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m. fiu ' vy- ' frwUlt mmmmm rniimm m VM m traa H u M EHj }) 4 K KlC 35i.h !,J i kl SIS fort hays kansas state college hays, kansas foreword... in tliis world of change we have taken a bit of fifty years ago and mix- ed it with today --and a small amount of tomorrow- - to make the 19 12 reveille... ue hope this will help to make the fiftieth anniver- sary of fort hays kansas state college a memorable one. reveille fort -asjk hays kansas state hays, kansas college 3 dedication t o each stud nt who has gained something from the « ollege...t o each student who has given something to tin c€ llege and to each student ulio will reminisce of his college da vs... 5 history Shown above is officers row at the old Fort in 1869. It was in one of the Fort buildings that college classes were begun in 1902. There was a day when Fort Hays State existed only in the dreams of a man named Martin Allen — whose vision enabled him to see beyond the limited horizons of old Fort Hays to a day when the crude and still-tottering village of Hays City might be the center of education and research for all of Western Kansas. Martin Allen did not live to see his dream come true, but we believe he would be well-satisfied with the product of his persistence, as Fort Hays Kansas State College pauses in 1952 to celebrate its fifty years of educational service to the Fort Hays Stated first president was also a man of vision. William A. Lewis could see no limit to the possibilities of the college whose administration he un- dertook in 1913. What a tremendous venture the build- ing of Sheridan Coliseum must have represented 38 years ago when the ground was officially broken. The photo below shows the ceremonies as President Lewis watches with justifiable pride the laying of the conerstone. It was 1917 before the building was com- pleted and officially dedicated in the presence of the capacity crowd, shown at 7 Students in the little old frame building, which had been moved from the site of the Fort across the creek to the present campus site, held a tremendous spontaneous celebration when word came that the legislature had appropriated money for their first permanent building. It was our own Picken Hall, shown above as it appeared when it was first completed. 8 class of 1903 Freda Schwaller Fred Lindley Shown belovv School ' s first Picken, holdir his office. Ida Shaffer At the left is one of the early class- rooms, with the late Professor John Bird In charge 9 1 The baseball players, shown at the left, are the Lorbeer brothers, of a somewhat later vintage, but of unmatched fame in Fort Hays State athlet- ic history. Athletics have been a se- rious and important part of life at Fort Hays State from the vey beginning, as these early pictures show. Participants will de- ny that commercialization has added anything to the thrills of athletics, when they were played solely for fum (or perhaps for added prestige in the eyes of the fairer sex). 10 It looks like things were certainly gay enough around Fort Hays State when grandmother was a girl. The gym in which the Bloomer Girls are posing you’ll recognize as the present Social Building. All was very formal as they crowned a Queen and wound a Maypole in front of Picken Hall, some 30 years ago. The bridge across Big Creek was known as Spoony Bridge, even before Custer Hall was built on the other side. Being a good skater was better than being a good dancer back ' in the good old days. Musical organizations, shown below, dit- fered only in costume from our modern 11 -ai m founders ' day march 3,1952 Dr. L. D. Wooster, president emeritus of Fort Hays Kansas State College, who delivered the Founder s Day Address. The first of three major events planned to celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversary of Fort Hays State was a Founders’ Day Assembly on March 3, with President Emeritus Wooster as principal speaker. Dr. Wooster paid tribute to Martin Allen, who for many years dreamed of an educational institution on the old fort reservation, but did not live to see the realization of his dreams. A special guest at the assembly was George Brown, now a night watchman at the college, who was one of the signers of a petition sent by Hays residents in 1895 to President Grover Cleveland requesting the establishment of the college. Mm j T Jfik 12 ■ l 7 ' r v . r i ; ' i t a j w. " a ' " ' I tb U w- Y ' £ JS C 7 « - - - Ik : vV r ; v t- - s»w| The petition respectfully represents that the Fort Hays Military Reservation . . . long since abandoned for use as a Military Reservation . . ♦ be used , . For a location of branches of two state institutions ... a western branch of the Kansas Agricultural College and a western Kansas branch of the Kansas State Normal Institute . . It was twenty-three years from the time Martin Allen first formally recommended the establishment of the colleg e until its opening day in 1902. Photostatic Records of the petition to President Cleveland 13 opening day celebration june 22. I!)52 The Fiftieth Anniversary of the scene pictured above — the opening day of the Western Branch of the State Norma! School on June 23, 1902, was cele- brated this summer. William S. Picken, the first principal, lacked nothing in dramatic sense. He had the above picture carefully posed and taken before the students and townspeople went inside for the opening ceremonies. He also said to Jennie Ward. as he handed her enrollment receipt num- ber one, Miss Ward, this is a very important oc- casion. Keep this receipt. One hundred years from now, it will be very valuable. The first student to enroll on the opening day was Jennie Ward, now Mrs. W. D. Philip, Hays. She still has in her possession the receipt for her enrollment fee. 14 thrice The welcome mat was truly out on the campus on June 23. The spotlight was on the old timers " and special recognition was given to those who were students that first year. Eighteen of the forty-one students who en- rolled for the first summer session back in 1902, returned to Fort Hays State to partici- pate rn the celebration. At the right, Miss Maude McMindes, who has chairmanned the entire anniversary plan, took time out to greet a guest as registrants crowded the Coliseum foyer. Faculty women, faculty wives, and women students dressed themselves in 1902 costumes to serve as hostesses and guides about the campus. In the photo at the right, Miss Marjorie Butler, dean of women, chats with Mrs. Ethel McKenna, who was for many years Custer Hall director, and is now a beloved member of the emeritus clan at Fort Hays State. . 15 m mm tail U M Fred Lindley, San Diego, California, lawyer, banker, rancher, who returned to deliver the principal address. Is shown above with Mrs. Lindley, who also attended the affair. The success of the anniversary celebration was due principally to the fact that so many early cay students returned to join In the festivities. Chat PIcken, son of William S. Picken, the first principal of the school, came from Loveland, Colorado. Two of the college ' s three first graduates, were back for the celebration. They were Mrs. Fredetla Schwaller Trlnkle, LaJolla, California, and Fred E. Lindley. assembly The early-day students, shown be low on the front rows of thi Coliseum arena, enjoyed a pro gram of early-day entertainment songs sung by a vocalist popula on the campus in another era the address by Mr. Lindley, anc the singing of the three anthem the college has used at variou times in the past fifty years. 16 o stir nostalgia, tht Jay students who lay students who were jack for the celebration ere taken in the cob 3ge bus to Custer ' s Is- and, to see that whiie wildings and new faces hange a college the old atural trysting spots stay ■ retty much the same, he top photo shows the iroup alighting from the us. At the right is Mrs, ennie Ward Philip, the ollege ' s first enrollee, ecked out for the oc- |asion, and finding herself ie center of interest as monade is served. Left, Cody Commons was crowded for the Anniversary Luncheon, with old grads, summer students, faculty members, and friends of the college in attendance. ■ - •fl j fjH iSI 23?jv . , ) 17 don seibel sigma tail gamma m -52 rev roy king 18 queen leona hose custer hall prince harold burnett tau kappa epsilon bob deighton marianne rouse theta sigma upsilon hendricks bob me pherson 20 leona kaiser kay hahn mary alice hogan arlene peters President Cunningham crowns the 1952 Reveille queen, Leona Bose while Don Seibel waits to be crowned king. The little crown bearers, Marianne Cun- ningham and Bert Bergland, watch with Reveille editor, Don- na Foster. 21 Li wayne brubaker betty see jerry Starkey ruth taylor john tomlinson charlene dilsaver valis rockwell carlene duncker dolores earnest francis frey who’s who In american colleges and universities ethelmae wilson 25 ELDON MATAL, President student body officers 26 KAYE VON SCHRILTZ, President student council STANDING: Ann Crumly, Dean Thompson, Harold Burnett, Steve Bohonicky. Jerry Starkey, Earl Merkel, Don Hunter, Don Jones, Kayo McGillivray, Lowell Hawks, SEATED: Dean E. R. McCartney, Mary Anne Willour, Evelyn Gardner, Harland Dietz, Gene Jaco, Cecil Merkel, Kave Von Schriltz. 27 » pB fj : [ i " 4 1 Hr i i jy.y ■iflEr - ■ S i f! ■ ISr ’ j commencement day, 1952 The long procession from Cody Commons to the Coliseum marked the beginning of the red’ letter day of days. Mother and Dad joined graduates at the annual Commencement Dinner after the degrees were finally conferred. 1932 Reunions of graduates of yesteryear were held at the Commencement din- ner. The groups were eyed with a bit of puzzlement by the brand new Class of 1952, which had a bit of difficulty envisioning itself twenty years hence. 1942 " Has it really been ten years? ? ? " The Class of 1942 held its first reunion at the Commencement dinner. 1952 graduates and their parents and friends jammed Cody Commons for the traditional Com- mencement dinner. To say that nobody minded the heat would be gross exaggeration, but it all seemed worth while, considering what was at stake. Curtis Albertson Hill City William Beilman Hays Marilyn Albrecht Smith Center Barbara Billings Penokee Norma Arnhold Plainville Lucile Bott McCracken Merle Bauer Pawnee Hock Raymond Baus LaCrosse Donna Brown Paradise Miriam Brubaker Plainville Doris Carson Russell John Chambers Ellis Hyrum Clark Oakland , Calif. class of 1952 Charlene Dilsaver Alexander D ' Nelle Ehrlich Hays Paul Dlabai Wilson Denzell Ekey Codell Rose Mary Dlabai Wilson Raymond Emerson Oberlin Wayne Brubaker Huqoton Curtis Camp Natoma Darrell Buss Stockton Charles Carpenter Hays Dick Schecter. LeRoy and Jim Maxwell get with it. " seniors Guy Conner McCracken Carlene Duncker Ford LaVerne Davis Hill City Patsy Earl Hays Joyce Eyman Hugoton Edward Filbert Bcrzine Charles Deeter Norcatur Charmaine Deutscher Ellis Dolores Earnest Hays David Foos Bazine Donis Eaton WaKeeney Donald Foster Safanfa Harlan Dietz Pratt Walter Ehly Clailin Donna Foster Hays Ramona Funk iV ess Ci ty Gordon Gardiner Walcefieid, R 1. Beryl Gibson Phi llipsburg Julia Harris Hays Mary Harvey Bush (on William Hastings Jetmore Grace Heitzel Beloit Robert Hemphill Byers John Herrman Hays Gilbert Jacobs Quin ter Arnold Janousck Kanona Eugene Jarus Wilson James Jones Hill City John Jones Great Bend Mac Keeley Pawnee Bock Jay Frazier LaCrosse Arthur Hamilton Oberbn Wanda Frey Hays Verna Hansen Colby class of 1952 Jim Seuser of the debate squad. Edmund Giebler Hays Don Hawks Alexander Herbert Greenstreet Otierle Lowell Hawks Goodland Gene Hess Herinqton Elaine Johnson Jenninqs Richard Kessler Russell Mary Hooker Winona Gene Johnson Hays Howard King Aqra Norm Lindner and LaVerne Davis try carpentry. Harley Horner Goodland Opal Johnson Dodge Cify Floyd Kinsinger McCracken seniors Donald Hoskins Natoma Arthur Jones Hill City Wallace Kneller Rolla Clifford Jackson Hays Donald Jones Ellis Gordon Lecuyer Ellis Sigmund Leiker Hays Joyce Marshall Minneofa Bertha Lewis BeJoi t Del C. Martin Hays Gilbert Liets MenJo Eldon Matal Lamed Norman Lindner Garden Cify Robert McConnaughhay Earned Robert Loomis Alton Richard McKittrick Wilson Richard Morrison Protection Charles Mowry Hoxie LuElma Murray Scott City class of 1952 Dean Nolte Hea y Lois Robinson HilJ City J. D Norcross Lucas Valis Rockwell Hays Kenneth Odom Macks vi lie John Rupp Ellis Dale Marcy Hansom Francis Mahoney BunicerhiJJ Coach Cade Suran with ace seniors Bob Zi Conner. Cecil Merkel. Jr- Garfield Nada Merkel Gar Held seniors Leroy Neal Hays Roger Patton Den sm ore Fred Newton Grainfield Robert Pokorny LaCrosse Esther Nicholas Hays Roy Richards OfferJe Ernest Niquelte Hays Eugene Ritter Hoisington Calvin Noah Palco Ead Roberts Lewis Marvin Scheuerman Hays Everett Schwartzkopf LaCrosse James Seachord Morrowvii e Betty See Ransom J i in my Seuscr Bison Robert Shields Wellington Pauline Stewart Garden City Albert Schuler Russell LeRay Stinemetze Hays Patsy Smith La Jem Ruth Taylor PlainviJje class of 1952 Lula Fay Stapp Hays John Tomlinson Overland Part Wayne We tphai Kinsley Merle Wentworth MuJvane Robert Ziegler Collyet Jerald Starkey Havj and LaWana Webb Barnard Eihelmae Wilson MacJcsviiie Dwight York Heorly Robert Zimmer Larned This is what they mean by a winter wonderland. Dorothy Arensman Bush ton Alice Bullock Manter Keith Dirks Greensburg Leon Atkisson Stockton Eldon Carver Esbon Jack Dufield Plains Elizabeth Belden Beloit Donald Cassel Hill City Lewis Erbert Paradise Steve Bohonicky Binghamton , N. Y. Jerald Chrisman Lebanon James Feaster Claflin Wilma Brandenburg WaKeeney Billie Conrad Gaylord Jo Ann Fikan Atwood Margaret Briscoe Hays Myron Deines WaKeeney Ruth Fletcher Downs class of 1053 Junior officers: President, Earl Merkel; Secretary, Mary Wilkins; Vice- President, Miles Standish. Marilyn Freshour Hays Bert Gansel Hill City Marvin Hachmeister Natoma Loren Hartman Otis Joan Johnson Gove Theron Johnson Zurich James Browne Burdett Gilbert Brungardt Victoria Jack Denison Lamed Richard Dimmick Lewis Margaret Ford Hays Gene Fox Ashland Dr. Geneva Herndon gives Max Terrill pointers on proper speech. funiors Mary Garrison Osborne Mary Hogan Kinsley Margaret Kilbridge Washington , D. C. Donald Gentzler Cimarron Ronald Hopkins Utica Aloysius Klaus Hays Melvin Giesaking Garden City Jeanette Huffman Redwing Richard Lappin Alexander Don Gleason Syracuse Jack Hunsley Lamed Bernard Goetz Victoria Robert Jamison Quin ter Arvin Liester Menlo Robert Linenbergei Garden City Frank Haas Hays Joan Jecha Timken John Mall Wichita Richard Marsh Syracuse Billy Nelson Norcatur William Rupp Hays Virginia McKinley Medicine Lodge Dora Nichol Palco Phyllis Sarvis Norton Robert McPherson Natoma Lawrence Parsons Oakley Marion Schmidt Hays Earl Merkel Garfield Arlene Peters Raymond Ruthette Seelye LaCrosse Jimmy Moore Otis Norman Petty Hays Douglas Sellers WaKeeney Audrey Morrow Garfield Glenn Pfortmiller Russell Gerald Siemsen Holy rood class of 1953 Bill Rupp $ Charm appears to put freshman Norma Auston to sleep. Robert Smith Russell Cliff Tillett Ulysses Richard Walker Fowler Warren Smith Gove John Travis Norton George Walters R Norma Munsell Hays Johnny Roth Pfeifer Eunice Sim OaJtJey Georgia Neal Hays Robert Roth Victoria Mona Smith Hill City Wilma Wood Trousdale Marvin WycoH Hays Mary Yeagy PJainviiJe A personable trio of juniors — Joan Jecha Jo Ann Fikan, and Ben Frantz. juniors Wilda Smith Gove Ural Thompson Alexander Roy Wagner Pfeifer Glen Snell Ashland Byron Turner Dodge City Clyde Ward Protection Phyllis Suiter Madcsvi ie James VanLoenen Prairie View Moyne Wehe Smith Center Robert Swansen Ashland Duane Van Petten Washington Donald Welling Paradise Max Terrill Burr Oak Margaret Vaughan Milwaukee, Minn, Kenneth Werth Hays Dean Thompson Oakley Kaye Von Schriltz Healy James Ganiques Great Bend i Mildred Agnew Great Bend Patty Binder Hays Clair Bushell Natoma Eugene Anderson Kinsley Ercell Bishop Atwood Delbert Campbell Grinnell Jack Anderson Kinsley Marion Bodge Portis Esther Carver Esbon Loyd Asher Great Bend Eleanor Bogart Hays Keith Chandler Almena Kerry Bahl Hays Rachel Brack Otis Robert Christians Waldo Stanley Ball Goodland Jewell Britt Bloomington Grace Christy Leavenworth class of 1954 Gerald Coop Portis Marilyn Coppock Osborne Bette Davis Ulysses Sophomore officers: President, Harold Burnett; Sec- retary, Norma Nulton; Vice-President, Don Rora- baugh. LaFaun Foreman Hanston Roger Franke Herndon Sharon Hardman Lenora Richard Hart Salina James Franks Hays Lowell Hemken Albert Wilma Barnett MorJand Edna Bashor Paradise George Bennett Victoria Kenneth Brown HoJyrood Harold Burnett Scott City Hebert Churchill Oair ey Darrel Cobb CoyviJJe Phil Busenbark BeJpre Don Connell Norcatur Sophomores Pat Shumate and Stan Ball dance at the Reveille Ball. sophomores Marvin Davis Almena Bobbie Deighton Utica Richard Diamond Mankato Robert Elmore Abilene Joyce Gardner Otis Ellen Gartrell Speed Homer Grimes Alton Charles Gustin Galatia .an oil Henderson Atwood John Henry Norton David Hiebert Chose Robert Hoar Hays Esther Fogo Burr Oak Leila Hall Ogallah Walter Hobbs Pueblo, Colo. Billy Folkers Hoisington Fanny Hand Hays Chester Holt Bussell Jo Ann Hoover LaCrosso Darlene Keith Penokee Ca rlene Knowles Kirwin Harold Howell Croft James Kellerman Sfuffgart Velma Kraft Holyrood C. A. Hubbard Hoys Ernest Kendrick Scoff City Lela Kreutzer Aiberf Charles Jmel Kings down Eleanor Keyworth Hoys Dean Kruse Leoviile James Jacobs RusseiJ Fred Keyworth Hufchinson Eldon Laidig Oberlin Eleanor Jefius OberJin Ralph Kingan HolyTood Warren Lamont Kirwin class of 1054 Grace Christy " lakes a letter, please. " Nova Leathers Bird City Joan Mausolf Albert Marvin Miles Hill City Coleen Lender Hays Clifford Lindahl BeJJeviJJe Shirley Mayfield A J fon Jennie Mayhew PiainviJJe Joy Mishler LeRay Monaghan Hansom Trousdale Latvian Ausma Vitdens enjoys an American Christmas. sophomores Eleanor Martin SfudJey Kay Me Gill i vi ay Ulysses lane Mountain Ada Philip Martin Quinter Zella McKinley Prairie View Mansel Nicholas Coldwafer Hugh Mauch Great Bend Reva Meyers Woodsfon Mary Nicholas Hays Bobby Johnson ClafJin Ramona Kirkland Atwood Leona Landwehr Hansom Gladys Losey Gove Elle Mays Smith Center Cadette Morgan Atwood Donald Johnson Francis Jones Hays Hill City Martha Kisseli George Knoll Norton Downs Nancy iarmer William Lalchford Bussell Denver, Colo, Marceleen Manke Ellin wood Farrell McCauley StocJcfon Gordon Morris PlainviHe Betty Mans Fowler Arthur McDar.eld Porfis Loren Moser Cripple CreeJc Colo, George Norman ZJurdeH Martha Pate Elkhart Nonna Nulton Hays loan Pennington Oakhy Carl O ' Hair Scoff City Willard Peterson Tribune William Schroeder fetmare Troy Schilling Jacqueline Schmulz Kingsdown Hays Gerald Olsen Lewis Darle Olson C ay (on Charles Owens Burrton Edward Proctor Hav-iJand Betty Schumacher Hays Royce Rasmussen Oberlin Maxine Schumacher Hays Kathryn Reed Hays Priscilla Scott Hays class of 1954 Walt Hobbs gets sweets from sweet Norma Am ho Id Willa Sewell Diesr en Dolores Solomon Zurich Ray Stutzman WaKeeney Pat Shumate Utica Roland Starr PLdJipsburg Rose Summers Satan for Katherine Slagle Hugo! on Kate Stewart SfocJcton Lloyd Switzer OaJrJey Charmaine Owens Burrton Don Pabst Colby Gerald Parker Brewster Kenneth Reed Hays Richard Scott Ransom Donald Rorabaugh Smith Center Marianne Rouse Russell Henrietta Seaman Bloomington Donald Seibel Ellis Sophomore court star Gene Anderson says, Look out below! i George Pohlman Natoma sophomores fvonne Slingerland Lamed Danelda St. Aubyn Russell Robert Taylor Atwood Patricia Smerchek Greensburg Francis Stramel Hays Martin Thornburg Alton Alexine Smith Densmore Bonnie Streck Russell Stan Tomkins Pueblo t Colo. Donald Smith Bison Blandine Smith Wiison William Smith Wilson Greta Strecker Russell Theresia Sturn Bush ton Marvin Stutheit Kensington Connie Toth Atwood Thomas Van Diest Prairie View Donna Van Kooten Long Island Ausma Vildens $L Francis Joyce Welch Hays Billy Wood Trousdale Keat Wade Chase Georgia Ward Dorrance Gloria Ward Norton William Wasingei Hays Phyllis Way Fowler Rhoda Welsch Joan Westcott Robert Wilkens Mary Anne Willour Walter Windholz Trousdale Plain vj lie Lorraine Hansom Hays Barbara Wright Sfochton Joyce Yost Hansom Grace Young Gordon Macksville Gordon Zahradnik Wilson Patricia Zimmerman Osborne class of 1954 Ifs anoHier five minutes until class time. Haw " " vj jjT ft; m When the team goes on the road, everybody . . . Wilma Apple Ordway, Colo. Keith Bailey Ellsworth Phyllis Berland Palco Fawna Arasmith Jewell Darrell Baker Logan June Berry Downs Doyle Archer Densmore Terry Banister Hays Delores Bircher Kanopolis Gleneva Argabright Atwood Evelyn Barrett Beloit Dorothy Bircher Kanopolis Gwen Arnold WaKeeney Larry Base Great Bend Norma Blanchett Fowler Mary Arnold Gariield Melvin Battin Great Bend Judith Blankenburg OaJcJey class of 1055 Freshman officers: Vice-President, Bernard Riedl; Secretary, Norma Wil- liams ' President, Don Hunter. Bruce Bowman Natoma Robert Brungardt Victoria Donna Cole Ness City Dee Boxberger Norton Elmer Burgbardt Protection Bill Confer Wichita Norma Auston Alexander Elaine Becker Russell Jerry Bliss St. John Lois Aylward Hoisinqton Marion Berblinger Alden Leona Bose Cedar Billy Kelly and Edith Vague fight the battle of enrollment. freshmen John Bradshaw Oakley Marion Cathcart Danbury , Neb. harles Connally Collyer Grace Breckenridge Wood st on Maxine Cheney Clay Center Norma Connally Collyer Lola Breit Protection Don Christensen Natoma Glen Cooper Parsons Earlene Bretton Gove Kenard Clark Hays Lowell Cornwell Osborne Jean Brinkman Woodston Peggy Coder Piedmont. Mo. Phyllis Cossman Ingalls Bernard Brown Hays Jimmy Coffman Hoisinqton Keith Creighton Colby Keith Cummings Sylvan Grove Norman Dreiling PiainviUe Aaron Feist EUinwood Carol Cummins Great Bend Victor Dryden Stockton Alan Feist EUinwood Marlene Cummins MacksviJJe Ruthneil Duncker Ford Peter Felten Hays Cart Dahiquist Fig Bow Jack Earl Hays Tad Felts Garden City Bud Dalton Hays John Eckert Dodge Cify Shirley Filbert Ness City Lois Degner Hedwing Doyle Ekey CadeU Pat Flanders Great Bend class of 1955 Every freshman bring a box. Vaughn Flinn Handall Wallace Gosser Hays Shirley Haney Russell Jackie Fox Sf. John Orvileta Gracey Hugo ton Keith Hansen Hays Bill Denio Steckten Imelda Engel Ellis Don Fleenor Healy Barbara Drag! Almencr Lorene Engel Hays Clifford Flinn Hays Another orientation meeting out of the way, freshmen Evelyn Gardner WaKeeney Donna GarreU Claflin Robert Gilbert Good land Robert Glassman Hays Donald Gleason Seward Norma Goetz V ' tcfona Dolores Graves Norton Hath Greer Otis Wiletta Gr using Bazine Ronald Gulfey Code! Kay Hahn Oklahoma City Carolyn Hake Nor ten Peggy Hawk Colby Richard Heaton Hush Center Clara Heath MorJand Melverne Heble A t wood Eddie Helfel Husseil Robert Helton Greensburg Mariene Helton Greensburq Gene Jaco Plainville Harold Jordan Hanston Charles Henderson Wichita Phyllis Jaco Plainville Jerry Kaempfe SyJvan Grove Bob Henderson Wichita Richard Jensen Kinsley Leona Kaiser Otis Dorothy Hiegert Goodland Carol Johnson Lamed Joe Karlin Catherine Jim Hinkhouse Palco Ethel Johnson Jenninqs William Kelly Goodland Janet Hook Kanopolis Melville Johnson Beeler Charles King Lamed class of 1955 Three-armed Jack Earl spikes a point. Gerald Klemm Gove Vearl Lamb Hays Laurence Malsam Collyer James Kline Almena Dan Liles Ulysses Marlene Mann Quinter VrftWIB £2 Bk . Gary Hopkins Protection Fern Jones Brewster Gary Kissell McCiackcn Don Hunter Great Bend Roger Jones Salina Caroline Klee Gove Future secretaries study shorthand under Dr. Archie Thomas. freshmen Mary Knoll Moreland Lou Ann Long Haviland Lou Ann Marquardt Bison Donald Koerner Victoria Dale Lorengen Kinsley Lawrence Martin Tribune Evelyn Kratt Ransom Marjorie Lumpkin Smith Center Peggy Martin Haviland Ray Kurtz Alton Dale Lunsford Great Bend Jack McCalmon Almena Twila Kurtz Oakley Melvin Macy Kinsley Everett McComas Alton Marjorie Laizure Hays Howard Mai WaKeeney Anna McConnell Minneola Don McCosh Great Bend Leon Miller Pawnee Rock Lola Nash Meade W. E. McDaneld Porfis Ernie Moden Waifeeney Ruby Neal Hays Leonard McKenna Osborns Merlyn Moeckcl Sylvia Loll la Nelson Long Island Harold McReynolds Natoma Dale Monroe Hoi sing ion Max Newcomer Alexander 1 J Doyle Meade Hays James Montgomery Ellsworth Dixie Newman EUinwood Loreno Mendenhall Utica Earl Moss Menlo Pat OBrien Bovine class of 1955 Colby ' s gift to the Tigers— Bob Sweazy and Dick Smith. Wayne Packard Gove Merle Parker Brewster Robert Powers Rozel Julene Powers Gove Mona Reed Norton Morris Reeves Beeler Harold Meyers Plainviiie Bee Murphy Cover! Maurine Oflerle QfterJe Roger Milberger Great Bend Patricia Myers Protection Darel Olliff Phi Bps burg And frosh Moeckel. Christensen, and Cooper were court stars. freshmen Jo Ann Parsons Hays Lois Proctor Haviland Eloise Reich RusseR Lynnette Pearson McCracken Barbara Purkeypyle Chase Dorothy Rein Bussed Edmund Peters Kinsley Barbara Purvis Weskan Bernard Riedl Scott City Herbert Pfeifer Hays Eugene Randle Byers Lois Robinson Lucas Maynard P Rieger Densmore Arthur Ray Atcfen Louise Robinson Luray Velda Mae Paage Aimena Don Ream Alexander Joy Romeiser Rush Center Donald Hose Lewis Robert Salmans Houston Loraine Sears Great Bend Wayne Ross Meade Patricia Sanders GberJin Ruth Secrest Bush ton William Both Victoria Marlene Sanders Bussell Charles See Hansom Cathryn Rowland Protection James Savage Good land Darrell Seibel Ellis James Ruder Hays Don Schimpf Stafford Norman Shores Goodland Yvonne Simonton OaJrJey Louise Smith AJmena Kenneth S prefer Hozel Jane Ruffhead Ness City Kenneth Schmeidler Hays William Short Goodland Eva Sire Colby Richard Smith Lupton, Ariz. Alfred Staab Catherine class of 1955 Joy Cathcart learns how to use a mimeoscope. i Horence Ruhaak Clair Rumford Plainville Hanston And Donna Garret rehearses her role in Skin of Our Teeth. Wilfred Schrepel Clailin Celestine Schumacher Hays Linda Croft Nancy Sigrist Hanston Hays freshmen Alice Slagle Hugoton Stuart Smith Hays Maxine Stade Cenferview Barbara Smerchek Greensburg Dwight Snay Plevna Gilbert Stadelman Hays Alice Smith Pale o Ernest Snook Ford Charles Stahl Plainville Beverly Smith Colby K. Somers Ensign Loren Stang Victoria Guido Smith Leoti Jack Smith Bison Alvera Speier Hays Vernie Stang Victoria Merne Spitsnaugle WaKeeney Evangeline Starr Phillipsburg Freida States Logan Maynard Steitz Bison Duane Steffen Burdett Glemce Stewart Plainville Thelma Strawn Lewis Lois Stutterheim Prairie View Robert Sweazy Colby Wilma Taylor Plainville Lois Tawney Ogallah Ronald Temple Norcatur Casey Thompson Plainville Floyd Thompson McCracken Leroy Thornburg Bloomington Marie Tilton Sterling Laverne Tomanek Collyer Neil Tracy Ford Donna Tustin Oakley Edith Vague Leoti Merelene VanMeter Holyrood Muriel Walker Manter Norma Walker Fowler Virginia Walker Lenora William Wallace Esbon Alfred Walters Catherine Rita Walters Hays Raymond Weaver Greensburg Varian Wellbrook Victoria Barbara Werner Hays Richard Widener Great Bend Alfreda Wiesner Hays Michael Williams Greensburg Norma Williams Great Bend Robert Willms Geneseo Loyd Wilson Gove Ella Wineland Natoma Kenneth Yancey WaKeeney Nellie Addison Hays Kenneth Miller Ha vi and Nel 1 i s Bi i scoe Harold Ellis Hays Kingman Keith Ritter Theo Roberts Hoisingfon Quinfer Carlos Evers Mexico City, Mex, James Simmons Tope Ira Francis Frey Hays Clinton Talbert Ellis graduate and special student Graduate student Nellis Briscoe shows how to use a dictaphone. dr. m. ©. cunningham president administration 62 Dr. L. D. Wooster President Emeritus Dr, E. R. McCartney Dean oi the College Marjorie Buller Dr. W, D, Moreland Advisor to Women Advisor fo Men Stand lee V, Dalton Registrar Dr. Ralph Coder Chairman, Graduate Council Waller E. Keating Business Manager Hugh Burnett Director oi Extension 63 faculty Katherine Bogart English Grace Boyd Cafeteria D, K. Brooks Physics R, IL Brooks Indu stria! Arts Elizabeth Agnew Dean Emeritus o l Women Edward C. Almquist Audio-Visual Education Ethel V. Artman Placement Service Stanley Ballinger Music Elizabeth Barbour Physical Education C, Thomas Barr Music Alice Beesley Home Economics Patricia Bynum Zoological Science C, Richard Cain Industrial Arts Harold S. Choguill Chemistry Frances Cook Health Kenneth W, Cook. Business Administration Marion F, Coulson English Eugene Craine History Edwin Davis Industrial Arts Gaynelle Davis Education Richard Dilsaver Journalism Drew Dobosh Art William Eastman Biology Eugene Etter Mathematics Lucille Pel ten Music Alex Francis Physical Education Nita Landrum Correspondence Philip Lin Political Science Pauline Lindner Library Robert Marple History Helen Francis Journalism Naomi Garner English John Garwood Business Administration Emma Golden Languages Maude Gorham Psychology Paul Gross Physical Education Samuel Hamilton Philosophy Jack Heather Radio Leon Hepner Zoology Geneva Herndon Speech Harold Hopkins Botany Ralph Huffman Physical Education Modesto J acob ini Languages Harlan Johnson Chemistry Mabel Lacey English Margaret McGimsey Library Robert McGrath Education Maude McMindes Education Geraldine Morris Library Everett Marshall Mathematics Roselle McCarroll Education Henry J McFarland Biology In memory of Charles F. Wiest Professor Emeritus of Philosophy faculty Not pictured : C. R Brooks Assislcrnl Processor Robert Ol herding Busi ness Administrafion Charles Onion History Harold Palmer Music Joel Moss Art Ila Newbecker Heme Tconomics Alice Morrison English Emeritus of Languages E. E, Colyer Piot ssor Emeritus o t Mathematics Yr ' Verna Parish English Maria Perkins Sociology Mary Aileen Perry Music W. R Baybuin fncJusfriaJ Arts R B, Reed Psychology Ivan Richardson Political Science Andrew Riegel Botany James Rouse Agriculture Lester J. Schmutz Agriculture Ira CL Scott Education Claude Settlemire Library Ruth Sevy Physical Education Kenneth Simons Botany James R, Start Speech E. C. Stopher Mathematics F. B. Streeter Library Cade Suran Physical Education Archie Thomas Business Administration Dollie Thomas Business Administration Leonard W. Thompson Economics Business Adm. Gerald Tomanek Biology Inez Torrey College Nurse Margaret VanAckeren Library Mabel Vandiver Art Walter Wallerstedt Printing James R. Wells Agriculture ADMINISTRATIVE AND SUPERVISORY ASSISTANTS Not Pictured : Ethel McKenna Dormitory Director, Retired T. W Wells English R. L. Welty History William Wilkins Music W. Clement Wood Education Walter Woods Psychology Harvey A. Zinszer Physics Cora Bibens Assistant to President Florence Bodmer Secretary to the Dean Mabel Hopkins Assistant to Registrar Etta Miller Housemother, Residence Hall Elizabeth Mosier Secretary George Sternberg GkiiPtor of Museums Ed Urban College Printer Mollie Wallerstedt Supervisor of Social Building Kathleen Kinzer Housemother, Custer Hall Ethelrciae Wilson, President Doris Carson Sally Boone alpha psi omega Eleanor Bogart Gayle Combest national honorary dramatics Carlene Duncker Dolores Earnest Lola Franks Bob Fusillo euster Back Row: Mrs. Beatrice Rockwell, Esther Fogo, Joyce Marshall, Lois Stutterheim, Phyllis Way, Cathryn Rowland. Mrs. Kathleen Kinszer. Second Row: Carol Johnson, Carolyn Hake, Norma Auston, Merelene Van Meter, Jane Ruffhead, Jo Ann Hoover, Barbara Purkeypyle, Zella McKinley, Betty Marrs, Judith Blandenburg, Edith Vague, Norma Walker, Eve Wahl. Third Row: Caroline Klee, Donna Cole, Shirley Filbert, Joyce Fcndable, Lynette Pearson, Phyllis Berland, Mona Reed. Front Row: Norma Blanchett, Kate Stewart, Yvonne Slingerland, Twila Kurtz, hi- len Gartrell, Lucille Bott. tack Row : Marjorie McCormick, Marie Tilton, Grace BreckBiu-idge, Eva Sire, Lu- :ima Murray, Bea Murphy, Marlene Sanders, Dorothy Tokushige, Grace Young, iecond ow Verladyne Dykes, Pat Smerchek, Katherine Slagle Donna Garrett, oan Jecha, Shirley Mayfield, Linda Croft, Barbara Wright, Marilyn Marshall, Mi - ired Agnew, Martha Pate. Mary Ann Knoll, Barbara Smerchek, Margaret Kil- ’hircTflow: Phyllis Suiter, Bette Davis, Alice Slagle. Anna McConnell, Marceleen Weinke, Henrietta Seaman. . _ . . rw ’ rcm t Row: Lorraine Sears, Janis Zeiber, Joyce Romeiser, Ethelmae Wilson, Doro- hy Arensman. hall v. Lucille Bott Second Semester President dames club wives of fort hays state students Back Row. Mesdames Bill Eastman, Harland Dietz, Merle Garey, Bob Hastings, Bob Marple, Earl Merkle, Hubert Deight, Ken Miller, Bill Mahoney, Donis Eaton, Gordon Gardiner, Waxren Settles, Second How: A1 Geist, John Smith, Dale James, Merle Wentworth, Esther Nicholas, Hyrum Clark, Robert Deighton, Gordon Lecuyer, Don Jones, Eleanor Martin. Front How: Charles Carpenter, Howard King, Aloysius Klaus, Molly Wallerstedt, Dolly Thomas, Val Rockwell, Art Hamilton. kappa pi national art fraternity Left to right : Willard Peterson, Dee Graves, President Patsy Earl, Miss Mabel Vandiver, Joel Moss, Donna Foster. James Seuser President, German Club Front : James Seuser, Lawana Webb, Edmund Giebler, John Herrman, Ed Urban. Second: Sponsor Mrs. Emma Golden, Theresa Stum, Aloysius Zimmerman Bob Smith, Gordon Lecuyer, Jerry Starkey. Back: Catherine Slagle, Darrel Cobb, Bill Samples, Clair Bushell, Ray Stutzman, Warren Smith, Richard McKittnck. german club creating interest in llie german language graduate club promoting relationship among graduate students Front: Rosemyre Spena, James Simmons, Lola Franks. Back: Fred Ross, Theo Roberts, Dave Stewart, Warren Settles, Dr. Samuel Hamilton, Richard Thomas, El- vin Brown. u. Front: Emmet Stopher, E. C. Almquist. Harlan Johnson, Harvey A. Zinszer, Lloyd Furthmeyer. Second: Charles Deeter, Harold Hopkins, Fred Albertson, Pat Bynum, Walter Woods, James Wells, Jerry Starkey, Harold Choguill. Back : Arnold Janou- sek, Leon Hepner, president, H. B. Reed, Maude Gorham, Richard Morrison, Robert Gibbens, Floyd Kinsinger, Gerald Tomanek. delta epsilon national honorary science organization engineers ' club organization for pre-engineering students Front: George Knowles, Dale Monroe, Eugene Miller, Roger Milberger. Back: Don Hunter, Don Schmipf, Jim Van Loenen, Ernest Niquette, Everett Marshall, sponsor. Ernest Niquette Engineers ' president Upper flight : Fawna Arasmith, Dorothy Arensman, Wilma Barnett, loan Beedy. Above -. June Berry, Barbara Billings, Mary Bishop, Wilma Brandenburg, Donna Brown, Miriam Bru- baker, Marilyn Coppock kappa phi sorority for methodist women Lucille Bott President Jewell Britt Secretary Lois Davis Vice-president first How: Bette Davis, Ellen Gartrell. , • Second Row: Sharon Hardman, Julia Harris, Mary Harvey, loan Jecha, Darlene Keith, Martha Kissell, Gladys Losey. Third Row: Lou Ann Marquardt, Audrey Morrow, Norma Munsell, LuLlma Murray, Marianne Rouse, Danelda St. Aubyn, Phyllis Sarvis. Fourth Row: Jacqueline Schmutz, Ruth Taylor, Wilma Taylor, Bee Ward, Moyne Wehe, Etheimae Wilson, Grace Young, Robert Loomis Vice-Presidenf tfayne Brubaker resident Edward Proctor Recording Secretary Jimmy Seuser Treasurer Warren Smith Corresponding Secretary sigma theta epsilon fraternity for methodfst men Jack Anderson, Ercell Bishop, James Browne, Curtis Camp, Kenard Clark, Don Hawks, Dale Marcy, Gordon Morris, Richard Morrison, Ernest Niquette, Jerry Starkey, Clinton Talbert, Duane C, Van Patten, Kaye Von Schriltz. Carlene Duncker Little Thealre Pres. Back: Greta Strecker, Bob Archer, Gayle Combest, Lowell Hawks, Carlene Duncker, Dean Nolte, Rachael Brack, Don Connell. Front- Donna Garrett, Joan Parsons, Ethelmae Wilson, Jane Gre r, Leona Kaiser Doris Carson, Mary Wilkins, Sponsor Geneva Herndon. little theatre student drama groups lewis field stadium dormitory Bade: Vernon Staab, Richard Morrison, Lloyd Wilson, K, Somers, Gerald Olson. Front ; George Knowles. Don Jones President math club Back Row : Roger Milberger, Everett Marshall, Dale Monroe, Arnold Janousek, Don Schimpf, Gene Fox, Barbara Werner, Emmet Stopher. Front Row: Charles Deeter, Kenneth Werth, Dorothy Arensman, Eugene Etter, Douglas Sell- ers, Richard Hart. Sig Leiker Newman Club President Back row: Father Cornelius Heim, Tony Schmidt, Eugene Jarus, Walter Ehly. Aaron Feist, Gilbert Stadelman, Robert Dreiling, Loren Stang, Sig Leiker, Jr. Front row: Maxine Schumacher, Alvera Speier, Barbara Werner, Barbara Purkeypyle, Donna Cole, Donna Garrett, Norma Wasinger, Margaret Kilbndge, Norma Connelly, Norma Goetz. newman club organization of catholic students pre-medic club future doctors, dentists, nurses, medical teclinolgists Back : Sponsor Leon Hepner, Larry Ball, Theron Johnson, Gerald Siemsen, Robert Pokorny, Earl Merkel, Edmund Giebler, Jerry Starkey, Beryl Gibson, Charles See. D Front : Don Rorabaugh, Joan Hoover, Coleen Lentfer, Ausma Vildins, nay Stutzman. Betty See, President Lois Davis, Vice-President Joy Mishler, Secretary Phyllis Suiter, Treasurer sigma alpha iota iniisie fraternity for women loan Beedy, Sally Boone, Donna Brown, Fanny Hand, Leona Landwehr, Lou Ann Marquardt, Marilyn Offerle, Martha Pate, Jacqueline Schmutz, Ruth Taylor Don Gentzler President residence hall dormitory for men Bade How: Hugh Jacobs, Don Castle, Bob Sweazy, Richard Smith, Bud Moeckel, Duane Van Pet ten, E. C. Snook, Bill Bray, Arvin Liester, Doyle Ekey, Eldon Laidig, Glenn Riney, Mrs, Etta Miller, Stan Ball. Second Row: Darle Olson, Don Hunter, John Bradshaw, Dick Diamond, Bill Tealord, Neil Tracy, Dick Walker, Ernest Kendricks, Bill Samples, Don McCosh, Don Hoskins, Ed Filbert, Fronf Row: Charles See, Bob McConnaughhay, Burt McKinley, Don Richardson, Mike Smith, Jim Hendricks, Carl O ' Hair, Jerry Skinner, Keith Ritter, 82 seventh cavalry men ' s leadership organization Back Row : John Tomlinson, Don Rorabaugh. Charles Carpenter. Valis Rockwell, Jack Huns- lev, Ray Stutzman. _ . Front flow: Don Jones, Gilbert Lietz, Gene Anderson, Edmund Giebler, Jerry Starkey, Wayne Brubaker. 83 Bade flow: Del Martin, Mildred Agnew, Don Jones, Eugene Craine, Nancy Tarraer, Ross Summers. Howard King, Hyrum Clark, Curtis Camp, Phyllis Aley, Cecil Merkel, Peggy Martin, L. C. Neal. Front flow: Wilda Smith, Mary Harvey, Barbara Smerchek, Joan Johnson, Margaret Briscoe; Leon Atkisson, international relations club promoting better iiiHlerstaniling of the nations k club organization for varsity letterman Back: Sponsor Ralph Huffman, Kayo McGillivray, Mac Keeley, Don Camp- bell Walt Hobbs, Guy Conner, Charles Stahl, Bud House, Gus Nicholas, Mia T dJe; Gene Jaco, George Norman, Gaylen Stephenson, Herb Greenstreet, Earl Minks, Don Rorabaugh, Meryl Garey, Gene Hess. Bottom : Ray Emerson, Dick Scott, Cliff Tillett, Charles Owens, Frank Haas, Dean Thompson, Bob Sweazy, Harland Dietz, Ben Frantz, Cleo Dome. Betty Schumacher Tigerette Pres Back: Sponsor Mabel Lacey, Joan Westcott, Verna Hansen, Marianne Rouse, Mary Wilkins, Phyllis Sarvis, Marilyn Albrecht, Marilyn Freshour, D Nelle Ehr- lich, Patsy Earl, Mary Willour, Norma Munsell, Middle: Jeannette Huffman, Gene Johnson, Ruthetta Seelye, LuElma Murray, Dora Nichol, Mary Hogan, Norma Arnhold, Ramona Funk, Jean Johnson, Ra- mona Kirkland Front : Phyllis Way, Bette Davis, Elaine lohnson, Betty Marrs, Joan Jecha, Yvonne Slingerland, Mary Hooker, Joan Fikan. tigerettes womni ' s pop £ rou p theta epsilon sorority for baptist women Back: Jane Mountain, Ruby Neal, Joan Johnson, Peggy Coder, Pat Sanders, JoAnn Parsons. Front: Joyce Eyman, Patty Binder, Martha Pate, Charmaine Owens, Virginia Walker. Joan Johnson Theta EpsiJon President Back row: Eugene Craine. sponsors, Dale Marcy, Britt. Front row: Maxine Schumacher, Carlene Knowles. Audrey Morrow. Darlene e unesco women ' s athletic association Back: Norma Goetz, Mary Hogan, Mildred Agnew, Nancy Larmer, Linda Croft. Evie Starr, Mary John- T°hird: Maxine Schumacher. Kate Stewart, Bonnie Streck, Thelma Strawn. Maxine Stade, Margaret Second: Eloise Reich, Wilda Smith. Yvonne Slingerland Greta Strecker Moyne Wehe, lody Martin. Front: LuElma Murray, Norma Arnhold, Marilyn Albrecht, Jeannette Huffman, Ruthetta Seely . Front: Marilyn Coppock, Lois Proctor, Jewell Britt, Clara Heath, Florence Ruhaak, June Berry, eila Hall, Merne Spitznagle, Evelyn Gardner, Velda Poage. Second: Mrs. Gordon, Kay Hahn, Arvileta Gracey, Celia Boxberger, Barbara Billings, Earlene Bretton, Norma Williams Joy Mishler, Lois Steeples, Ethel Johnson, Nan Arnold. Third: Elaine Johnson, Ruth Taylor, Betty See, Lou Ann Mar- guardt, Gwen Arnold, Wilma Brandenburg, Barbara Purvis, Wilma Barnett, Fawna Arasrmth. Carlene Duncker, Joan Beedy, Marianne Rouse, Donna Tustin, Phyllis Sarvis, Barbara Dragt, Wilma ay or, Joan Pennington. Back: Gloria Ward, Audrey Morrow, Jody Fletcher, Jacqueline Schmutz, Beverly Smith, Lois Tawney, Sharon Hardman, Darlene Keith, Gladys Losey, Carlene Knowles. wesley hall dormitory for women Phyllis Sarvis First semester president Jewell Britt Second semester president 87 Wilma Brandenburg Lois R, Davis Carlene Duncker Patsy Earl Charlene Dilsaver Delores Earnest w. 1. o. woman ' s leadership or ani zatioii Mary Harvey Patsy Smith Gene Johnson Ruth Taylor LuElma Murray Phyllis Suiter Betty See Ethelmae Wilson front: Doris Carson, Earlene Bretton, Fawna Arasmith, Pat Sanders, Elaine Becker, Grace Breckenridge, Pat Smerchek, Joyce Gardner. Second: Eyie Starr Barbara Smercheck, Barbara Purvis, Moyne Wehe, June Berry, Phyllis Sarvis, Katherine Slagle. Third: Muriel Walker, Merleen Van Meter, Mary Bishop, Orvilleta Gracey, Dorothy Rein, Lois Proctor, Nova Leathers, Wilma Taylor, Back: Miss Rosella McCarroll, Lois Stutterheim, Marj Lumpkin, Dora Jean Nichol, LaFaun Foreman, Norma Williams, Lois Steeples, Kay Hahn, Miss Naomi Garner. y. w. c. a. y. m. c. a. Front: Don McCosh, Jerry Clemm, John Mal l, Bill Teaford, Ercell Bishop. Second: Harold Howell, Eldon Laidig, Edward Proctor, Don Hawks, Glen Snell, Dr. Samuel Hamilton. Back : Bill Samples, Jack Anderson, Lloyd Asher, Dale Marcy, Dan Liles, Jim Hinkhouse. P J Eldon Laidig Elaine Johnson President home economics club SacJc; Miss Alice Beesley, Lola Franks, Mona Smith, D ' nelle Ehrlich, Barbara Billings, Lu- cille Both Front: Alice Bullock, Phyllis Suiter, Elaine Johnson, Gene Johnson, Miss Ila Newbecker. 90 anniversary committee Left to right: Dr. W. D. Moreland, Miss Elizabeth Agnew, Dr. Fred W. Albert- son, Miss Maude McMindes (chairman), Mrs. Nita M. Landrum, Dr. L. D. Wooster, Miss Cora Bibens. Bearinq the brunt of responsibility for the planning and execution of plans for the celebration of Fort Hays State ' s Fiftieth Anniversary was thrs faculty committee, appointed by President M. C. Cunningham. The committee held weekly meetings throughout the entire college year, with a qood many extra sessions thrown in on the side. The group was re- sponsible for a vast labyrinth of sub-committees, sub-sub-committees an sub-sub-sub-committees, all a part of the vast organization necessary to carry out a Golden Anniversary. In the photo above, the group is examining souvenir anniversary pottery designed by Joel Moss, head of the art department, and distributed during the year at various events. Miss Marjorie Butler served as hospitality consultant for the group, and Mrs. Helen Francis as publicity consultant. 91 92 93 panhelleni© council pledqinq, and initiation procedures. throughout the United States. . , , . At Fort Hays State, the Panhellenic Council awards a Scholarship Shield to the soron y with the highest grade point each semester. It was awarded to Sigma Sigma Sigma for the 1951 spring semester and to Alpha Sigma Alpha for the fall semester. Representatives of the four national sororities on the Fort Hays State campus comprise the Panhellenic Council, pictured above. Left to right in the back row are Margaret Ford, Marianne Rouse, Mary Harvey, Mary Alice Hogan, and Donna Darby Foster. Left to th ® froI l row are Miss Marjorie Butler, sponsor; Norma Arnhold, Mary Ann Willcur, Phyllis Way. Julia Harris is not pictured. Officers of the group for 1951-52 were Donna Foster, president; Margaret Ford, Theta Sigma Upsilon, recording secretary; Mary Harvey, Sicma Sigma Sigma, corresponding secretary; and Norma Arnhold, Alpha Sigma Alpha, treasurer. This year also marked the end of the group ' s seven-year sponsorship by Miss Gaynelle Davis, who has contributed so much to the success of sororities on the campus. 94 interfraternal council The Interfraternal Council con- sists of representatives of the social fraternities on the Fort Hays State campus. During the past year, Gamma Tau, newly organized local fraterni- ty, was taken into the group Other members, ail national organizations, are Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Kappa Sigma Kappa, and Sigma Tau Gamma The Interfraternal Council joins with the Panhellenic Council in sponsoring an All-Greek Conclave on the campus in August In addition, the two groups sponsor an all-Greek formal dance, which traditionally opens the formal social season. A project begun by the Interfraternal Council and still under their sponsorship is the annual Interfraternity Sing. For the past two years, the girls have been invited to participate in the event. The Interfraternal Council awards a trophy for the best performance at the sing. In the spring of 1952, it was won by the Tekes. A scholarship Trophy was awarded for the first time in the summer of 1951, based on grades for the spring semester. Phi Sig- ma Epsilon won the trophy at that time. Kappa Sigma Kappa won it at the close of the 1951 fall semester. The Interfraternal Council is made up of two representatives of each fraternity, along with the sponsor of each group Dr Emmet Stopher is faculty adviser for the Council John Tomlinson, first semester president Below, Keith Dirks, sec- ond semester president Members during the 1951-52 college year were John Tomlinson, Dwight York, and George Norman, Kappa Sigs; Ernest Niquette and Hugh Jacobs, Gamma Taus; Keith Dirks and George Walters, Tekes, George Michellick, Merle Bauer, Russell Bray, and Mac Keeley Phi Sigs; Clyde Ward, Don Foster, and Carol Hornbaker, Sig Taus. Officers for the first semester were as follows: John Tomlinson president; Merle Bauer, vice- president; George Walters, secretary; Carol Hornbaker, treasurer Second semester officers were Keith Dirks, president; George Michellick, vice-president; Clyde Ward, secretary; Hugh Jacobs, treas- urer. 95 The Alphas entertain their national president, Mrs. Wilma Sharp. Left to right in front: Elizabeth Agnew, Dean Emeritus of Women, Hogan, Mrs. Sharp, Earl, Verna Parish, spon- sor, Mrs. J. H. Neeley, Mrs. Ralph Butler. Back: Mrs. Henry Foster, All- brecht, Westcott, Amhold, Aley, Mrs. Orlan Carmichael. Alphas adding machine takes a guess at the score of the Homecoming rf f HORNET) 4T j Iclc one alpha sigma alpha The Fort Hays State chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha was established on the campus in 1928. Red and white are the Alpha colors and their flower is the narcissus or aster. Their national philanthropic project includes supply- ing equipment and offering services to veterans. Chapter officers are Patsy Earl, president; Mary Alice Hogan, vice-president; Joan Westcott, secretary; Marilyn Albrecht, treasurer; Norma Arnhold, rush captain. Verna Par- ish is faculty sponsor. Members not pictured are Phyllis Aley, Norma Goetz, Eloise Reich and Nancy Larmer. Marilyn Albrecht Norma Arnhold Bette Davis Patsy Earl Mary Garrison Mary Alice Hogan Jennie May hew Joan Westcott The pledges take a sneak. " Aboard the riverboat, U. S. S. Delta Sig, the Deltas large party dur- ing Rush Week, Wilkins and Pe- ters do a dance and song routine in blackface. Elizabeth Belden Ramona Kirkland Kay Reed A new version of the " Villain Com- eth " enacted to en- tertain rushees. D ' Nelle Ehrlich Lela Mae Kreutzer Loraine Sears Deltas Homecoming float rides down main street in Hays. delta sigma epsilon Rho chapter of Delta Sigma Epsilon was established on the Fort Hays campus in 1925. The colors are olive green and cream, and the flower is a cream tea rose. National project of all Deltas is the Home for Leprosy in Carville, La. Each chapter sponsors a patient and National furnishes equip- ment for the house. Chapter officers are Julia Harris, president; Mary Wilkins, vice president; Joyce Mar- shall, secretary; Ramona Kirkland, treasurer; Phyllis Way, rush chairman. Patricia Bynum is faculty sponsor. ' Members not pictured are Norma Walker, Gleneva Argabright, Norma Blanchett, Don- no Garrett, Zella McKenley, Lolita Nelson, Barbara Purkeypyle, Cathryn Rowland, Mona Reed, and Louise Smith. Dolores Earnest Donna Foster Julia Harris JoAnn Hoover Joan Jecha Aniia McConnell Joyce Marshall Joan Mausolf Dixie Newman Arlene Peters Dolores Solomon Connie Toth Gloria Ward Phyllis Way Mary Wilkins Tri Sigmas sweaters. ' Welcome Grads " is the theme of the Tri Sigma float for Homecoming. A nightclub is the scene of entertainment for these rushees Cigarette girls peddle their candy wares, punch bowls do their trick and the vice of gambling is mildly in evidence. sigma sigma sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma was established at Fort Hays State in 1925, The purple violet is the flower belonging to the Tri Sigmas and purple and white are their colors. National projects of this group include the Ruth Hathaway memorial, John Randolph library, Clara Barton Higgon project, Industrial Home for Crippled Children and the Endicott School. Chapter officers are Pauline Stewart, president; Gene Johnson, vice president; Elaine Johnson, secretary; Dorothy Arensman, treasurer; Gene Johnson, rush chairman. Their spon- sor is Alice Beesley. _ . T _ _ Members not pictured are Gwen Arnold, JoAnn Martin, JoAnn Parsons, Velda Poage, Joyce Romeiser and Barbara Warren. Dorothy Arensman Carlene Duncker LuElma Murray Celia Boxberger Mary Harvey Char main e Owens Wilma Brandenburg Elaine Johnson Marianne Rouse Jewell Britt Gene Johnson Pauline Stewart Marilyn Coppack Martha Kissell Ethelmae Wilson Between halves of a bas- ketball game, six Thetas give a fashion review of Fort Hays State during the last fifty years Shirley Haney Patsy Shumate Floating down main street of Hays is the wedding cake float of the Thetas. theta sigma upsilon Theta Sigma Upsilon was established on the Fort Hays State campus in 1928. Theta colors are rose and silver and the llower is a rose. The national project is supplying books for the San Luis Traveling library which op- erates in the Mexican areas of Colorado. The year 1951-1952 is an important one to the Thetas because they have moved and are now at home at 409 West Eighth, Hays. The house is com- pletely redecorated. Chapter officers are Ramona Funk, president: Mary Anne Willour, vice president; Verna Hansen, secretary; Charmaine Deutscher, treasurer; Pat Zimmerman, rush captain. Mrs. Ralph CodeT is sponsor. Charmaine Deutscher Margaret Ford Mary Hooker Opal I. Johnson Greta Strecker Tess Stum LaFaun Foreman Velma Kraft Moyne Wehe Marilyn Freshour Coleen Lentfer Mary Anne Willour Ramona Funk Dora Jean Nichol Pat Zimmerman The Gamma Taus featured Hornet Burgers with their float In the Homecoming parade. Quarter- back and halfback were also sold in this traveling butcher shop. The boys en- joy hot dogs at the shelter house in the park. Officers: O ' Hair, treas- urer; Olson, vice- president; Laid ig, president; and Morrison (seated), secre- ta ry. Sponsor Richard Cain signs one of the pledge paddles during Help Week. Ernest Kendrick Ernest Niquette f r i — . t gamma tau Gamma Tau was " established on the Fort Hays Kansas State College campus as a club in the spring semester of 1951, It began functioning as a recognized social fraternity during the following fall semester. Gamma Tau colors are nile green and white, and the fraternity flower is the white carna- tion. Members not pictured are Hugh Jacobs, George Knoll, E. C, Snook. The faculty sponsor is C, Richard Cain. Eldon Laidig Don McCosh Richard Morrison Loren Moser Carl O’Hair Darle Olson Bill Samples Neil Tracy Officers: Back — Pohlman, chaplain; Wade, histor j ; Feaster, secretary; Temaat, intramural manager nt — Norman, junior I. F. C. representative; Hemp sgt.-at-arms; Connell, corresponding secretary. Delbert Campbell Richard Hart Harold Richardson Steve Bohonicky Homer Grimes Roy Richards Kappa Sigma Kappa s float entry for Homecoming white one featuring real car- lq the V and letters. It took Lawrence Parsons George Pohlman Kenneth Odom kappa sigma kappa Phi Delta Chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa was established an the Fort Hays State campus in 1946, and was previously Phi Delta Chi, a state fra- ternity, and previous to that a local fraternity of Kappa Beta Tam The fra- ternity colors are purple and gold, and the flower is the iris. The Kappa Sigs own their own home at 317 West Seventh. Their spon- sors are Walter Wallerstedt and Jack Heather. Officers first semester were John Tomlinson, Interfraternal Council; John Ritz, sgt.-at- arms; Lloyd Switzer, house treasurer; Dean Nolte, historian; and Floyd Switzer, social chair- man . Members not pictured are Harold Long, Don Richardson, John Ritz, Floyd Switzer, Martin Thornburg, Ronald TempeL Alan Feist, Keith Wade, and George Norman. Donald Connell Lowell Hawks Theo E. Roberts Jack Denison Virgil Hemphill Lloyd Switzer Vic Dryden David Hiebert John Tomlinson Jim Feaster Bob McPherson Paul Temaat Bert Gansel Dean Nolte Dwight York new Glen Cooper Cliff Jackson Mansel Nicholas Russell Bray Harley Horner Jim Moore Merle Bauer Ronald Hopkins George Michellich Second semester of fleers: Merkel, secretary: Me- Gillivray, treasurer; Keeley, sgh-at arms; Shields, president; Jackson, vice- pres Gene Hess Cecil Merkel Lowell Hernken G, McGillivray Loren Hartman Eldon Matal phi sigma epsilon Zeta Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon has had a great history, but during the war the records were lost. Up to this time the records have not been found, so a true historical picture of the chapter ' s development is not available. The exact founding date is not known, but the group joined Phi Sigma Epsilon in 1931. In 1946, after being inactive during the war, the Phi Sigs were reinstat- ed on the campus with eleven old members and veterans. The Phi Sigma Epsilon flower is the white tea rose, and the fraternity colors are old rose and silver. Members not pictured axe Cleo Dome, Meryl Garey, Dave King, Richard Scott, Terry Bainister, Bruce Bowman, and Jim Jacobs. Bob Deighton Gene Jaco Norman Petty Lewis Eulart Mac Keeley Don Rorabaugh Gene Fox Fred Keyworth Bob Shields Jay Frazier Dave King Don Smith Don Gleason Ronald Guffy C. J. Lindahl Richard Marsh Ross Summers Laverne Tomanek Alums Calvert, Snook, Schwert- f e g e r, Hickel, George, Carmi- chael and Cus- ter are enter- tained at a spe- cial meeting for them. Elmer Burghardt Gary Kissell Don Seibei Gene Anderson Carol Horn baker Darryl Seibei des the second-prize float in the Home- Tau Gamma float was made of green Freshman Mona Reed ri com ing parade. The Sigma and white. Mfji 1 1 sigma tau gamma Eta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma was organized October 9, 1923, as Iota Kappa Tau. It remained local until 1925, and then petitioned for admission as a chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma. Its charter was granted on December 15, 1925, thereby becoming the first national fraternity on the Fort Hays State campus. The fraternity colors are blue and white and the fraternity flower is the white rose. Sigma Tau Gamma was admitted to the National Interfra- ternal Council in 1949. Not pictured are Joe Berland, Tom Gottschalk, Bill Rupp, Don Rupp, Dee Shoemaker, Ronnie Carrier, Roger Upper, Keith Cummings, Dean Kruse, Doyle Meade, Doyle Archer, Ray Weaver, Jim Ruder, Jerry Kaempfe. Sponsors are Dr. Ivan Richardson and Wilbur Rayburn. Robert Churchill Gilbert Lietz Joe Staab Jack Dufield R. Linnenberger Robert Taylor Tad Felts Donald Morlan Dean Thompson Donald Foster Bob Roth Clyde Ward Gary Hopkins John Roth Wayne Westphal Officers: (back) Dirks, president; Archer, secre- tary; Lappin. house manager; Smith, chaplain; (front) Sellers, historian; Siemsen. sgt.-at-arms; Franke, treas- urer; Standish. vice-president. Above, Richard Lapp and Arlene Foust, and b low, many others enjoy ft Teke Pow wow. Cadette Morgan Glenn Pfortmiller The Teke meatgrinder makes hash of the Hornets in the Homecoming parade. ni E£ r. Myron Deines Kenneth Reed Bob Archer Stan Ball Keith Dirks Roger Franke Jim Savage Richard Schroeder tail kappa epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon was established on this campus in 1941. It went in- active during the war and was reactivated in 1947. The fraternity flower is the red carnation. The colors are cherry and gray. Members of the Board of Control are Dr. Robert McGrath, Dr. O. H. True, C. Thomas Barr, Everett Marshall, and the chapter adviser is Charles Onion. The TKE house is at 509 West 12th in Hays. Officers who served last semester are George Walters, secretary, Glenn sergea at-rarr KOTMth I chaplcnn rion ampb b y Chrisman, Richard Solemn Ream? Albert chiSer? Jr . C rle S Douglas 3 Seller Bob Smith, MilesStand- ish, LaVerne Tegtmeyer. Raymond Baas Clarence Hubbard Gerald Siemsen Harold Burnett Theron Johnson Max Terrill Keith Chandler Aloysius Klaus Cliff Tillett LaVerne Davis Richard Lappin George Walters Marvin Davis Melvin Macy Mike Williams I 114 activities . 115 king eldon matal home coining prince jack den iso n princess luelma raurray President Cunningham has just crowned King " Cony " Matal and Queen Norma Munsell. Kaye Von Schriltz. president of the Student Council, is con- graulating them on behalf of the student body. Miles Standish Dean Thompson Don Baker Margaret Ford Patsy Earl Mary Wilkins Campaign signs for Homecoming king and queen cover the campus trying to swing the election Sophomores lose the tug-of-war and venture into the cold creek Consequently the fresh- men could doff their caps early. The cheerleaders and Tigerettes lead the wig- gling snake dance through town. Jan Garber ' s singer signs an autograph for a couple of Fort Hays State admirers. Jan Garber himself introduces Queen Norma M unsell to the dance audience. sajMMgw Alumni and students crowd Sheridan coliseum to dance Homecoming evening. Back Row: Tony Schmid,, Ken Brown, Everett McCornos Cl.o Dome, Duane Boye Bud Moeckel, Lowell Com- well, Troy Schilling, Kayo McGilhvray, K. Somers, Do £ Art Jones , Frink Haas, Gus Nicholas, Backfield Coach Alex Francis, Bob Sweazy, ® u ° U p j s , Nlck y U nk, Asst. Coach Warren Settles. Second row: Marvin Miles, Bob Brautigam, Frank Shame! A a ,, Schmidt Duane Steffens, Charle s Stahl, Leon Don Campbell, Harland Dietz, Eldon Matal, John 0 R ° h ' N “ " ‘“ Sead Coach Ralph Huffman. First row: Alh- fet er DL=“‘p S ™filoTs n ' T= a ny MeS Gene Hess, Glenn Hackero... Richard Smith, Dan Pfeifer. Earl Minks. Jerry Bliss, Merle Garey, Marion Campbell. football Tiger Coaches Tiger Quarterbacks Do you suppose they . . 1951 Gridiron Summary T ' _ _ x TT O t rrt ft 20 34 0 20 21 Northwest Missouri State 7 0 3 19 22 1 A Fort Hays State Fort Hays State 7 6 14 13 Kansas Wesleyan 34 13 7 The near-capacity Homecoming crowd. ) Marion Schmidt All-C.I.C. Fullback Duane Boye Bob Brautigam Don Campbell Marion Campbell C. I. C. Standings Pittsburg State Emporia State Washburn Fort Hays State St. Benedict ' s Southwestern W L 4 1 4 1 3 2 2 3 2 3 0 5 Below, left to right: Top: Cletus Dreiling, Ray Emerson, Alan Feist, Meryl Garey, Frank Haas. Harland Dietz Middle : Glenn Hackerott, Gene Hess, Bud Cleo Dome House, Gene Jaco, Art Jones. Bottom: Mac Keeley, Eldon Matal, Kayo Mc- Gillivray, Earl Minks, Bud Moeckel. V Ton- Gus Nicholas, George Norman, Dan Pfeifer, Tony Pfeifer Leon Robert . Opening the season against Northwest Missouri, Fort Hays State rode the crest of a three-touchdown explosion in less than seven minutes of the third quarter to win 20-7. Southwestern became the next victim as the Builders fell under a withering Tiger attack, 34-7. " Colly " Matal and Gene loco furnished the spark in the Tigers ' best offensive show of the season. In the first road game of the season, the Tigers suffered their first loss at the hands of the Pittsburg Gorillas. The Tigers played the co-champions on even terms before bowing 3-0 on a field goal late in the fourth quarter. The following week the Tigers kept their home fans on the edges of their seats by squeaking past the St. Benedict ' s Ravens, 20-19. Trailing 13-6 at the half, the Tigers came back on a 74-yard march and a dazzling 80-yard punt return by Kayo McGillivray, Don Campbell ' s extra points spelled the difference. The Tigers nearly spoiled Quincy ' s homecom- ing as they extended the favored Hawks before losing 22-21. Behind 15-0 at the half, Fort Hays State rolled to a 21-15 lead early in the last quarter only to have a safety, scored late in the first half catch up with them. Disappointing 7,000 homecoming fans, the Ti- gers showed the strain of their previous tight battles in losing to Emporia State, 14-7. The game provided many thrills as the teams fought to a 7-7 tie at the half. The Hornets wrapped up the decision on the first scrimmage play of the second half. The Tigers threatened late in the contest only to miss on a fourth down inside the five-yard line. A combination of cold weather, a jinx, and a hot Washburn team spelled defeat in the final con- ference game of the season. Final score was 34-6, In the last home game for eight seniors, the Ti- gers disregarded the odds makers to best a classy Colorado College team, 14-13. It was the first victory for Fort Hays State in the series between the two schools. The Tigers had to come from behind twice to win. Frank Haas led the scrappy Tiger line while Marion Schmidt put on one of the finest line-plung- ing exhibitions ever seen at Lewis Field. The Tigers completed the season with a 13-7 tri- umph over an out classed Kansas Wesleyan team. Gene Hess threw a touchdown pass to end Bud House. The play came on fourth down and 20 yards to go. The win gave the Tigers a creditable record of five wins and four losses. Baric: Asst. Coach Ralph Huffman, Ben Frantz, Bud Moeckel, Earl Hobbs, Nick Yunk, Jack Deni- S °° ' “Ton Guy Conner liegSr, Jim Shirley, Gene Anderson, Melvin Christensen, Ston Tomkins, Marvin Andrews, Bill Rupp. basketball Always cheering the Tigers were S»g Leiker and the pep band Inset: Bob Ziegler, A11-C1C Forward Gene Anderson Don Manke Marvin Andrews Doyle Meade Mel Christensen Bud Moeckel Guy Conner Bill Rupp Inset: Head Coach Cade Suran Glen Cooper Jim Shirley Jack Denison Stan Tomkins Ben Frantz Bob Wilkins Earl Hobbs Nick Yunk Hi i Winners of 18 and losers of 6, Fort Hays States basketball Tigers made the 1951-52 season one of the best ever here. Coach Cade Suran s club finished in a second-place tie in the CIC and was runner-up in the Enid. Oklahoma Invitation tournament. The Tiqers raced to nine straight victories as the season began before losing their first of the campaign to Regis in the Enid finals. To start the season FHS downed Southwestern Oklahoma, Hastings, Bethany, and Pan handle A. M. on the Sheridan coliseum maples. Then, taking to the road, Suran ' s club brought home a pair of close ones from Hastings and Omaha. And the team set a new school scoring mark in splattering Mankato, Minn., 106-65 in tuning up for the Enid affair. At Enid the Tigers humbled Arkansas Tech and edqed East Central Oklahoma before falling to classy Regis as 1951 came to an end. All-tourney selections in- cluded Tigers Ben Frantz, Bud Moeckel and Gene An- The new year brought CIC play— and a Tiger slump. FHS lost three of its first five in the league, two to Wash- burn and another to St. Benedict ' s while the wins were over Emporia State, and Tiger title hopes went down the drain. But the club recuperated quickly to stay unbeaten the rest of the conference season while splitting four non-conference games. A pair of triumphs over both Southwestern and Pitts- burq State were included in the FHS comeback, while the sweetest victory of all was a 55-50 revenge decision over St. Benedict ' s in probably the most exciting and best-played game of the Coliseum season. Northwest Oklahoma and Santa Barbara, Calif, were non-league victims of FHS while the Tigers lost tough decisions to Bethany and Rockhurst. With the end of the season came all-star time. And the Tigers weren ' t forgotten with ace forward Bob Ziegler named on every All-CIC ballot to appear. .... . Then there was the matter of records. In addition to the 106-point mark against Mankato, the Tigers set a new school team scoring mark for a season when they tallied 1,713 points for a whopping average of 71.4 points a game. And the 98 points scored against Pittsburg State was believed to be a new high in CIC play. But probably the most noteworthy record belongs to Ziegler now. Bouncing Bob laced the nets for 302 points over the year to smash the old single-season mark of 289 totaled by Glenn Mitchum in 1950. Ziegler and fellow forward Guy Conner are the only Tigers lost to the team by graduation. However, military service is expected to take some before a new court year rolls around. 1951-52 basketball summary eic standings FHS 68 Southwestern Okla. 55 FHS 88 Hastings, Nebr. 60 FHS 76 Bethany 52 FHS 77 Panhandle A. M. 48 FHS 65 Hastings 64 FHS 58 . . . (overtime) . . . Omaha 55 FHS 106 Mankato, Minn. 65 FHS 76 Arkansas Tech 59 FHS 82 East Central Okla. 81 FHS 57 Regis 63 FHS 62 . Emporia State 45 FHS 62 Washburn 88 FHS 59 St. Benedict ' s FHS 75 . Emporia State FHS 72 Washburn FHS 68 Southwestern FHS 71 Santa Barbara, Cal. FHS 67 .... Northwest Oklahoma FHS 68 Bethany FHS 98 Pittsburg State FHS 55 St. Benedict ' s FHS 77 Southwestern FHS 65 Pittsburg State FHS 74 Rockhurst 72 w L 59 Washburn .... 9 l 83 Fort Hays State . . . .... 7 3 58 St. Benedict ' s .... 7 3 50 Pittsburg State . , . . .... 3 7 47 Emporia State .... .... 2 8 70 Southwestern .... 2 8 62 50 67 64 80 Melvin Christensen, Bob Brautigam, Gus Nicholas, and Art Ray. 1952 track The 1952 track season was one of broken records and many championships. The Tigers won the Central Intercollegiate Conference by the largest majority of points the confrence has seen for many years. They won the Emporia Relays championship and main- tained a six-year record of consistent victories in dual meets. Two new school records were set — one by Ted Stryker with a 4:14 mile, and the other by Bob Brautigam with 45 feet, 7 and 5 e inches in the shot put. A group of distance and middle distance run- ners that were the answer to Coach Alex Francis ' years of dreaming won many honors in national meets. A two-mile relay team, made up of Dean Thompson, Charles Owens, Alan Feist, and Ted Stryker, placed second at the K. U. Relays and third at the Drake Relays. A distance medley re- lay team with the same runners, except that Rupp replaced Feist at K. U., placed fourth at both the K. U. Relays and the Drake Relays. In placing fourth at Drake, the team broke the existing Drake Relays record. The same group set a new record at the Emporia Relays. Individual conference champions were Gus Nicholas, javelin; Bob Brautigam, discus; Kayo McGil livray, low hurdles; Dick Scott, broad jump; and Ted Stryker who won both the 800 and mile runs. The mile relay team, made up of Dean Thompson, Bill Foulkers, Charles Owens, and Aaron Feist, also won the conference championship. In post season events, Bob Brautigam won the AAU discus championship and was fourth in the National Intercollegiate Meet at Abilene, Texas, in the discus and fifth in the shot. Ted Stryker placed second in the AAU meet and third in the national meet. Later, he qualified for the Olympic finals by placing fifth in the National AAU meet in California. The nucleus of the Tigers 1 952 power was these run- ners — back row, Dean Thompson, Aaron Feist, Charles Owens; front row, Ted Stryker, Bill Rupp, Alan Feist. From such individual ef- forts as there are confer- ence championships made. Not pictured are Jack Denison, whose baseball career shortened his track season, and David Riegel, who got a late start after an appendectomy. Both earned letters for the sea- son. The 1952 CIC championship mile relay team — Aaron Feist, Charles Owens, Bill Foulkers, Dean Thompson. Shown at the left is Bernard Riedl, freshman dash man from Scott City. Kayo McGillivray and Gene Anderson, hurdlers, are shown below. Kayo ' s bril- liant finish in the CIC low hurdles race has given Tiger fans something to talk about for a long time to come. At the right, Jim Montgomery, right, and Phil Busenbark, pole vaulters, eye a new height. At the far right, three distance runners get ready for a race. Left to right, they are Roland Hopkins, Bill Rupp, and Ted Stryker. Olympic Try-out Finalist- — Fort Hays State s own Ted Stryker. For the first time in the history of Fort Hays State, a Tiger athlete advanced to the final tryouts for the Olympic team One of the nation ' s twelve final contestants in the 1,500 meter run, Stryker was well rewarded for the tremendous personal effort he put into his training. Stryker broke the Fort Hays State mile record every time he competed dur- ing the 1952 season. His best time was 4:14, which may stand for many years before the college has another runner of Stryker ' s ability. His home is at Burrton. Only a junior, Ted ' s fu- ture is as yet unde- termined by his draft board. wm 0 Ur the 1951 season Due to early Reveille copy dates in the spring of 1951, last year ' s Tiger track team, which placed second in the CIC, is given special mention here. Four individual conference champion- ships were won by Fort Hays State. Dual meet victories were won from Leon Roberts, CIC Kearney and Wichita University. One champion in the javelin new college record — Bill Rupps 4:34 throw. mile — was set. Sam Teaford, CIC champion in the high jump. Bob Brautigam, CIC champion in the discus throw. Dean Thompson, CIC champion in the 880. The Big Four of Men’s Infra murals — Don Foster, winner of fhe 1951 In- tramural " K " ; Dick SeoTt f assistant student director: Alex Francis, intramural director: Gene Hess, student director men ' s intramurals An opportunity for athletes who lack the time or prowess for var- sity sports to work off a bit of surplus energy is offered in the intramural program. A year-long schedule, packed with activity, keeps more than half of the men students on the campus busy in a program of ath- letic recreation The Phi Sigma Epsilon basketeers won the Or- ganization champion- ship for the 1951-52 season Left, The 5 moos, who won the In- dependent basketball championship and later defeated the organization champs for the over-all college cham- pionship The touch football championship for 1951 went to these representatives of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity champions Everybody loves a winner and these intramural competi- tors have had a taste oi victory in the winning of individual and doubles championships. Jay Frazier, Phi Sig, who E, C. Snook, who took the Dean Thompson, Sigma turned up with the horse- tennis singles title for Tail, who won the mdi- shoe pitching champion- Residence Hall. vidual golf championsnip. ship. George Waiters arid Bill Schroe- der, Takes who won the tennis doubles title. Eldon Mata! and Bob Shields helped the Phi Sigs along by winning the golf doubles cham- pionship. David Hiebert and Bob McPher- son, took the doubles title In horseshoe pitching for Kappa Sigma Kappa. Above, pushing a wooden ring around the floor doesn ' t look too difficult, but it won Dick Scott the shuffleboard individual cham- pionship. He is a Phi Sig. Right, the shuffleboard doubles title went to two other Phi Sigs, Gene Hess and Ron Hopkins. men ' s intramurals Cross your heart and hope to die — they really are the champions! Bob Shields and Gene Hess, who were the doubles winners in badminton. They are Phi Sigs. Below, Glen Cooper, another Phi Sig, is a good actor, as well as a good badminton player. He won the singles title. champions Individual swimming events were won by the men shown at the right. They are Ross Summers, Merle Bauer, Gus Nicholas, Rus- sell Bray, and Don Foster Foster is a Sigma Tau, the others. Phi Above, left, is Cliff Tillett, Teke, who won the table tennis singles title. The doubles champions were La von Scheuerman and Jack Den- ison, Kappa Sigs At the right is the Phi Sig cham- pion relay team. They are Ross Summers, Bob Shields, Gus Nicho- las, and Dick Scott. Physical education majors and minors show off their new suits. women ' s athletics Fort Hays State ' s original tumbleweeds. women s 1 1 1 -JJU4 1 ; ,J • i ICS women ' s intramural Table tennis doubles was taken by the Thetas. Mary Hooker and Marilyn Freshour detested two ot their sorority sisters for the all-school championship. Far left: Golf was a new sport. Doubles win- ners were Nancy Larmer, Kinzer Kid, and Phyl Aley, Alpha Sigma. Two Custer Hall girls take the tennis doubles. Nancy Larmer, Kinzer Kid, and Bonnie Streck, Rockwell Rocket, were winners. Below: Women ' s intramural governing body. Wehe (YWCA), Brandenburg (Tri Sigma) Sec, Y., Arnhold (Alpha) Pres., Deutscher (Theta) Vice- Pres., Sevy, $pon f , Streck (Cus- ter), Reed [Delta), Stewart [W.A.A,] champions Tennis singles saw 46 girls participating. Rockwell Rocket Bonnie Strock captured the Title. Nine teams saw action in soccer as a new sport this year, Klnzer Kids defeated Alpha Sigma Alpha for the championship. Total participation was I 16 girls. One of the highlight sports of intramurals was vol- leyball w r lth 117 girls participating. All-school champs were Collegiate Uptowners, captained by Margaret Rose. Retaining her title for the second consecutive year, Mary Hooker took the all-school table tennis championship. Rocket Bonnie Streck utilizes every spare mo- ment on the golf course. She will be a rough con- tender next season. An ever popular sport, bas- ketball again holds top interest in the intramurai program. Klnzer Kids took the all-school cham- pionship in a close game with Alpha Sigma Alpha. The Fort Hays State A Cappella choir sang concerts in LaCrosse, Otis, Hoisington, and Victoria on its fall tour. A special concert was sung in Phillipsburg during the spring semester and six performances were given in Hays during the academic year. The spring tour consisted of concerts m Wilson, Ellsworth, Lincoln, Minneapolis, Beloit, Concordia, Belleville, Mankato, Smith Center, Downs, and Osborne. C, Thomas Barr is director. a capelfta choir varsity band The varsity band, consisting of 35 pieces, played for all of the basketball games. Sig Leiker, Jr., directed the band. The marching, varsity, and concert bands have played at forty-four different events ring the year on the campus. These instrumental groups including the cornet trio and the saxaphone sex s P ir;trurnenta | communities over the state, The concert band is formed by 75 pieces, and per o ■ Harold clinic for band directors besides the campus concerts and the four-day tour mto southwest Kansas. Haro Palmer is director. concert band hays community orchestra The Hays Community Orchestra under the instructor, at Fort Hays State, is composed school students direction of Stanley Ballinger, string of faculty, college students and high state college leader It takes a good many brains, and even some actual brawn to keep the pages of a college weekly filled The State College Leader is printed in the college print shop, under the supervision of Walter Waller stedt and Ed Urban, who doubles as a staff member. It is used as a laboratory project by journalism classes, which are taught by Richard Dilsaver, Leader sponsor Ann Crumly, who was editor, and Bill Rupp, the business manager, found that a college paper is another of those things like death and taxes that must come out no matter what. At the right Is Martha Pate, faith- ful assistant, who will assume ed- itorial responsibilities next year. Shown below are the staff members. Seated are Ann Crumly, editor, and Don MeCosh. Grouped around the desk are Ruth Secrest; Dean Kruse, columnist Stan Ball, sports editor : Bill Rupp, business manager; Carolyn Hake; Don Rupp; and Ed Urban. V -7 the reveille The first fifty pages of a college yearbook are really sort of fun. The last fifty aren ' t so bad, either, because victory is in sight. It ' s the middle one hundred that turn out to be torture supreme. The Reveille is Fort Hays State ' s annual record of student activities, published by the students themselves Donna Darby Foster, editor of the 1952 Reveille, and Dean Kruse, business manager, are shown at the left Jack Hunsley, photographer supreme, has taken most of the pictures in this book He is serv- ing his second year as official staff photographer. Below, are Norma Auston and Julia Harris, sealed, and Don McCosh, Stan Ball, and Norma Williams looking on. gA gjjrtm drama William Shakespeare ' s " Tam- ing of the Shrew " was a sum- mer presentation of the Little Theatre. It starred Vivian Flem- ing in the role of Katherine, with her husband, Bob Fleming as Petruchio. Directed by Dr. Geneva Hern- don, the production was gay with lavish lines and costumes. Ernest Eighmy as Crumcio, Fleming as Petruchio, arid Wally Kiel as the French tailor. The play s two lovely ladies — Vivian Fleming as Katherine Patsy Smith as Bianca props kept excitement high. iuthnell Duncker, as the for- une teller. Donna Garrett in the leading role of Sabina, takes Mr. Antrobus ' eye. Herbert Pfeifer, as ihe telegraph boy. Another comedy, with a serious vein was George Bernard Shaw ' s " Candi- da, " presented in March by Alpha Psi Omega, na- tional honorary dramatics fraternity. Ethelmae Wilson play- ed the title role, supported by an exceedingly able cast. The play was direct- ed by Dr. Geneva Hern- don. Above, the principal characters, Gayle Combest as the Reverend Mr. Morel, Ethelmae Wilson as Candida, and Lo- well Hawks as Marchbanks. Left, the famous fireside scene. Below, left, Carlene Duncker, as the secretary, listens to Dean Nolte praise the minister, whose assistant he is. Below, right, Carlene in a soulful pose. Behind the scenes there is frenzied activity that of- ten exceeds the most dra- matic moments on stage. It takes tireless effort on the part of a large crew of stage hands, prop- erty in e n, electricians, scenery, decorators, and make-up artists to get the show on the road. Walter Woods, whose field is psychology, finds relaxa- tion in helping with stage scenery. H i s handsome friend relaxes in a more con- ventional manner. Ethelmae Wilson and Mary Wilkins are being ™de up Marianne Rouse, while Director Herndon fusses costumes. ade up by Dean Nolte and Wielding the brushes are Bob Ar- cher, Warren Smith, and Dee Graves. A discussion group takes pointers from Professor Start. debate A small but active group of debaters, head ed by Cecil Merkel, junior, and Eldon Laidig, participated in several meets with Merkel and Laidig winning nine out of twelve debates dur- ing the year. Also participating were Eugene Jams, Jim Seuser, and Kaye Von Schriltz. James R, Start, head of the speech depart- ment, directed the activities of the debaters. In the photo below, Laidig takes a turn before the season ' s most critical audience, his own team-mates. At the left, Jarus practices a gesture. radio Activities in the field of radio are expanding steadily at Fort Hays State. Under the supervision of Jack Heath- er, radio director, additional classes are being offered. A daily program over KAYS, Hays, gives students valuable ex- perience in the field. Regular programs have been added this year over KSAL, Sa- lina, and KVGB, Great Bend. All student programs originated in the college stu- dios. Jack Heather goes over a news script with Shirley Filbert and Valis Rockwell, both students in radio announcing. Bill Latchford, whose Lis- ten to Latchford, piano in- terpretations have been pop- ular with college radio fans throughout the year, is shown with Sig Leiker, jun- ior, who often did his an- nouncing. candids STILL GROWING WITH HAYS AND COMMUNITY Capital and Surplus of $300,000 Total Resources Over $6,000,000 This strengthening o. our C.p.t.l Structure « ' tf ' We rn K. ' nst. dence in the business future of Hays and the part ot and S ST.t h”vThe a e " „ d do,ng since’ Oldest Bank in Ellis County Member — Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The First National. Hank IIayk City,K.v sas Heralding a true milestone as Fort Hays State observes its 50th anniversary are the construction projects of the north wing to Custer Hall and . . . ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Standard and Portable Sales and Service Northwestern Typewriter Co. Lamer Hotel Building Phone 1223 HAYS, KANSAS . . . the grand new Applied Arts Building. ANN ' S FEATURE NATIONALLY KNOWN MERCHANDISE DRESSES SUITS and COATS Doryl Junior J Swansdown Paulo Brooks i » Sacony-Palm Beach Paul Sachs Bloomfield f - if kr Shagmoor LINGERIE HATS Peter Pan Brassieres rj HOP Gage Wonder Maid Slips Rhythm Slips Gabiel HOSIERY Mulroy Hotel Bldg. GLOVES Mojud Dawnel le HUMBURG HDWE., INC. Everything for the Home General Hardware Electric Gas Appliances BOTTLE GAS 110W. 11th Phone 946 THE HAYS CREAMERY and ICE CO. Manufacturers of PIERE CRYSTAL ICE ICE CREAM NOVELTIES KINGS KWALITY ICE CREAM Phone 484 310 East 11th HAYS, KANSAS ia ' Kl BEN F. DREILING, INC. PHONE 192 Buick, Pontiac and G. M. C. Trucks HAYS, KANSAS . . . while Dean E. R. McCartney related. THE BEST IN RELIABLE SERVICE FELTEN THICK LINE Daily Service KANSAS CITY WICHITA SALINA FOOD THAT PLEASES COLBY and Intermediate Points -C? Infrastate and Interstate Household Goods GRASS BROS. Phone 169 Hays Phone 4 Hays, Kansas 235 West 10th JEP ' S SUPER SERVICE STATION 24-Hour Service MODERN EFFICIENT PHONE 400 1302 MAIN Upperclassmen donned this livery to show frosh what to wear and when. Margaret Vaughan and Bud House study on the lawn. HARKNESS PHARMACY IN HAYS OVER 40 YEARS The Choicest In Phone 76 DRUGS, CANDIES AND TOILET ARTICLES MAGAZINES . , , ICE CREAM Building a Greater City Specializing in Civic Commercial and Industrial Development Your Interest and Cooperation Is Respectively Solicted For Information VISIT-WRITE— or— CALL 715 Main THE HAYS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Hays, Kansas “Watch Hays Grow " Phone 271 The A. L. Duckwall Stores Co. i K WALL I STCCF m I 5 CENTS TO $1.00 STORE Visit Our Modern Fountain and Luncheonette CO Some preferred the shade . . . . . . while others chose the sun. LANG OIL COMPANY 613 EAST BTH STREET HAYS, KANSAS flaw SL ESS? r mt MOBILOIL MOB I LG AS ' At the Si n of the Flying Red Horse’ Billinger’s Bakery Distributors of SUNBEAM BREAD Pies, Rolls and Cakes 124 West 9th Phone 640 Ed Urban — printer, student, father of four — looks happy at his work COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS SHEAFFER — WATERMAN — ESTERBROOK ZIPPER NOTEBOOKS GREETING CARDS PERSONALIZED STATIONERY SPALDING SPORTING GOODS SMITH-CORONA PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS CAMPUS BOOK STORE L bert e. bergland Your College Store PHONE 30 509 WEST 7TH A visit to the dean of women doesn t seem to bother Ann Crumly and Leona Bose. KAYS f,r: -!M I Richard Widener and Kenneth Spreier use " those rose-colored glasses. " GEO. PHILIP SCOTTY PHILIP GEO. PHILIP SON DEALERS IN HARDWARE PAINT BRUSHES. PAINTS and GLASS GUNS and AMMUNITION TOOLS and CUTLERY PHONE 53 EIGHTH and MAIN HAYS, KANSAS The line at the fountain includes Naomi Jones. Bea Ward, and Kay Hahn. JAMES MOTOR CO. LINCOLN MERCURY GENUINE PARTS Wholesale Retail GUARANTEED SERVICE — REASONABLE PRICES 200 E. 8th Phone 1350 983 ALL TYPES OF LAUNDRY SERVICE Dry Cleaning Phone 197 I 26 West 9th The editors only hope Earl Merkel knows what he ' s doing, Wc don t. The Brunswick Hotel For Your Convenience MODERN HOTEL AND CAFE FACILITIES Walter Ross Proprietor Finest of Photographs EKEY STUDIO ELECTRIC Peeking at the camera must be a professor ' s prerogative. A Few Words To The Students Of Fort Hays State The reading of a daily newspaper is a broad education in itself. The daily paper affords a background of general information which no one can obtain in any other way. Few college students need to be told this, it goes without saying, but there may be young men and young women attending Fort Hays State who do not know the Hays Daily News has complete cover- age of world-wide, national, state and home news on every week- day except Saturday, and on Sunday as well. The Sunday Morning News also has features and a comic section as well. The over-all news coverage provided is that of the Associated Press , the world ' s largest news-gathering agency. Read the News to be up on all the news that is news. NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY Hays Daily News Ellis County News News Commercial Job Printing Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. George Sternberg and the bird collection which went on display this year. The Three Trumpe+eers — Jim Maxwell Dick Wolford, and Don Johnson. DRY GOODS SHOES J. C. Penney Co. Men’s, Boys’, Women’s, Misses’ Clothing ' Lowell Cline in the center of the saxophone sextet, with Betty See, Dan Hines. Lois Leiker. Sig Leiker, and Joy Mishler. jr|K| M f im Yi Hfif i V _ " Mf a TBraMB . JmULWs f .4ty •JlHiy CENTRAL KANSAS POWER CO. Norma Munsell Bogart lends a helping hand to Gene Johnson. Bob Archer incognito. IF YOU WANT THE BEST IN HOME COOKED FOOD GO TO THE LOW PRICES COURTEOUS HELP 109 West 10th Mr ond Mrs John Sah|i Phone 525 Proprietors THE JACK JILL SHOP Let Us Clothe Your Children — That’s Our Business Everything for Infants to Pre-teens Boys Wear from 1 to 12 PHONE 1462 LAMER HOTEL BUILDING Varied reactions among spectators at a football game. Sporting Goods Leather Goods Riding Equipment Hobby Supplies Hays Building and Loan Association ★ ★ ★ SCHLEGEL’S “ Save and Invest ” ★ ★ ★ 118 W. 11th Hoyt, Kamos Hays, Kansas Phone 38 Fine Furniture - - Low Prices KROEHLER SEALY SPARTON RADIOS MENGEL YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS G. E. APPLIANCES Complete 7loor Covering Service “ Comparison is the Measure of Value” BUTLERS 119 West 10th Phone 50 HAYS, KANSAS 1107 Main St. SCHERER’S Exclusive Ladies Reddy To Wear Phone 306 Featuring Nationally Advertised Lines Such as — NELLY DON — DORIS DODSON and JOAN MILLER Dresses FASHIONBILT COATS and SUITS BELLE-SHARMEER Hosiery VAN RAALTE Hosiery. — Gloves and Undies Lady Love Slips FORMFIT — LIFE Brassieres and Girdles VASSARETTE Girdles ABC Rexall Drug Co. HAYS MOST MODERN DRUG STORE FOUR REGISTERED PROMPT EFFICIENT PHARMACISTS SERVICE Time out for first aid to a twisted down box. A down-town pep rally gives the cheerleaders a workout. FINCH’S LADIES READY TO WEAR Headquarters for Sports and Casual Wear 802 MAIN Phone 264 HAYS, KANSAS Better Haircuts A Complete Stock at the of Amateur Photo BROWN BARBER SHOP Supplies Equipment 713 Main Hays, Kansas HAYS CITY DRUG STORE " The Corner Drug Store " The Collegiate Uptowners and the College Band do their bit in the Homecoming parade. Vivian and Bob Fusillo in a gay mood. Slightly more sedate— Patsy Earl and Willard Peterson. Gagelman Motor Co., Inc. FORD SALES and SERVICE “There ' s a Ford in Your Future 528 East 8th HAYS, KANSAS Phone 14 Ask Your Grocer for ENRICHED SEMOLINO FLOUR “A Western Kansas Product The Hays City Flour Mills Bissing Men ' s Shop CHAMP HATS ESQUIRE SLACKS Mayfield 4 Star Suits and Sport Coats 1011 Main Phone 300 Thirst 9 Too , Seeks Quality Months of study— Months of pleasant companionship— All of them summarized in lliis yearbook, a memento to the effort you have put forth to make a success of your school work. It is our hope that Coca-Cola has in some small way made your task easier- contributed a friendly pause for refreshment to your work or play. Ask for it either way . . both trade-marks mean the same thing . Anywhere, anytime, you will find a frosty bottle of Coca-Cola near-by ' to help you make any pause “The Pause That Refreshes " , BOTTLE D UNDER AUTHORITY Of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY 8 V HAYS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Hays, Kansas German food and song at the annual German Club Christmas party. Walburn ' s College Grocery Lav re nee Parsons, the winner in a Vigorous contest to name a Hairless Joe. Cooper and McSillivray, who stole the prize, as well as the show. Wilkins and Lindner Dogpatchers all! See and Kessler Favored by Any Successful Group: Arrow Shirts Stetson Hats Florsheim Shoes Botany “500” Suits McGregor Pendleton Hickok Interwoven Socks Samsonite Luggage — And Many More ISI AVEHER ' S Men’s and Boys ' Wear” mssK ' w wmaam sm The unassuming Iturbis oblige autograph seekers following a concert in Sheridan Coliseum. FORT HAYS PHARMACY Your Rexall Store SODA FOUNTAIN — DRUGS — MAGAZINES FABERGE — ELIZABETH ARDEN Phone 4-3469 2 7 West ' otil Dodge Plymouth Dodge Job-Rated Trucks SALES and SERVICE 600 MAIN Kate Stewart and Nancy Larmer accept the intramural soccer trophy from Norma Arnhold for the cham- pion Kinzer Kids. MARKWELL’S Typewriters Books Stationery Note Books Fountain Pens Athletic Supplies Art Supplies School Supplies Plaving Cards Office Supplies Loose Leaf Ledgers Loose Leaf Ring Books Filing Cabinets Leather Goods MARK WELL’S BOOK STORE PHONE 96 1010 MAIN Coffee in the Social Building tasted especially good when winter hit the campus. Hays Phone 4-2533 CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE 6 r JlauCfUlin MOTOR SALES Mechanical and Body Repair NEW CARS and TRUCKS OK USED CARS and TRUCKS 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Ellis Phone 18 If It ' s to wear you’ll find it at Tnt LA K - T0RE The beast is Alex Francis dog, Touchdown The beauty, Betty Glebler. HURST MOTOR CO. Phone 4-2019 CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH Sales and Service East Highway 40 The student section catches up on campus gossip at the halftime of the Washburn game. A likeable campus brother team — Bill and Don Rupp — trek to the classrooms. Transfers all — and welcome Jim Shirley, Don Manke, and Stan Tompkins Try a Chuckburger at THE CHUCKWAGON u where college students are always welcome ” Short Orders and Snacks Phone 572 Hays, Kansas THE HOME FURNITURE COMPANY The Most Beautiful Furniture Store in Western Kansas THE PHILCO STORE 229 West 10th Phone 236 STAR THEATER Always Fine Entertainment for the Entire Family SCHERER’S SHOE STORE 1109 Main St. Phone 594 Western Kansas Finest Shoe Store Featuring High Grade Shoes for Men — Women and Children Air-Step - Lifestride — Foot Flairs Roblee and Pedwin for Men Buster Brown for Children X-RAY FITTING AVAILABLE EL CHARRO MOTEL and EL CHARRO CAFE One Mile East on U. S. Highwoy 40 Phone 77 phone 1 338 Almost anything can happen in the parlor of Residence Hall. X ( w j ou i { J E W E L E N TAKE THE MYSTERY OUT OF YOUR C j)ia»wnd PURCHASE Instead of trying to judge the quality of diamond l y comparing size and price, we suggest that you come in for a tail . Your Registered Jeweler will he glad to explain why some diamonds have more brilliance and heauty than others and show you how you can choose wisely and well. I here’s no need to wait until you are ready to huy. You will not he pressed to huy anything. Please feel that you are welcome any time at your Registered Jeweler’s. His scientific h no w ledge is at your service. More leg work. Rhoda Welch and Evie Starr above, Velma Kraft and Zella McKinley below. Ducks on the pond — Yvonne Slingerland, Joyce Fondable, Peg Coder, Lois Steeples, i his exercise is supposed to be beneficial, too. The girls are Pat Myers and Eva Sire. Hopson does his bit in tree surgery. Student, basketeer, cop Don Manke. Good Food of Course C. w LAMER R R. CLARK 5. W LAMER — I9AMER HoTBIdS inKansas LAMER - MLILRDY, Hats LAMER CLAYTON P SAUNA LAMER MOTEL HavS H. B. LAMER PRESIDENT Good Food of Course Jack and Patsy Earl — where brother and sister outfits mean One of Fort Hays State ' s talented — Pat Taylors. just that. ittg§®§iSl Wssm mm mmmi Bj iVtH- J ir ' i : hK u mm m tev% ? j 3 A ' i3 wmR ffimm mmm mmm MMK teMii •1r r

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