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wBem- sMmfc- Hays, Kansas I Reveille EDITORS Jan Ball Jan Harrison BUSINESS MANAGER Assistant Business Manager Assistant in Advertising David Mosier Tony Miller Roberta Dickey ORGANIZATIONS Assistant Virginia Lorbeer Judy Ubert GREEKS Marjorie Rohr SPORTS Assistant Jim Hudson Mac Reed HOUSING Pat McCall ART EDITOR LaDene Votruba Staff CLASSES Seniors Norma Keady Juniors Judy Koch Judy Scott Sophomores Sue Hinz Freshmen Carol Heaton FACULTY-ADMINISTRATION Pat Heaton CIRCULATION Janice Pinney INDEX Pat Heaton COPY EDITOR Eileen Baker PHOTOGRAPHERS Bob Beck Lloyd Peterson R, C, Funk Ken Griffin SPONSOR Mrs, Katherine Rog 2 Organizations 44 Royalty 110 Greeks 122 TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication 8 Faculty and Administration 34 Sports 150 Classes 174 Advertising and Index 224 3 FOREWORD Many true campus scenes of college life appear to be distorted by discontinuous observation. However, through the use of silhouettes, unimportant trivialities are often discarded and a clear-cut outline remains, representing the true form. In this yearbook, our +heme, silhouettes, symbolizes every person on campus and rec- ognizes the importance of all. ft is not the Individual who Is significant, it is his symbol and the goals which he exhibits. A silhouette delineates the contour of an individual, just as college stands for the contour of his future life. He strives day by day to fulfill his final objective — to make a place for himself In the world. He also endeavors to develop his silhouette into a true form, which will be distinctively visible and remembered by all. We are all individuals with unique per- sonalities, desires and Ideals, yet our sil- houettes can scarcely be distinguished from those of our fellow students. Silhouettes help to mold memories of col- lege life, while activities tend to round out those memories, making them something which will be cherished in years to come. We have attempted to produce not mere- ly an outl me of the school year, but to cap- ture the spirit and symbols which are a part of all college campuses. Through the use of silhouettes, we have developed these Ideals, both social and aca- demic, which maintain the purpose of cam- pus life and help to unfold our future lives. The Editors 4 SALUTE TO KANSAS Fort Hays State Plays Important Role in Education in Western Kansas In this Centennial Year for Kansas, Fort Hays State is proud of its position as the only state college in the Western two- thirds of Kansas and of the contribution made by the college to the education of the youth of Kansas. Founded in 1902 as the Western Branch of the Kansas State Normal of Emporia, Fort Hays State became independent in 1914 and gained the right to confer liberal arts degrees in 1 93 L Fort Hays State is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, the National Association of Schools of Music and the American Associa- tion of University Women. Supervision of operations of the five state institutions of higher learning and the schools for the deaf and blind rests with a nine-member Board of Regents, appointed by the Gov- ernor of Kansas JOHN ANDERSON, Governor of Kansas FORT HAYS, KANSAS STATE COLLEGE IS THE ONLY ACCREDITED FOUR YEAR STATE COLLEGE IN THE WESTERN HALF OF THE STATE. COLLEGE ANTHEM On the plains of Western Kansas Stands a school we all love well. ' Twas built by the toil of our fathers; To its glory our voices swell. Chorus: Hail to old Fort Hays State! Let your voices ring! Praise for the Black and Gold We will ever sing. Long may our valor last Through the future days, Hon ' ring and praising Dear Fort Hays. The silhouette of your college life as represented by the REVEILLE, is an outline of you, your fellow students and your activities during the year. In the future, this profile wilt enable you to recall many whose friendship you make while at Fort Hays State. Moreover, it will empower you to project your memory in vivid tones upon a background of many trying but rewarding experiences of by-gone days. Those of us who remain on the campus hope that the silhouettes projected upon the screen of your mind will be etched in black and gold, that the pictures shown there will bring pleasant memories of the educational opportunities which were of- fered you. We hope that the images of the advantages you enjoyed and even the disappointments you en- dured will fill you with satisfaction that they served to develop you and to help you grow,, and, last but far from least, that, having had opportunities denied so many millions in the world today, you are a Christian person better able to make a con- tribution toward your fellowman and thereby to aid in making a world into which may be brought respect for your fellowman and peace. The 1961 REVEILLE Is the silhouette of this col- lege year. May each of you, throughout the years to come, leave upon the pages of time a silhouette as vivid and lasting. May your days be happy and the years bring you satisfaction in the knowledge that you have made your contribution to a better world for those who follow in your footsteps. M. C, Cunningham 6 EDUCATOR, EXECUTIVE AND STUDENTS ' FRIEND Dr, Morton C. Cunningham, president of Fort Hays Kansas State College, Is an ex- cellent example of the leadership which is required to successfully guide the develop- ment of an ever-growing college. The busiest man on campus, President Cunningham, gives of himself unstintingly to ihe advancement of all that is good, for his college, his church, his community, state and country. In great demand in Western Kansas as a speaker, a member of numerous committees, boards and organizations, he still finds time to take a personal interest in students, to join with them in feeling the tension of a tight basketball game, the fun of the ail- school fall picnic and the joy of Christmas. One of the cherished newer traditions of the college Is the presentation of the Christ- mas Card tree to the Cunninghams, bear- ing greetings from student organizations. i fv v ) f I 1 a v 1 1 ' — ■ 1 T— i r i ■ K r [ rf i nfl r V r r r : H u -T r j rr r r Students enrolled in industrial arts courses learn many varied techniques which will be valuable to them in future years. . . . to the The student, enlarging his span of knowledge, probably is the most important single compon ent of our college. The heart of any school Is Its students who make the inanimate buildings come to life as they spend untold hours in class and labora- tories, In studying experimenting, testing and writing to acquire the knowledge which will de- velop their future lives. Taking a soil analysis for an agriculture doss is by no means a simple job, as Dan Martin well knows. Practice Teachers declare they of- ten learn more than the students. 10 students These students will be the leaders of tomorrow. Shaping the future of the millions of lives in America will be In their hands Education, progress and determination must be held high and regarded in the light of our precious freedom. The 1961 Reveille dedicates this yearbook of events to you, the students of Fort Hays Kansas State College, For home economic majors, laying out a pattern proves to be a rewarding task, although it involves mony hours of meticulous work Chemistry students spend many hours outside of doss in the laboratory testing and experimenting. Studying is a full-time job which always seems to be put off until the last minute. Moving into the dorm proves to be quite exciting for Lynette Schuckman as she fends a helping hand to her big sister, Vafette. A prospective Fort Hays Stater fooks doleful as he tries on a freshman beanie for size. Enrollment Orientation week acquainted the fresh- men with the academic and social regula- tions for students. After adjusting t o their new life in the dorms, freshmen compteted their enrollment while the other students prepared class schedules and stood in long enrollment lines. 12 All freshmen and transfer students were required to take hearing tests as part of the enrollment program. and Orientation Enrollment reached a new high with a record of 2,865. Because of the remodeling of PIcken Hall, students found crowded classrooms and rearrangement of time schedules and classrooms. The new year of 1960-1961 had begun with diversified op- portunities available to every student. After enrollment the students settled down to the academic phase of college life. Testing soil content is important to agriculture students. Due to crowded facilities,, instructors were forced to hold classes in the hall. Faculty advisor, Hugh Burnett, advises a student in preparing her semester ' s schedule. Selling freshmen beanies proved to be quite hilarious for both student council members and freshmen. Parents took the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the college, while their daughters and sons on Parents ' Doy. Mony bands come from surrounding towns to par- ticipote in band day. Mr, and 1 Mrs, Lyle Dragoo dance to the music of Ted Smith and his orchestra at the annua! Tiger Hop. Mohalia Jackson mingles with students during a coffee which was given in her honor. Beginning the Year ' s Activities Entertainment is always a large aspect of college life. Heading the list of good entertainment is the Artists and Lectures Series which presented we [ l known talent. The first program featured the " wo rld’s greatest gospel singer ' Mahalia Jackson, and a capacity crowd attended. Fraternities and sororities had Rush Week, which included many parties and smokers for rushees. Stu- dent social activities included the traditional Tiger Hop, varsity dances after football games and Greek informals. On Parents ' Day the parade and game highlight- ed the activities as parents toured the campus and met faculty, while visiting their students and friends The terrace proved to be a popufar spot during the Tiger Hop as several couples took time out from dancing- 15 Darrel f Hildebrand was honored os the recipient of the Busch Gross award. Homecoming Brings Homecoming brought a variety of activities to the campus and students were kept busy trying to participate in all events. Fort Hays State students elected a queen and two attend ants from a field of thirteen candi- dates nominated by various organizations. Mary Lou Horning, Patti Percival and Margaret Sta- pleton were chosen as the Homecoming royalty to reign over the activities. Friday ' s highlights Included the judging of the house decorations, a serpentine parade, barbeque and an informal dance. In the house decorations, Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority was awarded the sweepstakes prize, while Alpha Gamma Delta and Tau Kappa Epsilon won first place In the women ' s and men ' s division re- spectively. Homecoming Royalty and their escorts, pause after the crowning of the queen which was the highlight of the holftime activities. Thirteen coeds, sponsored by dormitories,, Greeks and organizations, competed for the Homecoming Royalty, Alumni, from all areas of the country, renewed old acquaintances at the Homecoming Banquet, Varied Activities Saturday events were the crowning of the queen, freshman-sophomore tug-of-war, Homecoming pa- rade, football game and dance. Twenty-six high school bands participated in the downtown parade, which was led by the Home- coming Queen and her attendants. For the second straight year the class of 1963 proved victorious by pulling the freshmen in the creek, thus making the freshmen wear their beanies until Thanksgiving. Darrell Hildebrand received the " Busch ' Gross award which is given annually to the outstanding athlete of the preceding year. The Homecoming Queen was crowned in a spe- cial halftime ceremony and her attendants and the other candidates were introduced. Winners of the bouse decorations were also announced at halftime. Norman Reynolds’ orchestra provided music for the annual Homecoming dance which climaxed the activities. Sophomores winning the tug-of-wor and the serpentine parade were added attractions to the homecoming activities- Alpha Gamma Delta, First Place Tau Kappa Epsilon, First Ploce Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sweepstakes 1SK 17 Pictures of the thirteen candidates, nominated by Greek organisations and dormitories, were displayed in the new bulletin board in the Memorial Union prior to the Reveille Ball, Reveille Queen finalists, anxiously await the announcement by Bill McAdoo, Master of Cere- monies, of the 1 96 ] Reveille Queen. Jimmy Maxwell Combo provided much-enjoyed donee music for the couples who attended the Reveille Boll. 18 December Provides Christmas Spirit Announcing the 1961 Reveille Queen and her at- tendants was the highlight of the annual Reveille Ball. Sharon Seery, Sheila Lundgren, Deanna Link and Amy Graves reigned as queen and attendants, respectively, for the remainder of the dance. Revealing of the cover and the dedication were other attractions of the inter- mission. The Jimmy Maxwell Combo provided music for the dance which was attended by approximately 150 couples. " Amahl and the Night Visitors, " a one-act Christ- mas opera, was presented in December as an Artist Lectures program. Fort Hays State musicians assisted the professional cast in the two performances. ' Memorial Union Christmas activities included the traditional Christmas tree presented to President Cun- ningham and the annual free coffee day. All campus organizations supplied Christmas cards which decorated the seasonal tree. Faculty members poured coffee for several hundred students who took advantage of the free offer. Amahl, portrayed by Lee Bratton, t$ comforted by his mother, played by Arlene Saunders, in a scene from the NBC Christmas opera, ' Amahl and the Night Visitors ' Foculty members volunteered their time to pour coffee for the students during the free coffee day held the union. M b i s L kM ■ P V k A Concern for Is Seen Students were faced with perhaps their most crucial hours of college as they pre- pared for the last require- ment of all courses — FINALS, Intelligence, a pen and paper were the principal tools used by the students as the flow of knowledge was re- versed and Instructors found themselves at the receiving end of the information. 20 Final Exams Among Students After the last question was answered and the finat test completed, students took a breather of a few days, be- fore returning to the campus for another semester of classes. Through pictures, we have tried to capture the student as he really is. His own moods, positions and expressions make him unique as he pre- pares for semester examina- tions. Larry Pedigo and Janet fin fey pose for photographers after they were crowned king and queen of the Sweetheart Ball. All five candidates for the sweetheart royalty reigned over the dance as members of the royal court. Five Candidates Vie for Sweetheart Honors Valentine was the theme used for the an- nual Sweetheart Ball on February 3 1 , in the Memorial Union, A king, queen and attendants were chosen from five candidates sponsored by dormi- tories, Panhellenic Council and Interfrater- ni+y Council Larry Pedigo and Janet Finley, elected king and queen to reign over the ball, were crowned by last year ' s royalty, Mary Ann Lofstead and Larry Davidson. Winners re- ceived 15-Inch engraved trophies. Music for the formal dance was provided by Johnny Chambers Quartet. 22 Gals Foot the Bills for Leap Week Dates Campus females played the dominate role in the annual Leap Week activities as they chose their own dates and paid their bills. Two trial sessions were conducted by the Chancery Club for coeds who did not abide by the Leap Week rules. Those women who were found guilty were fined. Nominations for Bearded Joe and Daisy Mae were made by campus organizations and 50 cents was re- quired to nominate a candidate Each vote cost one cent and proceeds went to the International Rela- tions Club fund which is used to bring foreign stu- dents to Fort Hays State. Winners of the contest were announced at the Leap Week Dance which cli- maxed the week ' s activities. Approximately $400 was added to the club treas- ury from the week ' s festivities Dressed rn typical dogpafch costumes, Jane Schnoebelen and Jack Stout won the prize for the best costumes at the Leap Week Dance. Eva Redin, recipient of lost year ' s I.R.C. scholarship and Jim Stegman, served os election clerks for the Daisy Mae and Bearded Joe contest. 23 Some Moments Are Meont For Fun College is many things and there is a place for fun as well as study. The icy bias! of winter brought op- portunity for hockey and ‘skating, fraternity foolishness brought ap- prehension and laughter, the Ha- waiian Luau publicity during enroll- ment week In January helped relieve the tension of long lines of waiting students. ' d w ? s sure there was supposed to be a hockey game here —Pot Kennedy. y Salome ' s interest in Fort Hays State is purely non-academic, ac- cording to her Sig Tau friends. t 8ig Creek provides a skating area for students during bleak winter days. Ona Ona, destined to be served at the luou, was spared a long life because of her likable personality. — And ims LittLepKfly is qoiNq to Thi i««o pou corn too— 25 Centennial Attracts Many to FHS Museum Fascinating exhibits In three museum areas of history, natural history and geology are lo- cated in the Fort Hays State Museum, housed In the Forsyth Library. The first major accession to the museum was a collection of mounted birds and animals presented 35 years ago by a local enthusiastic amateur taxidermist. Since then, several fac- ulty members made sizable contributions and local citizens began to contribute to the grow- ing museum. George Sternberg, an independent field vertebrate paleontologist, was appointed cu- rator of the museum. He now works with M, V. Walker, professor of geology and director of museums. The museum, which is now one of the finest in the country, houses over 12,000 types of specimens. Exhibits in the local museum attract students and faculty members os well os thousands of visitors from all over the United States. One of the real pioneers of Kansas has a permanent home at Fort Hays Kansas State. This Indian originally lived in Ness County; near Pawnee Creek about 1000 or 1200 A.D. M. V, Walker examines fossil structure while discussing the importance of the museum ' s exhibit with George Sternberg. George Sternberg, nationally known paleontologist, prepares most of the fossils in the laboratory-workshop. Radio programs which are written and pro- duced by the radio classes are taped for use on radio stations in west- ern Kansas. Radio Students at Fort Hays State write and pro- duce their own radio programs which are used on stations around the state. In addition to ra- dio programs f students receive training In radio news announcing and writing, ’ Folic Tales of the Prairie, " was the fifth se- ries produced by the radio department and was carried for 20 weeks over KAYS radio In Hays. Department Also, a 15-minute program entitled " Coaches Corner, " is heard each week over KAYS and KKAN in Philllpsburg. Students of the advanced radio announcing class do Interviews with coaches of high schools and colleges in this area. Jack R. Heather, head of the radio and tele- vision department, supervises all class produc- tions. As in all reporting dosses, students in the radio news writing class must use a typewriter and quick thinking in writing news stories. Jock Heather supervises as Mary Lynn Scott learns to operate the controls for a radio program Bob Chism puls the finishing touches on o cost iron project which he has made as part of his graduate work. Much dose cooperation and endless checking becomes essentiaf as the finishing touches are put on o master thesis. Graduate Study In Knowledge Three advanced degrees are offered in the College ' s rapidly growing graduate di- vision. More than 200 are currently enrolled in either the five or six-year program leading to Master of Arts, Master of Science or Specialist In Education degrees. This study will lead to better teaching performance and higher salary schedules. Preporing charts for fcta is one of the many requirements these graduate students face in preparing a master thesis in botany. 28 Develops Students and Research Dr. Ralph Coder is Dean of the Graduate Division, with a graduate faculty of 37, who teach courses in ! ! fields of study. Encouragement is given to students to develop understanding, accurate judgment, facility in independent thinking, superior knowledge of the study field and a desire to do creative research. Examining grosses which ore no! common in their native countrie s proves to be inter- esting to these students from India and Korea who are work- ing for degrees in baton . Graduate students spend uncounted hours each day in the library doing research which is a necessity in ony field. BUILDINGS A characteristic symbol of almost any col- lege is its architecture. Fort Hays State is recognized throughout the country for its beautiful campus and distinc- tive architecture. All academic buildings are built of native limestone, much of which was quarried on college land. Like an oasis in a desert is the abundance of trees on the campus, with a variety not found elsewhere In this part of Kansas. The devoted service of men like the late Dr. L. D. Wooster, former president of the college and a true na- ture-lover, lives for future generations of stu- dents in the memorial of a verdant campus. Buildings are named for individuals who have added to the history of Kansas and of the col- lege . . . Sheridan Coliseum and Forsyth Li- brary for generals stationed at old Fort Hays, and Custer Hall for Elizabeth Custer, wife of General George A. Custer. Other buildings bear the names of persons more directly connected with the college . . . Martin Allen Hal!, named for the man who was Instrumental In having the land of the fort given to the state for use as a college; Picken Hall, now in the process of being remodeled, named for the first president of the college; Lewis Field and stadium, named for the second president; Rarick Hall, the education building, named for another president who worked for many years for Improvement of rural education as well as for the college: Agnew Hall, a wom- en ' s dormitory, named for the first dean of women of the college. Others have more prqsrac names: Memorial Union, a tribute to Fort Hays Staters who gave their lives in the service of the country; Science Hall and Applied Arts, whose functions are self explanatory. Three service buildings were completed in the fall of I960 which are used primarily to house maintenance materials, shops and for lab- oratory space for botany classes. Also com- pleted for use second semester were the mar- ried student apartments, located just west of Hackberry trailer court. A four-story dormitory, with rooms for 124 men, will be ready for occupancy in September. 30 W-rFh Sheridan Coliseum 31 e. R. McCartney— D ean of the College (professor of economics and business), A.B., University of Wisconsin- M.A., ibid. Ph s D,, University of Ne- braska. 4 RICHARD E. BURNETT— Ex- ecutive Assistant to the Presi- dent (assistant professor), A.B„ Fort Hays Kansas State Col- lege; M.Ed,, University of Col- orado; Graduate Work, ibid. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Administration of a college involves a multitude of miscellaneous tasks to be performed by members of the staff. Whether these duties are figuring a budget, counseling students, supervising housing, considering new policies of the college, determining curriculum changes, studying academic standards, developing the graduate school program, or providing service to schools of Western Kansas, these administrators find each day of the calendar year filled with Its own problems, whether school is in session or not. Students learn to appreciate the administration through the year as they feel an ever-deepening sense of cooperative endeavor for the mutual good of fac- ulty and student. Without any one of these administrators, the me- chanics of running the college would be seriously im- paired. WALTER E. KEATING — Comptroller [associate profes- sor of economics and business), A.B., Fort Hays Kansas State College; M.S., ibid. 4 RALPH CODER — Dean of the Graduate Division (professor of English), A.B., William Jew- ell College; M.A., State Uni- versity of Iowa; Ph.D., ibid. ► 36 BILL JEILISON — Dean of Men [assist- ant professor), B.S., Fort Hays Kansas State College: M.A., ibid. JEAN STOUFFER — Dean of Women [assistant professor), A.B., University of Kansas: B.S., ibid: M.A., Syracuse Uni- versity. W. D. MORELAND — Director of Housing (professor of political science and sociology, head of department), B.A., State University of Iowa: M,A. t ibid; Ph,D„ ibid. DOLLIE B. THOMAS — Assistant to the President [professor of economics and busi- ness), B.S., Fort Hays Kansas State College; M.S.. ibid. STANDLEE V. DALTON— Registrar and Director of Admissions (professor of botany), A.B., Balter University: M.A., University of Illinois. Graduate Division Grows Rapidly One of the rapidly growing divisions of the college is the Graduate School The college now offers a master of sci- ence, master of arts and the six-year program leading to a specialist in edu- cation degree. Graduate students work closely with their faculty committees, es- pecially as they near c ompletion of the- ses and approach the comprehensive examinations Biological Science The work of the botany department in grasslands study has attracted Internationa! respect. Contracts with the Reclamation Bureau and the Kansas Fish and Game Commission for study of salt cedar along Kan- sas streams and vegetation in the Cheyenne Bottoms area have involved untold hours of work for faculty and students. Feeding and farming projects, zoological studies of Kansas animal life and associated programs are major endeavors In this division. GERALD W, TOMANEK, Prof, of BioLr Chr. of Div., A.B., M.S., Fh.D. FRED W. ALBERTSON, Prof, of Botany, B.S., MA. Ph.D. THAINE CLARK, A$sf Prof, of Agri,, B.S., M,S. CHARLES A. ELY, Asst. Prof of ZooL. B.S., M,S„ Ph.D. FLOYD KlNStNGER, Assi Prof, of Botany. B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. HENRY McFARLAND, a ssf. Prof. of Biol.. B.S., M.S. HOWARD C. REYNOLDS, Assoc. Prof, of Botany. B.S.. M S, ANDREW R I EG EL. Assf Prof’ Supf of Farm, B.S, MS. LESTER SCHMUTZ. Assoc. Prof of Agri.. B.S., M.S. ELTON K. SCHRODER, Asst. Prof of Biol., A.B., M.A. KENNETH W, SIMONS, Assoc, Prof of Botany, B.S, M,S. WARD SIMS, Assoc, Prof of Biol, A.B., M.A., Ed.D, NEIL A. WALKER, Asst. Prof, of ZooL, B,S„ M,A. J. R, WELLS. Asst. Prof, of Agri, B.S, M.S. Memorial Union — Extension The Memorial Union, is the heart of the campus, serving the College in numerous ways. The food serv- ices, dancing and entertainment facilities, music and program offerings, entertainments and meeting room arrangements for organizations, conventions and con- ferences, make college life more enjoyable. Three faculty members, assisted by a student Union Board and various committees keep the complicated schedules operating smoothly. The Extension Service serves the people of Western Kansas, Through this department, the College assists communities and a common bond for furthering of education is established. Services range from psychological and reading as- sistance,, correspondence study,, employment and teacher placement, speaker services, to extension classes, film and library services. LILBURN H, HORTON, Jr,. Asst. Prof.: Dir, Memorial Union, A.B., M.S. NANCY GE1ST. Instr. m Eng- lish: Asst. Dir. Memo rial Union, in charge of program- ming, 8 FA, M.A. WILLIAM L. MOODY, Instr.; Asst, Dir. Memorial Union, food service. HUGH BURNETT. Prof, of Pol. Science: Dir, of Extension, B.S., M.A. ETHEL V, ARTMAN, Dir, Em- ployment. B.S. NIT A M. LANDRUM, Super- visor , Corresp, Study and Exec. Sec. Alumni Assn, 38 Participation in the college health, physical education and recreation program not only prepares future teachers, but promotes the physical well-being of the students while in college. Such a program instructs and guides students in healthful ex- periences so they will take care of their physical well-being when out of college- By participating in these courses and activities students begin to rea- lize the importance of good health and physical habits. INEZ BAXTER, Instr, in Health; College Nurse, R.N. JAMES J. BELISLE, Asst. Prof, of Physical Educ.. B.S,, M,S.. P.E.D, FRANCES COOK, I 3n Health; College Nurse, R.N. ALEX FRANCIS, Assoc. Prof, of Physical Educ,, B.S.. M.S. PAUL B. GROSS, Prof, of Physical Educ., B.S.. M.A. SHIRLfY A. HEADY, Insir. in Physical Educ., B.S., M.S. WAYNE McCONNELL. Asst. Prof, of Physical Educ., Pti-B., M.S. EDGAR McNEIL, Asst. Prof, of Physical Educ., B.S.. M.S. RUTH SEVY, Assoc, Prof, of Physical Educ., B.S., M.A. CADE SURAN, Assoc. Prof, of Physical Educ., A.B., M.S. Health and Physical Education WALTER KROLL. Prof.; Chr, of Dlv., .$., M.S.. Ed.D. JOAN BAILEY, Instr, in Physical Educ., B.S., M,S. ELIZABETH BARBOUR. Assoc, Prof, of Physical Educ., Ph,B„ M.A. Economics Economics and business offer a wide range of cours- es to afford the student a sound foundation for a position in the business world. Secretarial courses taken in this department carry full academic credit for a B.S. in business and furnish and Business practical and worthwhile experience. Economic students study the monetary aspect of the business world. This is one of the largest depart- ments on campus and one which encounters no J ‘ffj- culty in placing its graduates. JOHN D, GARWOOD, Pr of, of Econ. and Bus.. A.B, Ph.M., Ph.D. CHARLES HOBSON, Inst, in Econ and Bus., A.B,. M.B.A. RICHARD LEVITT. Asst. Prof, of Econ, and Bus., A.B,, M.A. ROBERT P. MARPLE, Prof, of Econ. and Bus., A. EL, M S., Ph.D. RICHARD L. OSBORNE. Assoc. Prof, of Econ. and Bus., B.S., M.A, B, J. SPOMER. Asst. Prof, of Econ. and Bus.. A. B., M.S. ARCHIE C. THOMAS, Prof, of Econ. and Bus.. B. S,, M.S., Ed.D. J. B. WALDEN, Inst, in Econ. and Bus., B.S., M.S. GEORGE R. WALL, Inst, in Econ. and Bus,, B.S,. M.B.A. JOHN W. WESTLEY, Inst, in Econ, and Bus., B.S.. M.S. LEONA GALLION, Inst, in Econ. and Bus.. B.S.. M.A,. (not pictured.) 39 Social Science The teachers of political science help students build a foundation for professional fields as law, social serv- ice and government service. In sociology students learn to understand the social life of man, so that they themselves will function more effectively. Teachers of history encourage the student to seek accurate Information concerning the past, to form a background for reaching intelligent opinions on prob- lems of concern today. EUGENE R. CRAINE, Prof, of History, A.B., M.A., Ph D. GORDON W, DAVIDSON. Asst. Prof, of History, A.8., M.A. CHARLES H. EVANS, Insfr. in History, B.S„ M.A, WILLIAM KOLSTAD, Instr. of PoL $d. and Soc„ B.S., M.A. WJLDA SMITH, Asst. Prof, of History, A.B„ M.S., Ph.D. WELLE AM D. STUMP. Asst. Prof of History, A.B., M.A, RAYMOND L. WEITY, Prof, of History; Head of Dept., B.S., M.A,, Ph,D. ROBERT WITT, Asst, Prof, of PoL Sci. and Soc.. A. 8., M.A. DON B. SLECHTA, Asst. Prof, of Pol. Sci. and Soc,, A.B . M.S., LL.B. t [not pictured) Applied Arts Teachers of art furnish opportunities for students to secure enjoyment, practical knowledge and uses of art in the commercial and vocational fields. Home economics teachers help the students to pre- pare themselves for a vocation and to meet the problems of home and life. Industrial art teachers prepare the student for vo- cations In the field, and provide practical experience in the development of ' handy man " abilities used in everyday life C. RICHARD CAEN, Prof, of End. Arts; Chr. of Div., B.S., M.$„ Ed.D, ALICE BEESLEY, Prof, of Home Ec. Head of Dept., B.S., M.S. JOHN C. 8ERLAND, Asst. Prof, of Art, B.S., M.Ed, HARRY J. BLEDSOE, Enstr. In End. Arts BS M.S, R. U. BROOKS, Assoc, Prof, of End, Arts; Supt. of Buildings, B.S., M.S, MARTHA DELLINGER, Asst. Prof, of Art. A.B., M.A., M.F.A. MAXINE HOFFMAN, Asst. Prof, of Homo Ec,, B.S., M.S, RALPH HUFFMAN, Assoc, Prof, of Ind Arts B.S., M.Ed. MARGARET HUNTER, Insfr. in Home Ec„ BS M.S. DAN JOHNSON, Instr. In End. Arts, BS LAYMAN JONES, Instr. In Art, BS MS DARRELL McGINNIS, Instr. In AH. A.b ' m.S. DENNIS McKEE, Asst. Prof, of Ind. Arts, BS M.A. JOEL MOSS, Prof, of Art; Hood of Dept B.S., M.A., Ed,D. REX NELSON. Asst. Prof, of End, Ads, B,S., 40 Educational Psychology The aim of philosophy is to help the student to in- quire into the meaning of the world in which he lives and to live more harmoniously in it. Teachers in education prepare students to be teach- ers of tomorrow at the elementary, secondary and junior college levels. The department of psychology prepares students fo r careers and helps students to understand and im- prove their personalities. An added contribution to Western Kansas is supplied through the psychological services for children of this area. CALVIN E, HARBIN. Prof, of Educ,; Chr. of Div„ B.S., M.A., Ed.D. B. W, BROACH As sod. Prof, of Educ., B.S„ MS,, Ed.D. JOHN S. CHAPPELL, A«t. Prof. of Psych.. B.S., M.A. CHARLES CLARK, As oe. Prof, of Educ,, B,S., M.S., Ed.D. BILLY C. DALEY. Asst. Prof, of Educ,, B $., Mld„ Ed.D, GAYNELLE DAVIS, Prof, of Educ.. B.S., M.A, EMERALD DECHANT, Asst. Prof, of Educ.. A.B.. M.S., Ph.D. R, DALE DICK, Asst, Prof, of Psych., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. HULDA GROESBECK, Asst. Prof, of Educ., N,B.S., M.S, WILLIAM F. GWYNN, Asst. Prof, of Psych,, A.B,, Ph.D. SAMUEL M. HAMILTON, Prof, of Phil., A.B., B.D., M.A., Ed.D. KENNETH L. LEWIS. Asst. Prof, of Educ,, B.A., M.FA, Ed. D. STANLEY C. MAHONEY, Assoc. Prof, of Psych.: Dir. of Psych. Service, A.B., M.S,, Ph.D, ROSELLA McCARROLL, Asst. Prof, of Educ., B.S., M.A. GORDON W. PRICE, Asst. Prof, of Educ., A,B., M.S., Ed.D. DAVID E. PROCTOR, Asst, Prof, of Psych., A.B., Ph.D. JEROME SATTLER, Asst. Prof, of Psych., BA, M.A. KENNETH SMOOT, Asst. Prof, of Psych., A.B., M.U., A.M, W. CLEMENT WOOD, Prof, of Educ.: Head of Dept,, B.5., M.A., Ed.D. RAYMOND YOU MANS, Asst. Prof, of Educ., A.B., M.A. Library Service The library service department of Fort Hays Kansas State College serves the students enrolled in regular and Saturday classes as well as the community and surrounding areas. Members of this department have wide and varied duties to perform. Teachers in this field provide training prescribed by the Kansas State Board of Education and North Central Association for teacher-librarians In the high schools of the state. PAUL K. FRIESNER, Prof, of Library Science: Chr, of Div.. A.B., M.S, MARC CAMPBELL, Asst. Prof.; Reference Librarian 8.S., M A MARGERY HELLEM, Instr,: Circulation Librarian, A.8., M.A. {not pA tured j EUGENE MULLEN, Instr.: Circulation Librarian, A.B. MARGARET VAN ACKERMAN, Assoc, Prof.; Documents Librarian, A B S, 41 Language, Literature and Speech JACK BACKER, Inst, m Journ . B.A. KATHERINE BO SARI, Assoc. Prof, of Eng., A.B., M.A. JAMES L. COSta GAN, Inst in Speech, B.S,, M.S. In addition to conventional Eng- lish, literature and speech courses, students enrolled in this division may work with debate, public speaking, radio . programming, newspaper or yearbook production or with speech correction. Through classwork and laboratories, students are prepared to teach, to accept positions in radio or journalism or to fulfill a number of responsible jobs in modern so- ciety. MARION F. COULSON, Assoc. Prof, of Eng,, B,$„ M.S. NAOMI GARNER, Asst. Prof, of Eng., A.B.. M.A. PAUL A, GRABER, Prof, of Long. A B„ M.A., Ph.D, AUDREY GREENWOOD, Asst Prof, of Long., B,A„ M.A., Ph.D, JACK HEATHER, Asst, Prof, of Speech, B.5., M.A. GENEVA HERNDON, Prof, of Speech, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. HARRIET KETCHUM, Asst, Prof, of Speech, A.B., M.A. MABEL LACEY, Asst. Prof, of Eng,, B S„ M.A. ALICE McFARLAND, Inst. In Eng., B S„ M.S, ALICE MORRISON, Assoc. Prof, of Eng., B.Ed., M.A VERNA PARISH, Prof, of Eng., B,S., M.A., Ph.D, ANDREW I. REMATORE, Assoc, Prof, of Lang., A.B., M.A. KATHERINE ROGERS. Inst. In Journ,, B.S, SAMUEL J. SACKETT, Assoc. Prof, of Eng., A.B., M.A., Ph.D . ROBERT J, SPANGLER, Inst in Journ.: Dir; of News, A.B, JAMES R, START, Prof of Speech, B.S., M.A. HAROLD A. STONES, Inst, of Speech. A.B rl M.S ROBERTA STOUT. Prof, of Eng,, A.B., M.A,, Ph.D TED TOW, Inst, in Journ,, B A. HAROLD H, WILCOX, Inst, in Lang,, A.B.. M.A, Nurse Education In addition to classroom Instruction on the campus, stu- dent nurses receive medical and surgical training at Hadley Memorial Hospital in Hays, and through affiliation with other hospitals, the advanced students go to Chicago for obstetrical training at Lying-in Hospital, to the State Hos- pital at Topeka for psychiatric instruction and practice and to Denver ' s Children ' s Hospital for pediatrics. FHS nurses have an enviable record of achievement on State Board examinations LEGRA STROUP. Prof, of Nurse Educ,: Chr. of DIv,, R.N., B.S., M.A. LILA COLBURN, Inst. In Nurse Educ.. R.N., B S MARTHA HARRIS, I nst, in Nurse Educ., R.N., B.S. NANCY PUTMAN, Inst, in Nurse Educ., R.N., B.S, 42 Physical Science Physical science includes chemis- try, geology, mathematics, physics and astronomy. Many courses in physical science are tool courses while others contribute to cultural and professional training. Some students of mathematics this year supplemented their regular classes with enrollment in the popu- lar T.V. Continental Classroom, col- lege algebra the first semester and statistics in the spring. One of the growing departments at FHS Is geology with an ever-in- creasing number of students study- ing the earth ' s surface and Its his- tory. DOYLE K. BROOKS, Assoc. Prof, of Physics, B.S., A. B,. MLS, LAURENCE A. DRYDEN, Asst. Prof, of Math., B $,. M.S. ORVILLE E. ETTER, Asst. Prof, of Math,, B.S., M.S. HENRY E, KANE, Asst. Prof, of Geology, B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. INALLY MAHADEVIAH, Instr. in Ch e m„ B.S., M.S. EVERETT L. MARSHALL, Asst. Prof, of Math., A.B., M.A. KENNETH L, MARSI, Assoc. Prof, of Chem., A.B„ Ph.D, JIMMY M. RICE, Instr, in Math., B.S., M.S. ROBERT C. RICHARDS, Asst. Prof, of Chem., B. S., M.S. COLEEN ROTH, Instr. In Ch e m„ A.B. WILMONT TOALSON, Assoc, Prof, of Moth., A.G., M.A. ELLEN VEED, Instr. in Moth., B,A„ M.A, MYRL V. WALKER. Asst. Prof, of Geology ; Dir. of Museums, B.S., M.A. IVAN WATKINS. Instr, in Physics, 8.S.. M.S. MAURICE N, WITTEN, Instr. in Physical Sciences, A.B., M.A. Music Music instructors of the FHS campus instill and create music appreciation by teaching the basic concepts and by making available to the students music by the artists. Student organizations such as the college band, orches- tra, choir and glee clubs, provide music on the campus and surrounding areas. Highlights of the year include Band Day, The Choir Show, organization tours, assistance with high school district and state contests and concerts by major music organizations. LLOYD K. HERREN, Prof, of Music; Chr, of Dlv„ B.S., M.M., Ed.D. LELAND BARTHOLOMEW, Asst. Prof, of Mu sic, A.B., M.M., B.S. LUCILLE FELTEN. Assoc. Prof, of Music, B.S. PAUL D. HARTLEY, tnstr. in Music, B.M., M.A. MARY MAUDE MOORE, Instr. in Music. B.M.. M.M. E. EDWIN MOYERS. Asst. Prof, of Music. B.M, M.M. HAROLD PALMER, Assoc, Prof, of Music. B.M., M.M. PHYLLIS SCHLEfCH, Asst. Prof, of Music, B.M.E., M,S. EUGENE W, SCHWEITZER, Instr. in Music, B.M,, M.M, NANCY DAVIS, Instr. in Music, B.M., M,M. (not pictured) 43 ■f vr - 45 Alpha Phi Omega A service fraternity with a host of ac- tivities all beneficial to the campus de- scribes Alpha Phi Omega. The fraternity Is composed of former Boy Scouts now enrolled in the college. The past year the Alpha Phis served as ushers for various Artist and Lecture programs, helped move girls Into the dormitories in the fall, and sold unclaimed articles from the lost and found department plus the serv- ices of different faculty members at an auction held in the fall. Back row, left Jo right; Charles Youngdahl, Curtis Carley, vice president; David Ebel. Front row: Dennis McMullen, secretary; j. D. Forsyth, president; Kirk Ashton. Chancery Club ' This court is now in session. Will the prosecuting attorney please state his case! " This terminology is the rule rather than the exception for members of the Chancery Club. Membership in Eta chapter of the National chancery club is open to all pre-law students in- terested In furthering their knowledge of the legal profes- sion. Throughout the year, club members Invite guest speakers (lawyers} ' to the meetings and visit the district courts and Kan- sas law schools. Officers are; Chief Justice, Lou Jean Brown; Associate Jus- tice, Bob Mulch; Clerk of the Court, Carolyn Dennis, and Bail- iff, Tom Scott. Left to right: Ken Felts, Corofyn Dennis, Robert Mulch, Lou Jean Brown, Tom Scott, Dave Mosier. 46 Chemistry Club The Chemistry Club is an organized student chapter of the American Chemical Society. Mem- bership is open to all stu- dents interested In chem- istry. The club helps pre- pare Its members for pos- sible careers In chemistry and encourages students to further th eir study of this science. This year ' s activities In- cluded sponsoring a visit by an outstanding chem- ist and co-sponsoring sci- ence open-house. Mem- bers held two meetings a month wfth student pro- grams or guest speakers. Handbook sales and field trips are also included in organization activities. The outstanding senior chemistry student of the year is given an award by the club in the spring. Bock row, left to right: Wayne Green, Kenneth Pryor, Melville Laewen, Allan Doley, Gene W. Schmidt, Mor- ris C. Talbert, Second row: Margaret Flynt, Alvin Robf, Larry Becker, Jack Hiebert, Bob Ziegler, Herbert Hagman, Dolores Talbert. Front row: Daniel Church, K L, Morsi, advisor. Kathy Young, trees.,- Howard Guyer, pres.; Tammy Hamel, vice pres.; Gory Donart, Paul Schlegel. Math Club A better understanding of math in Informal study makes Math Club valua- ble to students in the de- partment. The program consist of members pre- senting special problems either original or from a collection of interesting problems, with the organ- ization working toward a solution. Discussion of mathematical problems that may occur in many life situations and the his tory of math are topics at meetings. Back row, left to right: Ron Nelson, Delbert Gallon, Marcia n Roth, Robert P Meier, Wayne Mahon, Elvin D Lewis, Jim Johnson, Raymond Junk, O, E. Etter, sponsor. Front raw: Carl J. Kilmer, Margaret Flynt, Judith Nusse, June Wonderlich, Dolores Woodard, sec.-treos.; Wilmer Wald man, pres. 47 Young Democrats Political Enthusiasm Reaches Peak Ever since the visit of Senator John Kennedy to the campus in the fall of 1959, the Young Democrats of Fort Hays State have felt a special interest In this year ' s election Through forums, group discus- sions and rallies, they have promoted an understanding of politics and the platform of their party. The planned climax of their campaign was to be a visit from Sen Estes Kefauver, shortly before election. Inclement weather forced cancellation of his plane trip. Back row, left to right: Dick Heil, Jim Ryan, Jim Sjogren, Carlos Lopez, Ramon Powers, Robert Koch, Bill Hayes, Harold Young, Gary L. Schultz, Rob- ert Nagel. Second row: Diane Marple, Mike Cussen, Robert Boy, John Peter, Darrell Keberlein, Larry Ehrlich, Tom Scott, Kenneth Riedel, Bill hAc- Kinney, Bob Schulz, Sherry Cambern, Front row; Karen Bebb, Karen Bloomer, Yetive Buzzard, Dolores Oborny, Patty Scarlett, Nancy Parks, Joan DeBoer, Mary Wagner, Alberta Klaus. lit TjllY 0 c 9h ' : , R0bert 7’ n T f ,J °2 Heim ' Jim R ° Se ' J ° hn Epler ' Jr - Leo " ens, Norman Johnson, Robert Chism Joseph Chism Pot ? k ' m h c i? ' e " nd row: Lorr V Mernfield, Barry Kratzer, Terry Staab, Ken Ruder, John Ruff, Terry Brungardl Lynn Hoqermon P Ashlev Luke Pry ° r - F " " ‘ L ° ri S0Ch ° ' SUJ Mor Lou Jet 4fl Young Republicans On Campus in November It was a good year for the politicians. The Republi- cans of Kansas elected a governor and the Democrats of the nation elected a president. Locally, the Young Republicans caught the political fever and stimulated interest in the election. Through rallies and special programs, posters and slogans, stu- dents were encouraged to exercise their prerogative and vote. Bock row left to right; James Griffin, Leonard Harzman, Jim Sellens, Clayton Goehring, Carl Bice, Gary McEvoy, Bob Smith, Gerald Behnke, James Malcolm, Roger Prater, Robert Meier, Leland Brodbeck, Ray Stacey, Melvin Kollman, Kenneth Goodrow. Third row; Leonard Parer Marcus Law Fred Meier Gary Kraisinger, Lyle Leak, Gary Saddler, Roger May, Larry Hawkins Bruce Marshall, Ron H ' lgers, John Gnebel Leta Kraus, Linda Bake . Second row: Judith Goodrow, Georgia Jansonius, Vicki January, Lindo Darnell, Elizabeth Kimmi, Karen Super, Carolyn Maddox Sara Lou Stover, Dottie Gibbons, Janice Myers, Jeanne Watts, Judy Braswell, Jolynn Fredrickson. Patsy Riley Front row; Delores Voss, S j8 £!, ' Marietta Anderson, Sharon Novotny, Sigrid Powden, Carol Heaton, Dolores Williams, Patricia Metcalf, Morlene Kleweno, Mildred Merz, Coline Duer, Pattie Potter, Pat Heaton, Dorothy Voss. Back row, left to right: Lynn Beecher, Jerry Galliort, Lynray Pammenter, Gerald Riley, Bill Thyfault Gary Gottschalk, Evan Jones, Denms Baumann Clayton Schmidt. Third row; Larry Rudd, Dan Martin, Don Krug, Jerry Westbrook, Ben Arensman, Kenneth Foley Don to Cecil Soeken , David Masier Jade D, Blotter. Second row: Ron Gates, Richard Watkins, Robert W. Krug, Gory E. Wilson, Ivan D Smith, Richard Baldwin Keith Mynck, Don Gordon, Melvin D, Reeder, Robert D. Weis. Front row: John Hazlett, Larry Goad, Robert Ahlvers, Charles Karr, Keith Gumm, Phillip Bartholo- mew, Harold Berrey, Francis Baker, London Daniel, John Hanson, Lewis Martin. 49 A new cor Janey Wei Debate One of the busier organizations on campus is the Fort Hays Debate Club which enthusiastically discusses the pro and con of questions of the day as well as participates in ex- temporaneous speaking, discussions, panels, oratory and other individual events. The debate schedule is heavy, and concentrated in the winter months. Two-member teams are selected for each tournament, with from one to four teams entering each meet. Har- old Stones and Jim Costigan divide responsibilities as coach. bi not ion this year poirs Marilyn Snell and bokf, os debaters. State No. 1 team, debating together for are Norton and Stoub. Members of the Debate team me: Standing, left to right: Harold Stan Winebold, Warren Norton, oieve Staub, Leta Kraus, Billie Allen. e? and Jim Cost i gen, coaches, Front row: Marilyn Snell, Janey 50 International Relations Club The East and the West Meet at Fort Hays State Believing that through knowledge and under- standing may come peace, the International Rela- tions Club sponsors a Foreign Affairs Conference each fall, bringing representatives from foreign embassies together on campus. Foreign students are made to feel welcome and encouraged to share with the student body the enrichment which comes from associa tion with citi- zens of many lands. At the Foreign Affairs Conference, L Edmund Gullion, Eisenhower ' s spec fa [ assistant for disarmament and George Kornienko, Russian counselor of the Soviet Embassy in Washington, listen while Josef Lodwyck, Belgian counselor in Kansas City, drives home a contro- versial point. It ' s Hands of Friendship when the 1 1 foreign students at Fort Hays State get together. Left to right, standing: Doug Vickers, Canada; Hassein Rahimian, Iran; Manijeh Aidun, Iran; Eva Red In, Sweden; Kanaiyalal Patel, tndio; Yortg N. Lee, Korea. Front row: Louis Naranjo, Costa Rica; Faraldoon Aidun, Iran; Jing-Min Lin, Taiwan; Kamthorn Chaturachlnda, Thailand; Vallahhdas Modha, India. History and political science students belong to I nte r na t io n a 1 Re I a t io ns Cf ub. Back row, left to right: Larry Anderson, Bill McKinney, Hossein-Rahimian, Larry Eh dish, Gordon Davidson, sponsor; Raymond Junk, Sam Pancake, Harlan Van DeWege, David Hopkins, James Rusco. Front row: Roberta Dickey, Gail Perkins, J. K. Sweeney, Ramon Powers, Jim Stegman, Eva Redin, Dolores Williams, 51 French Club After a year ' s lapse, the French Club was reorganized this year to give Its members practice in language skills and to acquaint them with aspects of French culture through a study of art, music and customs of the country. Dr, Audrey Greenwood sponsors the group and officers are Joyce Roberts, president; Judy Weis, vice-president and David Baker, secretary-treasurer. Back row, left to rights Janice Hrabik, Joyce Roberts, president; Dave Baker, sec.- treas.; Arnold Lewis, Audrey Greenwood, sponsor; Judy Weis, vice president. Front row: Cheryl frank, Lucille Dinges, Pat Murphy, Betty June Schrolt, Carole Hughes, Jolene Webster. German Club Calling all German stu- dents! The German Club, spon- sored by Dr. Graber, aims to increase its members under- standing and appreciation of the German language. Mem- bers study the German cul- ture and customs and at the same time try to increase their German speaking abil- ity. Guest speakers are in- vited to several meetings throughout the year. Bock row left to right: Frank Brungardt, Edward Pu g, Alvin Robl, Dallas Moeller, Raymond Junk Lorry Heffel, Bill Ho yes, Larry Ehrlich, Dennis Urban, Fred Schmidt, Jr., Curtis Roesch, Dean Popp, James Rock. Front row: Ralph Schlick, president; Thomas Rohr, vice president,- Raylene Price, sec.-treas.,- Jeanette Zech- meister, Janice Schmoekel, BilE McKinney, Dr. Paul Graber, sponsor. 52 Penquin Club Membership in the Penguin Club is open to all girls interested in swimming who can pass the requirements of the club. The club strives to produce a greater Interest In swimming, to promote self-confidence in water, teach its members aquatic skills and water ballet, and to produce swimming shows and swimming chore- ography. The group plans to attend water shows held in the Kansas area. Meetings are held every Tuesday evening. Miss Joan Bailey is the spon- sor. Bo etc row teft to right: Patty Potter, Jerre Roberson, Marietta Anderson, Judy ■Shafer, Roylene Price, Wanda Miller, Beverly Lower Second row: Shirlee Lebsack, Mary Lou Jams, Maureen Mahar, Roberta Ringer, Donna Mog, Karen Smith, Front now: Judy Greenway, social chairman; Marilyn Patton, president; Ann Boosa, sec.-treas,; Anita Lang, vice president; Joan Bailey, sponsor. Orchesis Membership in orchesis is chosen by tryouts of interested dancers. The purpose of the class is to develop a creative and intellectual attitude toward dancing as one of the arts Members strive to develop cre- ative ability in dancing and to improve dancing skills. Patti Thiele, Luanne Engel, and Gay Faustian were featured in special dance in the Christ- mas opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors Spring activities included presentation in the Follies and in " Guys and Dolls, ' " Orchesis is directed by Miss Elizabeth Barbour. The Shepherds " Dance for " Amahl and the Night Vis- itors " 1 gave Orchesis mem- bers a chance to work with the NBC cash Members are, left to right: Gay Faustian, Luanne Engel, Pat Murphy, Billie Allen, Patti Thiele, Pat Riley, Vicki Rogers, Norma Gibson. 52 Square Dancing was popular at □ faculty-student fun night. ETA RHO EPSILON Women having a major or minor in physical education are eligible for Eta Rho Epsilon. The purpose of the club is to aid majors In establishing profession- al values, attitudes, knowledge and relations. It helps promote and support the profession of health, physical education, and recreation. Eleven members attended the state meeting at Topeka this year Women also went to the Division of Women ' s and Girls ' Sports outdoor clinic, held at Elm dale, in the spring The club sponsored a freshman Women ' s Physical Education pic- nic, two faculty fun nights and held work days to earn money for scholarships and help send members to State Physical Edu- cation functions. Future physical education instructors main- tain a full-year schedule of sports and recre- ation for students. Even tall Jim Costigan had to reach for this one! £L 9 ' E T eil0 H T0YlOr - Winder, Donna Mog, Marilyn Boese, Emma Elsie Hildebrand, vice pres, Sandra McFadden, cZlsteX 00 10 " ' V " Ul ° C ° le ™ " ' 54 W.R.A. Active membership in W.R.A. comes through participation in team and individual intramural sports. The Association furthers the Ideals of good sportsmanship, and cre- ates the love of sports in each of Its recre- ation programs. W.R.A. , affiliated with the National Or- ganization of the Athletic Recreational Federation for College Women, sent two delegates to the national convention at Northwestern University and two delegates to the state convention. W.R.A, also par- ticipated in the National Officials Rating Clinics held in Morland and McPherson, by sending representatives in volleyball and basketball. Enthusiastic members worked diligently [n concession stands at sports events throughout the year to earn sufficient capi- tal to provide a two-semester scholarship for a freshman woman Interested in the pur- pose of W.R.A. This service organization, through Its par- ties, sports days, play days, and intramural programs enables college women to m ke new friends, learn new activities. Improve old skills, and to have a good t ime at F.H.K.S.C. W.R.A. officers, back raw, left to right: Pat McGuyre, treas.; Barbara Baber, intramural representative; Beverly Winder, social chairman, Melva Hayse, publicity. Front row: Esther Thompson, vice president; Marita Tuttle, president; Arlene Estes, secretory, Pretty fair lumping, but where ' s the ball? A well-rounded intramural pro- gram keeps the p.e. girls on their toes. Back row: Ruth Sevy, sponsor; Anita Lang, Eloise Haesemeyer, Emma Brummitt, Elsie Hildebrand, Beverly Winder, Esther Thompson, Marita Tuttle, Sharon Metcalf, Pat McGuyre, Vick™ Lewis. Front row: Melva Hayse, Claressa Wotker, Judy Harrel, Donna Mog, Eugenio Beaver, Marilyn Boese, JoArn Teeter, Barbara Baber, Arlene Estes. CAMPUS Kit Kots Sack row, left to right; Mrs. Merle Harris, sponsor; Diana Olsen, Jeanette Young, Janet Finley, Charlotte Brownlee, Sharon Peters, Corel Cain, Sarah Coin, Emma Brumilt, Judy Grimm, Eileen Baker. Second row: Chloe Rockwell, Judy Richardson, Barbara Warner, Roberta Dickey, Ann Mitchell, Kathy Shoemaker, Marlene Smith, Iona McKrbbin, Mona Forney, Ellen Britton. Front row: Mary Lou Titus, Jane Schnoebelen, Joan McDaugol, Sammy Kay Brown, Mar garet Landau, Sue Martin, Donna Stewart, Sharon While. Always ready to support every season ' s sport are the Kit Kats, an organization open to all in t er- ested freshman women. Attired in the traditional Kit Kat uniform, the members sat in special sec- tions cheering with colorful animation, I he Kit Kats purposes are primarily to inspire good sportsmanship and to foster programs that benefit the entire athletics program. Members also work at money-making projects throughout the year for special programs under the leadership of their officers who are elected at the beginning of the fall term. One- of the most conspicuous) was the flat- bed frti-cl Carol Huxol, Sharon Metcalf " F re d“ m! D„™ A „ T Hender5 ° n ' Barbara Massey, O ' Loughlm, Patty Potter, Front ' row: Vmewls Karon MrC, " 9 ' M° T ° maS , h0ck ' ,ris Kathleen Carole Moll, Jerilyn Truan, Mickey Fisher Va,e ” e Schuk ' 56 PEP Tigerettes Officers are, standing left to rights Mary Ann Lofstead, president; Carolyn Dennis, Delores Voss, Patsy Luety, Sitting: Ruth Spencer, Joyce Philip, Mary Lou Horning, Vigor, zeal and genuine school spirit mark the Tlgerette organiza- tion as one of the most foremost in supporting the athletic sports on campus. The past year ' s activities have included participation in Band Day and Homecoming parades, the sponsoring of pep assemblies and the revision of their constitution. The Tigerettes work with the Kit Kats In leading the team onto the field and court during football and basketball seasons and in sitting In special sections at games. At Christmas they have a com- bined Christmas party. Plans for the future include new uniforms for the Tigerettes. The cheerleaders, who lead the Tigerettes, work diligently to produce new and effective formations resulting in a better pep section for home games. in the Homecoming Parade r ing the two Pep Cli bs- ftacfc row, left to right: Patsy Luety, Delores Voss, Carolyn Dennis, Judi Koch, Virgie McKenzie, Pot Stehno, Ter! Class!, Linda Heide, Betty June Schroll, Laura Ann Thompson, Marilyn McGuire, Rosemary Mustoe, Judy Sevens, Judy Braswell, Martha Hopkins, Mary Ann Lofstead, Ronnie Cook, Sharon Pollnow, Mary Sloan, Second row: Sharon Kiel, Peggy Sigle, Olita Wells, Ruth Spencer, Karen lofstead, Beverly Tucker, Cheryl Frank, Becky Vance, Joyce Phillips, Janey Weinhold, Mary Lou Horning, Darlene McMullen, Lois Erickson. Front row: Louett a Wilken, Patti Thiele, Luanne Engel, Donna Stephens, Carolyn Cook, Marjorie Rohr, Shoron Seery. 57 Bock row, left to right: Stan Estes, Lyle Leak, Don Eoese, Mike Money, Bill Nelson, Jor Shively, Preston McLeod. Front row: Patsy Leuty, Annette Morss, Rosemary Gilson, Donna Jensen, Donna Stephens. Campus Boosters It ' s all in the name , . . the Campus Boosters organiza- tion is responsible for school rallies of various nature, pep assemblies, and in general the promotion and stimulation of school spirit. Pep assemblies are the most noted activity. The club holds rallies to see the teams off, plans half-time entertainment at alt home basketball games, and is re- sponsible for assisting with publicity of sports on cam- pus. It is a vital organization on campus and is composed of representatives from every campus organization. Student Affairs Committee Left to right: Beth Fellers, Harold Nagel, BUI Jeflison, sponsor? Bob Smith, John Peter, Like a judge and a jury, the Student Affairs Commit- tee hears traffic violation complaints, acts on requests for money making projects of organizations and establishes parking regulations. Membership includes five students appointed by the Student Council and two fac- ulty members appointed by President Cunningham, Service on this committee may be a thankless job but few students consider the consequences if the commit- tee ceased to function. 58 Student Council Duties of the Student Council, which is the gov- erning force on campus, are the consideration of student body problems and activities. The Student Council has fifteen members consisting of the three class officers elected from each class and the stu- dent body officers. " Stuco " is the promoter of campus elections, selection of an outstanding senior man for Junior Rotarian, and the selling of the beanies to incom- ing freshmen at the beginning of every year. The Council meets weekly and welcomes sugges- tions. Dean McCartney is the sponsor. Student Council Officers, Standing; Lou Jeon Brown, treasurer; Steve Staub, president. Sitting: Preston McLeod, vice president; Carolyn Wanker, secretary Back row, left to rights Bob George, Larry Ehrlich, Ernie Mil- ler, Pat Dale, Leland Brodbeck, Steve Staub, Richard Packard Front row: Lou Jeon Brown, Mari- lyn McClellan, Marcetyn Stephen- son, Preston McLeod, William McAdoo, Marietta Anderson, Carolyn Wanker. ¥ Bock row, left to right; Elizabeth Rock, Charlotte Carney, Mary Ann Luetters, Hilary Luff, Jerry Westbrook, Emanuel Dumler, president; Bob Smith, James Windle, Roy Thornburg, J. R, Wells, sponsor; Sarah Cain, Jerilyn Truan, Avis Morton. Front row: Loretta Higerd, Catherine Whitley, Judy Brown, Maxine Hoffman, spon- sor; Roma Cole, Mada Cronin, treasurer; Alice Bees ley, sponsor, Mary Jane Diers, vice president; Susan Stewart, secretary; Melva Hayse, Ethel Clow, Rita Zimmer. Collegiate 4-H Students who have previously been members of 4-H Clubs and are in- terested in 4-H worlc on campus belong to Colie- grate 4-H, Meetings in- clude programs of educa- tional talks, social func- tions, and work in foreign affairs. This year, members as- sisted the local county agent in judging secretar- ial books and helped with the county activities They also participated in Achievement Day, held early in spring. The organization is sponsored by Alice Bees- ley. Dames Club Wives and mothers of married students, and mar- ried women students may belong to Dames Club, a national organization established 40 years ago to pro- mote a spirit of friendliness and to provide social op- portunities among its members The local program is developed by the chapter and includes meetings for women only as well as so- cial functions for husbands and wives. Program topics are selected to appeal to young marrieds— recipes and homemaking hints, with fun added at such func- tions as the Mad Hatter ' s Party when members wore hats decorated to suggest their husbands’ major field of study, a Christmas party and a children ' s party. left Po m . N kel5 ' Connie HusJig, Helga Stremel, Darlene Lohr, Beverly Schroeder, Brenda Br inker Barbara Brun- S N Z C ] t dl M 50 " ardS ' Ra e,ta “■ " w.iW.’W Lechtenbsr er, Jororta Burgat, jTdy dent- ydia Kerd a n W I ,, T n M ° ry Jone Locy ' SuzQnn Kraus F ™ " Ruth Moore, jean ire Lunsford presi Sq u!e r treasure n Ann f B Jrrf !p ° nSOf; Mo!lie Wallerstedt, sponsor; Shirley Hernandez, news reporter Kay tury; Elaine Franks, second wee preZnt? jo Mary ' 7nn “ retary,. Coral Barrett, corresponding sec re- 60 Home Economics Club Women enrolled In any home economics courses or who are interested in professional careers in home economics, participate in the activities of Home Economics Club, The organization is a part of the Kansas State Economics Association and plans its activities in accordance with purposes of the state organization. Each semester the club sponsors a project with the dual purpose of financing a local scholarship for a deserving student in the department and in supporting the International Scholarship Fund. Primarily designed to provide members with pro- fessional development In home economics and to further their interests r the club this year has helped the department celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of home economics in the curricu- lum. Fort Hays State and its home economics depart- ment were featured in one edition of the national home economics magazine, THE DISTAFF, this winter. Officers, back row, (eft to right: Marilyn Richard, publicity chairman; Shirley Purvis, soda! chairman. Front row; Karon Set fridge, secretary; Joanne Griffiths, president, Karen Bauer, treasurer. Back row, left to right: Carolyn Lock- man, Mada Cronin, Shirley Bomber’ ger, Linda Chambers, Sybil Cummins, Barbara Ellis, Marytin Richard, tau- rayne Merkel, Marge Schugart, Agnes Gassmann, Carol Werth, Roma Cote, Marlene Thaete, Marcene Smith, Sheryl Wright. Front row: Peggy Srgle, Rase Marie Getty, Carolyn Sterrett, Mary Jane Diers, Linda McKean, Alice Beesley, sponsor; Arabella Wade, Karen Canard, Karen Self ridge, Mar- lene Smith, Charon Lower, Virginia Blair. Back row, left to right: Mary Hedge, Marilyn Rowley, Judith Kerstetter, Pat Fellers, Rhoda Hobbie, Carolyn Patton, Avis Morton, Sarah Cain, Carol Holmes, Marie Ejchelberger, Shirley Purvts, Mary Jo Charvat, Mildred Peterson, Judy Brown, Delores Kaufman, Cecile Beougber; Wilma Losey, Ruth Spurlock, Joyce Philip, Marilyn Gottschalk, La- Veto Marshall, Alma Schenk. Front row: Mildred McFadden, Marilyn Moler, Met- va Hayse, Karen Salyer, Iris McIntosh, Maxine Hoffman, sponsor; Ann Brazda, Mary Springfeldt, Joanne Griffith, Karen Bauer, Hannah Clarke, Shirley Pizel. 61 Back row, left to right: 3. J. Sackett, sponsor; J. K. Sweeney, G. Mullen, K. E. Apsfey. Front row: Charles Nickels, Larry Heffel, Jar Smith, Helen Delander. Scriberlus Club Scriblerus Club encourages students of Fort Hays State to nourish their originality and self-expression in creative writing. Each ciub member receives individual assistance and encouragement. The main purpose of the dub meetings is to evaluate and criticize in- dividual manuscripts. Through constructive criticism the stu- dents correct and improve their original work. Outstanding work contrib- uted by the students is sent In to magazine publications, to be evaluated for its orig- inality and merit. Many pieces of work are accepted for publication, " The Sheaf ' an annual lit- erary publication, sponsored by the English department, depends greatly upon con- tributions from members of Scriblerus, Ambassadors Dozens of students serve as Ambassadors of the college each year. The irs Is the task to es- tablish friendly contacts with home town prospec- tive students, to answer questions, to impart in- formation about the col- lege and its opportunities for potential students and interested parents. Through the school year, various students go with faculty members to high schools of Kansas for Career . Day, to help tell the story of Fort Hays State and what St has to offer, A group of Ambassa- dors meet with Hugh Bur- nett, director of extension for a briefing session. 62 Union Board The ’ " executive 11 branch of the Memorial Union consisting of seven students and five faculty members is the Union Board, specializing In har- monizing activities of the Union, In- cluded on the Board ' s yearly agenda are planning and recommending poli- cies concerning programs of the Union, preparing a schedule of charges for Union facilities, compil- ing building rules for conduct, help- ing in social events, helping to review the annual budget, and advising Union Directors, In the course of fulfilling its duties, the Board stresses improvement and development of services to students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the college. Advising and coordinating is the responsibility of the Program Coun- cil. Its membership consists of three officers and a chairman. The spon- sor is Miss Nancy Geist. Bock row, left 10 right: Dove Ziegler, B, J T Hirt, Don DeLoir, Mgrvin Cochran, Bob Hoyden. Front row: Maxine Snook, Nancy Geist, Sue Beck ley. Union Program Council Back row, left to right: Dr, John Garwood, Denzit McNeal, Bernie Horton, Don Dela ir, Walter Keating. Front row: Karen Seery, Ellen Duff, Alice Beasley, Harvey Niermeler, Bob Hayden, Nancy Geist, Ralph Huffman. 5 6 j ;l Union Committees All activities sponsored by the Memorial Union are planned and prepared by the Union Committees. The chairman of each committee serves on the Union Board which is responsible for the co-ordina- tion of all programs presented by the various com- mittees. Movies Members of the Movie Committee select and present all the foreign, classical, and American films shown as part of the Union’s program. Each semesters schedule brings a wide variety of films to the campus at bar- gain prices. Bock row, left to right; Lynnay Pammenter, Dan Town- send, Roger Major, Faye Buffington, Nanci McCombs. Front row: Larry Hawkins, Richard Baldwin, Bob Hoyden, LaDene Votruba, Pat Fletcher, Barbara Mohr. Publicity The Publicity committee works for the benefit of the other committees. It handles their publicity, prepares the Memorial Union Calendar which posts campus activities, and pro- motes good public relations. The committee is made up of nine stu- dents and the committee chairman. Bock row: Carol Tomascheck, Marianna Brown, Karen McGuire, Mona Forney, Front row; Ellen Britton, Sue Beck ley, Marge Querbach, Patricia McCall, Kay Klink (not pictured). m T| W -nUj C ' " ■ ■ -’■fgj , f ■ - J % ifc Variety Responsibility of the production of the Follies rests with the Variety Committee, which also promotes student activities such as the varsity dances. The Committee also sponsors a cultural series, Kaleidoscope, throughout the year. Bock row: Mohlon Tuttle, Judy Languein, Dennis Garrison,, Gwynn Homill, Dave Ziegler. Front row: Mary Luetters, Elizabeth Hanson, Cinda Lou Wilson. 64 Exhibitions Planning art exhibits and displays for the Union Is the job of the Ex- hibitlon Committee. The union has limited its exhibits in order to give the art students a chance to display their work on the second floor of the Union. The purpose of the commit tee is to stimulate an appreciation and Interest of art by the students. Dance Varsities, as well as special dances like the Sweetheart Ball are the special con- tribution of the Union dance committee. This group of eight, under direction of Miss Nancy Geist, strives to give FHS students a balanced program of dances throughout the year — from Tiger Hop to May Farewell. Games Bridge lessons, intramural game tourna- ments and similar recreational activities are sponsored by the Games Committee. The committee sponsors tournaments and les- sons to encourage interest in billiards, table tennis, bridge and other games. L. to r.; Jan Ball, Mrs. Rogers, sponsor; Janet Harrison L to r,; Robert Miller, Roberta Dickey, Dave Mosier Vir- ginia lorbeer, Mar[ Rohr L to r.: Jody Ubert, Eileen Baker, Janice Pinney, Pat McCall, Barbara Mohr, LoDene Votrubo. to r.= Judy Scott, Norma Keady, Carol Heaton, Sue The Reveille For the first time in many years, re- sponsibility for production of the Rev- eille tay on the shoulders of co-editors. With the assistance of the other staff members, the co-editors have planned and constructed a volume which tells a complete story of the year ' s activities. An enthusiastic staff began work earty in the fall combining ideas and efforts to make possible a more successful and reputable publication than ever before. Besides their main project of editing the Reveille, the staff makes possible the Reveille Ball, the first winter formal, this year held Dec, 3. At the dance the year book queen rs announced and the cover design Is revealed. Not the " Most Wanted Men 1 ' by the FBI -Just four most important members of the publications staffs, the photographers — who ran out of ideas for posing them- selves and decided to demonstrate How Not to Pose, Left to right, standing: Lloyd Peterson and R. C. Funk. Seated: Ken Grif- fin and Bob Beck. The Leader Martin Allen Hall is a home away from home for staff mem- bers of the State College Leader. The light burns late many a night as reporters " burn the candle at both ends " in an ef- fort to meet the Tuesday noon deadline. The Leader, published weekly in the college print shop, strives to be an " echo " of all activities, opinions, or ideas of Fort Hays State students and faculty. Student contributions are welcome and the Letters to the Editor provides an outlet for airing any controversial topic. Dqve McCoy r Gaylord Long, Don Townsend, Dove Webster, Bill Ohlemeier, Maureen Mahar; reporters. Pat Eifers, society ed.; Jim Hudson, sports ed.; Gordon Justin, news ed.; Dennis Pearce business manager. It ' s always a big moment when the press starts to roll A recent acquisition is the Miehle 00 press which turns out 1400 Leaders per hour. Ted Tow, sports Informa- tion, watches while Bob Spangler, director of news service and publication, reads the first copy and the three printers, Ed Urban, Jim Uht, and Bob May. make the wheels go round. Biff Ghlemeier and Kenneth Ruder, who played the Callifer brothers in J ' The Patting Shed ' take the drama seriously as they work on interpretation of lines during a dress rehearsal. The Potting Shed " Has Th ree-Day Run Little Theater Gives Dramatic Training Students wishing to know more about the theater, or desiring to do a little acting or di- recting, find an outlet for their talents in the Little Theater. This year ' s major productions, " The Potting Shed " and " Diary of Anne Frank, " presented by The Picken Players, the acting group of Little Theater, proved both challenging to the club and popular with the public. Miss Harriet Ketchum casts and directs major productions, while one-act plays are pre- sented as class projects of the dramatics de- partment. Officers, standing, left to right: Harold Wasinger, vice president; Francis Tritt, publicity chairman. Sitting: Ruth Ann Baker, co-chairman publicity; Lori Socha, president; Judy Braswell, sec .-treasurer. isx-£ sw L ° ,,y « «• w ° “ KT -■ “ — -- KSSfc Ms SS l S 68 Nurses Club Service and Fun Are Projects Back row, L to r.: Lila Colburn, sponsor; Marilyn McGuire, V.P, ; Betsy Eibesser, reporter. Front rowt Carol Suhler, parliamentarian, Paula Harmon, sec.; Patty Miller, treas.; Judv Greiner, Pres , (not pictured,) f $r ,S ,|f To unite the members so- cially, spiritually, culturally to- ward professional advance- ment is the goal for the Nurses Club. It encourages and stimulates Interest in nurse education. Women enrolled in nursing receive on-the-spot training at Hadley Memorial Hospital in Hays, pediatric training at Denver Children ' s Hospital, psychiatric nursing at the To- peka State Hospital and ob- stetrical training at Lying-in Hospital in Chicago, Meetings provide interest In a nursing career with films and speakers bringing the members first-hand Informa- tion. At Christmas time the Nurses Club made and sold toy kangaroos to send a stu- dent nurse from Kansas to Australia to the International student nurses ' meeting. They worked with the district dub on this project. Also they sold cookies at the hospital for their local money-making project, to send two members to the Na- tional Convention in Chicago, Bock row, f. to r.: Leora Stroup, sponsor; Gaylene Howard, Eleanor Davidson, Ruth Von Winkle, Donna McCants, Lana McKib- bin, Jerry Wilkenson, Karen Kaltenbach, Judy Greenway, at Kindsvater, jaelyn San- born, Carol Cain, Patty Miller, Pat McGuyre, Ch arlotte Brownlee, Sharon Caldwell, Shir- ley Lebsack, Elizabeth Hanson, Ellen Brit- ton, Eugenia Beaver, Nancy Putnam, spon- sor. Front row: Sue Torrey, Judy Richard- son, Barbara Warner, Virginia Woods, Peggy Olds, Joyce Bo ye ns, Marie Frazier, Betsy Ellaaessr, Barbara Baber, Bonnie Heaton, Carole Becker, Margaret Kottmann. Back row, L to r.: Janice Pinney, Sara Barnett, Jeanette Young, Carole Mullen, Edna Engel, Janet Nlusse, Carol Suhler, Janice Jones, Mary Pat MeFall, Marilyn McGuire, Jean Bardot, Karen Candlin, Carol Titus, Rita Hallbick, Vicki Lewis, Mary Lou Jorns, Lila Colburn, sponsor. Front row: Marlene Klewena, Paula Harmon, Mary Kralicek, Wanda Sears, Linda Anderson, Ruth Summers, Eunice Rinkel, Judy Henderson, Kim Toland, Beverly Taylor. 69 Industrial Arts Club Sponsorship of the Industrial Arts Fair is a major project for the men in Industrial Arts Club. This fair, now In its second year, attracts entries from high schools throughout Western Kansas and en- courages fine craftsmanship on the part of both high school and college students. Officers are, seated: Donald Hrabik, corres. sec,- Chuck Chapmen, pres. Standing: Lawrence Fritschen, sec.; Joseph A, Dooley, sgt. of arms; Ervin Birzer, treas,; Bob Hofeman, vice pres. [° w ' !eft t0 tr Larry Deines, Jerry Galliart, Harry Bledsoe, Kent Bauer, billy Towns, Ray Jones, Don Hullman, Goerge Winter, Paul E. Griffith, . R. Stoskopf, Second row; Roger Pruter, James Griffin, Gale Pauley, Larry Koochel, Michael Sill, London Daniel, Russell Oliver, Dean Smith DonaW Hrabik Front row: Phillip Bartholomew, Lawrence Fritschen, Leon lutgen, James Chambers, Carlyle Sivesind, Jimmy Venters, LeRay Simoneau ' Lfeo Hamel, B. J, Pfenmnger, Larry Thornburg, Thaete obh Hultn J ° mSS Wek L ' B ° b Veach ' Harold Sing ' eton, Ervin Birzer, Lorry Dougherty, Don Boese, David eJhJ. r H ' ! - 5 P° nsor ; 1-arry lundgrrn, Dennis McKee, Lowell Tosset, Marvin Jeffers, Gerald Riley Lorrv Lanadon Clav- Dr C Richard Cain soonsor ’ Kernel L°u pSOn, | Larry Harvey ' Sheldon Womochll. Front row ; James Dovis, James Zamrzla, Bob Moore, Tom Kanard Dr. C. Richard Cam, sponsor; Kenneth Hoas, jerry Hagman, Chuck Chapman. Bob Holeman, Joe Dooley, Charles Karr, Gerald Ptaschek. 70 Student National Education Association Student National Education Association is an as- sociation specifically organized for future teachers with the purpose of offering professional and edu- cational experiences for its student members in the teaching field. SNEA meetings are concerned with various proj- ects- — Including speakers, panels, conventions and socials, all basically furthering knowledge of the teaching profession. This is one of the largest organizations on cam- pus and Is nationally affiliated. Officers, back row, left to right: B. W. Broach, sponsor; Jim Johnson, vice president; Ronnie Cook, historian. Front row: Gwen Jefferies, treasurer; Doris Di I linger, secretory; Pot Stehno, president; Joan Spicer, publicity chairman. Back raw, left to right: Korea Instead, Sharon Wickizer, Colleen Cluster, Mildred Person. Reva Rodeman, Julie Rnsae, Lmdo Esplund, Mary Dreiling, Linda Rosek, Rowena Snyder. Second row: Monta-Glea Trebikock, Arlene Thornburg, Cora lee Thornburg, Teri Class,, Marita Tuttle, Sondra Woodson, Deanna Link, Wanda Pounds Karen P.ckmpough Mary Lee Ryan, Margaret Staple- ton Front row: Delores Baalmon, Patricia DeLair, Clarene Reed, Ronnie Cook, Karen Conard, Judie Brown Laura Thompson, Gay Poustian, Sandro Butler, Sharon Truan, lone Bucheister. Back row, ' eft ta Jim Johnson, James Mafcolm, Do ' Dillinaer Nancy Goddard, Pat Heaton, Jeanette Zechmeister, Myrna Fiss, lores Oborny Carol u lltda stites ElizabeTh K mi Hannah Clarke, Joyce Roberts, Marilyn Gottschalk, Barbara Kendall. Caro- Carolyn Mother •»£. | ; y Dean Karen Keller Ruth Fritsche, Gwen Jefferies. Front raw: Jane. Singleton, Mary Ann Lof stead " 1 Pat Stehno, Potty Brown, Shirley Moses, Marilyn Rogers, Leonn Weinhold, Elaine Getty, Vicki Rogers, Sue White, Elaine Roberts, Joan Seybold, Joan Spicer, Kay Ann Feiden. 71 K-Club K-Club officers discuss plans for their annual picnic which is held each spring for new members. ard$ m [fgate is p esi 1 )thers offices ;e president; E 1 and Jon Day, ill „ J| t K-Club, compos State lettermen in to promote student help of the KrN ats, cheerleaders concessioorstands games t« ships a Gross Lyle K-Clu Lar$on ;l v secret Fc rt Hays port, aims vith the L ergttes and :ate the ome Back row; Jim Haoten, Clark Engle, Terry Masferson, John Sears, Cecil Soeken, Larry Nelson, John Rose, Bill Townsend, Larry Davidson, Dean Raedd, Diedrick Brinkman, Front row: Bob George, Dan Rose, Gory Danner, Ron Walker, Jim Belfch, Marvin Schultz, Bill Price- Back row: Ron Gardner, Lyle Wingate, Stan Hogsett, Paul Palmer, Norman Utz, Larry Daugherty, Dean Larson, Delbert Erickson ' Gary Sneed Mannenng, Cade Suran, sponsor. Front row E Dale Walker, Elbert Cobbs, Ron Soeken, Jon Day, Bill Wilson, Kent Bauer. 12 Fort Hays Singers One of the best-known vocal groups is the Singers, heard innumer- able times and at all sorts of occa- sions. The 16 -member group, direct- ed by Eugene Schweitzer, makes an annual tour with the Brass Choir, sings for Civic organizations, and adds sparkle to events on campus throughout the year. A special event this year was participation in " Amahl and the Night Visitors ' with a New York cast. Selection for membership is a cov- eted honor for music students. Reading up, left row: Eugene Schweitzer, director; Millard Harrell, Jon Shively. Second row: Marilyn Walden, Jean Anderson, Barbara Wilson, David Ketch urn. Third row; Margaret Willson, Sherri Holiday, Beth Fellers, Francis Wilson. Fourth row: Ann Estes, Connie Cramer, George Titus, Alvin Gracey. Right row: Dennis Urban, Ernest Miller, Marvin Cochran. Concert Choir Largest of the vocal groups, the Concert Choir might be called the musical voice of the campus. From early tall until commencement night, the Choir represents the College in song, A two-day tour and a formal concert in December followed closely after the first major public appearance of the group In connection with " Amahl and the Night Visitors, " Anything Goes, " which was scheduled to be pre- sented in the spring, was cancelled at a late date and the choir did not have a major spring concert. Brass Choir Left to rights Paul Massey, John Huber, Gary Blauer, Denny Faulk, Anita Lang, Joyce Eisenhour. Big things are often in small packages and the Brass Choir is no exception. Take half a dozen horns (and students) and director Leland Bartholomew, well season ed w Ith countless hours of faithful practice. The result is an instrumen- tal unit that holds a specific spot in the music program at Fort Hays State. The Choir is in demand, espe- cially at Christmas, for appearances at Church programs, and, like other music groups, makes a tour to high schools and gives a formal con- cert on campus. College-Community Orchestra Musicians in and around Hays join with college personnel to compose the College-Community Or- chestra. From this organization a symphony orchestra was selected to provide the accompaniment for " Amahl and the Nigbi Visitors, ' A mid-winter com cert and assistance with other productions con+ribut ed to the cultural program for the year. 11 iHM sf 1 8 ta-v 74 Clarinet Choir One of the distinc- tive music organiza- tions at Fort Hays State Is the Clarinet Choir, directed by Harold Palmer, who has been promoter of instrumental choirs for many years, particu- larly through his High Plains Music Camp each summer. The balanced choir has !6 members who play all types of clar- inets. The group makes an annual tour and most of the mem- bers also play with the band. Bock row, left to right; Mary- Bowen, Mary Staffer Mary Setae ler, Jerry Peterson, John Francisco, Jon ice Ho er, Gary Wiley. Front row: Bill Nelson, Keren King, Robyn Urban, Ethel Clow, John Clark, Birkley Barnes, Fort Hays State College Band Limitations on practice area forced curtailment of band activity this year. The membership was re- stricted and the " Marching 100 " of former years was inactive. However, there was a band at each football game and a pep band during basketball season. The traditional band concert in April was a climax for the year s activity. 75 VOCAL ENSEMBLES OFFER VARIETY Brand new this year are the Women ' s Glee Club and the Imprompfwos The Glee Club is composed mainly of non-music ma- jors, while the Impromptwos are the com- bined Men ' s Quartet and Women ' s Sextet Some of the public appearances of the glee club were at the Faculty Christmas Party, a spring concert with the Men ' s Quar- tet and Women ' s Sextet r with the Im- promptwos, a program for radio station KSAL of Salina Left row, front to back:. Priscilla Taylor, Sue Pfortmiller, Lou Jean Brown. Right row; Pattj Perdval, Myrna Steinshouer, Julie Riisoe. Sextet is Organized This Year The Impromptwos, a popular musical group on campus, provided short entertain- ment at both the Homecoming dance and the Reveille Ball. They have appeared nu- merous times at Schilling Air Force Base of Salina Their style sets the group apart from other music organizations on campus in that they provide popular show music. The Women ' s Sextet composed of six members in three-part harmony is available for public and campus appearances. An- other busy music organization is Men ' s Quar- tet, now singing together for their third year and in great demand for off-campus entertainment. Non-Music Majors Sing In Glee Club Back row, left to right: Mary Lou Jorns, Marilyn Rogers, Myrna Steinshouer, Riisoe, Lou Jean Brown, Raylene Price, Barbara Sewell. Third row: Sh era Margheim, Kay Richardson, Carolyn Mountford, Nelmarie Sid low, Sue White, Sara Stover, Morcefyn Stephenson. Second row: Donna McCants, Sharon Poflnow, Sue Pfortmiller, Donna Stephens Mona Forney, Sharon Truan, Sharon Metcalf, Ellen Duff. Front row; Ann Mitchell, Chloe Rockwell, Judy Peavey, Judy ' Green- way, Sharon Kiel, Eileen Baker, Sue Torrey, Patti Percfval. 76 Members are: Don Crosby, Jon Shively, Francis Wilson, Patti Percivol, Priscilla Taylor, Myrna Steinshouer, Lou Jean Brown, Sue Pfortmiller, Julie Riisoe, Marvin Cochran, Shirley Poage, accompanist; Mary Maude Moore, director. Impromtwos Are New Combination Men ' s Quartet Sing Together For Third Year Left to right: Jon Shively, Francis Wilson, Don Crosby, Marvin Cochran, Paul Hartley, director. PHI MU ALPHA Officers President — Francis R + Wilson Warden— -Dennis Reed Secretary — Gary Wiley Treasurer— William Nelson Historian — Paul Massey Pledge Master — John Huber Pledges Back row, left to right- Neil Befden, Ernest Miller, Roqer May, Alvin Grocey, Jim Krentzel, John Ruff, Ed Shindler. Second row: John Clark, Don Crosby, George Titus, Gary Saddler, Gary Lang- fey, Bob Mapef. Front Rowi Gary Nagef, Dennis Homey, Jerry Peterson, Norman Thomas, Kenny Faulk, Jim Lundin, Men majoring in music belong to Phi Mu Alpha, a pro- fessional music fraternity. Activities include ushering at Artist and Lecture Series, giving receptions for artists following concerts and recitals, and assisting in musical productions on campus. This year the group co-sponsored a bus to Manhattan to attend the presentation of Mozart ' s Opera, " Don Giovanni. " Phi Mu ' s sponsor is Harold Palmer. Actives Back row, left to right; Edwin Moyers, Millard Harrell, William Nelson, Paul Massey, Robert Marquelina, Gary Blauer. Third raw: Jon Shivefy, Francis Wilson, John Huber, Marvin Cochran, Dennis Reed, Third row; Island Bartholomew, Monte Seibel, Gary Wiley, Roy Parker. Front row: Dr, Lloyd Herren, Eugene Schweitzer, John Francisco, Philip Phillips. 7B SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Women music majors are eligible for Sigma Alpha lota. Its aims are to uphold and further in- terest in music. Members took part in a program at the Rehabilitation Center of Hadley Memorial Hospital and sponsored receptions following several concerts and recitals. Several members attended Theta Province Day at Kansas City. In connection with the Kansas Music Teachers Association, Phi Mu Alpha and Sigma Alpha lota members were present at an opera recital given by Don Giovanni at Manhattan. The two organiza- tions frequently combine talents for recitals and programs. Sigma Alpha ' s sponsor is Lucille Felten. Left to right: Joyce Eisenhour, president; Beth Fellers, vice president; Ann Estes, recording secretory; Arlene Gilbert, corresponding secretary; Shirley Poage, treasurer. Pledges Back row, left to right: Margie Colburn, Lynn Drake, Min nie Stanley. Second row: Yvonne Misegodis,, Gloria Bar- tholomew, Barkley Barnes, Carolyn Gibbs. Front row: Revo Rodeman, Elizabeth Kimmi, Jeanine Taylor, Ramona Resohke, Mickey Fisher. Actives Back row, left to right: Miory Shaffer, Ailene Thornburg, Karen King, Sara Hanson, Christine Wickizer, Mary Schue- ler, Martha Chaffee, Patsy Scheck, Sharon Wickizer, Delores Voss, Doro- thy Voss. Second row; Jeanne Watts, Vero Renick, Arlene Gilbert, Joyce El- se n hour, Anita Lang, Margaret Willson, Ann Estes, Shirley Poage, Janet Dewald, Barbara Hunter, Beth Fellers. Front row: Minnie Stanley, Carolyn Gibbs, Ramona Reschke, Reva Rodeman, Elizabeth Kim mi, Birkley Barnes, Jeanine Taylor, Gloria Bartholomew, Mickey Fisher, Margie Colburn, Yvonne Misegadis, Lynn Drake. 79 Back row, left to right; James Leach, Dentil McNea I, Herbert Hagman, Norman McIntosh, Stephen Ostrom, Robert Fellow, Robert Miller, Gregg Trask, John Thomas, Arnold Lewis. Front row: Angela McNea l H Iris Mc- Intosh, Marry Hagman, Eva Red in, Mary Ann Lofstead, Pat McGuyre, Barbara Mattingly. Canterbury Club Episcopal students belong to Canterbury club. Some of the activities include Bible study, guest speakers, " slop- py joe ' 1 suppers for money making projects. The group awards a scholarship to a stu- dent who is deserving and needs financial help. The purpose of Canterbury Club is to promote fellowship and growth among those who are interested in this denomi- nation. The organization is spon- sored by Father Trask. Meet- ings are held on Wednesday evenings. Campus Christian Council Back row, left to right: Bob Maple, Robert Miller, Cecil Soeken, Bob Beck, Larry Ehrlich, Larry Higerd. Front row: Jacqualme Woodson, Birldey Barnes, Linda Bamberger, Nancy Goddard, Carolyn Mothershead, Daphne Hynes, Carolyn Dennis, Agnes Boyd. The Christian Coun- cil ' s objective is to en- courage cooperation be- tween the individual churches. The group en- courages the Fort Hays State facu lty and stu- dents in religious partic- ipation and association. This year, being the C o u h c i I ' s rebuilding year, they planned a Re- ligious Emphasis Week, an intertaith picnic, sev- eral speakers and a di- rectory of churches and religious organizations. Dr, Ward Sims is the sponsor o f Christian Council. SO Officers left to right: Carol Qeike, secretary; Cecil Soeken, president; Rev Victor Polley, sponsor; Carol Slankard, treas- urer; Dennis Schulze, vice president; Agnes Boyd, reporter. Gamma Delta Gamma Delta is the international religious organi- zation of Messiah Lutheran college students. The chap- ter at Fort Hays State is called Alpha Psi. The purpose of this group is to encourage and maintain fellowship, and to keep students closely af- filiated with the church. Through fellowship and worship, the members fur- ther spiritual growth and render service to God and Church. The meetings are he ( d every Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. at the Messiah Lutheran Church. The group has a speaker and a chapel service each meet- ing. Gamma Delta ' s sponsor is Dr. John Garwood. , U tnrrv Hpffel John Hoover, James Miesner, Cecil Soeken, Jim Bomemann, Donald Mai iclc row, left to right: Harvey Niermeier Lynr Hq erma , V f PoN spons ar. Second row: R, C. Funk, Merle Soeken, Richard Bcld- ayton Goehring, Emanuel Dumler, Ronald Soeken Dermis - p Qid Marlene Thaete. Orville hern, Robert Krug. George, Darrel n. Carol Slankard, Janice SchmoeUk Joy GutWjoff Do ' Jq FoifboEr(% Shirley Stark, Rhada Hobbie, Agnes Boyd, Carol it 81 Newman Club Catholic students on campus “get better ac- quainted 1 ' 1 through the Newman Club, sponsored by Fr. Camillas, Ed McNeil, and Andrew Rema- tore. Membership Is open to all Catholics attend- ing Fort Hays, and interested non-Catholics are invited to participate at any meetings or socials. The social highlight of the year Is the spring formal at which “Mr, and Miss Newmanite " are crowned. This year a large group also attended a Newmanite Convention held at Emporia in No- vember, Back row, left to right: Gory Kenyon, Melvin Leg le iter, Richard Henderson, Darrell Brungardt, Terry Esfetd, Kenneth Conklin, Larry Glen- nemeier, Michael Chitty, Larry Smith, Gerald Before Terry Schmidt, Marvin Martin, Warren Schmidt, Thomas Steeklein, Larry Herl, Charles Beiort. Second row: Jim Stegman, James Rusco, Delbert Lessor, Larry Leitner, David Gagnon, Dennis Leiker, John Peter, Wilmer Waldman, Neif Folks, Mercian Roth, Front row: Pat Stehno, Marilyn Gottschalk, Joyce Haselhorst, Dolores Oborny, Margie Schugart, Virginia Owens! Back row: Larry Kershner, William Debes, Keith Hammeke, Leland Bieker, Gerald Huston, Wayne Giebier, Ken Gottschalk, Terry Walters Tom Leiker, Kenneth Hertel, Edmund Oborny, Rodney Rupp, Clarence Rippe, Merlin Ney, Gary Goscho, Alfred Arnhold. Second row! Mary Pfonnenstiel, Victoria Zeller, Rita Zimmer, Janice Keiler, Jenny Roth, Virginia Engel, Mary Jo Huston, Loretta Niles, Beth Siefers Jeanne Brinker, Morlene Smith, Agnes Gassmann, Dorothy Ketzner, Front row: Alma Schenk, Eileen Baker, Pat Pfonnenstiel, Pat Klein Ah bftftn fwfnrt .rk row left to right: Paul Younger, Glenn Befort, Pot Dale, Kenneth Haas, Ralph Dinkel, Steve Babl, Gerald Solko, Darrel! Ruder, e Schon Kirby Linsner, Don Dinkel, Larry Koett, Verlyn Leiker, Leonard Tasset, Phil Zerr, Kenneth Pryon. Second ra w E Frances offner Martha Stilts, Margaret Warner, Donna McCants, Karen Birzer, Berneice Conant, Mary Ellen Gross Judy Uberr Agnes chmkft, Nancy Leiker, Alberta Klaus, Mary Wagner. Front row: Joan Thielen, Judy Grimm, Sharon Goetz, Jenlyn Truan, Norma lemechek, Barbara Sweat, Karen Hermon, Many Catholic Students Active in Newman Club Officers are, standing: Ervin Biner, Tony Axman. Seated are: Marge Rohr, Pat Younger, Father Camillus, sponsor. tck raw, left ,c right: Clayton Meyers, Ken Felts John Joenemann, Jalaricn Weiser t I flutv _ Fove Buffinaton, f 63 Christian Youth Fellowship Members of the Christian Church are members of the Christian Youth Fellowship and have the goals of fellowship and understanding- They seek to en- rich the social, mental, and spirit- ual lives of students connected with the organization. Activities include parties, car- oling, and fund raising programs for the Christian Church building fund. The group is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs, Harry Skates, Meetings are held each Sunday evening at 5:00 at the church. Bock row, left to right: Marjorie Robertson, Barbara Thackston, lorry Hall, Allen Guenzer, Horry Scates, Dennis Peters, Clinton Pearce, Rev. Dewey Thatkston, Cynthia Hopkins, Charon Lower. Front row; Elaine Scates, Jacqualine Woodson, Wonda Sears, Doris Di I linger, Mildred Smith, Joanne Griff itts, Mary Cutright, Birkley Barnes, Jean Wilson, Charlotte Lower. Kappa Phi The goal of the Methodist Women ' s organization, Kappa Phi, is to make every Methodist woman in the college world to- day a leader in the church of tomorrow, A Rose Tea is held for the new pledges each fall. Other social events Include a traditional Christmas party and a parents ' banguet in the spring. Like other religious organiza- tions, Kappa Phi strives to main- tain a religious influence for col- lege women. The group meets every second and fourth Thurs- day of each month with their sponsor, Mrs, M. V. Walker, Back row, left to right; Coline Duer, Betty Lou Hutson, Carol Allen, Orvina Kitchen, Beverly Winder Coral Kyner Mildred Peterson, Alita Wells, Mrs. Norman Simmons, sponsor. Front row: Judith Nusse, Carole Glasscock, Barbara Boyd, Joyce Blystone, Dolores Woodard, Carole Hughes tiJ7ahe1 n KPtArfnn 5 ' 84 Wesley Foundation Faculty members and students with Meth- odist preference constitute the membership for Wesley Foundation. They hold weekly Sunday evening meetings at the Methodist Student Center. Evening meals are followed by a forum discussion by members. The aims of the Wesley Foundation are to promote the personal religious life of its mem- bers. Other purposes of the group are to de- velop Christian fellowship, leadership and to help build a Christian world fellowship. Reverend Norman Simmons sponsors the or- ganization. Ken Griffin gives instructions to several members of Wesley Foundation os they prepare to leave on a good-will lour to Western Kansas, Several members of the cost of " Death of a Salesman ' discuss last minute changes to be made in the production. j 1 jM fli k . % ■ 1 f r VP . - i ' Study groups, one of the new programs offered at Wesley, enables the student to present his views on various subjects. Students take port in preparing and serving meals each Sunday preceding the Sunday evening forum. Standing, left to right; H. E. Kane, faculty advisor; Larry Ehrlich, president; John G. Ruff, Lorry Dietz. Sitting: Joan Spicer, treasurer; Judy Brown, secretary; Mary Ann Herber, Karen Galllart, vice president. LSA Lutheran Student Association serves the students of the National Lutheran Council on the campus. The organization met on Wednes- day evenings in the Memorial Union except during Lent when the mem- bers attended services at Trinity Lutheran Church every Wednesday evening. This year ' s topics and discussions have varied from politics to travel- ogs, Speakers gave short talks on their trips to other countries and faculty members discussed politics and other interesting topics. Also included were Bible study and dis- cussions on other phases of religion, A dinner was given at the begin- ning of the school year to introduce new members and get acquainted. A regional conference in Lincoln, Nebraska, was attended in the spring. During the summer, this year’s national LSA convention, the Ashram, will be held at Lake Geneva, Wjs. Some members will attend this spiritual retreat. Students of Baptist faith join the Roger Williams Fellowship which is affiliated with the Baptist Student Movement through the Kansas and Amer- ican c o n v e n tions. Some of the members have attended the an- nual conference In Green Lake, Wis., as well as state confer- ences. Meetings are held Sunday evenings at 5:30. Dr, Geneva Herndon sponsors the organization. The purpose of Roger Williams Fel- lowship Is to achieve Christian fellowship and Christian Witness on campus. Roger Williams Fellowship Back row, Mt to right; Daphne Hynes, Jeanette Zedirneister, Martha Pittman, John Jester, Courtney Burroughs Elim Lawson pastor; Warren Wickham, Gary Saddler, treasurer; Larry Htgerd, Mary Margaret Brumift, Loretta Higerd Jeanne Caldwell Front row; Geneva Herndon, sponsor; Emma Lou Br umjtt, Elaine Howard, Mada Cronin, Marilyn r Moier, Nancy Goddard, Marilyn Hatton, Gail Murray, president; Nadine Larrick, Myrna Fiss, Carole Becker. 86 United Students Christian Fellowship This fellowship of Presbyterian students offers its members a pro- gram to benefit them in their wor- ship and fellowship. It also gives them an opportunity to discuss re- ligion in a community. The group meets each Sunday night at Westminster Hall for lunch and worship, A major goal is growth in personal, religious and academic aspects of contemporary student life. Membership includes student members of the four cooperating churches sponsoring the organiza- tion: United Presbyterian Church, Congregational Christian Church, The Evangelical United Brethren Church, and the Evangelical and Re- formed Church, Sponsors are Rev. Sam Maier and Dr. Dale Dick. Back row, left to right; Carol Wonderlich, Patric ia Nei an, Sam Maier, Curtis Carley, node rotor; Sara Hanson, vice president (not pictured); Dr. Dale Dick, sponsor; Dennis Brown, Ruth Fritsche, Carolyn Mothershead, Joe Cullen, publicity. Front row; Beverly Taylor, Judy Mowery, June Won- derlich, worship chairman; Dottie Gibbons, Judy Clark, Betty Alcorn. Back row, left to right: Money Goddard, Marilyn Mo ler, Linda Bomb 8 rg e r Patty Mi seor ary Marilyn Patton, Roth Fritsche, vice president; Sharon Caldwell, undo Esplond Don . . 0 ll.nger president Front row: Miss Gallion, sponsor; Miss Veed, sponsor; Jody Mowery, treasurer, June Wonderlich, Carol Wonderlich, Carolyn Mothersheod, Glenda Stites, Miss Gorner, sponsor. Y.W.C.A. The organization this year supported a Korean orphan by sending ten dollars each month for his care. This money was ob- tained from the association through self-denial boxes. The orphan was given special recog- nition at Christmas. All women of any denomina- tion Interested in fellowship in Christian living may join Y.W.C.A. The club has as its objectives the developing of re- ligious experiences and seeking knowledge of God. Miss Naomi Garner sponsors Y.W.C.A. which is affiliated with the World Student Council of Y.W.C.A. and World Student Christian Federation. 87 Officers ore: seated, Karen Getty, senior advisor; Patti Thiele, historian; Gloria Green- wood, treasurer; Betty June 5th roll, secretory. Standing: Sandro Holmes, president; Marcene Smith, vice president. Alpha Lambda Delta Membership In Alpha Lambda Delta, a na- tional honorary society for freshman women, is the greatest honor a freshman coed can re- ceive. Organized two years ago this spring, the society encourages and honors high scho- lastic achievement among freshman women A formal banquet is held in the spring In honor of the initiates and the graduating seniors who have maintained their Alpha Lambda Delta average throughout their four years. The or- ganization sponsored a project to collect over- due books for Forsyth Library with ' ’no fines attached " which was a complete success with over 100 books returned. Alpha Lambda Delta candidates must have a grade average of 2.5 or better for first se- mester or first two semesters Sandra Holmes is president of Alpha Lambda Delta Other officers are: Betty June Schroll, secretary; Gloria Greenwood, treasurer; and Patti Thiele, historian. Dean Jean Stouffer is sponsor Back row, left to right; Cinda Wilson, Nadine La nick, Barbara Thomas, Charlotte Brownlee, Gloria Bartholomew, Shoron Haryna, Kathy Propp, Jean DeBoer, Margaret Bieber, Karen Bebb, Betty Alcorn, Karen Keller, Betty Hutson. Front row, left to right: Sue Martin, Carole Hughes, Robyn Urban, Carol Hyer, Marjorie Querbach, Judy Ubert, Alberta Klaus, Kothie Luder. Back row, left to right; Sandra Holmes, Marcene Smith, June Wonderlich, Dolores Williams, Anne Medcraft, Betty June Schroll. Yvonne Misegadrs Rase Marie Petracek Marce n Stephenson, Judi Forsyth, Birkley A. Barnes. Front row, left to right: Patti Thiele, Beverly SchmalzHed, Connie Moody Morylin Richard, Karen Getty, Gloria Greenwood, Goylene Howord, Gloria Quiring, Sharon Seery. 88 Lambda lota Tau Lambda lota Tau, national honorary language and literature organization, encourages the recognition of scholarship achievement in the area of literature. The organization Is not limited in size, but only those students with at least a 2. grade average in 6 hours of literature are eligible for membership. For initiation, each new member must read a com- position that he has written about some phase of literature. The group meets regularly to discuss re- cent novels, and in the spring publishes a collection of literary studies containing student written critical or research essays in literature. Dr. Sam Sackett is moderator of the group. Officers President — Carolyn Crofts Vice President — Richard Meyer Sec re ta ry — Aq n es N ew br e y Treasurer — Jan Ball Left to right: Joyce Roberts, CaroEyn Crofts, Jan toll, Robert Smith, Brent Collins, Jerry Allison, Dr. Som Sackett, moderator, and Ernest Kisner, Kappa Omicron Phi Membership in Kappa Omicron Phi, professional home economics fraternity, is a goal of students interested in home economics. To be qualified, coeds must have completed 12 hours of home economics with a 2. grade average in the courses and a I. average in other courses, , Social activities of the organization include a formal tea held each September for students interested In home economics and an annual Mother-Daughter ban- quet commemorating Founders Day. Clarene Reed Is president of Kappa Omicron Phi. Others officers include Karen Selfridge, vice president; Edith Smith, secretary: and Joanne Snffitts, treasurer. M iss Alice Beesley is the sponsor. Bock row, L to r.s Hannoh Darke, Beverly Lower, LaVeia Marshall Nelmorie Sidlow, Miller, Maxine Hoffman, Beverly Schmalzried. Front row, 1. to r.: Alice Beesley, Linda Karen Selfridge, Clarene Reed, Joanne Griff itts, Marie Eichelberger. Ann Brazda, Bonnie Stoskopf, Edith Smith, Back row, I. to r.: Rose Marie Getty, Shirley Purvis, Margaret Hunter. Third row: Delores Kaufman, Margie Schu- gart. Second row: Judy Brown, Mari- lyn GottschaJk. Front row: Esther Thornburg, Karen Bauer. Kappa Mu Epsilon Kappa Mu Epsilon is a na- tional honorary mathematics fraternity recognizing out- standing achievement and encouraging the interest of mathematics on campus. To be eligible for member- ship a student must have com- pleted 1 3 hours of mathe- matics and maintained a 2, grade average. Officers are, left to right: Robert Meier, Jim Rice, Margaret Flynt, Kathy Young, Eugene Etter. Sack row; Ron Nelson, Gary Sneed, Carrold Ralstin, Kay Dundas, Jerry Lymon, Don DeLair, Robert Meier, Jock Stout, Front row: Eugene Etter, Larry Becker, Kathy Young, Margaret Flynt, Tommy Hamel, Jimmy Rice, 90 Bock row, left to right, Richard Burnett, sponsor; Jock Stout, Leon Wilber, John Fyfe, Harvey Niermeier Lorry Glennemeier, Robert Mulch, Lorry Ehrlich Paul Schlegel, Stephen Staub, Glenn Befort, Leroy Gnad. Front row; Ronald Sandstrom, Gene Barrett, Larry FJelfel, Delbert Lessor, Robert Meier, Don Krug, Brent Collins. Phi Eta Freshman men with high scholastic achievement are qualified for membership in Phi Eta Sigma, honor- ary scholastic fraternity for freshman men. To be eligible, a student must earn a 2.5 grade average for the first semester or first two semesters. Faculty Sigma members are also chosen as members of the organiza- tion according to superior achievement in their pro- fession. A formal banquet and initiation ceremony is held each semester. Bock row, left to right: Robert Lynn, Wilmer Kiser, Kim McCoy Kenneth Eye Melvin Copps, row: Ronald Sandstrom, Wayne Green, Clinton Pearce, Robert Dreilmg, Gerald Yeager. Robert Timken. Front 91 Phi Delta Kappa Phi Delta Kappa, now in its third year on campus, Is a national professional fraternity for male educators. It is dedicated to furthering educational research and developing leadership. Chapters are located In univer- sities and colleges which offer degrees In education Members are chosen according to professional achievement and potentiality in the field. The frater- nity is composed primarily of graduate students and administrators, although seniors with a B average or better,, may be elected to membership. Dr. Charles C. Clark, associate professor of educa- tion, has been president of the Hays chapter this year Special services rendered by members of the local chapter include wort with high school administrators at conferences both on and off-campus, drive-in con- ferences, career days and similar contact and assistance work with schools of Western Kansas Dr r Charles C. Cfark Teachers and administrators come from surrounding towns for periodic meetings of Phi Detta Kappa. 92 Linda Anderson Jon Dellett Kay Ann Faiden Marcia Bannister Eugene Barrett Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi, national honor society, represents the cream of the crop scholastically at Fort Hays State. This organization is the top honorary scholastic so- ciety at Fort Hays and is com- parable to Phi Beta Kappa. Electees must be in the upper 1 2% P er cen the graduating class and not more than 10% of Robert Gibler Ken Griffin Kenneth Boomhower Hannah Clark Initiates 32 the class can be chosen. Grad- uate students, alumni and faculty members are also selected on the basis of outstanding achieve- ment. This year the group initiated a program designed to encourage students to enroll in graduate programs and to take other courses In advanced study. Thomas Hamel Dr Calvin Harbin Janice Fletcher Larry Heffel Janice Hrabik Audrey Karls Elaine Howard Lilburn Horton William Kasper Samuel Lesseig Delbert Lessor William McAdoo Warren Norton Mary Rote Joyce Roberts Patsy Scheek Norman Ut Barbara Wilson Carol Wonderlich Sandra Woodson Margaret Stapleton Dr. Roberta C. Stout 93 hT,r Til |;I |i u i i. ft fi» i " V Pi Kappa Delta Special recognition goes to Pi Kappa Delta, fo rensic fraternity, as the oldest honorary organiza- tion on campus. The Hays Chap- ter was chartered 1 924 with James R. Start as advisor — a position he still holds. Participants in speech activi- ties Including oratory, intercol- legiate debate, extemporaneous speaking, and other public speak- ing are eligible for election to PI Kappa Delta. The organization places special emphasis on de- bate. New members are initiated each spring. Warren Norton is president of Pi Kappa Delta, assisted by Steve Staub, vice president. Seated, left to right.- Marietta Anderson, Janey Weinhold, Marilyn Snell, John Sullivan, Don McGovern. Standing: Jim Costigan, assistant debate coach; Stephen Staub, Warren Norton. Alpha Psi Omega Members of Alpha Psi Omega, national dramatics honorary fraternity, are chosen by their outstanding achievements in dramatics. To earn points for mem- bership in the organization, students participate in plays which are given on the campus and help on the stage crew. Helping with the publicity, make-up and stage properties for all campus dramatic productions Is one of the main duties of the club. Glenda Morris Is president of Alpha Psi Omega. Assisting her are Judy Braswell, vice president; and Gay Faustian, secretary. Dr Geneva Herndon Is the sponsor. Members ore, left to right: Dr. Geneva Herndon, sponsor; Clarqnn Weis, Lori Sacha, Glenda Morris, Ruth Ann Baker. 94 Seventh Cavalry General George Custer ' s well-known regiment is honored on campus via Sev- enth Cavalry, men ' s leadership frater- nity. Male students who have attained the required scholastic standards and have demonstrated leadership capabili- ties may join. This service club aims to encourage leadership and assists in stu- dent projects which have " the good of the college " in mind. Activities of Seventh Cavalry on cam- pus are indispensable to the college. The group publishes the student directories, ushers at Artist and Lecture Series and " peddles " popcorn at the Varsity games to raise money for scholarships. Reminiscent of General Custer ' s famous riding troops, is this contingent of the Seventh Cavalry, who traditionally lead the homecoming parade. Officers President— Jon Deilett Vice President — Robert Beck Secretary — Robert Koch Treasurer — Meryl Grosshans Robert Beck Ervin Biraer Jim Bodge Brent Collins Jon Dellett Larry Ehrlich Ken Griffin Meryl Grosshans John Huber Larry Kahle Robert Koch Richard McAfee Robert Mulch Warren Norton Paul SchUgel Tom Scott Jack Stout Norman U+r Francis Wilson 95 Linda Anderson Carolyn Dennis Janice Fletcher William McAdoo Elaine Roberts Norman Ut Jon Dellett Ronnie Coos Eugene 6arrett Joseph Chism Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities Scholarship, potential leadership, citi- zenship, and promise for future usefulness are the qualities a senior must have to be selected to appear In the 3 960-1961 Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities, Thirty-one Fort Hays Staters having a grade point of 2.0 or higher were chosen to fill the quota for FHS this year. Thomas Hamel William Kasper Samuel Lesseig Richard Moyer Joyce Roberts William Nelson Patricia Schecln Warren Norton Mary Pafe Eunice Rinkel Monte Seibel Margaret Stapleton Robert Twenter 96 Women ' s Leadership Organization It ' s been said a woman ' s place is in the home, but Fort Hays State women have also demon- strated outstanding abilities on campus. Women ' s Leadership Organization consists of those coeds who have a 2. grade average and who partici- pate in extracurricular activities. The group annually decorates the Christmas tree in the library, passes out programs at Artists and Lecture Series, and has organized a tutoring service for those students needing scholastic as- sistance as well as those needing financial as- sistance. Margaret Stapleton is president of WLO, Joan Spicer, vice president; Kay Ann Feiden, treasurer; and Dr. Verna Parish is the sponsor. Back row, left to right: Kay Ann Feiden, Dr, Parish, Margaret Stapleton. Front row; Joan Spicer, Marilyn McGuire and Karen Getty. Joyce Eisenhower Kay Feiden Beth Feller? Karen Getty Mary Lou Horning Marilyn McGuire Joyce Roberts Karen Seery First recipients of the newly-established Pan- hellenic scholarships were Marilyn McClel- lan and Sharon Peters, Student Honors Representative of dozens of individual recog- nitions earned by students each year, the Rev- eille presents only a few, chosen to show the diversify of opportunities for personal achieve- ment. An outstanding student is chosen each week, Junior Rotarians are selected monthly . . „ twenty four students made straight A grades the first semester . . . the list could be long . a salute to excellence First place in the Kansas Associated Press radio nevys coverage contest for December went to Bill Ohlemeier. Phi Alpha Theta A local chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, national honorary society, was established at Fori Hays State this year. Eta Psi, the newly-formed chapter, encour- ages the study ot history and offers fellowships to students. Membership is limited to Individuals who have a B average in history courses and a B average in two-thirds of their other courses Officers are , standing: Robert Twenter; v. pres.; Larry Kahle, sec. 4 re as.; Layton Kaiser, historian. Sitting: Ramon Powers, pres.; Dr. Gordon Davidson, sponsor. Epsilon Pi Tau Epsilon Pi Tau, honorary industrial arts frater- nity, gives recognition to those industrial arts students who have reached the top 25 per cent of their class in all subject fields. The Fort Hays State chapter, Beta Theta, was established in April, 1958. Admission Is by invitation only, and membership Is not limited to only those students on campus. Raising money for scholarships which are given to industrial arts students is one of the major activities of Epsilon Pi Tau. The officers of this group are: Tom Keenan, president: Ervin Biner, vice president; Don Hrabik, secretary. Left to right; Dennis McKee, Tom Keenan, Rex Nelson, Ralph Huffman, Ervin Birzer, Harry Bledsoe, Dan Johnson. Don Hrabik, Dr. Richard Cain, Hal Morris, Sheldon Womochil. 99 Go You Hoys Tigers Organization of Handled by Seven coeds, with new uniforms end new cheers, identified the 1 960-6 1 cheerleaders as their yells echoed throughout Lewis Field sta- dium and the Coliseum during campus sport events. Their cheering was not limited to these areas, however, for endless hours of practicing were required several times a week. Elected by popular vote of the student body, Student Cheering Seven Coeds the number of cheerleaders was increased this year from five to seven Leading the yells for her second consecutive year, Donna -Stevens served in the role of head cheerleader. Other cheerleaders were Patty Thiele, Carolyn Cook, Luetta Wilken, Sharon Seery, Marjorie Rohr and Luanne Engel. 100 Vox Populi Fort Hays students created a two- party political system this tall with the establishment of Vox Populi, the Voice of the People. Fred Stoskopf is the foun- der and acting president of the party. The primary purposes of ' ’Vox 1 ' are to nominate candidates for Student Coun- cil offices and to prepare and promote programs for the good of the student body. The first political action taken by the party was to submit the proposed Student Body Constitution to the Stu- dent Council. It was adopted and pre- sented to the student body for ratifica- tion. Vox Populi is organized into a Gen- eral Assembly composed of all members of the party, and a Campus Committee composed of one representative from each voting unit within the party. Of- fices include those of president; four vice presidents representing Greek men, Greek women, Independent men, and In- dependent women; a secretary and a treasurer. Lefr to right; Gary Kraisinger, Fred Stoskopf Rudy Luft, Progressive Party Progressive party , whi ch was founded last spring just before the student body elections, has the distinction of being the first political party on the campus. A group of students, primarily from the social science departments, organized the party with the idea of bringing responsibility to the student ncil offices. The party now has about 100 members rep- resenting every department on campus. The membership is equally divided between Greeks and independents. Using the slogan, " We need a Council made up of party policies instead of personalities, the Progressive party nominates candidates for all campus elections. | l § 53k | Bock row; Larry Anderson, Larry Kahle, Steve Staub, Tom Scott. Front row: Lou Jean Brown, Warren Norton, Jan Smith 10 ! Agnew Hall Dorm parties, gab fests, a Christmas party for faculty children, special din- ners and day-by-day living situations make Agnew Hall home to 175 women Under the supervision of Mrs. Esther Biays and her assistant, Mrs Adah Churchill, the women have their own house government and plan their year ' s activities. Proceeds from the milk and coke machines supply the capital for the dormitory ' s scholarship fund. Anderson, M., Baber, B„ Baker, E., Bamber- ger, S, Bardot, J.. Barnes, Bartholomew, 0., Baynes, J,, Bean, P r , Becker, C., Bennett. E. Blrzer, K., Blair, V., Bloomer. K., Boughner, Boyd. B., Bristor, E,, Brown, C t Brown, J., Burdick, K., Burr, O., Buzzard, Y., Caldwell, S.. Combern, S,. Cameron, C. Carney, C-. Chambers. L, Clark. J„ Coch- run, J.. Colburn, M.. Cole, R.. Con ant, B. Cummins, S., Davidson, E,, Dewaid, J,. Ellis, B., Ellsaesser, B. ( Enstrom, R„ Estes. A. Fairbairn. L, Finley, J,, Fox. C., Gassmann, A., Glasscock. C., Green. K., Green, L. Greenway, J., Griffitts, J., Grimm, J., Haese- meyer, E., Harvey, £., Hayse, Heaton, B. Herber, M,, Hige-rd, L., Hofer, V., H offer, J., Holmes, S,, Hughes, C., Hunter, B. Huston, M,, Hutson, B., HuhoI, C.„ Hyer, C, Hynes, D,. Jennings, M,, Jones, 0 . Jones. K., Jordan, J,. Keeler, M., Kelley, 5., Keener, D., Kimmi, E„ Kippta, B, Kitchen. CX Kucera. L . Kyner. C., Lang, A. Larrick, N., Lebseck, S,, Logan. $♦ Lov dermflk, L., Lower. Charlotte, Lower, Charon, Luder, K.. Maher, M.. Marple, D„ Martin, S. McFadden, M., McGehee, C., Mc Guyre. P. r MclGbbm, L . Meadows, S.. Med ore ft, A., Merkel, L Merydith, C., Metcalf, S., Michel, S., Miller, G„ Miller, W„ Mohr, B., Mott, G. Moimtford, C., Meal, E., Niles, L, Northup, D., Nusso, J., Olds, P,, Peck, $ Pickinpeugh, K,. Piiel. S., Ploeger, A., Pounds, W„ Purvis, $♦. Reschke, R-, Richard, M. Richardson, J., Roberson, J,, Roberts, J., Rutherford. M., Ryan, M r , Ryser, P , Schrodc, B. Schugart, M., Schukman, V., Schumacher. M„ Scott, M„ Siefers, B., Slankard, C„ Smith. J. Smith, M., Smith, M. D., Smyth. K., Snell, M„ Spurlock, R„ Squier, L., Stapleton., M. Stewart. D., Stilts, M., Taylor, J., Thaete. M„ Thompson, J T , Torrey, S., Urban. R. Walker, C„ Welker, M„ Walt, D., Walter, Sn Warner, B., arner, M., White, S, Wilson, C„ Wilson. F., Wimmer, D., Winder, B„ Wolfing, R., Woods, V., Wright, S. 103 I K ti Custer Hall Approximately 200 women learn the problems and pleasures of group liv- ing in Custer Hall each year. For the 150 freshmen, it is a new experience, and through house organization and a social program planned by the entire group, they acquire social graces and poise. Activities Include seasonal par- ties, participation in Follies and estab- lishing a scholarship fund. Mrs. Kate Rawley is housemother, assisted by Mrs. Grace Goodman. Up- perclassmen serve as counselors. Alcorn, B., Allen, B„ Ander- son, M., Etashor, R., Beaver, E., Bebb, K., BeeWey, S.. Sel- ler, M. Bieber, M., Blysfone, J., Boese, M,, Borger, LJ Boyd, A., Brinker, J., Bn Han, E., Brown, J, Brown, L. Brown, M r , Brown, S., Brownlee, C., Browning, ■ D,, Burr, J,, Cam, C., Car- lisle, N. Caselman, J., Charvaf, M., Clow, E„ Clydesdale, C., Cramer, C., Colwell. L. Oar-, nell, L., Dean, S, DeBoer, Jean, DeBoer, Joan, Decker, j., Dernes, M„, Drake, L. , Duer, C., Engel, V,, Fisher, M. Fi-ss, M. r Forney, M., Forina$h, M,, Fraiier, J,, Frazier, M., Gibbons, D.. Gibbs, C,, Graves, A. Greenwood, G., Gmver, L., Heffner, F., Hallagin, L, HaNbick, ■ R., Ham ill, G., Hamlin, C., Hanson, E. Harkins, M„ Harrel, J., Hen- derson, S„ Herbel, B„, Her- man, K.. Horning, M., Hory- na, S,, Howard, G, Householder, N,, Hunter, 2., Imhof, P.. Jansonius, E., Jan- sonius, ., January, V,, Jones. J., Jones, M, 104 Keller, J., Keller, K r , Kings- ley, B., Klinlc, K., Kottmann, M., Krien, E., Kra!icek, M. Kraus, L, Landau, M.. Leh- man, A,, Lewis, V.. Liebenau. R , Lind berg, D„ Lind, D-, Lundgren, S, Lutterman, P.. Maddox, C., Mason, P., Massey, B., Mc- Call, P.. McCarty, L, Me- Comb, J., McComb, K. McDougai, J,. McGuire. K., Mead, F., Metcalf, P„ Mil- ler, P,, Misegadis, Y., Mitch- ell, M., Mog, D. Mohney, J., Moore, M, f Morris, N.. Morton, A,, Mull, C„ Mullen, K., Murphy, P, ( Myers, J, Neilan, P. Nemechek, N„ Nicodemus, M., North, J., Oborny, D,, O ' Loughlsn, K„ Olsen, 0., Palmgren, A, Parks, N + , Patterson, B., Pat- ton, C., Peters, S.. Peterson, E„ Petty. A., Pfannenstid, M., Pfortmilter, E. Finney, J,, Pittman, M„ Po- land, J., Potter, P. Preeo, V., Price, R-, Quiring, G,, Reyn- olds, K. Ringer, R, Rockwell, C., Rog- ers, M„ Rose, K«, Roth, E., Roth, J r , Rounldes, L., Ry- men. F r Sanborn, J., Seter, K., Scar- lett, P,, Schaffer, D., Schnei- der, Dr, Schneider, S., Schnoebelen, C,. Schweln, K. Sears, W r , Sellens, J., Sew- ell. P„ Shafer, J,, Shirk, B,, Shriver, C., Smith, M., Spring- feldt, M. Stephenson, C., Stephenson, M T , Sterrett. D„ Super, K r , Thielen, J,, Thomas, B + « Titus, C., Titus, Mr Tomesheck. C-. Truan, Tut- tle, M., Van Winkle. R., Vin- son, C„ Voss. Delores, Voss, Dorothy, Walls, J. Waters, 5., Whitley. C.. Whitley, M„ Wonderlich, J„ Woodson, S., Zeller. V., Zim- mer, R Residence Hall rfir iii t — n i i J ML l JfajL Men in Residence Hall are kept busy during the year taking part in all the activities on campus. For homecoming they worked on the bonfire, entered the contest for house decorations, and sponsored queen candidates. Other ac- tivities during the year Included hour- dances with Custer and Agnew Hails, a number for the Follies, participation in all the intramurals, informal and a formal dance. Helping with these projects were the housemother, Mrs. Neta Bice and her assistant, Miss Beulah Lamb. Arneson, R., Baier, C. t Baldwin, R.. Ball, G.„ Beecher, Lowell, Beecher, Lynn r Bighem, R. Birzer, E., Bleeha, fC. Bodge, J., Boone, K., Bnney. R . Brock, T. Brodbeck, L. Brown, D„ Brown, J., Brownell, W., Brtming, S., Byer, J., Caprez. L„ Chitty, M. Clark, J„ Clement A., Cochran, Conk- lin, K., Crosby, D-, Dab, P., Dalton, S. Davis, C„ Davison, W r| Dearden, R,, De- Garmo, R., Dimiti, S., Dinkel, D.„ Divel, L- Donarh G„ Dumlsr, E., Emerson, O., Engle, C., Estes, S., Finken binder, L, Foley. K. Francis, L., Fuller, Gagnon, D„ Galliart, J., Gates, R„, Gillespie, R., Goehring, C, Good, L.. Gordon, D., Harper, G., Harris, P., Hawkins, R., Henderson, R., Herpich, W. ’ 106 cn . Hildebrand, A., Hirt, EL. Hoffman, G„ Hob- rek, M., Hosie, R., Howell, N,, Howland. Huber, J., Jeffers, Marlin. Jeffery Marvin. Jones, I., Juenemann, J„ Kaiser, L, Kenne- dy, P, Kibbe, R-. Kilmer, C., Kiser, D., Koch, K., Folks, R,. Kmg. D. b Langley. G. Larson, D., Lauxman. E„ Lehman, C, LeicH liter, K., Li by, M., Lock, R M Long, G. Luff. H., Luke, A., Martin. L, May, R,. Mc- Coy, D„ Metz, D., MIchaelis, J + Miller, L., Minnis, V„ Mowry, K., Muci, J.. Mulch, R„ Neumann, L., Nelson, F, Oborny, E . Olson, L +1 Pancake, $„ Pearce. C., Pope, G„ Price. R.. Purer, I, Rahimi an , H., Reed, L., Robinson, L . , Rock, J., Rose, D„ Rose, J., Rusco. J. Russell, R., Ruth, D„ Saddler, G„ Sand- strom, R.. Schaben, T., Schardeln, J., Scherti. L. Schmitt, S„ Schon. J., Shoffstall. R- Shank. D„ Sittner, L., Sittner, M„ Smith, L Sprinkle, K„ Stecklein. T., Steffen, T., Steg- man, J., Stout, J., Sf rouse, G., Swansor. J. Tacha, J,. Teichman, D.. Thacker, A., Thomp- son, Dm Thurlow, L., Trible. R„ Trogdon. G, Ukens, L. Ulmer, D.. Veatch, J., Vsetecka, R.„ Walker, J., Waugh, P.. Webb, D. Weers. F„ Wilhelm, D., Williams, C, Wil- son, D., Wilson. Gm Winklepleck, D., Witt, T, 107 jl n o 1 p a cl c e o n p p P P km dik j— _ 0 dm k C a Jl + m d dm JL o % r P ,m n £ (y- r Jkm % p O P a : r i k: d P » P lib, P Jtd r. p try w- - LE. JJI rd Gay Hubbard distributed supplies to the students in lewis Field, which was part of their ■■ j ' k as supervisors. Lewis Field Provides Housing for Women An emergency housing shortage fast falf resulted in the establishment of apartments for women students in Lewis Field. A group of 25 upperclassmen moved into several units of the barracks and converted them into comfortable home-like living quarters Supervised by a graduate couple, Joe and Say Hubbard, the women set up their own government and abided by rules similar to those enforced at the dormitories. The project was termed successful but It is hoped by the administration that adequate dormitory space will soon be available making temporary housing unnecessary. Bamberger. L, Beaver. J.. Bell, K., Seitz, A,. Bern fitter, J. Brown, P., Caidwell. J., Chaffee, M,. Delander, H„ Esp- lund, L Getty, K., Hallagin. L. Hildebrand, E., Losey. W (J Lower B. Patton. M,, Pearson. J,, Prinsen, A,. Rodeman, R., Self- ridge, K. Sfnith, 0„ Smith, V,. Sutton, M., Taylor, S.. Vesecfcy, M. I OB Housing Units and Service Buildings Are Completed Among the newest additions to the cam- pus, are the married student apartments, three service buildings and a men ' s dormi- tory. Forty-eight apartments were ready tor occupancy at the beginning of the second semester, consisting of three units with twelve apartments in each. They are com- pletely furnished except for draperies and carpets and are wired for air conditioner installation. Three service buildings of concrete block and faced with stone and brick, are laid out in a U-shape, just west of the Memorial Union. They house several offices and class- rooms and will increase the efficiency of the college service departments. A tour-story men ' s dormitory Is under construction and will be completed by the beginning of the fall semester. It will house 1 24 men. i Wiest Hall is the new men ' s dormitory, expected to be completed by fall. !t is named for Dr. Charles F, Wiest, professor of philosophy and religion from 1920-1948. Married student apartments are now known os Wooster Place, in honor of the late Dr. Lyman D. Wooster, president of the college from 1941-1949 ond faculty member for 50 years. 31 I .. h three new service ouiiumy unyiu me 9 quote storage, central garages and shops as well as providing badly needed offices and laboratory areas for the botany department. • i — i — i — i 110 HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS Student body election determines Homecoming Royalty Patti Percival Sponsored by Kappa Sigma Kappa ; AStflfs .■ •i ' Ss REVEILLE QUEE Sharon Seery Sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta Deanna Link Sponsored by Custer Hall Amy Graves Sponsored by Delta Sigma Phi REVEILLE ATTENDANTS Tab Hunter Chooses Reveille Beauties Sheila Lundgren Sponsored by Residence Hall Lois Erickson Sponsored by Phi Sigma Epsilon Sponsored by Agnew Hall Patty Thiele Sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma Judie Brown Sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon Ramona Reschke Sponsored by Delta Zeta Jan Schmidt Sponsored by Kappa Sigma Kappa Beverly Tucker Sponsored by Sigma Sigma Sigma REVEILLE CANDIDATES Because of his work in television and mo- tion pictures, the Reveille staff felt that Tab Hunter was qualified to select the 1961 Reveille Queen and her attendants. The choice was made from photographs which were sent to him in Hollywood. Tab Hunter, who has appeared In such pictures as " Battle Cry, " " Damn Yankees, and " Burning Hills " is currently starring In his weekly television production, " The Tab Hunter Show. " SWEETHEART ATTENDANTS Darrell Ruth Sponsored by Aqnew Hall Max Hilgers Sponsored by Custer Hall Luetta Wilken Sponsored by Interfraternify Council Leap Week Favorites Bearded Joe Wayne Staab Daisy Mae Judy Braswell ■ ' ■ ' ' ■ ' • ' Members are, back row; Jean Stouffer, sponsor, Mary Arm Lofstead, Donna Jensen, Dolores Williams, Karen Seery, Front row: Kay Inv Masche, Don no Stephens, Ruth Spencer, Beth Fellers, Jan Smith. Panhellenic Council President — Ruth Spencer Vice President — Jan Smith Corresponding secretary — Donna Stephens Recording secretary — Dolores Williams Treasurer — Mary Ann Lofstead Bill Motzner, Patty Scarlett, Judy Richardson and Wayne Sta a b, -pledges, are selecting music at the all pledge dance which is an annual project of Panhellenic and !T,C. Governing body of the four soror- ities on campus is the Panhellenic Council, composed of members from each sorority. Included are two rep- resentatives, the rush chairman and the official delegate from each chapter. The council governs rules relating to rushing, pledging and initiation as well as other campus greet activities. The group cooperates with Inter- fraternity Council on such matters as scholarship and other functions of the greek world. The Nationally Affiliated Interfraternity Council is composed of representatives from each of the six fraternities The council aims at promoting good fel- lowship between sororities and fraternities and sets standards for fraternity participa- tion in campus activities The group is close- ly associated with Panhellenic Council and Junior I.F.C The members of Junior Interfraternity Council are pledges and work with the I.F.C. in planning greek activities Members of Junior LF.C ore, standing; Roy Hoffman, President. Front row? Larry Money, Ted Witt, Ronnie Babbs, Gail Schwindt, Jim Elias, vice president, Mike Tracey, secretary-treasurer. Back row; John Fyfe, Bab Pauticek, Darrell Miller, and Bill Inman and Terry Brungardt, LF.C. representatives. President — Bill Inman Vice President — Dave Hopkins Secretary — Neil McNerney Treasurer — Terry Brungardt Interfraternity Council Members of the In.erfraternity Council are, back row: Gary Griffith, Neil McNerney, Bill Allison, sponsor. Fran. ro W Brungardt, Ron Daniels, George Nicholas, Ben Crocker, James Gr.ffrn. : Dan Erbert, Terry 125 Cokes ease the tension at the Greek Peek party which preceded Rush Week, And when the week was over, new pledges were welcomed at the various houses Parties had established themes. The Southern bolls attracted admiration. RUSH WEEK Visitors to the Japanese Tea House were served by bus boys. Swiss food helped 1 carry out the Alpine theme at one house. Sororities closed their rush week by pledg- ing a total of 57 women. The 142 rushees started the activities by attending teas at the four sorority houses. Each sorority scheduled three parties. Ribbon services were held October 9 and formal pledging took place the next day. Two sororities tilled their quota during rush week and during open rush, which be- gan at the end of the first nine weeks, all quotas of 40 members were filled. Initiations were held early in the spring semester. ' Tell us more. Introductions are made at the annual Greek Peek, ---r.v: Sponsor ' s help is most convenient. Smokers hove cookies too, Who soys the kitchen is women ' s domain? FRATERNITY RUSHEES . . . Too good to stop for laughs. Fraternity rush week was climaxed after a week of full activity including an all-fra- ternity banquet and open houses with smokers. A total of 89 men were pledged by the six fraternities on formal pledge night, Oc- tober 3. Open rush was closed December 2L Pledges concluded their pledge training and active services were held during the spring semester. Planning an informal— ot e of the duties of pledges. active . . . FROM SMOKERS TO PLEDGE DUTIES... " How about a cigarette? " . . , and this is a favor, says the A girl — always at hand to help. Pledges must do housed uties, ' Twas the legs that drew attention when a sorority staged a skit. ALPHA EPSILON MU CHAPTER Alpha Gamma Delta house at 409 West 8th. Purchasing their home was unquestionably the big moment for the Alpha Gamma Del- tas this year, 11 , The newest project adopted was aiding the altruistic program which was financed by serving meals to fraternity members, A Christmas party for the rehabilitation center children, Informal formats, Home- coming follies and Greek week were acti- vities of the year. Themes for rush parties were centered around ’’Swiss Chalet 1 ' and ' ’Garden of Alpha Gamma Delta.” Virgie McKenzie served as president with Mrs, Sue Davidson as housemother. Alpha Gamma Delta Mrs. Vernon Meckel, Sponsor Billie Allen Me rg a ref Belief Mery Bowen Judy Braswell Ellen Britten Clara Ann Brown Judie Brown Marianna Brown Karen Conerd Ronnie Cook Judy Ellison Luanne Engel Lois Erickson Marilyn Go+hchalk Gwen Jefferies Bonnie Kingsley. Sheila Leary Carolyn Lockman Mary Ann Lofstead Marilyn McClellan Virgie McKemie Marilyn McGuire Marcia Moore Carole Mull Kathleen Q ' Loughlirs Gay Peusfian Ellen Pfortmiller Chloe Rockwell Marilyn Rogers Patty Scarlett Janet Schmidt Karen Seery Sharon Seery Jeanette Sperling Joan Spicer Pat Stehno Patty Thiele Laura Ann Thompson Jerilyn Truan Panhellenic president Rath Spencer presents the scholarship award to Alpha Gam representatives for receiving the highest grade paint average among sororities for the 1960 spring semester. GAMMA DELTA 131 DELTA DELTA OMEGA CHAPTER The newest house of all Greeks is occu- pied by Delta Zeta. Equipping and manag- ing the house was the Delta s biggest proj- ect. An open house was held to celebrate the occasion. Deltas began their rush activities with a summer rush party " Hawaiian Alohoa " followed in the fall by " Ship Ahoy " ' and " Japanese Tea House. " Delta Omega Chapter won three nation- al awards at the Convention In California in June for membership, pledge program, and talent derby. A Christmas party and the annual spring formal were highlights which closed the se- mesters. President was Ann Estes with Mrs. Nita Stroup as housemother. The new home for Del to Zefros at 506 Pine, Jan Ball Linda Baker Sandra Butler Alberta Brenemen Lou Jean Brown Carolyn Cook Ann Estes Beth Fellers Judy Frazier Marie Frazier Elaine Getty Vicki January Pat Kindsvater Leta Kraus Karen Lofstead Linda McKean Darlene McMullen M. Ann Mitchell Katherine Mullen Sharon Peters Rose Petracek Si grid Powden Raylene Price Patti Perci val Joyce Philip Sharon Pol I now Ramona Reschke Judy Richardson Kay Richardson Vicki Rogers Marjorie Rohr Minnie Stanley Myrna Steinshouer Donna Stephens Sera Stover Karen Super Sharon Truan Becky Vance Barbara Warner Virginia Wood j ZETA Delta Zeta pledges spend time at the hospital visiting lonely patients as part of the sorority ' s philanthropic project. However, when an active is a patient, she has no time to get lonely 133 DELTA OMICRON CHAPTER 200 West 6th is the new residence of Sigma Kappa. SIGMA Sigma Kappa, formerly Pi Kappa Sigma, moved info a practically new home this year. The two-story white structure was complete- ly remodeled and gained additional space. The fall semester found the Sigma Kappas enjoying the beautiful new interior. Summer rush began with art ice-cream social and was followed by rush parties " Sib very Moon " and " Down at the Rainbow ' s End, " " Mardi Gras " was the pledges 5 theme for the December informal. Homecoming, Greek week, Follies, and the spring formal rounded out the year ' s highlights. A special philanthropy has been the spon- sorship of the " Golden Years Club " at Had- ley Hospital. Glenda Morris was the Sigma Kappa ' s president Veatch, Carol Ce in Mary Jane Diers Cheryl Frank Dottie Gibbons Elizabeth Hanson Roberta Heeox Martha Hopkins Elaine Howard Donna Jensen Janice Jones Kay Jones Mary Lou Jorns Karen Kaltenbach Donna Ley Virginia Lorbeer Roberta Lucas Joan Mack Mary Pat McFall Glenda Morris Carolyn Mothershead Gail Murray Julie Riisoe Karen Rose Betty June Sehroll Karen Shaner Mary Springfeldt Martha Springfeldt Ruth Ann Spencer C. Jane Stephenson M a reefy n Stephenson Susan Stewart Dolores Williams Jeanette Zechmeister f KAPPA Exomining ih. d.corotlonr or. Sigmo Koppo. ond Mr dol.rot Ih. rororlty " Mordl Gro. " won iK. ih.m. torri.d out by the pledges. „ _ 135 SIGMA ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Sigma Sigma Sigma at the comer of 8th and Elm, Winning the I960 sweepstakes for house decorations at Horfiecoming was a highlight for Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. The award was presented at the Homecoming dance. " Southern Plantation " and " Oriental Gar- den " were the themes chosen for rush parties. The annual fall informal held in December was centered around " Sigma Snowflake. " A chili supper on Parents Day, a shoe shine project, Greek Week activities and the spring formal were some of the many activities. Tri Sigma president was Carolyn Wanker- and Mrs. Agnes Town ley, housemother. Alice Beesley r Sponsor Sar Barnett Sue Beckfey Mary Jo Boughner Linda Daniels Roberty Dickey Kay Feiden JoLynne Frederilcson Rosemary Gilson Marilyn Graf Gloria Greenwood Jo net Harrison Shari Holliday Kay ImMasehe Delores. Kaufmen Patsy Leu+y A. Vicki Lewis Janet Murray Pat McCall Karen McGuire Helen Moreland Anette Morss Karen Murray Rosemary Mustoe Barbara Nelson 5harron Northrup Clarene Reed Carla Rodeman Janet Smith Priscilla Taylor Carol Tomasheck Beverly Tucker Neva Van De Wege Carolyn Wanker Janey Weinhold Leann Weinhold Christine Wickizer Louetta Wilken Jeanette Young SIGMA SIGMA 137 GAMMA OMICRON CHAPTER DELTA The big social event for Delta Sigma Phi was the annual Sailors 1 Ball. A new feature was choosing the " Girl We ' d Like Most To Be Shipwrecked With. 1 ’ The Delta Sigs’ activities were smokers, Homecoming, Greek week t hour dances, ex- change dinners and a pre-dance buffet for members and guests before the homecoming dance. Pollies, Greek week and a formal dance were on the Spring calendar. James Griffin served as president and housemother was Mrs. Avis Thomas. The Delta Srgs reside at 429 West 11th. Harry Bledsoe, Sponsor Ronald Ackerman Rodney Barrows Steve Blain Don Boese Robert Boiler Kenneth Coddington James Davfs Larry Eisenhour Norman Foster Lynn Francis Robert George James Griffen Roger May Darrell Miller Vernon Minnis George Nicholas Dennis Pearce Donald Pitts Jerry Reed Howard Riedel Clayton Schmidt James Sellens Richard Srmmons Stephen Steub Dan Townsend Ted Witt SIGMA PHI A Delta Sig and his date pose " aboard ship " at the annual Sailor ' s Ball. The men grow beards and chose a girl they would like for a shipwreck partner. 139 KAPPA PHI DELTA CHAPTER Kappa Sigma Kappa marked the fall se- mester by receiving a bumper crop of pledg- es with a total of 28 men. " Expresso Shop " was the theme tor the fall semester beatnick party where members and dates drew artistic scenes for decoration Prizes were awarded for the best. Homecoming and rush week activities, holi- day dinners, hour dances, work days, Greek Week and the spring formai were highlights of the year. Serving as president was Howard Guyer with Miss Eva Streoker as housemother Home to Kappa Sigs is 3 1 7 West 7th Street. Gary Drussel LaVerne Fross Donald Gale Gary Gottsehafk Evan Grund Keith Gumm Howard Guyer Leonard Hariman Jerome Hauck Jack Hubert Ray Hoffman Rodney Hutton Gill Inman Victor Johnson Jerry Langbofer Norman Mai Daniel Martin Gary McEvoy Fred Meier Ernest Miller Larry Milsap Don Mo rehead Jerry Neely Robert Northrop Dean O ' Brien Bill Ohleme ier Ken Pittman John Proffitt Leonard Purer Ronald Quillin Don Reed Eldon Rossmiller Lorry Rudd Larry Ruder Robert Schulz Jerry Scott Wayne Staab John Sullivan Gene Swinton Francis T ritt Phi! Unruh Richard Watkins Bill Wilson David Ziegler Robert Marple, Sponsor Ben Appel Denni$ Baumann Harold Berrey Bruce Bishop Gerald Boos Jim Bornemenn SIGMA KAPPA The annuol Thanksgiving dinner was held at the fraternity house with sponsors and wives as guests. Learning social amenities is part of the fraternity cultural program. ZETA CHAPTER PHI n [ t m : A — k ■j ' . - L i Phi Sigma Ep iltm Phi Sig pledges won the scholarship trophy for the I960 spring semester and in an at- tempt to retain possession of the trophy, a study table for actives and pledges was es- tablished this year. Zeta Chapter was represented at the Re- gional conclave at Pittsburg. The end of rushing season marked 25 rush- ees as Phi Sig pledges. Initiation was held sec- ond semester. Entertaining national officers! participating in Homecoming activities, giving smokers, En- formals and the annual spring formal rounded up the year ' s activities. Mrs, Alice Maddux was housemother and David Hopkins president. Home for the Phi Sigs is 207 West 7th, Darrell Stump, Sponsor Ivan Watkins. Sponsor Al Be fort Cha He s Befort Larry Brands Terry Brungardt David Busbee Jerry Class! Robert Collins Glen Cunningham James Davis Denny Dunn James Elias Wayne Giebler Keith Hammeke Robert Hammer Larry Hanken David Hopkins Ronald Huebner Larry Koett Lyle Leak Tom Leiker Sam Lesseig Carl Lomax Larry Lundgrin Arlyn Mills Robert Nagel Dennis Popp Ramon Powers Verne Rogg Terry Staab Terry Walters Byron Welch Dick Werth Jerry Zerr 142 SIGMA EPSILON Phi Sig actives explain same of the awards their chapter has received to a national officer who visited the chapter during the fait semester. SIGMA KANSAS ZETA CHAPTER (El S fe II Sigma Phi Epsilon highlighted the fall se- mester by sponsoring the first annual Finger Bowl touch football game. A queen was cho- sen on the basis of the most unique hands. The day was concluded with an informal dance The M Blue Mountain Blast ' the Red Rose formal, rush smokers, Homecoming, exchange dinners, carolling party with dates, and Greek Week were among their activities. An annual courtesy project Is sending sin- gle red roses to sorority pledges. Sig Ep president was Ben Crocker and housemother was Mrs Esther Eslinger. Living at 402 West 7th are the Sig Eps. Charles Hobson, Sponsor Qren Ashby Ronnie Babb Kay Blecha Steve Bond Kenneth Boomhower Ben C. Crocker Larry Dieti Jerry Galliart Floyd Goff Gary Grandy Leon Graver Larry Jenisch Daryl Jensen Barry Kretzer Delbert Lessor Mas McIntyre Neil MeNerney Harold Melhus Clayton Meyers Ray Moses Charles Nickels Warren Norton Larry Pedigo Philip Phillips Larry Purvis James Rock Gary Schneider Jon Shively James S|ogren Mike Tracey David Welch Lynn Wickizer Sheldon Womochil William Young PHI EPSILON SIGMA TAU ALPHA CHAPTER SIGMA " Home from the Still ' 1 was the skit pre- sented by the Sig Tau pledges at their " Hill- billy Prom " the pledge project for the tall semester Several members of Eta Chapter attended the convention of Grand Chapter at Kansas City in August Entertaining alumni after games, holding rush week smokers, hour dances, work days, intramurals, Greek Week and the annual spring formal highlighted the year s activities Randall Weller served as president and Mrs Hazel Seaman as housemother. Sig Tcujs claim their residence at 413 West 5th J. 8. Walden. Sponsor John Westley, Sponsor Mikel Ary John Austin Courtney Burroughs Terry Campbell Kenneth Conklin Robert Covey Steve Dalton Ron Daniels Carl Davis John Davis Ronnie Ewing John Fyfe Ron Gardner Ronald Gillespie Herbert Hagman Warren Hargreaves Gary Howland Jerry Huston James Jones Gary Kraisinger Marcus Law George Lee Arnold Lewis Errol Marshall Gilbert McClure Denzil McNeal Nell Meckfessel Larry Meier Louis Naranjo Ronald Hold Ben Norton Allen Quenzer LeRoy Sawyer Gail Schwint Richard Smith John Thomas Randall Waller i TAU GAMMA Sig Tegs wove o solute from their " boot " os they complete their homecoming decoration, one of the earliest projects of the year. 147 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Mg TAU Winning the touch football intramurals was Tau Kappa Epsilon. The 7-0 victory over the Sig Eps climaxed the season at the Finger Bowl game. The annual pajama party was a social event of the fall semester, with Homecoming, the TKE banquet, and rush week activities. Greek week, hour dances and the spring formal concluded the year. Mrs. Naomi Sunderland served as house- mother and Danny Erbert was fraternity pres- ident. TKE residence is located at 406 West 8th. Welter Kroll, Sponsor Howard Reynolds, Sponsor Thomas Baalman Charles Chapman James Dodrill Dan Erbert Delbert Erickson Gary Ericksfm James Goeken Gary Griffith Larry Guinn Thomas Hamel Joe Heim Roger Hinz Ted Hutchcraft David Keller Edward Knorr Dan Koehler Wilbur Levin Preston McLeod Larry Money Mike Money Harold Nagel Merlin Olson Richard Packard Ken Palmer Ken Palmgren Tom Patrick Robert Pavlicek Gerald Paxton Larry Phillips Ronnie Price Gordon Rogers Bill Sater David Sunderland Kleo Swift Roy Unger Jerry Westbrook Eldon Zimbeleman KAPPA EPSILON Two representatives from the local chapter receive on award from a national officer Alpha Upsilon Chapter was named the outstanding chapter in scholarship, activities, ond participation in campus organizations. 149 151 Injuries repeat as Tigers ' number one opponent Wayne Schumacher All-conference HB An unexpected loss of 20 lettermen from the 1959 Tiger squad, due +o injury and ineligibility, made the I960 sea- son one of rebuilding. Freshmen dominated the 1960 FHS squad as only four seniors returned to the ranks which included only 14 letter- men. Injuries, combined with lack of experienced material, proved costly for the Bengals who were able to finish no better than 2-7 for the season and 1-4 in conference play. It was the second year In a row that the Tigers finished In a tie with Omaha University for the cellar spot. Despite the won-loss record, the Tigers landed two players on the all-conference first team as junior halfback Wayne Schumacher and sophomore end Cliff Leiker drew the nod for their efforts, Leiker 1 s selection was his second for the honor as he was also a 1959 choice. Season ' s Record FHS 20 Kearney State 12 FHS 9 Maryville 14 FHS 19 Colorado College 28 FHS 0 Eastern New Mexico State 25 FHS 19 Omaha University 18 FHS 7 Pittsburg State 44 FHS 14 Emporia State . 27 FHS 21 St. Benedict’s 26 FHS i Washburn University 33 I960 Fort Hays State Grid Squad— Back row- Coach McConnell, asst, coach Poage, Lae, Engle, Pa Imgren, Gardner, K. Leiker, Good heart, Hogsett, De- Long, Campbell, Strecker, Luft, asst, coach Schmidt, coach McNeil, trainer-manager Kanard, Second row; C Leiker, Geerdes, Williams, Schrock, Hager- man, Dreiling, Pope, Pfonnenstiel, Baird, Smith, Snyder, Kennedy, MeClanahan, R. Schumacher, Hartzell. Front row; Hasten, Daniels, M. Engel, Howell, Trail " , Kerth, Belisle, Elliott, Plush, Franz, Brown, Masterson, W. Schumocher, Jamerson, Richardson, Jones. Bengals FHS 19-OMAHA 18 Fort Hays State came from behind in the fourth quarter to edge Omaha University, 19-18, in the Tigers 1 conference opener. The Bengals marched 34 yards in seven plays for their winning touchdown after linebacker Jim Lee intercepted an Indian toss on the Omaha 34 to set up the win- ning score. Quarterback Jim Hooten scored on a keeper from the two, early In the first quarter for the Tigers ' first counter and then connected with halfback Wayne Schumacher on a 15-yard pass for the Bengals 1 second tally The clincher came on a 9-yard pass from Galen Howell to end George Daniels. The win proved costly for the Tigers as halfback Jack Richard- son was lost for the season fol- lowing an ankle injury suffered early in the game. edae Indians for lone CIC win Jim Hooten, No, 10, runs out the clock on a keeper in the final seconds against O.U, Cliff Leiker All- Conference FHS 7 PITTSBURG STATE 44 Leonard Jamerson is plowed under by the Gorillas ' defense m nnnintf rhfl stroma Pittsburg team. action depicting FHS ' efforts 153 Loss to Hornets proves costly Jim Hooten Senior QB FHS 14 EMPORIA STATE 27 Fort Hays State dropped its second conference game by a 27-14 count to Emporia State at the Hornets " rain-soaked homecoming. The Hornets managed to plow their way to pay dirt twice in the opening quarter and pushed across counters in the second and fourth frames while the Bengals were held to one counter In the second and third quarters Brown and Schumacher scored on plunges from the six and seven yard lines Three Tigers were sidelined for the season as a result of injuries Brown and Gary Goodheart, jun- ior tackle, suffered knee Injuries and sophomore tackle, Ron Gardner, suffered a back Injury which sidelined Bengal chances for a winning season. Fort Hoys State football coach Wayne McConnell examines the I960 squad roster as graduate assistant Dan Schmidt, line ' coach Ed McNeil and student assistant Dick Poage look an. Coach McConnell is in his fifth year qt FHS. " They also serve who stf and wait . . A spirited, injury-plagued Tiger eleven nearly pull the upset Ron Campbell Senior Center Washburn ruined Tiger hopes for a third-place conference finish by thumping the FHS crew 33-7, The W.LL victory placed the Ichabods in a third-place tie with Emporia State and dropped the Bengals into the cellar with Omaha LL The lone Tiger score came on a pass play from Hooten to Lei ke r who scampered 33 yards to highlight the Bengals 1 scoring efforts. The Tigers threatened three times within the Ichabod 20-yd. line the second half but failed to penetrate into pay-dirt. FHS 21 ST. BENEDICT ' S 26 An injury-riddled Tiger crew came within five points of scoring the upset of the year in C.I.C. football as the Bengals racked up a 21-6 half- time lead before an awe-struck St, Benedicts crowd. However, the absence of seven injured regu- lars from the FHS lineup proved costly to the Bengals as the Ravens came back strong the second half to better the Tigers by a 26-21 count. Two Tiger touchdowns in the first quarter and another late In the second put the FHS team into a 15-point lead as the half ended. Hooten scored on a keeper from the one yd. line in the opening minutes of play after setting up the score with a 66-yard pass play to Leiker which carried the ball to the six.. Schumacher scampered over from the five to climax a 54-yard drive late in the second quarter and Trail ended FHS scoring on a nine- yard sprint seconds before the second quarter ended. McClanahan found the mart on each con- version attempt. The Tigers held a 21-12 lead going into the final period but were unable to check a Raven rally which saw them march 44 yards to pay- dirt in the final minute of play for the winning tally. Wayne Schumacher, No. 40, plunges for two yards against Kearney State during the sea sort ' s opener which sow the Tigers top the Antelopes 20-12 at Kearney. Jamerson skirts left end against Washburn U. as the Tigers bid for a third-place finish only to be walloped 33 ' 7 by the visiting Ichabods. FHS 7 WASHBURN 33 155 rr i i ■ i FHS 9 MARYVILLE 14 FHS 19 COLO. COLLEGE 28 FHS 0 EASTERN N. MEXICO 25 Ken Belize breaks into the Maryville secondary on an attempt to overcome a lost-minute Bearcat tolly which proved costly for the Tigers, Elmer Trail The Fort Hays State junior varsity faired somewhat better than did their counter- parts as they posted an undefeated record for the season. The junior Bengais, under the coaching of graduate assistant Don Schmidt and stu- dent assistant Richard Poage, chalked up a 3-0 mark with wins over Emporia State ' s " B M squad and two wins over the Kearney State junior varsity. The FHS reserves opened their season with a 26-0 romp over Emporia and then edged Kearney 27-26 at Kearney before wrapping up their season by walloping the Antelopes 40-7 on the home field. Jr Terry Masterson lf J 5 Schumacher, on the rampage again, picking up yardage against the Bearcats, Coach Alex Francis Harriers Place Third in CIC Despite Injuries Pre-season expectations of the Tiger cross-country team were short-lived this year as illness and injury plagued the harriers ' chances to better their second-place conference finish in 1 960. The harriers opened the season by copping top honors at the Wichita University Invitational which saw the Tigers win over Emporia State, Wichita and Pittsburg State The Bengals then went on to win the number three spot at the CIC championship at Omaha University in their last competition. Injuries and illness eliminated three leading harriers mak- ing it necessary for coach Alex Francis to withdraw from the NAIA meet at which the Tigers had finished seventh in the I960 national competition. Season dual meets found the Tigers edging CIC champs Emporia State, 27-28, at Emporia, while being downed by Kearney State 25-32, at Kearney Hutchinson Junior College dropped two meets to FHS freshman-sophomore competition while the Tigers, ham- pered by the loss of three key runners, fell to Emporia State and Kearney State in the Fort Hays State Invita- tional triangular. Back row, left to right: Hal Morris, Gory Conner, Don Rose, John Rose, Lorry Davidson, Cooch Francis. Front row: Dennis Monnering, lorry Nelson, Don Nelson, Mel Pfannenstiel, Lack of Height Hinders Cage Season Hopes A definite lack of height proved costly for the 1 960-6 1 Fort Hays State crew as the season ended with the Tigers league record standing at four wins and six losses for a fifth-place finish in the CIC race Starting off the season with six wins in their first eight starts, the Tigers were able to win only five of their last eleven contests. Despite the lack of height, the Bengals managed an I I and eight record in overall play. One of the highlights of the season was a 73-67 decision over highly-touted New Mexico Highlands, a I960 NAIA power who finished fourth at the NAIA tournament The Tigers averaged just over 6-1 In height with the tallest starter standing 6-3, a factor which proved a defi- nite handicap to FHS chances for title contention this season Cage mentor Cade Suran, in his 15th year at Fort Hays State, reached a milestone in his FHS coach- ing career this season as the Tigers dropped Beth- any College to mark win number 200 for Suran- coached ball clubs. Season Results FHS 88 SW Oklahoma .. 59 FHS 80 Hastings College 69 FHS 84 Colorado College 73 FHS 81 Omaha U, 64 FHS 95 Kearney State .78 FHS 73 New Mexico Highlands 67 FHS 79 Prairie View A and M 95 FHS .76 Bethany College 56 FHS 61 Pittsburg State . 66 FHS 59 Emporia State 79 FHS 71 Kansas Wesleyan 62 FHS 65 St. Benedict ' s . 61 FHS 73 Washburn U. . 79 FHS 102 Kansas City U .77 FHS. . 85 Washburn U 73 FHS. 65 3 0 _e A3 E O 69 FHS 77 St. Benedict ' s 83 FHS. .. 79 Pittsburg State 74 FHS 63 Emporia State . 85 Norman Utz lays in two against New Mexico, 159 FHS-SW Oklahoma Tigers rampaged to an 88-59 victory over SW Oklahoma in the season ' s opener at the Coliseum Dean Larson and Dick Anderson led the Bengal attack with 16 and 15 points re- spectively. FHS-Hastings College Fort Hays State opened up In the second haif after a 38-38 deadlock at halftime to romp to an 80-69 verdict over the Hastings Broncos on the Tigers ' first road trip. Larson and Bill Townsend led Tiger scoring with 20 and I 8 to their credit. FHS-Colorado College Cade Suran ' s cagers belted Colorado Col- lege 84-73 for their third straight win after overcoming a 41-31 deficit at intermission Again Larson was high for the Bengals with 16, followed by Anderson with 3 0. Anderson copped honors in the rebounding department against the Invading westerners. Dick Anderson and Emporia State ' s Jon Fuquay lose form, but not the boll, as they Tie it up. ' jd f 1 mk ■ H " m 1 - 1 mk ML Larson js fouled os he drives for o bosket against Omaha. FHS-Omaha University In the CIC opener, Omaha University fell victims to a Fort Hays State attack which saw the Tigers maul the Indians 8 I -64 on the home court maples Anderson counted for 17 with Larry Daugherty pulling in timely rebounds to aid the Tiger cause FHS-Kearney State Fort Hays State cagers suffered their first loss of the season when they journeyed to Kearney State where the Antelopes racked the Tigers 95-78 to break a four-game winning streak. Lyle Wingate and Daugherty led FHS scor- ing with 3 6 and I 3. FHS-New Mexico Highlands New Mexico Highlands, 1960 NAIA power, invaded the Coliseum riding on the prestige of a fourth-place NAIA finish last season, only to have the Tigers fight to a 73-67 decision over the highly-touted Cowboys. Norman Utz, Townsend and Larson, each collecting 1 6 points, led the team victory while Townsend drew praise for his outstand- ing floo r play. FHS— Prairie View A M National small-college power, Prairie View A M wal- loped the Bengals for their first loss at home, 95-79, with all-American Zelmo Beatty controlling the boards and add- ing 19 points against the short FHS team Larson dumped in 18 for the Tigers as they suffered their second loss of the season. It ' s Andy this time on □ [ump shot over Bethany star Merlin Larson, Tiger Win Over Bethany Makes 200th Fort Hays State Win for Coach Suran Overcoming a narrow 30-29 halftime deficit the Fort Hays State crew raced to a 76-56 trouncing over Bethany College in a home game which put coach Cade Suran ' s FHS record at the 200-win mark. Larson led the Tiger scoring attack hitting for 19 points while Townsend turned In another fine floor game. 161 Bill Brownell, team manager, not only fulfilled his duties well but was also a number-one rooter for the Tigers, FHS-St. Benedict ' s The Ravens of St Benedicts fell victim of the Coliseum jinx as the Tigers outran the visitors for a 65-61 win. Again Larson led the pack with 17. The win moved the Tiger mark to 2-2 in league play. FHS-Washburn A red-hot Ichabod five roared back the second half to drop FHS 79-73 at Wash’ burn as- the Ichabods connected with bet- ter than 56 per cent from the field Dave Stonebraker Forward and Guard FHS-Pittsburg State Fighting hard to overcome a 33-24 halftime deficit at Pittsburg, the Tigers came to within five points of their mark as the Gorillas- man- aged to outlast the FHS team 66-61, to hand the Tigers their first league loss. Lyle Wingate was missing from the FHS lineup following an emergency operation earlier in the week. FHS-Emporia State The Coliseum jinx failed to impress the league-leading Hornets as they drubbed the Tigers 79-59 to hand the FHS crew Its second straight loss in league play A rough man-to- man defense held the Bengals to 22 points the first half as the Hornets jumped to a 37-22 halftime lead. Daugherty was high for the Tigers with 17. FHS-Kansas Wesleyan Anderson and Larson with 15 points each, led the Suranmen to a 71-62 decision over Kansas Wesleyan at Salma in a non-league game to break a two-game losing streak. Jim Bodge and Bill Townsend contributed a fine performance from the floor to pace the win. Townsend fires for two over St. Bene- dict ' s Tom Burke. FHS-Kansas City University Freshman guard, Sam McDowell, potted 24 points to lead the Bengals to a 102-77 shellacking over Kansas City University at K C. !n non-conference action for the Ti- gers ' ninth win In 14 starts Bill Townsend Guard Dean Larson Forward and Center FHS-Washburn University Avenging an earlier setback, the Bengals dropped Washburn 85-73 at the Coliseum as Larson ripped the nets for 27 points to lead the barrage. Ten counters from the charity stripe in the final minutes proved the difference for the Tigers. FHS-Omaha University Dick Anderson Pulling the upset of the season In Forward CIC play, the Omaha Indians raced to a 32-27 halftime lead and man- aged to overcome second-half Tiger leads to win a 69-65 decision over a stunned FHS crew. The victory was the first league win for the Indians in two years McDowell paced FHS scoring wi th 18 163 FHS-St Benedict ' s Hoping to stay in contention for a second place running, the Tigers fell victims of a red hot St. Bene- dict ' s five by an 83-77 count at Atchison. The Bengals trailed 39-31 at the midway mark and were unable to overcome the deficit after coming to within four points of the Ravens in the final minutes. McDowell led Tiger efforts with 19. The loss was the second suf- fered on the road trip with Omaha upsetting the FHS cagers the night before at Omaha. Norman Ufa Guard and Forward FHS-Pittsburg Fighting off a second-half Pittsburg rally, the Tigers avenged an early season loss to the Gorillas by drop- ping the visitors 79-74 at the Coliseum. The Bengals raced to a 48-32 halftime advantage with the Gorillas opening up in the second frame to narrow the margin to three points several times before the Tigers widened the margin to five points in the closing seconds. Win- gate, playing his final home game, led FHS scoring with 22 and was followed by McDowell with 20. FHS-Emporia State Hoping to end the season with a 5-5 mark, the Tigers saw their hopes shattered by league champs Emporia State 85-63 in the season ' s finale at Emporia. Inter- mission found the FHS crew trailing by only three points, 34-31. In the second half, however, the Hornets were in complete control of the boards with the Tigers being outgunned by 14 points, Larson paced the Suranmen with 23. Ed Knorr Guard Larry Daugherty Center 164 Vayne Schmidt Guard and Forward Jim Bodge Guard King Hamilton Center Don Reed Forwa rd Jim Bornemann Forward and Center Lyle Wingate Guard FHS Junior Varsity Cagers Fort Hays State ' s jay- vee crew failed to break even in the win-loss col- umn and wound up the season with the record standing 4-7. Coached by graduate assistant K lerle Harris, the young ball club dropped contests to Pratt Junior College, Kearney State ' s " B " team, Hutchinson Junior College, with Em- poria State and Pratt Ju- co winning two from the junior Tigers. The Bengals ' wins were over the Kansas Wesley- an " B " team and the Col- by town team which dropped three games to the FHS team. Back row left to right: Jerry Mullen, Jim Harmon, Mac Dumler, Jack Hinzman, Larry Phillips, John Tacha. Front row, left to right: Bob Appel, Carney Williams, Frank Weers, Bob Geerdes, Jim Windholz, Larry Thur- low, Kirk Pope. Tiger Gymnasts Look Forward to Next Season Back row, left to right: David Gagnon, Jim Sellers, Floyd Goff, Lorry Beaver, Harold Wasinger Front row: Gordon Mull, Wayne Sfaob, Doug Vickers, Harvey Pfonnenstiel. Tiger Gymnasts competed in five ma- jor meets this season, meeting such oppon- ents as Kansas State University, Kansas University, Nebraska University and Colo- rado State University, Only two letternnen returned to coach Ed McNeil ' s squad as the season proved to be a definite building year in the sport. 167 Tiger Grapplers Take AAU Tourney for Best Season on Record With only two regulars returning to the mats this season. Tiger wrestlers, under the coaching of Dr. Walter Kroll, com- piled the best showing in the history of the sport at Fort Hays State. The Tigers walked away with top honors at the Missouri Valley AAU Meet at Kansas City with one of the strongest performances ever made by Fort Hays State wrestlers. The 1960-61 squad also compiled the best dual record on the books by posting a 5-3-2 record while taking a third place finish at the Lamar Invitational in the season ' s opening en- counter. Coach Walter Kroll Bock row, left to right: Coach Walter Kroll, Jim Be Itch, Gerald Paxton, Junior Bondel, Terry Pfannenstiel, Bill Price, Marvin Schultz, Courtney Bur- roughs. Second row: Gerald Behnke, Stan Hogsefrt, Dean Raedef, Gary Harding, Gary Adams, Bill Safer, Gary Erickson, Front row: Ken Elbgood, Jgmes Tinkler, Dale Rath, Del Erickson, Jerry Cooper, Ron Harper. •AtyYs A? xncSTUJg r ffttSUlhg JUNG hestljnc Sjx E5TLJW HREST i ■stung KfHESTUNC KYS BFS7tU WlSUM TUM 168 1 Season ' s Results FHS— Third— Lamar Invitational FHS 21 — Kearney St, 16 FHS 6— NW Missouri St. 22 FHS 26 — Kearney St. 8 FHS 3 — Kansas State U. 23 FHS 14— Omaha U. 14 FHS IS— Nebraska LL 13 FHS 16 — Trinidad Coll. 16 FHS 1 4 — ‘Adams State 13 FHS- — Forfeit by William Jewell FHS 9 ' — Graceland College 15 Does not include NA!A tourney. Gory Harding filled the 137-pound class with □ showing which ranked him among the team ' s top winners. Bill Sater and Gerald Paxton, lei ter men grapplers, were tap performers for the FHS crew This season. Doubles Golf Champs— Dennis Shepherd and Max McIntyre C$ig Eps) Horseshoe Champ— Don Soese (Delta Slg) Men ' s Intramurals Competition Is High With competition offered in nearly every individual qnd team sport, the Fort Hays State men ' s intramural program provides all men an opportunity to participate in the sport or sports of his choice, A full schedule of competitive events ranges from horseshoes to highly competitive football and basketball play. This season found basketball at the peak of interest with 36 teams organizing -to battle for the championship. Under the supervision and direction of coach Alex Francis, the men ' s intramural program continues to grow with Interest and com- petition at a new high this year. Although n of ploying varsity competition, this grid team plans equally important strategy during a time-out. Intramural Managers— 170 College Intramural Basketball Champs Bock row, left to right: Schoen, E„ Schultz, G„ O ' Leary, J„ Mooney, C„ Propp, D , Stonebraker, D„ coach. Front row: Levin, B Staab, Dr, Bordewick, J., LindoM, D, 171 Women ' s Intramurals The general aims of the physical education department and women ' s intramural program at Fort Hays State are to stimulate interest In sports and to provide an opportunity for par- ticipation in wholesome recreational activities. As an example of the success of the FHS program, participation in women ' s intramural activities increased to a new high this year. Varied sports make up the intramural agenda including softball, speed-a-way, bowling, shuf- fleboard, square dancing, badminton, basket- ball, swimming, volleyball, table tennis, archery, golf and tennis, A definite increase In participation has been made in bowling, shuffleboard, volleyball and swimming the past several years, with the intra- mural program continuing to grow to meet the recreational needs of Fort Hays State women. Basketball is just one of many sports emphasized in the women ' s physical 1 educa- tion program. Bowling Champs In totaling the score, Pat Maddy finds her team on top in intramural competition. Seated: Pat Maddy and Sue Hinz, Standing: AJjto Wells, Faith Givens and intramural high bowler, Karen Murray. The top Intramural attraction this year was bowling, with 155 women participating. Interest in bowling as a team sport has grown Immensely In the past five years Twenty-six women participated in 1956, and 155 in I960. 172 and Physical Education Women ' s Intramural Winners SOFTBALL Custer IV SHUFFLEBOARD Elsie Hildebrand — Beverly Lower (Doubles) Lewis Field Esther Thompson (Singles) Independent BOWLING Maddy ' s Independents Karen Murray (High Bowler] Independent SQUARE DANCING Custer IV— Residence Halt VOLLEYBALL Custer I Volleyball Champs - Custer I Back row, left to right: Bonnie Barron, Georgia Jonsonigs, Deanna Sterrett, Jane Schnoebelen. Front row; Rita Hallblck, Card Titus, Vicki Lewis, Billie Allen. Women Softball Winner - Custer IV Despite the increasing trend toward individual and dual sports, softball and volleyball managed to hold their own as team favorites. Women participating in softball totalled 102 with seven teams enter- ing competition while vol- leyball play found 67 women and eight teams competing. Back row, left to right; Judy Harrel, Marilyn Boese, Sharon Peters, Jann Ha I login, Janice Jones. Front row: Arlene Estes, Cynthia Hopkins, Dorislea Schaffer, Donna Mog, LaDonna Grover, Elizabeth Hanson, Patty Potter. ITS Class of " 61 Anticipation of graduation comes to the senior only after four preced- ing years of intensive planning, work- ing and hoping. Each individual at- tended college with an aim in mind and the realization of a goal attained is a prize In itself, over aod above the many wonderful experiences. His memories of events high-lighting his four years— the plays, lectures, par- ties, assemblies and games, are, and always will be, Incomparable and un- forgettable. And, In the course of events, the senior year must also end, as all good things do, and there are rows and rows of cap and gown- clad graduates walking down the aisle Into the future and a new way of life. Anticipating the future are the Senior Class officers, Bill McAdoo, president; Carolyn Wanker, sec- retary-treasurer and Bob George, vice president, ALTMAN, PHILLIP R., Aimene — 3.S.. Math. Football, Kappa Sigma Kappa. ANDERSON. CALVIN H. ( LaCrosse— B.S. in Industrial Arts, ANDERSON, LARRY K„ Hoaie— A.B.. History. Young Democrats, ANDERSON, LINDA L., Scott City— B.S. In Genera f Science. Who ' s Who. ANKLE. DAVID D., Atwood — B.S, in Agriculture. APPEL, BENJAMIN F. JR„ Garfield— B.S. la Business. Kappa Sigma Kappa. ARENSMAN, BEN H„ JR.. Kinsley — B.S. In Agriculture, Young Republicans, ASH, LYLA I., Mankato — B.S. in Business. ASHCRAFT. GALEN, Hays — B.S. in Business. AUST. JAKE H„ Eltis— B.S.. Biology, AUSTIN, ARTHUR A., Hill City— B.S., General Science. K-Club, Traci: (I, 2 ), SNEA, Y.M.C.A.. Debate, Pro- fessional Club. BAALMAN, DELORES A,, Grmnet!— B.S. in Education, Elementary Newman Cfub. BAKER. FRANCIS H., Protection — B.S in Agriculture. BAMBERGER, LINDA, Jetmore — B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. Y.W.C.A., SNEA. BARRETT. EUGENE L, Hays— A.G., Biology. Phi Eta Sigma, Spanish Club, Who ' s Who, BAUMANN, DENNIS L,„ Arrington — A.B., History- Kappa Sigma Kappa, Young Republicans, BEAL, HERBERT E., Hutchinson — B.S. in Business. Span- ish Club. BEARLEY, DON T.. Atwood— A.B. Math. BECK, ROBERT C.. Burdett— A.B.. Psychology. Seventh Cavalry (V. Pres,), Wesley Foundation (Pres.), Student Affairs Committee (Chairman), Campus Christian Coun- cil (Pres. 59-60), Reveille Photographer, BEECHER, LYNN S . HIM City— B.S. in Agriculture. Young Republicans. BELL, KAREN A.. Moscow— ELS. in Education, Elemen- tary. ' W.R.A., SMEA. BENNETT, LARRY, Russell— B.S- in Business. BEO USHER. CECILE N.f Clayton— B.S. in Business. BEOU9HER, ELTON, Gove— B.S., Math. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Honors Seminar, Math Club. Seniors BERLS, ANTHONY J. r Selden— B.S. in Business, BERNRITTER, JO ANN. Newton — B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. W.R.A. BERRY, WILLIAM A., Copeland — B.S. in Business. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Tract (h 2], " K M Club. BIERLY, ZULA E„ Great Bend— B.S. in Education, Ele- ments ry. BILLINGER, DONALD E., Hays— B.S, in Business. B1RZER, ERVIN Ellinwood— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Epsilon Pi Tau, Seventh Cavalry, Newman Club, Indus- trial Arts Club, BISHOP, BLAIR C. p Hays— B.S. in Business. BLECHA, GLORIA K., Woodston— B.S. in Home Eco- nomics. Home Economics Club, BOBBITT, KENNETH, Sublette— B.S., Math. BOESE, DONALD, Seward— B.S, in Industrial Arts. Delft Sigma Phi, Industrial Arts Club, Young Republicans. Homecoming Committee, BOWEN, MARY. Hays— B.S. in Education, Elementary. Alpha Gamma Delta (1st Vice Pres.), $NEA. Panhellenic Council, Band, Band Council, Clarinet Choir, Public Relations Committee. BRAND, LEE MAE. Healy— B.S, in Physical Education and Home Economics. SHEA, Majors Club, W.R.A. . Officials Club,, Intramural Council, Penguin Club. BRANDA, LARRY, Russell— B.S,. Biology. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Concert Choir, BROWN, CAROLE JEAN, Hoisington— A.B.. Chemistry and Zoology. Young Democrats, Chemistry Club. BROWN. DEAN, Ellis — B.S. , General Science. BROWN, PATRICIA, Dodge City— B.S. in Education. Elementary. SNEA, c V f- aM P p A iM O - 4 t YP m M- " Jar - i. Ak 1 BROWN, PHILIP, Meade — B.S. in Education. Elemen- tary. BROWN. WILLIAM F. p Hays- — B.S. in Business. BRUNGARDT, TERRANCE, Hays— A. B, Sociology, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Young Democrats, Honors Seminar. BUCHHEISTER. (ONE, Hays— B.S. En Education, Ele- mentary. SNEA, BUFFINGTON, FAYE, Liberal— B.S. in Art. Newman Club, BUTLER, SANDRA, Lewis — B.S. in Education, Elemen- tary. Delta 2ete, SNEA. BUTTENHOFF, JOY, Lincoln— B.S. in Education.. CALDWELL, JEANNE, Russell — B.S. in Education, Ele- ments ry. CAULDWELL, ROLAND, Holyrood — A.B., Economics. Honors Seminar. CHAFFEE, MARTHA, Burdett — B.M., Music Education. Sigma Alpha lota, Band, Orchestra, Choir. CHAMBERS. JAMES. Lancaster — B.S. in Industrial Arts. CHAPMAN, CHARLES, Hoxie— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Industrial Arts Club. CHAPMAN, EVELYN, Garden City — B.S. In Education, Elementary. CHISM, JOSEPH, Claflin— B.S, in Busi ness. Who ' s Who. CHISM, WILLIAM, Great Bend — B.S, m Industrial Arts. CLARK, JAMES, Hays — B.S. in Business. Veterans Club. Br-Cu Senior CLARK, MARGARET, Lamed — B,$ ri General Science, Home Economics Club V. Pres., SNEA. CLARK, HANNAH L., Medicine Lodge — B.S. in Home Economics. CLASSl, TERI, Brewster — B.S, in Education, Elementary. CLUSTER, WYNONA, Palco — B.S. In Home Economics, CODDINGTON, KENNETH. Paleo— B.S. in Physical Edu- cation. Delta Sigma Phi, Young Republicans, Football, Trade K -Award [1956). COLEMAN, LI LA, Clayton — B.S. En Physical Education. Eta Rho Epsilon Pres., Intramurals Chairman, W.R.A., Officials Club. C0NARD, KAREN, Larned- — B.S, in Home Economics. Alpha Gamma Delta, Kappa Omicron Phi. SNEA, Home Economics Club- CONLEY p DWIGHT, Gypsum — B.S,, Geology and Bot- any. Delta Epsilon. COOK. RONNIE FAY, Hays— B.S. In Business, Alpha Gamma Delta, SNEA (Historian), Who ' s Who. CROMWELL, LARRY, Dodge City — B.S. in Art. CROTTS, CAROLYN, Hays— a, B., English. Lambda lota Tau. Honors Seminar. GUSSEN, MICHAEL, Plairwille — B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. J 78 DARNELL, DONALD, PlaTnviHe- — B.S., iology, Kappa Sigma Kappa - DAUGHERTY, LARRY. Wellington ' s, in Industrial Arts. JC-Club. Industrial Arts Club, Basketball DeLALR, PATRICIA, Greensburg — B.S, in Education. Elementary. Kits Kats, SNEA. DELLETT, JON, Garfield — A.B., Math and Chemistry. Phi Eta Sigma, Seventh Cavalry. Delta Epsilon, Wes- ley Foundation, Who ' s Who. DENNING, DEANNA, Ellis— B.S, in Education, Elemen- tary. Little Theater, SNEA. Newman Club, DENNING, VIRGIL J.. Hays— B.S. in Business. Newman Club, DENNIS. CAROLYN T., Great Bend— A,B., Political Science. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Tigerettes, Young Demo- crats. Chancery Club, Newman Club, SNEA, Who ' s Who, DILLINGER, DORIS, Brewster — B.S, in Business, Y.W.C.A,. SNEA. DODD, DIXIE, Hill City— A B., English. Spanish Club, Young Democrats, Intramurals. DOOLEY, JOSEPH, Hays — B.S. in Industrial Arts. In- dustrial Arts Club. DO REN K AMP. AGNES M. f Holly. Colo,— B.S. in Edu- cation, Elementary, Newman Club, SNEA, DOXGN, DEAN R.. Qu inter— B.S., Math. DRAGOO. LYLE K„ Mahaska— B.S, in Business. K-Club, Track, DUFF, ELLEN. Beloit — A.B., Psychology. Kappa Mu Ep- silon, Union Board, Program Council, DUNEKACK, DARREL W., Great Bend— B.S, in Agri- culture. E1CHELBERGER, MARIE J., Hays— B.S. in Home Eco- nomics. Kappa Omitron Phi, Class Da-Fr ELLER, JAMES M„ Hays- — B.S, In Physical Education, Eft BERT, DANIEL M.. Zurich— B.S. . Math Tau Kappa Epsilon, Newman Club. Math Club. ESTES. ELIZABETH A,. Abilene— B.M„ Music. Delta Zeta, Sigma Alpha lota, MENC, Concert Choir. iFort Hays Singers, EVANS, WILBUR E., Qulnter — B.S.. Math. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Wesley Foundation, Sigma Pi Sigma, FEIDEN. KAY ANN, Hays — B.S.. Education, Elementary, Sigma Sigma Sigma, WLO, SNEA. Who ' s Who. FERGUSON, WILLARD C. H Havlland— A.B., Biology. FLYNT, MARGARET F., Ponca City, Okla.— B.S., Math and Chemistry, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Epsilon, Math Club. Chemistry Club. FOLKERTS, CHARLOTTE A, Hays— A. B. English. Delta Zeta. Alpha Psi Omega, Sigma Alpha lota, Little The- a tar, French Club, Marching 100, Concert Band. FOLKERTS. KENNETH La Crosse— B.S. in Business. FOLKS, FRANCIS N„ Ashland— A. B., Botany. New- man Club. FORNEY, IMOGENE V.. Bunker Hill— B.M., Music. FRANZ. CLARENCE C, Colby— B.S. in Business, 179 FREDERJKSON, JoLYNNE, Hutchinson — B .M., Musk, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Alpha lota, Young Repub- licans, Tigerettes. FRITSCHE, RUTH HELEN, Osborne— B.S, in Education, Elementary, Y.W.C.A., SNEA, United Student Christian Fellowship, FRITSCHEN. LAWRENCE K., Dorrance— B.S, In Indus- trial Arts. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Newman Club, Indus- trial Arts Club. GABEL, DARRELL J„ Ellis— B.S., Math. GARRELTS, GAYLE R., Ransom— A 8. Political Science. Wrestling, Concert Choir, Fort Hays Singers, GATSCHET, FRANCIS. Hays— B.S. in Business. New- man Club. GEORGE, ROBERT D., Hays — A.B., Economics. Delta Sigma Phi, K-Club, Student Council, Vice Pres, of Senior Class, Swimming and Tennis, GETTY, DALE E„ Hays— B.S. in Business. Basketball, K- Club, GETTY, LAURA ELAINE, Downs — B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. Delta Zeta. GILBERT, ARLENE, LaCrosse— B.M., Music. Sigma Alpha lota, MENC, Choral Union, Marching 1 00. Concert Band. GILBERT, JAMES L,, Plainville— B.S. in Business, Gym- nastics team. GILLILAND, DAREL D., Hoxle — B.S, in Industrial Ads, Chemistry Club, Swimming. Fr-Ho Senior GILLILAND, KAREN E,. Hoxie — B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. GILLILAND, RONALD, Plainville — B.S in Education. Elementa ry. GOEKEN. JAMES 8„ Lenora— B.S.. Botany and Agri- culture. Tau Kappa Epsilon, GOTTSGHALK, GARY L„ Hoys— B,S, in Business. Kappa Sigma Kappa. GRACEY, PHYLLIS JEANNETTE, Hugoton— B.S, in Edu- cation, Elementary. SNEA. GRAVER, JOHN D., Rush Center — B.S., General Sci- ence. GRAY, LIONEL D., Smith Center— B.S. in Business, Alpha Pi Omega. GREIBEL 1 JOHN P„ Stockton — B.S. in Business, Acacia, 4-H Club, Young Republicans. GRIFFIN, JAMES F., Alton — B.S. in Industrial Arts, Delta Sigma Phi. GRIFFIN, KEN N„ Hays — A.B., History, Seventh Cav- alry [Pres.), Phi Alpha Theta, Leader and Reveille pho- tographer, Wesley Foundation (Pres, and vice pres,), Campus Christian Council (vice pres.). Who ' s Who. GROSS, KENNETH G,, Hays— B.S. in Business, GUM, DOROTHY ft . Hays — B.S, in Home Economics. GUYER, HOWARD H„ Osborne — B.S., Chemistry. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Chemistry Club. HAAS, VERNON J„ Hays— B.S. , Botany. HACKEROTT, EDWARD H. r Natoma — B.S. in Business. HAGMAN, HERBERT E t , Hays— B,$„ Chemistry and Math. Signa Tau Gamma, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Canterbury Club. 180 HALL, LARRY L, Minneola— A.B.. Math. HALLING, RONALD A„ Bucklin — B.S- in Industrial Arts. Gymnastics. HAILING, VIRGINIA A„ LaCrosse— B.S. in Education. Elementary. HAMEL, CLEOPHAS E . Domar— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Newman Club. Industrial Arts Club. HAMEL, THOMAS RAY, Zurich— B.S., Chemistry. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Honors Seminar. Delta Epsilon Intramurals, K-Award 1 Newman Club, Chemistry Club (vice pres.). Who ' s Who. HANSON, KATHLEEN A., Loomis, Neb.— B.S. in Physi- cal Education. WRA, Officials Club, Majors Club, HARVEY, LARRY V., Protection— B.S. in Physical Edu- cation. HEATON, PATRICIA L, Woodston— B.S. In Education, Elementary. Reveille. Young Republicans, SNEA. HECOX, ROBERTA J., Sharon Springs — B.S. in Home Economics. Sigma Kappa (sec.], Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Economics Club, Young Democrats, WRA. Theta Epsilon, Campus Boosters, Union Music Committee. HEMPHILL. LOREN E., lulca — B.S, in Physical Educa- tion HERNANDEZ, PAUL 8., Garden City— B.S. In Business. Newman Club. Young Democrats. HERTEL. DENIS L., Hays — B.S. in Business. Newman Club, Class Ha-Hu H 3 EBERT, JACK D., Great Bend — A.B.. Chemistry. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Chemistry Club, HILDEBRAND, ELSIE A. t Hill City— BS.. In Physical Education. WRA, Eta Rho Epsilon, Women ' s Officials Club. HILGERS, MAX A , Dodge City— B.S. in Art. HISS, LOREN A., Great Bend— B.S. In Business. HOCHANADEL. ANTHONY M., Hoislngton — A.B., Language. HOLEMAN. ROBERT F., Herlngton— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club (vice pres.). HOPKINS, DAVID ANTHONY, LaCrosse— A. B„ History, Phi Sigma Epsilon, IRC, Spanish Club, Progressive Party. HOPKINS, TERRY M., Hays — A.B.. English. Kappa Sigma Kappa. HORNUNG, RONALD L„ Speerville — B.S. in Business, Newman Club. HOUSEHOLDER, NANCY J . Belleville— A.6., English and Speech. Band, Clarinet Choir, Little Theater {pres.). HOWARD, R. ELAINE, Ness City— B.S, in Business. Sigma Kappa. Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA. HRAB1K. DONALD L., Hays— B.S, in Industrial Arts. Fpsflon Pi ' TSu (sec.) , Industrial Arts Club (sec.}, Foot ball HUDSON, JOHN J„ Hoys— B.S. in Physical Education, Track and Field, HU M RICH, PAUL J„ Smith Center— B.S. In Industrial Arts. 181 HUTCHCRAFT, THEODORE E„ Ploinville— B.S., Mathe- matics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, HUTTON, RODNEY K.. Budlin— B.S, in Industrial Arts, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Industrial Arts Club- ImMASCHE, DORIS KAY, Hays — B,S, in Education. Elementary. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Wesley Foundation, Panhelleiic Council. Leader, IRVINE, KEITH W., Little River — B.S. in Industrial Arts, IRC, Industrial Arts Club, $NEA r IVAN, JOHN £., Russell— AG. , Political Science. Young Democrats (Pres,). Debate. JANSONIUS, GEORGIA M., Prairie View— A.B., Soci- ology. JEFFERIES. GWEN M„ WaKeeney— B.S. in Education, Elementary, Alpha Gamma Delta. SNEA (trees.) JENSEN, DARYL D„ Brookville — B.S., Mathematics. Sigma Phi Epsilon. JOHNSON. VICTOR D„ Great Bend— BS. in Business. Kappa Sigma Kappa. JONES, DALE L„ Dodge City — A.B., Psychology, JONES, MAX M. p Monument — B.S. in Education. Ele- mentary, JUENEMANN, JOHN A„ Dellvale— B.S. in Business, Newman Club. JUNK, RAYMOND H., Downs — A.B., Mathematics. Mathematics Club, German Club, Newman Club. KAHLE, LARRY L., Hoxie — A.B., History, Phi Alpha Theta, Seventh Cavalry, IRC. KAISER, LAYTON L., Holsangton ' — A.B., History. Phi Alpha Theta, Newman Club, IRC. KANARD, THOMAS M., Russell— B,S. in Physical Edu- cation, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Wrestling, Football Hu-Kr Senior KARLS, AUDRY A., Leoville — A.B., English. Honors Seminar. KASPER, WILLIAM K„ Hays— B.S. in Business. Phi Eta Sigma, Who ' s Who. KEENAN, THOMAS M., Great Bend — B.S. in Industrial Arts. Epsilon Pi Tau (pres.). KELLER, DAVID, Ellis— B.S.. Physical Education. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Young " Republicans, Intramurals, Luth- eran Student Assn. KENDALL, BARBARA J., Mactsviile— B.S. in Education, Elementary Band. KISNER, ERNEST L„ Dodge City— A.B., English. KL1TZKE, MAX E., Ransom— B.S., General Science KNOLL, CARROLL A., Victoria— A, B.. English. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Young Republicans, Newman Club. KOCH, ROBERT E., Scott City — A. 6,, Economics and English, Seventh Cavalry (sec.). Phi Delta Kappa, Alpha Phi Omega, Chancery Club, KRAISJNGER, GARY LEE, Great Bend — A.B., History, Sigma Tau Gamma, IFC. Young Republicans, KRATZER, BARRY D., Ho ie — B.$, in Industrial Arts. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Wrestling, Industrial Arts Club. KRAUS, ROBERTA LEE, Garden City — -B.S. In Education, Elementary, Newman Club, SNEA. 132 LATHAM, DOHN G„ Osborne— B.S, in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club. LEIKER, ERNEST, Hays— B.S. in Business. LEITNER, LARRY D., Herndon— B.S. Math. Math Club. Newman Club, SNEA. LESSEIG, SAMUEL L, Hays— B.S., Math. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Epsi- lon, Honors Seminar, SNEA, Progressive Party, Student Council, Student Body Pres. (4), Who ' s Who. LINDAHL, DAVID A., Plevna— B.S. , Genera! Science. Track LOCKMAN, CAROLYN M. p Ford— B.S. In Home Eco- nomics. Alpha Gamma Delta, Home Economics Club. SNEA, Kit Kats (pres.), Tigerettes. Reveille, Second Generation Club, LOF5TEAD, KAREN F., Ellis— B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. Delta Zeta. Tigerettes, SNEA Kit Kats. Pan- hellenlc Council (pres.}. LOWER, BEVERLY A.. Sublette — B.S. in Home Eco- nomics. LUCAS, ROBERTA, Goodland— A.B., Sociology. Sigma Kappa (pres.}. Union Program Council, Union Music Committee fchr.). McADQQ, WILLIAM A, Larned— A.B., Political Sci- ence. Phi Eta Sigma, Student Council, Senior Class president, Tennis, Who ' s Who. McCALL, DALE D.. Culver— B.S., Math. SNEA. McCOMBS, NANCf ANN, Russell— B.S in Art, McCRElGHT. RODGER A., Ness City— B.S. in Business, McFADDEN. SANDRA K., Osborne— B.S. In Physical Edu- cation. Eta Rho Epsilon, Penguin Club, WRA, MclNTOSH, IRIS E., McDonald— B.S, in Home Eco- nomics. WRA ( vice-pres.) , Campus Booslers, Home Eco- nomics Club, Canterbury Club (sec. and treas.) , SNEA. MclNTOSH, NORMAN L„ Hays — B.S. in Business, Can- terbury Club, Class La-Me MclNTYRE, MAX L., Coldwater— A,B„ History. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Concert Choir. Fort Hays Singers, IFC. McKENZIE, VIRGIE, Ransom — B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. Alpha Gamma Delta (pres.). McNEAL, DENZIL D., Hays — A.B., English, Sigma Tau Gamma. Leader, Chora Union. McQUEEN, KERRY E-, Phillipsburg — B.S. in. Business. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Wrestling. MADER, MARVIN E., Hays — A.B., English. Leader. MAHAN, WAYNE K„ Minneola— B.S. " Math. MALCOLM, JAMES V., Almena— B.S,, Biology, MARTIN, DANNY B„ Chase— B.S- Botany. Kappa Sig- ma Kappa. MASTERSON. TERRENCE M„ Hays— B.S, In Physical Education. Football, MEIER, LARRY D. t Abilene— -B.S. in Agriculture, Sigma Tau Gamma, Industrial Arts Club. METCALF, PATRICIA A., Lyons— B.S, in Education, Ele mentary. MEYER, RICHARD E., Natoma— A.B., History and Eng- lish. Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who. 1 83 MICHAEL, WILLIAM D., Hays— B.S. in Economics. MILES, MARCEL J., Jewell— B.S. in Business. MILLER, BONNIE J., Hudson — B.S. In Home Economics. Kappa Omicron Phi. Home Economics Club. MILLER, SAMUEL M.. Russell — B.S. in Agriculture. MILLER, WARREN, Kansas City—B.S. in Physical Edu- cation. Football. MOG r 5IDNE SUE. Lamed — B-S. In Physical Education. Eta Rho Epsilon, WRA. Women ' s Intramurals, Orchesis, MONEY, MIKE K., Hill City— B.S. In Business. Tau Kappa Epsilon (vice pres.). Campus Boosters (pres, IFC. MOREHEAD. DONALD M., Downs — A.B.. Speech. Kappa Sigma Kappa. Newman Club, IFC, Sweetheart Attendant ' 57. Kappa Sigma Kappa [pres,). MOSES, S HIRLEY A,, Hays— B.S. In Education, Ele- mentary. Sigma Sigma Sigma, $NEA, MOSIER, WILLIAM DAVID, Hays— B.S. in Business. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Young Republicans, Student Council. Program Council. Chancery Club, Reveille, Vice-pres. Freshman class. Pres, sophomore class, MULLEN, BRIAN A., Stockton — B.S. in Physical Educa- tion. MULLEN IX, DOUGLAS K„ Claflin— B.S. in Physical Education. Mi-Or Senior MURPHY, DUANE A„ Rozel— A.B., Chemistry, Chem- istry Club. NEAL, DEAN R„ Hays— A.B., Spanish. NEELY, JERRY J., BucUin — B.S, in Business, Kappa Sig- ma Kappa (pres.). NELSON, BARBARA J,, Garfield — B.S. in Business. Sigma Sigma Sigma. NELSON, JOHN K., WaKeeney— B.S. Math. Phi Sigma Epsilon. NELSON, ROGER D., Hays— A.B., Math. Phi Sigma Epsilon. NEWTON, LARRY M., Russell— B.S . Math, NICHOLAS, GEORGE A., Geneseo — A. 8,, Psychology. Delta Sigma Phi. NORTON, WARREN W., Hoislngton — -A, 8., Political Science. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Pi Kappa Delta, Seventh Cavalry, Honors Seminar, Debate. Student Council, Pres, of Freshman Class, Who ' s Who. OELKE, CAROL A,, Hoiie — -B.S. in Education. Elemen- tary. SNEA, Gamma Delta. OFFNER, KENNETH M.. Utica— B.5., Biology. OHLEMElER, BILL J., LaCrosse — A.B., Speech. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Leader, Student Council Pres, of Junior Class, Student Orientation Committee. O ' LEARY, JOHN R., Pretty Prairie — A.B., Political Sci- ence. OLIVERIUS, ROGER J., Timken— 8,M., Music. OLSON, MERLIN E, Assaria — B.S,, Biology, ORR, CURTIS L., Woodston — B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. OSTROM, STEPHEN F,, Hays— B.S, in Industrial Arts, Canterbury Club, OSWALD, LLOYD E„ Gorham— A.B., English. Honors Seminar, Young Repubiicans. PALMER, PAUL E„ Hoys— B.S. in Physical Education. ICClub, SNEA, Basketball, Golf. PALMER. WENDELL, Liberal— B.S. in Physical Educa- tion. PARKER, LLOYD R., Hays— B.M,. Music, Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Choir. Orchestra. PATE, MARY E., Hutchinson— A. B-. Chemistry, Delta Epsilon. Honors Seminar, Chemistry Club (sec.), Who s Who. PATTON, MARILYN Y., Scott City— B.S. in Business. YWCA, Penguin Club (pres.). PAULEY, GALE L, Woodston— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Oub- PAUSTfAN, GAY L., LaC osse— A,B . Speech and Eng lish. Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Psi Omega. PETERSON, R. LLOYD, Hays — B.S. in Business, Reveille Leader. PETERSON, MILDRED J„ Bushtorv— B.S. in Home Eco- nomics, Home Economics Club. Kappa Phi, Wesley Foundation, SNEA. PFEIFER, JAMES F„ H ays— B.S. in Business. Class Os-Ri PFENNINGER, BILL J, t Scott City — B.S- in Industrial Arts Club. PICKERING, DAVID L., Little River— B.S , Math. POAGE, RICHARD L„ Jennings— B.S. in Physical Edu- cation, Football, K-Club (trees,). POAGE, SHIRLEY, Almene— B,M., Music. Sigma Alpha lota. POPP, DENNIS E„ Hays— B.S. in Business. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Basketball, Track, POUNDS, WANDA, Brewster— B.S, in Education. Ele mentary. SNEA. POWERS. RAMON S., Gove— A. B., History. Phi Sigma Epsilon, IRC. Phi Alpha Theta. PURER. LEONARD E., Liberal — A. B.. History. Young Republicans. Kappa Sigma Kappa. REED, CLARENE M., Hoxie— B,S. in Home Economcs. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa O mi cron Phi, Home Eco nomics Club. REED, JEROME H., Hoxie— B.S. in Physical Education. Delta Sigma Phi, K-Club, Swimming. REISIS, ADOLPH A., Hays— B.S. in Business. R IDG WAY, ROBERT, Dodge City— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Alpha Phi Omega. RIEDEL, HOWARD A„ Stockton— B,S. in Industrial Arts. Delta Sigma Phi, RIISOE. JULIE, Kinsley— A.B„ English. Sigma Kappa. YWCA, Girls ' Ensemble. RI LEY, GERALD E«, Dighton— B,S. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club. RINK EL. EUNICE K„ Havlland— B.S., General Science Alpha Lambda Delta, Nurses Club, Wesley Foundation, Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who, ROBERTS, ELAINE K. p Hutchinson— B.S. in Educatior, Elementary. Young Republicans, SNEA. Wesley Founda- tion, Band Majorette, Who ' s Who. ROBERTS, JOYCE, Qumter — A.B. French. Lambda lota Tau, WLO, French Club, SNEA, Honors Seminar, Who ' s Who, ROBL ALVIN L., Chase — A.B. Chemistry. Newman Club. ROEDEL, DEAN L,, Oberlin— B.S. in Physical Education, Wrestling, K-Club, ROGERS, GORDON, St. Francis— B.S. in Business, Tau Kappa Epsilon, RUSSELL, LEO J., PlainvlHe— A.B., English. RYAN. JOHN, Hays- — B.S. m Business. SCHECK, PATRICIA A., Hays— G.M., Music. Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota, Who ' s Who, SCHMALZRIED, DONALD R.. Hays— B.S., Chemistry. Chemistry Club. Intramurals, SCHMIDT, GERALDINE M., Hays— B.S. in Art. Honors Seminar, Kappa Phi. SCHMIDT. HAROLD, Russell— B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. KSTA. SNEA. SCHROCK. GARY A., Hays— B.S. in Business. SCHUELER, MARY E;, Hays— B.M„ Music. Sigma Al- pha lota, Honors Seminar, MENC, Newman Club, Sec- ond Generation Club, Band, Orchestra, Choir. Clarinet Choir, SCHULTE, LeROY, Densmore — B.S. in Business. SCHUMACHER, ANTHONY — Hays — B.S. in Business. Newman Club. Young Democrats, SCHWARTZKOPF, EDWARD L., Hays— B.S., Chemistry and Math. Golf, SNEA. Ro-SI Senior SCOTT, MARY L„ Chester, Nebr. — A.B., Speech, SEI BEL, MONTE J . Leoti — B.M,, Music, Phi Mu Alpha, Fort Hays Singers, Concert Choir, Male Quartet, Who ' s Who. SEIBERT, KENNETH, Great Bend— B.S. In Busine . SELFRIDGE, KAREN L. f Hanston — B.S. ' in Home Eco- nomics. Home Economics Club. SNEA, Kappa Omicron Phi, SESSIN, GUY W., Ellis — B.S, in Business. Young Repub- licans, SEYBOLD, JOAN M., Hays— B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary SHIMEK, ROGER L., Jennings — B.S. in Physical Educa- tion. SNEA, Vets Club. Intram urals, SHORT, DONALD D., Goodland — A,B„ Political Sci- ence. Sigma Tau Gamma. SIDLOW, NELMARIE, Haven- — B.S. in Home Economics. Kappa Omicron Phi, Home Economics Club. SNEA. Choir, Glee Club. SIEBERT, K r L, Ulysses — B.S., Math, SIMONEAU, LEROY E., Damar — B.S, in Industrial Arts, Industrial Ads Club, Newman Club. SLOAN, MARY, Topeka — B.S, in Education, Elementary. 1 86 SMITH, CHARLES R.. Johnson— B.S.. Biology, SMITH, DAVID L., Great Bend— A.B.. History. SMITH, DOROTHY M. f Marisnthal — B.S, in Education, Elementary. SNEA, SMITH, EDITH P,, Burdett— B.S. in Home Economics. Home Economics Club, Kappa Omicron Phi (sec,]. SMITH, PAUL L, Smith Center— 8. S. in Industrial Arts. SMITH, ROBERT D., Burdett— A.B.. English. SNEA, Col- legiate 4-H. SNEED, GARY D, Haviland— A,B., Math. Kappa Mu Epsilon Tract, K-Club. SNOOK, MAXINE, Jetmore— A.B. in Art. Program Council. SNYDER, ROWENA A., Dodge City— B.S. in Education, Elementary. Delta Zete, SNEA, Young Republicans, TEgerettes. SOCHA, LORETTA L„ Sallna— A.B., Art. Alpha Sigma Alpha {pres.]. Alpha Psi Omega, Little Theater, Young Democrats, Spanish Club. Orchesis, Union Dance Com- mittee. Union Program Council, Tigeretfes, Hospitality Committee. SOEKEN, CECIL Lorraine — B.$. in Business. Gamma Delta, Tennis SPERLING, JEANETTE K„. Hanston— B.S. in Education, Elementary. Alpha Gamma Delta. SPICER. JOAN. PhlSIipsburg — B.S. in Education, Elemen- tary. Alpha Gamma Delta. STAPLETON, MARGARET K., Jewell— A.B., History. WLO (pres,). Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Junior Class Sec.-Trees., Student Council, YWCA (pres.). Wesley Foundation Council, Who ' s Who. STEVENSON, MARVIN L, Miltonvale— B-S-, Math. K- Club, Football, Track. STOSKOPF, L. R„ Hoislngton— B.S„ in Industrial Arts. Class Sm-Tr STOSS, JOHN D„ Otis— A. B. Speech. SURPRISE, DAVID L.. WaKeeney— B.5, in Business, SWARTZ, RALPH L. p Sharon Springs — B.S,, Math, THAETE. MARNIE K., Sylvan Grove— B.S. In Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club, THIELEN, G. NEAL, Dorrance— B.S. in Business. New- man Club, Young Democrats, THOMPSON. ESTHER M., Minneola— B,S. in Education, Elementary. WRA, THOMPSON, LAURA A., Pratt— B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. Alpha Gamma Delta. Kit Kats (v. pres.}, Tigerettes (pres,}, SNEA, Panhellenic Council. THORNBURG, AILENE M. t Utica— B.M., Music, Sigma Alpha lota. THORNBURG, CORALEE. Utica— B.S, in Education, Elementary, SNEA. THORNBURG, LARRY S. t Hutchinson— B.S. in Indus- trial Arts. Industrial Arts Club. THORNBURG, ROY F t , Utica— B.S, in Agriculture, TREBILCOCK, MONTA GLEA, Otis— B.S. in Education, Elementary. French Club, 107 TROGDON. GARY P., Hugoton— B.S., Geology. TRUAN, SHARON A.. Hays— B.S. in Education and Art. Delta Zeta. SNEA. TUTTLE. MARITA G., Quinter— B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. WRA, SNEA, Wesley Foundation. UNRUH, PHIL L„ Copeland — B.S. In Physical Educa- tion, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Young Republicans. Track. UTZ, NORMAN L., Plains— A. B., Psychology. Who ' s Who. UTZ ( SHARON K., Hutchinson — A,B„ Speech. Who ' s Who. Dames Club, Honors Seminar. VAP, SHIRLEY L., Trenton, Nebr. — B,5. in Education, Elementary, Newman Club. VESECKY, MARY L, t Timken — B.S. in Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Newman Club, Girls ' Ensemble. VITZTUM, CAROL M, Hays— A. B., Speech. VON LINTEL. ENOLA, Hays— B.S. in Art. Newman Club. YOTRUBA, LaDENE J., Wilson — B-S. in Art. Union Movie Committee, Choral Union, WADE, ARABELLE M„ Spearville— B.S, in Home Eco- nomics, Home Economics Club. Tr-Wi Senior WAECHTER, CARL D, Lakin— B.S. in Agriculture. WAGGLE. DOYLE H, Hays— B,S. Chemistry and Bot- any Kappa Sigma Kappa. WAGGLE, TERRY, Colby — -A.B., English. Alpha Gamma Delta, SNEA, Union Program Council WAGNER, MELVIN J., Fort Coll, ns, Cob,— B.S. in In- dustrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club, WANKER, CAROLYN R,. Pa ' co— B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. Sigma Sigma Sigma Pres., WLO, Gamma Delta. Student Council $ec,-Treas., Band, Senior Class Sec.-Treas., Who ' s Who. WANKER, GERALD D., Palco— B.S., Chemistry. Tau Kappa Epsilon. WATTS. JEANNE J.. Kensington — B.M,, Music. Sigma Ajpha lota. WEBB, WILLIAM K., Norton— B.S. in Business, Pi Kappa Delta, Alpha Phi Omega, Debate. Chancery Club. WiiNHOLD, LEANN L, Belleville— B.S. in Education, Elementary, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Alpha lota, SNEA. MENC, Band, Brass Choir, Campus Boosters, Custer Hall Pres. WEIS. CLARANN L,. El [inwood — A.B,, Speech, Alpha PsI Omega. SNEA, German Club, Newman Club, Young Republicans. WRA, Little Theater, Progressive Party, WESTBROOK, JERRY A,, Kirwin — -B.S, in Agriculture. Tau Kappa Epsilon, 4-H Club, Young Republicans WHITE, JACOB E., Hill City — B.S. in Agriculture. Young Republicans. WICKIZER, CHRISTINE, WaKeeney — B.M. Music Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Alpha lota. WICKIZER. SHARON D.. Goodland-B.S,, Music. Sig- ma Alpha lota, Choir, WICKIZER. WALDO L. WaKeeney— B.S, in Art. Sigma Phi Epsilon. WILEY, GARY D,, Safina — B.M., Music. Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Choir, Choral Union, Pep Band. WILKENS, GLENN E., Lorraine— B.S. in Industrial Ads. industrial Arts Club. WILSON, BARBARA H, t Claflin— 8.M., Music. Sigma Alpha Iota (vice-pres.), Alpha Lambda Delta, Choral Union, WlO, MENC, Honors Seminar, Choir, Fort Hays Singers, Who ' s Who. WILSON, WILLIAM B„ Latin— B.S., Biology, Tract, K- Club, Campus Christian Council. WILSON, WILLIAM L, Russell— B.S. in Physical Educa- tion, Kappa Sigma Kappa. WINDLE, JAMES L., Colby— B.S. in Agriculture. Delta Sigma Phi, 4-H Club, Wesley Foundation, Young Demo- crats, WINGATE, LYLE A., Pretty Prairie— B.S. in Physical Education. Basketball, Track, K-Club (pres.)- WINTER, GEORGE A„ Hoisington — B.S, in Industrial Arts, Industrial Ark Club. Wesley Foundation. WOLF, DALE J., Hays— B.S, In Business. Newman Club. Young Democrats, WOLTERS, GALE, Portis — B.S., Botany. Kappa Sigma Kappa. WOMOCHJL, SHELDON A., Abilene— B.S, In industrial Arts. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Arts Club, WONDERUCH, CAROL J., Holcomb— B,S- in " Educa- tion, Elementary. Who ' s Who. WOODSON, JACQU ALINE J +1 Copeland — B.S. En Busi- ness. Class Wi-Za WOODSON, SANDRA L, Pen a lose — B.5, in Education, Elementary, Alpha Lambda Delta, SNEA, Who ' s Who, WRIGHT, RICHARD L. Glen Elder— B.S. in Business, YONKEY, MERLYN L, St. Francis— B.S, in Business. YOUNG, KATHRYN L.. Protection— B.S., Chemistry and Zoology, YOUNG, ROGER A., Ellis— B.S., Math. YOUNGDAHL. CHARLES, Salina— B.S. in Business. Al- pha Phi Omega. YQUTSEY, DAVID Dorrance — B.S, in Industrial Arts, Kappa Sigma Kappa. ZAMRZLA, JAMES L,, Wilson — B.S, in Industrial Arts. BRUSH, DAWN, Downs— Diploma in Nursing. Delta Zeta, Nurses Club. FLETCHER, JANICE C„ Buckfln— B.S., General Science. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Nurses Club, KSSNA [pres,], Who ' s Who. GOEHRING, DORIS E.. Kinsley— B.S., General Science. Nurses Club, KNUDSON, KAROL ANN, Ludell— B,$., General Sci- ence, Nurses Club. KSSNA. SCHERTZ, SHARON F„ Winona— B.S. . General Science, Nurses Club. STEINLE, VALEDA C., Quinter— Diploma in Nursing, Nurses Club. THEANDER, MARY M., Ashland— B.S,, General Sci- ence. Nurses Club. CLASS OF ' 62 Declaration of a major is one important step for a junior. In this he determines his possible life ' s work and sets up as his goal a degree in his major field. A more polished, confident and learned student faces his studies with a clear aim in mind and works to satisfy an end; the achievement of a higher education. With the voice of confidence and experience, he offers advice to the freshmen and sophomores, then follows in the footsteps of the seniors. Junior doss officers: Marilyn McC ' lellen, sec.-treas.; Richard Packard, vice pres.; and Preston McLeod, pres., discuss several points they plan to bring up at the next student council meeting. Ac-Bo Juniors Ackerman, Ronald C., Larned Adams Dovie M m Hays Ashby, Oren E,, Dighton Aurand, Vera, Hardy, Neb. Austin, John M., Garden City Axman, Anthony, Olmitz Bahm, Bdean, Scott Cify Baker, Ruth A r , Wilmore Ball, Janice, Hays Barngrover, Loren L., Dodge City Barrows, Rodney. T., Ness City Bartholomew, Philip, Great Bend Bauer, Kent, Pawnee Rock Bauman, Darryl, Goodland Baumfalk. Clara, Atwood Beaumont, Lyle R., Clifton Beaver, Judith, St. John Beaver, Larry E., Qulnter Beclter, Larry W., Russell Beecher, Lowell, Hill City Beforf, Charles. Hays " Befort, Gerald ., Hays Bell, Lords V., Hill City Beltz, Althea, Jetmore Billings, Nanette, WaKeeney Bishop, Bruce E.. Norcafur Blain, Steve, Colby Boomhower, Kenneth, Hoisingion Bordewick. John, Seward Bornemann, James, Torrlngfon, Wyo. 190 Bossa, Ann. Libera! Bowman, Richard L r , Weskan Bradshaw. John R., Langdon Brazda, Evelyn A., Timken fireitenbach, Peggy, Belpre Brenemen, Alberta, Fairfax, Calif. Bnnker. James, Cawker City Brown, Lou J., Kinsley Brucdeni, Joseph C,, Great Bend Brungardt, Darrell F., Hays Burger, Terry, Hays Burr, Merlyn K,, St. Francis Carlson, Walton F r , Plainvllle Carr, John L., Byers Church, Daniel D., Jetmore Clark, Elmira, Russell Clement, Archie. Hill City Cobbs, Elbert, Newton Cothran, Marvin J., Liberal Connally, Richard D + , WaKeeney Juniors Bo-Ei Crist, Gary D., Syracuse Crocker, Benjamin C„ Ulysses Crosby, Donald R-, Ashland Curtis, Phillip, St. John Curtis, Robert G., St. John Daniels, Linda, Ness City Daniels. Ronald W„ Scott City Davis, John, Garden City Davison, William, Tribune DeBoer, Joan. Rrairie View DeGarmo, Harlan, Haviland Delender, Helen, Kinsley Dillon, Terry J.. Glasco Dodrill, James. Gove Dolecek, Millicent, Ellsworth Donarf, Gary, Johnson Dreiling, Mary, Victoria Eckert, Harry, Great Bend Eilers. Patricia, Mankato Eisenhour, Joyce McCracken Eisenhour, Larry Q,, McCracken Ellis. Danny R„ Burdett Engel, Mike, Wellington Ernst, Gary, Dodge City Esplund, Linda, Minneolo Estes, Stan, Kanorado Eve I, Della M., Utica Fellers, Beth, Hays Fellers, Jeremiah, Victoria Fetters, Janies, Bridgeton Terrace Mo, Ford, King, Lucas Fok, James L, r St, John Fra nclsco, John, Plainville Franks, Danny D,, Hays Galliart, Jerry, Beaver Galliart. Karen, Dorrance Getty. Karen, Almena Ge+ty, Rose, Hays Gibson, Norma, Dlghton Giebler, Gale R., Hays Glasscock, Carol, St. John Good, Larry R,. Hugoton Goodheart, Chester, Russell Good heart, Gary R.. Russell Goodrow, Kenneth K., Morland Ei-Ha Junior Gracey, Alvin, Hugoton Graf. Marilyn, Long Island Grantham, Warren L„ Hays Graver. Leon B., Lamed Greenwood, Ronald, Russell Griffith , Gary D., Norton Griffitts, Joanne, Randall Grosshans, Meryl E.. Scott City Grund, Evan F„ Sharon Springs Guinn, Larry, Oberlin Gumm, Keith E., Bucklin Hallagin, Sonje L. McDonald Hammer, Robert J., Elllnwood Hanson, John E.. Courtland Harmon, Paula, Oberlin Harmon, Roger, Great Bend Harrison, Janet, Hays Hertzler, Duane, Woodston 192 Hauck, Jerome C., Glasco Hawkins, Larry, McDonald Hayes, Nanette, Brewster Hazlett, John, Norton Hedge, Mary L., Hoxle Heffel, Larry L., Dorrance Heide, Linda, Smith Center Hemken, Ernest W-, Hays Henningson, Carl R,, Herndon Hermes, Myron G„ Hays Hilgers, Ronald O,, Plainville Hinkle, Jeanne, Canton Hinz, Roger N., St, Francis Hinz, Sue, S t, Francis Hirt, Bethold J„ Dorrance Hobble, Rhoda, Tipton Hofaker. Richard D,. Logan Hogsett, Stanley G., Hays Holmes, Carol, Utica Horning, Mary, Ransom Howell, Nelson A.. Olmitz Hrabik, Janice, Hays Huber, John E., Selden Hudson, James F„ Hays Huebner, Ronald, Bushton Hullman, Don H-, St, John Inman. William L„ Lelcin Johnson, Donald E r , Hays Johnson, James, Prairie View Johnston, Keith, Lyons Class Ha-Kr Jones, Darrell A., Hill City Jones, Paul L., Rush Center Jones, Roy, Dodge City Jones, Theador E., Russell Justus, J, D r| Sterling Kaufman, Delores, Scott City Kaufman, Norman T„ Dorrance Keener, Edwin Q-, Olmitz Keith. Gene R., MorUnd Kendall, Robert, Phillipsburg Kerstetter, Judi, Protection Kibbe, Robert L,, Randall Kiel, Sharon, Goodland Kline, Donald, Topeka Kobler, Gilbert, Hays Kohls, Norwin, Ellsworth Koochel, Larry. Albert Kralicek, Oliver D,. Hunter 193 Krentzel, Marlin. Garden City Krug. Donald F., Russell Krug, Robert, Russell Kruse, Me Leoville Kyner, Carol, Sharon Springs Lacey, Philip, Hoisington Lane, Thomas, Russell Langdon, Larry, Russell Langley Michael A. Ellis Larson, Dean, Ada Law, Marcus, Wa Keeney Lechtenberger, Rudolph, Selden Lessor, Delbert L. WaKeeney Lewis, Arnold, Saline Lewis Elvifl Dm Hays Link, Deanna. Chase Lockwood, Larry L., Kinsley Lofsfead, Mary A,, Lebanon Kr-Me Junior lohr, Theodore E,, Kanorado Lomax, Carl, Modoc Lunsford, Larry, Hays Lyman, Jerry, Dighton Mack, Joan, Dighton Maddy, Patricia L., Belleville- Margheim, Edwin, WaKeeney Margueling, Robert J„ Park Marshall, Errol C„ Mlnneola Marshall, LaVeta J.. Hays Marshall, Norman. Stockton Marshall, Rodney Q r , Mlnneola Massey, Paul £., Kiowa McAtee. Richard, Ellis McCall, Richard D., Russell McClellan, Marilyn D., Glade McCord. Jack M„ Russell McFall, Mary, Coats McGujre, Marilyn, Hays McIntosh, Charles, Hays McKinney, William, Lincoln McLeod. William P_, Selina McMulkin, Francis W., Norton McNerney, Neil, WaKeeney McQueen, Junell, Kensington Meier. Robert, Hays Melhus. Harold, Scandia Merri field, Leonard. Agra Mesa, Manuel. Kanopolis Meyers, Clayton, Lamed 194 Mickey, John. Hoxle Miesner, James, Oberlin Milford, Michael, Dodge City Miller Darrel., Moscow Miller, Marlene, Bison Miller, Robert, Great Bend Mills, Arlyn, Nekoma Mindling, Gene, Plainville Moeller, Dallas, Plainville Mog, Robert, Russell Moler, Marilyn, Garden City Mooney, Carl, Burrlon Morris, Glenda, Dighten Morss, Anefte, Ellsworth Mothershead, CaroJyn, Selina Mowery, Judy, Osborne Munds, John, Burrton Murphy, Roger, Great Bend Class Mi-Pr Murray, Gail, WelUville Nagel, Harold, Alton Nagel, Robert, La Crosse Nelson, Kenneth. Garfield Newell, Norman, Damar Nickels, Charles, Kinsley Nickelson, Marfyn, WiEmore Nold, Ronald, Abilene Nordman, Ralph, Glmitz Norton. Ben, Abilene Nusse p Janet, Liberal Oliver, Russell, Satanta Opliger, Ldend. Agra Packard, Richard, Gove Parish, Harlie, Great Bend Parish, Janice, Ruleton Parks, Charles, Macksville Patterson, Myra, Roiel Pavlicek, Robert, Oberlin Paxton, Garald, St. Francis Pearson, " Joyce, Leoti Fellow, Robert. Kansas City Percival, Patti, Hoxie Petersllie, Frankie, Cunningham Petra cek, Rose, Jennings Philip, Joyce, Brownell Poage. Donna. Jamestown Price, Billy, Nekoma Price, Lois, Hanston Prinson, Ann, Prairie View 195 .C O (Pi Qr ' ri ■ g.l Proffitt, John B.. Raymond Pruter. Robert, Hays PyweJt, Richard. Zurich Quenzer, Allen D., Utica QuillTn, Ronald W„ Osborne Rahimiari, Hossein. Teheran, Iran Railing, Larry, Dodge City Raktin. Carrold J., Muilinville Rath. Dale, St, Francis Rasek. Linda, Great Bend Reeder,, Melvin, Ulysses Reeves, Tommy A., Ulysses Reifschneider, Bill M., Leoti Relnert, Carol G., Cimarron Reiss, Clifford, Meade Reissig, Donald. Russell R ' chardson, Stanton B., Wilmore Rider, Lillian, Hays Pr-Sc Junior Riedel, John. Walker Robben P Bertram, Hq ie Rodeman, fteva ,, Ness City Roesch, Curtis W., Quinter Rogers, Vicki A., Downs Rohr, Marjorie, Hays Rohr, Maurice, Hays Rohr, Thomas, Ness City Rome, Marjorie A., Gorham Romeiser, Gary L, Rush Center Rose, Daniel, Haviland Rose. John R., Haviland Rossmiller, Eldon, Fairburg, Neb. Roth, Mercian F., Hays Rowley. Marilyn K ., Hoisington Rgmley, Dennis W., Dorr an CO Rusco, James R., Great Bend Ruth. Darrel, Johnson Sawyer, LeRoy, Lewis Scanland, Bruce L., Jamestown Schalansky, James, Kirwm Schieferecke, James, Dresden Sehlick, Ralph, Grainfield Schlichting, Karl, Fowler Sehmalzried. Beverly, Dighton Schmidt, Fred, Russell Schmidt, Wayne, Hays Schmoekef, Janice. Ellsworth Schoen, Everett, Downs Sehrock, Donald D-, Tvienka+o 196 Schroeder, Max, Larred Schroeder, Sandra, Colby Schultz. Gary D., Sylvia Schultz. Gary L, Stockton Schultz, Virginia, Colby Schumacher, Tim, Hays Schupman, Arlyn, LaCrosse Scott, Richard H., Lamed Seery, Karen M,. Hays Sewell. C, W.. Hays Shaffer, Mary Margaret, Salina Shively, Jon W., WaKeeney Siemers, Galen On Luray Sigle, Peggy, Luray Simmons, Richard L. , Oakley Singleton, Harold, Plevna Singleton, Janet W., Plevna Siveslnd, Carlyle R., Hays Class Sc-Ta Smith. Ivan. Osborne Smith, Jan ML, LaCrosse Smith, Richard C., Lewis Smith, Robert A., Lenora Smith, Valda, Arnold Smith, Verle, Courtland Soeken, Ronald C., Lorraine Squier, Gale, Brownell Staub. Stephen, St. John St eg m a n, James A., Lexington. Park, Md. Stehno, Patricia, Atwood Steinert, Roger W„ Russell Steinert, Stanley K r , Ransom Steinert, Wayne, Ransom Stephens, Donna, Goodland Sterrett, Carolyn J., Qulnter Stites, Glenda, Hill City Stonebraker. David, Pratt Storer, Donald, Hoxie Stoskopf, Darrel, Hoisington Stoskopf Linda M., Hoisington Stout. Jack, Liberal Stremel. Francis J., Hays Strieker, Thomas, Russell Suhler, Caro! A, Lamed Swimmers, Ruth Scott City Suppes, Victor, LaCrosse Sutton, Mollie K., Ensign Swift, Kleo L., Jennings Tasset, Lowell, Spearvllle 197 Taylor, Beverly A., Lyons Taylor, Sheila, Greensburg Thomas, Shirley F., Pn ' lco Thompson, Donald, Buirton Thornburg, Esther, Hays Titus, George, Hugofon Toland. Kimberly, Lyces Towns, Billy. Hays Townsend, Daniel, Phillipsbyrg Tritt, Francis L, Hays Turnbull, James L, Stockton T Lrstin , Gordon. Oakley Tuttle, Mahfon A,, Quinfer Urban, Dennis J. r Bison Van DeWego, Harlan D,, Prairie View Van DeWege, Neva L„ Prairie View Vorhoeff, Sherman, Grmnell Von Feldt, Karlos M„ Victoria Vosburgh, Donald, Mactsville Walkor, Charles G., McCracken Walker. Dole, £nglewood Wallgren, Robert, Hoys Walters, Herbert, Hays Won fee r, Carol B r , Hoys Waslnger. Harold E., Wa Keeney Waters, Phillip A,, Lebanon Webster, Jolene, Stockton We in hold, Harold, Sylvan Grove Weis, Robert, Russell Weiser. Valarian F,, Norton Ta-21 Juniors Welch, David, Garfield Weller, Randall, Paradise Wells, Alita L, Scott City Whifmer, George, Dorrance Wicknam. Rosemary, Hays Wickham, Warren P,, Beloit Wiley. Barbara J., Dodge City Willson, Margaret C,. Russell Wilson. Francis, Leoti Winkler, Charles, Roiel Witte. Does Id E., Great Bend Wood, Virginia, Hays Yeager, Gerald, Banina Young, Harold, Lamed Young, Rena R„ Ellis Zecbmelster, Jeanette, Ploiiwillo Zerr, Gerald J., Park Zier. Rolland M., Lincoln 198 CLASS OF ' 63 Classified sophomores began their year with proficiency tests, and. being more fa- miliar with college life, bfegan planning the best way to accomplish their goals As a second-year student, a sophomore has more opportunities to hold offices in the organi- zations to which he belongs and may ac- quire an avid interest in particular courses; an interest that may lead to ' his choice of a major. A sophomore has learned to make the most of his time and how to use it to his best advantage. He is well on his way to attaining his goal. Planning ihe strategy for the annual fres-Tv man-sophomore tug-of-war, lies in the hands of the sophomore class officers, pres, Pat- rick Dale; sec.4reas-, Marcelyn Stevenson and vice pres., Larry Ehrlich, Abhors, Robert F. r Glon Elder ASbers, Bernard A,. Park Alien, Carol £., Stafford Apsley. Kenneth £., Satanta Arnold, Loren W,, Garfield Ary, Mike I V,, Lewis Ashton, Bruce K,, Belleville Atchison. Carson H., Kirwlft Augustine, Glen W,, Lenora Augustine. Shiela K.„ Ellis Boalmao, Thomas P-. Grinnell Bahm, Ron aid AJamota Baird, James R.. Brewster Baker, Linde J., Simpson Baldwin, Richard, G.. Zurich Ball. Garry E. , Asset! a Bangle. David L.. Morland Banister, Terry L,. Ellis Barnes, Bitkley A., Colby Barnett, Sera A„ Hays Bauer, Karen L., St, John Baumrucker. Thomas J-, Gorham Baxter, William A., Hays Bay, Robert W., Russell Becker, Carole A., Luray Berkley, Sue, Scott City Beckman, Charles W., Hotie Berry. Charles Cimarron Befort. A! F. r Great Bend Befort, Glenn A., Hays Begler, Jerald D„ Ellis 199 Behnke. Oliver G Kinsley Beilman, Shelia K., Hays Bell, Kenneth M., Penokee Bice, Car! M r , Kinsley Bieber, Elsie A., Blsan Blakemore. James A., Libera! Blauer, Jack 0,. Stockton Bloomer Karen K.. Smith Center Bodge, James W„ Phillipsburg Bogner, John E,, Sharon Boiler. Robert A,, Natoma Bonner, Orville W , Leoti Boos, Gerald A.. Hays Boyd, Agnes M., Monument Braswell. Judy K., Otis Briney, Rodger D., Beloit Brinkman, Died rick N,, Cimarron Brown, Bill D,, Studley Brown, Clara A., Oberlln Brown, Elton B., Noising ton Brown, Judy A., Lucas Brumitt, Mary M., Hays Srunnemer, William J,, Glen Elder Bryant, Carro] D., Dighton Burkey, James L., Beloit Be-Co Soph omore Busbee, David L. r Hoisington Cambern, Sherry A,, Elkhart Candlin, Karen L., Lenexa Caprez, Lionel, Waldo Carley, Curtis J,, Hays Charvat, Mary J., Dorrance Cianin. James M„ Limon Coblentz, John R r , Salina Cotfey, Don D, P Hays Colburn ' Margie B., Stockton Colburn, William R., Hays Collins. Dan L,. Plalnville Collins, Robert D., Nekoma Conklin, Kenneth, Abilene Conner, Donald l,, Dighton 200 Cook, Carolyn j,. Hays Copp, James R., Gorham Covey, Robert $,, Seventy Cooker, Bette A., Fairfax, Calif. Cronin, Mada N r , Riercevillo Cummins, Sybil R„ Mactsvilfe Cunningham, Glen A.. LaCro ' se Dale, Patrick L, St. John Daniel, Landon, Glen Elder Darnell, Linda J.. Osborne Davidson, Larry E., Wakefield Day, Jon M., El Dorado Decker. Laurence M . Hays Deines, Larry D., WaKeeney Dewald, Janet L,, Bazfne Dickman. Feme B., Grinnell Diers, Mary J., Sylvan Grove Dietz, Larry L. r Collyer Dinges, Lucille E.. Hays Dirks, Martha W,„ WaKeeney Conner, Gary L„ Kanorado Drake, Lynn, Nekoma Dreany, Harry A., College Park, Md, Drussel, Gary R., Cimarron Duer, Coline K., St. John Class Co-Er Dunn, Denny J„ Formosa Duus, Melvin L., Vesper Dyer, Robert H., Great Ber.d EbeL David L., Russell Ehrlich, Larry J., Russell Ellis, Barbara, Stockton Ellison, Judy, Kansas City Elisa esser, Betsy R., Hugo ton Emigh, Keith W,, Selden Engel. Edna R., Ellis Engel, Luanne, Wellington Enstorm, D. Rogene, Quinter Erbert, Joan M„ Ellis Erickson, Delbert L,, Herndon Erickson, Gary L„ Rexford 201 Erickson. Lois A,, Record Esfeld, Terry R.„ Porti$ Estes. Arlene R., Kanorado Eubank, Paul D., Protection Faulk, Kenneth W., Salina Feist, James L, Elllnwood Ffss, Myrna L, Johnson Fletcher, Patricia L.. Elkhart FEickner, Elbert L., Kingman Forsyth, Jay D., Liberal Forsyth, Judith E-, Liberal Foster, Norman 0,, Oberlin Fox, Connie R., Ellsworth Frank, Cheryl R,. Russell Franz, Derry! Dr, Roiel Er-Ha Sophomore Frasier, Judy L,, Bucklin Fuller, Stephen C.. Lyons Funk, Robert C., Wilson Fyfe, John E., Brewster Gagnon, David J., Grinnell Gardner. Ronald E., Abilene Gates- Ronald W rl Penokee Gerritzen, Herman J., C ' aflfn Gilson, Rosemary A,. Plalnville Givens, Faith M,, Hays Glenn, Galen E., Syracuse Glennemeier, Larry. Densmore Gnad, Leroy P., Ellis Goddard, Nancy E., Ingalls Goodrow, Judy L,, Morland Gottschalk, Marilyn, A., Hays Grattidge, Aaron B., Wellington Greenway, Judith A,, Hugoton Greenwood 1 , Gloria, Russell Gregory, Frank, McKeesport. Pa. Guy. Allen R., Ellsworth Haas,, Kenneth J., Hays Haflinger. Waunete B,. WaKeeney Hankert, Landis L., Great Bend Hanson. Andy J,, Herndon Hanson, Sara A., Rolla. Mo, Harman, Jamas A,, Hays Harrell, Millard, Paradise Hart, Bill D,. Hays Harvey, Evelyn L,« Ashland 202 Harzman, Leonard A,. Cloflir Haselhorst, Joyce A., Hays Heaton, Caro! A., Woodston Heil, Richard P,, Hays Heim, Donald P., Hoxie Heim, Joseph F., Hoxie Helmer, John T„, Mentor Henderson, Richard E., Norton Henricbon, Wallace L., Logan Herf, Larry G„ Hays Herman, Karen L., Ness City Herpich, Wallace N., Ada Class Ha-Ka Hlgerd, Larry A., Gem Hildebrand, August J„, Hill City Hillman, Harold T,, WaKeeney Hinnergardt, Stanley B., Burdette Hoffman, Raymond C., Studley Holliday, Shari G„ St. Francis Holmes, Sandra V., Hanston Hoover, John E., Norton Hopkins, Martha R-. Scott City Howard, Gaylene H„ Smith Center Huff, Roger N r , Dellvale Hunter. Barbara L., Lincoln Huslig, William J„, Claflln Imhof, Priscilla I., Brew ster Jenke, Larry J.. Alexander Jaske, Arthur L,. Holyrood Jeffers. Marvin L., Lincoln Jenisch, Larry J„ Claflin Jenkins, David L r , Norton Jensen, Donna D., Kinsley Johnson, Donald G-. Sharon Springs Johnson, Joe W., Preston Johnson, Karl E., Zurich Johnson, Norman A., Agra Johnson, Raymon L., Hugoton Jones, Evan J., Kanopolis Jones, Kay E., Hill City Jones. Kenneth L„ Woodston Jorns, Mary L., Preston Kaltenbach, Karen R., Plamville 203 Keberlem, Darrell, Hays Keeler. Margaret J., Hays Kelley, Sharon K,. Beloit Kenyon, Gary E„ Bogus Kern, Gerald M„ Great Bend Killen, Kenneth 8.. Courtlefid KEndsvater, Patricia A., Dodge City King, Karen L, Belleville Kinzie, Rachel L, Qumter Kipple. Bonnie B, Long Island Kitchen, Orvina L Kanorado Klein, Robert D., Goodland Kleweno, Dennis G., Bison Kbweno, Marlene A,, Lenora Klinlt, Kathleen K„ Boulder, Colo. Knapp, Sharon 8., McDonald Knorr, Kenneth G., St, Francis Koch, Judith A., Garden City Kollman. Melvin L, Stockton Kootz, Gary C,. Bush+on Kraft, Duane A., Park Kraft, Vivian J., Bazine- Kralicek, Mary F., Hunter Krentzef, Myra G M Dighton Kriley. Geraldine L.. Plainville Krouse, Noel C., Logan Kuhn, Marcellmus, Hays Lang, Anita L,, Jefmore Languein, Judy L., Codell Leak, B, Lyle, Colby Ke-Lu Sophomore 204 Lebsack, Shirley M. r Otis Lee, George A.. Tescott Lee, James H,. Cummings Legleiter, Melvin W., Hays Lesovsky, Don L., Cuba Leuty, Patsy K,„ Ellsworth Ley, Donna T„ Offerie Lindquist, Robert L„ Topeka Linenberger, Patrick W., Victoria Ltnsner, James D., Hoislngton Litienberger, Clifford C,, Claflin Laewen, Melville W., Ulysses Lorbeer, Virginia Hays Losey, Wilma A., Grinnell Luefters, Mary A., Ransom ft Jm ft n ( i ■• ' ■ p t ipj •:. Jn i, c r D. r” -a o Q m.A Lundgrin, Larry D., Lucas Lutgen, Leon C., Gawker City Lyda, Gary D„ Rush Center Lyon, Larry W., Norcatur Maddox, Carolyn S., St. John Maddux. Nina M., Busbfon Mahar, Maureen M., Garden City Mai, Norman E,, WaKeeney Major, Roger G-, Beloit Malmgren, Richard L,, Coolidge M nnebaeh, Robert E., Menlo MapeL Robert A., Jewell Margheim, Shara S-, Hays Martin, Marvin L., Quinter Martin, Roxie., Oberlin McCarty. Gary G,, Latin McChristian, Ray A,. LaCrosse McComb, Karen S., Stafford McCoy, Donald D., Ellsworth MtElroy, Roger E,, Randall McElwain, David L., Newton McFadden, Mildred A., Mullinville McKean, Linda C.„ Great Bend McKinney, Charles R., Englewood McMullen, Darlene, Norton McMullen, Dennis. Norton McMullen. Rosalie A.. Norton Medcraft, Emily A,, Lincoln Meier, Frederick L-. Wdson Merkel, Laurayne, Garfield Class Lu-Mu Men, Mildred S„ Natoma Miller, Glenda M., St. John Miller. Patricia A., Osborne Miller. Wanda L., Deerfield Milsap, Larry J., Claflin Misegadis, Yvonne K., Rush Center Mohr. Barbara J., Great Bend Moody, Roberta J., Dodge City Moore, Marcia A., Fruitland, N,M, Moreland. Helen J., Hays Moses, Ray E,, Leoti Much John B., St. John Mulch, Robert V,. Scott City Mull, Gordon N . Dighton Murray, Janet K„, Scott City 205 Murray. Karen L, Scott City Mustoe, Rosemary. Norton Myers, Janice M.. McCracken My rick, Phillip K., Scott City Naranjo. Louis A., San Jose, Costa Rica Nelson, James A,, Hays Nemechek, Norma J., Wa Keeney Niermeier, Harvey H., Ho ie Northrup. Sharron, K,, St, Francis Northup, Daisy £.. Woodston Novotny. Sharon K., Hoisingtoii Gborny, Dolores Timken Oringderff, Ralph £,, Dodge City Owens. Virginia M., Quinter Paimer, Gerald K., Atwood Felmgren, Anita, Levant Pammenter. Lynnay, Scott City Patrick, Tom, Dravosburg, Pa Mu-Ri Sophomore Patterson. Barbara L Ellsworth Patterson, Helen, Kensington Patton. Carolyn, Scott City Pechanec, Ivon H., Timken Pedigo, Larry P„ Great Bend Pekarek, Lorry P., Zurich Penn, Varden V., Sharon Springs Perkins, Gail J., Hays Peter, John N r , Selden Petzold, James E., Logan Pf annestiel, Donald L., Hays Pfannenstiel, Terrance, Hays Phillips, Philip W., Ulysses Pinney, Janice E., Ellis Pizel, Shirley, Goodland Ploeger, Ardith L, Deerfield Pollnow, Shoron L,, Oberlin Powden. Sigrid J., Hill City Price. Adena R„ Kinsley Pryor. Kenneth M.. Great Bend Ptaschek, Gerald D., Ellis Purvis, Lawrence W.„ Weskan Purvis, Shirley F,, Weskan puifing, Gloria J.. Burr Oak Rasp. Charley S.. Hays Redinger, Gary D., Agra Reed. Don L., Great Bend Reissig, Duane A., Hays Richard, Morylin, Johnson Richardson, Kay, Larned 206 Riley, Patricia J.. Elkhart Ritter, Harlan W.. Hoisington Roberts, Ronald R., Plainville Rodeman, Carla 6., Nets City Rogg, Verne L, Russell Rube. Robert M., Susan k Ruder, Larry L,, Plainville Rusco, James A., Great Bond Saddler. Gary L., Colby Salyer, Karen B., Ashland Salyer, Theron C,, Ashland Sanborn, Jaelyn L., Edmond Sander, Robert N., Victoria Sater, Kathryn J.. Oberlin Schardein, Joe D., Nickerson Schippers. Francis W., Victoria Schlaetli, Larry ,. Cawker City Schlegel, Paul’ A,, Hays Class Ri-Si Schmidt, Isidore. Hays Schmidt, Thomas A., Hays Schmidt, Terrence C., Hays Schmidt, Warren J.. Hays Schnatterly, Sally L,, Hays Schneider, Gary E., WaKeeney Schroer, Ronald F., Dresden SchrcsN. Betty J., Syracuse Schugart, Margie J r , Bison Schuler, Glenis J r , Ness City Schulte, Damian JL, Victoria Schultz, Marvin C„ Colby Schultz, Robert M,, Osborne Schulze, Dennis D, Norton Schuvie, Nadyne, Hays Schwindt, Gall M., LaCrosse Scott, Judith K., Garden City Sears, John, Newton Seemann. Siegfried F-. Kensington Seery, Sharon C., Hays Sellens, Judith E.. Hoisington Sette, Norma J r , Belpre Sewell. Barbara J., Beloit Sewell, Clinton J„ Hays Sewell, Phyllis M,, Dresden Shaner, Karen K., Great Bend Sherrill, Jerry R., Burrton Showalter, Jesse A., McCracken Siler, Sharon, Plainville Sittner, Larry M„ Hudson 207 Sj-Wo Sfogren, James L-, Concordia Slenkard, Carol A., Groat Bond Slaven, Jerome L., Beloit Smith, Bennie, Hays Smith, LeDean J., Agra Smith, Marcene. Codell Smith, Mildred R., Macfcsville Solko. Gerald L, Herndon Spencer, Ruth Ann, Latin Springfeldt, Martha L,, Bush torn Staab, Wayne J., Hays S ' aab. Willard P., Hays Start. Shirley. Hill City Steinshouer. Myrna, Moaie Siephenson, Marcolyn, Clayton Stewart, Rolfand E„ Healy Stewart, Susan L„ Wes tan stiefow, Mary L., Russell Stine burg, Larry G., Meade Stover. Sara L., Hill City Stull, John M., Brownell Sunderland, David R.. Bird City Sweat, Barbara A., Cedar Sweeney, Jerry K., Greensburg Swinton, Gene L,. Hunter Tacha, John A., Jennings Taylor, Priscilla, Kinsley Thiele. Patty. Scott City Thieton, Joan M,, Dorrance Tidball. Kenneth R., Co-Iyer Sophomore Torrey. Sue E., Canton Townsend, Bill V P , Newton Trask, Gragg H., Hays Triplett, Clecdell L., Hays Tucker, Beverly J,, Codell Likens, Leon L., Hudson Unger. Roy. OberJin Unruh, Dale, Montdiuma Vance. Rebecca V„ Hofyrood Voss, Delores I,. Densmore Voss, Dorothy L., Densmore Wagner. David, Albert Waltfcr. Shirley. Dorrance Walter, William, Mankato Ward, Douglas, Norton Wasinger. Edwin L., Hays Wasinger, William R,_ Hays Waters, Sharon L., Stockton 208 Weigel, Sheila S„, Hays Weinhold. Joney L.. Ellsworth Worth, Carol A., Hays Werth, Did D. r Hays Whip pi b„ Jan, Jet mors White. Susan S„ Hays Whitehead, Kathryn, Hays Wilber, Leon H,, Darby Wilkon, Louetta L., Modoc Wilkenson , Jerry, Plainville Wilke rson, Phillip V ., Lincoln Williams, Carney Osborne Williams, Dolores M.. Goodland Wilson, Donna S., Hays Wilson. Gary E„ Jewell Wilson, Gary L.„ Earned Winder, Beverly E-. N atom a Windholi, Gracia J . , Victoria Wingfield. Gary L. Haviiand Wolf. Steven Ellis Wonderlich, June U Holeomb Woodard, Delores, Almena Yager, Lyle E„ Holyrood Younger, Patricia A„ Hoys Younger, Patricia EL. Quin+er Younger. Paul Quinter Zerr. Philip S., Grainfield Ziegler. David, Cotlyer CLASS OF ' 64 Clas s officers, Ernie Miller, president; Lebnd Brodbeck, vice president; □nd Marietta Anderson, secretary ’treasurer have weighty problems to settle concerning the tug-of-war. Hesitant and wide-eyed freshman students, per- haps recognized by their traditional beanies, are the most easily distinguished on campus, but they will have gained some of the most fruitful experi- ences of their entire four years by the close of their freshman year. With entrance exams, New Student Week, rush, acquaintance of new organi- zations as well as new friends and the biggest share of required courses behind the ear, they will have been initiated quite well for their second and future years of college. Ad-Be Freshmen Adams, Gary. Colby Aid urn, Fareidoon, Teheran, Iran Ardun, Manljeh, Teheran, Iren Alcorn. Betty, Concordia Aldridge, Richard, Ashland Allen, Billie, Ellis Amsro, Manuel, Kinsley Amerine, Terry, Coldwater Anderson, Marietta, Russell Anderson, Myrna. Healy Appel, Robert, Garfield Arneson, Ronald, Red Cloud, Neb, Arnhold, Alfred. Hays Augustine, Mary, Ellis Babb, Ronald, Russell Baber, Barbara, Lamed Bahl, Stephen,, Victoria Baler, Charles, St. John Balter, Eileen, Minneapolis Balter, Jerry, Ashland Bamberger, Shirley, Jefmore Bardot, Ramona, Coldwater Barker, Galen, Pratt Bartholomew, Gloria, Alton Basgall, Vernon, Bison Bashor, Rose, Paradise Bates, Gary, Alton Bayens, Joyce. Long Island Bean, Patricia, Beloit Bear. Gary, Edson Beaver, Eugenia, Qulnter Babb, Karen, Norton Becker, Jerry, Great Bend Befort, Alberta, Hays Beggs, John. Ellis Seller, Margaret, Great Bend 210 Bennett, Ernelea, Edson Berrey, Harold, Salina Berscheidt, Paul, Great Bend Betts, Gene, Russell Bieber, Margaret, Bison Bieker, Uland. Hays Bigham, Robert, Palco Biner, Karen, Brownell Blackburn, Wayne, Ellis Blair, Virginia, Satanta Blecha, Kay, Munden Bliss, Ronald, Atwood Blystone, Joyce, Kanorado Boese, Marilyn, Earned Bollig, Dennis, Hays Bond, Stephen, Plainville Boone, Kenneth, Dighton Borger, Una, Ness City Boughner, Mary, Pratt Bowers, David, Herlngton Boyd, Barbara, Densmore Bradley, Lyndale, Plainville Braun, Everett, Victoria Brefche, Vernon, Holyrood Freshmen Buhrle, Larry, Syracuse Brinker, Jeanne, Cawker City Bristor, Evelyn, Great Bend Brittan, Ellen, Scott City Brock, Tom, Glasoo Brqdbeck, Leland, Kinsley Brookshire, Larry, Satanta Brown, Buddy, Russell Brown, Dennis, Abilene Brown, James, Spearman, Texas Brown, Jerry, Hays Brown, Judith. Great Bend Brown, Marianna, Collyer Brown, Sammy, Brewster Brownell, William. Glasco Browning, Donna, Elkhart Brownlee, Charlotte, Satanta BrumiH,, Emma, Hays Bruning. Steven, Phillipsburg Burden, Gerald, Lekin Burdick, Darrall, Overland Park Burdick, Karen. Jamestown Burr, Judy Hays Burr, Orian, Bird City Burroughs, Courtney, Washington, D.C. 21 1 Buzzard, Ye five, LaCrosse Byer, Joe, Stafford Byerley, Willard, Liberal Cain, Carol. Hopewell Cam, Sarah, Hays Caldwell, Sharon, Burr Oak Callen, Delbert, Hays Cameron, Carol, Oberlfn Campbell, Terry, Lewis Capps, Melvin, Hoising+on Carlisle. Nancy, Russel! Carman, Steve. Selden Carney, Charlotte, Colby Carper, Ted, Jennings Caselman, Julia, Beloit Cavaiani, Paul, Hays Chambers, Linda, Ashland Chegwfdden, Douglas, Great Bend Chitty, Michael, Jamestown Clark, John, La kin Clark, Judith, Saline Class i, Jerry, Brewster Clow, Ethel. Luray Clydesdale, Carol, Lenora Cochrun, Janet, Luray Cole. Roma. Jetmore Conani, Bernelce, Atwood Conard, Elvin, Almena Corder, Marvin. Sf. Francis Cott, Kennett, H ys Bu-De Freshman Cox, Delbert, Lakin Cramer, Conn ' e, Healy Creighton, Iva, Hays Culwell, Lcanna, Phillipsburg Curtis, Joe, Lewis Dalton, Steven, Abilene David, Larry, Mankato Davidson, Eleanor, LaCrosse Davis, Carl, Abilene Davis, Jamas, Coats Davis, Jim, Hays Dean, Shirley, Great Bend De rden, Robert, Scott City Debes, William, Great Bend DeBoer, Jean, Prairie View Dechant, Larry, Hays Decker, Joy, Phillipsburg Deines, Mary, Lenora 212 Denning, Dean. Ellis Derrick,, Roy, Smith Center Desmarteau, Myron, Stockton Dickey, Roberta, Hays Dimitt, Charles, Syracuse Dinkel, Corrine, Victoria Dlnkel. Donald, Gralnfield Dinkel, Ralph, Victoria Dlvel, Leon, Jewell Do ley, Allan. Hays □railing, Delia, Hays Dumler, Emanuel, Russell Dunsvan, Robert, Great Bend Dunlap, Marvin, Brewster Dunning, Leon, Hill City Edmonston, James, Protection Eisenhour. Edith, McCracken Elder. Harry, Mankato Elias, James, LaCrosse Emerson, Oscar. Luray Engel, Douglas, Ellis Engel. Virginia, Bison Engle. Clark, Abilene Epps, Richard, Ellf$ Ewing, Ronnie, St. Francis Eye, Kenneth, Saline Fabriizlus, Carroll, WaKeeney Fairbairn, Linda. Garfield Farr, Lonnie, Great Bend Feesor, Marvin, Ogallah Class De-Fr Feisr, James, Ellinwood Finkerbinder, Larry, Scott City Finley; Janet, Littleton, Colo, Fisher, Mickey. Tgron Foley, Kenneth, Cheney Folks. Elmer, Ashland Forbes, Marion, Alton Forinash, Marilyn, Wichita Forney, Mona, Downs Fox. Austin, Rozel Fo . David, Plflinville Fox, James, Ulysses Fraley. Keith, Chester, Neb. Fraley, Kent. Chester. Neb. Francis, Lynn, St. John Frazier, Marie, Hays Frickey, William, Lebanon Fritiemeier, Charles. Stafford 213 Fross, LaVern, Hays Frost, William, Esbon Fulton, Berniece, Goodland Gafford, Roger, Seneca Gaines. Sallle, Phillipsburg Gale, Donald, Salima Ganiel, Robert, Hays Garrison, Dennis, Plains Gassmann, Agnes, Grinnell Geerdes, Robert, Menlo Geiger, Larry, Salina Georg, Winston. Alexander Gibbons, Dottie, Hutchinson Gibbs, Carolyn, Lincoln Giebler. Wayne, Hays Gillespie, Ronnie, Grainfield Gingerich, Dwane, Kendall Goehring, Clayton, Kinsley Fr-Ho Freshman Goetz, Sharon, Victoria Gordon, Donald. GTeat Bend Goscha, Gary, Hoisington Gottschelk, Donald. Hays Grandy, Gary, Garfield Graves, Amy, Burdetf Gray, Carol. Smith Center Green, Karen, St. John Gre en, Letcher, Lakin Green, Norman, Russell Grimm, Judith Jewell Gross, Mary. Hays Gryver, La Donna, Scott City Gunn, Melvin, Hays Haesemeyer, Eloise, Sylvan Grove Haffner, France$, Moxie Hagerman, Lynn, Long Island Hallagln, damn, McDonald HallbicL, Rita, Dighton Harnill, Gwendolyn, Colby Hamlin, Charlene, Hugoton Hammeke, Keith, Great Bend Hammer, Denis, El [in wood Hammer. Harold, Norway Hanney, Ronald. Junction City Hanson, Elizabeth, Herndon Harding. Gary. Stockton Hargreaves, Warren, Solomon Harkins, Marlene, St. Francis Harper, George, Weskan 214 Harref, Judith, Liberal Harris, David, Hays Harris, Phil, Stafford Harris, Sherry, Ness City Hawkins, Richard, McDonald Hayse, Melva. Mullinville Heaton, Bonnie, Woodston Henderson, Sharon, Hays Herbel, Bernetta, Russell Herber, Mary, Dorrance Higerd, Loretta, Gem Higgins, Patrick, McCracken Hillman, Gordon. Ogallah Himman, John, Bushton Hockeft, Edwin, Ulysses Hofer. Verena Portis Hoff, Floyd, Hoxie Hoffer, Janice, Haven Class Ha-Jo Hoffman, Gary, Ashland Hollis, Donald. Hunter Holopirek, Mel, Timken Honas, Ernest, Ellis Honas, William, Ellis Horton, Forrest, Satina Horyna. Sharon, Haosfon Hosie, Ronald, Abilene Howland, Gary, Abilene Hughes, Carole. WaKeeney Hunter, James, Mankato Hunter, Zelie, Woodward, Okie, Huston. Gerald, Abilene Huston, Mary, Abilene Hutson, Betty, Almena Huxol, Carol, McCracken Hyer, Carol, Bucklin Hynes, Daphne. Sylvan Grove hern, Orville, Ellinwood Jacobs, Chesley, Pfeifer Jansonius, Evalee. Prairie View January, Vicki, Kinsley Jeffers. Marlin, Lincoln Jennings, Mazie, Plainviile Jester, John, Medicine Lodge Joerg, Charles, Formoso Johnston. Gerry, Dighton Jones, Donifa, Plainviile Jones, James, Syracuse Jones, Janice, Glasco 2 f 5 Jones, Jarrell, Hoisington Jones, LeRoy B-, Glasco Jones. LeRoy V., Hoisington Jones, Marfory, Kensington Jordan, Kathryn. St, John Kastrup, William, Russell Kear, Larry, Brewster Keller, Janice, Seward Keller, Karen, Waldo Kennedy, Paul, Omaha, Neb. Kershner, Larry, Lamed Kerth, Curtis. Wa Keeney Ketchum, David, Rexford Ketiner, Dorothy, Bird City Kilmer, Carl, Gatlin Kimmi, Elizabeth, Minneapolis Kingsley, Bonnie, Ellis Kirtham, Dale, Valley Falls Kiser,, Donald, Almena Klaus, Alberta, Hays Klein, Patricia, Hays Kleweno. Keith, Bazine Knapp, James, McDonald Knipp, Denis, Damar Knorr, Dave. Ellsworth Koch, Denny. Atwood Koch, Kenton, Scott City Koehler. Dan, Alton Koett. Larry, Hays Kottmann, Margaret, Lyons Jo-La Freshman Kraus, Dale, Plainvllle Kraus, Leta, Pretty Prairie Krenfcel, Jimmy, Hudson Kresin, Robert. Glen Elder Kreutier. Aaron, Hays Krfen, Elaine. St, Francis Krouse, Diet, Russell Kucera. Dana, Dodge City Kuhn. Clarence. Victoria LaBarge, Lawrence. Damar Lafferty, Robert, Logan Leffoon, Don, Osborne Landau, Margaret, Atwood Langhofer, Jerry, Bunker Hill Langley, Gary, Hugoton Langrehr. Jimmy, Ellinwood La r ride, Audrey, Ashland Larson, Larry, Wakefield 216 Lauxman, Eldon M,, Abilene Layton, John F., Ulysses Leary, Sheila J., Hays Lehman, Craig A„ Lenora Lehman, Marva A,, Protection Leichliter, Dale R.. Nickerson Leiker, Glen J,, Hays Leiker, Nancy L, Leiker, Tom N r „ Hays Leiker, Verlin J., Ness City Levin, Wilber L, Kensington Lewis, Alice V,, Healy Liby, Max L . Glasco Liebenau, Rose M. r Stockton Lrndberg, Donna B. r Leoti Linsner, Kirby E., Hoisington Lock, Ross A., Ulysses Logan, Sally A., Oberlin Loken, Richard J., El Monte, Calif, Long, Gaylord D,, Oakley Lott, James A,, Hill City Lowdermilk, Linda K. P Glen Elder Lower, Charlotte L., Sublette Lower, Charon G,, Sublette Luder. Katherine L., Waldo Luff, Hilary, Bison Luke, Ashley D., Scott City Lundgren, Sheila G.. Gove Lutterman, Patricia, R.. Garden City Maddox, Jack L„ Hoisington Class La-Mc Mai, Donald E-, Hoisington Malmberg, Richard C., Hays Maneth, Paul E,. Great Bend Mannering, Dennis G„ Smith Center Marple, Diane, Hays Martin, Lewis L„ Hill City Martin, Susan K r , Ulysses Mason, Floyd G-, Smith Center Mason, Pamela S., Phillipsburg Massey, Barbara. Hays May, Roger E., Plains McCall, Patricia A-, Saline McCants, Donna M„ Gocdland McCarty, Linda C,, Lenora McClelland, Larry W., Atwood McClure, Gilbert M„ Tescott McComb, Janet, Stafford McCoy, David R.. Montezuma 217 McCoy, Kim E.. Topeka McCreight, Paula C, Mess City McDougal, Joan !., Atwood McDowell. Jerold E . Smith Center McEvoy, Cary D.. Wilson McGeehee, Card S„ Kismet Mc inley. Kenneth L, Levant McGuire, Karen K,, St, Francis McGuyre. Patricia R-, Wichita McKibbin, Lana L., Jetmore Mead Freida L,, Zurich Meadows, Sally S., Ellinwood Meclctes el, Neil V,, Roiel Meier, George H.. Norton Meier. Joan A., Hays Mersch. Jack D., Edmond Merydith, Constance J M Wa Keeney Metcalf, Sharon K,, Lyons m Mc-Ne Freshman Metz, Dennis D., Wellington Michaells, Jerry G, r Ness City Michel, Sylvia J., Atwood ' Miles, Charles S,. Garden City Miller, Dennis E„ Salina Miller. Ernest P., Liberal Miller, Lynn E., Moscow Miller, Michael E„, Wichita Minnis, Vernon, St. John Mitchell, Mildred, Hugoton Mog, Donna L M Larned Mohney, Jane. Haviland Money. Larry M., Hill City Morris, Norma K.„ Hill City Morton, Avis !.,, Oberlin Mott, Glendls, Oberlin Mountford, Carolyn, Winona Mowry, Kent H,. Russell Mulder. Gary E., Logan Mull. Carole A., Dighton Mullen, Carole M., LaCrosse Mullen, Katherine A., Hays Murphy. Patricia S., Dighton Myers, Charles L,. Great Bend Nash, William A., Smith Center Neumann, Larry G., Glasco Neal, Edith L. Hoxie Neilan, Patricia M., Pawnee Rock Nelson, Donald L., Kanorado Nelson, Franklin W., Ness City 218 Nelson, Larry D.. Oberlin Newton, Lynn M-, Natoma Ney, Merlin K,, Hoisington Nichols, Kendall E,, Harland Nickels, Pamela K., Kinsley Nicodemus, Mary V nr St, Francis Niles, Loretta Ulysses Noah. Roger EL, PlainvNIe North. Jolene 1C. McCracken Northrup, Robert T., St. Francis Nusse, Judith A,. Liberal Oborny, Edmund L„ Timken O ' Brian, Dean W., St, Francis Olds, Peggy L, Wilson QToughlin, Kathleen G-, Hays Olsen, Diana K., Burdett Olson, Earl L., Garfield Olson, Larry K,. Courtland Class Ne-Po Palmgren, Kenneth R r , Levant Pancake, Samuel JL, Atwood Parkhurst. Mary E., Hays Parks. Gary L.. Ogallah Parks, Nancy K., Utica Parson, Gary D. r Brewster Pearce, Clinton J., Concordia Peck, Sandra K,, Bunker Hill Perry, Dale, Great Bend Peters, Sharon, L.. Scott City Peterson, Elizabeth I., Bushton Peterson, Jerry W., Salina Peterson, Michael N.. Norton Petty, Ad el I a A„ Protection Petzold, Jerome A., Logan Pfannenstiel, Mary T„ Lebanon Pfannenstiel, Patricia A., Hays Pfeifer, Barbara A., Ellis Pfortmiller, Ellen $,, Russell Phifer, Gary D., Hays Phillips, Lawrence M„ McKeesport, Pa. Pickinpaugh, Karen L., Goodland Pittman, Kenneth R., Liberal Pittman. Martha A., Hugoton Pitts, Donald G,, Galflin Poland, Judith K., Lyons Poore, Vicki L, Portis Pope, George K.. Selden Porter, Gerald W., Little River Potter, Patricia L.. Stafford 219 Preeo. Veann, Beloit Price, Kenneth, El Monte, Calif. Price, Ronald, Norton Princ, Frank, Wilson Pritchett, Larry, luka Pro a sc o . George, Stockton Purer; Tommy, Liberal Puzig, Edward, Menville, NJ Redin, Eva, Bromma, Sweden Reed, Lawrence, Ellis Reh, Marion, Natome Rein, Robert, Ellinwood Rpschke, Ramona, Pratt Reynolds, Karen,- Great Bend Rice. Kenneth, Norton Richardson, John, Limon, Colo. Richardson. Judith. Lamed Riedel, Kenneth. Hays Ringer, Roberta, Quinter Rippe, Clarence, ludetl Roberson, Jarolyn, Abilene Robinson, Larry, Downs Rock, James, Abilene Rockwell, Chloe, Hays Rogers, Marilyn, Hays Rose, James, Grand Island, Neb. Rose, Karen, Agra Ross, James, Ellis Roth. Elizabeth, Ellsworth Roth, Jenny, Ellinwood Roth, William, Great Bend Rothenberger, David, Osborne Rounkles, Lois, Paradise Rozelle, Brian, Ellsworth Rudd. Larry. Bucklin Ruder. Darrell, Nays Ruff, John, Logan Russell, Richard, Scott City Rutherford, Mary, Little River Ryan, Mary, Nekoma Ryman, Frances, Richfield Ryser, Patricia, Cheyenne Wells, Colo Sammons, Darrell. Colo, Springs, Colo. Sandstorm. Ronald, Bison Sater, William, Oberlin Scarlett, Patty, Phillipsburg Schaben, Theirol, Bazine Schaffer, Dorislea, Mankato Schaffer. Gordon, Mankato Schenk, Alma, Hays Scherti, Larry, Winona 220 Schild, LeRoy, Phiflipsburg Schmidt, Agnes, Hays Schmidt, Clayton, Hope Schmidt, Janet, Hays Schmitt, Steven, Scott City Schneider, Donna, LaCrosse Schneider, Sharon, LaCrosse Schnoebelen, Carol, Lewis Schon. Joe, Gorham Schrock, Barbara, Plainville Schuetz, Kenneth, Bison Schukman. Caryl, Almena Schuler, David, Ness City Schulte., Gary, Victoria Schumacher, Margaret, Jewell Schwgpfi, Karen, Atchison Scott, Jerry, Great Bend Scott, Marla, LaCrosse Sears, Nadine, Hoisingfon Sears, Wanda. Stafford Saltans, Jim, Hoisingfon Shafer, Judy, Leo+i ShaffstalE, Robert, Lincoln Shamburg, Ronald, Syracuse Shank, Dennis, Bison Shirk, Barbara, Ellis Shirley, Dennis, Morcatur Shoemaker, Kathryn, Hays Shriver, Carol, Rago Siefers. Beth, Eltinv ood Sill, Michael, Holyrood Sitiner. Marvin., Hudson Smith. Dexter, Burdett Smith, Judith, Pawnee Rock Smith, Lawrence, Jewel] Smith, Marlene, Jewell Smith, Mary, CoolEdge Smith, Ray, Larkinburg Smyth, Karen, Beloit Sneed, Charlotte. H avilend Snell, Marilyn, St. John Soeken, Merle, Clpflin Springfeldt, Mary, Sushton Sprinkle, Kenneth, Dorranca Spurlock, Ruth, Sharon Springs Squier, Luella. Brownell Staab, Terry, Hays S+andley, Minnie, Hays Stark, James, Wellington Stecklein, Thomas, Shields 221 Steffen, Thomas M„ Great Bend Stephenson, Glare. Downs Stephenson. James, Alton Sterrett. Deanna, Quinten Stewart, Donna. Trousdab Stilts, Martha, Trousdale Stricter, Fritz, Russell Strouse, Gary, Ashland Sturgeon, Lee, Dodge City Sullivan. John, Salma Super, Karen. Hill City Suppes, Duane, Bison Swanson, John, Ashland Tasset, Leonard, Spearvllle Taylor, Jeanine, Lincoln Taylor, Leon, Colby Tdehman, Dennis. Stafford Terry, Joseph. Great Bend St-Wo Freshman Thacker, Ales. Paradise Thaete, Marlene. Sylvan Grove Thiele n. Brian, Dorrance Thomas, Barbara, Palco Thomas, John. Palco Thompson, Daniel, Burdett Thompson, Janice, Bogus Thurlow, Larry, Prairie View Timken, Robert, Cimarron Titus, Carol, Hugoton Titus, Mary, Lewis Tomaschek, Carol, Zurich Tovrea, Stanley. Brewster Tracy, Dennis, Concordia Trible, Richard, Palco Truan, Jerilyn. Gorham Turnbull Richard, Stockton Libert, Judith, Hays Ulmer, Donald, A’ma Urban, Robyn, Oberlin VanAmburg, Gerald, Hunter VanSc oc. Larry, Hoisington VanWinkle, Ruth, St. John Veatch, James, Palco Vickers, Doug. Alberta, Can. Vinson, Cuma, Great Bend Vogel, Gary, Ness City Vopat, Robert, Wilson Vse+ecka, Richard. Great Bend Wagner, Mary, Hays Wait, Donna, Natoma Walden, Marilyn, H ys 222 Walter, Claressa Johnson Walker, Jerry, Englewood Walker, Margaret, Fowler Walls, Judith, St, John Walters. Terence, Hays Warner, Barbara, Lamed Warner, Margaret, Befpre Warren, James. Hays Washburn, Delton, Noroatur Watkins, Richard. Saline Watson, Celia, Havensville Waugh, Perry, Ashland Webb, David, Ashland Webster, Bob, Hays Wears, Francis, Seward Weigel. Orval. Ellis Welch, Byron, Lyons Welker, Leon, Woodston Wells, Richard, Garfield White, Sharon, Ada Whitley, Catherine; LaCrosse Whitley, Mery, La Crosse Whitmer, Rodney, Wilson Wiedemen, Delbert, WeKeeney Wilcoxen, Bill, Bloom Wilhelm, Dallas, Belle Plaine Williams, Clayton, Plain vi I le Williams, Jimmy, Ashland Wilson, Cinda, Liberal Wilson, David, Atwood Wilson, Faye, Pawnee Rock Wlmmer. Dswnetta, Protection Windholz, James, Ha Winklepfeck, Donald, Haviland Witt, Theodore, Hudson Wolf, Geraldine, Hays Wo Iters. Darrel. Portis Wolting, Rosemary, Lincoln Woodard, Linda, Russell Woods, Virginia, Tribune Wright, Sheryl, Kiowa Young, Jeanette, Hays Young, William, Plamvilie Younger, Dorothy, Hays Yunker, Robert, Hays Zeller, Victoria, Brownell Zeltner, James, Great Bend Ziegler, Kent, Abilene Zimbelrnan, Eldon, Si, Francis Zimmer, Rita, Downs 223 u O O £7 uF 0 ??£ Adver ' i L - K HAYS CITY DRUGS DAIRY Hays ' Most Modern Dairy Plant PRESCRIPTION COMPOUNDING PHONE MA 4-3406 Is the Heart of Our Business 312 East 9th Photo Equipment and Supplies a Specialty BRUNSWICK HOTEL COFFEE SHOP FUNCTION ROOM SAMPLE ROOM PHONE MA 4-4414 1013 MAIN Friendly Hospitality Reasonable Prices WALT AND PHIL ROSS, Props. Phone MA 4-3461 701 Main ORGANIZATIONS INDEX Agnew Hal! 1 02, 1 03 Alpha Phi Omega 46 Alpha Lambda Delta 88 Alpha Psi Omega 94 Ambassadors 62 Band 74 Brass Choir 75 Campus Boosters Council 58 Canterbury Club 80 Chancery Club 46 Chemistry Club ....47 Christian Council 80 Christian Youth Fellowship 84 Clarinet Choir 75 Collegiate 4-H 60 Collegiate Young Dem 48 Collegiate Young Rep. 49 Concert Choir 73 Custer Hall 104, 105 Dames Club 60 Debate 50 Epsilon Pi Tau 99 Eta Rho Epsilon 54 Fort Hays Singers 73 French Club ..52 Gamma Delta 81 German Club ......... 52 Home Ec, Club 61 Impromtwos 77 Industrial Arts Club 70 International Relations Club 5! " K M Club . 72 Kappa Mu Epsilon 90 Kappa Omicron Phi 89 Kappa Phi 84 Kit Kats .... . 56 Lambda lota Tau 89 Leader 67 Lewis Field 108 Little Theatre 68 Lutheran Student Assoc. 86 Math Club 47 Men ' s Residence Hall 106, 107 Newman Club 82, 83 Nursing Club 69 Orchesis 53 Orchestra 74 Penguin Club ...53 Phi Alpha Theta 99 Phi Delta Kappa 92 Phi Eta Sigma ....91 Phi Kappa Phi 93 Phi Mu Alpha 78 Pi Kappa Delta 94 Progressive Party 10 1 Reveille 66 Roger Williams Fellowship 86 Scribertus 62 Seventh Cavalry 95 Sigma Alpha lota 79 SNEA 61 Student Affairs Committee 58 Student Council 59 Tigeret+es 57 Union Board „..63 Union Committees 64, 65 Union Program Council 63 United Student Christian Fellowship 87 Vox Populi 101 Wesley Foundation 85 Who ' s Who .. „96 Women ' s Ensemble ...76 Women s Glee Club . 77 Women ' s Leadership Org. 67 Women ' s Recreation Assoc. 55 YWCA 87 226 ADVERTISING INDEX ABC Drug Store 234 A. L Duck wall Stores Co. 258 Al s Boo+ery 261 APs College Market 246 Angelus Cafeteria 260 Ann ' s Dress Shop 25! Balfour 261 Ben F. Dreiling 255 Billinger ' s Bakery 249 Brunswick Hotel and Cafe 226 Campus Book Store 248 Centennial Bowling Lanes 245 Central Kansas Power Co. 240 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 245 Dairy Queen 260 Dan ' s Drive In Cafe 237 Delma Studios 239 Dillon ' s Food Store 244 Drees New Method Cleaners 246 Dreiling ' s Men and Boys " Wear 247 Ekey ' s Studio 259 Farmers Co-op Assn 233 Farmers State Bank 227 Finch ' s 231 First National Bank 244 Fort Hays Insurance, W E. Mecken- stock 255 Fort Hays Pharmacy 228 Fox Theater 259 Gagelman Motor Go., Inc, 247 Garden Grill 247 George Philip Hardware 2$7 Goodwin Sporting Goods 252 Gra Bros Grocery 250 Graves Truck Line 257 Guercio Studio 242 H. M Popp Truck Lines 260 Hardman Lumber Co. 260 Harkness Pharmacy 248 Havener ' s 252 Hays City Drug 226 Hays City Flour Mills 260 Hays Floral Shop 257 Hays Music Go. 262 Hinkhouse Insurance Co. 250 Home Furniture Co 253 Home Lumber Co 251 House of Color 232 Houston Lumber Co. 258 Humburg Hardware, Inc. 256 Hunter Ready Mix, Inc, 26! J. C, Penney Co. 249 J. M, McDonald Co 248 Jack and Jill Shop 250 James Motor Co. 251 Jep ' s Super Service Station 256 K. A Y.S 238 Kessler Cleaning Co. 253 Klein s APCO Service 251 Kobler Nash Motors 249 Lamer Hotel 243 L K. Dairy 226 Lynch Texaco Service 232 Mann ' s IGA Store 231 Markwell Stationery Co. 228 Master Cleaners 254 McCormick Farm Stores 233 Midwest Tobacco and Candy Co. 259 Music Manor 236 News Publishing Co. 255 Northwestern Typewriter Co. 262 0 K Baker Shoes 229 Oklahoma Tire and Supply 247 Oldham Sales Co 251 QLoughlin Motor Sales 252 Park Drive Laundromat 234 Paul ' s Beauty Shop 258 Pink Pony Flower Shop 246 Prudential Loans and Investments 236 Rome Modern Appliances 246 Rupp Motor Co. 258 5 and W Supply Co 254 Scheufler Supply Co. 250 Schwa Her Lumber Co 250 Seven-up Bottling Co. 235 Sweetbriar Shops 258 Ted ' s Steak House 236 Tiger Grill 251 Varsity Barber Shop 254 Varsity Bowl Drive Inn 230 Vernon Jewelers 238 Vititum, Inc. 250 Western School Supply 256 Wiesner ' s Dept. Store 243 Woodmen Life, C J Lindahl 241 THE FARMERS STATE BANK Strength Safety Service Loans of All Types Member of F.D.I.C. DRIVE-IN AND WALK-UP WINDOWS Our New Building — Designed to Serve You Better PHONE MA 4-3645 718 MAIN 227 FACULTY INDEX A Etter. Eugene 43, 47, 90 Evans. Charles 40 Albertson, F. W. 38 Almqulst, E. C. 43 F Artman, Ethel 3B Felten, Lucille 43 e Francis, Alex 39, 157 Friesner, Paul 41 Backer, Jack 42, 47 Bailey, Joan 39, 53, 54 e Barbour, Elizabeth 39 Bartholomew, Leland 43, 78 Gal lion, Leona 87 Baxter, Inel 39 Garner WdQnfli 42, 87 Beeiley, Alice 40, 40, 41, 63, 69, 136 Garwood, John 39, 63 ' , 81 Belisle, James 39 N.inrv 38, 63 Borland, John 40 j kiir Pa ul 42 52 Bledsoe, Harry 46, 70 , 99, 138 Greenwood. Audrey 42 Bogart, Katherine 42 Groesbeck. Hulde 41 Broach, B. W. 41. 71 Gross Pd 111 39 Brooks, Doyle 43 Gwynn, William 41 Brooks, R. U. 40 Burnett, Hugh 13, 38, 62 IT Burnett, Richard 34, 91 n Hamilton, Samuel 41 C Harbin, Calvin 41, 93 Harris. Martha 42, 56 Cain. Richard 40, 70, 99 Hartley, Paul 43 77 Campbell, Marc 41 Heady, Shirley 39 Chappell, John 41 Heather, Jack 42 Choguilt, Harold 43 Herndon, Geneva 42, 86 Clark, C. Charles 41, 92 Herren, Lloyd 43, 7B Clark, Thaine 3B Hobson, Charles 39, 144 Coder, Ralph 34 Hoffman, Maxine 40, 60, 61, 09 Colburn, Lila 42, 69 Horton, Liiburn . 38, 63, 93 Cook, Frances 39 Huffman Ralph 40 63 70 99 Cook, Kenneth 39 Hunter, Margaret H 40 89 Costigan, James 42. 50, 54 Coulson, Marion 42 1 Cralne, Eugene 40 J 1 Cunningham, M. C- 6 7 Jeilison, Bril 37, 5B. 125 Johnson. Dan 40. 99 D Jones, Layman 40 ORT HAYS PHARMACY Rexall Your Friendly Drugstore PHONE MA 4-3469 217 WEST I Oth Landrum, Nita 38 i Levitt. Richard 39 Lewis Kenneth 41 Sackett, Sam M Mahadeviah, Inally 43 Sattlcr, Jerome 5chleich, Phyllis Schmutz. L, J- Schroder, Elton Schweitzer. Eugene Mahoney Stanley 41 Scvy Ruth Marple, Robert 39, L4I Sims. Ward Marshall. Everett 43 Smith, Wilda Marsi, Kenneth 47 Smoot, Kenneth McCarroll, Resell a 41 Spangler, Robert McCartney, E. R. 36 Spomer. E- J- McConnell. Wayne 39, 152, 154 Start James McFarland. Alice 42 Sternberg. George McFarland, Henry 38 Stones Harold McGinnis. Darrell 40 Stouffer. Jean McKee, Dennis 40, 70 99 Stout. Roberta McNeil. Edgar 39, 152, 154 Stroup, Leora Moody. William 30 Stump, Darrell Moore, Mary Maude 43 77 Suren, Cade Moreland W. D, Morrison, Alice 37 42 Moss, Joel Moyers, Edwin 43, 40 70 Thomas, Archie Mullen. Eugene 41 N Nelson. Rex 40. 99 Thomas, DoMie Thompson, L. W. Toalson, WNmont fomanek Gerald Tow, Ted o v Osborne. Richard VanAekeren, Margaret 39 Ellen P w Palmer, Harold 43 Parish, Verna 42, 97 Price, Gaudon A Proctor, David 4 1 Putman, Nancy 42, 69 R Rematere. Andrew 42 Reynold ' s, Howard 36, 34$ Rice, Jimmy 43, 90 Richards, Robert 43 Rlegel, Andrew 30 Rogers, Katherine 42, 66 Roth, Co I eon . 43 Walden, J. B, Walker, M. V, Walker, Neil Wall, George Watkins, Ivan Wells. James Welty. R. L. Westley, John Wilcox, Harold Witt, Robert Witten, Maurice Wood. W. C. y Youmens, Raymond Daley, Billy 43 Dalton, Standlee 37 Davidson, Gordon 40, Si, 99 Davis, Gaynalte 4| Dechant. Emerald 41 Dellinger, Martha 40 Dick, R. Dale 41, 87 Dryden, Laurence . 43 E Ely, Charles ... 33 K Kane. Henry 43, 66 Keating, Walter 34, 43 Ketch urn. Harriet 42, 43 Kin singer. Floyd 30 Kolstad, William 40 Kroll, Walter 39, 143, 148, 149 L Lacey. Mabet 42 42 42, 89 ...... 41 43 38 38 43 73 73 39 55 33 40 4| 42, 47 39 42 24 42, SO 37, 124 42, 93 42, 49 40, 142 39, 72, 1 59 39 37, 40 39 43 38 42, 67 41 43, 67 39, 144 24 43 38 39 43, 142 38 40 39, 144 42 40, 48 41 41 41 MARKWELL STATIONERY CO. Supplies " for Your Office or School Needs PHONE MA 4-461 I 1010 MAIN 228 BUSTER BROWN Make You a S+ar " 229 O K BAKER SHOES PHONE MAA-43.6 H09MAIN VARSITY BOWL DRIVE INN Inside and Outside Service PHONE MA 4-9955 4th and MAIN STUDENT INDEX A Ac k er m an , Ro n a Id , Jr. 130, 190 Adam?, Dovie. Sr. 190 Adam?. Gary, Fr. 160 210 A hive rs, Robert, So. 49, 19? Aidun. FaFraidoon, Fr. SI, 210 Aidun, Manljeh, Fr. 51, 210 Albers, Bernard, So. 199 Alcorn. Betty, Fr. 87, SB, 104, 210 Aldridge, Richard, Fr. 210 Allen, Billie Lee, Fr. SC, 53, 130, 173, 210 Allen, Carol. So, 84, 199 Allison, Jerry, Jr. 09 Altman. Phillip. Sr. 176 Amaro, Manuel, So. 2I0 Amarine, Terry, Fr. 210 Anderson. Calvin, $r. 176 Anderson. Larry, Sr, SI, 101 , 174 Anderson, Linda, Sr, 69, 93, 94, 174 Anderson, Marietta, Fr. 49, S3, 59, 73. 94, 102, 210 Anderson. Myrna. F - 104. 2I0 Anderson, Richard, Jr. 140, 141, 163 Ankle, David, Sr. 176 Appel, Benjamin, Sr, 141. 176 Appel, Richard, Fr. .. I67 r 210 Apsley, Kenneth, So. 62, 199 Arensman, H, Ben, Sr, 49. 174 Ameson, Ronald. Fr. 104, 210 Arnhold. Alfred, Fr, $3, 210 Arnold, Loren, So. 199 Ary, Mikel. So, 144, 199 Ash, Lyla, Jr. 174 Ashby. Oren. Jr. 144, 190 Ashcraft. Galen, $r. 176 Ashton, Bruce, So. 46, 199 Atchlion, Carson. So, 19? Augustine, Glen, So. 19? Augustine, Mary, Fr. 210 230 Augustine, Shlela, So. 19? Aurand, Vera, Jr. 190 Aust, Jake. Sr, 174 Austin. Arthur Sr. 176 Austin, John, Jr. 144, 190 Axman. Anthony, Jr. B3. 190 e Baalman, Delores, Sr, 71, 03, 176 See I man, Robert. Gr, 148 Baalrnari, Thomas, So. 199 Babb, Ronald, Fr. 125, I4S, 210 Saber. Barbara, Fr, 55, 9, 102, 210 Bahl, Stephen, Fr, S3, 210 Bahm, Eldean,, Jr, 190 Be h m , Ronald. So. I 99 Baier, Gharles, Fr. 104, 210 Baird. James, So. 152, 199 Baker. Charles. Sr. 52 Belter, Eileen, Fr. 56, 46, 6B, 74, 02, 102, 210 Baker, Francis, Sr. 49, 176 Baker. Jerry, Fr. 210 Baker, Unda, So ,49. 132, 199 Baker, Ruth, Jr, 60, 94, 190 Baldwin. Richard, So. 49, 64, 01, 106, 199 Ball, Garry, So. .104, 199 Ball, Janice, Jr. 64, 89. 132, 190 Bamberger, Linda, Sr, 71. B0, B7, I0S, 176 Bamberger, Shirley, Fr. ,.41, 102, 210 Bendle, Herbert, Fr, 168 Bangle, David, So. 199 Banister, Terry, So. 199 Bannister, Marcia, Grad 93 Bardot, Ramona. Fr. ....... 69, 102, 210 Barker. Galen, UncL 210 Barnes. Birkley, So. 75, 79, 00, 84. 00, 02, 199 Barnett, Sara, So. 69, 136, 199 Barng rover, Loren, Jr, 1 90 Barrett, Eugene, Sr. 91, 93, 96, 176 Barron, Bonnie, So. 173 Barrows, Rodney, Jr. 130, 190 Bartholomew, Gloria. Fr. 79, 3B, 102. 210 Basgall, Vernon, Fr. 210 Bashor, Rose, Fr. 104, 210 Bates. Gary, Fr. 210 Bauer, Keren, So, 41, B9, 199 Bauer. Kent. Jr. 70, 72, 190 Bauman, Darryl, Jr, I9Q Baumann. Dennis, Sr, 49, HI. 176 Baumfalk, Clara, Jr. 190 Baumrucker, Thomas, So. 199 Baxter, William, So, 199 Bay, Robert, So. 40, 199 Sayens, Joyce, Fr, 49, 102 , 210 Beal, Herbert, Sr, 177 Bean, Patricia, Fr 102, 210 Bear, Gary, Fr. 210 Bear ley, Don, Sr, 177 Beaver. Eugenia. Fr. 55, 69, 104, 210 Beaver. Judith, Jr 1 0B. 190 Beaver, Larry, Jr. 167, 190 Bebb, Karen, Fr. 40, 40, 08. 104, 210 Beck, Robert, Sr. 66, 00, 95. 177 Becker, Carole, So. 69, 06, 102, 199 Becker, Jerry, Fr, 47, 190 Becker, Larry, Gr. 47,90, 190 Berkley, Paula, So. 63, 64, 104, L36, 19? Beckman, Charles, So. 199 Beecher. Lowell, Jr. .. (06, 1 90 Beecher, Lynn, Sr 49, 106, 177 Beery, Charles, So. 190, 199 Befort A! F., So. 142 Befort, Alberta, Fr 82, 199. 210 Befort. Charles, Jr, 02, 143 Befort, Gerald, Jr 82, I9Q Befort. Glenn, So. 83, 91. 199 Beggi, John, Fr. 210 Beg I er, Jerald, So. 199 Behnke. Oliver, So. 49, 140, 200 Bellman, Sheila, So. 200 Betden, Guy, Fr. 70 Belize, Kenneth, So. 152, 154 Sell, Karen, Sr. 100. 177 Bell. Kenneth, So. 200 Bell. Lorrrs, So. L9Q Seller. Margaret. Fr. 101, 104. 130, 2 L0 B-elteh, Jim, Jr. 72, 160 Belts, Althea, Jr. 71, 1 0B. 190 Bennett, Erne lea, Fr. 102, 211 Bennett, Larry, Sr. 177 Beougher, Cecile, Sr. 41, 177 Beougher, Elton, Sr. 177 Berts. Anthony, Sr. 177 Bernritter. Jo Ann, Sr, 108, 177 Berrey, Harold, Fr. 49, 141, 211 Berry, William, Sr. 177 Berscheldt, Paul, Fr. 211 Betts, Gene, Fr, 211 BTce, Carl, Fr. 49, 200 Bieber, EljEe, So. 200 Bieber, Margaret, Fr. IM, 211 Bieker, Leland, Fr. 02, 211 Bierly, Zuta, Sr, 177 Blgham, Robert, Fr, 106, 211 Billinger, Donald. Sr. 177 Billing?, Nanette, Ji% 190 Biner, Ervin, Sr, 70, B3, 95, 99, 104, 177 Biner, Karen, Fr. 83, 102, 211 Bishop, Blair, Sr, 177 Bishop, Bruce, Jr. , Hi, 190 Blackburn. Wayne, Fr, 21 1 Slain, Steve, Jr, 67, 138. 190 Blair. Virginia, Fr. 41, 102, 21 1 Blflkamore, James, So. 200 Bid nor, Gary, So. 74, 70 Blauer. Jack, So 49, 200 Blecha, Gloria. Sr. L77 Blecha, Kay, Fr. 104, 145, 2|| Slits, Ronald, Fr. 21 • Bloomer, Karen, So. 48, 102, 200 Blystone, Joyce, Fr. 84, 104, 111 Bobbitt, Kenneth, Sr, 177 Bodge, James, So. 95, 106, 141, 145. 200 Boese Donald, Sr, 49. 58, 70, 71. 138, 170, 177 Soese. Marilyn. Fr. 54. 55, 104, 173, 211 Bogrier, John, So. 200 Boiler, Robert, So 138, 200 BelITg. Dennis. Fr. 13®. 200 Bond, Stephen, Ft. 145, 211 Bonner. Orville, So. ■■■■ Boomhower, Kenneth, Jr. 73. 104, 145. 190 Boone, Kenneth, Fr. 211 Boos. Gerald, So, I 41 . 200 Boosa. Ann, Jr. S3, 191 Bordewick, John., Jr, 171, 171 Barger, Una, Fr. 88, 104, 211 Borncmann, James, Jr. 81, 141. 1 4, 191 Bcughner, Mary, Fr. . 102, 137. 211 Bowen, Mary, Sr. 75. 130, 177 Bowers, David, Fr. 211 Bowman, Richard 1 , Jr. 191 Boyd, Agnes, So. 80, SI d 104, 200 Boyd, Barbara. Fr. 84, 102 , 211 Bradley, Lyndale, Fr. 211 Bradshaw, John, Jr. Brand, Lee, Sr 177 Brands, Larry, Sr. ' 43, 177 Braswell, Judy. So. 49, 57, 4B, 121, 1 3 Braum, Everett, Fr, 21 1 Bra da, Evelyn, Jr. 41. 89, 191 Breltenbach, Peggy. Jr, S3, 191 Breicha, Vernon,, Fr, 2ll Breneman. Alberta, Jr. 132, 191 Brlney, Roger, So. . 184, 200 Brinker, James. Jr, I9t Brinker, Jeanne, Fr. 82, 104, 211 Brinkman, Dledrlck, So. 72, 200 Bristol, Evelyn, Fr. 102, 211 Brittan, Ellen, Fr. 56, 64, 69, 104. 131, 211 Brock, Tom, Fr, 106, 211 Erodbeck. Leland. Fr. 49, 59. 186, 211 Brookshire. Larry, Fr. 2ll Brown. Bill, So 200 Brown. Buddy. Fr. Brown. Carole, Sr, Brown, Clara, So. Brown, Dennis, Fr, Brown. Elton, So, Brown. Dean. $r. Brown. James, Fr. Brown, Jerry, Fr. 21 1 102, 177 13.1, 280 B7, ] 06, 211 200 177 106, 211 152, 211 Brown, Jody, So, 40, 41 , 86 , 89, 102, 200 Brown, Judie, Fr, 71, 1 04. 116, 1 31 , 211 Brown Lou, Jr. 46, 46, 59 , 76 , 77, 101, 104, 133, 191 Brown, Marianna, Fr. 44, 104, 131, 21 1 Brown, Patricia, Sr. . 71. I0B, 177 Brown, Philip Sr ,? ® Brown, Sammy, Fr. 56, 184, 211 Brown, William, Sr r 178 Brownell. William, Fr. 106, 162, 211 Browning, Donna, Fr. 56, 104, 211 Brownlee, Charlotte, Fr. 56, 69. 68, 184, BruccianE, Joseph, Jr. I9 1 ! Brummitt, Emma, Fr. 54 . 55, 56 , 86 , 211 Brumitt, Mary, So. 34, 208 Brungardt, Darrell, Jr. 82, 191 Brgngardt, Frank, Jr. — .-..52 Brungerdt, Terrance, Sr. 48, 125, 143, 176 Bruning, Steve, Fr. — 106, 211 Brunnemer, Barbara, Jr 40 Brunnemer, William, So, , 200 Brush, Dawn. Jr - - Bryant. Carrot, So 200 Buehheister, lone, Jr — 71,... 176 Buffington, £aye, $f. ..-64, 33, 176 Buhrle, Larry, Fr — ?ll Burden, S era Id, Fr — 2 1 1 Burdick, Karen, Fr. _.. 102, 211 Burger, Terry, Jr. Burkey, James, So, Burr, Judy, Fr. Burr, Orian, Fr. Burr, Merlyn, Jr. Burroughs, Courtney, F Busbee, David, So. Sutler. Sandra, Sr, Buttenhoff, Joy, Jr. Buiiard, Yetive, Fr. Byer, Joe, Fr, Byerley, Willard, Fr. Cain, Carol, Fr. 56, 48, 69, Cain, Sarah, Fr. $6 t Caldwell, Jeanne, Sr. Caldwell. Sharon. Fr. 69, Callen, Delbert, Fr. Cambern, Sherry, So. Cameron, Carol, Fr. Campbell, Ronald, Sr. Campbell, Terry, Fr. Candlin, Karen, $o. Capps, Melvin. Fr. Caprei, Lionel, So, Carley, Curtis, So. Carlisle, Nancy, Fr. Carlson, Walton, So. Carman, Stephen, Fr. Carney, Charlotte, Fr. Carper, Ted, Fr. Carr, John, Jr. Caselman, Julia, Fr, Cauldwell. Roland, Sr, Cavaiani, Paul, Fr. Chaffee, Martha, Sr, 191 Chambers. James, Sr. 70, 178 200 Chambers. Linda, Fr, 41, 102, 712 104 Chapman, Charles, Sr. 70, 149, 178 102, 211 Chapman, Evelyn, Sf. 178 191 Charvat, Mary, So, 61, 83, 200 147, 168. 211 Chaturachlnda, Kemthom, Jr. 51 143, 200 Chegwidden, Douglas, Fr. 212 71, 132, 178 Chism, Joseph, Sr, 48, 96, 178 81, 176 Chism. Robert, Grad. 28, 43 48, 102, 212 Chism. William, Sr, 178 186, 212 Chitty. Michael, Fr. 32, 106, 212 212 Church, Daniel, Jr. 47, 191 damn, James, So. 200 Clark, Elmira, Jr. 191 Clark, James, Sr. 176 Clark, John, Fr. 75, 76, 106, 212 Clark, Judith, Fr. 87, 102. 212 Clark. Margaret, Sr. 176 104, 135, 212 Clarke, Hannah, Sr. 41, 71, 89, 93, 1 7B , 60, 41, 212 Clfissi, Jerry, Fr. ,. 143, 212 86, 108, ITS Class i, Teri, Sr. 46, 57, 71. 176 , 37, 102, 212 Clement, Archie, Jr, 106, 191 47, 212 Clow, Ethel, Fr, 60, 75, 104, 212 48, 102, 200 Cluster, Colleen, Sr. 71. 176 102, 212 Clydesdale, Carol, Fr. 104, 212 152, 155 Cobbs, Elbert, Jr. 72 91, 191 147, .212 Coblentz, John, So. 200 69, 200 Cochran. Marvin, Jr, 63, 73 , 77. 106, 191 212 Cochrun. Janet, Fr. 102, 212 104 , 200 Coddlngton, Kenneth, Sr. 139, 178 46. 87, 200 Coffey, Don, So. 200 184, 212 Colburn, Margie, So. 79, 102, 200 191 Colburn, William, So. 200 212 Cole, Roma. Fr. 60, it, 102, 212 68. 102, 212 Coleman, Lila, Sr. 54 178 212 Collins, Brent, Jr, 89, 91, 95 191 Collins, Dan, So, 200 104, 212 Collins, Robert, So, 142, 2W 178 Conanf, Berneke, Fr, 83, 102, 212 212 Canard, Elvm, Fr. 212 39, 108, 176 Conard, Karen, Sr. 61, 71, 131. 176 Phone MA-44713 802 Main 1 SUPER tGRMEIS MANN ' S IGA STORE Everyday Low Prices Delivery Service PHONE MA 4-2574 219 West 10th Vf. ' K i ‘ ’ J-i v- err c Conklin, Kenneth, Fr. 32. 106, 147, 200 Conley. Dwight. Sr. 178 Connelly, Richard, Jr. 1 1 Conner, Donald, So. 200 Cook, Carolyn, So- 57. 100. 133. 201 Cook, Ronnie, Sr. 57, 71, 4, 130, 178 Cooper, Jerry, Fr. 140 Copp, James So, 201 Corder, Marvin, Fr. 212 Coft, Kennett, Fr. 212 Covey. Robert, So. 147, 201 Cex. Delberl, Fr. 212 Cramer, Connie, Fr. 73, 104, 212 Creighton, Iva, Fr. 212 Crist, Cary, Jr. 1 1 Crocker, Benjamin, Jr. 125, 145, 1 1 Croker, lette, So. 201 Cromwel 1 , Larry, Sr. 178 Cromn. Mada. So. 40, 61, 71, 84. 201 Crosby. Donald , Jr, 77, 78. 106, 1 1 Crotts, Carolyn, Sr. 8 . 178 Cullen. Joe. So. 87 Culwe-U, Lianna, Fr. 104, 212 Cummins, Sybil, Fr. 41, 102, 20! Cunn ' ngham, Glen, So. M2, 201 Curtis, Joe, Fr, 212 Curtis, Phillip, So. 1 1 Curtis, Robert, Jr, 1 1 Cussen, Michael. Sr. 4®, 17® Outright. Mary, Grad. 04 D Dal . Patrick, So. 48, 5 , S3, 104, 201 Dai ton, Sftven ( Fr. 104, 147, 212 Daniel, Clyde, So. 4?. 70, 201 Daniels, Gerald, Fr. ..... 152 Daniels, Linda, Jf. 137, IT! Daniels, Ronald, Jr. 125, 144, 1 1 Dillon, Terry, Jr 1 1 Darnell, Do n a 1 d . Sr. 17 Dimitt, Charles, Fr. 106, 213 Darnell, Linda, So. 4 . 71, 104, 201 DSnges, Lucifle, So. 52, 201 Daugherty, Larry, Sr. 70. 72, 164, 17? Dinkel. Corrine, Fr. 213 David. Larry. Fr. 212 Dink el. Donald, Fr. 83, 106. 213 Davidson, Eleanor, Fr. 6 . 102, 212 Dinkel, Ralph, Fr. 03, 213 Davidson, Larry, So. 72, 1 57, 201 Dirks, Martha, So. 201 Davis, Carl, Jr. 104, 144. 212 Dival, Leon, Fr. 106. 213 Davis, James E., Fr. 70, 13 . 212 Dodd, Dixie, Sr. 17 Davis, Jim, L., Fr, 142, 212 Dodrill. James, Jr. 14 , 1 1 Davis. John. Jr, 146, 1 1 Doleoek, Millicent, So. 1 1 Davison, William, Jr. J 06, 191 Do ley, Allan, Fr. 47, 213 Day, Jon. So. 72, 201 Donart, Gary, Jr, 47, 106, 1 1 Dean, Shirley, Fr. 71, 104, 212 Conner. Gary, So. 72, 157, 201 Dearden, Robert, Fr„ 106. 212 Dooley, Joseph, Sr. 70, 17? Debes, William, Fr. 82. 212 Dorenkamp, Agnes, $f- 17 DeBoer, Jean, Fr. 88, 104. 212 Doxon, Dean, Sr. 17 DeBoer, Joan, Jr, 4®, 104. 1 1 Dragoo, Lyle, Sr. 14, 17 Dechanl, Larry, Fr. 212 Drake, Donna , So. 7 , 104, 20! Decker. Joy, Fr. 104. 212 Dreany, Harry, So. 201 Decker. Laurence, So. 201 Dreiling, Della, Fr 211 DeGarmo, Harlan, So. 106, 1 1 Dreiling, Larry, Fr. 1S2 Deines, Larry So. 70, 201 Dreiling, Mary, Jr, 71, 83 , 1 1 Dreiling, Robert, Fr, 71 Delnes, Mary, Fr. 104, 212 Drussel. Gary, So. 140, 201 DeLair, Donald Jr, 63, 0 Duer, Coline, So. 4 , 84, 104, 201 DeLafr, Patricia, Sr. 71, 17 Duff, Ellen,, Sr, 63. 76, 17 Delander, Helen. Jr r 42. 108, 1 1 Dumlar, Emanuel, Fr. 58. 31, 106, 147, 213 □ ellett, Jon, Sr. 3. S. 6, 17 Dunavan, Robert, Fr. 213 ' De-Long Giry, Fr. 152 Dundas,, Kay, Grad. 0 Denning, Dean, Fr r 213 Dunekaek, Darrel, $r. 179 Denning, Deanna, Sr. 17 Dunlap, Marvin, Fr. 213 Dunn, Denny. So, 143, 201 Denning. Virgil Sr. 17 Dunning, Leon, Fr. 213 Dennis. Carolyn. Sr, 44, 57. 71. 00, 83, 6, 17 Duus, Melvin, So. 20! Dyer, Robert, So. 201 Derrick, Roy, Fr. 213 Desmarteau, Myron, Fr. 213 Dewald, Janet, So 7?, 102, 201 Dickey, Roberta, Fr, . 51, 56, 66, 137, 213 E Dickman, Feme, So. 201 Diers, Mary, So 40, 6j, 135, 201 Dieti, Larry, So 86 145, 201 ri,„| C rs 46, 201 Oillinger, Dpris, Sr 71, 84 , 67, 17 toei. i avio , so. Eckert, Harry, Jr. 1 1 Edmonsfcm, James. Fr. 213 Ehrlich Larry So. 40, 51, 52, 5 , 00, 34. i, 5, 201 Eichel barker, Marie, Sr, 41, 0 . 17 tilers. Patricia, So. 47, 43. 1 1 Ebenhour, Edith, Fr. 213 61 sen hour. Joyce, Jr. 74, 7 . ' l 1 Ebenhour, Larry, Jr. 13 , 1 2 Erder, . Harry, Fr, 213 Elias, James, Fr, 125, 143, 213 Ellegood, Ken, Sr. 3 Eller. James, Sr. 1 f Elliott, Lynn. Jr, 152 Ellis. Barbara, So. 41, 102, 201 Ellis, Danny. Jr. 1 2 Ellison, Judy, So. 130, 201 Elbaesser, Betsy, So. 42, 102, 201 Emerson, Oscar, Fr. 106, 213 Emigh, Keith, So. 201 Engel, Douglas, Fr. 213 Engel, Edna, So. 4 , 201 Engel, Mike, Jr. I52 r 1 2 Engel, Luanne, So. S3, S7, 100. 130, 201 Engel, Virginia, Fr. 32. 104, 213 Engel, Clark, Fr 72 r 152. !06. 213 Emtrom, Rogene, So. 102, 201 Epter. John, So. 43 Epps, Richard, Fr 213 Erbert. Daniel, Sr. I2S, 14 , 17 Erbert, Joan, So. 201 Erickson, Delbert, So. 72, 149, 163. 16 . 201 Erickson, Gary, Fr. M . 148. 201 Erickson. Lois, So. 57, 101, 116, 130, 202 Ernst, Gary, Jr. ... 1 2 Esfeld, Terry, So 82, 202 Espknd, Linda, Jr, 71, 87, 108, 1 2 Estes. Arlene, So. 54, $5, 102, 173, 202 Estes. Eliiabeth, $r, 71, 7 . 133, 17 Estes. Stan, Jf S3, 106, 1 2 Eubank. Paul, So. 202 HOUSE OF COLOR Paint — Wallpaper — Gifts Draperies — Picture Framing PHONE MA 4-3814 1009 MAIN LYNCH TEXACO SERVICE Accessories — Tires — Batteries PHONE MA 4-9984 8th and ASH 232 I i h McCORMICK FARM STORES McCormick International Harvester Buy Where You Can Get Service Hays and LaCrosse MA 4-5685 LA 2-2526 FARMERS ' COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Grain Elevator and Feed Mill Petroleum Products and L-P Gas Owned and Contracted by the Patrons Service Station Phone MA 4-3312 EAST 9th STREET HAYS, KANSAS Evan . Wilbur. Sr. Eve!. Della. Jr Ewin , Ronnie. Fr. Eye, Kenneth. Fr. 17? (12 I 46, 213 91 , 213 F FabnaTus, Carroll. Fr. 2 11 3 FaErbaim, Linda. Fr. 31, 107, 213 Farr, Lonnie, Fr. 213 Faulk, Kenneth. Fr. 74, 73, 202 Feezor, Marvin, Fr. 713 Feiden Key Ann, Sr, 71, 93, 96. 97, (37, 179 Feist. James, Fr. 202. 2(3 Fellers Beth, Jr. 58. 73, 79. 97, 124, 133, 192 Fellers. Jeremiah. So. 192 Fellers, Patricia, Jr, 61, 76 Felts, Kenneth, Grad. 46, 83 Ferguson. Willard, Sr. 179 Fetters, James, So, , 192 Flnkenbinder, Larry, Fr r 106, 213 Finley, Janet. Fr, 22, 56, 102, 118, 213 Fisher, Mickey, Fr. 56, 79, 104. 213 Fiss. Myrna, So. 71, 06, 104, 202 Fletcher, Janice, Sr, 93, 96, 189 Fletcher, Patricia, So. 64, 202 Fllckner, Elbert, So, 202 Flynt, Margaret, Sr. 47, 90, 179 Foley, Kenneth, Fr. 49, 106, 21 3 Folkerh, Charlotte, Sr. I ?9 Folkerti, Kenneth, Sr. 179 Folks, Elmer, Fr. 713 Folks, Neil, Sr 02, 179 Forbes, Marion, Fr. 213 Ford, King, Jr. ...J92 Forinash, Marilyn, Fr. 104, 213 Forney, Imogen®, Sr. 179 Forney, Mona, Fr, 56, 64, 76. 104, 213 Forsyth, Jay, So 46, 202 Forsyth, Judith, So. 88, 202 Foster, Norman, So. 139, 202 Fox. Connie, So, 102, 202 Fox, David, Fr. 713 Fox, Da yton, Fr, 213 Fox, Ja imes F., Fr. 192, 213 Fraley, Keith, Fr. 213 Fraley, Kent, Fr. 213 Francis, Lynn, Fr, 186, 139, 213 Francisco, John, Jr. 7S , 78, 192 Frank, Cheryl, So, 52, 57, 135. 202 Franks, Daniel, Jr. 192 Frani, Clarence, Sr. 179 Franr, Derryl, So. 152, 202 Frailer , Judy. $o- 104, 133, 202 Frailer Marie, Ff. 69, 104. 133, 213 Fr ederi kson, JoLynne, Sr. 49, , 137. 180 Frickey . Wayne. Fr. 68, 213 Fritsche. Ruth, Sr. 71, 87, 180 Fritschen, Lawrence, Sr. 70 , 180 Fritiemeier, Charles. , Fr. 213 Fross, LaYem, Fr. 140. 214 Frost. William, Fr. 214 Fuller, Stephen, So. 104, 202 Fulton , BernleCe, F r. 214 Funk, Robert, So- 66 , 81, 202 Fyfe, John, So. 91, 125, 147, , 302 G Gabel, Darrell, Sr. Gafford, Roger, Fr. Gagnon, David, So. Gaines, Sallie, Fr. Gale, Donald. Fr, Galliart. Jerry, Jr. 180 214 70, 82. 106, 567, 202 214 140, IN 49, 70, 106, 144, 192 Galliart, Karen, Jr, 36, 192 Ganiel, Robert, Fr. 214 Gardner, Ronald, So. 72, 147, 152, 282 Garrelts, Gayl , Sr. 180 Garrison, Dennis, Fr, 64, 214 Gassmann. Agnes, Fr, 61 . 82, 102, 214 Gates. Ronald, So. 49, 106, 202 Gatschet, Francis, Sr, 180 Geerdes, Robert, Fr. 152, 157, 214 Geiger, Larry, Fr, 214 Georg, Winston, Fr, 214 George, Robert. Sr. 59, 72, 138, 180 Gerrihen, Herman, So, 202 Getty, Da! , Sr. 180 Getty, Karen, Jr. 80. 97, 108, 192 Getty, Laura, Sr. 71. 132, 180 Getty, Rose, Jr. 61, 89, 192 Gibbons, Dottle, Fr. 49 , 87, 104, 135, 214 Gibbs, Carolyn, Fr. 79. 104, 214 Gibson, Norma. Jr, 53, 192 Giebler, Gale, So, 192 Giebler, Wayne. Fr. 82, 143, 214 Gilbert, Anna, Sr 79, 180 Gilbert, James, Sr. 130 Gillespie, Ronnie, Fr, 106, 147. 214 Gilliland, Darel. Sr, ISO Gilliland, Karen, Sr, 180 Gilliland. Ronald, Sr. 180 Gilson, Rosemary, So- 58, 137, 202 Glngerich. Dwane, Fr. 214 Givens, Faith, So. 177, 202 Glasscock, Carole, Jr. 84, 102, 192 Glenn, Galen, So. 202 Glennemeier, Larry, So, 82, 91. 202 Gnad, Leroy, So. 91. 202 Goddard. Nancy, So. 71, 00, 86. 87, 202 Goehring, Clayton, Fr. 49, 81, 186, 214 Goehring, Doris. 5r r 189 Goeken. James, Sr. 149, 180 Goeti, Sharon, Fr, 56, 83. 214 Good, Larry, Jr 49, 106, 192 Goodhearl, Chester, So. 192 Goodheart, Gary, Jr. IS2, 192 Goodrow, Judith, So. 49, 202 Good row, Kenneth, Jr, 49, 192 Gordon Donald, Fr, 49, 106, 214 Goscha, Gary, Fr. 82, 214 Gottschalk, Donald, Fr, 214 Gottschalk, Gary, Sr, 49, 140. ISO Gottschalk, Kenneth, Fr. 02 Gottschalk, Marilyn, So. 61, 71, 02 , 89. 131, 202 Gracey,, Alvin, Jr. 73, 78, 192 Gracey, Phyllis, Sr, 180 136, 192 Graf. Marilyn, Jr. Grandy. Gary, Fr, 144, 214 Grantham. Warren, Jr. 192 Gradtidge, Aaron, So. 202 Graver, John, Sr. . . 71, ISO Graver, Leon, Jr, 145, 192 Graves, Amy, Fr. 56. 104, MS. 2 1 4 Gray, Carol, Fr. 214 Gray. Lionel, Sf. ISO Green. Karen, Fr. 102. 214 Green, Letcher, Fr. 102, 214 Green, Norman, Ft. 47, 91, 214 Greenway, Judith, So. 53, 69, 76, 102, 202 Greenwood, Gloria, So. 52 08, 104, 135, 202 Greenwood , Ronald, Jr . 192 Gregory, Frank, So. 202 GrEebel, John, Sr. 49, 100 Griffin, James, Sr. 49. 70, 125, 138. 180 Griffin, Ken, Sr. 56, 85, 93, 95, 96. 100 Griffith, Gary, Jr, 125, 148. 192 Griff itts, Joanne, Jr, 61, 84. 89, 102, 192 Grimm, Judith, Fr, 56, 83, 102. 214 Gross, Kenneth, Sr. S3. Gross, Mary, Fr. S3. 214 Grosshans, Meryl, Jr. 95, 192 Grund, Evan, Jr. 141, 192 Gruver, LaDonna. Fr. 104, 173, 214 Guinn, Larry, Jr. - 146, 192 Gum. Dorothy, Sr. I®® Gumm, Keith, Jr. 49, 141, 192 Gunn, MalvTn p Fr, , 214 Guy, Allen, So, - 202 Guyer, Howard, Sr. 47, 141, 180 Gwynn, Sue, Grad. 48 233 H Haas, Kenneth, So, 70, S3, 202 Haas. Vernon, Sr, 100 Hackerott, Edward, Sr l D Haesemeyer, Eloise, Fr. 54, 55, 102, 214 Haffner, Frances, Fr. 3, 104. 214 Haf linger. Wauneta, Fr. 302 Hagerman, Lynn, Fr. 4 , St. IS2, 214 Hag man, Herbert, Sr, 47. SO, 147, ISO Hagman, Jerry, So. 20 Hall Urry, Sr. 04 , 10 ' Hallagin, Jann, Fr. 104, 173. 214 Hallagin, Sonja, Jr, 08, 2 HaUbick, Rita, Fr. - 69, 104, 173, 214 Hailing, Ronald, Sr. 101 Hailing, Virginia, Sr. IGI Hamel. Cleo. Sr. 70, 141 Hamel homas, Sr. 47, 90, 93, 96, MS, 181 Hamiti, Gwendolyn, Fr, 6-4. 104, 214 Hamilton, Robert K,, Jr. 166 Hamlin, Charlene, Fr, 104. 2t4 Hammekn, Keith, Fr. 82, 143, 214 Hammer. Denis, Fr, „ 214 Hammer, Harold, Fr. 214 Hammer, Robert, Jr, M3, 192 Hankeft, Landis. So. .143, 202 Hannay, Roland, Fr. 214 Hansen, Kathleen, Sr 181 Hanson, Andy. So. . ,, — 44, 202 Hanson Elizabeth, Fr. 44, 60. 49, 104, I3S. 173. 214 Hanson, John, Jr. . - 192 Hanson, Sara, So. 79, 202 Harding, Gary, Fr. 14S, 169, 2 14 Hargreaves. Warren, Fr. M7, 214 Harkins, Marlene, Fr. 54, t04, 214 Harman, James, So. 187, 202 Harmon, Paula, Jr. - 89, 192 Harper, George, Fr, 108, 146, 214 Harrel, Judy, Fr, . BE, 104. 173, 215 Harrell, Millard, So. 73, 7S, 202 Harris, David , Fr. 21 S Harris, Phil, Fr. 106, 215 Harris, Sherry, Fr. 215 Harrison, Janet, Jr. 66, 136, 192 Hart, 6111, So - 202 Hartman, Jon, Jr - -68 Hartxell, James, So, 152 Hartiler, Duane, Jr 192 Harvey, Evelyn, So 102, 202 Harvey, Larry, Sr. 70, I l Harzman, Leonard, So. 49, 141, 203 Haselhorst, Joyce, $o, ■ 62, 203 Hauck, Jerome, Jr. Ml, 19 3 Hawkins, Larry, Jr. 49, 64. 193 Hawkins, Richard, Fr. 68, 106, 215 Hayden, Robert, Jr. 63, 64 Hayes. Nanette, So. ...... 193 HayeS, William, So - 48, 52 Hayse, Melva, Fr. 55, 60, 81, 102, 215 Hazlett, John, Jr, . 49, 193 Heaton. Bonnie, Fr, 69, 102, 2E5 Heaton, Carol, So 49, 66, 203 Heaton, Patricia, Sr 49, 71, i L Hecojr. Roberta, Sr. , 1 35, 101 Hedge, Mary, Jr 61, 193 Heffel, Larry. Jr. 52, 62, 61, 91. 93, 193 Heide. Linda, Jr, 57, 193 Hell, Richard, So, 48, 203 Heim, Donald, So. 48, 203 Heim. Joseph, So, M8, 203 Heimer, John, So. 203 Hemken, Ernest, Jr 193 Hemphill, Loren, Sr 181 Henderson, Judith, Jr .... 69 Henderson, Richard, So. 48, 32, I06. 203 Henderson, Sharon, Fr 56, 104, 215 Heoningson, Carl. Jr, ......... - 193 Henrickscn, Wallace, So. 203 Herbel, Bernetta, Fr. 104, 215 Herber, Mary, Fr .66, 102, 2 IS Herl„ Larry, So 82, 203 Hermes, Myron, Jr, . . 193 Hermon, Karen, So 104, 203 Hernandez, Paul, Sr. 18 1 Herpich, Wallace, So, ., 106, 203 Hertel, Denis, Sr. 83, 181 H er te I , Ke nn et h, Fr ...„. . - — 82 Hiebert, Jack, Sr. 47, 141, 181 ABC DRUG STORE More Firmly Established as the Drug Store of Choice PHONE MA 4-2523 1007 MAIN PARK DRIVE LAUNDROMAT 708 Park Drive MA 4-9914 Niger d, Larry, So. 80, 86, 102, 203 Higerd. Loretta, Fr. 60, 86. 215 Higgins, Patrick, Fr, 215 Hildebrand, August, So. 107, 203 Hildebrand, Elsie, Sr. 54 , 55, 108. 181 Hilgers, Me , Sr. 120, 1 81 Hllgers. Ronald, Jr. 49, 193 Hillman. Gordon, Fr. 2 IS Hillman, Harold, So. 203 Hinkle, Jeanne, Jr, 193 Hmnergardt, Stanley, So. 203 HTm, Sue, Jr. 66, 172, 193 Him, Roger. Jr. 149, 193 Minima n, John, Fr. 167, 215 HTrt, Bethold, Jr. 63, 83, 107, 193 Hiss, Loren, Sr. 181 Hobble. Rhoda. Jr. 61, 81, 193 Hochanadel, Anthony, Sr. I t Hockett, El win, Fr, 21S Hofaker, Richard, Jr, 193 Hofer, Verena, Fr. I02, 215 Hoff, Floyd, Fr. 144, 215 Hoffer, Janice, Fr. 75, 81, 102, 167, 2i5 Hoffman, Gary, Fr. 107, 215 Hoffman, Raymond, So, 125. 141, 203 Hogseft, Stanley, Jr. 72, 152. I6B, 193 Hoteman. Robert. Sr, . 70, 18! Holliday, Shari, So. 73, 136, 203 Hollis. Donald, Fr. 107, 215 Holmes, Carol, Jr, 61, 193 Holmes, Sandra. So. 80, 101, 182, 116 203 Holopirek. Met, Fr. 107, 215 Hones, Ernest, F r, 2 IS Honas, William, Fr. 215 Hooten, James, Sr. 72, 152, 153 Hoover. John, So. 81 , 203 Hopkins, David, Sr 51, 142, 181 Hopkins, Louise, Fr. 84, 173 Hopkins, Martha, So. 57, 134, 203 Hopkins, Terry, Sr. IB! Horney, Dennis, Fr. 78 Horning, Mary, Jr, 57, 83, 97, 104, 112, 193 Hornung. Ronald, Sr, 181 Horton, Forrest, Fr, 215 Horyna, Sharon, Fr 08, 104, 215 Hosie Ronatd, Fr. 107, 215 Housholder, Nancy, Sr. ... .... 104, 181 Howard. Gaylene, So, . 69, SB, 104, 203 Howard, Elaine, Sr. B6, 93, 134. 181 Howell, Galen, So, 152 Howell, Nelson. Jr. 107, 193 Howland, Gary, Fr, 107, 147, 215 Hrablk, Donald, Sr, 70, 99, 18! Hrabik, Janice, Jr, 52, 93. 193 Huber, John, Jr. 74, 78, 95, 107, 193 Hudson. James, Jr. 66, 67, 193 Hudson, John, Sr. 181 Huebner, Ronald, Jr, 142, 193 Huff, Roger, So. 203 Hughes, Carole, Fr. 52, 04, 80. , 102, 21S Hullman, Don, Jr. 70, 193 Humrich, Paul. Sr. F 8 1 Hunter. Barbara, So. 79, 102, 203 Hunter, James, Fr. 215 Hunter, Zelia, Fr. . .. 104, 215 Huslig. William, So, .. 203 Huston, Gerald, Fr. . .. 82, 146, 215 Huston. Mary, Fr. 82, 103, 215 Hutchcraft, Theodore, Sr. 149, 182 Hutson Betty Fr 84, 88, 103, 215 Hutton. Rodney, $r. I40, 182 Huxol, Carol. Fr, 102, 215 Hyer Carol, Fr 08, 102. 215 Hynes, Daphne, Fr. 88, 86, 103, 2 IS 1 Imhof, Priscilla, So, 104, 203 Inman, William, Jr. .. 68, IIS, 140, 193 ImMasche, Doris, Sr. 71, 124, 137, 182 Irvine, Keith, Sr, . 182 hern, Orville, Fr ..... 81, 2IS Ivan, John, Sr t 46, 182 234 PHONE MA 4-2531 SEVEN-UP BOTTLING COMPANY NORTH VINE Jacobs, Obesity, r - Jjmefson. Uonird, Fr, 152, 152, 155 Janke, Larry, So. 203 Jansonius, Evalee, Fr. 104, 215 Jansenius, Georgia, Sr. 49, 104, 172, 162 January, Vicki, Fr. . 49, 104, 132, 215 Jaske, Arthur. So, 203 Je f feri e$ , Gw e n d o! yn , $ f - 71, 131, Jeffers, Marlin, Fr. + 107, 215 Jeffers, Marvin, So. 70, 107, 203 Jen itch, Larry, So. L 45, 203 Jenkins, David, So. 203 Jennings, Mazie, Fr 103. 2(5 Jen ten, Daryl, Sr 145, 162 Jensen, . Donna. So. 50, 124, 134, 203 Jester, John, Fr . 40, 66. 215 Joerq, Charles, Fr. 215 Johnson, Donald E,, So 203 Johnson. Donald G-, Jr 193 Johnson, James. Jr. 47, 71, 193 Johnson, Joe. $©- Johnson, Karl, So- 202 Johnson, Norrnan, So. 40, 203 Johnson, Raymon, So. Johnson, Victor; Sr HO. IB2 Johnston. Gerry, Fr 215 Johnston, Keith, Jr, 193 Jones, Dale, Sr Jones, Darrell, Jr 1 93 Jones. Donita, Fr 102, 2l Jones, Evan, So. 49, 203 Jones. James, Fr 146, 2IS Jones, Janice, Fr. 54, 49, 104, 135, 173, 215 Jones. Jarrell, Fr, 214 Jones, Kay, So. 103, 114, 135, 203 Jones, Kenneth, So 203 Jones, LeRoy V., Ff. (52. 214 Jones, Marjory, Fr. 104, 214 Jones, Max, Sr ....— I®® Jones, Paul, Jr. . 193 Jones, Roy, Jr 70, 193 Jones. The ad or, Jr, 193 Jordan, Kay, Fr. 103, 214 Jorns, Mary; So. 40, 53, 49, 74, 135, 203 Juenemann, John, Sr. S3, 107, 102 junk, Raymond , Sr. 47, 51, 52, 102 Justus, J. D., Sr, 193 Kahle, Larry, Sr. 95 . 99, 101, 102 Kaiser, Layton, Sr. Kanard, Thomas, Sr. Karls, Audry, Sr. Karr, Charles, Jr, Ready, Uorrma, Jr. Kear, Larry, Fr. Keener, Edwin, Jr. Reich, Gloria, J Keller. David, Sr, Keller, Janice, Fr, Keller, Karen, Fr. Kelley, Sharon, So 99, I07, 182 So. 69, 13S, 203 70, 152, 102 93, 182 49, 70 93 90, 162 Fr. 216 Jr. 41, 89, 137 So. . 193 66 216 So. 48, 204 So. 103, 204 ir. 99, 182 193 r. 193 149, 102 02 105, 216 71, 00, (05, 216 103, 204 Sr. 71 182 Jr. 193 24 107, 152, 216 82, 204 204 Fr. 62, 214 152, 216 Jr. 41. 193 Fr. 48, 73, 216 , Fr. 02 103, 216 Jr. 107, 193 57, 76, 193 Killen, Kenneth, So. 2( 4 Kilmer, Carl. Fr 47, 107, 214 Kirn mi, Elizabeth, Fr. 49. 71. 79, 103, 214 Kindsvater Patricia, So. 49, 132, 204 King, Karen, So 75, 79. 204 Kingsley, Bonnie, Fr. 54, 105. 131, 2 14 Kinrie. Rachel. So, 2C 4 Kipple, Bonnie, So. l0 . 204 Kirkham, Dale, Fr. Kiser, Donald. Fr . 107, Kiser, Wllmsr, Fr — 91 Kisner. Ernest, Sr. 89, (62 Kitchen, Orvlna, So. 4, 103, 204 Klaus. Alberta, Fr. 43, 03, 83, 214 Klein. Patricia, Fr. 82. 214 Klein, Robert, So. m i 204 Kleweno. Keith, Fr. 2I Klewene. Marlene, So- 49, 49, 204 Kline, Donald. Jr ' 93 Klink, Kathleen, So. 204 KlUik-c. Max, Sr. Knapp. James, Fr. 2I Knapp, Sharon, So, 204 Knlpp, Denis, Fr. 2lt Knoll, Carroll, Sr. IS2 Knott, iris, Fr. ■ Knorr, Ed, Jr. ,i4 Knorr. Kenneth, So, 149, 204 Knorr, David, Fr, ...214 Knudsom, Karol, Sr. — Koblar, Gilbert, Jr. 93 Koch, Denny, Fr 3 14 Koch, Judith, So. 57, 44, 204 Koch, Kenton, Fr, 107, 2 14 Koch. Robert, Sr 48, 95. 182 Koehler, Dan, Fr. 149, 214 Koett, Larry, Fr 88, M2, 215 Kohls, Norwin, Jr. 193 Kollman, Melvin, So. 49, 204 Koochel. Larry, Jr, 70, 193 Kooti, Gary, So 2 0 4 Kottmann, Margaret, Fr. . 49, 105, 214 Kraft, Duane, So. .204 Kraft. Vivian, So W Kra (singer, Gary, Sf. 49, 101, H6, 182 Kralicek, Mary, So. . 49, 01, 105, 204 Kra tier. Barry, Sr. 40, 145, 182 Kraut. Dale, Fr. 21 Kraus. Lefa, Fr. 49, 50, 105, 132, 214 Kraus, Roberta, 5r. 142 Krentzel, Jimmy, Fr 70. 216 Krentxel, Marlin, Jr. 194 Krentzel, Myra, So. 204 Kresin, Robert, Fr 216 Kreutier, Aaron, Fr, ■■ 214 Krlen. Elaine, Fr. 54, 105, 216 Kriley, Geraldine, So. 83, 204 Krouse, Dick. Fr 214 Krouse, Noel, So. 204 Krug, Donald, Jr. 49. 91, 107, 194 Krug, Robert, Jr 49. 81. 194 KruiO, Max, Jr. 194 Kucera, Lana, Fr. I03 t 216 Kuhn, Clarence, Fr 214 Kuhn, Marcellinus, So. 204 Kyner, Carol, Jr. 84. 103, 194 LaBarge, Lawrence, fr. 214 Lacey, Philip, Jr. 83, 194 Lafferty, Robert, Fr, 216 Laffoon, Don, Fr 216 Landau, Margaret, Fr. 54, I0S, 214 Lane, Thomas, Jr. ... 194 Lang Anita, So. S3, 54, SS, 74, 79, 103. 204 Langdon, Larry Jr. 70, 194 Langhofer, Jerry, Fr. (40, 216 Langley, Gary, Fr. 78, 107, 2(4 Langley, Michael, Jr. 194 Langrehr, Jimmy, Fr 216 Languain, Judy, So. ■ 64, 204 Larrick, Audrey, Fr , 66. 88. 103, 214 Larson, Dean Jr. ...72, 83, L 07, 160, 163, 194 Larson, Larry, Fr, Latham, Dohn, Sr. Lauxman, Eldon, Fr, 214 183 107, 217 23S MUSIC MANOR TED ' S STEAK HOUSE Tender Juicy Steaks Pan Fried Chicken — Shrimps Chicken in a Box to Go Sunday 12 Noon ' Till 2 P.M, 5 P.M. ’Till 10 P.M. Closed on Friday PHONE MA 4-9933 1 5th and VINE PRUDENTIAL LOANS AND INVESTMENTS Where Your Money Earns 5% Interest See Us First ■for All Your Musical Needs PHONE MA 4-6324 207 WEST 1 0th PHONE MA 4-601 ! 1 7 WEST 8th 5 Law,, Marcus, Jr. .... r 49, Layton, John. Fr ........ Leach. William, Grad. . Leak, Lyle. So. 49, 58, Leary, Sheila, Fr, Lebsack, Shirley, So. S3, 69, 31, lechlenberger. Rudolph, Jr. Lee, George, So. Lee. James, So. Lee, Yong No, Grad- Leqleiter. Melvin, So. Lehman, Craig, Fr. Lehman, Marva. Fr. Leichliter, Dale, Fr. Leiker, Cl if ford , So . Leiker, Dennis, Fr. Leiker, Ernest, Sr. Leiker, den, Fr. Leiker, Karl. Fr. Leiker. Nancy. Fr. Leiker, Tom, Fr. Leiker. Verlyn, Fr. Laitner, Larry, Sr, Lesov sky. Don, So Lesseig, Samuel, $r. Lessor, Delbert. Jr, Leuty, Patricia, So. Levin, Wilber, Fr. Lewis, Alice, Fr. 55, 54, 69, I OS, 32, n, 96 82, 91. 93. 57, $0, 83, Lewis, Arnold, Jr. S2, 80, Lewi i, Elvin, Jr. 47, Ley, Donna, So. Uby. Max, Fr. Liebenau, Rose, Fr, Lin. Jing-min. Grad. Lindahl, David, Sr. Lindberg, Donna, Fr. Lindquist. Robert, So. Linenberger, Patrick, So. Link, Deanna, Jr. 71, 33, 105 Limner, James, So. Linsner, Kirby, Fr. Litien berger, Clifford, So. Lock, Ross, fr, Loekman, Carolyn, Sr. 61 146, 194 717 30 143, 204 131, 217 103, 204 194 147. 204 152, 204 SI 32, 204 107, 217 106, 217 107, 217 152 32 133 217 152 83, 217 143, 217 83, 217 32, 183 204 , 143, 183 145, 194 137, 204 149. 217 137, 173, 217 147, 194 71, 194 135, 204 107, 217 105. 217 51 171. 133 105. 217 70. 204 204 115. 194 204 83. 217 204 107, 217 131, 133 Lockwood, Larry, Jr, 194 Laewen, Melville. So. 47, 204 Lofstead, Karen, Sr. 57, 71, 133, 152 Lofstead, Mary. Jr. 57, 71, 80, 124, 131, Logan, Sally, Fr. 103. 217 Lohr, Theodore, Jr. 194 token. Richard, Fr. 217 Lomax, Carl, Jr. 143. 194 Long. Gaylord , Fr. 67, 107, 217 Lopez, Carlos, Jr, 40 Lorbeer, Virginia, So. 66, 135. 204 Losey, Wilma, So, 61, 108, 204 Lott, James, Fr. 217 Lowdermilk, Linda, Fr, 48, 103, 217 Lower, Beverly, Sr. S3, 54, 09, 108, 133 Lower, Charlotte, Fr, 54. 34, 1 03, 217 Lower, Charon, Fr. 54. 61, 84, 103, 217 Lucas. Roberta, Sr. 1 34, 183 Luder. Katherine, Fr. 80. 103, 217 Luetters, Mary. So. 60. 64, 83, 204 Luft, Hilary. Fr. 60, 101, 107, 152, 217 Luke, Ashley, Fr. 48. 107, 217 Lundgren. Sheila, Fr. I0S, MS. 217 Lundgrin, Larry, So. 70. 143, 20S Lundin, Jim, Fr. 73 Lunsford, Larry, Jr. 194 Lutgen, Leon, So. 70, 20S luttermen, Patricia. Fr. 105, 217 Lyda, Gary, So. 205 Lyman, Jerry, Jr. 90. 194 Lynn, Robert. So. 91 Lyon. Larry, So. 205 M Mack. Joan, Jr, 134, 194 Maddox, Carolyn, So. 49, 105, 205 Maddox, Jack, Fr, 217 Maddux. Nine, So. 20S Maddy. Patricia, Jr. 172, 594 Mader, Marvin, Sr. 103 Mahan, Kenneth, Sr. 47, 183 Maher. Maureen, So. S3, 67, 103, 205 MaT Donald, Fr. 81, 217 Mai. Norman, So. . 141, 205 Mafor, Roger. So, 64, 205 Malcolm, James, Sr. 49, 71, 133 Malm berg, Richard, Fr. 217 Malmgren, Richard, So, 205 Maneth, Paul, Fr. 217 Mannebach, Robert, So. 205 Mannerlng. Dennis, Fr. 72, 157, ?I7 Mapel, Robert, So. 78. 30. 205 Margheim, Edwin, Jr, 194 Margheim, Shara, So. 76, 205 Marple, Diane, Fr. 40, I03, 217 Marquellng, Robert, Jr. 78, 1 94 Marshall, Errol, Jr. . , 147 Marshall, LaVeta, Jr, 61, 89. 194 Marshall, Norman, Jr, 194 Marshall. Bruce, So. 49 Marshall, Rodney, Jr. 194 Martin, Dan, Sr. 10, 49, 141, 183 Martin, Lewis, Fr. 49, 107, 217 Martin, Marvin, So, 82. 205 Martin, Rorie, So. 205 Martin, Susan, Fr, 56. 83, 103, 217 Mason, Floyd, Fr. 217 Mason, Pamela Fr. 105, 217 Massey. Barbara, Fr. 56, 105, 217 Massey Paul, Jr. 74 70 194 Masterson. Terrence, Sr. 72, 152, 156, 183 Mattingly. Barbara, Fr, 80 May, Roger, Fr. 49 , 78, 107, 138. 217 McAdoe. William, Sr. 18, 59, 93, 96, 183 McAtee, Richard, Jr. 9S, 194 McCall, Dale. Sr. 71, 183 McCall Patricia, Fr. 56 64. 66, 105, 137, 217 McCall, Richard, Jr, 194 McCants, Donna, Fr. 69. 76, 83, 217 McCarty, Gary, So, 171, 205 McCarty, Linda Fr, 105 217 McChrijtian, Ray, So. 205 McClanahan. Joy. Fr. 152 McClellan, Marilyn. Jr. 59, 98, 130, 194 McClelland, Larry, Fr. 217 McClure, Gilbert, Fr. 147, 217 McComb, Janet, Fr. I0S, 217 McComb, Karen, So. I OS., 205 McCombs, Nanci, Sr. 64, 183 McCord, Jack, Jr, 194 McCoy. David. Fr. 217 McCoy, Donald, So- 107, 205 McCoy, Kim, Fr. 91, 213 McCreight, Paula, Fr. 217 McCreight, Roger. $r. 183 McDougal. Joan, Fr. 56, 81, 105, 218 McDowell, Jerold, Fr. McElroy, Roger, So. McElwain, David, So. McEvoy, Cary, Fr. McFadden. Mildred. So. McFedden, Sandra, Sr. McFall, Mary, Jr. McCehee, Carol, Fr. McGinley. Kenneth, Fr, McGovern, Dan, Fr. 69 165, 213 20S 205 49, 141, 218 61, 103, 205 54. 183 134, 194 103, 213 213 94 McGuire, Karen. Fr. 56. 64 l OS, 130, 136, 218 McGuire, Marilyn, Jr. 57, 69. 97, 194 McGuyre, Patricia, Fr. 55, 69, 80, 103, 213 McIntosh, Charles, Jr. 194 McIntosh, Iris, Sr, 61. 80, 183 McIntosh. Norman, Sr. 30, 183 McIntyre, Max. Sr, 145, 170. 133 McKean, Linda, So. 61, 133, 205 McKenxie. Virgie, Sr. 57. 130, 183 McKibbin, Lana, Fr. 56, 69 103, 218 McKinney, Charles, So. 205 McKinney, William, Jr. 43. 51, 52. 194 McLeod, Preston. Jr. 58, 59, 148, 194 McMulkin, Francis, Jr. 194 McMullen, Darlene, So. 57. 133, 205 McMullen. Dennis, So. 46, 205 McMullen, Rosalie, So. 205 McNeal. Denril, Sr- 63, 80, 147, 183 McNemey. Neil, Jr. 125, 144, 194 McQueen, Junell, Jr. 194 McQueen, Kerry, Sr. 183 Mead, Frelda, Fr. 56, [05, 213 Meadows, Sally, Fr. 103, 213 Meckfessel. Nell, Fr. 147, 218 Medcraft, Ann, So. 88, 103, 205 Meier. Frederick. So. 49, 141, 205 236 DAN ' S DRIVE IN CAFE Food You Will Enjoy... at Prices You Can Afford PHONE MA 4-4429 HWY. 40 BY-PASS Meier, George, Fr. — --®l f [8 Meier, Joan. Fr. — -...218 Meier. Larry, Sr Meier. Robert, Jr. 47, 49, 90, 91. 194 Melhus. Harold, Jr. . 70, 144, 194 Merita I, Laurayne, So. il. 103, 205 Merrifteld, Larry. Jr, 40, 194 Mersch, Jack, Fr. 2,0 Merydith, Constance, Fr. 103, 218 Metcalf, Patricia, Sr. 49, 105, 183 Metcalf, Sharon, Fr. SS, 56, 78, 103, 210 Men, Mildred, So. 49, 81, 205 Mesa, Manuel, Jr. 83. 194 Meyer, Richard. Sr 94, 183 Meta, Dennis, Fr. 1 7, 218 Michael. William, Sr. . 184 Michaelis, Jerry, Fr. 107, 218 Michel. Sylvia, Fr. 81 , 103, 218 Mickey. John, Jr 195 Micsner, James, Jr. — .... si, 195 Miles, Charles, Fr. 210 Miles, Marcel, Sr. 104 Milford, Michael, Jr. 195 Miller, Bonnie, Sr. 89, 184 Miller, Darrel, Jr, ... 1 25, 139, 195 Miller, Elden, Fr. 213 Miller, Ernest, Fr. 59, 73, 78, 141, 213 Miller. Glenda, So. L03„ 70S Miller, Warren, Sr. 184 Miller. Lynn, Fr. 107, 218 Miller, Marlene, Jr. 195 Miller, Michael, Fr. 218 Miller, Patricia, So. 49, 87, 105, 205 Miller, Robert, Jr, 66, 80, 195 Miller, Samuel, Sr. 184 Miller. Wanda, So, S3, 103, 205 Mills, Arlyn, Jr 143. 195 Mikap, Larry, So. 141, 205 Mindling, Gene, Jr. . 195 Minnis, Vernon, Fr. 107, 139, 218 Miscgadis, Yvonne, So. 79 , 33, 105 , 205 Mitchell, Ann, Fr. 56, 76, 105, 133, 218 . Modhu , Vallabhdas, Grad. ........ 51 Moeller, Dallas, Jr. 52, 195 Mog, I Donna, Fr. 53, 54, 55, 105 , 173 , 210 Mog, Sidne, Sr. Mog, Robert. Jr. Mohney, Jane, Fr. Mohr, Barbara, So. Molar, Marilyn, Jr. Money. Larry, Fr. 125, Money, Mike, Sr. Moody, Connie, So. 105, 64. 66. 103, 41, 71, 86. 87, 143, 50. 143, 195 218 205 195 218 104 Mustee, Rosemary, So. Myers, Charles, Fr. Myers, Janice. So. Myrlck, Keith. So. 57, 137, 204 218 49, 105, 204 49. 206 Nordmen, Ratph. Jr. 195 North, Jolene, Fr. 105, 219 Northrup, Robert. Fr. 140. 219 Nofthrup, Sharron, So. 137, 206 Northup, Daisy, So. 103, 206 Norton, 8en. Jr. 146, 195 Norton Warren, 5r, 50 , 93, 94 , 95, 96, (01, 145, 134 Novotny, Sharon. So. 49. 204 Moody, Roberta, 5o. 205 Nusse, Janet, Jr, 69, 195 Mooney, Carl, Jr. 171, 195 Nusse, Jud ith, Fr. 47, 84, 103, 219 Moore Marcia, So. 105, 130, 205 Moore, Robert, Sr. 70 Nagel, Gary, Fr. 78 Mo rehead. Donald. Sr. 141, 184 Nagel, Harold, Jr. 58, 143. 195 Moreland, Helen, So, 205 Nagel, Robert, Jr. 48, 143, 195 o Morris, Glenda, Jr- 60, 94, 135, 195 Naranjo, Louis, So. 51, 144, 206 M orris, Hal, Grad. 99, 157 Nash, Wm.„ Fr. 213 Morris, Norma, Fr. 105. 218 Naumann, Larry, Fr. 107, 218 Mors$, Annette, Jr. ■ 58, 136, 195 Neal, Dean, Sr. 184 Oborny, Dolores, So. 48, 71, 82, 105, 2Q6 Morton, Avis, Fr. 60, 61, 105, 218 Neal, Edith, Fr. 103, 218 Oborny. Edmund, Fr. 82, 107, 219 Moses, Ray, So. 145, 205 Neely. Jerry, Sr. 140. 184 O ' Brien, Dean, Fr. 140, 219 Moses, Shirley, Sr. 71, 184 Neilan, Patricia, Fr. 87, I OS, 218 Oelke, Carol, 5r. 81, 184 Mosier, David, Sr. . . 44, 49, 66, 134 Nelson, Barbara, Sr. 137, 184 Offner, Kenneth, Sr. 184 Mothers head, Carolyn. Jr. 71, 80, 37, Nelson, Donald, Fr. 157, 218 Ohlemeier, Bill, Sr, 67, 60, 98, 140, IB4 135, 195 Nelson, Franklin, Fr, 107. 213 Olds, Peggy, Fr. 69, 81, 103, 219 Mott, Glendis, Fr, 103, 218 Nelson, James, So. 206 0“ Leary, John, Sr, 121 , 104 Motm j. Sill, Fr. 124 Nelson, John, Sr, 134 Oliver, Russell, Jr. 70, 195 MourfTford, Carolyn, Fr. Mowery, Judy, Jr, 37, Mowry. Kent, Fr. IQ 7, Mud, John, So- 48, 107, Mulch, Robert. $o. 46, 91. 95, 107, Mulder, Gary, Fr f . Mull. Carole, Fr. 56, 105. 131, Mull, Gordon, So. 167, Mullen, Brian, Sr. - ..,--62 Mullen, Carole, Fr. 49 Mullen, Jerry, So Mullen, Katherine, Fr. 105, 133, Mullen! , Douglas, Sr. Munds, John, Jr. Murphy, Duane, Sr. Murphy, Patricia. Fr. S2, 53 Murphy, Roger, Jr. Murray, Gatl, Jr. Murray, Janet, So. Murray, Karen, So. 105. 86, 135, 137, 136, 172 211 195 218 205 20S 218 218 205 184 218 167 218 184 195 134 218 195 195 205 206 N e I so n , K e n n et h , Jr. Nelson, Larry. Fr. Nelson, Roger, $r. N el son, Ronald, Grad , Nelson. William. Sr. Nemechefc. Norma, So, Newell, Norman, So, Newton, Larry, Sr, Newton, Lynn, Fr. Ney, Merlin, Fr. Nicholas, George, Sr, Nichols, Kendall, Fr. Nickels. Charles, Jr. Nickels, Pamela, Fr. Nickel son, Marlyn, Jr, Nicodemus, Mary, Fr. Nlermeler, Harvey, So, Niles, Loretta. Fr. Noah, Roger, Fr. Notd, Ronald, Jr. 195 72, 157, 219 184 47, 90 58, 75, 78, 96 33, 105 195, 206 184 219 82, 219 125, 139, 184 219 6, 145, 195 219 1 95 56, 108, 219 43, 81, 91, 200 82, m, 219 219 146. 195 Oliverius, Roger, Sr, O ' Loughlin, Kathleen, Fr. 56. SOS, Olsen, Diana, Fr. Olson, Earl, Fr. Olson. Larry, Fr. Olson, Merlin, Sr. Oplinger, Lei and, Jr. Oringderff, Ralph, So- Qrr, Curtis, Sr. , Gstrom, Stephen, Sr. Oswald, Lloyd, _ Sr. Owens, Virginia, $0. 184 131, 219 54, 60, 105, 219 219 107 219 149, 104 195 206 134 185 135 236 80, Packard, Richard, Jr. 59. 149, 195 237 Palmer. Gerald, So. 149, 206 Palmer, Raul, Sr, 72, 185 Palmer, Wendell, Sr- 185 Palmgren, Kenneth, Fr. 149, 152, 219 Palmgren, Anita, So 71, 105, 206 Pa mm enter, Lynn ay, f 49, 64, 206 Pancake, Samuel, Fr. 51, 187, 219 Parish, Harlie, Jr. 195 Parish, Janice. Jr. 195 Parker, Lloyd, Sr, 78, 185 Parkhurst, Mary, Fr. 219 Parks, Charles Jr. 195 Parks Gary, Fr. 219 Parks, Nancy, Fr. 48, 105, 299 Parsons, Gary, Fr, 219 Pate, Mary, Sr. 93, 96, 185 Patel, K. R. Grad. si Patrick, Tom. So, 149, 206 Patterson. Barbara, So. 105, 206 Patterson, Helen, So. 206 Patterson, Myra, Jr. 195 Pa l ton. Carolyn, So. 61, 905, 706 Pattor., Marilyn, Sr. 53. 06, 108, 185 Pauley. Gale, Sr, 70. L85 Faustian, Gay, Sr. 53, 71, 131, 1 85 Pavlicek, Robert, Jr, 125, 949, 195 Paxton. Garald, Jr. 148, 168, 169. 195 Pearce, Clinton, Fr. 84 . 91, 107, 219 Pearce, Dennis, So. 67, 139 Pearson, Joyce, Jr. ■ 108. 195 Peavey, Judith, Fr. 76 PechaneC, Ivan, So. 2D6 Peck, Sandra, Fr. 103. 219 Pedigo, Larry, So. 22, 1 19. 145, 206 Pellow_ Robert, Jr. 80, 195 Pekarek, Larry, So. 206 Penn, Varden, So. 206 Percival, Patt : , Jr. 76, 77, 113, 132, 195 Perkins, Gail, So. 51, 206 Perry, Dale, Fr 219 Peter, John, So, 48. 82 , 206 Peters, ■ Dennis, Fr. 84 Peters, Sharon, Fr. 59. 98, IDS, 133. 173, 219 Petersilia, Frank, Jr. 58, 195 Peterson, Elizabeth, Fr. 84, 105, 219 Peterson, Jerry, Fr. 75, 78, 219 Peterson. Michael, Fr. 219 Peterson. Mildred, J,, Sr. 61, 71, 84, 185 Peterson. Lloyd. $r. 66, I 5 P«tracelr, Rose. Jr. 40, 00, 132, 195 Petty, Adelle. Fr. 105, 219 Petzold, James, So. 205 Petiold, Jerome, Fr. 219 Pfannenstiel , Donald, So., 206 Pfannenstlel, Harvey. So, 167 PfannerisKel, Mary, Fr. 82, 105. 219 pfennenstiei. Melvin, Sr. 157 Pfannenstiel, Patricia, Fr. 82, 219 Pfannenstiel, Terrence, So. 152, 168, 206 Pfeifer, Barbara. Fr. 219 Pfeifer, James, Sr. E85 Pfenninger, Gill, Sr. 70, 185 pfortmillar, Ellen, Fr. 76, 77, 105, 131, 219 Phifer, Gary, Fr. 219 Philip, Joyce, Jr. 57, 61, 133, 195 Phillips, Lawrence, Fr. 148, 167, 219 Phillips, Philip, So. 78, 145. 206 Pickering David Sr, 185 Picklnpaugh. Karen. Fr. 71, 103. 219 Pfnney, Janice, So. 66, 69, 76, 105, 206 Pittman. Kenneth, Fr, 141, 219 Pittman, Martha, Fr. 86, 105. 219 Pitts, Donald, Fr. ... . 139, 219 Piiel. Shirley, So, 61, 103, 206 Ploeger, Ardith, So. 81 103, 206 Plush Kenneth, Jr, 152 Poage Donna Jr, 195 Poage, Richard, Sr. IS2, 154, 185 Poage, Shirley, Sr. 77, 79, 185 Poland Judl Fr. 105, 219 Polley. Victor, Sr. 81 76, 117, 133, 206 Pollnow, Sharon, So, 57, Poore, Vicki, Fr, 219 Pope, George, Fr. 107, 152, 167, 219 Popp, Dennis, Sr. S2 J 142, 185 Porter Gerald Fr. 219 Potter, Patri cia, Fr. 49, S3, 56, 105, 173. 219 Pounds Wanda, Sr. 71 , 103, 185 Powden, Sigrid, So. .... 49, 132, 206 Powers, Ramon, Sr. 48, 51, 99, , 142, , 105 Preeo. Vearin. Fr. 105, 220 Price Raylene, $o. 52, S3. 76, I OS, 132, 206 Price, Kenneth, Fr. . 220 Price, Bill, Jr. 72. 168, (69. 195 Price, Lois, Jr. 1 5 Price, Ronald, Fr. 107, 148, 220 Print, Frank, Fr 220 Prinsen. Ann, Jr. ... 108, 195 Pritchett, Larry, Fr. 220 Probesco, George. Fr, 220 Proffitt, John, Jr, 68, E4I. 196 Propp, Kathleen, Fr. 88 Pruter, Robert, Jr. 49. 70, 196 Pryor, Kenneth. So. 47, 48, . S3, 206 Ptaschek, Gerald, So. 70, 206 Purer, Leonard, Sr. 49, HI, 185 Purer, Tommy, Fr, 107. 220 Purvis, Lawrence, So, H5, 206 Purvis, Shirley, So. 61, 89, 103, 206 Puiig, Edward. Fr. 52, 220 Pywell. Richard, Jr, 196 P Quemer, Allen, Jr. 84, 147, 196 Querbach, Marjorie, Fr. 56, 64, 88 Quillin, Ronald, Jr, 141, 196 Quiring, Gloria, So. 8S, I OS, 206 R Ralstin, Carrol d, Jr. 90 Rehimltn, Hossein, Jr, 51, 107, 196 Railing. Larry, Jr, 196 Rasek, Linda. Jr. . — 71, 196 Rasp, Charley, So. 206 Rath, Dale, Jr, 168, 196 Rodin. Eva, Fr. 23, 51, 80. 220 Redinger, Gary, So. 206 Reed, Clarene, Sr, 71. 89, 137, 185 Reed, Dennie, Jr. 70 Reed, Donald. So, 141, 156, 206 Reed, Jerome. Sr. 71, 138, 185 Reed, Lawrence, Fr. 66, 107, 220 Reeder, Melvin, Jr. 49, 196 Reeves, Tommy, Jr, 196 Roh, Marion, Fr. 220 Reifschneider, Bril, Jr. 195 Rein. Robert, Fr. 220 Re inert, Carol, Jr. 195 Reis Eg, Adolph, Sr 185 Reiss, Clifford, Jr . 196 Reissig, Donald, Jr + 196 Reissig, Duane, So. 206 Renick, Vera, Fr 79 Reschke, Ramona. Fr. 79, 103, 116, 133. 220 Reynolds, Karen, Fr 105, 220 Rica, Kenneth, Fr, 220 Richard. Marylin, $ 0 . 61, 08, 103. 206 Richardson. Key, So. 76, 133, 206 Richardson, John. Fr. 152, 220 Richardson, Judith, Fr. 56, 69, 103, 124, 133, 220 Richardson, Stanton, Jr. 196 Rider, Lillian, Jr. 196 Ridgway, Robert, Sr. 185 Riedel, Howard, Sr 138, 185 Riedel, John, Jr 83, 196 Riedel, Kenneth, Fr. .. . 48. 220 Riisoe, Julie, Sr. 71, 76, 77, 135, 185 Riley, Gerald, Sr. 49, 70, 185 Riley, Patricia, So 49, 53 , 207 Ringer, Roberta, Fr. 53, 55, 105, 220 Rinkel, Eunice, Sr ... 69, 96, 185 Rippe, Clarence, Fr, 82, 220 Ritter, Harlan, So. ..... 207 Robben, Bertram, Jr. 196 Roberson. Jarolyn, Fr, 49, 53, 101, 220 Roberts. Etaine, Sr 71, 96. E86 Roberts, Joyce, Sr, 52, 71. 89. 93, 96, 97, 103, 186 Roberts, Ronald, So, 207 Robertson. Marjorie, Grad. 84 to Western Kansas PHONE MA 4-2578 2450 HALL -v r jT f KAYS DIAMOND) LOOIST W EB TEM . W £ L£ R S HAYS ' RELIABLE CREDIT JEWELERS JTiOLOGISTS • GEM 01X301 ST - PHONE MA 4-3810 • - LAM Eli HOTEL BLDG, 238 DELMA STUDIOS Your Official Yearbook Photographer 9 West 20th Street NEW YORK, NEW YORK WAtkins 9-1880 SERVING NORTHWEST KANSAS Live Better Electrically CENTRAL KANSAS POWER CO. Phone MA 4-3437 1 1 East I Ith Robinson, Larry, Fr. 197, 220 Rob!, Alvin, Sr. 47. 52. 186 Rock. James, Fr. 52, 107, 144, 220 Rockwell, Chios, Fr, 56. 74, 105, 131. 220 Rodeman, Carla, So, 137, 207 Rodemar, Reva, Jr, 71, 79, 180. 194 Roedel, Dean, Sr, 72, 1 168. 149, 196 Roesch, Curti , Jr. 52, 196 Rogers, Gordon, Sr, 148, 186 Rogers, Marilyn, Fr, 71, 76, 195, 131, 220 Rogers, Vickie, Jr. S3, 71, 133, 196 Rogg. Verne, So. 143. 207 Rohr, Marjorie. Jr, 57, 46, 83, 190, 132, 196 Rohr, Maurice, Jr, 196 Rohr. Thomas, Jr. 52, 196 Rome Marjorie, Jr, 196 Romei er, Gary, Jr, 196 Rose, Daniel, Jr. 72, 107, 157, 194 Rose, James, Fr. 48, 229 Rose. John. Jr, 72, 107, 157, 196 Rose, Karen. Fr. 10S. 135 220 Ross, James, Fr. 220 Rossmiller, Eldon, Jr, 141, 196 Roth, Elizabeth, Fr, 195. 220 Roth, Jenny, fr. 02. 105, 220 Roth. Marcian, Jr. 47, 82, 196 Roth, William, Fr. 220 fiothenberger. David, Fr, 220 Ro unites, Lois. Fr. IDS, 220 Rowley, Marilyn, Jr. 61, 194 Roselle. Brian. Fr. 320 Rube, Robert, So. 207 Rudd, Larry, Fr. 49, 141, 229 Ruder, Darrell, Fr, 93, 220 Ruder. Duane, So. 68 Ruder, Kenneth, Jr. 40. . 68 Ruder. Larry. So. 140, 207 Ruff. John. Fr. 49 , 78, 86, 220 Rumley, Dennis, Jr. 196 Rupp, Rodney. Fr. 92 Rusco. James. So. 51, 82, 197, 297 Russell, Leo, Sr. 196 Russell, Richard. Fr, 107. 229 Ruth, Darrel, Jr. 107, 120, 196 Rutherford. Mary. Fr. 103, 220 Ryan, James, Fr, 48 240 Ryan. John. Sr. 186 Schmidt, Gene. Grad. 47 Ryan, Mary, Fr. 71. 103, 229 Schmidt, Harvey, Sr. 104 Ryman. Frances, Fr. 56, 105, 220 Schmidt. Isidore. So. 207 Ryser, Patricia, Fr. 193. 220 Schmidt, Janet, Fr. 117, 130, 221 Schmidt, Terrance, So. 82. 207 Sc hm id t, T ho m a s. So . 297 Schmidt, Warren. So, 82, 207 s Schmidt, Wayne, Jr. 165, 194 Schmitt, Steven, Fr. 197, 221 Schmoekel, Janice, Jr. 52, 81, 196 Saddler. Gary. So. 49, 78. 94. 107. 297 Schnatterly, Sally, So. 207 Salyer, Karen, So. 61, 297 Schneider, Donna, fr. 105, 221 Salyer, Theron, So 207 Schneider. Gary. So. 144, 207 Sammons. Darrell, Fr r 228 Schneider, Sharon, Fr. 71, 105. 221 Sanborn, Jaclyn, So, 49, IDS. 207 Schnoel belen, Carol, Fr. 56, IDS. 173, 221 Sander, Robert, So. 207 Schoen. Everett, Jr. 171, 194 Sandstrom. Ronald, Fr. 91 r 107. 220 Schon, Joe, Fr. 83, 107, 221 Safer. Kathryn. So. 105, 207 Sc h rock. Barbara, Fr. 103, 221 Safer, William, Fr, 149, 168, 169, 220 Schrock, Donald, Jr. 152, 194 Sawyer, LeRoy, Jr. 147. 196 Schrock, Gary, Sr. 104 Scan land, Bruce, Jr. 196 Schroeder. Max. Jr, 197 Scarlett, Patty, Fr. 40, 10S, 124, 130, 220 Schroeder. Sandra, Jr. 197 S cates. Harry, Grad. 94 Sehroer. Ronald, So, 207 Schaben, Thelrol. Fr. 197, 220 SehcolE, Betty. So, 52. 57 , 88, 135, 207 Schaffer, Doriilea, Fr. 105, 173, 229 Schueler, Mary, Sr, 75, 79, 194 Schaffer. Gordon. Fr, 220 Schuetz, Kenneth. Fr. 221 Schalansky, James, Jr. 03, 194 Schugart. Margie. So, 61, 82, B9, (03. 207 Schardein, Joe, So, 197, 207 Schukman, Valette, Fr. 12, 56, 103, 221 Schecfc. Patricia, Sr. ] 79. 93. 96. 186 Schuler, David. Fr. 221 Schenk, Alma. Fr. 61. 82. 229 Schuler, Glenis, So. 207 Scherti, Larry, Fr. 60, 107. 320 Schulte, Damian, So. 207 Schertr, Sharon, Sr. 189 Schulte, LeRoy, Sr. 186 Schieferecke, James, Jr. 196 Schulte. Gary, Fr. 221 ScHild. Lerqy. Fr, 221 Schultz. Gary D., Jr. 171, 197 Schippers, Francis, So. 83. 297 Schultz, Gary, L., Jr. 43, 197 Schlaefli, Larry, So. 297 Schullz, Marvin, So. 72, 168, 297 Schlegel, Paul, So. 47, 91, 95, 207 Schullz, Virginia, Jr, 197 Schlichting. Karl, Jr. 196 Schulz, Robert. So. 48, 140, 207 Schlick, Ralph, Jr. 52, 196 Schulze, Dennis, So. 81, 207 Sc hmal tried, Beverly, Jr. 83, 09, 196 Schumacher, Anthony, Sr, 83, 106 Schmaliried, Donald, Sr. 186 Schumacher, Margaret, Fr, 103, 221 Schmidt, Agnes, fr, 83, 221 Schumacher, Ronald, Fr, 152 Schmidt. Clayton, Fr. 49, 138, 221 Schumacher. Tim, Jr, 197 Schmidt, Fred. Jr .. 52 r 196 Schumacher. Wayne, Jr, 1S2, (55, (56 Schmidt. Geraldine Sr. 186 Schupman, Arlyn, Jr, 197 Schuvie, Nadyne, So, 207 Schwarlikopf, Edward, Sr. 186 Schwindt, Gan, So. 125, 147, 207 Scott. Jerry, Fr. 140, 321 Scott. Judith, So, 66. 207 Scott, Marl , Fr. 103, 221 Scott, Mary, Sr. 68, 106 Scott, Richard, Jr. 147 Scott, Thomai. Sr, 48, 77, 95. 101 Sears. John, So. 72, 165, 207 Sears, Nadine, Fr. 221 Sears. Wanda. Fr. 69, 04, 105. 22 i Seeman, Siegfried, So. 207 Seery, Karen, Jr, 63, 88, 97, 124, 130. 197 Seery, Sharon, So. 57, 100, 1 14, 130, 207 Seibel, Monte. Sr. 79. 96, 186 Seibert. Kenneth, Sr. 186 Selfridge. Karen. Sr, 41, 89, 108, 184 Se liens. James, Fr, 49. 139. 167, 221 Sellers, Judith, So. 57, 105, 207 Sessin, Guy. Sr. 186 Sette, Norma. So. 207 Sewell. Barbara, So. 76, 207 Sewell, C. W., Jr 197 Sewell. Clinton, So. 207 Sewell, Phyllis, So, 54, 105, 207 Seybold, Francis, Sr. 184 Seybofd, Joan, Sr. 71 „ 186 Shafer. Judy, Fr, S3, I0S, 221 Shaffer. Mary. Jr, 75, 79, 197 Shaffilall. Robert, Fr. 107, 221 Shamburg, Ronald. Fr, 221 Shaner, Karen, So. 40, 134, 207 Shank, Dennis, Fr. 107, 221 Shepherd, Dennis, So. 170 Sherrill. Jerry, So. 207 Shimek. Roger, Sr. 186 Shindler, Edward, Grad. 78 Shirk, Barbara, Fr. ... 1 05, 221 Shirley, Dennis, Fr. 221 Shively, Jon, Jr, 58, 73, 77, 78. 144, 197 Shoemaker, Kathryn, Fr 56, 221 Short, Donald, Sr. 186 Show Iter, Jesse, So 207 Shriver, Carol, Fr. I OS, 221 Sidlow, N el marie, Sr. 76, 89. 184 Siebert, Kenneth, Sr 186 Slefers, Beth, Fr, 82, 103, 221 Siemers, Galen, Jr. 137 Sigle. Peggy, Jr. 57, 61. 137 Siler, Sharon, So 207 Sill, Michael, Fr 70, 221 Simmons, Richard, Jr, 137, 137 Simoneau. LeRoy; Sr, . , 70, 186 Sims. Donna, Fr. 43 Singleton, Harold, Jr. 70, 177 Singleton, Janet, Jr. 71 , 177 Sittner. Larry, So 107, 207 Sittner, Marvin, Fr. 107, 221 Sivesind, Carlyle, Jr. . 70. 137 Sjogren, James, So. 38, 70, 1 48, 200 Slankard. Carol, So. 01, 103, 200 Slave n, Jerome. So, 200 Sloan, Mary, Sr 57, 186 Smith, Bennie, So, 208 Smith, Charles, Sr. ... 187 Smith, David, Sr 187 Smith, Dean, Fr; 70, 221 Smith, Dorothy M , Sr. 108. 187 Smith. Ed ith, Sr. . 83, 107 Smith, Ivan, Jr. 43, 137 Smith, Jan, Jr. 62, 101 1 124, 137, 137 Smith, Judith, Fr. 103, 221 Smith. LeDaan, So. 20B Smith. Lawrence. Fr. 82, 107, 221 Smith, Marceno. So. 61. 08. 103, 221 Smith, Marlene, Fr. 56, 61, 62, 103, 221 Smith. Mary, Fr I05, 221 Smith, Mildred R,, So. 84, 103, 208 Smith, Paul, Sr. 187 Smith, Ray, Fr 152 . 221 Smith, Richard, Jr. 147, 137 Smith. Robert A., Jr. 47, 60, 137 Smith, Robert D., Sr, 50. 83, 187 Smith, Valda, Jr. 108, 137 Smith, Verla, Jr. - .137 Smyth, Karen. Fr. S3, 103 , 221 Sneed. Charlotte, Fr. 221 Sneed, Gary. Sr 72, 187 Snell, Marilyn. Fr, S0, 34, 103, 221 Snook. Marine, Sr. 63, 187 Snyder, Daryl, So, 152 Snyder, Rowena, Sr. 71, 187 Soeha, Loretta, Sr 48, 68, 74, 187 Soeken, Cecil, Sr. 4?, 72, 80. «l. 07 Soeketi, Merle, Fr, -™ 6l i 22 ' Soeken, Ronald, Jr. — ■ 72, SI , 137 Seiko, herald. So. 03, 708 Spencer. Ruth. So. 57, 124, 125, 208 Sparling, Jeanette, Sr. 121, 07 Spicer, Joan, Sr. . 71, 86, 77, 121, 187 Sprlnqfeldt, Martha, So. .... 134. 208 Sprlngfeldt, Mary, Fr. .. .it, 16S„ l 34 , 221 Sprinkle, Kenneth, Fr. 107. 221 Spurlock, Ruth, Fr il, !Q3, 22 ' Squier, Gale, Jr 1,7 Squier. Luella, Fr, - 3, 22 1 Staab, Donald, Fr Staab, Terry, Fr ■■■■ 48. 142, 221 Staab, Wayne, $o. 121, 124, 140, 187, 201 Staab, Willard, So, 2C S Stacey. Raymond, Grad 49 Stanley. Minnie, Fr. 77, 132, 221 Stapleton, Margaret, Sr. 71, 2, «. 77. Stark, James, Fr, ■ 121 Stark, Shirley, So 81 ■ 208 Staub, Stephen, Jr. 50. 57, 71, 74, 101, 137, 177 Stack lain, Thomas, Fr. 62, 107, 221 Stack! ine. Carol. So 54 Steffen, Thomas, Fr 107, 222 St eg man, James, Jr 51, 62. 1 ° 7 - 177 Stehno, Patricia, Jr. 57, 71, 62, 131, 177 Steinert, Roger. Jr. — - ?7 Steinert, Stanley, Jr - Stein le, David, Fr, 71 Steinle, Valeda. Sr « -■ - 1S7 Steinshouer, Myrna, So. 76, 77, 132, 208 Stephens, Donna, Jr. 57, SB, 76, !M 124, Stephenson, Clara, Fr. . |0S , 211 Stephenson, Clarabelle, Sr 135 Stephenson, James, Fr 222 S ph n™n, Mirclyn, So. K. 89, St»rrett, Carolyn. Jr ' ■ Sterrett. Deanna, Fr — IDS. ' 73 - 222 Stevenson. Lee. Sr Stewart, Donna, Fr ...56. tO 3 , 222 Stewart. Rol land, So, . .. " 2 8 Stewart, Susan, So. 9. 135, 200 Stielow, Mary, So 206 Stilts, Martha. Fr, 63, 103, 222 Stineburg, Larry, So. 2O0 Stites, Glenda, Jr, 71, 87, 177 Stonebraker. David, Jr. 162, 171, 137 Storer, Donald. Jr 177 Sto kopf, Darrel, Jr 177 Sfoskopf, Fred. So 101 Stoskopf, Linda, Jr. 67, 177 Stoskopf, L. R. Sr. 70, 107 Stoss, John, Sr l 7 Stout, Jack, Jr. 70, 71, 75. 107, 177 Stover. Sara, So. 47, 76, 133, 200 Strecker. Gerald, So. ■—•■■■ ■ 152 Stremel, Francis, Jr. £ ?7 Strtck er, Frit , Fr 222 Strieker, Thomas, Jr. Stouve, Gary, Fr. 107, 222 Stull, John, So ■■ 208 Sturgeon, J. Lee, Fr. 222 Suhler, Carol, Jr. 83, 177 Sullivan. John, Fr 74, 14 1, 222 Summers. Ruth, Jr. 63, 177 Sunderland, David, So. .. 143, 20 Super, Karen, Fr, 43, 105, 133, 222 Suppes, Charles L Jr .. ■ ■ 83 Suppes, Duane, Fr. 222 Suppes, Victor, Jr. .... 137 Surprise, David, Sr. 107 Sutton, Mollle, Jr £ . 177 Swanson, John, Fr. 107, 222 Swarti, Ralph, Sr ■■■ l®7 Sweat, Barbara, So 6 20, Sweeney, Jerry, So. 51, 62, 70S Swift, Kleo, Jr. 143, 177 Swinton, Gene. So. ■■■ ' 41, 200 Tacha, John, So 1 7, 167, 208 55 107, 222 222 Talbert. Dolores. Grad. „ Talbert. Morris, Grad, 47 Tassot, Leonard, Fr - 63, 222 Tasset, Lowell, Jr 70, 137 Taylor, Beverly, Jr, 63, 87, 170 Taylor, Jeanine, Fr 77, 103, 222 Taylor, Priscilla, So. .. 76, 77, 136, 208 Taylor, Sheila, Jr, 54, 108, 130 Taylor, Leon, Fr 222 Teeter. JoAnn, Fr. Tekhman, Dennis, Fc Terry, Joseph, Fr. Thacker, Alex, Fr Thaete, Marlene, Fr Thaete. Mamie, $r Theander, Mary, Sr Thiele, Patricia, So. Thielen, Brian, Fr Thielen. George. Si Thielen, Joan, $P. Thomas, Barbara, Fr Thomas, John, Fr. Thomas, Norman, Fr Thomas, Shirley, Jr, Thompson, Daniel, Fr Thompson, Donald, Gr Thompson, Esther, Sr. Thompson, James, Sr, Thornburg, Ailene, Sr Thornburg, Coralee, S Thornburg, Esther, Jr. Thornburg, Larry; ! Thornburg, Roy, Sr, Thurlow, Larry, Fr. Thyfault, Wilfred. So 43 Tied ball , Kenneth, So, 107, 222 61, 81. 103, 222 70, 187 »r. 187 53, 57, 86. 100, 116, 131, 208 222 83, 107 83, 105, 208 r« 86, 105, 222 80, 147, 222 Fr 78 r 178 Fr 107, 222 . Gr, 138 Sr, . 55, 187 Sr 70 Fr, 103, 222 Sr. 57 r 71. , 131, 187 Sr 71, 79, 187 e, Sr. ... 71, IB7 Jr 03, 170 Sr, 70, 187 Sr .. 60. £87 ... 107, 167 , 222 o. o 208 31, 222 368 67. 105, 222 73, 78, I7 56, 105, 222 Jr, 67, 138 Tinkler, James. Fr. Titus. Carol, Fr. Titus, George, Jr. lomasebeck. Carol Fr. Si, 64, 105, U . A PERSONAL INSURANCE SPECIALIST! OFFERING Life — Health Accident — Hospital Major Medical and Group Protection Call or Write C. J. LINDAHL, District Manager Phone 569 450 Fourth St. PHILLIPSBURG, KANSAS C. J. LINDAHL Woodmen Accident and Life Company Lincoln, Nebraska The Protecting Hand A MUTUAL L ECiAL RESERVE COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1870 241 GUERCIO STUDIO Torrey, Sue, So. 89. 75. 103, 208 Tovrea, Stanley, Fr. 222 Towns, Billy, Jr. ...70, 190 Townsend, Bill, So. 72, 152, 153. 208 Townsend, Daniel, Jr. 54, 47, 139, ] 98 Tracy, Dennis. Fr, I2S, 14$, 222 Trail, Elmer, Sr. 152, 154 Trask, Gregg, So. 80, 208 Trebilcock, Monta. Sr. 71, 187 Trible, Richa rd, Fr. 107, 222 Triplett, Glaudetl, So. 208 Tritt, Francis, Jr. 50, 141, 198 Trogdon, Gary, Sr. I07, 222 Trua , Jerilyn. Fr. 58. 40, I05, 131. 222 Truan, Sharon, Sr. 71, 75, 83, 133, 188 Tucker. Beverly, So. 57, 117, 135, 208 Turnbull. James, Jr. 198 Turnbull, Richard, Fr. 222 Tustin, Gordon, Jr. . 47, 198 Tuttle, Mahlon, Jr, 44, 198 Tuttle Marita, Sr. 55, 71, 105, 188 I wen ter. Robert, Sr. ?4, 99 U Ubert, Judith, Fr. 64, 83. 00, 222 Ukeng. Leon, So. 48, 107, 208 Ulmer, Donald, Fr. 107, 222 Unger. Roy, So. 14?, 208 Unruh, Phil, Sr Ml, 188 Urban, Dennis, Jr. 52, 73, 198 Urban, Robyn, Fr. 75, 08, 103, 222 Ut£, Norman, Sr. 72, 93, 95, 95, 15?, 184, 188 Utl, Sharon, Sr. 94, 108 Distinctive Photography PHONE MA 4-2310 117 EAST 8+h Van Amburg, Gerald, Fr, Vance, Rebecca, So. 57, 133, 208 Van De Wage, Harlan, Jr. St, 198 Van De Wage, Neva, Jr 134, 198 Van Seyoc, Larry, Fr 222 Van Winkle, Ruth. Fr 49, LOS, 222 Vap, Shirley, Sr 18® Veach, Robert, Jr V eatch, James, Fr. ....... Venters, Jimmy, Sr. Verhoeff. Sherman, Jr. Vesecky, Wary, Sr, .... Vickers, Doug, Fr. 70 107, 222 70 198 18 108, 188 51, 147, 222 Vinson, Cunna, Fr. . I OS, 222 Yttrium, Carol. Sr Vogel, Gary, Fr Von Feldt, Karl os, Jr Von Lintel. Enola, Sr. Vopat, Robert . Fr, ... Voi burgh, Donald, Jr. Vo?s. Delores, So. 49 57, 79, l OS, 208 Voss, Dorothy, So, . 49, 79, 105. 2QB Votruba, La Dene, Sr. 44, 44, 188 Vsetecka, Richard, Fr, 107, 222 222 198 .180 222 L98 w Wade, Arabella. Sr 51, 188 Waggle, Doyle. Sr. ... 183 Waggle, Terry, Sr 108 Wagner, David, So 208 Wagner, Wary, Fr. 48, 83, 122 Wagner, Melvin, Sr. .......... 188 Wait, Donna, Fr, 01. 103, 222 Walden, Marilyn, Fr. ..... — ,-.73, 222 Waldman, Wilmer, Grad, ............ 82 Walker, Gary. Jr. ....... — 198 Walker. Ctaressa, Fr. 55, 103, 223 Walker, Dale, So. 72, 198 Walker. Jerry, Fr. 107, 223 Walker, Margaret, Fr 81. 103, 223 Walker, Ronald, Jr, 72 Wallgren, Robert, Jr. 198 Walls, Judith, Fr. 58. 105, 223 Walter, Shirley, So. 13, 208 Walter, William. So. 103. 208 Walters, Herbert. Jr, 198 Walters, Terence, Fr. 82, 143, 223 Wanker, Carol, Jr. 190 Wanker, Carolyn, $r. 59. 71. 96, 97, 137. 188 Wanker, Gerald. Sr. 183 Ward, Douglas, So. 208 Warner, Barbara, Fr, 54, 49, 103, 133, 223 Warner. Margaret, Fr, 83, 103, 223 Warren, Jim, Fr. 223 Washburn. Del ton, Fr. 223 Wasinger, Edwin, So. 208 Wasinger, Harold, Jr 48. 157, 198 Wasinger, William. So. 208 Waters, Phillip. Jr. 198 Waters, Sharon, So. 105, 208 Watkins, Richard, Fr. 49, Ml. 223 Watson. Celia, Fr. 223 Watts, Jeanne. Sr. 49, 79, 183 Waugh, Perry, Fr. 107. 223 Webb, David, Fr. 107. 223 Webb, William. Sr. 188 Webster, Bob, Fr 223 Webster, David, So 87 Webster, Jolene, Jr. S2, 198 Weers. Francis, Fr, 107, 187, 223 Weigel, Orval, Fr. 223 Weigel, Sheila, So, 209 Weinhold. -Harold, Jr. I?S Weinhold, Janey, So. 50, 57, 94, 137, 209 Weinhold, Leann. Sr, 71, 137, 180 Weis, Clarann, Sr. 74, 94, 188 Weis. Judith, Jr 51 Weis, Robert, Jr. 49. 198 Weiser, Valarlan, Jr, 83, 198 Welch, Byron, Fr. 143, 223 Welch, David, Jr. 70 145, 198 Welch. Derrel, Fr. 01 Weller, Randall, Jr. 147, 198 Wells, Alita, Jr. .. 57, 84. 172, 198 Wells, Richard, Fr. 40, 223 Welker, Leon, Fr. 223 Werth. Carol, So, 81, 209 Werth, Dick, So. M3, 209 Westbrook, Jerry, Sr. 49 , 50, 149, 180 Whipple, Nellie, So, 209 White. Jacob, Sr. 108 White, Sharon, Fr. 54, 103, 223 White, Susan, So. 71, 75. 20? Whitehead, Kathryn, Fr. . 209 Whitley. Catherine, Fr. 40, 105, 223 Whitley, Mary, Fr. 10S, 223 Whitmer, George. Jr. 193 Whitmer, Rodney, Fr. 223 Wickham, Rosemary, Jr. 1 9B Wickham, Warren, Jr. 84, 198 Wickber, Christine, Sr. . 79, 137, 188 Wickizer. Sharon, Sr 71, 79, 138 Wick tier, Waldo, Sr. 145, 180 Wiedeman, Delbert. Fr. 223 Wilber. Leon, So, ...... 91. 209 Wil cOsen, Bill, Fr, 223 Wiley, Barbara, Jr 190 Wiley, Gary, Sr. ... 75, 70 108 Wilhelm, Dallas, Fr 107, 223 Wilken, Louetta, So. 57, I0O, 120, 137. 20? Wilkens, Glenn, Sr. 18? Wilkenson, Jerry, So. 4?, 209 Wilkerson. Phillip, So, . 209 Williams, Carney, So. . ! 47, 209 Williams. Dolores. So. 49. SI, 88, 124, I3S, 209 Williams, Jimmy, Fr. .... 223 Williams, Leslie, Fj 07, 152, 223 Willson, Margaret, Jr, . 73, 7?, 97. |?0 Wilson, Barbara. Sr. 73 , 93, 94 , 97, 189 Wilson. Cinda. Fr. 44. 88, 103, 223 Wilson, David. Fr, 107, 223 Wilson, Donna, So, . ... rrrm „... 209 Wilson Francis Jr. 73, 77, 70. 9S, 103, 190 Wilson. Cary E., So, 49, 107, 289 Wilson. Gary L., So. 209 Wilson, Jean. Grad. 84 Wilson, Faye, Fr 223 Wilson, William B., Sr, . 72, 109 Wilson, William L., Sr. 189 Wimmer, Dawneta, Fr. 103. 223 Winder. Beverly, So. 54, 55, 84, 103, 209 Wlndholi, Gracia, So. 209 Windholi, James, Fr. . 147, 223 Windle, James, Sr. 40, 189 Wingate, Lyle, Sr. 72. 164, 109 Wingfield, Gary, So. 209 Wfnklopleck, Donald, Fr, 107, 223 Winkler, Charles, Jr 198 Winter, George, 5r + ... 70, 109 Witt, Theodore. Fr. I07 4 128. 139, 223 Witte, Donald, Jr, I9B Wolf. Dale. Sr. 83, 189 Wolf, Geraldine, Fr 223 Wolf. Steven. So. 20? Wolter$. Darrel, Fr 223 Wolters, Gale, Sr 189 Wofting, Rosemary, Fr 103, 223 Womochfl, Sheldon. Sr. 70, 99, 145, 189 Wonderlich, Carol. $r, 7|, 87, 93, 94, 18? Wonderlich, June, So. 47, 87, 88, 98, I OS, 209 Wood, Virginia. Jr 133. 190 Woodard. Dolores, So. 47, 84, 20? Woodard, Linda, Fr. 223 Woods , Peggie, Fr, 223 Woods. Virginia, Fr. 49 , 103. 223 Wood son, Jacqueline, Sr. 80. 84. 109 Woodson, Sandra. Sr. 71, 93, 98, 105, 189 Wright, Richard. Sr. 189 Wright, Sheryl, Fr, 41, 103, 223 Y Yager, Lyle, So- 29 Yeager, Gerald, Jr. 91, 198 Yon key. Merlyn. Sr, „ 18? Young. Harold. Jr. 48, 198 Young, Jeanette, Fr. 54, 89, 137, 223 Young. Kathryn, Sr. 47, 90, 189 Young, Rena. Jr, 198 Young, Roger, Sr 189 Young. William, Fr 145, 223 Youngdahl, Charles, Sr. 44, 109 Younger, Dorothy, Fr. 223 Younger, Patricia A., So. 03, 209 Younger, Patricia R., So 209 Younger, Paul, So. ..... 83, 209 Younker. TwTIa 83 Youtsey, David, Sr. 109 Yunker, Robert, Fr, 223 Z Zamrzla, James, Sr. .70, 189 Zechmeister, Jeanette, Jr 52, 71, 84. 135, 198 Zeller. Victoria, Fr 02, 105, 223 Zaltner, James, Fr. 223 Zerr, Gerald, Jr. 143, 198 Z err, Philip, So 83, 20? Ziegler, David, So. 43, 44, 48, 141, 209 Ziegler, Kent, Fr, 223 Ziegler, Robert „ 47 Zier, Rolland, Jr, 198 Zimbetman, Eldon, Fr + _...!4?, 223 Zimmer. Rita. Fr. ,80, 82, 105, 223 242 The Lamer Hotel Phone MA 4-3471 1-200 Y rrrrr IVjw ' ’Trrrri KfM ft ' ffm f r rn rrfrrr mn jmfTrrmjfrfT hfftrnrfu , - : mrrrrrrr h. Everything for the Shopper Wiesner ' s Department Store Phone MA 4-4314 805 Main DILLON ' S FOOD STORE " Finest Food Store In Northwestern Kansas " PHONE MA 4-5656 109 WEST 7th SINCE 1888 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of HAYS " Ellis County ' s Partner in Progress " Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PHONE MA 4-2587 1001 MAIN VISIT the CENTENNIAL I BOWLING i LANES " " Good Sport for the Whole Family F U N PHONE MA 4-2916 HAYS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY The Pause That Refreshes PHONE MA 4-2614 201 EAST 1 2th 245 PINK PONY FLOWER SHOP Say It With Flowers JERRY KARLIN 705 Main Phone MA-4-20 1 8 215 West 1 0th ROME MODERN APPLIANCE HAYS VICTORIA GAGELMAN MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Ford Sales and Service PHONE MA 4-341 I 528 EAST 8th DREILING ' S MENS AND BOYS WEAR Phone MA 4-6716 106 West 9th GARDEN GRILL Short Orders Chicken Steaks Regular Meals PHONE MA 4-9968 706 MAIN Oklahoma tire SUPEE Phone MA 4-3219 1501 Main 247 DEPARTMENT STORES HARKNESS PHARMACY Candies Magazines Toilet Articles Drugs Phone MA 4-201 I 806 Main PHONE MA 4-2521 715 MAIN CAMPUS BOOK STORE 248 PHONE MA 4-261 1 509 WEST 7th J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Ready-to-Wear Clothing and Shoes for the Entire Family PHONE MA 4-4513 1003 MAIN PASTRIES FRESH DAILY Special Attention Given to Special Orders Cakes of All Kinds BILLINGER ' S bakery KOBLER NASH MOTORS PHONE MA 4-2061 209 WEST 10+h Ambassador Rambler Statesman Metropolitan Dealers Who Are Ready to Serve You PHONE MA 4-4710 1 24 EAST 8th EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING Youngstown Kitchens Plumbing and Heating Delta Power Tools O ' Brien ' s Paints PHONE MA 4-5646 900 MAIN ST. THE JACK AND JILL SHOP SCHEUFLER SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Boys ' Wear — From One to Junior Automotive, Industrial, Oil Field Everything for Infants and Girls and Construction Trade Toys — Infants ' Furniture WITH STORES IN PHONE M A 4-3021 1 100 MAIN Hays — Great Bend — Dodge City — Russell Garden City — Lamed — Lyons — Hutchinson ViTZTUM, INC. Tile — Linoleum — Carpet Paints — Appliances COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL FLOOR CONTRACTORS Phone MA 4-4817 113 East 13th HINKHOUSE REALTOR .... INSURANCE " Your Hays Insurance Center " Phone MA 4-4318 232 West 9th 2 50 " Your Family Grocers " Food That Pleases PHONE MA 4-2511 235 WEST 1 0th OLDHAM SALES COMPANY Serving Hays and Northwest Kansas With AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ACCESSORIES REFINISHING MATERIALS Phone MA 4-2547 I Oth and Allen KLEIN ' S APCO SERVICE SYL KLEIN, Prop. Pickup and Delivery Road Service JAMES MOTOR COMPANY, INC. HEADQUARTERS FOR PHONE MA 4-5215 8th and FORT HOME LUMBER COMPANY Complete Building Service and Supplies Headquarters for Bridge Planks and Timbers Lincoln Lark Mercury Jeep PHONE MA 4-348! 200 EAST 8th THE TIGER GRILL Malts — Sandwiches — Soups " across from the Campus " PHONE MA 4-9925 704 Park St. PHONE MA 4-2216 8th and VINE ANN ' S DRESS SHOP Home of Jantzen Sportswear PHONE MA 4-3! 16 I 106 Main GOODWIN SPORTING GOODS Sports Equipment That Scores PHONE MA 4-2419 I !9 West I Itfi HAVENER ' S For the Particular Man ♦McGREGOR SPORTSWEAR ♦ARROW SHIRTS ♦JANTZEN SWEATERS ♦BOTANY SUITS ♦FLORSHEIM SHOES Styled to Suit the COLLEGE MAN PHONE MA 4-3913 101 I MAIN O ' LOUGHLIN MOTOR SALES Chevrolet and Oldsmobile 252 Phone MA 4-2533 126 West 12th CLEANING co Complete n WSefl Oux KESSLER CLEANING COMPANY Pick Up and Delivery Phone MA 4-3429 126 West 9th COLLEGE MEN Get Your Haircuts at the VARSITY BARBER SHOP Right Across From the Post Office MASTER CLEANERS 705 FORT Convenient Drive-in Window " KNOWN FOR BETTER CLEANING ' Free Pick Up and Delivery PHONE MA 4-2018 201 WEST 8th S AND W SUPPLY CO., INC. Member Automotive Engine Rebuilders Ass 300 East 8th 185 West 5th HAYS KANSAS COLBY, KANSAS Phone MA 4-3415 Phone HO 2-3373 1 BUCK THE CLEAN LOOK OF ACTION Buick Pontiac Cadillac BEN F. DREILING, INC. PHONE MA 4-2531 108 EAST 13th In Northwest Kansas . . . It ' s the News THE HAYS DAILY NEWS Printing? The News Printery Prints Everything! NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY PHONE MA 4-3421 106 East H+h 255 WESTERN SCHOOL SUPPLY, INC. Art Supplies Games Ceramic Supplies Toys Janitor Supplies Playground Equipment PHONE MA 4-6213 121 EAST 1 Itfi " Gifts of All Kinds " HUMBURG HARDWARE, INC. Gas and Electric Appliances Everything for the Home PHONE MA 4-21 19 I 10 WEST tlth GUNS TOOLS PAINTS LAWN SUPPLIES APPLIANCES AMMUNITION Phone MA 4-361 1 8th end Main GEORGE PHILIP HARDWARE GRAVES TRUCK LINES Serving — Kansas City — Wichita — Salina Colby and Intermediate Points Local and Nationwide Household Goods Moving The Best in Reliable Service PHONE MA 4-3427 II 7 WEST 6th HAYS FLORAL SHOP PHONE MA 4-2223 115 WEST 8th 257 THE A. L. DUCKWALL STORES COMPANY Ralph Butler — Manager PHONE MA 4-2812 1103 MAIN HOUSTON LUMBER COMPANY Complete Stock of Nationally Recognized Building Materials SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS JOHNS-MANVILLE PRODUCTS ATLAS WALLPAPER KEYSTONE FENCING Phone MA 4-39! I 807 Allen A Corner on Fashion PHONE MA 4-4727 I Ith and MAIN RUPP MOTOR COMPANY PAUL ' S BEAUTY SHOP DEALERS for Chrysler Plymouth Imperial Valiant PHONE MA 4-2219 113 EAST 12th Complete Line of Revlon Cosmetics AIR CONDITIONED SHOP SOFT WATER Phone MA 4-2610 1410 Main St. 258 MIDWEST TOBACCO CANDY COMPANY PHONE MA 4-3712 811 FORT Finest of Photographs Hays, Kansas CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES FOX THEATER CINEMASCOPE— STEREOPHONIC SOUND Show Place of the Midwest PHONE MA 4-4567 1202 MAIN 259 Enriched Semolino Flour Made by HAYS CITY FLOUR MILLS " A Western Kansas Product " PHONE MA 4-2812 133 WEST 1 0th ANGELUS CAFETERIA " HAYS FINEST EATING PLACE " Quality Home Cooked Foods PHONE MA 4-2325 6th and OAK HARDMAN DAIRY QUEEN LUMBER COMPANY " The Cone With the Curl On Top " Complete Line of —COLD DRINKS— Building Materials Extra Thick Malts and Shakes DU PONT PAINT Come In for a Treat TODAY BUILDERS HARDWARE PHONE MA 4-3027 428 EAST 8th Phone MA 4-3315 126 East 1 Ith 260 H. M. POPP TRUCK LINES Phone MA 4-3491 Crude Oil Transportation East 8th of combined service to central and western Kansas Schools. " Buy the best - — Buy Balfour " Class Rings — Invitations — Diplomas E. R. Moore Caps and Gowns — Taylor Yearbooks V. B. ROSE, Salina PAUL McCLELLAN, Hays A. F. WHISNANT, Hays HUNTER READY MIX CO. INC. Ready-Mixed Concrete Certified Strength From Graded Materials Transit Mixed — Portable Mixed Dumped Into Forms or Hoppers PHONE MA 4-3459 10th and Milner AL ' S BOOTERY PHONE MA 4-2123 809 MAIN 261 THE HAYS MUSIC COMPANY, INC. " Meckel House of Melody " PHONE MA 4-3418 714 MAIN NORTHWESTERN TYPEWRITER COMPANY Exclusive Royal Typewriter Exclusive Victor Adders Sales and Service Calculators, Bookkeeping Machines Electric Standard Portable Stowe and Davis Wood Office Furnishings Steelcase Office Furnishings 262 PHONE MA 4-2565 H3 EAST 12th IN MEMORIAM ELIZABETH JANE ASNEW 1871-1961 Dean of Women, Fort Hays State College, 1919-1943 Miss Agnew joined ihe faculty in 1910 as teacher of home economics. She was appointed dean of women in 1919 and served in that position until her retirement in 1943, On suggestion of President M. C. Cunningham, the Board of Regents voted In 1955 to name the then new women ' s dormitory in her honor. 263 In Appreciation . . . As the last pages are securely wrapped and shipped to the publishing company in Dallas, the editors are able to say those three long-awaited words, FINISHED AT LAST. It is the hope of the editors that the 1961 Reveille will always be remembered and kept among the students ' most cher- ished possessions. A yearbook cannot possibly be produced by the editors alone and there are many people who have offered their time and talents in compiling this record of the years ' activities. To Mrs. Rogers, better known as " Mrs. R " to the staff, who takes the time to spon- sor the Reveille, we say thanks, although we realize this hardly repays her for all that she has done. Only through her guidance, patience and understanding was the staff able to produce the Reveille. Along with the sponsor, gratitude must be expressed the members of the staff. They worked endless hours each day striv- ing to meet their deadlines and trying to make this book one of which they will be proud. We would like to thank the yearbook pho- tographers and their sponsor, Jack Backer; Guercio ' s Studio, who handled our special pictures and Delma Studios who took the class pictures. Special thanks goes to the Memorial Union, who at the last minute, provided space for the Delma photogra- pher as well as for numerous organization pictures. The staff is indebted to La Dene Votruba who provided special art work for our book. Our thanks also goes to Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas and their representative, Paul McClellan, who played a big part in producing our yearbook. Perhaps most of all, we owe thanks to the students and faculty, who cooperated with the staff in providing free models and symbols and took time to pose for pictures which helped to portray our story of a year at Fort Hays State. THE EDITORS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 264

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