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Text from Pages 1 - 236 of the 1955 volume:

• : Jr -f ■ v ' . • ' ■ ■ ■ r -V i f j j i ; i ! -T 1 “ • i f : f i ? - ' - Editor Gordon Zethradnik Assistant Editor Virginia Hogsett Business Managers Howard Spies Paul Ho ft Photographers Don Johnson Max Pittman Adviser 5, J. Sackett Published by Newsfoto Publishing Co, San Angelo, Texas Cover Design by Laureen Goetz Gordon Zahradnik • Dedication 4 • President ' s Page 5 • Administration and Faculty . , , , 14 • Celebrities 22 • Classes . 34 • Greeks t , 62 • Organizations ....... 84 • Sports . . 126 • Activities , . . . 1 54 • Year in Review , . , , . .170 • Advertising and Candids . , , . .190 • General Index 4 225 2 Fort Hays Kansas State College Hays, Kansas THE REVEILLE 1955 3 President’s Message Tort Hays Kansas Stale College Hays, Kansas Office of d « P reside, ii 1, 1955 Dear Fort Hays Staters: There are many things which go into the make- up of a college. It takes buildings, equipment and books, of course, but this Reveille tells the story of that other most important ingredient — the people and their activities during this year. There can be no substitute for scholarship and good citizenship, but it is just as true that nothing can take the place of the friendships you have made, and the associations you have had with fellow students and faculty members. In the years which lie before you great benefits, satisfactions and joys will come to you from the knowledge you have gained within the walls of Fort Hays State, and you will prize equally the friendships have made with your fellow students — associations which you will value more highly as the years go by. You are a fine group, and I am proud to be associated with you. You are the best generation yet — God bless every one of you. Sincerely, Dr. M.C. Cunningham President of Fort Hays Kansas State College This book is dedicated to Joel Moss, artist and teacher, in the hope that its style at least partially approaches the degree of originality he demands in a painting. A man whose works will continue to bring recognition to himself and his department, Moss is an artist of the modern school Clearly not a follower of paN terns, he is an ardent advocate of the " original 11 and instills his own love of experimentation and creativeness in his students. Coupled with his artistic ability is a directness and honesty that has won him friends on and off the campus. Dedic 6 JogI Moss 7 A young man ' s life lies all ahead of him. For this reason, perhaps, he is less interested in what has been done than in what tan be done; his affections are aroused less by the traditional than by the experimental. This is a young man ' s yearbook. The 1955 Reveille is frankly, even proudly, experimental. We wanted to see what could be done. To emphasize the forward- looking nature of our attempt, we have grounded the design and composition of the book in the principles of modern art. Much of any yearbook must follow certain traditions, imposed on it by the nature of the subject and the limitations of space. We have not attempted futilely to fight these conventions, but we have tried to see what might be done within them. When compared with previous Reveilles, this book displays obvious dif- ferences: it is larger in size and has more pages. But the innovations which mark the 1955 Reveille lie even deeper. The colors— black and heliotrope— are untradi- tional; they were chosen because they are the fashion of the minute. Forma! or symmetrical balance has been rigidly avoided wherever passible, in favor of a dynamic balance, appealing to the kinesthetic sense as well as to the esthetic. A functional use of line and free form has been attempted. Each page has been approached as a complex problem in design, to be solved only by as simple and graceful a composition as it was within our power to devise. Relationships be- tween the subject matters of individual pages were studied, so as to enable us to proceed upon an organizational principle which provided even for transitions Throughout the book it was our endeavor to provide pleasing rhythms of design, which would be made yet more pleasing by variations as skillful and as subtle as we could create them. We feel, perhaps vainly, that the product, the 1955 Reveille, is a work of art— of modern art. Despite the hard work, despite the obstacles, our reward has been the joy of the creative artist as his materials take form under his hand Our earnest wish is that you take as much delight in the 1955 Reveille as we have in bringing it into existence. The Staff of the 1955 Reveille In Memoriam Margaret McGimsey 18940954 Walter Wallerstedt 18900 954 9 ■t Picked Half wai the first building on the campus. Except for an auditorium odd some of the administrative offices, it is largely a class- room building., at present housing the departments of economics and business administration, languages, political science and sociology. Sheridan Coliseum is an all-purpose building housing the gymna- sium; the administrative offices of the president, the dean, the registrar and the business manager; the departments of music and health and physical education; and the college print shop. Cody Commons, the college cafeteria and dining hall, is used con- siderably for social functions as weft as for its primary purpose of serving meals to students and faculty. R jtrk Half, formerly the Industrial Arts Building, was redecorated after the completion of the new Applied Arts Building and now contains the education and psychology departments. " Tarsyth Library primarily houses th£ libraries of the college for which it is particularly well-planned. In addition, however, ft furnishes quarters for the history department and the college museums. Science Hall was originally planned and built for the departments of chemistry, physics, astronomy, botany, ioology, and agriculture, to which have been added the departments of geology, mathematics, and nurse education. , ' 1 Science Hall Forsyth Library Commons 11 na Social Building was the second building constructed on the campus. It was built as a gymnasium and auditorium in 1905 Later it was used for the library and finally came to its present use as a student social Wesley Hall is a women ' s dormitory maintained by the Wesley __ h x Foundation. It accommodates fifty-four girls, T Applied Arts was constructed in 1952-53 for the purpose of housing applied arf P home economics and industrial arts. It features many excel- lent areas for the display of projects completed in applied art and hom- economics. The President ' s Home, completed in 1954, is located west of campus. The home facilitates entertaining by the president aria his family. pUS I ne name TacinTuiei cnmiiummy y i 11 T Custer Hall is a residence for college women just across the bridge n the quadrangle. Built in 1921, the dormitory was redecorated when From MIC? L|LMJuiMuyiw, " Will » ■ " ■ r ■■■ ' ■ " r r — ■ " the north wing was completed in 1952, Rooms and dining fadlilies ore provided for 203 women. Res Residence Hall is a men ' s dormitory. It provides accov TLC3I M ' G 1 1 bC I IUII I5P vi invii -r mviumivp j. -- r . - r , - approximately 150 men. The center section was completed in 1954-55, A housemother for each of the three sections contributes to the welfare of the young men. — “j A ■ — . 1 t A MM 12 f J BAH Applied | Building President’s Home 15 Administration Responsibility for the operation of Fort Hays State rests with these persons who make op the Ad- ministration. Due largely to their time and effort is the smooth functioning of the college. DR, W, D. MORELAND Dean of Men DR. L. D. WOOSTER President Emeritus dr. e. r. McCartney D ean of the College Administration members not pictured ore; DR r RALPH CODER Chairman Graduate Division WALTER KEATING Business Manager STANDLEE V. DALTON Registrar HUGH BURNETT Director of Extension MARJORIE SIMONS Deon of Women The State Board of Regents, by law, is the governing body of the five state educational institutions, Kansas University, Kansas State College, Fort Hays Kansas State College, Kansas State Teachers College at Emporia and Kansas State Teachers College at Pittsburg. Choice of the executive officer of each of these institutions rests with this body. This executive officer is, in turn, responsible to the Board for his school. Appointed by the Governor, each member serves a seven-year term. State Board Of Regents SEATED: Mr. Grover Pode, Manhattan; Mrs. Elizabeth Hay g hey, Concordia; Mr. A. W. Hershberger, Wichita, chairman; Mr. Drew McLaughlin, Paolo, Mr. Walter Fees, lola. STANDING: Dr. L. B. Spake, Kansas City; Mr. Willis N. Kelly, Hutchinson; Mr. Lester McCoy, Garden City; Mr, Oscar 5, Stauffer, Topeka; Mr. Hubert Brighton, Topeka, secretary. Faculty DONALD ADEE — Professor of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation,: Head of Department f. W. ALBERTSON — Professor of Botany and Head of Departmenl; Chairman of Biological Sciences E. C- ALMQUIST — Assistant Professor of Audio-Visual Education ETHEL ARTMAN — Assistant Director of Extension; Place- ment Service STANLEY BALLINGER — Assistant Professor of Music (Stringed Instruments) ELIZABETH BARBOUR — Assistant Professor of Physical Education C. THOMAS BARR — Professor of Music and Chairman of Department ALICE BEESLEY — Professor of Home Economics and Head of Deportment R, U, BROOKS — Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts, Superintendent of Buildings ELEANOR CALDWELL — Instructor in Art MARC CAMPBELL — Assistant librarian HAROLD CHOGUILL — Professor of Chemistry and Head of Deportment FRANCES COOK — Instructor in Health, College Nurse KENNETH COOK — Assistant Professor of Business Administration MARION COULSON — Assistant Professor of English EUGENE CRAINE — Assistant Professor of History T 8 TROY CROWDER — Instructor in Journalism ED DAVIS — Professor of Industrial Arts GAYNELLE DAVIS - Professor of Education KATHERINE DIBBLE — Instructor Nurse Education EUGENE E7TER — Assistant Professor of Mathematic LUCILLE FELTEN — Assistant Professor of Music KURT FICKERT — Assistant Professor of Language CHARLES FOOTE — Professor of Business Administration ALEX FRANCIS — Assistant Professor of Physical Edueation; Head Coach of Track NAOMI GARNER — Assistant Professor of English JOHN GARWOOD — Associate Professor of Language PAUL GROSS — Associate Professor of Physical Education; Director of Athletics SAMUEL HAMILTON — Professor of Philosophy CALVIN HARBIN - Associate Professor of Education LEON HEPNER — Associate Professor of Zoology GENEVA HERNDON — Professor of Speech RALPH HUFFMAN - Assistant Professor of Physical Education; Head Coach of Football HARRIET KETCH UM - Assistant Professor of Speech Faculty JEANNE KUHN - Assistant Professor of Education MABEL LACEY — Assistant Professor of English NlTA LANDRUM — Supervisor Correspondence Study; Executive Secretary Alumni Association THELMA LEONARD — Instructor in Home Economics, Dietician PAULINE LINDNER - Assistant Librarian IRENE MACKINTOSH - Assistant Professor of Psychology ' ROBERT MARPLE - Assistant Professor of History EVERETT MARSHALL - Assistant Professor of Mathematics EDWIN MARTIN - Assistant Professor of Zoology ROSELLA McCARRQlL - Assistant Professor of Education HELEN McCullough - Instructor in Nurse Education HENRY McFARLAND - Assistant Prof esses r of Biology GERALDINE MORRIS - Assistant Librarian ALICE MORRISON - Assistant Professor of English JOEL MOSS — Professor of Art and Head of Department 19 Faculty KIRK NAYLOR — Associate Professor of Education ILA NEWBECKER — Assistant Professor of Home Economics KATHARINE NUTT — Associate Professor of History VERNA PARISH — Assistant Professor of English MARIA PERKINS — Assistant Professor of Sociology JUDITH RADKE — Instructor in Language JOSEPH RAY — Assistant Professor of Psychology HOMER REED — Professor of Psychology ANDREW REMATORE — Instructor in Language IVAN RICHARDSON — Associate Professor of Political Science and Sociology SAMUEL SACKETT — Assistant Professor of English RICHARD SCHMIDT — Assistant Professor of Psychology LESTER SCHMUTZ — Associate Professor of Agriculture YDA IGU SCHULTZ — Instructor in Music IRA SCOTT — Associate Professor of Education RUTH SEVY — Assistant Professor of Physical Education 20 KENNETH SIMONS — Assistant Professor of Botany DAVID SORENSON — Instructor in Chemistry JAMES START — Professor of Speech and Head of Deportment EMMET STOPHER Professor of Mai hematics and Head of Depa rtment DONALD STOUT — Instructor in Musk ROBERTA STOUT — Associate Professor of English LEORA STROUP — Professor of Nurse Education, Head of Department CADE SURAN — Assistant Professor of Physical Educaiion, Head Coach of Basketball ARCHIE THOMAS — Associate Professor of Business Administration DOLUE THOMAS — Assistant Professor of Business Administration LEONARD THOMPSON — Professor of Economics and Business Adminis tration and Head of Department JOHN THORNS — Instructor in Art WILMONT TOALSON — Assistant Professor of Mathematics GERALD TOMANEK — Associate Professor of Biology MARGARET VAN ACKEREN - Acting Librarian Faculty not pictured; Leland Bartholomew, Instructor in Music; Doyle Brooks, Professor of Mathematics and Physics; Richard Cain, Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts; Philip Lin, Instructor in Political Science; Dennis McKee, Instructor in Industrial Arts; Harold Palmer, Assistant Professor of Music; Andrew Riegel, Assistant Professor of Botany,- Doris Stoge, Instructor in Chemistry; Inez Torry, College Nurse; and James Wells. Assistant Professor of Agriculture, Faculty WALTER WALLERSTEDT - Instructor in Printing RAYMOND WELTY - Professor of Hislory and Head of Department KENNETH WHITE - Assistant Professor of Education WILLIAM WILKINS - Assistant Professor of Music W. CLEMENT WOOD - Professor of Education and Head of Deportment HARVEY ZIN5ZER - Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Head of Department HEX A BICE “ Housemother South Residence Hall CORA BIBENS — Assistant to the President FLORENCE BODMER - Secretary to the Dean MABEL HOPKINS - Assistant to the Registrar KATHLENE K1NZER - Dormitory Director ELIZABETH MOSIER - Secretory, Registrar ' s Office BESS RLEGEL - Housemother North Residence Hall GEORGE STERNBERG - Curator of Museums ED URBAN — College Printer 21 Marge an Gower C SELECTORS November 17, Dear Mr. Zahradnik: With great difficulty we have finally reached a decision in choosing your Reveille Queen and the two Princesses Believe us, the choice was not easy as all the girls were most charming and attractive. We have chosen the lovely girl Miss Kay Tucker as your Queen, and Miss Nadine Richmond and Miss 3ernice Suiter as Princesses. If you had three queens our job would cer- tainly have been much easier Thanks for asking us to be your judreo and much good luck to you— a nd The Reveille. Sincerely, 24 Oil Progress Queen PATTY CHRISTENSEN 29 Homecoming Queen SHIRLEY THOMAS V. 30 JOYCE REN BERGER DOTSIE TOKUSHIGE Homecoming Attendants 32 mg mmaesstH Queen of Hearts CAROL HOLSMAN 33 Classes 34 GWEN ARNOLD Music Education major Second Generation Club; Band; Student Council; Choir; Orchestra; Sigma Alpha lota r professional music fraternity; ' Sigma Sigma Sigma, social -sorority.:, Secretary- treasurer of Sophomore Class; Ran he I- lenic Council; Worden ' s Leadership Or- ganization; Future Tpach ers Of America,- Kappa Rhi, Methodist oprority; and Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic fraternity. , ■ t r n; | M I t j , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 , NAN ARNOLD Piano major Choir; Second Generation Club; and Sig- ma Alpha lota, professional music frater- nity. Who’s Who in American Universities and Colleges Nineteen Fort Hays State seniors have been elected to be recognized in the 1954 edition of " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. " The students were se- lected from a group of 36 candidates who qualified by having a grade average of two point or above each semester while at- tending college. Members of the student council, campus boosters council, and faculty made the final selections. Their decisions were based on qualities of leadership and extra-curricular activities, general citizenship, and promise for future usefulness. PHYLLIS BERIAND Home Economics major Home Economies Club; Newman Club; Tigerettes- Campus Boosters-; Sigma Sigma Sigma, social sorority; and PanheM-enic Council. BARBARA DRAGT English major Horn Economics Club; Sigma Alpha lota, professional music fraternity; Women ' s Leadership Organization; Choir; Campus Boosters; and Future Teachers of America. KAY HAHN English major Young Women ' s Christian Association; Student Council; Reveille, yearbook; Tiger- ettes; Women ' s Leadership Organization,- Vice-president of Sophomore Class; Pan- hellenic Council; Vice-president of both Junior and Senior Class; Sigma Sigma Sigma, social sorority; and Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic fraternity. JANiS JELINEK Speech major Band; Women ' s Athletic Association; Or- chestra; Women ' s leadership Organiza- tion; Sigma Alpha lota, professional music fraternity; Future Teachers of America; and Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic fraternity. CAROL JOHNSON Home Economics major Band; Orchestra; d-H Club; Campus Boost- ers; Second Generation Club; Sigma Al- pha lota, professional music fraternity; and Kappa Omicron Phi. national home eCon om i cs fraternity , PHYLLIS KELLERMAN Elementary Education major Choir; Tigerettes; Second Generation Club; Panhellsnlc Council; Women ' s Leadership Organization,- and Delta Sigma Epsilon, social sorority. RAY KURTZ Mathematics major Band; 1 n ter na i i ona Relations Club; Y ou n-g Men ' s Christian Association,- UNESCO; Math Club; Sigma Theta Epsilon, Methodist fraternity; Seventh Cavalry; Futuie Teach- ers of America; Kappa Mu Eosllon, mathe- matics fraternity; and Phi Kappa Phi, na- tional sen clastic fraternity. RALPH L AMOR EE History major r ' ejung Men ' s Christian Association; Ger- nan Club; Seventh Cavalry; International i clarions Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon, social raternity; and Sigma Theta Epsilon, Meth- odist fraternity. DON McCOSH Political Science major Young Men ' s Christian Association; Rev- eille, yearbook; Leader, college paper; Delta Sigma Phi, social fraternity; In- lerfraternal Council; and Pi Gamma Mu, social science fraternity. MARCIA OSBORN Chemistry major Band; Pre-Mtd Club; Tigerettes; Women ' s Intramural ; Theta Sigma Upsiion, social sorority; Panhellenic Council; Delta Epsi- lon, national science fraternity; and Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic fraternity. LYNNETTE PEARSON English major Tigeretres; Second Generation Club; Sigma Sigma Sigma, social sorority; Panhellenic Council; Choir; Future Teachers of Ameri- ca; and Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic fraternity. JOYE ROMEI5ER Home Economics major Choir; Band; 4-H Club; Campus Boosters; Home Economics Club; Women ' s leader- ship Organization; Future Teachers of America; Sigma Sigma Sigma, social sor- ority; Second Generation Club; Penhe I le- ft ic Council; and Kappa Dm i cron Phi, na- tional home economics fraternity. BERNARD RIEDL Agriculture major Student Council; K-CIgb; Seventh Cavalry ; Future Teachers of America; Vice-president of Freshman Class; President of Sopho- more Class; and Tap Kappa Epsilon, so- cial fraternity. CHARLES SEE Chemistry maior German Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon, social raternity; P re- Med Club; Delta Epsilon, national science fraternity; and Phi Kappa ’hi, national scholastic, fraternity. MARGARET WALKER Language major Debate; German Club; Tigereltes; UNESCO, Reveille, yearbook; Little Theater, drama dub; Sigma Sigma Sigma, social sorori- ty; Second Generation Club; Pi Kappa Del- ta, national forensic fraternity; Alpha Psi Omega, dramatics fraternity; and Phi Kap- pa Phi, national scholastic fraternity. GARNET WILSON Speech major Choir; Debate; Future Teachers of Ameri- ca; Little Theater, drama dub; Women ' s Leadership Organization? Campus Boost- ers; A ip ha Psi Omega, dramatics fraterni- ty; and Phi Kappa Phi, national scholastic fraternity. nick yunk Mathematics major Newman Club; Math Club; Seventh Caval- ry; Kappa Mu Epsilon, national mathemat- ics fraternity; Phi Sigma Epsilon, soda! fraternity; K-Club; and Phi Kappa Phi, na- tional scholastic fraternity. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Alan feist President Kay Hahn Vice-President Larry Mabam .Secretary-Treasurer AI5TRUP, GERALD, Hasten - A. 8. in History; IRC; F.T.A. ARCHER, DOYLE, Densmore — B.S. in Agrio.; Sigma Tau Gamma. ARNOLD, GWENDOLYN, WaKeeney - B.M. in Music Ed,; F.T.A.; W r LrO r ; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Second Generation Club r p res idem ; Sophomore Class, secretary- treasurer; Wesley Hall, president; Sig- ma Alpha 3ola; Panhellenic Council; Student Council; Band, vice-president; Who ' s Who ' 55. ARNOLD, NAN, Garfield — B.M. in Piano; Choir; Second Generation Club, corresponding secretary; Sigma Alpha lota, president; Who ' s Who ' 55. BARRETT, EVELYN, Beloit - B.S. in Bus. Adm.,- Campus Booster Council; Second Generation Club; Home Ec Club vice-president; Sigma Sigma Sigma. BEOUGHER, VIRGIL, Grinnell — B.S. in Agric.; Tau Kappa Epsilon; I nter fra te r na I C ound I , BERLAND, PHYLLIS, Palco — B.S, in Home Econ.,- F.T.A,; Home Ec Club; Tigerettes, president; Campus Boosters, secretary; Sigma Sigma Sigma, vice-president; Custer Hall, secretary; Newman Club; Who ' s Who r 55. BlCKEL, DONALD, Dodge City — B.S. an Bus. Adm.; Kappa Sigma Kappa. BLAIR, VELDA, Larned - B.S, in Elem. Ed.,- F.T.A. BLANCHARD, RICHARD, Hutchinson — B.S. in Chemistry; Seventh Cavalry; Math Club. BLANKENBURG, JUDITH, Oakley - A.B. In History; W.L.O.; F.T A ; I.R.C.; Y W C A. BOGART, QUENTIN, Hays — A.B. in Speech; F.T.A.; Seventh Cavalry; Little Theater; Sigma Tau Gamma, BOH AN NAN, BARBARA, Garden City — A.B. in Speech; Tigerettes; W.L.O.; W.R.A.; Cheerleaders; Kappa Phi, president; Theta Sigma Up si Ion. BQXBERGERj CELIA DEE, Norton — B.S, in Elem. Ed.; F.T.A,; Sigma Sigma Sigma; U.N.E.S.C.O, BRACK, GARY, Otis — B.S, in I nd. Arts; Y.M.C, A.; Engineers Club. BRANDYBERRY, ARDON, Hill City - B.S. In Biology; F.T.A,; IRC,; Engineers Club; Y.M.C.A. -treasurer. BRENNAN, MARGARET. Dodge City - B.S. In Elem. Ed.; Little Theater, Alpha Psi Omega. BROTHERS, MARJORIE, Oakley - B.S. in Elem. Ed. BRUNGARDT, GILBERT, Victoria — B.M. in Music Ed.; Newman Club, F.T.A,; Band; Phi Mu Alpha. BURMEISTER, FERDINAND, Claflin - B.S. in Education; German Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Y.M.C .A.; I.R.C.; Leader Staff; Little Theater. 38 Seniors Class of ’55 CHANDLER, KEITH, Aimers — 6.S. in Chemistry; F,T.A,; Tsu Kappa Epsilon, CHARVAL VAN, Dorranc - B.S. in Ind. Arts; Second Generation Club, Kappa Sigma Kappa; Collegiate AH: F T A.; Newman Club. CHI PM AN, DONALD, Hill City — A.B. in History; Newman Club; F.T.A.; I.R.C.; Sigma Tau Gamma, CLINE, LOIS, Bunker Hill — B.S. in Elem. Ed,; Home Ec Club; F.T.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Choir, CONFER, BILL, Wichita - B.S. in Zoology; Tau Kappa Epsilon; F.T.A. COOPER, JOE, Hays — A.B. in Pol, Science; Little Theater; F.T.A, COPPER, HAROLD, Stockton — A.B. in Phys. Ed,; Kappa Sigma Kappa; F.T.A. CORNWELL, LOWELL, Osborne — B.S. in Zoology; Phi Sigma Epsilon, DOME, CLEO, Cimmaron — B.$. in Phys. Ed,; Phi Sigma Epsilon, vice-president; K-Ciub, DRAGT, BARBARA, AJmena — A.B. in English; F.T.A.; Choir; W.L.O.; Home Ec Club; Wes ' ey Hall-vice-president; Sigma Alpha lota; Who ' s Who ' 55. EDIGER, ELDO, McPherson — B.S, in Bus. Adm. EXEY, DOYLE, Codell — A.B. in English; Collegiate 4-H; F.T.A, FARRELL, JOHN, Hill Cily — B.S. in Elem. Ed.; Newman Club; F.T.A,, president; Sigma Tau Gamma, FEIST, ALAN Ellin wood - B.S. in Ind. Arts,- Kappa Sigma Kappa, president; Newman Club, vice-president; Student Council, president- K-Ciub- F T A ■ Camni r Booster Council; Senior Class president; Junior Class president, FlSCHLi, DOLORES, Speed — A.B. in English; Little Theater; F.T.A. FlSCHlI, ROBERT, Speed - B,S. in Gen. Science; Y.M.C.A.; Math Club; F,T,A.; Phi Sigma Epsilon. FRALZIER, LEO, LaCrosse — B.S. in Ind. Arts; Phi Sigma Epsilon; F,T,A. GARRETT, DONNA, Claflin - A.B. in Speech; Alpha Psi Omega, president; Little Theater, secretary; F.T.A,; Della Sigma Epsilon; Fenhellenic Council’ Tiger- ertes; Newman Club,- Campus Booster Council. GILBERT, ROBERT, Goodlend — B.S. in Bus. Adm,; Band; Phi Mu Alpha. GLEASON, DONALD, Seward — B.S. in Phys. Ed.; K-Ciub; F.T.A. GOETZ, BERNARD, Victoria - B.S, in Ind. Arts. GRACEY, ORVLLETA, Hugotort - B.S. in Home Econ.; Kappa Omicron Phi, president; Home Ec Club; W.L.O.; Y.W.C.A.; Band; Wesley Hall, president. GRIDLEY, RONALD, Oaltley B.S. in Phys. Ed.; Second Generation Club; K-Club; Sigma Tau Gamma. GUMM, ROBERT, Kingsdown — 8,S. in Mathematics; K-CEub, 39 HAAS, FRANK, Hay? - B,$. in Chemistry; K-Club, president. HAHN r KAY, Oklahoma City, Ok la. - A.B, in English; Y W_C.A.; Student Council , secretary; Tigerettes. secretary; Reveille Staff; W-L.O.; Sigma Sigma Sigma, president; Wesley Hall, vice-presi- dent; Panhellenk Council; Sophomore Class, vice-president; Jun ior Class, secretary; Senior Class, secretary; Who ' s Who ' 55. HAYES, CURTIS, Pako - B,S. In Elem. Ed.; Sigma Tau Gamma; Little Theater; Pre-Med Club; Quill Club; F.T.A.; l-R.C. HENDERSON, ROBERT, Wichita - B.S. in Zoology; Tau Kappa Epsilon. HI EBERT, DAVID, Chase - B$, in Bus, Adm,; Kappa Sigma Kappa, HILL, BETTY, Goodland, - B.S, in Elem, Ed. HILLS, EVELYN, Esbon - B.S. in Elem. Ed.; Choir; F.T.A. HINKHOUSE, JIM, Paleo — B.S. in Art; Tau Kappa Epsilon, president; Kappa Pi; F.T.A.; U.N.E.S.C.O.; Y.M.C.A, HOLL, BETTY, Russell - B.S. in Elem. Ed,; F.T.A, H OMB ERG, ARTHUR, Ellis - A,B. in English; German Club; Choir; Sigma Tau Gamma. HORYMA, ELAINE, Burden — B.S. in Elem. Ed,; Reville Staff; Kap- pa Phi; Delta Sigma Epsilon. HOWE, MARY JO, Qu inter — B.S, in Elem. Ed.; Second Generation Club; Little Theater; F.T.A, HOWE, CHESTER, Quinter - B.S, in Elem, Ed,; F.T.A,; Choir, IDEN, DEAN, Russell - 8 $. in Elem. Ed,; F.T.A.; LR.C. JACO, GENE, PlainvEEIe — B.S. in Rhys. Ed.; K-Club; Student Coun- cil; Phi Sigma Epsilon. JAMES, BILL, Bloom - B.S, in Bus, Adm.; Leader, editor; F.T.A, J ELI NEK, JANES, Pawnee Rock — A.B. in Speech; W.R.A,; W.L.G.; Band; Orchestra; F.T.A.; Sigma Alpha lota, president; Who ' s Who ' 55 . JOHNSON, CAROL, Lamed — B.S. in Home Econ,; W.L.O.; Band; Sigma Alpha lota; F.T.A. ; Campus Booster Council; Second Gem eretion Club; Home Ee Club; Kappa Omicron Phi, vice-president; Alpha Psi Omega, vice-president. JOHNSON, JO ANN, LaCrosse — 8,S. in Bus. Adm,; Band; Thela Sigma Upsilon. KAEMPFE, JERRY, Sylvan Grove — B.S. rn Agric,; Sigma Tau Gamma. KE HERMAN, PHYLLIS, W a Keeney — B.S, in Elem. Ed.; Delta Sigma Epsilon; Custer Hall, president; Tigerettesr Choir; Who ' s Who ' 55. KING, C, LEONARD, Lamed — B.$. in Bus. Adm.; K ' Club. KLEIN, MARGARET, Offerle - B.S. in Elem. Ed.; Y.W.C.A.; Chorus; F.T.A, KURTZ, TWILA, Oakley — A.B. in Zoology; Y.W.C.A.; Band; U.N.E.S.C.O.; Choir; Kappa Phi. KURTZ, V. RAY, Alton — B.S. in Mathematics; Seventh Cavalry, LR.C,; Math Club, president; Y.M.C.A.; Sigma Theta Epsilon; U.N.E.S.C.O.; Band; Who ' s Who ' 55. LAIZURE, BETTE, Hays - B.S. in Elem, Ed.; F.T.A. LAMOREE, RALPH, Beeler — A.B. in History; Seventh Cavalry, ser retary-treasurer; I.R.C.; M,ath Club; German Club; Y.M.C.A.- president; Sigma Theta Epsilon, vice-president; Tau Kappa Ep- silon; Who ' s Who ' 55, LANDWEHR, LEONA, Ransom — B,M, in Music Ed,; Sigma Alpha iota, vice-president; Choir; F.T.A.; U.N.E.S.C.Q,; Wesley Halt, vice-president; M.E.N.C., president; W.L.O.; Orchestra; New- man Club; Tlgereltes. 40 Seniors Class of ’55 LAYMAN,. ARNOLD, Concordia — A. 6. in History. LEW ALLEN, JERRY, Dodge City - A.B. in hHslory, LIGHT, L, JEANNE, Haviland — B,$, in Nursing Ed. LINDAHL, CLIFFORD. Belleville - B,$. in Phys Ed.; Phi Si -na Epsilon. LUNSFORD, CAROL, Great Bend — B.M. in Music Ed.; Choir; F.T.A,; Sigma Alpha Ida. LUNSFORD, DALE, Great Bend - B.S, in ind. Arts; F.T.A. McCAULEY, FARRELL, Stockton - B.M. in Music Ed.; Band, Phi Mu Alpha. McCOSH, DONALD. Great Bend A.B. in History; Y.M.C.A., treasurer; Reveille StafF, Leader, business manager; Gamma Tau r Interfraternal Council, vice- president; Who ' s Who ' 55. Me DAN ELD, MARY, Portis - B.S. in Elem. Ed.; F.T.A.; Y.W.C.A. McDANELD, WILBUR, Portis - B.S. in End. Arts; F.T.A,; Reveille Staff McREYNOLDS, HAROLD, Naloma - B.S. in Phys, Ed.; Sigma Theta Epsilon, MAI, HOWARD, WaKeeney - A.B in History; K-Club, president; Seventh Cavalry-vice-presideru,- German Club; LR.C.; Student Council; Phi Sigma Epsilon, MAJOR, DARRELL, Dorrance - B.S. in Ind, Arts; F.T.A.; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Collegiate AH; Sigma Theta Epsilon. MAIL, JOHN, Wichita — B.S. in Agric.; Choir; Sigma Tau Gamma; Y.M.C.A.,- Collegiate Uptowners; Collegiate AH. MALSAM, LAWRENCE, Col Iyer B.S. n Bus, Adm.,; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Student Council, vice-president. MARQUARDT, LOU ANN, Bison - B.M. in Music Ed.; Sigma Alpha lota; Band; F.T.A,; Second Generation Club; Choir; Orchestra. MARR5, WJLLQDENE, Dodge C.ty - B.M. in Musk Ed.; Choir. MILES, MARVIN, Hill City - B.S, in Bus. Adm.; Phi Sigma Epsilon, K-Club . MOECKEL, MERLYN, Sylvia - B.S. in Phys. Ed.; K-Oub; F.T.A. NEEDELS, DONNA, Rozel - B.S, in Elem, Ed.; Y.W.C.A.; F.T.A,; Home Ec Club. NEELLY, LARRY, Haviland - B.S. in Agric.; K-Club. NORRIS, JOYCE, Clayton - B.S. in Education; F.T.A. OFFERLE, MARILYN, Offerie - B.M. in Music Ed,; Band; Choir; F.T.A. OFFERLE, MAURI NE, Offerie - 8,5. in Home Econ- Band; Choir; Kappa Omieron, Phi; Home Ec Club- F.T.A, 41 OSBORN, -MARCIA, Meade - A.B. in Biology and Chemistry; Tiger- ettes; Band; Pre-Med Club; Panhellenic Council; Theta Sigma dps i Ion, president; Who ' s Who ' 55, PEARSON, LYNNETTE, McCracken - A.B. In English; Choir; Tiger- ettes; F.T.A.; PanheNenic Council; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Who ' s Who ' £5, PFLlEGER, MAYNARD, Densmore - B.S, in Agriculture. QUINT, DON, Dodge City - B.S. in Bus, Adm.; Kappa Sigma Kappa. REEVES, MORRIS, Beeler - B.$, in tod. Arts; Kappa Sigma Kappa; F.T,A. RIEDL, BERNARD, Scott City - B.S, in Agric.; Seventh Cavalry, president; F.T.A,; Student Council; Student Body, vice-president; Tau Kappa Epsilon, president; K-Club; Sophomore Class, presi- dent; Freshman Class, president; Who ' s Who ' 55. ROACH, RITA, lamed B.S, in Home Econ.; F.T.A,; Home Ec Club. RQMElSER, JOYE, Rush Center - B.S. in Home Eton.; W.L.O,, presi- dent; F.T.A.j Band; Choir; Campus Booster Council, president; Collegiate 4-H, vice-president; Home Ec Club; Kappa Omicran Phi; Second Generation Club, secret ary -treasurer; Panhellenic Council; Custer Hall, president; Sigma Sigma Sigma, president; Who ' s Who ' 55. ROWLAND, CATHRYN, Protection - B.S. in Phys. Ed.; Delta Sigma Epsilon, president; W.R.A.; Band; Tigereltes. RUMMEL, ELIZABETH, Otis - B.S. in Elem, Ed-; Chorus; F.T.A, SCHMIDT, MARION, Hays - B.S. in Phys. Ed. SCHULTE, BERNARD. Victoria - B.M. in Music Ed.; Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Newman Club, SGHMIDTBERGER, ALVINA. Victoria B.S, in Elem. Ed.; Newman Club; F.T.A. ; I R C, SCHNEIDER, JOHN, Quinter — B.S. in Elem, Ed.,- F.T.A. SEE, CHARLES, Ransom - A.B. in Chemistry; Pre-Med Club, presi- dent; German Club; Who’s Who J 55. SElBEL, DARRELL, Ellis — B.S. in Agric,; Collegiate 4-H; Sigma Tau Gamma. SEUSER, VIRGINIA, Bison - B.S, in Elem. Ed.; Little Theater. SHORES, NORMAN, Goodland B.M. in Music Ed.; Band; Phi Mu Alpha, S I GR I ST, NANCY, Hays — B.M. in Music Ed.; Choir, secretary; Band; F-T.A,; Sigma Sigma Sigma, recording secretary. SIRE, EVA LOU, Colby — B.M. in Music Ed-; Choir; Band; F.T.A.; Collegiate 4-H; Sigma Alpha lota. SLAGLE, ALICE, Hugoton - B.S, in Art,- W.R.A.; Collegiate 4.H secretary,- Kappa Pi, president; U.N.E S.C.O. SMILEY, MARIANNA, Hays - B.S, in Elem. Ed, SMITH, ARLENE, Trousdale - B.M. in Music Ed., Band; FT A- Choir; Second Generation Club; Sigma Alpha lota. SMITH, GUIDO, Leoti — B.S. in Zoology; Choir, SMITH, STUART, Hays - B.S. in Phys. Ed,? Phi Sigma Epsilon, SNOOK, ERNEST, Ford - B.S. in Botany,- K-Club; Y.M.C.A.; Campus Booster Council; Delta Sigma Phi, vice-president. SPAN I r THOMAS, Chase - B.S, in Phys, Ed.; F.T.A. SPEIER, MARVIN, Hays A.B. in History; I.R.C., president- FTA- Newman Club. 42 Seniors Class of ’55 STADELMAN, GILBERT, Hays -- B,5. in Ind. Am; Newman Club; F.T.A.; Second Generation Club; Orchestra. STEFFEN, DU AWE, Burdett — B.S. in Fhys. Ed.; Phi Sigma fpsilon; K-Club; Campus Booster Council; FT. A. STEIIZ, MAYNARD, Bison - B.S. in Bus, Adm.j German Club; Sigma Tau Gamma, STEPHENSON, PAUL, Burrton - 6,5. in Rhys, Ed.; Kappa Sigma Kappa; K-Club. SWEAZY, BOG, Colby — B.S. in Ind. Arts; K-Club; F,T,A, THOMAS, VERA, Hays - B.S. in Elem. Ed, THORNBURG, LEROY, Bloomington - B.S, in Biology; Phi Sigma Epsilon. TOKUSHIGE, DOROTHY, Kaneohe, Hawaii - B.S. in Elem. Ed.; Cheerleaders; Collegiate 4 H; U.N.E.S.C-O., secretary; Y.W.C.A Tigeretles; Campus Booster Council; Sigma Sigma Sigma, TRACY GILBERT, Waldo — A.B. in Pol, Science; German Club, treasurer; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Second Generation Club; Band.- Chorus. TRAPP, HERMAN, Russell A.B. in English; F.T.A.. German Club. URBAN, ED J., Hays — A.B. in English; German Club, president; Leader, editor; Newman Club; Seventh Cavalry. VOGELGESANG, CALVIN. Spearville B.S. in Bus. Adm,; Second Generation Club, WADE, KEITH, Chase — A.B. in Speech; Pre-Med Club; Kappa Sigma Kappa. WALLACE, BILL, Esbon B.S. in Mathematics; Phi Sigma Epsilon; Math Club. WALTERS, GEORGE Abilene - B.S. in Biology; F.T.A.; Leader; I.R.C.; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Campus Booster Council. WEAVER, RAYMOND, Greensburg B.S. In Agric.; Sigma Tau Gamma; Collegiate 4-H, WlESNER, ALFREDA, Hays B.S. in Elem. Ed,; Collegiate Uptowners; Second Generation Club; Newman Club; F.T.A, WILSON, GARNET, Hugoton A.B. in Speech; Little Theater, president; F.T.A,, secretary; W.L.O.; Campus Booster Council: Wesley Hall, secretary; Alpha Psi Omega; Who r s Who ' 55. WOOD, WILMA, Trousdale - B.$. in Elem. Ed.; F.T.A. WOOLERY, DAVE, Buck I in A.B. in Mathematics; Sigma Tau Gamma. YANCY, KENNETH, WaKecney - B.S, in Agric. YOUNG, COLENE, Salina - A.B, in Speech; Sigma Alpha lota; Little Theatre, ptes ' dent; Choir; Second Generation Club; Alpha Psi Omega. YUNK, NICK, Osborne A.B. in Mathematics; Math Club; Seventh Cavalr y; Student Council; Student Body, president; Newman Club; Kappa Mu Epsilon, pres; dent; Phi Sigma Epsilon, president; Who ' s Who ' 55. ZAHRADNIK, GORDON, Wilson - B.S. in Art; Band Manager; Campus Booster Council; Collegiate 4-H, reporter; Orchestra; Choir; Reveille, ediror; U.N E.S.C.O.. president; Kappa Sigma Kappa; F.T.A., vice-president; Kappa Pi, president; Residence Hall, secretary-treasurer. 43 FIRST ROW ANDERSON, JOYCE Nickerson AN S RAUCH, MARY Codell A$H r LYLA Mankato BAUER, BARBARA Radium BEIL CAROLYN Harlan BELTZ, CHARLES Ulysses BEOUGHER, KENNETH Grinnell THIRD ROW CUSTER, KATHLEEN WaKeeney DARNELL, CAROL . . Osborne DE I TER, CLARA Hunter DIBBLE, TERRY Alton DIXON, ROSE Great Bend DOUGLASS, ELEANOR Mullinville DWYER, DON Hugoton SECOND ROW BOLTON, BILLY Smilh Center BRAY, EARL . Phi I lipsburg BRETHAUWER, LLOYD Sr. Francis CLARKE, JOHN Medicine Lodge CORKE, FRANCES Sludley COX, BEVERLY Lakin CUMMINGS, KEITH Tescott FOURTH ROW EASTER, CORDELIA Hays EMBREE, BILLIE Garden City ESTES, RONALD Kanorado EVANS, MARY . Gove FAUROT, ROBERT Sublette FRENCH, RUTH Jefmore FRYDENDALL, MERRILL p on s Juniors 44 Class of ' 56 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS EVAN SUMMERS President CAROL DARNELL ...... V ice- Pres idem JOYCE RENBERGER Seer e I ary- Treasurer GARDNER, MELVIN GEENEM, MARIE GIBSON, BOBBY . . GIBSON, MARY JO GIBSON, SANDRA . , WjKeency 01 it . . . . Tribune , . . . . Chase Garden City GOLDEN, BEVERLY GRIMES, MERLIN . HARRISON, CLELL HARTMAN, LOREN HARVEY, LYLE ... Oberlin Alton Grinnel I . , Otis Quinter HA2ELL, DON HEBERLEE, MARILYN HEITSCHMIDT, LARRY HIEBERT, JEAN .... HILTON, ALICE .... Turon Spearvllle Holy r ood Great Bend Dodge City HILTON, RONALD . HOHNER, JUDY . . , HUDGENS, JAN . . . ISAACSON, MARY . ISOM, OLIVER . . Dodge City . . , , . Ulysses , . . . Central City, Neb. Osborne Lebanon JACOBS, ROBERTA . JAGGER, LOIS JOHNSON, MARILEA JOHNSON, MERLYN . JOHNSON, ROSS . . Hays Minneapolis . , , . . Gove Agra . l Solomon 45 FIRST ROW KEADY, EUGENE Dighton KELLERMAN, DALE Stuttgart KELLY, ALLURE Jewell KNOLL, OMER ... . Victoria LAYMAN, MARVIN Hay LEONARD, LAMONA . . Smith Center LESSOR, LAVERNE WaKeeney McCartney, juliene Hays THIRD ROW METHENY, DELMAR lenora MILANO, JERRY Plainville MILDREXLER, JOE . Cawker City MILLER, MARILYN Byrdeti MILLER, JAY . Dellvale MOODY, NOVA , ■ ■ WaKeeney MOORE, DONALD Copeland SECOND ROW McDANELD, DONALD McPherson, helen . MAGLARAS, TOMMY MARCONNETTE, HAROLD MARRS, JAMES MELVILLE, BETTY MERZ, VIOLA . . t MESSINGER, NORMAN . . . . , . . Portis Ellinwood Garden City . . . Jet more Dodge City , , , . Sylvia . . . Natoma Traer FOURTH ROW NEFF, JEN Hays O ' HAIR. DONALD Scott City ORTIZ, GUSTAVO Goodland POST, CARLENE . . Fowler PRESLEY, JOYCE Rolla PRICE, DONALD , Hays RAINES, BOB Stockton Juniors 46 Class of " 56 raven, WILLIAM Bush I on REINERT, KENNETH Bloom REN BERGER, JOYCE LaCrosse RICHARDSON, WARY . Zurich ROBERTS, MARILYN Ruiiell ROTH, WILLIAM Ellsworth ROUSE, JUDITH Norton RUDER, JAMES Hays SCHMITT, SHIRLEY - Seolt City SCOTT, DUANE ■ ■ ■ ■ Hill City SELENSKY, RICHARD SEUSER, LESTER SHROYER, GEORGE SIEMSEN, BRUCE SMISCHNY, DONALD . . Park . , . Bison Miltorwale Holy rood Ellsworth STAPP, SHIRLEY STONES, CHARLES . SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH SUMMERS, EVAN .... SUTTON, MARI LYN . , ,,,,,, Hays , , , , . . . . Bird City Colorado Springs, Colo. Satanta . . Ensign SWISHER, DALE .. THOMAS, SHIRLEY THOMPSON, DORIS THOMPSON, MARY UNRUH, KLINE Gypsum PlainvElle Bordet t Good land . . Lamed WALTER, DALE WELLING, PATRICIA WERNER, BARBARA WERTH, ALLEN WOLFRAM, LOIS , , Sylvan Grove Hays . , , , , Cheyenne Wells, Colo. Schoenchen Herndon WOOLERY, JEAN WYATT, REVA . , WYATT, WENDELL YOST, MARTHA . YOUNG, DELORES , MullinviNe Hays ...... Hays , . . LaCrosse . Madssville 47 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS MARIE ELDER , . . , GARY COULTER , , JUANITA KQBLER . Secretary-Treasurer FIRST ROW AG NEW, HELEN Great Bend ALBRECHT, FRIEDA . . ALLEN, DAVID Greensburg ALPERS, WARREN SECOND ROW ANDERSON, BARBARA ANDERSON, JERRY ANDERSON, SANDRA OberJin ARMSTRONG, DONALD THIRD ROW ARNOLD, JEAN Hays ASHER, ESTHER Gr t Bend BAKER, WRAY ANN Wilson BAIOOCK, BILL , Paphos FOURTH ROW BALL, GENE Mansion BALLARD, CAROL Hay i land BALLARD, LEONARD Webber SANDEL, ALBERT Francis BARRETT, CLAUDE Quints BARSTOW, M, ARLAN Macksvllle BECKER, GARY ... Great Bond BERBL1NGER, DONALD , Alden FIFTH ROW BERENS, VERNON Walker BERTRAM, JENNIE Hays BlGHAM, BILL Great Bend BLANCHARD, ROBERT Hutchinson BLANKENBURG, LILA Oakley BOEDEKER, JIMMIE Naloma BOLLINGER, MACK Nkkerson BRACK, DENNIS Qlis SIXTH ROW BRAINARD, DAVE Selden BREATHOUWER, MELVIN Prairie View BRISON, DONALD , Macksville BROOKS, JOHN . . . . Englewood BROWN, BILL Fond BURNETT, DON Hays BUSER, DON Cawker City BUTCHER, JOE Cimarron Sophomores, Class of ’57 48 FIRST ROW THIRD ROW FIFTH ROW BULKLEY, TOM Fowler CALDWELL, LOYS Harlan CALLAWAY, DONALD Concordia CAMPBELL, ALBERT Kirkwood, Missouri CAMPBELL, PAT Hays CASTLE, CORAL Li Norton CHAFFEE, CATHERINE Burden CHRISTENSEN, PATTY LOU . . Great Palis, Montana DOUGLASS, JOHN Mull invi lie DRYDEN, ELAINE Stockton DUFFQRD, JAMES Minneola EASTER, JAMES Hays EITEL, BOBBIE Grigston ELDER, FRANCES Bison EIDER, MARIE Hays ELIAS, ANN LaCrosse FELLERS, WINIFRED Hays FISHER, CAROLYN Great Bend FOOS, FLOYD Ness City FOOTE, ALLISON Chase FRAZIER, TWILA . Athol FRITSCHE, GAY Bloomington GABEL, DARRELL Ellis GALLION, LEONA . . Grinnell SECOND ROW COOK, KENNY Hays CONINE, SHIRLEY Scott City COULTER, GARY Oberlin DAHLKE, JOANNE Phillipsburg DAVIDSON, DOYLE Scott City DEIGHTON, LORENA Utica DIXON, THELMA Hanston DOUGLAS, SHIRLEY Kismet FOURTH ROW ERBERT, RUDDIE Ellis ERICKSON, PHILUP Record EULERT, DONALD Paradise EVANS, CHARLES Hays EVELEIGH, DOROTHY Otis FARBER, FORD He ie FEIST, DONALD Ellinwood FELLERS, ROBERT Ashland SIXTH ROW GARRISON, SHIRLEY Hill City GEENAN, GEORGE Grinnetl GLEASON, BOB Seward GOETZ, IAUREEN Victoria GOETZ, GERALD Vicioria GRAVER, JOY Rush Center GREEN, JAMES Hays GRIFFIN, CONNIE . Lyons 49 FIRST ROW GUNTHER, CHARLOTTE Shields GUSTAV SON, KENNETH Kackley HARDING, FLOYD .... Goodiand HAIPAIN, CHARLES B hton HARPER, VIRGINIA Gorham HARVEY, FRANCIS Protection HAYES, NORMA . Hoijingtcn HEGWER, TOYA ... . Codell THIRD ROW HORNING, VIRGIL ..... Ransom HOTT, PAUL . Hays HOUSER, MERL Paradise HULL, MARY Medicine Lodge HUME. BOB banter JANOUSEK, JOYCE . . . Ellsworth JEFFERY, VIRGINIA Morland JOHNSON, N ORMA . Agra FIFTH ROW KOHLS, EVERETT EHinwood KOHLS, GAIL . , . , . Ellinwood KGLLMAN, LOUiS Wood start KOMAR EK, KATHLEEN Ellinwood KRUG, SHIRLEY ... Bazin KUILBOM, STANLEY Hugoton KUMP, JACK Oberlin LAGERBERG, PHYLLIS s lina SECOND ROW HEINZE, JEANNETTE Greensburg HELLMER, JOHN Westphalia HERREN, ALBERT ... Hays HESTER, MARIE Galatia Hi EBERT, JACK , Great Bend HOGSETT, VIRGINIA . . Hays HOLSMAN, CAROL Bogue HONN, RICHARD Hugoton FOURTH ROW JOHNSON, DALE JOHNSON, JOHN JONES, CAROL . KAISER, EDWARD KAN ARD, TOM . . KARRAKER. JACK KNITIG, CARL . . KOBLER, JUANITA Gove . Osborne . Woodston Ph i I lipsbutg ■ . . . Russell . . Abilene Rex ford Hays SIXTH ROW LANTZ, DON . . . LEJKER, NORMA . LEMON. DENNIS LlTZ r MARG ARET LOGAN, SHIRLEY LONG, KEITH . LONG, ROSEMARY LOWRY. KEITH Bunker Hill Hays . . . . Port is Good land Oberlin . . Johnson Jamestown Abilene 50 F lift ST ROW THIRD ROW FIFTH ROW MARCUM, KEITH Turon MARRS, VIRGIL - ■ ■ Fowler MARTIN, GLEN Scott City MARTIN; JIM Gu inter MAXWELL, ANITA Quinter MAYHEW, GARY Plalnvide McCOY, THEODORE . . Codell McOJE, HAZEL Logan MILLER, ROBERT Scott City MILLER, RONALD Elmo MINIUM, PATTY . Morland MITCHELL, HAROLD , St. Francis MITCHELL, MARVEL Osborne MOHN, KARL Ellinwcod MOORE, DONITA Burden MOORE, JIM Protection NEAL, DEAN Hayi NEEDELS, FOSTER Hays NEEDELS, PHYLLIS Hays NELSON, JANETTE Obarlin NELSON, REX Lincoln NELSON, VIVIAN Lincoln NEWTON, RAY Fowler NICKEL, JOHN l Croue SECOND ROW McDaniel, lee wichita Me REYN OLDS, CHESTER Natoma MEIER, MYRON Selina MEISENHEIMER, LENORA Haviland MERKEL, DANIEL . . Garfield MESSER, MILFORD Rexford METCALF, JACK Danbury, Neb, MILLER, GWEN Russell FOURTH ROW MOOS, HARRY Rlamville MORGAN, ARLYN Rolls MORLAM, MARJORIE . Protection MORSE, HOWARD LaCrosse MOSIER, MARILYN Hays MOUNTAIN, JANIS Ada MUNSELL, DARRELL . Hays MURRAY, LOUIS Scott City SIXTH ROW NICKERSON, BILL . - Bushfen NORTON, LEE Utica NUCKOLLS, DOROTHY Burden OWENS, GAYLENE Burrton PALMER, POLLY ■ . Hays PARR, RODNEY Pierceville PAULEY, GARY Stockton PELLANT, JOHN Aurora 51 FIRST ROW PERKINS, BARBARA Elkhart PETTY, DONALD Utica PFANNESTIEL, IRENE Hays PFEIFER, ALLEN Morlend POPPE, WELDON . . . Cimarron PO WERS, DORENE . , Gove PRATT, DELORIS Alton PRIDDY, ARTHUR Kanopolis THIRD ROW ROBINSON, JANICE H ill City ROOT, EDDIE Radium RUMPEL, MAX Ogallab RUSCO, VAUNITA Great Bend RUSSELL, DEAN Hoxie SAVELY, JACK Kingsdown SAYLOR, MARY LOU Albert SCHEUERMAN, SOLJTA Healy FIFTH ROW SIDENER, RICHARD Ada SIDESINGER, MARVIN Colby SIEMSEN, DALE Holyrood SIMMONDS, DENNIS Hill City SIMMONS, SONYA Lamed SIMON, KENNETH Scoti City SIMPSON, RICHARD p 0ft i SIRE, DEE Colby SECOND ROW RADER, JANET ENu RALSTlN, CELIA . ... Mvllirmlle RANEY, PEGGY Syracuse RASMUSSEN, CAROLYN Oberlin RUTH .... Wichita RICHMOND, NADINE Sa l ina RIEDL, DUANE Scott City ROBERTSON, EVALEE Montezuma FOURTH ROW SCHENK, REX . , Coldwater SCHEURMAN, JERRY $ ison SCHLEGEL, LOIS otis SCHNEIDER, GARY Otis SCHREPEL, LESLIE Claflin SEIDL, HARLAN Qtis SHAW, DON Qberlin SHEARER, PAT Arnold SIXTH ROW SLAGLE, DOUGLAS . Hugoton SLOAN, CAROLE .... , ... Mullinville SMERCHEK, JULIA Greensbyrg SMOCK, AGGIE Concordia SNIDER, JOHN Raymond SOWNENBURG, DUANE Arnold SPIES, HOWARD Hay!l SPITSNAUGLE, KAREN WaKeeney 52 Sophomores, Class of ’57 FIRST ROW S PRICK, VIRGIL Prairie View STAAB, PAT Hays STEFFEN, DALE , . . Burdett STEGMAN, DENNIS Scott City STE1NLE, GORDON Russell STEINLE, MELVIN Dorrance STEWART, JOY ANN Healy ST. JOHN, GARY Hoisington SECOND ROW STOPPEL, PAUL Wilson STOCKSTILL, RICHARD Wichita STOSS, MARVIN Great Bend SYSTMA, BERT Hays TATUM, GEORGE Beloit THELEN, WILLIAM Stockton THOMAS, GLENN . , ... PlainvSIle THOMPSON, (YLA . Ulysses THIRD ROW TREXLER, PHYLLIS Hilt Cily TR0GDON, KEITH Hugoton TURNER, JOHN Pawnee Rock URBAN, MIKE Scoti City UNRUH, JANICE Pawnee Rock VAUGHAN, MARION Scott City VERNON, EVAN Norcatur VINCENT, LOYAL Long Island FOURTH ROW VOSS, BILL Colby VOTH, DWIGHT Little River WALLACE, DONALD Alton WASINGER, BONNIE Protection WE8B, PATSY Minneola WEBER, JAMES Ellis WERTH, BARBARA Hays WtCKIZER, RHETlS WaKeeney FIFTH ROW WIESNER, ARLENE Hays WIKOFF, WESLEY Hays WILLSON, WAYNE Ellin wood WILSON, GENE . Little River WING, DALE Hays WITT, JAYNE Hays YOUNG, KEITH Macksville ZIEGENBALG, MELlA JANE Cawker City 53 Ackerman, Ronald; Larned Agnew, Kenneth; Great Bend Alderman, James; Stockton FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer Bob Samples . . Jim Niernberger Kay Tucker . . Allen, Shirley; Satanta Alley, Clyde; W Urn ore Anderson, Delbert; Healy Anderson, Edward; Hugoton Anderson, Joanne; Nickerson Ann is, Alberta; Oakley Appel, Harley; Garfield Appellate, Daniel; Hill City Archer, Lois; Dens more Ash mere, Lawrence; Syracuse Atkeson, Dale; Protection Au miller, David; Pawnee Rock Auston, Charles; Alexander Axman, Mary; Qlmttz Babcock, Delores; PhiNlpsbvrg Barnhill, Doras; Cimarron Barrett, Jo Ann; Lamed Bar stow, Robert; Larned Basgall, Rita; Hays Beckwith, Carrol Kay; Lamed Beckwith, David; Norton Beckwith, Keith; Lamed Beiser, Donald; lewis Bell, Pat; Hays Benson, Betty Ann; Scott City Bizek, Sherla; LaCrosse Baedeker, Loren; N atom a Boekhaus, Patty; Richfield Bowie, Lee,- Hgnston Brack, Marilyn; Leoti Brian, Ray; Monument Brinkman, Nancy; Stafford Brock, AugusT; Cawker City Brookhart, Karlynn? Ellis Brown, Bill; Hays Brown, Florence,- Arnold Brown, Francis; Hays Brown, Kenneth; Phillipsburg Brown, Timothy; Great Bend Brongardt, Doreen; Hays Borandt, Diedra; Belleville Burk, Shirley; Brewster Burris, Marthann; Hays Byrum, Alvin; Garfield Castor, Billy; Utica Carlin, Harry; M i It on vale Freshmen 54 of 1958 lauldwflll, Richard; Holyrood Ihadd, Jerry; Greensburg hard, Patricia; Lincoln Ihegwidden, Don; Bunker Hilt Hark, James; Hays Ilawion, Marlin; EM in wood " ole, Marianne; Greer Bend ' .onard, Shirley; Ho ie lonnalfy, Ollier Collyer Cooper, Garold; Great Bend Cramer, Mildred; Healy t Crist, Mary; Syracuse Danielson, George? Hays Dean, Evelyn; Wheeler DeBoer, Wanda? Prairie View van Zyll de Jong, Tyn; Hilversum, Hoh )tnio, Maralyn? Haviland Jetliner, Dorothy; Great Bend Jeutscher, Carol; Ellis ieti r Melvin; Hill City Joran, Lawrence; Wilson lorman, Joan; WaKeeney Jrees, Sylvia; Hays Jugan, Margaret; Alton Jural!, Edwin? Pawnee Rock fykes, Colleen; LaCrosse fykes, Donald; LaCrosse :arl, Janet; Hays larley, Don; Formosa Idwards, Bonnie; Utica i$enhour, Willard; Stafford lllis, Irvin; Johnson migh, Ava; Formosa ngel r Betty; Ellis ngel, Harold; Hays pps, Ronnie; Miama, Ok la. stes, Hazel; Kanerado vans, M ar i ly Ft; Ho lyrood vel, Vernon; Utica agan, Evelyn; St r John arrell, Maurice; Hill City ee se , Alvin; H ugo ton errell, Benard; Lakin ief, Ronald; Larne d ilbert, Mary Ann; Ness City inney, Don,- Great Bend innin, Dick; Ness City oster, Erna; Lenora ooser, Lloyd; Scott City owler. Curbs; WaKeeney ost, Glenda; Hays rceborn, Mildred; Gaylord rench, Leonard; Jetmore ritschen, Richard; Dorrance rifts, Mary Ann; WaKeeney ronterhouse, C. V,; Grt. Bend ross, Rita; Hays Jabel, Darrell; Ellis iager, Eldon; Woodston Jallentine, John; Clayton iamhte, Sammie; Elkhart Gardner, Marjorie; Wakeeney jarrett, Eugene; Claflin Jaug han , La r ry ; E 1 1 i n wood 55 Geil, Audrey; Great Bend Gibler, Robert; Great Bend Gibson, Dellas; Rose I G i I ber t, R obtrt; Pfainville Gilleland, Ronald; PlainvfHe Giliiipie, Eldon; Levant Gish, Kendall; Glen Elder Glick, Gary; Larned Godfrey, Thomas; Abilene Gooder, Dona Id; Dell vale Goes, Dennis; Albert Gorsky, Gary; Collyer Gosser, Edna; Hays Graves, Gary; Healy Greenwood, William; Carlton Greer, Ann; Great Bend Griffen, Shirley; Hays Groff, Rae Mona,- Ellis Grumbein, Albert; Ness City Gustafson, Alfred; Palco Hall, Glen; Moscow Hall o w ay, Dou g la s; Alton Hamel, Robert; Zurich Hand, Colleen; Kanopolis Hanna, Gary; Penokee Hargardine, Gerald; Kinsley Harmon, John; Lamed Harper, Elaine,- Gorham Harris, Elizabeth; Stockton Harrison, Bob; Ulysses Harrison, Weymeth; Pratt He inti, Carolyn; Co Id water Heinie, Patricia; Greensburg Henderson, John; luka Henry, Donald; Norton Henry, Marvin; Norton Henry, Sybil; Bush ton Heme I, Delbert; Park, Herron, Mary Ann; Cimarron Hill, Neal; Good land Hitchcock, Judy; Great Bend Hobble, Ha; Tipton Hoberecht, Thelma,- Grt. Bend Hogue, Catherine; Good land Holm berg, Ward lie; Oberlin Homburg, Alfred; Ellis Horak, Joyann; Wa Keeney Horn, Dale; Great Bend Hoss, Mary; Leo«i Houston, Duane; Ellis Howe, Ben; Paradise Howe, Robert; Stafford Huffman, Richard; Kanopolis Hull, Donald; Waldo Hull, Russell; Hill City Hu let, Gary; Osborne Ingram, Victor; Dresden Jamison, Edward; Quinter Janke, Marsha; Alexander Janzen, Loren; Scoit Ci)y Jecha, Jim; Timken Jeffus, Barbara,- Oberlin Jennings, Belty; Bison Johann ing, Artene; El inwood Freshmen 56 Class of 1958 Johnson, Sill; Great Bend Johnson, Dan; Hays Johnson, Delbert; Gove Johnson, Harold; Good land Jones, Barbara,- Bird City Jones, Carl; Hoisington Jones, Veleda Rae; Great Bend Jorgensen, Marietta; Beloit Karlin, Annette,- Hays Ksm;, Gary; Green sburg Karst, Gary; Great Bend Keller, Norman; Seward Kerbs, Mary Ann,- Otis Kern, Francis,- Paleo Kerr, Houston; Lakin Kilpatrick, Patricia; Ellinwood Kimmel, Willard; Norton King, Marilyn; Shady Bend Kirkpatrick, Mike; Selina Kissel, Donald; Atwood Kittell, Barbara; Cold water Klug, Welter; Greensburg Knoll, Lester; Victoria Koehn, Louis; Safina Kohl, LaVerne; Ellis Kraus, Lome; Albert Krug, Morris; Russell Kufeld, Roland; Great Bend Kuhn, Norma Jean; Gorham „aeger, Marvin; Qu inter .affingwell, V er na lea; Lakin .amb, Douglas,- Macksvitle ,ent£, Margaret; Salina aw, Philip; Oberlin ebsack, Katherine; Otis eg lei ter, Bernadette; LaCrosse eg letter, Margaret; LaCrosse eikam, Aletta; Victoria emon, Ronald; Norton ewalien, Barbara; Colby ewis, Marilyn; Plainville itienberger, Lois; Brownell ofsteod, Gary; Ellis primer, Jacquelyn; PhilNpsbg ouis, Raymond; Chase ovitt, Peggy; Utica use, Thomas; Co id water McClellan, Nelda; Glade AcConkey, Darius; Quin ter Aclntyre, Connie; Rexford flclaughlin, Jimmie; Protection AcWhirf, Mary; Bunker Hill A a i , Vernon; Hill City flaloney, Mary; Great Bend flank e r De tores; Chase Aarlow, John; Albert terrs, Wendle; Fowler ' aybew, Michael; Plain ville leier, Janice; Bunker Hill ' .erkel, Bill; Garfield ieri , Luc i I !e; N atpma iles, Joleen; Jewell filler, Bobby; Phillipsburg Vi Her, Everett; LaCrosse 57 Miller, Larry; Agra Miller, Nell; Larned Miller, Wayne; Deerfield Milton, Ernett; Natoma Moler, Donna; Garden City Moody, Robert; Satanta Moon, Ralph; Burr Oak Moore, Bob; Hay a Moreland, Patricia; Hays Morgan, Harold; Roll Mors e, Carol Jo; LaCrosse Morse, Erma; Sharon Springs Moyer, Velda; Ellsworth Myckey, Jean; Mankato Mueller, Charles; Kingman Mulder, Darrell; Logan Nelson, John; Hays Nelson, Virgil; Vesper Nelson, Virginia; Ogallah Nicholas, Allen; Geneseo N ier n ber ger , J a me s; Ellis Noah, Georgians; Plainvii.e Nobel, Eugene; Stockton Ochs, Glenna,- Bison Oeiken, Charlene; Albert Orr, Altie; Woodston Osfdick, V.; Bankelman, Neb. O ' Toole. Peggy; Arnold ' Qrte, Marilyn; Great Bend Palecek, Donald; Mu n den Palmer, Bryan; Prairie View Palmer, Patricia; Hays Parker, Gary; Medicine lodge Patterson, A liss; Phiilipsburg Paul, Nancy; Randall Pauley, Sharlene; EM inwood Peacock, Patricia; Great Bend Peliel, Donald; Hays Pennington, Janice; Oakley Peterson, Deanna; Lindsborg Peterson, Kermit; Little River Peterson, Mary Jo; Alton PfannensteiJ, James; Quinter Pflieger, Del mar; Densmore Phillips, Sarah; Great Bend Pitman, Lynn; Mineola Pitman, Max; Green sburg Pounds, Wanda; Brewster Pratt, Virginia; Studley Price, Loretta; Hays Pryor, George; Ellin wood Purer, Alfred; Liberal Purvis, Carolyn; Weaken P yea He, Jane; Hugoton Rabtin, Gay la; Mull invi lie Ralston, Leila; Mullinville Rasmussen, Robert; Lincoln Reeder, Shirley; Collyer Reitzel, Maurice; Natoma Renberger, Duane; LaCrosse Renfro, Patsy; Montezuma Rickey, Jack; Philtipsburg Riedel, Carol; Bison Riedel, Glenda; Bison Freshmen 58 Class of 1958 ' iner, Oeryl; Great fiend lob bins, Sue? Wichita loedel, Dean; Oberlin ' ogers, Grant, Hill City .■ogers, Neil; St, Francis llOth, Mary Ann; Hays othgeb, Shelia; Russell ' umbaugh, Myrna; Hays vise I, Roger; St. John yan, Peggy; Lincoln ample , Bob; Ho ie :herf, Timothy; Collyer iheuerman, Robert; Bison :hnatTer|y, Harry; Hays :hultJ r Donald; Pawnee Rock dhwien, Gerald; Bazine eal, Laura; Syracuse helton, John; Norton chenk, Albert; Hays ;henk, Shirley; Go Id water :hmidt, Marlene; Hays zhmidlberger, Luann; Hays chon lew, Gary; Satanta naffstall, James; Lincoln taw, Willard; Oberlin took, Duane; Plainville dener, Dennis; Ada mpson, Wilda; Plainville res, Donald; Grinned ;.ov, H i I ma ; Den ma r k agle, John; Ness City can. Iris; Norton mth, Jerry; Coldwater nith, Bill; Gorham 100 k, Peggy; Ford liners, Mon ice; Formosa , iaulding, Don; Phillipsburg ilitter, Willard; Utica aab, Clare; Catherine . acy, Raymond; Clayton Sand age, Ferrill; Plainville .ecktine, Donald; Ogallah . eo h e n s , L loyd ; P la i n v i 1 le iricker, Dean; Russell robe I, John; Great Bend ; utterheim, Mary; Prairie View utterheim, R. E.; Prairie View .iter, Bernice; Macksville Inderland, Norma; Saianra I atos, James; Pawnee Rock J enson; Lylian; Cimarron Jvink, LaVeste; Satanta Jvinson, Anna; Isabel ' pp, Myrna; Plainville ' rvin; JoAnn; Healy ylor, Virginia; St. John omas, Cecil; Fowler lompson, Earl; Palco ' 1 on, Delores; Healy lomburg, Marilyn; Osborne op, llene; Portis ' epfer, Janet; Hays 141, James; Gu inter lie, Roland; R ox bury 59 Traehael, Alan; Good land Trible r Delora; Paleo Trout t, Lila; Brewster Tucker, Kay; Paleo Van Amburg, Sheldon; Lincoln Van Meier, Earl; Carlton Vincent, Viols; Ulysses Violett, Kay; Russell Vin Zant, Irvin; Rlainville Vonfeldt, Shirley; Russell Wagner, Eugene; Bazine Wahlborg, Elgin; Ogsllah Walk, Mar ci He; Leoti Walker, Fra ncis; Weskan Walker, Mary; Brownell Wallace, Bud; Esbon Walter, Beverly; Protect ion Walters, Stanley; Sa tanta Walt, Leila; LaCrosse Wanker, Darrell; Palco Ward, Wanda; Waldo Ward, W inford; Hays Warren, Shirley; Hugoton Wasinger, Howard; Hays Wasinger, Rotanne; Hays Watkins, Phyllis; Sublette Watson, Celia; Utica Waymire, Oottie; Lakin Weaver, Polly; Bird City Webb, Donald; Lincoln Weber, Betty; Fowler Webster, Jerry; Paradise Weems, Catherine; Co I Iyer Weiss, Bill; Ellinwood Weiss, Joanne; Hutchinson Welch, Edwyna; Garfield Wellshear, Robert; Great Bend Welty, Connie; Hutchinson Wesley, LaVerne,- Ada West, Wilson; Healy White, Vernon; Paradise WMkenson, Wayne; Woodston Williams, John; Hays Williams, Roger; Ashland Wilson, Chester; Plainville Wilson, La Von; Hugoton Wilson, Peggy; Formosa Winchell, Ellen; Phillipsburg Windle, Leaford; MulIfnviNe Winkler, Nada; Rozel Woodrow, Wanda; Lakin Young, Elizabeth; Great Bend Yeager, Gerald; Baiine Young, Troy; Lamed Zelenka, John; Great Bend Ziegler, Robert; Collyer Zweifel, Betty; Waldo Freshmen 60 Graduate Students Acres, Corrine; Dodge Ciiy Deeter, Charles; Norcatur Jaoogsekj Arnold; Kanona Kellufn, Freda; Dodge City McGuire, Paul; HiN City Tarrant, Curtis; Bueklin Wilkens, Bob; Lorraine 61 63 Interfraternal Council FRONT ROW: Darrell Seibel, Clifford Lindahl, Norland Hoffman, Mack Bollinger. SACK ROW- Bryce Siemsen, Phillip Erickson, Donald O Hair. The promotion of the best interests of the fraternities, their members and the college is the purpose of the Inter- fraternal Council. Members of the Council, which acts as a coordinator for the fraternities, are representatives from each of the five social fraternities at Fort Hays State. BRUCE S1EMSEN President 64 FRONT ROW; Shirley Stepp, Phyllis Berlond. SECOND ROW: Helen Wolfe, Twillo Brown Key Hahn, Barbara Werth, BACK ROW: JoAnn Johnson, Morjeon Olson, Martha Yost, Sonyo Sim- mons, Cathryn Rowland- Panhellenic Council MARJEAN OLSON President The Panhellenic Council is composed of representatives from each of the four social sororities at Fort Hays State. This group serves to settle any problem which may arise among the four sororities. To stimulate interest in good scholarship, the Council awards a scholarship shield each semester to the sorority with the highest grode point. 65 w Alpha Sigma Alpha Tau Tau Chapter Local Establishment, T928 37 Chapters National Founding, 1903 President . . . Vice-President Secretary „ . . Treasurer . . . OFFICERS . _ HELEN WOLFE ... CAROL SLOAN LENORA MEISENHEIMER JOYCE ANDERSON This is the first year the Alpha Sigma Alpha ' s have lived in their house at 1405 Elm Andersen, Joyce Boekhaus, P lty Walker, Wary Ellen Warren, Sue Welsenheimer, Lenora Miller, Gwen Walking, Phyllis Webb, Palsy Mountain, Jams Wolfe, Helen 67 Delta Sigma Epsilon Rho Chapter Local Establishment, T925 47 Chapters National Founding, 1914 President . . . Vice-President Secretary , . , . Treasurer . . . OFFICERS CATHRYN ROWLAND DONNA GARRETT SHIRLEY GOES , MARILYN MOSIER Mosier, Mrs.. Elizabeth — Sponsor Kimball. Carol ftoth, Mary Ann Reed, Mrs. Twila— Sponsor Kirtell, Barbara Rowland, Cathryn Anspgugh, Mary Lou Kobler, Juanita Schenk, Shirley Conrad, Shirley Kraus, Lorn a Schmidt, Marlene WILLIAMS, MRS. MARGARET Housemother Fisher, Carolyn Leonard, La Won a Simmons, Sonya Gardner, Margie L swollen, Barbara Tapp, Myrna Garrett, Donna Minium, Pat Wall, Leila Heintz, Carolyn Moody, Wow a Wasinger, Bonnie Hitchcock, Judy Mosier, Marilyn Werth, Barbara Hghner, Judy Raulsfon, Leila Wdkerson, Joan Horyna, Elaine Roberts, Marilyn Wolfram, Lois 69 Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Gamma Chapter Local Establishment, 1925 52 Chapters National Founding, 1898 fv OFFICERS President KAY HAHN Vice-President PHYLLIS BERLAND Secretary . t ....... . DORIS THOMPSON Treasurer TWILLA BROWN Bees ley, Mils Alice- Arnold. Gwen Barrett, Evelyn Bdsg llr Rite Sponsor Borland, Phyllis Bo berger, Dee Brown, Twilla Bell r Carolyn Coster Kathleen Deiter, Clara Evans, Marilyn Connelly, 01 lie PARSONS, MRS, JAMES Housemother This is the first year that the Tri Sigmas have lived in an organized sorority house. The house was formerly occupied by Tau Kappa Epsilon and is located at 509 W. 12th, Evans, Wary Men, Vicki RusCb, Vaunita Hahn, Kay Miller, Marilyn Spirsr aug!e, Karen Hobbie, lla Mitchell, Marvel Thompson, Doris Hobbie, Marilyn Owens, Gaylene Tokushige, Dorothy Howell, JoAnn Pearson, Lynnetfe Walker, Margarei Jeffery, Virginia Romeiser, Joye Wickrier, Rhetis Johnson, Mar ilea Rouse, Judy Wilson, LaVoo 71 HMO Theta Sigma Upsilon Mu Chapter Local Establishment, 1928 23 Chapters National Founding, 1921 OFFICERS President MARTHA YOST Vice-President JULIENE McCARTNEY Secretary SHIRLEY SCHMITT Treasurer PAT SHEARER Coder, Mrs, Edna— Sponsor Holsman, Carol Pa finer, Polly Ballard, Carol Horak, Ann Pratt, Virginia Baker, Wray Ann Johnson, Jo Ann Richmond, Nadine Bohan nan, Barbara Jones, Carol Schmitt, Shirley Burris, Marthann Karlin, Annette Shearer, Pat 72 DAVIDSON, MRS. J. A. Housemother Though Theta Sigma Upsilon has had an organized house since their founding on this campus, they have lived in their present house at 409 W. 8th since 195T, Christensen, Partly Lou Clarke, Joyce King, Marilyn Ugerberg, Phyllis Smoefc, Aggie Stagg, Marcia DeBoer, Wanda LanlZj Margaret Stepp, Shirley ESder, Marie McCartney, Juliene Sytsma, Alberta Fok, Glenda Moreland, Pat Taylor, Virginia Hogseft, Virginia Morlan, Marjory Tucker, Kay Ho! m berg. Marcella Osborn, Marcia Yost, Martha 73 »M Delta Sigma Phi Gamma Omicron Chapter Local Establishment, 1953 72 Chapters National Founding, 1899 President . . . r Vice-President Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . . OFFICERS DONALD O ' HAIR JOE JEUNEK CHESTER McREYNOLDS . lee McDaniels JACOBS, MRS JOSEPHINE Housemother McDaniel, Lee O ' Hair, Don Erickson, Phillip Guitavwn, Kenneth Harrison, Clell Harvey, Lyte Shelton, John Simmondi, Dennis Snook, Ernest Ulrich, Gerald 75 Kappa Sigma Kappa : Phi Delta Chapter Local Establishment, 1946 46 Chapters National Founding, 1867 President , . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer , . , OFFICERS ALAN FEIST + BOB RAINES . ED KAISER DAVE HI EBERT Marple, Robers - Sponsor Sick el, Don Copper, Harold Fe-5T, Alan Wallerstedt, Waiter- Sponsor Bollinger, Mack De Jong, Tyn Feist, Don Bar stow, Marian Charvat, Van Dibble, Terry Foote, Ray BeckwfFh, David Clarke, John Duffprcf, James Frydendall, Merrill 76 STRECKEft, MISS EVA Housemother Since thetr establishment on the campus in. 1946, the Kappa Stgs have lived in fraternity house at 317 W. 7th. Grimes, Merlin Karns, Gary Messer, Milford ScH ever man. Bob Hiebert, Dave Keady, Gene Mi Her, Ronald Sch repel, Les Hiebert, Jack Ke Herman, D le Moore, Don Smijehny, Don Hollo way, Doug Kissel, Don Mu Mender, John Stephen 5 on, Paul Houser, Merl Knoll, Les Quin i, Don Likens, Bunnell Hu left, Gary Lemon, Joe Raines, Bob Voss, Bill Jones, Carl Louis, Gene Reeves, Morris Vinceor, Loyal Kaiser, Ed Major, Darrell Reitiel, Maurice Zahradnlk, Gordon 77 Phi Sigma Epsilon Zeta Chapter Local Establishment, 1 93 T 27 Chapters National Founding, 1910 OFFICERS President NICK YUNK Vice-President MELVIN GARDNER Secretary GILBERT TRACEY Treasurer . r LARRY MALSAM Fooi$ r Charles Sponsor CouUer, Gary Fauror, Be-b 00 1, Johr ' Dome, C(eo Fischlij Richard Cornwell, Lov el, Eulerf, Don Fooi r Floyd YUNK, MRS ANNA Housemother Frairier, Leo M,alsa«r! r Larry SmNh, Stuart Gardner, Me ' vm M.ildrexler, Joe Steffen, Ooane Isom, Oliver Miles, Marvin Summers, Evan johnson. Dale ftiner, Deryl Thornburg, Leroy Johnson, John Shroyer, George Tracy, Gilber Lindahl, Oxford Se ten sky, Dick W a 1 1 ace , Bill Mai, Howard Side singer, Marvin Yunk, Nick 79 Sigma Tau Gamma Eta Chapter Local Establishment, 1926 50 Chapters National Founding, 1924 OFFICERS President . DARRELL SEIBEL Vice-President JIM RUDER Secretary . MYRON MEIER Treasurer ... ..... KEITH CUMMINGS Archer,, Doyle Bogari, Queniii Cook, Kenneth Ashmere, Lawrence Ballard, Leonard Brown, William Chipman, Don. Cummings Keish Dowglass, John Becker, Gary Clark, James Farrell, John HOTT, MRS LUCY Housemother Grid ley, Ronald Neal, Dean ,Svatos r James Hayes, Curtis Nelson, John Swisher, Dale Homburg, Arthur Newlon, Ray Trechsel, Alan Kaempfe, Jerry Raven, William Wallers, Dale Mall, John, Ruder, Jim Weaver, Ray Meier, Myron Seibel, Darrell Wellshear, Roberi Merkel, Dan Snay, Dwight Wikoff, Wesley Moos, Harry Sleitz, Maynard Wing, Dale 8 ! Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Upsilon Chapter Local Establishment, 1942 1 04 Chapters National Founding, 1899 OFFICERS President , . . . JIM HINKHOUSE Vice-President BILL CONFER Secretary JIM GREEN Treasurer VIRGIL BEOUGHER ESeltz, Charles Burmeijl-er, Fritz Gibler, Robert B-eoygher, Kennelh Beougher, Virgil Chandler, Keilh Confer, Bill Gish, Kendall Green, Jim Bray, Dean Cooper, Gary HanneJ, Dean Brown, Tim Ftonlerhogse, Cclhaine Halpain, Duane HARSHBARGER, MRS NELLIE Housemother Henderson, Bob Rasmussen, Bob Turner, John Hint; house, Jim RiedL Bernard Urban, Mike Hoo, Pauli Riedl, Duane Wanker, Darrell Janzen, Loren Sh nff stall, Jim Wilkenson, Wayne Kufetd, Ronny Siemjen, Brute Wyatt, Wendell Mardn, Glenn Siemsen, Dale Zelenka, Jack Hazel I, Don Miller, Bob ' Sites, Don Heitschmidl, Larry Nickerson, Bill Spies, Howard 83 Student Council The Student Council is the instrument of student government on the campus of Fort Hays State. Members of the Council are the of- ficers from each of the four classes and the student body officers. Student representatives present problems of the student body to the Council and decisions are made by them. The Council sponsors Corral Day, which has become an annual event, student elections and a dance during Orientation Week. Dean E. R. McCa rtney is adviser for the group. ALAN FEIST President FRONT ROW: Kay tucker, Carol Darnell, Juanita Kobler, Alan Feist, Marie Elder, Joyce Renberger, Kay Hahn, secretary-treasurer. SACK ROW: Larry Malsam, vice-president, Evan Summers, Gary Coulter, Nick Yunk, Dean E. R. McCartney. Jack Niernberger, Bob Samples, Larry Heitschmidt, Dean Bray. 86 Student Body Officers Selected in a general election to carry student affairs between the student body and student coun- cil are the student body officers. The president pre- sides over meetings concerning matters of impor- tance to the whole student body. Student elections are organized by these officers who also serve as members of the Student Council. 87 Seventh Cavalry The Seventh Cavalry is composed of men students selected for outstanding leadership and scholarship abilities. Each year they offer four full-year scholarships to needy and deserving students. This group is often called upon to usher at school activities. As a special project they compile the Student Directory. BERNARD RIEDL President FRONT ROW; Bob Wilkens, Howard Mai, vice-president, Wesley Wikoff, Ray Kuril. BACK ROW; Bernard Riedl, Quentin Bogart, Dick Blanchard, Rolph Lamoree, secretory-treasurer, Don Burnett, Robert Sandmeyer, Mr. S V. Dalton, sponsor. NOT PICTURED: Nick Yunk, Ed Urban, Decan Brav 38 ft m-n 1 tn-tH w is »’ ■ .W -M I ffcl H f Iw. 8? »- t $ ItfKCi 4 AM ”47 i FRONT ROW: Barbara Bohannan, Orvileta Grace , Kay Hahn, historian. Lais Wolf- ram., Mary Jo Gibson, vice-president, Joye Romeiser, BACK ROW: Shirley Thomas, Garnet Wilson, Gwen Arnold, Barbara Drogt, Judy Blanker burg. secretary-treasurer, Janice Jelinek, Marie Geenen, Leona Landwehr. W.L.O. The Women ' s Leadership Organization on the campus is com- posed of young women who have shown outstanding qualities ne- cessary for leadership. Activities this year included decorating a Christmas tree in the Library,, making Easter baskets for the children in the Speech Correction Clinic and giving a Smarty Party in February for all women students who had a 2.5 or better grade average, JOYE ROMEISER President «i 39 U.N.E.S.CO. The U.N.E.S.C.Q. Council on the campus serves to promote knowledge of world relations through planned programs dealing with educational, scientific and cultural aspects. Membership is composed of representatives from the various campus organizations. The group sponsors a year ' s schooling for a foreign student here on the campus. This year ' s student is Tyn Van Zel deJong from the Netherlands. MARJORY MORLAN President FRONT ROW; Ann Elios, Janet Rader r Dorene Powers, Mary l ov Sayler, Beth Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Marjory Morion, I Ph i! lf P PaIs y ebb - ™IRO ROW: Tyn Van Zel deJong, Ed Kaiser, vice-president, Dan Merkel, re- porter. BACK ROW; Jerry Kaernfpe, Merlin Grimes, treasurer. 90 FRONT ROW; Dr. Leon Hepner, sponsor, Mary Anspaugh, treasurer, Doris Thompson, secretary, Oliver lsom r Merrill Fry- dendall, vice-president, Mr. Ed Martin, sponsor, SECOND ROW; Connie Griffin, Joyce Anderson, Vicki Mer;, Clara Dei ter, Marilyn Evans, Sonya Simmons, Phyllis lagerburg, Dee Sire, Garnet Wilson, Karen Spit naugle, Dotsie Tokushige. BACK ROW: Gordon Zahrodnilt, Glenn Martin, Bernard Riedl, Dean Neal, Duane Steffen, Don Hazell, Jim Baedeker, Dean Roe- del, Chester McReynolds. OLIVER ISOM President Campus Booster The Campus Booster Council ts composed of representatives of the various campus organizations. The group has as its pur- pose the promotion of school spirit through the organizing of pep assemblies. Another project of the Council is the building of per- manent decorations for use at Homecoming and other college events. Sponsors for the organization are Dr. Leon Hepner and Mr. Ed Martin. 91 Albertson, Fred Barr, C, Thomos Beesley, Alice Brooks, Doyle Burnett, Hugh Choguill, Harold Cunningham, Morton Dalton, Standiee Felten, Lucille Garwood, John Herndon, Geneva McCartney, Ernest Marple, Robert Martin, Edwin Moreland, William Moss, Joel Nutt, Katharine Reed, Homer Start, James Stopher, Emmett Thomas, Dollie Tomanek, Gerald Welty, Raymond Wooster, Lyman Zinsier, Harvey Pfii Kappa Phi, the national honor society, has as its purpose the promotion and rewarding of scholastic achievement. This is the second year that the chapter has been organized here at Ft Hays State. Phi Kappa Phi 92 Kappa Mu Epsilon Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national honorary mathematics fraternity. Members are those stu dents who are math majors or minors and can meet the scholastic standards. The objective of the group Is the fur- thering of higher mathe- matics. Blanchard, Richard Deeper, Charles Kurtz, Ray— V. Pr s, McDaneld, Donald Gumm, Robert Riedl, Bernard Jonousek, Arnold Yunk, Nick— Pres. Delta Epsilon Delta Epsilon Isa national society composed of mem- bers of the science faculty and seniors whose work is in any one of the sciences and has a high scholastic average. The purpose of the group is to promote a bet- ter understanding of the sciences. li 93 Barstow, Robert Beltz, Charles Bolton, Billy, Pres. Brungardt, Gilbert Gilbert, Robert Gleason, Bob Heitschmidt, lorry Howe, LeWallace Law, Philip Mall, John McCauley, Farrell Pauley, Gary Petty, Donald Price, Donald Schulte, Bernard Shores, Norman Phi Mu Alpha is a national professional music fraternity. The group fosters an appreciation of music and participates in campus musical activities. Men who are interested in music are eligible for membership. Phi Mu Alpha 94 Sigma Alpha lota Sigma Alpha lota is a national professional music fraternity for women. Members of the group are outstanding women musi c students and musicians. Participation in campus music activities is one of the organization ' s principal activities. AARY NAN ARNOLD President Arnold, Gwen Chaffee, Catherine Drag!, Barbara Dryden, £loine Elder, Francis Fellers, Winifred Hays, Norma Jelinek, Jams Johnson, Carol Lynn Landwehr, Leona, V.-Rres. Lunsford, Coral Marquardt, Lou Ann Miller, Gwen Moody, Nova Rader, Janet Sire, Dee Sire, Eva Unruh, Janice Wolfram, Lois Young, Colene 95 Kappa Omicron Phi is the national honorary home econom- ics fraternity on the Fort Hays State campus. It has as its ob- jective the furthering of home economics. Their projects include serving banquets and an annual tea for girls enrolled in home economics classes. Kappa Omicron Phi Beesley, Alice Sponsor Gibson, Mary Jo Johnson, Corgi L. Offerle, Mourine Berlond, Phyllis V. Pres. Grocey, Orvileto Pres. Leonard, Thelma Sec. Romeiser, Joye Treas. Geenen, Mane Heborlee, Marilyn McCartney, Juliene Roach, Rita The honorary dramatics fraternity on the Fort Hays State campus is Alpha Psi Omega. It is the goal of all students who are interested in dramatics. Membership is chosen on the basis of points earned through acting and technical work. Keichum, Harriet Hayes, Curtis Wade, Keen Herndon, Geneva Holt, Pool Sec. -Trees. Wilson, Garnet Brennan, Margaret Johnson, Carol L. V. Pres. Wilkerson, Jo Ann Fischli, Dolores Knitig, Corl Wyatt, Wendell Garrett, Donna Thompson, Mary Young, Colene Alpha Psi Omega 96 Caldwell, Eleanor Thorns, John Elder, Marie Goelz, Laureen— Sec.-Treas. Hinkhouse, Jim Kelley, Allure Lowry, Keith Milter, Marilyn Slagle, Alice-Pres. Zahrodnik, Gordon-V.P, Kappa Pi, national art fraternity, has a membership limited to outstanding art students, it has as its goal the promotion of art interest among college stu- dents of all departments and the development of unusual talents and abilities in the field. Each year the organization sponsors exhibits of world-known artists as well as work produced by students and faculty. This year they sponsored a series of Foreign Films, a faculty art exhibit, and played a leading role in community ac- tivities during National AH Week. Kappa Pi Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is a national honorary forensic fraternity. To become a member a student must be a participant in an intercollegiate forensic activity such as oratory, debate, dis- cussion or extemporaneous speaking. The objective of the group is to fuHher campus forensics. This year they sponsored a social hour for the high school teams debating on campus. Delegates were sent to the national con- vention from the group. Start, James,— Treas, Brown, Bill— Pres. Thompson, Mary-Sec. Mcllender, John Griffin, Connie Wilkerson, Joan 97 McCosh, Don President Blonkenburg, Judy Vice-Pres. Marple, Robert Sec. ' T reas. Interest and understanding in the field of social sciences is the overall aim of Pi Gamma Mu, national social science fraternity. To be elgi- ble for membership, a student must be a junior and have a high scholastic record. Pi Gamma Mu The purpose of Gam- ma Delta is to provide fellowship for Lutheran students on Fort Hays State campus. This is the second year for the or- ganization which is the local chapter of the Lutheran fraternity. Appel, Harley Karst, Gory Ochs, Glenno Boedeker, Jim Kellerman, Dale Oeiken, Charlene Baedeker, Loren Krug, Morris SteErle, Gordon Pres. Gusfavson, Kennett Vke-Pres. Lebsack, Katharine Steitz, Maynard Sec. Janke, Marsha Manke, Delores Treas. Walter, Dole Kaempfe, Jerry Men, Lucille Ziegenbolg, Mel la Jane Gamma Delta 98 Kappa Phi Kappa Phi, sorority for Methodist women, provides opportunity for church leadership for women students of Methodist preference. Activities of the group included caring for the church nursery each Sunday and at Christmas a caroling party and distributing boxes to needy families. Anderson, Sandro Arnold, Gwendolyn Arnold, Non Asher, Esther Benson, Betty Blanlcenburg, Judy Bohannon, Barbara, Pres. Dean, Evelyn Dixon, Thelma Douglas, Shirley Elder, Francis Elder, Marie Elias, Arm Evans, Marilyn Fellers, Winifred Graver, Joy Griffin, Shirley Hayes-, Norma Henry, Sybil Hogselt, Virginia Hall, Betty Horyna, Elaine Kobler, Juanita Long, Rosemary Morquardt, Lou Ann Mitchell, Marvel Moody, Nova Moore, Donita Krug, Shirley Kurtz, Twila Offerle, Delores Offerle, Marilyn Offerle, Maurine Peterson, Mary Rader, Janet Robertson, Evalee Romeiser, Joye Richmond, Nadine Saylor, Marylou Scheuerman, Solita Shearer, Pat Stopp, Shirley, Trea. Sullivan, Elizabeth Tokushige, Dorothy Than, Delores Trexler, Phyllis Slagle, Alice Smock, Aggie Swink, La Vesta Warren, Shirley Waymire, Dothe Wells, Pot Weiss, Joanne Winkler, Node Young, Delores, V,-Pres. Zweifel, Betty I Sigma Theta Epsilon Sigma Theta Epsilon is a fraternity for men of Methodist church preference. Members of the organisation strive to gain an understanding of church history, to train leaders and promote Christian fellowship. Naylor, Kfrk— Sponsor Sail, Gene— Treas, Bollinger, Mack Br othower, Melvin Dwyer, Don— Pres. Evans, Charles Geenen, George Gillispie, Eldon Kurtz, Roy Lamb, Douglas Lamoree, Ralph Major, Darrell Messinger, Norman— V.-Pres. Morgan, Arlin McRey molds, Harold Norton, Lee Parr, Rodney Feese, Alvin Pitman, Lynn Simpson, Richard Son nen burg, Duane Sprick, Virgil Steinle, Melvin Stutterheim, Robert Trogdon, Keith Vincent, Loyal Williams, J. D. Young, Keith— Sec. 100 FRONT ROW: Mary Axmcm, Polly Weaver, Maxine Schumacher, Loureen GoeU, Barbara Werner, Janice Schmidtberger, Annette Karlin, Irene Pf an nest] el, Joyce Janousek, Norma Kuhn. SECOND ROW: Fr. Cornelius Heim, advisor, Bernadette Legleiter, Shirley Vonfeldt, Clare Stoab, Kay Palmer, treasurer, Sylvia Drees, secretory, Arlene Johanning, Rita Bosgoll, Ollie Connally, Margaret Legleiter, Roe Mono Groff, Betty EngeL THIRD ROW: Robert Ruder, Alvina Schmidtberger, Janet Toepfer, Mary Roth, Beth Young, Mary Moloney, Margaret Liti, Alfreda Wiesner, Yvonne Osidik, Gilbert Stadel- mon, Andrew Rematore, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Eddie Duroll, Von Chorvot, Virgil Horning, Vernon Borens, Gerald Goetz, John Reliant, Williom Bissing, John Harmon, Harold Engel, Allan Worth. FIFTH ROW: Anthony Temcat, Victor Wiesner, Don Feist, Marvin Stoss, Laverne Lessor, Jim Pfannenstiel, John Henderson, Don Steckline, Wayne Miller. BACK ROW: Kenneth Stabb, Kenneth Broun, Alan Feist, Francis Kern, Richard Fritschen. Harlan Seidl, Qmer Knoll, Eugene Garrett, vice-president. MAXINE SCHUMACHER President Newman Club Tfie Newman Club is an organization of Catholic men and women on the campus. To promote relationships of spiritual and social value is the purpose of the organization. The group partici- pates in religious and social activities throughout the year. 101 Y.W.C.A. Young Women ' s Christian Association is an organization to promote higher ideals in every- day Jiving. Needy families are assisted each Thanksgiving and Christmas by gifts of food baskets from this group. Another pro[ect of the YWCA was visiting children ' s wards in the local hospitals. This year the members also enjoyed participation in a Twelfth Night party. PAT CAMPBELL President FRONT ROW: Allure Kelleys Mary Jo Peterson, Mary Hull, vice-president, Janice Pennington, Colleen Dykes, Yvonne Swenson, Pat Campbell. SECOND ROW: Nelda McClellan, Glenda Reidel, Marilyn Thornburg, Donna Moler, Peggy Snook, Margaret Dugan, Jolene Miles, Lois Litzenberger. THIRD ROW; Miss Garner, sponsor, Mori- bell Swenson, Arllss Patterson, Mary Ann Filbert, Jacquelyn Loremer, Beverly Cox, Dorothy Weymeyer, Betty Harris, Miss McCarroll, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Lois Cline, JoAnn Farvin, Ellen Winchell, Virginia Taylor, Gay Beth Fritsche, treasurer, Mary Slutterheim, Shirley Grifffin, Viola Vincent. BACK ROW: llene Tipp, Mildred Free- born, Iris Sloan, Winnie Fellers, secretary, Betty Webber, Alberta Annis, Dorene Powers, 102 FRONT ROW; Bill Castor, Wayne Wilken on, Gary Graves, Eldon Gillespy, Al Campbell. SECOND ROW; Dr Sam Hamilton, sponsor, Eugene Noble, Kermit Peterson, Jay Miller, Dannie Applegate. THIRD ROW; Richard Simpson, Marvin Henry, Bill Brown, Gary Brack, Dee Palmer, vice-president. FOURTH ROW: Robert SluMerheim, Melvin Breatbower, secretary-treasurer, Terry Dibble, James Marsh. BACK ROW: George Geenan, Virgil Spridt, Delbert Johnson, ALBERT CAMPBELL President Y.M.C.A. Opportunity for Christian experiences, for participation and for leadership are offered by the Young Men ' s Christian Associa- tion. Open to all men, Y.MX.A, helps men become better acquaint- ed on the campus. The purpose of the group is to unite in the desire to realize full and creative life. They work closely with the Y.W.CA. in their meetings and social functions. Dr. Sam Hamilton is faculty advisor for the group. 103 Future Teachers of America The Future Teachers of America is an organization of pros- pective teachers who plan to continue their careers in the field of education. The Fort Hays chapter of 140 members held four meetings this year. Serving as hosts for all educational conven- tions, including KSTA meeting and studying the aspects of the teaching profession were their projects for this year. F. T, A. y P K 1 Y JOHN FARRELL sponsors are Dr, Kirk Naylor and Dr. Calvin Harbin, President FRONT ROW: R. Wyatt, M. McDaneld, L. Landwehr, E. Rummel, W. Baker, D, Pratt, P. Minium, C- Jones, E, Hills, 0 . Tokushige, L Thomp- son, F, Corke, B. Melville, L Cline. SECOND ROW: D. Thompson, J. Anderson, B. Perkins, S. Logon, M. Walk, E. Harris, E. Welch, J. Nor- ris, M. Hester, M. Brothers, R. Dixon, M. Crist, M. Ziegenbalb, G Wilson, secretary, $. Steffen. THIRD ROW: S. Anderson, J. Blankenburg, C. Lunsford.. P. Wells, E. Horyna, 1. Marquart, R. Roach, P. Trexler, B. Golden, B. Bauer. A. Smack, J. Nelson, M. Howe, M. Gibson, treas- urer. FOURTH ROW: A. Smith, M. Hull, 3. Laisure, A, Schmidtberger, G. Arnold, B. Dragt, C. Johnson, L. Pearson, J, Johnson, D. Fischli, J. Heine. FIFTH ROW: M. Whithorn, R. Kurtz, D, Major, J, Ruder, C. Stone, D. Chipman, D. Boxberger, J, Romeiser, M. Geenan, B. Reidl, B. Confer, J. Hinkhouse. SIXTH ROW; G. Stcdelman, T. Spainy, H. Sprier, L. Robertson, K. Chandler, T, Maglaros, M, Reeves. V. Charvat, A. Brcmdeberry. SEVENTH ROW: G. Brundgardt, R, Fischli, C Howe, C. Hayes, L. Lessor, E. Kaiser, D. Srnisehmy. EIGHTH ROW; Naylor, sponsor, J. Aistrgp, D. Lunsford. 6 Faurot, L. Frazier, G. Zahradnik, vice-president, M. Frydendall. NINTH ROW: D. Schneider, L, Har vey, J. Farrell, A. Feist, W, McDaneld. BACK ROW; D Pellart, J. MiUrexler. D Steffen, H. Mai, O Isom. 104 FRONT ROW ' A, Herak, A. Elios, J. Anderson. S. Conine, N, Kuhn, C. Reidel, G, Reidd, M. Denio, S Srapp. SECOND ROW- E Dean, S. Anderson, M. King, K. Palmer, C. Watson, V, Taylor, M. McWort, J Anderson, M, Jonke, M. Anspcugh, M, Arnold. THIRD ROW; M, Hobbie, I. Hobbie, A. Smith, G, Arnold, B. laisure, L Marquort, W. Mors, M. Frill, C Hand, F r Albriegt, L Leonard. FOURTH ROW: A. Geil, N. Winkler, F. Brown, W, Fellers, C Young, M. Brookhart, V. Vincent, A. Maxwell, M, Mitchell, M. Ziegenbalb.. FIFTH ROW- E. Tipp, r M, Johnson, 5. Scheurrmon, R. Long, C. Johnson, J. Romeiser, L, Peorson, R. Wickizer, T. Brown, E. Barrett. SIXTH ROW: M. Walk, M. Jorgenson, M. Elder, V. Hoggsett, A. Annis, M, Burris, P, Bell, C, Kimball, L. Price. SEVENTH ROW; B, Siemson, D. Siemson, J. Sphos, L, Bowie, G. Stadelman. EIGHTH ROW: G, Tracy, K. Young, D. Mulder, V. Chorvat, G Lindner, P. Low. NINTH ROW: G. Tomonek, sponsor, H. Johnson, G Geenon, E„ Gaines, M. Gardner, W Wyatt. BACK ROW; J. Butcher, R. Gridley, J. Nickel, D. Neal. DEAN NEAL President Second Generation Club The Second Generation Club is com- posed of students whose parents also at- tended Fort Hays State. Serving as a pub- lic relations group for Parents ' Day was one of their main projects this year. The organization is working to become one of the strongest ties between the college and its thousands of former students. Nita Landrum and Gerald Tomanek advise this group. 105 K-Club Athletes who have earned a letter in intercollegiate competi- tion are eligible for K-Club membership. With the Campus Booster Council and Tigerettes, this group has as its purpose the promo- tion of student pep. HOWARD MAI President FRONT ROW; Don Show, Gene Jaco r Kennelh Reiner, Don Koerner, Bob Gumm, Merrill Fryendall, SECOND ROW r Dove Brainard, LoVerne Lessor, Howard Mai, Ralph Purcell, vice-president, E. C- Snook, George Tatum, Myron Meier. THIRD ROW: Ralph Huffman ' sponsor, Cleo Dome, Leonard King, Ross Johnson, Don Gleoson, Melvin, Gardner, Toby Johnson, FOURTH ROW; Bob Sweaiy, Don Dwyer, Alon Feist. Bud Moeckel, Don Feist, Duone Steffen, Frank Haas, FI FTH ROW: $ton Moore, Nick Yunk, Ronnie Miller, Jim Sackrider, Bob Fourot, Ford forber, SIXTH ROW: Bill Rupp, secretary- treasurer, Melvin Christensen, Marvin Andrews, Ronald Grid- ley, Dale Swisher, BACK ROW: Bernard Reid!, Morion Schmidt, George Shroyer, Lorry Neeley. 106 PHYLLIS BERLAND President Tigerettes The Tigerettes are the women ' s pep organization on the Fort Hays State campus. It is their purpose to foster enthusiasm, co-operation, and good sportsmanship. In attendance at athletic events they give their support, with the cheerleaders and student body, to the team. Membership is limited to students who are classified as second-semester freshmen or above. FRONT ROW: Carol Jones, Margaret Walker, Carol Holsman, Phyllis Berland, DatsEe Tokushige, Marcia Osborne, Shirley Stapp, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Joyce Renberger, Marvel Mitchell, Norma Hays, Kay Hahn, Jayne Witt, LaMona Leonard. THIRD ROW: Shirley Douglas, Catherine Rowlond, Shirley Thomas, Judy Hohner, Vicki Merz. Lynnette Pearson, Carolyn Bell, secretory. FOURTH ROW; Joyce Anderson, Donna Garrett, Marie Elder, Mary Jo Gibson, Marjean Olsen, Carol Slaane. FIFTH ROW; Helen Wolfe, Kathleen Custer, Carol Darnell, vice-president, Vaunito Rusco, Leonora Meisenheimer BACK ROW: Shirley Schmidt, Marilyn Miller, Esther Asher, Marie Geenan. Home Ec Club Members of the Home Ec Club are young women who have a special interest in any field of home economics. This year the group acted as hostesses for the State Home Economics Club Workshop held here at Fort Hays in October. Sponsor for the organization is Miss Ha Newbecker. MARY JO GIBSON President FRONT ROW; Jo Ann Howell, Joyce Janosek, Phyllis Berland, Marine Schumacher, Vicki Me rz, secretary-treasurer, Marilyn Heber lee, SECOND ROW: Miss Newbecker, Carol Sloan, Jcleen Miles, Sandra Gibson, Peggy O ' Toole, Maurlne Offeree, Audrey Glle. Helma Skov, Shirley Douglas, Clara Deiter, BACK ROW: Carolyn Rasmussen, Rosemary Long, Orviletta Gracey, Lois Archer, Jayne Witt, Jay Graver, Marie Geenon, Carol Lynn Johnson, Mary Ja Gibson, Joye Gomeiser, Barbara Bauer, vice-president, Esther Asher, Ann Elios, Evalee Robertson. 103 FRONT ROW; Lee West, Elgin Walburg, Lee Norton, Loyal Vincent, John Moll, Van Charvat. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wells, Anita Maxwell, Marilyn Gtte, Jolla Schmereck, vice president, Connie McIntyre, Evelyn Dean, Joyce Janousek, secretary. Miss Beesley, Carol Sioane, JoAnn Dahlke. BACK ROW; Gordon Zahradnik, Lester Soeser, Doyle Ekey, Gary Hanna, Darrel Siebel, Mike, Urban, Douglas Slagle, treasurer, Merlyn Johnson. CONNIE GRIFFIN President Collegiate 4-H Collegiate 4-H was organized by those students interested in 4-H work on the college campus. Activities for the year included judging Ellis county champions, sponsoring a student assembly and a formal dance. Sponsors are Miss Alice Beesley and Mr. Jim Wells. 109 Little Theatre Those students interested in theatrical work — acting, directing, writing, stagecraft — comprise the membership of Little Theatre, This year the production of the plays " W in- terset " and " Cherry Orchard ' ' were assisted by this organiza- tion. They also sponsored a group of one-act plays which were presented to neighboring high schools. Activities within Little Theatre this year were a Twelfth Night party and a Christmas program. GARNET WILSON President FRONT ROW: Allure Kelley, Peggy Snook, Jennie Bertram, LaVon Wilson, Celia Ralston, Doris Thompson, JoAnn Wilderson, Peggy Ryan, Jane Trible. SECOND ROW; Dr. Herndon, Margaret Ljfz, Phyllis Watkins, Virginia Taylor, Celia Watson, Audrey Geil, Delores Manke, Janice Pennington, Arliss Patterson. THIRD ROW: Donna Garrett, Vivian Nelson, Mary Ann Roth, Mary Thompson, secretory -treasurer, Garnet Wilson, Mary J, Thomas, Ellen Winched, Marilyn Heberlee, FOURTH ROW: Gary Korns, Hal Colony, Mary Axmon, Margaret Leg- lieter, Shirla Birek, Connie Welty, Elaine Harper, Deb Johnson, Bill Brown, BACK ROW: Harlan Hoffman, Carl Knittig, Richard Cald- well, Bob Harrison, Paul Holt, vice-president, Richard Honn. no FRONT ROW- Jack Zelenka, Gary Karjfr, Dee Palmer, Jack Savely, Melvin Steinle. SECOND ROW. Cofhaine FrarUerhouse, Jim Dufford, Jim Alderman, Albert Herron, Everett Marshall, sponsor, THIRD ROW: John Hellmer, Gene Lewis, Don Hoff- man, Donald Schultz, Duane Renberger. BACK ROW; Don Beougher, Bill Merkel, Engineers Club Those students who are interested in engineering and those who plan some phase of engineering as a career comprise the Engineers Club. To create interest and a greater understanding of engineering as a life profession is the purpose of the group. Guest speakers and field trips to public utilities and industries in Hays to view their operation are part of the year ' s activities. Everett Marshall is sponsor of the group. ALBERT HERRON President 111 Pre-Med Club Membership in the Pre Medic Club is comprised of future doctors, dentists, nurses and medical technologists. The purpose of the organization is to acquaint the pre- medicine student with the profession he intends to enter, and to encourage excellence in medical work. CHARLES SEE President FRONT ROW- Deryl Learning, Tim Brown, Wendell Wyatt, Melvin Fuller, Dean Bray, Chari es See, Wendell Marrs, Larry Rogers, vice-president, SECOND ROW: Melvin Fuller, Celia Watson, Barbara Scott, Lila Blankenburg, Nancy Paul, Katie Hogue, Marilyn King, Belty Zueifel, Karl Keller, THIRD ROW: Marcia Osborne, Twila Frazier, secretory-treasurer, Norma Sunderland, Shirley Canine, Joanne Dahlke, Taya Hegwer, Janice Robinson, Erma Foster, Connie Griffin. BACK ROW: Eve- lyn Fagan, Jane Pylotte, Nada Winkler, Anita Maxwell, Barbara Werth, Joan McAfee, Marjean Olsen, La Vesta Swink, lyla Hobble, Annette Karlin, Mr, Martin, sponsor. 112 FRONT ROW ' Jim Easter, Morylou Sayler, Patsy Renfro, Iris Sloan, Melvin Steinle. SECOND ROW: Mr. Eugene Etter, Jim Baedeker. Ray Kurtz, Chester MeReynolds, Dee Palmer, Mr. Everett Marshall. THIRD ROWi Vernon White, Albert Herren, Dwight Lippe, Donald McDenald, FOURTH ROW: Emmett Stopher, Joe Mildrexler, Charles Deeter, Alvin Rohr, Bill Walloce, Wilmonf Toalson. BACK ROW; Nick Vunk, Gary Becker, Arnold Janousek. RAY KURTZ President Math Club The Math Club has as its purpose the promotion of interest En mathematics among its members. Guest speakers and the solving of all mathematic problems are part of many of the club ' s meetings. Members of the organization ore those students who have chosen mathematics as their major or minor field. 113 French Club Le Cercle Francois, the French Club, is in its firs! year here at Fort Hays Members are those persons who are interested in the mastery of the French language. The group views French films and learns French songs Activities for the year included a French Christmas play. Judith Radke is adviser for the group. ROBERT SCHEUERMAN President FRONT ROW; Pot Moreland, Gaylene Owens, Marilyn Sutton, Margot Lindner, Mary Ann Herron, Marie Elder, SECOND ROW: Ger aldine Morris, Joan Wilkerson, Harold Colony, Margaret Walker, Judith Radke, sponsor. BACK ROW: Harlan Hoffman, Marvin Spoier Robert Scheuermon, Greg Lindner, treasurer, John Kar lin, Jim Green, Arnold Laman, Carl Wells, 114 FRONT ROW- Dr. Kurt Ficken, sponsor, Roberta Jacobs, president, Verdie Foster, Celia Rolslin, Dear Bray, Rex Schenk. BACK ROV - Charles Deeter, Gilbert Tracy, Arnold Janousek, Ed Kaiser, John Karlin, Duane Stoll. ROBERTA JACOBS President German Club German Club is composed of those who are interested in the language and customs of the German people. It strives for a better understanding between German and English-speaking people. They sponsor the Frau Golden scholarship which lends money to needy students. Social events for the dub were the annual Christmas party and the spring picnic. II 115 Women’s Recreational Association. The WRA encourages interest and participation in women ' s infra murals and athletics. The group sponsors intramurals and the annual Sports and High School Play Days. Any coed interested in recreation and physical education who has earned twenty-five points in intramural play is eligible for this organ ization. MARIE GEENEN President FRONT ROWi Ruth Sevy, sponsor, Shirley Stapp, treasurer, Norma Leiker, Donita Moore, Jeon Hiebert, LoVon Wilson. SECOND ROW: Ruth Rice, Jonis Mountain, Joyce Presley, Dorothy Nuckolls, Lenora Meisenheimer. THIRD ROW; Barbara Bohannon, Car- (ene Post, Monie Summers, Jeon Arnold, Hazel Estes, Betty Ann Benson. FOURTH ROW: Vaunita Rusco, Janice Meier, Rosemary Long, secretory, Coro! Darnell, vice-president, Mary Ann Isaacson. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Anderson, Shirley Schmitt, Marilea Johnson, Dorene Powers, Marie Geenen, Lois Lilzenber ger. BACK ROW: Kay Violett, Dee Sire, Sarah Phillips, Cothryn Rowland, LaMona Leonard. 116 FRONT ROW; Marvin Speier, John Karlin, vice-president, Judy Btankenburg, secretary - treasurer, Mary Grace Richardson BACK ROW: Rose Dixon, lyla Thompson, Greg Lindner, Gary Gkick, Gerald Aistrup, Dr. Eugene Craine, sponsor. International Relations Club MARVIN SPEIER President The promoting of interest in foreign affairs and United States ' affairs abroad Is the purpose of the International Relations Club. Meetings feature guest speakers, films and panel discussions. Social activities of the group include a spring picnic. 117 Music Educators National M,E + NX, was reorganised in the fall of 1953 on the Fort Hays State campus. The purpose of the organisation is to promote in- terest in music education and music activities. Membership require- ments include that one must be either a music major or minor Chapter 193 here at Fort Hays State sponsors several campus music events during each year. Conference LEONA LANDWEHR President FRONT ROW: Arleen Smith, Lou Ann Marquordf, Francis Elder, Evo Lou Sire, Nan Arnold. SECOND ROW: Lois Wolfram, Nova Mood , Marilyn Offerle, Rhetis Wickiier, Elaine Dryden, Donald Price. THIRD ROW: Gloria Follett, Wiflodene Marrs, 6i!l Bolton, Polly Palmer, Don Petty, BACK ROW: Norman Shores, Bob Gleason, LeWolloce Howe, Leona Landwehr, Catherine Chaffee, 118 FRONT ROW; Mary Crist, Helen McPherson,, secretary, !yla Thompson, Joy Stewart, Irene Pfannestiel, Cathie Weems. SECOND ROW: Donito Moore, Jennie Bertram, Rase Di on. vice-president. Jeon Hiebert, Dee Sire. THIRD ROW; Hazel McCue, treasurer, Jody Cox, Debris Pratt, Dorothy Fveleigh. Ollie Connally, Phyllis Trexler FOURTH ROW; Barbara Bauer, Dorene Powers, Laureen Goetz, Jean Arnold, Mary Ann Isaacson, BACK ROW: Ben Bade, Sam Gamble, Jim Martin, Leroy Von Meter, Delbert Anderson, William Greenwood. JEAN HIEBERT President Collegiate Uptowners Collegiate Uptowners is a social organization for independent students living in Hays or in private homes. Entertaining at social events and sponsoring intramural teams are a few of the functions it serves for its members. 119 Custer Hall FIRST ROWl Francis Walker, Peggy O ' Toole, Colleen Hand, La Van Wil- son, Phyllis Lefort, Patty Boekhaus, Joyce Janousek. SECOND ROW: Pat- sy Renfro, Mory Fritts, Vernalea Lef- fingweNr Lavra Seal, Mildred Cra- mer, Twilla Fraiiier. THIRD ROW: Mrs, J. H. Rockwell, assistant direc- tor, Marilyn Thornburg, Norma Sun- derlund, LaVesla Swink, Sybil Henry, Mary McWhirt, Virginia Nelson, Er- ma Morse, Mrs. Kathlene Kinder, di- rector, FOURTH ROW: Carol Riedl, Barbara Janes, Peggy Ryan, Patricia Chard, Carolyn Purvis, Hilma Skov, lla Hobbie, Audrey Geil, BACK ROW; Connie McIntyre, Mary Stutterheim, Delores Manke, Patricia Heinze, Joan Dorman, Marie Geenen, Carol Dar- nell, Mary Maloney, Gayla Ralstin. FRONT ROW: Marilyn Otte, Delores Babcock, Dorothy Detmer, Rose- mary long, Mildred Freeborn, Sarah Phillips. SECOND ROW: Mary Non Arnold, Mary Ann Kerbs, Ela ine Harper, Celia Ralstin, Wanda Woodrow, Polly Weav- er, Ann Greer, Thelma Hoberecht. THIRD ROW: Arliss Patterson, Nancy Brinkman, Nada Wink- ler, Florence BFown, Nancy Paul, Salila Sche- uerman, Delores Thon, FOURTH ROW; Charlene Oetken, Bernie Legleiter, Vonnie Swenson, Dattie Waymlre, Ellen Win- chell, Connie Jo Welty, Evelyn Fagan. BACK ROW; Sue Robbins, Veleda Jones, Marianne Cole, Alberta Annis, Janet Rader, Thelma Dixon, Sherla Bizek- [ -Wk QH - jlH 1 t jjjjU Jk-- - S jJmt . ' 69 j BP ' ■7 fj 1 r 1 120 FRONT ROW: Marilyn King, Carole Morse, Frieda Jane Albrecht, Mary Jo Peterson, Donna Moler, Mary Axman, Gay Beth Fritsche. SECOND ROW: Glenda Riedk, Joanne Anderson, Leila Raulston, Carlene Post, Lois Litzen- berger, Maralyn Denio, Delores Off- erle, Mary Ann Herron, Betty Engel. THIRD ROW: Peggy Snook, Kathy Lebsack, Carolyn Young, Bonnie Ed- wards, Mary Ann Filbert, Margaret Dugan, Pat Peacock, Shirley Reeder, FOURTH ROW: Barbara Werner, Judy Hitchcock, Carolyn Heintz, Janice Pen ' nington, Ava Don Emigh, Maribel Swinson, Colleen Dykes, Jolene Miles, Alta Dundas, FIFTH ROW: Ann Elios Lorna Kraus, Leila Walz, Virginia Tay- lor, Nelda McClellan, Doris Barnhill, Catherine Hogue, Velda Moyer, Joy Graver, Mary Jo Gibson, BACK ROW: Barbara Kittell, Kay Tucker, Bernice Suiter, Beth Young, Jean Muckey, Edwyna Welch, Jody Lewis, Marilyn Brack, Mory Hoss, llene Tipp, Judy Blanker burg. iwfv t‘v , n 1 ii CD j IlJD B iB FRONT ROW: Norma Jean Kuhn, Rae Mono Groff, Marcelle Walk, Margaret Litz, Mary Walker, JoAnn Barrett, Mary Thompson. SECOND ROW; Bar- bara lewallen, Miyrna Tapp, Beverly Walter, Jane Trible, Kay Violetta Hazel Estes, Carole Sloan, Betty Ann Benson, Phyllis Watkins, Marilyn Heberlee. T1HRD ROW: Diedra Burondr Wanda Pounds, Peggy Wilson, Shirley Logan, Deanna Peterson, Betty Harris, Carol Deutscher, Phyllis Sayler, Wanda Ward, Shirley Allen, Norma Hayes. FOURTH ROW: JoAnn Farvin, Jackie Lcrimor, Viola Vincent, Wanda De- Boer, Pat Kilpatrick, Arlene Johan- nlng, Shirley Burk, Mamice Somers, Mar[crie Gardner, Sue Warren. BACK ROW: Jeanette Heinze, Shirley Von- feldt, Sheila Rothgel, Iris Sloan, Marilyn Evans, Betty Weber, Mar- cille Holm berg, Margaret Lontz, Janice Meier, Karlynn Brook hart. T 21 Wesley Hall Wesley Hall h the residence of fifty-four upperclass women. Projects for this year included gifts of clothing and toys for needy families at Christmas. Among the girls " social functions were open house for their parents at Homecoming, a Christmas party and a spring formal dance. MRS BLANCHE GORDON Housemother FRONT ROW: Maurine Offerlee, Coralie Cosile, Betty Melville, Shirley Krug, Shirley Douglas, Pot Minium, Carol Jones, Jeanne light. Marvel Mitchell, Leona Gallion. SECOND ROW; Pat Wells, Doris Thompson, president, Lois Schlegel, Dorothy Eveleigh, Norma Johnson, Barbara Bauer, Beverly Cox, Beverly Golden, Taya Hegwer, Janette Nelson, Esther Asher, Virginia Jeffery, Dorene Powers, Karen Spitsncugle, Mary Ann Isaacson, Phyllis Trexler. BACK ROW; Marilyn Sutton, lyla Thompson, Barbara Anderson, Dee Sire, Shirley Canine, Joanne Dahlke, Barbara Scott, Lou Ann Marquardt, Lila Blankerburg, Vaunita Rusco, Marylou Sayler, Betty Holl, Or vi I eta Gracey, Francis Elder, Garnet Wilson, secretary-treasurer, Anita Maxwell, Mary Ellen Hull, Virginia Harper, Francis Corke, Sandra Anderson, Peggy Raney. 122 FRONT ROW; Clyde Alley, Dor, Hull, Donald Streiher. SECOND ROW; Roger Williams J,m Aldermon. woy Eugene Wagner, Delbert Hensel, franklin Powers, THIRD ROW: Loren Bo eker, J,m Baedeker, m N.e- mom Robert Ziegler, Tim Scherr, Don Busen, Vyrl Slagle, BACK ROW; John Johnson, Arden Moon, Bill John- son, Arlin Morgan, vice-president, Dennis Stegman, Dick Finmu, Albert Grumbieru JOHN JOHNSON President Lewis Field Stadium The men who live at Lewis Field Stadium include card games, pillow fights and bull sessions in their activities. They participate actively in intramurals and campus organizations. 123 South Residence South Residence Hall is the home of approximately forty men. This year the South and North Residence Hall men and their dates enjoyed an informal party December 3, Bill Bigham serves as the group ' s president. MRS. NETA BICE Housemother FRONT ROW: Richard Sidener, Bill Bigham, president, C J. Lindahl, Loyal Vincent, Don Finney, Don Dwyer, Jack Zelenka, Jack Me- Culliek, Jan Hudgens, SECOND ROW: Gordon Zahradnik, Neil Rogers, Glenn Thomas, Dean Roedel, Lee Norton, Gary Karst, Gary Schneider. Roy Strawn, August Brocr, Dennis Brack, Mrs. Neta Bice, housemother, Otbo Sweazy. BACK ROW: Ross Johnson, Gary Brack, Mike Mayhew, Irvin VinZqnt, George Tatum, Tyn de Jong, Joe Butcher, Alfred Purer, Kennett Gustavscm, Ronald McCullick, Mack Bollinger, Van Charvqt, Bill Voss. 124 FRONT ROW ' Eugene Noble, Eddie Dural], Loren Janzer., Lloyd Fauser, Richard Honn, president, Eddie Wasinger, Glenn Martin, Dwight Jamison. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Bess Riegel, Robert Gibler, LeRoy Brabb. Kenneth Agnew, Richard Hoffman, Bill Castor, Marvin Layman, Bill Brown, Robert Miller, secretary-treasurer, Duane Riedl, Marion Vaughan. BACK ROW: Marian Barstow, Kenneth Brown, Donald Sites, Donald Schultz, Gary St, John, Douglas Slagle, Bill Merkel Mike Urban, Tom Luse, Bob Eitel, Jerry Smith, Bill Embree. MRS. BESS RIEGEL Housemother North Residence One of the two men ' s dorms here at Fort Hays, North Residence houses forty men. Dick Hann was chosen president of the dormi- tory. Construction is in progress on a wing which will connect North with South Residence Hall and is expected to be completed by September, 1955. 125 127 Coach Ralph Huffman C I C Co-Champions Sharing the CIC crown with the Washburn Ichabods this season, the Fort Hays Tigers boast a record of seven wins and two losses. Coach " Red " Huffman (pictured left), head coach of the Tigers for nine years, may justly be proud of the Tiger eleven who showed the pride and spirit of a truly great team through- out the season. Breaking into the spotlight and gaining individual honors in the state sports world were Jack Wolfe, Bill Shipman, Cletus Dretling, Otho Sweazy, and Curtis DeBey, all five of whom were named to the Topeka Daily Capital 1954 CIC All- Star first team. Not to be neglected are Gilbert Pruyn, Jim Saekrider, and Marion Schmidt, who were named to the All-Star second team; and Ronald Miller, Toby Johnson, and Gene Jaco, who received hono rable mention. Approaching the Tiger ' s record statistically further substantiates the belief that this year was a good one in the football world for Fort Hays. The Tigers gained an average of 210 yards per game to their opponents 133; scored a total of 27 touchdowns to the foe ' s meager 13 for the season; and scored a total of 180 points to their opponent ' s 87. Left to right, back raw: Batkfield Coach Alex Francis, Student Assistant Bob Faurot, J. Green, D. Russel!, M. Stoss, R, Koehn, M. Kirkpatrick, B Johnson, C DeBey, G Pruyn, J. Hiebert, and J. Saekrider. Middle row: R Gumm, J. Dowdy, R, Sv eazy, F. Farber, L. Neelly, G. Jaco, M. Moeckel, C. Dome, C. Paynier, R Lousch, and G, Shroyer. Bottom row: W Alpers, L Stroup, J, Casper, L. Pauli, R. Johnson, P. Siephenson, R. Samples, D, Johnson, J. Simpson (trainer), L. Murray, and K. Beougher. 1 28 ' 54 Grid Summary Fort Hays 19 ■ Omaha U, 27 Fort Hays 6 Southwest Mo. 0 Fort Hays 20 Maryville Mo. 7 Fort Hays 14 Southwestern 7 Fo rt Hays 22 Pittsburg 7 Fort Hays 20 Emporia State 6 Fort Hays 12 . St. Benedict ' s 13 Fo rt Hays 26 Washburn II. 6 Fort Hays 41 Kearney Nebr 14 C1C Games Above, left to right, standing: Paul Gross, Director of Athletics; Code Suran, Scout and End Coach; Bob Faurot, Student Assistant; Alex Francis, Back field Coach; Pete Koerner, Student Assistant; ond, in front, Head Coach Ralph Huffman Top- J Wolfe T Young, D. Wanker, R. Brian, J. Johnson, Director of Athletics Paul Gro , and Coach ' " Red " Huffman, Middle: R. Miller, R. Gitmm, H. Mai, F. Tegtmeyer, F. Haas W. Shipman, and D. Koerner (Student Assistant). Front: L. Herrman, O, Sweazy, S. Moore, R, Stockstill, M. Schmidt and C. Dreiling. Football ’54 129 BILL SHIPMAN— guard OTHO SWEAZY— holfback JACK WOLFE— tackle CURTIS DEBEY— center ’54 CIC All-Star 1st. Team SWEAZY— halfback DREILING— end WOLFE— tackle DEBEY— center SHIPMAN— gua rd On September 18, the Tigers opened their 1954 football schedule against Omaha University, and bowed humbly to a defeat of 27-19, In the early moments of the third quarter, Omaha led by a score of 21-0, making an advantage that a determined Tiger rally couldn ' t overcome, A passing attack in the final minutes of the game made the Tigers appear near a victory to th e Parents ' Day fans, but the Omaha gridders, sparked by Bill Englehardt, went on to a 27-19 victory. For any doubters of the Tigers ' superb team, it might be in- teresting to note that Omaha University beat Kentucky in the Tang- erine Bowl in Florida New Year ' s Day by a score of 7-6. 130 CLETUS OREIUNG— end Rebounding from their first game with Omaha, the Tigers de- feated Southwest Missouri 6-0 at Springfield. Toby Johnson scored the only touchdown of the game on a four-yard sneak from his quarterback position. After scoring the first quarter, the Tigers tried everything from passing to field goals but failed to break the Spring- field defense. But six points was all it took, and the Tigers saw their first victory of the season on that day, September 24. A week later, 1,625 band students saw a second Missouri team, Maryville, go down to the tune of 20-7 before a powerful Fort Hays squad at Lewis Field Stadium. There was little doubt in the minds of Fort Hays fans that the " ball had begun to roll " in their football world. JIM SACKRIDER— guard GILBERT PRUYN-end 131 DAN JOHNSON— tackle FRANK HAAS— tackle BUD MOECKEL— halfback The Tigers opened their bid for the CIC championship in Winfield. A de- termined Tiger squad edged out on equally determined Southwestern team by a score of 14-7. With Jaco carrying and Bob Sweazy kicking, the Tigers found a lead of 7-0 in the second quarter. In the final minutes of the second quarter, the Moundbuilders came through with seven by Ortiz, and the half time s core stood 7-7. In the third quarter, Otho " Tank " Sweazy drove the ball twenty-seven yards in two plays, setting up a touchdown for Johnson. Again Sweazy did his duty, and the score was 7-14. The Moundbuilders didn ' t give up, but a de- termined Tiger eleven held them to their one touchdown throughout the game. On October 16, Homecoming, a capacity crowd at lewis Field Stadium saw the Bengals trample a favored Pittsburg team 22-7, The most exciting run of the game was made by little T 48-pound Gene Jaco. Jaco carried the pigskin 57 yards through, in, and out of a bewildered Gorilla team. The fourth quarter was scoreless, as the Tiger reserves held Pittsburg in check. The final gun sounded, and a happy bunch of alumni looked forward to a CIC championship. DEAN RUSSELL— end 132 Jaco carries the moil os Schmidt cleors the way. BOB SWEAZY— end GEORGE 5HROYER— end TOBY JOHNSON— quarterback LOU MURRAY— gujord 05 October 23, the Tigers made it three down and two to go by defeating the Emporia Hornets 20-6 at Emporia, it was the Tigers ' game ail the way, despite the Hornets ' passing quarterback, Don Horiuchi, who hit 50 per cent of his attempts. The first two Tiger touchdowns came as a result of fumbles by Emporia. These were both carried over by Tank Sweaiy in the first quarter. Tank ' s brother, Bob, kicked one of the two attempted conversions through the uprights to make the score 13-0. Tackle Jim Sackrider intercepted a Hornet pass in the last play of the first quarter carrying it 16 yards back to the 47. Neely, Tiger quarterback, carried the ball from the 47 on a 45 yard run to come close to pay dirt, but not dose enough, A determined Hornet team held the Tiger eleven for the whole second quarter from the two-yard line. The half ended 13-0. The Tigers came back the second half and drove down the field to their third and final touchdown. Sweaiy made good on the point, and the score was 20-0. In the last few minutes of the fourth quarter, Gritten hit McKeague on a long pass for the only Hornet touchdown. HOWARD MAI— quail ' d PAUL STEPHENSON— center NeeHy goes over standing up. 133 LARRY NEELLY — quoriefbock STANLEY MOORE— guard KEN BEOUGHER — rack lie FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS ALL GAMES W L I PTS, Fort Hays . . . . 7 2 0 180 Washburn , . , 6 2 0 120 Pittsburg 6 2 0 188 Emporia State 2 7 0 99 St Benedicts 2 5 1 m Southwestern . 1 8 0 58 CONFERENCE W L T PTS. Fort Hays . . . . 4 1 0 94 Washburn . . .... 4 1 0 87 Pittsburg . . . . 3 2 0 93 Emporia State 2 3 0 79 St, Benedicts 2 3 0 65 Southwestern , 0 5 0 26 St. Benedicts College, at Atchison, was the scene for the upset of the year in the CIC The occasion was Homecoming for the Ravens, and the score was T2-13 for the Ravens. Little can be said in defense of the Bengals, except that the Tigers just weren ' t up for the occasion. Both Raven touch- downs were results of Tiger fumbles. Three times in the second half the Tigers bogged down on the one-yard line to lose the game 12-13, One week later, in Hays, the Fort Hays Tigers proved themselves the best team tn the conference beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt by defeating the Washburn Ichobods 26-6, with whom they share the CIC crown. Scoring for Fort Hays were Sweaiy, Jaco, Pruyn, and Neelty. Special mention should be given to Shipman, Wolfe r and Sackrider, who made them selves well known to the Washburn offense. Washburn ' s only TD came in the fourth and final period on a one-yard plunge. Tiger coach " Red ' ' Huff- man was carried triumphantly from the field on the shoulders of his " boys. " This was merely another example of the close-knit feelings of the Tiger squad. 134 RONALD MILLER— tackle BOB GIBSON— tackle RICHARD LOUSCH— fullback FLOYD TEGTMEYER— tackle The Fort Hays State Tigers ended their season by walloping Nebraska State Teachers ' College at Kearney to the tune of 41-14. Spectacular plays seemed to be the order of the day for the Tigers, and the reserves got their chance to show their de- fensive ability the complete fourth quarter, It might be interesting to note that the reserves held Kearney scoreless for the final period, giving an air of optimism to the coming season. In conclusion, it may be easily justified to say that Fort Hays has enjoyed one of the finest football seasons in the history of the school! and r from all appearances, we may look forward to the season of ' 55 with faith for another as good, if not better. Somebody ' s go! lo have the boll! " Tank " Sweazy (97) rolls around left end, JIM DOWDY— center 135 Basketball Head Basketball Coach Cade Suran (pictured at left) ends this season with a record of 16 won and 4 lost, giving Cade 80% of his games. This is the best the Tiger cagemen have rated since 1943, when they won 14 out of T 7 , or 82%. In his nine years of coaching at Fort Hays, Coach Suran boasts 131 wins against 66 losses. Cade re- ceived his bachelor ' s degree at Kansas Wesleyan University, playing on the varsity there for four years, holding top scoring honors his sophomore and junior years in the conference, and being named captain of the all-conference team. From college, Cade coached outstanding teams at Harlan, Downs, and Wellington high schools, before joining the Fort Hays staff. In 1947 Coach Suran became head Tiger basketball coach. Cade is also assistant football and track coach. Cade ' s " boys " shared second place in the CIC this year with John Lance ' s Pittsburg Gorillas, after the Cinderella-like ascent of Southwestern to the CIC throne. VARSITY Pictured below is the Tiger A-squad. The varsity boasts a record of 16-4 this year, best in CIC for the year (total gomes played), and best for the Tiger hoopmen since 1943. Standing left to right: Director of Athletics Pauli " ' Busch " Gross; Don Earley, 6-3 freshman from Formosa; Richard Blond, 6-5 sophomore from Larned; Marvin Andrews, 6-4 senior from Monkoto; Gilbert Pruyn, 6-5 sophomore from. Ellsworth; Melvin Christensen, 6-4 senior from Menlo; Joe Butcher, 6-3 sophomore from Cimarron; Bill Rupp, 6-3 senior from Hays; Dole Swisher, 6-2 junior from Gypsum; Nick Yunk, 6-1 senior from Osborne; and Head Coach Cade Suran Front row, left to right; Jack Hiebert, 6-2 sophomore from Chase; Douglas Holloway, 5-1 1 freshman from Alton; Max Meuli, 5-1 1 sophomore from Hope,- Jerry Anderson, 6-0 sophomore from Phillipsbutg; Bud Moeckel, 6-1 senior from Sylvia; " Toby " Johnson, 5-10 sophomore from Solomon; Myron Meier, 5-9 sophomore from Satina; Melvin Buddy Gardner, 5-11 junior from WaKeeney; and Bernie Johnson, 6-0 sophomore from Brookville. , 011 Zf 136 -Won 16, Lost 4 The Bengal enjoyed one of their best seasons this year, in both team and individual honors. Besides boasting a record of 16 and 4 and a second place in the CIC, the Tigers won the championship in the Sunshine Tournament at Portafes, New Mexico, and boosted two of its members to the all-CIC team. Playing at Portales during Christmas vacation, the Tigers downed Taylor U, and Missouri Mines to play McKendree College in the finals. There was little to be denied the Suran five as they defeated McKendree 90-72, won the cham- pionship and a beautiful trophy, and added three more wins to their previous 5-1 record. In the personal-honor bracket, we see Bud Moeckel gaining first berth on the alUCIC team; followed by Tiger center, Marvin Andrews, who was named to the CIC second team, Marv was second only in scoring average to Ray Potter of Southwestern, Marvin also broke his own total score record, of last year, by tallying 374 for the season, setting a new school record. FHS 88 Southwestern Oklahoma 71 72 Northwestern Oklahoma 58 72 Wichita University 90 89 Hastings, Nebraska 78 83 Kearney, Nebraska 55 98 Central Oklahoma 86 82 Taylor University 79 77 Missouri Mines 75 90 McKendree College 72 74 St, Benedict ' s 70 70 Emporia State 57 79 Southwestern College 75 62 Pittsburg State 108 96 Northwestern Oklahoma 61 88 Washburn 81 74 Southwestern 82 73 Emporia State 79 77 Pittsburg State 73 81 Washburn 69 84 St, Benedict ' s 64 LosT TIGER CUBS Pictured below ore the Tiger Cubs. The B-squod, coached by " Red " Huffman and Ronald Gridley, won seven and lost four in their 1954-55 season Left to right, standing: Student Coach Ronald Gridley; Austin,- Wesley; Bland; Reitzel; Earley; Howe; and Coach Red Huffman. Left to right, kneel- ing: Hergert; Gish; Nsernberger; Samples; Epps; Smith; Spaulding; and Pricer. 137 MELVIN CHRISTENSEN— 6 f 4 " BUD MOECKEL-6T ' The Fort Hays Kansas State Tigers started their basketball season on the home court on December 2 against Southwestern Oklahoma, and triumphed over the Bulldogs 88-71. Their second game was played at Alva, Oklahoma. The Tigers, strengthened by nine returning lettermen, overpowered the Northwestern Oklahoma team 72-58. The following night, December 7, found the Bengals on the Wichita Wheatshocker court. The Tigers did as well as could be expected against the nationally rated Missouri Valley Conference team, but suffered defeat to the tune of 90-72. The rest of December was devoted to six more wins on the part of the Tigers, including three at the Sunshine Tournament at Portales, of which the Bengals emerged champions. On January 4, Fort Hays played its first CIC game against St T Benedict ' s, at Hays. The Tigers rallied in the remaining minutes of the game, scoring nine points in the last seventy seconds of play to defeat a bewildered Raven team 74-70. On Jan- uary 8, the Bengals met Emporia, at Hays, and defeated them 70-57, On January 14, the Suran five traveled to Winfield, and defeated Southwestern College by a narrow margin of 79-75, This gave the Tigers a total of eleven wins and one loss. In the CIC, it made a rating of 3-0, which made the Tiger fans mighty optimistic. 138 BILL RUPP— 6 3 " MARVIN ANDREWS— 6 ' 4 ' J On January 15, the Tigers journeyed to Pittsburg to play the Gorillas in a game matching the two supposed " top CIO con. tenders. " Coach John Lance, of Pittsburg, grilled the Tigers with his first team throughout the game in an entirely one-sided affair ending in a score of 108-62, favor of the Gorillas. On January 25, the Tigers, playing at Hays, thoroughly trounced a Northwestern Oklahoma State team to a final of 96-61. January 29, found Fort Hays in Topeka, pitted against the Washburn ichabods. For the second time in the season, the Tigers defeated the Ichs. This time the final tally was 88-81. On the night of February 5, the Southwestern Moundbuilders made an unsuspected bid for the CIC title, by defeating the Tigers 82-74. On February 8, the upset in CIC play was slowly coming to a climax, as the Emporia Hornets upset Hays 79-73. At the same time, Pittsburg was suffering defeat at the hands of an inspired South- western team. Pittsburg State came to Hays four nights later, February 12, and suffered humiliating defeat to a team whom they had bowled over 108-62 a month before. This time both teams were " on the ball, " and the Tigers won out in the struggle by a score of 77-73, in a well-played ball game, The Gorillas went on to lose their third in a row to Emporia a few nights later. Fort Hays easily defeated Washburn 81-69 on February 19, and closed their season against St. Benedict ' s on February 26, winning that encounter 84-64. Thus the Southwestern Moundbuilders rose to glory with two CIC losses, while Hays and Pittsburg shared second place with three losses each. The end of the season for the CIC teams found the Fort Hays Tigers with the highest percentage of total wins in total games played, and a good season behind them, considering even the upsets suffered by the Bengals. TOBY JOHNSON— 5 ' 10 ' GILBERT PRUYN-6 ' 5 " 139 NICK YUNK-6 ' r DALE SWISHER— 6 ' 2 " DOUGHLAS HOLLOWAY— 5 ' 11 CIC- F1NAL LEAGUE STANDINGS Team W L Southwestern 8 2 Fort Hays 7 3 Pittsburgh 7 3 Washburn 4 6 Emporia State 4 6 St. Benedict ' s 0 10 MAX MEULI-5 ' 1 1 STANDINGS ON ALL GAMES Team W L Fort Hays 16 4 Pittsburg 18 6 Southwestern 17 7 Washburn 11 9 Emporia State 9 18 St, Benedict ' s 3 19 140 BERNIE JOHNSON— 6 ' JOE BUTCHER— 6 ' 3 J The high-scoring Tiger squad averaged 80.4 points per game during the year, hitting a good 39,4 percentage from the field and 67.7 from the charity stripe. The squad was dominated by seniors Melvin Christensen, Marv Andrews, Bud Moeckel, Bill Rupp, and Nick Yunk, who started most of the games for Coach Suran, Their loss will be felt in the Trger camp next year, when the squad wifi boast only two seniors but will be loaded with sophomores. Scoring during the 20-game schedule was distributed as follows: Games TP Avg. Andrews 20 374 18.7 Moeckel 20 334 16.7 Christensen . 20 238 1 K9 Rupp . , 20 171 8.5 Pruyn 19 133 7.0 Johnson . 20 98 4,9 Swisher 17 75 4.4 Yunk 20 75 3.8 Others 20 111 5,5 Their 7-3 mark in CIC play left the Bengals with a 16-4 record for the sea- son, the best showing of any team since 1943, when a squad coached by “Busch " Gross won 14 and lost 3, The two teams, this year ' s and the ' 43 quint, are the only squads to break the .800 point in modern history of basketball at Fort Hays State. MYRON MEIER— 5 f 9 ' ' MELVIN GARDNER-5 ' 1 1 " JERRY ANDERSON— 6 ' D ' DAN JOHNSON— 6 ' S " 141 Above; Don Finney, manager and trainer,; and Alex Francis, coach 1954 Track Alex Francis, track coach at Fort Hays State (pictured left with Don Finney, Tiger track manager and trainer), was a Fort Hays State graduate. Alex has been head track coach at Fort Hays Stale since 1946, In his first season as track coach, his cinder squad captured the Central conference title for the first time in the history of the school. The Tiger thm- dads repeated in the 1952 season to grab the title, after three seasons in second place and a 1948 tie with Emporia State for the CIC championship. For the last two seasons, his squad has been a power, taking second both years. Alex starts his ninth track season as head track coach, with the amazing record that not one of his teams in the last eight years has lost a single dual meet. Pictured on the opposite page, are some of the Francis clan from the 1954 season. The five boys pictured were all CIC champions, and three of them competed to win national honors in the IMAIA, at Abilene, Texas, within the last two years. 1954 TRACK TEAM Standing, left to right: Rose; Wasinger, S. Moore, Farber; Shrayer; Barrington; Pruyn; Christensen; Anderson; D. Feist; A. Feist; and Alex Froncis, Head Coach- Seated, left to right; Owens; Sutton.; Riedl; Montgomery; Purcell; McGillivray; Frydendall; P. Moore; Wheaton; Brainoird; and Paul Gross, Director of Athletics. Front Row, left to right: Student Manager Simpson; Johnson; Busenbo rk; Beamer; pricer; Herren.; Lesser; Al Feist; Shaw; and Dwyer, 142 Shown on this page are the ' 54 CIC individual champi- ons, returning to the 55 squad. Due to Reveille dead- lines, it is impossible to pre- sent the progress of the team, but the ' 55 potential looks good. On this page and the following two are pictured some of the Tiger hopefuls for this season. Pictured at right, left to rights Alan Feist, ' 54 CIC 1-mile champ and ' 53 CIC and NAIA (Abilene, Texas) 2- mile champ; and Jim Montgomery, ' 54 co-champ CIC pole vault and second in pole vault at national meet (NAIA), holding the school record at 13 ft,, 13.875 in. Above, left to right: Don Dwyer, CIC 880 champion of ' 54; James " Toby " Johnson, CIC pole-vault co-chompion of ' 54, second in Missouri Volley (AAU) in pole vault and javelin, and fourth in javelin in NAIA; and Laverne Lesser, ' 54 CIC 2-mile champ. 143 Above, back row, left to right: Pruyn, DeBey, D. Johnson, Moore, and Lousch. Front row, left to Above, left to right: Shroyer, Catlin, KuLett, and Farber, high right: J, Johnson, Wheaton, and Dempewolfe, All potential weight-men for Coach Francis. [umpers for the Tiger cindermen. 144 1955 TRACK AND FIELD SCHEDULE March 22, 23 — Interclass meet Hays March 26-Colorado Indoor Meet . Boulder, Colo, April 1— Washburn Dual Topeka April 16— Emporia Relays Emporia April 23— K. U. Relays Lawrence April 27— N.S.T.C. Kearney Dual Kearney April 30— Colorado Relays Boulder, Colo, May 6— Wichita U, Tulsa U. (Triangular) . . Wichita May 13— C. I. A. C Ha 7 s May 28— Missouri Valley AAU . . Kansas City, Kans. June 3, 4, Friday-N.A.I.A Abilene, Texas June 24, 25— National Senior AAU Boulder, Colo. Above: Wyatt, Shaw, Young, and Howe, Tiger sprinters, show their form. Above: Tolle, Frydendoll, Feist, Lesser, and Sucht, Tiger distance runners Above: Tiger hurdlers Wasinger, Dwyer, and Lemon Above: Tiger mid-distance runners Left to right: Neiman, DeVore, D. Feist, Dwyer, Waters, Shaw. 145 Men’s Intramurals Governing body for men ' s intramurals at FHS is the Intramural Council which has as its director Alex Frances, Its work consists of presenting, judging, and list- ing the events and winners of FHS men ' s intramurals. The placing teams entered in different events receive proportioned points. At the end of the intramural year the points are totaled, and the organization with the highest number receives a trophy. 1. Jerry Kaempre arid Myron Meier— Sigma Tau Gamma, Golf Doubles- Champions. 2. Don Dwyer— Sigma Theta, Golf Singles Champion. 3. Phi Sigma Epsilon— Football Organized League Champion, 146 1, Keith Beckwith— Independent, Golf Champion. 2. Stadium-School Champions in Touch Football. 3. Leo Fraizier— Phi Sig, Horseshoe Singles Champion. 4. Virgil Beougher and Don Hazell— TKE Horseshoe Doubles Champions. 5- Melvin Gardner— Phi Sig r Tennis Singles Champion, 6. Alan Feist and Gene Keody-Kappa $ig.. Tennis Doubles Champions. 147 Men’s Intramurals ]. Intramural s Committee: Alan Feist,. Alex Francis, Bob Wasinger, 2. Bob Gumm, Free Throw Champion. 3. Don Hazetl, Tou Kappa Epsilon, Table Tennis Singles Champion. 4. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Organization Basketball Champions. 5. Ralph Purcell, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Badminton Singles Champion. 148 Rqlph Purcell, 40‘yard Stroke Champion; Evan Summers, 60-yard and 1 QO-yard free style race champion; Melvin Gardner, member of Phi Sigma Epsilons ream which won the 160-yard relay in the swimming competition. 2. Richard Selensky and Melvin Gardner, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Table Tennis Doubles Champions. 3. Lowell Cornwell and Leroy Thornburg, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Badminn Doubles Winners. 4. Nick Yunk, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Shuffleboard Singles Champion. 5. Gerald Ulrich and Joe Jelinek, Delta Sigma Phi, Shuffleboard Doubles Champions, 149 | Women’s Intramurals INTRAMURALS U A JJMIMOff The Women ' s Intramural Council is representative nmnii.ES 1MIIA MI H LS of all the organized groups of women on the campus. Its main duty is settling problems which arise in the intramural program and to help maintain and support Women ' s Intramurals on the Fort Hays State Campus, FRONT ROW: Mary Ann Isaacson— Collegiate Uplowners, Jeon Hiebert— Collegiate Uptowners, Sarah Phillips— Custer Hail, Carol Ballard— Thelo Sigma Upsilon, Miss Ruth Sevy— Adviser, BACK ROW: Jams Mountain- Alpha Sigma Alpha, Marileg Johnson— President, Mary Evans-Sigma Sigma Sigma, LaMona Leonord-Delta Sigma Epsilon. 2 . Norma Leiker— Collegiate Uptowners, Tennis Singles Champion, 3. Jean Arnold, Norma Leiker— Collegiate Uptowners, Tennis Doubles Champions, 4. Shirley Stapp— Theta Sigma Upsilon, Golf Champion. 150 1. Jean Arnold and Norma Leiker, Collegiate Uptowners, Badminton Doubles Winner, 2. Norma Leiker, Collegiate Uptowners, Badminton Singles Winner. 3 l Barbara Werfh and Marilyn Roberts, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Table Tennis Doubles Winners. 4 . Custer Hall ' s Championship Basketball team. 5. Custer Hall ' s Championship Speedaway Team. 151 Women’s Physical Education— Members of Miss Barbour ' s swimming classes work at improving several swimming skills. 152 1. Members of the modern dance class doing an Interpretative scene. 2. Through o series of basic steps five members of the rhythms class learn coordination, 3. Duane Pepper and Norma Leiker demonstrate techniques learned in tumbling class, 4 . Virginia Harper and Norma Hoyes, members of the modern dance class, execute some fancy steps. 5. Demonstrating their ability are Jean Arnold and Norma Leiker of the tumbling class. 153 Gymnastics Class The gymnastics class was opened for the first time during the spring semester, 1955 here at Fort Hays. Under the direction of Don Adee, the students on the gymnastics team are first year students in the class and are of various majors. During the spring the team toured several high schools and performed here on campus. This is the first and only co-ed college gym team in Kansas. 154 FRONT ROW; Dotsie Tokushige, head cheerleader Barbara Bohannon. BACK ROW Evan Summers, Carol Holsman, Larry Moham. Cheerleaders Reveille g c jj tor Gordon Zohradnik Business Manager Howard Spies Photographers Don Johnson, Max Pittman Assistant Editor Virginia Hogsett Art Editor Laureen Goetz Copy Editor Doris Thompson Class Editor Carolyn Bell Greek Editor He,en Wolfe Sports Editor Wendell Wyatt Adviser s 1 Sackett Staff: Glenn Martin, Marilyn Miller, Elaine Horyna, Judy Hahner, Wilbur McDaneld, Margaret Lit , Carol Darnell. The Reveille is the Fort Hays State yearbook. GORDON ZAHRADNIK Editor BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Max Pittman, Wilbur McDaneld, S J. Sackett, adviser, Wendell Wyatt, Don Johnson, Glenn Martin, Howard Spies, Laureen Goetz, Doris Thompson, and Gordon Zahrodnik, SECOND ROW: Virginia Hogselt, Corel Darnell and Mary Ann Filbert. FRONT ROW: Marilyn Miller, Elaine Horyna, Carolyn Bell and Judy Hahner, 158 ■■rSWF? . .. ft BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT; Max Pittman, John Nickel, S. J. Sackett, Ronald Ackerman, Bill Rupp, Dan Merkel, and Neal HEIL FRONT ROW; Janet Toepfer, Janice Schrmdtberger, Don Eulert. Bill James, and Virginia Hogsett. The Leader is a weekly student publication of Fort Hays State College. It is printed in the college print shop and is staffed by the students in beginning journalism under Mr. S. J. Sockett. BILL JAMES Editor Leader Editor , Assistant Editor . . Business Manager Feature Editor . , Bill James Don Eulert, Nova Moody . . Bill Rupp, Dan Merkel Marilyn Hobbie Sports Editor Society Editor Max Pittman Ollie Connolly Staff John Nickel, Janice Schmidtberger, Pat Campbell, Virginia Hogsett Janet Toepfer, Harry Moos, Lowell Martindale, Ronald Ackerman, Neal Hill, Don Marker, Lawrence Doran, Arlin Morgan, Bill Brown, Alan Trachsel, Virginia Pratt, and Elizabeth Young. 159 Winterset Lorna Kraus (Mlriame) and Carl Wells (Mio) in Winterser ' s mast tragic scene. Howard Spies and Bob Harri- son (police) search for Bob Archer (missing Judge Gaunt). Paul Hott (Lucia, the organ grinder) provides music for the street donee. Howard Spies (the police sergeant) and Car! Wells disagree as to what constitutes breaking of a low. 160 Colene Young os the " Wilt o ' the Wisp ' on other one-act ploy, directed by JoAnn Wilkerson and Dixie Roberson. Colene Young and Harriet Ketchum in another scene from Will o the Wisp, " which was presented in Picken Auditorium, January 13- Donna Garrett, Harriet Ketchum and Shirla Bizek in a scene from " Will o ' the Wisp, " a fantasy which depicts the conflict of worldly selfishness versus poetic inspiration. 161 The Cherry Orchard Charlotte (Golene Young) in a humorous scene with other members of the cast in the theatres n-the-round presentation. Goev (Hoi Colony) speaks to Anya and Varyo (Shirley Conard) in o scene from this play, which portrays the de- cadence of Russian aristocracy. Charlotta here reasons with Epi- hodoff (Raymond Stacey) while Dunyasha listens in the play, which was presented February 24 and 25. A scene between Anya (Virginia Taylor) and Dunyasha (Ho Hobbie) in jr The Cherry Orchard ' a Russian comedy by Anton Chekhov. 162 Radio Barbara Bohannon. Bill Bigham and Larry Heitschmidt pre- pare a program to be tape recorded- Debate Shirley Krug prepares for the oratorical contest. Mr. James Start, instructor in debate, gives his class some helpful suggestions. Mary Thompson practices her speech as Sill Brown, Dick Honn, and Mary Lqu Saylor listen. 164 Bill Brown keeps his audience entertained as well as informed. Speech Correction Clinic Those working in the Speech Correction Clinic ore: (front row) Delora Trible r Mary Evans, Kathleen Cutter, Barbara Bohannon, Or. Geneva Herndon, Margaret Lantz. (Back row) Mrs. Velmo Wooster, director, Mctrilea Johnson, Joe Jelinek, Jon Jelinek, Phyllis Trexler. Mrs. Wooster demonstrates how to test hearing to Deloro Trible. 165 ncert Choir The Concert Choir, under the direction of C. Thomas Barr, is com- posed of approximately sixty voices. During the school year the Choir made a tour of western Kansas towns, appeared on television at Hutchin- son, and was one of the seven choirs which sang at the Southwest Division of the Music Educator ' s National Conference in March, FRONT ROW; Eva Sire, Virginia Harper, Edith Smith, Marcello Holmberg, Janet Rader, Leona Landwehr, Marilyn Brack, Marcia Stagg, Marthann Burris, Norma Hayes. BACK ROW: Alfred Hamburg, Charles Evans, Jack Andregg, John Turner, Director Donald Stout, John Clarke, Curtis. Fowler, Lorry Heitsthmidt, Charles Beltz. Shirley Goes, accompanist. Fort Hays Singers The Fort Hays Singers is a small vocal en- semble on the Fort Hays campus. It is composed of students selected from those studying and interested in music Under the direction of Donald Stout, the Singers made several short tours during the year. 166 M 1 a b i D T 1 i [fu liu li ; i ri ' | Fjri M jr „ - wfM mmmmmwmmmm rica, C, Evans, J. Turner, G. Gmther, P. Law, Male Quartet The Male Quartet is made up of outstanding vocalists. Under the direction of C Thomas Barr r the group has been in demand at high schools, civic clubs and organizations throughout the area. The Glenn Ginther, first tenor, Charles Evans, sec Quartet, with its varied selections, tour both with the choir and alone. ond tenor, Charles Belti, baritone, Loren Wil- They also appeared on television from Hutchinson in March. son ' boSS - 167 Concert Band The Concert Band under the direction of Harold Palmer performed at concerts, assemblies and games. Concerts, however, formed the major part of the year ' s activities. The group, comprised of students from all departments on the campus, made several tours. FRONT ROW; Gwen Miller, Party Boekhaus, Marilyn Offerle, Joye Ho- meiter, Dolores Offerle, Betty Jennings. BACK ROW: Bruce Siemsen, Orvilela Gracey, Shirley Garrison, Bill B-olton, Velda Jones, Edwyno Welch, Polly Palmer, Earl Rogers, Bernard Schulte. Clarinet Choir The Clarinet Choir was formed on the Fort Hays campus this year. It is believed to be the only known choir of this type. The choir presented several concerts, including a campus program and selections for the Southwest Division of the Music Educator ' s National Conference at Hutchinson in March. 168 HAROLD PALMER Director FRONT ROW; G. Arnold, J. Romeiser, G. Miller, P Boekhaus, R. Long, M„ Denio, T. Brown, E. Dryden, A. Horok, R, Wickizer, C. Chaffee, SECOND ROW: M, Offerle, B. Jennings, J. Presley, W. Baker, B. Siemsen, O. Grotey, B Schulte, E. Welch, W. Fellers, V. Jones, P. Palmer, G. Pauley, Y, Swenson, M. Saylor, H Seidl, P. Lagerberg. THIRD ROW; D. Offerle, F. Brown, V Leffingwell, D. Siemsen, K. Gross, D. Thomasson, A. Honcock, P. Trexler, A. Schenk, J. Strobe!, L. Marquardt, J. Nelson, F. Elder, J. Andregg, M. Burris, K. Tucker, D. Price, S. Garrison, B. Rasmussen, C. Young, M. Offerle, P. Kilpatrick, J. Mountain, J. Robinson. FOURTH ROW; S. Scheuermon, D. Young, S, Biiek, D. Perty. R. Law, D, Sire, B. Gilbert, B, Gleason, J. Kobler, R. Johnson, E. Wahlborg, D. Lippe, M. Laeger, L. Kraus, N. Shores, B. Bolton, E, Sire, B. Moody, T. Dixon, G. Zohrodnik, E. Jamison, V. Casper, S, Reeder, V. Moyer, L. Howe. FIFTH ROW: R, Aggson, B. Lenz, R r Bar stow, D. Burandt, R. Kerr. All-Girl Orchestra In its second year, the alUgirl orchestra fur- nishes entertainment on the campus and away. The group, composed of fifteen members, is un- der the direction of Harold Palmer. FRONT ROW; V, Jones, P. Kilpnirick, 5. Garri- son, P. Palmer, K. Tucker, SECOND ROW; T. Dixon, S. Reeder, V, Casper, V. Moyer. THIRD ROW: D. Burandt, S, Bi?ek, J. Kobler, D, Sire, M. Hoss, L. Raulstin. 169 Orchestra The Symphony Orchestra is made up of outstanding musicians from this part of the state. This includes students and faculty of Fort Hays State, faculty and students from Hays High School, and musicians from the surrounding communities With Stanley Ballinger as director, the orchestra accompanies the community chorus in its productions and also presents concerts here in H ays. FRONT ROW: B! lli Bolton, Frances Elder, Phillip Low, Inland Bartholomew, director. SECOND ROW: Dwight Lippe, Wally Howe, Bob Gleason. STANLEY BALLINGER Director Brass Sextet The Brass Sextet was organized this year on the Fort Hays Campus. The six members play under the direction of Leland Bartholomew, Several tours were completed by this group dur- ing the year. 170 ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL- Violin— E Ballinger, R. Woodson, B, Hemken, S, Shaughnessy, F. Wendel, M. Lindner, L. Felton, Y. Schultz, P Needles, P. Johnson., W. Fellers, T. Kuril 1 Viola— C. Onion, M. Shaw, B. Storm, A, Smock; Cello-C Boysinger, K. Loizure, C. Nelson; Bass-J. Maxwell, F. Kramer; Flute-J. Fetherston, B Bertram; Oboe-6. Loizure, R. Arnold; Clarinet— J, Graham, G. Arnold, W. LatcMord; Bassoon— L. LeEker, E, Hunsley; Horn-J. Zieber, D. Nuckolls, J. Henry, J Nelson; Trumpet R r CraEne, J. Kohler, D. Johnson; Trombone P. Martin, T. Dixon, J, NorcrosS; Timpani— R, Aggson; Drums— D. Goes. Flute Quartet Four sophomore girls under the supervision and direction of Harold Palmer comprise the organization known as the Flute Quartet. Twila Brown, Elaine Dryden, Rhetis Wickizer, and Catherine Chaffee make up the college flute quartet. 171 Enrollment And Foil enrollment created a new record, topping 1687 students, a per cent increase over last year. Spring enrollment at Fort reached 1542. This represents a twenty per cent increase over o year ago. 174 Freshman Week started with of activity. First the securing of freshmen hats, or otherwise the consequences crowded Ricker Auditorium to New students m and made friends at a picnic Freshman Week Participating in the annual Parent ' s Day activities were over 850 parents of Fort Hays students Activities included a welcom- ing address by President M, C Cunningham, an afternoon pro- gram and attendance at the Fort Hays State-Omaha University football game Parents Day 176 j! n ? (Hfif [If u urn ji ! i f J i [ i v j 5 1 T1 f 3 1 1 ' f W 1 ! I 1 y fj I ] 4 1 f it J t Ll t " f V I I I Iff I j n f j I f j j L J J • 1 ] | f f w S i 5 tS , II ( j LI ! I j f j H i i. { i I {Iff iCt ! ' f j, v I ' ? I 1 f ifl fl ( f 1 1 if |?f ' £ 1 1 4 V? J V if . V I yi t JH S H i ! W sc l w[!n hi iiifii ilfiin IH till Marine Band The T 56-year aid United States Marine Band, the eldest military symphonic musical organiza- tion, conducted by Lt. Col William F. Santelman (right), presented two performances at Sheridan Coliseum, October 3, while on its fourteen state tour. Such tours were started in 1891 by John Philip Sousa. 177 Homecoming 1954! The annual tug-of-wor across Big Creek was a huge success as far as the Freshmen were concerned. Freshman beanies were permanently removed immediately following the gome. Twelve organizations entered house decorations and eleven entered floats which were judged in a high- ly competitive contest. The Alumni Association presented eight Homecoming plaques. First prizes in floats were Sigma Sigma Sigma r women ' s division and Kappa Sigma Kappa, men ' s division, in house decorations first prizes went to Wesley Hall, women ' s division, and lau Kappa Epsilon, men ' s division. Homecoming Joyce Renberger ancTDotsie Tokushige were the two attendants for the 1954 Homecoming Queen The Sigma Slgmo Sigma sorority went " Rowing to Victory ' ' and won first place in the women ' s division of floats. T.IG E R ' 5 " Tiger ' s Snack " took first place in the men ' s division among the house decorations for the Tou Kappa Epsilon fraternity. After being crowned Homecoming Queen of 1954 by president M r C Cunningham. Shirley Thomas was led off the field by Allan Feist, student council president. Shirley Thomas, Homecoming Queen, was crowned by President Cunningham at Lewis Field Stadium before the football game between the Pittsburg Gorillas and the Fort Hays Tigers, Attendants were Dorothy To kushige and Joyce Renberger Final score of the game was the Tigers— 22, Gorillas— 7 , The Homecoming Ball in Honor of the queen and her attendants climaxed and brought to a dose the Homecoming celebra- tion. 1954 A second place plaque went to the Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity for Iheir skunk that scented a caged gorilla. Fort Hays State carries the pigskin toward the goal line. Grilled gorillas were served at Wesley Holl for Homecoming cad the girls won first place in the women ' s division of organized houses. Homecoming Fort hoys Singers produced a review on Friday night; one of their numbers was ' Till the Clouds Roll By ' ' " ' y iw ji ' tt ' ibj- ' i During the halftime of the Homecoming game, the Fort Hays State college bond pre- sented the musical story entitled ‘ ' ' Love In Bloom: " in the women ' s house decorations, " Kitten on the Keys " rook second place for the Delta Sigma Epsilon sorority. Kappa Sigma Kappa fraternity boys won a first place plaque for their float entitled " We ' ve Got ' Em in a Whirr ' A " Toast To Victory " gave the Delta Sigma Epsilon sorority a second place in the women ' s entry of floats. and Mr j. M C. Cunningham and president emeritus L D. Wooster rode down main street in the Homecoming President parade. 181 " Three for Tonight " was one of the highlights of the year at Fort Hays State. A varied presentation of music, drama and dance, the program featured Marge and Gower Champion, Harry Belafonte and the Voices of Walter Schumann. Produced by Paul Gregory and staged f by Gower Champion, the show played to a packed house. Three For Tonight 182 Jean Destine , star and director of " Fiesta In Haiti ' has devoted hU life to the exploration of the native folkways of his people. He has been appointed by the Haitian government as direc- tor of the Troupe Folklore Nationals Destined program fuses the cultural traditions of Haiti- the African and the French. The numbers presented in the coliseum at Fort Hays State ranged from the stirring " Revolt of Slaves " and the voodoo " Witch Dance " to the gay, light-hearted " Creole Mazurka " and " Congo Tropical " Hatian Dancers 183 The Queen and her two Princesses— Kay Tucker; Bernice Suiter,, [left) and Nadine Richmond, (right) posed for ihe camera. Reveille Ball It has been a tradition in the past for the college yearbook staff to ask a movie celebrity or noted people to make the selection of royqlty for the Reveille Ball. The judging is done on beauty alone from photo- graphs sent to the selectors This year Marge and Gower Champion, dance stars, agreed to choose the queen and her two princesses from the nine candidates. Miss Kay Tucker was selected by the Champions as the 1954 Reveille Queen. She was crowned by President MX, Cunningham and given a bouquet of roses and a large trophy by Gordon Zahradnik, Reveille edi- tor. The Queen ' s two princesses were Miss Bernice Suiter and Miss Nadine Richmond, they also received trophies, presented by Virginia Hogsett, assistant editor Master of ceremonies for the evening was Carl Wells The two num- bers appearing on the floor show were Phyllis Watkins giving a reading and a group of Theta Sigma Upsiion girls with a skit called " Fraternity Man. " Music for the dance was furnished by Ted Smith and his orchestra. Students attended the annual Reveille Ball in the coliseum which was decorated in the colors black and heliotrope and lighted by candles placed on tables set around the arena. Suspense was in the air as Gordon Zohradnik, ireveille editor, opened the letter from Marge end Gower Champion, selectors of the Reveille Queen ond Princesses, telling of their choice. Miss Kay Tucker was crowned Queen of the Reveille Boll by President M. C Cunning- ham before a crowd of 250 couples who attended the annual yearbook dance. There were nine candidates nominated by the men ' s organi- zations an the campus for the honor of Queen of the 1954 Reveille Ball. Kay Tucker was crowned Queen ond Bernice Suiter (left) and Nadine Richmond (right) were the two Princesses. The other candidates were (left to right) Marilyn Miller, Dorerve Powers, Peggy Raney, Virginia Pratt, Lais Wolfram, and Wanda Woodrow. 1 84 Consfontinus Gerhard vein Zljll de Jong, exchange student from Amsterdam, Holland, came to Fort Hays State on the an- nua) UNESCO scholarship, " Tyn, " as he is called by the students, has fitted himself well into college life and his study of forestry and wild life. After his one year of study here, " Tyn " will go back to Holland to spend two years in the Dutch army before finishing study for his forestry degree from a college in the Netherlands, New Arrivals Members of the Student Personnel Committee spon- sored a coffee for all new students enrolling second semester at Fort Hays State. The coffee served as a get-acquainted occasionfor the new students, and they were introduced to the members of student coun- cil; the class officers; and several of the faculty. They were also given some gen- eral information about the campus from President M. C. Cunningham. President M- C- Cunningham welcomes this year ' s exchange student, Constantin us Gerhard van Zljll de Jang, to Fart Hays State as does Gordon Zahradnik, Ethd Artman, assistant director of extension and placement service, poured coffee for the new second semester students. Miss Jean Stauffer filled the position of Dean of Women at the beginning of the spring semester at Fort Hays State. Before Miss Stauffer came to our campus she was a member of the national Girl Scout field staff since 1946 and was assigned to Region Vlll, which includes Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. While engaged in Girl Scouting she has been delegate from Kansas to an international encampment in Europe, served as an aide during the World Conference of Girl Guides and Girt Scouts in Cooperstown, New York, and was program director for a Western Hemisphere Girl Scout camp. Miss Stouffer has earned two degrees from the Universi- ty of Kansas, one in arts and the other in science. She re- ceived her masters degree from Syracuse University in 1950, While attending college she was honored with a mem- bership in Mortar Board and Phi Beta Kappa, Jean Stouffer, new dean of women (left), Marjorie Simons, retired dean of women (center) ond Mrs, M. C. Cunningham (right) greet guests at the informal reception held in honor of Miss Stouffer and Mrs. Simons, Candidates tor Sweetheart King were (seated) Don Moore,, Larry Neelly, (standing) Ray Newton, Curtis Fow- ler, Jim Sackrider, and Charles Evans. — . f j , a “ — ■ ■ - - ' — lege 1955 Sweetheart Ball, places the valentine crown on hi 5 queen, Carol Holsman. Highlight of the Sweetheart Ball, February H, was the crowning of the King and Queen of the Bath Larry Neelly and Carol HoUman The royal couple was elected by vote of the student body and introduced during intermission by the master of ceremonies, Bill Bigham. Carolyn Fisher, Coral Holsmon, Juanita Kobler, Marcia Stagg, Carol Riedl and Gay Fritchie were candidates for Sweetheart Queen. Sweetheart Ball Students danced in the gaily decorated men ' s gym to the music of Bob Berger and his orchestra. 1 86 of Leap Week, sponsored by UNESCO to raise lands for sponsoring a foreign student on this campus, was climaxed by the leap Week Dance where Shirley Koerner was named Daisy Mae and Bob Eitel, Bearded Joe. Leap Week activities gave girls the opportunity to ask for the dales, open doors for men, walk on the outside of the sidewalk and observe other " gentlemanly " courtesies. Time out for rest and refreshments at the Leap Week Dance. while Shirley Koerner (Daisy Mae) buys tickets for Marion Vaughan a Charlene Oetken carries the books. The Boston Pops Tour Orchestra und Fiedler presented a concert in Sheridan lished in T 885 , the orchestra has become many concerts and recordings. Arthur Fiedler The Boston Pops Tour Orchestra ecorded on the Red Boston ' s Symphony Hot! and hovi Members of the Touring Orchestra have appeared Seal RCA Victor records % Jj ii " s 3 " " ipt, QHfit ■ ■R i_ TLAM Jgfk f ■am, 183 A large number of students and Hays people enjoyed the performance of the Boston Paps. F. H. S Follies performonce was given by the girl ' s from Custer Hal]. The four girls ore Karlyn Brook hart, Virginia Nelson, and Congratulations went to Colene Young on her rendition of " She ' s More to be Pitied Than Censured ' Dctsie Tokushige did a dance of her native Hawaii colled " ' lovely Hula Honda " with the aid of her Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority slaters. PWJaPBs 1 1 %arn " Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea " was one of the most unusual acts of the evening. It was presented by the Little Theater. 189 Advertising and Candids T9T n FTA ,rf?QslJrer ' and John Farrell, local FTA president, lead the panel in discussion during Teachers ' Meeting 2 A group scene t ° 0 . 0 n 0 fhi r e PrePar 7 M n 4 ‘ W f k — tesies. 5. Nurses-, a-be learn a par, of their required education, 6 Dr Reed shows a ps M° Pafmel leads TcT ? rl up-ta-dote information in their field. 3, An audience absorbed in o scene from " The Chs Miss A ke Beestv 12 TEela ' " 9 ,! : reshmon ’ rVeek. l 0. A humorous bit of " The Cherry Orchard. " 1 1 , The foods class under the direction an ■ ss Alice Beesley. Z. Home Economics deportment provides dish washing tactics for both sexes. scene from " The Cherry psychology doss o Cherry Orchard. " 9. d supervision of 192 »■ ««■ ■ ■ ot r k r sax: f “ 13 Part of enrollment day procedure, 14. Horry ------ — - ■ _ rhrow Reveille photographer off the stage. 15, Students hard at work m the hbrarys reodmg room 1 93 wolf 4 le R™T l ie " C aU J lding c,O0r5 -. 2 ' Mer " b r ! ° f ,he F °° " =° " team P " P°r «. loo-.. 3. Bill James, editor of the Leader, inspects his reference „T7 n t 7°k ° nd uTPn P ° 5e a,,er hcr Februar 9 2 « " « r h 5. Janette Nelson helps students locate magazines in the lihrory reference room. 6. Dick Hohn and Bob M,ller d.scuss life ot Residence Hall. 7. Members of the interior Decoration class inspect drapery material Dr E Wd 7m Morel7 d TP " ' n °J hm9 " “PPm. pC,y ' r ' 9 ; l 9 - For ' Ha V 5 ' ' br «t deons-Miss Stauffer, dean of women; Dr, McCartney, dean of the college, and Dr. w.iham Moreland, dean of men. 10, Miss Rosella McCarroll helps advisees during enrollment. 11 Refreshments at the Freshman Tea 2 Keen tng up on current events a, the library, 13. George Sternberg, curator the museum, points ou, one of the rn e collection P ' 194 TO. Students who took Directed Teaching during the foil semester. 11. Backstage before the crowning of the queen of 195 4 Vkfirv rirnf fr ,h ' .r e ' ?.■ S,uder ' ' 4 8 ° d P resid " ' Nick Yunk acts as emcee. 3. Coach Ralph " Red " Hoffman introduces the football team. trade H " Tap of theWodd " T?TV aF ' a P T° C u ' f °° ,balL 5 ' Qu ' ckeS ,0 Dn ' P°™ 6. Si 9 Tau ' s entry in the Homecoming member, of The hn, , l the v.ctory march. 8. J. D. Norcross gets classrooms ready for use. 9. Tyn de Jong of members of the botany doss in laboratory work. 10. Kappa Sig ' s arid their " bike for three ' IK D presents the Key to World Peace y elto Sigr Tyn de Jong of Holland and other a Phi ' s entry joins the parade. 12, Y.M.CA, 196 they don ' t STHND H GHOST DFFlCHHNrr 3 Delta Sig ' s " Squeeze Pittsburg. " 2. Custer Hall " boos " Pittsburg ' s chances. 3. Phi Sigs promise " Well Clean Up Sc. " 4. siden. Cannmgharn crowns Queen Shirley Thomas. 5, Sigma Alpha lota tells the " Odor of the Day " for Homecoming. 6. Dean and Mrs, McCartney and Mrs, N.ta Landrum “rode. 7. Queen Shirley Thomas escorted by Derryl Goes and Alan Feist. 8. Collegiate 4-H Gab float entry. 9, M,ss Geneva Herndon bays a mam from Theta Sigma Upsilon girls. 10. ' " Lulu " helps Pittsburg player at Alpha Sig house. 197 ■ mt Wk L, ic do te s°a ct iv’tl v ' fn’ ™ Ms. p ' e5 Td nt Cunningham speaks to Women ' s Club. 3. Registering at State Home Economies Meeting. 4. Leo Fraizier participates actively ,n college life. 5. Patty Lou Christensen, Oil Progress queen, and attendants. 198 1. The cheerleaders practice a few yells. 2, Geist brothers oil at Fort Hays State. 3. Residence Hall under construction. 4. Beauty on the KSK float 5. Open house at Patrick Hall. 6. Fraternity pinning is a big moment. 199 1 " 2 retch T B . eer p af en ' J he Fort H ys Follies. It was put on by the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. 2. Twelve Delta girls gave their version Down Younder " for the Fort Hays Follies. 3. From the locks of things, the Tri Sigma fortune teller at th of customer. 4, Prize winners at the Artists Ball. 5. Just look at the Thoms and Mosses, sponsors of the Artists Boll carnival sees good luck ahead for her 6. A scene from the Artists Ball held March 26 at the Arts Building 7. The Theta Powder Puff booth at the All-School carnival attracted attention by having the sorority girls dressed as pandas and servmg as targets 8. Another prize winning couple were the little Red Devil (Ollie Connolly) and The Saint (Jack Karra ker). 9. The gypsies, Les Schrepe! and Carol Kimball, and the Japanese Margo Lindner and Don Burnett take time out. 10. Nadine Richmond, Jim Hinkhouse, Carol Jones and Gordon ahradmk pose for the camera at the Artists Ball. 200 THE A. L. DUCKWALL STORES CO. 5 Cents to $1 .00 Store Visit Our Modern Fountain and Luncheonette 1103 Main Hays Phone 4-2812 JAMES MOTOR CO., INC Lincoln Mercury Sales and Service Genuine Parts 200 E. 8th Dial 4-3481 HUMBURG HDWE., INC. Everything for the home Electric and Gas Appliances General Hardware Bottle Gas 110 W. 11th Dial 4-2119 HAYS FLORAL SHOP MORRISON " Fiowers Designed Especially for You " JEWELRY QUALITY FLOWERS and PROMPT SERVICE ‘ Gifts for all occasions Your ilowers need to receive • oar conscientious attention 5 W. 8th St, Dial 4-2223 107 W. 10th Dial 4-4212 1 13s ! h 51 || Groceries Dry Goods Shoes Ladies Ready to Wear Men ' s Clothing Floor Coverings Appliances - Furniture WIESNER’S DEPT. STORE 202 WALBURN ' S COLLEGE GROCERY Just a Hop, Skip, and a Jump from the Campus Dial 4-3015 507 W. 7th HAYS BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION m Save and Invest r jer Dial 4-3413 Hays, Kansas Ni SHOP THE THE GUERCIO STUDIO HAYS 203 204 If it ' s io wear, you ' ll find it at THE LA K- T0R£ VARSITY BOWL DRIVE INN " HOME OF GOOD FOOD - WHERE STUDENTS MEET AND EAT " Inside and Outside Service Corner of 4th and Main phoTle 4 ’ 995S 4f Dee Boxberger, Twila Brown, Gay- lene Owen, Charles Belt , Howard Spies, Lynnette Pearson, Kay Hahn and Loren Wilson enjoy the Varsity Bowl ' s delicious malts. 205 BUTLER ' S FURNITURE Fine Furniture F [oor Coverings 1 19 West 10th Hays ROHR JEWELRY STORE ' Tine Jewelry " Expert Jewelry and Watch Repairing We do the finest work at reasonable prices. 106 E. 8th Dial 4-4327 EVERY YEAR A YEAR OF PROGRESS EVERY REVEILLE REFLECTING THE ADVANCEMENT AND PROGRESS AND EVERY YEAR FINDING THE ABC DRUG STORE MORE FIRMLY ESTABLISHED AS THE DRUG STORE OF CHOICE Greetings From ST. ANTHONY ' S HOSPITAL This Space Reserved and Paid for By The Active Staff 206 DILLONS FOOD MARKET Finest Food Store in Northwest Kansas Hays Kansas THE HOME FURNITURE COMPANY The Phileo Store 229 West 10th Dial 4-3813 THE DECORATOR SHOP Herman Bowen, Prop. Dial 4-4610 1306 Vine St, Marlene Schmidt, an art student, is wait’ ing to consult Rer- an Bowen about in- terior decorating. 207 FORT HAYS PHARMACY Your R e x a 1 1 Store Soda Fountain — Drugs Magazines Faberge — Elizabeth Arden Dial 4-3469 217 West 10th ROBINSON BROS. CREAMERY Manufacturers of KINGS KWALITY ICE CREAM Party Ice Cream Dial 4-4215 310 East 11th HAYS, KANSAS The comfort of the new Pontiac is en- joyed by Donna Garrett and Phil Law BEN F. DREIUNG, INC. Buick, Pontiac and G.MX, Trucks Dial 4-2 31 Hays, Kansas 208 Newsfoto Publishing Company is grateful for your patronage and recognizes the role you have played in the development of its plant. In return it shall continue to serve you with full sensibility of your confidence in its ability to print your yearbook; and its continuing aim is to justify that confidence. NEWSFOTO SAN ANGELO, TEXAS Ask Your Grocer For ENRICHED SEMOLINO FLOUR “A Western Kansas Product” The Hays City Flour Mills 209 mtM Donna Garrett and John Finney are enjoying themselves while they are look- ing at some merchandise at S and W Distributors Genuine- Replacement Paris Tools end Equipment Y. me. 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Ford Sales and Service “Worth More When You Sell It 528 East 8th Hays, Kansas Dial 4-3411 CAMPUS BOOK STORE Bert E. Berglaml - “Your College Bookstore” College Textbooks Sheaffer Esterbrook Zipper Notebooks Greeting Cards Personalized Stationery Spalding Sporting Goods 21 1 j. m. McDonald co. Men ' s Boys’ Women’s Misses’ Clothing 808 Main Hays, Kansas Paint Brushes, Paints and Glass Guns and Ammunition Tools and Cutlery Dial 4-3611 Eighth and Main Paul Hott displays his salesmans hip to Shirley Koemer at Philip s Hardware. GEO. PHILIP HDWE. 213 MANN ' S IGA STORE JAMES MOTOR CO., INC. Fancy Meats and Groceries Lincoln Mercury Sales and Service Dial 4-2574 GENUINE PARTS 200 E. 8th Dial 4-3481 219 W. 10 Hays THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK — HAYS, KANSAS Here Dtt. it 31 Depouls 1939 .5 791,1 67.84 DUF 1943 2,405,690 45 1948 5,326,328.25 15-Year 1950 6.061, 041. 58 1952 4,830.874.88 Record 1954 7,531,403 58 ft. A. Mermis, President 214 215 216 New ’55 Dodge FOOD THAT PLEASES flashes ahead! 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A Few Words To The Students Of Fort Hays State The reading of a daily newspaper is a broad education in itself. The daily paper affords a background of general information which no one can obtain in any other way. Few college students need to be told this, it goes without saying, but there may be young men and young women attending Fort Hays State who do not know the Hays Daily News has complete coverage of world-wide, national, state and home news and pictures on every weekday except Saturday, and on Sunday as well . The Sunday Morning News also has local and national features and a comic section as well. The over-all news coverage provided is that of the Associated Press, the world ' s largest news- gathering agency . Read the News to be up on all the news that is news, NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY Hays Daily News Ellis County News News Commercial Job Printing 222 A Complete Stock of Amateur Photo GOODWIN SPORTING GOODS Supplies Equipment MacGregor Athletic Equipment HAYS CITY DRUG STORE Converse Footwear Phone 4-4414 Winchester Firearms and Ammunition ' ' The Corner Drug Store " Dial 4-2419 HAYS 119 West 11th DRY GOODS SHOES J. C. Penney Co. Men ' s, Boys’, Women’s, Misses’ Clothing MARKWELL’S School Supplies Typewriters Playing Cards Books Office Supplies Stationery Loose Leaf Ledgers Note Books Loose Leaf Ring Books Fountain Pens Filing Cabinets Art Supplies Leather Goods Desks MARKWELL STATIONERY CO. Phone 4-461 1 1010 Main THE JACK JILL SHOP Let Us Clothe Your Children — That ' s Our Business Everything for Infants to Preteens Boys ' Wear from 1 to 12 All Girl Scout Apparel Toys 1100 Main Dial 4-3021 HAYS 223 THE 7UP BOTT LlflG CO. of hoys Also Bottlers of Red Bird Flavors Dial 4-4322 HAYS CITY BAKERY Home of Tasty Pastry MR, S MRS, I, W. WIEDOWER 117 W. 11th Dial 4-3522 SCHLEGEL ' S Sporting Goods Leather Goods Riding Equipment Western Wear Hobby and Craft Supplies Dial 4-2117 118 W, 11th Hays, Kansas HARKNESS PHARMACY IN HAYS OVER 50 YEARS Dial 4-2521 The Choicest In DRUGS, CANDIES AND TOILET ARTICLES MAGAZINES ... ICE CREAM 715 Main 224 I Student Index -A- Xekerman, Refold C-, Larned, Fr. Veres, Corrine, Dodge City, Grad, uggon, Robert G., Lamed, So. kgnew, Helen L, r Great Bend, So. vgnew, Kenneth H., Great Bend, Fr ] stru p, Gerald K„ Hanston, Sr Mbrecht, Frieda Jane, Natoma, Fr. vlderman, James M., Stockton, Fr, Vilen, David L,, Greensburg, So. Mien, Shirley M„ Satanta, Fr. Mley, Clyde L., Wilmore, Fr, Upers, Warren E., Hudson, So. Vnderson, Barbara L, Hugoton, So. Anderson, Delbert D,, Healy, Fr. Lnderson, Edward l,, Hugoton, Fr. Anderson, Jerry L., Phillipsburg, So. Anderson, Joanne D., Nickerson, Fr. Anderson, Joyce E„ Nickerson, Jr. Anderson, Sandra B., Oberlin, So. Lndregg, Jack L., Hoxie, Jr. Andrews, Marvin W., Mankato, Sr. nnis, Albena C., Oakley, Fr. knspaugh, Mary L., Codell, Jr. Vppel, Harley B., Garfield, Fr. Xpplegate, Daniel K., Hill City, Fr. Xrther, Bob, Hoys, graduate rcher, Doyle L, Densmore, Sr. Xrther, Lois C, Densmore, Fr. Armstrong, Donald K.., lamed. So. Arnold, Gwendolyn L„ WaKeeney, Sr. rnold. Marvel J-, Wichita, So. Arnold, Mary N., Garfield, Sr, Xsh, Lyla G-, Mankato, Jr. sh er, Esther C, Great Bend, So. shmere, Lawrence T., Syracuse, Fr. tkeson, Dale W., Protection, Fr. Xumiller, David D., Pawnee Rock, Fr. Huston, Charles A., Alexander, Fr, Xxman, Mary M., Olrniti, Fr, 54, 159 61 169, 171 43 54, 123 33, 104, 117 48, 105 54, 111, 113, 123 43 54, 66, 121 54, 123 43, 128 48, 122 54, 119 54 48, 104, 136, 141 54, 105, 120 44, 66, 67, 105, 116 43, 99, 104, 105, 122 166, 169 106, 136, 138 54, 102, 105, 120 44, 68, 91, 105 54, 93 54, 103 160 38, 80 54, 108 43, 89, 95 36, 38, 70, 95. 99, 104, 105, 169 48, 116, 1 19, 150, 151, 153, 167 36 38 95 99, 105, 118, 120, 167 ' 44 43, 99, 107, 108 54, 80 54 54 54, 137 54 , 101 , 110 , 120 Jr. -B- iabcock, Delores M., Phillipsburg, Fr. ■aker, Wray A., Wilson, So laldock. Bill, Delphos, 5a. toll. Gene R, r Hanston, So. iallard, Carol, Haviland, So. iallard, Leonard G., Webber, So. landel, Albert C, Francis, So. Jarn hill, Doris M., Cimarron, Fr. larrett, Claude M„ Quinter, So. Jarrett, Evelyn A.., Beloit, Sr. larrett, JoAnn G., Larned, Fr. 3a r ring tan, Marshall E-, Arkansas City, larstow, Marian D., Macksville, So. la r stow, Robert Lamed, Fr. Basgoll, Rita M., Hays, Fr, 3auer, Barbara J., Radium, Jr. Becker, Gary P., Great Bend, So. Beckwith, Caro! K., Larned, Fr. Beckwith, David L, Norton, Fr. Beckwith, J. Keith, Larned, Fr, Beiser, Donald L, Lewis, Fr. Bell, Carolyn J., Harlan, Jr, Bell, Pat, Hays, Fr. Beltz, Charles D,, Ulysses, Jr. Benson, Betty A., Scott City, Fr, Beougher, Kenneth L, Grinnell, Jr. Beougher, Virgil D., Grinnell, Sr. Berblinger, Donald K., Alder, So. Berens, Vernon L., Walker, So. Berland, Phyllis A., Palco, Sr. Bertram, Jennie L, Hays, So. Bickel, Donald C., Dodge City, Sr. Bigham, Kenneth W., Great Bend, So, Bizek, Sherla L., LaCros e, Fr. Blair, Velda K., Larned, Sr. Blanchard, Richard L., Hutchinson, Sr. Blanchard, Robert E„ Hutchinson, So 54, 120 43, 72, 104, 169 48 43, 100, 167 43, 72 43, 80 48 54, 120 43 38, 70, 105 54, 121 142 43, 76 54 34, 94, 125, 167, 169 54, 70, 101 44 104, 103,119, 122 48, 30, 113 54 54, 76 54, 55, U7 54 44 , 70, 158 54, 105 44 32 94 166, 167, 205, 213 54, 99, 1 16, 121 44 , 82, 128, 134 33, 55, 82, 147 43 43, 101 36 38, 65, 70, 96, 107, 175 43, no, 119 38, 76 48, 124, 163 54, 110, 120, 161, 169 38 38, 88, 93 48 Blond, Richard L., Larned, So. Blonkenburg, Judith B., Oakley, Sr. Blankenburg, Lila J., Oakley, So. Boedeker, Jim K., Natoma, So. Baedeker, Loren N., Natoma, Fr, Boekhaus, Patty R, P Richfield, Fr. Bogart, Quentin J., Hays, Sr. Bohannon, Barbara J., Garden City, Sr. Bollinger, Mack, Ellinwoad, So. Bolton, Bill L,, Smith Center, Jr, Baoher, Donald W., Hays, So. Bowie, Lee W., Hanston, Fr. Boxberger, Celia D-, Norton, Sr. Brobb, LeRoy L, Ogallah, Fr. Brack, Dennis P., Otis, So. Brack, Gary L., Otis, Sr, Brock, Marilyn S-, Leoti, Fr. Brainard, Dave C., Selden, So. Brandyberry , W. Ardon, Hill City, Sr. Braun, Kenneth R-, Victoria, Jr. Bray, Earl D,, Phillipsburg, Jr. Breathower, Melvin G,, Prairie View, So. Brennan, Margaret T., Dodge City, Sr, Brethouwer, Lloyd L., St. Francis, Jr. Brian, Ray V., Monument, Fr. Brinkman, Nancy J., Stafford, F.r. Brisan, Donald G., Macksville, So. Brock, August F., Cawker City, Fr, Brookhart, Karlynn K,, Ellis, Fr. Brooks, John G,, Englewood, So, Brothers, Marjorie M., Oakley, Sr, Brougher, Wayne W., Hays, Jr. Brown, Bill H-, Ford, So. Brown, Florence L., Arnold, Fr. Brown, Francis D,, Hays, Fr, Brown, Kenneth L,, Phillipsburg, Fr. Brown, Timothy M., Great Bend, Fr. Brown, Twillg L,, Ploinville, So. Brown, William F., Hays, Fr, Brungordt, Doreen A., Hays, Fr. Brungardt, Gilbert A,, Victoria, Sr, Bulkley, Tom C, Fowler, So. Burandt, Diedro B., Belleville, Fr. Burk, Shirley J„ Brewster, Fr. Burmeister, Ferdinand H., Cloflin, Sr. Burnett, Donald H., Hoys, Fr. Burris, Marthonn, Hoys. Fr. Buser, Don E,, Cawker City, So. Butcher, Joe D., Cimarron, So Byrum, Alvin A., Garfield, Fr, 136, 137 38, 89, 98, 99, 104, 117, 121 43 , 112 , 122 91, 98, 113, 123 54, 98, 123 54 r 67, 38, 120, 163, 169 33, 80 38, 72, 39, 99, 116, 155, 163, 165 64, 76, TOO, 124 44, 94, 113, 168, 169, 170 1 1 1 54, 105 38, 70, 104, 205, 213 125 48, 124 103, 124 54, 121, 166, 167 48. 106, 142 38, 104 101 44, 82, 86, 87, 112, 1 15, 192 44, 48, 103 33, 96 44 54 54, 120 48 54, 124 54, 121, 151, 139 43, 78, 146, 163 38, 104 38 48, 97, 103, 1 10, 123, 164 54, 105, 120, 169 54 54, 123 54, 70, 32, 1 12, 125 65, 105. 169, 171, 205, 213 54, 30 54 94, 104 49 54, 121, 169 54, 121 38, 82 43, 88 54 72, 105, 166, 167, 169 48, 123 48, 105, 124, 136, 140 54 -C- Caldwell, toys, Harlan, So. Callaway, Donald R., Concordia, So. Campbell, Albert Beryl, Hoys, So., Campbell, Patricia Welling, Hoys, So. Carmichael, Shirley Clarke, Hays, Jr. Casper, James, Hays, Fr. Castle, Coralie, Norton, So. Castor, Billy Joe, Utica, Fr. CaHin, Harry L, Miltonvole, Fr. Cauldwell, Richard Lee, Holyraod, Fr. Chadd, Jerry Kay, Greensburg, Fr. Chaffee, Catherine F., Burdett, So, Chandler, Keith W., Almena, Sr, Chard, Patricia A,, Lincoln, Fr, Charvat, Van Earl, Dorrance, Sr. 39, 76, Cheg widden, Dan E., Bunker Hill, Fr. Chipman, Donald E., Hill City, Sr. Christensen, Melvin J., Menlo, Sr. Christensen, Patty Lou, Great Falls, Montana, So. Clark, James E., Hays, Fr. Clarke, John W., Medicine Lodge, Jr. Claws on, Martin L., Ellinwood, Fr. Cline, Lois, Bunker Hill, Sr, Cole, Marianne, Great Bend, Fr. Colony, Harold O-, Norton, So. Confer, Bill E., Hartford, Sr. Conrad, Shirley L., Hoxie, Fr, 49 49, 123 49, 74, 103 102, 159 49 128, 169 49, 122 54, 103, 125 54, 144 55, no 55 49, 95, 118, 169, 171 39, 32, 104 37, 55, 120 101, 104, 105, 109, 124 55, 57, 59 39, 80, 104 106, 136, 138, 142 29, 49, 73, 198 55, 80 44, 76, 166 55 39, 102, 104 55. 120, 175 114, 160, 162 39, 32, 104 55, 68, 162 225 r Student Index Durall, Edwin P., Pawnee Rock, Fr. Dwyer, Don B., Hugotan, Jr. Dykes,, Callen Joy, LaCrosse, Fr. Dykes, Donald L, LaCrosse, Fr r 55, 101, 125 44, 54, 100, 1 05, 124, 142, 143, 145, 146 55, 102, 121 55 E- Earl, Janet Sue, Hays, Fr. Earley, Don W„ Formosa, Fr, Easier, Cordelia V. r Hays, jr, Easter, James Alfred, Hays, So. Ediger, Eldo, Hays, Sr. Edwards, Bonnie Sue, Utica, Fr, Eisenhour, Willard T. , Stafford, Fr, Eftel, Bobbie D., Grigston, So. Ekey, Doyle G., Hays, Sr, Elder, Francis L, Bison, So. Elder, Marie L, Hays, So. Elias, Ann E,, LaCrosse, So. EI9 is, Irvin Lou, Johnson, Fr. Embree, Billie E . , Garden City, Jr, Emigh, Ava Don, Formosa, Fr r Engel, Betty Ann, Ellis, Fr. Engel, Harold, Hoys, Fr. Epps, Ronnie Lee, Miami, Qklo., Fr. Eroert, Rudolph L., Etlis, So. Erickson, Phillip K,, Rexford, So. E c ' Hazel Rose, Kanorado, Fr. onold L., Kanorado, Jr. Donoid Dean, Paradise, So. Charles Keith, Hays, So. Marilyn Jo, Holyraod, Fr. Mary Doreen, Gove, Jr. Vernon Lee, Utica, Fr. 55 55, 136, 137 44, 115 49, 113 39 55, 120 55 49, 125, 187 39, 109 49, 95, 99, 118, 122, 169, 170 43, 73, 86, 97, 99, 105, 114, 195 49, 90, 99, 105, 108, 120 55 44, 125 55, 120 55, 101, 120 55, 101 55, 137 49 49, 64, 114 55, 116, 121, 151 44 49, 78, 159, 211 49, 100, 166, 167, 186 55, 91, 99, 121 44, 70, 71, 165 55 Gallion, Leona May, Grinnell, So, Gamble, Sammie L., Ekhart, Fr. Gardner, Morion M., WaKeeney, Jr, Gardner, Mar[orie E., WaKeeney, Fr. Garrett, Donna Mae, Gaflin, Sr. Garrett, Eugene M,, Claflin, Fr, Garrison, Shirley M„ Hill City, So. Goughan, Larry J., Ellinwood, Fr, Geenen, George J., Otis, So Geenen, Marie, Otis, Jr. Geil, Audrey A., Great Bend, Fr. Gibler, Robert C, Great Bend, Fr. Gibson, Bobby Lee, Tribune, Jr. Gibson, Dallas D., Rozef, Fr. Gibson, Mary Jo, Chase, Jr. Gibson, Sandra S., Garden City, Jr Gilbert, Robert H., Plainville, Fr. Gilbert, Robert L., Goodland, Sr. Gilliland, Ronald W., Plainville, Fr. Gillispie, Eldon F,, Levant, Fr, Ginther, Glenn G., Russell, Jr. Gish, Kendall D., Glen Elder, Fr, Gleason, Bob, Seward, So. Gleason, Donald C„ Seward, Sr. Click, Gory D,, Lorned, Fr. Godfrey, Thomas E,, Abilene, Fr. Goes, Dennis J., Albert, Fr, Goetz, Bernard A., Victoria, Sr. Goetz, Gerald, Victoria, So. Goetz, Laureen, Victoria, So. Golden, Beverly A., Oberlin, Jr, Gooder, Donald L., DeNvale, Fr, Gasser, Edna E., Hays, Fr. 55, 45, 55, 79, 105, 106, 141, 146, 147, 55, 69, 121, 39, 69, 96, 107, 110, 161, 208, 55, 49, 167, 163, 49, 100, 103, 45, 89, 96, 107, 108, 116, 56, 105, 108, 110, 56, 82, 45, 129, 45, 89, 96, 104, 107, 103, 45, 39, 56, 94, 56, 100, 124, 56, 82, 49, 94, 118, T 67, 169, 39, 47, 56, 49, 49, 97, 101, 119, 45, 104, Conine, Shirley D., Scott City, So. 49, 105, 112, 122 Eveleigh, Dorothy L, Otis, So, 49, 119, 122 Connaliy, Ollie P., Collyer, Fr. 55, 70, 101, 119 c Cook, Kenneth W,, Hoys, So. 49, , 80 ™ r — Cooper, Garold P., Great Bend, Fr. 55, , 82 Fagan, Evelyn M., St. John, Fr, 55, 112, 120 Cooper, Joe 1., Hoys, Sr. 39 Farber, Marvin Ford, Hoxie, So, 49, 106, 128, 142, 144 Copper, Harold L., Stockton, Sr. 39, 76, 200 Farrell, John R., Hill City, Sr, 39, 30, 104, 192 Corke, Francis E. r Studley, Jr, 44, 104, 122 Farrell, Maurice J,, Hill City, Fr. 55 Cornwell, Lowell D., Osborne, Sr, 39, , 78, 149 Faurol, Robert A., Sublette, Jr. 74, 104, 106, 128 Coulter, Gary, Oberlin, So. 48, 49, 78, , 86, 161 Feese, Alvin P., Hugotan, Fr. 55, 100 Cox, Beverly Jo, Lakin, Jr. 44, 102, 119, 122 Feist, Donoid C., Ellinwood, So. 76, 101, 106, 142, 145 Cramer, Mildred J., Healy, Fr. 55, 120, 167 Feist, John A., Ellinwood, Sr. 55, 76, 86, 101, 104, 106, Crist, Mary June, Syracuse, So. 55, 104, 119 142, 143, 144, 145, 148, 178 Cummings, Keith S., Tescott, Jr. 44, , 80 Fellers, Winifred L... Hays, So, 95, 99, 102, 105, 169 Custer, Kathleen K., WaKeeney, Jr. 44, 70, 107, 165 Felts, Emerson T,, Dodge City, Sr. 163 n Ferrell, Bernard W., Lakin, Fr. 55 — u — Fie!, Ronald L,, Larned, Fr. 55 Dahlke, Joanne M., Phillipsburg, So, 49, 109, 11 2, 122 Filbert, Mary Ann, Ness City, Fr, 55, 102, 120, 158 Danielson, George E., Hays, Fr. 44, 45, 55 Finney, Dan Lew, Great Bend, Fr. 55, 124, 142 Darnell, Carol V,, Osborne, Jr. 44, 45, 36, 107, 116, 120, 158 Finnin, Dick Hugh, Ness City, Fr. 55, 123 Davidson, Doyle E,, Scott City, So. 49 Fsschli, Dolores N., Hays, Sr. 96, 104 Dowdy, James A., Salino, So. 128, 135 Fi$ch|i r Richard, Jr., Hays, Sr. 104 Dean, Evelyn M., Wheeler, Fr, 55, 99, 105, 109 Fisher, Carofyn C, Great Bend, So. 69, 186 DeBey, Richard, Hays, Jr. 128, 130, 144 Follett, Gloria M., Russell, Jr. 118 DeBoer, Wandti A , Prairie View, Fr. 55, 73, 121, 167 Foos, Floyd Eugene, Ness City, So. 78 Deeter, Charles R-, Norcatur, Grad- 61, 93, 113, 115 Foote, Allison R., Chase, So. 76 Deighton, Lorena M., Uitco, So. 49, r 64 Foster, Erma J-, Lenora, Fr. 55, 112 Deiter, Clara E., Hunter, Jr. 44, 70, ■ 91, 108 Fouser, Lloyd K., Scott City, Fr, 55, 125 Denio, Maralyn M., Haviland, Fr. 55, 105, 120, 169 Fowler, Curtis W, r WaKeeney, Fr, 55 , 166, 167, 186 Detmer, Dorothy J., Great Bend, Fr. 55, 120 Fox, Glenda G., Hays, Fr. 55, 73 Deutscher, Carol, Ellis, Fr. 55, 121 Fraizier, Leo W,, LaCrosse, Sr, 55, 79, 104, 147 Dibble, Terry J. p Hays, Jr. 44, 76, 163 Framer, Twila J., Athol, So. 112, 120 Dietz, Melvin F. r Hill City, Fr, 55 Freeborn, Mildred E., Gaylord, Fr. 55, 102 Dixon, Rose L., Great Bend, Jr. 44, 104, 117, 119 French, Leonard E. r Jetmore, Fr. 55 Dixon, Thelma E., Hanston, So. 49, 99, 120, 169, 171 Fritsche, Gay B, r Bloomington, So. 102, 120, 186 Dome, Geo V., Cimarron, Sr. 39, 78, 106, 128, 131 Fritschen, Richard L . , Darrance, Fr. 55, 101 Doran, Lawrence R-, Wilson, Fr, 55 Fritts, Mary Ann, WaKeeney, Fr. 55, 105, 120 Dorman, Joan G.. WaKeeney, Fr, 55, 120 Fronlerhouse, C. V., Great Bend, Fr. 55, 111 Douglas, Shirley G., Kismet, So. 49, 99, 107, 108, 122 Fross, Rita Mae, Hays, Fr, 55 Douglass, Eleanor V,, Mullinville, Jr. 44 Frydendall, Merrill J., Portis, Jr, 76, 91, 106, 142, 145, 137 Douglass, John Henry, Mullinville, So. 49, , 80 Fuller, Melvin L T , Hays, Fr. 112 Dragt, Barbara A., Almena, Sr. 36, 39, 89, 95, 104, 167 Drees, Sylvia Ann, Hays, Fr. 55, 101 - G - Dreiling, Gel us F., Hoys, So. T 29, 130 Gabel, Darrell J., Ellis, So. 55 Dryden, Elaine E., Stockton, So. 49, 95, 118, 167, 169, 171, 211 Gager, Eldon D,, Woodston, Fr. 55 Dufford, James W. , Minneola, So. 49, . 76, 1 1 1 Gaines, Ernest, Stockton, Fr. 105 Dugan, Margaret Jane, Alton, Fr. 55, 102, 120 Gollentine, John K., Clayton, Fr. 55 122 119 136, 149 151 211 101 169 55 105 120 120 125 135 56 120 108 94 169 56 103 167 137 170 106 117 56 56 39 101 158 122 56 56 226 Gracey, Qrvileta M., Hogoton, Sr„ Graver, Joy A., Rush Center, So, Graves, Gary L, Healy, Fr, Green, James C,, Great Bend, Fr, Green, James L., Hays, So, Greenwood, William L, Carlton, Fr, Greer, Ann, Greal Bend, Fr. Gridley, Ronald £., Oakley, Sr, Griffin, Connie Lou, Lyons, So, Griffin, Shirley E., Hays, Fr. Grimes, Merlin D., Alton, Jr. Groff, Roe Mona K,, Ellis, Fr, Gross, Kenyan, E., Bucklin, Fr. Grumbein, Albert R., Ness City, Fr. Gumm, Robert D., Kingsdown, Sr. Gunther, Charlotte A., Shields, So. Gustafson, Alfred E., Palco, Fr. Gustavsan, Kennett L., Kockley, So, 50, 89, 96, 108, 122, 168, 169 49, 99, 108 56, 103 49, 128 82, 114 56, 119 56, 120 50, SI, 105, 106, 137 49, 97, 109, 112 56, 99, 102 45, 77, 90, 167 56, 101, 121 169 56, 123 50, 106, 1 28, 143 50 56 50, 75, 98, 124 - H Haas, Frank C, Hays, Sr Hahn, Kay, Oklahoma City, Oklo., Sr, 50 Hall, Glen E., Moscow, Fr. Hqlpain, Charles D,, Bushton, So. Hamel, Robert D., Zurich, Fr. Hancock, Alan C-, Burr Oak, So. Hand, Colleen A., Konopolis, Unci Hanna, Gary E . , Penoke, Fr. Harding, Floyd D., Gaodland, So. Hargadine, Gerald D., Kinsley, Fr, Harmon, John K-, Lamed, Fr, Harper, Elaine D., Gorham, Fr, Harper, Virginia L,, Gorham, $0- Harris, Elizabeth E,, Stockton, Fr. Harrison, Clell W., Grinnell, Jr, Harrison, Robert R-, Ulysses, Fr. Harrison, Weymeth L., Pratt, Fr. Hartman, Loren G,, Otis, Jr. Harvey, Lyle E. r Quinter, Jr. Harvey, Marie F., Protection, So. Hayes, Curtis O., Palco, Sr, Hayes, Norma R., Hoisington, So. Hazell, Don B. r Turon, Jr, Heberlee, Marilyn R., Speorville, Jr. Hegwer, Taya Ann, Codell, So. Heintz, Carolyn J,, Caldwater, Fr. Heinz e, Jeanette E., Greensburg, So. Heinze, Patricia A., Greensburg, Fr. Heitschmidt, Larry D. r Holyrood, Jr. Hellmer, John E., Westphalia, So. Henderson, Bob, Wichita, Sr, Henderson, John W., luka, Fr. Henry, Donald, Norton, Fr. Henry, Marvin Clair, Norton, Fr. Henry, Sybil J., Bushton, Fr. Hensel, Delbert E., Park, Fr. Hergert, Merril W. r Albert, Fr. Hernnan, Lester A., Antonina, Fr. Herren, Albert M,, Great Bend. So. Herren, Mary Ann, Cimarron, Fr. Hester, Marie, Galatia, Fr. Hiebert, David P., Great Bend, Sr. Hiebert, Jack D,, Great Bend, So. Hiebert, Norma J,, Great Bend, Jr. Hill, Betty E., Gaodland, Sr. Hill, Leland N., Goodland, Fr. Hills, Mrs. Evelyn J., Esbon, Sr. Hilton, Alice S. r Dodge City, Jr. Hilton, Ronald C., Dodge City, Jr. Hinkhouse, Jim E., Palco, Sr. Hitchock, Judith J., Great Bend, Fr, Hobbie, ila J., Tipton, Fr. Hobble, Marilyn E,, Tipton, So. Hoberecht, Thelma, Great Bend, Fr. Hoff, Robert P., Hays, So. Hoffman, Horland L„ Ellsworth, Grad. Hogsett, Virginia K., Hays, So. Hogue, Catherine F,, Goodland, Fr. Hohner, Judy K., Ulysses, Jr. 40, 106, 129, 132 36, 40, 65, 70, 86, 89, 107, 195, 205, 213 56 50, 82 56, 82 169 56, 105, 120 56, 109 50 56 56, 101 56, 110, 120 50, 122, 153, 166, 167 56, 102, 104, 121 45, 75 56, 110, 160 56 45 45, 75, 104 50 40, 81, 96, 104 , 95, 99, 107, 121, 153, 166, 167 45, 55, 83, 91, 147, 148 45, 96, 108, 110, 121, 195 50, 112, 122 56, 69, 120 50, 104, 121, 167 56, 120 45, 83, 36, 87, 94, 163, 166, 167 50, 111 40 56, 83, 101 56 56, 103 56, 99, 120, 171 56, 123 137 129 50, 111, 113 56, 114, 120 50, 104 40, 77 50, 77, 128, 136 45, no, 116, 119 40 56, 159 40, 104 45 45 40, 83, 97, 104 56, 69, 120 56, 71, 105, 112, 120, 162 71, 105, 159, 167 56, 120 Boll, Betty L., Russell, Sr. Holloway, Douglas N., Alton, Fr. Holmberg, Marcille E. r Oberlin, Fr. Halsman, Carol M. r Bogus, So. Hamburg, Alfred J., Ellis, Fr. Hamburg, Arthur Eugene, Ellis, Sr. Honn, Richard C., Hugoton, So. Harak, Joyann F . , WaKeeney, Fr, Horn, Dale E-, Great Bend, Fr. Horning, Virgi! L., Ransom, So, Horyna, Elaine D., Burdett, Jr, Hoss, Mary F., Leoti, Fr, Hott, Paul V., Hays, So. Houser, Merl K., Paradise, Jr. Houston, Duane E., Ellis, Fr. Howe, Ben S., Paradise, Fr. Howe, Chester A., Guinter, Sr. Howe, LeWallace S., Belleville, Fr. Howe, Mary Jo, Quinter, Sr, Howe, Robert G., Stafford, Fr, Howell, JoAnn M., Croft, Sr. Hudgens, Jan B., Central City, Neb., Jr, Hulett, Gary K., Osborne, Fr. Hull, Donald W„ Waldo, Fr. Hull, Mary Ellen, Medicine Lodge, So. Hull, Russell L., Hill City, Fr, Hume, Bob 2., Hays, So. 40, 99, 122 56, 77, 136, 140 56, 73, 121, 166, 167 33, 50, 72, 107, 155, 167, 186 56, 166, 167 40, 31 50, 110, 125, 161, 194 56, 72, 105, 169 56 50, 101 40, 69, 99, 104, 15B 56, 121, 132, 167, 169 50. 33. 96, 110, 160, 212 50, 77 56 56, 137, 145 40, 104 94, 113, 169, 170 40, 104 56 70, 108 45, 74 56, 77, 144 56, 123 50. 102, 104, 122 56 50 -I- Iden, Dean Q., Russell, Sr, Ingrum, Victor J., Dresden, Fr. Isaacson, Mary Ann, Osborne, Jr, Isom, Oliver W., Lebanon, Jr. 40 56 45, 116, 119, 122 45, 79, 91, 104, 146 - J - Jaco, Gene C., Plainville, Sr. Jacobs, Roberta J., Hays, Jr. Jagger, Lois J., Minneapolis, Jr. James, William T-, Bloom,, Sr, Jamison, Edward L., Quinter, Fr. Janke, Marsh a A,, Alexander, Fr, Janousek, Arnold L., Kanona, Grad. Jcmousek, Joyce M., Ellsworth, 5o. Janzen, Loren C, Scott City, Fr. Jecha, Jim, Timken, Fr. Jeffery, Virginia M,, Morland, So. Jeffus, Barbara J, r Oberlin, Fr. Jelinek, Janis Z., Pawnee Rock, Sr. Jelinek, Joseph E., Ellsworth, Sr. Jennings, Betty L., Bison, Fr. Johanning, Arlene J,, Ellinwood, Fr. Johnson, Bernie, BroakvElle, So. Johnson, Bill, Great Bend, Fr. Johnson, Carol Lynn, Larned, Sr. Johnson, Dale M. r Gove, So, Johnson, Daniel H., Hays, Fr. Johnson, Delbert A. r Gove, Fr. Johnson, Donald W,, Hays, Sr. Johnson, Harold L., Goodland, Fr, Johnson, James T. r Solomon, So, Johnson, JoAnn, LoCrosse, Sr, Johnson, John C,, Osborne, So. Johnson, Marilea J., Gave, Jr. Johnson, Merlyn E., Agra, Jr, Johnson, Norma I., Agra, So. Johnson, Raymond J, r Otis, Jr. Johnson, Ross E-, Solomon, Jr. Jones, Barbara A., Bird City, Fr. Jones, Carl L„ Jr., Hoisington, Fr, Jones, Carol JoAnn, Woodslon, So. Jones, Vetda Roe, Great Bend, Fr, Jorgensen, Marietta M., Beloit, Fr. 40. 106, 128, 131 45, 115 45 40, 159, 194 56, 169 56, 98, 105 61, 93. 113, 115 50, 101, 103, 109, 120 56, 83, 125, 167 56 50, 122 56 36, 40, 39, 95, 165 149, 165 56, 168, 169 56, 101, 121 123, 136, 140 57, 123 36, 40, 95, 96, 104, 105, 108 50, 79 57, 128, 132, 141, 144 57, 103, 110 158, 171 55, 105 06, 133. 136. 139, 142, 143, 144 40, 65, 72, 104 50, 79, 123, 129 45, 71, 116, 165 45, 105, 109 50, 122 169 45, 106, 124, 123 57, 120 57, 77 50, 72, 104, 107, 122 57, 168, 169 57, 105 - K - 64, 110, 114 50, 73, 99, 105, 158, 159, 134 56, 112, 120 45, 69, 107, 158 Kaempfe, Jerry L, Sylvan Grove, Sr. Kaiser, Edward H., Phillipsburg, So. Kanard, Tom J., Russell, So. Karlin, Annette L., Hays, Fr. Karlin, John W., Hoys, So. Karns, Gary D,, Greensburg, Fr. 40, 54, 81, 90, 98, 146 50, 77, 90, 104, 115 50 57, 72, 101, 1 12 114, 115, 117 57, 77, 110 227 Student Index Karraker, Jack A., So. 50 Karst, Gary G,, Great Bend, Fr, 57, 88, 111, 124 Keady, Eugene F vr Dighton, Jr. 46, 55, 77, 147 Keller, Karl E., Hays, Sr, 112 Keller, Norman C, Seward, Fr. 57 Kellerman, Dale M. r Stuttgart, Jr, 46, 77. , 98 Kellerman, Phyllis W., Wakeeney, Sr. 36. , 40 Kelley, Allure E., Jewell, Jr. 46, 102, no Kerbs, Mary Ann, Otis, Fr. 57, 120 Kern, Francis H , Falco, Fr, 57, 101 Kerr, Houston R., Lakin, Fr, 57, 169 Kilpatrick, Patricia L., Ellin wood, Fr. 57, 121, 169 Kimball, Carol L., Great Bend, So, 68 , 105 Kimmel, Willard J,, Norton, Fr, 57 King, Charles L., Larned, Sr, 106 King, Charles N., Barnard, Fr. 40 King, Marilyn K., Shady Bend, Fr. 57, 73, 105, 112 , 120 Kirkpatrick, Mike, Safina, Fr. 128 Kissel, Donald L, Atwood, Fr. 57 , 77 Kittell, Barbara, Coidwater, Fr. 57, 68, 120 Klein, Margaret, Offerle, Sr. 40 Klug, Walter D., Greensburg, Fr. 57 Knitig, Carl L, Rexford, So. 50, 96, no Knoll, Lester J. Victoria, Fr. 57. , 77 Knofl, Omer A,, Victoria, Jr, 45, 101 Kobler, Juanita Hays, So. 48, 50, 68, 86, 99, 167, 169, 171, 186 Koehn, Louis A. r Salina, Fr, 57, 128 Kaerner, Shirley, Hays, Fr. 187 Koerner, Donald E., Hays, Sr. 1 06, 129, 212 Kohl, LaVerne, Ellis, Fr, 57 Kohls, Everett E., Ellsworth, So. 50 Kohls, Gail M., Ellsworth, So. 50 Kollman, lours R., Woodston, So, 50 Komarek, Kathleen M,, EUinw ood, So. 50 Kraus, Lorna D.. Albert, Fr, 57, 63, 120, 160, 169 Krug, Morris F,, Russell, Fr. 57 Krug, Shirley Mac, Bazine, So. 50, 98, 99, 122, 164 Kufeld, Roland C., Great Bend, Fr. 57, 101 Kuhn, Norma Jean, Gorham, Fr. 57, 101, 121 Kullbom, Stanley D,, Hugoton, So, 50 Kump, Jock R., Oberlin, So. 50 Kurtz, Twila, Oakley, Sr, 40, 99, 171 Kurtz, Vernon Ray, Alton, Sr. I 36, 40, 88, 93, 100, 104, 113 " 1 Loeger, Marvin R., Quinter, Fr, 57, 169 Lagerberg, Phyllis M., Salina, So. 50, 73, 91, 169 Laizure, Bette June, Hays, Sr, 40, 104, 105, 171 Laman, Arnold R., Rice, Sr. 41, 114 Lamb, Douglas, Macksville, Fr, 57, 100 Lamoree, Ralph E., Beeler, Sr, 37, 40, 88, 100 Land we hr, Leona A., Ransom, Sr. 40, 89, 95, 104, 118, 166, 193 Lantz, D on J., Bunker Hill, So, 50 Lantz, Margaret A,, Salina, Fr. 57, , 73, 121, 165 Law, Philip E., Oberlin, Fr, 57, 94, 105, 167, 169, 170, 208 Layman, Arnold, Concordia, Sr. 41 Layman, Marvin 5., Hays, Jr. 46 Learning, Deryl R., Liberal, Fr. 112 Lebsack, Katherine C-, Otis, Fr. 57, 93, 120 leffingwell, Vernalea, Lakin, Fr. 57, 120, 169 Lefort, Phyllis, Concordia, Unci, 120 Legleiter, Bernadette M,, LaCrosse, Fr. 57, 101, 120 Legleiter, Margaret R., LaCrosse, Fr, 57, 101, no Leikam, Aletta M., Victoria, Fr. 57 Leiker, Norma J,, Hays, So. 50, 150, 151, 153 Lemon, Dennis R., Portis, So, 50, 77, 145 Lemon, Ronald B,, Norton, Fr. 57 Lenz, William B., Scott City, Fr. 169 Leonard LaMona M. r Smith Center, Jr 46, 69, 105, 107, 116 Lessor, Laverne A., WaKeeney, Jr, 46, 101, 104, 106, 142, 143, 145 Lewalien, Barbara K., Colby, Fr. 57, 69, 121 Lewallen, Jerry D,, Dodge City, Sr, 41 Lewis, Morilyn Jo., Plainville, Fr, 57, 121 Light, LoVono J,, Haviland, Sr, 41, 122 Lindahl, Clifford J., Belleville, Sr, 4 1, 64, 79, 124 Lindner, Greg, Hays, So, 105, 114, 117 Lindner, Margot R,, Hays. Jr. 114 Lippe, Dwight E., Miltonvale, Fr, 113, 169, 170 Lit z, Margaret M., Good land, So, 50, 101, 110 , 158 Litzenberger, Lois M r , Brownell, Fr. 57, 102, 116, 120 Lofstead, Gary D,, Ellis, Fr. 57 Logan, Shirley M., Oberlin, So. 50, 104, 121 Logsdon, Max E , Gorham, Fr. 50 Long, Christine B., Hays, Fr. 50 long, Rosemary R., Jamestown, So, 50, 99, 105, 108, 116, 120, 169 Long, Sylvia, Fr. 189 Lorimor, Jacquelyn V., Phillipsburg, Fr. 57, 102, 121 Louis, Raymond E,, Chase, Fr. 57, 77, 111 Lousch, Richard W., Coidwater, So. 1 28, 135, 144 Lovin, Peggy J., Utica, Fr. 57 Lowry, Ernest K., Abilene, So. 50, 97 Lunsford, Carol, Great Bend, Sr. 41, 95, 104 Lunsford, Dale l., Elllnwood, Sr. 41, 104 Luse, Thomas E, r Coidwater, Fr. 57 -M- Maglaras, Tommy M., Garden City, Jr. 46, 104 Mai r Howard L, Wa Keeney, Sr. 41, , 79, 88, 104, 106, 129, 133 Mai, Vernon V., Hill City, Fr. 57 Major, Darrell D., Dorrance, 5r r 41, 77, 100, 104 Mall, John F., Wichita, Sr. 41, 81, 94, 109, 167 Maloney, Mary F., Great Bend, Fr. 57, 101, 120 Malsam, ' Lawrence A., Collyer, Sr. 41, 79, 86, 155 Manke, Delores H., Chose, Fr. 57, 98, 110, 120 Marconnette, Harold E-, Jetmore, Jr, 46 Marcum, Keilh, TurOn, So, 51 Marloy, John R. r Albert, Fr. 57, 169 Marquardt, Lou Ann, Bison, Sr. 41, 95, 99, 104, 105, 118, 122, 169 Marrs, Virgil, Fowler, So. 51 Marrs, Wendell, Fowler, Fr. 57, 112 Marrs, James R., Dodge City, Jr. 46 Marrs, Willodene S,, DocJge City, Sr. 41, 105, 118 Martin, Glenn E-, Scott City, So , 51, 83, 91, 158 Martin, Jimmy D., Quinter, So. 51, 119 Maxwell, Anita M,, Quinter, So, 51, 104, 105, 109, 112, 122 Mayhew, Gary, Plainville, So. 51 Moyhew, Michael G-, Plainville, Fr, 57, 124 McAfee, Mrs. Joan, Hays, Fr. 112 McCartney, Juliene A., Hays, Jr, 46, 73, 96, 167 McCauley, Farrell E., Stockton, Sr, 41 , 94 McClellan, Nelda L., Glade, Fr. 57, 102, 120 McConkey, Darius T, r Quinter, Fr. 57 McCash, Don E-, Great Bend, Sr. 37, 41, 98, 158 McCoy, Theodore, Codell, So, 51 MeCue, Hazel M,, Logan, So, 51, 119 McCuHick, Jade, Minneapolis, So. 124 McCullick, Ronnie, Minneapolis, So, 124 McDoneld, Donald E., Portis, Jr. 46, 93, 113 McDoneld, Mary R., Portis, Sr. 41, 104 McDoneld, Wilbur E., Portis, Sr. 41, 104, 158 McDaniel, Lee K., Wichita, So, 51 r 75 McGuire, Paul R., Hill City, Grad. 61 McIntyre, Connie P., Rexford, Fr. 57, 109, 120 McLaughlin, Jimmie R-, Protection, Fr. 57 McPherson, Helen M,, Ellinwood, Jr, 46, 119 McReynolds, Chester W r , Natoma, So. 51, 74, 91, 113 McReynolds, Harold T., Notoma, Sr, 41, 100 McWhirt, Mary L., Bunker Hill, Fr. 57, 105, 120 Meier, Janice E., Bunker Hill, Fr, 57, 116, 121, 151 Meier, Myron D., Salina, So. 51, 81, 106, 136, 141, 146 Meisenheimer, Lenora B., Haviland, So. 51, 67, 101, 107, 116 Melville, Betty L., Sylvia, Jr r 46, 104, 112, 122 Merica, John T., Winona, Fr, 167 Merkel, Daniel L., Garfield, So. 51, 81, 90, 159, 195 Merkel, William E., Garfield, Fr, 57, 111, 195 Merz, Lucile C, Natoma, Fr. 57, , 98 Merz, Vicki D., Natoma, Jr, 46, 71, 91, 107, 108 Messer, Milford D. Rexford, So, 51, . 77 Messinger, Norman, Traer, Jr. 46, 100 Metcalf, Jack, Danbury, Nebr,, So. 51 Metheny, Delmar D., Lenora, Jr. 46 Meuli, Max, Hope, So. 136 Milano, Jerry E., Plainville, Jr. 46 Mildrexler, Donald Jr., Cawker City, Jr. 46, 79, 104, 113, 146 Miles, Marvin E., Hill City, Sr, 41, 79 Miles, Mary J., Jewel, Fr. 57, 102, 108 Miller, Bobby L., Phillipsburg, Fr, 57, 121 Miller, Everett F. r LaCrosse, Fr. 57 Miller, Gwendolyn, Russell, So. 51, 67, 95, 109, 168 Miller, Jay J., Dellvale, Jr. 46, 103 228 Miller, Lory L, Agra, F r. Miller Marilyn F., Burdett, Jr. Miller, Neil D., Larned, Fr. Miller, Robert 0., Scott City, So. Miller, Ronald D. r Elmo, So. Miller, Wayne F., Deerfield, Fr. Milton, Ernest H,, Natoma, Fr. Minium, Patty A., Moreland, So. Mitchell, Harold, St, Francis, So. Mitchell, Marvel J., Osborne, So. Moeckel, Merlyn D., Sylvia, Sr, Mohn, Karl, Ellinwood, So. Moler, Donna M., Garden City, Fr. Montgomery, E. James, Ellsworth, Sr. Moody, Nova L, WaKeeney, Jr. Moody, Robert D., Satanta, Fr. Moon, Ralph A,, Burr Oak, Fr. Moore, Donald F., Copeland, Jr. Moore, Donita M., Burdetf, So. Moore, Jim, Protection, So. Moore, Robert V., Hoys, Fr. Moore, Stanley N., Cedar Bluffs, So. Moos, Harry A., Plainville, So. Moreland, Pat A., Hays, Fr. Morgan, Arlin R., ftolla Morgan, Harold R„ Rolla, So. Morlan,, Marjory S., Protection, So, Morse, Carl J., LaCrosse, Fr. Morse, Erma L, Sharon Springs, Fr. Morse, Howard, la Crosse, So. Mosier, Marilyn R., Hays, So. Mountain, Jonls R-, Ado, So. Moyer, Velda D., Ellsworth, Fr. Muckey, Erma J., Mankato, Fr. Mueller, Charles L., Kingman, Fr. Mulder, Darrell R., Logan, Fr. Mullender, John W., Waldo, Sr. Munsel, Darrell, Hoys, So. Murray, Louis, Scott City, So. 28, 46, 71, 97, 107, 158, 56, 51, 77, 106, S3, 129, 58, 51, 69, 104, 51, 71, 99, 41, 106, 123, 132, 58, 142, 143, 46, 69, 95, 99, 46, 77 51 106, 129, 134, 51 58, 73, 51, 107, 136, 102 , 144, 113 , 53, 58, 99, 99, 53, 142, , 81, 114, 100 , 51, 73 53, 51, 67, 51 116 , 58, 53, 58, 77 51, 123, 58 184 53 194 134 101 58 122 51 122 138 51 120 167 159 169 123 116 116 51 142 144 159 167 123 53 , 90 58 120 51 , 69 169 169 120 58 105 , 97 51 133 _N- Neal, Dean R., Hays, So. Needels, Foster, Hays, So. Needels, Phyllis R., Hays, So, Neelly, Larry E., Haviland, Sr. Neff, Jen Ellen, Hoys, Jr. Nelson, Jeanette E., Oberlin, So. Nelson, John K., Hays, Fr. Nelson, Rex, Lincoln, So, Nelson, Virgil L., Vesper, Fr. Nelson, Virginia S., Ogollah, Fr. Nelson, Vivian L., Lincoln, Fr, Newton, Raymond C, Fowler, So, Nicholas, Allen D., Geneseo, Fr, Nickel, John, La Crosse, So, Nickerson, Bill R., Bushtan, So. Niemon, Jim F., Grinnell, Fr, Nlernberger, James E., Ellis, Fr. Noah, Georgiana F. f Plainville, Fr. Noble, Eugene D., Stockton, Fr. Norris, Joyce l,, Clayton, Sr. Norton, Richard L,, Utica, So. Nuckolls, Dorothy J., Burdett, So. -O- Ochs, Glenna M., Bison, Fr, Offerle, Delores J,, Offerle, Fr. Offerle, Marilyn J,, Offerle, Sr, Offerle, Maurine E., Offerle, Sr, O ' HaEr, Donald L., Scott City, Jr. Olson, Twila M., WaKeeney, So. Oetken, Charlene M., Albert, Fr, Qrr, Altie M., Woodston, Fr, Ortiz, Gustavo J„ Goadlond, Jr. Osborn, Marda, Meade, Sr. Ostdick, Yvonne, Benkelman, Nebr,, Fr O ' Toole, Patrick W. H Arnold, Und. O ' Toole, Peggy J., Arnold, Fr, Otte, Marilyn J„ Great Bend, Fr. Owen, Basil A., Jetmore, Fr. Owens, Gaylene E., Burrton, So. 51, 31, 91, 105 51 41, 51 32, 41, 128, 134, 186 46 51, 104, 122, 194 58, 81, 169 51 58 53, 120, 189 51, 110 51, 31, 186 53 51 51, 83 86, 123, 145 58, 137 58 58, 103, 125 41, 104 51, 100, 109, 124 51, 116, 171 58, 98 99, 120, 168, 169 41, 99, 118, 168, 169 41, 96, 99, 108, 122, 169 46, 64, 75, 114 65, 66, 107, 112 58, 120, 137, 198 53 46 37, 42, 73, 93, 107, 112 58, 90, 101 58 108, 120 58, 109, 120 142 51, 71, 114, 205, 213 -P- Palecek, Donald R., Munden, Fr. Palmer, Bryan D., Prairie View, Fr, Palmer, Patricia K., Hays, Fr. Palmer, Polly E., Hoys, So. Parker, Gary L., Medicine Lodge, Fr. Parr, Rodney K., Pierceville, So. Patterson, Arliss, Phiilipsburg, Fr. Paul, Nancy J., Randall, Fr, Pauley, Gary Leon, Stockton, Sc. Pauley, Sharlene, Ellinwood, Fr. Pauli, Loren, Ellsworth, So. Poynter, Charles., Norton, Fr. Peacock, Patricia J., Great Bend, Fr, Pearson, Lynnette, McCracken, Sr. 37, z Reliant, John, Aurora, So. Pelzel, Donald, Hays, Jr. Pennington, Janice, Oakley, Fr, Pepper, Duane F., Barnard, Fr. Perkins, Barbara, Elkhart, So, Peterson, Deanna, Lindsborg, Fr. Peterson, Kermit D., Little River, Fr, Peterson, Larry J,, Ellis, Fr. Peterson, Mary Jo, Alton, Fr. Petty, Donald K,, Utica, So. Pfannestlel, Irene, Hays, Spec, Pfannenstiel, James, Guinter, Fr. Pfeifer, Allen, Morland, So. Pflieger, Delmor E., Densmore, Fr. Phillips, Sarah, Great Bend, Fr. Pitman, Lynn, Minneola, Fr. Pittman, Max, Greensburg, Fr. Poppe, Weldon, Cimarron, So. Post, Corlene L,, Fowler, Jr. Pounds, Wanda Fern, Brewster, Fr. Powers, Dorene E-, Gove, So. 23, Powers, Franklin C., Gove, Fr. Pratt, Deloris A,, Alton, So. Pratt, Virginia B., Studley, Fr. Presley, Joyce K,, Rolla, Jr. Price, Donald C., Hays, Jr. Price, Loretta M,, Hays, Fr, Pricer, Woyne F., Palco, So, Priddy, Arthur, Kanapolis, So. Pruyn, Gilbert L., Ellsworth, So. Pryor, George W., Ellinwood, Fr. Purcell, Ralph E„ Coldwater, Jr, Purer, Alfred, liberal, Fr. Purvis, Carolyn J,, Wosko, Fr. Pyeatte, Jane M., Hugoton, Fr. 53 58, 103, 111, 113 58, 101, 105, 118 72, 118, 167, 168, 169 58 51, 100 58, 101, 102, 110, 120 53, 66, 112, 120, 167 51, 94, 169 58 128 128 58, 120 104, 105, 107, 205, 213 51 58 58, 102, no. 120 153 52, 104 58, 189 58, 103 58 , 99, 102 53, 99, 102, 120 52, 94, 118, 169 52, 101, 119 58, 101 52 58 58, 90, 116, 120 58 58, 100, 158, 159 52 46, 116, 120 58, 121 102, 116, 119, 122, 134 123 52, 104, 119 28, 53 , 72, 184 46, 116, 169 46, 94, 113, 167, 169 58, 105 137, 142, 157 52 131, 136, 139, 142, 144 58 142, 144, 146, 148, 149 58, 124 58, 120 58, 112 Quint, Don P-, Dodge City, Sr. -Q -R- 42, 77 Rader, Janet K., Ellis, So. Roines, Bob R., Stockton, Jr. Rolstin, Celia R., Mullinville, Fr. Ralstin, Goyla M,, Mullinville, Fr. Raney, Peggy L, r Syracuse, So. Rasmussen, Carolyn A., Oberlin, So. Rasmussen, Robert D., Vesper, Fr. Raulston, Leila Y., Oberlin, So. Raven, William A., Bushian, Jr, Reeder, Shirley, Collyer, Fr. Reeves, Morris L., Beeler, Sr. Reinert, Kenneth F., Bloom, Jr, Reitiel, Maurice 0., Natoma, Fr. Renberger, Duane L,, LaCrosse, Fr. Renberger, Joyce D., LaCrosse, Jr. 31, Renfro, Patsy R , Montezuma, Fr. Rice, Ruth M., Wichita, So. Richardson, Mary G., Zurich, Jr. Richmond, Nadine, Saline, So. Rickey, Jack J,, Phiilipsburg, Fr. Riedl, Bernard A., Scott City, Sr. Riedl, Carol A,, Bison, Fr, Riedl, Duane A., Scott City, So. Riedl, Glenda A., Bison, Fr. Riner, Deryl L, Great Bend, Fr. 52, 90, 95, 99, 120, 166, 167 46, 77 52, 110, 115, 120 58 28, 52, 122, 184 52, 108 53, 83, 169 58, 69, 120, 167, 169 47, 81 58, 120, 169 42, 77, 104, 109 47, 106 58, 77, 137 58, HI 45 47, 73, 86, 101, 107, 178, 179 113, 120 52, 116 47, 117 27, 52, 72, 99, 184 58 37, 42, 83, 88, 91, 93, 104 58, 105, 120, 186 52, 83 58, 102, 105. 120 59, 79 229 Student Index Roach, Rita E . , Lamed, Jr. 42, 96, 104 Robbins, Sue F., Wichita, Fr. 59, 120 Roberts, Marilyn J., Russell, Jr. 47, 69, 151 Robertson, Evalee, Montezuma, So. 52, 99, 108 Robertson, Roscoe L, Montezuma, Grad. 104 Robinson, Janice L, Hill City, So, 52, 112, 169 Roedel, Dean L., Oberlin, Fr. 59, 91, 124 Rogers, Grant S, r Hill City, Fr, 59 Rogers, Larry J., Bunker Hill, Jr, 112 Rogers, Nell D., St. Fronds, Fr. 59, 124 Rohr, Alvin J., Ness City, Fr. 113 Romelser, Jaye, Rush Center, Sr. 37, 42, 71, 89, 96, 99, ' 104, 105, 108, 168, 169 Root, Eddie, Radium, So, 52 Rath, Mary Ann, Hays, Fr. 59, 68, 101, no Roth, William E., Ellsworth, Jr. 47 Rothgeb, Sheila R.„ Russell, Fr. 59, 121, 175 Rouse, Judith, Norton, Jr. 47 , 71 Rowland, Cathryn J., Protection, Sr. 42, 65, 68, 107, 116 Ruder, James, Hoys, Sr. 47, 81, 101, 104 Rumbough, Myrna L., Hays, Fr. 59 Rummel, Elizabeth M., Otis, Sr. 42, 104 Rumpel, Max, Ogaliah, So. 52 Rupp, Wm. A., Hoys, Sr. 1 06, 1 36, 133, 159 Rusco, Vaunito K., Great Bend, So. 22, 52, 71, 107, 116, 122 Russell, Ronald D., Hoxie, So. 52, 128, 132 Russell, Roger H., St. John, Fr. 59, 167 Ryan, Peggy J., Lincoln, Fr, 59, 110, 120 -S- Satkrider, James H., Wamego, Jr. 36, 106, 128, 131, 193 Samples, Robert W., Hoxie, Fr. 59, 86, 128, 137 Savely, Jack, Kingsdown, So, 52, 90, 111 Sayier, Marylou L., Albert, So. 52. 99, 113, 121, 122, 164, 169 Schenk, Albert J., Hays, Fr. 59, 169 Schenk, Rex, Coldwoter, So. 52, 115 Schenk, Shirley, Coldwoter, Fr. 59, 63 Scherr, Timothy A., Collyer, Fr. 59, 123 Scheverman, Jerry, Bison, So. 52 Scheuerman, Robert P,, Bison, Fr. 53, 59, 77, 114 Scheuerman, Solita J., Healy, So 52, 99, 105, 120, 169 Schlegel, Lois J., Otis, So, 52, 122 Schmidt, Morion J., Hoys, Sr. 42, 129, 131 Schmidt, Marlene M., Hays, Fr. 59, 68, 207 Schmidtberger, Alvina M,, Sr, 42, 101, 104 Schmidtberger, Luann J., Hays, Fr, 59, 101, 159 Schmitt, Shirley J., Scott City, Jr, 47, 72, 107, 116 Schnotlerly, Harry Lee, Hays, Fr. 59 Schneider, Gory, Otis, So. 52, 124 Schneider, John N,, Phillipsburg, Sr. 42, 104 Schonlew, Gary E., Satanta, Fr. 59 Schrepel, Leslie C, r Clafltn, So. 52, 77 Schulte, Bernard E., Victoria, Sr. 42, 94, 168, 169 Schultz, Donald D. r Pawnee Rock, Fr. 59, 111 Schumacher, Moxine D,, Hays, Grad. 101, 108 Schwien, Gerald G., Bozine, Fr. 59 Scott, Barbara J., Russell, Jr. 112, 122 Scott. Duane L, Hill City, Jr, 47, 115 Seal, Laura M., Syracuse, Fr. 59, 120 See, Charles H., Ranson, Sr. 37, 42, 93, 112 Seibel, Darrell G,, Ellis, Sr. 42, 64, 81, 109, 114 Seidl, Harlan C., Otis, So. 52, 101, 169 Selensky, Richard J., Park, Jr, 47, 79, 149 Seuser, Lester L., Bison, Jr. 47, 109 Seuser, Virginia F . , Bison, Sr. 42 Shaff stall, James, Lincoln, Fr. 59, 83 Shaw, Don E., Oberlin, So. 52, 106, 142, 145 Shaw, Willard J-, Oberlin, Fr. 59 Shearer, Patricio A., Arnold, So. 52, 72, 99 Shelton, John W., Norton, Fr. 59, 75 Shipman, Bill D., Ploinville, So. 129, 130 Shook, Duane D,, Plainville, Fr. 59 Shores, Norman D., Goodlond, Sr. 94, 118, 169 Shroyer, George F., Miltonvqle, Jr. 47. 79, 128, 133, 142, 144 Sidener, Dennis C., Ada, Fr. 59 Sidener, Richard, Ada, So, 52, 124 Sidesinger, Marvin R., Colby, So. 52, 79, 103, 113, 163 Slemsen, Bruce H., Halyrood, So. 47, 64, 83, 105, 169 Siemsen, Dole D., Holyrood, So. 52, 83, 105, 169 Sigrist, Nancy, Hays, Sr. 42 Simmonds, Dennis D., Hilt City, So. 52. r 75 Simmons, Sonya Ann, Lamed, So. 52, 65, 69, 91 Simon, Kenneth, Scott City, So, 52 Simpson, Richard D., Porti$, So. 52, 100, 103 Simpson, Wilda, Ploinville, Fr. 59 Sire, Dee Delia L-, Colby, So. 52, 91, 95, 116, 119, 122, 169 Sire, Eva Lou, Colby, Sr. 42, 95, 118. 166, 167, 169 Sites, Donald E., Grinnell, Fr. 59. , 83 Skov, Hilma M,, Denmark, Fr, 59, 108, 120 Slagle, Alice, Hugoton, Sr. 42, 47. , 99 Slagle, Douglas V., Hugoton, So. 52, 109 Sloan, Carole V., Mulllnville, So, 52, 66, 107, 108, 109, 121 Sloon, Iris M., Norton, Fr. 59, 102, 113, 121 Smerchek, Julia M,, Greensberg, So. 52, 109 Smiley, Mrs. Marianna, Hays, Sr. 42 Smi$thny, Donald A., Ellsworth, Jr. 47 f 77, 104 Smith, Arleen L,, Trousdale, Sr. 42, 104, 105, 118 Smith, Edith L, Leoti, Spec, 166, 167 Smith, Guido E-, Leoti, Sr, 42 Smith, Jerry P., Coldwoter, Fr. 59 Smith, Stuart E., Osborne, Sr, 42. r 79 Smith, William J., Gorham, Fr. 59, 137 Smock, Agatha M., Concordia, So, 52, 73 , 99, 104 Snoy, Dwight R. r Plevna, Sr. 81 Snider, John, Raymond, So. 52 Snook, Earnest C, Ford, Sr. 42, 75 , 95, 106 Snook, Peggy A., Ford, Fr. 59, 102, no. 120 Somers, Manice l,, Formosa, Fr, 59, . 69, 116, 121, 151 Sonnenburg, Duane A, r Arnold, So. 52, 100 Spani, Thomas L., Chase, Sr. 42, 104 Spaulding, Don E., Phillipsburg, Fr, 59, 137 Speier, Marvin J,, Hays, Sr. 32, 114, 1 17 Spies, Howard A., Hoys, So. 52, 33, 1 16, 158, 160, 205, 213 Spitsnaugle, Karen A., WaKeeney, So, 52, 71 , 91, 122 Splitter, Willard J., Utica, Fr. 59 Sprick, Virgil C, Prairie View, So, 53, 100, 103 Sfaab, Clare M., Catherine Rt. r Fr. 59, 101 Staob, Kenneth, Hays, Fr, 101 Stoab, Pot, Hoys, So. 53 Stacey, Taym ond L,, Clayton, Fr. 59, 162 Stodelman, Gilbert C, Hays, Sr, 43, 101, 104, 105 Stagg, Marcia E., Hays, So, 73, 166, 186 Standage, Ferrill D. r Plainville, Fr, 59 Stapp, Shirley A,, Hays, Jr. 47, 65, 73, 99, 105, 107, 116, 150 Stecklf ne, Donald D., Ogallah, Fr. 59, 101 Steffen, Dale, Burdett, So, 53 Steffen, Duane L, Burdett, Sr, 43, 79, 91, 104, 106 Steffen, Shirley J., Great Bend, Fr, 104 Stegman, Dennis L., Ness City, So. 53, 123 Steinle, Gordon D., Russell, So. 53 , 98 Steinle, Melvin E., Dorronce, So. 53, 100, in. 113 Steitz, Maynard M,, Bison, Sr. 81, . 93 Stephens, Lloyd C., Jr., Plainville, Fr. 59 Stephenson, Paul D., Burrton, Sr. 43, 77, 124, 133 Stewart, Joy A., Healy, So. 53, 119 Stockstill, Richard M., Wichita, So. 53, 129 St. John, Gary, Holsington, So. 53 Stones, Charles O., Bird City, Jr. 47, 104 Stoss, Marvin C., Great Bend, So. 53, 101, 128 Strown, Roy D., Asherville, So. 104, 124 Streiher, Donald L, Bazine, Fr. 123 Strieker, Dean L., Russell, Fr. 59 Strobel, Hahn D., Great Bend, Fr. 59, 167, 169 Stutterheim, Mary A., Prairie View, Fr. 59, 102, 120 SSutterheim, R. E,, Prairie View, Fr, 59, 100, 103 Suiter, Bernice A., Macksvjlle, Fr. 26, . 59, 1 20 , 184 Sullivan, Elizabeth A., Colo. Springs, Colo. , Jr. 47, 90, 99 Summers, Evan, Satanta, Jr. 45, 47, 79, 86, 149, 155 Sunderland, Norma L,, Satanta, Fr, 59, 112, 120 Sutton, Marily J., Ensign, Jr. 47, 114, 122 Svotos, James R., Pawnee Rock, Fr. 59, 81 Sweazy, Robert H., Colby, Sr. 43, 106, 128, 132 Sweazy, Otho M., Colby, So. 124, 129, 130 Swenson, Lylian Y., Cimarron, Fr. 59, 102, 120, 169 Swink, LaVesto M., Satanta, Fr. 59, 99, 112, 120 Swinson, Anna M., Isabel, Fr. 59, 102 Swisher, Dale W., Gypsum, Jr. 47, 31, 106, 136, 139 Systma, Bert, Hays, So. _ T _ 53, 73 l • " Tqpp, Myrna L., Ploinville, Fr. 59, 69, 121 230 Tarvln, JoAnn H. r Healy, Fr, Tatum, George A., Beloit, So. Taylor, Virginia G-, St, John, Fr. 59, 73, Tegtmeyer, Floyd D,, Wakeeney, So, Temaat, Anthony F., Spearville, Fr. Thelien, William, Stockton, So. Thomas, Cecil E., Fowler, Fr. Thomas, Glenn M., Plainville, So. Thomos, Mary J., Hays, Sr. Thomas, Shirley J,, Plainville, Jr. Thomas, Vera A A., Hays, Sr. Thomasson, Donold J,, Hays, Fr, Thomason, Earl L., Palco, Fr. Thompson, Doris I., Burdett, Jr. Thompson, Ilya L-, Ulysses, So. Thompson, Mary L., Goodlond, Jr. Thon, Delores M„ Healy, Fr. Thornburg, Leroy C., Bloomington, Sr. Thornburg, Marilyn R., Osborne, Fr. Tipp, llene R., Partis, Fr. Toepfer, Janet R.. Hays, Fr. Tokushige, Dorothy, Oahu, T.H., Sr. Toll, James, Quinter, Fr. Tolle, Roland B., Roxbury, Fr. Trachsel, Alan J. r Goodlond, Fr, Tracy, Gilbert, Hays, Sr. Trapp, Herman R,, Russell, Sr. Trouer, Laurence D-, Hanston, So, Trexler, Phyllis A.. Hill City, So. Trible, Delora J., Palco, Fr. Trogdon, Roland K., Hugoton, So. Troutt, Lila Ft., Brewster, Fr, Tucker, Kay J.. Palco, Fr. Turner, John D., Pawnee Rock, So, -U- Likens, Burnell H., Judson, Jr, Ulrich, Gerald W., Quinter, Jr. Unruh, Janice M,, Pawnee Rock, So. Unruh, Ruth H., Lamed, Jr. Urban, Edward M., Scolt City, So. Urban, Ed, J., Hays, Sr. -V- Van Amburg, Sheldon W, r Lincoln, Fr. VanMeter, Earl L,, Carlton, Fr. Van Zijll de Jong, Constantius, Hilversum. Vaughon, Marion D., Scolt City, So. Vernon, Evan, Ncrcatur, So. Vincent, Loyal A., Long Island, So. Vincent, Viola E., Ulysses, Fr. VinZanf, Irvin L r , Plainville, Fr, Violett, Kays F., Russell, Fr, Vogelgesang, Calvin L., Spearville, Sr. Vonfeldt, Shirley A., Russell, Fr. Voss, Billy K„ Colby, So, Votb, Dwight, Little River, So. 59 Wasinger, Howard P., Hays, Fr. 60, 142 53, 106, 124 Wasinger, Rozanne, Hays, Fr. 60 102, 105, no, 120, 161 , 162 Waters, Earl H., Turam, So. 145 129, 135 Watkins, Phyllis E., Sublette, Fr. 60, 67, 110 101 Watson, Celia O., Utica, Fr. 60, 105, no, 112 53 Watt, Roy E., Bogue, Sr. 99 59 Waymire, Dattie E., Lakin, Fr. 60, 120 53, 124, 167 Weaver, Polly, Bird City, Fr, 60, 120 97, no Webb, Donald D., Lincoln, Fr. 60 30, 47, 89, 107, 178 Webb, Patsy J., Minneola, So. 53, 67, 90 43 Weber, Betty J., Fowler, Fr. 60, 102, 121 169 Weber, James J., Ellis, So. 53, 60 59 Webster, Jerry W., Paradise, Fr. 60 C 71, 91, 104, 110, 122, 153 Weems, Catherine A,, Collyer, Fr. 60, 119 53, 104, 117, 119, 122 Wei$ , Bill, ENinwaod, Fr. 60 47, 96, 107, 1 10, 121, 164 Weiss, Joanne M., Hutchinson, Fr, 60, 99 59, 99, 120 Welch, Edwyna E.. Garfield, Fr, 60, 104, 121, 168, 169 43, 79, 93, 149 Welts, Carl E., Hays, Fr. 114, 160, 161, 162, 1S4 59, 102, 120 Wells, Patiicfa A., Alexander, Jr. 99, 104, 112, 122 59, 102, 105, 121 Wellsheor, Robert D., Great Bend, Fr. 60, 31 59, 101, 159 Welr.y, Constance J., Hutchinson, Fr, 60, no, 120 31, 43, 71, 78, 91, 99, 104, Werner, Barbara J., Cheyenne Wells, Colo., Jr, 47, 101, 120 107, 1 17, 1 55, 178, 187, 139 Werth, Allen, Schoenchen, Jr. 47, 101 59 Werlh, Barbara J., Hays, Fr. 53, 65 , 69, 112, 151 59, 145 Wesley, LaVerne F., Ada, Fr. 60, 137 60 , 91 West, Wilson L., Healy, Fr. 60, 109 43, 79, 105, 115 Wheaton, Garrett E., Lewis, Jr, 142, 144 43 White, Vernon M., Paradise, Fr. 60, 113 94, 104, 119, 122, 53, 99, 104, 60, no, 25, 60, 73, 86, 120, 53, 83, 165, 169 119, 122 121, 165 53, 100 60, 151 169, 184 166, 167 77 75, 149 53, 95, 167 47 53, 33, 109 43 60 60, 119 Netherlands, Fr. 55, 124, 185 53, 187 53 53, 77, 109, 124 60, 66, 102, 105, 121 60, 124 60, 116, 121, 151 43 60, 101 53, 77, 124 53 -W- Wagner, Eugene L. r Bazine, Fr, Wahiborg, Elgin L, Ogallah, Fr. Walk, Catherine M,, Leoti, Fr, Walk, Minnie S., Leati, So. Walker, Francis A., Waskan, Fr. Walker, Margaret J., Hays, Walker, Mary E, r Brownell, Fr. Wallace, Bud R., Esbon, Fr. Wallace, Donald, Alton, So. Wallace, William B., Esbon, Sr. Walter, Dale G., Sylvan Grove, Jr, Walter, Beverly A„ Protection, Fr. Walters, George K., Russell, Sr. Walters, Stanley I., Satanta, Fr, Walz, Leila M., LaCrosse, Fr. Wanker, Darrell R., Palco, Fr, Ward, Wanda K., Waldo, Fr. Ward, Winford L, Hays, Fr, Warren, Shirley $., Hugoton, Fr. Wasinger, Bobby L,, Cold water, So. Wasinger, Bonnie J,, Coldwater, So. 60, 123 60, 109, 169 60, 121 104, 105, 167 60, 120 37, 71, 107, 114 60, 67, 121 60 53 43, 79, 113 47, 81, 93 60, 121, 151 43 60 60, 69, 120 60, S3, 129 60, 121 60 60, 67, 99, 121 142, 145, 148 53, 69 Whitham, Marvin G,, Marienlhal, Jr. Wickizer, Rhetis A., WaKeeney, So. Wiesner, Alfreda C,, Hays, Sr. Wiesner, Arlene, Hays, So. Wiesner, Victor E. r Ellis, Fr. Wikoff, Wesley, Hays, So. Wilkens, Robert, Lorraine, Grad. Wilkenson, Wayne F., Woodston, Fr. Wilkerson, Joan M,, Russell, Sr. Williams, John D,, Hays, Fr. Williams, Roger C., Ashland, Fr. Willson, Wayne, Ellinwood, So. Wilson, Chester F., Plainville, Fr. Wilson, Donald R., Grinnell, Fr. Wilson, Garnet L. r Hugoton, Sr, Wilson, Gene, Little River, So, Wilson, LaVon K., Hugoton, Fr. Wilson, Loren W., Garden City, Jr. Wilson, Peggy L., Formosa, Fr. Winchell, Ellen C-, Philtipsburg, Fr. Windle, Leaford C., Mullinville, Fr. Wing, Dole L., Hays, So. Winkler, Nada M., Rozel, Fr. Witt, Jayne, Hays, So. Wolfe, Helen t, Offerle, Sr. Wolfe, John S., Silica, Sr. Wolfram, Lois J-, Herndon, Jr. Woodrow, Wanda L, La kin, Fr, Wyatt, Darrel J., Norton, Fr, Wyatt, Revo W., Hays, Jr. Wyatt, Wendell L, Hays, Jr, 104 53, 71, 105, 113, 167, 169, 171 43, 101 53 101 53, 81, 88, 128, 167 61 60, 83, 103 59, 96, 97, 110, 114, 161 60, 100 60, 123 53 60 123 37 43, 89, 91. 96, 104, 110, 122 53 60, 71. 110, 116, 120 167, 205, 213 60, 121 60, 102, 110, 120 60 53, 31 60, 99, 105, 112, 120 53, 107, 108 65, 67, 107, 158 129, 130 28 47, 69, 89, 95, 1 18, 167, 184 28, 60, 120, 134 145 47, 104 47, 83, 96, 105, 112, 153 - Y- Yancy, Kenneth D., Wokeeney, Sr. Yeager, Gerald E-. Bazine, Fr, Yost, Martha A., LaCrosse, Jr. Young, Carolyn R., Stockton, Unci. Young, Delores E., Maeksville, Jr. Young, Elizabeth A., Great Bend, Fr. Young, Joyce C., Salt no, Sr. Young, Keith L., Maeksville, So. Young, Troy, Larned, Fr. Yunk, Nick T., Osborne, Sr. -Z- Zahradnik, Gordon, Wilson, Sr. Zelenka, John E-, Great Bend, Fr. Ziegenbalg, Mella J., Cowker City, So, Ziegler, Robert L,, Collyer, Fr. Zweifel, Betty J., Waldo, Fr. 43 60 47, 65, 73 96, 120, 169 47, 99, 167, 169 60, 101, 120, 175 43, 95, 105, 161, 162, 189 53, 100, 105 60, 129 37, 43, 79, 86, 87, 93, 106, 113, 136, 139, 149 43, 77, 91, 97, 104, 109, 124, 169, 184, 185 11. 60, 84, 124 53, 104, 105 60, 123 60, 99, 112 231 FORT HAYS ANTHEM On the plains of Western Kansas Stands a school we all love well ' Twas built by the tail of our fathers; To its glory our voices swell b Chorus: Hail to old Fort Hays State! Let your voices ring! Praise for the Black and Gold We will ever sing. Long may our valor last Through the future days, Hon ' ring and praising Dear Fort Hays In the years that lie before us We foresee our land ' s many needs. Through the efforts of new generations, We ' ll go on to more noble deeds

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