D. . 121, 232 Kno-11, Terry J 156, 259 Knorp, Karen L. 80, 111, 129, 205, 259 Knorr, Dave G. 232 Kneh. Ctlia A. 215 Knelt, Dennv 232 Kudi, Elvin A 169, 278 Kuei, Lni 1 , ■ 138, 259 Koehler, Cheryl A. 96, 107, 108, 129, 259 Kuclseh, David M. 37, 259 Kocrncr. B ndelph L. 278 Kureperich, Janice K- SI, 132, 270 K tli]»rh, Cary G 101, 215 Kohlasrh, lyarcn K, 259 K i! tiler, Barbara 0, 98, 99. 132, 152, 278 K nil man. Marlin L. 278 K oil man, Melvin t 15, 232 a oilman, .vieivm i, r ... Kunzem. Eugene F r 13, 279 Ki.rnmz, Nurinan C. 161, 232 Kurfi, Sandra G. 138, 151. 279 Korf, Jo Ann C. 98. 129, 259 Kerf. Lawrence D P 106. 215 Kerf, Lon a D, 08, 91. 106, 259 Knariel, Mary M r HI. 138, 259 Korte. David G — ™ 140, 159. 279 K ortoian, l.iuda A. ... 0]. 129, 1$L. 179, 196, 215. 315 Krafl, Leroy J. 260 Kraft, Marvin J. ....... 260 Kraft. Raymond L, 232 Kraft, Richard T 260 K mi singer. Margaret I., 90 Kmlicck. Sharon K. , 08, 108, 115, 138, 200 Krau , Joseph E, 215 Kraus, Sandra K, 2-15 Kraus. Terrence J, 215 n, ra us , K tea tier, k ernon j. Ralph A t ZtjU 215 Krrutzcl, Jim L. 86, 105. 232 K res in. Pauline M Ill, 21-5 Kriley, It a yjiiund W. 215 K rnegr-r. Ronald D. 250 Krueger, Pamela V, .. 102, 108. 138, 119. 266 Krug, Dennis R. , , 123, 279 Krug, Karen S, . 05. 07. 2,32 Kiup, Hubert TV. , 123, 237 mug rsi5j3i -r t Vt . Kruse, Karol A, . _ 123, ™ 132. 12 270 Knur. Larry F. — 113. Ml, 266 Kmtr, Merlin A. 118 Kruse. Ronald M. — — ... 123. 279 Kuchnltoff, Susan J, . 279 Knhlmfln, Carol J, __ 100 Kuhn. Dennis L 279 Kuhn. Elizabeth A. .. 279 Kuhn. Myra O. . 90 Kunibcrp, Irptha L. 98. 101, 138. 279 Ku mired, John K. 260 Kurth, Janice S, 138, 279 Kvasnicka, C harles E. 169, 260 Kvasnkka. Roger K. 279 Kwak, Susan D, 130, 266 Kvriakides, Din os O. 260 LaBarge, Lawrence J. ... 109, 246 La Barge, Marvin E, .. 216 LaBarge, William J. .. 216 I-aClcE, Terrill p. 135. 279 f.affoort, Don R ... 92, 232 Lake, Dana D, 151, 232 314 Lakin, Donald N. _ 56. 57, 58. 61, 65, 66. 106, 1 10, 260 Lilly, l.uvena K. 85. 85, 232 Lilly. Steven E r ■ 89, 260 Lamb, Gary L. „ r „. . 110, 156, 279 LAMBDA IOTA TAU 95 Lambert, Carl M. 163, 279, 306 Lumber t, Ellen K 279 L- i in ore us, R u 1 h E. 129, 279 Latuphere. Cary L. 279 Landes, Adolfo H 1Q9, H2_ 11 " , 123, 233 Lane, Bonita C. 2-1$ Lamp, Antla L. . $8, 70, 96, 106. 108, 138, 233 Lang, Belly J - 275 La nj;, Bonnie C. 132, 279 Lang. Roger D. 135, 279 Lang, Rose A. 114 260 Lapp in, Lftwell D 159. 279 Larkin, Gilbert M. 233 LaKocque. Robert E, 161. 246 Larrick, Mclv K. 115, 233 Larsnjrt, Donald L. 260 Larson, Cheryl A, . 138. 279 Larson, Stephen J. __ 141. 173. 279, 316 Larson, Stephen W. 162, 216 LaRuc, Rosalie A, 109, 138, 254. 260 Lilas. Jeanette M, . 99, 109, 125, 130, 260 La tier, Donald NT . 279 Laiifhlm, Gary D 163, 216 Laughlin. J„ M, ... t 279 La unman. Eldon M r 13, 118, 113, 233 Lawrence, Kerry M, 125. 175, 202. 216 Lawsu n , Da vi d K 135. 279 Liwsun, Palricta R. 00, 206 Lay, Dorothea K. 129, 279 LEADER 172 173 Learning, Hubby C, 260 Leary, Michele M 9-1, 260 Lens, J. Michael 45, 163, 191. 260 Leas, Judith K. 05, 07. 233 Lea sure, Frank D. 167, 21 Lebsaek, Richard R, 135, 260 Led belter. William C- ....... 279 Lee, Ellon R. in, 279 Lee. James II. 2.13 Lecg, Laura D. 98, 160, 132, 15$, 279 Lehman. Craig A 233 Lehmann, David E. 63 Leie Miter, Dale K. .. 70 . 86 , 95, 233. 308 Leighton, Larry E. 159, 246 Lclker. Clifford J 37, 10, ||, 233 Leikcr, Dgnni W, , 2 16 Leiker. Doris M. 15-4, 279 l.eiker, Janice -M r 102 246 Leikcr. Judy K. 132 279 Leikcr, Karl K. 37 . 41, 166, 233 Leikcr, Shirley A. 279 Leikcr, Verlyn J, 147. 156. 233 Leuiy, Cunsiancc A 92, 98, 99. 167, 132, 154, 176, 279 Levin, Wilber L. . . 233 Lewis, Dary] e W 279 Lewis, Jim 135 279 Lew Is. Niki J . . 102. 119, 246 135, 163, 279 Lewis. Van B 162, Li by, Charlotte L. 138, 279 Lihv. Lined F. 122, 246 Llbv, Maa L. ' 233 Liclil, Diana M 1Q2, HI, 116, 246 Lillie, Teddy U. 260 T.iljestrajid, John E, 279 Lind berg, Ron K , 101. 130, 279 Lirtdquisl. Robert L. 246 Lindsay, Michael E. 37, 216 Lindsey, Gerald D, 226 Lindsey, Joyec E — 260 Linenberger, Marla j. . 162, 154. 246 Liuenberger, Rosclla 163, 104. 216 Linenberger, Thomas R, 156, 279 Link, Mast W. 286 Link, Sue E, 297 Lipp, M. Carol 78, 79. 102, 103, 113. 155, 190, 206, 239, 246 Lippert, F. Dale 201 Lippoldt, Patricia J 138, 260 Lillie. Janet R, Li tile, Ron H. 28, 222, 233 246 LITTLE THEATER 110, 176, 214, 21$ Livingston, Mary L. _ 132, 280 Lock. Ross A. Locke, Juhnnie G. . 11, . -45, 52, 156. Locwcn, Mary S. 80, 260 94, 99. 102, Loewen, Roger K, 151, 266 135, 260 Locwen, Stanley L, .... 280 Lohrmeve r, Gera Id E , 159 260 Long. Harry L. Long, James A. 101 2I6 Long, James L. 135, 200 Long, Lawrence L. ■■ ortrt Long, Saundro S. 260 Loop, Larry L . ...... ... . 86, 163, 216 233 Loop. Marilyn Lorbeer, Janelb- A. 00 Lorimor. Lee A. 161 60 Lorinior, Ronald J. 200 Li,i r y , Robert E. Lott, James A. 135. 206 112, 226 Loven»l«in, Charles M. 200 Low ' dermi Ik , Gayle A, 129. 260 Lowcn, Bill If, ... .. 260 Lucas. Ted W. 105, 246 Lnetters, Charles D Luft, Rudolph L. . 118, 111, 280 231 Lundgrin, Larry D. 3J6 Lundin, Dale f., 90, 163. 280 )3, 213, 233 65. 106 Lundin. Jim 1( Lundbtade, Charles E. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION 124 Llittorman, Patricia R, „ 0i f 13s, 233 Lycialc, Victor H. . 246 Lyda, Lynn E, 11, 102, 200 Lynch, Lynda L, — „ 91, 149, 260 Lynn. Douglas A Ha, 260 Lynn, Robert E, 83, 233 Lynn, Vyr] D 280 Lyon, R«Iec A, 129. 2fl0 Lytle, Patricia J. „ 132, 280 Magana. Conception L. ,. 15, 276 Mahoney, Kathleen 5. 102, 138, 15$, 280 Mahoney, Mary L. -. 102, lH, 216 Mil, Duane F. 123, 111, 200 Mai. Terri 94 Mai, Waller A. 260. 297 Mater. Belly 91 Maiiujuist. Robert J. 280 Major. Roger G — — - ... 233 MAJORETTES 99 Makings, Cary D. 111, 260 Malinovsky, Kerry M. 132. 183, 280 Malmberg Richard C 95. 233 M a infers eh eini, Val .. 90. 135, 280 Mane tli, Paul E 163, 234 M armoring. Dennis G 57, 63. 106, 234 Manning, Patricia J. 81, 138, 261 M a nu inu , Louis A . — — 231 Minos. Claudinc R. 98, 132, 216 Maawcilcr, Ikynella H. Ill Mm-nun, Crystal IV 117, 132, 261 MaH ' idi, Sharon K, 129, 280 Markham Arnos E. 159. 23 1 Marklc, Cheryl P. 111. 138, 280 Murkier, Gary J. 163, 261 Marmic. David D. 216 Marshall, Sara G - 138, 280 Martin. Delbert W. 118, 135, 2l6 Marlin, Guy R. 234 Marlin, Julin D 84, 169. 246 Marlin, Joseph P ML 280 Man i«, Marvin L, 19 i, 231 Manin, Melvin E 280 Marlin, Richard A, Jr. . ..... 135, 163, 280 Martinez, John K. . ..... 261 Marta Robert M 216 Masha, Gerald L. 55 Mason, Richard A. .... 296 Mass ey. Bor Sara . 231 MATH (ll.UB 112 Molheson. Marilyn K. 129, 280 Mol hews, Judith J 155, 246 Mai hews, Sandra J. 153, 2l6 Matter. Paul M. 2l6 Man pin, Jconaim L , 234 Maurath, Beano M 13, 81, 90, 138. 216 Man rath, Clement J. 21$ May, Barbara L. — ... 261 May, RuLierl £, 173 Maydew, Gary L. 86 Maybew, Roper II, ..... 2t6 Me A duo, Leslie X 280 Me A tee, Patrick }, 59. 92. 110, 21 1. 215 Mr- C« be, Roger L, 37 McCall, Patricio A. 155, 233 McCall, Richard C. 135. 167. 280 MeCnllistcr, Waller W. 233 Me Carrol, Helen L, , 125, 24$ M Gariaev, CfrbJyn K, 9t. 101, 261 McCartney. Reger P 130, 280 McCarty ' 1 Constance L. 138, 2 1 Me Christy, Doyle L ,. 200 -McClain. Lola B. 261 McClellond, Larry W, 233 McClurg, Wanda L. 107, 2 1$ Me Coma . Halite £. 115, 21$ MeConnel, Maurilyn D, 96 McCormick, Candis E, 280 McCormick, Devayne J. 280 McCormick, Kenny L. 280 McCormick, Larry P. 280 McCormick. Stephen M 94, 169. 216 Me Coy, David R r 233 McCoy. Kirn E, M 84, 85, 109, 112, 233 McCrary, Ronnie N. 135, 200 MeCuhhin, Floyd L. ... 111. 280 McCue, Janice .. . 130, 280 McCue, Linus L „ 2 McCuIlum, Alice F. 261 MeCullunt, Richard W. 80, 233 McDaniels. Garvin B. 37, 42 McDonald, Connie F, 18 1. 183. 198 , 233 McDonald, Nancy C — 107. 138. 222, 261 McDowell, Jerold E 29, 45. 46. 51, 52, 06. 91, 106, 1 13, 233 McDowell. Mary L. 08, 129, 175, 280 McElhaney, Janie L, 280 McEiroy, Donald W. 216 MeEnlcrfer. Michael L, ... 73 McFall. Elsie J r . ■ 114, 153, 216 McFarland. Alice L. 214 McFarland, Gloria J, 102. 103, 155, 2 16 McFarland, Gary J. 163. 261 McGauran, C. Raymond „ 261 MeGaw, Gayle L. 99, 138 , 280 McGovern, Daniel W r 84, 86, 233 McCRATM HALL 134, 135. 136 Me Guy re, Patricia B r 96 d 216 McIntyre, Ellis E, 261 Melulyre, Marion $- 33 McKee, Dennis D. Jr. 93, 11$ McKee, Linda A, 80, 94, 138. 261 McKibhin. Lana L, J49, 233 m McKinley. Andrea B, 110, 138, 200 JtcKinnejy Hubfti E. 118, 24ft McKown, Ron 65 McLain, Tom ft 98 180, 135, 200 SlcLilten, Jack I. __ 261 McLcltnd, Larry L. . 247 McMahon, Patrick L. , 13, 118 McMINDES HALL — „ 137, 138, 139 McMullen, Floyd C, — 217 Mc !i]I, Jerry L, - 261 McNflwn, Dcani; D. fl9, 109, 117, 200 MeWhiner. Dania C. 68, 70. 96, 98, 108. 129, 261 Meadows, Sally S. 220 Meckel, Evelyn — — 149 MeckcnsEock, David L 93, 103, 159, 268, 280 , 297 Miiclt!(ssfl. Charles G. 231 Meikhsael, Donald L. 135, 156, 280 Meckfessel, Eldon E. 135, 200 Meek less cl, Mary A 247 Mcdsker, Jolonc i 70, 138, 200 Meek, Palmer F 65, 89, 121. 135, 281 Mcciien, Lynn B, 135, 201 Meier, Dean W, - — 2i7 Meitl, Mary K, 138, 217 Melton, Jerry J. 6, 101, 217 Mendenhall, Arnold G, 261 Mi’hj:, T-indii K. 130. 281 Mengga, Nancy L. 129, 151, 281 Menhtiaen, Malinda G. 261, 312 MEN’S GLEE CLUB 102 Mcrklein, Gary A. 98, 135. 281 Meruiis, llernte J r 261 Mtrmi , Patricia L. 78, 155, 171. 217 Merrill, Dan R. 135, 281 Mcrseb, Jack D, 234 Merydilh. Brent W T 113, 163, 201 Metcalf, Scmdra S„ 132, 201 Men, Dennis D, , — 93- 2 ' U Metz, Marilyn J. - 12 , 90. 234 Metz, Susan L. 115. 132, 261, 298 Meyer, Earl R 17 Meyer, Kenneth L. 201 Meyer , Lynda L 102, 107, lit, 151, 217 Meyers, Boner K 201 Meyer . Terry F, 261 Michael is, Jerry G. __ — 103, 234 Miohaclis, Larry D. . 118, 13S, 26 1 Michel, Gordon K. 231 Michel, Jerry D. 92, 201 Mickey, Darrell L, 281 Miles, Charles S r . 78, 156, 157, 231 Miles, Helen M 108. 138. 201 Milford, Connie G 87. 23 1 Millard, Jack L 167. 200, 201 Miller, Anita L 121, 138, 170, 20l Miller, Carol L. ... 88, 175, 261 Miller, Carol R 234 Miller, David L, 261 M Liter, £ mi lie 98, 1Q0, 1 H, 101, 217 Miller, Ernest P. 102. 150, 212, 222, 231 Miller, Cary I 101, 247 Miller, Jcnnclte K, 103, 121, 138, 281 Miller Joseph R, — 135, 281 Miller, Judy E. — — Ml Miller. Kenneth L. 98. Ill, 159, 281 Miller, Lawrence J- — 281 Miil.r, Linda M. 217 Miller, Marvin K. — — 234 Miller. M on if on! J. — 247 Miller. Marie A, 99. 102 125, 132, 281 Miller, Richard P — 281 Miller, Sandra L. — 122, 138, 217 Mi tier, Sarah A. 101, 114, 129. 281 Miller, Stephen W , — - 141, 281 Miller, Terry D. „ 2-1 7 Miller, Tim J, HI. 159, 281 Miller, Virgil D. — 281 Mills, Lewis D, , 28. 234 Mills, Ricky L, 106. Ill, 281 Mills, Steven K. 247 Mi near, Carolyn M. — — — — 132, 201 Minnit, Vernon C 103, 159. 213 234 Miner, Deanna L, 132. 200. 261 Minzon, Lawrence M. - 169, 247, 320 Mi egadis, Karleen K 129, 201 Mlscftadis. Nina C, , 103. 132, 1 15. 201 Mitchell. Alice G, 130 r 151, 174, 103, 281 Mitchell, Luann A, 138, 201 Misetl, Phyllis L 138, 281 Mohlej, Carolyn K. — __ 231 Mother, Quentin E, — 26. 261 Mohr. Barbara J. ... 80. 81. 87, 138, 234 Mohr, Darrell D, 26l Mollcnkamp, Anita K 102, 132, 203 Mom an, Helen K. 138, 201 Montgomery. Janet L. 80, 108, 114, Mont (joinery, Lind on C. .... . 80, 113. 117 167, 201, 217 Montgomery. Richard R, . 217 Monty, Pan! L, .. 37. 103. 261 Moody, Margaret A. 281 Muon, Charlene .. 300 Moore, Carol A. 113, £B1 Moore, Michael F, __ . . 247 Moore, Rodney I JL 135, 281 Moore. Vernon L. 11B, 226 Morchead, Jolcen M. 132. 201 Morel, Robert J. 261 Morel, Ronnie D 36. 37, 40, IS. 65 Morgan, Edward 1L 217 Morgan Lindt J. .217 Morgan, Marla M 138, 172. 261 Mortis. Douglas L. 81. 123, 201 Morris, Drcsycl J. 261 Morris, Ruth A 1 5 1 . 26 1 Morse. Edward A, 201 Mortimer, James L ....... 21 " Morton Avis 1 281 Mosher, Sheila G. 99. 102. 151, 261 Moss, Joel M B5. 234 Moss, Lind Z, 261 Moltncr, Alene K 132. 217 Mount lord, Carolyn S Bl Moyer, LaErcn H. 141, 281 Muei, John B. 234 Mulder, Cary E 234 Mull, Iona D. 129. 2Bl Mullen, James W. 90, 103, 202 Mo nk, Marietta L. 129, 282 Munk, Mary T 102, 103. 247 Munaell, Leroy W 11)2. 105, 211, 261 Murphy, David M, 118, 2ft I Murphy, Derind a L. 90, 129, 201 Murphy, Joseph A. . . - 263 Murphy. Jndzon E 138. 261 Murphy, Lonnie B- 261 Murphy, Melvin M. 118, 247 Murphy, Ronnie D, 202 Murphy, Saundra M, 132. 282 Murphy, Tenna R. 138, 282 Murray. John F. 147. 161. 234 Mu sad man, Kirk P, . 75, 135, 202 Musloe, Judyannc 80, 102, 103, 13B, 282 Myers, Charles L. . 135, 234, 282 Myi i», Cletier L 74 Myers, Dale C. 262 Myers, Pamela S, . 138. 282 My tick Ronald E, 282 Nagel Doug la E, 102, 163, 262 Nagel Gary A, 163, 175. 234 Nairn, George W 141 282 Nakadomari, llisamitall ■ lift Nash, Harold K. 135. 202 Nay, Cheryl L 132, 202 Naylor. Terry E. , 247 Neadc rh i ser , Benny D . 102, 103, 1 59, 2-17 Neal, Charle H 135, 282 Ncdbalck, Thomas L. 282 Redrew. Cheryl A . 132. 282 Ned row. Kathryn I!. 71, 138. 153. 262 Neely, Don C, 156. 217 Neel y , Norma J , — 138, 262 Nelson, Andrew Q 102. 262 Nelson, a Sue 93, 262 Nelson, Donald L. 118 Nelson. Franklin W 147, 163, 231 Nelson, Janet L. .. 04, 98, 401, 104, 119. 262 Nelson, Jerome A. 163. 262 Nelson, Kenneth R, 116, 117, 247 Nelson, Margaret E, — 1VL 247 Nelson, Michael E, 135, 247 Nelson, Roger G 135, 282 Newcomer. Sandra D, 114, 138. 155. 282 Newell, Bernard F. 159, -82 Newell, Dale L. HI, 16.3, 282 Newell, LeRoy A. Newlin, Roger K 157, 131 NEWMAN CLUB 74, 126. 197 Ney, Merlin K 157, 234 Neymzn, Fin yd F, . 231 Nicholas, William L. .. , JI0, 135, 217 Nichols, David C — 2 47 Nichols. Douglas A. ™ 262 Nichols, Duane L. 113. 136, 217 Nichols, Kendall E, 96, 15 " , 214 Nichols, William M. 167 t 202 Nicholson, Robert A 62 Nickel, Cary J. _ 247 Nielsen, Linda K. 114, 138, 202 Sicilian. Lawrence N, 262 Nleman, Pant R. 262 Niles, Kent E • ... 217 Noah, Deanna M, 132. 262 Noah, Mary L - 262 Noah, Roger B — 2 47 Noland, Arthur K, 105. 1 17, 262 Noel Fund P. 103. 247 Noel, James R 63 Noel, Mary L. - 1 01 Noffsi nger, Larry D, 36, 37, 2B2, 325 No|te, Larry D. N oidman, Ralph F. Norman, Diana S, . . NURSES CLUB Nuss, Boland K Nuisse. Judith A. Nutseh, Berniee 1. Nuttle, Jon D. 112 136, 234 U8 114, 139, 282 . 114 141. 282 116, 117, 234 132, 282 91 Obman, Joseph M. 37, 217 Obltolz, Mary B. 282 O’Bleness, Larry 1 136, 282 Oborny, Edmund L 85, 86 89, 90, 91, 112. 136. 234 Oborny, Jean J, 70, 89 , 98, 113. 136, 262 Oborny, Larry S 282 O’Brien, Stanley J. - 161, 246 Celts, James I., .. 247 Ochs. Jomva J. .... 121, 129 2B2 Ochs, Bobcrt D 78 Olfutt, Gcrnkl E. 110, 262 Ogburn. KcJtli D. 159. 202 Oh le meter Linda M, .... 92, 102. 153, 175, 215. 262 Ohnmacht, Judith A. .. . 247 Olds, Peggy L, 234 O’Leary, Eugene E 262 O ' Leary, Arrilla M 282 O’Loughlin, Kathleen G, 119. 235 Olsim, Diana K, 235 Olson, Margaret A, 90. 115, 132, 217 Ol sun, Nlone D. 103, 104, 153, 198, 247, 30 4 Oplinger, Carolyn Jt4 102, 139, 262 ORCHESTRA 98 Organ, Daryl L 247 Oringderff, Diiit L, 235 Ormsibcc, Lorraine _ 235 On, Robert A. 202 Osborn, Robert W. 90 Gslcrmnurt, Linda A. 123 132, 217 Osth.tff, Peggy A 88, 98, 160, 101, 129, 282 Ostmeyer, Judith K, 111, 198, 247 Ostrander, Margery S, .... 132. 151, 202 Ostrander, Oncta C. 132. 262 Otis, J antes F. 247 0’Teulc, Pont G 167 Ovgrmiilcr Loi I. 139, 210 Overton, Littda L. . Id, 104. 129, 2-40 Overton Mack W. 112, 235 Owens, Sandra K. 262 Packard, Terry P, 248 Page, John W. 59, 90, HI, 262 Pa hi , Richard J. . ... 81. 161 262 Ptlitihcrg, John E. 173, 262 Palmer, Arthur R. . 226 Palmer, Ava D. 102, 248 Palmer, Daphne A, 248 Palmer, G. K. 30, 167. 23S Palnser, Kent E„ 262 282 Palmer, Tom, C 157, 262 Palrngnrn , Kenneth R. . 37. 235 PammenteT, Orville L ™. 11 157 235 Pancake, Mary A. 121, 248 PAN HELL ENIC COUNCIL 116. 147 Ptnyik, Richard L. 169. 262 Parish, Arlyn j. 05 89 95 109, 235 Parish, Harlie A. 112. 226 Parker, Robin A. 88, 139. 174, 282 Parker, William D _ 57, 65, 13ft, 282 Parks, Cary L. , 262 Pardons, Gary D. 235 Partin. Ronnie C, 139, 20D, 262 Patel. Himatal B. 81, 116, 117, 235 Patel, Macaukh .M. 81 116, 117 Patterson, Fred D, 102, 158, 159 , 262 Patterson, jerry G. 78, 102, 105, 147, 159, 248 Patterson, Patty M. — 282 Fa..], Carol A. 132, 202 Faustian; Carole L. .... 151. 1 87, 262. 263 Pavlieek, Richard A. 167, 235 Peacoek, Claudia J. 80, 84. 05 , 235 Pearce, Clinton J. „ — . 89, 90, 117 120, 121, 122. 159, 235 Pearson, Loren J. 210 Pcavcy, Carolyn J. 08, 91, 99, 102 r 151, 262 Bechance . Janet 110, 141, 278, 282 Peek Patricia L. 255 Peden, Jc n A. ... 114, 262 Pelcaiek, Rodney L, 67, 176 , 240 PENGUIN CLUB 106. 218 PeD land, Stanley J. „ 141, 202 Penn, Vardcn V. 194, 235 PEOPLE TO P EO P LE 1 17 Pepper. Clifford H 283 Pepperd, Loren J, 102, 136, 163 Perkins, Thomas O. 62, 63, 136, 283 Perkins, Verlyn 136, 203 Peril, James 1 130. 262 Ferll Regcm M, 102, 129, 283 Ferrln, Betty M. — — — _ — — 122, 235 Peslingcr, Mary L. 132, 282 Peter. Donald L. 235 Peter, John N, B0, 235 Peter, Karla A. 153, 182, 210 Peter, Sally j, 155 262 Peters. Jon F. 13ft ' 2R7 Peters. Lavona L. ... 210 Peters, Rogene L. 129, 451, 100. 183. 271. 287. 288 Peters, Sharon L. 102. 107, 151 Peterson. Connie 1.39. 301 Peterson, Conrad P Peterson, Davida L. 118, 248 262 Peterson, G, Kathleen Peterson, Monte L _ , _ 132. 202 147 Peterson, Nancy L. . 91. Hi Peterson, Patrick C. 63, 262 Peterson, Rita $. . 133. 282 Fetrose, Ronald T. 283 Pei r us, Robert L. 248 Petryszyn. Yaroslav . Petlcngill, Glenn N PeMengpll. Maclyn D. ..... Petty, Bruce A. 141, 283 .. 262 262 102, 161, 262 Pci told, Dorothy A. 88, 283 Pfanootlstiel, Agnes M, Pfanuonsiie], Carol S Plannenstiel, Caroline 98, 191, 10 (, 283 96. 283 248 PFannensliel, Don J. _ . . 203 Pfin non slid, Gerald J 16, 9l r 235 Pfannenslind, llarvev J. . Plannenstiel, Mel J, 235 57 Plannenstiel Terrence 226 Pfeifer, Barbara A. 151, 235 Pfeifer, Betty A . 162, 155, 218 Pfeifer, Mm J. 262 Pfeifer, Mary E. 103, 139, 283 283 85, 130 Pfort miller, Larry G, Ffoitmiller, Lawrence G. Pfort miller, Roger D. 235 233 Pfoat. Sheila B, ... 102 P helps Evelyn D. 107, 139, 262 „ 149, 262 PHI ALPHA THETA 95 PUE ETA SIGMA b9 PHI KAPPA PHI 84 Phifer, Sondra K. 9B 283 Phil lip , Dorothy M. 112, 262 Phillips, Lawrence M. Phillips, Lawrence 45, 53, 91, 106 , 200, 235 262 PHI MU ALPHA 105 PF1I SIGMA EPSILON 160. 161 Phi leper, Kathy J. 139, 283 Pickering, Larry T. 65, 72 163 262 Pickett. A la it D. 136. 2tt3 Pickett Eldon 136 283 PI KAPPA DELTA PI OMEGA PI 83. 96 Pit nor, Hal [ 3i F, . LIS 263 Pittman, Kenneth R 1ST, 235 Pittman, Marjorie A, 102 Pittman, Martha A 102 235 Pittman. Roger D. 141. 159, 283 248 I ' orl, Ranald L 248 Platt. Mary R, 139. 263 Plowman Phvllis M. 115 133, 248 98 246 Poague, Larry C. _ Poison, Connie 99. Pool Eleanor F„ Poore, Roger E, 111, 129, 283 101, 104. 218 206, 235 F’opc, George K. . ™ 37 Pn j] p, Nikki L ' , 38 106, 238 139, 283 Porter, Gctilu W, 235 Pouter Richard D. 263 Porter Sandra T.. 102, 283 Pottroff, Sh-aron Y. - 133 283 P iUjTrtOt r I Eriirfljfl , 133, 283 Powell, Janet S. 102 Powell, Saundra K. 149, 190, 263, 300 102, 1 19, 182, 190, 201 308 84 Powers, R arnou Plainer, Patnela J • 129 283 Pratt, Donald E. 240 Preston Corliss G. 139, 203 Pr-ewctC, Donmt J. .. 129, 283 Price, Jo A, 99, Price. Kenneth D. 103, 129. 283 __ 136, 283 Prick ell, Laffy J. ..... 159, 263 Pr Li eh ell, Larry W, . .... __ 37, 235 Procsch, Carol K. 133 283 PRDMETHEANS 168 169 Profit. jLihimv D s ........ 283 Propp Kathleen L. 96, 235 PruiH Cariiynn S. 139, 263 Pachipci-dsit Ym W — 283 Pimd iiek Donald J 218 Purer, Tom G. Pujig Edward H, - „ _ 112 157, 235 248 PywelJ, Brian. S„ 263 Quiring, Margaret A. 03, 94, 114, 139, 263 Rabenseifner, Elizabeth L. . in, aid Racctte, Daiiriie L. 283 Radnor, Peggy J . , 139, 283 Ragan, Rebecca J. m 90 94, 120, L 125, 215, 248 107 t 139, 283 136, 203 121 Rahjcs, Janice J. Ralstin, Boger J Banrsey, James J. 263 Randall. Richard L, 102, 136, 192, 283 333 Rankin. Carolyn K- 265 Rankin. Darrell D. — 1 . Ransom, Robert J 2-18 Ray. Sally M. _ 13, M h 115. 210 Rtf«. Carl L. — 137, 263 Reed, Donild L. — 35. 235 Reed, Erd rat E, , 263 Reed, James F. — 130, 248 Reed, Judy J r 139, 263 Reed. L. Mac 103, 1 3. 175. 202, 216, 235, 336 Reed, Robert R. Reed, Ronald L. Reese, liiiduf E. Reese, Calvin Reese, Dennis Re-pier, Jeanette E. Reh. Gary A. _ Relia, Helen G. Relehel. Merlyn Rfimw, Keith E Reinhardt, Gerald I . Reinhardt, Sandra K, Rei|ii[, Duane A, Rcnick, Vera L, Renner, P enncy L , - Re chkc, Ramona A. Resley, Carol — — — REVEILLE — - R exroad, La Verne E. Reynolds, Joyce E. ... Reynolds, Mark A. Rexford, Ray A. — R bodies, Terry L. Rice, Dan fL Rice. Daniel 3. Riee, Jimmy — Rife, John A, . Riee, Rirhard W, Rite. Sandra S, Rich. Larry L. Richard, Sylvia A, Richardson, Donald J. Richter, Judith A. Ricker. Geraldine L. Ridflwjy, Margaret L, Rid gw ay, Susan G, Rid lef , Robert Riding, Alice J. Riedel, Arthur R. — Riedel, Kaylene S. Rife, Joe M, . .. Hiffc, Georgia E. ,, ... 263 , 37 99, 101. 101 149. 263 283 159 93, 139, 153, 283 .... 283 110 , 163 , 211 . 218 281 218 139 , 155 . 281 ______ 235 , __ 87 102, 139. 151, 263 . 151. 235 ... 217 174, 175 91. 105 161, 263 111. 218 118, 167. 211, 240 105 , 169 218 284 263 . . . 26 281 147 ’ 169. 248 103. 263 235 Riffe, Tommy W, Riffel, Jeanne A. Riley, Keith L. .... Hindi, Judith K. Hindi, Sharon E. Ringer, Roberta G, .... Riner, Patricia J, Rincr, Roma L. Riner, Ronnie R. Riordan, John R, RitteThonse, William K, Robbim. Jeffrey V r __ Roberts. A] len D . Roberts, Blaine R. ... Roberts Claude L Roberts. Larry R r Roberts, Martha Roberts. Richard D. .. Robertson, David V. .. Robinson, Larry D Robinson, Richard L. Robinson, Stephen E. Robles, Teodoro M. Rock. James T. Rode man, C baric K. Roedig, Ingo W. — Rogers, Jamc R, Rogers. Norm J, Rogers, 03 en T. ._i_ Rogers, R r Lynn 99, 133, — , 01 , 333 , __ 81, 102. — 101, 103, — 110, 139. ___ 110, 136. 114, 121,. _ 124, 130, - 87 , 95 , 133 , 70, 107. 125, 139, 114. __ 136, _... 63, .. 102, 167, 110, 136. Rogers, Rita R, Rogers. Samuel F. Rogp. Darrell W, Rogp, Roberta M. Rolfs, Judith K Roll and. Laura C. Rome, Gladys M. Rome, Glenn is A. Romedacr, Janice K, Romeiser, Kenneth W, Homey, Kathleen hi. .. Rose, Charlie C. Rose, Stove a A. _ Rosenbaum, Gary R. Roskilly, James D, 107, 129, 281 204 123, 133, 204 98, 104 263 113, 149, 263, 300 37 284 263 281 203 120 , 203 218 263 203 155, 248 263 235 108, 284 218 281 248 248 248 218 89 263 226 173 281 263 235 157, 263 141. 201 248 117, 236 263 263 284 248 284 169, 236 284 118 248 263 123. 201 236 284 248 263 204 281 263 284 204 284 111 . __ 118, 91, 157, 81, 124, 72, 73, 109. 78. 06. 105, 121, 163. _ „ 157, 109. 80. 81, 111 . 80. 107, 125, 155. __ 94, 56 , 57, 65, 111 , 90, 104. 329. 248 112. 236 193. 218 65, 284 91. 226 45, 19, 51, 52, 106, 106 _ 284 210 212, 203 37. 100, 167, 263 Ml. 284 74 , 90 , 112 , 236 Ross. Allda S. Rot lie. Dcanne F. R ou n kies, Marvin L. Rouse, Dan lid El. Roy, Girija P, Regers. William I.. Rubottom. Darrell C. Hneker, Mary J. Rucker, Robert N. Roda. Kenneth F. Hilda. Robert R Ruder, Brian Rilder. Darrell J. Ruder, Larry L. Ruder, Nancy L. Rudman, Sal tv M, Rudolph, Glenda Ruienachl , Dale W. Rupkc, Wayne K, Rupp, Franklin G. Rupp, Leon G Rupp, Mary L r . Rupp. Richard C. Rupp, Roger I’. Rusco, Gloria J, Rgsco, James A. _ Russ, Vernald L. Russell, Amo» O, Russell. Judith A, Kuutll, I.inda L. Russell, Neal Russell, Raymond M. Ruth, Donald W Rutherford. Mary C, Ruud, A mi in E Ryan. Guy R, Hyan, Mary L. Rsan, Warner A. Ryrnpli, Dorothy J. Sack, Sharon A, _. — Saddler, Carol M. Saddler, Gary L, Saddler, JamOi L, Saddler. Rita A, Sager, James L Sallee, Terry L, Sander, John C Sander, Mary S. „ Sander, Robert N. Sander. Ronald P. Sander. Sani L, Sander , Carl D, Sanderson, James R. Sandstroni, Ronald D. Sanneman, Dannv D. Sapp. Carol K. 100, 133, Harden. Juan D. _ , Sasse, Carolyn J 115, 124, 130, Sal er, Donna F, Sauer, Mary A. 139, Shim , Martha M. Saunders, Dwight M Sawyer, Leroy £, . 102, Sawyer, Jon D. , Sayers, Roger .... Saylor, El via Jr Scanlon, Gale E, — 163, Scanlon, Jarold D. 81, 08, Seatea, Walter T. 122, Se haben, Thcirol Schaefer. Margaret A, _ 117, )33, Schafer, William D. .. Schalansky. Joseph A 112, Schitinaky, Richard D. 136, 5c ham her, Saundrea J. 133. Sehardein, Joe D. Schaver, Anllumy L. Si-Siauf, Judy E. Sc keek . Li n d« 3 . 103, 123, 129, 101, 117, 125. J 109, 125, 103, 125. 3 190. 103, 133, 139. .... 200 , Sc heck, Melba L, Scheeli. Richard Ei Sc hied? man, Linda A 104, Sehiewe, Larry W. _ _ 125, Sehiff, Sue E. — t — — 129. Schipper?, Norman R. Scbiwler. Carol J. 94, 124, 139, Schmeidlcf, Norhert J Schmidt, Carol J. Sclimidt, Frederick J, 136. Schmidt, Gerald F. , Sclimidt, Judy A. _ 133, Schmidt. Robert K. _ — 61 Schmidt, Warren J. — 74, Schmidt be rger, Galen F, - 74, Schmitt, Beverly A, 102, 207, Schmitt r. Dale R. 157. Schneider, Duane — - — Schneider, Leon K. 65. Scbnieder, Richard D. __ — 122, HI. Schneider, $h ron K. Schnocbelen, C. Jane , — 78, 102, 170, 196. 298, 227, 236, S cbnoebelen , Mary A. 102, 126, 217, 264, Sehoen, Alvin H. 236 219 264 117 20 4 264 285 261 236 236 219 06 204 204 230 226 236 123, 201 249 219 285 285 236 264 285 264 264 285 20 4 136, 285 285 249 261 230 285 285 249 285 , 65 236 205 261 261 55 285 249 249 149. 308 119. 326 264 Schoeni, Arden W r . 285 Sehoen ir Enlonda K 133. 264 Sehon. Joaoph G 163, 172. 17 i. 184, 211, 236 88. 129, 285 _____ 219 91, 109. 111. 2 49 136, 285 264 133, 285 285 83. 102. 133, 236 Schukin an. L, J. 219 Schuler, David E, 118, 236 Schulle, Martha J, 249 Schullz, Stanley I 141, Sehreiher, Carol J. Schroiher, Karert A. Sehreiber, Richard K, Schreiner, Eugeni; ... Schroek. Eld«na G, Schroeder, Snt n A, $C breeder, Troy A. Schuknian. Cniyl V, Schulir. Wilma E Schulz, Rob Srhube, Lonnie L. Seliumaeher, Judy K, Schumacher. Juleen R, Schumacher, Ronald J. Schumacher, William C. Schnpman, Arlyn L. Schur. Richard C. 45, 43, 51, 5 Sch water. Lcii A. Schweitzer, Sonja K. Schwten, Cliruclta M, Scliwein, Kuren Sehwindl, Frances U Scott, Edward J. __ Scott, Fred W. . Scot I, Jerry D. Scott, Lee E. Scott, Richard H. 236 1ST. 236 249 111. 129 , 285 249 - - 37. 40 136, 261 226 141, 219 — 133, 285 133, 155, 264 114, 264 92, 120 219 219 63. 106, 109. 249 249 ___ 136, 285 86, 92, 176, 264 Scott, Roger L. — 167, 210, 261 98, 139. 249 116, 117. 12S 74, 141, 173, 285 120, 121, 124, 139, 170, 219 109. 112, 139, 170, 249 SCR IDLER US CLUB _____ ill Scultey, Man D 157, 210 Sfltlc, Gay len L. 236 Seeley, Sever] y J 236 See man. Katie ne K. 139, 2B5 5 tort, Susan E, Sc 01 1 , T err j W r , Scoll, William M. Sc ovi I , Du ml hy I . Scovil, Mary V, 2BS 133 , 149 , 285 167, 249 211. 249 101, 157, 264 102, 155, 103, 185. 211, 264, 266 285 249 285 Seib, Jerry J. Seibel. Carol A. Seifert, David M. Seita, George K. Sekavec. Glenn R, Selby, Sherryl A, . Sclicy, Samuel J. Scltmann, Lyle J, Seltmann, Terry L. _ Scltmann, William D. 219 Seuacr, Judith A. 98, 129, 265 SEVENTH CAVALRY 86 Scxamith, Cheryl S. 103, 133, 151, 285 Sexjon, Keith E. 37, 141, 285 Sewing, Anita M. 133, 249 Shaffstall, Robert M. 91 Shah. Jugatkishor B. .... 112, 116. 226 Shank. Jane E 96. 102, 136. 249 Shank, Linda D„ 133, 285 Sharp, Jame If, 141, 285 Shaw, Jim E. 285 Shaw, Violet L. 236 Sheet!, Sheryl c J, . 102, 107, 113, 153, 219, 301 236 266 _ 103, 201 110 136 , 265 Sherrill, Jerry R. 78, 80, 102, 147, 236 Sherrill, Larry E. 136, 285 Sherwood. Charles F. 236 Sherradcn, Vickie J. 210 Shindlir, Judith F. 98, 104, 285 Shirk, Barbara L. Ill, 236 Shoemaker, Terry (I. 163, 205 Shover, Linda J, 102, 129, 285 Showalter, Jesje A. 236 Shrailer, Richard F, 205 Shuck, Rcla F U5, 129, 205 Sidener, Ronald L. 102, 201 Siebert, Linda L, 114, 139. 205 SIGMA ALPHA ETA 91 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA ________ 104 SIGMA KAPPA 152. 153 SIGMA PHf KFSILON 102, 103, 210 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA .... 151. 155, 197, 216 SIGMA TAU GAMMA 164, 165 Signal, C. Joseph 261 Sigriat, Patricia E. 111 Sillin, Judith A. ■ , ■■ 104, 139, 204 Shell, Karen S. SbdtOn, Allen L, _ Shepherd, Roger L. Shepard, Gary W. ... S lie fulfil. Virgil S, Sirrimonds, Gail L. 157, 201 Simon, Katherine J. 123, 129, 205 Simpaon. Robert D. 1SS F 285 Simpson, Shirley M, . 236 Simi, Judith L. 1M, 249 Sinclair, Carol F. 134, 264 Sipc. Judith A. 78, 129, 150. 205 Si k. Victwr R. 9a, 100, 105, 219 Sissrl, Dalian P. , 226 Sites, Bruce E. . Siltner, Marvin L, Skelton. Janet F. Skelton, Larry N. Skelton, Linda Skinner, Judy A Slate, Janice K, _____ 37, 133, 151. 17 4, 9 4, 149, 237, 113, 179. 196. Sloan, G] Fr D. 91. 105. 136, Sloan, Sheila G- 133, Sfo|janvky, Paul E 110, 157. Sniies, I.jnda S 144. 133, Smiley, Jolm D 200, Smiley, Robert J, 67, Smith, Albert E. 91. Smith, Arlyn E. 109. ML Smith, Barbara J. — 08, 129, 219 237 264 261 264 319 198, 237 249 285 285 285 286 249 237 Smith, Betty M. 133, Garni D 71, 151, Donald C. Gary W 65, 163, 114. Geneva L. Gerald M, Juanita C 139, J, 05, Lowell R 50. Lyle E. ... 57, 51 Marlene D. 90, 115. 1 15„ Marsh a F. 139, Smith, Mary It. . Smith. Mary F. Smith, Nancy L. 102, 115, — 129. Smith, Phyllis Jr 155. 250. Smith, Ray S. Smith, Kuna Id D, 130, Smith, Sandra J, Smith, Sara A 139, 155, Smith. Sharon K 98, 129. Smith. Sondr 5. 133. Smith, Thomas Smith, Veil R, ....... Snay, Caro] Smith, William D. Smith, Woodie D. . Smrek , Virginia R, Snay. Carol Snay, Karen j. Ml, 163, 68. 133. 133, 153, 1 18, 102 136, 226, 136, Sneed, Marlene C. ... Snyder, Daryl K. Solomon, Kay A Salomon, Kenneth W. Sommer , Curtis W. Scmger, Herbert L. . Soonsaw arf, Thong-in Soukop, Alvin C- • Sou kup. Robert E Southard, Frank A. 98, 100, 113. Spacil, Paul E. . Spanish ....... Spark , Maureen K. 129, Spencer, H rty W. 159, Spieer. James W : . 124, Sfiomer. Patricia . 101, 102, 107, 155. Spreier, Linda L, 81, 101, 129, Sprenke], Thomaa E. Springer. Carol A. 133, Spurlock, Ruth E, SPURS _ , 201 30 264 226 286 264 261 72 237 261 237 250 206 296 261 280 88 261 206 265 201 91 68 280 237 155. 250 68 286 250 237 Siamek, Sharon J. 114, 133, ITS, Siaab. Norman F. , St del, Denn ta L, Slamey, David I_, Stan be try, Michael L Stapleton, Jerry WL 102, 163, Stapleton. William A, 102, 103, Stark. Willi, R. 102. 103, 105, Stauh, Mary K. . St. Aubyn, James S 163, Suvfn, Bruce L_ . Stecklein, Aim M. Stecklein. Bernard J, ]47, Stecklein, Carol S, Stecklein, Linda M. SteekleiOr Val Sleele t Ellubeth B 70, 133, Steele, George W Steffen, Donald D, J1], Steffen. Thomas M. 93, Steffen , Martha J. Steffen , Mary M. _____ Steiger, John J Steinerf, Stanley K. Sleinle, Sharnn L_ SleinV, Wayne K, ... Stephen. Barbara J. Stephen, Jerry 1 _____ 159, Stephen , Carole L 102 Si cp hen . Ca a ndm L . Stephen , Michael C, Stephen , Robert E, 00 , 157, 96, 198. 103, 250, 110 , 167, 163, 109, 91, 95, 129, 265, 151. 99, 139. Stephenson , Jame B. Sterling, Barbara V. . Sterling. Carol E. Sterling, Nancy P, Sterreti, Jane E, 155, 181, - H i, 139 Steven , Frank D, Stevens, Joann C_ 112, 113, 151. 183, 237. 155, 133, 169, 250 167 296 286 250 169, 250 286 109 286 265 265 339. I, 265 205 265 280 115 91 205 236 226 265 280 280 163, 226 159, 250 121 305 265 286 250 265 250 213 301 250 265 237 250 205 250 237 250 205 286 303 250 115, 265 280 286 237 146, 250 202 . 314 205 280 250 237 334 Stevens T mmy F 37 136, Stevenson, James M. 139, Stevenson. John T. $1 ewarl , Billy J Stcwnt. Diane K 129, 141, Slewirl, Everett W, _ Stewart. Stephen R, 57, 65, Stieben, Karla M 139, Stilts Mnulvi 15. ...... Stinelmrg Call M+ _ ... „ .... .... Stiles, Eugene F, StEthcm, Erma A. 115, Steering, Haro] d B 136. Slone, Gerald W. 136, Sloppcl, Gerald W Stes, Charles J, 135. Stout, Delbert B. _... 136, Stout, Gordon I, 45 19 Strait William D. St ram el. Gary L _ __ Strana than, Leon D 169 Stranalhan, Samuel E, 91, Slrecker, Gerald D. 37, Strcelfr, Larry G. — St rouse, Barbara E 109, Slrouae, Gary D Stuart. Connie P. . 99, 139, 149. STUDENT NAT ' L. EDUC. ASSOC, Stull Gordon B Stull, Marshall W, Ill, Slum. Linda Y- 95, 105. 139. Stulierbeini, Doris E 133, Stuti, Betty J. 149, SintzmOri Sharon K, 95. 114. Sullivan, Michael L 136 Summer Betty 1 90, 105, lOl, Summers. Joyce M, Ill, Sunley, James E. — Super, Joyce A 151, 158, Sutor, Don M. Sul ley, Irvin H. Jr. 159 Swalley. Carol D. Swann Clair L. 59, 151 Swann, Virginia A. Swanson, Ted A, ...... Swayze Dennis T. Swearingen Robert J . Sweat, Michael T Sweat, Rosalie R. Swenson, Edwin L„ Swinlon, Gene 1,. ,, ,,. Swisher Dwight L , Sypher, Charles E. Taddiken Dixie E, ._ T m men Ronald K. ... TannahiM, Clarctta M, J ' apphorn Ralph 31. ... 236 2B6 259 250 286 30 286 2 6 265 256 250 250 287 287 265 287 28 " 51 45 265 255 237 226 257 251 259 287 113 187 287 207 287 207 139, 287 207 259 237 265 265 266 237 303 237 157, 28R 287 237 287 287 207 287 207 237 265 287 139, 265 287 136, 287 139. 130, 1 II. 133. 130, 157 81, 153, 265 . 265 Tassel Leonard G. 250 TAG KAPPA EPSILON 166 r 167 217 Taxachcr, Jarnea M. 265 Taylor, Cynthia A, 133, 137 Taylor, Janet S. 129, 287 Taylor Mary L. — 92, 101 155, 214, 26o, 297 Tebo, Stephen D. 105, Teel, Dong las W. __ I3 , 287 Teel. Glen A. __ 118, 141. Teeter, Ann M. 99. 139 Teiehmaun, Charlotte K, Teichman. Galen R. Tenor, $ue E. 129, Terada, Kozo Terry Johnny B 37, Terry, Joseph H. T each n ; r, Thomas. R. 157, That to Calc 1L 123, 159. Thacte, Garry C. 117, 159 ThacLo, Lei and L 118, 123, Thaele, Marlene K 90, US, 123, 265 321 207 2 5 265 2S0 287 116 265 239 265 255 250 237 129, 237 207 207 26S 237 237 287 237 237 151, 287 Thomas Jacqueline C. — _ 266 Thomas, John K, „ 157, 265 133, 170, _ 133, Thathcim, Kerry A - Thibaultp Joyce A. Thabault, Stanley M. , Thiele , Fontaine E 80 123, 139, Thielen, Brian E 98, 100, Tholen, Diana K. _ 107, 139, Tholen, Lucille C , Thomas, Barbara A, 01, 85, 95, Thomas Geraldine E. llO, 123, J ' h o tup ft un , F ran kl in Thompson June A Thompson Linda Thompson, Vicki J Thorne, John Jr, Ke ■ . , 1 B, 93, 160, 169, L . 136, a R. 81 99, 139, 161. 30 Thummel Carol J. . 102, 109, 139. 250 Tluirlow, Larry R, 136, 237 Thy fault, Harlan A. 266 Tle ien, lames D, . — 55 TIGERETTES _ - 107 T%n r. Janet K. 135, Till berg, Ebiri J. 102. 120. |29 250 Till berg, Vivian M ]39 280 Tdlery, It ichaid L ...... 110 26b Timken, Gary L, llR, 123. 266 Timken, j a nice E. 115 129, 238 Timken, Robert I„ 85, 86, 9, M7, Tinkler, Jarnea C. 62 63 121, 123, 237 Titchhauser, Marvin L. 98, 101. 136, 159, 288 Title], Beverly J. 109, 266 Todd. Robert O. _ 198 , 266 Totna cbeeSi, Carol E 16 155. 237 Tomrdlc. Suiah K. 125 266 Toole, Terry L 266 Toriucrnke, Kenneth 11. 250 Tovrea, Carolyn F 70, 102, IH, 250 Tovrca, Stanley M, 237 Tracy, Bcverely A 307. 133, 2RH Trailer n, Lana M. 139, 308 Tramcl, Stephen G. 92, 176, 200 Trapp, Charlene J. 80, 107, 123, 139 200 Trapp, Dennis N. ■ 266 Trapp John L. 89, 288 Travk, Gregg: H. 12 1. 237 Triple, Ronnie D, . 266 Trice James H __ 98 Trimmer, Robert W. 2R8 Trogdon Joyce I 90 135, 129, 153. 250 Truu ell. Larry R . 250 Tucker Judith K. 110, 122, 139, 151 275 208 Turner. Mi eh at] G, 266 Turner, William G. 136, 208 Turney, Dorothy W 94 Tuttle, Eugene D 250 Tweed John C, 141, 208, 320 Twyman, Joe W 56, 57. 65 Tyler, James S 141. 159 1 1 1 ' T. J 1 pica T. . 288 Tyson, Judy L. . 107, 115 133, 200 Libert, Judy F, HI. 85, 87, M6, 151. 237 Ebert. Lila M. 114 266 Uhrirh. Deinpdinc M, 70 P 8| 80, 102, 126 139, 151, 266 Uhl, James M. 172 UIHoh, Mickey L. 95 UNION BOARD . 80 UNION COMMITTEES 81 UMGN PROGRAM COUNCIL HQ UNITED CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 120 UNITED STUDENTS CHRISTIAN FL, 121 C11 rub Arvitl L. Z66 Cnruh, Eileen J. 00, 91 98, 133, 266 Unruh. Mary K 117, 133. 288 Unruh, Phillip F. Ill 266 Urban. Dorothy A. .... US, 139. 266 Urban, Gloria ' J. 280 Valerius, Joan R. . 104, 133, 208 Van Allen. Richard L 266 Van Amburg, Gerald L. 91 237 Van Amhurg Janet K. 250 Van Donge, Jerry P, , 288 Van Dyke, Garvin K, 266 Van Galrler, Arlene L 133, 280 Vnnl.iw inghatn , Max L. 37, 38, 106. 266 Van Lcenen, Douglas D. H8 Van Seyoe, Larry D, 266 Van Winkle, Ruth E - 116, 237 Veatch, Lynn A. 250 Watch, Philip W. 208 Vega, Paul J. - — , — 237 Vesecky John F 288 Vesecky, Rosalee J 133, 288 Vince, Linda L 133, 280 Vincent, Dale E. 102, 110, 141. 288 Vincent, Viola M. 20 Vine, Barbara D. . .. . 124, 280 Vlasz, Don J 146 147, 161, 237 Vlict Rodney Hi - 122 VI Let, Sharon 122 Vogel Kenneth E. _______ 250 Vol olt, Gary D, — 288 Vunachen, Cecil R 59. 74, 172, 250 Von fold I . Dennis A, 266 Vupat, Robert E. „ — 237 Vo«, Ralph F. 250 Vratil, Ronald D, 141 26 6 Vrbas, Dennis L. , ,. m . , — 161, 266 Vaeteeka Richard L. __ 237 Waggoner, Jerald L 208 Waggoner, Mary J 115, 129. 208 Waggoner, Stephen L. — 250 Wagner, Dale E, ■ 266 Wagner, Fonflell C . , , — ■ 250 Wagner, Mary E. . 153, 237 Wagner, Michael L 37, 280 Wagner, Theo J. 114. 250 Wablrueier, Larry J. 2 Ci Wablmeier, Roger F„ — — — — 2B8 Wait, Donna D. 125 139, 237 Wail, Lynn D 288 Walden, Marilyn H, 95. 251 Woldman, Donna M 155, 266. 296 Walker, Carol E — 104 Walker, Glarrssa R, 251 Walker. Dertril D 266 Harry 0 57, 65, 93, 118, Williams, Kayonelle 70 136. 237 William , Robert L, 91. 251 jerrv A, 230 V i|]ijm i c Rri-lnrv St 6L 61 Joyce A. ... . 133, 280 Wltli-H-iYlP M Nth, . 111 230 Margaret A. 123, 238 WElliam Skaye A. 133, 155, 209 R ic h ard L . 11B T T ] jjams, ’il(afipr W, r , 310 Sboren K, . 266 Willpdhl Vt i 1 1 ij| ri ' i A 251 , Dolly A, 139, 251 Williamson, Guy P, 136. 289 William L. . 266 W r itli», Ronald R, 05, 86, 89 Judith A, , 169. 155, 238 Will Non, William L. 165, 121, " 322, Dorothy A- MR 141, 208 Jarvet M. 155, 266 illmclli AfleliH H. 111, 251 , Barbara J. 139, 200 Will non. Clnarltfl Er 226 , Carol A. _ . 94, 126, 187. 266 WtllDiia J- £51 , Herbert D, 226 WilflTjRp Ca Jancrn 121. 129, 289 Patrick A. 105, 159. 251. Wilson, Cjufla L« . 03, 87, 98. 113, 326 117. 139, 230 , William J. 37, 41 45 WiU in, Donnlfl K . 65 , William P. J57 288 L 3 ” ■ ■! r ei t fpr] La 267, 313 Rita L, 155, 266 Wikarti Bill R. 251. 315 , Garv L. 85. 238 Wi]h,CFN f .lr V Ijj. 251 Douglas 1.. „ 280 Wilson, Jack S 163, 267 , J a rues L, 267 W ' Lfoon , Kciim-t h E _ 209 rr, Michael ita J. 68, 96. 280 Wilson . M aril y n n J ., 13, 112, 251 ft , She] d on L . . 09. 110, 136, Wilson. Rosetta F. 102. 238 28B Winder Wayne A. ...... 2S1 Ip (flrlin O. 238 Windholz, Bjrian J- 267 j E ill Li it r E 267 Windholz, Glen J. ... 288 1, Martha J, 104. 267 Windholz, Craeio J 70 1, Michael E. 157, 267 Windholr, James A, 70 163, 100, Jackie J. £51 230 t nv r 157 251 Windholz, Mary L, 289 1 .1 a i John E „ 98 u 351 Wln4lholz., Oren M 251 ! Richard J. ' ' 267 W ' ingFiebL Barbara L. 133, 289 Weber, Theresia M „ 99. lQ2, t 153, 191 280 Webring, Gary L 141, 163, 234 Webster, Alien L 159. 251 Webster, David R. .„_„ — ‘ 226 Weeks l.orcsi U - 136, 289 Wingo, Wayne C. 95. 226 Wcers, Diane M. Ween, Francis H. W r eigel, Elgerine Weigel, Mary J, Weigel Tamra P. ... 80, 133, 267 118. 251 297 01, 266 267 129 151. 182 185, 211. 267 We inhold, Harold S. 93, 1 10 226 Welch. Byron J 59 106, 16 1, 230 WellhToek. Kenneth - — 251 We LI block, Biehaid P. 267 Wellbrnck RoSann M. _.™_ ... £89 Walla, Grofge L 267 Wells, Glenn D_ LXS. £S1 Wells, James K .. 27, 59, 93. 141 25| Wend cl in. Lawrence F, 123, 111, 289 Werhait, Lawrence L, 45, 226 Werner. Rolland E- 230 Worth, Joyce M- 155, 251 Tuih, Richard L. 267 WESLEY FOUNDATION - 125 Wess, Janice L . 182 2Sl Wess. Mary E. 133, 209 Wester, Gene 89, 267 Wes term a □ , Rvrou K. , — — 251 191, 267 09. 238 230 133, 267 116. 226 129. 209 267 251 Wostphal, Danny M- Wctiol, Walter E. Wheeler, Michael L, Wherry Mary A Whipple Gerald Whipple Sharon L Wbisler, Elizabeth L, Whisler. Patricia A. While John R. — While, Patricia A. ■■■ 1 10, 267 115, 153, 251 White, Sharon K 96, 238 Whitehead, Kathryn M. 238 Whitley, Catherine L. 90 102, 115, 139, 146, 155, 238 102. 163. 172, 267 91, 238 149, 251, 309 59 , 267 Whitley Joseph D- Wliitmer Eldnn L Whiiinrif, Sandra L. Whi t n e y, Derry M - Whitoty, John W. Whitney. Walter wno s who 105, 130, 267 . ___.. 289 65 , ' ieke Archie E. — 26? Wickham, Rosemary B. — . 238 Widiger, Ray E, 91, 230 Wiechcn, Vallrr A. 118 Wiegand, William F — 141, 289 Wichl, Dwight A, 289 W1EST HALL Wilburn, Robert E. Wilcox, Bill C — Wilcox, Gary D ,«. Wilcox son, Larry E. Wild. Wilbur W .. Wi Idem an, Richard 110, 141 60. 61, 111. 209 125, 267 _ 157, 209 157. 230 289 157 289 133. 226 Wiley, N. Brrna Deane Wilbaus, Rose M. 68, 96, 107, 133, 289 Wilhelm, Dallas E, 91 208 Wilkcn. Barbara J. 133, 289 W ilk co , Bruce E — 103, 725 267 WilkcrsoD, N nr man E, — 267 Wilke . Lana S , — 139 286 Willems. Robert C, 702 Willett, John E. 26? Williams, Charles R. U2i 2 3 Williams, Eva R 1 3 289 Williams, Jerry E. 2® William . Leslie C, — — - — 238 Willi sms Philip W. — 59, 251 123 Wiseman, Jansn ' S A. — HO. 251 Withers Gary E. Witt, Merle D. Witt, Theodore N, W r ille, Samuel L. W j 1 1 man , Willctta R, Witwer, Verland W- Woelk, John C. W«!f r David I.. Wolf; Dennis I . Wot Ee . Randall D. 289 98, 267 73, 159 238 25| £51 102, 159, 267 289, 296 267 289 . 141 £67 Wolfe Richard l . ... 109, 110, 226, 267 Wnllesen, Delbert IL 21B Wolleaen, Jerry F„ ... 209 Wollesen, Twila E. 339 231 W ' oliers. Darrel L 238 WOMEN’S GLEE CLUB 302 WOMEN ' S LEADERSHIP ORC WOMEN ' S K EC, ASSOC. Wood , B. Jane , — Woods, Virginia G- Weol cn . G1 mi D. WOOSTER PLACE Worfoy, Steve 1), Wright, loe B. Wright Ronald C. Vi i gh t , Robert C - Wright, Sheryl K. Wright, Vickie J W under Richard D, Wurm Jacqueline S. Wyatt, Arliss L. Wyley Diane L. 168 102. 151, 102. 2I£, £09 238 - 267 142, 143 07, 166, 267 251 98 130. 289 30, 90. 115, 129, 179, 196, 198 . 238 115, 129, 289 . 251 133. 289 102 267 . 102 133 150. 289 V. JI r, in- 1 . .. 1 Tate! 1 . Deanna K 99, 103, Ye rad i, Sibyl A, , , Yohe, David B, ... — _ Yoho, Rex FL — - Yortkey Iloyeo A. Yost Mary K. 98, Yost, Richard A — — 37, Young, Curtis C __ Young Deborah J — _. 90, Young. l.aVclda L. Young, Patricia L. Young. Robert O. Younger, Harold F. Younger Roger U — — Younkin, Hapvey A, Yov» Stephen M. Y linker, Robert D. Zaehmau. W, Ronald Zeller James D, Zeller, Victoria K. Zrn, Antonia T, Zerr, Elmer C. Ziegler, Louise A. , ZLelke. Arthur T . . Ziclkc, Charlotte R, _ Zier, Larry R. — — - Ziinbrl man Eldon K. Zi in be] in an. Karen K- 95 Zimmer, Eugene A Z Limner. Mary L. — Zimmer, Max P - — Zimmerman Alfred F Zimmerman, Sherman B. Zimmerman. Sharon K. „ — Zitnik Jcneph M. — 124, Zohner jane M. — Zvespcr, Eel lie J Zmbrk Kenneth R, — — ■ — Zvolanek, Donald D. — - Zwcifrl, Barbara J, ... 90, 164 335 Im Appreciation After working on four volumes of the Reveille, I find it difficult to complete this final page of my final book Col- lege has been a time to remember for me and I hope that this book will help make Fort Hays State lasting in your memory Students make the yearbook possible and without the co- operation of the entire student body, we wouldn ' t have this book. Untold hours go into the making of a book and the 1964 Reveille staff has spent more hours than they can count creating and completing this volume To them my grati- tude and appreciation. Our book wouldn ' t be, if it weren ' t for our faculty advisor, Mrs, Katherine Rogers. In consultations with her, we have been able to make and execute the plans of this book. book Is as good as its pictures, " Greatest appreciation goes to Malcolm Applegate and the News Service photog- raphers. Also, thanks to Delrna Studios of New York for in- dividual photos, and to Guercio Studios of Hays for studio photography of Favorites, Special thanks go to Gloria Dizmang, who drew the hour glasses, and to Ralph Hormel for his artwork photography Also, to Ted Tow who helped with spoils information. Without the Memorial Union, we couldn ' t have produced a book. I can’t express enough thanks to Jerry Ruttman and his staff for their help. They housed all group pictures, our Delrna photographer and the yearbook distribution. Lastly, thank you, Taylor Publishing Company and your representative Paul McClellan, for assistance in the con- struction of this book. iSi SB

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