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FORT HAYS KANSAS STATE fiCOLllGF XANSA FORT HAYS KANSAS 1 ■ ■ ■ £ ,:-ntv ' V ?•■ ?wbL ifiSfflri STATE COLLLEGE , . • • - , ' •- y, ■ jji ' im HAYS, KANSAS Willard Peterson— Editor Eldon Laidig— Business Manager Jack Hunsley-Photograpker Fortunate indeed have been the students of 1952-53 who were privileged to be a part of the celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Fort Hays State. As the college begins its ■ second half-century of educational service to Western Kansas,, its students well realize the ever-growing importance of Fort Hays State in the targe area which falls within its sphere of influence. mmk mrni‘ mmmu CONTENTS Page No. Administration £ Faculty . , , 1 4 Personalities ...» . , 22 Classes , . . , 37 Anniversary ....... , . . 72 Page No, Organizations 84 Greeks 122 Activities 142 Candida , . , 172 Advertisers 138 DEDICATION To Mrs. Nita M. Landrum who, for nearly twenty years, has given her energy, her ability for organization, and her great capacity for un- derstanding to the students and graduates of Fort Hays State. As executive secretary of the Alumni Association, Mrs. Lan- drum serves as the strongest tie between the college and the thousands of former students, scattered throughout the world— As supervisor of correspondence study, she provides help- ful direction to off-campus students— As supervisor of the college loan funds, she offers sympathetic assistance to students with financial problems- Mrs. Landrum ' s sincere devotion to Fort Hays State is so deep-rooted it amounts to a veritable way of life. The 1953 Reveille is respectfully dedicated to MRS. NITA M. LANDRUM, who has become a Fort Hays tradition. M. C. CUNNINGHAM. President of Fort Hoys State STATE HOARD OF REGENTS Walter S. Fees, Ida Mrs. Elizabeth Stephens Haughey, Concordia A, W. Hershberger, Wichita Lester McCoy, Garden City Willis N. Kelly, Hutchinson Hubert Brighton, Topeka, Secretary Drew McLaughlin, Paola Grover Poole, Manhattan Dr. LaVerne B. Spake, Kansas City Qscor S, Stauffer, Topeka ADMINISTRATION WALTER E. KEATING HUGH BURNETT Business Manager Director of Extension STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: Sue Feaster, Bernard Riedl, Gwen Arnold, Don Rorabaugh, Kay Hahn, Dean Mc- Cartney, Second Row: Joe Mesa, Marianne Rouse, Richard Diamond, Marilyn Freshour, Wendell Wyatt. Bade Row; Harold Burnett, Bob Archer, James Garrigues, Earl Merkel, Bob Wilkens. The Student Council is the representative governmental body for the management of students affairs at Fort Hays State. The group is made up of fifteen members nominated and elected by the student body. EARL MERKEL Student Council President CAMPUS BOOSTER COUNCIL CAMPUS BOOSTER COUNCIL organized to promote school spirit, .s mode up of representatives of various campus organizations. Front Row: Bee Ward, EJoise Reich, Ootsie Tokushlge, Ronald Hopkins, Phylfis Berland, Lyla Thompson, Annie McConnell. Second Row: Marion Bodge, Wanda Latas, Eunice Sim, Myron Deines, Charlie Owens, Barbara Draght. Back Row: Abn Feist, Marion Coulson, Dale Morey, Joye Romeiser, Doyle Ekey. Don Hunter, Pres, Ronald Hopkins, Pres. UNESCO COUNCIL UNESCO COUIMC IL was organised to promote programs for the common welfare of mankind through educationol, scientific, a nu Do tsv°Tok J ' ° nS u I™ " ! Evel n Gordner - Maurine Offerle. ZahraJni n ' 96 ' J«» " Jenson. Second Row: Gordon Zahradnilc, Clair Bushell, Greta Strecker, Don Hunter. SEVENTH CAVALRY is made up of men students selected for leader- ship ability and scholarship. Front row— Bob Hoar, Doug Sellers, Ray Stutzman, Howard Mai, Mr. Dalton, Second raw-jack Hunsley, George Bray, Don Rupp, Kaye Von Schriltz, Bob Deighton, Don Rorabaugh. Back row-Ed Urban, Paul Blomquist, Earl Merkel, Gene Anderson, Bill Nelson SEVENTH CAVALRY Kaye Von Schriltz President WOMEN ' S LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION Wilma Brandenburg President WOMEN ' S LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION includes young women on the campus who have shown ability as leaders or who are considered to be potential leaders. Front row— Phyllis Suiter, Martha Pate, Grace Young, Wilda Smith, Jackie Schmotz, Bock row — Bette Dovis, Wilma Brondenburg, Mary Anne Willour, Marianne Rouse Gonsel, Alvera Tom- linson, Phyllis Sarvis. CLASS OFFICERS SENIORS — Left to right: Secretary Treasurer, Marilyn Freshour; Vice- President, James Garrigues; Presi- dent, Earl Merkel. JUNIORS — Don Rorahaugh, Vice- President; Marianne Rouse, Secre- tary-Treasurer; Bob Wilkens, Presi- dent. SOPHOMORES— Gwen Arnold, Sec- retary-Treasurer; Kay Hahn, Vice- President; Bernard Riedl, President. FRESHMEN — Wendell Wyatt, Presi- dent; Sue Feaster, Secretary-Trees urer; Joe Mesa, Vice-President. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Margaret Ford President The Panhellenic Council has as its responsibility the settle- ment of the various problems arising among the four social sororities of Fort Hays State. Also to promote scholarship, the Council awards a scholarship shield each semester. Council members are front row — Joan Mausolf, Margaret Ford, I la Newbecker, La Faun Foreman, Alice Beesley, Edna Coder, Kathryn Bogart. Back row — Mary Wilkens, Mary Anne Willour, Joye Romeiser, Marjorie Butler, Mary Alice Hogan, Phyllis Aley, and Mortha Kissell. As coordinator of the five social fraternities of Fort Hays State, the Interfraternity Council has as its purpose the promo- tion of the best interests of the fraternities, their members and the college. Council members are front row - George Norman, Nar- mon Stoppel, Bernard Riedl, Bill Word. Back row Kayo Mc- Gilfivroy, Jim Savage, Don McCosh, Russell Bray, Kayo McGiilivray President INTERERATERN1TY COUNCIL MARY ANDERSON Psychology ETHEL V. ARTMAN Placement Service STANLEY BALLINGER Music ELIZABETH BARBOUR Physical Education ELIZABETH AGNEW Dean Emeritus of Women F. W. ALBERTSON Biological Sciences EDWARD C. ALMQUIST Audio-Visual Education 1953 L. C. THOMAS BARR Music ALICE BEESLEY Home Economics KATHERINE BOGART English GRACE BOYD Cafeteria DOYLE K. BROOKS Physics RAYMOND U. BROOKS Industrial Arts C. RICHARD CAIN Industrial Arts HAROLD S. CHOGUILL Chemistry FRANCES COOK Health KENNETH COOK Business Administration MARION F. COULSON English EUGENE CRAINE History TROY CROWDER Journalism EDWIN DAVIS Industrial Arts GAYNELLE DAVIS Education DREW DOBOSH Art WILLIAM EASTMAN Biology EUGENE ETTER Mathematics LUCILLE FELTEN Music ALEX FRANCIS Physical Education JOHN GARWOOD Business Administration EMMA GOLDEN Languages MAUDE GORHAM Psychology PAUL GROSS Physical Education THELMA LEONARD Home Economics PHI P LIN Political Science PAULINE LINDNER Library EVERETT MARSHALL Mathematics FACULTY HELEN FRANCIS Journalism JAMES T. FUDGE Music NAOMI GARNER English SAMUEL HAMILTON Philosophy CALVIN HARBIN Education JACK HEATHER Radio LEON HEPNER Zoology GENEVA HERNDON Speech HAROLD HOPKINS Botany RALPH HUFFMAN Physical Education MABEL LACEY English NITA LANDRUM Correspondence EDWIN MARTIN Biology ROSELLA McCARROLL Education henry j. McFarland Biology MARGARET McGIMSEY Library ROBERT McGRATH Education GERALDINE MORRIS Library ALICE MORRISON English 1953 ILA NEWBECKER Home Economics KATHERINE NUTT History CHARLES ONION History HAROLO PALMER Music ROBERT PEASE Business Administration MARIA PERKINS Sociology MARY AILEEN PERRY Music ANDREW RIEGEl Botany JAMES E, ROUSE Agriculture LESTER SCHMUTZ Agriculture EMMET C STOPHER Mathematics IRA O, SCOTT Education CLAUDE SETTELMIRE Library RUTH SEVY Physical Education KENNETH SIMONS Botany DAVID SORENSEN Chemistry WILBUR H. RAYBURN Industrial Arts HOMER B r REED Psychology JOHN REID Psychology ANDREW REMATORE Language IVAN RICHARDSON Political Science JAMES R. START Speech ROBERTA STOUT English F. B. STREETER Library r FACULTY CADE SURAN Physical Education LEORA STROUP Nursing Education ARCHIE THOMAS Business Administration DOLLIE THOMAS Business Administration LEONARD W. THOMPSON Economics, Business Adm. WILMONT TOALSON Mathematics GERALD TOMANEK Biology INEZ TORREY College Nurse MARGARET VAN ACKEREN Library MABEL VANDIVER Art WALTER WALLERSTEDT Printing JAMES R. WELLS Agriculture T. W. WELLS English RAYMOND L. WELTY History MABEL HOPKINS Assistant to Registrar ETTA MILLER Housemother, Res. Hall ELIZABETH MOSIER Secretary GEORGE STERNBERG Curator of Museum WILLIAM D. WILKINS Music W. CLEMENT WOOD Education HARVEY A. ZINSZER Physics CORA BIBENS Assistant to President FLORENCE BODMER Secretary to the Dean ED URBAN College Printer MOLLIE WALLERSTEDT Supervisor of Social Bldg. KATHLEEN KINZER Housemother, Custer Hall Not Pictured: ETHEL McKENNA Dormitory Director, Retired BEATRICE ROCKWELL Housemother, Custer Hall MM U. S. S. BOXER (CV-21) C O FLEET POST OFFICE Mr. Willard Peterson, Editor SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA 1953 Reveille •T ort Hays Kansas State College days, Kansas Dear Mr. Peterson: October 25, 1952 The men of the USS BOXER will be pleased to assist in chosing your yearbook queen. Arrangements will be made to have all the crew participate in the voting itand will be shortly after 15 November. which 1 under- Any further information which you may be able to vill be appreciated. give us for our own publicity purposes Sincerely, J. E. BODOVITZ ENS USNR Public Info. Officer Coleen Lender Betty Holl Judy Hohner Charmaine Owens Pot Sanders Phyllis Suiter » ' V X Royal Attendants Reveille Ball hi ■ ' Heading the Oil Progress Parade were the finalists in the competition for Oil Progress Queen. In the front car are Joan Jecha, the Queen, and Donna Cole, In the second car are JoAnn Siruta, Mary Wilkens, Joy Mishler. In the third car are Jeannine Scoby, Betty Schumacher, and Norma Goetz. Elizabeth Belden Homecoming Queen Renate Naste Mary Anne Willour Greta Strecker Joy Mishler Royal Attendants Homecoming Day . Queen of yn Oardner Who’s Who In American Colleges And Universities Paf TayJor Gerald Siemsen Dovid ftiegel W ' Ii WkMZ ' ■ ' mmz EmtJNMMimuji ' wmumu John T, Miller Phyllis Suiter James Garrigues Kaye Von Schriltz George Bray Douglas Sellers rr Mary Johnson Joan Jecha Wilda Smith Kenneth Werth Earl Merkel Phyllis Acheson Wo Keeney Curtis Albertson Hill City Bobby Archer Ulysses Leon Atkisson Stockton Don Baker Great Bend Norma Bogart Hays Steve Bohonicky Wilma Brondenburg Binghamton, N. Y. WaKeeney Don Bray Phillipsbur g George Bray Phillipsburg SENIORS Clair Bushell Natomo Florine Brundage Brownell Jack Dufield Ploins Lewis Eulert Paradise Elizabeth Belden Beloit James Browne Burdett 1953 Alice Bullock Curtis Camp Donald Cassel Robert Craine Myron Deines Manter Natoma Hill City Ploinville WoKeeney Dale Ficken Margaret Ford Gene Fox Mable Franklin Bennie Frantz Bison Hoys Ashland Hays Pratt Donna French Plainville Marilyn Freshour Hays Bert Gansel Hill City James Garrigues Great Bend Mary Garrison Osborne Joan Henry Hoys Mary Alice Hogan Kinsley Ronald Hopkins Utica Dole James Shields Joan Jecha Timken SENIORS Aloysius Klaus Hays Nada Merkel WoKeeney D. 8. Mathews la Crosse James Maxwell Hoys William Latchford Denver, Colo. Melvin Giesaking Garden City Joan Johnson Gove 1953 Wanda Lotos fioiel Norman Lei k am Hays Arvin L tester Menlo Dale Morey Ransom Marilyn Marshall Mlnneola Alice Meyer Almena Earl Minks Greens burg Audrey Morrow Garfield Bill Nelson Norco tur Lewerente Parsons Oakley Norman Petty Hays Wildo Smith Cove David Riedel Hays Phyllis Suiter Macksville Johnny Roth Pfeiler Robert Swanson Ashland Rulhetta Seel ye .oCrosse Patricia Taylor Hoys Gerald Siemsen Holycood Max Terrill Burr Oak SENIORS Cliff Tillett Ulysses Kenneth Werth Hays Eunice Sim Oakley Dean Thompson Oakley 1953 Elvera Tomlinson Hays Ed Urban Hays Marjorie Walker Miltonvole Richard Walker Fowler Clyde Ward Protection Mary Wilkens Hutchinson Joan Wilkerson Russell Garrah Winslow Atwood Richard Wolford Claflin Dorothy York Healy Mildred Agnew Great Bend Eugene Anderson Kinsley Jack Anderson Kinsley Louis Anderson Esbon Loyd Asher Great Bend Lyle Baker Syracuse Eleanor Bogart Hoys Rachel Brack Otis Margaret Brant Hill City Kenneth Brawn Holy road Gilbert Brungordt Victoria Jacque Burnett Scott City Bette Davis Ulysses Donald Fankhauser Ha vl land LaFaun Foreman Hon ston Joyce Fandoble Ggallah James Garrison Osborne Homer Grimes Alton JUNIORS John Henry Waller Hobbs Colby Pueblo, Colo. Bob Hutchinson Joe Jelinek Dodge City Ellsworth Martha Kissell Carlene Knowles Norton Kirwin Wilma Barnett Morland Phil Busenbark Belpre Leila Hall Ogallah Paul Blomquist Winthrop, Mass. Don Connell Norcatur Sharon Hardman Lenora This is worth 60 t an hour? 1954 William Hoffman Kanapolis Betty Holl Russell JoAnn Hoover LaCrosse Clarence House Hays Harold Howell Croft Paul Huelskamp Garden City Bob Johnson Claflin Don Johnson Hays Francis Jones Hill City James Kellerman Stuttgart Phyllis Kellerman Stuttgart Ernest Kendrick Scott City Jocelyn Kobler Hays Lela Kreutzer Albert Eldon Laidig Oberlin Clifford Lindahl Belleville Gladys Losey Gove Wayne Mann Quinter Kenneth Marine Copeland Phrlip Martin Qu i n ter D. B. Mathews lcCro»6 Hugh Mauch Great Bend Jean Mo u self Albert Jennie Mayhew Ploirwille William Melville Sylvia Charles Owens Burrton Marvin Miles Hill City Charrnaine Owens Burn on Leftoy Monoghom Trousdale Martha Pate Elkhart Gordon Morris Hoys Jeon Pennington Oakley Re note Ndite Austria Willard Peterson Tribune Gloria Nelson Norton Edward Proctor Hoviland JUNIORS LaVern Robertson Montezuma Don Rorabaugh Smith Center lt ' $ always sprfrtQ at the lily pond. Jerry Skinner Great Bend Kenneth Swanson Ashland Catherine Slagle Hugoton Tom Van Diest Prairie View EFIe Dean Mays Smith Center Mary Nicholas Hays Sarah Prose Hoys Farrell McCauley Stockton Marilyn Offer! e Offer le icon Rein Baiine Life in the Leader Office, 1954 Donald Rupp Hays Yvonne Slmgerland Lamed Georgia Word Dorrance Rill Samples Hoxie Dolores Solomon Zurich Bob W likens Lorraine Jackie Schmofz Hays Danelda St. Aubyn Russell Mary Anne Willour Ransom Marine Schmaehei Hays Norman Slop pel Wilson Grace Young Mocksvilte Don old Seibel Ellis Marvin Slot he it Kensington Gordon Zahradnik Wilson Dalene Sewell Dresden Roy S tut man Wp Keeney A, F. Zimmerman Hays Wilma, Apple Ordway, Colo- Norirta Austen Alexander Fawna Arasmlth Jewel! Dixie Badge well Claflin Doyle Archer Dens more Darrell Baker Logan Gwen Arnold WaKeeney Evelyn Barrett Be I oil Nan Arnold Garfield Elaine Becker Bussell SOPHOMORES Celia Box berg er Norton Duane Boye Holyrood Grace Brocken ridge Woods ton Judy Blankerburg Oakley June Berry Downs Delores B Ere her K a nopa l i Barbara Boh an nan Garden City Bronc busters. Virgil Beougber Grinnell Phyllis Etc Hand Pa I co Donna Garrett Claflin Robert Gilbert Goodland Bob Glassman Hays Norma Goetz Victoria Orvileta Gracey Hugoton Ruth Greer Otis Kay Hahn Oklahoma City, Okla Carolyn Hake Norton Wallace Gosser Hays Clara Heath Norton SOPHOMORES Carol Johnson Larned Melville Johnson Beeler Fern Jones Brewster Richard Heaton Rush Center Keith Hansen Hays Charles Henderson Wichita Evelyn Howell Great Bend Bob Henderson Wichita Jim Hinkhouse Palco Don Hunter Great Bend Earlene Bretton Gove Jean Brinkman Stafford Robert Brungardt Victorio Van EaH Charvet Dor ranee Kennard Clark Hay Peggy Coder Hay Donna Cole Hay Charles Connally Col Iyer Norma Connally Collyer Harold Copper Stockton 1955 Lowell Cornwell Osborne Genevieve Dirks Almena Barbara Dragt Almena Carol Lynn Johnson in an au- thentic copy of a dress worn by Dean Emeritus Agnew. Shirley Filbert Evelyn Gardner Nes City WaKeeney Donna Garrett Robert Gilbert Bob Glassman Norma Goetz Wallace Gosser Claflin Goodland Hays Victoria Hays Orvileta Gracey Ruth Greer Kay Hahn Carolyn Hake Clara Heath Hugoton Otis Oklahoma City, Okla Norton Norton SOPHOMORES Carol Johnson Lamed Melville Johnson Beeler Fern Jones Brewster ' 75 £ € Jerry Kaempfe Sylvan Grave Bill Kelly Good I and Wayne Knoll Victoria Ray Kuril Alton Twilo Kuril Oakley Vearl Lamb Hoys Loll Leiker Hays Ralph Lo mores Beeler Coleen Lenrfer Hays Helen Libhori Qfferle 1955 Betty Giebler sings for the Ger- man Club. Melvin Macy Kinsley Jo Ann Martin Ulysses Howard Mai WaKeeney Doyle Meade Hays Darrell Major Dorrance Roger Milberger Great Bend Lawrence Malsom Collyer Leon Miller Pawnee Rock Lou Ann Marquardt Bison Sylvia Moritz Russell SOPHOMORES Max Newcomer Alexander Darel Oil iff Phillipsburg Lorraine Ohnmacht Great Bend Marcia Osborn Meade Maurine Offerle Offerle Joan Parsons Hays Lynnette Pearson Edmund Peters Maynard Pflieger Barbara Purvis Arthur Ray McC racken Kinsley Densmore Weskan Alden Morris Reeves Eloise Reich Dorothy Rein Bernard Riedl Glen Riney Beeler Russell Russell Scott City Medicine Lodge 1955 Tea is served. Joye Romeiser Rush Center James Ruder Hays Roe Rothenberger Osborne Bob Salmans Hanston Cathryn Rowland Protection Pat Sanders Oberlin Don Schmtpf Stafford Tony Schmidt Catherine Dick Scott Ransom William Short Goodland Ruth Secrest Bushton Nancy Sigrist Hays Charles See Ransom Eva Sire Colby Darrell Seibel Ellis Alice Slagle Hugoton Norman Shores Goodland Guido Smith leoti SOPHOMORES Paul Stephenson Burrton Lois Stutterheim Prairie View Bob Sweazy Colby Lois Tawney Charlene Taylor Ogallah Oakley Donna Tustin Oakley Merlene Van Meter Holyrood Ron Temple Norcatur Ray Wagner Hays leory Thornburg Rosemary Travis Bloomington Cowker City Carol Waldo Ellis Virginia Walker Lenora Donna Wilkins Lorraine Bryon Weems Collyer Michael Williams Greensburg Alfreda Weisner Hays Norma Williams Great Bend Varian Wellbrock Victoria Dave Woolery Bucklin Ella Wineland Osborne Nick Yunk Osborne Colene Young Salina Janis Zieber Pawnee Rock Joyce Anderson Nickerson Mary Anspaugh Codell Bill Harold Arnold Garden City Elaine Baier Kinsley Jams Baker Syrocu se Clarine Bales Norcotur Peggy Balman Hoxie Mary Bartley Hays Carolyn Base Great Bend Betty Bast Holyrood Barbara Bauer Radium Bill Becmgard Atwood Elaine Belden Sylvia Carolyn Bell Harlan Charles Beltx Ulysses FRESHMEN Jennie Bertram Hoy Richard Biner Browne! I Rex Blackwood Miltonvale Neil Bland PloinviMe Albert Blood Areata, Calif Kathy Boelling Belleville June Bollig Liebenthal Wayne Brougber Great Bend Xetta Camp Natoma Bill Bolton Smith Center Kenneth Brown Victoria Dean Catlin Milton vale Bill Bowman Cod ell Joyce Brungardt Gorham Larry Cates Smith Center Jane Bowman Pawnee Rock Robert Brungardt Gorham Faye Beth Chance Smith Center Charlotte Boxberger Wa Keeney Betty Bryan Oberlin Lyle Cherry Luray 1056 Barbara Clark Leoti Twila Coffey Cha se Wesley Cordes Meade Mona Clark Morland Joe Cooper Hoys Beverley Cox La kin Kathleen Custer WaKeeney Alice Curry ten ore Carol Darnell Osborne Leah Deiter Hunter Hilary Dreiling Victoria Donna Davis St. John Jay Dewitt Kanorado Nadra Dumler Utica Lee Ann Davis Logan Terry Dibble Alton Shirley Dumler Scott City Lorraine Deeds Bird City Rose Dixon Great Bend Bonnie Dunn Stafford Clara Deiter Hunter Eleanor Douglass Mullinville Roger Dunning Stockton FRESHMEN Verdie Easter Hays John Fetherstone Ellinwood Le Roy Fiene Lebanon Ronald Estes Kanorado Mary Evans Gove Ralph Fagan St. John Sue Feaster Claflin Sheila Foster lenora Mary Gibson Chase Wendell Griffin Lyons Delores Francis Stockton Glenn Ginther Gorham Merlin Grimes Alton Derryl Goes Albert Thelma Guhr Dighton Melvin Gardner WaKeeney Beverly Golden Oberlin Lowell Guyer Bloomington Marie Geenen Grinnell Ronald Gridley Oakley John Hafliger WaKeeney 1956 Donna Halfman Tribune Marjorie Hargitt Quinter Clell Harrison Grinnell Charlotte Hardin Belleville Jack Harris Hays Lyle Harvey Quinter Jean Hiebert Larry Heitschmidt Shirley Hendrixson Neil Herman Judy Hofoner Chase Holy road Minneapolis Hays Ulysses Dorothy Horchem Ronald Horchem Francis Horning Theda Howell Jan Hudgens Ransom Ransom Ransom Mullmville Central City, Nebr. Eunice Hudson Betty Ireton Oliver Isom Roberta Jacobs Wilma Jacobs Kanopolis Great Bend Lebanon Hays Hays FRESHMEN Sherrill Jenkins Charlcie Johnson Marileo Johnson Norton Beeler Gove Jim Jewell Dale Johnson Meriyn Johnson Lamed Gove Agra Sharon Johnson Beeler Bob Kelly Goodland Charles Koehler Wichita Mildred Jones Barnard Allure Kelley Jewell Florence Kysar Lakin Marilyn Karlin Hays Bonita Kennard Russell Larry Lampe St. Francis Ronald Karst WaKeeney Donald Keys Great Bend Delores London Deerfield Dale Kellerman Stuttgart Alvin Kindsvater Coldwater Vicky Lebsack Otis 1956 Don Leiker Hays La Mona Leonard Smith Center Norman Leteourneau Aurora Dennis Leitner Herndon La Vern Lessor WaKeeney Keith Lich Hunter Jerald Lynd Smith Center Pat Lynd Ellis Ruth Lynch Logan Janene McClellan Logan Rada McCormick Burr Oak Earl McGee Smith Center Bernette McIntosh Hays John McKinney Coldwater Jerry McMahan Great Bend Richard McMillen Osborne Helen McPherson Chase Norma McPherson Chase Jim Meeks Great Bend William Meyers Plainville Betty Melville Sylvia George Merritt Ellis Oops! How did they get in here! Vicki Men Natoma Joseph Mesa Natoma Jacquelyn Meyers Alexander FRESHMEN Delores Michel Russell Joe Mildrexler Cawker City Norman Messinger Traer Donna Miller Otis John Wilier Nekoma Jeanice Morris Burr Oak Jack Muir Stockton Gerry MiJlmon Otis Genevieve Morris Burr Oak Beverly Monger Turon Ed Mills Codell Norman Morrow Garfield Darrel Murphy Covert George Mills Nekoma Carol Mowry Studley Jim Neai Belleville Ramona Moore LaCrosse Norma Mudd Russell Robert Nienke Lorraine 1956 Horry North Lamed Janice Nowak Gorham Donald O ' Hair Scott City Berta Olson Luray Jimmy O ' Rourke Ellis Gaylene Owens Burrton Shirley Patrick Garden City Norma Patton Scott City Jerry Pennell Syracuse Jerald ine Peters Hays Gerald Pfeifer Hays Richard Pfortmiller Hays Robert Pifer Stockton Edwin Piland Macksville louree Pinkston Seward Bill Poage Almeno Dorene Powers Gove Donna Pratt Hoxie Joyce Presley Rolld Jerry Print! Pueblo, Colo. Norma Reimer Albert FRESHMEN Mary Richardson Zurich Jerry Roberson Great Bend Betty Roth Pfeifer Don Roberts Almeno Franklin Rose Greensburg William Roth Ellsworth Judy Rouse Norton Ed Sander Lenora Ruth Schultz Bison Norman Ruder Plainville Robert Seibel Ell. 5 Cecil Schumaker Hays Nadine Rumbough Ploinville Richard Selensky Park Ignatias Schumaker Hays Jo Ann Rundelt Pierceville Nadine Schmidt Stafford John Schoen Cawker City Fred Saenger Sylvan Grave Shirley Schmitt Scott City Donna Schurr lurrcty 1056 Charles Shirley Lincoln Winifred Simon Studley George Shoeryer Miltonvale Bruce Semsen Holyrood Jo Ann Siruta Wood s ton Virginia Snook Ford Delbert Sparr Catherine Duane Spears Bloomington Shirley Stapp Hays La Vonne Steiger Menlo Leona Sucht Burdett Elizabeth Sullivan Colorado Springs Ella Steitz Bison La Vern Stenzel WaKeeney Melvin Stutheit Kensington Pat Sullivan Great Bend Evan Summers Satanta Marilyn Sutton Ensign Ramona Svaty Sylvan Grove Stan Swander Osborne Boyd Swick Lyons Lloyd Swick Lyons Dale Swisher Gypsum FRESHMEN John Thomm Athol Kermit Trybom Colby Twila Underwood Bird City lyla Thompson Ulysses Nancy Tullis Russell Billie Upton St. Francis Lucy Upton St. Francis Glenda Werner Hays L. A. Welling Hays Daniel Van Laeys Weskan Dale Walter Sylvan Grove Allen Werth Schoenchen Richard Vernon Norcatur Richard Walsh Collyer Jean Wescott Plainville Roy Voss Densmore Alice Weesner LaCrosse Phyllis Westphal Kinsley Harry Vratil Lamed Patricia Wells Alexander Nancy Wilkes Cimarron 1956 Delmar Wilson Hays Loren Wilson Garden City Mary Wilson Atchison Alice Wineland Natoma Lois Wolfram Herndon Reva Wyatt Hays Wendall Wyatt Hays Martha Yost LaCrosse Judy Neff Hays Evelyn Kraft Ransom Wesley Zavodsky Hays tester Zimmerman McCracken Stewart Smith Hays Barbara Studer Ludell Fritx Kramer Nekoma Albert Follet St. Francis Dale Howell Lamed Merrill FryndendeN Portts FRESHMEN Socializing Nellie Addison Ruby Campbell Lloyd Furthmeyer Renate Furthmeyer Don Hawks Hoys Alexander Hays Hays Alexander Lowell Hawks Robert Jongema Floyd Kinsinger Colleen McPherson Margaret McReynold Hays Topeka McCracken Chase Hays SPECIAL AND GRADUATE STUDENTS Eleanor Ormsbee Smith Center LeRay Sfinernetze Hays Orville Richards Hays LaVerne Tegtmeyer WaKeeney George Search Hays R. Simmons Topeka Rosemyre Spena Wa Keeney The students in nurse education an their routine and equipment are above. NURSE EDUCATION Added to the Fort Hays State curriculum in the fall of 1952, a three year program of nurse education is under the direction of Miss Leora Stroup. Fifteen girls and one lone, but extremely popular, male constituted the pioneer class. And, just for fun, here is what happened to a perfectly good public relations man when he volunteered to help Miss Stroup get Judy (who is life-weight, as well as life-size) into bed for a publicity picture, Troy Crowder is the victim; Jack Hunsley the alert photographer. Cheerleaders Dorothy Tokushige, Evelyn Gardi- ner, Joy Mi shier, Billie Bertram, Charlotte Hardin. every man A TIGER A lot of planning goes into school spirit which ends up seeming completely spontaneous. A special tribute is due Ronald Hopkins, who promoted, organized, and executed the booster trip to Topeka for the Washburn game. The drum majorettes: Linda Warner, Pat Sulli- van, Shirley Thomas, Joyce Brungardt, Sue McClusky. The Phi Sigs mode thing, lively by appearing in a wildly costumed Hat. oH to Hoppyl • « Em P° ,ia - ' fXeaati 0. xtr,, -o - r r © Sfl st»»5 nu v 2 00 OCCO HOUSES ' " ' ■ .30 mwm Dmrtd-COCW core: . tjosirncstts C a roond Cuato. io Invocation - . Mook S O’wn. -30 jcaxttt . DQ. U Crooo’ . ? Xf kind :. . Dowd v vly , toe Mk ty TA (gttftlth flow. » 6-.oo cmvtww kkchit- suoiDon ousuii ®UJ SI0Q4 to dooma. rmsic A dance. ; uctttfeo. diCtf ttd and— pee s i ' iSkI U, stuiitnii and fcsoit .. Students of 1952-53 will not soon forget the big two-day celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Fort Hays State. The pageant, " The Fort Hays State Story " was a memorable event— a good show in anybody ' s book. The basketball ballet that brought down the house. The Bloomer Girls were dexterous as well as beautiful. THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Bea Ward os the Queen of Opportunity in a beautiful ballet iat constituted the epilogue. Representing the aviation cadets of World War II in a class on the campus. Nearly half of the student body had some job to do in connection with the cele- bration, but everyone wearily agreed that it was well worth the effort. A Custer Hall scene of 1926. Buffalo Bill, General Forsyth, Calamity lane, and Wild Bill Hickok stepped right out )f the pages of history. With the haunting accompaniment of the and, the orchestra, and the a cappella ioir, the story of the development of the allege was told to a capacity crowd of iends and alumni of the college. Ronald Gridley as William A. Lewis at a dinner celebrating the college ' s independence from Emporia. Present day students turned back the hands of time to repre- sent a scene at Camp Lewis dur- ing the depression. „ ■ In each scene of the pagent, the spotlight paused for a moment on a tableau of a boy and girl in period costume, engaged in some activity typical of the period the scene was portraying. At the assembly convocation, Miss Anne Laughlin, far left, one of the college ' s most distinguished alums, returned from Washing- ton, D. C. to give an inspiring address. Music was by Mrs. Mildred Albertson New- port, now of Davenport, Iowa, who was a popular entertainer during her college days. Portraits of the four former presidents of the college were unveiled in an impressive ceremony, with students from each man s era returning to do the unveiling. In the afternoon, the two new buildings were officially opened. Below, left, Dean Emeritus Agnew and Mrs. McKenna sit in the luxurious new parlor and discuss the days when they shared many problems when Mrs. McKenna was housemother of Custer and Miss Agnew dean of women. Also shown is some of the tea pouring at the new Applied Arts building. Just below, Joel Moss proudly hands out bulletins to visitors in the new domain. SKifc , , m] Toastmaster Raymond Custer Lois Rarick Cooke Naomi Griffith Mosier Mrs. W. A. Lewis, whose husband was the second president of Fort Hays State. President Emeritus Wooster ' s three daughters were on hand, Martha, Cynthia, and Mary. A male quartet of the late ' 30s provided gayety. President Cunningham and some of the honor guests at the dinner. The three Rarick children and one in-law, Margaret, Lawrence, Lois, and Edmund Cooke. f And on top of all that— HOMECOMING The Queen was Elizabeth Belden, a senior from Beloit. The campaign was a hot one, and the cleverest campaign stunt (see below) did not necessarily insure a winner. The attendants, shown below in the parade, were Mary Anne Willour, Jennie Mayhew, Joy Mishler, and Marianne Rouse. f f 1 Everywhere there were crowds of people— lining the streets to watch the Fort Hays State band leading the parade— filling the stadium for the football game— and packing the Coliseum arena for ths dance, with Tex Beneke ' s orchestra furnishing the music Everywhere you turned, somebody hod put out some sort of o Fiftieth Anniversary banner or symbol. The freshman class thought this one up for in front of the Coliseum. Sigma Alpha lota stuck to a musical theme in their decoration of Miss Felten s house. This was the figment of the imaginations of 50 Wesley Hall girls. The men who live at Wickizers had some energy left over and they used it on this. WICKED The Collegiate 4-H entered this float in the Homecoming parade, which set records in both size and spectators. Hours of labor for a few minutes ' show, but it ' s all a part of Homecoming. Wesley Hall entered an extra- ordinarily beautiful birthday cake. The Engineers ' Club members showed their mechanical bent by pro- ducing this giant steam roller. MORE MEMORIES OF THE HOMECOMING PARADE OF 1952. The Custer Hall float, with Florine Brundage in the featured role. The Newman Club contrasted 1902 and 1952 dress, both on and off the gridiron. This scarcely needs a caption. Who but the German Club??? 0 R G A N 1 Z A T I O N A CAPPELLA CHOIR DON GENTZLER Chairman, Board of Directors In the course of the year the Fort Hays State A Cappella Choir has sung approximately twenty concerts. The Kansas towns which have enjoyed our choir in the fall and spring were r |a,n - ville, Palco, Hill City, Ellis, Ness City, Dighton, Scott City, leoti. Tribune, Lincoln, Kinsley, Rozel, and others. Our choir also participated in the Anniversary Pageant and Christmas Vespers. Con- ductor is C. Thomas Barr, assisted by Phil Martin and Fritz Kramer. Chairman of the choir s Board of Directors is Don Gentzler; Secretary, Delores Young; Librarian, Rodney New,- Assistant Librarian, Loren Wilson; Section Leaders, Jackie Schmutz, Betty Giebter, Annie McConnell, Martha Pate, Mike Williams, and Jim Maxwell. Serving as accompanists are Nancy Sigrist and Shirley Thomas. Front Row: Louise Smith, Jacqueline Schmutz, Betty Giebler, Billie Upton, Shirley Niehaus, Jacque Burnett, Barbara Dragt, Lou Ann Marquardt, Joyce Presley, Lois Wolfram, Martha Pate, Delores London, Betty Bast, Eva Sire, Lois Leiker. Second Row: Dolores Young, Mary Lou Anspaugh, Nancy Wilkes, Coleen Lentfer, Jacquelyn Meyers, Genevieve Derks, Shirley Filbert, Greta Strecker, Shir- ley Thomas, Lynnette Pearson, Mary Nan Arnold, Annie McConnell, Jennie Bertram, Nancy Sig- rist, Colleen McPherson. Third Row: Lyle Harvey, Richard Strope, Twila Underwood, Joye Romeiser, Bill Poage, Rodney New, Larry Heitschmidt, Phil Martin, James Maxwell, Harold Burnett, Homer Grimes, Joan Henry, Peggy Coder, Kenneth Brown, Fritz Kramer. Back Row: Harvey Zinszer, Jr., Donald Gentzler, Bill Beamgard, Charles Beltz, Gilbert Brungardt, Bill Folkers, Marvin Stutheit, Loren Wilson, Donald Johnson, Glenn Ginther, Melvin Stutheit, Bruce Siemsen, Merlin Grimes, Keith Hansen, Mike Williams. BAND The Fort Hays State College Band, with Harold G. Palmer as director, is comprised of students from all departments on the campus. With college instruments available for student use, the band has unusually well balanced instrumentation. The marching band played for all athletic events and the varsity band helped to promote pep at our basketball games. Par- ticipation in band concerts both here in Hays and on tour also adds to their year ' s activities. t r 4 PHILIP MARTIN President ORCHESTRA The Hays Symphony Orchestra is made up of outstanding musicians from this part of the state including students and faculty here on the Fort Hays State campus, faculty and students from Hays High School, and also musicians from the surrounding communities. With Stanley Bal- linger as director, the orchestra accompanies the community chorus in their productions, and also presents concerts here in Hays and on their southern Kansas tour in the spring. MUSIC ENSEMBLES Front Row: Shirley Niehous, Lois Wolfrom, Betty Giebler, ker, Anna McConnell. Back Row: Fritz Kramer, Marvin bert Brungardt, Charles Beltz, Larry Heitschmidt. Rae Rothenberger, Barbara Dragt, Lois Lei- Stutheit, Loren Wilson, Glenn Ginther, Gil- A vocal ensemble and a male quartet were reorganized on our campus in 1952 for Darticioation in various musical activities. The ensemble performs for alumni groups public. W purposes and other outside work. Both the quartet and ensemble tour with the choir by themselves at various times throughout the year, their presentations being varied by chorales madrigals and songs in the popular vein. . , . James Fudge directs the vocal ensemble. The male quartet was organized by C Thomas Barr. Front Row: Glenn Ginther, Gilbert Brungardt, Charles Beltz, Loren Wilson EDWARD PROCTOR President Y.M.C.A. The Young Men ' s Christian Association is a group of men on the campus advocating Christian ideals and activities. They work closely with the Y. W. C. A. in their meetings and social functions. Dr. Sam Hamilton is faculty adviser for the group. Front Row: Ralph Lamoree, Jack Anderson, Kenneth Marine, Franklin Rose. Back Row: Harold Howell, Bob Hutchinson, Paul Blomquist, Jan Hudgens, Dale Marcy. Y.W.C.A Front Row: Naomi Garner, Leona Sucht, Barbara Clark Wilma Morris, Pat Wells Virginia Snook Theda Howell, llene Bodge, La Faun Foreman, Berla Olson, Carroll Jenkins- Sim Mary Richardson. Second Row: Kathleen Custer, Dolores Francs, Rada McCormick, La Mona Leonard JoAnn Siruta, Elizabeth Rehor, Carolyn Base, Jeaniece Morris, Alice Curry, Delons Mic ' Pll Mnrlp Rose Dixon Alure Kelley, Ella Wineland, Carlene Knowles, Ruby Campbell. Third Row Sherrill Jenkins, Raye ' Rothenberger, Marilyn Johnson, Thelma Guhr Marforie Hargitt, Dorene Powers Pat Sanders Donna Tustin, Earlene Bretton, Orvileta Gracey, Garrah Winslow, Dane da St Aubyn Fawna Arasmith, Wanda Latas, Alice Meyer, Monita Howell. Back Row: Corine Ba es, Eleanor Douglas, JoAnne Rundell, Carol Darnell, Alice Wineland, Faye Beth Chance. £eena Mary Evans Georgia Ward, Phyllis Acheson, Katherine Slagle, Moyne Wehe, Phyllis Sarv.s, Eliza beth Sullivan. Closely affiliated with the Y. M. C. A. the Young Women ' s Christian Association is a group of young women on the campus working for higher ideals in everyday living. MOYNE WEHE President vr.Ai ENGINEERS CLUB MARION BODGE President Comprising our campus Engineers ' Club are those students who are interested in engineer- ing and who plan some phase of engineering for their career. The leaders o t e , are President, Marion Bodge; Vice-President, Roger Milberger; and Secretary-Treasurer, Don Schimp . Mr. Everett Marshall is the club sponsor. Front Row: Ronald Estes, Roger Milberger, George Knoll, Jerry McMahan, Jack Harris, Mr. Mar- shall. Middle Row: Richard Birzer, Marion Bodge, Melvin Mitchell, Bill Hollman, John Fetherstone, George Schurr. Back Row: Charles Scott, Don Schimpf, Don Hunter, Jerry Roberson, Dale John- son, Delmer Wilson, Dick Erbert. CLUB m ' •‘m GERMAN Front Row: Wesley D. Zavodsky, Renate Nasty, die Row: Mrs. Golden, Gerald Siemsen, Ray E. Row: Royce Rasmussen, John A. Herrman, Ed Fritz Kramer, Cecilie Hoegele, Mary Kordisch. Mid- Stutzman Aloysius Zimmerman, Wayne Knoll. Back Urban, Katherine Slagle, Clair Bushsll, Francis Jones. The German Club members strive to improve their German conversation by practicing and learn to appreciate German folk- songs and lyrics. One of their new projects has been the estab- lishment of the " Frau Golden Scholarship " in connection with the club interests. Serving as the club officers are: President, Ed Urban; Vice-President, Ray Stutzman,- Secretary, Katherine Slagel; and Treasurer, John Herrman. Sponsoring the dub is ED URBAN President Mrs, Emma Golden, COLLEGIATE l-ll HAROLD HOWELL President The Collegiate 4-H Club was organized by those interested in 4-H work and who wished to bring it to the college campus. They sponsor and enjoy various activities throughout the ye° r - Miss Beesley and Mr. Wells sponsor our campus group. Officers for the current year have been; President, Harold Howell; Vice-President, Joye Romeiser; Secretary, Alice Slagel; and Treasurer, Jay Dewitt. Front Row; Mr t Wells, Jo Ann Martin, Robert Nienke, Eloise Reich, Gordon Zahradnik, Dotsy Toku- shige, Miss Beesley, Middle Row; Merlyn Johnson, Vickie Merz, Danny Van Laeys, Jay De Witt, Alice Slagle, Harold Howell. Back Row: Marjorie Hargitt, Ray Weaver, Lowell Guyer, Duane Spears, William Roth, Doyle Ekey, Joye Romeiser. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Front Row: Miss Newbecker, Betty Bast, Corolyn Bell Leah Rae De.ter, Phyll.s Berland, Shirley Pat rick, Maurine Offerle, Miss Beesley. Second Row: Charmame Owens Lorraine Deeds, Sharon John son, Louree Pinkston, Maxine Schumacher, Dalene Sewell, Betty Melville. Third: Bonita Ho e Sibyl Cooley, Wilma Barnett, Vickie Merz, Mary Anne Willour, Jo Ann Martin, Evelyn Barrett, C Jra Dei ter. Back Row: Mona Clark, Ella Wineland, Mary Jo Gibson, Jacque Burnett, Donna Wilkens, Barbara Bauer, Sylvia Moritz. Serving teas and dinners, and enjoying their own picnic and annual formal banquet are a few of the yearly activities of the Home Economics Club. Members of the club are those girls who hold a special interest in home economics. The club officers are President, Wilma Barnett; Vice-President, Maxine Schumacher; Secretary, Charmaine Owens; and Treasurer, Da- lene Sewell. Their sponsor is Miss lla Newbecker. WILMA BARNETT President INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Front Row: Eleanor Ormsbee, Nada Merkel, Joan Johnson, Wilda Smith, Renate Nasty. Back Row: Mr. Craine, Jim Garrigues, Russell Bray, Don Gleason, Clair Bushell. DON GLEASON President The International Relations Club is interested in non-partisan discussions concerning foreign affairs and our international re- lationships. Leading this group in their activities is their presi- dent, Don Gleason, and sponsor, Mr. Eugene Craine. The other club officers are: Vice-President, Paul Blomquist; Secretary, Joan Johnson; and Treasurer, Clair Bushell. " K” CLUB EARL MINKS President To be eligible for membership in our campus " K " Club, an athlet e must have earned a letter in intercollegiate athletic competition. One of the b.g Jobs of this organization is e promotion of our , rodeo, pop and enthusiasm. Hooding thin acve campus group , Ear M.nk. President. Assisting pro Vice-President. Don Roroboogh; Secretory-Treasurer. Koyo McGillivroy, Mr. Ralph Huffman, Sponsor. Front Row: Gene Jaco, Ronald Hopkins, Dean Thompson, Don Rorabaugh, Johnny Roth, Mr. Huff- man. Second Row: Earl Minks, Aaron Feist, Earnest Snook, Charles Owens Bernard Retdl Meryl Garey Third Row: Kayo McGillivray, Bennie Frantz, Glen Cooper, Harold Long ' M 9 . , ' Bdl Folkers, Walt Hobbl Back Row: Nick Yunk, Stan Tompkins, Gene Anderson, Marvin Andrews, Charles Stahl, Bud Moeckel, Bud House, Alan Feist. MATHEMATICS CLUB Front Row: Mr. Etter, Mary Nicholas, Roger Milberger, Back Row: Kenneth Werth, Don Schimpf, Bill Hoffman, Rasmussen. Dorothy York, Mr. Toalson, Mr. Marshall. Marion Bodge, Douglas Sellers, Royce DOUGLAS SELLERS President Solving intriguing problems, not touched upon in class, is one of the highlights of many Mathematics Club meetings. They promote an interest in mathematics through the membership of students. The leaders of this club are President, Doug Sellers; Vice-President, Royce Rasmussen; Secretary-Treasurer, Kenneth Werth; and Mr. Eugene Etter, Sponsor. LITTLE THEATER BILL SAMPLES President Those students interested in theatrical work-acting, directing, writing-comprise the mem- bership roll of the Little Theater group on our campus. Bill Samples, one of the very able mem- bers of this group holds the office of president. He is assisted by the Vice-President, Greta Strecker, Secretary-Treasurer, Donna Garrett; and Dr. Geneva Herndon, faculty sponsor. Front Row: Bill Samples, Joan Wilkerson, Annie McConnell, Roth Greers Da ‘ e ?. e Fi blr, W l o Dr. Herndon. Middle Row: Colene Young, Jo Ann Hoover, Man.yn Apple, Dixie Badgwell, Donna Garrett, Virginia Snook. Back Row- Clell Harmon, Doreen Norman Letourneau, Greta Strecker, Winton Hale, Rachel Brack, Bob Archer. STATE COLLEGE LEADER MARTHA PATE Editor To the tune of clattering typewriters, rolling presses and frantic last minute attempts of reporters to gather material the weekly publications of The Leader rolled off the press this year on the campus. Left to right: Don Me- Cosh, Bill Teaford, Richard Diamond, Nancy Larmer, Jac- quelyn Meyers, Kay Malone, Martha Pate, Carolyn Hake, Margaret Brenton, Jo Anne Rundelh Troy Crowder served as faculty adviser. DON McCOSH Business Manager REVEILLE STAFF The staff of the 1953 Reveille, yearbook of Fort Hays State College. Pictured below are, left to right in the back row, Dean McGee, Smith Center, men ' s sports editor; Willard Peterson, Tribune, editor; Gordon Zahradnik, Wilson, art editor; Richard Diamond, Mankato, assistant business mana- ger In the front row are Mike Williams, Greensburg, assistant photographer; Carolyn Hake, Nor- ton, assistant organizations editor; Kay Hahn, Oklahoma City, Okie, organizations editor; Norma Williams, Great Bend, assistant editor; Dixie Badgwell, Claflin, Greek editor; Yvonne Slingerland, Larned, womens sports editor; and Jack Hunsley, Larned, photographer. Staff members not pictured are Nancy Larmer, Russell, class editor; and Ruth Greer, Otis, assistant class editor. WILLARD PETERSON ELDON LAIDIG Business Manager Editor GWEN ARNOLD President SECOND GENERATION CLUB Second Generation is a group of Fort Hoys State students who are sons or daughters of former students Their main project this year was serving as a public relations group during the 50th Anniversary and Homecoming celebration. Officers of the group are Gwenn Arnold, president; Tad Feltz, Vice-Presi- dent; Joye Lynn Johnson Secretary Front Row: Mrs Landrum, Grace Young, Genevieve Derks, Coleen Lentfer, Eloise Reich, LaFaun Foreman, Mary Anspaugh, Shirley Stapp, Joycelyn Kobler, Mildred Jones, Delores Young, Dr. Tom- anek Second Row; Joyce Anderson, Carol Johnson, Lynette Pearson, Norma Williams, Billie Upton, Carlene Knowles, Evelyn Gardner Third Row: Phyllis Acheson, Lois Stutterheim, Colene Young, Joan Henry, Marilea Johnson, JoAnn Parsons, Fourth Row; LaMona Leonard, Winifred Simon, Kath- leen Custer, Gwen Arnold, Joye Romeiser. Fifth Row: Florena Kaiser, Eunice Hudson, Marjory Wal- ker, Sixth Row: Ruth Lynch, Vicky Lebsack, Marie Geenen, Marilyn Marshall, Vaughan Flinn, Richard Heaton. Seventh: Harold Burnett, Dale Marcy, George Mills, Eldon Laidig, Wallace Gosser, Back Row: Jim Ruder, John Henry, Bruce Siensen, Richard Vernon, Van Earl Charvet, NEWMAN CLUB Front Row: James R. Start, Joyce Brungardt, Pat Lynd. Nelda alT Rober Brun- Margaret Kilbridge. Second Row: Barbara ern , Y s tt ' 0mer Knoll, Alfrieda Wiesner, — L — ' Schmidt, Joe Mildrexler, Francis Horning. The Newman Club is an organization of Catholic men and women on the campus. The purpose of the organization is to promote relationship among the students both spiritua y and socially. Religious activities during the year were two Communion breakfasts, religious discussions and reports, and addresses from outside speakers. Social activities were picnics in the fall and spring, and two formals. Officers of the organization are Margaret Kilbridge, pres ‘ " dent; Tony Schmidt, Vice-President; Aaron Feist, Secretary; an Robert Brungardt, Treasurer. Father Cornelius Hiem . is Newman Club chaplain and James R. Stuart is sponsor. MARGARET KILBRIDGE President PRE-MEDIC CLUB EARL MERKEL President Future doctors, dentists, medico! technologists, and nurses comprise the membership in Pre-Medic Club. The purpose of the organization is to acquaint the pre-medicine student with the profession he intends to enter, and encourage excellence in medical work. Officers of the group are President, Earl Merkel; Vice-President, Larry Ball; and Secretary- Treasurer, Ray Stutzman. Edwin Martin is faculty sponsor of the organization. Front Row: JoAnn Hoover, Nada Merkel, Marcia Osborn, Coleen Lentfer, Mary Wilson. Second Row: Edwin Martin, Howard Teater, Earl Merkel, Ray Stutzman. Third Row: Keith Dirks, Larry Ball, Gerald Siemsen, Duane Scott. TIGERETTES Front Row: Barbara Bohannan, Mildred Agnew, Charlotte Hardin, Joy Mis hler, Evelyn Gardne r , Dot- mmmSmmm Pearson, Margaret Ford, Gladys Losey. June Berry, ma Bogart, Mary Lynette The Tigerettes are the women ' s pep organization of Fort Hays State ' s campus. The group, attired in black and gold, is always on hand to support intercollegiate athletic contests. Members are chosen by invitation of the group, from nomina- tions submitted by each organized house. Only second semester freshmen and above are eligible for membership, except for cheerleaders, whose election gives ihem an automatic mem- bership Officers of the group are President, Marilyn Freshour; Vice- President, Bette Davis; Secretary, A Hie Hogan; Treasurer; Ruthetta Seelye, MARILYN FRESHOUR President W.A.A Front Row: Dolene Sewell, Eloise Reich, Mildred Agnew, LoFoon Foreman, Nadine Schmidt Jean Brinkman, Barbara Bohannon. Second Row: LaMona Leonard, Charlotte Boxberger, Pat Lynd. Ro- mona Svaty, Shirley Stapp, Bette Davis, Eunice Sim, Ruth Sevy. Third Row: Kathleen Custer, Ardella Nelson Donna Schurr, Maxine Schumacher, Bonnie Streck, Ruthetta Seelye, Vicky Lebsack, Lyla Thomp- son, Betty Ireton, Joyce Anderson. Back Row: Moyne Wehe, Mary Alice Hogam, Greta Strecker, Faye Beth Chance, Dorene Powers, Marie Geenen, Carol Darnell, Marilea Johnson, Bonnie Dunn, Shirley Schmitt. BETTE DAVIS President Combining work with play, the Women s Athletic Associa- tion is an active organization for Fort Hays State coeds who have interests in the fields of recreation and physical education. Events carried out by W. A. A. during the year were the All School Carnival, which was produced with the help of other campus organizations. Sports Day which took place in the fall, and the annual high school play day held in the spring. Officers of these girls, who also set the pace in women s intramurals, are Bette Davis, President; Mildred Agnew, Vice- President; Jean Brinkman, Secretary; Allie Hogan, Treasurer; Bonnie Streck, Publicity Manager; Greta Strecker, Social Chair- man; and Kate Stewart, Intramural Head. WESLEY HALL Front Row Merne Spitsnaugle, Mary Nan Arnold, Audrey Morrow, Jackie Schmutz, Ruth Greer, Ek se Reich Lo s Tawney Ma urine Offerle, Delores Bircher, Carlene Knowles, Dalene Seweh, Nor- ma Williams, Mrs. Gordon. Second Row: Kay Hahn, Norma Goetz Betty Watt, Orvileta Gracey, C | ara Heath Betty Holl, Edith Vogue, Jean Brinkman, Leila Hall, Earlene Bretton, Danelda ■ Aubvn Dorothy Rein, Joy Mishler. Third Row: Gladys Losey, Marilyn Offerle, Norma Connal y Wilma’ Apple Barbara Dragt, Alice Meyer, Lou Ann Marquardt, Margaret Brant, Pat Sanders, E Wi neia ncTcelia Dee BoxbUger, Evelyn Gardner. Back Row: Colene Young Ruby Neal Gwen Arnold June Berry, Martha Kissell, Wanda Latas, Rae Rothenberger W mo Brandenburg, Phylhs Sar- vis, Wilma Barnett, Donna Tustin, Elane Becker, Fawna Arasmith, Barbara Purvis. ORVILETA GRACEY First Semester President GWEN ARNOLD Second Semester President CUSTER PHYLLIS WAY KELLERMAN President Dorm days at Custer Hall took on a new look this year with the addition of the north wing and the remodeling of the south wing. Kitchenettes and pajama lounges distributed throughout the building were the scenes of many parties dur- ing the year. Additional events were open houses, informals, and one formal. Officers at Custer are President, Phyllis Way Kellerman; Vice-President, Joye Romeiser; Secretary, Phyllis Berland; Treasurer, Norma Auston. Mrs. Kathlene Kinzer is director of Custer Hall. She is assisted by Mrs. J. H. Rockwell. Front Row: Virginia Snook, Margaret Brenton, Shirley Niehous, Joyce Anderson, Charlotte Box- berger, Ramona Svaty, Phyllis Way Kellerman, Lola Mae Kreitzer, Rose Travis, Leah Rea Deiter, LaMona Leonard, Elaine Belden, Betty Mellville, Nadine Schmidt, Pat Lynn. Second Row: Pat Wells, Kathleen Custer, Marilyn Sutton, Pat Sullivan, Lolita Nelson, Mona Clark, Clara Deiter, Delores London, Nancy Wilkes, Marlene Van Meter, Janice Nowak, Ruth Secrest, Lois Stutterheim, Alice Wineland, Allure Kelly, Mrs. Rockwell. Third Row: Mary Grace Rubards, Carroll Jenkins, Bar- bara Clark, Leona Schook, Jane Bowman, Zetta Camp, Florence Kysar, JoAnn Powers, Beverly Golden, Joan Jecha, Donna Garrett, Anna McConnell, Joan Mausolf, Judy Hohner, Donna Miller, Dixie Badgwell, Georgia Ward. Fourth Row: Katherine Slagle, Sherrill Jenkins, Monita Howell, Thelma Guhr, Barbara Bower, Norma Mudd, Marjorie Hargitt, Faye Beth Chance, Mary Wilkens, Ardella Nelson, Allie Hogan, Carol Darnell, Joan Rundell, Rachel Brack, Beverly Munger Cunning- ham, Cathryn Rowland, JoAnn Hoover, Marilyn Marshall, Shirley Filbert. HALL Front Row: Beny Bryon Kathryn McH.erso. wUa £$£ “Sty Ba " Si by l Cool ey , t Joa n° W‘M kerson, iixie an ' G ™J “ n ' Tel, Eil Donna Es££EScrir4«£ SS5SS SSBrS =. a a Sue Feaster, Jacqulyn Glowers, JOVE ROMEI5ER Vice-President SIGMA THETA EPSILON The national religious fraternity for college men of Methodist preference on our campus is Sigma Theta Epsilon Among the aims of this fraternity are to gain an under- standing of the history and purposes of the Church, to promote wholesome Christian fel- lowship, and to help train young men as leaders. Serving as this year ' s president was Dale Marcy, J Fetherstone K, Marine M. Terrill K r VonSthriltz J. Anderson Elmer Howell G. Morris Loyd Asher J. Hudgens Eddy Pi land P, Blomquist D Johnson E. Proctor Jim Browne Ray Kurh: David ftiegef K. Clark D. Marcy, Pres. W. Smith KAPPA PHI In this sorority for Methodist women the established aim is that every Methodist girl today is a leader in the church for tomorrow. Araimhh, Prei. Sreckonr idgt 1 J r Jet ha G. losey A Slag-el Aren man G. Arnold £, Bratton G. Jenkins Morq wordf Slingerlond G. Young N. Arnold EJeHe Davis S Jenkins W. Morris D. Sr. Aubyn. JonH leiber N. Bogart B Hall T. Kurtz ScHmufz B Wait Bid mien burg Henry J, Kobler M. Offer! Tomlinson J une Berry C- Heath C. Knowles M Offerle Tokuthjge W. Borne tt Fondoble Fem Jones A. Morrow P. Taylor LEWIS FIELD STADIUM ALBERT FOLLETT President With their card games, pillow fights, and gab sessions the men at Lewis Field Stadium have their share of fun in college life. They participate in the intramural program and are ac- tive in the other campus organizations. Officers for this group are President, Albert Follett, Vice- President, Virgil Wendler; Secretary, La Verne Tegtmeyer; Treasurer, Paul Longnecker. Serving as their sponsor is W. D. Moreland. First Row: Bill Beamgard, R. L. Freidenberger, Orrin Oppliger, Albert Follett, L. L. Bratouw, Virgil Wendler. Second Row: La Vern Tegtmeyer, Jim Applebee, Joseph Mesa, Joe Stegman, Albert W. Blood, Le Roy Finey. Back Row: Jon C. Schoen, Charles Shirley, Ralph Fagan, Richard Birzir, Don Dwyer, Marlin Jensen, Oliver Isom. RESIDENCE HALL Front Row, E. C. Snook. Robert « E U S Ko r r " ., S Bob Z SwooTy " ' : Glen 0 Rin n .y, Go™ And on! Glen Snell, John F.t here, one. Doyle Ekey. Don Hon., er, Duane Van Petten. BILL TEAFORD President Pinocle, story telling, and occasionally studying com- sed much of the activity at Residence Hall during the past or A Christmas party and fall and spring picnics are an- al affairs at " the hall, " but the boys usually capitalize on y excuse for additional " gala events. " Another ob,ect o, erest was the construction of the new men ' s dormitory, which aoinq up beside Residence. Officers for the group are Bill Teaford, president,- Eugene lderson, vice-president; and Gordon Zahradnik, secretary- sasurer. Mrs. Etta Miller serves as housemother. PHI MU ALPHA Phi Mu Alpha is a national honorary music fraternity for men. The group assumes a responsibility to foster an appreciation of music and an understand- ing of all types. Serving as president this year has been Jim Maxwell and helping as sponsors were Stanley Ballinger and Harold Palmer, both members of the Fort Hays State music faculty. Lowell Cline Keith Hansen F. McCauley L. Wilson Bob Craine Don Johnson P. Martin Richard Wolford SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Outstanding women music students compose the membership of Sigma Alpha lota, national honorary music fraternity on the campus. Leading the group this year in its numerous musical activities was Phyllis Suiter, president. Assisting her was the sponsor, Lucille Felten. i Non Arnold Carol Johnson Phyllis Suiter, Pres. F, Brundage L Marquardt Betty Watt B, Dragt Martha Pate Colene Young Deloris Francis Jackie Schmutz Jams Zieber Joan Henry Eva Sire THETA EPSILON Among the Greek organizations on our campus is Theta Epsilon, a sorority for women of Baptist preference. Its main purpose is to form a tie between the girl while at college and her church interests and activities. Leading the girls this year in their work and activities has been Pat Sanders. Miss Geneva Herndon is the sponsor. Eileen Bodge Alice Bullock Mary Johnson Ruby Neal Eleanor Ormsbee Chormoine Owens Martha Pole Pa ' Sanders. Pres Nancy Tullis Donna Tustin LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION GEORGE SEARCH President Lutheran Student Association, in its third year on the campus, has as its purpose, encouragement in the study and appreciation of the church ' s work by personal activities and the promotion of a national and international fel- lowship of Lutheran students. First Row: Mary Wilson, Elizabeth Sullivan, Deloris Ronald Karst, Vicky Lebsack, Harbld Prichard, Ella Martha Yost, Jerry Kaempfe, and Dale Walters. Michel, Betty Bast, George Search. Second Row: Steitz. Back Row: Claire Bushell, Rachel Brack, KAPPA PI Marilyn Marsha) I W P»tftr«an Alice Stogie M. Vandiver G, Zahradnik Jack Humley Art students who meet rigid specifications can become members of Kappa Pi, the national honorary art fraternity on our campus. Their goal is to promote an interest in art on the campus and to broaden their knowledge in art. Led this year by Willard Peterson, Kappa Pi has completed a successful year. ALPHA PSI OMEGA This fraternity is art honorary national dramatics fraternity and is the goal for all those interested in dramatics through acting and technical work Bob Archer led the group this year in all its various activities. SIGMA PI SIGMA K. Werth President F. W. Almquist 0 . Brooks Everett Marshall D- Sellers R. U. Brooks J. W. Smith H. S. Choguill W. Toalson L. Furthmeyer H. A. Zinszer Sigma Pi Sigma is a national honorary organization to recognize scholastic attainment is physics. Under the leadership of Kenneth Werth, this organization has successfully completed a year on the Fort Hays State campus. Eldon Laidig PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta is a national honorary forensic fraternity. Membership in the group requires participation in any intercollegiate forensic activity, such as oratory, debate, extemporaneous speaking, and discussion. Advancement within the organization is guaged by achievement and experience in forensic activity. The organization was headed by Eldon Laidig. Joan Wilkerson PI GAMMA MU James Garrigues Mary Joan Johnson Maria Perkins Wilda Smith Roy Wagner Pi Gamma Mu, national social science fraternity, has as its chief purpose to study problems of social science. To meet this purpose, the organization has study projects, sponsors programs, and works closely with other organizations directly connected with social science problems. A student must be a junior and hold a high scholastic record to become a member. New members are selected by the faculty members of the organiza- tion. This year, the organization has been headed by Wilda Smith. KAPPA OM1CRON PHI Kappa Omicron Phi is a national home economics fra- ternity which has been newly organized this year on our campus. Leading the group this year has been Phyllis Suiter. Alice Bullock Wilma Barnett Elvera Munsell Phyllis Suiter Tomlinson KAPPA MU EPSILON Kappa Mu Epsilon is a new honorary mathematics fraternity on the campus. Students are admitted to the fraternity upon meeting scholastic standards one being elected by the present membership. Faculty sponsors are Eugene Etter, Everett Marshall, Emmet Stopher, and Wilmont Toalson. Doug Sellers, pictured below, is president. Marion Bodge Gene Fox Roger Milburger Bill Nelson Doug Sellers Mary Nicholas Royce Rasmussen Nick Yunk Kenneth Worth Tony Schmidt DELTA EPSILON The national honorary science organization on our campus is Delta Epsilon, organized to stimulate and reward interest in scientific scholarship and re- search. Kenneth Simons served as this year ' s president. Lloyd Furtbmeyer j D Earj Doug Norcross Merkel Sellers Gerald Kenneth Siemsen Worth Lefts Alpha ' s Allie Hagan, Jennie Mayl Nancy Larmer, assist the bartender at the Rush Party ' ew, and " Coketail Below: Norma Goetz guards the captives of Fort Hays State on the Homecoming float as the Washburn Ichabods run away The Alphas ' giant news- paper won second prize in Homecom ing house decorations News 60 Rl LUS Uf Vears frgers Picied ' if ar Or V .! L. " ' . ' . Welcome - - . i 1 ■ kj ' ■ k - i ,« : t , J a i •? • ' m y , ■ RTTSB ' JFiil fife : m ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA The Fort Hays State chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha was established on the campus in 1928. Red and white are the Alpha colors and their flower is the narcissus or aster. Their national philanthropic project includes supplying equipment and offering services to veterans. Members not pictured: Jean Wescott, Donna Schurr, Phyllis Aley, Nancy Larmer, Kate Stewart. Yvonne Siingerland Bette Davis Helen Libhart Ruthetta Seelye Mildred Agnew Sheila Foster Jenny Mayhew Martha Pate Joyce Anderson Mary Garrison Ardella Nelson Mary Wilson Officers: JoAnn Hoover, Phyllis Way, Mary Wilkins and Loraine Olmont. Deltas ' interpretation of the 1902 Tiger team The Deltas ' Homecoming float is the scene of a wedding DELTA SIGMA EPSILON Dixie Badgwell Billie Bertram Jo Ann Hoover Marilyn Marshall Catherine Rowland Elizabeth Belden Jennie Bertram Joan Jecha Joan Mausolf Delores Solomon Rho chapter of Delta Sigma Epsilon was established on the Fort Hays campus in 1925, The colors are olive green and cream, and the flower is a cream tea rose. National project of all Deltas is the Home for Leprosy in Carviile, La Members not pictured: Jane Bowman, Lorraine Ohnmacht Norma Reimer, Shirley Thomas, and Glenda Warner. Shiriey Filbert Lela Kreutzer Lolita Nelson Joan Wllkerson Donna Garrett Jocelyn Kohler Gloria Nelson Mary Wilkens Joyce Brungardt Phyllis Kellerman Anna McConnell Louise Smith I Above: Below: Norma Williams, Kay Hahn, and June Berry on the Homecoming float. Officers: Martha Kissell, Dorothy York, Joyce Romeiser, and Charmaine Owens. Above: Fort Hays is " Branded In Prog- ress " by the Tri Sigs ' house decorations. Betty Ireton and Nancy Sigrist are enjoying themselves at a Tri Sig rush party. WWW SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Sigma Sigma Sigma was established at Fort Hays State in 1925. The Gwen Arnold June Berry Jo Ann Parsons purple violet is the flower belonging to the Tri Sigmas and purple and white are their colors. National projects of this group include the Ruth Hathaway memorial, John. Randolph library, Clora Barton Higgon proj- ect, Industrial Home for Crippled Children and the Endicott School. Members not pictured: Norma Austin, Phyllis Berland, Wilma Brandenburg, Faye Beth Chance, Kathleen Custer, Viola Merz, Gayiene Owens, Lynette Pearson, Beth Rehor, Joye Romeiser, Judith Rouse, Margaret Walker, and Norma Williams. Kay Hahn Nancy Sigrist Martha Kissel! Dorothy Tokushige Chanmaine Owens Dorothy York LDiMinUffinSOns OF WEDDED BLI55 Above: Congratulations from the Thetas to Fort Hays is expressed by their house decorations. Right: " Fifty Years of Slayin ' ' Em " is the theme of the Thetas ' float. MOW THETA SIGMA UPSILON Mu Chapter of Theta Sigma Upsilon was founded on the Fort Hays Kansas State College campus in 1928. The Theta ' s colors are rose and silver and their flower is the rose. At the National Convention in Biloxi, Mississippi, August, 1952, Mu Chapter received two trophies— one for the first place for exhibit and one for most improvement in scholarship. They also received recognition for having the most representatives. Members not pictured: Carolyn Bell, Coleen Lentfer, Dora Jean Nichol, Bonnie Streck, Moyne Wehe, and Mary Ann Weiser. Barbara Bohannan Evelyn Howell Shirley Stapp Peggy Coder Marcia Osborne Greta Strecker Lorraine Deeds Sylvia Moritz Ramona Svaty Margaret Ford Shirley Schmitt Mary Ann Willoui La Faun Foreman Pat Shumate Martha Yost Marilyn Freshour Eunice Sim KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA Phi Delta Chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa was established on the Fort Hays State campus in 1946, and was previously Phi Delta Chi, a state fraternity, and previous to that a local fraternity of Kappa Beta Tau. The fraternity colors are purple and gold, and the flower is the iris. Members not pictured: Jack Denison, George Norman, Harold Richardson, Gay- len Stephenson, Dale Kellerman, Jim Jewell, Jack Muir, Bob Reins, and Terry Dibble. Leon Atkinson Aaron Feist Lawrence Porsons Steve Bohonicky Bert Gansel Robert Pifer Harold Copper Homer Grimes Paul Stephenson Don Connell Merlin Grimes Norman Stoppel Roger Dunning James Kellerman Ron Temple Alan Feist Kenneth Marine Tom Van Diest " Victory and Progress Go Hand in Hand ' ' is the motto of the Phi Sig float. Phi Sig officers: Cleo Dome, Ronald Hopkins, Don Gleason and Bob Deighton The Phi Sig house becomes a saloon for Homecoming Week activities. PHI SIGMA EPSILON Zeta Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon has had a great history, but during the war the records were lost. Up to this time the records ave no found so a true historical picture of the chapter ' s development is not available. The group joined Phi Sigma Epsilon in 1931. In 1946 after being inactive dur- ing the war, the Sigs were reinstated on the campus with eleven old members and veterans. Members not pictured: Marvin Andrews, Jim Applebee, Stanley Atkinson, Russell Bray, Glen Cooper, Bobbie Deighton, Cleo Dome, Meryle Garey, Ronald Guffy, Ronald Harness, Bud House, Gene Jaco, Alvin Kindsvater, Richard Lousch, Norman Marrow, Richard Marsh, Than Mellich, Bill Meyers, Alvin Ohnmacht, Bob Row- ers, Ralph Purcell, Howard Runft, Richard Se- lensky, Charles Stahl, Bill Wallace. Lewis Eulerf Neal Hermon Howard Moi Bill Nelson Charles Shirley La Roy Fiene Rons Id Hopkins Kayo McGillivmy Jerry Pennell Stewart Smith Gene Fox Oliver Isom Leonard McKenna Glen ftiney Duone Sieffen Bill Bearngard Melvin Gardner fred Key worth Richard McMilien Don Rorabcmgh Ross Summers Larry Cates James Garrigues Clifford Lindahl Joe Mildrejcler Tony Schmidt Leroy Thornburg Lowell Cornwell Don Gleason Jerald lynd Jim Neal John Schoen Nick Vunk Above — Officers: Sponsor, Dr. Richardson, Jack Dufield, Dean Thompson, Jim Ruder, Sponsor, Claude Settlemire, Ray Weaver, Thomas Gotts- chalk, Clyde Ward, and Tad Felts. | Above: The Sig Tau float was well-deserving of the first prize that it won. Charlotte Hardin is featured at the top of a flight of stairs. SIGMA TAU GAMMA Eta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma was organized October 9, 1923, as lota Kappa Tau. It remained local until 1925, and then petitioned for admission as a chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma. Its charter was granted on December 15, 1925, thereby becoming the first national fraternity on the Fort Hays State campus. The fraternity colors are blue and white and the fraternity flower is the white rose. Sigma Tau Gamma was admitted to the National Inter- fraternal Council in 1949. Don Rupp Ronald Gridley Richard Pfortmiller Don Seibel Eugene Anderson Merlyn Johnson Johnny Roth Dean Thompson Ted Felts Earl McGee Darrell Seibel Jack Dufield Roger Lippert Robert Seibel Jay DeWitt Jerry Kaempfe James Ruder Left: Tau Kappa Epsilon officers: Don Ream, Bill Confer, Mike Williams, Myron Demes, Bob Archer, Jim Savage, and Richard Diamond. Below: The TKE house becomes a movie theatre starring Fort Hays Alumni in “50th Anniver- sary ' Below: The TKE ' s portray fifty years of programs on their Homecoming oa TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tau Kappa Epsilon was established on this campus in 1941. It went in- active during the war and was reactivated in 1947, The fraternity flower is the red carnation. The colors are cherry and gray. Members not pictured: Larry Base, Keith Dirks, Vaughn Flinn, Bob Gilbert, Don Hazell, Bob Helton, Don Ream, Max Terrill. Bill Confer Roger Franke Bob Henderson Don Hunter Chdrl« See Cliff Tillell Bob Archer Gerald Coop Jim Hinkhouse leon Miller Bruce Siemsen Vqughn Flynn Virgil BeOughftr Darryl Goes Bob Johnson Willard Peterson Gerald Siemsen Michael Williams Harold Borne ft Richard Heaton Ralph Lamoree Bernard Hied! Bob Salmons Wendell Wycm Richard Diamond Charles Henderson John Miller Don Schimpf LaVerne Tegtmeyer Myron Deines Lorry Heilschmidt Melvin Macy Jim Savage Ray Stulimon First prize in house decorations went to the Gamma Taus for their " Fiftieth Anniversary Special " Officers: Don McCosh, Clair Bushel, Ernest Ken- drick, Bill Samples, James Franks and E. C. Snook. " Glamour Girl " Ernest Kendrick and " Clown " Winton Hale add the finishing touch to the Gamma Tau float. GAMMA TAD Gamma Tau was established on the Fort Hays Kansas State College campus as a club in the spring semester of 1951. It began functioning as a recognized social fraternity during the following fall semester. Gamma Tau colors are nile green and white, and the fraternity flower is the white carnation. Members not pictured: Carl O ' Hair, Donald O ' Hair, George Knoll, Bill Teaford, Delmar Wilson, George Bennett, Joseph Jelinek, Ronald Karst, Winton Hale, James Franks, Eldon Laidig, George Nicholas, La Vern Stenzel, Vernon Wellbrock. Clair Bushell Joe Jelinek Ernest Kendrick Don McCosh Bill Samples Ernest Snook Jim Applebee Kenneth Braun Wendell Brozek Larry Cates Curtis DeBey Cleo Dome The Tigers ' Seniors Leroy Fiene Merle Garey Below, left to right; ner, Richard Lousch, Jr, Doyle Alan Feist Don " Rocky " Rorabaugh, All-CLC Guard, Bud House, Gene Jaco, Merlyn Johnson, Dennis Lei t- Howard Mai, Bob Maloney, Richard McMillan, Marvin Miles, Earl Minks, Dwight Mitchell, Bud Moeckel, George Norman, Ralph Purcell, John Roth, Howard Runft, Tony Schmidt, George Shroyer. FOOTBALL Bottom Row: Mai, G. Stephenson, Norman, Rorabaugh, Jaco, Minks, Roth, Shroyer, Stoppel, Schmidt, Lousch, Vratil, Maloney; Runft Second Row: Athletic Director Gross, Sweazy, Yunk, Ap- plebee, Stahl, Moeckel, Wasinger, Doyle, DeBey, House, Miles, Steffen, McMillen, Fiene, P. Ste- phenson, Cates, Dome, Head Coach, Huffman. Third Row: Asst, Coach Suran, Garey, Mitchell, Pennell, Feist, Purcell, Thomas, Johnson, Mildrexler, Schlageck, Brozek, Braun, Trybom, Sparr, Spencer, Asst. Coach Francis. This year the Tigers were the youngest team in the history of the school. The squad, which averaged eighteen years old, consisted of fifty-five fresh- men, twelve sophomores, seven juniors and three seniors. Coach " Red " Huffman was able to field a fighting team They were in- experienced but made up for it with their determination. The Tigers ' season record was very misleading and did not give a fair picture of the kind of team they had. Although they won only one game and tied two, they gave every team, even the best, a good game. Donald " Rocky " Rorabaugh, one of Huffman ' s sixty-minute men, was named on the All-C.hC, first team " Rocky " is an eighteen-year-old junior from Smith Cen- ter, and has lettered three years here at F.H.5. He has been a sixty-minute man for the last two years and was a starting defensive guard when he came to Fort Hays State in ' 50, Three seniors have ended their college football careers. They are Johnny Roth, Merle Garey, and Earl Minks. Johnny was a three-year letterman from Hays, and spent his three years playing halfback for the Tigers. Merle is a three-year Tiger letterman from Downs He played his first year at Washburn. Merle was a main sparkplug in the Tigers ' defense this year. Earl, from Greensburg, was a sparkling halfback and a good defensive man. With all but the three seniors returning, " Red " has a very promisin g squad for next year. smother an Ichabod 1952 FOOTBALL SUMMARY Fort Hays State 6 7 7 2 7 Pittsburgh State St. Benedict ' s 7 7 13 14 6 Fort Hays State Fort Hays State Fort Hays State Fort Hays State 6 14 0 20 Washburn University Kansas Wesleyan 28 20 49 34 The end of the road! Tiger secondary closes in on a tackled Ichabod in the Homecoming contest. C.I.C. STANDINGS W Emporia j? St. Benedicts Washburn Pittsburgh Fort Hays Southwestern u L T 0 0 2 0 2 0 2 1 3 2 3 2 Delbert Sparr Norman Spencer What to do? Tiger Touchdown Back Row: Coach Cade Suran, Stan Tomkins, Melvin Christensen, Marvin Andrews, Ronald Gridley, Robert Pifer, Gene Anderson, Asst Coach Ralph Huffman. Front Row: Nick Yunk, Curtis DeBey, Rob- ert Wilkins, Jack Denison, Glen Cooper, Bud Moecket, Bill Huntzmger, Dale Swisher. BASKETBALL Playing the ' Alma Mater ■ V A f «$ ' Sri W n %■ Js I Jack Denison Ronald Gridley Curt DeBey Dale Swisher Stan Tomkins Bob Wilkins Nick Yunk Wichita U. ' s sharp-shooting Littleton scoffs at Action in the Washburn game, which could superstition with his No. 13. have won us the championship but didn ' t. BASKETBALL 1952-53 Right in the thick contention throughout the season, the Fort Hays State Tigers offered no small surprise to the basketball fans around the C.I.C. After leading the league for several weeks, the Tigers fell short on a disastrous two-game road trip at the close of the season. They managed, however, to turn up with an undisputed second place in the tough conference race. Working with the youngest squad in the conference, Coach Cade Suran depended largely on a foursome of sophomores — Melvin Christensen, Marvin Andrews, Bud Moeckel, and Glen Cooper. The fifth spot in the starting line-up was alternated between Jack Denison, only senio r on the varsity, and Eugene Anderson, junior. In scoring 333 points during the season, Melvin Christensen shattered the school ' s single-sea- son scoring record, set only last season by all-C.I.C. -forward Bob Ziegler. For the first time, a Central Conference tournament was held during the Christmas holidays in Hutchinson. The tournament had no bearing on the final conference standings, but did enable the teams to get some idea of what they would be up against later. At the affair, Fort Hays State was far off its usual standard of play and ended up in third place. Cade Suran had his picture taken with the 1951 trophy when his Tigers won his 100th Cooper and Moeckel head for that all-important bit of leather. victory. FINAL C. I. C. STANDINGS St. Benedict ' s Fort Hays State Pittsburg Emporia State Washburn Southwestern SEASON RECORD FHS 59 Southwest Okla. 52 FHS 88 Bethany 52 FHS 50 Wichita University 72 FHS 80 Omaha University 67 FHS 73 KWU 72 FHS 74 San Diego 58 FHS 81 Bethany 58 FHS 44 St. Benedict ' s 64 FHS 62 Pittsburg 60 FHS 79 KWU 78 FHS 69 St. Benedict ' s 49 FHS 82 Wichita University 86 FHS 61 Emporia 52 FHS 61 Emporia 52 FHS 68 Washburn 70 FHS 72 Southwestern 58 FHS 65 Pittsburg 72 FHS 92 Bethany 69 FHS 80 Southwestern 68 FHS 81 Pittsburg 76 FHS 73 Emporia 49 FHS 66 Washburn 81 FHS 52 St. Benedict ' s 68 Won 15 Lost 7 3 .700 4 .600 5 .500 5 .500 5 .500 8 .200 Reveille deadlines prevent any account of what happened during the 1953 track season, but there can be no harm in mentioning 1952 when the Tigers won {by the largest margin in many a year) the Central Intercollegiate Con ference title. Pictured below is the 1952 track squad with the coveted conference trophy. Track CHAMPIONS ALL! Kayo McGill ivray Back Row: Asst, Coach Cade Suran, Ronald Hopkins, Dean Thompson, David Riegel, Dick Scott, Bill Faulkers, Aaron Feist, Jim Montgomery, Phil Busenbark, Art Ray, Coach Alex Francis Front Row: Alan Feist, Bill Rupp, Bob Brautigam, Doyle Meade, Earl Minks (manager). Gene Anderson, Manse! Nicholas, Ted Stryker, Kayo McGillivray. Hurdle prospects for 1953 include, left to right, Doyle Meade, Gene Anderson, Neil Sum- mers, Kayo McGilllvray, and Don Dwyer. Competitors in the 100, 200, and 440-yard events are shown below. Left to right, Back Row: Aaron Feist, Bernard Riedl, Franklin Rose, Harold McReynolds, Gale Schlageck, Dick Erbert. Front Row: Charles Owens, Joe Wasinger, Wayne Knoll, Dean Thompson, Neil Herman, Alvin Kindsvater. Tiger distance men show much promise for 1953 and several years to come. Running in the half-mile, mile, and two-mile runs are the following: Back . ow Alan Feist, Omer Knoll, Gerald Pfeifer, tavern Lessor. Front Row: Ronald Hop- kins, Merril Frydendall, Art Thomas, George Mills. » k’ TRACK • K Vi ffc The only two returning Tigers who have tasted individual conference championships are shown above with Coach Alex Francis. On the left is Kayo McGillivray, 110-yard low hurdle winner in 1952, and on the right is Dean Thompson, who won the 880-yard run in 1951. The Tigers lost 36 conference points to service calls last summer, while graduation claimed none at all. Hopes for 1953 rest on a group made up principally of freshmen and sophomores. Hopes for Tiger strength in field events competitors. this group of young Shown at the right are terrnen, Phil Busenbark Ray, javelin throwers Vaulters shown above are fresh- men Ralph Purcell and George Schroyer and letterman Jim Montgomery At the right are three weight men, all new faces to Tiger track fans Left to right, they are Marshall Barrington, Curtis De- Bey, and Delbert Sparr, 41 § | ! Jsl 1 t “ W- | a I m $ Aft ' ' I p r 1 ' • ' r ,C |i " ■ . 1 Dean Thompson GOLF AND TENNIS Daie Howell Early Reveille deadlines prevent a complete run-down of the Fort Hays State golf and tennis activities but the students pictured here are those who reported for early work-outs E + C Snook, Bill Huntzmger MEN’S INTRAMURALS : There is work, as well as play, in an intramural program. The men who do it are shown at the left. Dean Thompson, stu- dent intramural manager; Gene Anderson, assistant student in- tramural manager; Alex Francis, intramural director. Due to early deadlines for Reveille copy, the winners of the 1952-53 intramural cham- pionship cannot be announced in the 1953 Reveille. Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity, winner of last year ' s competition took an early lead, however, and looked like a good prospect to repeat. More than half of the men students at Fort Hays State competed in the extensive intramural athletic program this year. Kappa Sigma Kappa took touch football honors. The team in- cluded Dale Kellerman, Ken- neth Marine, Roger Dunning, Lawrence Parsons, Thomas Van Diest, Harold Richardson, Jack Muir. Phi Sigma Epsilon won the swimming championship, with the team shown at the right: Ronald Hopkins, Marion Gardner; Glen Riney, Kayo McGillivray, Ralph Purcell. INDIVIDUALS AND DOUBLES CHAMPIONS IN FALL SEMESTER INTRAMURAL SPORTS Left: Thomas Gottschalk and Gene Anderson, Sigma Tau Gamma, golf doubles champions. Below, left: Kayo McGiJIivray and Donald Rora- baugh, Phi Sigma Epsilon, horseshoe doubles champions. Below, right: Ronald Hopkins, Phi Sigma Epsilon, horseshoe singles champion. Below: Dean Thompson, Sigma Tau Gamma, golf singles champion. Douglas Sellers, right, Tau Kappa Epsilon, individual tennis champion. Below, right: Glen Riney and George Powers, Phi Sigma Epsilon, tennis doubles - champions. Organization and College Champions, the Phi Sigma Epsilon basketball team is s stowj the back row are Glen Coopen coach, Ronald Hopkins, Gene Jaco, Howard Mat, _ 9 Front Row:°No°man Morrow? Bit! Nelson. Koyo McGillivroy. Morion Gardner, and Ralph Purcell. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL 1952-53 Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity walked off with the Intramural basketball championship for the year by defeating the Smoos, Independent championship, in a playoff. . , , . Twenty-three basketball teams participated in the 1952-53 season. The Smoos, Independent Champions — Back Row: Harry North, Don Gleason, Neil Herman, Charles King, Dale Howell, Phil Busenbark, mgr. Front Row: Willis Muth, Bud House, Duane Steffens, Vathel Monaghan, Allen Kennedy, Bill Foulkers. All -Stars, selected by the I ntra- mural Director and student managers, are shown at the right. Back Row: Bud House, Smoos; Marion Gardner and Kayo McGillivroy, Phi Sigs; Vathel Monag- han, Smoos. Front Row: Robert Co rewell, Roger Denning, Doyle Meade, Sigma Tau; Lawrence Parsons, Kappa Sig; Art Thomas. Don Ream and Roger Frank, Tekes, org. champs in table tennis. Darel Olliff, ind. champion, and Ron- ald Hopkins, Phi Si g org. and col- lege champion in badminton. Joe Jelinek and Don Me- Cosh, Gamma Tau, org champs in badminton. Top corner: Car! O ' Hair and George Knoll, Gamma Tau, org. champs in shuf- fle board. INDIVIDUAL AND DOUBLES CHAMPIONS IN 1053 INTRAMURAL COMPETITION Jack Denison, Kappa Sig, Don Bray, ind. free- org. and college champion throw champion for sec- in shuffleboard, ond year. i Women ' s Intramural Council Physical Education Majors and Minors WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS © Women ' s Recreation Association Officials ' Club MARILYN FRE5HOUR MARGARET FORD Ping Pong ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Soccer BONNIE STRECK MARILYN FRESHOUR Badminton BONNIE STRECK MARILYN FRESHOUR Tennis BONNIE STRECK Golf JOYCE WELCH Ping Pong CHARLOTTE BOXBERGER Tennis 1 Stepping Pretty Bathing Beauties What D ' ya Think? Care To Try It? The Dumbbell Drill Soccer Field Hockey WOMEN’S ATHLETICS Tennis Whlskit Speedaway Softball Basketball 1 - 2 - 3-4 Are you ready? Dancers at Ease Catch it! AM set? I ' ve caught it! Oh, dear! DRAMA Joan Wilkerson who starred in George B. Shaw ' s production of Pygmalion. DRAMA A series of student-directed one act plays were presented March 6 in Pieken Hall. " Purple Doorknob, " a comedy of character by Walter Prichard Eaton, was directed by JoAnn Parsons. The cast consisted of Nancy Sigrist, Margaret Walker, and Coleen Young Bill Samples directed Edna St. Vincent Millay ' s " Aria da Capo, " a poelic fantasy and satire on the futility of war. Included in he cast were Bill Bighorn, Donna Garret, Con Connel, Clell Harrison, and Bill Sample . Jacqulyn dowers directed Susan Glaspell ' s " Suppressed Desires. " The cast consisted of Joan W.lkerson, Eve- lyn Howell, and Harry Hunsley. Purple Doorknob " Purple Doorknob " " Suppressed Desi res " DEBATE Professor James R. Start, debate director, gives advice to a couple of Fort Hays debate students. Below, three members listen while Bill Samples presents his speech. RADIO Activities in the field of radio are expanding steadily at Fort Hays State. A daily program over KAYS, Hays, gives students valuable experience in the field. Seated left to right-Paul Blomquist, Nor- man leikam, Tom Boone, Dr. John Garwood, Robert Hoar and Standlee Dalton, who appeared on a week- ly panel discussion. irgil Wendler Don McCosh Norman Letourneau Doyle Ekey Ruth Greer Donna Garrett Tad Feltz Eda Mae Toth and Bennie Frantz posed at the main entrance and found their pic- ture in all sorts of places— even here! ALL HAIL TO THE NEW APPLIED ARTS BUILDING! And here it is in its entirety— before landscapers had gone to work, and before that strange new flag (which turned out to be the Kansas one) was raised. In the new industrial arts wing— the one that stretches, they say, " clear to Yocemenfo you can learn all sorts of mysterious but practical procedures. Lolita Nelson and Phyllis Berland make good use of the wonderful light in its new sewing rooms Mary Anne Wilbur and Thelma Raines work on homecrafts under the watchful eye of Miss I la Newbecker. HOME ECONOMICS IN ITS SPACIOUS NEW QUARTERS Modern is the word for the cooking department with its all-new equipment v — Gladys Losey at the potter ' s wheel. Creation takes a variety of forms under Dee Graves ' skilled fingers. Hanging in the art gallery in the new building are these pieces THE STUDIO GUILD COLLECTION Shown for the first time at the official opening of the new Applied Arts Building was this new collection of 26 pieces of art, the gift to the college of members of the Studio Guild of New York The collection represents o wide variety of art media, as well as a variety of types of art. " Winter Evening, " a watercolor by Henry Gasser, is a favorite of many gallery visitors Anna Huntington Hyatt ' s sculpture, " Ship of the Desert " William Saltzman ' s oil, " Magnetism, " pleases the lovers of modern art And this is Custer Hall, with its lovely new wing and its old one refurnished beyond recogni- tion. H ow vital the telephone at a college dormitory. Lela Mae Kreutzer takes a call with Phyllis Suiter waiting her turn. The Custer Hall switchboard handies calls for more than 200 willing women. Norma Auston makes it look interesting. Inside Custer Hall ' s luxurious new parlors. THE FRESHME1N MIXER Sponsored by the Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A., and the Newman Club, the freshman mixer was the first chance to get ac- quaintecL Valis Rockwell served as master of ceremonies at a pro- gram which included a grand march, a stunt program with balloons for the winners, and quite a lot of entertainment by the faculty (see the opposite page,) Remember the fashion show — when t h e upperclassmen showed the freshman what to wear and when to wear it? FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA :l p :zzm r. hi s 5 " o™l“io”“ th. 9 Orgooi.a.ion, S«.ioo of fho Reveille Phyllis Acheson hspod th ” ident Other officers who ore pictured receiving their charge from President M. C Cunning ham include Danelda St. Aubyn, librarian; Wilda Smith parliamentarian; Lou Wol- urer. In the back row are Bob Archer, secretary; Robert Smith, v,ce-pres,dent; and Richard Wol ford, song leader. A group of faculty members and visiting educators at the installation services of Future Teachers of America. CAMPUS PERSONALITIE Four foreign countries ore represented among the student body at Fort Hays State. Shown at the right are Hilda Pastrana, Puerto Rico; Renate Naste, the U.ME.S.C.O. scholarship student from Austria; Fritz Kramer and Cedlie Hoegele, who came to America as displaced persons from Austria; Dorothy Tokushige, Ha- waii; and Alfonso Pastrana, Hilda ' s brother also from Puerto Rico, Barbara Bohannon, a gal with pep and words to spare. She also whistles. Derryl Goes, drummer supreme. DORMITORY LIFE HAS MANY MOMENTS Sherryl and Carol Jenkins, twins from Norton, find a double room just what they need to make their double life complete. The girls in this pa|ama lounge " scene dressed up a bit for the picture-taking. It ' s not always this formal. Phyllis Way gets a congratu- latory kiss from President Cun- ningham. Liz Belden gets her hand held by Tex Beneke. IT ' S LOTS OF FUN TO IIK A QUEEN! Evelyn Gardiner is escorted by the King of Hearts, " Rocky " Rorabaugh. We wish to thank the following merchants for making this Reveille possible Ann ' s Dress Shop ABC Drug Store Ben F, Dreiling Billinger Bakery Butler ' s Furniture Campus Book Store Central Kansas Power Classic Store Dr, Pepper Bottling Co. A, L. Duckwall Stores Ekey Studio Felten Truck Line Finch ' s First National Bank Fort Hays Pharmacy Guercio ' s Studio Gagleman Motor Co, Walburn ' s College Goodwin Sporting Goods Grass Bros. Grocery Harkness Pharmacy Haveners ' Hays Building and Loan Hays City Bakery Hays City Drug Store Hays City Flower Mill Hays Coca Cola Hays Creamery and Ice Hays Music Co, Home Furniture Co, Humburg Hardware Hurst Motor Co. Jep ' s Super Service lack and Jill Store James Motor Co. Grocery KAYS Kessler Cleaning Co. Lamer Hotel Lang Oil Co. MarkwelPs Book Store Moderne Studio Morrison Jewelry News Publishing Co. Northwestern Typewriter O ' Loughlin Motor Sales J. C, Penney Co. Scherer ' s Shoe Store Schlegei ' s Sporting Goods St. Anthony ' s Hospital Star Theater Tholen Jewelry Vein Webster Wiesner ' s Dept, Store FINCH’S LADIES READY TO WEAR Headquarters for Sport and Casual Wear Weddinq and Formal Gowns 802 MAIN DIAL 4-4713 HAYS, KANSAS Finest of Photographs EKEY STUDIO Commercial Photo Portraits — Enlarging Kodak Finishing Picture Framing 218 West 8th Ha y s - Kansas Open Nightly Until 8 Sundays and Holidays, 10 to I and 4 to 8 WS GROCERY man ‘ ' y K ' P I 1 Walburn ' s College Grocery COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS SHEAFFER — WATERMAN — ESTERBROOK ZIPPER NOTEBOOKS GREETING CARDS PERSONALIZED STATIONERY SPALDING SPORTING GOODS SMITH-CORONA PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS CAMPUS BOOK STORE BERT E. BERGLAND Your College Store DIAL 4-2611 509 WEST 7TH Barbara Marvin STILL GROWING WITH HAYS AND COMMUNITY Capital and Surplus of $400,000 Total Resources Over $7,000,000 This strengthening of our Capital Structure is, we believe, justified by our confi- dence in the business future of Hays and the entire part of Western Kansas. We are now in position to keep growing with Hays and community, and serving our customers better and better, as we have been doing since 1888 . Member — Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The Fi r st Nat i onal 1 Sank of Hays City.Kansas WIESNER’S DEPT. STORE Groceries Dry Goods Shoes Ladies Ready to Wear Men’s Clothing Floor Coverings Appliances Furniture HAYS, KANSAS ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Standard and Portable Sales and Service Northwestern Typewriter Co. Lamer Hotel Building Dial 4-2565 HAYS, KANSAS Serving Northwest Kansas Electricity is Cheap THE HOME FURNITURE COMPANY The Most Beautiful Furniture Store in Western Kansas THE PHILCO STORE 229 West 10th Dial 4-3813 109 East llth Dial 4-3610 Any Time — Any Place O. D. CARMICHAEL Portraits Commercial THE JACK JILL SHOP Let Us Clothe Your Children — That ' s Our Business 1100 Main Everything for Infants to Pre-teens Boys Wear from 1 to 12 Hays Dial 4-3021 THE HAYS CREAMERY and ICE CO. Manufacturers of PI ERF. CRYSTAL ICE ICE CREAM NOVELTIES KINGS KWALITY ICE CREAM Dial 4-4215 310 East 11th HAYS, KANSAS GOODWIN SPORTING GOODS MacGregor Athletic Equipment Converse Footwear Winchester Firearms and Ammunition Dial 4-2419 119 West 11th HAYS HURST MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH Sdles and Servtcc Dial 4-2019 East Highway 40 THE BEST IN RELIABLE SERVICE FELTEN TRUCK LINE Daily Service KANSAS CITY WICHITA SALINA COLBY and Intermediate Points -v? Intrastate and Interstate Household Goods DIAL 4-3427 HAYS STEREO JEWELER ■fe hSL-nwsftC diwmtul A modern ring mounting will aJd new heauty to your precious diamond. In selecting a mounting and rc-setting your diamond you can rely upon your Registered Jeweler. His specialized training and practical experience qualifies linn to lielp you. To he a Registered Jeweler requires a high standard of business principles as well as special study of gems and jewelry. The American Gem Society confers tins title on those jewelers w ho are qualified. THOLEN JEWELRY COMPANY HAYS KANSAS DRY GOODS SHOES .1. C. Penney Co. Men ' s, Boys’, Women’s, Misses’ Clothing STAR THEATER Always Fine Entertainment for the Entire Family FORT HAYS PHARMACY Your Rexall Store SODA FOUNTAIN — DRUGS — MAGAZINES FABERGE — ELIZABETH ARDEN Dial 4-3469 217 West 10th SCHLEGEL ' S SPORTING GOODS LEATHER GOODS RIDING EQUIPMENT WESTERN WEAR Dial 4-2117 118 W. 11th Hays, Kansas HAYS CITY BAKERY Home of Tasty Pastry MR. S MRS. J. W. WIEDOWER 117 W. 11th Dial 4-3522 ' A ' Pw PjW m, BEN F. DREILING, INC. Buick, Pontiac and G. M. C. Trucks DIAL 4-2531 HAYS, KANSAS " We Appreciate Your Business " ALL TYPES OF LAUNDRY SERVICE DRY CLEANING 126 West 9th Style — ■ oli Will Always I inti the Newest Cre- ations in Wearing Apparel for Men and Women at This Store The LA K- T0R£ Dial 4-3429 800 MAIN- HAYS, KANSAS A Few Words To The Students Of Fort Hays State The reading oi a daily newspaper is a broad education in itself. The daily paper affords a background of general information which no one can obtain in any other way . Few college students need to be told this, it goes without saying, but there may be young men and young women attending Fort Hays State who do not know the Hays Daily News has complete cover- age of world-wide, national, state and home news on every week- day except Saturday , and on Sunday as well. The Sunday Morning News also has features and a comic section as well. The over -all news coverage provided is that of the Associated Press, the world ’s largest news-gathering agency. Read the News to be up on all the news that is news. NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY Hays Daily News Ellis County News News Commercial Job Printing JAMES MOTOR CO. LINCOLN MERCURY GENUINE PARTS Wholesale Retail GUARANTEED SERVICE — REASONABLE PRICES 200 E. 8th Dial 4-3481 LANG OIL COMPANY 613 EAST 8TB STREET HAYS, KANSAS Billinger’s Bakery Distributors of SUNBEAM BREAD Pies , Rolls and Cakes mobiloil MOBILGAS Dial 4-9916 124 West 9th " At the Sign ot the Flying fled Horse " Dial 4-2016 Dial 4-4212 m orridon 107 West 10 " ° y Ellis Dial 4-2533 Phone 18 CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE Q r £.au fUlin MOTOR SALES Mechanical and Body Repair NEW CARS and TRUCKS OK USED CARS and TRUCKS 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Congratulations, Tigers! on this Edition of Y our Y earhook AVENER’S d loyt W j r“ A Complete Stock Hays Building and of Amateur Photo Loan Association Supplies Equipment ★ ★ ★ HAYS CITY DRUG STORE " Save and Invest " , Dial 4-4414 " The Corner Drug Store " ★ ★ ★ Hays, Kansas Dial 4-3413 DIAL 4-3418 The Music Headquarters of Western Kansas 714 MAIN ST Dr Pepper Bottling Co Drink a BHe to Eat at 10, 2 4 o ' Clock JEP ' S SUPER SERVICE STATION EFFICIENT MODERN Jf ere’s to good times and good friends , . may you always have an abundance of both T BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY HAYS COCO-COLA BOTTLING CO Hays, Kansas ?iPWWi y v : ABC DRUG STORE The Store That Immediately Comes To Mind When You Think of— Dependability Courteous Serviee Complete Lines of Merchandise Famous Cosmetics Modern Surroundings Outstanding Prescription Dept. REXALL STORE DIAL 4-2523 HUMBURG HDWE., INC. Everything for the Home General Hardware Electric Gas Appliances HOW. 11th BOTTLE GAS Dial 4-21 19 Gagelman Motor Co M Inc FORD SALES ond SERVICE There ' s a Ford in Your Future " HAYS, KANSAS 528 East 8th Dial 4-3411 THE A. L. DUCKWALL STORES CO. 5 Cents to $1.00 Store Visit Our Modern Fountain and Luncheonette 1103 Main Hays Phone 4-2812 Good Food of Course C. W LAMER R R CLARK S W LAMER Th? t AM EH HOTELS LAMER - MULROY, Hays LAMER CLAYTON, Sauna LAMER MOTEL, HAYS H. B. LAMER PRESIDENT Good Food of Course ANN ' S FEATURE NATIONALLY KNOWN MERCHANDISE DRESSES Daryl Junior Paula Brooks Paul Sachs Juliette LINGERIE Peter Pan Brassieres Wonder M aid Slips Van Raalte Slips HOSIERY Mojud Van Raalte Muiroy Hofei Bldg. SUITS and COATS Swansdown Sacony-Palm Beach Klingrite HATS Gage Gabiel GLOVES DawnelJe Ask Your Grocer for ENRICHED SEMOLINO FLOUR ’ A Western Kansas Product ‘ The Hays City Flour Mills Fine Furniture -- Low Prices KROEHLER SPARTON RADIOS YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS SEALY MENGEL G. E. APPLIANCES Complete CFloor Covering Service Comparison is the Measure of Value ' BUTLER’S 119 West 10th Dial Store 4 3311 House 4-4622 HAYS, KANSAS KAYS 1400 1400 MARKWELL ' S TYPEWRITERS BOOKS STATIONERY NOTE BOOKS FOUNTAIN PENS ATHLETIC SUPPLIES ART SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES PLAYING CARDS OFFICE SUPPLIES LOOSE LEAF LEDGERS LOOSE LEAF RING BOOKS FILING CABINETS LEATHER GOODS MARKWELL ' S BOOK STORE PHONE 4-4611 1010 MAIN HARKNESS PHARMACY IN HAYS OVER 50 YEARS m i i Dial 4-2521 The Choicest In DRUGS, CANDIES AND TOILET ARTICLES MAGAZINES ... ICE CREAM 715 Main SCHERER’S SHOE STORE 119 Main St. Hays, Kan, WESTERN KANSAS ' FINEST SHOE STORE Featuring Nationally Advertised Shoes for Men and Boys, Women and Girls, Children and Infants. For Women and Girls — AirStep, Life Stride and Connies, For Men and Boys — Roblee, Fed win and Nunn-Bush, For Children and Infants — The Famous Buster Brown. Diamond and Silver Center of Western Kansas Lamer H otel Building DIAL 4 3810 HAYS, KANSAS Greetings From St. Anthony’s Hospital This Space Reserved and Paid for By The Active Staff FOOD THAT PLEASES GRASS BROS. Dial 4-2511 Hays, Kansas 235 West 10th

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