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FHS-TV Fall, 1953, brought television to this area- TV aerials sprang up en masse to dot the horizon. And as the new baby grew. Fort Hays State grew likewise. Through its FHS-TV camera lens, the 1954 Rev- eille staff has telecast a year of varied and exciting events . Herein is transcribed for future onlookers, as com- pletely as possible, the saga of another FHS year — its work, its play, its progress Technical difficulties, as always, havecreated o little snow, but we believe the true picture of Fort Hays State remains clearly visible on the 1954 Rev- eille screen. J FOREWORD REVEILLE LOG 18 - ADMINISTRATION 24 - CELEBRITIES 34 - SPORTS 62 - ACTIVITIES 78 - ORGANIZATIONS 114 - GREEKS 136 - FACULTY 144 - CLASSES 184 - COMMERCIALS CAMPUS BUILDINGS SET THE STAGE. Forsyth Library — for study Science — for research Sheridan Coliseum -- for games Applied Arts — for beauty building is slated to house the departments of psychology and education in 1954. SNOW SCREEN tms ms scin Students stop in at the social building for coffee, cards, and congeniality. Cody Commons, school cafeteria, serves Fort Hays Staters daily. camouflage i m m The columns of Picken Hall stand out in majestic beauty . But in front of the same building, two coeds engage in friendly rival- ry- 10 KATHERINE BOGART • • t • It INSTRUCTOR COUNSELOR FRIEND WE RESPECTFULLY DEDICATE THIS, THE 1954 REVEILLE Unassuming, unpretentious, Madame Bogart has endeared herself to the students she has contacted as teacher of English, French, and Latin, Tucked into an obscure corner office of Pic- ken Hall, she counsels, advises, and instructs countless students who seek her out . Returning in 1952 from a year as exchange teacher in Great Britain, she brought back a new understanding of European cul- tures which flavors her classes and conversations, Mrs, Bogart, during seven years here, has through her diligence, thorough- ness, and congeniality won the admiration and respect of all Fort Hays State . 9 SPOTLIGHTS OF ' 54 The 1954 Reveille spot lights tan on campus mgu- lights of the year. Tfreshman Patty Christensen betore leaving for his home in Great Falls, The cam- pus came to life as more than 1200 stu- dents moved in for the coming term. gridiron squad took over The Custer dining room before the crowd of coeds arrived. The firsts brought preparations for Home coming and all the ' traditional activities that go with it. ELECTION CAMPAIGNS inspired an original approach by Joyce Welch and Kate Stewart AND THE PARADE was of fun for b i c y c I e r s Aaron Feist, Wilfred Schrepel, and Merrill Frydendall. SPOTLIGHTS ' In no time at all cam- pus activities were getting into full swing. CHARMING GRETA STRECKER enter- tained as emcee on the Reveille ball floor- show. . VIDEO VAUDEVILLE, a talent show presented by the choir, featured t e music of the quartet- Bill Latchford, Fritz Kramer, Jim Maxwell, and Derry I » » AS THE NEW SEMESTER ROLLED AROUND, plans for the new student union building became the main topic ofsocial buildingconversations. An extensive campaign was begun to raise funds formatting the dream a reality. £tate College Student Union r THE STUDENT NURSES, Fort Hays State ' s first class in the new program, termi- nated their two-year study oncampusand left for special training in Chicago and Topeka . -r- CHOOL CARNIVAL was a big success, in spite of bhz- zards. At least Della Sigs, " Gus " Gusto vson and Ph.l Erickson, seeme to enjoy their own fraternity ' s pie-throwing booth. AND LEAP WEEK brou g h t out the chivalrous Instincts of the fairersex, even if they did have to be encouraged by fines, (That ' s Doris Miller opening the door for Art In Morgan.) SPOTLIGHTS ' SWEETHEARTS Jo Ann Siruta and Alan MM r ' tm Fe ist reigned at the Sweetheart Ball, much to their mutual enjoyment. SPRING brought with it a temporary parking shortage, as extensive work was begun on new paved parking areas around the campus. INTERVIEWS IN THE PLACEMENT BUREAU were a popular pastime with seniors as graduation time grew near. Here, Al and Loraine Ohnmacht con fer with Miss Artman about possible teaching positions DR. M. C. CUNNINGHAM, President of the College A college president finds his time token up by mony oc ti vi ties only Indirectly concerned with college administration, as he A D M I ni i $ i R A 1 I 0 » dr, e, r. mccartnhy Dean of the College DR, L D, WOOSTER President Emeritus STANDLEE V, DALTON Registrar DR, RALPH CODER Chairman Graduate Council WALTER E, KEATING Business Manager HUGH BURNETT Director of Extension BACK ROW; Richard Diamond, Melvin Gardner, Harold Burnelt, nard Riedl, DonRorabaugh, FRONT ROW: Kay Hahn. Howard Man Juanita Kohler, Dean E. R. McCartney, sponsor. Loren Wilson, Paul Blomquist, Alan Feist, Ber- LaFaun Foreman. JoAnnSiruta, Richard Honn, Not pictured - WESLEY WIKOFF, DON RORABAUGH Council President STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Counci I is the representative govern- mental body of the students Its chief duties are management of student affairs and settlement of student problems at Fort Hays State The council is composed of the three officers from each class and the three student body officers. 22 Student body officers are chosen in a general election to act as liaison between the student body and the student council. Paul Blomquist, senior from Wintrhop, Mas- sachusetts, serving as president this year, has presided over all meetings concerning matters of importance to the whole student body. In addi- tion, his ability to ad lib has kept him in popu- lar demand as a master of ceremoni es for campus programs. Bernard Riedl, junior from Scott City, as student body vice-president, and Richard Dia- mond, senior from Mankato, as secretary-treas- urer, assisted in student government activities. PAUL BLOMQUIST President STUDENT BODY OFFICERS 23 ‘VIVIAT REGINA” exclaimed Frederic A, Birmingham, editor of Es- quire magazine, as he selected Nadya Clark, Hays freshman, to reign at the annual Revei lie Ball . Theme of the 1954 ball was FHS-TV . As the trumpets blared a fanfare the queen stepped through a huge television screen to receive her crown and the traditional kiss from President MX, Cunningham . Reveille Ball Coronation 26 mm REVEILLE IlMEl-yim CLARK REVEILLE PIIIIVCESS-JUANITA KOGEER REVEILLE PRINCESS-MARIE ELDER ROYAL ATIEIDAIIIS Oil PROGRESS Oil EEM-S HIRLtV THOMAS ALAI FEIST - SWEFT BFABT QUEEN OF HOMECOMING 36 Queen Joan sits in regal splendor, flanked by her wo attendants, Kay Hahn, left, and LaFaun Foreman Homecoming, 1953, was a memorable occasion. Joan Pennington, Oakley senior, was crowned queen at the Picken Revue varsity show Friday night. The show, featuring student acts, unearthed the hidden talents of several Fort Hays Staters. rhree Blind Mice " --Mary jo W leaner, Jo Gw inner, and Mary Jo ibson--cut up some antics in the Picken Revue. Mary Wilson and Sylvia Moritz " looking sweet " with their bicycle built for three in the Panhellenic act. On Tug-of-War day an icy dip was the vogue for the freshman strength of the sophomores. boys as they succumbed to the superior Because of their defeat, thefrosh continued to forego chastising from upperclassmen. Marilyn Mosier, Barbara Werth, and Marcia Stagg laughingly escape the clutches of a Barbara, however, not so fortunate in escaping the clutches of irate upperclassmen, make-up job of a freshman who " forgot " her beanie Leavi ng the S B man-eating tiger . " wears the fami liar Decorations were the order of the day. While the organizations vied for honors in house decorations, the freshmen went all-out todecorate the campus. Infront of every building the Tigers were beating, capturing, eating, sudsing, or slaying hornets, and from each lightpost a fiery-eyed Tiger head gleamed. LETS CAPTURE MORE HORNETS ' -j WELCOME ALUMNI VISIT OUR Led by Fort Hays State ' s snappy marching band, Satur- day ' s parade included floats, colds, convertibles, and high school bands. Many hours and ingenuity were evident in the clever and elaborate floats which rolled dawn main street. As the parade passed, the crowd migrated to Lewis Field to witness the Tigers tough but losing battle against Emporia State. Then came the open houses, teas, and reunions, andfinally, 1953 Homecoming ended to the strains of music by the Colle- gians, Fort Hays State s all- star band of alumni. The college band, under the direction of Phil Martin, steps out to lead the parade. Men ' s pep club members sneak into the parade with jalopies. Julie Snre.chek, on .ho Collegiate 4-H .loot, is " rooking i, ho, for .he hornets The YM-YW float carries out a three-fold theme. 39 FOOTBALL LEFT TO RIGHT TOPROW: Assistant Coach Cade Suran, Pete Koerner, Steve Deere, Toby Johnson, Warren Alpers, Robert Gumm, Darrell Munsell ’john Mosier, John DeBnsk, Bernie Johnson, Merlyn Johnson, Kenneth Beougher, Uriy Martin, Duane Schwa , ui- tis DeBey, Dean Russell, and Backfield Coach Alex Francis. MIDDLE ROW: Athletic Director Paul " Busch " Gross, Gene Jaco Jake Stenzel Cleo Dome, Norman Stoppel, Larry Neelly, Richard Me Mi Hen, DonRorabaugh, CharlesStahl, George Shroyer, ave oo- ery, BillBaldock, DonKing, Floyd Tegtmeyer, StanMoore, Kayo McGill ivray, Jim Sackrider, and Head Football Coach Ralph Red Huffman. BOTTOM ROW: Louis Murray, Bob Sweazy, Alan Feist, Bud Moeckel, Nick Yunk, Jim Dowdy, Harold Copper, Riciar Lousch, Ford Farber, Ross Johnson, Paul Stephenson, Roney Miller, Howard Mai, and Jack Wolfe. The Tiger gridiron team moved up two places in CIC rank this fall, coming from a 1952 fifth place tie with Southwestern to a third place tie with Pittsburg. Highlight of the season was Fort Hays State ' s upsetting 7-6 victory over undefeated Washburn . With the surprising win at Topeka the Tigers pulled themselves into a tie with Pittsburg State and at th» same time dragged the title-bound Washburnites into a crown split with St. Benedict ' s. Coach Huffman ' s crew started the season against a new foe, Omaha University, and out- played the Indians at Omaha in every department except the al l-important scoring column, consequently dropping a 12-20 decision. Opening league play in grand style the next week, the Tigers romped to a 33-6 win over Southwestern, only to be slowed down later by a tie with Pittsburg and defeats from St. Benedict ' s and Emporia State. Bad weather forced cancel lation of the Colorado Col lege game, depriving local fans of fhe fourth and last home game ♦ The Tigers ended the season in style with a runaway 39-0 victory over Kansas Wesleyan at Sal Ina , a fitting climax to the grid careers of seniors Kayo McGilltvray, Norman Sfoppel, Pete Koerner, and Rocky Rorabaugh . 40 K-Men of 1932-1935 watch from the bench while the 1953 Tigers fight for Homecoming honors. Final C.l .C. Standings W L T Washburn 4 1 0 St. Benedicts 4 1 0 Fort Hays State 2 2 Pittsburg State 2 2 1 Emporia State 2 3 0 Southwestern 0 5 0 The 1953 homecoming crowd watched the Tigers fight a hard, but losing battle with Emporia. WARREN ALTERS KENNETH BEOUGHER LOWELL CORNWELL CURTIS DcBEY STEVE DEERE CLEO DOME JIM DOWDY FORD FARJ3ER DON " ROCKY " RORABAUGH All-CIC Guard Don " Rocky 11 Rorabaugh, diminutive but scrappy Fort Hays guard, was one of three C.LC. men to win a I l-star first team honors for the second consecutive year. The twenty year old senior from Smith Center winds up his football career this year as Fort Hays State ' s only four year letterman. He began as a freshman on the starting defen- sive lineup . In addition to football Rocky is actively engaged in campus activities. A pre-med student, he is also president of the student council cmd K-Club and vice-president of the 7th Cavalry. RICHARD HOWARD LARRY RONEY McMILLEN MAI MARTIN MILLER BOB GUMM GENE JACO BERN IE JOHNSON MERLYN JOHNSON ROSS JOHNSON TOBY JOHNSON KIRBY KING PETE KOERNER KAYO McGILLIVRAY Wf KAYO McGill IV RAY CHARLES STAHL DAVE WOOLERY NICK YUNK FLOYD TEGTMEYER JACK WOLFE NORMAN STOPPEL BOB SWEAZY JAKE STENZEL PAUL STEPHENSON Kayo McGi Hivray, senior back from U lys- ses, was voted to a spot on the G.LC second team , The three-year letternnan missed the first team by only one vote in spite of being laid up with a leg injury most of the season. A broken leg kept him out of action during his junior year Charles Stahl, known to his team-mates as " Big Charlie , 11 also won a C.I.C. second team spot A junior tackle from Piainvlfle, he is a three-year letterman and a K-Club member. GEORGE SHROYER CHARLES STAHL JIM SACKRIDER DUANE SCHWAB DON RORA BAUGH DEAN RUSSELL LARRY NEELEY JOHN NIC HO L BUD MOECKEL STAN MOORE JOHN MOSIER DARRELL MUNSELl LOUIS MURRAY CADE SUMN ALEX FRANCIS " RED " HUFFMAN Tiger Coaches PAUL " BUSCH " GROSS MERYL GAREY Director of Athletics Student Assistant 1953 GRIDIRON SUMMARY Fort Hays State 12 Omaha University 20 Fort Hays State 33 Southwestern College 6 Fort Hays State 12 Pittsburg State 12 Fort Hays State 8 St. Benedicts 20 Fort Hays State 7 Maryville, Missouri 21 Fort Hays State 7 Emporia State 20 Fort Hays State 7 Washburn University 6 Fort Hays State 39 Kansas Wesleyan 0 Red shows the boys how to do it The 1953-1954 Tiger Basketball Squad. LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING ARE: Coach Cade Sucan, Melvin Christensen, Marvin Andrews, Ronald Gridley, Gilbert Pruyn, Don King, Gene Anderson, and assistant Coach Paul Busc .toss. Nick Yunk, Toby Johnson, Bud Moeckel, Myron Meier, Gary Ausbun, and Larry Neeley, BASKETBALL 1954 Coach Cade Suran proudly displays The first place Trophy which was award- ed the Tigers after successfully taking the pre-season tournament at Hutchin- son. Fort Hays State started the season strong, leading the CIC race before hitting a dis- astrous slump in mid-season from which it never recovered. It was predicted the Tigers would be tough when they won the pre-season tourney held in Hutchinson during the Christmas holidays. However, they completed play with a con- ference record of 3 wins against 7 losses and a season record of 1 1 and 10. All CIC Marvin Andrews hit a total of 357 points to break the school single -season scoring mark set last year, and to share con- ference top-scoring honors with Ray Potterof Southwestern . Cheerleaders Barbara Bohannan. Jo Ann Siruta, Richard Diamond, LaFaun Foreman, and Dotsie Tokushige lead the cheering seciion. GENE ANDERSON I I MARVtN ANDREWS Marvin Andrews demonstrates the form that won him the center pos- ition on the all CIC squad, as well as the record of high point man for the Tiger squad. VARSITY TEAM SEASON ROSTER FHS 75 Northwestern Oklahoma OPP 61 FHS 60 Southwestern College 66 54 Wichita University 76 70 Pittsburg State 76 85 Southwestern Oklahoma 74 50 Wichita University 102 74 Northwestern Oklahoma 59 71 Regis College, Denver 75 88 Augustana College 78 62 Emporia State College 69 94 McPherson College 74 58 St. Benedicts 66 80 Washburn University 79 78 Washburn University 88 63 St. Benedicts 62 55 St. Benedicts 79 79 Regis College, Denver 66 81 Pittsburg State 73 80 Southwestern College 73 57 Emporia State College 51 Fort Hays State 61 Washburn 1 University 80 Pre-season CtC tournament held at Hutchinson, Kansas. TIGER CUBS The Fort Hays State B-team basketball squad had an undefeated season, playing ten games and winning all of them. The Cubs, coached by Ralph ‘Red Huffman, played sur- rounding town teams and junior college teams. 1953-1954 TIGER " B " SQUAD Members of the junior Varsity shown STANDING ARE: Jerry Anderson, Joe Butcher, Rex Nelson. Ted Wire, and Coach " Red 1 ' Huff man. SEATED ARE: Max Meuii, Jack Hiebert Jim McKain, Bernie Johnson, and Gem ge Tatum, NOT PICTURED is Melvin Gardner. for this? Could they be cheering FINAL CtC STANDINGS Won $t. Benedicts 8 Washburn University Pittsburg State ? Southwestern Col lege 5 Fort Hays State 8 Emporia State College 2 Lost 2 3 5 5 7 8 Stre-e-e-e-e-etch! Oh, no, you don ' t! , QS i TRACK TEAM BACK ROW; Summers, McMullen, Alan Feist, Rose, Schroyer, Anderson, Christensen , Battington, DeB.y, Dwyer, Aaron Feisi. and Wasinget. MIDDLE ROW: " Busch Cross (assistant coach), Haflinger, Hopkins. Montgomery, Thomas, Riedl, McGiUivray, Thompson, Owens, Busenbark, and Coach Alex Francis. SEATED; W. Knoll, Pfeifer, D. Knoll, Erben, Ray, Purcell, Lessor, and FrydendalL Reveille deadlines prevent us from reviewing the Tiger ' s 1954 season but no harm will be found in mentioning the personal and team honors of the 1953 squad. Above is pictured the 1953 team, runners-up in the CIC. On the opposite page are pictured Tigers who won individual honors in the 1953 NAI A meetat Abilene, Texas ♦ Tiqer trackmen break the tape for FHS . He Os HZ At left. Kayo McGi 1 1 i vra y shows the form with which he won first honors in the low hurdles in the CIC meet in 1952, Last year Kayo came through again in the conference meet by copping first place in the broad-lump. 1953 TRACK CHAMPIONS At right, Alan Feist, Jim Mont- gomery, and Gene Anderson rest up for the NAIA meetat Abilene, Texas, NATIONAL CHAMPIONS At left, Alan Feist, Ellmwood junior, stands as an example ofaTiger champ, Alan boasts the CIC, Missouri Valley AAU, and NAI Achampionships In the two-mile. Feist also holds the school record for the two-mile at 9:35, At right is Jim Montgomery, Ellsworth, who holds the school record for the pole-vaul t . Jim set his record, 13 ' 3 11 , as he conquered all CIC contenders. From the CIC championship, Jim went to Abilene, Texas and tied for the NAIA championship In the pole-vault at 13 ' 6 " . 51 Weight men include javelin throwers Phil Busenbark and Melvin Christensen, Dis- cus man Curtis DeBey, Shot putter Marshall Barrington, and Wayne Pricer with the jave Mid-distance runners Include FordFarber, Gary Becker, Gene Anderson, Kayo McGillivray, and Frosty Paul . 52 TRACK STARS 1951 Pictured at left are Tiger runners, STANDING: Charles Reamer, Rex Moore, Alan Feist, Don Dwyer, Don Feist, Franklyn Rose, and Aaron Feist, SEATED: David Brainard, Don Shaw, Merrill Frydendall, Richard Selensky, La Verne Lessor, Charles Owens, and Albert Bandel. Gfllf Due to Revel lie deadlines, we cannot present the golf and tennis teamsand their achievements for this year. However, we feel that special mention should go to Dale Howell, picturedat right. Howell took the state championship, playing for his high-school team, th ree years consecutively. Last year H owell, as a freshman, distinguished himselfamong his team mem- bers by winning first place in the District Ten NAIA tournament. He represented this district at the na- tional meet at Abilene r Texas V M 53 MEN ' S INTRAMURALS The Intramural Council is the governing body for men ' s intra- murals. Council members are, left to right: Alex Francis, in- tramural d i r e c t o r; Alan Feist, Merle Carey, H a ro I d Cooper, David Riegel, and Carol O ' Hair Theirs is the job of judging, pre- senting, and listing the events and winners of FHS men ' s intra- murals. Points are given in pro- portion to the placing of the teams entered in different events. At the end of the intramural year, points are totaled and the organi- zation with the highest number receives a trophy - Sigma Theta touch football intramural champions. Left to right: Lee Norton, Harold Mc- Reynolds, Dave Riegel, John Fetherston, Larry Ball, Paul Blom- qulst, Ray Kurtz, Duane Walker, Keith Young, and Elmer Howell. Darrell Seibel, Sig Tau gold singles champion . Russell Bray and Merle Garey, Phi Sig gold doubles champions. Phi Sig swimming champi- ons . Ross Summers - breast stroke, underwater, and relay finalist; Evan Summers - 40 and 60 yard free style; Kayo Mc- Gillivray, relay; and Richard Simmonds, 100 yard free style. Left: Larry Heii- schmldt, Take horseshoe singles champion - Right: Roger Dun- n i n g and Dale Carswel I, Kappa Sig horseshoe doubles champi- ons . VM 0 ABOVE LEFT --Organization Basketball Champions, Kappa Sigma Kappa. Merlin Grimes. M, J. Frydendall, Roger Dunning, Homer Grimes, Ronald Miller, and Frank GanseL ABOVE RIGHT- -All -school Intramural Basketball Champions for second consecutive year, theSmoos. BACK ROW: Phil .Busenbark, Leonard King, Harry North, Dale Howell, Don Gleason FRONT ROW: LaVern Robert son, Kale Kennedy, Gene Keady, Leroy Monaghan, Wendell Smith, Independent, Farrel McCauley, winner of t h e all-school tennis singles champ Table tennis double s champions Don Dwyer and El- mer Howell . 56 Below - Dennis Leitner, IKE, organization champ of tennis singles Shuffle-board intramural champs. Bernard Reldl, TKE Individual champ, is pictured above, left. Above right are pictured the shuffle-board doubles champs of Sigma Theta, Dave Riegel and Norman Messinger. Ralph Purcell, Phi Sig, organizations intramural badminton champ. Badminton doubles champs, RayWeaverand Dean Neal, of Sigma Tau Gamma . Charles " Cap " Middlekauff , all- school badminton in- tramural champ. 57 WOMEN ' S INTRAMIIRALS Organizations compete for two trophies, awarded on the basis of percentage of partici- pation and good sportsmanship. Since the awards are made in the spring, too late for Rev- eille deadlines, only the winners of the various events will be shown. Below are the Co legiate Uptowners, left, and the Tri Sigs, who tied for first place honors in soccer. The Women ' s Intramural Council is the governing body for all women ' s athletics. TOP ROW L F RIGHT ARE: Mrs. Lola Franks, Kay Reed. Faye Beth Chance, Marie Geenan, and Yvonne Slmgerland. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: Kate Stewart, LaMona Leonard, Bonnie Streck, and Barbara Bo annan. Bonnie St reck , In- tramural Council Pres- ident , walked away with the fall semester singles and doubles championships Pic- tured here as golf champion, she also won table tennis and tennis singles - Below, she and Barbara Bohannon, re- presenting Theta Sigma Upstlon, teamed up to win first in table tennis doubles. Above are Bonnie Streak and Charlotte Box- berger. Theta Sigma Upsilon, Collegiate Up- town ers, who won the tennis doubles Pictured at left are the Col legiate Uptowners, who won first place in volley ball, being unde- feated in play SPRING II4TRAM1IRAIS The Spring semester season for women ' s intra- murals opened with basketball and badminton. Following these tournaments were softball ana shuff leboard ]n team sport competition, each organization supported as many teams as possible in order to raise percentage of participating members in the group. The team with highest participation rating for the year receives a trophy. Because of early copy deadlines, this Reveille edition will be unable to cover the remainder of the season The Collegiate Uptowners defeated the Alphas for in- tramural basketball championship. Members are (standing) Phyllis Needels, Donita Moore, Jean Arnold, Hazel Mc- Cue, and (seated) Norma Leiker. Helen McPherson, Char- lotte Boxberger and Jean Hiebert. League winners, the Alpha Archangels, are (standing) Julie Smerchek, Von Stingerland, Bette Hoffman, Nan Lar- mer, and (seated) Jan Mountain, Helen Libhart, Dorothy Nuckolls, and Kate Stewart. The Thetaettes, one of three Theta-supported teams, pro- vided rough competition in league play Standing are Pat Shearer, Polly Palmer, Shirley Schmitt, and Bonnie Streck. Seated are Carol Ballard, Marcia Osborne, and Shirley Stapp. Winners of the badminton singles were Bonnie Streck (Theta) and Von Slingerland (Alpha). Bonnie also won the badminton singles championship. DUCK CLUB 1 . The ducks float in wheel formation, water- ballet style. 2. Synchronizing their side strokes, six of the gals ripple across the pool. Organized during the Spring semester by WRA, the Duck Club came to life through the efforts of its chairman, Kay Reed. The " ducks " are those advanced swimmers who are interested insynchronizedswimming, diving, and water ballet. Members of the club are Twila Bender, Diane Draper, Lila Blankenburg, VonSlinger- land, Joan Newman, Lenora Meisenheimer, Dotsie Tokushige, Norma Hayes, Carol Kim- ball, and Rae Ravell. 3. Still synchronized, Kay, Diane, Lenora, Von, and Lila try a fancy back stroke. 4. Von and Lenora take time out for a little fun. 5. Von, Diane, and Kay test their back stroke speed. Karl Knitig, Donna Garrett, Bill Samples, Jackie Phillips, and Mary Jean Thomas watch over Karl Keller, who played the brilliant young student Morgan Evans, as he prepares to take a university scholarship examination . To open this year ' s stage sea- son, the Fort Hays State drama de- partment chose the play " The Com Is Green . " Harriet Ketchum, drama director, came back to the Fort Hays State Stage after a two year absence for graduate study to fill the role of director . Assistant directors were Nadya Clark and Winnie Fellers. Stage manager was Paul Hott . Members of the cast not pic- tured are Paul Hott, Ron Talbott, Jerry Robinson, Theo Von Vorse- lon, Greta Strecker, Charles Evans, and Dennis Simmons. THE coy IS GREEN Donna Gar- rett played the flattery and co- quettish Miss Ron- berry , Karl Keller (Morgan Evans) embraces Pot Lynd (the no- good Bessie Watty) in a passionate love scene. Bessie who was infatuated by Morgan, nearly succeeded in ruining the brilliant career which awaited him . Mary Jean Thomas portrayed Mrs Watty, Bessie ' s mother, the London street thief who " got religion . 11 For her second production of the year. Director Harriet Ketchum se- lected " Martine " a play which vivid- ly portrays the clash between French aristocracy and French peasantry . Student directors for the produc- tion were Mary Jean Thomas and Greta Slrecker Stage manager was Mary Thompson . Members of the cast were Carol Lynn Johnson, Barbara Werth, Co- lene Young, Thomas Depperschnrudt, and Wendell Wyatt . _ Jr Up ur r The eternal triangle, the theme of the play " Martine " , is formed by Thomas Depperschmldt as the aristocrat Julien, Bar- bara Werth as Jeanne, and Carol Lynn Johnson as the unfortunate peasant girl Martlne. MARTINI: Colene Young as Ma- Wendel l Wyatt as Alfred, a peasant lad dame Mervan Con so I es In love with Martlne, encounters her on a Marti ne as Jeanne wins road talking to Ju lien who has just returned JuJien ' s love from her. from the war to live in their small illage. Alfred roughly and pas- sionately declares his love for frightened Marline, who at first rejects him. For the first spring production, Director Har- riet K e t c h u m selected the Oliver Goldsmith comedy, " She Stoops To Conquer. " The playwas done in stylized acting and was presented in the round. n u Members of the cast not pictured are Ronald Karst, Dennis Simmonds, and Clell Harrison as servants; Paul Hott as Mr. Hardcastle; Eugene Mullen as the landlord; Mary Jo Wiesner os the maid; and Wendell Wyatt as SirCharlesMarlow. Kate Hardcastle, played by Donna Garrett, andMarlow, enacted by Karl Knitig, are the chief lovers in the play. Here Marlow and Kate formally greet each other SHE STOOPS TO C0N00ER Constance Neville, (Marilyn Miller) and Hastings (Bill Brown) were also lovers. The role of the doting mother, Mrs. Hardcastle, was played by Mary Jean Thomas. Mrs. Har dcastle al- most succeeded in breaking up the love affair of Constance and Has- tings. Mrs. Hardcastle bullies her son, Tony, (Bill Samples). She wished that Tony and Constance would wed. Fifteen acts were included in the 1954 Follies production . 1, Thetas Polly Palmer, Pat Christensen, and Phyllis Lagerburg gave the musical welcome and farewell , 2, Freshman Men s quarte t made its fi rst appearance . 3, Delta Sigma Epsilon chorus line danced to r, Lazy Day. 11 4, The Alpha SIgBand furnished background for their ‘“Circus Playday. 5, Alpha Psi " Ladies of the Mop ' 1 were Mary Jean Thomas, Margaret Walker, Garnet Wilson and Lee Fox 6, The Delta Sigma Phi " Tin Can " burlesque stole the show. Shapely so I o i st in the foreground is Clel I Harrison, 7, The Tigerettes ' sk i t, “Caw Does, " Included an old-fashioned hoedown 8 Leo Frazier represented Phi Sigma Epsilon with a one-man minstrel show. 9 Norma Leiker and Jean Arnold honored St , Patrick with an Irish jig . 10. Custer Hall girls did a dance routine with fancy lighting, 1 1 . The Dames club did a take-off on a popular classic. 12. The TKE dead-beat band performed talent show style The second annual Fort Hoys Follies show netted money fora total of seven scholarships from an audi- ence of over 800 people. Campus organizations pre- sented acts running the gamut from male can-can dancing to nearly professional singing. Co-chair- men and directors for the 1954 Follies were Greta Strecker and Bill Samples. FORT HAYS FOLLIES BIRTHDAY OF THF INFANTA This on e-a c t play is an adapta- tion of a short story b y Oscar Wilde. The plot is con- cerned with the tragic effects o f ridicule . Charles Evans (not pictured) played the role of the Steward. 1. The Infanta (Louree Pink- ston) laughs at the Fantastic (Dick Bonn) who is a hunch- back. 2. The Fantastic clutches a rose given him by the I nfanta . 3. The D u c he ss(Jo G winner) and the Infanta look at the dead Fantastic . DEBATE Left: Paul Blomquist placed high in oratorical contests in which he rep- resented Fort Hays State. Right: Classroom scenes In debate, Ross Summers and Mary Thompson present their views to their class- mates . RADIO Radio activities at Fort Hays State are rapidly expanding. Interest in the field is steadily increasing. The students in the department present a daily pro- gram over radio station KAYS which gives them the valuable opportunity to do actua 1 radio work , Greta Strecker gets ready to " spin a platter ' 1 while Joyce Geiman stands by. Tod Pel ts operates the radio con- sole and is observed by other students In the department. Left to right: Sylvia Moritz, Joyce Gelman , Dale Kellerman, and Greta Strecker. In a class ses- sion Jack Heather gives some pointers concerning the microphone to JoyceGeiman, Greta Strecker, Dale Kellerman, and Sylvia Moritz. CONCERT CHOIR MEMBERS OF THE CHOIR ARE, BACK ROW: Phil Erickson, Jack Met- calf, Larry Heitschmidt, JackAndregg, Paul Blomquist, Marvin Sturh- eit, Loren Wilson, Don Johnson, Charles Evans, Gary Cooper, Glenn Ginther, Gil Brungardt, Keith Young, Homer Grimes, Calvin Kinzie. THIRD ROW: Derryl Goes, Wesley Wikoff, Wilma Brandenburg, Polly Palmer, Harold Burnett, Gary Pauley, Charles Beltz, Jim Maxwell, Don Gentzler, Glen Thomas, Frank Gunn, Greta Strecker, Joyce Geiman, Don Gleason, Fritz Kramer. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Hobble, Barbara Dragt, Lois Wolfram, Joyce Presley, Lynette Pearson, Gwen Arnold, Evelyn Gieenler, Edith Dry lie, Leona Landwehr, Colene Young, Shirley Thomas, Jacque Burnett, Nan Arnold, Carmelita Grady , Norma Hayes. FIRST ROW; Shirley Garrison, Delores Young, Eva Sire, Joan Newman, Twila Kurtz, Juliene McCartney, Mary Anspaugh, Janice Unruh. Annie McConnell, Martha Pate. Juanita Kobler, Barbara Anderson, Nancy Sig- rist, Carolyn Eppinger, Lois Leiker. FORT HAYS SINGERS The Fort Hays Singers is a small vocal ensemble composed of students selected from those studying voice in the music department on the campus . MPMBFRS ARP BACK ROW- Gil Brungardt, Fritz Kramer, Glenn Ginther, Charles Evans, Larry Heitschmidt, Charles Be tz, Calvin Kinzie. MIDDLE ROW : Jo ' yce Gzlmn, Jane. »d... Wilma Brandenbn.g, felly P- 1 ™-. 1 FRONT ROW; Eva Sire, Nancy Sigiist, Shirley Thomas, Edith Smith, Norma Hayes, Annie McConnell, Si P ' : ' 1 v m s ! 1 ft 1 ▼ i m |i i MEN’S ttlAITH entertainment at high schools, civic clubs, and organizahons throughout artet members are Glenn Ginther i» f Hijit 1 ? baritone: and Loren Wilson , bass, first tenor; Gil Brungardt , second tenor; Charles Beltz, barnone, c. THOMAS BARR Concert choir director CONCERT RAID Adding color and music to the campus, the band, under the direction of Harold Palmer, performs at c o n c e r t s, pep assemblies, and games - The marching band made the first appear- ances of the year at home football games and Homecoming. For basketball season the group divided into two pep bands, the gold and black bands, which alternated playing on weekends and week nights. Concerts formed the major part of the year l s activities. Seventy of the 102 band members comprised the touring band which played at high schools in thirteen towns this spring. President of the organization was Marvin Stutheit . FLUTE QUARTET Four freshman girls comprise the flute quartet, below, organized under the supervision of Hal Pal- mer- Membersare Cathy Chaffee, Rhetis Wickizer, Twllla Brown, and Elaine Dryden , Clarinets- -Gwen Arnold Joye Romeiser, Charlotte Box- berger, Gwen Miller, Marilyn Offerle, Shirley Thomas, Wray Baker, Joyce Presley, Bill Latchford, Bernard Schulte, Barbara Studer, Charlcie Johnson, Delores Young, Gladys We 11 brock, Shirley Brown, Maxine Schumacher, Solita Sche uer man; flutes- -John Fetherston, Tw ilia Brown, Rhetis Wickizer, Catherine Chaffee, Elaine Dryden, Rosemary Long, Mar Jean Olson, Ann Elias; French horns- -Janis Zieber, Dorothy Nuckolls, Joan Henry, Jeanette Nelson, Lou Ann Marquardt, Louree Pinkston, Frances Elder, Grace fuJ w y „. na Barbara Bauer Faye Beth Chance; cornets- -Bob Craine, Juanita Kobler, Bob Gleason, Don Johnson, Dee Sire, Marvin sssssss Bob Aggson. Orchestra personnel includes the following; viol in -Esther Ballinger, Robert Woodson, Bonnie Hemken, Fr. Sigmun Shauehnessv Frances Wendel, Margot Lindner. Lncille Felten, Yda Schultz, Phyllis Needles. Peggy Johnson, Wtnif ed Fellers Twlla Kurtz; viola-Charles Onion, Mary Shaw, Bonnie Storm, Agatha Smock; cello- Carol by °8 «. • « Laizure Connie Nelson; bass- James Maxwell. Fritz Kramer ; flute-John Fetherston. Billie Bertram; oboe- Dolores Laizure, Roberta Arnold " clarinet- -James Graham, Gwen Arnold, William Latchford;bassoon-Lois Leiker, Eleanor Hunsley Horn S. DO,. , NuckoUa, Joan Henry, Jan., Nalaon; „umpa,-Rob.n Caine, , karma Kobler, Do. Johnaon, trombone -Philip Martin. Thelma Dixon, J.D. Norcross; timpani -Robert Aggson; drums- -Derryl Goes. ORCHESTRA Conductor STANLEY D. BALLINGER The Fort Hays Symphony Orchestra is com- prised of musicians from Hays and the surrounding communities, as well as Fort Hays Staters. The 42 -piece orchestra, playing under the direction of Stanley Ballinger, has appeared in two major concerts this year . Highlights of the orchestral season were the annual fall concert, played in December, and the group ' s spring appearance with the Hays Choral Union. They accompanied the community chorus in a program of contemporary music which was chosen to replace the traditional oratorio. 74 ALL-GIRL ORCHESTRA Newly organized this year, the all-girl orchestra has been in popular demand For en- tertainment on campus and away. Directed by j Jim Maxwell, the group made its first ap- pearanceas the l, Campus Coeds , 11 at the Band day mixer for high school band members. Praise for their popular swing music prompted the scheduling of a two-day spring tour of high schools. Consisting of versatile musicians, the or- : jf W : t chestra membership includes five who double on as many as three different instruments. Eleven of the thirteen girls are freshmen, JIM MAXWELL Director Cometiits, BACK ROW. ARE, W " » . • ». Dixon Marilyn Miles and Virgins Palmer-baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet; Phyllis « S , Garrison-tenot e-. and Lorraine Deeds is at the drums. Pbtir-- K SQL r ' i 1 W A t i J - arv m suit COLLEGE LEADER The members of the Leader staff for 1953-1954 were: STANDING: Myrna Crabs, Alice Slagle, Cora Kolacny, Myron Meier, Daniel Merkel, Bill Samples, Crystal Flett. SEATED: Mary jo Wiesner, June Berry, Nancy Larmer, Margaret Walker. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Milford Messer, Rex Moser, Bill James. NANCY LARMER BILL SAMPLES Editor Business Manager The State College Leader is the official school paper of Fort Hays State. With last minute demands for copy, mad rushing, and the clatter of typewriters, it is pub- lished every Thursday. Faculty advisor is Troy Crowder. NANCY LARMER Editor MARY JOW1ESNER . Assistant Editor JUNE BERRY - . . Assistant Editor BILL SAMPLES . . . Business Manager DANIEL MERKEL Assistant Business Manager WALTER WALLERSTEDT ED URBAN Printers Reporters: .... Myrna Crabs, Alice Slagle, Cora Kolacny, Myron Meier, Daniel Merkel, Crystal Flett, Margaret Walker, Milford Messer, Rex Moser REVEILLE P J lir „ n f the 1954 Reveille included students from many departments. Work- Producers ot trie lyo iseveme • r rnnci , the staff has succeeded in dent body. Staff members include the following. MARTHA PATE td ' tor GORDON ZAHRADNIK . Asst. Editor MARY JO WIESNER . . Copy Editor DONMcCOSH- • • • Sports Editor BILL SAMPLES .... Greek Editor ELDON LAIDIG . . Business manager JACK HUNSLEY . ■ • Photographer BERNARD SCHERR - . • • Art editor MARGARET WALKER .Organizations td. VIRGINIA HOGSETT . . Class Editor Assistants: Don Ewing, Don Johnson, photographers; Wendell Wyatt, Gwen Miller, sports; Mack Bolinger, Jane Bowman, organ ' zat ions. Ho l cm lihhart. June Berry, Cora Kolacny, classes; Carol Johns ELDON LAIDIG Business Manager MARTHA PATE Editor SEVENTH CAVALRY THE SEVENTH CAVALRY at Fort Hays State includes young men students selected for outstanding leadership ability and scholarship, BACK ROW: Don Rupp, JoeHickel, BobWilkins, Gene Anderson, NickYunk, Paul Blom- quist, Ed: Urban. FIRST ROW; Don Rorabaugh, Larry Ball, Ralph Lamoree, Bernard Riedl, Howard Mai, Stand lee Dalton, sponsor, NOT PICTURED: Bob Deighton, Quentin Bogart, Jack Hu ns ley, Bob Hoar, WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP THE WOMEN ' S LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION on the campus is composed of young women who are considered to be potential leaders and have demonstrated the qualities necessary for leadership. BACK ROW: Gladys Losey, Kay Hahn, Jan is Zieber, Martha KisselQ Gwen Arnold, Joye Romeiser, Bette Hoffman. FIRST ROW: La Faun Foreman, Jean Brinkman, Grace Young, Mildred Agnew T Martha Pate, Jackie Schmutz. NOT PICTURED; Jo Ann Pennington and sponsors Nita Landrum, Mabel Ucey and Alice Morrison. DON RUPP President JACKIE SCHMUTZ President GORDON ZAHRADNIK President JOYE ROMEISER President UNESCO The UNESCO Council on the campus serves to promote the com mon welfare of mankind through planned programs dealing with edu catlonal , scientific, and cultural relations. BACK ROW; Jack Harris, Jerry Kaetnpfe, John Fetherstone, Ken Reed, Glenn omther, Kay Kurtz, Aaron Feist, CarlO ' Hair. SECOND ROW: Lorraine Deeds, Pat Shearer, cor- don Zahradnik, Alice Slagle, Wesley Wikoff, Roberta Jacobs, Merlin Grrmes, Celia Boxberger. FIRST ROW; Grace Young, Helen Libhart, Virginia Walker, otsic o ige, Judy Neff, Berta Olson, Maxine Schumacher, Alice Beesley, sponsor. CAMPUS BOOSTERS The Campus Booster Council, composed of representatives of various campus organizations, serves to promote school spirit. BACK ROW: Oliver Isom, BarbaraBauer, Glen Cooper, Joyc RoineLitr MLirili dall, Martha Yost, Ralph Fagan, Caro! Johnson, E. C. Snook. E RON 1 ROW: Marion Coulson, sponsor, Dotsie Tokushige, Gordon Zahradnik, Phyllis Borland, Willa Sc e , Ron Estes, Jane Bowman, Nancy Wilkes, Helen Libhart. K-CLUB All athletics who have earned a letter in inter- collegiate athletic competition areel iglble for membership in K-Club. This organization hos as its purpose the promotion of student pep. This year at Homecoming K-Club members played host to K-Club members of 1932-35 including former coach, Jim Yeager. DON RGRABAUGH President BACK ROW : Gene Anderson, Charles Stahl, Ronald Grid ley, Marvin Andrews, Mel Christensen, Bud Moeckel, George Shroyer, Dale Swisher, Paul Stephenson. THIRD ROW: CleoDome, BobWilkins, Bernard Riedl, Duane Steffen, Alan Feist, Bill Folkers, Don Dwyer, Don Rorabaugh. SECOND ROW: Pete Koerner, Gene Jaeo, LaVern Lessor, Bob Sweazy, Franklin Rose, Norman Stoppel, Dale Howell, E. C, Snook. FIRST ROW: Meryl Garey, CharlesOwens, AaronFeist, Jack Wolfe, Howard Mai, Ralph Purcell, Phil Busenbaik , Sponsor Ralph Huffman, 82 WOMEN ' S RECREATIONAL ASSOCIATION The WRA combines work and play for its members— coeds interested in various phases of recreation and physical education. The group encourages participa- tion in women ' s intramuralsand athletics by awarding K-sweaters on the basis of time spent in active recreation. Besides encouraging individual participa- tion, the group sponsors events such as Sports Day and High School Play Day. YVONNE SLI NGERLAND President BACK ROW: Pat Shearer. Greta Strecker. Mania a Johnson, Rosemary U ng, Joyce Fondoble , Vaunita Rusco Marjory Mor- tan Kay Reed Janis Mountain. THIRD ROW: Jean Arnold, Charlotte Gunther. Mary Evans, Mane Geenen, vonne g land Carol Ballard Lenora Meisenheimer, Dee Sire. SECOND ROW: Barbara Bohannan, Norma Letker Betty Bryan, Shirley Boxberger , No,™ H„e,, LaMona Leonard, Do, oft, NuckoDa. FIRST ROW: K„e S,ew„, Dalene Se- well, Bonnie Streck, Mildred Agnew, Donita Moote, Lola Franks, advisor. 83 TIGERETTES The Tigerettes are the women ' s pep organ- ization on the campus of Fort Hays State. In the familiar colors of black and gold the members help the cheerleaders and the student body boost the Tigers at athletic activities. It is their purpose to foster enthusiasm , co-operation, and good sportsman ship. Membership is limited to students classified as second semester freshmen or above. LaFAUN FOREMAN President BACK ROW: Kathy Custer, Judy Rouse, Carol Darnell, Martha Kissell, Greta Strecker. Joyce Welch Mane Geenen Bormr Dunn Leona Landwehr, Wilma Barnett. THIRD ROW: Vicki Merz, Gladys Lose y. Joan Pennington, Kathryn Roland JoA Hoover, Yvonne Slingerland, Betty Deton, Jane Bowman, Mary Wilson, Mary Jo Gibson. SECOND ROW: Kay Hahn Margaret Walker Twila Coffey, Joyce Renberger, Annie McConnell, Kate Stewart, La Mona Leonard, Marcia Osborne, Shirley Stapp. FIRST ROW: Joan Mausolf, Lela Mae Kreutzer, Phyllis Berland, Dotsie Tokushige, JcAnn Siruta Ltfiun Foreman, Barbara Bohannan, Carolyn Bell, Mildred Agnew, Nancy Wilkes. Members not pictured: Dixie Badgewell, Donna Garrett. Lynnen Pearson 84 SECOND GENERATION CEOB The Second Generation Club is composed of stu- dents who, like their parents a generation earlier, have chosen Fort Hays State as their " Alma Mater " . This organization is working to become one of the strongest ties between the college and the thousands of former students. Membership includes students from Virginia, Nebraska, Utah, and other states, who have proudly come back to the school of their parents . Gerald Tomanek and Alumni Secretary, Nita Land- rum, are advisors for this group. President TAD FELTS L 85 GERMAN CLUB To further interest in modern languages, pa- ticularlythe German language, people, customs, and institutions is the purpose of the German club. The motto of the German Club is, " He who knows no foreign language knows noneof his own. " One of the highlights of German Clubactivities is the big German Christmas Party, a traditional event. President ROYCE RASMUSSEN BACK ROW: Mrs. Emma Golden, Clair Bushell, Wendell Warren, Norman Messinger, Elon Peters, Royce Rasmussen, Kathy Slagle, Ed Kaiser, Larry Ball, Ed Urban. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Teresa Martin, Verdie Easter, Harvey Zinzer ]r r , Ralph Lamoree, Calvin Kinzie, La Verne Goetz, Wilford Schrepel, Maynard Steitz, Beryl Gibson. FIRST ROW: Twila Frazier, Howard Mai, Helen Libhart, GilbertTracy, Fritz Kramer, Jean Brinkman Ball, Margaret Walker, BriceTurner. NOT PICTURED: A1 Zimmerman, Roberta Jacobs, Bob Maxwell, Steve Deere, Jake Stenzel, Dennis Simmonds, Karl Keller, Nadya Clark, Kennard Clark, 86 HOME EC CLUB All young women who have a special interest in any field of home economics are invited to become members of this organization . The group is called on to help with teas, dinners, and their own parties throughout the school year. Their sponsors are Miss | | a Newbecker and Miss Alice Beesley. These girls are a few of the future homemakers of the world. CHARMAINE OWENS President BACK ROW: Wilma Barnett, Barbara Bauer, Joye Romel u h “ ey ] " ’ Ury o Gibson. Clara Deiter, Lolita Nel- Marjory Mortal. Shirley Slaight. THIRD ROW: Maxine u ‘ Evelyn Barrett. Joyce Janouseck. Phyllis iene McCartney, Vetna Moss Ma n ROW: Miss Alice Beesley, Donna Needles. “ r sr asTcSSi .“-i — - - — B7 COLLEGIATE 1-H Collegiate 4-H members are those in- terested in 4-H work who continue the activity into their college careers The organization s p on so rs the " All School Square dance 11 , s e r v e s refreshments on Senior day, and conducts other 4-H ac- tivities President ROBERT HELTON BACK ROW: Alice Slagle, Ray Weaver, Betty Sch mucker, Danny VanLaeys, Shiiley Howe, Doyle Ekey, Joye Romeiser, Merlyn Johnson, Barbara Smeichek, Douglas Slagle, Mar Jean Olson, Clinton Nordyke. SECOND ROW: Dick Bonn, Norma Johnson, Bob Helton, Celia Ralston, Charles Fankhauser, Donna Kilgore, Loyal Vincent, Vicki Metz, Gordon Zahradnik, Alice Wineland, Marilyn Hobbie. FIRST ROW: Mr. J. R. Wells, Joyce Janousek, Connie Griffin, Carole Sloan, Eleanor Foster, Dorothy Tokushige, Barbara Andersen, Berta Olson, Kathleen Connor, Alice Ann Davis, Miss Alice Beasley. 88 FUTURE TEACHERS W: 1 1 iam Early, President of N. E , A. speaks to an assembly of future teachers . Seated at the left of the speaker is Dean Bray, Presi- dent of F, L A at Fort Hays State o The Future Teachers of America is an organization of teachers who plan to con- tinue their careers in the field of education. This chapter was organized with- in the past year on this campus All future teachers compose this group . F T. A : sponsors are Dr, Kirk Naylor and Dr, Calvin Harbin, 89 President, Colene Young poses in her role as Madame Mervan in " Martme ' h LITTLE THEATRE The thrills of stage life including acting, direct- ing, and writing andall of the other work that makes drama a great art Those students who have an In terest in this work comprise the membership of this organization. Included in the Little Theatre program are several plays produced under the supervision of Geneva Herndon and Harriet Ketchum The repertoire for this year incl uded " The Corn Is Green, Marti ne , n $he Stoops To Conquer , 11 and the Greek tragedy, " Oedipus Rex, " BACK ROW: Gary Ausbun, George Geenen, Jo Gwinner, Karl Keller, Greta Stracker DwalneHalpaine, Mary Thompson, Charles Evans, 5 onald Talbot, Karl Knitig, Wendell Wyatt, JoAnnParsons. SECOND ROW: Winnie Fellers, Mary Jo Gibson, Paul lion, JoAnn Hoover, Dixie Badgewell, Bill Bigham, Theo VonDorselon, Den- nis Simmonds, Garnet Wilson, Glenda Stum. FIRST ROW: Bill Samples, Donna Garrett, Barbara Werth, Mary jo Wiesner, Annie McConnell, Dick Honn, Pat Lynd, Dalene Sewell, Margaret Walker. NOT PIC TU RED: Curtis Hayes, Joe Jell nek, Andreas Kazamias, Clell Harrison, Bill Nickerson and Keat Wade. Comprising the Engineers C I u b are those students who are interested in engi- neering and who plan some phase of eng group is Everett Marshall President JACK HARRIS is? Ronald Estes, Don Ewing. Donald McDonald, Albert Herron, Everett Marshall, Advisor. 91 fall twenty-six music students reorganized Hays State Chapter of M - E . N .C • The pur- he Musical Educators National Conference note interest in music education and music e TUp onlv membership requirement is that President LEONA LANDWEHR BACK ROW: Bill Latch ford, Wilma Brandenburg, Gilbert Brnngardt, Janis Zieber, Phil Martin, Joan Henry, Leona La ndwehr, Don Price, SECOND ROW: Carol Lunsford, Lou Ann Marquardt, Fritz Kramer, Barbara Dragt, Farrell Mc- Cauley, Arlene Smith, Gwen Arnold, FIRST ROW: Marilyn Offerle, Eva Sire, Nancy Sigrist, LoisLeiker, Lowell Cline, Miss Schultz, NOT PICTURED: Robert Aggson, Robert Craine, Don Gentzler, Don Johnson, Marvin Stutheit, Patricia Taylor, 9 1 MATH CLUB Finding a solution to the most in- triguing of mathematics problems is the highlight of many Math club meetings. Purpose of the organization is to promote interest in mathematics among its mem- bers . President BILL HOFFMAN m , rr; ’tStopher, Shirley Deeds, Dorothy Nuckolls, Everett Marshall. NOl James Easter, Gordon K. Platt. 93 PRE-MED CLUB Future doctors, dentists, and medical techno! ogists comprise this group. Their purpose is to further acquaint the student with his chosen ca- reer, its requirements and its opportunities President LARRY BALL KH, Tn T " ' ilyn Kn ° P ' Th ° mlS De PE ' s ' ±mW ‘. Barbara Scon, Keith D.rkt, Lila Blankenburv er ; Edllh Dt lle - k MeCalmon. SECOND ROW: Joy Stewart, Leota Palmer, Bob King Anita Maxwell’ Larry Ba ' , Betty Burnt. Patty Webb. Dorothy Mttc toll . Latee Howell FIRST KOW: Twila Frazier MatcUOtbTne Charles See, Mary Wtiton, Kevin Starkey. Joanne Dahlke, lack Hazen, Shirley Con ine, Et ££ 94 1 1 INTERNATIONAL RELATION!; CLUB The International Relations Club is interested in p ro mot I n g non-partisan action concerning foreign affairs and International relationships. The group elects its own members and the advisor Is Charles Onion ♦ President RUSSELL BRAY BACK ROW; Al Campbell. Hal Colony, Arden Brandyberry, Lee McDaniel, Dale Johnson, Resell Bray, Wendall bar- ren, Ray Kwnz, Charles Onion, FRONT ROW: Betty Bryan, Judith Blankenburg, Pat Welling, Georgia Ward, Lorraine Deeds, Rose Dixon, Pat Taylor, Mary Grace Richardson. 95 FIRST FLOOR HACK ROW : Donne I u Voth, Charlotte Gunther, Shirley Miller, Corinne Amrine, Marie Ceenen Connxtor. Sonya Simmons, Barbara Snider . Sherrill Jenkin , Mary Minium, lean Heath, Shir lev Sld hh Virginia Mckink-y Counselor, Clarme Bales. SECOND ROW: Virginia Harper, Marilyn llobbie, Mary Lllen Hulls, Greta S medley, Ann Sauer, Carroll Jenkins. Anita Marie Maxwell At ■ uim. . |o McCi; ix 1 ' . , Solita Seheuerman, Shirley Krug. FIRST ROW; Shirley Smutz, Rita Ash aft, Marvel Mu- hell, Carole Sloan, Frances Lynch, Allure Kelley, Twila Frazier, Delons Michel T Barbara ( lark, Carol Jones Gail korinek Shirley Deeds. CUSTEH President BETTY IRETON SECOND FLOOR BACK ROW- Joyce La mom, Mary Thompson Counselor Jeanine Riemann, yaunita Rusco f Jo G winner, Phyllis, Lagerberg, Polly Palmer, Esther Asher Marjory Morlan, Rosemary Long Je aim k el?on Donita Moore Helen Agnev, Celia Ralstin, Nan Arnold Counselor, Carol Holsmait Betty Sch mucker, Gay Beth i rust he . FIRST ROW - Shirley Logan, Gloria Personett, Shirley Conine, Connie Griffin, Lotirce Pinkston, Lerec Howell, Carolyn Bell, Kathleen Connor, Beverly Cox, Norma Hayes, June Berry- ALL Custer Hall dormitory houses over 200 young women Pajama lounges, kitchenettes, and a large dining r o o m a r e avail- able for all residents Di- rector of the dormitory is Mrs Kathleen Kinzer; Mrs, J H . Rockwell serves as assistant direc- tor THIRD FLOOR BACK ROW: Donnice Batterton Barbara Bauer, Opal Beougher Judy Blankenburg Counselor, Janet Rader, Willa Carmichael, Ellen Wilkens Katherine Slagle, Carol Darnell Counselor, Thelma Dixon Julia Smerchek, Shirley Howe, Edith Packer Donna Kilgore, Mar jean Olson. THIRD ROW: Pat Shearer, Eva lee Robertson, Norma Johnson Joy Graver Pat Wells, Shirley Bennett, Aleda Klewena, Karen Spitsnaugle Roberta Arnold, Dixie Wilson Rita Stewart, Betty Burns Elaine Belden. SECOND ROW :Shirley Brown, Leona Gall ion Daphne Forney Mary Ann Appel, Metla Jane Ziegenbalg, Doris Miller Donna Rowland Christabelle Chard, Janis Mountain, Mary Jo Gibson Agatha Soock Marjorie Claudel, FIRST ROW: Dorothy Eveleigh, Joy Ann Stewart Dorothy Gaunt, Berta Olson Delores Merrill Patsy Lynch, Nadine Schmidt, Joyce Renberger, Ann Elias, Carolyn Eppinger Catherine Chaffee. FOURTH FLOOR BACK ROW: Jan Zieber, Counselor, Phyllis Trexler, Janice Robinson, Marie Blair, Cora Kolacny, Edith Dry lie Binnie Dunn Ann Dolezal Wray Ann Baker, Myrna Crabs, Crystel Flett, Marilyn Knop Diane Draper March ia Schiefen. THIRD ROW: Norma Patton Lila B1 an kenburg Peggy Walker, Glenda Stutts, Joanne Dahl ke Twila Bender, Rhetis Wickizer Phyllis Kraft, Nancy Hubbard, Pat Swanson,, Gwen Miller Verna Jean Moss, Leota Palmer Lenora Metsenheimer. SECOND ROW: Joyce Fullmer, Betty Bryan, Shirley Douglas, Fontella Jennings Shirley Garrison Marilyn Miles, Lois Jean Schlegel Ramona Bisbee Beverly Hurd Dorothy Nuckolls, Patsy Webb, Toya Hegwer, Beverly Golden. FIRST ROW: Sandra Anderson, Pat Welling, Barbara Anderson, Paula Laughtin Dorothy Truhlar, Joyce Janousek, Jean Newman, Frances Elder, Carmel ita Grady, Marilyn Sutton Merly n Shannon Mary Avery, WtSUl HALL Wesley Hall dormitory houses about 53 women and is supervised by a board of the Methodist Church. Mrs. Standlee Dalton is president of the supervisory board. Mrs. Gordon is housemother of the dormitory . President MARTHA KISSELL BACK ROW- Rathe! Brack, Marilea Johnson, Joye Romeiser, Marjorie Hargett, Wilma Brandenberg, Faye Beth Chance, Doris Meyer, Evelyn Greenler, Lynette Pearson. Mary Evans, Clara Deiter, Kathleen Custer. THIRD ROW: Judith Rouse Alice Wineland, Joan Pennington, Ella Mae Wlneland, Leila Hall, Garnet Wilson, Marilyn Miller, Barbara Scott, ' Joan Siruta, Judy Hohner, Betty Melville. SECOND ROW: Wilma Barnett. Jeanne Light, Bonita Kennard, Gladys Losey. Donna Needles, Martha Kissel!, Joyce Anderson, Charlotte Boxberger, Wilma White, Eunice Hudson, Celia Boxberger. FIRST ROW: Eleanor Foster, Twila Coffey, Virginia Walker, Doris Thompson, Sue McClusky, Phyllis Berland, Jean Brinkman Ball. Marilee Austin, Maurine Offerle, Delores Bucher. 98 COllHim UPTOWMRS Independent students who live in Hays or have rooms in private homes organize for social life under the name of Col legiate Uptowners « The organization entertainsat social events, sponsors intramural teams, and in general serves the functions of sorority and fraternity life for its members. Sponsor of the group is Miss Mabel Lacey President RONALD NELSON BACK ROW- Brice Turner, Mary Evans, EJdon Storer, Marilea Johnson, Vern Duncan, Joyce Fondoble. MIDDLE ROW lIv Upton, Lois jagger, EleLr, Jean ArnoJd. Charlotte Boxberger, La Mona Leonard Nancy WUJtes. FRONT MW: Sharon Johnson, Betty Roth, Charlcie Johnson, Margot Lindner, Mary Grace Rrchat so . Flelen McPherson. 99 SOUTH RESIDENCE HALL South Residence Hall, occupied this year for the first time, houses approximately forty men. Below- Jan Hudgens, Ross Johnson, and George Knoll relax in the dorm ' s parlor. BACK ROW: Dennis Brack, Orin Rush, Gary Miller, Bill Melville, Glen Ginther, Loren Wilson, George Geenen, John Fetherston, Clinton Nordyke. THIRD ROW: Don Dwyer, Gary Ausbun, Ross Johnson, Bob Sweazy, Larry Neely, La Verne Stenzel, Gordon Zahradnik, E. C. Snook, Toby Johnson, SECOND ROW: Jack Hazen, Vaughn FI inn, Dean Bray, Mack Bollinger, Neil Herman, Gary Snieder, Virgil Horning, FRONT: Neta Rice, house- mother, Jim Garrison, Jan Hudgens, George Knoll, Harold Pritchard, Lloyal Vincent, Lee Norton. VAUGHN FLINN President 100 NORTH RESIDENCE HAll BACK ROW: Paul Griffin, John Detter, Weldon Poppe, Gary St. John, Douglas Slagle, Joe Butcher, Darrel Williams, Leroy Byler, David Braden, Dan Merkel. MIDDLE ROW: Ali Mohit, Norman Lerourneau, A1 Campbell, Lee McDaniel, Duane Riedl, Glenn Thomas, Lionel Barry, Bob Eitel, Lewis Murray. FRONT; Mrs. Riegel, housemother, Bob Gumm, John Brooks, Dennis Simmonds, Glenn Martin, Duane Schwab, Don Ewing, Gerald Hafner, Wayne Willson, Marion Vaughn. Outside North Residence, its occupants go back to their second chi Idhood—snowball- ing. Plans are now in process for the two Resi- dence halls to be connected by a larger wing to contain dining room, living rooms, and more rooms for men - GLENN THOMAS President mm FIELD STADIUM Cards, fights, girls, girls, and anything else worth mentioning are included in the activities of the men who live at Lewis Fie Id Stadium. They parti c i pate as an organization in Intramurals and are active in other organizations. President ALBERT FOLlETT BACK ROE: Joe Stagmais, Mel Wendler, Ralph Fagan, John Johnson, Doyle Davidson, Don Horton, Earl Waters, Richard Birzer, BobBrungardt, Kenneth Gustavson. SECOND ROW: Evert Kohls, Del Williams, Don Buser, Richard Freidenberger, Howard Wideman, Jim Boedeker, Alan Hancock, Warren Alpers. FIRST ROW: Everett Paul, Max Rumpel, Bob King, Con Calloway, Forrest Paul, Lloyd Brethouver, Bert Tallot, Bernard Scherr. 102 ). ■ BACK RO W ■ Shirley Slaight, Opal Beougher. Marie Geenen, Orviieta Gracey, Elaine Belden. Barbara ““ Katherine Slagle, Yosi,, Smock. RU, Mi, Smetchck. Winnie ell,., Shirley Miller. THIRD ROW; Pat Wells. Leona Gallion. Loeti Palmer, Nancy Hubbard, rolJonej Joanne Dahlke, Clarine Bales, Sherrill Jenkins, Carol Ballard, Mary Hull, Gay Beth Frrtsche. SECOND ROW lov Stewart Allure Kelly, Gail Korinek, Pat Welling. Lauree Pinkston, Judy Cox, Carrol Lhih, Schmidt, Solita Scheuerman, LaMcn., Shiti.y Smuta. FRONT ROW: Naomt Garner ' sponsor, Joan Newman, Priscilla Scott, Delores Merrill, Joyce Janousek Dorothy Truhlar, Patsy Lynch, Maryls Barb, Carolyn Eppioger. Sandra Anderson, Rosella McCarroll, sponsor. V. W. t. V MARIE GEENEN President BACK ROW; Richard Scott, Elmer Howell, Lee McDaniel, Hal Colony Harold Howell. FRONT; Sam Hamilton, sponsor, Jan Hudgens, Ray Kurtz, Ralph La moree, A1 Campbell. V. II. C. HAROLD HOWELL President NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club Is an organization of Catho- lic men and women on the campus. The purpose of the organ! zation is to promote relationships of spiritual and social value. Religious activities and social events highlight the year. President MARILYN KARLIN BACK ROW: Thomas Deppersch mid t, Aaron Feist, Gilbert Brungardt, La Verne Lessor, DickErbert, David Braden, Marilyn Karlin, La Verne Goetz. THIRD ROW; Wayne Knoll, Dorothy Ross, Frances Morning, Virgil Morning, Ann Sauer, AJfreda Wiesner, Mel Heble. SECOND ROW: Sonya Simmons, Mary Jo Wiesner, Jeannine Rieman, Vauniia Rosco, Maxine Schumacher, Omer KnolL FIRST ROW; Frances Lynch, Barbara Werth, Norman Letourneau, Mary Shaw, Irene Pfannenstiel, Bernard Scherr, Pat Basgall, 104 PHI KAPPA PHI A Fort Hays 5 tape chapter of the national Phi Kappa Phi honor s o c i e t y was installed January 27, of this year. It is the second chap- ter of this society in the state of Kansas. On this campus it replaces the former Honor So- ciety. The president of this organization is Mrs. Dol lie Thomas who is pictured at the right receiving the charter from Dr. Lawrence Guild, national secretary-treasurer of the organization. . _ .. _ t . i, r rarmineham W. D. Moreland, Raymond Welty, Harold Hop BACK ROW: Ralph Coder, Robert T. McGrath, . . 8 ’ Harold Choeuill. SECOND ROW: Dwight «... Hugh Bumett, «m» Tomanek, «- z S..t ,=e D.“ ,o„. Emm., Stephen David Wooster, E.R. McCartney, John Garwood, Robert Marp e. Elizabeth Agrtew William Pickett, Lawtence Sorenson Edwin Martin. FIRST ROW: Leland Mobson, Alice Beesley, El zabeth Agnew, Guild, Dome Thomas, A. M. Guhl. Geneva Herndon, Katherine Nutt, Lucille Felton. 105 METHODIST SORORITY c Phi, sorority for Method hurch I e a d e r s h i p by v ome MARILYN OFFEREE Secretary GRACE YOUNG JACKIE SCHMUTZ President Vice-Pres, NOT PICTURED: Anderson, Elder, Fellers. Kleweno, Krug. Me Cluskey, Scott, Vernon. Jo Ann Parsons PRESIDENT Paula Laughlin SECRETARY Ruby Ekey Carolyn Eppinger Fontella Jennings Charmaine Owens Martha Pate Margaret Walker Garnet Wilson METHODIST FRATERNITY Sigma Theta Epsilon is the fraternity for men of Methodist church preference. Members of the organization strive to gain an understanding of church history, to train leaders, and to promote Christian fe! lowship. LOYD ASHER LARRY BALL Treas. RAY KURTZ RALPH LA MORE E Pres Vice-pres Paul R lorn qu 1st Mack Bollinger Bob Brown Don Dwyer Charles Evans John Fetherston Elmer Howell Jan Hudgens Dale Johnson Kenneth Marine Norman Messinger Gordon Morris Harold McReynolds Lee Norton David Rlegel Nevin Starkey Melvin Steinle Loyal Vincent Wendell Warren Wesley Wikoff Don Wunderlich Eleanor Bogart Clair Bushe 11 Lee Fox Joe Hickel Carol Johnson Jo Ann Parsons Dalene Sewell Greta Strecker Margaret Walker Garnet Wilson Geneva Herndon Harriet Ketchum Bill Samples Grand Director Donna Garrett Stage Manager Annie McConnell Business Manager L NOT PICTURED; Mary Jean Thomas Keat Wade Colene Young jacqulyn Philip Dixie Badgwell ALPHA PSI OMEGA HONORARY DRAMATICS FRATERNITY Alpha Psi Omega, honorary dramatics fra- ternity on the Fort Hays State campus, is the goal of all students who are interested in dra- matics. Membership is chosen on the basis of points earned throughactingand technical work . Geneva Herndon and Harriet Ketchum are fac- ulty sponsors for the group. Larry Ball Mary Nicholas Harold Howell Eldon Laidig Kenneth Marine Marion Bodge Royce Rasmussen DELTA EPSILON HONORARY SCIENCE FRATERNITY Harold Hopkins Mary Anderson Henry McFarland PRESIDENT VICE -PRES. SEC. -TREAS. Delta Epsilon Is the national hon- orary science fraternity . Its purpose is to stimulate interest in science. Mem- bers not pictured: Jim Franks, George Knoll, Dorothy Richards. Albertson Choguil I Dalton Eastman Etter FACULTY MEMBERS F ra nks Hepner Marsha II Martin Norcross Reed Reid Riegel Schmutz Simons Sorenson Stage Stopher Tealson Toma nek Wooster Zinszer KAPPA PI HONORARY ART FRATERNITY Kappa Pi is the national honorary art fraternity. Membership is limited to out- standing art students. The goal of the organization is to promote interes ■„ Sev eral exhibits are offered each year. Members not pictured are Jean Cam, Mildred Johnson Mabel Vandiver is the sponsor. Laureen Goetz Jim Hinkhouse Jo Ann Hoover Gladys Losey Annie McConnell Willard Peterson Jack Hunsley Mabel Vandiver KAPPA MU EPSILON Bill Hoffman Marion Bodge Nick Yunk Mary Nicholas Royce Rasmussen VICE -PRES. PRESIDENT SEC. -TREAS. HONORARY MATHEMATICS FRATERNITY Kappa Mu Epsilon Is a national honorary mathematics fraternity - The Fort Hays State chapter was organized last year. Math students meeting scholastic standards are eligible for membership In the fraternity upon election by the present members. Members not pictured Is Mrs Vivian Morris, Faculty sponsors for the group are E ugene E t ter f E. L. Marshall, Emmet Stopher, andWilmont Tool son. KAPPA OMICRON PHI HONORARY HOME ECONOMICS FRATERNITY Kappa OmlcronPhi Is the national honorary home economics fra- ternity on the Fort Hays State campus. The faculty sponsor Is Miss Alice Beesley, Other officers are Charmalne Owens, vice-president and Priscilla Scott, recording secretary. Wilma Barnett Lola Franks Carol Johnson Man rine Offer le Maxine Schumacher PRESIDENT Charmaine Owens Joye Romeiser Priscilla Scon Dalene Sewell Grace Young HONORARY SOCIAL SCIENCE FRATERNITY Mildred Agnew Jean Ball Judith Blankenburg Bette Hoffman Loraine Ohnmacht Don McCosh Don Rupp Katherine Slagle PI Gamma Mu Is a national honorary social science fraternity. Chief purpose of the organization Is the study of social science problems. To become a memberone must be a junior with a high scholastic record. The faculty members select new student members. Members not pictured are Duane Guy, Bob Hoar, and Ross Summers. Paul Blomquist PRESIDENT Clair Bushell VICE -PRES. John Garwood SEC, -TREAS. PI KAPPA DELTA HONORARY FORENSIC FRATERNITY PI Kappa Delta is a national honorary forensic fraternity. To be- come a member a student must be a participant in an mtercollegia e forensic activity, such as oratory, debate, discuss, on, or extem- poraneous specking. Eldon l.aidig PRESIDENT Jo Ann Parsons Margaret Walker Bill Samples Phil Marlin PRESIDENT PHI HU ALPHA SINfOIIA PROFESSIONAL MUSIC FRATERNITY Phi Mu Alpha is a national professional music fraternity. This group fosters an appreciation of music and participates in campus musical activities Officers assisting president Phil Martin were DonGentzler, vice-president; Glenn Ginther, secretary; and Lowell Cline, treasurer. Sponsors are Stanley Ballinger and Harold Palmer, Not pictured: Ray Johnson Loyd Asher Charles Beltz Bill Bolton Gil Brnngardi Lowell Cline Bob Craine John Fetherston Don Gentzler Bob Gilbert Glenn Ginther Don Johnson Fritz Kramer r Phi Mu pledges are Derryl Goes, Larry Heitschmidt, Bob Maxwell, and Gene Fox, Bill Latchford Farrell McCauley SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha lota is a national professional music fraternity for women The outstanding women music students and musicians com- pose the group The group participates in all campus music ac- tivities and presents an annual recital of contemporary American music. The vice-president is Barbara Dragt; recordingsecretary, Jackie Schmutz; treasurer, Martha Pate, Sponsor of the group is Lucille Fe I ten . Jarm Zieber PRESIDENT Gwen Arnold Nan Arnold Mary Anspaugh Barbara Drag! Joan Henry Carol Johnson Leona Landwehr Carol Lunsford Lou Ann Marquardt Judy Neff Manila Pate Jackie Schmutz Eva Lou Sire Lois Wolfram Colene Young Pledges not pictured are Cathy Chaffee, Thelma Dixon, Elaine Dryden, Norma Hayes, Gwen Miller, Dolores Merrill , and Arlene Smith. SAl Pledges pictured ate, LEFT TO RIGHT: Twiila Brown, SolitaScher- man, Rhetis Wickizer, Dee Sire, Janet Rader, Marilyn Haas, Win- nie Fellers, Wilma Kleweno, Fran- ces Elder. Shirley Garrison, and Janice Unruh. OFFICERS: Micki Agnew, treasurer; Bette Hoffman, president; Martha Pate, vice-president; Mary Wil- son, secretary; Mrs, Kath- erine Bogart, sponsor. The Alpha S i g float, " Trapped Again " won third prize in the Homecoming float competition. First prize in women ' s house decorating was won by the Alpha ' s " Humpty Dumpty " paraphrase , Micki Agnew Joyce Anderson Delores B ire her Bette Hoffman Nancy Larmer Lenora Meisenheimer Janis Moutain Helen Libhart Marilyn Miles Dorothy Nuckolls ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Tau Tau chapter of Alpha Sigma Al pha celebrates its twenty- fifth anniversary this year The chapter was established on the Fort Hays State campus in 1928. Red and white are the Alpha Sig colors, and their flower is the narcissus or aster. Supplying rehabilitation equipment and offering aid to veterans in U.S. hospitals is the national Alpha Sigma Alpha philanthropic pro- ject. Member not pictured: Mar Jean Olson. Martha Pate Joyce Presley Von Slingerland Carole Sloan Betty Schmueker Jul ia Smerchek Kate Stewart Patsy Webb Joyce Welch Mary Wilson For Homecoming house dec- orations the Deltas offer a de- licious dish, the Hornet Special OFFICERS: Mrs L M Reed, sponsor; Lela Mae Kreutzer, treasurer; Anna McConnell, vice-president; Joan Mausolf, president; Dixie Badgwell, re- cording secretary The Delta ac- tives war t in the harem of A I i Mausolf for their rushees to arrive Dixie Badgwell Jane Bowman Joyce Fullmer Donna Garrett Judy Hohner Juanita Kobler JoAnn Hoover Lela Mae Kreutzer La Mona Leonard Joan Mausolf DELIA SIGMA EPSILON Rho chapter of Delta Sigma Epsilon was established on the campus in 1925, Olive green and cream are the Delta colors, and the cream tea rose is the flower. The Home for Leprosy in Carville, Louisiana, is the national project for Delta Sigma Epsilon Members not pictured: Carol Kimbal I , Lorraine Ghn macht, Kay Reed, Delores Solomon, Mary Jean Thomas, Marilyn Hosier Norma Patton Gloria Nelson Cathryn Rowland Lolita Nelson Donna Rowland Sonya Simmons Shirley Thomas Barbara Werth Mary Jo Wiesner Nancy Wilkes Ja%ne Witt Shirley Lamb Annie McConnell I The Tri-Sig Float proclaims " They Missed The Boat 1 speaking of Emporia, of course. The Tri-Sig house de- corations for Homecom- ing express the sentiment that " It ' s a Grave Sit- uation " The decorations won second place in the women ' s house compet- ition OFFICERS: Charmaine Owens, treasurer; Joye Romeiser, president; Alice Bees ley, sponsor; Nancy Sigrist, recording secretary; Norma Teater, vice-president Dee Baxberger Kathleen Custer Clara Von Deiter Faye Beth Chance Wilma Brandenburg Mary Evans Gwen Arnold Evelyn Barrett Phyllis Berland SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Alpha Gamma chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma was established on the campus In 1925, The colors of the Tri-Sigsare purple and white, and their flower is the purple violet. National projects of the Tri-Sigs include the Ruth Hathaway memorial, John Ran- dolph library, Clara Barton Higgon project. Industrial Home for Crippled Children, and the Endicott School, Members not pictured: Twilia Brown, JoAnn Siruta, Norma Teeter. Dorothy Tokushige Margaret Walker Rhetis Wickizer Nancy Sigrlst Pat Staab Doris Thompson Lynnette Pearson Joye Romeiser Marilyn Miller Charmaine Owens Mari lea Johnson Martha Kissell Jo Ann Howell Kay Hahn Judy Rouse Jo Ann Parsons Roberta Jacobs OFFICERS: More I a Osborne, president; Shirley Stapp, treasurer; Dora Jean Nichol, secretary; Martha Yost, vice-president. The Theta float bearing Shirley Schmitt and Dora Jean Nichol boasts the theme, " Victory ' s Our Pattern , 11 The Theta house decorations (be- low) with the theme ' Argy- les ' ll Sock ' Em, " won third place decision. Julie Anderson Carol Ballard Wray Ann Baker Twlla Bender Barbara Bohannon Patty Christensen Lorraine Deeds Marie Elder Carolyn Eppinger LaFaun Foreman Virginia Hogsett Jo Ann Johnson THETA SIGMA DPSILOI Mu chapter of Theta Sigma Upsilon was begun on the Fort Hays campus in 1928 Rose and silver are the Theta’s colors, and their flower is the rose. Two Theta national philanthropic projects are the Cleft Palate Rehabilitation and San Luis Traveling Library, Bonita Kennard Sylvia Moritz Marcia Osborn Phyllis Lagerburg Marjorie Morlan Polly Palmer Jul iene Me Cartney Dora Jean Nlchol Joyce Renberger Shirley Schmitt Pat Shearer Aggie Smock Shirley Stapp Bonnie Streck Greta Strecker Alberta Sytsmd Mary Ann Weiser Martha Yost The Panhellenic Council serves to settle any problems that may arise among the four social sororities at Fort Hays State. As a stimulus for good scholarship, the Counci I awards a schol- arship shield to the sorority with the highest grade point each semester , Members of the Council are, FRONT ROW: Shirley Stapp, LaFaunForeman, Nancy Farmer, Joan Mausolf, Martha Pate, Marcia Osborne. BACK ROW: Jo Ann Hoover, Joye Romeiser, 11a Newbecker, Marjorie Simons, Bette Davis, Martha Kissel, Alice Beesley. Mrs. Marjorie Simons serves as director of the Council, Members not pictured: Norma Teeter, Lynette Pearson, Donna Garrett, PANHELLENIC COUNCIL MARTHA K1SSELL President 124 INTER-FRATERNAL COUNCIL BILL SAMPLES President As coordinator of the five social fraternities at Port Hays State, the Inter-Fraternal Council has as its purpose the prct. no- tion of the best interests of the fraternities, their members and Council membersare, front row-Jim Ruder, Kenneth Reed, Dale Kellerman, Bob Powers, Wilfred Sehrepel. Back row- Bernard Riedl, Russell Bray, Joe Jelinek, Duane Guy, Bill Samples. Dr, Emmet Stopher serves as faculty advisor. 125 OFFICERS Don O ' Harr, t re as u r e r ; Ronald Karst, president; Marion Bodge, vice-presi- dent; Marlon Wheeler, treasurer. Delta Sigs and their dates pause aboard the Lh S. S, Delta Sig at their annual Sailors ' Ball held in the fal I , This show boat design tied for first place in the men ' s house decoration contest. Jack Anderson Clair Bushel! Ralph Fagan Charles Fankhauser Harold Howell Richard BIrzer Marion Bodge Donald Fankhauser Clell Harrison Joe Jelinek SEr IIEIT4 SIGMA PHI Gamma Omicron chapter of Delta Sigma Phi was estab- lished on the Fort Hays State campus on April 25, 1953 with 29 members. The group began as a club in the spring semester of 1951, and began functioning as the social fraternity. Gamma Tau, during the following fall semester. The frater- nity colors are nile green and white, and the flower is the white carnation. Members not pictured are Dean Bortz, Don Calloway, Al Campbell, Phil lip Erickson, Beryl Gibson, Kenneth Gusf- avson, Lee McDaniels, Elon Peters. Ronald Karst Eldon Laidig Elle Dean Mays George Nicholas Carl O ' Hair Donald O ' Hair Edward Proctor Bill Samples Ernest Snook Marion Wheeler OFFICERS: Alan Feist, president; Homer Grimes, treasurer; Kenneth Marine, secretary; Jim Keller- man, house treasurer; and Dale Kellerman, vice- president. Lower left: lfr l s a sad situation as the Kappa Sigs hold a mock funeral service In memory of the hornets. Below: Kappa Sig house decorations mock the title of a current song, " It ' s In The Book , 11 Warren Alpers Gayle Carswell Harold Copper Roger Dunning Alan Feist Frank Gansel Phil Busenbark Harold Colony James Dufford Aaron Feist Merrill Frydendall Homer Grimes KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA Ph] Delta chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa has been known by three different Greek letter names during its existence on campus. Before its affiliation with the national fraternity in 1946, the chapter was Phi Delta Chi, a state fraternity, and previous to that a local fraternity, Kappa Beta Tan The frater- nity colors are purple and gold, its flower the iris. Members not pictured are Mi I ford Messer , John Prinson, Lays Caldwell, Stanley Schmitt, Tom Kanard, Louis Coleman, Jerry Anderson, and Dennis Lemon, Merl in Grimes Dale Howell Edward Kaiser Da le Kel I erman James Kel lerman Kenneth Marine Ronald Miller Bob Raines Morris Reeves Wilfred Schrepel Norman Stoppel Don Wallace vT a l-M OFFICERS Meryl Garey, secretary; Cleo Dome, president; Bob Deighton, treasurer; and Howard Mai, vice-president. Evelyn Gardner and Joyce Brungardt, above, " swing to victory " on the Phi SIg float, bring- ing victory to the fraternity, too, in the float contest The Phi Sig house, left, goes modern with a 3-D drama entitled, " They may look vicious, but they don ' t sting 11 Gene Anderson Bob Brungardt Russell Bray Lowell Cornwell Bob Deighton Richard Freidenberger Meryl Garey Don Eulert Melvin Gardner Dale Johnson Oliver Isom not l HI SIGMA EPSILON Accurate records of Zeta chapter history on this campus are not ' able until 1931 when the group joined Phi Sigma Ep- silon, a national fraternity. In 1946 after being inactive during the war, the Phi Sigs were re instated on campus with eleven old members and veterans Members not pictured are Glenn Cooper, Cleo Dome, Gene Jaco, Gerald Klemm, Duane Trauer, Lionel Barry, Leo Frazier, Lloyd Breathouwer, Bob Brungardt, Max Dougherty, Marvin Sidesinger, Richard Simonds, and Dale Steffen Kayo McGillivray Howard Mai Larry Malsam Joe Mildrexler Bob Powers Don Rorabaugh George Shroyer Stuart Smith Duane Steffen Evan Summers Ross Summers LeRoy Thornburg Gilbert Tracy Bill Wallace Nick Yunk Fred Keyworth J C . Lindahl OFFICERS: Bob Helton, secretary; Duane Guy, president; Joe Hickei, vice-president; and Tad Felts, treasurer and house manager. Mary Ann Wefser, above, rides atop a huge freshman beanie, constructed by the Sig Taus for the Homecoming parade • The animated, grunting piggy bank in front of the Sig Tau house attracted lots of attention and ended up tying for first place in the men ' s house division. Doyle Archer Claude Barrett Gary Becker Lawrence Bothwell Tad Felts Ronald Gridley Duane Guy Bob Helton Joe Hickei Bernie Johnson Robert Hutchison Merlyn Johnson A I mJ SIGMA mil GAMMA Eta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma, organized October 9, 1923, as a local fraternity, was chartered two years later as the first national fraternity on the Fort Hays State campus. Blue and white are the fraternity colors, with the white rose as the official flower Sigma Tau Gamma was admitted to the National Interfraternal Council in 1949, Members not pictured are Harold Pritchard, Joe Vvas- inger, Rudy Erbert, Ray Newton, Darrell Munsell, Dean Neal, Larry Martin, Gary St, John, Dale Wing, Herbert Giebler, and Louis Murray, Dale Walter Ray Weaver Dave Woolery Maynard Steitz Dale Swisher Danny VanLaeys Bob Seible Darrell Seibe! Dwight Snay Richard Pfortmiller James Ruder Don Rupp OFFICERS- Bob Johnson, treasurer; Bob Henderson, vice-president; Bernard Riedl, president; Richard Diamond, secretary. Sylvia Moritz rides the Teke float " Hats Off To The Tigers ' 1 , which won second place in the competition for awards In the Homecoming float contest, The ' r " Dragnet " theme won third pri ze in the fraternity house decorations contest. Kenneth Beougher Bill Confer Harold Burnett Gerald Coop Richard Diamond Keith Dirks Vaughn Flinn Albert Follet Derryl Goes Jack Harris Don Hazel I Larry Heitschmidt TAD KAPPA EPSILON Alpha Upsllon chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was estab- Ks he d on the campus in 194U During World War Two the chapter went inactive, but was reactivated in 1947, The colors of Tau Kappa Epsilon are cherry and gray, and the flower of the fraternity is the red carnation. Members notpictured are Larry Base, Dean Bray,Charles Beltz, Virgil Beougher, Gordon Carmichael , James Green, Donald Me Dane Id, Bill Nickerson, Thomas Olson, Robert Schuster, Bob Henderson Jim Hinkhouse Bob Johnson Dennis Leitner Willard Peterson Kenneth Reed Bernard Riedl Bruce Siemsen Dale Siemsen Howard Spies George Walters Wendell Wyatt DONALD ADEL Physical Education FRED ALBERTSON Botany MARY ANDERSON Psychology ETHEL ARTMAN Placement Service STANLEY BALLINGER Music ELIZABETH BARBOUR Physical Education C, THOMAS BARR Music AUCE BEESLEY Home Economics KATHERINE BOGART English RAYMOND BROOKS Industrial Arts C. RICHARD CAIN Industrial Arts MARC CAMPBELL, JR. Assistant Librarian HAROLD CHOGO ILL Chemistry KENNETH COOK Business Administration FRANCES COOK Health MARION COU ISON English TROY CROWDER journalism EDWIN DAVIS Industrial Arts GAYNELLE DAVIS Education LEONA DO A NE Nurse Education DREW DO BOSH Art WILLIAM EASTMAN, JR. Biology EUGENE ETTER Mathematics LUCILLE FELTEN Music ALEX FRANCIS Physical Education HELEN FRANCIS Journalism LOLA FRANKS Physical Education NAOMI GARNER English JOHN GARWOOD Economics and Business Administration EMMA GOLDEN Language PAUL GROSS Physical Education SAMUEL HAMILTON Phi losophy CALVIN HARBIN Education JACK HEATHER Radio LEO N HEPNER Zoology GENEVA HERNDON Speech HAROLD HOPKINS Botany RALPH HUFFMAN Physical Education JACK HUNSLEY Photography RUBY JOHNSON Nurse Education HARRIET K ETC HUM Speech JEANNE KUHN Education MABEL LACEY English NIT A LANDRUM Correspondence THELMA LEONARD Home Economics PHILIP LIN Political Science PAULINE LINDNER Library ROBERT MARPLE History EVERETT MARSHALL Mathematics EDWIN MARTIN Zoology RO SELLA McCARROLL Education henry mcfarland B iology FACULTY Members of a faculty committee get together ro thresn out school problems and take care of pertinent business. 139 MARGARET McGIMSEY Assistant Librarian ROBERT MCGRATH Education DENNIS McKEE industrial Arts GERALDINE MORRIS Assistant Librarian ALICE MORRISON English JOEL MOSS Arc KIRK NAYLOR Education ILA NEWBECKER Home Economics KATHARINE NUTT History CHARLES ONION History HAROLD PALMER Music ROBERT PEASE Economics and Business Administration MARIA PERKINS Sociology HOMER REED Psychology JOHN REID Psychology ANDREW REMATORE Language IVAN RICHARDSON Political Science and Sociology ANDREW R1 EG EL Botany LESTER SCHMUTZ Agriculture YDA SCHULTZ Music IRA SCOTT Education CLAUDE SETTLEMIRE Assistant Librarian KENNETH SIMONS Botany DAVID SORENSEN Chemistry DORIS STAGE Chemistry JAMES START Speech EMMET STOPHER Mathematics DONALD STOUT Music ROBERTA STOUT English LEQRA STROUP Nurse Education CADE SURAN Physical Education ARCHIE THOMAS Business Administration DOLLIE THOMAS Business Administration LEONARD THOMPSON Economics and Business Administration W1LMONT TOALSON Mathematics GERALD TOM A NEK Biology INEZ TORREY Health EDWARD URBAN Printer MARGARET van ACKEREN Assistant librarian MABEL VANDIVER Art WALTER WALLERSTEDT Printing JAMES WELLS Agriculture RAYMOND WELTY History WILLIAM WILKINS Music W, CLEMENT WOOD Education HARVEY ZINSZER Physics and Astronomy CORA BIBENS Assistant to the President FLORENCE BODMER Secretary to the Dean MABEL HOPKINS Assistant to the Registrar KATHLENE KINZER Dormitory Director, Custer Hall ELIZABETH MOSIER Secretary, Registrar ' s Office WO NET A BICE South Residence House Mother ELIZABETH RIEGEL North Residence House Mother BEATRICE ROCKWELL Assistant Director, Custer Hall MOLLY WALLERSTEDT Social Building Supervisor GEORGE STERNBERG Curator FACULTY Mrs. Kirtzer talks over con- ditions at Custer Hall with Marjorie Simons, dean of women . Leadersand guests in the Fort Ha s State library con- ference discuss the library methods workshop during the meeting held on campus. Music department faculty members enjoy the 5.A.L Pink Slipper formal dance with theirspouses and fri ends . Left: Ruby Johnson of the nurse education department relaxes for a moment. She was formerly a missionary in Africa . Right: Mabel Lacey of the English department pauses for a pose while correcting papers . pp» W w AjuL 0| I ■ ppU- -ja JH S £ ' v v iHaC l| 1 r l ' ' JM CHARLES HENRY BROOKS, 1808-1053 for sixty years an able teacher in Kansas schools and colleges the recipient of that rare honor of having had as a grateful pupil the man who is now President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower. 143 EUGENE ANDERSON Physical ed major. Sigma Tau Gamma, Second Generation club. Seventh Cavalry, Residence hall vice pres. LARRY BALL Chemistry major, German club SeventhCav- alry, Pre-med club vice -pres. BOB DEIGHTON Business administration major. Phi Sigma Ep- silon, UNESCO, band. Seventh Cavalry, Pre- med club. BETTE DAVIS HOFFMAN Business administration major. Al- pha Sigma Alpha president, WLO WRA, choir, Tigerettes, Panhell- enic. WILLIAM HOFFMAN Chemistry major. Engineers club, math club. PAUL BLOMQUIST Sociology major. Student body pres. debate squad, choir, IRC YMC A UNESCO, Seventh Cavalry student council LAFAUN FOREMAN Elementary education major. Stu- dent council, TigeretteWLO, Pan- hellenic council, Theta SigmaUp- silon, Second Generation club, YWCA, WRA, cheerleader ELDON LAIDIC Biology major Reveille business manager, debate squad, YMC A, Delta Sigma Phi, Pi Kappa Delta Second Generation club. KENNETH MARINE Agriculture major, FTA, Delta Ep- silon, Kappa Sigma Kappa, YMC A, PHILIP LI ART IN Music education major. Band presi dent, orchestra, choir, Phi Mu Al pha, Newman club, trombone en semble, drum major. MARTHA PATE English major. Alpha Sigma Alpha vice-presi- dent, Sigma Alpha Iota, Leader editor. Re- veille editor, FTA, WLO ( choir. Theta Ep- silon, band. ROYCE RASMUSSEN Chemistry and math major. Trom- bone ensemble, band, German club, math club, Kappa Mu Epsi- lon, DON RORA BAUGH Chemistry major. Football, stu- dent council president, Phi Sigma Epsilon, K-Club, Pre-med club, Seventh Cavalry. DON RUPP Economics major. Seventh Caval- ry, Newman club. Engineers club, Spanish club, Sigrna Tau Gamma. JACQUELINE SCHMUTZ Elementary education major. Choir, band, ensemble, WLO, Sigma Alpha Iota, UNESCO, BOB WILKENS Industrial arts major. Seventh Cav- alry, student council, basketball. MILDRED AGNEW Great Bend B S. in Business HY B AL L Hanston .B. in Chemistry EUGENE ANDERSON Kinsley B.S. in P. E. WILMA BARNETT M or la nd B.S. in Home Econ. JACK ANDERSON Kinsley B.S. in Agriculture DARYL BERRY Downs B.S. in Elem. Ed. LOYD ASHER Great Bend B.S. in Agriculture LEON BILL Zenith A. B. in Philosophy LYLE BAKER Syracuse B.S. in Agric. PAUL BLOMQUIST Winthrop, Mass. A.B. in Sociology $ [ i 0 R S MARION BODGE Portis B r S. in Ind. Arts RONALD BROWN Norton B.S. in Business LOWELL CLINE PhUlipsburg B. M, in Music ELEANOR BOGART Hays AB. in English GILBERT BRUNGARDT Victoria B.M. in Music GERALD COOP Portis B.S. in Business C. M. BRACK Great Bend A.B. in Economics HAROLD BURNETT Scott C ity B.S. in Agric, ROBERT CRAINE Plainville B.M. in Music RACHEL BRACK Otis Nursing Ed. JACQUELYN BURNETT Scott City B.S. in Education BOB DEIGHTON Utica B.S. in Business RUSSELL BRAY Syracuse A. B. in History PHIL BUSENBARK Belpre B. S. in P. E. RICHARD DIAMOND Mankato B. S. in Business KEITH DIRKS Greensburg A.0. in Chemistry JOYCE FONDOBLE Ogallah B.S. in P. E. JAMES GARRISON Osborne B.S. in Business SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Harold Burned, president; LaFaun Foreman, secretary-treasurer; and Don Rorabaugh, vice-presi- dent SENIORS CHARLES FANK- HAUSER Havil nd B.S. in Botany LAFAUN FOREMAN Fairbury, Nebr. B.S. in Elem. Ed. DONALD GENTZLER Cimarron B . M . in Music DONALD FANK- HAUSER Haviland A. B r in Sociology LEE FOX Rozel A. B, in English BERYL GIBSON Phillipsburg A. B. in Chemistry ROBERT FLEENOR Healy B.S. in EL Ed. RICHARD FRET DEN - BERGER Otis B.S. in Ind, Arts HOMER GRIMES Alton B.S. in Agric. BILL FOLKERS Hoisington B.S. in Business MERYL GAREY Downs B.S, in P. E. DUANE GUY Hays B. A. in History LEILA HALL Ogallah B.S, in Home Ec, WILLIAM HOFFMAN Kanopolis B.S. in Chemistry ROBERT JAMISON Qu inter B.S. in Math JOAN HENRY Hays B.S. in Music Ed, JO ANN HOOVER LaC rosse B.S. in Arts BOB JOHNSON Claflin B.S. in Business JOHN HENRY Dell vale B.S. in Agric. HAROLD HOWELL Croft B.S. in Agric. DONALD JOHNSON Hays B.S. in Music Ed. WALTER HOBBS Pueblo B. S. in P. E. PAUL HUELSKAMP Garden City A. B. in History JAMES KELLERMAN Stuttgart B. S. in Business BETTE HOFFMAN Lllysses B.S. in Business ROBERT HUTCHISON Dodge City B.S. in Ind, Arts FRED KEY WORTH Hutchinson A. B. in Pol. ScL S E HI I II K S MARTHA KISS ELL Norton A.B. in English DONALD KOERNER Hays B.S. in P.E. LELA MAE KREUTZER Albert B.S. in Business ELDON L AIDIG N ANCY L ARMER Oberlin Ru 11 B.S. in Biology A.B. in English WILLIAM LATCH FORD Hays B. S. in Music LeROY LEIKER Hays B. S, in Ind, Arts GLADYS LOSEY Gove B. S. in Elem . Ed, FARRELL McCAULEY Stockton B.S. in Music KAYO McGlLLlVRAY Ulysses B. S. in P E SENIORS PAUL McGUIRE Hill City B.S. in Elem, Ed. WILLIAM MELVILLE Sylvia B.S. in Elem, Ed, MARY NICHOLAS Hays B.S. in Zoology and Math KENNETH MARINE Copeland B.S, in Agriculture LeROY MONAGHAN Trousdale B.S. in P, E. MARILYN OFFERLE Offer le B, M. E. in Music Ed, PHILIP MARTIN Quinter B . M , in Music Ed, GORDON MORRIS Plainville A.B. in History CARL O’HAIR Scott City B.S. in P. E, JOAN MAUSOLF Albert A, R. in Pol. Sci, GLORIA NELSON Norton B.S. in P. E. ALVIN OHNMACHT Larned B. S. in Ind, Arts EARL MELBY Scandia B.S. in Bus, Adm. DORA JEAN NICHOL Palco B.S. in Elem. Ed, LORAINE OHNMACHT Larned A.B. in History SEHIIIRS Rachel Brack, Grace Young, and Kay Reed, dressed in aca- demic garb, look forward to commencement day. CHARLES OWENS Bum on B. $. in Agric. WILLARD PETERSON Tribune B.5. in Art KATHRYN REED Hays B. S. in P, E. BARBARA ROT HEN - BERGER Osborne B.S, in Elem. Ed, CHARM A1NE OWENS Burnon B.S. in Home Ec, NORMAN PETTY Hays B.S, in Business LEON REIN Hays B.S, in Elem. DONALD RUPP Hays B.S, in Economics JO ANN PARSONS Hays A. B, in Speech EDWARD PROCTOR Haviland B. S. in Agric. DAVID RIEGEL Hays A. B. in English BILL SAMPLES H ox i e A. B, in Speech MARTHA PATE Elkhart A. B. in English SARAH PROSE Hays B.S. in P. E, LAVERN ROBERTSON Montezuma B. S. in Agric, JACQUELINE SCHMUTZ Hays B.S, in EJem, Ed. JOAN PENNINGTON Oakley B.S. in Elem. Ed. CHRIS RASMUSSEN Oberlin A,B. in Chemistry DON RORA BAUGH Smith Center A. B, in Chemistry MAXINE SCHU- MACHER Hays B. S, in Home Econ, PRISCILLA SCOTT Hays B. S. in Home Econ. ICHARD SCOTT Hays A. B. in Philosophy DALENE SEWELL Dresden B . S . in Home Econ KATHERINE SLAGLE Hugo con A. B. in Sociology YVONNE SLING ERL AND Lamed B. $, in P.E. GRETA SMEDLEY PhillipsbuTg B.S, inElem. Ed DOLORES SOLOMON Zurich B h S. in Bus. Adm. LEWIS STATON Hast! ngs B.S. in Bus, Adm KATE STEWART Stockton B. S . in P.E. NORMAN STOPPEL Wilson B. S. in P.E. BONNIE STRECK Russell B. S. in P.E. GRETA STRECKER Russell A. B. in Business MARVIN STUTHEIT Kensington B. M.E. in Music Ed. ROSS SUMMERS Satanta A. B. in Pol. Sci. STANLEY TOMKINS Hays B. S. in Business KENNETH UNRUH Lamed B. S. in Agri. ED URBAN Hays 8, S. in English GEORGIA WARD Dorrance B.S. in Education JOYCE WELCH Hays B. S. in P, E, VIRGIL WENDLER Ness C ity MARION WHEELER Cimarron B. S. in Agri. ROBERT WILKENS Lorraine B. 5. in Ind. Arcs GRACE YOUNG Macksville B.S, in Home Econ. ROBERT ZIMMER Hays B.S. in Art SENIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Howard Mai, secretary-treasurer, Kay Hahn, vice president; and Alan Feist, president. JUNIORS MARVIN ANDREWS Mankato PHYLLIS BERIAND Palco ARDON BRANDYBERRY Hill City CLEO DOME C imarcon VIRGIL BEOUGHER Griranell GARY BRACK Otis LOWELL CORNWELL Osborne ALAN FEIST Ellirtwood MAR1LEE AUSTIN Waldo JUDITH BLANK ENBURG Oakley JOE COOPER Hays JOHN FARRELL Hill City EVELYN BARRETT Beloit DEE BOX BERGER Norton HAROLD COPPER Stockton AARON FEIST Ellinwood GWEN ARNOLD Wa Keeney VELDA BLAIR Larned KENARD CLARK Hays JULIE EHLERS Kinsley NAN ARNOLD Garfield RICHARD BLANCHARD Hutchinson BILL CONFER Hant ford DOYLE EKEY Codell DOYLE ARCHER Densmore DELORES B IRC HER Kanopolis DONALD CHIPMAN Hill City BARBARA DRAGT Almena TAD FELTS Dodge City ORVILETA GRACEY Hu got on JAMES H1NK- HOUSE Palco MARGARET KLEIN Kinsley VAUGHN FLINN Randall EVELYN GREEN LER Ness City EVELYN HOWELL Olmitz TWILA KURTZ Oakley DONNA GARRETT Claflin ROBERT GUMM Kindsdown JOSEPH JELINEK Ellsworth RAY KURTZ Alton ROBERT GILBERT Goodland KAY HAHN Okla.City.Okla, CAROL JOHNSON Lamed RALPH LAMOREE B ee ler DONALD GLEASON Seward CURTIS HAYES Palco JO ANN JOHNSON LaCrosse LEONA LAND- W EH R Ransom RUBY GLOD " FELTY Woodston ROBERT HELTON Greensburg JERRY KAEMPFE Sylvan Grove LOIS LEIKER Hays DERRYL GOFS Albert DAVID HI EBERT Chase KARL KELLER Topeka HELEN LIBHART Offerle JUNIORS JEANNE LIGHT Haviland DARRELL MAJOR Dor ranee C. J. LINDAHL Belleville LAWRENCE MALSOM Collyer C AROL LUNSFORD Great Bend LOU ANN MARQUARDT Bison ANNA moconnell Minneola ELLE DEAN MAYS Quinter DON McCOSH Osborne DORIS MEYER Almena HAROLD McREYNOLDS Natoma SYLVIA MORITZ Russell HOWARD MAI Wa Keeney WILMA MORRIS Plainville EUGENE MULLEN Dorr a nee WAYNE PACKARD Gove . DONNA LOLITA NELSON RONALD NELSON NEEDELS Long Island Garfield Lamed MAYNARD ROBERT POWERS LYNNETTE PFLIEGER Rozel PEARSON Densmore McCracken MAUR1NE OFFERLE KENNETH REED Hays CHRISTINE OPDYCKE Russell MORRIS REEVES Beeler MARCIA OSBORN Meade BERNARD RIEDL Scott City JUNIORS CHARLES SEE Ransom GUIDO SMITH Leoti DUANE STEFFEN Burdett LEROY THORNBURG Bloomington DARRELL SEIBEL Ellis STUART SMITH Osborne MAYNARD STEITZ Bison DOROTHY TOKUSHIGE Oahu, Hawaii JOYE ROME IS ER Rush Center NORMAN SHORES Good land WENDELL SMITH Leoti PAUL STEPHEN- SON Burrton CATHRYN ROWLAND Protection NANCY SIGRIST Hays DWIGHT SNAY Plevna BOB SWEAZY Colby JAMES RUDER Hays EVA LOU SIRE Colby ERNEST C , SNOOK Ford CHARLENE TAYLOR Winona WILFRED SCHREPEL Claflin ALICE SLAGLE Hogoton GILBERT STADELMAN Hays HOWARD TEATER Ha vs BERNARD SCHULTE Victoria ARLEEN SMITH Trousdale CHARLES STAHL Plainville NORMA TEATER Hays •v nurk cr kvli 4 Sylvia Moritz and Nick Yunk get a few pointers from Registrar Dalton as “major summary " sheets they fill out the i r GILBERT TRACY JUNIORS Hays ALFREDA WIE5 HER Hays JANIS Z1EBER Pawnee Ruck DELORES VO TRUE A Lucas GARNET WILSON Hugo ton MARGARET WALKER Zion NatT Park, Utah ELLA WINELAND N atom a VIRGINIA WALKER Lenora JOHN WOLFE Chase BILL WALLACE Esbon DAVID WOLLERY Bucklin WENDELL WARREN Hu got on NICK YUNK Osborne ray weaver Greensburg GORDON ZAHRADN IK Wilson CHARLES ANDERSON Gove BILL BEAMGARD Atwood RICHARD SURZER Brownell JOYCE ANDERSON Nickerson ELAINE BEL DEN ' Sylvia NORMA BLANC HE IT Fowler MARY LOU ANSPAUGH Codell C AROLYN BELL Harlan BARBARA BOH ANNAN Garden City CLARINE BALES Norcatur CHARLES BELTZ Ulysses BILL BOLTON Smith Center CAROLYN BASE Great Bend KENNETH BEOUGHER Grinnell JANE BOWMAN Pawnee Rock BARBARA BAUER Radium BILLIE BERTRAM Hays CHARLOTTE BOX BERGER WaKeeney SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS JoAnn Siruta, secretary- treasurer; Melvin Gardner, president; and Loren Wilson, vice- president richard braitling Jeffersonville, Inch KENNETH BRAUN Victoria LLOYD BRETHOUWER St. Francis WAYNE BROUGHER Great Bend WENDELL BROZEK Lucas ROBERT BRUNGARDT Gorham BETTY BRYAN Oberlin ROBERT CARSWELL Alton FAYE BETH CHANCE Smith Center BARBARA CLARK Leoti JOHN CLARKE Medicine Lodge TW1L A COFFEY Chase BEVERLY COX Lakln KATHLEEN CUSTER WaKeeney LORRAINE DEEDS Bird C ity CLARA DEITER Hunter BYRON DEVINE Rozel JAY DEWITT Kano rad o TERRY DIBBLE Alton PHYLLIS DISNEY Ellis ROSE DIXON Great Bend ELEANOR DOUGLASS Mullinville BONNIE DUNN Stafford ROGER DUNNING Stockton DON DWYER Hugoton CAROL DARNELL Osborne CORDELIA EASTER Hays ELDO EDIGER McPherson SOPHtlMORH SOPHOMORES RICHARD ERBERT Zurich RONALD ESTES Ka norad o MARY EVANS Gove RALPH FAGAN St. John SUE FEASTER C la ft in JOHN FETHERSTON Great Bend ALBERT FOLLETT St. Francis ELEANOR FOSTER Lenora LEO FRAZIER LaC rossc MERRILL FRYDENDALL Portis MELVIN GARDNER WaKeeney MARIE GEENEN Grinnell JOYCE GEM AN Hoisington MARY JO GIBSON Chase GLENN GINTHER Russell BEVERLY GOLDEN Oberlin RONALD GRIDLEY Oakley MERLIN GRIMES Alton MARJORIE HARGITT Qu inter JACK HARRIS Hays CIELIL HARRISON Connell LYLE HARVEY Quintet DON HA2ELL Turon MEL VERNE HEBLE Atwood NEIL HERMAN Great Bend LARRY HE IT SCHMIDT Holyrood JEAN HIEBERT Chase JOHN HOFLINGER WaKeeney JUDY HOHNER Ulysses FRANCIS HORNING Ransom DALE HOWELL Lamed JAN HUDGENS Central City, Nebr, EUNICE HUDSON Kano polls BETTY IRETON Great Bend OLIVER ISOM Lebanon ROBERTA JACOBS llays LOIS J AGGER M inneapolis C ARROLL JENKINS Norton SHERRILL JENKINS Norton CHARLCIE JOHNSON Beeler MARILEA JOHNSON Gove MERLYN JOHNSON Agra RAYMOND JOHNSON Otis SHARON JOHNSON Beeler MILDRED JONES Barnard MARILYN KARLIN Hays RONALD KARST WaKeeney DONALD KEASLING Ashland DALE KELLERMAN Stuttgart ALLURE KELLEY Jewell BONITA KENNARD Russell OMER KNOLL Victoria DELORES LANDON Deerfield DENNIS LEITNER Herndon LaMONA LEONARD Smith Center LAVERNE LESSOR W aKeenev 1 SI SOPHOMORES Ml I 1 II 1111(1 IUS 62 NORMAN LETOURNEAU Aurora PAT LYND Ellis DORIS LYON Good land juliene McCartney Hays SUE McCLUSKEY Plainville RADA McCORMICK Burr Oak DONALD McDANELD Portis BERNETTE MeINTOSH Hays RICHARD McMILLEN Osborne HELEN MCPHERSON Ell inwood GEORGE MERRITT Ellis VIOLA MERZ Natoma NORMAN MESSING ER Truer WILLIAM MEYERS Plainville DO LORIS MICHEL Russell JERRY MILAM Plainville JOE MILD REX LER Cawker City MARILYN MILLER Burden DONALD MOORE Copeland JEANIECE MORRIS Burr Oak JIM NEAL Belleville JEN aLEN NEFF Hays GEORGE NICHOLAS Geneseo HARRY NORTH Lamed DONALD O t HA 1R Scott City BERTA OLSON Luray ALFONSO PASTRANA Puerto Rico NORMA PATTON Scon City SOPHOMORES RICHARD PFQRTMILLER Hays KENNETH REINERT Bloom LOUREE PINKSTON Seward JOYCE RENBERGER LaCrosse JOYCE PRESLEY Rolla MARY RICHARDSON Zurich DONALD PRICE Nekoma JERRY ROBERSON Great Bend BOB RAINES Stockton FRANKLIN ROSE Greensburg THEDA ROSE Greensburg BETTY ROTH Pfeifer WILLIAM ROTH Ellsworth JUDITH ROUSE Norton ED SANDER Lenora NADINE SCHMIDT Stafford SHIRLEY SCHMIDT Scott City BARBARA SCOTT Russell ROBERT SEIBEL Ellis RICHARD SELENSKY Park GEORGE SHROYER Miltonvale BRUCE SIEMSEN Holyrood JO ANN SIRUTA Woodston LEROY SPICHER Simpson SHIRLEY STAPP Hays JOSEPH STEGMAN Ness City LAVERN STENZEL WaKeeney ELDON STORER Stockton B ARBARA ST ODER Ludell ELIZABETH SULLIVAN Colorado Springs, Colo. EVAN SUMMERS Satanta MARILYN SUTTON Ensign DALE SWISHER Gypsum SHIRLEY THOMAS Plainville SYD THOMM Athol DORIS THOMPSON Burdett MARY THOMPSON Good land NANCY TULLIS Russell 1 64 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Student body president Paul gives some sophomore girls a rough time in this snow battle BRYCE TURNER Dodge City DALE WALTER Sylvan Grove NANCY WILKES Dodge City JEAN WOOLERY Buck 1 in KLINE UNRUH Larned PAT WELLS Alexander LOREN WILSON Garden City REV A WYATT Hays LUCY UPTON St Francis MELL WENDLER Ness City MARY WILSON Atchison WENDELL WYATT Hays DAN VAN LAEYS Weskan ALLEN WERTH Schoenchen ALICE WINELAND Natoma MARTHA YOST LaCrosse RICHARD VERNON Hays WILMA WHITE Natoma LOIS WOLFRAM Herndon 1 DELORES YOUNG MacksvLlle FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Wesley Wikoff, president; Richard Honn, vice-president; and Juanita Kobler, secre- tary-treasurer. HELEN AGNEW Great Bend DAVID ALLEN Greensburg FRESHMEN WARREN ALPERS Hudson GORIN NE AMRINE Garfield BARBARA ANDERSON Hugo ton JERRY ANDERSON Phillipsburg SANDRA ANDERSON Oberlin WELMETTA ANSCHUTE Wilson MARY ANN APPEL Bison DONALD ARMSTRONG Lamed JEAN ARNOLD Hays ROBERTA ARNOLD WaKeeney RITA ASHCRAFT Great Bend ESTHER ASHER Great Bend GARY AUSBUN Hugoton MARY AVERY Russell Springs WRAY ANN BAKER Wilson BILL BALDOCK Delphos GENE BALL Hanston CAROL BALLARD Haviland LEONARD BALLARD Webber ALBERT BAN DEL St, Francis MARLYS BARB PlamvilLe CLAUDE BARRETT Quintet LIONEL BARRY Smith Center DONICE BATTERTON Johnson CHARLES BEAMER Oakley GARY BECKER Great Bend TWILA BENDER WaKeeney SHIRLEY BENNETT Norton OPAL BEOUGHER Grinnell VERNON BERENS Walker JUNE BERRY Copeland JENNIE BERTRAM Hays BILL BIGHAM Great Bend RAMONA BISBEE Bueklin DONALD B1SSING Hays DEAN BLACKWELL Pawnee Rock LILA BLANKENBURG Oakley JIMMIE BOEDEKER N atom a 167 FRESHMEN MACK BOLLINGER Nickerson DEAN BORTZ Rush Center LAWRENCE BOTH WELL Hardy, Nebr. DENNIS BRACK Otis DAVID BRADEN Haviland DAVE BRAIN ARD Selden MELVIN BREATHOUWER Prairie View JOHN BROOKS Englewood BILL BROWN Ford ROBERT BROWN Syracuse SHIRLEY BROWN Stockton BETTY BURNS Leoti DONALD BUSER Cawker City JOE BUTCHER Cimarron LEROY BYLER Cimarron LOYS CALDWELL Harlan ALBERT CAMPBELL, JR, Kirkwood, Mo, JAMES CANFIELD Great Bend GORDON CARMICHAEL Hays WILL A CARMICHAEL M cade CATHERINE CHAFFEE Burdett MARIE CHANCE Palco CHRIST A BELLE CHARD Lincoln PATTY CHRISTENSEN Great Falls, Mont, 168 MARJORIE CLAUDEL Kirwin HAROLD COLONY Norton SHIRLEY CONINE Scott City RUTH CONN ALLY CoIIyer KATHLEEN CONNOR Hoisington GARY COOPER Pawnee Rock GARY COULTER Oberlin MARION COUNTS Russell MYRNA CRABS M innea polls LOYSS CRAWFORD Woodston DONALD CROWELL Stockton DONNIE CUNNINGHAM Glade JOANNE DAHLKE Phillipsburg DOYLE DAVIDSON Scott City ALICE DAVIS Hays JOYCE DECKER Muskegon, Mich, SHIRLEY DEEDS Minneapolis DUANE DEINES WaKeeney THOMAS DEPPERSCHMIDT Flays THELMA DIXON Hanston ANNETTA DOLEZAL Kanopolis SHIRLEY DOUGLAS Kismet DIANE DRAPER Kansas City ELAINE DRYDEN Stockton FRESHMEN i 1 EDITH DRYLIE Dorrance JAMES DUFFORD Minneola VERN DUNCAN Garfield JAMES EASTER Hays BOB EITEL Grigston FRANCES ELDER Bison MARIE ELDER Hays ANN ELIAS LaC rosse CAROLYN EPFINGER Norton PHILLIP ERICKSON Rex ford DONALD EULERT Paradise CHARLES EVANS Hays DOROTHY EVELEIGH Otis DONALD EWING Garfield DON FEIST Ellinwood DARRELL FELDKAMP Lincoln WINIFRED FELLERS Hays CRYSTEL FLETT Delphos FLOYD FOOS Ness City DAPHNE FORNEY Lincoln TWILA FRAZIER Athol GAY FRITSCHE Bloomington JOYCE FULLMER Dighton LEONA G ALLION Gr inn ell FRESHMEN 170 FRANK CANS EL Hill City SHIRLEY GARRISON Hill City DOROTHY GAUNT Medicine Lodge GEORGE GEENEN Grinnell BOB GLEASON Seward LAUREEN GOETZ Victoria CARMEL IT A GRADY Colby JOY GRAVER Rush Center JAMES GREEN Hays CONNIE GRIFFIN Lyons CH ARLOTTE GUNTHER Shields KENNETT GUSTAV SON Kackley JO GW INNER Holy rood MARILYN HAAS Lamed ALAN HANCOCK Burr Oak VIRGINIA HARPER Gorham FRANCIS HARVEY Protection JACK HAZEN Ransom NORMA HAYES Hoisington JEAN HEATH Mori and TOY A HEGWER Codell JOHN HELLMER Westphalia RICHARD HEROLD Great Bend ALBERT HERREN Hays FRESHMEN 171 MARILYN HOBBIE Tipton GILBERT HOBROCK Natoma VIRGINIA HOG SETT Hays CAROL HQLSMAN Bogue RICHARD HONN Hu go ton VIRGIL HORNING Ransom SHIRLEY HOWE Burr Oak LEREE HOWELL Mullinvllle NANCY HUBBARD Minneapolis MARY HULL Medicine Lodge BOB HUME Manter BEVERLY HURD Goodland JOYCE JANOUSEK Ellsworth FONTELLA JENNINGS Piainville BERNIE JOHNSON Brookville BEVERLY JOHNSON Dodge City DALE JOHNSON Gove JOHN JOHNSON Osborne NORMA JOHNSON Agra CAROL JONES Woodston EDWARD KAISER Phillipsburg TOM KANARD Russell DONNA KILGORE Manter CAROL KIMBALL Great Bend FRESHMEN 172 ROBERT KLAUSONS Menlo ALEDA KLEWENQ Bazine STANLEY KNELLER Rolla CARL KN1TIG Rex ford MARILYN KNOP Preston JUANITA KOBLER Hays CORA KOLACNY Gocdland LOUIS KOLLMAN Woodston KATHLEEN KOMAREK Ell inwood GAIL KORIN EK Ellsworth PHYLLIS KRAFT Otis SHIRLEY KRUG Bazine STANLEY KULLBOM Hugo ton JACK KUMP Oberlin PHYLLIS LAGERBERG Salina DOLORES LAIZURE Hays SHIRLEY LAMB Great Bend WAYNE LAMBERT Palco JOYCE LAMONT Kensington DON LANTZ Bunker HU1 PAULA LAUGHLXN Plainville NORMA LEIKER Hays DENNIS LEMON Portis ROBERT LESSOR WaKeeney FRESHMEN 173 NEW BEANIES ore fascinating to Frosh Polly Palmer, standing, and Diane Draper. However, the novelty soon wore off after a few daily wearings on campus SHIRLEY LOGAN Oberlin KEITH LONG Johnson ROSEMARY LONG Jamestown FRANCES LYNCH Logan PATSY LYNCH Russell THEODORE McCOY Code II HAZEL McCUE Logan JACK McCULLICK Minneapolis RONNIE McCULLICK Minneapolis JO McGIMSEY Sallna JAMES McKAIN T escott wanda McKenzie Utica KEITH MARCUM Turon SHIRLEY MARPLE Kirwin GLENN MARTIN Scott City JIMMY MARTIN Qui liter ANITA MAXWELL Quintet DARRELL MATHEW Plainville GARY MAYHEW Plainville MYRON MEIER Salina LENORA ME IS ENH ELMER Haviland DANIEL MERKEL Garfield DELORES MERRILL Kanopol is JACK METCALF Danbury, Nebraska MAX MEULI Hope MARILYN MILES Hill City DORIS MUIER St, John GWEN MILLER Russell ROBERT MILLER Scott City RONALD MILLER Elmo SHIRLEY MILLER Woods to u MARY MINIUM Mori and PATTY MINIUM Morland HAROLD MITCHELL St, Francis MARVEL MITCHELL Osborne DON IT A MOORE Buidett 175 HUSHMIN JIMMY MOORE Protection MARJORY MORI AN Protection REX MOSER Hays MARILYN MOSIER Hays VERNA MOSS Kirwin JAN IS MOUNTAIN Ada DARRELL MUNSELL Hays DEAN NEAL Hays PHYLLIS NEEDELS Hays JANETTE NELSON Oberlin JOAN NEWMAN Norfolk Virginia RAY NEWTON Fowler JOHN NICKEL La Crosse BILL NICKERSON Bushton CLINTON NORDYKE Huguton LEE NORTON Utica DOROTHY NUCKOLLS Burdett TOMMY OLSON Hays MARIE AN OLSON WaKeeney RAY ORR Woodston EDITH PACKER Colby LEOTA PALMER Woodston POLLY PALMER Hays RODNEY PARR PierceviUe FRESHMEN 176 BEN PATE Elkhart NORMA PAUGH Minneapolis FORREST PAUL Bloom GARY PAULEY Stockton BILLY PEACOCK T escort GLORIA PERSON ETT Lenora ELON PETERS Kinsley ROBERT PETERSON Ellis IRENE PFANNENSTIEL Hays ALLEN PFEIFER Morland RAYMOND PHILLIPS W aKeeney GORDON PLATT Great Bend DELORIS PRATT Alton ARTHUR PRIDDY Kano polls JOHN PRINSEN Prairie View JANET RADER Ellis CELIA RALSTIN Mullinville RAE REVELL Great Bend DUANE RIEDL Scott City JEANINE RIEMANN Densmore RITA ROACH Lamed EVALEE ROBERTSON Montezuma JANICE ROBINSON Hill City DONNA ROWLAND Protection FRESHMEN 1 77 MAX RUMPEL Ogallah VAUNITA RUSCO Great Bend ANN SAUER Mori and BERNARD SC HERR Collyer SOLLTA SCHEUERMAN Healy MARCIA SCH1EFEN Colby LOIS SCHLEGEL Otis STANLEY SCHMITT Scott City BETTY SCHMUCKER Plevna GARY SCHNEIDER Otis DELBERT SCHORZMAN St, Francis ROBERT SCHUSTER Mankato BILL SCHW1EN WaKeeney CARL SCOTT Hays HARLAN SEIDL Otis MERLYN SHANNON Russell DONALD SHAW Oberlin PAT SHEARER Arnold RICHARD SIDENER Ada MARVIN SIDES INGER Colby DALE SIEMSEN Holyiood DENNIS SIMMONDS Hill City SONYA SIMMONS Lamed RICHARD SIMPSON Portis FRESHMEN 1 78 DOUGLAS SLAGLE Hugo ton SHIRLEY SLAIGHT Kanopolis CAROLE SLOAN Mullinvale JULIA SMERCHEK Greensburg AGATHA SMOCK Concordia SHIRLEY SMUTZ Good land JOHN SNIDER Ra ymond KENNETH SNYDER Norton DUANE SONNENBURG Arnold CHARLES SOUTHARD Haviland HOWARD SPIES Hays KAREN SPITSNAUGLE WaKeeney VIRGIL S PRICK Prairie View PAT STAAB Hays MARCIA STAGG Hays NEVIN STARKEY Haviland GORDON STEIN LE Russell MELVIN STEINLE Do trance JOY STEWART Healy RITA STEWART Healy PAUL STOPPEL Wilson GLENDA STUTTS Sat ant a DALE SUTER Oakley PAT SWANSON Colby FRESHMEN 179 ALBERTA SYTSMA Hays MORRIS TALBERT Ellis JOAN TAYLOR Holyrood FLOYD TEGTMEYER WaKeeney DEAN THEANDER Ashland WILLIAM THELAN Stockton GLENN THOMAS PlainvUle DELORES THON Healy DUANE TRACER Hanston PHYLLIS TREXLER Hill City ROLAND TROGDON Hugoton DOROTHY TRUHLAR Kano polls CARROLL TURNEY Hays JANICE UNRUH Pawnee Rock JAMES VANCE Bazine MARION VAUGHAN Scon City EVAN VERNON Norcatur VIRGINIA VERNON Oberlin LOYAL VINCENT Long Island DONNETTA VOTH Montezuma DWIGHT VOTH Little River MAX WAGGONER Larned EUGENE WALKER Sharon Springs DUANE WALKER Carneiro FRESHMEN 180 PEGGY WALKER Brownell DONALD WALLACE Alton BOB WASINGER Coldwater BONNIE WASINGER Protection EARL WATERS Turon GLADYS WELLBROCK Victoria PAT WELLING Hoxie BARBARA WERTH Hays ASHER WHITE Lamed RHETIS WICKIZER WaKeeney HOWARD WIDEMAN Bloom MARY JO WIESNER Hays WESLEY WIKOFF Hays ELLEN WILKENS Lorraine WAYNE WILLSON Ell in wood DIXIE WILSON Colby GENE WILSON Little River DALE WING Hays JAYNE WITT Hays DEAN WRIGHT Alexander DON WUNDERLICH Hays KEITH YOUNG Macksville MELLA ZIEGENBALG Cawker City IRISHMEN 181 BILL BOL DENOW t Hoisington JOE HICKEL Ell inwood CLAIR BUSHaL N aroma ANDREAS KAZAMI AS Nicosia, Cyprus JOHN CRAIG Hays ALI MOHIT Iran JAMES FRANKS Hays PAUL WALMER Downs GKADUAIES LA VERNE GOETZ Victoria Mtss Lillian Picken, mis- sionary to India, consults with Fort Hays Slate stu- dents and faculty after speaking to a student assembly. SPECIAL AND UNCLASSIFIED NELLIE ADDISON 1 Hays GERALD GOETZ Victoria LAVaLE PALMGREN Lev am GRIN RUSH Levant NURSE EDUCATION During the sum- mer session, the sophomores re- ceive their pro- fessional insig- nia in Fort Hays State ' s first capping cere- mony, Students in Fort Hays State ' s Nurse Education program spend approximately two years on campus before leaving for specialized hospital training This spring the sophomores, above, left campus for specialized courses They are (back row) Howard Teater, Marjorie Hargitt, Faye Beth Chance, Rachel Brack, Alice Wineland, Ella Wlneland, and (front) Sue McCluskey, Eunice Hudson, Bonita Kennard, Delores Bircher, Eleanor Foster, and Twila Coffey Right; Miss Leora Stroup, director of Professional Nurse Education, used her doll collection demonstrate the history of nursing costumes to freshman nursing students, Patsy Webb and Edith Drylie The women ' s golf class practices teeing off and driving on the practice field. Ap parent! Carolyn Eppinger hasn ' t quite mastered the technique. DILLOHS Finest Food Store in Northwest Kansas Hays Kansas A freshman Fundamentolsaf P.E. class gets briefed by instructor Lola Franks before begin- ning the day ' s activities. Leree Howe I I and Joyce Stewart learn to serve a mean tennis ball by practicing a gainst the walls. FORT HAYS PHARMACY Your Rexall Store SODA FOUNTAIN — DRU S — MAGAZINES FABERGE — ELIZABETH ARDEN Dial 4-3469 217 West 10th Advanced dancers learn ballerina techniques under the direction of Miss Barbour -- 1 The toe dancers stretch their muscles. 2 Eight ballerinas assume their favorite po- sitions. 3 Jenny Bertram, Sonya Simmons, and Norman Hayes stand on tip-toe. 4 Louree Pinkston looks like a professional. Above, Miss Borbour s beginning dancers (1) learn a folk dance routine and (2) form □ chorus line Below, beginners in tap and swimming line up to learn some rudi- mentary ski I Is , ART STUDENTS TRY THEIR HAMDS... t ■ AT COMMERCIAL DESIGN -a group of Freshmen paint posters and signs AND IN CRAFTS CLASS, they work with metals, plastics, leather, and wire sculpture. METALWORK includes jewelry designing and work with copper, left, by Bernie Scherr and Jacque Burnett. WEAVING is an engrossing task for JoAnn Hoover, center, while Judy Rouse and Rae Ravel 1, right, make designs on cloth with block printing. CERAMICS, left, intrigues students of diverse interests. Processes vary from molding on the Potter’s wheel, for left, to free form sculpture ,n the fore ground Right, Alice Slagle instructs a freshman on how to string the loom. Hays Building and Loan Association find Invest " ★ ★ ★ Hays, Kansas Dial 4-3413 SCHERER’S SHOE STORE 119 Main St. Hays, Kan. WESTERN KANSAS ' FINEST SHOE STORE Featuring Nationally Advertised Shoes for Men and Boys, Women and Girls, Children and Infants. For Women and Girls — AirStep, Life Stride and Connies. For Men and Boys — Roblee, Pedwin and Nunn-Bush. For Children and Infants — The Famous Buster Brown. Dr, Harbin and his class of 48 prospective teachers pose for a group picture before leaving for Hays, Ellis, PlalnvMIe, and Russell high schools for student teaching. In the Fort Hays Follies production this spring, Larry Heitschmidt sang for the TKE act; Betty Schmucker walked the " high wire 1 ' for the Alpha Sigs, and Colene Young (above) sang a solo. Speech Correction Clinic Utilizes Student Help t , - Students in logopedics work with children to correct speech defects. Bill Samples, (left) Barbara Bohannon, (right) and Jan Zieber, (below right) are engrossed in teaching. (Below left) Joe Jelinek and Arthur Katt engage in a friendly class session with Geneva Herndon. Mrs. Velma Wooster directs the activities of the clinic. THE BEST IN RELIABLE SERVICE Above, freshmen start their Fort Hays State careers. Sororities entertain royal ly with something different every night during Rush week. FELTEN TRUCK LINE Daily Service KANSAS CITY WICHITA SALINA COLBY and intermediate Points Intrastate and Interstate Household Goods DIAL 4-3427 HAYS Industrial Arts Offers Practical Experience 1 The woodworking class bui Ids cabinets ! 2 Dale Lunsford and Ronnie Horchem overhaul an engine. 3 Student welders get the heat treatment. 4 Harold Burnett seems Intent on constructing his woodworking projects. 5 Housewives and students learn fundamenta ls of upholstery. 6 Practical electricians learn to repair househola appliances . The Brunswick Hotel For Your Convenience MODERN HOTEL AND CAFE FACILITIES For Reservation - Cali 4-3461 Walter Ross Hays Proprietor 1 Sweetheart queen candidates Gladys Losey, Judy Hohner, Nadine Richmond, Jo Ann Sir- uta, Greta Strecker, Patty Christensen and Shirley Lamb lend a new look to the library staircase 2 King and queen of the Sweetheart Ball” Jo Ann Siruta and Alan Feist. 3 King candidates Paul Blomquist, Bernard Riedl, Alan Feist, Aaron Feist, Kayo McGi 1 1 i vary and Derryl Goes seem to find something mighty interesting at the top of that staircase. The micro-biology class has been invaded by females as freshman nursing stu- dents work to complete a requirement Dr, Cherner lectures to the sophomore nursing students at Hadley Hospital Miss Stroup, director of nurse education puts Judy to bed as Rachel Brack and Margie Hargitt watch, Eunice Hudson and Delores Bircher are on duty in the nursery at Hadley Hospital THE HOME FURNITURE COMPANY The Most Beautiful Furniture Store in Western Kansas 229 West 10th THE PHILCO STORE Dial 4-3813 Ask Your Grocer for ENRICHED SEMOLINO FLOUR “A Western Kansas Product The Hays City Flour Mills A galaxy of activities are centered in the Coliseum arena . Included are a girls 1 basketball game, tennis practice, and a good old-fashioned hoe down. tf-law U- by fy ia ice-4- Hays HIM City Dial 4-2423 Phone 507 BUTLER ' S FURNITURE Fine Furniture Floor Coverings 119 West 10th Hays Members of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra take a break during their fall perfor- mance at the Fort Hays State Coliseum. The Great Dorsey himself. Below, The Don Cossacks appear on the stage in the Fort Hays State Coliseum. Greetings From St. Anthony’s Hospital This Spice Reserved ind Paid for By Th Activ Staff (Below left) Margie Hargitt and Faye Beth Chance help the regular nurse adjust the iron lung. Being served at the freshman women ' s tea are Irene Pfannenstie I , Janice Unruh, June Berry, and Joyce Ann Decker. (Right) instructor and student, Keith Dirks and C. R. Cain, work together reproducing blueprints on the Ozalid, STILL GROWING WITH HAYS AND COMMUNITY Capital and Surplus of $400,000 Total Resources Over $7,000,000 This strengthening of our Capita! Structure is, we believe, justified by our confi- dence in the business future of Hays and the entire part of Western Kansas We are now in position to keep growing with Hays and community, and serving our customers better and better, as we have been doing since 1888 . Oldest Bank in Ellis County Member — Federal Deposit Insurance Corp , Ti I K Fl KHT XAT IOXAIi 1 SANK liAVK ClTV t K,VVSAS Vernon Meckel, alumni chairman of the proposed Student Union building, points out some of the outstanding featuresof the plans to student bodypresi ent, Paul Blomquist. THE 7UP BOTTLinG CO. of Hflys Also Bottlers of Red Bird F lavors Dial 4-4322 Left: Experienced cheerleader Dotsie Tokushige demonstrates for new cheer- leaders Barbara Bohannon, LaFaun Foreman, Richard Diamond, Jo Ann Siruta and Tiger Bill Samples, Right: Don Eulert takes time out for study, Dennis McKee proves that in all kinds of weather it ' s Pepsodent 2 to 1 , HAYS FLORAL SHOP ll F lowers Designed Especially for You " Qua 1 1 ty F lowers and Prompt Service Your flower needs receive our conscientious attention 5 W. 8th St, Dial 4-2223 It may rain, s!eet or snow but thanks to modern science classes must go on Take an inside look atwhat goes on atsorority rush parties. Patty Christensen is in the limelight at an Alpha Sig party. Julie Ehiers comes from a visit with Lucifer himself. Shirley Schmitt, Martha Yost, and Greta Strecker perform. 4 This playful tiger had her tail pulled off just before parade time 5 Cus- ter ' s homecoming float, 6 A picture full of attractive Deltas 7 The guiding hands of that sorority, Mrs Williams and Mrs Reed t 1 What television won ' t do to some people! (Must be time for Roy Rogers) 2 Alice Slagle, Eva Sire, Marilyn Offerle, and Dotsle Tokushlge take the pause that refreshes Dial 4 251 1 Hays, Kansas 235 West 10th GRASS BROS. 704 Park " Across from the Campus Above: The Delta Si gs work hard to get their house decorations ready for Home- comingand play hardat their Sailor Ball, The arena floor is filled as Fort Hays State fans dance to the music of the Col- legia tes, a Fort Hays State all -star orchestra . The Tri Sigsget together, (Left) Ciga- rette girls, Kay Hann and Phyllis Berland pose at a rush party, (Center) the soccer team takes a break, and (right) formally dressed hostesses wait for their guests. ABC DRUG STORE Your Rexail Store 11 A Good Place To Do Business 11 Dial 4-2523 1007 Main 1 Pictured in " The Heiress, " staged too late for Reveille coverage last spring is Jackie Philip, who played the title role, 2 Conferri ng wi th Margaret Brennen is Edith Smith from the summer production of " Blithe Spirit, 11 3 Colene Young and Carol Lynn Johnson practice In hoop skirts for last spring ' s production of " The Heiress. 11 5 Lovely Carol Lynn Johnson poses in the title role of the French drama, " Martine. 11 THE fOK THEATRE Show Place of the Midwest Open Nightly Until 8 Sundays and Holidays, I 0 to I and 4 to B Walburn ' s College Grocery Dr. Pepper CONGRATULATIONS! . . On this Handsome Edition of the " Tiger Yearbook, " Suits by Kuppenheimer Stetson Hats Florshein Shoes Arrow Shirts McGregor Sportswear Interwoven Socks and many others Bottling Co. " Wake Up Your Taste With Dr. Pepper " Dial 4-3212 I AVENERS ‘U. ■ L . , r| 1... WJ1 " Kansas Rushees chat with the Thetas at the Theta Sunday afternoon tea at the open- ing of Rush Week. JEP ' S SUPER SERVICE STATION 24-Hour Service MODERN EFFICIENT DIAL 4-2715 1302 MAIN Fort Hays State ' s four modern Daniel Boones are Bob Henderson, Guido Smith, Dwight Snay and Dale Walters. The beavers wish to remain anonymous. A Left: A wing of the new App l ted Arts Bui Iding ■ Upper: Joyce Brungardt and Evelyn Gard ner (ha If hidden) ride on the Phi SIg float In the Homecoming parade. Lower: Oil Progress Queen Shirley Thomas flanked by the other candidates. There’s a " one and only” in refreshment, too Hflys, MSA ' S mr Top: Idling in the Social Building is always a favorite and popular pastime. Left: Punch isserved at a social get-together. Right: JoeJelinek tries for a " big one . " COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS SHEAFFER - WATERMAN — ESTERBROOK ZIPPER NOTEBOOKS GREETING CARDS PERSONALIZED STATIONERY SPALDING SPORTING GOODS SMITH-CORONA PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS CAMPUS BOOK STORE BERT E, BERGLAND Your College Store DIAL 4-2611 509 WEST 71 H Barbara Marvin 1 Mrs. Marjorie Simons, dean of women, at her desk, 2 Mrs. Thelma Leonard working in the kitchen at Custer Hall. 3 Mrs. Kathlene Kinzer, housemother of Custer Hall. 4 Claude Settiemire demonstrates the microfilm machine in the library to Mrs. Stand lee Dalton. THE HAYS CREAMERY and ICE CO. Manufacturers of PIERE CRYSTAL !CE ICE CREAM NOVELTIES KINGS KWALITY ICE CREAM Dial 4-4215 31 0 East 1 1 th HAYS, KANSAS Weather for ducks brings out a large number and variety of boots. SCHIEGEL ' S HAYS CITY BAKERY Home of Tasty Pastry MR. MRS. I W. WIEDOWER 117 W. 11th Dial 4-3522 Sporting Goods Leather Goods Riding Equipment Western Wear Hobby and Craft Supplies Dial 4-2117 118 W- 11th Hays, Kansas JflfUtS (I10I0R CO., IOC. Lincoln Mercury Sales and Service Genuine Parts 200 E. 8th Dial 4-3481 In the freshman fashion show some frosh demonstrate proper dress to their classmates. Charles Evans, Alberta Systma, Douglas Slagle, and Barbara Werth wear recommended clothes for some occasions. SPORTS CAMPUS FORMALS Campus Clothes For All Occasions Smartest Newest Things To Wear Get That Classic Look THE LA K- T0P c . Shots of the freshman fashion show Left: Don " Kirby " King and Marilyn Mosier. Right: In rear Rex Moser and Pat Staab, in front Jayne Witt and Tommy Olson. tkf PHOTOS [nun s Weddings - Commercial School Photography - Portraits 109 E. 11th Dial 4-2839 All Types of Laundry Service Dry Cleaning Dial 4-3429 126 West 9th At night around Christmas time Pieken Hall was ablaze with glory From the light of the traditional star and its huge Christmas tree- distinctive photography Quality First 117 E. 8th St. Dial 4-2310 Top: The highlight of the Reveille Ball! President M. C. Cunningham crowns Queen Nadya Clark as the other queen candidates look on. Left: Homecoming Queen Joan Pen- nington- Right: Oil Progress Queen Shirley Thomas. . Director Stanley Ballinger listens intently to the results as he conducts his orchestra In preparation for the fall concert. Gagelman Motor Co., Inc. Ford Sales and Service " Worth More When You Sell It " Hays, Kansas 528 East 8th Dial 4-341 1 THE HAYS MUSIC CO V, M. MECKEL 7 A MAIN ST. The Music Headquarters of Western Kansas DIAL 4-3418 1 Intent on learning elementary music methods, Jan ZIeber and Leona Landwehr com- bine talents- 2 Charles Beltz entertains on the Reveille Ball floor show, 3 SAl s and guests relax at the Pink Slipper formal - 4 It takes a lot of wind- Just ask cornetists Phyllis Trexler, Juanita Kobler, and Dee Sire- GEO. PHILIP HDUlf. Dealers in Hardware Paint Brushes, Paints and Glass Guns and Ammunition Tools and Cutlery Eighth and Main Hays, Kansas 1 Business courses attract Mrs, Ray Brooks, Mrs, Willis McDowell, and Mrs, John Smiley, 2 Duane Steffen shows off his room to Dotsie Tokushige, Dee Boxberger, Martha Kissel I, and Joye Romeiserat the Phi SIgopen house, 3 Collegiate Uptowners borrow the museum horse and buggy for a Picked Revue rehearsal . 4 Students pour out of the Applied Arts Building bound on various errands. ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Standard and Portable Sales and Service Northwestern Typewriter Co. Lamer Hotel Bu tldi ng HAYS, KANSAS Dial 4-2565 MARKWELL ' S THE JACK JILL SHOP Let Us Clothe Your Children- That ' s Our Business Everything for Infants to Preteens School Supplies Playing Cards Office Supplies Loose Leaf Ledgers Loose Leaf Ring Books Filing Cabinets Leather Goods Boys Wear from 1 to 12 Typewriters Books Stationery Note Books Fountain Pens Athletic Supplies Art Supplies Toys 1 1 00 Ma I n Dial 4-3021 MARKWELL ' S STATIONERY CO. 1 North Residence card players. 2 Elaine Dryden and Jack Metcalf. 3 Two Phi Sigs work to improve their frat ' s new home. 4 Cade Suran in the snow. 5 Bob Maxwell entertains at a German Club meeting. 6 Custer Hall sunbathers. Left: Back in the print shop the weekly Leader is almost ready to go to press as Nancy Larmer, Troy Crowder, and Ed Urban finish making up. Right: Leader editor Nancy, left, joins Reveille staff membersin looking over the queen candidate pictures. Others left to right: Eldon Laidig, Helen Francis, Gordon Zahradmk, Martha Rate, and Virginia Hogsett __ __ A Few Words To The Students Of Fort Hays State The reading of a daily newspaper is a broad education in itself. The daily paper affords a background of general information which no one can obtain in any other way. Few college students need to be told this, it goeswithout saying, but there may be young men and young women attending Fort Hays State who do not know the Hays Dai y News has complete coverage of world-wide, national, state and home news and pictures on every weekday except Saturday, and on Sunday as well - The Sunday Morning News also has local and national features and a comic section as well. The over-all news coverage provided is that of the Associated Press, the world ' s largest news- gathering agency . Read the News to be up on all the news that is news. NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY Hays Daily News Ellis County News News Commercial Job Printing Kay Hahn puts her best foot forward as she models in the Delta Sigma Epsilon fashion show. The Dellas, theiralums, and repre- sentatives from the three other campus sororities model clothes from a local dress shop fn the annual event. THOLEN JEWELRY COMPANY 804 Main HAYS KANSAS Dial 4-4814 REGISTERED JEWELER " {«• Jil-mwrtt " u®a iuutuwu{ A mo Jem ring mounting vi ll »jj new beauty to your precious diamond. In selecting a mounting and re-setting your diamond you can rely upon your Regi stered Jeweler. Hit specialised training am] practical experience cpialdtes him to help yon. To he a Regis tered Jeweler requires a high standard of business principles at well a special study of gems and jewelry The American Gem Society confers this title on those jeweler who are qu Upper left--Joel Moss demonstrates his ability at the potter ' s wheel. Upper center- -Cole ne i oung and Larry Heit schmidt give " You’re Justin Love " all they’ve got. Lower left- -Freshman women gel acquainted with the faculty women at the annual Freshman tea. Lower center- -Lolita Nelson and Carolyn Bell are " caught 1 in the Custer a stairway. Right- -Marie Elder, home from the campus, pauses for the photographer. HUMBURG HDWE., INC. Everything tor the Home General Hardware Electric Gas Appliances now. nth BOTTLE GAS Dial 4-2119 GOODWIN SPORTING GOODS MacGregor Athletic Equipment Converse Footwear Winchester Firearms and Ammunition 119 West 11th A college maintenance man Is caught in the act of dismantling and removing the cupola from the top of Picken. Phi Mus Don Gentzler, Jim Maxwell, and Lowell Cline talk over old times at the Phi Mu Alpha Founder ' s Day celebration. Finest of Photographs EKEY STUDIO Commercial Photo Kodak Finishing 218 West 8th Portraits — Enlarging Picture Framing Hays, Kansas HARKNESS PHARMACY IN HAYS OVER 50 YEARS Dial 4-2521 The Choicest In DRUGS, CANDIES AND TOILET ARTICLES MAGAZINES . . . ICE CREAM 715 Main Good Food of Course c. w LAMER ft ft CLARK s W. LAMER Idamer Hotees LAMER ■ MULftaT. HAYS LAMER C LAYTO M . Sauma LAMER MQTCt, Hat H 0. LAMER E5iOe NT Good Food of Course BEN F. DREILING, INC. Buick, Pontiac and G. M. C. Trucks DIAL 4-2531 HAYS, KANSAS DRY GOODS SHOES J. C. Pcnnev Co. Men’s, Roys’, Women’s, Misses ' Clothing Student groups crowd the sidewalk in front of Picken as they go to and from classes, have between class smokes, or confer on notes, assignments, and activities. Two students hit the books for some last-minute studying, Connie Griffin perched on a desk and Norman Letourneau lounging on the south steps of Picken. THE A. L. DUCKWALL STORES CO. 5 Cents to $1 .00 Store Visit Our Modern Fountain and Luncheonette 1103 Main Hays Phone 4-2812 Dial 4-4212 107 West 10 WIESNER ' S DEPT. STORE Groceries Dry Goods Shoes Ladies Ready to Wear Men’s Clothing Floor Coverings Appliances Furniture HAYS, KANSAS Serving Northwest Kansas Electricity is Cheap CENTRAL KANSAS POWER CO. OFF DUTY-L. D. Wooster, left, catches a whopper. Tom Barr and Hal Palmer, right, socialize at Phi Mu get-together. Billinger’s Bakery Distributors of SUNBEAM BREAD Pies, Rolls and Cakes 124 West 9th Dial 4-2016 A Complete Stock of Amateur Photo Supplies Equipment HAYS CITY DRUG STORE Dial 4-4414 ' The Corner Drug Store " Diamond and Silver Center of Western Kansas ERNlYVEBSTEFC, $ Lamer Hotel Building DIAL 4-3810 HAYS, KANSAS Above-Guido Smith " takes five " as he pauses outside the library door fora few more draws on his pipe Be I ow-Home of that inevitable whistle, the compelling force that tears us away from the S.B, just in time for the next c lass . Hays Ellis Dial 4-2533 Phone 18 CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE 0 ' MOTOR SALES Mechanical and Body Repair NEW CARS and TRUCKS OK USED CARS and TRUCKS 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Paul Blomquist, Joyce Geiman, and Jack Metcalf team up as " triplets " in the Video Vaudeville show. Dale Kelterman and Sylvia Moritz sign off for ! 54 YEARBOOKS piCTbftui, COVERS

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