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lf %-rt. . ' A Kansas State College Hays, Kansas Volume XLVI Taylor Publ idling Company Dallas, Texas Reveille Staff Editor Mary Desbien Assistant Editor . - Mary Bowen Business Manager „„ Tom Kugler Assistant Business Manager Diane Amos Circulation Manager . Patty Leffingwell Faculty and Housing Marjorie Rohr SPORTS Bernie Gilmer Terry Hopkins Assistant Leroy McMullen ORGANIZATIONS Janet Harrison Honorary .............. Marilyn Orme All-School Service Darlene Lowe Departmental Cynthia DeRosear Religious Norma Keady Music Janice Pinney CLASSES Seniors Paula Schumacher-Simons Juniors Patricia Heaton Sophomores Virginia Lor beer Freshmen Sara Barnett GREEKS _____ Jan Ball Assistant — Beverly Suchy INDEX — Helen Moreland Assistant ... — Judy Sellens Photographers _ Lloyd Peterson Ken Griffin ■ R. C Funk Gene Burns Sponsor Mrs. Katherine Rogers 1 Table of Contents Administration and Faculty Student Body „ — — . Organizations Royalty Greeks — Athletics — - - Reflections Advertising and Index . — 12 „ 22 „ 68 ..128 .138 .,164 .188 .218 3 FOREWORD Reflecting is a pastime in which all of us indulge. Memories are personal impressions; each private reflection is as individual as the person to which it belongs. However, memories frequently become dim and indistinct with the passing of time. Names are forgotten; yesterday’s events are slighted in anticipation of the future. This hook is designed in the manner of all yearbooks — to help you, the reader, remember. Pictures and words have been selected to make your memories more distinct. The Reveille strives to provide a glimpse of the things that were Fort Hays State during the year. We of the staff hope that the I960 Reveille will cast permanent reflections of the highlights and the sidelights of your college life. 4 Dedication . . . Because he exemplifies the teacher at Foil Hays State . . Because lie is respected as such and as a worthwhile citizen, not only of the college but the community in which he lives . . . Because of the many hours he spends in extra work for the student and the interest he puts into student activities . « . Because he represents others like him who are doing work for the future well-being of both the student and the college , , Because the staff of the 1960 Reveille wishes to recog- nize him and his associates . , , We dedicate this yearbook to Wilmont Toalson. B The President The theme of this 1960 yearbook is most ap- propriate, for all of you who are students will cherish the memories reflected in this Reveille In the years ahead, I am sure you will find that the many happy memories of your days at Fort Hays State are very valuable possessions May the knowledge you have acquired here and the activities in which you have participated be a foundation upon which you may build a happy, successful, and unselfish life May you furnish those qualities of Christian leadership in all fields of endeavor which will add to the well-being and happiness of mankind M. C Cunningham, President The President engages in serious conversation with Cade Suran during the Kansas Legislators’ campus visit Due to busy schedules, an evening at home together is a rarity for the Cunningham family. The President, Chris, Mary Ann. and Mrs Cunningham gather in their family room. State Board of Regents The nine-member Board of Regents is ap- pointed by the Governor of Kansas, as is the permanent executive secretary, Hubert Bright- on. The board supervises all operations of the five state institutions of higher learning and the state schools for the deaf and the blind. College presidents are elected by the Board of Regents. The state schools present annual budgets to the board, which adjusts them and presents them to the Governor. Fort Hays State is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, the National Council for Accreditation of Teachers Education, the Na- tional Association of Schools of Music and the American Association of University Women. S eate d- Leon N Roulier Colby; Clement H. Hall, Chairman, Coffeyville; Claude C Bradney Columbus, landing: Russel R. Rust Topeka Ray R. Evans. Prairie Village; George B. Collin,, Wichita; Charles V, K.nca.d, Independence; Harry Valentine, Clay Center; Whitley Austin, Salma; and Hubert Brighton, secretary, lopeka. THE CAMPUS From the aged stone of the Coliseum to the dramatic glass and steel of the Union, this is the campus. The older buildings have a quality of strength and endurance that span the seasons; they reflect the past that has been Fort Hays State for fifty-eight years. The new buildings, the Applied Arts Build- ing and die Memorial Union, reflect the spirit of growth that the college has been experiencing since its founding. These buildings are die setting for our activities- — our scholastic and social achievements and disappointments. We pass through their halls each day on our way to class, to relax in the lounge, to check out a Sx ok. They are the back- ground of campus life and they assume importance in their own right. Forsyth Library Applied Arts Science Hall 9 Sheridan Coliseum 10 Rarick Hall Picken Hall 1 1 Administration and Faculty 13 ADMINISTRATION E r R. McCARTNEY — Dean of the College (professor of economics and business), AJi., University of Wis- consin; MA., ibid, Pk.D. r Univer- sity of Nebraska. ► WALTER E. KEATING — Comp t roller (associate professor if eco nornics and business), For Hayes Kansas State College; M.S. ibid These are the people who keep the college operating as an institution of higher education. The administration and faculty, collectively and individ- ually, work at their professions to further the college. Theirs are the tasks of coordinating, counseling, ad- vising, and directing college activities and policies. Enduring registration, working long and tirelessly, prepar- ing students for careers, planning programs, they are there, day after day, to help the student on his way to becoming a better citizen. RALPH CODER — Dean of the Graduate Division (professor of English), A.B„ Wil- liam Jewell College; M.A., State Univer- sity of Iowa; Ph.D. r ibid. ST A® LEE V. DALTON— Regis- trar and Director of Admissions (associate professor of botany), AJh y Baker University; M.A., Uni- versity of Illinois. ► W. D. MORELAND— Director of Housing (professor of political science and sociology head of de- partment), A B. t State University of Iowa; M.A ibid., Phi)., ibid. 14 RICHARD E. BURNETT— Dean of Men (assistant professor) A.B. y Fort Hayes Kansas State College; M,Ed. t University of Colorado; Graduate work, ibid. JEAN STGUFFER— Dean of Women (assistant professor), AM., University of Kansas; ibid; M.A., Syracuse University. HUGH BURNETT— Director of Exten- sion Service (associate professor of po- litical science), B.S Fort Hayes Kansas State College; M.S., University of Colo- rado; Graduate work. Universities of Kansas and Colorado Dean Stouffer discusses college activities with Lou Jean Brown Peg Robertson, and Carolyn Lockman. Mr, Keating and Miss Ethel Kirkman confer over one of the accounting machines in the business office Checking the list of men staying in Residence Hall are Tom Fellers, counselor at the dormitory Dr. Moreland and Dean Burnett. 15 ALBERTSON, FRED, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Botany ALMQUI5T, E. C., AM., MS. Assistant Professor of Physical Science A R I ' M AN, ETHEL, B.S . Assistant Director of Extension Employment Service BACKER, JACK, AM. Instructor in Languages, Literature, and Speech Instructor in Physical Education BARBOUR, ELIZABETH, M.A , Ph.B. «£iate ProfesSor of Physical Education BARTHOLOMEW, LELAND, AM., M.M , B.S . Assistant Professor of Music BAXTER. INEZ, R.N. Instructor in Health; College Nurse BECK, GERALD, AM., M.S , Instructor in Physical Science BEESLEY, ALICE, B.S., M.S . Professor of Home Economics: Head of Department BERLAND, JOHN, MS., M.Ed. Instructor in Art BLEDSOE, HARRY, B.S., M.S . Instructor in Industrial Arts Associate Professor of English BROACH, BILLY, B.S., AM, EdM Associate Professor of Education BROOKS, DOYLE, B.S. , AM., M.S . Associate Professor of Physics BROOKS. RAYMOND, BS„ MS. Buildings Pr ° feS$0r ° f In( UStrial Arts; Superintendent of CAIN, RICHARD, B.S., MS., Ed.D. Professor of Industrial Arts CAMPBELL, MARC, BS. f MS. Assistant Professor; Reference Librarian CARAPELLA, ALFRED, B.Ed„ M.S. Instructor in Physical Education CLARK, CHARLES, BS., MS., Ed.D. Associate Professor of Education A place of continuous interest is the Layman Jones and Gary Ball view a Art Gallery where Mrs. Rouault exhibit. Industrial strate the arts students Jimmy Venters and Fred Webb demon- department s tools. Faculty 16 CLARK, THAINE, BS. t MS. Instructor in Agriculture COLBURN, LILA, R.N., BS. Instructor in Nurse Education COOK, FRANCES, R.N. Instructor in Health ; College Nurse COOK, KENNETH, AS „ M.A, Assistant Professor of Economics and Business COULSON, MARION, BS., MS. Associate Professor of English CRAINE, EUGENE, AS., M.A., PLD. Professor of History DALEY, BILLY, BS., M.Ed., Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Education DALRYMPLE, HOUGHTON, AS., M.A., Pk.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology DAVIDSON, GORDON, AS., M.A. Assistant Professor of History DAVIS, GAYNELLE, B.S., M.A. Professor of Education DECHANT, EMERALD, AS., MS . , Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Education DELLINGER, MARTHA, AS., M.A., M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Art DICK, DALE, B.S., M.A., PhS . Assistant Professor of Psychology DOYLE, MARY, A.B., M.A. Instructor in Economics and Business DRYDEN, LAURENCE, B.S., MS, Assistant Professor of Mathematics ETTER, ORVILLE, BS., MS. Assistant Professor of Mathematics EVANS, CHARLES, AS., M.A. Instructor in History FELTEN, LUCILLE, BS. Associate Professor of Music FRANCIS, ALEX. B.S., MS. Assistant Professor of Physical Education FRIESNER, PAUL, AS., MS. . Professor of Library Science; Chairman of Division Library Science Mary Maude Moore demonstrates the techniques of good sing mg to Beth Fellers Ronnie Combs, graduate student, listens attentively while Dr Dal r yin pie, psychology instructor, discusses the structure ot the brain. Members 17 Faculty Tom Keenan and Calvin Anderson express great interest in the vertical milling machine as instructors Mr. McKee and Mr. Huffman explain. GARNER, NAOMI, A.B., ALA, Assistant Professor of English GARWOOD, JOHN, A.B. y Ph.M „ Ph.D. Professor of Economics and Business GEIST, NANCY, B.F.A., ALA. Instructor in English; Assistant Director of Memorial Union in charge of Programming GKABEFG PAUL, A.B. y M.A. y Ph.D ' Professor of Languages GRIFFITH, PAUL, B.S . , MS. Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts GROESBECK, HI LDA, BS., M.Ed Assistant Professor of Education GROSS, PALL, BS. y M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Education; Director of Athletics. Acting Chai rman of H.P.E.R, HAMILTON, SAMUEL, AJL y B.D., M.A., Ed.D. Professor of Philosophy HARBESTON, EDWIN, BS., M.S , Assistant Professor of Education HARBIN, CALVIN, BS., M.A . , Ed.D. 1 ro lessor of Education; Chairman of Division of Education and Psychology HARRIS, MARTHA, R.1S , BS. Instructor in Nurse Education HEATHER, JACK, BS., M.A. Assistant Professor of Speech HERNDON, GENEVA, BS. MA. y Ph.D. Professor of Speech HER REN, LLOYD, BS., ALAL, Ed.D . Professor of Music; Head of Department HOBSON, CHARLES, A.B., ALB. A. Instructor in Economics and Business HOFFMAN, MAXINE, BS., MS. Assistant Professor of Home Economics HORTON, II LB URN, JR., A.B. JlSSSfi ZhT " ' Director of Memorial Union HUFFMAN. RALPH, B.S., M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts JONES, LAYMAN. A.B., M.A. Instructor in Art KETCH UM. HARRIET, A.B., M.A Assistant Professor of Speech KOLSTAD, WILLIAM, A.B.. L.L.B M A Assistant Professor of English LACEY, MABEL, BS. y M.A. Assistant Professor of English Miss Sevv and her Fundamental of Sports class drill on calisthenics during class. Members A phase of radio lab class is a tour to KAYS as Mr. Heather demonstrates a television camera. Mr. Reynold’s botany class attentively looks on as he explains a point LANDRUM, NIT A B.S. Supervisor, Correspondence Study; Executive Secretary Alumni Association LEVITT, RICHARD, A.B., MA. Assistant Professor of Economics and Business MAHONEY, STANLEY, A.B., M.S. Assistant Professor of Psychology MARCUS. RICHARD, A D„ MA. Assistant Professor of History MARPLE. ROBERT, A.B., M.S., Ph D. Associate Professor of Economics and Business MARSHALL, EVERETT. A.B., MA. Assistant Professor of Mathematics MAR SI, KENNETH, A.B.. PhD. Assistant Professor of Chemistry MARTIN, EDWIN, A.B., MS,, PhD. Professor of Zoology McCARROLL. ROSELLA, B.S,, MA . Assistant Professor of Education McConnell, wayne, pk.B., ms Assistant Professor of Physical Education McFarland, alice, bs , ms. Instructor in English McFarland, henry, bs., m.s. Professor of Biology McKEE, DENNIS, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts McNEIL, EDGAR, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education MOODY, WILLIAM, B.S. . Assistant Director of Memorial Union m c Service , _ w , , , f MOORE. MARY MAUDE. B.M. f M.M. Instructor in Music harge of Food MORRISON, ALICE, B.Ed., MA. Assistant Professor of English MOSS, JOEL. B.S., MA., EdD. Professor of Art. Head of Department MOYERS, EDWIN. B.M., MM. Assistant Professor of Music NELSON, REX. BS., M.S. Instructor in Industrial Arts NORMAN, JOHN, AD., M.M. Instructor in Music NUTT. KATHARINE, AJL, MA., Ph D Professor; Acquisitions Librarian OSBORNE, RICHARD, B.S,, MA. Associate Professor of Economics and Business PALMER. HAROLD, BS., BM. , H.S. Associate Professor of Music 19 PARISH, VERNA, BS„ M A., Pk.D. Professor of English PORTER, AGNES, A.B., MA . Instructor in Language PRICE, GORDON, A.B. , MS., Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Education PROCTOR, DAVID, A.B., M.S., Ed.D, Assistant Professor of Psychology REYNOLDS, HOWARD, B.S., M.$. t Pk.D . Assistant Professor of Botany RICE, JIMMY, B.S., MS. Instructor in Mathematics RICHARDS, ROBERT. BS. t MS. Assistant Professor of Chemistry RIEGEL, ANDREW, B.S., MS. Assistant Professor of Agriculture; Superintendent of Farm ROGERS, KATHERINE, BS. Instructor in Journalism ROTH. COLEEN, A.B. Instructor in Chemistry SACK ETT. SAMUEL, A.B., M.A., Pk.D. x ssociate Professor of English SATTLER, JEROME, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Psychology SCH LETCH, PHYLLIS, B.M.E. y MS. Instructor in Music SCHMUTZ, LESTER, BS., MS. Associate Professor of Agriculture SCHRODER, ELTON, A.B,, M.A. Instructor in Biology SCHWEITZER. EUGENE, B.M. t MM. Instructor in Music SEVY, RUTH, BS. y M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Education SIMONS, KENNETH, B.$. f MS. Associate Professor of Botany SIMS, WARD, A.B., M.A., Ed.D. Associate Professor of Biology SPANGLER. ROBERT, A.B. ' Instructor in Journalism STAGE, DORIS, A.B.. Pk.D, Professor of Chemistry; Acting Chairman of Division of Physical Science START, JAMES, BS., M.A. Professor of Speech and Head of Department STONES, HAROLD, A.B., MS. Instructor in Speech Mrs, Tegeler confers with Judy Kennedy and Sharon Waters on a typing problem. Dr. Marsi gives a helping hand to Russell Johnson on his organic chemistry laboratory project. , -jft. ' m -i - : - twJi 1 £ Faculty 20 STOUT, ROBERTA, A.B., M.A . , PLD. Professor of English STROUP, LEORA, R.N., BS.. M.A . Professor of Nurse Education; Head of Department STUMP, WM. DARRELL, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of History SURAN, CADE, A.B., M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education TEGELER, FRANCES, BS., M.A. Instructor in Economics and Business THOMAS, ARCHIE, BS, t M.S., Ed.D . Professor of Economics and Business THOMAS, DQLLIE, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Economics and Business; Assistant to the President, THOMPSON, LEONARD, B.S., M.B.A . , Ph.D. Professor of Economics and Business; Ch airman of Division THORNS, JOHN, A.B., M.A . , M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Art TOALSON, WILMONT, A.B„ M.A. Associate Professor of Mathematics TQMANEK, GERALD, A.B., MS., Ph.D . , Professor of Biology; Chairman of Division of Biological Sciences , „ r VAN ACKEREN, MARGARET, AJi. y BS. in LS . Associate Professor; Documents Librarian WALKER, MYRL, BS. t M.A. Assistant Professor of Geology; Director of Musedms WALKEiu NEIL, B.S., M.A , Assistant Professor of Zoology WALL, GEORGE, BS., M.B.A, Instructor in Economics and Business WATKINS, IVAN, B.S., M.S. Instructor in Physics WELLS, JAMES, BS„ M.S . Assistant Professor Agriculture WELTY, RAYMOND, BS., MS., Ph.D. Professor of History : Head of Department WESTLEY, JOHN, BS., MS. Instructor in Economics and Business WILCOX, HAROLD, A.B . , M.A. Instructor in Language WITT, ROBERT, A.B., M.A, . , Assistant Professor of Political Science and Sociology WOOD, CLEMENT, BS M.A., Ed.D. Professor of Education, Head of Department YOU MANS, RAYMOND, A.B,, M.A, Assistant Professor of Education Mrs, Hoffman, Awyn Trexlcr, Mrs. D. Smith, and Linda StosKopf prepare material for pattern cutting. Kerry McQueen ponders an answer as Margaret Burtscher and George Neylon pose a question in a speech class. e i j Members Student Education centers around the student ' s chosen area of study. During under-graduate work the daily class schedule is die pivot point. Throughout the ac- ademic year, term papers, out- side readings and meetings with faculty advisors form die groundwork of education. Re- quired courses and a choice of electives give variety and round 22 23 Class of ' 60 Officers Don Harzman President Jack Byler Vice President Wanda Mease Secretary-Treasurer Most seniors are familiar with the library after three years of college. Gordon Line, Deanna Lockman and Norman Ochs work at the card catalog file. ACRE, FRANCIS E„ Dodge City — B.S. in Education, Elemen- tary, Collegiate Young Republicans- SNEA; Little Theatre, AIKEN, GERALD K-, Russell — A.B., Hiiiorr and English. AIKEN, NADENE Russell — B.S. in Education, Elementary. ALBRIGHT, IOLA M., Hays — B.S, in Education, Elementary. ANDERSON, KATHLEEN II„ Jamestown— B.S. in Education. Elementary. Delta Zeta, vice pres,; Newman Club, tress.; Campus Booster Council, yjce pres.; SNEA ; Student Council; Tiger- cites. ANDERSON, MERRILL G.. 0„inter-B,S. in Industrial Arts- Industrial Arts Club; SNE.A ANDERSON, H ILBLR L.. Albion, Mont, — B.S, in Industrial Art . Industrial Arts Club, ice pres. ATKESON, DONNA J., Larned — B.M., Music Education. Band; Brass Choir; Concert Choir; Sigma Alpha loll. A (J ST, SANDRA S., Palco — B.S. in, Education, Elementary, Sigma Sigma Sigma ; SNEA. AUSTIN, RALPH T,, Satanta — B.S. in Industrial Arts. Epsilon Pi Tau. BAALMAN, ROBERT J. t Grlnnell — B.S., Biology. Tau Kappa Epsilon, pres.; Newman Club ; SNEA ; Intn- muraU; Inter-Fraternity Council. B R|T0W, HENRY F. Pratt-B.S. in General Science, BASE. BETTY L.. RqicI— B.M., Music Eduealion. Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Alpha loll; Concert Choir; Eon Hays Singers; Choral Union - BASGALL, GEORGE I " . , Sharon Springs-’ B.S. in Industrial Aria. Newman Club, pres. BALS. W ILMA K., LaCrotse — B.S. in Business Administration. Honors Seminar ; Women’s Leadership Organisation; Gamma Della; SNEA; Agnew Hal], pres.; Who’s Who, BEAN. ROGER I.., Coldwaier-“B,S. in Business Administration. Alpha Phi Omega, 24 BEATTY. JUSTINE L. T Osborne— B.S, in Business Admin islra lion, Tigercttes; Cheerleader. BEELER, SHIRLEY R„ Randall— B.S. in Education, Elementary. TijrrcUci; SNEA. BEfctlS, PERRY F-, Hays— B,S, in Business A d mi u islra t ion , BEYE KLEIN, ADOLPH L., Philltpaburg— B,5,. Mathematics and Chemistry, Seventh Cavalry; Who ' s Who; Chemistry Club, BIAY5, PAUL M„ Hay A.B., Philosophy, Young Republicans: A Cappella Choir, B1GHAM, DONALD C,. Randall— B.S. in Businew Administra- lion- Basketball ; Track; K-Club, ec.; SXEA. BILLlNGER, IRENE F.. Hays— B-S. in Education, Elementary, DamCs Club; Newman Club; SNEA, BIZEK. CHARLOTTE L, LaCrosac— B,S„ General Science, Nursing Club; Wesley Foundation; Student Council, BOM GARDNER, JOHN JL, Filco— B.S. in Business Administra. lion. BORELL, SHAREN K., Shields— B.M., Music Education. Sigma Alpha lota; MENC; Marching 100; Concert Choir; Choral Union ; Gamma Delia, BOWMAN, WILLIAM F„ Codcll— B.M-, Music Education. Band; Orchestra; String Quartet. BRAZDA, EDWARD A., Timken— B.S., Zoology. Pre-Medic Club; Veterans Club, BREMENKAMF, MELVIN R-, Norton— A ,B t , History- Honors Seminar; Trade; Cross Country; K-Club; Newman Club. BROWN, LYNN H„ Cambridge— B.S, in Business Administration. Honors Seminar, BROWN, PRESTON E„ Buelclm — B.S. in Business Administra- tion, Chorus; Band; Collegiate Republicans; Intramural ; Tau Kappa Epsilon, BRUBAKER, ROGER R,. Hugoton— B.S., Botany and Geology. BUNKER, THOMAS G., Haya— B.M,, Music Education- BURCHART, VERNON G , Spearvjllc— B.S. in Agriculture, Newman Club, BURMEISTER, PAUL F„ Claflin— B.S. in Agriculture, Tsu Kappa Epsilon, sec,; Phi Eta Sigma, trea .; Seventh Cavalry; Honors Seminar; Band; Chemistry Club. BYER, WILLIAM R,, Cimarron— B.S. in Business Administra- tion. Phi Sigma Epsilon, BYLER, CARLENE L., Cimarron — B.S. in Home Economies. Kappa 0 micron Phi ; Home Economic Club. BYLER, JACK K.„ Cimarron— B.S. in Business Administration. Phi Sigrna Epsilon; Student Council, pre .; Senior LLasH, vice pre . CATLIN, Little Club. A. WILLIAM, Liberal— B,s , Political Science. Theatre, pres.; Alpha Psi Omega; Quill and Scroll CERSOVSKY, MAURICE J-, Colby— B.S. in Business Adminis- tration. Newman Club. I J SL 1 S ' . V- O d A 25 CH-ANNELL. DUANE L. r Goodlind— B.S. in Physical Education. Basket ball. CHARLTON, ARTHUR J„ Wakecncy— B.S. in Business Admin- istralion. CHASTAIN, MARILYN L., E] I in wood— Alpha Sigma Alpha, see.; Kippi Pi; Spanish Club, see.-treas,; Union Exhibition Committee; SNEA, vice pres,; Tigereltes. CHISM. ROBERT H., Great Bend— B. 5. in Art, SNEA; Newman Club. CLARK. BEVERLY, Qm ' nier— B.M., Musk Educaii ., Sigma Alpha Iota ; Women ' s Leadership Organization ; Who’s Who; Fort Hays Singers; Concert Choir; Choral Union CLARK, MARY E., Lakin— A.B., Music Education. Sigma Alpha Iota, pres.; MENC; SNEA ; Concert Choir; Fort Hays Singers; Marching KM ; Concert Rand; Orchestra; Who’s Who. GLOWERS, URSULA N., St, John— B.S. in Education, Elemen- tary. C ODD I NO TON, KAY A„ McCracken— 9S. in Art. Kappa Phi; Home Economics Club; Agnew Hall, treas. CODY, MARCALENE S., Wcskan — B.S. in Education, Elemen- tary. Women ' s Leadership Organization, vice pres,; Who’s Who; Student Council, CODY, ROGER E., Gherlin— B,M. P Music Education. Phi Mu Alpha, pres.; SNEA; MENC; Orchestra; Band; Brass Choir COLEMAN, LILA L,. Claylon—B.S. in Physical Education. COULTER. GARY E„ Oberlin-A.B., Art- Phi Sigma Epsilon ; Honors Seminar ; Kappa Phi ; Who ' s Who; Student Council; SNEA; German Club. CRIST, LOWELL E,, Atwood. — B.S., Physics and Mathematics, Kappa Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma. DANIELSON, SONJA 1... Hays — B.S. in Education, Elementary. Delta Zeta; Newman Club, see,; Young Republicans; SNEA; Tigereltes, DAVIS. ELMER E., H v Hand— B.S in Agriculture. Kappa Mu Epsilon; Who’s Who; Campus Christian Council. DAVIS, ILENE R., Phillipsbutg — B.S. in Home Economics. Senior DAY, DEAN E. r Beeler — B.S. in Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club, historian. DEINES, HERBERT L,. Wake eg cy — A. Ft,, Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon; Seventh Cavalry; K-Club ; Tennis ; Mathematics Club; Lutheran Student Association, DESBIEN, MARY L. Palro— A,B„ Art, Dell;! Zeta, sec,; Kappa 1 1; Women’s .Leadership Organiza- tion: Pan he I ten ie Council, vice pres. ; Leader Staff; Re- vrille, asst, editor, editor; Newman Club; Spanish Club. DESCH, FRANCIS G., Hays — B.S. in Business Administration, DIBBLE, DANNY I),, Alton- B.S,, Mathematics, Young Men ' s Chrkiiin Association. DINKF.L. JANICE M.. Wakceney— B.S. in Education, Liftmen- (ary, SNEA, treas.; Newman Club. DINKEL, PHYLLIS A., Victoria — B.S, in Business . ' ministra- tion. Honors Seminar; Who’s Who; Alpha Lambda Delta; Women’s Leadership Organization; SNEA, sec. DR E HER, MARILYN A.. Ha -A.D., History. Alpha Gamma Delta, fires.. DRE1LING, MICHAEL L., Wskeency-B.S. in Business Adminis- trail on. Pi Kappa Delta; Newman Club; German Club- DREIL1NC, NEIL W„ Hays B.S, in Physical Education Football. DR El LING, THOMAS C.. Crest Rend A.R,, Psychology, Spanish Club; Chemistry Club; Newman Club. DCNDAS, KAY WILLIAM. Dlghtun B.S., Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Sigma Theta Epsilon - Mathematics Club, 26 DUNTZ, TERRY L., Smith Center— B,S,, Biology, SNEA; Alpha Phi Omega. DURALL, EDW’IN P.„ Hays— B.S. in Education, Elementary. Newman Club. DURALL, MAURICE J., Raymond— A. B., Speech Correction. Kappa Sigma Kappa, ree. ec ; French Club. DYATT, B. LYNN, Goodland— Alpha Gamma Della ; SNEA, (Halt tet. sec.; Tigercttes. EDWARDS, ELIZABETH D. + Hay — B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. Women ' s Leadership Organisation, pres.; Who’s Who; Lamb- da Iota Tau; Alpha Lambda Delta; SNEA ; Symphony Orchestra ; String Quarlcl. EHRLICH, MARCIA K,, Hays— B.5., General Science. Nursing Club. ELLIS, MARY E., Johnson— B.S, in Education, Elementary, SNEA, ENGLE, RODNEY J„ Great Bend— A. B. Psychology, Intrant urab. ERICKSON, DOLORES A,. Herndon— B.S., General Science, Nursing Club. EULERT, HAROLD O., Paradise— B.S. in Agriculture, Phi Sigma Epsilon. EVANS, FRANK E., Ha ya— B.S. in Art. FABR1Z1US, ELVJN C.. Waketney— B.S., Mathematics, Sigma Plii Epsilon; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Delta Epsilon; Lutheran Student Association ; Veterans Club. FAGAN, MARY L.. St, John — B.S. , General Science. Who ' s Who. FEIST, JOHN J,, Bushian— B.S. in Business Administration. Phi Sigma Epsilon, FINK, M, JOAN, Utica— B.S. in Business Administration. Sigma Kappa; SNEA; Union Hospitality Committee. FINLEY, HOWARD M., Sharon Springs— B.S, in Education. Elementary. SNEA i Veterans Club. Cl o o ■ 1 WL Sk 0k t f M00 f ' Jkk Class FIJNN, JAMES E.. Fooler- B.S. in Industrial Art . Industrial Arts Club, FLOCK, HAZEL M., Hoiiinglon— A.B., English, A i p ha Li 111 bda Del I a ; Worn cn ’ I .cad e rsh ip Of gan Lra t io n ; Honor s Seminar; Lambda Iota Tau; Who ' s W ' hu; SNEA. FRANCIS MICHAEL J,, A.B., Political Science and History . Seventh Cavalry; Honors Seminar; Who ' s W ho ; Collegiate Young Republicans; Chancery Club; Public Relations Com. mi t tee; Leader, asst, editor, editor; Golf. FRY, LESTER P. JR., Wilmore— B.S in Agriculture. FRYDENDALL, KAREN L. Hays— B.S. in Education, Elcmen Alpha Sigma Alpha ; Second Generation Club ; Lambda I ota T au ; SN E A . FULLER, JUDITH P., Hays — B.S, iu Education, Elementary. GAGER. MERL L-, Woodaton— A.B in Industrial Arts, GARDNER. ROY I-. Sylvia— B.S,. Mathematics. GAR VERT, SHIRLEY A., Deerfield— A, B,, Sociology, Women ' s Recreation Association, pres, : Intramural . GENTZLER, NORMAN K., Portia B.S. in Business Administra- tion. GERMAN. HAROLD B„ Glen Elder B.S. in Industrial Arts-. Epsilon Pi Tau, treas, : Industrial Arts Club. CIEBLER. GARY I... Hays— B.S. . Biology. 27 k dAt t ki GISH, CHARLES D., Salina— A.B.. Zoology, Chess Club, pres,; Seriblerua Club, pre . GOODHEART, LOREN W„ Bunker Hill— B,$. in Business Ad mi nit trillion. Marching 1M Band; Concert and Tour Band; SNEA, GRAVER, JOHN D., Rush Center— B.S. , Mathemmici. GRECIAN, JAMES L,, Beloit— B.S,, Biology. GREEN, JAMES C., Great Bend— B,S, in Business Administra- tion, Sigma Phi Epsilon. GREEN, YVONNE, Ashland— B.S. in Business Administration. SNEA: Kappa Phi, GRIFFIN, JAMES F.. Niloma-B.S. in Industrial Arts, Della Sigma Phi. GRIFFIN, STANLEY C„ Bunker Hill-B-S.. Mathematic . Mathematic Club; SNEA; Kappa Mu Epsilon. GUSTAFSON, EDWARD C., FlaSnvjlle — A,B.. History, HALLING, RONALD A,, Bucklin — B.S. in Industrial Arts, Gymnastics; Industrial Arts Club. HAMANN. FREDERICK C„ Tribune— B.S,, Biology. HAMEL. GARY W., Zurich— B.S, in Business Administration. Veterans Cluh, sec. Senior HANEY, RONALD N., Colbj — B.S,, Biology and Physical Educa- tion. Football, HANSEN. K A I ML.Et.N A,, Loomis, N e hr. — B.S. in Physical Edit, cation, Women ' Recreation Association; Intramural; Officials Cluh; Mayors Club. HANSON. CLAl DE L,. Coldwater— A.B., Political Science. Kansas Collegiate Young Republicans Chancery Club. HANSON, RODNEY A,, Assaiia— B.S,, Physics and Mathematics, HARG1TT, JOAN Quinler— B.S. in Home Economies. Kappa Ornicron Phi, pres.; Home Economics Club; SNEA; Who ' s Who j Kappa Phi, pres.; Wesley Foundation; Agntw Hall Vice pres. HARPER, MARK D., Ellis— B.S, in Industrial Art . Industrial Arts Club. HARRIS, DAVID L. P Hays — B.S, in Industrial Aria. HARRIS, MERLE It., Ransom — B.S. in Physical Education. Basketball, HARRISON VIRGINIA M , Phillipsburg— B.S. in Home Eco- nomics. y Home Economies Club: Kappa 0 micron Phi, HARRISON W ILLIAM F.. Lcnor - R.S.. Botany. Sigma Phi Epsilon, IURT1NG. KOCER D . Edmond- T5 . in Business Adminiatra- tion. HARZMAN. DONALD E., Canker City B.S. in Agriculture. Kappjf Sigma Kappa, pres.; Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Senij, n r; Who ' s Who; Senior Class President. 28 HAW KINS, LOIS G.. Hays, -B.S. in Elementary Education. HE ANY, GLENDA M., Clayton- B.S, in Business Administra- l ion . Alpha Gamma Delia, treas. ; SNEA, HEBERLY. PHILLIP 0., Minneapolis— B.S. in Industrial Art , £] ■ i Ion Pi Tatt; I n d usl rial A rl s Club. KELW1C. HAROLD IV, Hoiainglon— B.S, in Art, Art Fraternity; SNEA ; German Club, hcc. ; Little Theatre. HEMPHILL, LARRY D., Byers- B.S, in Industrial Artg. In «l List rial Arts Club, HENDRIX. CHARLES W.. Gref nsburg— B.S. in InduXrlal Art . Tan Kappa Epsilon ; Epsilon Pi Tau, HERNANDEZ, PAUL B., Garden City — B.S. in Business Admin- iitiiridn. HERTEL, DENIS L,, Hays— B.S, m Agriculture. Newman Club. HESS. GARRY J., Pratt— B.S, in Art. Kappa Pi. HETTINGER, DON IX, Formcso— B.S-, Biology. phi Sigma Epsilon ; Inter-Fretcrnity Council, sec. HEY, FRANCIS JR.. JetmorO — B.S. in Business Ad mini at ration. HI EBERT, JACK D., Great Bend— A. B., Chemistry. Kappa Sigma Kappa. HIGGINS. ELIZABETH A., Tribune— B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary. Concert Choir. HILDEBRAND, DARRELL E.. Hill City— B.S, in Industrial Arts. K - Club ; Football; Track; Basketball. HJ5CHKE, HERBERT H- JR.. Osborne— B.S. , Botany, HOFFMAN, KAREN K., Cawker City— B.S. in Education, Elo men I ary l SNEA. Class HOGAN, CORDON H., Meade A.B., Ou-mistr Chemistry Club. HOLDEMAN, AIENNO, Hays History ami L r.. ' i HON AS, JOHNNY J., Ellis — B.S. in Education, l ' ••• HOBMEL, DEANNA R., Ada B.S. in H Home Economies Club. IlOTZ. EUGENE D.. Alraena— B.S. in Busini-S Administration. HOUSE, DICHT A.. McCracken— B.S. in Education, Elementary, HOYT, PHYLLIS E-, Brewster B.S. in Education, Elementary. HUBERT, CRAIG E., Lamed B.S. in Education, Elementary, Delta Sigma Phi : Young Republican , Campus Boosters. HUDSON. CAROL L., Hays B.S. in Education. Elementary, SNEA; Young Republicans; Pep Club. HUTTON ROD K., Buc-klin— B.S, in Industrial Aria, Kappa Sigma Kappa, vice pres.; Industrial Arts Club. LKY IN. WAYNE L., LaCrossc— B-S, in Business Administration- Veterans Club. J1M1SON, DOYLE J.. Quinter— R.S, in Business Ad ministration - ' Chess Club; Collegiate Young Republicans, JENSEN, JULIANA. Kinsley— B.S. in Home Economic . Horne Economics Club, vice pre „ pres.; Ague Hall, j-r— . : Kit Kats: Kappa Phi; Campus Boosters; Student Affairs Committee. JOHNSON. ALVIN S„ Oberlin— B.S, in Agriculture. JOHNSON, DEANNA R,, Ellis— B.S r in Busies Administration. Sigma Sigma Sigma, JOHNSON, JUDITH E„ Danbury, Ncbr— B.S. in Business Ad ministration. YWCA: SNEA ; Kappa Phi, vice pres.; oh- ' - WJl o, 29 JOHKSON, RUSSELL Zurich— B.5., Chemistry. Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Chemistry Club. JOHNSON, VIRGINIA V,. OberIin—B,S, in Elementary Educa- tion. Sigma Alpha Iota; Woman ' a Leaders!] ip Organization, JONES. RONALD D„ T Colby — A.B., Physical Education. Tau Kdppa Epsilon; Newman Club; Wrestling. JORDAN, HAROLD M., Hanston — B.S, in Physical Education. KAISER, SYLVIA K., Great Bend— A.B., English. Woman’s Lr£iltrthi] Organization; TigcretteS, Panbellcnio ; Reveille; Creek editor; Sigma Sigma Sigma, rush chairman; Kit Kata. KARLEN, w. ROGER, Victoria— B.S. in Business Administration, Newman Club. KARLS, JOHN A., Leoville— B,S, in Business Administration. Intramural ; Softball; Basketball; Newman Club. KARR, CURTIS D„ Stockton— B.S , in Industrial Arts. KEITH, GLENN L-, Penojcec— B.S., General Science. KEPEERLE, JAMES A,, Qu inter— B.S. in Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club. KERN, DONALD B., Stockton— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Veterans Club; Industrial Arts Club, KERSTETTER. REX E., Protection— B.S. . Biology, Seventh Cavalry, sec.; Phi Eta Sigma; Honors Seminar; Who ' s Who; SNEA, pres.; Sigma Theta Epeilou, Student Personnel Committee ; Freshman Orientation Committee. KISSICK. DELIA M., Beverlv — B.S, in Elementary Education. SNEA. KLAWUHN, ROBERT L., Phillipsburg— B,S„ Physics, KLINE, NORMAN L. h Quin ter— B.S, in Industrial Arts. Industrial Art Club, KN1TIG, CARL L.. Rezford-B.S. in Art. Alpha P i Omega ; Kappa Pi. Senior KNOLL. DONNA B., Cimarron A. It, Sociology. Delta Zeta, KOCH. MARCELLINE M.. Raymond — B,S. in Home Economics, Kappa Omicron Phi, pros.; Home Economics Fraternity; Home Economic Club; j-M Club; Orchestra. KOEPPEN. JERRY D.. Wellington — B.S. in Business Adminis- tration. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Student Body President; Newman Club, KOPKE, LARRY I... Pawnee Bock — A,B., Political Science. Pi Kappa Delta; Seventh Cavalry; Chancery Club: Will ' s Who; Student Body President. KORBE, WILMA J., Hays — B.S., General Science, KLGLER, TOM G. h Hoy — A,B., Political Science and Sociology. Leader, bus, mgr.; Reveille, bus. mgr. SUMMER, THOMAS W, r Great Bend-B.S. in Business Admin- istration. Newman Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon, treas, KURTZ, MARY J.. Alton — R.M., Music Education, Alpha Lambda Delta. SNEA; Sigma Alpha Iota, Wlio’ Who; Honors Seminar. KYSAR, RICHARD IL, Ttibune — B.M.. Music Education. Phi Mu Alpha; Music Educators National Conference; Con. cert Rand; Marching Baud; Orchestra; Concert Choir; Choral Union; Clarinet Choir. LAEGER, MARVIN K. , , Qiiiiiifr— H.M., Music Education. Band. LA V , PHILIP E., Obcrlin— B.M. Music Education. Phi Mu Alpha; Brass Choir; Baud; Orchestra; MENC, LAYTON. DONALD M., Ramtalt-B.S. in ludustrial Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau, International Honor Society in Industrial Arts and Industrial-Vocational Education; Industrial Arts LEIKER, HARVEY J., Huy — E.S. irt Business Administration. Phi Sigma Epsilon. LEIKER, MELVIN A., Hay — B.3. in Business Administration. Newman Club. LEONARD, MARILYN G., Hay a — B.S, in Education, Elementary. Then Sigma Upailon; Student Council; Freshman Class, vice pres.; Fort Hays Singers. LEONARD, RONALD R„ Quin ter— B.S., Biology. LIES, ROD P,, M inneota — B.S. in Business Administration. Intramural Basketball. LIKES, WILLIAM C., Great Bend — B.S. in industrial Arts. Veterans Club; Industrial Arts Club, LIMES, BOYD A., Logan — A, EL, Psychology. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Delta Epsilon; Collegiate Young Re = publicans; Canterbury Club; German Glub- LINDSEY, GERALD D., Stockton— B,S„ Biology. Collegiate 4-H. LINE, GORDON W.. Eddyvillc, Nebr- B S. in Art. Kappa Pi. LOCKMAN, DEANNA R., Ford— A, B., English. Alpha Gamma Delta; Pi Kappa Delta; Lambda Iota Tan; Women’s Leadership Orga ni aa t i on ; Reveille, aast, editor, editor; Leader; SNEA; Scribltrua; Student Affairs Com ' mitlee, LOTT, CLARENCE E„ JIL. Hill City— B.S., Chemistry. Chemistry Club, Irens, ; Radio Club, vice pres. LUTE. BOR L., Cleburnt-yB.S. ill Busin ess Administration, Kappa Sigma Kappa. LYNE, SARAH A,, Lincoln— B.S. in Education, Elementary, LYON, DEAN A,, Ness City— R-S-, Chemistry, McLEISH, LOIS M., Alamola— R.S. in Home Economies. McAFEE, CHARLES C., Codell— B.S„ Botany, Class McCall. DALE r ,. Culver B.S,, Mathematics, McCLAlN, ERNEST E., Portia— B.S, in Business Administration. MeCUNE, H. AILEEN, Beloit — B.S, in Home Economics. McCURDY, GENE A., Manhattan— B.S.. Mathematics. Track. McGinnis. DONALD E„ Esbon— B,S. in Industrial Art . McINTOSH. IRIS E., McDonald- It s. in Home Economies. Women’s Recreation Association, vice pTM.t Carnpua Booster; Home Economies Club; Canterbury Club, scc.-trCSS-t SNLA. MeLEAN, DONALD J., Wakeeney— R-S., Mathematics. M ADDEN. JACK L,, Dodge City -A. B., Psychology, MAGANA, FRANK, Kanopolis— A.B.. Political Science, Chancery Club, ce. ; Spanish Club, pres. MAHAN, REX L. Belleville— B.S, in Art. Sigma Phi Epsilon. MAHON, PHYLLIS J., Oakley— IsS, in Education, Elementary. M A HONEY, CARRY M., Dorrance— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Della Sigma Pbi : Epsilon Pi Tau ; Young Democrats. 31 MANET FI, ALVIN L., Great Bend— B.S. in Industrial ArlS- Newman Club- MARXE.N, JOHN F.. Russell — B.S. in Business Administration, MEASE. WANDA L., Nllhvill K,S, in Bus]nr» Administration, Alpha Gamma Della, vice pres,; Women ' Leadership Organic Mtiooj ' Who ' s Who; Union Board; Senior Class, Sfic.,trcas.; Student Council, Inis,; SNEA. MERRILL, EVERETT C., Kanopolis — R,S, in Business A d min is - I ra t i i n . M ILHAM. MERRILL E,, Salina — B.S., Mathematics and Physics. Kappa Mu Epsilon. MILLER. HARLAN J., Tribune— R.S, in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club. M INNICK. JACK L., Resford— B,S, P Physics. Kappa Mu Epsilon; Mathematics Club, MOHK, JAMES L., Hutchinson— B.S. in Agriculture, MOOMAW. MAX W,. Dighton— B.S., Mathematics. MOORE, EUNICE D, p Page City— B,S, P Biology. MOORE, LEHOY. Levant— B.S,, Geology. MOORE, NORMAN J,, Timken — B.S. in Business Administration. Sigma Tap Gamma, house manager. Senior MOORE. ROBERT v . Hays— B.S. in Industrial Aits. Industrial Arts Club ; Veterans Club. MORRIS. II ROLD H., Hqrlon— B.S. in Industrial Arts. K-Cluh. pres.: Newman Club; Industrial Art? Club: Track; Cross Country. MORRISSEY. DOUGLAS C., WWdilon — B.S, in physical Eduea. lion. Kappa Sigma Kappa; K-Club; SNEA; In tram oral Manager: T rae k . MLI1PHA J N 1... Gorham — B.S. in Business Administration. M I K PH WILLIAM G„ B.S. in Business Ad m in is! ra I ion. N AIRY JAMES 31, , Pawnee Rock B.S, in Business Administra. SNE ; f . r | tegi a l e Young Republicans. NLLSON. PAUL R., Calva — A.B., Sociology. NICHOLS, JAMES T,, Mentor — B.S. in Agriculture, NOLLER . GAIi L- s Glen Elder-— R.S. in Agriculture. OLH , KLJ Ml M., Grr ' at Bend B,S. in Physical Education. Football. OCHS, NORMAN i . .. L th a B.S, in Business Administration, Seventh Cavalry; Leader, asst, bus, mgr., bun. mgr.; Second Generation Club. ODLE. RtJGLR I.., Hill City B.S. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club, OLIVER, ROY E., Sa tau t a A.B., History. OPItZ, GLENDA F,, Garden City — B.S, in Business Administer lion. Alpha Sigma Alpha, ice pres.; Gamma Delta; Tigerettes; SNEA ; Union Dance Committee, ORGAN. JAMES J., Morland— B,S. in Business Administration. Newman Club, ORMSBEE, LARRY E., Aihol-R.S., Chemistry. ORR, GERALD K., Woodston— B.S.. Geology and Biology, Veterans Club. OTTO, BOB IX, Atlanta — B.S. in Physical Education, Basketball. PAINTER, WILLIAM J- Meade— B.S. in Agriculture, PALMER, BARBARA E, Russell — B.S. in Bnsincsa Admirmlri- lion. Phi Kappa Phi ; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Seminar; Who ' s Who; 5NEA- PARKS, KENNETH W- Utiea— B.S. Biology. PATTERSON, DALE L, Bison— B.M., Music Education, IRC; MENC: Choral Union; Madrigal Singers; Concert Choir; Band. PATTERSON, VIOLET, Hays— B.S. in Education Elementary. PETERMAN, ELAINE M., Ellsworth— B.S. , General Science. Who ' s Who; Gamma Delta; Nursing Club. PETERS, JIM M., Ellis— B.S. , Mathematics. PETERS, REED A., Larncd— B.S, in Business. Sigma Phi Epsilon, pres, PETERSON, BRlEN R., Hutchinson — B.S. in Business Adminis- tration, ,, _ . Basketball; Band; Veterans Club; Collegiate Young Repub- licans. PFANNESTIEL, MAURICE, Hays- A.B., Economics, Who ' s Who; Seventh Cavalry, Honors Seminar; Pin Kta Sigma; Newman Club; German Club. Class PFENNING Eft, BILL JL, Scott City B.S. in Industrial V r t - . Arts Club. P1CKINPAUCH, WILLIAM K- Good land— B.S. in Physical Erin, cation. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Wrestling. PLOWMAN, JAY j., Ma ck Seville B.S. in Busine-. Adni in is l ration . POPPE, CLYDE, Cimarron- B.S., Biology. Phi Sigma Epsilon, vice pres. ; Football - PR ICE, KAYLA J-, Nekoma- B.M., Musk Education, Della Zeta ; Sigma Alpha loia, sec. PRINC, MAURICE W„ Luray-B.S. Mathematics, Who ' s Who; Seventh Cavalry; Honors Seminar; kappa Mu Epsilon; SNEA. PRUTER. BETTY J-. Natoma- B.S. in Education, Elementary. RAY, ARTHUR L,. Sterling— B.S. in Physical Education. Traek ; Football; Golf, REECE, CLYDE W ., Burdelt-A.R , Industrial Arls, REEVES BOB G , Ulysses— B.S- Geology, Amateur Radio Club, vice pres- pres.; Baud- REISS, JAMES V- Weakan- B.S., Biology. Phi Sigma Epsilon; Gamma Delta; Swimming. RHINE, CHARLES D,, Atlanta B.S- Physics, Seventh Cavalry, ireas, ; Who’s Who; Sigma Pi Sigma Kappa Mu Epsilon, vice pres.; Honors Seminar; Della H‘ si Ion; Band; Clarinet Choir; Radio Cluh. R [pc WAY, BONNIE ].. OgaMah-B S, in Education, Elementary Alpha Gamma Delta; SNEA: Second Ge.ieralion Club, RILEY. E STELLA L., Dodge Citv A.B.. History. Alpha l ambda Della; Honors Seminar. RGBREN. RODGER H- Grinnell— B.S. in ludustiial n- Phi Sigma Epsilon, cor. see. ROBERSON, CYLA, B.S, in Education Elementary Nursing Club. 33 RGBL, MARTIN J , Chase— B.S., Mathematics. BOEDER, MERW ' IN W,, A] men — B.S. in Busing Admini tra- lion. ROGERS, ANET I.. Minn col a — A.B., English. Reveille; Kappa Phi; Little Theatre; Wesley Foundation; Scribleiui Club; Collegiate Young Republicans, ROWE, GWENDOLYN A.„ Hokinglon — B.S. in Physical Educa- tion, Women ' s Recreation Association ; SNEA : Eta Kbo Epsilon. RL ' DER, ANNETTE, Hays— A. B., English. Lambda Iota Tan. tress.; Who’f Who; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Seminar. RUMPEL, PHILIP H ,, Ogtllah -B.S, in .Agriculture. Collegiate 4-H ; Lutheran Student Association vice pres. RUNFT, GEORGIA J.. Wichita — B.S. in Home Economies. Home Economies Club. RUNFT 1. ELAND H., Herington— E.3. in industrial Arts, Phi Sigma Epsilon. R L ' SSELL. CRAWFORD L, a Dodge City— B.S. in. Art, Alpha Phi Omega; Kappa Pi. RYAN. PATRICIA A., McCraeken B.S. in Business Administra- tion, Sigma Sigma Sigma; SNEA ; Nevrman Club- SAELER, M, VERLEE, Glade— B.S. in Education, Elementary . SNEA; Ljttlc Theatre; Homo Economies Club; Collegiate Young Republicans, SUCH MAN RALEIGH £,, Russell A.B., Mathematics. Pi Kappa Delta; Debate Team. SAXTON, SHELDON E-, Bnrdctl — B.S. in Agriculture. Delta Epsilon; Sigma Theta Epsilon, SCHLEGEL, STANLEY E., Hay — A.B., Botany. SCHMIDT, EILEEN A., Pawnee Rock — B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary-. SCHRE1BER, GLENN E., Hoisinglcm-B.S,, Biology. Newman Club. Senior sent CKMAN LEEROY Hr, McCracken — R.S. in Education, Elementary. SCHULZ. CLARA F., Bison B.S. in Education, Elementary. SCHULZ, TOMMY M., Great Bend-LLS. in Education, Elc men I a ry . SHUSTER. ALFRED J,, Ellia— B.S.. Geology. SCOTT, ROBERT 1L, Great Bend— B.S. in Industrial Arts. Epsilon Pi Tail, pres. ; Industrial Art Cl ub, pies. SEGO I A, ROM! ALDQ A.. Toireon, Mexico — B.S. in Art. Internationa] Relation Club; Newman Club; Union .Movie Committee. SHE AN, GLENN A,, SpeanriUc -B.S, in Business Administration. Veterans Club, SHERWOOD. ANNA E., Hays— A. B,, English SHORT, WILLIAM L., Good land — R.S., Mathematics, Kappa M u Eps ii on ; Fno t ba I f . SHOW ALTER, JOHN C., Brevier B.S. in Business Admtnislra lion. SIDLOW, ROBERT M.. LiOossc- B.S. in Physical Education. Phi Sigma Epsilon ; Track. SILK, WARREN G. r Noj City B.S. in Industrial Arts. Delia Sigma Phi, pre . E Alpha Phi Omega; Football. SIMONS, PAULA SCHUMACHER, Victoria— A,B„ English. Alpha Sigma. Alpha, pres. ; Lambda Toll, see.; Womcii’a Leadership Organization, pub. chairman ; Union Program Council, pres, ; Union Dance Committee, eli airman ; Union Board; Leader, asst, editor, editor: Reveille, senior editor; Public Relations Committee; Homecoming Committee; French Club. SUTTON, RALPH W. t EUk— 2.S., Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon , Sigma Pi Sigma; Seventh Cavalry. SLIFKE, WALTER L., Clayton — B.S. in Business Admiaittifl’ lion. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Veterans Club; Newman Club. SMITH, DONALD L „ Lamed— A. B., Speech. Alpha Psi Omega; Little Theatre; Football. SMITH, DAVID L„ Great Bend— B.S. , History. SNIDER, HERNDON A., Lamed— A. B., Psychology. Del t a E psi Ion ; Gym nasti c a ; Con cert C hoir. SNYDER, IVAN J., Russell — B.S. in Business Administration. STAAB, GRACE K-, Hays— A.B., Art, Theta Sigma Upailon. STAAB, LEROY F., Hays- B.S. in Business Administration. Newman Club ; Veterans Club, STAAB. ROLAND J., Hays — B.S. in Education, Elementary. STACEY, RAYMOND l.„ Clayton — A. B, English. Delta Sigma Phi} Collegiate Young Republicans. STARKEY, BEVERLY R., Pratt— B.S. in Home Economics. Kappa Omit ron Phi, ree. ace. ST EG MAN, DENNIS L., Ness City— B.S. in Business Adminis- tration. Football. STEWART, WANDA M., Healy— B.S. in Education, Elementary. SNEA. STREMEL, CAROL J., Dodge City— B.S, in Education, Elemen- tary. Delta Zcta, cor. sec- ; Newman Cluh- STUM, LINLY R., Ness City— B.S. ID Business Administration, 1 W — « ■ 4 c% L °i dim t n 1 ML P- " k mm v : ' i? o t- 1 STURM AN, JOHN W.« Dorranec— B.S. in Business Adminigtra- 1 Lou. STUTTER It KIM, BEVERLY J.. Oakley— B.M-, Music Education. Sigma Sigma Sigma; Sigma Alpha lota. SULLIVAN, CARMEN £„ St. John— B.S. in Home Economies-, Home Economics Club; Tigercttcs; SNEA; Campus Boosters, sw AFFORD. LINDON L., Byers — B.S, in Education, Elementary. SWARTZ. RALPH I-,, Sharon Spring?— B.S. , Mathematics. SWINK, G- MARLENE, Satan! a- B.S. in Home Economics. Wesley Foundation. SWORDS. MARGARET E,, Deerfield — B.S. in Physical Educa t ion . Women ' s Recreation Association; Oflicials Club; Intramural Council TAILMAN, MARILYN F., Hays- B.S. m Physical Education. Women ' s Recreation Association; Majors Cluh. TEMPLE, DON l.., Norcmtr— A.B., History. THOMAS, MELVA L„ Redondo Beach. Calif. -B.S. in Business A d mi m 1 ra C ion , Union Publicity Committee; Collegiate Ml; Tigercttes, treas. THOMPSON. ESTHER M., Minneoli— B,S. in EduciUon, Elc men t a r y. Women’s Recreation Association ; Intramural , THOMPSON, JIM L, Hays— H-S„ Mathematic . Kappa Mu Epsilon, 35 THORNBURG, AILENE M„ Utica— B.M„ Music Education, Sigma Alpha loll. THORNBURG. ROY F. h Utica— B.S. in Agriculture. Collegiate 4-H. THYFAULT, MARJORIE J-, Stockton — A, B., Elementary ' Edu cation. Alpha Sigma Alpha, ms-la chair.; Newman Cluh ; SNEA, TRAIL, ELMER C. h Atwood — A.B.. Physical Education. Fon E ba 1 1 . TRAUEK. CHARLES R,„ Hanslon- B.S,, Biology. Football. TRENT, PATTY L , Osborne A, B., Speech Who ' s Who; Pi Kappa Delia; Young Democrat ; Tffcrettea, trc a s,; Little Theatre ; Debate. TREXLER, AWYN B., Hill City— B.S. in Home Economics. Sigma Sigma Sigma; Home Economies Club; SNEA, TRUSSELL, RONALD Y,, Kendall — B.S. in Agriculture. TURNER, GEORGE W., Smith Center — A,B„ History. Collegiate Young Republicans. I NRUH, PHIL I. , Copeland — B.S, in Physical Education. Track. VANCE, JERRY W ., Stafford B.M„ Music Education. Seventh Cavalry; MENC ; Brass Choir; Orchestra ; Concert Baud; Marching 100, V AN SCYOC, WEND A L G., Osborne — B.S. in Business Adminis- tration, Senior VELHARTICKY. FRANCIS E.. Sal in H.S. in Industrial Arts, K-Club; Industrial Arts Club; SNE-A ; Second Generation Club; Basketball; Track; Wrestling, V ENTERS. JIMMY D,, Plainvillc — 11.5. in Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Cluh. VERNON " , EVAN D., Norcalur — B.S, in Busineg’, Administration. V F KNO , RICHARD C,, Great Bend H.S. in Physical Ediica- I ion. V EVERR V. KAREN E. , Wilson B.S.,. General s irni c. Who ' s VVho; Nurses Club. YORBATH. ROLAND E.. Russell A.K,, History. VOSS. KENNETH I .. Burr Oak B.S. in Business Administra- tion. Chess Club; Collegiate Young Republicans. VAGNER. JEROME T.. Ft. Co Coin B in Mustr ,.] Arts. Industrial Arts Club; Veterans Club. WAGNER, RONALD F.. Ft. Collins. Cob,. B.S. in Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club; Veterans Cluh. W VLp.MAN, WILMER ],. Quinier-B.S., Mathematic . Newman Club; Mathematics Club. W VLKER. BRUCE H., Sharon Springs YJL, Political Science. WALTERS, ALFRED J . Hay H.S, in Busines Administration.. Newman Club. WARD. CHARLES H„ JR., Winona B.S. in Agriculture, Concert Choir, WASHAL1SKI. REGINALD M . JR . McCracken Ft Mallo • matics. WATSON, DONALD 1... Wakeency -B,S.. Botany. WAUDBY, GEORGE B„ Russell B.S., Mathematic 36 WEBB, FUEL) E,, JR., Protection— B,$. in Industrial Arts, Epsilon Pi Taw; Industrial Ana Club, see-; Veterans Club WEIGEL, KENNETH R.. Hays— B.S. in Business Administra- tion, Flii Sigma Epsilon; Intra -Fraternity Council; Intramural . WEIGEL, VERA L., Monument— B.S. in Education, Elementary, Honor; Seminar; Newman Club; SNEA, WELLS, IRENE A,. Fowler — B.S. in Home Economies. Kappa Omicron Phi ; Home Economics Club ; SNEA ; Col- legiate 4-H. WERTH, DON L,, Victoria — B,$. in Busing Ad mi main l ion. Newman Club. WHITE, JAMES K-. Hoisington— A.B,, Chemistry. Kappa Mu Epsilon; Della Epsilon. WHITMEK, RICHARD L-, Dorranee— B.S; in Physical Education. Basketball. WHlTMER, ROSA LEE, Dorrancc— B.S. in Education, Ele tary. Alpha Lambda Della; Women ' s Leadership Organization ; Who ' s Who; Choir; Fort Hays Singers; Honors Seminar; Newman Club ; SNEA, WICKlZER , LYNN, Wakeeney A.B., Speech. Sigma Phi Epsilon. WILLIAMS, DALE E,, Florence— B.S, in Physical Education. Plii Sigma Epsilon ; Football ; Track ; K ' Ctub. pres. WILSON, JACK, Ulyascs— B.S., Chemistry, Radio Club, sec.-treat-, pres.; Chemistry Club, pres. WILSON, REX L., Diphton— B.S., Mathematics. K CIub; Track. Class WiNEl.AND. MARVEL J-. Xalorna B.S, in Home Economics Home Economics Club; SNEA; Kappa Phi- WITTIG, DONALD D. Susank— A.B., Music Education. phi Mu Alpha; Band; Orchestra; Brass Choir; Veterans Club, WOLF, RICHARD L., Colby -B.S, in Physical Education. Delta Sigma Phi, pres.; Reveille; InlramuraU ; Physical Euu- cation. Major ' s Club. WRIGHT, CONNIE L., Kanorado -B.S. in Education, Kltmeit tary. ZOOK HERBERT D-, Hess ton H.S, in Industrial An Epsilon PL Tan; Industrial Arts Club; SNEA. CHASE, VERA E,. Peiiokee -B.S., General Science, Nursing Club, CLARK, MARGARET, Lamed- H-S., General Science. FRALEY DONNA, Osborne -B,S,, General Science. Women ‘s Leadership Organ kalion : Sigma Sigma Sigma ; Nurses Club. HA .ELTON. JOYCE, Vliels— B.S., General Science. HERMRECK, EMMALENE E-, Elisworlh— B,s., General Science, HERRON CAROLYN R., Cimarron B-S., General Science, Nursing Club- 1, ICON, SHARON. Ottawa— B.S,, General Science. Alpha I 5 ! Omega; Women ' s Leadership Organisation. LOCUE, LON A L,, Stafford — B.S., General Science Nurses C!nb- MAJOR, MARILYN. Dorrance— B.S., General Science Nurses Club. McC AMMON, JUDITH A., Burr Oak B.S,. General Science PALMER. LINDA, Atwood -B,S,, General Science, 37 Class of ' 61 Juniors Virgie McKenzie. Bill McAdoo. and Laura Ann Thompson meet for a coke and a serious discussion. Officers Bill Ohlemeier President Howard Guyer Vice President Margaret Stapleton . Secretary -Treasurer Adams, Dovie M., Ulysses Aldrich. DeAnne Y„ Garfield Altman, Phillip R., Almena Anderson, Calvin H„ Burden Anderson, Larry K,, Hoxie Anderson, Linda L„ Scon City Ankle, David B,, Atwood Appel, Benjamin F., Garfield Arensman, Ben FL, Kinsley Ashcraft, Galen B., Hays Aust, Jake H., Palco Austin. Arthur A., Wilson Baker, F rands H., Protection Bamberger, Linda J., Jemore Baumann, Dennis L., Arrington Beck, Robert C. Burden Beecher, Lynn S„ Hill City Bell, Karen A., Moscow Bennett, Larry C.. Russell Beougher, Elton E., Gove Boris, Anthony J., Selden Bernritter, Jo A., Newton Bern’, Bill A., Copeland Blecha, Gloria K., W oodston Boese, Donald G., Seward Bowen, Mary E,, Hays Brenda, Larry A., Wilson Brand, Lee Mac, Mealy Rrinker, James K., Cawker City Brown, Patty N., Dodge City Brown, Vernon L., Arnold Brown, William F., Hays Bruggeman, Karen A , Colby Brungardt, Terra nee M., Hays Brunson, Charles A,, Stockton Butler, Sandra K„ Lewis Caldwell, Jeanne E,, Russell Casper, James M,, Hays Cauldwell, Roland L., Holyrood Chaffee, Martha L., Burden Chambers, James D., Lancaster Chapman, Charles L , Hoxie Chism, Joseph C, Claflin Chism, William L,, Great Bend Christian, Melvin L, £11 in wood Clark, James E., Hays Clarke, Charles A., Medicine Lodge Clarke, Hannah L., Medicine Lodge Clasen, Robert A., Liberal Classi, Teri N., Brewster Cluster, Colleen W r , Great Bend Cochran, Ralph W , Dodge City Coddington, Kenneth E., Palco Collins, Larry L., Nekoma Canard, Karen L., Lamed Conn, Virgic L-. Bogue Cook, Ronnie F., Hays Co pj 3 , Joseph M., Pueblo, Colo. Crocker, Benjamin C. T Ulysses Cromwell, Larry D,, Dodge City Cussen, Michael P., Plamville Cutler, Robert L., Kingman Darnell, Donald K., PlainviUe Daugherty, Larry J , W ellington Deal, Terry, Colby Deges, Leon D., Grain field Dellett, Jon L„ Garfield Dcmel, James R., Hoisington Denning, Virgil J., Hays 39 Dennis, Carolyn T , Great Bend Deebien, Larry D f Palco DiHinger, Dona L„ Brewster Dudd, Dixie L r , Hill City Dooley, Joseph A., W est New York , N. J. Dorenkamp, Agnes M r , Holly , Colo. Doxon, William E„ Hays Dreiling, Judith A,, Hays Drilling, Theresa, P ' ictoria Duff, Ellen A„ Beloit Dunekack, Darrel, Great Bend Duntz, Alma E r , Hays Earley, Joan nine M„ Quin ter Edwards, l orita R ., Atwood Edwards, Mary E„, Hutchinson Eisenhower, Uirry G„ McCracken Eller, James M., Kirwin Elliot, Gary G,, Ulysses Ellis, Lanny E., Beipre Engel, Deanna M., Ellis Erbort, Daniel M., Zurich Estes, Elizabeth A., Abilene Evan , Eugene W., Quin ter Ferguson, JoAnn, I lighten Ferguson, Willard C, Haviland Fletcher, Janice C, Bucklin Flynt, Margaret F„ Ponca City Folkerts, Charlotte A., Plaint tile Folks, Francis N,, Ashland Ford, King A., Lucas Junior I nrd, Sandra j Hazel Foster. Harold M „ Oberlin franz, Clarence C, Colby Frederikson, JoLynnc, Hays F lit ache, Ru th 11 ( is horn e Fritachen, I -aw re nee K., Ho trance Darrells, Gayle 1C, Hansom George, Robert )).. Hays Getty, Dole E.„ Almena 1 ►eliy , Elaine, Downs Gilliland, Darel IK, Hoxie (dll Hand, Karen E., Hoxie Coehring, Doris E., Kinsley Gockcri, James IK, Letuira Gotisdialk, Gary L., Hays Cray, [ don el I) ., Sm i t h Cen ter Griffin, Ken N., Hays Gross, Kenneth. Hays ■ Guyer, Howard H r , Osborne Hager, Carolyn P,, Macksville Hall, Mary E , Seward Hamel f Thomas R„ Zurich Harkness, Sandra A,, Hays Harvey, Larry V,, Protection Heaton, Patricia L-, W oodston Heeox, Bobbie J , Sharon Springs Hemphill, Loren E,, luka Hendricks, Lei a A„ Raymond Hildebrand, Elsie A., Hill City Hiss, Loren A-, Great Bend Holcman, Robert F., Heringlon Hooten, James L., Wellington Hopkins, David A., La Crosse Horning, Ronald L., Spearville Householder, Nancy, Belleville Howard, Elaine R., Ness City Howerton, Wesley W., Pawnee Rock Hrabik, Donald L,, Hays Hum rich, Paul L,, Smith Center Hutchcraft, Theodore E., PlmnvilU ImMasche, Kay, Hays Ivan, John E,, Russell Jefferies, Owen, iFakeeney Jenson, Daryl D., Salina Johnson, Victor D., Great Bend Jones, Dale L,, Dodge City Jones, Elizabeth M., Hays Jones, Max M, f Monument Class Juenemarm, John A., Dellvale Kahle, Larry L,, Hoxie Kaiser, Layton L-, Hoisingtnn Kanard, Thomas J., Russell Kaufman, Kay Ann, Ifichita Keenan, Thomas M., Great Bend Celier, David D., Ellis Cendall, Barbara J,, Macksville Umbell, Lee E., Meade timbrel, John L., Dodge City Ciitzke, Max, Random Knudson, Karol A., Ludell Koch, Robert E., Scott City Koochel, Larry J„ Albert Kraisinger, Cary L., Great Bend Krutzer. Barry D„ Hoxie Larson, Dean, Ada 4! Lei Salle, Cecil e N., Clayton Latham, Dohn G , Osborne Law, Marcus L„ W a Keeney Lea ure, Phillip A., Hot Springs, Ark . LeffingwelL Patricia L,, Lukin Legg, Kenneth E„. Dodge City Lei ter, Ernest J-, Hays Leitner, Larry D., Herndon Leonard, Clarene M., Lukin Lesseig, Samuel L., Hays Lindahl. David A., Pleuna Lock man, Carolyn M., Ford Lefatead, Karen F„ Ellis Logan, Duane R., Scott City Lower, Beverly A., Sublet t Lowry, Phyllis J., Hugoton Lucas, Roberta, G odland Lunsford, Larry D., Hays Junior •1 w ilLafe P Pj fk r ick r p Ay, P- [(JSjP 1 ' f “ « A ' ' 1 o A. A rf Y iX. Hj i L p j r Ik . k • ■a M ■ i” McAdoo, William A., Lamed Me A tec, Lewis E,, Ellsworth McCombs, Nanci A., Russell McCreight, Roger A., Ness City McIntyre, Max L., Cold water McKenzie, Virgie, Ransom Me Neal, Denzil D. t Paradise McQueen, Kerry E,, Kirwin Mahan, Kenneth W., Minneola Malcolm, James V,, A l menu Margheim, Edwin E., WaKeeney Martin, Dan, Chase Mead, Wayne L r Bclpre Meier, Larry D., Abilene Mel bus, Harold D.„ Sc an din Milt ' s, Marcel J.. Jewel! Mills, Merle L., St. Francis Mog, Sidne S,, Lamed Morehead, Don M,, Downs Morrow, Jeanie, Garfield Mullen, Brian A., Stockton Mullenix, Doug K,, C la fin Murphy, Duane A„ Rozel Murray, Donna K,, Salina Neely, Jerry J., Rucklin Nelson, Barbara J., Garfield Newton, Larry M,, Russell Norton, Warren W,, H (rising ton Notestinc, Roland N„ Pretty Prairie Qelke, Carol A., Hoxie Offner, Kenneth M., Utica Ohlemeier, BiJly J r , LaCrosse O’Leary, John R., Pretty Prairie Oliver ins, Roger JL T Tim kin Olson, Merlin E., Assyr ia Qrr, Curtis L„ JPoodston Oswald, Lloyd E., Gorham Palmer, Paul E., Hays Parker, Lloyd R.. Hays Parsons, Don D , Bunkerhill Patton, Marilyn Y + , Scott City Pauley, Gale L,, Woods ton Faustian, Gay L. t LaCrosse Perkins, Donald C, Scott City Peterson, R. Lloyd, Hays Peterson, Mildred J., Bushton Pickering, David L., Little River Poage, Richard L,, Hays Class Poage, Shirle r D„ Almena Popp, Dennis E,, Russell Powers, Ramon S. T Gove Purer, Leonard E., Liberal Quenzer, Allen D,, Utica Reece, Barbara S,, Burden Reed, Jerome H., Hoxie Reitcheck, Clem J., Grain field Richardson, Penny A., Agra Rid gw ay, Robert L., Dodge City Riisoe, Julie, Kinsley Riley Gerald E., Dighton Rinkel, Euince K-, Haviland Robben, Bertram G-, Hoxie Roberts, Elaine K. T H utchinson Roberts, Joyce I., Quin ter Rohl, Alvin L., Chase Roedel, Dean L., Oberlin Rogers, Gordon W , St. F rands Royer, Jerry R,. Leoti Run die, Kenneth L., Logan Ryan, John L., Hays Sc heck, Patsy, Hays Schertz, Sharon F,, W inona Schmalzried, Donald R., Dighton Schmidt, Thomas A., Hays Sc h rock, Gary A., Rex ford Sohueler, Mary E t , Hays Schulte, LeRoy W,, Densmore Schwartzkopf, Edward L La Crosse Scott, Mary L, Chester , Neb, Scott, Thomas J-, Ransom Seibert, Kenneth L,, Great Bend Selfridge, Karen L-, Mansion Sellens, David L., Bunker Hill Seymour, James, Garden City Sharp, Loyd M., Norton Shjew, William D., Jetmore Short, Donald D., Good land Shumate, Denis J,, Garfield Siebert, Kenneth L., Ulysses Sites, Charles R., Hays Slechta, Joan M., Hays Sloan, Mary C., Topeka Smith, Dorothy M., Marienthal Smith, Edith P., Burden Smith, Paul L.. Smith Center Smith, Robert A., Lenora Smith, Rol ert D., Burden Sneed, Gary D., Haviland Snyder, Rowena, Dodge City Socha, Ixmetta L,, Safina Soeken, Cecil W.. Lorraine Soeken, Ronald C., Lorraine Spicer, Joan, Phillipsburg Staples, John P,, Plains Stapleton, Margaret K. t Jewell St e inert, Wayne, Ran som Stdljes, Von D., Glade Stevenson, Lee, Milton vale Junior Stieben, Lee A., Scott City Sloskopf, Dwight W T , Hoisington Stoskopf, L. IL, Hoisington Stoss, John I)., Otis Swayze, Linda G., Buck fin Tarlton, Harold M r „ Hoisinglon Tenny, Patsy A,, Beeler Thaemert, Dean P„ Sylvan Grove Thaete, Mamie Sylvan Grove rhielen, Nancy, Dor ranee Thiden, Neal, Dor ranee T homeczek, ClmLne G., Kendall Thompson, James M., Burden Thompson, Laura A., Pratt Thompson, Norman C., Great Bend Townsend, Daniel D., Ph il Upshur g Trebilcock, Mon la G,, Otis 44 Trogdon, Gary D,, Hu goto n Truan, Sharon A., flays T util e, M a rii a G () uin t er Utz, Norman L., Plains Utz, Sharon K,, Hutchinson Vacura, Marilyn K., Jennings Vesecky, Mary L., Timken Von Lintel, Enola, Hays V truba, La Done J., Wilson Wade, Aral elle M. f SpearviUe Waee liter, Carl D., Lakin Waggle, Doyle H., Osborne Wagner, Melvin J., Ft . Collins Colo. W ' aLlgren, Robert D., Logan Walter, Nancy M„ Montezuma W r altera, William W t Hays W ' anker, Carolyn JL, Palco Wanker, Gerald IX, Paico W ' atson, Sharon A., WaKeeney Watts, Jeanne I., Kensington Watts, Marlene D., WaKeeney Webb, William J., Norton W ei n hold. Learnt L., Belleville Weis, Clarann, Ellinwood W ' est brook, Jerry A,, Kirwin Whalen, Larry D., Minneapolis W ' hite, Jacob E., Hill City W ' ickizer, Christine, JVaKeeney W ickizer, Sharon D., Goodland W ' iley, Gary D., Salina Wilson, William B. s Lakin Class ■ V Wilson, William L„ Russell Windholz, Glen J., Hays W ' ingate, Lyle A„ Varner Winter, George A., Hoisington Welters, Gale L., Port is Woods, Larry L., MullinvilU Woodson, Sandra L., Penalosa Wright, Richard L., Glen Elder Yager, Glenn E„ Garden City Yonkey, Meilyn L., St. Francis Young, Carl R„ Moreland Young, Kathy L., Protection Young, Lawrence II., Moreland Young, Roger A„ Ellis Youngdahl, Charles E., Salina Youisey, David J., Dot ranee Zamrzla, James L„ W ilson Ziegler, Wilfred C, Col Iyer 45 Class of ’62 Officers Stephen Staub President Preston. McLeod Vice President Mary Lofstead Secretary-Treasurer For the first time in several years the sophomores were pulled into Big Creek during the Homecoming lug of war. Alien, Don Hugoton Amos, K, Diane, Hays Anderson, C. Jean, Englewood , Coh. Anderson, Kenneth W., Esbon Anderson, Richard L. t 6’ore Anschutz, Norman G r . Dorrance Ashby, Orcn E., Dighton Ashmore, Alton M., Syracuse Aurand, Vera P,, Hardy, Neb. Ax man, Tony, Olmitz Bahm, Eldean H., Scott City Raker, Ruth A,, If if more Bali, Janice M,, Havs Barrett, Eugene L., Hays Bartholomew, Phillip, Great Bend Bean, Karen A„ Cold water Reaver, Larry E., Quinter Becker, Larry W.. Russel t Beckman, Carol S., Burr ton Beckwith, Carrol K.. Lamed Beecher, Lowell K., Hill City Be fort, Charles R r , Hays Befort, Gerald G-. Hays Beltch, James L., Scott City Bonder, Donald W., Aimerm 46 Bergman, Paul E., Osborne Bigge, Robin L r , Stockton Billing?, Annette G., If ' a Keeney Birzer, Erv r in G., Ell inwood Blaine, Steve M,, Colby Boom bower, Kenneth l) r , Hoisington Boosa, Margaret A,, Liberal Booth, Carol J., LaCrosse Bordewick, Jack L,. Seward Boston, Brian K... Ellsworth Brazda, Evelyn A., Timken Bristow, Donley J,, Jetmore Drinker, Jack A., Cawker City Brock, Patricia A., Hays Brow r n, Carole J,, Hoi sing ton Brow n, Lou Jean, Kinsley Bruce iani, Joseph C., Bronx, A Y. Brungardt, Darrell F., Hays Brungardt, Harold D., Hays Brunncmer, Barbara B., Glen Elder Brush, Dawn G., Downs Bunker, Rosemary, Hays Burns, Gene W., Wilson Burr, Merlyn K,, St. F rancis Caldwell, Margaret S., Russell Carlson, Walton F., Plainville Carr, Jeanette F., Seward Chittenden, Susan B,, Hays Church, Daniel D., Jetmore Clark, Elmira M., Russell Clarke, Esther F T , Medicine J.odge Clement, Archie 0., Hill City Cobbs, Elbert Jr., Newton Cochran, Marvin J., Liberal Collins, G. Brent. Plainville Cordes, Mona L,, Meade Crist, Cary D. f Syracuse Cronic, Karen D., Green burg Crosby, Donald R., Ashland Curtis, Robert G., St. John Dale, Mary F., St. John 47 Daniels, Linda L ., Ness City Daniels, Ronald W. h Scott City Davison, William W.,- Tribune DeBoer, Joan E., Prairie View Decker, Mary L., Satanta DeGarmo, Harlan C., Belvidere Deges, Gene F., Grain fie Id Delander, Helen E., Kinsley Delaney, Donna M., Alton Dick, William J., Ellsworth Dillon, Terry j., Glasco Dodrill, Janies B r , Gcwe Dolecek, Millicent F., Ellsworth DoIezaJ, Vernon A., Kano polls Donart, Gary B r , Johnson Dreiling, Mary A,, Victoria Driscoll, Kenneth D., Holy rood Duus, Melvin L , Vesper Eckert, Harry M„ Great Bend Eilers, Patricia A,, Mankato Ellis, Danny R„ Burdett Ernest, Joyce A., Norton Esplund, Linda K., Minneola Essmiler, Robert H. } Great Bend Estes, Stan D., Kanorado EveJ, Delia M. f Utica Evcl, Eddie A., Utica Fellers, Roth A,, Hays Ficken, Terry K , I aCrosse Fischer, Gloria M., Hudson Fischer, Shirley N., Ellis Floyd, Melvin V., Kismet Fox, James L., Stafford Francisco, John F,, Plainville Freeborn, J. Ann., Cedar Fritschen, Donald J,, Dorrance Sophomore Fross, Vera, Hays Gallentine, Jerry L., Clayton GaJliart, jerry A.. Beaver Gall iart, Karen K-, Dorrance Gei$inger p John R., Selden Getty, Karen L.. Almena Getty, Rose M„ Almena Gibson, Norma T., Dighton Gi abler, Gale R., Hays Gilbert, Arlene A.. LaCrosse Glasscock, Garde A., St . John Godfrey, John W., Bushton Good, Larry R,, Hu go ton Good heart, Chester L., Bunker Hill Goodheart, Gary R r . Russell Good row, Kenneth K, f Mar land Gracey, Alvin D., Hugoton Graf, Marilyn K,, Long Island Graham, Mitchell S., Grain field Grantham, Warren L„ Hill City Graver, Leon B., Rush Center Greenwood, Ronald J., Russell Greiner, Judy L., Haviland Griese, June, Russell Griffith, Gary D r , Norton Griffins, Jo Anne C, Randall Grosshans, Meryl E,, Scott City Guinn, Larry D. t Oberlin Gunnels, Joel 0,, Colby Hachmeister, Jill, Codell Hallagin, Sonya I., McDonald Hailing, Nancy L,, Rucklin Harmon, Paula E,, Oberlin 1 1 a rm o n , Roger (J . , Ru ssel l Harrison, Janet K., Hays Hart, James C, Hays Hass, Norman D., Russell Hauck, Jerome C,, Glasco Hawkins, Larry D., McDonald Hayden, Robert J., Good land Hayes, Patricia L., Levant Hamlet t, John R., Norton Hedge, Mary L., Hoxle Heffel, Larry L, Dorrance Heide, Linda J.. Smith Center Henderson, Judith C., Scott City Hibbs, Karen S., Osborne Hilgers, Ronald D., Plain ville Hinkle, 0, Jeanne, Canton Hirt, Bet ho Id J,, Dorrance Ho bliie, Rhoda M., Tipton Hofaker, Richard D., Logan Hogsett, Stanley D., Hays Holdren, Valter E., Montrose Helen, Ralph B., Phillipsburg Holme , Carol L., Utica Horning, Mary Lou. Ransom Houston, Bernadyne K., Ellis Huber, John E,, Selden Huebner, Ronald D., Bushton Class Hallman, Donald H., St. John Inman, William L,, Lukin Jiirels, Gayle J.. Winfield Johnson, James A„ Prairie. I iew Johnston, Keith I,., Lyons Jones, Paul D. t Rash Center Justus, Jon D., Sterling Karlin, Peter J.. Victoria Karr, Charles A., Stockton Karst, Jill A„ Russell Karst, Larry K„ liaising ton Keatly, Norma L., Lamed KepharU John A., St. Francis Kepley, Marshall £., Ulysses Kerstetter, Judy A., Protection Kill be, Robert L., Randall Kilian, Larry 1).. Russell King, Marilyn M., Ulysses Kohls, Norman C., Ellsworth Kralicek, Oliver D , Hunter Kriss, Janet K., Colby Krug, Donald F. t Russell Kruse, M iini. Plaint il l c Kyner, Carol 1. T Sharon Springs Lacey, Phil C, Hoisington Lala, Sharon L, Kirivin Lane, Thomas A,, Russell Langdon, Larry L„ Lucas Langrehr, Margaret A., Great Bend Larkin Gilbert M,, Greensburg LaSheJL Gary Ft., Hill City Law, Randall F,, WaKeeney Lawson, Douglas ftL, Alton Legleiter, Greg J,, LaCrosse Lessor, Delbert L., WaKeeney Lewis, Arnold M., Salina Lewis, Ehin D., Hays Linden, Robert H., Republic J»fstead, Mary ' A., Lebanon Lohr, Theodore E., Kanorado Lomax, Carl Scott City f Lopez, William C, Waldo Losey, Rill J,, Grinnell Luke, Linda K., Scott City Lumpkin, Mary L,, Smith Center Lyman, Jerry L., Dighton Me A tee, Richard E„ Ellis McGellan, Marilyn V M Glade Sophomore McCord, M. Morris, Russell Me Fall, Mary P,, Coats McGuire, Marilyn, Hays McIntosh, Charles 0., Hays McKinney, William, Lincoln McLeod, W, Preston, Salina McMulkin, Francis W., Norton McNerney, Neil W„ WaKeeney Mack, Helen j., Dighton Maddy, Patricia L., Belleville Maddy, Ronald G-, Belleville .Maes, John J P , Claflin Marauding, Robert J r , Park Marshall, Errol E., Minneola Marshall, La Vet a Hays Marshall, Rodney 0 ., Minneola Massey, Paul E., Kiowa Maupin, Johnny R., Natoma Meier, Robert J., Hays Me r mis, Delvin H., Artesia A r , M. Mesa, M. Phillip, Kanopolis Meyer, Richard E., Gaylord Mickey, John F„ Hoxie Miller, Robert A., Great Bend Mind! in g. Gene W., Plainville Moeller, Dallas J., Wilson Molar, Marilyn K., Garden City Mondero, Mary C, Ellis Monica), Martin H., Moline Moody, Deanna M„ Norton Mooney, T. Carl, Burr ion Morris, Glenda S. t Dighton Morse Annette L n Ellsworth Mothershead, Carolyn K., Great Bend Mullen, Richard 1L, Hays Munds, John L,, Burr ton Murphy, Ellsworth L., Russell Murray, Gail, fVellsville Nagel, Harold G,, Alton Nagel, Robert N., LaCrosse Naiman, Donald W„ WaKeeney Neill, Nancy S., 5 . John Newell, Norman E„, Damar Nickelson Marlyn D., Wilmore Nold, Ronald J,, Abilene Odette, Dennie L,, Jamestown Opliger, Leland J, T Agra Orme, Marilyn L,, Hutchinson Packard, Richard D., Gote Parish, Harlie A., Great Bend Parish, Jan ice L,, Goodland Parks, Charles E., Macksville Patterson, Coralie J,, Hill City Patterson, Myra L, 5 Rozet PavHcek, Robert W,, Oberlin Paxton, Gerald A,, $f r Francis Penix, Betty L,, Codell Percival, Patti j., Hoxie Pettit, Russell D r , Burr Oak Philip, Joyce A., Brownell Class Plush, Kenneth J., Glasco Pounds, Linda L. Smith Center Price, Billy I) r , Nekoma Price, Don H,, Winfield Prinsen, Ann, Prairie View Proffitt, John B., Raymond P ruter, Roger R., Hays Quillin, Ronald W., Osborne Ralstin, Carrol d J,, ful hn tills Ramsey, Virginia M., Colby Rasek, Linda L-, Great Bend Reed, Dennie A., Colby Reeder, Melvin D., Cottyer Reeves, Tommy A,, Ulysses Keif, Robert G,, CUt flirt Re if Schneider, Bill M., Leoti Reinert, Carol G. Cimarron Reinert, Karren K., Ensign Reiss, Clifford F,. Meade Ressig, Donald L,, Russell Rev ill a, Carlos 0., Limn, Peru Rider, Lillian M., Nickerson Ridgway, Roxanne R., Oberlin Robertson, Peggy A., Green burg RobI, Martin C., FJlinwood Roesch, Curtis W., Quin ter Rogers, Vicki A., Downs Rohjman, Doris E,, Garden City Rohr, Marjorie P., Hays Rohr, Maurice J,, Hoys Rome, Marjorie A., Gorham Rose, Daniel W,, Haviland Roskilty, Glen M,, Stockton Roth, Elgerine M., Victoria Roth, Marclan F., Hoys Rowe, Corlyss K., Hoi sing ton K o wley , Marilyn K . , H oi sing ton Royer, Ronald L. T Otis Rum ley;, Dennis W r , Dor ranee Rupp, Brian J., Ellis Rusco James A., Great Bend Russell, Leo J., Plainville Ruth, Darrel L., Johnson Salyer, Thcron C., Ashland Schalansky, James L. t Kirwin Scheibler, James L., Bennington Schippers, Francis W-, Victoria Schlegcl, Donald R r , Alexander Schmalzried, Richard D., Dighton Schmidt, Fred Jr,, Russell Schmidt, Wayne R-, Hays Schmoekel, Janice A,, Ellsworth Schoen, Everett L., Downs Sell rater, Gerald D., Utica Schroeder, Max H,, Lamed Sc breeder, Sandra A,, Col by Schultz, Gary D., Sylvia Schultz, Gary L , Stockton Schumacher, Tim G., Hays Schupman, Arlyn L, LaCrosse Scanland, Bruce L., Jamestown Scott, Richard H., Lamed Seery, Karen M„ Hays Sekavec, Robert L., Holy rood Self ridge, LoD M., Hanston Sewell, G. W., Hays Shaffer, Mary M., Satina Sham burg, Larry D r , Randall Shimek, Roger L., Jennings Shively, Jon W., W a Keeney Sho waiter, Joyce K., McCracken Sigle, Peggy S., Luray Sophomore Simmons. Richard L., Oakley Simons, Kenneth W. t Hays Smith. Ivan D., Osborne Smith. Janice LaCrosse Smith, B., Kensington Smith, Valda J-. Arnold Scjuicr, Gale D.. Brownell Siaub, Stephen A., St. John Stegman. James A„ Hollywood, Md. Stehno, Patricia L., Atwood Steinrrt, Stanley K., Ransom Steinle, Valeria C, Quinter Stephens, Donna K,. Good land Slerretl, Carolyn J„ Quin ter Stites, Glenda A„ Hill City Stockton, Robert L , Kensington Storer, Donald D.. Hoxie Stoskopf, Darrel W. f Hoisington Stoskopf, Linda M. Hoisington Stout, jack L. h Liberal Stemel, Francis j. h Bison Strieker, Thomas D., Russell Sludt, Patricia A., Beloit Stuive, Terry r T., W hettttidge , Colo. 52 Suchy, Beverly A., Great Bend Suhler, Carol A,, Lamed Summers, Ruth E., Scott City Suppes, V. Charles, LaCrosse Sutton, MolHc K.„ Ensign Sutton, Suella, Elkhart Swift, Kleo L., Jennings Switaer, Richard M., Abilene Tassel, Lowell l , Spearville Taylor, Beverly A., Lyons Taylor, G. Kathleen, Hutchinson Taylor, Sheila K„ Greensburg Thomrn, Juneil R., Kensington Thorton, Robert E,, Wichita Tilton, Jean E., Q uinter Toland, Kimberly A,, Coral Cables, Fla. Towns, Billy L., Digit ton Triplett, Claud ell, Hays Trill, Francis L., Hays Tuslin, Gordon R., Oakley Tut lie, Mahlon A r , Q uinter UnruK Homer L., Burrton Urban, Dennis J., Bison Vanderbur, Judith A,, Russell Van DeWege, Neva L, Prairie View Van Eaton, Richard L., Oakley Vos burg h, Donald M„ Macksville Votapka, Dale A., Oberlin Wade, Richard 0., SpearviUe Walker, Dale B., Englewood Walker, Gary, McCracken Walker, Ronald L., Salina Wallgren, Betty L., Logan Walters, Herbert D., Hays W r asinger, Harold E., WaKeeney W ' aters, Phillip A,, Lebanon Class Watts, Jerry ' L,, Russell Webster, Jolene J-, Stockton Weese, Lloyd G., Russell Weinhold, Harold S., Syl van G rove Weis. Robert lb, Russell Weiser. Valarian F., V orton Witte, Donald E., Great Bend Welch, David Lb, Garfield Weller, Randall W., Paradise Wells, Alita L., Scott City Whitmer, George M., Dvrrance Wickham, Warren P,, Beloit Wilson, Francis K,, Leoti Wilson. Jari L r , Ulysses Winkler, Charles E., Hazel Wunderlich, Carol J., Holcomb Wood, Virginia A., Hays W oodso n , J acq ua 1 i n t J . , Copeland Young, Harold L, Lamed Young, Rena Reed, Ellis Younger, Patricia A., Hays Zecluueistci . Jeanette, (Jrpsum Zerr, Gerald J., Park Zier, Roland M., Lincoln 53 Class of ’63 Officers Patrick Dale — — - President Marjorie Epperley Secretary Treasurer David Ziegler Vice President Freshman class officer candidates gather around Mr, Paul Griffith as they plan campaign strategy. Adams, Gan W . , Haviland A ill vers, Robert F., Glen Elder Alderman, Leslie R., Lyons Aldrich, Charles P., Garfield Allen. Carol E„ Stafford Amaro, Manuel J,. Kinsley Anderson, Janet M., Ellsworth Anschutz, Gan 1 E., Lit ray Anton, Dennis L., Kinsley Arnold, Gilbert R., Ness City Arnold. Ix ren W., Garfield Ary, Mikel V., Lewis Atchison, Carson H., Kirwin Augustine, Glen W., Lenora Augustine, Siuela K„ Ellis Baal man, Thomas P., Grinnell Hah m, Ronald D , Alamota Baird, James R.. Brewster Baldwin, James F.. Russell Baldwin, Richard G,, Zurich Bangle. David L„ M or land Banister, Terry ' L., Ellis Barnes, Birkley A,, Colby Barnett, Sara A., H ays Barron, Ronnie L., Smith Center Bart a, Dale R., Lorraine Bastin, Marvin K., Scott City Bates, Jean S,, Lucas Bay Robert W,, Russell Bechard, Robert D., Hays Bechtel, Jerry ' A., Bunker Hill Beck Carol J,, Ness City Reck! try, Paula S, Scott City Beckman, Charles W., Hoxie Beery, Charles B, n Cimarron Refort, Glenn A. Hays Begler Jerald Lh Ellis Bchnke Oliver G., Kinsley Bellman, Sheila K., Hays Bell, Lorris V„, Hill City Bennett, Avonell L., Edson Bergman Dean F., Osborne Bieber, Elsie A,, Bison Bicker Carol R,, Hays Bishop, Bruce E r Norcatur Bittel, Sandra L, n Densmore Blauer, Jack D,, Stockton Bloomer Karen K.„ Smith Center Bodge, James W„ Phillips burg Bogner John E. Sharon Boiler Patricia A., J Voodston Boiler, Robert A., Natoma Belli g, Francis R., Victoria Bolliger, Rex L Norcatur Bomgardner, Shara S. Palco Bond, Fredric D., Russell Boos Gerald A., Hays Borger, Jerold R. n Ness City Bortz Larry A,, Rush Center Bo wans Peggy J, n Bird City Bowman, Robert G. Phillipsburg Bowman Richard N., Lyons Boyd, Agnes M Monument Boyd Sandra K r , Lamed Brann, Marcia C-, Great Bend Braswell, Judy K,, Otis Briney, Roger D,, Beloit 55 Brinkman Diedrick N„, Cimarron Broeckelman Wayne J r Esbon Brown Bill D., Stud fey Brown Clara A. Oberfin Brown Elton B., Hot sing ton Brown Elaine K., Paradise Brown, Judith A,, Lucas Brown, Larry L., Scott City Brumitt, Mary M., Hays Brungardt, Lorraine H ays Brungardt Wayne M . Victoria Bryant, Carrol D, Dighton Buehler Bruce K„ Bush ton Bu elder Karen K., Scott City Buntz, Oletta J., Great Bend Burgess, Billy CL, Meade Burk, Janice K. Brewster Burkey, Jim L , Beloit Burroughs, Deanna D,, Lead Callaway, Ronald T. Esbon Cam hern. Sherry A. Hugo ton Candlin, Karen L., Lenexa Caprez. Liowel P., Waldo Carley, Curtis L Hays Carroll, Jon M Russell Casey, Guy noth R., Hays Chapman Linda S Quint er Charvat Mary J,, Dorrance Chittenden, Gary L., P hil Upshur g Clark Linda A., Greensburg Freshman Houston Marjorie A., Ness City (■low. Marian A. Luray Coffey, Don IX, Hays Colburn, Margie B., Stockton Cede, Judith L. Great Bend Collins, Dan L., Plainville Collins, Robert D. Nekoma Connelly, Roy W., Atwood Conner, Donald L., Dighton Cook. Carolyn S., Hays Cook Dennis E. Hoisington Cooper, Gary E. p Osborne Couton, Carolyn F. Beloit Covey Robert S r . Beverly Craft, John T + , Kinsley Craig, Johnnie V., Bazine Crissman, LuAnn, St. John Criswell, Larry L Wilson 56 Crncic, John A„ Glassport, Pa. Cronin, Mad a N,, Pierceville Cunningham, Glen A., LaCrosse Currey, Linda M., Kensington Curtis, Joe D r , Belpre Daggett, Ronald L,, St. Francis Dale, Pat L,, Sf. John Daniels, Sherry j., Great Bend David, Tony D., Lenora Davidson, Carl M,„ Cimarron Davidson, Larry E.. Wakefield Davis, Mickey A., Rexford Dawe, Barbara A., Abilene Dawson, Don A.. Russell Day, Jon M,, El Dorado Deewall, Sharon, Coldwater Deines, Janies A,, WaKeenejr Deines, Larry D., WaKeeney DeLong, Jim D., Hays DeMeritt, Ronald R., Greensburg Denny, Carol K,, Colby Denton, Mary E,, Kanorado DeRosear, Cynthia D,, Stockton Dewald, Janet L., Bazine Diers, Mary J., Gove Dietz, Larry L., Colly er Dinges. Lucille E., Hays Doerfler, Sharon K., Hays Domingo, Myrna, Mexico City , Mexico Donner, Gary L,, Kanorado Class Drake, Donna L.. Nekama Drake, Glen E., Natoma Dreiling, Robert L., Plainville Drussell, Gary R 1( Cimarron Dunlap, Marv in L., Burrton Dunn, Dennis J,, Formosa Duty, Russell L., Wichita Duu , Donna J., Lincoln Dyer, Robert, Great Bend Ediger, Jerry W., Meade Edwards, Luke P., Lakm Ehrlich, Larr r J., Russell Eller, Gary r L.. Phillipsburg Elliott, Robert D., Great Bend Ellis, Barbara L.. Stockton Ellis, Robert W,, Dellvale Ellsaesser, Betsy R., Hugoton Emigb. Keith W., Selden 57 Engel. Edna R., Elf is Engel, M. Luanne, J Wellington Enstrom. Della R., Quinter Epperley .Marjorie L,, Haven, Erickson Delbert 1 ,. Herndon Erickson Gary L, Rex ford Erickson Lois A. Rex ford Estes. Arlene R,, Kanomdo Ewert Darrell J.„ Newton Farley Don E.. Hays Fergus, Dora I G., Garfield Finch, James L., Mankato Finley Norma J., Sharon Springs Fiss, Myrna l.. J Wichita Fletcher, Patricia L., Elkhart Fleury Eldon H,, Jamestown Forsyth Jay D„ Liberal Forsyth. Judith E., Col or ad o Springs , Colo, Freshman Foster, Norman D., Oberlin Fox Connie JC Ellsworth Frank Cheryl R r . Russell Eraiier Judy L„ Bucklin Freed, Ron L. Ulysses Fyfe John E. f Brewster Gage, Dwight L„ Hoisington Gagnon, David J., Grinned Gardner, Ronald E,, Abilene Gerritzen, Herman J. ClajUn Gibson, Susan S„ WaKeeney Gillespie, Floyd M. Jennings Gilson Rosemary A. Plmnville Gilmer Remie L,, Great Bend Givens, Faith M. Hays Gleason, Linsey L, Lamed Glennemeier, Larry F., Densmore Gnad, Leroy P., Ellis Goodrow, Judith L.„ Morhmd Gottschalk Marilyn A. Hays Grab be, Theresa A, Hays Graves Jewel J., Englewood Green Karen L. Si. John Green Sondra L Osborne Greenway Judith A, Hugoton Greenwood, Gloria G. Russell Gregory, Frank D., McKeesport Pa. Griffith, Glenda L. Norton Griffith, Judith A., Great Bend Howard, Donald P,, Plmnville Griffis R. Lowe]!, Lakin GrizzeJJ, George R., Claflin Grube, Gilbert W., Scott City Gunn, Melvin IX, Great Bend Gust in, Larry F., Galatia Guy, Allen R,, Ellsworth G winner Nancy E., Ellsworth Haas, Kenneth J., Ellis Haddock, Charlotta M., Hays llagman, Jerry R., Kensington flail Richard L„ Greensburg Hammond, E, Eloise, Glade Hanken, Landes L., Great Bend Hanson, Andy J„ Herndon Hark ness, Donald Hays Hannan, James A., H ays Harrell, Millard, Paradise Hart, William D„ Hays Class Harvey, Gertrude E,, Collyer Harvey, Lanny R , WaKeeney Hardman, Leonard A„ Claflin Haselhorst, Joyce A., Hays Hatcher, Gale L,, Russell Hawley, Thelma C,, Moscow Hayes, James A„ Duchesne, Utah Hayes, Nanette J., Brewster Heaton, Carol A., fFoodston Hedge, Janet E., Hoxie Heier, Ronald A,, Park Heimer, John T., Mentor Henderson, Richard E,, Norton Hendrickson, Wallace L., Logan Hensleigh, Nina E,, Kinsley Herl, Larry G., Hays Hermon, Karen L., N ess City HighfiU, Louis A., Ellinwood Hildebrand, August J. F Hill City Hildebrand, Richard M-, Clayton Hill, Edgar A., Sf. Francis Hitchcock, Carl W., Elkhart Hoffman, Lorna M., Abilene Hoffman, Raymond C , Studley Holliday, Shari G., St. Francis Holmes, Sandra V., Mansion Hoover, Johnny E,, Norton Hopkins, Martha 1L, Scott City Hoskinson, Calvin L., Satan ta Howard, Gaylene H., Smith Center 59 Howard, Neva A., PlainviUe Howell, Galen L., Lamed Howell, Mary C, Craft Huff, Rogeir N„ Detlvak Humes, Nancy I... Russell Hunter, Barbara L, t Lincoln Hunter, Mon tic K., Satanta Immenschub, Earl R., Great Bend Irvin, James K., Hays Inin, Stanley V., Hays Jacobs, David F., Hays Janke, I arry J , Hays Jeffers, Marvin L,, Lincoln Jenisch, Lawrence J,, Clafiin Jenkins, David I,,, Norton Jennings, Fred R,, Nekoma Jenson, Donna D., Kinsley Johnson, Donald G,, S haro n Springs Johnson, Joe W., Preston Johnson, Karl E., Zurich Johnson, Norman D.. Agra Johnson, Ray mo n L,, Hu go ton Johnson, Robert D,, Phiiiipsburg Jorns, Mary L., Preston Kaltenbach, Karen R., Plainvitle Karlin, Robert J., Hays Keeler, Margaret J,, Barnard Keil. Albert D., Great Bend Kendall, Robert A., Phiiiipsburg Kennedy, Judy A., Stafford Freshman Kenyon, Gary E„ Boguc Kerr, Martha A,, Great Bend Vivian M Park King, Karen L., Belleville King, Sandra S., S hady Bend Kippes, Norman J.. Victoria Kitchen, Margaret L., Kir win Kitchen, Orvina L., Kanorado Klein, Rex L„ Kinsley Klein, Robert D. h Goodland Kleweno, Dennis G., Bison Kleweno, Marlene A., Lenora Koch, Deity L., Great Bend Koerner, June L,, Hays Kohler, Susan J r , Goodland K oilman, Melvin L r , Stockton Kootz, Gary C, Bushtott Korte, Delores J,, Setden 60 Kraft Duane A., Pa rk Kraft Vivian J, Baune Kralicck, Mary F M Hunter Kriley, Geraldine L., PlaimiUe Kroeger, Gary L., Ellis K rouse, Noel C Logan Krug, Robert W. 7 Russell Kuhlman Rodney K.. Smith Center Lafferty, Ann M., Kinsley Lamia Leonard F., Kano polls Lang, Anita L., Jet more Langrein, Judy L , Pfainville Lavielle Ronnie N.. St. John Law, Connie K. Hill City Lawson, Donald E,, Norcatur Lawson, Donna R., Horton Layton Dennis R., Randall Lee, George A., Tescott Lcffingwell, Richard L. Lakin Legleiter Melvin W., Hays Lesovs ky, Don 1 , . , Cu ba Leuty Patricia K., Ellsworth Levin, Robert J. f Kinsley Lindsey, Nadine R.. Stockton Lines, Rodetui J., Quin ter Linsner, Jim D., Hoisington Little Floy L,, Abilene Litton, Barbara J. Beloit Loewen, Melville W,, Ulysses Logan Raymond E., Beloit Class Long, Donald R-, Bush ton Lorbeer, Virginia L., Stockton Losey, Wilma R-, Gr inn ell Lowe Darlene K., Stockton Lue tiers Mary A, Ransom Lundgrin, Larry D. Lucas Lutgen, Leon C,„ Cawker City Lyda, Gary D., Rush Center Lyon, Larry V, t Norcatur McCartee, Larry L.. Utica McCarty Gary G., Lakin Me Christian, Ray, LaCrosse McClain, James L. Morland 1 c G y Don a ! d D ., El! s wo rt h McCoy, Lois J-, Ness City McCt eight, Jo E., Ness City Me Elroy. Marian K., Randall McElwain David L„ Burr ton McEvven, Duane K-. N rton Me Fad den, Mildred A., MuUUwine McKean, Linda C, G real Rend McKinney, Charles K., Engle wood .McMullen, Darlene C.. Norton McMullen. Dennis C., Norton .McMullen, Mary L., Great Fiend McNulty, Joyce E,, Lenora Mary, Margaret J., Hays Maddux, Nina M., Hush ton Mai, El wood, Russel! Mai, James H„ IF a Keeney Mai, Norman E„ If a Keeney Major, Roger G,» Be hit Malmgren, Richard, Cool id ge Mannebacii, Robert E., Menlo Mapel, Robert R., Jewell Marcus, Peter E„ Ness City Freshman Markham, Amos E r Logan Marshall, Robert E.. Stockton Martin, Bonni E,. Hoxie Martin, Marvin L., Quinter Martin, Roxie A., 0 Berlin Masters, Janice F., Hays Mathis, Patricia H„ Clajlin Medcraft, Emily A., Lincoln Medsker, Steve D„ Phinville Mchl, William, Bushton Meier, Frederick L,, Wilson Merkel, l fa L., Garfield Merz, Mildred S,, Natoma Meserve, Francis A., Ellis Milhon. Reginald D. p Lamed Miller, Carol A,, Lincoln Miller, Gay Lynn, Plainvil e Miller, Glenda N., St. John Miller, Patricia A., Osborne Mills, John W., Hays Misegadis, Yvonne K,, Rush Center Modlin, Nancy A., Randall Mohr, Barbara J., Great Bend Moler, Patricia M-, Garden City Moody, Connie K,, Norton Moody, Roberta j„ Santanta Moore, Marcia A., Fruit l and. New Mexico Moreland, Helen J„ Hays Moser, James R-, Russell Moses, Ray E,, Lead 62 Mowery, Judith A., Osborne Muci, John B., St. John Mulch, Robert V., Scott City Mull, Gordon, Dighton Mustoe, Rosemary. Norton Myers, Barbara J„ Good! and Myers, Janice M,, McCracken My rick, Philip K Scott City Naranjo, Louis A., San Jose , Cosfo Rica Needles, Mariam E„ Hays Nelson, James A.. Hays Nemceliek, Norma J., J WaKeeney Newhouse, Jack B„ Liberal Nichols, Kendall L., Gaylord Nickels, C. Cilia l ies. Kinsley Niermier, Harvey H., Atwood Nojthrup, Sharron K., St. Francis Nort hup, Daisy E., Woodston Class Novotny, Sharon K., Hoisington Nusse, Janet C, Liberal Oborny, Dolores M„ Timken Ochs, Darrel D., Bison Ochsner, Judith C., Goodland O Neil, Jan F., Russell Oplinger, Wilma J., Jewell Oren, Donald W r ., Hoxie Owens, Virginia M., Quin ter Page, Jamilcc A., Lincoln Palmer, (herald K„ Atwood Palmer, Homer J., Luray Palmgren, Muriel A,, Levant Pam m enter, Orville L, Scott City Patrick, Tom, Dravosburg , l J a. Patterson, Barbara L., Ellsworth Patterson, Helen L„ Kensington Patton, Carolyn K. f Scott City Pearce, Dennis K„ A oscoiy Pedig.0, Larry P., Great Bend Pekarek, Larry F., Zurich Penn, Varden V., Sharon Springs Perkins, Cail J„ Hays Peter, Gary G., Sclden Peter, John N., Selden Peterson, Larry D., Salt no. Petracek, Rose M., Jennings Petzold, James E., Logan Pfannesticl, Donald L,, Hays Pfanrienstiel, Harvey J., Hays 63 Pfannenstieb Terrence, Hays PfannensticI, Verlin F., Victoria Phillips, Patricia M., Ctaflin Phillips, Phillip W., Ulysses Phillipson, Gayle Z„ Delphos Pinney, Janice E,, Ellis PizeL Shirley F., Goodland Plante, Aleta M, Plainvillc Pol hum, Sharon L-. Qberlin Powden, Sigrid J., Hill City Powelson, Robert L., Great Bend Proberts, Johnny W,, Great Bend Pr or, Kenneth M., Great Bend Ptaschek, Gerald D., Ellis Purdy, Stephen E.. Hays Purvis, Lawrence W , J Veskan Purvis, Shirley F.. Weskan Quiring, Gloria J,, Burr Oak Kay, Donald A., Sterling Reed, Donald L., Great Bend ReUsig, Duane A„ Hays Renick, Virginia L„ Garden City Rex ford, Wild a R-, Montezuma Reynolds, Terry L., Grain field Richard, Marilyn R., Johnson Richardson, C Kay, Lamed Richmond, David II., Lakin Riedel. Larry D„ Hays Kiggs, Linda L,, Hays Riley, Patsy J„ Elkhart Freshman Hart an W.„ Hoist ngton I ■ lil’-! i. Linda K., Great fiend R( Thomas M„ Great Bend Robert:?, Ronald IL. fitdvrood Rodriguez. Richard R„ Elkhart Roeser, Nina L., Safina Hogg, Y -rna L:. Bussell Romeiser, J ana K., Rush Center Romine. Patricia Great Bend Rooker, Ilene, Ionia Rowe. Vicki L., Great Bend Ruder, Larry L.. Hays Ruth, Donald W„ John son Saddler, Gary L., Colby Sanborn, Jaclyn L., Edmond Sater, Kathryn J„ Oberlin Schaffer, Gerald A Hoxie Schardein, Joe D.. Nickerson 64 Schlaefli, Larry G„ Cawker City Schlegel, Paul A,, Hays Schmalzried, Beverly L,, Dig h ton Schmidt, Terrance G, Hays Schmidt, Warren J., Hays Schuatterly, Sally L., Hays Schneider, Gary A., Otis Schroll, Betty J., Syracuse Schugart, Margie J., Bison Schulte, Damian J,, Victoria Schultz, Marvin C, Colby Schultz, Keita M h , Trusdale Schulze, Dennis D,, N or ton Schulze, James H,, (Jay Center Sehwindt, Gail M LaCrosse Scott, Judith K„ Garden City Sears, John F., Newton Sechtem, Gale P., Russell Seery, Sharon C., Hays Sellens, Judith E., Hoisington Sette, Norma I., Bdpre Sewell, Clinton J.. Beloit Sewell, Phyllis M., Dresden Shaner, Karen K,, Plainville Shelton, Terry L., Hoisington Sherrill, Jerry R„, Burrton Shepherd, Dennis C. f Russell Show alter, Jesse A., McCracken Sinclair, Karen $., Jetmore Sittner, Larry M., Hudson Class Sivesind, Carlyle K., Holliday, N. D. Sjogren, James L., Concordat Slankard, Carol A r , Great Bend Slattery ' , Leslie I).. S peart Hie Small, Leon G,, Great Bend Smith, Bennie C, Johnson Smith, Glen net h M., Codell Smith, Mildred R.. Macksville Sol ho, Gerald L., Herndon Sondburg, Bryan L., Winona Speere, Larry F.„ Russell Spencer, James W. T Russell Spencer, Ruth A., Ulysses Spies, Dennis J., Hays Spradling. Jerry J,, Leoti Springfeldt, Martha L., Bushton Stackhouse, Donald W„ Jennings Stark, Shirley, Hill City 65 Staub, Anthony K,, 5?, John Sleek! ine, Carol A., Hay s Steinshouer, Myrna K. t lloxie Stephenson, Marcelyn 1VL, Clayton Stevens, Roberta A., Ellin wood Stewart, Margie L., Horton Stewart, Holland E., Mealy Stewart, Susan L, Weskan Stielow, Mary L., Russell Stineburg, Larr r G., Meade Stivers, Sallie A., Ellin wood Stout, Joyce Y,, Prineville, Ore. Stover, Sara L ., Hill City Strecker, Gerald D., Russell S tracker, Karen K.. Russell Stull. JmEhl M.. lltOH ' fU-U Stum, Jenean, Ness City Summers, Mary L„ Beloit Freshman Sunderland, David R,. Bird City Sutor, Robert R., Colby Sweat, Barbara A., Cedar Sweeney, jerry, Greensburg Tacha, Judith A., Jennings Taylor, Priscilla M., Kinsley Thiele, Patricia L., Scott City Thielen, Joan., Dor ranee Thomas, Bernice F., W ellington Tomanek, Gary R., Collyer Torrey. Sue E., Canton Towns, Maurice J., Hay s Townsend, BilT V., Newton Trahan, Darlene F., Miltonvale Trask, Gregg A., Hays Tucker, Barbara M., St. John Tucker, Beverly J r . Cod el l Ukens, Leon L. Hudson Underwood, Marilyn J,. A l men a Unger, Jeanne E., Oberlin Unger, Roy E.. Oberlin Unruh, Donald L., Montezuma Unruh, Robert, Copeland Urban, Janet M„ Hays Urban, Rita M,, Hays Vacura, Donna R., Jennings Vance, Becky V,. Russell Von Lintel, Frances M., Hays Voss, Dolores I., Densmore Voss, Dorothy L, Densmore r ■ ygfc, La . L ' ■ ' C pt rS eL Q f% Milk M • fi rnp-xv .M Uy NkJk $ Wagner, David, Albert Walker, Dick, Cimarron Walter, Shirley A,, Dorrance Walter, William B,, Mankato Walter, William K., Lincoln W ' altcrs, Sharon L,, Stockton W eber, Carol F., Ellis Weigel, Sheila S., flays Wei n hold, Janey L., Ellsworth Worth, Dick D., Mays Whipple, Dorcas J., Jetmore Whipple, Nellie J„ Jetmore W r hite, John H., Hoisington Whitney, Kay L. } Norton Wilber, Leon H., Derby Wilcox son, Larry E., Portis W ' ilken, Louella L., Modoc Wilkenson, Jerry A., Plainville Class Wilkerson, Philip W., Lincoln Williams, Dolores M., Goodland Wilson, Donna S., Hays W ilson, Gary E,, Jewell Wilson, Nancy J„ Atwood Winder, Beverly E., W aldo Windholz, Gracie J„ Victoria Windholz, Orcn M,, Hays W ineland, Edward A,, Natoma W ire, John F., Kinsley Withington, Robert G., Dcnsmore ’Wolfe, Rosalie A., Norton W ' olf, Steven D,, Ellis W ' ollesen, Delbert 11., Vesper W ' ollesen, Richard R., Vesper Wonderlich, June L.. Holcomb Woodard, Dolores E,, Almena Worth, Jan E., Lake City W r right, Sharon Y., Norton Yager, Lyle E,, Garden City Yeager, David W r ., Larned Younger, Francis, Hays Younger, Patricia R. h Quin ter Younger, Paul T., Quinter Youngquist, Stuart A., Salina Younie, Roberta P., Plainvill Zamrzla, John R+, W dson Zerr, Philip S., Grainfield Ziegler, David L. r Collyer Ziegler, James A., Grainfield 67 68 69 Alpha Lambda Delta Members are, back row: Neva Van Dc Wege, Barbara G. Wilson, Joyce Show alter, Lela Hendricks Oglesbee, Elaine Howard. Front row: Dr. Katherine Nutt. Margaret Stapleton, Nancy Thtelen, Patsy S cheek. Gives Scholastic Recognition to Freshman Women Alpha Lambda Delta, a national honorary society for freshman women, was installed on campus in the spring of 1959, This society’s aim is the promotion and encouragement of high scholastic attainment among freshman women. To be qualified for membership into this society a candidate must have a grade average of 2.5 or better for her first semester or first two semesters. Sopho- mores, juniors and seniors with a cumulative index of 2.5 or better may join. President of Alpha Lambda Delta is Karen Getty. Margaret Langrehr is secretary, Judy Griener, treas- urer, and Joyce Showalter, historian. Dr, Katherine Nutt is sponsor. Members are, back row: Esta Lou Riley, Barbara Palmer, Phyllis Dink el, Rosa Lee Whitmer. Betty Base, Front row: Dean Jean Stouffer. Carol Wonderlich. Judy Greiner, Eunice Rinkel, Mary Frances Dale, Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Group Offers Theatrical Training Alpha Psi Omega, national dramatics fraternity, endeavors to stimulate interest in dramatic activities on campus. This group, in co-operation with Little Theater, produces three three-act plays and also three one-act plays annually. Its members are chosen in ac- cordance with their participation in dramatic produc- tions. Alpha Psi Omega president, Dave Beckwith, is aided by Charlotte Folkerts, vice president, and Ro- berta Harkuess, secretary. Dr. Geneva Herndon is sponsor. Members arc: Phil Webber, Lee McDaniel, Charlotte Folkerts, Dave Beckwith. Dr, Geneva Herndon, sponsor; Don Ruser, 70 Kappa Omicron Phi Develops Women With High Ideals of Everyday Living Members are back row: Bobbie Hecox, Beverly Starkey, Joan Hargett fisher, Clarcne Heed, Karen Canard, Marcelline Kocli. Irene Wells. Maxine Hoffman, sponsor. Front row: Alice Beesley, sponsor; Karen Selfridge. Edith Smith. Ilene Davis. Virginia Harrison. Kappa Omicron Phi, professional home economics fraternity, is one of the oldest of the honorary groups on campus, having become active in 1925 This fraternity strives to further the best interests of home economics in four-year colleges Each September a formal tea is held for those students interested in home economics Also an annual event is the Mother-Daughter banquet held to cele- brate Founder’s Day To he eligible for membership in this group a student must have completed 1 2 hours of home economics and maintain a grade aver- age of 2. in home economics courses and 1 average in other courses Joan Hargilt Fisher is president of Kappa Omicron Phi. Other officers in- clude Marcel line Koch, vice president Beverly Starkey, secretary, and Ilene Davis, treasurer Lambda lota Tau Honors Scholarship in the Field of Literature, Lambda Iota Tau, national honorary language and literature organization, pursues the recognition of scholarship achievement in the area of literature Though not limited in size, only stu- dents with at least a 2. grade average in 6 hours of literature are eligible for membership. The group meets regularly to discuss recent novels and publishes in the spring a collection of literary studies containing student-written criti- cal or research essays in literature. Lambda lota Tau president is Hazel Flock. William Epler is vice president. Paid a Sehumacher-Simons, secretary, and Annette Ruder, treasurer Dr. Sam Sackett is sponsor. Members are, back row: Sam Sackett sponsor: William Epler, Jerry Lester. Ward Patter soil. Front row-: Annette Ruder. Karen Frydendatl. Deanna Lockman Carolyn Hager. Paula Simons. 71 Kappa Mu Epsilon Honors Mathematics Students Kappa Mu Epsilon is composed of students who have completed 13 hours of mathematics and who have main- tained a 2, grade average, A national honorary mathematics fraternity, Kap- pa Mu Epsilon recognizes outstanding achievement and encourages the interest of mathematics on campus, helping un- dergraduates realize the important role that mathematics plays in die develop- merit of civilization and its increasing significance in the world today Officers are: Ron Nelson, president; Charles Rhine, vice president; Ellen Duff, secretary- treasurer. Members are, back row: Eugene Evans, Jack Stout, Larry Becker, Toni Hamel, Stanley Griffin. Freeman Grover, Robert Meier. Front row: Don DeLair. Ed Horning, Margaret Flynn Carrold Ralstin, Elion Reougher, Members are, hack row: Everett Marshal], sponsor; lack Mitmick, Elmer Davis, Lowell Crist, Gary Sneed, Ron Nelson, Eugene Etter, sponsor. Front row: Larry Desbien, LeRoy Deines, Sandra Harkness. Ellen Duff. Jim Thompson, Vernon Kisner. 72 Phi Eta Sigma Honors Freshman Men of High Scholarship Members are. back row: Dr. Ralph V. Coder, Troy McAfee, Jr.. John Fyfe, Stanley Schlegeb Larry Glennemier, Leon Wilber, Donald Krug, Larry Milsap, Glenn Before Front row: Dr. Kenneth L, Marsi, Freeman Grover, Larry Pedigo, Robert Mulch, Leroy Gnad, Eugene Barrett, Larry Ehrlich, David Sunderland, Phi Eta Sigma, honorary scholastic fraternity for freshman men, recognizes and honors scholastic ability in fresh- men for the work they ' ve done during their first year in college, A 2,5 grade average for one semester or an overall average for the first two semesters will qualify a student for membership Fac- ulty members are elected as honorary members on the basis of outstanding achievement in their profession, A for- mal banquet and initiation is held each semester for new members, Sam Lesseig, as president of Phi Eta Sigma, is aided by Jack Stout, vice president; Robert Twenter, secretary; Brent Collins treasurer; and Larry Hef- fel, historian Pi Kappa Delta Promotes Speech and Forensics Pi Kappa Delta, national honorary forensic fraternity, honors students who have proven themselves to be outstand ing in public speaking. The group pro- motes organized speech activities on campus with particular emphasis on de- bate. Membership is extended to stu- dents who participate in oratory, inter- collegiate debate, extemporaneous speaking, and other public speaking Initiation is held for new members each spring Warren Norton is president of Pi Kappa Delta, Steve Staub, vice presb dent; Patricia Trent, secretary-treasurer James R, Start is the sponsor. Members are back row: Harold Stones, Mike Francis, Larry Kopke, James ft. Start. Warren Norton. Front row : Lou Jean Brown. Jill Karst, Janey Weinhold. Patricia Trent, Deanna Lockman, 73 Phi Delta Kappa Recognizes Leaders in the Education Profession Phi Delta Kappa is a national profes- sional fraternity for male educators. Mem- bership is extended to those who have shown themselves outstanding in scholar- ship and leadership in the profession Members fall into three classifications: proven administrators, graduate students in the department of education, and under- graduate students who are of senior stand- ing with a 2 . grade average Delta Lambda chapter of Phi Delta Kappa endeavors to further education, conduct research and develop educators. A formal banquet and initiation is held in spring and sum- mer for new electees The fraternity holds a picnic for all men enrolled in the depart- ment of education for summer sessions. Membership is large and includes both on and off-campus educators Officers are: Keith Chandler vice president; Ralph Huffman, president; Vails Rockwell, sec- retary; C, Charles Clark faculty sponsor; and Andrew Kellogg, historian, Edward Almquist, treasurer, is not pictured. Members attending a recent meeting back raw: L IL Horton Jr,. M. C. Cunningham, Rex A. Nelson, W. Clement Wood, Valis Rockwell, Max Fuller, Warren Macy, C. Charles Clark Donald Hurst, Andrew Kellogg Front row: Tliaine Clark, Ralph Huffman, Billy W, Broach, Edwin E, Harbeston, Keith W. Chandler, Albert K. Massey, Ernest II Milton, Ivan V. Dack. 74 Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Elects Top Scholars Phi Kappa Phi recognizes scholarship among the stu- dents of American colleges and universities by inviting them to membership. Election implies scholarship in 4 he broadest sense of the word The local chapter pre- sents an outstanding speaker each year — one who exemplifies the ideals of the society. In addition, the chapter presents a Phi Kappa Phi scholarship to an outstanding senior. Electees must he in the upper 12 bo per cent of the graduating class and not more than 10 per cent of the class can he chosen. Graduate students, alumni and faculty mem hers may be selected on the basis of out- sta nd ing achievement . New members not pictured are: Gilbert L. Adrian, Dr. Otis Dickey, William Epler. Jewell Hailing, Bea- trice Jacquart, Margaret Tally, Dorothy McMillen, Mary Louise Runisey, Gary K, Anschutz. Henry Barstow Wilma Bans Adolph Reyerlein Melvin Bremenkamp Paul Burmeister Elmer Davis Phyllis Dinkel Maurice Du rail Elizabeth Edwards Mary Louise Fagan Hazel Flock Michael Francis Donald Harzman Wayne Irvin Judith Johnson Rex Kerstetter Larry Kopke Wilma Korbe Mary Jo Kurtz Vina Oldach Elaine Peterman Maurice Pfannestiel Maurice Prrnc Charles Rhine E Stella Lou Riley Annette Ruder Tommy Schulz Leora Stroup Marilyn Tallman James White Rosa Lee Whitmer 75 Sigma Pi Sigma Awards Distinction to Physics Students Sigma Pi Sigma, national physics honorary society, recognizes students with a 2, grade average in 13 hours of physics- The group strives to pro- mote interest in physics by sponsor- ing programs with regular speakers for students interested in physics. Members conduct slide rule classes and do tutoring in physics. The so- ciety also assists in the Science Open House held annually- A formal ban- quet and initiation was held May 2 for new members. Charles Rhine is president of Sig- ma Pi Sigma. Other officers include Ralph Sitton, vice president, and Lawrence Dryden, secretaiy -treas- urer. Doyle Brooks is the sponsor. Members are: Jack Minniek, Lowell Crist, Allen Guy, Robert Richards, Ivan Watkins, Doyle Brooks, Gerald Reck, Ralph Sitton, Adolph Reyerlein, Charles Rhine. Radio Club Operates Radio Station in Physics Department Radio Club promotes the interest and welfare of the amateur radio society and extends benefits to amateur radio operators. A licensed station in the phy- sics office serves as the club station. A holder of an amateur radio license or a student interested in radio is eligible for membership. The organization meets regularly to discuss theoretical electronics and to dem- onstrate electronic apparatus, and occasionally holds exchange programs with Sigma Pi Sigma. Members arc: Marc Campbell, sponsor; Wendell Wyatt, Doyle Brooks, sponsor; Jack Wilson, Louis Stapp, Clarence Lott, vice president; Robert Klawuhn, Charles Clarke, Allen Guy, Rob Reeves, president; Tommy Reeves, secretary-treasurer Charles Rhine, Gary DrusselL 1 76 Seventh Cavalry Student Leaders Render Service to School. Seventh Cavalry, men’s leadership frater- nity, is composed of students who have met certain scholastic standards and have shown potential possibilities for growth and leadership. Named in honor of General George Custer’s regiment, this service club endeavors to aid and promote the general leadership activities of the school and aids in any united student effort which is helpful to the college. Fulfilling these goals, the group keeps a busy schedule by publishing student directories annually, ushering at Artists’ and Lecture series, and selling popcorn at varsity games to provide money for scholarships, Ken Griffin, officiating as president of Seventh Cavalry, is aided by Jon Delicti, vice president; Rex Kerstetter, secretary; and Charles Rhine, treasurer, Standlee V, Dalton is sponsor. Officers Charles Rhine, Jon Delicti, and Ken Griffin confer with Rex Kerstetter. Members are: Charles Rhine, Standlee V. Dalton, sponsor; Ralph Sitton. Leroy Deities, Maurice Pfannestiel, Adolph Bev- erlein, Paul Burmeister, Mike Francis, Rex Kerstetter, Norman Ochs. Members are: Frederick Twenter, Mau- rice Princ, Bob Baalman, Robert Koch, Jon Delicti, Ken Griffin. Francis Wilson, Jerry Vance, Jack Stout, Bob Beck, Meryl Grosshans, 77 Who ' s Who Elects Thirty-two Fort Hays Staters Seniors with qualities of future leadership, capa- bility, citizenship and promise for future usefulness were selected to appear in the 1959 60 edition of Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Thirty-two Fort Hays Staters having a grade point of 2,0 or higher qualified. Not pictured are: Gary Anschutz, Adolph Beyerlein, La Vonne Bridges, Beverly DeLay Clark, Phyllis Din- kel, Hazel Flock, Joan Hargett Fisher, Larry Kopke, Mary Kurtz, Barbara Palmer, Vina Gldach, Back row . Donald Harzman, Maurice Pfannestiel, Maurice Princ, Charles Rhine. Front tow: Mary Fagan, Karen Veverka, Elaine Peterman. Wilma Bans, Judy Johnson, Patty Trent Back row: Rex Kerstetter, Elmer Davis, Mary Deshien, Gary Coulter, Michael Francis. Front row: Annette Ruder, Elizabeth Edwards, Rose Lee Whitmer, Marcalene Cody, Mary Ellen Clark, Wanda Mease. 78 Women ' s Leadership Organization Recognizes Women Wi+h Leadership Ability WLO members add finishing touches to the Christmas tree. Officers are Margaret Stapleton, Deanna Lockman, Paula Simons, Betty Edwards, and Marcalene Cody. Women’s Leadership Organization is com- posed of students who have shown themselves to he leaders on the campus. Women who have a 2, grade average and who participate actively in extracurricular activities are eli- gible for membership. From this group, ini- tiates are selected by a vote of the entire fac- ulty and then voted on by WLO members. The organization fosters high ideals, recog- nizes and develops leadership, and sponsors cultural interests. Activities have included decorating the Christmas tree in the library, having coffees for faculty members, and holding a formal initiation in April. Betty Edwards acts as president of WLO and is assisted by Marcalene Cody, vice presi- dent; Deanna Lockman, secretary-treasurer ; Paula Simons, publicity chairman; and Mar- garet Stapleton, historian. % ¥ ■— . , „ , g Members are, back row: Paula Simons, Mary Desbien, Donna Murray, Margaret Stapleton, Deanna Lockman. Rosa Lee Whit- mer, Wilma Baus, Lela Ormsbee. Betty Edwards. Kay Kaufman. Front row: Nancy Thielen, Hazel Flock, W ' anda Mease, Phyllis Dink el, Marcalene Cody, Mary Ellen Clark, Miss Verna Parish, sponsor; Sylvia Kaiser. 79 Honors Seminar Honors Outstanding Academic Work Honors Seminar is composed of stu- dents who have a record of outstanding achievement in several subject fields, besides that of their major field. Ad- mission to the honors program is the highest academic privilege the college can bestow, and accordingly, admission is by invitation only. There are three seminars each school year, each grant- ing two hours credit. The Honors Board consists of Dr, Robert Marple, Dr, Verna Parish, Dr. Paul Graber, Dr. John Garwood, Doyle Brooks, and Stan- ley Mahoney. Other students not pictured are par- ticipating in the honors program. Members are, hack row ; Larry Heffel, Norman Viz, Ellon Beougher, Ken C riff in, Ed Gustafson, Roland Caul dwell. Front row: Ralph Sittan, Wanda Mease, Joan Slechta, Everett Merrill. Members are. back row: Patricia Trent, Melvin Bremenkamp, Stanley Schlegel, Maurice Princ. Front row: Geraldine Schmidt, Lei a Ormsbee. Ruth Howard, Audrey Karls. Donna Murray. Members are, hack row: Gary Coulter, Robert Monrehead. Jon Del let, Robert T wen ter Front row: Barbara Gerritzen, Nancy Theilen, Patricia Scheck. Margaret Stapleton. SO Epsilon Pi Tau Furthers Scholastic Achievement -for Industrial Arts Majors Members are, back raw: Charles Hendrix, Sheldon Womochil, Jack Wright, Thomas Keenan, Paul Griffith, Fred Webb, Ralph Austin. Front row: Dr, C, R. Caine, Ralph Huff- man, Dennis McKee, Robert Scott, Herbert Zook, Harold German, Don Layton. Alpha Phi Omega Epsilon Pi Tan, honorary industrial arts fraternity, was established as Beta Theta chapter in April, 1958, The group gives recognition to those indus- trial arts students who have reached the top 25 per cent of their class in all sub- ject fields. Admission is by invitation only and membership is not limited solely to students on campus. Activities include ra ising money for scholarships which are extended to nut- standing industrial arts students throughout the area. A major project this year was the promotion of an In- dustrial Arts Fair for high school stu- dents of Western Kansas who brought their work to the campus for the two- day festival, the first of its kind ever held at Fort Hays State. Robert Scott is president of Epsilon Pi Tau; he is assisted by Donald Lay- ton, vice president; Thomas Keenan, secretary; and Harold German, treas- urer. Paul Griffith is sponsor. Is Composed oi Former Boy Scouts Alpha Phi Omega, which is open to all former Roy Scouts, is a nationally affiliated organization. The Fort Hays chapter has served two years of pledgeship and is awaiting installation as a chapter of the na- tional fraternity. It is designed to provide service to local Boy Scouts and to fur ther the interest of young men in scouting. This is an honorary organization which serves Fort Hays State, the community and nation by service activities. For service projects on campus, the members serve as ushers for Artist and Lecture programs, makeup the stage crew for the Follies and help girls move into the dormitories at the beginning of school. They work with the Union in operating a lost and found depart- ment and they dispose of unclaimed articles by spon- soring an auction in the spring. Officers are Charles Toimgdahk president; Richard S eh m a Iz r ie d , sec re la ry - tr ea su rer ; R i c ha rd Bu n i ett , sponsor. Several actives and their sponsor have an informal meeting with some of the new pledges. Those present include: Lowell Griffis, Curtis Carley, Bob Ridgway, Charles Youngdahl, Richard Burnett, Richard Schmalzried, J. D. Forsyth, Dennis McMullen, Lionel Gray, 8 ! Chancery Club Organized for Pre-Law Students Back row: Burnie Horton, Willie Ziegler, Jeanie Morrow, Ken Boomhower, Mike Money, Mike Ary, Hal Morris, Kenneth Voss, Front row: Mary Francis Dale, Delores Voss, Ann Laf- ferty, Marilyn Graf, Linda Swayze, Bobbie Hecox, Linda Luke, JoAnn Ferguson, Burnie Horton, sponsor, observes officers Linda Luke, secre- tary; Willie Ziegler, president; and Jeanie Morrow, treasurer, planning a rally. Chancery Club is open to students in- terested in the legal profession. The main goal is to promote the develop- ment of a training program to help pre- pare for the study of law. The mem- bers also further their knowledge and interest concerning the career they have chosen. Last year the club became the Eta chapter of the national Chancery club at the national convention held in Dal- las, Officers include the chief justice (president), Claude Hanson; associate justice (vice president), Loujean Brown; clerk of the court (secretary), Troy McAfee; and bailiff (treasurer). Bill Gatlin. Members are, left to right: Bill Gatlin, Mike Francis, Lou Jean Brown, Bill McAdoo, Carolyn Dennis, Larry Kopke, Marvin Dun- lap. Not pictured: Claude Hanson, Troy McAfee. Campus Boosters Council Stimulates Pep Activities The Campus Boosters, a student coun- cil committee, is responsible for school rallies, pep assemblies, and the general promotion and stimulation of school spirit. Planning pep assemblies, holding rallies to see the teams off and planning halftime entertainment at home bas- ketball games were all projects of the Campus Boosters Council. A represent- ative from each campus organization make up this committee. 82 Chemistry Club Encourages Chemistry Careers The Chemistry Club is open to all students inter- ested in chemistry. This organization strives to acquaint the members with the possibilities of a career in chem- istry as well as to encourage all students to further then- study in the chemistry field. Each year the club presents an award to the out- standing senior chemistry major. Selling chemistry textbooks and aprons for use in chemistry lab classes is the financial project of the club. Back row: Kathy Young, Robert Clasen, Paul Bur- meister, Thomas Hamel. Gordon Hogan, Mary Ed- wards. Second row: Gene Barrett, Gregg Trask. Russell Johnson, Alvin Robl, Margaret Flynt. Bottom row: Adolph Bey- erlein, vice president ; Howard Guyer, secretary; Clarence Lott, treasurer; Jack Wilson, president; Dr, Kenneth Marsi, ad- visor. Collegiate 4-H Club Promotes 4-H Interest on Campus Officers are: Judy Griffith, secretary; Bob Smith, treasurer: Jerry Westbrook, president; Karen Conard. reporter. Back row: Jerry West brook. Jack Painter. Bob Smith. Jim Nairn, Roy Thornburg. Phil Rumpel, Front row: Alice Rees- ley. sponsor; Judy Griffith, Mary Jane piers. Susan Stewart, Maxine Hoffman, sponsor: Irene Wellsi Karen Conard, Bernice Thomas, Gayle Phillipson. Collegiate 4-H club is open to Fort Hays State students who are interested in 4-H work or who have been mem- bers of 4-H clubs. This club is spon- sored by students who are interested in furthering 4-11 work on our campus. Serving as judges for 4-H Achieve- ment Days and working with the Ellis County 4-H Clubs have been projects of the group. Speakers make-up the largest part of the programs of the Collegiate 4-H club. 83 Collegiate Young Democrats Kennedy ' s Visit is Highlight of Year Preparing for Senator John Ken- nedy’s appearance in Hays was the Collegiate Young Democrats’ major project of the year. Kennedy spoke at a dinner in his honor. State representative E, J. Dreiling and Sixth District Democratic Com- mittee chairman Norbert Dreiling were speakers at two meetings. The Collegiate Young Democrats strive to promote understanding of poli- tics. They sponsor open forums, speak- ers and group discussions to encourage students’ interest in local and national political issues. Domes Club Back row: D, M. Hrabc. John Ceisinger, John Karls. John Ivan. J. K. Sweeney, Carlos Lopez, Robert Mulch, Robert Witt, sponsor. Second row : Larry Anderson, Ken Ruder. Raymond Hoffman. Tom Scott. Tack McCord, Frank Magana. Front row: Gerry Kriley, Karen Shaner. Jean Anderson, Lou Jean Brown, Dixie Dodd, Mary Jorns, Linda Luke. Officers arc: Jack McCord, vice president: Lou Jean Brown, secretary-treasurer; Mr. Witt, sponsor: John Ivan, president. Social Activities Offered for Student Wives The Dames Club is a national organi- zation established in 1921 at the Uni- versity of Chicago. At present there is a Dames Club on nearly every campus across the country. The purpose of the dub is to promote a spirit of friend- liness, provide for social opportunities, and to stimulate general culture among its members. To become a member of “Dames,” one must be a wife of a student, a mother of a student, or a married wo- man attending college. Many of the girls have children and a number of them attend school or hold jobs. Tins year marks the thirteenth year for Fort Hays State College Dames Club, Officers arc: Marlene Webb, assistant corresponding secretary; Rita Vinlovc, second vice president ; Janet Chism, historian; Jeanine Lunsford, recording secretary; DoIHe Thomas, sponsor, t root row; Shirley Hernandez, first vice president; Lydia Kendall, correspond- ing secretary; Mrs. I horn as, Mrs. Motlie Wallerstedt, sponsors: Irene Kepferle. treasurer; Donna Peterson, president. Members are, back row: Marjorie Hempldll. Sharon Utz, Jolene Manet h. Evelyn Johnson, June Koerner, Naomi Oppliger, Harriet Jones, Elaine Franks. Second row: Naomi Ward, Carol Neely. Fern Royer, Myrna Marrs, Geneva Swafford, Barbara Murphy, Carol Orr, Joan Bills, Charlotte Ryan. Front row: Carol Vernon, Yvonne Evans, Claire Run ft, Carol Barrett, Beth Knopp, Ann Brubaker, Ann Baird. 84 Collegiate Young Republicans Stresses Education in Politics The Collegiate Young Republicans started the year with a membership campaign held during the first week of school. Any students interested in politics ate welcome to join the Collegiate Young Republicans With “Education in Politics,” as their theme, the club strives to promote local and national politics among tbe members of die club. The Collegiate Young Republicans have been active on campus and many well-known Republicans have been speakers at their meetings Among them were: Ned Cushing, National Chair- man; Donna Attington, National Com- mittee woman, Sam Millinger, state Republican chairman and Vem Hois- ington, stale senator. The organization sponsored a candi- date for homecoming queen and also entered a float in the parade. They sponsored a dance in the fall; their traditional formal was held in Feb- ruary A highlight of the year was the state convention held in Topeka in March. row: Marilyn Thompson, Lila Ash, Robin Bigge. Joan Mages, Raymond btacey. Bruce Scaniand. ■ m V ?■ a . 85 Debate Teams Rate High in Several Tournaments Harold Stones, debate roach, goes over the results of the last meet with some members of the debate team. Endeavoring to repeat last year’s per- formance of winning the CIC sweep- stakes award, the debate squad has seriously and fervently discussed the pros and cons of the question. Re- solved: That Congress should have the power to reverse decisions of the Su- preme Court Highlight of the season was the in- vitation to participate in the Harvard Invitational Tournament in February with the Karst-Trent and Norton-Stauh teams and Coach Harold Stones flying to Boston for the meet First year debaters entered the nov- ice tourney at Kansas State University and the Pittsburg meet. The varsity squad entered at Kearney, Southwestern and McPherson with outstanding rec- ords in all three meets After accepting the Harvard invitation, the remainder of the schedule was shortened to include only the CIC meet and the Pi Kappa Delta Province meet. Backtou : John Milk Ruth Aim Spencer. Kenneth Ryder, Rob Koch, Harold Stones, Mike ■hR Karst, Steve Staub, Warren Norton. Janey Weinhold, Lou jean Brown. Francis, John Ivan. Front row: Fatty Trent, 56 Eta Rho Epsilon Aids Physical Education Majors Any second semester physical education maj- or maintaining a one point grade average, is eligible to become a member of Eta Rho Epsi- lon Physical education minors may join through approval of major members This organization, which was just established last year, strives to promote professional atti- tudes, knowledge and relationships among its members Work days are held throughout die year as money-making projects The group is raising money to be used in future years for a scholar- ship The organization holds a social and a bus- iness meeting each month Discussion groups are held during the business meetings and the members participate in various forms of recrea- tion as part of their social meetings Officers for the group are: president, Dixie Barb; vice president, Elsie Hildebrand; sec- retary-treasurer, Sandy Ford and sponsor, Joan Bailey. Dixie Barb, singes bowling champion, demonstrates the correct form to he used in bowling. Back row Lila Coleman, Luanne Engel, Connie Hansen, Beverly Winder, Peggy Swords, Miss Bailey, sponsor. Front rote: Gwen Rowe, Phyllis Sewell, Sandra Ford, Dixie Barb, Elsie Hildebrand, Sandra McFadden, Peggy Bowans. Spanish Club Broadens Knowledge of Spanish Culture Newly-organized last year, Spanish Club provides opportunities for Span- ish students to broaden their knowledge of the language and cultures of other countries. Members held conversational sessions at 4 p.m. during the week in addition to regular meetings. Activities in meetings included practice for Christ- mas caroling in Spanish and movies of archaeological excavations in Mexico, which were shown by Alex Richards and his wife. Officers of Spanish Club were: Frank Magana, president; Eugene Bar- rett, vice president; Marilyn Chastain, secretary- treasurer; and Harold Wil- cox, sponsor. Hack row; Frank Magana. David Hopkins, Jim Stegman. Frank Munoz, Manuel Amaro. Danny Ellis. Front row: Mars Desbien, Pat Stehno. Mary Hoppes, Rose Marie Petracek. Karen Kennedy, Harold Wilcox, sponsor. German Club Stimulates Understanding of German Language se Providing an understanding and ap- preciation of the German language, as well as striving to improve German speaking ability of the members is the main purpose of the German club. Each year the Club enters a German Rand in the Homecoming Parade. Dressed in typical costumes and sing- ing German folk songs, the band is in- evitably a favorite in the parade. Any students in a German class who have German speaking ability or who are interested in German customs and the language may be members of this organization. thick row: Ralph Schlick, Larry Ehrlich, Larry Heffel, Roy Oliver, Wallace Henrickson, Dr. Graber, sponsor. Front row: Mike Dreiling, president; Helen Delander, secretary- treasurer; Clarann Weis, Jeanette Zechmeister, Bill Mc- Kinney, vice president. Not pictured: Gene Burns. Robert Funk, Delbert Wallesen. I lie German Club members provided a special attraction for homecoming as they entered their band in the parade. Home Economics Club Helps Provide Two Scholarships Students who plan to major or minor in home eco- nomics are eligible to join the Home Economics Club To provide the members with professional develop- ment in home economics is one of the main purposes of the organization. The club holds study group meet- ings once a month in the Applied Arts Building. An International Relations program is included in meetings once during the year. The group participates in a scholarship fund at Fort Hays State as well as an International Scholarship fund. This year the club gave $100 to the college loan fund The club observed the 50th Anniversary of home economics at Fort Hays State this year Back row: Della Evel, Carol Holmes, Carolyn Patton, Mary Lou Vesecky, Mildred Peterson Irene Wells, Marilyn Richard, Jeanean Stum, Phyllis Lowry, Mrs. Maxine Hoffman, sponsor. Second row: Gertrude Harvey, Nancy Neill, Carol Beck, Phyllis Sewell, Beverly Schmalzried, Karen Green, Carolyn Locktnan, Peggy Robertson. Front row: Barbara Patterson, Judy Ochsner, Gloria Blecha, Nancj Walter, LaVeta Marshall, Juliana Jensen, president. Back row: Miss Alice Beesley, sponsor; Marilyn Rowley, Mary Dale Colleen Cluster. Karen Conard, Wilma Losey, Ann Rrazda, Shirley Purvis, Marcelline Koch. Mary Jo Charvat, Joanne Griffith, Marie Eichelberger, Second row: Aileen McCune, Marian Clow. Carolyn Sterrett. Marilyn Gottschalk, Susan Stewart, Judy Griffith, Karen Selfridge, Virginia Harrison, Iris McIntosh, Edith Smith, Lee Mae Brand, Linda Riggs. From row: Peggy Sigle, Nancy Hailing. Linda Sloskopf, Hannah Clarke, Gloria Fischer, Marvel Wineland, Verlec Saeler. International Relations Club Grants Scholarship to Foreign Student Any student interested in foreign affairs is encouraged to become a member of the International Relations Club, for its main purpose is to pro- mote better relations with foreign coun- tries. Several foreign students come to our campus each year; it is the responsi- bility of the members of I.R.C, to make these students feel at home and welcome here at Fort Hays State. A scholarship is provided by the organization each year to some foreign student. The re- cipient ibis year is Carlos Revilla. To help finance this program. I.R.C. spon- sors the annual Leap Week dance and the Bearded Joe-Daisy Mae contest. AH foreign students on our campus are urged to participate in the I.R.C program. Officers are; Priscilla Taylor, vice president; Frederick Twenter, president; Dr, Eugene Craine, sponsor; Mike Francis, secretary-treasurer. Back row: Earn Ehrlich. Dale Patterson Mali Ion Tuttle, Mike Francis, Tonis Kyriakides, Romualdo Segovia, Harpal S, Gill. Second row: Frederick Twenter, David Hopkins, Larry Kahle. Carlos Itevilla, Layton Kaiser, Sombat Sangrungruang, Dr. Eugene Craine, Front row: Priscilla Taylor. Karen Getty, Gail Perkins. 90 K-Club Varsity lettermen Advance Athletic Interest K-Club is an organization for varsity lettermen in all Fort Hays sports- To promote sportsmanship and to support all sports events is the main purpose of this organization. It strives to advance the athletic interest of the college and helps to develop fellow- ship among the members. Operating the concession stands at all home games is the main money- making project of the organization. Officers are: Cade Suran, sponsor; Dale Getty, treasurer; Don Righam, secretary; Dale Williams, president. Not pictured: Hal Morris, vice president. Back row: Cade Suran, Darrell Hildebrand, Richard Poage. Lyle Wingate, Lynn Brown, Ralph Holen, Charles Irebilcoek. Jerome Recti, Rex Wilson, Don Bigham, Duane Channel!, Dale Getty, Larry Daugherty, Richard Whitnier, Dean Larson, Paul Palmer, Dale Williams, Richard Lotton, Merl SturcL Bill Berry, Elbert Cobbs, Keith Ochs. Front row: Gary Sneed, Bob George, Melvin Bremenkamp, Bill Wil- son, Ronald Walker, Stan Hogsett, Dean Riedel, Douglas Morrissey, Eugene Velharticky, Lee Stevenson. 91 Kit Kots Give Active Support to College Teams kit Kats provided an added attraction to the Homecoming parade with pom poms, drums and trick marching. Open to all freshman women on the campus, the Kit Kats is one of the two pep clubs organized to support sports activities- These freshman women find ample opportunities to display their enthusiasm at all games throughout the year. The main purpose of the club is to exhibit and promote good sportsman- ship and to participate in projects that will benefit the athletic program on our campus. The Kit Kats demonstrated their spirit as they marched in the home- coming parade, sat in a special section at all home games, participated in pep rallies and by wearing the traditional Kit Kat uniform on the day of a game. : Sara Stover, Becky Vance, Judy Kennedy, Lu- I ■ ' 1 1 g cl , R o b e rt a St e veils „ R .-emary Mustoe, Karen Bu chirr. Rush Spencer, Lin- i!.i Clark, Janey Weinhold, Sue Beck ley. Second row: Ann Lafferty, Bonnie Bar- ron. I in da Robben, Sandy King, Barbara Tucker, Sally Sohnatterly, Martha Spring- feldt. Roxie Martin, Sharon Pollmm. Darlene McMullen. Front row . Carolyn Cotit on. Kay Richardson, Barbara Kathy Sater, Marcia Braun. Linda Riggs, Gail Perkins, Back row: Patsy Leuly. Patsy Moler. Rosemarv Gilson, Lou- etta Wilken. Patti Thiele, Connie Moody, Rosemary Mustoe, Nancy Mod Li n. Kay Whitney, Karen Buehler, Ann Stephens, Judy Kennedy. Dor- othy Voss, Mildred Merz. Second row: Connie Fox. Jewel Graver, Nadine Lindsey, Lois Erickson, Judy Se liens. Gloria Greenwood, Cheryl Frank, Janice Finney, Beverly Tucker, Joyce Stout, Marcia Moore. Front row: Luanne Engel, Martha Hopkins, Mar- garet Macy, Sara Barnett. De- lores Voss, Shan on Northrup. Shari Holliday. 92 Leader College Newspaper Is Produced by Students The State College Leader campus newspaper, strives to reflect the day- by-day life and activity of tile campus, present a comprehensive picture of col- lege news and provide a practical lab- oratory project for journalism students The Leader is published weekly in the college print shop and distributed to students and faculty. Subscriptions are included in enrollment fees and the paper has a large mailed circulation. Voluntary contributions from stu- dents are given consideration and letters to the editor have created more than usual interest this year as various con- troversies have been presented pro and con. Judging from the expressions, editing a newspaper is serious business. Steve Blain, assistant editor. Bob Spangler, sponsor, and Mike Francis, editor, confer. Editor Michael Francis Business Managers Kay ImMasche Norman Ochs Assistant Editor Steve Blain Society Editor . Patty Leffihgwell Sports Editor Bernie Gilmer Greek Editor . Deanna Lockman Photographer Ken Griffin R. C. Funk Reporters Dennis Pearce Charles Nickels Pat Filers Denzil McNcal Gordon Tustin Mariam Need els Marjorie Rohr Clarann Weis Karen Kaltenbach Hand all Demuth Lee Reynolds Dick Leffingwell Norman Ochs, assistant business manager, and Kay ImMasche, business manager, decide which mat to use in an ad. Leader reporters wail in line for the typewriter. “It needs a new “The Chief gives orders to his slavies. ribbon!” Patty says. 93 Union Board and Union Program Council Assists in Developing Campus Programs and Activities The Union Board forms and approves the policies for the operation of and program of the Memorial Union. It is the group which co-ordinates the I n ion’s pro- grams, activities, services, and long-range planning. The Board meets regularly once a month and is com- posed of 7 students and 5 faculty members. It assists in developing and improving student -faculty services and services to alumni and friends of the college. The Union Program Council is responsible for the co-ordination of all Union committees in their presen- tation of a recreational, cultural and social program for students. The work includes promotion of an active campus program and use of the Union facilities. Three officers and the chairman of the eight Union committees make up the membership of the Union Program Council. Standing: Burnic Horton, executive secretary; George Leinmiller, Nancy Geist, Ellen Duff, Walter Keating. John Thorns. Seated; Pan! Friesner, Mary Ann Lofstead, Warren Norton, chairman; Alice Bees ley, Karen Seery, vice chairman; Sandra Marhness. A round the table, left to right : George Leinmiller. Steve Plain. Annette Morss. Nancy Geist, Sandra Harkness, Ellen Duff, Roberta Lucas, Dennis Popp. Don DeLair, Loretta Socha, Terry Deal. 94 Union Committees Students Devote Extra Time to Union Committee Work Various committees are responsible for planning and promoting activities sponsored hy the Memorial Union. A chairman is appointed for each committee; these chairmen also serve on the Union Program Coun- cil to co-ordinate activities. The committees are composed of many students who work behind the scenes to make the union func- tions available to Fort Hays Staters. These students gain experience in special work in which they are interested. The Exhibition Committee plans displays and art exhibits to stimulate appreciation of art and to highlight campus events and personalities. Left to right: Larry Ehrlich. Pat Stehno, Terry Deah chair- man; Marilyn Orme, Glenda Heany, J ynn Dyatt. The Dance Committee plans and administers college danc- es, including the making of arrangements for bands, dec- orations, entertainment, re- freshments and guests. Back row: Mary Beth Rut$ch- man. Larry Peterson. Leon Graver, Phil Lacey, Beverly Tucker. Front row: Naurs Geisl, A d v i s o r ; Annette Morss, chairman; Norma Ready, Val Smith, La Dene Smith. The Hospitality Committee promotes wise use of the Union by students and pre- sents the Union in the most desirable wav possible to visi- tors on the campus by serv- ing as hosts and hostesses. Left to right: Karen Brugge- man, Carol Denny, Janet Kriss, Dennis Popp, chair- man; Mary Dale, Delores Wil- liams, Shirley Pizel. 95 The games committee encour- ages use of the facilities for games and recreational acti- vities and sponsors tourna- ments and lessons It strives to develop an interest iri bil- liards, table tennis, bridge, chess and other games. Members are: Don DeLair. chairman; Jim Nelson, Jack Blauer, Larry Mears, Larry Hawkins, John Riedel, The music committee encour- ages the use of the Music Listening Room In the union and plans various “live” pro- grams Members are: Roberta Lucas chairman; Linda Luke, Garry Ball, Joan Fink, Larry Pedigo Not pictured: Carol Denny. Phillip w. Phillips, The main purpose of the var- iety committee is to present student programs, handle questionnaires, hold talent au- ditions, and compile informa- tion for the use of groups needing student talent. Members are, back roiv; Stuart Youngquist, Charles Youngdahl, Larry Hinkle, Larrv Anderson. Front row : Mary Lou Lumpkin, Sharon Truan. Sandra Harkness, El- len Duff, Sandra King. 96 Little Theatre «• Promotes Dramatic Interest On the Campus Any student interested in dramatics is eligible to participate and become a member of Little Theatre. The purpose of this group is to further interest in the department and to encourage more and better drama on the campus and in the community. Opportunities in several forms of theatrical activity are given to the mem hers through Little Theatre; individual members may work in the fields of acting, writing, directing, and stage- craft. Two major productions are presented each year by the Picken Players. Officers are: Bill Gatlin, president; Kim Poland, program chair- man; Linda Anderson, secretary. l 1 li ,1 Members are: Harriet Ketchum, sponsor; Mary Lynn Scott, Sandy Holmes, Bill Gat- lin, Kim Poland, Linda Anderson, Rex Mahan, Julie Riisoe, Donna Jensen, Ruth Anne Spencer. Linda Anderson tells several students the many advantages of being a member of Little Theatre at a get-acquainted party given by the organiza- tion. Math Club Affords Opportunities For Math Students Math Club is open to students who have an interest in mathematics. The purpose of this dub is to promote an interest in mathematics, and give a better understanding of math to the members. The group meets twice a month and club meetings are held in the Science Building. The chief part of the programs consists of special problems with the whole organization working toward a solution. Members also discuss many mathematical prob- lems that seem to occur in many life situations. Math Club members are. back row: Ron Nelson. Larry Desbien. Allen Gury, Larry Leaner, Gerald Solko, David Jacobs, Duane Higgins, Reginald Washaliske, Elton Beo uglier, Vernon Kisner. Don DeLair, Second row : Tom Whipple, Burton Beery, Dan Erbert, Wilmer Wald man, John Shafer, Joe Schaidoin. Ronald Roberts, Jim Bodge, Gary Chittenden, Douglas Graver, Mr, Setter, Front row: Stanley Griffin, Judy Braswell, Dolores Woodard. June Wonderlich, Margaret Flynt, Pat Heaton, Gary Wilson, Robert Bowman. Orchesis Is For Those Who Like Modern Dance Membership in Orchesis is chosen by tryouts of interested dancers. The aim of the group is to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of modern dance. The group also strives to improve dancing skills as well as developing creative abilities in dancing. Orchesis pro- vides entertainment for the women’s sports department during high school play days and members performed in “Fi iiian’ s Rainbow” and the Fort Hays Follies, The cluh members plan and participate in dance programs of all types. Orchesis has a membership of ten women and is under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Barbour. Orchesis members in- clude Vera Fross, Loretta Socha, Lu- anne Engel, Sue Mog, Elgerino Roth, Nina Roe se r , C a ro 1 B eck- ham, Ceor gotta Hes- ter, Karen Hibbs, Ann La f forty. 98 Nursing Club Stimulates Interest In Nursing Careers Any nursing student or registered profes- sional nurse enrolled at Fort Hays Kansas State College may apply for membership in Nurses’ Club. Instead of the three-month Pediatric affiliation at the Kansas University Medical Center, under the new nursing plan, the Fort Hays students will receive their in- structions and practice, beginning in June, I960, at the Children’s Hospital in Denver. Under this plan, Fort Hays Nursing Students will receive all of their training in Hays except nine months of their senior year, when they will spend three months away from Hays in each of the three specialties. Pedia- trics, Psychiatry, and Maternity Nursing. Officers are; Doris Goehring, secretary; Linda Andersen, president; Virginia Hager, vice president; Judy Henderson, reporter; Carol Knudson, treasurer. 4 auui t i f h f 4 V- f | m. jL 1 XI Back row : Sharon Scheru, Karen Candlin. Gail Murray, Mary Stielow, Jaclyn Sanborn, Valeda Steinlc, Mrs. Lila Col- burn, K.N. Second row: Bev- erly Taylor. Betsy Ellsaesser, Janet Nusse, Ruth Summers, Eunice Rinkcl, Karen Kal ten- bach, Jewel Graves, Joan Til ton, Miss Leora Stroup, R.N. Director, Front row : Marlene Kleweno, Juanita Bauer. Dawn Brush, Janice Fletcher, Judy Seott, Mary Theander, Karen Uht, Jerry Wilkenson. Back row : Judy Green way, Barbara Myers, Carol Reinert, Jeanne Hinkle, Gaylene How- ard, Sue Tor rev, Janice Fin- ney, Susan Kohler, Carol Suhler, Judy Greiner. Second rote: Sherry Cambern, Rose- mary Bunker, Patricia Hoff- bines, Edna Engel, Carol Mil- ler, Linda Ann Clark, Barbara Tucker, Patty Phillips. Front row ; Mary Kralicek, Jean Sette, Mary Me Fail, Kim Tol- and, Marilyn McGuire, Paula Harmon. Joyce Philip, Kay Lene Whitney, Darlene Mc- Mullen. 99 Reveille Staff Edits the College Yearbook Executive staff members are Tom Kugler, Diane Amos, Mary Desbien and Mary Bowen, Editorial assistants include jan Ball, Judy Sellens. Beverly Suchy. Helen Moreland, Bernie Gilmer and Leroy McMullen, Organizations staff includes Darlene Lowe, Cynthia DeRosear, Norma Keady, Janet Harrison, Janice Pinney and Marilyn Or me. The Fort Hays Yearbook, the Reveille, has- as its contents, the year’s activities both in pictures and words. The Reveille staff is responsible for production of die yearbook. Work begins early in the fall semester and is an extracurricular activity for many stu- dents throughout the year. Students who are interested in the yearbook publication are welcome to seek positions on the Reveille staff. Mrs. Katherine Rogers supervises the group as faculty sponsor. From the first day of school until the day the yearbook is sent to press, the staff is kept busy scheduling pictures, planning pages, selling ads and trying to meet all deadlines. Sponsoring the Reveille Ball is one project of the staff. At this dance, the first of the winter fonnals, the cover design of the hook and the beauty queen are revealed. Photographers are- Gene Burns, Ken Griffin, Lloyd Peterson and Robert Funk. Class and Faculty editors are Sara Barnett, Virginia Lorbeer, Mar- jorie Rohr, Patty Leffmgwell, Paula Schumacher and Pat Heaton. 100 Penguin Club Second Generation Club Sons and Daughters Serve Fort Hays The Second Generation Club provides avenues for service and hospitality to the campus of Fort Hays State. The sons and daughters of former students and alumni aie the members of tills organization. The prin- cipal project of the group in the fall is planning and conducting of Parents Day. Club members act as hosts and hostesses during such campus events as Homecoming. Officers for the club were, standing : Ben Morris, president; Douglas Lawson, vice president; Larry Qrmsbee, senior class rep- resentative. Seated: Mary Margaret Brumitt, secretary ; Sandra Harkness, junior class rep- resentative; Patti Percival, sophomore class representative; Janet Urban, freshman class representative. Standing: Ben Morris, Douglas Lawson, Larry Ormsbee. Seated; Mary Margaret Brumitt, San dra Harkness, Patti Pervical, Janet Urban. Penguin Club members are: Sandra McFadden, Peggy Bo wans, Deanna Burroughs, Sharon Pollnou, Anita Lang Marilyn Patton, Susan Kohler, Jill Karst. Ann Boosa, Not pictured; Sue Mog. Improves Individual Swimming Ability The Penguin Club membership is made up of girls who show ability in swimming and who can pass certain specifications in swimming. The op- portunity to develop one’s individual ability and the understanding of crea- tive expression is provided through the Penguin Club, Miss Bailey is the sponsor of these 10 girls and she helps them to learn various water formations as well as striving to improve their swimming form. This year Penguin Club presented a special water ballet. They also help to sponsor the national officials’ test which is given yearly for swimming ratings. 901 Industrial Arts Club Newly Organized Group Acquainting students with the developments in indus- trial education and the opportunities for success in the field of industrial arts is one aim of the Industrial Arts Club. The main purpose of the organization is to further industrial arts and help prepare the members for teaching careers. One project for this group is sponsoring an industrial arts fair for all secondary schools in Western Kansas. The college organization made all the trophies awarded at the school. The Industrial Arts Club, which is open to anyone majoring in the department, was newly formed on campus this year, Richard Cain is the sponsor for this organization. Industrial Arts Club members “take a break 7 from classes to pose in front of the Applied Arts Building. Student Affairs Committee Aids The Students In Many Ways Tlie Student Affairs Committee formulates and pub- lishes campus regulations supervising traffic control. Students who have traffic violations may appeal to this board. The committee makes recommendations for improvements in parking lots and streets. The group also accepts applications and grants ap- proval for all money-making projects of various school organizations. Five students are appointed by the stu- dent council; the president of die college appoints two staff members to the committee which makes a total membership of seven members serving on the board. Members are, standing; Miss Stouffer, Mike Butler, Robert Smith, Wilma Op- lingcr, Julie Jensen, Dean Richard Bur- nett. Seated: Lois Sel fridge. Bob Beck. f 02 Student Council Governs the Campus The representative governing body of the students is known as The Student Council. The Student Council has fifteen members consisting of the three class of- ficers elected from each class and the three student body officers. The campus student government is a combined inf In ence and initiative of the class officers and student body officers. Some of the dudes of the Student Council are to con- sider student body problems and activ- ities. The actions of the Student Council are of interest to every student. The Council meets weekly and welcomes sug- gestions. The Student Council also provides for the student elections held each year. Each month the council members choose an outstanding senior man to represent Fort Hays State at Rotary Club meetings every Monday noon. Selling beanies to the freshmen at the beginning of every year is another project of the Student Council. The Student Council officers are Wanda Mease, treasurer; Dean E, R. McCartney, sponsor; Jack Bvler, president; Don Harzman vice president; Virgie McKenzie, secretary. Back row Mary nn Lofstead Pat Dale, Bil Ohlemeier, Dan Darnell, Larry Kopkc. Preston McLeod, Howard Guyer, Stephen St aub, David Ziegler, Dean E. R. McCartney. Front rote: Margaret Stapleton, Wanda Mease, Jack Byler, Don Harzman, Virgie McKenzie, Marj Ep parley. ! 03 Student National Education Association Prepares Students For Teaching Rex Kerstetter, Mr. Harbeston, Mr. Tollmans. Front row: Elaine Janice Dinkle. Wanda Mease, Lei a Hendricks, Lynn Dyatt. The Student National Education Associa- tion is open to all students preparing to teach. The purpose of the organization is to promote interest in the teaching profession and to offer professional experiences for students in this college who are interested in a teaching career. Speakers make up a large per cent of the programs for their meetings and this year a panel of foreign students was a special attrac- tion. The highlight of the year is the state convention which was held at Wichita Uni versity this spring. The SNEA has the largest membership of any one group on the campus and is nation- ally affiliated. Officers arer Rex Kerstetter, president; Tela Hendricks, vice president; Lynn Dyatt, state recording secretary; Janice D inkle, treasurer; Wanda Mease, publicity chairman; Elaine Howard, historian; Mr. Harbeston, sponsor. ident Rex Kerstetter out- lines the schedule of the year for members at a regular meeting. Members of SNEA listen while President Cunningham ad- dresses a meeting of the Asso- ciatiom [04 Tigerettes Promote School Spirit To promote and display school spirit is the purpose of the Tigerette club. This upper- class pep organization is composed of a se- lected group of thirty-eight women. Member- ship in the Kit Kats is a prerequisite to mem- bership in the Tigerettes; and together the groups form a large segment of the student body cheering section. The Tigerettes do many things to promote school spirit among the oilier students of the campus. Black skirts and gold sweaters are the traditional uniforms worn by all Tiger- ette members the day of a game. Holding pep rallies, participating in parades and sit- ting together at all games are various ways the members assist the cheerleaders and sup- port the team. Win or lose, the Tigerettes always give their full support to the Tigers. Tigerette Officers are: DeAnne Aldrich, sweater chairman; Patty Trent, secretary; Laura Ann Thompson, president; Lynn Thomas, treasurer; Virgie McKenzie, vice president. Marching in the homecoming par- ade is one of the many activities of the Tigerettes. Back roiv: Terri Classi, Mary Arm Lof stead, Norma Keady, Barbara Nelson, Janet Harrh so n, j oLy n ne Fre d erik son, Linda Swayze, Peggy Sigle, Carolyn Dennis, Joyce Phillip, Vera Fross, Lynn Thomas, Carol Stremel, Elgerine Roth, Glenda Gpitz. Second row: Deanna Moody, DeAnne Al- drich, Mary Lou Horning, Marilyn McGuire, Diane Amos, Karen Hibbs, Patty Trent, Jan Ball, Kathy An. derson, Selma McKenzie, Sonja Danielson, Carmen Sul- livan, Laura Thompson. Front row : Kathy Taylor, Carolyn Lockman, Ronnie Cook, Don- na Stevens, Verlee Leydig, Jeannie Morrow, Kay Im- M a sc he, Justine Beatty, Eliza- beth Higgins, Karen Seery, Shirley Beeler, Lynn Dyatt, Mary Sloan. 105 Women ' s Recreation Association Interests Students In Physical Activities Officers are: Elsie Hildebrand, publicity chairman- Peggy Swords, secretary: Karen Cronic. treasurer: Sandra Ford, president; Dixie Barb, social chairman; Marilyn i all man, vice president; JoAnn Bernritter. parliamentarian. The Women’s Recreation Association encourages interest and participation in physical activities for recreation as well as furthering the ideal of good sports- manship To become eligible for mem- bership, a student must earn a certain number of points through participation in intramurals, individual or team sports. Members who earn the required number of points in various activities are awarded letters and sweaters. Women’s Recreation Association pro- motes physical fitness by sponsoring Play Days for high school students as well as Spoils Days for colleges. As a service project, a scholarship is awarded annu- ally to a high school senior girl. Participating in intramurals is one way the members may earn points toward their let- ter sweaters. Back row: Dixie Barb, Lila Coleman. P e g g y Swords, Karen Cronic, Virginia Lor- beer, Beverly Winder, Sue Mog, Elsie Hildebrand, JoAnn Bernritter. Front row ; Miss Ruth Sevy, sponsor ; Codas Rowe, Bonnie Barron, Sandra Ford, Shirley Carved , Marilyn Tallman, Mary Denton, Sandy Me Fad den, Arlene Estes. 106 Musical Organizations Groups assume importance in cultural development of the campus. Members of Fort Hays Singers are, standing: Francis Wilson, Monte Seibel, Eugene Schweitzer, Jon Shively, Marvin Cochran, Dale Atkinson, Gayle Garrelts, and Don Crosby. Seated : Beverly Stutterheim, Barbara Gerritzen, Betty Base, Christine Wickizer, Sharon Wickizer, Mary Ellen Clark, Beth Fellers, and Margaret Caldwell, Fori- Hays Singers Experienced voice students at Fort Hays State College combine their tal- ents to form a highly selected ensem- ble, This group, called die Fort Hays Singers, has a limited membership of sixteen. Under the leadership of Eugene Schweitzer, this organization has given numerous concerts throughout the school year. Much in demand, off campus as well as at school, die Fort Hays Singers give willingly of their time and talent and provide many people with the opportunity to hear- th is talented ensemble. The Singers presented a program of Christmas carols on KAYS-TV and made a two- day tour of South Central Kansas in Decemher. Orchestra Composed of outstanding musicians from the cam- pus, Hays High School, and the surrounding area, the orchestra presents several concerts during the year and First Violin Bonnie Hemken Fritz Kramer Edward Shindler Nancy Bryant Betty Edwards Charlotte Shaffer Flute Christine Wickizer Martha Chaffee Second Violin Lucille Felten Paul Graber Rita Urban Jill Karst Mary Taylor Wayne Green Rae Jean Mai Patsy Sc heck Viola Lloyd Herren W illiam Bowman Betty Schweitzer Maureen Sullivan Barbara Gerritzen Piano John Norman Percussion Kenneth Prior accompanies the Christmas Messiah, The group is di- rected by E. Edwin Moyers. Cello Eugene Schweitzer JoLynne Fred erik son Carol Bay singer Imogene Forney Judy Shindler Oboe Jeanne Watts Sara Hanson Timpani Don W r ittig Clarinet William Nelson Mary Ellen Clark Horn Jerry Vance Roy Parker Leland Bartholomew Donna Atkeson Bass Paul Massey Bassoon Mary Schueler Lynn Drake Trumpet Phil Law Joyce Showalter Trombone Roger Cody Dennie Reed 107 Fort Hays State Bands provide training for musicians and entertainment toi audiences. r of Homecoming Royalty, the band stands at attention. Christine Wickizer displayed poise and ability as she led the Fort Hays Marching Band for her first year. Mi band is assembled for a college concert. f 08 Adding color and spark to half-time football performances and parades were five high-stepping majorettes who were chosen at the beginning of the marching season. They are Elaine Roberts, Shara Sue Bomgardner, Glenda Griffith, Norma Gibson, and Patsy Leuty. Band The Fort Hays Slate March- ing 100, under the direction of Harold G, Palmer, performs al football games and leads the Homecoming Parade. The band presented the show, “Love in Bloom for Parents’ Day at the Southwestern -Fort Hays game and formed the traditional heart for the crowning of the queen at Homecoming. Membership for Concert Band is selected from the Marching 100. This band pre- sents concerts throughout the year and climaxes the concert season with an annual per- formance in the spring. The highlight of the year for the members is the tour where they give concerts for high school audiences over the state. The organization is governed by the Band Council, a group of eight students elected from the band. The two pep bands, made up from the Marching 100, help to promote spirit at basketball games and pep rallies. 10 ? Members of the Women’s Ensemble are: Shirley Poage, accompanist; Lynn Thomas, Liz Higgins Lou Jean Brown, Julie Riisoe, Mary Lou Vesecky, Jolene Webster, Beth Fellers, Priscilla Taylor, Karen Hibbs, Elaine Roberts, and Sondra Green. Not pictured is Patti Percival. Women ' s Ensemble and Men ' s Quartet The Women’s Ensemble made its first showing at Fort Hays State Col- lege this year. The newly- organized group is composed of 12 members and is a three-part ensemble Under the direction of Miss Mary Maude Moore, the Women’s Ensemble is available for public and campus ap- pearances One of the busiest music organiza- tions on campus is the Men’s Quartet Composed of upperclassmen with experienced voices, this group is al- ways on the go, performing in Hays and various towns throughout this part of Kansas. They also add spark and variety to many choir perform- ances John Norman is the director Concert Choir Outstanding in its choral performances, the Fort Hays Concert Choir provides mu- sical entertainment In many areas of Kansas as well as on the Fort Hays State campus The 56 members of the choir, under the direction of Eugene W. Schweitzer, presented “Finian’s Rainbow” as one of the highlights of their musical performances. The choir also made a three-day tour of Northwest Kansas in March Members of the Men’s Quartet are: Francis Wilson, first tenor; Jon Shively, second tenor: Don Crosby, baritone; and Marvin Cochran, bass. The Concert Choir proudly displays black and gold robes as the group poses for a formal photograph. Members of the Clarinet Choir are, back row: Mary Bowen, Lana Romeiser, Mary Margaret Brumitt, John Francisco, Dennis Reed, Charles Rhine, Barbara Patterson, Juneil Thomm, and Gary Wiley. Front row: William Nelson, Karen King, Patsy Tcnny, Nancy Housholder, Betty June Schroll, Birkley Barnes, Mary Hall, and Mary Shaffer Clarinet and Brass Choirs One of die most popular instrumental groups at Christmas and Easter is the Brass Choir This group makes a two-day tour of South -Central Kansas in December The Choir, a highly selective group, is under the direction of I. el and Bartholomew. One of the newest instrumental groups on the campus is die Clarinet Choir, directed by Harold Palmer They perform in connection with the Concert Band in die spring. Members of the Brass Choir arc ' Don Vi itiig. standing , Donna Atkinson, anti Joyce Sc ho waiter. Seated: Roger Cody, Jerry Vance, Earl Blaiiei. and Phil Law. “Finian ' s Rainbow ' 1 ' Tinian’s Rainbow,” this year’s production by the Concert Choir, was a fanciful musical which involved the poorer classes of Southern people during the development of the TV A Problems begin when Irishman Finian McLonergen, portrayed by Francis Wilson, steals a leprechaun’s gold and comes to Rainbow Valley, Missi lucky, U.S.A., to plant it. Lep- rechauns, financiers, witches, sena- tors, sailors, and sheriffs make the musical an exciting production. One of the highlights was a “jig” done by Finian and his daughter, Sharon, por- trayed by Margaret Caldwell. All problems are solved and Finian de- vised a new means of becoming rich. The show was directed by Eugene Schweitzer and Karen Kennedy was accompanist. Cast members in a scene from Finian’s Rainbow ; Randall Weller Margaret Caldwell, Francis Wilson, Larry Brandon, Neil McNerney, and Don Allen. Sigma Alpha lo+a President Mary Ellen Clark Vice President Barbara Gerritzen Recording Secretary — Kayla Price Corresponding Secretary Leann Weinhold Treasurer Beverly Stutterheim Assistant Treasurer — — Shirley Poage Chaplain - Sharon Borell Editor - Martha Chaffee Sergeant-at-Arms Mary Elizabeth Hall Officers are, standing; Martha Chaffee, Leann Weinhold, Mary Hall, Shirley Poage, Mary Ellen Clark, Seated : Sharon Borell, Barbara Gerritzen, Beverly Stutterheim, Kayla Price The purpose of Sigma Alpha Iota, women ' s professional music fraternity is to uphold and further the standards of music Sigma Alpha Iota members take part in music department activities and assist with Band Day Outstanding events of the year include the Pledge Recital and the Contemporary Recital presented with Phi Mu Alpha. Miss Lu- cille Felten is Sigma Alpha lota sponsor. Pledges are, standing . Anita f ang, Dorothy Voss, Sara Hanson, Dolores Voss, and Vera Renick. Seated; Imogene Forney, Jeanne Watts, Barbara Hunter, and Margaret Caldwell. Not pictured are Janet Dewald, Karen King, and Norma Gibson. Actives are, standing: Ann Estes, Beth Fellers. Mary Schueler, Jo Lynne Frederik- son, Beverly Clark, Christine Wickizer, Betty Base, Aileen Thornburg, Sharon Wickizer, Patty Percival. Seated; Mary Shaffer, Joyce Show alter, Ar lene Gilbert, Jeanine Earley, and Patsy Scheck. Officers are, standing: Harold G. Palmer, Roger Cody, and Francis Wilson. Seated: Don Wittig, Bob Marqueling, John Huber, Bill Nelson, and Philip Law, Phi Mu Alpha President — — Roger Cody Vice President Francis Wilson Secretary — John Huber Treasurer Bill Nelson Pledge Master Philip Law Song Leader Philip Law Warden Don Wittig Phi Mu Alpha, men’s professional music fraternity, is composed of college men who are majoring in music. The fraternity promotes musicianship and activities in music, sponsoring a scholarship. Activities of the group include ushering at Artists and Lecture Series. The organization works closely with Sigma Alpha Iota. Sponsor of Phi Mu Alpha is Harold G. Palmer. Members of Phi Mu Alpha are. back row: Mr. Palmer. John Huber, Warren Wickham, Jim Spen r. BiU NelsM. Mjllard Harrell, Jon Shively, Paul Massey, and Frances Wilson. Second row: John Francisco, Richard Kysar Donald ' i’ ' RoPer odf’ Carv Blaucr’ Philip Phillips, and Philip Law. Front row; Bob Marqueling, Marvin Cochran, Monte Seibel, Roy Parker, Roger Cody, Cary Blauer, and Dennis Reed, Canterbury Club Episcopal Club Awards Student Scholarship Canterbury Club is the organiza- tion for Episcopal college students. Some of the activities include guest speakers, “sloppy joe” suppers for money-making projects and Bible study. Also the group awards a scholarship to a student who is de- serving and needs financial assist- ance. The Canterbury Club is de- signed to promote fellowship and growl 1] among those who are in- terested in the Episcopal Church, M rubers are; Stephen Ostrom, R, U, Mr nks, sponsor; Norman McIntosh, Miller. Gregg Trask, Iris Mc- ! ■ js!i . Herb Hagman. Karren Reinert, vi Ann Lofstead. Arnold Lewis. Mary Hagman. Christian Council Fosters Cooperation Among Churches Organized last year, the Christian Council’s objec- tive is to cooperate with the individual churches and their associations in the promotion of church programs. Each church has three representatives: two students and an adult. The group encourages the Fort Hays State faculty and students in religious participation and association. While meeting at the Memorial Union the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30, the Christian Coun- cil discusses how to improve the programs and work- shops of international nature. Members, back raw : Herbert Hagman, Arnold Lewis, the Rev. Sam Maier, Bill Wilson, Ken Griffin, George Rasgall, the Rev. Norman Sim- mons. Second row: Mar- jorie Robertson, Jean Wilson, Beverly Taylor, Miss Naomi Garner. Seated : Karol Knud son, Bob Beck, and Pat St eh no. 114 Christian Youth Fellowship Emphasizes Christian Living Back row ; Tom Whipple, Mike Ary, Russell Schoof. Jean Wilson, Doris Dillinger. Front row: Robin. Bigge, Lila Ash, Ilia Mullins, Joyce Ernest, Karen Cronic, Joanne Griffitts. Back row: Lynn Thomas, Rev, W ard Patterson, Ronald Nelson, Allen Quenzer, Gary Kraisinger, Margaret Flynt. Front row: Jackie Woodson, R irk ley Barnes, Marjorie Robertson, Patty Mil- ler, Dorothy Voss, Delores Voss, Marjorie Thompson. Christian Youth Fellowship seeks to enrich the social, mental and spiritual lives of students connected with the organization, those who are members of the Christian Church. It strives to bring fellowship and understanding among its members. The organization is sponsored by the Rev, Ward Pat- terson and meets every Sunday night at the church. Activi- ties of the group include swimming parties, caroling, and programs to better understand the teachings of the Bible. Kappa Phi Rose Tea Is Given for Pledges Membership in Kappa Phi is composed of college women with a Methodist preference. The members Ineet every second and fourth Thursday of each month. Special traditions of the organization are the Christmas party and the parents’ banquet in the spring. All new members must go through a pledging period before becoming active members. Every year a Rose lea is given for the pledges. The aim of Kappa Phi is to make every Methodist woman in the college world today, a leader in the church of tomorrow. Back row: Eunice Kin- kel, Anet Rogers, loan Tilton, Mildred Peter- son, Judy Johnson, Betsy EUsaesser, Ann Boosa, and Mrs. M. V. W a 1 ker . Fr on t r ow : Alita Wells, Marvel Wineland, and Carol Kyner. IIS Gamma Delta Affiliates Messiah Lutheran Students Encouraging and maintaining fellow- ship and keeping students within the church is the purpose of Gamma Delta. This religious group is an international organization of Messiah Lutheran aL filiated college and university students. Alpha Psi is the name of the chapter established on our campus. With knowledge and service being the foundation upon which this group was organized, members strive to fur- ther growth and service in Christian knowledge. Dr, Garwood is the sponsor of this group which meets every Wednesday evening, at the Messiah Lutheran Church on North Main. Officers are: Ronald Soeken, president; Gene Burns, vice president; Don Parsons, treasurer; Glenda Opitz, secretary. Members, back row : Rev. Victor M. Policy. Oliver D, Kralieek, Richard Baldwin, Dennis Schulze, Ronald Soeken,, Gene Burns, Cecil Soeken, Gary Kootz, Don Parsons, Johnny Hoover, Harvey Niermeier. Second row: Dr. John D. Garwood, sponsor; Elaine Peterman. Rhoda Hobble, Jan Schmoekel, Jeanne Unger, Janice Kootz, Mona Leigh Cordes, Agnes Boyd, Wilma Balls, Robert Funk. First row: Carol Slankard, Mary Kralie ek, Shirley Stark, Sharon Wright, Mildred Merz, Glenda Qpitz, Carol Oelka. Lutheran Student Association Unites Trinity Lutheran Members The Lutheran Student Association works to unite Lutheran students in Christian fellowship and to help them build a mature type of faith that will continue to grow as long as they, them- selves grow . By offering weekly oppor- tunities for stimulating group studies and discussions confronting the aca- demic mind, the group works to attain its purpose of creating a bitter world that embodies Christian ideals and the highest human values Sponsored by Dr Doris Stage, the group meets each Wednesday evening in the Prairie Room of the Memorial Union at 7 p m The Lutheran Student Association is connected with the Trini- ty Lutheran Church Members are: Gary Schneider, Philip Rumpel, LeRoy Demcs, Liza Hender shot, Joan Spicer, Judy Brown, Larry Deines, Larry Ehrlich, Doris Stage, sponsor, Karen Galliart. Norman Mai Not pictured: Larry Dietz, Jim Deines, Jim Mai, Edwin Margheim. The Roger Williams fellowship is a new organization on campus this year They are affiliated with the Baptist Stu- dent Movement through the Kansas and American conventions. Some of the mem- bers have attended conventions in Pitts- burg, Kansas and Green Lake, Wisconsin In the spring, the Rogers Williams Fel- lowship produces a play to make money for a scholarship so that a member may attend the conventions. Roger Williams Fellowship New Organization on Campus Back rou : Kenneth Voss, Lee Salmans, Bill Wilson, George Turner, Gary Sad- dler. Jerry Harrington. Front row: Myrna Fiss, Sherry Cam burn. Gail Murray, Mary Brum mitt, Elaine Howard. Newman Club Promotes Fellowship Among Catholic Students The Newman Club is an organization of Catholic cultural, intellectual and social interests for the Cath- olic student at Fort Hays State Newman clubs are organized in non-Catholic colleges and universities in the United States and Canada to promote fellowship among Catholic students Regularly the club has scheduled speakers, monthly socials and meetings. The group participates in college intramural activities In the spring a formal dance and a picnic are held. The club meets in the Gold Room of the Memorial Union Building twice during each month. Members, top row : Jim Schalansky Glenn Schreiber, Layton Kaiser John juenemann, Valarian Weiser. Dean Larson, B, J, Hirt. Vi ayne Schmidt, John Geisinger, Tony Axman, Peter Karlin, Charles Before Harold Bningardt, Frances Schippers Second row: Phil Lacey, Ronald Hornung, ernon Burghart, Alv in Maneth, Larry Leitner, Martin Robb Edwin Birzer, Delbert Lessor. Marvin Roth, First row: Patsy Scheck, Nancy Thielen Jolene Maneth, Jan Hinkek Joyce Whipple Donna Delaney. Doris Rohlman. Members, top row: Mike Dreiling, Denis Herteb Francis Desch, Maurice Cerousky, Maurice Pfannenstieh Melvin Leiker, Maurice Rohr. Ralph Schlick, Neal Thielen, John Karls. Gerald Befort. Delwin Mermis, Greg Legleiter, Cliarles Suppes. Second row: Ed Durall, Ed Horning, Neil Folks, Wi hner Waldman, Don McGinnis, Darrell Brungardt. Martin Robb Wesley Nicholson, Dennis Wahlmeier. Bottom row: Theresa Grabbe, Deanna Engel, Pat Younger, Mary Dreiling, and Margie Rohr. I ! 8 Officers: Mary Lou Horning, treasurer; Sonja Danielson, secretary; George Bas- gall, president; Father Camillas Schmidt, chaplain. Not pictured: Jim Darnel, vice presi- dent; Mr, Edgar McNeil and Mr. John Berland, sponsors. Bark roii ' Steve Purdy Philip Phillips, Gary Kenyon, Wayne Broeckelman, Gerald Schaffer, Gerald Solko Gene eisinger. Mary Dale, Charlotte Thomeczek, Fiances VonLinteL I 1 9 Wesley Foundation Provides Opportunities for Religious Service Things are always popping at Wesley — the student center with the forward look — at die corner of Elm and West Sixth. The foundation offers a program of worship, retreats, camps, forums, lectures, banquets, and dances. The basic program begins each Sunday evening with supper followed by discussion groups and vesper services The purposes of the Wesley Foundation are to develop the personal religious life of its members, to promote Christian fellowship on the campus, to develop Christian leadership, to help build a Christian world fellowship, and to provide opportunities for Christian service. Enjoying the comfort of the student center arc Gerald Lindsey, Kay Dundas, Bernie Mills. Janice Pinney. and Lynn Drake. The new Methodist Youth Center provides comfortable space for wi informal gatherings of members. Serious discussion occupies Wesley members. Karen Getty, Marita Tuttle, and Elaine Roberts confer on Wesley business. :ekly meetings of the Wesley Foundation and 120 United Student Christian Fellowship Builds a Christian World Fellowship Sponsored by the Rev, Sam Maier and Dr. Dale Dick, die Presbyterian student group. United Student Christ- ian Fellowship, holds meetings every Sunday evening at the Westminister Hall Their program is to offer the student the benefits of worship, fellowship, and discussion within a religious commun- ity. The program is, an “Orientation to Christian Campus Living 7 and takes in students of four co-operating churches. Members are: Dr. Dick, sponsor; James Sjogren. Joe Cullen. Bruce Marshall, Don Coffey, Doug Ward, Rex Getz, Curtis Carley, Robert Bowman, Song Kin Ro. Second row: Ruth Fritsche, Linda Rasek, Mary DEers. Barbara Hunter, Anita Lang, Ilene Honker. Jamilee Page, Anita Palmgren. Front row : Beverly Taylor, Karol Knudson. Marian Clow. Sara Hanson, Carolyn Mothcrshead. Y.W.C.A. Open to All Denominations Back row: Patricia Moler, Patricia Ellers. Patricia Miller, Julie Riisoe, Slarilyn Patton, Gail Murray, Sara Hanson, Patsy Tenny, Joan Griffins, Linda Bamberger. Linda Esplund, Lek Hendricks, Doris Dillinger, Miss Naomi Garner. Second rou : Margaret Stapleton, Judv Johnson, June Wunderlich, Judy Mowry, Ruth Baker, Carol Wonderlich, Donna Jensen. Wilma Opplinger, Front row: Sue Toney Betty Sch roll, Carolyn Mothershead, Ruth Fritsche, Karol Knudson. Glenda Stites. Beverly Taylor. Every first and third Wednesday at 7:15 in die Santa Fe Room of ihe Me- morial Union, the Young Women’s Chris- tian Association meets. This organization is open to women students of all demon i nations. It has as an objective, fellowship with girls of various interests who work through the Y.W.C.A. to seek and learn more about God. It is affiliated with the National Stu- dent Council of Y.W.C.A. and World Student Christian Federation. 121 iOK, Agnew Hall i and housemothers meet to discuss dormitory problems. The ' ■!. nd Mrs. Joe Hubbard. Mrs. Churchill. Mrs Biavs, and Mr Erl Barels. Agnew Hall could now be called a sister dormi- tory to Custer Hall as it is no longer for upperclass- women. The upperclasswomen find the freshmen “a swell bunch” as they share their dorm life with them, Agnew ' s 170 women completed the year success- fully with many activities. Among them were form- als, guest nights, homecoming decorations, intra- murals, and free baby-sitting for faculty during faculty night activities. The dorm has set up a council program to make college life as comfortable as possible. Six upper- classwomeri and two married couples arc counselors to Agnew residents, Mrs, Esther Biays, and Mrs. Adah Churchill are housemothers. Andersen, Baker, Bamberger, Bans, Bean, Beck. Beeler, Bell, Bennett, Bit tic, Blecha. Bloomer, Bomgardner, Boosa. Boyd, Braswell, Brown, C. A,, Brown, C. J., Brown, J,, Brown, P Buehler, Buntz, Burroughs, Caldwell. Cambern, Chaffee, Chapman, Class!, Cluster, Colburn, Couton, Cole, Crissman, Cronic. Cronin, Curry, Dale, Daniels, L., Dan- iels, S,, Davis. Da we. Decker, DeewalL Dennis, DeRosear. Dewald, Diers, Dillinger. Dinkel, Dreiling, Edwards, Ellis, B.. Ellis. M., EUsaesser, Engel, D. Engel, L., En strum, Estes. Ferguson. Fox, Ford, Freeborn. Green, K., Green, S , Greenway, Grif- fith, G., Griffith, J., Griifitts, G winner Hall, Hargitt, Hawley, Heaton, CL Heaton. P., Heide, Hildebrand. Hoffman, Holmes, Housholder, Jen- sen, Johnson, Kerr, Keeler King, Kitchen, Koch, Kyner, Lang, Lawson, Leuty. Little, Lock man, Lowe, McFadden, McMullen, Martin, Medcraft Merkel, Miller, Mohr, Moody, C., Moody, R., Mustoe, Northup. Nusse, Ochsner, O ' Neil, Oplinger, Owens, Patton, Phillip son. Pixel, Purvis, Rasek, Reinert, Renick, Rexford. Richard. Riley, Roberts, Rogers, Rookcr, Roth, Rowe, Saeler, Schugart, Schultz, Scott, Selfridge, K., Sel fridge, L., Sctte, Simons. Slankard, Sloan, Smith, D., Smith, G., Stapleton, Stewart, S.. Stewart, W Stielow, Stivers, Sullivan, Sutton, Sweat, Swink, Tacha. Taylor, Tennv, Thomas, Torrey, Tra- han, Vacura. Vesecky, Votruba, Walter, N , Walter, S , Wein- hold, Weis, Whitney, Wilken. Wilkenson. Williams, Winder, Wine- land, Wright, Young, Younie. 123 Custer Hall Mr . Grace Goodman and Mrs- Kate Rawley find time to just sit and talk with Custer Hall women. Custer Hall is no longer a dormitory for only fresh- man women, but now additionally houses upperclass- women. This integration was a new arrangement this year and was designed to help new women adjust better to college life. The dormitory housed 200 women with house- mothers Kate Rawley and Grace Goodman supervising. Counselors on each floor discuss etiquette, dating, and grades with the other residents. The women participate in both formal and informal dances, teas, guest nights, and intramurals as well as the usual campus activities. Adams, Allen. A urand. Barnes, Barnett. Barron, Beany. Beck- ham, Beckley, Bieber, Bigge. Billings. Bo wans, Boyd. Brann, Brown, Burk, Candlin. Cliarvat. Clark. Clouston. Clow, Cordes. De- Boer, Denton, Dolecek, Dom- ingo, Drake. Filers. Epperley. Erickson. Evel. Fischer. Fiss. Flynt, Frank. Frazier, Galliart, Gilson, Glasscock. Good row, Graves, Greenwood, Greiner. Hammond, Harvey, Hayes, Hedge, J., Hedge. M., Hend- rick s , Henslei gh , H erm on . Hibhs, Hobbie, Hoffman. Holliday, Holmes, Hopkins Horning, Howard. Howell, Humes, Hunter, Jensen, Jorns, Kaltenbach, Ken- nedy, Kerstetter. Kesler, King, K., King, $., Kitchen, Kleweno, Kohler, Korte, Kralicek. Kriley, Laffer tv, Langrehr, Languein, LaSalle. Leffingwell, Lindsey, Lines. Litton. Lofstead, Lorbeer, Losev, Luetters, McCoy, Me- Creight, McElroy. Me Fall McKean, McMullen, McNulty, Mack, Ma cy, Mad- dux, Martin. Mathis, Mease, Miller, C.. Miller. G., Miller, P„ Mise- gadis, Modi i n, Moler, M, Moler. P.. Moreland. Morris, Mothershead, Moweiry. Murray, Myers, Neill. Nemedtek, Northrup, Gborny. Page, Palmgren, Patterson, B.. Patterson, C.. Patton. Perkins, Petracek, Phillips. Pinney, Pollnow. Pounds, Pow- den, Prinsen. Quiring. Ramsey, Ridgway. Reinert. Riggs, Riisoe, Robben, Roberts. Roeser, Romeiser, Romine, Rowe, C., Rowe, V., Rowley, Sanborn, Sater. Schmoekel, S c h n a 1 1 e r I y Schroeder, Sell roll, Sellens, Sewell, Shaner, Showalter. Sigle, Sinclair, Smith, Spen- cer, Springfeldt, Stark. Stein- shouer, Stephenson, Sterrett, Stevens, Stiles, Stout. Stover, Strecker, Stum, Suhler. Summers, Taylor. B,, laylor, p i( Thiele, Thielen, Toland, Tucker. Tuttle. Underwood, Unger, Vance, Vanderbur, Voss. Voss, Waters. Webster. Wilson, Wolfe, Wunderlich, C„ Wonderlich, J., Woodard, Woodson Worth, Zachmeistcr. Residence Hall Mrs. Neta 13 Ice finds there’s never a dull moment while being housemother for the men at Residence Hall. Bill McKinney finds his room a good place for relaxing. “Home” is the word referred to Residence Hall by 170 college men. Among the dorm men are basketball, foot- ball, and track stars as well as outstanding musicians and class officers, A dorm council is set up to plan activities and enforce dorm policies. Highlighting the year s events were the annual formal and in- formal as well as hour dances, exchange din- ners, homecoming activities and game enthu- siasm, Mrs, Neta Bice, better known as “Mom,” is housemother, and Miss Beulah Lamb is her assistant. c P p p If ' p n P ' 1 -w- p P Pi p ... , r I ■ - ■ P O : c p O JrL p Jrji p Cl P o Z ' jr r iv p c p p n L - p p P o ' V- ' M , r w p o •V - - Y y p n ,1-5 . rr 1, r m " ■ p p. Scott. M, t Scott. R,, Counselors, Ahlvers, Anton. Arnold. Augustine . Ralim, Baldwin, Bungle Bastin, Bay. Bechtel, Beecher, L. K. Beecher, L. 5„ Berry. Behnke, Biays, Righam, Birzer, Blauer. Bortz, Briney, Brown, Brucciani. Bryant. B odder. Burgess. Bur key, Caprez, Clement, Cochran. Collins, Connor, Craig, Crosby, Dale. David, Davis, Do- Garmo, Deges. DeMeritt. Donart, Drussel, Ellis, Eniigh, Eveh Fellers, Folks. Fry, Gagnon, Gardner, Garrelts, Glea- son. Good heart. Good row. Grecian, Grube, Hanson, Harrell, Hauck. Hayden, Heimer, Henderson, Hildebrand, HirL Hoff- man, Hoskinson, Howard, HowelL Huber, Hullman,, Hunter, Jeffers, Jenkins, Jennings, Johnson. Juenemann, Kaiser, Keith. Kenyon, Kibbe. Klein, Krug, Larson, Lavielle, Lawson, Levin, Lo- pez. Major, Malmgren. Mapel, Marcus, Marshall, Martin. Me- El wain, McKinney, McMulkm. Mehl. Meserve, Mickey. Mooney. Moses, Much Mulch. Mull, Munds, My rick, Oren, Pam- men ter, Parsons, Phillips. Price, Pryor, Kalstin, R evil la. Rose. Ruth, LL L.. Ruth, D. W. Saddler, Schardien, Schreiber, Scott, Segovia, Sewell, Shamburg. Shepherd, Sherrill, Showalter. Sittner. Spradling, Stackhouse, Stewart. Stegman, Stineburg, Stout. Strecker, Sweeney, Trogdon, Turner, Ukens, Voss, Waldman, Walter, White. Wickham, Wilcoxson, W ' ilkerson. Wilson, Wollesen, D,. Wol- lesen, R., Woods, Zerr, Zeigler. o ft o M ft’ ft f bo c m ft o I L W ft rj iii D p Of f a T V Mr m n i jh „ Vv Mk MkJ+k ft ft ■ " ' ft C-y- P. „ A.v ft r o ' i k c ip % ft. ft ft ft ft ft p ft. p ' WA a r 4 F ft. r ft a ft ft ' til t k wV iC A p ft mm JA o Mk (ft »; J f M 4 t ii. ft ft T » ■ mtM g ■ft Mm ♦ ft ft W ft p p ij v taI W 127 128 ! 29 i 30 sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma A TTENDANTS 1 3 J REVEILLE QUEEN Lois McCoy 132 sponsored hv Delta Sigma Phi 133 Mary Elaine Bowen sponsored by Kappa Sigma Kappa REVEILLE f 34 Jari Wilson sponsored by Residence Hall A TTENDANTS Candy Jones made the Reveille royalty selections shortly before the Reveille Ball from photographs sent to Her New York office! Miss Jones is the head of the Candy Jones Career Girls School; as such she is the fashion -beauty-grooming expert best known to female America. Her students include many girls who have gone on to considerable fame 135 SWEETHEART QUEEN Mary Ann Lof stead sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma 136 S WEETHEAR T KING Larry Davidson J « sponsored hv Agnew Ha!! 1 37 Greeks As a part of national Greek organizations, sororities and fraternities uphold and aid their individual groups by local lead- ership, activities, and standards. Most chapters maintain houses work on philanthropic projects strive for high scholastic stan- dards, and provide leadership in campus and chapter activities. r 3s 139 Panhellenic Council Governs Sororities Members are: Loretta Socba, JoLynne Fredriksen, Diane Amos, Barbara Nel- son, Karen Bruggeman, Jan Ball, Laura Thompson, Karen Lofstead. Ellen Duff. Mary Bowen, Mrs, Maxine Hoffman, sponsor, Marjorie Thy fault. The Panhellenic Council is the govern- ing body of the five national sororities af- filiated on the Fort Hays State campus. Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Sigma Al- pha, Delta Zeta, Sigma Kappa, and Sigma Sigma Sigrna. The representatives, the rushing chair- man and one official delegate from each chapter or colony of a National PanheL lenic fraternity located on the campus, con- stitutes the membership of the organiza- tion. The purposes are: to maintain on a plain fraternity life and interfraternity relations within our college, to further fine intellectual accomplishment and sound scholarship, to cooperate with the college administration in the maintenance of high social standards, to he a forum for the discussion of questions of interest in the college and fraternity world and to compile rules governing rushing, pledg- ing, and initation on the Fort Hays State campus. Officers are: Karen Lofstead, presi- dent; Joan Fink, vice president; Laura Ann Thompson, recording secretary; Lor- etta Socha, corresponding secretary; Jo- T y nn e F red er i k son , t rea sn rer . One of the most important as- pects of being affiliated with a so- rority is maintaining high scholas- tic ideals. Each sorority promotes within its own membership the de- sire to reach the highest achieve- ment possible. Panhellenic Council awards a scholarship shield to the group with the highest average each semester. Karen Lofstead. Panhellenic president, presented the fall semester shield to Laura Ann Thompson and Mary Bowen, Alpha Gamma Delta representatives. 140 Interfraternity Council Directs Fraternities Members are, hack row : Daryl Jensen, Jay Sekavec, Victor Johnson, Jack Brinker, Michael Money, Gary Kiaisiager, Dean Richard Burnett, sponsor. From row: Gordon Rogers, William Inman. Max McIntyre, Samuel Lesseig. Dennis Popp, Ronald Nold. I liter fraternity Council is com- posed of the president and one rep- resentative of the six national frat- ernities: Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Tau Gamma, and Tau Kappa Epsilor The group is nationally affiliated. The council aims at promoting a cooperative, friendly feeling among fraternities and between fraternity men and independents. It attempts to encourage all chapters to take part in college activities for the common good. It sets standards for fraternity participation and for the betterment of the members of the fraternities, the organizations and the general college. It sponsors ac- tivities for the benefit of the col- lege community and for the educa- tion of all on the values of frater- nity life. Officers are: Mike Money, treasurer Victor Johnson, first semester president; Bill Inman, second semester president; and Sam Lesseig, vice president. 141 Greeks Lead Active Year . . . Delta Sigma Plii won top honors in the Greek organizations competition in intramural basketball. Mrs. Lulu Vogelsang, grand international president of Alpha Gamma Delta, presented the charter to Epsilon Mu chapter president Marilyn Dreher at the fall installation. Greek activities strive to promote the overall growth of fraternity men anti sorority women. Mental, physical and social maturity are em- phasized through intramurals, social functions and interest in higher scholarship achievements for all members. These pictures are merely rep- resentative of the many Greek activities. Left; The sororities entertained freshman women al the close of orientation week at a Chinese brunch. Bill Inman. Interfraternity Council president, presented the tali semester scholarship awards to actives and pledges of Tau Kappa Epsilon. 142 Sigma Kappa- Delta Omicron Chapter Sigma Kappa was founded at Colby College, Waterville, Maine, on November 8, 1874 The fraternity has 97 active chapters. The local chapter was established in 1956 as Pi Kappa Sigma and merged with Sigma Kappa on June 7, 1959 Local membership is six The badge is an equilateral tri- angle with a pearl on each point and the greek letters Sigma Kappa on an inner raised maroon triangle. The colors of Sigma Kappa are maroon and lavender and the flower is the violet, symbolizing modesty and purity. The magazine is the T riangle. The national philanthropy is giv- ing aid to the Maine Sea Coast Mis- sion and to the American Farm School in Greece Chapter officers are: Roberta Lu- cas, president; Karen Bruggeman, vice president; Elaine Howard, sec- retary; and Joan Fink, treasurer After lunch together in the Union, Sigma Kappa members Joan Fink, Karen Bruggeman, and Roberta Lucas look through the magazine selection Bruggeman, Karen Fink, Joan Hecox, Bobbie Howard, Elaine Lucas, Roberta Williams, Delores 143 A r Alpha Gamma Delta The home of Alpha Gamma Delta is 409 West 8th. Mrs. Sue Davidson is housemother. Alpha Gamma Delta was founded in 1904 in Syracuse, New York. Chapters of tliis fraternity have been established on the campuses of 83 universities and colleges. International Reunion Day, the traditional day for gathering throughout the fraternity, is an annual tradition. Epsilon Mu chapter of the fraternity was officially installed Sept. 12, 1959, and was formerly Mu chapter of Theta Sigma Upsi- lon. The local chapter now has 38 under- graduate members. The colors of Alpha Gamma Delta are red, buff, and green. The badge is a mono- gram of the three Greek letters which may or may not he jeweled. The flowers are red and buff roses. National philanthropies include the in- ternational altruistic project, which in- volves work for the cerebral palsied and physically handicapped people. Local pro- jects also include parties for physically handicapped children and contributions to special designated funds. The chapter officers this year are Mari- lyn Dreher, president; Wanda Mease, vice president; Joan Spicer, recording secretary; Gwen Jefferies, corresponding secretary; and Glenda Heany, treasurer. Bowen, Mary Braswell, Judy Brown, Clara Ann Conard, Karen Cook, Ronnie Deal, Terry Dreher, Marilyn Dyait, Lynn Engel, Luanne Erickson, Lo s Hayes, Patric a Heany, Glenda Humes, Nancy Jefferies, C wend 0? y Kennedy, Judith Langrehr, Margaret Lock man, Carolyn Lock man, Deanna Lofste d, Mary Masters, Janice McClellan, Marilyn McGuire, Marilyn McKenzie, Virgie M ease, Wanda Dime, Marilyn Faustian, Gay Rid gw ay, Bonnie Seery, Karen Seery, Sharon Spicer, Joan Stehno, Patricia Stevens, Roberta Thompson, Laura Thomm, Juneil Thiele, Patricia Whitney, Kay Lene 1 44 Epsilon Mu Chapter It ' s study time for Pat and Terry 145 M Alpha Sigma Alpha The Alpha Sigs homecoming float added beauty to the parade. Alpha Sigma Alpha was founded in Farmville, Virginia, in 1901, and has 43 active chapters. The local chapter was organized as a campus club in 1920 and became a national sorority in 1928. There are ten ini- tiated members in the local chapter. The colors of the sorority are crim- son and white. The badge is a shield of black with four concave sides sup- erimposed upon a similarly-shaped shield of gold, displaying the Greek letters of the sorority, a star and crown. The outer shield may he jew- eled, The flowers are aster and nar- cissus. The national philanthropies center around helping mentally- retarded children. Chapter officers are Glenda Opitz, president; Marilyn Chastain, secre- tary; Carolyn Dennis, treasurer; and Marjorie Thy fault, registrar. Chastain, Marilyn , ... Dennis Carolyn;; L Ferguson J n . i ' . 1 ,! 1 ,; ■ ; , Fross. Vera Klotz, Janice Opitz, Glenda Rafcek, Linda Koth, Eigerine Shaffer, Mary Simons. Paula Socha, Loretta Thy fault. Marjorie 146 Tau Tau Chapter Joan Ferguson and Glenda Qpitz donned formals and focused attention on rushes Sharon Seery during a rush week party 147 N Delta Zeta Homecoming found the Della Zeta house at 703 Fort in the clutches of an octopus. Delta Zeta was founded with three frat- ernities called the Miami Triad on October 24, 1902, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Delta Zeta is the largest national so- rority with 129 chapters. The Delta Om- ega chapter was established in 1925 at Fort Hays State as Delta Sigma Epsilon and merged with Delta Zeta in 1956. Lo- cal membership is 38. The official badge is the Roman lamp resting upon an ionic column and having upon each side three wings of Mercury with a diamond in the flame and four pearls at the base. The Greek letters are on the lamp. The flower is die Ki Harney rose and the colors are old rose and vieux green. Delta Zeta awards a scholarship an- nually to a student in the field of audio- logy and furnishes remedial equipment to handicapped children. The sorority also helps to support Gallaudet College for the deaf. Another project is helping to support a colony of Hansen’s disease victims at CarviUe Hospital in Louisiana The chapter officers are Ann Estes, president; Kathy Anderson, vice presi- dent; Patti Percival, recording secre- tary; Carol Stremel, corresponding sec re- tary; and Sandra Harkness, treasurer. Aldrich, DcAnne Amos, Diane Anderson, Kathleen Ball, Janice Brown, Lou jean Brush, Dawn Butler, Sandra Danielson, Sonja Desbien, Mary " Estes, Ann Fdlers, Beth Getty, Elaine Gibson, Susan Griffith, Glenda Harkness, Sandra Kimbell, Lee Lofstcad, Karen McMullen, Darlene Percival, Patti Pc t race k. Hose Philip, Joyce Pollnou, Sharon Powden, Si grid Price, Kayla Richardson, Kay Robben, Linda Roberts, Elaine Rogers, Vicki Steinshouser, Myrna Stephens, Donna Stover, Sara Stremel, Carol Suchy, Beverly Sution, Suella Truan, Sharon Wood, Virginia ! 48 Delta Omega Chapter Everyone turned L dude” for the DZ s Branding Party. Carol. you’re disobeying the sign again ! 149 2 Sigma Sigma Sigma The Tri Sigma house is located at the corner of 8ih and Elm. Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority was founded at Long wood College, Farm vi He, Virginia, in ]898; there are now 55 ac- tive chapters. Alpha Gamma chapter was founded December 12, 1925, and has 38 members. The colors of Tri Sigma are royal pur- ple and white. The badge is an equilateral triangle with pearls on its indented border and a Greek Sigma on each point of the raised inner triangle in the center of which is a skull and crossed bones. The flower is the purple violet. The largest project of Sigma Sigma Sigma is the Robbie Page Memorial, funds from which are donated to the North Carolina Memorial Hospital for aid in the rehabilitation and convalescence of children patients. In 1959 a new child- ren ' s room was made possible through Tri Sigma funds, and money is now be- ing pledged toward a new isolation wing. An annual Christmas party is held for local children. Chapter officers for this year are: Kay Kaufman, president; Kay ImMasche, vice president; Jeanie Morrow, corres- ponding secretary; Clarene Leonard, re- cording secretary; Carolyn Wanker, treas- urer. Barnett, Sara Braun, Marcia Daniels, Linda Fletcher, Janice Frederikson, JoLvnne Gilson, Rosemary Graf, Marilyn Greenwood, Gloria Harrison, Janet Holliday, Shari ImMasche, Kay Johnson, Deanna Kaiser, Sylvia Kaufman. Kay Leonard, Clarene Leuty, Patsy Moody, Connie Moody, Deanna Moreland, Helen Morrow Jeanie Mustoe, Rosemary Nelson, Barbara North rup, Sharron Rome be r, Lana Ryan, Pat Smith, Jan Stutterheiin, Beverly Swayze, Linda Taylor, Kathy Taylor, Priscilla Trexler Awyn Van DeWege, Nevo Wanker Carolyn Wei n hold, Janey WeinhoJd, Lcann Wickizer, Christine Wilken, Loueita Wolfe, Rosalie 150 Alpha Gamma Chapter Those guppies require a lot of attention and it looks like they are well cared for. The stairway is a good resting place as well as a spot to discuss the happenings of the day. 151 Delta Sigma Phi DELTA SIGMA PHI 1 ft J FG 7 r The Delta Sigs reside at 429 West 11th. Mrs. Victor Samples is their housemother. Delta Sigma Phi was founded in 1889 at the College of the City of New York. There are now 93 active chap- ters in the fraternity Gamma Gmicron chapter was es- tablished in 1953 and the local mem- bership is 26. The badge is a diamond of gold and black enamel containing the Greek let- ters of the fraternity, a green and white pyramid in a circle of white and the Sphinx at the bottom of the pin The colors of Delta Sigma Phi are nile green and carnation white; the flower is the carnation. Officers are; James Griffin, presi- dent; Ray Stacey, vice president; Steve Staub, secretary; Jack Drinker, treas- urer; and Rod Barrows, sergeant at arms. Allen, Donald Blain, Sieve Reese, Donald Boiler, Robert Brinker, Jack Codding ion, Konnetli Dcsbien, Larry Eisenhower, Larry George, Robert Giebler, Gale Griffin, Janies Helen, Ralph Hubert, Craig Mahoney, Garry Mullen, Richard Pearce, Dennis Reed, Jerome Sick, Warren Staub, Stephen Simmons, Richard Stacey, Raymond Wolf, Richard 152 Gamma Omicron Chapter As a result of all this stuffing, the fraternity entered Casey ' s steam engine in the homecoming parade. The Sailor ' s Ball provided an evening of fun and the end of six weeks ' growth of beard for Delta Sig members. 153 Kappa Sigma Kappa The Kappa Sigs added a new signpost to their house at 317 West 7th. Mrs. Eva Strecker Is ho usemother. Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity was founded on September 28, 1867, by four cadets at Virginia Military Insti- tute. There are 53 active chapters in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand. The local chapter was founded in 1946 and the member- ship is 3 i . The badge is in the shape of a Jeru- salem cross with the black Greek let- ters in the center. The dots on the arms of the white cross represent mystic ideas. The colors are purple and gold and the flower is the iris. The magazine is the Iris. The national philanthropic project is support to Father Flanagan’s Boys’ Town. The chapter officers are Don Harz- man, president; Rod Hutton, vice presi- dent; Maurice Du rail, recording secre- tary; Don Darnell, corresponding sec- retary; and Bob Lutz, treasurer. Baumann, Dennis Bergman, Dean Bergman, Paul Boos, Gerald Cussen, Michael Darnell, Donald Dural!, Maurice Dyer, Robert Gilmer, Beniie Gottschalk, Gary Guyer, Howard Harzman, Donald Herbert, Jack Hutton, Rodney Inman, William Johnson, Victor Lutz, Boh Mai, Norman Martin, Dan Mills, John Morehead, Donald Neely, Jerry Qhlemeier, Billy Parsons, Don (Jo ill in, Ronald Revilla, Carlos Unruh, Ross Waggle, Doyle Walker, Ronald Weinhold, Harold Wilson, William Walters, Gale Ziegler, David Ziegler. Wilfred 154 155 3 2 Phi Sigma Epsilon 1 mm « Vi Jr mrju " The Phi Si g house is located at 207 W, 7th. Phi Sigma Epsilon was founded at Kansas State Teachers College, Em- poria, Kansas, in 1910 and there are now 34 chapters. Zeta chapter was founded on the Fort Hays State cam- pus in 1931, The badge of this fraternity is a twelve-sided figure with six points composed of three triangles converging in the center of a hexagon, Greek letters are arranged in a triangle also bearing a gold crown. The base has pearls sur- mounted on gold. The flower of Phi Sigma Epsilon is the white tea rose. The colors are car- dinal and silver. The national maga- zine is The Triangulum . The chapter officers are Ramon Powers, president; James Reiss, vice president; Dennis Popp, recording sec- retary; Rob Hammer, corresponding secretary; and Larry Bennett, treasurer. Bennett, Larry Bran da, Larry Ryer, William Byler, Jack Eulcrt, Harold Feist, John Godfrey, John Hettinger, Donald Hooten, James Leiker, Harvey Lesseig, Samuel Poppc, Clyde Powers, Ramon Reiss, James Rob ben, Rodger Runft, Leland Weigel, Kenneth Williams, Dale 1 56 Zeta Chapter Eager eaters await the goodies prepared by Mrs. Alice Maddox, the Phi Sig’s housemother. Polishing trophies is one duty that comes to every pledge. Nr 157 2 111 Sigma Phi Epsilon The Sig Eps purchased their house at 402 West 7th this year. Mrs. Esther Esslinger is the housemother. Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond University in Richmond, Virginia. The Fort Hays State chapter of the fraternity was founded in the spring of 1956 by two active members who transferred from other schools. The chapter was named Pegis Club until it became Kansas Zeta chapter on May 3, 1958. There are 148 chapters in the national organization. The badge is a pearl-set heart with gold Greek letters in the center. A skull and crossbones are inscribed beneath the letters. The colors are red and pur- ple, the flowers are the American Beauty rose and violets. The fraternity helps underprivileged boys by sponsoring summer camps. Locally the chapter helps the city col- lect for the heart fund. The fraternity sends red roses to all sorority pledges. The officers are Daryl Jensen, presi- dent; Pete Womochil, vice president; Delbert Lessor, comptroller; Lynn Wickizer, recording secretary; Neil Mc- Nerney, corresponding secretary. Boom ho we r, Kenneth Bond, Frederic Crocker, Benjamin Fabrizius, Elvin Floyd, Melvin Graver, Leon Harrison. William Harvey, Larry Howard, Donald Jensen, Daryl Koeppen, Jerry Lessor, Delbert Margheim, Edwin McIntyre, Max McNerney. Neil Million, Reginald Moses, Ray Nickels, Charles Norton, Warren Odette, Dennis Organ, James Peters, Reed Powelson, Robert Ritter, Harlan Schneider, Gary Shepherd, Dennis Shively, Jon Schuniate, Denis Sjogren, James Slipke, Walter Streckcr, Gerald Tarlton, Max Tmssdl, Ronald Welch, David Whalen, Larry While, Howard Wickizer, Lynn 158 Kansas Zeta Chapter Whether the problem is a date or an assignment, a roommate will always have a suggestion. Sigma Tau Gamma The Sig Tail house is located at 413 West 5th and Mrs. Hazel Seam on is housemother. Sigma Tau Gamma was founded on June 28, 1920, at Central Missouri State College in Warrensburg, Missouri, J he fraternity lias 42 chapters Epsi- lon Tau Alpha chapter was founded January 22 1926, and the membership in the local chapter is iiow t 27. Ihe badge is a, blue four-pointed shield with gold Greek letters imposed on a black chevron near tfie center. A grecian urn, sword and chain are im- posed on this shield The colors of Sigma Tau Gamma are blue and white and the flower is die white rose. Officers are Allen Quenzer, presi- dent; Randall Weller, vice president; Mike l Ary, recording secretary; Arnold Lewis, corresponding secretary; and Herbert Hagman, treasurer Ary, Mikel Covey, Robert Daniels, Ronald Hoskinson, Calvin Krais in ger, Gary Lewis, Arnold McCartee, Larry McNeal, Denzil Meier, Larry Moore, Norman Nold, Ronald Quenzer, Allen Sehrater, Gerald Small, Leon W eller, Randall JU - C y V T ■ r 160 Sigma Tau Alpha Chapter Really, fellows, he is only going home for the weekend. One wonders if the “watchbird” is watching these Sig Tans. “But I don ' t want to get up , , 161 T K Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloom- ington, Illinois, in 1 899. The local chapter was founded on April 19, 1942, and the membership is now 34. There are 130 active chapters in the fraternity. The badge consists of an equilateral triangle with a skull and crossbones mounted upon it. Relow the triangle is a scroll with the Greek letters inscribed upon it The colors are cherry and gray and the flower is the red carnation. Chapter officers are Bob Baal man, president; Mike Money, vice president, Tom Hamel, secretary; Tom Kummer, treasurer; Preston McLeod, historian. Home for the TKE’s is 406 West 8th. Their housemother is Mrs. Nellie Sexton. Anderson, Calvin A n derso n. Ri ch a rd Atchison, Carson Raul man, Robert Raalman, Thomas Rellch, James Reo u her, Elton Brown Preston Rurmeister Paul Rurr t Merlyn Chapman, Charles Erbert, Daniel Gilder, Robert Go eke n, James Griffith, Gary Hamel, Thomas Hendrix, Charles Hutch era ft, Ted Johnson, Russell Jones, Ronald Keller, David Kummer, Thomas Limes, Boyd McLeod Preston McQueen, Kerry ' Mcdsker, Steve Mills, Merle Money, Mike Nagel, Harold Olson, Merlin Packard, Richard Piekinpaugh William Rogers, Gordon Schaffer, Gary S tie ben, Lee Wanker, Gerald Westbrook, Jerry Wright, Jack 162 Alpha Upsilon Chapter There is always time for a friendly chat before serious study. Seems like a friendly match anyway One of the annual informals is the Pajama Party. 163 164 165 Football Injuries Mar Tiger Success Fort Hays State finished the 1959 football season with three wins despite numerous injuries to key Tiger performers. From the opening kick-off of the Kearney State game when halfback Elmer Trail suffered a broken arm and was lost for the campaign and con- tinuing throughout the season, Coach Wayne McConnell was faced with the problem of o rganizing new offensive and defensive units for each contest, A rugged schedule coupled with many Tiger injuries formulated six Tiger defeats. Cliff Leiker gained recognition in die Central Intercollegiate Con- ference for his spectacular end play, gaining a first-string berth on the All-CIC team. Other Fort Hays State players receiving all-confer- ence positions were halfback Dar- rel I Hildebrand and center Ron Campbell, who placed on the sec- ond team, Leiker led Tiger receivers with 1 3 grabs and tied for team scoring leadership with halfback Wayne Schumacher. t hree Fort Mays State defense men smother an Emporia Slate hack in Tiger Homecoming game won by the Hornets. IMF 1959 HAYS. KANSAS STATE 11GERS. brunt row: Jim Hooten. Larry Carrier Cliff Leiker A1 Kober. Clyde Poppe. Hon Campbell. Jim Harper. Cary Goodheart. Warren Miller. Darrell Hildebrand. Elmer Trail. Second row: Lee Stevenson. Terry Masterson. Dale Williams. Carl Mooney, Roland Buehler. Ron Haney. Darrell Rolph. Ron Gardner Richard Poage Jim Casper. Wayne Schumacher, Third row: Dick Switzer, Ben Stevenson. Chuck Wideh Ron Lavielle, Neil Dreiling, John Crncic Gerald Strecker Keith Ochs, Daryl Snyder, Doug Gunn. Jack Bordewick. Fourth row: Fred Wills, Paul Borland, Galen Howell, Ted Lohr. Jim Baird. Bob Mapel, Curt Relish, Jim Hartzell. Hoyd Neyman, lom Patrick. Gene Bates. Back row: Line Coach Ed McNeil. Frank Gregory, Maurice Towns Dan Collins, Dennis Wehlmeier, Coach Wayne McConnell. Graduate Assistant Vernon Weakley. 166 wayne McConnell Coaching Staff Head football coach McConnell is in his fourth year as coach at Foil Hays State, He has been in the coaching profession since 1943 and came to Fort Hays State from College of Emporia, While at Emporia he was named Little All-American Coach of the Year by the Rockne foundation. McNeil worked under McConnell at College of Emporia as line coach. He served one year at North Dakota University before rejoining McConnell at Fort Hays State. McNeil was a third team All-American selection as a tackle on the Kansas State squad in the late 1940’s. Weakley is a graduate assistant and a College of Emporia graduate. He serves as chief Tiger scout and junior varsity Co-captains Hildebrand and Kober and Kearney State coach, tri-captains confer with official to determine coin toss. AL KQBER, Tackle KEITH OCHS, Guard JIM HARPER, Guard 167 GARY GOODHEART, Tackle CLIFF LEIKER, End Top Bengal ground-gaining halfback Darrell Hildebrand (22) closes in on Kearney Si ale ball carrier, quarterback Gene Lawhead, in season ' s opener. Season ' s Record TIGERS 19— 14 8—13 20 — 6 12—14 0—26 27—45 12—19 18— 6 0—47 OPPONENTS Kearney State Maryville Southwestern Pittsburg State Emporia State St. Benedict’s Washburn U Omaha U Colorado College ROLAND BUEHLER. Fullback DARRELL HD, DEBRAND, Halfback RON HANEY, Center 168 NEIL DREILING. End CLYDE POPPE, Guard RON CAMPBELL, Center The Tigers began the season on the right foot by downing the Kearney State powerhouse 19-14, Quarterback Jim Hooten hit end Warren Miller with a scoring aerial to ignite the Fort Hays State season touchdown production. Coach McConnelTs forces forecast a successful campaign by showing a com- manding offense and a compact de- fense. After the Antelope clash, the Tigers dropped a 13-8 contest to Maryville, Missouri, The game was played in a field saturated with water and mud. The Fort Hays State offense faltered and the Tiger defense was unable to get set. On Parents ' Day evening, the foot- ball team surprised the visitors by trouncing Southwestern 20-6, A capac- ity crowd was on hand to see Hooten once again connect with Miller for the initial score, WARREN MILLER, End RICHARD POAGE, Guard JIM HOOTEN, Quarterback A capacity crowd of enthusiastic rooters witnessed the Tiger’s triumph in season opener against the Kearney State Antelopes. 169 LEE STEVENSON. Halfback CARL MOONEY, Tackle WAYNE SCHUMACHER. Halfback Fullback Carrier (31) stiff-arms one Emporia Slate de- fender and prepares to evade other oncoming Hornets, Jack Bordewick (12) once again booms Tigers out of trouble in disappointing Homecoming clash as Fort Hays Slate receiver. linemen pursue intended punt DALE WILLIAMS, End DARREL ROLPIL Guard LARRY CARRIER, Fullback 70 JACK B0RDEWICK, Quarterback GALEN HOWELL. Quarterback GERALD STRECKER, Center From here the Tigers took a definite tailspin as they dropped the next four games all CIC clashes. The Gorillas of Pittsburg trimmed the Bengals 14- 12. The Emporia State Hornets upset Fort Hays State Homecoming hopes by surprising the favorites 26-0. Confer- ence champion St. Benedict’s ran over the Tigers 45-27, followed by a 19-12 skimming by Washburn University. Fort Hays State whipped Omaha 18-6 which enabled the Tigers to tie for the league cellar with a record of 1 win and 4 losses. Coach McConnell’s weary squad ended the season by tak- ing a 47-0 trouncing at the clutches of Colorado College. Four freshmen “horsemen " in McConnell ' s Tiger line are Daryl Snyder. Jim Hartzeli Jim Baird and Ron Gardner. DOLC GUNN. End JOHN CRN CIC Guard TERRY MASTERSGN. Fullback 1 7 J Basketball C. I C. Enjoys Finest Year The Central Inter-Collegiate Conference had three teams this year who would have been a credit to any post-season tourney. For the defending Fort Hays Tigers, injuries slowed them down as much as any op- ponent. Three of Coach So rail’s top men never did ma- ture into die limelight as they had been expected to do, because of pre-season and season ailments Yet, the Ti- gers gave a good account of themselves in every game against the first and second place teams, losing two games in the last half- minute and another in a double overtime. The season saw three teams, Pittsburg, Emporia and Hays, battle all the way down to the wire in close games. Pittsburg got off to a good start by nipping the Tigers and squeezing past Emporia. From then on it was anyone’s guess as to whether or not the Hays team would be strong enough to stay in the race to tie in the next-to-last game, or whether a three-team play-off would he necessary. As it turned out, Pittsburg had what it took to withstand a fired -up Tiger bunch in a double-overtime at Hays. For die year. Fort Hays State compiled a 15 win and 6 loss record, still one of the best in the basketball records of the college. Through the year the Tigers had a 40.5 shooting average against an opponent’s ave- rage of 35 per cent. Season ' s Record FHS OPP 66 SW Oklahoma 62 82 Kearney State 65 76 Colorado College 83 83 Colorado State 72 87 Kansas City U. 51 73 Colorado State 66 71 Westminster 78 69 Southwestern 65 76 Ottawa 70 75 Southwestern 61 83 Omaha U. 44 62 Pittsburg 67 56 EAporia State 44 66 St. Benedict’s 53 78 Omaha U. 58 97 Kansas Wesleyan 67 63 St. Benedict’s 70 71 Washburn 68 60 Emporia State 62 76 Pittsburg D.O. 78 90 Washburn 73 Belated honor came to Gary Casey, ' 59, as he was presented the Busch Gross Outstanding Athlete Award at Homecoming. Making the presentation to the star basketball and track man is An Leas, alumni presi- dent. 172 CADE SURAN Fourteenth Year tor Suran Over a period of fourteen years at Fort Hays State, Cade Suran has guided the basketball aspirations of the college to 188 wins against 108 losses. In rolling up this enviable record, Suran has won the conference title twice and last year pushed his men to fourth place in the N.A.LA, post-season tournament. Ill is years rec ord of 15-6 compares favorably with some of the most outstanding years under the amiable coach’s tutorage. The 1959 quintet finished with a record of 23-4 for the best year, followed by a 19-8 tally by the 1950 conference champs. Identical records of 17-6 were compiled by both the 1949 and 1952 editions. In 1954 the Suran delegation boasted a 16-4 year. A graduate of Kansas Wesleyan, Suran himself has an All- Kansas Conference selection to his credit. While playing for the Coyotes he was the leading scorer. After graduating he coached at Harlan, Downs and Wellington before coming to Hays, In mute tribute to the man and his abilities it can lie noted that many Western Kansas high school teams have caused their opponents to fall victims to the Suran- innova led • ‘Wagon- wheel offense,” For the past two years Fort Hays State has been witness to a near-perfect execution of a favorite Suran recipe, steady shooting from a high post offense. THE FORT HA.YS TIGERS: Front row : Bill Townsend, John Sears, Cliff Leikei Coach Cade Suran, Norman Utz, Merl Sturd, Lyle Wingate. Standing : Dean Larson, Dick Whinner, Merle Harris, Duane Channel!, Dale Getty, Dick Anderson, Don Bigham, Paul Palmer. f 73 For+ Hays Breezes Past Omaha Twice MERL STURD Led team in field goals with 140. Scored 336 points for 16 point average , Merl is a 6- foot senior. DON BIGHAM Led team in free throws with 87. Led team in scoring with 353 for a 16.8 average. Led in rebounds with 224 Don is a 6-3 senior. DEAN LARSON Led team in free throw ac- curacy with 79 per cent Scored 109 points and got 108 rebounds. Dean is a 6-3 soph. The Tigers roared to an 83-44 conference victory in their opener against Omaha, Hitting on thirty-six per cent of their field shots, fourteen Bengal players added to the scoring column. Omaha, destined for the cellar, was never in the game as the Suran-men ran to a 38-2Q half-time lead. Don Bigham led the scorers with 18 points, Merl Sturd blistered the nets in the second meet- ing against the Indians from Omaha with a torrid 19-point second half. The Tigers won going away, 78-58, at Omaha. With Merl Harris and Dick Whit- mer pulling in the rebounds, Sturd and Bigham counted 24 and 14 points. Sophomore Dick Anderson zeroes in on another two -pointer against the hapless Indians. St. Benedict ' s Ignores Home Court Jinx Free throws spelled the difference in the first outing against St, Benedict’s. The Tigers could do no wrong as they committed only nine fouls. Meanwhile the Ravens were fouling eighteen times. With 17 more points from the line, the Ti- gers won 66-53. Dean Larson and Merl Sturd combined for 38 points and Don Bigham added 15. For the first time in two seasons, Fort Hays dropped a decision in the friendly confines of Sheridan Coliseum. St. Benedict’s turned the trick with a 70-63 victory. The Ravens pushed through fifty-seven per cent of their shots and lead at the half 42-27. In the second half the Bengals man- aged to cut the lead to five lief ore St. Benedict’s could stall out the win. Don Bigham and Billy Townsend paced the Suran cagers with 19 and 1 6 points. With a sweep of the arm and a head fake Merle Harris s pins around his man for t;vo. MERLE HARRIS Top free throw shooter at 49.2 average. Scored 168 points ami had 161 rebounds. Merle is a 6-5 senior. BILL T0W r NSEND Excellent ball handler, scor- ed 109 points and got 52 re- bounds. Billy is a 5-9 frosh. DUANE CHANNELL Injured early in the year, still totaled’ 101 points and brought 97 rebounds. Duane is a 6-5 senior. 175 Pittsburg Edges Tigers Twice A disputed call at Pittsburg told the story as the Tigers dropped their first conference game of the year. The Hays team got off to a fast start, hitting fifty- four per cent of their shots in the first half while Pitt could muster only twenty-seven per cent. At the begin- ning of the second half the Tigers began a delay game after leading 40-34, but they were unable to cash the easy shots, Billy Townsend put the Tigers ahead by two, with four minutes showing, but Pitt was not to be denied and came back to win it, 62-67, Don Big- ham scored 17 to pace Fort Hays, When Pittsburg came to Hays, the two merely took up where they had left off in the game at Pittsburg, Playing nip and tuck ball all the way, a double-over time was necessary to separate the conference champs from the Suran-men, A steal by Dick Anderson and a lay-up by Merl Sturd knotted the game at 66-66, In the first overtime both teams pushed through six points to tie it again, Dick Whitmer came through with four points in the second overtime, but a reserve forward. Bob Gough, for Pitt, swished the game-winning basket with only four seconds on the clock. Merle Harris played the best game of his career, dominating both boards against the towering Gorillas, and added 9 points to the fray, Don Bigham counted for 20, Merl Sturd flips in the game-tying points to send the game into overtime. PAUL PALMER Has earned three basketball letters. Scored six points and had five rebounds. Paul is a 6-2 junior. JOHN SEARS Scored 46 points and grab- bed 29 rebounds. John is a 6-foot frosh. DALE GETTY Pulled down 25 rebounds and got 23 points. Dale is a 6-6 junior. 176 Tigers Beat Emporia Here, Lose There Lyle Wingate drives past Frailey and Slaymaker during the Tigers second- half rally at Hays. Emporia State collapsed in the second half to allow the Tigers to hang a 56-44 loss on them. Trailing by 24-26 at half- time, the Fort Hays men blazed to take the lead with seven minutes remaining, Sturd and Townsend turned in their best defense of the year, holding All-Confer- ence guard, Ron Slaymaker, to only four points while Sturd was arching in 19, At Emporia, Fort Hays gave the Hor- nets all they could handle before Ron Slaymaker drove for a lay-up and a 62- 60 win with three seconds left. Cade Sur- an ' s Tigers could not forge into the lead throughout the game, but managed to knot the score at 60-60 with a minute left. This set the stage for the Emporia guard’s clutch shot, Don Righam led the Hays scorers with 20 points. LYLE WINGATE Scored 131 points as the fourth highest point produc- er. Lyle is a 5-10 junior. RICHARD WHITMER Collected 34 points and 41 rebounds. “The Hook” is a 6 4 senior. RICHARD ANDERSON Managed 85 points and gath- ered in 87 rebounds. Dick is a 6-3 soph. 177 Suran-Men Boost Averages Twice CLIFF LEIKER Saw action towards the end of the season and impressed all with his rebounding abili- ty, Cliff is a 6-2 frosh. NORMAN UTZ Scored 39 points and re- bounded 23 times. Fouled only 8 times in 14 games. Norman is a 6-2 junior. Foil Hays sneaked through a close game at Washburn, winning 71-68, Don Big ham and Washburn ' s Bill Quick locked horns in a scoring duel with Bigham get- ting 28 to Quick ' s 27. It was Dean Larson, however, who put the Tigers out of reach with a couple of free throws with fifty-five seconds left. Coach Suran gave the fans a night to remember as he let his big guns play all but three minutes of a fast scoring, lop- sided win over Washburn in the Tigers last outing. Seniors Merl Sturd and Don Big- ham closed their careers with 23 and 22 points while Dean Larson pumped in 17, Leading 46-37 at half-time, the Tigers went on to post a 90-73 victory. Dean Larson and Washburn ' s Jerry Milner give the ball a tussle while Dick Whitmer looks on. Final C I. C Standings Won Lost Pittsburg . 9 1 Emporia 7 3 Fort Hays .. 6 4 St, Benedict ' s 5 5 Washburn 3 7 Omaha __ 0 10 178 Junior Varsity Wins Seven Coach Guy Conner led his junior varsity charges to a seven win and two loss season. Several pla yers should be in line for advance- ment to the varsity squad next year. Leading scorers for the Tiger Cubs were Don Reed, Duane MeEwen, Everett Schoen and Jim Bodge. The two losses suffered were wild scrambling games, the Hutchinson Juco game featured a total of 62 fouls and the Great Bend Co-Op encounter found the Cubs losing by two points. The Kearney Stale battles found the ljttle Tigers scoring 115 points in one game and holding their opponent to 15 points in the first half in the return match. Hope for the fu- ture was extended when the Emporia State jun- iors were beaten twice and Kansas Wesleyan was trounced 93-56. McPherson found the Cubs tough, losing 81 -58. Cub Schedule Hutchinson Jr. College Hill City Town Team McPherson College Kearney Nebraska State Great Bend Co-op Kearney Nebraska State Emporia State Kansas Wesleyan Emporia State Front row: John Tacha, Wayne Schmidt, Larry Schlaefl, Sharon Knorr, Jim Bodge, Bob Levin assistant coach James Busenbark, Back row: Coach Guy Conner, Duane MeEwen, Carl Lomax, B. J. Hirt, Don Reed, Everett Schoen, Holland Stewart. 179 Gross Nears Retirement This year may mark the end of athletic di- rectorship for Paul “Busch” Gross who reaches retirement age soon. A decision is in the offing for the board of regents as to whether the joh of athletic director constitutes an administrative post or not. “Busch” has been associated with the college for 29 years. He was head basket- ball coach from 1930 until 1947. He has served as athletic director since 1935 and will continue to teach in the physical education de- partment. His exact responsibilities for next year are still uncertain, but he will be in the department, teaching, encouraging, advising and supporting Foil Hays State and its athletic program. Meet the Unsung Heroes At the left are pictured two of the truly unsung heroes of the athletic department, Bill Townsend and Tom Bubonic. To them falls the task of assembling and distributing the programs for all athletic events. Their task includes soliciting for advertising and gathering helpers to sell the programs at games. Both men are scholarship athletes and play basketball. Sports publicity manager. Jack Backer, outlines the w eek ahead to his assistant, Bernie Gilmer. From his office, Backer compiles all of the statistics for athletic events, issues daily press releases and is in charge of all photography for news media. Gilmer is a news- journalism major. !80 Cross Country Team Seventh in NLA.I.A. TIGERS SURPRISE ALL; SECOND IN CXC The Tiger cross-country team surprised the experts by coming in second in the C.I.C. meet, placing behind national champs, Emporia State. Hays totaled 57 points, one ahead of Pittsburg who got 58. In cross-country scoring, only the first five members of a team are counted. Gary Donner placed eighth, Hal Morris was ninth, Jim Schulze came in number twelve, followed by Larry David- son in thirteenth place and Dan Rose was fifteenth. Emporia dominated the first five places for the best possible score, fifteen. Omaha rounded out the field getting 105 points. HARRIERS WIN SEVENTH NATIONALLY In N.A.I.A, competition Fort Hays State proved their worth by winning seventh place in a field of twenty schools and eighthy-eight runners. Dan Rose w T as twenty-second, Hal Morris twenty-fifth, Gary Donner forty-third and James Schulze forty-eighth. As an indication of the caliber of compe- tition which the Tigers face yearly, Emporia State took top honors and Kearney State ran second, only four points behind. Both teams are regular foes of the Tigers. Back rove: Coach Alex Francis, Larry Davidson, Deke Brinkman, Gary Donner. From row: Jim Schulze, Morris, Melvin Bremeinkamp, Dari Rose. Gymnastics Ten gymnasts met Coach Ed McNeil for a full schedule of precision acrobatic maneuvers. Captain Ron Hailing was one of four lettermen on the squad. To become adroit at gymnastics takes many hours of tedious concentration and strict adherence to training and development rules. Gymnastics is one of very few spoils where the small man may excel, as exampled in the fact that the average weight of this year’s team was 155 pounds, while the median height was 5-8. Schedule December 11 Kansas State and Kansas University at Manhattan January 2 Exhibition at FHS— Southwestern ball game Great Bend January 15 Colorado State and Kansas State here January 30 University of Nebraska Lincoln February 12 Colorado State Greeley February 13 D enve r U n i versity Denver February 26-27 All- College Meet Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs Squad members are; Ron Hailing, Don Price, Mike Langley, Harold Waslnger, Larry Beaver, Stan Estes, Ron Heier, David Gagnon, Bill waiter, Duane Kraft. 102 Grapplers Schedule Eleven Eleven matches were on tap for the Fort Hays State wrestling team this spring. Coach Waiter Kroll had high hopes as eighteen men reported for duty in the fastest growing sport on the college scene. Competition is keen among the team members, as Western Kansas is re- put ed to produce some of the best wrestling talent in the nation. Among the more prominent schools the grapplers met are: U.S, Air Force Academy, Kansas State University, South Dakota University, Omaha University, Nebras- ka University, William Jewell College and Adams State. Climax of the year was Missouri Valley A.A.U. match at Maryville, Missouri. Two wrestlers pyramid their troubles in an early match at the coliseum. Kneeling- Dale Votapka. Jim Beltch, Gerald Paxton, Russell Duty, Bill Pick in pan gh, Kerry McQueen. Row Mo: Coach Walter Kroll Marvin Schultz, Larry Shamburg, Dean Roedel. Jim Moser Curtis Karr Stan Hog sett, Student manager Tom Kanard. Back row: Larry Llawkins, Preston McLeod, Ron Greenwood, Delbert Erickson, Jay Sekavec. 183 Gary Gottschalk and Norman Mai. KEK tennis doubles champ- ions Fred Bond, Sig Ep golf champ- ion. Tom Hamel and Elton Beougher TKE horseshoes doubles champ- ions Men ' s Intramurals Reach All Time High S2.™ ORGANIZATION FOOTBALL CHAMPS; Front rali , Tom Hamel, Dan Eriren, Richard Packard, Bill Pickenpaugh, Russell Johnson. Back rotv: Merlin Olson, Dave Keller Bob Baalman Dick Anderson, Chuck Chapman. Bud Wanker, Chuck Hendrix. 184 Intramural activity continued to gain mem- bers and prestige this year. Headed by track coach Alex Francis, both affiliated and un- affiliated men interested in athletic competition have their opportunity in intramurals. To add interest and bolster egos of those fortunate enough to win, trophies are given. T n the Greek competition, added incentive comes with recognition of total point winners. Fort Hays State recognizes the need to deve- lop not only the highest in scholastic achieve- ment, hut also to provide for physical outlets for the tensions built up in the normal course of college study. Francis has two assistants in Doug Morrisey and Robert Klein. Both men are delegated the authority to see that the whole intramural pro- gram is scheduled correctly and run properly SWIMMING PLACE WINNERS, SIG EPS: Reginald Million, Bob Powelson, Ben Crocker, Lynn Wickizer, Max McIntyre. Tom Hamel, TKE table tennis champ and Evan Vernon, independent champ. Melvin Gunn and Carlos Revilla, Kappa Sig table tennis doubles champions. Gary Shaffer and Tom Hamel, TKE golf doubles champions. 185 Women Play, Too The women of Fort Hays State take an active part in the intramural program. Competition is offered in ten separate sports and medals and trophies are presented to the winners. More than 300 women took part in the program this year. In charge of the proceedings is Joan Bailey, of the health and physical education department. Besides the purely recreational as- pect of an intramural program, it is here that those desiring competitive sports to keep in trim, healthful, physical shape come. It has long been realized that one is healthy mentally only when one is healthy in a physical way also. The athletic department of Fort Hays State is providing an important part of cultural im- provement in its women ' s intramural program. Agnew III, winner? in Speeds way. Back row: Elsie Hildebrand, Carol Kyner, Barbara Mohr. Second row ; Kay Lenc Whitney, Karen Bloomer, Darlene McMullen, Susan Stewart. Kneeling: Shara Bomgardner, Judy Greenway, Sherry Cambern, 1 86 Individual bowling winners were Dixie Barb, first; Martha Kerr, second; Shari Holliday, fifth. Esther Thompson and Dixie Barb shuf- fleboard doubles champions Agnew II won the team bowling. First row: Sherry Daniels, Judy Cole. Back row: Clarann Weis, Kay Richardson Jan O ' Neil. 187 Reflections Enthusiastic cheers at a basket hall game, the nervous smile of a freshman co-ed on the eve of her first college dance, the feverish, last-minute preparations for Home- coming— these are as much a part of college life as any class. College becomes a time of awakening so- cial graces. This social develop- ment lessens the step from student to participating citizen. 1 S3 !99 Left: Mr, and Mrs, A, K, Wilson showed their nephew. Steve, the campus of Fort Hays Stale, The campus buzzed when students stalled moving in, unpacking, and meeting new people. Roommates, neighbors, fraternity brothers and friends discussed summer experiences, the cur- rent gossip, reminisced a little, or got ac- quainted with newcomers as they settled in rooms and prepared to begin another school year. Class schedules were examined inten- sively, while faculty advisors prepared to meet the wave of students who would need consul- tation. The College Year Began . . - Dr. Lr D. Wooster was honored at the annual Faculty Dinner preceding the beginning of school. Even Dad helped Barbara Da we move into her new room. -r- ' jaj 9 The sororities entertained the women at a brunch which followed a Japanese theme, Kathy Anderson, jean Morrow, Eiger ine Roth, Karen Bruggeman. and Mary Bowen served tea and fortune cookies. Joyce McNulty chatted with President and Mrs. Cunningham and Jan Smith at the Cunningham’s open house for new students. 190 With Orientation, Enrollment Dr. Dale Dick gave painters to freshman women on ’How to Study 1 Mrs. Maxine Hoffman helped confused students straighten out their enrollment problems. Everybody enjoyed the Tiger Hop the first big dance of the year climaxing enrollment week. Soon students faced enrollment lines and made out schedules to fit required courses ol study Questions were asked and answered; finally enrollment was completed. In the last hours before classes began, many students at- tended the Tiger Hop, while others saw a movie, played ping-pong, or chatted before getting down to books, pens, and serious study habits Two freshman co-ed happily completed their first day of classes. New students met each other at the studentdaculty picnic during enrollment. 191 And Get-Acquainted Sessions . . Freshmen voted for their favorite candidates for officers to lead their class. huanne Engel campaigned for office during the freshman class meeting. Elections and activities were features of the new term. The freshmen chose class officers while upperclassmen voted on constitution amendments and other debatable issues. The results of being without a beanie were witnessed when one met a lipstick-smeared girl and the chagrined face of a fellow just through the belt line. The day-to-day routine of the college student was established and once again die busy campus was evidence of a growing college. Mrs. Kate Raleigh talked to Warren Miller and Mar- garet Langrehr at Custer Hall’s open house. The consequence of being caught without the traditional beanie was the belt line. Sometimes even the innocent suffered — as was witnessed when transfer student Margaret Caldwell said. ‘Tm not a freshman I” 192 And Soon October Came. Second Genera lion Club members registered the parents who visited the campus for Parents ' Day. The Patricks came from Pennsylvania for Parents’ Day to visit their son, Tom. a freshman. Even the smallest guests registered for Band and Parents ' Day, Parents Day brought one thousand parents and thirty high school bands to the campus. Music filled the after- noon as the bands inarched down Main Street. After the parade, students guided parents around campus and through dormitories and other residences. The day was climaxed by the Southwestern -Foil Hays State game, from which the Tigers emerged victorious. Ever present in the schedule of events are the social functions scattered throughout the year. Fall semester found fraternities, sororities, and the dormitories enter- taining guests with informal parties of varied themes. Max McIntyre captured the mood of the Sig Eps ' Blue Mountain Blast Friday, ihe 13th, found Kappa ' s Don Darnell and Jerry Neely on film. entertaining dates at an informal party. 193 The College Celebrated . . . The tedious job of stuffing chicken wire faced many people before home- coming. In the weeks before Homecoming, the pace of campus activity picked up. Meetings, plans and negotiations occupied many minds. As the big weekend drew near, students slighted school and lessons to make last-minute preparations. Organ- ization members stuffed napkins and Kleenex into chicken wire, while others used papier in ache on floats and house decorations. As eager as the students, alumni and friends of the college returned to campus to participate in the various activities traditionally associated with homecoming at Fort Hays State. When the sophomores went into the water to conclude the tug-of-war, the freshmen lining the sides of Big Creek quickly tossed hundreds of beanies into the air, ending freshman initiation. Homecoming had officially begun. The sophomores looked confident before the tug-of-war . , . But the freshmen pulled hardest . . . And proved the victors for the first time in several years. William Warfield autographed programs for Fort Hays Staters and guests after his concert. 194 Queen candidates were: Marilyn Chastain, Wanda Stewart, Kay Kaufman, Kayla Price, Marilyn Dreher, Lorita Edwards, Janice Fletcher, and standing t Jean Morrow, Charlotte Rizek, and Roberta Lucas. A Memorable Homecoming , , Old friends met and discussed college days during class reunions Ten hopeful coeds waited anxiously for the time when the identity of the 1959 Queen would be announced The queen and attendants were announced shortly before the parade The parade started Saturday’s eventful agenda Featuring bands tiew cars, and the queen can- didates, it was a colorful affair, one that com- pared favorably with those of the past. Float competition was keen because each group sought the sweepstakes ward given by the Cham- ber of Commerce Members of the class of 1939 became re-acquainted during the Reunion dinner. Gliding to Glory, Sigma Sigma Sigma s float won first in the women ' s division and the sweepstakes award. 195 The Queen Was Beautiful With the motto, “The Man You Save May Be Your Own,” the old maids’ club was one of the most amusing features of the parade. The Young Republicans’ Club float won first in the open float division. Queen Cor it a Edwards led the Homecoming Parade She was chosen from a field of ten candidates. " Ma Our Dreams Come True ' won first place in the men’s float division for Tan Kappa Epsilon, Dr. L. D. Wooster crowned Lorita Edwards queen of the 1959 Homecoming at the halftime of the football game. 196 1v , T[J[tn And Work Was Rewarded. The Alpha Gam’s house decoration featuring a Genie won first in the women’s house decorations competition. The Phi Sigs won first in the men’s division with thdr Thump ’Em Thumper decoration. The finale of the festivities was the dance where former queens, present roy- alty, and winners of house and float dec- orations were honored. Later the decorations came down, the floats were taken apart and another home- coming was completed. Tired, hut satis- fied, students once again resumed studying. Left: The winners of the float and house decora- tions displayed the silver bowls awarded as prizes. The awards were presented at the dance. The Homecoming Dance, featuring Matt Hetlon’s dance band, climaxed Homecoming. 197 Things Happened Everywhere . . . Top: This quartet composed of Leroy McMullen, Don Crosby, Marvin Cochran, and Jon Shively sang in the production. Below: Beverly Stutterheim, Sharon Borell, Barbara Ger- rilzen and Betty Base were also featured. One of the birthday presents for the Union was a number of record albums for the music listening room. Randy Weller sang to Margaret Caldwell in the choir show, Finian’s Rainbow. The year moved oil The Concert Choir pro- duced 4 Tinian’s Rainbow,’’ combining music with comedy, romance and drama Picket! Au- ditorium was the scene as the curtain went up on Rainbow Valley; Margaret Caldwell and Francis Wilson were supported by a large cast. The Union continued its schedule, celebrat- ing its first anniversary October 20. Business increased as the Union progressed into its sec- ond year Around 2,500 cups of coffee were served each day The Union’s features ranged from art exhibits to state conventions. The Union’s birthday cake didn ' t last long. Ellen Duff and Dennis Popp served Dr. Thompson. 198 As Autumn Rushed By . . Harold Stones met the subject of his master ' s thesis, Senator John Kennedy , when he visited the campus. Kennedy, a possible presidential candidate at the time was on a tour of Kansas. Seemed to be good, too. As Union functions continued, other pa its of the campus contributed to the picture of campus life. The music department presented varied recitals, musicales and concerts. The Artists and Lectures series featured prominent artists. To the political minded, the appearance of Senator John Kennedy was a highlight. The Col- legiate Young Democrats sponsored the Sen- ator’s press conference at the college. Kennedy was guest of honor at a Democratic dinner held in Hays, Mary Moore and Sylvia Zaremba discussed music before Miss Zaremba ' s piano concert. Her program was part of the Artists and Lectures series. 199 Sororities Added Forty-four The Greek Peek Party provided in- formation for the nishees about the sororities at Fort Hays State. An active member and an alumni member talked to the nishees about what it meant to be a sorority member and interested women registered for the formal rush- ing period. Informal rushing found sorority Li b and nishees drinking cokes in the I hi ion and coffee at the sorority houses where nishees learned about sorority activities, functions, and projects. Rushes and sorority members got acquainted at the Greek Peek party given by the Pan Hellenic Council. Diane Amos and Virginia Wood talked to Becky Vance over a coke Roberta Stevens met Mary Thompson of Sigma Kappa at the registration tea at their house. Right: Paula Schumacher and Lori Soclia. members of Upha Sigma Alpha, showed Sharron Nor t hr up, Anita Palmgren, and Pat Hayes some sorority jewelry. Formal rushing began Nov. 15 when each sorority entertained guests at the registration teas. The houses were spotless and sorority women greeted everyone with sparkling smiles. Rush- ees tried to leave their best impressions as they met the alumni members, house- mothers, and advisors of each group. 200 After Rush Programs. The first round of parties found sorority women and rushees informally getting to know each other more. Skits about each sorority gave information about the group and its association with college life. Rushees began thinking about the sorority with which they wanted to affiliate. Donna Stevens, Lee Kimball, and Ann Estes entertained with a skit at the Della Zeta party. The Alpha Gams sang good night to the rushees as they left their Dreamland party. Rosemary Gilson, Darlene McMullen, and Karen Hibbs admired each others new pledge pins. Second parties featured a variety of themes from ships to fantasies and dreamlands. After the parties, suspense mounted while both the active sorority members and rushees observed the quiet hours of the silence period. Tri Sigma’s Jan Fletcher and Clarene Leonard found that cleaning up was part oi entertaining during rush work. And at last the bids were matched. Excitement and anticipation ran high as each group waited for pledges. And when it was all over , , , forty four women were new sorority pledges. 201 Many Areas of Interest . . . Layton Kaiser. David Hopkins and Larry Kahle talked to Shaul Ramati from Israel. Left: Two of the leading characters in “The Country Girl” were Phil Webber and Rex Mahan, The major fall production of the Picken Players was “The Country Girl,” with Phil Webber, Patty Trent, and Rex Mahan in heavy roles. The Foreign Affairs Conference spon- sored by I.R.C. featured Middle East au- thorities. Saadat Hasan presented the Arab viewpoint; Shaul Ramati explained Israel’s position; and Nejat Sonmex discussed Turkey’s role in Middle East Affairs, “Most Happy Fella,” a Frank Loesser prize-winning musical, was the first Broad- way Musical Comedy to be presented for several years. The Pan he Hen ic Council entertained pledges of all Greek organizations at the All-Pledge Dance . . . and the year moved on. This scene from the dramatic production brought a moment of suspense to the stage. The pledges of both fraternities and sororities met and danced at the AIL Pledge Party given by the Fanhellenic Council, Two members of the cast of “Most Happy Fella” which was presented at Fort Hays State, appear on stage. 202 These two chess players were concent raring so hard on the game that they were completely unaware of surroundings- Projects and papers drew students to the library searching for information and knowledge. Discussion groups, special reports and exams drew students away from coffee unlil after classes when projects were completed and classmates met to discuss just what was the correct answer on the already finished test paper. Gary Kraisinger and Ann Roosa talked to Judy Ellison and Carl Mooney about seasonal activities. Occupied Our Time . . Could it have been classroom work that Hob George and Rose Petracek discussed? Jon Delicti concentrated on the slide rule and books before nine- weeks exams. Four men found time to play a quick game of billiards. u , I Steckline, Jerry ' Hauck. and Helen Mack paused be- Could this have been Continental Classroom at 6;30 a. in.? i, classes to catch up on posted activities. S+uden+s Relaxed Occasionally Between classes, after studying at the Library, and on dates, students had time to relax and enjoy themselves. Such moments were occupied by watching television, simply talk ing over a coke or dancing Generally speaking, everyone had a good time— when it was pleasure lime. Gerald Sc h rater and Marcia Brann found time to do a few fancy steps. The Corral was usually crowded. Part of dorm life was the stimulating “gab session,” 204 These onlookers added to the confusion of the decoration project. Bill Townsend, Jeanne Watts, and Tom Patrick strung tinsel in the Astra Room. The tree received a once over from the committee. Before The Christmas Rush Began, Seasonal gaiety filled the air as the Christmas season approached. Suddenly the campus was transformed into a wonderland with Christmas surroundings. Decorating the campus became an all-student project as various spots, from the Memorial Union to Forsyth Library, assumed the Christmas look when students decorated trees, hung tinsel, aiul painted windows with gay scenes. Carolers voices filled the air at times, adding a festive note Terry Deal painted the huge wreath on one of the windows at the union. “You can ' t tell, but it ' s going to be a fireplace " said LaDene Votruba. 20S The 1960 Queen was Lois McCoy. Beauty Reigned at the Reveille Ball The attendants were Nancv Humes and Dorothy Voss. The dance drew a large crowd. Intermission was rest time for tired feet. President Cunningham crowned the queen. 206 The candidates and I heir escorts posed after the crowning. While the Band Played On , . The first all-school formal dance was the Reveille Rail held December 5. Ted Amitlvs Orchestra provided music for about 200 couples in the Black and Gold room. Suspense mounted steadily in the early evening until Steve Staub as Master of Cere- monies opened the letter from Candy Jones, judge of the photos, and announced the 1960 Reveille Queen, Lois McCoy. Attendants were Nancy Humes and Dorothy Voss. A hugh replica of the cover of the 1960 Reveille served as a backdrop for the crown- ing ceremony. Mrs. W dm oi it Toalson was guest of honor at the ball because the yearbook is dedicated to her husband. These couples not only found time to dance, but to visit too. The queen candidates were Jeri Wilson, Nancy Humes, Shara Bomgardner, Dorothy Voss. Lois McCoy and Mary Bowen. 207 Nicholas Nyaradh former finance minister of Hungary, talked to Fort Hays Staters ubout world affairs. Fort Hay- State’s foreign students pictured with Dr. Craine. sponsor for I.R.C.. were: Harpal Singh Gill, India; Myrna Domingo. Mexico; Romualdo Segovia, Mr iro; Min ja Pang. Korea: Tonis Kyriakides, Cyprus; Louis Naranjo, Costa K ,i : Song Kin Ro. Korea: Sam Sangrungruang. Thailand Not pictured were r lte Reviila brothers. Luis and Carlos from Peru. Luanne Engel and Curtis Thompson stopped for a quick chat before an assembly. Visitors Were Welcomed . . Students from seven foreign countries at- tended Fort Hays Stale this year. They picked the college for many reasons, perhaps from reading a brochure, meeting a faculty mem- ber in their home country, or because of the curriculum offered. Regardless of the reason, they were here, a part of college life, friends of everyone. Julie Jenson, Joann Griffiths, and Kar- en Self ridge pre- sented a check for the Home Ec Club loan fund to Mrs. Landrum. The fund is part of the Na tional Defense loan fund for students. 208 Decorating parties were fun and the campus glowed with the warmth of Christmas. Tinsel and Christmas trees glittered — but alas, no snow! In spite of the “brown” Christmas, gifts and clothes were packed — and a few books— for intended study. The longest vacation of the school year arrived with caroling, eggnog, and cheery cards; it departed amid the confusion of whistles, confetti, and Auld Lang Syne. Classes began once more January 5. A birthday cake formed into a Christmas stocking was presented to Mrs. Cunningham at Christinas fes- tivities. Student and faculty children were the center of attention at a special Christmas party. Dressed in Sunday best, they eagerly munched cookies served by the Cunninghams, The traditional card tree, hearing cards from campus organi- zations, was presented to President Cunningham by Ellen Duff of the Union Program Council. 209 Merle Harris, the Tigers ' 6 ' 5” basketball center, found his height a hindrance when entering the college bus used for road trips Coffee at 9:30 a.m. is usually refreshing, Dr r Graber and Miss Stout agree January ' s Agenda Included . . . The Picken Players rehearsed for “Ah, Wilderness,” un- der the direction of drama student, Phil Weber. The same scene looked quite different opening night! After adding costumes and stage sets, the show went on. It ' s not a phone booth packing — just an Agnew Hall stair- way. The occasion? “A man in the house!” 210 The first winter storm left snow covered walks as a warning for bund led- up students to tread cautiously to class. Final Week and Snow . , . A heavy snowstorm blanketed the city in mid- January, making the walk to school dangerous but beautiful. Ice-covered trees glittered in the sun, a winter wonderland. Final week loomed in the near future, causing students and faculty to step up study programs Classes became all important. Dates and social life were forgotten as students concluded their courses of study for the first semester. And then, with the last exam, a sigh of relief, and the selling of books, final week was over and it was time to enroll again. Warmer days found skaters enjoying the icy lengths of Big Creek. Students listened to lectures with renewed interest before facing finals. “And grand right and left ' 5 was the call for the square dancers when they practiced for their final test- 2M Social and Scholastic Enterprise . . Bridge fans a l tempted to improve their game through lessons. Classes changed, new faces appeared on campus, and social life picked up after enrollment The Tiger Hop ushered in the semester; basketball games pro- vided excitement; the usual round of “flu 55 took its toll. Remodeling began on the old Social Building, con- verting it into areas for the news service, the print shop and duplicating services on the main floor, A second floor is being added to supply offices for the English and business departments. Linda Riggs and Rose Petracek discovered that new classes with different books required library work. The Tiger Hop was the first social function of second semester. Phil Aldrich. Louetta Wilkcn. John Boyd, and Bobbie Kin grey look time from dancing to drink a coke. Initiates of Alpha Psi Omega, dramatics fraternity, pictured with sponsors Harriet Ketch um and Dr. Geneva Herndon were: Glenda Morris, Gay Faustian. Rex Mahan, Francis Acre, and Charlene Goetz, And Crowning of Sweetheart Royalty. Mary Ann L of stead and Larry Davidson, sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma and Agnew Hall respectively, were crowned Queen and King of the 1960 Sweetheart Ball Feb- ruary 13 Last year’s royalty crowned the new King and Queen before approximately 300 couples during the for- mal dance sponsored by the Union Dance committee. Larry Davidson and Mary Ann Lof stead discussed the ball after their crowning. The trophies, crowns and cakes were displayed at the dance. Attendants were Homer Unruh, Marjorie Rohr, Patti Percival and Harvey Leikcr. The Kins, Queen and candidates posed after the crowning. Back row: Homer Unruh, Marjorie Rohr, Queen Mary Ann Lof stead, King Larry Davidson, Patti Percival, and Harvey Leiker. Front row: Mike Money, Reed Peters, Patty Ihiele Hose Petracek, Ronnie Cook, Sondra Green, and Louis Naranjo. 213 Campus movies drew large crowds, Karen Veverka, Mary Fagan, and Elaine Peterman ponder one such attraction. Campus Entertainment Highlights . . Jose Greco and his troupe of Spanish dancers ap- peared on campus February 5 through the Artists and Lectures series giving a brilliant performance to an appreciative audience. Another Artist and Lectures artist, comedienne Anne Russell entertained in Sheri- dan Coliseum February 29. February 29 was proclaimed President Cunningham Day as the college celebrated his leap-year birthday with festivities which included free coffee for students and a cake presented to him by the Student Council. The President cuts a rare birthday cake. Anna Russell, the “Queen of Comediennes. ’ appeared in Sheridan Coliseum Feb. 29. Fans gave strong support to the basketball team. President Cunningham celebrated his 14th birthday Feb. 29, Sondra Smith and Judy Langrein sign his giant birthday earth 1 M1KM1 S iETMGi 1C T«5 I S ’ 0 J P YJSIS 214 Gary Griffith ahd Luetta Wilken were crowned Bearded Joe and Daisy Mae to climax Leap Week activities. Leap Week Festivities . . International Relations Club sponsored Leap Week to raise money for a scholarship for a foreign student. Candi- dates were nominated and voted upon on a monetary basis, and royalty was announced at the Leap Week dance. Tan Kappa Epsilon and Sigma Sigma Sigma came out on top with Bearded Joe candidate Gary Griffith and Daisy Mae candidate Luetta Wilken, Jack Stout and Priscilla Imhof won prizes — a super- deluxe razor and a bar of lava— for the best costumes. Joe Fisch, a tropical fish, came in second in Bearded Joe. Jim Griffin and Dick Wolf offer Joe. the voting for condolences to IRC member David Hopkins encouraged students to vote for their favorite candidate at a penny a vote. The girl paid for the privilege of a date, Carlos Revilla stamped Pat Edwards 1 hand as Janice Finney approved. 215 IMk:J if leaders Donna Stevens, Jeanie Morrow, Kay ImMasche, Justine Beatty, and Karen Seery get into the swing of things before iin ' ir last basketball game. Led to the Beginning of Spring V- spring approached, official duties of the five ;1 Nays Stale cheerleaders ended With characteristic nthusiasm, the girls put in many hours during foot- II and basketball season cheering the teams and lead- ing the student body ' s yells It goes without saying Inal t h e ir spirit was a p prec i a ted . Vnother group deserving special recognition is the 1 tut Hays State debate team. After early season tri- 1 1 1 1 ph. . Hays was invited to the Harvard Invitational tourney, for the first time in school history. The men’s team of Warren Norton and Steve Staub progressed through eight rounds of preliminary debate at Harvard in February, to rank as one of the top eight of 92 teams competing. The duo entered the quarter-finals and was eliminated by Loyola of Chicago Also making the trip to Harvard with coach Harold Stones was the team of Jill Karst and Patty Trent As we go to press, the debate squad is still competing, leaving final re- cords incomplete. Outstanding first-year debater fancy Weinhold with the teams of Jill Karst— Patty Trent and Warren Norton — Steve Staub confer with coach Harold Stones before the next tournament. 216 Painting is only one of the aspects of the primary grades Elizabeth Edwards supervised the work of several children busily painting a land- scape. Darrel Hildebrand gave instruction to a junior high student in mechani- cal drawing, representative of the work done in the class. High school history is often confusing but with the help of Tom Kugler the story of the country is made clearer. At Forf Hays State, Spring or fall, a selected group of students receive valuable training in the field of education. Under the supervision of qualified master teachers, prospect- ive instructors do seven weeks’ teaching to qualify for their degrees. Cooperating schools help develop better teachers through experience. This page brings die story of die year to the first spring activities. Many more will he included in the sixteen- pa ge su p pi em en t Under the direction of Hal Morris, this young man found that correct measurements and following instructions were most beneficial when constructing any article. 217 2 i 9 JEP ' S SUPER SERVICE STATION B. F. GOODRICH AND LEE TIRES TANK WAGON SERVICE 24-HOUR SERVICE PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS C. B. ISBELL L. J - JACOBS Phone MA-4-27 1 5 Phone MA-4-48 1 I DAIRY QUEEN Extra THICK .. . Extra GOOD! 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JANITOR SUPPLIES TOYS PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT PAPER Hays, Kansas 220 121 East I l+h GRAVES TRUCK LINE SERVING— KANSAS CITY— WICHITA— SALINA— COLBY— and Intermediate Points Local and Nationwide Household Good Moving THEN — and NOW — The Best in Reliable Service Phone MA-4-3427 117 West 6th DREILING BARBER SHOP HOUSTON LUMBER COMPANY Complete Stock of Nationally Recognized BUILDING MATERIALS " Our Specialty Is Pleasing You " PHONE MA-4-391 5 201 WEST 10th SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS JOHNS-MANVILLE PRODUCTS ATLAS WALLPAPERS KEYSTONE FENCING Phone MA-4-391! 807 Allen RUPP MOTOR COMPANY CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH and IMPERIAL Phone MA-4-221 9 113 East 12th M-M-M — Make Yourself Comfortable at ROWLAND SHOE SHOP Dye Work Is Our Specialty Service While You Wait or Shop 116 West 9th 22 VITZTUM, INC. Tile — Linoleum — Carpets Paints — Appliances COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL FLOOR CONTRACTORS Phone MA-4-48 1 7 I 13 East 13th McCORMICK FARM STORES McCORMICK international harvester Buy Where You Can Get Service Hays and LaCrosse MA-4-5685 LA-2-2526 FELLERS SERVICE STATION ' Always the Best for Less 11 Drive a Ways and Save Phone MA-4-3 I ! 5 East Hwy, 40 •r Enrollment New Record te enrollment continues to mester figure showing a Tom the fall semester ar Valentine Ball Tickets Readv Tickets will go on sale Monday f r 4 ' 1 Sweetheart Ball, a a ir at 8 Sat- Hee is tnts en- dow the merit of 146 stu- his lime Dalton ip from fall in er cent t n en- sure of 5-8 per smeiter the us- late on- 1 semes- nark at F ' ort the en- isses in- fatl se- 0 365, the en- nereased 1 attend- out in a Is, com- ing with Greeh Frau began both bers. W Sigm; Feb. “coke the gr to get bidding. In oru In Northwest Kansas . . . It’s the News THE HAYS DAILY NEWS Printing? The News Pnntery Prints Everything! NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY Phone MA4-342I 106 East I Ith Greco Pro m i si must have The fra i day and rush, til Feb. 22. Th up for rushing by u. Cards may be obtained a ternity house. Open houses were held last night and wil continue tonight. All individual fraternity chapters will send out invitations to their islanding Promra O O sen eo The trophies and crowns will be on display in the Union lobby next week. The world ' s foremost exponent of Spanisl ing, Jose Greco, will be presented tomorrow eve 8 in Sheridan Coliseum by the Artists and L Commit Ge. The Jose Greco Spanish Ballet, numbering 30 the largest company that Greco has ever used during his SMART CLOTHES for THE GIRL WHO KNOWS " Designed Especially for You " PHONE MA-4-2223 115 WEST 8th HINKHOUSE INSURANCE CENTER Phone MA-4-43 1 8 232 West 9th liHHSSap FSBri as " " iHfTFTT :nr QiWmain SHOP Phone MA-4-2914 1107 Main OLDHAM SALES COMPANY Serving Hays and Northwest Kansas With AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ACCESSORIES REFINISHING MATERIALS PHONE MA-4-2547 I Oth AND ALLEN Guns Tools Paints Hardware Appliance Ammunition PHONE MA-4-36 1 I 8th AND MAIN GEORGE PHILIP HARDWARE 223 Oklahoma I!RE SUPBI Home of Beffer Values For Over 41 Years AUTO— HOME— SPORTING SUPPLIES JIM HOOVER, Manager ISO! Main Hays ' MosT Modern Dairy Plant Phone MA-4-3406 312 East 9th Hays ' Finest Eating Place ANGELUS CAFETERIA Phone MA-4-2325 6th and Oak ■I HOME lumber CO. I - — rr-r-T-iM,,, r Complete Building Service and Supplies PHONE MA-4-22 1 6 8th AND VINE CAMPUS BOOK STORE Everything for the Student PHONE MA-4-261 I 509 WEST 7th 224 SEVEN-UP Makes EVERY Get-Together a Swinging Affair fresh, dean taste! SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. PHONE MA-4-4322 NORTH VINE BEN F. DREILING, INC. PHONE MA-4-2531 108 EAST 13th t T b ' n jqiv - v Urt w e f HAYS ' RELIABL1 Rtt WEBSTER L £ R S • RELIABLE CREDIT JEWELERS DlAMONTtOLOGISTS ■ -GEMOLOGI ST- ONE HA A-S810 • LAMER HOTEL BLDG, THE GUERCIO STUDIO Distinctive Photography PHONE MA 4-2310 117 EAST 8th ‘M FORT HAYS PHARMACY Rexall Your Friendly Drugstore Phone MA 4-3469 217 West I Oth DEPARTMENT STORES " Serving the Middle West " Phone MA 4-201 I 806 Main 226 DELMA STUDIOS 521 Fifth Avenue NEW YORK, NEW YORK Your Official Yearbook Photographer 9 West 20th Street NEW YORK, NEW YORK Watkins 9-1880 227 O ' LOUGHLIN MOTOR SALES Chevrolet and Oldsmobile 24 HOUR WRECKING SERVICE Phone MA-4-2533 126 West 12th For " QUEENLY " FASHIONS Glamour Debs Roblee Air Step Jacqueline Connie Buster Brown Pedwin Paris Fashion Life Stride SEE THEM ALL at 0. K. BAKER SHOES " The Personality Store " 1109 MAIN HAYS, KANSAS 228 ROME MODERN APPLIANCE Everyday Low Prices Drive a Ways — It Pays HAVENER ' S For the Particular Man ♦McGregor sportswear ♦ARROW SHIRTS ♦JANTZEN SWEATERS ♦BOTANY SUITS ♦FLORSHEIM SHOES HAYS VICTORIA Styled to Suit the COLLEGE MAN PHONE MA-4-3913 ION MAIN HER MAJESTY DECREES: For Royal Enjoyment Visit the CENTENNIAL BOWLING LANES PHONE MA 4-2916 229 HARKNESS PHARMACY In Hays Over Fifty Years Candies Magazines Toilet Articles Drugs PHONE MA-4-252! 715 MAIN GRASS BROS. GROCERY ’Your Family Grocers ' " Food That Pleases PHONE MA-4-251 1 235 WEST 10th SCHLEGEL ' S Fishing Tackle Sporting Goods Guns Hobby and Craft Supplies LEATHER GOODS — WESTERN WEAR Phone MA-4-28 12 133 East 10+h s- io BEN FRANKLIN 5-10 BEN FRANKLIN A CORNER ON FASHION Phone MA‘4-4727 I Ith and Main Enriched Semolino Flour Made by HAYS CITY FLOUR MILLS ,r A Western Kansas Product 1 PHONE MA-4-28 12 133 WEST 1 0th 230 THE A. L. DUCKWALL STORES COMPANY Ralph Butler — Manager PHONE MA-4-28 12 1103 MAIN DILLON ' S FOOD STORE " Finest Food Store in Northwest Kansas PHONE MA-4-5656 109 WEST 7th 231 .Jrf rrreri {jrrrrr I rF f f Frrr ' TFItrrrf! pfiB r rrlr ,ff,,rr r t» 1 WIESNER ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Everything for the Shopper PHONE MA-4-43 1 4 805 MAIN 230 mwm STR EET HOME FURNITURE COMPANY TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU Featuring Modern and Provincial Furniture PHONE MA-4-2589 229 WEST iOth 232 Your Representatives for L. G. BALFOUR CO. E. R. MOORE Caps and Gowns TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. Phone MA-4-4838 Box 443 HAYS, KANSAS Phone MA-4-2018 215 West I Oth FOR ALL YOUR MUSICAL NEEDS See Us First MUSIC MANOR Exclusive Music Store PHONE MA-4-6324 207 WEST 10+fi MARKWELL STATIONERY CO. Supplies for Your Office or School Needs PHONE MA-4-461 I 1010 MAIN " Gifts of All Kinds " HUMBURG HARDWARE, INC. Gas and Electric Appliances Everything for the Home PHONE MA-4-2 1 19 110 WEST flth 233 MANN ' S IGA STORE everyday low prices DELIVERY SERVICE Phone MA-4-2574 219 West I Oth PINK PONY FLOWER SHOP Phone MA-4-30 1 2 705 Main GARDEN GRILL Phone MA-4-9968 706 Main HAYS CITY DRUGS Photo Equipment and Supplies a Specialty Phone MA4-44f4 1013 Main THE JACK AND JILL SHOP Boys ' Wear — From One to Junior Everything for Infants and Girls Toys — Infants ' Furniture PHONE MA-4-3021 I 100 MAIN HARTMAN OIL CO " Save With Safety " Phone MA-4-2700 Eas t Hwy, 40 234 GAGELMAN MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Ford Sales and Service Phone MA-4-341 1 528 East 8th Take ANOTHER Look at ELLIS COUNTY BANKING Hays ' and Ellis County ' s Partner in Progress Since FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone MA-4-2587 1001 Main 235 DAN ' S DRIVE IN CAFE Food You Will Enjoy ... at Prices You Can Afford PHONE MA-4-4429 HWY. 40 BY-PASS SERVING NORTHWEST KANSAS Live Better Electrically CENTRAL KANSAS POWER CO. Phone MA-4-3437 III East I Ith 236 A PERSONAL INSURANCE SPECIALIST! OFFERING Life — Health Accident — Hospital Major Medical and Group Protection Call or Write C. J. LINDAHL, District Manager Phone 569 450 Fourth St. PHILLIPSBURG, KANSAS C. J. LINDAHL Woodmen Accidenl and Life Company Lincoln , Nebraska A MUTUAL LEGAL. RESERVE COMPANY , ESTABLISHED The Protecting Hand 1890 J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Ready-to-Wear Clothing and Shoes for the Entire Family PHONE MA-4-45 1 3 1003 MAIN 237 THE HAYS MUSIC COMPANY, INC. Music Headquarters of Western Kansas PHONE MA-4-34 1 8 714 MAIN BILLINGER ' S BAKERY 238 Pies — Rolls Cakes — Cookies PHONE MA-4-201 6 209 WEST I Oth FOX THEATER CINEMASCOPE STEREOPHONIC SOUND Show Place of the Midwest PHONE MA-4-4567 1202 MAIN KESSLER CLEANING COMPANY Pick Up and Delivery PHONE MA-4-3429 126 WEST 9th 239 KOBLER NASH MOTORS Ambassador Rambler Statesman Metropolitan DEALERS WHO ARE READY TO SERVE YOU Best Wishes From — HOUSE OF COLOR Paint — Wallpaper — Sifts Draperies — Picture Framing Phone MA-4-47 1 0 124 East 8th PHONE MA4-38I4 1009 MAIN VARSITY BOWL DRIVE INN " Home of Good Food— Where Students Meet and Eat " Inside and Outside Service PHONE MA-4-9955 4th AND MAIN 240 iiiiimnin H " Our New Building - - designed to serve you better Our new building! housing the latest banking conveniences, will serve the financial interests of our community and the welfare of Western Kansas Watch for our opening date. Phone MA-4-3645 718 Main THE FARMERS STATE BANK Strength Safety Service Loans of All Types Member of F.D.i.C, DRIVE-IN AND WALK-UP WINDOWS Especially for College Students THE VARSITY BARBER SHOP " Hays ' Newest and Finest " ACROSS FROM THE POST OFFICE 241 NORTHWESTERN TYPEWRITER COMPANY EXCLUSIVE ROYAL TYPEWRITER SALES AND SERVICE LECTRIC-STANDARD-PORTABLE EXCLUSIVE VICTOR ADDERS, CALCULATORS BOOKKEEPING MACHINES STOWE AND DAVIS WOOD OFFICE FURNISHINGS Phone MA-4-2565 Steelcase Office Furnishings I 1 3 East 1 2th AL ' S COLLEGE MARKET Just Across From the Campus OPEN 8:00 A.M. Till 8:00 P.M. SUNDAY 8:30 A.M. Till 1:00 P.M. 3:00 P.M. Till 7:00 P.M. " friendly service all the time " Phone MA-4-6310 507 West 7th 242 HUNTER READY MIX CO. Inc. Phone MA-4-3459, I Oth and Milner MASTER CLEANERS Convenient Drive-In Window " KNOWN FOR BETTER CLEANING " Free Pick-up and Delivery PHONE MA-4-201 8 201 WEST 8th Where Your Money Earns 5% Interest PHONE MA-4-60 1 5 117 WEST 8th Phone MA-4-4713 802 Main COFFEE SHOP FUNCTION ROOM SAMPLE ROO Friendly Hospitality — Reasonable Prices WALT AND PHIL ROSS, Props. Phone MA-4-346 1 701 Main KLEIN ' S APCO SERVICE SYL KLEIN, Prop. Ph one MA-4-621 5 8th and Fort 243 Carries Fort Hays Stale Sports and News to Western Kansas PHONE MA-4-2578 2450 HALL PARK DRIVE LAUNDROMAT 708 Park Drive MA-4-9914 it A Community Builder GRAIN ELEVATOR AND FEED MILL Owned and Contracted by the Patrons Service Station Phone MA-4-3312 EAST 9th STREET HAYS, KANSAS FARMERS ' COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Youngstown Kitchens Plumbing and Heating Delta Power Tools O ' Brien ' s Paints PHONE MA-4-5646 900 MAIN ST. 244 Good Food, of Course S. W. LAMER-R. R. CLARK " Over Thirty Years of Service in Kansas ' 1 THE LAMER HOTEL Hays, Kansas PHONE MA-4-347 1 1200 MAIN " We Sell Satisfaction " DISTRIBUTORS Genuine Replacement Parts Tools and Equipment Dealer Machine Shop Service S AND W SUPPLY CO., INC. MEMBER AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE REBUILDERS ASSN. 300 East 8th HAYS, KANSAS Phone MA-4-34! 5 185 West 5th COLBY, KANSAS Phone HO-2-3373 245 Bring refreshment into play nmio n C aI o For Any Sport or At Any Sport Coca-Cola ' s for You The Pause That Retreshes " COKE " HAYS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Phone MA-4-2614 20 I East I 2th CENTRAL TANK SERVICE TED McNEILL, Owner Tank Trucks — Oil Treating Trucks Transport — Doier — Motor Grader —RADIO CONTROLLED— Hays, Kansas PHONES MA-4-2422 Night MA-4-3717 Complete Line of Building Materials DU PONT PAINT BUILDERS HARDWARE HARDMAN LUMBER COMPANY Phone MA-4-33 I 5 126 East Nth LYNCH TEXACO SERVICE Accessories Tires Batteries PHONE MA-4-9984 8th AND ASH GOODWIN SPORTING GOODS Sports Equipment That Scores PHONE MA-4-24 19 I 19 WEST Nth 246 JAMES MOTOR COMPANY MERCURY — LINCOLN Phone MA-4-341 8 200 East 8th THE HAYS BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION For Planned Future Security " Take a New ' Leas ' on Life " Call ARTHUR J. LEAS NEW YORK LIFE Phone MA-4-4652 405 West 5th I i 7 West 8th Phone MA-4-341 3 101 I Fort Every Year a Year of Progress EVERY REVEILLE REFLECTS THE GOALS AND STANDARDS of FORT HAYS STATE and EVERY YEAR FINDS THE Two Private Dining Rooms TED ' S STEAK HOUSE TENDER JUICY STEAKS PAN FRIED CHICKEN — SHRIMPS CHICKEN IN A BOX TO GO Sunday 12 Noon Till 2 P.M. — 5 P.M. Till 10 P.M. Closed on Friday PHONE MA-4-9933 15th AND VINE ABC DRUG STORE More Firmly Established as the Drug Store of Choice PHONE MA-4-2523 1007 MAIN PRINTCRAFT, INC. HAYS, KANSAS Where Printing Is a Business, Not a Sideline PHONE MA-4-2576 230 WEST 9th 247 Business Directory ABC Drug Store Al’s College Market Angelus Cafeteria A u t o - II o m e- Sporting S u p p I ies Ren Franklin Oil lingers Bakery Brunswick Hotel and Cafe Campus Book Store Centennial Bowling Lanes Central Kansas Power Co. Central Tank Service Cross Shop Dairy Queen Dan’s Drive In Cafe Dolma Studios Dillon’s Food Store Drees Cleaners Dreiling Barber Shop D roiling. Ben F. — Duck wall Stores Count Banking Fai ners Co-op. Assn, Slate Bank ce Station — ’ i nun a . - Pharmacy Fox Theater — Motor Co.. Inc. ... ■arden Grill : Sporting Goods bos. Grocerv I ruck Line _ 247 212 221 224 230 238 213 221 229 236 246 223 220 236 227 231 233 221 225 231 235 244 241 222 243 226 239 235 234 246 230 221 Guercio Studio Hardman Lumber Co H Hark ness Pharmacy Hartman Oil Co, Havener’s Hays Building and Loan Hays City Drugs Hays City Flour Mills Hays Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Hays Floral Shop Hays Music Co. Hinkhouse Insurance Center Home Furniture Co. Home Lumber Co, Hotfse of Color Houston Lumber Co. Hum burg Hardware Inc, Hunter Ready Mix. Inc. Jack and Jill Shop James Motor Co. Jep’s Super Service Station K, A. Y. S. Kessler Cleaners Co Klein’s A PCD Service Kohler Nash Motors Lamer Hotel L. K. Dairv Lynch Texaco Service Mann’s IGA Store Mark well Stationery Co. Master Cleaners . 226 McCormick Farm Stores 222 216 McDonald J, M. 226 230 Music Manor 233 234 New York Life Insurance. A. Leas 247 . 220 News Publishing Co. 222 247 Northwestern Typewriter Co 242 O. K. Baker Shoes 228 230 Oldham Sales Co. 223 246 O’Loughlin Motor Sales 228 223 Park Laundromat 244 238 Penney J, C, 237 223 Pink Pony Flower Shop 234 232 Printcraft Inc, 247 224 Prudential Loan Invstmt. 243 240 Rome Modern Appliance 229 221 Rowland Shoe Shop 221 233 Rupp Motor Co, 221 243 S and W Supply Co. 245 234 Scheufler Supply Co, 220 247 Schlegel’s 230 220 Sch waller Lumber Co, 244 ...244 Seven -Up Bottling Co. 225 239 Taylor Publishing Co. 233 243 Ted’s Steak House 247 240 V arsity Barber Shop .241 245 Varsity Bowl 240 224 Vernon Jewelers 226 246 Vitztum, Inc. 222 234 Western School Supply 220 233 Wiesner’s Dept. Store 232 243 Woodmen Life. C. J. Lindahl 237 Organizations Index gnew Hall 122. 123 Alpha Phi Omega 81 Alpha Lambda Delta .70 Mpha Psi Omeiia 70 Rand 108. 109 pus Boosters Council 82 Bury Club 114 ( hancery Club 82 Chemistry Club 83 Christian Council 114 Christian Youth Fellowship .115 Clarinet and Brass Choirs 111 Collegiate 4-H 83 Collegiate Young Democrats 81 Collegiate Young Republicans 85 Concert Choir HO. Ill Custer Hall 121. 127 Dames Club 84 Debate ...86 Epsilon Pi Tau .81 Eta Rho Fpsiltm 87 Fort Hays Singers 107 Gamma Delta 116 German Club 88 Home Ef Club 89 Honors Seminar 80 Industrial Arts Club 102 International Relations Club 90 “K” Club 91 Kappa Mu Epsilon ..... .. .... . 72 Kappa Omicron Phi 71 Kappa Phi 115 Kit Kals 92 Lambda Iota Tau 71 Leader 93 Little Theatre 97 Lutheran Student Association 117 Maj orettes 109 Math Club 98 Men’s Quartet 110 Men’s Residence Hall 126. 127 Newman Club 118, 119 Nursing Club . 99 Orchesis 98 Orchestra 107 Penguin Club 101 Phi Delta Kappa ....74 Phi Eta Sigma -.73 Phi Kappa Phi 75 Phi Mu Alpha 113 Pi Kappa Delta 73 Radio Club 76 Reveille . —100 Roger Williams Fellowship 1 1 7 Second Generation Club 101 Seventh Cavalry 77 Sigma Alpha lota ... .112 Sigma Pi Sigma -76 SNEA - 104 Spanish Club -88 Student Affairs Committee 102 Student Council 103 Tigerettes — 105 Union Board Union Committees ...... - 95, 96 Union Program Council — 94 United Student Christian Fellowship 12] Wesley Foundation - 120 Westminister Foundation 121 Who’s Who - 78 Women’s Ensemble - — .110 Women’s Leadership Organization 79 Women’s Recreation Organization — 106 YWCA -121 248 Faculty Index Albemon. F. W, Almquist, E, C Arl man, Elhcl Backer. Jack Bailey, Joan Birhoui, Eliza belli Bartholomew, UUnil Baxter, Mrs. In« Berk, Gerald Beesley, Alice Berland, John , Bledsoe, Harry J Brook . Doyle Brooks, K. U. — Burnett, Hugh Burnett, Richard Cain, Richard Campbell, Mare Carapella, Alfred R. Clark, C. Charles Clark, Thai nr Coder, Ralph V. Colburn, Mrs, Lila Cook, Mrs, Frances Cook, Kenneth Con I son. Marion Craitit. Eugene Cu n pi ng ha rn , M . C . Daley, Billy C r Dilrymple H, B. Dalton. S. V. David sun, Gordon Da via, Gaynelle De chant. Emerald Del I in per. Marl ha Dick, R r Dale . H 16 .16 16 , 16 , 16. 71 16, ■ 16, 83, SO, 16, 16. iso a: 16 16 16 76 SO 04 16 76 114 IS 102, 141 16 16, 76 16 16 17 14, 73 17, 99 . - 17 17 17 17. 90 206, 209 r 211 17 17 14, 77 17 17 17 17 121. 191 Doyle, Mary Oryden, Laurence Ettcr, Eugene Evans, Charles. Fclten. Lucille Francis, Alex Frjejner. Raul Gamer, Naomi Garwood, John 17, 17, • 17 , i a, ii4, 18, Gejat, Nancy 16, 94 Graber, Paul 18, 88, 107, Griffith, Paul 18, 54. Groesbeck, Hu Id — Gross, Paul — .,18, Hank ill on. Samuel - Herbert on, Edwin 18, Harbin. Calvin — — — Harii», Mr , Martha Heather. Jack R. ... Herndon, Geneva Herrcn, Lloyd — Hobson. Charles 10, ..... 18, 70, ™_,„18, Huffman. Mrs, Maxine . 18, 21. Hurt on. Lilburn H. Huffman, Ralph Junes. Layman Keating, W, E Ketchum, Harriet Kulslad. William A. K roll . Walter Lacey, Mabel — Landrum. Mrs, NHs Levjlt, Richard Mahoney, Stanley Marcus. Richard Marple, Robert 71, 83, 140 , . 18 . . 14. 15, . ...18, . 17 IT 98 ..IT 107 161 91 12J 116 95 210 60 18 160 .. 18 101 18 18 19 212 107 ...18 89. 191 82 18 18 94 212 ia 183 18 208 . 19 19 19 19 Marshall, Everett .... Marsi, Kenneth L. Martin, Edwin M c Carroll , Bnaclla McCartney, E. R . McConnell, Wayne Me Faria nd, Mrs. Alice McFarland, Henry McKee, Dennis . McNeil. Edgar F, Moody, Wilt in in Moore , Mary Man dc Moreland, W, l , Morrison, Alice Musa, Joel . 19, 72 19. 20. 73. 83 19 19 14, 103 19, 166, 167 19 — . 19 — - la, 19 19, 166. 167 „ 19 . 17, 19, 198 14, IS 19 19 _ 19 . 1 9 19 Moyers, E, Edwin Nelson, Re Norman, John L, — „ — - Null. Katharine 19, 70 Osborne. Richard 19 Palmer. Harold _______ ...19, 113 Parish. Verna . — . 20, 79 Porter, Agnes , 20 Price. Gordon ... 20 Proctor, David E - 20 Ra w ley, Mrs. Kale Reynolds, Howard . Rice, J i mm y M . Richards, Robert C, Ricgel, Andrew D. Rogers. Mrs, Katherine Roth, Mrs. Cdleen Sac kei t , Sum Saltier, Jerome Schleich, Phyllis 124, 192 19. 20 20 . . 20. 76 20 2D 20 20. 71 20 20 Schmulx, L. J. Schroder, Elton Schweilter, Eugene W. Sevy. Ruth Simons, Kenneth Sims. Ward Spangler. Robert J, Si ago, Doris Stare, James R, Stones, Hamid Sluuffer, Jean Stout Roberta Stroup Lcofa Stump, Wm. Dai re] | Sunn, Glide Tejjelef, Mrs. Frances Tho mas, A rc h ie Thomas, Mrs, Do] lie Thompson, 1„ W. Thorns, John Toalson . Wilmont Tomanek, Gerald van Ackeren, Margaret Walker, M, V r Walker. Neil Wall, George K. Watkins, Ivan Wells, James We tty, K, L. West ley. John Wilcox, Harold Will, Robert Wood. W. C, Wuoater, L, D r You mans. Ray mond 18. W. E. . .20 20 20. lOT 20 , 10 20 £0 20. 93 20. 117 20, 73 20, 73, 66, 198, 216 13, 70. 102 21, 2 IM 21, 75 99 21 21. 94. 173 20. 21 21 21 21 21, 91 5. 21 21 21 21. 113 21 21 21 , 76 2] 21 2L 21 , 88 .21, 81 21 190. 253 21. 101 Student Index Acre, Francis E,, Sr 24. 86, 212 A da rns, Dovi c M , , Jr, 38, 1 2 1 Adams. Gary W., Fr, 61 A hi vers, Robert F., Fr. 54, 12 Aiken, Gerald K r , Sr. . 24 Aiken, Nadcne K„ Sr. 24 Albright, Lola M., Sr. 24 Alderman, Lea R.. Fr. 34 Aldrich, Phillip C, Fr. 54, 212 Aldrich, Deanna Jr, 38. 105. 148 Allen, Carol E.. Fr 54. 124 Allen, Donald N., So 46, 111, HO. 132 Altman, Phillip R,, Jr. - — 38 Amaru. Manuel J., Fr. 34. 88 Amos E- Diane. So. 46, 100. 105. 140. 148. 200 Anderaon, Janet M.. Fr. 54, 122 Anderarm, C. Jean. So. 45. 84 Anderson. Calvin H,, Jr. 18, .18, 162 Anderson, Kathleen H.. Sr, .24, 105, 190 Anderson, Kenneth, So, 46 Anderson. Larry K., Ir. 38, 84, 96, 149 Anderson. Linda J,.., Jr. 38. 9r, 99 Anderson, Merrill C.. Sr. Anderson, Richard L.. So. Anderson, Wilbur L.. Sr. Ankle. David D„ Jr. Anschutit. Gary E., Fr. 21 46, 162, 175. 174. 177, 181 24 38 54 Anschutz, Norman G.. So. ' 16 Anton . Dennis L.. Fr, 5-1,126 Appel, Benjamin F., Jr. 38 Arensman, Ben H,, Jr. 38, 83 Arnold, G. Roger, Fr. 34 Arnold. Loren W. L Fr. 54, 126 Ary, Mikcl V„ Fr 54. 02, HS. 160 Ash, Lyla I., So U5 Ashby, Oren E., Sr. ...46 Ashcraft, Galen B., Jr, 38 Ashmore, Alton M,, So. . 46 A t c h ison , Ca rao n H . , Fr. 64, 107, 162 AtkeSoU, Dale W., Cr. RJ7 Atkeson, Donna J.. Sr. 24. 167, 111 Augustine, Glell W., Fr, .51, 126 Aucu»tinr, Sheila K., Fr, .84 Aur nd, Vera F.. So. — — ... 46, 124 Auat. Juke H., Jr. 38 Ausl, Sandra S., Sr. 24 A ost in , Arthur A , Jr. 38 Baa] man, Hubert J.. Sr, Baal man. Thomas P., Fr. Bahm. H. Eld can. So, - Rais i ii , Ronald D., Fr. Baird. James R.. Fr. Bak c r „ F ran cis II., Jr. Baker, Ruth Aim, So- Ba]dwin. Jamr-a F., Fr. Baldwin, Richard G., Fr. Ball, Garry E„ Fr. Ball. Janice M-. So, .46, Rainhcrger, Linda 1,. Jr. Bangle, David L., Fr. Banister, Terry L,. Fr. Barb, Dixie Lee, Sr. Bare-ln. Edward R-, Gr. Barnes, Berkley A., Fr. Barnett. Sara A., Fr. Barrett, Eugene I,.. So, Barron, Bonnie L,, Fr. liarMiiw, Htnry F.. Sr, Barla. Dale R., FT, Bartholumcw. Phillip E. T Base. Betty Sr 24 Basgall, George E., Sr, Raslin, M. Kirk. Fr. Bates, Jean S.„ Fr. Bauer, Juanita M.. Sr. Baumann, Dennis L,_ Jr. Benv, Wilma K.. Sr. 21. 24. 77, 163, IS4 54, 163 __ 46 54, 126 54. 166. 171 _ 38 46. 121. 122 54 Si, 113, 126 16. 96 100. 105. 140, 149 121, 122 54, 126 Si 87. 106. 187 _ 122 54. 111. ns. 123 S4. 92. 100, 123 46 . 73 . 83 54, 92, 106 24, 75 54 So. ... 46 70, 107, 112. 198 24. Hi, 119 5S. 126 55, if 6 Au t in, Ralph T-, Sr. Ax man. Tony L., So. . .21 46. 1 IB Bay, Robert W,, Fr. Bean, Karen Ann, So, Bean, Roger L,. Sr, Beatty, Jus tine L., Sr. Beaver, Larry FL, So, Bee hard, Robert D.. Fr. Bechtel, Jerry A., Fr, Beck, Carol J.. Fr Beck, Robert C.. Jr. Becker. Lurry W., So, Beckham, Carol, So, Berkley, Paula S,, Fr. Bee k ma n , C barley W„ Fr Beckwith, Carrol K., So, Beckwith. David L., Sr. Beecher, Lowell K,, So. Beec her, Ly fin S, , Jr , Beeler, Shirley. Sr. 99 38, 151 l. 75, 78, 79, 116. 122 S3, 126 . 46, 122 24 25, 105, 124, 216 46, 182 55 55, 126 55. W, 119, 122 38, 77. 102, 114 46. 72 55, 92. 121 46. 55 46 70 46. 126 38, 126 25, 105, 122 Beery. Charles B.. Fr, Be fort. Cbarlea R-, So, Before, Gerald G-, So. .... Befurt, Glenn A.. Fr. Begler, Jerald 0„ Fr, Behnke, Gerald. Fr. Be ilnian , Sltoi la K . . Fr. Be| i l u, Curtiss R ., Fr. Bell. Karen, Jr. Hell I -orris V., Fr. Belteh, James I,,, So. Rcmin. Perry F., Sr. Bender, Donald W., So, Bennett, Avoneli L., Fr. Bennett, Larry G.. Jr. B rougher, Elton E., Jr Borg map, Dean F., Bergman. Paul. So. Borland, Paul L, , Fr, Ber]». Anthony J-, Jr. Rernritter, Ju Ann, Jr. Berry, William A.. Jr. Beyerlein, Adolph L,, Sr. Biaya. Paul M., Sr, Bicker, Carol R.. Fr. Bieber, Elsie G., Ff- Bigge, Robin L., Fr. Higham. Dona BilUnger, Irene F., Sr, Billings, Nanette G., So. Birger. Ervin G-, So, Bisln.i;i, Bruce E-, So. Hi I tel. Sandra L., Fr, Bizek. Charlotte J., Sr. Biain, Sieve M.. So. Hlauer, Earl, Jr. B]auer, Gary A., Fr, — Blauer, Jack D.. Fr, , Bleeha, Gloria K-, Jr. B]oomer, Karen K„ Fr. Bodge, James W., Fr. . Boese, Donald G-, Jr. Bogner t Johnny E,„ Fr, Boiler. Patricia A., Fr. Boiler. Robert A., Fr. Bullig, FTancii R., Fr, Bolliger, Rea, L. + So. — Hi rngardner. John H-, Sr 55. 98 — 46 , 118 .. .. . 46 , lie 55 . 73 , 119 55 55. 126 $5. 119 166 ,,.., 38 . 122 .55 46 Bonigard ner, Sliara S., F ' r. Bond, Fredrie D,. Fr, 55, J09, 122. 134, 186. 207 55, 158. 183 So. 46. 163, 1 Fr. 55, 1 Ir. 38, 1 . J r . .38 72, 80. 5 163, 1 Fr, . -55, 1 47, 1 " r_ 1 19. 1 Tr. Jr. - 38, ] Jr. - 30, Sr. 25, 75, 76. 25. 1 ■Y. 55, ; 55, r. . 47, 85. 115, Sr, 25. 91, 126, 1 77, 83 174 25 47. 124 47. 110, 126 55 55, 119. 122 25, 85. 131, 195 47. 93, 94, 152 IH 113 55, 96. 126 38, 89. 122 55, 122, 106 55, 98, 179 38, 299 .... _5S 55 55 55 „.SS , 25 Boom In j wer. K i ' ii in ih D., Su- ■17, 82. 158 Boos, Gerald A., Fr, 55. 155 fiotat, M. Ann, So it. 101. 115, : L22, 203 Booth, Ca rn L J . , So. ...47 Bordew i iek. Jack l. ., So, 47, 170, ]71 Burr|], S ha rep K.„ Sr, 25. 112, 190 Burger . Jrrold 14., Fr. 55 Hu r [a , Larry A,, Fr. 55, 126 Boston , Brian K.. So, 47, 119 Rowans , Peggy J,, Fr 55, . 87, 101, 121 Bowen, Mary E.j J r- 39, 100, 111, 134, 140, lit. 190. 207. 256 Bow mar i, Bii-hard N . Fr 55, 101. 203 Dowmai i, Robert C L. Fr, 55, 98, 121 Bow m.ii i, William E.. Sr. 25, 107 Boyd, Agne» M . Fr. 55. 116. 124 Boyd, John A., Fr 232 Boyd. Sandra K , Fr. 55 Brand. Lee M.. . Ir, 38. 89 Bran da, . iarrs A., Jr 39, in. 156 Hrann, Marcia Lb, Fr. 55, 92. ] 1 7. 121, 20 1 Braswell, Judy K- ., F ' r. . 55, 98. 141 Brudi, Fbl w nr d A . .. Sr. 25 . 17 Rra i.!a, E vcl y n A So. 80 Bremen knmp, Mel- i-in R„ Sr. 25, 75, 80, 91. 181 Brinev. 14 og e r D . . Fr. 55. 126 Rrinkcr lack A.. Fr. 47, 141 Brijn k r- r J a hi v a K .. So. 39 Brink mao, Dicdriek N. . F’r. 56. 181 Brialuw , Donley J,, So. 47 Rfock , Patricia A l.. So. 17 Broecki r Irnan , TA ' a v nc J . , Fr, 56, 139 Brown. Rill D., Fr. 36 Brow u. Carole. S o. .. . .. 47. 122 Brown, Clara Ann . Fr. 56. 122. 145 Brown, Elaine K- . Fr. . 56 Brown. Ellon B,. Fr, . 56 Brown, Judith A .. Fr. 56, 117, 122 Brown, Larry L,, Fr. 56. 126 B ru w n , Lou Jean, So. 15, 47, 73 , 82. 84. 86 , no. 149 Brow n . l.ynn 11, Sr. ... 25 , 91 Brown, Patricia N.. Jr. 39. 122 B row ri , Preaton £ Sr. ... 25, 163 Brown. Vernon ! L.. Jr, 39 Brown, William F-, Jr, Brubaker, Roger R-, Sr. 39 23 249 Brucciani, Joaeph C,, So. 47. 126 Brnggeman, Karen A., Jr. 39, 95, 140, 190 Brurnitt. 3Iary M„ Fr. 56, 101. 111 117, 143 Brungzrdt, Darrell F„ So, 47, 110 Brungardt. Harold D., So. 118. 147 Brungardt, I.orraine, So, 56 Brungardt, Terrance M., Jr. 39 Rmngardt. Wayne M,, Fr, 56 Brunnemer, Barbara B,. So. 17 Brunson, Charles A-, Jr, 39 Brush, Dawn C,, So. 47, 99, 149 Bryant, Carroll D., Kr, 56, 126 Bubonic, Thomas J,. So, ISO Bu elder, Bruce K.. Fr. 56, 126 Buehter. Karen K,, Fr, 56, 92, 122 Bur bier. RoUnd K,, Jr. 166, I6H Bunker. Rosemary, So. 1 " 99 Bunker, Tile mas G,, Sr. 2S Buntr, oictu J.. Fr. - — — - 55, 122 Burge , Billy G., Fr, 56, 126 Burg fi art. Vernon G,. Sr. 2S. 1 18 Burk, Janice K,, D, 56, 124. 126 Burkry, Jamea L . Fr, 56. 126 Burmci trr, Paul E., Sr, 25, 75, 77, 83, 163 Burns, Geeio W, Sr 47, 100. 116 Burr Mcrlyn K., So. 47. 162 B jrroogbj, Deanna, Fr, — 56, 101, 122 Bum ■ her, Margaret, Gr. 21 , hati , James P , Gr, 179 Hi, Don Er, Gr. 70 1 ,, r, Michael W„ Jr, 102 Sandra K., Jr, 39. 149 Wdli am K., Sr. 25 157 Hyli-r. Carlenc L,, Jr. 25 : : Jack R, h Sr, 25, 103. 157 Cochran , Marvin J-, So. Cochran Ralph W 47, 107. 110. 127 Jr, | Id well. Jk- unite E., Jr. 39. 122 Caldwell, Margaret S., So. 47. 197, 111. 112, 190. 19H t.allaway, Ronald T , Fr, 56 t .am hern, Shi- rry A., Fr. ?,6, 99. 117. 122. 186 Campbell, Ronald ?►, Jr, 166, 169 Cant! tin, Karen L., Fr. 56 99. 121 Caprez, Lionel P., Fr. 56. 126 tiilcj. Curtis J Fr. .... 56, 121 Carlson, WnRon F., So, 17 t’iarr. Jeanette! F,, So. 47 Carrier. Larry L., Jr, 166, 170 Carroll, Jon M„ Fr, 56 Ca ' v, Guyhelh It., Fr. - 56 Cas]ie-r, James M. h Jr. 39 166. 168 Cat) in, William A,. Sr, 25, 82. 97 Can Id wed), Boland L . Jr, 39, H0 Ccrwtky, Maurice J.. Sr, . 25, 110 Chaffee, Martha L.. Jf. 39. 107, 112, 122 Chamber?!. Jmit-r D., Jr, 39 ChannrJl. Duane L., Sr. 26, 91, 173 175 Chaprnaji, Cliarle |„, Jr, 39. 162. ISl Chapman Linda S, Fr, 56, 122 (Miarlluii, Artfiur J.. Sr, 26 Charval, Mary J n , Fr, 56, 89, 119, 124 Chase, Vera Ellen, Sr. 37 Chastain, .Marilyn L., Sr, 20, 116 195 Chi«m, Joseph C„ Jr 39 Chism Robert IF. Sr. 26 C h in m. Will lain L,, Jr, 39 Chlttrndru Gary L., Fr. 56. 98 Chittenden, Suaan IL, So. 47 Clark, Beverly Del.ay, Sr. 26. 112 Chrialian, Melvin l„ ( Jr. 59 Chureh, Danjel P,. So, 47 Clark. Elmira M„ So. IT Clark. Jamra E. h jr. 39 Clark, Linda A,, Fr, 56. 92. 99 Clark, Margaret J., Rr. 37 Clark, Miry Ellen, Sr. 26, 78, 79. 107, 112, 124 Clarke. Charles A., Ir, 39, 76 Clarke, Etther F.. So. 47 Clarke. Hannah L.. Jr, 39, 89 CRrm, Robert A. f Jr. 39. S3 Cliisi, Tcri N. t Jr. 39. 105 122 Clement. Archie D„ So. 47, 126 Clou h ton, M. Ann. Fr. 56, 124 Clow, Marian A,, Fr. 56, , 89, 121, 124 Glower , Ursula N., Sr, — 26 Cluster, W Colleen Jr, 39, 89, 122 Cubbi, Elbert, So. _47 91 Coddinglun, Kay Y,. Sr. Ci ddirifli n, Krnrtrlii E„ Jf. Cody, Marcalcrie, Sr. 26, 73, Cody, Huger E Sr, 20. 107, 111, Coffey, Item D., Fr. 5 , Colburn, Margie B,, Fr. Sfi, Cols, Judith L . Fr. ..___56, 122, Coir man, Liln L,, Sr, 20, 87. Collins. Daii L, Fr. — 50, Colli oft, G, Brent, So. — — Colli no, Larry L- Jr, _ , »_ — Collin , Robert D., Fr. -SO, Combs, Ronald H„ Gr. _, Conird, Karen L,, Jr. 3?. 71, 83, 89, Conn. Varela L., Jr,- Connelly, Roy, Kr. Conner, Donald L., Fr, — ... Conner, B- Guy, Gr. Coot, Dennis, Fr. . - Cook, Florence E-, Jr. _ . _ Conk. Ron tile Fay, jr, 39, 1Q5. 145, Cooper, Gary El wood, Fr. Cop| Joieph M,, Jr- Curdfs. Mona L., So, 47, 110, Coulter, Gary E., Si. — — Tfl, Crnunn. Carolyn F,, Fr, SO, 92, Covey, Robert S, T Fr. _ , , , , , 56. Craft, John T. Fr. - — Craig. Johnnie V,, Fr 56, Crissniin. Lu Ann. Fr. 56. Crist, Gary D., So. - Crist, Lowell E . Sr. — ,,,. -.26, 72. Criswell, Larry L., Fr, Crncie, John A., Fr, 57, „..-39 p 113. 195 39 26 ... 39 79 113 121 122 187 106 126 47 39 166 [7 145 39 56 126 179 . 56 . 5G 213 56 39 124 Crocker, lien jam in C,, So. Cromwell, Larry D.„ Jr. Cron it, Karen Lee. So. Cronin, Midi ff„ Fr. Crosby, Den aid H.. So. Cullen, Joseph W,, Fr. ... Cunningham, Glen A., Fr. Currey, Linda M,. Fr, Curtis, Joe Dean. Fr. Curiii. Robert G. So, Cuiiea, Michael P. r Jr. Cutler, Robert L., So. ■17, 106, 1 15, - _ 57, 17, 98. 107, 126. 122 160 56 126 122 47 , 76 56 171 105 39 122 122 no, 19 121 . ,57 122 57 17 155 39 Daggett, Ronald L., Fr. . « _57 Dale, Mary F-. So. 47, 70 , 02, 09. 95. 119, 122 Dale. Patrick L.. Fr, 54, 103, 119, 126 Daniel . Linda L., So. 48. 122, 150 Daniels. Ronald W., So. — - 10, 161 Daniels, Sherry J., Fr — 57, 122. 107 Danielaon, Sonja L., Sr. . 26, 105, 119, 14? Daniel i, Donald K-. Jr. 39. 103. 155 193 l au g Kert y , L:t rry J , , J r . 39. 9 1 David. Tony D Ft, , 57, 126 Davidson Car] M . Fr. 57 Davidson, larry E,, Fr. 57, 137, 101, 213 Davjg, Elmer E.. Sr 26, 72, 75, 70, 126 Davie, llene R.» Sr. 26, 71, 122 Davit, Mickey A., Fr, _ 57 Davison, William W.. So. , 40 Da we, Barbara A.. Fr. — . . 57. 92, 122, 190 Dawson. Donald A., Fr „57 Day, Dean E., Sr. — , - - 26 Day. Jon M., Fr ST Deal, ' Jerry J.. Jr, 39, 94, 95, 145 295 DeBoer, Joan E., So, _ ... 48, 124 Decker, Mary L., So, 18, 122 Deewail. Sharon A., So. 57. 122 DeCarmo, Marian C,. So. 18, 126 Dcges, Gene F., So. . 48 Deges, Leon D. L Fr. 39, 119, 126 Deinn, Herbert L.. Jr. 26, 72, 77, 117 DeinOs, James A,, Fr 57 Dcines, Larry D.. Fr, .... 57 117 DeLair, Donald C„ So. 72; 94, 96, 98 Delflnder. Helen E„ So. 10. 08 DeLam-y, Donna M. So 47, 118 Delicti, Jon L,. Jr. 39, 77, 00, 203 DeLong, Jr., Jame D., Fr. „_57 Uemel, James ft.. Jr. 39 DoMeritl. Ronald R.. Fr. 57. 126 Demuth. Randall F . , Sc, „ . ,.._93 Denning. Virgil J r , Jr. 39 Dennis, Carolyn T, Jr. 40, 82, 105, U9 r 122. 146 Denny, Carol K„ Fr. 57. 95 Denton. Mary E„ Fr -57, 106, 121 DeRo e r, Cynlhia A., Fr. 57, 1 00, 122 Deahiert. Larry D., Jr, — 40, 72, 98 Denbien, Mery L., Sr- 26, 78, 79, 80, 100. 148. 256 Desch Franeis G.. Sr. 26, 118 Dewald, Janet L,, Fr, -57 122 Dibble, Danny D., Sr. — 26 Dick, William J., So. — . — - 40 Dior , Mary J.. Fr _ S7, 83. 121. 122 Dietz, Larry L,, Fr. — -57 DilLinger, Doris L., Jr. 40, 115, 121, 122 Dillon, Terry J.. So, — Disigea, Lueille E,, Fr. — 57 Djnkel, Janice M-, Sr. 26, 118, 122 Dinkel. Phyllis A., Sr. 26, 70, 75, 79. 101 Dodd, Dixie L„ Jr, 40. 84 Dodrill, James B,. So, — — — — — 40 Doer tier, Sharon K,, Fr, Dok ' eek, Millie nit F So, 48, 124 DoLeitl. Vernon A.; So, Domingo. My ms, Fr- 57, 124, £08 Don art, Gary B., So. _, ... ._48, 126 Donner, Gary L., Fr. — -57, 181 Dooley, Joseph A,. Jr 40 Dorenkamp, Agnes M-. Jr. 40, 119 Dougherty, Douglas D„ PC 199 DoKon, William E., Jr. -40 Drake. Donna Lynn, Fr. .57, 107. 120. 121 Drake. Glen E„ Fr 57, 85 Dreiser, Marilyn A„ Sr. 26, M2 r 145, 195 Drafting Judith A,, Ir. — — — 40 Dreiling. Mary A r , Jr. . — 18, 118, 122 Dreiling. Mike L., Sr. 26. 80, 110 Dreiling, Neil W., Sr. 26, 166. 169 Dreiling, Robert L.. Fr 57 Dreiling, Theresa M-, Jr, 40 Dreiling. Thomas C., Sr. ..- 26 Driscoll, Kenneth D., So. . 18 Gary R., Fr. __57 76, 126 Duff. Ellen A., Jr. 40, 72, 94. 96, 140. 198, 199, 209 Dundaa, Kay W.. Sr. 26, 120 Punekach, Darrel W., Jr. 10 Dunlap, Marvin L., Fr. 37, 82 Dunn, Dennis J„ Fr — „„...S7 Dunli, Alma E.. Sr 40 Dunti Terry L., Sr. 27 DuraR, Edwin P., Sr. 2?. 118 Du rail. Maurice J., Sr 27, 75, 155 Duly, Russell L„ Fr, „„ 57, 183 Duus. Donna J„ Fr, . Sf, Melvin L. , So, 48 Dyatt, B. Lynn, Sr. 27, 95, 104, 105, 145 Dyer, Robe r t II . , Fr. . 57,1 54 E Earley, Jeannine M., J f. ... 40, H2 Eckert. Harry M. , So, .. . . 40 Edigcr, Jerry W., Fr _ ST Edward , Elizabeth S,. Sr, 27. 75, 78, 79. 107. 217 Edwards. LoRtta H.. Jr. . 40, 130, 193, 196 Edward , Patrick. Fr, 57, 119, 215 Edwards Mary E,. Jf 40. 83. 122 Ehrlich, Larry j,, Fr. 51, 73. 88, 90. 95, 117 Ehrlich, Marcia K., Sr. _ 27 Eiehelbcrger, Marie J-, So 89 Filers, Pat A,, So, 40, 93. 121, 121 Eiscnhouf. Larry O,. Jr. 60, 152 Eller, Gary L., Fr. - . AT Eller, James M.. Jr, 10 Elliott. G. Lynn, Jr. .--40, 57 Elliott, Robert D., Fr. 57 Eliig, Rarbara Lou. Fr, , 2Z Ellis, Danny R,, So. 48, 80 Ellis, l.anhy e„ Jr. an Ellis, Mary E. t Sr, — .... _27, 122 Eljia, Robert W., Ff, iw Ellison, Judith Kaye, Fr. 203 Elsacaaer, Betsy It., Fr, .57, 99. 115, l£2 Enstgh, Keith W., Fr, _57, 126 Engel, Deanna M., Jr 40. 118, 122 Engel, Edna R., Fr, 99 Engel, M. Luanne, Fr, 58, 87, 92, 98, 122, 144, 190, 200 Engle, Rodney J., Sr. 1J En strom, Della. Fr, _58, 122 Epler. William C„ Sr, 71 Epperley, MAljoiic L., Fr. Erberl Daniel M„ Jr. 54, 58, 103. 104 40, 90. 162. 184 Erickson, Delbert L., Fr. 58, 183 Erickson, Dolores A., Sr. — — — — 27 Erickson, Gary L.„ Fr, — — — — - — .—58 Erickson Lai A,, Fr „,.„„58 p 92, 144 Ercieal, Joyce A., So. EapluntJ, Linda K., Eramiller, Robert So __,„48 Eatc , Arlene R,, Fr. 58 106, 122 Estes. Ann Elizabeth, Jr 40, 112, 148, 201 Estes, Stanley D., So, — — 42, 182 Eulert, Harold D. p Sr. 157 Evans, Eugene Wilbur, Jr. — 40, 72 Evans. Frank E . Sr. 27 Evcl. Della M., So, 48. 89, 124 Evel, Eddie A.. So, _40. 126 Ewer t, Darrell J-. Fr, 58 r, ... 50. 92, 1 48. 1 : •Or — . ... 40 1 ; BO, a Fa briri us, Elvin C. t Sr. Fagan, Mary L,, Sr. , — Farley, Don E,, Fr, Fciat, John J-, Sr, , .. Fellers, Elizabeth A„ So. -27, 75, 70, 211 58 Fellers. John T., Gr. Fergus, Dora l G.. Fr. —27, 157 17, 48, 107, 110. 112, 149 15, 126 — 58 Fcrgujop, Jo Ann, Jr. . 40, 82, 122, 146 Ferguson, W ' Mlard C F , Jf, 10 Fickcn, Terrance K., So, - — 48 Finch, James L,. Fr — 58 Fink, Mary Joan. Sr. 27 96. 143 Finley, Howard, Sr, 27 Finley, Norma J,, Fr, 58 Eiaeher. Gloria M. h So. -—48, 89, 124 Fischer, Shirley N.„ So. ™48 Fisa, Myrna L., Fr, _$S, 117, 124 Fletcher, Janice C., Jr, 40. 99, 151, 195. 201 Fletcher, Patricia L., Fr. Floury, Eldon H-, Fr. 5® Flinn. James E., Sr, — , 27 Flock. Hard M„ Sr —_.„27, 75, 79 Floyd, Melvin P. t So 411 Flynl , Margaret F,, Jr. 10, 72, 03 , 98, 115, 124 Fulkerts, Charlotte A., Jr 10. 70 Folks, Franc | Jr, . 40. 118, 126 Ford, Sandra J., Jr 40, 87 100, 122 Forney, Imogenc V,, Jr. 107, 112 Fofayth, Jay D. Fr. 58 Foraylh, Judith E., Fr. 58 Foster Harold M Jr. an Foaier, Norman D. Fr. SB Fox, Connie K„ Fr. 58 92 122 FoS Jamea L,, So, ... 4ft Fralev. Donna K._ Sr_ _ 3T Francis, Michael J.. Sr. ...27 73, 75, 77, 70, 82. 06, 90 93 Francisco. John F, So, .48, 111, 113 Frank, Cheryl R., Fr, „ 58, 92 124 Fram, Clarence C., Jr, 40 Frazier . J udy L . F r . 50, 121 Ffederikson, JoLynno, Ir. —40, 85 105, 107. 112, 140, 15] Freeborn J. Ann So 48. 122 Freed, Ronald L., Fr 58 V ritsehe, Ruth H,, Jr. ,,-40. 121 Fljtithen. Donald J,, So. . ,—.48 Fritschcn. Lawrence K-, Jr. .._40 Fross. Vera, So. . 48, 98. 105. 119, 147 Fry, Lester P. Sr 27 127 Frydendall, Karen Liiiurt, Sr, 27. 71 Fuller, Judy M., Sr , 27 Fuller, Stephen C., Fr, .... 1|3 Funk, Robert C,, Fr. 93, 100, 116 Fyfe. John E., Fr. §8, 73 -58 27 Gage, Dwight L, Fr. Gager, Mcrl L, t Sr, - Gagnon, David J., Fr. ,58. 119, 127, Iftg Gallentine, Jerry L., So 48 GaRiart, Jerry A, So, . A ft Galliart, Karen K. h So. 48, 117 124 Gardner. Ronald E. h Fr, SB, 127, 166. 171 Gardner, Roy J,. Sr. . .27 Garretts, Gayle R,, Jr, 40. 107 127 Garvert, Shirley M., Sr. 27, 106 CeL»ingrr, Eugene G., Fr, .., ..119 250 Gcijjnecr, John K. t So. 40, 84, 118 GcrUzler Nor man K. Sr. ,27 Georjte Robert D„ Jr 40, 91, 152, 203 German Harold B,, Sr T 27 Gemtzcn, Barbara H„ Jr. —80. 107, 112, 198 Gcrritzcn. Herman J. Fr. 58 Geliy. Dale E„ Jr, 40, 91, 173. 175 Getty, Karen L.. So, _ 48, 90, 120 Getty Elaine L,, Jr. „ .40, 149 Getx, Res R. Ft. _ 1S1 Giblrr Robert C., Gr. — 1 3 Gibson, Norma T.. So. 48, 109 Gibton, Susan S,, Fr. 50 124, 149 Giebler, Gale K-, So 4a Giebler, Gary L., Sr . . . , . — 27 Gilbert, A, Arlene. So. ... 4S t 112 Gill, Harpal Singh, Gr. 90, 208 Gillespie, Floyd M., Fr. SB Gilliland, Darel D,, Jr, — 40 Gilliland, Karen E„ Jr. 40 Gilmer Iter nit L, Fr. 93, 100, 154, 180 Gilson. Rosemary A., Fr, — 92. 151, 201 Gish, Charles D. Sr. . — .28 Gjvc na Faith M, Fr, . _S8 Glasscock, Carole A.. So. 4S, 124 Gleason. LEn«y L . Fr. 58, 127 GJcnncmeicr, I.arry, Fr. 58, 73, 119 Gnad, Leroy P., Fr . 58, 73 Godfrey, John W. So. w -.48, 156 Goehring, Deris E,, Jr. „_„_40 99 Goeken, James B r , Jr 40, 163 Goetz. Charlene M., Sr. 210 Goo dh cart, Gary R . So 127 165, 158 Gnodhearl, Loren W., Sr, 28 Goodrow, Judith L,, Fr, . 58, 124 Goodrow Kennel h K., Jr, 127 Gottschalk, Gary L.. Jr, 10, 155, 184 Goltachalk, Marilyn A.. Ff. 58, 89, 119 Gfabbc, Theresa A., Fr. ,_™_5|t. 119 Graf, Marilyn K. So. ™ -, — 82, 151 Graham, Mitchell S., So, — — , — — — 48 Grantham, Warren L., So 48 Graver, Donglaa, Sr. ..... — 128, 90 Graver. Leon H-, So. — 48 r 95 Graves, Jewel J., Fr, _58, 92, 99, 124 Gray, Lionel D., Jr. 40 Grecian, Jim L., Sr 28, 127 Green. James C Sr — . — — — — 2S Green, Karen L., Fr. — 58, 89, 123 Green. Sondra L., Fr 58, 123, 213 Green, Yvonne, Sr, — — 28 Greenway, Judith A., Fr. 58. 99, 123. ISfi Greenwood Gloria G., Fr, - 58, 92, 124, 151 Greenwood, Konahl J.„ So. — 43, 183 Gregory, Frank D., Fr. ... 58, 166 Greiner, Judith L., So 48, 70, 99. 121 Grirae , B. June, So 4fl Griffin, James F.. Jr. , 28, 215 Griffin. Kenyon N„ Jr, ... 40, 77. 89. 93, 190, 114 Griffin, Stanley Sr. 28, 72, 90 Griffie, K. Lowell, Fr ,.59 Griffith, Gary D . So, .. 49 163, 215 Griffith, Glenda L., Fr, 58, 199, 123. 149 Crilfith, Judith A„ Fr. —.58. 83, 39 Grilfitls, Joanne C., So, 19, 89, 115, 121. 298 Gfiziell, George R,. Fr 59 Grout, Kenneth G,. Jr — — ., 45 Grosmhana, Meryl E, So. — - 49, 77 Grube, Gilbert W., Fr, ,— 59, 127 Guinn, Larry L., So, , 49 Gunn, M. Douplau. Ff. 59, 166, 171, J85 Gunnels, Joe O r , So. — .... 49, 85 Guatafaon, Edward C., Sr, 28, 86 Gitalin, Larry F., Fr. ™ ——...,.09 Guy. Allen R.. Fr, 59. 76, 98 Guyer. Howard H. Jr, 41 03, 103, 155 Gwinner, Nancy E., Fr, — — , ... — — .. 59 H Haas, Kenneth J, Fr. ..,,,, 59 Hackmeiiter, A, Jill, So — ™ 40 Haddock, char J Oita M., Fr. ; 59 Hager, Carolyn P . Jr 41, 71 Hager, Virginia E, Jf. — —99 Higman, Herbert E. Jr, — . 114 Hag man, Jerry R. Fr. . — — . 59 Hall, Mary E. Jr. 41. Ill, 112, 119. 123 Hall, Richard D„ Fr, — — . 59 Hal | agin, S, Hone, So. — , — — -..—49 Hailing, Nancy L„ So ,49, 89 Hailing, Ronald A., Sr. . 28, 182 Hainan n Fredrick €, Sr. 28 Hamel Gary W., Sr, 20 Hamel, Thomas ft,. Jr. 41, 72, 83, 163, 18$, 184, 185 Hammond, E. Eloiae, Fr. ,59, 121 Honey, Ronald N,. Sr. -.28 166, 168 Hanken, Landis L, Fr, 59 Hanaen, Kathleen A rt Sr, 28, 87 Hanson. Andy J,, Fr. 59, 127 Hanson, Claude L., Sr. 28 Hanson , Rod ne y A , , Sr 28 Hanson, Sara A, Fr. 107, 112, 121 Hargitt, loan L r Sr. ,__28, 71, 123 Hark ties . Donald J., Fr, 59, 119 Hark new, Sandra A„ Sr. 4 1. 72, 94, 96, 101, 149 Harmon, Jatnea, Fr. 59 Hannon, Pan] a R., So, 99 Harmon, Roger (j., So. , 49 Harper, James D-, Sr 166, 167 Hatprr, Mark D,, Sr 20 Harrell, Millard. Fr 59. 113, 127 Harrington, Gerald R., Fr. — 11T Harris, David L.„ Sr 28 Harris, Merle D., Sr, 28, 173. 175. 210 Harrison. Janel K., So. 49. 100, 105, 159 Harrison. Virginia M-, Sr. 20. 71. 89 Hart. William D . Fr .... 49 Haft. James C., So. 49 Harting, Roger D., Sr, 28 Harlzcll, James A Fr. 166 171 Harvey, Gertrude E., Fr, 59. 89, 121 Harvey, Lanny, Fr, -.,..59 Harvey, Larry V., Jr. H llzrzman, Donald £., Sr, 28. 70, 70, 103, 155 Ifqririian, Leonard A., Fr. 59 Hajfelhoxst, Joyce A,, Fr. 59, 119 Hass. Norman D,, So. . 49 Hatcher, Gale L., Fr, 59 Hauck, Jerome C,, So, 49, 127, 201 Hawkins, Larry, So 49 , 96. 183 Hawking, Loii G„ Sr, 20 Hawley, Charlene, Fr. 59, 123 Hayden, Bob J„ So. 127 Hayes, 11. Christine, t’G V) Hayes. James A., Fr. 59 Hayes. Nanette J.. Fr. 59. 121 Hayes, Patricia L, So .49, 145, 269 Hoffman , Karen K .. Sr. 29, 123 Hoffman. Lorna M „ Fr. 59. 124 Hoffman Raymond C., Fr. 59, 04, 127 Hogan Gordon H.. Sr. 29 Hogsdt Stanley G, So. 19 9i , 133 Holdeman Men no Sr. 29 Holdrni Walter E So. 49 Holcman. Robert F. r Jr. 41 Helen ftalpli II., So. 49, 91 Holliday. Shari G„ Er 19, 92, 124, 150, 137 Ilelstcfi Caro] L., So. 49, 89 124 Hi. |mr ' s r Sandra Fr. 50 123 Ilona , Johnny J., Sr. . 29 Hoot cm, James L,, Jr, 41, 107, 166, 169 Hoover, Johnny E.. Fr. 59, 116 Hopkins. David A., Jr. 41, 88, 96, 290. 215 Hopkins, Martha R.. Fr. 59, 92, 124 Hoppe , Mary A . PC 88 H urine). Deanna R.. Sr. 29 Horning, Edward J . Gr. 72, 118 Homing, Mary Lou, So, . 49, 105, 119. 121 Horning. Ronald 1,.. Jr. 11, U8 Hoskinson. Calvin L. Fr, 59, 127, 1.61 Hots, Eugene D., Sr. 29 House, Bight, Sr - 29 Houaholder, Nancy J„ Jr. ...41, 111. 123 Houston, Bern 9 dyne K,, 5t . 49 Howard, Donald F„ Fr. - .— „58, 158 Howard, K. Elaine, Jr. 41 70, BO, 104. 117, 1 13 Howard. Gaylene H. Fr. 59, 99, 12-1 Howard Neva A., Fr . 60 Howell. Galen L,, Fr. 60, 127, 166, 171 Howell, Mary C, Fr 60, 124 Howerton, Wesley W., Jr. 41 Hoyt. Fhyllis E-, Sr. 29 Hrabe, Delbert M., So. 84 llrabik. Donald L,, So. — 41 Huh bard , J osep k £., Cl. 122 Hubbard. Minnie, Gr 172 Huber, John So. 49, 11 3, 127 Hubert Craig E., Sr, _ _ , Hudson. Carol L., Sr. £9 Hut ' hner. Ranald D., So. 49 Huff Roger N. Fr. 60 Hu] I man, Don H„ So, — , , 49, 127 Humes, Nancy L„ Fr. 60, 124, 145. 206. 207 Humrich, Paul L.. Jr. 41 Hunter, Barbara L. Fr, .... 60. II 2 , 121, J2l Hunter. Mon lie K,, Fr. , .-60 127 Hutcheraft, Theodore £., Jr. 41, 163 Hultofl, Rodney K., Sr. . , .29, 155 Imliof Priscilla 1., Fr. ImMasche, D, Kay, Jr 41, 93, 105, ISO, 216 Immenchuh, Earl R., Fr, 60 Inman. William L., So. 49. 141, 142. 155 Irvin James K-, Fr, . 60 Irvin, Stanley V., Fr. 60 Irvin, Wayne L-, Sr —29, 75 Ivan, John E., Jr. -4j, 84, 86 J Jacobi, David F , Fr. — 60. 9B Jamison, Doyle J., Sr 29 Jaakc, Larry J.. Fr. 60 Jefferies, Gwendolyn M.. Jr. . 41, 145 Jeffers, Marvin L.. Fr. 60, 127 Jimisch. Lawrence J-. Ff. — 60 Jenkina, David, Fr. , 6Q. 127 Jennings, Fred, Fr. 60, 127 Jensen, Daryl D., Jr, 41, 141. 158 Jensen, Donna D., Fr 60. 97, 121, 12 1 Jensen, Juliana, Sr, 29. 89. 102, 123. 200 JirreU, Gayle J, So, 49 Johnson, Alvin S., Sr. — 29 Johnson, Deanna It, Sr. 29, ISO Johnson, Donald G.. Fr. 60, 127 Johnson, James A., So 19 Johnson, Joe Wi, Fr. — 60 Johnson, Judith E r , Sr, 29, 75, 78, 115. 121 123 Johnson, Karl E., Fi 60 Jn|m on, Norman D,. Fr. 60 Johnson, fttymon L., Fr. 60 Johnson, Robert D,. Fr, 60 Johnson, Russell J.. Sr 20, 30, 03 162, 181 Jnhn un, Vidor D r , Jr. 41 , 141, 15 4 Johnson. Virginia V„ Sr. 30 Johnston, Keith L. So. 49 Ji nr», Dale L., Jr, — 41 Jones. Elizabdh M. So. 41 Jones, Man M. Jr, ...41 Jones Paul D,. So 19 Jonetu Roa«I4 D.. Si. 30. 162 Jordan. Harold M., Sr 39 Jorns, Mary Lou , Fr. 69, 8 4. 12 1 Juenemann, John A.. Jr. 41 118. 127 Justus, Jon D., So. .. 19 K Kahlc, Larry L , Jr. Kaiser, Layton L,. Jr Kaiser, Sylvia K,. Sr. K »1 te n ha eh , Karen R - , F r . Kanard Thomas J , Sr Karlin Peter J., So. Karlin. Robert J. Fr. Karlin Walter R . Sr. Karls Audrey 41 90. 202 41, 90 118, 127, 202 ,30. 79, 150 60. 93. 99 124 41. 133 49, 118 60. 119 30 ,30 Karla, John A., Sr. 30, 81 118 Karr, Charles A., So. 49 Kan r Curtis D. Sr. 30. 183 Karst , Jill A„ So. 49 73, 86, 101. 107 216 Ksr t Larry K . So, 39 Kaufman. Kay Ann, Jr. .41, 79 150. 195 Keady Norm L . So, 19, 95, 100, 105 Keeler, Margaret J . Fr, ,.—60. 123 Keenan, Thonia M,. Jr. 18, 41 Kci], Albert D.. Fr. ... . , 60 Keith. Glemn L.. Sr. 30, 127 Keller, David D„ Jr 41. 162. 18-4 Kendall. Barbara J,. Jr. 41 Kendall, Robert A. So. ■ -.60 Kennedy, Judith A,, Fr, 20. 60, 92, 124. 115 Kennedy, Karen K., Fr, 30 Kenyon Gary E r Fy. _ — —.69, 119, 127 Kepfcrle, James A. Sr 39 Kephart, John A. So. — 49 Kepley, Marshall E., So 49 Kern Donald D., Sr. _ 30 Kerr. Martha A., Fr 60 123 1H7 Kers tetter, Judy A., So 49, 124 Kerslclter. Rex E., Sr. 30. 75, 77, 78, 101 Keeler. Vivian M.. Fr. 60. 124 Kibbe. Robert L . So, 49, 127 K Elian, Larry D. Jr. — 49 Kim bell. Lee E., Jr 41, 149, 201 Kimhrel, John L. Jr. .41 King, Karen L. Fr. ,.— 60, 111, 12 4 King, Marilyn M„ So 49. 123 King, Sandra S .. 60, 92, 96. 124 Kippes, Norman J., Fr 60 K isner Vernon, C r, 72, 90 Ki stick, Della M., Sr ™30 Kitchen, Margaret L Fr, _ 60, 124 Kitchen. Orvina L . Fr 60 123 Klawuhn. Robert , Sr 30 76 Klein Robert B. Fr, — - 60 K]ejn, Rex L., Fr, . tfl. 127 Klcwenu, Dennis G, r Fr 60 Klewcno, Marlene .A,, Fr. 60, 99. 121 Kline, Norman L., Sr. . 30 Kliukc, Max, Jr. — —41 Klatz, Janice K , Jr. 41, 116, 1 17 Knitig, Carl L . Sr. . 30 Knoll, Donna B „ Sr - — 30 Knorr Sharon So. .179 Knud son. Karol A. Jr . ..41 99, 114, 121 Knjber Alfred J- Sr. 166 167 Koch, Betty L», Fr 60, 123 Koch, Man e| line Sr . 30 71. 89 Koch Robert E. T Jr, 11, 7?, 86 Kpetnei 1 , June L., Fr. 60 Koeppen, Jerry D,. Sr. 30 138 Kohler, Susan J . Fr. 60, 99, 101, 124 Kohl . Norwin C„ So 49 K nil n i ;l n . T .-] v i n L. Fr 60 Kooehel Larry, Jr. — 41 KqoIx, Gary c. Fr. — „„60 H6 Kopke, Larry L. Sr. 30, 73 75, 82 103 Korbe, Wilma J., Sr. ,.30 75 Korea, Delore J,. So. 60, 119 13-4 Kraft. Duane A.. Fr. 61, 102 Kraft, Vivian J., Fr. 61 K rai in ger, Ga r y 1. , f r . EE. 115, ill, 161. 203 Kralieik, Mary FLk, Fr 61, 99. 116, 124 Kralicck Oliver f)„ So .. -19 116 Kfiiw, Barry D.. Jr- 41 Kriky. Geraldine L Fr 6l 04, 119, 125 Kris Janet K-, So. — ,,49 95 Kwfirr, Gary L , Fr. 61 Kxouae, Noel C. ( Ve, 61 Krug, Douafil F. So. ...... 49, 73 Krug. Robert W. So. 61 127 Krute. Mimi 49 Kugler. Thomas G.. Sr. , 30 100, 2 1 7 Kuhlrnan, Rodney K., Fr. 61 Kummer, Thomas W, r Sf. 30, 162 Kurtz. Mary Jo t Sr. .... 30 75 Kyner Carol M., St . 19 115, 123, 186 Kyriakides, Touts O. Gr. . 90, 268 Kysar, Richard G-, Sr . 30 11 4 L Lacey Philip C. Su 50, 95 118 Larger, Marvin ft. Sr. 30 Latterly, Ann M„ Fr, 61. 02. 92 98, 125 Lala, Sharon I., So. ..50 Lamia, Leonard F.. Fr. 61 Lane. Thninaa A., So. — .. , 50 Lang, Anita L., Fr. 61 101 112, 121 123 Langdnn, I arry L., So+ -50 Langley Miefiael A . So. 182 Langrchr Margaret A,, So. 50. 125 145, 192 Languein. Judy L. Fr. 61. 125. 214 Larkin, Gilbert M. So m Larson D. Dean, Jr, —41, 91, 118, 127 173, 174, 178 LaSalle, Cecil N„ Ir. 42 125 LaShell Cary R.. So , ,..,50 Latham, D ahn G . Sr. A9 Lavelle Ronald N., Fr, 61, 127, 166 Law Cyttnic K., Fr. . 61 Law, Marcus L , Jr. .42 251 Law. Pbili|i E,. Sr. -30, 107, 111, 113 Law, Randiill P., So. .. Aft Lawson, Donald E., Fr. 61 Lawsum, Donna R., Fr. 61, 123 Lawson, Doug] a M., So 50, 101. 127 Layton, Dennis R.. Fr, . 61 Layton, Donald M. t Sr. 30 Leasure, Philip A . Jr, 12 Lee, George A , Fr. 61 Lefilngweli, Patricia 1 ,, Jr. 42, 93, 100 125 Leffingwcll, Richard L , Fr. 61 93 Llfig, Kenneth E , Jr, 42 Lcgleitcr, Gregg J„ Su, 60. Ufl Utlrjlit, Melvin W„ Fr. 61, 119 Lelker, C] II ford J.. Fr, 166, 168, 173, 178 Letker, Ernest J.. Jr. 42 Leiker. Harvey J., Sr. 31. 157, 213 Lelker, Melvin A., Sr. 31, lift Lein mi Her, George B.. So 91 Leitfii ' f, Larrv ll. r Jr. 42. 98., 118 Leonard, Clarenc. Jr, 42, 71. 1SL 201 Leonard, .Marilyn. Sr. Leonard. Ronald R . Sr Lrsuviky, Don L., Fr. Leas-eie. Sam L., Jr. Letter. Delbert Letter, Jerry L Lenii, Patsy K, 31 31 iftl HI, 1ST) So. 50, Cr. lift 71 61, 92. 109. It 9. 125. 151 McCarty + Cary C., Fr. . — MrChriHian, Ray A. Fr, McClain, Erneat E.. Sr. McClain. James L., Fr McClellan. Marilyn V.. So. 50, McCombs, Naftei A„ J f . McCord. Jack M.. So. _ — -SO, McCoy, Demlij D., Fr, McCoy, Luis J., Jr. 61, 125, 132, 206, McCreighi, Jo E„ Fr. — — 0L McCrejght. Roger A.. Jr. . .. . ■ — - Ml-Cueu ' , Barbara A., Sr. 31 McCurdy, Gene A., Sr. McDaniel . Lee K„ Sr, HrKlfuy, Marian K., Fr Me El wild. David L , Fr. McEwm, Duane. Fr. MrFadden, Mildred A Mr F addon. Sandra K. Me Kali, Mary PaE. So. McGinnis, Darrell ! .. McGinnis, Donald E,, Sr. McGuire, Marilyn, So, _ 50, 83, 99, 105, Me 1 n E of li , Charles O,. So. Molnt-wh, iri» E , Sr 31, 89. Mclnloah, Norman L., Jr. McIntyre, Max L., Jr 42, 141, McKean, Linda G-, Fr, — 62. McKenzie, S. Virgic, Jr 38, 42. 103. 61 61 31 61 145 12 81 61 207 125 42 -Fr. Sr. Gr. 61. 62, 127, .... 62. 87, 101, 50. 99, 31 70 125 61 179 123 106 125 31 118 145 50 111 111 185 125 105. ' uit, Robert J , Fr. . Arnold M n So. : • fiin D.. So, .. . tO Iney P i Sr. — . i Simeon S . Sr, — ■ 1 A G illian) C,, Sr. i: Boyd A.. Sr, ... 1 . David A., Jr. ti, Robert N.. So. . , Gerald D„ Sr. Nadine S„ Fr. Gordon W.. Sr. ■ :■ Li r- ry rr, Patrick W-, Lines-, Rodent S., Fr. t James D., Fr. ; .:tic. Floy L,. Fr. 31 179 160 50 31 37 .31 163 42 _ 50 31. 120 92, 125 24, 31 119 61, 125 61 61. 123 McKinney, Charles R.„ Fr. .... McKinney, William G„ So. 50. 88, 126, McLean, Donald J., Sr MeLciah. Libia M., Sr. .. McLeod. William F., So 16. 50, 103. : MeMulkin, Francis W,, So. McMullen, Darlene C-, Fr. McMullen, McMullen McMullen Me Neal, Demit D.. MeWerney, Nell W. McNulty, Joyce E McQueen, Kerry L.„ Jr, Litton. Barbara J., Fr. 61, 12$ M !. " tkcLLan. Carolyn M,, Jr 15, 42. 89, 105, 144 Mack, Helen J., So. .. .50, 12$, 20 1 Lock man, Deanna R . , Sr .. 21 , 31, 71, 73. Milov, Margaret J.. Fr. 62. 92. 125 79, 93. 123. 1 14 Madden, Jaek l... Sr. .31 Locwfii , Melville W. P Ffr 61 Maddux, Nina M.. Fr 62 125 Lofatead. Karen F„ Jr 42, 140, M3 Maddv. l atriH.ja L., So, Eft (.iiUltid. Mary Ann. So. 46, 5ft 125, 136 Maddy, Ronald Q., So 5ft 94, Ift3 114 144. 213 Macs. John J., So. 50, 119 Logan Duane H., Jr 42 Magana, Frank, Sr 84, SH I.Li,gan. Raymond E.. Fr, 61 Mages, Joan G- , Fr, 85, 119 Logur. Lena I... Sr 37 Mahan K, Ws yn c Jr 42 l.olir, Theodore E,. So. 50, 166 Mahan, Rex L.. Sr. .31, 97, 2ft2, 212 Lomax, Carol E . Si . .50, 179 Mahon, Phyllis J., Sr. .31 Long Donald R-. hr. 61 .Malioney, Garry M„ Sr, -31 Lo|ica, Vitliam C., So. 50, 84, 127 Mat, Elwoud T . Fr, 62 l.orheer, Virginia L., So. 61, 100. 106. 125 Mai, James If., FV. 62 Lntey Bill J.. So. SO Mai, Norman E., Fr. 62. 117, 154, 183 !_• .jirv Wilma A., Fr. 61. 89. 125 Major, Marilyn A„ Sr, — 37 Ldt. Clarence £., Sr. 31 76, 83 Major. Roger G., Fr. 62, 127 L iittun. Richard N.. Sr. 91 Malcolm. Ja tries V,, Jr. 42 Lowe. Darlene K„ Fr, 61, 100. 123 Malutgreu, Rietsard L . , Fr, 62, 127 Lower, Beverly A„ Jr. 42 Maneth, Alvin L . Sr. 32, JIB Lowry, Phyllis J-. Jr. . 42. 89 Maneth, Jolvue, So. ..84. 118 Lurav Roberta. Jr. 42. 94. 96. 143, 195 Man ni-baeh. Robert E., F r . ..62 Lurtter , l41f v Ann. Fr. 61, 119. 125 Ma;u], Robert A,. Fr, 62, 127, 166 Luke. Linda K.. So — 50, 82, 81. 96 Mareui, Peter E. Fr - .62. 127 Lumpkin, Mary Lny, So. SO, 96 Margheim, Edw r jn E,, Jr, , , dg Lundgrin, Larrv D.. Fr. 61 .Mark [Lain, Am Os E . Fr. 62 Lunaford. I.arr D. r So. 42 Marqueling, Robert J., So . 50, 113 L u i gr- n , Leon C . , S 0. 61 Mar ball. Erro] E„ So, — _.. 5ft Luti. Ili b L., Sr 31. 154 Marshal], LlVeta J.. So. 50, 89 Lyda. Gar . D.. Fr. 61 Marshall, Robert B r , Fr 62. 121, 127 Lyman, Jerry L., So- 5ft Marsha]!. Rndriey O , So Lyne, Sarah A . Sr. 31 Martin, Bonnie E., FV. 62, 125 Lyon. Dean A., Sr. 3 ' Martin, Dan B.. Jr 42. 155 Lyon. Larry W., Fr. 61 Martin, Marvin L. Fr. 62, 119, 127 Ml Martin. Roxic A., Fr. 62 . 92, 123 McAdoo, William A.. Jr. Me Alee, Charle C., Sr McAfee. Troy W.. Fr. McAltf, Lewis E,. Jr. McAtee, Richard E., So. McCall, Dale D., Sr McCimmaD, Judith A., Sr. Me Car tee, Larry L., Fr. 3 l 42. Hi 31 — 73 44 Mar xrn , Joh n F, , Sr. Massey, Paul E., FV. 50. 107, Masters, Janice, FV. 62, Matteraon. Terrance M., Jr, 166. Mnliii. Patricia H-, Fr, 62, Maupin, John Ft., So, Mead. Wayne L., Jr. Mcarg, Foster L., Fr, Mease Wanda L. t Sr, , 32, 7B, 79, 80, 103, 32 113 144 171 125 ■ 50 . 42 , 96 104, 125. 145 Medcralt, E- Anne, Fr 62, 123 Medaker, Stephen L ., FV. 62. 163 Me hi, William G„ Fr 62, J27 Meier. Frederick L., Fr. 62 Meier, Larry D,. Jr. .... 42, 161 Meier. Robert V„ So. , — — 50, 72 Melhua, Harold D , Jr. . - - 42 Merkel, Launyne Fr 62, 123 Mt mit, Delve n H., Fr, SD, .lltt Merrill, Everett C-. Sr, . 32, 80 Mens, Mildred S-. Fr. —-62. 92. 116 Mesa, M, Phillip. Jr 50 Meierve, Francis A,, Fr, .... 62, 127 Meyer, Richard E , So. 50 Mickey, John F., So. 50. 127 Mile , Marcel J - , Jr 42 Milham, Merrill E.. Sr. 32. 185 Milhtm. Reginald D,, Fr, 62 Miller, Carol A., Fr, 62, 99, 125 Miller, Gay L. t Fr. , 62, 125 Miller. Glenda M„ Fr. , _ 62, 123 Miller, Harlan J., Sr 32 Miller, Patricia A , Fr. 62, 115, 121, 125 Miller, Robert A., So. — 50 Miller, Robert D., Fr 114 Miller, J. Warren. Sr. 166, 169, 192 Mills. John W„ Fr. __ 62, 86. 155 Mills, Meric C„ Jr. 42, 120, 163 Milsap, Larry J,, Fr. .. 73 Mind] mg, Gene W r ,, So. 50 jM in nick. Jack L,, Sr+ — — 3 . 72 Miaegaclis, Yvonne K., F ' r. . 62, 125 Modlin, Nancy A., Fr. 62. 92. 12$ Moeller, Dallas J., So 50 Mo , Sidnc S., Jr, . — 42, 98, 106 Mohr. Barbara J., FV. 62. 123, 186 Mohr, James L.. Sr. — —32 Moler. Marilyn K-, So. 50, 125 Molcr. Patricia M-. Fr, 62, 92, 121, 123 Motldern. Miry C., So. ... — — 50 Money. Michael K„ Jr. -—82, 141, 163. 213 Martin II., So- — SO Moody, Connie K,, Fr, 62, 92, 123, 151 Moody, Deanna M.. So. ... 5ft, 105, 151 Moody, Roberta J.. Fr. — 62, 123 Monmaw, Walter M , Sr. 32 Mooney, Carl T., So. ... 50, 127, 166, 170, 203 Moore, Eunice D,, Sr, 32 Moure, Leroy R,, Sr. 31 Mini re. Marcia A.. Fr ... 62, 92 Moore, Norm on J., Sr, 32, l Pi Moore. Robert Y-, Sr. 32 Moore head, Robert 86 Morehead, Donald M., Jr. 42, 155 Moreland. Helen J., Fr. 62. 190, 125, 159 Mnrrii, Benjamin G,, Jr. 10 1 Morris, Glenda S., So, 5ft, 125, 212 Morris, Harold H„ Sr 32, 82, 181. 217 Morrissey. Douglas G., Sr, 32, 91 Morrow, Jcanie, Jr. 42, 82. 195. 131, 150, 190. 195, 216 Mo rsa, ■ Annette L . So 50, 94, 95 M oie- r , J ' antes R. , Fr. . 62 , 183 Moses, Ray E., Fr. ... - 62, 127 Molher»head, Carolyn K., So. 50, 121. 125 Mowery. juLty A , F ' r. .63. 121, 125 M llti, J ohn B . F’r. . . 63, 127 Mulch Robert V , FV. 63. 73. 84. 127 Mull, Cordon R.. FV. 63, 127 Mullen, Brian A., Jr. 42 Mullen. Richard H-, So 5ft, 152 MuNenix Dou g la s K . , Jr, 42 Mullins, Ella M . G r. 115 M u nds , John I ., So. 50, 127 Munot, Frank O., Jr. 88 M u rphy , Dnane A., Jr ..... -42 M u rph y , Ellsworth L., So .. 51 M u r Ji h y . William G , Sr, 32 Morray, Donna K„ Jr. ...42, , 79, ao M n rnt y , Gail L., So. . 51, . 99, 117. 121, 125 Mu»tor, R dir rna r y , Fr. 63, 92. 123, 15ft .Myers, Burbara J.. Fr. 63, 99 Myers, i lanjcc M , Fr. 63, 125 MyricV, Phillip K FV, 63, 127 N Nagel, Harold G.. So .51, 162 Nagel, Robert A,, So. Si Narroan. Donald W,, So. m „. u , SI Naim James R., Sr, — — — — 3 . 3 Naranjo. Louis G,, Fr. —63. 208, 213 Need el , Mariam E„ Fr. — 63, 93 Neeley, Jerry J,, Jr. — — 42, 155, 193 Neill, Nancy So. — SI. 89, 125 Nelson, Barbara J., Jr — —42, lft5, 140, 15ft Nelion, James A., Fr. —63, 96 Nelson, Paul K.. Sr. m — 32 Nelson, Ronald A,, Gr. 12 93, 115 Nelson, William D , Sr, . 107. 111. 113 Ncmeehelc, Norma J., Fr. - - — 63. 119, 125 Ncwhousc, Jack B , Fr. — - — — —63 Newell, Norman E„ So, — SI Newton, Larry M.. Jr. — ™ — — 42 Nay Ion, George A., Jr. — — ,21 Ncyman. Floyd F., Fr. J66 Nichola, James T. Sr. — —32 Nichols, Kendall L., Fr. _ — 63 Nicholson, W r es|ey, So. — — — H8 Nickels, Charles, Fr. 63, 93. 158 Nickel son, Marlyn D., So, — Si Nicrmeicr, Harvey H., Fr. . — 63, 116 Nold, Ronald J., So. 51, 141, 160 Noller, Gary L., Sr. —32 Northrup. Sharron K., Fr. 63, 92, 125, 151, 20ft Northup, Daisy E., Fr —63. 123 Norton. Warren W„ Jr. — 42 , 73 , 86 , 94, 158, 216 Notestlne, Roland N,. Jr, 42 Novo t ny, Sharon K . , Fr. 63 Nusse, Janet C,, Fr, — 65, 99, 123 O Oburny. Dolores M., Fr. — 63, 119, 125 Ochs, Darrel D , Fr. 63 Och 9 , Keith M., Sr — 32, 91, 166, 167 Gt ha Norman C., Sr, — —24, 32. 77. 93 Oehitlft Judith C., Fr, ,, --62, 89, 123 Odette, Dennis L., So. ■ 51, 158 Odlc. Roger L., Sr, — 33 Oclke, Carol A., Jr. 12, 116 Olfner, Kenneth M., Jr. — —43 Ohlcmeier, Billy J., Jr, .43, 103. 155 OHsch, Yin a, Sr. — 72 O ' Leary, John R.. Jr. 43 Oliver, Roy E,, Sr, 32, 83 Oliveriu , Roger J., Jr. — ..—43 Olson. Merlin E., Jr. „ 43, 162, 181 O ' Neil, Janet F., Fr. 63, 123. 187 Qpitz, Glenda F., Sr, 32, 10$. H6, 147 OplJgfrr, Letand T., So. . .. . . .. . 51 Oplinger. Wilma J., Fr -63, 102, 121, 123 Orcn. Donald W r „ Fr. .—63 127 Organ, James J., Sr. .32, 158 Orme, Marilyn L., So. — _ 1. 95. Iftft. 145 Orcnshec Larry E., Sr, 32, 101 Orr, Curtis L,. Jr. _, — _ — —43 Orr, Gerald K,, Sr, 33 Oat rum, Stephen F.. Jr. — 114 Oswald. Lloyd E., Jr. — ... 43 Otto, Bob D„ Sr. 33 P Packard, Richard D., So, 51 162. JSI Page. Jamilce A,, Fr. 63 121, 125 Painter, William J., Sr, 33, 83 Palmer, Barbara E., Sr. 33, 70 IVi liner. Gerald K,, Fr. — ,63 Palmer, Homer J., Fr, 63 palmer, Linda L,, Sr r 37 Palmer. Paul E.. Jr. 43, 91. 173, 176 Palmgren, Anita, Fr 63, 121. 125, 2M Pam men ter, Orville L,, Fr. 63, 127 " Pang, Min Ja, Gr, 208 Parish. Ha rile A„ So. , . .. -5 1 Parish, Janice L+, So, 51 Parker. L. Roy, Jr. 43, 113 Parle , Charles E,, So. . 51 Park . Kenneth W., Sr 33 Parsons, Donald D., Jr. _43, 116, 127. 155 Patrick, Tom, Fr 63, 166, 205 Patterson, Barbara L,. Fr. _..63» 89, 111, 125 Patterson, Corajie J r , So. 51, 125 Pattefsod, Dale I., Sr. Sj, 9ft Patterson, Helen L., Fr. — 63 Patterson, Myra L., So 51 Patterson, Violet M., Sr, — — —33 Patton. Carolyn K., Fr. 63, 89, 125 Patton, Marilyn Y r .. Jr. 43, 101, 121, 123 Pauley, Gale L.. Jr. . — „43 252 Pa Lillian Cay L. Jr 43, 145, 212 P vlicek, Robert W. So. SI Paiton:, Qrrald A. So. — — 51 , 183 Pearce. Dennis K. F r 63, 53, 152 Pedigo. Lurry P. Fr. ia , 96 Pekarek, Larry F , Fr. Penis. Beity J,, So. Penn, Yarden V.. Fr, 51 ... , 63 —51 101, 112, 148. 213 Jr. - — 43 Perkina, Donald C . Jr. Perkins. Gail J., Fr, 63. 90. 92. 125 Peter, Cary Q,. Fr, 63 Feicr, John N. Fr. . — .. — 63 Peterman, Elaine M. Sr. „ ,31, 75. 75, 116. 214 Peters, James M„ Sr 33 Peters, Reed A. Sr, r 33, 213 Peterson. Brian K.. Sr, — 33 Peterson, Larry D,, Fr, 63, 95 Peterson, Mildred J., Jr. 43, 39, US Peterson, ft. Lloyd, Jr. 4-1 100 Petracek. Rose M„ Fr. _63, S3. 325. 203, 212, 213 51, 148 63 63 64 64, 119 63 Pettit, Kuascll D,, So. Prtaold, James E., Fr, Pfann ensile], Harvey J., Fr. P Ian non at i el, Terrence Fr. Pfaiinenstiel, Verlin F.. Fr. __ PfAiinenestlel, Don L., Fr, — Plan n enest i el . M.iuriec. Sr. 37. 75, 77, 78, 118 Pfcnningcr Billy J,, Si. 33 Philip, Joyce A., So. 51, 305, 149 Phillips. Patricia M.. Fr 64. 99, 125 Phillips. Philip W. Fr. 64 113, U9. 12? Phillipaon, Gayle Fr, 64, S3 123 Pickering, David L. Jr. . 43 Picki npa ugh. William K,. Sr — 33. 162, 153, 184 Finney, Janice E., Fr. —64, 92. 99, 100, 120. 125, 215 Pizel, Shirley F., Fr 64, 95. 123 Plante, Aletha M., Fr . — 64 Plowman, Jay J., Sr. _ . — — _ 33 Plush, Kenneth J., So 51 Foage, Richard L„ Jr, 43. 91. 166. 169 Poage, Sbirjey D,, Jr. 43, 110, 112 Follnow, Sharon L., Fr. — 64 92, 101 J25, 149 Popp Dettnii E., Jr, _.43, 94. 95, 141 198 Poppe, W. Clyde Sr. -.33, 157. 166, 169 Pounds Linda L., So. : — — — 51, 125 Powdcn, Sigrid J. Fr. 64 t 125. 149 Powclatra, Robert L,, Fr. 64, 185 Powers, Ramon S r , Jr. — 43, 156 Price, Billy D . So. 51, 127 Price, Don H. So, — - — — 51, 182 Price, Kayla J., Sr 33 112, 149, 195 Princ Maurice W Sr. .,33 75. 77. 78, 00 Prinaen, Ann, So. — Probcrla, Johnny W.. Fr. Proffitt, John B„ So, . Pruter, Betty Z , Sr, Pruter, K. Roger, So, . . —— Pryor, Kenneth M-, Fr. — Piaachelc, Gerald D„ Fr. . Purdy, Stephen E., Fr, . . . - . . Purer, Leonard E., Jr. Purvis Lawrence W , Fr, — PurviE, Shirley T,. Fr, 51, 125 _ _ 64 „51 33 51 64, 127 ... 64 64, 119 43 64 _.64. 89, 323 Quenzcr, Allen D., So — Quillin, Ronald W„ So, Quiring. Gloria J,, Fr, — 43 115. 360 __ 51 154 __ 64 125 Retd, Dennis A,, So Reed, Donald L,, Fr. Reed, Jerome K„ Jr. Reeder, Melvin D., S Reeves, Bob C,, Sr. Reeves, Tommy A, So. Reif. Robert G-, So. . — — - Reifechneider, Bill M„ So. M 43 51 307, 111. 113 64, 179 43, 91 152 i 51 Rcincri. Carol G., So. 51, 99, Reinert, Karren K-, So 51, 114. Reiss, Clifford F r So - Reiss, James Y,. Sr. 33, Reissig. Donald L, ( So, RoissEg, Duane A-, Fr — , — Rcitebeck, Glem J., Jr. Re nick, Vera L., Fr. _ ..... . Renick. Virginia L,, Fr. __ — .—64. Rev ilia, Carlos 0. So, — 51, 90, 354, Rexford, Wildi B., Fr. -.64, Reynolds, Terry L. Fr. 64 Rhine, Charles D. Sr 33, 75, 76, 77, Richard, Marylin R., Fr. 64. B9 Richardson C, Kay Fr. 61. 92, 149, Richardson, Penelope A,, So, Richmond David B.. Fr, Rider, Lillian M+, Jr. .. .... Ridgway, Bonnie J . Sr. 34, Rjdgwiy, Robert 1... If, Ridgway, Roxanne R-, So. — — , 51 Riedel, John M . So. Riedel, Larry D.„ Fr — Riggs, Linda L., Fr. 64, 89, 92, 125, Riisoe, Julie A. r Jr. ...43, 97, HO, 121, Riley, E tc]|jt L. Sr. 33 70, 75, Riley Gerald E., Jr, 123 125 51 156 _51 ...64 —43 112 123 105, 215 123 93 78 111 123 187 ..43 64 51 144 43 125 _ 96 61 212 125 123 . 43 Riley, Palsy J.. Fr. Rinkcl Eunice K . Jr. 43, ?C, 99. Ritter, Harlan W r , Fr, — Ro, Song Rin. Gr. — ..121 , R oh ben, Bertram C„ Jf. ,. 43, Robben, Linda K.. Kr 61, 92. 125, Rohben, Rodger H,. Sr. 33, Roberson, Gyla K., Sr Roberson, Thomas M-, Fr. Roberts, Elaine K., Jr. ._43. 109, 126, Roberta, Joyce I. Jr- — Robtrlj, Ronald . Rt Fr, — 64, Robertson, Peggy A So, 15 51, Robertson, Marjorie E r , Gr, — . — ...114, Rob], Alvin L. Jr. — — — Robl, Martin G., So. — — 34 51, Robl, Martin J., Sr. — — . — 115 61 208 119 149 157 33 .64, 98, 34 115 — „ .43. 141, 51, Rodriguez. Richard R,, Fr. _ «. - — Rocdel Dean. L„ Jr, —43, 91. Roeder, Mcrvin W,, Sr. __ — Roesch, Curtis W., So. .r. Rocaer, Nina L. Fr, ... Rogers, A net, Sr Rogers, Gordon W., Jr. Rogers, Vicki A., So. . Rogg, Verne L., Fl, Rohlman, Doris E.. So, ___ — - — — Rohr, Marjorie R., So. -—60 93 118. Rolph Darrel L„ Jr, , 166, Romci er, Lana K.. Fr _64 111, 125, Romirte. Patricia K , Ft, 64 Rijoker, R. llene, Fr 64, 121, Rose, Daniel W , So, — 127, Rolh, Eigerinc M., So. 98, 105 119. 146, Roth Marvin, So- - — ■ Roih, Maurice — „ — — Rowe, Corlyss K,, So. , ..106, Rowe, Gwendolyn A . Sr. — —.34 87, Rose, Vicki L-, Fr. 64 Rowley. Marilyn K., So. — 52, 89, Royer, Jerry R„ Jr. — RaUtin, Carrold J,, So, SI. 72, 127 Ramsey, Virginia M, So, 51. 125 Raaek, Linda L„ So 51 121, 123, 146 Ray, Arthur L., Sr, Ray Donald A., Fi, 33, 76 51, 76 _51 119 51 Royer, Ronald L,, So. — ™ Ruder, Annette, Sr. 34, 71, 75. Ruder, Kenneth F„ Jr 4 Ruder. Larry L., Fr. _ — .. — 61, Rumley, Dennia W., So. — — ■ — Konipe] , Philip R. Sr , ,. ....„34, 83 Rundle, Kcnneih L., Jr — — Run Et. Georgia J-, Sr. — _ _ - m — Ruitft, Lcland H- . Sr, . Rupp, Brian J., Sc. . . } u 4 CO . James A., So, 52, Russell, Crawford L,, Sr. Ruth, Darrell L,, So. — - ■ . — — 82, Ru th, D onal d W. , Fr. 64. Rutschman Mary B, — — ■ Ryan, John J+, Jf Ryan, Patricia A., Sr 125, 148 .123 98 39 115 ...83 118 118 ...64 183 ... 34 .51 125 123 163 148 ...61 .113 213 179 151 125 123 181 123, 190 ns 118 125 123 125 125 _..43 52 . 78 .34 119 ...52 117 .43 .34 „34 „.52 119 _34 127 127 9S ._43 151 Sac ter. M. Verier, Sr. 34, 89 195. 123 Saighman, Raleigh E-, Sr. 34 Salman, Lee R., Gr. 117 Salyer, Tlieron C-. So. 52 Sanborn, J.irLyn L., Fr. 61 Sang rungrti eng, Snmbat, Gr, 90, 203 s»ter, Kathryn J., Fr. 64, 92, 125 Saxton Sheldon E. Sr. 33 Scanland, Bruce I... So. — . .. 52. 85 SchaEEer. Gerald A., Fr. 64 119 163 185 Schaitneky, James L., So, ... $2 118 Sc hard fill, Jne L ,, Fr. 64. 98, 127 S cheek. Patsy A. Jr, 43, 70. 89, 107. 112. 118 Schertst, Sharnjn F,, Jr. 43 99 Sc It ip per Francis W , . So. 52. Uh SchlaeOL Larry G Fr. 65, 179 Sr h i egel . Donald R. , So. 52 Sehlegrl Paul A„ Fr, ... 65 Schlegel, Stanley E, . , S r . 34. 73. 80 Schlick, Ralph G„ So — 88. 118 Schmalzried li cirri y L„ Fr 65, 89 Shani-r. Karen K. Fr. Sharp, 1-oycl M., S-o. Shean, Glenn A., Sr, Sbelton, Terry L, Fr. Shepherd, Dennis C, Fr. Sherrill. Jerfy K. r Fr, Sherwood. Anna O., Sr. Shiew, William O,, Jr. Shifnck, Roger L., So, Shively. Jon Y r ., So. Short. Donald D„ Ir. Shon. W ' iIJiam I... Sr. Showaher. Jcaae A,. Fr. Sllowalter John C. Sr, Shows her, Joyce K.. So. 65. 81 125 44 ..... .. . 84 65 65 127 .65. 127 34 44 52 107, 110. 113. 198 44 .11 . 65, 127 Hchmalrricd, Donald Ft,, fr. Schinalzried, Richard [) , So, Schmidt. Eileen A.. Sr. Schmidt. Fred Jr. So. 43 52 31 Shumate, Denis, Jr. Sidlovi, Ruber t M., Sr. Sieherl, Kenneth L., Jr, Sick, Warren G., Sr. Sigle. Peggy S, So, Simmems, Richard l„. So, Simons, Kenneth W’.. So. Sinclair, Karen S., Er, Silefl. Charles R,, Jr. Sittner. Larry N., Fr. 52, 70, 107, Dl r 1 12, 125 1 1 34 _.„44 _S4 52. 89, 195. 125 52 52 65, 125 — 41 „ 65. 12? 80 65 Schmidt, Geraldine M., Sr. 80 Silton. Ralph W, Sr. 35, 76. 77, Sclimidt Terrance G FT 65 S£v£3] nd Carlyle R,, hr. Schmidt. Thnmjt A., So. 13 Sjogren. James L„ Fr, 65 121. Schmidt, Warren J., Er, 65 119 Slankard. Caro] A., Fr, 65, 116, Schmidt Wayne R,, So, 52. 118, 179 Slattery. Leslie D . Fr. — ... Si- hinoek e E . Janice A . . So. 52. 116 125 Sleehla. Joan M-, Jr. 41. Sehnatterly, Sally L, Fr. 65, 92. 125 Stipke, Walter L,. Sr. .....35 Schneider, Gary A. Sr. 117 SlOAn, Mary C-, Jr, 44, 185 K • | art «■ fi 65 Small. Leon G Fr. 65. JcruiCiacr. Uilfy • ? . , f Sc been, Everett 1,,, So, 52. 179 Smith. Curtis B., Fr, ScEirater, Gerald, Sn, 52. 161. 20 1 Smith, David L., Sr. Schniber, Glenn E.. Sr, 34, 118 127 Smith. Donald D. Sr, 43 Smith, Dorothy L So. vflry A B Jf, 52 Smith, Dorothy M., Jr. Schroeder, Sundra So. 52, 125 Smith, Edith P . So. 71 89, ScEirorf Kona Id F , Fr, IE9 Smith. Ivan D.. So, ,_52 Sclrrn]|. Betty J, r Fr. Sehucler, Mary E. . Jr, Sc ho It man, Lee R., Sr. Sehugart, Margie J., Fr. Schulte. Damian J., Fy. Schulte. LeRoy VS .. Jr. Schulte. Gary L„ So. Sc hull , Gary O.. So. Srhjillz. Marvin Schultz, Tommy Schulz. Clara Sc h u] fc . Den n i s 111. 121, 125 .. 13, 107 112 31 65 H9, 123 65 43 52 — 82 Scott. Judith k . Ft, Sco 1 1 , Mary L, Jr. Seolt, Richard II., Senlt. Robert II. , Sr. Scon, Thom as J . . . Sears. John F.. Fr. Serhtem. Gali“ P.. I Stery, Karen M. So. Seerv. Sharon Sekavrc. Robert L . Sell ridge, Karen L., Set fridge. Lota M. Se Hens, David j Sell e ns, Judy E. r Ft. Selte N. Jean, Fr, Sewell, C. W„ So. Seymour, Jr.. James. Sbafer, John G., Fr. Saddler, Gary L , Fr. 64, 117 127 Fr. 65, 18 : Sr 34 , 75 ir. ,11 Fr. 65, 116 Fr. 65. let i au|a, Sr. 35, 71, 79, 100, 147, . 206 So 52 A. So, 166. 170 So. 52 Sr. 31 d L, , Jr 43 L PG 107 Fr. 65 63. 99 l-t. 97, 126. 127 ’IF- F» 31 ft. 41, 81, 126 65, 173, 176 ■f. 65 52, 9 1, 195, 111. 2 16 r, 65, 141 E, 107 113 T. 41 . Sr, 34, 127. 20H 141 183 So. 52 Jr. U, 71, 89. 123, 298 Su 52. 192. 123 r 41 92, 190, 195, 125 65 99. 123 52 Fr. 65, 137 Fr, • 65, 87. 89. 125 Jr, 44 98 . . .52 111, 112, 146 52 127, 183 Smith, Jan M.. So, Smith, La Dcm Fr. Smith. Marc one G,, Er. Smith. Mildred ft Fr. Smith. Paul L.. Jr. Smith Robert A„ Jt- S mil It Robert D., So. Smith. Sondra S„ Ft. Smith. Terrence 11.. So. Smith Valda J.. So. Sneed, Gary D . , Jr. Snidef, Herndon, Sr. Snyder, Daryl K. Snyder, Ivan. Sr, Snyder, Rowcna A,, Jf. Sucha, Loretta L., Jr, I 151, 190 95 65 123 65, J25 44 44 75. 83 .._44 214 52 ... 52, 95 2 91 35 166. 171 35 . 44 91, 98, 110. 147. 209 44, Soeken, Cecil W.. Jr. Soeken, Rmiuld C„ Jr. Solko, Gerald, Fr. Sondhurg. Brynn I... Fr. Spwrr, Lawrence F Fr. Spencer, James W., Fr. Silencer, Rmli A., Fr. 65, 86, Spicer, Joan,, Jr. Spiea. Dennis J-, F‘r. Spradling, jerry J., Fr. Spring fold 1 , Martha I.,, Er, Sijuier Gnle IE, So. Staah Grace K., Sr, Staah. Leroy IT, Sr. Staah, Roland J., Sr. Staah, Wayne ]., Fr. Stacey, Raymond L., Sr Stackhouse Donald ' A ' -, Fr, S tap lea, John, P., Jr. Stapleton, Margaret K.. Jr. 44. 116 115 116 98 119 65 — 65 65 113 . 97, 125 117 144 65 65, 127 , 92, 125 ...... 52 35 35 35 1 19 35, 85 65, 127 14. 80 79. 103 121, 12-1 Stapp Louis Stark, Shirley M . Fr. Starkey Beverly R,. St St tub, Anthony K,, Fr. Staub. Stephen A., So 65, 116, 125 35, 71 66 16. 52 86, 103, 216 Steckline, Carol A., Fr. 66 , 20V Slegman, Dcnnisji L. s Sr. 35 S legman, James A.. So. 52, 88, 119, 12? Stehpo PaLrieii L , So. 52. 88 95 111, 145 253 Sleincrt, Sianlet K.. So, 52 It 52 . 99 Sleiiinhower, Myrna K., Kr. 66, 125 HR SleHjcft, Vim Dewayne, So, U 92 Stephenn, Ann Stephen Donna K-, Su, S2+ 105. 1 18. 200. 236 Stephenson, Marcel yn M-. Ft. 66. 125 Stand 1, Carolyn J,, 5r», .52, 89. 125 Stevens, Roberta A,, Fr. 66, 92, 125. 145, 200 Stevenson, M. Lee, Jr- 11, 91. 166. 170 Stevenson, Robert B.. Fr. 166 Stewart, Margie L,, Fr. 66 Si !■ watt, Holland E., fr. 66. 127, 1 79 St v+art. Susan 1-.. Fr. 66. 83 . tw. 123, 186 Stewart, TVaetda M., Sr, 35, 123, 195 Stieben, Lee A., Jr. 41. 163 Sticlciw, .Mary L,, Fr, 66, 123 Stineburg, Larry, Fr, 66. 127 Stile?., Glenda A.. So. 52, 121. 125 StivrE . v., 1 l|j c . A,, Fr, 66, 123 Stockton. Robert J,„ So, 52 Storer, Donald D., So. 52 Sioskopi, Darrel W . So. 52 StLrvkupl, Dwight W„ Jr. 1 1 StmkupL Linda M.. So, 21, 52, 89 SttvAknrpf, L K,. Jr Simla, Jchn IT, Jr, ... 11 41 Si.. «r r Jack t.. $0. :.S2 72. 77, 127. 215 fti 1 t.. Fr. 66, 92, 125 S.ura | .. Fr, 66, , 92, 125 H9 1 j,. ' , Gerald U.. Fe. 66. : 127, 158 166. 171 ' . 1 s ' T, K,i t en Kay , F t. 66, 125 Str iel, Carol J-, Sr. 35, 105, 149 Strnnvl. Franris J-. So. 52 •ii r ; ■ keE ' Thomas l ,. So. 52 •1 yrli. Pain ciii A,., So. 52 StLEEve, Terry T., So. 52 Siull, John M., Fr. 66 Stum, Glen id J , Fr. 66, 89, 12,4 Slum, Linly H. Sr. 35 Sturii. Merl E„ Sr. 91. 172, 1 73, 174, 176 Siurman John W., Sr. 7$ Stuttrrheim, Beverly I 1 ., Sr. 35, 107 112. 151. 193 Such y, Beverly A., So. 53. 100, 119 Suhler, Carol A., So. . 53, 99. 125 Sullivan, Carmen S„ Sr. 35, 105 123 Thomaft. Bernice F., Fr. -M, S3, Tbom», Melva L., Sr, __ 35 105. HO, Thomcezck , Chariot I e G,, Jr. ... — 44 Tbomm. Juncil R,, So, — ■ 53, III, Thompson, Esther M„ Sr, 35, 18 " , Thompson. Jwif M., Jr, — — • Thompson, Jim L., Sr. 85, Thompson, Laura A., Jr, - 3S, H, 105. Thompson, Marilyn K., So. Thompson, Marjorie 140. 99, , 99. 121 . Thompson, Norman C., Jr 4 1, Thornburg, Ailcnc Sr. 1(, Thornburg, Roy F., Jr. 3$ Thornton, Robert E.. So. Thy fault, Marjorie J.. Sr. 36, 119, Tilton, Joan E . So, . 53, Toltfld, Kimberly A,, So. . 53, 9 ' Toma nek, Cary R., Fr, _ Toney, Sue E.. Fr, ...63, 99, Towns, Billy L., So. Towns, Maurice J-, Fr 66. Townsend, Bill V., Fr. 66, 173, 175. Townsend, Daniel D., Jr. Trahan, Darlene F., Fr. 66, 119 r Trail, Elmer C„ Sr. 36, Trade. Gregg H., Fr. - 66, 83, Trauer, Charles R , Sr Trobileock, Charles M. Sr Trebilcock, Mon I a C.. Jr, Trent, Patty L., Sr, 36, 73, 73, BO, 105, T rentier, Awyn, Sr. - — 21, 36, Triplett, Claudel! L,, So. „ Trilt, Francis L, So. Tr ogdon, Gary D., Jr, 44, Truan. Sharon, Jr. ,45, 96, Trusscll, Ronald, Sr. — Tucker, Barbara M.. Fr 66, 9?, 99, Tucker. Beverly J.. Fr. 66, 92, Turner. George W., Sr. Tuslin, Cordon B ., So. Tuttle, Mahlon A., So. Tuttle, Marita G . Jf. Twenlcr, R, Frederick. Jr, U 123 115 119 115 269 14 , 72 140. 145 ... 85 115 208 112 a:t S3 147 115 125 66 123 ... 53 166 180. 205 . . 44 123 166 114 ... 36 91 ...44 86 , 216 150 .53 .53 127 119 36 125 95 127 93 90 96 90 Summers, Mary I... Fr. Summers, Roth, F., So. 06, 125 53, 99 Flit, Karen S., Jr, 99 Uken a, Leon L., Fr. , 66, 127 Underwood, Marilyn J,, Fr. 66, 125 Unger, Jeanne E., Fr. Unger, Boy E. Fr. 66, 116, 125 66 Sunder! ami. I avid R. t Fr. 66 Jim Dr, So 53, 213 Unrein, Suppea, icier C., . So 53 UK Dnrnh, Donald L. . . 66 Suler. Robert 11,, Fr. 66 Unruh, Homer I ., So. 53, 213 burton. Mullie K,. , So. 53, 123 L ' nruh, Phil L., Sr, .36 Sutton, mu’IIj. r fi. 53. 119 Unruh, Robert R., Fr, ... 66 154 TV lE I Ion il. bin L. p Jr 35 Urban, Dcnnift J-, So. ...53 Swarti , Ralph L.. Sr. 35 iTban. Janet M„ Fr. .66 100, 119 Swaue. l-inda G.. Jr. H, 82, 105. 151 U rb n , Rita M,, Fr. 66. 107, 119 Sweat, Barbara , Fr. 66. 119, 123 Ulz Norman L., Jf 45, 80, 173, 178 Sw tenri . Jerry K Fr. 66, 84, 127 L-lz, Sharon S. Jr. .... 45, . 81 Swift, Kleo 1... So 53 Swlnk, Marlerte. Si r, 3S, 123 v Swjirrr, Richard M., So. 53, 166 Sword . Margaret E. l Sr, 35. 87 1M Vac Lira, Donna R-, Fr. — — 66. 123 Vac Lira, 5|ari]yn K ,, So. ..4S T Vance, Jerry W., Sr 36 , 77, . 107, n farlia, John A.. 1 r. 179 Vance, ReheCca V., Fr. 66, 77, 92, 125, l ar ha. Jud ' j A . Fr, 66, 123 200 Ta liman Marilyn F. Sr. 35, 75, 106 Vanderbur, Judith A., So. S3, 125 Tarlton EL Max, Jr. II Van DeWcge Neva A., Sc -53 , 70, 150 Ta«ei , Lowell J., So, 53 Van Eaton Richard L., So. .. . . , - _ S3 Taylor, Beverly A ., So. . S3, 99. 111 121 Van SeyOe, Wen dal G, h Sr .. ...36 125 Yelharticky, Francis E., Sr, .. .36, 91 Taylor, K. a 1: h I een , So. 53, 105, 150 Venters. Jim D ,, Sr — 16 36 Taylor, I ' riacilli M [ , Fr, 66, 90, HO, 125, Vernon, Evan D., Sr. 36, 185 1 50 Vernon , Richard C , Sr 36 Taylor, Sheila K.. So. 53, 123 , Don L. r Vcfteeky , Mary L , Jr ■IS, 89, 110 119, Temple, Sr. 35 123 T enny r Palsy A.. Jr. +4. 111. 121, 123 Vcverka , Karen E„ Sr. 36. 78. 214 j ban me ft. Dean P .. Jr. 44 V on Lin Erl n (’si .1 Jr, .45 1 haete. Marnie k Jr. 44 Von Lintel, F ' ranceft, Fr. 66, 119 Theandi tr, Mary M ., Jr, 99 orrfllh It ■ L 1 J. ,, 1 V ' J V- 36 Thb-lr, Patricia L, Fr. 66, 92. 1 25 115, Vos burgh. Donald M.„ So. ...53 213 ' osft. Deloret E-. Fr. . 66. 82, 92 112, 115, Ihii len , G. Neal, Jf. -14, 110 125, 133 Thiel eo Joan M .. , Fr. 66, 119 Voss, Dorothy I., Fr. .. 66, 112, 115 125 Thjrbn , Nan c y K . . 1 1 , t. 7i 9, 79. , 00, 118, 206, 207 125 Vuti, K ienneth L. Sr, 36 , 82, 117 127 Votapka Dale A,, So -S3, 183 Votruba, La Dene J., Jr 45, 123, 295 Wade, Arahellc M., Jr, 45 Wade, Riehard O., So. 53 Wacohlcr, Carl D., Jr 45 Waggle, Doyle IL, Jr 45, 154 W ' agner, David Jf,, Fr — - 67 Warner. Jerome T., Sr, 36 Walter, Melvin J r , Sr, 45 Wagner, Ronald F., Sr 36 Wahjmeier, Dennis, So ..118, 166 Wdilmin, Wilmer L . Sr, ,36, 98. 127 Walker, Bruce H,, Sr. — 36 Walker, C. Gary, So, _ -53 Walker. Dale R., So. ,„53 Walker, Richard Jr., Fr. 67 Walker, Ronald L. So. :5$j 92, 155 Wallgrcn, Betty L., So, WelJgrcn, Robert D,, So 45 Walter, Nancy M., Jr, 45, 89, 123 Waller, Shirley A., Fr 67 Walter, William D., Fr. — 67 Walter, William K„ Fr 67. 127, 182 Wallers, Alfred J., Sr, 36 Walters, Herbert D., So. . ■ ■■ . .53 Walters, William W r r So. „45 Wanker, Carolyn R-, Jr, 45, 161 Wanker. Gerald D., Jr. „ —45, 163, 184 Ward, Char] eft H., Sr. ...... 36 Ward, Douglas L., Fr. .__121 W ' aslialiski, Reginald M . Sr, 36, 90 W ' aslngcr, Edwin L., Fr ,....119 W ' asinger, Harold E„ So. ............. 53, 182 Water , Phillip A„ So, S3 W aters. Sharon L.. Fr, . ... .. 20, 125 Watson, Donald L,. Sr. .._ , .... 36 Wafa on, Sharon A., Jr. 45 W atlft, Jeanne L, Jr. . 45 107. 112, 205 Watts, Jerry L., So -4S Watts, Marlene D., Jr. 45 Waudby George B, Sr. ___ 36 Weakley, Vernon O., Cr. _ 166, 167 Webb, Fred Jr., Sr, 26, 37 Webb, William J., Jr. ... 15 W r ebber. Phj| C., Sr. . 202 Weber, Carol F , Fr _ 67 Webrter. Jolette J., So. _. 53, 110, 125 W ' eeae Lloyd G,, So. _ 53 W ' eigel, Kenneth R., Sr ,—37 157 Weigel, Sheila S. F’r, 67, 119 W ' eigel, Vera L., Jr, , 37 W ' ciiihold, Harold S., So. .. 53, 155 Wdnhold, Janey R„ Fr. 67, 86 , 92, 123, 216 Wei n hold, Learnt L,, Jr. 13, 73 112, 151 Wcia, Robert D, So. 53 WcD, F. Ckrann, Jr 45, 88, 219, 123, 187 W ' eiaer, Vabrian F., So, „S3, 118 Welch, David B., So. S3 Weller, Randall W, So, 53, 111, 62, 193 Wells, Alita L., So. .... .— 53, 115 Wells, Irene A,, Sr. 37. 71. 83, 89 W r crlh, Djek D„ Fr 67 W ' erth, Donald L,, Sr, 37, 359 Weelbrook, Jerry A,, Jr 45, 03, 163 Whalen, Larry D., So, ,45, 159 Whipple, D. Joyce, Fr, ... ,,.,,67, 118 Whipple, Thomas Gr, „ ,,. 98, 115 W ' hite, Jacob E. Jr. 45 While, J. Howard, Fr. 67, 159 White, Jamea R, Sr. _37 75, 327 W ' h Etmer, George M,. So. 53 Wliitmcr, Richard L, Sr, —37. 91, 173, 177 W hi truer, Rosa L., Sr. _,37, 70, 75. 78, 79 Whilney. KayLenc, Fr 67, 92, 99, 123, 145 186 Wickham, Warren F., So „,.53 113, 127 W ' ickjier, Chris tine H., Jr „,.45 107, 10B 112, 151 Wick tier, Lyon, Sr. 3J f 1 85, 359 Wickiaer. Sharon D., Jr. 45 107, 112 W f jlber Leon IL, Fr. 67, 73 W ' JleoKaon, Larry E, Fr. 67, 127 Wiley, Cary D„ Jr, _ 45, 111 Wilken, Louetla L., Fr 67, 92, 123, 151, 212, 215 W r ilken«on, Jerry A. Fr. __67, 99. 119, 123 WilkcriDHp Phillip W r . Fr, ——..—67 f 127 Will, Fred K,. Fr. — .166 Williams Dale E-, Sr —37, 91, 157, 166, 170 Williams, Dolores M., Fr. -.67, 95. 123, 143 W ' ilson , Donna S.. So. ■ .67 W r i]ston, Ellen J. t Gf. 114 115 W’ i] atm , Franeift R., So _53, 77, 107, 110, 111, 113 W L b on , Cary E., Fr. — .—67 98, 127 Wihfln, Jari 1 ., So. ... 53, 137 207 W ' ilfton, John A . Sr 37 76 83 Wilson, lYancv J., Fr, ... -67, 125 Wilson Re t L,, Sr 37, 91 W ' i Ison , Stephen R., Fr 190 W ' ilaon William IL, Jr, ...45 W 1 ' iUon , W ' iljiam L. , Jr. .45 117, 155 W ' indcr, Beverly E., Fr, — 67, 87, 106, 123 Windhola, Glen J, Sr, 45 Windhola, Gra-cie J., Fr. 67 W r indholz, Ofcn M,, Ff 67 Wincland, Edward WL, Fr. 67 Wincland, Marvel J., Sr —37+ 89 115, 123 W r ingate, Lyle A, p lr. — ,-_45 91. I73 t 177 W ' inkter, Charles E., So. 53 Winter, George A. Jr, 45 W r ire, John, Jr., Jr. .... ........ 67 WTthington, Robert G., Fr, ,.,,,,,,.,-67 W ' itlc, Donald E., So. - S3 Wit tig, Donald D. T Sr. ...37 107, 111 113 Wolf, Richard L., Sr. 37, 153. 215 Wr ' olf, SlcVcn D. Fr, W ' olfe, Rosalie A, Fr 67, 125, 151 W r ol|esen, Delbert B., Fr. 67, 127 Wolleaen Richard R, Fr 67, 127 Walter , Gale L., Jr, 45, 155 Wondcrlich. Carol J., So 53, 70, 121 125 W ' ondcrlich, June L., Fr. —67, 98, 121, 125 Wood, Virginia A., So. 53, 149. 200 Woodard, Delores E,, Fr 67, 98, 125 Woods, Larry L,, Jr. 45, 127 Woodson, Jacqualinc J. t So 53, 115 W r oodfton, Samira L. t Jr, „..45, 125 Worth, Jan E., Fr, 67, 125 Wright Constance L,, Sr. .... 37 Wright Jack L., Sr. Wright, Richard L., Jr. 45 Wright, Sharon G.„ Fr. „__.67 f 116, 123 XYZ Yager, Glenn E., Jr. 45 Yager, Lyle E., Fr 67 Yeager, David W r ,„ Fr. . _, 6? Yonkey, Merlyii L., Jr. Young, Carl R., Jr. 45 Young. Harold 1., So. — S3 Young, Kathryn L„ Jr. 45, 83, 123 Young, Lavf rente H., Jr, . 45 Young, Rena R.. So, $3 Young, Roger A., Jr _45 Yonngdahl, Charles E., Jr. , ..45, 96 Younger, Franc is A., Fr. 67 Younger, Patricia A., So. — 53 Younger, Patricia R,, Fr, 67, 118, 119 Younger, Paul J., Fr, 67, 119 Youngquiftt, Stuart A., Fr. 67, 96 Younie, Roberta P., Fr, 67, 119, 123 Youtscy, David J., Jr. ™_ — , 45 Zamrzla, John R., Fr 67 Zechmetftler, Jeanette E., So. —53, 88, 125 Zen, Gerald J., Jr. nt Zerr, Philip S.. Fr. . _67 127 Ziegler, David L., Fr. „ 54 , 67, 103, 119, 155 Ziegler, James A., Fr 07, 127 Ziegler, WYlfred E., Jr, -—45, 82, 155 Zier, Rojland M., So _53 Zook, Herbert, Sr, 37 254 In Memoriam • • • Di Lyrmm Dwight Wooster, president emeritus of Fort Hays Kansas State College. A member of the faculty from 1909 until his death February 2L I960; Dr. Wooster taught science courses for twenty -seven years un- til his appointment as dean of the college in 1939. He was inaugurated as president in 1941 and served until his retirement in 1949. 4 ' He was a fine educator, a fine scholar and, above all, a gentleman. The community of Hays, Fort Hays State and all of Western Kansas are much better for having him devote a lifetime to the youth of this region. At every opportunity he challenged the young citizens to develop qualities of leadership and responsible living. His influence was wide, touching the lives of thousands of students with whom he associated. 5 ’ — President IVL C, Cunningham In Appreciation As the last pages go to press and the staff breathes a sigh of relief, the editors pause to take stock of the work and figure out how it was finished oil time. It occurs to us that many people, on and off campus, have played an important role in the production of the I960 Reveille. Without the staff members who survived the Saturday morning sessions, the emergency meetings, the rush for deadlines, the editor’s jittery nerves and worried consultations, this book would not be in the reader’s hands. So thanks, staff— for the many unpaid hours you spent planning pictures and layout, typing and drawing up pages. News service photographers supplied amusement, some harassment, and hundreds of pictures to help us. Delma Studios of New York and Larry’s Studio of Hays also provided photos. Mrs. Katherine Rogers deserves recognition for her guidance and her patience with procrastinations and “ goofs” along the line. Her advice and encouragement were always welcome. To those students and faculty members who posed (endlessly it seems) for us, we say thanks. We did appreciate the graceful endurance of photo sittings, scheduling of group pictures, occasional missed appointments, and the relakes necessary in the course of the year. A special thanks is due to the Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas and its representative, Paul McClellan, and to the Memorial Union person- nel who accomodated our photographer in September when class pictures were taken and who allowed us space for offices when our regular offices were being remodeled. It is the editors’ hope that these people will be satisfied with the 1960 Reveille, because their efforts have made the hook what it is. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPAI :S r f .1 y i £ , mU:i t

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