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r 1 ' ; El til ! | l l. ■ t ' i ii 1 - v» • THE 1962 REVEILLE Published by the students oi FORT HAYS KANSAS STATE COLLEGE Hays, Kansas MARILYN ORME, Editor PATRICIA McCALL, Assistant Editor ROBERTA DICKEY, Business Manager V olume 49 TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. Dallas, Texas FOREWORD IL-fl uilding, in its physical nature, is evidenced by recent eon- st ruction and expansion on campus, just as the inanimate Duilding of students whose choice of building blocks of knowl- edge is evidenced by their maturity — intellectually, socially, and religiously, in a collegiate atmosphere. Building is a ceaseless thing, not to lie restrained in a democratic country, whether it be in an architectural plan or in a young developing mind. With these pre- conceived thoughts, “building’ was chosen as the theme of the 1962 Reveille. |g ollcge buildings are an inter-relation of many parts as each j clay they are given life by instructors and students with the echoing click of a typewriter, the babble of a foreign language, lec- tures on psychology, history and literature, chalk marks scratching through the solution of a geometric equation, brush strokes in oils, ami the craping noise of a sander on wood. The sounds contribute to the character of the buildings; for within these edifices, lives are shaped and molded into the design and pattern that these men and women will follow in their careers tomorrow. « ch student is striving to make himself whole and complete I ‘timing about the took and materials appropriate to his I it 1 ] j study, finding his place in society through the social mlcn i ungC ' and events of campus life and securing his religious beliefs on the Seventh Day. His character is building and the student expands within himself just as the campus buildings will continually expand to lietter facilitate his acquisition of knowledge. his has been your year at Fort Hays State and within the 1962 Reveille your memory will he sharpened with reminders of a college year. It is your book in pictures and in words. May you find your growth marked here as though a picture arresting you from lime ' s relentless pace and whether you reflect on it w ith a smile, frown, or tear, your building continues upward with but a record of one years growth. typical The Editor TABLE OF CONTENTS COLLEGE BUILDERS ORGANIZATIONS HOUSING GREEKS ROYALTY SPORTS THIS IS FHS CLASSES ADVERTISING 3 BUILDINGS New buildings, additions, remodeling proj- ects — all are evidence of physical progress of the Fort Hays Stale campus in the last few years. New residence halls and apartment buildings, the addition to Science Hall and the remodeling of Picken and Martin Allen Halls, plus the planning of other new struc- tures, indicate how the college seeks to meet the demands of increasing enrollments. 4 arl " f 11 fetfl ■ Jr- . WI, lj mm P?w‘ ' • LzsSVF ' , f d i ... f aE -- k ;v iJ fJL; t Sheridan Coliseum, long a symbol of Fort Hays State, is a gathering spot for campus visitors as well as a classroom and administration building. It’s here that college policy is formed and carried out, here that classes meet, and here that the Tiger basketball team meets its opponents in home games 5 6 7 Agnew Hall 8 DEDICATION DR W, D. MORELAND Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences Dr. Moreland has made invaluable contributions to the building of Fort Hays State College both educationally and physically. Honor is due him for years of devoted service as manifested in the scholarship program, the Memorial Union and the student housing program — phases of the college with which he has been intimately concerned. He came to Fort Hays State in 1933, as Assistant Professor of Social Science and served in the capacities of Professor, Head of Department of Political Science and So- ciolog v, Director of Housing, Dean of Men, Chairman of many committees including the Memorial Union Building Committee while it was in the process of raising money and planning the building. In I960, Dr. Moreland was appointed Chairman of the Divi- sion of Social Sciences IN MEMORIAM DR t FRED W. ALBERTSON 1892-1961 Professor of Botany Fort Hays State College A Christian gentleman whose life served as the highest ideal to which students and colleagues could aspire. Known for his high standards of scholar- ship, his painstaking research and, above all, his human itarianism in all areas of life. A man whose unselfish devotion to others gave him no time to think of self. jollege builders are those men and women behind the desk and in the classroom who are the med- iums conveying from their knowledge and through their inspiring challenge to others, that which is most benefi- cial in providing students with the de- sire to learn, to seek out for themselves. Instructors, professors and doctors alike, daily dedicate themselves to their profession, awakening the mind and learning processes of the student. " | — ducation has long been a " building process and its suc- cessful continuance will always be de- pendent on the strength and solidity of the foundation structure — the teacher. qually important in the total building, are the student leaders in government, activity and academic standing. Their contributions to Fort Hays State are not unminded for the college is bettered by their efforts. COLLEGE BUILDERS I ! Consultations with advisers and instructors help students to formulate their plans. ASC members count election ballots. Teacher supervision in the classroom aids student progress. Testing of all sorts is part of psychology. 12 13 mt of relaxation. The Cornerstone Probably more than any other single individual— Presi- dent Cunningham personifies Fort Hays State, To students he is a friend, as well as The President; to faculty members he is an inspiration and administrator; to Western Kansas he is Fort Hays State — a devoted and dedicated builder and educator. ■ - ■ n and his lady entertain all new students and quickly establish a common bond with each one. 14 Back row, from left: Standee Dalton, Dr. Dale Dick, Dr Gerald Tomatiek, Dr. Richard Cain, Dr. W. D. Moreland, Dean E. R. McCart- ney. Front row. Dr, Verna Parish, Dr. Lloyd Hcrren, Di Robert Marple, Dr. Ralph Coder, Florence Bodmer, Secretary. First as a freshman— now as a graduate— it’s hand shaking time. Faculty Senate The Faculty Senate is composed of nine elected repre- sentatives from the faculty and three ex-officio members, the registrar, dean of the graduate division and the dean of the college. Three faculty members arc elected each year for a term of three years. The Faculty Senate serves as a clearing house for all academic matters. It has general supervision of the cata- logue, schedule of classes and I he advisement program. The Senate has power only to recommend to the faculty for its action, matters which come before it. The faculty, after considering the recommendations, has the power of recommending to the administration of the college. £. K. McCartney; Dean of the College (professor of economics and business) A B M. Ph D. STAMDLEE V. DALTON, Registrar and Director of Admissions (professor of botany), A.B., M.A. WALTER E. KEATING, Comptroller (asso- ciate professor of economics and business), A.B., M.S, ibid. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY As a building is only as strong as its foundation, a strong administration underlies tbe college structure. Fort Hays State is justly proud of its administration and of the rank and achievements of the college. Fort Hays Kansas State College is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Teacher Education, the National Association of Schools of Music, and the American Associa- lion of University Women. Through the cooperative efforts and dedicated service of the administrators, the educational program offered by the college continues to expand and improve, providing a com- prehensive curriculum leading to bachelor, master, and special- ist degrees. Eleven divisions of the college provide a broad program, including general education, a liberal arts and sciences pro- gram, professional, pre-professional and vocational prepara- tion in a wide choice of subject fields. An enlarged working area and new furnishings make work time more pleasant for students, as well as facilitating the easier for personnel in (lie Registrar’s Office and waiting vital work of the record keepers. 16 Improvements and Changes Affect Administrators RICHARD E. BURNETT, Executive Assist- ant to the President, (assistant professor), A.B , M.EtL; Graduate Work, ibid. For many administrators and other faculty members, this has been a year of face-lifting and moving. Remodeling projects have added space and convenience for many offices Particularly improved are the Registrar’s Of- fice and Business Office, both are nearly doubled in size and availability to students Relocation of offices of the dean of men, dean of women bousing director, graduate office, extension, correspondence, alumni secretary, employment and placement in Picken Hall expedites the work of these essential offices and makes them more accessible to students. With the addition to Science Hall nearing com- pletion and plans underway for the new Speech and Music Center and a library the unceasing efforts of the administration to increase the physical struc- ture as well as the academic opportunities is evident. RALPH V. CODER, Dean of the Graduate Division. Chairman of Division of Language, Literature and Speech; (professor of Eng- lish), A.B , William Jewell College; M.S., Slate University of Iowa; Ph.D., ibid. JEAN STOUFFER, Dean of Women (assistant professor), A.B., University of Kansas; B.S., ibid; M.A., Syracuse University JAMES D. CONDI E, Director of Housing. B.S., Utah State University; M.S., Univer- sity of Denver. DOLLIE V. THOMAS, Assistant to tbc Presi- dent (assistant professor of economics and business), B,S,, business, Fort Hays Kansas State College ; M S ibid. BILL D. J ELLISON, Dean of Men (assist- ant professor), B.S. s Fort Hays Kansas State College; M.A. ibid. 17 Extension, Alumni and Memorial Union Through correspondence courses, extension classes and personal contacts with high school teachers, students, and friends of the college in Western Kansas, Fort Hays State renders a broad educational service far from the campus The Alumni Association promotes the purposes and ideals of FHS through promotion of the endowment fund, scholar- ships and loans, as well as homecoming and other annual activities. All pathways on campus eventually lead to the Memorial Union, which is truly the heart of FHS and the community center for all members of the college family LILBURN H. HORTON JR„ Asst. Prof., Direc- tor of Memorial Union ; A.R, M.S. BETTY BRANDENBURG, Asst. Director of Memorial Union, working with programing; R S HELEN GALLAGHER, Asst. Dir. of Memorial Union and food service supervisor; B.S HUGH BURNETT, Prof of Pol. Science, Di- rector of Extension Service; RJ3., M.A. ETHEL ARTMAN, Asst Prof,, Director of student employment; B S, HAROLD STONES, Asst. Prof., Director of placement; A.B., M.S Nil A LANDRUM, Asst. Prof., Supervisor of correspondence study; B.S. Biological This division embraces the study of the living world, both plant and animal. The fundamental facts and principles of life itself are studied in biology, while botany pertains to the necessity of plants in supplying food, clothing, and shelter Sciences for mankind. Livestock feeding and farming projects, zoological studies of Kansas animal life, and their associated programs are major endeavors in this division. GERALD TOMANEK, Proi of Biol., Chr. of Div. ; A.B,, M.S., Ph.L). THATNE CLARK. Asst. Prof, of Ag.; B.5 t M.S. CHARLES A. ELY, Asst. Prof, of ZooL; B.S., M S , Ph D. FLO D KIN SINGER, Asst. Prof, of Botany, B.S., M.S,, Ph.D. HENRY J. McFARLAND, Asst. ProL of BioL; B.S., M.S. HOWARD C. REYNOLDS, Assoc. Prof of Botany; B.S., M.S., Ph.D. ANDREW RtEGEL, Asst. Prof, of Ag., Sunt, of farm; B.S., M.S LESTER SCHMUTZ, Assoc, Prof, of Ag.; B.S., ELTON K. SGHRODER, Asst. Prof, of Zool.; A.B., M.A. KENNETH W, SIMONS, Assoc. Prof, of Botany; B.S., M.S, WARD SIMS, Prof, of BioL; A.B., M.A., Ed.D NEIL A, WALKER, Asst. Prof, of Zool; B.s’ M.A. J. R. WELLS, Asst. Prof, of Ag,; B,S , M.S, Social Sciences Building foundations for professional careers in law, social service and government service, as well as for teaching, is the objective of the Social Sciences. Geography concerns itself with the earth, its surface and elements. The field of History presents accurate information concerning the past which is needed for one to reach intelligent opinions on problems that concern citizens of a democracy. Political Science is the study of government, law, and the principles and ideals which underlie political organization. W, D. MORELAND, Prof, of Pol Sol and Soc., Chr. of Div. ; B A,, M.A., Ph.D. EUGENE R. CRAINE, Asst. Prof of History; A,B. M.A., Ph.D. GORDON W. DAVIDSON, Assn Prof, of History; A.B., ALA., Graduate work. RICHARD MARCUS, Asst. ProL of History; A.B., M.A,, Graduate work, DONALD B, SLECHTA, Asst. Prof, of His- tory; A.B., M.S , LL B WILDA SMITH, Asst. Prof, of History; A.B., MS, Ph.D, WILLIAM D, STUMP, Asst. Prof, of History; A. B., M.A. JOHN TOMLINSON, Inst, in Pol. ScL; A.B., M.S. RAYMOND L. WELTY, Prof, of History; B. S., M,A., Ph.D. ROBERT WITT, Asst. ProL of Pol, Sol and Soc.; B.S.,MA, Ph.D. Applied Furthering creative talent through instruction, is the goal of the Applied Arts department. Art furnishes an appreciation and enjoyment for all students. It leads to practical use of art in the commercial and vocational fields. Industrial arts provide practical ex- Arts perience for the development of the “handy-man” abilities and prepares the student for future specialization. Training in Home Economics prepares students for homelife as well as preparing them for a vocation. RICHARD CAIN, Prof, of Xnd Arts, Chr. of DW.; B.S., M.S., Ed.D, ALICE BEESLEY, Asst, Prof of Homo Ec., Head of Home Ec. Dept., B.S., M.S. JOHN C. BERLAND, Asst Prof, of Art; B.S., M.Ed. JEROME F, BOOR, Inst in Ind. Arts; B.S., M.S. R. U. BROOKS, Assoc. Prof, of Ind. Arts, Supt. of Building; B.S., M.S. MARTHA E. DELLINGER, Asst. ProL of Art; A.B., M.A., MX A. EVERETT HENNESSEY, Inst, in Ind. Arts; B.S., M.S. MAXINE HOFFMAN, Asst. Prof, of Home Ec.; B.S., M.S. RALPH HUFFMAN, Assoc. ProL of Ind, Arts; B.S., M.Ed, LAYMAN H. JONES JR , Inst, of Art; B.S., M,S. DENNIS McKEE, Assoc. Prof, of Ind. Arts; B.S., M.A JOEL MOSS, Prof, of Art; Head of An Dept,; B.S., M.A., Ed.D. REX A. NELSON, Asst Prof, of Ind, Arts; B.S., M.S. JOHN C. THORNS JR„ Assoc. Prof, of Art; A,R., M.A., MX A, ALLENE WENGER, Inst, in Homo Ec.; B.S., M.S. Health, Physical Education and Recreation The Health, Physical Education and Recreation division promotes the health and physical well-being of students while in college. By participating in these courses and activities, stud ents learn the importance of good health and physical habits Students also are trained to become teachers and leaders in this profession. WALTER KROLL, Prof,, Chr. of Div ; B.S , M.S., Ed. EL JOAN BAILEY, Asst. Prof, of Physical Educ.; R.S., M.S ELIZABETH BARBOUR, Assoc. Prof of Physical Educ ; Fh.R, M A INEZ BAXTER, Inst, in Health; College Nurse, R,N, JAMES J. BE LI SEE, Asst. ProL of Physical Educ.; B S., M.S., P.E.L). PHYLLIS BIGBY, Inst, in Physical Educ.; B.S., M.S. FRANCES COOK, Inst in Health; College nurse, R.N. ALEX FRANCIS, Assoc Prof of Physical Educ.; B.5., M.S. PAUL B. GROSS, Prof, of Physical Educ,; Director of Athletics; B.S., M.A. WAYNE McCONNELL, Asst. Prof, of Physi- cal Educ. ; Ph,R, M S EDGAR McNEIL, Asst Prof, of Physical Educ.; B.S., M.S. jlJDY RINKER, Inst, in Physical Educ.; B.S., M.S. CADE SURA N, Assoc Prof of Physical Educ.; A.B., M,S. Economics and Business The goal of the Economics and Business division is to urge students to develop a broad understanding of the entire field of economics and business administration. At the same time it stresses the practicability of its curricula in meeting present economic situations. Secretarial courses taken carry full academic credit for a R 5, in business. LEONARD THOMPSON, Prof, of Econ. and Bus., Chr. of Div.; B.S,, M.B A„ Ph.D, KENNETH W. COOK, Asst. Prof, of Econ and Bus,; A. Lb, M.A. DOUGLAS ERIKSEN, Inst, in Econ. and Bus ; B.S., M.A. LEONA GALLION, Inst, in Econ. and Bus,; A.B,, Ph.M. JOHN D. GARWOOD, Prof, of Econ. and Bu 4 ; - A. B., Ph.M., Ph D. RICHARD LEVITT, Assoc. Prof, of Econ. and Bus.; A.B,, M.A. ROBERT P. MARPLE, Prof, of Econ and Bus. ; A.B,, M R, Ph.D. RICHARD L. OSBORNE, Assoc. Prof, of Econ. and Bus. ; B.S., M.A. E. J. SPOMER, Asst. Prof, of Econ, and Bus. ; A.B,, M.S ARCHIE C. THOMAS, Prof, of Econ. and Bus.; B S , M.S , Ed.D, J. B. WALDEN, Inst, in Econ, and Bus. B$ M.S GEORGE R, W ALL, Asst, Prof, of Econ. and Bus,; B.S., M.B.A. JOHN W WEATLEY, Inst, of Econ and Bus.; B. S., M.S. MARY A. YEAGER, Inst in Econ. and Bus.; B.S. 20 Music The division of music seeks to nurture the musically talented through instruction and practice. Music teachers for schools in Kansas are given preparation for future careers. Instructors help instill music appreciation by teaching basic music concepts and presenting m u sic history. Students participate in a variety of musical organizations which provide music on the campus and surrounding areas. LLOYD E. HER REN, Prof, of Music Chr of Div. ; B,5, M.M., Ed.D, LELAND E. BARTHOLOMEW, Assoc. Prof, of Music; A.R M.M., B.S. Graduate work. LYLE DILLEY, Asst. Prof, of Music; A.B. M.M. LUCILLE FELTEN Assoc. Prof, of Music; B S MARY MAUDE MOORE Asst. Prof, of Music; B,M, . M.M. E. EDWIN MOYERS, Asst. Prof, of Music; R.M. M.M. Graduate work. HAROLD PALMER, Assoc, Prof, of Music; B.M., M.M., Graduate work. PHYLLIS SCHLICH, Asst, Prof, of Music B.M.E, M.S. DONALD E. STOUT, Assoc. Prof, of Music; B.M. M.M. WILLIAM D. WILKINS, Assoc. Prof, of Music, B.S. AIM. Physical Sciences Since the earth and its surroundings are composed of either organic or inorganic matter physical science students study the composition of these substances and the laws in - volved. The physical sciences include chemistry geology, mathe- matics physics, and astronomy. Many courses in these selected fields arc considered instrumental courses while others con- tribute to professional training. HAROLD CHOGUILL, Prof, of Chem. Chr. of Div.; A.B. M.A., Ph.D. EDWIN C. ALMQUIST Asst. Prof, of Phys. Sol; A.B. M.S. FRANK BECK, Asst. Prof, of Geology; A.B. DOYLE K. BROOKS, Assoc. Prof, of Physics; B.S., A.B. M.S. KAY DUNDAS Inst, m Math.. R.S. M.S, ORVILLE E, ETTER Asst. Prof, of Math,; B.S., M.S, EVERETT L. MARSHALL Asst. Prof, of Math.; A.B., M.A. ROBERT C. RICHARDS, Asst, Prof, of Chem,; B.S. M.S. MARVIN E. ROLFS Inst, in Math,; B.S., M.A. COLEEN ROTH, Inst in Chem.; A.B, MAX L, RUMPEL, Inst, in Chem.; A.B. M.A. WTLMONT TOALSON Assoc. Prof, of Math.; A,B., M.A. ELLEN VEED, Inst, in Math.; B.A., M.A. MYRL V. WALKER Asst. Prof, of Geology, Dir. of Museums; B.S., M.A. IVAN W. WATKINS, Inst, in Physics; B.S. M.S. MAURICE H. WITTEN Inst, in Physics. A.B,, M.A. 2 ! Nurse Education To prepare efficient, responsible professional nurses, is the objective set bv the Fort Hays Nurse Education Division. In addition to classroom instruction, students are affiliated with Hadley Memorial Hospital in Hays. Advanced students go to Chicago, Denver, and Topeka for advanced training. Language, Literature LEGKA B. STKOLP. Prof, of Nurse Educ., Chr, of Div.; R.N., B.S., M.A. SY B1L BROWN, Inst, in Nurse Educ. ; R,N,, B.S. LILA COLBURN, Inst, in Nurse Educ.; R.N., B.S. NANCY C PUTMAN, Inst, in Nurse Educ.; R.N„ B.S and Speech In the busy world today, it is necessary to comprehend and communicate fluently. Fort Hays offers German. Spanish, Latin, and French. student of literature gains insight into cultural back- grounds. the characters and ideals of mankind down through the ages. Literature also offers a wholesome recreation. Courses in Speech strive to develop skill in self-expression, while speech correction courses train therapists for careers of service in a growing field. RALPH R, CODER, Prof,, Chr. of Div.; A.B., u M.A., Ph.D. MALCOLM APPLEGATE, Inst, In Journ.; B.A., M.A. KATHERINE I. BOGART, Assoc. Prof of Eng.; A.B., M.A, JAMES COSTIGAN, Inst, in Speech, B.S MS. MARION COULSON, Assoc. Prof, of Eng.; B.S., AES, NAOMI R, GARNER, Asst. Prof, of Eng.; A. B.. M.A. PAUL A. GRABER, Prof, of Lane.; BA M.A., Ph.D. AUDREY GREENWOOD, Asst. Prof, of Lans.; B. A., M.A,, Ph D. JACK HEATHER, Asst. Prof, of Speech; B S., M.A. GENEVA HERNDON, Prof, of Speech: B.S., M.A.. Ph.D,, Director of Speech Service. HARRIET Y. K ETC HUM, Assoc. Prof, of Speech; A.EL, M.A. MABEL LACEY , Asst, FYof. of Ene;. ; B.S., M.A, WILLIAM E. MAHER. Inst, in Eng.; A.B„ M.A. ALICE McFARLAND, Asst. Prof, of En- B,S. s M.S, ALICE -MORRISON, Assoc. Prof, of En ■ B,Ed., M.A, ERNA PARISH, Prof, of Eng. ; B.S., M. , Ph.D, ANDREW I. REMATORE, Assoc. Prof, of Lang,; A.B.. M.A. KATHERINE ROGERS, Inst, in Journ.- B M.A. SAMUEL J. SACKETT, Assoc. Prof, in En ; A.B., M.A., Ph,D, ROBERT J, SPANGLER, Inst, in Journ.; Dir, of News and publications; A,B. JAMES R, START, Prof, of Speech; B.S., ROBERTA C. STOUT Prof, of Eng.; AB M.A,, Ph.D. LED TOW , Inst, in Journ.; B DeWAYNE W1NTERL1N, Inst, in Lang.; A.B, M.A., B. D. Library Science Forsyth Library offers a wide variety of services to the student besides reference books and periodicals Such services as an audio-visual department, a photographic service, and lending library serv ices Teachers in library science provide training prescribed by the Kansas State Board of Education and North Central Association for teacher librarians in the high schools of the state. PAUL K, FRIESNER Prof, of Library Sci- ence, Chr of Div. ; A. EL, M,S. MARC CAMPBELL JK. t Asst, Prof., Refer- ence Librarian ; A,B. M.A. RACHEL CHRISTOPHER, Instr,, Bibliography Librarian; A. EL, ALA. MARGERY T. HELLEM Instr, Catalogcr Librarian; A.B., M.A EUGENE MULLEN, Instr. Circulation Li- brarian; A.B. ESTA LOU RILEY, Instr. Serials Librarian; A.B., M.A. MARGARET VAN ACKEREN, Assoc, Prof., Documents Librarian; A.B., B.S, Education and Psychology The education division provides professional preparation for teachers in elementary, secondary, and junior college levels The curriculum includes a program of a sound general education The field of psychology prepares students to become pro- fessional psychologists and helps them toward self-understand- ing. Philosophy enables the student to discover philosophical attitudes about life. CALVIN E. HARBIN, Prof, of Educ. Chr. of Div.; B.S., M.A , Ed.D. B. W. BROACH, Assoc. Prof, of Educ.; B.S, MS., Ed.D. JOHN S. CHAPPELL, Asst. Prof, of Psych,; B.$. t M.A., Graduate work, BILLY C. DALEY, Assoc. Prof, of Educ,; B.S. M.Ed., Ed.D, EMERALD V. DFXHANT Asst, Prof, of Educ.; A.B., M.S., Ph D, R, DALE DICK, Assoc. Prof, of Psych.; B.S,, M.A., Ph,D, NORMAN FRAME, Asst. ProL of Educ.; B,S., M.Ed, HULDA GROESBECK, Asst. Prof, of Educ,; Nb.S., M.S., Ed.D, WILLIAM F. GWYNN, Asst, Prof, of Psych.; A.B., Ph.D. SAMUEL M. HAMILTON, Prof, of Phil,; A. B.,. D.D., M.A,, Ed.D. JEANNE M. KUHN, Assoc. Prof, of Educ,; B. S,, M.A,, Ed.D. KENNETH L LEWIS, Asst. Prof, of Educ.; B.A., M.F.A., Ed.D, STANLEY MAHONEY, Assoc. Prof, of Psych., Dir. of Psych. Services; A,B., M.S., Ph.D. LANDON C. PEOPLES, Asst. Prof, of Psych,; B.S. Ph.D. GORDON W. PRICE, Asst, Prof, of Educ,; A.B,, M.S, Ed.D. DAVID E. PROCTOR, Asst. Prof, of Educ,; A.B., M.S., Ed.D. KENNETH E, SMOOT, Asst. Prof, of Psych,; A,B., M.A,, Graduate work, LAVIER L. STAVEN, Asst. Prof, of Speech; A.B, M.S., Ed.D, W, CLEMENT WOOD, ProL of Educ,, Head of Educ. Dept, ; B,S,, M,A.«, Ed.D, RAYMOND E, YOU MANS Asst. ProL of Educ,: A.B. M.A. t Ed.D. John Sullivan, Dean, Jellison, Joe Dinges, Robert Drilling, Dean Stouffer, Marcel yn Stephenson, Richard Hill, Don Sleohia, Student Court and All Student Council The A.S.C is now working under a new Constitution of Associated Students of Fort Hays Kansas State College, which was adopted last spring It is the legislative branch of student government which was provided by the Constitution The other branches are the judicial, in the form of a stu- dent court, and the executive, made up of the president and vice-president of A.S.C. The Council is composed of officers of the four classes and representatives of living districts. Many accomplishments have been made this year by the A.S C. The legislation passed bills providing the machinery and procedure for passing all legislation; a bill on elections which set up the procedure for annual student elections; a bill on court which established the jurisdiction and procedure for the student court, A,S C also undertook several campus projects and has considered various problems of concern to Fort Hays State students First Row: Dean Stouffer, J, Mack, J. Zechmeister, R. Spencer, L. Brown, L. Baker, R. Dickey, P. Leuty, P. Thiele, R Shirk, D, Mus grave, N. Fehrenbach, J. Griffitts, D, Gibbons. Second Row f G . Kay, L. Dietz, L Pedigo, D Crosby, M, Milford, B. Davison, D. Anderson, R. Powers, L Good, L. Brodbeck, T. Schu- macher, R. Fahey, L. Ehrlich, 0. McGovern, Dean. J el I i son. 24 From left; Walter Keating, Ralph Huffman, Lilburn Hor- Mary Ann Lcfstead, Don DeLyir, Rob Hayden, Jim Steg- ton, Ruth Anne Raker, Haney NSermeier, Alice Bcesley, man. Union Board Union Board members formulate and recommend pol- icies regarding the operation and program of the Memorial Union, Five faculty members and seven students compose this executive body which meets monthly. The union director and college comptroller have per- manent membership on the board. The remaining three faculty members are appointed by the president of the college. Six students with previous union committee exper- ience and with a grade average of at least 1.3 are appointed by the board, plus one representative named from the Stu- dent Council, Harvey Niermeier heads the Union Board, Union Program Council Union Program Council serves as a clearing bouse for all program plans of the eight union committees. Members are also responsible for advising and co-ordinating the union committees in their programs ' . Applications for mem- bership on Program Council can be made in the Program Center. Committees offer students an opportunity to plan and administer program event . and to provide a starting point for later Program Council and Union Board membership. The Program Council is headed by Rob Hayden, Betty Brandenburg, sponsor. From left : Bill Hayes, Rebecca Smith, Benny Muci, Richard Peter, Stan Tovrea, Betty Brandenburg, Lucille Albers. Baldwin, Jim Rrinker, Bob Hayden, Lynn Rogers, John 25 Honors Seminar Honors Seminar is a program dedicated lo stimulate the superior student to the fullest possible development of his potential. Juniors and seniors who have shown exceptional intellectual achievement in this college may be invited to participate Throughout the program the student has an opportunity to decide what will be studied and how the seminar will be organized. Under the guidance of faculty consultants small groups of such students are granted the privilege of studying broadly challenging topics, free from many of the limitations of ordinary cours e work Emphasis is given to the consider- ation of ideas and issues which confront mankind in the search for truth An invitation to participate in Honors Seminar is the highest academic privilege the college can bestow. Charles Befort Sherry Cambern Brent Collins Lucille Dinges Martha Dirks Larry Ehrlich Jay Forsyth Sandra Holmes Gavlene Howard Richard Me A tee Emily Me dc raft Harvey Niermeir Larry Pedigo Marcian Roth Paul Schlegel Betty Sch roll Tim Schumacher Dennis Shepherd Marcelvn Stephenson Dolores Williams June Wo n der 1 ich Gerald Yeager (not pictured: Francis May Bishop) 26 Who’s Who Among Students In American Colleges and Universities Each year approximately 750 colleges and universities recognize their outstanding students by naming them to Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Nomination is made by the faculty on the basis of schol- arship, potential leadership ability, and participation in col- legiate activities. To be eligible, a student must have at least a grade point of 2.0. A total of 32 Fort Hays Slate College seniors fill this year ' s quota. Ruth Ann Baker Mae Louise Cobb Marvin Cochran Brent Collins Joan DeBoer Mary Lou Durall Joyce Eisenhour Martha Feldt Elizabeth Fellers Karen Getty Rose Getty Karen Giebler Meryl Grosshans Larry Heffel John Huber Delbert Lessor Richard Me A tee Marilyn McGuire Shirley Munson Charles Nickels Harvey Niermeier Patti Percival Janet Singleton Jan Smith Jack Stout Margaret Willson Barbara Wilson Francis Wilson June Wunderlich Gerald Yeager (Not pictured: Donna Rock Gail Kohls) STUDENT BUILDERS John Sullivan, president of Interfraternity Council and Alpha Psi Omega, an active member in Pi Kappa Delta, Alpha Psi Omega and debate, exemplifies outstanding lead’ ership qualities. Steve Plain. Leader editor, is a symbol of the power of the press. Through his writing skill he provokes students to think and decide matters of individual and college significance. The man behind the camera, Terry Banister, is a senior photographer who lias taken untold hundreds of pictures for news release and year- book u$e Elbert “Bunny ’ Cobbs is known as an all-around “nice guy 1 and a good athlete, and a builder too, in being the first Negro athlete to come to FHS. 28 Larry Ehrlich chosen and elected by the students as ASC president, is by their vote, representative of student thought and policy. Jury McLean outpointed all competition to win the award as Outstanding Freshman Chemistry student. Dan McGovern won second place in ex- temporaneous speaking in the Harvard Uni- versity debate tourney and ranked among the top 20 of 210 debaters entered in the meet. These students are but a sampling of the many who build through selection and approval by fellow students, individual efforts and research, and academic achievement to leave an indelible mark on the structure of the col- lege year. Gale Welters, graduate student, was awarded the Albertson hook scholarship for outstand- ing achievement in botany. Marilyn McGuire won the Outstanding Psychiatric Nursing Award while on affilia- tion at Kansas Slate Hospital, Topeka. Selection is made from among nursing stu- dents of all schools of nursing affiliated with the hospital. MORE STUDENT BUILDERS Recognition for the highest grade average, for the fall semester, of all sorority actives was awarded to Sharon Kiel; Lana Sue! ter received recognition as the highest grade ranking pledge. A transfer to RH.S. last year, Barbara Wiley has earned recognition for outstanding art work, particularly in the field of design. John Huber, a four-year instrumentalist, has been a valuable asset to hand, brass choir, and orchestra, as well as Phi Mu Alpha and Seventh Cavalry ' . Margaret Willson, an outstanding soprano solo ist, has played feature roles in choir shows and musical productions. Joyce Eisenhour won the American Association of University Women Award as the Outstanding Senior Woman of the year at RH.S + As a music major, she and her trumpet have been an asset to the music department all four years. 30 epartmental, all-school, serv- ice, religious; musical and hon- orary organizations encourage stu- dents to accept responsibilities and provide a testing ground for them to develop their varied interests. Through membership in student organizations, students find release from their studies and return to them afresh, E xtracurricular activities have earned their place in the do- main of education, helping to develop the student ' s character and building self-confidence in his abilities, 11 growth cannot he intellectual if one is to live among his fel- low men, for though much is learned in books, man needs the companion- ship of his associates. 3 t Wesley Chapel offers quiet refuge from the tensions of campus life. Capping ceremony climaxes instruction In basic training for nursing. Da-ta-Da, Giddap, Hoss. No, not quite, just the Seventh Cavalry leading the Homec oming pa rad e. The “Four Freshmen” of FHS are better known locally as the Men’s Quartet. 32 Back row , from left: Robert Hiebcrt, Dennis Baumann, Kenneth M erica, M a hi on Tuttle. Fourth row t Bruce Bishop, Lynn ay Pam m en (er, Ca me y Willi am s , Da ] e Crain. Third row, Lar r y H a wki ns, Wilbur Stewart, Fred Meier, Larry Good, Bill Ghlemeier, Second row , Daniel Church, Eldon Fleury, Patty Potter, John Mickey, Glen Drake. Front row t Vicki Deni mitt, Greta Col ling wood, Palsy McKee, Wanda Wands. Representative Bob Dole outlined some plans for the future at a Young Republican meeting. Collegiate Republicans Anyone interested in the Republican party is eligible to join the Collegiate Young Republicans at Fort Hays State The group strives to stimulate interest in national, state, and local politics. This year the Collegiate Republicans welcomed speakers Bob Dole, Sixth District Representative from Kansas, and Kansas 1 Lt, Governor, Harold Chase. Members also travel in groups to other cities in Kansas to - hear noted speakers. Dale Crain was chosen president of the group and Dr. W, D. Moreland advises the club. L(. Gov. Harold Chase met with Young Republicans to discuss stale politics. Tom Smith and Bill Hayes report to Dr. Witt on their trip to Miami to the national convention. Collegiate Democrats Two members of the local club attended the National Convention of Collegiate Young Democrats in Miami. Members also attended the state convention in Wichita in March. A variety of special programs were planned for Collegiate Young Democrats ' meetings including panel discussions and guest speakers. The 180 members heard Congressman Floyd Breeding speak on campus at their October meeting. Bill Hayes served as president ; Robert Witt is sponsor. Congressman Breeding gives his views on the national and state situation at a meeting of the Collegiate Young Democrats. Back row, from left: Lynn II a german, Mike McMullen, Steve Pratt, Stan Richardson, John Baker, Dick Heil, Anthony Hoch- an add. Third row , James Huelsmann, Roger Dunlap, Richard Schaffer, Pal Carrico, Darrell Keberlein, John Peter. Second row , John Much Wayne Staab, Michael Cussen, Bill McKinney. Ken- neth Staab, Aaron Kreutzcr, Jim Ryan. Front row, Lucille Albers, Dolores Oborny, Dkna McCartney, Karla Peter, Vergie Ideker, Jackie Flake, Karen Neff. 35 Beal Emporia!” cheer the Kit Kats as they ride in the Homecoming parade. “Go, You Hays Tigers!” Tigerede and Kit Kat members onto the floor. Tigerettes Tigerettes, the upper-class pep club, draws its members from former Kit Kats who display enthusiasm and school spirit. Members wear black skirts and gold sweaters the day of each game By sitting together in a section at all home games, sponsoring pep rallies, and by taking part in the Home coming parade Tigerettes promote student enthusiasm and lend color to all athletic events. Joyce Philip led the Tigerettes; Dr, Wilda Smith spon- sors the group. Back row, from left: Karen McGuire, Rosemary Mustoe, Judy Sellens, Sharon Peters, Emma Lou Brumilt, Sharon Henderson Janey W einhold, Linda Darnell, fourth row f Rosemary Gibson, Patsy Leuty, Peggy Si-Ie, Janice Pinncy, Martha Hopkins, Sharon Kid, Judy Richardson. Third row, Margaret Landau, Sandy w . meS Vr u ry Fn,nkf Kutlt Anne S P enctr Judy Grimm, Sharo White, Marlene Smith. Second rote, Joan McDougal, Amy Graven Joyce Philip, Kay Richardson, Sharon Pollnow, Dr. Wilda Smitl front row, Patti Thiele, Jane Schnoebelen, Barbara Warner Patt Potter, Louetta Wilken, Janet Finley. 36 t g the school light song as they usher the basketball team Kit Kats Present at all home football and basketball games, mem- bers of Kit Kats displayed good sportsmanship and pro- moted the athletic program at Fort Hays State, Kit Kats are freshman women who support sports activities by wearing the traditional black uniform on game days and sitting in a special section at games. Members of Kit Kats took part in the Homecoming parade and often formed an aisle through which team members entered the playing field or floor. jane Shank was president; Ellen Veed advises the club. Back row, from left: Norma Jean Jewell, Sharon Duncan, Shirley Calvin, Ava Palmer, Margaret Boggs, Donna Breit, Lynda Meyers, Kathy Kullbom, Third row, Karen Cain, Patricia Hailing, Ximena Brumiti, Marianne New com be, Carol Shields, Judy Kindt, Delores Chrastil, Sharon Bauer. Second rote, Ellen Wycoff, B. j, Cooley, Diana McCarbrcy, Vi Vi Sterling, Roma Riner, Vicki Gail Demmitt, Roberta Gray, Carol Lipp, Front row , Cindy Coen, Kathy Ketchum, Lana Sueller, Jane Shank, Vae Jene Bowman, Vergie Ideher, Nclda Ford, Diana Francis. 37 Upper left) from left: Ed Urban,, Bob May; printers. Upper right ; Jim Uht linotype operator. Center left: Norman Brewer and Arlene Goetz, reporters. Lower left: Dave Webster, feature editor; Pat Eilers, society editor. Lower right : Rob Stewart, sports editor; Gordon Tustin, news editor. 38 Editor Steve Bhin The Leader The State College Leader, called The Leader for short, is the official student newspaper of Fort Hays State Cob lege. The Leader is published weekly on 1 hursdays during the school year and twice monthly during summer session. The Leader provides a means of gaining practical experience in newspaper work for students interested in journalism. Loth the editorial and business departments are staffed and managed by students. Editors and staff members learn how to sell and lay out advertising, make-up pages, write news and headlines, correct copy and proof and all the other tasks involved in the publication of a newspaper. Lights in Martin Allen Hall have often burned late as staff members make last minute changes or re-arrange a page for a late-breaking story. The Leader is a self-supporting organization. Revenue from advertising sales pays the printing costs (the paper is printed in the college print shop on campus), engravings and postage. In addition, advertising revenue pays editors and other staff members ' salaries. Malcolm Applegate, journalism instructor, serves as Leader adviser. Steve 131a in edited the paper this year. Four student photographers serve The Leader, The Reveille and the news service. Malcolm Applegate, sponsor; Leon Wilbur, business manager. 39 Upper left: from left, Sue Martin, sophomore class ' Donna Broil, circulation; Jackie Schultz, junior class. Upper right: Grable Ford, freshman class and index; Mac Reed, senior class; Linda Heide, royalty. Center left: Greek editors Patty Potter and Karen McGuire. Lower left: Organ i rat ions staff Linda Lemon, Judy Leas, Betty Green, Saundra Powell, Judy Scott (not pictured). Lower right: Ken Pittman and Carl Sanders, sports editors. 40 Reveille Staff Building the 1962 Reveille from the first glimmer of an idea to its final cover-bound edition was achieved through the co-ordinated efforts of a 24- member yearbook staff. From the Reveille’s cubbyhole working area in Martin Allen Hall, the scheduling of pictures, laying out pages, writing copy, selling ads. and meeting deadlines enlivened staff members’ activity time with a profitable initiation into the journalism world. The Reveille Ball, sponsored by the yearbook staff, was the first a 11 -school winter formal dance, Sandra Barnett reigned as 1962 Reveille Queen. The yearbook cover replica revealed a building theme with its building block pattern, and Dr. W. D Moreland was introduced as the dedicatee. Marilyn Gone edited the 1962 book, assisted by Pat McCall; Roberta Dickey was business manager. Mrs. Katherine Rogers sponsors the yearbook. Upper: From left , Pat McCall, assistant editor; Garry Ball, art editor; Marilyn Orme, editor. Center: Clinton Pearce, assistant business manager; Roberta Dickey, business manager. Lower: Mrs. Katherine Rogers, adviser; Barbara Maglaras, housing; Janet Finley, faculty; Judy Richardson, faculty. Back tow , from left: jo Gienger, Jane Hinzman, Susan Richards, Lydia Kendall, Virginia McMulkin, Sally Henningson, Pat Staab, Carolyn Baird. Anne Hemken. Third row, Judi Wheeler, Beverly Howell, Kay Squier, Karen Roesch, Eileen Hermes, Linda Reed, Brenda Brinker, Judy Rasp, Nancy Schmidt. Second row, Loretta Horton. Judy Weis, Wanda M erica, Manijeh Aidun, Mary Wasinger, Carolyn Bice, Maxine Klein, Beatrice Parks, Helga Stremel. Front row, Betty Kear, Elaine Mears, Yetive Bay, Connie Huslig, Rita Rogers, Elaine Reeder, Phyllis Meharg, Christine Hayes. Dames Club Second Generation The Dames Club offers the wives and mothers of married college students and married women students the opportunity to forget about the children, the dishes and studying while they enjoy the company of each other. Part of a national organization, the local chapter has 51 members. Nancy Schmidt is president and Mrs, Dollie Thomas and Mrs. Mollie Wallerstedt serve as advisers. Mrs. James Belisle was elected to serve as the faculty-wife sponsor for this school year. Projects sponsored by the Dames this year included a Christmas party for their children, a tea for the faculty wives in the spring, and an annual dinner-dance for mem- bers and their husbands. Sons and daughters of former students and alumni of Fort Hays State make up the membership of Second Gen- eration Club. The major project for the club is the planning of Parents’ Day. Second Generation Clubbers act as hosts and hostesses during Parents’ Day and welcome returning students at Homecoming. President of the club is Courtney Burroughs; Myrl Walker is the adviser. Parents enjoy the art exhibit while touring the campus on Parents Day. 42 International Relations Club By welcoming foreign students to the campus. Inter- national Relations Club strives to bring Fort Hays Staters into closer contact with students of other nationalities. Each year members of International Relations (dub sponsor at least one foreign student at Fort Hays State. A spring dance helped raise money for the foreign student next year. The Foreign Affairs Conference held each fall on the campus is also an IRC project. This year’s topic was Latin America and featured government officials from Peru, Columbia, and Brazil. Other activities include speaking engagements in the area for foreign students, entering a foreign students’ float at Homecoming, and bringing in guest speakers on foreign problems for club meetings. Top left: Popular on campus are ihe South American students and their Latin music. Top right: Holding the flags £ ihek countries, foreign students repre- sented IRC in the Homecoming parade. Below right : Representatives of Latin American governments brought firsthand information from their countries and helped promote better understanding of mutual needs and efforts to bring about belter continental relationships. Back row, from left: Robert Hiebert, Harlan VanDeWege, Jim Stegman, Cary .Wilson, Don McCoy, Diana Light, Leon Dive!, Louis Naranjo. Third row Harold Young, Judy Adams, WiMeita Wiltman, Gaylord Long, Judith Nusse, Marlene Billinger, Nonna Basgall. Second row, Gordon Davidson, Ram Prashad Singh, Vera Hul, Madhukar Kherde, Auguste Arias, Luis Rodolfo Contreras, H ossein Rahimian. Front row, H. B. Patel, Dorothy Arpin, A. A. Paid, Shanty Benkula, Manijeh Airlun, Faraidoon Aidun, 43 Members of ihe debate squad gather around coach Jim Costigan to gloat over the first tangible evidence of victory — second place trophy won at Colorado University. From left: Jone Burris John Debate Fori Hays State debaters represent the college at tournaments all over the country. A squad of ten students interested in debate meet with Coach Jim Costigan each day to perfect their argu- ments and develop skills. Veteran debaters John Sullivan, Dan McGovern, and Janev Weinhold were the mainstays of this year ' s team. First year squad members were Jone Burris, Gloria Diz- mang. Roger Moffett, Sally Saunders, Delores Musgrave. Royer Barclay, and Robert Ochs. Sullivan, Janey Weinhold, Roger Moffett, Jim Costigiin, Dan Me. Govern, Gloria Dmrnng. Scribierus Scriblerus Club members try their hands at self-ex- pression through creative writing. Constructive criticism by other club members helps young writers to improve their style. Members of Scriblerus contribute to “The Sheaf,” a literary publication sponsored by the English department. Anyone interested may join Scriblerus. Eugene Mul- len sponsors the group, Larry Heffel was president. Back row, from left: Larry Heffel, J t K r Sweeney, Douglas Engel. Front row, Eugene Mullen, Charles Nickels, Merle Canfield, Charles Wood. 44 Back row, from left: Donald Richardson, Lynn Hagerman, Eleanor Willett a Witt man. Second row, Mary Gross, Deloris Musgrave, Pool, Judy George, Karen Bebb, Rebecca Ragan, Patrick McAtee Carol (lain, Karen Schwein, Donna Lindberg, Norma Basgall, Harriet Ketchum. Third row, diaries Parks, Ronnie Gillespie, Carole Stephens. Front row, Ruth Baker, Richard Boss, Richard Glenda Spicer, Larry Dixon, Nelda Adamson, Nione Olson, Hawkins, Judy Grimm, Larry Schem, Karla Peter Little Theater Two major productions highlighted the year for the Little Theater. Moliere’s “Les Misanthrope” was the fall show and in late spring the group presented ‘‘Come Back Little Sheba.” Anyone who expresses an interest in dramatics may join Little Theater and work in any of several areas — staging, cos- tuming, business management, or performing. A special production this year was a Christmas pageant given at the faculty Christmas party. Little Theater members assist with the Follies and with other all-school activities. Miss Harriet Ketchum is sponsor, Richard Hawkins was president. Judy Grimm tries on her costume for u Les Misanthrope” while designer Richard Boss and seamstress Sarah Cain make some last minute adjustments. One phase of Little Theater work is inter- pretative reading, done here by Pat Mc- Afee. John Sullivan and Richard Hawkins give a cutting from “Les Misanthrope. " Back row t, from left: Robert Hiebert, Gerald Van Am burg, David Win ford, Robert Gilmore, Paulette Delaney. Fifth row y June Wonderlicb, Agnes Boyd. Fourth row, Eleanor Pool, Regina Ed- wards, Veld a Asher, Martha Dirks, Dr. Audrey Greenwood. Third row, Norma Befort, Roberta Ringer, Celia Watson, Sue Billinger, Jolene Webster. Second row, Harold Hammerschmidl, Ronald Sharp, Celeste Muminger, Linda Brodbeck, Dorothy Voss, Front rate, Dave Baker, Lucille Albers, Lucille Dinges, Glennis Rome, Claudia Parker, French Club German Club Dr. Audrey Greenwood is sponsor and Lucille Dinges, president of the French Club, All students en- rolled in French classes are eligible for membership. French Club tries to stimulate interest in France and its customs while encouraging the study of the French language. At the club ' s Christmas party Louis Sebastian, a local resident, spoke on Christmas customs in his native France. The group also sang French carols. Anyone interested in German Club is eligible to become a member. Those students who have previously bad. or who are taking German, find the club especially profitable. German Club aims at acquainting the students with German customs and the language. An annual event for Hub members is the German band which marches and plays in the Homecoming parade. Dr. Paul Graber sponsors the group; Ralph Schlick was president this year. Back row, from left: John Riedel, Clay Goehr in g, Ross Ailslieger, Thomas Lo Rohr, Anthony Hochanadel, Larry Heffel, Don. Coffey, Lionel Caprcz. Second row, Daniel Church, Bill Hayes, Ron Capps, James Rock, Larry Ehrlich, Curtis Roesch, Paul Graber. Front row, Ralph Schlick, Bill McKinney, Mary Flummerfelt, Beatia Maurath, Elbe Jeike, Rhoda Hobbie, Karen Bebb. 46 Back row, from left: Steve Cross, Gary Wilson, Delbert Gallon, Ted Lohr, Jim Johnson. Second row, Carl Mooney, June Wondtr- lich, Faye Wilson, Sharon Horyna, Sharon Doanc, A. A. Patel, Mathematics Club Interest in mathematics is all that is required for membership in Math Club The organization strives to give members a better understanding of math through informal study. Discussions of unusual problems as well as those which occur in every day life situations are some of the topics at Math Club meetings 0. E. Etter sponsors the group and Carl Mooney has been president this year. Back row, from left: Wayne Green. Larry Becker, David Ebel, Max Overion. Second row, James Lott, Paul Schlegel, Marvin 0. E. Etter. Front row, James Malcolm, Sandra Miller, Judy George, Wayne Green, Anita Brady, Kendall Hendrickson. Chemistry Club Chemistry Club honors both an outstanding senior and freshman for achievement in chemistry each year at a spring banquet which climaxes the year’s program. Speakers and special programs highlight the regular club meetings. The club strives to further the interest shown by members and inspire them to further study in the field. Larry Becker served as president; Robert Richards w as the sponsor. Schultz, Robert Richards. Front row, Norma Rogers, Judy Web- en$ee, Diane Hunter. 47 Back row, from left: Gary Howard, Stan Hogsett, John Kroll. Front row, Kenneth Smoot, Merle Canfield, Ross Aislieger. Psychology Club Psychology Club, new on campus this year, tries to provide a stimulus for higher academic achievement and increased interest in psychology. Discussions and films on topics related to psychology constitute the programs at the club meetings. To become a member of Psychology Club a student must have an over-all grade index of L7 and be in the upper one-third of all psychology courses in which he is enrolled. The club took part in the Science Open House in the spring. Gary Howard was president; Kenneth Smoot spon- sors the group. Psychologists work with children as well as adults in the Psychology Clinic. Let a Kraus concentrates on keeping the stylus on the dot during a psychology experiment. Sack row, from left: Eleanor Davidson, Virginia Woods, Vicki Lewis, Rita Hall hick, Judy Sim . Judith Russell, Carol Titus, Arleta Wilhnelh, Carol Cain. Second row, Barbara Warner, Ruth Van Winkle, Peggy Olds, Marie Frazier, Linda Timken, Chioe Rockwell, Judy Parker, Margaret Nelson, Front row, Sibyl Henry, Nancy Fchrenbach, Jeanne Hinkle, Carole Mullen, Paula Hannon, Judy Richardson, Beverly Taylor, Jim Toland, Nancy Putnam, Ruck row, from left: Roma Riner, Sara Custer, Peggy Hayes, Lynda Meyers, Pat Niermeier, Judi Mathews, Karen Weave-, Eliza belli Rabcnseifner, Eloyce Yonkey. Second row. Ka n Biggerstaff, Awyn Landon, Janice Beckham. Judy RimJt, Diana Light, Donna Blodgett, Helen McCarrol!, Li-, la Mahoney, Leers Stroup. Front row , Theo Wagner, Patri Whisler, Melba Larrick, Bcatta Maurath, Patdine Kti l Shirley Heim, Geneva Smith, Marceilla Brown. Fort Hays Nurses Club Re-creation of the old Tommy Drum saloon of flays during the Centennial celebration was fun and profitable for the Nurses Club. The saloon featured a barbershop quartet and can-can dancers as well as the old-fashioned bar (with soft drinks, of course) . From the profits of the ‘‘saloon” the club sent 19 members to the state nurses’ convention in Topeka and carried out the year’s program of activity and philanthropy. Filling holiday food baskets, participating in Hadley Hos- pital’s rehabilitation projects and a variety of club meeting activities kept the 86 members busy. Judy Greenway was president. Mrs. Lila Colburn is adviser, assisted by other members of the nurse education faculty Back row , from left: Betsy Losey, Janice Pinney, Jaclyn Sanborn, Helen Moreland, Patty Miller, Joyce Rayens, Sharon Caldwell.- Second row , Becky Vance, Karen Kaltenbach, Carole Becker, Sherry Cam hern, Judy Green way, Jerry Wi Ikon son, Mary Lou Jom$, Marlene Kleweno. Front row, Lila Colburn, Shirley Lebsack, Sue Torrey, Kay Klink, Mary Kralicek, Gaylene Howard. 49 Buck row. from left: Harold Melhus, Darrel Ruth, Warren Wick- Siam, Roger Pruter, Ron Huebner, Gerald Refort. James Lloyd, John Bogner, Jerry CalRarL, Billy Towns, David Gagnon, Therein Salyer, Mike Girt on, Herman Gerritzen, Eugene Gerritzen Dr Richard Ca in. Dennis McKee. Fourth row, Jerry Boor, Albert loser: L R. Stoskopf, David Schuler, Larry Money, Leroy Nors- trom, Harold Singleton, Laity Daugherty, Harold Weinhold, Kent Bauer. Delbert Callen, Rill Kreie, Maurice Rohr, Delbert Kid well, Jim Sager, Glenn Keith, Rex Nelson, Third row , Ralph Huffman, Don Crosby, Loren Barngrover, Richard Sweat, Mamie Thacte, Ron Huebner, senior industrial arts studenl, planes a joint on his woo d wo iking p ro j ec t . Lowell Johannes, Richard Sack, Russell Oliver, David Morgan, Larry Michaelis, Larry Jenisch, Carl Fankhauscr, Carlyle Sive sind, Everett Hennessey. Second row , Gale Pauley, Willard Staab, Don Hullman, Philip Fox, Gary Kohlasch, Bill MeMulkin, Dennis Teichman, Blaine Baxter, Dennis Leiker, Lowell Tasset, Dale Walker. Front row , Larry Thornburg, Herbert Walters, Charles Karr, Harry North, Roy Jones, Keith Emigh, Larry Higerd, Phillip Bartholomew, Don Thompson, Jesse Sho waiter. Land on Daniel, Harold Dykstra, Stan Estes, Robert Lindquist. Industrial Arts Club More than 100 industrial arts students lake part in a variety of activities offered by the Industrial Arts Club Field trips and various money-making projects take place throughout the year. As a climax to the year’s activities, the group sponsors the Western Kansas Industrial Arts Fair for high school students in this part of Kansas. Club members have made bicycle racks for the college and this year made the Homecoming trophies. They also give a dinner, honoring the dub member with the highest grade point each semester Don Hullman beaded the group this year; Rex Nelson is sponsor (sTTq) SWEDEN Larry Deines learns lo use the drill press, engine lathe and other machines of the trade in a machine shop course. 50 Back raw , ram ? ; Mrs Maxine Hoffman, Judy Brown, Jenean Schuler, Sharon Henderson. Wilma Losey, Sharon Duncan, Karen Hauschild. Third row, Kathy Ketch uni, Mary Smith, Janis Demp- sey, Rosemarie Liebenau, Roma Cole, Eleanor Banker, Marsha Cronin, Made Cronin. Second row, Karen Ashley, Erma St it he in, Sheryl Walz, Patricia Kannady, Lois Wagner, Agnes Gassmann, Susan Stewart. Front row , Elizabeth Roth, Virginia Haney, Valda Smith, Marcene Smith, Sheryl Wright, Margie SchugarL Back row , from left: Karen Salyer, Laurayne Nelson, Joanne Grif fills, Shirley Purvis, Ruth Spurlock, Marilyn Ruth. Third row, Marcia Jindra, Marlene Smith, Alma Schenk, Marcia Sjog- ren, Joyce Philip, Margaret Qfeon. Second row , Alice Beesley, Sally Ray, Karen Bauer, Shirley Bamberger, Allene Wenger, Feme Dickman, Lilly Dreiling. Front row , LaDean Smith, Avis Morton, Peggy Sigle, Mary Bennett, JoEtta Friesen. Barbara Bnmnemer. Home Economics Club Women enrolled in home economics courses find an opportunity through Home Economics Club to supplement classroom work for their own professional advancement. A pioneer dinner, complete with costumes ap- propriate to the period, marked the Centennial year. Various t) r pes of entertaining were instructive as well as social and enabled the club members to feel a closer bond and to enrich their day-to-day training, Christmas caroling, a picnic and more serious activities rounded out the year’s program. Mrs. Maxine Hoffman sponsors the club and Marilyn Ruth is president. These “pioneers ' enjoyed the food they prepared for the Home Economics Club Centennial supper. 51 Left to right: Linda Russell, Norma Gibson, Sharon Hager, Vicki Lewis, Janet Finley, Luanne Engel, judi Byrne, Vicki Rogers, Orchesis To give interested students a broader background in dancing is the aim of Orchesis, sponsored by Elizabeth Barbour, This year the group presented programs at the WRA play days both semesters, entertained with a pom-pom routine during the half-time of one basketball game, and cooperated with the Glee Club and fmpromtwos in the pops concert, “Poise and Ivy,” Members of Orchesis also took part in U R rig a do on” in March. Sandra Curtis, Sandra Barnett, Billie Allen, Robyn Urban, Judy Scott, Sharon Pollnow, Patsy Leuty. Penguin Club Try outs are open to all men and women students interested in joining Penguin Club. Encouraged by the remodeling and reconditioning of the pool this year, the club promoted interest and skill in swimming through the production of the water show, Joan Bailey sponsors the club and Judy Greenway was president this year. Back rou from left: llyron Welch, Sheila Taylor, Carol Cain, Rita Roller, Diana Francis, Larry Ehrlich, Clay Godiring, Front row , Joan Bailey, Shirley Lcbsack, Judy Green way, Miriam Needles, Judy Shafer. 52 Back row , from left: Carl Mooney, Dean Larson, Richard Ander- son, Gary Schultz, Floyd GofL Larry Daugherty, John Rose, Don Nelson, David Stonebraker. Third row, Kent Bauer, Wayne Slash, Stan Hogsctt, Dale Rath, Ken EHegood, Marvin Schultz, Delbert Erickson, Jcrold McDowell, Jim Bodge, Second row, David Gag non. Bill Townsend, Dale Walker, Larry Davidson, Elberi Cobbs, Ron Soeken, Dennis Mannering. Front row, Jim Belteh, Deke Brinkman, Jon Day, Ron Gardner, Dan Rose, Gary Donner, Cade Suran. a K” Club members earn letters by meeting requirements of participation in approved sports and maintaining the required academic standard. Their jackets are badges of identification, seen far from Hays, as well as on campus, and are proudly worn. No member of a college organization is as long identified with Fort Hays State as a “K” man. and few return to the campus more often. The club contributes to the scholarship fund with profits from the concession stand at home games. Erection and main- tenance of the ££ K 7 on College Hill west of the campus is another project of the club. Through regular letters to all men, the athletes of the past and the present are united in a bond of common interest. Kent Bauer was president this year; Cade Suran sponsors the club. “Busch " Gross a former “K” man and now director of athletics at Fort Hays State, points out basketball stars of other years to “K " Club mem- bers Gary Donner, Deke Brinkman, and Stan Hogseit. 1 ! L i „1 KI J ; ; 11 1 || " r t t- “K” Club There is always a thirsty crowd at a game and “K” Club does the work. Up in the air goes a high school visitor during the WRA play day. Coordination of the varied activities of the Women’s Recreation Association requires much planning by the WRA executive committee. WRA There’s activity all year for the 100 members of Women’s Recreation Association. To finance a heavy program, the group operated a concession stand at football games and realized a profit of approximately $1,000, Two full-year scholarships are granted each year, one to an incoming freshman woman, and one to an upperclassman- the re- cipients must participate in women’s sports activities. Overnight camping, swimming, howling, folk dancing and skiing provide fun for all members. In addition, the group sponsors non- member activities such as the recreation evening for both men and women students. Also concerned with physical education programs in high schools, the WRA members sponsor a play day for high school girls and visit area schools, demonstrating sports techniques and teaching new games. Judy R inker and Phyllis Bigby are co-sponsors and Reverlv Winder was president. the snowy slopes Eire Marilyn Warehime and Warilda McGurg, " Come on in, the water’s fine!” It’s WRA swimming night. W RA skiers, on a between semester jaunt to Hidden Valley, Colo. 54 President Jim Johnson and the executive board work closely program and activities The KSTA meeting in November is with the Kansas State Teachers Association in planning their a highlight of the year. SNEA With a membership of 262 . the Student National Education Association is one of the largest clubs on campus. All students planning to teach are eligible and are urged to join the club which strives to improve and increase interest in teaching Each fall the organization assists with planning and co- ordinating events for the Kansas Slate Teachers Association con- vention held on campus in early November and acts as campus hosts for several thousand visiting teachers. Members of the club build a float each fall for the Home- coming parade and strive to participate in a well-rounded pro- gram of student activities which will prove beneficial to them as teachers, Jim Johnson was president and Dr, Bill Broach and Dr. Kenneth Lewis were sponsors of the club. A variety of speakers and panel discussions provided the programs of Student National Education Association meetings. Bottom: SNEA members James Malcolm, James Griffin, and James Johnson here being interviewed by a reporter for the Plamville High School newspaper, received on- the- job training through their student teaching. 55 If Lynn Ha german demonstrates to other members of the games com- mittee the way to win at pooL Looking on are left to right, Bonnie Appel, Jim Huelsmann, Kathy Sater. MEMORIAL Movie committee members discuss the latest Union movie. Back rou?, from left: Larry Hawkins, Lynnay Pam men ter, Richard Hawkm$ t Lynn Hagerman, H. B. Patel. Front row t Carolyn Mount- lord, Beatta Maurath, Richard Baldwin, Vicki Zeller Pat L utter- man. Attractive bulletin boards created by the publicity committee announce coming events planned by the Union committees. A poll of students favorite music helped the music committee to select records for the stereo set in the Meadowlark room. 56 Eighi student committees sponsored by Mrs. Betty Branden- burg take charge of activities of the Memorial Union. Formal dances and weekly TGIF dances are planned and sponsored by the Dance committee. The Union birthday party, Christmas party, and other special days are under the direction of the Hospitality committee. Music in the Meadlowlark room, exhibits for the second floor gallery, and the movie schedule for the year are all super- vised by committee members. The game room, tournaments, and other recreational projects are handled by the Games com- mittee while the Publicity committee publicizes everything that happens in the Union, Members of the art committee hang pictures for the exhibits in the second floor gallery of the Union. Dance committee members Kay Price and Larry Cox learn the “Twist” as demonstrated by Lindon Montgomery and Bonnie Cuttridge. The coat check room is operated by the Hospitality committee during special events at the Union. Concert Choir Fort Hays Singers Back row, from left: Joe Dolezal, Bill Fritschen, Nadine Guise, Francis Wilson, Jim Long, Second row , Karen King, Gary Yost, Beth Fellers, Ernie Miller, Shari Holliday, Yvonne Misegadis. Front rort, Margaret Willson, William Waller, Margie Colburn, Vernon Goer mg, Connie Cramer, Back row , from left: Jon Shively, Lou Jean Brown, Sharon Kiel, Marvin Cochran, Third row, Francis Wilson, Raylenc Price, Myrna Steinshouer, Don Crosby, Paul Massey. Sec- ond row, Mary Maude Moore, Sara Lou Stover, Patti Percival, Mary Lou Joins. Front row, Mac Reed, Jim Lundin, Jim Fetters. Vocal groups offer a variety of talent and style in entertainment. The Concert Choir, largest and most select of the units, and the Fort Hays Singers, are directed by Donald E. Stout and are composed of music majors while the Glee Club and Impromptwos are informal selected groups of non-music majors directed by Mary Maude Moore who sing for the pleasure they give and receive. Through BRIGADGON, the POPS CONCERT, their tours and various on-campus performances, each organization fills a distinct spot in the total music picture at Fort Hays State and together they are responsible for both formal and informal entertain- ment and performances, on and off campus. Impromptwos Women’s Glee Club Back row t from left: Myrna Steinshouer, June Clydesdale, Judy George, Carla Duns, Dotlie Gibbons, Jerilyn Truan, Marie Grimm, Lou Jean Brown, Sharon Kiel, Glendis Mott, Raylene Price, Third roiv Linda McKean, Marie Frazier, Donna Stephens, Barbara Patterson, Jean Dumler, Roxie Ward, Judy Grimm, Myra Krentzel, V alette Schukman, Esther Bel ten brock, Mary Springfeldt, Eileen Lind ley. Second row , Anita Palmgren, Donna Lindberg, Kay Richardson, Sara Lou Stover, Margaret Belter, Patti Thiele, Ann Boosa, Joyce Philip, Vivi Sterling, Mary Lee Ryan, Donna Stanley, Ma ry Maude Moore. From row, Ann Mitchell, Judy Dresselhaus, Barbara Warner, Judy Richardson, Bonnie Gultridge, Edith Neal, Gloria McFarland, Marcelyn Stephenson, Carolyn Mountford, Mary Ann Herber, Sonja Scranton, Patti Percival, 59 Instrumental Ensembles Musicians from the Fort Hays State student body and faculty join with those from Hays and the surrounding area to form the College C omm un i ty 0 re hest ra . From the complete group, smaller orchestras are chosen to perform at various functions during the year. A small selected orchestra accompanied Mendelssohn’s “Eli- jah” in February and the entire orchestra climaxed the spring concert series with a program in May. The orchestra is directed by E. Edwin Moyers Brass Choir, directed by Leland Bartholomew, was composed this vear of ‘ " returning let ter men” — -students who have been playing with the choir for more than one year. The choir took a two-day tour in November in conjunction with a tour made by the Fort Hays Singers, and was in great demand for Christmas programs at Hays churches. A winter concert climaxed the groups’ efforts this year. The Clarinet Choir was organized the second semester under the direction of Harold Palmer. The group is composed of various kinds of clarinets. A new musical organization, the Recorder Ensemble, was formed during the first semester. It was primarily for the purpose of helping future music teachers become acquainted with the recorder — an instrument much like the sweet- wind of grade school days. Miss Phyllis Schleich directed the Recorder Ensemble. Back row, from left ; Mary Fluminerfelt, Judy Kin " , Emily Miller, Jerry Peterson, John Clark, Jan Iloffer, Front row: Mary Shaffer, Belly Sell roll, Birklcy Barnes, Ethel Clow, Awyn Landon. Choir Ensemble 60 College- Community Orchestra Brass Choir 61 FHS Bands Members of the Fort Hays State Band are chosen each year on the basis of auditions. Largest of the bands, marching band is especially active during football season performing original half-time shows, and leading ihe Homecoming parade. The concert hand made a two-day tour in April during which they presented a total of seven concerts for schools in Southeast Kansas including two Wichita high schools and Hutchinson Junior College. At home they gave three regular concerts and a concerto concert which featured student solo- ists and student conductors. In each of the concerts, a wind ensemble of 37 selected members was featured. Spirit at all the home basketball games was boosted by the presence of the lively pep band. From rehearsal to production, a band show takes many hours ol work. 62 Horn tooters are on band at all home basketball games to entertain the fan? and add to the crowd ' s enthusiasm. 63 Back row t from left: Marcia McClellan, Suzanne Day, Karen King, Beth Fellers, Eleanor Pool, Avola Crandall, Maty Flummerfelt, Joanne Griffin, Alida Rose, Judy King, Third row: Gloria Dizmang, Emilie Miller, Linda Overton, La Donna Gruver, Fvione Olson, Anita Lang, Lynn Drake Yvonne Miscgadis, Delores Ary Second row, Rcva Rode- Sigma Alpha lota man, Ethel Qow, Mickey Fisher, Janet Dewald, Rhoda McNerney, Betty Summer, Mary Shaffer, Joyce Eisenhouer Front row f Margie Beth Colburn, Dorothy Voss, Ann Kimmi, BirkJey Barnes, Barbara Parker, Ann Estes, Patti Percival, Margaret Willson, To uphold and further interest in music are the aims of Sigma Alpha Iota, professional music fraternity for women. Women music majors having a 2 0 average in music courses are eligible for membership Each year members usher at musical functions, give receptions for visiting artists and hold a recital of con- temporary music They also help once a month at Hadley Rehabilitation Center. Members of the local chapter work for awards presented by the national organization. President of the group this year was Dorothy Voss; Lucille Felten is the adviser. Members of Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha practice for their spring concert of contemporary music. 64 Back row from left: Richard Boyle, Kenneth Hertel Ronald Cokeley, Richard Kysar, John Ruff. Ernest Miller, Francis Wilson, William Walter, Varden Penn, Joe Spies. Third row t Robert Marqueling, Gary Saddler, John Clark, Marvin Cochran, John Huber, Millard Harrell, Jimmy Krentzel, Earl Blauer, Jerry Peterson, Leland Batholomew. Second row, James Fox, Gary Langley, Everett Braun, Donnie Reed, Gary Rlaucr, Ray Russell, Kenneth Faulk. Front row t Jim Lundin, Bill Willison, Joe Dolezal, Bill Fritschen, Carl Bice, Lonn Poage, Tom Bunker. Phi Mu Alpha Members of Phi Mu Alpha, professional music men ' s fraternity, take part in a variety of activities throughout tin year. Local chapter members have a popular dance baud, usher at music concerts and recitals and take field trips see and hear artists and productions in the surrounding area. In collaboration with SAI, the men of Phi Mu Alpha presented a recital of contemporary music in the spring, Leland Bartholomew was the adviser of Phi Mu Alpha: Francis Wilson was president. Dedicated to music, the men of Phi Mu Alpha formed a dance band for their own enjoyment as well as for appreciative audiences. 65 Phi Eta Sigma A brother organization to Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma is for freshman men who achieve a first semester grade index of 2.5 or an average of 2,5 for both semesters Faculty members are also members of the organization, chosen on the basis of superior achievement in their field. Larry Glennemier was president this year; Richard Burnett and Bill Jellison sponsor the group. Back row , from left: Robert Lynn, Robert Drciling. Larry Hoff eh Harvey Niermeier, Stephen Staub, Jack Stout Kim McCoy. Second row , Melvin Capps, Leon Wilber, Robert Timken, Troy McAfee, Paul Schlegel, Larry Ehrlich. Front row, Kenneth Eye, Ronald Sandstrom, Wayne Green, Clinton Pearce, Gary Warner, Larry Glennemeier, Rill Jellison. Buck row , from left: Pat Carrico, Bud Campbell, Ron Willis, Edwin Brown, Second row, Edmund Obortiy, Sani Pancake, Arlyn Parish, Lawrence PfortmiUer, Larry Loop. Front row, Dan McGov- ern, Ray Thompson, Larry Ker diner, Dennis Johnson 66 Alpha Lambda Delta Established on t+ie Fort Hays State campus in 1959, the local chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta encourages and honors scholastic achievement . Membership qualification is based on freshman grades. To become a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, a freshman woman must have a first semester grade point of 2.5 or an average of 2.5 for the first two semesters, including summer school. Dean Jean Stouffer advises the organization; Robyn Urban was president. Back row, from left: Marylin Ruth, Judy Ubeit, Carol Hyer, Marjorie Querbach, Jean DeBoer, Margaret Bieber. Second tow. Cinda Wilson, Barbara Thomas, Charlotte Brownlee, Betty Hutson, Jean Stouffer. Front row , Sue Martin, Judy Richardson, Robyn Urban, Karen Keller, Ubtfrta Klaus, Back row , from left: Donna Bren, Janis Dempsey, Carol Jones, Mayer. Second row, Cdennis Rome, Marita Engel, Roma Rincr, Connie Anderson, jankc Beckham, Judy Rindr, Third row, Shela Gloria McFarland, Sheila Hallagin, Front row, Judy Dresselhaus, Wilson Sharity Benkula, ViVi Sterling, Sharon Doane, Tanya Carol Desbien, Lana Sudter, Ro an Heath, Sally Saunders. Back row t from left: Richard Boss, Judi Byrne, Martha Dirks Harriet Ketchum, Bill Ohlemeier, Richard Haw- kins. Front row, Glenda Morris, Ruth Ann Baker, Myra Krentzel, Ronald Daniels, Kenneth Ruder. Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega, national dramatics honorary fraternity, chooses its members on the basis of their achievements in dram at ics. To earn points for Alpha Psi Omega membership, stu- dents help with the publicity, make-up and stage properties for all campus productions as well as taking parts in various plays. Glenda Morris was president; Dr. Geneva Herndon is the sponsor. Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta, forensic honorary organization, exists to stimulate interest in debate and public speaking. Members participate in intercollegiate tournaments each year and the national organization of Pi Kappa Delta sponsors a national convention biennially. Steve Staub was president of Pi Kappa Delta: Jim Costi- gan advises the group. Buck row, from left: John Sullivan. Steve Staub, Roger Dizmang, June Burris, Royer Barclay, Front ro ic, Deloris Moffett, James Costigait. Second rou Dan McGovern, Gloria Musgrave, Janey Weinhold, Sally Saunders. Back row, from left : Russ Pettit, Henry McFarland, Howard Reynolds, Duane Carter, Jim Schalansky, Gale Wolters, Max Schrocdcr, Third row, Richard Baldwin, Hossein Rahimian, Bill Wilson, Kerry Lawrence, Willard Ferguson, Ram Singh. Second row, Larry Good, Ross Lock, Ken Anderson, Douglas Nichols, Harlan De Garmo. Front row , Ivan Smith, Larry Robinson, Dan Rose, Darrell Boggs, Madhukar Kherde, William Schultz. Rack row , from left: Marvin Jeffers, Tony MollKagen, Darrel Miller, Victor Suppes, Floyd Kmsinger. Third row, B, J. Hirt, Tom Keyse, Albert Smith, N. A. Walker, Kenneth Simons. Second row, Curtis Smith, Gary Donart, Neil Folks, Charles Ely, G. W. Tomanek, Front row, Kenneth Goodrow, Kathryn Sater, Carol Rcincit, Gerry Kriley, Donna Byler, Larry Lunsford, New on the Fort Hays State campus this year, Beta Beta Beta, honorary biology fraternity has 43 charter members. The group organized as the Biological Science Club and joined with the national organization in the spring. Guest speakers, specialists in the various sciences, pro- vided most of the programs for the newly-formed organization. B. I. Hirt was president of the new fraternity; Dr Floyd Kin singer, sponsor. Beta Beta Beta 69 Back row, from left: J. K. Sweeney, Ron Huebner, Ramon Drake, Cordon Davidson, Eugene Crain e. Front row. Powers, Larry HeffeL Second roic, David Baker, Glen Karen Getty, Signd Clement, Rose Arnold, Fred Schmidt. Phi Alpha Theta Lambda lota Tau Phi Alpha Theta is the national honorary society in the field of historical studies. Membership is open to students who have a B average in history and in other fields as well. Monthly meetings of the organization feature discussions and the presentation of historical papers. Larry Heffel was president of the group; Gordon David- son is the adviser. To encourage the recognition of scholarship in the area of literature and language is the aim of Lambda Iota Tail, national honorary language and literature fraternity. Students with at least a 2.0 grade average in 6 hours of literature are eligible for membership. The group meets regularly to discuss recent novels, and in the spring publishes a collection of literary studies con- taining student written essays on literature. Dr. Audrey Greenwood advises the group. Back row from left: Paul Younger, Robert Lynn, Law- Appel, Troy McAfee. Front row, Wayne Green, Ronald rence PfortmiUer, Delbert Callen, Donald Kiser. Second Sandstioro, Faye Wilson, Sharon Horyna, Marvin Rolfe. row, Gary Warner, James Lott, Gary Wilson, Robert Kappa Mu Epsilon Membership in the national honorary mathematics fraternity, Kappa Mu Epsilon, is open to those students who have completed 13 hours of math courses with a 2.0 grade average in the field, and at least a 1.75 over all index. The group met in February for a dinner honoring all new members of Kappa Mu Epsilon. Jerry Lyman headed the group; Eugene Etter is the sponsor. Back row, from left: James Malcolm, Cad Mooney, Jim Johnson, Jerry Lyman. Second row, Marclan Roth, jack Stout, Larry Recker, Carrold Ralstin, Robert Meier. Front row, Ellen Vced, Patti Thiele, June Wonderlich, Allen Guy. Back row, from left: Alice Reesley, Maxine Hoffman, Joanne Griffitts, Shirley Purvis, Laurayne Nelson, Karen Sdyer, Third row, Esther Thornburg, Marcene Smith, Marylin Ruth, Delores Mollhagen, Judy Brown, Linda Stoskopf, Mad a Cronin. Second r ow , Karen Bauer, Roma Cole, Sharon Henderson, Marilyn Deines, Sybil Vosburgh, Margie Schugart. Front row, Kerne Diekman, Marlene Thaete, Sheryl Wright, Marlene Smith, Alma Schenk. Kappa Omicron Phi Speech and Hearing Society Attending the national conclave of Kappa Omicron Phi at Memphis, Tenn. highlighted the year for two members and the sponsor of the Fort Hays State chapter of the home economics fraternity Ihe local group entertained freshman and sophomore home economics students at a formal tea in September. In February the new initiates prepared and served an old-fashioned dinner to celebrate tbe chapter’s birthday. Sophomore women in their second semester of school who place in the upper ten per cent of the home economics classes in which they are enrolled are eligible to become members. President was Joanne Griffitts; Alice Reesley is adviser. Organized in the fall of 1961, the honorary Speech and Hearing Society had twenty charter members. In November, 1962 the group will become affiliated with Sigma Alpha Eta, national speech and hearing fraternity. Society members work at the Hadley Speech Correction Clinic as a part of their training. As a social service project they baked cookies for the Christmas stockings of children at the clinic. Weekly meetings feature programs related to speech correc- tion, A business meeting is held once each month. Shara Margheim was president of the new group; Dr. Geneva Herndon is the sponsor. Sack row, from left: Wayne Staab, Gerald Pfannenstiel, Kenneth Ruder, Phil Curtis. Third row , Terrence Pfan- nenstid, Glenda Donart, Marcia Bannister, Mary Lyda, Carla Rodeman. Second row , Sandy Holmes, Cheryl Funk, Jeanette Zechmebter, Karen He mi on, Judy Fox. front row , Dr. Geneva Herndon, Karen Gal hart , Shara Margheim, Theresa Dreiling, Joan Thielcn. 72 MS A ' A i r -jiM jgSfi ahhhbalm 1 i Back row, from left: Ivan Smith, Bill Price, Robert Krug, Donald Good row, Thaine Clark, Front row, Richard Hofaker, David Welch. Krug. Second row, James Fox, Lester Schmutz, J, Iv. Wells, Kcnneih Rod Barrows, Harold ’Young. Delta Tau Alpha Epsilon Pi Tau Founded by the National Association of College Teachers of Agriculture; the local chapter of Delta Tau Alpha, honorary agriculture fraternity, is in its second year at Fort Hays State, Agriculture students may qualify for membership in their junior or senior year. All members must have at least fifteen hours of agriculture courses, maintain a 2.0 grade average in their major, and have a 1.5 overall grade average. J. R, Wells is the fraternity representative lor the four- teen-state Central Stale Region ‘arid sponsor of the local chap- ter. President of the Fort Hays State chapter is David Welch who replaced Bob Krug who was called to active military duty. Junior and senior students who are in the upper one- fourth of all their classes and who are majoring in industrial arts are eligible for membership in Beta Theta chapter of Epsilon Pi Tau, honorary industrial arts fraternity. Money-making projects provided funds for a scholarship for above-average industrial arts students. Members also help coordinate and supervise the Indus- trial Arts Fair which brings hundreds of high school youth to the campus with their projects each spring. A project of the local chapter this year was to locate all alumni members. Memb ers also made a map with the alumni pin-pointed on it. Don Hullman was president; Rex Nelson, sponsor. Back row, from left ; Jerry Galliart, Gerald Befort, Kent Bauer. Ron Huebner, Rex Nelson, Robert Lindquist, Richard Cain. Second row, Ralph Huffman, Dennis McKee, Don Hullman, Gale Pauley, Jerome Boor, Warren Wickham. Front row, Larry Thornburg, Lowell Tasset, Francis McMulkin, Roy Jones, Carlyle Sivesind, Don Crosby. Administrators in Western Kansas schools come to the campus to itie -i with local members of Phi Delta Kappa Phi Delta Kappa Delta Epsilon Phi Delta Kappa, national professional fraternity for male educators, is dedicated to furthering educational re- search and developing leadership. Chapters of Phi Delta Kappa are located in universities and colleges which offer degrees in education Members are chosen according to professional achieve- ment and potential in the field. Seniors with a B average or better, may be elected to membership; however graduate students, faculty members and educators from the surround- ing area comprise the greater part of the organization. Dr Ray Youmans was the president: Dr. B. W. Broach is the faculty sponsor. Delta Epsilon, honorary fraternity for science majors, sponsors the Frontiers Unlimited programs presented during the second semester. The theme of the six lectures and one field trip was “One World” and featured faculty members and other Hays residents speaking on their recent trips abroad. Senior students, graduate students, faculty and alumni are chosen for membership in Delta Epsilon on the basis of scholarship scientific interest and ability in the field. Dr Howard Reynolds is president of the honorary fraternity Back row, from left: Jim Bodge, David Ankle, Larry Purvis, Darrel Ruth, Jim Brinker, Carl Mooney, B. J, Hirt, Jim Johnson, David Welch, Larry Pedigo. Second row, Richard Ho faker, Allen Guy, fwhan Cho, Nam Sok Choi, Belly June Schroll, Sybil Brown, Lila Colburn, Leora Stroup, Nancy Putnam, Paul Schlegcl, Larry Ehrlich, Ron Gates. Front row, Kenneth Goodrow, Larry Railing, Robert Meier, Larry Becker, Madhukar Kherde, Jerry Gallentine, Gary Donart, Curtis Smith, Ram Prashad Singh, Marvin Rolfs. Back row, from left : Jack Stout, Merl Walker Willard J erguson, Reed Front row, Robert Richards, Thaine Clark, Howard Reynolds, James Malcolm, Max Sohrocder, Stanley Schlegel, Dale Dick, Lester Schmutz, Harold Choguill, Henry McFarland Wilmont Toal- Maurice Witten, David Proctor, J. R, Wells, E, C. Almquist, H. B. son. 74 Eta Rho Epsilon Back row, from left: Joan Bailey, Grade Windholz Mariam Needels, Marilyn Boese, Beverly Winder Emma Lou Brumitt, Berniece Fulton Nanette Hayes, Second row, Nina Maddox, Kay Glaze Sherriann Guthrie, Janice Jones Sheila Taylor- Front row, Anita Lung:, Patty Potter Women majoring in physical education are eligible for membership in Eta Rho Epsilon To aid the majors in establishing professional values attitudes knowledge and relations is the aim of the organization. Members of Eta Rho Epsilon take part in a variety of activities which will help them when they become physical education teachers. Carol Steckline headed the group; Joan Bailey is the faculty adviser Upper left: Strikes and spares come easily to the Eta Rho Epsilon bowlers. Lower left: Eta Kho Epsilon bathing beauties prepare for a swim. Lower center: Marilyn Boese aims for the ten spot as she tries to defeat Berniece Fulton in an exciting game of shuffleboaid. Lower right : Square dancing offers social relaxation and recreation. 75 Seventh Cavalry A service club which encourages leadership and aids student projects which are for the good of the school, Seventh Cavalry selects its members from male students who meet the required scholastic standards and have demon- strated leadership ability Named after General George Custer’s well-known regi- ment Seventh Cavalry members on horseback lead the annual homecoming parade Members of the group also usher at Artist and Lecture programs, and take charge of compiling and selling student directories each fall. The Seventh Cavalry popcorn machine at home football and basketball games brings in money each year which the group donates to the National Defense Loan Fund In the last two years the members have contributed $1 000 to the program. Harvey Niermeier was president. Slandlee Dalton and Bill Jell ison are advisers. Thomas Baal man David Baker James Bodge Brent Collins Larry Ehrlich Jay LX Forsyth Larry Glcnnemekr Clayton Goehr in g Larry Good Meryl Grossh ns Larry Heffel R J. Hirt John Huber Larry Kahle Jim Kientzel Richard Me A tee Dan McGovern Bob Mulch H arvey Niermeier Ivan Pechauec Ramon Powers Ronald Sand Strom Paul Schlegel Stephen Staub Women’s Leadership Organization Women’s Leadership Organization recognizes and devel- ops leadership, scholarship, character, and service in upper class women. Women obtaining at least a 2.0 cumulative grade average are voted upon by faculty members and by WLO members before they are admitted to membership. To foster the idea of leadership, to encourage women to think in terms of their futures, and to stimulate high scholarship are the aims of Womens Leadership Organiza- tion, WLO members operate a tutoring service for students and give a scholarship to a deserving woman student. In cooperation with Seventh Cavalry, WLO members helped usher at Artist and Lecture programs. The two groups sponsored a “Smarty Party” for students who made a 2.5 or better for the first semester this year. Dean Jean Stouffer advises the group; Karen Getty was president. A “Smarty Party” gave recognition lo students averaging 2,5 or heller for the fall semester. Rose Arnold Joan DeBoer Joyce Eisenhour Beth Fellers Karen Getty Karen Gieblcr Gloria Greenwood Sandy Holmes J until McQueen Anne Med craft Yvonne Misegadis Patti Pereival Janice Finney Betty Sell roll Sharon Seery Marecne Smith Marcelyn Stephenson Patricia Thiele Margaret Willson Back rou from left: Robert Fellow, Hank Dreany, Trask, Front row, George Joy, Sharon Davis, VjVi Stephen Ostrom, Arnold Lewis. Second rott Barbara Sterling, Rev, Howard Trask. Maglaras, Mary Ann Lofstead, Karen Schwein,. Gregg Canterbury Association Committed to a definite program of worship, study, service, giving, evangelism and unity. Canterbury Association serves the Episcopal students on the Foil Hays State campus. Weeklv Wednesda) evening meetings feature speakers, programs, group study and social functions. Communion services arc held every Wednesday morning for interested students. The Rev, Howard Trask advises the group; Gregg Trask was the president. Campus Christian Council Representatives from each of the college religious groups compose the Campus Christian Council which provides oppor- tunities for residence halls and organized housing groups to discuss aspects of the Christian religion. Panel discussions led by local ministers, programs on other world religions, and a spring retreat to Webster Dam were part of the Campus Christian Council program. Larry Ehrlich headed the council; the Rev, Norman Simmons is the sponsor. Btick row, from left: Larry Higerd, Don Laffoon, Larry Ehrlich, Mapel, Clay Goehr mg, Carolyn Mothershead, Daphne Hynes, wayne Gilbert, Mike Murphy, Gregg Trask, Rev. Norman Sim- Birklcy Barnes, Carol Stankard. mens, Barbara Naglaras, Rev. Howard Trask. Front row. Bob 70 Back row,, from left : Wayne Gilbert, Sam Pancake Curtis Carley, Ronald Hosie Mac Reed, Third row-, James Rock, Sidney Cooley, Lyle Felbush The Rev, Sam Maier. Second row, Lee Dirks, Elhel Clow, Linda Rasek, Mary Pancake Diane Hunter Front row , Carolyn Mothershead, Clara Fan shier, Dot lie Gibbons Dolly Wallace, June Wonderlich. U. S. C. F. Back row, from left: Mil Loo Hendrickson Robert Hiebert, Third row, Patricia Kannady, Rirk ley Barnes, Second row Willeta Wiiiman. Front row , Karen Hauschild, Ruth Iden, United Students Christian Fellowship is for students from the Presbyterian Congregational Evangelical Uni- ted Brethren, and Evangelical Reformed churches Meeting in Westminster House each Sunday evening, the group hears speakers from the campus, the community, and the surrounding area- Members of U.S.C.F held a Christmas banquet before the holiday vacation Trying to get a full-time campus minister has been the main project for group members this year. Dr Dale Dick and Rev. Sam Maier are the sponsors; Dottle Gibbons was president Christian Youth Fellowship Students who belong to the Christian Church are members of the Christian Youth Fellowship. The group seeks to enrich the social, mental and spiritual lives of its members and to provide them with Christian fellowship and understanding Meetings in the Smoky Hill Room of the Memorial Union feature discussions and parties. The Rev. Milton Hendrickson is adviser; Robert Hiehert, president 79 Back row, from left: Dale Bentrup, George Meier, Donna Wait, Althea Beltz, Dianne Schaefer, Gale Thaete, Clay Goehring, James Borne- mann, Emanuel Dumler, Ronald Soeken, Paul Klotz, Lonnie Schulze, Second roit Nyla Kreft, Marlene Thaete, Diane Bums, Margaret Walker, Carol Siankard, Peggy Olds, Patricia Kiermeier, Shirley Gamma Delta Lebsack, Agnes Boyd, Shirley Stark, Mary Kialicek, Joan Me Do u gal. Front row , The Rev. Victor Policy, Garry Thaete, Dean Meier, Mike Minson, Ranee Headley, Mamie Thaete, Lynn Hagerroan, Harvey Niermeier, Orville Dorn. Gamma Delta, international organization for Lutheran college students, is affiliated in Hays with the Messiah Luth- eran Church, The goals of Alpha XL the local chapter, arc to give mem- bers a knowledge of Christianity and to interest them in Christian service. Films, topic discussions, guest speakers and joint meet- ings with Lutheran Students Association are some of the programs for Gamma Delta meetings. Social events are also an important phase of the group ' s program. Clayton Go eh ring was president: Dr. John Garwood, of the faculty, and the Rev. Victor Policy are the advisers. Planning and co-ordinating the pro- gram of Gamma Delta utilizes the ideas and work of the executive council. 80 Catholic students — 350 strong— belonged to Newman Club. Newman Club More than 350 Catholic students took part in the varied program of the Newman Club this year. The club strives to further the Catholic student’s religious education along with his general education. Wednesday night meetings in the Uni on Gold Room featured speakers on subjects of special concern to Catholic students, their religion and personal responsibilities while in college Bishop F W. 1 H reking of the Salina diocese w as a visitor at a fall meeting of the group. Climaxing a number of informal parties was the spring formal at which Mr. and Miss Newmanite were crowned. Father John Terbovich sponsors Newman Club; Marvin Martin was president this year. Publicizing the many Newman Club activities takes an energetic and imaginative publicity committee. Bishop Frederick Fr eking of the Salinu diocese visits informally with students after addressing the club nl an early fall meeting. 8 ) Back row, from left: Barbara Massey, Ruth Blystone, Joyce Bly stone, Betty Hutson, Carol Schaben, Barbara Shirk, Valette Schukin an, Beverh Winder, Rita Hallbick. Joyce Stout, Second row: Virginia Haney, Coline Duer, Karen Keller, Virginia Woods, Judy Nusse, Kappa Phi The purpose of Kappa Phi. the Methodist women’s organization, is to mold the college student of today into the church leader of tomorrow. The local chapter of Kappa Phi planned and presented mam programs at the Hadley Rehabilitation Center this year, utilizing talent from Kappa Phi and Wesley Foundation. Other activities included study groups, a Yulelog service at Christmas, a picnic with alumni, and a dinner for graduating seniors. Coline Duer was president; Mrs. Norman Simmons and Lucille Bolt, advisers. Back row: Leonard Brown, Karen Galliart, Judy Brown, Judy Kindt, El tie Jeikc, Dennis Johnson. Front row: jolm Ruff, Dwight Rumpel, Shirley Bamberger, Virginia Blair, Mary Lee Ryan, Carolyn Mount- ford, Vickie Sherraden, Front row : Eugenia Beaver, Mickey Fisher, Sheryl Kay Wright, Alida Ross, Carol Glasscock, Ann Boosa, Carole Hughes, Sharon Caldwell. LSA To make the Christian faith a dynamic and vital part of the students’ total college life is the aim of the Lutheran Student Association. LSA had a caroling party at the Ellis Rest Home before Christmas and attended the midwinter conference at Lawrence in February, Fall and spring picnics, discussions on the Bible, talks by foreign students on their native countries, faculty members speaking on their recent trips abroad, and field trips to other churches in the area provided some of the programs for LSA meetings. Larry Ehrlich headed the group; Rev. Harry Hull is the adviser. Jerry Patterson, Mike Murphy, Robert Hager man, Larry Ehrlich, Andrew Anderson, 82 Upper left : Students take time out from studying for meditation and communion. Upper right: Wesley Foundation business is handled by the Central Council, Center : Study groups gave interested students a chance to learn more about their ehutch and to discuss their beliefs vvith fellow-students. Lower: Vicki Demniitt, Karen Bebfa, and Don Laffoon find that cooking for t lie hungry group at Wesley calls for plenty of planning, time and food. Wesley Foundation The only church-related student center near the campus, Wesley Foundation, is enjoyed by both Methodist and non Methodist students. Open almost 24 hours a day, the foundation offers a place to study, watch TV, relax and talk, or find religious inspiration. Sunday evening meetings include student -prepared sup- pers, worship services, and speakers Study groups, business meetings, Wednesday evening vespers and social events take place throughout the week. The group sent representatives to the Seventh Quadren- nial Meeting of the Methodist Student Movement last summer in Champaign, III. Members also attended meetings of the state organization. Fall and spring retreats helped students find spiritual renewal. Two work days provided money for service projects. Rev. Norman Simmons is the foundation director; Bob Mapel and Don Laffoon were the first and second semester presidents respectively. S3 left to right: Cindy Coen, Arlene Estes, Betty Green, Larry Ehrlich, Dim McGovern, Bob Bigham. Ambassadors Student ambassadors are an important part of the Fort Hays State public relations program. One student is chosen from each of the 250 Kansas com- munities represented on the campus to act as an ambassador to interested students from their home towns. Ambassadors hold parties, talk to youth groups, talk at high schools, and invite prospective students to visit the campus. Student ambassadors go with faculty to high schools for career days and assist with Career Day on the campus in mid-April Hugh Burnett directs the work of the student ambassadors. Campus Boosters Campus Boosters Council, composed of representatives of campus organizations, is in charge of encouraging pep and school spirit at Fort Hays athletic events. The group organized a pep rally before the first football and first basketball games. They also sponsored a rally dance during football season and held a noise rally to open basket- ball season. To celebrate Fort Hays State’s conference championship, the Campus Boosters entertained students at a conference victory dance after the Fort Hays St ate- Washburn game. Tom Smith was chairman of the council, Burnie Horton is the group’s adviser. Back row, from left: Burnie Horton, Tom Smith. Leroy Holmes, Norman Foster. Front raw, Ann Estes, JoEtta Friesen, Kay Kelley. 84 m here’s no place like home and whether dormitory , house or apartment, once the first adjustment is made, college housing fulfills more than essentials of food and shelter. The student feels a surge of pride and self- confidence in meeting new friends on his own and learning to budget his time and money away from home. -r j ou, die student, have come l a time to dormitory sights and sounds . the chatter of friends, the rattle of dinner trays, the click of the pop machine, the blinking light at closing hours, and the final quiet of sleep at night, jtj emories of college housing, both humorous incidents and friends met, will leave a lasting niche in the total structure of your college days. 85 Well it’s supposed to be a “tacky” party Ohl There’s the little black book routine, a part of dorm life. Study time calls for concentration A little TV viewing is on the Saturday afternoon agenda. Profits from the soft drink machine supply funds for scholarships given by the dormitory. There ' s time for serious, solitary study, too, which is, after all, of primary importance. Agnew Hall Making new friends, studying, and enjoying recreational fellowship are ail part of dorm life in which the women in Agnew participate. A “tacky 55 party, and African dinner, were among the highlights of the year The annual party for faculty children held at Christmas time provided fun for all. A year-long activity program kept every one busy in one way or another. Adams, J,, Adamson, N., Anderson, C., Arpin, D, Atwood, I., Bader R., Bamberger, $., Banker, E., Bardot, R,, Barnes, B., Bar- nett, $., Bean, P, Renkula, S., Bettenbrock, E., Blair, V , Blodgett, D., Boggs, M., Boyd, M., Boy- in gt on, J., Brown, J. Brown, M , Brown, R,, Buss, T-, Burr, 0., Cannady, C , Carpenter, M., Coen, C„ Cole, R. Colburn, M , Collins, N., Conard, C., Cooley, B., Cramer, M, Crandall, A., Cronin, M., DeMay, K. Dempsey, J., Doane, S., Dodd K., Dres- sdhaus, J r , Duncan, S., Duus, C,, Elder, L., Estes, A. S3 Evel, S , Fairbairn, L., Fehrenbach, N. f Feldman, S., Fisher, M , Flummerfelt, M , Forsberg, R., Francis, D. Gussmann, A,, Griffin, J., Criffitts, J,, Guttridge, B., Hager, S., Hailing, R, Haning, I., Hauschild. Hayes, P,, Hayse, M,, Heath, R-, Hejm, S., Herher, M., Higerd, L, Hillery, B., Holer, V Holmes, S., Hrabe, A., Huston, M., Hyer, G, Hynes, IX, Jewell, N., Jin- dra, M., Jones, C. Kannady, P,, Karban, E,, Kelly, S., Kil linger, G. t Kimmi, E,, Kottman, M-, Kreft, N., Kresin, P. Kyner, C., Lang, A,, Garrick, M,, Light, D., Loins, M., McClurg, W., McFar- land, G., McKibbin, L. McKinley, B , McQuilliam, N., Me Rey- nolds, Mahoney, M., Marhofer, R-, Maurath, B,, Meadows, $., Medcraft, A, Miller, E. t Miller, G., Mott, G., Mount- ford, C-, Nash, D„ Nusse, J-, Olds, P., Overton, L. Packard, T., Parish, K. t Perry, M„ t Pim- ple, P. r Pool, E., Purvis, Ray, S,, Robben, M. Rogrbaugh, C., Rome, G., Ross, A,, Rus- sell, B,, Russell, L, Rutherford, M. p Ryan, M., Saddler, R. Saunders, S,, Schugaxt, M., Sehukman, V., Sherraden, V r , Shields, C., Sigle, P., Slankard, G, Slate, J. Smith, G., Smith, M,, Smith, M., Spur- lock, R., Squior, L, Stang, C, Stew- art, L., Stewart, S- Stutterheim, J., Teeter, J-, Teeter, Jo, Tegley, R, Thaete, M,, Thompson, L„ Timken, L,, Towns, R r Trogdon, J., Upshaw, M., Upson, K., Vanover, P,, Wait, D., Walker, C r , Walk- er, M,, Waltz, S. Ward, R., Warehime, M., Weisensee, J., W hite, P., While, S-, Whitner, K.., Whit- more, , Williams, C, Wilson, C, Wilson, S., Wilson, R, Wim- mer, D-, Wittman, W + , Wollesen, T., Wright, S-, W ycoff, E. 89 Custer Hall Squeezed into the oldest and largest of the residence halls were 228 women, but that only added to the fun. Activities included a Hawaiian Luau, an old-fashioned New England Christmas dinner, a formal, and an informal dance. The dorm windows were beautifully decorated for Christmas, carrying on a tradition enjoyed by college and townspeople alike. One of the first routines a dorm girl learns is signing in and signing out. Anderson, J,, Anderson, N. Appel, B., Ashley , K., Bartholomew, D., Bauer, S., Bebb, K., Beckham, J., Bergling, J., Rieber, M. Bird, C., Blystone, J., Blystone, R., Boese, M., Bowman, V., Brady, A., Brady, V,, Rreit, D., Brodbeck, L. Brown, L,, Buchanan, J., Burnett, L., Buss, T,, Cain, K., Gallon, L., Calvin, S., Carpenter, G., Chrastil, D. Christian, C, Clark, J., Clark, W., Clow, E,, Clydesdale, C., Coppoek, C, Courtney, C., Cunningham, K., Cus- ter, Sk Darnell, L., Dean, S., Day, S., DeBoer, j., DeBoer, J., Deniniitt, V., Desbien, A., Desbien, C Dibble, L., Dismang, G., Duer, C., Dum- Ier, J., Eaton, M. f Ellis, B., Engel, M. T Euhus, A., Ewing, J. Fisher, M + , Flake, J., Ford, M., Fricsen, J., Gagnon, J., Garner, B., Garrett, B., George, J., Gere, S. Gillett, $., Glaze, B., Goodrow, J., Gra- ham, R., Graves, A., Gray, R., Green- berg, S , Gross, L, Grosshans, I. Gruver, L., Guinn, C., Guthrie, S,, Haff- ner, F., Hallagin, S., Hallbick, R., Hanel, K., Haney, V. 90 Henry, S., Hoekctt, $., Hodges, J. Hop- kins, G, Horyna, S., Householter, N. f Hrabe, V., Hui, V., Ideker, V, Jansonius, K, Juvenal, C, f Kaufman, L t Ketchum, K,, King, M., Kline, C., Koel- Iing, B., Kraus, J,, Kullbom, K. Landau, M., Landon, A,, Larson, J., Leiker, J., Lewis, N,, Liebenau, R 1( Lind ' ley, E., Lindsey, N,, Link, II Lipp, C., Lofsteud, E,, Luetters, S,, LuetterSp V., Lukas, C, Lu Herman, P,, McCarbrey, D., Me Faria ne, K , Mat- hews, J. Mayer, T h , Mead, K., Movers, L., Miller, L., Miller, S„ Mowery, J., Mullen, €., Mullenix, Musgrave, D. Neff, K,, Nelson, M., Nemechek, V., Newcombe, M., Niermeier, P., 0 horny, D., Olsen, D., Olson, M., Olson, N, Otte, B,, Owens, V., Palmer, A., Palm- gren, A,, Pancake, M., Parker, J., Pat terson, B., Peacock, Q, Peck, B, Peter, K., Peters, L., Pittman, M., Pfcil er, P., Pool, L., Pratt, M., Price, K., Querbach, M-, Quillin, C Rabenseifner, E,, Ragan, R,, Rindt, J., Riner, R., Ringer, R., Risky, L., Kog ers, N., Roller, N, Roth, E. Rusco, G. s Russell, j.. Schaben, C, Scheck, V., Scbreibcr, K., Schultz, L, Schwein, K,, Schwein, S., Schweitzer, G Scranton, S,, Sellens, J., Sheets, S., Shirk, B., Sims, J.. Smreka, V., Stack- house, j., Staub, M., Stephens, C Sterling, R., Stephenson, M., Stitbem, E„ Stout, J., Suelter, L., Ted, J., Tenny, V,, Thompson, C., Thompson, N, Thummd, C., Van Winkle, R r , Voss, R,, Wagner, L., W ' agner, X, Wasinger, S , Weaver, K., Wenniban, R,, Wess, J W ' hisler, P., White, J., Whitley, B., Will meth, A., Wilson, C., Wilson, D,, Win der, B., Win ford, J., W ' ise, M. Wonderlich, J , W r oofter, G T , W r ray, B., Wright, G., Yetter, V., Yonkev, E., Yunk, fL, Zeller, V., Zohner, J. 91 The men in Residence find a real “Mom” in housemother every st udent under her supervision. Mrs. G F. Bice, whose sincere concern reaches each and Residence Hall This was a busy year for the men of Residence. The dining and kitchen crew furnished meal service to both men’s dormitories. Tire men took an active part in school activities: second place homecoming float in the men’s division, and the sponsoring of the homecoming queen were two highlights of the year. Everyone had a good time at the pheasant dinner and the Hillbilly Heaven informal. Adams, L., Allen, D., Amerine, T., An- derson, A. Baird, B , Baldwin, R., Bamberger, C, Barenberg, S., Bartlett, E., Bauer, G., Beecher, L, Bird ell, J., Bishop, H,, Bliss, R,, Efrink- er, J., Brock, S., Brooks, G., Brown, K. Bunker, K., Campbell, L., Caprez, L., Chilly, L, Clausen, R., Cobbs, E., Cros- by, D. Davison, W., Dean, G., DeGarmo, H., Delp, P., Derley, L., Dimitt, C., Din- kel, D. Dodson, D + , Duer, W + , Emerson, 0., Eisenhour, D., Esles, Ik, Fahey, R., Gagnon, D. Gales, R., Garner, L-, Getty, A., Gilles- pie, D., Goering, V,, Good, L., Gor- don, D + Gotchall, T., Graves, B., Griffith, G, Grub, M., Grubb, H., Guinn, R„ Hafb mark, J. 92 Harper, D., Harrell, M., Herron, D., Higerd, L, Higgins, G„, Hildebrand, A., Hines, M. Hoffman, R , Hottman, R. t Houser, G., Houser, R., Huber, J., Jacobson, J., Jamison, R. Jeffers, M-, Jeffers, M. Jenkins, $., Johnson, G , Katt, R., Katz, G., Ken- yon, C. Kepka, D., Kiser, D., Kitchen, L, Koh- ler, J., Larson, D., Leichliter, D,, LU- He, R. Lock, R, s Long, G + , 1 .undin, J., McCoy, D., Me Elroy, D., McGovern, D., Major, R. Major, T., Mapel, R r , Marlin, L., Mar- lin, ML, Mason, R., Matter, P., Max- well, L t Mendenhall, A., Metcalf, S., Metz, D. t Michaelis, D., Michaclis, L., Mickey, J., Miller, M. Miller, R., Moeckel, R., Montgomery, R,, Murphy, D., Murphy, M., Nelson, K., Nickols, D. Ghorny, E , Pammenter, L,, Patterson, J., Pekarek, R., Rahimian, H., Rankin, D., Robbins, J, Rogg, D., Rose, G., Rose, D-, Rose, J., Rounktes, M,, Rumpel, D,, Ruth, D. Schalansky. J , Schoeller, J., Schon, J., Schroeter, V,, Solicits, J., Sittner, L., S inner, M, Sloan, G, Smith, J., Smith, L r , Soh, T., Stephen, J,, Stites, C , Stout, J, Stranathan, L., Suppes, V,, Tacha, J , Teichmann, G., Thaete, G. H., Thaete, G- C, Thompson, L, Thurlow, L r , Ukens, L+, Vsetecka, R., Vice, C., Waggoner, S e , Wilkerson, P., Wilson, G. Wiseman, J,, Worthy, G-, Yohc, R., Younger, R,, Zerr, D,, Zielke, C., Zier, L. JE Lli 9 miM j P [A 92 Jn the first year of operation, Wiest Hall resi- dents were kept busy with activities. The men enter- tained with an open house and throughout the year, participated in hour dances, informals, and other social functions. Though Wiest is the newest dorm on the cam- pus its residents know T how to pick winners, spon- soring girls selected Homecoming and Reveille at- tendants. 94 Adams, D., Amerine, K., Anderson, R, Bal man, R,, Banister, J t , Barclay, R., Beiort, J. Belcher, L t Biggs, R,, Bigham, R., Blair, G., Bohm, T., Bom, J., Beyle, R Breer, W. f Brown, L„ Burket, C,, Butler, M., Campbell, B,, Carlson, L., Carlson, N. Cheney, R., Clay, L., Close, D., Cox, L., Cunningham, G-, Curl, L.J Debes, W. De Haven, K., Degner, H., Divel, L M Dum- cum, B., Dunavan, R,, Edwards, V,, Estes, S. Ehrlich, L,, Ewing, R,, Farney, J., Freeman, G., Fritzemeier, C, Cagelman, M., Garri son, B. Ginon, M. T Goehring, C., Goodman, C., Hag- erman, F., Ha german, R., Hanke, G., Hanx- lick, J, Hawkins, H., Headley, R., Hensley, D., Hick man, M., Hirt, B +l Ihrig, C, Johannes, L, Johnson, D., Johnson, J., Kilmer, C., Koh- laseh, G., Krug, D,, Lauxman, E., McCoy, K, Marshall, B,, Mayhew, R r , Me rods, C., Meyer, G., Miller, D., Miller, L., Miner, C Minson, M., Mortimer, J,, Mulch, R„ Naegele, J., Norstrom, M., Ochs, J., Olsen, L. Parish, A,, Peterson, C, Pixel, R,, Purer, X , Reed, L., Reifschneider, G., Rethford, G. Rexford, R., Rcxroat, R., Ribordy, B., Rob- inson, L., Sack, R., Saddler, G„ Schreiber, R, Soul ley, M., Stecklein, Sterrett, R., Thompson, G , Trebikock, L,, Tustin, G., Ulmer. D, Walker, J., Wilhelm, D., Williams, W., Win- klepleck, D., Wohler, D., W under, R., Zit- nik, J. 95 Married Students’ The liule domestic chores arc just as essential as academic work— Stanley Smith realizes. When both husband and wife are in school, the three meal-a-day routine has to be well organized, says Sarah Smith. 96 Wooster Place Housing The Edwin Margheims enjoy living in Wooster Place, These 4H apartments, which were made available in the spring of 1961, are the beginning of a housing program designed to replace the temporary Lewis Field housing. i 97 Lewis Field Although intended as a temporary housing arrange- ment, Lewis Field, with its 100 apartments, offers residence to married and single students, and faculty members. Typ- ical of the married families living in Lewis Field are the Harold Singletons, who act as counselors for the 25 selected upperelass women who live in designated apartments as an annex to the dormitories. When this housing area is re- placed by new housing units, the site will probably become a parking area for Lewis Field Stadium. Bcllz, Althea Boyd, Agnes M. Cronin, Mada Curtis, Sandra Dclander, Helen Dreiling, Lilly Durall, Mary L. Horning Esplund, Linda Fiss, Myrna Getty, Karen Goddard, Nancy Hallagin, Jann Hoffman, Darlene Hoffman, Evalyn Losey, Wilma Lower, Charon Misegadis, Dianna Misegadis, Yvonne Moody, Roberta Smith, Valda Stark, Shirley Steinle, Valeda Stiles, Glenda Taylor, Sheila Tien, Ann 98 reeks traditionally form an im- mediate association with col- leges and universities and fulfill a cer- tain need of brotherhood. These or- ganizations seek to build within their members aspiration to and attainment of social ease, scholastic betterment and religious attitudes. rp hough select societies in mem- bership, the chapters endeavor to make themselves known by active involvement in school activities and government. They perform a necessary role in the building of well-rounded student life. reeks and their corresponding J emblems are familiar to you as a part of Fort Hays State, the home of ten national social Greek affiliations. 4 XE GREEKS TKE 6 99 Ingenuity and closet digging yield all sorts of costumes for Greek informal Pledging calls for the hilarious, and the ridiculous, and lor original humor. This Phi 5ig noise maker provides its own pep section at football and basketball games Couples take a breather at the “Blue Moun- tain Blast.” 100 From left: Patti Pericval, Sharon Seery, Patty Thiele, Donna Stephens, Jean Stauffer sponsor, Glenda Morris. Janey Weinhold, Marcelyn Stephenson, Louetta Wilken, Pat McCall, Panhellenic Council President — Janey We inhold Vice President — Sharon Seery Secretary — -Donna Stephens T reasurer — Marcelyn Stephenson Sorority girls explain Rush Week rules to prospective rushees at the Greek Peek party. Panhellenic Council is the governing body of all four N,P.C, social sororities on campus: Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Zeta, Sigma Kappa, and Sigma Sigma Sigma, and is composed of an official delegate and a rush chairman from each organization. The council establishes rules relating to rush week, pledging and initiation, and I.F.C. determines rules for Greek Sing, chariot races and other Greek Week activities. The council supports high scholastic achievements and offers two scholarship awards to the pledge class and active groups with the highest grade point average over a 1.7 each s emester. Through Panhellenic Council, rushees are given infor- mation about sororities at the Greek Peek Party held just before Rush Week. The council also participates in Oriem tation Week activities, scholarship teas, a coffee for high school seniors, campus clean-ups, Greek Sing and other Greek Week events. 102 Interfraternity Council Interfraternity Council is the representative body of all the national fraternities on campus: Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Tau Gamma, and Tau Kappa Epsilon, Together with Panhellenie Council they plan rules and regula- tions for Greek Week and other fraternity functions. This year John Sullivan and Dean Bill Jellison, IFC sponsor, attended the National IFC Convention in Boston, Mass., in December, The council presents trophies each semester to the pledge class and active chapter with the highest grade averages. Phi Sigma Epsi- lon won both trophies for the spring semester, 1961, but lost the active trophy to Tau Kappa Epsilon and the pledge trophy to Sigma Phi Epsilon for the fall semester, 1961. I.F.C. and Panhellenie Council sponsored the all-pledge dance. President-] ohn Sullivan Vice President - Jon Shively Secretary-Rod. Barrows Treasurer-Carl Lomax Standing, from left: Norman Mai, Dennis Baumann, Gary Howland, Bill Jellison, sponsor, Robert Funk. Seated, from left , Byron Welch, Glen Cunningham, Lain Dietz, Jon Shively, Richard Packard, John Sullivan, Robert Pavlicek, Darrell Miller, Rod Barrows, Rush Week Is Frantic, but Fun Rush Week began with the preliminary Greek Peek party. AH women interested in pledging were invited to attend and become acquainted with the four NPC sororities and learn of the procedures to follow during Rush Week. Sunday opened formal rush with rushees attending teas at each sorority house A series of parties were held the following week, with sororities entertaining rushees at three functions The last two parties of each sorority were developed around themes with the decorations ranging from rockctships and dragons, clowns and toy land. At the conclusion of the series of parties, the rushees signed preference cards Sunday morning and received their bids in the afternoon. In the final flourish of tears and laughter, rushees donned pledge pins and affiliated with the sorority of their choice. Tri Sigma ' s find laughter but also seriousness at toyland fc- 7 i wj u ' V f V i ' -1 l5 t vjj Careful ! Don ' t spill the cokes. Linda McKean steals her Majesty ' s throne at Delta Zeta Mardi Gras. 104 Sigma Kappas tell of their Roman Holiday. Even the devil comes to the Mardi Gras. “Twas the night before launching . . 105 Alpha Gamma Delta In the fall of 1961, the first floor of the chapter house was redecorated. The dining room, living room, library, kitchen, and housemother’s room were papered and re- painted. New draperies were purchased and some new ' furniture w T as added. Highlights of the year include the “Flintstone Hock Hop” informal, winning the scholarship trophy, the Rose Formal, and Greek Week. An altruistic project conducted on an international scale is assisting the cerebral palsied and physically handi- capped through chapter projects. On a local level, members devote two hours a week to reading to patients in the Hadley Memorial Hospital Mrs. Dorothy Ballard is housemother and Mrs, Vernon Meckel, sponsor. Officers include: Mary Ann Lof stead, president; Pat Stehno. vice president; Linda Heide, recording secretary; Margaret Beller, treasurer. 106 Epsilon Mu Chapter Beller, Margaret Brown, Judie Engel, Luanne Heide, Linda Kingsley, Bonnie Leary, Sheila Lehsack, Shirley Lofstead, Mary Ann Martin, Sue McClellan, Marilyn McDougaJ, Joan McGuire, Marilyn OXoughlin, Kathleen Qrme, Marilyn Potter, Patty Rockwell, Chloe Rogers, Marilyn Sclinoebelen, Jane Scott, Judy Seery, Karen Seery, Sharon Skinner, Judy St eh no, Patricia Thiele, Patti Truan, Jerrilyn Atw r ood, Ima Jean Barnett, Sandra Boys, Sandra Burris, Jone Cannady, Celia Cooley, Bonnie Jo Curtis, Sandra Day, Suzanne Guthrie, Sherriann Graves, Amy Hager, Sharon Lofstead, Ethel McClellan, Marcia McKibbin, Lana McQuilliam, Nancy Powell, Saundra Russell, Linda Schaefer, Dianne Stuart, Carol Sucker, Lana 107 Delta Zeta “Mardi Gras” and “My Fair Lady” were the two Della Zeta theme rush parties. Other features of the year included the Christmas and spring for trials and two informals. The sorority helps to support Gallaiidet College for the deaf and Hansen ? s disease victims at Carville Hospital in Louisiana. As a local project, the chapter buys Christmas gifts and toys for rehabilitation patients at Hadley Memorial Hospital Their housemother is Mrs. Nina Stroup and their spon- sor, Mrs Elizabeth Mosier. Officers include: Beth Fellers, president: Patti Percival. vice president: Joyce Philip. 2nd vice president; Sharon Kiel treasurer. 108 Delta Omega Chapter Clement! Sigrid Estes, Elizabeth Fellers Elizabeth Finley, Janet Frazier, Marie Henderson, Sharon Hinz, Sue Kiel, Sharon Kraus, Leta Meyers, Margie Mitchell, Ann Malm berg, Virginia Mullen, Kathy McKean, Linda Page, Mary Ann Percival, Patti Philip, Joyce Pol I now, Sharon Richardson, Judy Richardson, Kay Rogers, Vicky Steinshouer, Myrna Stephens, Donna Stover, Sara Super, Karen Urban, Robyn Ubert, Judy Vance, Becky Warner, Barbara Cunningham, Karen DeMay, Kathy Dumler, Jean Gatewood, C wynne Grimm. Judy Lake, Dana Neff, Karen Pfeifer, Barbara Quillin, Connie Scranton, Son] a Stephens, Carole Sigma Kappa “Beatnik Express” was the theme for the Sigma Kappa December informal planned by the pledges. Other highlights of the year include the Valentine Pledge Tea, the Follies, Greek Week, and the spring formal. The two-story white frame house was completely re- modeled this fall and all new furniture was purchased. The national philanthropy of Sigma Kappa is giving aid to the Maine Sea Coast Mission and to the American Farm School in Greece, As a local project, the chapter enter- tains members of the Golden ears Club. Officers include: Ruth Ann Spencer, president; Betty June Scroll, vice president; Carolyn Mothershead, secretary; Martha Springfeldt, treasurer, Mrs. Elsie Veatch is the house- mother and Mrs. Bob Spangler, their sponsor. Delta Omicron Chapter Bruggeman, Karen Frank, Cheryl Gibbons, Dot tie Hopkins, Martha Jensen, Donna Jones, Janice Jorns, Mary Lou Kaltenhaeh, Karen Lorbeer, Virginia Mack, Joan McFall Mary Pat Morris, Glenda Mothershead, Carolyn Murray, Gail Riisoe, Julie Schroll, Betty June Spencer, Ruth Ann Springfeldt, Martha Springfeldt, Mary Stephenson, Marcel yn Weller, Kay W r i]liams, Dolores Zechmebter, Jeanette Brown, M are i cl la Buchanan, Janet Collins, Nancy Euhus, Audry Goracke, Darlene Gross, Sue Hallagin, Sheila Mathews, Sandy Musgrave, Delons Olson, Nione Striegel, Janice White, Judy Ann I I I Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigmas’ annual fall informal was centered around “South Sea Paradise.” A chili supper on Parents’ Day, the Follies and the Deep Purple formal were a few of the many activities. Highlighting Homecoming was their winning first in the women’s division on the float “Cruising to Victory.” Each year the Tri Sigmas sponsor a shoe shine to help finance their national philanthropy project known as Robbie Page Memorial This is to provide for a new children s wing at the North Carolina Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill. During the Christmas season the sorority gave a pait for underprivileged local children. Miss Alice Beesley is the sponsor and Mrs. Agnes Townley, housemother. Officers include: Gloria Greenwood, president; Sharron Northrup, vice president; Rosemary Mustoe, secretary; Linda Darnell) treasurer. Upper left: Tri Sigmas shine shoes for fraternity members and men’s dormitories as a money-making project. Above: A skit was given for the rushees at the Sigma " Toyland” rush party. Left: Sigma Sigma Sigmas live at Bth and Elm. 1 12 Alpha Gamma Chapter Daniels, Linda Darnells Linda Dickey, Roberta Gilson, Rosemary Graf, Marilyn Greenwood, Gloria Harrison 5 Janet Leuty, Patsy Link, Deanna McCall, Patricia McGuire, Karen Moll ha gen, Delores Moreland, Helen Morss, Annette Mustoe, Rose mary Northrup, Sharron Ro deman, Carla Smith, Jan Tomasheck, Carol Van de Wege, Neva Walls, Judy We in hold, Janey Wilken, Louetta Young, Jeannette Beckham, Janice Buss, Tanya Cain, Karen Coen, Cindy Dizmang, Gloria Gilmore, Carolyn Goetz, Arlene Green, Betty Kaufman, Linda Lipp, Carol Mathews, Judy Me Reyn olds, Susan Mermis, Patricia Rindt, Judy Schultz, Jackie Sellens, Judith Srnrcka, Virginia Summer, Betty Swartley, Carol Werth, Joyce W hitley, Catherine Keep those trophies shining — they were hard to earn. 114 Smokers and Pledge Duties Each fraternity gives a smoker at the beginning of the semester to become acquainted with rushees. The story of fraternities and their role in college life is related, sorority members provide a program and guests take a tour of the fraternity house. Following pledging, a period of training, supervised study and a variety of pledge duties provide the fledgling frat man fellowship and fun as well as brotherly concern for academic progress. Help Week precedes initiation and may include a hit of the ridiculous as well as constructive efforts toward campus and community betterment. 1 1 I 1 A hove: Careful don’t press too hard ; it T s my fifth egg. Left : Goose looks eager for another campus stroll, hut Sig Tau pledges arc on sit-down strike 1 15 Delta Sigma Phi The “Sailors’ Ball” of Delta Sigma Phi is one of the unique social events of the year. It’s a custom for the Delta Sigs to grow beards for this informal. Costumes and enter tainment leave little to be desired. The spring formal is the Carnation Ball, Most of the rooms in the fiat house were repainted by Delta Sigs who returned to school early in the fall. Part of the jungle of shrubs and trees was removed from the hack yard, Mrs, Avis Thomas is housemother, and Dr. Floyd Kinsinger, sponsor. Officers are; Darrell Miller, president; Rodney Barrows, vice president; Clinton Pearce, treasurer; Vernon Minn is, secretary. Upper left: Underneath the napkins and a float is a frame and chicken wire. Above: Dinnertime means coats and ties — and white tabic linen. Left: The Delta Sig house is at 429 West 11th, 116 Gamma Omicron Chapter Kinsinger, Dr. Floyd, Sponsor Burrows, Rodney Rlti in, Steve Burrows, Jack Clausen, Rodney Eisenhour, Larry Foster, Norman Francis, Lynn Frey, Earl Garner, Larry Girton, Mike Henrickson, Wally Herron, Donald Helen, Ralph Holmes, Leroy Hosie, Ronald Jones, Gary Larson, Larry Leonard, Clifford Lloyd, Jim Markham, Amos May, Roger Miller, Darrell Minn is, Vernon My rick, Keith Patterson, Jerry Pearce, Clinton Pepper, Clifford Simmons, Richard Staub, Steve Vo pat, Robert Witt, Theodore Wullschleger, Harry I i 7 Kappa Sigma Kappa Kappa Sigma Kappa won first place in Greek intra- mural football and swimming, and first place in the men s division for their Homecoming float “Spinning to Victory.” They also won first in the Noise Rally contest at the begin- ning of basketball season. The main social function of the year is their formal, the Kappa Sig Spring Splash. Many of the rooms in the Kappa Sig house have been repainted, but the greatest change is in the basement. It has been completely redecorated and all of the dining tables have been refinished. Miss Eva Strecker is the housemother; Dr. Robert Mar pie and John Tomlinson are sponsors. Heading the Kappa Sigs through the year has been Dennis Baumann, president; Gary Gottschalk, vice president; jerry Hauck, treasurer; Ronald Quillin, recording secretary. IIS Phi Delta Chapter Baumann, Dennis Bergman, Dean Bergman, Paul Bishop, Bruce Boos, Gerald Bornemanrt, James Callahan, William Conard, Don Conard, Norman Cutsen, Mike Delay, Fred Fahey, Ronald Feist, Jim Gottschalk, Gary Orund, Evan Go mm, Keith Haddock, Charley Hammer, Harold Elarzman, Leonard Hauck, Jerome Hubbard, Gary Jamison, Ron Kirk ham, Dale Leiker, Verlyn Mai, Norman Miles, Chuck Miller, Ernest Nichols, Kendall Pammenter, Lynnay Pittman, Ken Purer, Tom Quillin, Ronald Robinson, Larry Sanders, Carl Schulz, Robert Smith, Ken Smith, Tom Staab, Wayne Swinton, Gene Thomas, Norman Thompson, Ed Walker, Ronald We inhold, Harold Wilooxson, Larry Ziegler, David Marple, Robert Sponsor Tomlinson, John Sponsor Adams, William Aust, Jim 119 Phi Sigma Epsilon The local chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon had the second highest grade average of all Phi Sig chapters in the United States During second semester enrollment Phi Sigs dis- tributed desk blotters to Fort Hays State students. The fall semester includes their informal and their homecoming party. Most of the rooms in the Phi Sig house have acquired a new look achieved with paint, paintbrush, and personality Mrs Alice Maddux is housemother, and Dr. Darrell Stump and Ivan Watkins are sponsors of Phi Sigma Epsilon, President is Carl Lomax; Glenn Cunningham, vice president; Dick Werth secretary; Larry BorU, treasurer 120 Zeta Chapter Bortz, Larry Church, Dan Cooley, Sidney Cunningham, Glen Elias, Jim Hammer, Robert Hanken, Landis Heffel, Larry Kruse, Mi mi Lomax, Carl Lyda, Gary Nagel, Robert Ruder, Ken Rupp, Roger Tuttle, M avion VlasK, Don Welch, Byron Jr, Werth, Dick Yost, Gary Zerr, Gerald Stump, Darrell, Sponsor Watkins, Ivan Baker, John Refort, Charles Rehnke, Myron Rond, Greg F. Sigma Phi Epsilon “Blue Mountain Blast” is the title of Sigma Phi Ep- silon’s annual fall informal and the “Golden Heart Ball” is the main social function in the spring. The fraternity ranks second in size nationally with 155 chapters The Sig Eps spent many long hot hours last summer painting the entire outside of their house. The interior of the house has also changed with the addition of new closets, cupboards and furniture. Known to the Sig Eps as “Mother E. ? is Mrs Esther Eslinger, housemother. Dr. James Relisle is sponsor. The Sig Eps, easily distinguished on campus bv their red blazers, have Larry Dietz as president: Dave Welch, vice president; Larry Whalen, secretary; Gerald Strecker. treasurer Upper left: Hillbilly Greeks? No! It’s the “Blue Mountain Blast” informal. Above; A pledge learns fraternity history. Left: The Sigma Phi Epsilon house is located at 402 West 7th. 122 Kansas Zeta Chapter Kay, George Kerth, Curtis Lessor Delbert Ix ng Jim Loop, Larry Maneth, Paul McNemey, Neil Miller, James Moses Ray Nagel, Gary Nelson, Jim Pedigo, Larry Phillips Philip Purvis, Larry Reed, Mac Re nick, Steve Rock, Jim Sandstrom, Roti Scanlon, Jerry Schmitt, Steven Schroder, Vcrlin Seemann Siegfried Sellens Jim Shepherd, Dennis Shively, Jon Stapleton, William Steffen, Tom Steinle, Dave Strecker, Gerald Welch, Dave Wiedeman, Delbert Willis, Ronald Windholz, Jim Wire, John Yager, Lyle Zimmerman, Dermis Belislc, Dr, James, Sponsor Amerine, Terry Ashby Oren Bond, Fred Boone, Ken Crocker, Ben Dawson, Don Dietz, Larry Frilzmeier, Charles Gall, Emil Gal Hart, Jerry Graver Leon Hines, Mike Howard, Don Hurl, Dave Johnson James 123 Sigma Tau Gamma The float “Coach and Team” won the 1961 sweepstakes trophy for Sigma Tau Gamma to spearhead an important year for the fraternity. Each member and his date became a “Beatnik in Paradise” for the fall informal and the most authentic beatnik received a prize for his costume. Keeping pace with other Greeks on campus, the Sig Taus decorated, painted and refurbished their house, devot- ing both labor and cash to the project. A more important national program, with local sig- nificance, was the status survey of fraternities conducted by the national organization, adapted to each campus. Housemother for Sigma Tau Gamma is Mrs. H. J. Seeman. Sponsors are J. B- Walden and John Westley. Joe Nold is president; Dennis Campbell, vice president; John Fyfe, treasurer: and George Lee, house manager. 124 Sigma Tau Alpha Chapter Daniels Ron Funk, R. C Fyfe, John Gardner Ron Goodman Clyde Hanzlick Jerry Howland, Gary Krais in ger Gary Law Marcus Lee George Lewis, Arnold McClure Gilbert Norton Ben Ochs Jim Pruter Roger Quenzer Allen Reifschneider Glenn Schrater, Gerald Schwindt, Gail Sherrill Jerry Thompson Don Ulmer, Don Van Amburg Gerald Weller Randall Walden J. B. Sponsor Westley John Sponsor Ary, Mike Burroughs, Courtney Campbell Terry Covey Robert 125 Tau Kappa Epsilon Winning first in intramural golf and tying for first in touch football ended the fall season of sports for the TKEs. To conclude the day of Homecoming activities, a dance was held for the members and the alumni. A buffet dinner was given for parents on Parents 7 Day. The annual Pajama Party was the first informal of the season planned by the pledges. The Red Carnation Bali ended the year’s activities. Sponsor of Tau Kappa Epsilon is Dr, Howard Reynolds and housemother is Mrs. Norma Sunderland. Officers are: Richard Packard, president; Robert Pavlicek, vice president; Roger Hinz. secretary; Jim Do dr ill, treasurer. 126 Alpha Upsilon Chapter Erickson, Delbert Guinn, Larry Griffith, Gary Hanson, Andy Heim, Joseph Hinz, Roger McLeod, Preston Mills, Merle Nagel, Harold Packard, Richard Palmer, Ken Sliaffstall, Robert Sunderland, David Zimbelman, Eldon Anderson, Floyd Ran is ter, James Bauer, Grover Brock, Steve Bullock, Ronald , Gibbs, Fred Gienger, Stan Gilbert, Tom Holtz, Douglas Keller, Donald Koch, Denny Mason, Richard McAtee, Frank Metcalf, Sidney Moser, Albert Pixel, Ronald Robbins, Jeffery Simpson, James Wilber, Leon Wilson, David Worthy, Gary 127 Greek Highlights January fun. J ust as a magazine lias cover girls so must the Reveille dis- play the campus beauties. This realm or brief monarchy allows its queen to reign but one night, a special occasion made a bit more grand by royal tradi- tion. Students attending Homecoming, the Reveille Rail, and the Sweetheart Ball become the subjects of each reign- ing queen. tttt hether the queen and her court T be chosen by student vote or outside selection, she is qualified by personality, student associations and charm. Each has typified to her spon- soring group an impression of the all- around American college girl. ecognition of royalty is built on tradition and Fort Hays State honors the 1962 Royal Court. ROYALTY 129 Sandy Holmes, homecoming at parade viewers. The coveted queers crown awaits each campus queen. To those honored, trophy awards are per- manent reminders of very special events, A long-stemmed bouquet of roses is the queen’s token of her reigning night. queen, waves 1 1 1 -ji ft 130 Sancfy y o mes Sponsored by Men ' s Residence Hall 132 Homecoming Attendants Oeanna Link JKarce yn SiepLenson Sponsored by Sponsored by Kappa Sigma Kappa Wiest Hall 133 wm. Kteoei Ie Queen Sanc y Same Sponsored by Kappa Sigma Kappa 134 ' ' Reveille Attendants Jan Schmirfi Sponsored by Mens Residence Hall TJonn e Juiirje Sponsored by W iest Hall Richards f son Sponsored by Delta Sigma Phi , Vane c S cnn oebefen Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon c Suzanne Oay Sponsored by Phi Sigma Epsilon 1 36 c S ; 7 ron 1 }fjfn ow Sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon Dawn e la 7i) m n er Sponsored by Agnew Hall Cjaro Bipp Sponsored by Sigma Sigma Sigma Din c a 7f aufman Sponsored by Custer Hall Como Selects Queen Perry Como, well-known television and recording star, chose Sandy Barnett, representing Kappa Sigma Kappa, as queen of the 1962 Reveille. Rounding out the Royal Court were Jan Schmidt, Residence Hall candidate, and Bonnie Guttridge, Wiest Hall candidate. The royal three reigned over the Reveille Ball held December 2. Como judged the coeds from two portraits of each of the fourteen candidates. Dr. W. D. Moreland, dedicatee of the 1962 Reveille, crowned the Queen and attendants, awarded trophies, and presented the Queen with a bouquet of roses while Bill Ghlemeier served as Master of Ceremonies. ICancy Go ns Sponsored by Sigma Kappa 137 Sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta Sponsored by Residence Hall 138 Swee Aearb " 71 Pendants ' Denny TCocP Dally Poller Barbara (. I ' arner oAn " barney Sponsored by Sigma Sigma Sigma Sponsored by Phi Sigma Epsilon Sponsored by Kappa Sigma Kapp Sponsored by Agnew Hall 139 JACKIE GILLESPIE Sponsored by Agnew Hall JIM AUST Sponsored by Kappa Sigma Kappa 1 40 Tturmer-tlp SANDRA HOLMES 1961 (Deader ( ass JANE SCHNOEBELEN manner- Up BARBARA WARNER 141 Dm m -m a j orette , M a rc i a McCle 1 1 a n Twirlers, from left: Palsy Lcuty, Norma Gibson, Sharon Henderson, and Susan McKeynold . From the beginning of football season until the whistle ending the last basketball game, twirlers and cheerleaders work and practice, contributing in their own way to the spirit of Fort Hays State. Jumping high, from left: Jane Schnoebelen, Barbara Warner, Sharon Seery, Pat si Thiele, Janet Finley, Louetta Wilkcn and Patty Potter. 142 -r yj. ith the roar of the crowd, the boom of a kicked ball, football season initiated fall athletics. With an echo of the cheering crowd still ringing from the stadium, attention pivoted to basketball, ight competitive sports come into the focus of student spectators E and contestants during die year. The athletic program is the central and uni- fying factor in school spirit, holding FHS together through wins and losses. On the playing field or in the stands, students establish their identification with the college, ith each seasonal sport, students follow a progression of sports w activities building new records and aim- ing for higher achievements. athletics 143 Kent Bauer displays grace and co-ordination in going up and over I he bar. Fast action was typical in the FHSEastem Now Mexico University game, which ended m a 19-19 tie. Billy Townsend poises for a jump shot in Sheridan Coliseum. A mass of arms and legs characterizes the strength and endurance necessary in wres- tling. 144 F r £ ED McNElL, Line Coach WAYNE McCONNELL, Head Coach JIM CASPER, Senior Assistant Tigers Record Best Football Season Since 1958 The 1961 Tigers came through with their best season since 1958 as they posted a 44-1 record. Although the record just shows an even slate, the Bengals were only out-classed by two teams, Omaha University and Pittsburg State, the No, 1 small college team in the nation. Quarter! iack Dave Parker, halfback Wayne Schumacher, and tackle Jim Baird placed on the All-Conference second team while Parker missed first team by only one vote. The FHS Bengals compiled their best season in conference play since 1957 as they finished in third place with three wins and two losses. In non-conference play they assembled a 1-2-1 mark. With only three lettermen lost by graduation, Mike Engel, Don Schvock, and Wayne Schumacher, Coach Wayne Mc- Connell should he assured of a strong nucleus for next year’s team. On February 6, FHS forfeited five games because the team unknowingly used an ineligible player. Merle Dupont, who failed to declare six weeks attendance and participation in two games at another school in the fall of I960. Back row, from left: Coach McConnell, J. Tinkler, W + Henrick on, G. Strecker, L. Pritchett, B. Smith, H. Wullschleger, D. Kepka, L, Owens, S. Elliott, R. Lorbecr, L. Korf, Assistant Jim Casper. Third row: V. Minnie, R. Gardner, M. Murphy, Fu Headley, B. Lindner, L. Dreiling, J. Sanderson, J. Stos, M Dupont, K. Leiker, J. Sellens, SEASON’S RECORD FHS... FHS FHS .. 24 16 6 Kearney, Neb. M a r v v i 1 1 e M o . 0 ...17 Colorado College . 14 FHS FHS .19 0 ENMU — 19 Omaha University 26 FHS. 7 Pittsburg State — .. 41 FHS 12 Emporia State 7 FHS 21 St. Benedict’s ..„14 FHS ... . 14 Washburn University ... 7 K. Pope, E. Adrian, Second row: R, La Plant, J. Lee, V. Lyczak, CL Williams, D. Miller, T. Gibson, D. Schrock, R, Waiters, Ch. Williams, J. Stein backer, J. Briery, J. Baird. R. Schumacher. Front row: D. Parker, G. Daniels, M. Engel, D, Gillespie, L. Schafer, W r . Schumacher. Emporia tries valiantly to block extra point attempt. ■BIB® 24 Kearney Fort Hays State started the season off on the right note as the Tigers downed the Antelopes of Kearney State 2 MX After fighting a nip and tuck battle on, the opening quarter, the Tigers broke loose for three touchdowns in seven minutes of the second period. Fullback Jerry Brown scored the first touchdown as he went over from, the one, climaxing a 70- yard drive. Don Schrock scored the next counter on a pass from Dave Parker Another pass by Parker to Wayne Schumacher accounted for the third TD. TVif fnnrrh snore came in the last period as Parker cli- STEVE WORLEY, FB DAVE PARKER QB FHS — 16 Maryville — 17 Fort Hays suffered its first loss of the season to North- west Missouri State by a dose score of 1746. Tbe Tigers out rushed and outpassed the opposition until they ran up against the Maryville single- wing forma- tion in the second quarter, when the Bearcats scored all 17 of their points to 10 for the Tigers. The final Tiger score came on a 22-yard run by quarter- back Dave Parker in the third frame A mix-up of signals on the conversion attempt cost the Bengals the extra point WAYNE SCHUMACHER, HR Colorado College — 14 FHS — 6 The second quarter jinx hurt the Tigi hit paydirt twice in this quarter to win 14-f lege accounted for seventy-five percent of in this quarter. Four intercepted passes the Tigers. A TD pass ; and numerous penalties hurt was nullified by an off-side penalty. An intercepted pass set up CC s first score Colorado scored again 45 seconds before the half Two quick passes moved the ball deep into Tiger territory for CCs final plunge A fired-up FHS squad halted the CC team in the second half and freshman fullback Steve Worley climaxed a 74- yard drive with the only FHS tally. GERALD STRECKER, C JIM SANDERSON, G ENMU-19 FHS — 19 Sparked by quarterback Dave Parker, who scored all three touchdowns, FHS pulled out a lie with ENML ENMU opened the scoring with a touchdown in the first 13 seconds of the game with an 85-yard kick-off return Parker climaxed a 31 -yard drive with a three-yard end run to tie the score. ENMU scored once more in the first quarter from their own 42-yard line The FHS team received the second half kick-off and marched, 71 -yards to tie the score with Parker again on a two -yard keeper play Sc brock converted to put the Tigers ahead 13-12. Parker, on a 21-yard run, gave the Tigers the lead in the final quarter until ENMUPs quarterback connected with a 50- yard pass and the extra point was made to tie the score. LARRY DK RILING, G. JIM BAIRD, T n -ri Parker skirts end for a 17 -yard gain against Emporia. V- ' A r. m s’m JERRY BROWN, E MIKE ENGEL, QB i ’ DON SCHROCK. E i FHS — 0 Omaha — 26 Omaha University met Fort Hays State in opening play of the Central Intercollegiate Conference for both clubs. OU came away with a 26-0 victory over the Tigers, The combination of speedy halfback Roger Sayers and the passing of Carl Meyers proved to be too much for the Tigers. Savers scored touchdowns of 80 and 3 yards. Meyers, connecting on numerous pass plays, set up the third touch- down in the third quarter. The OU defense held the Tigers’ offensive punch as the Bengals couldn’t get a drive underway. The contest pitted the league’s top two rushers m Omaha’s Sayers and FHS’s Parker. Although edged by Say- ers, Parker maintained his leadership in the full-season statistics. FHS — 7 Pittsburg — 41 Although FHS scored first, the Gorillas of Pittsburg State rebounded to hand the Tigers a 41-7 walloping before a homecoming crowd of 13.000 at Pittsburg. FHS crossed the Pitt goal line early in the first quarter to crack a five-game shutout held by the number one small college power. Pitt bounced back in the second quarter to score three touchdowns and the Gorillas led at halftime 21-7. The Gorillas scored once in the third quarter and twice in the fourth frame to add to their victory. - L RON SCHUMACHER, T BMft m n - m MR a Fort Hays ladders close in on Omaha ' s Roger Sayers. StiX IXEZZ Wayne Schumacher rips Emporia line for a 7-yard gain. With 7.000 homecoming fans looking on, the Tigers dropped the Emporia State Hornets 12-7 for the first win over the Hornets since 1955 and the first homecoming win since 1958, Tiger quarterback Dave Parker opened the game’s scor- ing on a nine-yard sprint around right end to put the Tigers ahead 6-0 in the first half. Both teams were stymied in the third period as the homecoming crowd anticipated a victory. E-State scored in the fourth quarter as the Hornet quarterback passed to end Jim Meyer. The extra point kick was good putting the Hornets ahead 7 6. Parker, climaxing a 60-yard drive, scored on an end run which covered 17 yards and made the final score 12-7. TIM DANIELS. HR St. Benedict’s — 14 Coming from behind twice, FHS dropped the visiting St. Benedict ' s Ravens, 21-14, in the Tigers’ first win over the Atchison team since 1955. Jim Lee picked off a Raven fumble in mid-air and scam- pered $5 yards to score in the third quarter. Steve Worley, freshman fullback, went over from the one-yard line with five seconds left in the third quarter. Halfback Wayne Schumacher topped a 77-yard march with a dive from the one, mid- way in the last quarter, to put the Tigers ahead to stay and send the Ravens to defeat, 21-14. CLAYTON WILLIAMS, HB DICK CHASTAIN, T M Em ' m 2 j " ri j ivi lift 91 iiiiije m Five Omaha defenders greet Jim Lee after an eight yard hurst. FHS — 14 Washburn — 7 The Tigers closed their season with a 14-7 victory over Washburn University. The Tigers scored early in the game after Jim Lee re- covered a Washburn fumble on the Ichabods 26-yard line. Quarterback Dave Parker scored from the three-yard line six plays later and Jim Baird kicked the extra point Washburn’s touchdown and extra point in the last minute of the second quarter netted a 7-7 tie at halftime Another Washburn fumble in the fourth period set up the Tigers + final score, the 52-yard drive was completed when Parker sprinted into the end zone unmolested from the 35-yard line. Don Schrock’s placement was good to give FHS a 14-7 victory Junior Varsity Wins Two The Fort Hays State junior varsity, coached by Jim Casper and comprised of all Tiger players except the top two teams, opened their season with a 19-0 win over the Emporia State “B” team Tim Daniels and Rich LaPlant each scored on one- yard plunges while Kent Huddleston sprinted 32 yards on a pirnt return for the other score The jayvees squeaked past the Kearney Stale “R team 7-0 on a muddy Hays field for their second win of the season. George Daniels raced 30 yards for the only score of the game. In the rematch between Kearney and the jayvees, the Kearney eleven won 33-20, breaking a two-year, five-game winning streak for FHS II9EHE TOM GIBSON, T CHARLEY WILLIAMS, E COACH CADE SCRAN Tigers Win Conference and Berth in NAIA Tourney FHS 96 SEASON’S RECORD Southwestern {Winfield) 71 FHS 100 Southwestern Oklahoma 60 FHS 85 Colorado College 74 FHS 69 Colorado State College 65 FHS 100 Kear ti ex { N eh. ) St a te 90 FHS 71 Omaha University 65 FHS 105 Adams (Colo,) State 81 FHS 83 St. Michael ' s College 87 FHS 66 Panhandle A M (Okla.) 63 FHS 79 Carthage { 111 J College 56 FHS 63 St, Benedict’s 80 FHS 67 Emporia State 72 FHS 92 Pittsburg State 68 FHS 90 Kansas Wesleyan 77 FHS 81 Pittsburg State 71 FHS 89 Emporia State 74 FHS 62 Washburn University 54 FHS 94 Omaha University 85 FHS 75 St. Benedict’s 63 FHS 74 Washburn University 63 FHS 76 Ottawa University 52 FBI 42 Ottawa University 36 FHS 69 Lewis and Clark College 75 “We’re going to Kansas City !” cried almost every Fort Hays State student after the Tigers earned the right to represent Kansas in the NAIA tourney by defeating Ottawa twice in the CIC-Kansas Conference playoffs. Everything seemed to calm down after FHS was defeated 75-69 in the opening round by Lewis and Clark Col- lege. Nevertheless, Coach Cade Suran’s 1961 62 basketball team re- corded one of the best season records ever compiled at FHS. Tire Tigers had a won-loss record of 19 4, won the conference title with an 8 2 record, extended their home victory skein to thirteen in a row, and represented Kansas in Kansas City for the NAIA title. FHS was led hv two Hutchinson Junior College transfers. Herb Stange and John Channel!. Both broke individual and total school scoring records. Each scored thirty -four points in different games to set and tie for the school record while Channel! surpassed Stange in the final game of the season to set the school record for points in all games. Channell scored a total of 424 points with Stange close behind with 419 points. Coach Suran loses two seniors from this year’s team, Dean Larson and Richard Anderson and will surely field one of the best teams in the conference again next year. Back row, from Uft: Bill Brownell, student manager, R. J. Smiley, Dick Anderson, Ron Little, John Channell, Herb Stange, Jude Gerst- ner. Second row: Billy Townsend, Jim Bodge, Dave Hurt, Tom McKain, Larry Phillips, Sam McDowell, Larry Thurlow, Front row: Dean Larson, captain, and Coach Suran. 154 DEAN LARSON, Jr. center JOHN CHANNEL!,, Jr. forward Townsend is fouled as lie lays in tw ' o against Emporia State, 155 156 TOM McKAIN, Jr, guard It’s McDowell this time on a drive against Omaha University that netted two points DAVE HURT, Jr guard 157 LARRY T11URL0W, Soph, forward 158 M nue a ringside ..... ■ One .he Urges, ere.ds ever . - - » — -ed P g Sheridan «U», « SrOO ,»■ to sec the game of the year between t HS and St. Benedict s And finally . . . ifs aver, and Fort Hays vaulted into the conference lead. 159 COACH ALEX FRANCIS Back row, from left: Carl Johnson, Dan Rose, Gary Donnor, Dennis Mannerinj Dale Vice, Bob Mohler. Front row, Coach Francis, Charlie Rose, Don Nelson, Rose, Gene Haves, Lyle Dragoo, graduate assistant. , Larry Davidson, Jerry Katz, John Harriers Win 2nd in N.A.I.A. Freshmen dominated the 1961 cross-country team taking the place of several upper classmen. Among these were Bob Mohler who placed first once and second on three occasions while set- ting a new Fort Hays State three-mile record in 15:02 at the triangular meet at Wichita l niversity. Coach Francis ' harriers opened their season by winning the Wichita University Invitational for the second straight year by defeating Emporia State leachers, Wichita University, and Pittsburg State. The Tigers then went on to place fourth in the Oklahoma State Jamboree, third in a triangular meet at Wichita Uni- versity and won two dual meets with Kearney (Neb. I State, then lost a dual with Emporia State, Emporia State harriers copped the conference title for the sixth consecutive year while FHS runners won second. The same situation occurred in the N.A.UA. cross-country cham- pionships. The Tigers trailed their fellow Central Intercol- legiate conference member by two points, 3- 5, in the tace at Omaha University. This was the second time in the six- vear history of the meet that FHS has taken second place. Members who won 2nd in N.A.LA. Back row, from left: Bob Mohler, Dan Rose, Gary Dormer, Lyle Dragoo. graduate assistant. Front row „ Dennis Mannering, Charlie Rose, Jerry Katz. John Rose. John Rose approaches finish line in dual meet with Emporia State Teachers. 160 Wavne Staab shows hh superb form on the parallel bars. Gymnasts Record Best Season Coach Ed McNeiFs gymnasts recorded their best season in Fort Hays State history this year as they won four duals and lost seven. With few small colleges in the Midwest offer- ing gymnastics, FHS competes against some of the best teams in the Skyline and Big Eight Conferences. The gymnasts won duals over Northwestern Oklahoma State, Colorado State University, and twice over Kansas Uni- versity while losing matches to Kansas Stale University, Ne- braska University, Denver University, Colorado University, and losing three times to Colorado State University. The All- College Invitational Meet at Boulder, Colorado, ended the season for the Tigers. Gymnastics team. Front row , from left, Joc Johnson. Back row from left, Gary Pfanncn stick Gary Cooper Jennis Leiker, Wayne Slaab, Floyd Goff David Gagnon, Hamon, Billy Holmes, Alex Biekcr, Jim Gilbert, Harvey COACH ED McNElL I6J Men’s Intramurals With many different forms of intramural sports, the men on Fort Hays State campus have a chance to compete in almost any field from badminton to table tennis. Competition was high again this year with the cham- pionship for the two big ones, football and basketball, being decided by playoffs. With Alex Francis as director, the intramural program grows each year and more interest is evidenced in all sports. Men’s billiards champs were from left: Keilh Gumm, second, and Wilmer Kiser, first Intramural managers were Jon Day, on the left, and Gary McCarthy. 162 Provide Competition Action is shown here as the TKE + s put the hall in play against the Phi Sigs. Tennis champs: From left, K nn Pittman, singles champ i Gary Cottschalk and Charley Haddock, doubles champs. All three are Kappa Sigma Kappas. 1 63 Men’s horseshoe doubles champs were Lynn Welch and Greg Bond, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Men’s Intramurals Dick Anderson and Merle Mills, Tau Kappa Epsilon, won ihe golf doubles championship. Bowling champs were Kappa Sigma Kappas: From left: Carl Sanders, Kenn Pittman, Keith Gumm, Gary Gotlschalk, Norman Mai, Evan Grund. Seated - Ron Walker. 164 Women’s Intramurals Women’s Intramural events are a major activity in the lives of Fort Hays State women. Approximately 300 students par ticipated in the various activities. Judy Rinker, instructor, was outstanding in her organization of the intramural, . She also helped each girl gain in knowledge and skill of the various ac- tivities. Women’s Intramurals also provided physical relaxation for tense and busy students. The most beneficial aspect of the intramurals was that the participants were able to find diversion from mental pressures and in return, became better, well-rounded students. Women’s billiards champions, Kathryn Sater and Carole Reinert. Women’s volleyball champions, back row, from left: Deanna Nash, Karen Hausehild, Marlene Thaete. Front row Linda Fairbairn, Willetta Wittman, Berince Hillcry. 165 Competition Requires Both Group and Bowling is fun , tool These girls vie for the tipoffin a girls ' intramural basketball game Badminton provides indoor recreation 166 Individual Co-operation Women’s archery champs: l rent row, from left, Jackie Flake, second; Grace Windliok, third. Back row, Margaret Nelson, fifth; Ruth Kline, first; Elizabeth Rabenseifner, fourth. Peggy Hayes shows her classmates correct position while playing shuffleboard. All eyes are on the ball as these girls play table tennis. 167 Back row, from left: Coach Walter Kroll Jim Bcltch, Sid Cooley Don Fred Gibbs, Larry Hawkins. Front row. Gone Lehmann, Leroy Borre, Keller, Roger Ruck, Rill Kuhn, Dennis Kellcn, Marvin Schultz Second Jim Tinkler, Dale W agner, J. D Crabbs. row, Terry Pfannenstiel, Vic Lyczak, Dave Erbert, Dale Rath, Rill Sater, Wrestlers Compile Second Straight Winning Season Dale Hath, senior letterman, was one of the Tiger maim stays this season. Coach Walter Kroll returned seven lettermen from last year’s Missouri Valley AAU championship team The Bengali won five duals, lost three and tied one with the Missouri Valley AAU meet and the NAIA champion- ships left on the schedule. The Tigers won duals with Kearney (Neb,) State twice, Trinidad (Colo.) junior College, Graceland College and Adams (Colo.) State. They lost duals lo Lamar (Colo.) Junior College, Colorado University, and Kansas State University, and tied a dual meet with Northwest Missouri State, 168 Netmen Have Bu ilding Year Before the 1962 tennis season started. Coach Richard Burnett stated that although the team lost five lettermen via graduation last spring, (t we would be a better balanced team. Tiie 1962 squad was led by returning lettermen Ron Walker, Dick McCall, and former junior college star. Tom McKain. Although the team placed third in the conference meet last year, the best ever, this year’s team was sure to improve this mark. RON WALKER, senior lelterman COACH RICHARD BURNETT TENTATIVE SEASON SCHEDULE March 25 Pratt Junior College March 31 Hutchinson Junior College April 3 Bethany College April 6 Emporia State April 7 Southwestern April 13 Emporia State April 14 Pittsburg State April 18 Kearney (Neb,) State April 27 Colorado State April 28 Colorado School of Mines May 1 Kearney (Neb.) State May 4 5 Conference meet ! 69 . COACH ALEX FRANCIS Trackmen Open Season With Kearney FHS trackmen opened their season by defeating Kearney (Neb.) State in a dual indoor meet. Coach Alex Francis’ runners were challenged this spring to improve their 1961 record of second place in the CIC meet with the help of eighteen returning lettermen. Among these are record holders Jon Day (440-yard dash), Kent Bauer (pole vault), and Gene Hayes (830-yard run). TENTATIVE SEASON SCHEDULE Feb. 13 Kearney (Neb.) State Feb. 23 CIC Indoor Meet March 17 Midwest AAU March 24 Kansas State Indoor Meet April 4 Oklahoma Relays April 14 Emporia Relays April 18 Nebraska State April 20 Emporia State April 24 Kansas Relays April 28 Colorado Relays May 3 Wichita University May 11 CIC Meet June 1 NAIA Meet Bunny Cobbs, second from left, clears the last hurdle on bis way to victory in the 75-yard low hurdles during an indoor meet with Kearney (Neb.) State. 170 17 Golfers Forced to Rebuild Fort Hays State golfers were in a rebuilding stage this year. Coach Joel Moss had to substitute several freshmen and newcomers to his golf team in order to keep FHS’s two-year reign as CIC champions intact. Lost by graduation were four of his top five golfers, with Fred Rond the only returning letter man. Others who figured in Coach Moss ' s plans this year were Howard White, Dennis Close, R, J, Smiley, and Joel Moss, Jr. TENTATIVE SEASON SCHEDULE April 7 Kearney (Neb,) State April 13 Emporia State April 17 Kearney (Neb.) State April 21 Wichita University April 28 Emporia State May 4 Washburn University May 11 CIC Meet COACH JOET MOSS Golf prospects for 1962 were Howard White, Joel Moss Jr. Dennis Close, anti R. J, Smiley. 172 f T h rough you, the students, an image of Fort Hays State has materialized — it is a composition of students in the classroom, at a game, at their studies, in their rooms, out danc- at a show. H5 is a theme encompassing your entire college life; it has become your second home and the results of your future pursuits are in- fluenced by the degree to which you have developed your capacities in your work and in your play F rom the normalities of each day to the special events of each month you, the students, are Fort Hays State, mg, or T THIS IS FHS m Picken steps are solid backdrop lor Don Laffoon in fashion shot for Leader adver- tisement. Roger Hinz displays the bronze relief plaque he created for the Tug of War award. Cheerleaders rode in informal style in the Homecoming Parade. The home town newspaper is a weekly link between college and home for many students. 174 What ' s this — dancing feet at the Tiger Hop? Another Year Brings Same Problems Enrollment and freshman orientation week opened Septem- ber activities Though upperclassmen never admit it, enrollment confusion is not exclusively a freshman plight. Advisors are changed, transcripts are reviewed, there s no easy way to speed- up your enrollment. There ' s waiting, waiting, waiting; writers cramps are inevitable By the time you have filled out the repetitious pages of the enrollment book, you’re ready to forget college and all your expectations. Then all at once you’re through, ready for the year with all it has to offer. 176 i i Confusion abounds in enrollment procedure and new students arc be- wildered with the assortment of white, pink, and yellow sheets requiring name, phone, age, sex, classification, etc. Raincd ' OUt, student faculty picnickers find shelter in the Memo rial Union, 177 Oh! Why don ' l I ever have anything to wear, bemoans Carol Lipp. R-b-ring! That noise-infested device, the alarm clock, mercilessly awako$ Cary Johnson, Sharon Bauer and Janice Beckham come inside out of the cold through Custer ' s doors, as do several hundred coeds every day. f 7B Frosh Adapt Themselves to Dorm Life Dormitory living is a college experience in itself as freshmen soon dis- cover. Just like home, there’s still the problem of what to wear and someone to tell you to get off the phone. But it’s not quite the same— Mom’s not there to get you up in the morning. And too, it must at first seem like a summer camp to rediscover so many other students each morning while you re still groggy with sleep. But after dorm life, home is never quite the same again. Gary is still sleepy as he pulls on his jacket to leave for classes. Songie Henry, like all frosh T learns that sitting on the floor of a dormitory phono booth is the accepted and natu ral thing. 179 Kenn Pittman and Saundra Powell, like most couples take time-out from week-night studies ior a coffee break. Jane Schnoebelen smiles coquettishly at Larry Dietz as she selects a record. Suppose it + s Friday night? Studies seem somewhat interrupted during library date. Nadine Lindsey may be laughing at John Fyfe, hut to be honest, John’s humor is directed at the just-discovered photographer. 180 e movies are Joe Sehon and Arlene Goetz taking their own whether or not movies are better than ever Girl Meets Boy- Boy Meets Girl- Romance Is Part of College College life isn’t all contained in the classroom . . it pours out into the dorms and houses . . . and into the eve- ings There is seriousness . . . laughter . - and moments to remember. Patti Thiele and Richard Anderson pause between afternoon classes to renew their acquaintance as they haven’t seen each other since morning class. « • t Isaac Stem, violinist, known for his large repertoire and the rich tone of his 250-year-old Gua menus, performed March 5, CN O o 1 I I o o irtiAtd ect«ned Scried FORT HAYS STATE COLLEGE HAYS, KANSAS You Are Invited to Attend The Artists and Lectures fine art series brings such notables as the Roger Wagner Chorale, Isaac Stern, and the Cleveland Playhouse to the cob lege providing a well ba lanced variety to give cultural stimulation and en- tertainment A committee of nine faculty members representing all divisions within the college and three students traditionally chosen from the fine arts area arrange all Artists and Lecture numbers for the following school year in- cluding the summer session. A program representing the various areas of the performing art — -music, drama, the dance, and the lecture field is selected each year. Usually five or six numbers constitute the winter season and two or three selections are chosen for summer school The 24-voice Roger Wagner Chorale, loured Latin American countries last year and its best- selling recordings range from folk songs to the great classics. Regarded as one of America’s finest singing groups, the chorale opened the local series last October. B2 The San Antonio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Victor Alessa ro, is a professional group enjoying a high reputation m the South and Southwest, The Cleveland Playhouse, entertainment, presented Ibsen, April 2. acclaimed for ideas and “Hebba Cablet” by h . Wei vers a quartet largely responsible for the increased interest in folk music h l v s a q noc red af Fort Hays State as part of Homecoming entcrtammcnt. 183 In regal style, the Homecoming Royal Court, is seated on thrones to view the Home- coming Dance. Pretty, pert Sandy Holmes, Hanston junior, be- gins her reign as the 1961 Homecoming Queen. Larry Ehrlich, student body president, accom- 184 panics the Queen after her crowning by President M. C. Cunningham. Sandy Crowned Queen, Sophs Win Tug-of-War Sandy Holmes, representing Residence Hall, was crowned 61 Homecoming Queen and was attended by Deanna Link, Kappa Sigma Kappa, arul Marcelyn Stephenson, Wiest Hall Sandy was good omen; FHS— 12, Emporia— 7. Sophomores gave the freshmen a cold dunking as they pulled them into Rig Creek and won the traditional Tug-of-War. Previously, the battle deter- mined whether freshmen could discard their beanies after Homecoming or wait until Thanksgiving. Starting this year an engraved plaque was presented to the winning class and displayed in the Memorial I nioru Freshmen struggle in vain during the Tug-of-War as fresh are dunked and sophomores shout victory. “Scotty” Philip, alumni president, and Mrs. Shirley Munson, the new alumni vice-president receive congratulations from President Cunningham. The office™ were installed at an alumni dinner Friday as part of the Homecoming activities. 185 Half-lime entertainment for the overflow crowd included not only the crowning of ihe queen, but the parade of winning floats “Spinning To Victory” float brought Kappa Sigma Kappa a first place trophy in the men’s division. Sigma Sigma Sigma ' s white showboat won first place in the women’s division. 136 Folklore of the Prairies Challenges Float Builders Junior appears to give a serious appraisal of the Homecoming Parade, A total of 19 floats, using a theme of Folklore of the Prairies, were created by dormitories, Greeks, and campus organizations to compete for trophies. Led by the FHS football baud and Seventh Cavalry, twenty-three high school bands, the 12 Homecoming Queen candidates, and various organiza- tions paraded down Hays streets to entertain a record crowd. “Coach and Team” novelty float won general approval and gained thr- Chamber of Commerce Sweepstakes Award for Sigma Tau Gamma. 187 French Classic Staged Harriet Ketchum, play director explains a fine point during rehearsal. Little Theater presented Moliere’s two-act classic, " Le Misanthrope, as its annual fall production. Idle play, set in Paris, reveals the author’s own dissatisfaction with life and his unhappy marriage to a young wife. Alceste, the unhappy lover, is a perfectionist; and his inability to tell even the smallest lie creates many embarrassing situations. John Sullivan, Salina sophomore, played Alceste and Judy Grimm, Jewell sophomore, shared the lead as Celimene. Harriet Ketchum, sponsor of Little Theater, directed the classic with the assistance of Karen Lee Schwein, Atchison sophomore, as student director Celimene, Judy Grimm, is coquettish as she divides her attentions between Casper, Larry Sheris, and Clitandre, Richard Boss. 188 Members from " Le Misanthrope " east we re from left, Becky Kagan, Ruth A nit Baker, Richard Hawkins, Judy Grimm, Larry Shertz, Ron Coketey, John Sullivan, Richard Boss, Donald Richardson, and Glenda Spicer. Marla Foikerts, a former FHS student, danced and Karen Lee Schwein assisted as student director. 189 Forsyth Libra ry’s sentinels appear to have changed garb as fall disappears with the onrush of winter’s first snow. Dark water and bright snow make a striking picture of Big Creek as it curves through the campus. Between class traffic slows as students watch their foot ' ing on icy walks. 190 First Snow Brightens Campus Winter’s first snow lays a mantle on the Fori Hays State campus as white splashes pad the cedars and white paint graces bare tree limbs. With an apparent declaration of the new season, students’ spirits lighten with winter brightness. From the 7:30 class whistle to the dinner meal the dorm-to-campus to-dorm traffic finds time to pause and view Big Creek resisting the threat of ice as it mockingly flows between white- laden banks. Sheridan Coliseum makes a solid backdrop tor a frilly pattern of snowy trees along Big Creek. Snow h a heavy burden on trees between Martin Allen Hall and Picken Hall. Janet Harrison prepares for teaching primary grades by working with these tots at Lincoln School, Hays, while taking the teaching block. Put Slehno checks each second grader ' s work, while taking her training at Russell. Lois Litzenberger helps students with a creative project. 192 Future Teachers Receive Training in the Schoolroom A seven-week practice teaching period in public school systems after completing on-the-campus methods courses in- volved some 200 FHS seniors this year Student teachers ac- quire actual classroom experience under the guidance of master teachers in carrying out the regular schedule of the day. Tire student-teacher training program includes schools m eleven area cities: Hays, Dodge City, ElHs, Great Bend, Hois- ington, Flainville, Russell. WaKeeney, LaCrosse, Oakley, and Colby. At the conclusion of the directed teaching period, stu- dents return to the campus for the last two weeks of the semester to evaluate their training. Mrs. Martha Mahoney gives individual help to this second grader. 193 It’s Christmas Time On the Campus With winter, came December and the first all-school formal dance, the Reveille Ball. Sandra Barnett reigned as queen through Perry Como’s selection: Bonnie Guttridge and Jan Schmidt attended her. Dr. Moreland, announced as the dedicatee, crowned the queen and Bill Ghlmeier acted as master of ceremonies. The holiday season made its impact on campus with carol- ing. Christmas tree decorating, presentation of Christmas cards to the President, and free coffee day in the Memorial Union. Christmas tree trimming is holiday project in homes everywhere and Residence Hall n, J exception. President Cunningham thanks students for the Christmas card tree presented to him by student organizations. Reveille Bali royalty Bonnie Guttridge, attendant; Sandra Barnett, queen; and Jan Schmidt, attendant; happily display their trophies in front of the cover replica of the 1962 Reveille. 194 Christmas everywhere— especially in the windows of Custer Hall. 195 m 196 Academic Pursuit Fulfills Student’s Quest for Knowledge College is not all a playful show for many, many hours of the student’s day are spent with studies in the classroom, in the laboratory-, in the library and at a lighted desk late at night. This is the academic picture for in these silent hours of thought, facts and ideologies are learned, reasoning is applied according to intellectual growth, and future plans are crystalized as goals are set. 197 Candidates for master s degrees struggle through comprehensive examinations. 198 Completion of daily assignments and long-term research problems involve solitary thinking and conscientious study. Student - T eacher Combination Assures Greater Progress Though individual effort is essential in the learn- ing process, an instructor ' s supervision and direction opens fertile minds to greater scope while textbooks, research and experiments develop student capacities. With growing confidence and assurance, students probe into their major field of study knowing their tomorrow is more secure by their progress today. 199 Book-loading girls is favorite male pastime during Leap Week. February Features Cupid and Leap Week Cupid’s formal, the Sweetheart Ball February IGj made a freshman girl happy Carol Lipp was crowned Sweetheart Queen by Dr. Howard Reynolds and sponsored by Residence Hall; Sweetheart King was Jim Nelson, sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta. Attending the royal couple were Denny Koch, sponsored by Sigma Sigma Sigma; Patty Potter, Phi Sigma Epsilon; Barbara Warner, Kappa Sigma Kappa; and John Farney, Agnew Hall Leap Week, February 19 - 22 , is by custom the girls week to take the initiative. Girls arranged their own dates, started cold cars, opened doors, paid the tab, and finding their bank accounts at low ebb by the end of the week were generally glad to forget about Daisy Mae and welcome all the courtesies of male companionship. Sweetheart Royalty, from Ml arc Denny Koeli, Patty Potter, Carol Lipp, Jim Nelson, Barbara Warner and John Farney, 200 3 i telling “woo " Dog patch style. Virginia Smreka and Bruce Ward were the best costumed at the Leap Week Dance. Sweetheart Ball dancers enjoy Cupid ' s night. aisy Mae and Bearded Joe candidates are in a close jenny for penny race with the proceeds donated to the 201 The 110- voice Choral Union, a selected 34-piece orchestra and six soloists, all under direction of Dr Lloyd Herren present “Elijah Dr. Herren may look relaxed, but is a director ever truly relaxed? 202 Springtime Is Show Time Spring brings performances— productions — musi- cales, Mendelssohn’s Oratorio, “Elijah” was a co-opera- tive endeavor of Choral Union and the College-Com- munity Orchestra and ushered in the Lenten season. Mary Maude Moore’s Impromptwos, Women’s Glee Club. Miss Barbour’s Orchesis dancers and guest per- formers gave “Poise and Ivy” as a benefit, netting more than $600 for National Defense Loans. “Brigadoon,” staged in mid-March by the Concert Choir was a featured spring show, too late for the Reveille cameraman to capture more than an early practice shot. “Me and My Shadow” f canned LuAnne Engel and Janet Finley in " Poise and Ivy,” gill Fritsclien, Beth Fellers and Marvin Cochran pose in a practice scene from ‘ " Brigadoon. There wasn’t room for another person to see “Poise and Ivy " -presented in the Union Ball Room. It ' s all over but the shouting. T, Banister and T. Miller 14 whooped it up,” A small part of the millions who watched Cob John Glenn’s epochal flight. This Is Fort Hays State Students go wild when the Tigers win crucial game with St. Benedicts — - and hopes soar for a spot in the N.A.I.A. tourney. John Glenn orbits the earth and students jam the Union TV area to share the rejoicing over the accomplishment. Enthusiasm knows no hounds when there ' s something worth shouting about. THIS IS FORT HAYS STATE — Spring. 1962. I m m X m mm ffi - 1 ■ - 4 will ' s and deck uf raid: Up it rid ( lumpimidiin. A college year is ended, the plan and construction of your year was built with stones of knowledge, understanding, and achievement; ce- mented with activities and friendships, reshmen sadly recall the Tug of War as sophomores gloat of their I victory and each student ponders his major field of study while fulfilling his general requirements. The junior takes English proficiency tests and declares his major; the senior, as commencement approaches, contemplates his working role in adult society. n each class students have matured to accept a new and more challeng- ing role as they build for tomorrow. CLASSES 205 The aftermath of the Tug of War, 00 0 that cold, slimy mud. Everyone made noise when basketball sea- son opened and Kappa Sigs won the trophy. Passing the English proficiency lest is one of the bugaboos of the junior year. Library card files become a familiar refer- ence to all students. tfci ■ A 41 206 The academic structure is nearly complete Seniors ALBERS, LUCILLE II, Park— A.B., Spanish. Young Democrats, Newman Club, Spanish Club ALUMBAUGH, RICHARD V, Hutchinson — A.R., Psychology. Tennis ANDERSON, RICHARD L,, Gove— B.S. in Business. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Basketball, Student Council ASH, LYLA L, Mankato — B.S. in Education, Elemen- tary, SNEA. YWCA ASHBY, OREN E., Dighton— B.S, in Art. Sigma Phi Epsilon AURAND, VERA P., Hardy, Nebraska— B.S, in Busi ness. SNEA BAHM, ELDEAN, Scott City— B.S, Math. Intramu- rals BAKER, DAVID F,, Hays — A.R, History. Phi Alpha Theta, Newman Club, French Club BAKER, RUTH A, Wilmore— A.B, Speech. SNEA, Little Theater, Union Board, WKA, Wesley Founda- tion, YWCA, Alpha Psi Omega, Who’s W ho RARNGROYER, LOREN L., Dodge City-R.S. in In- dustdal Arts. Industrial Arts Club BARROWS, ALITA L, Scott City — B.S. in Home Economics. Home Economies Club, Kappa Phi, Sigma Kappa BARROWS, RODNEY T., Ness City-B.S. in Agri- culture. Delta Sigma Phi (pres, and v, pres.), Delta Tau .Alpha (v. pres.). Alpha Phi Omega BARTHOLOMEW, PHILLIP E., Great Bend-R.$. in Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club (v. pres.}. Young Republicans BALER, KENT B., Radium— B.S. In Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club (secj, K Club (pres.), Track BAUMAN, DARRA L D., Goodland— B.S. in Agricul- ture. BAUMANN, DENNIS L., Arrington — A.B. 1 History. Kappa Sigma Kappa (pres,), Young Republicans (treas.), IFC 208 BAUMFALK, CLARA M., Atwood— B.S., General Science, YWCA, SNEA, Collegiate 4-H BECKER, LARRY W., Russell — B.S., Math and Chemistry, Kappa Mu Epsilon (sec,), Chemistry Club (pres ) BEECHER, LOWELL K„ Hill City— A,B„ English, BEFORT, CHARLES R., Hays— A.R., Psychology. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Newman Club, Young Democrats BEFORT, GERALD G., Hays— B.S. in Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club, Newman Club RELTCH, JAMES L., Goodland— B.S. in Physical Education. Newman Club, K Club, W restling BELTZ, ALTHEA L., Jetmore— B.S. in Education, Elementary. SNEA, Gamma Della, A W CA BENNETT, MARY L, Kirwin— B.S. in Home Eco- nomics. Home Economics Club, SNEA BISHOP, BRUCE E., Norcatur — B,$ t in Education, Elementary. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Young Republicans BLAIN, STEVE M., Colby— A. B., English. Delta Sig- ma Phi, Leader Editor, Student Council BOOSA, ANN, Liberal— AJL, History. Kappa Phi Penguin Club, SNEA BORNEMANN, JAMES H., Torrington, Wyo, — B.S. in Art. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Gamma Della, Basket- ball BOWMAN, KARL G., Russell— B,5 + , Math. SNEA BRAN DA, LARRY A., Wilson— B.S., Biology. Phi Mu Alpha, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Concert Choir, March- ing Band, Concert Choir Shows BRAZDA, EVELYN A., Timken— B.S. in Home Eco- nomics. Kappa Omicron Phi BREITENBACH, PEGGY C„ Belpre— B.S, in Edu- cation, Elementary. Sigma Kappa, Newman Club, SNEA BRENEMEN, ALBERTA E., Fairfax, Calif.— B.S, in Business. Delta Zeta (sec.) BRINKER, JAMES K„ Cawker City— B.S., Math, Union Program Council (sec.), Newman Club BROW ' N, LOU JEAN, Kinsley— A. B., Political Sci- ence and Economics, Delta Zela, Pi Kappa Delta, Young Democrats (v. pres.), Chancery Club, Vice Pres, of Student Body, Impromptwos, W omen $ Sex- tet, Student Council, Progressive Party RRUCCIANI, JOSEPH €., New York, New V ork- B.S., Chemistry, Student Affiliate of American Chem. Society BRUGGEMAfi KAREN A., Colby— B.S. in Business. Sigma Kappa . _ . BRUMITT, MARY M., Hays— B.S. in Education, Elementary. Second Generation Club (pres,), SNLA, Band . n „ BRUNGARDT, FRANCIS L + , Victoria- A. B., Econom- ics, German Club, Newman Club, Chancery Club, Young Democrat BURGER, TERRY L., Agra— B.S, in Business. Bas- ketball BURR, MERLYN K., St. Francis— B.S. in Physical Education. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Football, Wrestling CANDLIN, KAREN L., Kansas City— Diploma in Nursing. Nurses Club, KSSNA CARLSON, WALTON F., Plainville— B.S. in Buincss. CARR, JOHN L, Byers— B.S. in Business. 209 CHATURACHINDA, KAM, Bangkok, Thailand — A. EL English, CHURCH, DANIEL D., Jetmore — A.B., Chemistry. Chemistry Club CLARK, ELMIRA M., Russell — B.$. in Business. CLEMENT, ARCHIE D, Hill City— A.B., History. Young Democrats, SNEA COBB, MAE L., Hays— B.S., General Science. Who ' s Who COBBS, ELBERT, Newton — B.S. in Industrial Arts. K-Club I sec.) COCHRAN, MARVIN J., Liberal— R.M., Music. Phi Mu Alpha, Concert Choir, Fort Hays Singers, Concert Band, Male Quartet, Impromptwos, Student Affairs Committee, Artists and Lectures Committee, Concert Choir Shows, Who ' s Who COCHRAN, RALPH W. f Dodge City— B.S., Biology. COLLING WOOD, GRETA J., Johnson— B.S. in Edu- cation, Elementary. SNEA COLLINS, BRENT, PJainville — A.B., English and Spanish. Seventh Cavalry, Phi Eta Sigma, Lambda Iota Tau, Honors Seminar, Who ' s Who CROSBY, DONALD R„ Ashland— B.S. in Industrial Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau (pres.). Phi Mu Alpha, Indus- trial Arts Club, SNEA, Impromptwos, Male Quartet, Concert Choir, Senior Class Pres. CURTIS, PHILLIP L., St. John— B.S. in Education, Elementary. CUSSEN, MICHAEL P., Plain idle — B.S, in Educa lion. Elementary. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Newman Club SNEA, Young Democrats DANIELS, LINDA L., Ness City — A.B., History, Sig- ma Sigma Sigma (sec.), Panhellenic Council, SNEA, Concert Choir DANIELS, RONALD W., Scott City— A.B., Speech. Sigma Tau Gamma DAUGHERTY, LARRY J., Wellington — B.S, in In- dustrial Arts. K-Club, Industrial Arts Club, SNEA, Basketball, Basketbal l Assistant DAVISON, WILLIAM W., Tribune— B.S. in Industri- al Arts. Residence Hall (pres.), Basketball, Intramu- rals, Student Council D E R 0 ER , J 0 A N E. , Pra i ric Vie w— B ,S. in Ed uc a- tion, Elementary. Young Democrats, SNEA, Who ' s Who, WLO DeGARMO, HARLAN C., Haviland — B.S,, Botany. DeLAIR, DONALD C, Greens burg — B.S., Math. Un- ion Program G tincil (chair.), Union Board, Union Building Committee, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Math Club DELANDER, HELEN E., Kinsley— A.B., English. German Club, SNEA, YWCA, Scriblerus DELANDER, RUTH P„ Kinsley— B.S, in Education, Elementary. SNEA, YWCA DICKMAN, FERNE B., Grinnell — B.S. in Home Eco- nomics. Kappa 0 micron Phi, SNEA, Newman Club, Home Economics Club DILLON, TERRY J,, Glasco — B.S. in Business. DODD, DIXIE L, Hill City— A.B., English. Young Democrats, Spanish Club DODRILL, JAMES B., Gove — B.S. in Business. Tau Kappa Epsilon DON ART, GARY B., Johnson— B.S., Botany and Chemistry. Biology Club, Chemistry Club DONOVAN, MARY G., Plain ville— B.S. in Educa- tion, Elementary. 2!Q DOXON, DEAN R„ Quinter— B.S., Math, DREILING, MARY A., Victoria— B.S. in Education. Elementary. SNEA, Newman Club (sec,) DURALL, MARY LOU, Ransom — A.B., English. Lambda Iota Tau (sec.), Newman Club (treas.), WLO Tigerettes (treas A Kit Kats (sec.), SNEA. Homecoming Queen, Who’s Who ECKERT, HARRY M„ Great Bend— B.S. in Busi- ness. Newman Club EILER5, PATRICIA A., Mankato— A.B., English. Little Theater, Leader, Wesley Foundation RISEN HOUR, JOYCE K., McCracken— B.M. T Music. Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Lambda Delta, MENC. W r LO, Who ' s Who EISENHOUR, LARRY 0., McCracken— B.S. in Busi- ness. Delta Sigma Phi ELDER, MARY LOU, Hays— B.S. in Education, Ele- raentary. M ELLEGOOD, KENNETH N., Oakley— B,S. in Physical Education. K-Club, Wrestling ELLIOTT, GARY L. s Ulysses— B.S., Geology. Foot’ ball ELLIS DANNY R., Burdett— A.B., Math, ELLIS, LANNY E., Pratt-B.S., Math, ESPLUND, LINDA K„ Minneola— B.S. in Education, Elementary. YWCA, SNEA, Concert Choir ESTES, ELIZABETH A., Abilene— B.M., Music. Del- la Zeta, Sigma Alpha Iota, SNEA, MENC, KMTA ESTES, STAN D., Kanorado— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club, Young Republicans, Gymnas- EVEL, DELLA M. t Utica— B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. SNEA FELDT, MARTHA M., Grinnell— B.S, in Education, Elementary. SNEA, Who’s W r ho FELLERS, ELIZABETH A., Hays— B.S. in Education, Elementary, Delta Zeta (pres.). Sigma Alpha Iota, WLO, Concert Choir, Fort Hays Singers, Honors Seminar, Concert Choir Shows, Who’s Who FORD, KING A., Lucas— A. B., Psychology . FOX, JAMES L,, St. John— B.S. in Agriculture. Del- ta Tau Alpha FOX, JUDITH L., St. John— A.B., Speech. FRANKS, DANIEL D., Gksco— B.S., Biology. Foot- ball 211 FRANZ, MYRA L., Rozel— B,S, in Education, Ele- ments Ty. GALLENTINE, JERRY L., Clayton— B.S., Biology. GALLIA RT, -JERRY A„ Beaver— B.S. in Industrial Arts and Business. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Industrial Arts Club t Epsilon Pi Tau GALUART, KAREN K., Dorrance — A.B,, Speech. Lutheran Student Assn. (v. pres.) GETTY, KAREN L., Almena— A.B., History. WLG (pres.), Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta (v. pres.), Who ' s Who GETTY, ROSE MARIE, Almena— B.S. in Home Eco- nomics. Kappa 0 micron Phi, Home Economics Club, Concert Choir, SNEA, Who ' s Who GILBERT, JAMES L„ Plamville— B.S. in Business. Gymnastics GLASSCOCK, CAROLE A., St. John— B.S. in Busi- ness. Kappa Phi, SNEA, YWCA GLAZNER, SANDRA A., Colby— B.S. in Education, Elementary, SNEA GOOD, LARRY R., Hugoton — B.S., Biology and Chemistry. Seventh Cavalry, Young Republicans, Res- idence Hall (v. pres,), Chemistry Club, IRC, Student Council GOODHEART, CHESTER L„ Russell— B.S. in In- dustrial Arts. Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Arts Club GQQDRQW KENNETH K., Morland— B.S. in Agri- culture and Botany. Delta Tau Alpha COTTSCHALK, GARY L, Hays— B.S. in Business. Kappa Sigma Kappa (v. pres.), Newman Club, Young Republicans GRAF, MARILYN K., Long Island — B.S. in Business, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Marching Band, Campus Boost- GR A NTH AM, WARREN L., Hill City— B.S., Math and Physics. Young Republicans GRAVER, LEON B., Rush Center — B.S. in Agricul- ture. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Union Dance Committee, Wesley Foundation GRIFFITH, GARY D., Norton — A.B., Psychology. Tau Kappa Epsilon GRIFFITTS, JOANNE C, Randall— B.S, in Home Economics. Kappa 0 mi cron Phi (pres.), Home Eco- nomics Club, SNEA, Student Council GR1ZZELL, GEORGE K„ Ckflin— B.S. in Art. GROSSHANS, MERYL E., Scott City— A.B,, History. Seventh Cavalry, SNEA, Who’s Who CRUND, EVAN F., Sharon Springs — B.S. in Business. Kappa Sigma Kappa GUINN, LARRY L., Oberlin— B.S. in Physical Edm cation. Tau Kappa Epsilon GUMM, KEITH E„ Bucklin— B.S., Biology. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Concert Choir, Young Republicans HAMEL, DENNIS L., Damar — B.S. in Physical Edu- cation, Newman Club HAMMER, ROBERT J., Ellin wood— A. B., History, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Newman Club HARKSEN, JOHN Q, Webster, S. D.— B.S,, Geology and Biology. Biology Club HARMON, PAULA R., Oberlin- B,S., General Sci- ence. Nurses Club, KSSNA HARRISON, CLELL W., Grinnell — A,B T , Speech. Delta Sigma Phi 212 HARRISON, JANET K. } Hays— B.S. in Education, Elementary. Sigma Sigma Sigma, SNEA, Tigerettes, Kit Kats (pres.). Reveille Co-Editor HARTMAN, JON, Pratt— B.S. in Art. Little Theater, Union Music Committee HARTZLER, DUANE Q, Woodston— B.S. in Busi- ness. Kappa Sigma Kappa HAUCK, JEROME C, Claseo— B.S. in Business. Kap pa Sigma Kappa (trees.), Football HAYDEN, ROBERT J., Goo (Hand— B.S. in Business. Union Retard, Yeung Democrats, Union Movie Com- mittee (chair.), Union Program Council (chair.) HAYES, WILLIAM F„ 0 be rim — AT., English. Ger- man Club, Union Program Council, Young Democrats (pres.) HAZLETT, JOHN R., Norton — B.S. in Business. Young Republicans HEDGE, MARY L., Hoxie — B.S, in Education, Ele- mentary, Home Economics Club, SNEA HEFFEL, LARRY L., Dorrance— A.B., History. Phi Alpha Theta (pres.), Seventh Cavalry, Phi Eta Sig- ma, Seriblerus, Phi Kappa Phi, Who’s Who HEMKEN, ERNEST W., Rush Center— B.S. in In- dustrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club HENNINGSON, CARL R., Herndon — B.S. in Educa- tion, Elementary. HERD, WARREN A., Protection — B.S. in Agricul- ture. Seniors I ULCERS, RONALD 0., Plain ville— B.S. , Math and Physics. Newman Club, Golf, Math Club HINKLE, JEANNE, Canton— B.S., General Science. Nurses Club, KSSKA HIXZ, ROGER N., St. Francis— B.S, in Art. Tau Kappa Epsilon (sec.) HIRT, BETHOLD J., Dorrance— B.S. , Zoology. New- man Club, Basketball, Biology Club (pres.) HOBBIE KHODA M., Downs- B.S. in Art. HOCHANADEL, ANTHONY M„ Great Bend— A.B.. German. Y ' oung Democrats, Newman Club, German Club . , , HOFAKER, RICHARD D., Logan— B.S, in Agncul- HOGSETT, STAN G., Hays— A.B., Psychology. K- Club, Swimming, Football, Wrestling HOWARD, GARY L., Plainville— A.B„ Psychology. Young Republicans, IRC, Psychology Club (pres.) HRARE, DEBERT M., Stockton— A.B., English. SNEA , „ HUBER, JOHN E., Rex ford— B.M,, Music, Phi Mu Alpha, MENC, SNEA, KMT A, Seventh Cavalry, Brass Choir, Band, Choral Union, W ho s V. ho HUDSON, JAMES F., Wellington — A, B., English Leader, Reveille HUEBNER, RONALD D., Bush ton— B.S, in Industrial Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau (v« pres,), Industrial Arts Gub HI LLMAN, DON H.. St, John— B.S in Business. Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Arts Club (pres.) JARVIS, SCOTT E., Russell— A. B., History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOHNSON, JAMES A,, Prairie View— B.S., Math. SNEA (pres, and v. pres.). Math Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon 213 JOHNSTON, KEITH L., Lyons— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club JONES, DARRELL A., Hill City— B.S, in Education, Elementary. JONES, PAUL D,, Rush Center— ITS. in Agriculture. JONES, ROY L., Dodge City — B.S, in Industrial Arts. Epsilon Pi Tau, SNEA, Industrial Arts Club, Tennis JONES, THEADOR E , Russell— B.S. in Physical Ed- ucation KARR, CHARLES A., Stockton— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club KEITH, GENE R„ Morland— B.S., Botany. KERSTETTER, JUDITH A„ Protection— B.S. in Edu- cation, Elementary. SNEA, Home Economics Club KIEL, SHARON J , Goodland— B.S, in Business, Del- ta Zeta (treas.), Tigerettes, Impromptwos, Women’s Sextet KNOLL, OMER A,, Victoria — B.S. in Art. SNEA, Newman Club, Football, Track KRA1SINGER, GARY L„ Great Bend— A R., History, Sigma Tau Gamma, SNEA KRENTZEL, MARLIN R. ; Carden City— B.S. in Education, Elementary Seniors KROLL, JOHN T„ Minneapolis, Minnesota— A. B., Psychology KRIJC. ROBERT W., Russell — B.S. in Agriculture, Delta Tau Alpha (pres.). Young Republicans, Gamma Delta KYNER, CAROL M,, Sharon Springs — B S., in Edu- cation, Elementary, SNEA, Kappa Phi LARSON, D. DEAN, Ada— B.S,, Math. K Club, New- man Club, Basketball LAW, MARCUS L„ WsKeeney — B.S. in Business, Sigma Tau Gamma, Young Republicans LAWSON, DOUGLAS M., Gaylord — B.S,, Biology, LESSOR, DELBERT L, T WaKeeney — B.S., Math and Physics. Sigma Phi Epsilon (sec.), Sigma Pi Sigma (pres ). Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Math Club, Newman Club, Who ' s Who LEWIS, ARNOLD M., Sal in a — A.B., History Sigma Tau Gamma, Canterbury Club, French Club LINDAHL, DAVID A., Plevna — B.S., Botany. Track LINK, DEANNA L,, Chase — B.S. In Education, Ele- mentary. Sigma Sigma Sigma (sec.), SNEA, Newman Club, Homecoming Queen Attendant LOFSTEAD, MARY A., Lebanon- -A.B., English. Al- pha Gamma Delta (pres.), Canterbury Club, SNEA, Union Board LOHR, THEODORE E., Kanorado — B.S , Math. Foot- ball LOMAX, CARL E, s Modoc — B.S. in Business. Phi Sigma Epsilon (pres.), IFC (treas ) LUNSFORD, LARRY D., Great Bend — B.S in Ag- riculture. LYMAN, JERRY L., Dighton-R.S., Math. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Epsilon (pres.) McALISTER, JEANNINE M., Qu inter— B.M., Music. Sigma Alpha Iota, Kit Kails 214 McATEE, FRANK C., Ellsworth— B.S. in Business. Newman Club McATEE, RICHARD E., Ellis— B.S., Chemistry. Sev- enth Cavalry, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, American Chemical Society, Who’s Who MeCLELLAN, MARILYN V., Glade— B.S. in Educa- tion, Elementary. Alpha Gamma Delta (v. pres.), SNEA, Student Council McFALL, MARY P., Coats— B.S., General Science, Sigma Kappa, Nurses Club, KSSNA McGUIRE, MARILYN, Hays— B.5., General Science. Alpha Gamma Delta, W r LQ, KSSNA, Honors Seminar, Nurses Club, Who ' s Who McINTOSH, CHARLES Q., Hays— R.S. in Business, McKINNEY, WILLIAM C„ Lincoln— A.B., German and History. German Club (v. pres.), IRC, oung Democrats, Football McLEOD, WILLIAM P., Salina— B.S. in Business. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Student Council (v. pres.). Sopho- more Class V. Pres., Junior Class Pres., Wrestling McMULKlN, FRANCIS W„ Norton— B.S. in Indus- trial Arts. Phi Eta Sigma, Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Arts Club McNERNEY, NEIL W., W’a Keeney— B.S. in Business. Sigma Phi Epsilon (sec.), Concert Choir, IFC (sec.) McNERNEY, KHODA J., Lakin— B.M., Music. Sig- ma Alpha Tota, Concert Choir McQUEEN, JUNE3L R„ Kensington— B.S. in Busi- ness. Alpha Gamma Delta, Young Republicans, Band, Clarinet Choir, SNEA, WLG MACK, H, JOAN, Di gluon — B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. Sigma Kappa, SNEA, Senior Class Sec. MAHONEY, MARTHA L„ Hays— B.S. in Education, Elementary. MALCOLM, JAMES V., Almena — B.S., Biology- and Math. SNEA (treas.), Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Epsi- lon, Math Club MALMBERG, VIRGINIA A., Hays— B.S. in Art and Education, Elementary. Delta Zcta, SNEA MARGHEIM, EDWTN E., WaKceney— B.$. in Busi- ness. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Football MARQUELING, ROBERT J., Park— B.M., Music. Phi Mu Alpha, Newman Club, Orchestra, Choral Union MARSHALL, NORMAN A., Stockton— B.S. in Bush MARSHALL, RODNEY 0., Minn eola— B.S. in Busi- ness. Basketball MASKA, DARLENE Y., Hays— B.S. in Education, Elementary. MASSEY, PAUL E„ Kiowa— B.M., Music. Phi Mu Alpha (v, pres.), Band, Orchestra, Concert Choir, Brass Choir, Impromptwos MEAD, WAYNE L., Belpre— B.S., Biology. MEIER, ROBERT J., Hays— B.S., Math. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Math Club, Young Republicans MELHUS HAROLD D., Scandia— B,$. in Industrial Arts Sigma Phi Epsilon, SNEA, Industrial Arts Club M ERICA, KENNETH E., Winona— A.B., History. MERR1FIELD, W. LARRY, Agra— B.S. in Business. MESA, M. PHILLIP, Ka n o polis — A , B. , Spanish. New- man Club, Spanish Qub 2IS MEYERS, MARJORIE R., Hays— B.S, in Business. Delta Zeta, Newman Club, Christian Council, Cheer- leader, Tigerettes, Reveille, Leader MICKEY, JOHN F. t Ho ie— B.S. in Business. Resi- dence Hall Treas. MIESNER, JAMES F., Obedin— B.S., Geology. Gam- ma Delta m MILFORD, MICHAEL L. 7 Dodge City— B.S., Chem- istry. Chemistry Club, Student Council MILLER, DARRELL R., Moscow— B.S., Biology. Del- ta Sigma Phi (pres.) MILLER, MARLENE F., Bison—B.S. in Education, Elementary. SNEA MILLER, ROBERT A., Great Bend — B.S. in Busi- ness, Canterbury Club, Reveille (bus, mgr.) MILLS, MERLE L„ St. Francis — B.S. in Agricul- ture. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Fort Hays Singers, Concert Choir, Wrestling KINDLING, GENE W., Plainville — B.S, in Business, MOELLER, DALLAS j., Wilson — A.B., Chemistry. MQG, ROBERT D., Wilson-B.S., Math, $NEA T Yrack MOLLAGEN, DELORES K., Scott City — B.$. in Home Economics. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa 0 mi- cron Phi (v, pres,), Home Economics Qub MOONEY, CARL T. t Burrton— B.S,, Math, K-Club, Math Club (pres.), Kappa Mu Epsilon, SNEA, Foot- Ijgjl TTrsck MORGAN, DAVID H., Hutchinson — B.S, in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club MORRIS, GLENDA S., Dighton— A.B., Speech, Lit- tle Theater, Alpha Psi Omega (pres.), Sigma Kappa (pres.) MORSS, ANNETTE L., Ellsworth— B.S. in Education, Elementary. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Union Dance Com- mittee (chair.), Campus Boosters (v, pres,), Union Program Council, SNEA, Progressive Party MOSIER, JAN B., Hays — A.B., English. Delta Zeta, Campus Boosters, Kit Kats, Tigerettes, Reveille Co- Editor, Lambda Iota Tau (treas.), Panhellenic Coun- cil, WLO, SNEA, Student Council, Progressive Party MOTHER5HEAD, CAROLYN K., Salina - B.S. in Business. Sigma Kappa (sec), YWCA (pres.), Chris- tian Council (v, pres,), SNEA, USCF MOWERY, JUDITH A., Osborne — B.S, in Educa- tion, Elementary. SNEA MUNDS, JOHN L,, Burrton— B.S., Math, MUNSINGER, V. CELESTE, Logan— A.B., English. Sigma Sigma Sigma, SNEA, French Qub MUNSON, SHIRLEY M., Hays — B.S. in Education, Elementary ' . Delta Zeta, W ho ' s Who 2 6 MURRAY, GAIL L., WellsvMe— B.$., General Sci- ence, Nurses Club, KSSNA NAGEL, HAROLD G., Natoma— B.S., Botany. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Student Affairs Committee NAIMAN, DONALD W., WaKeeney— B.S. in Indus- trial Arts. Industrial Arts Club NELSON, KENNETH A., Garfield— A,B., Philosophy. Lutheran Student Assn. NEWELL, NORMAN E., Damar— B.S. in Physical Education. Newman Club NICHOLAS, LILLIAN M., Hays — B.S. in Education, Elementary, and Speech, SNEA NICHOLAS, PAUL A., Hays— B.S,, Biology. K-Club NICKELS, C CHARLES, Kinsley— A.B., English and History. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Student Council, Leader. Lambda Iota Tau, Scriblerus, Who’s Who NICKELSON. MARLYN D., B.S. in Agriculture. NIEMAN, JAMES F , Grinnell- B.S. in Physical Edu- cation. Newman Club, K-Club, Track, Cross Country NIERMEIER, HARVEY H., Atwood— B.S. in Busi- ness, Gamma Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Union Board, Seventh Cavalry (pres.). Who’s W r ho NORTON, BEN H., Abilene— B.S. in Art. Sigma Tau Gamma OLIVER, RUSSELL D„ Satanta— B.$. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club OPLIGER, LELAND T„ Agra— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club PACKARD, RICHARD D., Gove— B.S. in Education, Elementary. Tau Kappa Epsilon (pres.), IFC, Student Council PARISH, HARLIE A., Great Bend— B.S. , Chemistry. Chemistry Club Ureas.) PARISH, JANICE L, GoodJand— B.S, in Education, Elementary. SNEA, Kit Kate. Intramural PARKER, MERLE L,, Brewster— B.S. m Industrial Arts, PARKS, CHARLES E„ Macksville— A.B., Speech PAVLICEK, ROBERT W., Gberlin— B.S. in Business. Tau Kappa Epsilon (v. pres.), IFC PEARSON, JOYCE E., Leoti— R.S. in Education, Elementary. FELLOW, ROBERT J., Kansas City— B.S. in Busi- PERCIVAL, PATTI J„ Hoxie— A.B., Speech. Second Generation Club, Sigma Alpha Iota (sec.). Delta Zeta (v. pres.), Impromptwos, W ' omen’s Sextet, WLO PETERSILIE, FRANKIE W., Cunningham— B.S. in Art. PFANNENSTIEL, MELVIN, Hays— B.S. in Business. PFEIFER. JOSEPH A„ Hays— B.S,, Geology, New- man Gub PHILIP, JOYCE A., Brownell — B.S. in Home Eco nomics. Delta Zeta (sec.), Tigerettes (pres.), Home Economics Gub POPP, DEAN R., Russell— B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary, SNEA, German Club 217 PRICE, BILLY D., Nckoma— B-S. in Agriculture, Wrestling PRICE, LOIS M., Hanstcn— B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. Student Affairs Committee (sec.), SNEA QUENZER, ALLEN D., Utica— B,S. in Agriculture. Sigma Tau Gamma (pres.) QUILLIN, RONALD W., Osborne— B.S., Math. Kap pa Sigma Kappa RAHIMIAN, H0SSEIN, Tehran, Iran— B.S. in Agri- culture. IRC (pres.). Biology Club RAILING, LARRY ' R.. Dodge City— B.S, Math. RALSTIN, CARROLD J, Mullinville — B.S, Math and Physics. Kappa Mu Epsilon (v. pres.) RASEK, LINDA L, Great Bend— B.S. in Business, Alpha Sigma Alpha, USCF s YWCA, Young Demo- crats, SNEA, Band RATH, DALE N, St. Francis — B.S. in Agriculture. K-Club, Wrestling REEDER, MELVIN D, WaKeeney — B.S. in Business, SNEA, Young Republicans REINHARDT, CAROL J., Bison— B.S. in Business, RICHARDS, GERALD R, Kinsley— B.S. in Ait. RICHARDSON, STANTON B, Wilmore— B.S, Gen- eral Science, Young Democrats R IDG WAY, ROBERT L, Dodge City- — B.S. in Indus- trial Arts. Alpha Phi Omega (treas.) RIEDEL, JOHN M., Walker — -B.S, in Education, Ele- ment ary. Newman Club, Young Democrats, SNEA RIISOE, JULIE A., Kinsley— A. R., English. Sigma Kappa, SNEA, YWCA ROBBEN, BERTRAM G,, Hoxie-A.B., History. New- man Club, Young Democrats RODEMAN, REVA G., Ness City — B 31, Music, SNEA, Sigma Alpha Iota, Concert Choir ROESCH, CURTIS W., Quinter— A,B„ German. Ger- man Club ROGERS, VICKIE A., Downs — B.S, in Education, Elementary. Delta Zeta, Orchesis, SNEA ROHR, MAURICE J., Hays- — B.S, in Agriculture, In- dustrial Arts Club, Newman Club ROHR, J IIOMAS L., Ness City — A.B., Political Sci- ence, German Club (v. pres.), Young Democrats ROME, MARJORIE A., Victoria — B.S. in Education, Elementary. SNEA, Newman Club ROAIEISER, GARY L., Rush Center — B.S. in Physi- cal Education. Young Democrats, SNEA 218 ROSE, DANIEL W„ Hav iland— A.B., Zoology, K- Club, Cross Country, Track ROSE, JOHN R,, Haviland — B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. K-Club, Gross Country ROTH, MARCIAN F., Hays— B.S., Math and Phys- ics. Newman Club, Math Club {v. pros.), Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma (v. pres), Della Epsilon ROWLEY, MARILYN K., Hoismgton— B.S. in Home Economics. Home Economics Club, SNEA ROYER, JERRY R., Leo ti— B.S. in Industrial Arts. RUDER, KENNETH F., Hays— A.B., Speech. Pin Sigma Epsilon, Newman Club, Little Theater RUMLEY, DENNIS W r , Dorrance— B.S., Math, RIJN DELL, MARILYN K., Pierceville— B.S. in Busi- ness. SNEA, Kit Kats, YWCA (v r pres, RUTH, DARREL L., Johnson— B.S. in Agriculture. SALYER, KAREN B., Cold water— B.S. in Home Economics. Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Economics Club (treas.) ' SCHALANSKY, JAMES L., Kirwin— A.B„ Biology. Newman Club, Biology Club, SNEA SCHIEFERECKE, JAMES A., Dresden— B.S in In- dustrial Arts. Newman Club, Industrial Arts Club Seniors SCHL1CK, RALPH G t Grainfield — A.B , History. Newman Club, German Club {pres.) SCHMIDT, FRED, Russell— A. B., History. German Club, SNEA, Progressive Party SCHMIDT, W AYNE R., Hays— B.S. in Business. New- man Club, Basketball SCHOEN, EVERETT L., Downs— BS. in Business. Basketball, Track SCHROCK, DON D., Mankato— B.S. in Physical Edu- cation. Football SCHROEDER, MAX H. p Lamed— B.S., Zoology and Botany. Biology Club, Delta Epsilon SCHULTZ, GARY D„ Sylvia— B.S. in Physical Edu- cation. K-CIub, Track, Basketball SCHULTZ, VIRGINIA M., Colby— B.S. in Education, Elementary. SNEA SCHUMACHER, TIM C., Hays— A.B., Psychology. Delta Epsilon, Student Council, Psychology Club (v. pres.). Football SCHUMACHER, WAYNE A., Hays— A.B., English. K-Cluk Lambda Iota Tau, Newman Club, Football SCHUPMAN, ARLYN L, f LaCrosse— B.S. in Busi- ness. Newsman Club SCOTT, CLOETTA K., Pueblo, Colorado— B.S. T Gen- eral Science. SEERY, KAREN M., Overland Park— B.S. in Educa- tion, Elementary SNEA, Alpha Gamma Deity (sec.), WLO (v pres. ), Who ' s Who SEWELL, C. W., Larned B.S., Math. Math Club SHAFFER, MARY M., Salina— B,M., Music, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Marching Band, Concert Band, Clari- net Choir, Conceit Choir, Choral Union, Orehestia, Sigma Alpha Iota, MENC, SNEA SHIMEK, ROGER L., Jennings— B.S. in Physical Education. SNEA. 219 SHIVELY, JON W., WaKeeney— B.S, in Business. Sigma Phi Epsilon, IFC (v. pres ), Concert Choir, Tmpromptwos, Male Quartet, Concert Choir Shows, Student Council SHUMATE, DENIS J., Garfield— A.B«, Psychology. Sigma Phi Epsilon SIEMERS, GALEN 0., Luray— B.S, in Business. SICLE, PEGGY S., Luray— B.S. in Home Economics. Home Economies Club, Tigercttes, Wesley Foundation. SNEA, YWCA SIMMONS, RICHARD L., Oakley— B,S. in Business. Delta Sigma Phi SIMONS, KENNETH W., Stockton— B.S. in Busi- ness. SINGLETON, HAROLD D., Plevna— B.S in Indus- trial Arts. SINGLETON, JANET B., Plevna— Bik in Education, Elementary. SNEA, Who’s Who SIVESIND, CARLYLE R,, Halliday, N. D — B.S in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club (treas.), Young Democrats, SNEA, Epsilon Pi Tau, Progressive Party SMITH, CHARLES R., Johnson— B.S., Biology ' . SMITH, IVAN D., Osborne — B.S. in Agriculture. Young Republicans SMITH, JAN M.„ LaCrosse — A.B., Psychology. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Scriblerus (pres.). Delta Epsilon, Young Republicans, Progressive Party ( sec - 1 reas.), W T ho’$ Who Seniors SMITH, ROBERT A., Lenora — A.B., English. Colle- giate 4-H, Young Republicans, SNEA SMITH, VALDA J , Arnold— B.S. in Home Econom- ics. Home Economics Club SOEKEN, RONALD C, Lorraine— B.S. in Agricul- ture. Gamma Delta (pres.), K-Club, Basketball, Track SQU1ER, GALE D., Brownell — B,S. in Agriculture and Botany. Delta Epsilon STAUB, STEPHEN A., St. John-A.R, Political Sci- ence. Df-lta Sigma Phi, Student Council (pres.), Phi Eta Sigma, Young Democrats, Progressive Party, Pi Kappa Delta (pres.), Seventh Cavalrv. Debate STEHNO, PATRICIA L., Atwood— B.S. in Educa- tion, Elementary. Alpha Gamma Delta (v. pres.), SNEA, Newman Club STEIN ERT, A r WAYNE. Runsom-A.B., History SNEA STEINERT, ROGER W. f Russell— B.S , Math. New- man Club, Math Club STEIN LE, VALEDA G., Quin Ecr — R.S., General Sci- ence- Nurses Club STEPHENS, DONNA K., Good land— B.S. in Art. Delta Zeta, Panbellenic Council, SNEA ST ER RETT, CAROLYN J., Quinter— B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club, YWCA, SNEA ST1EL0W, MARY L., Russell — Diploma in Nursing. Nurses Club, KSSNA, Kappa Phi 220 . STITES, GLENDA A,, Hill City— B.S. in Education, Elementary. SNEA, YWCA (treas.) STONE BE AKER, DAVID C, Pratt— B.S. in Physical Education. K-CIub, Basketball, Track STOKER, DONALD D,, Hoxie— B.S., Math. SNEA, Math Club STOSKOPF, DARREL W„ Hoisington— B.S. in Bush ness. STOSKOPF, LINDA M,, Hoisington— B.S. in Home Economics. Home Economics Club, Kappa Omicron Phi (sec.) STOSKOPF, L. R., Hoisington— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club STOUT, JACK L. ( Liberal— A. B., Math and Chemis try. Phi Eta Sigma, Della Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsi- lon, Seventh Cavalry (treas.) STREMEL, FRANCIS J. f Bison— B.S. in Education, Elementary. Newman Club STRICKER, THOMAS D., Russell— A,B„ Chemistry. German Club, Chemistry Club SUHLER, CAROL A., Lamed — 13. S., General Science. Nurses Club, KSSNA (v. pres.) SUMMERS, RUTH E. f Scott City— B.S., General Sci- ence. Nurses Club, KSSNA, Wesley Foundation SUPPES, VICTOR C., LaCrosse — B.S., Geology . New- man Club, Biology Club SWEENEY, JERRY K., Greensburg— A.B,, History. Phi Alpha Theta, Scriblerus TASSET, LOWELL J., Spearville— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Epsilon Pi Tau, Newman Club, Industrial Arts Club i c - TAYLOR, BEVERLY A., Lyons— B,S., General Sci- ence, LiSCF, Nurses Club, KSSNA TAYLOR, SHEILA K., Greensburg— B.S. in Physi- cal Education, Eta Rho Epsilon (sec, -treas.), Wesley Foundation, Band, Women ' s Intramurals (sec.) TESKE, JANICE A., Ellsworth— B.S. in Education, Elementary, Gamma Delta, SNEA, Kit Kats, Intra- murals THAETE, MARNTE K., Sylvan Grove— B.S, in Indus- trial Arts, Industrial Arts Club, Gamma Delta, SNEA THOMAS, PATSY A., Beeler — B.S, in Business. YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Campus Boosters, Band, Clarinet Choir THOMAS, SHIRLEY N., Palco— B.S. in Education, Elementary. THOMPSON, DONALD K., Burrton— B.S. in Indus- trial Arts. , t _ TT . THOMPSON, NORMAN C, Great Bend— A.B., His- tory, Kappa Sigma Kappa, SNEA THORNBURG, LARRY S., Hays— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Arts Club TIEN, ANN, Prairie View— B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. SNEA TOLAND, KIMBERLY A„ Lucas— B.S., General Sci- ence. Nurses Club, KSSNA TOW ' NS, BILLY L., Hays— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club, Young Republicans, Intramurals TUSTIN, GORDON R., Oakley— A.B., English. Lead- er, Union Movie Committee URBAN, DENNIS J„ Bison— B,M., Music, MENC, SNEA, Choral Union, Band, Concert Choir, Fort Hays Singers, Orchestra, German Club, Newman Club 221 Van DcWEGE, HARLAN D., Prairie View— A.R., History. SNEA Van DcWEGE, NEVA L., Prairie View — B.S. in Edu- cation, Elementary- Sigma Sigma Sigma (pres.), Alpha Lambda Delta VOSBURGH, DONALD M., Macksville— B.S, in Ag- riculture. WAHLMEIER, DENNIS H, Clayton— B.S. in Physi- cal Education. Newman Club, SNEA, Football WALKER, DALE B,, Englewood — B.S. in Industrial Arts, K-Club, Industrial Arts Club, Track WALKER, RONALD L,, Salina — B.S. in Business. Kappa Sigma Kappa Ureas.), Tennis WALLGREN, ROBERT D., Logan— B.S„ Biology. Biology Club WALTERS, HERBERT D., Hays— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club, Newman Club WATERS, PHILLIP A., Lebanon— B.S., Biology, WEBSTER, JOLENE J„ Stockton— A, B., French and English, French Club WEISER, VALARIAN F., Norton— B.S, in Business, Newman Club WELCH, DAVID R., Garfield— B.S. in Agriculture. Sigma Phi Epsilon (v, pres.). Delta Tau Alpha (pres.), Industrial Arts Club WELLER, RANDALL W., Paradise— A JL, Speech. Sigma Tau Gamma (pres, and v. pres.) W HITHER, GEORGE M., Dorrance— B,S„ Math. SNEA, Football, Basketball WICKHAM, WARREN P., Beloit— B.S. in Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club (sec,), Epsilon Pi Tau, SNEA WILLSON, MARGARET C, WaKeeney — B.M., Music. W ' LO, MENC, Artist and Lectures Committee, Concert Choir, Fort Hays Singers, Honors Seminar, Sigma Alpha Iota, KMTA, Choral Union, Who ' s Who WILSON, BARBARA H,, Claftin— B.M., Music. Sig- ma Alpha Iota (v, pres,), WTO, Alpha Lambda Del- ta, Phi Kappa Phi, Honors Seminar, MENC, Concert Choir, Choral Union, Fort Hays Singers, Who’s Who WILSON, FRANCIS R„ leoti— R.M., Music. Phi Mu Alpha (pres.). Seventh Cavalry (sec.), Concert Chon (pres.), P° rt Hays Singers, Male Quartet, Choral Union, Hup rornp twos, Who’s Who, Concert Choir Shows WILSON, WILLIAM B„ Lakin-B.S,, Biology. K Club, Track W INKLER, CHARLES E., Rozel— A.B., History. W OND ERLICH, JUNE L., Holcomb -B.S., Math. Math Club (sec .-tress.), SNEA, USCF, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Kappa .Mu Epsilon, Delta Epsilon, Wdio’s Who WOOD, CHARLES W„ Kinsley— A. B., English. Scriblerus WULLSCHLEGER, HARRY D., Home— B.S. in Agri- culture. Delta Sigma Phi, Union Music Committee, Intramurals, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Football YEAGER, GERALD E., Bazine — B.S. in Business. Phi Eta Sigma, Honors Seminar, W r ho $ Who YOUNG, HAROLD L, Larned— B.S. in Agriculture, Delta Tau Alpha, IRC, Young Democrats ZECHME1STER, JEANETTE E., Plain ville— B.S, In Education, Elementary. Sigma Kappa, German Club, Roger Williams Fellowship, Senior Class V, Pres. ZERR, GERALD ,L, Park— B.S. in Business. Phi Sig- ma Epsilon, Newman Club ZIEK, HOLLAND M., Lincoln— B.S. in Education, Elementary ' . 222 Graduate Division Graduate students may earn three advanced degrees at FHS — master of arts, master of science, or specialist in education. One of the most rapidly growing divisions of the college offers graduate courses in 11 subject fields to approximately 250 students. The deep probing of individual investigation and re- search, the creative work of the artist and writer, experiments of the chemist and scientist is climaxed by a thesis or mas- ter’s report and demands a level of study and concentra tion beyond that of the undergraduate student. BIRD, LEONARD W., Nor- ton — Education. CATQN JAMES F,, Hays —English. CHEGWIDDEN, JACK M., Ha vs — Economics. DAVIS, EUGENE H, Oak- ley — Industrial Arts. DREIUNG, THERESA Victoria — Speech. DUFF, ELLEN A., Beloit— Psychology. FERGUSON, WILLARD C, Haviland — Biology. FOLKS, F, NEIL, Ashland — Zoology. FORD, ALBERT G, Hos- in gt on— Ed ne at ion . GIEBLER, PATRICK J., Hays — English. KEITH, GLENN L., Peno- kee — General Science and Industrial Arts. KHERDE, MADHUKAR K,, India — Botany. MEIER, LARRY D., Abi- lene — Industrial Arts and Business. NAKADOMAR1, H 1 S A- M 1 T S U, Okinawa — Math. NELSON, ROGER D., Hays— Chem ist ry . NORTH, HARRY L., Hays — Industrial Arts. PANDEYA, NIRMALEN- DU K., India— Botany. PAULEY, GALE L., Wood- ston — Industrial Arts, Guid- ance and Counseling. QUINT, JAMES E., Bun- ker Hill — Science. REINERT, KENNETH R, Bloom — Botany. SCHECK, PATRICIA A., Havs — Music. SINGH, RAM PR ASH AD, India — Botany. SOH, THOMAS, Formosa— Chemistry. W A N D S, WANDA L, Wheeler, III. — Art. WGLTERS, GALE L., Per- ils — Botany. ANDERSON, LARRY K., II oxie— History. ANKLE, DAVID D., Atwood— Botany and Agriculture. BANNISTER, MARCIA S., Jewell— Speech. 223 A botany class used the campus as its laboratory. Adams, Judy, Lyons Allen, Carol, Stafford Ary, Delores, Densmore Ary, Mikel, Lewis Asher, Velda, At menu Augustine, Clen, Lenora Augustine, Shi el a, Ellis Baal m an, Thomas, Grinnell Baird, James, Brewster Ball, Garry, Assarict Baker, John, Abilene Baldwin, Richard, Zurich Barnes, Birkley, Colby Barngrover, Loren, Dodge City Bauer, Karen, Radium Baumrucker, Thomas, Cor ham Baxter, William, Hays Bay, Robert, Russell Becker, Carole, Luray Beckman, Charles, Hoxie Beery, Charles, Cimarron Befort, Al, Great Bend Behnke, Gerald, Kinsley Bennett, Eldon, Edsori Bergman, Paul, Osborne Bice, Carl, Kinsley Bice, Carolyn, $t r John Bimey, Marcia, Saianta Bishop, Frances, Russell Blevins, Donald, Pratt Bly stone, Joyce, Kano rad o Juniors 224 Bodge, James, Phillipsburg Bogner, John, Sharon Bollig, Francis, Victoria Bond, Franklin, Byers Bond, Fred, Russell Bonner, Orville, Lead Boos, Gerald, Hays Boosa, Ann, Liberal Boston, Brian, Ellsworth Boyd, Agnes, Monument Boyd, Roberta, Phillipsburg Brinkman, Diedrick, Cimarron Brown, Bill, Studley Brown, Elton, Hoisington Brown, Judy, Lucas Bryant, Carrol, Dighton Burke, JoAnne, Dodge City Byler, Donna, Garden City Call i ham, Richard, Colby Cam hern, Sherry, Elkhart Cap res, Lionel, Waldo Carley, Curtis, Hays Carter, Duane, Sf. John Caskey, Wallace, Ellis Churchill, Shirley, Hay s Clark, Mary, WaKeeney Gement, Sigdd, Hill City Coblentz, John, Salina Coffey, Don, Hays Colburn, Margie, Stockton Colburn, William, Hays Collins, Robert, Nekoma Conrad, Sharon, Portis Cooper, Margaret, Moscow Copp, James, Gorham Cordell, Lawrence, Soldier Cornwell, Dorothy, Hays Covey, Robert, Beverly Crocker, Benjamin, Ulysses Cronin Mada, Pierceville Cronk, Verlin, Osborne Crowder, Barbara, Dodge City Cunningham, Glen, La Crosse Daniel, Clyde, Glen Elder Darnell, Linda, Osborne Don’t copy every word. That assembly was a nice break between classes. Davidson, Larry, Clay Center Dawson, Donald, Russell Day, Jon, El Dorado Decker, Laurence, Satanta Deines, Larry, IFaKeeney DeLay, Fredrick, Quin ter Dcwald, Janet, Bazine Dietz, Larry, Colly er Dinges, Lucille, Hays Dirks, Martha, J VaKeeney Conner, Cary, Ka nor ado Drake, Donna, Rozel Dreiling, Lilly, Garden City Ducr, Coline, St. John Dunlop, Roger, Plains Dunn, Denny, Formosa Dupont, Merle, Chase Dyer, Robert, Great Bend Ebel, David, Russell Edwards, Isabel, Good land Ehrlich, Larry, Russell Emigh, Keith, Selden Engel, Edna, Ellis Engel, Luanne, W eilingion Erickson, Delbert, Atwood Esfeld, Terry, Portis Essmiller, Robert, Great Bend Estes, Arlene, Kanorado Eubank, Paul, Protection Evel, Shirley, Arnold Fair, Warren, Solomon Fankhauser, Carl, Haviland Farney, John, Kiowa Fehrenbacher, Francis, Si. John Feist, James, Ell inwood Fetters, James, St. Louis, Mo. Fiss, Myrna, Johnson Fleury, Eldon, Jamestowti Fliekner, Elbert, Kingman Flummerfelt, James, Hugo ton Forsyth, Jay, Liberal Foster, Norman, Oberlin Fox, Connie, Ellsworth Franco, Dan, Lamar Frank, Cheryl, Russell Franz, Derry l, Rozel Fuller, Stephen, Little River Fulton, Rernieee, Goodland Funk, Robert, IF Us on Fyfe, John, Brewster Gagnon, David, Grain fie Id Gall) Emil, Offerle Gardner, Duane, Hutchinson Gardner, Ronald, Abilene Gates, Ronald, Hill City Gebhart, Gary, Safina Gerritzen, Herman, Claflin Gibson, Norma, Dighton Giebler, Gale, Hays Gienger, Stan, St. Francis Gilbert, George, Luray Gilson, Rosemary, Plainville Givens, Faith, Hays Glennemeier, Larry, Densmore Gnad, Leroy, Ellis Goddard, Nancy, Ingalls Good row, Judith, Morland Greenway, Judith, Hugoton Greenwood, Gloria, Russell Griffith, Diane, Hays Grimm, Marie, Jewell Gr using, Melvin, Leoti Gunn, Melvin, Hays Gunnels, Joel, Colby Guy, Allen, Ellsworth Haas, Kenneth, Hays Hammerschmidt, Harold, Hays Hanken, Landis, Great Bend Hanson, Andy, Herndon Hanzlick, Jerry, Beeler Harman, James, Hays Harmon, Roger, Great Bend Harrell, Millard, Paradise Harzman, Leonard, Claflin Hawkins, Larry, McDonald Hayes, Gene, Smith Center Heaton, Carol, Woods ton Heide, Linda, Smith Center Heim, Joseph, Hoxie Henderson, Lois, Enid, Old a. Hen rick son, Wallace, Lagan Herb Larry, Hays 227 What ' s so interesting. 220 Hermes Myron Hutchinson Mermen Karen Ness City Hildebrand August Hill City Hinnergardt, Stanley Burden Hinz Sue, Sf, Francis Hoffman Evalyn, Tribune Hoffman, Raymond Studley Holden Robert Garden City Holen, Ralph, Phillipsburg Holliday, Shari St. Francis Holmes, Sandy, Houston Hopkins Martha Scott City Howard Donald, Plainville Howard, Gaylene Smith Center Howell, Galen, Lamed Huff, Roger, Norton Humble, Darrel Sawyer Hurt David, Ellis janke, Larry, Alexander Jeffers, Marvin, Lincoln jenisch Larry Clajlin Jensen, Donna, Kinsley Johnson, Donald Sharon Springs Johnson Joe Preston Johnson, Karl, Zurich Johnson, Raymon, Hugoton Jones, Harold Colby Jones, Kenneth Woods ton Jorns Mary, Preston Kal ten bach, Karen, Plainville Kelley, Sharon Beloit Kenyon, Gary, Bogue KidwelL Delbert, Dodge City Kinzie, Rachel Qumter Kleweno Dennis Bison Kleweno Marlene, Lenar a Knapp Sharon McDonald Kohls, Gail Ellsworth Kolltnan, Melvin, Stockton Kralicek, Mary, Hunter Krcie, William, Hudson Krentzel, Myra, Dighton Krouse, Noel, Logan Krug, Donald, Russell Kruse, Mimi, Plainville Lang, Anita, Jelmore Lebsack, Shirley, Otis Lee, George, Tescott Lee, James, Cummings Leuty, Patricia, Ellsworth Linenberger, Pat, Victoria Lindquist, Robert, Topeka Linsner, James, Hoisington Lockwood, Larry, Kinsley Loewen, Melville, Ulysses Lorbeer, Virginia, Hays Losey, Betsy, Hu go ton Losey, Wilma, Grinnell Lutgen, Leon, Cawker City Lyda, Gary, Rush Center Lynn, Robert, WaKeeney Maddux, Nina, Bush ton Maddy, Patricia, Belleville Magcrs, J. Lloyd, St. John Maglaras, Barbara, Garden City Mai, Norman, WaKeeney Major, Roger, Beloit Mannebacb, Robert, Menlo Mapel, Robert, Jewell Marcus, Peter, Ness City Margheim, Shura, Palco Marshall, Robert, Stockton Martin, Marvin, Quinter Martin, Roxie, Oberlin McCarty, Gary, La km McCoy, Donald, Ellsworth McElwain, David, Newton McKean, Linda, Great Betid McKinney, Charles, Englewood McQuilliam, Nancy, Hutchinson Medcraft, E. Anne, Lincoln Meharg, Glen, Hoisington Meier, Frederick, Wilson Meyers, Clayton, turned Miller, Glenda, St. John Miller, Patricia, Osborne Misegadis, Yvonne, Rush Center 229 Students always find time to relax in the Union. Juniors Moody Roberta Dodge City Moreland Helen Hays Moser Albert Syracuse Moses Ray, Leoti Muci, John St. John Mulch, Robert Scott City Mull, R r Gordon Dighton Mullen Jerry, Ada Murray, Janet, Scott City M us toe, Rosemary, Norton Myrick Phillip Scott City Nagel Robert, LaCrosse Nelson, James Hays Nelson, Ifa Garfield Northrup, Sharron Sl Francis Nusse, Janet, Liberal 0 horny Dolores Timken Oringderff, Ralph Dodge City Orme Marilyn, Englewood,, Colo. Orr, Daisy Woodston Owens, Virginia, Quirt ter Page Mary, Ob trim Palmer, G, Ken Atwood Palmgren Anita, Levant Palmgren, Kenneth Levant Palmgren Virginia, Brewster Pamm enter Lynn ay Scott City Parker, Barbara, Lincoln Patrick Tom Glass port, Penn. Patterson, Barbara Ellsworth 230 Patterson, Helen, Kensington Patton, Carolyn, Scott City Peckham, Ray, Wichita Pedigo, Larry, Great Bend Pedigo, Lois, Rex ford Fekarek, Larry, Zurich Pepper, Clifford, Syracuse Perdue, Gary, Coats Peter, Donald, Goodiand Peter, John, Selden Pettit, Russell, Burr Oak Pfannenstiel, Donald, Hays Ffannen tiel, Terrance, Hays Phillips, Philip, Ulysses Pinney, Janice, Ellis Pollnow, Sharon, Oberlin Pruter, Roger, Hays Pryor, Kenneth, Great Bend Purvis, Lawrence, Weskan Purvis, Shirley, Weskan Rasp, Charley, Abilene Reed, Donald, Great Bend Reed, Thomas, Ness City Reiss, Clifford, Meade Reissig, Donald, Russell Reissig, Duane, Hays Rice, Dennis, Lamed Richardson, Kay, Larned Richards, Ken, Great Bend Riley, Patsy, Elkhart Rodeman, Carla, Ness City Rolland, Camille, W a Keeney Royer, Ron, Sunbury, Penn. Rube, Robert, Hoi sing ton Ruder, Larry, Plainville Rundell, Gale, Piercevillc Ruth, M aryl in, Johnson Saddler, Cary Colby Salyer, Theron, Ashland Sanborn, Jaclyn, Edmond Sander, Robert, Victoria Sanders, Carl, Meade Schardein, Joe, Nickerson Schlaefli, I arry, Cawker City Sc hie gel, Paul, Hays Schmidt, Terrance, Hays Schnalterly, Sally, Hays Schneider, Gary, Hays Sc h rater, Gerald, Utica Sehremmer, Alvin, Beaver Sehroer, Ronald, Dresden Schroll, Deity, Syracuse Schugart, Margie, Bison Schuler, Glenis, Ness City 231 Schultz, Marvin, Colby Schulz, Robert, Osborne Schulze, Dermis, Norton Schuvie, Nadyne, Hays Schweitzer, Raymond, Dodge City Schwindt, Gail, La Crosse Scott, Judith, Garden City Seeman, Patrick, Lamed Seery, Sharon, Overland Park Scllens, Judith, Hoisington Shepherd, Dennis, Russell Sherill, Jerry, Burrton Sittner, Larry Hudson Sjogren James Concordia Sjogren Marcia Concordia Slankard Carol, Great Bend Smith, Curtis Johnson Smith, Glenn eth, Codell S mith, LaDean, Agra Smith, Mildred, Macksville Smith, Sarah, Garden City Smith, Stanley, Garden City Spencer, Ruth, Ulysses Springfeldt, Martha, Bushton Staab, Wayne Hays Staab, W illard Hays Stanfield, Ted, Haviland Stapleton, William, Lewis Stark, Shirley, Hill City Steckline, Carol, Hays Steinshouer, Myrna, Hoxie Steitz, Roger, Otis Stephenson, Marcelyn, Clayton Stewart, Susan, IF eskan Stineburg, Larry, Meade Stover, Sara, Hill City Strecker, Gerald, Russell Stull, Janice, McCracken Stull, John, Brownell Sunderland, David, Bird City Swartley, Carol, Garden City Swinton, Gene, Hunter Tacha, John, Jennings Thiele, Patricia, Scott City Thielen, Joan, Dorrance Thompson, Gloria, Meade Thornburg, Esther, yilas t Colo. Thyfault W ' ilfred, Damar Tidball, Kenneth, JFaKeeney Torrey, Sue, Canton Townsend, Bill, Newton Trask, Gregg, Hays Tuttle, M a hi on. Quin ter Ukens, Leon, Hudson Underwood,, John, Bird City Unruh, Dale, Wilmore Unruh, Homer, Burrton Vance, Becky, Holy rood Vernon, Linda, Oberlin Vos burgh, Sybil, Macksville Voss, Dorothy, Densmore Wagner, David, Albert Walker, Charles, McCracken Walker, Shirley, Dorrance Walter, William, Mankato Ward, Douglas, Norton Warren, Penny, Agra W ' einhold, Harold, Sylvan Grove Weinhold, Janey, Ellsworth Waller, Kay, Hill City Worth, Carol, Hays Worth, Dick, Hays While, Marian, Coldwater White, Susan, WaKeeney W ' ilber, Leon, Derby Wilken, Louetta, Scott City Wilkenson, Jerry, Plamville Wilkerson, Phillip, Lincoln Williams, Carney, Alton Williams, Charles, Brewster W ' illiams, Dolores, Goodland W ? illison, William, Dodge City W ilson, Donna, Hays Wilson, Gary, Jewell Winder, Beverly, Natoma Wineinger, Keith, Luray W inford, David, Minntola Wingfield, Cary, Haviland Wire, John, Kinsley Wolf, Steven, Ellis Woodard, Dolores, Almena Wright, Edgar, Mankato Yager, Glenn, Holyrood Yager, Lyle, Holyrood Young, Emory, Hays Younger, Paul, Quinter Youngqui t, Stuart, Salirta Yost, Gary, Alexander Ziegier, David, Colly er Adams Gary Colby Aidun Faraidoon, Tehran Iran Aidun, Manijeh, Tehran, Iran Ailslieger Ross, Hoisington Albers Twila Park Aldrich Charles Garfield Aldrich Thyla, Garfield Allen Billie Ellis Amerine, Terry, Coldwater Anderson Kenneth Esbon Appel Robert Garfield Arneson Ronald Lebanon Augustine Mary Jane, Ellis Baler Charles St. John Sophomores Bamberger Shirley, Jetmore Barclay, Royer Lindsborg Bardot Ramona Coldwater Barnes, Dale Paola Baxter Ronnie Gorham Ravens, Joyce Long Island Bean, Patricia Beloit Beaver, Eugenia Quinter Bebb Karen, Norton Bechtel Jerry, Russell Beggs, John Ellis Behnke Myron Bushton Boiler, Margaret, Great Bend Beougher, William, Plainville Bergman, Dean Osborne Berscheidt Paul, Great Bend Riebcr Margaret Bison Bigham Robert, Palco Billlnger, Sueellcn, Hays Bird Michael, Hays Rirney Elmer Satanta Black, Dennis, Lucas Blair Virginia Satanta Bliss Ronald, Atwood Bo esc, Marilyn, Larned Bolinger Ronnie, Hugoion Bollig Dennis Hays Boone, Kenneth High ton Bortz, Larry Rush Center Boughner Mary Pratt 234 Bowers David Herington Boys Richard Densmore Boys Sandy, Hoisington Brejcha, Vernon, Holy rood Brendel, Shirley, Hays Brodbeck Lei and, Kinsley Brooks, Jim, Liberal Brown, Buddy Russell Brown Judith Great Bend Brownell William Glasco Browning Donna, Elkhart Brownlee, Charlotte, Satanta Brumitt Emma Hays Brans Stanley Dighton Burk Rosalie, Good! and Burr, Judy Hays Burr, Orian Bird City Burroughs Courtney, Washington D. C. Cain, Carol Trousdale Cain Sarah, Hays Caldwell, Sharon Burr Oak Callahan, William Goodland Callen Delbert Hays Campbell, Terry Lewis Capps, Melvin, Hoisington Carlson Neil Utica Carney, Charlotte, Colby Chitty, Micheal Jamestown Clark John, La kin Clow, Ethel, Luray Clydesdale, Carol Lenora Cole, Roma, Jctmore Conard, Donald Lamed Contreras, Luis Guatemala City Guatemala Order Marvin, McCook, Nebr , Cramer, Connie Healy Culwell Leanna, Phillips burg Curtis, Sandra, Tribune Daniel Linda, Glen Elder Daniels, Gerald, Granby, Colo . Davis, Beeeh, Belleville Davis, Gary, Glen Elder Dean Shirley Great Bend Deebes, William, Great Bend De Boer, Jean, Prairie View Dechant Larry, Hays Dehavcn, Kent, Hoisington Denning Dean Ellis Derrick, Roy, Smith Center Dickey, Roberta, Hays Dim mitt, Charles Syracuse Dinkel Corrine Victoria Dinkel Don Grainfield Divel Leon, Jewell 235 Dobos, Emory, McKeesport, Penn . Dodd, Jerry, M or land Doley, Allan, Palm Springs , Cal. Dreiling, Sandra, Hays Domcum, Bill, Hugoton D umler, Emanuel, Russell Dunavan, Robert, Great Bend Dunlap, Marvin, D., Brewster Dunlap, Marvin, L., Mt. Hope Edmonston, James, Protection Elias, James, La Crosse Elliott, Robert, Great Bend Ellis, Robert, Norton Emerson, Oscar, Luray Eulert, Gene, Russell Ewing, Ronnie, St r Francis Eye, Kenneth, Salina Fairbairn, Linda, Garfield Faulk, Kenneth, Salina Fin ken binder, Larry, Scott City Finley, Janet, Littleton, Colo, Fisher, Mickey, Turon Folkerts, Wendel, Rush Center Folks, Ray, Ashland Fox, James, Ulysses Fraley, Keith, A., Chester, Nebr. Fraley, Kent, D,, Chester, Nebr. Francis, Lynn, Sl John Frazier, Marie, Hays Freeman, Gary, Ellin wood Fritzemeier, Charles, Stafford G afford, Roger, Seneca Gagnon, Janice, Crinnell Gale, Donald, Springfield, Mass. Card, Richard, Good land Garrison, Dennis, Plains Gassmann, Agnes, Grinnell Gatewood t G wynne, Hays Geerdes, John, Hoxie Geiger, Larry, Salina Georg, Winston, Alexander Gibbons, Dot tie, Hutchinson Giebler, Wayne, Hays Gillispie, Ronnie, Grain field Gingorich, Dwane, Kendall Goehring, Clayton, Kinsley Goetz, Sharon, Victoria Goff, Floyd, Hoxie Gordon, Don, Great Bend Goltschalk, Donald, Hays GottschaJk, Kenneth, Hays Graves, Amy, Burden Gray, Thomas, Ulysses Green, W ' ayne, Russell Grimm,, Judith, Jewell Gross, Mary, Hays Grusing, Dale, Leoti Gruver, LaDonna, Scott City Gustin, Larry, Galatia Haffner, Frances, Hoxie Hagermun, Lynn, Long Island Hallagin, J, Arnold, McDonald Hall agin, Jann, McDonald Hallbick, Rita, Dighton Hammer, Denis, EUinwood Hammer, Harold, Norway Harding, Gary, Stockton Hargreaves, Warren, Solomon Harris, Phil, Stafford Hart, William, Hays Hawkins, Richard, McDonald Hayes, Melva, Mullinville Heaton, Bonnie, Woodston Henderson, Sharon, Hays Herber, Mary Ann, Dor ranee Hertel, Kenneth, Ness City Higerd, Larry , Gem Higerd, Loretta, Gem Higgins, Gary, Elkhart Hockett, Elwin, Ulysses Hofer, Verena, Portis Hoffer, Jan, Haven Hollis, Donald, Hunter Holmes, Larry, Utica Holopirek, Mel, Timken Hopkins, L Cynthia, La Crosse Horyna, Sharon, Ha us ion Hosie, Ronald, Abilene Howland, Gary, Abilene Hughes, Carole, fVaKeeney Hunter, James, Mankato Hurlbut, Eunice, Hays Huston, Gerald, Abilene Huston, Mary Jo, Abilene Hutson, Betty, Prairie View Hyer, Carol, Bncklin Hynes, Daphne, Sylvan Grove Isbern, Orville, EUinwood Jacobs, ChesUy, Pfeifer Jansonius, Evalee, Prairie View Jeffers, Marlin, Lincoln Jeike, Elfie, Denver, Colo. Joerg, Charles, Formosa Jones, Dixie, Dodge City Jones, Gary, Garden Cin Jones, Jarrell, Hoisingtm Jones, John, Jennings Jones, LeRoy, Glasco 237 Kastrup, William, Russell Keller, Karen, W aldo Kershner, Larry, Lamed Kerth, Curtis, J FaKeeney Kctzncr, Dorothy, Bird City Key sc, Thomas, Scott City Kilmer, Carl, Cl a j tin Kim mi, Elizabeth, Minneapolis Kingsley, Bonnie, Ellis Kirkliam, Dale, Valley Falls Kiser, Donald, Almena Kiser, Wi Inner, Ness City Klaus, Alberta, Hays Knipp, Denis, Damar Koch, Denny, Atwood Koett, Larry, Hays Kraus, Leta, Pretty Prairie Krentzel, Jimmy, Hudson Kreutzer, Aaron, Hays Krouse, Richard, Russell LaBaige, Lawrence, Damar Lafferty, Robert, Logan Luff non, Don, Osborne Lake, Dana, Meade Landau, Margaret, Atwood Larson, Larry, Wakefield Lauxman, Eldon, Abilene Leary, Sheila, Hays Leas, Judy, Hays Legleiter, Melvin, Hays Lehman, Craig, Gorham Lehman, Marva, Protection Leichliter, Dale, Nickerson Leiker, Dennis, W alker Leiker, Karl, Hays Leiker, Tom, Hays Leiker, Verlyn, Ness City Levin, Wilber, Kensington Lewis, Vicki, Healy Liby, Max, Glasco Licbenau, Rose, Stockton Lind berg, Donna, Lead Lindsey, Nadine, Stockton Lock, Ross, Ulysses Long, Gaylord, Oakley Lower, Charon,, Sublette Lund in, Jim, St. Francis Lutterman, Patricia, Garden City Malmberg, Richard, Hays Maneth, Paul, Great Bend Mannering, Dennis, Smith Center Markham, Amos, Logan Martin, Lewis, Hill City Martin, Susan, Ulysses Massey, Barbara, Hays Maxwell, Leonard, Quin ter May, Roger, Hays May dew, Gary, Lebanon Meadows, Sally, Ellinwood Meckfessel, Charles, Garfield Mcdsker, Stephen, Plainville Meier, George, Norton Mersch, Jack, Edmond Sophomores Metz, Dennis, Oxford Michael is, Jerry, Ness City Miles, Charles, Garden City Miller, Ernest, Liberal Minn is, Vernon, St. John Mitchell, Mildred, Hugoton Moffett, Roger, Liberal Money, Lurry, Hill City Morgan Sharon, Hutchinson Morton, Avis, Oberlm Mott, Glendis, Oberlin Mount ford, Carolyn, Winona Mulder, Gary , Logan Mullen, Carole, La Crosse Mullen, Kathy, Hays Mullen lx, Charlotte, Great Bend Murphy, Bob, Rozel Myers, Charles, Great Bend McCall, Patricia, Safina McClellan, Marcia, Hays McClelland, Larry , Atwood McClure, Gilbert, Tescott McCoy, David, Montezuma McCoy, Kim, Topeka McCullum, Richard, Great Bend McDougal, Joan, Atwood McDowell, Jerold, Smith Center McGovern, Daniel, Los Angeles , Calif . McGuire, Karen, St. F ranch 239 McKibbin, Lana, Jetm ore McWilliams, Thomas, Qmrtter Nagel, Gary, Lcoti Nash, W ' illiam, Smith Center Naumann, Larry, Glasco Neal, Edith, Hoxie Nelson, Donald, Kanorado Nelson, Franklin, Ness City New ho use, Jack, Liberal Newlin, Roger, Liberal Ney, Merlin, Hoisington Neyman, Floyd, Dravosburg , Pa. Nichols, Kendall, Harlan Nicodemus, Mary, Sf, Francis Nusse, Judith, Liberal Oborny, Edmund, Timken Olds, Peggy, Wilson QXoughlin, Kathleen, Hays Sophomores Olsen, Diana, Burden Overton, Mack, Wakeeney Pancake, Sam, Atwood Parish, Arlyn, St. John Parsons, Gary ' , Brewster Pavlicek, Richard, Oberltn Pearce, Clinton, Concordia Penn, Varden, Sharon Springs Perry, E. Dale, Great Bend Peters, Dennis, Edson Peterson, Jerry, Salina Petzold, Jerome, Logan Pfeifer, Barbara, Ellis Pfortmiller, Lawrence, Natoma Phillips, Lawrence, McKeesport , Pend. Pittman, Kenneth, Liberal Pittman, Martha, Hu goto n Pitts, Donald, Clajlin Poore, Roger, Alton Pope, George, Selden Porter, Gerald, Little Rivet Potter, Patty, Stafford Powell, Saundra, Liberal Price, Donald, J V infield Pritchett, Larry, Byers Pro ba sco, George, Stockton Purer, Tom, Liberal Puzig, Edward, Manville, N. J „ Querbach, Marjorie, Hans ton Reed, Lawrence, Ellis 240 Rice, Kenneth Norton Richardson Judith, Lamed Ringer, Roberta, Quinter Robinson, Larry, Downs Rock James, Abilene Rockwell, Chloe Hays Rogers, Marilyn Hays Rogers, Robert Raising ton Roth, Elizabeth, Ellsworth Rothe, Deanne Salina Rader, Darrell, Hays Ruff, John Logan Rupp Rodney, Ness City Russell, Raymond, Hobbs, N. M Russell Richard, 5 cott City Ruth, Donald, Johnson Rutherford Mary Little River Ryan, James Columbus , Ohio Ryan Mary Nekoma Ryman, Frances, Elkhart Ryscr Patricia, Cheyenne W ells, Colo Sandstrom Ronald, Bison Scanlon Jarold, Collyer Schaben, Troy, Bazine Schaffer Dorislea, Mankato Schenk Alma Hays Schertz Larry, Winona Schild LeRoy, Phillips burg Schmidt Janet Hays Schmidt, Warren, Hays Schmitt, Steven Scoff City Schneider, Sharon La Crosse Schnoebelen, Jane Lewis Sehon, joe Gorham Schukman Vale l to Ahnena Schuler, David, Ness City Schumaker, Gary Clifton Schwein Karen, Atchison Scott Jerry, Great Bend Sears Nadine, Hoisington Seem arm Siegfried Kensington Sellens James, Hoisington Shafer Judy Leoti Shaff stall, Robert, Lincoln Shamburg Ronald, Syracuse Shank, Dennis, Bison Sharp Ronald, Victoria Shirk, Barbara Ellis Sill, Michael Holy rood Sittner Marvin Hudson Skinner Judy Hays Smith Albert, WaKceney Smith Lawrence Jewell Smith, Marlene, Jewell 24 1 Une class over -and another begins. Smith , Thomas, Syracuse Snyder, Daryl, Der y Spicer, Glenda, Hay s Springfeldt, Mary, Bash ton Sprinkle, Kenneth, Donrnce Spurlock, Ruth, Sharon Springs Squier, Luella, Brownell Staab, Donald, Hay s Steffen, Thomas, Great Bend Stcmert, Lloyd, Russell Steinle, David, Russell Stenzel, Ronald, WaKeeney Stephenson, James, Alton Stewart, Donna, Trousdale Stilts, Martha, Trousdale Stout, Joyce, Prineville , Ore. Strousc, Gary, Ashland Stuart, Carol, Ulysses Super, Karen, Hill City Suppes, Duane, Bison Swanson, John, Ashland Sweat, Richard, Cedar Tasset, Leonard, Spearville Teeter, Jo Ann, Johnson Tei chm an, Dennis, Stafford Tirade, Marlene, Sylvan Grove Thiele n, Brian, Dorrance T homas, Rarbara, Palco Thomas, Dale, Great Bend Thomas, Norman, Dig k t on Thompson, Linda, Elkhart Thurlow, Larry, Prairie Vieiv Timken, Robert, Cimarron Tinkler, James, Russell Titus, Carol, Hugoton Tomasheck, Carol, Zurich Tovrea, Stanley, B re tester Trible, Richard, Palco Truan, Jerilyn, Gorham Ubert, Judy, Hays Ulmer, Donald, Alma Urban, Robyn, Oberlin VanAmburg, Gerald, Hunter Van Winkle, Ruth, St. John Veatch, Charles, Preston Veatch, James, Palco 242 Vickers Doug Drumheller, Alberta, Can. Vlasz, Donald, Aurora, III. Vopat, Robert Wilson Vselecka Richard, Great Bend Wagner, Mary, H ays Wait, Donna, Natoma W alker, Claressa, Lamar, Colo. W alker, Jerry, Englewood Walker, Margaret, Fowler Walker, Nadine, Ashland W alls, Judith St. John Walter, William, Lincoln Walters, Terence, Hays Warner, Barbara, Lamed W arner Gary, Hoismgton Warner, Margaret, Belpre Wasinger Edwin, H ays Webster, Bob, Hays Weers, Francis Seward Weigel, Orval, Ellis Weigel, Sheila, Hays W elch, Byron, Lyons Well brock, Kenneth, Piainville W ' ininger, Marvin, Oxford W r bite, John Hoisington White, Sharon, Ada Whitley, Beth, La Crosse Whitley, Catherine, La Crosse Whi truer, Rodney, Wilson Wiedeman, Delbert, WaKeeney WO cox sun, Larry, Portis Wilhelm Dallas, Belle Flaine Williams, Barbara, Brewster Wilson, Cinda, Liberal Wilson, David, Atwood Wilson, Ii Faye, Pawnee Rock W ,r i miner. Dawn eta, Protection W ' indholz, Jim, Hays Winklepleck, Donald, HavUand Winters, Gary, Preston Witt, Theodore, Hudson W ' ullesen Delbert, Vesper Walters, Darrel, Portis W ,r oods, Virginia, W ' ribone Wright, Sheryl, Kiowa Yenni, Jon, Glasco Young, Jeanette, Hays Younker, Twila, Hays Y unker, Robert, Hays Zeller, Victoria, McCracken Ziegler Marianna, Collyer Zielke, Clyde, Great Bend Zimbelman, Eldon, St. Francis Zimmerman, Sherman, Schoenchen 243 Freshmen try out the January pastime— cram for exams. Freshmen Adams, David, Radium Adams, Larry, Homing ton Adams, William, Colby Adamson, Nelda, Lincoln Allen, Dale, Hill City Allen, David, Norton Alloway, Earl, Ellis Amerine, Kent, Great Bend Anderson, Alan, Abilene Anderson, Andrew, Vesper Anderson, Connie, Russell Anderson, Floyd, Hill Ctiy Anderson, Gene, Russell Anderson, James, Court! and Anderson, John, Ellsworth Anderson, Julia, Selden Anderson, Nona, Great Bend Appel, Bonnie, Garfield Arnold, Larry, Codell Arpin, Dorothy, Damar Ashley, Karen, Selden Atwood, Ima, Russell Augustine, Gary, Ellis Aust, Jim, Ellis A ust, Karen, Hoys Baalman, Lawrence, Oakley Baird, Bennie, Brewster Ballard, Rodney, Delphos Balls, Jerry, Smith Center Batman, Richard, Rozel 244 Bamberger, Charles, Jetmore Banister, James, McDonald Bangle, Patty, Norland Banker, Eleanor, Salina Rarenbcrg, Stanley, Atwood Barnes, Marian, McCracken Barnett, Sandra, Garden City Barten, Lynn, Carlton Bartholomew, Diana, Great Bend Bartlett, El Halcon, Ingalls Bartlett, Steve, Stafford Basgall, Norma, Loretta Bateman, John, Edson Bauer, Grover, Burdett Bauer, Sharon, Burdett Baxter, Blaine, Stockton Baxter, Thomas, Stockton Bechtold, Gayle, Gaylord Beckham, Janice, Burrton Belfort, Joseph, Salma Befort, Norma, Denver, Colo . Belcher, Larry, Lewis Be nk ula, Shanty, Ness City Bentrup, Dale, Sylvan Grove Beougher, Delilah, Crinnell Beougher, Max, Crinnell Berens, Ronald, Bison Berggren, Val, Russell Bergling, Jeri, Atwood Berland, Douglas, Damar Berschauor, Bert, Russell Bettenbroek, Esther, Kanopolis Bieker, Alexander, Hoxie Biggerstaff, Karen, Lamed Biggs, Ronald, Colby Billinger, Marlene, Victoria Binder, Donald, Hays Bird, Connie, Plainville Bird sell, James, Jewell Bishop, Harry, Scoff City Blair, Gary, Quinter Bland, Gary, Lucas Blodgett, Donna, Russell Blystone, Ruth, Kanorado Bock, Charles, Caivker City Boggs, Margaret, Selden Bohm, Donald, Clifton Rohm, Thomas, Salina Borger, J. Timothy, Ness City Born, Jerry, Beloit Boss, W. Richard, Hill City Bowman, Vae Jene, Smith Center Boyd, Mary, Monument Boyington, Judith, Bird City 245 Boyle, Richard, Great Bend Brady, Anita, Albert Brady, Vcvalee, Hill City Brand a, Kenneth, Wilson Breer, William, So omon Breit, Donna, Scott City Brejcha, Robert, Holy rood Brewer, Norman, Belleville Briery, Jolm, Hays Br inker, Jerry, Catcher City Brittan, Don, Scott City Brock, Steve, Atwood Brodbeck, Linda, Great Bend Brooks, Gary, Healy Brown, D. Leonard, Lucas Brown, Edwin, Gorham Brown, Kenneth, Kinsley Brown, Marceilla, Bazine Brown, Richard, Brewster Brown, Rita, Oberlin Brown, Ronald, Dolphos Bruce, Wcslye, Gem Brumitt, Ximena, Hays Brungardt, Jane, Morland Brungardt, Regina, Victoria Bryan, Kent, Hoisington Bryant, Phyllis, Dighton Bryant, Ronald, Rozel Buchanan, Janet, Healy Buck, Roger, Atwood Bullock, Ronald, Salina Bunker, Kenneth, Dor ranee Burgess, Dale, Palco Burket, Charles, Elkhart Burnett, Louella, Alamota Burns, Diane, Wilson Burris, Jone, Hays Burrows, Jack, Hugoton Buss, Tanya, Goodland Butler, Marlin, Lewis Byers, Jimmy, Hoisington Cain, Karen, Great Bend Gallon, Lyn, Great Bend Calvin, Shirley, Ulysses Campbell, Bud, Ellis Campbell, Larry, Hill City Cannady, Celia, Great Bend Carlson, La verne, Utica Carpenter, Glennie, Goodland Carpenter, John, Brewster Carpenter, Mary, Lamed Carrico, Patrick, Beloit Carroll, Connie, Russell Cassitv, Robert, Garnett Cates, Terry, Smith Center Chapel, Myron, Stockton Clieney, Ronald, Utica Chrastil, Delores, Wichita Christian, Carolyn, Lamed Clark, Judy, Healy Clark, Wanda, Pal co Clausen, Rodrick, Kinsley Clay, Lance, Meade Cline, Robert, Lamed Close, Dennis, Monument Coen, Cindy, St . John Cokeley, Ronald, Palco Collins, Nancy, Nekoma Conard, Connie, Lamed Conard, Norman, Rus h Center Cooley, Bonnie, Bison Cooley, Sidney, Salma Cooper, Gary, E. Alton, ill. Cooper, Mex, Hoxie Coppock, Cindy, Goodland Coulson, Jim, Hoys Courtney, Carol, Quin ter Cox, Larry, Atwood Cramer, Marilyn, Healy Crandall, Avola, Pratt Crawford, William, Plainville Cronin, Marsha, Pierceville Cross, Steven, Hays Crow, Teriy r , Hays Crumrine, Virle, Brewster Cunningham, Gary, Wilson Cunningham, Karen, La Crosse Curl, Lawrence, Great Bend Custer, Sara, Wakeeney Daniels, Gary, Granby t Colo Daniels, Timothy, Granby t Colo „ Davis, Sharon, Hays Day, Suzanne, El Dorado Dean, Gary, Hill City Dechant, Marvin, Plainvilk Degner, Herman, Great Bend Delander, Edna, Kinsley Delp, Phil, St. John DeMay, Kathy, Oberlin 247 Demmitt, Thomas Meade Demmitt Vicki, Johnson Dempsey, Janis, Montrose DcPoy, Jimmy, Downs Depp er schmidt Marilyn, Hays De Priest, Larry, Protection Derley, Lester Belpre Desbien, Adrienne, Colby Desbien, Carol Placo Dible, Linda Colby Dinkel Ralph, Victoria Dirks, Arthur, Wakeeney Dix, Archie, Stockton Dix, Leonard, Stockton Dizmang, Gloria, Holy rood Deane, Sharon, Hays Dodson Donald, Cold water Dolezal, Joe, Cuba Dove, George, Stockton Dreher, Norman Ellis Dresselhaus, Judy Vesper Droste, Bernard Spearville Duer, Wayne, Sl John Dumler, Jean, Russell Duncan Sharon, St. John Duus Carla, Vesper Dykstra Harold Seibert T Colo. Eakin, Wendell, Lamed Earley, Roger, Quin ter Eaton, Mary Atwood Edmonston, Myron, Protection Edwards, Verlin, Lucas Else n hour, Douglas Stafford Elder Linda Salma Elliott, Steven Edson Ellis, Beverly, Burdett Ellis, Tom, Liberal Engel, Marita, Gove Erbert David, Ellis Estes, Bryan Kanorado Euhus Audrey Oberlin Ewing Franklin, Hardtner Ewing Judith, JVakeeney Fahey Ronald, Qu inter Fechner, Delwyne, Colby Fehrenhach, Nancy Jetmore Felbush Lyle, Abilene Feldman, Shirley Plains Feldt William Grinnelt Felt is Gary Hays Ferree, Daryl Russell Frydendall, Sue, Portis Finger, Robert, Hoisington Fisher, Myra Canton 248 Flake Jackie, H vising ton Fleming, Karen, Hays Flummerfelt, Mary, Hugo ton Ford, Grable, Great Bend Ford, James Hays Ford, Nelda, Rozel Forsberg Bonita, Mentor Fox, Dale, Ellsworth Fox, Philip, Great Bend Francis, Diana, St. John Frazey, Lynn, Hoxie Frey, Earl, Abilene Frieaen, Joetta, Meade Froelich, Barbara, Hays Gagelman, Merlin, Great Bend Garner, Betty, St. F rands Gamer, Larry, St. John Garrett, Barbara, Good land Freshmen Geis, Johnnie, Newton Geisinger, Bill, Selden George, Judy, Phillipsburg Gere, Sandra, Garden City Gerritzen, Eugene, Clajlin Gerstner, Jude, Hays Gerstner, Patricia, Hays Geschwentner, Daniel, Ellis Geliy, Allen, Phillipsburg Gibbs, Fred, Clay Center Giess, L, Dwight, Arnold Gilbert, Clifford, McCracken Gilbert, Tom, Clay Center Gillespie Davie, St. John Gillespie, Dwight, St. John Gillett, Larry, Barr Oak Gillen, Sandra, Burr Oak Gillham, Mike, Wichita Gilmore, Carolyn, Hays Girton, Michael, Great Bend Glaze, Barbara, Minneola Glazner, Robert, Cheyenne Wells , Colo , Goebel, Paul, Phillipsburg Goering, Vernon, Pretty Prairie Goetz, Arlene, Hays Good ale James, Smith Center Goodman, Clyde, Beeler Goracke, Darlene, Hays Catchall, Thomas Goodland Graham Rose, Quinter 249 Frosh tagged but to no avail in traditional Tug-oGWar. Freshmen Graves, Billy, Mealy Gray, Roberta, Ellsworth Green, Betty, Wellington Greenberg, Sharon, Hoxie Gregg, Eldon, Smith Center Griffin, Joanne, Almena Griffith, Charles, Scott City Gross, Harold, Hays Gross, Sue, Hays Grosshans, Iona, Scott City Grub, Michael, Sylvia Grubb, Harry, Wilson Guinn, Carol, Bucklm Guinn, Ronald, Buckiin Guise, Nadine, Hays Guthrie, Shemann, Great Bend Quit ridge, Bonnie, Cullison Haddock, Charles, Liberal Hager, Sharon, Great Bend Hagerman, Fred, Rush Center Hagerman, Robert, Razel Hake, Gerald, Cawker City Hale, Roger, Woodston Hallagin, Janice, McDonald Hallagin, Sheila, McDonald Hailing, Patricia, Hanston Hallmark, Jon, Elfinwoad Hamblet, Janies, Hays Hanel, Katherine, Cuba 250 Haney, Virginia, Turon Haning, Ida, Otis Hanken, Erwin, Lamed Hanson, Jerry, Medicine Lodge Hardacre, Thomas, Smith Center Harkness, Cliff, Hays Harper, Dean, Scott City Harsh barger, El wood, Neosho, Mo Hart, Leroy, Sun City Hartley, Charles, Lake City Ha us child, Karen, Oakley Havner, Kenneth, Spearville Hawkins, Harold, Lucas Hayes, Peggy, Liberal Headley, Ranee, EUsworth Heath, Rozan, I)igh ton Heim, Shirley, Modoc Helton, Kenneth, Edson Hendrickson, Kendall, Salina Henry, Songie, Norton Hensley, Dallas, Bitcklin Herman, Patricia, Hays Herron, Don, Kinsley Hickman, Maxwell, PhiUipsburg Hiebert, Robert, WaKeeney Higgins, Lennie, McCracken Hilgers, Francis, Plainville Hillery, Bernice, Oakley Hines, Michael, Russell llinnergardt, Kenneth, Bazine Hinnergardt, Roger, Bardett Hladek, Kenneth, Ellis Hoagland, Richard, Sun City Hockett, Sherril, Plainville Hodges, Jerry, Palco Hoffman, Darlene, Tribune Hoffman, Gary, Ashland Hoffman, Richard, Lakin Holdren, Bill, Syracuse Holler, Kelsey, Gorham Holmes, Garry, Woodston Holmes, Harry, l Voodston Holmes, William, Hoxie Holta, Douglas, Clay Center Hopkins, Leonard, Scott City Hottman, Robert, Abilene Householter, Nancy, Ellsworth Houser, Gail, Paradise Houser, Randall, Paradise Howard, George, Smith Center Brahe, Ann, Stockton Hrabe, Larry, Stockton Hrabe, Yenita, Plainville Hubbard, Gary, Colby flit Hubbs, Galen , Wilson Huelsmann, James, Selden Hui, Vera, Hong Kong, China Hunter, Diane, Hays Huslig, Jim, Great Bend Ideker, Vergie, Rozel Ihrig, Charles, Goodland Ingram, John, Denver, Colo. Jacobs, Norene, Hays Jacobs, Stephanie, Hays Jacobson, John, Tulsa, Okla. Jamison, Ronald, Quin ter Jeffries, Jerry, Salina Jenkins, Steven, Bunker Hill Jewell, Norma, Scott City Jimerfield, Thomas, Morningside, Md. Jindra, Marcia, Simpson. Johannes, Lowell, Salina Johnson, Carl, Ulysses Johnson, Dennis, Bridgeport Johnson, Gary, Red Cloud , Neb. Johnson, James, Zenith Jones, Carol, Jewell Jones, Janice, Glasco Jones, Larry, Colby Jones, Marjory, Kensing ton Jordan, Charles, Solomon Joy, George, Hays Juvenal, Carla, La Crosse Kadel, Robert, Randall Kaiser, Ronald, Quinter Kannady, Patricia Oakley Karban, Elvina, W ilson Katt, Ronald, Grain field Katz, Clarence, Deerfield Kaufman, Linda, Scott City Kay, George, Hays Keller, Donald, St. Francis Kent, Carl, W ichita Kenyon, Carrol, Rogue Kepka, Dennis, Wilson Ketchum, Kathy, Rex ford Kil bourne, J. Randall, H ugo ton Killen, Kenneth, Courtland Ki merer, Philip, Hunter Killinger, Gail, Alton Kinderknecht, Lois, Ellis King, Margaret, Plainville Kippenberger, Tim, Dighton 252 Kitchen, Lawrence, Kanorado Kline, Carolyn, Morland Klotz, Paul, Norton Kobler, Jerry, Hill City Koelling, Bonnie, Abilene Kohlasch, Gary, Salina Koochel, John, Albert Korf, Lawrence, Hanston Kottmann, Margaret, Lyon $ Kraft, Raymond, Hoxie Kraus, Judy, Ransom Kreft, Nyla, Natoma Kresin, Pauline, Glen Elder Kuhn, Bill, Great Bend Kullbom, Kathleen, Hugoton La Barge, Marvin, Damar LaRarge, William, Gaylord Lagerstrom, Dwayne, Falun Lamb, Anthony, Salina Lamer, Judy, Hays Land on, Awyn, Englewood t Colo . LaPlant, Richard, Broughton Larrick, Melba, Ashland Larson, Janet, Concordia Lawrence, Kerry, Hays Lee, Lyn, Harlan Lehmann, David, Newton Leiker, Janice, Great Bend Leiker, Richard, Hays Lemon, Linda, Phillips burg Pennington, Arnold, Kendall L eonard, Clifford, Hugoton Lewis, Niki, Kinsley Liberatore, Ronald, McKeesport , Pa. Light, Diana, Liberal Lindley, Eileen, Hill City Linenberger, Rosella, Hays Lingo, Terry, W ilson Link, Lee, Harper Lipp, Carol, Burdett Lippert, Dale, E. Alton t HI, Little, Ronnie, Englewood Lloyd, James, Great Bend Loose h. Jack, Protection Lof stead, Ethel, Lebanon 253 Loins, Marjorie, McPherson Lomax, John, Cawker City Long, Glenn, F owler Long, James, Hays Loop, Larry, Hays Lorbeer, Robert, Hays Luetters, Susan, Ransom Luetters, Velma, Ransom Lukas, Carol, St, Francis Lyman, Sydna, Dighton Magana, Conception, Kanopolis Mahoney, Mary, Dor ranee Major, Ronnie, Beloit Major Ted, Beloit Mallo, Tom, Scott City Manx, Stanley, Hill City Marhofer, Rayon a, Arnold Marlin, John, Hoisington Mason, Richard, Hugoton Massey, Kathryn, Elkhart Mathews, Judith, Washington D t C Mathews, Sandy, Hays Matter, Paul, Jewell Maurath, Reatta, Monument Mayer, Tanya, B re tester May hew, Roger, Plaint tile McCarbrey, Diana, Jennings McCarroll, Helen, Hays McQurg, Wanda, Logan McCune, Robert, Plainmlle Me Elroy, Donald, Randall McFarland, Gloria, Almena McFarlane, Kathryn Newton McKinley, Barbara, Ashland McLean, Jary, Lewis McLeland, Larry, Great Bend McMullen, Floyd, Haviland Me Reyn olds, Susan, Salina McWhorter, John, McKeesport , Pa, Mead, Karen, Belpre Meek f ess el, Mary Garfield Meier, Dean, Norton Melton, Jerry, Concordia Mendenhall, Arnold, Mankato Mermis, Clarence, Great Bend Mermis Patricia, Hays Merri field Gary , Agra Metcalf, Sidney, Oberlin Metcalf, Sondra, Lyons Meyer, Cary, Sublette Meyers, Lynda, Liberal Michadis, Dennis, Hill City Michaelis, Larry, Utica Miller, Duane, Lamed 254 They may be cubs, but they’re important to the squad. Freshmen Miller, Emilie, Russel l Miller, James, Winfield Miller, Larry, Lamed Miller, Lawrence, Scott City Miller, Linda, Hugoton Miller, Montford, Ashland Miller, Robert, Atwood Miller, Sandra, PkilHpsburg Miller, Terry, Great Bend Mills, Gary, Denver, Colo. Miner, Clarence, Kiowa Minson, Mike, Housing ton Misegadis, Dianna, Rusk Center Moeckel, Richard, Sylvia Mohler, Quentin, horned Montgomery, Richard , Penokee Mortimer, Jimmy, Russell M unday, Alan, Hoys Murphy, David, Abilene Murphy, Melvin, horned Musgrave, Debris, Oberlin Myers, Ronald, Russell Naegele, John, Lucas Nash, Deanna, Ulysses Naylor, Terry, Great Bend Neaderluser, Benny, Abilene Neely, Don, Scott City Neff, Karen, Colby L Nelson, Kenneth, Hugoton Nelson, Margaret, Rusk Center 255 Freshman art student brings winter to the canvas with his ski scene. Freshmen Nelson, William, Hays Nemechek, Verna, Hays Newcombe, Marianne, Great Bend Nickel, Gary, Colby Nickels, Douglas, Mentor Nieman, La wrence, Grinnell Nieman, Paul, Grinnell Niermeier, Patricia, Ludell Noel, Francis, Logan Norstrom, Marvin, Raxbury Nuss, Kathryn, Great Bend Nuss, Raymond, Hoisington Nyswonger, Stan, Topeka O’Brien, Stanley, Bazine Ochs, James, Utica Ogle, Danny, Albert Oliver ius, Maynard, Timken Olsen, Larry V. s La med Olson, Larry K., Courtland Olson, Margaret, Lenora Olson, Nione, Herndon Orth, Kenneth, Ellis Ostmeyer, Ralph, Oakley Otte, Barbara, Great Bend Overley, Gary, Speed Overton, Linda, Jetmore Owens, Leonard, Edson Packard, Terry , Plains Palmer, Ava, Atwood Pam men ter, Lynn, Scott City 256 Pancake, Mary, Atwood Parish, Kay, Great Bend Parker, Judith, Edson Parraenter, Jim, Solomon Patel, Armratlab Bombay y India Patel, Himatlal, Bombay, India Patterson, Jerry, Hill City Peacock, Claudia, Great. Bend Peck, Barbara, Goodland Pekarek, Rodney, Elkhart Perry, Mary, Baldwin Peter, Karla, Selden Peters, Lavona, Peterson, Charles, Protection Peterson, Conrad, Garfield PfarmenstieJ, Caroline, Hays Pfeifer, Betty, Hays Pfeifer, P attic, Ellis Pforlmiller, Larry, Natoma Pimple, Patricia, 01 pe Pixel, Ronald, Kanorado Plotts, James, Qberlin Poagc, Loon, Almena Poague, Larry, PhUlipsburg Poe, Melvin, Hays Pool, Eleanor, Phillips bur g Pool, Lee Ann, Kinsley Pratt, Margaret, Atwood Price, Kay, Garfield P ruter, Nina, Hays Packet, Lonriy, Glasco Pundsack, Donald, Great Bend Quillin, Connie, Osborne Rabenseifner, Elizabeth, Lamed Ragan, Rebecca, W akeeney Rankin, Darrell, Ashland Ray, Sally, Ashland Reed, Leonard, Russell Re ifschn eider, Glenn, McCracken Renick, Steve, Rethford, Gerald, Russell Rex ford, Ray, Montezuma Rexroat, Richard, Downs Reynolds, Mark, Notoma Reynolds, Robert, Chase 257 Ribordy, Bernard, Grain field Richards, Johnnie, Rex ford Riedel, Arthur, Hays Kindt, Judy, Herington Riner, Roma, Scott City Risley, Lora, High ton Rohben, Marilyn, Grinnell Robbins, Jeffrey, Atwood Rogers, Norma, Ellsworth Rogg, Darrell, Bunker Hill Rohr ha ugh, Carol, Cimarron Roller, Rita, PhiiHpsbtirg Rome, Glennis, Winona Rome, Hubert , Hays Rose, Charlie, Haviland Ross, A lid a. Long Island Roth, Lloyd, Hays Rounkles, Marvin, Paradise Rucker, Mary, Burdett Rumpel, Dwight, W ' a Keeney Rupp, Leon, Ness City Rupp, Roger, Ellis Rusco, Gloria, Great Bend Russell, Barbara, Scott City Russell, Judith, Utica Russell, Linda, Russell Ryan, Warner, Concordia Sack, Richard, Holy rood Sack, Sharon, Hays Saddler, Rita, Gem Sager, James, Clyde Sander, John, Atchison Sander, Ronald, Monument Saunders, Sally, Hays Schahen, Carol, Ness City Schaefer, Dianne, W ell in gt on Schafer, William, La Crosse Schaefer, Richard, Beloit Schalansky, Joseph, Kir win Scheck, Myra, Gorham Sc heck, Vera, Great Bend Schmidt, Gerald, Hays Schmidt, Mary, Hays Schoeller, Jerry r , Phillipsburg Sclirandt, Edwin, Plainville Schreiber, Karen, Nickerson Sehreiber, Richard, Batons Schroeter, Verlin, Kinsley Schukin an, David, Hays Schultz, Jackie, St, Francis Schultz, William, Brookuille Schulze, Lonnie, Hays Schumacher, Juleen, Hays Schwartz, Pat, Hays 258 Sehwein, Sue Atchison Schweitzer, Carol, Osborne Schweitzer, Robert, Osborne Schwindt, Dale, Alexander Scott, Dennis, 0 her! in Scranton, Sonja, BUI City Sculley, Max, Beeler Seaman, Clayton, Natoma Seifert, Dave, Clyde Sewing, Anita, MacksviUe Shank, Jane, BurdeU Sharpe, Robert, Salma Sheets, Sheryl e, Phitlipsburg Sherraden, Vickie, Abilene Sherwood, Charles, Hays Shields, Carol, Belleville Silvanic, Louise, West Bradenton, Fla. Simpson, James, Colby Sims, Eldon, CuUison Sims, Judith, Smith Center Slate, Janice, Jewell Sloan, Clair, Esbon Sloan, Robert, S la fjord Smiley, Robert, Hays Smith, Geneva, Codell Smith, James, Wichita Smith, Ken, Great Bend Smith, Mary, Jewell Smith, Ray, Larkin burg Smith, William, Belleville Smrcka, Virginia, Plainville Soukup, Robert, Wilson Sparkman, Dean, Great Bend Staab, Alfred, Hays Stackhouse, Judy, Clayton Stang, Connie, Oakley Staub, Mary, St. John Stecklein, George, Hays Stecklein, Linda, Hays Stecklein, Myron, Ness City Steele, George, Salina Steinert, Kay, Gorham Stephen, Jerry, Bogue Stephens, Carole, Goodland Sterling, Barbara, Greenwich, Conn. 259 Sterrett, Richard, Quittler Stevenson, John, Mankato Stewart, Linda, Russell Stewart, Robert, Salina Stewart, Wilbur, Harlan Stites, Martin, Hill City St it hem, Erma, Zurich Stop pel, Gerald, Dor ranee Stos, Joseph, Oris Stranathan, Leon, Kiowa Striegel Janice, Hays Strong, Gary, Spearville Stulterheim, Judith, Norton Suelter, Lana, Tescott Summer, Betty, Goodland Sunley, James, Brownell Swalley, Ronald, Noising ton Taylor, Gary, Palmer Taylor, Virgil, Colby Teel, Janice, Rex ford Teeter, Janice, Johnson Tegley, Fordyce, Burr Oak Teichmann, Galen, Hudson Temple, Loyal NorcaUtr Tenny, Vesta, Beeler Thaete Calc, Downs Thaete, Garry, Downs Thompson, Carolyn, Holcomb Thompson, Ed, Pratt Thompson, Gary, Elkhart Thompson Lurry, Elkhart Thompson, Lawrence, Hoxie Thompson, Nancy, Lamed Thompson, Ray Almena Thummel, Carol, Plainville Til I berg, Eld a, Salina Timken, Linda, Hu go ion Todd, Robert, Goodland Towns, Barbara, Dighton Trebilcock, Larry, Ford Tripp, Richard, Salina Trogdon, Joyce Hugoton Trussed, Larry, Courtland Tuttle, Donald Lucas Upshaw, Mary, Ulysses Upson, Karen, Scott City Vanover, Phyllis, Clayton VanScyoc Larry, Hoisington Vice, Clarence, Bucklin Vine, Teresa, Ellis Voss, B. Jo Ann, Colby Voss, Ralph, Plainville Waggoner, Stephen, M or land Wagner, Lila, Edmond 260 The freshmen are not all from Kansas. Freshmen Wagner, Theo, Dresden Walden, Marilyn, Hays Wallace, Dolly, Kingman Walters, Bill, Hays Walters, Luc Ida, Hays Walters, Patrick, flays W r alz, Sheryl, Qu inter Ward, Roxie, Emporia Warehime, Marilyn, Liberal Washburn, Freddie, Menlo Wasinger, Susan, flays Waters, Darrel, Ulysses Watts, Jackie, Portis W r eaver, Karen, Belleville Webster, Allen, Hays Weigel, Edward, flays Weigel, Eugene, Hays Weigel, Gary, Hays W ' eisensee, Judith, Lamed Wennihan, Regina, Qberlin W ' erth, Arlcn, Schoenchen Werth, Joyce, Hays Wess, Janice, Great Bend Wheeler, Jaynelle, Ulysses Whisler, Patricia, WaKeeney 261 White, Judy, Great Bend White, Patricia, Salina Whitmer, Karen, Wilson Whitmore, Sandra, BrookvUle Widiger, Ray, Bazine Wiesner, Teresa, Hays Williams, Charlotte, Johnson Williams, W illiam, Beloit Willis, Ronald, Concordia Willmeth, Arleta, Smith Center W ' ilson, Carol, Ellinwood W ' ilson, Dixie, Qberlin W ilson, Douglas, Edmond Wilson, Shela, Benkelman, Neb. Wilson, W ' illiam, Burr Oak Winder, Wayne, Natoma Winford, Janet, Minneola Winkelman, Gary, Bloom Wise, Majean, Cawker City Wiseman, James, Goodland Wittman, WOletta, Bazine W ohler, Douglas, Sylvan Grove WoUesen, Twila, Vesper Woodruff, Linda, Hays Woof ter, Glenda, Colby Woolley, Samuel, Osborne W orley, Steve, Clay Center Worthy, Gary, Atwood Wray, Betty, Beloit r Wright, Gail, St, John W under, Richard, La Crosse Wycoff, Ellen, Oakley Yarnell, Harold, Lucas Ye tier, Vonna, Burr Oak Yoho, Rex, Liberal Yonkey, Eloyce, St. Fr aphis Younger, Roger, Goodland unk, Rosemary, Downs Zerr, Delbert, Gove Zier, Larry, Lincoln Zimmer, Eugene, Schoenchen Zimmerman, Dennis, Russell Zimmerman, Ernest, LaCrosse Zitnik, Joe, Leoti Zohner, jane, Penokee 262 A dvertisers representing Hays 1 businesses not only contribute to the Reveille and other student pub- lications but also lend their support to the college scholarship program, hese merchants are a part of the total structure of the col- lege — supplying added facilities for maintenance and operation of the col- lege, employment for students, support for the academic, sports, and activity programs of the college. The co-opera- tion and assistance of these men and the industries they represent is needed and appreciated by the college, 7 college and community grow together as each profits from the other and each contributes to the success of both. The Farmers State Bank illustrates the solid foundation and progress which mark the growth and building of the city’s business district. 263 Fort Hays Staters take time off from the study-activity whirl to do some needed shop- ping, A young student mother enjoys the fascina- tion of the children’s department. An undetermined number of college students are at least partially self-supporting because of employment in downtown Hays. Well, potato chips may be a good start but let’s check the grocery list. 264 Barnett Sharon Hager Celia Cannady X C PENNEY COMPANY Towels Linens Draperies Ready-to-Wear Clothing tor the Entire Family MA 4-4513 1003 Main MUSIC MANOR Best in Record Selection MA 4-2578 2450 Hall RADIO 1400 KC TELEVISION channel 7 Carries Fort Hays State Sports ancf News to Western Kansas MA 4-6324 207 West I Oth 266 HAVENERS MA 4-39 f 3 lOt I Main Apparel and Toys for Infants to Teens MA 4 302 1 MOO Main Cliff Leonard Rita Hallbick CAMPUS BOOK STORE For All College Books and Supplies MA 4-2611 509 West 7th 267 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY STORES Hays and La Crosse MA 4-5685 IA 2-2526 MA 4-201 1 806 Main l aVY vfi, NN oiVt ? . NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY HAYS DAILY NEWS MA 4-342! ! 12 East I Ith MASTER CLEANERS Convenient Drive-In Window MA 4-2211 201 West 8th ■ — mz. i y | T1X A v. 0 TION ORA LYNCH LYNCH TEXACO STATION Accessories — Tires — Batteries MA 4-9984 301 West 8th AL ' S BOOTERY Finest in Women ' s Shoes MA 4-2123 809 Main HAYS CITY DRUG Photography Equipment MA 4-4414 1031 Main Dennis Tom Purer Beach Davis Larry Belcher KOBLER RAMBLER COMPANY Ambassador Rambler MA 4-4710 124 East 8th 269 AL ' S COLLEGE MARKET Open Weekdays, Sundays and Holidays Just Across From the Campus for Your Shopping Convenience MA 4-6310 507 West 7th MARKWELL STATIONERY COMPANY Stationery and School Supplies MA 4-461 1 1010 Main OLDHAM SALES COMPANY Serving Hays and Northwest Kansas With Automotive Parts Accessories Refinishing Materials MA 4-2547 1 0th and Allen KLEIN ' S APCO SERVICE SYL KLEIN, Prop, Pickup and Delivery Road Service MA 4-6215 8th and Fort 270 SCHLEGEL ' S For the Best in: Guns Fishing Tackle Sporting Goods HOBBY AND CRAFT SUPPLIES MA 4-2117 H8 West I I ABC DRUG STORE For All Cosmetic Needs MA 4-2523 1007 Main MA 4-4727 I Ith and Main NORTHWESTERN TYPEWRITER COMPANY Exclusive Royal Typewriters Sales and Service Electric Standard Portable Exclusive Victor Adders Calculators, Bookkeeping Machines Stowe and Davis Wood Office Furnishings STEELCASE OFFICE FURNISHINGS MA 4-2565 800 Main 271 JEP ' S SUPER SERVICE STATION BF Goodrich and Lee Tires Phillips " 66 " Products MA 4-2715 1300 Main HARKNESS PHARMACY Candies Magazines Toilet Articles Drugs MA 4-252! 715 Main 272 HUMBURG HARDWARE, INC. Gas and Electric Appliances MA 4-2119 1 10 West I Ith MIDWEST TOBACCO CANDY COMPANY MA 4-3712 8! I Fort DREILING ' S MENS AND BOYS WEAR MA 4-6716 106 West 9+h " BE SOCIABLE - HAVE A PEPSI Also try TEEM 273 MANN ' S IGA STORE Every Day Low Prices MA 4-2574 219 West I Oth HAYS BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Complete Loan Service at Lowest Rates MA 4-34 1 3 101 1 Fort ' It Pays to Live in Hays ' ' HOME LUMBER COMPANY Complete Building Service and Supplies Headquarters for Bridge Planks and Timbers MA 4-2216 8th and Vine THE LAMER HOTEL For Best Accommodations MA 4-3471 1200 Main 274 HARDMAN LUMBER COMPANY Complete Line of Building Materials DuPont Paint MA 4-3315 126 East llth Enriched Semolino Flour Made by HAYS CITY FLOUR MILLS " A Western Kansas Product " MA 4-2514 133 East 10th HARTMAN CHAMPLIN SERVICE Tires — Batteries — Accessories MA 4-6211 8th and Ash Ha M. POPP TRUCK LINES Crude Oil Transportation MA 4-3491 East 8th 275 TT " 7rn yU ■ ' r »•.!. rfffpp, [rftrr IKEtrl ;f r!55!S f Tfrrfrrrrif . Y.W rtr ||frfrf rtf |i r WIESNER ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Everything tor the Shopper MA 44314 805 Main VARSITY BOWL DRIVE-IN Inside and Outside Service MA 4-9955 4th and Main 276 HOME FURNITURE COMPANY Sign of Quality MA 4-2589 229 West I Oth KESSLER CLEANING COMPANY Pick Up and Delivery MA 4-3429 126 West 9th 277 A. L. DUCKWALL COMPANY Variety Store plus Fountain Service RALPH BUTLER— Manager MA 4-2812 [ f 03 Main PINK PONY FLOWER SHOP Say It With Flowers JERRY KARLIN Phone MA 4-3012 705 Main KUHN’S JEWELERS MA 4-4814 804 Main 278 L-K DAIRY [Hays ' Most Modern Dairy Plant MA 4-3406 312 East 9th GOODWIN SPORTING GOODS " Sports Equipment That Scores " SEVEN-UP BOTTLING COMPANY MA 4-2419 I 19 West I Ith " Fresh Up With 7-Up " MA 4-4322 North Vine FORT HAYS PHARMACY " Your Friendly Rexall Drugstore " MA 4-3469 217 West I Oth VARSITY BARBER SHOP " College Men ' s Barber- Shop " MA 4-9987 705 Fort 279 DILLON’S FOOD STORE " Finest Food in Northwestern Kansas " MA 4-5656 109 West 7th GEORGE PHILIP HARDWARE Lawn Supplies Appliances Paint and Glass MA 4-361 I 8th and Main A W ROOT BEER DRIVE IN MA 4-5713 East 8th 280 PASTRIES FRESH DAILY Special Attention Give to Special Orders CAKES OF ALL KINDS BILLINGER ' S BAKERY MA 4-2016 209 West 1 0th CENTENNIAL BOWLING LANES Fun tor the Entire Family MA 4-2916 2400 Vine GAGELMAN MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Ford Sales and Service 528 East 8+ti MA 4-3411 281 HUNTER READY MIX CO. INC. Ready-Mixed Concrete CERTIFIED STRENGTH FROM GRADED MATERIALS Transit Mixed — Portable Mixed Dumped Into Forms or Hoppers MA 4-3459 503 East I Oth THE L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Presents the Official Fort Hays Kansas State College Ring PLACE ORDERS IN THE MEMORIAL UNION 282 SERVING NORTHWEST KANSAS Live Better Electrically CENTRAL KANSAS POWER CO. Phone MA 4-3437 1 1 t East 1 1th COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Fort Hays Special Student Accounts Regular Checking Accounts Intaliment Loans Business Loans Trust Services Savings Accounts Safe Deposit Boxes THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HAYS MEMBER FDIC MA 4-2587 1 00 ( Main 283 tart THE HAYS MUSIC COMPANY, INC. " Meckel House of Melody " MA 4-3418 710 Main 284 MA 4-3415 300 East Btf Hays, Kansas S AND W SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Member Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association HO 2-3373 185 West 5th Colby, Kansas I Demitt Charlie Rose™ " rMi I I O’LOUGHLIN MOTOR SALES Chevrolet and Oldsmobile MA 4-2533 126 West 1 2th PAUL ' S BEAUTY SHOP Air Conditioned Shop Soft Water hair styling MA 4-2610 1410 Main St. VITZTUM, INC. Tile — Linoleum — Carpet Paints — Appliances Commercial and Residential Floor Contractors MA 4-4817 113 East 13th JAMES MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Lincoln Lark Mercury Jeep MA 4-3481 200 East 8th RUPP MOTOR COMPANY DEALERS for Chrysler Plymouth Imperial Valiant MA 4-2219 133 East 12th HOUSTON LUMBER COMPANY Complete Stock of Nationally Recognized Building Materials Sherwin — Williams Paints Johns — Manville Products Atlas Wallpaper Keystone Fencing MA 4-39 1 I 807 Allen ITS ?ERS:f:c twist around the clock SWINGING ALONG FOX THEATER Cinemascope — Stereophonic Sound SHOW PLACE OF THE MIDWEST MA 4-4567 1202 Main DAIRY QUEEN “The Cone With the Curl on Top 1 ' COLD DRINKS Extra Thick Malts and Shakes Come In for a Treat Today MA 4-3027 428 East Bth THE TIGER GRILL Mal+s — Sandwiches — Soups " Across from the Campus " MA 4-9925 704 Park SUERCiO STUDIO Distinctive Photography MA 4-2310 1303 Main BEN. F. DREIL1NG, INC. Buick Pontiac Cadillac A 4-2531 1 08 East l 3th 287 MUTUAL OF OMAHA The largest exclusive health and accident association In the world YOUR GOOD NEIGHBOR EVERYWHERE WORLD WIDE COVERAGE IN Income Protection Hospitalization Major Medical Trip Travef Accident Groups PAYING OVER $2,500,000 A WEEK IN BENEFITS Local Agents Gene Veil and Arthur Rogers PHONE— MA 4-3500 or MA 4-4338 — Agency— E. M. BOYCE ASSOCIATES, INC., Sallna, Kansas PHONE— TA 3-2259 MUTUAL OF OMAHA- The Greatest Name In Health Insurance THE HINKHOUSE FAMILY All Fort Hays State Graduates and Loyal Supporters HINKHOUSE REALTORS MA 4-4318 232 West 9th 288 Your School PHOTOGRAPHER EKEY STUDIO Finest of Photographs iilill MANY FORT HAYS STATERS Enter This Door to Purchase High Styling Long Wearing Medium — Priced FOOTWEAR 0 K BAKER SHOES MA 4-4316 f 1 09 Main BRUNSWICK HOTEL COFFEE SHOP FUNCTION ROOM SAMPLE ROOM Friend fy Hospitality Reasonable Prices WALT AND PHIL ROSS. Props, MA 4-3461 701 Main PRUDENTIAL LOANS AND INVESTMENTS Where Your Money Earns 5% Interest MA 4-60 15 II 3 West 8th FARMERS ' COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Grain Elevator and Feed Mill Petroleum Products and L-P Gas OWNED AND CONTRACTED BY THE PATRONS TED ' S STEAK HOUSE Tender Juicy S+eaks Pan Fried Chicken — Shrimps Chicken in a Box to Go Open Sunday 11:30 AM— 1:30 PM and 5:00 PM— 10:00 PM Weekdays Except Fridays 5:00 PM — Midnight MA 4-9933 15th end Vine BOOKS HAYS BOWLING ALLEY For the Best In Bowling Fun MA 4-9917 East Highway 40 THE KEY TO SUCCESS BURTSCHER BOOKS 9th and Ash FORT HAYS INSURANCE W. E. " MACK " MECKENSTOCK MA 4-648 702 Park Drive 291 PIZZA DEN Carry out on all Items MA 4-6613 llth and Elm KENT CAFE Good Food at Popular Prices MA 4-3169 East 8th HOUSE OF COLOR Paint — Wallpaper Gifts Draperies Picture Framing MA 4-3814 1009 Main HAYS CITY BAKERY Home of Tasty Pastry MA 4-3522 I 17 West llth MA 4-4713 802 Main 292 Wholesale and Retail Buildlnq Mater ials EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING MA 4-5646 Plumbing and Heating O ' Brien ' s Paints 900 Main THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY Color Experts Paint and Wallpaper W. H. " BILL " RYMPH WILL GAVIERT MA 4-41 1 3 108 West 9th TASTEE-FREEZ Biggest and Best Hamburgers Wide Selection of Sandwiches MA 4-2425 2412 North Vine PARK DRIVE LAUNDROMAT l _ J-L WESTERN SCHOOL SUPPLY, INC. us Notebooks Theme Pads Filler Paper A PERSONAL INSURANCE SPECIALIST! OFFERING Life — Health Accident — Hospital Major Medical and Group Protection Call or Personally Contact C. J. LINDAHL, DISTRICT MANAGER MA 4-5942 404 West 8th C. J. LINDAHL Fort Hays College Graduate Woodmen Accident and Life Company Lincoln, Nebraska A MUTUAL LEGAL RESERVE COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1Q90 DAN ' S DRIVE IN CAFE Food You Will Enjoy . , at Prices You Can Afford MA 4-4429 Highway 40 By-Pass 294 HAYS FIRST NEW WAY OF SHOPPING AND SAVINGS DISCOUNTS 20%-60% Everything You Buy Carries the BARGAIN BARN GUARANTEE MA 4-6563 600 MAIN Advertising Directory A, and W. Root Beer Drive Inn 280 ABC Drug Store 271 AFs Bootery . — - 269 AFs College Market 270 Baker’s Shoes „ 290 Balfour Co. 282 Bargain Barn . 295 Ben F. Duelling ...... 287 B1 1 lingers Bakery 281 Brunswick Hotel and Cafe . 290 Burtscher Books 291 Campus Book Store . 267 Centennial Bowling Lanes 281 Central Kansas Power Co, 283 Dairy Queen 287 Dan’s Drive In Cafe 294 Dillon’s Food Store ..... ... 280 Drei ling ' s Men and Bov’s Wear 273 Duck wall’s 278 Ekey’s Studio .... 289 Farmers Co-op Assn. ....... ... 290 Farmers State Bank . . .. 265 Finch’s 292 I irst Nathmul Rank 285 Fort Hays Insurance, W E, Wt-vki nstnck , 291 Fort Hays Pharmacy 279 Fox Theater _ 296 Gagelman Motor Co., Inc, .. . 281 George Philip Hardware 280 Goodwin Sporting Goods 297 Guercio Studio . 287 Liard man Lumber Co. 275 Hark ness Pharmacy — 272 Hartman Champlin Service ..... 272 Havener’s 267 Hays Rklg. and Loan Assn, . 268 Hays Bowling Alley . ... . 291 Hays City Bakery 292 Hays City Drug 269 Hays City Flour Mills . 275 Hays Music Co. 284 Hinkhouse Insurance Co, . ..... 288 Home Furniture Co. . 277 Home Lumber Co, . 274 House of Color __ 292 Houston Lumber Co. 296 Hum burg Hardware, Inc. 272 Hunter Ready Mix, Inc, 282 International Harvester . 268 Jack and Jill Shop 267 James Motor Co ......... . 296 Jep’s Super Service Station 272 KAYS . 266 Kent Cafe 292 Kessler Cleaning Co, 277 Klein’s APCO Service 270 Kohler Nash Motors 269 Kuhn’s Jewelry 278 Lamer Hotel 274 L. K. Dairy 278 Lynch Texaco Service 269 Mann’s IGA Store 274 Mark well Stationery Co, ... 270 Master Cleaners 268 McDonald’s 268 Midwest Tobacco and Candy Co, 273 Music Manor 266 Mutual of Omaha 288 News Publishing Co, 268 Northwestern Typewriter Co, . 271 Oldham Sales Co, 270 O’Loughlin Motor Sales . . ..... 285 Park Drive Laundromat . 293 Paul’s Beauly Shop 285 Penney J s ... 266 Pepsi Qola Bottling Co 273 Pink Pony Flower Shop . 279 Pizza Den ..... ....... ..... 292 Popp Truck Lines ..... 275 Prudential Loans and Investments . 290 Rupp Motor Co, ..... 296 S W Supply Co, . 284 SchlegePs 271 Sch waller Lumber Co 293 Seven -Up Bottling Co 293 Sherwin-Williams Co, 293 Sweet briar Shops .. 271 Tastee-Freez __ 293 Ted’s Steak House 291 Tiger Grill 287 Varsity Barber Shop . ......._ 279 Varsity Bowl Drive Inn . 276 Vernon Jewelers 285 Vhztum, Inc. 285 Western School Supply 293 Wiesner’s Dept. Store 276 Woodmen Life, C, J, Lindahl 294 Organizations Index Agnew Hall 88, 89 Alpha Gamma Delta 106, 107 Alpha Lambda Delta . 67 Alpha Psi Omega 68 Ambassadors . 84 Band 62, 63 Beta Beta Beta 69 Brass Choir .. .... 61 Campus Boosters 84 Canterbury Club ,... 78 Chemistry Club _ 47 Christian Council 78 Christian Youth Fellowship ... .... 79 Clarinet Choir 60 College Community Orch, 61 Collegiate Young Dem, 35 Collegiate Young Rep, 34 Concert Choir ..... 58 Custer Hall 90, 91 Dames Club ... 42 Debate . 44 Delta Epsilon _ 74 Delta Sigma Phi .. 116, 117 Delta Tau Alpha 73 Delta Zeta . 108, 109 Epsilon Pi Tau 73 Eta Rho Epsilon 75 Fort Hays Singers .58 French Club .. 46 Gamma Delta ... 80 German Club — 46 Home Economics Club 51 Honors Seminar ............ 26 Impromptwos ..... 59 Industrial Arts Club 50 instrumental Ensembles 60 International Relations Club .43 “K n Club .. .. 53 Kappa Mu Epsilon .... 71 Kappa O micron Phi 72 Kappa Phi 82 Kappa Sigma Kappa 118, 119 Kit Kats .... ...... 37 Lambda Iota Tau ............. 70 Leader ... 38, 39 Lewis Field . 98 Little Theater 45 Lutheran Student Assoc ..... 82 Math Club 47 Men’s Residence Hall . 92, 93 Newman Club ..... , . , 01 Nursing Club 49 Orchesis 52 Panhellenic Council 102 Penguin Club 52 Phi Alpha Theta . 70 Phi Delta Kappa 71 Phi Eta Sigma 66 Phi Mu Alpha 65 Phi Sigma Epsilon 120, 121 Pi Kappa Delta 68 Psychology Club 48 Reveille .... 40, 41 ScriMerus . . . 44 Second Generation Club 42 Seventh Cavalry ..... 76 Sigma Alpha Eta ..... 72 Sigma Alpha lota 64 Sigma Kappa 110, 111 Sigma Phi Epsilon 122, 123 Sigma Sigma Sigma 112, 113 Sigma Tau Gamma 124, 125 SNEA _ 55 Student Council 24 Tau Kappa Epsilon 126, 127 Tigerettes 36 Union Board 25 Union Committees ........ 56, 57 Union Program Council . 25 United Student Christian Fellowship 79 Wesley Foundation 83 Who’s Who 27 Wiest Hall 94, 95 Wooster Place . ... . 97 Women’s Glee Club 59 Women’s Leadership Org. 77 Women’s Recreation Assoc. 51 296 Faculty Index I M. .[M i-t , f . C. 2 » . 7 I App legate, Malcolm 22, 29 A rEman, Ethel — — 15 Bailey, Joan — - SC, 52, 75 Barbour, Elizabeth 20 Bartholomew, 1 .eland 21. 61, 65 Baxter, Inez . — — 20 Beck, Frank 21 Beealey, Alice J. 19 25. SJ P 72, 113 BclisLc, Jamea J — 20, 123 Bcrland, John — — 10 Bipby, Phyllis 20 Bogart, Katherine — - 22 Boor, Jerome F — 10. 50, 73 Brandenburg, Betty 18. 25 Broach, B. W, — 25 Brooks, Boyle — — _ 21 Brooks, R. U, ■ . . . .. — — 19 Brown, Sybil — — - — _ 22, 71 Burnett, Hugh IB Burnett, Richard — 17, )6l Cain, Richard 15, 10, 50, 73 Campbell, Mare 23 Chappell, John - — 23 Chop nil I, Harold 21, 74 Christopher Rachel — 23 Clark, Thaine 18, 73, 74 Coder Ralph V 15. 17. 22 Colburn, Lilt .. — — ... — — 22, " 4 Condio, James D. — 17 Cook, Frances — 20 Cook, Kenneth 20 Cost i pan, James — 22, 44, 63 Coulson Marion 22 Craine, Eugene 19, 70 Cunningham, M. C — 135, 194 Daley Billy C, 23 Dalton, S. V. „ 15, 16 Davidson, Gordon 19, 70 Dechant, Emerald ..... .... 23 Dellinger, Martha — ■ , , 19 Dick, R, Dale __ — 15. 23. 74 Dilky, Lyle 21 Dun das, Kay — — 21 18, 69 Eriksen, Douglas 20 Eller, Eugene 21. -47 Fellen Lucille 21 Frame, Norman 23 Francis Alex ..., .„.. ,. 20, 160, 170 Frleaner Paul — 23 Gallagher, Helen 18 Galli on, Leona - 20 Ga rn e r Ncom i 22 Garwood John 26 Graber, Paul 22 16 Greenwood, Audrey 22, 46, 70 Groesbeck HLtlda ™ 23 Grow, Paul , .. 20 53 Gwynn, W r illiam 23 Hamilton, Samuel 23 Harbin, Calvin . 23 Heather, Jack R. 22 Hell cm, Margery 23 Hennessey Everett 19, SO Herndon, Geneva 22. 72 Hcrren, Lloyd 15, 21 202 Hoffman Maxine 19, 51, 72 Horton, Lilburn. H 18, 25, 84 Huffman, Ralph __ — 19 25, 50, 73 Jellieon. Bill .... 17, 24, 66, 103 Jones, Layman — 19 Keating, W, E. .. 16. 25 Ketch urn, Harriet .... 22, 45, 68, 188 Kin singer, Floyd 10. 69, 117 Kroll Waller 20, 168 Kuhn, Jeanne — — 23 22 L An drum 18 Levin, Richard 20 Lewis, Kenneth . 23 Maher, William 22 Mahoney, Stanley ., _ 23 Marcus, Richard ... 19 Marple, Robert 15, 20, 119 Marshall, Everett 21 McCartney, E. R. IS, 16 McConnell Wayne 20, 116 McFarland, Alice , 22 McFarland, Henry It, 69 74 McKee, Dennis 19, 50, 73 McNeil Edgar F 20, 146, 161 Moore, Mary Maude 21, 58. 59, 195, 202, 284 Moreland W. D __ _ 9, 15, 19 Morrison, Alice 22 Mess. Joel ...... ..... 19, 172 Moyers, E. Edwin __. _ . . ... 21 Mullen Eugene 23, 14 Nelson Rex A. , 19. 50, 73 Osborne, Richard 20 Palmer, Harold — — — — 21 Parish, Verna 15, 22 Peoples L. Crocker 23 Price, Gordon 23, 193 Proctor, David E. ■■ 23, 74 Putnam, Nancy - 22, 49, 74 Reed, H. B. 74 Remalore, Andrew - 22 Reynolds, Howard 18, 69. 74, 127, 200 Richards, Robert C. 21. 74 Riegel, Andrew D, ... )8 Riley, Esta Lou 23 Rinker, Judy 20 Rogers, Katherine — _ 22, 41 Kolia Marvin 21, 71, 74 Roth, Col sen — „ — 21 Rumpel, Max — 21 Sackett, Sam — . . . 22. 70 Schleich, Phyllis — - 21 Schmutz, L. J. 18, 73, 74 Schroder, Elton Simona, Kenneth — — — — 18, 69 Sims, Ward - 18 S lochia, Don Smith, Wild Smoot. Kenneth ... Spangler, Robert Spomer E. J. Start, James R, Staven LaVicr .... Stones, Harold Stauffer Jean Stout, Don Stout, Roberta Stroup, Leora Stump, W, Darrell Siiran, Cade Thomas, Archie — — — 20 Thomas DolUe . — — — ?— 37 Thompson, L. W. — — ■ — — 20 Thorns, John — - — - Toalson, WLlmont — — — — — — 21, 71 Tom a nek, Gerald 15, 18, 69 Tomlinson John _ — — — — — — 19 Tow, Ted .... — — 22 Van Ackeren, Margaret — — Veed, EILen 21, 71 Walden J. B. _ 20. 125 Walker, M. V. _ — — 21. 74 Walker, Nell — 18, 69 Wall, George R. — — — 30 W r alkina, Ivan — 21, 121 W ' ella, James — — 18, 73, 74 Weity, R. L. — _ 19 W ' enger, Aliena 19, 51 W ' cstky, John W. 29 125 Wilkins, W ' illiam D. — — - — — !1 Winter! in DeW ' ayne - — — 22 Witt, Robert „ — -— 19, 35 Witten. Maurice ..... 21, 74 Wood, W ' . C- • 23 Yeager, Mary Ann 20 You mans Raymond — — 23 19, 24 19. 36 _ 23 48 m 22 20 22 23 __ 18 17, 24, 67, 102 21 22, 49, 71 „ 19, 121 . 20 , 53 Student Index Adams, David L., Fr, — - 95, 244 Adams Gary F,, So 234 Adam , Judy K,. Jr. — 43, 80, 22 4 Adama, I-sriy L-, Fr. — — 92, 214 Adam , William ! .. Fr. „ _ 119, 24 4 Adamson , Nclda J. Ft. . 45, 08, 244 Adrian, Edgar M+, Fr. 146 Aidun Faraidoon, So. 43, 234 Aidun, M an i jell. So - 43, 42, 234 Ailslieger, Boss E., So 46, 48, 234 Albers, Lucille H., Sr 25, 35, 16 Albers Twila M. So. — — 234 Aldrich, Charles P., So, - - - 234 Aldrich, Th via M i So 234 Allen, Billie L., So . .. — 52, 107. 234 Allen, Carol E.. Jr. 224 Allen. Dale D . Fr 244 Allen. David R-, Fr „„„„ , 214 Alloway, Earl w r „ Fr. 244 Amerine, Kent L. Fr. 95, 244 Amefine, Terry W r , So. — ™- 92, 123, 234 Andersen, Kenneth W.. So. 234 Anderson, Alan W ' , Fr 244 Anderson, Andrew S-, Fr 82 244 Anderson, Connie J.. Fr, .... 67, 80. 2-14 Anderson, Floyd L-, Fr . 95, 127, 244 Anderson, Gene F., Fr 244 Andcrttm, James L-, Fr. ... 241 Anderson, John, Fr, 241 Anderson, Julia M- Fr, 90. 244 Anderson, Karri K., Grad, 69 223 Anderson, Nona K.. Fr, 99. 244 Anderson, Richard L , Sr. ... 53, 127 156, 161. 18! Ankle, David D.. Grad, — - 74, 223 Appel, Bonnie J„ Fr . 56, 90 214 Appel Robert L-, So, — _ 71, 234 Aria«i AugusLo Grad, - ... 43 Arcnion, Ronald W., So. 234 Arnold, Larry, G , Fr, _„_„, 244 Arnold, Rose, Jr. — 70, 77 Arp in Dorothy J., Fr — - 43, 80. 241 Ary, Delores L Jf 64. 224 Ary. Mika V., Jr. — — 125, 224 Ashby, Oren E , Sr. — 123 Asher Velda P., So, . — Ashley. Karen K., Fr Atwood, Ima J„ Fr. ...™ Augustine, Gary L., Fr, Augustine, Glen W r ., Jr. Augustine Mary J.. So Augustine, Sliiela K , Jr. Aust, James L. Fr. _ — Auat, Karen S,, Fr. — _ 46. 224 51, 99, 241 _ 88, 107, 214 244 224 234 224 _ 119, 140, 244 241 aalnian Lawrence E,, Fr. ... 2 1 aalman, Thomas P., Jr 76, 224 aier, Charles M. So. 234 aird Bennie G„ Fr, „ 92, 214 aird, James R.. Jr, 146, 148, 221 ■alter, David E., Sr, — , 46, 70, j 6 ■a kef, John R-, Jr, — — 35, 121, 224 laker, Linda J., Jr. ™ 24 laker, Ruth A., Sr, - 25, 27, 45, 68. 88, 189 Baldwin Richard G-, Jr, 25, 56, 69, 92, 221 tall, Garry E., Jr. 41, 224 lal lard, Rodney D , Fr. — 2-14 Salta Jerry D., Fr 244 3a I man, Richard L., Fr. - — -- 95, 244 3amber or r Carl N., Fr. — 92 Bamberger. Charles D-, Fr. 245 Bamberger, Shjrjey R., So 51 r 82 r 88, 234 Bangle, Patty Jo . Fr, 245 Banister. James R., Fr, — 95, 127, 245 Banister, Terry L,, Jr, 28, 39, 264 Banker, Eleanor A,, Fr. 5l, 8 , 245 Bannister Marcia 5-, Grad, 72, 223 Barclay Royer C,, So. 68, 95, 234 Bardot. Ramona, So. 88. 234 Barenbcrg, Stanley L , Fr. 92, 245 Barnes, Birk ley A., Jr, __ 60. 79, 64, 88, 224 Barnes, Dale R. So. — — 234 BarneS, Marian K., Fr, . Barnett, Sandra K . Fr. - 52, 107, 134, 194, 245, 266 Barng rover, Loren L . Sr, - — — so 221 Barrows, Alita L., Sr, 11 1 Barrows, Rodney T,. Sr. . — — “3 103, 117 Barton, Lynn L,, Fr. ■- 215 Bartholomew, Diana L, F;f, . 90. 245 Bartholomew, Philip E,, Sr, 56 Ba rleit, El Ha! con, Fr 92, 245 Bartlett, Steve L. Fr, 245 Basgall. Norma J., Fr, — 43, 45, 245 Bateman, John C-, Fr, 245 Bates, Lawrence A., So .™- 150 Bauer, Grover E,, Fr 92, 127, 2-45 Bauer, Karen L,, Jr, 51, 72, 224 Bauer, Kent It., Sr, 50, 53, 73, 141. 171 Bauer, Sharon 1C, Fr 37. 96, 1 8, 215 Baumann, Dennis L., Sr, — 34, 103, 119 Baumfalk, Clara M„ Sr. 209 Baum fucker, Thomas J., Jr - 2?4 Bader, Blaine A., Fr. — 50, 245 Bater. Ronald W r ,, So. 234 Baxter, Thomas D,, Fr. . 215 Baxter, William A,, Jr, 224 Bay, Robert W , Jr 224 BayenS, Joyce M,, So 19, 234 Bean Patricia A . So. — 88, 234 Beaver Eugenia, So. — 82. 234 Bcbb, Karen, So 45, 46, 83 90, 234 Bechtel Jerry, So, — 234 Bcehlold, Gayle. Fr 245 Becker, Carole, Jr 49, 224 Becker. Larry, Sr 47, 71, 74 . 209 Beckham. Janice Fr, 49. 67, 90, 113, 178, 215 Beckotan, Charles, Jr. 224 Beecher, Lowell, Sr. — 92, 209 Beery, Charles, Jr, 224 Befort, Joseph, Fr, — 95 Bcfurl, Al, Jr. 224 Moil, Charles Sr 26, 121, 209 Befort, Gerald, Sr. SO, 73, 209 Rcforl Norma, Fr. ■ — 46, 245 Befort, Joseph, Fr. 245 Bcggs. John, So. 23-4 Behnke, Gerald, Jr. 224 Behnke, Myron, So. 121 234 Belcher. Larry Fr. 95. 245 269 Bellcr, Margaret. So. 59, 107, 234 Beltch, James, Sr. — . 53 168, 209 Belli, Althea, Sr. _ _ 80 98, 209 Beokula. Sharily, Fr. 43. 67, 88. 245 Bennett, Eldon, Jf. 224 Bennett Mary, Sc, — ■• 51, 209 Bentrup, Dale, Fr „ SO, 245 Beougher, Delilah, Fr. 215 Beough er , F r, — „ 245 Beougher, William, So, — 234 Berens, Ronald, Fr. .,. . 245 Bcrggren, Vai Fr. 245 Brrgling, Jeri, Fr 90, 245 Bergman, Dean So, — — 119 231 Bergman, Paul, Jr. 119, 224 Bcrlnnd, Douglas, Fr. 245 Befschauer, Bert, Fr. , — - 245 Rerscbeidl Paul, So 234 Bettenbrock, Esther, Fr. 59, 80 215 Bice, Carl, Jr. — — — - 65, 224 Bice, Carolyn, Jr 42, 224 Richer, Margaret, So. , 67. 90 234 Bicker, Alexander, Fr, ... 161, 245 Biggrr tnfL Karen, Fr. 19. 245 Biggs, Ronald, Fr ._ 95, 245 Eigliam Robert, So 84 95, 234 Billinger, Marlene Fr - 43, 215 Rlllinger, Sucellen So. 46, 234 Binder, Donald, Fr — ••• 245 Bird, Constance, Fr .-.. 90, 245 Bird, Leonard, Grad, — 223 Bird, Michael, So, - - ... _ 234 Bird sell, Jamea Fr. _„ 92, 245 Birney, Elmer, So, — — 234 Bimey, Marcia, Jr 224 Bishop, Bruce, Sr __ 34, 119, 209 Bishop, Frances, Jf. 224 Bishop, Harrison, Fr — 92, 245 Black, Dermis, So — — - 234 Main r Steve, Sr. ... ,„ 28, 39, 117. 209, 268 Blair, Virginia, So 02 8fl, 234 Blair, Gary , F r . __ 95, 245 Bland, Gary Fr, 245 Blouer, Earl Sr. . — . . 61 65 Blauer, Gory, Jr. 61. 65 Blevins, Donald . Jr. . 224 297 Bliss Ronald, So. 92, 12: Dludplt, Donna, Fr. — .... 19, EH Rh atone. Joyce, Jr — . 82, 90 Itiy-l .me, KuLh, Fr. — 82, 90. Bock, Charles, Fr, — Budge, James, Jr. S3, 74, 76, Boeae Marilyn, So. — 75, 90, Bogg , Darrell, Jr — , Boggt Margaret, Fr. ■ — 37, KM, Engncr, John, Ir, — .. — 50. Donald, Fr. . Bedim, Thomas, Fr, . — Bo linger. Ronnie, So. - Belli]];, Dunqii, So, — - ... Bidlig, Francis, Jr. Bond, Franklin, Jr. 95, 121 123. 123, 119 Bchoiit A n n , Sr. 59, 82. 209, Eorgcr, Timothy T Born Jerry, Fr-. 9$. Burnetnann, Jaim L $ . Sr. — I?orrc I-cfoy Fr? 80 119, Bortz, Larry, So, 127 Ho-iS, Rj chord, Pf. 4$, 68, 1®8, B i ton Brian, Jr, ... Ropghncr, Mary Jo, So. Rowers,. Da ' vid_ So, 113, Ruvmsn Knr] St. Bowman, Vae Jenc, Fr. . ... 37, 00, E ov d . Ann If S . .1 r . 46. 80. 98. RftvJ. Riiheria. Tr. ... .. .. Bovd, Mary. Vr. 88, Boyi fi t; t on , Ju d it h, F r, Tin 1 e Richard. Fr. .. 08, 6$. 05. Bovs. Rieh rd. Sa. _ R i vs , San d ra , So R rniiv, AisitA,. Fr- 107, 47, 90, Brady, Vc volte. Fr, 90, Brenda, Kenneth Fr. Brands. Larrv A.. Sr, . Braun. Evefell T. Su. Rrazda. Evelyn A, p Sr, Brccr. Will Lam J.. Ft. 95. Brell, Donna M., Fr, 37. 40, 67 lire itcnbai-h , Peggy C.„ Sr, - 111, Rfcjclm, Robert J., Fr. Brejeha, Vernon L. p So. _ . Bread el, Shirley J,, So. R renamed, A Iberia E., Sr, , Brewer, Kornisn, Fr. 3-0, Briery, John J., Fr. . 146, Cain, Ch rol. So, 45, 49, 52, Cain, Karen, Fr, 37, 90, 133. Cain, Sarah Beth, So. _ ra ,,._ , 45, Caldwell, Sharon, So, 49, Callahan, William. So. — 119, C ilen, Delbert, So, 47. 50, 71, Call Lh an, Richard, Jr. 1 _ Gallon, Lyn, Fr, , 90, Calvin, Shirley, Fr, 37, 90, Cam be m. Sherry, Jr. Campbell, Ruddy, Fr, 26, 49. - 66, 05 Campbell, Larry, Fr. 92. Campbell, Terry, So, 125, CamlEJil, Karen, Sr. . Can iiy]d. Merle, So, 44, Carmady, Celia, Fr. 88, 107, Capps, 31 el v in. So. 66, Capps, Ron, So. _ Capre!, Lionel, Jr, 46, 92, Corley, Curtis, Sr, . 79, Carlson. Lavcrne, Fr j; i Carbon, Neil, So 95, Carlson, Walton, Sr. , t Carney, Charlotte, So, _ . __ Carpenter, GlnptllL Fr, 90. Carpenter. John, Fl. _ Carpenter, Mary, Fr. _ _ B0 f Carr, John, Sr, Carrico, Patrick Fr, 35 66, Carroll, Connie. Fr, Carter, Duane, Jr. £9 n Caskey, Wallace, Jr, Casper, Ja mes, Sr. . r Cassity, Hubert, Fr. Cates, Terry, Fr. Caton, James, Grad. Chin nell f John Jr. . J5| Chapel, Myron, Fr. • Chastain, Dick, Fr. Charu radiin Ja. Kam, Sr. _____ Cbegwidden, Jack, Grad. __ Cheney. Ronald, Fr. g; i Chit E v , Michael, So. 231 245 , 224 . 245 245 158, 225 234 69 245 225 245 215 234 234 225 225 225 225 234 225 225 245 245 209 168 231 189, 245 225 234 235 209 215 225 225 215 215 216 235 235 216 246 246 209 65 209 216 90. 216 209 216 235 23$ 209 246 246 235 216 235 235 23$ 235 225 246 246 225 246 247 235 209 . IB 217, 266 23$ 46 225 225 247 23$ 209 235 217 217 217 209 247 247 225 22 $ 146 217 217 223 IS 5 217 150 210 223 247 235 Cho, [whan. Grad, ■ 74 Choi, Nam Sok Grad, 74 G liras til, Delores. Fr. 37, 90, 247 Christian, Carolyn, Fr, 90, 247 Church, Daniel, Sr, 34, 46, 121, 210 Churchill Shirley, Jr. - — 225 Clark. Elmira M, t Sr, 210 Clark. John C.. So. . 60, 65, 235 Clark, Judith A„ Fr, „ «. 90, 247 Clark, Mary M., Jr. 225 Clark, Wanda M., Fr 90, 247 Clauaen Hedrick, Fr. 92. H7, 247 Clay, Lance, Fr. „ 247 Clement, Archie D,, Sr 210 Clement, Si grid J., Jr. 70, 225 Cline, Robert 1 Ft., Fr, 247 Cl is Dennis, Fr. — 95, 172, 247 Clow, Ethel K. t So. 60. 64, 79, 90. 235 Civs dale, June, So. , 59, 23$ Cobbs, Elbert, Sr 2ft, $3, 92, 170, 210 Cobb, Mae L.. Sr. _ ... 27, 210 Cnblr ' nl , John R., Jr, Cochran, Marvin J,, Sr. — — 27, $8, 65, 203, 210 Cochran, Ralph W., Sr. - 2)0 Coen, Cynthia S. t Fr 37, 81, 8ft, 113, 247 Colley, Don D., Jr. 16, 225 Cokcley, Ronald G-, Fr. 65, 189, 247 Colburn, Lila J., P. Grad. — 49 Colburn. Margie B., Jr. 58, 61, 88, Colburn, William R-, Jr. 225 Cole, Roma V. T So. 51, 72, 88, 231 Collingwuod, Greta J,, Sr. 34, 210 Collin?, Brent, Sr. 26. 27, 76, 210 Collins. Nancy J„ Fr. 88, 111, 137, 217 Collins, Robert D., Jr 225 Conard, Connie L., Fr. B8, 247 Conard, Donald D., So, 119, 235 Canard, Norman H. Fr, 119, 247 Conrad, Sharon I.,, Jr, ___ 525 Contreras, Luis So. _____ 43 Cooley, Bonnie J., Fr. 68 , 37, 187, 247 Cooley, Sidney A., Fr, 79. 121, 163, 247 Cooper, Gary R., Fr. 161, 247 Cooper, Margaret T,, Jr. _ 22$ Cooper, Me A.. Fr. 247 Copp, James R., Jr, 225 Coppock, Cynthia R., Fr, 96, 2 47 Cordell, Lawrence R., Jr. „ 225 Cotder, Marvin L,, So. ■ 335 Cornwell, Dorothy A., Ir. _ . 225 Coulson, Jinui D,, Fr. . 42, 247 Courtney, Carol 3VL, Fr. 99, 24? Covey, Robert $., Jr. . 125, 225 Co . Larry G , Fr. 57, 9$. 247 Crain, Arthur B,, Grad, „ 34 Cramer, Connie C, p So. , $0 235 Cramer, Marilyn K., Fr, a®, 247 Crandall, Avola C., Fr 64. 88 , 247 Crawford. William C., Fr. £47 Crabb , John D., So, 1 3 Ciroeker, Benjamin C,, Jr. 123, 22$ Cronin, Mada N., Jr. 51, 72. 9®, 225 Cronin, Marsha N., Fr. 51, 83, 247 Croak, YeriSn R. Jr. 22$ Crosby, Donald R„ Sr, _ 24, $0, 58, 73, 92, 219, 281 Cross, Stephen D-, Fr. 47, 247 Crow, Terry L. p Fr, 247 Crow de r. Barbara J . , Jr. 22$ Crum rinr, Yirle M-, Fr. __ 247 C 111 well, Leanna M,, So. _________ 235 Cunningham, Gary B., Fr, . 9$, 247 Cunningham, Glen A., Jr. 103, 121, 225 Cunningham, Karen J., Fr, 90, 109, 247 Curl, Lawrence L„ Fr, __ 93_ 347 Curtis. Phillip L , — . . 72, 219 Curtis, Sandra S., So. $2, 98, 107, 235, 247 Cuisen, Michael P., Sr. 3$, J 39, 540 Custer, Sara B., Fr. ____ 49 gg Daniel, Clyde L., Jr. __ $0, 225 Daniel, Lind K., So, 23s Daniels, Gary A., Fr, 247 Daniels, George, So, . Daniel , Gerald G. t So, , 146, 23$ Daniels, Linda L,, Sr. __ 113, 210 Daniels, Ronald W., Sr, __ 68, 125, 210 Daniels, Timothy R,, Fr, 150, 347 Darnell, Linda J., Jr. 36, 90, 113, 22$ Daugherty, Larry J,, Sr, 50, 53. 210 DividiOn, Eleanor, So. 49 Davidson, Larry E-, Jr, $3, 160, Davis, Berth L,, So. £35, Davis. Eugene H., P. Grad. mT „„ Davis, Gary L, So. Davis, Sharon L, Fr. 84, Davison, William W, t Sr. 24, Dawson, Donald A., Jr. 123, Day, Jtrn M., Jr _ S3, 162, Day, Suzanne E., Fr. _ 98, 107, Dean, Gary, Fr; 92, Dean, S hi rley R . , So . 90 , Delies, William E., So. 95, DeBoer, Jean E.. So 67, 90. DeBoer, Joan E., Sr, 27, 77, Deebant, Larry L., So. . Dec ban I, Marvin F., Fr. Decker, Laurancr M.. jr. DeGarmo, Harlan C., Sr, . Depnet, Herman R r , Fr. Deines, Larry D,, Jr. DeineS, hlarityn L., Jr DeHiven. Kent C,, So. DeLair, Donald C., Sr. Defaulter. Edna M., Fr + Detancfer, Helen E., Sr Delander, Ruth F., Sr. Delaney. Paulette Delay, Fredrick, Jr. Delp, Phil G-, Fr. DeMay. Kathleen J., Fr, _ .... 85. Demmllt, Vicki K,. Fr. 34 119, 92, 109. $7, 90, Dcrumitt, Thomas E„ Fr. Dempsey, Janls E,. Fr. 61, Denning. Dean P,, So. DePoy, Jtmmey G., Fr. Deppersehmidt, Marilyn K.. Fr, DePriest, Larry N., Fr. Derley, Leater V ' ., Fr, Derrick, Roy A,, So. Desbien. Adrienne M, + Fr. Desbien, Carol F., Fr. . Dewflld, Janet L,. Jr, Dibble, Linda J., Fr. 92, 90 67. 98, ... 64, 98. Dickey, Roberta A. t So. .... 41 , 72 , sn. Feme R,, Sr. 51, 72, Larry L- T Jr 103, 123, 180. Terence J., Sr, Diekr Dietz. D i I lun , Dim lit DLnges. Dinged Dinkcl Dinkcl Dink el Dirks, Dirks. Charles S., So. 92, 23$, ., Lucille E-. Jr, .... „ 26. 46, Joe, Sr. Corritie F., So. ... Don a id L., So. Ralph F., Jr. Arthur L., Fr. Martha W r ,, Jr, 26, 46, 68, 92. 79, Divel, Leon J., So, Di , Archie E., Fr. _ Bit, Leonard J., Fr, Dison. Lflrry E, t Fr, Dtzmang, Gloria A,, Fr. Doane, Sharon L., Fr. 47 Dob os, Emory R., So, Dodd, Di ic L., Sr. Dodd. Jerry L., So. Dodrill, Jauiea R., Sr, Dodson, Donald W ' .. Fr Do ley, Allan D., So. D l d £ ' z a 1 , Jue F Don art, Gary B . , Sr. Donner, Gary L., Jr, Donovan, Mary G., Sr, Dove, George L,. Fr. Do son. Dean R., Sr + Dragoo, Lyle K„ Grad, Drake, Donna L , Jr. Drake. Gfcii E,, J r , Dreany, Harry A., So. Dreher, Norman J., Fr, Drciling, Larry F., So 43, 9$. 44. 61, 90, 113, 67, 88, 127n, 92, 58, 65, 69, 74, 53, 168. 64, ... 34 _ 146, 51, 98, Drolling, Lilly M r , Jr. Drilling, Mary A,, Sr. Dreiling, Robert K., So. Dreiling, Sandra So. Dreiling. Theresa M., Grad, 72. Drcsaelhau?. Judith G., Fr. 5$, 67, Droite, Bernard F,, Fr. . Duer, Coline, Jr. 82 , 90, Ducr, Wayne, C,, Ft. ___ 92_ Duff, Ellen A. f Grad. Dufnqum, Bill L. t So, 9$, Dumler t Emanuel D ff So, 226, 299 269 223 235 247 92, 210 226 226 136 247 247 23$ 235 235 90, 218 235 247 226 92, 210 217 226 . 72 235 210 247 210 210 46 226 247 247 83, 218 24 rt 88. 218 235 218 248 248 24ft 235 248 248 226 218 113. 235 210 226 210 285 226 24 235 235 248 248 70. 226 233 215 248 45 68 . 248 218 236 210 236 210 24ft 236 2-18 210 226 210 248 211 160 226 70 84 248 148 226 211 ■ 66 236 223 , 88. 248 215 226 248 223 236 236 D under, Jean A,, Fr, 59, 90, 109, 136, 248 Dun a van. Hubert C., Sa. 95. 236 Duncan, Sharon I„., Fr. 37 51, 8®, 24® Dunlap, Marvin D,, So, 236 Dunlap, Marvin L,„ So, 236 Dunlop, Roger L.. Jr, — 35, 226 Dunn, Denny J., Jr. 226 Dupont, Merle B., Jr, 146, 226 Duus, Carla M-. Fr, 59, 58, 248 Dyer. Hubert H., Jr. 226 Dykairo. Harold R,, Fr. 50, 248 Eakin, Dave W.. Fr 24® Earley Roger A. p Ft. 248 Eaton, Mary E., Fr, 90 , 240 Ebel, David L,, Jr. 47, 226 Eckert, Harry M. f Sr, 211 Edmonston, Harold M,, Fr. 2l8 Edmnnaton, James H,, So 236 Edwards. Isabel P. T Jr. 226 Edwards, Regina L., Jr, 46 Edwards, Verlin L., Fr. 95 , 248 Ehrlich, Larry J.. Jr, 24, £6. 29, 46, 52 , 66 . 74, 76 ®4, 95, 82, 184, 226 Ellers, Patricia A., Sr. 38, 211 Risen hour Dnugtaa fi„ Fr. 92, 24® Eisenhour, Joyce, Sr. 27, 30, 6l, 64, 77, 211 Eisenhour, Larry O., Sr, I17. 211 Elder, Linda K,, Fr, ®®, 248 Elder, Mary L, Sr. . . ... . 211 Elias, James H., So, 121, 236 EUegood, Kenneth N r , Sr. $3, 211 Elliott, Gary L., Sr, £H Elliott, Robert D.. So. 236 Elliott, Steven B , Fr, 146 f 24B Eli is, Beverly K. 90 , 24® Ellii, Danny R., Sr. 211 Ellis, Lenny £., Sr 211 Ellis, Robert W. So. £36 Ellis, Thomas L,, Fr. 24ft Emerson, Oscar L., Se. 92 , 236 Emigh, Keith W,. J r , 50, 226 Engel, Douglas A., So. 44 Engel, Edna R. t Jr. „ 22 Engel, LuAnne, Jr- $2, 107 . 203 226 Engel, J, Michael, Sr. 146, 149 Enget, Marita S.„ Fr. 67. 90, 24® Erberi, David L., Fr, 248 Erick son. Delbert, Jr. „ $3, 127, 226 Esfeld, Terry K,. Jr. 226 Eiplund, Linda K., Sr, . 93, 211 Essmlller Robert H., Jr. j£6 Estes, Arlene R., Jr. ®|, 88, 226 Pistes, Bryan K, 93 _ £40 Estes, Elizabeth Ann, Sr. 64. 6-1, 109, 211 Estes, Stan D., Sr, so, 95, 2|l, Paul D., Jr. 220 Euhus, Audrey K., Fr. 90, m, 24® Eulert, Gene K., So, 230 Evcl, Della M. p Sr. 211 Evel Shirley M. 226 Ewing, Franklin B, s Fr. £4® Ewing, Judith A,. Fr. 90. 218 Ewing, Rqnnie R., Sit. 95, 236 Eye, Kenneth So, 5 , 70, 36 Fahey. Ronald F.. Fr. 24, 92. 119, 24®, 281 Fair, Warren, Jr. ... 226 F irbairn, Linda, So+ 0®, 165, 236 Fankhauser, Car I. Jr. $0, 226 Fanshier, Clara, Fr, " 9 Farncy. John, jr. 95 139, 200, 226 Faulk. Kenneth, So . 61, $5, 236 JVehner, Delwyne, Fr - 218 Fehrcnbaeh, Nancy, Fr. 24, 49, 88, 2 ' I8 Fehrenbachcr, Francis, Jr £26 Feist, James, Jr 119, £26 Felbush, Lyle, Fr. 70, 24ft Feldman, Shirley, Fr 83, £48 Feld 1, Martha, Sr. . 27 Fetdt, William, Fr 24® Fellers, Elizabeth Sr, _ . . 27, 5®, 64. _ , 77 109. 203, £11 Pell i», Gary, Fr. 24R Ferguson, Willard Grad, 69, 74 £23 F CTree, Daryl, Fr £4g Fetters, James, Jr, . . . 5g ] 23 5 Finger, Robert Fr. £40 Finken binder L«rry p So 236 Finley, Janet So. 36 41, 52 109, 142 , 203 236 287 Fisher, Mickey So 64 82 236 Fisher. Myra, Fr. - Fisa, Myrna, Jr. 9ft, £26 Flake, Jackie Fr. 35 90 p 167 249 Fleming, Karen, Fr. £49 Fleury Eldon, Jr, 34 t ££6 Fliekner, Elbert, Jr. ____ 227 298 Flummerfelt, James. Jr. _ Flummerfelt Mary E„, Fr 227 46. 60. 61. S , 219, 271 236 , 236 Follcrt), Wend el. So. , — Folks, E. Ray. So. Folks, F. Neil, Grad, 69. 223 Ford, Albert C., Grad. .■ 223 Ford. Grable M., Fr. _ 40. 57, 249 Ford, James, Fr — — 249 Ford, King, Sr. — 211 Ford, Nelda, Fr _ 37, 99, 2 19 Funbcrg, HonSt), Fr. Forsyth, Jay. Jr. ,, Foster, Norman, Jf, Fok, Connie, Jr, — — Fox, Dak, Fr. — Fox, James F.. So. — ™ For, Jamca L + Sr. Fox, Judith, Sr. Fos, Philip. Fr. Fraley, Keith, So, — — Fraley, Kent, So, __ 88, 219 ... 26, 76, 227 _ 84. 117, 227 227 249 65 , 236 65, 73 _ 27, 211 „ 59, 249 ._ .. . 236 _ 236 37, 52, 08, 249 117, 236 , 227 Francia. Diana, Fr. _ Francis, Lynn, So, — Franco, Daniel, Jr. - Frank, Cheryl, Jr. 36 , 72, 111, 227 Franks, Daniel, Sr. — — 2ll Fra nr, Derryl, Jr. — 227 Franz, Myra, Sr, — — — 2l2 Frazey, Lynn, Fr. — — . — 249 Frailer, Marie. So, 49, 59, 199. 236 Freeman, Gary, So. 95. 236 Frey, Earl, Fr. 117, 249 Frissfn, Jo Etta, Fr. — 51, 84, 90, 249 Frltschen, William, Sr. 50, 65, 203 Fritzemeier, Charles, So, 95, 125, 236 Froelieh, Barbara, Fr. — £49 Fuller, Stephen, Jr, _ — 227 Fulton, Bernice, Jr. 75, 227 Funk. Robert, Jr. 303, 125, 227 Fyfe John, Jr, _____ 125, 189. 227 Gafford, Roger, So. 236 Gagelman, Merlin, Fr. 95 Gagnon, David, Jr. — — 50 , 52, 92, 161, 227 90, 236 236 123, 227 74. 212 Gagnon, Janice. So. Gale, Donald, So. Gall. Emil, Jr, GflUcatiuft, Jerry, Sr. GaLHirt, Jerry, Sr. — . Galiiarl, Karen, Sr. . Gard, Richard, So. _ Gardner, Duane. Jr, Gardner, Ronald, Jr, 53, 125. 146. £27 Garner, Betty, Fr. _ .__ , 90 Garner, Larry, Fr. 92, 117 Garrett, Barbara, Fr, 90 Garrison, Dennis, So. — 95, 236, 269 50, 73, 123, 212 __ 72, 82, 212 236 227 Gagnman, Agnca So. Gates, Ronald, Jr. _ SI, 89, 236 __ 74, 92, 227 Gatewood, Gwycne So. 199, 236 Geblurl, Gary, Jr, . Geerdea, John, So, Geiger, Larry, So, — Gets, Johnnjc, Fr, — Geisinger, Bill, Fr. . Georg. Win a ton, So, So, „ 236 . „ S3. 161, 236 24. 34, 69, 76, 92 212. 273 Fr £49 Sr. 212 95, 125, 249 ___ 90. 227 .. 69, 73, 74. 212 m, 219 92, 236 _ 92, 249 __ 227 _ 236 236 _ 249 249 236 George, Judith, Fr. — 45, 47, 59, 90, 249 Gere, Sandra, Fr. _ 90, 249 Gerritzen, Eugene, Fr, , — 50 , 249 Gerritzen, Herman, Jr. 50 , 227 Gertaner, Jude, Fr, — 249 Geschwentner, Daniel Fr- £49 Getty. Allen, Fr, __ — — 92 , 249 Getty, Karen, Sr. 27, 70, 77, 9B, 212 Getty, Rose M., Sr, 27. 212 Gibbons. Duttie, So. 24, 59, 79, 111 . 236 Gibbs, Fred, Fr, — 127, 168, 249 Gibson, Norma T,, Jr. — — 52, 142, 22 Gibson, Rosemary, Jr. — ... 36 Gibson, Tom G., Jr. — - 146, 151 Giebler, Gale ft.. Jr, __ 227, 280 Giebler, Karen, Jr, _,™ 77 r 280, 237 Giebler, Patrick J., P. Grad — 223 Giebler, Wayne R,, So. 236 Gienger, Stan P., Jr, 127, £27 Giess, Lyle D„ Fr. _ — 249 Gilbert, Clifford B., Fr, — - 249 Gilbert, George W., Jr, Gilbert, James L,, Sr, — , Gilbert, Thomas 1,, Ft Gilteapie, Dayk, Fr 92, 1441. 146, 249 Gillespie, Dwight E,, Fr. 249 Gillespie, Ronnie D,, So. — 45, 236 Glllelt, Jjrxy D., Fr. 249 Gillett, Sandra J., Fr. —■ 90. 249 Gi Ilham, Michael R-, Ft. — 249 . 113, 249 ... 46 Gilson, Rosemary A., Jr. --, . — - 113, 227 Gingerich, Dwanc E,, So. — — 236 Girt on, Michael W., Fr. 50, 96. 117, Given . Faith M., Jr. — Glasscock. Carole A , Sr, . Glaze Barbara K., Fr. Glazner Robert W„ Fr. Giarncr, Sandra A , Sr. — GlcnftCmcier, Ijirry F.. Jr. Gnad, Leroy P., Jr Goddard, Nancy S., Jr, Goebel, Paul L., Fr. — Goehring, Clayton A., So. Gocring, Vernon C-, Ft. - Goetz, Arlene A., Fr. — Goetz, Sharon K Goff, Floyd E. So. Good Larry R,, Sr. Goodale, James L,, Fr Goodbearl, Chester, Sr Goodman, Clyde, Fr, Goudrow, Judith, Jr Goodrnw, Kenneth, Sr. Goracke, Darlene, Fr. Gordon, Don So. , — — GotebalL Thomas, Fr. Gottsehalk Donald, So, Gotlachalk, Gary, Sr, Go (lachs Ik, Kenneth So. Graf, Marilyn, Sr _ Graham, Jack, Fr — Graham, Rose, Fr. ™ — Gran tbam. Warren, Sr, Graves, Amy, So. — — Graves, Billy, Fr. — Graver, Leon, Sr, Gray, Roberta, Fr, _ — Gray, Thomaft, So. Green, Betty, Fr. — - Green Wayne, So, Greenberg Sharon, Fr. Greenway, Judith, Jr. Greenwood, Gloria, Jr Gregg, Eldon, Fr, _ Griffin, Jamest P- Grad. — 55 Griffin, Joanne, Fr. — 65, 39, 250 Griffith, Charles, Fr. — — — 92, 23fl Griffith, Diane Jr- — — — ■ 227 Griffith Gary D., Sr — “ — — 427, 212 Griffitts Joanne, Sr. — — 24, 51, 72, 39, 212 Grimm, Judith, So. - 36, 45, 59. 109, 108, 139, 237 Grimm. Marie, Jr. — — 59, 227 Griziell, George, Sr. — — 21 2 Gross, Harold, Fr, — — — 2 0 Gross, Lorna Fr. . 57, 90, 111, 250 Gross Mary Ellen, So. 237 Grcsshanj, Iona, Fr, 90, 250 Crosshairs Meryl, Sr. £7 76, 212 Grub, Michael, Fr, 92, 250 Grubb Harry, Fr. 2, 250 Grund, Evan, Sr. 119, 164, 212 Grusing. Dale, So- — . — 2 7 Grusing, Mekin, Jr, — 227 Gniver LaDonna, So. 64, 90. 23. ' Guinn, Carol, Fr. $0. 2S Guinn, Larry, Sr. 212 Guinn. Ronald. Fr — , — 92, M Guise, Nadine Fr. — — — 58, 250 Gumm. Keith. Sr. _ 119, 162, 164, 212 Gunn, Melvin. Jr. — 227 Gunnels, Joel, Jr. — — Gust in Larry, So. ..... 7 Guthrie, Shcrriann, Fr, 75. 90, 107. 250 Guttridge, Bonnie, Fr, — — S?, 59, 89, 135. 194, 250 71. 74, £27 36, 90. 107, 236 92 250 123, 212 . _ 37, 90, 259 236 40, 34, 113, £50, 270 _ 47 66, 71, 236 90, 250 49, 52, 227 „ 227, 113, 77 ... 230 Haas, Kenneth, Jr. ... Haddock. Charles Fr. Haffner, Frances, So. Hager. Sharon, F t- — G il more, Carol yn A . , Fr, ■ Gilmore, Robert W., So Guy, Allan, Jr. — . — 2£7 119, 163. 250 90, 237 53, 89, 107, 250. 266 Ha german. Fred, Fr — ■ 95. 250 Hagerman, Lynn, So, — 35, 45, 56, 00, 237, 231 Hagerman, Robert, Fr. — 82, 95, £50 Hake, Gerald. Fr. , — 2S0 Hale, Roger, Fr, - — 250 Hallagin, Jamca, So, — 2 3 ? Hallagin, Janice. Fr. ■ 2Sfl Hallagin, Jann, So, 93. 237 Hallagin, sheila, Fr, — - 90. 67 111. 250 HnUIiick, RUa, So, — 49, 02 , 90 237. Hailing, Patricia, Fr — 37, 09, 250 Hallmark Jen, Fr — 92, £50 Hamhlel, James. Fr, — — 250 Hamel Dennis, Sr. — 212 Hammer, Dennis, So 237 Hammer, Harold. So. ™ 119. £37 Hammer, Robert J., Sr 121, £12 Hammerschmidt, Harold, Jr. 46, £27 Hamon, Cury T Fr — 161 Hand, Katherine A., fr. 5H), 250 Haney, Virginia A-, Fr. ..... 51, 02 , 90, 25! Hanken, Erwin D„ Fr .. — 251 Hake, Gerald, Fr, — — 95 Hanken, Landia L., Jr. 121, 227 Honing. Ida L., Fr. 89. 231 Hanson, Andy J-, Jr — — — 127, 227 Hanson, Jerry L.. Fr. — 251 Hatiriick, Jerry D-, Jr. 95. J2S, 227 Hard acre, John T.. Er 251 Harding, Gary M. So — — 23F Hargreaves IS ' arrcn L,, So. 2 7 Harkneia, Clifford H., Fr. __ 251 Hafksen, John C, Sr. 212 Harms n, Jamea A., Jr, — . — £27 Harman, Paula R„ Sr — • 49, 2l2 Harmon, Roger Q., Jr. 227 Harper, Dean, Fr — . — 93, 251 Harrell, Millard L,, Jr 65, 93, 2£7 Harris, Phil L. So. - — Harrison Clell W-, Sr, Harrison, Janet K., Sr, . Harabbarger, Flwood R, Hart, Leroy K.. Fr, Hart, William D., So. . 237 212 — 113, 192, 213, £73 Fr. 251 251 237 Hartley, Charles S,. Fr. — Hartman. Jon T,. Sr. Hardier, Duane C,, Sr, Harzman, Leonard A., Jr. Hauck, Jerome C., Sr. I Ian sell i Id, Karen S,, Fr, 251 213 - 213 _ 119, 227 _ 119, 213 51 79, 89, 165, 251 , ■ 251 _ 95, £51 Havner, Kenneth C-, Fr. ... Hawkins, Harold L., Fr Hawkins, Larry D„ Jr- — — 34 56, 168, 227, £81 Hawkins, Richard D._ So. — 45 56 60, 189, 237, 281 Hayden Robert J., Sr. — — 25 213 Hayes, Gene L, + If 160, 227 Hayes, Nanette J., Jr. — 75 Hayes, Peggy S-. Fr. 49, 09, 167, £51 Hayex William F., Sr. 35, 46, 57 70. 213, 25 Haysc Melv L., So, B9 £37 Hazlett, John R., Sr, — — 213 Hcadlev, ft s nee K-, Fr. .,■ 80 , 95, 146, 251 Heath Rita R,. Fr. 67 89. 251 Heaton, Bonnie L-, So- 237 Heaton, Carol Ann, Jr. — 22 7 Hedge, Mary L . Sr. - 213 Hef Eel, Larry L„ Sr 27 44, 46 66. 70, 76, 1.21, 213 Heide, Linda G. Jr, , 40, 107 227 Hell, Richard F„ Jr. - 35 Heim Shirley M., Fr 49, 89, 251 Heim Joseph F„, Jr. — 127, £27 Helton Kenneth F., Fr — - — 2 Hemken, Ernest W r ., Sr- 213 Hendrrson, Loi A,, Jr. 227 Hcndrrson, Sharon S., So. — — 36, 51, 72, 109, 142, 237 Hcndriekson, Kendall M., fr. 47, 251 Hendrickson, Milton J,, Grttd. _ 79 Hendrickson, W ' atlace L, r Jr. — 117, 146. 227 Henningson, Car R., Sr. " l- Henry, Songie L., Ft 57, 91, 179, 251 Hensley, Dallas D., Fr. 95 251 Hcrber, Mary Ana So. — ■ 2S 7 Herd, W r arrea A. Sr. — — 213 Herl. Larry G., Jr. 227 Herman, Patricia Ann, Fr. — 251 Hermes, Myron G-, Jr. 22 ® Hermon, Karen L Jr, — - — 72, 220 Herron, Donald R,, Fr 93. 117, £51 Hertel, Kenneth E., So, 237 Hickman, Maxwell K-, Fr, — —— 2 1 Hiebert, Robert L„ Fr, — 34, 43, 46. Higerd. Larry A.. So. — — SO. 237 Higerd, Loretta R . So. — 0 9 237 Higgins, Gary £.. So. 53 - 237 Higgins, Lennie L-, Fr. — — _ 93, 220 251 , 213 Hildebrand, August J.. Jr, Hitgers, Francis K. Fr. - Hilgera, Ronald 0-, Sr. — Hillary, Alieo B., Fr, 89, 165, 251 Hinca. Michael C., Fr, 93, 123 , 251 Hinkle, Jeanne, Sr. — 49, 213 Hinncrgardt, Kenneth D., Fr, Hinnergardt. Roger ft- Fr, Hinncrgardt, Stanley B-, Jr. Hinz, Sue, Jr — — — — Hint, Roger N. t Sr. — — lljrt, Bethold J.. Sr, Htadek, Kenneth L., Ff. Hoagland, Ifichird, Fr. Hubble, Rhoda, Sr. Hochanadel, Anthony. Sr. Hockolt Elwin. So — Hoekctt, Sherril Fr. __ Hodges Jerry, Fr. - — . Hu faker, Richard. Sr, — Hofer Vcrem, So. Holler, Janice, So — Hof Einau, Darlene, Fr. Hoffman, EvalyH Jr, Hoffman, Gary Fr. Hoffman, Raymond, Jr. Hoffman, Richard, Fr. Hogaett, Stan, Sr. Holden, Robert, Jr. If old re n Bill, Fr, Hokn, Ralph Jr Holler. Kelsey, Fr, Holliday, Shari, Jr. Hollis, Donald, So. Holmes, Garry, Ff. Holmes, Harry, Fr Holmes, Larry, So. Holmes, Sandra Jr 26. 36, 72, 77, 89 130, 132, 141, 1 84 228 Holmca tti Fr, - 161 251 237 Holli, Douglas, Fr, 127 251 91 Hspkiri ). Lc iDHrcSp Fr . £51 237 1 1 9| k i tl- , M iii C ha Jr. 36, 111, 228 Hi rninc Miry S F - _ 27, 98, 211 Horyna, Sharon, So. Hosie, Rouald, So, — HuM nuLii R bcrl Fr. . 47, 71, 91, £37 79 117 237 93. 251 H ftiisc liollcTp Fr 91. 251 751 Houbit, Rtfldll 1 j F r. 251 H sp f Robert Fr. 63 How3[d i D oiihl Jr, . . . . 123, £28 Howiifd lir. j,. , 4fl, 213 Howard CiyE dif Jr _ 26 49, 2£8 How-urd , Ff. 251 Howfll| So+ _______ 42 Howft] Qsl n, Jr. 220 (lowland CiSfy,. So-. _ 193. 125, 237 II rul i ■ h Ann. Fr. 09, 251 1 1 F-B. j ■ c r Dclbtft Sr ______ 213 Lurry. Fr. 251 Hnb«i VcnsEAi Ft 91. £51 Hub bar 4], Ga-ry 1 , Fr. 119, 251 HuBjbs Galen Fr. £52 Hubef, John, Sr — — 27 38 61, 65, 76, 93, 213 Hudson, James, Jr. - — 213 Hucbner, Ronald, Sr 50, 70, 3, £13 Iluehmann, James Fr. 35 56, 252 Huff, Roger, Jr — — 22S Hughe», Carole, So. ® 2 . 237 Hui. Vera, Fr, 43, 91, 252 Hull man. Dun Sr. 50, 73, 213 , 228 47. 49 252 237 237 Humble Darrel. Jr. Hunter, Diane, Fr Hunter James, So. — Hurlbut, Eunice So T urt, David, Jr. 123, 157, £28 .. 252 us ‘ “ ,r , h T z 237 Huaton. Geralu, 50 —— — 89, 237 67, 237 _ 02 Hyer Carol, So. 67, 09 237 . 04 89, 237 ldeker, Vetgie, Fr. 35, 37 57, 91, 252 79 95 £52 Ingram John, Fr ■ . . 80, 237 237 Jacobs, Chealcy So ., £52 252 Jacobs Stephanie. F, _ 91, £32 Jacobeon, Jonp tr- Jamison, Ronald, Fr — . Xr ■■■■ 93. 119 252 228 si KJ 0: Jarvja, Scott Sr. 213 299 Jeffera, Marlin. So. Jrffen, Marvin, lr Jcffrici. Jerry, Fi. jeike, Elfie, So. JmiirJ), Larry, Jr. Jrntirti, Slrrcn, Fr. Jm«n 4 Donna, Jr. Jewell, Norma, Fr. Jimcrltcld. Th tnii, Jindra, Marcia, Fr. Joerg, Charles, So iiihmnrji, Lo el|, Fr. Johmon, Carl, Fr- lulmfon, tJeliBii, Fr. Jykpmn, Donat ' d, If, Johnivn, Cary, Fr. Julin»yn, Jim» A., Sr. 69 93, 228 Klink, Kathleen, Jr, ...... , 49 252 P»nl p Tt _ — T 80, 253 46, 82, 237 Knapp, Sharon, Jr. 22a 50. 228 Knipp, Dcnia, So _____ 238 93, 252 Knoll hi . So, 111 228 Kohler, Jerrold, Fr. __ 93, 253 27, 09, 252 Koch, Denny, Sn, _ 127 139 Fr, - 252 200, 238 SI. 89, 252 Koelling. Kay, Fr, 91, 253 237 Kcett, Larry, So. 236 . », 95 252 Kohlaich, Gary Fr. 50, 95, 253 _ 252 66, 62, 96, 2S2 __ 228 ... 93. 178, 252 _ 55, Tl. 74. 123. 213 95, 252 161, 228 166. 228 226 2H 67. 89, 252 211 237 117, 237 228 75. 111. 252 2.17 — _ 237 . 228 — _ 252 237 — i . i 252 - 214 — SO, 73, 2M _____ 214 — 252 49, 58, III, 228 64, 252 91, Johmton Jtntci C., Fr, Jiihnioa, Joe, Jr. Karl, Jr, . —«m. Raymon. Jr. johartoti, Keith, Sr. - Jone , Carol, Fr. _ _ j jtifi, Darrell, Sr 1 •. Diile, So. Joan, Cary, Su, — Juki, Harold, Jr, J • ' «, Jlnlce, Su, j [me!, Jarrell,. Sg, Jonn. John !So. Jonei. Kenneth. Jr r J on m Larry , Fr . Jrnr , LitRuy, So. Jones Marjory, Fr. __ Jones, Paul, Sr Jnne , Roy, Sr. ... June , Thradur, Sr. Jordan, Chatlra Fr. Jnrni. Mary Lou. Jr. Joy, Gw|e, Fr _ Juvenal, Carla, Fr. Kad«l, Robert, Fr, — ■— . Kahle, Larry, Grid. Kaiatrx, Ronald, Fr. , „ - Kedtcnbaeh. Karen, Jr. . 49, 111, Kannady. Patricia Fr. 51, 79, 89, Kirban, £Mn(, Fr 89, Karr, Char tea, Sr. 50, Kastrup, William, So. Kilt. Ronald, Fr, 93, KatJ. Clarence. Fr. _ 93. 160. Kaufman. Linda. Fr. 91, 113, 137, Kay. Cforge. Fr. Kebcrl fin. Darrell, Jr. Keith, Gene, Sr Keith, Giro, P. Crad. Ke]|en, Drnnii. Fr, KeRer. Donald. Fr, . Keller, Karen, So. .. Kelley. Sharon, Jr, Kelly. Sharon , Jr. Kent, Carl. Fr Kenyon. Carrol. Fr, Kenyon, Gary. Jr, Kr[ik:i, Dennis, Fr. Ker hner, Larry, So _ Kentrtter, Judith, Sr, Keith, Cur tia. So. Keirhum, Freda, Fr. Kelrhum, Kathy, Fr. Kelrner. Dorothy, So. Keyae. Thomas, So. Khefde. M j I, Crad. K 1 dwell. Delbert, Jr. Kiel, Sharon, Sr, 36, Ktlhournr. Kandall J.. Fr r Killed, Kenneth, Fr. Kill infer. Gail, Fr, Kilmer, Car], So. . . Kimerer, Philip, Fr Kim mi, Elizabeth, So Kinderkneehl. Loia, Fr, King. Judith, Fr. King Karen. Jr. King. Margaret. Fr r Kingnley. Bonnie, So. - . Kintir, Rachel L.. Jr. Kippenhergcr, Timothy, Fr, Kirk ham, Hale, So Kiiier, Donald, So, Kiser, Wi Inter, So. 50, 127, 168, 67. 82. 84 93. 146, 66 123, 37. 51, __ 69. 43, " 4, _ 56 36, SB. 109, 214. 89, _ 95, 64, 89 60 . 58, 91, __ 167. 119. 71, 93, Kitchen, Lawrence, Fr. Ktau , Alberta, So. _ KLewrno, Dennia Jr. Kleweno, Marlene. Jr 93, _ 67 49, 252 252 76 252 228 252 232 211 238 252 252 232. 270 252 35 214 223 16ft 252 238 228 89 252 252 228 252 238 214 238 91 252 23R 238 69. 223 22B 59. 281 252 252 252 238 252 238 252 I 61 64 252 238 228 252 238 238 238 253 238 228 228 Knhb, Cail, Jr K oilman, Melvin, Jr. Kom-hcl. John, Fr. Korf Lawrence, Fr. _ Kottmann. Margaret, Fr. Kraft, Raymond Fr Krai singer, City, Sr Kralicck, Mary, Jr. Kraui, Judy, Fr. . Kraua, Lett So. . Krcft Nyla, Fr Kreic, William. Jr. Kfert tgei , J ini my. So K re j: tie I, Marlin, Sr. . Krenliel Myra, Jr. K ret in , Pauline, Fr, , Krcntrer, Aaron, So .. 228 229 - 253 146, 253 09, 253 __ 253 __ 125, 214 - 49, 80. 229 91. 253 169, 238, 278 80, 253 50, 229 - 65 76 238 , 214 59, 68 229 ., 49. 89, 253 __ 85 238 Kriley, Geraldine, Jr. Kroll, John Sr fi9 48, 214 Krouae, Noel Jr. . 229 Krug, Robert W . Sr, 214 Krug, Donald Jr, 13 95, 229 Kruse, Mimi, Jr. 121 , 229 Kuhn, William. Fr. 160, 253 Kullhom Kathleen, Fr, Kyaar, Richard, Grad, Carol, Sr . — — - 37, 91 253 - 65 @9, 214 L Barge, Lawrence, So. £38 La Barge. M a Ivin Fr. 253 LaBargo, William Fr, Lafferty, Robert, So £53 238 Laffoon, Dun, So _ . 04 174 238 Daggers trom , Dwayne, Lake, Dana, So Fr. 253 109, 238 Lamb Anthony, Fr ... £53 Lamer, Judith, Fr. 253 Landau, Margaret, So, Land on, Awyn, Fr. 36, 91, 238 47, 60, 91, £53 Lang, Anita. Jr . 61, 64, 75. 89, 229 6 Langley, Cary, So. . 1. A Plant, Richard, Fr, 146 253 Larrick Melba, Fr 49 89 , 253 Lar OD, Dean, Sr. Larniri, Janet, Er __ 53. 93, 155, 156 214 91 253 Lafflon, f.a.rry T So. _ 117, 236 Uuimin, Eldon, So. 95 238 Law, Marcus, Sr, ]25, 214 Lawrence, Kerry, Fr. 69, 253 Lawtorf, Douglas, Sr. _ 214 Leary. Sheila, So. 107 Leas. Judith, So. . 40, 238 Lebuck, Shirley. Jr., George, Jr- 49 52 , 80, 107, 229 . . 125 229 Lee, James, Jr, _ 146, 147, 151 Lee, Lyn. Fr. 229 .. . 5SJ Legleiter, Melvin, So. — £38 Lehman. Craig, So-. ... . 238 Lehman, Marva, So. £38 Lehmann. David, Fr. , 168, 253 Leichliter, l , Kent, So. l eikef Dennis, So, 93. 238, 286 50, 161, 230 l.rikrr, Janice, Fr. 253 Leiker, Karl. So, _ ____ 1 16. 236 Lciker, Richard, Fr, £53 Leiker, Tom, So, _ 238 Leiker, Verlyn, So, — 1 19. 238 Lemon, Linda, Fr. Lennington, Arnold, Fr. Leonard Clifford, Fr. Lewcr, Delbert, Sr Leuty. Patricia, Jr. Levin. Wilber. So. Lewi , Arnold Sr, Lewis. Niki. Fr. Lewjg, Vicki, So. Libera lore, Ronald, Fr. Liby. Ma , So, 1-irbrnau. Rosemarie, So. Light, Diana, Fr. , J.indahl, David Sr, , Lin rl berg, Donna So, Lindley. Eileen, f , 40, 253 253 — 117 253, 267 — 27. 123. 214 24. 36 52, 113, 142. 229 - — 238 81. 125 214 91 253 49 , 52, 238 253 238 — Sl r 91, 238 43 . 49. 89 . 253 __ — 21 4 - — 4$, 59. 238 ™ 59, 91. 253 Lindner Clifford, Fr 146 Lin (hey. Nadine So, , ..... 91, 186 238 Lindquist, Robert, Jr. 56, 73, 229 Linen berger Pat, Jr. 229 Li nett berger, Resell . Fr 253 Lingo, Terry. Fr. 253 Link. Deanna Sr. 91 113, 133, 214, 273 Link, Lee L. Fr, , 253 Linaner, James D., Jr. 229 Lipp, Carol, Fr, 37, 113, 91, 137, 138, 178, 200, 253 __ 253 Lippcrt, Dale, Fr. Litlle, Ronald. Fr Litienhcrgcr. Lola, Sr, 93, 253 _ 192 Ltoyd , James, Fr. _ 50. J17 253 Lock Boat A., So. .. .... 69, 93 238 Lockwood Larry. Jr. _______ 229 Looch, Jack A. Fr, 253 Lorwcn. Melville. Jr, ________ 229 Lofslcid, Ethel, Fr. __ 25 91, 107, 253 Lofalead, -Mary Ann. Sr. Lohr, Theodore Sr Lorn . Marjorie, Fr. Lomax, Ctrl, Sr. ___ Lomax, John H,, Fr. ... Long, Gaylord D-, So. Long, Glenn E,, Fr, _ Long, James A,, Fr. Loop, Larry L. Fr. Rl, 107, 214 „ 47 214 __ 89, 251 __ 121, 214 __ 254 43, 230, 285 93, 251 50, 123. 251 - 66, 123 254 Lorbeer Robert Carl, Fr H6, 251 L or be e r , Virginia, Jr, 42, 111. 229 Loiey Betsy, Jr. 49, 229 Loiey, Wilma. Jr, ___ 51, 90, 229 Loti Jams So. „ 47, 71 Lower, Beverly, $y _ 93 Lower Sharon, So. 239 Luottera Velma C., Fr . Lucltera, Susan M. Fr. Lukaa, Carol, Fr. Lundin, Jim D., So. Lunsford Larry D., Sr. ..... Lutgcn, Leon TL, Jr Lu I term an Patricia So. Lyczak, Victor H,, Lyda, Cary D. Jr. Lyda. Mary Ellen, Jr. Lyman Jerry Lee, Sr Lyman Sydna, Fr. Lynn. Robert E., Jr. Mack. Joan, Sr. Maddox, Nina 34., Jr. Magana. Cunception L, , Mtgera, Jcaae Lloyd, Jr, .. Maglaraa. Barbara, Jr. Mabony, Martha I ., Sr. . Mai, Norma K.. Jr. 1 Q 3 , Major, Roger C., Jr. Major, Ted E.. Fr, Major, Ronnie L.. Fr, Malcolm, James V., Sr, M a 1 1 o . Tom F,, Fr. , Malmberg, Richard C., So Malmherg, Virginia A, Sr. Manelh, Paul E.. So, Matlnebach, Robert E., Jr. Man ncring. Dr tin D, So. Man . Stanley O,, Fr. Mapel, Robert A., Jr, Mamie, Peter E.. Jr. Margheim, Edwin E, Sr. Margheim, Shara S,, Jr, . Marhofer, Rayon a K-. Fr, Markham, AmOa E,, So, Marqu cling. RoborL J., Sr. Marshall, Norman A, Sr. Martha ll, Robert B-, Jf. Marshall. Rodney O., Sr, . Martin, John D., Er. _ Marlin, Lewtf L., So. „ Martin. Marvio L, , Jr. Marlin, Rutie A,, Jr, Martin, Susan K., So. — 91, 254 91, 254 91, 254 . 58 65 p 93, 239 69, 214 , 229 - 56, 91, 239 146, 168 121, 229 — 72 71, 214 254 66, 71. 229 24, 111. 215 _____ 75 , — ...... 254 229 „ 41, 81, 229 193, 2|5 119, 164, 229 229 — 254 93 , 25 47, 55, 71. 74 215 254 239 __ 109, 215 123, 239 _____ 229 Mask , Darlene Y-. Sr Mason. Richard A,, Fr. Maxaey, Barbara. So. Massey. Kathryn A. Fr. Massey. Pay] E.. Sr. Mathews, Judith J, Fr. Mathews, Sandra J,, Fr. .Matter Paul M „ Fr. ...- Man rath, Rcatla M., Fr, Maxwell. Leonard C, So. May, Robert E. Fr. May. Reger E,, So. . 53, 166. 239 25 84, 229 — — 229 — .... 97, 215 73, 97, 229 89, 254 117. 239 65 215 215 __ 95, 229 — 215 — 254 239 229 229 40, 67, 167, 239 — 2ia 127, 254 82, 239 ... ... 254 58, 61, 215 49 91, tl3, 254 Ill, 254 — , 254 46, 56, 49, 89, 254 . 239 38 — 117, 239 Maydew, Cary L., So. Mayer Tanya Rene. Fr. Mayhcw, Roger H., Fr. McAfee, Troy, Jr. __ McAlister Jeannine M., Me Atee, Frank C Sr, Me A tee, Patrick J, Fr. McAtee, Richard E, Sr, McCall, Patricia A., 239 67 91, 254 95, 254 66 71 Sr, , 214 , 127, 215 45 __ 26, 27 76. 215 So. 41 103. 113. 239 McCarbrey. Diana L„ Fr 35 37, 91. 254 Me Carrol I, Helen L-, Fr. 49 254 McCarty Cary G.. Jr. 162, 229 McClellan Marcia A,, So. _ 61, 107 142, 239 McClellan, Marilyn C. Sr. 107, 215 McClelland . Larry W., So. 239 McClure, Gilbert U., So 125, 209 McCLurg W ' anda L. Fr. 54, 89 254 McCoy, David R. So, 239, 266 McCoy, Donald D,. Jr. 43 , 93 , 229 McCoy, Kim E.. So. 66. 95 239 McCune, Robert D., Fr 254 McCollum, Richard W. T So. 239 McDnugal, Joan, So- McDowell. Jerold E., So. 80. 107, 136, 239 53. 156, 157, 239 MoElroy, Donald W Fr __ 2M, 93 McElwain, David L„ Jr. ______ 229 McFall, Mary P., Sr HI. 215 McFarland, Gloria J, Fr. _____ 59. 67, 09, 254 McFarlane, Kathryn R. Fr 91, 254 McGovern. Daniel W., So. 2 . 29, 44. 66, 68. 76, 84, 239 McGuire, Karen K„ So. __ 36, 40, H3 239 McGuire " Marilyn, Sr 27 29, 107 215 Mofntoah. Charles Q,, Sr 215 McKlin, Tom C„ Jr. 157 McKean. Linda C. 59, 104, 109, 229 MeK«, Patsy. Jr. 34, 285 McKibbin, Lana L., So. 89, 107 210 MeKloley. Barbara K. h Fr, __ 89. 254 McKinney, Charles R., Jr. 229 McKinney, William CL, St. 35, 46, 215 McLean, Jiry J,. Ft. Me l.eland. I, any L,, Fr, McLeod, William P., Sr, McMullen, Floyd C., Fr. _ MeMu I kin, Franeia W., Sr. 29, 254 251 127, 215, 273 254 _ 50, 73, 215 McNerney, Neil W r ,, S T , 123 215 MeNcrney. Rhoda M,. Sr. 64, 215 McQueen, jnneil R„ Sr. 77, 215 Mr Qu LI Nan , Nancy J., Jr. 89. 107. 136. 229 Mr Reynold!, Susan E,, Fr. McWhorter, John D,, Fr Me William , Thomas A,, So. Mead. Karen M., Fr. Mead, Wayne L,, Sr. Meadows, Sally S, So. Merkfraxel, Charles C„ So _ Mwkfrmfl, Mary A,, Fr, Medcraft, Emily A.. Jr. Medakrf, Stephen Doug lav, Mrharg. Glen ft,, Jr. Meier, Dean W,, Ff. Meier, Frederick L., Jr, Meier, George H,. So. Meier, Larry ! .. Grad. Meier. Robert J,, Sr. 71, 215 Melbut. Harold D., Sr. 50, 215 Melton. Jerry J. Fr. 254 Mendenhall, Arnold G., Fr, .. 93. 25,4 M erica. Kenneth E.. Sr. 34, 215 Mermi , Clarence j., Fr. 95, 254 Mermla, Patricia Fr. HI 254 MerriTMd Cary T,., Fr, „ M ft rri field, William L. Sr, Merach, Jack D., So, Mein. Manuel p, t Sr, Metcalf. Sidney D., Fr, 93 i 137 254 Metcalf, Sondra S,, Fr, ________ 2S4 Metz, Dennia D., So 239 Meyer, Cary R,, Fr, ... 95, 254 Meyer , Clayton V., Jr . 229 Meyer . Lynda L., Fr. 37, 49, 91, 254 254 215 239 215 Meyer , Majorie R., Sr, 109, 216 254 Michael! , Dennia F., Fr. Mifthaclia, Jerry G., So. - 239 MicharMa. Larry D., Fr. 50 93 254 300 Mickey. Jubo F., Sr. 31, 93, 216 M ieaner, James F . Sr. —— 216 Miles, Cileries S,+ So, - . ... 119, 239 Milford, Michael L++ Sr. 24, 216 Miller, Darrel R. Sr. 69, 103, 117. 216 Miller, Duane D., Fr. — — 95, 251 ft]ler, Emllic, Fr. — . 69, 61, 99, 255 Miller, Ernest. So. — „. 50, 119, 239 Miller, Glenda, Jr, — — 89, 229 Miller, James A., Ff, 123, 255 Miller, Larry, Ft 95, 255 Miller, Lawrence J- r Kr, — - 255 Miller, Linda L„ Fr, 91, 255 Miller, Marlene, Sr, 216 Miller, Mont ford J., Fr. ++_ 93, £55 Miller, Patricia A., Jr. 49, 229 Miller, Robert A,+ Sr. __ 216 Miller, Robert C., Fr. . 93. 255 Miller. Sandra L„ Fr. 47, 91, 255 Milltr, Terry D., Fr, 201, 255 Mills, Gary L.. Fr, . 255 Mills, Merle L + Sr. 127, 161, 216. 273 Mind ling, Ocnc lft T ade+ Sr. 216 Miner, Clarence, Fr. — 95, 255 Minnia, Vernoo C.+ So. — . 117, 146, 239 Minton, Lawrence M . Fr. — -- flO, 95, 255 Misegndifl, Dianna, Fr. ■ Miacgadis, Yvonne K.. Jr. .. 98, 255 50 64, 77. 98, 229 Mitchell, Mildred A.+ So 59, 109. £39+ 296 Mofi ' ltfl, Richard Galen, Fr. 93, 255 Moeller, Dallas J., Sr. _—. — - £16 Moffett, Roger C., So. 6ft, 41, 239 Mug, Robert D,. Sr. +_ — — .... 216 Mahler, Quentin E . Fr. . — . — 255 Mobler, Robert Fr, . — — ...— 169 Mullhagen, Delates, Sr. __ 73, 113., 216, 268 69 £39 57 Mollhagen, Tony R., Fr, Money, Larry, So. 50, Montgomery, Lindun C, T Fr. Montgomery, Richard R,, Fr. 93, £55 Moody, Roberta J,, Jr. 98, 23C Mooney, Carl T-, Sr 47, 53, 71, 74, 171, 216 Moreland, Helen J., Jr. __ 49, 113, 230 Morgan, David, Sr. 56, 216 Morgan, Sharon L,, So, - — 239 Muriit, Glenda S., Sr. — 68, 102, HI, 216 Morse, Annette, Sr. 113, 216 Mortimer, James L., Fr — - 95, 255 Morton Avia, So. 51 239 Moser, A I ben L., Jr. „ 50, 127, 230 Moses. Ray E„ Jr. . J23. 230 Mosicr, Jan D., Sr. 216, 278 Moas, Joel M-, So, 172 Molherahead, Carolyn K.+ Sr. 79, 81, 111, 216 Moll, Glen d Is E., So. 59, 89, 239 Mount font, Carolyn S + So, 56, 59, 82, 89, 239 Mowery , Judith A-, Jr. +_ — . — 91, 216 Muci, John R-. Jr. 25, 35, 230 Mulch, Robert Y., Jr. 76, 95 230 Mulder, Gary, So. — Mull, Roy Gordon, Jr. — 230 Mullert Carole M + So. 19, 91, 239 Mullen, Jerry L ., Jr. — Mullen, Katherine A,, So, Mullen jk, Chari i ntte So. Monday, Alan, F L r. Mundr, John, St. -- M ijnxjngrr. Celeste, Sr, M unarm, Shirley, Sr, Murphy, liobby L. So. _ Murphy, David M„ Fr. m — Murphy, Melvin, Ft. Murray, Gait L,, Sr, Murray, Janet K., Jr. — Muigrtve, DelorEs M+, Fr. So- — — Fr 210 255 r ' an Ji, Parker, r+ay, rr Barbara, Jr. 07, .. ... 64. 236 i , nu j jti i-i7p jt, Pritchett, Larry W„ So. D . Fr. 255 Parker Claudia, Fr, 46 Prohflseo, George E-, So. 0 2ifl Parker, David Jr 116 147, Pruter, Nina Fay, Fr. , ...... ... ... ++ 52 75 148 P niter, Roger R-. Jr. 50, . £55, 272 Parker, Judith Fr, . _ 49, 91. 257 Pryor, Kenneth M.+ J r P 146, 240 240 257 169, 239 _ 91, 239 t 255 216 46. 216 £7, 216 „ £39 82, 84, 93. 146, 255 ... 255 _ Ill, 217 230 24, 45, 68, 91. Ill, 255 Maitor, Rosemary, Jr, •— 36, 113, 230 Myers, Charles L,, So, — — 59 Myers, p on aid E,, Fr. ■ 255 Myriek, Phillip K., ™. — . — — U7, 236 Naegcle, John r.. Fr. . 95, 255 Wagel, Gary A., So. “ — 240 Nag ' d, Harold G,, Sr, — — — 127. 217 Nagel, Robert N.„ Sr, 121 Kalman, Donald W,. Sr 217 Nakadomari, HiiHimlM. P. Grad, 223 Naranjo, Louis Jr, — — " — Nash, Deanna F+ Fr- 89, 165, 255 Nash, William A., So. — — 240 Neely, Don C., Fr. Neff, Karen K„ Fr. 35. 91, 109. 255 Nelson, Donald L r So. — — 53, 160, 240 Nelson, Franklin W+, So. — - 240 Nelson, If a, Jr, — — 230 Nelson, Laurayne, Jr, — __ — , 51, " 2 Nelson, James A,, Jr. .._ 123, 138 200, 230 Nelson, Kenneth, Sr. — — 217 Nelson, Kenneth R,, hr ... — 93, 255 Nelson, Margaret E., Fr. .... 49+ 91, 167 255 Nelson, Roger, Grad. 223 Nelson, William D-, Fr, 256 Nenu ' chcck, Verna, Ft. ■ 91, 256 Ncweombe, Marianne, Fr 37, 91, 256 Newell, Norman E,, Sr, 217 New ho use. Jack R,+ So, - 240 Nowlin, Roger K.+ So, . — . 240 Ney, Merlin So. ___ - 240 Neyman, Floyd, So, 240 Nicholas. Lillian M.+ Sr. -. 217 Nicholas, Paul A., Sr. 217 Nichols-, Duu|;lai A,, Fr. ..„.. 69, 93, 256 Nichole Klndtll E,, So. , 119, 210 Nickel, Gary J., Fr. — 256 Nickels. Charles Sr. , 27, 44+ 70 217 Neckelaon, Marlyn D+, Sr, — 217 Nicodemus, Mary V. p So. 240 N tertian, James F., Sr. . — ...... 217 Nieman, Lawrence N., Fr. _ 256 N Leman, Paul, Fr — 256 Niermeiet, Harvey H.+ Sr — 25, 26. 66, 76. 80, 217 Nierineier, Patricia J., Fr, — 49, 80. 91, 256 Noel. Francis P,, Fr. .. _.+ — 256 Notalrom Marvin L., Fr. . 50, 9o, 2o6 North, Harry, Grad, — _..50 r 223 Northtup, Sharron, Jr. — H-3, 230 Norton Ben, Sr- 125+ 217 Nuss, Kathryn, Ft, — — — - 256 Nuaa, Raymond, Fr, 256 NuiSe. Janet, Jr. — - 230 Nu se, Judith So ■ — 43, 82, 89. 240 __ 256 Nyawonger, Stanley, Fr. Oborny, Dolores Jr. 35 Oborny, Edmund, So, 66 O ' Brien, Stanley. Fr. Oehs, Jamea. Fr 95. Ogle, Danny. Fr, Qhlemcier, Billy, Sr. ™ — Olds, Peggy, So ... 49, 80, Oliver, Ruaacll D., Sr, — Oliveriul, Maynard Fr. . - — OT.eughlin, Kathleen, So - — — Olsen, Diana, So, — — ODon, Larty K..+ Fr. — — Olson, Larry V.+ Fr+ - — Ol«en Margaret, Fr. — . 51, Olaon, Nlone, Fr. 45, 64, Opliget Leland, Sr — — OriugHlerff, Ralph, Jr. Orme, Marilyn, Jr. — — 41, Orr. Daisy Jr. — Orth Kenneth K. Ft . — Ostmeyer, Ralph, Fr. , Oatrom, Stephen, Sr. — ■ Oswald, Lloyd, Sr. — — Olte, Barbara Fr — — Overlay, Cary Fr. — Overton Linda, F’r. — 64, Overton Mack, So. — Owens. Leonard Fr. — - Oweni, Virginia Jr. 9J 91, 230 93 246 256 125, 256 256 34, 68 09, 240 50, 217 256 J07, 210 91. 240 ..._ 95 256 91, 256 91. Ill 256 217 230 107. 230 230 256 256 S4 70 91 256 _ 256 89, 256 47 240 256 116, 230 Packard, Richard, Sr. . 1 m p B9, __ 109. _ 37+ 91. J27. 230. __ 59, 91. Packard Terry, Fr. Page Mary Jr, Palmer, Ava, Fr. — — — Palmer, Ken Jr Palm g re n, Anita Jr. . — Falmgren, Kenneth, Jr. — Ptlmgren, Virginia, Jr — — Panimentef, Lynnay, Jr. 56, 93, Pammenier, Lynn, Fr, 34 Pancake Mary, Fr, — Pancake Samuel, So- — 66, 79 Pandeya, Nirmalendo+ Grad. Parish Arlyn, So. . 66, 95+ Pariah, Harlie, Sr, ■ — Pariah, Janice Sr. — — — — Parks Charles. Sr. ParmenlcT Jamea, Fr. ParsKina Gary, So, Patel, A, A. Fr, ... Paul, H„ Fr, 45. Patrick, Tom, Jr. Patterson, Barbara, Jr, Pteirr m, Helen, Jr. _ — Patterson Jerry, Fr. 82. 93 Patton, Carolyn. Jr. Pauley Gale, Gr ad. . 50, 73, Pavlicek, Richard. So. Pavlieek, Robert, Sr. 103, Peacock, Claudia, Fr 91, Pearce, Clinton, So, ... 41, 66, 117, Pearson, Joyce, Sr, . . Prfck, Barbara. Fr. — 9!, Feckham, Ray, Jr, ... Peehanee, Ivan. Jr Pedigo Larry Jr, . 24+ 26, 71 123, Pedigo, T-oja, Jr. Pek.irek , Larry Jr Pckarck Rodney, Fr. 93, Pellovr, Robert, Sr - 84 Penn Varden, So. - 65, Pepper, Clifford Jr. 117, Pcrcival, Patli, Sr. 217 217 257 210 43, 47, 257 43, 56, 257 230 59+ 91, 230 £31 117. 257 231 223 £10 217 257 210 217 £57 231 76 231 £31 231 257 217 210 231 27, 53, 59. 6t 77. 102, 109, 217, 281 231 240 , 89, £57 Perdue Gary Jr. Per ry, E mil , So Perry, Mary Fr. Peter Donald, Jr. • Peter, John, Jr, — — £5, 35 Peter, Karla, Fr. 35 45, 91. Peter, Peitnia, So. — — Peters, Lavona. Fr- — 91, Pet nr a, Sharon, Sr, Peterailie. Frankie Sr. Fcleraon, Charles Fr. Peterson Conrad, Fr, Peteraon Jerry So. 60, 65, Pet lit, Russell, Jr 69, Pelzolrl Jerome, So, Pfanntnatiel, Caroline, Fr. PfannrnStiel, Gerald. Jr, Pfannensiiel Harvey Jr. ™ Pfannenstiel, Melvin. Sr. 231 231 257 230 257 36 217 95. 257 ... £57 240 231 Pfannensiiel. TerraneC, Jr. 7£ Pfannensiiel Donald, Jt. ■■ Pfeifei, Barbara, So. — — - — 1 ' Pfeifer Betty, Ft Pfeifer, Jr+seph, Sr. Pfeifer, Patricia, Fr 91 P fort mi Her Larry, Fr — — ■ P fort mi Her Lawrence G., So, 66 71 £10 210 257 72 161 217 163. 231 231 240 £57 217 257 257 Philip, Joyce. Sr 36, 51 39. 219 Phillips, Lawrence, St?, Phillips Philip, Jr, 123, Pimple Pairicia A.. Fr, — ■■■— 109 278 210 231 257 Finney, Janice E,, Jr. — ’36, 19. 77 . Pittman. Kenneth. So, 40’ H9. 161, 180, Filtman Martha A. So- 91, Pitts Donjild G. So. Fieri, Ronald L„ Fr 95 127. 217 256 £30 256 273 230 230 230 119, £30 £56 257 246 223 210 217 217 Plot is, J a mea E-. Fr. Poagc Ivan L., Fr. Poague Larry C., Fr, — ’ Poe, Melvin J., Fr. — pollnovr, Sharon L , Jr 36. $2. 137, 231. Pool Eleanor F., Fr. 45 46 64, Pool. Lee A. Fr. Pr+ore Roger E., So. — Pope George K.. So. Popp, Dean R-. Sr, — Porter, Gerald W., So, Pol ter, Palrleia I,., So- 34, 36, 10 107. 139 £00. 142. 240, 281, £87, Powell, Saundra K, So. 40, 107, 163. £40 £40 216 127 £57 _ _ 257 .. 65, £57 _. m £57 257 109. 290 89, 257 91, 257 £10 116, £10 217 240 75, 291 iao 210 Power . Baninn S., Grad, Prat l . Margaret A-, Fr Pratt. Steve D., Fr. Priee, Billy D . Sr. Prire, Donald If,, Sn. Price Kay E., Fr, ... Price, Lois M-, Sr, £4 70, 91, £31 pucket, Loony L,, Fr — 257 Fundsaek Don J.+ Fr, 237 Purer, Tommy G., So 95, 119, £40, £69 Purvis, Lawrence W., Jr. — 74, 123, £31 Purvis, Shirley F-+ Jr, .. 51, 72 89, 231 210 Puzig, EdwarJ H,, So Qutnur, Allen D . Sf. Quetbaeh, Marjorie K-+ So. Quillin, Connie D., Fr. Quill in, Ronald W., Sr, Quiul James E., P, Grad 125, 218 „ 67, 91, 210 ___ 91, 257 .. 218, 119 223 abenaeifner, EUrabcth L., Fr 49, 91 167, 257 ' 0 , 76 £57 35 73+ 21 R 240 57, 91, £57 218 Ragan, Rebecca, J,. Fr 45 91. 189+ £57 Rahimiau, Hossein, Sr. _+_ 43, 69 93. 218 Railing, Larry R , Sr. 74 218 Ral tin, Carroll J-, Sr . 71. 218 Rankin Darrell D , Fr 93, £57 Ra ek Linda L., Sr 79, 210 Rasjj, Charley H-, Jr - 231 Rath Dale N,, Sr .. S3, 168+ 218 Ray. Sally M., Fr, 51, 59 £57 Reed Drrtnis A. Jr . 61, 65 Reed Donald L. Jr. .. 231 Reed, L in da Kay, So. __ 42 Reed, Lawrence M . So. 40, 50. 79, 123. 210, £78 95, 257 231 +.+__++ 218 ._ 95, l£S, 257 69, 165 ££3 218 231 23 L ... 231 123, £57 95. 257 257 .... 257 Reed Leonard E., Fr, Reed, Thomas A. Jr. ™, — Reeder, Melvipi D.+ Sr, ReiDchneider, Glenn E.. Fr Reinert, Carol G., Sr — Reinert, Kenneth F., Grad Reinhardt, Carol Jean Sr, _ Rcisa, Clifford F., Jr. — Reiasig Donald L,, Jr. — — - Reisaig’, Duane A Jr. — - Rgnick, Stephen W- Fr. Rethfnrd, Gerald L., hr, .. Reynold , Mark A.+ Fr. ... — . Reynolds, Robert M„ Fr — Rex ford. Ray A Fr. 9 , 257 Rcxroal, Richard D . Ft 95, 257 Riberdy, Bernard F., Fr, 95, 250 Rite, Dcnnia. Jf. Rice, Kenneth W„ So- 241 Richards Gerald R., Sr, Richards, Johnnis C., Fr — — . 2o0 Richards, Ken C-, Jr. - — — Hie harden. Char lo He K, Jr. 36 59, 109. 231 Richardson, Donald J , Fr. .r+ - — 45, 189 Richardson, Judith A,, So, . — ... 41. 49, 59. 67. 109 136, 241 Richardson Stanton B., Jr. . 35 Riedel, Arthur R., Fr, . — 258 Riedel, John M.+ Sr. — — — 46 Riiaoc, Julie A,, Sr. — . — 111 £1® Riley, Patricia J„ Sr, — 2 31 Rindl Judith K„ Fr. - — 37, 49, 67+ 82, 91 113, 258 Hiper Roma L+ Fr — 37, 49 67, 91, 258 Ringer, Roberta G- So. 46 91, 241 Risley, Lor K. Fr 91. 258 Rob ben, Bertram G. h Sr .... 2lB Robben, Rita Marie, So. 89 Robbina, Jeffrey V„ Fr, 93, 127 258 Robinson, Larry, So — — 69 95, 119 241 Rock, James T.+ So- + „+ 46, 79, 123, 24 1 Rockwell, Chine, So 49, 107, £41 Rod eman Carla B-, Jr. 73+ 113, 231 Rr+deman, Revj C. h Sr 64 £18 Roesch, Curtis W . Sr+ 46, £18 Rogers, Marilyn K.. Sn. 187, 241 Regers, Norm J., Fr, 47, 91+ £50 Rogers, Robert L., So. ill Rogers, Vickie A-, Sr, — — S2, 109, 218 Hogg, Darrell W.. Fr, — . 93. £58 Rohr, Thomas L., Sr. 46, 218 Rohr, Maurice J., Sr. _ .. . — ™ 50, 218 Rohrhaugh Carol E., Fr. 89, 258 Holland, Laura C., Jr. 231 Roller, Rita K., Fr 52. 57, 91. £50 Rome, Glennia A r Fr. 46, 67, 09, 258 £58 218 £10 Rome, Hubert A,, Fr. Rome, Marjorie A., Sr. Romeiser, Gary L,, Sr, Hon, Alula S., F r. Hot It, Elizabeth C tj So. , Ruth, Lloyd G., F " r, — _ Ftitlh. Miiciin F, Sr. R O S hc T Drliinc F., So. Rotmkta, Marvin L.„ Fr Marilyn K.. Sr. _ Royer, Jerry H,, Sr. lioyrt, Ronald L., Jr. Rube. Itdhrrt • M., Jr. - Kilebr, Mary J., Fr. Ruder, Darrvll J 4 , Sq. ... Rutlrr, Larry L., Jr. _ Ruder, KcunrlJi F., Sr. — Ruff. John G., So. „ Rnmlcy. Drnnia W., Sr. Rumpel. Dhi(hl G., Fr, Runde)), Gale Jr, RuuddH, Marilyn K,, Sr. Rupp, Rudney Q., So. Rupp. Roger I 1 ,, Ft. , . Hujco, Gloria J, + Ft. Itti eU, Rjitbira E., Fr. RmitII, Judith. A,, Fr, Ruudl, I -in da L.. Fr, _ RuM-ell, Raymond M., So. RuueU, Rkhanl O., So. _ Ruth, Darrel 1., Sr, Rulh, Donald W„ So. _ Rulh. Mary] in R., Jr, Rut her lord. Mary C., So, Ryan, Jimty M,, So. Ryan, Mary L., So. Ryan, Warner A., Fr. _ Rymu, France T., So. Utter, Patricia L. p So, SI, Saek, Richard. A., Fr, Sack, Sharon A,, Fr. Saddler, Gary L,, Jr, Saddler, Rita A., Ft. Sager, James 1„ Fr. Salyer, Karen, Sr, Salyer, The run C., Jr, , Sanborn, Jacl yn L., Jr. Sander, John C,, Fr. Sander, Robert N., Jr. Sander. Ronald P., Fr. — . . Sind erst, Carl ! ,, Jr. 40, ]19. SaadeitH, Jun«a R,, S 0 . 16 1, 146, Saodadom. Ronald D., So. 66, 76 123, 69, Safer, Kathryn J,, Jr. Sater, William L., So. Sanndera, Sally St.. Fr, ssa 258 231 2 58 258 219 231 231 258 231 258 231 118 71, 241 165 168 Scanlon, Jarold, So. 123, Svhabcn, Carol A., Fr. 82 Sc ha hen, Thciryl T., So, Si li t. hr, Dianne, Fr. SO. 107, Schafer, William D., Fr, Sc halier, Doris tea, So. Sehaffer, Richard A., Fr Scha]BJi»ky, Jomea L., Sr. 69, Schalansky, Joseph A., Fr, 93, Sc horde in. Joe ! ., Jr. Sc heck, Myfa I,, Fr. Seheck, Patricia A., F " , Grad. „ Scheek, Vera A., Fr. _ Schenk. Alma R., So. 51, 72, Scherti, Larry F., So, 45. Schieferecke. Jamc A-. Sr. Sehjtd, Left hi y P. r So. SchlaeEli, Larry G. Jr Sc h legel, Paul A,, Jr, 26, 42, 47. 74, 76 Schlrgel, Stanley Grad, Schlin k. Ralph C. , Sr. . _ 4 + Schmidt, Fred C., Sr, . 7p Schmidt, Gerald F., Fr. Schmieft, Janet M., So. „ _ 135, I94, Schmidt, Miry A,, Fr. Schmidt, Terrance C., Jr. Schmidt, Warren J., So. _ Schmidt, Wayne R., Sr. _ Schmitt, Steven L,, So, 123, Schnattrrly, Sally L.. Jr Schneider, Cary, Jr, _ gp Schneider, Sharon, So. Scbooeh elect., Carol Jane, So. 36, Hi, 142, ISC, 241, 279, Schorller. Jerry. Fr. - 93 25B 241 91, 258 241 258 258 241 35 219 25 231 258 223 91 241 241 219 241 231 66 , 231 74 219 219 258 241 258 231 241 219 241 231 231 211 107, 287 258 Schreibcr, Karen. Fr. Sehreiher, Richard, Ft, Sehremmer, Alvin, Jr. Sehrock, Donald, Sr. Sehroeder, Mas, Sr. SehrocleT. Verlin, Fr. Selirtier, Ronald, Jr. Schroll, Rettv, Jr. 91, 258 95, 258 231 149 219 Schagart, Margie. Jr. 146, 69, 74 93, 123, 258 231 26, 60, 71. 77, 111, 231 SI. 72, 89, 231 Singleton, Janet W„ Sr, S tuner, Larry M.. Jr. Sitiner, Marvin L.. So, Siveaind, Carlyh ' R„ Sr. Splgren, Marcia A., Jr, Skinner, Judy A., So, Slankard, Carol A.. Slate, Janice K., Fr. Sloan , Clair D,, Fr, ... Sloan, R ohen J., Fr. Smiley, Hebert J,, Fr, _ 27, 220 . 93. 232 93, 241 - 50, 73, 220 51, 232 10?, 241 80, 8-1, 89. 232 89, 259 — 93, 259 259 172, 259 Sch tiler. David, Sell 11 1 tz, Gary Srhulit, Jackie, Fr. ’ 211 Smith. Albert E., So. 69. 211 id, Fr. 258 Smith, B runic C., Jr, 116 S.i-. 50. - 1 1 Smith, Charles R, t Sr, 220 . JK 2 ;l Smith. Curtis. Jr. 69, 71, 232 1. Jr, 51 Smith. Geneva L.. Fr, 49, 89, 259 Sr. 53, 171. 219 Smith, Ivan D., Sr. 69. " 3, 220 Schultz, Marvin, Jr, 10, 91. 113, 2 8, 270 47, S3, 168, Schultz. Virginia, Sr, Schultz, Will him, Fr. Schulz. Robert, Jr, Schulze, DcnnU D„ Jr. Schulze, Lanai L„ Fr. Sehumaehcf, Julccn, Fr. Schumacher, Ronald J,, So Sehumacher. Tim G.. Sr, Schumacher, Wayne A., Sr, 232 219 258 1 19, 2.12 232 80. 258 258 19 Se bn maker, Gary E,, So. Schupman. V rlyn 1.,, Sr. Selin vie. Nail v n e M., Jr. Schwartz; Patrieia L., Fr Schweln. Karon L„ Sn, Sehwein, Sue E., Ft Schweitzer, Carol J., Fr, Schaeiitrr, Raymond D,, . Schweitzer, Robert W,. Fr. Schwindt, Half L., Fr., Gait M„ Jr. Sentt, Clneita K., Sr. Scott, Dennis G., Fr. Scot I , Jerry D,, So. Scott, Judith K., Jr, Scranton, Kty S., Fr. Sen I ley. Mas D. Fr. Seaman. Clayton W., Fr, Sear , Nadine H., So. Sn-etnafl, Setplned F., So. 5 reman. Patrick A., jr. Seem . Sharon C. , Jr. Serry. Knren M.. Sr. Seifert, David M,. Fr. Srllenn, Janie? K .. So. Sdleua, Judith E„ Jr. _ 116, ... 24, 26. 219 116, 1 17 150, 219 21 L 219 232 . . 258 42. 45, 84. 91, 189, 2 1 1 91. 259 91, 239 232 259 259 125, 232 219 259 241 52, 107, 232 59, 91. 109. 259 259 259 2 11 123, 241 232 77. 102, 106, 107, 1 12. 232, 269 107, 219 259 93, 123, llfi. 241 36. 57, 91, 113, 232 95. Sewell, C, W„ Sr, Sewing, Anita M.. Ff, Shaler, Judy A., So, , Shaffer, Maty M., Sr, Shaffatall, Robert M., So. Shamhurg, Ronald D,, So. Shank. Dennia L. ( So. Shank, Jane E„ Fr. Sharp, Ronald. D., So. . Sharpe, Robert W.. F’r. Sheet , Sheryle J,. Fr, Shepherd, Ornnii S„ Jr. 219 259 52. 241 SherTanlen, Vickie J., Fr. Sherrill, Jerry R., Jr. Shertz, Larry, Sn, Sherwood. Cbrbs F., Fr. Shield?, Carol S., Fr. Shi nick, Roger L., Sr, Shirk. Barbara L,+ So. Shively. Jort W,. Sr. 60. 64, 219 127. 241 241 241 37, 259 16, 241 259 91, 259 26. 123, 232 82, 89, 259 125, 232 188, 189 259 37. 89. 259 — 219 24, 82, 91, 241 Show alter, Jes?e A., Jr, Shumate. Deoia J., Sr. Sinner , Galen O., Sr, Side, Peggy S., Sr, Sill. Michael A., So, Silvanie, Louise. Fr. Simmona. Richard Sr. „ Simon . Ken riel h W r ., Sr. Simpton, Jamet F., Fr. Sima, Eldon W., Fr, ...... — 58, 103, 123. 220 - so — — _ 220 220 - 51. 36. 89, 229 — 241 259 117, 220 220 127, 259 , 259 Smith. Glennetli M,, Jr, Smith, Janie A., F’r. Smith, Jan M., Sr. Smith, Kenneth L„ FV. Smith. l.aDean J,, Jr. Lawrence E.. So. In ri ene. So . 232 93, 259 27, 113, 220 119 232 51, Smith, Smith, 93. 241 72, 77 Smith, Marlene D., So, 5] 36. 51. 72. 2U 51. 259 232 259 25 220 96, 232 Smith. Mary F-, Fr. Smith, Mildred, Jr, Smith, Ray S., Ft. Smith, Rebecca, Jr, Smith. Robert A., Sr. Smith, Sarah D,, Jr. . Smith, Stanley W., Jr. 96, 232 Smith. Thqmaft L., Sq, 35, 119, 212 Smith, Yaldi J., Sr. 51, 98, 220 Smith, William D., Fr. . _ 2S9 Sinreka, Virginia R., Fr. 91. 113, 201, 259 Snyder, Daryl K„ So, 212 Soeken. Ronald, Sr. . 53, 80. 220 Suh, Thema , Gran], , . 93, 223 Souk up. Robert, Fr. .. 2s9 Sparkman, Dean. Fr. 259 Spencer, Ruth, Jr. 24, 36, 111, 232 Spicer, Glenda, S u 45 , ih 9, 242 Spiea, Joe, Fr. — 65 Springleldt. Martha, Jr. Spyjngfeldi, Mary, So. . Sprinkle, Kenneth, So. Spurloek. Ruth, So. SiguinT, Gale. Sr, Squier, F.uellt, So. Slanb, Allred, Fr. Staab, Donald, So. Staab, Kenneth, Srn . Ill, 232 59, 1 1 1 T 212 212 SI, 89, 212 220 212 259 242 35 50, 232 91, 259 232 Staab. Wayne, Jr. . _ 35, S3, 72, 119, 161, 232 Si jut h, Willard, Jr. Suekhmiac, Judy, Fr. Stanfield, Teddy, Jr, , Stanp. Ccmatanee, F’r, Stainge. Herbert, Jr. Stanley. Donna, So. Stapleton, Willi jm. Jr, .. .. Stark. Shirley, Jr, Stauh. Mary, Fr. Stauh. Stephen, Sr. 89, 151. Steckleln, Gr , nr(;i i ) F’r. Slecklein, Linrla. Ff. . Steeklcin, Myron. Fr. SlH-ek!ine, Carol. Jr, Steele, George. F’r. Steffen, Thomas, So. . Stegmnn, Janie , Sf Slehno, Patrieia, Sr, Steinhaeber. Jerry, Fr, Sicinert, Arinin, Sr, Sleinert, Lloyd, So. , Stejnerl , Roger. Sr, „. Stein 1e, David. So. Sleinle, Valeda, Sr. Stem? holier, Myrna. Jr. 259 158 59 123, 232 80, 98, 232 91, 259 66. 68, 76, 117, 220 259 259 95. 259 232 239 12.3, 212 25, 43 107, 192, 220 116 220 242 — 220 123, 242 — 98. 220 58, 59, 109. 232 232 212 259 45, 91. 109. 259 59. 102, 109, 220 5lephfft on, Jitme So. 2X2 Stephenson, Marcel vo, Jr. 21. 26. 59. 77. 91. 102, 111, 133, 2; Sterling, Barbara, Fr. . 37, 67, 59, 8 1 259 Sleitz, Roger, Jr. Stenzel, Ronald, So. Stephen, Jerry, Fr. Stephens, Co rote, Fr, Stephens, Donna, Sr. 51, Stewart. Robert, Fr, Stewart. Susan, Jr. Stewart. Willnir, Fr. Slieluw, Mary. St. . Stilta, Martha, So. St inching. Larry, Jr, Srites, Martin, Fr. Stitrt, Glenda, Sr. Stjthem, Erma. Fr , , 51 Stonebrakey David, St. Stopped, Gerald, Fr + Htorer Donald, Sr, SlH kopl, Darrel, Sr, SlOikopf, Linda, St. Sloikopf, L, F„ St, Stout, Jaek, Sr. 27, 66 38. 260 89. 232 34, 260 220 242 252 _ 260 98, 221 9i T 260 5,1, 221 __ 260 Stout, Jhij-cc, Sq, Slovcr T Sara, Jr. Stranalhan, Leon, Fr, Sleeker, Gerald, Jr, 82. 58. 59. 72, 50, 71. 76. 91, 109, 93, 146, Strrmcl, Frand J,, Sr. Stremel, UnC. Strieker, Tliomi?, Sr. StrJegel, Janice, Fr, Strong, Gary, Fr. Stroti w, Gary. So. Stuart, Carol, So, Stull, Janice, Jr. Stull. John, Jr. SluBterhelm, Judith, Fr. Sltelter. Lana, Fr Suhler. Carol. — , 30, 37 Sr. 221 221 221 321 74, 221 21 2 232 260 1 18 , 232 321 12 221 260 260 242 212 2,32 232 260 91, 260 Sullivan, John, So. ■ ■ 1 21. 28. 41, 45, 68, 103. 188, 189 Summer, Betty, Fr, . 64, 113, 260 Summer , R utft, Sr, . . 221 Sunderland, David. Jr. Cl Cm cl Sunley, Janie , Fr, — __ 260 Super, Karen, Sq. 109, 242 Suppcs, Duane, So, 212 Siippes, Victor, Sr. 69, 93, 221 Sw alley, Ronald, Fr. — . 260 Swan on, Jolm, So — _ — 242 Swart lev, Carol, Jr. — — — - 232 Sweat, Richard, So. . ■ - 50. 212 Sweeney. Jerry. Sr. 41, 70 221 Sw in 1 an + Gem-, Jr, U9, 233 Taehft, Jehn A.. Jr. 93, 232 Tas er, Leonard, So. 242 Ta??H’t. Lowell, Sr. 50, 73, 221 Taylor. Beverly, Sr. 49, 221 Taylor, Gary D „ Fr, 260 Taylor, Sheila K., Sr. — - 52, 98, 221 • 2 m Taylor, VirgiL F’r. Teel, Janice A., Fr. Teeter. Janice K., Fr. Teeter, J i Ann, So. Tn-glev. Fnrilyce, Fr. Teiehmin. Dennia, Se, Teiehrnan, Galen R., Fr. Temple, Loyal C, a Fr. Tennv, Vrata. FV, Truke, Janiee. Sr. Thiele, Gale H„ Thiele, Garry C, Fr. Thaete. Maroie K., Sr. 50, 80, DS5, 221 91„ 89, 89, 89, 50, 93. 260 260 2J2 260 242 260 91, 80. 93. 80. 93. 260 260 221 260 260 Thaete, Marlene, So. 72 mj Tlnele. Patricia. Jr. 2 , 36, 59 71 102. 107. 142, 18] Thiden. Brian E., So. Thielen, Joan Marie, Jr. 72 Thomaa. Barbara A., So. fj7_ Thcmut . Date, Sq, Thomas, Norman, So. H9 ThnmAB, PatHy Ann. Sr, Thoma . Shirley jV., Sr, Thempaon, Carolyn L., Fr. 91 l Thompson, Donald K. 50, 225. Thom [mein, Eddie, Fr. ____ jjg Thompson, Gary L, Fr. 95 Thompson, Gliiri.i, Jr. Thompson, Larry Ray, Fr, Thompson. Lawrence E., Fr, Thuitipmn. Unda Kay, So- Thornpaon. Nancy Lee, Fr. Thnimpnen . Norman, Sr. Thornburg, Esther, Jr. ... Thornburg, Larry S., Sr, „ Tbtimmel, Carol Jeanne, Fr. 91, 260 221 232 73. 221 260 302 Thurlow, Larry R. 93, 139, 242 Thyfault, Wilfred, Jr. .. Tidball, Kenneth, Jr, Tien, Ann, Sr. Tjllberg, Eldon J+ Fr. Timken, Linda Kay. Fr. Timken, Robert, So. — 66, 76, 242 tinker. lames, So. 146, 168, 242 Tltut, Carol L.j So, +, Todd, Robert 0. L Fr. To] and, Kimberley A-, Sr, , 49, 22 1 Tomaschek, Carol B., So. - Tonrey Sue E„ Jr, — — 49, 232 Tovrea, Stanley, So. .... — 25, 242 Towns, Barbara A., Fr. , — — 89, 260 Towns, Billy L., Sr. SO. 221 Townsend, Billy V Jr, 55, 144, 1$4, 155, 232 Trask, Crepe, Jr. — “ — 232 Trebilcock, Larry E., Fr. 95, 260 Trible, Richard, So. 242 Tripp, Richard E., Fr. 260 Trodden, Joyce, Fr. — . ■ 69, 260 Truitn , Jeirilyn, So. — — 69, 107, 242 ' Tmiaell. Larry, Fr, — 2f 0 Tuslin, Cordon, Sr. — 3B, 95, 221 Tuttle. Donald, Fr, — 260 Tuttle, Mahlon, Jr. 34, 121, 232 Ubert, Judy, So. _ 67, IC9+ 242 Uhl Jim __ 30 likens, Leon L.+ Jr, 93, 232 Ulmer, Donald L., So, 95, 12$, 242 Underwood, John T., Jr. 233 Unruh. Dale, Jr. __ — 233 Unrub, Homer, Jr. 230 Upshaw, Mary K , Fr. 89, 260 Upion, Karen J., Fr, ... 89, 260 Urban, Dennis J., Sr. . — ........ 221 Urban, Robyn, So . 52, 67, 109, 242 VanAmhurp, Gerald, So. 46, 125, 242 Vance, Becky, Jr, — 49. 109, 233 VanDeWege, Harlan, Sr. 43, 222 VanDcWege, Neva, Sr. ..... H3, 222 Vanover, Pbyllif, Fr. VanScyoc. Larry E., Fr. Van Winkle, Ruth E. So. 242 Wait. Donna D., So B0, 89, Weaa Janice, Fr, — 91, 261 Winters, Gary, So. 232 213 Wheeler, Javnelle, Fr - 261 Wire, John, Jr 232 Walden, Marilyn, Fr . 261 Whi ler, Patricia, Fr. — T . 49, 91, 261 Wise, Majcan, Fr. 221 Walker, Claresaa, So. __ 89 , 243 W ' hite, Judy Ann. Fr. 91 , m. 262 Wiseman. James Fr, 266 Walker, Dale, Sr. 53. 222 White, John, So. 243 W r itt, Theodore, So. 266 Walker, Jerry, So. 95, 243 White, Marian, Jr. „ 233 Wiltman, Willetta, Fr. 242 Walker, Margaret, So . . 80, 89, 243 White Patricia, Fr, — 89, 262 242 Walker, Nadine, So. — 243 36, 243 Wohler, Douglas, Fr. 242 Walker, Shirley, Ir. 233 White, Su an, Jr .... 233 Wolf, Steven, Jr- 266 Wgllgren, Robert D,, Sr, 222 Whitley, Beth, So 91. 243 Wol keen, Ddbcrl, So. 221 Walker, Ronald, Sr. — 119, 161. 164. Whitley, Catherine, So. 113. 243 Wolleaen, Twila. Fr, 242 222 Whit mer, George, Sr. 222 W r oltcra, Darrel, Lo. 59. 260 ... 260 49, 91, 242 Veatch, Charles E. 242 Veith, James M„ So „ - 242 Vernon, Linda A-, Jr. 233 Vice, Clarence, Fr, 93. 360 . 260 Vickers. Doug J., So, — — 243 Vine, Teresa, Fr. — — 260 Ylasr, Donald J., So. . 121. 243 Vopit, Robert, So. 117+ 243, 231 Yosburgh, Donald M., Sr, 222 Vojfcurfh, Sybil, Jr. — - 72, 233 Vos , Barbara, Fr+ — 91, 260 Vom, Dorothy, Jr. 46, 64, 233 Voss, Ralph, Fr. — ... — - 260 Vsetecka, Richard, So. .. Waggoner, Stephen, Fr. Wagner, Dale, Fr Wagner, Lila G., Fr. W r agner. Lois. Jr. Wagner, Mary Ellen, So, 243 Wagner, Thee J.. Fr, — 49, 91, 261 Wahlmcier, Dennis, Sr. — 222 So. 1 m3 243 , Fr, _ ...... 93+ 269 168 Fr. 91, 260 . 51 Wallace, Dolly, Fr. — 79, 261 Walls, Judith Ann, So — — 113, 243 Waller William Dale, Jr, . 233 Walter, William, Set. $3, 65, 243 Walters, Herbert Sr. ... 50, 222 Walters, Lucirfa, Fr, — — 261 Walters, Patrick, Fr, — —+ — 2 1 Willtti, Terence, So. — - 243 W ' alters, William Joseph, Fr. 151, 146, 261 Waltr, Sheryl. Fr, 51, 89+ 261 Wands, Wanda, Grad, 34, 223 Word, Bruce, Fr. —— — 201 Ward, Douglas, Jr. „ . — 233 Ward, Boric, Fr, — 59, 89. 261 WirehLme, Marilyn, Fr „ — - 54+ 89, 261 Warner, Barbara, So 36, 49, 59, 109, 139, 141, 142, 200, 213 Werner, Gary Lynn, So, 66, 71, 243 Warner Margaret, So. ™ 243 Warren, Penelope, Jr. — . — 233 Washburn, Freddie, Fr — — 261 Was in get. Edwin, So. Wasinger. Susan, Fr. — Waters, Darrel, Fr. Waters, Phillip, Sr. ,,. . Wilts, Jackie, Fr. ,.™ — Weaver Karen, Fr Webster, Allen, Fr. Webster, David R.+ Sr. _ — Webster, Jolenc J r , St, — Webster Robert, So, . — — — Wecrt, Francis, So. + . W e Igcl , Eugene, Ff. +. — Weigel, Gary M., Fr. Weigel ■ Orval, So —— WeiEcl, Sheila, So, Weinhold Harold, Jr. 50. H9+ 233 Weinhold, Janey, Jr. 36, 41, 68, 102, 113, 233 W ' eisensce, Judith, Ff. — 47 89, 261 Weiaer, ValarisJi, Sf 222 Welch, Byron, So. „ 52, 103, 121 243 Welch, David, Sr. — - 73+ 74, 123, 222 Welch, Lynn A.. Jr. 164 W cl I brock. Kenneth F., So. 213 Welter, Kay, Jr — HI. 3 Weller, Randall Sr, 125, 222 Weninger, Marvin, So — 243 Wennihan, Regina, Fr. 91, 261 Werlh, Arlea Fr — 261 Werth, Carol A,, Jr, — — — 233 Verth, Dick, Jr, — 121+ 233 Perth, Joyce M., Fr. — — — — 113+ 261 243 91, 261 261 222 261 49. 91, 261 261 38 46, 222 243 213 261 261 243 243 W r hi inter, Karen, Ff — ■ 262 Whilmcr, Rodney. So — — 2l3 Whitmore Sandra E.+ Fr, 9, 262 Whitmer, Karen, Fr " 9. 4$, 89 W r iekham, Warren. Sr. _ 50, 73, 222 Widiger, Ray, Fr. 262 Wicdeman, Delbert, So 123. 213 Wiortrr, Teresa, Fr, — 262 Wilber, Leon. Jr. — 39. 66. 127 , 233 Wilcoxson, Larry, So, _ 119, 243 Wiley, Barbara, Si — — — 39 Wilhelm, Datlaa, So, — 95+ 213 Wilken Louetta, Jr. _ 36, 102, 113, 142, 176, 233, 287 Wilkemm, Jerry Jr+ 49, 233 Wilkr raon, Phillip. Jr. — 93, 233 " Williams, Barbara. So. 243 Williams, Gharlolte, Fr. _ 59, 262 Williams, Cafocy R-, Jr — •- 34, 233 Williams, Chari ea L., Jr. 1,46, 151, 233 ' Williams, Dolores, Jr 26, 111, 233 Williams, L. Clayton So. 146, ISO Williams, William, Fr. _ - 95, 262 Willis, Ronald R.. Fr. _ — 66, 123, 262 WillUnn, William+ Jr, — ■ - 65+ 233 Willmeth, Arlcta, Fr. + — 91, 262 WilUon, Margaret, Sr- 27, 30 58, 64, 77, 222 Wilson, Barbara, Sr. — - 27, 222 Wilson, Carol, Fr — 262 Wilson, Cinda L.+ So, 67, 243 Wilma, David E., So. ... — 127, 243 Wilson, Dixie, Fr. — ...91, 262 Wilson, Dona, Jr. — — 233 Wilson, Douglas, Fr, — — — 262 Wilson, Fay, So, — — ■ 47 Wilson, Francis, Sr, . 27. 58, 65. 76, 89, 222 Wilson, Gary L, Jr, . . . .. . . . 43, 47, 71+ 93. 233 Wilson, Rosetta F., So — 24 3 Wilson, Shela, Fr+ _«+ 67, 89, 262 Wilton, William B., Sr. — •— 69, 222 Wilson, William D++ Fr. ........ 262 WEmmer, Dawn eta. So. 89, 137, 243 Winder, Beverly, Jr. — 75, 82 , 91. 233 Winder, Wayne, Fr. — 262 Wind hols, Grade Jr — . 75, 167 Wind hols, James, So 123, 243 Wjneingcr, Keith, Jr. 233 WinWord, David Jr, — 46, 233 W Eli lord, Janet, Fr. « 262 Wing Field, Gary, Jr _ — 233 Winkelman Gary, Fr. . 262 Widklepleck, Donald, So. 95, 243 Winkler, Charles, Sr. _ — 22 2 243 123, 233 91+ 262 93, 262 117, 243 43, 45, 79. 89, J6S, 262 95, 262 233 243 89, 262 243 ...... 29, 69, 223 Wonderlick June, Sr. 2$, 46. 17. 71, 79, 91. 222 Wood, Charles, Sr, 44, 222 Woodard, Dolores, Ir. _.. ... — .. . 233 Woodruff, Linda, Fr, — — 62 Woods. Virginia, So. — — .... 49, 82, 243 Woof ter, Glenda. Fr. — 91. 262 Woolley, Samuel, Fr. — — 262 Worley, Steven. Fr. — — 147+ 262 93, 127, 262 „ 91 , 262 233 91, 262 51, 72, 82, 89. 243 117, 116, 222 Wiindtf, Richard. Fr, 95. 262 Wycoif, Ellen, Fr 37, 89+ 262 Worthy, Cary, Fr. Wray, Betty, Fr. Wright, F.dgar, Jr, Wright, Gail, Fr, Wright, Sheryl, So. Wullsehleger, Harry, Sr. Yager. Glenn, Jr. Yager, Lyle, Jr. Yarnell, Harold. Fr. • Yeager, Gerald. Sr. Ycnni, Jon, So. Yelter, Vonna, Fr. Yoho Rex. Fr. — Yon key, EloyCC Fr. - Yost, Gary. Jr. — Young, Emory, Jr. . Young, Harold, Sr, 123 , 233 233 262 26, 27. 222 2 13 ... 91, 262 93, 262 49, 91, 262 „ $ 8 , 121 , 233 233 43, 73 222 Young, Jeanette, So. — H3, 243 Younger. Paul, Jr. ..... 71, 233 Younger, Roger, Fr. 93, 262 Youngquist, Stuart, Jr, — — 233 Younker, Twilo. So, 213 Yunk. Rosemary, Fr — 91, 262 Yunker, Roheri, So. 243 Zffhmriiiter, Jeanette, Sr, - 24, 72. Ill, 222 Keller, Victoria, So. . $6, 91, 243 Zcrr, Delbert, Fr. 93 Zerr. Gerald J., Sr. 121+ 222 Ziegler, David L,, Jr. 119, 233 Ziegler, Marianna. So. 213 Zietke, Clyde, So, 93, 243 Zier, Larry, Fr. 93, 262 Zier, Roll And, Sr. 222 Zi mb el man, Eldon, So. .213 Zimmer, Eugene, Fr, 262 Zimmerman, Deniii . Fr, 123, 262 Zimmerman, Sherman, So. — — ... 243 Zitnik Joseph, Fr. 9$, 262 Zohner Jane, Fr. ...... — 91, 262 303 IN APPRECIATION Where does an editor begin to say thanks . . . unless first to the students and instructors who are the builders in story and picture of the 1962 Reveille. A yearbook is chiefly indebted and responsible to the students which it represents and its production would bo impossible without their time and co-operation. Undeniably the 1962 Reveille is the creation of a hard-working, reliable yearbook staff freely giving their lime day and night to scheduling pictures, arranging layout, compiling and writing copy until the final page is typed and ready for approval. Thanks to every staff member. Co-ordination of the staff is achieved through the guidance and direction of “Mrs. R.,” (Mrs. Katherine Rogers), sponsor. A simple thank you is scarcely adequate- for one who is the backbone of every editor and staff. To her advice and encourage- ment, recognition and appreciation are thankfully given. Special thanks go to Malcolm Applegate and the News Service photographers whose time and patience in composing, printing and developing hundreds of pictures provide the strength and contin- uity to the Reveille’s story. To Ekey’s Studio for class pictures and Guercio’s Studio for royalty, thanks is also given. The designs symbolizing the various divisions of the yearbook are the work of Garry Ball, art editor. His creative ability and originality deserve credit as he contributed to the theme’s portrayal. To Garry and Boh Lathem, who helped design the cover, a gracious thank you. For the novel photography of the montage on the end sheets, thanks is due to the skill of Terry Banister, The Memorial Union personnel merits a big vote of thanks for assistance in providing space for both class and organization pictures. That this yearbook is now in your possession is due only to Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas, and their representative, Paul McClel- lan. The story is told: the book awaits a dusty corner shelf, but it will he brought down again and 1962 will be re-lived for those who built a year at Fort Hays Kansas State College. Marilyn Orme 304

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