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FORT HAYS KANSAS STATE COLLEGE presents THE 1959 REVEILLE DEANNA LOCK MAN Editor MARY DESB1EN Assistant Editor DARRELL SCHAFFER Business Manager CHARLES MIDDLEKAUFF Assistant Business Manager GARY HANNA Photographer LLOYD PETERSON Assistant Photographer i FOREWORD . . . Vs the daily routine of campus life moves forward, each student plans and sets his goals, lie strives day h day to meet his ideals and soon finds himself closer to graduation and the realization of his final objective. He realizes that the attainment of his major goals has been made possible through the emphasis upon daily goals such as leadership, scholarship, sportsmanship, and the development of personality. Each of these has been gained through his classes, organ- izations. and the many events which have thus prepared him for service to his com- munity and mankind. Realizing the importance of these goals, we have taken them as the theme of our yearbook. Through layout and copy we have attempted to present them, however important they may seem, to the end that we may gain our goals. The Staff 2 DEDICATION LYMAN DWIGHT WOOSTER, President Emeritus A.EL K.S.T.C, Emporia; Ph.M,, University of Wis- consin: Ph.D., Stanford University, Scholar, Teacher, Friend. We salute a man who lias given fifty years of service to the college and has set for himself and the school, high goals; some attained and some still challenging him and us. Dr, W ' ooster has been Chairman of the Division of Biological Sciences, Professor of Zoology, and Dean of the Faculty. He was President from 1941 to 1949. An ardent naturalist, he has published nature study bulletins and numerous magazine articles. As secretary of the Western Kansas Development Asso- ciation, he edits the “West Kansan” and is at present working on the history of Fort Hays State. He is a member of numerous honorary organi- zations, Sigma Xi, Delta Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi. Pi Kappa Delta, and Phi Kappa Phi, CALLING TO THE STUDENTS The history oj any region is one oj advancing frontiers which were crossed and made useful for mankind Our forefathers met , in tarn , geographic f climatic, economic and educational frontiers. Aon, in a world lorn with strife, it falls to our lot to grapple with the problems of human relationships; not so much for the sake of peace f as of order . justice and mercy; not only for the sake of hitman rights, hut also for the sake of human responsibilities; not so much for making a living , as for living— living together in families, communities, nations and world , with the good of all upper most in oar minds and hearts The present attention of the whole earth is focused on this frontier of human relations , And so to youth we would say: 1 Of l IT this is your frontier; this is (he challenge oj your day and generation. The bugle call of a world trying to solve its problems of human values calls on you to throw your lives into the tremendous job of entering and conquering this modern fron- tier; of building the purposes of human soviet x toward higher and finer physical and spiritual levels , ) ou are educating yourselves for responsive living; you have the ambition, the courage and the zest of youth: you can meet and solve these problems on the level of high purpose, vigor and intelligence. You have both the idealism and realism, the educational pre- pared n ess and the courage to tackle the job. I his college has confidence that you can and will meet this great challenge. — Lyman Dwight Wooster Written for the fiftieth anniversary of the college. 1952. 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION 11 CLASSES 19 ORGANIZATIONS 73 CAMPUS FAVORITES 129 GREEKS 141 ATHLETICS 167 STORY OF THE YEAR 193 ADVERTISING 221 INDEX 247 THE PRESIDENT A college education is composed of many facets. Each edition of the Reveille sets forth, in word and picture, these facets This year, special emphasis is placed upon four; namely, scholarship, leadership, sportsmanship and personality de- V Scholarship goes hand in hand with leadership and develops each student, in his own right as well as in his associations with his fellowman. Education is far more than merely gaining knowledge, per se. It is the complete development of the whole man. He must have intellectual breadth, integrity, moral and spiritual development and be able to make contributions to the welfare of mankind. This issue of the Reveille emphasizes the whole personality of Emt Hass State and how it attempts to contribute to the development of each student. It shows how goals are set and attained Educational goals are both immediate and long range and are both individual and collective. They are accomplished bv actin g today but. at the same time, looking into the distant future with definite goals and accomplishments rt to he attained. Such goals can he attained only by high standards of performance, a truly liberal education, fine quauties of leadership and a genuine human understanding and appreciation of the very best of our culture. Broadly educated men and women are necessary to the progress, security, and well being of our nation and o the world We must have citizens with knowledge, supported by interest, ambition and initiative to develop the leader- ship and the total personality that we want our citizens and our nation to have. All young men and women should develop their talents and abilities to the highest potential. We shall all be citizens of society and the kind of citizens we arc will depend upon what goals we set for ourselves and how hard we strive to accomplish them. — M. C. Cunningham 5 STATE BOARD OF REGENTS A nine-member Board of Regents and its executive secretary is named by the governor of Kansas to govern Fort Hays State and other state colleges. Fort Hays Stale is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, the National Council for Accreditation of Teachers Education, the National Association of Schools of Music and the American Association of University Women. First row: Whitley Austin. Satina: Clement H. Hal], Coffeyville; George B. Collins, Wichita; Kay Evans, Kansas City, Kansas: Harrv Valentine. Gay Center; L D. Morgan, Coodland; Claude Bradney. Columbus, Second row: Russell R. Rust, Topeka; MdDill Boyd. Phillipsburg, chairman: Hubert Brighton, Topeka, secretary. Memorial Union, front view BUILDINGS . . . The doorways through which we pass daily during our college career are mere symbols of the contribution of each campus building to a well-educated individual not only academically but also to enable him to live in harmony with other people, Ibe whole picture of l he campus is not complete without the many and varied aspects of a college campus. Sounds of music, laughter and busy office machines emanate from various build- ings. The odors of oil paint, sawdust and chemicals are wafted through the air. Studying among the hooks, references, magazines and records, cheering with the student body at a football game, attending a dramatic or musical production, or par- ticipating in an organization is but part of the whole picture of our campus community. Memorial Union, hack view 7 FORT HAYS COLLEGE SHERIDAN COLISEUM FORSYTH LIBRARY On the plains of Western Kansas Stands a school toe all love well T was built by the toil of our fathers; To its glory our voices swell. Chorus: Hail to old Fort Hays State! Let your voices ring! Praise for the Black and Gold We will ever sing. Long may our valor last Through the future days , Hon ring and praising Dear Fort Hays STATE ANTHEM In the years that lie before us We foresee our land ' s many needs . Through the efforts of new generations. We ' ll go on to more noble deeds. Chorus: Hail to old Fort Hays State! Let your voices ring! Praise for the Black and Gold We will ever sing , Long may our valor last Through the future days t Hon ring and praising Dear Fort Hays . PICKEN HALL RARICK HALL A f ithin the college is a body of nine elected representatives of the faculty and three ex-officio members, the Registrar , Dean of the Graduate Division, and Dean of the College , entitled the Faculty Senate, Serving as a clearinghouse for all academic matters, this body supervises the catalogue , sched- ule of classes and the advisement program. Daily the faulty and administration of Fort Hays State molds and guides the student’s life as he grows in his college career. Within the college the student is offered opportunities in many fields; liberal arts , letters and sciences , applied arts and sciences , music and pre-professional training , Not only do the clas sroom lectures affect the student, but also during his student life he come to know the philosophies of his instructors and to feel their friendliness and leadership. These are the people serving the college who are respon- sible for the administrative and academic aspects of Fort Hays State — the faculty and administration . . . FACULTY ANL i i ADMINISTRATION • ADMINISTRATION DR. E. R, MoCARTNEY, Professor of Eco- nomic.- and Business; Dean .of the College ■ RALPH V. CODER, Professor of English aj: i Chairman of Division of Language, Lit- • l,IJI 1 and Speech; Dean of Graduate Division MISS JEAN STOLE PER, Assistant Professor; Dean of Women STANDLEE V, DALTON, Associate Professor of Botany; Registrar and Director of Ad- missions DR, W. |). MORELAND, Professor of Politi- cal Science and Sociology and Head of Department : Di reel or of Housing RICHARD E. BURNETT, Assistant Professor; Dean of Men 12 WALTER E. KEATING, Assistant Professor of Economics and Business; Comptroller HUGH BURNETT, Associate Professor of Po- litical Science; Director of Extension Service, MRS. NITA M. LANDRUM, Supervisor Correspondence Study ; Executive Secretary Alumni Association MRS. DOLL IE B. THOMAS. Assistant Pro- lessor of Economics and Business; Wistant to the President MISS ETHEL V, ART. MAN, Assistant Direc- tor Extension ; Employment Service MRS. MABEL HOPKINS, Assistant to the Resist rar, MRS. ELIZABETH MOSHER, Secretary. Reg 1st rar s Office. AND ASSISTANTS FACULTY ALBERTSON, DR, FRED — Professor of Botany ALMQUIST, E. Assistant Professor of Physics BAILEY, JOAN — Instructor of Physical Education BARBOUR, ELIZABETH — Associate Professor of Physical Education BARTHOLOMEW, LELAND- Assistant Professor of -Music BAXTER, INEZ — College Nurse BEESLEY, ALICE— Professor of Home Economics, Chairman of Department BECK, GERALD— Instructor of Physics BERLAND, JOHN Instructor of Art BLAN KEN BURG, LILA— Instructor of Nurse Education BOGART, KATHERINE— Associate Professor of English BROACH, DR, B, W, - Assistant Prolessor of Education BROOKS, DOYLE — Associate Professor of Physics BROOKS, R. U. — Associate Professor of Industrial Arts CAIN, DR, RICHARD — Professor of Industrial Arts, Chairman of Department CAMPBELL, MARC- Reference Librarian C HOG C ILL, DR. HAROLD — Professor of Chemistry, Chairman of Division CLARK, DR. C. CHARLES — Assistant Professor of Education CLARK, THAINE — Instructor of Agriculture COLLINS, PATRICIA — Instructor of Political Science and Sociology COOK, FRANCES— College Nurse COOK. KENNETH Assistant Professor of Economics and Business CO OLSON, .MARION — Associate Professor of English CRAlNE, DR, EUGENE— Professor of History ' DALEY, BILLY — Assistant Professor of Education DAVIDSON, GORDON— Assistant Professor of History DAVIS, GAYNELLE— Professor of Education DICK, DR. DALE — Assistant Professor of Psychology DELLINGER. Mx RTHA — Assistant Professor of Art DRYDEN, LAURENCE— Instructor of Mathematics ETTER, EUGENE — Assistant Professor of Mathematics FEI.TEN. LUCILLE — Associate Professor of Music 14 KELLER, WILLIAM— Instructor in Economics and Business KETCHUM, HARRIET— Assistant Professor of Speech KIRKLAND, MARTIN- Assistant Director of the Memorial Union LACEY, MABEL — Assistant Professor of English LEONARD, TH ELM A— Dietician LEVITT. RICHARD— Assistant Professor of Economics and Business LINDNER, PAD LINE— Circulation Librarian McCARROLL, KOSELLA Assistant Professor of Education McCONNELL, WAYNE— Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Football Coach MACDONALD, HELEN— Food Service Director, Memorial Union McFARLAND, ALICE— Instructor of English McFARLAND, HENRY Assistant Professor of Biology McKEE, DENNIS — Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts McNEIL, EDGAR Assistant Professor of Physical Education MAHONEY, STANLEY— Assistant Professor of Psychology MARCUS, RICHARD— Assistant Professor of History HERREN, DR, LLOYD— Professor of Music, Chairman of Department HOFFMAN, MAXINE— Instructor of Home Economics HORTON, LI LB URN— Director of Memorial Union HUFFMAN, RALPH— Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts FRANCIS, ALEX— Assistant Professor of Phy- sical Education, Track Coach FRIESNER. PAUL— Head Librarian GARNER, NAOMI — Assistant Professor of English GARWOOD, DR. JOHN— Professor of Eco- nomics and Business GRABER, DR. PAUL — Associate Professor of Language GRIFFITH, PAUL — Assistant Professor of In- dustrial Arts GROSS, PAUL — Associate Professor of Phys- ical Education HAMILTON, DR. SAMUEL — Professor of Education HALE, NORRIS— Instructor of Journalism HARBIN, CALVIN — Prolessor of Education, Chairman of Division HARPER, DR. LEROY Professor of Physi- cal Education, Chairman of Division HARRIS, MARTHA Instructor of Nurse Education HEATHER, JACK Assistant Professor of Speech HERNDON, DR, GENEVA — Professor of Speech 15 MARFLE, DR. ROBERT— Associate Professor of Economics and Business MARSHALL, EVERETT— Assistant Professor of Mathematics MAR SI. KENNETH— Assistant Professor of Chemistry MARTIN, DR. EDWIN -Professor of Zoology MARTIN. DR. JOHN— Associate Professor of Education and Psychology MIKICH, RUTH— Assistant Professor of Economics and Business MORRIS, GERALDINE— Assi stant Librarian MORRISON, ALICE— Assistant Professor of English MOSS, DR. JOEL— Professor of Art; Chairman of Department MOYERS, EDWIN— Assistant Professor of Music NELSON, REX Instructor of Industrial Arts NORM AN, JOHN Instructor of Music NUTT. DR, KATHARINE Professor of History OSBO R NE, R I CH A R I ) A ss 1st a n i P rofessor o f Econom ics a m I Business OVERTON. DR, RICHARD Assistant Professor of Psychology PALMER, HAROLD— Associate Professor of Music GORDON- Instructor of Economics and Business )R. VERNA Professor of English , CLYDE — Instructor of Education, Part-time , DAVID- Assistant Professor of Psychology RAY, DR. JOSEPH— Professor of Psychology KEITH. DR. FREDERIC -Assistant Professor of Physical Education REYNOLDS. HOWARD- Assistant Professor of Biology ' RICE. JIMMY Instructor of Mathematics RICHARDS. ROBERT— Assistant Professor uf Chemistry RICHARDSON, DR. IVAN— Professor of Po- litical Science and Sociology RIECEL, ANDREW Assistant Professor of Agriculture. Farm Superintendent ROGERS, DR. JOHN Assistant Professor of Educat ion ROGERS. KATHERINE Instructor of Jour- nalism SACKETT, DR. SAMUEL Associate Profes- sor of English SCHLEICH, PHY LLIS — Instructor of Music SCHMUTZ, LESTER- Associate Professor of Agriculture SCHRODER. ELTON Instructor of Biology SCOTT, DR, IRA — Professor of Education SEVY, RLITH— Associate Professor of Physical Education SIMONS, KENNETH— Associate Professor of Botany SIMS DR, WARD— Associate Professor of Biology SPANGLER, ROBERT— Instructor of Journalism STAGE, DR, DORIS— Professor of Chemistry START, JAMES— Professor of Speech, Chairman of Department STERNBERG, GEORGE— Curator of Museum STONES, HAROLD— Instructor of Speech STROUP, LEORA— Professor of Nurse Education Ch airman of Department STOUT DONALD — Assistant Professor of Music ST OUT, DR. ROBERTA Professor of English STUMP, WM, DA RRELL— Assistant Professor of History SURAN, CADE— Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Basket- ball Coach THOMAS, DR. ARCHIE— Professor of Economics and Business THOMPSON DR. LEONARD— Professor of Economics and Business, Chairman of Department THORNS JOHN— Assistant Professor of Art TOALSON ROBERTA- Instructor of Economics and Business TOALSON, W1LMONT— Associate Professor of Mathematics TOMAN EK DR, GERALD— Professor of Botany, Chairman of Division VAN ACKEREN, MARGARET — Documents Librarian WALL, GEORGE — Instructor of Economics and Business WALKER, MYRL— Assistant Professor of Geology WALKER, NEIL Assistant Professor of Zoology W ATKINS, IVAN- Instructor of Physics WELLS, JAMES — Assistant Professor of Agriculture WELTY, RAYMOND— Professor of History, Chairman of Department WIERE, MARIE— Instructor of Nurse Education WILCOX, HAROLD— Instructor of Language WILLARD, RUTH— Instructor of Language WILKINS, WILLI AM- Assistant Professor of Music WITT, ROBERT— Assistant Professor of Political Science and Sociology WOOD, DR. W. C — Professor of Education YOUMANS, RAYMOND— Assistant Professor of Education FACULTY 17 CLASSES Quietly the buildings would stand on the campus , if the students were removed. But without the students who inhabit the campus, it would be lifeless. The laughter over coffee in the Memorial Union, the heated discussion in front of Picken Hall, the shouts of delight at the basketball game, and the shuffle of feet at the dances — all are sounds produced by the student, all must be inherent in the college to make it live . One of the more important components of our college picture is the student pursuing his education. As the student seeks the higher truths , he strives to maintain the balance between specialization and the general subject matter . f hese students t some of whom have just begun their college career, some of whom have completed or nearly completed theirs , prepare themselves for their chosen vocations , what- ever they be , They are the all important — the freshmen, sophomores , juniors , seniors and graduates who , at Fort Hays State , comprise the classes . . . 8 ] 19 SENIORS . . . Mining informally are the senior class officers: Tom Gilmore, vice-presb unit : Connie Eaton, secretary-treasurer; and Darrell Schaffer, president. For 474 seniors, the goal of graduation is near. Some complete requirements for graduation in January; most of these will finish their undergrad- uate work at the close of this semester; others will attend summer school and graduate July 30. We salute the seniors. Class of 1959. ALLEY, MARIAN E., Russell -AM., English ANDERSON, JERRY D., Kinsley - B.S., Biology Delta Signia Phi : Student Body vice-pros.; Class pres., 55, ’56 ANDERSON , ROLLEN J., Kinsley A.B., Chemistry Delta Sigma Phi ; Seventh Cavalry ; Male Quartet ANDREGG, KYLE IF " .. Hoxie— B,S , Business Administration ASHCRAFT, RITA J ,, Hays — A.B. . Political Science, B.S. in Ph y steal Edit cation Era Rho Epsilon, pres, ; Chancery Clerk of the Court ; W.R.- A.; Canterbury Club ; S.N.E.A. ; Who’s Who BAHL, KERRY L., Hays — B.$. } Physics and Mathematics Sigma Pi Sigma; Kappa Mu Epsilon: Delta Epsilon; Vet’s Club; Who ' s Who BARDOT. BUDDY M., Coldwater- — AM., History BARTON, DONALD E r , Little River — BS. in Industrial Arts Sigma Theta ; F.T.A. ; Gymnastics BAUER, CHARLES D., Hudson — BS. in Business Admini- stration BECHARD, WILLIAM E,. Hays — B.S. in Physical Edu cation Tau Kappa Epsilon; K-Qub; Football BEQUGHER, JOHN W., Grinnell — BS. in Agriculture, Botany BERLAND, HARLAN L., Damar — B.S ,, Mathematics and Physics Sigma Phi Epsilon; Newman Club; Vet’s Club; Math Club BIEBER, ALOIS R ,, Kinsley — A .R .. Political Science K-Club; Chancery Club; Track; Fool hall; Swimming BISS1NG, DONALD E., Hays — A.B., Chemistry and Mathe- matics Seventh Cavalry, pres,; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Vet’s Club; Intramurals ; Who’s W ho BOLLINGER. CONSTANCE Hill City -B.S. in Education. Elementary Little Theater; Dames Club; S.N.E.A. BOOR , JEROME F., Claflin — BS, in Industrial Arts Newman Club, pres.; K Club; S.N.E.A. 20 CLASS OF ’59 BORGER, MELBA F, T Ness City — A.B Chemistry and Zool- ogy Pre-Medic Club: Who’s Who BOSLERy CAROLYN, O Leri in — B.S, in Education, Elementary S.N.E.A.; Tigerettes, sec. BOWEN y AGATHA D, Burden B,S in Home Economics BOXBERGERy JERRY L. f WaKeeney— A.B. t History Vet’s Club BQXLER, JON D, t Norton — B.S, in Business Administration BOZARTH, DENNIS, Norton —BM. t Music Education Phi Mu Alpha, alumni sec.; Seventh Cavalry, vice-pres. ; Brass Choir; Who ' s Who BRACK , DENNIS P., 0tis-5.S, in Industrial Arts BRADFIELD LAWRENCE L, Bucldin— BS. in Physical Education Tau Kappa Epsilon; Vet’s Club; P.E, Majors’ Club; Inira- murals, pres. BRAND, ROBERT Sharon Springs — A.B., History Alpha Psi Omega; I.R.C. ; S.N,E,A. BRAND YBERR Y, VADA , Hill City — B.S. in Education , Elementary F.T.A.; Leader; Scriblerus Club BRAY, CHARLES D Phillipsburg — A.B . , History i.R.C BRAY, WILLIAM P Philiipsburg-tf.S. in Business Admin- istration BREHM, WILLIAM II. , Pratt— BS., Mathematics BRIAN, RAY V., Brewster— 5.5, in Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon; Vet’s Club, vice-pres, BRIGGS, JACK F., MullinviHe— B.S. t Mathematics and Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon; Engineers Club; Math Club; Vets Club, treas, BRIGHT, LAWRENCE L, Pawnee Rock— BS. in Industrial Arts Vet’s Club BROCK , ROBERT A., Cawker City -BM, Music Education Phi Mu Alpha: Newman Club; Young Republicans; Con- cert Band; Concert Choir; Brass Choir BROWN, BERN A DINE F. f Ellis— 5,5. in Industrial Arts Newman Club BROWN, DIXIE Cawker City— B.S, in Education, 5 e- mentary ( Delta Zeta; Campus Boosters Council, pres.: Reveille BROWN, PRESTON E., Hucklin B.S. in Business Adminis- tration Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Band ; Chorus BRUNGARDT, ROBERT F., Gorham -BE. in Business Ad- ministration BULLOCK ROY E., Ulysses -BE. in Agriculture Tau Kappa Epsilon BUSER, DON E. r Cawker Cily-S.S. in Industrial Arts Little Theater ; Newman Club 21 CARR, REX A., Seward — B.S., Zoology Pre-Medic Club, vice-pres. CARTER, LARRY D., Tribune — B S., Mathematics and General Science Kappa Mu Epsilon; Track CASEY, GARY D., Hutchinson— BM, in Physical Education Basketball; Track CHIPMAN, JOHN M., Moreland— AM., History Phi Eta Sigma ; French Club ; l.R,C. CHITTENDEN, M. JANE ' , H §-BS. in Business Adminis- tration CHRISTIAN, FRED E., Wellington- AM., Art Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Pin Epsilon ; Phi Mu Alpha CHRISTIE, JOHN A., Garden City— AS. in Physical Educa- tion CHRISTENSEN, DON T., Natoma —BS. in Badness Admin- istration CHRISTIANS, ROBERT W ., Hays— B.S„ General Science COLLINS, JIMMIE D. t Burrton— A.B., History COMBS, MARY, Russell B.S. in Business Administration Theta Sigma Upsilon COMBS, RONALD H„ Russell -AM., Psychology Sigma Phi Epsilon CONN ALLY, OLLIE IT, Collyer— AM., English Newman Club; F.T,A r ; German Club; Reveille; Leader COOK, KENNETH W.. Hays— B.S, in Business Administration Vet’s Club, vice-pres. COOPER . JERAL G ., Stockton — B.S. in Business Administra- tion, Accounting Sigma Tan Gamma, sec. pres,; LF.C., pres,; Reveille; Leader; Vet’s Club: FT.A ; German Club CROMWELL, JEAN M., Hoismgton — AM., Zoology Pi Kappa Sigma, pres,; Tige reties; Pre-Medic Club CROTTS, ROBERT G Partridge B.S. in Agriculture Vet ' s Club C ROUGH, ROYCE D.. Salina BS, in Business Administra- tion Vet ' s Club CURTIS, JAMES C, Belpre— BS. in Physical Education P.E, Majors’ Club ; Phi Sigma Epsilon DAVIS, EUGENE U.. Oakley — ITS. in Industrial Arts Kappa Sigma Kappa DAWSON, GENE P., llussell — BS- in Business Administration Pin Sigma Epsilon; Basketball DEINES, DUANE, WaKeeney — B.S. , Physics and Mathematics Sigma Phi Epsilon; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Delia Epsilon DEB CH FIELD, JERROLD R ., Garden City — B.S., Chemistry and Mathematics Chemistry Club, vice-pres, DEN 10, ALBERTA M., Spearville — B.S., General Science S,N.E,A.; Math Club DESBIEN , FREDA D., Palco — AM., History W.R.A,; Spanish Club; S.N.E.A.; Newman Club; Folklore Society; Reveille DEVORE, GALYN D., Macksville B.S. irt Physical Education Sigma Theta Epsilon ; P.E. Majors’ Club DAUGHERTY, DOUGLAS D., Dorrance— B.S., General Science DOWNING, ROBERT W., Mullinville — B S. in Business Administration Sigma Tau Gamma, treas. D RE I LING, CHARLES J, t Victoria — BS. in Business Ad- ministration DREILING, CLEWS F. f Hays- US. in Physical Education K-Club; P.E. Majors’ Chib; Football DRY DEN, VICTOR FJ„ Stockton -BS., Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon; Math Club DYATT, DONNA J., Goodland R S. in Education, Elementary Theta Sigma Upsilon, vice-pres. ; Panhcllcnic Council, re- cording sec,; F.T A. ; Majorette EATON, CONNIE L. t Manhattan— B.S. in Education, Elemen- tary Theta Sigma Upsilon, pres.; Student Council, treas.; Senior Class sec,; Panhcllcnic Council; Majorette; S.N.E.A. EATON, NORMAN L r , Scott City— B.S. in Agriculture Tau Kappa Epsilon; Wresting EHRLICH, MARCIA K., Hays BS. in Nursing Nursing Club EHRLICH, EDWARD D., Russell -A3., Business Administra- tion and Economics German Club, vice-pres anti publicity chairman; L.S.A. sec. RISEN HOUR, HILLIARD 7.. Stafford— BS. in Agriculture ELLIS, WILLIAM S., Johnson —B.S. in Agriculture Phi Sigma Epsilon ENGEL, MELBA Ii., Ellis BS. in Education, Elementary ENSIGN , LESTER G., Miltonvale— BS. in Business Adminis- tration Kappa Sigma Kappa ; Intramurals FAHEY . GERALD D., Quinter BS., Mathematics Phi Sigma Epsilon: Kappa Mu Epsilon; Vet’s Club; Gymnastics FAIR, ARLENE R., Goodland -B.S. in Education, Elementary FAIRBANK, PAUL )., Ransom- B.S. in Physical Education S.N.E.A. F El DEN, JACK D., Colo. Springs, Colo — B.S. in Business Administration Inter-Fraternal Council; Honors Seminar; Union Governing Board chairman, planning comm.; Intramurals; W ho’s Who FELLERS, JOHN AdAmd-BS„ Biology FINDLEY, TOM G., Carrollton, Mo.— -BS., Mathematics and Physics FINLEY, BENJAMIN R, t Sharon Springs — A,B,, History FISHER , RICHARD L., Salina— BS. in Physical Education Wesley Foundation, chairman of rec, comm.; K-Club; P.E. Majors’ Club; Vet ' s Club; S.N.E.A.; Tennis; Basketball; Gymnastics FISHER, SHARON, Coots BS, in Home Economics Kappa 0 micron Phi; Home Ec. Club; Collegiate 4-H Club FLINN, CLIFFORD £., Hays— BS, in Industrial Arts S.N.E.A. FLOCK, HAZEL M., Hoisington— A.B., English FOOS, HAROLD G., Bazine- BS. in Industrial Arts S.N.E.A FOSDlCK, DONALD T Filinwond — RS. r Mathematics FOUNTAIN, CARL B., Penalosa — B.S., Botany and Agriculture Phi Sigma Epsilon Ft) A’, ALLEN D., Lamed — BS., Mathematics and Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon F RANKE, RICHARD ., Hemaon— BS., Mathematics and Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon; Delta Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma, pres.; Who ' s Who SENIORS . . . FREVERT, BENJAMIN R ., Holyrood — BS. in Business Ad- ministration Tau Kappa Epsilon; Gamma Delta; Vet’s Club FROSS, ERMA L. t Hays — BM., Music Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, vice-pres; Sigma Alpha Iota; Newman Club, sec. ; Band; Orchestra; Panhellemc Council pres,; Spanish Club FRUTICER, MARVIN G ., Cedar- BS. in Business Adminis- tration Phi Sigma Epsilon ; Band FURCASON, ROBERT P , Shields — in Education , Ele- mentary. GEISINGER , JAMES B , Selden— B.S. in Business Adminis- tration Newman Club GIBSON, ELIZABETH P., Quinter— BS. in Education Ele- mentary Della Zeta, pres.; S.N.E.A.: Panhellenic Council GIERSCH, MARVIN L. Abilene— BS. in Physical Education K-Club ; S.N.E.A,; PJE. Majors " Club; Swimming GILCREASE, RICHARD D ,, Garden City— BS. in Agriculture GILMORE, TOM ., Hays— B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Sigma Kappa, treas. ; Senior class vice-prcs,; Student Council GINTHER, MARILYN R„ Great BernF-zCE., Speech Delta Zeta; Alpha Psi Omega; Picken Players GISH , CHARLES D. y Salina — A.B., Zoology Memorial Union Committee GRECIAN, JAMES L, Beloit -B.S., Biology GREIG y LOJFRY II., Osborne — BS, in Business Administra- tion GRIZZELL, KENNETH L. t Clallin — BS. in Art Kappa Pi GUST AVSON, ELDRED E., Dighton — A.B rf Speech Pi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Psi Omega; Who’s Who HAASE, OTTO F. t Ellsworth — BS., Mathematics K-Cluh, sec.; Track HABIGER, JAMES W., Republic — 13 S, in Agriculture Botany Delta Sigma Phi, pres.; I,F,C, pres.; Football HACKEROTT, GLENN L., Alton — 13. S. in Business Adminis- tration HAGER, PHILLIP E., Dellvale B.S., Botany HALL . l REDERICK B. y Almena B.S . in Agriculture Vefs Club HALL , GLEN E., Hugotcn — BS Geology Delta Sigma Phi HAMB ) . LOUISE, Hays B.S. in Edu cation. Speech Correc- tion S,N,E.A. HAMMER, LAWRENCE C . f Ellinwood — BS, in Business Ad- ministration Phi Sigma Epsilon HAN E , JAMES U , Quinter — B.M., Music Education Phi Mu Alpha; Fort Hays Singers; Male Quartet; Concert Choir; “Guys and Dolls” 24 HANEY, RAMONA C. t Colby— B. S, in Home Economics Home Ec. Club; S.N.E.A. HANEY, RONALD N., Colby— BS. in Physical Education , Biology Football HANNA, CARY, WaKeeney— BS, in Business Administration Tan Kappa Epsilon; Reveille Photographer HARBAUGH, BONNIE M„ Great Bend- LB,, English Delta Zeia, house manager; Spanish Club; Young Repub- licans HARDffl, MILTON A. f Great Bend-B.S. in Business Admin- istration HARKNESS, ROBERTA B., Ness City-T.B., Speech Little Theatre, sec.-treas.; “Bernardinc " HARRIS, ELIZABETH E„ Stockton— B.S, in Education , Elementary HARRIS, JOENE F„ Bird City English Little Theatre; French Club; S.N.E.A. ; Alpha Psi Omega, vice- pres. HARRIS t JOYCE K., Hays— BS. in Art Kappa Pi HARRIS, ROBERT E„ Great Bend-BJ„ General Science Sigma Phi Epsilon HARRISON, ROBERT R., Ulysses— B.S. in Business Ad- ministration Little Theatre; Engineers Club MARTI NG, GENOLA L, Edmond— B.S. in Education, Ele- mentary S.N.E.A. HARVEY, KENNETH E., Protection — B.S. in Business Ad- ministration HA WK t KENNETH L., Atchison— A.B., Political Science HEATON, RICHARD T., Rush Center— B.S. in Agriculture Second Generation Club: Vet’s Club HEGWER, JUDITH L, Plain ville-T.B., History Theta Sigma Upsilon; S.N.E.A.; Tigerettes, pres. HEMBREE, JIM Qiase— B.S. in Business Administration HEMPHILL t EMMETT R., Pratt B.S. in Physical Education P.E. Major ' s Club HEMPHILL, LARRY, D. ¥ Byers— B-S. in Industrial Arts HENDERSON, JAMES, Fredonia —BS, f Biology Pre-Medic Club HENDERSON, JOHN W., Iuka— B.S. in Education , Elemen- tary Phi Sigma Epsilon; S.N.E.A.; Newman Club HERRINGTON, NORMAN E. t Kanopolis-B.S. in Business Administration HESTER, GEORG ETTA J., Olmit z—B.S. in Physical Educa- tion W.R.A., sec.; Jntramurals; Eta Rho Epsilon HEWETT, MARY E,. Cold water— B.S. in Education , Elemen- tary S.N.E.A. ; Y.W.C.A. : Who ' s Who 25 HILMES, RALPH J., Ransom— B.S., Zoology Sigma Tau Gamma; Newman Club; Pre- Medic Club; LFX. ; Intramurals HOCKETT, JOYCE A ., Clyde— B.S. in Education, Elementary W.R.A.; Reveille; S.N£A. HOLER, JACK L., Dodge Cky-A.B.. Psychology Honors Seminar HOLTHUS, SHARLEEN K., Smith Center— B.$. in Education, Elementary SJLE.A. HOPKINS, ROBERT IX, Protection— AM., Sociology and Political Science S.N.E.A.; Spanish Club HORNING, EDWARD .. Ransom BS. y Mathematics and Chemistry Newman Club f vice-pres. HORNING, VIRGIL L ,, Ransom — B.S. in Business Adminis- tration Newman Club HORNUNG, LESTER W Spearville — B.S., Mathematics Newman Club HOUDYSHELL, JAMES E.. Great Bend B.S. in Business Administration Vet’s Club HOUSTON, MARILYN K ., Jewell- B.S., Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon, see.-lreas.; Math Club, sec.-treas, ; Delta Epsilon; Honors Seminar; SA.E.A.; Who’s Who; W.L.O. HUBBARD, MINNIE F„ Waldo —AM., English Lambda Iota Tau; Scriblerus; French Club; Honors Sem- inar; S.NJLA. ; Who’s Who HUSUG, MARCUS F.. Penalosa AM,, History Newman Club; 5.N.E.A.; German Club HYDE, ROBERT M., Osborne — B.S., Botany Phi Sigma Epsilon IMMASCHE, DONALD Hays— B „S., Biology JOHNSON . ANNA L ,, Dodge City B.S. in Home Economics JOHNSON , BERNARD Q r , Brookville — B.S , in Physical Edu- cation K-Club; S.N.E.A,; Newman Club; Vet ' s Club JOHNS 0 N , R USSELL J., Zun ch B.S Ch em istry Tau Kappa Epsilon 0 A ES , 1 A RLY N l ., K an orado B S Botany an d Agricu f tu re Tau Kappa Epsilon JOSLIN , MARILYN F., Lincoln B.S , in Education, Speech Correction Band; Who’s Who KAEMPt E, BONNIE J Sylvan Grove B.S. in Nursing KAISER, BERNICE Bison— B.S. in Nursing KARLIN, JOE C-, Hays B.S. in Business Administration Phi Sigma Epsilon KARLS, AO DRY, Leoville — AM., English KARLS, JOHN A., Leovill e-B5. in Business Administration Newman Club KEENER, PATRICK A McCracken — B.S. in Business Ad- ministration KELLEY, EDWARD L., Plainville — AM., Speech Vet’s Club KENT, NANCY J Hutchinson BS in Home Economics Collegiate 4-H ; Home Ee. Club KEPFERLE, LOYD T., On inter — AM., History S.N.E.A,; K-Club; Swimming KEPLINGER, EDWARD C, f Herndon -ff.S, in Business Ad- ministration KERN , FRANCIS IE, Palco— BS. in Business Administration KIPPLE , HELEN f, Lon- Island —B.S, in Physical Education W R,A., treas,,, sec.; Eta Rho Epsilon; Officials Club; Intramurals. KIN G y GORDON D. y Agra PS. in Business Administration KINYON, MERLENE SUE, Arkansas City — JS-S. in Physical Education WJLA., pres.: Intramurals, chairman; Eia Rho Epsilon. KISNER, VERNON ]., Hays-4.1?., Mathematics KLEMM, PEGGY A. t Ford — in Education, Elementary KOCH, MARCELLINE M. r Raymond —BS. in Business Ad- ministration Kappa Omicron Phi, treas. ; Home Ec. Club ; Orchestra ; Collegiate 4 H, treas. KRUSE, LAWRENCE M„ Leoville— ff,S, in Business Admin- istration KUHLMAN, CAROL }., Nickerson— B.M., Musk Education Sigma Alpha Iota. LAFFERTY, JANE D„ Fort Scott— B.S., Speech and English LAVXMAN, LAVERNE G„ Abilene— S.S. in Physical Edu ■ cation Sigma Tau Gamma; Swimming, LEE LOWELL (L, Lorraine— A . £?., Political Science Sigma Tau Gamma; Vefs Club; Chancery Club. LEFFING WELL, VERNA L, Lakin-RS, in Education , Ele- mentary Kappa Phi, sec + LEIKER, ROBERT }., Bushton— B.S. in Industrial Arts Newman Club ; Intramurals, LESSEIG , RUTH D., Hays -BS. in Art LEVIN , HENRY A. y Kensington— B.S., General Science Vet’s Club; S,N.E.A, LINEN BERGER, ROBERT G , Bunker Hill— B.M., Music Education S.N.E.A.; Rand; Clarinet Choir. LINDS A Y, RICHARD R., Russell— A. B., English LINDSEY, DONALD L ry Stockton— BS., Botany and Agricul- ture LOGUE, LON A L., Stafford— B.S, in Nursing LUTHR DARRELL D. y Logan —BS. in Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon; Wrestling. LYON, ELLEN 0., Ness City— BS. in Home Economics McA MOIL , CAROL Z., Penokee— BS. in An Kappa Pi. McCOWAN , DONALD E., Pretty Prairie— BS. in Physical Education S.N.E.A. McDANIEL, MARVIN D., Concordia-R$. in Business Ad ministration McEWEN, JULIAN A ., Norton— BS. in Industrial Arts Delta Sigma Phi; K-Glub; P.E, Majors’ Club; Gymnastics. McFADDEN, SANDRA K„ Osborne— BS., General Science Nursing Club. CLASS OF ’59 McFARLA D, JOHN „ Sterling— B.S. in Industrial Arts Tennis; Football McGINNIS , DARRELL D. f Esbon -B.S. in Art Honors Seminar; Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Pi. pres; Who’s Who McKINLEY, RAYMOND L., Fairport— BS. in Industrial Arts S.MXA,; Vet’s Club McVICKER, ROBERT G., Smith Center— BS. in Physical Education K-Club f pres,; Track; Cross country MANTZ, BEVERLY A,, Kanopolis— A.B., Political Science and Sociology Pi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Pin; Tigerettes; Y.W.CA,; S.N.E.A.; Intramural? MARKS, ARWIN W, f Fowler— B.S., Chemistry Pro-Medic Club, pres, ; Chemistry Club MARSHALL, LARRY G. r Hays —A,B,, Chemistry and Mathe- matics Kappa Mu Epsilon; Seventh Cavalry; Wesley Foundation, pres,; vice-pres. MARXEN y JOHN F„ Russell — BS. in Business, Administration MASON , WILLIAM C , , Phillipshurg B S. in Business Ad- ministration MAXWELL, ROBERT L., Hays — AM,, English and Literature Phi Sigma Epsilon; Phi Mu Alpha ME DILL, HELEN L. t Steamboat Springs, Colo, BS. in Edu- cation, Elementary MELTON, IF ILL! AM L. y Concordia — BS r in Industrial Arts MEYERS, WILLIAM D P ' lainville — BS. in Business Admin- istration Phi Sigma Epsilon M I DDLEKAU F F y CH ARLES C. t Hays — BS. in Business Ad- ministration Vet ' s Club, pres.; Tennis MILBERGER, JUDITH G „ Great Bend -BS. t Biology MILLER, DIANNE, Fellsburg— A.B., An Delta Zeta. pres.; Kappa Pi; Honors Seminar; Social Com- mittee; Who’s Who MILLER, EVERETT F ,, La Crosse — B.M., Music Education Concert Choir MILLER, SHIRLEY A,. Phillipshurg BS. in Education T ,W,C.A t vice-pros. ; Union Board; S.N.E.A. ; Who’s Who MILLER, SUZANNE, Claflin — B.S. in Edit cation. Elementary Sigma Sigma Sigma; SAXA.; Newman Club; Junior Class vice-pres. MILLER, WAYNE F,, Deeriield — BS. in Agriculture Phi Sigma Epsilon MILLS, JOSEPH ., Bunker Hill — B.S. in Business Adminis- tration MILTON , ERNEST H. JR,, Norton — BS., Mathematics and Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon, pres.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Seventh Caval- ry; Collegiate Young Republicans; Who’s Who MOORE, ELIZABETH , Gardner -A.B. t English Seri bier us; Collegiate 4-H; FT. A. ; Home Eo. Club; Cam- pus Boosters, sec. MORRIS, CLAUDE A., Dighton — A.B r . Political Science Chancery Club, associate justice; Y.M.C.A,; Collegiate Young Republicans; Alpha Phi Omega; Intramurals 28 MORRIS, LUCILLE L r , Quinter— A.B., Psychology Honors Seminar; Delta Epsilon; Who’s Who MOSES , DON V Uoti—B.M., Music Education Phi Mu Alpha; Junior Class President; Concert Choir; Male Quartet; “Guys and Dolls” MUNK, LEROY F., Victoria— l.R. Zoology Newman Club; Pre-Medic Club; Intramurals; Basketball MURPHY, CARLOS, Dighton — 5.5. in Business Administration NELSON, CONNIE F., Hays -BE., Mathematics Delta Zeta; Math Club; W.L.O.; Delta Epsilon: Kappa Mu Epsilon ; Who’s Who NELSON, RONALD A.. Garfield— RR in Agriculture Phi Kappa Phi ; Seventh Cavalry ; W ,r ho’s W ' ho NEYLON, GEORGE A., Hays— Business Administration Chancery Club; Vet ' s Club; Collegiate Young Republicans NICHOLAS, GEORGE A„ Geneseo -AM., Psychology Delta Sigma Phi NORMAN, KENDALL KAY, Burdett— B.M„ Music Education Alpha Sigma Alpha; Band; Sigma Alpha Iota NORTON, ALAN V., Cimarron— RS. in Education , Elementary Phi Sigma Epsilon; S.N.E.A.; Football O ' BRIEN, JOHN D., Bari m—B.S., Mathematics Phi Sigma Epsilon OLIVA, LEO E. t Woodston — AM., History Kappa Sigma Kappa ; Student Affairs, chairman : French Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Honors Seminar; W ' ho’s Who ONG, CHARLES L„ Flainville— BS., Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon. OPPLINGER, QRRIN D„ Ness City —BS. t Geology O ' ROURKE, JAMES Ellis— B.S. in Business Administration OSWALD, IRMA Gorham— RS. in Business Administration PARKER, GERALD A., Brewster— RR, Mathematics and Agriculture PARSONS , GERALD M., Oakley— BS. in Agriculture Kappa Sigma Kappa PAULEY , EUGENE D., Osborne— AM., Economics French Club; Collegiate Young Democrats; Honors Seim mars; Phi Kappa Phi; Who’s Who PECK, DAVID E., lola —BM., Music Education Vet’s Club PETERSON, PATRICIA A., Protection— BS., General Science Nursing Club PETTI BONE, RICHARD A„ Kanorado— RS., General Science Tau Kappa Epsilon; Student Affairs Comm ; S.N.E.A.; Little Theatre 29 PETERMAN, ELAINE M., Ellsworth -BS. in Nursing Nursing Club PFANNENSTIEL, IRVIN ■ Hays— .5. in Business Admin- istration PFEIFER. ANTHONY F ]., Hays — 5.5. in Physi cal Education Vet’s Club; K-Club; Track ; Football; Basketball PHILLIPS , GALE W. ; Norton— AM., History Seventh Cavalry PLOWMAN, RICHARD D., Macksvffle— BS, in Business Administration Sigma Theta Epsilon; S.N.E.A, PQAGE, JERALD D .. Jennings— A.B., Industrial Arts POORE T GARRY L., Stockton — B.S . in Business Administration Delta Sigma Phi, treas. POWERS, GEORGE R ., Rozel- B.S., Chemistry Phi Sigma Epsilon, pres. RAJEWSKI, FERN G., Victoria -BS. in Business Administra- tion Newman Club REIN, MARLIN L., Russell BS. in Business Administration Phi Sigma Epsilon: K-Club; Basketball REINHARDT, RICHARD II.. Great Bend — BS. in Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, historian REISS, JAMES V. t WVskan -BS. in Biology Phi Sigma Epsilon; Little Theater; Gamma Delta; S.N.E.A.; Swimming; Who’s Who REISS, JERROLL E., Wcskan —B.S., Mathematics RHINE, PAUL E., Atlant a-BS., Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon; Delia Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Who’s Who RICHARDSON, PATRICIA A., Woonsocket, S, D. — A.B., Art Reveille; Home Ec, Club; Spanish Club RIEDEL , PAUL J. y Ellis- BS. in Industrial Arts K-Club, Newman Club RIEMAJ A, BERNARD E ., Densmore — BS. in Physical Edu- cation P E. Majors’ Club; S.N.E.A. ROGERS. BONNIE, Hays — B.S. in Education, Elementary Theta Sigma Upsilon, Vice-pres. ; leader. editor; S.N.E.A., pres,; W.L.O.; Honors Seminar; Who’s W ho ROHAN, VAYLE, Jennings — B.M.. Music Education Phi Mu Alpha, pres. vice-pres.; Seventh Cavalry; Brass Choir, Rand: Choir ROSS, KEITH D., St, Francis — B.S. in Industrial Arts RUNFT, LELAND H., Herington — BS. in Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Epsilon RUSSELL , RICHARD K., St. John — BS. in Agriculture SACKRIDER, BARBARA W ., Hays A.B., English Delta Zeta; Alpha Fsi Omega; Lambda Iota Tau; Panhel- lenic Council; Tigerettes; Little Theater; Who ' s Who SANDERS, W ALFRED A., Victoria B.S. in Business Admin- istration SANDSTROM. THEODORE R., Bison -B.S. in Business Ad- ministration SAXTON, SHELDON E., Burdelt — BS., Agriculture and Bot- any Sigma Theta Epsilon SCHAFFER, JOHN DARRELL , Plains-RS, in Business Ad- ministration Kappa Sigma Kappa; Senior class, pres,; Student Council, vice-pres.; Newman Club; Reveille business manager SCHERR, TIMOTHY A., Collyer — BS. in Industrial Arts SCHNEIDER, CARY A , Otis — B.S. in Business Administra- tion Sigma Phi Epsilon; Vet’s Club SCHMEIDLER, F. LEO, Hays — BS. in Business Adnunistra- lion SCHNATTERLY , TOY A A ., Hays-5.5, in Education t Ele- mentary SC HON L A W GARY E„ Satamta— A.B., Speech Spanish (Hub ; Li it If Theatre SCHULTZ, DONALD L. f Sylvia — B.S. in Agriculture Track; K Club SCHUMACHER , IGNATIUS Hays- 5.5. in Industrial Am S.N.E.A. SCHWIEN, JFILUA t G„ WaKeeney— A.B., Chemistry and Botany Della Epsilon; Gamma Della; Seventh Cavalry, sec.; Resi- dence Hall vice-pres. ; Who’s Who SHIELDS „ JOEL D.. Hoisington — BS., Biology Sigma Theta Epsilon : Kansas Folklore Society SfDENER, RICHARD A., Ada- BS. in Business Administration SKINNER, JERRY A Great Rend 5.5, in Business Admin- istration SMITH , DONALD I).. Lamed— A.B., Speech Alpha Psi Omega ; Little Theatre SMITH, DONALD W ., Macksville— BS. in Business Adminis- tration Pi Omega Pi SMITH, JANICE L . , Stockton— A.B., English Little Theatre; S.N.E.A,; Canterbury Club, publicity chair- man, vice-pres,, pres, SMITH. JERRELL L„ Athol— BS., Biology SMITH, KATHERINE L., Athol — 5.5. in Home Economics Pi Kappa Sigma, treas.; Home Ec, Club, ?ee, ; Agnew Hall see. ; Panhellenio. (teas. SNEATH, ELIZABETH A., Kanopolis— BS. in Business Ad- ministration S.N.E.A. ; Kappa Phi; Y.W.CA.; Agnew Hall, Treas. SPIES, WILLIAM A., Hays —AM., Political Science and English Chancery Club, treas, ; Newman Club STAAB , FRANCIS E. f Hays BS. in Business Administration ST ADEEM AN , VIRGIL L,, Hays— 5.5. in Industrial A ns STAFFORD , JERRY D., Great Bend B.M., Music Education Phi Mu Alpha, treas. ; Fort Hays Singers; Concert Choir; “Guys and Dolls” STAHN, ALICE J Woodruft — BS. in Education, £7emenfar Delta Zeta. corresponding sec. ; S.N.E.A. STAPLES, CHARLES Plams-5.5., Mathematics and History Sigma Phi Epsilon; Kappa Mu Epsilon; I.F.C. ; Intramurals; Concert Choir; “Guys and Dolls” STARKEY , VERLE D ., Haviland — BS. in In d it stria! Arts Sigma Theta Epsilon ; Wes ley Foundation, treas, STARR, JOHN 5,, Scott City— A.B., English , Political Science, and Sociology Della Sigma Phi; French Club; Collegiate Young Republi- cans; Sigma Theta Epsilon; S.N.E.A. STENZEL, LAVERN J., WaKeeney — BS, in Business Admin- istration, Industrial Arts Sigma Phi Epsilon; S.N.E.A.; Vet’s Club STILL W ELL, ROBERT M., Scottsville— A.B., History I R C., pres, STONE, SONYA, Chamite-RS, in Education Canterbury Club SUTTON , JERRY L, Beloit-55, in Industrial Am K-Club ; Vet’s Club TALBERT, MORRIS C. f Elli s— 5.5., Chemistry and Geology TEEGERSTROM, WILLIAM 5„ Pampa, Texas— 5.5. in In- dust rial Arts K-Qub, vice pres, ; Campus Boosters; Basketball; Track; Intramurals, manager TECTMEYER FLOYD D., WaKeeney— 5.S, in Industrial Arts Football; S.N.E.A. T EM A AT, SYLVESTER L. t Spearville— B.$. in Business Ad- ministration Basketball; Newman Club TEMPLE, RONALD D ., Norcatur-,4.5., History French Club; S.N.E.A,: LR.C. THOMAS, FRANK W, t Englewood- 5,5 in Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Epsilon THOMPSON, FLOYD , McCracken 5,5 in Industrial Arts S.N.E.A, THORNBURG, ROY F., Utica-5,5, in Agriculture Collegiate 4-H TIEN, DOROTHY C„ Prairie View- 5.5. in Nursing Nursing Club TRAIL, BERNARD W., Atwood— 5.5. in Business Administra- tion Phi Sigma Epsilon TREBILOCK, CHARLES M., Ford-5,5., Geology Tennis UNDERWOOD, SHIRLEY J„ Bird City-5.5, in Education, Elementary S.N.E.A. UN RUN, SYLVIA L,, Pawnee Rock- B,M. t Music Education Sigma Alpha lota; S.N.E.A,; Band; Choir; Madrigals; Who’s Who VINCENT, VIOLA E., Hudson 5,5,, General Science Nursing Club VONFELDT, LAVERN W Victoria- 5.5, in Business Admin- istration VOTH, FRANK I,.. Montezuma 5,5. in Physical Education Basketball WALKER, MARILYN D„ Ludell— 5.5. in Nursing Nursing Club WALKER, RALPH D.. Concordia — 5.5, in Business Adminis- tration Kappa Sigma Kappa, ireas.; VetV Club; K Chib; Tennis WALSH , RICHARD ., WaKeen ey- 5,5., Botany WALTERS, MELVIN R., Catherine — 5.5., Economics Newman Club WARD, CHARLES ., Winona — 5,5. in Agriculture Concert Choir WASINGER, JOHN R., Hays— A.B., English WASINGER, WILLIAM F. f Hays — 5.5, in Business Adminis- tration WEAVER, POLLY A., St. Francis — 5.5. in Nursing Nursing Club WEBBER, PHIL, Bucklm — A.B., Speech Kappa Sigma Kappa; Little Theatre, pres,; Alpha Psi Omega, pres., sec-treas. KEBSIER, KENNETH Garden Dty — 5.5. m Physical Education Football WELLS . LON E., Alexander — 5.5. in Agriculture If K RTH, PETER Hays — ,d,5. T Chemistry and Mathematics Chemistry ' Club; Who’s Who 32 LESLEY, LAV ERNE F., Ada — BS. in Physical Education WESTCOTT , DONALD D., Plainville-A.B., Psychology WALKENS, MARILYN ., Bushton -BS. in Education , Ele- mentary W.L.O.; S.N.E.A., treas. WILLIAMS, DONOVAN R-, FlunviHe— $. m frf ministration WILSON , DOAMLZ) 1?., Menlo — in Businm rion JF LSOiV, [ L YjE F, h Gove— B.S. in Education, Elementary F.T.A.; Who’s Who WILSON, LAVON K.y Hugoton — BS. in Nursing Sigma Sigma Sigma; Nursing Club, pres.; W.L.O.; Wesley Foundation W ILSON, LOYD G., Gove— A.B., Biology Vet’s Club WILSON t REX L „ Dighton — BS., Mathematics K Club; Track WINKLER, KAREN A ., Rozd— B.S. in Nursing Nursing Club WIN OLE f WARREN F., Greensburg— BS., Physics and Math ematics Sigma Pi Sigma; Della Epsilon; Kappa Mu Epsiloi ; Math Club. pre? ; Y + M.C A., vice pres. WOLF, RICHARD L, t Colby — B.S. in Physical Education Della Sigma Phi, sec.; P.E Majors’ Club; Intramurals; Track; Basketball WOLFE, DONALD A., Jewell Mathematics WOOD , WILBUR K., Trousdale— BS., Mathematics Math Club, viee-pres. WORKMAN, P. L., Parsons — BS. in Business Administration WRIGHT, ALBERT D., Alexander- ! .B., Psychology Second Generation Club W RIGHT, JACK L., Kanorado BS. in Industrial Arts Ta u Kappa Epsilon WRIGHT, JERRY L., Moscow— BS. in Education, Elementary Who ' s Who WRIGHT, ROBERT G., Atwood— A.B., English and Philoso- phy Seventh Cavalry; German Club; S.N.E.A.; Fort Hays Singers WRISTEN, TOM Osborne— B-S. in Business Administration YAKEL, AUGUST L, Hoisington— B.S. in Industrial Arts S.N.E.A, YEAGAN, RICHARD G., Goodhnd— A.B., English Kappa Sigma Kappa; S.N.E.A, ; Little Theatre; Concert Band YOUTSEY, NEOMA R., Belpre — B.S. in Nursing ZAVODSKY, WESLEY D., Hays -BS., Genera Science Sigma Tan Gamma; German Club; Union Program Council ZOHNER, ELEANOR I., Penokce— B.S. in An HENRY, SYBIL Bushton— BS., General Science Sigma Sigma Sigma; Nursing Club; Tigereties; Custer Hall sec. REH, VELDA V ., Natoma— BS. in Business Administration ALLEN, LAURA I., Hill City— BS. in Nursing 33 JUNIORS . . . Relaxing by the fishpond are the junior class officers Larry Kopke, president, Marcsaflene Harper, secretary 4 treasurer, and Vina Oldach, vice-president. Acre, Francis, Dodge City Anderson, Merrill, Quinter Archer, Jerald, Norton Arensman, Ren. Kinsley Austin, Ralph, Satan ta Baal man. Robert, Grinned Bareis, George, Greensburg Barstow, Henry ' , Mark stifle Rase, Betty, Rozel Basgal], George, Sharon Springs Baumann, Dennis. Arrington Bans, Wilma, La Crosse Baxter. Jeanne, Hugoton Beatty, Justine, Osborne Beck, Bernice. Burden Beckwith. Qione, Lamed Beeler, Shirley. Randal! Bern is Perry. Hays Beyer! ein, Adolph, Phillipshurg Biays, Paul, Russell Righam, Don, Randal! Bi I linger, Irene, Hays Bishop, Blair, Russell Bizek, Charlotte, La Crosse CLASS OF ’60 Bobbitt, Krn, Sublette Romgardner, Ro] ert, Pair® Bore]], Sharon, Shields Bowman, William, Cadelf Rraxda, Edward, Timken Bridges, La Von nr, Meade Brubaker, Roger, Hu go ton Brunson, Charles, Stockton Bunker, Thomas, Hays Burg hart, Francis. Spear ville Burghart, Vernon, Spear vilh Burmeister, Paul, Oaf lift By or, William, Cimarron Byler, Jack, Cimarron Ca r michael , Lynn. Pi ain vill e Channel!, Duane, Coodland Chase, Vera. Penokee Chastain, Marilyn, Ellinwood Chism, Robert, Great Bend Clark. Margaret, Lamed Clark, Mary Ellen, Lakin Coulter, Gary, Oberlin Crawley, Janice. Elkhart Danielson, Sonja, Hays Davis, Elmer. Haviland Davis, llene, Phillipsburg Day, Dean, Beeler Dean, Gary, Hill City Domes, Herbert, WaKeeney DeLay, Beverly, Quin ter Depe, Eunice, Page City Desbien, Mary, Palco Dinkel, Phyllis, Victoria Dreher, Marilyn, Ellis Dreiling, Michael, WaKeeney Dumler. Verna, Russell Dundas, Kay, Goodland Duntz, Terry, Smith Center Dural], Maurice, Raymond Dyatt, Barbara, Good land Edgmon, Edna Faye, Bunker Hill Edwards. Eliza belli. Hays Engle, Rodney, Great Send Erickson, Dolores, Herndon Eulert, Harold. Paradise Fabrizius, Elvin. iCaKeeney Eagan. Man . St. John Eager. Larry, Topeka Falk, Lloyd, Jewell Feist, John, Bushton Fink. Joan. Utica Finley, Howard, Sharon Springs Francis, Michael, Hays Freeborn, William, Gaylord Fry. Lester, If il more German, Harold, Glen Elder G iebler. Gary. Hays Gillispie, Everett, Levant Good hr a r i, Loren, Banker Hill Graver, John, Rush Center Green, James, Great Send Griffin, Rosalind. Great Bend Griffin, Stanley, Bunker Hill Gustafson, Edward, Plain vffle Hall, Larry, Xfinneola Hailing, Ronald, Bitcklin Hamel, Cary, Zurich Hansen, Kathleen, Loomis Hanson, Claude. Cold water Ha tie i it, Joan. Qu inter 36 Harper, Marcalene, Wes kart Harris, David, Hays Harrison, William, Lenora Marling. Roger, Edmond Harzman, Don, Cawker City Hays, John, Hays Heberly, Phillip, Minneapolis Heinze. Donna. Greensburg He I wig. Bill, Hoisington Hendrix, Charles, Greensburg Hermreck, Emntalene, Ellsworth Hernandez, Paul. Garden City Herrman, Lester, Antonina Herrmann, joe, Utica Herron, Carolyn, Cimarron Her tel. Dennis, Hays Hess, Gary, Pratt Higgins, Elizabeth, Tribune Hildebrand, Darrell, Hill City Hirt, Ro a Lee, Dor ranee Hoffman, Karen, Cawker City Holdeman, Men no. Hays Hormel, Deanna, Ada Hotz, Gene, Almena Hough, David. Cold water Hubbard, Jeanette, Ed sort Hubert, Craig. Lamed Hutton, Rodney, Buckiin Irwin, Wayne, La Crosse Jamison, Doyle, Quin ter Jensen, Juliana Kinsley Johnson, Joyce Viiets Johnson, Judith, Danbury, Meb. Johnson, Louise, Oakley Johnston, William, Meade 37 JUNIORS Jones, Ronald, Colby Jordan, Harold, Hays Larger, Marvin, Quinter Kaiser, Sylvia, Great Bend Karr, Curt, Stockton Kasselman, Max. Lamed Keith, Glenn, Penokee Kellogg, Brooks, Stewart Manor , J, Y. Kepler lr, James, Quinter Kern Donald, Stockton Kernel ler, Rex. Protection Kissiek, Delia, Beverly Klein, Joyce, Barden Kline, Norman, Quinter Knit Eg, Carl, Rex ford Knowles, Dr mna, Osborne Kober, Alfred, Bison Keep pen Jerry, Wellington Kopke, Larry, Pawnee Rack Korbe, Vi ilrna. Hays Kugler, George, Hays Kummrr, Tom, Great Bend Kurt , Mary Jo, Alton ure. Karen, Hays Lally, Jerry, Russell Larzalere, John, Minneapolis Layton, John, Randall Law, Phillip, Oberlin Leazure, Sandra, Palco Le fling well, Patty, Lakin Leiker, Harvey, Hays Leiker, Melvin, Hays Lewis, Judy Saiina Ley dig, Verier, Glade Lies. Rodney, Minnetda CLASS OF ’60 I I Li gon , Sharon. Abilene Likes, William, Albert Limes, Boyd. Logan Lindsey, Gerald, Stockton Lock man, Deanna, Ford Lott, Clarence. Hill City Lot ton, Richard, Garden City Love, Juanita, Zurich Lowe, Robert, IF inarm l.uft, Rudolph, La Crosse Lutz, Bob, Cleburne Lyon, Dean. Ness City Madden, Jack, Dodge City M a liana. Frank, Kano polls Major, Marilyn, Dor ranee Man warren, Dan, Sterling Mam, Virgil, Fowler Mathias, Shirley. Deerfield McCall, Dale, Culver McCammon. .1 udith McCune, Aiken, Beloit McCune Allen, Saline McCurdy, Gene Manhattan McGinnis Don, Esbon McLean, Don, IF a Keeney Mease, Wanda, Nashville Mickey, Ann. Hoxk Miles, Marcel Jewell Miller, Carol, Deerfield Miller, Warren. Kansas City Minor, Gy la, Ulysses Mohr, James Hutchinson Moo maw. Walter, Dighton Moore, Norman. Timken Moore, Ray, Levant MM Moore, Warren, Timken Morehead, Don, Downs Morris, Harold, Horton Morrisey, Douglas, Woodston Morrow, Paul, Miami, Okla Murray, Lewis, Scott City Naim. James, Pawnee Rock Nelson, Paul. Gaho Nelson, William, Marysville N oiler Gary, Glen Elder Ochs, Norman, Utica Odle Roger, Hill City Oldaeh, Robert, Colo , Springs, Coh. Oldach, Vina, H ays Oliva, Marlene, Lamed GpiU. Glenda, Garden City Ormsbee Larry, Athol Qrr, Gerald, ffoodstan Painter, W illiam, Meade Palmer, Barbara, Russell Palmer, Linda, Atwood Parks. Ken, Utica Patterson, Dale, Bison Patterson Roger. Ellsworth Perkin?, Harold, Phillipsburg Peters, James, Hays Peters, Reed, Lamed Peterson, Rrien. Cheyenne, Wyo Plannenstiel. Maurice, Hays Pfeifer, James, Hays Pfeifer, Joseph, Hays Pickenpaugli William Goodland Pivonka, [Barbara Timken Plowman Jay, MacksvUle Poppe, Clyde. Cimarron 40 Powers, Beverly, La Crosse Price, Kayla, Nekoma Print, Maurice, Lit ray Ptenninger, Bail, Scott City Ray, Arthur, Sterling Reece, Clyde, Burden Reeves, Bob, Ulysses Riedel, Howard, Stockton Rhine, Charles, Atlanta Ridgway Bonnie, Ogallah Riley, Esta Lou, Dodge City Robben, Norbert, Victoria Rohhin, Rodger Grinnell Robl Martin, Chase Boeder Menvm, A I menu Rogers, Anet, Minneola Rowe, Gwen Hoisington Ruder, Annette, Hays Rumpel, Philip, Ogallah Run ft, Georgia, Wichita Rupp, Richard, Long Island Russell, Crawford Dodge City Russell, Donna, Cimarron Schlegel Stanley, Hays Schmidt, Geraldine, Russell Schniepp, Robert, Ness City Schuckman, Lee Roy, McCracken Schulz, Tommy Great Bend Schumacher, Paula, Victoria Schuster, Alfred Ellis Scott, Robert, Great Bend Seibel, Monte, Leoti Shannon Loren Russell Shean Glenn, Spearville Short William Hays 41 JUNIORS . . . Siebert, Kenneth. Great Rent! Sho waiter, John, Brewster Siek, Warren, Ness City Slipke, Walter, Clayton Smith, Edith. Hays Smith, Yvonne, Ashland Snider, Herndon, Lamed Snyder, Ivan, Russell Staab, Grace, Hays Stanton. Larry’. Lamed Starkey, Beverly, Bran Starkey. Nevin, Hatiland Stockton, Shirley, Kensington Sturd, Merle. Newton Stum, Linly, Ness City Sturnian, John, Dor ranee Sullivan. Carmen, St. John Swartz, Ralph, Sharon Springs Swenson, Marcia, Jewell S w ink, Marlene, Satan ta Swords, Margaret, Deerfield Talhnan, Marilyn. Hays Temple, Don, Hays Terjeaon, t harles. Brooklyn, N. Y . Thomas, Melva, Redondo Bch. t Calif. Thompson, Esther, Minneola 1 hompson, Jim, Mission Mount Thy fault, Marjorie, Stockton Tranberger, Gary, MacksvUle Trent, Patty, Osborne T rex h r. A wyn, Hill City Trussell, Ronald, Kendall Turner, George, Qidnter Underwood, John, Bird City Unruh, Phil, Copeland CLASS OF ’60 I Usrey, Kenneth, El Dorado Vance, Jerry, Bazine Velharticky, Francis Venters, Jim, PlainvUle Vernon, Charles, Norcatur Vernon, Evan, Norcatur Veverka, Karen, Wilson Vo n Felds, Karl os, Victoria Voss, Kenneth, Burr Oak Wagner, Jerome, Ft. Collins, Colo. Wagner, Robert, Bison Wagner, Ronald, Ft. Collins , Colo. Wagy, Donna, Colby Wald man, Wilmer, Quinter W ,r ashaliski„ Reginald, McCracken Waudby, George, Russell Weigel, Kenneth, Days Wells, Irene, Fowler Worth, Donald, Victoria Westbrook, Jerry, K train Westerm an, Janice, Hays Whitmer, Rich art]. Dor ranee Wickizer, Lynn, WaKeeney Williams, Dale, Florence Wilson, Jack, Ulysses W ' r indholz, Glen, Hays Windand, Marvel, Natoma Wolf, Leon, Hays Womochil, Sheldon, Abilene Wright, Connie, Kanorado Yost, Kay, McCracken Zaloudek, Glyndcne, Wilson SOPHOMORES Sophomore class officers are caught off guard momentar- ily, busily discussing class business. From left to right they are: Ben Morris, vice president, Kathleen Anderson, secretary, and Dave M osier, president. Adams, Carl, Sr. Francis Adams, Murjene, Ulysses Albers. Lucille. Park Albin, Marvel, Quinter Aldrich, DeAnne, Garfield Altman, Phillip, Afmena Anderson, Calvin, Harriett Anderson, Kathleen, Jamestown Anderson, Larry, Hoxie Anderson, Linda, Scott City Ankle, David, Atwood Aiitrim, Donna, Safina Appel Ben, Garfield ArnhokL Richard, Medicine Lodge Ashcraft, Galen, Hays Ashworth, Robert, Macksville Austin, John, Garden City Raker, Charlotte, Plainiille Barrows, Rodney, Ness City Rascal], Albert, Hays Beal, Herbert, Hutchinson Bean, Richard, Cold water CLASS OF ’61 Bechard, Leon, Grain field Beck, Robert, Burden Beckman, Leo, Norton Beecher, Lynn, Hill City Bell, Karen, Moscow Bell, Ronald, Hays Bender, Marlene, WaKeeney Bennett, Larry, Russell Beougher, El tun, Gove Berry, William, Copeland Bieber, Arlyn, Bison Bieker, Joyce, Hays Blake, Terry, R ash Center Blecha. Gloria. Woodston Boese, Donald, Seward Boos, Sandra, Hays Bowie, Ann, Houston Bowen, Mary, Hays Bowman, Gerald, Russell Brack, Monta Glea, Otis Brown, Lynn, Cambridge Brown, Vernon, Russell Browning, Norma, Lorraine Bruggeman, Karen, Colby Brungardt, Marlene, Victoria Brungardt, Robert, Hays Brungardt, T errence, Hays Buffington, Faye, Hugo ton Burgess, Larry, Hoys Burrows, Larry, Otis Butler, Michael, Raising ton Butler, Sandra, Lewis Butner, Celeste, Long Island Caldwell, Barbara, Great Bend Caskey, Wallace, Ellis Chaffee, Martha, Burden Chambers, James, Lancaster Chapman, Charles, Howie Clasen, Robert, TJberal Chism, Joseph, Great Bend F7 ' 1 1 Chism, William, Hoisington Chlumsky t Frank, Hays Qassi, Teri, Brewster Cluster, Colleen , Great Bend Coddinglon, Kenneth, Falco Collins, Donna, Ellsworth Collins, Larry, Nekoma Conard, Karen, Lamed Conley, Dwight, Gypsum Conn, Virgie, Bogtie Cook, Ronnie, Hays Cooper, Karen, Hoxie Cromwell, Larry, Dodge City Cussen, Michael, Plmnville Darnel], Donald, Plain vilJe Daugherty, Larr r , Wellington DeBey, Tony, Irwin DeLay, Fred, Quin ter Del let t, Jon, Lamed Demel, James, Hoisington Denning, Virgil, Hays Dennis, Carolyn, Great Bend Dicke, Ronald, Hays Dil linger, Doris, Brewster Dinkel, Janice, W aKeeney Dinkel,, Marlene, Victoria Doxon, William, Hays Drees, Kenneth, Hoisington Dreilmg, Judith, Hays Dull, Ellen, Beloit Dunckack, Darrell, Great Bend Duniler, Calvin. W than Dunts, Alma, Hays Early, Jeanne, Quin ter Edwards, Lorita, Atwood Eilrich, Marlene, Ellsworth Eisenhour, Larry, McCracken Elliott. Lynn, Ulysses FJIis, Larry, Coldwater Engel, Deanna, Ellis 46 Erbert, Dan, Zurich Estes, Ann, Abilene Evans, Gene, Gove Ferguson, Joanne, Dighton Fike, Don, Courtland Fisher, Mary Lou, Great Bend Fitzgerald, Scott, Hays Fletcher, Janice, Bucktin Fraley, Mary Lynn, Chester, Neb, Franz, Clarence, Colby Fredrickson, JoLynn, Hays Fritsche, Ruth, Osborne Fritschen, Larry, Dor ranee Folks, Francis, Ashland Folkerls, Kenneth. La Crosse Ford. King, Lucas Ford, Sandra, Hazel Foster, Harold, Oberlin Gantt. Sandra, Ulysses Carrel is, Gayle, Ransom Gaunt, Mary Lou, Great Bend George, Robert, Hays Gerritzen, Barbara, Claflin Getty, Dale, Almena Getty, Elaine, Downs Gilbert, James. PlainvUle Gilliland, Dare I, Hoxie Girard, David, Milt on vale Goehr ing, Doris, Kinsley Goeken. James, Lenora Godfrey, John, Bush ton Gottsburg, Nan, Ho is ing ton Gottschalk, Gary, Hays Gray. Lionel, Smith Center Gricbcl, John, Stockton Griffon, James, N atoms Griffen, Kenyon, Hays Gross, Kenneth, Hays Grime), Evan, Sharon Springs Gutshall, Jerry, Meade 47 SOPHOMORES • • « I Guyer, Howard, Osborne Hagen, Carlene, Cimarron Hagman, Herbert, Brooklyn r N , Y, Hall, Mary, Seimrd Hamel, Cleophas, Damar Hamel, Thomas, Zurich Hark ness, Sandra, Hays Harmon, John. j Lamed Harper, James, Syracuse Harris, John, Meade Harvey, Larry. Protection Heaton. Pat. J Foodston Hecox, Roberta, Weskan Hendricks, Lela, Raymond Herron. Barbara, Cimarron Higgins, Manley, Winona Higgins. Mildred, Brownell Hildebrand, Elsie. Hill City Hilgers, Max, Dodge City Hillman, Harold, Wa Keeney Hinz. Roger, St. Francis Hiss, Loren, Great Bend Holeman, Robert, Herington Houser. Blain. Paradise Housholder, Nancy, Belleville Howard, Elaine, A r ess City Huslig, William, Claflin Hutchcraft, Theodore, PlainvUie Jhrig, Meredith, Goodland ImMasche, Kay, Hays Ivan, John, Russell Jefferies, Gwen, WaKeeney Jensen, Daryle, Salina Johnson, Deanna, Ellis Johnson, Victor, Great Rend Jones, Jerry, Oberlin Juenemann, John, DeUvale Kahle. Larry, Hoxie Kaiser, Layton, Noising ion Kaufman, Kay, Wichita CLASS OF ’61 Keenan, Tom, Great Bend Keller, David, Ellis Kendall, Barbara, Macksville Kilian. Larry, Russell Kim bell, Lee, Meade King, Clayton, PlainviUe Kirby, Carolyn, Lamed Kleweno, Katherine, Lenora Knipe, Duane, Grinned Knocher. Clem, Spearmlk Knud son, Karol, Ludell Koch, Robert, Scott City Koochel, Larry, Albert Kraisinger, Gary, Great Bend Kratzer, Barry, Hoxie Kruse, Merlin, Selden Larson. David, Ada Law, Marcus, W aKeeney Legg, Kenneth, Dodge City Leonard, Clarene, Lakin Lesseig, Sam, Hays Lockman, Carolyn, Ford Lofstead, Karen, Ellis Logan, Duane. Scott City Lovi it, Kay, Utica Lower, Beverly, Sublette Lucas, Roberta, Goodlxmd Lynch, Gale, Plmnvilie Malcolm, James, Almena Maneth, Alvin, Great Bend Margheim, Edward, W aKeeney Martin, Denny, Chase Mo ska, Darlene, Hays McAdoo, William, Lamed McBee, Verna, Utica McClain, Ernest, Hays McIntyre, Max, Coldwater McKenzie, Virgie, Ransom McNeil, Denzil, Waldo McQueen, Kerry, Kir win Melhus, Harold, P., Scandia Michael, William, Hays MiJburn. Robert, Hunter Miller, Sam, Russell Meier, Larry, Abilene Mog, Sue, Lamed M osier, David, Hays Mole tor, Virginia, Kinsley Money, Michael, Hill City Monroe, Norma, Ellis Moody, Lou Ann, Pacific Grove, Calif. Moore, Ara belle, Spear vilk Morns, Ben, Quinter Morrow, Jean. Garfield Mullen, Brian, Stockton Munoz, Frank. Johnson Murray, Larry . Beloit Neely, Jerald, Bucklin Nelson, Barbara, Garfield Nelson, John, Hays Newton, Larry. Russell Oelke. Carol, Hoxie 0 finer, Ken, Utica O ' Halloran, Marla, Lakin Ohlemeier. William, LaCrosse O’Leary, John. Pretty Prairie Oliverius, Roger, Timken Olson, Merlin, Assaria Organ. J ames, M or land Orr, Curtis, Woodston Ostrander, Lanara, Bush ton Ostrum, Steve, Hays Oswald, Lloyd. Gorham O ' Toole. Ailene, Arnold Patton, Marilyn, Scon City Palmer, Paul, Hays Parker, Lloyd, Hays Parsons, Don, Bunker Hilt Pauley, Gale, IE cod si on Paustian, Gay. La Crosse 50 I Pavlicek, Richard. Oberlin Pete rson , Mi Idrec I . Bash tort Peterson, Lloyd, Hays Peterson, Shirley, Protection Pettit, Paul. Burr Oak Pickering, David, Little River Poage, Richard. Jennings Poage, Shirley, Almena Popp, Dennis, Russelt Powers, Ramon, Gore Pratt. Don, Alton Rolette, Cleo, Wilson Reimer, Wanda, IF ichita Reilcheck, Clem, Grain field Ridgeway. Kyle. Bint City Rinkel, Eunice, H aril and Rob ben. Bertram, Hoxie Roberts. Joyce, inter Rodeman, Reva, Hess City Rogers. Cordon, $t. F rartcis R olph. I )arre El. Min n eapoUs Ryan. Pal , McCracken Scheck, Palsy. Hays Scherr, Martha. Cotyer Schertz, Sharon, if inarm Schippers, Eleanor, l ictoria Schmidt, Gene, Hays Schmidt, Thomas, Catherine Schneider, Ronald, Oris Schrock, Gary, Rex ford Sclmlte. LeRoy, Densmore Schumacher, Anthony. Hays Schwartzkopf, Edward, Hays Scott, Lurry, Good land Scott. Tom, Ransom Seaman, Karen, Ha tom a Self ridge, Karen. Mansion Sellens, David, Bunker Hill Short, Donald, Good land Shumate, Denis, Garfield 51 SOPHOMORES . . Siebert, Ken, Ulysses Simoneau, LeRoy, Dattuir Sloan, Mary, Topeka Smith, Charles, Ulysses Smith. Dorothy C., Mar ient ha! Smith., Robert, Lenora Sneed, Gary, Havifmd Socha, Loretta, Safina Soeken, Ronald, Lorraine Spreicr, William, Rozel Stash. Roland, Hays Staples-, John, Plains Stapleton. Margaret. Jewett Strim-rt. A, Wayne, Ransom Si »v -n h: hi . i -I ■, I lit ton t at e Si e wart, Lee, Heats Stewart, Wanda, Heat) StnskopL H wight, Hoist ngtoa Stoskopf. Li) bourn. Hoi sing ton Stoss, John. Otis Slriehen, Lee. Scott (.it Strom, Leann, Belleville Super, Robert, Hitt City Surprise, David. W a Keeney Seohnda. William. Pawnee Rack Swa e, Linda, Buck fin l arJton. Max, Hoisington Tei my, Patsy, Beeler Ihaeie, Marvin, Sylvan Grove Thea rider. Mary, Ashland ThieJcn, ( icnrpe iN. Dor ran re I liielen. Nancy. Dor ranee Ttninip uri, James. Burden rhoni|)son, Laura. Pratt Thump son. Norman. Great Bead Troutman, Sharon, Kinsley Truan, Sharon, I fays I mile, Marita, Quin ter I hi. Karen, Hays i nruli. Hii hard. Great Bend CLASS OF ’61 V and i Tariff, James, Wichita Vesecky. Mary Lou, Timken Von Feldt, Gerald, Hays Votruba, LaDerte, Wilson Waggle, Doyle, Osborne Wagoner, Paul, Colby Wanker, Carolyn, Palco Wanker, Gerald, Palco Waska, Ivan, Jetmore Walls, Jeanne, Kensington Webb, Fred, Protection Webb, Williams, Norton Weigel Vera, Monument Weinhold, Gail Wilson Weis, Oarann, Ellin wood White, Jacob, Hill City Wic kilter, Helen C. W a Keeney Wickizer, Sharon, WaKeeney Wiley, Gary, Hays Wingate, Lyle, Varner Winter, George, Hoisington Williams, Kenneth, Liberal Wilson, .William I Bunker Hill Wilson, W ' ill iacn II, Lakin Wolf, Dale, Hays Wood, Charles, Kinsley Yager, Glen, Holy rood Yarnell, Melvin, Osborne Young, Carl MacksvUie Young, Elizabeth, Hays Young, Kathryn, Protection Young, Roger, Kills Young dab 1, Charles, Safina Youtsey, Dave, Dor ranee Zamrzla, James, Wilson Ziegler, Wilfred, Collyer Smith, Robert A., Lenar a W alters, Gale L„ Porlis Hopkins, David Spicer, Joan FRESHMEN ' - jnp ini ' thf Library to study are the freshman class officers: Dick Filh-ry. president; Jan Ball, secretary; and Diane Arnos, vice- president. Allen, Donald Hugoton Amos, Diane, Hays Amundsen. Helen, Oslo, Norway Anderson. Jean. Englewood, Colo . Anderson. Kenneth, E short Anshuiz, Gary, Lit ray Anshutz. Norman, Dorrunee Applegate, Sheryl, Bird City Armbruster, Irene, Ellis Ash, Lyla, Mankato Ashby, Orem High ton Ashton, Kirk. He! lei tile A us bun, Shirley. Hugoton Buhl, Dorothy, H ays Bali m, El dean, A la root a Baker, John, Abilene Baker, Ruth, W if more Balt, Janet, Colorado Springs, Colo Barrett, Eugene, Dodge City Bartholomew, Phil, Great Bend Barton, Bruce, Little River Baumfalk, Clara, Atwood Bauer, Kent, Pawnee Rock Beal, Carolyn, Great Bend Beaver, Larry-, Quin ter 54 CLASS OF ’62 Becker, Larry , Russell Beecher, Lowell. Hill City Be fort. Charles, Hays Rdhrends, Larry, Randall Bell, Louis, Spear mile Bel isle, J udy, Wichita Bcltch, James, Goodland Bender, Don, Almena Beougher, Max, Grinnefl Bergman, Paul, Osborne Berry, Jerry, Plainvilie Billings, Nanette, Wakeeney Birney, Elmer, Satan ta Birzer, Ervin. El l in wood Blain. Steve, Alliance, Neb. Blair. Elmer, Wakeeney Blake, Cher r l, Rush Center Bloomer, James, Lebanon Blubaugh, James, Phiflipsburg Bongartz, Janette, Ellis Boom how er. Kenneth, Hoisington Bordewiek, Jack, Seward Boston, Brian, Ellsworth Brack, Keith, Albert Bran da, Larry, Wilson B Tinker, James, Cawker City Bristow, Donley, jetmore Brooks, Loretta, Colby Brown, Lou Joan, Kinsley Brucdani, Joseph, New York, N. Y. Brungardt, Darrell, Hays Brungardt, Harold, Hays Brush, Dawn, Downs Buhrer. Cecil, Lamed Bunker, Rosemary, Hays Burnette, James, Great Iiend Burns, Gene, Wilson Burr, Merlyn, Sf. Francis Burton. Karen, Phillipsburg Buss, Margaret, Hugoton 55 Campbell, Pat, Hays Capps, Thomas, Hoisington Carr, Jeannette, Seward Chambers, Mary, Great Bend Chrasler Gene, N a tom a Clement, Darrell, Hill City Cochran, Marvin, Liberal Coddington. Diana, Palco Col hour, Dianne, Russell Collins, Brent, Plainville Connally, Richard, Collyer Cordel, Annette, Burr Oak Cordes, .Mona, Meade Cromer, Gary. Stockton Crist, Gary, Syracuse Cronic, Karen, Greensburg Crosby, Don, Ashland Cryer, Gary, Hugo ton Curtis, William, Hoisington Curtis, Zo Ann, Moscow Dale, Mary, St. John Daniels, Ronald, Scott City Darcey, Lowell, Pawnee Rock Davis, Sandra, Lucas Davison, Myra, Dighton Davison, William, Tribune Dc Garnio, Harlan, Belvidere Degas, Gene, Grain field Delaney, Donna, Alton Dempsey, Connie, Montrose Deutsch, Donald, Great Bend Dielz, Mary, Russell Dink el, De Vane, Russell Dodrill, James, Gove Dolecek. Miliicent, Ellsworth Dolezal, Vernon, Kanapolis Donart, Gary r , Johnson Downing, Man a Lee, Mullinville Dreiling, Mary, Hays Dubach, Linda, Ellis 56 Duff Gloria, Osborne Dims, Melvin, Vesper Earl, Lynn, Alton Eckel, Kay, Hill City Eckert, Harry, Great Send EUers, Pat, Mankato Egglestrum, Dale, Witmore Eller, James, Kirwin Ellis, Danny, Burdett Ernest, Joyce, Norton Esplund, Linda, Minneola Essmiller, Robert, Great Bend Estes, Stan, Kanorado Evans, Harold, Johnson Evel, Della, Utica Evel, Eddie, Utica Everhart, Jerry, Arnold Ewing, Lela, Waldo Feaster, Dortha, Claflm Fellers, Beth, Hays Ficken, Terry, LrrCrosse Fief, Ronald, Hays Fischer, Glor ia, Hudson Fisher, Galen, Macksville Fisher, Shirley, Ellis Floyd, Melvin, Kismet Forney, I mo gene. Bunker Hill Franke, Vernon, Herndon Franks, Dannie, Glasco Freeborn, Ann, Cedar Fries, Rita, Ellis Fritschen, Donald, Dor ranee Fritz, Sharon, St, Francis G alii art, Jerry, Beaver Galliart, Karen, Dorrancc Gebhardt, Edward, Luray Getty, Karen, Almena Giehler, Gale, Hays Gilbert, Darrell, Hays Gilbert, Fred, Plainville 57 FRESHMEN Glasscock, Carole, Sl John Glenn, Galen, Syracuse Goetz, Francis, Victoria Good, Larry , llugoton Good row, Kenneth, Morland Graf, Marilyn, Long Island Graham, Mitchell, Grain field Grantham, Warren, Hill City Greenwood, Ronald, Russell Gregory, Bonnie, Geneseo Greiner, Judy, HavUand Griffith, Joanne, Randall Grontjuist, Dwayne, Phillipsburg Grosshans, Meryl, Scott City Guise, Jerrid, Hays Haehmeister. Jill, Cord ell Hadley, Niles, Mullinville Hal la gin, lone, McDonald Harmann, William, Tribune Hamilton, Sandra, Colby Hammer, Robert, Ellin wood Hanson, John, Court land Harmon, Paula. Oberfin Harmon. Roger, Russell Harper, Garold, Levant Harper, Karen, Norton Harris, Gail, Ransom Harrison, Janet, Hays Hart. Jim, Hays Hardier, Duane. W oodston Harvey, Melvina, Protection Hauck, jerry ' , Spearville Hawkins, Mike, Spearville Hayden, Robert, Goodland Hays. Rose Marie, A l men a Heath, Betty, Morland Hedge, Mary, Hoxie Heffel, Larry r , Do trance Heide, Linda, Smith Center Heim, Donald, Hoxie 58 CLASS OF ’62 Heim, Joseph, Hoxie Henderson, Jan, (Colorado Springs, Colo Henderson, Judy Scott City Herman, Shirley, .Yorfow Hi hhs, Karen. Osborne Hilmes, Fred, Ransom Hinz, Sue, Bird City Hirt, B. J.„ Dorrance Hobble. Khoda, Tipton Hofaker, Richard, Logan Hogsctt, Stanley, Hays Holdren, Waller. Montrose [lolling, Ronald, Alton Holmes, Carol, Utica Hormel, Ralph, Hays Horning, Mary, Ransom Horlon, Jerry, Goodfand Huber, John, Setden Huebner, Ronald, Bash ton Hull, Janies, La km Hull man, Don, St. John Hunter, Gary, Ellsworth Hy ames, Linda, Dighton In man. William, Lukin Jacobs, Stella. Hays Jackson, Terry, IF heeler Jackson, Gene, Atwood Jechu, Larry, Timken Johnson, James, Prairie View Johnson, Phyllis, Trousdale Johnson, Sidney, Jamestown Johston, Keith, Lyons J o 1 1 nston , Nob I e , Engl ewoo d Kaiser, Carol, Great Bend Karlin, Peter, Victoria Karr, Charles, Stock ton Karst Jill, Russell Krady, Norma, Lam yd Keas, Karen, Plainiille Keeley, Dorothy, 5f r John 59 Keller, Jim, Colby Kelly, Marilyn. Sosomon Kepley, Marshall, Ulysses Kerin. Jack, Clearfield, Pa . Kern, Gerald, Great Bend Kernel t er, J udy. Protection Kerih, Gary, 0 gal l ah Kibhe, Robert, Randall Kimmal, Elaine, Norton Kingsley, Linda, El! is King. Norman, Plainville King. Virginia, Topeka Kin ion, Larry, Smith Center Kislncr, John, Philtipsburg Kicweno, Janel, Bison Koci, Dennis, Bison Kralicek, Oliver, Hunter K ran na wilier, Art, Hoxte Krehbiel, Connie, Bush ton Krous, Gary, Denver, Coh. Kuiken, Henry, Phillipsburg Kyner, Carol, Sharon Springs Lacy, Philip, Hoisington Lamoreux, William. Longmont f Colo. Langley, Mike, Ellis Langrehr. Margarei, Great Bend Larkin, Gilbert, Greensburg LaSalle, Cecile, Clayton Lashell, Gan, Hill Citv Law, Randall, WaKeeney Lawler, Mary Ann, Hays La wson, Douglas, Alton Leiker, Marvin, Hays Lessor, Delbert, IP a Keeney Lewis, Arnold, Salma Lewis, E| win, Minneola Lewis, Lana, Kinsley Lewis. Robert, 1 u Uinvilfe Lewis, Ronnie, Healy Li Midi, Marlin, St. Francis 60 Lind a 111, Arlan, Natoma Litzenberger, Clifford, Cluj tin Loflin, Marjorie, OgaUah Lof stead, Mary Ann, Lebanon Logan, Judy, Scott City Lopez, William, Waldo Losey, Bill, Grinned Lovenstein, Charles, Oakley Loyd, Earl, Phillipsburg Lucas, Myrna, Greensburg Luke, Linda, Scott City Lunsford, Larry, Great Bend Mack. Helen, Dighton Maddux, Jack. Hoisington Maddy, Pat, Belleville Maes, John, Cl a j l in Magers, Jesse, St, John Mann, Nancy, Dodge City Manweiler, Gary, Hoisington Marcel I, Pat, Paico Marcotte, Sundry. Natoma Marque! ing. Robert, Park Marshall, Errol, Minneola Marshall, La Vet a. Hays M y rsha 11, R od n ey , 1 linn eofa Maxwell, Leonard, Quirt ter Mayfield, John, Hoisingt on McAtee, Richard, Ellis McCord. Jack, Russell McDonald, Marcia, Plain vide McGowen, Duane, Johnson McGuire, Marilyn. Hays McIntosh, Larry, Codyer McKee, Dennis, Hays McKinney, William, Lincoln McLeod, William, Safina McMuJkin. Francis, Norton MrMulkin, Marilyn, Norton McNerney, Neil. W a Keeney McRacken, Linda, Gorham 61 FRESHMEN Meier, Gerald Lincoln Meier, Ro bert, Hays Meiller, Gerald, Minneapolis Mel bus, Harold, Scan dia Melroy, Tom, A r oriQ i Mellon, Linda, Con cor dia Me mi is, Delvcn, Ar tesla, N. .1 . -Mesa, Manuel, Kanapo is . I e y ers . Cl a v to n . Larn cd Mickey. John. Hoxie Milberger. J anet. Great Bend Miller, Marvin, O gait ah Miller, Ora Jean. Russell Mills, A rlyn. Ellis Middling, Gene, Plain rifle Mitchell, Nancy, Hatch in son Mitchell. Ro bert, Hoisington Moler. Marilyn, Garden City Mondero, Mary, Ellis Moody, Deanna, Norton Moody. Mary Jean, Minneola Mooney. Carl, Burr ton Moore, Joyce, Speariif e Morris, Glenda, Dighton Morris, Robert, Horton Morse, Kvelyn, Sharon Springs Molhershead, Carolyn. Great Betid Mowry. Karen, Studley Mu ntls. John. Burr ton Murphy. Roger, Great Bend Murray, Gail, IF el l si Hie Murray, Marilyn. La kin Nagel, Harold. Alton Nagel, Robert , LaCrosse Naiman, Donald, W aKeeney Nash. Nadine, Meade Neal, Barbara. Hays Neill, Nancy, St. John Nickel son, Marlyn, Greenburg Nold, Joe, Abilene 62 CLASS OF ’62 Norllirup, Laurence St. Francis Odette, Dennis, Jamestown Olds, Jean, Wilson Oliver, Russell, Satan to Q’Louglilin, Mary. Hays Opliger, Leland, Agra Or me, Marilyn, Englewood, Cola . Orth, Sara, Sublette Packard, Richard, Gove Palmer, James, Waldo Parish, Harlie, Great Bend Parish, Janice, Good land Patrick, Jack, Ashland Patrick, Nina, Ashland Patterson, Coralie, Hill City Patterson, Myra, Bezel Paul, Kathryn, Jamestown Pauley, Gloria, Woods ton Pavlicek, Robert, Oberlin Paxton, David, H ope well Paxton. Gerald, IT heeler Penix, Hetty, Codell Percival, Patti, Hoxie Peterman, Bernita, Ellsworth Phelps, Jerald, Ulyesses Philip, Joyce, Brownell Pierce, Charles, H ays Post, Stanley, Meade Pounds, Linda, Smi th Center Price, Billy, Nekoma Price, Don, Winfield Prinscn, Ann, Prairie View Qucnzer, Carole, Utica Quillen, Ronald, Osborne Kailsback, Larry, Colby Ralstin, Carr old, MulHnville Ramsey, Virginia, Colby Rankin, Lennes, Nashville Rasek, Linda. Great Bead Reddick, Sandra, Downs 63 Reed, Dennis, Colby Reed, Ronald, Monument Reeder, Melvin, if a Keeney Reeves, Tommy, Ulysses Reif, Robert, Claflin Re inert, Carol, Cimarron Reineri, Karren Ensign Reiss, Clifford, Meade Reissig, Don, Russell Reiter, Susan, Kingman Revilla Carlos Lima, Peru Rhodes, Linda Protection Richards, Ken, Great Bend Richardson, Penny Agra Ridgeway, Roxanne, Oberlin Riedel John, W alker Roberts, Adrienne, Englewood , Colo. Robertson, Peggy, Creensburg Robl, Martin, Ellin wood Rodeman Carla, Ness City Rogers Dclphine, St. Fran cis Rogers, Vickie Downs Rogg, Judith Bunker Hill Rohr Marjorie, Hays Rohr, Maurice Hays Romeiser, Cary, Rush Center RoskiJly, Larry. Stockton RoskiJIy. Max Stockton Rowley, Marilyn, Hoisinglon Ross, Sharron, Hays Roth Elgerinc, Victoria Kowe, Corlyss, Hoisington Rube, Robert, Susank RumJey, Dennis Dorrattce Rupp, Rrian, Ellis Russell, Leo, Plainville Russell, Vera, Lamed Ruth. Darrell, Johnson Sallee Robert, Lamed Salmons Betty, fielpre 64 Salyer, T heron, Ashland Sanders, Willard, Scoff City Scanland, Bruce, Jamestown Schalansky, James, Kir win Scharlz, Clay ion, Ellin wood Sc hem per, Carolyn, Lang Island Schippers, Francis, Victoria Schlegel, Don, Alexander Schmalzried, Richard, Dighton Schmidt, Bula, Syracuse Schmidt, Fred, Russell Schmoekel, Janice, Ellsworth Sclioen. Everett, Downs Sch rater, Gerald, Ellis Schremmer, Jolene, Hoisington Sell roe der, Larry, Lorraine Sell roe der, Sandra, Colby Schueler, .Mary, Hays Sell ul te, Norman, Victoria Schultz, Gary, Stockton Schulz, James Hjmter Schupnian, Arlyn, LaCrosse Seery, Karen, Hays Scbavec, Jay, Oakley Sel fridge, Lois, Houston Shaffer, Mary, Salina Sham burg, Larry, Randal! Sharp, Loyd, Norton Shearer, Irvin, Almena Shearer, Helen, Klamath Falls , Ore. Shimek, Roger, Jennings Shively, Jon. Ha Keeney Showalter, Joyce, McCracken Shumate, Nonerl, Gar field Sigh-, Peggy, Luray Simmons, Richard, Oakley Simons, Kenneth. Hays Simpson, Kenneth, Lyons Sloan, Lila, Hays Small, Susan, Halstead 65 FRESHMEN . Smith, Dick, Anthony Smith, Ivan, Osborne Smith, Jan, LaCrosse Smith, Kay, Salina Smith, Paul, Smith Center Smith, Valda Arnold Smith, Verle Co art l and Sonnenburg, Barbara, Ransom Southerland, Pat, Hays Sparke, Louise! Lewis Spreier Eugene, Rozel St a pel ton, William, Belpre Stark, Andrea, Lamed Staub, Stephen, St. John Stegman, James, Hollywood, Md . St el i no Pat, Atwood Steinle, Valeds, Quintet Steinert, Stanley, Russell Stelljes, Von, Glade Sterrelt, Carolyn, Quin ter Stephens, Donna, Good l and Stewart, Alan Stockton Stewart, Andrew, Tribune Stewart, Larry, Court l and Stinchcomb, Maxine, Syracuse Stiles, Glenda Milt City Slock ton, Robert, Kensington Sloskopf, Darrel, Hoisington Stout, Jack, Liberal Storer, Donald, Hoxie Strieker, Tommy, Russell St rube, Robert, Ciaflin Sue by, Beverly, Great Bend Suhler, Carol, Lamed Summers, Ruth, Scott City Sutton, Clifton, Plains Sutton, Sue, Elkhart S wa r t won t , N a nc y , Bn cklin T asset, Lowell, Spearville Taylor, Beverly Lyons 66 CLASS OF ’62 Taylor, Kathy, Clearwater Terrell, Mary, Port is Thielen, Jay, Dorranee Thihault, Delmcr, Osborne Thomas, James, Pa co Thomm, Juneil, Kensington Thompson, Joyce, Raymond Thompson, Marilyn, Almena Thornton, Robert, Wichita Titus, Pat, Lewis To land, Kimberly, Hays Towns, Billy, Dighutn T o w n sen d , l a n i el , Ph i ! ftps burg Triplett, Claudel), Hays Travis, Jeris, Norton Trogdon, Gary, Hugoton Tucker, Tommy. Hamburg Iowa Turnbull, James, Stockton J ustin, Gordon, Oakley Tuttle, Mahlon, Quinter Urban, Dennis, Bison Unruh, Carol, Copeland Unruh, Homer, Burr ton Vacura, Marilyn, Jennings Vance, Ernest, Dens more Vanderbur, Judith, Russell Van De Wege, Neva, Prairie View Van Eaton, Richard, Oak fey Van Loenon. Marilyn, Rogue Vo pa t, Phyllis, Wilson Vosburgh, Donald, Macksviiie Votapka, Dale, Oberlin Wade, Richard, Spearvilfe Wait. Lynn, Natoma Wakefield, Tom, Cla flirt Walburn, Keith, Hays Walker, Dale, Englewood Walker, Gary. McCracken Walker, Ronald, Concordia Walker, William, Stockton 67 Wallgren. Betty, Logan Walters Ronald Hays Warner Beatrice Belp re Waters, Phillip Lebanon Watkins Judith, Great Bend Wasmger, Shirley Hays Wells George Rozei Weiohnld Harold, Sylvan Grove W riser Valerian Norton Weis Roheri, Russell Welch, David, Garfield Well brock, Leon, l ictoriu W ' ells, Randall Paradise Weltz, Amy Jo. Bison Werth, Carol, Hays Wickham, Warren Beloit W i Go n , Arlene, M cC rue ken W ilson Gary Lamed Wilson, Jari Ulysses W i nd hoi z ( i era 1 d i nc, Hays Winkler Charles Rozei Winlrr Alii la. Hays Wolf, Stephen, Quin ter W ' onderlicli, feared, Osborne Wonderlich, Gerald Osborne Wood Virginia, flays ork; Rnhert St. Francis ' l o u rig, I larohl, I Aimed Young Krva, Ellis Yourdon Fred, Lurned Zamrzla, Eugene Wilson Zeclimeiater, Jeaneiie Gypsum Ziengrnbalg, Gene, Gaither City Zicr, Holland Lincoln Zwiefel Sally, Luray 68 THE GRADUATE DIVISION Top row: Dr. Leonard W. Thompson, professor of economics and business chairman of division; Dr. Eugene R. Craine, professor of history; Dr. Edwin P, Martin, associate professor of zoology; Dr. W. Clement Wood, professor of education, chairman of division. Front row: Dr. Verna ML Parish, professor of English; Dr ; Doris V. Stage professor of chemistry; Dr. Ralph V. Coder, Dean of the Graduate Division, This spring Fort Hays Kansas State College an- nounces the establishment of a Sixlh Year Pro- gram leading to the Specialist in Education De- gree This professional education degree requires thirty hours of graduate work beyond the master’s degree. It emphasizes specialization in a particular phase of school work — teaching, school administra- tion, supervision, curriculum, counseling and edu- cational psychology. Each student s program is de- signed to meet his individual needs and his abili- ties, Applicants must hold a master’s degree, have two years of successful teaching experience and must have decided on a field of specialization. The Graduate Council is appointed by the Presi- dent to regulate and supervise all graduate work and to recommend to him for graduation the stu- dents w r ho have completed all the requirements for a Master of Science degree. The Dean of the Grad- uate Division is chairman and tw r o other members are named each year to serve for three years. The Council considers all policies of the division, rec- ommends members to the graduate faculty, and decides upon practices used in graduate work. Any exceptions to the rules are acted upon by the Council and administered by the Graduate Dean. A rapidly growing area at Fort Hays State is the Gradu- ate Division, which was established January 9, 1929. In the thirty years since its founding the division has grown from a mere handful to an enrollment of 150. On this page ar e pictured a few of those who form a vital and important part of the student body. Eugene Anderson. V tper Donald Bryan, Erie Max Dougherty, Plainvitle PhyaiCll Education Psychology Business ami Economic Andy Fitigcrold, Hays Lou Ami Graham, Narka Counseling; and Guidance Psychology Arthur Newcomer. Ogalfoh John Nickel, LaCrtme Physical Education Zoology Ward Patterson. Mansfield, Ohio Speech ami English Geneva Howell ColdwxUr Her! Lem, SeOtl City Engl h Business Administration BeU Ml- Far] and, flayi Bioltigy Kuula Scolas, Richta nd Norma Sullivan Ira Whipple He tier Center, JFVsc. Lincoln, HI. Secondary Education Education and Philosophy Elementary Education r tanning the programs f making the arrangements for a meeting room , na- me rous phone calls and decisions are but a jew of the “behind the scenes” duties that membership in an organiza- tion requires. An opportunity to provide the student government , discuss ions and research in your specialized fields, promotion of a deeper Christian thinking and living , recognition of leadership in general and special fields— these are the opportuni- ties and services afforded you by the I art Hays State campus organiza- tions . . • i ORGANIZATIONS 71 WHO’S WHO A group of 32 students, having a grade point of 2 0 or higher, was selected to appear in the 1058 59 edition of Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges. These students were qualified for leadership, capability, citizenship, and promise for future usefulness. Rita Jean Ashcraft Kerry Lee Bah t Donald E. Hissing Melba Fern Burger Dennis Loren Bozarth Jack Leiden Richard Homer Franke Eld red Jewett Cuslavson Mary Ellen He welt Marilyn Tidier Houston Minnie F. Hubbard Marilyn Frances Jo si in Darrell Dean McGinnis Dianne Miller Ernest Harold Milton, Jr Lucille Lewis Morris Connie Fay Nelson Ronald Aaron Nelson Leo E. Oliva Eugene Darrell Pauley Janies Virgil Reiss Paul F. Rhine Bonnie May Rogers Barbara Werih Sack rider William O. Sch we in Sylvia L. Unruh Petei J. Wert h, Jr. JuBne Fern Wilson Warren F. W indie Jerry L. Wright Not Pictured : Fritz Karl Kramer Shirley Ann Miller 72 PHI KAPPA PHI Scholastic achievement among college students of American uni- versities and colleges is recognized and rewarded by membership in Phi Kappa Phi, a national honor society Students are chosen on the basis of scholarship, not only in academic work, but also through participation in activities and outstanding service for college. Invitations to become members in this nation-wide honor society are extended to the top junior class student, seniors from the upper 121 2% of class and outstanding alumni and faculty members. Pictured arc the new members who were on campus this spring. Top row: J. Roth, E. Craine, J. Martin. Front, row: J. Stouffer, C Currcy. Top row: IX McGinnis. J. Wright, J. Feidcn, L, Oliva, R. Schwien, R „ Franke. Front row: M. Hub- bard, M, Border, L. Morris, S. Miller. Top row: P. Rhine, R. Still well, D. Rissing, P, Werth Jr„ E. Milton Jr. Front row: M, Combs, S. Unruh, B. Palmer. 73 Top row: P. Grabri A. Beyerlein, B. Schwien, K. Kers letter, D. McGinnis, L. Glivu, Front row: W. Baus, F. Dinkel, B. Edwards, M. Kurtz, M. Hubbard, H. Flock. 1 dikd ■ -l rM pri 1 fjK A JM K ' Tr Front rou K. Null, A. Ruder, R. Rogers, ] . Miller, W. Windic, P. Rhine, R, Meyer. Top row: C. Anschutz, J. Hofcr, L r Kopke, J. Chipman, M. Francis. HONORS SEMINAR The Honors Program offers to students of outstanding intellectual ability, an oppor- tunity to participate in the highest academic privilege offered by this college Under the guidance of faculty consultants small groups of students study broadly chal- lenging topics. Emphasis is placed upon in- dependent study, and the exploration of areas in which the student would like to know more. In these meetings the students meet with conflicting ideas and interpretations of students of their own mental calibre. Admission to this program is by invitation. A student must have a record of outstanding achievement in several subject fields beside that of his major. He must also demonstrate the willingness to work and have the ability to communicate his ideas effectively. 7 op rou 1 : Rhine, J, Archer, R Frank . Lh Bissin . E. Mil ton. Front row: R, Whifcmer, V. Gldach, C. Nelson. Top row: P. Burmeister, M. Plannensdel, D. Harz man. J. Wright, R. Stillwell, j r White, E. Davis. Front row: B. Base, M. Swenson, B. Palmer, M. Combs, J. Klein, L, Bridges. 74 PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma, a freshman hon- orary society, recognizes superior academic achievement of college men at the freshman level. The main purpose of this organization is to improve scholarship on cam- pus by attempting to popularize high grades. This organization holds an ini- tiation banquet and installation ceremony during the year. A smoker is given to acquaint the eligible students with the goals and requirements of the organiza- tion. Top row: j, Chipnian, R. Smith, F. Twenter, Delicti, K. Ke rate t ter, R, Arnold, W. McAdoo, R. Franker. Second row : I. Archer, R. Meyer, D r Hartman, M, Pfannenstiel, L, Oliva, D. McGinnis, F. Thompson, R. Wright. Front row: P, Burmeister, D. Heines, W. Windle, S. Lesseig, H. Hagman, P. Rhine. Top row: M. Dreiling, R, Saighman, IT Christensen, E. Kopke, S r Slaub, W, Norton, H. Stones. Front row: J. Start, sponsor; LT Lockman, F. Trent, L. Brown, j. Karst, A. Duna van, co-sponsor. PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta, a national honorary forensic fraternity, enhances the interest of inter- collegiate speech activities and communication on the campus. The members participate in oratory, debate, discussion, or e x ter i i j )o t aneous s ea k i ng. 75 SEVENTH CAVALRY Seventh Cavalry Is an organization of young men outstand- ing in leadership ability. Its members are elected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, potential possibilities for growth, and the ability to cooperate. This service club, which is named in honor of Gen. Geo. A. Custer ' s regiment, has many activities such as publishing student directories, ushering at Artists ' and Lecture Programs, and selling popcorn at varsity games as a money-making project to provide scholarships. In full dress, members of the Seventh Cavalry, on horseback, lead the Home- coming Parade. row: Standlee Dalton, Gale Phillips, Ernest Milton, Ronald Nelson, Larry Kopke, Larry Marshall, Jon Delicti, Rollen Anderson, Rex Kerstetter, Vayle Rohan and Paul Rhine. Front row: R. Wright, W. Schwicn, D. Pissing, D. Harem an, C Rhine. 76 B. Edwards, Sec. Treys,, P, Klemm, 1st semester pres., V, Oldach, 2nd semester pres. WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION To foster an ideal of leadership and to recog- nize and develop this leadership among women on this campus are the purposes of Women’s Leader- ship Organizations. I his organization also spon- sors cultural interests among women and attempts to understand college problems, both administra- tive and curricular. Students eligible for member- ship are elected on a basis of leadership, ability, service, scholarship, and character. WLO sponsors a scholarship to an outstanding sophomore stu- dent. Top row: L, Bridges, C. Nelson, V. Oldach, 13. Rogers, B, Edwards, S, Ligcn, D. Knowles. Front row: M. Houston, B. DoLay, D. Lockman. V. Parish, Sponsor, P. Klemm, M, Wilkens, P, Schumacher, 77 LAMBDA IOTA TAU Top row: S. Sackett. K. Willard, G. Long, Front row: B. Edwards, A, Ruder, V, Oldacli. Lambda Iota Tau is a national organiza- tion which meets to analyze and discuss modern novels and plays. Its members are elected after having completed 18 hours in language and literature with a 2.35 average. KAPPA PI Kappa PL a national honor- ary art fraternity, promotes scholarship among art students. Membership in this organiza- tion requires students to main- tain a B average in art courses and a C average in all other courses, and to have completed 12 hours in art. This group sponsors the Artist ' s Ball, the promotion of an art student trip to a large art gallery, and honors the faculty at a coffee on the opening date of the an- nual Faculty Art Exhibit, Top row: D McGinnis, president; C. Russell, C, Knilig, G. Coulter, C. Line, C. Hess, J. Schmidt, K. Crizzell Front row: I. Kimball, C. McArnoil, vice president; G. Staali, M. Chastain, secretary -treasurer; D Burundi, D Miller M Dei linger, sponsor; M. Desbicn. 7S KAPPA OMICRON PHI Kappa Gmicron Phi, a professional home economics fraternity, sponsors guest speakers, holds teas and break- fasts, and other activities to further the best interests of home economics in four- year colleges. This organization also strives to develop women with high ideals of everyday living, and to aid in broader social, higher intellectual and cultural accompli sh men t s ♦ Top row: M. Koch, K. Smith, J Margin, and B. Starkey. Front row: M. Hoffman, S. Fisher, A. Beesley. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Top row: C. Knitig, C. Wells, W. Hale, P, Webfer, E. Custavson, J. Trible, S. Ligon. Front row: G. Long, J, Start, 0. Herndon, C, Bollinger, M. Ginther, J. Phillips, J. Harris, D. Smith, H. Ketchum, Mrs. Start, N. Wells, and G. G hither. Alpha Psi Omega, a national dramatics fraternity, stimulates interest in dramatic activities on campus. Its members are elected according to their par- ticipation in dramatic produc- tions. DELTA EPSILON E r Neuhold, G. Tomanek, K. Simons, R. Dick, I. Watkins, E. Schroder, L. Wooster, T, Dalton. Second row: H. McFarland, W. Sims, L. Schnuitz, H, Reynolds, R. Ziegler, P, Hi . E. Marshall, W„ W ' indle. Firsf row: G, Adrian, B, Schwien, ,M r Walker, R. Franke, D. Brooks, Delta Epsilon, an all-science under- graduate honor society, consists of fac- ulty members and students elected from among faculty, seniors, graduates and alumni who must qualify on the basis of scholarship, scientific interest and ability, and are majoring in the depart- ment of science. The honorary members are bestowed membership because of their contributions to science. Monthly programs, Frontiers Unlimited, an award to an outstanding high school student and a scholarship for a research project are all sponsored by Delta Epsilon. SIGMA PI SIGMA if wjh r, ■ , fc»L :i A Top row: C Rhine, K. Bahl, E, Milton Jr, s C Nel son, Front row: P. Rhine, D. Brooks, R r Franke, L. Dryden, W r . Wmdle„ Sigma Pi Sigma serves as a means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship in physics and other subjects, and a promise of achievement in physics. It also promotes student interest in research and the advanced study of science. It encourages a professional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked ability in physics and strives to create an interest in physics in general collegiate public. 80 KAPPA MU EPSILON Kappa Mu Epsilon, honorary mathematics so- ciety, provides for the recognition of the outstand- ing achievement in the study of mathematics. Be- sides helping the undergraduate realize the impor- tant role that mathematics has played in the de- velopment of western civilization this society also strives to further the interest of mathematics on campus. A member must have completed 13 se- mester hours in college mathematics including analytical geometry and have maintained a 2.00 grade point Front row: L. Shannon M. Houston, H. Beiiand, C. Nelson, K. Rhine, W. Windle, M. Princ, K. Bald, E. Etter, L. Dry den, L. Dundas, E. Hamilton, Marshall, E. Milton. E. K. Fabrizius. Sitton, V. Top rotv: Q Dry den. Top row: I. Whipple, H. Hagman, R, kelson, J. Minnick, j, Rice. L.. Deinos C Sneed, B. Morehead, li. Pancost. From row: E. Davis, V, Kisner, A. Denio, E. Duff, S. Harkness, J. Staples, J. Thompson. PHI DELTA KAPPA t K. Archer, C. Clark, L, Harper, G. Ginther, R, Horton, R. Nelson, V. Rockwell, C, ■ ! S ’-ond row: R Huffman, R. " McGrath, A, Kellogg, D. Hurst, L. Schmutz, H. CHoguilR A f ■ r, R, You mans. Front row: K. Chandler, L Hack, B. Broach, C. Phillips, H. Brown, T. lark, H. Stones, F J hi Delta Kappa, in its first year on Fort Hays campus, is a national professional fra ' ternity for male educators. Chapters are located on campuses of all major universities and colleges that offer degrees in education. This organization is dedicated to educa- tional research, leadership, and service. A monthly meeting is held for fellowship and consideration of current professional matters. Eligibility for membership is determined by a selection committee which considers pro- fessional achievement and potential of peti- tioner possessing a major or minor in edu- cation. Phi Delta Kappa is a fraternity for graduate students but in some instances out- standing seniors are admitted. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Top row Rase X. TJhielbn, R. Sauk rider, P. Dinkel, A. Ruder. Second row: E. Howard, M. Swen i . M 1 . Kdm, D. Antrim, C. Wonerlich, IS. Van De Wcge, L. Hy antes. Front row: J. Stouffer, B, Palmer, K Getty, R. Whitmcr, K, Nutt Appearing on campus this spring for the first time is a new freshman women’s honor- ary society, Alpha Lambda Delta, This so- ciety was organized to continue the trend to- ward more recognition of scholarship and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among freshman women. To be eligible for membership a candidate must have a grade average of 2,5 or better for the first semester for first two semesters. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a cumulative index of 2,5 or better are also permitted to join. Top row: L. Hendricks, L. Morris, E Riley. H. Flock, M, Dale, P, Sc heck. Second row: j. Sho- walier, M. Stapleton, S, Miller, E. Edwards, V. Oldach, B. Gemtzen. Front rote: V. Parish, M. Langrehr, J. Greiner, E, Rinkel, D. Stage, 82 COUNCIL OFFICERS are 1 : V. Oldach, secretary; D. Schaffer, vice- president ; L, Kopkc, president ; and C. Eaton, treasurer. STUDENT COUNCIL The class officers and student body officers combine their initiative and influence to become the drh mg force in campus-student government. The student council is instrumental in promoting campus elections and conducting them. An outstanding senior man is selected each month by the council to represent Fort Hays State al meetings of the Hays Rotary Club. The group accepts the responsibility for selling beanies to the freshmen at the beginning of each year. During the past year they purchased a crown and robe which is rented to campus groups for use in crowning royalty. Members of the group are in charge of promoting and conducting assemblies. A Council-sponsored fifteen- minute radio program has been inaugurated for informing the public about campus activities and explaining the purpose and activities of the student council. One of the activities sponsored by the council was the pep assem- bly to welcome the 1959 ClC Basketball Champions — the Fort Hays Tigers — hack to the campus. Two freshman women find out the consequences of being caught without the traditional beanie, which is ?old by the Council each year. COUNCIL MEMBERS are, standing: J. Ball, J An- derson, M, Harper, D. Mosier, T. Gilmore, K. Ander- son, IX Amos, IX Tillery, B. Morris, Dean E, R McCartney, sponsor. Seated: V. Oldach, J. Koeppen, D. Schaffer, L, Kopke, J. Byler, C. Eaton. 83 SECOND GENERATION CLUB Sons and daughters of former students and alumni of Fort Hays State are automatically members of the Second Generation (dub. The club is most active in the fall as their principal project is planning Parents Day. They serve as hosts to the many parents who come to the campus for the annual event. 1 D GENERATION CLUB OFFICERS are: Norman Ochs, junior representative; E. Ed- secretary-treasurer; K, Laizure, president; M. Chastain, publicity chairman; M, Schueler, mian representative. Standing: H, Stones, sponsor; P. Rhine, senior representative; and M. Walker, sponsor. STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Each year the student council appoints five students and the president of the college ap- points two staff members to become the Stu- dent Affairs Committee. I his group serves as a Board of Appeals for Fort Hays State students who have traffic violations. They also receive applications for money- making projects from the campus organiza- tions and help co-ordinate these ventures. The committee is available as a disciplinary committee if needed. COMMITTEE MEMBERS arc, seated: Richard Burnett. Dean of Men; L. Oliva, Jean Stouffer. Dean of Women. Standing: K. Lo Isle ad, D. Lockman. J. Me Ewe n. and C. Leonard. 84 MEMORIAL UNION The next few pages show those people — -stu- dents and faculty — who work behind the scenes in the new Memorial Union to make it possible for Fort Hays Staters to enjoy the many activ- ities and functions that are held in the union. They work together to make up the union board, program council, and the union committees. BOARD MEMBERS pictured are, standing : M. Kirkland, 1). Schaffer, J. Thorns, W, Keating, M. Horton. Seated: F, Willard, M. lhrig, P. Schumacher, W. Mease, J. Fciden. UNION BOARD The Memorial Union is governed by a student-fac- ulty-administrative grou p known as the Union Board. It is a policy-making group for the Union’s program ac- tivities services, and for its long range planning. Mem- bers of the Board were ap- pointed by the president of the college. PROGRAM COUNCIL The purpose of the Pro- gram Council is to sponsor and expand the social, cub tural and recreational activi- ties of the college students through the Memorial Un- ion. The Council seeks to guide the Fort Hays Stater to use leisure time in effec- tive and proper ways, by attending Union sponsored activities. COUNCIL MEMBERS are, standing: W Zavodsky, D. Hough, U Harris, T Hopkins, M Kirkland, Seated: M. Terrell, E, Salmans, E. Duff, K, Seery, P. Schumacher. 85 UNION COMMITTEES DANCE COMMITTEE The Dance Committee is responsible for planning and ad- ministering all campus dances— large or small. They arrange for the bands, entertainment, decorations, and refreshments. Dance Committee members are, standing: M, Sloan, K. Ridgeway, G. ■Opitz, P. Schumacher, IK Amos, V, Wood, K, Taylor, S. Hinz, E. Henry, B. Suchy, J. Staples, D. Rogers, A. Freeborn, K. Ilibbs, M. Kirkland, Seated, are: M Thy fault, K. Seery, chairman of the committee. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE The Publicity Committee is in charge of promoting the Union ' s public relations. These students take the responsibility of putting out an activities calendar for each semester. They also distribute and post various forms of Union publicity. Committee members shown working on the activities calendar arc: G. Morris, B Salmans, L. Thomas, S. Bl in. B. Salmans is committee chairman. VARIETY COMMITTEE The Variety Committee presents student programs, handles questionnaires concerning the Union and sets up the Talent auditions for the entertainment library. Their biggest project was promoting and sponsor- ing the Fort Hays Follies, Looking over the Follies stage are: A. Wiesmann, V. Harrison, M. McIntyre, J. Harris, C. Raker, D, Adams, M, McGuire. Harris is committee chairman. MOVIE COMMITTEE The Mov ie Committee takes charge of all foreign and film classics shown in the l nion. I he committee selects, orders, and administers the films, as well as supervising the showings. Setting up the camera for a movie arc: S. Boos, M, Kirkland, W. Zavodsky, L. Meier, J. Cromwell, R. Steigleder. W. Zavodsky serves as committee chairman. 86 MUSIC COMMITTEE The Music Committee encourages Fort Hays Staters to use the music listening room. They promote music to students through the use of Union records and music activities. Playing a record or two are committee members: M. Davison, T, Hop- kins, chairman: K r Norman. M. McIntyre J. Poage R, Hopkins, Seated are: S. Reddick and B. DeLay. inmnf‘1 rX,t Mil 111(1 iiiiij mmu L r Mm i IB f ' l w iT ! y r ' ■ ' r i|| 2 , Ug HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE The Hospitality Committee members serve as hosts and hostesses to people who visit the Union. They promote wise use of the Union for the students. Committee members are. standing: D. Hosier, D. Popp, W, Caskey K. Brugge! man, M. Dale. S. Hark ness. Seated: M, Peterson, R. Lucas, E, Duff, L, Dubach, L. Socha, L, Luke. E, Duff acts as chairman for this committee. EXHIBITION COMMITTEE Planning displays and art exhibits for the Union is the job of the Exhibition Committee, I heir pur- pose is to stimulate an appreciation of art by the student body. Deciding on which pictures to hang for exhibition are: 1 Christian, F. Buffington, M, Chastain M, Terrell H. Bagman, M Chastain serves as committee chairman. GAMES COMMITTEE The Games Committee sponsors the games and recreational activities held in the Union. They sponsor tournaments and lessons to encourage interest in billiards table tennis, bridge, and other games. Their main project was promoting the Ski Trip that 14 Fort Hays Staters took during Easter vacation D, Hough committee chairman, illustrates to the committee members a billiards shot to be used in the National Intercollegiate Billiards tournament. They are: J. Shivley R. Harris, J. Frederickson and D. Lessor. 87 PENGUIN CLUB The Penguin Club provides the opportunity to de- velop the individual ability and understanding of crea- tive expression through a medium of water ballet, synchronized swimming and aquatic arts. This or- ganization hopes to give demonstrations of water stunts in the near future. Membership in this dub is open to girls who show ability and who pass certain specifi- cations in swimming. Top row : E. Hildebrand, K. Cronic, j. Kar t, S. Drennon, ]. Bailey. Front row: J. Caldwell, S. Mog, S. Ford, $ + Kinyon, H. Shearer, M. Patton, J r Bcrnrittcr ETA RHO EPSILON Top row: R. Ashcraft, R Swords, M. Tallman. L. Stewart, H. Kipple, S. Ford, E r Hildebrand, H Shearer J. Bailey. Front row: S. Mog, C. Hansen, S. Kinyon, C. Hester, D, Barb, G. Rowe. Eta Rho Epsilon aids physical education majors in establishing professional values, attitudes, knowledge and relationships. Mem- bership is open to all second semester physi- cal education majors maintaining a one point grade average. Physical education minors may acquire membership by approval of major members. 88 CAMPUS BOOSTERS Every campus organization has a representative in the Campus Boosters. This group is responsible for promoting school spirit by combining the efforts of all organizations. By working together, they form the nucleus of campus enthusiasm and participation as each member takes back to Ids respective organization the business and decisions of the Campus Boosters. BOOSTERS OFFICERS are: L t Luke, secretary ; K. Anderson, vice- president; J. Morrow, treasurer; and W, Ziegler, president. DEBATE As campus forensic interest grows, the strength of the Fort Hays State debate squad also grows. Comprised of 8 members, the squad completed its best year in a long time. The season opened with the teams attend- ing the Emporia Invitational tournament. Tournaments at Kansas State, Manhattan; Nebraska State Teachers College, Kearney, Nebraska; University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Southwestern College, Winfield; and the na- tional Pi Kappa Delta Tournament in Bowl- ing Green, Ohio, were scheduled. Ratings included first place at McPherson and fifth place at Winfield, one of the largest tournaments in the nation. Team members also participated in ex- temporaneous speaking, discussion, oratory and other individual events. Fort Hays debaters and speech department acted as hosts for the CIC Debate Tourna- ment held on the Fort Hays campus. DEBATE SQUAD MEMBERS are, standing: A. Dunavan, sponsor, S. Staab, W. Norton D. Christensen, R. Schmidt, H. Stones, sponsor. Seated: P. Trent, J. Karst, L. Brown, C Beckham. 89 KIT KATS OFFICERS for Kil Kats are: M. In- stead. treasurer; M. Horning, secretary; J. Harrison, president; IX Stephens, social chairman. Freshmen who belong to Kit Kats — belong to an organization for promoting school spirit. Membership, this year larger than in several years, is open to all interested women students. The Kit Kats prepare for future membership in Tigerettes. ll. MISERS are. top row: M, McGuire, E. Roih, V. Fross, M. Patterson. S. Applegate. M. Cordes, P. Richardson, C. 1- achincisier, C. Murray, M, Moler, ]. Ernest, M. Langrehr. Front row: S. .Small, IX Stephens A Prin- cn, C. LaSalle, IX Amos, J. Rail, C, Reinert. f l J K v ' 10 A r i. M V Ho i ning ' K - Paul ’ S,i,e ' J Schmockel, B. Sonnenburg. S. Reddick, M. Lots Lead, L. , ' ,■ u . ■ A ‘ Well?, K. Reinert. From row: G. Fischer, S. Sutton, D. Delaney, J. Kleweno, C. Ouenyer K Harper, L, Heide, J Harrison. 90 TIGERETTES Gold ami Mack identify the Tigerettes. a selected group dedi- cated to promoting school spirit. In evidence at all pep rallies, parades, and sports events their vivacity and enthusiasm are well known to the student body. Accompanied by the underclassman Kit Kats, they lead the varsity squads onto the football field or basketball court before games and become the center unit of the cheering section. TIGERETTES OFFICERS are: V. Ley dig, social chairman; J. Hegwer, president; L. Dyatt, secretary; and C, Rosier, treasurer. Tigerettes cheer the team in the Homecoming parade. MEMBERS are. top row: C. Wanker, D + Antrim, B, Nelson, L, Swayze, J, Frederikson, M. Lacey, sponsor; S. Henry S. Danielson, W. Reimcr, D. Aldrich, Second row: C. Lockman, L. Thomas, V. McKenzie, L. Thompson, C. Rosier, J. Hegwer L, Dyatt, C. Dennis, €. Sullivan, V. Ley dig, T. Classi. Front row: M, Sloan, C, Rassetle, L. Bridges, D. Dyait, J. Marrow, K. ImMasche, K, Lof stead S. Beeler, J, Beatty G. Qpitz L. Socha. WOMEN’S RECREATION ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Recreation Associa- tion strives to further the ideals of good sportsmanship, promote recrea- tion and encourage the love of sports. Handling the concession stands at foot- hall game s sponsoring intramural sports, and planning Play Days and Sports Days provide the members with a consistent round of activity. Awards are given to members on merits of general ability, co-operation in WRA activities, sportsmanship and intra- mural points. Scholarships are awarded annually by the dub. Membership rights are earner! by participation in intramural and club activities. Top row: K. Levin, E Hildebrand, M. Tallman, R. Baker P. Swords R. Ashcraft, C Rowe. Second row : C. Hansen, S. Mog L Tuttle H. Kipple G. Rowe. W. Stewart, L. Stewart. 92 CLUB 55 The U K” Club ' s function is to di- rect the public’s attention toward ath- letics, also to foster fellowship among the members and encourage good ath- letics. The organization operates the concession stand during games. The K ” Club is composed of those stu- dents earning the “K” in intercolle- giate athletics Top row: B, Teegerstrom, vice-presi- dent: 0. Haase, secretary ' . Second row: M. [Tine, treasurer; R. MeVicker, president. StCBtUIO Top row: L. Stevenson, R. Lotton, tt. Mor- ris, M. Gicrseh. CL Sneed, L. Lauxman. Second row-: A. Richer, D. Williams. P, Palmer, I). Digham, L, Daugherty, D. Getty, N. Dreiling, C. Trebilcnck, R. Poage, Top row: G. Velhacilcky, j. Ma k;3, R Walker, M. (Tine, D, Morrissey, h. Kep ferle, Second row: R, MeVicker, D. Hilde brand, 0. Haase, D, Schultz, R. Khlers, K Wilson, L. Deines, j. Sutton, C. Suran 93 VETS CLUB The Vets Club is composed of men who are veterans attending Fori Hays State, The Club played a benefit football game on Vet- eran ' s Day to provide money for a scholarship they offer each semester. They sponsored a candidate for Reveille Queen and had several speakers at their meetings. Although they are now losing some of their mem- bers and becoming a smaller organization, they have been a club that has controlled elections and been influential in campus activities. VETS CLUB OFFICERS are; P. Smith, vice-president; N. Hale, sponsor; C, Middle- kauff, president; and J, Briggs, treasurer. VETS CLUB MEMBERS are; R. Shimek, J). Sleilges, R. Brian, N, Hale, sponsor; J. Briggs, C. Middlekauff, P, Smith, R. Crntts, I. Smith, F. Wrhli, Standing: D. Fosdick, J. Heim, K. Simons, J. Burnette, C. Neylon, J). McGinnis, J. Dooley, E. Henry, A. Mancth, A. Winter, G. Meiller, B. Price, D. Vosburgh. Vets Club members take n relaxing coffee break in the Union after a meeting. ?4 FORT HAYS STATE NURSING CLUB The Fort Hays State Nursing Club ' s goals are to unite the members socially, spiritually and culturally toward pro fessional advancement, forever encouraging and stimulating their interest in nurse’s education. Meetings provide an insight into a nursing career with films and speakers bringing the members first-hand information. Member ship includes all those enrolled in nurse education. Women enrolled in nurse education receive part of their on-the-spot training at Hadley Memorial Hospital in Hays, with advanced medical and surgical nursing at the KU Medical Center in Kansas City, psychiatric nursing at the State Hospital in Topeka and obstetrical training at Lying-In Hospital in Chicago. About 16 months of a nurse ' s training is received off-campus in hospital experience. Top row: L Stroup, sponsor, L, B lan ken burg, sponsor, M. Harris, V. Mole lor. E, Kimmal, J. Thompson, $, Schertz. K. Knudson, Second row: C. Oelke, K. Summers, E r Rmkel, j. Henderson, D. Collins, D. Brush, L. Kingsley, .! Fletcher. Third row: C, Suhler, C. Reinert, V. Stein! e, $. Peterson, L , Goehring, K. Uht, E. Young, ,T. Greiner. Mr, Beck explains the principles of a suction machine used to drain fluid from the body to students in physics in nursing class. 95 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega h a scout service fraternity composed of former Boy Scouts. This organization was designed to provide service on campus where the local chapter is lo- cated and to further the interest of young men in scouting. The chapter on this campus has not yet obtained the na- tional charter but has served two years of pledgeship and is looking forward to installation as a chapter of the na- tional fraternity. Top row: K, Ashton, J. Reiss, J, Stegman, R r Bean, ft. McCreight, T. Tucker, T. Sal- yer. M, White, C. Howard, R. Burnett. Second row: D. Monroe. L. Ellis, L. Gray. W. Sanders. C. Sherman, K. Rid gw ay. Third row: A. Morris. W ,r . Siek. R. Schmalz- ried, C, Youngdahl. COLLEGIATE 4-H The Collegiate 4-H (dub’s purpose is to keep a group of college students interested and active in 4-H as they were prior to attending college. It is also the hope of the or- ganization that the members will spread the standards and ideals of f-H as leaders in 4-H clubs. Judging for County Achievement Days, checking Ellis County posters and secretary record books, entering a float in the Homecoming parade, and assisting with Senior Career Day filled a busy schedule this year. Members are usually students who have formerly been 1-H Club members in the past. Top row: 5, Fischer, N. Kent, M. Hoffman, B, Smith, R. Thornburg, I. Wells, L, Thomas, M. Higgins. Second row: A. Bees- ley, P, Rumpel, K. Conard, j. Westbrook, J. R. Wells. 96 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The Student National Education Associa- tion promotes professionalism in education and its membership is open to those students preparing for a teaching career. The organi- zation is nationally affiliated and lias the largest membership of am group on campus. Winning first place trophy in the combined float division at Homecoming, attending the Officer " ? Work Shop at Topeka and provid- ing SNEA members as speakers for service clubs in Hays have contributed to a full year’s schedule. Climaxing the ear ' s activi- ties will be the state convention to be held here August 10 and 11. Marilyn Wilkens, Treasurer; Bonnie Rogers, President, First Semester; Dr. B. V r Broach, Sponsor; Joyce Hocketl. Publicity; Lynn Dyatt, Secretary; Deanna Lockman, President, Second Se- mester; J)r. John Rogers, Sponsor. SNEA proudly presents “Power Through Knowledge SNEA has a membership of 195 and meets monthly to help prepare future teachers for their profession. 97 CHEMISTRY CLUB Chemistry Club’s goal is to promote interest in chemistry, giving the student members a better knowledge of the field that they might pursue chemistry as a career Supporting this purpose the club conducts field trips and has visiting chemis- try lecturers New to the organization this year, is sponsorship of an award to the outstanding senior chemistry major. The club’s financial support comes from the sale of chemistry handbooks and aprons Membership is open to those interested in chemistry. 1 Kenneth Mar i, advisor. Jay Sekavec, Kenneth Bobbitt. Don Bis sing. Second row. Rath ! .11. ] j rrv Good, Jon Dcllett, Alberta Denio. Jerry Denchfidd. Third rote: Dallas Moeller, U r K: Arlyn Mills, Howard Guyer. Hubert Harman. Fourth rote: Russelt Johnson, . IT rrli n Pe ter Wertli, Jr.. Ernest Vance. m - l j. ti Bissing. president; Jerry Denclifield, vice-president: Jon Dellett, -eerelviry : doIph Beyerlein, treasurer. MATH CLUB Math Club strives to stimulate interest in and give a better understanding of mathe- matics, The meetings are conducted by mem- bers presenting unusual problems either orig- inal or from a collection of interesting prob- lems. This will give the member valuable ex- perience useful to him after school. Necessary pre-requisite for membership is an interest and a willingness to study mathematics. Top rou Richard Frankc, Vernon Kisner, LeRoy Heines. Stanley C Griffin. Ernest Milton, Jr., barren Windle, Eugene Etter. sponsor. Second rote Everett Marshall, William H. Brehm, Wilmer Waldman. Alberta Denio, Connie Nelson SCRIBLERUS Scribleru? encourages original thought and serves as an outlet and inspiration for self-expres- sion through creative writing. Meetings are pri- marily devoted to criticism and discussion of manuscripts written hv the members. The club is open to any interested student though the mem- bership is kept small to afford individual atten- tion to creative work. Dr. Sam Sackett, sponsor ; Kay Smith, Charles Gish, Charles Wood, Gary Long. CHANCERY CLUB Chancery Club furthers the knowledge and interest concerning the legal profession so that the members may know more of the career they’ve chosen. I he local club became Fla chapter of the national Chancery Club, a pre-law fraternity, in December when a group from Hays attended the national convention at the legal center of Southern Methodist t diversity in Dallas. Guest speakers from Kansas law schools and lawyers from nearby communities sometimes speak at their meetings. Students interested in entering the legal profession may gain membership. Officers include the chief justice (president), Larry Kopke; associate justice (vice president), A1 Morris: clerk of the court (secretary). Frank Magana; and bailiff I treasurer 1 , William MeAdoo. Top row: William Me Ad no, Rich- ard Schmidt, James Geisinger, Aden Spies, Robert George, Steph- en Staub, Claude Hanson. Bottom row: Larry Kopke, Frank Magana, Lou Jean Brown, Rita Ashcraft, Carolyn Dennis, Alois Bieber, Alan Morris. 99 ORCHESIS i, uber from Guys and Dolls: J. Belize, C, Booth, K. Eckel W. Mitchell, L. K H. -I er, J. Fletcher, S. Troutman. r scene from Guys and Dolls: F. Christian. D. Burandt, M. Wilson, I. Harris, L. Branda. O relies is strives to develop creative ability in danc- ing and to improve dancing skills. The club assisted the music department in the productions of “Guvs and Dolls” and the Fort Hays Follies. Also on the schedule was providing entertainment for WRA Play Days and Sport Days. Membership is selected by try outs of interested dancers. DAMES CLUB Facing the common problems of temporary living quarters, studious husbands, and growing children, the Dames Club is composed of wives of Fort Hays State students. Their purpose is to provide a social opportunity for the student families. Top tow: IX Pelerson, 1. Kepferle, S. Hernandez, L. Morris, A, Rajewski, M Webb, C. Fairbank, M. McGowan. C. Wrighi. M German, R. Wa singer, J. Karlin. Second row: D, Thoma?, sponsor. K. Slom ' s, sponsor, M. Wallerstedl. s|X)nsor, V, Heather, sponsor. M. Kelly. R. FI inn, J. King. IX Powers, J. Vernon, Top row: D. Greig, C. Foes. R. Vinlove. C. Runfit. J. Wilson, C, Barrett, X. Ward, IX Higgins. Second ran: L. Kendall, C Murphy, S. Sturd, J Elder?, G, Casey, S. Chism. M, Ha eke roll. 100 LITTLE THEATER Little Theater gives its members the opportunity to take part in any form of theatrical activity. It is established as a showcase for students’ talents with the purpose of encouraging better drama on the campus and furthering interest in the dramatics department. In co-operation with the Picken Players two major productions are presented each year. Membership requires students interested in dramatics; specifically, acting, directing, writing, and stagecraft. a W . a Jerry Gutshall, Don Buser. John Harris, Bill Gatlin. Top row: Jan Henderson, Bula Ann Schmidt, Kim Tot and. Amy Jo Weltz, Eld red Gfastavson, Nancy Housholder. Second row: Ruth Ann Baker, Linda Anderson, Tori Classe, Glenda Morris, Jan Smith. Third row: Don Baser, Jerry Gutslmll, Ronald Daniels, Top row: Mary Chambers, Ora June Miller, Jill Hac bine is ter, Loretta Sacha, Mary Lvnn Fraley, Faye Buf- fington, Rhoda Hobbie, Second row: Dovie Adams, Kay Smith, Dawn Brush, Vicki Rogers, Betty Salmans, Jean Olds, Third row: Gres Miller, Marilyn Ginther, Roberta Hark ness, Phillip Webber, Bill Gatlin. 101 M Krar i-. R Spangler, li Rogers, and S. Blain discuss the front page layout. STAFF EDITORS 1st Semester Ronnie Rogers 2nd Semester Assistants Mike Francis 1st Semester Mike Francis 2nd Semester Steve Blain m S[ ESS MAX GER Kav ImMasche Assistant Norman Orbs GREEK EDITOR Marla QTfalloran SOCIETY EDITOR Verna 1 hinder SPORTS EDITOR Steve Blain REPORTERS Mary Bowen Lynn I Lames W ayne St h umacher Diane Amos PHOTOGRAPHER Ken Griffin Assistant Al Manet h SPONSOR Robert Spangler LEADER All phases of college life from orientation to grad ' nation are covered by the Leader, the campus weekly newspaper. Written, edited and distributed by an all- student staff, the Leader keeps the student body, fac- ulty and administration posted on the latest campus news. Journalism majors, as well as students who just like to see their work in print, combine efforts to issue a bright, newsy publication. K. Griffin, K, ImMasche, and M. Ochs plan and measure for an ad picture. Hyame . I), Amos, and W. Schumacher watch M. Bowen type a story. Mr O’HaUonuft and V. Bunder plan their Leader page. 102 ' m 1 1 ■ ii t i 1 1 II II L REVEILLE The 1059 Reveille. featuring full color for the first time in several years, is the culmination of the diligent work of a group of students spending countless hours working in order to meet deadlines. The Reveille Ball, first of the winter formal dances, revealed the cover design of the book and the identity of the bcautv queen who was crowned by Dr. L, D, Wooster, president emeritus, to whom the book is dedicated. ABOVE: CL H;m mi, W. Weis, F. Dirsbitn, and 1 . Peterson plan a sports picture. BELOW: C. Middlekauff, V. Led fin -well, and D. Schaffer study ad layouts. M. Dcsbien, D. Loekman, and K. Rogers discuss book plans. STAFF EDITOR Assistant BUSINESS MANAGER Assistant PHOTOGRAPHER Assistant CIRCULATION MANAGER SPORTS Assistant ART HOUSING FA Cl LTY-ADM 1 N ISTR ATION CLASSES Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen ORGANIZATIONS Honorary All School Service Religious Departmental Clubs Music CREEKS Assistant TYPIST INDEX SPONSOR Deanna Lockman Mary Desbicn Darrell Schaffer Cap Middlekauff Gary Hanna Lloyd Peterson Verna Leffmgwell William Weis Freda Desbien Cherd Ballard Carolyn Lockman Janet Harrison Alayne Hockett A net Rogers Clarann Weis Pat Richardson Marla O’ Ha lloran Jan Ball Mary Bowen Karen Hibbs Marilyn Qrme Donna Stephens Sylvia Kaiser Jean Olds Patty Leffingwell Dixie Brown Shirley Fischer Katherine Rogers A, Hockett, T Olds, J. Harrison, S, Kaiser, P. Richardson, C. Weis, C, Ballard, A. Rogers, and K. Getty discuss their pages. Working cm picture measurements are I Leffingwell, M. Orme, P Stephens, M. O Halloran. J. Ball, C. Lockman, K Hibbs, D Brown. M. Bowen, and S. Fischer. 103 GERMAN CLUB The German Club aims at creating a better interest in the German language and culture, and strives to increase the members’ ability in German conversation to stimulate interest in the culture of the German speaking areas of the world Wear- ing native dress and singing folk songs, the club entered the homecoming parade this year with their own German band. Active membership is open to all currently enrolled in German or having German speaking and reading ability. FRENCH CLUB The French Club’s goal encompasses doing and learning as much as possible to acquaint the members with French culture. This includes practicing language skills of the French, listening to talks on the country, becoming familiar with the music, art and other aspects of French civilization. I he l reneh Club participated with the German and Spanish Clubs in presenting programs identified with each culture in a joint Christmas party. Enrollment in French or having had French qualifies students for membership. 7 op row: Jerry Wright, Bob Garvin, Gene l), Pauley, Layton Kaiser. Curiis Thompson, Harrell McGinnis. Leo Oliva, John Chipman. Second rote: Ruth Willard sponsor Joyce Roberts. Sandra Boos, Sandra Gantt, Dean Free-born, Gale Phillips, Judy Vander bur. third rou Diedra Rurandt, Grace Staab. Carol McAmoil, Mary O ' Loindilin. Sharon Herman, 04 HOME EC CLUB ABOVE: Top row: M. Rowley, R. Voshdl, G. Runft, L. Johnson, A. Stark, ,E Griff it Is, M. Lucas, C. Hagen, C. Cluster. Second row: E, Smith, L. Swayze, C, Kirby, M. Gaunt, N. Keady, N, Neill, C, Lock man, A. McCune. Third row: A. Beesley -sponsor, B. Starkey, K. Selfridge, J. Philip, M, Swink, j. Moore, J. Schremmer. From row: C Sterrell, C. Sullivan, N t Swart wont, B. Hecox. OPPOSITE: Top row: M, Koch, K. Haney, N r Kent. S. Fisher. !. Wells, A, Johnson, R, Pivonka, T. Younker. Second row: C. Worth, C, Leonard, I. Davis, K. Smith, 1). Antrim, L. Melton, L. Heide, K, Conard, K. Mo wry. Third row: M, Hoffman — sponsor, M, Wincland, j. Jenson, G, Fischer, G, Windholz, J, Hargilt, G. Blecha, L, Self ridge. Front row: B. Lower, M« Swenson, A, Moore, E. Roth, N. Browning, M. Higgins. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Home Economics department at Fort Hays State was one of the projects of the Home £c Club this year. Members are students majoring in home economics. The club is a type of study group since its projects arc concentrated on subjects which are directly related to home economics. The club sold fruit in Custer Hall to raise money for a scholar- ship offered each year. HONORARY AMBASSADORS The Honorary Ambassadors of good-will are responsible for acquainting high school students from their home towns with Fort Hays State, An ambassador is selected from every town and community represented by a student who attends Fort Hays State. The group is selected by the student leaders on the basis of ability to take the responsibility of encouraging the high school students to attend Fort Hays State. The ambassadors visit the high schools during the spring and summer as well as during the various vacations such as Christmas. Easter and between semesters and speak to the students about Fort Hays. This program acquaints and brings many students to our campus. There are 209 ambassadors who do the good-will work for the college under the direction of Hugh Burnett, director of the extension service. 105 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB International Relations Club members are noted for their interest in foreign affairs. They promote better world relations by giving a scholarship to a foreign student and lake the responsibility of making that student feel at home in America. Western Kansas, and at Fort Hays State, both on and off the campus. This year the scholarship recipient was Helen Amundsen of Norway. Included in the club ' s membership are Luis and Carlos Revilla and Sombat Sangrungruang of Thailand. Foreign students speak and visit with many groups around the area. The Huh sponsors the annual Leap Week dance and the Bearded joe and Daisv Mae contest as a money making project to help finance its program. The Indonesian statesmen visit with Dr. Albertson and Dr. Stage while they tour the college farm. l.E.t dl. rs a re I). Freeborn, K. Stillwell, and R, Gilcrease. During the fall semester Fort Hays Stale was honored by the visit of three Indonesian statesmen. The Indonesians toured the college farm and the Fort Hays State Experiment station and studied the various methods used on the farms they visited near Hay s. The statesmen were not farmers themselves, but visited farms to enable them to take home better ideas for farm manage- ment and instruction for teachers in vocational schools in agriculture and home economics. They were guests of the International Relations Club while they visited in Ha vs. Club member- art, Top rote: Dr, E Craine, spun nr. 3 r Patterson. R, T winter. D. Freeborn. J. (’hip- man, l . Fairchild! L. Kaiser. L. Oliva, M Tuttle. K. Stillwell. Second ran : L, Revilla, J. Hock- ■0. 3- , Dcsbien. I . Richardson, R. Voshell. R, Gilcrease, C. Re villa, . Sangrungruang. 106 Y.W.C.A Top row: M, Patton $. Small, P. Eilers G, Murray, A. Roberts, M. Thompson, R. Fritseho. J. Griffin , V. Stcinlc M, Van Loenen. Second row: J. Johnson, C. Quenzer, C. Sterrelt. C. Baundalk C. Mother shed, M. Cli ambers, G. Rowe, C Rassette. Bottom row : K, Knudson, N. Gamer, M. Stapleton, S. Miller, M, Swenson, K. Lovitt I ). Dellinger, L, Hendricks. Open to all denominations, the Young Women’s Christian Association has dedicated itself to the highest purposes of Christian living. The primary aims of YWCA are to foster Christian fellowship, to develop deeper personal religious experiences for its members and to share Christian living with all concerned. The hour-long meetings are held every first and third Wednesday evening at 7:15 in the Santa Fe Trail Room of the Memor- ial Union, Miss Naomi Garner is the spon- sor. Bi-monthly meetings include guest speakers. Bible studies and mam informa- tive discussions. YWCA gave a food basket to a Hays needy family at Thanksgiving and went Christmas caroling. CHRISTIAN COUNCIL Sponsored hy Rev. Victor M. Policy, of the Messiah Lutheran Church, the C a m p us Christian Council meets the second Wednes- day of each month at 6:30 in the Memorial Union. The aims of this organization are to stimulate religious participa- tion and association among the Fort Hays faculty and student body. This group co-operates with the individual churches and their as- sociations in the promotion of church programs. Each church has three representatives: two students and one adult. The promotion of programs and workshops of international nature are the aims of the Campus Chris- tian Council. Top row: Rev. Nyberg, Wesley Foundation; W. McLeod, Presbyterian; L. Meier, Canterbury Club, J. ™ orns ' Jr., Westminster Foundation; Rev. C. Scbmidt, Newman Club. Seared. S. Miller LSA; 1 Eilers, VWCA, N Garner YWCA; Rev. Policy Gamma Delta; X. Griffin, Wesley Foundation; R. Bullock, Baptist Student Movement " ; G, OpiU. Gamma Delta; E. Wilton, Jr,. Baptist Student Movement; G. Herndon, Baptist Student Movement; J. Harsilt. Wesley Foundation; L. Votruba, Presbyterian, 107 SIGMA THETA EPSILON ■ I Gillespie, K, Dundas, M. Walker, G. Anderson, R. KersteUer, V, Starkey. Methodist College men at Fort Hays State have a local chapter of the national fraternity. Sigma Theta Epsilon. This fraternity meets the first and second Thursday evenings of each month at seven in the Methodist Student Center. The aims of the organization are to develop high moral standards for the betterment of student life and future church leadership. M. W Walker is the organization sponsor: while Rev. Walter Nyberg also takes an active part in the organization and its activities. The programs throughout the year include guest speakers, films and manv informal discussions. One special project of the Sigma Theta Epsilon is assist- ing with Sunday morning ushering at the First Methodist Church, T ' W rotl ‘ T Ke J?f, tter ’ ? K ‘ Durula - c Anderson, I , Biays, B. George, R, Plowman, Second row: M. Walker, E. J Pf 11 ' ■ V rL c i ' De clt% Beck ' FxillM rt Larkin. Rev. Walter Nyberg. First tout Sheldon Saxton. Raymond Peterson, Marlyn moke I son, Writ Starkey WESLEY FOUNDATION On Sunday evenings, Methodist students from the Fort Hays State campus are found taking an active part in the programs of the Wesley Foundation. These weekly meetings, along with various other meetings, are held at the Methodist church or in the new Methodist student center on the corner of 6th and Elm. The sponsor is Rev, Walter L. Nyberg, The Wesley Foundation is open to all students and faculty members at Fort Hays State college. Membership lists are not maintained, though an accurate record is kept of all the Methodist preference students and their participation in the various phases of the Wesley Foundation. The Wesley Foundation is proud of their new SI 25,000.00 Methodist student center, opened this year. 109 KAPPA PHI Top row: Mrs. Larry Marshall, sponsor; Mildred Peterson, program chairman: Julfc Jensen publicity chairman; Karen Sellridge, pledge mistress. Second row: Joan Margin, president; Eunice RinkeL chaplain; Marvel Wineland. treasurer; Verna Lea Leffingwelh secretary. With Mrs. I, am Marshall as sponsor, the Methodist women ' s sororitv. kappa Phi strives to develop an awareness of oppor- tunities for Christian services. It fosters churc h leadership, the desire to be depend- able and trustworthy, and to uphold Chris- tian living. The basic aim of Kappa Phi is " to make even Methodist woman in the university world today, a leader in the church of tomorrow.” f he group meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at 7 pan. To launch their activity program a Rose fea is held to welcome the fall pledges. Pledges plan and hold a party at Christmas time. Top row: Judy Johnson, Lely Kay Ewing, A net Rogers Karen Cniy. Carol Kyner, Lm Srlfridjit-. Reverb Maniz. Second tow: Nancy Mann Patty Lrffingwell. Yvonne Smiik Libby Sneath. I 10 NAZARENE FELLOWSHIP The Nazarene Collegiate Association is a newcomer to the Fort Hays Stale campus this Year. Directed by the Rev. Lewis Patterson the group is under the leadership of Elmer Davis as president. Worship and recreation meetings are held once a month at the Nazarene Church Fellowship Hall at 7ih and Allen. Membership is voluntary and open to all students interested in the Nazarene Church. Top row ; The Rev. Lewis Patterson, Calm Hisey, Elmer E, Davis. Second row: Violet Patterson, Louis? Hisey, Joyce Klein, Mary Ellen HcwelL CANTERBURY CLUB Organized by the Rev, Sam Monk in the spring of 1957, the Canterbury Club has established a substantial place on the Fort Hays State campus. It is an organization composed of Epis- copal Church members. Sponsors of this young, hut rapidly growing organization arc Mr, Robert Spangler. Mr. Don Keller and Mr Martin Kirkland Of its many goals and activities, the scholarship program is outstanding. A scholarship is awarded to a student who is deserving and needs financial assistance Improvement on and within the church is another goal of the Canterbury Club. Top row : Stephen Ostrom, Marilyn Joslin, Ronnie Cook, Robert York, Robert Spangler. Second row: w. D. Keller, M. Kirkland, Janice Smith, Robert Steigleder, Arnold Lewis. Third row : Norman McIntosh, Iris Miller, Sonva Stone. Karrcn Riettert, Larry Meier NEWMAN CLUB r) IH 1 1 (hr Im rr irdlfbmih m ' giimKiitionn to In found on i L Fori IIjiv " State campus is the Newman Club rhii organ j ution n.i oiminulcd ha ieul) In prtmiolc MhAvdiip aitiong f itlinlir imlrrjU mi ihr rum|Mi . Of tin I HC Catholic hhnii‘nt» nil rumpU n rr full .Mr mrmhrin nf tin rvri gmwillg Newimill ciuln I hr i-jkuji inert i vri other Wednesday fni linn lundnc j , , , r i 1 1 ... I In i f r I - ioimI wilh inforimil lljlin irijf{ Oil ihe olher luo ■ Irif - 1 1.1 v • «d I Kr ' moillll . MeiUlll h Uie field III tl|C Colli mom cl (In Memorial l Jiinn building. HijdilighlN d tbr MU Im .III | jccial speakri- lUltf dim U inn | |ol, f m r I if - Newimin Cl til) ! in ■■ |i(msmid cvria.| informal dance throughout I hr vein, One nl ihe lllH)i| Mrtr fnl II I M I niOhl i-n rrlv II WJ ' lilc I duller nf tin yem wa (In Spiing Formal, whirl i wa held curly in tin Hjjj ' iiig. Uf lhc many arlfvilir of ihc INiewoiUJ) Jnh, the highlight of lhc yeai wji!- lhc Shili- convention vvlm h vv j i held nl) (hr I ' lit 1 lay Slat- ejtmjju . Membri of lie dub pl ayed ho l In the vurion ISJcwmun Club from nil over the stale III the l wmdny ron vent inn held rail 1 ! ill Orlnhn I hr ohjerlive nf I hi ronvcnl ion win lo exchange idea fni improvement nf curb nlganizul i in, f t our J)rjnn M r i ■ I . Jnlm )Jmmi n Ln.n firm I, « .il I Jnr N il ten Srhmrirll r OMo-n 1 c-rniin-. Senmd fnu Milo I r r ij mj Miiiinu ll.iflti- -Mii l. hurni- K ' -in, be. H Mirim, VhjjiJ JtnemiiL ' Third mu jnc Mrmimii, t ' lwnnl llornlnjt Sy holer Temaijt, Alvin t Man-ill Mill V ill I ( dcf li llijxy tlin ' u - NfWtiuin hn nn - nftci il regular Wcdnoilay evening mn-hne an Mm In K rniallnniii. iinliiiy; Ed M- Mill »ijMin r r ; I ' dlfirj Cjmiillu Srlimidf. i liiijiljiin , An I ' WiI, viri |jirh[i|i ni mill Kmliy Aivdn lo-n-nm, 12 Top row ; J. Wasinger, R. Harkness, l - Munk, F. Burg liart, W. Schmidi. D. McGinnis, B. Hirt, L, Fritschen, I . Kaiser, C. Befort, M. Leiker, D. Leiker. Second row: M. Schuder, P. Scheck. P. Vopat. M. Rohr, D. Delaney, M. KeUy, P. Stehno, B. Sudhy. Bottom row: M. Fisher, N. Thielon, B, Salmans, C. Werih, J, Schremmer, M. Homing, J. Ron- gariz, G. Windholz, E. Roth. Top row: J, Riedel, G. Easgall, J. Gei singer, M. Rob], L Kruse. K. Leiker, M. Leiker, J. Maes, R. Reii. j Slegman. Second row: G. Be fort, A. Spies, j. Juenemann, I. Hamel, D. Erbert, J. Koeppen, W. Waldman, K. Von Feldt, Bottom row: J. Broil- ing. M, Dole. M. Broiling. I). Engel, S. Jacobs, M, Basgall, J. Bicker, E, Fross, Top row: F, Goetz, D. Urban, R. Baal man, T. Baumrucker, J. Boxler, V. Denning, T. Kummer. Second row: F. Schippers. P, Karlin, D. Leiker, J Riedel Jr., H. Perkins. J. Schalansky, M. Rohr, T. Brungardt, Third row: E. Birzer, D. Fritschen, N. Anschutz, M. Huslig t F. Buffing- ton, M. Vesecky, V, Weiser, L, Beckman. 13 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION MIH I III Kjiir-u i .ulhm 1 . Milillnj HlE- ' j- ' m ii 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 I i i ■ i |olin nn Sn md row I t?roy I • I ill 1 1 H r - 1 | ' i| l In In It Miim I hen Uiiti riiil It 1 1 r - 1 I U Midt-nm, huim Lulkn. Ulili i , Htv. Mu]!, Urm 1 J1 1 pllt-il lm, Ih S|nu r . j .iiHi WerlnwiJuv eventing I .lit 1 1 i i || 1 1 ntlldrllU IH MU l ull S ll N SlJili rollrgt I hi I Up lUilirir ' llnom til i hr Mrinom) 1 ni«ui hi 7 pnn Thmr mil ' ll up hi r phmriwl In hlrrnpllirh iim! niinium nludmln in dirh fmili llmmgh n progri worship, Hulv, HI id fellowship, t hr I ii thrum Student Anmicmi l imi sponsor h weekly I hhli Mudv g p HIM I | m upi ii n in with gnenl nj H ' lllvr I h ft ihr Uii nll mu! ln ili ' til vvhu ip@uk cm topir ul inlri ml tu !ln intiiiu KlinlrnK Thr hi gimi ntinii i sponsored b Mi I hit i Sluge tmil i« ami) t iulnl with I In Trinity 1 nlhmin ( Imn li, Mrlilhet hip i nil it Vo! unlnrv htini hi mid no c l«Ti 1 1 i 1 1- mrm llE ' I lli]l lih| in dltiHU lip- CHRISTIAN YOUTH FELLOWSHIP 1 1 Ii LiuLijiriJ iirniiriil llir jiicimi ur Knilii N-nlu-. Nilii iumiid lntim |n im Utiflillr, Marilyn 1 1 I Hu Anil, Nil! lllei Sulturm, Un| HllUiijr-i Hranu Mfimly, l any lull ami Waul Pilllf ' fiEih S|H iihni I ' d hy Rev. Wind I’liUrjnihM I hr Chlinlitm I 111 I h relluu " 1 1 1| in mi nl guni Jil inti composed id rilllrgr Minim 1 n Oil thr 1 I ' flnipiiH ul hi mi M u v " Muir I hi orgmii Hl inn lurrl uii Sunday Immu ■ In U dO p.m III dir t III in turn t I Jim nlrd ill lllh tnid Wulmil, I hr- aim ul thr group Mir iu bring t hr i l imi in ntHlrtiun and h ljm hi| i I ■ i iln mrinhri-, and ihnnr t’fMtnet ' led with llir On in imn t Imirh Swimming put dm, v lu- lling uml working vvilh high it honl mrmhrm, mid ( hi inlttitts nil ding urn til I ivil Iri p| till nr 1 1 find rm I in| mil l i thr t hi intimi until I 1 rllu wdup 14 GAMMA DELTA h Gnosis Diakonia”; from these Greek words the founda- tion of Gamma Delia has been built Knowledge and service are the cornerstone of the organization Gamma Delta is an international organization of Lutheran affiliated college and university students. The aims of the group are fellowship, service and growth in Christian knowl- edge. The Messiah Lutheran students on the Fort Hays State campus have named their chapter Alpha Psi, The group meets each Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. in the recreation room of the new Messiah Lutheran church on North Main. The sponsor is Dr. John Garwood, The Rev, Victor Policy is also on hand to welcome members and all others who visit the meetings. Gamma Delta officers are: Ronald Soeken, president; Glenda Opitz. secretary; Carolyn Wanker, treasurer; and Verna D under, vice-president. Top row: Gene W Bams, Calvin F. Dumler, Richard L. Van Eaton. Herschel Richter. Larry Lee Heffel Ronald Soeken, Second row: John D, Garwood, Verna L. Dumler, Sharon K. Bored, Carol A. HuhW. Remits Peterman, Marlene Eilrich, Rev. Victor Policy. Third rote: Glenda Opilz. Marlene Bender, Doris Goehrinp. Rhoda M. Hobble, Carol Oelke, Janice Scbmoekel, Carolyn Wanker. MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS The majorettes with their controlled batons and flashy routines added greatly to the halftime football game shows. They are Mary Ann Lawler, Diane Colhour Patsy MarcelL Sharon Troutman 16 BAND The ‘ ' Marching 100,” with the assistance of the drum major and twirlers, lends color as well as rhythm to college life. The band traditionally leads the Homecoming Parade and performs during halftime at Fort Hays State football games. Director of all bands. Harold G, Palmer, selects from the “Marching 100” seventy musicians for the Concert Band, which makes an annual three-day spring tour and appears in home concerts. This spring, the tour included eleven towns in the south-central part of Kansas. Another organisation is the Pep Band, an informal group whose members arc selected from the larger band to supply musical enthusiasm for basketball games and pre-game rallies. For his second year John Harris, iphornore, is drum major for the “Marching 100, " 117 MEN’S QUARTETS Two men’s quartets have been organized this year by John Norman, director of the groups. New, this vear is the Freshman Quartet which has helped meet the demand for appearances both on and off campus. The Upperclassman Quartet consists of experienced vocalists and has performed on campus for several years. Both groups supply colorful musical variety both at campus functions and »n invitation for civic organizations. They tour with larger vocal groups during the entire year. Member - ■{ ih Upperclassman Quartet are: Monte Seibel, Don Mo tn. Jini Haney, Rollen Anderson. Members of the Freshman Quartet are: Francis Wilson. Jon Shively, Don Crosby, Dennis Urban, FORT HAYS SINGERS Versatility is the keynote of the Fort Mays Singers, who fulfill many capacities musically during the school year. In the fall they presented a musical revue at the Homecoming Banquet, a concert tour and TV show during the Christmas season. The spring was dotted with performances on and off campus, a concert of Renaissance and contemporary vocal chamber music, and the presentation of opera scenes, where they appeared in “Orpheus” by Gluck. h r row; Gayle Garretts, Marvin Cochran. Jim Haney, Jerry Stafford. Donald E. Stout; diroclor. Francis Wilson. Merle Mills, i Writhe Second tow; Sharon Wickizer, Marilyn Leonard, Rose Leo Hirt, Beverly Delay, Janet Mitberger, Beth Fellers, Betty Base. Man Ellon Clark. 3 11M1 1 CLARINET AND BRASS CHOIRS Two special instrumental groups are the Clar- inet and Brass Choirs. These groups perform during the Christmas season and on band tours. Fort Hays has the distinction of having origin- ated the Clarinet Choir and it has gained national attention in music circles Brass Choir members are; Dennis Bozarth, Don Wittig Koger Cody, Jerry Vance, John Strobel Earl Blauer, Vayk Rohan, Phil Law. Clarinet Choir members are, top row: Carol Kuhlman, Vayle Rohan. Mary Bowen, Robert Sake, Dennis Bozarth Charles Rhine, John Francisco Gary Wiley. Janie! The mm. Second row: William Nelson Robert Linen berger, Nancy Householder, Patsy Tenny, Mary Hall, Mary Shaffer. CONCERT CHOIR This choir of 60 selected voices has performed on manv significant occasions throughout the school year. The musical, “Guys and Dolls ” was presented Thanks- giving week and a varied program was given in con- cert at the college and on tour in the spring. Li Sfljf S 1 J j: j StililOSf Ml ■ J Oh 119 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA President — Beverly Delay Vice-President — Mary Ellen Clark Recording Secretary -Sharon Borell Corresponding Secretary— Carol Ku In 9 man Treasurer -Beverly Sunterheim Editor- Martha Chaffee Chaplain — Sylvia Unruh Sergeant at Arms Kayla Price nn Strong Man, Ellen Clark. Barbara Gerritzen. Aileen O’Toole Shirley Poage, Sharon i ' 1 iiie ' Wickizer, Beverly Stutterheim. Second row: Mary Hall Sylvia Unruh. Carol Kuhl- ' ■ , Sharen Borell, Charlotte Baker Martha Chaffee. active and interested in music are the members ia Mpha Iota professional musical fraternity for lei To promote interest in the art. various programs iii ' UiiL! the Pledge Recital, are presented annually. This igma Alpha Iota members participated in the WiUon. Joyce Showalter, Mary Shaffer, Mary Schuder. Dovle 1,1 ■ 11 • ' ' : Ctv, Jdjvc Bicker. Second row: J carmine Earley, Pat y Scheck Janet Mi] fiercer. Patti Percival, Ann Estes. Christmas Vespers Program and assisted during Rand l)a and the Music Festivals. Highlights of the year included a visit from Miss Gertrude Schideler. Province President, and Blanche Thebom, world-renowned mezzo-soprano Beverly Delay presents rose to Miss Blanche Thebom PHI MU ALPHA President —Vayle Rohan Vi ce- President — Roger Cod y Secretary — J a mcs Ha ney Alumni Sec retary Den n i s Bozarth Treasurer Jerry Stafford Pledge Master Don Moses Song Leader — Don Moses Warden -Bob Brock i ,Li 1; yr ■ ■- ■ f . H " i A jflfl HR H i ii v j mM l-i V B m Am Officers are: Don Moses, Roger Cody t Vayle Rohan, Boh Brock, Dennis Bozarth, James Haney, Alert, talented and interested in music are the members of Phi Mu Alpha, national professional music fraternity for men. This group participates in musical activities on campus and assists at concerts. One of the highlights for the ear was a reception sponsored by the fraternity in honor of the i nited Stales Navy Band, world renowned concert band. Actives and Pledges of Phi Mu Alpha. Pledges of Phi Mu Alpha Music Fraternity. 121 CUSTER HALL One of the first problems confronting freshman women on entering college is learning to live together as a part of a 200-member unit in a dormitory like Custer Hall. Adjusting to new roommates and routine of living offers a challenge for each girl as she learns to fit into the pattern of community life. Signing in and signing out at Custer Hall becomes part of the routine. The girls have a busy life in their college home. In addition to campus events and activities. Custer Hall residents find time to participate in intramurals, to entertain faculty guests, plan and complete a float for Homecoming, partake of the Thanksgiving and Christmas buffets, plan a Christmas basket for a needy family, bold open bouse, tegp. a spring formal and hour dances. The freshman women are divided into eight groups. Each week an upperclass counselor meets with jhe girls to discuss the problems that face a freshman, from etiquette to dating, to disliked courses and low grades. Each freshman is encouraged to bring her personal problems to her counselor. First row: M. Loflin, J. Ball, J. Henderson, N Mitchell. A. Cord el. R. Ridgway. Second row : K. Taylor, j, Beatty, B. Taylor. J. Zechmeister, C. Murray, M. Lofstead. Third row ; £. Motherhead, R Sigle, M. Lucas. First row: A. Roberts, M. Van Loewen, M. Mc- Guire, j, Thomm, P, Robertson, L. Selfridge, .1. Carr. Second row: I. Vanderbur, C. Beckham, R, Suchy, Mrs. Zimmerman, S. Sutton, S. Herman, L. Melton, N. Neill. Third row ; M. St inch comb, M. Lawler, M, Patterson, J. Logan, R. Schmidt. First row: S. Applegate, L Ewing, H, Mack, G. Morris, IX Brown, S. Reddick, S. Reiter, C. Krehbiel, C. Haberman, L. Luke. Second row: S. Unruh, L. Dubach, M. Cordes, P. Richardson, K. Mo wry, B. Reed, L. McRacken, J. Moore, Third row: M. Clark, C. Suhler, E. Morse, M. Davison, L. Kingsley, R. Fellers, S ZweifeX First row: V. Aurand, G. Fischer, C. Kaiser, M. Langrelir, S. Hamilton, L. Hyames, K. Re inert, P, Percival, K. Burton, J. Harrison. Second row;. M. Donald, C. Glasscock, D. Kesley, L. Pounds, S. Hinz, L. Heide, B. Gregory, D. Stephens, K Hibbs. Third row: J. Smith, A. Wells, M. Moler, R, Heath, M. Thompson, V. Smith, N. Shumate. First row: j r Watkins, J. Karst. P, Marcell, M. Dime, L. S parke, W. Mease, A r Stark, j. Bongartz. N. Van De Wcge. Second row: I. Greiner. L. Hendricks, M. Seibel, K. Getty, D. Evel, C. Holmes, M. Rowley, J, Schremmer, I. Armbruster. Third row , V, Steinle, j. Olds, j. Thompson, L, RaseL E. Roth, I). Colhour, J. Showalter. First row ; G. Reiner I . I). Coddington, V. Ramsey, S. Schroed- er T M. Hedge, 11. Warner, C. Wunderlich, M. Vacura, A. Prinsen, C. LaSalle Second row: P. Filers , K. Harper. 1), Delaney, R. Fries, G. Duff, M. Horning, C. Hnruh, P. Stehno. Third row: C Rodeman, J. Philip, K. Keas, D. Brush, IX Feasler, V. Rogers. C, Rowe. First row: M. Terrell, K. Smith, E. Salmans, N. Billings, A. Swartwout, P. Harman, D. Moody, R. Hobbie, N. Mann, M, Chambers. Second row: J. Wilson, M. Graf, P Vopat, S. Ausbun, J. Schnioekel, M. Dolecek, B. Wallgren, J. Parish. Third row: C. Schemper, A, Wilson, M. Shaffer, M. Buss, K. Paul, G. Stites, C. Patterson, P. Titus, First row: J. Rogg, J. Griffith C. Quenzer, 0, Miller, .1. Hachmcister, C, Sterrelt, M. Tuttle, J, Kerstetter, L. Rhodes. Second row : J. Ernest, K. Anderson, X. Lewis, M. Kelly, M. Swenson, IX Copple, N. Nash. Third row: X. Edwards, I.. Brown, J. Henderson, j. Travis, B. Sonnenburg, E. Kimmek AGNEW HALL Balmy fall days bring the girls to the porch Governing without a written constitution, 144 upperclasswomen and 28 freshman women in Agnew Hall have house rules and an elected house council which enforces these rules. Residents find that living at Agnew provides an abundant social life. The girls entertain faculty guests in an effort to become better acquainted with their instructors. They set aside one night a week to dress up for dinner. As special projects they planned and worked together on the Homecoming float and house decorations, participated in the intramural program, and planned Thanksgiving and Christmas buffets, hour dances, anti a fall formal. Next best to seeing is hearing. First row: F. Desbien, P. Richardson, C, Sullivan. R. Rode man. E. Riley, J. Hockelt, A. Johnson, R. Hirt, W, Stewart, I. Davis, I. Dinkel. E. Howard, G. Rowe. M, Fialey. Second row: M, Chastain, P. Swords, G. Hester, G. Marling, A, Denio, J. Hargitt, J. Jensen, C Cluster, J. Crawley, C. Kirby, j. Watts, G. Runft, M. Higgins. Third row: J. Fink, M Swink, L, Johnson, B, Pivonka, M. Gaunt. K, Smith, R. Hecox, V. Brandyberry, B. Lower. Fourth row: D. Antrim, A, Moore, M. W 7 ineland, K, Conard, C, Hagen. V. Ley- dig, S, Henry, P. Schumacher. First row . J, Johnson, M, Stapleton, 1. Hulett, P. Tenny, L. Moody, T. Classi, L. Higgins, S. Miller, H, Kipple. K. Cooper. E, Dope, L. Anderson. H, McMulkin, K. Kleweno. Second row: C. Beckwith, A, Fair, L Miller, D. Coeh- ring, S. Beeler, K, Hoffman, G. Blecha, D. Smith, M. Houston, J. Milberger, D. Di llinger. K, Sclfridge, M. Theander. Third row: C. Hansen, S. Mug, E, Hildebrand, S, Ford, S Kin yon, F, Trent, K. Yost, Fourth row : D. Engle, M. Brack, P. Ryan, C, Rassette, B. Herron, M. Sloan, C. Dennis, G. Qpitz. First row: P, Heaton, S. Gantt, S, Schorl , M. Patton, K. Knudson, J. Roberts, 3. Sea- man, N. Goltberg. Second row: N. Sullivan, N. Householder, S. Peterson, D, Collins, j. BernriUer, D. Dixen, G Kepner, S. Fritz. Third row: F. Buffington, J. Moody, L. Esplund, R. Hays, C. Blake, B. Neal. K. Cronie, A. Weltz. FI, Amundsen. Fourth row: Sr Marcotte, D, Rogers, L. Brooks, L. Thomas, P. Johnson, C. Booth, J. Anderson. First row: L, Boone, M. Eilrich, j. Ferguson, C. Weis, B. Caldwell, V. Me Bee, E. Kinkel, L. Socha, Second row: L Stewart, M. Vesecky, V. Lcffingwell, B, Peterman, B. Mantz, Y, Smith, L. Sneath, W. Bans, M. Dale. Third row: Mrs, Churchill, A, Freeborn, Z, Curtis. R, Baker, M. Murray, D. Adams, L. Voiruba, Mrs. Biays. Fourth row: K. Churchill. M. , , A m PI Gl 1 1 jcim v W ' RESIDENCE HALL All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. X ithin the walls of Residence Hall is a spirit of sportsmanship and school loyalty known over the campus. In this homey and personal atmosphere 177 college men work. pla and live together. The men have set up a dorm council that plans activities such as hour dances, a spring formal, guest nights once a week and exchange dinners with Agnew and (aster Halls. This council also enforces dorm policies. I ouch football begins early in the fait semester with nightlv practices on the frnnt lawn. few high passes make the receivers run to keep the ball from going into Rig Creek. I he men also participate in the intramural program on campus. First row: j. Do drill, K. Voss, R. Van Eaton, L. Hawkins, 1 Nelson. E. Schwien. Second row, 1 ; G. Miller. K. Simpson, R. Tilley, L. Brooks jr., R. Switzer, G. Good- heart, C Mooney, F P Folks. Third row: K. Andersen, M. Graham, B. Price, R. Packard, P. Rhine, C. Rhine, L. Beecher, G. Garrelts, T. Scon. First row: K. Johnson, j. Grecisd, D- Laisofl G. Degcs, G. Ziegenbalg, R. Scott, K, Gish, R. Mason, B Stockton, C. Booi, Secohd row: D. Layton, R. Ker- ? let ter, G. Turner, C. Reece, I, Fellers, J. McFarland, R. Ycargan, M. Seifcd, J, Sutton, J, Sutton. Third row: R. Holling. D. Hullman, fr- Stelnert, ]. While, R. Noid, J. Dick, M. Cochran, J. Stout, E r Evel. Fourth row: K, Earl, D, Odette, G. Keith, J. Palmer, W. Waldman, W. Melton, J, Herrman, First row: R. Marqueling, R. Tustin, N, Johnston, L. Behrends, D. Walker, J. Blubaugh, L. Fry, j. Shively. W, McKinney, R. Swartz, D. Pratt, R Hammer. Second row: D r Crosby, E. Vance, L Jueneman, J, Brucciani. G Ralsiin, D, Righam, R. Esamiller, W. Grantham, H. Parish, N. McNemey. Third row: B. Scan land. 1). Church, R Helen, W. Davison, E, Davis, D. Urban. R. Super, R. Nazel, J. Raker, Fourth row; J, Maes, R. Struhe, R, Reif, D, Franks. L. Kaiser, P, Bartholomew. J, Calliart, T. McWilliams. First row: D. Eggleston, G, Windisch, D. Lamoreux, R. Harman. R. Greenwood, S. Staub, J. Plowman, D. Bozarth, J. Boxler, J. Wilson, J. Schalansky, J. Munds, I DeGarmo, Second row: j, Mickey, G, Shult , J. Huber, L McIntosh, S. Wolf, R. Koch, R. Hirt, H, Kuiken, T, Grounds, Miss Lamb, Third row: D. Lawson, G. Larkin, L. Maxwell, M. Nick el son, D. Paxton, I). Ruth, J, P helps, J. Sekavt c, 1 , Parsons. Fourth row: A, Krannawitter. E. Merrill, L. Heffel, R. Hayden. J. Beltch, R. Zier, A, Mills. First row: W r . Lopez, J. Stegman, W. McLeod, S. Ternuat, E, Horning, L, Homung, V. Horning, J. Hauck, S. Estes, Second row: Mrs. Rice, C. Lomax. L. Schroeder, R. Huebner, C. Wells, H. Young, C. Winkler. R Towns, H, Richter. Third row: L. Beecher, R. York, K, Row- man, A. Clement, O, Ashby, P. W ' ater, i J . Jackson, F. McMulkin CAMPUS FAVORITES ■ • r rom a student body of individual person- alities we choose to crown a few as out royalty. Chosen for their contributions to campus life t friendliness, courteousness, willingness to com- plete a duty undertaken 7 studiousness without isolation and attractiveness — all are influences that attribute to their selection. We set these Fort Hays Staters apart as our campus fa - vorites . . . 129 HOMECOMING QUEEN JUSTINE BEATTY Sponsored by Custer Hall LAVONNE BRIDGES Sponsored by Sigma Sigma Sigma ATTENDANTS . . . YVONNE SMITH Sponsored by Agnew Hall JERIS BELISLE Sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon LOIS BOONE Sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon hHHI 133 SUNDRA MARCOTTE Sponsored by Veterans Club KAREN MOWRY Sponsored by Delta Sigma Phi REVEILLE JEANNE MORROW Sponsored by Residence Hall DEANNE ALDRICH Sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma ATTENDANTS PATTY TRENT Sponsored by Kappa Sigma Kappa 135 SWEETHEART QUEEN KAREN SEERY Sponsored by Theta Sigma Upsilon HOWARD RIEDEL Sponsored by Delta Sigma Phi SWEETHEART KING 137 ' ip " WS, ELGERINE ROTH Sponsored by Alpha Sigma Alpha DAISY MAE 138 BEARDED JOE JIM GOEKEN Sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon S erenading a girl who has become “pinned” to one of their members is a traditional gesture of congratulations among f rater n it ies . In the rears since they were founded on the Fort Hays State campus , Greek organizations have become an integral part of college life for many students. Fraternities and sororities provide opportunities for harmonious living in the relaxed atmosphere of a home . Meeting weekly, fraternities and so- rorities promote scholarship y character and leadership. Stress is placed on ethical and moral standards. Cooperating in social and service projects to train themselves for the fu- ture are the Greeks . . « GREEKS • 140 14! The purposes of Panhellenic Council are to unify the social sororities and to provide government as necessary. Each fall the Council sponsors a tea for freshman women. In addition, Panhellenic Council regulates Rush Week activities and plans a pre-Rush Week party for the sororities and prospective rushees. The Council awards a scholarship shield each semester to the sorority with the highest composite grade average. Erma Fross served as president this year and two representatives from each sorority completed the Council roster. Jean Stouffer, Dean of Women, acted as sponsor of the group. The Inter fraternity Council and Panhellenic Counci l work together in organizing the All-Greek Formal and Banquet, the All-Greek Sing, and Greek work days in the fall and spring. A new project this year was the leadership school for officers of campus organizations, conducted this spring. The Student Council, Inter fraternity Council and Pan- hellenic Council had charge of organization and adminis- tration of the school. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Erma Fross and Marcelene Harper chat with Mary Frances Date, Karen Cronic and Ruth Baker during the brunch fur freshman women. 142 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Members of several fraternities and sororities paint cooperatively during Greek Work Day. The Interfraternity Council strives to co ordinate and regulate the Greek fraternities. The Council organizes use- ful projects among the social fraternities and makes de- cisions, in conjunction with Panhellenic Council, on general Greek policies when necessary. This fall the Council sponsored an all-fraternity banquet, which stressed scholarship. A trophy is awarded by the Council to the fraternity with the highest grade average. James Habiger was president and Richard Burnett, Dean of Men, acted as sponsor of Inter fraternity Council Two men from each fraternity completed the membership of the organization. The Junior Inter fraternity Council is reorganized every semester for new members of social fraternities. It is com- posed of two members of each fraternity’s pledge class, usually the president and one other, and operates for the period of pledgeship. which is about fourteen weeks. Junior l.F.C. serves as a leadership training school and better acquaints pledges with fraternities, giving new mem- bers a chance to form and express opinions on Greek matters. It provides LF.C. the opportunity to explain various fraternity and college policies. Although Junior l.F.C. does not emphasize social ac- tivities, it did sponsor a successful dance for pledges of all sororities and fraternities. Top rou : K. Baahnan, V. Johnson. R. Barrows, J, Habiger, J. Ryler, F. iVLay. K. Burnett. Second rou: H. Hagman, H. Borland. R. Bullock, K. teigel. B. Morris. ' _ " .Mb Jm _ ‘ „ t J it y if i i ] i ■ ■ i ■ I ■ ' ijfc M L : X j JP ? jRL i b 1 wflL ■ J| |U if j| IS| 143 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Marjorie Thy fault, treasurer; Paula Schmacher, president; Glenda Opitz, rush chairman; Karen Laizure, secretary; and Erma Fross, vice-president. Loretta Sacha, Marilyn Chastain and Janice Klotz gather around (or an informal song fest. Alpha Sigma Alpha held hour dances with fraternity groups throughout the year. Work on their homecoming float was fun as well as rewarding when they received an " honorable mention” for their entry. Greek Work Day found the Alphas cooperating with the other Greeks in “painting the town.” The Alphas worked with the Union Dance Committee in decorating for the all-school Christ- mas dance, “Underwater Winter Fantasy” was the theme chosen by the pledges for the Alpha Winter Formal. This was entirely a pledge project. At Christmas time the Alphas went caroling in a group with their brother fraternity. Sigma Tau Gamma. An entry in the Follies, participation in the Greek Sing and other spring activities rounded out a full year for the sorority. The end of Leap Week found Elgerine Roth elected Daisey Mae. Members of lpha Sigma Alpha entertain iheir guests with music at the Winter Formal. Tau Tau Chapter Local Establishment, 1928 National Founding, 1903 Dennis, Carolyn Fross, Vera Laborer, Karen Opitz, Glenda Roih, Elgerine Schumacher, P-ttn la Shaffer, Mary Sacha, Lord t a Thy fault, Marjorie Triplett, Claudel I 145 DELTA ZETA Standing Mary Deshieiu recording secretary; Dianne Miller, president; Ann Estes,, second vice-president. Seated: Sonja Danielson, first vice- president ; Sandra Hark ness, treasurer. DZ h s entertain at (he Children’s Christmas party. Omega Chapter Local Establishment. 1925 National Founding. 1914 Members of Delta Zeta sorority and (heir dates enjoyed a gay lime at the winter formal. Moving into a new house at 703 Fort signalled the beginning of the year for Delta Zeta. Once settled, the chapter enter- tained the alumnae with a tea to open their social calendar. Immediately the girls embarked upon a series of activities: they joined other Greeks during Greek Work Day; spent hours on homecoming decorations; attended the All Greek Formal. Rush Week brought the chapter 16 pledges, who were orientated into sororitv life by hostessing the Christmas formal Decem- ber 11. Between these events. Deltas found time for active campus participation. Kathy Anderson and Vina Oldach served on Student Council: Dixie Brown was president of Campus Boost- ers. Diane Amos was vice-president and Jan Ball secretary of the f reshman class, Connie Nelson Staples and Dianne Miller were elected to Who’s Who. Mary Deshien served as vice- president of Panhellenje Council and assistant editor of the Reveille, while Kathy J nderipn was elected vice-president of Campus Boosters. During second semester the Deltas worked on their Follies number, “CarouseF and Greek Sing. They sponsored two money-making projects and a spring formal. A highlight for Delta Omega chap- ter was the State Day Convention May 9, of all State Delta Zeta chapters. 146 Applegate Sheryl Baker, Charlotte Ball, Janice Browning Norma Brush Dawn But er Sandra Danielson Sonja Davison Myra Deshien Mary Estes Ann Fellers Both Fisher, Mary Gibson, Peg Harbaugh Bonnie Hark ness, Sandra Hinz, Sue Kim hell Fee Lof stead, Karen Miller, Dianne Mo let or, Virginia Nelson Connie Oldaeh. Vina Percival, Patti Philip Joyce Reddick Sandra Reimer, Wanda Rogers, Vickie Russell, Donna Stephenson Barbara Stalin, Alice Suchy Beverly Truan, Sharon Wood Virginia 147 PI KAPPA SIGMA Seared: Sandra Boos, vice-president. Standing: Karen Bniggoman, secretary; Kathy Smith, treasurer; and Jean Cromwell, president. Alpha Mu Chapter Local Establishment, 1957 National Founding, 1894 Pi Kappa Sigma, newest sorority on campus, celebrated Alpha Mu’s first birthday as a chapter complete with cake and congratulations. At the time of the celebration, Mrs. Frank Kinney became a patroness. A full year of activities included participation in Greek Work Day, picnics, informals, and building a float for the home ' coming parade. Square dance competition, Greek Sing, Fort Hays Follies and the spring formal completed the busy spring semester. Sandra Boos relaxes momentarily from, her studies. An Hawaiian theme prevails over a rush party given by the Pi Kappa Sigmas. 149 From row: LaVonne Bridges, vice president. Back row: Linda Swayze, re- cording secretary; Sylvia Kaiser, keeper of grades; Kay IznMasche, treasurer; Awyn Trealer, corresponding secretary ; Marcalene Harper, president. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Alpha Gamma Chapter Local Establishment, 1925 National Founding, 1898 Winning the 1958 spring semester award for scholarship launched the year for the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. Presen- tation of the award was made at the All Greek banquet. An- nouncement was also made that the sorority was raising the grade average requirement to 1.5. Greek Work Day found the Tri Sigmas lending a helping hand, with other greek organizations, to help beautify the town. Their work schedule also included a shoe-shine day as a money-making project. “Oriental Dreamland” was the theme of the Tri Sigma fall informal. Alumnae were entertained at a tea during home- coming activities. Using the themes “Seeing is believing” for house decorations and “Fit for a king” for float, the Tri Sigmas placed second in both divisions. Honor-wise, Tri Sigma did well this year, Kay Ann Kaufman was chosen Reveille Beauty Queen, and three of the Fort Hays cheerleaders were Tri Sigs. An informal, a spring formal and another work day were included in the spring activities of the Sigma sorority members. A ' ■shoe-shine” proved to be a profitable project for members of i he chapter. “An Oriental Dream” formed the theme and backdrop for members and guests of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority. Antrim, Donna Bender, Marlene Bridges, LaVonne Fletcher, Janice Fredrickson. Jo Lynne Grumbein, Mary Henry, Sybil Harper, Marealene Harrison. Janet Hubbard, Jeanette 1 in Ma ache, Kay lhrig, Meredith Johnson, Deanna Kaiser, Sylvia Kaufman, Kay Klemm, Peggy Leazure, Sandra Leo n a rd , Cl arc n e McDonald, Marcia MiMer, Suzanne Morrow, Jeanne M unsinger, Celeste Nelson, Barbara Rode m an, Carla Ryan, Patricia Smith, Janice Strom, Leann Stutterheim, Beverly Swayze, Linda Taylor, Kathy Trexler, Awyn Wanker, Carolyn Wic kisser, Christine 151 Seated are; Deanna Lockman, first vice-president; Connie Eaton, president; Grace Staab, secretary; Cherei Ballard, treasurer; Lynn Dyatt, third vice- president; Marla Kay O ' Malloran, editor; Virgie McKenzie, second vice- president. THETA SIGMA UPSILON Mu Chapter Local Establishment, 1928 National Founding. 1921 The Thetas entertain Mrs. Norman and Mr, and Mrs. Stone after dinner. Theta Sigma Upsiion walked away with the first prize at homecoming in each division entered; first for house decora ' tions, first in its class for float, and Sweepstakes for the best float in the parade. A homecoming banquet for Theta parents was held following the day’s festivities. The Thetas received thirteen pledges during Rush Week and four during Open Bidding. Other activities of the year were hour dances, Greek Sing and the Fort Hays Follies, A chili supper proved a most profitable project for the group. In addition to its group activities, Theta Sigma Upsiion has had many individual honors, Karen Seery was chosen Sweet- heart Queen, Deanna Lockman edited the Reveille and was vice-president and president of SNEA; Ronnie Rogers-Nelson edited the State College Leader and was first semester president of SNEA. Judy Hegwer presided over the Tigerettes, Connie Eaton served as Student Council secretary. The “Rose Formal” climaxed a year of success and achieve- ment for members of Theta Sigma Upsiion. I 152 Bowen, Mary Conard, Karen Dietz, Mary Dreher, Marilyn Dyalt, Donna Eaton, Connie Heany, Glenda Hegwer, Judith Heide, Linda Heinze, Donna Hyamcs, Linda Jefferies, Gwendolyn Lewis, Judy Lock man, Carolyn Lockman. Deanna Loflin, Marjorie Lofstead, Mary Ann Mann, Nancy Mease, Wanda McGuire, Marilyn O’Halioran, Marla Paustian, Gay Rogers, Bonnie Rohr, Marjorie Seery, Karen Staab, Grace Stehno, Patricia Spicer, Joan Thomm, juncil Thompson, Laura 153 Front row: Warren Sick, vice-president; Howard Riedel, secretary. Back row: John Hays, sergeant -a Ear ms; Richard Wolf, president; Larr r Desbien. treasurer. DELTA SIGMA PHI Gamma Qmicron Chapter Local Establishment, 1953 National Founding, 1899 Delta Sigma Phi participated in a number of campus as well as Greek activities this year. Hour dances, Greek Work Day, Greek Sing, and two in form a is constituted a large part of the activities of Della Sigma Phi. A special scholarship program has been set up for both the actives and pledges of Delta Sigma Phi. “The Sailors Ball ' ’ was the theme of the Delta Sigs ? winter informal and the “The Sphinx Bair formed the setting for their spring informal. Steve Blaine catches up on his studies in his room. The Delta Sigs entertain the Thetas at an hour dance. 154 Bel], Ronald Blain, Steven Christie Jack Codding ton Kenneth Desbien, Larry Dkke, Ronald Griflen. James Habiger. James Hall, Glen Hays John H eirman, Lester Hubert, Craig Mahoney Gary McEwen, Julian Nicholas, George Poore, Gary Reed, Jerome Riedel Howard Siek, Warren Starr, John Wolf, Richard 155 KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA Seated Tom Gilmore, treasurer; Jack Feiden, president; Rod Hutton, vice- president: Dun Herman, chaplain. Standing: Ralph Walker, house treasurer; Bill Ohlemeier, director of public relations; Maurice Dural l T alumni chair- man: Les Ensign, sergeant at-arms; Phi) Webber, pledge master. Leo Oliva proudly accepts the scholarship trophy for the Kappas. “In formal” seems to be the mode of dress at the Kappa Sigma Kappa informal. Phi Delta Chapter Local Establishment, 1916 National Founding. 1B67 Kappa Sigma Kappa began the fall semester by winning the traveling scholarship trophy for the third consecutive time— thus gaining permanent ownership of the coveted award. Intra- murals was another competitive field in which the Kappas ranked high. “Sewers of Paris. “Hillbilly Holiday and 1 lie Crypt were the themes for the informal parties. Bob Scheuerman, an alumnus of Fort Hays chapter was elected Grand International President of Kappa Sigma Kappa and he and J. Feiden, R. Hutton, and L. Ensign flew to Manitoba State University in Winnipeg. Canada, to an annual Kappa formal banquet Feb. 27. Leo Oliva, an active member of the local chapter, was elected president of the South-Central Province. The Fort Hays chap- ter was host to the South Central Province meeting this spring. Follies and All-Greek Sing also rank high on the list of activities for the Kappas during the spring. 156 Appel, Benjamin Bauman, Dennis Bergman, Paul Davis, Eugene DeLay, Fred p Du rad, Maurice Ensign, Lester Feiden, Jack Gilmore, Thomas Gotischalk, Gary Gutshall, Jerry Hartzler, Duane llar rnan, Donald Hutton. Rodney Johnson, Victor Martin, Daniel Neely, Jerry Ohlemeicr, William Oliva. Leo Parsons, Donald Parsons, Max Richards, Kenneth Schaffer. Darrel! Thompson, Curtis Waggle, Doyle Walker, Ronald Webber, Phil Wilson, William Ziegler, Wilfred 157 Zeta Chapter Local Establishment. 1931 National Founding, 1910 Phi Sigma Epsilon credits the success of this past year to the renewed interest of its members and well-qualified officers. A newly -formed house committee aided the house manager and housemother in their respective duties. One of the Phi Sigs major projects has been the remodeling of their basement into study and sleeping areas. The Phi Sigma Epsilon by-laws w r ere re-written under the direction of members and sponsors. Members of Phi Sigma Epsilon were active in intramurals. The group participated in Greek Work Day, Greek Sing, and sponsored fraternity smokers, informal parties, and hour dances. Daw on, Gent Eulert, Harold Feist, jolm Fountain, Car! Godfrey, John Hammer, Larry Henderson, John La!ly, Jerry Leiker, Harvey Miller, Wayne Norton. Alan O’Brien, John Oldach, Robert Poppe, Clyde Popp, Dennis Powers, George Rein, Marlin Reiss, Ja mes Rob ben, Rodger Runft, Leland Thomas, Frank Trail, Bernard Weigel, Kenneth Williams, Dale Bennett, Larry Eyer, William Ryler, Jack I 59 Zeta Chapter Local Establishment, 1958 National Founding, 1901 The highlight of the social season arrived in the spring with the annual Sweetheart BalL Planned by the pledges, the event was enj oyed by members and alumni alike. Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon participated in all phases of campus activity. Their social program included All Greek Work Day, the All Greek Formal, informal parties and hour dances with sororities. The Fort Hays Follies and Greek Sing filled out the calendar. Participating in the intramural program, the Sig Eps won first in basketball, first in swimming, third in football and second in tennis. Honors came to the fraternity with the election of Jerry Koeppen as Student Body president and the choice of Lois Boone, whom they sponsored, as Reveille Queen candidate, as one of the two attendants. The boys are proud of the new Sig Ep house at 335 West 8th Street, Wonder who ' s on the other end of the tine that so engrosses Larry Stanton and Larry Douglas? 160 Christian, Fred Combs, Ronald Curtis, William Dean, Cary Deines, Duane Deutsch, Donald Fabmius, Elvin ■ Gikfctease, Richard , Green, James Hirrifon, William Hough, David Jensen, Daryl Kasselman, Max Kucppen, Jerry Lessor, Delbert McIntyre, Max McNerney, Neil Odette, Dermic Organ, James Patterson, Roger Peters, Reed Reinhardt, Richard Shively, Jon Shumate, Denis Slipke, Walter Stanton, Larry Staples, Jim Stenzel, LaVern Tarlton, Max Terjesen, Charles Tran bargee, Gary Trussell, Ronald Welch, David Wickizer, Lynn Womochil, Sheldon 161 SIGMA TAU GAMMA Eta Chapter Local Establishment. 1926 National Founding, 1924 Sigma Tau Gamma began its year by participating in the AH Greek Work Day. This was a combined effort of all Greek organizations to be of civic help to the community. “Greenwich Village” provided the theme for the Sig Taus and their guests at the winter informal. Several hour dances and occasional work days helped fill the schedule of social events. Cooperation with other Greeks in the Greek Sing and the Follies strengthened the bonds of fellowship. The annual dance of the year, “The White Rose Formal” climaxed an enjoyable year for members of Sigma Tau Gamma. Where did the fifth ace conic from? But 1 haven’t had any training for this sort of work! 162 Austin, John Cooper, Jeral Downing, Robert Fritschcn, Donald Hagman, Herbert Houser, Blair Kraisinger. Gary Lauxcnan, LaVcrne Lee, Lowell Lewis, Arnold Lull, Rudolph Me Neal, Denzil Meier, Larry Morris, Ben Qstrom, Sieve Quenzer, Allen Schraier, Gerald Steiner i, Wayne Weller, Randall York, Robert Zavodsky, Wesley 163 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Standing: Boyd Limes, president; Roy Bullock, chaplain; Tom Kumnier, treasurer: Paul Burmeister. secretary. Seated : Dick Pettibone, pledge trainer; Gerald Wanker, vice president; Bob Baalman, sergeant -at -arms. Alpha L ' psilon Chapter Local Establishment, 1942 National Founding, 1899 Tau Kappa Epsilon was an active participant in many school and Greek functions this past year. Sports-wise, the TKEs ranked high among competitors in intramurals, taking many first and second place honors. In the homecoming festivities, Tau Kappa Epsilon finished with a second place for their house decorations and second in the Sweepstakes award. Tau Kappa Epsilon also participated in All Greek Work Day and entered a contestant in the Bearded Joe contest for Leap Week. The group also joined in the Greek Sing and the Fort Hays Follies. Members of Tay Kappa Epsilon and guests enjoy themselves at the annual TKE “Pajama Party.” The “TKEs” raid the ice-box ai the chapter house. 164 Adams, Car] Anderson, Calvin Raalman, Robert Bar cis, George Bee hard, William Beehard, Leon Bel tch, James Beougher, Elton Beougher, John Brad field, Lawrence Brown, Preston Burmeister, Paul Bullock, Roy Burr, Merlyn Chapman, Charles Eaton, Norman Erbert, Daniel Frevert, Benjamin Gilbert, James Goeken, James Hanna, Cary Hamel, Thomas Hendrix, Charles Hutchcraft, Theodore Johnson, Russell Jones, Marly n Jones, Ronald Keller, David Knipe, Duane Kummer, Thomas Limes, Boyd Logan, Duane Lot hi, Darrell McQueen, Kerry Money, Michael Olson, Merlin Packard, Richard Perkins, Harold Pctiihone, Richard Pickinpaugh, William Rankin, Lcnnes Reece, Clyde Reis si g, Donald Rogers, Gordon Scott, Larry Wanker, Gerald Westbrook, Jerry 1 AS ATHLETICS • O o. Tigers, go!” With a keen sense of pride and loyalty, yon identify yourself with the cheering student body . The school spirit holds you and your fellow students together through wins and losses. Promotion of standards is obtained through observation and participation in athletics , , . 167 FOOTBALL The Fort Hays State campus experienced a surge in yihool spirit that was reflected in the performance of the Tiger football team. The wave of spirit came just in time for Homecoming, and was perhaps the high point of the entire season, finding Fort Hays State winning over Pitts- burg Slate 16 to 7. At the close of the season the Tigers found themselves in third place in the Cl AC conference standings. An intregal part of the student spirit arc the school colors, black and gold. The old colors of blue and gold were changed to the present colors at the suggestion of president W. A. Lewis, who came to the college in 1913. Another tradition to be found at all Fort Hays State games is the college Fight Song, “Go Hays Tigers.’ The Fight Song has been played for as long as anyone can remember. Of course the true goal of any student body is to support its team — win or lose — a goal which has been partially realized this season at Fort Hays State. Working together in the future will see its full attainment. I-t-itding the cheering section all season are four of the cheerleaders: Jeanie Morrow, LaVonne Bridges, Justine Beatty, and Kay IniMasche. 163 wayne McConnell ED McNEIL McConnell, who is in his third year as head football coach at Fort Hays State, attended college at Kansas Stale Emporia State College, and Washburn University He has been coaching since 1943 and experienced winning seasons at Effingham Gaylord, Downs and Manhattan high schools before beginning a six-year regime at College of Emporia His success at Emporia has become an athletic legend in Kansas as his teams won 39 lost 12. and tied one during the six-year era In 1953 ho was named Little All-American Coach of the Year by the Roekne Foundation. McNeil, line coach for Fort Hays State served under Coach McConnell at College of Emporia but had a year at North Dakota University as line coach before rejoining Me Connell at Fort Hays State. He played four years of football at Kansas State and was named to the All -Big-Seven Conference team in 1949. He was also a third team All- American se lee lion . In his second year on the Tiger coaching staff, McNeil was a regular tackle on Kansas State football teams in the late 1940V He received honorable mention recognition on All -Conference grid teams and was named to an Alb American third team. Throughout the season, Fort Hays State had the aid of three assistant coaches. Art New-comer was an all-conference full- back at Bethany College before serving in the Army. He recently joined the Fort Hays coaching staff as a graduate assistant working with the junior varsity Merle Garey played for Washburn in 1948 and for Fort Hays for three seasons after serving in the Army. He coached at Ellis High School before coming back to Hays as a graduate assistant, Don Dempewolf. after playing three years as an end and halfback for Fort Hays State, is now serving as chief scout and working with the junior varsity squad. 169 The recipient of the ” Busch” Cross Award as the outstanding -j rii •] athlete from (he 1 95 7 -S3 school year is Dan Johnson, The award is selected by a committee on the basis of leadership, scholarship, eitistenship and ability. PAUL “BUSCH” GROSS, director of athletics “Rush” was a Fort Hays State athlete in 1917-21 and later was a successful high school coach at La- Crosse, Howard, and Augusta, He returned to his alma mater as head basketball coach in 1930 and his cage teams won two conference co- championships He has been director of athletics since 1935 and has served on the faculty at Fort Hays State for 28 years. In Iris honor, the “Busch Gross Award” is given each year to the outstanding senior athlete on the Tiger campus. Bill BECHARD. Halfback WILLIAM JEWELL, Tackle RICHARD ARNOLD, Center Top row: D. Flanks, T. Ax man, D, Lamoreux, J. Theilen, J. Hunt. D, Rolph, E, Gebhardt, L. Wait, J. Painter, T. Blake. Second row: W McKinney. P Altman D Hrabik G Cramer, C. Mooney, G, Goodlieart, B. Morris, j. Horde wick, E. Marshall, M. Kasselman, Third row: J. llauck, J. Galyardt, I. Schumacher. W. Schumacher, E. Margheim. W. Miller, R. Arnold, D. Gilbert, R. Brian, J. McFarland. Fourth row: A. Newcomer, assistant coach; D. Crosby, C. Vernon, W ' . Jewell, K. Ochs, L. Elliott, R. Poage, R. Trailer, N. Dreiling, D. Williams, L. Stevenson, D. Dempewolf, assistant coach tilth row: W McConnell head coach; A. Kober, J, Maska, R. Haney, C. Stahl, 0, Hildebrand, C. Poppc, B. Bechard, D. Stegman, R. Leonard. E, McNeil, line coach. Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort WARREN MILLER, End SEASON’S RECORD Hays State.. Hays State 7 13 Ha vs State 13 Hays Stale . 21 Hays State . 16 Hays State 7 Hays State . 0 Hays State 6 Hays State 14 LEE STEVENSON, Halfback Kearney, Nebr. 35 Maryville, Mo. 0 Colorado College . . 7 Southwestern 0 Pittsburg State 7 Emporia Stale 7 St Benedicts 41 Washburn 19 Northwestern Alabama 3 3 DARRELL HILDEBRAND, Halfback FA DREN.ING. End All-Co fl h rente KEITH OCHS, Tackle LYNN ELLIOTT, Quarterback In ibe season s opener the visiting Tiger team was defeated hy the running, passing team of K earner. Nebraska, 35 to 7. 1 he lone Bengal tally came in the closing seconds of the third quarter when Vernon ran 30 yards to score after Stegmarfs second Mocked punt of the game. The first home game resulted in a 13 to 0 triumph for Tori Hays Stale over Maryville. Missouri. n improved Tiger team held the visitors to a total of 36 yards rushing and passing during the entire game. The passing of Elliott was combined with the ground gaining of Vernon, Bee hard, and Gilbert. Defensive play centered around Stegman and Kober. In the third game the Tigers took to the air for their two first half touchdowns and then staved off a last quarter 172 PHILIP ALTMAN, Guard DALE WILLIAMS, End RONALD HANEY- Center Colorado College rally to win 13 to 7. Masks scored one touchdown and Miller scored the second Lilly after I he Tigers made an 80-yard drive. In the first conference game Fort Hays Stale scored in the first four minutes and then coasted to a 21 to 0 win over Southwestern College. Vernon. Elliott, and Bechard all crossed the goal line sr c. w 173 DENNIS STEGMAN, Guard All-Conference CHUCK VERNON, Fullback CLYDE POP PE, Guard In the Homecoming game the Bengal? triumphed over Pitts- burg State 16 to 7, registering their fourth consecutive win of the season. Hildebrand and Elliott scored, with Jewell making two successful conversions. An automatic safety accounted for the other two Tiger points. Again it was the Hays defensive play that highlighted the win. In the following game Fort flays State and Emporia State, two defensively stubborn teams, battled to a 7 to 7 tie. Vernon scored the lone Bengal tally with Jew-ell making the conversion. The team that thwarted Tiger hopes for a CIC football championship, was the undefeated St. Benedict’s Ravens who AL KOBER. Tackle REX TRADER, End JOHN McFARLAND, Tackle 174 rolled over the Tigers 41 to 0. The final home game saw the Fort Hays State team defeated at the hands of Washburn, 19 to 6. This game knocked the Tigers out of the runner-up spot in the CIC. A strong running and passing attack by Northwest Okla- homa handed Hays a 34 to 14 defeat at Alva. Hildebrand and Vernon accounted for the Fort Hays State scores. The loss left the Tigers with four wins, four losses, and one tie for the season. JIM MASK A, Quarterback CHARLES STAHL, Tackle GARY GOOD HEART, Guard 175 BASKETBALL 176 CADE SURAN, basketball coach After twenty -five years of successful coaching, the 1958-59 season has been one of the best for Coach Cade Suran. The 1959 team has rolled to 18 wins against 2 losses for the best mark in Coach Suran’s 13 years as head liger coach. The only conference defeat was a 63-6 1 overtime game at Pittsburg despite a brilliant come-from-behind effort. Fort Hays State hadn ' t won the CIC basketball title since 1950. which was Su rail’s 4th year at Fort Hays State. In that season Fort Hays State had a 10-2 win-loss record in league play and 19-8 for the season. Suran had twelve years of high school coaching experience in which his teams won 85 % of their games before he came to Fort Hays State in 1946. Formerly an all -Kansas Conference forward and leading scorer at Kansas Wesleyan, he coached 2 years at Harlan and 5 each at Downs and Wellington. During his 13 years at Fort Hays State, Suran’s teams have won 173 and lost 102. The 1949 team finished with a 17-6 record, as did the 1952 group. The Tigers had a 164 record in 195 4, won the Sunshine Tournament at Por tales. New Mexico, and finished in the runner-up spot in CIC play. Characteristic of this season’s winning team and Suran’s style of play are the fast break, set offense revolving around a high post, and the wagon -wheel offense that has been spectacular against a man-to-man defense. Statistics reveal one important aspect of the Tigers success; they made 42% of all field goal attempts and 69$ from the free- throw line. Top row : D. Bigham, R. Wliitraer, l). Getty, D. Channel, M. Harris, Daugherty, I). Urson. Second row: C. Suran, J. Owen, M. Slurd, C. Casey, L. Vo tli, ?♦ Palmer, L Wingate, P. Gross, E, Velharticky. 177 Galen DeVore, Guy Conner, and Dim Dempewolf. The three junior varsity coaches for this year were Guy Conner, Don Dempewolf and Galen De- Vo re. Guy Conner is from McCracken, Kansas. He attended Fort Hays State from 1949 to 1952 and played basketball four years. He was on the Com ferenee Championship Team of 1950 and was given honorable mention on the All-Conference Team. He spent two years in the U. S. Army from 1953-55. After returning from the army he coached for three years at Brownell High School from 1955 to 1958. He has attended Fort Hays State this year, working on his master’s degree and will graduate in August, 1959. Don Dempewolf is from Colby, Kansas. He served in the army from 1952 to 1954. He enrolled in Fort Hays Stale in 1955 and graduated in 1958. He is now completing his graduate work and will also get his master’s degree in August, 1959. Galen DeVore is an undergraduate, majoring in physical education. He graduated from Macksville High School in 1956 and will graduate from Fort Hays State in May, 1959. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL , row: G. Connor, coach; L. Heffel, j, Scheibler, It. Marshall, W, Davison, W. Schmidt, R. Soeken, G. DeVore, assistant coach. Second row: E. Sclioen. G„ Romdser. G. O’Leary, B. Hirt. R. Anderson, C, Lomax. 178 DUANE CHANNEL!. RON BICHAM DEAN LARSON WILLIAM EHLERS LYNN VOTH PAUL PALMER 179 LARRY DAUGHERTY DALE GETTY RICHARD WHITMER ISO CARY CASEY MERLE HARRIS MERE STURD ISI Climaxing the best season in the school ' s history, the Fort Hays State basketball team won the CIC champion- ship for the first time s}ft f £, 1950, and within a week, won the playoff for the right to represent Kansas in the NAIA tournament in Kansas City, March 9-14. The Tigers held an 18-2 record in regular season play and won the first two playoff games from the Ottawa Braves to win a berth in the twenty-second NAIA tournament. Bill Ehlers, one of the regular Tiger guards, graduated at the end of the first semester. Dean Larson, K-State transfer, became eligible and filled the vacated spot in the starting lineup. Ottawa University, champion of the Kansas Conference, came to the Sheridan arena for the first of the three-game series. The Tigers put on a fabulous shooting display to win 86 to 71 for a perfect record on the home court in ten starts. At Ottawa the following night the Tigers defeated Ottawa again. 79 to 70. The l PI selected Coach Cade Suran as the Coach of the Year, Trading scorer of the season, Merl Sturd, won a irsMeam spot on the UPI and CIC all-conference team. 1 i i i ' • r selected were Gary Casey and Don Bigham for the 1 team and Duane Channel!. Merle Harris, and Dean n for honorable mention. CIC STANDINGS SCORE BOARD FHS 79 So utl i we ste r n Ok 1 a ho ma .. 54 FHS 69 Kearney State 46 FHS 77 Central Oklahoma University . 74 FHS TT Kansas City University . 69 FHS 79 Kansas Wesleyan 65 FHS 75 Colorado College 68 FHS 68 Eastern New Mexico . 70 FHS 77 5 o u t h w est ern () k 1 a h om a . 62 FHS 68 Kansas City University 57 FHS . 77 Emporia State 67 FHS 65 St. Benedict ' s College .... 53 FHS 68 Southwestern College 66 FHS 71 Washburn University 55 FHS 70 Omaha University .... 53 FI IS .. 63 Pittsburg State 51 FHS 60 St. Benedict ' s College 41 FHS 78 Washburn University ... 66 FHS 75 Southwestern College .. 57 FHS 61 Pittsburg State 63 FHS . 56 Emporia State 55 FHS 86 Ottawa 71 FHS 79 Ottawa 70 Won Fort Hays Kansas State 9 Emporia State 6 Pittsburg State 5 Washburn University 4 St, Benedict’s 3 Southwestern 3 Lost 1 4 5 6 7 7 ALL-CONFERENCE SELECTIONS Coach of the Year CADE SURAN First Team MERE STURD Second Team CARY CASEY DON BIGHAM H on ora hie M entio n DUANE CHANNELL MERLE HARRIS DEAN LARSON 182 NAIA TOURNAMENT The Tigers got off to a blazing start, defeating West- minster College of Ogden, Utah, 70 to 63 Then Ar- kansas State of Jonesboro fell before the Bengals 59 to 49. Moving into the semi-finals in the third game, an inspired Tiger team almost outdid itself, scoring 98 to 83 over West Virginia Wesleyan. Exhausted, plagued with flu, but still fighting, the Tigers then dropped their last two games to Pacific Lutheran and Southwest Texas State to finish fourth in the tourney. Excitement reached an all-time high as Fort Hays State entered its first N A 1 A to u m ey . As the winning st rea k progressed, the Tiger section in K. C. grew, until Municipal Auditorium held almost as many familiar faces as Sheridan Coliseum. On Saturday night the team was presented the trophy; Merl Sturd and Gary Casey received watches for selection on the all-tour na- ment second team. Rack on campus, the coach and squad received a standing ovation in a special assembly — a fitting finale to a spectacular season. CROSS COUNTRY NAIA MEET Richard Lottom Garden City junior, led the Tigers with a sixth place finish in the field of 120 runners. The Tiger squad was ninth of the 14- teams that finished complete squads. Boh McVieker ran a fine race to close his cross-country career at Fort Hays State, as he finished 38th. Hal Morris, two-year letterman. finished in 46th place. The NAIA eross-countr) meet was held at Omaha, where 14 colleges were represented. Cl AC MEET The Fort Ha vs State cross-country team traveled to Pittsburg November 22 for the CIAC cross-country meet. Running for Fort Hays in the meet were Boh McVieker, Richard Lot tom Hal M iris. Rill Stapleton, and Melvin Bremenkamp. ! ' ■ na Avon the meet with 32 points, Fort Hays State was ■ :id with 50 points, and Pittsburg third with 60 points. In . dual scoring Richard Lotion took third place. Boh Me- N r eighth. Hal Morris tenth and Bill Stapleton, thirteenth place. Coach Francis talks to one of his men during the NAIA meet at Omaha. [ m right: Melvin Brernenkamp. Norton: Gene Hayes, Smith Center; Bob McVieker Smith : r: hi. -hard Lotion .Carden City. Back row: Bill Stapleton, Lewis; Don Nelson, Kanorado; Gerald tt rln.-K. Osborne: Jerry MeilJer, Minneapolis: Hal Morris. Horton. 1958 SCHEDULE Oct. 11 — at Wichita, Invitational Oct. 17 — at Kearney, Nebraska Oc t. 25 — at Emporia State Nov. 1 — Triangular meet at Wichita with Wichita and Arkansas Nov. 22- — CIAC meet at Pittsburgh Kearney State and Emporia Nov. 6 — Triangular meet at Hays with Nov, 29 — NAIA meet at Omaha r 84 GYMNASTICS Colorado and Nebraska Universities were the guests as Fort Hays State opened the gymnastic season De- cember 13. Three returning leUermen were included in Coach McNeil’s Tiger squad: Julian MeEwen, Gerald Fahey and Ron Hailing. Fahey specialized on the parallel and horizontal bars. MeEwen is an all-round performer, while Hailing competed in the horizontal bar and trampoline events. Other members of the team included Don Barton Larry Beaver, Gary Cooper, Richard Fisher, James Gil- bert, Kenneth Good row, Norman King, Michael Lang- ley, Don Price, Max Tarlton, and Tom McWilliams. Gerald Fahey, Don Barton, Julian MeEwen, and Richard Fisher, FORT HAYS STATE 1958-59 GYMNASTICS SCHEDULE Dec, 13 — Nebraska University and Colorado University Triangular — Hays Jan, 30 — Colorado State College — Hays Feb. 6 — Kansas University— Lawrence Feb, 7 — Kansas State — Manhattan Feb. 20 — Colorado University—Roulder Feb. 21 — Colorado State University — Fort Collins Feb, 27-28 — All-College Meet — Boulder GERALD FAHEY, Captain RON HA [XING Top row: D. Price, M. Langley, J. MeEwen, M. Tarlton, L. Beaver, E. McNeil, coach. Second row: G. Fahey, R. Hailing, J. Gilbert, D. Barton, R. Fisher, T. Mc- Williams. 185 Top row: F. Reith, coach; T. Jackson, T. Schmidt, R Price, L. Whelan, B. McLeod, M, Burr, K, Usrey, J, Beltch, M. Mills, Second row: D. Votapka, D. Roedcl, C, Karr, L. Brad held, D, McKee, B. Kratxer, R. Jones, G, Patton. WRESTLING : ive returning veterans formed the nucleus for the Fort ! State u resiling team this season as Coach Fred Keith repared the matmen for an 18-meet schedule, B i k from last year ' s team are Curtis Karr and letter ' men Barry kratzer and Bill Piekinpaugh, Promising freshmen added to the Tiger squad were James Beltch, Bon Greenwood, Jerry Jackson, Charles Kvasmcka, Dennis McKee, William McLean, Gerald Pax- ton and Ronald Reed. Other upperclassmen on the squad include Merlin Burr, Gayle Garrelts, Jack Kerin. Dan Martin, Billy Price, Ken- neth 1 srey. and Larry Brad field. DALE VOTAPKA, Captain WRESTLING TEAM SCHEDULE Dec, 13 — Kansas State Dec. 19 — Colorado Invitational Jan. 10 — Air Force Academy Jan. 23 — Lamar College Jan. 21 — Adams State Jan. 30 — Western State College Jan. 31 — William Jewell College Feb. 3 — Lamar College Feb. 7 — Northwest, Mo. State Feb. 12 — Nebraska University Feb. 1.3 — Omaha University Feb, 14 — -South Dakota University Feb, 17 — Kansas State Feb. 20 — Colorado University Feb. 21 — Colorado State University Feb. 28 — Missouri Valley AAU Mar. 20-21 — NAIA Meet Mar. 28-29 — National AAU 186 Three returning conference champions formed the nucleus of Coach LeRoy Harper’s swimming team at Fort Hays State this year. The defending title holders are Marvin Giersch, Richard Arnold, and A1 Bieber. Both Giersch and Bieber are seniors and end- ing their third year of competition In win- ning their events in last year’s CIC meet, they posted new conference and school records. Other returning letter men were La Verne Lauxman, Robert George, Darrel Gilliland, and Lloyd Kepferle Other men on Coach Har- per’s squad are Lynn Brown, Stanley Hogsett, Brooks Kellogg, Manuel Mesa, Carlos Rev ilia, and Cap Middlekauff. Top ro it - : L. Harper, coach; S Hogsett, R. Helen, J. Reed, L. Brown, B. Kellogg, E. Anderson, assistant coach. Second row: L. Lauxman, L. Kepferle, A. Bieber, R. George, D. Arnold, M Giersch, SWIMMING SWIMMING TEAM SCHEDULE Dec, 5 — Nebraska University Dec. 6 — Creighton University Dec. 13— Missouri Mines Jan. 10 — Kansas State Jan. 30 — Colorado State Jan 5— Colorado University Jan 7— Pittsburg State Feb. 15 — Emporia State and Creighton University Feb. 20 — Emporia State Feb 26 — Kansas State Mar, 5-7— CIC Meet LOYD KEPFERLE 187 Sue Beal had the highest individual average in bow I i n g com pel it i o n . INTRAMURALS INTRAMURAL3 Vw‘. -ti’h Intramural Council, top row ; H. Shearer, K, Keas, E. Hildebrand, C. Fisher, K. t me. Kaiser, j. Karst, j, An rand, P r Swords, Second row: I, Bailey, sponsor; b. Mood , J. Griffilis, L„ Rasek, j, Travis, S, Kinyon, G. Murray, J. SchmoekeL H Kip pie, G. Rowe. Sue Seaman, free throws sports manager, and Dixie Barb, winner of the basketball free throw tournament. Shirley Mathias, first place winner of badminton singles. DeAnne Aldrich, golf sports manager; Dixie Barb, first place in golf singles competition; Sue Kin yon. second place in golf singles; Jeanne Arnold and Esther Thompson, first place in golf doubles. 188 WOMEN’S INTRAMURALS The women’s intramural program under the auspices of Miss Joan Bailey of the Department of Health and Physical Education offered a well-rounded athletic program for all women students. Medals and trophies are presented to the winners of each of the ten individual and team sports. The objective of the women’s program is to provide recreation and to promote a wider interest in athletics. More than 300 women participated in the intramurals program during the 1958-59 year. Top row ; R. Sevy, sponsor; S. Beal, S. Ford, D, Barb, S. Mathias, C. Kuner, N. Kent, Second row: J. Bemritter, H r Shearer, S. Kinyon, E, Morise, K. Cronic, G. Hester, N. Thompson members of Women’s Recreation As- sociation, Basketball free throw champion is Dixie Barb, Women’s bowling champions, Agnew III, are, fop row: L, Boone, P, Swords, S, Seaman, Seated: E. Higgins, C. Hansen, Speed-a-way champions, Agnew III, are ' C. Kvner, K. Cooper, E. Hildebrand, R. Baker, K, Cronic, C. Oelke, H, Kipple, S, Ford, M. Tuttle, manager. Golf doubles champions are Jeanne Arnold and Esther Thompson. 189 MEN’S INTRAMURALS TKE touch football champions are, top row: R Jones L, Brad field C Reese L. Me A tee, R. Baalman, D. Keller, G, Wanker C. Chapman, Second row: IX Lrbert, R. Johnson IX Luthi B. Limes, R Pettibone, B, Pick en pa ugh. Fort Hays State’s intramural program is due largely to the work of Coach Alex Francis. There is keen competition among the men for the intramural trophies at the end of each season. Men’s intramurals offered 14 individual and team sports this year to all male students. The purpose of the program is to provide entertainment as well as to teach good sports- manship and encourage physical fitness. Competition was divided into independent and organized leagues, with the winners playing for all-college champion- ships. Over 1,000 men participated in the 1958-59 intra- mural athletic program. Intramural managers for this year were Doug Morrisey and Bob Teegerstrom. Richard Russell, independent horseshoe champion. Ronald Walker and Gary Gottschalk, Kappa Sig tennis doubles champions. Larry Bennett, Phi Sig tennis singles champion. i k i i ■ - § L J 1 f — tiHii t | i iy Sig Ep swimming champions: Larry Stanton Bill Curtis, Dave Huff. Reed Peters Max Tarlton. 190 Independent basketball champions, top row: V. Anderson IX Lindsey L. Carter, I). Hildebrand. Second row: I.L Wilson G. Lindsey, D. Schultz, R, Teegerslrom. Ed Schwartzkopf, independent golf champion. Scjuare dance champions were I KK and I ri Sigs, top row: L. Brad field, L Bender M. Ihrig, C, Hanna. Second row: G, Wanker C. Butner K. Kauf- man, D. Erbert. Ronald Walker, Kappa Sig tennis singles champion. Sig Ep basketball champions, top row: B. Harrison, D. Jenson, M. Kassel man, D. Huff. Second row: K. TrusselL L. Douglas, M. Tarlton L. Stanton. 191 Our story is a colorful and busy one — with its dances, parties , informal gab sessions , football and basketball games , organization meetings and the books studied late at night. As we reach our goal of graduation, and education, we remember the obsta- cles overcome day by day. These mem- ories formed of people and events dur- ing the year will be recalled with the reading of the story. Each segment pictured in our book — classes, athletics, organizations, faculty and administration and royalty - — all make up the story of the year , STORY OF THE YEAR . . . 193 ABOVE: " Tea. anyone?” BELOW: Donna Delaney gels acquainted with President Cunningham and Richard Burnett, dean " How can one girl have so many boxes?” wonder members of A PCX service fraternity, as they help move students into the dormitories. Campus residence halls sorority and fraternity houses. Hacklier ry Trailer court and Lewis Field apartments begin to fill. Carrying armload after armload of clothes boxes, books, and suitcases into your campus homes, you make new ac- quaintances and greet friends. Another school year is launched. Using the Orientation book- let as a guide, you are introduced to the fast pace of campus life and to other students. You become Fort Hays Staters. Sign up lure the Union committees welcome volunteers. f94 ■ ABOVE: The fir l Tiger fi»p nf the year is well attended. During Gf|entation Week you participate in social, recrea- BELOW: Mr. and Mrs. Burnie Horton look on as Matt Benton presents Martin tional and religious activities. President Cunningham officially Kirtland with the music to the original song “Open t v the l nion. welcomes you and your parents to the Fort Hays State campus. Following this opening convocation in Sheridan Coliseum, the churches of Hays open their doors to welcome and introduce their facilities to you. Mrs. Landrum chats with Helen Shearer and her aunt over a cup of punch at die Union open house. Engrossed in conversation with Dr. Sackett are Mary Shaffer and Kay Smith. 195 ENROLLMENT AND CLASSES BEGIN . . . Monday morning appointments with advisers, choosing a curriculum, checking in the Registrar’s Office or taking tests, all are crammed into your busy schedules. Group sessions designed to present special information are sponsored by the Women ' s Leadership Organization, Seventh Cavalry, student leaders and members of the Honors Seminars, AT LEFT: Balmy fall weather accompanies die first days of school. L This student has plenty of help as he enrolls. 2. Marvel Albin and Marion Dreiling hand Jim Gilbert and bis friend their car registra- tion cards, 3. Making her last stop. Diana Coddington pays her tuition. 196 Ken Griffin applies lipstick as Claude Hansen holds Nancy Mitchell to prevent escape. Bill Ghlemeier and Margaret Stapleton cheerfully sell tickets for the picnic and have ready answers for all questions in the information booth. Enrollment begins Tuesday morning and the hectic process of trying to get into already closed classes, or rearranging a confused schedule, or smiling at a camera for your II) picture, or writing your name fifty times in the enrollment booklet — all become reality for you. It is with a sigh of relief that you reach the end of the line in Forsyth Library. An information booth has been set up between Picken Hall and Sheridan Coliseum to supply you with advice and informa- tion. Despite the fullness of your schedules, you find time to at- tend the President ' s openhouse and the " Hello ' dance, to become better acquainted with the faculty at the student -faculty picnic and the square dance. Thursday morning classes begin, and the campus settles into a calmer routine. Anxious fur the opening of the Memorial t nion, Carolyn Lock man, Sharon Troutman and La Done Votruba discuss campus activities. Norman Cousins answers questions at an informal coffee hour lurid in his honor. Movies are one of the Union’s many features. 197 Tau Kappa Epsilon entertains .with a fraternity smoker. “Refreshments, boys?” Rushees are served by Lanara Ostrander. UPPER; Is that line straight? Christine Wickizer and Awyn Trexler paint a crosswalk during All-Greek Work Day. LOWER: Other Greeks give the park fence a new coat of paint. Parents greet M. V. Walker during Parents ' Day, Virginia Ramsey pins a registration tag on her father as her mother looks on. 198 In addition to their search for knowledge, Fort Hays State students broaden themselves through social activities. As the new social center on campus, the Memorial Student l nion serves the college well. Official I v dedicated October 18 during the Homecoming celebration, the Union becomes a meeting place for alumni, students, faculty, and guests. Immediately after Homecoming the Union facilities arc launched into a busy schedule. With the snack bar opening October 30 the students begin to assemble daily for coffee, card games, billiards, ping pong and television, A major service, the Cody Cafeteria, is pul into use November 18. The Union office schedules all social events, while the Union committees work to present many programs and activities - — some of a broad, general appeal with others aimed at only a small interest group. As the year progresses there are art exhibits, movies, numerous dances and concerts. Organizations hold business meetings and give all types of parties in Union rooms that were not available to them last vear. After years of planning, the Memorial 1 nion is an actuality— a beautiful new building, one of which Fort Hays Staters may well he proud. Ila Hulett. Charles Hendrix and Margaret Stapleton chat with Miss Katharine Nutl after her lecture, “Indian Kaleidoscope ’ Lynn Kaye, Carol Booth, Judy Bel isle and Kay Eckel drink coffee with President and Mrs. Cunningham as they attend the Faculty Women’s Tea. Students dance at one of the many UnUn spon- sored events. Lek Hendricks and Rev. Ward Patterson examine a piece of clothing from the Middle East, I he I nion ariely Committee sponsored his talk on Europe and die Near East, [99 HOMECOMING Highlighting the homecoming activities is the long awaited dedication of the Memorial Union. The Rev. Wilbur DeYoung. 38, gives the dedicatory address Saturday morning. Assisting him on the speaker ' s platform are: Mr. Janies Start. Dr. Otis Dickey, Dr. Donald Stout, and Larry Kopke. A plaque commemorating graduates and former students who died while in service is unveiled by Larry Kopke, president of the Student Council The program is closed with the playing of tap. About 270 alumni and friends attend the annual banquet in the Black and Gold ballroom, Mrs. Nita Landrum, chairman of the homecoming committee, is honored, AT LEFT: Participating in the dedic ation ceremony of the Memorial Union are: Prof, James Start. Dr. Otis Dickey, Rev. Wilbur DeYoung, Larry Kopke and Donald Stout. The Rev. DeYoung delivers his dedicatory address, Larry Kopka unveils the commemorative plaque. President Cunningham presents a gift to Mrs. Nita Landrum in appreciation of her work as Secretary of the Alumni Association. Judy Greiner and her parents serve themselves at the Union smorgasbord. 200 The Homecoming Queen candidates are; LaVonnc Bridges, Bonnie Rogers, Justine Beatty, Bonnie Harbaugh, Sybil Henry, Yvonne Smith. Erma Fross, Dianne Miller, and Sylvia Kaiser. Anticipation of Homecoming festivities after last Year’s cancellation reaches a high pitch as you work to complete house and float decorations. The schedule of activities begins to unfold for you as more than 900 alums register. During this registration you with other Fort flays Slaters form a huge serpentine parade and advance to the Custer Hall bridge and the banks of Big Creek for the pep rally and traditional tug of war. Shouts ring out as the sophomores pull the fresh- men into the muddy creek. Beanies must be worn until Thanksgiving, A special treat is given you, alums, other students and faculty in the form of a concert by Blanche Thehom, noted mezzo soprano star of the Metropolitan Opera. “Let’s go, Tigers ! “ — spirits are high as the cheerleaders and the Tigeretles boost morale just before the Homecoming Parade. Bi«: Creek was filled with freshmen after the tug of war. Miss Blanche Thehom is surrounded by admirers Carol Kuh liman, Charlotte Baker, Mary Ellen Malmberg, and John Harris following her concert. Pete Womaehib Denis Shumate, and Fred Christian put finishing touches on their tiger before the judg- ing of Moats and house decorations. The Homecoming parade complete with tigers gorillas, thirty high school bands nineteen floats the mounted Seventh Cavalry new, foreign and sports cars, hula hoops, the queen and her court all led by the Marching 100. Organized houses are transformed from the ordi- nary to the unusual as they apply the theme of “famous slogans " ' to house decorations With this r xotic float Tau Kappa Epsilon won first place in the men’s division. f Thrsr Hill - monkies rode the SNEA float to first place in the combination division. The tiger twins hitch a ride during the Homecoming parade. A ttgr r lily dominated the Theta Sigma Upsilon float and the Thetas dominated the judging, winning iir t in the womens division and the Sweepstakes prize The .Marching 100 form a heart as the Queen is crowned. The Homecoming Queen Justine Realty, beams on the crowd at the game. Her escort is Larry Kopke, president of Student Council. A w 202 Proudly clutching their first place trophies lor float and house decorations are Boyd Limes, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Connie Eaton, Theta Sigma Upsilon; and Eugene Velharticky, Student National Education Association. Queen Ju line Beatty reigns as the Fort Hays State Tigers plunge to victory over Pittsburg State. The calendar of events is climaxed with a Homecoming dance in the Black and Gold Ballroom of the Memorial Union. Tired but happy, you agree it ' s been a tremendous Homecoming. The Queen and her court stand at attention as the hand plays. They are: LaVonne Bridges, Tom Gilmore, Marcelenc Harper, Larry Kopke, President Cunningham, Justine Beatty, Darrell Schaffer, Jerry Koeppen, Yvonne Smith, and David Mosier, President Cunningham presents roses to Queen Justine Beatty, The Queen of 1958 poses with former queens at the Homecoming dance. Fred Christian, Sigma Phi Epsikm, Dick Fisher, Wesley Foundation, Marcelene Harper, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Paul Nelson, Men ' s Residence Hall, display their plaques for second place in house and float entries. 203 As the calendar progresses, campus entertainment is provided for you by dramatic and music productions or by the organizations to which you belong. Winner of the intramural square dance contest. Larry brad field Marlene Bender, Meredith Ihifig, Gary Hanna, Gerald Wanker. Celeste Burner. Kay Kaufman, and Danny Erhert, represent Sigma Sigma Sigma and Tan Kappa Epsilon. BERNADINE Guests at I he Artists ' Ball came as characters from famous paintings. The Little Theater group, directed by Miss Harriet Ketchum. assistant professor of speech, presents “Beniadtne” October 30-31 Picket! Hall is filled to capacity both nights as the curtain rises The Man Coyle Chase plav shows family rela- tionships and emphasizes problems of adolescents and their solutions to these problems. While light and humorous on the surface, the pla has some important things to sav about parents and their attitudes concerning t heir children. The entire cast of “Bernadine " takes a curtain call. “Hr an’ gives “Gibbs’’ a little advice as the gang looks on. Selma gives the boys a t old shoulder. Miss Ketchum and student directors Bill Gatlin and Charlotte Baker discuss a program. “Wormy, ' Lloyd Magers quarrels with “Selma. Vera Russell. 204 DON COSSACK CHORUS A Don Cossack dancer performs his sword dance specially. GUYS AND DOLLS The Don Cossack chorus and dancers, directed by General Platoff, provided entertain- ment November 18. The Don Cossack Chorus and Dancers perform a large and varied program of Cossack war songs. Russian folk tunes and gypsy songs. Nicholas Kostrukoff. director, organized the group in 1927: since that time they have given over 6.700 concerts on five continents. For two nights Damon Runyon’s colorful characters provide light-hearted entertainment as ' Guys and Dolls” is presented November 25-26 in the Hays High School Auditorium, Rosa Lee Hirt played Miss Sarah Brown, the “mission doll” who meets Sky Masterson. played b jerry Stafford. Miss Adelaide. Elizabeth Higgins, does her best to snare Nathan Detroit. Don Moses, who is proprietor of the floating crap game. They were supported by a cast of 13 and assisted by a chorus, dancers, extras and an orchestra. Donald E. Stout, assistant professor of music, directed the annual Fort Hays State Choir show. The proceeds are used for Concert Choir scholarships. Killing lime. Fred Christian and Lurry Pursnns survey a passing doll. 205 RUSH WEEK Formal sorority rush begins Sunday November 16 after three weeks of " coke” dating. Each sorority gives their house a final inspection while the freshman girls dress carefully and adjust their hats. At 2 the “rush 1 officially begins with 69 rushees registering at each sorority house. Monday evening the parties begin and extend through Satur- day morning. From 9:30 until 2:30 p.nx. the suspense mounts. Both sorority girls and rushees cross their fingers and wait while bids are being matched. Finally, the new pledges are welcomed with open arms. Meeting a requirement of rush Judy Bel hie signs I he guest hook as Lynn Kaye and Sylvia Kaiser look on. When the shouting dies away, forty-three women are pledges of the five sororiiies. Rushees and members of Alpha Sigma Alpha meet at the refreshment table. Virginia Wood and Diane Amos receive from Panhrlleme Council representatives their envelopes which contain their party invitations. Kathy Smith dials with Roberta Hecox as Linda Luke and Joan Fink sip coffee. 206 Rushees form a line as Sandra Boos and Eldred Gustavson serve them. The Thetas turn artistic for their second party. ABOVE: Mrs. Robert Spangler ami Jean Cromwell become heller acquainted with freshmen, Judy Bel isle and Jean Moody. BELOW: Delta Zolas entertain at their ‘Elaine Fantasy. ' 207 Commander Charles Brendler, Direc- tor, United Stales Navy Band, During intermission, couples descend lo the lounge. REVEILLE BALL Opening the campus Christmas social season, the Reveille Ball is held December 6th tit the Black and Gold ballroom. Against a backdrop of a replica of the cover which reveals for the first time the design of the 1959 Reveille, Bob Berger and his orchestra furnish music for several hundred couples. Dr. L. D. Wooster, president emeritus, congratulates Kay Ann after crowning her. 208 AND A QUEEN IS CROWNED . . . At ten o’clock the beauty queen and princesses as chosen by Commander Charles Rrendler, director of the United States Navy band, will be announced. Excited guesses are made as to the queen’s identity as the crowning time draws near. The band plays a fanfare, and Cap Middlekauff, master of ceremonies, introduces the eight candidates, their escorts and Dr. L. D, Wooster, president emer- itus, to whom the book is dedicated and who will crown the queen. The letter containing the big news is opened for the first time and Cap reads the selection of princesses, Mary Desbien, assistant editor, presents them trophies. The big moment arrives — Kay Ann Kaufman is announced and crowned queen of the Reveille ball. Congratulating the queen, editor Deanna Lockman presents her with a dozen red roses and her trophy. Immediately following the crowning, the queen’s proud escort leads her and the royal court to the dance floor. Strains of music drift across the campus from the Black and Gold ballroom, and the Christinas season is launched. ABOVE: Queen Kay Ann smiles happily. BELOW : Reveille Princesses, Jeris Bel isle and Lois Boone, display their trophies. The candidates and their escorts dance after the crowning ceremony. 209 Eleanor Zohnier and Max Hilgers greet Santa as he descends the Union staircase. The audience participates in the Vespers program. THE CHRISTMAS SEASON . . . Snow and Santa Claus come, and spirits are gay. Music becomes prominent as the Christmas season advances. The first of several musical events is presented by the Hays Collie-Community Orchestra . “Fantasia on Christmas Carols ' 5 is the closing number of the Christmas Vespers sponsored by Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha. A concert from the roof of Sheridan Coliseum by the Brass Choir rounds out the musical presentations. Fun. cold hands anti feet, and later, a cup of hot chocolate are ingredients for an informal Christmas caroling parly. The Hays College-Community Orchestra receives applause after its concert In the Black and Gold Room. Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha pro- Agnew Hall girls and their dates prepare for a sent the Christmas Vespers. caroling tour. 210 FREE COFFEE DAY “Coffee? ' Today, faculty members serve free coffee, the Union’s Christ mas gift to you. As Christmas music is heard throughout the Union, a day of busy celebration begins. During the morning a Christmas tree decorated with greeting cards from campus organizations is presented to Dr. and Mrs, Cunningham by the Union Committee. Children of students and faculty fill the lounge in the afternoon as they enjoy a party held in their honor. After the concert by the Fort Hays State Orchestra, dance music is pro- vided by the Phi Mus in the Cody Room. The “Blue Christmas” dance concludes the Union activities for the day. Paula Schumacher, representing 1 lie Union Program Council, presents Christmas card tree to Dr. and Mrs. Cunningham. MV McFarland serves col fee to James Kepferlc and Gerald Orr, Singing Christmas carols, the Concert Choir opens the Christmas celebration in the Memorial Union. Students take advantage of “Jree coffee day” in the Union. “Fill li up, please. " Mr, Keller cheerfully pours coffee for Lynn Wickizer as Gary Schonlaw waits his turn. 211 Santa Glaus entertains children during the children ' s Christmas party sponsored by the Union. Christmas is also observed in the residences of students and faculty, with Christmas trees, decorated windows, and special dinners Between classes, students attempt to finish their shopping, then they exchange gifts with close friends and pack for the trip home. Christmas Day finds the campus buildings standing silently waiting for the students to return from vacation. Student and faculty children chew on candy canes and listen to a story. ill’ll X tT ' v m V A S ii Al A The Cody Room is turned into a " Blue Christmas” for the celebration. Custer Hall s Christmas buffet brings the girls out in force. Mrs. Helen Zimmerman, Dr. W. D. Moreland, Beverly Suchy, and Dr. Alden Flanders examine Custer’s Christmas tree. 212 The library card catalogue b kept busy by students finishing their research papers. Midnight oil. last minute cramming, notes, outlines and library research, every day you search for knowledge and skill. Ibis search is made through the classrooms, contacts with instructors, the use of specialized instruments and equipment and the persistence of your probing. As you read about vitamins and apply this knowledge to planning menus, as you memorize the formulas and apply them in experiments, as you learn the principles of teaching a child to read and apply these principles in the classroom— all these and more — aid you in obtaining that which you seek, your education. Browsing in the radio department. Working out a chemistry experiment. Sriiiw A grade school class visits the museum in Forsyth Library. John Berland’s “Flight into Egypt” is passed daily by students checking out books. John Thorns hangs part of an art exhibit by Kaethe Kollwitz. 213 ENROLLMENT AGAIN . . , ABOVE: 4t WeVe in for a long wait.” BELOW: 11 1 need your ID cardi, then on to your left, please ' After Christmas vacation and final test week the second semester rolls around. You are again faced witfi the process of enrollment and especially a new system in the Memorial Union which is puzzling on paper but much simpler in practice. Your schedule contains a new slate of classes, but your calendar is occupied with much the same events as first semester — a winning basketball team, Dylan Todd, national billiards tournament, pitch or pinochle in the Arapahoe room, Lotte Gosler ' s Pantomime Circus, movies, meetings and many, many others. Donna Lynn Casey watches as the photographer catches Mrs, Casey, Mrs, Whitmer, Mrs, Sturd and Mrs, Harris cheering for their husbands. 214 Sweet heart Queen candidates: Kay ImMasehe, Beverly Suchy, Sandra Boos, Susan Reiter, Shirley Heeler, Karen Seery and Mar- jorie Thy fault. Mr. Dalton adjusts Karen Seery’s robe as King Howard Riedel stands by. KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS ARE CROWNED . . . And the music [days on Using the theme " With a Song in My Heart” the Union com mittecs have planned hig things and busily decorate the Black and Gold Ballroom for the Sweetheart Balk Larry Kopke, master of ceremonies, introduces the candidates and presents the princes and princesses, Shirley Beeler, Susan Reiter, Tom Fellers and Darrell LuthL Karen Seery and Howard Reidel. selected by popular student vote, are announced King and Queen of Hearts. Performing the coronation honors is Stand lee V. Dalton, registrar. King candidates: Rod Hutton, Tom Fellers, Ralph H limes, Rodgei Robbcn. Verne Stenzel, Darrell Luthi and Howard Reidel. Who is the lucky girl Dave Mosier h buying Sweetheart Hall tickets for? 215 LEAP WEEK Leap Week is here again, March 22-28, and the tables are turned. You must carry books, open doors, provide cigarettes for the men or face trial at 3:30 Tuesday and Thursday in the Memorial Union. The Bearded Joe and Daisy Mae contest is in full swing. With a penny you may cast a vote for JoLynn Fredickson, Mary Bowen, Elgerine Roth, Patricia Scheck, Linda Luke or Ann Estes for Daisy Mae. Bearded Joe candidates are: Ken Boo mho we r, Jim Goeken, John Hays, and Ralph Walker. Leap Week is climaxed with the dance Friday night in the Black and Gold Ballroom. Elgerine Roth and Jim Goeken are presented plaques for Daisy Mae and Bearded Joe. Sponsored by the International Relations Club, returns from Leap Week, the Daisy Mae and Bearded Joe contest and the dance are used to bring a foreign student to our campus. Bob St U1 well, president of I.R.C., presents the Daisy Mae and Bearded Joe plaques to Elgenne Roth and Jim Goeken, ABOVE: Carolyn Rosier seats Loyal Temple before treating him to a coke — cigarettes — coffee, BELOW: Vera Fross watches the camera as Dean Freeborn marks [he vote on the board, Thirty seconds to go 1 Richard Gilchrist, Frma and Vera Fross keep tab as Rex Wilson and Carolyn Lockman add their pennies. Herb Ragman and Mary Terrell receive the prize for the best costume. 216 But college is not all play, the biggest aspect is the serious, the academic side. Whether it he writing a term paper or work- ing out an experiment or student teaching, you are preparing for the attainment of your goal, an education. Your choice may be to become a teacher. You have ob- served instructors and their methods, now you have the oppor- tunity to practice these methods. Marilyn Wilkens displays cypress wood to second graders. Use of the T-square is explained by Kobert Christians, Harlan Berland demonstrates the square ruler. Knowledge is power. This budding artist is helped by Barbara Stephenson. “The knife is placed to the right of the dinner plate,” explains Kathy Smith. 217 Mr. Keller explains the operation of an adding machine. A light modulator is the object of Donna Stevens’ concentration. Dr. Doris Stage presents Jack Stout the outstanding chemistry student award. Throughout each department each hour of the day, stu- dents are engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. Instructors through lecturing and answering questions guide the search- ing of students- The attainment of goals depends upon the application of each of you in your study and research. Patience and “elbow grease” are the ingredients which give this small table a smooth surface for Leland Opliger and Delmer Thibauk. Charlotte Baker, LoRita Edwards and Dennis Urban look over the textbooks in the curriculum lab. Pressing is but one step in the production of dressmaking for Mildred Peterson and Donna Heinze, Sigurd Rase her, one of the world’s grea test saxophonists, second from left, dem- onstrates the use of a keyless saxophone in teaching for Bill Bowman, Pat Maddy and Charlotte Baker, 218 Folded by the hands of Kay ImMasche and Norman Ochs, the Header brings you the campus news. AND THEN SPRING . . . Jerry Vance and Don Wittig practice a few “hot licks” in one of the music department practice rooms. Advanced acting students Charlene Goetz and Robert Phillips with the assistance of John Chambers, pianist, present their original “Recital for Three.” As the weather warms and trees bud, your mind wanders to the outdoors. Steps become slower. The wind and snow are gone. Smiles are gayer. You no longer hurry to the Memorial Union for coffee breaks but pause and take part in the gab sessions which again populate the sidewalk and the edge of the fishpond. A convertible, a pretty girl, a spring evening — what more can a young man want? The photographer catches this Fort Hays Stater cat-napping between classes. The old saying goes “In spring a young man ' s fancy turns to thoughts of , . and so it would seem across the campus. Summer plans are made. Finals approach and the packing begins. Seniors look forward to the forthcoming Senior Week and Commencement exercises. Jack Wilson and Gay Faustian are oblivious to the camera. 219 ADVERTISING O ur advertisers are those people who represent the city of Hays to the greatest number of us. We recognize and appreciate the cooperation between the city and the college. Mutual benef its are derived from the relationship which exists between the townspeople and the students. We cherish and strive to culti- vate this relationship. Our special thanks to those business- men who have promoted student activi- ties and who patronized the Reveille with their advertising . . . KCLH 221 YOUR SHOES . . 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Aau:,.i u» Dean K. R. Mc- ' armey. ;,i -ollejre has returned o this me :i d of testing af 4 ryinjr a sy-;-. m of no off’ uheduleu le-ds for a yea rear’ :rv did fi- nally Of o -‘B-tl it ' -. 1 nhii-U-at !•- • rad ' i Over ha: tin vi h in facing :v -- j o»i the first i:m an ! serdoj ; n 1 ne nee with the est periods. will be i. 4ai tinjr at 7 :A f J a. -r h Llo and 7, There will i.m. test Thursday. Last yeaj’ system of no u .viL.s greeted with considerable •:yhbm from the students but mi eh of seemed to be more fo ' he sum of eo? .plain ina 1 ml her ban ail;. ■ ■ . Tb- flaws in the dan. Afterward . many students felt hat the last year ' s plan was bad because many of the classes were os p meet after the test had ill 230 i en jtiven. Some three- l . iIH’m vTjfint sk Anin-Vi iiic tho IN NORTHWEST KANSAS IT ' S THE NEWS THE HAYS DAILY NEWS Printing? The News Prinfery Prints Everything! NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY Phone MA 4-3421 106 East 11th Moliere . 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FORT HAYS PHARMACY Rexall Sealtest Ice Cream Your Friendly Drugstore PHONE MA 4-3469 217 WEST I Oth TED ' S PRAIRIE STEAK HOUSE Tender Juicy Steaks Pan Fried Chicken Shrimps Chicken in a Box to So Sunday 12 Noon Till 2 P.M. — 5 P.M. Till 10 P.M. Closed on Friday Phone MA-4-9933 Hwy. 40 — 1 Mile West PRINTCRAFT, INC. HAYS, KANSAS Where Printing Is a Business, Not a Sideline PHONE MA-4-2576 230 WEST 9th 241 Your Representatives for L. G. BALFOUR CO. CLASS RINGS — DIPLOMAS ANNOUNCEMENTS - TROPHIES AND MEDALS E. R. MOORE Caps and Gowns TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. Taylor-made Yearbooks ARE BETTER Yearbooks You Too Can Have the Best Phone MA-4-4838 Box 443 Hays, Kansas Best Equipped in State . . . for COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY Phone MA-4-3727 216 West 8th CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH and IMPERIAL Factory Authorized Sales and Service RUPP MOTOR COMPANY PHONE MA-4-221? 113 EAST 12th Distinctive Photography PHONE MA-4-23 1 0 117 EAST 8th Bob Hoff shows Charles Bray and Deborah the advantages ot a Coronado Washer and Dryer as Clarence Riedel look on. I 15 WEST 1 Ith 242 PHONE M A -4-42 I I Bring refreshment into play have a Coke i| a r C]!ib:r d FfO( f-marl. For Any Sport or at Any Sport Coca-Cola ' s for You The Pause That Refreshes " COKE " HAYS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY PHONE MA-4-2614 20! EAST 12th Adjacent to the Campus the College Market Is a Handy Stock-Up Center for Students CANDIES FOODS DRUGS VEGETABLES AND MEATS Open 8:00 A.M. Till 8:00 P.M. Sunday 8:30 A.M, Till 1:00 P.M. 3:00 P.M. Till 7:00 P.M. A! Pfannenstiel and Ronald Cauldwell tab time to chat with a college student at the College Market. AL ' S COLLEGE MARKET Phone MA-4-63 10 507 WEST 7th 243 JAMES MOTOR COMPANY FOR A REALLY GOOD ROOT BEER- TRY, A AND W ROOT BEER Frosty - Man - Frosty Lincoln — Jeep — Mercury Sales and Service PHONE MA-4-34 ! 8 200 EAST 8th A AND W ROOT BEER DRIVE IN Phone MA-4-57 1 3 EAST 8th Class ' 38 For Planned Future Security " Take a New ' Leas ' on Life” Call ARTHUR J. LEAS NEW YORK LIFE Phone MA-4-4652 405 West 5th M 7 West 8th Art Supplies Paper Games Ceramic Supplies SCHOOL SUPPLY, INC. 2 East Eleventh Street HARP, KANSAS Instructional Aids Janitor Supplies Playground Equipment 244 PHONE MA- Ujhj. PHOTOS lnt m s Your Goals Reflect Our GOALS . . . Throw Away Your Tubs Let the Laundromat SUDS YOUR DUDS PARK DRIVE LAUNDROMAT Phone MA-4-9914 Second Door North of the Campus Boole Store Phone MA 4-2839 109 East I Ith ANN ' S DRESS SHOP Home of Jantzen Sportswear PHONE MA4-3I 16 I 106 MAIN HINKHOUSE INSURANCE CENTER See Us for Real Estate and Insurance ItTlW Getting ready to enjoy a meal at the El Patio Gate are Ruth Sum- mers, Bob George, Pat Ellers, and Ken Griffin. EL PATIO CAFE " Cleanliness " Is Our Key Work PHONE MA EAST HWY. 40 PHONE MA 4-4318 232 WEST 9th 245 BUSINESS DIRECTORY A and W Drive 244 ABC Drug Store 238 Al J s College Market 243 Angelus Cafeteria 242 Ann ' s Dress Shop 245 Bfllinger ' s Bakery 223 Butler ' s Furniture 240 Campus Book Store 227 Centra] Kansas Power Co 226 Cross Shop 233 Dairy Queen Dan ' s Drive In Cafe 237 224 Dillon ' s Food Store 234 Drees Cleaners 231 Dreiling, Ben F. 234 Duckwall Stores 228 Ekey Studio 242 El Patio Cafe 245 Farmers State Bank 227 Fellers ' Service Station 236 Felten Truck Line 24! Finch ' s 225 First National Bank 228 Fort Hays Pharmacy 241 Fox Theater 235 Gagelman Motor Co. 238 Gambles 242 Goodwin Sporting Goods 229 Grass Brothers Grocery 232 Guercio Studio 242 Hardman Lumber Co, 229 Harkness Pharmacy 227 Hartman Oi[ Co. 240 Hays Building and Loan 236 Hays City Flour Mills 225 Hays Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 243 Hays Music Co. 224 Havener ' s 23 1 Hinkhouse Insurance Center 245 Home Furniture Co. 236 House of Color 225 Houston Lumber Co. 240 Hum burg Hardware 240 Jack and Jill Shop 230 James Motor Co 244 Jep ' s Super Service Station 239 K. A.Y.S. 238 Kessler Cleaners 237 Kobler Nash Motors 236 L. G, Balfour Co. 242 Lamer Hotel 223 Larry ' s Studio 245 Lynch Texaco Service 230 Mann ' s I.G, A. 225 Markwell ' s 230 Master Cleaners 226 McDonalds, J. M, 226 Morrison Jewelry 233 Music Manor 233 News Publishing Co 230 New York Life Insurance, Art Leas 244 Northwestern Typewriter Co 237 O. K. Baker Shoes 222 Oldham Sales Co. 225 O ' Loughlin Motor Sales 233 Park Drive Laundromat 245 Penney, J. C. 232 Philip Hardware 23 I Pink Pony Flower Shop 229 Pnntcraft, Inc. 241 Red ' s Barber Shop 240 Rupp Motor Co. 242 S. and W. Supply Co 235 Scheufler Supply Co,, Inc 237 Schlegel ' s 240 Seven-Up Bottling Co. 229 Sweetbriar 23 1 Taylor Publishing Co. 242 Ted ' s Prairie Steak House 241 Tiger Grill 232 Varsity Bowl 225 Vern Webster Jewelers 229 Wresner ' s Dept. Store 239 Western School Supply 244 Woodmen Life (Lindahl) 246 A PERSONAL INSURANCE SPECIALIST! OFFERING LIFE — HEALTH ACCIDENT — HOSPITAL MAJOR MEDICAL AND GROUP PROTECTION Call or Write C. J. LINDAHL, District Manager Phone 569 450 Fourth Street Phillipsburg, Kansas C. J h Lindahl Woodmen Accident ami Life Company Lincoln, Nebraska A mutual legal reserve company ESTABLISHED 1090 246 ORGANIZATIONS INDEX Agnew Hall 124, 125 Alpha Lambda Delta - 82 Alpha Psi Omega — 79 Rand and Majorettes 116, 117 Brass Choir 118 Campus Boosters . - 89 Canterbury Club Ill Chancery Club ...... — 99 Chemistry Club ...„ - 98 Chess Club — 88 Christian Church Council 107 Christian Youth Fellowship 114 Church of the Nazarcne Ill Clarinet Choir — .. 118 Collegiate 4-H 96 Concert Choir 119 Custer Hall — 122, 123 Dames Club — + — — 100 Debate — 89 Delta Epsilon 80 French Club 104 Fort Hays Singers — — 119 Freshman Men’s Quartet 118 Gamma Delta .. 115 German Club ... 104 Home Ec Club 105 Honors Seminar _. 74 International Relations Club 106 Kappa Mu Epsilon 81 “K” Club — 93 Kappa Omicron Pbi — 79 Kappa Phi 79 Kappa Pi — 78 Kit Kats 90 Lambda Iota Tau 78 Leader 103 Little Theatre 101 Math Club . — — — 98 Men’s Quartet — 119 Newman Club 112, 113 Nurses Club 95 Orchesis — — — — 100 Orchestra — 118 P,E. Majors Club . 82 Phi Delta kappa . 88 Phi Kappa Phi — — ...... — 73 Phi Eta Sigma 75 Phi Mu Alpha 121 Residence Hall 126 + 127 Reveille — . 102 Scriblerus Club — 99 Second Generation 84 Seventh Cavalry 76 Sigma Alpha lota - 120 Sigma Theta Epsilon ... 108 Sigma Pi Sigma 80 SAFA 97 Student Affairs 84 Student Council ... ... 83 Tigereltes .„ - — — — 91 Union Committees - 85, 86, 87 Vets Club - 94 Wesley Foundation 109 Westminster Foundation 110 Who’s Who 72 Women’s Leadership Organization — ........... 77 Women’s Recreation Organization 92 Young Women’s Christian Association 107 FACULTY INDEX Albertson, F. W. AlnnjuUt, E. C. Art man. El hel Bailey, Joan Barbour. Elizabeth Bart holomew, I .eland Baxter, Inez Bees ley, Alice Beck, Gerald Berland. John Blankenburg, Lila Bogart, Katherine Broach, B. W. Brooks, Doyle Brooks, R U. Burnett, Hugh Burnett, Richard Cain, Richard Campbell, Marc ChoguUL Harold Clark, C. Charles Clark, Thaine Coder, Ralph V, Collins, Pat Cook, Frances Cook, Kenneth Co u Ison, Marion Crain e, Eugene Cunningham, M. C. Daley, Billy C, J kilimi. S. Davidson, Gordon Davis, Gaynelle Dick, R. Dale ... — ... Dillinger, Martha Dryden, Laurence . .. Dunftvan, Albert . Etter, Eugene Felten, Lucille - Flanders, A I den ..... Francis, Alex Friesner, Paul Garner, Naomi Garwood, John Graber, Paul ..... Griffith, Paul Gross, Paul ...... Hale, Norris — — Hamilton, Samuel Harbin, Calvin Harper, LeRoy 5, 14, 106 14 13 14, 88, 188 14 14 14 14, 79, 96, 105 1 E 95 14, 213 14, 95 14 14, 82, 97 14, 80 14 13 12, 84, 96, 143, 194 14 . 14 14, 82 14, 82 14, 80 t 82 12, 69 14 14 14 14 14, 69, 73, 106 194, 199, 200, 203, 211 ... 14 12, 76, 80, 215 14 1 1 .. .... 14, 80 ...... 14, 78 14, 80, 81 ... 75, 89 14, 81, 98 14 212 15, 184 15 15 15, 115 _ „ 15, 74, 104 15 15 15, 94 15 15 15, 82 Harris, Martha Heather, Jack R, Herndon, Geneva Herren, Lloyd Hoffman. Maxine Hopkins, Mabel Horton. Li I burn Huffman, Ralph Keating, W. E. Keller, William K etc hum, Harriet . Kirkland, Marlin Lacey, Mabel Landrum, Alta Leonard, Thelma Levitt, Richard Lindner. Pauline MacDonald, Helen Mahoney, Stanley Marcus, Richard Marph Robert Marshall. Everett Marsh Kenneth Martin, Edwin Marlin, John Me Carroll. Rose 11 a Ic Ca ri ney , E . R . McConnell, Wayne McFarland, Alice McFarland, Henry McKee, Dennis McNeil Edgar F. Miekich, Ruth Moreland, W. L). Morris, Geraldine Morrison, Alice Metier, Elizabeth Moss, Joel Moyers, E. Edwin Nelson, Rex Norman, John Nut l, Katharine Osborne. Richard Overton. Richard Palmer, Harold Parish, Verna Parrish, Gordon Phillips, Clyde Proctor, David . Ray, Joseph R Reith, Frederic 15 15 15, 79, 107 15 15, 79, 1Q5 13 15, 195, 85 15, 82 13, 85 15, 111, 211, 218 15, 79, 204 15, 111, 195. 85, 86 15, 91 13, 195, 200 15 15 1 5 15 15 15 16 16, 80, 81, 98 . 16, 98 16, 69 16, 73 15 12. 83 15, 169, 173 15, 211 15, 80 15 15, 112. 169, 171 16 12. 212 16 . 16 13 16 16 16, 82 16, 152 16, 74, 199 16 16 16 16, 77, 69 16 16, 82 16 16 16, 186 Reynolds, Howard Rice, jimmy Richards, Robert Richardson, Ivan Reigel, Andrew D, Rogers, John R. Rogers, Katherine Sackett, Sam Schleich, Phyllis . Schmutz, L. J. Schroder, Elton Scott, Ira O, Sevy, Ruth Simons, Kenneth Sims, Ward Spangler. Robert J. Stage, Doris Start, James R. Sternberg, George Stones, Harold 17, Slouffer, Jean Stout. Donald E, Stout, Roberta Stroup, Leora Stump, Win. Darrell Suran, Cade Thomas, Archie Thomas, Dollie Thompson, L, W. Thorns, John Toalson, Roberta Toalson, Wiimont Tomanek Gerald van Ackeren, Margaret Walker, M. V. Walker, Neil Wall, George R. Wallerstedi, Mol lie Watkins, Ivan Wells, James Welty, R. L. Wiebe, Made Wilcox, Harold E. Wilkins, William Willard. Ruth Witt, C, A, Witt, Robert Wood, W. C. Wooster, L. D. You mans, Raymond 16, 80 16 16 16 16 16, 97 16, 103 16, 78, 99, 195 16 16, 80, 82 16, 80 16 16, 92, 189 17 17. 80 17, 102, 111 17, 69, 106, 111, 218 17, 75, 79, 200 17 75, 82, 34, 89, 100, 152 12, 73, 82. 84 17, 118, 200 . 17 17, 95 17, 95 177 17 13, 100 17, 69 17. 35, 107, 213 17 17 17, 80 17 17 80, 84, 198 17 17 100 17, 80 17 17 17 17 17 17, 78, 85, 104 17 17 17, 69, 82 3, 80, 208 17, 82 STUDENT INDEX (A) Acre. Francis E-. Dodge City, Jr. Adams, Carl V r , St, Francis, So. Adams, Murlene D„ Ulysses, So. Adrian, Glenn C, Trousdale, Sr. 34 44, 165 44, 86 101, 120, 125 80 Albers, Lucille H„ Park, So. .VI bin. Marvel V.. Ouinlcr. So. Aldrich, DeAnnc V., Garfield, Su. Allen, Donald N., Hugoton, Fr r Allen, I, aura I., Hill City, Sr. Alley, Marvin E., Russell, Sr. 41 44, 196 44. 91 135, 147, 188 54 33 20 Altman. Phillip R.. Alniena So. 41. 171, 173 Amos, Diane K . Mays, hr. 54, 83, 86, 90 102, 147. 206 Amundsen, Helen M.. Oslo, Norway, 1 ncl. 54 125 Andersen, Kenneth W., Esbon, hr. 54 Andersen, Erling G., Vesper, PC H4 Anderson. Calvin H., Burdett, So, 44, 108, 165 Anderson, C. Jean, Englewood. Colo.. Fr. 54, 125 Anderson, Eugene W., Kinsley, PC 69, 187 Anderson. Jerry D.+ Kinsley, Sr 20, 83. 155 Anderson. Kathleen H., Jamestown, So. 44. 83 89, 112, 123, 147 Anderson, Larry K,. Hoxie, So, 44, 126 Anderson, Linda L . Scott City, So, 44+ 10L 125 Anderson, Merrill G-, Quinter Jr, 34 Anderson, Hollen J.. Kinsley, Sr. 20. 76. 118 178 Anderson, Vernol A., Smolon, Sr, 191 Andress. Kyle W.+ Hoxie, Sr. 20 Ankle, David D.+ Atwood, So. 4-1 Anschutz, Gary K.. Russell, Jr. 54, 74 Anschutz, Norman G.. Dor ranee, Fr. 54, 113 Antrim. Donna K., Salina, So. 44, 82, 91 105, 125, 151 Appel, Benjamin F., Garfield. So 44, 157 Applegate, Sheryl D., Bird City, Fr, .. 54, 90. 123 Archer, Jerald JL Morton, Jr. 34. 74, 75 Arensman Ben H.. Kinsley, Unci, 34 Armbruster, Irene J,, Ellis, Fr. 54, 123 Arnold. Jean, Minneapolis, PG 75 Arnold. Richard C, Medicine Lodge, So, . ... 44 170, 171 Ash. Lyla 1 . Mankato, Fr. 54, 114 Ashby. Oren E., Dighton, Fr, 54, 127 Ashcraft, Galen B., Hays, So 44 Ashcraft, Pita J., Gorham, Sr. 20, 72, 99 Ashton, Kirk R., Belleville, Fr, 54. 96 Ashworth Robert A., Macksville, So. 44 Aurand. Yi ra P.. Hardy. Nebraska, Fr 123 A us bun. Shirley K., Hugoton, Fr, 54. 123 Aii ' tin. John M.+ Garden City, So, 44, 163 Austin. Ralph T.. Satanta, Jr. 34 Av-f-jri. Anthorty 1... Olmitz Fr 171 B) Baal man. Robert J., Grinnell Jr. 34. 113 143, 164. 165. 190 Bald. Dorothy L., Hays, UncL 54 Bahh K rry r L... Hays, Sr. 20. 72. 80, 81 Balim. Eldean H.+ Alamota, Fr. 54 Baker. Charlotte A,, Plain ville. So. , 44, 86 120. 1+7, 201.204, 218 Baker. John R.. Abilene, Fr. 54, 1 2 4 Baker, Ruth A., Wilmore. Fr. 54, 92, 101 125. 142. 189 Ball. Janke M.+ Hays. Fr. 54, 83. 90. 103 122. 147 Ballard, Cherel E„ Haviland Sr. 103. 152 Bardot, Buddy M., Gold water, Sr. 20 Bare! , George F.. Greensburg Jr. 34, 165 Barns, Gene W, 115 Barrett, Eugene L,, Hays, Fr. 54 Bui r- ' ws. Rodney T . , .Ness City. So . 44 . 143+ 155 Barstow. Henry F., Macksville, Jr. 34 Barthclomew. Phillip E.+ Great Bend. Fr, 54 127 Ikirti-n. Donald E-, Little River. Sr. 20. 185 Barton. R. Bruce. Little River. UncL 54 K.- . Retry L., Rozel, Jr, 34. 74. 82, 118 BasgalJ. Albert j.. Hays. So, 44 Ba-galL George IF, Sharon Springs, Jr. 34. 113 Basgall, Mary K,, Hays, Fr. 113 Bauer. Charles D.+ Hudson. Sr. 20 Bauer. Kent B,, Pawnee Rock. Fr, 54 Baumann, Dermis L., Arrington. Jr. 34. 157 Raumffelk, (Jara M., Atwood, Fr, 54. 107 Bamnrucker, Thomas J.. Gorham. Fr. 113 Rau-. Wilma K., LaCrosse, Jr. 34, 74. 125 Baxter, F. Jeanne. Hugoton. Jr, 34 Beak C. Sue. Great Bend. Fr, 54. 92. 188. 189 Beal, Herbert E,. Hutchinson. So. 44 Bean. Richard W., Coldwater. So. 44. % Beat tv, Justine L., Osborne, Jr. 34, 91. 122 130, 201, 202. 203 Beaver, Larry E.. Qu inter. Fr. 54. 185 Bechard. Leon C,. Grainfield, So, 45, 165 Bechard, William F ., Grinnell, Sr. 20. 165 170, 171 Beck. Bernice P,. Burdett, Jr. 34 Beck, Robert €.. Burdett, So. 45, 108 Becker, Larry W., Russell, Fr, 55 Beckham. Carol S., Burrton. Fr. 89. 122 Beckman. Leo F., Norton, Sc . 45, 113 Beckwith, Clione V., Lamed, Jr. 34 Beecher, Lowell K„ Hill City, Fr, 35, 126 Beecher, Lynn $., Hill City. So, 45, 127 Beeler, Shirley K.. Randall, Jr, 34, 91, 125, 215 Refort, Charles R., Hays, Fr, 55. 113 Befort, Gerald G. Hays, Fr, 113 Behrertds Larry D„ Randall. Fr, 55, 127 Bel isle. Jeris j.. Earned, Fr. 100. 133+ 209 Belisle. Judy J., Wichita, Fr, 55, 199, 206. 207 Bell, Karen A. Moscow, So. 45 Bell, Ronald W., Hays, So. .155 EeUch James L., Goodland, Fr, 55, 127 165. 186 Bern is. Perry F., Hays. Jr. 34 Bender, Donald W., Almena, Fr, 55 Bender. Marlene D., Wa Keeney, So. 45. 115 151, 20+ Bennett, Larry G., Russell, So. 45, 159. 190 Beougher, Elton E. t Gove, So. 45, 166 Beougher, John W.+ Grinnell, Sr. 20, 165 Beougher. Max G.+ Grinnell, Fr, 55 Bergman, Paul E., Osborne, fr. 55, 157 Berlami, Harlan L.. Damar. Sr, 20, 81, 143 160, 161, 217 Bern rit ter. Jo Ann. Newton, So. 88, 92, 125, 189 Berry, Jerry M.. Plainville, Fr. 55 Berry, William A., Copeland. So. 45 Beyerlein, Adolph L.. PhilUpsbutg Jr. 34. 74 76. 98 Biays, Paul M., Russell, Jr. 34, 108 Bieber, Alois R.. Kinsley, Sr, 20. 45. 93. 99 Rieker. Joyce M.. Hays, So 45, 113, 120 Righam, Donald C, Randall, Jr, 34, 93. 127 177. 179 Billinger. Irene F„ Clyde, Jr 34 Billings. Nanette G., WaKeeney Fr. 55, 123 Birney, Elmer C+ Satanta, Fr 55 Birzer. Ervin G., ElLinwood, Fr. 55, 113 Bishop, Blair C.+ Russell, Jr. . 34 Bissing. Donald E.. Hays, Sr. 20. 72, 73+ 74, 76,, Bizek. Charlotte L. LaCrosse Jr, 34 Plain, Steve M+ Colbv. Fr 55, 86, 102 154, 155 Blair, Elmer L., WaKeeney. Fr, 55 Blake, Chervil K.. Rush Center. Fr. . 55, 125 Blake. W. Terrv. Rush Center. Unci. 45, 171 Blauer, Earl IL+ PliilJipsburg, Jr 119 Blecha Gloria K,. Woodston. So, 45, 105, 125 Bloomer, Jamer W., Lebanon, Fr, .. 55 Blubaugh, James J., Phillipsburg, Fr. 55, 127 Bobbitt. Kenneth E., Sublette, Jr, 35, 98 Boese, Donald G+, Seward. So. 45 Bollinger, Constance J,. Hill City, Sr. 20 f 79 Bonigardner, Robert M., Palco, Jr; 34 Bongartz. Janette C., Ellis, Fr, 55+ 113, 123 Bool. Criss G., Macksville. Fr. 12 Boomhower, Kenneth D.. Hoisington. Fr. 55 161,216 Boone, Lois M., Dighton. So. 125, 133+ 189, 209 Boor, Jerome T.+ Claflin Sr 20 Boos, Sandra M.+ Ha vs. So. 15, 86, 104, 148 149, 207, 215 Booth, Carol J., LaCrosse. Fr 100, 125, 199 Bordewick, John I... Seward. Fr. 55, 171 Bond], Sharen K.. Shields. Jr, 35, 115, 120 Borger. Melba F.+ Ness City. Sr, 21, 72, 73 Rosier, Carolyn A., OberJin. Sr. 21. 91, 216 Boston. Brian K., Ellsworth, Unci, 55 Bowen. Agatha D.+ Burden, Sr. 20 Bowen, Mary E., Havs. So. 45. 102, 103 119. 153 Bowie. Ann, Ha ns ton. So. 45 Bowman. K. Gerald. Russell. So. 45, 127 Bowman. William F., Codell, Jr. 35. 218 Boxberger. Jerry I.., WaKeeney Sr, 21 Boxler. Jon 1).. Norton. Sr. 21. 113. 127 Bozarlh. Dennis L.. Norton, Sr. 21, 72, 119 121. 127 Brack, Dennis P.. Otis, Sr, 21 Brack. Keith E.+ Albert. Fr. 55 Brack. Mont a Glea C, Otis, So. 45. 125 Bradfield, Lawrence L,. Bucklin, Sr. 21. 165 186. 190, 191, 204 Brand, Robert E.. Sharon Springs, Sr. 21 R ran da. Larry A.. Wilson. Fr, 55. 100 Brandyberry, Vada F., Hill City, Sr. 21. 125 Bray, Charles 1).. Phillipsburg, Sr. 21 Bray, William P.. Phillipsburg, Sr, 21 I i razd a , Ed w a r I A . , Ti m ke n . J r, 35 Brehm, William JL, Pratt. Sr. 21, 98 Bremcnkamp. Mervin R,. Norton, Jr. 184 Brian. Ray V,. Hays. Sr. 21, 94+ 161. 171 Bridges, LaVonne, Meade, Jr. 35+ 74, 77. 91 131, 150, 151+ 201. 203 Briggs, Jack F+, Mullinville Sr. 21+ 94 Bright, Lawrence L,, Pawnee Rock, Sr. 21 Brinker, James K., Cawker City, Fr. 55 Bristow, Donley J,. Jet more, Fr. 73+5 Brock, Robert A.. Cawker City, Sr. 21, 121 Brooks, Leonard H., Scott City, Fr. 126 Brooks, Loretta K., Colby, Fr, 5+5+ 125 Brown, Bernadine F., Ellis, Sr. 21 Brown, Dixie J.. Cawker City, Sr. 21+ 103, 123 Brown, Lou J., Kinsley, Fr. 55. 7+5+ 89, 99, 123 Brown, Lynn H.. Cambridge, So. 45 Brown, Preston E.. Bucklin, Sr, 21+ 165 Brown, Vernon L.+ Arnold. So. . 45 Browning, Norma L,, Lorraine, So. +5. 105. 147 Brubaker, Roger R.. Hugoton. Jr. 35 Bruce iani, Joseph C.+ New York. N, Y., Fr. +55 127 Bruggeman Karen A., Colby, So, 45, 87 148, 149 Brungardt, Darrell F., Hays, Fr 55 Brungardt, Harold D.+ Hays, Ft, 55 Brungardt, Marlene A,. Victoria, So 45 Brungardt, Robert F.+ Gorham, Sr. 21 Brungardt, Robert L.. Gorham, So, 45 Brungardt, Terrance M,, Hays, So. 45, 113 Brush, Dawn G.+ Downs, Fr, 45, 95+ 101 123, 147 Bry an, Donald E.. Erie, PG 69 Buffington, Faye I„ Hugoton, So, 45, 87, 101 113, 125 Buhrur, Cecil E.+ Zook, Fr. 45 Bullock, Roy E., Ulysses, Sr. 21, 107, 143 164, 165 Bunker, Rosemary Hays Fr. 45 Bunker, Thomas G+, Hays, Jr. 35 Rurandt, Dicdra B,, Belleville, PG 78, 100 104, 214 Burgess, Larry W , + Hoisington, So. 45 Burghart. Francis L., Spearville, Kan., Jr 35 113 Burghart, Vernon G,, Spearville, Kan. Jr. 35 Burmcister Paul F,, Claflin, Kan., Jr. 34, 75 76, 164, 165 Burnette. James Cecil, Great Bend Kan.+ Fr. 45, 94 Burns, Gene W. Wilson, Kan++ Fr. 55 Burr, Merlyn K.+ St. Francis, Kan., Fr. 55 165, 186 Burrows, Larry D.„ Otis, Kao.. So, 45 Burton, Karan L,, Phillipsburg, Fr. 55, 123 Buser, Don E,, Cawker City, Sr. 21, 101 Buss, Margaret 1,.. Hugoton, Fr. 55, 123 Butler, Michael W., Hoisington, So. 45 Butler, Sandra K„, Lewis, So. 45, 147 Burner, V, Celeste, Long Island, So. . IS 149 204 207 Byer, W illiam R., Cimarron Jr, 35 159 Byler, Jack R., Cimarron Jr.+ 35+ 83, 143 158, 159 (C) Caldwell, Barbara E.+ Great Bend, So. 45, 125 Campbell, Patricia A., Hays, Fr. 56 Capps. Thomas A., Hoisington, Fr. 56 Carmichael, R. Lynn. Plain ville, Jr. 35 Carr, Jeanette F., Seward, Fr. 56, 122 Carr. Rex A., Seward, Sr. 22 Carter, Larry D., Tribune, Sr r 22 Casey, Gary D.. Hutchinson, Sr. 22, 100 177+ 181 Caskey, Wallace F.+ Ellis, So. 45+ 87 Cat! in, A. William, Liberal, Jr. 100+ 101, 204 Chaffee Martha, Burdett, So. 45, 120 Chambers. Mary B., Great Bend, Fr, 56, 101 107, 123 Chambers James D.. Lancaster So. 45 Channel]. Duane L., Goodland, Jr. 33, 177, 179 Chapman Charles L.. Hoxie So. 45, 165, 190 Chase Vera E,, Penokee, Jr, 35 Chastain, Marilyn L., Ellinwood, Jr. 35+ 78 84, 87, 125+ 144 Chipman, John M„ .Morland, Sr. 22+ 74, 75 104+ 106 Chism, Joseph C++ Great Bend, So. 45 Chism, Robert H Great Bend, Jr. 35 Chism, William L+ Hoisington So. 46 Chittenden, M+ Jane, Hays, Sr, 22 Chlumsky Frank D., Hays, Fr, 46 Chrisler Gene P., Natoma, Fr. 56 Christensen, Don T.. Natoma Sr, 75+ 89 Christian, Fred E., Wellington, Sr, 22, 87 100 161+ 201, 203+ 205 Christie, John A. Garden City, Sr. 22, 155 Christians, Robert W., Hays, Sr. 22, 217 Church, Daniel D., Jet more, Fr, 127 Clark, Margaret J.. Lamed, Jr, 35 Clark, Mary E.+ Lakin, Jr. 35, 118, 120, 123 Ciasen Robert +A,, Jordan. So. 45 CIa si, Teri N,, Brewster, So. ' 46, 91 101 125 Clement, A. Darrell, Hill City, Fr. 56 127 Cluster, W " , Colleen, Great Bend So, 46 105 125 Cochran. Marvin J.. Liberal Fr. 56, 118, 127 Coddington, DiaEia C++ Palco Fr. 56, 123, 1% Coddington, Kenneth E.+ Palco, So 46, 155 Cody, Roger E., OberJin, Jr. 119 121 Colhour, Dianne JL. Russell, Fr. 56 116 123 Collins Donna L.+ Ellsworth So. 46, 125 Collins G. Brent, Plain ville Fr. ..... 56 Collins Jimmie D., Burrton Sr. 22 Collins Larry L,+ Nekoma So. . 46 Combs Mary Boxberger, Russell, Sr. 22, 73+ 74 Combs, Ronald H., Russell, Sr. 22, 161 Conard, Karen L.+ Earned + So. . 46, %, 105 125, 153 Conley Dwight C, Gypsum, So. 46 Conn, Virgie L.+ Bogue, So. ... 46 Conn ally Ol lie P. Collyer, Sr 22 Con rial ly, Richard I).. Collyer, Fr. 56 Cook, Kenneth W+ Hays, Sr. 22 248 Cook, Ronnie F.. Hays, So, 46, 111 Cooper. Jeral G. Stockton, Sr. 22, 163 Cooper, Karen E., Hoxie, So. 46, 125 Cop pie, Diane, Meade, Fr 123 Cord el, L. Annette, Burr Oak, Fr. SC, 122 Cordes Mona L., Meade, Fr. 56, 90. 123 Coulter Gary E., Oberlin, Jr. 35, 78 Cramer, Gary E-, Stockton 56. 171 Crawley, Janice C., Elkhart, Jr. 35, 125 Crist, Gary D., Syracuse, Fr. 56 Cromwell Jean M., Hoisington, Sr. 22, 86 148, 149, 207 Cromwell, Larry D. Dodge City, So. 46 Creme, Karen L. Greensburg, Fr. 56, 88 92, 142, 188 Crosby, Donald R-, Ashland, Fr, 56, 118 127. 171 Crolts, Robert G., Partridge. Sr, 22, 94 Cryer, Gary L.. Hugo ton. Fr, 56 Cunningham. Wauneta N,. Kempton, III., Grad. 114 Currey, Cecil Ik, Hays, PG 73 Curtis. James R. Lewis, Sr, 22 Curtis. William A.. Hoisington, Fr, 56, 161, 190 Curtis, Zo A., Moscow, Fr. 56, 125 Cussen. Michael P., Plainville, So, 46 (D) Dale, Mary F,, St. John, Fr, Daniels, Ronald W., Scott City, Fr. Danielson. Sanja L,, Hays, Jr. Darcey, Lowell D. Pawnee Rock, F Darnell, Donald K., Plainville, So. Daugherty, Larry J., Wellington, So Davis, Elmer E., Haviland Jr. Davis, Eugene II., Oakley, Sr, Davis, llene R„ Phil lips burg, jr. Davis, Sandra A., Lucas, Fr. Davison, Myra G., Dighton, hr. Davison. William W„ Tribune, Fr, Dawson, Gene P., Russell, Sr. Day, Dean E. Beehr, Jr, Dean, Gary E. Hill City, Jr, Debey, Tony L., Kir win. So. Degarmo, Harlan C.. Belvedere, Fr. l)egc$, Gene F,, Grainfield, lr. Deines, Duane D.. WaKceney, Sr. Deices, H. Leroy, Wakeeney, Jr. Delaney. Donna M,, Alton, fr. Delay, Beverly A., Quin ter, Jr, Delay, Fredrick S,, Quin ter. So Delicti, Jon L., Earned, So. Demel, James R.. Hoisington, So. Dempsey, Connie j., Montrose. Fr. Dencbficld, Jerrold P.. Carden City, Sr r Den io, Alberta M., Spearvilk, Sr, Denning, Virgil J,. Hays, hr, Dennis, Carolyn T., Great Bend, So 56. 82, 87 125, 142 56, 101 35 . 91 146 147 V- 56 46 i. 46, 93 177 180 35, 111 127 22 81 157 35, 105, 125 56 56, 123, 147 56 127 22, 159 35 35, 161 46 56 " 127 56, 127 22. 75 161 35 81 93 98. 114 56, 90, 113 123 191 35 77 , 87 118. 120 46, 143 157 46, 75 , 76 98, 108 46 112 56 J. 171 Depe, Eunice D., Page City, Jr. Desbien, Freda D,, Palco, Sr, Desbien, Larry D„ Palco, So, Dcsbieu, Mary L Palco, Jr. 106, 142, 146, I D Deutsch, Donald D„ Great Bend, Fr. 56, 161 22, 93 22. 81 98, 125 46. 113 46, 91 99, 125. 145 35, 125 22, 103, 125 154, 155 35, 78, 103 DeVore, Calyn D., Macksvilie, Sr. Dick, John O., Lyons, Fr, Dicke, Ronald E.. Dm i ll and. So. OietK., Mary E., Russell, Fr, Oil linger, Doris l„, Brewster, So, Dinkek Devane A,, Russell, IT, Dinkel Janice M WaKceney, So. Dinkel, M. Victoria, So. Dinkel, Phyllis A., Victoria, Jr. Dixon, Dorothy M., Great Bend, Jr. Dodriil, James B„ Gove, Fr. Dolecek, Millicent F„ Ellsworth, i. Dolezal, Vernon A„ Kano polls, Fr. Donart. Gary B,, Johnson, Fr. Dooley, Joseph A., Hays, Fr, Dougherty, Douglas D, Dor ranee, Sr. Dougherty, Max F-, Plainville, PG Douglas, Larry J., Lamed, Sr, Downing, Marva L . Mullinville, Fr. Downing, Robert W., Mullinville, Sr. Doxon, William F , Hays, So. Drees, Kenneth IL, Hoisington, So. Ijreher, Marilyn A Ellis, Jr. Dreiling Charles J., Victoria, Sr, Dreiling Cletus F., Victoria, Sr, 22 127 46, 155 56, 1 14, 153 46, 107 1 14, 125 56 46, 125 46 35, 74, 32 . 125 56, 126 56, 123 56 56 94 22 .. 69 160, 191 56 22, 163 46 46 153 23 23 Dr ei ling, J. Mary, Hays, Fr. 56, 113 Dreiling Judith A Hays, So. 46 Dreiling, Michael L,, WaKceney. Jr. 35, 75 103, 112 Dreiling, Marion, Victoria, Unci. 196 Dreiling, Mary A., Victoria, Fr. . 125 Dreiimg, Neil W. T Hays, Jr. 93, 171, 172 Drennon, Sandy K„ Lakin. Fr. 38 Dryden, Victor 1)., Stockton, Sr, 23, 81 Dubach Linda K., Ellis, Fr r 56, 87, 123 Duff, Ellen, Beloit, So. 46, 81, 85, 87 142, 149 Duff, Gloria K . Osborne, Fr. 57, 123 Dumler, Calvin F.. Russell, So. 46 Dumler, Verna L.. Russell Jr. 35, 102, 115 Dundas Kay W., Beeler, Jr, 35, 81, 108 Dunekaek, W. Darrel, Great Bend, So. 46 Duntz, Alma E., Os borne, So, 46 Durall, Maurice J.. Raymond, Jr. 36, 156, 157 Duus Melvin L., Vesper, Fr, 57 Dyatt, B. Lynn. Goodland, Jr. 35, 91, 97, 152 Dyatt, Donna J., Goodland, Sr. 23. 91 142, 153 (E) Earl, K. Lynn, Alton, Fr. 127 Earley, Jean nine ML, Quinter, So. 46. 120 Eaton, Connie L., Manhattan. Sr. 20, 23 83, 152, 153, 203 Eaton, Norman L., Scott City, Sr, 165 Eckel, Kay C., Hill City. Fr. 100, 199 Edgnion, Edna F., Bunker Hill, Jr. 36 Edwards, Elizabeth S.. Hays Jr, 36, 74. 77, 78 Edwards, Eunice F. Bison, PG 84 Edwards, Lorita H... Atwood, So, 46, 123, 218 Eggleston, Dale K., Wilmore, Fr. 57, 127 Ehlers Bill W., Hays, Sr, 93 Ehrlich Edward D,, Russell, Sr. 23, 104, 114 Ehrlich, Marcia K.. Hays, Sr, 23 Filers, Patricia A., Mankato, IT. 57, 107, 123 Eilrkli, Marlene F., Ellsworth, So. 46, 115, 125 Eisenhour, Larry O McCracken. So. 46 Eisenhour Willard T Stafford, Sr. 23 Eller, James M., Kirwin, Fr. 57 Elliott, Gary L Ulysses, So. 46, 171. 172 Ellis, Danny R-. Burden, Fr. 57 Ellis, Larry L.. Coldwater. So, 46 Ellis, William S., Johnson, Sr, 23 Engel, Deanna M. Ellis, So, 46, 113, 125 Engel, Melba R,. Ellis, Sr. 23 Engle, Rodney J., Great Bend Jr. 36 Ensign, Lester G., Miltonvale Sr. 23. 156, 137 Erbert, Daniel M„ Zurich, So, 47, 113. 165 190 204 Erickson. Dolores A„ Herndon, Sr. 36 Ernest, Joyce A.. Norton, Fr, 57, 90, 123 Esplund Linda K„ MinneoLa, Fr. 57, 125 EssmiJJer Robert H„ Great Bend, Fr. 57. 127 Estes, Elizabeth A.. Abilene, So. 47. 120 146, 147 Estes, Stanley D,, Kanorado Ir- 57. 12. Eulert, Harold O., Paradise, Jr. 36, 159 Evans W. Eugene, Gove, So, 47 Evans Harold L., Johnson. Fr, 57 Eve I, Della M., Utica Fr. 57, 123 Evcl, Eddie A. Utica, Fr. 57, 12 Everhart, Jerry l .. Arnold. Fr. Ewing, Lela K., W aldo Fr. 57. 110, 123 (F) Fabrizius, Elvin C., WaKceney. jr. 11. 36 81, 161 Fagan, Mary L, Si, John, jr. 86 Fager, Larry L-. Topeka, Jr. 36 Fahey, Gerald IL, Quin ter. Sr. 23, 185 Fair Arlene R , Goodland, Sr. 23, 125 FairbanL Paul D., Ransom, Sr, 23 Fairchild, Dean R,, Scott City, Grad. 106 Falk, Lloyd l,.., Jewell, jr. 86 Fearer, Dortlia J., Clallin, Fr. 57, 123 I ' Tiden, Jack D., Colorado Springs. Colo., Sr. 23 72. 73 85, 157 Feist, John J„ Busliion, Jr, 36 159 Fellers, Beth A. flays, Fr. 57, 118, 123 147 Fellers, J. Thomas, Ashland. Sr. 23, 12r, 215 Ferguson, M. Jo Ann, I light on. So. 47, 125 Ficken Terry K., LaCrosse, Fr 57 Fief Ronald F. Clyde, Hr. 57 Fike Donald L„ Court land. So. 47 Findley, Tom G., Carrollton, Mo., Sr. .23 Fink M Joan, Utica, jr. 36, 125, 149. 206 Finley, Benjamin R., Sharon Springs, Sr. 23 Finley, Howard M., Sharon Springs Jr. 36 Fischer, Gloria M. Hudson, Fr. 57, 90, 105 123, 188 Fischer, Shirley N. Ellis, Fr. 57 105 Fisher Galen R. Macksvxlle T i . 57 Fisher Mary L„ Great Bend, So. 47, 113, 147 Fisher Richard L., Saline, Sr. 23, 185 208 Fisher, Sharon G., Coats, Sr. 23. 79, 96, 105 Fitzgerald, Andy, Hays, PG 69 Fitzgerald. Scott A., Hays, So. 47 Fletcher, Janice C Buck] in, So. 47 100 151 F]inn, Clifford E, s Hays, Sr. 23 Flock, Hazel M., Hoisington. Jr, 23, 74 Floyd, Melvin P. Kismet IT 57 Folkerts, Kenneth O., LaCrosse, So. 47 Folks, Francis N.. Ashland So 47 126 Fogs Harold G Bazine, Sr. 23 Ford, Albert C., Hoisington. Sr. 112 Ford, King A., Lucas, So. 47 Ford, Sandra J., Rozel, So. 47, 88, 92 125 Farney Imogene V. Bunker Hill Fr. 37 Fosdick. Donald T , Ellinwood Sr, 23, 94 Foster, Harold M,, Oberlin, So. 47 Fountain. Carl IL, Penelosa. Sr. 23, 158, 159 Fox, Allen D., Lamed Sr, 23 Fraley, Mary L. Chester Nehr,, So, 47. 101. 125 Francis, Michael j,. Hays, Jr. . 36. 74. 102 Francisco, John F Plainville Fr, 119 Franke Richard H Herndon. Sr, 23 72, 73 74 75 80. 98 Franks, Dannie D., Glasco. Fr. 57, 127, 171 Franz, Clarence C. Colby. So 47 Frederikson Jo Lynne, flays. So. 47 87, 91. 151 Freeborn, Ann j.. Cedar, Fr 57, 86, 125 Freeborn, William D., Gaylord Jr, 36 104, 106 Frevert, Benjamin K., Holy rood Sr, 24. 165 Fries, Rita A.. Ellis, Fr. 57 114, 123 Fritsche. Ruth H., Osborne, So 47. 107 Fritschen, Donald J. Dor ranee. Fr. 57. 113. 16,3 Frit sc hen, Lawrence K.. Dorranee, So. 47, 113 Fritz, Sharon K., St. Francis Fr, 57 114, 125 Fross, Erma L. Hays, Sr, 24, 113, 144, 201 Frrjsa Vera, Hays Fr, 90, 145, 216 Fruliger, Marvin C,. Cedar Sr. 24 Fry Lester P., Wilmore Jr, 36 12, Furga on, Robert P,, Shields, Sr, 24 (G) Gal Mart. Jerry A., Beaver Fr. 57 127 Galiiart. Karen K,. Dorranee, Fr, 57, 114 Galyarde, Jerry D., Rusaelk Fr. 171 Gantt, Sandra S„ Ulysaes, So, 47, 104. 125 Garrelis, Gayle R. Ransom So. 47. 118, 126 Gaunt Mary L., Great Bend So. 47. 105. 125 Gebhardt, Edward D. Luray, Fr. 57, 171 Geisinger. Janies, Selden, Sr. 24. 99. 113 George, Robert IL, Hays So. 47. 99, 108, 187 German, Harold IL, Glen Elder, Jr. 36 Gerritien, Barbara H., Claflin. So, 47, 82, 120 Getty Dale E„ Almena So, 47 93, 177, 180 Getty Karen L,, Almena, Fr, 57 82, 103 110, 123 Getty L, Elaine, Downs, So, 47 Gibson, Pha E. Peg J, Quinter Sr, 24 147 Giebler, Gale IL, Hays, FT. 57 Gicbier, Gary I .. Hays, Jr, 36 G terse h Marvin L, Abilene. Sr, 24, 93 112, 187 Gilbert. Darrel L., Colby, Fr. 57 171 Gilbert, Fred L,. Plainville, Fr. 57 Gilbert. James L. t Plainville So, 47 165 185. 1% Gilcrease Richard G.. Garden Ciiv Sr. 24 106. 161 Gilliland. Darel D., Hoxie, Unci 47 GifUspie Everett L.. Lavant, jr. 36, 108 Gilmore, lorn J,, Hays, Sr. 20. 24. 83 156, 157, 203 Cinther, Marilyn IL, Great Bend, Sr. 24. 79 101 Girard. David E., Miltonvale, So. 4, Gish diaries D,, Satina Sr, 24, 99 Gish Kendall D., Glen Elder, Sr. 127 Glasscock, Carole A.. Si, John, Fr, 58 123 Glenn, Galen E,. Syracuse, Fr. 58 Godfrey, John W.. Bushton, So. 47. 159 Goehring Doris E,, Kinsley, .So. L, 95 115, 125 Goekeu, James IL Lenora. S i r 47 165 Goetz, Charlene G., Hays Jr, 219 Goetz, L. Francis, Victoria, Fr, 58. 113 Good, Larrv R. Hugoton, Fr. 58 Good, Robert L„ Beloit Jr. 98 Good bean, Gary K., Russell, Fr, 126, 171, 1(5 Good heart, L«ren W.. Bunker Hill So. 36 Good row, Kenneth K.. Morland, hr, 58 Goltberg, Nancy J.. Hoisington, So. 125 Gottschaik, Gary Hays, So 47, 157, 190 Graf, Marilyn K.. Long Island, hr. SB, 123 Graham Lou A,, Narka, PG _ 69 Graham Mitchell S,, Grain field, lr, 08, 126 Grantham, Warren L,. Hill City, Fr. 58 127 Graver, j, Douglas, Rush Center, jr. 36 Gray, Lionel L Smilh Center, So. Grecian, James L., Beloit, Sr. 24, 1 2 4 Green James C. Great Bend Jr. 36, 160, 161 249 ( i reen w ood , K ona 1 d j , K usse 11 . h r. 58,12 7 Gregory Bonnie L.. C eftgseO, Jr. 58. 123 Greig. Loury L,. Osborne. Sr. 24 Greiner, Judilh L„ HaviJand, Fr. 58. 82, 95 123, 200 Griehel, John P., Siocklnn. So. 47 Griffin, James I -, Nalnma So. 47, 155 Griffin. Kenyon N. I lavs. Sn. 47. 70. 102 107, 103 Griffin. Rosalind L.. Great Rend. Jr. 36 Griffin, Stanley C.„ Bunker Hill, Jr. . 36. 98 Griffins, Joanne C.. Randall, Fr, 58. 105 107, 114, 123, 188 Crizzell. Kenneth L., Claflin. Sr. 24, 78 GmngniM. Dwayne Phillip? burg J ! r, 08 Gross, Kenneth C., I lays. So, 47, 177 Gross ha ns, Meryl H., Scott City. Fr, 58 Grounds. Thomas M., Duly mud. hr. 127 Crumbriii. Mary, Russell. Sr, 151 Grund, Evan F„ Sharon Springs. So. 47 Guise. J err id M.. Hays, Fr. 58 Gustav son, Edward C.. Plainville, Jr. 36 Gusiavsnn. Kldrcd E„ Dighton, Sr, 24. j 2 79, 101, 149. 207 CutMaalL Jerry R., Meade. So, 47. 101. 15, Guv ri. Howard 11 . Osborne, So. 48, 98 Mil Haase. Quo I Ellsworth, Sr. 24, 93 Halieinian. Clarissa A.. Olmilz, Fr. 123 I lain ji ' J ' . James .„ Republic. Sr, 24. 143 155 Hue . Jill. Codell, Fr. 58, 101, 123 Hu ' l.eri tt, Gletm 1 .. Alton. Sr. 24 Hadley, Miles V. MullinVipe, Fr. 58 H,; -j ■ ■ i s . .arlene T.. Cimarron, So. 48, 105. 125 If,,,-,. I ' h i 1 1 i p E„ Dell vale, Sr. 24 1 1 , . ■ 1 1 . s r i . Herbert E:,,. Brooklyn. N, So. 48 75. 81, 87, 98. 143. 162. 163, 216 Hair. Wihton D.. Alton. fO 79 Hall. Frederick B,. Umoria. Sr. 24 I I all. Gfi.-n E.. i Ingot on. Sr. 24, 155 I Call. Larry L.. Minneola. Jr, 36, 114 Hall. Mary E . Seward. So, 48. 319, 120 Hallagin. lone, McDonald, Fr. 58 Hailing. Ronald A.. Bucklm .It. 36. I8;i liamann. William IL. Tribune F r. 58 Hamby. Louise, Hay . Sr, 21 Hamel, Clrophas E., Da mar. So. 48 Hamel. Gary W. Zurich Jr. 36 Hamel. Thonui IL. Zurich So, 18, 113. 165 Hamilton. Sandra r,. Colby. Fr, 58. 123 Hammer. Laurenee (7. Ell in worn!, Sr 24. 159 Hammer, Robert J.. Ellin wood, T r, 58. 12 j Haney, Jame- W .. (Juinter Sr. 24. 118, 121 I lailev , Ramona I .. Colby. Sr, 25, 105 1 1 anry, Ronald N .. Colby , Sr. 2 , ' k 1«1 173 Hanna, Garv E.. Penokee Sr, 25. 103. 165 191, 204 IbiM n, Kathleen A,. Loomis. , ebr.. Jr. 36 Hanson, Claude L„ (. " old water. Jr, 36 88 92 99. 125, 189. 197 Hanlon, John E„ Comtland, I t. 08 f larbaugli. Bonnie M.. Great Rend. Sr. 2:i 147. 201 Hardin, Milton Great Bend. Sr r 25 I I argil! , Joan I,,. Qu inter. Jr. 36, 79. 105 107 110. 125 Harknes " . Roberta IL, Ness City. Cnel. 25. 101 Hark ness, Ronald D, Hays. So. 113 iLnkue- " . Sandra A„ Hays So. 48. 81. Hr 146 147 Hannon, John k., La rn mi. I ncl- 18. 112 Harmon. Paula R., Oberliu. Fr. 58. 123 Harmon, IG gm (J„ Russell. Fr 58. 127 Harper. Garold k.. Levant. Fr. 58 Harper, James IL. Syracuse So. 48 Harper, Karen k.. Norton, Fr r 58, 90, 123 Harper. .Mart alette S., Weskan Fr. 34, 37 83. 142. 150. 151, 203 Harris, David L„ Hays, Sr. 37 Hauls, Elizabeth E. Stockton. Sr. 2; Harris, Gail L,, Ransom. Fr. 58 Harris, lor tie F. Bird Citv, Sr. 25. 79 Harris, John IL. Meade. Unci. 48, 85 86 100, 101, 117, 201, 214 Harris, .Merle D-. Ransom, Jr. 95. 177. 181 Hauls, Robert E.. Great Bend, Sr, 87 Harrison. Janet k.. Ily vs, Fr, 58, 90, 103 123, 151 Harrison. Robert IL, Ulysses, Sr. 25, 191 Harrison, William F,, Lenora, Jr. 37 86, 161 Hart, James Calvin, Hays, Fr. 58 Darling, Cennla L.. Edmond, Sr, 25 125 Marling Roger lb. Edmond, Jr. ,37 Harizler, Duane C. Wood felon, Fr. 53. 157 Harvey, Kenneth I).. Protection Sr. 25 Harvey. Larry V., Protection So. 48 Harvey, Melvina. Protection, Fr. 58 Harzmun. Donald E. Cawker City. jr, 37 74 n 75, 76, 156. 157 Hauck. Jerry, Spearville, Fr. 127, 171 Hawk, Kenneth 1,.. Hays, Sr. 25 Hawkins, Larry D.. McDonald, hr. 126 Hawkins, Michael H., Spearville, Fr. 58 Hayes, Gene L r , Smith Center, Fr. 184 Hayden Robert J,. Goodland, ! r. 58, 12 Hays. John IL. Hays. Jr, 37, 154, 155 Hays, Rose Marie, Alrnetia. Fr, 58, 125 Heath, Betty I , Mo Hand. Fr. 58 123 Heaton Patricia L. Wood stem, So, 48. 125 Heaton, Richard IL, Rush Center, Sr. 25 Heany, Glenda. Clayton Jr 153 Heberly, Phillip I)., Minneapolis, Jr. 37 Heeox, Roberta j., Weskan. So. 48, 105 125, 149 206 Hedge, Mary Lou. Hoxie, Fr. 53. 123 Heffel Larry L. Dorranee. Fr, 58. 115, 127 Hegwer. Judith L.. Plainville, Sr. 25. 91, 153 Hekle, Linda G.. Smith Center, Fr, 58, 90 105, 123, 153 Heim. Joseph F„ Hoxie, Fr, 59, 94 Heim Donald P., Hoxie, Fr, 58 Heinze. Daniels L., Hays. F t . 37 Heinze. Donna S, Greenshurg, Jr. 153, 218 Helwig, II. Billy. Hoisinglon, Jr. 37, 104 Hens luce, Jim L,, Hays, Sr, 25 Hem phi tl, Emmett R-, Pratt, Sr. 25 Hemphill. Larry P., Byers, Sr. 25 Henderson. James I .. Fredonia, Jr. 25 Henderson Janet A., Colorado Springs. Colo., Ft. 59 101, 122 Henderson . John W. luka. Sr. 25, 159 Henderson, Judith G., Scott City, Fr, 59. 95 123 Hendricks, Lela A., Raymond, So, 48, 82 107 , 123, 199 Hendrix, Charles W,. Creenshorg, Ok la , Jr. 37 165, 199 Henry. Earl L,, Dellvale. hr, 86 Hen rv, Svbil J. Ruslvton, Sr, 33. 91, 125 151, 201 Herman, Sharon J... Norton Fr. 59 104, 122 Hermmk. Emmalene E.. Ellsworth. Jr. 37 Hernandez, Paul R Carden Cily. jr. 37 Herrington. Norman E., Kanopolis. Sr, 25 Henman, Joseph H„ Utica, Jr. 37, 112, 127 Henman. Lester A Antonnio PG 155 Herron. Barbara J.. Cimarron Fr, 48, 125 Herron. Carolyn R.. Cimarron, If. 37 Hertel, Denis L., I lays. Jr, 3 j . 112 Hess, Gany J,, Pratt Jr, 37, 78 Hester, George l la j.. Glmitz, Sr. 25. 88, 92 100, 125 He welt, Geneva M.. Cold water Grad. 69 Hew ell. .Mary E.. Cold water Sr. 25, 72, 111 Hibhs, Karen S.. Oshorne, Fr. 59, 86, 103, 123 Higgins Elizabeth A.. Tribune, jr, 37, 125, 189 Higgins, Manley E., Winona So, 48 Higgins Mildred F r , BrcuvnelL So, 48 96 105. 114. 125 Hildebrand, Darrel, Hill Citv. Jr, 37. 93 171. 191 Hildebrand. Elsie A , Mill Citv. So. 48 38 92. 125. 188 189 I! tigers. Max A.. Dodge City. So. 48. 210 Hillman, Harold T,, Wakeeney. So, 48 llilmes, Fred H Ransom. Fr. 59 f Himes. Ralph J.. Ransom, Sr. 26, 215 llinz G. Sue. St. Francis, Fr. 59, 86, 123, 147 liinz. Roger N.. St, Francis So. 48 Jlirt. Bel hold J„ Dorranee Ft, 59, 113. 127 flirt. Rosa L„ Dorranee. jr. 37, 118, 125 Hisey, Galen D„ Hill City. Sr, 111 Hisey. Louise E., Quinter Jr. Ill Hiss. Loren A. Great Bend So. 48 Hohbie. Rhoda M„ Tipton, Fr, 59, 101 115, 123 Hockett. j. A lay ne, (dyde, Sr. 26. 97. 103 106, 125 Ho faker, Kir hard D„ Logan, Fr. 59 Hofer, Jack 1... Dodge City, Sr, 26, 74 Hoffman, Karen K.. Cawker Cily, jr, 37, 125 Hogseu. Stanley G.. Hays. Fr. 59 187 Hoi deman. Men no Hays. Jr. 37 Jloldren Waller E.. Montrose, Fr. 59 Holeman. Robert I ., Ibui ingion. So. 48 Holeii Ralph B. Phil lips Imrg Fr. 127, 187 Ibdling, Ronald ( ., Alton, Fr. 59 127 Holmes, Carol L„ Utica, Fr. 59 90. 123 Hoi thus, Sharleen k . Smith Center, Sr. 26 Hopkins David A., La Crosse, So. 53 Hopkins, Robert IL, Protection, Sr. 87 Hopkins Terry M.. Hays Jr. 85, 87 Hurmel, Deanna K., Ada Jr, 37 Ho nil el, Ralph C„ Hays. Fr. 59 Horning. Edward j,. Ransom Sr, 26 112. 127 Horning. Mary L., Ransom, Fr, 59, 90 113, 123 Horning. Virgil L., Ransom. Sr. 26. 112. 127 Horn ung, Lester W., Spearville Sr. 25, 127 Horton Jerrell L, Hays fr. 59 Hotz, Eugene D., Altncna Jr . 37 Houdyshell, James E„ Hays. Sr, 25 Hough, David A, Coldwater, Jr. 37, 85, 161 Houser, Blair D. Paradise, So, 48, 163 Householder, INanev J, Belleville, So. 48, 101 119 125 Houston Marilyn K., Jewell, Sr. 26, 72, 77 81, 125 Howard, R. Elaine Ness City. So 48. 82 125, 149 Hrabik. Donald L„ Russell, Fr, 171 Hubbard, Minnie F„ Waldo. Sr. 26, 72. 73, 74 Hubbard, Sylvia J, t Ed son, Jr, 37. 151 Huber. John E., Selden, Fr, 59, 12 1 Hubert, Craig E,, Earned, Jr, 37, 155 Huebner Ron D. Bush ton. Fr, 59. 127 Hull, James M, Lakin. Fr. 59 Hu 11 man, Don H., St, John Fr. 59, 127 Hunter, Gary R.. Ellsworth, Fr. 59 Husllg, Marcus F,, Penalosa Sr. 26, 104, 113 Huslig, William J,. Claflin So. 48 Hutehcraft, Theodore E., Plainville. So, 48 165 Hutton, Rodney K.. Bucklin. Jr, 156, 157, 215 llvames, Linda A., Dighton. Fr, 59. 82. 102 123. 153 Hyde Robert M.. Osborne, Sr. 26 (I) llirig Meredith M., Good land, So. 85, 151 191,204 ImMasehe, Donald C,. Hays, Sr. 26 1 mMasche, D. Kay. Hays, So. 48. 91 102 150, 151.215, 219 Inman, William L,. Lakin, Fr, 59 Irvin, Wayne L., LaCrosse jr. 37 Ivan, John E„ Russell, So. 43 (J) Jackson P. Eugene. Atwood, Fr. 59 127 Jackson Terry IL. Wheeler. Fr. 59, 186, 214 Jacobs, Stella J.. Hays. Fr. .. 59, 113 Jamison, Doyle J,. Chiinler. Jr, 37 Jecha, Larin D., Timken. Fr. 59 Jefferies Gwendolyn M., Wa Keeney, So. 48 153 Jensen, Daryl D., Salina. So, 48 160. 191 Jensen, Juliana, Kinsley, Jr, 37, 105. 110, 125 Jewell, William C., Goodland, So 170 171 Johnson, Anna Lew, Dodge City, Sr, 26, 105 125 Johnson Bernard I).. Rrookville Sr. 26 Johnson Deanna K,. Ellis, So. 48, 151 Johnson, James A.. Prairie View. Fr, 59 Johnson, Joyce E,. Yliets Jr. 37 Johnson, Judilh E,, Danbury, Nebr, Jr. 37 110 125 Johnson, M. Louise Oakley, jr. 37, 105, 125 Johnson, Phyllis M,. Trousdale. Fr. 59, 125 Johnson, Russell j., Zurich. Sr. 26. 98 165, 190 Johnson, Sidney. Jr,, Jamestown, Fr. 59 Johnson. Victor IL, Great Bend. So, 48. 143 157 Johnston Keith L. Lyons, Fr. ... 59. 127 Johnston Noble C, Englewood Fr. 59, 127 Johnston, William B., Meade, Jr. 37 Jones, Jerry J,. Oberlin, Jr. 48 Jones. Marlyn V.. Kanorado, Sr. 26, 165 Jones Ronald IL, Colby Sr. 38. 165, 186, 190 Jordan. Harold AL Hays Jr. 38 Joslin. Marilyn F. Lincoln. Sr. 26 72, 111 Juenemann John A., Dellvale So. -44 113, 127 (K) Kaemple. Bonnie .1., Sylvan Grove. Sr, 26 Kalde, Larry L. Hoxie, So. 48 Kaiser. Bernice J., Bison, Sr. 26 Kaiser. Carol S. Great Bend, Fr. 59 123 188 Kaiser, Layton L, Hoisinglon, So, 48, 104 106, 113, 127 Kaiser, Svlvia K., Great Bend Jr. 38 103 142, 150, 151, 201, 206 Karlin, Joe C. Hays, r 26 Karlin, Peter j., Victoria, Fr 59, 113 Karls. Audry A., Leoville, Jr 26 Karls, John A., LerjvilJe Sr. 26 Karr Charles A,, Stockton, Fr. 59 Karr, Curtis D., Stockton, Jr, 38, 186 Karst. Jill A Russell, Fr. 59 75 88. 89 123. 188 Kassel man. Max L. Earned Jr, 38 161 171, 191 Kaufman Kay Ann Wichita So r 48 132 151 191 204 208 209 Kaye. Adeline C Boulder, Colo., Fr, 100 199, 206 Keady, Norma L. Lamed, Fr. 59 90, 105 Keas, Karan K., Plainville, Fr, 59, 123 188 Kedey Dorothy A„ St. John, Fr 59 Keenan, Thomas M., Great Bend, So, 49 Keener, Patrick A,, McCracken, Unci. 26 Keith, Glenn L,, Penokee, Jr 38, 127 Keller, David D. Ellis, So 49, 165, 190 Keller, Jim R. Colby, Fr . 60 Kelley, Edward L., Plainville, Sr 26 Kelly, Marilyn j., Solomon, Fr. 60, 113, 123 Kellogg, Brooks L., Stewart Manor, New York, Jr. 38, 187, 213 Kendall, Barbara J„ Macksvillc, So. 49 Kent, Nancy J., Hutchinson, Sr 26, 92, 96 105, 189 Kepferk, James A., Quinter, Jr, 38, 211 Kepferle Loyd T., Quinter, Sr. 26, 93, 147 Kepley, Marshall E, Ulysses, Fr 60 Kep linger, Edward C,, Herndon, Sr 27 Kerin, Jack L„ Clearfield, Fr 60 Kern, Donald D, t Stockton, Jr. 38 Kern, Francis H, Palco, Sr. 27. 112 Kern. Gerald M„ Great Bend, Fr. 60 Kersletter, Judith A,, Protection, Fr, 60, 123 Kerstelter, Rex E. Protection, Jr, 38, 74 75. 76, 108, 127 60 60 49 49, 78, 147 .... 60, 95, 123 Kerih, Gary R., OgaJlah, Fr Kibbe, Robert L., Randall, Fr. Kilian, Larry D., Russell, So. Kimbell, Lee E.. Meade, So. Kimmal, Elaine FL Norton, Fr. King, Clayton T-, Plainville, So. 49 King, Gordon D , Agra, Sr. 27 King, Norman L., Plainville, Fr. 60 King, Virginia L., Topeka, IT. 60 Kingsley, Linda A., Ellis, Fr, 60, 95, 123 Kimon. Larry D., Smith Center, Fr. 60 Kin yon. Sue, Arkansas City. Sr. 27, 88, 92 125. 188, 189 Kippte, Helen F Long Island, Sr, 27, 88, 92 Kirby. Carolyn Lamed, So, Kisner, Vernon J„ Topeka, Sr, Kissick, Delia M., Beverly, It. Kistner, John M., Phillipsburg Fr, Klein. Joyce K,, Kensington, Jr. KJemm, Margaret A.. Ford, Sr, Kleweno Janet E, Bison, Fr. Kleweno Katherine E., Lenora, So. Kline, Norman L., Quinter, Jr. Knipe, Duane A., Grinned So. Knitig. Carl L., Rex ford, Jr. Knoeber, Gem J,. Spearville, So, Knowles Donna E,, Osborne Jr, Knud son, Karol A., Ludcdl, So, 125, 188, 189 49, 105, 125 27, Bl t 98 38 60 38 74. Ill 27, 77, 151 60. 90 49, 125 38 49, 165 38 78. 79 49 38. 77 49, 95, 107 125 38, 171, 174 Kober Alfred j., Bison, Jr. Koch Marcelline, Raymond, Sr. 27, 79, 105 Koch Robert E., Scott City, So. 49. 76, 108 127, 214 Koci, Dennis D, Bistort, Fr. 60 Koeppen, Jerry D„ Wellington, Jr. 38. 83 1 13, 160, 161. 203 Koodbel Larry J., Albert So. Kopkc, Larry L., Pawnee Rock, Jr. 34, 38, 74 75 76, 84, 99, 200, 202, 203, 215 Korbe, Wilma J., Hays, Jr. 38 Krais) nger, Gary L.. Great Bend So. 49, 163 60 60, 127 49, 186 Kralicek Oliver D., Humer Fr. K ra n n a w itte r, . A rt b u r J H ox i e , F r. Kralzer Barry D., Hoxie, So. Krehbiel, Connie L.. Rushton, Fr, 60, 123 Krous, Gary B. Denver, Colo,, Fr. Kruse Lawrence M„ Leoville Sr, Kruse, Merlin A. Selden So. Kugler, Thomas C,, Hays Jr. Kohl man Carol L., Nickerson Sr. 60 27 49 38 27, 119 120 201 Kuiken, Henry H. Phillips baft, Fr. 60, 127 Kumnver, Thomas W.. Great Bend Jr. 38 113, 165 Kurtz, Mary J Alton Uriel, 38, 74 Kvner Carol M., Sharon Springs Fr. 60, 92 110, 189 (L) Lacey, Philip C„ Hoisington, Fr 60 Laeger, Marvin R., Quinter, Jr. 38 Lafferty, Jane D, Kinsley Sr. 27 Laizure Karen L., Hays, Jr. 84, 142, 144, 145 Lally, Jerry M.. Russell, Jr. L58, 159 Lamoreux W, Drew, Longmont Colo Fr. 60 127, 171 Langrehr, Margaret A., Great Bend, Fr. 60 90, 123 Langley, Michael A,, Ellis, Fr. ..... 60 18 j Larkin, Gilbert M„ Greensburg Fr. 60, 108 127 Larson David D.. Ada, So. 49 127, 177 179 Lar alere, John P., Minneapolis, Jr. 38 LaSalle Cecile N. Clayton, Fr CO 90 123 LasbclJ Gary R-» Hill City, Fr — 60 Lauxman, Laverne G., Abilene, Sr. 27, 93 163 187 Law Marcus L , WuKeeney, So. 49 Lscw Philip E., Oberlin Jr, 38, 119 Law, Randall F, WaKeeney. FT. 60 Lawler, Mary Ann, Hays Fr. 60 116 122 Lawson Douglas M , Alton Fr, 60, 127 Layton Donald Randall, Jr. 38, 127 Le azure, Sandra S., Palco. Jr. 38 151 Lee Lowell C., Lorraine, Sr. 27, 162. 163 Leffingwell, Patricia L„ Lakin, Jr, 38, 103, 110 Leffingwdl Verna L,, Lakin, Sr. 75, 103 110, 125 Legg, Kenneth FT Dodge City, So. 49 Leiker,, Dennis W., Walker, FT. 113 Leiker. Harvey J. Hays Jr, 38 159 Leiker, Marvin J. Hays Fr. 60 Leiker Melvin A Hays Jr. 38 Leiker Robert j,. Rushton, Sr. 27 Leonard Clarenc M Lakin. So, 49 84 105 151 Leonard, Marilyn G., Hays jr. 118 Leonard, Ronald R. Quinter, Jr, 171 Lenz, W. Bert. Scott City, Grad. 69 Lesseig, Ruth l ,. Hays Sr. £7 Lesseig, Samuel L., Hays So. 49 75 Lessor, Delbert L., WaKeeney, Fr, 60, 87, 161 Levin. Henry A., Kensington Sr. 27 Lewis Arnold M., Jr., Salina, Fr. 60, 111. 163 Lewis, Elvin I)., Minneola Fr. 60 Lewis, Judith K., Salina, Jr. 38 153 Lewis, Lana D, KinHev FT, 60, 123 Lewis, Robert W., Mullinville Fr. 60 Lewis, Ronald S r . Healy, Fr. 60 Ley dig M. Verlee, Glade, Jr. 38. 91, 125 Lies Rodney P., Minneola, Jr. 38 Ligon, Sharon L, A bifen e, Jr, 39, 77, 79 149 Likes, William C., Albert Jr, 39 Lillieli. Marlin E,, Bird City Fr. 60 Limes, Boyd A,, Logan, Unci. 39 164, 165 190, 203 Lindahl Arlan j., Natoma, Fr. 61 Lindsay. Richard R., Russell, Sr. 27 Lindsey, Donald L. Stockton Sr, 27 191 Lindsey, Gerald D., Stockton, Jr. 39, 191 Line Gordon W.. Eddyville, Nebr,. Jr, 78 Linen berger Robert G., Bunker Hill, Sr, 27 119 Lits-enbiTger Clifford C. Claflin, Fr, 61 Loc k m a n „ Carolyn M rt Ford So. 49 91 103, 105, 153, 197 216 Lockman Deanna R. Ford, Jr. 39, 75, 77, 84 97, 103, 152, 153 209 Loflin, Marjorie K., Ogallah FT. 61, 122. 153 l.o Ulead Karen 1C, Fill is. So. 49, 84 91 Lof stead. Man Ann, Lebanon, FT, 61, 90 122, 147, 153 Logan, Duane K,, Scott City, So. 49 165 Logan, Judy R, Scott City, Fr. 61, 122 Logue Lona I... Stafford, Sr. 27 Lomax. Carl E„ Modoc Fr. 127 178 Long Gary A.. Ellis PC 78. 79, 99, 108 Lopez. William C, t Waldo, Fr, 61, 127 Losey, Bill, G rinnell, Fr, 61 Lott. Clarence E„ Jr. Hill City, Jr. 39 Lotion Richard iV, Carden Citv. Sr, 39 93 184 Love, Juanita FA, Zurich Jr, 39 Loven stein, Charles M. Oaklev, FT, 61 Lovitl, Kay F Utica, So. 49, 92, 107 Lowe, Robert N., Winona. Jr. 39 Lower, Beverly A., Sublette, So. 49, 105, 125 Loyd, Earl A,, Pbillipsburg Fr, 61 Lucas Myrna L., Greensburg, FT, 61, 105. 122 Lucas, Roberta Goodland, So, 49, 87, 149 Lull, Rudolph L., LaCrosse. Jr. 39 98, 163 Luke, Linda K.. Scott City, FT. 61, 87 89 90, 123, 206 Lunsford, Larry D.. Great Bend Fr. 61 Lut hi Darrell D., Logan Sr. 27. 165, 190. 215 Lutz Bob L., Cleburne. Jr. 39 Lynch Gail D., Plainville So. 49 Lyon Dean A., Ness City, Jr. Lyon Ellen O. Ness City Sr, 27 (Ml Mack, Helen J„ Digbion, Fr. 61. 123 Madden, Jack L Dodge City, Jr, 39 Maddox, Jack L., Hoisington. FT, 61 M a d dy , Pa t ric i a i , . . Be 1 1 ev i ! I c , i t . 61 218 Maes, John J„ Claflin, Fr, 61 113, 127 Magana, Frank, Kano pu I is, Jr, 39, 99 MagerSj J. Lloyd St. John, FT, 61 204 Mahoney, Garry M., Dorrance Jr. 155 Major, Marilyn A. Dorrance, Jr. 39 Malcolm James V., A Emma Unci. 49 Maneth, Alvin L., Great Bend, So. 49 94 112 Mann Nancy J., Dodge City. Fr. 61, 110 123 153 MartU Beverly A., Kanopolis Sr. 28, 110, 125 Man warren, Dan L., Sterling, Jr- 39 Manwdiler, Gary D. Hoisington Fr, 61 Marcell, Patricia L,, Palco, FT, 61. 116, 123 Marcotte, Sundra M,, Nalorna, Fr. 61, 125, 134 Margheim, Edwin E,, W a Keeney, So. 49, 114 171 Marshtli. Errol C Minneola. Fr. 61 171 Marrs, Arwin W Fowler, Sr. 28 Marrs Virgil E., Fowler, Jr. 39 Marshall Larry G,, Hays, Sr, 28, 76 Marshall Lave I a j,, Hays FT. 61 Marshall, Rodney O Minneola, Fr. 61, 178 Martin Danny, Chase, So, 49, 157 Marx on, John F., Russell Sr. ... 28 Maska Darlene R., Hays, So 49 Mask a James A. Hays, Sr. 93, 171. 175 Mason, William G., Phillips burg Sr. 28 Mathias Shirley A., Deerfield Jr, 39, 92 188. 139 Maxwell, Leonard C. t Quinter, FT. 61, 127 Maxwell, Robert L., Hays, Sr. 28 Mayfield John E. Hoisington, Fr, 61 Mease Wanda L., Nashville, Jr. 39. 85 123 153 Medill Helen L,, Hays, Sr. 28 Meier, Gerald H.. Lincoln, Fr. 62 Meier, Larry D,, Abilene So. 50, 86. Ill, 163 Meier, Robert j. Hays, Fr, 62 Meiller, Gerald D. Minneapolis, Fr. 62, 94, 184 Melhus, Harold I). Scandis Fr. 50. 62 Melroy Thmuas 0„ Norton Fr. 62 Mellon, Linda M.. Concordia, Fr 62 105. 122 Melton William l,., Concordia Sr, 28, 12, Merrnis, Delven H,, Aitesia, N. Mex., Fr, 62 112 MerilJ Everett C, Kanopolis So. 127 Mesa, Manuel IT, Kanopolis. FT, 62 Meyer, Richard E,, Natoma, Jr. 74, 75 Meyers, Clayton V Lamed, Fr, 62 Meyers William D., Plainville. Sr. 28 Michael, William D., Hill City, So, 50 Mickey. E, Ann Hoxie, jr. 39 Mickey, John F.. Hoxie, Fr. 62 127 Mtddlekauff. Charles C. Hays. Sr. 28. 94 103 209 Milberger. land L, Great Bend Fr. 62. 118 120 Milbergcr. Judith G., Great Bend, Sr. 28 Mil burn Robert V., Hunter, So, 50 Miles Marcel J.. Jewell. Jr. 39 Miller, Carol J, Deerfield, jr 39 Miller Dianne, Fellsburg , Sr, 28. -2, .4 78, 147 201 Miller. Everett FA, La Crosse, Sr. 28 Miller Gregory K.. McCracken, Fr, 101. 126 Miller, iris E. McDonald. Sr. Ill 125 Miller, J. Warren. Kansas City, Jr, 38, U Miller Marvin W„ Ogallah. Fr. 62 Miller, Ora J., Russell, Fr, 62. 101, 123 Miller, Samuel L, Russell. 60 Miller Samuel M,, Russell. So 50 Miller Shirley A„ Phillipsburg, Sr, 28, 82 107, 114. 125 Miller Suzanne D., Claflin, Sr. 28, j 3. 151 Miller, Wavne F,. Deerfield, Sr. 28, 159. 1 . 1 Mills Arlvn D„ Nekoma, Fr. 62, 98, 12 j Mills, Joseph H„ Bunker Hill, Sr, 28 Mills Merle L. St. Francis. Fr. 118. 186 Milton, Ernest II.. Norton, Sr. 28, 2. 80. 98 Mind ling. Gene W.. Plainville FT, 62 Minnie k, jack L., Hays, So, 81 Minor Gy la K,. Ulysses Jr. 39 Mitchell, Nancy R „ Fluicliinson. FT. 62, 100 122, 197 Mitchell, Robert D„ Hoisington, Fr. 63 Moeller Dallas J., Wilson, Fr. Mug, Sidne S., Lamed, So, 50, 88. 92 12. Mohr James L„ Hutchinson, jr. Miller, Marilyn K.. Garden City Fr. 62, 90 123 Moletor Virginia E., Kinsley, So. 50, 95 1L Mondero Mary C„ Flays, Fr. 62 Money, Michael K Mill City So. 50, 165 Moody, Deanna M., Norton, Fr, 62, 111 123, 188 Moody, Lou A. Pacific Grove. Calif.. So. 125 Moody M. Jean, Minneola, FT. 62 125, 207 Moomaw, W. Max Dighton, Jr. Mooney, Carl T Burrton, Fr. 62, 126, 1 j] Moore, Arabelle, Spearville, So. 50. 105, 12o Moore, Elizabeth J., Gardner. Sr. 28 Moure, Joyce A„ Spearville, Fr. 62. 105, 123 Moore, Norman J., Timken, Jr. Moore, Raymond L., Levant, Jr. 59 Moore, Wa rren, Timken, Sr. 10 Moorcliead Robert L., Hugoton, So, 76, 81 Morehead, Don M., Downs Jr. 40 Morris, Ben C, Quinter So, 44, 50, 143 162 163 Morris Bill Hugoton, Jr. S3 25 Morris, C. Alan. Right on, Sr, 28, 99 Morris, Glenda S,, Dighton, F r. 62, 86 101, 123 Morris, Harold II.. Horton, Jr. 40, 93. 184 Morris, Lucille L.. Quinier, Sr. 29, 72, 73 82, 100 Morris, Robert F, Horton, Fr, 62, 171 Morrissey, Douglas G., Woodslon. Jr. 40, 93 Morrow, Jeanic Garfield, So. 50, 89, 91 135, 151 Morrow, Paul W Wilson, Jr. 40 Morse, Evelyn L,. Sharon Springs, Fr. 62 92, 123 Moses, Don V. Leoti. Sr, 29, 118. 121 Mosier, W, David. Havs, So. 44, 50. 83, 87 203. 215 Mothershead, Carolvn K., Great Bend. Fr, 62 107, 122 Mo wry, Karen M r . Studley. Fr. 62. 105. 123, 134 Mullen, Brian A,, Stockton, So. 50 Mu ekIs John L.. Bur non. Fr. 62 127 Muuk, L eroy F., Victoria Sr 29, 113 Munoz, I j rank U„ Garden Qiv So. 50 M urphy. Carlos D . Hav$, Sr. 29, 100 Murphv, Roger F,, Great Bend Fr. 62 Murray. F. Lam, Simpson, So. 50 Murray, Gail 3... Wtllsville Fr, 6 % 90, 107 122, 188 Murray. J. Lewis, Scott City Jr, 40 M urrav. Marilyn 1)., Lakln, Fr. 62. 125 Mu Adoo, William A., Lamed, So, 49 , 75, , 99 Me A moil . Carol Z.. Penokee, Sr, 27 78. 104 Me A tee Richard E., Ellis, Fr, 61 Me Bee 1 G-rna L., Utica. So. 49, 125 ARC all. Dale D.. Culver. So. 39 Ml Camni mui. Judith A.. Burr Oak, Jr 39 M Jain, Ernest E. Port is So, 49 McCord jack M . Hill Chv Fr. 61 ■ .van. Donald E,, Pretty Prairie, Sr. 27 AM ' une B. Aileen, Beloit, Jr. 39. 105 McCune Allen D.. Saline, Jr. 39 McCurdy . Gene A.. Manhattan, jr. 39 McDanie 1. Marvin JL, Concordia, Sr, 27 McDonal d. Marcia G.. Plainville Fr. 61, 123 151 Me E wen, Julian A., Norton, Sr. 27; 84 155, 185 McFaddc ■n. Sandra K.. Osborne Sr, 27 McFarland, Benjamin H., Hays. PG 69 McFarland, John H. Sterling, Sr. 28, 127 1 71, in. 181 McGinn i: % Darrell D„ Esbon, Sr. 28. 72 , 73 94, 104 McGinnis Donald E„ Esbon, jr. 39 McGowen Duane 1,.. Johnson, Fr- 61 McGuire. . Marilyn. Hays, Fr. 61 , 86, , 90 122. 153 Melntnst i r Lam I)., Collyer, Fr. 61. 127 McIntosh, Norman L., Hays, So 111 McIntyre , Max L., Cold water. So. 49 86 87 161 McKee, Dennis D., Hays. Fr. 61, 186 McKinlty , Raymond L-, Fairport Sr. 28 McKinnc •y, William G,, Lincoln hr. 61, 127 171 .McKenzie, Virgin, Ransom, So. 49, 91 152 Ale Lean Donald J.. W a Keeney, jr. 39 McLeod. ft Preston, Salima Fr. 61 107 127, 186 McMulkin, Francis W., Norton Fr. 61, 127 McVlulk i n. Marilyn K., Norton, Fr. 61, 125 Ab Neil, Dcnztl D., Waldo So. 49 162. 163 185 AlcNernt ■y. Neil W., Wa Keeney, Fr. 61, 127, 161 McQueen, Kerry E-, Kinviu. So. 165 McRacken, Linda J,, Gorham Fr, 61, 123 MrYh ker, Robert G. Smith Center, Sr. 28 93 184 McWilliams, Thomas A., Quinter. Fr, 127. 185 l,M) Nagel, Harold G„ Alton Fr, 62 Nagel, Robert N.. 1. a Crosse, Fr. 62 Naiman, Donald W., WaKeency Fr, 62 Nairn. J amt ' s R.. Pawnee Rock. jr. 40 Nash. Nadine R,, Meade, Fr. s; 123 Neal, Barbara ,!.. Esbon, Fr. 62, 125 Neely, Jerry J,, Rucklin, So, 50 157 Neill, Nancy S„ St, John, Fr, 62, 105, 122 Nelson, Barbara J., Garfield. So. 50, 91 Nelson Barbara M, Hays, Fr. 151 Nelson, Connie F., Hays, Jr. 29, 72, 74, 77 80, HI, 98, 147 Nelson, Donald L., Kanorado, Fr. 184 Nelson, John K.. Hays, So. . 50 Nelson. Paul R. t Calva, Jr. 40, 126, 203 Nelson. Ronald A., Garfield, Sr, 29, 72, 76 81, 101- Nelson, William D., Marysville, So. ... 40. 119 Neuhold Fred A., Lamor Colo., Grad. 80 Newcomer, Arthur R-, Qgallah PG 69, 171 Newton, Larry M., Russell, Unci. 50 NeyJon, George A., Hays, Jr- 29, 94 Nicholas, George A., Geneseo, Sr. 29 155 Nickel, John M., Ln Crosse, PG 69 Nickelson, Marly n D-, Wilmore, Fr. 62, 103, 127 Nold, R Joseph, Abilene, Fr. 62, 127 Noller, Gary L., Glen Elder, Jr, 40 Norman. K end a] I K., Burdett, Sr. 29, 87 Northrop, Laurence S., St, Francis, Fr. 63 Norton, Alan V„ Cimarron Sr, . 29 159 Norton, Warren W., Hoisington, So. 75, 89 (O) Ochs, Norman C., Utica, Jr. 40, 84, 102 171, 172, 219 O ' Brien, John D,, Bazin e Sr, 159 Odette Dennie L-, Jamestown, Fr, 63, 127, 161 Chile Roger L., Hays, Jr — ... 40 Oclkc, Carol A., Hoxie, So. 50, 95, 115. 189 Offner, Kenneth M., Utka, So, 50 O’Halloran, Marla K,. Lakin, So. 40, 102 103. 112 153 Ohlemeier. William J,,, So. 50, 156 157, 197, 213 Oldach, Robert H., Colorado Springs, Colo., Jr. - 40 Oldach, Vina N’., Kinsley, Jr, 34, 40, 74 77, 78, 82, 83, 147, 159 Olds, Jean C. Wilson, Fr, 63, 101, 103 123 O ' Lean John R., Pretty Prairie, So. 50 Oliva. Leo E. Woodston, Sr, .... 72. 73. 74 75 84, 104 106, 156, 157 Oliva N, Marlene, Woodston Jr. 40 Oliver Russel D.. Satan t a, Fr. 63 O’Loughlin, Mary W„ Brownell, Jr. 63, 104 Olson, Merlin E., Assaria, So. SO, 165 Ong, Charles L.. Plain ville, Sr. 29 Qpitz Glenda F„ Garden City. Jr, 40, 86 91 107, 115 125 142, 144, 145 Opliger, Leland T., Agra, Fr. 63 Oppliger, Orrin D.. Ness City, Sr, 29 Organ, James J. Marland. So 50. 161 Qrnie, Marilyn L, Palco, Fr. 63, 103, 123 Qrmsbee, Larry E., Athol, Jr. 40 O’Rourke, James C , Ellis, Sr, 29 Orr. Curtis L, Woodston So, 50 Orr, Gerald K,, Woodston Jr. 40, 211 Orth, Sara S„ Sublette, Fr, 63 Ostrander, Lanara G.. Bnshton, So. 50, 198 Ostrom Stephen F„ Hays, So. 50, 111, 163 Oswald, Irma j„ Gorham, Sr. 29 Oswald, Lloyd E., Gorham So. 50 O’Toole, Ailone M., Arnold So. 50, 120 (P) Packard Richard D. Gove. Fr, 63, 126 165 Painter William J,, Meade, Jr, 40 Palmer, Barbara £., Russell, .ir. 40 73 74 Palmer Jimmie L.. Waldo, Fr. 63, 171 Palmer, Linda L. Atwood Jr. 40 Palmer Paul E., Hays So, 50, 93, 177 Pancost, Robert D., Great Bend, Fr. 81 Parish Harfie A. Great Bend Fr, 63, 127 Parish. Janice L., Goodland Fr, 63, 123 Parker, Gerald A.. Brewster Sr. 29 Parker Lloyd R., Hays So. 50 Parks, Kenneth W-, Utica, Jr. 40 Parsons, Don D., BtmkerhilJ, So, 50, 127. 157 Parsons, G. Max, Oakley, Sr. 29, 157 Parsons, Lawrence E.. Oakley Grad, 205 Patrick, Jackie Lee Ashland Fr. 63 Patrick, Nina R„ Ashland Fr. 63 Patterson, Dale I., Bison, Jr. 40, 106 Patterson, Coralie J , Hill City. Fr. 63, 123 Patterson Myra L. t Rozel, Fr. 63 90, 122 Patterson Roger k., Wellsworth Jr. 40 161 Patterson Violet M., Hays, Jr. Ill Patterson, Ward L. Mansfield, Ohio PG 69 114 Patton Marilyn Y., Scott City, So, 50, 88 107 125 Paul, Kathryn K., Jamestown Fr, 63, 90, 123 Pauley, Eugene 1J., Hays Sr. 29 72, 104 Pauley Gale L,, Woodston, So. 50 Pauley, Gloria K,, Woodston, Fr, 63 Faustian, Cay L„ LaCrosse, So, 50, 153 Pavlicck, Richard A, Oberlin So, 51 Pavlicek, Robert W. Oberlin, Fr. 63 Paxton David F.. Hopewell l’r, 63, 127 Peck, David E., Hays, Sr. 29 Pen ix. Betty J.. Code! I, Fr. 63 Perdval Patti J., Hoxie, Fr. 63 120, 123 147 Perkins, Hafold R,, Phillipsburg Jr, -10, 113 165 Peterman, Bernita M., Ellsworth, Fr, 63, 115, 125 Peterman, Elaine M. Ellsworth, Jr, 29 Peters, James M., Hays, Jr. 40 Peters Reed A., Lamed, jr. 40, 161, 190 Peterson, Brien R. Cheyenne, Wyo. Jr. 40 Peterson, Kermit D,, Little River, So. 100 Peterson, Mildred J, Bushton, So. 51 87 110 218 Peterson, Patricia A,, Protection Sr. 29 Peterson, R. Lloyd Hays, So. 51 103, 108 Peterson, Shirley E.. Protection, So. 95, 125 Petti bone, Richard A. Kanorado, Sr. 29, 164 165, 190 Pettit, Paul A.. Burr Oak. So. 51 Pfannenstiel frvin J,, Hays Sr, 29 Pfannestiel. Maurice, Hays, Jr. 40, 74, 112 Pfannenstiel, Melvin. Hays So, 75 Pfeifer Anthony F., Hays, Sr, 29 Pfeifer, James F. Hays, Jr, 40 Pfeifer Joseph A., Hays, Jr. 40 Phelps Jerald W r .. Ulysses, Fr. 63, 79, 127 Philip, Joyce A., Brownell, Fr. 63 105 123. 147 Phillips Gale W„ Norton. Sr, 29 76, 104 Phillips, Robert L., Elite. PG 219 Pickering, David L,, Little River, So. 51 Pldcifrpaugh, William K.. Goodland Jr. 40 165 190 Pierce Charles M., Saline, Fr. 6 Pivonka Barbara j., Timken, Jr, 40, 105, 125 Plowmen, Jay J., Macksville, Jr, 40. 127 Plowman, Richard D., Macksville Sr. 29. 108 Poage,, Jerald D, Jennings Sr. 29. 87 Poage Richard L Jennings, So. 51. 93. 171 Poage, Shirley D„ Almena, So. 51, 120 Poore. Garry L„ Stockton Sr, 29, 155 Popp, Dennis E., Russell So, 51, 87, 159 Poppe, W. Clyde] 1, Cimarron, Jr, 40, 159 171 174 Post, Stanley E.,, Fr. 63 Pounds, Linda L., Smith Center, Fr, 63, 123 Powers Beverly J., La Crosse, Jr, . 41 Powers George R., Rozel, Sr, 29, 158 159 Powers Ramon S. Gove So, 51 Pratt, Don Alton, So. 51, 127 Price, Billy 1)., Nekoma, Fr. 63, 94 126. 186 Price, Don H., Winfield, Fr. ... . 63 Price, Kayla J., Nekoma, Jr. 41, 120 Princ Maurice W„ Luray Jr. 41, 81. 93 Prinsen, A., Prairie View Fr. 63, 90, 123 Ptenninger, Bill J„ Scott City Jr 41 (Q) Quenzer, Allen D. Utica, Fr. 163 Quenzer, Carale J,. Utica, Fr, 63, 90. 107 123 Quill in Ronald W., Osborne, Fr. 63 111 ) Railsback Larry D., Colby, Fr 63 Rajewskt, Vern G. Hays, Jr. 30 Ralstin Carrold Jay, Mullinville, Fr. 63. 127 Ramsey, V irginia Mae. Colby. Fr, 63 123. 198 Rankin Leones Lee. Nashville Fr, 63 165 Rasok, Linda Lea, Great Bend, Fr, 63. 123, 188 Rassette, Cleo Ann, Dorrance, So. 51. 91 107. 125 Ray, Arthur L. Sterling, Jr. 41 Reddick, Sandra Kav, Downs, Fr. 63, 87 90, 147 Reece, Clyde William. Burdett. Jr. 41, 127 165, 190 Reed. Brenda Jo. Hays, Fr. 123 Reed Donnie Arthur, Colby, Fr. 64 Reed, Jerome H„ Hoxie, Sr. 155 Retd, Ronald Lynn, Monument, Fr. 64 Reeder, Melvin Dean, WaKeencv, Fr. 64 Reeves Bob G. Ulysses Jr. 41 Reeves Tommy Andrew, Ulysses Fr. 64 Reh Velda Velma, N a tom a, Sr. 33 Reif Robert Gene, Claflin, Fr. 65, 113, 127 Reimer, Wanda 1 ,. Wichita, So 51, 91, 147 Rein Marlin L.. Russell, Sr. 31, 159 Reinert, Carol G., Cimarron, Fr. 64, 90 95 123 Reinert, Karren K., Ensign Fr. 64. 90 111 123 Reinhardt, Richard 11., Great Bend, Sr. 30 161 Reiss Clifford F , Meade, Fr, 64 Reiss James V.. Weskan Sr, 30, 72 159 Keiss, Jerroll E.. Weskan, Sr. 30, 96 Reissig Donald L,, Russell Fr. 64, 165 Reitcheck, Clem J., Giamfield So. 51 Reiter, Susan J.. Kingman Fr. 64, 123, 215 Revilla, Carlos ( . Lima, Peru, Fr. 64 106 Revilla, Luis E., Lima, Peru, So. 106 Rhine Charles, Atlanta jr. 41, 74, 76, 80 81. 119. 126 Rhine, Paul E„ Atlanta, Sr. 30, 72 73, 74 75, 76, 80, 84, 126 Rhodes Linda M., Protection, Fr. 64, 123 Richards Ken C„ Great Bend, Fr. 64, 157 Richardson, Patricia A. Woonsocket S, Dak., Sr. 30, 103 106, 125 Richardson, Penny A., Agra, Fr. 64, 90, 123 Richter Herschel, Hoxie, Fr. 98, 115 127 Ridgway, Bonnie J., Qgallah, Jr, 41 Rid gw ay Kyle V., Bird City So. 51, 86 96 Ridgway, Roxanne R. Qberlin, Fr. 64. 122 Riedel, Howard A,, Stockton, Jr, 41, 137 154, 155 215 Riedel, John M Walker. Fr, 64, 113 Riemann, Bernard E. Densmore, Sr. 30 Rilev, Esta L., Dodge Qty, jr. 41. 82, 125 Rinkel. Eunice K„ Haviland, So. 51, 82, % 110, 125 Robbon Bertram G.„ Hoxie, So. 51 Rob ben, Rodger H., Griimell, Jr, 41, 159 Roberts, Adrienne L., Englewood Colo. Fr, 64, 107 122 Roberta, Joyce I. Qutnter, So, 51 104 125 Robertson. Peggy A., Greensburg Fr. 64, 122 Robl, Martin G., Ellin wood, Fr. 64 Robl, Martin J. Chase So. 41 Rodemen Carla R.. Nes City Fr 64, 123. 151 Ro demen, Reva G,, Ness City, So. ' 51, 125 Roedel, Dean L,. Oberlin, So. 186 Roeder, Menvin W, A linen a. Jr. 41 Rogers. Ariel L., Minneola, Jr. 41, 103 110, 125 Rogers Bonnie M., Hays. Sr. 30, 72, 74, 77 97, 102, 153, 201 Rogers, D. Del phi ne, St. Francis, Fr. 64, 86, 125 Rogers, Gordon Wayne, St. Francis, So. 51. 165 Rogers, Vickie A., Downs Fr. 64, 101 123, 147 Rogg. Judith M., Bunker Mill Fr, 64. 123 Rohan, Vayle, Jennings, Sr. 30, 76 119 121 Rohr, Marjorie IL Mays. Fr 64. 153 Rohr, Maurice J.. Hays, Fr. 64 Rolph, Darrel L., Minneapolis So. 51. 171 Rome be r, Gary L., Rush Center Fr, 64 178 Roskilly C. Larry, Stockton. Fr. 64 Roskilly. Glen M.. Stockton. Fr. 64 Ross. Keith D. t Si. Francis Sr. 30 Roth, Eiger ine M. Victoria, Fr. 90. 105 113 123, 138. 145 Rowe. Corlvss K., Hoismgton. Fr, 64, 92 107, 123 Rowe, Gwendolyn A.. Hoisinglon, Jr. 41 88 92, 125 188 Rowley. Marilyn K,. Hoisingtcm Fr. 105 Rube. Robert M., Susank, Fr. . 64 Ruder. Annette Hays, Jr. 41. 74, 78 82 Rom ley, Dennis W.. Dorrance, Fr, 64 Rumpel Philip R,, Jr. 41, 96, 114 Runfl, Georgia J., Wichita, Jr. 41 105. 125 Run ft. Lei and L., Herington, Sr. 30. 159 Rupp Brian J.. Ellis, Fr. 64 Rupp, Richard C, Long Island, Jr. 41 Russell, Crawford L Dodge City. Jr. 41. j 8 Russell, Donna B„ Cimarron Jr, 41, 147 Russell, Leo J., Plainville, Fr. 64 Russell Richard K.. St. John. Sr. 30. 190 Russell, Vera L Lamed, Fr. 64 204 Ruth, Darrel L, Johnson. Fr. 64, 127 Ryan, Patricia A McCracken, So. 51 125, 151 (S) Sackrider, Barbara W., Victoria Sr. 30, j 2. 82 Saighman, Raleigh E., Russell, Jr. 75 Sallee, Robert A„ Larned, Fr. 64. 119 Salmans, Betty A„ Belpre Fr. 64 85, 86 101, 113 123 Salyer Theron C,, Ashland Fr. 65 % Sander Wilfred A., Victoria. Sr. 30 Sanders, Willard W., Scott City, fr, 65, 96 Sangrungruang. Sombat Angthong Thailand Grad. 106 .Saxton, Sheldon E., Burden, Sr., 30. 108 Seanland Bruce L., Jamestown Fr, 65, 127 Schaffer, I. Darrell, Plains, Sr. 20 30, 83 85, 103, 157 203 Schalan ky, James L-, Kirwin, Fr, 65 113. 127 Scliaru Clayton L., Ellin w ood, Fr. 65 Scheck, Patricia A., Hays, So. 51 82, 113, 120 Sc hern per, Carolyn E,, Long Island hr. 65, 123 Scherr, Martha A., Col Iyer, So. 57 Seh err Timothy A., Golly er Sr. 30 Schertz Sharon F., Winona, So. 51 95, 125 Schippers, Eleanor M,, Victoria. So, 51 Schippers, Francis W. Victoria Fr, 65, 113 Schlegel Donald R., Alexander, Fr. 65 Schlegel Stanley E., Mays, Jr. 41 Schmabiried Richard D., Dighton, I r. 65 96 Schmeidier, F. Leo, Hays, Sr. 31, 112 Schmidt RuJa A. Syracuse, Fr. 65, 101, 122 Schmidt, Fred C , Jr., Russell Fr. 65 Schmidt, Gene H„ Hays, So. 51 Schmidt, Geraldine M., Rogue, Unci, 41 Schmidt Richard R. Russell Sr. 89, 99 Schmidt, Thomas A., Catherine So. 51, 186 Schmidt, Wayne R.. Hays hi, 113, 178 Schinoekel Janice A., Ellsworth, Fr, 65, 90 US 123, 188 Sehnattedy, Toya A. Hays, Sr, 31 Schneider, Gary A., Olh, Sr, 31 Schneider, Run N, Otis So, 51 Schniepp, Robert D.„ Ness City. Jr, 41 Schoen, Everett L., Downs Fr. 65. 178 Sehonlaw, Gary E Satanta, Sr. 31 211 Sc h rater Gerald D. Utica Fr. 65, 163 Schremmer, jolene C.. Ho is in g( on, Fr. 6,5 105 113 123 Schrock, Gary A. Rex ford So, 51 Sc h roeder, Larrv R., Lorraine, Fr. 65 127 Schroeder Sandra A., Colby. Fr. 65, 123 Schuckman. LeeKoy B.. McCracken, Jr. 41 Schueler, Mary E,, Mays, Fr. 65, 84. 113. 120 Schulte, LeRoy W Dens more, So, 51 Schulte, Norman F„ Victoria, Fr, 65 Schultz Donald L., Sylvia, Sr. 31, 93 191. Schultz Gary L., Stockton, Fr. 65 127 Schulz, James R., Hunter, Fr, 65 Schulz Tommy M., Great Bend So. 41 Schumacher, Anthony A,, Hays So. 51 Schumacher, Ignatius, Hays, Sr, 31 Schumacher, Paula Victoria, Jr. 41. 77, 85 86 125, 144, 145,211 Schumacher Tim G., Hays Fr. Schumacher, Wayne A., Hays Fr, 102, 171 Schupman, Arlyn L,, I, a Crosse. Fr, 65 Schuster, Alfred j. Ellis, Jr. 41 SchwartgkopL Edward I... LaCrosse, So, 51 191 Schwien, William G. W a Keeney, Sr, 31 72 73, 74, 76, 80, 126 Scolas Koula B., Richland Center Wise. Grad. 69 114 Scott, Larry W.. Good land, So. 51. 165 Scott, Robert H„ Great Bend Jr. 41 127 Scott Thomas J., Ransom So : 51, 126 Seaman Karen S r Natoma So. 51, 125 188, 189 Seery, Karen M., Havs. It. 64, 65, 85, 86 136, 153 215 Seibel, Mary A.. Ellis, hr. 123 Seihel Monte J.. Leoti Jr. 41, 118, 12 Sekavec, Jay C, Oakley Fr. 65, 98, 104, 127 Self ridge Karen L Mansion, So, 51 105 110. 125 Selfridge, Lois M , Hanston. Fr. 65 105 1 10. 122 Sellens, David L„ Bunker Hill. So. 51, 94 Shaffer. Mary M.. Salma. Fr, 65. 119, 120 123. 145, 195 Sham burg, Larry D., Randall. Fr. 65 Shannon. Loren E„ Russell. Jr. M. 81 Sharp Loyd M„ Norton. Fr. 65 Sin an. Glenn A„ Spcanille Jr, 41 Shearer Irvin R.. Almena, Fr. 65 Shearer. Man I!., Klamath Falls Oreg Fr. ' 65, 88. 92. 188, 189. 195 Shields, Joel D.. Hoisington, l tick 31 Shimck. Roger I „ Jennings, Fr, 65. 94 Shively, Jon V WaKeeney Fr. 65, 87, 118 127, 161 Short, Donald I). Cnodland, So r 51 Short William L. Hays Jr, 41 Show alter John C„ Brewster. Jr, 42 In y alter b 1 v e e K - . Me Cr ac ken, I i . 6. ) , Ik 120. 123 Shumate, Denis J., Garfield. So. 51. 161, 210 Schumate, Nonerl R, Garfield, Fr, 6b, 123 Sidener, Richard A.. Ada. Sr. 31 Siehert Kenneth L.„ Great Bend So 42. 52 Sick, Warren G., Ness City, Jr. 42. 96 154. 155 Sigle Peggy S., Foray. Fr. 65. 122 Simmons, Richard L„ Oakley, Fr. 65 Simoneau. Leroy E., Da mar. So, _ 52 Simona, Kenneth W,. Hays, hr, 65 80, 94 Simpson, Kenneth L , Lyons, F r, 63, 126 Sit ton, Ralph W., LaCrosse, Jr. 81 Skinner. Jerry S.. Gt, Bend, Sr, 31 Slipkc Walter L„ Clayton. Jr., 42, 161 Sloan. Lila Fay. Mays. I. ntd. Sloan Mary C., Topeka, So. 52, 91, 12b Small, Susan L., Halstead, Fr. 65. 90, ltb Smith, Charles R.. Ulysses So. 52 Smith, C Kay Salma, Fr. 66, 99, 101 105 123, 195 Smith. Dick L. Anthony Fr. 66 Smith. Donald D. Larned, Sr. 31 Smith, Donald W., Macksville Sr. 31 Smith Dorothy L, Codell, Fr, 52 Smith Dorothy M.. MarienlhaL So, 125 Smith, Edith P.. Mays, It. 42, 105 Smith, Ivan D., Osborne, Fr, 66, 94 Smith, Janet M., F r. 66 101. 123 Smith, Janice L,, Stockton, Sr. 31 111, 151 Smith, Katherine J.. Liberal, Sr. 31, i9 125, 142, 148, 149 206, 217 Smith Paul L., Smith Center, Fr. 66, 94 Smith Robert D,, Burden Fr, 96 Smith, Vulda J., Arnold, Fr. 66 123 Smith, Verlc R. Courtland, Fr. 66 Smith Yvonne, Ashland, Jr, 42. 110, 125 131. 201, 203 Snealh Elizabeth A. Kanopolis Sr, 31 110, 125 Sneed, Gary D. Haviland So. 52, 81. 93 Snider, Herndon A.. Topeka, Jr, 42 Snyder. Ivan, Russell Jr. 42 Socha, Loretta, Salina, So. 52, 87, 91. 10] 125, 144 145 Soeken Ronald (7, Dorrame So. 52, 115 178 Smith Robert A., Lenora So. 52, S3, 75 Son nen burg, Barbara D.. Ransom. Fr. 66 90. 123 -Southerland, Patricia A„ Hays Fr. 66 Sparke Annie I,., Lewis, Fr. 66 123 Spicer, Z. Joan, Phillipsburg, So, 53. 114, 153 Spies, Win. Arlen, Hays, Sr, 31. 99 113 Spicier, Billy I)., RozeL So. 52 Spreier A. Eugene Rozel. Fr. 66 Staab Francis E.. Hays Sr, 31 Staab, Grace K., Hays, Jr. 42, 78 104 153 Staab Roland J., Hays, So 52 Stadelman, Virgil L.„ Flays, Sr, 31 Stafford, Jerry IX Great Bend, Sr. 31, 118 Stahl, Charles W,, Plainville, Sr. 171, 173 Stahn, Alice J., Woodruff, Sr. 31. 147 Stanton Larrv Eugene, Earned, Jr, 12 161 190, 191 Staples C. Jimmy. Plains. Sr, 31. 161 Staples, John B,. Plains. So, 52, 86 Stapleton, Margaret K-. Jewel I, So. 52, 82 107. 125, 197. 199 Stapleton, William A,, Belpre, Fr. 66, 184 Stark Andrea L., Earned, Fr. 66 105, 123 Starkey, Beverly R. Pratt. Jr, 42. 79 105 Starkey. Nevin L,, Haviland, J r. 42 Starkey Yerle D.. Haviland Sr. 31, 108 Starr, John B, f Scott City, Sr. 31. 155 Staub. Stephen A.. St. John, Fr, 66. 75. 99, 127 Stegman, Dennis- L„ Ness City Sr. 171, 174 Siegman James A,. Hollywood, Fr. 66, 96. 127 Stehno, Patricia L., Atwood, Fr. 66. 113 123 153 Steigleder, Robert W,, Ellsworth, Fr. 86, 111 Steinert, Arinin W., Ransom So. 52, 163 Steinert. Roger W,. Russell Fr 12 Stein lc, Valeda C. Quint er. Fr. 66. 95 107, 123 Steinert, Stanley K., Ransom, Fn 66 Stelljes, Von D., Glade Fr. 66 Stenzel LaVern J.. WaKeeney, Sr 3L 161 215 Stephens, Donua K,, Coodland, Fr. 66, 90 103 123,218 Stephenson Barbara, Elkhart, Sr, 14. . 2L Sterrett, Carolyn J. Quinter. Fr, 66 105 107, 123 Stevenson M Lee Miltonvale So. 52, 93. LI Stewart, Alan L Stockton Fr. 66 Stewart Andrew !),. Tribune Fr. 66 Stewart Larry C„ Courtland Fr, 66 Stewart, Lee M. Meaty, So, 52. 88, 92, 125 Stewart, Wanda M., Ilealy So. 52 92 12o Stiebcn, Lee A., Scott City, So. 52 Stillwell. Robert . L Scottsviile Sr. 31 73 74, 106 Stinchtoinb Jessie .M., Syracuse Fr. 66, 122 Stites, Glenda A., Hill City Fr, 66. 90, 123 Stockton, Robert L., Kensington Ft. 66 127 Stockton Shirley G.. Kensington, Jr. 42 Talbert Morris C,. FJlis, Sr. 32 Slone Sonya, Hays Sr, 31, 111 Stcre r Donald 1 1 ioxie. F r. Stoskopt Uarrel W.. Hoisington, Fr. Stoskopf Dwight W., HoLington, So. Stoskopf Li I bourn K., Hoisington. So. 52 Stoss, John [ . Otis So. 52 Stout Jack L., Liberal, Fr. 66. 127 118 Strieker, Thomas D. ( Russell Ft. Strobel, John D.. Great Beml, Sr. J19 Strom Leann L„ Belleville, So. 52, 12U, 151 St rube, Robert L.. Claflin Fr. 66 127 Sturd, Med E., Newton, Jr. 42 1; , 181 Stum. Linly R. Ness City. Jr. St Hi man, John W.. Dorrance Jr. " Stulterheim, Beverly, LaCrosse, Jr. 120, iol Suchv, Beverly A., threat Bend, Fr. 66, 86 113, 122 147 212, 21b Suhler Carol A.. Larned, Fr. 66, 95, 115 1 3 Sullivan Carmen S., St. John, jr. 42, 91 105, 12o Sullivan Norma J-, Lincoln HI , Grad. 69 114, 125 Summers Ruth F7„ Scott City, Fr. _( , 9h Super. Robert L.. Hill City So S2 127 Surprise, David L. WaKeeney, Fr. 52 Sutton Clifton M„ Plains Fr. g® Sutton Jerry L„ Beloit Sr. J ’ on ’ 1 Sutton S ii el la, Elkhart, Fr. 66 90, 122 Svoboda William F„ Hays, So 5 253 Swamvout, Nancy l ., Bucklin, Fr, 66, 105, 123 Swartz, Ralph L.. Sharon Springs Jr, 42. 127 Swayze, Linda C., Bucklin, So. 52 91 105. 150, 151 Swenson, Marcia L r . Jewell. Jr. 42, 74. 32 105, 107, 123 Swink, G. Marlene, Sat ant a, Jr. 42, 105, 125 Switzer. Richard ML Abilene, Fr. 126 Swords, Margaret E., Deerfield, jr, 42, 38 02, 125, 188, 189 (T) Talbert, Morris C, FJlis, Sr. 32 Tallman, Marilyn F., Hays, Jr. 42, 38, 92 Tarl ton. H. Max, Hoisington So. 52. 161 185, 191 Tassel, Lowell J., Spearvitle Fr. 66 Taylor Beverly A., Lyons, Fr. 66. 122 Taylor, G, Kathleen, Clearwater, Fr. 67, 86 122, 151 Teegerstrom, William H., Hays. Sr. 32, 19.1 Tegi m ever, Floyd D M W ' aKeeney, Sr, 32 Temaat, Sylvester L., Spearville, Sr, ,32, 112. 127 Temple. Don L, Hays, jr, 42 Temple. Ronald D.. Norcatur Sr. 32 Tenny. Patsy A.. Beeler, So. 52. 119. 125 TV i fesen, Charles E,, Brooklyn, N . ' t ,, So, 42 161 Terrell. Mary L.. Portis Fr. 67, 35, 87 123, 216 I r.i-amter, Mary M-, Ashland, So. 52. 125 Thaele, Mamie K-, Sylvan Grove; So, 52 Thibault, Delrtier H., Osborne, Fr. 67 Th elen, George N. Dorrance, So, . 52. 112 T . i n. Jay B.. Dorrance. Fr. 67. 112. 171 i Ji n, Nancy F., Dorrance So. 52. 113 t, Frank W„ Englewood. Sr, 32 158 159 Ti i nas. James H., Palco, Fr. 67 .:uas, M, Lvnn Redondo Beach. MIL Jr. 42. 91_, 125 ■ mm, Juneil R., Kensington, Fr, 67. 119 122, 153 hi-mpson, Esther M., Minneola. Jr, 42, 92 188 f ' Jirurtpson. Floyd. McCracken, Sr. 32 75 T hompson, James M,, Burdett. So. 52 Thompson. Jim 1... Hays, Jr. 42 Thompson. Joyce L, Raymond. Fr, 67. 123 Thompson. Laura A., Ellis. Fr, 52. 91, 153 Thompson Marilvn K,. Almena Fr. 67. 107 114, 123 Thompson, N Curtis. Great Bend So. 52 104, 157 Thornburg. Roy F,. Utica Sr. 32 Tim, Dorothy G„ Prairie View, Jr, 32 T! iv fault, Marjorie Stockton. Jr. 42, 86 144, 145. 215 Tillery. Richard L., St. John, Fr, 83. 126 Titus. Patricia A. Lewis, Fr. 67. 123 IVJaml, Kimberly A,. Lucas, Fr. 67 101 Towns, Billy l... Dighton, Fr. 67, 127 IVwnsend, Daniel D , Fhillipsburg Fr, 67 Trail, Bernard W., Atwood. Sr. 32, L 9 Tranbarger, Gary IJ., Macksville. Jr, 42 161 Trauer, Charles R,, Mansion. jr. 171. 174 Travis, leris L., Norton Fr, 67. 123, 188 Tirbilcock. Charles M„ Ford, Sr. 32. 93 Trent, Palis L,, Osborne, So. . 42, 75, 89 125 135 Trexler Cvwi IT. Hill City, Jr. 150, 151, 198 Trip Lit, I : Claudel). Hays, Fr. 67, 145 J i irgdon, Gan D., Hugoton. So. 67 Tronlman, Sharon K. Kinsley So. 52, 100 116. 197 Truan. Sharon A.. Hays. So. 52 147 Tru srll, Ronald V.. Kendall, Jr. 42 161 Tucker Tommi L„ Hamburg, Iowa, Fr, 67 Turner, George V .. Smith Center, Jr, 42 127 Turnbull. James i... Stockton, hr. 67 TTistin. Gordon R,. Oakley Fr. 67. 127 Tuttle. Million A., Qu inter Fr. 67 Tuitle. Marita G., Quin ter Shu 52, 92 106, 123 Twmier, Roherl F., LaCrosse. So, 75, 106 (U) ( hi, Karen S., Hays So. 52 I mJrrwrind John T . Bird City, jr. 42 l nruh, Carol E., Copeland, Fr. 67. 123 t nruh Homer L.. Burrlon, Fr. 67 t nruh. Phil L„ Copeland. Jr. 42 l nruh Richard G,, Hoisington, So. 52 Unruh Sylvia 1,. Pawnee Rock, Sr. 32 72 73 120, 123 ! rban, Dennis J., Bison Fr, 67. 313, 118 127. 218 l srey, Kennel h G., Eldorado, jr. 43. 186 (V) Vaeura. Marilyn K,, Jennings, Fr. 67 123 254 Vance. Ernest F., Densmore Fr. 67, 93, Vance Jerry W.. Bazine, Jr. 43. 119, Vanderbur. Judith A.. Russell, hr 6,, 104, Vandergrifl, James P. Wichita, So, Van DeWege. Neva L., Prairie View Fr. Van Eaton, Richard L.. Oakley. Fr. 67 Van Loenen. Dorothy M., Rogue Fr, 67. 127 219 122 53 67 123 115 125 107 122 Velhart icky. F. Eugene. Salina, Jr. Venter p, Jimmy D. Plainville, Jr. Vernon, Charles E.. Norcatur, Jr. 43, Vernon, Evan D.. Norcatur. Jr, Vernon, Joyce E., Norton, Fr. Veseeky. Mary L.. Timken, So. 53, Veverka, Karen E. Wilson, Jr. Vincent. Viola E.. Hudson Sr, Von Feld i, Gerald J,. Hays, So. Von Feldt. Ktirlos, ietoria, Jr, Von Feldt, Cavern W L Victoria, Sr, Vo pal, Phyllis Wilson, Fr. 67, Yosburgh. Donald. Macksville, hr. Vos hell, Rosalin. Bucklin, Jr, Voss, Kenneth !,., Burr Oak, jr, Yolapka, Dale, Oberlin. Fr, Voth, Frank L„ Montezuma, Sr. Votruba, La Dene, Wilson, So, 43. 93 177, 203 43 171. 174 43 100 113, 125 43 32 53 43, 113 32 113 123 67 94 105 106 43, 126 67, 186 32. 177 53, 107 125, 197 ( W) Wade. Richard O., Spearville, Fr. 67 Waggle, Doyle H. Osborne. So, 53, 15 Wagner. Jerome T„. Fl, Collins. Colo., Jr. 43 Wagner. Robert N, Bison, lr. 43 W agner. Ronald F„ Ft. Collins, Colo. Jr. 43 Wagoner, Paul L-, Colby. So. 53 Wagy, Donna M., Colby, Jr, 43, 125 Wait, Lynn D,, N atoms, Fr, 67. LI Wakefield, Thomas L-. Claflin, Fr. 67 Walburn Keith E. Hays. Fr, 67 Waldman. Wilmer L.. Quinier Jr. 43, 98 113, 127 Walker C, Gary, McCracken, Fr. 67 Walker. Hale B.. Englewood Fr, 67 Walker, Duane L,, Earned. Fr, 127 Walker. Marilyn D,, J.udtTI Sr. 32. 108 Walker, Ralph I),. Concordia, Sr. 32, 93, 156 Walker, Ronald L.. Concordia, Fr. 67, 157. 191 Walker, William D., Stockton Fr. 67 Wallgren, Betty L., Logan, Fr. 68. 123 Walsh. Richard J.. W a Keeney. Sr. 32 Walters. Gale L., Port is So, 53 Wallers, Melvin R„ Hays, Sr. 32 Walters, Ronald F., Hays. Fr. 68 Wanker, Carolyn R,, Pako, So 53, 91 115. 151 Wanker, Gerald I).. Palco So, 53, 164 165 190, 191, 204 W r ard, Charles H. Winona, Jr. 32 W ard, Hazel N. Winona, l Inch 100 Warner. Beatrice M., Bel pie. Fr. 68, 123 Washaliski. Reginald M, McCracken, Jr. 43 Wasinger, John R.. Hays Si. 32, 113 Wa singer, Shirley M„ Hays Fr. 68 W a singer. William F., Hays, Sr. 32 Wfa$kn, D„ Jetniore, So, 53 Waters Phillip A., Lebanon, .Fr. 68. 127 Wat kins. Judith, Great Bend, Fr. 68 Walls, Jeanne I, T Kensington, So. 53. 125 Waudby George B , Russell, Jr, 43 Watkins Judith M„ Gt. Bend, Fr. 123 Weaver Polly A. St. Francis Sr. 32 Webb, Fred E., Protection, So. 53, 94 Webber, Phillip WL Bucklin, Sr. 32, 79 101. 156, 157, 213 Webster. Kenneth J., Garden City, Sr. 32 Weigel, Kenneth R„ Hays, Jr, 43 143, 159 Weigel, Vera L„ Monument, So, 53 Weiuhold, Gail L,. Wilson So, 53 Wei Ti hold, Harold S r , Sylvan Grove, Fr. 68 Weis, F, Clara nn Ellin wood So 53 103, 125 Weis Robert I),, Russell Fr. 68 Weis William O , Ellinwood. Sr. 103 VV riser, Vularian F.. Norton, Fr. 113 Welch David R.. Garfield. Fr. 68, 161 W ' ellbrock, Leon H.. Victoria Fr. 68 Weller Randall W., Paradise, Fr. 68. 163 Welts A lit a L.. Scott City. Fr, 90. 123 Wells, George L., Rozel , Fr. 68, 127 Wells. Irene A. Fowler Jr. 43 96. 105 Wells. Lon E,, Alexander Sr. 32 Wei tz, Amy j.. Bison, Fr. 68. 101, 125 Worth, Carol A.. Hays, Fr. 68, 105, 113 Worth Don J,. Victoria Jr. 43 Worth Peter J., Hays, Sr, 32 72 73, 98 Wesley. LaVeme F., Ada. Sr. 33 Westbrook Jerry A,. Kirwin, So. 43, 96 165 Westcott, Donald D., Plainville, Sr. - 33 Westerman. Janice K,, Hays, Jr, 43 Whipple, Ira T., Beeler, PG 69, 81 104 W ' hite Jacob E., Hill City, So, 53. 127 Whitmer, Richard L„ Dorrance, jr, 43, 74 177, 180 Wickham, ’Warren P, Beloit, Fr 68 W ' iekizer, Helen C., WaKeency So. 53, 115 120, 198 Wickizer, Sharon D., Good land. So. 53, 118 120 W ickizer, Waldo I.,, W ' aKeeney, Jr. 43, 211 Wiley, Gary D,, Sylvan Grove, So. 53, 119 Wilkens Marilyn j, Lorraine, Jr. 33, 77, 217 Williams, Dale E.. Florence, Jr„ . 43, 93 159 171 173 Williams, Donovan R., Plainville. Sr, 33 Williams, Kenneth D., Liberal, So, 53 W ' ilson Arlene A., McCracken Fr, 68, 120 123 Wilson, Donald R., Menlo, Sr. ... 33 Wilson, Francis R., Loot!, Fr. 118 Wilson, Gary L, Earned, Fr — 68 Wilson, Jari L-, Ulysses, Fr. 63. 123 Wilson, Jack A., Ulysses, Jr. 43 127 W’ilson, Julene F,, Gove. Sr 33 72, 100 Wilson, LaVon K., Hu got on, Sr 33 Wilson, Loyd G., Gove, Sr, 33 Wilson Marla M., LaCrosse, Unci 100 W ' ilson Rex L. , Dighton. Sr, 33, 93, 191 W ' ilson William B., Lakin, So, 53 157 W ' ilson, William L., Bunker Hill, So. 53 Windhok Geraldine, llavs, Fr. 68, 105 Windhok Glen J„ Hays Jr. 43, 113 Windisch Gary M. Greenshurg, Fr, 127 W ' indle, Warren Floyd, Greenshurg, Sr. 33 72 74 75, 80, 81, 98 W Ineland, Marvel j., Natoma Jr. 43. 105 110, 125 W r ingate, Lyle A., Varner, So 53, 177 Winkler, Charles E., Rozeh Fr, 68 127 Winkler, Karen A., Rozel, Sr, 33 Winter, Allen L„ Sharon, Fr 94 Winter, Anita L Hays, Fr. 68 Winter, George A , Hoisington, So. 53 W ittig, Donald D, Hays Jr, — 119 219 Wolf, Dale J,, Hays, So 53 W ' olf, Leon, Hays, Jr. 43 Wolf, Richard L, Colby. Sr, 33, 154, 155 Wolf Stephen Quin ter Fr. 68 127 Wolfe Donald H., Jewell, Sr. 33 W ' omochil, Sheldon A,, Abilene, Jr, 43, 161 201 W ' onderlich, Carol j., Osborne, Fr. 68, 82, 123 Wunderlich Gerald j. Osborne, Fr. . 68, 184 Wood Charles WL Hinsley, So. 53, 99 Wood Virginia A,, Hays, Fr 68, 86 147, 206 Wood, Wilbur K. Trousdale, Sr 33 Workman, Plesie L,, Parsons, Sr 33 WTiglit Albert D., Alexander, Sr. 33 Wright Connie j., Tribune. Jr. 43, 100 W ' right, Jackey L., Kanorado, Sr 33, 74 Wright, Jerry L., Hays, Sr. 33, 72. 104 W ; right Robert G. Atwood Sr. 33, 76. 104 118 Wriuen, Tom C„ Osborne, Sr. 33 (Y) Yager Glenn E„ Holyrood So. Yakel A. Leroy Hoisington. Sr. Yarnell Melvin G., Osborne So. Ycargan Richard G. Goodiand Sr York, Robert I ., Ellsworth, Fr. Yost Kay A,, McCracken Jr. Young, Carl R„ Macksville, So. Young Elizabeth A. Hays, So. Young, Harold I., Lamed, Fr. Young Kathryn L . Protection So Young. Rena R Ellis Fr. Young, Roger A, Ellis, So. Youngdahl, Charles E. Sal in a, So Younker Twiia M. Hays, Fr Your don, Fredrick E,, Larned Fr. Youtsey David J.. Dorrance So, Youtsey Neoma R., Belpre, Sr. (Z) Zaloudek, Gylndene R.. Wilson, Jr, 43 Zamrzla Eugene E,, Wilson, Fr. 68 Zamrzla, James L., W ' ilson, So. 53 Zavodsky Wesley D., Hays, Sr, 33, 85. 86. 163 Zechraeister, Jeanette E Gypsum Fr. 68, 90 122 Ziegenbalg, Gene A.. Cawker City. Fr. 68, 127 Ziegler Robert L. Co dyer PG 80 Ziegler Wilfred E., Collyer, So. 53, 89, 157 Zier Holland M. Lincoln Fr. 68 127 Zohmer, Eleanor G,, Penokee Sr. .... ... 33, 210 Zweilel Sally A. Luray Fr, 68, 123 53 33 53 33, 127 68, 112 127, 163 43, 125 53 53 68, 127 53 68 ........ S3 53 105 68 53 53 The Incomplete Story , . . As you reach the end of the book you may have observed certain omissions in it. We have presented the portion of the story of the year available at the time of our final deadline date. An innovation of the 1959 Reveille has been the assembling of a summer supplement which will be mailed to all students receiving yearbooks. This addition is designed to fit into the main book between this page and the last page of the index section. The part to come will include spring activities, sports and graduation. It is our idea through the supplement to present a more complete coverage of the year’s story at Fort Hays State. In Appreciation . . . As the last of our copy is prepared, we think ol those who have contributed their time, effort and co- operation to help make the 1959 Reveille a success. A big vote of thanks is due the staff members who patiently spent Jong hours pla nning pages and photo- graphs, writing copy and drawing up pages. Without you, Mrs. Rogers, and your advice, guidance and answers to endless questions, we could never have completed our jobs. You, the student body, faculty and administration, are to be commended for the cooperation we received, even though arranging a meeting, dressing up or stand- ing in line to have pictures taken seemed a trial. Only with your help could we assemble a book that fully represents Fort Hays State. We heartily thank the Memorial Union administra- tion for accommodating our photographers and the groups to be photographed, Paul McClellan and Taylor Publishing Co , this is your book, too. Our thanks go to Parry’s Studio for their photog raphy, and to our advertisers. Without the aid of these people, the 1959 Reveille would not have been possible.

Suggestions in the Fort Hays State University - Reveille Yearbook (Hays, KS) collection:

Fort Hays State University - Reveille Yearbook (Hays, KS) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Fort Hays State University - Reveille Yearbook (Hays, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Fort Hays State University - Reveille Yearbook (Hays, KS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fort Hays State University - Reveille Yearbook (Hays, KS) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Fort Hays State University - Reveille Yearbook (Hays, KS) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Fort Hays State University - Reveille Yearbook (Hays, KS) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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