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Fort Hays Kansas State College On June 23, 1 G2, Fort Hays Kansas State College held its first classes in buildings on historic old Fort Hays. The Military Reserva- tion was divided into three parts— as a state college, as an agricul- tural experiment station, and as a state park. The land assigned to the college totalled 4,160 acres. The campus proper consists of about 80 acres. From its beginning with 34 stu- dents, 2 faculty members, and 19 courses, Fort Hays State College has increased to more than 2,300 students, more than 125 faculty members, and more than 700 courses, A spirited building program is exemplified in the Applied Arts Building, new dormitories for men and women, and the Memorial Stu- dent Union Building, The Hays area and old Fort Hays is rich in tradition of the West. Fort Hays was a last out- post for General G. A, Custer be- fore his fate in the Wyoming hills, Custer Hall, freshman women’s dormitory on the campus, is named af ter Mrs. George C u S ter, also a resident at the Fort for a time, Fort Hays State is rich in tra- dition—dt carries this spirit w T ith it in progress forward. LEGEND 1. Lewis Field Stadium 2. Men ' s Residence Hall 3. Agnew Hall 4. Men ' s Gymnasium 5. Custer Hall 6. Sheridan Coliseum 7. Ficken Hall 8. Social Building 9 Rarick Hall 10. Forsyth Library 11. Science Hall 12. Memorial Student Union Building 13. Applied Arts Building 14 Pow r er Plant 15, President ' s Home. Artist — John C. Thorns REVEILLE Fort Hays Kansas State College Hays, Kansas TABLE OF CONTENTS Theme Buildings Administration and Faculty Classes Organizations Athletics Royalty Greeks Progression of the Year Advertising and Index Anthem 5 7 1 1 29 67 129 165 175 201 233 264 Diedra Burandt Ed for-in-Chief Deanna Lockman Assistant Editor Merlin Ely Business Manager Darrell Schaffer Assistant Business Manager Gary Hanna Photographer William Weis Assistant Photographer Pat Leffingwell Copy Editor Eacu fy Editor Athletics Editor Class Editors Joyce Hockett Allen AAcCune Evelyn Dean Gala Lane Mary Desbien Kay Prichard Sylvia Kaiser Terry Hopkins Greek Editors Marla O ' Halloran Pat Neill Organization Co-Editors Caroiyn Lockman Beth Habiger Freda Desbien Charlcle Johnson Anet Rogers Organization Staff Dixie Brown Cheryl Behrends Celeste Butner Mrs, Katherine Rogers indexing Typist Sponsor 3 FORT HAYS KANSAS STATE COLLEGE MEMORIAL UNION Time does not stand still. All across the campus t h e scene is changing. Change is progress. Leaves turn gold and brown to leave the trees bare and ready for new leaves. The seasons pro- ceed as campus life is moving al- ways into the future, leaving the past behind but not forgotten Symbolic of progress at Fort Hays State this year is the con- struction of the Memorial Union building, long a cherished dr eam, now a reality, ready for the stu- dents upon their return to the campus in the fall. On these pages, the Reveille staff has tried to capture the stages of progress as the year has come and gone and the building has progressed from the turning of the first spadeful of earth to the skeletal structure to the out- ward completion of the building. The doors are closed. The story of progress is not complete until the furniture is placed, the drap- eries hung, and the coffee pots filled. When Fort Hays Staters return in September for enroll- ment, the doors will be open. The best is ahead, for you, for Fort Hays State. THE STAFF j Social Building Pickeri Hall Rerick Hall Built on historical land, the cam- pus is part of the old Fort Hays mili- tary reservation. The military post was abandoned in 1889. In 1900 Congress granted land for use as a state school and an experiment sta- tion for agriculture. Due to contro- versies in land titles the college was not started until 1902. The old fort hospital served as the first building until 1903 when Picken Hall was provided. Here the campus was born. 6 Sheridan Coliseum Development moved ahead dur- ing the depression and the pre-war period carrying Fort Hays State to- ward its goals. Around the quad- rangle progress continued. Cody Commons 7 Lewis Field Apartments I railer Court Shop Power Plant Dairy Barns Farm Residence Men ' s Gymnasium Custer Half 8 Applied Arts After World War II, construc- tion again moved ahead. With- in a span of 1 1 years, 1 1 new buildings and additions were erected. They now form an in- tegral part of the campus. President ' s Home Men ' s Residence Hall 9 JMk STATE BOARD OF REGENTS 10 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY I f IN MEMORIAM Miss Inez Torrey served Fort Hays State as Co I lege Nurse from 1945 un- til her death in 1 957. Miss I J a Newbecker served Fort Hays State as Assistant Professor of Home Economics from 1948 until her death in 1957 Tori Hoy IVons-ds State College Hm Off- f ■ R«J " ‘ ftay ii 15 58 !je»r Fort tHys Staters: Any college yearbook holds »any n aa:l E. It is a Stcry in pletW or tf raw things It Uh» to nke «F a eo nepen- the i™i IdtBftl and peunU, th student Slid faculty, End the activities of tlw aany groups- iartv of you has olayfcd roit 11 your ««■ each ha » a d a contribution towd wMt this a ; efTuJ year. You Ldvc helped the editors n iish this reveille ay aeinp Pert Hn-.-s Stater anti participating Eft «Uc=« ii:e • . u ’- { ' 5 ; You haw want a precious year here seeing the truth in Vt t- ever field you have studied and Et Is U you a - ttw students Hike you «k other college and uni vers E ty proses to succeed in the larger task of as? wing the responsibility of intellectual leadership In the years ahead- ¥e are i{vlno at a tSie in the life of our net ion 1 b setien cm social, econ.:fic k Spiritual and polities Issues is tecoainq core artu sere necessary to our very existence. 1 sn proud of the iMdersblp and stwina you have displayed ® I ar happy to have been associated with you. I hiw - alt-. -.. -.c-jt ability to naV-e a happy and successful Ufa -cb wursc-- nd those ffouftd you and I wish the best for each of you. Most jtnrcrely THE PRESIDENT’S PAGE DR, M. C CUNNINGHAM President of Fort Hays Kansas State College. 13 Or E. R. McCartney, Professor of Economics and Busi- ness- Dean of the Coflege. Dr, Ralph V. Coder, Professor of English and Chairman of Division of Language, Literature and Speech; Dean of Graduate Division. 14 Standee V, Dalton, Associate Professor of Botany; Registrar and Director of Admissions, Dr. W. 0. Moreland, Professor of Political Sci- ence and Sociology and Head of Depart- ment; Director of Housing. ADMINISTRATION Hugh Burnett, Associate Professor of Political Science; Director of Extension Service. Walter E. Keating, Assistant Professor of Economics and Business; Comptroller, ! 5 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Mrs. Nita M, Landrum, Supervisor Corre- spondence Study? Executive Secretary Alumni Association. Mrs Dollie B. Thomas, Assist Miss Ethel V, Artman, Assistant Director Extension? Employ- ant Professor of Economics ment Service, and Business? Assistant to the President. Miss Florence Bodmer, Secretary to the Dean, Mrs. Elizabeth trer ' s Office, Mosier, Secretary, Regis- Mrs. Mabel Registrar. Hopkins, Assistant to thi 16 • ' ' ' 1 ' • ». i t i a -HgamiM « in ill i r i n a i i , , i ,..i ■ : ■ «. t : s 1 ' t a. i i M: i iii ■ ms i tfcj7 h ' i - I f ‘ ! I I ftjil » | i ' l i : ■ Art: Relaxing in the art gallery are John C. Berland, instructor in art; Dr, Joel C. Moss, professor of art and head of department; Miss Martha E, Dellinger, instructor in art; and John C. Thorns, Jr., assistant professor of art. Home Economics: Noting the improvements of modern sewing ma- chines are Mrs Maxine Hoffman, instructor in home economics; Mrs. Thelma H. Leonard, instructor in home economics and dietitian; and Miss Alice Beesley, professor of home economics and head of department. FACULTY Industrial Arts: Displaying a finished product are C. Richard Cain, associate professor of industrial arts; Dennis D. McKee, assistant pro- fessor of industrial arts; Rex A, Nelson, in- structor in industrial arts- Ralph Huffman, as- sistant professor of industrial arts; and Paul E. Griffith, assistant professor of industrial arts. 17 Education; Avid readers of professions f literature are Dr, John E. Martin, assistant professor of education; Dr. Ira O. Scott, professor of education- Dr W. Clement Wood, professor of education and head of department and E. C. Almquist, assistant professor of education. Education: Making observations of modern kindergarten equipment are Miss Roselfa M. McCarrolf, assistant pro- fessor of education; and Miss Gaynelle Davis, profes- sor of education. Education; Comparing notes on a recent education con- ference are Dr. Calvin E. Harbin, professor of education and chairman of division of education and psychology; Dr. John R, Rogers, assistant professor in the division of education and psychology,- Raymond E. Youmans, assistant professor in the division of education and psychology; Dr. B. W, Broach, assistant professor in the division of education and psychology; and Dr. C Charles Clark, assistant professor in the division of edu- cation and psychology. Psychology: An experimental rat is the subject of a humorous conversation for Stanley C. Mahoney as- sistant professor of psychology; Dr. Richard K. Overton assistant professor of psychology; Dr, Paul E. Beckman ' Jr, assistant professor of psychology; Dr. Joseph B. Kay associate professor of psychology; and Bernard Moskowifz, assistant professor of psychology. English: Likening to Robert Frosty " Birches " are Mrs. Katherine I. Bogart, associate professor of English; Dr Ralph V. Coder, professor of English and chairman of division of language, literature, and speech; Dr. Samuel J. Sacketf, associate professor of English; Mrs. Alice McFarland, instructor in the division of language, literature, and speech; and Miss Naomi R Garner, assistant professor of English Speech; Planning the year ' s speech activities are Dr. Geneva Herndon, professor of speech; Albert D. Dunavan, instructor in speech and English; James R. Start, professor of speech and head of department; Miss Harriet V. Kelchum, assistant pro- fessor of speech; and Jack R. Heather, instructor in speech. 7 ■: g News Service and Journal- ism: Discussing college pub- lications, are Mrs. Katherine L. Rogers, Donald W. Craw- ford, and Robert J. Spang- ler, all instructors in the division of language, litera- ture, and speech, Language: Miss Ruth P, Willard, instructor in language and English, makes a tape recording in French while Dr. Paul A. Graber, associate pro- fessor of language, and Andrew 1. Rematore, as- sistant professor of language, listen. English; Studying Shakespeare ' s " Julius Caesar " are Marion F. Coulson. assistant professor of English; Miss Alice Morrison, assistant professor of English; Miss Mabel Lacey, assistant professor of English; and Dr. Verna M. Parish, professor of English. Not pictured. Dr. Roberta C. Stout, pro- fessor of English. Economics and Business: Miss Mary Joyce Goodman, instructor in economics and business, demonstrates how to operate a bookkeeping machine to Or Leonard W. Thompson, professor of economics and business and chairman of the division; Or. Archie C. Thomas, professor of eco- nomics and business; Kenneth W. Cook, assistant professor of economics and bus- iness; William D. Keller, instructor in economics and business; and Robert P. Marple, assistant professor of economics and business. Economics and Business: Talking over our nation ' s business affairs are Miss Ruth Mikich, instructor in economics and business,- Richard L. Osborne, assistant professor of eco- nomics and business; Robert L. Sandmeyer, instructor in the division of economics and business; Gordon O. Parrish, instructor in the division of economics and business; and Dr. John D Garwood, professor of economics and business. Poiitical Science and Sociology: Meeting for an informal chat are Dr. Ivan L. Richardson, professor of political science and sociology; Miss Maria O Perkins, assistant professor of sociology; Robert Witt, assistant professor of political science and sociology; and Dr. W. D Moreland, professor of po- litical science and sociology and head of department. 20 History: Discussing world affairs are Dr, Eugene R. Craine, professor of history; Dr, Raymond L. Welty, professor of history and head of depart- ment; Richard H. Marcus, instructor in history; Dr, Theodore K. Shane, assistant professor of history; and Gordon W. Davidson, assistant professor of history. Phj osophy; Lecturing to his logic class is Dr. Samuel M, Hamilton, professor of philosophy. library : Efficient library services are under the direction of Marc Campbell, Jr., reference librarian; Miss Geral- dine Morris, cataloger librarian; Mrs. Pauline Lindner, supervisor of library circulation; Miss Margaret van Ackeren, documents librarian; and Paul K. Friesner, professor of library science and chairman of division of library science. 21 Director of Memorial Union Building: Noting the prog- ress being made on the new Memorial Union building is Lilburn H. Horton, Jr., assistant professor. Superintendent of Buildings. Working on new plans for future buildings is . U. Brooks, assistant professor of industrial 1 arts. Zd ' Zt Kwlk Cal °u CrainS ' MfS BSrbara Osborne - Doris Broach, Mteroture, and speech " in division of fn X m d- fdCul,y: A j so P art ' time instructors are Mrs. Irene Rematore, instructor in the division of language, literature, and speech and Clyde U. Phillips in- structor in the division of education end psychology. Part-time faculty not pictured : Mrs. Elizabeth Horton, and Mrs. Marjorie Sackett, both in- structors in the division of language, litera- ture. and speech; Mrs. Evelyn Hamilton, in- structor in the division of physical science; and Harlan E, George, assistant professor in the division of education and psychology. 22 Nurse fducatrom Working on a rotation chart for student nurses are Mrs. Ella Mae Libal , instructor in nurse education; Miss Leora B. Stroup, professor of nurse education and head of department; and Miss Lila Blankenburg, instructor in nurse educa- tion. Not pictured: Mrs. Marie J. Wiebe, instructor in nurse education. Health Department: It ' s always a busy day for the college nurses, Mrs, Frances Cook and Mrs. Inez Baxter, both instructors in health; and Dr. Alden Flanders, college physician. GeoJogy; Assembling the skeleton of The Short-necked Plesiosaur are Myrl V. Walker, assistant professor of geology; and George F, Sternberg, curator of museums. 23 Mathematics: Solving the equation are Orville Eugene Etter, assistant professor of mathematics; Wilmont Toalson, associate professor of mathe- matics; Everett L Marshall, assistant professor of mathematics; Laurence A. Dry den, instructor in mathematics; and Jimmy M, Rice, instructor in the division of physical science. Physics r Doyle K. Brooks, associate professor of physics; and Gerald P, Beck, instructor in the division of physical science, work on a ballistic pendulum problem. Chemistry: In the chemistry lab are Miss Jo Clare Mangus, instructor in the division of physical science; Dr, Harold S. Choguifl, pro- fessor of chemistry and chairman of division of physical science; Dr, Doris V. Stage, pro- fessor of chemistry; and Dr. Kenneth L, Marst, assistant professor in the division of physical science. 24 Zoology: Assembling a model of the human figure are Dr. Leon W. Hepner, associate professor of zoology; Dr. Edwin P. Martin, associate professor of zoology; and Elton K, Schroder, instructor in biology, Botany: Studying microscopic plant life are Dr. Gerald W. Tomanek, professor of biology and acting chairman of di- vision of biological sciences; Howard C. Reynolds, assistant professor in the division of biological science; and Kenneth W. Simons, assistant professor of botany. Not pictured: Henry J. McFarland, assistant professor of biology. Agriculture.- Examining seeds from this year ' s milo crop are James R. Wells, assistant professor of agriculture; Thaine A. Clark, instructor in agriculture; and Lester J. Schmutz, associate professor of agriculture. Not pictured: Andrew Riegel, assistant professor of botany and superintendent of farms. 25 Music: Listening to records are William A. Roth, instructor in music; Lloyd P, Farrar, instructor in music; William D. Wilkins, assistant professor of music (piano and organ ) ; and Donald E. Stout, assistant professor of music (voice.) FACULTY Music: Looking over a music score are Miss Lucille E. Felten, asso- ciate professor of music (piano); Dr. Lloyd K. Herron, professor of music and head of department; John l. Norman, instructor in music; and Harold G. Palmer, assistant professor of music (woodwind in- struments), Not pictured Miss Phyllis A. Schleich, instructor in music. 26 Phys cat Education: Wayne J. McConnell, assistant professor of physical education and head coach of football; Cade Suran, assistant professor of physical education and head coach of basketball; and Alex Francis, assistant professor of physical education and head coach of track, meet to discuss common problems. Physical Education: Discussing their work are Edgar F, McNeil, instructor in the division of health, physical education, and recreation; Dr. LeRoy A. Harper, professor of health, physical education, and recreation and chairman of the division; and Paul B. Gross, associate professor of physical education and director of athletics. Physical Education: Checking their files for class materials are Miss Ruth Sevy, asso- ciate professor of physical education; Miss Elizabeth Barbour, associate professor of physical education; and Mrs. Joan L Hedrick, instructor in physical education. 27 28 CLASSES 29 EDWAfiD JOHNSON, JR. President Lamed— B,A., Speech JANICE SCH IDTBERGER Vfce Pre srcfenf Hays—B-A., Eng, VELDA MOYER Sec ref ary- Treasurer Ellsworth’-B.S., Bus.. Adm. SENIORS JAMES ALDERMAN, Phillipsburg, A, 8., Math. MARGARET ANDERSON, Salina-A.B., Ed, HARLEY APPEL, Hays-B.S., Bus. Adm, NANCY APPEL, Hays-B.S., Ed. RICHARD ARNOLD, Johnson-B.S., Agr. CHARLES AUSTON, Alexander— A, 8., Psychology DON BAIER, Kinsley— B.S., Bus. Adm, WILLIAM BANNISTER, Alexander-B.S., Bus. Adm. LEROY BARNES, Morrowville— B.S., Biology ROBERT E. BARRETT, Beloit-B.S., Math. ROBERT BARSTOW, Larned— B.M., Mus. Ed. RITA BASGALL, Hays-B.S., Ed. SARAH BINDER, Hays-B.S., Ed. SHERLA BIZEK, LaCrosse— A. B,, Speech EDNA 80URQLJIN, Colby— B.S., Ed. LARRY BOWMAN, Russell-A.B., History NORMA BOYD, Page City-A.B,, Eng. MARILYN BRACK, Leoti-A.B., Art PHYLLIS BRIAN, Hays-B.S,, Ed. JERRY BRINEY, Cullison-B.S., Bus. Adm. GEORGIA BRINK, Hays— A. B., Soc. AUGUST BROCK, Cawker City-B.S., Biol. KARLYNN 8ROOKHART, Ellis-B.S., Ed. JANE BROWN, Hugoton ROBERT BROWN, Oberlin-B.S., Bus. Adm, TIM BROWN, Hays-B.S., Chem. LESLIE BUCHAN, Haviland-A.B., Psy. DIEDRA BURANDT, Belleville— B.S., Art LYNN BURR, Sublette-B.S„ Agr. SHIRLEY BURR, Sublette-B.S., Ed. MARTHANN BURRIS, Hays B.M., Mus. Ed, MARGARET BURTSCHER, Hays-B.S., Art ROBERT CAIN, Concordia— B.S., Bus. Adm, DAVID CARTER, Dodge City— B.S., Bus. Adm. HARRY CATLIN, Miltonvale-B.S., Phys. Ed. DON CHEGWIDDEN, Bunker Hill— B.S., Biol. ROBERT CHRISTIANS, Hays-B.S,, Math, ROBERT CHURCHILL, Oakley-B.S., Bus. Adm. BARBARA CLARK, Leoti-B.S., Ed. JERAL COOPER, Phillipsburg — B.S., Bus. Adm. KAREN CORN, Garden City-B.S., Ed. ROBERT COY, Mullinvifle-B.S., Phys. Ed. ROBERT CRISSMAN, Russell-B.S., Bus. Adm. CECIL CURREY, Coldwater— A.B., History LAURA CURREY, Coldwater-B.S,, Ed. EVELYN DEAN, St. Francis-A,8.„ Soc. PAULINE DEAN, St. Francis— B.S., Math. JANE DEITER, Hunter— B.S., Phys. Ed. DON DEMPEWOLF, Colby-B.S., Phys. Ed. PAUL DENNIS, JR., E] Dorado-B.S., Phys. Ed. JANET DEVORE, Ellis— A.B., Eng. MAX DOUGHERTY, Plainville-B.S., Bus. Adm. SYLVIA DREES, Hays-B.S., Ed. ROGER DUNNING, Stockton— B.S., Bus. Adm. 30 SENIORS CLIFFORD EDWARDS, Atwood-A.B., Eng. LOU ELLIS, Johnson— B.S., Agr. EDWIN ELMORE, Wichiia-B.S., Biol. MERLIN ELY, Hays-B.S., Bus. Adm. HAZEL ESTES, Kanorado-B.S., Phys. Ed. VERNON EVEL, Utlca-B.S., Agr. ELLA FABRIZIUS, WaKeeney-B.S., Ed. DEAN FAIRCHILD, Scott City-A.B., History AARON FEIST, Hays-B.S,, Bus. Adm. DONALD FEIST, Ellinwood-B.S., Ind. Arts. MYRNA FEIST, Hays-B.S., Bus, Adm, RONALD FIEL, Lamed— B.S., Biol, MARY FILBERT, Ness Clty-B.S., Bus. Adm. BENJAMIN FINLEY, Sharon Springs— A. B., History DON FINNEY, Great Bend A. C. FORD, Hoisington— B.S., Phys. Ed. CARL FORD, Medicine Lodge— B.S., Ind. Arts LLOYD FORD, Hays-B.S., Physics CURTIS FOWLER, WaKeeney-B.A., Chem. ALLEN FOX, Larned-A.B„ Math. GLENDA FOX, Hays-B.S., Ed. DONALD FRALEY, Chester, Nebr.-B.S., Phys. Ed. EDWARD FREY, Satanta-B.S., Agr. MELVIN FULLER, Hays-B.S... Bus. Adm. MARGARET GALES, Belpre-B.S., Phys. Ed. JOHN GALLENT1NE, Clayton-B.S„ Biol. LARRY GAUGHAN, Ellinwood-A.B., Chem. GEORGE GEENEN, JR., Phillipsburg-A.B., Pol. Sci. ROBERT GIBLER, Great Bend-A.B,, Pol. Sci. VERNON GIEBLER, Hays-B.M,, Mus. Ed. ROBERT GILBERT, Plainville-B.S., Bus. ELDON GILLISPIE, Levant-B.S., Phys. Ed. KENDALL GISH, Glen Elder-B.S., Phys. Ed. GARY GLICK, Larned-A.B., History THOMAS GODFREY, Abilene-A.B., Eng. LUTHER GOEHRING, Hays-B.S., Bus. Adm. CHRISTOPHER GRANEY, Hays-B.S., Biol. GARY GRAVES, Healy-B.S., Agr. CONNIE GRIFFIN, Lyons-B.S., Gen. Sci. WILLIAM GRIFFIN, Lyons-B.S., Bus. Adm. ALBERT GRUMBEIN, Ness City— B.S., Bus. Adm. JANICE GUYER, Osborne-B.S., Ed. DEAN HAMEL, Zurich-A.B., Pol. Sci. GARY HANNA, Penokee-B.S., Bus. Adm. WILLIAM HANZLICK, Hays-B.S., Biol. JOYCE HARRIS, Hays-B.S., Art WESLEY HAUSCH1LD, Oakley-B.S., Bus. Adm. BARBARA HAYES, Hays-B.S., Home Ec. MARVIN HENRY, Norton-B.S., Ind. Arts ALBERT HERREN, Great Bend-B.S., Math. JOE HEWETT, Almena-B.S., Gen, Sci. ROBERT HIGGINS, Abilene-B.S., Biol. LELAND HILL, Goodland-A.B., Eng. PAUL HILLS, Esbon— A.B., Zool. ILA HOBBIE, Tipton— A. B., Chem. JERRY HOEFER, Hutchinson— B.S., Bus. RICHARD HOFFMAN, Kanopolis— B.S., Chem. DOUGLAS HOLLOWAY, Osborne-B.S., Phys. Ed. MERE HOUSER, Paradise-B.S., Bus. Adm. DUANE HOUSTON, Ellis-B.S., Biol. 33 34 GARY HULETT, Osborne— B.S., Botany DONALD HULL, Russell-B.S„ Ind, Arts KENNETH HULL, Brownell-A.B„ Eng. LOREN JANZEN, Scott City-B.S., Ind, Arts CHARLCIE JOHNSON, Beeler-B.S., Ed. DANIEL JOHNSON, Hays-B.S., Ind. Arts HAROLD JOHNSON, Goodland— B.S., Bus. Adm, FRANCIS JONES, Hill City-A.B., History RONALD KARST, WaKeeney-A.B., Pol, Set. NOEL KELLER, Jetmore-B.S., Agr. NANCY KENT, Hutchinson-B.S., Home Ec, FRANCIS KERN, Palco-B.S., Bus. Adm. GERALD KLE MM, WaKeeney-B.S., Chem. SHEILA KNELLER, Rolla-B.S., Home Ec. LESTER KNOLL, Hays— A, B., History RUTH KNOWLES, Satanta-B.S„ Ed. BEVERLY KOCH, Alden-B.S., Home Ec. DEDRICK KOCH, Lewis-B.S., Math. EVERETT KOHLS, Ellsworth-A.B., History DONALD KORBE, Hays-B.S., Bus. Adm. MORRIS KRUG, Russell— B.S., Agr, PAUL KRUSE, Hays-B.S., Ind. Arts ROLAND KUFELD, Great Bend-B.S„ Biol. KEITH KUHLMAN, Great Bend-B,S„ Bus. Adm, DOUGLAS LAMB, Macksville-B.S., Ind. Arts GALARD LANE, Johnson— B.S., Phys. Ed. DONALD LANG, Ellis-B.S., Gen. Sci. RUDY LEGLEITER, LaCrosse-B.S., Bus, Adm. BERL LENZ, Scott City— B.S., Bus. Adm. KEITH LICK, Hunter— A. B., History LARRY LILAK, Wilson— B.S., Econ. ELWIN LINDAHL, Belleville- A.B., Econ. ROBERT LINENBERGER, Bunker Hill - B.M., Mus. Ed. DWIGHT LIPPE, Miltonvale— B.S., Math. ALIE LOEWEN, Ulysses-B.S„ Botany OWEN LOOMIS, JR., Garden City-Bus. Ad m, VERNON MAI, Hill City-B.S., Chem. GILBERT MANKE, Ellinwood- -B.S., Agr, RICHARD MAUPIN, Luray-B.S., Bus. Adm. DARRIS McCONKEY, Quinter-A.B., Zool. SHIRLEY McNUTT, Hays-B.S., Ed. JANICE MEIER, Bunker Hill-B.S., Phys. Ed. GEORGE MERRITT, Ellis— A.B., Eng. SARAH MERTEN, Great Bend— B.S., Ed. MILFORD MESSER, Rexford-A.B., Speech SALLY MONTGOMERY, Hays-B.S., Ed. RALPH MOON, Burr Oak-B.S., Ed, RICHARD MOORE, Abilene-A,B., History HAROLD MOORMAN, Nickerson-B.S., Ind. Arts MARY MOTZNER, Russell-B,S„ Ed. SENIORS 35 SENIORS CHARLES MUELDENER, Lyons-B,S„ Sci. CHARLES MUELLER, Kingman-B.S., Agr. DARRELL MULDER, Logan-B.S., Agr. LAWRENCE MULLENDER, Waldo-B.S., Bus. Adm. PATRICIA NEILL, Dighton-B.S., Ed. VIRGIL NELSON, Vesper-B.S., Ed. PATRICIA NEWTON, LaCrosse-B.M., M us. Ed. EUGENE NOBLE, Siockton-B.S., Ind. Arts PATSY NOBLE, Woodston-B.S., Ed. KENNETH NOLLER, Beloit-B.S., Agr. 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JOHN ZELENKA, Great Bend— B.S., Physics ROBERT ZIEGLER, Collyer-B.S., Botany SENIORS 39 DON MOSES Leoti President SUZANNE M FLIER Claflin 1 Vice President MARY MOTZNER Russell Secretary-Treasurer JUNIORS RITA ASHCRAFT, Hays JERRY ANDERSON, Kinsley VERNAL ANDERSON, Smolan ROBERT ANNI5, Ulysses KERRY BAHL, Hays BUDDY BARDOT, Coldwater DONALD BARTON, Nickerson KIETH BECKWITH, Lamed CHERYL BEHRENDS, Randall JOHN BEOUGHER, Grinnell ALOIS B1EBER, Kinsley BONNIVIE BlERMAN, Kensington MELBA BORGER, Ness City JERRY BOXBERGER, WaKeeney JON BOXLER, Norton DENNIS BOZARTH, Norton DENNIS BRACH. Otis ROBERT BRAND, Sharon Springs VADA BRANDYBERRY, Hill City WILLIAM BREHM, La kin RAY BRIAN, Hays JACK BRIGGS, Mulfinville ROBERT BROCK, Cawker City PRESTON BROWN, Bucklin ROY BULLOCK, Ulysses MARGARET BURDETT, Partridge GERALD CALHOUN, Holcomb REX CARR, Seward LARRY CARTER, Tribune RAMONA CAYTON, Colby JANE CHITTENDEN, Hays JACK CHRISTIE, Garden City IVY COFFEE, Hays RONALD COMBS, Hays OLLYE CONNELLY, Col Iyer JEAN CROMWELL, Hoisington ROBERT CROTTS, Partridge CONNIE EATON, Wa Keeney NORMAN EATON, Scott City EDWARDS EHRLICH, Russell WILLARD EfSENHOUR, Stafford SAM ELUS, Johnson HAROLD ENGEL, Hays LESTER ENSIGN, Mlltonvale EUGENE DAVIS, Oakley KENNETH DAVIS. Haviland FREDA DESBIEN, Paleo GAYLN DEVORE, Macksville ROBERT DOWNING, MullinvilFe DONNA DYATTi, Good I and PAUL FAIR BANK, Ransom JACK FEIDEN, Hays BARBARA FELLERS, Hays JOHN FELLERS, Ashland SHARON FISHER, Coats HAROLD FOOS, Hays BUDD FOUNTAIN, Penalosa RICHARD FRANKE, Herndon MARVIN FRUTIGER, Cedar JIM HABIGER, Republic ROBERT FURGASON, Shields JAMES GEISINGER, Selden MARVIN G1ERSCH. Abilene RICHARD GllCREASE, Garden City TOMMY GILMORE, Hays KENNY GRIZZELL, Claflin BARBARA HAMBY, Hays MARIAN HOLU NGSHEAD, Beloit BONNIE HARBAUGH, Great Bend ROBERTA HARKNESS, Ness City JOENE HARRIS, Bird City ROBERT HARRIS, Great Bend KENNETH HARVEY, Protection JUDY HEGWER, Codell LARRY HEMPHILL, Byers JOHN HENDERSON, Fredonia ROGER HERD, Protection 42 ROBERT HERRON, Kinsley GEORGETTA HESTER, Oimitz M ARY HEWETT, Coldwater RALPH HILMES, Ransom JOYCE HOCKETT, Zurich SHARLEEN HOLTHUS, Smith Center EDWARD HORNING, Ransom LESTER HORNING, Spearville VIRGIL HORNING, Ransom MARILYN HOUSTON, Jewell MARCUS HUSLIG, Penalosa DONALD IMMASCHE, Hays CHARLES JENSEN, Republic ELDRED JEWETT, Dighton RUSSELL JOHNSON, Zurich MARLYN JONES, Kanorado MARILYN JOSL1N, Hays BERNICE KAISER, Bison DELMAR KAISER, Grainfield LARRY KARS, Russell BONNIE KEMPFE, Sylvan Grove LOYD KEPFERLE, Quinler SUE K1NYON, Wellington HELEN KIPPLE, Long Island BARBARA KOCH, Greensburg STAN KQGLER, Gypsum JOHN KRQLL, Minneapolis, Minn. LAWRENCE KRUSE, Leoville DIAN KUEHNERT, Qskaloo a, Iowa TOM KUMMER, Great Bend GALA LANE., Zurich BOYD LIMES, Logan DON LINDSEY, Stockton DARREL LUTHi, Logan DONALD MAI, Kalvesta LARRY MARSHALL, Hays BILL MASON, Phlllipsburg GERALD MATHESON, Liberal REX MAYER, Brewster CAROL McAMOlL, Penokee VERA McCOY, Ness City JULIAN McEWEN, Norton WILLIAM MEYERS, PlainviUe JOHN McFARLAND, sterling WILLIAM MELTON, Concordia GORDAN MICHEL, Russell DIANNE MILLER, Fellsburg IRIS MILLER, McDonald SHIRLEY MILLER, Phillipsburg BERNARD MILLS, Nekoma JOSEPH MILLS, Bunker Hill SHERI MILSAP, Syracuse ERNEST MILTON, Norton VERNON MOHLER, Hays ALAN MORRIS, Dighton LUCILLE MORRIS, Quinter ELIZABETH MOORE, Gardner ALBERT MOSER, Syracuse LEROY MUNK, Victoria CARLOS MURPHY, Dighton DON NELSON, Garfield ROGER NELSON, Hays GARY NOLLER, Glen Elder GEORGE NICHOLAS, Geneseo KENNETH OCHS, Garden City LEO OLIVA, Woodston IRMA OSWALD, Gorham PATRICK O ' TOOLE, Arnold PEGGY O ' TOOLE, Arnold EUGENE PAULEY, Osborne RICHARD PETTIBONE, Kanorado LUELLA PETERSON, Monument PATRICIA PETERSON, Protection CHARLES FETTLE, Salina RICHARD PLOWMAN, Macksville JERRY PQAGE, Jennings GARRY POORE, Stockton ' | JUNIORS 43 44 LEON REEVES, Beeler JAMES REISS, Weskan JERKOLL REISS, Weaken RAE REV ELL, Great Bend PAUL RHINE, Edmond BERNARD RIEMAN, Densmore SANDRA ROBBINS, Larned BONNIE ROGERS, Hays JULIA ROGG, Bunker Hill THEODORE SANDSTROM, Bison SHELDON SAXTON, ourdett DARRELL SCHAFFER, Plains LEO SCHMEIDIER, Hays MARLENE SCHMIDT, Hays RICHARD SCHMIDT, Russell TQYA SCHNATTERLY, Hays GLENN SCHRIEBER, Hoisington WILLIAM SCHWIEN, WaKeeney DONALD SCHULTZ, Sylvia ESTHER SELL, Slockton LOREN SHANNON, Russell DONALD SMITH, Lamed JERREIL SMITH, Athol RICHARD SMITH, Lewis ELIZABETH SNEATH, Kanopolis MARCELLINE SNIDER, Raymond PEGGY SNOOK, Ford VIRGIL 3TADELMAN, Hays JERRY STAFFORD, Great Bend DENNIS STEGMAN, Ness City JOHN STARR, Scott City ROBERT STILLWELL, Seollsville JANE STAHN, Woodruff SONYA STONE, Hays JERRY SUTTON, Beloit MORRIS TALBERT, Ellis WILLIAM TEEGERSTROM, Pampa, Texas SYLVESTER TEMAAT, Spearville FRANK THOMAS, Englewood ESTHER THOMPSON, Minneola ROY THORNBURG, Utica BERNARD TRAIL, Atwood CHARLES TREBILCOCK, F ord BENJAMIN TREVERT, Holyrood SHIRLEY UNDERWOOD, Bird City SYLVIA UNRUH, Pawnee Rock TWYLA VANDERPLAS, Long bland CAROL VERNON, Sharon Springs MARILYN WALKER, Ludell RALPH WALKER, Concordia CHARLES WARD, Winona PHILLIP WEBBER, Bucklln DONALD WESTCOTT, PlainvElle DONOVAN WILLIAMS, Plainville JULENE WILSON, Gove LOYD WILSON, Gove REX WILSON, Shields WARREN WINDLE, Greensburg RICHARD WOLF, Colby WILBUR WOOD, Trousdale EARL WRIGHT, Hutchinson JACK WRIGHT, Kanorado ROBERT WRIGHT, Atwood THOMAS WRISTEN, Osborne AUGUST YAKEL, Hoi sing ton RICHARD YEARGAN, Goodland NEOMA YOUTSEY, Belpre WESLEY ZAVODSKY, Hays CHARLES GISH, Salina JUNIORS 45 ALLEN McCUNE Sal ina President CONSTANCE SPOMER Alexander Vice President WILLIAM HARGRAVES Goodland Secre ta ry- T reas ure r SOPHOMORES NANCY ADAMS, Lamed GARY ADAMSON, Windom LAURA ALLEN, Hill City DIANA ANDERSON, Belleville MERRILL ANDERSON. Quinter JERALD ARCHER, Norton BEN ARENSMAN, Kinsley BARBARA ARMBRUSTER, Ellis DONNA ATKESON, Hays JAKE AUST, Pa I co ROBERT BAALMAN, Grinnell DELBERT BASGALL, Bison GEORGE BASGALL, Sharon Springs MARY BASGALL, Sharon Springs DENNIS BAUMANN, Arrington WILMA BAUS, LaCrosse FRANCES BAXTER, Hugoton JUDITH BEAR, Russell JUSTINE BEATTY, Osborne CLIONE BECKWITH, Lamed MARILYN 8EHNKE, Bushton MARLENE Berrey, Great Bend DONALD BIGHAM, Randall CHARLOTTE BIZEK, UCrosse KENNETH BOBBITT, Sublette SHAREN BOR ELL, Shields DEE BRADLEY, Plainville KAREN BRANDEAU, Mason City, Iowa LAVONNE BRIDGES, Meade RUTH BRINEY, Dodge City 8ERNADINE BROWN, Ellis DIXIE BROWN, Cawker City ELMER BRAUN, Victoria LOIS BROWN, Prairie View CHARLES BRUNSON, Stockton THOMAS BUNKER, Hays PAUL BURME15TER. Claflin WILLIAM BYER, Cimarron JACK BYLER, Cimarron PATRICIA CANTWELL, Ulysses LYNN CARMICHAEL, Plainville WAYNE CARMICHAEL, Plainville VERA CHASE, Penokee MARILYN CHASTAIN, Ellinwood ELAINE CHRISTIAN, Wellington MARGARET CLARK. Lamed MARY ELLEN CLARK, Lakin CHARLES CLARKE, Medicine Lodge KENNETH CODDlNGTQN, Palso ELIZABETH COFFIN, Hoisington NADENE COLBURN, Russell MARY COMBS, Russell BEVERLY CORDE3. Meade DON COX, Derby SONJA DANIELSON, Hays ILENE DAVIS, Phillipsburg DEAN DAY, Beeler GARY DEAN, Hill City HERBERT DEINES r WaKeeney BEVERLY DeLAY, Quinier ALBERTO DENIO, Haviland EUNICE DEPE, Page City MARY DESSIEN, Pa Icq KAREN DEVLIN, Smith Center DANNY DIBBLE, Alton PHYLLIS DJNKLE, Victoria DOROTHY DIXON, Great Bend ROBERT DORSEY, Ashland CHARLES DOUGHERTY, Naloma WILLIAM DOXON, Hays MARILYN DREHER, Ellis MICHAEL DREILING, WaKeeney THOMAS DREILING. WaKeeney MARY DUFFORD, Pawnee Rock VERNA DUMLER, Russell KAY DUNDAS, Arnold TERRY DUNTZ, Smith Center MAURICE DURALL, Raymond 48 LYNN DYATT, Good I and ELIZABETH EDWARDS, Hays NEVA EDWARDS, Atwood MARCIA EHRLICH, Hays KEITH ELLEGOOD, Oakley DAVID ELLIS, Richfield MARILYN ELLIS, Great Bend MARY ELLIS, Johnson CHARLES EMPSGN, Winona ELLEN ENGEL, Ellis RODNEY ENGLE, Great Bend DOLORES ERICKSON, Herndon ELVIN FA8RIZIUS, WaKeeney MARY FAGAN, Si. John ROBERT FARRELL, Hill City JOAN FINK, Utica NANCY FINK, Downs HOWARD FINLEY, Sharon Springs FREDRICK FOOS, LaCrosse DONNA FOX, St. John LESTER FRY, JR., Wllmore JOETTA FUNK, Russell NORMAN GENTZLER, Portis EVERETT G1LLISPIE, Levant ALMA GOETZ, Victoria VERDA GOETZ, Victoria JOHN GRAVER, Rush Cenier ELIZABETH GRAY, Salina JIM GREEN, Great Bend HOWARD GRIFFIN, Stockton ROSALIND GRIFFIN, Stockton EDWARD GUSTAFSON, Plainville ELIZABETH HABIGER, Republic RONALD HALLING, Bucklin JOAN HARGITT, Quinter SIDNEY HARPER, Scott City FRANCES HARRIS, Lamed WILLIAM HARRISON, Lenora GENOLA HARTING, Edmond DONALD HARZMAN, Cawker City GLENDA HEANY, Clayton DONNA HEINZE, Greensburg JEAN HELM, Stockton HAROLD HELWIG, Hoismgton JIM HEMBREE, Hays SHIRLEY HEMBREE, Chase EMMALENE HERMRECK, Ellsworth RONALD HERONEMUS, Ness City JOSEPH HERRMAN, Utica DENIS HERTEl, Hays ALEXANDER HERZOG, Hays ELIZABETH HIGGINS, Tribune ROSA LEE HIRT, Dor ranee DONALD HOFF, Syracuse KAREN HOFFMAN, Cawker City LORETTA HOLLOWAY, Great Bend TERRY HOPKINS, Hays DAVID HOUGH, Coldwater SYLVIA HUBBARD, Edson CRAIG HUBERT, lamed RODNEY HUTTON, Bucklin KEITH HYDE, Herington MARY JACKSON, Atwood DOYLE JAMISON, Quinter ALLEN JEFFUS, Oberlin JULIANA JENSEN, Kinsley JOYCE JOHNSON, Atwood LOUISE JOHNSON, Oakley WILLIAM JOHNSTON, Meade SYLVIA KAISER, Great Bend ROGER KARLIN, Hays GERALD KARST, Wilson GLENN KEITH, Penokee CAROLYN KEPHART, Macksville REX KERSTETTER, Protection JOYCE KESSLER. Kensington BILL KILIAN, Russell DEE K1MBELL, Meade GORDON KING, Kensington DONNA KNOWLES, Osborne RUTH KOELLING, Alton JERRY KOEPPEN, Wellington FRANCIS KOMAREK, Bavaria JOHN KOMAREK, Bavaria SOPHOMORES 49 SOPHOMORES LARRY KOPKE, Pawnee Rock JAMES KRONE WETTER, Schoenchen RICHARD KYSAR, Tribune KAREN LAIZURE, Hays JERRY LALLY, Russell DOHN LATHAM, Osborne PHILIP LAW, Obedin DONALD LAYTON, Randall SANDRA LEAZURE. Palco PATRICIA LEFFINGWELL, Lakin MARGARET LEGLEITER, LaCrosse CAROL LEICHLITER, Nickerson HARVEY LElKER, Hays LARRY LEHNER, Herndon RONALD LEONARD, Quintor JOE LEWIS, Russell JUDITH LEWIS, Saline VERLEE IEYDJG, Glade GERALD LINDSEY, Stockton DEANNA LOCKMAN, Ford LONA LOGUE, Stafford KENNETH LONG, McDonald CLARENCE LOTT, Hill Ciiy RUDY LUFT, LaCrosse FRANK MAGANA, Kanopoiis GARRY MAHONEY, Dorrance MARILYN MAJOR, Dorrance ARLAND MANGOLD, Tribune BEVERLY MANTZ, Kanopoiis SHIRLEY MATHIAS, Deerfield LUELLA MAXWELL, Quinter JUDITH McCAMMON, Burr Oak MARILYN McCARTNEY, Hays EDNA McCLAIN, Waldo MERLYN MeDONALD, Gove DARRELL McGlWNIS, Esbon DONALD McGINNIS, Esbon WANDA MEASE, Nashville ANN MICKEY, Hoxie MARCEL MILES, Jewell RUTH MILLER, Ellfs GYLA MINOR, Ulysses MARGARET MITCHELL, Russell JAMES MOHR, Hutchinson MAX MOOMAW, Dighton LEROY MOORE, Levant DONALD MOREHEAD, Downs HAROLD MORRIS, Horton DOUGLAS MORRISSEY, Woods ton GRETCHEN MUELDENER, Lyons CONNIE NELSON, Hays PAUL NELSON, Gal va VINA NICKELS, Kinsley WILMA NORTON, Utka NORMAN OCHS, Utica CAROLYN OLLER, Hutchinson GLENDA OPITZ, Garden City LARRY ORMSBEE, Athol GERALD ORR, Woodston JUANITA ORR, Woodston CAROLYN OSWALD, Russell AILEEN OWEN, Beloit WILLIAM PAINTER, Meade BARBARA PALMER. Russell LINDA PALMER, Atwood KENNETH PARKS, Utica DONNA PEPPER, Syracuse HAROLD PERKINS, Philfipsburg ELAINE PETERMAN, Ellsworth KERMIT PETERSON, Little River MAURICE PFANNENSTIEL, Hays ALBERT PFEIFER, Victoria JAMES PFEIFER, Hays WILBERT POPPE, Cimarron WILLIAM PICKENPAUGH, Goodland BEVERLY POWERS, Oakley KAYLA PRICE, Nekoma MAURICE PRINC, Luray LEONARD PURER, Liberal DIXIE RASSETTE, Wilson JEROME REED, Hoxie BOB REEVES, Ulysses RICHARD REINHARDT, Great Bend CHARLIE RHINE, Edmond 50 51 52 DONALD RIDER, Hays BONNIE R IDGWAY, Ogallah HOWARD RIEDEL, Slockton ROGER RIFF E, Stockton LARRY RIGHTMEIER, Belleville RODGER ROBBEN. Grinnell ANET ROGERS, Minneola DARLENE ROTH, Cheyenne Wells, Colo. GWENDOLYN ROWE, Hoisington PHILIP RUMPEL, Ogallah GEORGIA RUNFT, Wichita DONNA RUSSELL, Cimarron LAURA SCHABEN, Bazlne STANLEY 5CHLEGEL, Hays ELLEN SCHMIDT, Catherine ROBERT SCHNtEPP, Ness City PAULA SCHUMACHER, Victoria ALFRED SCHUSTER, Ellis DEAN SEACAT, Cunningham CONNIE SEBASTIAN, Tribune MONTE SEI6EL, Leoti KENNETH SEIBERT, Great Bend WARREN SIEK, Ness City ALBERTA SITES, Grinnell CHESTINE SMITH, Ogallah JANICE SMITH, Stockton YVONNE SMITH, Ashland GRACE STAAB, Hays SHIRLEY STOCKTON, Kensington CAROL STREMEL, Dodge City SHARON STRUTHERS, Lamed L1NLY STUM, Ness City CARMEN SULLIVAN, St. John RALPH SWARTZ, Sharon Springs MARLENE SWINK, Satsnta PEGGY SWORDS, Deerfield KAY TAGHA, Jennings MARILYN TALLMAN, Hays LEONARD THOMPSON, Goodland MARJORIE THYFAULT, Stockton DOROTHY TIEN, Prairie View AWYN TREXLER, Hill City RONALD TRUSSELL, Kendall RONNIE TUCKER, Palco GEORGE TURNER, Quinter LOUISE TURNER, Smith Center JOHN UNDERWOOD, Bird City PHIL UNR ' UH, Copeland JERRY VANCE, Bazine RICHARD VAN LOENEN, Bogus EUGENE VELHARTICKY, Satina JIMMY VENTERS, PSainville JAY VERONA. Roxbury KAREN VEVERKA, Wilson KARLOS VON FELDT, Victoria KENNETH VOSS, Burr Oak DAYLON WAGNER. Albert ROBERT WAGNER, Bison DONNA WAGY, Colby WILMER WALDMAN, Quinter NANCY WALTER, Montezuma MELVIN WALTERS, Catherine KAREN WARD, Waldo GERALD WATTS, Portis GEORGE WAUDBY, Russell GWENDENE WEBSTER. Stockton KENNETH WEIGEL, Hays DON WERTH, Victoria JERRY WESTBROOK, KirwEn JANICE WESTERMAN, Hays WALDO WICKIZER, Wa Keeney GLENN WILKINS, Lorraine DALE WILLIAMS, Florence JOHN WILSON, Ulysses MARVEL WINELAND, Natoma KAREN WINKLER, Rozel SHELDON WOMACHIL, Abilene LEST A WORCESTER, Hill City RICHARD WRIGHT, Glen Elder KAY YOST, McCracken ROBERT YOUNG, Sail na GLYNDENE ZALQUDEK, Wilson SOPHOMORES 53 WARREN NORTON President Hoisington DAVID A ' iOSIER Vrce President i Hays MEREDITH IHRIG Secre ta ry -J re asu rer Good land . ■ FRESHMEN 54 MURLENE ADAMS. Ulysses MARVEL AL8IN, Guinter DeANNE ALDRICH, Garfield EDWIN ALLEN, WaKeeney PHILIP ALTMAN, Almena CALVIN ANDERSON, Burdett KATHLEEN ANDERSON. Jamestown LARRY ANDERSON, Hoxie BENJAMIN APPEL, Garfield GERALD AUGUSTINE, Lenora SHEILA AUGUSTINE, Ellis CLARA AUST, Ellis NADINE AUST, Palco CHARLOTTE BAKER, Plainvllle FRANCIS BAKER, Protection GLADYS BALE, Sublette LINDA BANKS, Turon JOYCE BANNISTER, Alexander LYNETTE BARRETT, Qginter LEON BECHARD, Grainfield ARLENE BECK, Ness City LYNN BEECHER, H ill City KAREN BELL, Moscow PEGGY BELL, Russell MARLENE BENDER, WaKeeney MARY BERL5, Leoville JUDITH BERRINGER, Good land WILLIAM BERRY, Copeland SHARON BEU, Great Bend ARLYN B IEBER, Bison MARTHA BIRKHOLTZ, Rgleton ANNETTE BITTEL, Ellis GLORIA BLECHA, Woodston KAY BODGE, Portis DONALD BOESE, Seward SANDRA BOOS, Hays MARY BOWEN, Hays SHARON BOWER, Utica ANN BOWIE, Hanston GERRY BOWMAN, Russell JAMES BOYLE, Great Bend LARRY BRACK, Russell MONTA BRACK, Otis NORMA BROWNING, Lorraine KAREN BRUGGEMAN, Colby CAROL BRUNGARDT, Hays MARLENE BRUNGARDT, Victoria TERRENCE BRUNGARDT, Hays FAYE BUFFINGTON, Hooker, Okla. LARRY BURROWS, Oils AMCHAEt BUTLER, Hoisingion SANDRA BUTLER, lewis CELESTE BUTNER, Long Island ROBERT CAIN, Hays BARBARA CALDWELL, Great Bend JEANNE CALDWELL, Russell SHARON CALHOUN. Holcomb ZOE CALVERT, Liberal ROLAND CAULDWELL, Holyrood GAROLD CAUTHON, Syracuse MARTHA CHAFFEE, Burdett JAMES CHAMBERS, Cummings DONALD CHAPMAN, Hoxie BETH CHESNEY, N atom a JOSEPH CHISM, Great Bend ROBERT CHISM, Great Bend WILLIAM CHISM, Hoisingion GARY CLARK, Syracuse ROBERT CLASS M. Liberal TER I CLASS!, Brewster 55 56 FRESHMEN COLLEEN CLUSTER, Great Bend DONNA COLLINS, Ellsworth LARRY COLLINS, Nekoma VIRGIE CONN, Bogue KAREN CONRAD. Lorned RONNIE COOK, Hays KAREN COOPER. Hoxle M1CHEAL CUSSEN, Pleinville BARBARA DANIELS, Great Bend DON DARNELL, Plainville LARRY DAUGHERTY, Wellington BETTY DAVIS, Hays JERRI DAVIS, North Platte, Neb. TERRY DEAL, Colby DONNA DEBES, Ness City TONY DeBEY, Kfrwin FREDERICK DeLAY, Quinter JON DELLETT, Lamed LARRY DESBIEN, Peko DORIS DILLINGER, Brewster JANICE DINKEL, WaKeeney MARLENE DINKEL, Victoria JUDITH DONER, Hays DONNA DOUGLAS. Larned JANNA DROEGEMEIER, Holyrood ELLEN DUFF, Beloit CALVIN DUMLER, Russell DARREL DUNEKACK, Great Bend SANDRA EBERSOLE, Wichita LORITA EDWARDS, Atwood LARRY ELLIS, Coldwater DEANNA ENGEL, Ellis NELMARIE EPPERLEY, Haven DANIEL ERBERT, Zurich RICHARD ERICKSON, Assyria RICHARD ERICKSON, Leona rdville LEON ERNEST, Norton ANN ESTES, Abilene EUGENE EVANS, Gove DAVID FA NK HAUSER, Tribune DAVID FANSHIER, Great Bend MARTHA FE ' LDT, Menlo JOANN FERGUSON, Dighton DONALD FIKE, Courtknd GIENNIS FINK, Oakley MARY LOU FISHER, Great Bend JANICE FLETCHER. Bucklin NEIL FOLKS, Ashland SANDRA FORD, Rozel MARY LOU FRALEY, Chester, Neb, CLARENCE FRANZ, Colby RUTH FRITSCHE, Osborne LAWRENCE FRITSCHEN. Dorrance SANDRA GANTI, Ulysses GAYLE GARRELTS, Ransom MARY LOU GAUNT, Great Bend JAMES GENGLER. Beloit ROBERT GEORGE, Hays BARBARA GERRITZEN, Gatlin DALE GETTY, Ahnena ELAINE GETTY, Downs ROGER GIDDINGS, Beloit CAROLYN GIERSCH, Abilene JAMES GILBERT, Plainville DAREL GILLILAND, Hoxie DORIS GGEHRING, Kinsley JAMES GOEKEN, Lenora MARY KAY GOETZ, LaCrosse JEANNETTE GORANSSON, Skara, Sweden NANCY GOTTBERG, Hoisington 57 FRESHMEN ALVIN GRACEY, Hugoton LIONEL GRAY, Smith Center LYNN GREEN, Osborne KENYON GRIFFIN, Hays LEO GROFF, Ellis PATRICIA GROSS, Hays JERRY GUT5HALL, Meade HOWARD GUYER, Osborne HEBERT HAGMAN, Brooklyn, N. Y. SHIRLEY HAMBLET, Plainvilie QEOPHAS HAMEL, Damar GARY HAMEL, Zurich THOMAS HAMEL, Zurich JACQUELINE HARDESTY, Great Bend JOHN HARRIS, Meade ROGER HARTING, Edmond LARRY HARVEY, Protection PATRICIA HAYES, Levant JUDITH HEALD. Smith Center PATRICIA HEATON, Woodsion ROBERTA HECOX, Weskan STEPHEN HEINEN, Osborne LELA HENDRICKS, Raymond EARL HENRY, Dellvale ROGER HENZ, B.rd City WARREN HERD, Protection CAROL HERMAN, Lincoln BETTY HICKMAN, Hays MILDRED HIGGINS, Brownell ELSIE HILDEBRAND, Hill City NORMAN HILLIS, Liberal KAY HOLLOWAY, Beloit BLAIR HOUSER. Paradise NANCY HOUSHOLDER, Belleville SANDRA HOVERSON, Phillfpsburg ELAINE HOWARD, Ness City PAUL HUMRICH, Smith Center THEODORE HUTCHCRAFT, Natoma JACK IMEL, Hill City KAY 1MMASCHE, Hays ARLENE IRWIN, Gorham JOHN IVAN, Russell GWENDOLYN JEFFERIES, Wa Keeney DEANNA JOHNSON, Ellis VICTOR JOHNSON, Great Bend RONALD JONES, Colby LARRY KAHLE, Hoxie LAYTON KAISER, Hoisington KAY ANN KAUFMAN, Medicine Lodge ROGER KEISEfi, Quinter DAVID KELLER, Ellis BARBARA KENDALL, Macksville JULIA KERBAUGH, Hays LARRY KILIAN, Russell LEE KIMBELL. Meade CAROLYN KIRBY, Lerned LARRY KIRK. Liberal DELIA KISSICK, Beverly KATHERINE KLEWENQ, Lenora DUANE KNIPE, Grinnell KAROL KNUDSON, Ludell ROBERT KOCH, Scott City MARILYN KOELLING, Alton LARRY KOOCHEL, Otis GARY KRAISINGER, Great Bend BARRY KRATZER, Hoxie MERLYN KRUSE, Sefdon LARRY LANGDON. Lucas LYLE LEAK, Colby MARGARET LEE, LaCrosse 58 59 60 SCOTT LEG ERE, Hill City GREG LEGLEITER, LaCrosse clarene Leonard, ukin CAROLYN LOCKMAN, Ford PETE LOEWEN, Ulysses KAREN LOFSTEAD, Ellis BILL LOSEY, Grinnell RAY LQVITT, Utica BEVERLY LOWER, Sublette PHYLLIS LOWRY, Hugoton ROBERTA LUCAS, Good land GAIL LYNCH, Plainville WILLIAM MtADOO, Lamed DALE MtCALL, Culver MARILYN McCLELLAN, Glade VIRGIE McKenzie, Ransom DENZIL McNEAL, Waldo SHARON McNEILL, Goodland KERRY McQUEEN, Kirwin JAMES MALCOLM, Almene MARY JO MALLO, Scott City ALVIN MANETH, Great Bend ALICE MAN ION, Holyoke, Colorado EUGENE MARGHEIM, WaKeeney MAURICE MEIROWSKY, Peabody RAMONA MILLER, LaCrosse SAMUEL MILLER, Russell ROBERT MITTEN, Utica VIRGINA MOLETOR, Kinsley MtCHEAL MONEY, Hill City NORMA MONROE, Ellis ARABELLE MOORE, Spearville BENJAMIN MORRIS, Qulnter JEANIE MORROW, Garfield HARLAN MUDD, Russell DONALD MUNSELL, Natoma FRANK MURRAY, Simpson JERRY NEELY, Bucklin BARBARA NELSON, Gar field MARY NORDMAN, Olmitz DOROTHY NUSS, Olmitz CAROL OELKE, Hoxie GLORIA OETKEN, Great Bend KENNETH OFFNER, Utica MARLA O ' HALLORAN, Ulysses BILL OHLEMEIER, LaCrosse JOHN O ' LEARY, Pretty Prairie ROGER OUVERIU5, Timken MERLIN OLSON, Asseria NORMAN O ' NEIL, Lyons CURTIS ORR, Woodston LANARA OSTRANDER, Bushton STEPHEN OSTROM, Hays ARLENE O ' TOOLE, Arnold CHARLES PARKS, Mscksville DONALD PARSONS, Bunker Hill MARILYN PATTON, Scott City GAY PAUSTIN, LaCrosse LLOYD PETERSON, Hays MILDRED PETERSON, Bush ton SHIRLEY PETERSON, Protection DARLENE PFANNEN5TIEL, Victoria RICHARD PITTMAN, Hays RICHARD POAGE, Jennings SHIRLEY POAGE, Almena JUDY POLIFKA, Hays DENNIS POPP, Russell DONALD PRATT, Alton MONTE RANDLES, Raymond rHAEiFY RASP. Abilene FRESHMEN 61 FRESHMEN CLEO RAS5ETTE, Dorranoe CAROLYN RAY, Tribune CLYDE REECE, Burden WANDA RE1MER, Denver, Colorado CLEM REIT CHECK, Gra infield MARVIN REYNOLDS, Natoma PHIL RHEA, Mankato DONNA RHOADS, Goodland DAROLD RHODES, Protection KYLE RIDGWAY, Bird City EUNICE RINKEL, Haviland DONALD ROBERSON, Great Bend JOYCE ROBERTS, Quinter REVA RODEMAN, Ness City GORDON ROGERS, Si. Francis DARLENE ROIPH, Minneapolis GARY ROME, Bogus DIANA ROTH, Ellinwood GARY ROTHE, Ness City PATRICIA RYAN, McCracken ALTA SANSOM, Densmore PATRICIA SCHECK, Hays SHARON SCHERTZ, Rage City KENNETH SCHMIDT, Catherine RICHARD SCHMIDT, Zurich THOMAS SCHMIDT, Catherine MARY SCHMIDTBERGER, Victoria GLORIA SCHNEIDER, Konopolis JANICE SCHOENTHALER, Ellis LEROY SCHULTE, Densmore NANCY SCHWEITZER, Osborne LARRY SCOTT, Goodland SUE SEAMAN, Natoma KAREN SELFRIDGE, Hanston DENIS SHUMATE, Garfield DE LOIS SISTRUNK Wellington MARYLIN SMITH, Liberal ROBERT SMITH, Lendra RAY SMITH, Johnson GARY SNEED. Haviland RONALD SQEKEN, Lorraine KENNETH SOLOMAN, Zurich GENA LEE SOPER, Pako LINDA SPANGLER, Hays JOAN SPICER, Phillipsburg JOHN STAPLES, Plains MARGARET STAPLETON. Jewell EDWIN STARK, Logan WAYNE STE INERT, Ransom DARRELL STEINER, Hoisinglon JERRY STEWART. Tribune LEA MAE STEWART, Nealy WANDA STEWART, Healy LILBOURN STOSKOPF, Hoislngton JOHN STOSS, Otis LEANN STROM, Belleville SHERELl STUM, Ness City ROBERT SUPER, Hill City GLADYS SUTER, Oakley LINDA SWAYZE, Budilin MARCIA SWENSEN, Jewell MAX TARLTON. Hoisington PATSY TENNY, Beeler CHARLES TERJESEN, Brooklyn, N. Y. MARNIE THAETE, Sylvan Grove MARY THEANDER, Ashland NANCY TH1ELEN, Dorrance NEIL THIELEN, Dorrance CURTIS THOMPSON, Great Bend JAMES THOMPSON, Burdeit LAURA THOMPSON, Ellis RAE THOMPSON, Flainville NANCY TOWNS, Palco GARY TROGDON, Hugoion SHARON TRUAN, Hays JANICE TUBBS, Ruleton MARITA TUTTLE, Quinter WALTER UHRICH, Monument KAREN UHT, Hays JANICE UNRUH, Great Bend HOWARD VAN DE WEGE, Almena DALE VAN LOENEN, Bogue ELVIN VAN METER, Carlton BARBARA VAN SKIVER, Bloomington, Nebraska 63 MARY LOU VESECKY, Timken LADENE VOTRUBA, Wilson RICHARD WADE, Spearville DOYLE WAGGLE, Osborne GALE W ALTERS, Pori is CAROLYN WANKER, Pale o GERALD WANKER, Palco BETTY WASINGER, Hays GAROLD WASINGER, WaKeeney HAROLD WASINGER, WaKeeney IVAN WASKA, Jet mo re JEANNE WATTS, Kensington WILLIAM WEBB, Norton FRED WEBB.. Protection CLARANN WEIS, EINnwood JOE WEISS, Hutchinson GARTH WERNER, Winona LARRY WERTZ, Quinter CHARMAYNE WELSEY, Great Bend CAROL WHISLER, Satenta LONNIE WfCKE, Ludell CHRISTINE WICKIZER, WaKeene GARY WILEY., Salina KENNETH WILLIAMS, Liberal CAROL WILSON, Garfield MARLA WILSON, LaCrosse WILLIAM WILSON, Lskin WILLIAM WILSON, Bunker Hill LYLE WINGATE. Varner GEORGE WINTER, Holsingion DALE WOLF, Hays KATHERINE WORCESTER, Hill City CLEO WOYDZIAK, Russell GLENN YAGER, Holyrood MELVIN YARNELL, Osborne CHARLES YOUNGDAHL, Salina JAMES ZAMRZlA, Wilson WILFRED ZIEGLER, Collyer 64 FRESHMEN Front row: E. F, Keller, Sister M. Ann, Alice Clarkson, Evelyn Garton, Wauneta Cunningham, Curtis Hayes, Paul Hof- stetter, Lillian VanDyke. Middle row ; Elden Griffee, Clarence WarKentin, Ver- lin Rogers, Norman Sawin, George Mon- ty, Jr., Clarence Condra, Jr., Cliff Reed, David VanDyke, George Barla. Back row: Harold Roth, Albert Rosenborg, Leslie Briggs, Roy Phillis, Ivan Dack, Bill Rupp, Donald Hurst, Don Gleason Roy Waft. Saturday Graduate Students Regular Graduate Students Front row Jeanne Lambert, Wauneta Cunningham, Marjorie Mayo, Koula Scolas, Catherine Swearengen, Geneva Hewett, Don Shaw, Floyd Niernberger, Middle row: Harold Vopat, Delbert Johnson, Glen Ginther, Merrel Hergerf, Houston Kerr, Ralph West, Harold Stones, Francis Ross, Marvin Brewer, Don Cornell, Stanley D. Kullbom. Back row: John Baker, Ivan Pangrac, Duane Thompson, Greg Lindner, Gordon Zah- radnik, Jim Hinkhouse, Bill Shipman, Don Ream, L. Dean Hess, William Mc- Dougall. GRADUATE STUDENTS 65 66 ORGANIZATIONS " i 67 STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council officers are: Leon Wallace, vice president; Milford Mes- ser, president; and Kar- lynn Brookhart, secre- ta ry-treasyrer. The Student Council, instrument of student government, is composed of fifteen class and student body officers. They meet at 12:45 weekly to discuss problems concerning the school and student organizations. Dean E. R. McCartney is advisor to the group. Front row: M„ Motz- ner, S. Miller, U, Moyer, M. Ihrig, J. Schmidtberger, K. Brook ha rs, C. Spo- rner, Back row- Dean McCartney. L Wal- lace, D. Mosier, E. Johnson, W. Har- graves, A. McCone, W. Norton, M. Mes- 68 ser, D. Moses, SOCIAL COMMITTEE P. Snook, T. Hopkins, B. Armis, M. Motzner, R, Herron, J. Hegwer, l Holloway, and L H. Hor- ton, sponsor. Appointed by the Student Council, members of the Social Committee plan and co-ordinate the social activities for the student body. Activities of this committee include sponsoring the Sweetheart Ball, the May Farewell, Tiger Hops and the All School Carnival, compiling the weekly and semester calendar, and introducing the new classic and foreign film series. CAMPUS BOOSTERS A representative from each campus organization makes up the Campus Booster Council. Promoting school spirit and controlling activities is the primary purpose of this group. Back row.- M. Brack, R, Ziegler, G. Klemm, R. Koelling. S. Peter- son, B. Moore, Fronf row: Dr. L, Hepner, sponsor, D. Brown, H, Johnson, L Brid- ges, G. Wilhelm. 69 WLO Front row-. E Barstow, historian; J. Schmidtberger, publicity chairman; Dr. V. Parish sponsor; -N. Boyd, vice president; S. Bizek, secretary- treasurer: I. Hobbie, president. Women ' s Leadership organic zation recognizes the outstand- ing women students Members are elected and membership based on their leadership, abil- ity, service, scholarship, and character. The chief aims of the group are recognizing college problems and sponsoring cul- tural interests. Front row: P. Snook r D. Offerle, j. Schmidtberger, N, Boyd J. Trible B Feilers K. Tucker, M. Brack, E. Barstow, S. Bizek, V, Parish, I. Hobbie, K. Brookhart, A A. P. Newton. Back row; AA. Burditt, Burris. Not pictured: V, Moyer. 70 SEVENTH CAVALRY Traditionally named in honor of General Cus- ter ' s own regiment, the Seventh Cavalry is an organization of young men outstanding in lead- ership. Compiling and distributing student directories, selling popcorn at varsity games, ushering at Artists ' and Lecture programs, and promoting scholarship and leadership on campus make up the activity calendar of this group. p. Rhine and E. Miiton furnish sports enthusiasts with fresh buttered pop- corn. Back row: S. Dalton, Sponsor, P. Rhine, I. Ellis, D. Bozarth. E Milton, B. Mills, L. Janzen, D. Palmer. Front row.- R. Wright, R. Slutterhe.m, D Wanker. D. Bissing, C. Edwards. R. Barstow. R. Hoffman, WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES The 1957-58 edition of Who ' s Who Among students in American Colleges and Universities includes 30 Fort Hays Kansas State College seniors selected from a group of 65 candidates who qualified by having a grade point of 2.0 or above. Decisions were based on qualities of leadership, capability, citizenship, and promise for future usefulness. EDWYNA BAR STOW Elementary Education French club, Bend, Student National Education Asso- ciation Clarinet Choir, Wom- en ' s Leadership Organiza- tion, Phi Kappa Phi. DIEDRA BURANDT Art Little Theatre, Band, Kappa Pi —president, Reveille— as- sistant editor, editor, Orches- is. Student National Educa- tion Association, All-Girl Orchestra. ROBERT BARSTOW Music Education Student National Education Association, Orchestra, Band —president, assistant band manager. Phi Mu Alpha- treasurer, Residence hall— vice president. Phi Kappa Phi. ROBERT CRI5SMAN Business Admirtrstrat on Honors Seminar, Teu Kappa Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, NORMA BOYD English Band, French club— secretary, treasurer, Little Theatre, Stu- dent National Education As- sociation— treasurer, Reveille, Lambda lota Tau— secretary. Women ' s Leadership Organi- zation— vice president, presi- dent, Public Relations com- mittee, Gamma Delta— presi- dent, Honors Seminar, Phi Kappa Phi. CLIFFORD EDWARDS English Student National Education Association, Honors Seminar, 7th Cavalry, Lambda lota Tau — vice president, presi- dent, Literary Studies— edi- tor, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi. MARILYN BRACK Art Choir, Fort Hays Singers, Kappa Pi— vice president. Honors Seminar, Women ' s Leadership Organiza- tion, Campus Boosters. IRWIN ELLIS Agriculture and Botany Honors Seminar, Student Na- tional Education Association, Delta Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi. KARLYNN BR0OKHART Elementary Education Student National Education Association, Tigerettes, 2nd Generation club, Kappa Phi, Sigma Sigma Sigma— presi- dent, MERLIN ELY Business Administration Reveille— assistant business manager, business manager. Vet ' s club. Young Demo- crats, Delta Sigma Phi, Hon- ors Seminar, Phi Kappa Phi. HAZEL ESTES Physical Education and Home Economics Women ' s Recreational Asso- ciation— publicity chairman. Home Ec club— secretary. In- tramurals r Campus Boosters, Kappa Omfcron Phi, CURTIS FOWLER Chemistry Choir, Fort Hays Singers, Student Council, 7th C av- al ry— president, Pre -Medic club. Honors Seminar, Tau Kappa Epsilon— secretary. Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Epsilon, LELAND HILL English Scriblerus club. Student Na- tional Education Association, Honors Seminar, Lambda Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, 72 RICHARD HOFFMAN Math and Chemistry 7th C s v a I r y— secretary— treasurer. Engineers club. Honors Seminar., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi. PATRICIA NEWTON Music Education Ban d— Council representa- tive, Clarinet choir. Orches- tra, Choir, Madrigal, Fort Hays Singers, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi Kappa Phi, JANICE SCHMIDTBERGER English and Speech Little Theatre, Newman club, Student National Education Association. HA ROBBIE HULETT Chemistry Pre-Medic club— vice presi- dent, president. Women ' s Leadership Organization- president, Student Council — secretary-treasurer, Sigma Sigma Sigma, 2nd Genera- tion club, Junior class— sec- retary-treasurer, Delta Epsi- lon, Phi Kappa Phi. DELORES OFFERLE Music Education Band, Choir, Orchestra, Stu- dent National Education As- sociation, Clarinet Choir, Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha I o t a— treasurer, president. Phi Kappa Phi. HILMA SKOV Home Economics Home Ec clgb— publicity chairman, president, Kappa Omicron Phi— president. North Agnew Hall— presi- dent, Student National Edu- cation Association. LOREN JANSEN industrial Arts 7th Cavalry, Intramurals, Fort Hays Singers, Choir, Tau Kappa Epsilon, 2nd Gen- eration club. Phi Kappa Phi. SYRAN PALMER Chemistry and Math Math dub, YMCA— vice pres- ident, Engineers dub— presi- dent, 7th Cavalry, Kappa Mu Epsilon— president 2nd Generation club. Sigma Theta E p s i I o n — treasurer. Chemistry club— president. HAROLD STONES Speech Vet ' s club. Student Naiional Education Association — vice president, Honors Seminar, Alpha Psi Omega— vice pres- ident, Phi Kappa Phi. DAN JOHNSON Industrial Arts K dub— president. Track, 2nd Generation dub. Phi Kappa Phi, SOM BAT SANGRUNGRUANG English Student National Education Association, Sigma Tau Gam- ma. JUUENE WALLACE Home Economics Choir, Home Ec dub. Kappa Omicron Phi, Theta Sigma Upsilon— vice president, LARRY MULLENDER Business Administration Vets club. ROBERT SCHEUERMAN English French dub. Little Theatre— secretary-treasurer. Kappa Sigma Kappa— international chaplain, treasurer. Alpha Psl Omega, Lambda lota Tau— president, Phi Kappa Phi. CARL WEILS Speech Honors Seminar, little The- atre, Scriblerus club. Alpha Psi Omega— vice president, 2nd Generation club. Phi Kappa Phi. IVAN WERNER Business Administration Student National Education Association, Little Theatre, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi. BASIL WHITING Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi. 73 HONORS SEMINAR Back row: R. Crissmm M. Ely, G. Pauley, J. Feiden, I. Werner, R, Hoffman, P. Rhine, Front row: S. Miller. M. Brack, A. Ruder, N. Reinhardt, M. Filbert, L. Morris, P. Noble. Back row: 8. Whiting, $, Mahoney, W. Wright, V. Barnes, D. Brooks, R. Osborne, L. Hill. Front row: J. Martin, R. Witt, D. Stage, M. Houston, M Burditt, N. Boyd, A. Rematore. The Honors Program is a plan of special provisions for juniors and seniors of out- standing intellectual ability. A student must have a re- cord of outstanding achieve- ment in several subject fields besides his major interest. High grades alone, however, are not sufficient qualifica- tion. Emphasis is given to con- sideration of the great ideas and issues which confront mankind in the search for truth and values, rather than to the assimilation of sub- ject matter. The attitude toward t h e Honors Program may be summed up by noting that an invitation to participate is the highest academic pri- vilege that a college can be- stow. Selected by t h e Student Council, the Student Affairs Committee serves as a board of appeals for traffic viola- tors. This group held a meeting with campus organizations to discuss the campus parking problem: and the ad- vantages and disadvantages of a zon- ing program. STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE 74 Sack row: D. Pettibone, J. Stouffer, R. Burnett. Front row: D. Lockman, L Oliva, M. Causey, KAPPA OMICRON PHI Kappa Omicron Phi, a professional fraternity, recognizes scholarship and personality for wom- en majoring in Home Economics, This organiza- tion is designed to further Home Economics in four year colleges. Guest Speakers, teas and break- fasts are sponsored by the group. Front row: H Estes, P. Wilson, C. Staab, Second row.- A. Beesley, sponsor, J, Rogg, B. Hayes, B. Koch, M. Snider, I. Leonard, sponsor. Third row,- J. Sutton, Kneller, M. Somers, S, Fisher, H, Skov. ALPHA PHI OMEGA PREPARATORY GROUP Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraterni- ty of college men who are or have been previ- ously affiliated with the Boy Scouts, The purpose of the fraternity, as set forth in the National Con- stitution, is " To assemble college men in the fellow- ship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and promote service to humanity ' Front row; R. Koch, W. Sick, R. Heronemus, J. Reiss. Second row.- K. Ridgway, D. Fanshier, C Youngdale, K. Kisinger, Dean Burnett. 75 TIGERETTES Gold sweaters and black skirts are the official uni- form of the Tigerettes, Fort Hays State women ' s pep organization. Before each game the Tigerettes usher the varsity squad onto the gridiron or basketball court. With the help of the student body, the Tigerettes ' aim is to pro- mote school spirit and good sportsmanship. Member- ship is elective, chosen from upperclassmen previous- ly affiliated with Kit Kats. L, Shew, secretary; M. Feist, treasurer; V. Moyer, vice president; P. Vogel, sweater chairman; C Ballard, presi- dent. The Tigerettes in action. Back row: B. Fellers, L. Shaw, M. Feist, K, Brookhart, V. Moyer, P. Brian, B. Mantz, G. Cromwell, P Vogel, C. Johnson, V. Swensen, C. Sullivan. A IrddJe row,- E. Coffin, G. Runft, S. Kaiser, G. Wilhelm. V. Ley dig, P. Neill. C. Bosler, J. Hegwer, C. Ballard, P. Gibson. Front row: C. Stremel, G. Opirz. t, Dyatt, S. Danielson, D- Merz, B. Habiger. 76 " K” CLUB Front row: B. Brown, T. Young, J. Maska, J, Nieman, L. Herr- man, E, Giliispie, G. Valhar- ticky. Second row : C. Suran, G. Maska, O. Haase, B, Ehbrs, J, Sutton., E. Wright, D. John- son, Back row: D. Dempe- wolfe, B. Johnson, J, McEwen, D. Hildebrand, R, Eaton, R. Wilson, B. Teegerstrom. All varsity lettermen make up the membership of the K-Club, which is closely allied with the athletic depart- ment in its projects. During the games, members serve as ushers and operate the concession stand. Left to rrght: R. Eaton, treasurer; D. Holloway, secretary; H. Morris, vice president; D. John- son, president. Front row-. P. Gross, H. Morris, Br McVicker, M. Sidlow, D. Fisher, L Kepferie. Second row: F. Tegtmeyer, J. McFar- land, M, Giersch, M. Princ, D. Holloway. Back row: M. Stoss, ? P Riedel, D. Schultz, J. Boor, L Deines. 77 ALPHA PSI OMEGA Front row V. Richards, I. Werner, S. Ligon. Second row: Art i ss Herndon, Mfss Ketchum, S. Bizek, V, Russell, L. Shaw Back row: P. Webber, E. Jewett, J. Tribble, R. Scheuerman. The leading partici- pants in the field of dra- matics are elected to the national dramatics fra- ternity, Alpha Psi Ome- ga. They assist with dra- matic productions and stimulate interest in dra- matic activities on the campus LAMBDA IOTA TAU An organization of stu- dents having completed 1 8 hours in language and litera- ture with a 2.35 average is Lambda lota Tau The group meets monthly to discuss the work of modern novelists, poets and playwrights. fronf row: L Hill, M. Lindner, N. Boyd, D. Chipman, J. Schmidtberger, Back row : D. Crawford, S. Sackert, R. Scheuerman, G. Merit!, C Edwards. 78 PI KAPPA DELTA Fi Kappa Delta is the national honorary forensic fraternity, whose members participate in oratory, debate, discussion, or extemporaneous speaking. They also promote interest in forensics on the campus. front row: D. Lockman, $. Bizek, Back row; M, Messer, L Kopke, W Norton KAPPA MU EPSILON The national honorary mathematics fraternity, Kappa Mu Epsilon, is dedicated to furthering higher mathematics. The membership is composed of students who plan to major or minor in math, having completed analytical geometry and having a two point average in all math classes. Front row- W. Toalson, P. Rhine, R. Franke, C. Nelson, E. Hamilton, O. Etter, E Marshal . Second row: J Briggs L Carter, R. Harper A Fox D Kimbeli, E. Fabrizius, L. Shannon. E, Milton, C Rhine, D. Palmer, L Dryden. Back row.- E. Knobbe, R Bottom ' M. Princ, W. Windle, S. Whiting, B. Mills, R. Sitton, A. Beyerlem, M. Milham, D. Demos. 79 Following format initiation of Phi Kappa Phi was a banquet in the dining room of the Men ' s Residence Hall. Phi Kappa Phi, national honor society, has as its purpose the recognition of scholarship and rewarding of scholastic achievement ‘among students of American universities and col- leges. Each year the top student in the junior class, selected seniors from the upper 2V2% of the class and outstanding graduate students and faculty members are honored by receiving invi- tations to become members of this nation-wide honor society. Election implies scholarship in the broadest sense— not in grade point alone, but through participation in activities and outstanding service for the college. PHI KAPPA PHI Back row: E. McCartney, S. Dalton, H, Choguill, W. Toalson, R. McGrath, R. Sandmeyer, J. Ray P S. Mahoney, R. Coder, L, Wooster. Front row.- R. Marple, D. Stage, K. Bogart, J. Garwood, G. Herndon, M, Van Akeren, L, Felton, M. Walker- Back row: L. Hill, R. Crissman, H. Stones, B. Barstow, C. Edwards, I. Ellis, AA. Ely, t. Pauley, L. Janzen, L, Windle. Third row: B. Whiting, C. Wells, R. Hoffman, G. Hulett, I. Werner, R. Scheuermam, V. Barnes, D, Johnson, D. Chip- man R. Jennison Second row: A. Rematore, S. Hamilton, A. Wilson, P. Newton, N. Reinhardt, D, Offerle, L. Currey, N. Boyd, M. Burditt, R. Burnett. Front row: I. Hulett, R. Welk, V, Parish, A. McFarland, P. Noble, N. Burtscher, D. Chip- man, E. Barstow. 80 Front row: K. Tucker, secretary-treasurer; M. Desbien, D. Burandt, Middle row-. G. Steffen, $, Drees, M. Brack vice-president; M. Chastain, D. Miller, M. Burtscher. Back row: D, McGinnis, C. McAmoi!, J. Hinkhouse, R. Revel, president; G. Zahradmk, K. Grizzell, M, Dellinger, sponsor. KAPPA PI Membership into Kappa Pi, national honorary art fra- ternity, requires the students to have completed 12 hours in art with a " B " grade average and all other courses with a " C " grade average. Each year the organization exhibits work produced by students and faculty. A work night was sponsored by the group, one night each week. A live model was provided for sculpturing and sketching, win- dow displays were redecorated, and discussions were held. HONORARY AMBASSADORS OF GOOD-WILL This fall a large group of student leaders met to select approximately 240 ambassadors from towns or communities represented at Fort Hays State. Through the years the program has acquainted many individuals with the college and brought many students to the campus. These honorary ambassadors of good-will have acquainted themselves with Fort Hays program of study and activities and made contact with high school students during the spring semester and summer. They worked in various ways to encourage and influence attendance at Fort Hays, Enlisting the help of other Hays Staters, groups gathered during weekends, Christmas, Easter and semester vacation, spoke at local high school assemblies and approached the students in a friendly, informal manner. e Young Women ' s Christian Association has as its objectives fellowship with girls of various interests who work through the Y t W,C.A, and to seek and learn more about God. Money mak- ing projects during the year were square dances and a rum- mage sale. A horn of plenty party to raise food for the needy of Ellis County was also a high- light. Standing: Miss N Garner, sponsor; Miss R. MeCarroll, sponsor. Seated: J. Guyer, treasurer; 8. Francis, president; Mlss M. Goodman, sponsor. Not in picture are: C Wonder I ich, secretary; and J. Peterson, vice-president. Y.W.C.A. First row: M, Stapleton, J. Kerbaugh, P. Gross, A. Estes. Second row r Miss N. Garner, M. Swenson, C. Herman, K. Lovitt, J. Caldwell, 0. Dillinger, C Rassette, R. Fritsche, Miss R. McCarroll, Miss A. Beesley. Third row : j. Goransson, M, Fraley, J. Spicer, M. Patton, Miss M. Goodman, S. Bower, P. Lowry, B. Francis, M, Chaffee, E. Rinkel, J. Guyer, L Hendricks, G. Harting. 82 Y.M.C.A. President A. Herren calls the meeting to order. Young Men ' s Chris- tian Association provides fellowship for all men of Christian beliefs with the purpose of developing Christian personalities and furthering Christian ideals. The Y.M.C.A. again sponsored the book exchange at Picken Hall and held social ac- tivities including a fall get-acquainted party and a caroling party with Y.W.C.A. First row: L. Windle, D. Dibble, secretary and treasurer; A. Herren, president; S. Hamilton, sponsor. Second row: C. Brunson, E. Ehrlich, M. Surer, G. Matheson, vice-president. 83 First row.- J. Hargitt, second vice president; L. Maxwell, first vice president; N. Colburn, sec- retary; M. Wineland, chaplain. Second row: Mrs. W, Nyberg, sponsor; J, Lewis, social chair- man- B. Bierman, president; N. Winkler, " Candle Beam " Editor. Not poured are: Yvonne Swenson, treasurer; and Delores Offerle, music chairman. KAPPA PHI The aim of Kappa Phi, the Methodist women ' s club, is to make " Every Methodist woman in the university world today a leader in the church of tomorrow. " Activities for the year included the Rose Tea which was held Sunday, October 13 for the new pledges, the traditional Christmas party and the parents ' banquet in the spring. 84 Standing: Mrs, W. Nyberg, K. Selfridge, J. Morrow, K. ImMasche, K. Holloway., M, Peterson, M. Fraley, $. Butler, J. Lewis, J. Jensen, N, Colburn, N. Walter, S. Peterson, E. Rinkel, B, Bierman. Seated: J. Hargitt, M. Wineland, L, Maxwell, N. Winkler, P. Wilson, B. Hamby., E, Dean, R. Rodeman, M. Nordman, C. Phillips, K. Kleweno. First row: 5. Saxton, pledgemaster; G. Graves, service projects chairman; E. Gil I ispie r W. Harryliok, secretary; C. Reece, B. Mills, historian; R, New, treasurer; J, Poage, M. Walker, sponsor. Second row L Windle, reporter; R. Kerstetter, vice presi ' dent; Rev. Nyberg, sponsor; V. Sprick, alumni chairman; G. Geenen, president; C. Anderson, G. Tomanek, sponsor. Not pictured: L Pitman, corresponding secretary and R. Siutferheim, chaplain. SIGMA THETA EPSILON A national fraternity of Methodist college men, this organization strives to de- velop high moral standards for the betterment of student life and future church leader- ship, Programs throughout the year included guest speakers, films, and informal discussions. One special ser- vice project of Sigma Theta Epsilon is assisting with Sun- day morning ushering at the Methodist Church. S, Saxton, pledgemaster; W. Bannister, R. Plowman, vice president; J, Harris, K. Dundas, t Leak, chaplain; W, Steinert, president; H r Finley, Not pictured: G. Garrelts. 85 WESLEY FOUNDATION First row: S. Saxton, M. Print, 8. Mills, D. Rhodes, H. Finley, E. Evens, Second row: D. Lamb, L. Banks, M. Burditt, J- Margin, H, Kipple, M. Swink, L. Palmer, M. Nordman, M Fraley, L. Wilson, E Rinkel, K. Self ridge, J. Lewis, M. Peterson, L. Maxwell, Third row: M. Breathouwer, W, Losey, G. Geenen, L. Marshall, K. Dundas, G. Winter, J, Harris, F. Baker, Rev. Nyberg. The Methodist college group meets every Sunday at 5:30 p.m. with recreation and fellowship suppers followed by the evening program and devotions. Representatives were sent to the Quadrennial Conference December 27 to January 1 at Lawrence and members attended retreats at Camp Lake- side, Scott City in October and May. WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION Westminster Foundation, the Presbyterian student group, holds meetings every Sun- day evening at the Westminster House, This group was organized to provide fellowship for students with Presbyterian ideals. Front row-. B. Francis, foods chairman; P. Gibson, C. Oswald, devotions chairman; R. Fritsche, M. Dickinson, Mrs. J. Thorns, assistant director; K. Thorns. Second row: E. Van Meter, J. Verona, program chairman; H, Guyer, Rev, Maier, director; J. Thorns, assistant director. Not present: R. Stillwell,, moderator; S. Kogler, vice moderator; M. McCartney, L. Green, R, Leonard, K. Knudson, C. Bosier, J. Votruba. 86 THETA EPSILON Miss G. Herndon, sponsor; Mrs. A. Wynne, sponsor; E. Edwards, president; $, Ligon, The organization for Baptist Women OH treasurer; M. Smith, R. Hetox, M. Gaunt, B r Melville, J. Kessler, K. Smith, Mrs. E, „ r , _ , k Brown, patroness, Mrs. R. Edwards, patroness. Campus IS the lota chapter of Theta Epsilon. One project this year was work on the Wynne Memorial Library, which will be dedicated to the late Rev. R. J. Wynne. Members also gave assistance to two Jap- anese girls who are attending school in Phila- delphia preparing to work at the American Baptist College in Japan, CANTERBURY CLUB Canterbury Club representatives attended r°W: S - Stone, B. Limes, N. McIntosh, S. OstrorTi J Hegwer. Second row. B. Davis, L. Jensen, J. Brown, Father Long, J. Smith, R. Cook, L Kirk. Third row.- D. Keller, J. the National Study Conference for Episco- Lasater, G. Matheson, T. Brown, G. Gliek, J. Brooks, J Williams, L Meier palians from the nation ' s campuses at the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennes- see. Tuesday evening meetings at St. Mich- ael ' s Episcopal Church feature recreation and fellowship with business meetings the sec- ond week of each month. NEWMAN CLUB First row- B. Gerritzen, D. Debes, 5. Boos, AA. Berls, D. Fannenstiel, Second row.- AA. Ellis,, B. Basgall, AA. Brungerdt, R. Hirt, J. Zimmerman. Thj ' rd row: E. Tallmen, F. Magana, B, Johnson, R, Jones, K, Schroeder. J. Boxler. Fourth row: G. Schreiber, M. Dreiling, W, We ; s, AA. Meirowsky, D. Schaffer, B. Qhnmacht, G. Basgall, M. Huslig. first row; AA. O ' Halloran, E. Wasinger, AA. Mallo, AA, Fisher, N. Thielen, D. Roth, P. Kreutzer. Second row; D. Erbert, W. Waldman, V. Horning, G. Desbien, J, Dinkel, E. Habiger, AA. Ihrig, F. Buffington. Third row: D, Hertel, H, Birzer, W. Ziegler, L. Fritschen, D. McGinnis, E. Schmidt, AA. Cussen, L. Kaiser, Fourth row: B. Wells, E, Schartz, A. Ford, L Hornung, R Leiker, A. AAaneth, J. Henderson, J, Habiger, 88 A spring formal, guest speakers, discussion groups, and dances high- lighted the year for the Newman Club, The group, which is a national Catholic student organization, has a membership of 150. Joint participa- tion in activities with St. Anthony ' s school nurses and the Cadets of St, Joseph ' s Military Academy increased pleasure and interest for the group. As a special project, delegates were sent to the Newman ' s 43rd national convention at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. Lefj to right. A. Rematore, sponsor? R. legleiter, president; S. Miller., secretary; E. Horning, vice president; D. Roth, treasurer; Rev. Father Camillus, chaplain. first row; P. Scheck, M, Dinkel, A. Beck, J. Poiifka, M Vesecky, M. Goetz, R. BasgalL Second row. D. M Legleiter, C. Brungardt, K. Anderson, C. Woydziak, D Wolf, M. Stoss. Third row; T. Hamel R . A. ' Moser, G. Legleiter, H. Berland, J, Demel, W. Slipke, M. Pfannenstiel. Fourth row. J. Pfeifer, N. L Beckman, D. McGinnis, J. Chism, S. Temaat, R. Mays, D. Kmpe, J. Boor. Kaiser, Farrell, Thielen, 89 GAMMA DELTA Firsf row; G. Schneider,, G. Oetken, C. Oelke, C. Wanker, M, Lee, L. W icke, N, Gottberg. Second row.- N. Keller, M. Krug, G. Manka, R. Koelling, J. Johnson, I. Miller, E. Peterman, Rev. Polley. An international asso- ciation of Lutheran col- lege and university stu- dents, this group holds its meetings at the Mes- siah Lutheran Church, This organization, which is cultural, social, and spiritual in nature, has as its aim the develop- ment of Christian knowl- edge and Christian ser- vice. First row: C Spomer Bays, D. Goehnng, J. Droegemei er, J. Funk, N, Boyd, G. Opitz. Second row: D. Crawford C. Dumler, N, Ochs, W. Schwien, H. Peterman, B. Frevert, R. Soeken, J. Garwood. 90 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION The Lutheran Student As- sociation meets each Sunday evening at the Trinity Lu- theran Church with the pur- Dose of offering a program pf worship, study, and rec- -eation. Activities included dinners with guest speakers and discussions of such topics as " What is baptism? " and " What is the church? " First row; P. Rumpel, A. Sansom, E. Fabrizius, E. Ehrlich, M. Motzner, treasurer; E. Margheim, Second row. Dr. Stage, sponsor; C. Rassette, S. Miller, secretary; M. Major, J. Spicer, P Audas, vice president; Pastor Hull. Third row; L. Deines, B, Appel. Not pictured: E. Fabrizius, president. Shown participating in a Bible contest are : L. Hall and B. Lower Looking on are, first row J .Fink, J_ Kess- ler, president; A Klein, R Hoffman, L. Worcester, K. Scolas. Second row; D. Dillmger, K. Lovitt, G Bale, B. Ohlemeier, W. Sigler, Acting as quizmaster is Sponsor K. Sigler. CHRISTIAN YOUTH FELLOWSHIP This group, newly recog- nized on the campus, is com- posed of youth of the Chris- tian Church. They endeavor to bring lives into more com- plete harmony with God ' s will Sunday evening meet- ings feature singing, Chris- tian study, devotions, Bible contests, and a fellowship supper. Charles Keith Sigler, pastor of the Christian Church, sponsors the group. 9 ! Assistant editor, Deanna Lockman Mrs, K. Rogers, sponsor Merlin Ely, business manager Darrell Schaffer, assistant business manager Diedra Burandt, editor Many sleepless nights, jan- gled nerves, frayed patience and concentrated brainpower went info the making of the 1958 Reveille, The staff, which consisted of a group of hardy, able-minded, well-adjusted stu- dents, worked long hours meet- ing deadlines and occasionally Taking time out for enjoyment. The Reveille Staff sponsored and presented the Reveille Ball. 92 Gary Hanna, photographer Wilfiam Weis, assistorrf photographer Allen McCune, sports editor f Marla O ' Halloran and Patricia Neill, organizations co-editors. Dixie Brown and Cheryl Behrends, index to- editors. Patty Leffingwell, copy editor. Sylvia Kaiser and Terry Hopkins, co-editors of the Greeks. Anet Rogers, Carolyn lockman, Beth Freda Desbien. Other staff members were. Habinger, Charlcie Johnson, sl w v REVEILLE STAFF Joyce Hockett, faculty editor Kay Prichard, freshman editor; Evelyn Dean, senior editor; Mary Des- bien, sophomore editor; and Gayle Lane, junior editor. 93 Editor Paula Schumacher and Assistant Editor Bonnie Rogers meet with Leader sponsor Bob Spangler to discuss paper policies. STATE COLLEGE LEADER THE COLLEGE LEADER To the Leader Staff fell the job of collecting, writing and editing the campus news. Although the staff was com- posed mainly of journalism students, some were students who enjoyed working on the newspaper. It was through this median that valuable journalism experience was learned. Paula Schumacher, editor The business managers and page editors meet to discuss next week ' s paper. Seated, left to right are: Verna Dumler, society editor; Terry Hopkins, assistant business manager; Luther Goehring, business manager, and Mike Francis, sports editor. 94 I.R.C. Supporting a foreign stu- dent on Fort Hays campus is one of the many extracurric- ular activities indulged in by the International Relations Club. This year Miss Jeanette Gorannson from Sweden is that student. Included in the membership are other foreign students. They are: Luis Revilla, Peru; Sombat San- grungruang, Thailand; and Jeanette Gorannson, Sweden. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB G Geenen R Stillwell, B. Finley, K, Irvine, J Goransson. L. Marshall, Dr. Craine and S H. Smith and B. Brand. Sangrungruang. Terry Hopkins, second semester busi- ness manager Kay ImMasche, second semester assistant business manager " ' Reporters” The leader reporting staff looks over the print shop ' s preparation for the following week ' s paper. Standing, from left to right are Jerry GutshaLI, AA aria Q ' Herioran, Beth Habi- ger, Margaret Burtscher, Joelta Funk, and Doris Goehring. 95 The executive staff and sponsors of the Veterans dub discuss plans for the next meeting. Seated are, teff to right: Lynn Welch, president; Don Baler, secretary; Dick Moore, parliamentarian; Loren Shannon, vice-president; and George Waudby, treasurer. Standing: Mr, Osborne, sponsor; and Mr. Hepner, sponsor. VET’S CLUB Front row , seated; H, Johnson, A. Schuster, G. Schneider, C, Staples, G. Stephenson, R. Un- ruh, J. Denchfield, A. Maneth, Back row, standing: J. Green, J, Feist, T. Sandstrom, L. Goeh- ring, D, Wieck, K. Davis, J, Buttermore, R. Hester, F, Webb, Jr., H, Moorman, and C Currey. Front row, seated: R. K, Churchill, M. Dougherty, G, Mahoney, L. Wilson, G. Ney- lon, F. Scheufler, G. Roberson, R, Brian. Back row, standing: D. Deines, J. Grogan, M. Hou- ser, R. Reinhardt, W. Haus- child, L. Stenzel. B. Schwin, M. Suter, and R, Wagner, VET’S CLUB 97 FORT HAYS NURSING CLUB front row: Marcia Ehrlich, Viola Vinson, Lynn Zaloudek, Back row: Elaine Peterman, Helen Martin, UVon Wilson THE FORT HAYS NURSING CLUB The Fort Hays Nursing dub is a group of women who are majoring in nursing. The club corresponds with nurs- ing classes of foreign nations in order to do its share in improving international relationships. The club has chosen to correspond with Japan this year. Front row: P. Weaver, M. Fa- gan, I. Allen, V. Chase, M . Albin. Second row; L. Stroup, sponsor; J. Tubbs, B. Lower, B. VanSkiver, N, Winkler, E. Dean, J. Hubbard, D. Knowles, E. Coffin, Back row: A. Mickey, J. Love, S. Schertz, D. Goe Hir- ing. L Zaloudek, M. Burkholtz, V, Moletor, K. Knudson, K. Bell, M. Clark, and J. Kessler. Front row: E. Peterman, L. Wilson, J, Johnson, L. John- son, J. Helm, S, Ligon, K. Winkler. Second 1 row: L. Blan- kenburg, instructor,- K. Uht, M. Swink, L. Palmer, K. Veverka, M. Chaffee, G, Runft, E. Libal, instructor. Back row: D. Tein, G, Webster, S. Peterson, E. Homenck, G. Minor, M. Major, J. McCammon, L. Turner, R. Griffin, D. Erickson, L. Logue, E. Rinkel, M. Theander, C. Oe I ke . 98 COLLEGIATE 4-H Ffonf row: B Moore, M Swink, S. Ford, and L. Stewart. Second row: Alice Beesley. sponsor; L. Worcester, G, Opitz, N, Browning, E. Duff, B. Palmer, A. O ' Toole, K. Canard, end C. Vernon. Back row.- P. Pummel, P. O ' Toole, R. Thorn- burg, G. Lindsey, B. Smith, J. Wells, V, Ewel, C. Dumler, J. Herman, J. Westbrook, K. Offner, L. Fry and E. Meter. COLLEGIATE 4-H The Collegiate 4-H was organized and sponsored by students who were interested in furthering 4-H work on campus. The major activities for the year were: a spring assembly, assisting with Senior Career day, and helping with district achievement meetings and county club activities. DAMES CLUB Front row; P. Noble, C. Stone, C. McVicker, S, Kneller, M, Brown, Mrs. D. Thomas, spon- sor. Second row: P. Conley, D. Greig, M. McCowan, J. Ver- non, M. Moorman, R. Vin ' ove, D. Giebler, V. Gaughan, R. Flinn, T. Karlin, J. Ford, J. Cain, sponsor. Front row.- M. Law, B. Miller, L. Odle, D. Sandstorm. Second row; M, Wallertedt, M, San- ford, C. Runft, V. Olson, H. McClair, D. Parker. Third row. J. King, A, Ely, M, German, C Fairbank, R, Wright, M. Kel- ler, M. Thomas, J. Ehlers, and J. Miller. DAMES CLUB The Dames Club mem- bersh ip is comprised of wives of Fort Hays stu- dents. The club chose for their project this year, the care of a needy family. The family was provided with food and clothing at Christmas and gifts on the chil- dren ' s birthdays. KIT KATS Front row: D. Johnson, N. Browning, M. Brack, C Rassett, S. Ebersole, C. Lock man, K. Lof stead. Middle row: K. Im- Masche, j. Marrow, K. Ander- son, B. Daniels, V. Moletor, D. Goehring, L. Thompson, M. Koelling, M. Epperly, W. Rei- mer. Back row: C Kleweno, L. Stewart, M. 0 J Halloran r B. Hecox, J. Davis, Z, Calvert, T. Class! r P. Lowry, K. Bell, V. McKenzie, B. Van Skiver, B. Nelson, S. Butler, M. McClel- lan, and S. Beu. KIT KATS The Kit Kats are freshman women who are interested in promoting school spirit. The group is now In its fourth year of recognition. Kit Kats provide fu- ture membership of Tigerettes, the upperclass women ' s pep club. Kif Ket officers are, from left to right- Kay ImMasdhe, social chairman,- Virgie McKenzie, treasurer; Sandy Ebersole, reporter; Carolyn Lockman, president; Ruth Willard, sponsor; Laura Thompson, vice-president; Marla O ' Halloran, reporter; and Sharon Beu, secretary. 100 WOMEN’S RECREATION ASSOCIATION Front row; K, Brandau, M. Tall man, l. Stewart, B. Hecox, $. Robbins, P. Swords, B. Koch, Miss Sevy, sponsor. Second row; J. Deiter, M. Gales, J + Peterson, H. Kipple, I. Miller, H. Estes, G, Hester, S. Mathias. Back row.- C. Weis, S. Kinyon, L. Banks, L. Holloway, M. Somers, IM, Kent, L Peterson, E, Hildebrand, W. Stewart. W.R.A. The purpose of the wo- men ' s recreation association, an organization of college women, ts to promote recrea- tion, to create the love of sports, and further the ideals of good sportsmanship. One of the W.R.A. projects is sell- ing refreshments at football games. Proceeds from this provide scholarships and awards, send delegates to conventions and sponsor col- lege and high school Sports Days and Play Days, Emphasis on sports is one of the main things which are stressed in the W.R.A. PJcfured here is Lois Brown. MATH CLUB The Math Club is an organ- ization of students who are interested in mathematics. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in, and an understanding of, mathe- matics. The chief part of the program is the presentation of special problem solutions. First row: P. Dean, secretary-treas- urer; E, Duff, M, Houston, C. Nelson, Second row: Mr, E. Etter, sponsor; A. Herron, president; 6. Mills, W. Wlndle, vice president, Third row: R. Franke, L. Marshall,, A. Fox, Fourth row; E. Milton, D. Palmer, W. Wood. CHANCERY CLUB The Chancery Club, new to Fort Hays State campus this year, has for its membership, pre- law students. The purpose of this club is " ' to and the legal profession, " First row: H. Spies, D, Johnson, F. Magana. Second row: W. McAdoo, A. Morris, R. Hamel, Third row: R. Conley, R, Taylor, P. Jimenez. id and prepare the pre-law student for law school Front row: D. Williams, G. Neyion, R. Ashcraft, Second row: R. Gibler, J. Geisinger, L. Kopke. Third row: A. Spies, D, Schmidt, Dr, W. D. Moreland, sponsor. ■ 1 i jsjl K ( i| - J , . r | usp _ BL. j||. T y S? L lm LA M PP|! L 1 Hr •• JjLc ' |p7nM|H wnWl Jr pf { m.- ' Mp. Il ■ 1 M. SL w— » ' v rWr-I mm j • i H 1 rm i |TT I W l i if, M zJ " jH l 4 The Home Economics club was organized in 1 925. The membership consists of the majors and minors In the department. An educational meeting and an activity meeting are held each month. The club also maintains two loan funds available to students in the depart- ment — the Ethel Snod- grass Loan fund and the Home Economics Loan HOME ECONOMICS CLUB fund first row‘ L Miller, M. Behnke, vice president; C. Sullivan, A. Trexler, social chairman; P. Wilson, president. Second row: Mrs, Maxine Hoffman, sponsor; C. Kirby, K. Canard, J. Bannister, C. Leonard, N. Browning, A, Moore, G. Blecha, K. Bodge, Miss Alice Beesley, sponsor. Third row; M. Snider, B. Koch, secretary; S, Knelier, H. Skov, $, Fisher, E, Thompson, J. Rogg, treasurer; J. Sutton, C. Cluster, J. Hargitt, publicity; M. Somers, D, Fox, R. Cayton, M. Roth. CHEMISTRY CLUB The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to encourage students in the study of chemistry and to acquaint them with the possibili- ties of chemistry as a vocation and is open to any interested student. The club sponsors ac- tivities which are related to the chemical industry. first row : A. Temaat, M. Butler, K. Prich- ard, D Palmer, president. Second row ; N. Gottberg, L, Karst, W. Ma rrs, P. Hills. Third row : l. Thorpe, J. Graver, W. Wald- man, K. Bobbitt. First row: Dr. K. Marsi, sponsor; A. Purer, secretary-treasurer; P. Werth. Second row. R. Mitten, J. Dellett, C. Graney, L. Purer. Third row; A. Robl, J. Anderson, D. Bissing, vice president; S, Kullbom, 1 v f Eta-w TOf ' ' _ _ ' 4 M ffTT jrmmT’ i w , ' if,. [ P ■t.ffiflr .t Mat, .. IKki 103 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The Student National Education Association is the national organization for college and university students preparing to teach. Its purposes are to provide its members with opportunities for developing personal growth and professional competence and to provide experiences which will interest capable students in teaching as a career. This year ' s programs consisted of high school student panels, guest speakers, panels of superintendents, principals, and members of employment bureaus. The climaxing point was the dinner and installation of officers. The sponsors are: Miss Gaynelle Davis, Dr, B. W. Broach, Dr. J r Rogers, and AAr. C. LL Phillips. Installing the officers is Dr, W. C. Wood. Lome $haw r president; Vernon Mai, vice president; Lynn Dyatt, historian; Glenda Fox, secretary; Edwyne Welch, treas- urer. Members held a member- ship drive, a watermelon feed, worked on the home- coming float, served as hosts to all educational con- ventions held on the cam- pus, and tourneyed to high schools to talk about the teaching profession. FRENCH CLUB The French Club is open to those who have studied or are studying French. The purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for a bet- ter understanding of the civilization and culture of France, and an addi- tional occasion to hear the French language. first row: W. Freeborn, vice president; Miss Willard, sponsor; V. Richards, V. Moletor, B. Sta it, R. Miller, N. Gottberg, C. Pettle. Second row : R. Tarvin, A. Wright, G. Phillips, J. Chip- man, president; J. Krolf, G Pauley, L. Oliva. GERMAN CLUB The German Club is composed of students who are interested in the language and customs of the German people. The club strives to pro- vide an understanding a nd appreciation of the merits of the language, as well as improvement tn speaking. Front row F. Foos, president; S. Sangrungruang, M. Ma[or, J. Gorannson, Second row; Dr. P. Graber, sponsor; M. Dreil- ing, E. Ehrlich, publicity; B. Helwig, secretary-treasurer. Third row; A. Herzog, vice president; M. Ffannestiel, B. Limes, fourth row: J. White, D, House, R. Wright. The Second Generation group is composed of sons and daughters of former students and alumni. Although the group had no formal organization this year the member- ship reached 220. The group provides avenues for service and hospitality. One of their main projects for the year was serving as a public relations group for Parents Day. Serving as sponsors were Mrs. Landrum and Dr. G. Tomanek. SECOND GENERATION CLUB SCRIBLERUS The club is composed of students interested in creative writing. The membership is small as the main purpose is to give individual attention to creative work. The club published the SHEAF, a magazine of creative writing done by the Fort Hays students and faculty. 106 First row - Dr r $ r Sackett, sponsor; D r Lockman, M. Chastain, G. Opitz, V. Brandyberry. Second row: M, Moomaw, G. Merritt, B. Moore, R. Moore, president. YOUNG DEMOCRATS The Fort Hays Collegiate Young Demo- crats club functions to stimulate political thinking and activity among its members and seeks to arouse interest in current political issues. During election years the Fort Hays Young Democrats participate in cam- paigning activities, carrying out assign- ments such as poster distribution and the handing out of brochures and information. Meetings of the Fort Hays Young Dem- ocrats feature party officials as guest speakers who relate first-hand expe- riences in politics, outline objectives and party goals and the like. Membership in the Fort Hays Collegi- ate Young Democrats club is open to all students interested in learning about and participating in politics. left to right- Michael Johnson, Terry Hopkins, Merlin Ely. PRE-MEDIC CLUB Pre-Medic Club is an organization of students who are interested in the serious study of medicine and its branches. The objectives of the club are to better ac- quaint the premedical student with the profession he intends to enter, and to en- courage excellence in p re medical work by furnishing goals toward which the stu- dent may strive. left to right. D. Graham, B. Morris, R. New, R Carr, vice president; A. Marrs, president, V. McCoy, J. Cromwell. left to right: R. Carr, P. Hills, A. Marrs, R. New, R. Hilmes, J, Del left. Front row: Phil Webber, Bob Young, Margaret Legleiter, Jane Trible, Bernice Basgall. Second row; 8. Ohlemeler, B. Kellogg, D. Buser, V. Leydig. Third row: M. Higgins, L, Kimball, L. Votruba, F. Buffington. Fourth row.- S. Ligon, V. Richards, H. Ketchum, sponsor; Dr. Herndon, sponsor. Fifth row: M. Burtscher, S. Truan, J. Harris, and E. Jewitt, LITTLE THEATRE Those students interested in theatrical work— acting, di- recting, writing, stagecraft— comprise the membership of the Little Theatre, They assist the Picken Players in pro- ducing two plays each year. Here a scene from " Medea " is depicted by some of the Little Theatre members. 108 First row: L. Scotty M, Miles, E. Milton, L. Mol lender, first vice-chairman. Second row: D. Luthi, B. Limes, E. Stark, E, Gillispie. Third row: R. Kerstetter, 8. Cordes, L. Bar- rett, L. Rightmeier. Fourth row: J. Wright, E. Funston, YOUNG REPUBLICANS This organization of 175 members attempted to effect an understanding of politics among students. In addition to regular meetings which featured speakers, nine members attended the Wichita workshop in November. The group acted as host for the state-wide Collegiate Young Republicans convention in March. At fast year ' s convention J. D. Williams was elected second vice president of the state-wide Collegiate Young Republicans organization. The Young Republicans celebrated Ike ' s birthday by sponsoring a dance. D ' . W. D. Moreland sponsored this group. First row: L Leak, C. Eaton, secretary, S, Danielson, second vice chairman; N, Gottberg. Second row: M. Fran- cis, treasurer; R. Plow- man, J. Caldwell, R. Conley, chairman; J, Williams, board mem- ber at large. Third row: E. Ehrlich, L Vinzant, 8. Mills, C. Sebastian, M. Chaffee, 109 MUSIC ON THE CAMPUS A high stepper 3s genial John Harris, freshman, drum major for the " ' Marching TOO ' BAND 1 90 Demonstrating amazing precision, the drum majorettes added their share of color to the half-time football shows. There were: Dorothy Nuss, Connie Eaton, Donna Dyatt and Peggy Bell. The Fort Hays State band is comprised of students from all departments on the campus. Under the direction of Harold Palmer, the band performed as a marching band for pa- rades and football games, a pep band for basketball games and assemblies, a traveling band for tours, and a concert band. BRASS CHOIR Brass organizations included Chamber Players, under student director, Roger Cody, the Chamber Ensem- ble (Brass Quartet) as well as the tradi- tional Brass Choir, un- der Lloyd Farrar, in- structor in music. All these groups were presented in concert on campus and as part of worship services in local churches. Top row : Robert Barstow, Edwyna Welsh. Second row: Leann Strom, Vernon Giebler, Roger Cody, Don Wittig, Den- nis Bozarth. Third row- Linda Swayze, Jerry Vance, Donna Atkeson, John Strobel Fourth row: Philip Law, Vayle Rohan, Robert Stutterheim, John Sanders, Robert Brock and Lloyd Farrar, Director. ORCHESTRA Classical and semi-classical favorites made up the repertoire of the symphony orchestra under the direction of William Roth. The orchestra was composed of outstanding musicians from this area, including students and faculty from Fort Hays State and Hays high school CHAMBER PLAYERS Christmas saw the combined brass or- ganizations playing open-air chorale pro- grams from the coli- seum roof. The Brass Choir toured twelve cities in south-central Kansas, Formal home concerts were in Jan- uary and April Top row; Francis Baker, leann Strom, Roy Parker, Judy Polifka. Bottom row. Larry Marshall, Thomas Bunker, Roger Cody, director. CONCERT CHOIR The college choir, under the direction of Donald Stout, began their busy season by presenting the musical production, " Oklahoma. " The annual Christmas Vespers program and concert tours were also highlights of this organization. i l % i vy Ijfl 1 B V | 1 I 11 1 Jt 1 1 1 yfl L 1 A I r tJ rL 1 a H[ ” | j r li 1 HI V f II ■ f ki U w ■ PV ,1 Vi 1 A i m MVaLvII f i mltllllU ■ iUNII ■ 1 113 MALE QUARTET The male quartet, under the direction of Lloyd Herren, consisted of James Haney, Jerry Stafford, Don Moses and Monte Seibel. FORT HAYS SINGERS The Fort Hays Singers is a small vocal ensemble composed of students studying and interested in music, direction of Donald Stout, the Singers performed as a part of many campus activities. Under the Sigma Alpha lota is a national professional music fraternity for wo- men. Members of the group are outstanding women music students and musicians. They gave two recitals this year, the Contemporary and the Pledge Recital, besides participating in many other music activities on the campus. The S.A.I s also served refreshments for Band Day and the music festivals. Actives are, top row : Lucille Felten, sponsor; Erma Fross, Beverly Powers Kay Norman Conme Phl ' l ' p5 ' Mary Ellen Clark, Connie Spomer, Sharen Borell. Second row: Ellen Schmidt, Caro Le, chi, ter, Mar, yn Bow- man, Beverly Delay, AAarthann Burris, Delores Offerle. Bottom row: Kayla Price, Sylvia Urvruh, Robert Rupp, Donna Atkeson, Kay Tacha. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Pledges are, fop row: Leann Strom, Christine Wiekizer, Ailene O ' Toole, Sharon McNeill. Seated are; Judy Po- I if k a x Murlene Adams, Caro! Herman, Shirley Poage, Barbara Gerritzen. I IS Phi Mu Alpha is a national professional music fraternity, formed for the purpose of advancement of the cause of musical cul- ture. This group participated in musical ac- tivities on the campus and assisted at con- certs. Men who are interested in music are eligible for membership. PHI MU ALPHA Actives are, top row: James Haney, John Strobel, Jerry Stafford. Second row; Edwin Elmore, Roger Cody, Vayle Rohan. Third row; John Sanders, Dennis Bozarth, Harold Palmer, sponsor. Fourth row: Robert Barstow, Vernon Giebler, Robert Stutterheim. Front row: William Hargraves, Donald Wittig, Dale Atkeson. Officers are, left to right: John San- ders, Robert Stutterheim, Vayle Ro- han, Dennis Bozarth, Roger Cody, John Strobel, Edwin Elmore, Jerry Stafford., Robert Barstow, 1 ■ : 1 • f K V " 1 (f i I I 6 DEBATE For those who are interested In debate or forensics, there Is the Debate Squad, The squad, which is usually comprised of students who are interested in the speech field, is a course which helps the student In many ways. Warren Norton is seen here explaining the plan which he and his colleague will uphold in their debate. Seated, Jeff to right: Wendell Anschutz and Larry Kopke. Debate coach Albert Dunavan and time-keeper Michael Dreili-ng evaluate both the time and content of the debater ' s speech. To strengthen his debate case, Warren Norton, seen here standing at the podium, further details his point of argument. ORCHESIS Orchesis Is organized for all students interested In the dance. The class can be taken for either activity credit or as a high numbered physical education course. The mem- bers plan and participate in dance programs of all types. Orchesis " purpose Is to de- velop a creative and intellec- tual attitude toward dancing as one of the arts. Marla Wilson and Fred Christian in ballet. Karlyn Brookhart and Brooks Kellogg strike an informal pose. Diedra Burandt and John Har- ris as they climax a dance. Diedra Burandt and John Harris perfecting the last few steps of their dance Marla Wilson and Fred Christian practice ballet steps. Realizing a term paper or report waits for no one, students are searching for an education here among volumes of knowledge, fantasy and fact, files and reading lists. " What tight through yonder window breaks Activity organizations are the outgrowth of the classroom, the breaking down into interest groups as a result of study and preparation. Back of these organizations is the college . . . more than simply buildings, laboratories, offices and classrooms, more than just students who every day put life into these buildings, more than instructors, passing on knowledge acquired through years of study, more than administration coordinating all activities into a smoothly functioning institution. Above these material ingredients of college is an intangible spirit of desire, a quest for knowledge and a spirit of pride in the school which increases as the student progresses from freshman to senior . . . from study to class, to laboratory, to activity, then to practical use. Accuracy and the steady hand of a future engineer fry for precision, the ultimate goal in mechanical drawing. IIS Poring over a problem in chemistry lab r seeking, always seeking, are Gerald Klemm and Eldred Jewett. Underneath the Applied Arts roof, the modern smithy stands. Operating the steel lathe is Robert Leiker 119 Meeting a deadline to bring the latest campus news to the student body in the State College Leader is the concern of Bonnie Rogers and printer, Ed Urban, From beginning survey courses to intricately involved specialized ones, the student tests and records data to get facts, nothing but the facts. Left: " ZL1AC this is KHlC. " Identi- fying himself by this method to a New Zealand station is Paul Rhine, as he operates the college short- wave transmitter. Right. Milliliter by milliliter— chemis- try is for those who prefer test lube projects. Richard Pettibone and Don- ald Bissing carefully measure chemi- cal elements for an experiment. What ' s it made of? Add to it, subtract from 1t„ combine it— this is the common process in chemistry. It ' s a wet job, but sanitation is necessary in modern dairy bams. Approximately 100 words per minute, three hours a week for one semester are heard by these students in a lecture class— can you figure this one out? The deflection of a beam of cathode rays causing a wavy line on this oscilloscope claims the alert attention of Bernard Mills, Time and patience, sticky hands and dirty fingernails are only a part of college life for an art student. 121 CUSTER HALL The residents of Custer Hall began their first year of college life by joining many organiza- tions. Among these were Kit Kats, Reveille staff, Leader staff and musical groups. At the beginning of the year, the girls invited all fraternity and independent men for a mixer and open house. The social calendar was crowded with many other parties through- out the year. Mrs. Kate Rawley was housemother and Mrs. Helen Zimmerman was the assistant house- mother. Standing.- Mrs.. Helen Zimmerman, D. Engel, Z. Calvert G Bales, C. Wilson, C. Ray, K. Wor- cester, C. Herman, S, Poage, S. McNeil, D. Sorrels, E. Duff, B. Nel- son, L. Green, J. Beatty, AA. Wilson, K- Seaman, L. Edwards. Second row: D. Goehring, P. Bell, M, Bender, C. Wickizer, J, Berringer, R. Lucas, R. Rothenberger, B. Cald- well, K. Conrad, N. Householder, Mrs. Kate Rawley, Third row: D. Douglas, AA. Gaunt, C, Butner, L. Barrett, K. Lofstead, AA, Adams, G, Paustian, D. Rolph. Standing: K, Ward, R. Hecox, K. Bell, G, Jeff- eries, J, Fletcher, C. Wanker, S. Ebersole, N. Gottberg, L. Swayze, J. Kerbaugh, S. Butler, N, Schweitzer, K. Selfridge, S. Beu, AA. Goetz, D, Debes, N. Thielen, S. Gantt, A. Beck, K. Bodge, Sifting; C. Whist- ler, N. Boyd, S. Peter- son, J. Morrow, L. Strom, S. Boos, G. Blecha, J. Droegmeier, M, Ihrig, F, Buffington, L. Stewart, AA. Koelling. 122 Standing: P. Tenny, G. Schneider, M, Swenson, P. Heaton, M. Beds, M. Smith, E. Dean, J. Watts, A, Estes, C. Gierch, K r Lovitt, j. Schoenthaler, R. Rodeman, B. Lower, P. Gross, D. Brown, J. Caldwell, C Lockman, D. Sisfrunk, C. Rassette. Sitting: C. Weis, C. Aust, M, Fraley, M. O ' Halloran, J. Goransson, A. O ' Toole, P. Laurey, B. Chesney, P. Ryan, J. Heald, P, Hayes. Standing; R. Thompson, N. Towns, M. Lee, J, Unruh, AA, Brack, M. Albin, I. Deal, K. Bruggeman, R Fritsche, L. Kimbell, L. Votruba, J. Roberts, C. Behrends, C. Woyd- ziak, W. Eaton, K, Knudson, S. Schertz, J. Dinkel, B, Gerritzen, M. Fisher, E, Funston. Sifting: AA. Veseoky, M. Peterson, AA. McClel- lan, AA. Tuttle, $. Mog, AA, Causey, A. AAoore, G. Soper, K. Prichard, D. Nuss, S, Hamblet, B. Daniels. Standing: J. Lyon, S. Ho verson, 1. Dunham, K. Holloway, 5. Unruh, J. Ferguson, J. Bannister, M. Nordman, A. Bowie, G. Oetken, L. Wicke, M. Higgins, K. Cooper, G. Fink, C. Oelke, D. Roth, R. Miller, N. Browning, D. Johnson, M. Mallo, L. Boone, D. Rhoads. Sitting.- D. Aldrich, S. Truan, V. Moleton, L. Ostrander, W. Reimer, E. Getty, L. Thompson, C. Leon- ard, G. Suter, L. Banks, E. Hilde- brand, K. Anderson. Standing: V. McKenzie, L. Hen- dricks, D. Dillinger, J Davis, C. Wesley, D. Collins, K. Kaufman, AA. Collins, K. Kaufman, M. Staple- ton, D. Lockman, B. Van Skiver, S. Shriner, E. Rinkel, L. Worcester, M. Monroe, N. Aust, K, Kleweno, L. Heskift, B. Kendall, J. Tubbs, E. Howard. Sitting; T Classi, M. Patton, J. Spicer, $. Ford, A, San- som, M. Chaffee, C, Kirby, R, Merconet, K. ImmMasthe, S. Bower, M. Birkhaltz. Standing: K Kipple, B Koch,. G. Stephen, j. Love, G. Minor, J. MtCammon, M. Major, I. Davis, X Johnson, L Palmer, M. Clark, L. logue. C. Smith, j. Hockeft, C, Lane, F. Edgmon, Sitting: D. Wegy, E. Depe, S. Bizek, C. Robinson, D. Pepper, K. Hoffman, M Ellis, J. Helm, G. Webster.. Floor: S Underwood, S. Holthus, N. Walters, J. Jensen, S. Miller, B. B erman R. Knowles, F, Desbien. AGNEW HALL Standing- R. Barton, J, Barton, Y. Swenson, L. Turner, D. Fox, L. Holloway, V, Leydig, S. Struthers, P. Neill, J. De- Vore, G- DeVore. Srttingr N. Fink, N, Colburn, M. Schaben, E. Biays, Mrs. Ingram, G. Runft, D. Anderson, P. Cant- well, C. Sullivan. Floor: E. Higgins, M. Ellis, C. Oiler, E. Biays, D, Burandt. 124 Standing,- N. Adams, Rogg r M, Filbert, W. J, Funk, P. Swords, J. Bear, M. Mircheli, K. Brandau, B. Base, I. Miller, S. Stone, M. Dufford, J Guyer C. Vernon, Eh Palmer Baos, P. Ryan, H. Skov, E. Bourqum, E Hermreck. Sitting. C. Smith B, Armbru.ter L. Johnson, G. Hester, V. Dumler, G Harting, M. Wmeland, Y. Smith, Floor: C. Beckwith, D. Miller, K. Yost, J, Peterson, M. Snider, J. Smith. Headed by Marvel Wineland, president, Mrs. Esther Biays, housemother, and Mrs. Malee Ingram, assistant house- mother, residents of Agnew Hall enjoyed a successful year. Highlighting the school year was an open house to " show off " the dormitory. Other festivities included hour dances, a formal Christmas dinner and a spring formal. Agnew Hall had members in Tigerettes, WLO, Intramurals, Band and Choir. They were also well represented in Royal Courts throughout the year. p (lean C Oswald M. Gales, P. Vogel, J. Meier, A. Denio, G Mueldener, S Kinyon, C McAmoil J p ro ut E Thompson, L. Peck, G. Rowe, W. Norton, t. Sneath. B Mantz, Sitfing; C Wonderlich, D. Rassette, M. Burditt, S Borell S Robbins, D. Dixon, N. Kent, S. Fisher, J. Fink, P. Leffingwell F oor; S. Disney, A. Mickey, P. O Toole, P. Schumacher, D. Roth, F. Harris, M. Swink, S McFadden, B Moore, D. Barber, 125 RESIDENCE HALL This year Residence Hall provided a " home away from home " for 170 college men. Under the leadership of Jerry Aiken, dorm president, Residence Hall plunged into a year of action and progress. During football and basketball seasons, their pep rallies, house decora- tions and pep club promoted enthusiasm among the students. B.M.O.C. at Residence Hall included football, basketball and track stars, sophomore class pre- sident, and members of many campus organizations, Mrs, Neta Bice was housemother. Assistant housemother was Miss Beulah Lamb, Top row: L. Reeves, D. Lamb,. D. Per- sons, J. Pivonka, L Voth r A. McCune, A. Gracey, R. Koch, A. Welker, G. Kraisinger. Second row: E. Gillespie, G, Trogdon, L Kaiser, L. Karst, D. Steiner, L Pittman, G. Pate, R. Downing, G. Vel- harticky. Third row; R. Poage, M. Rand- les, P. Rhine, J, Wilson, C. Rhine, G. Sutton, J, Sutton, G. Wilkens, P. Mc- Mahon, B. Mills. Bottom row: T. Scott, M. Princ, B. Reeves, R. Conley, M. Kauf- men, D, Layton. Top row: W. Norton, V. Nelson, G. Keith, B. Webb, A. Loewen, K. Long, T. Dorsey, L. Good heart, K. Seibert, D. Bigham, W. Bray. Second row: J, Thompson, R. Kerstetter, G. Graves, E. Gillispie, N. Ochs, J, McFarland, C. Clarke, D. Cox, D. Jamison, R. Wright. Third row: J. Graver, R. Bullock, R. Wright, D. Harzman, L. Ensign, R. Erick- son, T. Wristen, D, Williams, R. Fellers. Bottom row: K. Ridgway, W. Waldman, G. Schreiber, P. O ' Brien, A. Yakel, D. Peer, M. Giersch. 126 Top row: J. Aiken, R. Plowman, G. Ralstin, C. Dumler, P. Laewen, D. Fraley, J. Boxter, L Kirk, Second row: Mrs, Neta Bice, M. Anderson, J. Harris, F, Magana, G. Gunnels, J. Neely, L Mel- ton, R. Tucker. Third row: K. Gish, P. Nelson, R. Hopkins, M. Mills, R. Scott, Top row: C Reece, C. Anderson, K. Dundas, B Arensman, L. Mulender, S. Temaaht, L Wlckizer, V Evel, R Mays. Second row J. Archer, T. Fel- lers, M. Seibel, L. Horning, J. Byler, V. horning, B. Byer, C Poppe, R. Leonard, G. Turner Third row: S. Miller, E. Davis, B. Mason, J. Mills, L. Kaps, Wells, R Kufeld, K. Voss, R, Thornburg, Fourth row: L. Leitner, J. Mohr, D. Wagner, G. Manke, L, Fry, P. O ' Toole Top row: C. Parks, J, Verona, J. Weiss, D. Knipe. J. Juenemann, Miss Buelah Lamb, J. Gutshall, J, Grecian, L. Bennett, R, Franke, D. Brack, A. Brock. Second row: D. McCall, R. Urn me l, R. Mitten, J Herman, D Fanshier, L, Revilla. S. Sangrungruang, D. Latham, J. Jacobs. Third row: F Standage, D. Bozarth, A. Bieter, R. Hoffman, L. Purer, W. Steinert. 128 ATHLETICS 129 FOOTBALL 130 Fort Hays Kearney, Neb Fort Hays Northwest Mo Fort Hays Southwestern Fort Hays Pittsburg Fort Hays St. Benedict ' s Fort Hays Northwestern Okla. State cancelled Fort Hays Washburn Head Coach Wayne J. McConnell completed his second year as Tiger football mentor with an even won-4 lost-4 record. He took over the reins of Fort Hays football and it is certain that the Bengals will again be a football power in the near future. During a season plagued with game cancellations and post- ponements as well as numerous player injuries the 4-4 record is a great deal more than it appears. The C.I.C. conference, traditionally tough in Football, was especially powerful during the 1957 season. The championship Gorillas of Pittsburg State College were selected as one of the best small-college teams in the country and their coach was named " Small college coach of the year. Tiger guard, Dennis Stegman, Ness City Junior, was named to the CJ.C. all-conference team and teammates Leroy Brun- gardt and Chuck Vernon were awarded second team honors. C.I.C. CONFERENCE STANDINGS W L Pittsburg State 5 0 St. Benedicts — 4 1 Fort Hays State .. - 2 2 Washburn University — — 2 3 Emporia State — — 1 3 Southwestern University 0 5 Left to right: Assistant coach, Ed McNeil; head coach, Wayne McConnell; student assistant coach, C, Dempewolf. First row-. D. Hildebrand, D, Wil ams, D. Johnson, J. Boor, D. Fraley. Second row: D. Stegman, D. Knight, R. Leonard, H. Runft, C. Poppe,. L Brungardt. Third row; A. Fort.. J, Webster M. Stoss, J. Hoofen, P. Shipman, J. Maska, B. Bechard, R. Mayer. Fourth row: D. Gorton, J. Thompson, C. Karr, R. Haney. P, Altman. R Arnold, A. Norton. R. Pfeifer. Fifth row-. N. Wasinger, R, Mai, C Vernon, j, Lee, J. MacFarlan d, P. Smith, G. Thille, G, Hisey Sixth row.- J, Augustine, M. Thompson, R Zimbelman, B. Jewell, R, Erickson, R. Poage. Seventh row; N, Dreiling, M. Altman, L. Herman, P. Riedel, A. Brack, M. Moore, J, Weiss, and L. Ummel. m ' jd V « PROGRESS OF THE SEASON The Fori Hays Tigers of Ihe 1957 football season started slowly but once they were in motion they were hard to stop. After dropping the opener at Lews field, 27-0 to a powerful Kearney, Nebraska team, the Bengali traveled to Northwest Missoun State P where they began to show their great scoring potential, winning 40-27. They continued their road trip, invading Colo- rado College and losing a very close 22-20 decision. As Central Intercollegiate Conference competition opened, e Jigers engulfed Ihe Moundbuilders of Southwestern, 40-0. The Pittsburg Gorillas, showing their championship Jrm humbled o Hays at Pittsburg 54-0. A Fort Hays squad, weakened by flu and in|ury. lost, in the closing minutes to St. Benedicts - Northwestern Oklahoma State was the next victim by a 21-14 margin, In the final contest of the season a game that was post- poned earlier, the Ichabods of Washburn proved no match for the men of coach McConnell, losing 19-16. FORT HAYS STATE COLLEGE FOOTBALL STATISTICS touch- extra field total downs points goats safeties pornts Fort Hays 24 16 0 2 164 opponents 29 18 2 0 1 98 fumbles punting yards no. retov. no. ave. penalized 26 1 1 48 31.7 362 25 9 33 334 408 133 LESTER HERR WAN Backfield PAT SHIPMAN Center CHUCK VERNON Backfield LEROY BRUNGARDT Tackle i CLYDE POP PE 34.5 Guard 6 q 5 FORT HAYS O KEARNEY NEBRASKA 27 First Downs 9 Net Yards Rushing 240 Attempted Passes 20 Completed Passes . 8 Net Yards Passing 85 Number of Punts .... 5 Punting Average .... 35 Yards Penalized 70 Number of Fumbles 2 FORT HAYS 40 NORTHWEST MISSOURI 27 First Downs 1 3 Net Yards Rushing 137 Attempted Passes 1 8 Completed Passes 1 1 Net Yards Passing 120 Number of Punts - ..... 5 Punting Average . 33.5 Yards Penalized 27 Number of Fumbles 3 Mr. Paul " Busch " Gross sees Ron Miller receive the " Busch Gross Award " as the outstanding athlete, from Arthur J r Leas, Alumni President. 134 DALE WILLIAMS End DAN JOHNSON Tackle GALEN HISEY Center 4 50 6 1 12 9 32 35 4 1 1 207 5 0 0 6 30 10 3 FORT HAYS 0 PITTSBURG STATE 54 First Downs . Net Yards Rushing Attempted Passes Completed Passes Net Yards Passing Number of Punts Punting Average Yards Penalized ... Number of Fumbles FORT HAYS 24 ST, BENEDICT ' S 38 First Downs Net Yards Rushing Attempted Passes Completed Passes — — Net Yards Passing Number of Punts — Punting Average Yards Penalized Number of Fumbles ... 19 377 3 2 49 2 31 30 2 15 368 5 56 56 2 22 93 3 FORT HAYS 21 NORTHWESTERN OKLAHOMA 14 9 272 1 1 1 1 8 33 75 3 17 226 17 4 48 2 17 35 1 First Downs Net Yards Rushing Attempted Passes Completed Passes Net Yards Passing Number of Punts Punting Average Yards Penalized Number of Fumbles 7 75 12 3 100 6 42 40 1 FORT HAYS 19 WASHBURN UNIVERSITY 16 First Downs Net Yards Rushing Attempted Passes Completed Passes Net Yards Passing Number of Punts Punting Average Yards Penalized Number of Fumbles 1 1 216 7 2 19 4 24 50 4 JIM, WEBSTER End JIM HOOTEN Baekfield MERL ALTMAN Guard RON LEONARD Backfield DARRELL HILDEBRAND Backfield AUGUST BROCK Batkfietd BILL BECHARD Backfield NEIL DREILING Tackle FORT HAYS 20 COLORADO COLLEGE 22 9 First Downs - .. . 11 163 Net Yards Rushing 188 5 Attempted Passes 11 1 Completed Passes 4 14 Net Yards Passing ... 74 7 Number of Punts 4 34 Punting Average 41 24 Yards Penalized 11 6 Number of Fumbles , . 3 FORT HAY 40 SOUTHWESTERN 0 13 First Downs 6 386 Net Yards Rushing 112 5 Attempted Passes 17 1 Completed Passes — 8 24 Net Yards Passing 67 5 Number of Punts 6 31 Punting Average 30 105 Yards Penalized 65 1 Number of Fumbles 7 JIM MASK A Backfield DENNIS STEGMAM Guard GAIL THILLE Guard DON FRALEY End DICK KNIGHT Backfield BASKETBALL 138 Fort Hays „„ Southwestern Fort Hays St. Benedict ' s Fort Hays Washburn Fort Hays St. Benedict ' s Fort Hays Pittsburg Fort Hays Washburn Fort Hays Pittsburg Fort Hays Southwestern Acting head basketball coach, Wayne McConnell, head coach Cade Suran, and $th etic director " Busch " Gross discuss future basketball prospects at Fort Hays. After piloting the Tigers through the first two games of the 1 957-58 season, illness forced coach Cade Suran to turn over the reins of the Fort Hays cagers to head football coach, Wayne McConnell . Mr. McConnell guided the Fort Hays five through the remaining 17 game schedule against such midwestern cage powers as: St. Benedict ' s and Emporia State College. Suran will return as active basketball coach for the 1958- 59 season. Up to the present time, the teams of coach Cade Suran, have won 164 of the 259 games played for a credit- able percentage of nearly 70%, His Tiger team of 1950 won the C.LC. and last season Gary Ran- ter was awarded the C.LC. scor- ing crown and was named to the all-conference team. VARSITY front row.- Head coach, Wayne J. McConnell, G. Casey, B. Ehlers, L Daugherty, D, Bigham, A. Jeffus, coach Cade Suran, Back row P. Palmer, D. Hough, S. Temaat, D. Getty, L. Voth, D. Fraley, J. O ' Leary, D. Holloway, D. Popp. 140 SUMMARY OF THE SEASON Fort Hays State Tigers were off to a slow start In the 1957-58 campaign. They dropped their first two games to Southwestern College, 76-61, and North Dakota University, 61-68. . . , The Tigers roared back to sweep a two-game road trip defeating Colorado ■ College, 50-48, and Colorado State College, 78-72. The Hays five then swamped a powerful Phillips University squad, 99-65, before an enthusiastic crowd in the Coliseum. Southwestern Oklahoma was the next Fort Hays foe falling 72-66. The winning streak c ontinued to gain momentum with wins over Colorado State College, 71-62, and a smashing 75-68 victory over the Emporia State Hornets. Omaha University snapped a four-game winning streak with a 61-62 upsei Injury took its toll of the valiant Bengal s as they dropped two games to St. Benedict ' s College and two more of Pittsburg State College. Washburn Uni- versity squeezed by the Hays crew, 77-73 and 75-69, in two closely contested games. Emporia State College gained revenge for the earlier defeat with a 65- 76 Thf°men of Coach McConnell proved themselves a fast starting ball club as they were almost always on top at half time, but with a lack of experience and depth they faded in the closing minutes Southwestern College administered the final defeat of the 1957-58 season, 76-65, to leave the Tigers in last place in the Conference. 141 RAY EATON Forwa rd GARY CASEY Forward DOUG HOLLOWAY Guard DON BIGHAM Forwa rd 142 LARRY DAUGHERTY Center JOHN O ' LEARY Forward BILL EHLERS Forward SCORE BOARD Dec. 5— Southwestern Oklahoma . 76 FHS .. .. 61 1 n -Kfnrth D k ntfl Uni ve rsitv 68 FHS 61 | IJ — IXUIIGI hJ l ! • V 1 w 1 Jf 1 3— Colorado College — — — 48 FHS 50 1 A r fllnfarln 72 FHS 78 19— Phillips University , ..65 FHS 99 ALLEN JEFFUS Guard PAUL PALMER Guard FORT HAYS STATE COLLEGE TOURNAMENT Dec, 30— Eastern New Mexico 31— Southwestern College Jan. 7 -Colorado State College IT— Emporia State College 1 4— Omaha University 1 7— St. Benedict ' s College 25— Washburn University Feb. 1 —St, Benedict ' s College 7 —Southwestern College 3 —Pittsburg State .... — ... 1 5— Washburn University . 22— Pittsburg State 25— Emporia State Mar. 1 —Southwestern College — 73 FHS . 67 66 PHS 72 67 FHS 71 68 FHS 75 62 FHS 61 .52 FHS 35 ...77 FHS 73 67 FHS.. —58 90 FHS .... -65 ...79 FHS 67 75 FHS 59 77 FHS 62 76 FHS — 65 67 FHS 61 DALE GETTY Center C.I.C Final Standings W St. Benedict ' s — - - - Emporia State — — — Washburn University — — - 6 Pittsburg State — - 4 Southwestern College - — — Fort Hays State — - L 2 3 4 6 6 9 SYLVESTER T EM A AT Center Paul " Busch " Gross, director of athletics at Fort Hays State, joined the faculty as head bas- ketball coach and co-director of athletics in 1930. He became director of ath- letics in 1935 and remained as head basketball coach until 1946 when he turned the team over to Cade Suran in order to devote full time as director of athletics. In 1957 Gross was awarded the Helms Foundation award for " Noteworthy work in N.A.I.A. basketball " . In his honor, the " Busch Gross award " is given each year to the " outstanding athlete " at Fort Hays State College. JUNIOR VARSITY Front row: D. Dibble, G. Lindsey, C. Reece, R. Temple, B. Jewell, P. Palmer C Flinn, j, Hudson, R. Soeken. Sitting; L. Wingate, D. Popp, G. Wilkens, J Reed. Jr., varsity coach J. Baker, G. DeVore, G. Squire, L. Wickizer. [44 STATISTICS Player Points per game Total points Field goals Casey .... — 1 5.9 302 108 Bigharn 1 0.3 195 76 Ehlers 13.3 240 80 Getty . — 5,6 69 27 Temaat — _.._2,1 34 10 Holloway — 3,5 66 25 Jeffus ....31 50 21 Daugherty . 3.7 57 19 .3.6 36 13 3.6 25 10 Others — — 2.3 113 38 Fort Hays Totals - 65,1 1237 432 Opponents ' Total . 69.4 1318 456 Free throws 37 43 83 35 16 20 10 20 10 5 37 372 403 Fouls Rebounds 64 109 39 109 58 79 55 84 22 23 38 42 16 17 33 42 27 16 23 36 48 74 434 629 411 655 SfSKySM - _ IKi W © i§i V 1 Cheerleaders animate Tiger Spirit. FRED CHRISTIAN JUSTINE BEATTY KAY TUCKER heed cheerleader DONNA KNOWLES TIGER FIGHT SONG Go, you Hays Tigers , Break right through that line. With our colors flying , We will cheer you all the time. Rah! Rah! Rah! Go , you Hays Tigers Fight for victory , Spread far the fame of our fair name. Go, Hays Tigers, win this game I 146 LAVONNE BRIDGES rn Left fo right; H. Morris; ' B. AAcVlcker, B. Dunlap, B. Bechard, J. Nieman r C. Stice. CROSS COUNTRY Coach Alex Francis and the eight cross- country runners were a credit to Fort Hays State in their second season in varsity com- pitition, placing second at the Oklahoma State University competition and defeating Nebraska State Teachers College, 21-34 in a dual meet. Among the four re- turning lettermen was senior speedster, Bill Dunlap. Dunlap, one of the finest runners ever to attend Fort Hays State, placed second in the Oklahoma meet, third place in the N.A.l.A. meet at Omaha, and won top honors against Kearney, Ne- braska, and the C.I.C. conference race held at Hays. 147 TRACK The 1958 Tiger track squad returned 21 lettermen to action, as head coach Alex Francis began his 12th season with the track men. In those 12 years his teams have never lost a dual meet or placed lower than second in the C.I.C conference. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 1957 TRACK SEASON ere nee champions.- Scoring 851 2 points, the Tigers won the C.I.C conference. Tdahoma State Re ays: Bill Teegerstrom placed first in the javelin event. ' ■ ' a : inattan nvitatfona ; The Fort Hays Tigers placed 4th behind Missouri University, Kansas State and Okla- homa University, N.A.I.A.: Trackman Bill Dunlap placed second in the two-mile run, setting a new school record of 9:21.7, 1958 TRACK SCHEDULE Mar, Apr. May June 15— Colorado Indoor Meet Boulder 22— Kansas State Manhattan 23— Oklahoma State Stillwater 28— Texas Relays Austin 29 1— N, W. Oklahoma Relays Hays 12— Emporia Relays Emporia 18— Kansas University Relays Lawrence 19 22 — Nebraska State Relays Hays 26— Colorado Relays Boulder 1— Wichita University Relays Wichita 9— C l. A C. Meet Pittsbu rg TO 24-Mo. Valley, A.A.U. Kansas City 6-N.A.I.A, Meet San Diego 148 Letterman Dan Johnson makes good use of one of the many new training devices instituted by Coach Francis. One of the strongest places in the 1958 Tiger track squad was the javelin team, built around Lettermen: D. Hildebrand, B, Teegerstrom, and R. Wilson. Letterman J, Ma ska C.LC. discus champion Letterman B. Teegerstrom C.LC, javelin champion Letterman G. Maska C.LC. polevaulting champion 149 As the winter sports end the spring sports take over. Here, Coach Francis issues equipment to: D. Getty, D. Bigham, and D. Popp. Almost all Fort Hays highjumpers and broadjumpers were new to the team this year. L. Wingate, J. Hudson, L. Carter, and J . Nutt. Representing Fort Hays in the distance events were: R. Fatten, 0. Williams, and H. Morris. 150 Carrying the Black and Gold in the high and low hurdles were: J. Maska, M. Sidlow, and D. Schultz, Adding strength to the field events were: pole vault- era; B, Wilson, Lettermen O. Haase, G. Maska, a nd R. Soeken. Carrying the Fort Hays colors in the middle distance events were: B. Semples, J. Niemen, B. McVicker, B. Bechard, and L, Stevenson. The dash men of the 1958 Tiger track squad included: B. Berry, G, Sneed, D. Morrissey, M, Moore, T. Young, and P. Unruh, ■e, the middle-distance runners of the Fort Hays Track team work out, rounding a turn, each one striving for perfection J form. 151 Assistant football coach, Ed McNeil, as- sumed the coaching duties of the Fort Hays State gymnastics team and pilot- ed them through seven regular meets and the All-College meet held in Lincoln. This season the flying rings were added to complete the gymnastic equipment. Outstanding returning lettermen and all- around gymnasts were Gerald Fahey and Eldon Giflispie. Among the strong opponents faced by the Tiger gymnasts were Kansas State and Kansas Univer- sity, Front rcw: H, Snide r, G. Wa singer, B. Gilbert, : D. Barton, J. McEwen, H, Wasinger, E Gillispie, C. Fahey, GYMNASTICS SCHEDULE 152 Dec, 10— Kansas St,-N. W. Oklahoma Hays 1 9— Kansas University Hays Feb. 1— Nebraska University Lincoln 7— N. W, Oklahoma Alva 14 — Denver University Denver 1 5— Colorado St., Colorado University Boulder Mar. 1— Kansas St., Nebraska University Manhattan 7-8— National All-College Invitational Tournament Lincoln Front row: V. Burling, D. Gorton, AA. G t e r s c h, B. George, R. Giddings, L, Kepferle. Back row: Coach L Harper, A. Bieber, B. Kel- logg, E. Wright, E. Johnson, Asst. Coach H. Catlin. SWIMMING Dr. Lee Harper took over the coaching duties of the Fort Hays Swim- ming team for the 1958 swimming season. Although the Tiger swimmers were small in numbers, the members were able to compete in several events. The team competed in eleven regular meets, two more than last season and against such colleges as: University of Ne- braska, University of Colorado, and Kansas State College. SCHEDULE Dec. 1 4— Missouri Mines Hays 1 9— Nebraska University Hays Jan. 25— Emporia State College Hays 30— Kansas State College Hays Feb. 1— St. Benedict ' s Hays 7— Kansas State College Manhattan 8— Pittsburg Pittsburg 1 4— Colorado State College Greeley 15— Colorado University Boulder 22— Pittsburg Hays 25— Emporia State College Emporia Mar. 6-7-8-CI.A.C Meet Pittsburg 153 Left to fight: C Velharticky, 0. Hamel, B. Ptckenpeugh, L, Wieck, B, Kratzer, D, Chap- man, L Leak, R. Mayer. WRESTLING In only its second year as a varsity sport at Fort Hays, wrestling gains popularity with each match, Don Shaw, former Fort Hays grappler, acted as head coach in the absence of Fred Reith, who led last years wrestlers to a highly successful season. The Tiger matmen competed in 1 1 regular matches against such outstanding teams as: Kansas State, Kansas University, Colorado University, and the Air Force Academy, Coach Don Shaw briefs three of his lettermen: Weick, Hamel, and Velharticky before a match. SCHEDULE Dec. 6 —Omaha University Hays 14— Kansas State Manhattan Jan, 1 3— Kansas State Hays 24— W. State College Gunnison 25— Camp Carson Colo. Springs 31— Denver University Denver Feb. 1 —Air Force Academy Lowery Field 6 —Colorado University Hays 21— Wm, Jewell College Liberty, Mo, Mar. 1 —Colorado Mines Hays 8 —Nebraska University Hays f 54 H. Perkins, M, Fran- cis, E. Schwartzkopf, and head coach Cade Suren stand before the indoor practice net. GOLF The Fort Hays State golf team of 1957 was victorious over Emporia State Teachers College, Nebraska State Teachers College and Kansas Wesleyan University, The Tigers placed fourth in a conference meet held at Emporia, while letterman Bob Brown placed third in individual competition. The 1958 squad returned only two lettermen, but newcomers C. Crum, P. Palmer, J, Grecian, and E. Schwartzkopf will also bolster the squad. Matches are scheduled with Southwestern College, Kearney, Nebraska Teachers College, McPherson College and Emporia State Teachers College. HAROLD PERKINS EDWARD SCHWARTZKOPF MIKE FRANCIS 155 Reaching high for an ace is C. Mid- delkauff . TENNIS Fort Hays State tennis coach Cade Suran built a powerful Tiger squad around five lettermen to field a team that was well rounded and prepared them for a tough schedule against such teams as: Wichita University, Emporia State Teachers College and Kansas Wesleyan University, The returning tennis letrermen include, left to right: R. Walker, L Knoll, J. McFarland, L. Deines and C. Middlekauff. 156 lelterman B, Mills smashes one across the net. MEN’S INTRAMURALS The Vikings Independent Basketball Champions All-School Champions Men ' s Intramurals, offering thirteen individual and team sports, were open to all male students at Fort Hays State, The purpose of the Intramural athletic program is to promote good sportsmanship and physical fitness. Competition was divided into independent and organized leagues with the winners of each league competing for the school champion- ship, Over 900 men participated in the 1958 Intramural ath- letic program. Delta Sigma Phi, Organization Basketball Champions. The Slobs, Winners of an Independent League. B. McVicker, Intramural Manager; B. Young, President In- tramural Council; end B. Samples, assis tant Intramural Man- ager look over the Intramural schedule. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Swimming Champions B. Oldach, G. Maska r H. Leiker. Tau Kappa Organization plans. Epsilon, Reserve League Cham- 157 158 Kappa Sigma Kappa, Organization Champions, Touch Football. Delta Sigma Phi, Table Tennis Champions, L Herman and C. 0 F Hair. 159 Officials Cfub-Back row: M. Gales, L, Peterson, G. Hester, S Kinyon, J, Dei ter. J. AAeier, M, Somers, K, Bell. Front row.- R. Ashcraft, S, Robbins, K. Brandau, I- Miller, H. Kipple, H. Estes and L. Stewart. WOMEN’S INTRAMURALS The women ' s intramural program offers a well-rounded athletic program for all women students at Fort Hays. Medals and trophies were presented to the winners of each of the 14 individual and team sports. The women ' s intramural athletic program provided a source of recreation and helped to promote a wider interest in athletics for more than two hundred women during the 1957-58 year. Women ' s Jnframura Council representatives— Back row : B, VanSkiver, G. Suter, P. Swords, J. Lewis, C. Sebastian, C. Wilson, K. Laizure, M. Harper, K. Brandau, R, Sevy. Front row: S. Robbins. L. Stewart, W. Eaton, S. Kinyon, L. Banks, J. AAeier, S. Mog, J. Heald and W. Stewart. Agnew Hal! tennis doubles champions, B. AAantz and W r Norton. Custer Hail bowling singles champion G. Suter, Custer Hall 4 bowling doubles champion G. Fink and Norma Browning. Agnew Hall tennis singles champion, S. Kinyon. 160 Representing archery competition is R. Ashcraft. Agnew Hall speed swimming champion M. Gales. Custer Hall, 4 speedway champions. One of the comparatively new recreation activities in the intramural program was the square dance. Sigma Sigma Sigma form championship, K„ Brookhart. 161 Shuffleboerd doubles representatives, E. Hildebrand, C. Oelke of Cus- ter Hall. Theta Sigma Upsilon representing table tennis singles, J. Trible. Sigma Sigma Sigma representing table tennis doubles, M. Schaben and D. Knowles. 162 Intramural golf singles re- presentative, C. Sebastian. Agnew Hal! badminton singles champion P. Swords. One of the spring sports, softball, is represented by this group, limbering up for the coming season. Custer Hall 3, intramural volleyball champions presenting intramural golf doubles are two coeds, practicing for the ■amural tournament. Independent badminton doubles champions M. Somers and W. Stewart. 163 164 ROYALTY 6b 166 ATTENDANTS Suzanne Miller Kay Tucker 168 PRINCESSES RAMONA MILLER sponsored by Regis Club CAROLYN OILER sponsored by Veteran ' s Club 169 REVEILLE MARLA KAY O ' HALLORAN sponsored by Delta Sigma Phi DOROTHY NUSS sponsored by Kappa Sigma Kappa ATTENDANTS RONNIE COOK Sponsored by Phi Sigma Epsilon MARILYN BEHNKE sponsored by Men ' s Residence Hall 171 SWEETHEART KING DON FRALEY sponsored by Phi Sigma Epsilon 174 GREEKS 175 Seated; 5. Drees, P. Gibson, V. Moyer, K. Brookharf, J T fible. Second row P. diumacher, S. Ligon, M. Feist R. Basgall, E. Fross, S, Danielson, J. Schmidtberger, C. Eaton. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Co-ordination between Greek fraternities is the purpose of the interfraternity Council Members of the Council are rep- resentatives from each social fraternity. The Council provides a service to the school by regulating and co-ordinating use- ful projects between the social fraternities. Scholarship is pro- moted by awarding, each spring, a trophy to the fraternity with the highest grade average, Pat O ' Brien served as presi- dent of the Council this year. 176 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Panhellenic Council seeks to promote unification among social sororities. Representatives from each sorority compose the Council. Each semester Panhellenic Council awards, as an incentive to better grades, a scholarship shield to the sorority with the highest, percentage-wise, grade point. In conjunc- tion with I.F.C., the Council also sponsors the All-Greek sing, at which trophies are given for the best Greek musical ren- ditions. Serving as president this year was Rita Basgall. Seated: D. Gorton., R, Hilmes, P- O ' Brien, W. Siek, A. Ford, G. Cooper, Second row: D. Fairchild, D. Wan- ker, D. Koch, l, Werner, J. Feiden, J. Habiger, R. Bur- nett, sponsor. 177 saw the Alphas move to their new house at the corner of 7th and Fort. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Tau Tau Chapter Local Establishment, 1928 1 7 Members National Founding, 1903 President VELD A MOYER Vfce President PAULA SCHUMACHER Secretary MARJORIE THYFAUIT Treasurer KAY NORMAN Sponsor . MRS. LILBURN HORTON Formal dress, flowers and a swing band proved a hit at the Winter Wonderland, 178 Paula Schumacher Marjorie Thyfault Karen Weber Geraldine Wilhelm 179 DELTA ZETA Since the Delta Zetas moved to 416 W. 8th in 1955, this house has witnessed numerous pinnings, chocolate feasts, and hour dances. Rho Chapter Local Establishment, 1925 39 Members National Founding, 1914 President — PEG GIBSON Vice-President MARILYN STREMEl Sec retar ...... BARBARA FELLERS Treasurer .JODY KEPHART Sponsor MRS. JOEL MOSS Get off your high-horse, Don, they ' re branding the critter alive. 180 Nancy Adams DeAnne Aldrich Charlotte Baker Dixie Brown Norma Browning Karen Corn Sonja Danielson Mary Desbien Ann Estes Barbara Fellers Nancy Fink Peggy Gibson Alma Goetz Verdi a Goetz Shirley Hambiet Helen Medill, housemother Bonnie Harbaugh Carolyn Kephart Karen Lofstead Dorothy Merz Dianne Miller Connie Nelson Vina Nickels Lanara Ostrander Kayla Price Donna Russell Connie Sebastian Alice Stahn Carol Stremel Marilyn Stremel Sharon Truan Geo Woydziak National headquarters send their representatives to welcome the new chapter of Pi Kappa Sigma, pi KAPPA SIGMA Alpha AAu Chapter Local Establishment, 1956 24 Members National Founding, 1894 President SYLVIA DREES Vice-President - JEAN CROMWELL Secretary ELDRED JEWETT Treasurer MARIAN HOLLINGSHEAD Sponsor MRS. ROBERT SPANGLER Everyone was happy and thrilled the week-end the Alpha Mu club became Pi Kappa Sigma, 182 Sandra Boos Karen Brugge man Carol Brungardt Margaret Burditt Vera Chase Jean Cromwell Barbara Daniels Sylvia Drees Ellen Duff Joan Fink Bobby Hecox Emmalene Hermreck Mrs, Robert Spangler sponsor Marian Hollingshead Elaine Howard Eldred Jewett Charlcie Johnson Sharon Ligon Roberta Lucas Beverly Mantz Ann Mickey Sheri Mlllsap Pat Neill Gwen Rowe Katherine Smith Wanda Stewart SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA The girls at 417 W. 8th are living on the corner watching all the guys go by. Alpha Gamma Chapter Local Establishment, 1925 40 Members National Founding, 1898 President KARLYNN BROOKHART Vice-President PEGGY SNOOK Secretary MYRNA FEIST Treasurer MARY MOTZNER Sponsor MISS ALICE BEESLEY Third class passengers always push at the Flapper Fling. 184 Lynette Barrett Rita Basgall Marlene Bender LaVonne Bridges Karlynn Brookhart Celeste Butner Elaine Christian Donna Debes Myrna Feist Janice Fletcher Pat Gross Martalene Harper Sidney Harper Jeanette Hubbard Meredith Ihrig Kay ImMasche Deanna Johnson Sylvia Kaiser Kay Ann Kaufman Donna Knowles Ruth Koelling Sandra Leazure Margaret Lee Clarene Leonard Suzanne Miller Jean Morrow Mary Motzner Barbara Nelson Beverly Powers Marlene Schaben Janice Schmidtberger DeLois Sistrunk Peggy Snook Constance Spomer Leann Strom Linda Swayze Awyn Trexler Carolyn Wanker Carol Whisler Christine Wickizer 185 r las moved Into their present location at 409 W. Bth in 1951 after the flood. THETA SIGMA UPSILON Mu Chapter Local Establishment, 1928 34 Members National Founding, 1921 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor _ JANE TRIBLE . DONNA DYATT MARGARET ANDERSON MARLENE CAUSEY MRS, RALPH CODER The Thetas enjoy themselves at the Pink Fantasy informal. 136 C here I Ballard Peggy Bell V ary Bowen Marlene Causey Elizabeth Coffin Terry Deal Marilyn Dreher Barbara Dyatt Donna Dyatt Connie Eaton Glenda Fox Mary Kay Goetz Glenda Heany Judy Hegwer Donna Heinze Gwen Jefferies Mrs. Sue Davidson, housemother Judy Lewis Carolyn Lockman Deanna Loc ' kman Marilyn McCartney Wanda Mease Ruth Miller Marla O ' Halloran Gay Faustian Darlene Rolph Vickie Richards Bonnie Ridgwey Bonnie Rogers Grace Stabb Laura Thompson Jane Trlble Kay Tucker 1 87 Since 1955 the house at 429 W. 11th has served as a home away from home for Delta Sigs, DELTA SIGMA PHI Gamma Omicron Chapter President JERRY anderson Local Establishment, 1953 Vice-President MERLIN ELY Secretary JAMES ALDERMAN: 39 Members Tourer GARY POORE National Founding, 1899 Sponsors _ C. R. CAIN PAUL FR1ESNER Early Americans at the Sailor ' s Ball. f SB Jerry Anderson Keith Beckwith Kenneth Coddington Merlin Ely Harold Engel Jim Habiger Bob Herron Craig Hubert Julian AAcEwen Mrs. V. Samples housemother Howard Riedel Warren Siek Byron Starr Richard Wolf Robert Young I B9 KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA 7 vv. 7th has been the address for alt letters, packages and books since 1946. Phi Delta Chapter Local Establishment, 1946 45 Members National Founding, 1867 President „ MILFORD MESSER Vice-President . ROBERT ZEIGLER Secretary IVAN WERNER Treasurer ROBERT SCHEUERMAN Sponsors DON STOUT ROBERT MARPLE Whatever they ' re looking at, it must be good. This is a scene from the Suppressed Desire party. 190 Phillip Altman August Brock Gene Davis Roger Dunning Les Ensign Jack Feiden Aaron Feist Tom Gilmore Doug Holloway Terry Hopkins Rodney Hutton Donald Herzmar, Robert AAarple, sponsor Leo Oliva Darrell Schaffer Roland Telle Ralph Walker Ivan Werner Richard Yeargan Robert Ziegler Wilfred Ziegler PEGIS CLUB !t could be a Seven-Up ad but it ' s really a frat party. Local Colony of Sigma Phi Epsilon 48 Members National Founding, 1901 President LARRY BRGOKHART Vice-President .ELVIN FABRIZIUS Secretary JIM STAPLES Treasurer LA VERN STENZEL Sponsors DR. JOHN MARTIN DR. PAUL GRABER " And the greatest part is, we have all the tests on file. " 192 Don Rider Gene Roberson Walter Slipke Charles Staples John Staples LaVern Stenzel Ronald Trossell Sheldon WomochU 193 1953 this house at 207 W r 7th has been headquarters for many a Phi Sig " shindig ' PHI SIGMA EPSILON Zeta Chapter Local Establishment, 1931 60 Members National Founding, 1910 President ART THOMAS Vice-President PAT O ' BRIEN Secretary FRANK THOMAS Treasurer IOHN O ' BRIEN Sponsors WILLIAM KELLER JOHN THORNS " What ' s all the gab about frat costs— where ' s the girls? " I ?4 Wayne Bechard Jack Byler Don Finney Don Fraley [95 SIGMA TAU GAMMA •Vi of 1955 watched the one-block exodus of the Sig Taus to their present ho , ' se at 13 W. 5th. Eta Chapter Local Establishment, 1926 31 Members National Founding, 1924 President Vke-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsors DON GORTON ..... RALPH HUMES ...GERALD COOPER JOE STAAB ..MARK CAMPBELL JACK HEATHER Either the photographer was early, or this Sig Tau " smoker " was the all-filter type— Where ' s the smoke, fellas? 196 Robert Churchill Jeral Cooper Robert Downing Herbert Hag man Albert Herren Ralph Hilmes Lowell Lee Charles AAueldener Norman O ' Neill Bob Piokerill Richard Smith Wesley Zavodsky 197 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Since 1955 the sign at 406 W. 8th has announced to passers-by the home of the Tekes. Alpha Upsilon Chapter President DEAN FAIRCHILD Local Establishment, 1942 -President dean hamel Secretary HAROLD SMITH 73 Members Treasurer BILL WEIS National Founding, 1 899 Sponsor .....PAUL GRIFFITH Horseplay h always a part of fraternity life. i oo John Beougher Jerry Bowman Preston Brown Paul Burmeister Don Chapman Robert Clasen Norman Eaton Daniel Erbert Richard Erickson Dean Fairchild Ronald Fiel Ben Frevert Robert Gibler Robert Gilbert Dean Hamel Thomas Hamel Gary Hanna Norman Hi! lis Theodore Hutehcraft Loren Janzen Russell Johnson Ronald Jones David Keller Tom Kummer Boyd Limes Darrell Luthi Rex Mayer Kerry McQueen Michael Money Richard Moore Albert Moser Merlin Olson William Pickenpaugh Lynn Pitman Richard Pettibone Larry Scott Don Sites Harold Smith Edwin Stark Leonard Thompson Irvin Vinzant Darrell Wanker Gerald Wanker William Weis Jerry Westbrook Jack Wright 199 200 PROGRESSION OF THE YEAR 201 Summer heat begins to break , . . black and gold beanies dot the campus for the start of another college year. The dorms are infested with room-seeking students . . . Hopeful politicians fling handbills in hopes of getting " that one last vote " , + After enrollment, students settle into the routine of classes . , . It ' s fall . , . Fort Hays State. F , 1 f i L j 1 I j— If " Square your beanie, freshman, " upperclassmen; Dick Fisher, Stan Kobler and Glen Wilkens, admonish Marla O r Halloran. Ralph Moon sighed as he signed his name for the 39th time. Result: out of ] 900 x-rays taken, not a single active case was found. Opening the social calendar for the entire student body at Fort Hays State is a " Hello 1 dance. Chatting over a plate of food with a faculty member at the student-faculty picnic, a Fort Hays Stater realizes that he is a " Real College Man " , not just enrollee number 999. ELjT § wr f- Til 1 The confusion of enrollment is over . . . the Social Building begins to over- flow with the usual population „ . . Some new faces appear through the smoke and pitch players . . . old friend- ships are renewed . . . Pep rallies set the pace for football . . . Fall has come to the Fort Hays State campus. Dancing dreamily to " Laura " Fort Hays Staters end an eventful first week with a Tiger Hop. 204 The All-Greek Formal opens the social sea- son for more than 400 sorority and fraternity members as they dance to the music of Dave Emery and the Starlighters An autumn theme was adopted by Pan- hellenic Council and the Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil who sponsored the formal on September 28. 205 PARENTS DAY Parents Day is a big event as students escort their fam- ilies around the campus. After being welcomed to the campus by President Cun- ningham at a short program, a parade of 36 high school bands opens the festivities. The climax of the day is reached at the football game with Southwest Oklahoma, where parents and high school bands are guests of the college. Bill Weis welcomes his parents to Fort Hays State. The talents of Raymond Massey, Agnes AAoorehead, and Martin Gabel bring alive the historical Lincoln— Doug- las debates in the Paul Greg- ory production, " The Rival- ry, " an original drama by Norman Corwin. " May I have your autograph. Miss Moorehead? " 206 MEDEA Phil Weber as " ' Jason ' 1 and Charlene Goetz as " Medea " in the lead roles of " Medea. " The Pic ken Players on November 11 and 12 present a modern adap- tation of an ancient Greek tragedy ' ' Medea " which is considered one of the great plays of all ages. The entire cast of " Medea " includes M. Bender, C. Baker.. N Hous- holder, B. Craine, E. Craine, P. Weber, C. Goetz, G. Pausiian, S Ligon. E. Jewett, and J. Trible. 207 ■ira HOMECOMING dUddlt HUPP 2 4 _ HoccmiNG wmw ' G 5HERLA BIZEK-HOMECDWING QUEE IkU r " Honeycomb " Fort Hays can " Can Can " . !t is the eleventh hour, and everyone is rushing to finish floats and house decora- tions. Much sleep is lost, and spirits are gay as preparation for Homecoming pro- gresses. Alumni plan eagerly to return to their alma mater for the big event. Plans are being completed for a fun-filled week- end when " flash " , the news hits the campus! The Home- coming festivities, barbecue, parade, and football game are cancelled. Residence Hall and Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority display their floats and house dec- orations which were completed before Homecoming was cancelled. 208 Welcome Back, Alumni ill 111 L LliLLUUL Lliti LI t!L» Pin 1AISP4 Ti« CO ' U ' 1 " T » rttllUBA lHWcorrt , Alumni And Friends Homecoming Opens Tomorrow; Activities Continue Saturday • K«J]«iUh rw -! 1 prvf.«in»n-H feu Pamplona C.hoir To Appear Here H BIW(- | Bfl fm Hi ff hr d i v .a UQMECDMINl fun not FRIDPy OUT 25 30-11 DD pm V Welcome , The " flu bug " reigns as the real queen of the 1957 Homecoming, and " flu bugs aren ' t especially fitted for the role of queen. Communication channels are set up to notify alumni, friends, and parents of the cancellation. Nevertheless, many students and alumni attend the dance planned for the Homecoming that wasn ' t. 209 Homecoming nominees, Pat Neill, Norma Boyd, Roberta Rupp,. LaVon Wilson, Mary Motzner, and Peg Gibson, pose for the photographer. At the dance, the only Homecoming ac- tivity not cancelled, Sherla Bizek reigns as queen attended by Kay Tucker and Su- zanne Miller. Homecoming roy- alty Is chosen by the vote of the student body. Candidates nominated by peti- tion also included Pat Neill, Norma Boyd, Roberta Rupp, LaVon Wilson, Mary Motzner and Peg Gibson, The Bobby Mills band provides the sweet and mellow for the Homecoming da nee . 210 Dean McCartney crowns Sherla Bizek, Queen of the Homecoming that wasn ' t, as prin cesses Suzanne Miller and Kay Tucker look on. Princesses Suzanne Miller and Kay Tucker smile prettily for the photographer. Stars of " Oklahoma ' C Bowman, N. Fink, R. Rofhenberger, M. Bowman, J. Stafford and J. Haney, greet us from the surrey. The Broadway musical " Oklahoma " is presented November 21 and 22 by the Choir under direction of Donald Stout, as- sistant professor of music " Who me— marry Ado Annie? " , Jerry Koeppen, " Ali Hakim ' says to Monte Seibei, " Andrew Kearns ' while Nancy Fink, " Ado Annie " , looks on. Jeanette Goransson, Mary Ellen Clark, Donna Heinze, Sidney Harper, Judy Lewis and Nelmarie Epperley in a dance routine. 212 OKLAHOMA Chuck Bowman, ' " Will Parker ' greets Nancy Fink, Ado Annie " with an Oklahoma Hello ' " Laurie ' Marilyn Bowman, shows " Will Parker ' Chuck Bowman, the bottle of " Elixir of Egypt " she bought from the peddler, All Hakim. " The Farmer and the Cowhand Should Be Friends ' " Many a New Day " 213 WINTER The windows of Agnew Half are transformed with compliments of the Department of Art, This is a switch, the photographers get their picture taken. 214 Football hits with full force . . . Coats and jackets come out of mothballs . . . Trees on campus lose their dress of brown and gold . , . A cup of hot coffee at the Social Building becomes even more important as we avoid wind and cold . . . It ' s cold out . . . It ' s winter. Those who frequent Custer Hall are greeted by these joyous Christmas scenes. One of the highlights of the Reveille Ball Is the grand march. A festive air prevails in the Social Building. Up on the rooftop the Brass Choir harmonizes for the Christmas season. 215 ■ e Honorable George Docking, governor of the state of Kansas, crowns mice Westerman Queen of the Reveille Ball. Master of Ceremonies Harold Stones reads the letter announc- ing Mr, Whitcomb ' s choice of Reveille royalty before Governor Docking invests Janice Wester- man with the royal crown. Miss Westerman Is presented a lavish bouquet of American Beauty roses and a trophy topped with the winged victory. The queen ' s two princesses, Carolyn Oiler and Ramona Miller, also receive trophies. Smiling graciously. Queen Janice accepts her pres- entation bouquet from Diedra Burandt, Reveille Edi- tor, as Deanna Lockman looks on. Revealed for the first time to the student body, the 1 95 B Reveille cover is spotlighted on the stage. Princesses Carolyn Oiler and Ramona Miller receive their trophies from Deanna Lockman, assistant editor. 6 REVEILLE BALL Pageantry surrounds “Queen Janice ' 1 ' . . . the big- gest thrill of all . . Reveille Queen . - and the night belongs to her . . . she is swept through the dance and the coronation before she has time to realize what has happened . . , It is a once in a life- time affair for the college coed . . , and things are planned so she won ' t soon forget. The Teen Timers featured by Dave Emery and his band create interest at the Reveille Ball for 230 dancing couples. After the Coronation, the Governor and Mrs Docking, the queen and her court lead the grand march. 217 Jon Whitcomb, prominent magazine illustrator, selects the 1958 Reveille Queen and Prin- cesses from seven lovely coeds nominated by men’s organizations on the campus. 1“. O. SOiT it. mi m Apv.iLU F n my! Uma. rm%ly li.n... Oru C4 Udt: 3 hivr.h . - JAMCIi WESTinHKtAJJ ■ Cirol D Win, fi i 1 iS 7 { mmadm Carolyn Oiler, Doro- thy NuS$, Marilyn Behnke, Ronnie Cook, Ramona Miller, Mar- la O ' Halioran, and Janice Westerman anxiously await the opening of Mr, Whit- comb ' s letter. 218 The Alpha Mu dub members smile hap- pily as their club be- comes a chapter of Pi Kappa Sigma national sorority. The big weekend of reactiva- tion includes a formal tea, banquet, initia- tion services for the chapter, officer train- ing, and Sunday brunch. The activities are highlighted by a visit from national and district officers and alumni. THE " PI KAPS” GO NATIONAL For the first time in five years Fort Flays State was represented in the finals of the debate tournament at Winfield, Kansas. The placing team, Warren Norton and Wendall Anschutz, had a record of 4 wins and 1 loss in the Junior Men ' s division and were de- feated by the team that won the tourna- ment. At the debate tournament at McPherson, Kansas, another Fort Hays State team, Larry Kopke and Richard Schmidt, were defeated in 4 rounds of the 40-team tournament. 219 CHRISTMAS The students and faculty participating in the Christmas Ves- pers sound forth musical tribute to the season. It ' s not winter and it ' s not summer, it is simply and wonderfully Christmas, A festive air reigns at the Social Building. A surprise Christmas party for President and Mrs. Cunningham was planned by the Social Com- mittee. Campus organizations signed cards to decorate the Christmas tree which is presented to the Cun- ninghams. Also the Committee surprises Mrs. Cunningham with a lovely birthday cake. B. Stutterheim, J. Saunders, and E, Blauer add to the spirit of Christmas as they play carols from the top of the Methodist Church prior to Christmas Vespers. 220 " O come a I! ye faithful,— The Brass Choir prepares to play for the Presi- Students crowd the Social Building for that once-a-year-day dent ' s surprise Christmas party. when professors serve them free coffee. Playing Santa Claus, Milford Messer, president of Happy birthday, Mrs. Cunningham, the student body, presents Christmas greetings to the Cunninghams. 22 ! Spring fever. 222 SPRING Winter is over . . . the world moves outdoors and soaks up the sunshine, preparing for graduation and sum- mer vacation . . . Faces gaze out the windows, and minds wander , . , Rehearsals are underway for the Follies . . . Spring formals fill the night with pastel net and black bow ties . . . It ' s Spring, 1958. These student nurses in their starched white uniforms and caps are ready for a day at Hadley Hospital. It ' s Friday, no more classes until Monday. At 3 p.m. stu- dents head for the Social Building and another T.G.hF. dance. An instructor and the commercial design class display the plates for the pro- motion material for the Memorial Union. Workmen set up the new campus maps in readiness for spring visitors. 223 The Sweetheart King Candidates are: Ralph Ki limes. Sigma Teu Gamma; Walter Slipke, Regis Club; Don Fraley, S gma Epsilon; Tom Fellers, Residence Hall; Jerry Anderson, Delta Sigma Phi; Rex Mayer, Tau Kappa Epsilon; and Don Morehead, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Smiling for the cameraman are the Sweetheart Queen Candidates: Jean Morrow, Custer Hall; Margaret Bun diJt, Pi Kappa Sigma; Connie Eaton, Theta Sigma Upsilon; Paula Schumacher, Alpha Sigma Alpha; Yvonne Smith, Agnew Hall; Verda Goetz, Delta Zeta; and Elaine Christian, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Queen Jean smiles happily as Cade Sura n crowns her. Cade Suran places the crown on Don Fraley ' s head. 224 SWEETHEART BALL On Valentine Day at the Sweetheart Ball Jean Morrow and Don Fraley are crowned Sweetheart King and Queen by Cade Suran, head basketball coach. Elaine Christian, Yvonne Smith, Don More- head and Rex Mayer complete the royal court. The Social Committee presents the Queen can- didates boxes of candy and the King Candidates cuff links. The Queen receives a bouquet of red roses and the King receives a kiss. The Coliseum is dressed up in red and white for the annual Sweetheart Ball, February 14th, sponsored by the Social Committee. 225 A humorous skit is presented by the Delta Zetes. Sunday marks the beginning of a week, well named, Rush Week, Despite the weather 76 rushees attend the teas of the five national sororities on campus, Theta Sigma Upsilon, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Pi Kappa Sigma, and Delta Zeta. Members of Theta Sigma Upsilon become better acquainted with the rushees. Actives happily greet the new Tri Sig pledges. Rushees find fun and information at the first and second parties which begin Monday and end Saturday morning. Tired and anxious sorority members and rushees observe quiet hours from Saturday noon until 2:30 p.m., Sunday, when 52 new pledges are greeted by their new " sisters ' Rush Week is over, but Greek life has just begun. Alpha Sigma Alpha entertains rushees with a mock television talent show. Tri Sigs and rushees chat at the Sunday afternoon tea. Rushees are served refreshments by Pi Kappa Sigma sorority Theta Sigma Upsilon members tell the advantages of Greek life. Open all doors for the men at all times. Do not molest the men, Even the best-laid plans sometimes go awry, These pages were to tell the story of the Leap Week dance, and the selection of Bearded Joe and Daisy AAae, The Follies tryouts were to be pictured, so you would have some record of the spring activities. Instead, the wind blew, the snow came, and school closed, , . . It ' $ an unending [ob. 228 THE UNEXPECTED V m Unnecessary warning. There ' s a way out of anything. We ' re snowed in. Despite the snowdrifts some students must have cof- fee a+ the Social. Building, The United States Army to the rescue. 229 THE MEDIUM The music department presents Gian-Carlo AAenotti ' s opera “The Medium " February 24 and 25 In Picken Auditorium. Madame Flora, Marthann Burris, kneels beside Toby, Loren Janzen, whom she has just shot. The Medium, Marthann Burris, orders Mr, and Mrs. Gobineau, Jerry Stafford and Nancy Fink, and Mrs. Alan, Betty Base, out of the house. Madame Flora, in a drunken stupor re- calls the sins of her past. In a rage Madame Flora, whips Toby. Monica, Connie Spomer, comforts her mother while Toby accompanies her lullaby with a tambourine. BILLY BUDD The Picken Players presented Melville ' s " Billy Budd " April 10th and 1 1th. Shown here are rehearsal scenes. Captain Veer, P. Weber, explains his decision to Billy Budd, B. Ohlemeier. Jackson, K. Ruder, who is ill, explains to Jenkins, B. Young, why he shouldn ' t go aloft. Billy Budd attempts to prevent Jen- kins from knifing Claggart, G. Click, Sailors from HMS Indomitable In rank: G. Click, J. Alderman, D. Morehead, D. Smith, B. Young, J. Harris, L Prater, J, Gutshall and G. Mullen. Officers discuss the case of Billy Budd at the court martial scene 231 01 232 ., ' ' 4; |c 3?- ifig Ifs fSr - Mmtkr ) M TT 14 i —4 |MPI ' 1 ‘i— f !T r 1 f ADVERTISING AND INDEX 233 ABC Drug Store 238 Baker Shoes 25t Ballinger ' s Bakery 246 Butler ' s Furniture 240 Campus Boole Store . 255 Central Kansas Power Co, 236 Classic Store 24 s ? Cross Shop 242 Dan ' s Drive In Cafe 239 Dillon ' s Food Store 250 Drees Cleaner ... 139 Dreiling, Ben F 252 DucIcwalJ Stores 245 Ekey Studio 230 El Patio Cafe 242 Farmers ' Stat e Bank 245 Feller ' s Service Station .... . 230 Felten Truck Line 236 Finchs 243 First National Bank 237 Fok Theater 254 Gagelman Motor Co, 254 • ra g m a n- Bender Edsel Sales 251 Goodwin Sporting Goods 249 ' or ass Brothers Grocery . 247 Hardman Lumber Co 230 HarStness Pharmacy 245 BUSINESS DIRECTORY Merchants Contributing to Reveille Progress Hartman Oil Co. 235 Hays Building and Loan 242 Hays City Flour Mills 256 Hays Coca ' Cola Bottling Company .. 250 Havener ' s 256 Home Furniture Co, ........ 252 House of Color 234 Houston Lumber Co. . 240 Humburg Hardware 256 Jack and Jill Shop . 240 James Motor Co, 244 Jep ' s Super Service Station- . 234 K.A.Y.S 256 Kessler Cleaners . 243 Kobler Nash Motor 241 Lamer Hotels 253 Larry’s Studio 240 Lynch Texaco Service 243 Mann ' s l.G.A 239 HOUSE OF COLOR Interior Decorating and Gift Center BEST WISHES TO OUR FRIENDS of FORT HAYS STATE Mr. and Mrs. Carl Malmberg PHONE MA-4-38 14 1009 MAIN Markwell ' s . 247 Master Cleaners ......... 244 McDonalds J. M . 24 1 Morrison Jewelry 242 News Publishing Co. 253 New York Life Insurance (Art Leas) 235 Northwestern Typewriter Co, 247 Oldham Sales Co 240 O ' Loughlin Motor Sales . .... 237 Penney, J., C 242 Philip Hardware 240 Pink Pony Flower Shop 249 Red ' s Barber Shop ... 249 Rupp Motor Co 238 S. and W, Supply Co .. 240 Scheufler Supply Co., Inc. .... 240 Sch I e g e i ' s 256 Schwaller Lumber Co. ............ 247 Seven Up Bottling Co. 235 Sweet briar 239 Tiger Grill ........................ 243 Unrein Jewelers 244 Varsity Bowl 241 Yern Webster Jewelers 249 Walburn ' s College Grocery .... 255 Weisner ' s Dept. Store ............ 246 JEP ' S SUPER SERVICE STATION B. F. GOODRICH AND LEE TIRES TANK WAGON SERVICE 24-Hour Service Phillips 66 Products L J. JACOBS Phone MA-4-48 I f C. B. ISBELL Phone MA-4-27 1 5 234 At Any Jam Session . . . At Any Time . . . Nothing Does It Like SEVEN UP! SEVEN UP BOTTLING CO. Phone MA-4-4322 North Vine A Sound Financial Plan Includes Life insurance WE WELCOME EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO ASSIST YOUNG PEOPLE IN PLANNING THEIR FINANCIAL FUTURE ARTHUR J. LEAS New York Life 405 W. 5 St. I 17 W. 8 St. Phone MA-4-4652 HARTMAN OIL CO. FIRESTONE TIRES Guaranteed Recapping Budget Terms Available " Save With Safety " Phone MA-4-2700 East Hwy. 40 235 FELTEN TRUCK LINE Daily Service Between KANSAS CITY— WICHITA— SAUNA— COLBY AND INTERMEDIATE POINTS Local and Nationwide Household Goods Moving THEN ... and NOW — The Best in Reliable Service Phone MA-4-3427 117 West 6th SERVING NORTHWEST KANSAS 236 Phone MA-4-3437 I I I East 1 Ith mj; - T mniiii 4, £ e O ' LOUGHLIN MOTOR SALES Phone MA-4-2533 CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE 126 West 12th Our 70th Anniversary Since 1888 Customers throughout Ellis County have known and de- pended on the First National Bank when doing bank- ing business. Their experience has proved the advan- tages of using the bank with the most experience. THE FIRST — FOR 70 YEARS THE FIRST MA 4-2587 FIRST NATIONAL BANK HAYS, KANSAS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION lOOf Main 237 Complete Line of Building Materials DU PONT PAINT BUILDERS HARDWARE HARDMAN LUMBER COMPANY Kans. Phone MA-4-3727 Phone MA-4-3315 " 30 Years of the Finest of Photographs " 218 West 8th CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH 126 East I Ith Factory Authorized Sales and Service EVERY YEAR A YEAR OF PROGRESS JOHN DEERE FARM MACHINERY RUPP MOTOR COMPANY Phone MA-4-2219 133 East 12th FELLERS SERVICE STATION Every Reveille Reflecting the Advancement and Progress of FORT HAYS STATE and Every Year Finding the ABC DRUG STORE " Always the Best for Less " DRIVE ALWAYS AND SAVE Phone MA-4-3 1 I 5 East Hwy. 40 238 More Firmly Established as THE DRUG STORE OF CHOICE Phone MA-4-2523 1007 Main DAN ' S DRIVE IN CAFE Food You Will Enjoy . . . at Prices You Can Afford Phone MA-4-4429 Hwy. 40 By-Pass MANN ' S IGA STORE We Feature Everyday Low Prices " GOOD THINGS TO EAT " Delivery Service Phone MA-4-20 i 8 215 West 10th Phone MA-4-2574 219 West 1 0th A CORNER ON FASHION Phone MA-4-4727 llth and Main OLDHAM SALES COMPANY LONE STAR BOATS TRAILERS AND CRUISERS EVINRUDE OUTBOARD MOTORS AND PARTS AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Complete Line of Boating Accessories Phone MA-4-2547 I Oth and Allen SHEUFLER SUPPLY COMPANY INCORPORATED Wholesale Distributors Automotive, Industrial, Oil Field, and Construction Trade With Stores in HAYS— GREAT BEND— DODGE CITY— GARDEN CITY RUSSELL— LARNED— LYONS— HUTCHINSON Phone MA-4-3448 507 Main BUTLER ' S FURNITURE Fine Furniture Floor Coverings Phone MA-4-33 I I I 1 9 West I Oth THE JACK AND JILL SHOP .Everything for Infants and Girls Boys’ Wear — From One to Pre-Teen Toys — Infants’ Furniture PHONE MA-4-302 1 H00 MAIN 240 HOUSTON LUMBER COMPANY A Complete Stock of Nationally Recognized Building Materials SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS JOHNS-MANSVILLE PRODUCTS ENTERPRISE WALLPAPERS KEYSTONE FENCING Phone MA-4-39II 807 Allen ROYALTY . . . and for All Fort Hays’ Kings and Queens Too . _ , tkf PH (IT OH hi Im trs Phone MA-4-2839 109 East llth KOBLER NASH MOTORS AMBASSADOR STATESMAN RAMBLER METROPOLITAN Dealers Who Are Ready to Serve You Phone MA-4-4710 124 East 8th J. M. MCDONALD ' S MEN ' S Clothing WOMEN ' S BOYS 1 MISSES ' Phone MA-4-201 I 806 Main St. Marvin Wycoff stirs a tasty, refreshing cold drink. VARSITY BOWL DRIVE INN " Home of Good Food — Where Students Meet and Eat ' INSIDE AND OUTSIDE SERVICE Phone MA-4-9955 4th and Main St. 241 EL PATIO CAFE MORRISON JEWELRY WHERE GOOD FOOD IS FIRST AND FOREMOST” " GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS " Phone MA-4-42 1 2 107 West 1 0th Phone MA-4-904 East Highway 40 Smart Clothes for the Girl Who Knows QMkAI ' v© SHOP THE HAYS BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone MA-4-2914 1107 Main St. Phone MA-4-341 3 1011 Fort St. J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Ready to Wear Clothing and Shoes tor the Entire Family SHOP IN OUR BASEMENT FOR HOME FURNISHINGS 242 Phone MA‘4-4513 1003 Main St. KESSLER CLEANING COMPANY Dry Cleaning, Laundry PICK UP AND DELIVERY Phone MA-4-3429 126 West 9th LYNCH TEXACO SERVICE The College ' s Handiest Station for Complete Texaco Service ACCESSORIES TIRES BATTERIES Phone MA-4-9984 8th and Ash MALTS— SANDWICHES— SOUPS " Across From the Campus " THE TIGER GRILL Phone MA-4-9925 704 Park St. Phone MA-4-471 3 802 Main 243 MASTER CLEANERS UNREIN JEWELERS Featuring the DRIVE-IN WINDOW for Your Convenience ' ' Known for Better Cleaning " FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY Choose Your Diamond From THE KiMBERlY ROOM and VISIT OUR BRIDAL CONSULTANT Phone MA-4-20 1 8 201 West 8th Phone MA4-48I4 804 Main St, The salesman shows Darlene Rolph, Kayla Price, Mary Desbien, arid Pat Neill the luxury of the new Lincoln, JAMES MOTOR COMPANY LINCOLN Sales and Service MERCURY 244 Phone MA-4-3418 200 East 8th THE A. L. DUCKWALL STORES COMPANY 5 Cents to $1.00 Store Visit Our Modern Fountain and Luncheonette Phone MA-4-2812 I ! 03 Main S+. STRENGTH SAFETY SERVICE Loans of All Types Member of RD.LC. THE FARMERS STATE BANK Phone MA-4-3645 718 Main S+. HARKNESS PHARMACY In Hays Over Fifty Years MAGAZINES ICE CREAM DRUGS Candies and Toilet Articles Phone MA-4-25! I 715 Main St. 245 246 SHOES GROCERIES DRY GOODS LADIES ' READY TO WEAR FURNITURE APPLIANCES MEN ' S CLOTHING FLOOR COVERINGS WIESNER’S DEPARTMENT STORE Phone MA-4-43 14 805 Main St. BILLINGER ' S BAKERY Pies Rolls Cakes Distributors of SUNBEAM BREAD Phone MA-4-2016 209 West 10th EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS PLUMBING AND HEATING DELTA POWER TOOLS Phone MA-4-5646 900 Main St. ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Electric Standard Portable SALES AND SERVICE Free Delivery Service NORTHWESTERN TYPEWRITER COMPANY Phone MA-4-2565 I 1 3 East 1 2th TYPEWRITERS SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES STATIONERY FILING CABINETS ART SUPPLIES LEATHER GOODS MARKWELL STATIONERY CO. Phone MA-4-46 1 I 1010 Main Si. GRASS BROS. GROCERY " Your Family Grocers " FOOD THAT PLEASES Phone MA-4-251 I 235 West 10th 247 Mr. Binder discusses the merits of cookware with Diedra Burandt, Bonnie Rogers, and Preston Brown. Phone MA-4-361 f GEORGE PHILIP HARDWARE GUNS TOOLS PAINTS HARDWARE APPLIANCES AMMUNITION 8th and Main St. S AND W SUPPLY CO., INC. " We Sell Satisfaction ' DISTRIBUTORS Genuine Replacement Parts Tools and Equipment Dealer Machine Shop Service MEMBER AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE REBUILDERS ASSN. 248 300 East 8th HAYS, KANSAS Phone MA-4-34I 5 185 West 5th Street COLBY, KANSAS Phone HO-2-3373 CLASSICS FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIRCUTS See Red ' s Th ree Barbers RED ' S BARBER SHOP For the Young and the Young at Heart Phone MA-4-2326 1002 Main 5t. GOODWIN SPORTING GOODS FEATURING MACGREGOR BIKEWEB CONVERSE VOIT SAND WINCHESTER REMINGTON Mai! Orders Accepted Phone MA-4-24 19 119 West Nth PINK PONY FLOWER SHOP Phone MA-4-3012 705 Main ERNlVVEBSTER. WtTLZFt s " The Diamond and Silver Center of Western Kansas 11 Phone MA-4-38 1 0 Lamer Bldg. THE CLASSIC STORE Phone MA-4-27 1 2 800 Main St. DILLON ' S FOOD STORE Phone MA-4-5656 109 West 7th When Grandma Was a Coed , . and Now The Pause That Refreshes " Coke " Hays Coca Cola Bottling Company Marjorie Thyfauft and Erma Fross agree that " any time is a good time tor the good taste ot Colce.” 250 Phone MA-4-2614 20 1 East 1 2th Progress at Fort Hays and . . . Phone MA-4-5626 Progress af FORD MOTOR COMPANY The Beautiful and Distinctive New 1958 EDSEL GAGELMAN-BENDER EDSEL SALES For Men ROBLEE PEDWIN For Children BUSTER BROWN PROPR-BILT Mr, Baker fits a party slipper for Bonnie Rogers while Evelyn Dean admires. O. K. BAKER SHOES " The Personality Store 1 ' 530 East 8th For Ladies AIR STEPS LIFE STRIDE JACQUELINE CONNIE GLAMOUR DEBS Phone MA4-43 1 6 I 1 09 Main 251 J 30 west m sneer HOME FURNITURE COMPANY Two Stores to Serve You FEATURING MODERN AND PROVINCIAL FURNITURE Phone MA-4-2589 229 West I Oth BUICK PONTIAC CADILLAC BEN F. DREILING, INC. Phone MA-4-253 I 252 1 08 East I 3th Fort Hays State — Your Progress Is Our Progress The Campus Booh Store becomes a beehive of activity during " get books and sup- plies " times. Phone MA-4-261 I COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS SHEAFFER AND EASTBROOK ZIPPER NOTEBOOKS SHEAFFER AND ESTERBROOK GREETING CARDS SPALDING SPORTS EQUIPMENT CAMPUS BOOK STORE 509 West 7th C. W. Lamer Good Food, of Course R. R. Clark S. W. Lamer THE LAMER HOTELS IN KANSAS AND OKLAHOMA Salina, Kansas Hays, Kansas junction City, Kansas LAMER HOTEL LAMER HOTEL LAMER MOTEL LAMER HOTEL Ponca City, Oklahoma JENS-MARIE HOTEL " Over Thirty Years of Public Service in Kansas " H. B. LAMER Phone MA-4-347 1 1200 Main Sh 253 HOME FURNITURE COMPANY Two Stores to Serve You FEATURING MODERN AND PROVINCIAL FURNITURE Phone MA-4-2589 229 West I Oth 254 Phone MA-4-4567 FOX THEATER Show Place of the Midwest HOME OF CINEMASCOPE AND STEREOPHONIC SOUND 1202 Main St. Fort Hays State — Your Progress Is Our Progress 1HJI ■ mm i mk The Campus Book Store becomes a beehive of activity during 1 get books and sup- p I J es times. Phone MA-4-261 I COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS SHEAFFER AND EASTBROOK ZIPPER NOTEBOOKS SHEAFFER AND ESTERBROOK GREETING CARDS SPALDING SPORTS EQUIPMENT CAMPUS BOOK STORE 509 West 7th Adjacent to the Campus the College Grocery Is a Handy Stock-Up Center tor Students Mr. Walburn emphasizes a point and customers pause to listen . . . WALBURN ' S COLLEGE GROCERY " Just a Hop, Skip, and a Jump From the Campus " MR. AND MRS. W. D. WALBURN Sole — Owners Phone MA-4-30 1 5 507 West 7th 255 SCHLEGEL ' S For the Best in: GUNS FISHING TACKLE SPORTING GOODS Hobby and Craft Supplies WESTERN WEAR — LEATHER GOODS Phone MA-4-2 117 118 West I I th ENRICHED SEMOLINO FLOUR Made by THE HAYS CITY FLOUR MILLS " A Western Kansas Product " Phone MA-4-28 1 2 133 East I Oth HAVENER ' S For the Particular Man McGregor sportswear ARROW SHIRTS JANTZEN SWEATERS BOTANY SUITS FLORSHEIM SHOES Styled to Suit the COLLEGE MAN Phone MA-4-39 1 3 1101 Main St. HUMBURG HARDWARE INC. Gas and Electric Appliances Everything for the Home BOTTLED GAS WESTERN KANSAS ' ONLY FULL TIME MUSIC AND NEWS STATION 1400 1400 Phone MA-4-25 1 8 2450 Hall St. 256 STUDENT INDEX Adams, Dovie Murlene, Ulysses, Freshman Adams, Wan,cv Louise, Lamed, Sophomore Adamson, Gary Wayne, Windom, Sophomore Aiken, Gerald Kelvin, Osborne, Sophomore Albin, Marvel Valere, Quin ter. Freshman Alderman, James Madison, Phillipsburg, Senior Aldrich, OeAnne, Garfield, Freshman Allen, Laura lleene, Hill City, Sophomore Allen, Ralph Edward, WaKeeney. Freshmen Altman, Merle Eugene. Almena, Senior Allman, Phillip Raymond, Alrnena, Freshman Anderson, Calvin Henry, Burdetf, Freshman . Anderson, Diana Sue, Belleville, Sophomore Anderson, Jerrold Lee, Hays, Gr Anderson, Jerry Dean, Kinsley, Junior Anderson, Kathleen Helen, Jamestown, Freshman Anderson, Larry Keith, Hoxie, Freshman Anderson, Margaret M., Salina, Senior Anderson, Merrill Gene, Guinter, Sophomore Anderson, Vernal Neal, Smolan, Junior Ann is, Robert R,, Ulysses, Sophomore Anschutz, Wendall C., Russell, Sophomore Appel, Benjamin F., Garfield, Freshman Appel. Harley Benjamin, Hays, Senior Appel, Nancy J., Hays, Senior Archer, Jerald J., Norton, Sophomore Arensman, Ben H., Kinsley, Sophomore Armbruster, Barbara S. Ellis, Sophomore Arnold, Richard C., Medicine Lodge, Freshman Arnold, Richard L., Johnson, Senior Ashcraft, Rita J., Hays, Junior 40, Aikeson, Dale W. r Hays, Senior Atkeson, Donna J.. Hays, Sophomore Audas, Ratrioa J,, Hays, Freshman Augustine, Gerald F , Lenora, Freshman Augustine, Sheila M., Ellis, Freshman Aust, Clara M,. Ellis, Freshman Aus . Jake H.. Pelco, Sophomore Agsi, Nadine Norma, Palco, Freshman Austen, Charles A., Alexander, Senior 54, 115 , 122 46. 125, 179 46 127 54, 96, 123 30, 1 50 54. 123 179 47, 98 55 132. 135, 1 55, 132 55, 65, 127 47 124 103 40 r 224, 197 55. 100. 123 55 30 47, 127 41 41. 69, 199 1 1 7, 219 55, 91 .31 31 47, 127 47 127 47, 125 132 31 102, 160, 161 1 16 47 r 112, 115 91 55, 22 54 54, 123 47 54, 123 31 47 41 31, 96 55 179, 207 55 66, 113 65, 144 55, 91, 122 75. 163 56 86, 101. 123, 160 55, 1 03, 123 31, 85 ... .125 4 l 74, SO 36 55, 109, 122 30 31. Baa I man, Robert J., Grinnel ' l, Sophomore BaN, Kerry l , Hays, Junior Ba :er, Don £., Kinsley, Senior Baker, Charlotte A., Plainville, Freshman Baker, Francis H„ Protection, Freshman Baker John, El Dorado, Gr. Bale. Gladys. F., Subletie, Freshman Ballard Cherel E . Navi land. Junior Banks, Linda S., Turon. Freshman Bannister. Joyce A., Alexander, Freshman Bannister. Wm. C., Alexander, Senior Barber, Donna M., Hill City, Junior Bardot. Buddy M. Coldwater, Junior Barnes Verlin L , Morrowville, Senior Barnhill, Doris, Ellis, Senior Barrett, Lynette K., Qu inter. Freshman Barren Robert E , Beloit. Senior Bars tow, Robert $., Lamed, Senior Barra. George J„ Kanopohs, Gr. Barton, Donald E , Nickerson, Junior Barton, Richard L . Nickerson, Senior Base, Betty L ., Rozel, Sophomore Basgall Delbert L., Bison, Sophomore Basgall George D.. Sharon Springs, Sophomore Basgall, Mary B , Sharon Springs, Sophomore Basgall Rita M.. Hays, Senior Baumann, Den ms L , Arrington, Sophomore Baus, Wilma K., LaCrosse, Sophomore Baxter Frances J.. Hugoton, Sophomore Bear Judith R . Russell. Sophomore Be-all v .Justine L.. Osborne, Sophomore Bechaid. Leon C., Grainheld, Freshman Rcchard. Wayne L Hays. Junior Bechard William F . Grinnell, Junior Beck, Arlene A Ness Clly. Freshman Beckwith Jerrol K . Lamed. Junior Beckwnh Vonda Clione. Lamed. Sophomore Beecher. ' Lynn S., Hill City, Freshman Behnke Marilyn J., Bushton, Sophomore Behrends. Cheryl Y.. Randall, Junior Bell Karen A , Moscow, Freshman Bed Peggy. Russell. Freshman Bell Ronald W.. Hays, Sophomore Bender Marlene 0 WaKeeney, Freshman Bennett, Larry G , Russell Freshman Beougher, John W , Gnnnell, Junior Beds Mary R , Leoville, Freshman Berrey Edna M . Great Bend Sophomore Berringer. Judith B., Goodland Freshman Berry William A . Copeland. Freshman Berschauer, William D, WaKeeney, Freshman Beu Sharon J.. Great Bend, Freshman Beyerlem Adolph L . Phillipsburg, Sophomore Bieber Alois Ray, Kinsley. Junior Bieber Arlyn Clyde, Bison. Freshman Bierman, Bonn, vie Jeanette Kensington, Junior B gham, Donald Charles, Randall, Sophomore Binder. Sarah, Hays, Senior . Birkhoitr Martha Mae. Ruleton, Freshman Birzer Harold Hoismgton, Junior Bit sing, Donald Hays. Junior Bind Annette, Ellis. Freshman Es„ek. Charlolle, LaCn re. Sopho ™ r S a 79 1I4 166.210. 21 1 Bizek. Sherla. laCrosse, Senior 31. 70. 78, ■ 22 0 Bla-jer Earl J- Phillipsburg Sophomore 5J m , 22 Blech a, Gloria. Woods ton, Freshmen ' 47 103 Bobbitt, Kenneth, Sublette, Sophomore 30. 7k 72. 1 12, 1 16 65 41, 152 124 125, 230 46 e 46, 48 47, 86, 108 3k 176 47 47, 125 47. 185 47, 125 49. 122, 146 55 191 132. 147. 151 54, 122 41. 197 47. 125 54 55 55, 47 103, 171, 213 41, 93, 123 54 96 . 122 . 160 55 100 111. 122, 183 158 122. 207 127 41, 193 63 123 47 55. 122 55. 151 136 55 100 . 122 79 41 127, 153 55 40, 84. 124 126 140 142, 145, ISO 31 54 98. 123 66 71 103 . 120 54 46 55. 103. 122 55 123 77 132 55, 38, 122. 187 47. 115, 125 40 76 79 31, 125 55, 183 55, 32, 123 55, 123 212, 213 55. 193 31 1 15. 212, 213 41 41 66. 127 Bodge. Glory Kay, Portls, Freshman Boese, Donald. Seward, Freshman Boone, Lois, Unc. 0oo r, Jerome, Gatlin, Junior Boos. Sandra, Hays, Frcsnman Borell Sharen, Shields, Sophomore Borger. Melba, Ness Ciiy.. Junior Bosler, Carolyn.. Oberhn, Junior Bottom. Richard, Logan, Senior Bourquin, Edna, Colby, Senior Bowen Mary, Hays, Freshman Bower. Sharon, Utica, Freshman Bowie.. Ann, Hanston, Freshman Bowman, Charles, Burbank, Calif., Freshman Bowman. Karl, Russell, Freshman Bowman, Larry, Russell, Senior Bowman, Marilyn, Burbank, Calif.. Jc-n or Boxberger, Jerry, WaKeeney, Junior Boxler, Jon, Norton, Junior Boyd, Norma.. Page City, Senior 31, 7Q, 72. 74. 78. 80, 90. 122, 21 0 Boyle, James, Great Bend. Freshman 54 Bozarth i Dennis, Norton, Junior 41, 71. 112. 116, 127 Brack, Dennis, Otis Junior 41. 127 Brack, Larry, Russell, Freshman , 4 Brack, Marilyn, leoii. Senior 31, 69. 70, 72, 74, 81 Brack, Monta-Glea, Otis, Freshman 54, 100, 123 Bradley, Glena, Plainville, Sophomore 47 Brand, Robert E , Sharon Springs, Junior 41 95 Brandau, Karen, Mason City, Iowa, Sophomore 47, 101, 125 160 Brandyberry, Vada, Hill City, Junior 41. 106 Braun, Elmer, Victoria, Sophomore Bray, William, Phillipsburg, Sophomore Brealhouwer, Mel, Prairie View, Senior Brehm. WilMam,. Lakm. Junior Brewer, Marvin, LaCrosse, Graduate Brian, Phyllis, Hays, Senior Brian.. Rif , Hays, Junior Bridges. LaVonne, Meade, Sophomore 0r s, Jack, Mullinville, Junior Briggs, Leslie, Phillipsburg, Graduate BrtrteyiyJ Jerry, Cu Nison, Senior Briney, Ruth, Dodge City, Sophomore Brink, Georgia, Hays, Senior Brock, August, Cawker City, Senior Brock, Robert, Cawker City, Junior 30, 47 126 66 41 65 76 185 96 31, 41,. 4 7 69 146 41 79 65 30 47 31 27 132, 136. 195 40, 112 6 rook had, Karlynn, Ellis, Senior 31,70, 71, 72, 76, 117. 16k 176 Brookhart, Lary, Ellis, Junior Brooks, James. Hays, Freshman Brown, Bernadine, Ellis, Sophomore Brown, Dixie, Cawker Ciiy, Sophomore Brown, Jane, Hays. Senior Brown, Lois, Prairie View, Sophomore Brown, Preston, Buck I in. Junior Brown, Robert, Qberlin, Senior Brown, Timothy, Hays, Senior Brownmg.. Norma. Lorraine, Freshman 55, 99, 100, 103 123, 79 Bruggeman, Karen, Colby, Freshman 95, I4J, 0 Brungardt, Carol, Hays, Freshman 95. itif Brungardt, LeRoy, Sc hoe nc hen. Freshman Brungardt, LeRoy, Hays, Sophomore Brungardt, Marlene. Victoria, Freshman Brungardt. Terrance, Hays, Freshman Brunson, Charles, Stockton, Sophomore Buchan Leslie, Haviland, Senio 199 87 47, 77 47, 69, 93. 123, 179 3k 87 46 101 40, 191, 246 31 31. 87 34 32 55. 66 55 46 83 31 BUCnan, LUSM1£, . re in.cs it? Buffington, Faye, Hooker, Oklahoma, Freshman 55. 68, H 6, Bullock, Roy. Ulysses, Junior ' ■ Bunker, Thomas, Hays. Sophomore Buraridt, Diedra. Senio, 30. 72, St. fl 2. . 1 1 7,J 2A2 WS. 249 Burdin, Margaret.. Partridge, Junior Burling. Vern, Hays, Junior Burmeister, Paul, Cl flin, Sophomore Burr, Lynn, Sublette, Senior Burr. Shirley. Sublelie, Senior Burris, Marthann, Hays. Senior Burrows, Larry, Dlls. Freshman Burtscher, Margaret, Hays. Senior Buser. Donald. Cawker City, Senior Butler. Michael, Hoisingioo. Freshman Butler Sandra, Lewis. Freshman Burner Celeste. Long Island. Freshman Bauer mo re. Jack, Woodston, Sophomore Byer. WiLiam. Cimarron. Sophomore Bylcr Jack Ray, Cimarron.. Sophomore C Cam. Robert D., Concordia, Senior Cain Robert Eugene, Hays, Freshman Caldwell Barbara E Great Bend. Freshman Caldwell. Jeanne £ . Russell. Freshman Calhoun, Gerald R Holcomb, Junior Calhoun. Sharon J., Holcomb, Freshman Calved, Carolyn Z. r Liberal, Freshman Cant-.vell Patricia A . Ulysses. Sophomore Carmichae Barbara L.. Plainville. Sophomore Carmichael. Hugh W , Plainville Sophomore Carr, Rex A., Seward, Junior CaHer David V . Dodge City. Senior Carter. Larry D.. Tribune Junior Casey, Gary D., Hays Junior Caul dwell Roland L Holy rood, Freshman Catlin Harry L . Miltonvak? Sen,p: Causey Nada Marlene, Hoiyrood, Sophomore Cauthan, Garald Dee, Syracuse. Freshman Cayton, Ramona L Colby, Junior Chaffee, Martha L . Burden. Freshman Chambers James D Cummings Freshman Chapman Donald D. Hoxie, Freshman Chase Vera Ellen, Penokee, Sophomore Chastain. Merilyn L Ell in wood. Sophomore Chegwidden, Donald E , Bunker Hill, Senior 41 70. 74. 80 36 125 137. 224 153 47 193 30 31 31 . 70. 1 15, 230 55 31 80, 81 . 95. 103 108 54 103 54 84 100 122 54 122 96 47 127, 199 47 127 191 31 55 55 122 55 82 109, 123 41 55 55. 100, 122 47. 124 47 47 107 31 79, 150 42. 145 41 41 140. 55 31 74 123. 183 55 41 103 54 82 96 109. 123 54 54 154 193 47 98 IS? 81 106 185 31 Chesney, Beth Louise, Natoma, Freshman Chipman, Donald E , Hill City, Gr. Chipman Doris lone, Burden, Gr. Chipman, John M. Morland, Sophomore Chism, Joseph C., Great Bend, Freshman Chism, Robert, Great Bend, Freshman Chism, William L., Hoisington, Freshman Chittenden, M. Jane.. Hays, Junior Christian, Fred E., Wellington, Junior Christian, S. Elaine, Wellington, Sophomore Christians, Robert W. r Hays, Senior Christie, J Jack, Garden City, Junior Churchill, Robert K,, Oakley, Senior Clark, Barbara J., Leoti, Senior Clark, Gary D., Syracuse, Freshman Clark. Margaret Jane, Lamed, Sophomore Clark, Mery Ellen, L-akin, Sophomore Clarke, Charles A.. Medicine Lodge, Sophomore Clarkson, Alice, Earned ' , Senior Oasen, Robert Alan, Liberal, Freshman Gassi, Teri Nadine, Brewster, Freshman Cluster Wynona C, Great Bend, Freshman Coddington, Kenneth Ed, Pa I co. Sophomore Cody, Roger E , Oberlin, Sophomore Coffey, Ivy J., Junior Coffin. Ehzaberh A Hoisingion, Sophomore Colburn Nadene K., Russell. Sophomore Collins, Donna Lee. Ellsworth Freshman Collms. Larry L . Nekoma, Freshman Combs, Mary S., Hays, Sophomore Combs. Ronald H., Hays, Junior Conard, Karen Lou, Lamed, Freshman Condra, Clarence Jr.. Protection, Gr. Conley. Robert D . Gypsum. Sophomore Conn Virgie Lee, Bogue, Freshman Connelly, Gllie P . Col Iyer, Junior Connell Donald R . Norcatur, Gr. Cook, Ronnie Fay, Hays, Freshman Cooper, Gary G.. Hays, Freshman Cooper, Jeral G.. Phallipsburg., Senior Cooper, Karen E.. Hoxie, Freshman Cordes, Beverly Ann. Meade, Sophomore Corn, Karen Sue, Garden City, Senior Cox, Don Charles, Derby, Sophomore Coy, Robert D.. MuMmville, Senior Crissman, Robert S., Russell, Senior Cromwell, Jean Marie, Hoisingion. Junior Crotts, Robert Gene, Partridge, Junior Cunningham, Wauneta N., Kempton, III , Gr. Currey, Cecil B . Coldwater, Senior Currey, Laura Gene, Hays, Senior Cussen, Michael Paul, Plainville. Freshmen C 55, 123 80 78, 80 105 55 55 55 41 1 17, 146 4 7, 224 30 41 30. 96, 189 31 55 46, 98, 124 46 115, 212 47, 126 65 55, 193 55, 100, 123 56, 103 47, 197 112, 113, 1 16 41 47. 76. 96. 183 47, 34. 124 56, 123 56 47 40 56, 99. 103, 122 65 102 r 1 09 r 126 56 40 65. 87 56, B7, 171, 218 177 31, 139 56, 123 47. 109 31, 179 4 7, 126 31 31. 12 , 74 41, 76,107, 187 41 65 31. 96 3 1 r BO 57, BB Daek, Ivan V,, Logan, Gr. Daniels. Barbara L . Great Bend, Freshman Danielson, Sonja Lou, Hay:. Sophomore Darnell, Donald K Plainville. Freshman Daugherty, Larry Jo, Wellington, Freshman Davis, Betty Mae. Hays. Freshman Davis, Elmer E Havilend. Sophomore Da vs, Eugene H., Oakley, Junior Davis, llene Ruth, PhilMpsburg, Sophomore Davis Jerri Ann, Norih Platte, Nebraska. Freshman Davis, Kenneih L.. Haviland, Junior Day Dean E.. Beeler, Sophomore Deal, Terry Jay, Colby, Freshman Dean. Evelyn M., St. Francis, Senior Dean. Gary C., H ill City, Sophomore Dean. Pauline E., Si. Francis, Senior Debes, Donna Mae, Ness City. Freshman DeSey , Tony l Kirwin, Freshman De nes, Duane Dale, WaKeeney, Junior De nes, Herbert L., WaKeeney, Sophomore De;ter. Valet a Jane. Hunter, Senior Delay. Beverly Ann, Hays, Sophomore De Lay, Fredrick S . Gunner, Freshman Delleis, Jon L . Earned, Freshman Dempewolf, Donald A., Colby, Senior Denchfield Jerrold, Garden City, Junior Denio. Alberta M.. Haviland, Sophomore Dennis, Raul H., Jr , E li Dorado. Senior Dope. Eumte D . Page City, Sophomore Desbien. Freda D.. Palco, Junior Desbien.. Gloria A... Bogue, Sophomore Desbien Larry D . Pako, Freshman 65 57 100. 123. 1 37 47 76 109, 176 179 57 56 140 143. 145 56, 37 127 40. 195 47, 124 56. 100. 123 40 96 46 56, 123, 1B3 30 B4 93. 98,123 46 30 102, 125 56 36 122 56. 1 58 79, 96 47, 77. 91, 156 31 101 , 160 47, 115 56 57, 103, 107 31 77. 132 96 47, 125 31 47. 124 41, 124 96 .57 Desbien, Mary L.. Palco, Sophomore Devim, Karen F , Smith Center, Sophomore DeVofe, Gayln D,, Macksville, Junior DeVcre. Janet. Ellis, Senior Dibble, Danny D , Alton, Sophomore Dickinson, Shirley Margarei. Gorham, Senior Dilltnger, Doris L . Brewsler, freshman Dinkel, Janice M., Wa Keeney, Freshman Dinkel, Marlene L.. Victoria, Freshman Dinkel, Phyllis A . Victoria, Sophomore Disney, Susan l, Goodland, Freshman Dixon Dororhy M.. Great Bend, Sophomore Doner. Judith A , Hays, freshman Dorsey, Robert T , Ashland. Sophomore Dougherty, Charles lee. Natoma, Sophomore Dougherty, Max. F.„ Plainville, Senior Douglas, Donna K., Lamed, freshman Downing, Robert W.. Mullinville Junior Doxpn, William £., Hays, Sophomore Drees, Sylvia A., Hays, Senior Dreher. Marilyn A , EUis. Sophomore Dreihng, Michael L , Wa Keeney. Sophomore Dreiling, Neil W., Hays, Jumor Drei ling, Thomas C r Great Bend, Sophomore Drpegemeier, Janna, Holyrood, Freshman 47, B 1 . 93. I 79, 244, 254 47 41. 124, 144 31, 124 47. 83, 144 96 57 62 91, 123 56. 88. 123 56 4 7 125 47, 125 56 4 6, 126 46 31, 96 56, 122 41, 126, 189 47 31 81. 176. 187 4 7, 183 47, 88, 105, 1 17 132. 136 47 56 90, 122 Duff Ellen A , Beloit, Freshman 56, 99, 102, 122, 187 Dufford, Mary R. r Pawnee Rock, Sophomore 47, 125 56 90, 99, 127 47,. 90, 94, 125 47, 05. B6, 127 57 123 147 31 r 195 47 4 7 48. 104, 183 41, 76. Ill, 183 1 1 1, 1 76 r 183, 224 41. 193 77, 142 123, 160 100 , 122 124 32, 71. 72, 78 48. 87 57, 122 48 77 r 140, 143, 145 83 91. 105. 109 48, 98 57, 32, 71. Dumler, Calvin F.. Russell, Freshman Dumler, Verna L., Russell, Sophomore Dundas, Kay W , Arnold, Sophomore Dunekack, Wilbur D., Great Bend, Freshman Dunham, Irene M , Tribune, Freshman Dunlap, William D , Hays, Senior Dunning, Roger W., Stockton, Senior Duntz, Terry L , Smith Center, Sophomore Durall, Maurice J., Raymond, Sophomore Dyati, Barbara Lynn, Goodland, Sophomore Dyatt, Donna J., Goodland, Junior E Ealon, Connie L , WaKeeney, Junior 41, 109, Eaton, Norman L . Scott City, Junior Eaton, Raymond, Ellis, Junior Eaton, Wilda J. , Atwood, Freshman Ebersole, Sandra H., Wichita, Freshman Edgmon, Edna, Bunker Hill, Sophomore Edwards, Clifford D... Atwood, Senior Edwards, Elizabeth $ , Hays, Sophomore Edwards, Lo Rita R Atwood, Freshman Edwards, Neva L., Atwood, Freshman Ehlerj, Bill W., Hays, Junior Ehrlich, Edward P-, Russell, Junior 41 Ehrlich, Marcia K., Hays, Sophomore Eisenhour, Willard T,, Stafford, Junior EHegood, Keilb D., Oakley, Sophomore Ellis. David W , Richfield, Sophomore Ellis Irvin L., Johnson, Senior £11 is, Larry L-, Coldwater, Freshman Ellis, Marilyn j , Great Bend, Sophomore Ellis, Mary E„ Johnson, Sophomore Ellis, William S., Johnson, Junior Elmore, Edwin J., Wichita, Senior Ely, Merlin G.. Hays, Senior 32, 72 Empjon, Charles L . Winona, Sophomore Engel, Deanna M, Ellis, Freshman Engel, Ellen Mi , Ellis, Sophomore Engel, Harold, Hays, Junior Engle, Rodney J,. Great Bend, Sophomore Ensign, Lester G., Miltonvale, Junior Epperley, Nelmane, Haven. Freshman Erbert, Daniel M., Zurich, Freshman Erickson, Dolores A Herndon. Sophomore Erickson, Richard L , As aria, Freshman Erickson, Richardson R.. leondardviHe, Freshm Ernest, Leon C.. Norton. Freshman Estes, Elizabeih Ann, Abilene, Freshman Estes, Hazel R,, Kanorado, Senior Evans, Wilbur Eugene, Gove, Freshman F Fabric ius. Ella H , WaKeeney, Senior Fabrizius, Elvin C , WaKeeney, Sophomore Fagan, Mary L . St. John, Sophomore Fahey, Gerald D., Quinter, Junior Fairbank, Paul D., Ranaon, Junior Fairchild, Dean R , Scott City, Senior Fankhauser, David H,. Tribune, Sophomore Fanshier, Davd R., Great Bend, Freshman Farrell, Robert F , Hi Ciiy, Sophomore Feiden, Jack D , Hays, Junior Feist, Aaron H., Hays, Senior Feist, Donald C.. Ellinwood, Senior Feist, John Joseph, Ellinwood, Sophomore Feist, My me L., Hays, Senior Feldt, Martha M., Menlo, Freshman Fellers, Barbara J , Hays, Junior Fellers, Jay Douglas, Hays, Junior Fellers, John Thomas, Ashland, Junior Fellers, Robert, Ashland, Senior Ferguson, Margaret J , Dighion, Freshman Fiel, Ronald Lee, Lamer, Senior Fike, Donald Lee, Courtland, Freshman Filbert, Mary Ann, Ness City, Senior Fink, Glennis Gail, Oakley, Freshman Fink, Mary Joan, Utica, Sophomore rink. Nancy Jane, Downs, Sophomore 48. 124, 179, 212, 213, 230 Finley, Benjamin Robert, Sharon Springs, Senior 32, 95 Finley, Howard Marshall, Sharon Springs, Sophomore 48, 85, 66 32, 191 56. SB, 123 77, 203 41, 76, 103, 125 56, 122 144 57 48, 105 40 32, 88, 132, 177, 199 32 33 57, 99, 123 40 33, 72 33, 79, 102 4B, 103, 124 32, 104, 1B3 32. 57. 02 72, 75 41 48 43 72 56 48, 88, 124 48, 124 41 32, 116 92 r 107, 197 48 56, 122 49 41, 197 49 4 1 r 126, 195 56. 100, 212 56, 08. 193 4 9. 98 56, 132, 193 56, 126 56. 159 123, 179 101. 160 56 r 86 32 48, 79, 91 . 199 46. 98 152 41 33, 177, 193 57 56, 75, 127 43 41, 74 177, 195 33, 195 33 96 32, 76. 176 56 41. 70, 75, 179 41 127, 224 126 56, 123 32, 193 56 25 32, 74.. 56, 123. 160. 187 48, 91, 125 Fmney, Don Lew, Greal Bend, Senior Fisher, Mary Louis, Great Bend, Freshman Fisher, Richard Leroy, Salina, Junior Fisher, Sharon Gay, Coats, Junior Fletcher, Janice Carol, Buckltn, Freshman Flinn, Clifford Elzer, Hays, Sophomore Folks, Francis Neil, Ashland, Freshman Foos, Frederick Andrew, LaCrosse, Sophomore Foos, Harold George, Hays, Junior Ford, Albert ClaT, Hoisington, Senior Ford, Carl Glen, Medicine Lodge, Senior Ford, Lloyd David, Hays, Senior Ford, Sandra Jean, Rozel, Freshman Fountain, Carl Budd, Penalosa, Junior Fowler, Curtis Wilhite, WaKeeney, Senior Fox, Allen Date, Larned, Senior Fox, Donna Mae, Si. John, Sophomore Fox, Glenda Gae, Hays, Senior Fraley, Donald George, Chester, Nebraska, Senior 32, 127, 132, 137. 140, 173, 191, 224 Fraley, Mary Lynn, Chester, Nebraska, Freshman 57, 82. 84, 86, 123 Francis, Barbara A,, Oberlin, Senior 32, G6 Francis, Michael Jackson, Hays, Sophomore 94, 109, 155 Franks, Richard Homer, Herndon, Junior 41. 79, 102, 127 Franz, Clarence Curtis, Colby, Freshman 56 Freeborn, William Dean, Gaylord, Sophomore 1Q5 Frevert, Benjamin, Holyrood, Junior 90, 193 Frey, Edward Lee. Satanta, Senior ’ 32 Fritsche, Ruih Helen, Osborne. Freshman 56, 82, 86, 123 Fritschen, Lawrence Keith, Dorrance. Freshman 56, 88 258 Fross, Erma Ue, Hays, Junior Frutiger, Marvin Gene. Cedar, Junior Fry, Lester Paul, Wilma re, Sophomore Fuller, Melvin L., Hays, Senior Funk, Louis J., Ness City, Senior Funk, Wilma Joetta, Russell, Sophomore 115. 176, 1 85, 250 41 48, 99, 127 32 90 49, 95, 125 Funs ton, Erllh Elane, Trenton, Mich, Freshman 109, 123 Furgason, Robert Perry, Shields, Junior 41, 191 G Gales, Margaret Elaine, Belpre, Senior 32, 101, 125, 160. 161 Gal lent ine, John K., Clayton, Senior 32 Gantt, Sandra Sue, Ulysses, Freshman 56, 122 Garrelts, Gayle Ramsey, Ransom, Freshman 56 Garton, Evelyn, Dighton, Gr. 65 Gaughan, Lawrence, Ellinwood, Sensor 32 Gaunt, Mary Lou, Great Bend, Freshman 56, 87, 122 Geenen, George John, Jr., Phillipsburg, Senior 33, 85, 86, 95, 159 Geisinger, James B., Selden, Junior 41, 102 Gengler, James Russell, Beloit, Freshman 56 Gentzler, Norman Kay, Portis, Sophomore 49 George, Robert DaMars, Hays, Freshman 57, 153 Gerritzen, Barbara Helen, Oaflin, Freshman 57, 08, 115, 123 Getty, Dale Edward, Aimena, Freshman . 57, 140, 143, 145, 150 Getty, laura Elaine, Downs, Freshman 56, 123 Gibson, Pha Elizabeth, Quinter, Junior 76,86, 176, 179, 210 Gibler, Robert Clinton, Great Bend, Senior 33. 102, 193 Giddings, Roger Edward, Beloit, freshman 56, 153 Giebler, Vernon Dale, Hays, Senior 33, 112, 116 Giersch, Carolyn Kay, Abilene, Freshman 56, 123 Giersch, Marvin Lee, Abilene, Junior 41, 77, 126, 153 Gilbert, James LeRoy, Pls inville, Freshman 56 Gilbert, Robert H., Plainville, Senior 32, 152 Gilcrease, Richard Clarence, Garden City, Junior 41 Gilliland, Dare! Dean, Hoxie, Freshman 56 Gillispie, Eldon Fay, Levant, Senior 32, 77, 126, 152 Gillispie, Everest Lee, levanl, Sophomore 49, 35, 109, 126 Gilmore, Thomas Joseph, Hays, Junior 41, 195 Ginther. Glen Gust, Russell, Gr. 65 Gish, Charles Deane, Saline, Sophomore, 45 Gish, Kendall Don, Glen Elder, Senior 32, 127 Gleason, Donald Jay, Hill City, Gr, 65 Click, Gary Don, Lamed, Senior 8? Godfrey, Thomas Edwin, Hays, Senior 32 Godfrey. John Wm., Bushton, Freshman .... 191 Goehring. Doris Elaine, Kinsley, Freshman 56, 90, 95, 98, 100, 122 Goehring. Luther Waldemar. Kinsley, Senior 32, 94, 96 Goeken, James Barkley, Lenora, Freshman 56 Goetz. Alma Mae, Victoria, Sophomore 48 Goetz, Mary Kay, La Crosse, Freshman .57, 122, 183 Goetz, Verda, Victoria, Sophomore 48, 179, 224 Good heart, Loren Wayne, Bunker Hill, Freshman 126 Gorannson, Jeanette B,, Sweden, Freshman 57, 02, 95, 105, 123, 212 Gorton, Donald Elmer, Beverly, Sophomore 132, 153, 177 Goitberg, Nancy Jean, Hoisington, Freshman 57, 90, 103, 105, 109, Gracey, Alvin Dean, Hugoton, Freshman 58, 126 Graham, Donald lee, Quinter, Junior ]07 Graney, Christopher Fey, Hays, Senior 32, 103 Graver John Douglas, Rush Center, Sophomore 40. 103, 26 Graves, Gary Lee, Healy, Senior 35, 05, 126 Gray. Elizabeth Irene, Salina, Sophomore Gray, Lionel Denton. Smiih Center, Freshman Grecian. James Lee, Beloit, Junior . Green, James Claude, Great Bend, Sophomore 46, 96, 19V Green, Lynn Janet, Osborne, Freshman Grilfee, Elden €., Ensign, Gr. Griffin, Connie Lou, Lyons, Senior Griffin, Howard Marion, Bunker Hill, Sophomore Griffin’ Kenyon Neal, Hays, Freshman Griffin Rosalind Lee, Stockton, Sophomore Griffin William. Howard, Lyons. Senior Grlzzetl, Kenneth Lilburn, Clathn, Junior . Groff, Leo John, Ellis, Freshman Grogan, James Monroe, Dorrance, Sophomore Gross. Patricia Carolyn, Hays. Freshman o9. di, I 4J Grumbein, Alberl Royce, Ness City, Senior Gunnels, Joel Grin. Brewster, Freshman G u : £ sc n Edward Clair, Plainville, Sophomore Guts nail, Jerry Richard, Meade, Freshman Guyer, Howard Henry, Osborne, Freshman Guyer, Janice Ann, Osborne, Senior H Ha se, Otto Frederick, Ellsworth, Junior 77, 151 Habiger. James Norbert. Repub ic. Junior Habiger Mary Elizabeth, Republic. Sophomore 76, 88, 93. 95, 48 Hagman.. Herbert E„ Brooklyn. N.V.. Freshman 59, 109 Hall Larry L . . Minneola. Sophomore Hailing. Ronald A.. Bucklin Sophomore Hamblet, Shirley Deane, Plainville, Freshman 59, ‘73 1 9 Hamby, Barbara L., Hays, Junior J eo Hamel, Cleophas E.. Damar, Freshman 154 Hamel. Dennis, Damar, Freshman Hamel. Gary W.. Zurich, Freshman Hamel, Robert D., Zurich, Senior 1 ■ Hamel, Thomas R., Zurich, Freshman ' Hammer, Lawrence C., Ellinwood, Junior Haney, James W., Quinter, Junior ■ ' 132 Haney, Ronald N. Colby, Junior 93 Hanna, Gary E-, Renokee, Senior ' 05 Hanzlick, William, Hoisington. Senior Harbaugh. Bonnie M,. Great Bend, Junior e6 ' l03 Haroi it Joan L Qu inter, Sophomore 1 ’ _ 11 Hargraves William P... Goodland, Sophomore 46, Hark ness, Roberta B, Ness City, Junior Harper Ma rcalene S., We kan, Sophomore ?9 Harper, Robert V , Syracuse, Sophomore Harper, Sidney V., Scott City. Sophomore ; 25 Harris, Frances L-, Lamed, Sophomore ' Harris, Joene H , Bird City, Junior 4 0, 105 58 127 58, 122 65 33 48 59 98 33 41, 81 59 32 127 48 59. 95, 127 59, 36 32, 82. 125 Harris, John R., Meade, Freshman 59, 85, 06, 1 1Q, 117, 127 Harris, Joyce K , Hays, Senior 32 Harris, Robert E., Great Bend, Junior 41 Harrison, Weymeth L., Pratt, Senior 191 Harrison, William F., Lenora, Sophomore 48 Harling, Genola L., Edmond, Sophomore 48, 82. 125 Harting, Roger D., Edmond, Freshman 59 Harvey, Kenneih D., Protection, Junior 41 Harvey, Larry V., Protection, Freshman 59 Harzman, Donald E., Cawker City, Sophomore 40, 126, 195 Hauschiid, Wesley A., Oakley, Senior .32, 96 Hayes, Barbara A., Hays, Senior .33, 75 Hayes, Curtis O., Palco, Gr, 65 Hayes, Patricia, Levant, Freshman 59, 123 Heald, Judy D., Smith Center, Freshman 59, 123, 160 Hearty, Glenda M., Clayton, Sophomore 48, 183 Heaton, Patricia L , Woodston, Freshman 59 123 Hecox, Roberta J., Weskan, Freshman 58, 87, 100, 101, 122. 187 Hegwer, Judith L., Codell, Junior 41, 69, 76. 87, 103 Heinen, Stephen T., Osborne, Freshman 58 Heinze, Donna S., Greensburg, Sophomore 48, 133, 212 Helm, Beverly J., Sophomore 40. 98, 124 Helwig, Harold B , Hoisington, Sophomore 48, 105 Hembree, Jim L., Hays, Sophomore 4 8 Hembree, Shirley A., Chase, Sophomore 49 Hemphill, Larry P., Byers, Junior 41 Henderson, John W., luka. Junior 41, 88 Hendricks, Lela A,, Raymond, Freshman 58, 82, 123 Henry, Earl l., Del I vale. Freshman 59 Henry, Marvin C., Norton, Senior 33 Henz, Roger, Bird City, Freshman 59 Herd, Roger G., Protection, Junior 41 Herd, Warren A.. Protection, Freshman 59 Hergert, Merrll W,, Albert, Gr. 65 Herman, Carol Jr., Lincoln, Freshman 59, 82, 115. 122 Hermreck, Emmalene E., Ellsworth, Sophomore 49, 90, 125, 187 Heronemus, Ronald E-, Hays, Sophomore 49, 75 Herren, Albert M., Great Bend, Senior 33, 83, 1U2, 109 Herrman, Joseph H, r Utica, Sophomore 48, 99, 127 Herrman, Lester A., Hays, Senior 77, 132, 134, 159 Herron, Robert D., Kinsley, Junior 42, 69, 197 Hertel, Denis l.. Hays, Sophomore 4B, 88 Herzog, Alexander, Hays, Sophomore 4 0, 105 Heskitt, LeAnn K., Studley, Freshman Hess, Leon D., WaKeeney, Gr. 65 Hester, Georgette J., Olmitz, Junior 42, 101, 125, 160 Hester, LeRoy Russell, Pawnee Rock, Senior 96 Hettinger, Donald D. Formosa, Sophomore 191 Newell, Geneva M., Cold water, Gr. 65 Hewett, Joe D,, Hays, Senior 32 Hewett, Mary E., Coldwater, Junior 42 Hickman, Betty P., Hays, Freshman 59 Higgins, Elizabeth A., Tribune, Sophomore 48, 124 Higgins, Mildred F , Brownell, Freshman 59, 108, 123 Higgins, Robert J., Abilene. Senior 32 Hildebrand, Darrell E Hi 1 ' Cily, Sophomore 77, 123, 136. 149 H i I debra nd , El sie A Ff i I i 0 1 y F res hma n 59,101,123 i62 Hill, Leland N., Goodland, Senior 32, 72, 74. 78 Hi llis, Norman R, Liberal, Freshman 58.. 193 Hills, Paul G., Esbon, Senior 32 :Q3, 107 Hilmes, Ralph J,, Ransom, Junior 42, 107, 177, 189, 224 Hinkhouse, James £ , Palco, Gr. 60 . 81 Hirt, Rosa L., Dor ranee, Sophomore 40, 88 , -25 Hisey, Galen D., Hill City, Senior 132, 13 5 Hobbie, I la Jean, Tipton, Senior 32, 70, 73 80 Hockelt, Joyce Alayne, Zurich, Junior 42, 93. ! 24 Hosier, Jerry Eugene, Hutchinson, Senior Hoff, Donald Lee, Syracuse, Sophomore Hoffman, Karen Kay, Cawker City, Sophomore Hoffman, Richard Walter, Kanopolis. Senior 32, 71, 73, 74, 80. 9U 65 48 69, 101. 124 40, 187 32 48 48, 124 Hofstetter, Paul Louis. Hill City, Gr. Hollaway, Loretta Jean, Hays, Sophomore Hollingshead, Marian $„ Beloit. Junior Holloway, Douglas Neil. Alton, Senior 33, 7 7, 140, 142 14 d. 95 Holloway. Kay Coleen, Beloit, Freshman 08 . 84. 2 J Hoi thus. Sharleen Kay. Smith Center.. Junior 42, 124 Hooien, James Lee. Wellington, Sophomore 132, 135 Hopkins, Robert Dean, Protection, Junior 127 Hopkins, Terry Monroe, Hays, Sophomore 4d, 69. 93. 94 95 Horning, Edward James, Ransom, Junior 42 . Horning, Virgil Linus. Ransom, Junior x 4 _ 2f rf ' Horning, Lester William. Spearville, Junior 42, 88 . I If Hough, David Arthur, Coldwater, Sophomore 49. 46 House, Dlght Arlyn, McCracken, Sophomore I Houser Blair Duane. Paradise, Freshman Houser. Med Keith, Paradise, Senior Housholder, Nancy Jo, Belleville. Freshman 59, Ml 4U Houston, Duane Eugene, Ellis, Senior 44 Houston, Marilyn Kay. Jewell. Junior 4J, 4, uz Hoverson, Sandra Sue. Phillipsburg, Freshman 59 2 3 Howard. Ruth Elaine, Ness City, Freshman 5V. mj. o f Hubert, Craig E., Lamed, Sophomore J ' iv Hubbard, Sylvia Jeanette, Edson, Sophomore Hudson, John James. Hays. Freshman Huleii Gary K„ Osborne, Senior Hull Donald Wayne, Russell, Senior Hull ' Kenneih Glen, Brownell. Senior £7 Hgmrich, Paul Levi, Smith Center, Freshman Hurst, Donald Jean. Hays, Gr. _ Huslig, Marcus Ferdinand, Penelosa, Junior Hutchcraft Theodore Edward. Natoma, Freshman 59 , vj Hutton Rodney Kent, Bucklin, Sophomore jo Hyde, Keith Dean, Herington, Sophomore I brig Meredith Marie Goodland. Freshman 54, 71, 88 , 122 Imel, ' Jack Man, Hill City, Freshman ImMasche, Donald Clayton. Hays, Junior I mM a sc he, Dons Kay, Hays, Freshman 59. 84, 95, 100. I2J 259 Irwin, Arlene Carol, Gorham, Freshman 58 Irvine, Keith Wayne, Little River, Sophomore 95 Ivan, John Edward, Russell 1 , Freshman 56 J Jackson, Mary Ellen, Atwood, Sophomore 48 Jacobs, Jackie Whitten, Hill City, Freshman 127 Jamison, Doyle James, Ouinter, Sophomore 48, 126 Janzen, Loren Clair, Scan City, Senior 34, 73, 193, 230 Jefferies.. Gwendolyn Mae, Wa Keeney, Freshman 58, 122, 1 S3 Jeffus, Alien Ward, Oberlin, Sophomore 4 8 , 140, 14 3, 145 Jensen, Charles J., Republic, Junior 42, 158 Jensen, Daryl Dean, Salina, Freshman 199 Jensen, Juliana, Kinsley, Sophomore 48, 84, 124 Jensen, Linda Joyce, Hays, Freshman 87 Jewell, Wihiam Charles, Goodland, Freshman 132, 144 Jeweil, Eldred Elain, Dighlon, Junior 42, 7B, 108, 119, 137, 207 Jimenez, Pete, Syracuse, Junior 1 02 Johnson, Bernard Dinkier, Brookville, Junior 77, 9B Johnson, Charicie Darlene, Beeler, Senior 34, 76, 83, 107 Johnson, Dale Max, Gove, Senior 34 Johnson, Daniel Harris, Hays, Senior 34, 72, 77, 00, 132, 135 Johnson, Deanna Rush, Ellis, Freshman 59, 100, 123 Johnson, Delbert Axel, Quinler, Gr. 65, 102 Johnson, Edv ard Raymond., Lamed, Senior 30, 71, 153, 158, 195 Johnson, Harold Lewis-, Goodland, Senior 69, 96, 199 Johnson, Joyce Eileen, Atwood, Sophomore ,48, 90, 98, 124 Johnson, Mary Louise, Oakley, Sophomore 48, 98, 125 Johnson, Michael George, Solomon, Junior 107 Johnson, Russell Jay, Zurich, Junior 42, 193 Johnson, Victor Dale, Ore a r Bend, Freshman .59 Johnsion, William Bernard, Meade, Sophomore 4 8 Jones, Francis Eugene, Hill Cify, Senior 35 Jones, Marlyn V,, Kanorado, Junior 42 Jones, Ronald Dee, Colby, Freshman 59, 88 , 193 Joslin, Marilyn Francis, Hays, Junior 42 Juenemann, John Augusi, DeHvale, Freshman 127 K Kaempfe, Bonnie Jean, Sylvia Grove, Junior .43 Kahle, Larry Lee, Hoxie. freshman 59 Kaiser, Bernice Joyce, 8 ison, Junior 42 Kaiser, Delmar Joseph, Grainfield, Junior 42 Kaiser, Layton Lawrence, Hoisington, Freshman 59, 88 , 126, 153 Kaiser, Sylvia Kay, Great Bend, Sophomore 49, 76, 93 Kaps, Larry Gene, Russell, Junior 4 2, 127 Karlin, Walter Roger, Hays, Sophomore 49 Karr, Curtis Darland, Stockton, Sophomore 132 Karst, Gerald Lynn, Wilson, Sophomore 49 Karst, Larry Ken. Hoisington, Freshman 103, 126 Karst, Ronald H., Wa Keeney, Senior 34 Kaufman, Kay Ann, Medicine Lodge, Freshman 59 r 123 Kaufman, Marlyn, Dorranee, Sophomore 126 Keiser, Rodger Kyle, Quinter, Freshman 59 Keith, Glenn Leroy, Penokee, Sophomore 48. 126 Keller, David Dean, Ellis, Freshman . 58, 87, 193 Keller, Emmit Fay, Preston, Gr. . ........ , 65 Keller. Noel John, Jefmore, Senior 35, 90 Kellogg, Brooks lane. Stewart Manor, N.Y., Sophomore 108, 1 17, 153 Kendall. Barbara Jean, Macksville. Freshman 58, 123 Kern. Nancy J,. Hutchinson, Senior 34, 101, 125 Kepferle, Loyd Thomas, Quinter, Junior 43, 77, 153 Kephart, Carolyn Jo, Macksville, Freshman 48. 179 Kerbaugh, Julia May, Hays, Freshman 58, 82, 122 Kern, Francis Henry, Ralco, Senior 34 Kerr, Houston Ray, Hugo ion, Gr, 65 Kersietier. Rex Eugene, Protection, Sophomore 4 8 , 85, 109, 126 Kessler, Joyce, Kennsington, Senior 48, 87, 91, 98 K ilian, Bi I K. r Russell, Sophomore 4 0 Kilian, Larry D., Russell, Freshman 59 Kimbell, Dee E., Meade, Sophomore 48, 79 Kimbell, Lee £., Meade, Freshman 59, 108, 123 King, Gorclon D-, Kensington, Sophomore 48 Kinyon, Sue, Wellington, Junior 42, 1QI. 125, 160 Kipple, Helen F , Long Island, Junior 42, 86 . 10 1, 124 Kirby. Carolyn J. r Lamecf, Freshman 59, 103, 123 Kirk, Larry J., Liberal, Freshman 59, 87, 127 Kissick, Delia M. r Beverly, Freshman 59 Klein, Allen Burden, Freshman 91 Klemm, Gerald C., WaKeeney, Senior 34, 69, 119, 191 K ' eweno, Kaiherine E, Lenora, Freshman 59, 84, 100, 123, 185 Kneller. She-la J , Rollo. Senior 34. 76. 99, 103 Knight, Richard A, Shallowater, Texas, Sophomore 132, 137 Knipe, Duane A . Griftnell, Freshman 59 Knobbe, Edward J., Marienthal, Sophomore 79 Knoll. Lester J., Hays, Senior 34, 156 Knowles, Donna E Osborne, Sophomore 48, 98, 146, 162 Knowles, Ruth L., Saianiti, Senior 34 124 Knudson. Karol A.. Ludell, Freshman 58. 98. 129 Koch. Barbara A , Greensburg. Junior 42,. 75, 103 Koch Beverly A.. Hill City. Senior 34 101, 124 Koch. Dedrick C. Lewis, Senior .35, 177, 191 Koch. Robert E., $eotl City, Freshman 58, 75, 126 Koelling, Marilyn A.. Alton, Freshman 58, 100, 122 Koeliing, Ruih E., Alion, Sophomore 48 , 69, 90 Koeppe ' i Jerry D., Wellingion, Sophomore 49 r 199, 212 Kogler. Stanley, Gypsum, Junior 4 2, 203 Kohls, Everett £-, Ellsworth, Senior 35 Komarek. Francis J.. Bavaria, Sophomore 49 Komarek. John A . Bavaria, Sophomore 4 9 Koochel, Larry J Otis. Freshman 5 P Kopke. Larry l . Pawnee Rock, Sophomore 50, 79, 102, 117, 219 Korbe, Donald D., Hays, Junior 35 Kraisinger, Gary i. Great Bend, Freshman 59, 75, 126 Kratzer, Barry D.. Hox e. Freshman ’ 59 ; 154 Kroll, John T,, Minneapolis, Minn., Junior ... 42, 105 Kronewiiter, James J., Hays, Sophomore 50 Krug, Morris F., Russell, Senior 34 90 Kruse, Lawrence M. r Leoville, Junior 42 Kruse, Merlin A., Selden, Freshman 59 Kruse, Paul D., Leoville, Junior 34 Kuehnert, Dian, Oskafoosa, Iowa, Junior 42 Kufeld, Roland C, Great Bend, Senior 34, 127 Kuhlman, Harold K„ Great Send, Gr. 34 Kulibom, Stanley D,, Hugoton, Gr. 65, 103 Kummer, Thomas, Greet Send, Junior 42, 193 Kyser, Richard G,, Tribune, Sophomore 50 L Laizure, Karen L., Hays, Sophomore . .51, 160, 185 Lalfy, Jerry M., Russell, Sophomore ..51, 191 Lamb, Douglas. Macksville, Senior 34, 86, 126 Lambert, Jeanne, Emporia-, Gr. 65 Lane, Galard C., Johnson, Senior 34 Lane, Gala N. r Zurich, Junior 42, 93, 124 Lang, Donald, Ellis, Senior 34 Langdon, Larry L,, Lucas, Freshman . 59 lasater, Clifton J., Garden City, Freshman 87 Latham, Dohn G., Osborne, Sophomore 51, 127 Law, Philip E., Oberlin, Sophomore 51 Layton, Donald M., Randall, Sophomore 51, 126 Leak, Bernard Lyle, Colby, Freshman 59, 85, 109, 154 Leazure, Sandra Pa Icq, Sophomore 51 lee, James H., Cummings, Freshman 132 Lee, Lowell G,, Lorraine, Junior 189 Lee, Margaret K., LaCrosse, Freshman 59, 90, 123 Leffingwelt, Patricia L., Lakin, Sophomore 51, 93, 125 Legere, Scott L-, Hill City, Freshman 60 Legleiter, Gergory J., LaCrosse, Freshman . 60 Leg lei ter, Margarel R,, LaCrosse, Sophomore 51, 108 Legleiter, Rudy J , Hays, Senior 35, 89 Leichliier, Carof J., Nickerson, Sophomore 51, 115 Leiker, Harvey J,, Hays, Sophomore 50, 157, 191 Leiker, Roberi, Bushton, Junior 88, 119 Leimer, Lawrence, Herndon, Sophomore 50, 127 Lent, Berl, Scott City, Senior 35 Leonard, Clarene, Lakin, Freshman 60, 103, 123 Leonard, Ronald R . Quinter, Sophomore 50, 127, 132, 135 Lewis, Judy, Salina, Sophomore 51, 04, 86, 160, 183, 212 Lewis, Joe, Russell, Freshman 51, 199 Leydig, VeHee, Glade, Sophomore 51, 76, 108, 124 Lick, Keith W.. Hunier, Senior .35 Ligon, Sharon L., Hays, Sophomore 73, 87, 98, 108, 1 76, 187 Lilak, Larry W., Wilson, Senior 34 Limes, Boyd, Logan, Junior 43. 87, 105. 109, 193 Lindahl, Elwin J, r Hays, Gr, 65 Lindner, H Greig, Hays, Gr. 65 Lindner, Margot R.. Hays, Gr. 78 Lindsay, Richard R.. Russell, Junior 43 Lindsey, Gerald D, Stockton, Sophomore ,51, 99, 144 Linenberger, Robert G , Bunker Hill, Senior 34 Lippe, Dwight E., Miltonvale, Senior 34 Lockman, Carolyn M., Ford. Freshman 60. 93, 1 00, 123, 183 Lockman, Deanna R Ford, Sophomore 51, 74. 79. 92, 106, 123, 1 83. 216 Laewen, Afie A., Ulysses, Senior 34. 126 Loewen, Pete P., Ulysses, Freshman 60, 127 Lofstead, Karen F., Ellis, Freshman 60, 100, 122, 179 Logue, Lona Lou, Siaf ford, Sophomore 51, 98. 124 Long, Kenneth E. , McDonald, Sophomore 51, 126 Loomis, Owen, Jr., Garden Cily r Senior 34 Losey, William J., Grinnel, Freshman 60, 86 Lott, Clarence £.. hill City, Sophomore 51 Lotton, Richard Neil, Hays,, Junior 150 Love, Juanita H., Zurich, Sophomore 98, 124 Lovitt, Kay F.. Utica, Freshman 61, 32, 91 123 Lower, Beverly A., Sublette, Freshman 61, 91, 98, 123 Lowry, Phyllis J. r Hugoion, Freshman 61, 82, 100 Lucas, Roberta, Goodland, Freshman 60, 122 167 Luft, Rudolph L. r LaCrosse, Sophomore .51 lulhi, Darreh D., Logan, Junior 42. 109, 193 Lynch, Gail D., Plainville, Freshman 60 Lyon, Jacqueline H., Plainville, Freshman 59, 123 M Magana, Frank, Kanopolis, Sophomore 50, 88, 102, 127 M.ahoney, Garry M., Dorranee, Sophomore 50, 96 Mai, Donald L., Kalvesta, Junior 42 Mai, Frederick R., WaKeeney, Freshman 132 Mai, Vernon V„ Hill City, Senior 34, 1 04 Major, Marilyn A , Dorranee, Sophomore 50, 91, 98. 105, i24 Malcolm, James V., Almena, Freshman 61 Mallo, M,ary J., Scott City. Freshman 60. 88. 123 Maneth, Alvin L., Great Bend. Freshman 60, 88. 96 Mangold, Arland A., Tribune, Sophomore 51 Man ion, Alice F. , Great Bend, Freshman 60 Manke, Gilbert E, El mwood, Senior 35, 90, 127 Mantz, Beverly A., Kanopolis. Sophom ore 51, 125, 160. 187 Marconei, Rosalind D , Lamed, Freshman 123 Margheirn, Edwin £., WaKeeney, Freshman 60, 91. 199 Marrs, Arwm W., Fowler, Junior 103, 107 Marshall, Larry G., Hays. Junior 42, 86, 95 r 102, 113 Martin, Helen F , Haviland, Junior 98 Maska, George A,. Hays, Sophomore 77, 149, 151, 157 Maska, James A, Hays, Junior 77, 132, 136, 150 Mason, Bill G., Phitlipsbuirg. Junior 42, 127 Matheson, Gerald D., Liberal, Junior 42. 83, 87 Mathias, Shirley A,. Deerfield, Sophomore 51, 101 Maupin. Richard D-. Luray, Senior 35 Maxwell, Luella M., Quinter, Sophomore 51, 84, 86 Mayer, Rex ! , Brewster, Junior 42, 132, 154, 193, 224 Mayo, Marjorie J., Natoma, Gr. 65 M.ays, Roger W., Window Rock, Ariz., Freshman 102, 127 McAdoo, William A, Lamed, Freshman 60, 156 McAmoil. Carol, Junior 42, 81, 125 McCall, Dale D , Culve. ' , Freshman 60, 127 McCsmmon, Judilh A., Burr Oak. Sophomore 51, 98, 124 McCartney, Marilyn G, Hays, Sophomore 51, 183 McClain, Ernest E , Portis, Freshman 51 60, 100, 120 35 42, 107 46 71, 92. 126 51 65 42, 77 152. 197 125 McClellan, Marilyn V., Glade, Freshman McConkey, Darns T., Quinter, Senior McCoy, Vera A., Mess City, Junior McCune, Allen D.. Salma, Sophomore McDonald, Merlyn E , Gove, Sophomore McDougall, William D, WeKeeney, Gr, McEwen, Julian A., Norton, Junior Mcfadden, Sandra K , Osborne, Junior McFarland, John H., Sterling, Junior 43, 77, 126. 132, 156 McGinnis. Darrell D., Esbon, Sophomore 51. 81, 30 McGinnis, Donald E., Esbon. Sophomore 51 McIntosh, Norman, Hays, Freshman S7 McKenzie, Selma Virgie. Ransom, Freshman 60, 100 r 123 McMahon. Patrick L. Jr., Alibene, Sophomore 126 McNeal, Denzil D., Waldo, Freshman £0 McNeill, Sharon D., Goodland, Freshman 61, 115, 122 McNutt, Shirley J-, Hays, Senior 34 McQueen. Kerry E, Kirwin, Freshman 61, 193 McVicker, Robert G., Smith Center, Junior 77, 147, 151, 15 " Mease, Wanda L, Nashville, Sophomore 50, 133 Meier, Janice £., Bunker Hill, Senior 34, 125, 160 Meier, Larry C., Abilene, Freshman 87 Meirowsky, Maurice G , Peabody, Freshman 60, 83 Melton, William l , Concordia, Junior 4 2, 127 Melville, Belly L., Sylvia, Unci. 07 Merritt, George W,. Ellis, Senior 34, 73, 106 Merlen, Sarah M,„ Great Bend, Senior 34 Merz, Dorothy J . . Natoma. Sophomore 76, 179 Messer, Milford D , Rexford, Senior 34, 71, 79, 195, 221 Meyers, William D., Plainville, Junior 4 3 Michel, Gordon, Russell, Junior Mickey, Elta Ann, Hoxie, Sophomore 50, 98, 125, 87 Middtekauff, Charles, Hays, Junior Miles, Marcel, Jewell, Sophomore 51 Milham, Merrell, Salina. Sophomore 79 Miller, Dianne, FeMsburg, Junior 4 2, 81 125. 9 Miller, Iris, McDonald, Junior 42, 90, 10 I. 103, 125, 160 Miller, Jenme, Norcaiur. Junior 99 Miller, Romona. LaCrosse, Freshman 60, 105, 123, 169, 216, 213 Miller, Ruth, Ellis, Sophomore 51. 83 Miller, Samuel. Russell, Freshman 6U, Ut Miller, Shirley. Phillipsburg, Junior A2, 74, 9 L 124 Miller, Suzanne, Claflln, Junior 40, 71, 39, 167, 210, 211 Mills Bernard, Nekoma, Junior 42, 71, 79. 85, 102, 109, 121 126, 156 Mills, Joseph. Bunker Hill, Junior 42, 127 Mills, Merle. St, Francis. Freshman 06, 4 Millsap, Sheri, Syracuse, Junior 42 B Milton, Ernest H., Norton, Junior 42, 71 79, 102, 09 Minor, Gyla, Ulysses, Sophomore 5 1, va, y Mitchell, Margaret. Russell, Sophomore 91, 45 Mitten. Robert Leon, Utica, Freshman 61, 1 03, 2 Mog, Sidne Sue, Macksville, Freshman 12 3, I6U Mohler, Vernpn, Hays, Junior 43 Mohr, James Leon, Hutchinson, Sophomore -5U 2 Moletor, Virginia. Kinsley, Freshman 61. 98, 100, 105, 23 Money, Michael, Hill City, Freshman “I, VJ Monroe, Norma. Ellis, Freshman 6L. I zy Montgomery, Sally. Hays, Senior Monty, George, Leonville, Gr- 50 Moomaw, Welter Max, Dighton. Sophomore 6i Moon, Raiph, Burr Oak, Senior 94, 2UJ Moore. Arabelle, Spearville, Junior 60 103, 23 Moore, Ehzabeih, Gardner, Junior 42. 106, 40 Moore, Me Idea n, Hays. Freshman ' 3 2, io Moore, Raymond, Levani, Sophomore 9i Moore, Richard, Abilene, Senior 35. 96, 106, 193 Moore, Robert V.. Hays, Freshman V, vy Moorman, Harold, Nickerson, Senior O o i nA Moorman, Myma Beth, Suston, Junior - Morehead Donald M.. Downs, Sophomore 51, 190, Morris, Beniamin G.. Quinter, Freshman 60, u Morris, Claude, Dighton, Sophomore , 4 ; ' Morris, Harold. Hays, Sophomore 51. 77, 147 1 5U Morris, Lucille, Quinter, Junior J 4 . Morrissey, Douglas. Woodston, Sophomore 6U. Morrow, Vera Jean. Garfield, Freshman 60. 64 100. 122, 172, 224 Moser, Albert, Syracuse, Junior 7 ; r? Moses. Don V., Russell, Junior 4U, , Mosier, William D. Hays, Freshman 64 t iv_ Moizner, Mary. Russell, Senior 35j 7 1,9 196, 210 Moyer, Velda D.. Ellsworlh, Senior 30. 75, 176, ' 65 Mudd, ' Harlan, Russell, Freshman Mueldener, Charles L, Lyons, Senior 46, oy Mueldener, Gretchen, Lyons, Sophomore 6U, zo Mueller Charles. Kingman, Senior Mulder, Darrell, Logan. Senior Mullender. Lawrence. Waldo, Senior 36, 73, 10V, it Munk. Leroy F Victoria, Junior ‘ Munseli, Donald, Natoma. Freshman Murphy, Carlos. Dighton, Junior ■ Murray. John L , Scott City. Sophomore N Neely. Jerry Joe. Bucklin. Freshmsn Neill Patricia, Dighton, Senior 36, 76. 93, 124, 18.. 210. I Nelson, Barbara, Garfield. Freshman J ' ™ Nelson, Connie. Hays, Sophomore 50, 79, mz, v Nelson, Donald D., Garfield, Junior Nelson, Paul R, Galva, Sophomore 31 1 " Nelson, Roger, Hays, Junior Nelson, Virgil. Vesper, Senior J? ' ]Q7 New, Roger, Hays, Junior r R n Newton, Palricia. Richfield, Senior 36, 7 ° j qa 109 Neylon, George. Hays, Sophomore Nicholas, George. Geneseo. Junior t 7g Nickels. Vina, Kinsley. Sophomore = , r , Nieman, James, Grinnell, Senior Niernberger, Floyd F., Ellis, Gr. Noble, Eugene. Stockton, Senior g Noble Patsy, Woodston, Senior 4 . , ou, y Roller Gary, Glen Elder, Junior 36 6 1, 84, 36, 123 1 15, 105 132 54, 71 117, 1 26, 219 51 „ 79, 1 25. 160 60, 111, 1 23, 170. 128 150 36, 126, 177 43 51, 90, 126 60, 90 r 98, 123, 162 60 90, 123 36. 70, 73, 30, 115 60. 99 159 Noller, Kenneth, Beloit, Senior Nordman, Mary, Olrrhtz, Freshman Norman, Kendall, Burden, Junior Norton, Alan V.. Cimarron, Junior Norton, Warren. Hoisinglon, Freshman Norton, Wilma. Utica, Sophomore Ngss, Dorothy, Olmitz, Freshman Nutt, Jack, Dighton, Freshman Q O ' Brien, Peter Patrick, Bazme, Senior Ochs, Kenneth Ray, Garden Ciiy, Junior Ochs, Norman, Utica, Sophomore Oelke, Carol A.. Hoxie. Freshman Qetken, Gloria J.„ Greet Bend. Freshman Qfferte, Dolores, Offerle, Senior Offner. Kenneth M.. Utica, Freshman Q ' Hair, Carl D., Scott City, Gr. O ' Halloran, Marla K Ulysses, Freshman 60. 38, 93. 95, 100, 123, 183. 203, 218 Ohlemeter, Billy J., LaCrosse, Freshman 60, 91. 108, 195 Ohnmacht, Bernard J,, Glis, Freshman 83 Gldach, Robert H , Colorado Springs. Colo,, Sophomore 15 O ' Leary. John R.. Pretty Prairie, Freshman 60, 5 40, 143 Oliva, Leo E.„ Woodston, Junior 43, 74, 105, 195 Oliverius, Roger J., Timken, Freshman 61 Oher, Carolyn L . Hutchinson. Sophomore 51, 124. 169, 216, 218 Olson, Daryl A., Lenora, Senior 36 Olson, Merlin £ , Assaria, Freshman 61. : 93 O r Neill r Norman E,, Lyons, Freshman 61, 109 Opitz Glenda Fern, Garden Ciiy. Sophomore 51, 76, 90, 99, 106. 162, 185 Ormsbee, Larry E., Athol, Sophomore Orr, Altie M., Woodston, Senior 36 Orr, Curtis L., Woods ion, Freshman 60 Orr, Gerald K., Woodston, Sophomore Grr, Jeunita M., Woodston, Sophomore 51 Ostrander. Lanara G., Bushton, Freshman 60, 123, 179 Oslrom, Siephen F , Hays. Freshman Oswald, Carolyn G., Russell. Sophomore 50, 36 125 Oswald, Irma J.. Gorham, Junior 4 2 O ' Toole, Ailene M,, Arnold, Freshman 60, 99, 115, 123 O ' Toole, Patrick W,, Arnold, Junior 42, 99 127 O ' Toole, Peggy J., Arnold, Junior 42. 125 Owen, Barbara Aileen, Beloit Sophomore 50 P Painter. William J Meade, Sophomore Palmer, Barbara E, Russell, Sophomore 51, 99, 125 Palmer, Byran Dee, Bogue, Senior 36 71, 73, 79. 102. 103 Palmer, Linda Luray, Atwood, Sophomore 51. 86, 98 i24 Palmer. Paul £,, Hays, Freshman 140. 14 3, 144 145 Pangrac, Ivan E., Niles, Gr. 65 Parker, Lloyd Roy, Hays. Freshman Parks, Charles. Macksville, Freshman 60. 127 Parks, Kenneth W Utica, Sophomore 51 Parsons, Donaid D. Bunker Hill, Freshman 60, 126 Pate, Gideon Doral, Nickerson, Freshman 126 Patton, Marilyn. Scott Ciiy, Freshman 60, 82. 123 Pauley, Eugene D., Osborne, Junior 42. 74 105 Pauslian, Gay Loan, LaCrosse, Freshman 61, 122, 183. 207 Peck, Loren a B-. Iota, Sophomore Pelzel, Donald J.. Hays, Senior 36 Pepper, Donna L., Syracuse, Sophomore 51, 124 Perkins, Harold R., Phillipsburg. Sophomore 51. 155 Peterman, Elaine M_, Ellsworth, Sophomore 51, 90. 93 Peterman, Harold A.. Holyrood. Freshman 90 Peterson, Joyce L.„ Monument, Junior 101. 125 Pelerson Kermii D.. Little River, Sophomore 51 Peterson, Luelia L. Monument, Junior 42. 101, 160 Peterson, Mildred J Bushton, Freshman 61 . 84, 86, 123 Peterson, Patricia A,, Protection, Junior 4 2 Peterson. R Lloyd, Hays. Freshman 6 Peierson, Shirley. E.. Protection, Freshman 60. 69, 34. 93, 122 Pellibone, Richard A., Kanoradio, Junior 42, 74. 120, 193 Pettle Charles J., Salina, Junior Pfannenstiel, Darlene M . Victoria, Freshman 60. 88 Pfannenstiel, Miaurice, Hays, Sophomore Pfeifer, Albert R. Victoria. Sophomore 51, 132 Pfeifer, James F., Hays, Sophomore Pf liegcr. Delmar E.. Densmore, Senior Phillips, Connie, Pexford, Senior Phillips, Gale W., Norton Sophomore Phillips, Roy C , Dodge City. Pg. Picker ill, Bobby L . Lyons, Senior Pickenpaugh. William, Goodland, Sophomore Pitman, R Lynn, Minneola, Senior Pittman. Richard J Hays, Freshman Pivonka, James, LaCrosse, Sophomore Plowman. Richard D. r Macksville, Junior Poage, Jerald D.. Jennings. Junior Poage. Richard L . Jennings, Freshman Poage, Shirley D., Almena Freshman Poer, Gareth O., Hoisington, Senior Polifka judilh A , Hays,, Freshman Poom. Garry L„ Stockton, Junior Popp Dennis E , Russell, Freshman Poppe, W Clyde! I, Cimarron, Sophomore Powers. Beverly J.. Oakley. Sophomore Pratt, Donald, Alton, Freshman Price. Kayla J , Nekoma, Sophomore 51. 115 179, 244 Prichard. Marion K. Rockv.Me, Maryland, Freshman 93, 103, 23 Princ. Maunce W„ Luray. Sophomore 51, 77, 79, 86. 26 Proof, Helen, lenora. Sophomore Purer. Alfred, Liberal, Senior 36, UJ Purer, Leonard E.. Libera!, Sophomore 9i, tuo R Ralsiin, George L.. Mullenvilte. Sophomore 127 Randle, William E.. Byers, Senior Randles Monte I. Raymond, Freshman oi, izo Rasp. Charley B.. Abilene, freshmsn Rassetle Geo A.. Dorrance. Freshman 62. 82, 91, tou, Rasseite, Dixie L. Wilson, Sophomore 1 50 37 37 84. 115 105 65 36. 189 50, 154. 193 36 126. 193 60 126 42 35. 109, 127 43, 85 60, 126. 132 60, 115, 122 36. 126 60, 113. 115 4 3, 197 60 140, 144 150 50. 127. 132. 134 51. 105 61 26 1 Ray, Loretta C, Tribune, Freshmen 62, 122 Ream, Don F , Lamed, Senior _ 65 Reece, Clyde W. , Burden, Freshman 62, 85, 127, 144 Reed. Cliff, Offede. Gr. 65 Reed, Jerome H., Hoxie, Sophomore 51, 144, 197 Reeves, Bob G.. Ulysses, Sophomore 51, 126 Reeves Leon N, Beeler, Sophomore 44. 126 Reimer, Wanda L,, Wichita, Freshman 62, 100, 123 Reinhardt Nedith E., Grea ' Bend, Senior 36, 74, 80 Remhardt, Richard 1 B., Great Bend, Sophomore 51, 96, 199 Reiss, James V., Weskan, Junior 44, 75 Reiss, Jerroll £ , Weskan, Junior 44 Reatchek, Clem J., Grainfield, Freshman Revell, Rae V., Great Bend, Junior 44 Revilla, Luis A , Lima, Peru, Freshman Reynolds, Marvin J.. Nafoma, Freshman Rhea Phillip C., Mankato, Freshman Rhme, Charles 6., Edm ond, Sophomore 51, 79, Rhine, Paul E., Edmond. Junior 44, 71, 74, 79, 120, 126 Rhoads, Donna J., Goodland, Freshman 62. Rhodes. Darold W,, Protection, Freshman 62 Richards, Loren D , Ellsworth, Senior . Richards, Vickie R . Goodland. Sophomore 7B, 105, 108, Richford. Lionel G., Martienthal, Senior Ride?. Donald V.. Hays, Sophomore 52, Ridgway, Bonnie J , Qgallah, Sophomore . 52, Ridgway, Kyle V., Bird City. Freshman 63, 75, Riedel, Howard A., Stockton.. Sophomore 52, Riedel, Paul J., Ellis, Junior 77, Riemann, Bernard E., Densmore, Junior Rifle. Roger H.. Stockton, Sophomore ftightmeier, Leonard G.. Belleville., Sophomore 52, Rinkel, Eunice K-, Haviland, Freshman 63. 92, 84, 86, Rob ben, Rodger H,, Grinnell, Sophomore 52, Robbins. Sandra S., Lamed, Junior 44, 101, 125, ' Roberson, Donald G.„ Great Bend. Freshman 63, 96, Roberts, Joyce I , Gu inter, Freshman 62, Robinson, Carol A . Hill City, Sophomore Robl, Alvin L Chase, Junior Rodeman, Reva G , Ness City, Freshman 62, 84 , Rogers, A net l,, Minmjola. Sophomore 52 Rogers, Arthur M , Hays, Senior Rogers, Bonnie M . Hays, Junior 44, 94, 120, 133, Rogers, Gordon W , St. Francis, Freshman Rogers, Neil D . Ft. Morgan, Colo., Senior Rogers, Verlin M., Luray, Rogg, Julia R., Bunker HIM, Junior 45, 75, 103, Rohan, Vayle M., Jennmgs. Senior 35, 112, Rolph, Darlene Minneapolis, Freshman 62, 122, 183, Rome. Gary L., Bogue, Freshman Rosenborg, Albert F , Palco, Gr. Ross. Francis T , Alton. Gr, Roth, Darlene A, Cheyenne Wells, Colo., Sophomore 52, 89, 125 Ro«h. Diane, Ellinwood, Freshman 62, 88, 123 Roth, Mary A., Hays, Senior 36, 103 Roths, Gary L. Ness City, Freshman 62 Rolhenberger, Rae. Asbome, Senior 36, 122, 212 Rowe, Gwendolyn A., Hoisington, Sophomore 52, 76. 125, 187 Ruder, Annette. Hays, Sophomore 74 Ruder, Norman J., Hays, Senior 36 Rumpell, Philip R , Ogallah, Sophomore 53, 91, 99 Runft, Georgia J . Wichita, Sophomore 53, 76, 98, 1 24 Runfr, Leland H , Herington, Sophomore 132 Rupp, Roberta l , Buck I in, Senior 36, 1 1 5, 135, 2 1 0 Rupp, William A . Osborne, Gr. 65 Russell, Donna B.. Cimarron, Sophomore 53, 179 Russell, Roger H., Sr. John, Senior 37, 159 Russell, Virginia G., St. John, Senior 37, 73 Ryan. Patricia A.. McCraken, Freshman 62. 123 Ryan, Peggy J.. Lincoln, Senior 36, 125 Samples. Robert W., Hoxie, Senior 36, Sanders, John L , Sharon Springs, Junior Sanders, Ralph F Hays, Senior Sandsirom, Theodore, Bison, Senior Sangrungruang, Sombat, Thailand. Senior San om . Alta M., Densmore, Freshman Sawin Norman E . Norcatur, Gr, Saxlon, Sheldin E., Burden, Junior SeMben. Laura M., Bazine, Sophomore Schaffer. J Darrel:. Plains Junior Schartz, Edmund P . Larned, Freshman Scheck. Patricia A., Hays, Freshman Sheil? Sharon. Winona, Freshman Scheufler. Forrest N. EU nwood, Sophomore Scheue rman, Robert P., Bison, Senior Schlegel. Stanley E , Hays, Sophomore Schmidt, Donald Eugene, Hays, Junior Schmidt, E M e n , Catherine, Soph om or e Schmidt, Kenneih, Catherine, Freshman $chm,dt, Marlene, Hays, Sophomore Schmidt. Richard Benjamin. Russell, Junior Schmidt. Richard K., Hays, Freshman Schmidt. Thomas A., Catherine, Freshman Schmidtberger, Janice L., Hays, Senior, 30 Schmidibergc-r, Mary F , Victoria, Freshman Sc h na i ler I y, Toy a A., Hays, Junior Schneider, Gary A . Hays, Junior Schneider, Gloria, Kancpolis, Freshman Schniepp, Robert D , Ness City, Sophomore Schoent haler, Janice M , Ellis, Freshman Schreiber, Glenn, Hoisington, Jumor Schroeder, Kenneth J., Grinnell, Freshman Schulte, LeRoy, Densmore, Freshman Schultz. Donald, Sylvia, Junior Schumacher, Paula, Victoria, Sophomore 52, 94 Schuster, Alfred. Ellis, Sophomore Schwartzkopf . Edward, Hays, Freshman Schweitzer. Nancy, Osborne. Freshman Schwien, William, Wa Keeney, Junior 44 , 151. 157, 158. 197 112, 116, 220 36 45. 96 36, 73, 95. 105, 127 62 91, 123 65 44, B5, 86 52, 124, 162 83, 92. 195 SB 62 63, 90, 123 96 36, 73, 73. 80 52 102 52, 88, 115 63 4 4 44, 219 62 62 70, 7 1 „ 73, 78, 1 76 62 44 90. 36 62, 123 52 62, 123 44. 33 126 53 62 45, 77, 150 , 125. 176, 135, 224 52, 96 155 62, 122 4 5, 90, 96 Scolas, Kouia, Richland Cenier, Wis,, Gr Scott, Larry, Goodland, Freshman Scott, Robert, Casper, Wyo., Sophomore Scott, Thomas James, Ransom, Freshman Seacat, Wil liam. Cunning ham, Uric Seaman, Karen Sue, Nafoma, Freshman Sebastian, Connie, Tribune, Sophomore Seibel, Monte, Leoti, Sophomore Seibert, Kenneth, Greai Bend, Sophomore Selfridge, Karen, Hanston, Freshman Sell, Esther, Stockton, Unc. Shannon, Loren, Russell, Sophomore 65, 91 62, 1 09, 193 127 126 52 62, 122, 162 52 109, 163, 179 52, 114 127, 212 53, 126 63, 84, 86. 122 45 44, 79, 96 , 81 Shaw, Lorna, Albert, Senior 75, 78, 104 127 Shipman, Pat, McPherson, Sophomore 132, 134 62 Shriner, Sharon, WaKeeney, Freshman 123 62 Shumate, Denis, Garfield, Freshman 63 126 Sidener, Dennis, Delphos, Senior 36 126 Sidlow, Robert, LaCrosse, Junior 77. 150 123 Siek, Warren, Ness City, Sophomore 53. 75, 177, 197 . 86 Sistrunk, DeLois, Wellington, Freshman 63, 123 37 Sites, Alberta, Grinnell, Sophomore 53 183 Sites, Donald E., Grinnell, Senior 36, 193 37 Sitton, Ralph, LaCrosse, Freshman 79 199 Skav, Hilma, Denmark, Senior 37, 73, 75. 103, 125 183 Slipke, Walter, Hays, Sophomore 199, 124 126 Smerchek, Julia, Green burg, 37 197 Smith, Carolyn Y., Ashland, Sophomore 52. 125, 224 132 Smith, Clarence, Johnson, freshman 62 44 Smith, Chesiine, Ogallah, Sophomore 52, 124 52 Smith, Cynthia, Phillipsburg, Sophomore 125 109 Smith, Donald, Lamed, Junior 44 123 Smith, Harold, Lakin, Senior 36. 95, 193 191 Smiih, Janice, Stockton, Sophomore 52. 87, 125 160 Smith, Jerreil, Athol, Junior 44 199 Smith, Katherine, Liberal. Junior 87, 137 123 Smith Manlyn, Liberal. Freshman 62, 37, 123 124 Smiih, Paul, Smith Center, Freshmen 132 103 Smith, Richard, Lewi: , Junior 44. 189 123 Smith, Roberf, Lenora, Freshman 62, 99 :, 93 Sneath, Elizabeth, Kanopolis. Junior 44 125 36 Sneed, Gary, Haviland Freshman 62, 151 248 Snider, Herndon, Leoti, Sophomore 152 62 Snider, Marcelline, Raymond. Junior 44. 75, 103. 125 36 Snook, Margaret A.. Ford, Junior 44. 69, Q 65 Soft ken, Ronald, Lorraine, Freshman 62, 90, 144. 151 125 Soloman, Kenneth, Zurich, Freshman 62 116 Somers, Moniece, Elmdale, Senior 36, 75, 101. 103, 160, 163 244 Soper, Gena Lee, Palco, Freshman 62, 123 62 Sorrells, Darleen, Phillipsbura, Freshmen 122 65 Spangler, Linda. Hays, Freshman 62 65 Spicer, Joan. Phillipsburg. Freshman 62, B2, 91, 123 45. 1 14, Spies, Howard, Hays, Junior Spies, Wm, Aden, Hays. Sophomore Spomer, Constance, Alexander, Sophomore Sprick, V i rg I Prairie View, Senior Squ«er, Gale Brownell, Freshman Staab, Clare M . Hays, Senior Siaab. Grace K., Hays, Sophomore Staab, Joseph R., Hays, Senior Siadelman, Virgil L Hays, Junior , Stafford, Jerry D., Greai Bend, Junior Stahn, Jane. Woodruff. Junior Standage, Ferrill, Plainville, Senior Staples, Charles J r Plains, Junior Staples, John P., Plains. Freshman Stapleton, Margaret K , Jewell, Freshman Stark, Edwin L . Logan, Freshman Starr, John B,, Scott City, Junior Steffen, Walter D, Burden. Junior S teg man, Dennis L , Ness Ciry, Junior Stegman Joseph, Jr . Ness City, Senior Steiner, Darrell D . Hoisington, Freshman Steiner t. Armin W., Ransom, Freshman Stenzel, LaVem J , Wa Keeney, Senior Stephen, Geraldine M . Bogue. Sophomore Stephenson, Gaylen L.. Hays, Senior Srevenson, Maryin L . Miltonvale, Freshman Stewart, Jerry L.. Tribune, Freshmen Stewart, Lee M. Healy, Freshman 62, 99, 100, SOI Stewan. Wanda M . Healy, Freshman Stice, Charles K., Meade Freshman Stillwell, Robert M. r Scottwille, Junior Stockton, Shirley G., Kensington, Sophomore Stone, Carol J., Prelly Prairie, Freshman Stone, Robert L., P etiy Prairie, Senior Stone, Sonya, Hays, Junior Stone j. Harold A , Red Cloud, Neb , Senior Stoskopf, L i i bourn, Hoisington, Freshman Stoss, John D . Otis, Freshman Stoss, Marvin C , Greai Bend, Senior Stremel. Carol J , Dodge City, Sophomore Si re me I, Marilyn, Bison, Sophomore Strobel, John 0 , Great Bend, Senior Strom, Leann L , Belleville, Freshman 62, Slrufhers, Sharon K,, Larned, Sophomore Stum, Sherell K., Ness City, Freshman St ul ter he m. Robert £.. Prairie View ' , Senior Sullivan Carmen $ , $1 John, Sophomore Super, Robert L,, H 1 1 City, Freshman Suter, Gladys D., Oakley, Freshman Suier, Milton L . Cawker City, Senior Sutton, Jerry L.. Beloit, Senior Sutton, Mary J., Jewell, Senior Swariz, Ralph L . Sharon Springs, Sophomore Swayze,. John F , Buckim. Senior Swayze, Linda G , Bucklin. Freshman Swearengen, F. Catherine, Hill City, Gr, Swenson, Lylian Y,, Cimarron, Senior Swenson, Marcia L , , Jewell, Freshman Swink. Gladys Marlene, Satan la, Sophomore Switzer, Lloyd L.. Oakley, Semo 62, 101. 102 102 46. 71. 90. 115, 230 36, 85 144 36. 75 52, 783 36 44 1 16. 212, 230 44. 179 36 127 36, 96, 199 63, 1 99 63, 32. 123 63, 109. 193 44. 105. 159, 197 81 45, 132, 137 .37 62. 126 62. 85 37, 96. 199 124 38, 96 151 62 122, 160 163. 187 147 44, 95 52 99 33 44. 87, 125 38, 65, 73, 216 62 62 39, 77, 132 52, 76, 179 179 39 112, 116 12. 113, 115, 122 52, 124 52, 62 39 71, 112, 1 16. 220 52. 76. 103, 124 63 63, 123, 160 39, 83. 96 44. 77, 126 39, 75. 103, 126 53 39 63, 112, 122 65 39, 76. 124 62, 82. 123 53, 86, 93. 99, 125 38 Swords, Margaret E., Deerfield, Sophomore 53, 101 125, 160, 163 63 Tacks, Kay A.. Jennings, Sophomore Tall man, Ernesi W., Hays, Senior Tollman, Marilyn A., Hays, Sophomore Tarllon, Harold M., Hoisington, Freshman Tarvin, Robed T. r Hays, Senior Taylor, Roberi J., Atwood, Senior Teeger Strom, William R , Pampa, Tex., Junior Tegtmeyer, Floyd D,, WaKeeney, Junior Temaat, Anthony F., Spearville, Senior Temaal, Sylvester L., Spearville, Junior Si, 127, Temple, Ronald D , Norcatuf, Junior Tenny Patsy A., Beeler, Freshman Terjesen, Charles E Brooklyn, N- Y., Freshman Thaete, Mamie K„ Sylvan Grove, Freshman Theander, Mary M., Ashland, Freshman Thelen, William C, Stocklon, Senior Thielen, George N., Dorrance, Freshman Thielen, Nancy E., Dorrance. Freshman Thille, Mathew G... Cawker City, Freshman Thomas, Frank W., Englewood, Junior Thompson, Duane V., Montezuma, Gr. Thompson, Esther M., Minneola, Sophomore Thompson, James M., Burden, Freshman Thompson, Jim L, Hoisington, Sophomore Thompson, Laura A., Ellis, Freshman Thompson, Leonard M-, Good I and. Sophomore Thompson Norman C , Great Bend, Freshman Thompson, Rao M,, Plain ville, Freshman Thornburg, Roy F., Utica, Junior Thorpe, Louis H., Concordia, Senior Thyfaulr. Marjorie J., Stockton,. Sophomore Tien, Beite Van Loenen, Prairie View. Senior lien, Dorothy, Prairie View, Sophomore Toepfer, Janet, Hays, Junior Tolle, Roland, Roxbury. Senior Tompkins, Donald, Byers, Senior Towns, Nancy, Palco, Freshman Trail, Bernard, Atwood.. Junior Trebilcock Charles, Ford. Junior Trexler, Awyn, Hill City, Sophomore Trible, Jane, Palco, Senior 39.. 70, 78, 100, 162, Trogdon. Gary, Hugolon, Senior Truan Sharon. Hays, Freshman Trussell, Ronald, Kendall, Sophomore Tubbs. Janice, Ruleton, Freshman Tucker, Kay, Palco, Senior 39, 70, 81, 146, 167 Tucker Ronald, Ralco, Sophomore Turner, George, Smith Center, Sophomore Turner] Louise, Quinter, Sophomore Tuttle, Marita. Quinter, Freshman U Uhrkh, Walter, Monument, Freshman Uht, Karen, Hays. Freshman Ummel, Lyle, Ransom, Freshman Ummel, Ralph. Arnold, Junior Underwood, John, Bird City, Sophomore Underwood, Shirley, Bird City, Junior Unruh, Janice. Great Bend. Freshman Unruh Phil, Copeland, Sophomore Unruh, Richard. Great Bend, Freshman Unruh, Sylvia, Pawnee Rock, Junior 52. ns 30. 08 52, 101 62 38, 105 102 44. 77, 149 77 103 140, 143, 145 144 62. 123 62 62 62, 98 39 62 62 . 88 . 122 132, 137 45. 191 65 45, 103, 125 63, 126, 132 126 100, 123, 183 52, 132, 193 62 63, 123 44 99, 127 39. 103 52 185. 250 52 98 39 39, 195 39 62, 123 44 44 , 156 52, 103 176, 103, 207 62, 126 108, 1 23, 179 52, 199 62, 96, 123 183, 210, 21 1 52, 127 52, 127 53 98, 124 62, 123 62 62, 98 132 127 53 44, 124 62. 123 53, 151 96 44 115, 123 64. Vance, Jerry, Bazine, Sophomore Vanderplas, Twyla, Long Island, Junior Van De Wege, Howard, Airmens, Freshman Van Dyke. David, Phillipsburg, Gr. Van Dyke Lillian, Phillipsburg. Gr. Van Loenen, Dale, Bogue, Freshman Van Loenen. ' Richard, Bogue, Sophomore Van Meter. Elvin, Carlton, Freshman Van Skive r Barbara-, Bloomington, Neb., Freshman Velharticky, Francis, Salina, Sophomore Venters. Jimmy, Ptamvitle, Sophomore Vernon, Carol. Sharon Springs. Junior Vernon Charles. Worcatur, Sophomore Verona! Donald. Rosbury, Sophomore Vesecky. Mary. Timken, Freshman Veverka! Karen. Wilson, Sophomore Vincent. Viola, Hudson, Senior Vi mant, Irvin, PlainviHe. Senior Vogel. Patricia, Ness City, Senior Vo rtf e Id t, Karlos, Victoria, Sophomore Vonfeldt. laVern, Victoria, Senior Vopat, Harold, Wilson, Gr. Voss Kenneth, Burr Oak. Sophomore Voth, Frank, Montezuma, Junior Votruba, LaDene, Wilson, Freshman W Wade, Richard, Spearville. Freshman Waggle. Doyle, Osborne, Freshman Wagner, Deylon, Albert, Sophomore Wagner. Roberi Bison, Sophomore Wagy, Donna, Colby. Sophomore. Waldman. Wilmer, Quinter, Sophomore Walk, Marcella, Leoti, Senior Walker, Alien, Sun City, Senior Walker, Gerald, Concordia. Senior Walker. Marilyn, Ludell, Junior Walker, Ralph, Concordia, Junior Wallace, Juliene, Hays, Senior Wallace, Leon, Ellis, Senior Wallers, Melvin, Catherine, Sophomore Wanker, Carolyn. Palco, Freshman Walter, Nancy. Montezuma, Sophomore Wanker, Darrell. Palco, Senior Wanker, Gerald, Palco, Freshman Ward Charles, Winona, Sophomore 52 52, 112 44 62 65 65 63 52 63, 86, 99 63 98, 100, 123, 160 77 126, 154 52 44, 99. 125 132, 134 52 06, 127 64, 123 52, 90 98 38, 109, 193 30, 75. 125 52 38 65 127, 152 126, 140, 142 64. 108, 123 64 . 64 52, 127 53. 96 53, 124 53 88, 103, 126 39 126 39 45 156, 195 73 39, 71 52 64. 90, 122 52, 84 124 39 71 177, 193 64. 193 44 45. Ward, Karen. Waldo, Sophomore Wasmger, Elizabeth, Hays, Freshman Wasinger. Garold, WaKceney, Freshman Wasinger, Harold. WaKceney, Freshman Wasinger. Rosanna, Hays, Senior Weska. Ivan. Jetmore Freshman Watt, Roy, Long Island. Gr. Watts, Gerald. Portis. Sophomore Watts, Jeanne, Kensington, Freshman Waudby, George. Russell, Sophomore Weaver Pauline, Biid City. Senior Webb, Fred, Jr., Protection, Freshman Webb. William. Norton, Freshman Webber, Philip, Buckl n Sophomore Weber, Karen. Liberal, Sophomore Webster, Gwendene. Stockton, Sophomore Webster, Kenneth, Garden City, Senior Weigel, Kenneth. Hays, Sophomore Weis Frances, Ellinwood, Freshman - ■. Weis, William Ellinwood, Senior 39. 88. 92, 193 206, 254 Weiss, Joseph, Hutchinson, Freshman ,n " r 1 ° Welch, Edwyna, Garfield, Senior rdch Lvnn, Great Bend, Sophomore W- ' k, Ruth, Hays, Gr. Wells, Blaine, Pratl, Senior Wells, Carl, Hays, Senior Weller, Vincent, Selden, Senior Werner Garth, Winona. Freshman Werner, Ivan, Winona, Senior 39, 73, 74, 78, 80. 177 195 Werth, Donald. Victoria, Sophomore 32 Werth, Peter, Hays, Sophomore 103 Wertz, Larry, Quinter. Freshman 94 Wesley, Charmayne, Great Bend, Freshman 64, 123 52, 122 80 64 152 132, 152 39 64 65 52 64 1 23 52. 96 39, 90 64 96 64. 126 44 78 100 207 105 52 90. 124 135 132 52. 91 64 101 123 64. 127, 132 38 70, 72, 80, 104, ' 12 96 80 38, 08, 127 38, 73. B0 39 64 Wesley, LaVeme, Ada, Senior West, Ralph, Hays, freshman Westcolt, Donald. Plainville, Junior Westbrook, Jerry. Kit win, Sophomore Westerman, Janice, Hays, Sophomore Whisler, Carol, Satanta, Freshman While, John, Phillipsburg;, Junior Whiting. Basil, Dighton, Senior Wicke, Lonnie l , Ludell, Freshman Wickizer, Helen C . WaKeeney, Freshman Wickizer, Waldo Lynn, WaKeeney, Sop homo Wieck. David. St. Francis, Senior Wiley, Gary, Saline, Freshman Wilhelm, Shirley, Hoisington, Sophomore Wilkens, Glenn, Lorraine, Sophomore Williams, Dale E., Florence, Sophomore Williams, Donovan, PlainviHe, Junior Williams. John, Hays, Senior Williams, Kenneth, Liberal, Freshman Wilson, Andrew, Hays, Senior Wilson, Anna. Ashland, Junior Wilson, Carol, Garfield, Freshmen Wilson, John, Ulysses, Sophomore W i I son , J u lo n c Fern, Go v e I un i-0 r Wilson, La Von, Hugoton, Senior Wilson, Loyd, Gove, Junior Wilson, Marla. LaCrOSSe, Une Wilson, Peggy. Montrose, Senior Wilson, Rex, Shields, Junior Wilson! William Bevly, Lak n. Freshman Wilson, William Lynn, Bunker Hill, Freshman W indie, Leaford, Greensburg, Senior W indie, Warren, Greensburg, Junior Wineland, Marvel. Naioma, Sophomore Wingate, Lyle, Varnee.. Freshman Winkler, Karen, Rozel, Sophomore Winkler. Nada, RozeL Senior Winter, George. Hoisington, Freshman Wiitig, Donald, Susank, Sophomore Wolf, Dale. Hays, Freshman Wolf, Richard, Colby, Junior Wolters, Dale, Portis, Freshman WormocM, Sheldon, Abilene, Sophomore Wonder I it h, Claudene Ann. Osborne, Senior Wood, Wilbur, Trousdale, Junior Worchester, Katherine, Hill Dry. Freshman Worchesier, Lesia, Hill City, Sophomore Woydziak, Cleo Faith, Russell Freshman Wright, Albert, Alexander Junior Wright, Earl, Hutchinson, Junior Wrighl Jack, Kanorado, Junior Wright] Richard, Glen Elder, Sophomore Wright, Robert Granger, Atwood, Junior Wright, Willis Raymond, Byers, Senior Wristen, Thomas, Osborne. Junior Wycoff, Marvin, Lamed, Senior Wykoff Ethel, Osborne, Senior Y Yager, Glenn. Holyrood, Freshman Yakel. August LeRoy, Hoisington, Junior Yamell, Melvin, Osborne Freshman Yeargan, Richard, Goodland, Junior Yost, Kay, McCracken, Sophomore Young, Richard, Ellis. Senior Young, Robert, Salina, Sophomore Young, Troy, Lamed, Senior Young da hi, Charles. Salma, Freshman Younger John, Hays, Senior Youlsey Neoma Ruth. Belpre, Junior Z Zahradnik, Gordon Wilson, Gr Zaloudek, Glyndene, Wilson. Sophomore Zamrzla, James, Wilson, Freshman Zavodsky, Wesley Dean, Hays, Junior Zelenka. John. Great Bend, Senior Ziegler. Robert Collyer, Senior Ziegler Wilfred, Collyer. freshman Z.m ' belman, Rudolph. Goodland. Freshman Zimmerman Carol. McCracken, Freshman 39 65 44 53. 99 193 53 168 216 217 218 64 vn 10 5 39, 73 74 79, 80 64, 90, 123 64 115 122 53. 127, 144 39 96 154 64 69. 76. 185 52, 126. 144, 203 ,52, 126 1 32. 135, 150 44, 102 87 122 52. 109 64 39 80 160 126 44 39 86, 98, 210 4 4 96 64, 117, 122 38. 75. 84 103 44 77, 149 64. 151 64 38, 03, 05 44 79. 102 52. 84. 125 64 ' 44 150 52, 98 38 84. 9$ 64 86 112 116 64 45, 197 64 52 199 39. 125 45, 102 64. 122 52 91 99. 123 64 123 179 105 44 77 153 44 109 193 52, 71 . 126 44 105, 126 39 74 44 126 39 24 1 39 64 44. 126 64 44. 195 53. 125 39 53, 108, 157, 197 77. 151 64, 75 39 44 65. 81 53 9B 64 44. 189 39 39. 69, 195 64 88, 195 132 80 ANTHEM Fort Hays Song by JACK JUERGENS hrt |=±=| b 0 «l l-j- --e ■.o- j- ■Tri t m years ' 4 -i 4 ic iSh u% J 3 » SU ' a Wi a: rjK , ,-n ■ i -t- 1 f-r- X C A L m T7 1 FT I -- X-. VJ — Jflt ■ r4 rn _| JV m o r: v x- T7 j — ■ -KT ) M r i W’A m w n — ■ fl f — r VP -TO ° w tc -NsH- -6 1 o 2 1 H i Tvw-f- H fi 9- V S -P - m » m L, tj " N - L " 3 r ? — rT i r m w W r r ; J-i—l L uL V O " T o 264 -TORT UAY4 KANLA ETATE COLLEGE Fort Hays Kansas State College On June 23, 1902, Fort Hays Kansas State College held its first classes in buildings on historic old Fort Hays The Military Reserva- tion was divided into three parts — ■ as a state college, as an agricul- tural experiment station, and as a state park. The land assigned to the college totalled 4,160 acres. The campus proper consists of about 80 acres. From its beginning with 34 stu- dents, 2 faculty members, and 19 courses, Fort Hays State College has increased to more than 2,300 students, more than 125 faculty members, and more than 700 courses. A spirited building program is exemplified in the Applied Arts Building, new dormitories for men and women, and the Memorial Stu- dent Union Building, The Hays area and old Fort Hays is rich in tradition of the West Fort Hays was a last out- post for General G. A Custer be- fore his fate in the Wyoming hills. Custer Hall, freshman women ' s dormitory on the campus, is named after Mrs. George Custer, also a resident at the Fort for a time. Fort Hays State is rich in tra- dition — it carries this spirit with it in progress forward. LEGEND 1. Lewis Field Stadium 2. Men ' s Residence Hall 3. Agnew Hall 4. Men ' s Gymnasium 5. Custer Hall 6. Sheridan Coliseum 7. Pic ken Hall 8. Social Building 9. Rarick Hall 10. Forsyth Library 11. Science Hall 12. Memorial Student Union Building 13. Applied Arts Building 14. Power Plant 15. President ' s Home. Artist — John C, Thorns

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