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B n Ltl : H:: i : : K MSlHUr3lUVs;=. : i «r i tt i : ifi : : f f at : : ■ ■ ■ • . , 1 1 t l ::: ■ tpftlj ililiiiiligililil . - rt ti i j %p ;?i « j; HlplailpptjV r — - fell® J ■ • : : : : i a; a; : i d Jpi upii aJiS 5i t : t ' : j ; i j jj jsiilsJUnih: titus;r:ji3 ti " 1 j)n,lla ' . iti ' . ilp‘Sn:a:i‘,T,V:Si W$rnm BBSSg : l ■ ;; .: •.: .:::. •••. . •■•: . ajSd sffp3dp?iii«zpp4 ■ ii: 1 ) .i ill Vi 1] h Hsp « i: P HH tlUiU v ••- • - ' ■■■ ili ji till u iifix i|y iSSfJ» i i « nip irti P iflfp i vj; xir i an;r. ; a if : - rJlSl ifp.v.::f :r daljS afiiisipp ? Ji; i xijiiihppppkSl a Jaiijijj HttiJi|ii ij ij ;] 3 J 32 j U: 11 = Hi ii : U P ■ t: i i;nr f r,4 iiis;:;; “i J j 2 J s hi! hsSS S f Vt : vS ■ t 1 t m iTiix liliiiliv " ,:; : .: c ° :. °V v o ► ' o e mo S ioti e ■ . v . ” ' ,, 0 " c °° • ■ C°° . • AO 1 ‘ V i S° K ° ■ % ol tV ° c « A ' ' 0 ' . V°f e » ■ v0 c AO bS , ' e N v lO s 5 c G e $ V P° V o ' . ' ■ ■ 0 G V W ' " ,0= 0 s? o ,o ( £ ■ V 1 Vol. XLI1I Newsfoto Publishing Co, San Angelo, Texas 1957 reveille SEASON SKETCHES fall winter spring GRACE AND DIGNITY royalty OUTSIDE OF CLASS honorary religious all-campus housing GUYS AND DOLLS sororities fraternities STAMINA AND COURAGE sports intramurals THROUGH THE DOORS administration faculty campus classes NAMES AND PLACES advertising index 5 47 57 117 141 177 233 4 Longer and longer lines swelled the student ranks at Fort Hays State to a record 2,367 students. As class slips grew scarce, editorial writing be- came a popular course in the closing hours of enrollment day. Another school year was unfolding in the pattern of time. The confusion of moving in served to quicken the process of getting acquaint- ed, as the students helped each other to re-organize their belongings. After everything was in order, they relaxed at " Meet - the - Faculty " get- togethers. Students had a chance to show off their parents to the faculty on Parents ' day, Saturday, Sept 29, It was also Band day, and the campus was host to 36 high school marching bands. The day ' s activities in- cluded an afternoon mixer for the bands and the Fort Hays State— Marysville, Mo,, football game at night. " Gad, I grew another foot, " this freshman said as he took his physical examination. To open the social season on campus, sorority and fraternity members of Fort Hays State danced to the music of the Phi Mu band Theme of the All-Greek formal was September Song " During the intermission program the Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity was awarded the I f.C. Traveling Scholarship Trophy for the 1956 spring semester. a I I r e e k f o r m a I Waltz me around " ' And then I dug out my Captain Midnight badge ' The Fujiwara Opera company presented Gilbert and Sullivan ' s, " The Mikado ' as a part of the Artists and Lecturers series. Most of the cast could not speak English, which created a problem when they dined at Custer hall. With a giant puff of smoke, fraternity rush week started. Smokers were held at all " frat " houses across campus. Hoards of men poured into living rooms to hear the advantages of Greek life, resulting in one of the largest groups ever pledged. f nr. it was 5 p. m. and the usually quiet bridge leading to Custer hall swarmed with yelling students. The traditional freshmen tug-of war opened the annual Homecoming activities. Once again fresh men were dragged through the murky waters of Big Creek, and as a result reluctantly donned their beanies until Thanksgiving. Enveloped in a typical Kansas cloud of dust, students and faculty attended a bar-b-que which followed the tug-of-war. the parade The spirit behind It oil. Tons of napldns, ingenuity and work were combined for Fort Hays State ' s Homecoming parade. Riding in the procession was the 1929 football coach, U. S. Senator Andrew L. Schoep- pel. The day ' s activities honored Schoeppe! and his team of ' 29. " Skyrocketing to Victory " was Delta Sigma Phi ' s winning float in the men ' s division. Delta Zeta was awarded second in women ' s house decorations. My thumb is tho there. tiiii house decorations Organized houses assumed a new look during the gayest weekend of the year as decorations took on a " Beat Pitts- burg " theme. rft£4tottW6 THPIR SHIP " We ' re Sinking Their Ship " proved profitable for Sigmo Tau Gamma as they won the trophy in men ' s house decorations. i . • • 1 It rained. Highlighting the day Senator Schoeppe] crowned ginia Harper Homecoming queen at the ha lf-tim the FHS-Pittsburg game Ellen Winehell and Gay i Fritsche reigned as attendants. Hurry, hurry, hurry. rii -s Virginia Harper With the last whistle, weary students emerge from the various buildings, thankful that classes are over. Some have work to do. - some practice athletics. . others attempt a few hours of serious study at the library. . . , « . . .and there are those who are content to just relax for awhile and smoke a cigarette. 1 Announced os ihe 1 957 Reveille Queen, Miss Charlotte Bizek received her ovation from the audience. The choice of a Reveille queen and princesses is traditionally made by a celebrity visiting Fort Hays State. This year bandleader Woody Herman, who played a previous en- gagement at the college, was the 1957 selector. Corresponding with the beginning of the winter season f painted driftwood and spruce decorated the ballroom area. Revealed far the first time was the 1957 Reveille cover spotlighted on the stage. Crowning ceremonies were emceed by Harold Stones who opened the letter naming the royalty. Editor Vaunifa Rusco awarded trophies and Miss Burandt conferred roses to Queen Charlotte Bizek and Princesses Marilyn Hobbie and Jackie Brack. Miss Bi- zek was sponsored by the Pegis club, Miss Hobbie by Phi Sigma Epsilon and Miss Brock by Delta Sigma Phi, 21 The crown and the kiss were properly bestowed by the new dean of men, Richard Burnett. Dove Emery and the Starlighters for 250 dancing couples. 23 Twas Christmas time and the Fort Hays State campus donned its holiday dress, topped by the star on Picken hall. Carol- ing voices were heard up and down the streets of Hays as several groups ac- quired the holiday spirit. The social calendar was filled with dances and parties before students journeyed off to a long awaited vacation. The close of ' 56 also saw the end of leap year — time for girls to trap a man. Some caught their Romeo in a real Juliet fashion . , . but others didn ' t Still there remained one hope — [ust four more years ' til another leap year. Mjf i: t f 25 choir show With " Tour Hit Parade ' " as the musical theme of the choir show, numbers exhibited originality and zest in their portrayal of the nation ' s top tunes. The show was student directed by Bob Gleason, Fred Hoff and Don Moses. Proceeds from the annual event go to the scholarship fund Tillte Selensky and Ray Eaton were crowned as the hon- ored 1957 queen and king of the Sweetheart ball. Spon- soring organizations were Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. Decorated with gay cupids and colorful hearts, the February affair featured Dave Emery and his Starlighters dance band. Master of ceremonies Galen McClain introduced the candidates and announced the winners chosen by popular student vote. Performing the coronation duties was Ronald Miller, last year ' s king. Back Row: Don Shaw, Loyal Vincent, Don Moses, Tim Scherr. Front Row: Les Herrman, Ray Eaton, Don Eulert, Sweethearts Ray Eaton and Tillie Selensky sweetheart ball From left to right are queen candidates Marilyn Dreher, Lorna Shaw, Nadine Selfridge, Car- men Sullivan, Tillie Selensky, Donna Gardner, Donna Knowles, 27 rush week One of the most well named events of the year — rush week — took place at the first of the spring semester To acquaint and convince 90 rushees, chiefly fresh- men, of the advantages of pledging a sorority was the primary goal Fort Hays State ' s four national so- rorities, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Delta Zeta, Sigma Sig- ma Sigma, Theta Sigma Upsilon and one colony, Alpha Mu club of Pi Kappa Sigma, began the social round with teas Sunday afternoon. Frantic but fun for both rushees and sorority members, rush week had started Entertainment at the parties was fur- Group singing was always more fun in " dig me daddy " outfits, nished by sorority actives, including Elvis Presley without the wiggle. After the party-dishes and dishpan hands. Rushees enjoy a musical gome, " Crraaazylegs. " Starting on Monday and running until Saturday, the second phase of rush week consisted of first and second parties given by the sororities. The gatherings proved to be chuck full of laughs and in- formation, Rushees found out more about each of the sororities, the girls in them and the ad- vantages of being a Greek. Ex- hausted, everyone concerned was almost glad for the quiet hours Saturday, when only a friendly " hi " was permitted between rush- ees and sorority members. Then came Sunday— the week of smiles on top of smiles and fervent hellos and goodbyes was ended. The strain of " will I make a good impression " had broken, leaving only the tension of " which sorority should I pledge? " Zero hour came at 2:30 p.m. as 52 new pledges rushed to the Greek houses of their choice. Actives greeted them with fellowship and happy chatter— it was all over. VacomE PLEDGES The girl colled , and ihe bay answered. leap week The Daisy Mae and Bearded Joe of Leap week “Donna Knowles, sponsored by Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Roger Greene, sponsored by Sigma Tou Gamma —receive plaques from SluCo presi- dent Chuck Evans, The tables were turned on the Fort Hays State campus during the week of Feb. 18, when Leap week officially started. The wandering eyes of coeds kept males on the run— now it was legal to ask boys for dates! However, gals had to abide by rules, such as carrying books and not mo- lesting men. Throughout the week, students voted at a penny a vote for their favorite Daisy Mae and Bearded Joe. The winners, Donna Knowles and Roger Greene, were announced at the dance climaxing Leap week. Proceeds from the dance and voting went towards sponsoring a foreign student next year at Fort Hays State, The Artist ' s ball, attended by art majors and art faculty, featured costumes of every type and size. The annual affair gave the creative mind of the artist a chance to express his ingenuity in costuming Instead of on can as. artist’s ball roger wagner Tne Roger Wagner Chorale and its two pianists, Stecher and Horowitz, bow following a thunderous ovation al their concert March 1 2. Sponsored by the Artists and Lecturers series, their repertoire ranged from Renaissance music to Broadway musicals. The Chorale did six encores for an enthusiastic coli- seum audience. Entertainment center of Western Kansas— this is Sheridan coliseum. Under its roof can be found many activities ranging from basketball games to concerts. The Kansas City Philharmonic was but one of the mu- sical programs presented in the arena. The scene of several physical education classes, such as golf and square dancing, the coliseum was also a popular spot for college dances. The active mind at Fort Hays State looks beyond the books and the classroom— Dates. C h urc h Dorm Life, Goody, I won a sock of cement. Round end round the little rat goes, and where if stops nobody knows. all-school carnival The Fakir says, " Go back to the jungle and lead a clean life. " 3f I could win just one more cigar. I ' d give It to my girl. With booths ranging from jailed rats on a wheel of chance to a jail for public offenders, the All-School Car- nival was held March 22, The two- fold purpose was making money for the organization in charge of each booth and providing fun for the participants, A crowd in the Carni- val mood toured booths while munching cake and candy won from the stands. Sponsored by the Alpha Sigma Alpha and Delta Zeta sorori- ties and Kappa Sigma Kappa fra- ternity , the Carnival had booths representing 16 organizations. 37 But one goal— the ideal education of the individual. Underneath all the confusion of college is the real objective, academic achievement. Involving many facets, it is light silhouetting a pensive face and com- ing into a world of concentration. It is nerves and song. . .late labs and a cold telescope. . .dogfish and formaldehyde. , .exhausting and happy. It is silent but for a brush trailing on canvas. Complex and vital, education is a montage of spirited activity. 38 in SfCSS ' II lit ■ St V r|B.: S3 fl 11 " p JK . rr F ij_ i 1 %. - 4 1 , i IK i i Ld| L 1 - fcr v 35 1 i learning, we contribute. . . Sciences, biological and physical; technical skills, industrial arts and physical education; the arts, music and art; professional training, journalism, pre-medical, pre-law and clinical psychology— all are part of the curriculum at Fort Hays State, Psychology students help with testing in the psychology clinic, and have the opportunity to observe play therapy and case diagnosis administered by the staff. Learning— the " why " of college. We remember the time our roommate tied our shoe laces together when we were late for a date, or the time the doors on Prcken hall were being changed and we had to wait single file to get in or out. But just to remember that Anne Boleyn was the second wife of Henry VIM when you are writing out an exam! Classes are the focal point of college, pointing the way to future self-education. A liberal arts education gives the student the background for future study and learning on his own. In classes, too, the student can be creative, can ex- press some part of himself so that others may appre- ciate and admire his work. Concentration is learned through testing, reading and studying amidst the shouting of five roommates. Special skills are learned, too, as in radio techniques. Students learn to engineer, write, direct, record and produce radio programs. Not only radio, but also other subjects teach special skills. This combination of specific techniques with a background of liberal education helps to make the student aware of and contributing to society in the world today. 43 it was spring. . . A leaf unfolded and a love blossomed. Couples strolled down the walks as the sun grew steadily warmer. The old adage ' ' comes spring, and a young man ' s fancy turns, , ' was certainly true. Dialogue was enhanced by coy glances and wide smiles. En- twined with the conversation was the great American pastime— romance. 6 homecoming queen Virginia Harper attendants Ellen Winchell Jacquelyn Brack reveille mmzr ' m, regalia Marilyn Hobble Woody Herman reveals his choice for the )957 Reveille Queen to editor Vaunlta Rus- co and assistant Dledra Burandt Woody Herman 52 Marjory Marian Bonnie Morris Sue Walker Shirley Revel 1 Donna Stout 53 sweetheart Icing Ray Eaton 54 sweetheart queen 55 57 honorary The committee, as pictured from left to right, were R Burnett, sponsor, J. Stauffer, sponsor, M, Causey, P. Simmons, R. Doefer and E. Kendrick, Membership on the Student Affairs committee was decided by vote of the Student council. This standing committee was created for the purpose of controlling traffic problems and serving as a board of appeals for traffic vlolaters. Scheduling student money-making projects and advising discipline cases referred to them by the Dean of Men or Women are included in their duties. student affairs committee social committee Scheduling of all school social events was the responsibility of the Social committee. Advertising, decorating, and ticket-taking at such occasions as the Sweetheart ball and May fete, serving as governing body for the future Student Union building, and compiling the Social Calendar were some of their projects. Membership on the committee is determined by appointment by the Stu- dent council. 1 Forming the Social committee were, left to right: P. Erickson, R. Herron, C. Homes, B. Bannister, C. Bollard V Hoqsett chairman, R. Anderson, J. Hegwer and J, Stouffer, sponsor. Not pictured: B. Samples and K. Schoeni. ' 9 Back Row: E. R. McCartney, sponsor, J. Butcher, M, Hobbie, A. McCune, C. Blzek, W. Lasater. Front Row: C. Evans, D, Eulert, W. Alpers, D. Atkeson, M. McCartney, A. Thomas, I. Hobbie, J. Anderson, C. Heinze, B. Browning. student council The Student council is composed of the fifteen class and student body officers. Meeting weekly, the group discussed problems concerning the school and student organizations. They arranged for student elections, organized Corral day, acted as host for the biennial CIC Associated Student Council meeting in the spring, and completed a thorough revision of the Fort Hays State constitution. The red velvet robe used in the Homecoming coronation was purchased by Council funds. The student council officers were D, Eulert, vice president; I. Hobble, secretary-treasurer; and C. Evans, president. The student body officers were J. Butcher, vice presi- dent; C. Evans, president; and D. Atkeson, secretary- treasurer. 59 1 I Trimming the tree In the library is an annuo! project of the W.L.O, Women ' s Leadership organization has as its purpose the recogni- tion of outstanding women students. Its membership is elective, and limited to 15 sophomore, junior, or senior women with 1.5 or above grade average on the basis of leadership, ability, service, scholarship, and character, Recognizing and developing leadership, understanding college problems and sponsoring cul- tural interests are the chief aims of the group. Officers are: S. Bizek, historian; AA North, president; J. Hobbie, publicity chairman; M. Hobbie, vice-president; G, Miller, secre- fa ry-freasurer. Standing: V. Parish, sponsor, J. Heilschmidt, V. RusCO, G. Miller, F. Elder, I. Hobbie A N. Hayes, S Bszek, R, Simons, M, Hobbie, M. Dwyer, M, North. Korfin, M. Burris, E r Winchetl. Sitting: » (I Top Row: L Janzen, G. Lindner, R, Hoffman, R. Anderson, D h Burnett, C. Evans, C. Fowler, H. Theimer, R, Wright, Bottom Row: M. Steinle, B. Gleason, B, Palmer, M. Rumpel, V, Erbett, $ t V, Dalton, sponsor. seventh cavalry Seventh cavalry is composed of 15 men students who have demonstrated ability in leadership, scholarship, character, and service — and have maintained a 1.5 grade index. Their ob- jectives are to promote leadership and scholarship, and to improve campus conditions. Sponsoring four full-year tuition scholarships, ushering at many school activities and compiling Other members from left to right are: R. Newton, the Campus Directory served as special projects. c. Edwards, R. Nelson and E. Milton, Jr, Planning the activities of Seventh cavalry are the officers C. Evans, vice president; C. Fowler, president; and R, Hoffman, secretary-treasurer. Student council— president, Choir, 2nd Generation club, FT presi- dent, Tau Kappa Epsilon, 7lh Cavalry, Freshman class— president. Sophomore class — president. Phi Kappa Phi Marie Dwyer Art Student council, TigereMes, French club, WLQ, Kappa Pi, FT A, 2nd Gen- eration club— president, Theta Sigma Ups i Ion — president. Sophomore class — president, Panhellenic, Student Af- fairs, Honors Seminar, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Phi Donald Crawford English Leader, German, club. Lambda Iota Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Delta Vaunita Rusco English Sigma Sigma Sigma, FTA, WRA, WiO, German club, Mewmtn dub. Leader, Reveille— editor, Tigerettes, Campus Boosters, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda tola Tau, Young Re- publicans who’s who Recognition in the 1956-57 edition of WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES honored 29 Fort Hays State seniors, selected on a basis of qualities of leadership, ca pability, and citizenship. Voted on by members of Student council, Seventh cavalry, WLO and the faculty, these students were elected from a group of 58 candidates having an over-all grade average of two points or above. Not pictured were: Melvin Bollinger, Business Administration; Band, FT A, 2nd Generation club. Sigma Theta Epsilon, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Inter- fraternal council; and Dean Russell, Physical Educa- tion; Phi Sigma Epsilon, FTA, K-Ciub— president. Marilyn Hobble History Sigma Sigma Sigma — president, CoU leg«aie 4-H, Leader, 2nd Generation club, WLO, Student council, Choir, IRC, FTA, Honors Seminar, Phi Kappa Phi, Panhellenic, Young Republicans, Lambda lota Tau Melvin Steirde Patsy Renfro Chemistry and Math Mathematics Chemistry club, Mas hematics club- Mathematics club, YWCA, Kappa Mu president. Engineers club, 7th Cav- Epsilon, Chemistry dob. Phi Kappa airy. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Theta Phi Epsilon Verna Stagg Psychology and Sociology French club. Phi Kappa Phi Gwen Miller Business Administration Campus Boosters, Reveille, SAI, WLO, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Band, Orchestra, Phi Kappa Phi Norma Hayes Music Concert Choir, Fort Hays Singers, Sigma Alpha lota-president, WLO, MENC, Kappa Phi, Ti- ger et res, German dub, WRA Rhetrs Simons Music MEMC r Choral Union, Flute Quartet, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Sigma Alpha Jot a, FTA. WLO, Little Theater, 2nd Generation club, Panhellenic, Sigma Sigma Sigma -president uaniei merke Botany and Agriculture leader, UNESCO, Sigma Tau Gjmma, Phi Kappa Phi, Delia Epsilon, Honors Seminar, Col- legiate Young Democrats Melvin Breathouwer Agriculture YMCA, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Delia Epsilon, Pihi Kappa Phi, Wesley Foundation Darrell Brensing Industrial Arts Kappa Sigma Kappa, FT A, Choi; Max Rumpel Ch emlstry Math club, 7th Cavalry, Kap- pa Mu Epsilon, Chemistry club. Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Epsilon, Honors Seminar Jaunita Heitschmidt Stanley Kullbom Chemistry and Math Chemistry club, Fort Hays Singers, Della Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi Chemistry Band, Orchestra, Choir, Student council, French club Brass Choir, All Girl Orchestra, WLO, UNESCO, 2nd Generation club. Delta Sigma Epsilon, Panhellenic, Kappa Phi, Delta Epsilon Bonnie Wasmger Elementary Education Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Zeta, Home Economics dub, Dames dub Virginia Harper Elementary Education Choir, Fort Hays Singers, Phi Kappa Phi, Orthesis, FT A, YWCA Marilyn North Elementa ry Education - WLO— president, FTA, Della Zeta, Phf Kappa Phi, 2nd Genera- tion club Virgil Erberf Physics and Math nor$ Seminar, Math club, Kappa Mu i tl [on, 7 J h Cavalry, Delta Epsilon, gma Pi Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi Dennis Simmonds Physics and Math Sigma Pi Sigma— president. Kappa Mg Epsilon, Math club, German club, 2nd Generation club. Chemistry club, little Theater, Delta Sigma Phi Donald Eulert English Leader, FTA— president. Phi Stgma Epsilon— president. Stu- dent council. Phi Kappa Phi, Senior class president, LIT, Scriblerus, 1FC Ray Newton English FTA, ?th Cavalry, Sigma Tau Gamma— president, LIT Polly Palmer Music Education SAI, Girl ' s Orchestra, Vocal Ensemble, Orchestra, Choir, FTA. Band, 2nd Generation club. Theta Sigma Ups i I on, Phi Kappa Phi Bob Gleason Frances Elder Music Education Music Education M EMC, FTA, Male Quartet, Phi SAI, Kappa Phi, WLO, FTA, MENC, Mg Alpha, Choir, Band, Brass Choir, Orchestra, Brass Sextet Choir, 7 ! h Cavalry, Phi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Iota is a professional music fraternity for women music students A 2 0 grade average is required The group moved into its own house this year, lo- cated at 509 West 12th They co-sponsored the All Greek Sing with Phi Mu Alpha, and served refreshments on Parent ' s day and Senior day Top Row: E, Frass, C. McIntyre, P, Palmer, R. VanDeWege, M. Burris, N r Hayes. Second Row: C. Chaffee, S. Garrison, S. Unruh, P. Boekhaus, B. Rupp, F. Elder. Bottom Row: D. Offerle, L Bitter, G. Miller. Officers of Garrison. S.AJ. take a cue from their president, Shirley Imagine this — leisure time. Musical stew. Actives are. Top Row: J. Bollinger, sponsor, J. Sanders, L Howe, C. Beltz, J. Haney, G. Pauley. Second Row: D. Petty, L Bartholomew, sponsor, J. Merrimon, F. Christian, J Strobel, R, Barstow, V, Roham Bot- tom Row: B, Gleason, D. Bozarth, E. Elmore, V. Giebler, D r Moses, D. Atkeson. phi mu alpha Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonla Is an organization of students of music, formed for the purpose of advancement of the cause of musical culture. Membership is elective They spon- sored a music scholarship with the proceeds from several school dances at which their orchestra played. They also ushered at all music programs on campus and gave two group recitals. Pledges are: N. Ochs, J. Mohr, B. Brock, B, Hargraves, G. Turner, J. Stafford, B. Stutterheim, J. Harmon, R. Cody, J. Boedeker. Looking over the music department record collection are officers W. Howe, secretory; D, Atkeson, warden; D. Petty, pledge-master; V. Rohan, alumni secretary; B. Barstow, vice-president; 8. Glea- son, president; and j. Strobel, treasurer. TfgereHe officers were G, Fritsche, E, Asher, V. Rusco and P. Watkins. Promoting enthusiasm, co-operation, and good sports- manship on the campus is the objective of the Tiger- ettes, the women ' s pep organization. In group attend- ance at all rallies, parades, and games, they led the student body in support of the team. Membership is elective, chosen from upperclasswomen who have pre- viously participated in a pep organization. Girls in block and gold serve as escorts for the basketball team. tigerettes P | e : X ' T r ; k ' ■ eollard ' D - Powers - V - Hagsett, V. Rusco, J. Hegwer, D, Wiehl, J, Trible, Feller c m p a T°P v GmVer ' Fri,sche ' R - E. Asher, M. Rumbaugh, B. M Selensky ' ? V ° 96 ' L MerZ ' M Ml,che " ' M ' Lace y ' s P onsor - Front Row: V. Binder, K. Tucker, C. Holsman, k club K-Club is the organization of all varsity let- ter men and closely allied with the athletic department in its projects During games members served as ushers and operated concession stands Entertaining alumni at athletic events was one of their chief ac- complishments. K-Club officers are: D. Shaw, president; B. Shipman, vice-president; F, Farber, secretary-treasurer; C. Suran, sponsor. :: Senior Lettermen are: R. Miller, D, Feist, D. Russell, B. Wasmcjer, Top Row: R. Anderson, $, Moore, G. Ranter, D. Meade, i. Butcher, D. Johnson, M. Rein, D. Schultz, A, Morris, W. Teegerstrom . Second Row: D. Dempewolf, B. McVicker, A. Bieber, D, Holloway, O. Hoase, P. Riedel, R. Wilson, R, Eaton, A. Schippers, D. Waters, T. Johnson. Bottom Row: W. Alpers, O. Sweazy, R Brown, T. Young, J Suttor), J. Nieman, B. Dunlap, C. Sucht, B. Samples, kappa pi 1:. . TJ m. „ 1 L J 1 B " WIP -j Students who have com- pleted 12 hours of art courses with a " B " grade average are eligible to join Kappa Pi. The objective of the group is the inspiration of leadership, prowess and scholastic ability. Members met to discuss current is- sues in art, and to plan art exhibitions — both student and faculty. Kappa Pi ' s main activity was the an- nual Artist ' s ball held in the spring. Back Row: E. Lowry, C Schrepel, M, Dellinger, sponsor. A, FJesher, Front Row: D. Burandr, AA. Dwyer, R. Revell, K. Tucker. kappa mu epsilon Top Row: R. Franke, W. Toalson, sponsor, E. Trussell, L. Dryden, sponsor, L Funk, A. Fox, J, Briggs. Second Row: E. Etter, sponsor, E. Stopher, sponsor, S, Kullbom, D. SSrlimond D. Renz, E. Milton, Jr., L Crist, J SeibeJ. Third Row: V. Erberf, B. Whiting, M. Steinle, M. Rumpel, B. Wells, D. Deines, C. Henderson. Front Row: P. Renfro, L Sloan, W. Windle, B. Palmer, P. Rhine, P. Dean, M. Houston, E. Marshall, sponsor. Kappa Mu Epsilon is a nation- al honorary mathematics fra- ternity dedicated to the furth- ering of higher mathematics. The group is open to math majors or minors who have completed analytical geome- try with an index of two point in all math courses. They met to discuss problems in mathe- matics and to criticize papers written by the members. 68 g E ' 1 tI I c phi kappa phi The recognition of scholarship among the students of American colleges and universities is the purpose of the honor society of Phi Kappa Phi, Election of an individual implies scholarship in the broadest sense— not grade point average alone. The local chapter pre- sents a challenging speaker each year— this year, Colin Jackson, world traveler, discussed the Mid-East In addition, the chapter presents a Phi Kappa Phi scholarship to an outstanding senior. IS m; The leaders for Phi Kappa Phi were E. Martin, secretary; -L Garwood, vice president; N. Landrum, treasurer; G, Herndon, president; and A. Beesley, journal correspondent Back Row: 5 , Dalton, H. Choguill, L Wooster, H. Burnett, R. Burnett, G. Tomanek, R, Coder, E„ Martin, I. Richard- son. Front Row: E, Stopher, J r Garwood, N. Landrum, G, Herndon, A, Beesley, M, Von Ackeron, M, Walker, E. McCartney. Back Row: V, Stogg, M. Rumpel, R. Nelson, D. Crawford, $, Kullbom, A, Schippers, C. Fowler, D Burnett, M, Breathouwer, D. Merkel, B. Gleason, J, Boedeker, V, Erbert, M. Hobbie, A. Karlin. Front Row: P, Renfro, P. Pal- mer, G, Miller, A. Maxwell, L. Gaflion, V, Harper, V. Rusco, B„ Waslnger, M. North, kappa omicron phi Students with a declared major or minor in home economics are eli- gible for Kappa Omicron Phr. This year the guest speakers lectured on careers, flower arrangements, styles and travel. The year ' s pro- gram included a tea for all home economics students, a breakfast for the group ' s alumni and the annual Founder ' s day banquet. Top Row: M. Williams, J, Miles, M, Somers, K, Komarek, R. Hackeratt, L Oiler, P, Wilson, J. Win. Second Row; A. Beesley, sponsor, E Asher, A, Elias, H, Estes, H, Skov, T. Brown, _L Janousek. Bottom Row: J. Graver, R. Long. alpha psi omega Back Row: D. Connell, H, Stones, J. Trible. Front Row: H. Colony, H. Moos, S Bizek G Herndon, sponsor, C. Evans, Alpha Psi Omega, the national dramatics fraternity, elects lead- ing participants in the field of dramatics. The purpose of the chapter is to stimulate interest in dramatic activities, to assist with dramatic, productions and to provide education in dramatic procedures to the members of Little Theater. 70 Lambda lota Tau is an organization of students of English who have completed 18 or more hours in languages and lit- erature, and have achieved a grade point of 2.35 in those courses. The Hays chapter has for its purpose the honoring of scholastic achievement in the field. The group met monthly to discuss the works of modern novelists, poets and playwrights. The literary magazine of the national organization is produced by the chapter. Members of L.I.T. standing from I aft to right are: R. Newton, B. Scheuerman, S. Sackett, sponsor, C. Edwards, L Hill, Second Row: D, Crawford, H. Moos, D t Eulert. Bottom Row: V. Rusco, N. Boyd, M, Hobble, M. Herron, pi kappa delta Pi Kappa Delta, the national honorary forensic fraternity, is composed of students who have participated in intercollegiate forensic activities such as oratory, debate, discussion, or extem- poraneous speaking. The objective of the or- ganization is to promote interest in forensics on the campus. The members helped to organize the various speech and forensic clinics held during the year. Standing from left to right are R. Wlltms, J. Hamill, C. Evans and M. Messer. Seated are D + Hamel, 5 Bizek, D. Lockman and J. R. Start, sponsor- 71 religious Top Row: L. Maxwell, C. Bizek, C. McIntyre, N. Colburn, P. Trexler, D. Powers, R. Long, A. Trexler, J. Hegwer, D. Lake, V. Hogsett, C. Robinson, M, Wineland, C, Stevens. Second Row: Mrs. Wilson, sponsor; J, Hargilt, Mrs. Nyberg, sponsor; D. Offerle, D. Knowles, J. Lamont, B. Hamby, B. Van De Wege, D. Gardner, E, Lawton, V. Leffingwell, J. Miller, Bottom Row: F. Elder, J, Lewis, P. Wilson, M. Filbert, B, Bierman, M, Shimek, S. Stockton, L. Gailion. kappa phi Kappa Phi consists of organized women students who are members of a Methodist church or who by preference attend Methodist services while at college. Members participated in such service activities as helping in the church nursery and reading to patients in the local hospitals. They held joint social activities with Sigma Theta and sponsored a Parent ' s banquet in May. The leaders of the group pose for a oic- ture in front of their Kappa Phi shield. They are as follows- Seated: C McIntyre, president; V, Hogsett, secretary. Stand- ing: M. Filbert, property chairman; L Gailion, historian and art chairman; B Bierman, chaptain; V. Leffingwell, pub- licity chairman and Candlebeam editor; R. Long, 1st vice president; P. Trexler, treasurer; P, Wilson, membership; F. El- der, music; B, Van De Wege, invitations; D. Offerle, pledge mistress. The actives are, Back Row: M. V. Walker, sponsor; R. Nordman, reporter; R. Nordman, R. Parr, chaplain; G. Geenen, service chairman; N, Massinger, vice president; G. Tomanek, sponsor; V. Sprick, L Windle, historian; D. Lamb, corresponds ng secretary Front Row: D. Dwyer, R r Simpson, regional co-ordinator; V. Starkey, treasurer; R. New, intramural director; E. Gillispie, G. Graves, M, Breathouwer, president, sigma theta epsilon The pledges are, Top Row; S. Saxton, pledgemaster; A, Klein, C. Anderson, vice presi- dent; C. Shearer, C. Reece, president; R, Kerstetter, Bottom Row: R r Schneider, B, Mills, pledge chaplain; D. White, B. Hanzllck, secretary. Sigma Theta Epsilon is a fra- ternity of college men of the Methodist church, dedicated to furthering fellowship in a Christian-like manner on and off the campus The group ushered at the Methodist church services and under- took other service projects in needy areas 1 m " % MT ' i: H iMi A ll Nftfto J B : ■ r -. ' -“-■s-— . ■■£ H - . - Top Row; J. Peterson, M. Goodman, sponsor; C McIntyre, N. Kent, J. Shaw, J, Guyer, G Frits- che. Second Row; F. Albrecht, M, Srtfner, B r Francis, P. Dean, S. Logan, P. Snook, J. Miles. Bottom Row: C. Wonderfich, B. Jackson, N, Garner, sponsor; L Barger, J. Bomqardner, J. Milberq- er, P, Renfro. y w c a Open to all women, the Y.W.C.A. is a world-wide organization offering opportu nities to become better acquainted and to share in Christian experiences. In addition to regular meetings of an inspirational and educational nature, projects for this year included the collecting of Thanks- giving boxes of food and clothing for the needy, a combined picnic with the Y.M.C.A, and a Twelfth Night party. One of the projects of the Y.W.C.A. !; filling a food box for the needy at Christmas. 74 Top Row: S. Hamilton, sponsor; K, Srgler, G. Parr, V r Sprick, B. Baldwin, M r Breathouwer, l, Windle. Bottom Row; R. Simpson, E. Ehrlich, J. Matheson, A, Herren, R r Demuth, L. Oliva, W, Windle. y m c a Officers from left to right: B. Baldwin, publicity chairman; G. Parr, secretary; W Windle, vice-president; M. Breathouwer, treasurer; J r Matheson, member- ship chairman; V, Sprick, president. The Young Men ' s Christian associa- tion Is a world-wide fellowship of men and boys united by a common religious belief, with the purpose of developing Christian personality and building a Christian society. The major project of the group was the operation of the book exchange in Prcken hath The members met each week for devotions, Bible studies and to hear speakers on religious subjects. 75 Top Row: L Leitner, E. Horning, R. leiker, S. T e- moat, V. WeJJ brock, E. Wellbrock, C. Riedf. Second Row: R, Brungardt, A. Ford, D. Kaiser, L Hornung, C Moos, B. Chadd, M. Pfannenstlel. Third Row: S, Drees, A, Brock, J. N lemon, A, Schippers, J, Dlobof, Jr. H M. Dreillng, Bottom Row: A, Karlin, R. Basgall, J. Toepfer, j. Wiesner, R. Drelling, J, Janousek. newman club Newman dub is the national association of Catholic students of colleges and uni- versities. This year marked the largest membership the campus organization has had, a total of 123 students, Study and discussion groups met with local civic leaders to determine the social and spiritual duties of young men and women. Delegates were sent to the Kan- sas Regional conference at Manhattan and to the Central Province conference at Rockford, Illinois, Other activities in- cluded informal dances, caroling and exchange parties with the student nurses from St, Anthony ' s. Top Row: J, Pfeifer, D, Schaffer, H. Seidf, B. Drelling, D. Feist, R. Legleiter, J r Pfeifer; Second Row: M, Drilling, F. Magana, G. Basgall, M. Robf, J. Harman, W, Waldman, D; Drees, J. Pi- vonka. Third Row: D. Anderson, E. Fross, M r Karlin, V. Rusco, P. Murphy, M, Stremel, D r Un- rein. Bottom Row: M r Desbien, R. Stcru dinger, L Schumacher, C. Dennis, E. Hermreck, E. Schmidt, N, Kuhn, T, Brungardt. Forming the executive council for Newman dub were R. Brungardt, vice- president; A. Rematore, sponsor; E, Fross, secretary; A. Rohr, president; D, Schaffer, treasurer,- The Reverend Father Cornelius Heim, O.F.M Cap chaplain. Gamma Delta Is an organi- zation of Lutheran students at colleges and universities arming to provide a positive program of Christian fellow- ship based on knowledge and education. The associa- tion ' s program is religious, educational and social, Left to Right: F. Reith, sponsor; Pastor Polley, J, Garwood, sponsor; B. Frevert, vice presi- dent; H. Theimer, president; G. Manke, treasurer; N. Boyd, secretary. gamma delta Top Row: R. Libby, N. Keller, J. Reiss, B. Frevert, E, Folkers, J. Miesner, M. Krug, Pastor Poltey. Second Row: J. Garwood, sponsor, H. Theimer, N. Ochs, B. Schwien, A L Herren, G. Manke, B. Helwig, D. Wanker, R, Schmalzried, J. Boedeker, L Goehring. Third Row; W. Baus, D. Merz, L. Merz, T. Brown, l r Miller, V. Richards, 5. Borel!, C. Spomer, 5. Deines, R. KoelJing, D. Wagy, B. WenzL Bot- tom Row; N, Boyd, J. Johnson, J. Funk, G. Opitz, V. Dumler, E. Peterman, V. Klotz, J. Klotz, B. Kaempfe. theta epsilon Theta Epsilon is an organiza- tion for college girls associat- ed with the Baptist church. Their objective is establishing friendly relationships among the Baptist girls of the student body by social and religious activities. Miss Geneva Hern- don and Mrs. Robert Wynne are sponsors of the lota chap- ter. Standing: B, Edwards, G. Herndon, sponsor. Second Row: Mrs. Edmund and Sheri, Mrs. Wynne, H. Agnew, president; Mrs. Binder, Mrs. McDowell. Bottom Row: S. Ligon, K, Smith, secretary; L, Hildebrand. Not pictured: K. Hill, M, Woss. canterbury club The Canterbury club, an organization for Episcopal college students, was formally organized on the Fort Hays campus under the leadership of the Rev. Sam Monk in the spring semester of 1957. Business meetings were held the first Wednesday of each month. Members also attended Wednes- day morning communion services and the monthly parish suppers. Front Row: M. Ingram, J. Brown, G t Miller, C. Me- Intyre, P. McLaughlin, N, Errington, J. Smith, M, Joslfn, S r Stone, C, Fuller, M. Hester. Back Row: J. Lasater, Father Monk, M, Fuller, L Hester, T. Brown, D. Parnell, D. Johnson, R. Brooks, D. Harris, R. Overton, McLaughlin, L. Meier, D. Keller, sponsor. wesley foundation Wesley Foundation provides help for Methodist students in development of Christian know), edge, faith and commitment. This year, 40 students were enrolled. Their programs included fellowship suppers, religious dramas and choral music, service projects, dep- utations to other churches in Western Kansas and study groups. Worship has an important place in Wesley. In its second year as a campus affiliated organization, LSA is made up of students with a preference for Lutheran ideals. The group met each Sunday evening to discuss religious topics concerned with the student or young person. Their programs included lectures by church leaders, combined meetings with other religious groups and plays and reports by the members. Top Row: L. Felzien, M. Dietz, K, Reed, W. Smith, N. FelzEen, H f Zillmer, E. Fabrizius, E. Andersen, M. Zillmer, G. Steinle. Second Row: D, Stage, sponsor, Y. Fortney, S r Miller, M r Motzner, P. Audas, B, Lctursen, M. Andersen. Bottom Row: D. Wagner, R, THtel. min non all school Dledra Burandt, assistant and art editor Jeral Cooper, photographer Joe Lemon, business manager Valle Loomis, sponsor Vaunita Rusco, editor-in-chief The Reveille staff was composed of those individuals who were either actually in- terested in journalism, seniors with no previous activity credit, or sorority sis- ters of the editor. Their objectives were the promotion of artistic arrangement as a cover-up for poor material, and re- placing the activities of inactive organi- zations with creative phrasing of their beginning-of-the-year schedules. Activi- ties of the year included the eating of an angel food cake, publication of an annual, cutting out paper dolls and a final community work-day to pay the staff ' s salaries. A| McCune, sports editor reveille Bob Hepner, cartoonist Claude Barrett, assistant business manager Norma Boyd, organizations editor Don ' t laugh — you may Peggy Snook, index editor be editor someday. Harry Moos, copy editor Virginia Hogsett, royalty editor Wanda Sekavec, greek editor staff Deanna Lockman, freshman editor; Peggy Moore, sophomore editor; Velda Moyer, junior editor; Rita Basgajt senior and faculty editor. Other staff members were Suzanne Miller, Darrell Schaf- fer, Shirley Logan, Dixie Brown, Dixie Wiehl, Sylvia Kaiser, From left to right ore E. McGee, editor; D. Benson, sponsor; and D, Merkel, business manager " A nose for news " and " finding out first " helped students learn the principles of interviewing, copy writing, proof reading and journalistic makeup by participating on the staff of the State College Leader Most of the reporters were enrolled in journalism classes, but many were volunteers. Each copy of the Leader was a monumental task completed for the amateur journalists. leader Other staff members were: Back Row: K, Beckwith, photog- rapher; A, McCone and M. Francis, sports editors; D. Stover and P. Schumacher, reporters. Front Row: Tittel, P. Audas, D. lotkmcm, reporters, and M. Herron, society editor. collegiate 4-h fn a K " ' TR J |[ i _ ■ r - . — 1 Collegiate 4-H was organ- ized by students interested in 4-H work on the college campus. Working in affilia- tion with the State of Kan- sas 4-H organization, they carried out a program of promotion of 4-H goals among local clubs in the area. In addition to their own projects on campus, members served as guides and judges for district con- tests. Back Row: L Workman, L. Fry, R. Arnold, J. Snider, V, Evel, R. Thornburg, P. O ' Toole, K. Trogdon, B. Rumpel. Second Row: J. Wells, sponsor; P, Dean, M. Schneider, B r Palmer, S. Stephens, B. Koch, A. Beesley, sponsor. Front Row: D. Loekpe, C. Radiel, M. Voss, B. Jackson. i r c International Relations club has as its objective the discussion of world happenings, their causes and their possible effects. Membership in the organization is elective. Films, guest speakers and current-affairs programs filled their schedule for the year. Back Row: M. Brown, E. Cary. Second Row: L. Hellmer, $. Sangrungruang, D, Callaway, G. Mul- len. Front Row: E, Craine, sponsor, P. Gibson, G, Lindner, R. Stillwell. fort hays nursing club The Fort Hays Nursing club was organized to unite all professional nursing students for social, cul- tural and professional advance- ment. This year marked the third nursing class to graduate from Fort Hays through the recently en- acted program. The freshman nurses received their caps at the spring capping ceremony. The group contributed their services to the District and Kansas State Nurses association. The nursing students who were on affiliation are Back Row: M. Janke, C. Griffin, J. Weiss, J, Robinson, L Swink, S. Henry, N. Winkler, E. Foster. Front Row: C, Boatman, E, Dean, E. Fagan, M. Donabauer, A. Peterson, N. Paul. Top Row; M, Ehrlich, J. McCammon, J. Kessler, D. Lake, M. Wineland, T. Vanderplos, A. Stephenson, B. Morris, L, Blankenburg, P. Peterson, L. Zaloudek, C. Bizek, R. Griffin, L Brown. Second Row: E. Libat, sponsor; L Hulse, J, Helm, 5. Stockton, M. Walker, B. Van Loenen, C. Kephart, N. Drake, B. Kaiser, J, Johnson, G. Runft, M. Major, K. Veverko. Third Row; D. Tien, D, Erickson, K. Winkler, E. Peterman, G. Minor, C Herron, V. Nickels, H. Martin, C. Meyers, S. Conine, A, Maxwell, E. Hermreck, L. Stroup, sponsor ' Bottom Row: K. Dibble, sponsor; M. Behnke, M. Fagan, B. Kaempfe, M. Swink, N. Youtsey, L. Palmer, V, Vincent, J. Lowe, E. Coffin, D, Knowles, P, Weaver, A. Mickey, J. Baxter, L. Wilson, ■1 dp r - fWl O fficers of Veterans dub are: L Felzien, vice president; L. Richards, secretary; M. Fuller, president; H. Stones, treas- urer; H t Johnson, parliamentarian. Standing are: R, Osborne and L Hepner, sponsors. vets club Four student scholarships were sponsored this year by the Vets club. All veterans attending Fort Hays State were eligible for membership in the organization. Highlights of the year were the football game with the local VFW-Amencan Legion team, and the personal " Thank you " note from President Eisenhower for the autographed copy of the 1956 REVEILLE which they sent him. The general purpose of the organization is to promote the interest of all veterans on campus. Standing from left to right are: J. Cooper, G, Phil- lips, L Felzien, R Reinhardt, K. Hawk, J, Buttermore, J, Mitler, D. Baier, H. Megilf. Seated in the same order are; W. Randle, G, Grr, W. Walker, L Welch, R. Nelson, D. Tompkins, C. Murphy, E. McGee. Top Row: h Jacobs, D, Learning, N. Felzien, L, Sparks, W, Hauschild, l, Mullender, R, Innes, K. Marcum. Second Row: W, Nelson, E. Allen, R r Hea- ton, B„ Beamgard, V, Steckleln, A. Erickson, D, Doxon. Third Row: A. Locker, W Berg, L. Goehring, R, Phillips, B Schwien, J. Feist, H. Foos, R. Churchill. Bottom Row: C, Currey, F. Magana, V. Pfannenstiel, G. Giebler, D. Ream, J. Kepferle, R. Conley. Directing the activities of Little Theatre are: C. Evans, president; L Werner, vice president; L Show, secretary-treasurer. Students with a common interest in dramatics composed the membership of Little Theatre. The programs varied from dramatic presenta- tions to designing and constructing stage props. Each program was directed by a member of Alpha Psi Omega. Members of Little Theatre who earned enough points by participation in dramatic projects were elected to Alpha Psi, honorary dramatics fraternity. little theatre Top Row: S. Hembree, B. Basgall, $ r Stumps, E. Broun, H, Stones, K. Tldball, C T Evans, H. Zillmer, R. Karst, J. Alderman, B. Young, J, Reiss, D. Smith, V r Richards, M, Herron, M, Dreher, Second Row: M. Hester, $. Bizek, M. Andersen, J. Smith, S. Worthy, B. Weber, E. Bearley, S. McAllister, F, Krenzel, P, Ryan, E. Jewett, G. Herndon, sponsor. Bottom Row: S. ligon, P. Audas, J, Trible, A, Ruder, J. Schmidtberger, C. Stevens, C Ballard, J, Harris, B. Miller, M. Brown, debate and oratory The Fort Hays debate squad participated in six tournaments this year, winning 22 of the 52 debates entered. The team attended contests at Kansas State college, Wichita university, Southwestern college, McPher- son college, University of Nebraska, and South Dakota State college. The latter was the site of the national Pi Kappa Delta tournament. One important function of fo- rensics was satisfied when debaters again were recognized as campus leaders, result- ing in a growing interest in debate activi- ties. Practice debate: B. Willms, J. Hamill, D. Lackman, and M. Rumbaugh, Standing: M Messer, L Hammer, L Lee, H. Stones, M. Burditt. Sealed: B. Willms, J. Hamill, A, Dunavan, sponsor; D. Lockman, M. Rumbaugh. Not Shown: D. Hamel, D, Schmidt. Top Row: J. Pate, J. Sauer, 1, Truan, D. Heinze, V. Ley- dig, B. Habiger, D. Lake, M. Wineland, B., Sehwien, J t Jenson, S. Kaiser, G. Runft, E. Coffin Bottom Row: C, Oswald, M. Bas- gall, G. Kerns, R, Schoen- thaler, R, Kaelling, M. Win- ter, G. Rowe, S. Frieden, P, Baedeker. kit kats Freshman women interested in the pro- motion of school spirit made up the membership of the Kit Kats. With a mem- bership of sixty, the group attended pep assemblies and cheered at the home games. Now in its third year of campus recognition, Kit Kats provide the future membership of Tigerettes, the upperclass pep club. Top Row: S Leazure, P. Audas, M. Loughridge, E, Hermreck, J. Hubbard, R. Miller, M Stremel, P. Gan- sel, H. Aust, J. Wormerm- ger, W. Norton, C. Sullivan, B Miller, D Beck, Bottom Row: B. Edwards, C. Den- nis, M. Dreiling, C Stremel, 5, Deines, J Beatty, V. Hor- ner, G. Bradley, E. Amos, M. Chastain. wra council W.R.A. is an organization of col- lege women, and has as its pur- pose the promotion of recreation, the creation of an appreciation of sports and the furthering of the ideals of good sportsmanship. The group ' s chief project was the sell- ing of refreshments at football games— the income being used for scholarships, awards, and sponsor- ing high school and college Sports days and Play days. The Executive council seated from left to right are S. Kinyon, H. Henry, B, Kittel, J. Meier, R, Sevy, sponsor; D. Powers, H. Kipple, j. Deiter, L. Peterson. Top Row: D. Sire, J. Arnold, N. Kent, J. Deiter, H, Henry, S. Kinyon, H. Preusch, L Hollo- way, D. Powers, J. Meier, J. Hanna, G. Hester, Second Row: I, Miller, M r Gales, J, Peter- son, S. Mathias, H, Estes, H. Kipple, L Peterson, j. Mountain, P. Swords, D. Dixon, R. Sevy, sponsor. Bottom Row: S. Robbins, K. Brandau, R. Rice, J. Gstmeyer, M, Ellis, C. Sebastian, D. Bradley, D. Ashbaugh, officials club Officials club is a branch of W.R.A., com- posed of students who served as officials at all events sponsored by W.R.A. and the Women ' s Intramurals program. From left to right are R. Rice, K. Brandau, H. Estes, L. Peterson, J. Arnold, J. Deiter, S. Kinyon, H. Henry, J. Meier, M. Somers, H. Kipple, D. Sire. Top Row: D. Houston, P. Woodmansee, E. Filbert, W. Harri- son, G. Click, J. McEwen, W T Randle, K. Reed. Second Row: S. Holthus, P Wilson, L. Caldwell, C Behrends, H. Preush, R. Long, D. Powers, J r Wilson, L Miller. Third Row. M, An- dersen, G. Noah, G, Hartlng, T. Brown, S. Drees, D. Wik- Jund, L. Maxwell, Y. Swenson, B, Clark, P. Murphy, Bottom Row: K. White, sponsor, L. Carpenter, F r Albrecht, A. Ellas, V r Richards, D. Dyatt, B r Clark, M. Houston, J, Janousek, N Kuhn, Top Row; C. Holsman, A, Bandel, B, McDaniel, J. Weber, D. Niehaus, L. Oliva, L Staab. Second Row: J, Graver, L Oi- ler, R, Rothenberger, F. Thomas, D. Barton, J r Martin, E. Noble. Third Row: C. Oiler, L P Kasper, $. Logan, L. Gallion, B. VanDeWege, M, Sittner, P. Noble, S P Miller, R. VanDe- Wege P Bottom Row; G, Davis, sponsor; L. Dyatt, J, Lowe, C. Beutler, C. DeWald, F. Krenzel, C. Eaton, S. Hembree, E. Lawton, E. Bearley. f t a Organized for the further development of stu- dents who plan to enter the teaching profession, the F.T.A, was the largest organization on campus. In their nine regularly scheduled meetings, mem- bers mixed the business of learning about their chosen profession with dancing and a watermelon feast. Other meetings included fe ature talks by famous educators, films, and panel discussions. Top Row; K. Harvey, D. Schaffer, G. Poer, R, Simpson, R. Erbert, B. Hanzlick. Second Row; C Graney, D. Calloway, H. Stones, E. Andersen, D, Eufert, A. Marer, R. Doerfer. Third Row; V r Jeffery, B. Weber, J. Brack, V. Hogsett, C. Rosier , V. Rusco, K, Brookharf. Bottom Row: P T Snook, M. Hoi lingsheod, M. Hobbie, S. Miller, D. WIehl, W. Sekavec N. Boyd. Top Row: L r Schrepel, B. Shipman, L. Wesley, D. Koch, D. f key, B. Robbins, P. O ' Brien, J. O ' Brien. Second Row; V. Flinn, D. Sidener, P. Erickson, J L Laughfln, D. Brensing, P, Schneider, D, Shaw. Third Row: E. Welch, C. Heinze, N + Self- ridge, G. Frltsche, M. Morlan, B. Koch, t, Sneath, D. Stout, J, Bomgardner, S. Worthy. Bottom Row: L. Shaw, C. Kullbom, C Humes, K. Corn, M. Filbert, V. Harper, J. WSesner, G. Fox! Students interested in engineering com- posed the membership of Engineers dub. In order to further their knowl- edge of engineering principles, the group planned a program of guest speakers and visits to the TV station at Great Bend and to similar points of Interest near Hays, The officers pictured above ore: D. Palmer, A. Herren, P. Rhine, L Dryden, sponsor; 5. Griffin, engineers club Top Row: R. Swartz, J. Briggs, E Milton, F Westerman, A. Herren, L Dryden, sponsor; A. Fox, T, Stade, E. Kelley, L Karst, L Crist, R, Riedel S. Kogler, L Law, G. Waudby, B. Braden, B. Mills. Second Row: C. Rhine, 8 . Munsell, N. Schild, L Stroup, J. Venters, R. Johnson, R. Franke, C„ Henderson, D. Deines, W. Windle, B. Arkle, J. Harris. Third Row: J, Matheson, C. Butler, L. Kashka, M. Schardein, M. King, J, Alderman, D. Kimbelt, G. Ashcraft, C. Brunson, Bottom Row: S. Griffin, D. Palmer, P. Rhine, BIT ■l ■ - i - ml Tim, f ' ■ m ujT a :■ J. | PvtUm - mm Bfi ... ■- -4 — -i j Officers for Dame ' s club from left to right are: J. Ford, treasurer; D, Thomas, Save the wrapping far next yearl sponsor; M. Hester, recording secretary; R. Allen, president; M, Baker, as- sistant corresponding secretary; S, Kneller, historian; B. Wasinger, second vice president; A. Ely, vice president; M. Brown, corresponding secretary; M, Wallerstedt, sponsor. Wives of the married students at Fort Hays adopted a needy family as a civic project for Dames club, and provided them with food and gifts on holidays and the children ' s birthdays. The organization also conducted several bake sales to make possible a scholarship for a married woman on campus. Activities for the year Included a party for faculty wives and a dinner-dance for members. dames club second generation club Fort Hays State has many students enrolled whose parents also attended college here in the past. The group had no formal organization this year, although second generation students numbered 280. Four of these, Carl Wells, Barbara Fellers, Jay Fellers, and Virginia Horner are the third generation of their families to attend Fort Hays State. Pictured below are 49 of the second generation students. campus boosters Left to right; L. Kas- per, H. Seldl, A. Her- ren, J , Arnold, L. Hepner, sponsor, J, Brooks, C. Holsman, K, Tucker, C. Radid, C Weems, W Seko- vec, L. Wilson, G. Fox, The Campus Booster council is composed of a representative from each organization on the campus. Its function is to promote school spirit and to control all activities connected, such as pep assemblies and the Parent ' s day snake dance and bonfire. Any girl enrolled in Home Economics is eligible to belong to Home Ec club, but officers are elected from department majors and minors. The purpose of the club has been to interest girls in some field of home economics. Projects included a Christmas party for children, a style show, and the annual Home Economics club banquet. Top Row: J r Graver, 5, Mrllsap, J, Jensen, M. Roth, G, Mueldener, K. Komarek, R. Long, M, Snider, J. Hargitt, $, Fisher, C. Staab. Second Row: R r Cayton, S. Walker, E, Cooley, N. Krisle, M. Somers, N, Kent, H. Estes, B. Koch, D. Wagy, D. Heinze, G. Grot, C. Sullivan, Third Row: S, Kneller, I, Davis, C. Kullbom, B. Fellers, J, Miles, D, Beck, J. Peterson, D. Barnhill, L. Schumacher, P. Wilson, H, Skov. Fourth Row: A. Beesfey, sponsor; F. Krenzel, V. Burton, N. Walter, J, Witt, S. Revel!, P, O ' Toole, V. Russell, J. Jonousek, I. ladiges, sponsor. h 0 m e e c c 1 u b pre-med club Pre-Med club is open to any student interested in medicine or related fields. The group ' s program in- cluded visiting hospitals and laboratories, lectures by doctors, dentists, nurses, and psychologists and a picnic. Pre-Med club is the pupa stage of future doc- tors, medical technologists and nurses. First Row: P. Hills, L Hester, M. Borger, I. Hobbie, A Karlin, Second Row: C. Fowler, L. Mar- shall, J. Cromwell, J. Sample, V. McCoy. Third Row: D, McConkey, J. Milberger, D. Marsh. Fourth Row: R. Hilmes, W. Marrs. chemistry club Seated from left to right, Top Row: L. Hester, B. Weems, T. Brown, H. Choguill, spon- sor,- D. Stage, sponsor. Second Row: 5 , Kultbom, D, Sfmmonds, M. Steinle, M. Rumpel, G. McCourt, D. Neeley. Any student interested in chem- istry is invited to join Chemistry club. The purpose of this organi- zation was to acquaint students with the possibilities of a future in chemistry. The group construct- ed a display board in the Science building, sponsored a visiting pro- fessor of chemistry from the Uni- versity of Minnesota and held chemistry open house. french club All students inter- ested in the study of the French language were invited to join French club. Its pur- pose is to provide an opportunity for members to hear and speak French and to increase their understanding of French civilization. This year ' s activities included seeing sev- eral French movies and slides, the dis- cussion of French lit- erature and listen- ing to lectures on French culture and civilization. Top Row: S. Songrungruang, B, Johnston, J. Uht, Brown, W, Wright, K, Bogart, sponsor, V. Fa]L Second Row: R. Willard, sponsor, V, Moyer, E. Welch, V, Hogsett, B, laursen, V. Richards. Bottom Row: F, Ginther, J. Harris, B. Wenzl, K, Schoeni, P. Schumacher, german club Members from left to right are, Top Row: P. Graber, sponsor; D Crawford, D. Wagner, J. White, M. Ziegenbalg, J r Weber, J. Cooper. Bottom Row: E, Ehrlich, E. Jewett, D, Leltner, F, Foos„ Students inter- ested in the fur- ther study of German lan- guage and cul- ture united in the German club. Varied programs in- cluded listening to German rec- ords and dis- cussing them, German games and readings, and showing slides taken by Dr, Graber in Austria, math club Organized in 1948, the Math club is made up of students interested in the study of mathematics. Dis- cussion is devoted to prob- lems of higher mathemat- ics, the history of math and usage in the various subject fields. Top Row: J. Alderman, D. Graver, A, Rohr, T. Slade, W, Toalson, sponsor. Second Row: P. Rhine, A. Herren, D. Simmonds, R. Bland, A, Fox, E, Milton, Jr, Third Row: E. Etter, sponsor; E. Stopher, sponsor; F. Foos, B, Wells, C. Henderson, president; D. Detnes, M. Steinle, Bot- tom Row: P, Renfro, M. Houston, secretary-treasurer,- M. Rumpel, vice president; D, Palmer, W, Wiindle, P. Dean, E. Marshall, sponsor. scriblerus Students interested in crea- tive writing, either in fiction, poetry, or journalism, com- posed the membership of Scriblerus, The group met once each month to criticize each member ' s work and to discuss problems involved in publication. The club spon- sored the SHEAF, a maga- zine devoted to the best ex- amples of Fort Hays State student writing. Back Row: R. Newton, D Eutert, D. Learning, H T Moos, D. Crawford, E. Mullen. Front Row: L, Carter, S. Sackett, sponsor. 96 Flexing their jaws for the cam- era is the executive council of the Collegiate Young Republi- cans. From left to right are J. Nickel, L Mullender, V. Moyer, L. Brookharf, R. Erbert, R. Mc- C u 1 1 i ck, and H. Moos, seated. collegiate young republicans The November election aroused an active political interest in students anticipating a career in politics; and in those wanting to learn more about campaign issues, platform construction, and voting procedure. During the pre-election period, the eollegiates conducted polls, helped with campaigns and undertook other tasks to aid the senior parties. Caravans of speakers from both parties were brought to the campus. A spirit of good-natured rivalry prevailed as students from the two organizations engaged in political debates and informal arguments over conflicting issues. Activities relaxed following the election, but resumed a hurried tempo with the state conventions in the spring. collegiate young democrats Discussing the affairs of the Collegiate Young Democrats Is the executive council. They are from left to right: J. Garwood, sponsor; A. Locker, M, Ely, G. Pauley and J, Schmidtberger, 0 r c h e s V 1 s V. Nickels D, Wiehl and J, Harris Y Harper and J. Trible D. Burondt and F, Hoff R. Rice, V, Nickels, L. Peterson, J. Arnold, L. Johnson, J, Deiter Orchesis was composed of students of the dance interested in acquiring a further knowledge of dance forms — including ballet, tap, modern, social and folk dances. Members of the group performed at the WRA state convention, Little Theatre programs, Homecoming, and the Fort Hays Follies 0) D Mid i umanUt Mlit’J M! dtn r ■ i vcb-iH ’ 1 ts !U»Ilf I ; b r a s s c h 0 1 r The Brass choir was directed by Leland Bartholomew and ployed both traditional and Dixieland arrangements. The group went on an area tour first semester and performed on campus in the spring. Members of the Brass choir from left to right are D. Bozarth, R„ Cody 1. Howe, F. Elder, J. Strobe), B. Gleason, V. Rohan and M. JarrelL music on the campus Donald Stout directed the Fort Hoys Singers in a program of varied musical selections. The group sang numbers of con- temporary acclaim, including folk songs and spirituals They performed as a part of many campus activities and pre- sented a special concert in the spring. Members are from left to right; Back Raw: B. Wright, P. Watkins, D. Stout, con- ductor; F. Craig, J + Stafford, M, Brack, L. Heitschmidt, N. Fink, S. Garrison, M. Seibel, L. Janzem Front Row; D. Afkeson, C. Spomer, M, Burris, N, Hayes, S H Kullbom, band The Fort Hays State band was a composite term used to de- note several organizations. Under the direction of Harold Palmer the group was a marching band for parades and football games, a concert band for assemblies and con- certs and a traveling band for tours throughout the area. Basketball season saw the di- vision of the group into two pep bands conducted by Bob Gleason and Polly Palmer madrigal singers The Madrigal Singers formed the latest addition to the choral organizations at Fort Hays State. The group was directed by Lloyd Herren and often performed with Fort Hays Singers. They also appeared on sta tion KCKT-TV and at entertainment programs on campus. The members were D. Atkeson, F, Christian, R. Cody, D. Moses, J. Koeppen, L. Herren, director; M. Behnke, P. Newton, C. Leichliter, Unruh, B. Base and M. McCartney. Polly Paimer wound up her fourth year as drum major for the Marching 100. drum majorettes Majorettes for the marching band were L Amos, C. Eaton, D. Stout, D. Dyatt and B. Morris. The college Concert Choir began the year ' s musical offering with the choir show presented In October Under the direction of Lloyd Herren, the choral group went on a fall and spring tour, performed at the Christmas Vespers program and at Baccalaureate services. concert choir brass trio Members of the Brass Trio are J. Strobe!, M, Jarrell and L, Howe. The pianist is P New- concert The Symphony orchestra was ty from Fort Hays State and were given in November and orchestra composed of outstanding musicians from this area, including students and facuh Hays high schools. They were directed by Stanley Ballinger. Campus concerts May. Hi ' ' The Second Man " was given first semester as a little Theatre project play. The cast of this sophisticated comedy featured Hal Colony as Storey, a writer with few, if any, inhibitions; lorna Shaw as the rich and attractive widow, Kendall Frame; Mary Brown as Monica, a foolish young girl unable to choose between momentary excitement or permanent security; and Phil Weber as the love-blinded scientist, Austin, picken players H, Colony Pictured from left to right ore C Evans, R. Newton, S. Stumps, M. Ginther and J. Tnble Mh Brown and P, Weber 5, Stumps, J. Tnble and M, Ginther " The Silver Cord ' Sidney Howard ' s moving study of frustration and hysteria was presented first semester by the Picken Players, The play portrays the story of Mrs, Phelps, an over-possessive woman whose love for her two grown sons has become her only reason for living, and who tries to break up the marriage of one and the engagemenf of the other of her sons to keep them under her control. The cast included Shirley Stubbs as Mrs, Phelps, Janie Trrble as Hester, Marilyn Ginther as Christina, Charles Evans as David, and Ray Newton as Robin, The main play- ers discussed im- portant lines in " The Doll ' s House. " From left to right are P. Weber, M. McCartney and B. Scheuerman, " The Doll ' s House " by Henrik Ibsen, starred Phil Webber as Torvald Hellmer, and Mary Eleanor Brown as his wife Nora, The play is the story of a husband with common- place principles who treats his wife as a doll and, therefore, eventually loses her. The cast Included Marilyn McCartney as Mrs. Linde, Bob Scheuerman as Nils Krog- stad, Nancy Miller as their nurse Anne, Vickie Richards as a housemaid and Ken- neth Tidball as a porter. Miss Harriet Ketchum is director of the Fort Hays State Little Theater. Contemplating the right expression to use on the line, " Does it not oc- cur to you that this Is the first time we two, husband and wife, have had a serious conversation? " are cost members N r Mi ller, K. Tidball, C. Wells, P. Weber, M. McCartney, B, Scheuerman and V, Richards. H-X’j : F 5 - 9 ■ j Co fi y ' ■ , i$ 4IJI . ■ " .1 v i . f Lv p m ] housing r e s i d c e Top Row: G. Wilkens, C. Rhine, L. Vincent, F. Standage, D. Williams, K. Trogden, D. Wagner, R. Franke, L. Crist, A. Bieber, R. Anderson. Second Row: D. Cox, J. McEwen, J, Nairn, T, Wnsten, J, O ' Brien, F. Christian, J. Haney, D. Moses, J Koeppen, J. Stafford, B. Brock. Third Row: M. Princ, R. Ummel, L. Reeves, G, Graves, S. Brundage, H. Snider, R. Cody, R. Yeorgen, S, Dorsey, I. Fellers. Bottom Row: J. Alderman, C. Sucht, R. Pitman, j. Nickel, J. McCullick, V. Starkey, C. Clarke, E, Gillispie, 8 Fellers, 106 Top Row: L Wesley, D. Sidener, D. Harzmon, A. Brock, G. Weeks, J. Boxler, R, Wright, D Bozarth, E. Gillispie, G, Manke, D. Lamb. Second Row: R. Tucker, K. Kingsley, J. Butcher, R. McCullick, P. O ' Brien, D. Finney, G. Thomas, L. Multender, R. Kufeld, P. Brensing, D. Brensing, house counselors. Third Row: K. Bigham, D. Graver, M. Seibel, D. Barton, J r Wilson, J Byter, B Byer, J, Wright, G, Poore, V, Flinn. Bottom Row: R. DScke, S. Hitz, D, Barton, J. Mohr, M. Reiter, 8. Brooks, E, Smith, L r Hornung, B. McKinley. mm it ® njmm m .jriYi i tli J 3 CD Top Row: G. Keith, J. Clark, R. Wright, V, Nelson, 5. Ellis, P. Kamdar, B. Reeves, J. Pivonka, L. Ellis, R. Parr, M. Anderson. Second Row: S. Temaat, R, Thornburg,, P, O ' Toole, D r White, K r Long, L. Wickizer, G. Pate, O. Lopez, R. Barstow, R. Byer, Mrs, B. Lamb, housemother. Third Row: R. Greene, W. Miller, G. Par r, B Hargraves, l. Leitner, G. Turner, R. Schneider, N. Ochs, L Vtnzant, J. McFarland. Bottom Row: Eh Kellogg, G. Ralstfn, B. Wells, T. Dor- sey, K. Seibert, R. Downing, J. Briney, E. Velharticky, J. Archer. Top Row: B. Nicholson, D. Peer, E, Wright, 5. Kogler, C. Butler, L. Koshka, M. Schardein, M. King, M, Giersch, A r McCune, E. Horning. Second Row: Mrs. N. Bice, housemother, H. lewis, R. Harrison, G. Hurley, K, Kibbe, B. Walker, D t Walker, G, Harrison, B. Mills, A. Loewen, M. Miles, R, Bullock. Third Row: D, Castor, N. Marshall, B. Mason, P. Nelson, K. Gish, J Sutton, J. Underwood, D. Berblinger, M. Jones, V. Evel. Bottom Row: A. Yakel, G. Schreiber, L. Lauxman, D. Brown, S, Sangrungruang, R. Hoffman, K, Voss, D, Jamison, l. Melton, P. Rhine. f 1 n ■I Jfc- Kf r 7i MV‘i| jr ijL-x - i 9V i ■L % LA j i i ■ff V; : iV ' 14% M , rfa A jfl mm ■ f f e jm 1 Hi J r Wm HEQH t " 1J | V ■1 il L kf _ Hr 48 i 1 If W J Hr ■ Top Row: C. Bollard. L Sneath, G. Mendenhall, S. Worthy, J. Harris, J. Meier, R, Long, S. Kinyon, E. Welch, M, Andersen, P, Peter- son. Second Row: M. Walker, B. Weber, $, Hofthus, 5. Cauldwell, S. Miller, T. Vanderplas, K. Smith, M. Maze, B. Wenzl, S. Robbins, B. Kaiser. Third Row: S. Lyne, D r Marsh, S. Underwood, E. Cooley, G. Hester, A. Short, H. Estes, J, Rogg, V t Burton, B. Kaempfe, Fourth Row: D, Richards, J. Milbetger, C. DeWald, F T Albrecht, Mrs. Slays, housemother; J. Bomgardner, N + Kuhn P. O ' Toole, M. Tu liar. south agnew hall Discussing the day ' s events are: E r Welch, E. Sneath, 5. Worthy, Mrs. Biays, P. Peterson, Gr r r r r r r rl The governing bod consists of N, Krisle, H, Skov r Mrs. M, tn gram, housemother; E r Robertson, P. Simmons. north agnew hall Top Row: E. Robertson, H. Skov, M. Holl Engshead, M Joslin, S T Strothers, C. Oiler, G, Mueldener, B r ColglazEer, A, Denio, E, Jewett, J. Ransberger, Second Row: L, Braden, N. Krisle, K. Price, A. Hem el, J. Gu er, J. Hegwer, G, Fraser, J. Cromwell, P. Simmons, D, Russell. Third Row: B, Moore, J, Sample, I, Davis, F. Krenzel, J, Otte, J. SchlessSger, P. Ryan, G, Harting, V. Brandyberry, K. Hill. Bottom Row: C, Wonderfich, M. Voss, F. Ginther, D. Stout, J. Lowe, Mrs, M. Ingram, housemother; J. Janousek, D r Wagner, B r Clark, D. Barber. Top Row; M. Borger, H. Kipple, B. Bierman, M. Denio, D. Offerle, L. Peterson, C. Robinson, D. Gardner, C. Stevens, E, Thompson, H r Preusch, J. Prout, A. Annis, K. Komarek, S. Bizek, M, Wright, Mrs, Gordon, housemother, N, Errington, N. Kent, V, Leffing well, S. Fisher, L. Gallion, J. DumJer, M. Filbert, L Kasper. Second Row: M. Shimek, H. Bohm, B, Koch, M, Sittner, K t Corn, J, Peterson, M. Gales, P. Neill, C. Johnson, E. Lawton, E. Bearley, $. McAllister, B. Clark, Y. Swenson. Bottom Row: V t Harper, D. Sire, R, Ashcroft, P. Snook, $, Hembree, S. Logan, P. Renfro, L. Borger, P. Vogel, wesley hall The officers glance over the Wesley hall scrapbook. Residents of Lewis Field Stadium are, lop Row: D. Kaiser, J. Billups, D. Ellis, R. Lerker, C. Riedl, J, Thompson, j. White, G + An- drews. Bottom Row: L. Moore, M. Suter, G, Dupont, D. Wilson, B. Hanzlick, D. McConkey, supervisor; J. Boedeker, A. Moon, supervisor. lewis field stadium " Sunset Serenade " Quiet hours!!! Ill Tap Raw; M r Streme!, L. Zaloudek, L. Brown, B. Lannon f P, Gansel, F, Van Loenen, B, Loursen, J, Shaw, K. Weber, D. Wagy, L. Maxwell, J. Cox, E, Gray, j. Hargitt, G. Fritsebe. Second Row: C. Spomer, W. Mease, 5, Leazure, C. Kobs, L. Amos, D, Bradley, N, Colburn, M Mitchell, J Kephart, M. Harper, W Brkker, N. Bricker, E. Depe, V. Dumler, C. Walker. Third Row: J. Hubbard, M. Burditf, N, Lange, G, Stephen, J Love, G. Heany, R. Tittel, P. Banks, K. Brandau, J. McCrum, K, Tacha, J, Lundgrin, M t Swink, C, Bizek. Bottom Row: D, Younkin, L. Bridges, E, Christian, J. Ostmeyer, E. Clark, M, loughridge, Mrs, F, Haldiman, housemother; K. Veverka, D. Brown, E, Engel, W. Schlagel, J Baxter, C. StremeL ouster Top Row; P, Rixon, S. Frieden, A, Rogers, K. Thompson, J, Camp, 0. Fox, D. Heinze, B. Ridgway, H. Ausf, A Forbes, S. KoEser, B. Habiger, P. Atterberry, G. Graf. Second Row: M. Major, C. Herron, E. Hermreck, R, Witt, P. Foster, R. Miller, B, Miller, E. Coffin, G. Rowe, J. Wormeringer, W. Norton, C. Sebastian, J. Beor, Third Row: J. Pate, M. Somers, F. Wagner, J. Johnson, J. McCommon, N. Walter, J r Smith, M. Berrey, C. Pryor, V, Nickels, J. Helm, D. Wiklund, J. Graver. Bottom Row: P. Leffingwell, M, Rhoades, N. Smades, C. Oswald, P. Kelly, M, Dreher, M. Behnke, G. Minor, D, Grunert, C. Scott, J. Northup. Top Row; W. Hendrix, M. Clark, J Jensen, !. Truan, R. Rothenberger, J. Klotz, L. Holloway, B. Palmer, V. Leydig, B. Schwien, Clark, J. Kessler, K. Devlin, J. Sauer. Second Row: E. Prout, R. Staudinger, J r Fink, A L Mickey, W. Baus, D, Anderson, D. Beck, Krannawitter, P, Cantwell, E. Peterman, K. Schoeni, R, Van Allen, R. Schoenthaler. Third Row: $. Stockton, R. Griffin, M. Brun- gardt, L Hulse, B. Basgatl, J, Handlin, V, Klotz, A, Jacobs, S. Mathias, C. Sullivan, Y, Smith, D. loeppke, J, Funk, Bottom Row: L Worcester, P. Swords, P, Boedeker, D. Roth, N, Boyd, Mrs, K. Rawley; housemother, D. Dixon, E. Amos, M, Winter, K Kline, V. Chase, P. Schumacher, G. Opitz. hall Top Row: S. Bareli, B, Powers, D. Erickson, N. Mart, M, Dufford, M, Ehrlich, B. Marshall, A. Trexler, J, Cole, D. Lake, C Leichliter, M. Winefand, L. Johnson, J, Hanna, D. Pepper. Second Row: D. lockman, B, Morris, D. Walker, D. Stover, G. Runft, L, Oiler, D, Tien, J. Beckley, K. Winkler, M. Basgall, R. Koelling, C. Fox, M„ Ellis, C Dennis, Third Row: E r Winchell, M r Ellis, M, Desbien, K. Ward, J, Miller, L. Palmer, B. DeLay, B. Yoxall, J. Beatty, V. Richards, D. Knowles, S. Deines, J, Lewis, C Offutt. Bottom Row: G. Kerns, V, Horner, B. Armbruster, K L Hoffman, G. Van Winkle, N. Fink, J. Michel, S. McDaniel, L Dyatt, M, Chastain, M. Fagan, N. Meckfessel, 5, Harper, D, Rassette, B - 4tif - BhO SI v m n t % BSJ ■ S ' W iti- O 5 where we studied, worked Wesley hall Custer hatl 4 A 114 Hdl Residence hall ate and slept and played U6 i panhellenic council Back Row: Jane Trrble, Phyllis Watkins, Barbara Fellers, Annette Karlin, Marilyn Hobbie, Marvel Mitchell, Vlrgie Binder, Janis Mountain. Front Row: Dion Kuehnert, Kathie Smith, Leila Wall, Sheri Millsap, Rita Basgall, Polly Palmer, Carol Holsmon. Composed of three representatives from each sorority on campus, Panhellenic council is the co-ordinating group of so- rorities. Organized for the purpose of bringing these groups closer together, Panhellenic builds a better working re- lationship among both the presidents and the groups. Among the many activi- ties of Panhellenic council are composing a list of rush rules; planning for the pro- cedures of rush week; and awarding the Scholarship shield to the sorority rank- ing highest, percentagewise, in scholar- ship, Several parties to orientate fresh- men women about sorority life were held in the fall, among them the Sorority Flavors party, the Susy-Q party and the Powder Puff party. Officers of Panhellenic council were Marilyn Hobble, secretary; Leila Walz, treasurer; Annette Karlin, president; Janis Mountain, corresponding secre tary; and Jane Trible, parliamentarian. The Inter-fraternity council, composed of two representatives from each of the six social fraternities, is the co-ordinat- ing body for the Fort Hays State fratern- ity system. Early in the fall the council, in cooperation with the Panhellenic council, sponsored the All-Greek formal IFC awards a trophy to the men ' s di- vision winner at the All-Greek sing in the spring. A traveling trophy is given each semester to the fraternity whose actives have the highest grade point, and also to the pledge class with the highest grade point. Richard Burnett, dean of men, served as the Inter-fra- ternity advisor. Officers of Inter-fraternity council were Gary Pauley, secretary; Gfenn Mar- tin, president; Glenn Thomas, vice president; and Merlin Ely, treasurer. inter-fraternity council Left to right: Dr. Harold Choguill, sponsor; Bob Churchill, Merlin Ely, Glenn Martin, Gary Pauley, Dean Fairchild, Richard Burnett, sponsor; Glenn Thomas, Bob Scheuerman, August Brock, Ben Howe, alpha sigma alpha OFFICERS President Janfs Mountain Vice President Dian Kuehnert Secretary Roberta Rupp Treasurer . .... Patty Newton The Alpha ' s social events for the year included a Christmas formal, St, Pat ' s tea and spring formal, Gwen Miller was elected to Who ' s Who, Phi Kappa Phi and W.L.O. As president of Tigerettes, we saw Phyllis Watkins in the head position. Velda Moyer was president of Campus Boosters and she also served on the Reveille staff as junior class editor. In intramurals the Alphas placed first in tennis doubles with Jo Reitz and Velda Moyer doing the honors. Again this spring the Alphas co- sponsored the All-School Carnival, Hard at work are officers Newton, Kuehnert, Rupp and Mountain. Thtrtta Brungardt Marilyn Cfmiain Belly Clark Carolyn Dennis Erma Pros Jan Mountain Velda Moyer Patty Newton Kay Norman Kay Ann Hill Dian Kuehnerf Carole KuMbom Owen Miller Mrs. Ml Ilia Crol irccjer, house- mother Glenda Opitz Roberta Rupp Phyllis Watkins Karen Weber Cathie Weems delta zeta OFFICERS President Leila Walz Vice President , , Marjorie Meuli Secretary . . . . Lorna Shaw Treasurer . . . Myrna Jarrell This year saw the appearance of a new sorority on campus as Delta Sigma Epsilon merged into a new chapter of Delta Zeta. Along with winning second place on their house decorations during homecoming, the Del- tas found time to take part in many other campus activities. Marilyn North and Bonnie Wasinger were elected to Who ' s Who and Phi Kappa Phi. Marilyn North was a member of W.L.O and Dixie Brown worked on the Re- veille. Keeping an active interest in sports was cheerleader Virgie Binder. The Christmas buffet dinner. Tinsel Twirl, a spring picnic and a formal dance helped to round out the 56-57 session for Delta Zeta. Officers from left to right are Shaw, Meuli, Jarrell and Walz, MTS ' v % f V; 122 Pat Andersen Elma Jane Binder Virgie Binder Karen Brandau Dixie Brown Margaret Clark Karen Corn Sonja Danielson Barbara Fellers Barbara Francis Verda Goetz Bonnie Harbaugh Karen Ho I linger Myrna Jarrell Jodi Kephart PHyllis Gan sel Gibson Faye G ini her Marilyn G inf her Aim Gcela Mrs. Fanny Pauley, house’ mother Faye Krenzel Dorothy Men Marjorie Meuti Vina Nickels Norma Patton Lome Shaw Donna Stout Marilyn StremC I Leila Wafz Bonnie Wasinger sigma sigma sigma OFFICERS President Marilyn Hobbie Vice President Vaunrta Rusco Recording Secretary Rita Basgall Corresponding Secretary ...... Betty Weber Treasurer Ha Hobbie Keeper of Grades Wanda Sekavec Under the roof of the Tri Sigma house lived many active members of campus organizations. Serving on student council and holding class offices were Carol Heinze, Marilyn Hobbre and lla Hobbie. Etta Rusco was editor of the 1957 Reveille, while Rhetrs Simons, Etta Rusco and Marilyn Hobbie were elected to Who ' s Who. Membership in W.LO, included five Tri Sigmas. Selected to the honor society of Phi Kappa Phi were Marilyn Hobbie and Etta Rusco, High priestess of howl, Tillie Selensky, helped cheer the team on to victory. The president of Pre- Med club and Nursing club along with two of the debate squad were Tri Sigmas. When It came to royalty the Trf Sigmas weren ' t left out with Ellen Winch ell, homecoming queen attendant; Marilyn Hobble, Reveille queen prin- cess; Tillie Selensky, Sweetheart queen; and Donna Knowles, Daisy Mae, Two informafs and a formal finished out a busy year for the Sigmas. Officers from left to right ore Rusco, Basgall, Weber M. Hobbie, 1. Hobbie, Sekavec, 124 Rita BasgalJ La Von no Bridges KarTynn Broekhart Twill Brown Elaine Christian Beth Habiger Mircalene Harper Sidney Harper Mary Ann Herron IFa Hobble Marilyn Hobble Jeaneue Hubbard Virginia Jeffery Sylvia Kaiser Marvel Mitchell Peg Moore Maty Motmer Shirley Rove 1 1 Myrna Rum be ugh Donna Knowles Ruih Knelling Sandra Lea Eure Lucy Meri Suiarmo Miller Mr). Sophia Fein housemother Vaunita Rusco Janice Schmidtberger Wanda Sekavec Tillie Selensky Peggy Snook Connie Spomer Dorothy Stover Awyn Trexler Betty Weber Della Wiehl Dixie Wiehl LaVon Wilson Ellen WincheM Donna Younkin theta sigma upsilon Orr OFFICERS President Janie Trrble 1st Vice President Polly Palmer 2nd Vice President Margaret Lantz Secretary . . . , Virginia Hogseft Treasurer . Connie Eaton Editor Jackie Brack Panhellenic council ' s scholarship trophy was awarded to the Thetas for the third consecu- tive semester this year, giving them permanent ownership of the trophy. Polly Palmer occu- pied a place in Who ' s Who, In W,LO, we find Nettie Karlin, who along with Polly Palmer was elected to Phi Kappa Phi. Jackie Brack was chosen as an attendant to the Reveille Queen and Kay Tucker and Carol Holsman were elected cheerleaders. Connie Eaton served on Student council as secretary-treasurer of the sophomore class. Several of the Thetas were on the Leader and Reveille staffs. Social highlights of the year included a fall informal and formal and a spring informal and formal. Around the table are officers Hogself, Brack, Lantz, Eaton and Trible. 126 Elenora Amos Cherel Ballard Doris Barnhill Jackie Brack Marlene Causey Elizabeth Coffin Marilyn Dreher Donna Dyatf tynn Dyatt Connie Ealon Glenda Fox Glenda Heany Annette Karlin Margaret LantX Judy Lewis Barbara Marshall Judy Hegwer Donna He in re Virginia HogiePI Carol Holsman Mrs, Sue David 5 on, housemother Wanda Mease Barbara Miller Rulh Miller Marjory Morlan Polly Palmer Vickie Richards Bonnie Ridgway Grace SPaab Shirley Stockton Far Siowe Jane TribJe Kay Tucker alpha mu club Jewett, Millsap, Cromwell, McAllister. OFFICERS President , . Sheri Millsap Vice President . . Jean Cromwell Recording Secretary Eldred Jewett Corresponding Secretary .... Shirley McAllister Treasurer Marian HolHngshead Reporter . . . Pat Neill On November 17, 1956, five girls formed a new sorority. Until they become nationally affiliated with Pi Kappa Sigma, they will be known as the Alpha Mu club. During open bidding, three more girls joined the group. Coke dates and parties during rush week brought five freshman girls into the midst of the Alpha Mu ' s. " Red Sails in the Sunset " was the theme of the informal given by the pledges for the actives. Other social functions climaxed a progressive year for the Alpha Mu ' s, lean Cromwell Sylvia Dre« Marcia Ehrlich Marian Hell ingshead Eldred Jewetl Verlee Ley dig Sharon Ligon S hirley McAlUiltr Ann Mickey Sheri Milhap Pat Neill Kathy Smith Janice Westerm an 118 pegis club Top How: J. Lewis, M. Jones, R. Plo- mondon, R. Deines, N. FeSzien, L Brad’ field, R. Ward. Sec- ond Row: V, Stenzel, D r McLean, 8 . Big- horn, H. Lewis. Bot- tom Row: J. Under- wood, J. Koeppen, J r Warner, F. Chris- tian. Colonized at Fort Hays State in the spring semester of 1956, Pegis dub is now on the doorstep of being recognized as Sigma Phi Epsilon. In the beginning, there were 20 men who agreed to attempt to estab- lish an active chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon on cam- pus. With the help and consent of the school admin- istration and IFC, the Pegis club has achieved a year of progress at Fort Hays State. Pegis dub parties consisted of informals, rush parties and the Golden Heart formal. Pegis athletes included Myron Dietz and Marvin Stoss of the football team and trackmen Rudy Deines and Jay Underwood. Several others competed on the swimming and gym- nastic teams. Political discussions flourished when Lory Brookhart and Bill Bighorn headed the Col- legiate Republicans and Democrats respectively. The Pegis club captured firsts in table tennis singles and swimming team intramurals. Top Row: D. Zim- merman, R. Mahon, L. LeEker, R. Combs, G. J. Barton, J. Haz- en, D. Purvis. Sec- ond Row: L. Brook- hart, E, Fabrizius, M. Stoss, B. Ann is. Bot- tom Row: B. Rauch, E. J. Lindahl, M. Dietz, L. Felzien. 129 delta sigma phi OFFICERS President Ernest Kendrick Vice President Jerry Anderson Treasurer Phillip Erickson Secretary Dennis Simmonds Sergeant-of-arms . Keith Beckwith The Delta Sigma Phi ' s annual Sailor ' s ball in the fall started off the semester with a bang. Taking first place on their float during home- coming was the next event for them and the Carnation ball in the spring finished their social year. In athletics we find Wayne Lasater, Les Herrman and Bob Samples in football and Julian McEwen on the gymnastics team. The Delta Sigs took first in organized league in- tramural basketball. The sophomore class had two Delta Sigs for their officers with Jerry Anderson as president and Wayne Lasater as vice president. In the journalism department we find Keith Beckwith as shutterbug for the Fort Hays State Leader and Dick Wolf on the Reveille staff. Dennis Simmonds was elected to Who ' s Who. Officers for the second semester were Jerry Anderson, president; Merlin Ely, vice president James Alderman, secretary; Glen Hall, treas- urer; and Les Herrman, sergeant-of-arms. Posing for the camera are officers Beckwith, Erickson, Kendrick, Anderson and Simmonds. 130 Julian MiEwfn Chester McReyrsold Garry Poore kr mt Reed Bob Sample! Warren Siek DennU Simmonek Byron Starr Dick Wolf Robert Young kappa sigma kappa OFFICERS President . . . Ron Miller Vice President , . , . Ray Foote Recording Secretary (van Werner Corresponding Secretary Ed Johnson Treasurer Leo Oliva The activities of the Kappas took a trend towards athletics this year On the varsity football squad were Warren Alpers, Ron Mill- er, Ford Farber, August Brock and Merle Alt- man, Participating in varsity basketball was Doug Holloway, while Bob McVicker, Don Feist, Don Schultz, Larry Carter and Leo Oliva were on the track squad. Several of the Kappa members were active in tennis, gymnastics, swimming, music, debate and dramatics Fred Hoff fed yells for the Tigers Named to Who ' s Who were Darrell Brensrng and Mack Bollinger Brensing was also in Honors Seminar, During homecoming festivities, the Kappa homecoming float captured second place. So- cial activities Included the Christmas dinner and caroling, several mformals and the Spring Splash formal Officers from left to right ore Johnson, Oliva, Werner, Foote, Grumbein and Mrller. 132 Warren Alpen Albert Band el ion Boxler Darrell Brensingi August Brock Ronald Byer Loys Caldwell Larry Carter Eugene Davit Jack Feiden Airon Feitt Don Feitt Ray Foelr Jack Geitt phi sigma epsilon OFFICERS President . Don Eulert Vice President . , , . . , . Bill Browning Secretary , . Joe Butcher Treasurer Glenn Thomas House Manager Ben Howe The Phi Sr g rolf call included many of the names that headlined the sports pages this year. The football team was boosted by the playing of Stan Moore, Dean Russell and Bob Hyde. On the varsity basketball squad were Joe Butcher, Gary Panter, Gene Dawson, Mar- fin Rein and Jim Maska. They also had rep- resentatives on the track, swimming and wrestling teams. In Who ' s Who and Phi Kappa Phi we find Dean Russell and Don Eulert. Class officers and student council members were Joe Butcher, Don Eulert, Bill Brov nlng and Art Thomas, Ken Kibbe was president of Men ' s residence; Don Shaw, president of K-Club; and Don Eulert, FTA president. Founder ' s Day banquet, informal , picnics and the Spring Sweetheart formal finished up the term for the Phi Sigs, Officers from left Jo right are Browning, Howe, Butcher, Eufert and Thomas. Philip Bell J :i r o I Belt John Brooks Bill browning J 0 n Bur c her Bill Byer Jack By Ur Jack Chriilie Kay Dietsch Wayne Dunn William E1IU Don lulert Harold EuIom Don Finn fry Bob Furgason Darrel Griese Don Hoi linger ben Howe bob Hyde Ronnie Jolley Joe Karlin Clarence Kerr Kenneth Kibbe Keith Kingsley Gerald Kltmm Morris Krug Jim Mask a Wayne Miller Stanley Moore John O ' Brien Pat O ' Brien Charles Pierce M K Pittman Charles Riedl Rodger Robben Donald Russell Don Shaw A rt Thomas Frank Thomas Glenn Thomas Lloyd Trauer Bud Wallace Charles Willson sigma tau gamma ■TTr OFFICERS President ..................... Gary Pauley Vice President , . . , , . . . Robert Churchill Secretary Joe Staab Treasurer . , , . . . Bob Seibel House Manager Bob Pickerill Starting the season off in proud form, the Sig Taus placed first in house decorations during homecoming and won the scholarship trophy for actives during the fall semester. They also triumphed during Leap week when Roger Greene was voted Bearded Joe. This is the third consecutive win and enabled them to keep the trophy permanently. Ray Newton was elected to Who ' s Who, Seventh Cavalry and Lambda lota Tau, honorary literature fraternity. In intramurals the Sig Taus had several mem- bers on the all-star basketball and touch foot- ball teams, Jim Weber was president of Ger- man club, and Eta chapter members Jeral Cooper and Claude Barrett were on the Re- veille staff. Fall semester officers were Ray Newton, president; John Coen, vice president; Bob Seibel, secretary; Charles Muefdener, house manager; and Leonard Ballard, treasurer. Pictured below are officers Staab, Pauley, Serbs! Churc- hil! and Pickerill, John Austin Leonard Ballard Claude Bar ret I Rob err Downing Rudy Erbert Marvin Gierich J oe Ham ill Ralph Hilmes Duane Houston Werrfdj Marrs George Merrill Mn. Nell Obtnboute, housemother Ray Newton John Nickel Gary Pauley James Seibel Richard Smith Joe Staib La Verne Sparks Dale Walter Jim Weber Wesley Wikoff Dick Young Wesley Zavodsky tau kappa epsilon OFFICERS President Darrell Wanker Vice President Charles Henderson Secretary Harold Smith Treasurer Glenn Martin " A TKE in everything and every IKE in some- thing ' This seemed to be the theme for the fraternity this year in activities. Curt Fowler was president of Seventh Cavalry with Don Burnett, Loren Janzen and Greig Lindner as members- Glenn Martin was president of IFC, A I MeCune was president of the freshman class and Dale Atkeson was treasurer of the stu- dent body, Don Burnett was chosen to Who ' s Who t The TKE ' s were awarded second place on their homecoming house decorations. Social activ- ities for the year included a pajama party, a bermuda shorts informal and the Red Carna- tion ball Robert Baalman John Beougher Bob Bomgardner John Bomgardner Preston Brown Manuel Bruch Paul Burmeister Robert Conley Ed Dural! Norman Eaton Edwin Elmore Dale Fairchild Dean Fairchild Ronald Pie! Larry Hertschmidt Loren JanSCn Russell Johnson Gary Kit eh Edward Knobbe Tom Rummer Boyd Limes Darrell Luthi Ralph Lynch Al McCune Glenn Martin Richard Moore Vaughn Flirm Ben Frevert Bob Gibler Bob Gilbert Lionel Gray Dean Hamel Gary Hanna Charles Moos Richard Petti bone Lynn Pitman Kenneth Reed Fred Shaw Dale Siemsen Don Sites Harold Smith Jimmy Venters Darrell Wanker Bill Weil Wayne Wilkenson Jack Wright John Zelenka 40 football ’56 Paul " Busch " Gross starred in both bas- ketball and football at Fort Hays and played on the championship teams of 1 920-21 Now, in his 27th year in ath- letics, Mr Gross is an active supervisor of Fort Hays State sports Receiving his bachelor ' s degree in 1922, he began his coaching career at LaCrosse High school Mr Gross then moved to Augusta, where his championship teams were known throughout the state In 1930 he re- turned to Fort Hays as head basketball coach In 1935 he was appointed Assist- ant Athletic Director and in 1946 he as- sumed his present duties of Director of Athletics, COACHES (left tq right}: J. Roth, student assistant; A. Francis, line coach; W. McConnell, head coach; C. Suran, assistant coach; and P, Gross, director of athletics, PLAYERS (left to right): O, Lopez, M. Princ, J, Lynch, D. Dempewolfe, G. Dupont, M r Stoss, A Brock, L. Bradfield, M. Dietz, K. DeBey, R. Miller, D r Johnson, M Altman, P. Riedel, M. Thompson, W. Siek, W. Alpers, S. Moore, A. McMillan, C. Karr, W. lasater, P. Werth, G. Layne, R. Leiker, D. Hildebrand, T. Johnson, D Russell. C. r. C. CONFERENCE STANDINGS 5t, Benedict ' s Pittsburg State Southwestern Washburn Emporia State Fort Hays State Won 4 3 3 3 1 0 Lost 1 1 1 2 4 5 Tied 1 1 the coach Head football coach Wayne J. McConnell came to Fort Hays after six years as Athletic Director at College of Emporia. Mr. McConnell, a graduate of Washburn and Emporia State, began his coaching career at Atchison County High school In 1943. He was head coach at both Gay- lord and Downs, where he was undefeated in two seasons, winning 16 games. In the 1949-50 seasons he piloted the Manhattan High school team to a position in the top ten in Class AA and placed second in the C.K.L. As head coach of College of Emporia he mentored a team that was undefeated in 26 contests and he was named little All-American Coach of the year. In his first year at Fort Hays Mr. McConnell faced the task of rebuilding a team weakened by graduation and by pre-season injuries. Next year he will have 20 lettermen returning to form a nucleus for next season ' s team. Just by inches Kenneth BeBey tackle Warren Siek tackle Robert lefker tackle Darrell Hildebrand halfback Gary Dupont end Stan Moore end FHS 6 - CENTRAL OKLAHOMA 35 In the opening game of the 1956 season the Tigers were hum- bled 35 to 6 by a powerful Central Oklahoma State team The Broncos scored in every quarter while grinding out a tremen- dous 465 yards rushing. After spotting the Broncos a 7-point lead, the Tigers clawed back to close the gap to a score of 7-6 Sparked by the running of Pete Werth and Ford Farber, Fort Hays drove to the 12-yard-line where Werth packed the ball across for the touchdown. However, the Tigers ' moment of glory was short lived, as they were smothered by the onrushlng Broncos, who scored twice to gain a 21 to 6 halftime advantage With the game safely tucked away the Broncos seemed content to add one touchdown in each of the remaining quarters FHS 6 — KEARNEY STATE 18 After dropping their initial game to Central Oklahoma, the Tigers met the Kear- ney State Teachers at Kearney, Nebr., and bowed to the Antelopes by an 18 to 6 margin. Kearney scored first late in the second quarter when sophomore half- back Jim Peterson booted a 20-yard field goal to give the Antelopes a 3-0 half- time lead. In the third quarter the Tigers bounced back with Otho Sweazy plunging over from the 2-yard line to give the Bengals a 6 to 3 edge. After battling the Antelopes to a standstill for three quarters, the Tiger defenses crumbled as the Antelopes unleashed a sparkling air attack to net two touch- downs in the last quarter. Kearney added two more points on a safety to defeat Fort Hays for the first time since 1931. Ronald Miller tackle Paul Riedel center Maurice Princ tackle FHS 19 -NORTHWEST MISSOURI T3 Fort Hays burst into the victory column by edging Northwest Missouri State of Marysville, Mo,, 1 9 to 13 in a bitterly fought contest at Lewis Field, A 63-yard punt return by Toby Johnson put the Tigers in front 6 to 0 in the second quarter, but the Bear- cats had snared a 7-6 halftime lead. !n the third quarter Darrell Hildebrand pushed over from the one yard line to regain the lead for the Tigers, Early in the fourth quarter the Bearcats had scrambled back Into a 13-13 tie on Cole ' s 14-yard scamper. The Tigers bulled their way for 61 yards and scored the decisive touchdown when Mac Thompson plunged across from the four- yard line. Wayne La safer guard Dan Johnson tackle Toby Johnson quarterback FHS 0 - SOUTHWESTERN 7 The Tigers met Southwestern in the conference opener and bowed to the power- ful Moundbuilders 7 to 0 in a defensive contest. Southwestern took the opening kickoff and marched downfield in a series of power plays. A quarterback sneak from the one-yard line and the added conversion put the Moundbuilders ahead to stay. After this early burst of power by Southwestern the game settled into a defensive struggle. The Tigers could not get their offense rolling but were tough defensively, halting several Moundbuilder scoring threats. 147 Merle Altman guard Lester Herrman halfback Myron Dietz guard Pete Werth fullback FHS 6 - PITTSBURG STATE 27 Art McMillan end Marvin Stoss end October 13 proved unlucky to Fort Hoys as the Pittsburg State Gorillas ruined the Tigers ' Homecoming by tripping the Gats 27 to 6 in a rain splattered contest at Lewis Field The Gorillas ripped past the Tigers for three touchdowns in the first quarter, two of them set up by Bengal fumbles, to build up a 20 to 0 lead. In the second quarter the Tiger defenses stiffened to hold the Gorillas while Toby Johnson completed five consecutive passes from a spread formation and hit Darrell Hildebrand for the lone Tiger counter. Early in the third quarter the Gorillas stormed upfield to net the final goal as the slippery ball and wet field stalled the offenses of both teams. FHS 13 - EMPORIA STATE 14 The clock ran out with Fort Hays threatening on the one-yard line, to hand the Emporia State Hornets a 14 to 13 win over the Tigers at Emporia. The Tigers had driven 70 yards on Toby Johnson ' s passing in the waning seconds of the game, but found themselves a yard short of victory as the gun sounded. The Tigers scored first in the second quarter on a quarterback sneak by Johnson, who also added the extra point. The Hornets struck back minutes later to knot the score 7-all at halftime. In the fourth quarter, Johnson scampered up the middle for 7 9 yards to boost the Tigers back in front, 13 to 7. With less than five minutes to go the Hornets scored to move ahead for good, 14 to 13. FHS 0 - ST. BENEDICT ' S 46 The Fort Hays Tigers ran into a homecoming-inspired flock of St Benedict ' : Ravens and went down to their worst defeat of the season as the Ravens, enrout to the conference championship, rolled to a mammoth 46 to 0 victory Th« 748 Warren Alpers halfback Jerome Boor guard Don Dempewolf end undermanned Tiger squad held the powerful Ravens scoreless through the first quarter before surrendering to a 20 to 0 half- time margin In the second half the Bengals were swarmed under as St Benedict ' s added four touchdowns to insure their victory Ford Farber halfback Mac Thompson fullback Doon Russell end FHS 19 - WASHBURN 32 In the final home game of the season the Tigers were thumped 32-19 by the Washburn Ichabods. Statistically the Tigers outclassed the Ichabods before the victory was snatched from their fingertips. The Tigers had led at the quarter 13 to 7 on a pass from Warren Alpers to Darrell Hildebrand and a quarterback sneak by Toby Johnson, but found themselves trailing 1 9 to 1 3 at halftime In the third quarter Johnson scored again to knot the game at 19-all The Tigers were goalward bound again in the fourth quarter when Kendall Simpson twice snagged Tiger passes and scampered 85 and 90 yards to score, ending the Tiger threats and putting the Ichabods out of reach. FHS 6 - PANHANDLE A M 22 The Fort Hays Tigers closed out their 1956 season against Panhandle A M at Goodwell, Okla The Oklahomans 1 single wing attack stopped the Tigers 22 to 6 , scoring two touchdowns and a field goal in the last quarter Dawn one touch- down at halftime, the Tigers scored in the third quarter when Toby Johnson rammed over from the four-yard line C basketball ’57 C. I. c. Final Standings W Emporia 8 St Benedict ' s , 7 Washb urn . , . . . 5 Pittsburg . . . . 5 Fort Hays « . , .4 Southwestern T L 2 3 5 5 6 9 Teams of Cade Suran, head coach of the Tigers since 1946, have won 162 of the 257 games played during that time Suran ' s high scoring forward, Gary Ranter, led the C.I.C. individual scoring with a 16.7 points per game average and was named to the all-conference team Center Joe Butcher and forward Art Schippers were giv- en honorable mention. Coach Suran shows letterman Ray Eaton and freshman Ted Wire some finer points of the game. VARSITY Back Row: P. Gross, assistant coach; A. Morris, T. Wire, G, Ranter, J r Butcher, B. Ehlers, K DeBey, 6. Frevert, M. Rein, R, Eaton, A. Schippers, C. Suran, coach. Front Row: R, Anderson, T, Johnson, D„ Holloway, V, Anderson, B, Teegerstrom, D, Williams, G. Dawson, D. Fisher. 1 1 - lilli ' • V [4 2 1 V 1 j |M j fi ■ A 1 . 1 M r I ' K i f A ' ' m | U JM , M Paul " Busch " Gross, director of athletics at Fort Hays, served also as assistant basketball coach Mr Gross has received many personal honors for his work in athletics and was recently appointed to the N.A.I.A. Hall of Fame for his " Outstanding contributions to N.A.LA. athletics. " JUNIOR VARSITY Back Raw; H. Bobbitt, D, Bighorn, R. Tebo, K. DeBey, t Wickizer, D, Fraley, B r Frevert. Front Row: W, McConnell coach- J Reed, D. Dibble, C. Fiinn, J, Aust, G. Lindsey, C. Reece, JC Gish, manager. the season The Fort Hays Tigers finished the 1956-57 basketball season with a record of 11 victories against nine losses. Cade Suran ' s Bengals placed fifth in the C.I.C. conference with a 4-6 record. The Tigers blasted the season open with a 109 to 92 trouncing of Southwestern Oklahoma. The Suranmen then faltered 65 to 64 before Central Oklahoma. The Hays cagers won the next three contests, including a 95 to 93 victory over a powerful tincoln university squad, and carried a 4 to 1 record into the Sunshine Tournament at Portales, New Mexico. Hays upset the favored Mississippi Southern team 82 to 67, then fell 82 to 76 and 64 to 70 to Eastern New Mexico and the Missouri School of Mines. Entering C.I.C. competition with a 5 to 3 standing, Fort Hays dropped a 94 to 69 decision to the Emporia Hornets who went on to take first place honors in the C.I.C. In mid-season, coach Suran took his team on a successful roadtrip, defeating Southwestern 82 to 60 and upsetting St. Benedict ' s 63 to 60. In a return match later in the season the Ravens snapped a four game winning streak of the Tigers, the longest of the campaign. The Fort Hays crew then went into a slump, dropping the next five games, all of them in C.I.C. competition. The Tigers closed out the season with a sparkling display of teamwork in the 100 to 88 mauling of Wash- burn university. BiH Ehlers (55) pumps in another two points. Gary Panter (57) battles the opposition to snare a rebound. ’•v?: . Vernal Anderson 6 ' 1 forward Rollen Anderson 6 ' 2 J forward scoreboard Dec, 6 Southwestern Okla. 92 FHS 109 8 Central Okla. 65 FHS 64 1 1 Kearney, Neb, 56 FHS 73 15 Peru, Neb. 77 FHS 91 18 Lincoln Univ. 83 FHS 85 Sunshine Tournament Dec. 27 Mo, Mines 70 FHS 64 28 Eastern New Mex. 82 FHS 76 29 Miss. Southern 67 FHS 80 Jan. 5 Emporia State 85 FHS 69 11 Washburn Univ, 88 FHS 60 12 Kansas City Univ. 79 FHS 91 19 Southwestern 60 FHS 82 26 St, Benedict ' s 60 FHS 63 Feb. 2 Pittsburg State 74 FHS 76 9 St, Benedict ' s 70 FHS 60 13 Emporia State 85 FHS 69 16 Kansas City Univ. 88 FHS 65 22 Southwestern 74 FHS 67 23 Pittsburg State 82 FHS 78 Mai 2 Washburn 88 FHS 100 C1C games 154 Marlin Rein 6 ' 2 " forward Clarence Morris d ' l " Gene Dawson 5 ' 1 1 " center guard Art Schippers (58) pulls in another rebound for the Tigers, Joe Butcher 6 4 ” center Sylvester Temoat 6 ' 4 " forward Joe Butcher (63) fires a long shot as Gary Fanter maneuvers for the rebound, Jim Maska 5 ' 10 " Bill Ehlers 6 ' 4 " Toby Johnson 5 ' 1Q " guard forward guard 19S6-57 STATISTICS player points per game total points field goals free throws fouls re- bounds Panter 16.3 326 109 108 54 148 Butcher 13.6 273 104 65 56 146 Sehippers 12.8 255 92 71 44 168 Ehlers 9.9 198 64 70 51 75 Holloway 6.7 133 43 47 44 44 Johnson 5.9 117 46 25 42 48 Eaton 5.7 113 38 37 27 49 Morris 2.0 39 11 17 16 25 Dawson 1.2 23 7 9 11 3 Wire 1.0 30 6 8 8 12 Others Fort Hays 3.4 58 16 25 27 40 totals 77.4 1547 542 483 382 754 Opponents totals 75.1 1502 541 420 416 764 Gary Panter 6 ' 4 " forward Ted Wire 6 ' 3 " center r Doug Holloway guard 47 Turning up the cinders is Bill Dun- lap, the Tiger ' s top distance runner. The Fort Hays State cross country team did itself proud in its first year as a varsity sport The Tigers won two of the four dual meets, placed second in the CJ.C triangular meet and also placed second in the N»A.I A national cross country contest held in Omaha Senior trackman Bill Dunlap carried the Fort Hays State colors to a third place position at the Omaha meet in which 93 runners representing a large number of colleges were entered SCHEDULE Fort Hays 38 Emporia State 20 Fort Hays 23 Nebraska State 32 Fort Hays 28 Wichita Univ 27 Fort Hays 18 McPherson College 37 C f C TOURNAMENT Emporia State , .«. , 19 Fort Hays State 39 Pittsburg State . 70 N A I A TOURNAMENT South Dakota State 71 Fort Hays State 88 Howard Payne Univ 94 Emporia State 97 How score is winner cross country Coach Alex Francis briefs his team, Bill Dunlop, Jim Niemann, Bob McVick- er, Carl Sucht and Hal Morris before a trip to the CJ.C. tournament. IT W IN iLi ' f J Jr v ! i, v V IJSIm te O loi Fa W 1 fi w t k ill W V V f W 1 n u- . U rf ' f; 7 W hi l Back Row: Larry Carter, Don Feist, Alex Francis, coach; Jim Peters, Rodger Robben. Front Row: Hal Morris, Jim Niemann, Bob McVicker, Carl Sucht, Bill Dunlop. Alex Fronds began his eleventh year as head track coach at Fort Hays in 1957 . track The 1956 Tiger track squad placed second in the CJ.C, behind Pittsburg Track teams coached by Alex Francis have never placed lower than sec- ond place and have never lost a dual meet In the past eleven years This year Francis has eighteen returning lettermen to bolster the 1957 squad The Tiger trackmen have always tackled the larger schools and this year their schedule includes Kansas University and the Colorado relays. 1957 SCHEDULE March 15, 18 Interclass meet , Hays, Kans March 23 Kansas State indoor relays Manhattan, Kans. March 30 Oklahoma ASM relays .. ., Stillwater, Okla. April 5 Northwestern State college , , Alva, Okie, April T3 Emporia State relays , Emporia, Kans. April 20 Kansas University relays . , . Lawrence, Kans, April 24 Nebraska State {dual} . Kearney, Neb, April 27 Colorado relays , . . , Boulder, Colo, May 2 Wichita Univ, (dual) . Hays, Kans, May 10 C.I.C. Emporia, Kans, June 2 Missouri Valley (A,A,U.) Kansas City, Kans June 7, 8 N.A.I.A ..... .. ,. San Diego, Calif, Back Row: O. Haase, R. Wilson, B, Wasinger, F. Farber, $, Moore, K„ Siebert, 0 . Schultz, I. Johnson, R. Deines, G, Maska, D, Johnson, B. Teegerstrom, H. Caflin, J. Peters, D. Feist, L. Oliva, Second Row: J r Moska, L. Carter, J. Nleman, R. McVlcker, B. Samples, 8. Dunlap, R. lotion, L. Douglas, D. Hildebrand, S, Ellis. Front Row: D. Morris, M. Sidlow, L Fry, T. Young, D. Shaw, D Morrisey, B. Pkkenpaugh, T. Decker, D. Martin. 1956 RECORD Emporia Relays (14 teams) Fort Hays State 32 Emporia State 30 Pittsburg State 27 1 2 Dual Meets Fort Hays State TOO Nebraska State 64 Fort Hays State 87 2 3 Wichita Univ 48 1 3 CI.C. Pittsburg State 79 Fort Hays State , „ . . 68 2 3 Emporia State 41 Washburn Univ 28 1 2 Southwestern 6 St. Benedict ' s ....... 0 Toby Johnson was C,LC. champion and held the school record for the javelin throw. The Tiger ' s shot-put and discus men were S. Moore, S, Ellis and D, Johnson, Back Row; J. Nieman, R. McVicker, Row: M. Sicflow r D, Shaw, T. Decker las, J, Maska. Front iger ' s middle and long distance runners are B. Dun- D. Fiest, B. Samples, R. Lofton, J Peters and At the starting line are hurdlers D. Morrissey, B, Pickenpa ugh, D, Shaw, T. Young and L. Fry. 162 track Entered In the javelin throwing were D, Hildebrand, R, Wilson, B, Teegerstrom and T. Johnson Clearing the hurdles ore trackmen D. Martin, B. Wasinger, F. Farber, M. Sidlow, J. Maska, D. Schultz and R. Deines. T. Decker, D. Hildebrand, K r Siebert and F. Farber com prised the high jump squad. George Maska and Otto Haase represented Fort Hays in pole vaulting. 163 Erik Olsen gymnastics 164 Only In its first year as a varsity sport, gymnastics has become one of the most popular attractions on campus. Three years ago Dr. Don Adee, chairman of the physical education staff, introduced gymnastics at Fort Hays. Al Dunavan, former Nebraska gymnast and speech instructor, assumed coaching duties last year. The Tiger gymnasts presented several exhibitions and competed in five com- petitive meets. SCHEDULE Feb. 14 Colorado St. 15 Colorado Univ 16 Denver Univ. , 26 Triangular , . . , Colorado St. and Colorado Univ. Mar. 2 All-College invitational t . Manhattan Mar. 16 Kansas St Left to right ore John Swayze, Marion Vaughen, Bob Eitel, Julian McEwen, Gerald Fahey, Eldon Gillispie, swimming The Fort Hays swimming team, in its first year of varsity compe- tition, was coached by Dr. Don Adee. Dr, Adee organized the first swimming team in the history of Fort Hays and held the first meet with Kansas State on December 12, 1956. Team member Marvin Giersch, a sophomore from Abilene, remained undefeated in the 220- yard free style throughout the regular season and is rated one of the best swimmers in the Midwest. Tiger backstroker Vern Burling re- mained undefeated in CI.C. competition. The Tigers climaxed their first season with the C.I.C championship. SCHEDULE Fort Hays State 37 Fort Hays State 34 Fort Hays State 38 Fort Hays State 49 Fort Hays State 46 Fort Hays State 37 Fort Hays State 30 Fort Hays State 28 Fort Hays State 53 Back Row: B. Kellogg, D t Brown, J. Reiss, E ond Row: B. Walker, B t Hepne r, J. Belt, Adee, coach. Front Row: A. Bieber, V. I merman. Pittsburg State 49 Kansas State 52 Kansas Univ. 41 Emporia State 37 Pittsburg State 40 Missouri Mines 49 Nebraska Univ. 56 Kansas State 58 Emporia State 32 . Wright, J. Lally, J. Reed, D. Lantz. See- C Mueldener, L Kepferle, E, Johnson, Dr. Jurling, L Lauxman, M. Giersch, D. Zim- £ 4 sTATT Co-captains L Lauxman, M. Giersch and V. Burling. Diver B, Hepner in the air. M. Giersch gulps a breath of air as he plunges off the box to win another free style race. f F Back Row: Curtis Karr, Jack Caliiham, Rex Mayer, Mac Thompson, Newell Jennings, Milt Suter, Fred Reith, coach. Front Row: Gene Velharticky, Bill Picknipaugh, Keith Ellegood, Bob Carpenter, Aard Erickson, Ken Ellegood, Don Shaw wrestling For the first time in recent years Fort Hays State added wrestling to the list of collegiate competition. The Tigers scheduled seven matches and the A. A. U. tournament for their first season. Coach Fred Reith, a graduate of Colorado State with a B.A. and M.A., came to Fort Hays in 1955 and assumed coaching duties for the new sport this year. In addition to his wrestling duties, Reith served as co-ordinator of physical education classes. Rex Mayer ' s defeat of Jim App, McCool junior college, helped the Tigers swamp the Nebraskans 30-5 in Sheridan coliseum Teeing off h Bob Brown, J. D, Williams blasts out of the sand trap. Francis, J. D r Williams and K. Beckwith. The Fort Hays State golf team of 1956 wound up a successful season of three wins and no losses in dual meets and placed third in the conference meet. They downed McPherson Junior college twice and defeated Kearney State once. This year ' s squad returned only two members from last season, team captain Bobby Brown and provisional letterman J. D. Williams. The 1957 squad was filled in by promising hopefuls Mike Francis, Pete Werth, Keith Beckwith, Gary Ranter, Theo- dore Sandstrom and Tom Findley. Letterman C. Mue Idener slams a hard over the mesh. R r Fisher, letterman, returns an over the net. easy one Ready to volley is letterman J. McFarland. tennis The 1956 Fort Hays State tennis team finished the season with an impressive four wins against one loss record against opponents outside the C.I.C. Although the Tigers finished last in the conference, the return of lettermen John McFarland, Charles Pettle, Richard Fisher and Charles Mueldener brightened the outlook for the 1957 campaign. Netmen of the 1957 team were, left to right: L Knoll, ft, Dernes, J, McFarland, B Mills, J. Belt, R. Fisher, R. Barton, G. Walker, J. Pettle, R. Walker. 1 mT. ;; Officers of Intramural council were Art Thomas, secre- tary-treasurer, and Bob Samples, president. Men ' s intramurals, offering 13 individual and team sports, were open to all male students at Fort Hays State, The purpose of the intra- mural program is to provide good sportsman- ship and physical fitness. Competition was divided into independent and organized leagues, with the winner of each league playing for the all college champion- ship. Rockets Basketball men’s intramurals ill | 4 m Tniljfl 1 vJH Bob McVioker, assistant manager, and Bob Wastnger. manager, look over the intramural program for the year. Albert Bandel Kappa Sigma Kappa Horseshoe Singles Lester Knoll Kappa Sigma Kappa Tennis Singles Marvin Ziegler and Warren McIntosh, Kappa Sigma Kappa Kappa Sigma Kappa Touch Football Horseshoe Doubles Bob Samples and Jim Alderman, Delta Sigma Phi Tennis Doubles Troy Young Badminton Singles Art Thomas and Bob Wasinger Phi Sigma Epsilon Badminton Doubles Swimming team Pegis Club Jerry Warner Dove Zimmerman Unus leEker E J. Lindahl Pegis Club Table Tennis Singles J. D. Williams Delta Sigma Phi Golf Singles Tam Gottschalk Sigma Tau Gamma Bowling Singles m I f MIYIUT AL.O INT HA MURALS ' women’s intramurals Intramgrals for women offered a well-rounded athletic program for all women students. Medals and trophies are presented to the win- ners of each of the ten individual and team sports. The objective of the women ' s intra- murals is to provide a source of recreation and to promote a wider interest in athletics. Composed of representatives of every organized house on campus, Intramural council served as a governing body over the intramural program. Top Row: Ruth Sevy, sponsor,; Jus- tine Beatty, Georgetta Hester, Margaret Gales, Velda Mayer, Karen Brandou, Ruth Rice, Bottom Row: Jane Dei ter, Gret- chen Mueldener, Sue Kinyon, Harriet Henry, Janice Meier, Karen Hoi linger. Karen Brandau Custer hall Swimming Form Wesley hall Volleyball 173 Sue Kinyon and Hazel Estes Badminton Doubles Dee Sire Badminton Singles Sue Kinyon Shuffleboard Singles Custer 111 Basketball Janis Mountain and Velda Moyer Alpha Sigma Alpha Shuffleboard Doubles Dee Sire Tennis Singles Joyce Gstmeyer Golf Singles Vaunita Rusco and Virginia Jeffery , Sigma Sigma Sigma Golf Doubles Custer IV Speed-a-way Joleen Reitz and Velda Moyer, Alpha Sigma Alpha Tennis Doubles 175 176 Social building Many feet have traced the path through the doors of the old Social building As the college expanded each new building was the scene of changing classrooms with changing faces And yet the college preserved its character and traditions Soon, new footsteps will echo through the doors of the new Me- morial Student Union building But the character of Fort Hays State will not be changed — merely mellowed Student Union President Cunningham in his office. Mrs Cunningham, President Cunningham, Mary Ann and Chris. the president The role of an administrator is an active one As presi- dent of Fort Hays State, Dr M, C. Cunningham shoul- ders the load for all problems of the college — large and small President Cunningham is in constant demand as a pub- lic speaker and consultant in educational affairs Always available to students. President Cunningham works continuously to make Fort Hays the best uni- versity of the plains. The president ' s home. At home with the president E R, McCartney Dean of the College Ralph Coder Dean of Graduate Division Jean Stauffer Dean of Women Richard Burnett Dean of Men Walter Keating Comptroller administration William Moreland Director of Housing Standlee Dalton Registrar Extension: Ethel Artman, assistant director of extension and employment service; Nita Landrum, supervisor of correspondence and executive secretary of Alumni association; and Hugh Burnett, associate professor of political science and director of extension service, inspect a new Issue of The Alumni News. Dollie Thomas, assistant professor of business administration and assistant to the president. Florence Bodmer, secretary to the dean. Elizabefh Mosier, secretary, registrar ' s office and Mabel Hopkins, assistant to the registrar. 182 applied arts Industrial arts: Meeting outside for a gab fest are Ed Davis, professor of industrial arts; Ralph Huffman, assistant professor of Industrial arts; Richard Cain, assistant professor of industrial arts; Paul Griffith, instructor in Industrial arts; and Dennis McKee, assistant professor of industrial arts. Functional in its desig n, this modernistic building is the newest on campus. Its layout lends Itself to the departments of art, industrial arts and home economics Home Economics: Grading in the home ec de- partment can be enjoyable— agree Alice Beesley, professor of home economics and head of de- partment; Thelma Leonard, instructor In home economics; and Ido Ladiges, instructor in home economics. Art: Eleanor Caldwell, instructor in art; Martha Dellinger, instructor in art; Dr. Joel Moss, pro- fessor of art and head of department; and John Thorns, Instructor In art, discuss a basic principle of art. 183 picken hall Named after the first president of Fort Hays State, ivy-covered PIcken hall was also the first building erected on the present campus Now 54 years old, It houses administration offices and the departments of political science and sociology, English, business and eco- nomics, speech and language. Political Science and Sociology: Heading for their daily coffee are Dr. Ivan Richardson, professor of political science and sociology; Maria Perkins, as- sistant professor of sociology; Dr, William Moreland, professor of political science and sociology and head of department; and Robert Witt, assistant professor of political science and sociology. 184 English: Round table discussing are Dr. Ralph Coder, chairman of division of languages, literature, and speech; Na- omi Garner, assistant professor of English; Katharine Bogart, assistant pro- fessor of English; Mabel Lacey, assistant professor of English; and Marion Couh son, assistant professor of English. Extension: Planning extension activities are Hugh Burnett, associate professor of political science, director of extension service; Nita Landrum, supervisor of cor- respondence study and executive secre- tary of Alumni association; and Ethel Artman, assistant director of extension, employment service Other members of the English department are Alice Morrison, assistant professor of English; Dr. Samuel Socket!, assistant professor of English; Dr. Roberta Stout, associate professor of English; and Dr. Verna Parish, associate professor of English Speech: Practicing whot they preach are Harriet Ketchum, assistant pro- fessor of speech; Albert Dunavan, Instructor In speech and English; James Start, professor of speech and head of department; Geneva Herndon, professor of speech; and Jack Heather, instructor in speech. Language: Learning more about each other ' s respective languages are Dr, Paul Graber, as- sistant professor of language; Ruth Willard, in- structor in language and English; and Andrew Rematore, assistant professor of language. 186 Business: Laughing over a tall tale are Kenneth Cook, assistant professor of business administration; Mary Joyce Goodman, instructor in business administration; Glen Neumeyer, instructor In business administration; Dr. Leonard Thompson, professor of economics and business administration and head of department; and Richard Osborne, instructor in business administration. l ’ ni fll ' III ftp l X III llpf 1 I I U f: ! |U|H | i ) [ . y f£ IJfflrl j [iyM i -■ li (l it Fra IHb Ili III III Business: Shining up the equipment are Dr. Archie Thomas, professor of business administration; Ruth Mikkh, Instructor in business administration,- William Keller, instructor in business administration; and Dr. John Garwood! professor of economics and business administration. science Strange odors of formaldehyde and sul- furic acid always identify the Science building from other structures on cam- pus, Topped by the observatory, it is the stomping grounds of students ma- joring in chemistry, physics, mathemat- ics, agriculture, botany, zoology and biology. Agriculture: James Wells, assistant professor of agriculture; Andrew Rlegel, assistant professor of botany; and Thaine Clark, instructor in agri- culture, are examining samples of new wheat varieties. Mathematics: Consultation among Dr, Emmet Stopher, professor of mathematics and head of department; Laurence Dryden, instructor In mathematics; Everett Marshall, assistant professor of mathematics; Wifmont Toalson, associate professor of mathematics; and Eu- gene Etter, assistant professor of mathematics, prove that xy=z. Zoology: Dr, Ed Martin, associate professor of zoology; Theodore Whitmoyer, instructor in biology; Dr, Leon Hep- ner, assistant professor of zoology; and Elton Schroeder, Instructor in biology, are examining student-made slides. Physics: Operating this short wave radio are Dr. Harvey Zinszer, professor emeritus of physics and astronomy; and Doyle Brooks, assistant professor of physics. t r- Nursing: Discussing the problems of future nurses □ re Ella Llbal, instructor in nurse education; Leora Stroup, professor of nurse education and head of department; and Katherine Dibble, instructor in nurse education. Chemistry: Testing a chemical formula are Dr, Harold Choguill, professor of chemistry and head of depart- ment; Dr. Doris Stage, associate professor of chemistry; and Coleen Roth, Instructor in chemistry. Botany; Kenneth Simons, assistant professor of botany; Henry McFarland, assistant pro- fessor of biology; Dr, Gerald Tomanek, professor of botany and acting chairman of biological sciences; and Dr. Harold Hop- kins, associate professor of botany, are studying the various types of soil. Checking through reference materials are Margaret van Aokeren, documents librarian, and Paul Friesner, pro- fessor of library science. Library: More Campbell, reference librarian,- Gen Morris, cataloger librarian; and Pauline Lindner, supervisor of library circulation, are looking at one of the many new books. Dances and dates came and went, but the steady, pulsating beat of Forsyth library kept an even keel. In addition to being the center of study on campus, the library affords space for the museum, philosophy and history departments. forsyth library History; Examining historical pottery are- Richard Marcos, instructor in history; Dr. Ray- mond Welty, professor of history and head of department; 0r r Eugene Craine, associate professor of history; Dr, Katherine Nutt, associate professor of history; and Dr. Theodore Shane, assistant professor of history. Philosophy: Contemplating his sub- ject is Dr. Sam Hamilton, professor of philosophy. Geology: Pointing out the features of this fossil skull of a water reptile is Myrl Walker, instructor in geology, to Dr, L D Wooster, president emeritus; and George Stern- berg, curator of the museum. sheridan coliseum Cheers, music, and lectures— all of these sounds can be heard echoing from Sheridan coliseum. Basketball games, assemblies, dances and other activities make the coliseum one of the most frequently populated buildings on campus. Sit- uated there are the departments of music, journalism, physical education, the student health office and administrative offices. Journalism: Keeping up on the news are Vatfe Loomis, instructor in journalism, and Don Benson, Instructor in journalism. 7 92 Physical Education: Admiring one of the new trophies are Elizabeth Barbour, assistant professor of physical education; Joan Hedrick, Instructor in physical educa- tion; and Ruth Sevy, assistant professor of physical education. | I | Physical Education: Cade Suran, assistant professor of physical education and basketball coach, and Wayne McConnell, assistant professor of physical education and football coach H discuss the past foot- ball season. Physical Education: Enjoying a discussion about athletic activities are Fred Relth, instructor In physiea education; Dr. Donald Adee, professor of physical education; Paul Gross, associate professor of educa tion and director of athletics; and Alex Francis, associate professor of physical education. Music: Leland Bartholomew, instructor In music; Stanley Ballinger, assistant professor of music; and Phyllis Schleich, instructor of music; are listening to one of the many recordings in the music department Music; Events of a forth coming music festival are discussed by Dr. Lloyd Herren, professor of music and head of the department; Harold Palmer, assistant professor of music; Lucille Felten, associate professor of music; Donald Stout, assistant professor of music; and William Wilkins, assistant professor of music. College nurses: Keeping the students in good health is the job of Mrs, Francis Cook, in- structor in health and college nurse, and Mrs. Inez Baxter, instructor in health and college nurse. t Newly remodeled Rarick hall is the home of the education and psychology depart- ments. In the early days of the college, it served as the home economics and in- dustrial arts center. rarick hal Education: A good joke is always enjoyed by Dr. John Mar- tin, assistant professor of education; Rosella McCarroli, assistant professor of education; Gaynelle Davis, professor of education; Edward Almqulst, assistant professor of edu- cation; and Dr. Kenneth White, assistant professor of education. Psychology: Serious problems must be worked out by members of the psychology department, con- sisting of Dr, Richard Overton, assistant professor of psychology; Stanley Mahoney, assistant professor of psychology; Dr, Joseph Ray, assistant professor of psychology; Bernard Moskowltz, assistant pro- fessor of psychology; and Dr. Paul Beckman, as- sistant professor of psychology. Education: Discussing the current trends in education are Dr. Meredith Freeman, assistant professor of education; Dr. Ira Scott, associate professor of education; Dr. Colvin Har- bin, professor of education and chairman of division of education and psychology; Dr. Clement Wood, professor of education and head of department; and Dr. Jeanne Kuhn, associate professor of education. 19 6 E,rling Andersen Vesper-B,S, Phy. Ed, Warren Alpers Secrelary-Treasurer Hudson-B.S. Phy. Ed, Jerry Anderson Phillipiburg — B„S. Chem., Phy, Margaret Andersen Osborne-B.S. Ed. Jean Arnold Kansas City— B.S. Phy, Ed, Esther Asher ?real Bend— B,S, Home Ec, Frances Atkins Hays-B.S. Ed. Don aid Baler Kinsfey-B.5- Bus. Adm. John Baker El Dorado— B.S. Phy. Ed. Leonard Ballard Webber -B.S, Agr. Albert Bandel St. franeis-B.S, Ind. Arts Gordon Bane Hugolon-B.A. Bus, Adm. Harlan Barrett Dodge Cily-B.S, Ed. Pedro Betances as, P. P.— Pre-Dental Lila Blankenborg Oakley— Diploma, Nurse Ed. Jimmie Boedeker Nafema-B.M. Piano Loren Baedeker Naioma-B.S- Bos, Adm, Melvin Bollinger Ellinwood-B.S. Bus, Adm. Jeraldine Bomgardner Pa I co- B.S, El, Ed. Melvin Brc.tthouwer Prairie View-B.S. Agr. Darrell Brensing Hud on-B.S. Ind. Arts Alfred Broket E II twor th — B r A., Psy , Phil, John Brooks Englewood— 6. A. Speech Malcolm Brown Brownell— Psy. Twills Brown Plainville-B.S. Home Ec, Robert Brungardl Victoria-B.S. Bus, Adm. Don Burnell Hays-B.A, Pol, Sci. Joe Butcher Cimarron-B.S. Bos. Adm. Ronald Byer Stafford -B.S. Ind. Arts Loyi Caldwell Harlan-B.S, Biol. Donald Callaway Concord a-B. A. Hist. Lawrence Campbell Pawnee Rock— B.S. Bus. Adni. David Carter Hays- B.S. Bus Catherine Chaffee Burden B.M. Music Wendell Cheelt Ulysscs-B.S. Botany Harold Colony Norton-®. A- Eng. Shirley Conine Scott City-B,S. Nurse Ed. Charles Conn ally Collyer— B.A. Biol. Don Crawford Hoxie— B.A. Eng. Carolyn Crowell Groat Bcnd-B.S. Chem.„ Zool. s e n • i o r s Boh Eitel Seott City B.S. BoJany 197 193 William Ernst ing EM inwo d — B.S. Botany, Agr CharFes Evans Havs- A, Speech Aaron Feiil El F i n wood — B.S. Ind. Arts, Bus, Adm Donald Feist EMjnwood B.S. Ind. Arts Peler Felton, Jr Hays-8. S ZooF, Ronald Fiel Larned-B.S. Bigl, Vaughn Flirirt JfAndall— B,$. Ind. Arts Ray Foote Chase — B.S. Agr. Leonard french Jetmgre — B.S. Bus. Adm. Gay Belh Frittche Osborne— B.S. El. Ed, Shirley Garrison Hill City- B.M. Mvsic Ed. Jack Geist Scott City — B. A. Bus. Adm Vernon Gifbltr Hays — B.M„ Music Glen Ginther Russell -8,S. Ind. Arts Bob Gleason Seward B.M. Music Ed. Gerald Gaelx Victoria— B.S. Bus, Adm. . Thomas GotticFiaFk HayS-B.A, Hisi. Robert Gurtler EIJis-B. A. See. Kemi th Gustav ten Kaekfey-B.S. Agr, Charles Halpain Bushton B.S. Ind. Arts Virginia Harper Hays- B.S. EF. Ed, Merle Harvey Protection - B.S. Agr. Norma Hayes Hoisington- B.M, Music Ed. Jark Haien WaKeeney— B.S. Chem. SaIFy Heer Pori land. Ore. B.S. EL Ed, Max Heim Bunker Hill-8. A. Hist. Join it Hftitiehmidt Hayt-B.A. Cham. Larry HiiHchmldt Hays— B.A, Speech Harriet Henry Dellvale— .$, Phy. Ed. Bob Hepner Coffeyville-B.S. Arl Welter H rl Hays— B. A. Hist. Leroy Hester Pawnee Rock— 8. A. Chem. Virginia Hogiett Hays -B. A. Eng. Karen Hoi linger Russell— B.S. Gen, Sci. Carol Holt min Bogue— B.S, Bus. Adm. Dean Hoover Al men a -B.S. But. Adm. Ray Houser Paradise-B.A. Hist. Le Wallace Howe 0 e MeviUe-B.M r Music Ed. Barbara Uenhour Russell— Diploma, Nurse Ed. Irvin Jacob i Pfeifer-B.S. Bus. Adm, Joyce Janousak Ellsworth— B.S. Bus. Adm. Virginia Jeffery Morland-B.S. EL Ed. Delbert Johnson Gove-8. A, Pol. Sci, Shirley Jordan H fl ys-B.S, El. Ed, Ernest Kendrick Scott City-B.A. Hist, s e n • i o r s 199 Dennis Lemon Rortis-B.S. Bus, Adrm, Arthur Locker Ellfs-B.S, Bus, Adm, Shirley Logan Oberlin-B,S. El. £d. Rot emery Long jjmestowrt-B,S, Home E(. Galen McClain HayS — 8. A. Eng. Marcia McClain Hays— B.S. El. Ed. Jack McCo Hick Minneapolis— B.S. Bus. Adm. Ronnie McCullick Minneapolis— B.S. Bus, Adm, Chester Me Reynold ' s Osborne-B.S. Jnd. Aris Keith Marcum Turen-B.S- Bus. Adm, Lyle Marshall M mnec I a— B. S. Bus, Adm. Glenn Marlin Scott City- B.S. Bus. Adm. Jimmy Martin Qu inter— B.S. Ind. Arts Anita Maxwell Quinter-B,S, Nurse Ed. Harold Mag ill Independence -B.S. Phy. Ed. Norman Massinger Traer-B.S. Gen, ScF. Max Meuli Hope— B.S- Bus. Adm. Gwen Miller Russell -B.S, Bus. Adm. Jay Miller Del I vale— B.S. Agr. Ronald Milier Elmo— B.S. Botany Marvel Mitchell Osborne— B.S. Biol. Donita Moore Burdett-B.A, Hist., Phy. Ed. Jim Moore Protection B.S. Math. Stanley Moore Cedar Bluffs— B.S, Ind. Arts Harry Moos PfalnvUle— B.A. Eng. ArJin Morgan RoJIa— B,A. Eng. Thelma Morgan Hanston— B.S. El, Ed, Mar[o.ry Mori a ft Protect Ion— B.S. El. Ed. 200 J. D. Most Alwood-B.A. Phy, Ed, Janit Mountain Ada-B.S. Phy. Ed. D.irrfilt Myni ll Hays— B, A. Hist, Patricia Murphy Gorham -B.S. EL Ed. Phyllis Needah Hays — B. A. Hist, Rex Nelson Vesper— ,$, Ind. Arts Ronald Nelson Garfield— B.S. Agr. Vivian Nelson Lincoln -B.S. El. Ed. Weller Nelson, Jr, Galva-B.S. Bus. Adm, Ray Newton Fowler— B.A. Eng. John Nickel LaCrosse- B.S. Biot. Harry North Hays— B.S. Ind. Arts Marilyn North Hay j— B.S. EL Ed Lola Oiler McCracken— B.S. Ed. Polly Palmer Hays-B.M. Music Ed. Gary Panler Alhol— B.A. Hist. Rodney Parr PierceviHe— B.S. Agr. Alfonso Pastrana Hays— B,A r Hist, Norma Patton Scott City— B.S. Bus. Adm. Gary Pauley Stockton— B.S. Bus, Adm. s I o r s 201 D C 202 Patty Ran fro Dodge Ciry-B.S„ Math, Ruth Rica Wichita-B.$ H« s t, Robert Riggs WaKeeney-B.S. Math, Evales KobftriSOn Montezuma- B,$, Homt Ee, Max Rumpel Ogaltah-B.A. them. Vaunita Rusco Great Bend-B.A. Eng. Donald Ru stall Ho ie-B,S. Phy. Ed, Rax 5 thank Coldwater-B.S. Bus. Adm. Arthur ScMppam Victoria— B.S. But, Adm. Elman Schlagel Oti$-B,S, Bus. Adm, Dalbart S chon man □enver-B.A. Hist. Lao Sch reader Timken— B.S, Botany Carol Schrepel Great Bend -B.S, Art ieilie Schrepel Clef I In— B.S. Tnd. Arts Wilfred StHrepal Clef I In— B.A. £ng r Harlan Said! Gtis-S.S. Bus. Adm. Don Shaw Oberlin— B.A. Phy, Ed. Bill Shipman McPherson— B.S. An Dal Sitm sen Holyrood— B.S r Biot. Dermis Simmon di Hill Cily-B.A. Physlct, Math, Rhatii Simons Hays — B.M, Music Ed. Jim Simpson Hays— B.S, Phy. Ed. Rithard Simpson Pori ij- B.A. Eng, Dalila Sira Colby— B.S r Phy, Ed. Marilyn Sittner Hudson— B.S. But. Adm, John Snider Raymond -B.S. Agr, LaVarne Sparks Garden City-8, S. EL Ed. Virgil Spritk Prairie View-B.S. Agr. Irwin Staab Hays— B. 5. El Ed. Varna St egg Hays— B.A, Sac., Psy r Gordon Stein I Russell— B.S. Bui. Adm. Mfllv in Stein Ee Oorr»nce-B.S- Chem. r Math. Richard Stephenson Alexander— 8.S. Phy, Ed, Marvin Sion Groat Bend— B.S. Biol. WotEey Sumpter Down — B $. Phy Ed, Howard Thai mar Page City—B-S, Bui. Adm, Glenn Their al Plain villa— B,$ .. Bui. Adrr. Phyllis Troxler Hill City -B.S, El. Ed, Roland Trogdon Hugolon- ,$. Ind. Art! Ernest Truss II Hayl— B.A. Physics, Math, Dorothy Unrain Hays -B.S. EE, Ed. Bennie Van De Wage Prairie View— B,$, EE, Ed, Rosetta Van Do W ge long Island- B.M, Music Ed. Marion Vaughan Scott City— B.S. Phy. Ed, Loyal Vincent Long EsIand-B.S, Ind, Aril loo Von Feldt Victoria— B.5- Bus. Adm. Bill Veil Colby— B.S. Bus. Adm. Donald Wallace Alton -B.S, Bui. Adm, Dali Walter Sylvan Grove-B-S. Biol, Bonnio Waiingor Protection— B.$. EE. Ed, Robert Wasinger CoEdwaler-B.A. Eng, s e n • i o r s 203 Bill Browning President Ph ill ipsburg Art Thomas Vice President Cimarron Jams Alderman,. Denison, Iowa Alberta Ann is, Oakley Richard Arnold, Johnson Dale Aikeson, Protection Charles Austen, Alexander Doris Barnhill, Bun City Ha Hobble Secretary-Treasurer Tipton Robert Ban tow, Lamed Richard Barton, Nickerson Rita Basgall, Hays Bill Bcamgard, At wood Elma Beadey, Atwood Keith Beckwith, Lamed Sheri a Bixek, LaCrosse Patty Book ha os, Richfield Marilyn Borts, ClafJin Norma Boyd, Pa$e City Mariiyn Brack, LeotE Jerry Briney, CuJlison Georgia Brink, Hays August Brock, Cawker City Karlynn Broekhart, Ellis Lary Brookharr, Ellis Chris Brown, Hays Gerald Buchan, Havrland Diedra Burandt, Belleville Lynn Burr, Subleite Dean Campbelf, Lamed Carolyn Case, Hutchinson Harry Catlin, Mirtonvaie Don Chogwldden, Bunker Hill Robert Christians, Hays Robert Churchill, Oakley Barbara Clark, Leoti Jar a I Cooper, Phtllipsbvrg Robert Crissman, Russell Delmar Day, Hauiland Evelyn Dean, Wheeler Jane Daitar, Hunler Don Dampowolf, Colby 204 William Griffin, Lyons Albert Grumbein, Ness City Gian Hall, Moscow Dean Hamel, Zurich Bill HamSiclt, Hoisington Robert Harrison-, Ulysses Weymffh Harris on, Pratt Bermsitt a Hartnett, Plainvitle Gary Glide, Lamed Thoms Godfrey, Abilene Gary Graves, Healey Darrel Griese, Russell Marvin Henry, Norton Albert Herren, Great Bend Lester Herrman, Antoni no Mary Ann Herron, Cimarron Paul Dennis, El Dorado Myron Dietz, WaK?an?y John D label, WilsOn Roger Dunning, Stockton Edwin Durall, Hays Colleen Dykes, LaCrosse Lou Ellis, Johnson Edwin Elmore, Wichita Merlin Ely, Hays Hazel Estes, Kan t r ado Vernon Evel, Utica Dean Fairchild, Scott City A1 Fosse, Hugoton Mary Ann Filbert, Ness City Ban Finley, Sharon Springs Don Finney, Great Bend Erma Foster, Honor g Glenda Fox, Hays Margaret Gales, Belpre Robert Giblar, Greet Bend Robert Gilbert, Plaioville Ronald Gilliland, Pleinville Eldon Gillrtpie, Levant Kendall Gish, Glen Elder J u n • I o r s 205 206 Harold Johnson, Gocglend An not to Karlin, Hiyt Ronnie Karit, WaKeenty NmI Keller, Jetmore Nancy Kent Hutchinson Franc it Karr, Poke Houston Kerr, HugotOn Barbara Kim all, Ooldwater Gerald Klflmm, Sterling Sheila Kuo I lor, Roll a L tiler Knoll, Victoria Beverly Koch, Alden Morris Krug, Russell Roland Kufeld, Great Bend Norma Kuhn, Gorham Douglas Lamb, Macksville Joyce Lamont, Ken sing Ion Margaret Lanli, Saline Eleanor Law I on, Oberfin Verna Lef ting well, Lakin Dennis Leitner, Herndon William Lone, Scott City Robert Linenberger, Bunker HN1 Alio loo wen, Ulysses Ronald Lucas, Satanie Garris McConkey, Qu infer Bill McDaniel, Concordia Connie Mclnlyrs, RexforcJ Victor Mai, Hill City Silbtrt Manke, Ellin wood Elgin Hiebert, Burns La land Hill, St, Francis Jerry Hoofer, Hutchinson Richard Hoffman, Kanopolis Duane Houston, Ellis Ben Howe, Paradise Loren Janien, Scott City Charkie Johnson, Beeler Edward Johnson, Larned in Altie Orr, Woodston Pat O ' Brien, Baiine O ' Rourke, Ellis Patrick O ' Toole, Arnold Peggy O ' Toole, Arnold Dee PeTiner, Login Dorothy Parker, Medicine Lodge Gary Parker, Medicine Lodge Stanley Pert ley, Syracuse Mix parsons, Oakley Don Peliel, Hays Marvin Pfannemtiel, Hays Del mar Pflieger, Oensmore Lynn Pitmen,, Mlnneola Max Pittman, Greemburg Joan Pivonka, Ellin wood Arwin Marti, Fowler George Mayhew, Plainville Clifford M«e, Westfall George Merritt, Ellis Sarah Merten, Great Bend Lucille Men, Natoma Marjorie Meuli, WiKeemy Jolene Miles, Jewell Dean Miller, Earned Everett Miller, La Cross Wayne Miller, Deerfield Arden Moon, Burr Oik Richard Moor , Abilene Lucille Morris, Qu inter Velda Moyer, Ellsworth Charles Mueldener, Lyont Darrell Mulder, Logan Eugene Mullen, Selim Lawrence Multender, Waldo Patricia Neill, Dighlon Jim Nieman, Grinnel I G eo rg i an n a Ndi h , PI a inv i I It Eugene Noble, Stockton Delores Offer! , Offer! • J u n • i o r s 207 208 Gareth Peer, HdisingtOn William Randl , Byers Jimmy Ray, Hutchinson Nadhh Reinhardt, Great Bend Lionel Rkkford, Marlenthal Charles Riedl, Hoisington William Rabbim, Lewis Vayle Rohan, Jennings Mary Ann Roth, Hays R a Rothenberger, Osborn Robert Ruder, Hays Myrna Rumbaugh, Hays Roberta Rupp, Buektln Roger Russell, St, John Virginia Russell, Atwood Virginia Russell, Sf. John Peggy Ryan, Lincoln Bob Samples, Hays Janice Schmidtberger, Hays Dennis Sidener, Ada Don Sires, Grlnnell Hilma Sko v, Denmark Iris Sloan, Norton Harold Smith, l akin William Smith, Gorham Monica Somers, Elmdate Clare Staab, Hays Joe Staab, Hays Tom Slade, Ante rule w Terrill Standage, PlainviMe Vefl Starkey, Haviland Don Steckline, Ellis Dale Steffen, Bur deft Joe Stegman Jr., Ness City Wayne Stewart, Howie Harold Stones, Red Cloud, Nebr. John Strobel, Great Bend Robert Slullerhtim, Prairie View Cart 5ucht, Burden Milton Suter, Cawker City John Swayre, Butklin Yvonne Swenson, Cimarron " Joanne W e i 5 j r Ford Edwyna Welch, Garfield a R. W«1ll, Pratt Carl Wells, Hays Ivan Warner, Winona UVerne Wesley, Ada Wayne Wilkenten, Woodslon Charles Willson,. Bunker Hill Wayne WillsOn, EllinwOOd LaVon Wilson, Hugo ton Peggy Wi Ison, Formosa Lea Ford Wind If, Orenburg Eugene Wright, Sublette Richard Young, Ellis Troy Yeung, Ellis John Zeknka, Great Bend LaYesta Swink, Satanta Floyd Switier, Oak Key Lloyd $ wilier, Oakley Floyd Thompson, McCracken Roland Tolle, Roxbury Donald Tompkins, Byers Shirley Towns, Palco Janie Trible, Palco Kay Tucker, F ' ako Jim Uht, Hays Glenn Unruh, Buck! in Btil» Van Loenen, Prairie View Richard Vernon, Norcatur Viola Vincent, Hudson Irvin Vinxant, Plainyille Pal Vogel, Ness City Bud Wallace, Topeka Leila WiEx, LaCrosse Darrell Wanker, Pako Rosanne Wasinger, Hays Phyllis Watkins, Sublette Polly Weaver, Bird City Berry Weber, Fowler Bill Weis, Ell in wood J u n • i o r s 209 210 Jorry Anderson President Kinsley Wayne Latalftr Vice-President Hey Lloyd Anderson, Vesper Roilen Anderson,. Kinsley Vernal Anderson, Srnofsn Kyi Andregg, Hoxie Robert Ann is, Ulysses Robert Ark It, Ludell Galen Ashcraft, Great Bend Rita Ashcraft, Great Bend Carol He In is Secrete ry -T r ?a surer Phillipsburg Dennis Augustine, Ellis John Austin, Garden City Chersl Ballard, Heviland Donna Barber, Hill City Don Barton, Nickerson Philena Bam, laCrosse Cheryl Behrends, Randall Philip BeU, New Cambria Jerald Belt, Saline John Beougher, Grinnell Carolyn Beuller, Ness City Alois Biab or, Kinsley Bcnnlvie Bierman, Kensington Elm a Binder, Hays Virgie Binder, Hays William Bishop, Mankato Lola Biller,, Hoisington Robert fiomgardner, Pa I CO Myrtle Berger, Studley Carolyn Boiler, Oberlin Jon Boxler, Norton Dennis Bnianh, Nor ion Jacquelyn Brack, Russell Loren Braden, Glen Elder Laver la Braden. Ulysses Robert Brand, Sharon Springs Vada Brandberry, Hill City Jack Briggs, Mullinvilfo Robert Brock, Cawker City Gary Brooks, Russell Preston Brown, Bucklin Manuel Bruch, Kingman Stephen Brundago, Brownell Theresa Brungardt, Victoria lone Buchho liter, Ellis Roy Bullock, Ulysses Connie Eaton, Wa Keeney Norm in i atari, Scott City Ray Eaton, Ellis Edward Ehrlich, Russell Kenneth Ellegocd, Oakley Sam Ellis, Johnson Nancy Errlngtort, Ruleton Gerald Fahey, Quin for Margaret Burditt, Partridge Virginia Burton, Phillips burg Charles Butler, GlasCo Rex Carr, Seward Larry Carter, Tribune Derril Castor, LiTtletown, Colo. Sharon Cauldwell, Holyrood Marlene Causey, Holyrood Ramona Cay ton, Colby Fr d Christian, Wellington Batty Clark, Greensburg Ivy Coffey, Great Bend Barbara Colgloxier, Monument Ronald Combs, Russell Eldon Conan!, Waldo Ellen Cooley, Ness City Karen Corn, Garden Cily Frankie Craig, Lakin Lowell Crist, Atwood Jean Cromwell, Hoisington Eugene Davis, Oakley Gene Dawson, Russell Pauline Dean, Wheeler Duane Dei net, Wa Keeney s o p h o m o r e s 211 mmitJ j i .4; , i: Dean Gearhart, Leu Of a Jamal Geisinger, Seldon Peggy Gibson, Quintet 1 Marvin Gitrtt Abilene David GiNham, Coldwat r Tom Gilmore, Hays Faya Giother, Russell Marilyn Giniher, Albert Donald Graham, Quinter Kenneth Grille II, Claflin Janice Guyer, Osborne Jim Habiger, Republic Jim Hamburg, Ellis Barbara Hamby, Hays Louise Hamby, Hays Lawrence Hammer, Ellin wood James Haney, Qu inter Bonnie Harbaugh, Great Bend John Harmon, Larned Joene Harris, Bird City George Harrison, Glen Elder Neoma Hart, BeTpre Kenneth Harvey, Protection Judith Hegwer, Cod el I Leonard Flax, Arnold Harold Feus, Baiine Carl Ford, Medicine Lodge Yvonne Fortney, Russell George Foster, Hoiaington Lawrence Foster, Lenora Carl Fountain, Penrose Allen Fox, Larned Richard France, Herndon Sen Frevert, Holyrood Sob Furgason, Shields June Garrison, Ellis Dale Fairchild, Scott City Elvin Fabriiius, WaKeeney Jack Feidan, Hays Barbara Fellers, Hays John Fellers, Ashland Ned Felxien, St, Francis Dick Fisher, Selina Sharon Fisher, Coats 212 Bernice Kaiser, Bison Do I mar Kaiser, Gr a infield L«rry K ps, Russell Leroy Keshka, McDonald Uit Kaipar, Jennings Du an Kessler, Ph il I ipsburg Bill Kilsan, Russell Keith Kingsley, Russell Merlerte Ki nyOfl, Wellington. Helen Kipple, Long Island Norman Klin , Quinter Lei ia Knap , Woodruff Arlene Heme],, Ness City Litry Hemphill, Byers John Henderson, Igks Roger Herd, Protection Joanne Herklolz, Hays Robert Herron, Kinsley Georgette Hester, Olmiti Kay a no Hill, liberal Ralph Hilmes, Ransom Joyce Hockett, Zurich Marian Hollingshead, Be Soil $h arisen Holthul, Smith Center Edward Horning, Ransom Chuck Houser, Great Bend Marilyn Houston, Jewell Carol Homes, Zurich Si u art Humes, Russell Bob Hyde, Osborne Donald ImMasche, Hays Ronald InnftS, Phillipsburg Belly Jack son, Wheeler Myrne Jarrell, Ashland Edward Jeffrey, Holy rood Eldred Jeweii, Dighton s o p h o m o r e s 213 Carroll Knoll, Victoria Karl Koehler, Plainville Si an ley Kogler, Gypsum Faye Kremel, Leoli Nina Kriih, Hugoton Dim Kuehnert, Sublette Tom Kummer, Great Bend Wayne lamer. Hays Gala Lane, Zurich John Laugh I in, Almerna LaVern Lauxman, Abilene Rudy legleiier, LaCrcsse Linus Leiker, Hays Boyd Limes, Logan Don Lindsey, Stockton Darrell Luthi, Logan Ralph Lynch, Logan Sarah Lyne, Lincoln Shirley McAllister, Leorf Vera McCoy, Ness City Julian McEwen, Norton Gary Mar pie, Kirwin Donna Marsh, Fowler Larry Marshall, Hays Norman Marshall, Siockren Helen Martin, Haviland Jim Maska, Hays Bill Mason, Phi Hips burg Gerald Malheson, Liberal Mary Maze, Ellsworth Harry Meier, Scott City William Melton, Concordia Gwcnn Mendenhall, Utica Carolyn Meyers, Norcatuf Gordon Michel, Russell Judy Milberger, Great Bend Iris Miller, McDonald Shirley Miller, Phill ipsbufg Suzanne Miller, Claflin Bernard Mills, Nekoma Joseph Mills, Bunker Hill Sheri Millsap, Syracuse Ernest Milton, Stock ion Charles Moos, Grinnell Bernice Morris, Burr Oak A I b ert Moser, Sy r a cu se Don Moses, Garden City Miry Motzner, Russell Bob Munsell, Hays James Nairn, Pawnee Rock Loretia Nansen, Medicine Lodge Verlan Nesbill, Mori 1 and Roger New, Nortatur Bril Nicholson, Hoiiingtqn 214 Donna Richards, Ellsworth Patricia Richardson,, Zurich Bernard Riemann, D nim re Sandra Robbins, Larned Tommy Roberts, WaKeeney Raymond Robl, EHinwood Gary Roe, Downs Julia Hogg, Bunker kill Mary Roloson, WsKeeney Mary Roth, Ellsworth Clair Romford, Hanston Joan Sample, Minneapolis Tad Sandstrom, Hays So mb at Sangrungrang, Thailand Larry Server, N a to ms Sheldon Saxton, Burdett Patsy Noble, Stockton Gary Noller, Gian Eldar Kay Norman, Burdett Keith Northrop, Woods Ion John O ' Brien, Baiin Lao Oliva, W oodston Robart Chon, WaKeeney Irma Oswald, Gorham James Parnell, Goodland Gordin parr, Pierceville Pa: Partridge, Great Bond Forrest Paul, Bloom Gana Paulay, Osborne Jim Paters, Kays Joyce Pet arson, Monumant Lualla Peterson, Monument Patty Peterson, Protection Richard Petti bone, Ka nor ado Charles Pel tie, Saline Garry Poore, Stockton Norman Pricer, Palco Darrel Purvis, St, Francis Carol Radiol, Sharon Springs Leon Reeves, Beeler James Reiss, Weikan Jarroll Reiss, Weskan Joleen Reiti, Shady Bend Rae Revell, Great Bend Shirley Revel!, Great Bend Paul Rhine, Qu inter s o p h o m o r e s 215 Darrell Schaffer, Plains Paul Schaffer, Liebenthal Max Schardein, Nickerson Nell Schild, Phillipsburg Leo Schmeidler, Hays Richard Schmidt, Russell Marlene Schmidt, Hays Wayne Schoen thaler, Ellis Glenn Stbreibcr, Hcisington Donald Schulti, Sylvia Don Schuster, Wa Keeney Bill Sehwein, WaXeeney Ralph Scott, Hill City Daryl Sebastian, Tribune James Seibel, Ellis Wanda SekaVflC, HolyrOOd Matilda Sefonsky, Park Nadine Selfridge, Burden Fred Shaw, We Keeney LaVon Shumaker, Hays Annette Short, RuSSeH Robert Sidlow, LaCrosse Don Smith, Lamed Gordon Smith, St. Francis Kathy Smith, Liberal Richard Smith, Lewi) Elisabeth Sneath, Kanopolis Marcelline Snider, Raymond Peggy Snook, Ford Rose Slaab, Hays Virgil St ad el man. Hays Jerry Stafford, Great Bend Jana Stahn, Woodruff Robert Stillwell, ScottsviNe Ann Stephenson, Buck 1 in Sonja Stone, Chanule Donna Stout, Palco Jerry Sutton, Beloit Morris Talbert, Ellis Robert Tirvin, Marysville frank Thomas, Englewood Esther Thompson, Minnsola Thomas Thompson, Bogue Roy Thornburg, Utica 216 Duane T il ford , Moscow Darrell Ubert, Hays Ralph Ummel, Arnold Shirley Underwood, Bird City Sylvia Unruh, Pawnee Rotk Twyla Vanderplas, Long Island Melba Voss, Burr Oak Bruce Walker, Bennington Marilyn Walker, ludell Mary Walker, Brownell Sue Walker, Englewood John Wasinger, Hays Phil Webber, Bock I in Bonnie Weber, Great Bend George Weeks, Cawker City Bonnie Wenil, Stockton Don Weseott, PloinviNe Lee West, Healy Phyllis Westerman, Hays Della Wiebl, Smith Center Dixie Wiebl, Srr-ijh Center Don Williams, Plainville Alfred Wilson, Hays Anna Wilson, Ashland Rex Wilson, Dighfon Glen Windholx, Hays Warren Win die. Green sburg Richard Wolf, Colby Claudene Wonderlick, Osborne Wilbur Wood, Trousdale Phillip Woodmamee, Ellsworth Shirley Worthy, Atwood Earl Wright, Hutchinson Jack Wright, Kanorado Robert Wright, Atwood Tom Wriston, Os b-O-rne August Yak el, Hoisington Richard Yeargan, Good I and Wesley Zavodsky, Hays Manly ZiUmer, Hays Dave Zimmerman, Falls Church, Va. s o p h o m o r e s 217 Allan McCune President Sal ina Marilyn McCartney Vice-President Hays Elenora Amos, Colby Lynn Amos, plainville Calvin Anderson, Burden Diana Anderson, Belleville Merrill Anderson, Qu inter Jerald! Archer, Norton Charlotte Bixek Secretary- T rea su rer LaCrosse Een Arcnsman, Kinsley Barbara Armbrustar, Ellis Dixie Ashbaugh, Ellis Patricia Atlerbury, Shields Patricia Audas, Hays Clarence Augustine, Ellis Jake Aust, Jr., Palco Helen Atilt, Ellis Robert Baal man, Grinnell Penny Banks, Wellington Larry Barker, Concordia James Barrett, Beloit Betty Base, Roxel Barniace Beigall, Sharon Springs George Basgall, Slwon Springs Marilyn Batgall, Scott City Wilma Baui, LaCrosse Judy Bear, Russell Justine Beatty, Osborne Deanna Beck, Natoma Jacque BecVley, $co!t City Marilyn Behnke, Bush ton Ronald Bell, Plainville Marlene Berrey, Great Bend Kannath Bobbitt, Sublette Pat Boedeker, Naloma Helen Bohn, Athol John Eomgardner, Pako Sharen Bora 1 1, Di ghton Clarence Boucet, Ada Dee Bradley, Plainville Karen Brandau, Ma$On City, Iowa Elmar Braun, Victoria Francis Braun, EJlinwood Norma Bricker, Ulysses Warrana Bricker, Ulysses 218 Mary Clark, [.akin Kenneth Coddington, Pako Roger Cody, QbeHin Don Coen, Elkhart Elizabeth Coffin, Hoiiinglon Nidtne Colburn, Russell Jane Cole, Great Bend Robert Conley, Gypsum Alan Converse, Larned Don Cox, Greensburg Jan Cox, Sublette Terry Crvtlti, Alton James Curtis, Lewis Sonja Danielian, Hays Cleon Davis, Hill City llene Davis, Phillipsburg LaVonne Bridget, Meade Robert Brooks, Plftinville Dixie Brown, Cawker Ciiy Doug Brown, Leoli Mary Brown, Buoklin Margery Brungardt, Gorham Charles Brunson, Stock ion Pad Burmeister, CUflin Jack Builermore, Woodston Bill Byer, Cimarron Jack Byler, Cimarron Judy Camp, Stockton Patricia Cantwell, Ulysses Wayne Carmichael, Plainville Jerry Challis, Ashland Charles Chapman, Hoxic Vera Chase, Penokee Marilyn Chastain, Chase Elaine Christian, Wellington Bernila Christians, luray Charles Clarke, Medicine Lodge Elmira Clark, Russell Jerry Clark, Morland Margaret Clark, Larned f r e s h m e n 219 Clark Day, Buckl in Charles Day, Buckl in Gary Dean, Hill City Kenneth DeBey, Downs Beverly Delay, Qu inter Leroy Deines, Wa Keeney Rudolph Deines, WaKeeney Shirley Deines, Sharon Springs Randall Demulh, Logan Alberta Denio, Haviland Carolyn Dennis, Great Bend Eunice Depe, Page City Mary Desbien, Palco Karen Devlin, Smith Center Dan Dibble, Alton Ronald Dicke, Court land Dorothy Dixon, Great Bend Ted Dorsey, Ashland George Douglas, Mullinyille Marilyn D re her, Ellis Barnard Dreiling, Victoria Mary Dreiling, Victoria Michael Dreiling, WaKeeney Mary Du f ford, Pawnee Rock Verna Dumler, Russell Kay Dundas, Arnold Maurice Dor l I, Raymond Lynn Dyitt, Goodland Belly Edwards, Hays Marcia Ehrlich, Hays Keith Ellagood, Oakley Marilynn Ellis, Great Bend Mary Ellis, Johnson Ellen Engel, Ellis Rodney Engle, Groat Bend Aard Erickson, Rex ford Dolores Erickson, Atwood Mary Fagan, St. John Gen Farr a. Be Ip re Robert Farrell, Hjl| City 220 Varda Goeti, Vtcloris Glenn Graf, long Island Douglas Graver, Rush Center Elizabeth Gray, Safina Lionel Gray, Smith Center Roger G roc me, Ashland Howard Griffin, Lyons Rosalind Griffin, Stockton Stanley Griffin, Bunker Hill Alvin Grin, Coolidgo Dorothy Gruneri, Almena Mary Habiger, Republic Arnold Hallagin, McDonald Ronnie Hailing, Bucklin Joe Ham ill. Great Bend Janice Handlin, Gerveseo Raleigh Fsntsn, Stock ion Joan Fink, Utica Nancy fink, Downs Howard Finley, Sharon Springs Emery Folken, WflKfrftnfry Fredrick Foes, iaCross® Alberta Forbes, Alton Fatty Foster, Utica Carmen Fox, Claflin Donne For, St. John John For, Stafford Mike Francis, Hays Gloria Fraser, Colby Ehtryll Frieden, Hardtner Lester Fry, Jr., Wilmore Joetta Funk, Russell Gail Gager, Byers Merl Gager, Wood stem PhyIJis GanSel, Hill City Donna Gardner, Arnol d Norman Gentrler, Pflflis Everett Gtlliipie, Levant Alan Godfrey, Hays Aim Goeti, Victoria f r e s h m e n 221 Joyce Hum, Gove Charles Hardman, Osborne Joan Hargitf, Quin ter William Hargraves, Good land Donald Hartman, Cawker City Geno-la Harling, Edmond Sidney Harper, Scott City Robert Harper, Syracuse Mjrcrlim Harper, Weskan jean H if ris, Plains Glenda He any, ClsyfOn Donna Heim , Greenshurg Jeannie Helm, Stockton Shirley Hembree, Chase Wanda Hendrix, Emmalene Hermreck, Ellsworth Ronald Heronemtij, Mess City Joe Herrman, Utica Alex Herzog,. Hays Sheri If Hitz, Hudson Karen Hoffman, Canker City Loretta Holloway, Great Bend Virginia Horner, Kansas City Jeanette Hubbard, EdsOn Craig Hubert, Larne d Leveda Hulse, Stockton Rodney Hutton, Buckhn Keith Irvine, Little River Alice Jacobs, Gorham Doyle Jamison, Qu inter Newell Jennings, Oakley Juliana Jensen, Kinsley bill Johnston, Meade Joyce Johnson, Atwood Lo is Johnson, Oakley Jerry Jones, Oberlin Sylvia Kaiser, Great Bend Mar jior i« Karlin, Hays Glenn Keith, Penokee Donald Keller, Palco Pat Kelley, McDonald Brooks Kellogg, Stewift Manor, Mew York Jodi Kephart, Macksville Gladys Kerns, Kinsley 222 tarry Leitner, Herndon Her shed LflwrJ, Elkhart Judy Lowls, Satina Verlee teydig, Giade Richard Libby, Little River Share n Llgon, Hey a Gerald Lindsey, Stockton Deanna Leckman, Ford Carol Leichliter, Niche non Larry Legate, Hilt City Anthony Leiktr, Hays Harvey Laiker, Hays Rex Ktntflitr, Protection Joyce Kenler, Kensington Dae Kimbell, Vie a d e Gary Kitch, ScatE City Allan Klein, Burdeft Iran Kline, Mori and Ginger Klotz, Phillipsburg Janice Kiel , Norton Donna Knowles, Osborne Charlene Kebs, Meade Ruth Koelling, Alton Jerry Koe pp n, Wellington John Komar ek, Bavaria Francis Komar ck, Bavaria Donna Kr anna wil ter, Hoxie Richard Kysir, Tribune Karen Laiiure, Hays Donna Lake, Longmont, Colo. Neva Lang , Bunker HiN Ronald Ungmacher, Hill City Betty Latin ore, Syracuse Sharon LaRue, Hays Shirley LaRue, Hays Clifton La taler, Garden City John Latham, Osborne Bodil Laorstn, Feglegaickve, Denmark Marcus Law, WaKeeney Don Layton, Randall Sandra Leaiure, Palco Pally LeFfingwell, Lakin f r e s h m e n 223 Doris Loeppke, Lakin Kenneth Long, Me Don a Id Clarence Lott. Hill City Mary LaugKridgs, Pglco Juanita Lava, Zurich Joyce Lowe, Smith Center Janice Lundgrin, Lucas Dean Lyon, Mess City Frank Magana, Kangpolis Marilyn Major, Torrance Arland Mangold, Tribune Barbara Marshall, Selina Novella Mart, Rexford Dan Marlin, Chase Clifford Mason, Woodston Alvin Malheson, hfatoma Shirley Mathias, Deerfield Johnny M a up in, Netoma Luelia Maxwell, Qu inter Judith McCammon, Burr Oak Bruce McCFaren, Lewis Roger Me freight, Ness City Johannah Me Crum, Sterling Sue McDaniel, Clef I in Merlyn McDonald, Gove Darrell McGinnis, £$bdn Wanda Mease, Nashville Naomi Meckfessel, Rcj el Larry Meier, Abilene Dorothy Men, Natoma Jane Michel, Downs Ann Mickey, Hoxie Jim Miesner, ObfHin Marcel Miles, Jewell Barbara Miller, Westminster, Colo, Joanna Mjlfer, Grear Bend Ruth Miller, Ellis Gyl Minor, Ulysses Margaret Mitchell, Russell James Mohr, Hutchinson Leroy Moore, Levant Norman Moore, Timken Don More he ad. Downs Bennie Morris, Hill City Harold Morris, HoMcm Doug Morrisey, Woods i cm Grelchen Mueldener, Lyons Connie Nelson, Hays 224 Jim Piv nki, LaCrosse Beverly Power , Oakley Kayla Price, Nekoma Maurice Print, Luray Elva Proul, Mori and Connie Pryor, Great Bend Ge rge Ralstin, MuMinville Jane Ransberger, Great Bend Dixie Rassctte, Wilson Don Kaihbun, Tescoii Mike ftavanki, LaCrosif Robert Ray, Liberal Clyde Reece, Burden Marilyn Rhoades, Qu inter Darold Rhodes, Prelection Charles Rhine, Quinler Paul Nelson, Galya Vina Nickels, Kinsley Juanita Northrop, Woods ton Wilma Norton, LJtica Norman Ochr, Utica Roger Odie, Hill City Charlotte Offull, LaCrosse Carolyn Oiler, McCracken Glenda Opiti, Garden City Gerald Orr, Woodslon Joyce Ostmeyer, Oakley Carolyn Oswald, Russell Janet Otte, Great Bend Alleen Owen, Beloit Barbara Palmer, Russell Linda Palmer, Atwood June Pate, Elkhart Donna Pepper, Syracuse Harold Perkins, Phillipsbvrg Elaine Peterman, Ellsworth Maurice Pfannertstiel, Hays James Pfeifer, Hays Joe Pfeifer, Hays Bill P ickinpaugh, Goodland f r e s h m e n 225 Vicki Richards, Good I and Donald Rider, Hays Bonnie Ridgway, Ogallah Howard Riedel, Sodden Roger Riffe, Stockton Priscilla Rixon, McCracken Carol Robinson, HiJI City Martin Robl, Chaw Anal Rogers, Minneola Darlene Roth, Cheyenne Wells, Colo, Vernon Schneider, Ransom Robert Schniepp, Ness City Peggy Schnoehelen, Lewis Karen $cho«ni, Kensington Ruth Schoenihaler, WaKeenOy Bob Schrandt, Plainville Wilma Sehlagel, Hoisincjton Stanley Sehiagel, Hays Janice Scbiessiger, Great Bend Ronald SchmaJirled, Dighlon Ellen Schmidt, Catherine Ron Schneider, Oils Lee Roy Schockman, McCracken Tom Schulz, Great Bend Paula Schumacher, Victoria Beverly Schwien, WaKeeney Celeste Scott, Waldo Connie Sebastian, Tribune Rodger Seaman, Lamed Jack Seibel, Ellis Monte Seibel. leoli Kenneth Seibert, Great Bend Jim Shafer, Leoti Janette Shaw, Medicine Lodge Mary Shimek, Jennings Warren Siek, Ness City Pat Simmons, McPherson Warren Slocombe, Peabody Noreen Smadei, Marienthal Albert Smith, WaKeoney Gwen Rowe, Hoisington Annette Ruder, hfays Philip Rumpel, Ogallah Georgia Run ft, Wichita Donna Russell, Cimarron Joann Sauer, WaKeeney 226 (rjt Traun, Victoria George Turner, Smilh Center John Underwood, Bird City Jerry Vance, Bazine Florence VanLoenen, BoguC Ronald VanTfossell, Kendall Eugene Velharticky, Selina, jimmy Venters, Plairvvllle Janice Smith, Stockton Yvonne Smith, Ashland Herndon Snider, Leoti Duane Snook, Johnson Arlan Spiel, Hays Connie SpOmcr, Lamed Cr«n Staab, Hays Rosemary Staudinger, Hoisington Geraldine Stephen, Bog ye Coleta Stevens, Hoisington Shirley Stevens, Russell Marion Stites, We Keeney Shirley Stockton, Kensington Dorothy Stover, Hill City Carol Stremel, Dodge City Marilyn Strfcmel, Bison Connie Striegel, Hays Sharon Struthers, Lamed Llnly Stum, Ness City Let and Stutbeit, Remington Carman Sullivan, St, John Ralph Swartz, Sheron Spring? Marlene Swink, Satanta Peggy Swords, Deerfield f r e $ h m e n 227 Sherman Verheeff, Grinnefl Jay Verona, Ron bury Karen Vtvsrlti, Wilson Kenneth Von, Burr Oak Day Ion Wagner, Albert Donna Wagner, WaKeeney Frances Wagner, Ellsworth Donna Wagy, Colby Louise Walburn, Hays Wilrtter Waldman, Qyinler Bill Walker, Son City Carol Walker, Weskan Diana Walker, McCracken Nancy Walter, Montezuma Karen Ward, Waldo Gerald Watts, Porlis Karen Weber, Liberal Pete Werlh, Hays Janice Wetterinan r Hays Dave While, Healy Deanna Whitney, Hays Lynn Wickizsr, WaKeeney Shyrfee Wreck, St. Francis Donna Wiklund, Stockton Glenn Wilkeni, Lorraine John Wthon, Ulysses Marvel Wiineland, Natoma Karen Winkler, Rozel Mona Winter, Kanorado Romona Witt, Hudson Leon Wolf, Hays Charles Wood, Hays Lesta Worcester, Hill City Janelle Wormeringgr, Great Bend Richard Wright, Glen Elder Boh Young, Saltna Donna Yeunkin, Lamed Barbara Yoxall, Alton Lynn Ziloudek, Wilson Marvin Ziegler, Cdllyer 228 Connie Griffin, Lyons, senior diploma 5n nurse ed. Janice Robinson, Hill City,, senior diploma in nurse ed. Marvin Brewer, Latrosse Thomas Byeriey, Kansas City Lola Carter, Dodge City Jimmie Dodd, £ 5 bon Demall £ ltey r Codell Edward Filbert, Ness City Merrill FrydendaM r Porlis Ross Johnson, Solomon William McOougall, We Keeney Donald Niehaui, Edmond Johnny Roth, Hays George Schmidt, Bdoit Leo Sc breeder, Timken g r a d u a t e s 229 Complex In nature, the future is uncertain for each of us. Yet we know that the pattern of progress remains. The learning process, the student body, the building program— all move forward to an indistinct point in the probable. 231 232 OLDHAM SALES COMPANY Lonelier end Yellow Jacket Boats Evtrmrde Outboard Motors Automotive Parts and Accessories Phone 4-2547 1 0»K and Allen St. GAGELMAN MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Ford Sales and Service Phone 4-3411 234 528 East 8th Royal Typewriters Electric — Standard— Portable Sales and Service Free Delivery Service NORTHWESTERN TYPEWRITER COMPANY Phone 4-2565 113 East 12th College Text Books Sheaffer and Esterbrook Zipper Notebooks Personalized Stationery Greeting Cards Spalding Sporting Goods CAMPUS BOOK STORE Phone 4-2611 509 West 7th Scheufler Supply Company, Inc. Wholesale Distributor Automotive, Industrial, Oil Field, Construction Trade Stores In Great Bend - Dodge City - Garden City - Hays Larned — Lyons — Hutchinson 235 mm t Distinctive Photography The Guercio Studio Phone 4-2310 117 East 8th Master Cleaners Featuring the drive In window for your convenience " Known for better cleaning ' Free pick up and delivery Phone 4-2018 201 West 8th O’LOUGHLIN MOTOR SALES Chevrolet and Oldsmobile PHONE 4-2533 236 126 WEST 12TH RC makes you feel like NEW! Why do so many folk choose RC? 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Firestone Tires Guaranteed Recapping Budget Terms Available 1 SAVE WITH SAFETY " Phone 4-2700 East Highway 40 238 230 w£srm srmer » " • ' f " . ■ : : ; HOME FURNITURE COMPANY TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU FEATURING MODERN AND PROVINCIAL FURNITURE PHONE 4-2589 229 WEST 10TH Serving Northwest Kansas Electricity is Cheap CENTRAL KANSAS POWER CO. Phone 4-3437 HI East 11th 239 The Pause That Refreshes — With the drink that has won the affection of every American HAYS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Phone 4-2614 201 East 12th DILLON’S FOOD STORE 240 Phone 4-5656 109 West 7th Chrysler and Plymouth Factory Authorized Sales and Service John Deere Farm Machinery RUPP MOTOR COMPANY Phone 4-2219 133 East 12th Humburg Hardware Inc. 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STORE We Feature Every Day Low Prices " Good Things To Eat " Delivery Service Phone 4-3413 10n Fort St, Phone 4-2574 219 West 10th CLASSICS For the young and the young at heart THE QA 7K- T0RE Ikf PHOTOS hy Larrts The Jack Jill Shop Let Us Clothe Your Children — That’s Our Business Everything for Infants and Cirls Boys Wear from One to Pre-Teens Phone 4-3021 1100 Main St, Phone 4-2712 800 Main St, Unrein Jewelers Choose Your Diamond from The Kimberly Room and Visit Our Bridal Consultant Phone 4-4814 804 Main SK JANIES MOTOR COMPANY Lincoln • Sales and Service • Mercury 200 East 8th Phone 4-3418 243 SCHLEGEL’S For The Best In: Guns — Fishing Tackle — Sporting Goods Hobby and Craft Supplies Western Wear — Leather Goods Phone 4 21 17 IIS West 1 1th GRASS BROS. 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Lamer THE LAMER HOTELS IN KANSAS AND OKLAHOMA Salma, Kansas Lamer I Intel Hays, Kansas Lanier Hotel Lamer Motel Junction City, Kansas Lamer Hotel Ponca City, Oklahoma Jens-Marie Hotel ' Over thirty years of public service in Kansas IT. B. LAM AH PRESIDENT 1200 Main St. Phone 4-3471 25 ] s w SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. " We Sell Satisfaction " DISTRIBUTORS Genuine Replacement Parts Tools and Equipment Dealer Machine Shop Service Member Automotive Engine Rebuiiders Assn. I 85 West 5th Street Telephones 164 and 165 Colby, Kansas Phone 4-3415 Hays 300 East 8th BILLINGER’S BAKERY PIES ROLLS CAKES Distributors of SUNBEAM BREAD 252 Phone 4-2016 209 West TOth THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Hays Invites you to bank regularly with them FOR COMPLETE SAFETY FOR CREDIT-BUILDING FOR A “CASH RESERVE FUND” FOR “UNDER-ONE -ROOF” CONVENIENCE RECORDS SHOW THAT THRIFTY AMERICAN FAMILIES KEEP MORE OF THEIR SAVINGS IN BANKS THAN ANYWHERE ELSE Investigate our Fort Hays special checking account. Phone 4-2587 1001 Main St k JUC I f WT C3 Sufficient £fc. George E. Etc U Riley has mad ' art toward loca rmy buddy. He wrote I. apitn! for help resent addres wens, with v i japan. He wens was a nother Kansai f Topeka and nown in your Ihvhart said. The Topekar apan after V he Japanese »aper system John McCU, Isher, was the with the Japs ives in Topeka setter known nos then. Governor McC would get Owen Ehrhart. terventlon against such attacks as the one made last fall by Is- rael, Britain and France against Egypt Dull ' publP ous condition, and the state highway department had sand- ing crews on the job. Conditions wer worst b the Middle East White House news secretary Times C. Hagcrty The reading of a daily newspaper is a broad education in itself. The daily paper affords a background of general information which no one can obtain In any other way. Few college students need to be told this. It goes without saying, but there may be young men and young women attending Fort Hays State who do not know the Hays Dally News has complete coverage of world-wide, national, state and home news and pictures on every weekday except Saturday, and on Sunday as well. The Sunday Morning News also has local and national features and a comic section. The over all news coverage provided is that of the Associated Press, the world ' s largest news-gathering agency. Read the News to be up on all the news that is news. News Publishing Company Hays Daily News Will K uardsmen, will leave the State- use grounds at 11:15 a,m srdue Graves will be parade d HCLf State officials will return to the Statehouse, where Gov. Docking will review National oe his linden public , . . as governor, McCuish appeared 1 before the annual banquet of the State Board of Agriculture for will speak of civu. meas- ures, school aid, refugee relief, and .other top items on the legislative priority list he has discussed with GOP leaders. queen wniuu un - been graciously pleas cept. " LABOR PARTY lea Gaitskell immediately i ice he will demand ectiOJl so the cou loose its new govern Gaitskell, in Boston, ' Cture tour, said he ' ' ear about Eden but added, " He thing in resi; not immedii ■then the 5 accept a 1 to re ti rent remain in % as his pi Churchill, f advised nded to r ling at her ,ry home ii .light. He re Wednesday 1 i net. i the Inside 4 sstfied Ads oniic Strips 1 ’o word Puzzle , - aily Capital Tabloid ditonala and Colum Jntertainment Financial and Market Horoscope Kansas News .. , Obituaries Radio. TV Logs .,,1 Sports News Women’s News . . - 253 Western Kansas ' Only Full Time EL PATIO CAFE " Where Good Food Is First and Foremost " Music and News Station 1400 1400 Phone 4 9904 ICM East Highway 40 Phone 4-2578 2450 Hall St, DAN ' S DRIVE IN CAFE Food you will enjoy . . , At prices you can afford 254 Phone 4-4429 Highway 40 By-Pass Daily Service Between Kansas City-Wichita-Salma-Colby-and Intermediate Paints Then and Now . . . . The Best In Reliable Service PHONE 4-3427 FELLERS SERVICE STATION " Always Best for Less " Phone 4-31 15 East Highway 40 The College ' s Handies! Station For Complete Texaco Service LYNCH TEXACO SERVICE TIRES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Phone 4-9984 8th Ash 117 WEST 6TH MALTS • SANDWICHES SOUPS " Across from the Campus THE TIGER GRILL Phone 4-9925 704 Pork St. 255 FOX THEATER Show Place of the Midwest Home of Cinemascope and Stereophonic Sound Phone 4-4567 1202 Main St, BRUNSWICK ☆ HOTEL CAFE ☆ Ready to serve you During- your stay in Hays ABC Drug 249 Larry ' s Studio , . 25 E-oxter ' s flower Shop , . 247 Phone 4-3441 701 Main St. Lynch Texaco Service . Mann ' s LG. A. ....... , , 25 Billinger ' s Bakery 252 , + 24 Brunswick Hotel ...... 256 Markwell ' s ......... , 24 Butler ' s Furniture 241 Master Cleaners . . 23 Campus Book Store . . . 235 McDonald, J. M . . 24 Central Kansas Power Co. Classic Store ......... 239 242 Morrison Jewelry .... News Publishina Co, . . . 24 . 25 Dan s Drive Inn . . Dillon ' s Food Store Drees Cleaners . . Dreiling, Ben F , . . Duckwall Stores . Ekey Studio 254 240 244 246 248 24? ADVERTISER ' S INDEX El Patio Cafe Farmers ' State Bank , . . . 254 250 Hardman Lumber Co. . , . 237 House of Color ........ , 249 Feller ' s Service 255 Harkness Pharmacy . , . . 250 Houston Lumber Co 245 Felten Truck Line . 255 Hartman Oil Co . 238 Home Furniture Co 239 Finch ' s . . 245 Hays Building and Loan . 241 Hamburg Hardware . . . 241 First National Bank , . . . 253 Hays City Flour Mills , . . 249 Jack and Jill Shop , 242 Fort Hays Pharmacy . . . 234 Hays Coca Cola Bottling James Motor Co, 243 Fox Theater , 256 Company 240 Jep ' s Super Service , . . . 246 Gagelman Motor Co. . , 234 Hays Floral Shop . 237 K.A.Y.S , 254 Goodwin Sporting Goods 241 Hays Music Co,, Inc. . , . . 243 Kessler Cleaners . . 238 Grass Brothers Grocery , 244 Hays Spudnut Shop . r . . Havener ' s 245 Kobler Nash Motors . , . , 238 Quercia Studio 236 249 Lamer Hotels 251 Northwestern Typewriter Co. 23 Oldham Sales Co 23 Clough lin Motor Sales 23 Penney, J. C, ...... Philip Hardware . . . Rupp Motor Co. . . . $ And W Supply Co. Schumacher Shoes „ . Schwaller Lumber Co. Seven Up Bottling Co, Sweetbriar Tiger Griff Unrein Jewelers . , . Varsity Bowl Vern Webster Jewelers Wafburn ' s College Groc. Weisner ' s Dept, Store . . 24 25 24 23 24 24 23 24 25 24 24 24 24 25 256 student index a Agnew, Helen, Great Send, Sr Albrecht, Frieda, Natoma, Sr Aldermgn, Jqmes, Denison, la., Jr. , , , , . Allen, Edward!, Chase, Sr , Afpers, Warren, Hays, Sr. Altman, Merle, Almena, Jr Amos, Barbara, Plainville, Fr Am 01, Elen ora, Colby, Fr Andersen, EHing, Hays, Sr, Andersen, Margaret, Vesper, Sr, Anderson, Calvin, Burdett, Fr Anders-On, Diane, Belleville, Fr. ........ Anderson, Jerry, Kinsley, So Anderson, Jerry, Phi 1 1 ipsburg, Sr. Anderson, Lloyd, Vesper, So. . . , Anderson, Merrill, Qu inter, Fr Anderson, Patricio, Phil lip 5 burg, So. . . . Anderson, Rollen, Kiniley, So Anderson, Vernal, Smolan, So • . Andregg, Kyle, Hoxie, So Andrews, Gary, Colby, Fr Annit, Alberia, Oakley, J Annls, Robert, Ulysses, So Archer, Jerald, Norton, Fr. Aren 5 man, Ben, Kinsley, Fr Arkle, Robert, Ludell, So. ........ x - - - Armbruster, Barbara, Ellis, Fr. Arnold, Jean, Kansos City, Kans-, Sr. . . Arnold, Richard, Johnson, Jr. Aihbough, Dixie, Ellis, Fr Ashcraft, Galen, Great Bend, So, . . . , Ashcraft, RilO, Great Bend, So. Asher, Esther, Great Bend, Sr. Atkeson, Dole, Hays, Sr Atkins, Frances, Hays, Sr Atter berry, Patricia, Shields, Fr, Audas, Patricia, Hays, Unc . Augustine, Clarence, Ellis, Fr. Augustine, Dennis, Ellis, Fr. . - Aust, Helen, Ellis, Fr Ault, Jake, Pol CO, Fr Austin, John, Garden City, So Austin, Richard, Col Iyer, Sr Auston, Charles, Alexander, Jr, 78, m 7 A 90, 10B 36. 91, 96, 106, 131, 170, 204 85, 196 . . 59,67, 133, 143, 149, 196 ,143. 148 101, 112, 218 , SB, V 1 3. 127, 21 3 79,90, 196 . . 79, 86, 90, 108, 196 73, 218 76, 113, 213 . 59, 130, 131,210 196 210 90, 1 07, 21 B 123 58 61. 67, 103, 106, 151, 154, 210 .... 151, 154, 210 210 Ill 110,204 129, 210 1 07, 218 216 ... 91, 210 113, 216 . , 89 , 93 , 98 , 196 83,204 89, 2 1 8 ... 91,210 .... 110,210 66,70,1 96 59, 65, 99, 100, 204 196 11 2, 2 1 8 79 82, 86, 83, 218 . 218 210 ... 88, 112, 21 B 152,218 . 137, 210 196 204 Baolman, Robert, Grinnell, Fr. 9, 218 Baier, Donald. Kinsley, Sr. 166 Baker, John, El Dorado, Sr. . . . Baldwin, Ben, larned. So ■ t ‘ ' . ’ ’ ' Y YoV 91 ft Ballard, Cherel, Haviland, So 58, 66. B6, 103, 127, 210 Ban del, Albert, St. Francis, Sr 90, 133, 170, 172, 96 Bane, Gordon, Hugoton, Sr. ... ' " « lft Banks, Virginia, Wellington, Fr. - ■ ■ ■ ' Bannister, Bill, Alexander, Jr. , ’ ’ ' Y in Barber, Donna, Hill City, So. 718 Barker, Larry, Concordia, Fr VV 1V7 204 Barnhill, Doris, Sun City, Jr - ■ ■ - ■ It ' MU 7 1 Barrett, Claude, Qu Enter, Sr, , . - - Barrett, Harlan, Dodge City, Jr, Barrett, James, Beloit, Fr Barstaw. Robert, Lamed, Jr ' Sx gift Barton, Donald, Nickerson, So. . ■ ' 129 Barton, G, J„ Osborne, Fr on YnY Y r 6ft4 Barton. Richard, Nickerson, Jr. 0, , 4 30. 137, 196 196 218 100, 218 . . 76, 21 6 Barton, Richard, Nickerson, Base, Betty, Rozel, Fr BosgaH, Georg , Sharon Springs, Ff. .. ... ,,, BosgaH, Marilyn, Scoti City, Fr, J «■ Shora " So ™ Fr :yi.v.Vik ' ium w 210 77, 113, 218 . 84, 112 , Fr 5l j j r 85, 204 112,218 86,90, 110, 204 f r , 88, 113, 173, 213 : r. , , ’ .88,93,113,213 113, 218 Jr 82 1 30, 131, 167, 172, 204 84 100, 112,218 135, 210 Basgall, Rita, Hays, Jr. ..... Baus, Phileno, McCracken, So. Ecus, Wilma, LaCrasse, Fr. ... Baxter, Frances, Hugoton, Fr. Beqmgard, Billy, Atwood, Fr, Bear, Judith, Russell, Fr, Bear ley, ELnno Lee, Ar Beatty, Justine, Otban Beck, Deanna, No to mi Beck ley, Jatque, Scott Beckwith, Keith, Larned, Jr, Beh-nke, Marilyn, B Behrends, Cheryl, R Bell, Phillip, New Cambria, So, Bell, Ronald, Plainville, Fr ‘ ' YU " YxY YxV nin Belt, Jorold, Salino, So ■ 1 35, 165, 168, 2 0 Belli, Charles, Ulysses, Sr 139 210 Beougher, John, Grinnell, So. ■ ■ r |Q,y Berblinger, Donald, Alden, Sr. Berg, Wilbur, WaKeeney, Fr ’ V Ylft Berrey, Marlene, Great Bend, Fr ’ ’ J Bttances, Pedro, Hays, Sr. ■ ' " ' Vo 210 Beutie,. Caro ' y.., N.« =ily. S«- - - - ■ -y - 0A u 210 Bteber, Alois, Kinsley, So. 72 1 TO 210 Bierman, Bonnie, Kensington, So ' T52 Bigham, Donald, Randall, Fr. , ' ' 7 Bighorn, Kenneth, Great Bend, Sr ■ ' ill Billups, Jesse, Toledo, O., Grad Binder, Elmo Jane, Hays, So ■ 6,1 23, tss! 210 Binder, Vtrgie, Hays, So nin Bishop, William, Mankato, So . 210 64, 210 Bitter, Lola. Hoismgtan, 80, ... ■ - - 7l a Blrek, Charlotte, Fr [][.. . 6Q, 70, 71,86! lio! 204 Biiek, Sheno. La Crosse, Jr Black, Don, Pretty Prai • 54 : w Bland, Richard, Larned, Sr, ■ - Blankenburg, Lila, Oakley, Sr , 84, 196 Boatman, Cora lie, Norton, Sr. . B4 Bobbin, Howard, Sublette, Fr 152 Bobbitt, Kenneth, Sublette, Fr. 218 Boedeker, Jimmie, Natoma, Sr . 65,69, 77, 111, 196 Baedeker, Loren, Natoma, Sr 196 Baedeker, Patricia, Notoms, Fr. .... BB, 113, 21 B Bohm, Helen, Athol, Fr. ,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 1 0, 2 1 8 Ballinger, Melvin, Elllnwood, Sr. 196 Bomgardner, Jeraldine, Pako, Sr, ..... 74, 90. 103, 196 Bomgardner, John, Polco, Fr ...... - 139, 218 Bomgardner, Robert. Poke, So 139,210 Boor, Jerome, ClaHin, Fr. 149 Bareli, Sharen, Dighton, Fr 77, 1 1 3, 218 Barger, Melba, Ness City, Sa 94, 110 Barger, Myrtle, Stud ley, So 774, 1 10, 210 Bortz, Marilyn, Claflin, Jr, 204 Bosler, Carolyn, Ob-erlin, So 90, 210 Baucet, Clarence, Ado, Fr, 218 Baxter, Jon, Norton, So 106, 133, 210 Boyd, Norma, Page City, Jr 71, 77, 81, 90, 113, 204 Bozarth, Dennis, Norton, So 65, 99, 106, 210 Brack, Jocquelyn, Russell, So. . . 21,51, 66, 90, 1 26, 1 27, 2 10 Brack, Marilyn, leoti, Jr. , 99, 204 Braden, Lqvetta, Ulysses, So. , 109, 210 Braden, Loren, Glen Elder, So. .... . 91, 210 B rod field, Lawrence, Buck I in, Fr, ...... 129, 143 Bradley, Glena Dee, Plainville, Fr BB, 89, 1 12, 218 Brand, Robert, Shpron Springs, Sa 210 Brandau, Korea, Mason City, la., Fr 89, 112, 123, 173,218 Brondyberry, Vada, Hill Clly, So 1Q9., 210 Broun, Elmer, Victoria, Fr . 86, 21B 8 ro u n. Franc! s, E I Li n wood 1 , F r, 2 1 B Breathouwer, Melvin, Prairie View, Sr ■ 63,69. 73. 75, 196 Brensing, Darrell, Hudson, Sr 63, 90, 106, 133, 197 Brewer, Marvin, LaCrosse, Grad. ■ - ■ 29 Brick er, Norma Jean, Ulyssei, Fr, — Bricker, Worrena, Ulysses, Fr ■ 113, 213 Bridget, LaVonne, Meade, Fr 125, 219 Briggs, Jack, MullinviHe, So - 68. 91, 210 Briney, Jerry, Cullison, Jr , - , Brink, Georgia, Hoys, Jr ■ 04 Brock, August, Cawker City, Jr 76, 106, 119, 133, -43, 204 Brock, Robert, Cawker City, So - 65, 106, 2T0 Brakes, Alfred, Ellsworth, Sr ■ ‘ ■ " j Bmokhart, Karlynn, Ellis, Jr o? r Itl Brookhort, Lary, Ellis, Jr. . . ' Brooks, Gary, Russell, So ■ ■ f Brooks, John, Englewood, Sr ■ ■ ■ ■ • Brooks, Robert, Plainville, Fr. 78, 106, 2 9 Brown, Chris, Hoys, Jr ‘ V y,V Brown, Dixie, Cawker City, Fr ® ’ ! It’ 110 Brown, Douglas, LeOti, Fr, 197 Brown, Mai com, Brownell, Grad. Brawn, Mary Eleanor, Oberlin, So 86, 9 J, IU4 Brown, Mary Lynn, Bucklin, Fr Brown, Preston, Bucklin, So. Brown, Robert, Oberlin, Sr B n, Timothy, Hays, Jr ■_ __ y ; _ Brown, Twillo, Plainville. Sr 114 135 204 Browning, Billy, Phillipsburg, Jr, ... 1:JJ - Bruch, Manual, Kingman, So ■ • YU ain Brundage, Steve, Brownell, So ' Brungardt, Charles, Victoria, Sr ■ • • Brungordt, Margery, Gorham, _Fr ■ ■ ■ ■ 7V 1 2 1 ' 210 . 91 ! 219 “ 204 210 107, 210 ;;; ; ; ;;; 21, 52, 6s. so, 93. 204 Burditt, Margaret, Partridge, So. A I- hH I : 1 _ Unix, Cn ■ 139, 219 61.62,69,197 , , 204 ' ' ' ' 60, 64, 99 ‘ ■ Y y ‘ ’ , ... 93, 1 OB, 211 59 67 106, 134. 135, 151,155, 156, 197 ' . . 91, 107,211 85, 219 ... 107, 133, 197 106,135,219 . 229 84, 112, 219 . , . . 139, 210 67, 167 Brungordt, Theresa, Victoria, So. Brunson, Charles, Stockton, Fr, , . . Buchan, Leslie, Hqvilartd, Jr. . . BuchheEster, lone, Ellis, So. Bullock, Roy, Ulysses, So Eurandt, Diedra, Belleville, Jr. . . Burling, Vem, Lincoln, Nebr., So. Burmeisler, Paul, Cldflin, Fr. . . Burnett, Dan old. Hoys, Sr. Burr, Lynn, Sublette, Jr, Burris, Marthann,, Hoys, Jr Burton, Virginia, Phillipsburg, So Butcher, Joe, Cimarron, Sr, . . . Butler, Charles, Glasco, So Bultermore, Jack, Woodston, Fr. Byer, Ronald, Stafford, Sr Byer, William, Cimarron, Fr. Byer ley, Thomas, Kansas City, Kons-, Grad 106 T 35 219 Byler, Jock, Cimarron, Fr . . . c Caldwell, Lays. Harlan, Sr. Cal I a way, Donald 1 , Concordia. Sr Callihen, Jack, Colby, So Camp, Judy, Stockton, Fr. . . Campbell. Dean. Larned, Jr. Campbell, L.E, Pawnee Rock, Sr Conlwell, Patricia Ann, Ulysses, Fr. Carmichael, Hugh, Plainville, Fr Carpenter, Lura, Colby, So Carpenter, Robert, Colby, Fr. Carr, Rex, Seward, So Carter, David, Dodge City, Sr. Carter, Larry, Tribune, So ■ ■ ■ ■ Carter, Lola, Dodge City. Grad. ....... Cose, Carolyn, Hutchinson, Jr. . Cat tor, Derril, Littleton, Colo., So Catlin, Horry, Miltonvole, Jr. . Could well, Sharon, Holyrood, So. . Cautey, Nada, Holyrood, So Cayton, Romano, Colby, So. Chadd, Billie, Greensburg. Jr . 90, m H w ... S3, 90, 197 166 ... 11 2, 2 1 9 131,204 197 113, 219 219 90 166 211 197 96. 133, 159, 160, 162, 211 . . . 229 204 107, 211 ... - - 160, 204 108, 211 58, 127, 211 93, 21 1 76 Chaffee, Catherine, Burden, Sr. C ha El is., jerry, Ashland, F r Chapman, Charles, Hoxie, Fr Chase, Vera, Penokee, Fr. Chastain, Marilyn, Chase, Fr Cheek, Wendell, Ulysses, Sr Chegwid’den, Dan, Bunker HiM, Jr, Christian, Fred, Wellington, So. ... Christian, Elaine, Wellington, Fr. . . Christians, Bernilo, Hays, Fr Christians, Robert, Hays, Jr Christie, John, Scortsville, Jr. Churchill, Robert, Oakley, Jr, Clark, Barbara, Leoli, Jr, Clark, Betty.. Greensborg, So Clark, Elmira, Russell, Fr. ....... Clark, Jerry, Mar land, Fr.. ........ Clark, Margaret, lamed, Fr. . , , . . Clark, Mary, Lokin, Fr. Clarke, Charles. Medicine Lodge, Fr, Codding ton, Kenneth, Palco, Fr. Cody, Roger, O bed in, Fr, . Caen, Donald, Elkhart, Fr, . , Coffey, Ivy, Great Bend, So Coffin, Elizabeth, Hoisington, Fr. , Colburn, Nadene, Russell 1 , Fr, Cole, Caroline, Great Bend, Fr. ... Col glazier, Barbara, Monument, So. Colony, Fla raid, Morton, Sr, Comb, Ronnie, Russell, So CononT, Eldon, Waldo, So Canine, Shirley, Scott City, Jr Conley, Robert, Gypsum, Unt. , . . . ConnaJly, Charles, Collyer, Sr. Connell, Donald, Norcatur, Grad. . . Converse, Alan, Lamed, Fr Cooper, Jeral, Phillips burg, So. . . , Corn, Karen, Garden City, So Cory, Edward, Concordia, Sr, ... Cox, Don, Greensburg, Fr Cox, Jan, Sublet ie, Fr, Craig, Frankie, lakin. So. . Crawford, Donald, Hoxie, Sr Crissman, Robert, Russell, Jr Crist, Lowell, Atwood, So . . Cromwell, Jeon, Hoisingion, So. , . - Crowell, Carolyn, Hays, Sr Crowell, Donald, Stockton, Sr. . . . Cruihd, Terry, Alton, Fr Currey, Cecil, Cold water, Jr Curtis, James, Lewis, So . - 64, 197 219 219 113, 219 33, 113. 121, 219 197 204 . 65, 100, 106, 129, 211 112, 125, 219 219 204 135 85, 119, 136, 204 90, 11 0, 204 , . . 90, 106, 109, 121,211 112, 219 . 107, 219 1 13, 123, 219 113, 219 1 06, 2 1 9 131, 219 65, 99, 100, 106, 219 219 211 S4. 33, 1 12, 127, 219 72, 112, 219 113, 219 109, 21 T 70, 104, 197 . . . 1 29, 21 1 211 84, 197 85, 139, 219 197 70 131, 219 80, 85. 95, 204 90, 110, 123, 211 j” 112,219 99, 211, 62, 69, 71, 82, 95. 96, 197 . 204 68, 91, 106, 211 . . . 94, 109, 128, 211 197 197 219 85 219 d Dahike, Joanne, Phillipsburg, Jr, ....... Danielson, Sonja, Hays, Fr Davis, Cleon, Hill City, Fr Davii, Eugene, Oakley, So Davis, llene, Phillipsburg, Fr, Dawson, Gene, Russell, So Day, Charles, Buckl In, Fr. Day, Clark, Buck I in, Fr. . Day, Delmer, Haviland,,. Jr. Dean, Evelyn, Wheeler, Jr Dean, Gary, Hill City, Fr Dean, Pauline, Wheeler, So Deane, Hubert, Paradise, Sr De ey, Kenneth, Downs, Fr Decker, Terry, Abilene, Fr. Deines, Duane, Wa Keeney, So. Deines, Herbert, WoKeeney, Fr. Deines, Rudolph, Wo Keeney, Fr Deines, Shirley. Sharon Springs, Fr. ... Defter, Jane, Hunter, Jr, Delay, Beverly, Gu inter, Fr Dempewclf, Donald, Colby, So Demvth, Randall, Logan, Fr Denio, Alberta, Ha vi land, Fr, Denio, Maralyn, Havilcnd, Sr, . , Dennis, Carolyn. Great Bend, Fr Dennis, Raul, EJ Dorado, Jr, Depe, Eunice, Page Cily, Fr Desbien, Freda, PatcO, So, Desbien, Mary, Polco, Fr Devlin, Karen, Smith Center, Fr. ,,,,,, OeWold, Coralee, Baiine, So Dibble, Danny, Alton, Fr. Dicke, Ron old, Courtland, Fr , Dietsch, Raymond, Russell, So Dietz, Myron, Wa Keeney, So Dixon, Dorothy, Great Bend, Fr, Dlabat, John, Wilson, Jr, Dodd, Jlmrhie, Esbon, Grad, , . . Doerfer, Roltond, Hays, Jr. Dorsey, Robert, Ashland, Fr . . . Dorsey, Stanley, Ashland, So Douglas, George, Mull irtv ill , Fr Douglas, Lorry, lamed, Jr Downing, Robert, Mull invi lie, Sa. Daxon, Dean, Qu inter, Fr, , , , , Drake, Nola, Nekoma, So Drees, Donald. Hoys, Fr., . . . Drees, Sylvia, Hays, Jr Dreher, Marilyn, Ellis,. Fr. Drolling, Alfred, Victoria, Sr. Dreiling, Bernard, Victoria, Fr D re i ling. Mory, Victoria, Fr, Dreiling, Michael, Wa Keeney, Fr Dreiling, Reuben, Victoria, 5r. . , Dreiling, Ruth, Victoria, So Dufford, Mary, Pawnee Rock, Fr, . , , , , Dumler, Jean, Russell, Sr. Dumler, Verna, Russell, Fr , . . Dun das, Kay, Arnold, Fr, Dunlap, William, Garden City, Sr, , , , . . 197 123, 219 219 133, 211 .... 93, 109, 219 151, 155, 211 220 . 220 204 84, 204 220 , . . 68. 74, 83. 96, 21 1 197 . . . 143, 146, 152, 220 .161, 160, 162, 163 , . 68, 91, 96, 211 220 . . . 129, 163, 168, 220 77, 88, 113, 220 89, 98, 173, 204 113, 220 . . 67, 143, 149, 204 75, 220 109, 220 . 110, 197 , 76, 88, 113, 121, 220 205 112, 220 211 76, 113, 220 113,220 90, 108, 211 152, 220 106, 220 135, 21 1 79. 129, 143, 148, 205 89, 113, 220 . . , 76,205 229 53. 90, 197 107, 220 106,211 220 160, 162 107, 137, 211 85 84, 211 76 76, 90, 128 . 27, 86, 112, 127, 220 197 76, 220 76, 88, 220 . . 220 197 76. 211 11 3, 220 110,197 77, 112, 220 220 67,159,160,162 Dunn, Wayne, Formosa, Sr. , Dunning, Reger, Stock Ian, Jr. Dupont, Gary, Lucas, Fr Durall, Edwin, Hays, Jr Du rail, Maurice, Raymond, Fr . Dwyer, Don, Hoys, Grad. . . , Dwyer, Marie, Hays, Sr , Dyatt, Lynn, Gaodland, Fr, Dyatt, Donna, Gaodland, So. , Dykes, Colleen, laCrosse, Jr. , , 135 205 Ill, 143, 146 139, 205 .220 ,73 60, 62,63 90, 113, 127, 220 90, 101, 127, 211 205 Eafon, Connie, Wa Keeney, Sa. Eaton, Norman, Scott City, So, . Eaton, Ray, Ellis, So. . Edwards, Clifford, Atwood, Jr. . Edwards, Elizabeth, Hays, Fr. . E hlers. Bill, Hays, Jr, Ehrlich, Edward, Russell, So. . . Ehrlich, Marcia, Hays, Fr Eiiel, Bobbie, Scott City, Sr. Ekey, Denzel, Codell, Grad- , , , Elder, Frances, Bison, Sr Elias, Ann, LaCrosse, Sr Ellegood, Keith, Oakley, Fr. . , , Ellegood, Kenneth. Oakley, So, Ellis, David 1 , Richfield, Fr. .... Ellis, Irvin, Johnson, Jr Ellis, Lovana, Hoviland, Sr, . , , Ellis, Marilynn, Great Bend. Fr. Ellis, Mary, Johnson, Fr Ellis, William, Johnson, Sa Elmore, Edwin, Wichita, Jr. Ely, Merlin, Hays, Jr Engel, Ellen, Ellis, Fr. Engle, Rodney, Great Bend, Fr. Erbert, Rudy, Ellis, Sr , . Efberf, Virgil, Hoys, Sr. Erickson, Aard, Rexford, Fr, . , . Erickson, Dolores, Herndon, fr. Erickson, Phillip, Rexford. Sr. Ernsting, William, Ellinwood, Sr. Erring ton, Nancy, Ruleton, So. . Estes, Karel, Kanorado, Jr. , , , Eulert, Donald, Paradise, Sr. . . , Eulert, Harold, Paradise, Fr, , , Evans, Charles, Hays, Sr, ... Evel, Vernon, Utica, Fr e 90, 101, 126, 127, 211 I39 r 211 . . 27, 54, 67, 151, 154, 211 61, 71 78, 33. 220 , , , , 151, 153, 156 .... 75, 95, 211 84, 113, 128, 220 164, 197 90, 229 ... 60, 63, 64, 72, 99 r 198 70,90,198 166, 220 166,211 , 111 107, 205 " ' ' 198 B9. 113, 220 113, 220 107, 135, 160, 161, 211 65, 139, 205 97, 119, 131, 205 112, 220 220 90.97, 137, 193 .... 61, 63, 68, 69 , , 85, 166, 220 84, 113, 220 58.90,131,132.198 198 78, 110,211 89, 93, 108, 174, 205 27, 59, 63, 7 1 . 90, 96, 134, 1 35. 1 96 135 31, 59, 61, 70, 71, 86. 104, 198 83, 107, 205 f Fabrlzius, Elvln, WoKeeney, Fr, Fagan, Evelyn, St. John, Jr, ......... Fagan. Mary, St, John. Fr Fahey, Gerald, Guinier, Sa Fairchild, Dale, Scott City, So, . Fairchild, Dean, Scatt City, Jr, Foil, Vernon, Burdett, So . . Farber, Ford, Hoxie, Sr Farra. Ora, Belpre, Fr, Farrell, Robert, Hill City, Fr. , . Feese, Alvin, Hugo tan, Jr, Feiden, Jack, Hays, So Feist, Aaron, Ellinwood, Sr Feist, Donald, Ellinwood, Sr , , , Feist, John, Ellinwood, Fr. Fellers, Barbara, Hoys, So Fellers, Doug I os. Hoys, Fr Fellers, John, Ashland, So Fellers, Robert, Ashland, Jr, Felten, Peter, Jr., Hays, So Felzien. LaVerne, St, Francis, So, ..... Felrien, Ned, St, Francis, So Fenton, Raleigh, Stockton, Fr Fiel, Ronald, Lamed, So. Filbert, Edward, Ness City, Grod Filbert, Mary Ann, Ness City, Jr Fink, Mary Joan, Utica, Fr, Fink, Ngncy, Dawns, Fr, Finley, Benjamin, Sharon Springs, Jr, . . . Finley, Howard. Shoran Springs, Fr, ... Findley, Tom, Hays, So Finney, Don, Greot Bend, Jr Fisher, Richard, Solina, So. , Fisher, Sharon, Cools, So Flax, Leonard, Arnald, So Flesher, Arnold, Concordia, Jr. FI inn, Clifford, Hays, So, FI inn, Vaughn, Randal!, Sr, . , Folkers, Emery, Wa Keeney, Fr Foos, Frederick, LaCrosse, Fr, Foot, Harold, Saline, So , . . , . Foote, Ray, Chase, Sr, Forbes, Alberta, Altan, Fr , . . Ford, Carl, Medicine Lodge, Sa. , , Fortney, Yvonne, Russell, So Foster, Erma, Lenora, Jr. Faster, George, Jr., Hoisington, So Foster, Lawrence, Lenora, Jr Foster, Patricia, Utica, Fr, Fountain, Carl, Fenalosa, So. . Fowler, Curtis, Wa Keeney, Jr Fox, Allen, Lamed, So Fox, Carmen, Claflin, Fr Fox, Donna, St. John, Fr Fox, Glenda, Hoys, Jr. . Fox, John, Stafford, Fr. Fraley, Donald, Chester, Neb., Jr Francis, Barbara, Oberlin, Jr Francis, Michael, Hoys, Fr Fronke, Richard, Herndon, So Fraser, Gloria, Colby, Fr, French, Leonard, JetmOre, Sr . Frevert, Benj,, Holyrood, So 79, 129, 212 84 84, 113, 220 T64, 211 139, 212 .. 119. 139, 172, 205 95 .67, 149, 160, 163 220 220 205 133, 212 133, 198 67. 76. 133, 159, 160, 162. 198 85 66, 92, 93, 118, 123, 212 , . 92 . r , T 106. 212 . 106 198 79, 85, 129 79, 85, 129, 212 . , . . 221 139, 198 90, 229 72, 90, 110,205 113, 221 99, 113, 221 205 221 167 106, 135, 205 151, 168, 212 93, 110, 212 212 68 152 , 90, 106, 139, 198 77, 221 95, 96, 221 85, 212 132, 133, 198 112, 221 212 79,212 84, 205 212 212 112, 221 212 61,69,94 68, 91, 96, 212 . - 113, 221 112,221 90, 93, 127, 205 221 , , . . , 152 74, 1 23 82, 167, 221 68, 91, 106, 212 109, 221 198 77. 139, 151, 152, 212 258 Friedon, Sheryll, Hardtner, Fr. , Fritsche, Osbome, Sr Frost, Ermq, Hays, $C Fry r Lester, Jr., Wllmore, Fr. Frydendall, Merrill, Port! , Grad. Fuller, Melvin, Hays, So Funk, Joetta, Russell, Fr Funk, Louis, Ness City, Jr. ..... Furgason, Robert, Shields, So. . . 88 , 112 , 221 17, 49. 66, 74, 90, 112, 19S , 64,76, 121 83, 160, 221 , . . . 229 78, 85 77, 113, 221 68 135, 212 Gager, Merl, Woodston, Fr Gales, Margaret, Belpre, Jr, Gailion, Leona, Grinnell, Sr, , , , , . Gansel, Phyllis, Hill City, Fr. ...... Gardner, Donna, Arnold, Fr Garrison, June, Ellis, So - - Garrison, Shirley, Hill City, Sr. ... Gearhart, Dean, Lenara, So Geenen, George, Otis, Sr, ........ Geisinger, James, Seiden, Sr, Gelst, Jock, Scott City, Sr Genfjler, Norman, Parti t, Fr , Gibler, Robert, Hays, Jr Gibson, Peg, Qu inter. So, Giebler, Gary, Hay , Fr Giebler, Vernon, Hiqys, Sr - Giersch, Marvin, Abilene, So Gilbert, Robert, Plainville, Jr Gillham, David, Coldwqter, So. . . . Gilliland, Ronald, Plainville, Fr. . . , Gillispie, Eldon, Levant, Jr, Gillispie, Everett, Levant, Fr Gilmore, Tom, Hays, So Gmther. Faye, Russell, So Glnlher, Glen, Russell, Sr Ginther, Marilyn, Albert, So. Gish, Kindall, Glen Elder. Jr. , . . . . Gleason. Bob, Hays, Sr Glick, Gory, Lamed, Jr Godfrey, Alan, Floys, Jr. ....... Godfrey, I homos, Hoys, Jr - Goehring, Luther, Winfield, Fr. . . . Goers, Alma, Victoria, Fr. . Goetz, Verda, Victoria, Fr, Got i sc ha Ik, Thomas, Hays. Sr Graf, Glenna, Long Island, Fr Graham, Donald, Quinter, So. , - . Graney, Christopher, Hoys, So Grover, Douglas, Rush Center, Fr. . Grover, Jay, Rush Center, Sr Graves, Gory, Healy, Jr. Gray, Elizabeth, Satina, Fr Gray, Lionel, Smith Center, Fr. . • Greene, Roger, Ashland. Fr. Griete, Darrel, Russell, Sr. Griffin, Connie, Lyons, Sr Griffin, Howard, Bunker Hill, Fr. Griffin, Rosalind, Stockton, Fr. . . . Griffin, Stanley, Bunker Hill, Fr, . . Griffin, William, Lyons, Jr. Grin, Alvin, Coolidge, Fr , Grizzell, Kenneth, Claflin, So. .... Grumbein, Albert, Nes City, Jr. . . Grunert, Dorothy, Aim enq, Fr. . . . Gustavson, Kenneth, Kqckley, $f. Guyer, Janice, Osborne, So. . . . . . 221 09. 110, 173, 205 69,72, 90, 110 BS, 112, 123, 221 27, 52, 72, 110, 221 212 64, 99, 1 93 212 73 ' " ’ 212 133, 198 221 1 39, 205 , , 33, 123, 212 85 65, 198 107, 137, 165, 212 139,205 212 205 73, 106, 1 64 r 205 106,221 133,212 95, 109, 123,212 133, 19B 104, 123, 212 107, 152, 205 61, 63,65, 69, 93, 198 90, 205 221 205 77, B2, 85 123, 221 123,221 172, 193 93, 112, 221 . 212 90 90, 106, 221 , . . 66, 70, 90, 93, 1 12 73, 106, 205 112, 221 139, 221 ' 31, 107, 221 , , , 135, 205 , , . . 34, 229 221 . . 84. 113, 221, 91, 221 ' ... 205 221 212 132, 133, 205 112,221 131, 198 . . 74, 109. 212 h Haase, Otto, Ellsworth, So Habiger, Beth, Republic, Fr Habiger, James, Republic. So, ........ Hackerott, Ruth, Hays, Sr. Hall, Glen, Moscow, Jr. Hollagin, James, McDonald, Fr. Hailing, Ronald, Bucklin, Fr Halpain, Duane, Hays, Sr Hamburg, James, Ellis, So Hornby, Barbara, Hoys, So, Hamby, Louise, Hoys, So- - - - Hamel, Robert, Zurich, Jr Hamill, Joseph, Great Bend, Fr, Hammer, Lawrence, Ellinwood, So Hemdlin, Jonice, Gene seo, Fr. , , Haney, Jim, Quinter, So Hanna, Joyce, Gove, Fr • ■ ■ ■ Homlick, Bill, Hoisington, Jr Harbaugh, Bonnie, Great Bend, So, Hard man, Charles, Osborne, Fr Hargitt, Joan, Quinter, Fr Hargroves, William, Goodland, Fr. . . . . . Harmon, John, Lamed, So. . Harper, Marealene, Weslkan, Fr Harper, Robert, Syracuse, Fr. Harper, Sidney, Scott City, Fr, Harper, Virginia, Hays, Sr Harris, David, Hdyt, So Harris, Jerry, Burr Oak, Fr Harris, Joene, BVd City, So Harris, Thelma, Plains, Fr, . Harrison, George, So. . . . Harrison, Robert, Ulysses, Jr . ■ Harrison, Weymeth, Prott, -k- Hart, Neoma, Belpre, So Honing, Genolo, Edmond, Fr Hart nett, Berneitto, Ploinville, Jr. Harvey, Kenneth, Protection, So Harvey, Merle, Protection, Sr Ha rzmO n , " Don a Id, Cawker City, Fr. ... Hauiehild, Wesley, Oakley, Sr Hawk, Kenneth, Atchison, So Hayes, Norma, Hoisington, Sr Hoaen, Jock, WoKeeney, Sr. 67, 160, 163 . 88. 112, 125, 221 . . 131 212 70 . , 131, 205 221 221 . 198 . 212 72, 212 212 .... 71, 87. 139, 205 71, 87, 137, 221 87, 212 113, 221 65, 106. 212 89, 113, 222 73, 90, 111, 205 ... 123, 212 222 , 72,93, 112, 222 65, 107, 222 . 65,76, 212 , , 112, 125, 222 222 113, 125, 222 17. 48.63, 69, 90. 98, 113, 193 , , 73 91 .... 86. 95, 98, 103, 212 222 107, 212 107,205 90, 205 34, 212 90, 109, 222 , , , 2D5 90,212 193 106, 222 85 85 . 60, 62,64, 99, 198 1 29, 1 98 Heony, Glenda, Clayton, Fr Heaton, Richard, Rush Center, Sr. ... Hear. Sally, Hoys, Sr Hegwer, Judith, Codell, So Heinxe, Carol, PhiHipsburg, Sr Heinze, Donna, Greensburg, Fr Heitschmldt, Juanita, Hays, Sr He i tsch m idt, Larry, Holy rood, Sr Hellmer, Leonard, Westphalia, Sr, Helm, Beverly, Stack lan, Fr. ........ Helwig, Harold, Hoisington, Fr Hembree, Shirley, Chase, Fr Heme!, Arlene, Nets City, So Hemphill, Larry, Byers, So. Henderson, Cary, Medicine Lodge, Sa Henderson, Charles, Wichita, Sr Henderson, John, Luka, Sa Hendrix, Wanda, Haxie, Fr Henry, Harriet, Del I vale, Sr Henry, Marvin, Norton, Jr. ......... Henry, Sybil, Bushian, Jr. ......... Hepner, Bob, Hays, Sr. Herd, Roger, Protection, So. Herklctz, Joanne, Hays, So Herl, Walter, Hays, Sr He rm reck, Emmalene, Ellsworth, Fr, Heronomus, Ronald, Ness City, Fr. . . Herren, Albert. Great Bend, Jr. Herrman, Joseph, Utica, Fr Herrmqn, Lester, Antonina, Jr. Herron, Carolyn, Cimarron, Fr, Herron, Mory Ann, Cimarron, Sr. ... Herron, Robert, Kinsley, So Herzog, Alexander, Hays, Fr. ...... Hester, Georgetta, Olmitz, Sa. . . Hester, LeRoy, Pawnee Rack, Sr. ... Hester, Marie, Galatia, Jr Hettinger, Donald. Formosa, Fr, Hiebert, Elgin, Burns, Jr Hildebrand, Darrell, Hill City, Fr. HUl, Kayann, Liberal, So Hill, letand, Gaodland, Jr, Hills, Paul, Isbon, Jr Hilmes, Ralph, Ransom, Sr. Hifz, Sherill, Hudson, Fr Hobbie, lla, Tipton, Jr Hqbbie, Marilyn, Tipton, 5r. ...... Hockett, Joyce, Zurich, So. . Hoefer, Jerry, Hutchinson, Jr. ...... Hoff, Fred, Great Bend, Sa Hoffman, Karen, Cawker City, Fr. . . Hog sett, Virginia, Hays, Sr Hollinger, Karen, Russell, Jr. . . Hollingshecd, Morion, Beloit, So. , . Holloway, Douglas, Alton, Jr Holloway, Loretta, Great Bend. Fr. . Holsman, Carol, Bogue, Sr Hal thus, Shorleen, Smith Center, So Hoover, Dean, Almena, Sr Horak, Joyann, Wa Keeney, Jr Horner, Virginia, Kansas City, Kant., Horning, Edward, Ransom, So Hornung, Lester, Bellefont, So Houser, Chuck, Great Bend, So, . . . . Hauser, Ray, Hays, Sr Houston, Duane, Ellis, Fr Howe, Ben, Paradise, Jr. • Howe, LeWallace, Belleville, Sr, Hubbard, Jeanette, Ed son, Fr Hubert, Craig, Lamed, Fr HuUe, Leveda, Fr Humes, Carol, Zurich, So Humes, Stuart, Russell, So. ..... Hurley, Gerald, Bucklin, Fr. .... Hutton, Rodney, Budklin, Fr Hyde, Bob, Osborns, Sa, 112, 127,222 85 198 53, 66,72, 109, 127, 212 59, 90, 210 ... 8S. 90,93, 112, 127, 222 60, 63, 199 ....99,139,199 33 ‘ ' ! ! ! 04,112, 222 77 36, 90, 110, 222 109,213 213 68,91,9 6 133 . . . 213 113,222 89, 173, 199 205 34 80,93, 165, 199 213 .213 199 76, 84, 38, 112, 222 . 222 75,77,91,93.96 . 222 27. 131, 148, 205 . 34, 1 12 71, 02, 36, 125, 205 58, 77, 131,213 222 , 89, 108, 173, 213 78, 94, 199 76, 86. 92 . . 135 206 143, 146, 160, 163 T 09, 121. 213 . 7 1 , 206 94 94 r 137, 213 . . , . . 106, 1 33, 222 59, 60,94. 124, 125. 204 21, 51, 59, 60. 62, 69, 71, 118, 124. 125, 196 213 2C6 98 . 113, 222 . ... 58, 66. 72, 81 . 82, 90, 95, 126. 127, 199 123, 173, 199 90, 109, 128, 213 . . . 67,151,157 . . . 39, 113, 222 . 66.90, 93, 116, 127, T5B, 199 90. 103. 213 .... 133. 199 ” 84 r Fr . . 38. 92, 113, 222 76. 107, 213 76, 106 213 199 90, 137, 206 119, 134 135, 206 . ... 65, 99, 102, 199 83. 112. 125, 222 222 84,113,222 .... 58, 90, 213 213 107 222 134, 213 ImMasche, Donald, Hoyt, So. In net, Ronald, PhiHipsburg, Fr, Irvine, Keith, Little River, Fr. . Itenhour, Barbara, Russell. Sr. . . . 213 85, 213 . . . 222 , . 1 99 i Jackson, Betty, Wheeler, Sa Jacobs, Alice, Gorham, Fr Jacobs, Irvin, Pfeifer, Sr Jamison, Doyle, Quinter, Fr, . , - , Jcnke, Marsha, Alexander, Jr Janausek, Joyce, Ellsworth, Sr janren, Loren, Scot! City, Jr - ■ ■ ■ larrell, Myrna, Ashland, S . Jeffery, Virginia, Mqrland, Sr Jeffrey, Edward, Holyro-od, Sa - Jennings. Newell. Oakley, Fr. Jensen, Juliana, Kinsley, Fr. , Jewett, Eld red, Dight on, So. Johnson, Chorkie, Beeler, Jr Johnson, Daniel ' , Hays, Jr Johnson, Delbert, Gave, Sr ■ Johnson, Edward, Larntd, if Johnson, Harold, Good I and, Jr ’ Johnson, James, Salomon, Sr. Johnson, Joyce, Atwood, Fr Johnson, LaRene, Hays. Unc • Johnson, Mary, Oakley, Fr Johnson, Ross, Solomon, Grod Johnson, Russell, Zurich, Sa. . . Johnston, William, Meade, Fr Jolley, Ronald, New Cambria, Fr. ... . Jones, Jerry, Oberlin, Fr, , , 74, 83, 213 113, 222 .... 85, 199 107, 222 . 34 70, 76, 90, 93, 109, 199 , , . . 61, 99, 139, 206 . . 99. 102, 122, 123, 213 , , 9D. 99, 125, 175 . 213 166, 222 88, 93. 113, 222 86, 95, 109. 128, 213 1 10. 206 67, 78, 143. 147, 160, 161 199 132, 133, 165, 206 05, 206 67, 143, 147. 151, 156, 161 77,84, 112, 222 98 113,222 229 91, 139, 213 .... 95, 222 135 222 259 Jqnej, Marly , Kcncredo, So. Jordan, Shirley, Hays, Sr. . . . JoslM, Marilyn, Lincoln, So. . k Kaempfe, Bonnie, Sylvan Grove, Sa. - , ■ Kaiser, Bernice, Bison, So . . Kaijer, Delmor, Grcinfield, Fr, ........ Kaiser, SyJviq, Great Bend, Fr, , , Karindor, Pravin, Bombay, India, Fr, , , , , l£aps, tarry, R us sell, So Karlin, Annexe, Hays, Jr Karlin, Joe, Hays, So. Karlin, Marjorie, Catherine, Fr Karr, Curtis, Stockton, Fr, Karst, Laurence, WoKeeney, Jr, , , Karst, Ronald, WoKeeney, Jr, , . , Kaihka, Leroy, McDonald, So Kospar, Lois, Jennings, So Keith, Glenn, Penokee, Fr Keller, Donald, Palco, Fr, Keller, Woefl, Jetmcre, Jr Kelley, Edward, PloinvElle, Jr , . . , Kelley. Pally, McDonald, Fr Kellogg, S. t.. Stewart Manor, N. Y., Fr. Kendrick, Ernest, Scot! City, Sr, . . Kennedy, Kale, Lamed, Sr Kent, Money, Hutchinson, Jr, Kepferle, James, Quinter, Fr. Kepferle, Loyd, Quinter, Fr Kephort, Carolyn, MacksviHe, Fr. ...... Kern, Francis, PaFco, Jr. .............. Kerns, Gladys, Kinsley, Fr. Kerr, Clarence, Cimarron, Jr, Kerr, Houston, Hugolon, Jr. Kerstetler, Rex. Protection, Fr . , Kessler, Duane, Phiilipsburg, So, , Kessler, Joyce, Kensington, Fr Kibbe, Kenneth, Randall, Sr Kilion, Bill, Russell, Fr Kim bell. Dee, Meade, Fr King, Marilyn, Shady Bend, Jr, , . King. Michael, Shady Bend, So, Kingsley, Keith, Russell, So Kfnyan, Merlene, Wellington, So Kipple, Helen, Long island, Fr Kitch, Gary, Scoff City, Fr. Ki trail, Barbara, Coldwater, Jr. Klein, Roy, Burdett, Fr, Klemm, Gerald. Sterling, Jr. Kline, Helen, Mar land, Fr , , . Kline, Norman, Quinter, Sr, , Klotz, JonEce, Norton, Fr Klotz, Virginia, Phiilipsburg, Fr Knape, Lelia, Woodruff, So Kneller, Shirto, Rolla, So, Kneller, Stanley, Rolla, Sr Knobbe, Edward, Morienthol, Fr. . , , Knoll, Carroll, Victoria, So. Knoll, Lester, Victoria, Jr, Knowles, Donna, Osborne, Fr Kobs, Charlene, Meade, Fr . , , Koch, Barbara, Greenjburg, So, Koch, Beverly, Aide , Jr Koch, Dedriclc, Lewis, So, . Koehler, Karl, Plainville, So, ............ Koelling, Ruth, Alton, Fr, Koeppen, Duane, Wellington, Fr Kogler, Stanley, Gypsum, So Karri arck, Francis, Bavaria, Fr Kamarck, John, Bavaria, Fr. Kamarek, Kathleen, EH in wood, Sr Kr anna witter, Donna, Hoxie. Fr. Kratzer, Richard, Hoxie, Sr K re me I, Faye, Leoii, So Krisle, Nina, Hugotcn, So. Krug, Morris, Russell, Jr. , , Kuehnert, Dion, Sublette, So , KufeFd, Roland. Great Bend, Jr. ......... Kuhn, Norma, Gorham, Jr, Kgllbom, Carole, Mulfinville, Sr , Kullbom, Stanley, Hugolan, Sr. , , , Kummfr, Thomas, Great Bend, So Kysar, Richard, Tribune, Fr I Laizure, Karen, Hays, Fr Lake, Donne, Longmont, Cola-, Fr Lolly, Jerry, Russell, Fr. Lamb, Dougtas, Mockjville, Jr. . r tamer, Wayne, Hoys, Sp. Lament, Joyc , Kensington, Jr. tone. Gala, Zurich, So. ....... Lane, George, fa lea, Fr Lange, Neva, Bunker Hill, Fr. ' ’ ] Langmocher, Ronald, Hill City, Fr Lon non, Betty, Syracuse, Fr. Lanlr, Donald, Bunker Hill, Sr, Lantj, Margaret, Salinq, Jr LaRue, Sharon, Hoys, Fr , , La Rue, Shirley, Hays, fr. Laic ter, Clifton, Garden City, Fr. .[ [[ ’ ’ Lasater, Wayne, Hays, Sa. Latham, John, Osborne, Fr Laughlin, John, Almena, So Laursen, Bodil, Fuglegokkve, Denmark, Unc. Lauxman, LaVerne, Abilene, So Law, Lorry, WoKeeney, Fr. . Low, Marcus, WoKeeney, Fr Lawton, Eleanor, Obcrlin, Jr Layton, Donald, Randall, Fr Learning. Deryl, Liberal, Sr ' ’ " ” Leaiure, Sandro, Polco, Fr 107 , 129 , 213 99 . 78 , 109 , 21 3 77, S4, 108, 210 84, 108, 213 76, 111, 213 81, 88, 112, 125, 222 107 213 . 60, 69, 76, 94, 118, 127,206 76, 135 222 . ... 143, 166 91 86, 131,206 91, 107, 213 90, 93, 110, 213 107,222 222 77, 206 91 112, 222 . 107, 165, 222 58, 131, 132, 199 199 74, 89, 93, 110, 206 , . . . 85 . . , 165 84, 112. 123, 222 206 88, 113, 222 135 206 , , . 73. 223 213 84, 113, 223 107, 135, 199 213 91, 223 84 91, 107 106, 135, 213 . . 89, 108, 173, 174, 213 89. 110,213 139, 172, 223 89, 206 . , , , 73, 223 135, 206 113, 223 213 77, 113, 223 77, 113,223 213 . 92, 93, 206 199 139 214 133, 168, 170, 206 . . 27, 31, 72. 84, 113, 125, 223 112,223 . 90 83, 93, 110, 206 90 214 . 77, 88, 113, 125, 223 100, 106, 129, 223 91, 107, 2 U 223 . . , , 223 70, 93, 100, 199 . . . 113, 223 131, 199 . . . 86, 90, 93, 109. 123, 214 .... 93, 109, 214 .77, 135,206 118, 120, 121, 214 106, 206 . , 76, 90, 108, 206 66, 90, 93, 121, 199 63, 68, 69, 94, 99, 199 139, 214 223 223 . . 72, 84, 88, 113, 223 - 165 73, 1 06, 206 214 72, 206 214 143 112,223 223 112, 223 165, 199 126, 127, 206 223 223 78, 223 59, 131, 143, 147, 210 223 .... 90, 133, 214 79, 95,112,223 107, 165, 214 91 223 72, 90, 1 TO, 206 223 85, 96, 199 ... 88, 112, 125, 223 Leffingweb, Patricia, La kin. Ft, . , . . . Leffingwell, Verna, Lakln, Jr, ....... Legere, Jan, Hill City, Fr Legleiter, Rudolph, La Crass , So Leichliter, Carol, Nickerson, Fr. ...... Leiker. Anthony, Hays, Fr. , , . . Leiker, Harvey, Hays, Fr . . . . Leiker, Linus, Colo. Springs, Colo., So. Leiker, Robert, Bust on. So Leilner, Dennis, Herndon, Jr, ....... Leitner, Larry, Herndon, Fr Lemon, Dermis, Pori is, Sr Lena, William, Scott City, Jr . Lewis, Hershel, Elkhart, Fr Lewis, Joe. Russell, Fr Lewis, Judith, Satina, Fr, . Leydig, Vorlee, Glade, Fr . Libby, Richord, Little River, Fr Ligon, Sharan, Mays, Fr Limes, Boyd, Lagan, So , . Lindahl, El win, Belleville, Fr Lindner, Grieg. Hoys, Sr , . , Lindsey, Donald, Stockton, 5a Lindsey, Gerald, Stockton, Fr. ...... Linenberger, Robert, Bunker Hill, Jr. . Locker, Arthur, Ellis, Sr Lock man, Deanna. Ford 1 , Fr Loeppe, Doris, Lokin, Fr. L , Laewen, Alie, Ulysses, Jr. Logon, Shirley, Obttrlin, Sr Lang, Kenneth, McDanold, Fr. Long, Rosemary, Jamestown, Sr Lopez, Oscar, Hays, Fr, . . Lott, Clarence, Hill City, Fr, Lgtton, Richard, Garden City, So Lough ridge, Mary, Palca, Fr Love, Jaunita, Zurich, Fr, , La we, Joyce, Smith Center, Fr. Lowry, Ernest, AbiEene, Sr , Lucas, Ronald, Sotarta, Fr Lundgrin, Janice, Lycos, Fr. Luihi, Darrell, Logon, So Lynch, Jim, Beloit, Fr. Lynch, Ralph, Logan, So. lyao, Sarah, Lincoln, So. Lyon, Ellen, Ness City, Co Lyon, Dean, Ness City, Fr 112, 223 72, 110, 206 223 . . 76, 214 ICO, 113, 223 223 223 129, 171, 214 76, 111, 143, 146 95, 206 . , 76, 107, 223 80, 200 206 107, 129, 223 129 72, 1 13, 127, 223 88, 113, 128, 223 77, 223 78, 86, 128, 223 139, 214 129, 172 61, S3 2 T 4 152, 223 206 85, 97, 20C . . , 71, 81, 82, 87, 113,223 83, 113,224 107, 206 ...... 74, 81, 90, 110, 200 107, 224 66, 70,72, 90, 93, 108, 200 107, 143 224 . , , 160, 162 88, 1 12, 224 112, 224 84, 90, 109, 224 68 206 112, 224 139,214 143 . . . , , 139,214 103,214 98, 103, 21 1 224 m Mo g ana, Frank, Kcmopolis, Fr Mahon, Rex, Belleville, So . . Mai, Vernon, Hill City, Jr Major, Morilyn, Dorronce, Fr. , , , Mangold, A Hand, Tribune, Fr Manke, Gilbert, EllinwOod, Jr, Marcum, Keith, Turon, Sr. Mar pie, Gary, Kirwin, So. , Marts, Wendell, Fowler, Jr Marsh, Donna, Fowler, So Mqrjholl, Barbara, Salina, Fr Marshall, Lorry, Hays, So, Marshall, Lyle, Minnealo, Sr, Marshall, Norman, Stockton, Sa Mart, Novella, Rexford, Fr. Martin, Donny, Chose, Fr, Martin, Glenn, Scott City, Sr. ..... Martin, Helen, Hovjland, So , Martin, Jimmy, Quinter, Sr. Maska, George, Hays, Fr. Mo ska, James, Hays, So, . Mo son, Billy, Phiilipsburg, So Mason, Clifford, Woodston, Fr, , Mafheson, Alvin, NotOmO, Fr Mqtheton, Gerald, Liberal, So. ' Mathias, Shirley, Deerfield, Fr Mdupin, Johnny, Natomc, fr. Maxwell, Anita, Quinter, Jr Maxwell, LueHfl, Quinter, Fr Moyer, Rex, Brewster, Fr. , Moyhew, George, Plainvitle, Jr Maze, Clifford, Westfall, Jr, , , , _ Maie, Mary, Ellsworth, So, , . . McAllister, Shirley, Leoti, So. . McCommon, Judith, Burr Oak, Fr McCartney r Marilyn, Hays, Fr. , , , McClain, Galen, Great Bend, Sr. McCIqFn, Morda, Hays, Sr. McClaren, Bruce, Lewis, Fr. MeConkey, Dorris, Quinter, Jr McCourl, George, Hayj, Grad McCoy, Verq, N ss City, So McCreight, Roger, Ness City, Fr McCrum, Jahannoh, Sterling, Fr, McCu flick, Jock, Minneapolis, Sr McCulfick, Ronnie, Minneapolis Sr MoCune, Allen, Saline, Fr McDaniel, Sue, Cfafljn, Fr McDaniel, William, Concordia, Jr. McDonold. Merlyn, Gove, Fr McDoogoll, William, WoKeeney, Grad. McEwen, Julian, Norton, So McFarland, John, Slerling, So , McGee, Earl. Smith Center, Sr. . McGinnis, Darrell, Esbon, Fr. McIntosh, Warren, Collyer, Fr McIntyre, Connie, Rexford, Jr, McKinley, Arthur, Medicine Lodge. So-. McLean. Donald. WoKeeney, So McMillen, Arthur, Punxsutowney, Po., Jr. McReynolds, Chester, Osborne, Sr, , MeVicker, Robert, Smith Center, So. ....... Meade, Doyle, Hayj, Sr. , , J Mease, Wando, Nashville, Fr. , , . , , Meckf essel, Naomi,. Rare I, Fr, , 76, 85, 224 , , , 129 206 , , 84, 112,224 224 77, 106, 206 85, 200 2T4 94, 137, 207 94, 10B, 214 113, 127,224 94, 214 6fl, 200 107, 214 113, 224 . . 160. 163, 224 119, 138, 139, 200 84, 214 90, 200 163 135, 156, 160, 162, 163. 214 107, 214 224 , 224 75,91,214 89, 113, 224 224 69, 84, 200 72.90, 112, 224 166 207 207 108, 214 86, 110, 128, 214 34, 112, 218, 224 52, 59, 1O0, 105, 213 200 200 524 94, 111, 206 . 94 94, 214 . 224 112, 224 106, 200 97, 106, 200 . - 59, 80, 82, 107. 139, 218 1 1 3, 224 90, 206 224 229 . 90, 106, 131, 164,214 - 107, 168 - B2, 85 ,224 170 64, 72, 74, 78. 206 106 129 143, 148 131, 2 00 67, 159, 160, 161, 169 67 1 1 2 , 1 27 , 224 113 . 224 Megill, Harold, Independence, Sr. . . . . Meier, Freddie, Haxie, So- - - Meier, Janice, Bunker Hill, Jr. . „ Meier, Larry, Abilene, Fr Melton, William, Concordia. So, Mendenhall, Gwenn, Utica, So, , Merkel, Daniel. Garfield, Sr. ......... Merriman, Gerald, St, John, So, Merritt, George, Ellis, Jr Merlen, Sarah, Great Bend, Jr. ....... Merz, Dorothy, Notoma, Fr Men, Lucille, No tame, Jr. Messer, Milford, Rexfflrd, Jr . . . Massinger, Normdn, Tffler, Sr. .,....■ Meuli, Marjorie, WoKeeney, Jr. Meuli, Max, Hope, Sr Meyers, Carolyn, Norcalur, So Michel, Gordon, Russell, So. ......... Michel, Jane, Downs, Fr, Mickey, Elta, Hoxie, Fr Miesner, James, Qberlin, Fr Milberger, Judith, Great Bend, So. . . . Miles, Jolene, Jewell, Jr. Miles. Marcel, Jewell, Fr Miller, Barbara, Westminster, Colo., Fr. Miller, Everett, LaCrosse, Jr Miller, Gwendolyn, Russell, Sr. ..... Miller, Iris, McDonald, So, Miller, Jay, Dellvale, Sr. Miller, Joanna, Great Send, Fr Miller, Nancy, Ellis, Unc. Miller, Neil, Lamed, Jr Miller, Ronald, Elmo, Sr. . Miller, Ruth, Ellis, Fr, Miller, Shirley, Phil lips burg. So. Miller, Su tonne. Cl of tin. So Miller, Wayne, Deerfield, Jr. ...... Milb, Bernard, Nekomo, So. . Mill;, Joseph, Bunker Hill, So Mi lisa p, Sheri, Syracuse, So Milton, Ernest, Stockton, So Minor, Gy la, Ulysses. Fr Mitchell, Margarer, Russell, Fr Mitchell, Marvel, Osborne, Sr Mohr, James, Hutchinson, Jr Moan, Arden, Burr Oak, Jr Moore, Donila, Surdett, Sr Moore, Elisabeth, Gardner, So Moore, Jimmy, Protection, Sr Moore, Norman, Timken, Fr. Moore, Peggy, Lorraine, So Moore, Raymond, Levant, Fr Moore, Ri chord, Abilene, Jr Moore, Stanley, Cedar Bluffs, Sr. . . . . Maas, Charles, Grinnelt, So, ........ Moos, Horry, Ploinvrlltt, Sr. ......... Mo re head, Don, Downs, Fr Morgan, Arlin, Rolla, Sr Morgan, Thelma, Rolla, Sr. Morion, Marpory, Protection, Sr, Morris, Bonnie, Hill City, Fr, Morris, Clarence, Johnson, Sr. Morris, Colleen, Burr Oak, So Morris, Harold, Harlan, Fr, Morris, Lucille, Ooinier, Jr, . , Morrisey, Douglas, Woodston, Fr, Moser, Albert, Syracuse, So . . . Moses, Dan, Garden City, So. ....... Mail. J, D., Atwood, Sr. Moaner, Mary, Russell, So. . Mountain, Jon is. Ado, Sr Moyer, Velda, Ellsworth, Jr. , , , Mueldener, Charles, Lyons, Jr Muoldener, Gretchen, Lyons, Fr, Mulder, Darrell, Logon, Jr Mullen, Eugene, Dorrance, Jr. ..... . Mu I lender, Lawrence, Waldo, Jr, . . Munsell, Dorrell, Hoys, Sr Munsell, Robert, Hays, So, Murphy, Carlo ., Dightcm, So Murphy, Patricio, Gorham, Sr, ...... B5, 200 214 89, 100, 173 76, 224 107, 214 108, 214 63, 69, $2 65 137,207 207 77, 123, 224 66, 77, 1 25, 207 71, S7, 172 .73, 200 1 22, 207 123, 200 84,214 214 113,224 84, 113 128, 224 77, 224 74, 94, 108, 214 70, 74, 93, 207 107, 224 86. B8, 112, 127, 224 , 207 60,62, 64, 69,78, 121, 200 77, 89, 90, 214 85, 200 72,113,224 105 207 67, 132, 133. 143, 1 47, 200 83, 112, 127, 224 . 79, 90, 108. 214 . . $1,90, 125, 214 107, 135, 207 , , , 73. 91, 107, 168. 214 214 93, IIS, 128, 214 61,68, 91, 96, 214 84, 1 12, 224 112, 224 .... 66, 118, 125, 200 65, 106, 224 207 200 109 200 224 81, 125 Ill, 224 139, 207 .... 67, 135, 143, 146, 160, 161, 200 76, 139, 214 . , 70, 71, 31, 96, 200 224 . . 200 200 53, 90, 127, 200 , . 53, 101, 113, 224 67, 151 84, 214 159, 160, 162, 224 207 160, 162, 224 90, 2U 27, 65, 100, 103, 106, 133, 214 201 79, 125, 214 66, 89, 118, 120. 121, 174, 201 66, 81 , 93, 95, 121,173,1 74, 175, 207 35, 165, 163, 207 93, 109, 173, 224 207 S3, 96, 207 85, 97. 106, 207 201 91,214 85 . 76, 90, 201 II Nairn, James, Pawnee Rock, So, Nansen, Loretta, Hays, So Needs Is, Phyllis, Hoys, Sr, . Neeley, Donald, Jetmore, Sr Neill, Patricio, Dighton, Jr Nelson, Connie, Hoys, Fr Nelson, Paul, Galva, Fr Nelson, " Rex, Lincoln, Sr Nelson, Ranald, Garfield, Sr, ■ ■ , Nelson, Vtrgll, Vesper, Jr ...... Nelson, Vivian, Lincoln, Sr, , , , Nelson, Walter, Galva, Sr, , . . , , Nesbitt, Verlon, Mcrland, Sr. , New, Roger, Narco tur. So Newton, Potty, Richfield, Jr New tan, Raymond, Fowler, Sr Nicholson, Bill, Hoisinglon, So. . . Nickel, John, LaCrOsse, Sr NickeU, Vina, Kinsley, Fr . , Niehaus, Donald, Edmond, Grod Niemon, Jim, Grinnell, Jr Noah, Georgiana, Plain ville, Sr Noble, Eugene, Stockton, Jr Noble, Patsy, Stockton, So Nailer, Gary, Glen Elder, So-. . . Nordman, Ralph, OlmitJ, Unc, Nordman, Raymond, Olmitz, Unc Norman, Kay, Burdett, So North, Horry, Hays, Sr North, Marilyn, Hays, Sr, 106,214 214 201 94 110, 128, 207 224 107, 225 201 61.67, 85, 201 107 201 85, 201 214 , . . 73, 214 64, 100, 102, 120, 121, 204 61, 63, 71, 96,104, 137, 201 107, 214 , 97, 106, 137, 201 84. 94, 112, 123, 225 90, 229 . 67, 76, 157, 160, 162, 207 90, 207 90, 207 90,215 215 73 73 121, 215 201 60, 63, 69, 201 Northrop, Keith, Wcedslan, So 215 North up, Ja unite, Woodstan, Fr 112, 225 Norton, Wilma, Utica, Fr. 88, 1 12, 225 Q O ' Brien, Jahn, Baslne, So 90. 106, 135, 215 O ' Brien, Peter, Ba zSne, Jr 90, 1 06, 1 35, 207 Ochs, Norman, Utica, Fr. , , 65, 77, 107, 225 Odle, Roger, Hill City, Fr, 225 Offerle, Dolores, Offerle, Jr 64, 72, HO, 207 Offuit, Charlotte, LaCrosse, Fr. 113, 225 Oliva, Leo, Woodston, So 75, 90, 132, 133. 160, 215 Oiler, Carolyn, McCracken, Fr 90, 1 09, 225 oiler. Laid, McCracken, Sr 70, 90, 112, 201 Olsen, Erik, Hoys, Sr. , , , 164 03 sen, Robert, WoKeeney, Sa, 215 Opitz, Glenda. Garden City, Fr. .... 77, 113, 121, 225 O ' Rourke, James, Ellis, Sa. 207 Orr, Altie, Woodston, Jr, 207 Orr, Gerald, Wocdston, Fr 35, 225 Ostmeyer, Joyce, Oakley, Fr. 89, 112, 175, 225 Oswald, Carolyn, Russell, Fr 88 112, 225 Oswald, Irma, Gorham, So 215 O ' Toole, Patrick, Arnold, Jr. , 107, 207 O ' Toole, Peggy, Arnold. Jr, , 83,93, 108, 207 Olte, Janet, Great Bend, Fr. , 10 9, 225 Owen, Barbara, Beloit, Fr 225 P Palmer, Barbara, Russell, Fr Palmer, Bryan, Logon, Jr Palmer, Linda, Atwood, Fr, , Palmer, Polly, Hays, Sr Pan Per, Gary, Athol, Sr Parker, Dorothy, Medicine Lodge, Jr. ... Parker, Gary, Medicine Lodge, Jr Fornell, James, Gaodland, So Parr, Gordon, Pie rcevi He, So Parr, Rodney, Pie rcevi lie, Sr Parsley, Stanley, Syracuse, Jr, . Parsons, Gerald, Oakley So. ...... Partridge, Patsy, Great Bend, Sc Pastrana,. Alfonso, Hays, Sr Pate, Gideon, Nickerson, Fr Fate, June, Elkhart, Fr. Patton, Norma, ScOtt City, Sr Paul, Carolyn, Ellis, So Paul, Forrest, Hoys, Sa Paul, Nancy, Randall, Jr. Pauley, Eugene Osborne. So Pauley, Gary, Stockton, Sr Peljel, Donald, Hays, Jr Pepper, Don no, Syracuse, Fr , . . Percivol. Margaret, Hoxie, Sr, Perkins, Harold, Phillipsburg, Fr Peterman, Elaine, Elli worth, fr Peters, James, Hays, So. . . Peterson, Joyce, Monument, Sa. . . Peterson, Ludla, Monument, So Peterson, Patricia, Protection, So petti bone, Richard, Kcnorado, So Pei tie, Charles, Solina, Sa, Petty, Donald, Utica, Sr Pfannensliel, James, Hays, Fr, ........ Pfannenstiel, Maurice, Hays, Fr Pfannenstiel, Victor, Ness City, Sr Pfeifer, James Hays, Fr Pfeifer, Joseph, Hoys, Fr pflieger, D elm 00, Densmore, Jr. ...... Phillips, Raymond, WoKeeney, Sr Picker! II, Bob, Lyons, Jr Piekinpaugh, William, Goodland, Ft. . . . Pierce, Charles, Solina, Fr Pitman, Lynn, Minneola, Jr Pittman, Max, Greeaburg, Jr. . Pivonka, James, LaCrosse, Fr Pivonka, Joan, lllinwood, Jr Pivonka, Ralph, LaCrosse, Fr Plomandan, Roger, Ellis Fr Peer, Gareth, Hoi sing ton. So. ... . Poore, Garry, Stockton, So Powers, Beverly, Oakley, Fr. Powers, Dorene, Hays, Sr, Preusch, Harriet, tiealy, Sr ■ ■ ■ Price, Kayla, Nekoma, Fr, . Pricer, Norm on, Palco, So. Pricer, Wayne, Palco, Sr. . . . Prjm:, Maurice, Luray, Fr - Praut, Elva, Marla nd, Fr. PrOut, Helen, LenOrO, Fr Pryor, Constance, Hays, Fr Purvis, Darrel. St, Francis, So ■ ■ ■ ■ 113, 225 61, 63,83, 91, 96, 207 . . , 84, 113, 225 . . 63, 64. 69, 101, 118, 127, 201 67, 151, 153, 156. 157, 167, 201 207 207 78,215 . . . . 75, 107, 215 73, 107, 201 207 . . . 207 , 215 201 107 88, 112, 225 123,201 66 215 34 215 65, 97, 1 19, 136, 137, 201 207 113,225 201 225 77, B4, 113, 225 ... .159. 160, 162, 215 74, 39, 93, 110, 215 89. 98, 110, 215 84, 108, 215 139. 215 168,215 .... 65, 201 207 76, 225 85, 201 76, 225 .76, 225 207 85, 201 136 160, 162. 166, 225 135 . 106, 139, 207 135. 207 107, 225 76, 207 . 225 .... 1 29 90, 107, 208 , 106. 131, 215 ' 113,225 . 66, 72, 89, 90, 201 89, 90,110,201 109, 225 215 201 106,143.147,225 113, 225 , , no 112, 225 129, 215 r Radial, Carol, Sharon Springs, Sa. Ralstin, George, Mull in ville, Fr Randle, William, Byers, Jr. . . RaOsberger, Jane, Great Bend, Fr. Rossetie, Dixie, Wilson, Fr Rath bun, Don, Tescolt, Fr. Rauch, Bab, Mi I ton vole. So. . . Ray, Jimmy, Hutchinson, Jr Ray, Robert, Liberal, Fr, ■ - ■ Ream, Don, Alexander, Jr, Reece, Clyde, Burden, Fr Reed, Jerome, Hoxie, Fr, . Reed, Kenneth, Hays, Sr, , Reeves, Bab, Ulysses, Fr Reeves, Leon, Beeler, So - ■ - Rein, Marlin, Russell. So. Reinhardt, Nadith, Great Bend, Jr. ..... Reinhardt, Richard, Great Bend, Fr ... 83 93, 21 S , , 107, 225 . . . 85, 90, 208 109. 225 1 13. 225 225 129 208 225 85 ,73, 152, 225 . . 131, 152, 165 79. 90. 139, 201 107 106, 215 . . 67, 151 155 208 85 Reiss, James, Weskan, So, 77, 86, 165, 215 Reiss. Jo r roll, Weskan, Sfi 215 Reiter, Marvin, Nickerson, fr . 106 Reitz, Joleen, Shady Send, So. 175, 215 Renfro, Patsy, Dodge City, Sr 62, 68, 69, 74, 96, 1 IQ. 202 Rem, Donald. Rush Center 50, 6 B Revell, Roe, Great Send, So 66, 215 Revel I r Shirley, Great Bend, Sq 53, 93, 125, 215 Rhine, Charles, Quinler, Fr, 91 , 106, 225 Rhine, Pouf, Ouinter, So 63, 91, 96, 107, 21 5 Rhoades, Marilyn, Quinter, Fr, ..... 112, 225 Rhodes, Darofd, Protection, Fr. 225 Rice, Ruth, Wichita, Sr 89, 98, 173, 202 fifchqrds, Donna, Ellsworth, So 108, 215 Richards, Loren, Blljwortb, Jr 85 Richards, Vickie, Goodland, Fr 77, 86, 90, 95, 105, 1 IS, 127, 226 Richardson, Potrieia, Zurich, So 215 Rkkfoyd, Lionel, Me r lent ha I, Jr . , , 208 Rider, Don, Hays, Fr, 226 Ridgwoy, Bonnie, Ogallah, Fr 112, 127, 226 Riedel, Albert, Russelt, fr 91 Siedl, Chqrles, Halting ton, Jr 76, 111,135,208 Riedel, Howard, Stockton, Fr 226 Riedel, Pool, Ellis, So 67, 143, 147 Riemann, Bernard, Den sm ore, So, 215 Riffe, Roger, Stockton, Fr 226 Riggs, Robert, Wa Keeney, Sr 202 Rixon, Price! la, McCracken, Fr, , . . . , . 112, 226 Robben, Rodger, GrinneEl, Fr 135, 159 Robbfnj, Sandra, Lamed, So. 39 108, 215 Rabbins, William, Lewit, Jr, 90, 208 Roberts, Tommy, Wo Keeney, So 215 Robertson, Evalee. Montezuma, Sr, ....... 109, 202 Robinson, Carol, Hill City, Fr 72, 110, 226 Robinson, Janice, Hill City, Sr 84, 229 Robl, Martin, Chqie, Fr 226 Robi, Raymond, Elfinwaod, So. 76, 215 Roe, Gory, Dawns, So, 215 Rogers, Anet, Minneola, Fr, .... 112, 226 Rogg, Julio, Bunker Hill, So 108. 215 Rohan, Voyle, Jennings, Jr 65, 99, 208 Rohr, Alvin, Mess City, Sr. . 76, 96 RoEoson, Mary, Wa Keeney, So 215 Roih, Darlene, Cheyenne Wells, Colo., Fr. 113 r 226 Rot h, Johnny, Hoys, Grad Ml, 229 Roth, Mary, Hoys, Jr 93, 208 Roth, Mary, Ellsworth, So. 215 Rot hen berg er, F. B„ Osborne, Jr. 90, 1 1 3, 208 Rowe, Gwendolyn, Hoisingtan, Fr. . 83, 1 12, 226 Ruder, Annette, Hoyt, fr 86, 226 Ruder, Robert, Hay i, Jr 208 Rumbaugh, Myrna, Hay i, Jr 66, 87, 125, 203 Rumford, Clair, Hanston, So. 215 Rumpel. Mo , Ogallah, 5r 61, 63, 68, 69, 94, 96, 202 Rumpel, Philip, Ogallah, Fr. . . 83, 226 Runft, Georgia, Wichita, F r 84. 88, 113, 226 Rupp, Roberta, Bucklin, Jr 64. 120. 121, 208 Ruscc, Vaunito. Great Bend, Sr 52, 60, 62, 66, 69, 71, 76. 80, 81, 90,1 24, 125, 175, 202 Russell, Donald, Hoxie, Sr. ... 67, 135, 143, 149, 202 Russell, Donna, Cimarron, Fr 109, 226 Russell, Roger, $t, John, Jr. JOB Russell, Virginia, Atwood, Jr 93, J08 Russell, Virginia, St, John, Jr. . . , , 208 Ryan, Peggy, Lincoln, Jr, 86, 109, 208 Sample, Lula, Minneapolis, So 94, 109, 215 Samples, Robert. Hays, Jr. . 67, 131, 160, 162, 169, 170, 208 Sanders, John, Sharon Springs, So 65 Sand slrom, Theodore, Bison, So, 167, 215 Sangrungruqng, Sombat, Arigthong, Thailand, So 83, 95, 107, 215 Sarver, Larry, Mqtomc, So 215 Sauer, Joonn, WoKeeney, Fr 88, 113, 226 Saxton, Sheldon, Burden, So 73,215 Schaffer, Darrell, PFains, So 76, 81, 90, 133, 216 Schoffer, Paul, Liebenthal, So , , 216 Schordein, Max, Nickerson, So 91, 107,216 Schenk, Rex, Cold water, Sr 202 Scherr, Timothy, Calfyer, Jr 27, 133 Scheuermon, Bob, Bison, Jr 71 , 105, 11 9 133 5c hi Id, Neil, Phillipsburg, So. . . 91,216 Scbippers, Arthur, Victoria, Sr. . . 67, 69, 76 , 1 5 1 , 1 54, 1 55 202 Schlogel, Wilma, Hoisingtan, F r 112, 226 Sc Illegal, Elman, Otis, Sr 202 Sc h lege I, Stanley, Hoys, Fr, 226 Schlessiger, Janice, Great Bend, Fr , . , 109, 226 Schmalzried, Ron old, Dighton, Fr 77, 226 Schme idler, Florence, Hays, So ' 216 Schmidt, Ellen, Catherine, Fr. , _ Schmidt, George, Belqil, Grad , 929 Schmidt, Irvfti, Pfeifer, Fr. B7 Schmidt, Marlene, Hoys, So. . . 216 Schmidt, Richard, Ruttell, So 216 Schmldtberger, Janice, Hays, Jr 86, 97, 1 25, 208 Schneider, Peter, Otis, So 90 Schneider, Raymond, No tamo, Fr. 03 Schneider, Ronnie, Otis, Fr, . . 73 107 226 Schneider, Vernon, Ransom, Fr, 226 Schniepp, Robert, Nets City, Fr. 22 £ Schnoebelen, Peggy, Lewii, Fr 226 Sfiboeni, Karen, Kensington, Fr 95 if 3 226 Sc hoen thaler, Rulh, WoKeeney, Fr , 88113 226 Schqenthaler, Wayne, Ellis, So. " 216 St horzm an, Delbert, Denver, Cola., Sr ' 202 Schroeder, Lea, Timken, Sr 202 ' 229 Schrqndt, Robert, Plainville, Fr ' 226 Schreiber, Glenn, Hoisingtan, So. 3 07 216 Schrepel, Carol, Great Bend, Sr. ' ' ' ’ 2Q2 Schrepel, Leslie, ClaflEn, Sr. on 1 33 jnj Schrepel, Wilfred, Oaflin, Sr ’ ’ J J Schuekman, LeeRoy, McCracken, Fr, _ Schult?, Donald, Sylvia, So . . . ! 67, 133, 160, 163, 236 Schulz, Tammy, Great Bend, Fr _ 226 Schumacher, LoVqn, Hays, So, Schumacher, Paula, Victoria, Fr Schuster. Donold, WoKeeney, Fr Schwien, Beverly, WoKeeney, Fr. . . . . Schwien, William, WoKeeney, So. „ . . Scott, Celeste, Waido, Fr Scoir, Ralph, Hill City, So Sebastian, Connie, Tribune, Fr. Sebastian, Dqryl, Tribune, So, , Seeman, Rodger, Lamed, Fr, Seibel, Jock, Ellis, Fr, Seibel, James, Ellis, So Seibel., Monte, Leoti, Fr Seibel, Robert, Ellis, Jr. Seiberl, Kenneth, Great Bend, Fr, . . . Seidl, Harlan, Oris, Sr Sekqvec, Wan do, HalyrOod, So, Selensky, Matilda, Park, So Self ridge, Nadene, Hayt, So Shofer, James, Leoli, Fr . Shaw, Donald, Oberlin, Sr, Show, Fred, WoKeeney, So, Shaw, Janette, Medicine Lodge, Fr, , , Shaw, Lorno, Albert, Jr Shearer, C, E. r Klamath Falls, Ore., Fr, Shimek, Mary Ann, Jennings, Fr. .... Shipman, Bill, McPherson, Sr Short, Annette, Russell, So. Sidener, Dennis, Ada, Fr Sidlqw, Robert, LaCrosse, So Siebert, Kenneth, Ulysses, Fr . , Siek, Warren, Nets City, Fr Siemsen, Dale, Holy rood, Sr Sigler, Charles, Hayj, Grad , Simmonds, Dennis, Hill City, Sr. Simmons, Patricia, McPherson, Fr. ... Simons, RhelFi, WoKeeney, Sr. ..... Simpson, Jim, Hays, Sr Simpson, Richard, Partis, Sr, Sire, Delilq, Colby, Sr Sites, Donald, Gnnnell, Jr. Sinner, Marilyn, Hudson, Sr Skov, Hilma, Denmark, Jr , Sloan, Iris, Norton, Jr, Slocomhe, Williom, Peabody, Fr Smodes, Noreen, Marienfhal, Fr Smith, Albert, Jr, r WoKeeney, Fr Smith, Carolyn, Ashland, fr. ........ Smith, Donald, Larned, So, Smith, Gordon, St. Francis, So. ...... Smith, Harold, Lakin, Jr. Smith, Janice, Stockton, Fr Smith, Katherine, Liberal, So. Smith. Richard, Lewis. So Smith, Wiliiam, Jr., Gorham, Jr. , . . , Snecih, Elizabeth, Kanopolis, So. Snider, Herndon, Leoti, Fr, . , . . Snider, John, Raymond, Sr, Snider, Marcetline, Raymond, So Snack, Duone. John ton, Fr Snook, Peggy, Ford, So , , Somers, Monice, Elmdale, Jr. Sparks, LoVerne, Garden City, Sr, Spins, William, Hoys, Fr Spomer. Constance, Alexander, Fr. . . , , Spricli. Virgil, Prairie View, $r. Staob, Clare, Hays, Jr Stoop, GrOCe, Hoyt, fr, , , , Staob, Irwin, Hoys, Sr Sfaab, Joseph, Hays, Jr. Stoab, Rose, Hays, So Stade, Thomas, Centerview, Jr. Stodelman, Virgil, Hays, So Stafford, Jerry, Great Bend, So Slogg, Verna, Hoys, Sr. Stohn, Jane, Woodruff, So, Standage, Ferrill, Plainville, Jr. Starkey, Verle, HavHond, Jr Starr, John, Scott City, Jr Staudinger, Rosemary, Hoi sing ton, Fr. Steeklein, Virgil, Pendennis, Fr Stecklme, Donald, Ellij, Jr. ... Steffen Walter, Burdett, Jr. Siegmon, Joseph, Jr., Ness City, Jr. , . Steinle, Gordon, Russell, Sr Steinle, Melvin, Dorronce, Sr Stenzel, LoVerne, WoKeeney, Jr Stephen, Geraldine, Bogue, Fr Stephens, Shirley, Russell, Fr. Stephenson, Ann, Bucklin, So Stephenson, Richard, Alexander, Sr. Stevens, Coleta, Hoi sing ran, Fr Steworl, Wayne, Haxie, Jr Stillwell, Robert, Scoitsville, So. Slites, Morion, WoKeeney, Fr Stockton, Shirley, Kensington, Fr Stone, Sanyo, Hays, Sa Stones, Harold, Red Cloud, Nebr.. Jr. ! Stoss, Marvin, Great Bend, Sr Stout, Donna, Palco, So Stover, Dorothy, Hill City, Fr ' Stowe, Patricio, Ransom, So Stremel, Carol, Dodge City, Fr. Stremel, Marilyn, Loretta, Fr Striegel, Connie, Hays, Fr, Strobe f, John, Great Bend, Jr. Stroup, Lyle, Smith Center, Jr Strothers, Sharon, Larned, Fr Stum, Linly, Ness City, Fr Stumps, Shirley, EushtOn, Sr Stutheit, Leland, Kensington, Fr, Stutterheim, Robert, Prairie View, Jr, Sucht, Carl, Burdett, Jr. ............ Suflivon, Carmen, St. John, Fr. , 76, 93, 216 82, 95, 1 T 3, 226 216 88, 1 13.226 77, 85. 216 112, 226 216 89, 112,226 216 226 226 68, 137, 216 99, 103, 106, 226 136 107, 226 76, 93, 202 81, 90, 93, 124, 125, 216 27, 55, 66, 125, 158, 216 27. 90. 216 226 27, 67, 90, 135, 160, 162, 166, 202 139,216 74, 112, 226 27, 86, 90, 122, 123 73 72, no, 226 67, 90, 202 108, 216 90, 106, 208 . . , 160, 162, 163, 216 160, 163 131, 143, 146, 226 139,202 75 63. 68, 94, 96, 130, 131, 202 58, 109,226 60, 62, 202 - 202 73, 75, 90, 202 89, 110, 174, 175, 202 139, 208 74, 90, 110, 202 70, 93, T 09. 208 68, 208 . 226 ...... 112, 226 106, 226 113, 227 86, 216 216 138, 139, 208 78, 86, 1 1 2, 227 . . 78, 108, 1 T 3, 128, 216 137,216 79, 208 90, 108, 216 106, 227 S3, 202 93, 216 227 ....... 74, 81, 90, 110, 125. 216 70, 39, 93, 112, 208 85, 137. 202 227 77,99, 112, 125, 227 73, 75, 202 93, 208 1 27, 227 90, 202 ■ 136, 137, 208 216 91, 96, 208 216 65, 99, 103, 106. 216 ■ . 62,69, 202 216 106, 208 73,106, 208 , . . 131 76, 113, 227 .85 208 208 20S 79, 202 61, 62, 68, 94, 96, 203 129 112, 227 83, 227 , . 84, 2T6 . . 203 72, 86, 110,227 208 83, 216 - 227 ■ - 72, 84, 113, 127, 227 78, 216 70, 85, 86,90, 208 129, 143, 148, 203 53, 90, 101, 109, 123, 216 82, 113, 125, 227 66, 1 27 88, 112, 227 - ■ . 88, 112, 123, 227 227 65, 99, 102, 208 91 109, 227 227 86, 104 227 65, 208 67, 106, 159, 208 .27, 88, 93, 113. 227 262 Sumpter, Wesley, Downs, Sr, Suter, billon, Cawker City,. Jr. . Suttpn, Jerry, Beloit, So Swartz, Ralph, Sharon Springs, Fr. Swayxe, John, Buck! in, Jr Sweaxy, Otho, Colby, Sr, Swenson, Yvonne, Cimarron, Jr, Swink, Gladys, Sotante, Fr Swink, loVesto, Sal onto, Jr. Switzer, Floyd, Oakley, Jr Switzer, Lloyd, Oakley, Jf. Swords, Margaret, Deerfield, Fr. 203 m, 166, 20 . 67 , 107 , 216 91, 227 133, 164, 208 67 . 90 , 110 , 203 . 34 , 112 , 227 34. 209 209 209 , 89 , 113 , 227 t Tachd, Key, Jennings, Fr. . , , . Talbert, Morris, Ellis, So Tapp, William, Medicine Lodge, Fr, ... Tarvin, Robert, Marysville, Sa Tebo, Ronald, Hill City, Fr , Teegerjtrgm, Willi am, Ulysses, So ■ Temaot, Sylvester, Spearville, Sa TheEmer, Howard, Page Oily. Sr. ..... Thomas, Arthur, Cimarron, Jr Thomas, Frank, Engclwood, So. Thom os, Glenn, Plainville, Sr Thompson, Esler, Minneola, Sa Thompson, Floyd, McCracken, Jr Thompson, Jim, Hoisingtan, Fr Thompson, Karen, Ulysses, Fr. Thompson, Leonard, Goodland, Fr Thompson, Thomas, Bogue, So Thornburg, Ray, Utica, Sa Thyfault, Marjorie, Stockton, Fr Tidboll, Kenneth, Collyer, Fr. Tien, Darothy, Prairie View, Fr. . Til ford, Duane, Moscow, So TiHel, Ruth, Russell, Fr Toepfer, Jo net. Hays, Jr Tolle, Roland, Roxbury, Jr Tam pk ins, Donald, Byers, Jr. Towns, Shirley, Pclca, Jr Trouer, Lloyd, Mansion, Jr. . . - Trexler, Awyn, Hill City, Fr Trexler, Phyllis, Hill City, Sr Trible, Jane, Palco, Jr. Trogdon, Roland, Hugoton, Sr. Truon, Iris, Victoria, Fr, Trussell, Ernest, Hays, Jr Trussell, Ronald, Kendall, Fr Tucker, Kay, Poka, Jr. Tucker, Ronald, Palco, Fr Tullor, Marilyn, Jewell, So, Turner, George, Smith Center, Fr U Ubert, Darrell, Hays, So. Uh(, Jim, Hoys, Jr Ummel, Ralph, Arnold, So. Underwood, John, Bird Cily, Fr Underwood, Shirley, Bird City, So. ... Unrein, Dorothy, Hays, Sr Unruh, Glenn, Bucklin, Jr Unruh, Sylvia, Pawnee Rock, So 112,227 216 227 216 152 67, 151, 160, 163 76, 107, 159 61,77, 203 59, 135. 169, 171, 204 90, 135, 216 106, 119. 134, 135, 203 . . 110, 216 209 . Ill . . , 112, 227 143, 149, 166, 227 216 S3, 107, 216 227 36. 105 ' ' ' ! ! 84, 113, 227 217 79, 32, 112,227 76 209 35, 209 209 135 72, 113, 125, 227 72, 203 66. 70, 86, 93. 104, 118, 126, 127 83, 106, 203 83, 113, 227 68, 203 227 66. 68, 93, 127, 158, 209 106 68, 90, 96, 103, 213 65, 107, 227 217 95, 209 . . 106, 217 107, 129, 227 108. 217 76. 203 209 . 64. 100, 217 V Von Allen, Revo, Phillipsburg, Fr Vance, Jerry, Bazine, Fr, Vo n die rp I os, Twylo, Long Island, Jr Von De Wege, Bonnie, Prairie View, Sr, , Von De Wege, Rosetta, long Island, Sr. Van Laenen, Bette, Prairie View, Jr. . . Van Loenen, Florence, Bogue, Fr Van Winkle, Gail, St. John, Fr Vaughen, Marion, Scall City, Sr Velhorlicky, Francis, Solino, Fr Venters, Jimmy, Plainville, Fr. ....,, Verhoeff, Sherman, Grinnell, Fr Vernon, Richard, Narcatur, Jr. . . ... Verona, Donald, Roxbury, Fr, . Veverko, Karen, Wilson, Fr Vincent, loyal, Long Island, Sr, Vincent, Viola, Hudson, Jr, Vinzqnt, Irvin, PlafnvjHe, Jr Vogel, Patricio, Ness City, Jr. VonFeldl, Lee, Victoria, Sr. . . , Voss, Billy, Colby, Sr Voss, Kenneth, Burr Oak, Fr Voss, Melba, Burr Ook, Sa . 113 227 . . . . 84, 108. 217 .... 72, 90. 203 64, 90, 203 84, 209 112, 227 113 164. 203 . . 107, 166, 227 91, 139, 227 223 . 209 228 . , , 34, 112, 223 27, 106. 133, 203 84, 209 107,209 . ... 66. 110, 209 203 133,203 107, 22B . ... 83, 109, 217 W Wagner, Daylon, Albert, Fr Wagner, Dan no, Wd Keeney, Fr, Wagner, Frances. Ellsworth, Fr Wagy, Donna, Calby, Fr Walburn, Louise, Hoys, Fr. Wald man, Wilm r, Quin ter, Fr Walker, Allen, Sun City, Jr Walker, Bruce, Bennington, So Walker, Corot, Weskan, Fr Walker, Dean, Sennington., Fr Walker, Diana, McCracken, Fr Walker, Gerald, Concordia, So. Walker, Marilyn, Ludetl, So. ... Walker, Mary, Brownell, So Walker, Ralph, Concordia, So . . Walker, Sue, Englewood, Sa Walker, William, Stockton, Fr Wallace, Bud, Topeka, Jr Wallace, Donald, Alton, Sr. Walter, Dale, Sylvan Grove, Sr. Walter, Nancy, Montezuma, Fr. ........ Wall, Leila, LoCrcsse, Jr, . ■ ■ 95 , 106 , 228 74 , 109 , 223 112 , 228 . 77 , 93 , 112 , 223 . 228 76 , 228 223 . . . . 107 , 165 , 217 112,228 107 113 , 228 168 84 , 108 , 217 217 168 53 , 93 , 217 85 135 , 209 .... 133 , 203 137 , 203 93 , 112 , 223 118 , 122 . 193 Wanker, Darrell, PaJcg, Jr, . Word, Karen, Waldo, fr Ward, Robert, Kansas City, Mo,, Fr, Warner, Jerry, Belleville, Jr Wasinger, Bonnie, Protection, Sr Wosinger, John, Hays, So Wasinger, Robert, ColdwOter, Sr Wasinger, Rosonne, Hays, Fr Waters, Donald, St. John, Sr. . Watkins, Phyllis, Sublette, Jr Watts, Gerald, Partis, Fr Waudby, George, Russell, Fr, . , , Weaver, pally. Bird City, Jr Webber, Phillip, Bucklin, Fr Weber, Betty, Fowler, Jr. Weber, Bqnnie, Great Bend, So Weber, James, Ellis, Sr Weber, Karen, Liberal, Fr Weeks, George, Cawker City, So. Weems, Bryan, Collyer,, Sr Weems. Catherine, Collyer, Jr. , ... , Weis, William, Ellinwood, Jr, , Weiss, Joanne, Hutchinson, Jr Welch, Edwyna, Garfield, Jr Welch, Lynn, Great Bend, Fr Wellbroek, Eugene, Victoria, Unc. . . . Wellbroek, Vorian, Victoria, Sr Welling, Lewis, Hoys, Sr Wells, Blaine, Pratt, Jr, Wells, Carl, Hays, Jr Wenzl, Bonnie, Stockton, So Werner, Ivan, Win ana, Jr. Worth, Peter, Hays, Fr Wesley, LaVer ne. Ado, Fr. West, Wilton, Healy, So WesfCCtl, Donald, Plainville, Sr, Wester man, Freddie, Syracuse, Sa, Wetter man, Janice, Hoys, Fr Wetter man, Phyllis, Hays, So White, David, Healy, Fr White, John, Phillipsburg, So. . . . . . . Whiting, Basil, Dighlon, So Whitney, Deanna, Hays, Fr Wickizer, Waldo, WoKeeney, Fr. ... WEeck, Shyrlee. St. Francis, Fr Wiehl, Della, Smith Center, So Wiehl, Dixie, Smith Center, So Wiesner, Jeonne, Hoys, Jr Wikoff, Fierce, Hays. Sr Wilkent, Glenn, Lorraine, Fr, Wilkensan. Wayne, Waodston, Jr Williams, Donovan, Plainville, So Williams, John, Hays, Jr Williams, Margaret, Hoys, Sr Will ms, Robert, Geneses, Fr Willson, Charles, Bunker Hill, Jr Willson, Lawrence, Ellin wood, Fr, Wilson, Alfred, Hoys, So, Wilson, Andrew, LaCrosse, Fr. Wilson, Anna, Hays, So. , Wilson, John, Ulysses, Fr Wilson, LaVon, Hugoton, Jr, , Wilson, Peggy, Formosa, Jr Wilson, Rex, Shields, So Winchell, Ellen, Phillipsburg, Jr Windholz, Glen, Hays, Sa. . Windle, Leo ford. Greensburg, Jr. . . Windle, Warren, Greensburg, So. . Wlnelond, Marvel, Natoma, Fr, ■ ■ Winkler, Karen, Rgzel, Fr Winkler, Noda, fiozel Winter, Mona, Konorodo, Fr Wire, Ted, Dor rante. So Wilt, Jayne, Hays, Sr, Wilt. RamonO, Hudson, Fr. Wolf, Leon, Hays, Fr . ... Wolf, Richard, Colby, So, Wanderlich, CJaudene, Osborne, So. Wood, Charles, Kinsley, Fr Wood, Wilbur, Trousdale, So. Waodmansee, Phillip, Ellsworth, So. . Worcester, Lesto, Hill City, Fr Workman, Plesie, Parsons, Fr Wcrmeringer, Janelle, Great Bend, Fr. Worthy, Shirley. Atwood, Sa, - ■ ■ Wright, Earl, Hutchinson, So Wright, Jock, Konorado, So Wright, Marg-Adelt, Great Bend, So. Wright, Oliver, Sublette, Jr. . . . . . Wright, Richard, Glen Elder.. Fr Wright, Robert, Atwood, So Wright, Willis, ByerS, Jr Wristen, Tom, Osborne, So. . Wycaff, Morvin, Lamed, Jr 77, 138, 139, 209 11 3, 228 ... 129 129, 171 63. 69, 92, 123, 203 217 67, 160, 163. 169, 171, 203 ; 209 , . . ... 67, 203 66,99, 118, 121, 209 228 91 34, 209 104, 1 05, 2 1 7 90, 124, 125,209 86, 1 08, 217 90, 95, 1 37, 203 112, 121, 228 106, 217 94 93, 121 139, 209 34, 209 90, 95, 108,209 85 76 . . . . 76, 203 203 68, 96, 107,209 92, 105, 209 ...... 77,95, 108, 217 86, 1 32, 1 33, 209 143, 148, 167, 223 90. 106, 209 217 217 91 128,228 217 73, 107, 228 . 95, HI 68 ... 228 107, V 52, 228 228 66, 93, 125, 217 . 81, 90, 125. 217 76, 90 137, 203 . 106,228 139, 209 . 106, 151,217 167, 172 70 71, 87 135, 209 209 217 , , 203 217 106. 228 84. 93, 125, 209 . . 70, 72, 90, 93, 209 67, 160, 163. 217 17, 49,60, 1 13, 125 217 75, 209 .60, 73, 75, 91,96, 217 72. 84, 88, 1 1 3, 228 34, 113, 22B 84 . . 88, 1 13, 228 151, 157 70, 93, 203 112, 228 228 131, 172. 217 . . 74, 109, 217 228 217 90, 217 113, 228 33 88, 112, 228 86, 90, 108, 217 107, 165, 217 106,139,217 no 209 106, 228 61, 99, 107. 217 95 106, 217 203 Yokel. August, Hoisington, So. Yeargen, Richard.. Goodland, $ ?- Young, Richard, Ellis, Jr. Young. Robert, Satina, Fr Young, Tray, Lorned, Jr . Younkin, Donna, Larned, Fr YoxaSI, Barbara, Alton, Fr y 107, 217 .106,217 137, 209 . . . . 36, 131, 228 67, 162, 171, 209 . . 1)2, 125, 228 ....... 113, 228 Z Zaloudek, Clyde ne, Wilson, Fr Zavodskey, Wesley, Hays. So Zelenkq, John, Great Bend, Jr. ..... Ziegenbalg, Marcus, Cawker City, Jr. . . Ziegler, Marvin, Collyer, Fr. . . Zillmer, Herman, Hays, Sr Zillmer, Manly, Hays, So • Zimmerman, David, Hays, So, . 84, 112, 228 137, 217 139, 209 95 , . . . 133, 170,228 . . .79, 86. 203 79, 217 129, 165, 171, 217 26 Z FORT HAYS STATE ANTHEM On the plains of Western Kansas Stands a school we all love well. ' Twas built by the toil of our fathers; To its glory our voices swell. Chorus: Hail to old Fort Hays State! let your voices ring! Praise for the Black and Gold We will ever sing. Long may our valor last Through the future days. Honoring and praising Dear Fort Hays, In the years that lie before us We foresee our land ' s many needs. Through the efforts of new generations. Well go on to more noble deeds.

Suggestions in the Fort Hays State University - Reveille Yearbook (Hays, KS) collection:

Fort Hays State University - Reveille Yearbook (Hays, KS) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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