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Colleges Me forever building Something Day to day assignments, they say, build know- ledge— Basic courses build appreciations — Lectures build world consciousness — Organizations build citizens — In 1950 and 1951 , Fort Hays Kansas State College also built buildings It had been ten years since students at Fort Hays State had watched any major building project. Now, suddenly, the long un- fulfilled dreams of the college began to come true Custer Hall s impressive new addition grew day by day — and the fine new Applied Arts Building emerged from the drawing boards Truly this was the year of building. V v o ' iAvmVs ADMINISTRATION 12 FACULTY 17 LEADERSHIP 22 STUDENTS 33 ORGANIZATIONS . HOMECOMING 65 103 GREEKS m ATHLETICS 131 CANDIDS ....... 157 EDITOR DEAN WATT BUSINESS MANAGER GAIL SCHEUERMAN STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER JACK HUNSLEY fCOVER PHOTO BY E. C. ALMQUIST) 3 Professor Koy Kan kin 4 To Dr Fred W Albertson, who within our circle is known as a builder of ideals and art exam ple of integrity, humbleness and sin- cere friendliness Outside, he is recognized throughout the world as an authority in his field The combination ranks him near the top of the list of truly great faculty members the college has known Fort Hays State is proud also to claim him as an alumnus and to honor him with the dedication of this, the 1951 Reveille ■ SgS ' f; 1 IHPIi ! r | ? arfl 1 S3 uipcpor jinn jrowp s-wo Bing „ Adds Glamour Zo Reveille Ball r , v t W ' I fl L CfStSS -’ •rt « e •iT SS " - : tof 4 £ «f£ « ° .» w . 0 -bo1 ■ iU mWI ' Si f«« r „, . » ' tv W ' BCi BELOW— THE ROYALTY FINALLY REACHES THE THRONE. ?« . T ' w m «W « PRINCE EUGENE OH LEM El ER Kappa Sigma Kappa PRINCESS EDITH PETERS, Delta Sigma Epsilon ATTENDANTS Top Row — Shirley North, Charles Murray, Duane Guy, Norma M unsell Center Row — Phyllis Oliphant, Sigmund Letker, Jr,, Farrell Van Horn, Rosanna Healey. Bottom Row — Eugene Baus, Carol Foos, Phyllis Gales, Robert Melville, Dn FL C. Ctwim ieJinn PRiMDiNT 19 Dr. L. D. Wooster, President Emeritus Miss Wilma Mae Wolf, Advisor to Women Dr. W. D. Moreland Advisor to Men Dr, Ralph V. Coder, Chairman, Graduate Council Walter E. Keating, Business Manager 13 Hugh Burnett, Director of Extension Standlee V, Dalton Registrar Kenneth Dellett Margaret Brown Jellison Lola Young Delores Ingram Bill Jellison 0 Lloyd Furthmyer 14 m an mean col if Gfs am umvmims. Dean Watt Patricia Lancaster 1 mam Shirley King Luarme Lebs a ck Loren Schminfberger Jo Hubbard Russell Duer 15 fulfil SI i .1 pi 1 liHifi | tw ' itH 16 Science Building cuznoeTn r%gnew Dean Ens$ritu{ of Women Fred W, Albertson Professor of Botany; Chairman of Biological Sconces Edward C, Almquist Assistant Professor of Audiovisual Education Ethel V. Artmen Assistant Director of Extension] Place men I Service B. F„ Atwood Instructor in Economics and Business Administration Elizabeth Barbour Assistant Professor of Physical Education C, Thomas Sarr Professor of Music Alice Beoslay Professor of Home Economics C. Richard Cain Instructor in Industrial Art Harold S. Choguill Professor of Chemistry Frances Cook College Nurse r Instructor in Health Kenneth W, Coolr Assistant Professor of Business Admlnistretio n D, K. Brooks Assistant Professor of Physics R. U. Brooks Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts Patricia Bynum Instructor in Zoological Science Jean Cain Instructor in Art Marlon F, Coulson Assistant Professor of English Eugene Craine Assistant Professor of History Edwin Davis Professor of Industrial Arts Gdynelle Davis Associate Pro ssor of Educalion and Director of Elementary Education Richard Dil saver Instructor in Journalism Drew Dobosh Assistant Professor of Art fhama Dominy instructor in Home Economics Roy Duel I Instructor in Art William Eastman Instructor in Biology Eugene Elter Assistant Professor of Mathematics Lucille Falter Assistant Professor of Music Alan Francis Assistant Professor of Physical EJucaliom Track Coach Helen F rant i Aui ant Instructor in Journalism Emma Golden Associate Profs ssor of Language Naonrsi Garner Assistant Professor of English Maude Gorham Assistant Professor of Psychology Paul Gross Associate Professor of Physical Education; Director of Athletics Samuel Hamilton Professor of Philosophy Jack Heather Instructor in Radio Leon Hepner Associate Professor of Zoology Geneva Herndon Assistant Professor of Speech Harold Hopkins Assistant Professor of Botany Ralph Huffman Assistant Professor of Physical Education; Football Coach Modesto Jacobin! Professor of Languages Jack Juergens Assistant Professor of Music Harriet Kefchum Assistant Professor of Speech Jeanne Kuhn Instructor in Education Mabel Lacey Assistant Professor of English Nita Landrum Instructor and Supervisor of Correspondence Study Philip Lin Instructor in Political Science Paulin Lindner Assistant Librarian Robert Marple Instructor In History Everett Marshall Assistant Professor of Mathematics Rosella McCarroll Assistant Professor of Education Marion McDonald Assistant Professor of Physical Education Henry J. McFarland Assistant Professor of Biology Margaret McGimsey Assistant Librarian Robert McGrath Professor of Education Helen Mcllreth Assistant Librarian Maude McMindes Associate Professor of Education; Director of Secondary Education Geraldine Morris Aisiolant Librarian Alice Morrison Assistant Professor of English I la Newbecker Assistant Professor of Home Economics Robert Olberding Instructor in Business Administration and Economics Charles Onion Assistant Professor of History Harold Palmer Assistant Professor of Music Verna Parish Assistant Professor of English Mary Mae Paul Assistant Professor of Education W. H. Rayburn Instructor in Industrial Arts Homer B. Peed Professor of Psychology Leo B. Reynolds Associate Professor of Music Ivan Richardson Assistan t Professor of Politic ft! Science Andrew Riegel Assistant professor of Botany James E, Rouse Professor oF Agriculture Lester J. Schmyti Associate Professor of Agriculture Ira O. Scott Associate Professor of Education Ruth Se y Instructor in Physical Education Kenneth Simons Assistant Professor of Botany James R. Start Professor of Speech Emmet Stopher Professor of Mathematics James Pauley Instructor in Chemistry Maria Perkins Assistant Profossor of Sociology Mary Aileen Perry Instructor in Music Edna B. Pickard Instructor in Languages Roberta Stout Assistant Professor of English P. B- Streeter Professor of Library Science Robert H. Stroup instructor In Economics and Business Administration Cade Su ran Assistant Professor of Physical Education: Basketball Coach Archie Thomas Assistant Professor of Business Administration Dolta Thomas Instructor in Business Administration Leonard W, Thompson Professor of Economics and Business Administration Wilmont Toalson Assistant Professor of Mathematics Margaret Von Acfceren Assistant Librarian Mabel Vandiver Professor of Art Walter Wallersledt Instructor In Printing James R. Wells Assistant Farm Superintendent T, W. Wells Assistant Professor of English R. L. Wftllyr Professor in Chemistry Eldon fe. Weston Instructor in Chemistry Charles F. Wlest Professor Emeritus of Philosophy William D, Willtins Instructor In Music W. Clement Wood Professor of Education Harvey A. Zinszer Professor of Physics and Astronomy administrative and supervisory ASSISTANTS Cora Bibens Assistant to President Florence Bodmer Secretary to the Dean Vernon Carlson Custodian of Buildings NOT PICTURED C. H. Brooks Assistant Professor Emeritus of Languages El E. Colyer Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Ethel McKenna Dormitory Director, Retired Beatrice Rockwell Housemother, Custer Hall Gladys Stewart Director, Custer Hall Inez Torrey College Nurse Ed Urban College Printer Mol lie Wallerstedt Supervisor of Social Building M o be I Hopkins Assistant to Registrar Etta Miller Houiemolher, Residence Hall Elizabeth Mosler Secretary, Registrar’s Office Oegrge Sternberg Curator of Museums Student Council The Student Council is the representative govern- mental body for the management of student affairs at Fort Hays State. The group is made up of fifteen members nominated and elected by the student body. Each class is represented. Officers for 1 950 and 1951 are Jo Hubbard, president- Robert Thompson, vice- president; Ruth Taytor, secretary-treasurer. Dr, E. R. McCartney is faculty sponsor. WN8SCO Council The UNESCO Council was organized to promote programs for the common welfare of mankind through educational, scientific, and cultural relations. Evidence that the purpose is being accomplished is the spon- sorship this year of a displaced person as a student at Fort Hays State. Officers for 1950 and 1951 are Don Surnetf, president; John Smith, vice-president; Claire Ann Kvasnicka, secretary; Dale Marcy, treasur- er. Dr. Raymond L. Welty is faculty sponsor. 22 Campus Moos ter Council Organized to promote school spirit, the Campus Booster Council is made up of representatives of various campus organizations. Members not present when the picture was made are: Vesta DeBoer, Donald Gentzler, Robert Hooker, Kenneth Odom, Pat O ' Toole, Lon Wells, and Alice Worley. Mr. Wilmot Toalson Is faculty advisor. Honor Society The Fort Hays State Honor Society is made up of faculty members, alumni, and graduate and under- graduate students A number of members, not exceeding, ten per cent, Is selected from each senior class on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and citizenship. Campus leadership SEVENTH CAVALRY This honorary organization is made up of men students selected for leadership ability and scholarship. Left to Right, the group includes, In the front row: Vernon Bell, Standlee V Dalton, faculty advisor; Bill Jellison, Russell Duer, Eldon Mata), Sec- ond row; John Tomlinson, Harold Krause, Jerry Starkey, Joe Nickel, Sam Teaford. Back row; Don Burnett, Glen Thompson, Jo Hubbard, Quentin Bogart, and Burdon Musgrave, WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION Members of this group are nominated by faculty vote and elected by the group itself. It is made up of young women on the campus who have shown ability as leaders or who are considered to be potential leaders. Left to right, they are as follows; Front row: Claire Kvasnicka, Rosanna Healey, Velma DuelL Second row: Pat Lancaster, Eleanor Rockwell, Pat O ' Toole, Shirley King, Barbara Billings. Third row: Carlene Duncker, Imo Lea Evans McNutt, Agnes Morrison, and Verna Parish, faculty advisors. Ba ck row: Alyce Barstow, Lola Young, and Mrs Nita M. Landrum, faculty advisor. 24 SEPTEMBER was an uncertain month in the Fort Hays State 1950-1951 calendar — but once enrollment ' s tedious trials were completed students settled them selves to the age-old art of making friends OCTOBER was unseasonably warm but nobody minded — least of all the freshman tug-of-war team which took a reluctant . dip in Big Creek. A Across the stream the addition to Custer Hall began to grow high- er than the men who were building it. art NOVEMBER — was merely the month between Homecoming and Christmas. Stu- dents stopped to appreciate the State College Leader, and there was even time for dormitory lounging. DECEMBER BROUGHT AN AVALANCHE OF ACTIVITIES, THE MOST TRADI- TIONAL BEING THE HOLIDAY PRESENTATION OF HANDEL ' S MESSIAH AND THE ANNUAL GERMAN CLUB CHRISTMAS PARTY, WHERE PRESIDENT AND MRS. CUNNINGHAM AND JANUARY— will be remembered chiefly for the drudgery of the examinations and re-enrollment, but its monot- ony was relieved for some time by the " Juvenilities " of Hell Week, And, almost fo a man, the student body availed itself of the opportunity to see ' ' IceJandia ' which was staged in our own Coliseum. To the scientists in the crowd, the iceing process was more fascin- ating than the show. FEBRUARY— brought cold and snow, but alt was forgotten when " The Glass Mena- gene " brought Julie Haydon from the Broadway production and re- vealed stirring dramatic ability within our own circle. The W.A.A. sponsored an all-school carnival with each organization contributing its own originality to the success of the affair. In the picture below, the two members of the women ' s physi- cal education faculty find Bingo competition from Iwo lads from Oberlin, MARCH — was traditions! in that the winds came — but other things occurred, too. PoJfy insists it was baseball to which her young man ' s fancy lightly turned, but pictures don ' t fie, or do posed ones? Every where young men gathered for bull sessions, there was but one topic, and it had worn thin by its constant discussion throughout the year. The imminence of in- du tion into the armed forces hung like a spooky and unpredictable veil over every pla.i a fellow might make for the future, and one angle after another was considered in these endless gabfests. brought spring showers, which were so good for the wheat back home that students laughed at the minor inconveniences of scurrying into formal danc- es through the rain and the depression of waking in the morning to a gray and soggy world. For nearly two hundred Fort Hays Staters, April brought ever nearer the realiiatlon of that dream which had seemed so remote four years ago they would not even allow themselves the luxury of its contemplation — Commencement Day! Gail Appfebee Hays, B S in Elementary Education Earl Ball Sterling! B, S in fnd Arts Roy J. Barber Hugo+on, B. S in Agriculture Alice Barstow Macksville, A, 8 in Speech Francis Bauer Wilson, B. S in Ind Arts Vernon Bell Studley, 8. S. in Business Adm He rebel Betts Oberlin, B, S in Physical Ed Joan Betts Ober in, A, B in History Richard Bickel Dodge City, B. S, in Business A dm. LeRoy Bingaman Garfield, B S. In Agriculture Afleen Blssing Atchison, A, B Robert F Blum Menlo, B. S. in Physical Ed. Francis J. Bocquin Howard A B in Chemistry Douglas Boston Saline, A. B in Business Adm William Brin Plainville, B S. in Agriculture Lola Campbell Frank Carman John Carmody John C. Chambers Warren R. Conner Macksvilfe, B S. in Qulnter, A B Hays, B S. in Ellis, B. M, Piano and Gypsum, B. $ in General Science Political Science Physical Ed B M Music Ed Agriculture 34 David Craft harden City, A, B. in Physical Ed, Donald Crlppen Cove, B, S, in Physical Ed, Arden Cronn Smith Center, B« S, in Physical Ed Leonard Cuflison Oberlin, B, S, in Business Adm, Kenneth Delletf Hays, A, B, in Chemistry Helen Dietrich Dellvale, B. S. in Business Adm. R, M, Dillard, Jr. Hays, B, S, in Chemistry Gilbert Dreilinq Victoria, A, B. in Chemistry Velma Duel! Wafceeney, 8, S, in Home Economics Russell Duer Hays, A B, in Mathematics Hettie Easterly Osborne, B. 5, In Education Harold Ellis Kingman, A, B. in Psychology Wanda Ellis Kingman, B, S. in Business Adm, Ralph Engel Hays, 8, S, in Business Adm Curtis Erickson Jennings, B. S, Business Adm, Carlos Evers Mexico City, Mexico B, S. fn Agriculture James Farley Meade, B, S, in Physical Ed, Donald Foster Satanta, B. S, in Physical Ed. Duane Eoulk Turon, B, S, in Business Adm, Kenneth French Stockton, B, S, in Education 35 Lloyd Furthmyer Hamilton, B, S. in Mathematics Bill Gearhart Lenora, B, $. in Business Adm, Robert Giebler Hays, B, $. in Economics Norma Gill Bunkerhill, A B. in English Keith Glass Wakeeney, B S. in Mathematics Gladys Goetz Victoria, B, 5. In Speech Carol Grimes Alton, B, S, in Business Adm, Ruben Grose Bazine, B + S. in Education Kenneth Growe Fulton, N, Y. B t S. in Botany Helen Haggard Gorham, B, $■ In Home Economics Elaine Hamburg Ellis, B, S, in Elementary Ed, Wayne Heron Spearville, B, S. In Ind, Arts John Hibbert Elkhart, A, B, in English Joe Hickel Ellinwood, A, B, in English William Hill Hays, B. S. In Chemistry Harland Hoffman Robert Hooker Leonard Howell Jo E. Hubbard Dolores Ingram Ellsworth, A B, in Winona, B, S, In Edmond, A, B. in Waldo, B. S, in Hays, A, B. In English Mathematics History Physical Ed, Speech 36 Nola Mae James Stockton, B. S. in Physical Ed Bill Jellison Sylvan Grove, B. 5, in Botany Margaret Jellison Osborne, A, B in Speech Karl Jennison Mealy A B. in Economics Mary Jennison Hays, A. B. in Sociology Terry Keeley Pawnee Rock, B. S in Physical Ed. Shirley King Ellis, B. S, in Elementary Ed Frances Klnsinger Osborne, A. B, in Elementary Ed. Claire Ann Kvasnieka Wakeeney, B. S. in Home Economics Pat Lancaster Hays, A B in English and History Marvin Launchbaugh Hoitie, B. S. in Business Adm, Fred Lindenmeyer Salina, 8 S. in Zoology Lutie Ann Losey Gove, B. $. in Art Patricia Lytal Salina, B. 5, in Elementary Ed. Robert Malone St- Francis, B, S In Ind Arts Wayne Matheson Natoma, B, S in Business Adnru Richard McCall Wakeeney, B. S, in Business Adm Robert McClellan Zurich, B. S, in Mathematics John McConnaughhay Lamed B. S. in Biology Joan McConnell Great Bend, A. B in History 37 Rex McConnell Minneola, B, 5, in Physical Ed. Vergil McKmzie Oberlin, B S in Physical Ed. Imo Lea McNutt Hays, B. 5 in Business Adm Ted McNutt Hays, B, S in Business Adm, Abe Miller Hays, 8 S in Business Adm Kenneth Mock Martha Morlan Plainville, B 5, in Protection, B. S in Business Adm. Art John Mullender Waldo, A. B in History Jannes Neeley Hays, B, $ In Zoology J. D. Norcross Hays, B, $ in Biology M arcus Oliphant Offerle, B, $. in Agriculture Eleanor Ormsbee Smith Center, A, B. in English Patricia OToole Arnold, A, B. in English Jim Paxson Penolcee B S in Business Adm George Petrasek Jennings, B, S in Business Adm, George Pfeifer Hays, B S. in Physical Ed Bill Pike Healy, A B in Political Science Henry Pohlman Natoma, B S in Business Adm Charles Rassart Pearl River, N. Y , A. 8 in Zoology Eugene Ray Ford, B S in Physical Ed 38 Keith Ritter HoisJngton, B. S. in General Science Eleanor Rockwell Hays, A. B. in English Gail Scheuerman Baiine, B, 5 m Business Adm. Marvin Scheuerman Hays, A, B. In Sociology Clareta Schlicher Hays, B. $. in Physical Ed. Loren Schmidtberger Hays, A, B. in English Raymond Schulte Walker, B. S. in Business Adm. Kenneth Schwertfeger Satanta, B, S, tn Agriculture Jim Seuser Bison, A, B. In Music M ax Shepard Emerson, Iowa B. $, Ind. Arts Ralph Shrauner Donna Sigrist Lumir Skubal John Smdh Ruby Snavely Protection, B. S, in Hays, B. 5. in Dresden, B, S. in Ulyssess, B. S. Sublette, B. S. in Agriculture Elementary Ed. Ind, Arts Business Adm. Business Adm. Jane Snyder John Stadelman Julia Sullivan Lawrence Tedford Glen Thompson Almena, B. M. E. Hays, B, M. in Hays, A. B. in Minneola, B. S. in Beeler, A, B. in Music Sociology Agriculture History and English Robert Thompson Hope Townley Dale VanLerberg Clarence Walters Leona Wasinger Satarvta, B. S. in Glade, B t 5. in Shawnee, B. S. n Hays, B, $ in Hays, A B + in Business Adm. Eleme ntary Ed. Agriculture Business Adm. History Dean Watt Healy, B. S. in Art Charles Webb Ft. Worth, Texas A, B. in English Leon Wolford Clatlm, B S. in Mathematics Alice Worley Paradise, A. B. in English Russell Zane Protection, B. $ in Business Adm, Dorothy Unrein Hays, B. S. in Art 40 Phyllis Acheson Wakeeney Vivian Acheson Wakeeney Curtis Albertson Hill Citv Marilyn Albrecht Norma Arnhold Smith Center Plainville Richard Berryhif! Bunkerhill Barbara Billings Penokee Bonnie Bisel Hopewell Kenneth Boultinghouse Hays Lucille Bott McCracken Donna Brown Paradise Wayne Brubaker Huqoton Wilma Briscoe Salma Fiorine Brundage Brownell Darrel E. Buss Stockton Doris Carson Russell Lois Jean Cline Bunkerhill George Conner McCracken Lew Costello Scott City Donna Darby Hays 42 Laverne Davis Hill City Vesta DeBoer Prairie Vie Charles Deeter Noreatur Charmaine Deutscher Ellis Harland Dietz Pratt Betty Joe Donley Russell Carlene Duncker Ford Patsy Ear! Hays Walter Ehiy Ctaflin D Nelle Ehrlich Hays Denzell Ekey Codell Raymond Emerson Oberlin Clovis Emrich Miltonvale Joyce E. Eyman Ulysses Eddie Filbert Bazine Donna French Stockton Francis Frey Hays Wanda Rose Frey Hays Sally Floyd Hays Jay Frazier La Crosse 43 Wilfred Friesen Dodge City Ramona Funk Ness City Beulah Gallin Grinnell Nada Griffith Vada Griffith Wakeeney Kakeeney Duane Guy Hays Verna Jean Hansen Colby Julia Harris Hays Mary Harvey Bushton Lowell Hawks Goodland R. Virgil Hemphill Byers Gene Hess, Jr. Herington BaH Hobbs Hays Mary E. Hooker Winona Carol Hornbaker Stafford Donald Hoskins Natoma Betty Howell Edmond Robert Hoyt Garden City Eileen Huff Oberlin Clifford Jackson Winona 44 Dale James Arnold Janousek Elaine Johnson James Jones Richard Kessler Shields Kanona Jennings Hill City R usse |l Lewis Kester Andrews, Indiana David King Barnard Howard King Agra Richard Lappin Luanne Lebsack Alexander q s Sigmund Leiker Hays Gilbert Lief: Menlo Norman Lindner Garden City Dale Marcy Ransom Kenneth Marine Copeland Joyce Marshall Minneota Eldon Mata! Otis Bill Melviile Sylvia Miriam Morris Plainville Richard Morrisc Protection 45 Elvera Mansell LuElma Murray Calvin Noah Dean NoJte Kenneth Odom Hays Scott City Palco Healy Macksville Phyllis Oliphant Courtland Robert Pokorny LaCrosse Roy Richards Ofterle Don Richardson Robert Riggs Garden City Hays Lugene Ritter Theo Roberts Hoisington Quinter Lois Jean Robinson Hill City LaVon Scheuerman LaCrosse Elman Schlegel Otis mmm Betty See Ransom Donna SIdebottom Digbton Marion Smith Lamed Patsy Smith Lakin Rosemyre Spena Wakeeney 46 Jerry Starkey Haviland Richard Stephenson Alexander Ruth Taylor Plainville LaVerne Tegtmeyer John Tomlinson Wakeeney Overland Park Mary Jean Thomas Marjory Walker George Walters Pauline Warren Mary Weidner Miltonvale Russell Garden City Sublette Vaughn Wells Lon Wells Wayne Westphal Ethelmae Wilson John Woffe Osborne Alexander Kinsley Macksville Silica 47 U ja « H JLU 3. Forsyth jCibmry 48 !: MARY ADAMS WENDELL ALLEN BOBBY ARCHER DOROTHY ARENSMAN MARILEE AUSTIN JOAN AUSTON Osborne Oberlin Ulysses Bush+on Waldo Ale render ILA BARNES JOAN BEEDY DORIS BEERY Hays Aqra Cimarron , WILMA BRANDENBURG LAWRENCE BRENNAN MARGARET BRISCOE Wa Keeney Kansas City Hays ELDON CARVER BILLIE CHADD FRANCES CGRKE Lsbon Greensburg Studley MYRON OEINES MARILYN DIETZ JIMMIE DODD WaLeeney W a Keeney Esbon ELIZABETH BELDEN PATRICIA BERLAND DONNA BOXBERGE Beloit Palco WaKeeney JAMES BROWNE ALICE BULLOCK DON BURNETT Burdett Manter Havs JEANNE CUSTER MARLENE DEINES MARY DEI NES WaKeeney WaKeeney Wafceeney MARY EICHELBERGER CECILIA ENGEL LEWIS EULERT Hays Gove Paradise 50 ANNA FARRELL Hill City JAMES FEASTER Claflin BONNIE FICKEN Bison JOYCE FONDOBLE Ogallah CAROL FOOS Besine MARGARET FORD Hays CHARLENE FOSTER BENNIE FRANTZ MARILYN FRESHOUR Tribune Pratt Hays DONNA FROETSCHNER BERT GANSEL JAMES GARRISON Lamed Hill City Osborne DONALD GENTZLER BERNARD GOETZ MARVIN GROSE Cimarron Victoria Baiine MARVIN HACHMEiSTER LEINAD HARDMAN DON HAWKS Natoma Lenora Alexander ALVIN HECKER ROSALIE HENRY PAUL HILLS Oakley Penokee Esbon LOREE HINKHOUSE MARY HOGAN RONALD HOPKINS Hill City Kinsley Utica JEANETTE HUFFMAN JACK HUNSLEY ROBERT JAMISON JOAN JECHA GENE JOHNSON MARY JOHNSON Redwing Lamed Qulnter Timken Hays Gove 51 THERON JOHNSON DICK JONES MARILYN KEENER Zurich Bird City Norton MARGARET KfLBRlDGE JOYCELYM KOBLER GOTTFRIED KOLB Washington D, C. Hill CHy Hays PETER KENNEDY MARILYN KESSLER KENNETH KIBBE Waldo Russell Randall HAROLD KRAUS BETTY LAIZURE NORMA LAMOREE Hays Hays Russell HAROLD LONG RICHARD MARSH MARILYN MARSHALL Arnold Syracuse Minfieola MARIAN McCOY BEN McFARLAND VIRGINIA McKINLEY Copeland Hays Medicine Lodge EARL MERKEL Garfield DORIS MEYER MARILYN MORGAN AUDREY MORROW Almena Oakley Garfield DELMA CONCHIE CECIL MERKEL P I ai nv ill e Ga rf i el d JIM MOSER LARRY MRAVINEC BURDON MUSGRAVE NORMA MUNSELL EUGENE OHLEMEJER EVELYN PALACEK Codetl Paradise Danbury, Nebraska Hays LaCrosse M unden 52 LAWRENCE PARSONS ZANE PATTON ELEANOR PEIRANO Oakley Densmore Hays HARRIETT PREUSCH DOLORES PRIEFERT RUTH REID Healey Gove Oakley ARLENE PETERS Raymond EDITH PETERS Krnsley NORMAN PETTY Hays DOROTHY ROBERTS ANN ROUSE FRANK RUGGELS Beloit Norton Natoma PHYLLIS SARVfS RICHARD SCHECTER GERARD SCHMIDT Norton Carlisle, Pa. Syracuse GERALD SIEMAN JOHN SMITH WILDA SMITH Helyrood Stockton Gove ALBERT SCHULER RUTHETTA SEEYLE MARLENE SHAW Russell Hays W a Keeney GLENN SNELL MARJORIE STEPHENSON BETH STEWART Ashland Clayton Healey JANICE STEWART Healey NINA STONE Albert ALEX SUENAGA PHYLLIS SUITER DOLORES SUTTON PAUL TEMAAT Honolulu T. H. Madcsville Oakley Monument 53 MAX TERRILL FRANK THOMPSON DEAN THOMPSON Burr Oak Alexander Oakley GLENN TUTTLE JAMES VAN LOENEN BETTY VEVERKA Gove Prairie View W,ho ' ' CLYDE WARD WENDELL WARREN ELLEN WEBB Protection Hugofon Barnard FRANK WHITE MARY WtLKENS MARY WILLIAMS Shallow Water Lorraine Plainviile CUFF TILLETT SHIRLEY TIMMONS EDA TOTH Ulysses Logan. Utah Atwood KAYE VON SCHR1LTZ Healy BETTY WALKER RICHARD WALKER Cimarron Fowler MOYNE WEHE RHODA WELSCH WILMA WHITAKER Smith Center Trousdale Medicine Lodge MARILYN WILSON RICHARD WOLFORD La Crosse Gaflin WILMA WOOD Trousdale HERBERT WOODHAM MARY YEAGY Chickasau, Ala. Plainviile FRANCES DISNEY Ho Isi ngton 54 BILLY ANDERSON EUGENE ANDERSON JACK ANDERSON LOIS APPEL Chase MILDRED AGNEW Kinsley CAROL ALBERTSON Kinsley DORIS ALBRECHT Bison MARGARET ANDERSEN Great Bend Hill City Smith Center Vesper ROY BATMAN ESTHER BAYER GEORGE BENNETT PATTY BINDER Great Bend Chase Victoria Hays KERRY BAHL WILMA BARNETT ROBERT BARRETT EDNA BASHOR Hays Morland Beloit Paradise JANET BOWER DUANE BOSTON MARION BODGE ERCELL BISHOP Norton Oakley Portis Atwood JAMES BRAY RACHEL BRACK PATRICIA BOYLAN DORIS BOX Syracuse Otis Ulysses Great Bend MARY LOU BULLOCK HAROLD BURNETT JAMES BUSENBARK MARION CAMPBELL Manter ScoM City Belpre Prairie View BARBARA BRIDGES JEWELL BRITT BERTA BROWN KENNETH BROWN Meade Bloomington Prairie View Holy rood ROBERT CHURCHILL Oakley KENNARD CLARK Hays BETH CLEVELAND Colby WILDA CLEVELAND Gove SUSAN CARTER KENNETH CHANDLER ROBERT CHRISTIANS GRACE CHRISTY Gorham Alimena Waldo Leavenworth 56 DARREL COBB Coyville CONNIE CODAY Ulysses DONALD RUSSELL Norcatur MARILYN COPPOCK Osborne BOB DEIGHTON Utica WILLIAM DEINES Oberlin RICHARD DIAMOND Mankato MELVIN DREHER Hays PAULA CORKE Studley CONSTANCE CRAPSON Gorham BETTE DAVIS Ulysses BOB DEANE Hoxie DARRELL ELLIOTT Hill City ERNEST ENGLE Hays DOLORES FAIR Hays MARY FLEMING Kanopolis ESTHER FOGO ROGER FRANKE IVAN FRENCH JOYCE GARDNER Burr Oak Herndon Boque Otis ELLEN GARTRELL HAROLD GERMAN BERNICE GIEBIER MARGARET GILL Speed Glen Elder Hays Hays BRUCE GILLBERG Ha y s MAX GILLETT Waldo MARY GLEASON Kinsley ROBERT GORDLEY Kinsley HOMER GRIMES Alton WALTER HAENER Herndon BRADLEY HALL Almena LEILA HALL Oqallah PRISCILLA HAMILTON Hays EANNY HAND Hays SHARON HARDMAN Lenora MERLE HARDWICK McCrecUn MARK HARPER Kifwm LILA HARRIS Clayton RICHARD HART Salina MARY LEE HEALEY Hays 57 LOWELL HEMKEM JOHN HENRY WALTER HOBBS DOT HOCHARD Albert Lorraine Pueblo, Colo. Centrafia NORMA HOFF ELAINE HORYNA CLARENCE HOUSE HAROLD HOWELL Grinnelf Trmltem Hays Croft CLARENCE HUBBARD Hays CHARLES fMEL Kingsdown HUGH JACOBS Jewell ELEANOR JEFFUS Oberlin PHYLLIS JEFFUS Oberlin EILEEN JOHN Nefoma DOLORES JOHNSON Agra DONALD JOHNSON Hays FRANCIS JONES Hill City RICHARD KAPS Burvkerhill DARLENE KEITH PeooUe JAMES KELLERMAN Stuttgart ERNEST KENDRICK Scott City FRED KEYWOTH Hutchinson ALVIN KINDSVATER Coldwater ROMANA KIRKLAND Atwood MARTHA K1SSELI ALOYSIUS KLAUS GEORGE KNOLL VELMA KOEHN Norton Hays Downs Pawnee Rock RUBY KRAFT LELA KREUTZER JOAN KRUG DWAYNE LAHMAN Ransom Albert Bazine Quinter ELDON LAIDIG Oberlin MARY LAMB Scott City WARREN LAMONT Kirwin LEONA LANDWEHR Ransom VITUS LANG Victoria NANCY LARMER Russell LeROY LEIKER Hays 58 COLEEN LENTFER Johnson GLADYS LOSEY Govo MARCELEEN MANKE Elllnwood WAYNE MANN Quirter WAYNE MARIETTA Oberlin 8ETTY MARRS Fowler LAURA MARTHAM Edmond ELEANOR MARTIN Studley JAMES MARTIN Ulysses PHILIP MARTIN AUGUSTO MARTINEZ SHIRLEY. MAYE1ELD JENNIE MAYHEW Quinter Bogota, South A me r tea Alton Pleinville ELLE MAYS BETTY McCARTY FARRELL McCAULEY BONNtE McClellan Smith Center Esbon Stockton Zurich DONALD McDANELD marylin McDonald KAY McGILLIVRAY zella McKinley Port is Tribune Ulysses Prairie View MERLIN MEISINGER ROBERT MELVILLE BERNICE METCALF DELMAR METHENY Otis Sylvia Lyons Bog Lie REYA MEYERS BOB MICHELLICH MARVIN MILES EUGENE MILLER Woodston Wd keeney Hill City Boque JAMES MILLER LORRAYNE MILLS JOSELYN MISHLER LeROY MONAGHAN Na toma Nekoma Ransom Trousdale BEVERLY MOORE VERNON MOORE DORIS MORGAN CADETTE MORGAN Medicine Lodge Englewood Rolla Atwood 59 DONALD MORLAN GORDON MORRIS JANICE MOUNTAIN MARLENE MULL Protection Piainville Ado Great Bond CHARLES MURRAY Scott City WILLIS MUTH Otis FOSTER NEEDELS Hays ARDELLA NELSON Natoma WILLIAM O ' CONNER Hoisington MARILYN OFFERLE Offer le GERALD OLSEN Lewis MARCIA OSBORN Meade GERALD NIXON Cimarron GEORGE NORMAN Bgrdett SHIRLEY NORTH Banker Hill NORMA NULTON Hays CHARLES OWENS CHARMAINE OWENS DON PABST POLLYANNA PARKE Burr ton Bu rrton Colby Great Bend GERALD PARKER Brewster MARTHA PATE Elkhart MARION PEMBER Ness City WILLARD PETERSON Tribune KATHRYN PFEIFER Ellis SHIRLEY PING La Crosse GEORGE POHLMAN Natoma MARILYN PORTER Scott City EDWARD PROCTOR CHRIS RASMUSSEN JOANN RASMUSSEN KAY REED Hevflend Oberlin Jet more Hays KENNETH REED EVERETT RENBERGER MARJORIE RENZ HAROLD RICHARDSON Hays La Crosse Rush Center Zurich JOHN RITZ DONALD ROROBAUGH MILTON ROTH MARIANNE ROUSE Downs Smith Center WaKeerey Russell JANICE RUSSELL JOYCE RYAN CHARLES SADDLER 60 DANELDA ST, AUBYN Ellis Ulysses Halford Russell BUI SAMPLES Hoxie JACK SAMPLES Hays WILLIAM SANDY Goodland GLADYS SCHEMM Wakeeney TROY SCHILLING Kingsdown JACQUELINE SCHMUTZ Hays WILLIAM SCHROEDER Jetmore SHIRLEY SCHULKE Phlllipsburg BETTY SCHUMACHER MAXINE SCHUMACHER RICHARD W. SCOTT ROBERT H, SCOTT Topeka Hays Ransom Great Bend DONALD SEIBEL HENRIETTA SEAMAN WILLA SEWELL JAMES SIMPSON Ellis Bloomington Dresden Natoma CHARLES SKELTON Lamed KATHERINE SLAGLE Hugoton AUDREY SLAUGHTER 8 ' is DEAN SMITH Jelmore GENE SMITH Jetmore BLAND1NE SMITH Dorrance WILLIAM SMITH Dorrance DELORES SOLOMON Zurich EVELYN SOMERS JACK SPARKE JOE STAAB ROLLAND STARR Good la nd Fellsburg Hays Phillips burg SHIRLEY STE1NLE KATHERINE STEWART KEITH STINCHCOMB ROBERT STOLTENBERG Wilson Stockton Syracuse Holyrood MARVIN STRAILY Hays NORMA STRECKER Russell FRANCIS STRAMEL Hays MARVIN STUTHEIT Kensington BONNIE STRECK Russell RAY STUTZMAN Wakeeney GRETA STRECKER Russell 61 ROSS SUMMERS Satan to FLOYD SWITZER LLOYD SWITZER ROBERT TAYLOR CONNIE TOTH Oakley Oakley Atwood Atwood BOB TYLER THOMAS VAN DIEST JOYCE VAN DYKE ROY VAN LOENEN Osborne Prairie View Phillips burg Boque AUSMA VILDINS St. Francis I LA VOSS Dens more GERALD WADE HUGH WAHLMEIER Jennings PHYLiSS WAY Fowler MAX WEBER Hays ROBERT WERNER Hays JOAN WESCOTT Plainville CAROLE WALDO Ellis BARBARA WALTERS Densmore GLORIA WARD Norton MARCILLE WATT Scott City MYRON WHITE Kingsdown PHYLLIS WIKOFF Hays WESLEY WILKISON Horace MARY WILLOUR Ransom BILLY WOOD WILLIS WRIGHT JOYCE YOST GRACE YOUNG Byers Byers Ransom Macksville GORDON ZAHRADNIK EMIL ZIEGLER PATRICIA ZIMMERMAN HARVEY ZINSZER Wilson Qu inter Osborne Hays WAYNE ZWLIFtL Waldo 62 Robert Abernathoy Gaylord Ralph Desch Hay Paul Du ell Rulaton Victor Durrance Hays Phyllis Ellis Kingman Joseph Gmgraux Hay Chaster Glaze Hays Gordon Herr Great Bend Marva Lang Simpson Charles Pefphray Hays Catharine Sleep The Hague, Netherlands Clinton Talbert Bk George Vemich Victor Ward Zeiglor, III, Lenora Graduates Not Pictured; Post-Graduates Nat Pictured: Alberta Ahrens Harold Brown Jacques Pages Lawrence Alexa Donovan Cassatt Mitdred Parsons John Boalen George Dalrymple Roy Phillips Nellis Briscoe Emerald De-chant Robert Pruitt Elizabeth Curry Edgar DeGraw Brute Ramsay Victor Herrman Willard Elder Homer Reed, Jr. Elliabeth Johnson DorreJf George Clyde Scott Gilbert Johnson Robert Gihbens Paul Selby William Kitchen Robert Grieve Lloyd ShanJc Lila Leaver Robert Mahoney John SSpe Richard Morlan Arlln Mills Lucille Stotts Doris Robinson Herbert Munderioh John Wesley Charles RusseN William Wood George Schmidt Clerlece Seachord Lynn Yantiss Special Students Not Pictured; Ronald Cauble— Bel pro Lawrence Long — Chase Betty Mi ley— Hade Glen Tuttle— pointer David Weber — Hays 63 Nellie Addison Hays Loyd Asher Great Bend Charles Gustln Galatia ShotMfaDi (I ' olmun tV i The a cappelfa choir is a concert organization, presenting un- accompanied vocal music It is directed by C Thomas Barr, head of the music department at Fort Hays State, The choir entertains at various college activities on the campus and combines its talent with the Community Chorus in the presen- tation of Handel s Messiah " in December. This spring the group made a concert tour to high schools in Northwestern Kansas. The policies of the choir are established by a student board, known as the Policy Board, Its members are Harold Burnett, librarian; Mary Ann Willour, secretary; Vesta De Boer, business and publicity chairman; and the following section leaders: Norma Lamoree, first soprano; Florine Brundage, second soprano; Charmaine Deutscher, first alto; Marilyn Kessler, second alto; Paul Burris, first tenor; Foster Needels, second tenor; Harold Kraus, baritone; and Don Burnett, bass The Fort Hays State College A Cappella Choir C, Thomas Barr, Director 66 The Fort Hays State College Band Harold G. Palmer Director John Stadelman, Director; Varsity Band, Norma Weber, Drum-major, Marching Band BAND OFFICERS Sigmund Leiker, President; Betty See, Vice-President; J. D. Norcross, Business Manager; Ronald Hopkins, Assistant Bust ness Manager; Wilma Briscoe, Secretary and Librarian; Joy Mishler, Publicity The 105 students enrolled in band this year exceeds any past enrollment in the history of the college. Students from forty-three towns are represented in the total enrollment. From this large enrollment was selected a ninety-six piece Marching Band, a seventy-piece Concert Band, and a thirty-five piece Varsity Band. These three organizations made approximately forty-five apearances a sthey supported various college activities and performed in home concert and on tour The Concert Band presented Its annual winter and spring concerts, with the proceeds used to help defray expenses of the annual band banquet for band mem- bers and their guests, including high school senior musicians and directors. This year the annual Band Tour found the band in south and southwest Kansas where fifteen concerts were played in the four days on the tour. The Varsity Band, organized this year, performed at all basketball games, pep rallies, and other campus events. 67 The Fort Hays Symphony Orchestra Leo 8. Reynolds, Director The Fort Hays Symphony Orchestra is the only symphony in the western hall of Kansas. Its members are outstanding community, college, and high school musicians who live in this section of the state It is directed by Leo B, Reynolds, associate professor of music at Fort Hays State During the past year the orchestra presented two public concerts and provided the accompaniment for the Community Chorus at the annual presentation of Handel ' s " Messiah " during the holiday season T r umpeteer Richard Wofford, sophomore from Claflm, is the orchestra ' s star soloist Officers of the organization are Charles Onion, president; Phyllis Suiter secretary; and John Stadelman, treasurer. 68 Trombone Quartet — - John Stadelman Royce Rasmussen Philip Martin Robert Barrett Traditional Clarinet Quartet — Sigmund Leiker Loss Robinson Mary Harvey Wifma Briscoe Diisif Ms Cornet Trio — Jim Maxwell, Dick Wofford, Don Johnson. String Trio —Mary Ann Wilfour, David Riegef, Victor Herrman. Vocal Ensemble — Jack Juergens, Director; Front row, Donna Brown, Vesta DeBoer, Jane Snyder, ac- companist, Wilma Brandenburg, Pat Zimmerman, Dolores Sutton, Norma Lamoree, Back row, H. D. Zinszer, Jr., Donald Gentzler, Don Bur- nett, Jim Seuser, Robert Maxwell, Paul Burris, 69 vn.c.A. The purpose of the Y M.C A, is to continue and deepen the Christian life and thought of the student during the years of his participation in the campus community In pursuance of this design the Y,M.C A. seeks to foster such campus activities as will best strengthen the social moral, and reli- gious life. At Fort Hays State these ends are realised in part by the weekly meetings of the group and its sponsorship of the Book Exchange, all-student picnics, and similar activities, and participation in religious programs both on the campus and In the several churches of Hays. DALE MARCY President The officers of the organization are: Dale Marcy, president; Wendel Warren, vice-president; Lloyd Asher, secretary; John Smith, treasurer; Lowell Hemkem re- porter. Members of the group who were not present when the picture was taken are: Darrel Buss, Kenard Clark, Denzell Ekey, Leo Lake, Jim Raton, Theo Roberts Ray Stutzman, Don Welling, Wendel Warren, Glen Snell, Richard Morrison, Lloyd Asher Ercell Bishop, and Warren Smith. Back Row k Left to Right: Richard McCall, Don Hoskins, Lowell Hemkert, Dale Marcy, Front Row: Dr. Samuel Hamilton, sponsor: Marion. Bamber, Wayne Mafheson, Glen Thompson. Left to right, front row: Mildred Agnew, Phyflis Sarvls, Mary Yeagy, Dolores Priefert, Catharine Staap, Esther Bayer. Back row: Doris Meyer, Miriam Morris, MarceSeen Manke, Margaret Ander- son, Doris Carson, VU.C.ft. ETHELMAE WILSON President The YWCA is an organization of women students who have united in the desire to realize full creative life through a growing knowledge of God. Officers are: Ethelmae Wilson, president; Phyllis Sar- vis, vice-president; Miriam Morris, treasurer; Mary Harvey, secretary. Faculty advisors are: Miss Rosella McCarroll and Miss Naomi Garner, Members of the organization who were not on hand when the picture was taken are: Dorothy Arensman, Pris- cilla Darby, Joyce Gardner, Mary Harvey, Marilyn Keener, Patty Laughlin, Lutie Ann Losey, Marianne Rouse, Hen- rietta Seaman, Katherine Slagle, Danelda St, Aubyn, Mary Wilkens, Ethelmae Wilson, Joyce Yost, and Grace Young 71 fneinttrs Club The Engineers 1 Club is an all-student organization for pre-engi- neering students and others who are interested in the field of engineering. The group meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays. Programs consist of talks by industrial representatives, films on scientific and engineering subjects, and reports by members on engineering topics. Occasionally, trips are taken to centers of engineering interest. BURDON MUSGRAVE President The organization ' s officers are: Burdon Musgrave, president; Richard Morrison, vice-president; Ernest Niquette, secretary- treasurer; and Myron White, UNESCO representative. Members who were absent when the picture was taken are: Robert Hooker, E. Lewis K ester, Wendell Allen, and Gerard Schmidt. Front Row, Left to Right: Everett Marshall, sponsor; Burdon Musgrave, George KnolL Center Row: Myron White, Richard Morrison, Ernest Niquette, Marion Bodge. Back Row: Milton Roth, Eugene Miller, Left to right, front row: Gilbert Dreiling, Leona Wasinger, Raymond Schulte, Lee Fox, Margaret Rhoades, Mrs, Golden (sponsor), John Herrman. Second row: Catherine Slaap, Jimmy Seauser, Katherine Slagle, Don Welling, Lawana Webb, Clarence Walters, Third row: Calvin Noah, Rosanna Healey, Don Hawks, Wilfred Hoofer, fourth row: L. D. Neal, Jim Feaster, Beryl Gibson, Homer Reed, Jr., Marvin Scheuerman, Edward Urban, Robert Smith. Girraii Club GILBERT DREILING President The German Club has as its purposes the crea- tion of a better interest in the German language and in the German culture, an improvement in ability In German conversation, and the stimulation and development of a sense of responsibility. Any student who is enrolled in or has completed a course in German is eligible for active member- ship. The two highlights of the year are a German Christmas party, held during the holiday season and a picnic at the final meeting of the school year. The group has provided a scholarship fund, which is available to language students who major or minor in German, Officers of the organization are Gilbert Dreil- rng, president; Raymond Schulte, first vice-presi- dent; Leona Wasinger, second vice-president; Lee Fox, secretary; John Herman, treasurer. Mrs, Emma Golden is faculty sponsor. Members of the organization who are not in the picture are: Lawrence Alexa, Frank Atwood, Emerald Dechant, Edmond Glebler, Harriet Ket- chum, David King, Edwin Lieker, Patricia Malone Underwood, Delbert Leiker, Herman Trapp, and the following honorary members: Edna Pickard, England; Ausma Vildins, Latvia; Jacques Paul Pages, France; Zinowij Melynk, Poland. The motto of the club is " Wer fremde Sprachen nichf kennt, weiss nichfs von seiner eigenen " . — Goethe 73 Colbiflt 4-H Any student at Fort Hays State who has been a 4-H Club mem- ber, leader, or is interested in 4-H Club work is eligible for mem- bership. The group was organized on the campus February 14 1950, with 19 charter members. Activities of the group include assistance at a State 4-H Day held at the Hays High School, assistance at the annual Senior Day at the college, sponsorship of two all-school dances, entertainment of Ellis County 4-H ' ers, etc. BETTY SEE President Officers of the organization are: Betty See, president; Dale Marcy, vice-presi- dent; Donna Froetschner, recording secretary; Robert Scott, corresponding secretary; Pat O ' Toole, treasurer; Ethelmae Wilson, publicity chairman; Denzell Ekey, marshal; Joy Mishler, song leader; and Phyllis Suiter, pianist. Members of the group who were not present when the picture was taken are: Jewell Britt, Ronald Cauble, Bonnie Ficken, Patty Laughlin, Defma McConchie, Clareta Schlicher, Phyllis Suiter, and Fred Keyworth Back Row, Left to Right; Bill Sandy, Robert Scott, Ralph Bottom. Donald Hoskins, Jack Sparke, Denzell Ekey, Dale Marcy, Gordon Zahradnik, Mr. Andrew Riegef, faculty advisor. Front Row: Miss Alice Beesley f faculty advisor; Donna Preston, Audrey Morrow, Donna Froetschner. Joy Mfshfer, Betty See. Patricia C Toole, Ellen Gartrell, Ethel- mae Wilson. IOh . 1 4 V 1 Above, Left to Right, Front Row: Elaine Hamburg, Charmaine Owens, Gene Johnson, Lutie Losey. Bade Row: D ' Neiie Ehrlich, Charlene Foster, Cath- arine Slaap, Donna Sigrist, Elvera Mun- selL Left, Front Row: WII ma Barnett, Maxine Schumacher, Doris Albrecht, Shirley King, Back Row: Norma Munsell, Helen Haggard, Mona Smith, Lucille Both Horn from ChA The Home Economics Club, organized in 1925 for majors and minors in the department as well as for those taking Home Economics courses, Is affiliated with the state and na- tional Home Economics associations. The dub meets twice a month, with both educational and social meetings. The out- standing events for the year were the joint Missouri-Kansas meeting in Kansas City, Missouri, and the annual spring ban- quet. Officers of the Home Economics Club are: Elvera Mun- sell, president; Mona Smith, vice-president; Charlene Foster, secretary; Helen Haggard, treasurer; Lutie Losey, publicity chairman; D’Nelle Ehrlich, social chairman; and Shirley Tim- mons, music chairman. Miss lla Newbecker is sponsor of the dub and Miss Alice Beesley, assistant sponsor. Shirley Timmons, a member of the group, was not present when the picture was made. ELVERA MUNSELL President 75 IArniond fell The International Relations Club on the Fort Hays State campus is an organization formed to encourage the discussion and better understanding of the problems of the world today Many of its members are majoring in the field of history and of political science! but any student who desires may become a member upon the ap- proval of his application by the present membership. BILL PIKE President Officers of the group are: Bill Pike, president; Kenneth French, vice-president; Marilyn Keener, secretary; and Wayne Brubaker, treasurer. Dr. Raymond Welly Is faculty sponsor. Members of the organization who were not present when the picture was taken are: Wendell Warren, Merilyn Keener, Hope Townley, Frances Kinsinger, Ann Crum- ly, Phyllis Sarvis, Homer Reed, Leona Wasinger, and John Smith, Back Row, Left to Right: John Tomlinson, Zinowij Melnyk, Wayne Brubaker, Lee Pox, Carl Jennison, Third Row: Ted Roberts, Russell Duer, Leonard Howefl, George Walters, Glen Thompson, Alvina Schmj ' dtberger, Second Row: Dr. Raymond Welty, sponsor; Leo Lake, Curtis Camp, Helen Dietrich, Pat Lancaster. Front Row: Cecil Merkel, Bill Pike, Jacques Pages, Kenneth French, Donna French. Front row, left to right: Don Koerner, Jim Farley, Don Hertel, Dean Thompson, Eugene Ray, Sam Teaford, Marion Schmidt, Vaughn Wells, Eldon MataL Second row: Gene Hess, Glen Tuttle, Bob Malone, John Carmody, Frank Haas, Bob Brautigam, George Pfeifer, Jack Denison. Back row: Herbert Greenstreet, Robert Zeigler, Rex McConnell, Leon Roberts, Bob Wahlmeier, William Dougherty, Robert Kennedy, Marvin Maune, Don Fowler, ELDON MATAL President A Fort Hays State athlete becomes eligible for mem- bership in the " K ' 1 Club when he earns his first varsity letter. The group is acti ve in promoting school spirit. The club ' s current project is the building of a large " K " on College Hill, west of the campus, so it may be seen from Highway 40. This year, the " K " Club established three scholarships for men students, financed by proceeds of the concession stand which they operate at all campus athletic events, A formal dinner dance is held by the group each spring, at which senior members are presented M K fT blankets as a gift from the organization. The group ' s officers are Eldon Matal, president; John Carmody, vice-president; Eugene Ray, secretary-treasurer. Ralph Huffman serves as faculty advisor. 77 MARTINA KLAUS President The membership of Dames Club is made up of wives of stu- dents at Fort Hays Kansas State College, mothers of students if they have no permanent home connection m Hays, and married women students. The organization meets on alternate Tuesdays in the Industrial Building. Two auxiliary organizations, a Sewing Club and a Swimming Club, have been formed for special interest groups. Members of the group who are not in the picture are Alberta Ahrens, Margaret Briscoe, Donna Deane, Sue Dennis, Margaret Dillard, Phyllis Ellis, Betty French, Vereta Howell, Kathie McKinzIe, Jackie Pittman, Dorothy Spencer, Ruth Spies, Marilyn Thompson, Jean Vemich, and Shirley Scott, The officers are: Martina Klaus, president; Jean Vemich, first vice-president; Marie Herron, second vice-president; Frances Le- cuyer, recording secretary; Dorothy King, treasurer; Betty Kester, historian; and Marjorie Boston, corresponding secretary. Sponsors for the organization are Mrs, Robert Marple and Mrs. R. H, Stroup, wives of members of the college faculty. Dam Club Front row; Dolores Jones and her daughter, Sherrill, Frances Lecuyer, Olive Applebee, Harriet Brin, Marjory Boston, Marie Herron, Sack row: Pauline Marple, Jo Mowry, Jerry Launchbaugh, Esther Abernathy, Ritamae Desch, Dorothy King, Martina Klaus, Betty Kester, Betty Carpenter, Back Row, Left to Right; Wolford, Marshall, Jones, Toalson, Janousek, Deeter, Front Row: Tariv-Diier, Me Clellan, Abernathey, Platlimatics Club The purpose of the Mathematics Club is to promote interest in mathematics by studying unusual problems! to provide practice in presenting problems, and foster fellowship among those interested in mathematics. The group meets on the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month to study problems presented by members Membership Is open to any student at Fort Hays State who is sufficiently interested in mathematics to participate in the programs. Officers of the group are: Robert Abernathey, president; Rus- sell Duer, vice-president; and Leon Wolford, secretary. Dr. Emmett Stopher is faculty advisor for the group- Members of the organiiation who were not present when the picture was taken are: Dorothy Arensman, Verna Hansen, Robert H octet, and Harley Horner. 79 M Cota Lffldtr If the number of students who make their way to the Leader office when the publication is coming off the press is any indication, the weekly student newspaper plays an im- portant role in the lives of Fort Hays State students. Printed in the college print shop, which Is supervised by Walter Wallerstedt and Ed Urban, the Leader provides a laboratory for journalism classes at the college. Sam Teaford was assisted in his editorship by Ann Crum- ly. Joe HickePs assistant business manager was Leo Lake. Martha Pate was society editor, Bill Rupp and Norman Petty sports editors, and Jim Garrison feature editor. The reporting staff included Frank Davison, John Htbbert, Robert Hoyt, Phyllis Jeffus, H. A. Kohl, Frank White, Richard Ste- phenson, Earl Hobbs, Don Locy, Carol Albertson, Bill Pike, Stanley Balt, Robert Taylor, and Gerald Olsen, Sam Teaford, editor Joe Hickel, business manager Richard Dilsaver, faculty advisor Dean Watt, editor Gail Scheuerman, business manager Helen Francis, faculty advisor To most students, ihe Reveille appears each spring as though by magic and is casually perused, its real worth unrealized until later years. To the Reveille staff, it represents a succession of head- aches, of panicky encounters with deadlines! and of ideas which once sounded original and have some- how lost their appeal. Dean Watt, editor, was assisted by Donna Dar- by, with Patsy Earl serving as art editor Gail Scheuerman, business manager, found an able as- sistant in Bob Archer The photography, except for a few fuzzy con- tributions accepted in an emergency, was done by Jack Hunsley Mary Healey was class editor, Joan Fondobuie, women ' s athletics editor; Ann Crumly, organization ' s editor; and Ralph McNemee, men s athletics editor Joan Wescott and Priscilla Hamil- ton completed the staff Tte Rmilk L ift Thwtrt LOWELL HAWKS President The Little Theatre enjoyed a very successful year under the leadership of the president, Lowell Hawks, and the sponsors, Miss Harriet Ketehum and Dr. Geneva Herndon. The first production of the year was the Greek tragedy, Anti- gone, Ethefmae Wilson and Bob Fleming had the starring roles. Next, the group chose an entirely different type of play. The Great Big Doorstep, a comedy concerning a poor family in Louisiana, was produced, Carlene Duncker and Gene McNutt starred as the heads of the family. In an innovation in campus dramatic presentations, the students had an opportunity to see their director, Miss Ketehum, starring in a production. Miss Julia Hayden, a Broadway star, was brought to Fort Hays State to appear in its production, The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Wilfiams, Other members of the cast were Jack Har- ris, a student, and Jack Juergens. Officers of fhe Little Theatre group are Lowell Hawks, presi- dent; Ethelmae Wilson, vice-president; Alyce Barstow, secretary- treasurer. Members of the group who were hot present when the picture was taken were Alyce Barstow, Donna Darby, Mary Wilkens, Ethel- mae Wilson, John Hibbert, Marianna Rouse, Mary Lee Healey, Priscilla Hamilton, Marion Pember, Doris Carson, and Darrell Cobb, Left to right, front row: Carlene Duncker, Lee Fox, Greta Strecker, Wllla Sewell, Dolores Ingram, Margaret Jellison, Back row: Miss Harriet Ketehum, Gayle Combest, Harland Hoffman, Bill Sam- ples, Lowell Hawks, Duane Boston. Front Row: Pauline Warren. Coleen Lentfer, Patty Binder, Rosen ne Healey. Mary Healey, Mery Fleming, Row Two: Lois Robinson. Kathryn Reed, Jeannine Scoby, Bonnie Ficken, Mary Johnson. Grace Young. Row Three: Jeanne Custer, Margaret Jellison. Pat O Toole. Max- ine Schumacher, Mary Harvey. Row Four: Mariana Shaw, Mary Yeegy, Eleanor Martin., Dale Marty, Margaret Rhoades. EHcn Webb, Row Five: Joan Seedy. Merilee Austin. Shirley Timmons. George Michellich. Loren Hartman, Doris Binder. Row Six: Marilyn Wilson, Marilyn Kessler. Don Crippen, Row Seven: Marjorie Walker. Mary Hooker, Charmaine Dautscher, John Chambers. Kenneth Reed, Row Eight; Ken- neth Mock, James Martin, Richard Bitkel. John Henry. Walter Cobb. Row Nine: David Riagel. Harold Burnett. Eldon Laidig, Bill Sandy. John S Fad elm an. Second Gwralion Club The Second Generation Club Is a group of Fort Hays State students who are sons or daughters of alumni and former students, Mrs, Nita M ( Landrum, executive secretary of the Alumni Association, and Marion McDonald serve as faculty sponsors. Second generatiorrers not pictured include the following; Mary Adams, Alberta H, Ahrens, Curtis Albertson. Gene Anderson, Thomas Boone, Lawrence Brennan, T, J. Brull, T. C, Brungerdt. Con Burnett. Darrel Buss. Franklin £. Carman, Betty Louise Carpenter. Robert W. Christians. Paul Clad. Lowell Cline, Warren Conner, Lew Costello. Jimmie Dodd. Dennis Drake. Darrell Elliot I. Ernest Engel. Ralph Engel, Edward Fischer. Sarah Floyd. Nettie Foos. Margaret Ford Gene Foji , Phyllis Gales. Margaret E. Gill, Nancy Grass, Frederick Hale. Jerry Harper, James Hendricks, Paul Hills, Robert Hoar Her lend Hoffman, Wilford Hoofer. Robert Hooker. Mrs. Betty J. Howell, Joe Hubbard, Dale James. Mary B, Jennison, Carlyle Johnson. Donald Jones. Ernest Kendrick, Richard Kessler. Fred Keyworlh, Jocelyn Kobler, H, A. Kghl. Harold Kraus. Bette Laiiure, Leo Lake. Pat Lancaster, Jean Laughlin, Gordon Le Cuyer, Herbert Lindner, Robert McOellan, Delma McConchie, Virginia McKinley, Eugene McNutt, Theodore McNut . Robert Mahoney, Wayne Mann. Marilyn Marshall, James Maxwell. Robert Maxwell. John Meyers, James Miller, Lorrayne Mills, Jane Mountain, Chas, Murray, Jr., LuElma Murray, Francis Mahoney. Foster Needed, Margaret Nixon. Kenneth Odom, Jimmie Paxson, Dan Pfeifer. Richard Rela- ting. Harold Richardson. John Ritz, Milton Roth. Robert Roth. Bill Rupp. Gail Scheuerman, James Seuser. Mona Smith, James Spencer, Keith Stincheomb, Robert D, Thompson, Hope Town ley. Dorothy Unrein, Farrell Van Horn. James Venneberq, Carole June Waldo, Gregory Wesmg- er, Phyllis Way, Norma Weber, David Weber, Mary Jane Williams, Lola Young, Joyce Yost. 83 fkwnan Club The Newman Club is an organiiation to promote the relation- ship of Catholic men and women on the campus socially as well as spiritually. The Fort Hays State group is a member of the Na- tional Federation of Newman Clubs, which are named for John Henry Cardinal Newman, founder of the Oxford movements. Religious activities of the Newman Club include two Commu- nion-breakfasts during advent and lent, religious discussion and re- ports, and a short talk by the Newman Club chaplain at each busi- ness meeting. Social activities include two picnics each year and social mixers, Newman Club also participates In UNESCO projects, in the all-school picnic, and in the installation of a Catholic book-shelf in the library. Officers of the organiiation are: Clarence Walters, president; Edmund Geibler, vice-president; Edith Peters, secretary; Wilbur Dreiling, treasurer; Margaret Kilbridge, reporter. Father Robert Mats, O. F. M, Cap, is Newman Club chaplain and James R. Start, faculty sponsor. CLARENCE WALTERS President Members who were not present when the picture was taken are: Bill Beilman, Kerry Ball, Francis J, Boquln, Francis Brungardt, Francis Brull, Gilbert Dreiling, Phyllis Gales, Lela Mae Kreutier, Edwin leiker, Gilbert Feih, Don Locy, Francis Mahoney, Irene Pfeifer, John Rupp, Betty Lou Schumacher, Raymond Schulte, Bob Tyler, Joseph Hickel, Betty Lou Walker, Edward Urban, Leroy Spies! Loren Schmidtberger, Marlon Schmidt, Dan Pfeifer, Norman leikam, William Hill, Bob Giebler, Eddie Giebler, Mary Eickelberger, and Dean Dreiling, Back Row, Left to Right: John Boalen, Stephan Bohonicky, Walter Ehly, Gilbert Jacobs, Wilmer Dreiling, Will iam Brin. Bernard Schulte, Bernard Goetz, Third Row: Harriet Brin, Carolyn Peschka. Betty Giebler, Leona Wa- singer, Albina Schmidtberger, Margaret Kilbridge, Edith Peters, Mrs. Gilbert Feitz. Second Row: Efaine Klenke, Helen Haulik, Wilma Korbe, Gladys Goetz, Bernice Giebler. Norma Hoff, Maxine Schumacher. Front Row: Father Degan, Jane Feist. Anna Farrell, Clarence Walters, Witliam Wasinger, Father Robert, I ‘A Mf " A A ■ V. ■ ■ . . ' T J j ■ sirfWr Back Row, Left to Right: Beryl Gibson, Joy Mischler, Ray Stutzman, Jerald Starkey, Everett Renberger, Jim Martin. Center Row: Rosalie Henry, Ausma Vi Id i ns, Robert Pokorny, Kenneth Dellett Front Row: Dr, Leon Hepner, faculty advisor, Clinton Talbert, Coleert Lentfer, Virginia McKinley Pft Flake Club JERALD STARKEY President Membership in the Pre-Medic Club is made up of future doctors, dentists, medical technologists, and nurses The ideals of the club are to better acquaint the pre- medicine student with profession he intends to enter, and to encourage excellence in pre-medica! work by furnishing goals toward which the student may strive Officers of the organization are: Jerald Starkey, president; Robert Pokorny, vice-president; Rosalie Henry, secretary-treasurer; and Cadette Morgan, UNESCO representative Dr Leon Hepner serves as faculty sponsor. Members of the club who were not present when the group picture was made are: Cadette Morgan, Wilford Hoofer, Janice Russell, Donald Rorabaugh, and Theron Johnson 85 Tkrdfcs The Tigerettes form the women ' s pep organization on the Fort Hays State campus. Planned to encourage and support intercoU legiate athletic contests, the group is a colorful nucleus to the? col- lege cheering section. Members are chosen by invitation of ihe group Each organized house nominates girls for membership. Only second semester freshmen and above are eligible for membership, except for the cheerleaders, whose election gives them an automatic membership. PATSY EARL President Officers of the group are: Patsy Earl, president; Pauline Warren, vice-president; Elaine Johnson, secretary; Verna Hansen, treasurer; D ' Nelle Ehrlich, sweater chair- man; LuElma Murray, social chairman; Barbara Billings, publicity chairman Miss Mabel Lacey is faculty sponsor. Members who were not present when the picture was taken are: Elaine Johnson, Florine Brundage, Barbara Hale, Rosanna Healey, Luanne Scheuerman, Jeannine Scoby, and Dolores Sutton. Back Row, Left to Right: Marjorie Reny, Verna Hansen, D ' Nelle Ehrlich, Mary Ann Deines Marlene Deines, Mary Jo Malone, Joan Auston. Third Row: Jeanette Huffman, Carolyn Peschka, Barbara Billings, Ramona Funk, Ruby Snavely. Norma Arnhold, Norma Gtll, Patsy Farf, Second Row: LuElma Murray, Margaret Jellison, Bonnie Bisel, Pat O ' Toole. Shirley King, Eleanor Rockwell, Mary Adams. Front Row: Mary Hooker, Alice Worley, Phyllis Oliphant, Doris Binder, Gene Johnson, Betty Schumacher, Pauline Warren, Miss Mabel Lacey, sponsor. JosH ■HW 4 JsB SmS hi m 90 ¥ v . H f - 8 WW? 1 An organization which combines work with play for the coeds on the campus who have in- terest in the fields of recreation and physical education, the Women ' s Athletic Association sets the pace for women ' s Intramural activities. Holding their place in the annual customs car- ried out by the W.A.A. were the Afl School Carn- ival, which was produced with the help of other campus organizations, and the annual high school play day which took place In the spring. The leaders of these active girls are President Clareta Schlicher; Nola James, vice-president; Marilyn Al- brecht, secretary; Lu Elma Murray, treasurer; and Norma Arn hold, intramural manager. Under the efficient and capable guidance of the W.A.A. sponsor, Ruth Sevy, a council for wom- en ' s inframurals was formed. Members of the council include representatives from campus so- ciety who have intramural participants from their organizations. At the head of this newly-formed council is President Ruby Snavely; assisting are Mary Adams, vice-president; and Nola James, sec- retary, The honorary faculty sponsor is Pat Bynum, CLARETA SCHLICHER President JEANNE CUSTER, President V t sky Hall Dorm days keep much in store for the girls at Wesley Hall. With the helpful direction of Mrs. Gordon, housemother, Wesley girls pack the school year with parties, dances, and numerous other events which make college days something to remember Even on rare occasions a few girls find time to do a little old fashioned studying. Much work h accomplished when the executive council of the dorm takes over. Filling these positions are Jeanne Custer, presi- dent; Mary Adams, vice-president; and Hope Townley, secretary- treasurer. Across the way, we find the girls living at " The Annex " of Wesley Hal), These girls contribute much toward making the life at the dorm worth while. Ninety-two college women live at Custer Hal!, dormitory owned and operated by the college. Be- sides numerous floor parties, showers, and house meetings with a party atmosphere, the group holds two formal dances each year, one in the fall and one In the spring. An informal party and an open house complete the schedule of activities. Officers chosen by the dormitory residents are Ethelmae Wilson, president: Lola Young, vice-pres- ident; Phyllis Suiter, secretary; Dolores Sutton, treasurer; and Ruth Ann Reed, social chairman. Mrs. Gladys Stewart is director of the dormitory. She is assisted by Mrs. J, H. Rockwell. ETHELMAE WILSON, President L(wis Fitld Mur) RICHARD MORRISON President Twenty-two college men five in barracks-type quarters at the Lewis Field Stadium, The group holds a party or open house each year and, on the less formal side capi- talizes on any occasion as an excuse for an unsupervised party. Officers chosen by the Lewis Reid residents are Richard Morrison, president: Burden Musgrave, vice-president; and Farrell Van Horn, secretary-treasurer, Burdon Musgrave is supervisor of the group. Left to right, front row: Jack Sperke, Glen Snell, Dick Shechter, Vernon Moore, Ray Van Loenen, Bud Parker, Bill O ' Conner, Farrell Van Horn, Dick Scott, Back row: Burdon Musgrave, Floyd Miller, Herbert Woodham, Ralph Bottom, George Knol l, Hugh Jacobs, William Hill, Gerald Olsen, Don Welling, Bill Sandy, Bob Barrett, Fred Keyworth, Richard Morrison. Left to right, front row: R. Melville, Miller, Dreillng, Ruggles, Hendricks, Odom, Cassell, Wells, and K. Ritter. Middle row, housemother Mrs. Etta Miller, Teaford, B. Melville. Ray, Fibert, G. Ritter, Ekey, McCall, Diamond, Hoskins, and Matheson. Back row, Laldig. Franke, Skinner, Marietta, Gillett, Ball, Garrison, Deines, Ken- nedy, Zahradnik, and Hamilton. Residents not pictured are Richard Walker, John Chambers, Zin Melnyk, Jacques Pages, Kenneth Klbbe, Gaylord Shields, and Billy Gearhart, tote hall ABE MILLER, President Down at Residence Hall, better known as " The Rock, " forty college men played pinochle, competed in story telling, and even studied now and then. One of the feature attrac- tions of the year was the Christmas party, at which the group picture shown above was taken. Officers are Abe Miller, president; Don Hoskins, vice- president; Wayne Matheson, secretary-treasurer. 91 Dale Marcy Richard McCall Gordon Morris Richard Morrison Jimmy Seuser Jerald Starkey Kaye Von Schriltz Wendell Warren Not Pictured: Curtis Camp Victor Durrance Robert Loomis Lester Seuser Donald Smith James Vennberg Sigma Theta Epsilon is a national religious fraternity for college men of Methodist preference. Some of the purposes of the organization are to promote wholesome Christian fel!ow$hip t to gain an understanding of the history and purposes of the Church, and to help to train young men as leaders. Mr. Walter Maxwell, Campus Supervisor, is the sponsor of the group. 92 {qppcl P Aim: Every Method iit girf today, a leader n the Church of Tomorrow. President — LuEtMA MURRAY D. Albrecht, M. Albrecht, Arensman, Austin. Barrett, Seedy, Billings, Bott, Brandenburg. Britt, Brown, Cop- poci, Ou t|, Foster, Froeichner. Gartelf, N. Griffith, V. Griffith, Harris, Harvey. Henry, Hooker. Jecfea. Keener. Kissell. Kohler, Laizure. Lancaster. Lentter Lossy. McNutt, Meyer, Morris, Morrow, E, M unsell. N, Munsell, Murray. Priefert, Robinson, Rouse. Servis. Schmutz. Shaw. Sigrist, Sloap. Slagle, Stone, Taylo-r, Timmons Townley, Ward, Watt, Wahe, Welsch L E. Wilson, M, Wilson, Yeaggy, G. Young. L. Young. Not Pictured; Keith Lsughlin J. Meyers Frank Carman John Chambers Donald Gentzler Richard Kessler Phi Mu Alpha, national honorary music fraternity for men., assumes as its responsibility the fostering of a sin- cere app reciation for serious music on the campus Sigmund Leiker has held the office of president of the group the past year One of its most ambitious activities during this school year was the presentation of its annual student recital given this spring by the members of Phi Mu Alpha Faculty sponsor of the fraternity is Mr Jack Juergens. Mot Pictured: Lowell Cl ine Daniel Hines Victor Herrman James Maxwell Lynn Yanfiss Faculty Members: H. G Palmer W, D Wilkins C. L Barr Leo Reynolds SIGMUND LEIKER, JR. President Jim Moser William Orth John Stadleman Dick Wolford Florlne Brundage Sally Floyd Carol Foos Donna Brown Lea McNutt Lois Robinson Eleanor Rockwell Betty See Phyllis Suiter Not Pictured: Nettie Foos Phyllis Johnson Delores Sutton Ruth Taylor Outstanding music students compose the membership of Sigma Alpha Iota, national honorary music fraternity for women on the campus. Under the leadership of Jane Snyder, president, the girls made a definite place for music In nu- merous activities on the campus throughout the year. These activities included receptions, recitals given by both faculty members and music majors, and dances. Musicals were given once a month by the members. Sponsor: Lucille Felten Jane Snyder President 95 Mildred Agnew Joyce Eyman Charmaine Owens Patty Binder Mary Joan Johnson Martha Pate Wilma Briscoe President Paula Corke Eleanor Martin Not Pictured: Fern Breeden Addie Scheuerman Wilda Cook Sponors: Mrs, R. J. Wynne Dr, Geneva Herndon Eleanor Ormsbee Henrietta Seaman Theta Epsilon is a Greek organixation for Baptist girk Its main aim is to form a He between a college girl and church interests and activities while she is away from the influence of her home, so that she will return to her home church a willing and effective worker, rather than a stranger to the work and with habits of attendance broken 90 Rachel Brack Mary Ann Deines Carol Foos Lowell Hemkem Ruby Kraft Lefa Mae Kreufzer Gene Johnson President Gottfried Kolb Lutheran Student Association, a new organization on the campus this year, has as Its purpose, encouragement in the study and appreciation of the Church ' s message, in loyal participation in the Church ' s work by personal activities and the promotion of a national and interna- tional fellowship of Lutheran students Every Lutheran stu- dent on the campus Is considered a member of L. S. A Sponsor; Mr Leo B. Reynolds Religious advisor; Rev George L. Search Clareta Schlicher Norma Strecker 97 Donna Darby Patsy Earl Rosanna Healey Louise Juergens Lutie Ann Losey AUn ft i On [Cfl Not Pictured: HONORARY ART FRATERNITY The goal of Kappa Pi Is to promote the inter est of art on the campus. Its members are chosen from the art students who meet rigid specifications. Each year the members of Kappa Pi select some project to work on throughout the year in order to broaden their knowledge in art. Martha Morlan Not Pictured: Mrs, Jean Cain Marqaret Rhoades Dorothy Unrein President Sponsor Mabel Vandiver Dean Watt Gayle Combest Bob Fleming Joe Hickel Jack Harris Bill Kitchen Gene McNutt Sponsors: Harriet Ketchum and Geneva Herndon This fraternity is an Honorary National Dramatics Fraternity and Is the goal of all Little Theatre members for their stage work ' — both acting and technical work. Alyce Barstow Doris Carson Carline Duncker Glayds Goetz Lowell Hawks Rosanna Healey Harland Hoffman Dolores Ingram President Margaret J ell i son Abe Miller Gene Ohlemeier Ethelmae Wilson Front Row, Left to Right: Wilmont Toalson, E. Elliot Gibbens, Doyle Brooks, Dr Har vey A. Zinszer. Back Row: Everett Marshall, Dr Harold $ Choguill, Ralph Desch. Sigma PI Sigma Is a national honorary organization to recognize scholastic attainment in physics Rob- ert M Abernathey is president of the Fort Hays State group and Dr Harvey A Zinszer serves as faculty advisor Other members who are not pictured are Edward C. Almquist, Raymond Brooks, and Lloyd G. Furtnmyer. Delta Epsilon Delta Epsilon is a national honorary organization to stimulate and reward interest in scientific scholarship and research. Officers of the group are Wilmont Toa ' son, president; Andrew Riegel, vice-president; Dr. Leon Hepner, secretary-treasurer; Everett Marshall, first senator; Dr Harvey Zinszer, second senator, Members of the organization who were not present when the picture was taken are Aileen Bissing, Ted McNutt, Russell Duer, Andrew Riegel, Dr. Emmet Stopher, Eugene Etter, Lester Schmuti, James Rouse, William Eastman, Kenneth Simons, Ward Sullivan, Jr , Robert Abernathey, Dr. Lyman D Wooster, Edward Almquist, and George Sternberg. Back Row, Left to Right: Dr Fred W, Albertson, S+andlee Dalton, Ralph Desck Bill Jellison, Fourth Row: Patricia Bynum, Henry McFarland, William Kitchen, Phyllis Ellis, Clinton Talbert, James Pauley Third Row: Dr. H B, Reed, Maude Gorham, Everett Marshall, Dr. Harold C hog u ill. Dr. Leon Hepner, Dr, Harvey Zinszer, J. K. Wells Second Row: Harold Hopkins. Eldon Weston, Paul Quell, Merald Carter, Doyle Brooks, Wilmont Toalson Front Row: Kenneth Dellett, Robert Biggens, Edmond Gibbens, Don E. Jones Pi Gonro Flu Pi Gamma Mu, national social science fraternity, has as its chief purpose to study problems of so- cial science, This group meets this purpose by sponsoring programs, having study projects, and by sup- porting other organizations direct- ly connected with social science problems such as U.N.E.S.C.O. To become a member, a student must be a junior and have a high scholastic achievement in the field of social science. New members are selected by the faculty mem- bers of the organization. Row One: Patricia Lancaster, Catharina Slaap, Mary Harvey, and Maria Perkins. Row Two: Phillip Lin, Robert Olberding, Emma Golden, and Patricia Malone. Row Three: Karl Jennison, John Tomlinson, Lewis Kester, and Robert Marple. Row Four: Dr. W. D. Moreland, Dr. Ivan Richardson, Leonard Howell, Kanneth French, and Eugene Craine. Row Five: Charles Onion, Sec.-Treas.: Rus- sell Duer, President; Dr. Charles Wiest. and Robert Mahoney. Twenty-two members not pictured. Joan McConnell Pi Hawn DfJta PE Kappa Delta is a national honorary forensic frater- nity. Membership in the group requires participation in any intercollegiate forensic activity, such as oratory, de- bate, extemporaneous speaking, and discussion. Advance- ment within the organization is gauged by achievement and experience in forensic activity. Not pictured: Joan Wilkerson Hugh Burnett Sponsor: James Start Dr. L. D. Wooster Dr. M. C. Cunningham Naomi Garner Bill Pike 100 A February snow — made our campus a winter wonderland— gave the women physical educationists a chance to prove their mettle — provided a unique setting for a pep rally — The new Custer Hall, as the administration has dreamed ft, as the architects have planned it, and as the girls have a nticipated it The Applied Arts Building may fall victim to the world ' s turmoil, if building re- strictions become a reality, but here is the architect ' s drawing, which gives students and faculty members something to dream about VII W if 5 DUt l 103 How cor itjb Quttit ssro KZ HonwfoJ7Wfr Ktitb Right — Sam Teaford, Alien Trexler. Below . — Donna Lee Darby, Vesta De Boer P Elvera MunselL 106 ft Mm DONALD ROBABAUGH MARGARET DETWEILER RAY STUTZMAN SImgNI K SopWiojk Back BURDON MURGRAVE Front GENE JOHNSON MARGARET BRISCOE WELDA SMITH c$- CfelGtlt % II0I5 Front Row PATRICIA LANCASTER LLOYD FURTH MEYER VELMA DUELL Back Row WILLIAM BRIN GLEN THOMPSON KENNETH DELLETT 14 AY SO HOME VICTORIOUS Doris Albrecht Alice Hogan Ardella Nelson Ruby Snavely President Marilyn Albrecht Shirley North Joan Wescott Norma Arnhold Patsy Earl Martha Morlan Pat Lytal Phyllis Oliphant Janice Russell Members Not Pictured: Phyllis Aley Barbara Hale Mary Sue Malone Sponsor: Verna Perish 113 Alice Worley Donna Leo Darby D ' Nelle Ehdich I Annie Farrell Norma. GUI, Pres. Julia Harris Delores Ingram Marilyn Kessler Ramona Kirkland Jocelyn Koblfir Lola Krcn Irer Claris Ann Kvesnic a Norma Lamoree Joyce Marshall Marilyn Marshall Polly Parte Adene Peters Edith Peters Kay Reed Donna Sidebottom Dolores Soloman Mary J. Thomas Sponsor: Pat Bynum Not Pictured: Doris Binder Shirley Wilson. Connie Toth Bee Ward Phyllis Way Mary Jo Weidner Mary Widens weVe 4a , GOT VOUR1 HUMBER Marv Adanhi Dorothy Arensman Pat Binder Bonnie isd President Wilma Brandenburg Mar ifvn Coppod Jeanne Custer M h f I en ft Dine M dry Ann Dines Carlene Dander Mary Harvey Rosalia Henry Margaret JelHion Elaine Johnson Sene Johnson Martha Klssell LuElme Murray Patricia O ' Toole Charmaine Owens Marianne Rouse Dorothy Unrein Betty Walker Pauline Warren Members Not Pictured:: Harriet Cronn Marlene Show Sponsor: Alice Beesley Rpcfa Jean Welsdn 0 §L| ,1 hf ' ii . JH Alyce Barstow President Doris Berry Chamnine Deutscher Marilyn Dietz Mary Eichelborger Marilyn Freshour Margaret Ford Ramona Funk Nada Griffith Veda Griffith Eiain Hamburg Varna Hanson Mary Hooker Shirley King LuAnne Lcbsack Coleen Lentfer Marcia Osborn Ray Pfeifer Greta Straker Julia Sullivan Moyne Wake Mary Ann Willour Pat Zimmerman Members Not Pictured; Vesta Da Boar Phyllis Gales Dorothy Ross Sponsor: Mrs, R. V. Coder 119 p , ■ V mmLM l- wnr n " r rfl Rv ■ r ■ 3 k kJS y{p R. Du r C - Ericks n j Feas j ef Gansel R. Hart L Howb V. Hemphill H. Hoffman H. German H. Grimes C. Grimes K. Marine J. McConnoughhey J, Mu Header C Murray D, Nolte x, Odom E. OWemier J, Parson G. Petrasak G, Pike H, Pohfmon D r Richardson j r Rill T. Roberts Ruggek L Scheuerman J, Smith President R. Walker F. White Members Not Pictured; Steve Bohonieky Paul Burris Gayle Combest Don Deane Jack Dennison Ha Hand Diet; Jerry Funk Jerry Harper Dorth Hibbs Dave Hiebert J. J h Jghnston Bab Kennard H, A. Kohl Bab McPherson Don Tompkins Dwight York Sponsors: Jack Heather Walter Walferstedt R, Stephenson J, Tomlinson - ' •Ofcr; R. Barber B_ Barrett R. Barrett B tts J ’ Carmody 0, Grippe n President K. Dellett C. Eitincb 0 . Fowler j. Frazier L, Hem plan G, Hess E. Hobbs R. Hopkins C. Jeokson W. Jcllison Fr K yworlh D, King ft, Malone ft, Marsh E- Metal R, McConnell C. Merkel M. Mersinger Members Not Pictured; R, Bray M, Bower M, Folks M, Gerey 5. Garrify A. Hamilton L. Hartman H. Tomer L. Howell ft. Maxwell M, Keoley L r Roberts B. Shields ft. Wahl me ye r ft, Zimmer Sponsor ; Mr, B_ F, Atwood Dr. W. C Wood M0ih 1 Wendell Alien Robert Blum Laurence Brennan Do rid Id Foster Robert Gi abler Duane Gmj y ftobflrf Hooter Carol Hombaker Terry Keeley Gilbert Liet . Donald Medan Marcus Oliphant Robert Riggs Kenneth Schwertfegcr Ralph Shrauner Robert Taylor Dean Thompson Robert Thompson Clen Tuttle Clyde Ward Dennis Drake Members Not Pictured: Job Hickel, President Donald Baker Thomas Byerly Paul Clark Ed Dean Dennis Drake Jack Dufield Eddie Giebter Frank Sinther Eddie Herlot? David Jensen Robert Lin nberger Don Pabst Dee Shoemaker Donald Short Orvel Stanchcomb James St, Lawrence Clarence Walters Edwin Wasinger Lester Wasinger Sponsors: Mr, W, H r Rayburn Mr. Ivan Richardson 125 CurKs Arbsrtsorv Vernon Bell Harold Burnett Warren Connor LaVern Dav i; Duarte Foul It Roger Franks Richard Lappln Richard McCall Robert McClellan Ted McNutt Fed Merkel Cadetfe Morgan Kenneth Reed Richard Schroeder Sponsor: Charles Cr Onion Not pictured: Raymond Baus Keith Dirks Gill Dougherty Walter Hqfner Francis Mahoney Bernard Me litmus John Miller Jim Moore Douglas Sellars Gob Smith Miles Standish Eddie Tiibert Allen Trader Gerald Siemsen Alexander Suenage Cliff Tillett George Walters President 127 jhnJk lltmc Council The Panheflenic Council has as its responsibility the settle- ment of the various problems arising among the four social sororities of Fort Hays State. Also to promote scholarship, the Council awards a scholarship shield each semester. President of the Council this year was Ruby Snavely, Other members were: Norma Arnhold, Mary Ann Deines, Baine Johnson, Margaret Ford, Charmaine Deutscher, Norma Gill, Donna Darby, and Patsy Earl, Miss Gaynelle Davis spon- sored the organization. Ruby Snavely, president As coordinator of the four social fraternities of Fort Hays State, the Interfraternity Council has as its purpose the pro- motion of the best interests of the fraternities, their mem- bers, and the college. Council officers during the past year have been Bill Jel- lison, president! Robert L. Thompson, vice-president; John Tomlinson, treasurer; and Lavern Davis, secretary. Other mem- bers are: Robert McClellan, Robert Malone, R, D. Thomp- son, and Henry Pohlman, Faculty advisors have been Dr. Ralph V. Coder and Dr. Emmet C, Stopher, 3 ft fir In wvfo Count ! BILL JELUSON, President SndusMl Bidldwe .w football The 1950 gridiron team at Fort Hays State com- piled a record of three wins, four losies, and two ties. The Tigers opened the season against Northwest Missouri State at Maryville, and won the game in the last few seconds on a pass from freshman Kayo McGilliv- ray to end Don Fowler The first conference game saw the Tigers playing a 0-0 deadlock with the Southwestern Mound builders. Wahlmeier and Fowler stood out in the line, while Betts was the hero of backfield play. In their first home game, the Tigers lost by a 6-0 score to the Pittsburg Gorillas. The next game saw the Tigers tie the St. Benedicts Ravens 7-7 at Atchison Pass- es from Carmody to McGillivray and Fowler set up the touchdown, with McConnell scoring from the one-yard line. The Homecoming game provided one of the great- est shows ever seen in Lewis Field Stadium as the Tigers nipped the Quincy, III., Hawks 26-25, The following week, the Tigers were victims of the C, L C. champions, Em- poria State, with a 27-0 score. The next week the Tigers took the short end of a 7-0 score against the Washburn Ichabods to close the conference season. Colorado College made the Tigers its ninth consecutive victim with an easy 32-0 win on Nov, 4. In the season ' s finale, the Tigers garnered a 26-13 win over Kansas Wesleyan Coach Marion McDonald ' s ‘ ' B " sguad played only one game, losing to Sterling College 12-0, In the lower left hand corner Coach Ralph Huffman explains a detail of his U T " formation to a chalk talk gathering. Above, right, the wives of Tiger players gather at the radio to provide an anxious audience for an out-of-town broadcast. At the right, Alex Francis, backfiefd coach, goes through the Saturday afternoon taping process in the dressing room Below, the football coaching staff includes, teft to right, George Pfeifer and Vergil McKinxie, student assistants; Marion McDonald, M B M Squad coach; Cade Suran, scout; Alex Francis, back- field coach; and Ralph Huffman, head coach -.Cl r Afl Rex McConnell Eldon Matal Robert Wahlmeier All-Conference Tackle Gene Hess Leon Roberts Marlon Schmidt Central Intercollegiate Conference Herschel Betts Standings w L T Pet Emporia 5 0 0 1.000 Pittsburg 4 1 0 .800 Washburn ...2 2 1 .500 St Benedicts $ ! 3 1 .300 Fort Hays 0 3 2 .200 Southwestern 0 3 2 .200 John Carmody Jim Farley Earl Minks Johnny Roth Oorth Hibbs Below, left to right: Gene Anderson, Merle Garey, Don Fowler, Marvin Maune, Frank Haas Bottom row, Kayo McGillivray, Harlan Dietz, Don Koerner, Steve Garrity, Dan Pfeifer. Above — Action is brisk before a sweltering Homecoining Crowd 1950 FOOTBALL SUMMARY Fort Hays State 21 Fort Hays State 0 Fort Hays State . 0 Fort Hays State 7 Fort Hays State 26 Fort Hays State _ 0 Fort Hays State 0 Fort Hays State 26 Maryville . 1 4 Southwestern ....... 0 Pittsburg £ St. Benedicts 7 Quincy, ML ,25 Emporia State 27 Colorado College 32 Kansas Wesleyan 13 Left to Right: Jack Wolfe, Mansel Nicholas, Richard Nicholas, Clarence House, Mac KeeJey. Below, Bob Brautigam, Don Campbell, Don Rorabaugh Vaughn Wells „ Wilford Hoofer. iiippp Upper left, Don Fowler demonstrates his pass-snagging technique Upper right. Kickers galore practiced, but the scarcity of touchdowns made it a lost cause. Above right, More action against Quincy. Above 4 center, Radio director Jack Heather and Ralph McNemee, student sports writer, are shown in the press box, where words were written and spoken at a record rate Above left, Sports publicist Richard DEIsaver was always on hand The goal posts frame some vigorous action. Earl Hobbs Guy Conner Benny Franfz Tom Withers Jack Denison Glen PfortmilJer Bill Chadd Walter Hobbs Gene Anderson Bill Rupp The Tiger Cage Coaches — Cade Suran, above, and his assistant, Ralph Huffman. SEASON ' S RECORD Fort H ays 47 SW Old a. State 50 Fort Hays 72 Colorado College 70 Fort Hays 6f . Colorado College 5f Fort Hays 41 Southwestern 39 Fort Hays 55 Emporia State 58 Fort Hays 43 ... Washburn 54 Fort Hays 74 New Mexico A M 67 Fort Hays 64 Oklahoma Baptist 44 Fort Hays 55 . St. Benedict ' s 40 Fort Hays 52 Kansas Wesleyan 57 Fort Hays 52 Washburn 60 Fort Hays 44 ... St, Benedict’s 59 Fort Hays 69 Southwestern 56 Fort Hays 50 Kansas Wesleyan 62 Fort Hays 76 Emporia State 62 Fort Hays 63 Rockhurst 64 Fort Hays 49 Pittsburg 73 Fort Hays 76 Pittsburg 70 Fort Hays 92 Rockhurst 82 basketball 1950-1951 GLENN CONNER Captain All-Central Intercollegiate Conference Selection Arden Cronn Robert Ziegler 137 Above are the Tigers of ' 50- SI: Top Row: Left to Right: Asst. Coach Ralph " Red " Huffman, Robert Ziegler, Glenn Conner, Gene Anderson, Guy Conner, Coach Cade Suran and Assistant Coach Marion Mc- Donald. Bottom Row: Benny Frantz, Walter Hobbs, Earl Hobbs, Bill Chadd, Arden Croon. Below, Suran wastes no time during time-out. The Tigers, with a 9 win- 10 loss record out- side of tournament play, were not as successful as in previous years under Coach Suran, but the team, built around a nucleus of young players, played brilliant ball at times. The Tigers failed to repeat as champions of the Central Intercollegiate Confer- ence but the loss of eight starters from last year ' s winning aggregation through graduation was par- tially responsible for this. The Tigers pulled two highly-regarded upsets the past season. The first was a 74-67 pasting of New Mexico A. M„ which later defeated Arizo- na. Arizona previously had defeated Long Island University. The other upset was a 76-62 defeat handed to Emporia State. The Hornets were lead- ing the conference with a 6-0 record and the loss to Hays cost them the championship as they were later edged out by Washburn University. The Tigers opened the season by losing one wants the ball. to the Southwest Oklahoma State Bulldogs 50-47 on the Tigers ' home court. The next week-end the Tigers handed the visiting Colorado College Tigers two de- feats, 72-70 and 61-51. Back in the conference, the Tigers eked by South- western, 41-39, lost to Emporia, 58-55, and lost to Wash- burn, 54-43. In the meantime, they won non-conference victories from New Mexico A. M. and Oklahoma Bap- tists. After the holidays, the Tigers outlasted St. Bene- dicts, 55-40, but suffered an embrassing loss to Kansas Wesleyan. A disastrous road trip found the Tigers los mg two important conference games, to Rockhurst and Pittsburg State, both of whom the Tigers defeated on the home court later in the season. Left, Suran ' s misery has company. v T “ — rw i f f Next Year ' s Tigers, Top Row, Left to Right: John Travis, Bill Rupp, Bob Wahlmeier, Darle Olson, Bill Kauffman, Coach McDonald, Bottom Row: Kayo McGillivray, Bob Wilkins, Keith Dirks, Jim Jacobs, Jim Hendricks, Under the able and capable tutelage of Coach Marian McDonald, Fort Hays State ' s Tiger Cubs wound up their season play with a record of 10 wins and six losses. Bill Rupp, Glenn Pfortmiller, Walter Hobbs, and Kayo McGHlivray showed well in these M B " squad con- tests and will be valuable to Cade Suran ' s " A " team next year. Among the games which the Cubs won were two over the Russell Oilers, one of the best town teams in the state and a team which entered In the state AA meet at Wichita, Other wins chalked up by the Cubs were at the benefit of Lorraine, Gove, Holy rood, Grinnell, and La Crosse town teams, and Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity, one of the better organization teams on the campus. " Jumpin ' Jack " Ziegler gets the tip. 140 Did it Fall? Basketball is a brothers game at Fort Hays State: Left to Right: Guy Conner, Glenn Conner, Earl Hobbs, and Walter Hobbs The 1950 Fort Hays State Track and Field Squad, Runners- up in the Central Intercollegiate Conference, undefeated in dual, triangular, and quadrangular competition. Shown at the left is Alex Francis, track c oach, giving some vital information to Bill Rupp, his prize prospect in the distance races. Below, left, is Cade Suran, assistant coach, shown in a dis- cussion with Glenn Tuttle, co-champion of the C. L C, in 1949, who was held from conference competition last year by an in- jury received early in the season. Tuttle has won Ms most points in pole vault competition, but is also an excellent low hurlder. Below, right, is Leon " Btackie " Roberts, the only defending C. I C. champion on the 1951 track and field squad. Roberts also won the Colorado Relays title in his favorite event, the javelin throw, and placed second in the 1950 A. A. U. meet in Kansas City. 1951 TRACK AND FIELD SCHEDULE March 3 I — University of Colorado Invitation Indoor Meet at Boulder. April 3-4 — Telegraphic Meet with K, S. T. C. ( Pit tsburg. April I 2 — Dual with Nebraska State Teach- ers at Kearney. April I 4 — Emporia Relays. April 2 1 — Kansas University Relays. April 2 8 — Colorado Relays. May 4 — Dual with Wichita University at Hays. May 1 1 — C. L C. Meet at Pittsburg. May 26 — Missouri Valley A. A. U. Meet at Kansas City. X Zrack and field Due to copy deadlines, the story a yearbook carries of track and field must always be a hybrid account of past and present seasons. It would be unfair to fail to mention three of the most gallant all-around competitors Fort Hays State has ever known — -ell of whom climaxed their careers last spring and are pictured here only in the squad picture. They are Don Nichol, who won C. I. C, championships in both the 440 and 880 during his competition and who could always be relied upon to give whatever he found he had to give as anchor man on Tiger relay teams; Fred Simmons, who won the C. I, C, high jump championships for three consecutive years; and Jack Hague, all-around field performer, who has one C, L C, pole vaulting championship on his record. These men also won A, A. U, championships and set five Fort Hays State records during their college careers — Simmons in the high jump and shot put, Nichol in the 440 and 880 yard runs, and Hague in the pole vault. Also lost by gradua- tion were Silly Campbell, 1949 C, I, C. javelin champion; Dale Thornburg, high jumper; and Roger Browne, javelin thrower. Below, coming around the turn on the track at Lewis Field are the Fort Hays State middle-distance runners. Left to right, they are: Dean Thompson, Bob Kennedy, Jack Anderson, Kenneth Reed, Roger Franke, and Charles Owens. 950 TRACK AND FIELD RECORD March 22 — Dual Telegraphic Meet with K, $ T C« Pittsburg — Port Hays, If 5 % ; Pittsburg, 43 ; 4 field of nine Kansas college track teams April 5 — Emporia Relays — Second place in a field of nine Kansas college track teams April 14 — Dual Meet with Nebraska State Teachers College, Kearney — Fort Hays, 110; Kear- ney, 54 April 27— Triangular Meet with Kansas Wesleyan, Southwestern, Fort Hays State — Fort Hays, 91; Southwestern ' 52 Kansas Wesleyan, 1 9 4- , , May 7 — Dual Meet with Wichita University- Fort Hays, 78 £4; Wichita, 52 } . May f2 — Conference meet at Emporia — Emporia, 69; Fort Hays, 40%; Washburn, 29%; Southwestern, II; Pittsburg, 5; Roelthursf, 0. Left, Fort Hays State’s brightest prospects lay in the hurdle events The group pictured includes Gene Anderson, Glen Tuttle, Richard Nicholas, Jack Denison, Kayo McGillivray, and Henry Kohfeld Below, left, Bob Brautigam, C. L C discus runner-up, demonstrates before Leon Roberts, Keith Dirks, Mark Oliphant, and Manse! Nicho- las. Below, right, Roberts shows his grip to Oli- phant, M Nicholas, Dirks, and Brautigam Right, Broad jumpers include Richard Scott, McGNlivray, Kennedy, Earl Hobbs, and Denison. Below, the dash men line up -for a talce-off. They are: Hobbs, Tuttle, Emil Zeigler, Dennison, John Carmody, and McGillivray. WHAT OF 19517 New men who are expected to add strength to the Tiger hopes of maintaining high standards of track competition at Fort Hays State include the Nicholas brothers, Richard and Mansel, of Coldwater; Emil Zeigler, dash man from Quin ter; Kayo McGilliv- ray, all-around athlete from Ulysses; Gene Anderson, high-jumper and hurdler from Kinsley; the Hobbs brothers, Earl and Walter, of Pueblo, Colorado; Henry Kohfeld, hurdler from Norton; Gene Jaeo, dash man from Plainville; and Dick Scott, broad-jumper from Belleville. Below, teft, are the distance runners, who are caught out on a cold day. They are Gerald Wade, Lawrence Tedford, Bill Rupp, Ronald Hopkins, Max Terrell, and Bob Malone, Lower right, Sam Teaford, who tied for first at the Colorado Relays with a jump of 6 ' 4 M shows the height to his fellow high jumpers, Gene Anderson, Gerald Siemsen, and Earl Hobbs. I Above: Candidates for berths on the 1951 Tiger tennis team are, left to right, front row: Gottfried Kolb, Harrofd Long, William Marlin, Bill Pike: back row: Leroy Bingaman, Darrell Cobb, Duane Guy, Cliff Tillet, and William Schroeder The 1951 tennis squad is made up mainly of newcomers, with Leroy Bingaman and Eu- gene Ray, the only veterans from the I960 squad. Tennis matches were played with Hut- chinson, Garden City, and Dodge City Junior colleges, Kansas Wesleyan University, and Kear- ney (Nebraska) Teachers. The C, L C. meet was held May 4-5, but Reveille deadlines do not permit a report on the outcome. Zennis Below: The nucleus of the 1 95 I golf squad is made up of Dale Von Ler- berg, Herb Greenstreet, Dave King, and Arthur Jones. Dave King is the only returning letterman around whom Coach Marion McDonald built his 1951 Tiger golf team. Matches were played with Kansas Wesleyan and Kearney (Nebraska) Teachers prior to the C. 1. C. meet, which was held in Kansas City early in May. Marion McDonald, Tiger Tennis and Golf Coach 146 An extensive program of men ' s intramural in which more than half of the men students participate, found the following emerging as individual champions: Bottom Row, Left to Right: Warren Conner, Tau Kappa Epsilon, table tennis; Raymond Berland, Sigma Tau Gamma, shuffleboard; John Carmody, Phi Sigma Epsilon, badminton. Top Row: Richard Jones, Tau Kappa Epsilon, horseshoes; Cellff Tillett, Tau Kappa Epsilon, tennis; Willis Muth, Independent, free throwing. Clyde Miller, Sigma Tau Gamma, won the individual golf championship, but dropped out of school to join the service before pictures were taken. Intramural championships In doubles competition were won .by the following: Top Row, Left to Right: Robert Hooker and Dean Thompson, Sigma Tau Gamma, golf; Robert Hooker and Kenneth Schwertfeger, Sigma Tau Gamma, shuffleboard. Center Row: Eldon Matel and Don Crippen, Phi Sigma Epsilon, horseshoes; Donald Crlppen and Ronald Hopkins, Phi Sigma Epsilon, badminton. Bottom Row: Dean Thompson and Kenneth Schwertfeger, Sigma Tau Gamma, tennis; Dean Thompson and Dennis Drake, Sigma Tau Gamma, table tennis. 148 Twenty teams participated in an exerting intramural basketball program, which saw the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity (shown upper right) win its first organization championship in recent years. The same team went on to cinch the school championship by defeating the Smoos, (lower right) independent champions, in the final play- off, During the season, 92 intramural basketball games were played. The intramural touch football championship was won by the Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity, which also walked away with the swimming team championship. Championships in volleyball, track and field, and softball had not been decided when the Reveille went to press In the spring of 1950, the rotating trophy was won by Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity. The program was directed by Alex Francis, intramural director: Herschel Betts, intramural manager; and Gene Hess, assistant manager. This group is pictured below. A pause for a pose In Orchesfs. Duck! We ' re coming through Shuffleboard, Lower right: You ' re all wet! action, Lower left: Hold that pose! Hang on tight! What a reflection! Dancers at ease. r Upper right: What ' d you say? Lower right: Ready, Aim, Fire! Upp er left: Ping Pong. Square Dance Hit it again t p Straight from Broadway, Julie Haydon lent glamour to " The Glass Menagerie 1 but it was our own Jade Harris, Harriet Ketchum f and Jack Juergens who made it the drama event of all time for Fort Hays State students and other Western Kansans Gayle Combest assisted Harris with the direction and Betty Laizure was Miss Haydor s understudy. Speech Below — " The Great Big Doorstep " lent a lighter note to the dramatic season It was presented in December by the Little Theatre group under the direction of Miss Harriet Ketehum. Above — Ethelmae Wilson and Bob Fleming are shown in a tense moment in " Antigone " , which was the first pre- sentation of the Little Theatre group The department of speech includes many activities, which are popular among campus extroverts. In the scene below, members of Dr. Geneva Herndon ' s class in speech correction practice technique on each other. Speech The Fort Hays Radio Review, a daily broadcast over station KAYS in Hays, provides the practical experience so necessary for radio students. At the right, Ethelmae Wilson and Loren Schmidt- berger present a campus news broadcast Below, Norman Petty takes his job seriously, while at his left, Norman Lindner reads a script while Jack Heaths er, instructor in radio, gives a signal that should mean something to those who know. In the bottom picture t members of the debate squad, which is coached by Mr. James Start, head of the speech department, gather for an informa! discussion Left to right, the students are Cecil Merkel, Jr., Eldon Laidig, Dolores Ingram, Eugene McNutt, Bill Pike, and Jo Hubbard APPLEBEE. GAIL. Hays — B, S., Elementary Education Sigma Theta Epsilon. BALL. EARL, Sterling— B. $., Industrial Arts BARBER, ROY, Hugoton— B« S.. Agriculture Phi Sigma Epsilon. Track. Intramurals BARRETT, RICHARD, Beloit — B. M.. Education BARSTOW ALYCE, Mecksville — A. B., Speech L Theta Sigma Upibn, Women ' s Glee Club A Cappe a Choir. Band. Debate, Intramurals. Leader, Little Theatre. W, L. O. BAUER, FRANCIS, Wilson— B $.. Industrial Arts BELL, VERNON, Studley— B. S., Business Campus Boosters Council, I. R. C . Intramurals. Leader. Seventh Cavalry, Tau Kappa Epsilon. BETTS, HERSCHEL, Oberiin— B. S., Physical Education football, Intramural Manager, " K " Club, Phi Sigma Epsilon. BETTS, JOAN, Oberlin— A. B., History BICKEL, RICHARD, Dodge City — B, $.. Business Administration BINGAMAN. LeROY. Garfield— B. S„ Agriculture Tennis, Intramurals, ' K " Club, BISS1NG, AILEEN. Atchison— A. B, BLUM, ROBERT, Menlo—B. S., Physical Education Sigma Tau Gamma, BOCQU1N, FRANCIS, Howard— A. B„ Chemistry Newman Club, Pre-Medic Club, BOSTON, DOUGLAS, Salina — B. S., Business Administration Leader. BRIN, WM, JAMES, Plainville— B. S., Agriculture Football. Intramurals, Newman Club, Track. CAMPBELL, LOLA, Macksville— B. $„ General Science A Cappella Choir, Band, Pre-Medic Club, Kappa Phi, Y.W.C.A., W.L 0. CARMODY, JOHN, Hays — B, $ , Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon. Football, Track. K Club. CARTER, MERALD, Jennings— A. B., Math Mathematics Club, Delta Epsilon. CHAMBERS. JOHNNY. Ellis— B. M., Piano and Music Education Band, Orchestra, Phi Mu Alpha. CONNER. WARREN, Gypsum— B. S,. Agriculture Intramurals, Little Theatre, Tau Kappa Epsilon. CRAFT, DAVID, Garden City— A. B.. Physical Education CRIPPEN. DONALD, Gove— B. S., Physical Education Intramurals, Phi Sigma Epsilon. CRONN, ARDEN, Smith Center— B. S., Physical Education Basketball, K’’ Club. CRONN. HARIETTE, WaKeeney— B. S.. Elementary Education Kappa Phi. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Band, Y.W.C.A. DELLETT, KENNETH, Hays— B. A., Chemistry Phi Sigma Epsilon, Delta Epsilon, Who ' s Who, Campus Boosters Council, Intramurals, Pre-Medic Club. DIETERICH, HELEN. Bellvale— B. $.. Business Administration A Cappella Choir, I.R.C. DILLARD, R. M.. JR.. Hays — 6. $ , Chemistry Engineers Club DR El LING, GILBERT, Victoria— A. B., Chemistry Band, German Club, Newman Club. DREILING, KENNETH, Hays — B. S.. Business Administration Newman Club. 1 DUELL, VELMA. WaKeeney— B. S.. Home Economics Y.W.C.A., W.L.O., Girls Glee Club, Kappa Phi. DUER. RUSSELL. Alton— International Relations Club, Math Club, Seventh Cavalry. PI Gamma Mu, Delta Ep- silon, Kappa Sigma Kappa. EASTERLY, HETTIE, Osborne— B, S., Education ELLIS, HAROLD, Kingman— A. B., Psychology I.R.C,, Intramurals, Quill Club, Reveille, Y.M.C.A. ELLIS, WANDA, Kingman — B. S . Business Administration Y.W.C.A. ENGEL, RALPH, Hays — S. S., Business Administration Intramurals, Newman Club, Sigma Tau Gamma, Inter-Fraternal Council ERICKSON, CURTIS. Jennings— B. S,. Business Administration Intramurals, Kappa Sigma Kappa. EVERS, CARLOS, Mexico City— B, $., Agriculture I.R.C FARLEY, JAMES, Meade— B. $- Physical Education K ’ Club, Football. FOSTER, DONALD, Satanta— B. S. p Physical Education Intramurals, Sigma Tau Gamma, FOULK, DUANE, Turon — B. $,, Business Administration " K " Club, Intramurals, Tau Kappa Epsilon, FOWLER, DON, Kalvesta— A. B„ History FRENCH, KENNETH. Stockton — B $,, Education Y.M.C.A,. Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Sigma Epsilon. EURTBMEYER, LLOYD, Hamilton— B, Math Engineers Club, Mathematics Club, Sigma Pi Sigma, Who s Who. GEARHART, BILLY, Lenora- B. S.. Business Administration Football, Y, M. C. A. GIEBLER, ROBERT, Hays — B S.. Economics Intramurals, Newman Club, Track, Sigma Tau Gamma. GILL, NORMA, Bunkerhill — A. B,, English Campus Boosters Council, Leader, Tigerettes, Delta Sigma Ep- silon, Panhellenic Council, GINTHER, FRANK, Hays— B. S., Business Administration Intramurals. Sigma Tau Gamma. GLASS, KEITH. WaKeeney — B. S., Mathematics Engineers Club, Math Club, GOETZ, GLADYS, Victoria— B, S.. Speech Debate and Oratory, Little Theatre, Newman Club, Alpha Ps! Omega. Pi Kappa Delta, GRIMES, CAROL, Alton — B, S., Business Administration Intramurals, Y.M.C.A , Kappa Sigma Kappa. GROSE, RUBEN, Bazine — B. S., Education GROWE, KENNETH, Fufton— B. S., Botany HAGGARD, HELEN, Gorham — B, $,. Home Economics Home Economics Club. Y. W. C. A. HAMBURG, ELAINE. Ellis — B. $., Elementary Education Home Economics Club. Intramurals, Theta Sigma Upsilon. HERRON, WAYNE. Spearvllle— B, $,. Industrial Arts Stnior CosTlt 158 HERTEL. DONALD, Hays — 8, S,, Physical Education Track, Football. ' K " Club HIBBERT, JOHN, Elkhart— A. B. r English HfCKEL, JOE, Eliinwood — A B., English Intramurals, Leader, Newman Club, Seventh Cavalry, Sig- ma Tau Gamma, Inter Fraternal Council HILL, BILL, Hays — B. S., Chemistry Engineers Club, Newman Club. HOFFMAN, HARLAND, Ellsworth— A. B., English HOOFER. W1LFORD, Stockton— A. B„ Zoology Football, German Club. " K " Club, Pre-Medic Club, Tau Kappa Epsilon. HOOKER, ROBERT, Winona— B« S., Mathematics Campus Boosters Council, Engineers Club, Mathematics Club, Sigma Tau Gamma HOWELL, LEONARD, Edmond— A. B„ History Basketball, International Relations Club, Y M,C A„ In- tramurals. Pi Gamma Mu. HUBBARD, JO. Waldo — B. $.. Physical Education Debate, Football, Intramurals, Little Theatre, Seventh Cavalry, Student Council, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Theta Epsilon, INGRAM, DOLORES, Hays— A, B., Speech Debate, Intramurals, Little Theatre, Alpha Psi Omega, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Pi Kappa Delta, JAMES, NOLA, Stockton — B, S., Physical Education Band, Campus Boosters Council. Intramurals, W. A. A. ( P, E., Majors Club. Women ' s Intramural Council JELLISON, BILLY, Sylvan Grove — B. S., Botany Football Seventh Cavalry, Student Council, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Delta Epsilon, Inter- Fraternity Council, Who ' s Who- JELLISON, MARGARET, Osborne— A. B„ Speech Leader, Little Theatre, Tigerettes, Y.W.C.A , W.L.O., Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Psi Omega, Who ' s Who JEN NISON, KARL, Healy— A. B., Economics International Relations Club, Spanish Club, Pi Gamma Mu JENNISON, MARY, Lawrence — A. EL, Sociology Band, Pre-Medic Club, Spanish Club, Kappa Phi, KEELEY, TERRY, Pawnee Rock- — B S , Physical Education International Relations Club, Intramurals, Y.M.C.A,, Sigma Tau Gamma. KEENER, WILLIAM, Rush Center — B. S , Chemistry KING, SHIRLEY. Ellis— B. S . Elementary Education Ho me Economics Club. Intramurals, Reveille, Student Council, Tigerettes, W.L.O,, Theta Sigma Upsflon. Pi Gamma Mu, Panhellenfc Council. K1NSINGER, FRANCIS, Osborne— A. B.. History, KVASNICKA, CLAIRE ANN. WaKeeney— B. S„ Home Ec Collegiate 4-H Club, Home Economics Club. Y.W.C;A., UNESCO, Delta Sigma Epsilon. LANCASTER, PATRICIA, Hays — A, B,, English and History A Ceppella Choir, International Relations Club, Leader, Orchestra, W.A.A., Spanish Club, Y.W C,A„ W.L.O. , Who ' s Who, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Phi LAUNCHBAUGH, MARVIN, Hoxie— 8 S., Business Adm. L1NDENMEYER, FREDERICK, Safina— B. S.. Zoology Engineers Club, Intramurals, Sigma Theta Epsilon. LOSEY, LOTI E ANN, Gove — Art Home Economics Club, Kappa Pi. Kappa Phi, Y.W.C.A. IYTAL, PATRICIA. Safina — B. S., Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Alpha. MALONE, BOB, Hays — B.S.. Industrial Arts Basketball, fntramurals, " K " Club, Track, Phi Sigma Epsi- lon. Interlraternal Council McCALL, RICHARD, WaKeeney — -8. $.. Business Adm. Internationa! Relations Club, Leader, Y.M.C.A., Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Men ' s Supper Club, Young Republican Club McClellan, Robert, Zurich— b. s., Math Leader, Engineers Club, Math Club. Interfraternaf Coun- cil, Tau Kappa Epsilon McCONNAUGHHAY, JOHN, Lamed— B, S , Biology Intramurals, Pre-Medic Club, Y M.C A. t Kappa Sigma Kappa. McCONNELL, JOAN. Great Bend— A. B., History Tigerettes, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Pi Kappa Delta, McCONNELL, REX, Mineola — B. S,, Physical Education fntramurals, K Club, Student Council, Phi Sigma Epsilon, McKlNZlE, VERGIL, Obedin — B, S., Physical Education Football, -K " Club. Phi Sigma Epsilon. McNUTT, IMO LEA, Hays — B. S., Business Adm inistration A Cappella Choir, Band, Tigerettes, UNESCO, W.L.O , Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Phi. McNUTT, TED, Hays— A B,, General Science Little Theatre. MATHESON, WAYNE, Natoma — B S. ( Business Adm. Engineers Club, Young Republicans Club, Y.M.C.A. MILLER, ABRAHAM, WaKeeney, B, S , Business Adm. Little Theatre, Alpha Psi Omega. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Men s Supper Club, Men ' s Pep Club. MOCK. KENNETH, Plamville- Business Administration Little Theatre, Intramural Swimming. MORLAN, MARTHA, Protection — -B. S,, Art Kappa Pi, Panhellenic Council. Alpha Sigma Alpha, MULLENDER, JOHN, Waldo — A, 8., History NEELY, JAMES, Hays — B, S., Zoology NORCROSS, J, D., Hays — Band OLIPHANT, MARCUS, Offerle — B. S., Agriculture Intramurals, Track, Sigma Tau Gamma. ORMSBEE, ELEANOR, Smith Center— A, B„ English Y.W.C.A., Theta Epsilon. ORTH, WILLIAM, Hays — -B. M., Music Education OSBORN, MARCIA, Meade— Band, W.A.A,, Theta Sigma Epsilon. OTOOLE, PATRICIA, Arnold— A, B., English Campus Booster Council, Collegiate 4-H, Girl ' s Glee Club, Little Theatre, Tigerettes, W L.O,, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Panhellenic Council. Reveille Queen. ROHLMAN, HENRY, Natoma — B, 5,. Business Administration 159 FAXON, JIM. Penokee — B. $♦, Business Administration Y.M.C.A., Second Generation Chib, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Collegiate Uptowners, PETRASEK, GEORGE, Jennings — B. S.. Business Administration Kappa Sigma Kappa. PREFER, GEORGE, Hays— B. S.. Physical Education Basketball. Football, " K " Club. PIKE, BILL. Healy — A. B.. Political Science Debate and Oratory, t.R,C., Kappa Sigma Kappa, PITTMAN, DON, Russell — B. S., Physical Education Intramurals. Y.M.C.A,. Physical Education Major and M Inors’ Club. RASSAERT, CHARLES, Pearl River, New York— A. B„ Zoology Delta Epsilon. RAY, EUGENE, Ford— B. S., Physical Education Band, Engineers Club, Intramurals, " K " Club, Intramural Council. Y.MO.A. RlCKE, RAYMOND, Zenda — 8, S. Agriculture, Newman Club. RITTER, KEITH, Hoisington — B, S., General Science Pre-Medic Club, Kappa Sigma Kappa, ROCKWELL, ELEANOR, Scott City— A B„ English Band. Orchestra, Tigeretfes, W.L.O,, Sigma Alpha lota. RUPP, JOHN. Ellis— B. S,, Business Administration Newman Club. SCHEUERMAN, GAIL, Baiine — B. S., Business Administration A Cap path Choir, Band, Reveille. SCHEUERMAN. MARVIN, Hays— A. B T , Sociology A Cappella Choir, Band. German Club, SCHLICKER, CLARITA, Hays— B. S.. Physical Education Campus Boosters Council, Collegiate 4-H, Intramurals, P, E. Majors Club, W,A + A, SCHMIDTBERGER, LOREN, Hays— A. B., English Newman Club, Leader. SCHULTE, RAYMOND, Walker — B. S , Business Administration German Club, Newman Club. SCHWERTFEGER, KENNETH, Satanta— B. S., Agriculture Student Council SHEPARD. MAX, Emerson. Iowa— B. S„ Industrial Arts SHRAUNER, RALPH, Protection — 8, S+, Agriculture Intramurals, Sigma Tau Gamma. SIGRlST, DONNA, Hays— B, S„ Elementary Education Home Economics Club, Kappa Phi, SKUBAL. LUMIR — B. S., Industrial Arts SMITH, JOHN J,. Ulysses— B, S„ Business A Cappella Choir. Band. International Relations Club, Intramurals, UNESCO. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Delta Sigma Theta. SNAVELY. RUBY. Sublette — B $,, Business Administration Intramurals, Tigeretfes, Alpha Sigma Alpha, UNESCO. Panhellenlt Council. SNYDER. JANE, Almena— B. M. E„ Music A Cappella Choir, Band. Little Theatre. Orchestra, Sigma Alpha lota. STADELMAN. JOHN, Hays— B. M.. Music A Cappella Choir, Band. Orchestra. Phi Mu Alpha. Di- rector of Varsity Band, Student Conductor of Concert Band. SULLIVAN, JULIA— A. B.. Sociology Theta Sigma Upsilon. TARN. NORMAN, Gypsum Mathematics Club. TEDFORD. LAWRENCE, Mlneola— B. S.. Agriculture Y.M.C.A. THOMPSON, GLEN, Beeler— A. B. History and English |A Cappella Choir, German Club, LR,C., Intramurals, Lit- tle Theatre, Seventh Cavalry, Y.M.C.A., Who s Who, Honor Society, Men ' s Supper Club. THOMPSON, ROBERT. Oakley— B. S„ Business Administration Basketball, Intramurals, Student Council, Sigma Tau Gam- ma, Intrafraternel Council. TOWNLEY, HOPE, Glade— B, S., Elementary Education I.R.C., Quill Club. Y.W.C.A., Kappa Phi. VAN IERBERG, DALE, Shawnee— B, S„ Agriculture WALTERS, CLARENCE, Hays — B. $♦. Business Administration Sigma Tau Gamma, Newman Club, German Club, Eng- ineer ' s Club. WASINGER, LEONA, Hays— A B.. History German Club. I.R.C., Newman Club, W.A.A., UNESCO. WATT. DEAN, Healy— B. S., Art, Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who. A Cappella Choir, Reveille, W.L.O, WEBB, CHARLES, Ft Worth— 6. A„ English Leader. WEBER. NORMA, Hays— B. S.. Physical Education WILSON, SHIRLEY MAE, Hays Delta Sigma Epsilon, Tigerettes. Campus Boosters Council, A Cappella Choir WOLFORD, LEON, Claflin — B, S„ Mathematics Math Club, Phi Sigma Epsilon, WORLEY, ALICE, Natoma — A. B„, English YOUNG. LOLA, Macksvllle — B, $,, General Science ZANE, RUSSELL. Protection — 8, $,, Business Administration 160 Thirst , Too, Seeks Quality Mon ths of study — Months of pleasant companionship — All of them summarized in this yearbook, a memento to the effort you have put forth to make a success of your school work. It is our hope that Coca-Cola has in some small way made your task easier- contributed a friendly pause for refreshment to your work or play Anywhere, anytime, you will find a frosty bottle of Coca-Cola near-by to help you make any pause “The Pause That Refreshes”, Ask for it either way . both trade-marks mean the same thing. 8QTTLED UNO AUTHORITY OF TMf COCA-COLA COMPANY BY HAYS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Hays, Kansas 161 v ' v ' |y JCTj , , ■ 1 j i ■:$ tt : M 1 f 1 1 ■ A , ' vH 11 from Other Hands A cosmopolitan air was add£d to the Fort Hays State campus this year, as seven students from other countries were on hand on enrollment day. For the first time Fort Hays State also had an exchange teacher from a foreign country. At the left: Posing in this fashion was not Jacques Pages ' idea, but he obliged to satisfy the whim of the college publicist. He is framed in the doorway of the French Merci car, which is on ex- hibit on our campus. Pages is a graduate student in the biology department. He is a native of France, but his home is now in French Morocco. Pictured below are the following: Carlos Evers, Mexico City, Mexico, who will receive his bachelor ' s degree in agriculture from Fort Hays State this spring: Catha- rine Slapp t graduate student in the department of social science, who claims the Netherlands as her homeland: Augusta Martinet, a freshman from Bogota, Columbia, whose major will ' be economics and business administration. Carlos Evers Catharine Slaap Auguste Martinei Below, left, is Alex Suenaga, who made history by being elec- ted cheerleader only a few days after his arrival on the campus in January, I960 A native of Hono- lulu, Hawaii, Alex had served three years in the United States Army before coming to this coun- try for pre-dental training. Below, right, the four students who witnessed first-hand the rav- ages of World War II in Europe, met for the first time in an enroll- ment line at Fort Hays State. Left to right, they are Jaccjues Pages, Catharina Slaap, Ausma Vildins and Zinowiz Melnyk. Miss Edna Pickard, left, a member of the faculty of the Truro County School for ©iris at Cornwall, England, exchanged positions for the year with Mrs. Kathryn Bogart of the Fort Hays State English faculty. Her friendly manner and her cheery, efficient approach to her job in America endeared her to students and fellow faculty members alike. Pictured at far left h Ausma Vildins, a pre-medic freshman. Ausma lived with her family in Latvia until World War II forced them to come to Western Kansas as displaced persons. Pictured left is Philip Lin, a native of China and a Fort Hays Mate alumnus who serves as a visiting instructor in the department of political science At the far left is Zinowiz Melnyk, a dis- placed person from Ulcrania, who was brought to the Fort Hays State campus this fall on a scholarship financed by the UNESCO Council. Zin is a stu- dent in the department of eco- nomics and business administra- tion. Top Left, ft ' s as much fun as it looks Left, A scene from ‘The Great Big Doorstep, 1 ’ which had the audi ence " doing it, too Above, A simple operation, IF you have that scientific mind! GEO, PHILIP SCOTTY PHILIP GEO. PHILIP SON DEALERS IN HARDWARE PAINT BRUSHES, PAINTS and GLASS GUNS and AMMUNITION TOOLS and CUTLERY PHONE 53 EIGHTH and MAIN HAYS, KANSAS 164 THE TIGER GRILL Malts — Sandwiches — Soups “Across from the Campus " 704 Park Hays, Kansas Above, left, Patsy Smith mates the story exciting for her kinder- garteners. Right, Herman Trapp remains ! o y a I to Russell and its whisker campaign. Left, maybe it’s the ex- citement that makes Carol beauti- ful, but how did she escape the contests? Right, are Larrayne Mills and Elaine Horyna laughing at, with, or for the photographers? ALL TYPES OF LAUNDRY SERVICE Dry Cleaning Phone 197 1 26 West 9Lh HARKNESS PHARMACY IN HAYS OVER 40 YEARS The Choicest In Phone 76 DRUGS, CANDIES AND TOILET ARTICLES MAGAZINES ... ICE CREAM Building a Greater City Specializing in Civic Commercial and Industrial Development Your Interest and Cooperation Is Respectively Soficted For Information VISIT — WRITE — or — CALL 715 Main THE HAYS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Hays, Kansas Phone 271 " Wafeh Hays Grow " I6P Gr cumMjed The Friendly Store, Where Cash Buys More! Shop The Easy Way . . Phone 1 50G Montgomery Ward Catalog Office 1 14 WEST 1 1th HAYS, KANSAS Phone 78 115 West 11th Above, Left, The Kappa Sigs have a special dinner. Above, Right, The familiar faces of our favorite cheer- leaders. Left, Shirley does duty as a checkroom gal. Above, Dr, Reed poses beside his display of pictures of psychology grads who have made their mark in the world. 167 CENTRAL KANSAS POWER CO. Leroy Bmgaman and Eugene Ray of the Tiger tennis team. Top right, a biology department group talces to the field. Right, the campus in early September Is a thing of beauty, as are some of the creatures which inhabit it. K CLUB ± w LAMER . Hotels In Kansas In Sallna The Lamer-Clayton Hotel C. W. Lamer R. R. Clark LAMER HOTEL S. W, Lamer In Hays MULROY HOTEL LAMER MOTEL Cliff Wolfson H. 8. Lamer — President THE NEW FOX THEATRE Show Place of the Midwest 169 MODERN EFFICIENT PHONE 400 1302 MAIN JEP ' S SUPER SERVICE STATION 24 -Hour Service Hell Week gives actives a long awaited oppor- tunity Above, rights the Majorettes prove their co- ordination on the stadium railing. Right, it ' s all in the cause of the advancement of science Lef+, Betty See demonstrates her prowess before the stronger sex at the W, A. A carnival Below, what sorority gals won’t do to lyre a bunch of rushees! Trade With Us And Save Money HAYS TONER ' S KANSAS 171 WALBURN’S COLLEGE GROCERY Students, we appreciate your business and the loyal support you are giving to our store. Meet us in our new location, 507 West 7th MR. AND MRS. W. D WALBURN 507 West 7th Owners Phone 404 The surrey with the fringe on top is a newly-ac- quired museum piece. The creatures within are stu- dents all, who obliged by dressing up for the occa- sion,— Sam Teaford, Vesta DeBoer, Joe Hickel, and Betty Schumacher. At the right, Walter Ehly is caught in a scientific experiment which looks like it might be a bit of fun. it ' s to wear, you’ll find it at THE OA K - T0RE Left, Square dancing takes the campus by storm Top left, Richard Diamond enjoys the new beds in Resi- dence Hall. Above, Elaine Williams leads the singing at the German Club Christmas party. Top Left, Student teaching can be as much fun for the teacher as for the young ' uns. Top right, Fat Boylan and Joyce Ryan wait In Polly Park ' s room at Custer Hall. Center, Left, Joan Wescott is so dressed up, she must have some place to go. Above, Jane Snyder practices her directing technique on Hays-High-Schoolers, Left, A post-bedtime gabfest at Wesley Hall { Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Above, left, Gail Scheuerman counts his money eager ly behind the scenes at the Reveille BalL Above, Herschel Betts practices his ready wit on fel low members of a class in the education department. Left, Spring brings the Social Building gang outdoors. 175 THE HAYS MUSIC CO V. M. MECKEL 714 MAIN ST. The Music Headquarters of Western Kansas PHONE 1215 FOR APPRECIATIVE SERVICE THE FORT HAYS PHARMACY SODA FOUNTAIN — DRUGS — MAGAZINES FA8ERGE — ELIZABETH ARDEN — Du BARY Phone 858 217 West 10th Above, The between classes squeeze. Right, Yes, it was a real live cal Right, Custer Hall at midnight! More scenes from Homecoming Below, Rosanna ' s ballef wins praise no prizes ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Standard and Portable Sales and Service Northwestern Typewriter Co. Lamer Hofei Building Phone 1 223 HAYS, KANSAS 178 179 Could these seven Custer Hall lassies be waiting at the other end of the line? Stetson Hats Florsheim Shoes HAVENER’S “M en ' s and Boy s ' Wear” Arrow Shirts Botany Suits ANN ' S FEATURE NATIONALLY KNOWN MERCHANDISE DRESSES Daryf Junior Paulo Brooks Paul Sachs Bloomfield LINGERIE Peter Pan Brassieres Wonder Maid Slips Rhythm Slips HOSIERY Mojud Mulroy Hofei Bldg. SUITS and COATS Swonsdown Sacony-Palm Beach Shagmoor HATS Gage Gabiel GLOVES Downefle HUMBURG HDWE., INC. Everything for the Home General Hardware Electric Gas Appliances BOTTLE GAS now. nth Phone 946 STILL GROWING WITH HAYS AND COMMUNITY Capital and Surplus of $300,000 Total Resources Over $6,000,000 This strengthening of our Capital Structure is, we believe justified by our confi- dence in the business future of Hays and the entire part of Western Kansas. We are now in position to keep growing with Hays and community and serving our customers better and better as we have been doing since 1888 . Member — Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. OF Hays CityiKansas Music hath such charms . Above, left, Leo Reynolds makes it look simple to his pupils. Above, Betty See and Ruth Taylor present a duo- piano recital. Far left, Original band maneuvers are born on the planning board. Director Harold Palmer is assisted by J D. Norcross, Left, Comfort is the word t and girls leave their shabbiest shoes at the organ to wear when it s practice time. KAYS ABC Rexall Drug Co. HAYS MOST MODERN DRUG STORE FOUR REGISTERED PROMPT EFFICIENT PHARMACISTS SERVICE JlcuiA- fyl uzl Mko-p, " Flowers Designed Especially for You " Quality Flowers and Prompt Service Your flower needs receive our conscientious attention, 5 W. 8th St. Phone 1977 189 184 185 JAMES MOTOR CO. GENUINE PARTS Wholesale Retail GUARANTEED SERVICE — REASONABLE PRICES 200 E. 8th Phone 1350 983 Ann CrumJy Dolores Ingram Three active girls take time out from work. Julia Harris lflfi Gagelman Motor Co , Inc. FORD SALES and SERVICE " There ' s a Ford in Your Future ” 528 East 8th HAYS, KANSAS Phone 14 Ask Your Grocer for ENRICHED SEMOLINO FLOUR A Western Kansas Product ' The Hays City Flour Mills Bissing Men ' s Shop CHAMP HATS ESQUIRE SLACKS Mayfield 4 Star Suits and Sport Coats 1011 Main Phone 300 187 Left, Vesta adds glamour to the Antigone cast Lower left, Leaving Wesley Hall for the annual formal Right, Bill Pike appears to have convinced himself Below, Kenneth Simons takes a science class to the college greenhouse. A Few Words To The Students Of Fort Hays State The reading of a daily newspaper is a broad education in itself , The daily paper affords a background of general information which no one can obtain in any other way Few college students need to be told this it goes without saying , but there may be young men and young women attending Fort Hays State who do not know the Hays Daily News has complete cover- age of world-wide national , state and home news on every week- day except Saturday , and on Sunday as well . The Sunday Morning News also has features and a comic section as well , The over -all news coverage provided is that of the Associated Press the world ' s largest news-gathering agency Read the News to be up on all the news that is news NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY Hays Daily News Ellis County News News Commercial Job Printing 188 Bob and Mary Jo are off for the Custer Hafl formal. W°« Sfte iA fated | EYVEIEIi TAKE THE MYSTERY OUT OF your Qfiiasm nd purchase Instead of trying to judge the quality of diamonds by comparing sire and price, wc iu cbI that you come in for a talk. Your Registered Jeweler will he glad to explain why some diamonds have more brilliance and beauty than others and show you how you can choose wisely and well. There s no need to wait until you are ready to buy. You will not he pressed to buy anything. Please feel that you are welcome any time at your Registered Jeweler ' s. His scientific knowledge is at your service THOLfn Mm cot™ In the bottom photo T Mary Alice Fleming and Shirley King test their luck at the Blue Rock Shoot 189 Grades usually create more excitement than In the group in the lower picture Of course, when there ' s a photographer around, nobody looks where he ' s supposed to Center, Two faculty members to each student is not the usual ratio at Fort Hays State, but Keith Ritter should benefit while it lasts. Below left, Mary Jean Thomas and Clovis Em- rlch could pass for twins. Below right, Donna Darby and Donna Sidebottom prepare for a Delta Sig rush party IF YOU WANT THE BEST IN HOME COOKED FOOD GO TO THE LOW PRICES COURTEOUS HELP 109 Weit 10th Mr. and Mrs. John Sohji Phone 525 Proprietors THE JACK JILL SHOP Let Us Clothe Your Children — That’s Our Business Everything for Infants to Pre-teens Boys Wear from 1 to 12 LAMER HOTEL BUILDING PHONE 1462 191 Above, Pat O ' Toole gets a pointer from Jody and Henchel Betts, Center, Even the moose seems slightly amused. Upper right, Reva Meyers, proves she can talce it Right, Andrew Riegel ' s botany class ap- pears engrossed in its ' business. St Anthony’s Hospital SISTER FRANCES CLARE, R. N. Superintendent This Space Reserved and Paid for By The Active Staff 192 THE HAYS CREAMERY and ICE CO. Manufacturers of PIERE CRYSTAL ICE ICE CREAM NOVELTIES KINGS KWALITY ICE CREAM Phone 484 310 East 11th HAYS, KANSAS tl ' lct I will LA BEN F. DREILING, INC. PHONE 192 Buick, Pontiac and G. M. C. Trucks HAYS, KANSAS 193 The Freshmen don their dressiest clothes for an annual tea with the Faculty Women ' s Club as hostesses. HAYS ELLIS PHONE 474 Dealers of PHONE 18 CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE O ' loucjUUn MOTOR SALES MECHANIZED AND BODY REPAIR WORK CARS NEW and USED 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE 194 For Your Mealtime Pleasure Eat At NICK’S CAFE OPEN From 6:00 AM . to 11:30 PM. Full Course Meals or Short Orders Home Made Chill and Pies Meal Tickets at Popular Prices 1006 Main Hays, Kansas POOD THAT PLEASES GRASS BROS. THE BEST IN RELIABLE SERVICE FELTEN TRUCK LINE KANSAS CITY WICHITA SALINA COLBY and Intermediat e Points -t? Intrastate and Interstate Household Goods Phone 169 Hays Phone 4 Hays, Kansas 235 West 10th 195 HURST MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH Sales and Service PHONE 1169 219 EAST EIGHTH Sporting Goods Leather Goods Riding Equipment Hobby Supplies SCHLEGEL’S 118 W. llHi Hays, Kansas Hays Building and Loan Association ★ ★ ★ “Sore and Invest” ★ ★ ★ Hays, Kansas Phone 38 Fine Furniture - - Low Prices KROEHLER SPARTON RADIOS YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS SEALY MENGEL G. E. APPLIANCES Complete Tloor Covering Service " Comparison is the Measure of Value " BUTLER ' S 119 West 10th HAYS, KANSAS Phone 50 196 Summer school students leave for a geography credit tour of eastern United States. School Days — Left to right, Quentin Bogart, Norma Powers Gill, John Carmody, Sidney Barn- hart, Jaclt Finney, 197 Try a Chuckburger at THE CHUCKWAGON “where college students are always welcome” Short Orders and Snacks Phone 572 Hays, Kansas THE HOME FURNITURE COMPANY The Most Beautiful Furniture Store in Western Kansas THE PHILCO STORE 229 West 10th Phone 236 STAR THEATER Always Fine Entertainment for the Entire Family 198 Biff Eastman ' s nature study class visits the college roclc garden MARKWELL’S Typewriters Books Stationery Note Books Fountain Pens Athletic Supplies Art Supplies School Supplies Playing Cards Office Supplies Loose Leaf Ledgers Loose Leaf Ring Books Filing Cabinets Leather Goods MARKWELL’ S BOOK STORE PHONE 96 1010 MAIN 199 FINCH’S LADIES READY TO WEAR Headquarters for Sports and Casual Wear 802 MAIN Phone 264 HAYS, KANSAS RUPP MOTOR CO., Inc. DODGE PLYMOUTH DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS MASSEY HARRIS FARM EQUIPMENT Sales Service 600 MAIN PHONE 833 200 Carol ' s partner blinked bis eyes Johnnie Chambers in a familiar pose at the photographer and had to be cut off. Better Haircuts at the BROWN BARBER SHOP 713 Main Hays, Kansas A Complete Stock of Amateur Photo Supplies Equipment HAYS CITY DRUG STORE ' The Corner Drug Store " HARDMAN LUMBER CO. Building- Materials DuPont Paint Builders Hardware 126 East 11th Phone 437 201 SCHERER’S 1107 Main St. Phone 306 Exclusive Ladies Ready To Wear Featuring Nationally Advertised Lines Such as — NELLY DON — DORIS DODSON and JOAN MILLER Dresses FASHIONS I LT COATS and SUITS BELLE-SHARMEER Hosiery VAN RAALTE Hosiery. — Gloves and Undies Lady Love Slips FORMFIT — LIFE Brassieres and Girdles VASSARETTE Girdles Schwaller Lumber Co., Inc. Serving You Since 1892 Westinghouse Appliances, Building Material Hardware, Paint, Coal and Wallpaper CALL 92 900 MAIN 219 West I Oth MANN’S IGA STORE The Best in Quality Foods 202 Garb for every college occasion was displayed In a fashion show a+ fhe freshman tea. 203 SCHERER ' S SHOE STORE 1109 Main St. Phone 594 Western Kansas Finest Shoe Store Featuring High Grade Shoes for Men — Women and Children Air-Step - Li feat ride — Foot Flairs Roblee and Pedwin for Men Buster Brown for Children X-RAY FITTING AVAILABLE EL CHARRO MOTEL and EL CHARRO CAFE One Mife East on U. S. Highway 40 Phone 77 Phone 1338 Dee Erickson Sporting Goods LANG OIL COMPANY 613 EAST 8TH STREET HAYS, KANSAS Company J6 r! Football Basketball MOBILOIL MOBILGAS Track Tennis Hunting and Fishing “At the Sign of the Flying Red Horse” Equipment Billinger’s Bakery Distributors of “The Store SUNBEAM BREAD Behind the Sports " Pies , Rolls and Cakes 124 West 9th Phone 640 119 W. 11th — Phone 971 HAYS, KANSAS 204 Right — Tommy operates as well off the tract as on. Below — A familiar campus scene— that between-class gathering. COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS SHEAFFER — WATERMAN — ESTERBROOK ZIPPER NOTEBOOKS GREETING CARDS PERSONALIZED STATIONERY SPALDING SPORTING GOODS SMITH-CORONA PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS CAMPUS BOOK STORE BERT E. BERGLAND Your College Store PHONE 30 509 WEST 7TH 205 UPPER RIGHT — A few strays slip- ped into the freshman mixer — Kent Thomas, Jim Sackrider, Jack Hnney, and Walter Hobbs. LOWER RIGHT— More examples of " what to wear when " from the fashion show D ' Nelle Ehrlich, Gayle Combest, Patsy Earl, Quen- tin Bogart BELOW Bill Jellison awards prizes at the freshman mixer DRY GOODS SHOES J. C. Penney Co. Men’s, Boys’, Women’s, Misses’ Clothing 206 The A L. Duckwall Stores Co. UCRWAEllf STORES 7 CO 5 CENTS TO $1.00 STORE Visit Our Modern Fountain and Luncheonette Say it with flowers Authorized Florists Telegraph Delivery Shop 9 5 3L ower 207 This is what happened to a perfectly good Reveille photographer about mid- night of the biggest Homecoming in history. It typifies the confusion of the entire Reveille staff as we approach the end of a long and dizzying task. Our thanks to the hundreds of students and faculty members whose coopera- tion we have needed on so many occasions. Our deep gratitude, too, to the advertisers who have made this book possible, THE REVEILLE STAFF i 208 i

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