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Text from Pages 1 - 170 of the 1949 volume:

■ i •• . •V. xH ►vi -• jw rj iv'm Hi ■ ■ 1 • m m KANSASSTATt CQULI :5wEl B • ■ — • f ii x • Jtl •1 il ..................' — mIji'I. » v : ij % • •:. . '•« ;» !, • • • .•■■■ • . ■, 9 1% i!. ’ i 1 . t in ■■ • '' H yy Atawk? .vyja.,. . . » I I « I 4 • I, I J 1 % I I I I I I' Ifl i ■■ ■ " ,» 1 i Ji • « i n 1 A 'k r ' •» I I ♦ • ', : • » I « il ► I i i »'t ..." »’W i i i 1 , • I I I I !» i i i »i hi i 7 I I I u n.»! V I I t I I « ill ' •! I jillV , I I . I V I • • ''.il HV tl » ' 'I ' ■"liUViMrt" 1 MiJIi'i t I it •. i .».. .• ' s . V,'M1 , i 111 i,l Vi I I I « y ■ -.w . f$|i j ';t- k .,. . . . ’ Vr.:-.';,: '-.v--r-.s .•------- llV W •■ VSl j wgmem r.‘ :. .. ‘;V r v; «. .:. : Vi ' ••■." •; yr»r ; $.V ■ - . WlDR. C. F. WIEST, professor emeritus of philosophy, whose teachings during the past twenty-eight years have been a guiding inspiration toward high ideals among the students of Fort Hays State, we dedicate the 1949 REVEILLE. Although no longer an active member of the faculty, Dr. Wiest s sound advice and counselling are still sought by Fort Hays students who feel a deep respect and admiration for his human understanding. His inspiring words, his love for truth and beauty, and his never-tiring service to his school and community, will always remain as a permanent influence upon the thousands of people who know him. Not only is he a truly great teacher, he is also a truly great friend. —7— mm0: Si ai ‘.V '■.'; .-..•; ,- - V .--: .■. • y-.x vv l'Viy ■ ►.■••: ••v|‘.y'.-•■■■-• •-■ •-. ’•'' ■• '■'.’ ' • •' '________________- . W--hS- .■- , ; ‘v ''- ?■mmm ■y mm ZiXtSli Selected by: MAX MUNN AUTREY EARL MORAN HENRY CLIVE —10— VERNON WALKERMARILYN SLAYTON BERNITA BILLINGS VESTA OeBOER SHIRLEY KING BRECHEISEN Princess —11 — W.' '■’ v " •™-r-T fc'" J$fan., LdD.V oo W PRESIDE. NT m.■ t■■ - •■ 1 U39VNVW ssiNisng 39 31100 JO MV3Q iiiiMISS WILMA M. WOLF Dean of Women MR. HUGH BURNETT Director of Extension Service Assistant Professor of Political Science. —14— DR. W. D. MORELAND Dean of Men Professor of Political Science and Sociology; Head of Department. DR. FRED W. ALBERTSON Chairman of Graduate Division Professor of Botany; Head of Department.AIDING THE administration and faculty in making campus decisions is the Student Council, a popularly elected group which has as its purpose the enforcement of the will of the student body as a whole. This group with three representatives from each class as well as three from the campus at large, is the democratic body which fulfills the student ideal of self-government. The group takes an active interest in keeping a working code of rules and better- ing the life of the student on the campus whenever possible. Led by John Murphy, president, the council took a lead during the year in arranging such activities as the Saturday night varsities and the collection drive for the annual March of Dimes campaign. Other officers for the year were Archie Harman, vice-president; Rosanna Healy, secretary-treasurer. Dr. E. R. McCartney is sponsor for the group. —15—16——02—21 ——11—SCIENCE IE 1 0 —25— 'flrrv S3!y” ,y ♦ . - 4j w — ■ Srrjong students HAROLD GILL Hays tv DORIS ROBINSON Osborne CHARLES SWENSON Gove PAUL ANDREE Otis MARVEL HULL WoodstonBERNITA BILLINGS Penokee n • :'' JOSEPHINE GOODNOUGH Hays ELEANOR RIEGEL Ford DON SLECHTA Ellsworth MARY ALICE GOTTSCHALK Hays GILBERT ELLITHORPE Batavia, III.LELAND BALTHAZOR Polco JAMES BEARDEN Phillipsburg PAUL ANDREE Otis M CLASS OFFICERS GLEYN LOWE .....................Vice-President JAMES THURMAN .......................President BERNITA BILLINGS ..........Secretory-Treasurer FERN E. BREEDEN Quinter ROBERT BUCHHOLZ Wakeeney GLORIA BUCK Sawyer WINTON CROWN Agra CRAIG CULLEY Hays DONALD DAVIS Mankato BETTY DEUTSCHER Ellis DELMAR DEY Osborne JEAN EARL Hoys GILBERT ELLITHORPE Batavia, III. ALVA FARRINGTON Lucas MARY LOU FELLERS Hoys DON FERGUSON Menlo —28—LOIS BELL Selden BERNITA BILLINGS Penokee ALFRED BIRDSELL Beloit FLORENCE BOOTH Greensburg GLADYS BRECHEISEN Offerle ARBARA CANNON CHARLES CLEVELAND LOREN COLE LORENE COLLINS ROBERT COMSTOCK Goylord Wellington Almeno Kansas City, Mo. Selden OHN DICKERSON Meode DONALD DIXON Almeno WILLIAM DODRILL CLEM DREILING Stockton Hoys GILBERT DREILING Victorio Refer to Pages 128 and 129 for Senior Activity Roster. )NALD C. FLEMING LILLIAN FORSYTH Kansas City Medicine Lodge —29— ■■IDEWEY FOSS Lorned RUTH FRESHOUR Hoys ROGER FURGASON Shields HAROLD GILL Hoys JOSEPHINE GOODNOUG Hoys JAMES HOPPER Gem LAURENCE HULL Woodston MARVEL HULL Woodston DALE HUXMAN Ness City KENNETH JOHNSTON Great Bend clial McDonald james mcvey Garden City Hill City CLIFTON PARKER Iron wood, Mich. GEORGE PATTERSON Hoys PHYLLIS PAULEY Woodston —30— JOHN PAULK Russell WARREN PETERSON Falun MAX LOWISH Hoys RALPH LUEVANO Wellington orvil McDaniel Pol COtARY A. GOTTSCHALK MARVIN HARDY ARCHIE HARMAN FRANCIS HARMAN NELSON HARTMAN Hoys Long Island Kinsley Hoys LoCrosse BILL JONES MINNIE KELLUM VINCENT KING GLENNIS LINDSEY GLEYN LOWE Utica Dodge City Barnard Kanopolis Wakeeney VIRGINIA MILLEN Seneca JAMES MOOREFIELD Hoisington MAXINE NELSON Gem PHYLLIS NICHOL Hill City FRED NIMZ Arnold VIRGIL QUINT Victorio BETTY READ Hays —31—ESTHER RICE Hill City ELEANOR RIEGEL Ford DORIS ROBINSON Osborne EDWARD ROGERS Hoys NED ROLFS Genesco PHYLLIS SHEARER Arnold WILLIAM SHOOK Victorio LELAND SIMMONS Bornord DON B. SLECHTA Ellsworth DUANE SLOAN Lebanon ELEANOR STUPPY CHARLES SWENSON JAMES THURMAN VERNON WALKER NORMAN WALTER Barrington, III. Gove Rozel Hoys Norton -32—JOSEPH SEAMAN Bloomington OPAL SEBELIUS Almeno PHILLIP SHANLINE Turon A J. SOMERS FRANKS Bloom WILMET SQUIRE Wichita JEAN STEEPLES Pa I co CARL STEPP Dorronce MARLYN STORM Hoys WAYNE WINGO WILLIAM WOOD Colby Bunkerhill ADOLPH MARES Luray Refer to Pages 128 and 129 for Senior Activity Roster. —35—JOHN BERLAND RUTH ANN BIEHLER Hoys Collyer BILL BOLAN Ploins ROBERT ABERNATHY Goylord WILLIAM BRIN Ploinvillc LAWRENCE ALEXA Hoys ROGER BROWN Smith Center WALTER ANDROES Newton RICHARD 8URNETT Hoys CLYDE DENTON Goodlond FRANCIS FREELAND Wichita RALPH DESCH Hoys GERALDINE GALE Goodlond FRED DEYOE Hoys HERBERT GIEBLER Hoys ROY DUELL Ruleton LAVERN GOETZ Victoria JIM DUNCAN Solino ROBERT GORHAM Turon ELSIE DUNHAM Hoys SAM GORHAM Turon AL8ERTA HEUFTLE MARY LEE JAMES LOYAL JOHNSON RAY L JOHNSON HARRY JOHNSTON JUDITH KAHN Ookley Stockton Belpre Hordtner Zurich Jomoico, N. Y. —54 —JOE ANSTINE Hoys CECIL CALVERT Hoys MEDFORD ATHERTON Hooker, Oklo 8ILL CAMPBELL Beloit NORMAN BALDWIN ALCIDE BALTHAZOR McCrockcn Polco L BALTHAZOR Polco RICHARD BARRETT Beloit REX CURTIS Wellington CHARLES CROSS Lewis JOE DAUBER Bunkerhill DONALD DAWSON Ford ROBERT FAUROT KEITH FITZGERALD IMOLEA EVANS WANDA ELLIS Kingmon BOB HANEY Russell MERRILL DURR Ransom ROBERT GRASS Hoys BOB EICKBUSH Hoys RALPH GUY Hoys CLASS OFFICERS BILL CAMPBELL President WANDA LOWE Secretary-Treasurer MYRON McKINLEY ..................Vice-President —3S— KEPLINGER Herndon EDSEL LEE KING Dombey, Oklo. RICHARD KITCH Ness City HARRIET KLENK Wokeency GAYLE KRAUS Belleville PAUL KRAUSE Scott City MARJORIE LEBSACK NORMA LEWIS Hoys Kinsley WANDA LOWE Wokeency ABE MILLER BONNIE MILLER PAUL MILLER PHILIP MORGAN LEON MORLAN JOHN MURPHY J Wokeency Mocksville Jctmore Atwood Protection Garden City JACK PHIPPS Hoys IRMA SKINNER Neodesho FRED POHLMAN WILFRED ROBERTS PAUL RUGGLES JANE RUTH Notomo Hill City Notomo El Dorado JEAN L. SMITH MILTON SNEDDON NORVIN SNOOK MARILYN SOMERS CHARLES t-Hoys Ransom Ford Bloom Lykenfc MARY BELLE PHIPPS Hoys ROBERT SMITH Hoxie BRUCE TR|BLE HENRY UNRUH GEORGE VEMICH ROBERT WAGNER ORVILLE WAHL CLARENCE WALTERS FELIX V W Kolco ' Cossoday Zeigler, III. Kinsley McCracken Hoys H • -Kt-LOIS WELCH Great Bend NEFF WILDS Collycr NEIL YOUNG Woodston ELAINE WILLIAMS Hoys DORRILL GEORGE Sublette SOPHIA BLEY Rozel AL LOWENTHAL Hoys DOROTHY LUCE Col Iyer REX MARXMILLER Smith Center WAYNE MATHESON Notomo RICHARD McCALL Wokeeney myron McKinley Mullinville WILLIAM ORTH Mt. Hone LELAND PAGE Proirie View DALE PATTERSON Bison CARL PAUSTIAN LaCrosse RUSSELL PENNINGTON Bogue MAX SHEPARD Emerson, lo. HERMAN TRAPP Russell JOE NOVATNY Zurich FORREST SCHUHS Lomont JOHN TOMANEK Collver dale scheib Lyons GEORGE SCHMIDT Beloit ROBERT SCHMIDT LoCrosse WILBER SCHRAEDER Lorncd PY CLINTON TALBERT Ellis WARREN TEASLEY Notomo SHIRLEY THARP Russell GLEN THOMPSON Beeler -37-CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD DILSAVER Vice-President REX McCONNEl...........................President EUGENE BIRD .................Secretory-Treasurer RACHEL ALEXANDER RUTH ANN ANDREE Ulysses Otis ROBERT BLUM Menlo ELEANOR BOGART Hoys JOHN CARMODY GLENN CONNER KIM COOP JOHN CRAIG Hoys McCracken Pawnee Rock Hoys DONALD CRIPPEN St. Francis JOSEPH CROWN Agro CURTIS ERICKSON Jennings PATRICIA EVERTON Kinsley JOHN FARRELL Hill City IDA JO FAUROT Sublette SARAH FLOYD Hays WILLIAM FORNEY La Crosse CAROL GRIMES Alton JACK GRIFFIN Logon HARLAN HOFFMAN ROBERT HOOKER Lyons Winona HELEN HAGGARD Gorham HARLEY HORNER Goodlond ULA JEAN HALL Ogallah CAROL HORNBAKER Stafford ELAINE HAM8URG Ellis JO HUBBARD Wo I do LUETTA HANSON Wokceney GERALD HUBER Wakeeney RUSSELL HANS | Monkoto PATRICIA HYDi Osborne —38—IARLENE AUSTON ROY BARBER Alexonder Hugofon ALYCE BARSTOW VERNON BELL Mocksvillc Studle ROBERT BENOIT HERSCHEt. BETTS Hoys Oberhn EUGENE BIRD Hoys FRANCIS BOCQUIN BARBARA CALDWELL SHIRLEY BRITT 8loomington IDA LEE BRUST Cloflin DONALD BURTON Russell V. BRUNGARDT Wolkcr •WARD BRAZDA Timken Howard PHYLLIS DUFFY Menlo GILBERT DREILING Victorio RUSSELL DUER Alton RICHARD DILSAVER Kensington MNETH DELLETT Hoys G. GOTTSCHALK Hoys ROBERT GIEBLER Hoys HAROLD GIEBLER Hoys ROY GERTSON Larncd UANE FOULK Turon :FORD JACKSON RITA JACOBS NOLA JAMES BILL JELLISON Winono Fairport Stockton Culver NELVA LEE GILES Hopewell BETTY HENNING Bclprc GLADYS GOETZ Victorio JACK HENRY Ploinville -59-LESLIE M. JONES Hill City THEODORE JURY Cloflin C. A, KVASNICKA Wokeeney P. LANCASTER Chicogo, III. TERRY KEELEY Pawnee Rock SHIRLEY KING Ellis WANDA LATAS Rozel GENE McNUTT Hays JOHN MULLENDER Waldo DONALD NIEHAl Edmond ALICE MEYER Almeno MARTHA MORLAN Protection KENNETH MOCK Plainvillc EDWIN MITCHELL Loveland, Colo. ARLENE PETERS Raymond EUGENE RAY Ford GEORGE PETRASE K Jennings NORMA POWERS Bunkerhill CHARLES PYWELL Palco DONALD PITTMAN Woyne HENRY POHLMAN Natoma ALICE RUNDELL M. SCHEUERMAN Alexonder SHIRLEY SCHMIDT Ellinwood L. SCHMIDTBERGER Victoria RAYMOND SCHULTE EVELYN SCHUET Volker Bison WANDA SCHUHS Dresden Almeno RUSSELL ZANt Protection AUGUSTINE ZERR Park FRED STUMP Lgke City JULIA SULLIVAN Liberal BETTY SWICK Lyons JANE SNYDER Almeno CURTIS TARRANT Bucklin GILBERT TRACY Waldo VIRGINIA UBELAK Osborne SHIRLEY GRAFEL ROBERT KING Herndon EllisSACK JACLYN LEWIS BILL MAHONEY ROBERT MALONE ROBERT McCLELLAN J. McCONNAUGHHAY REX McCONNELL VIRGIL McKINZIE Russell Bunkcrhill St. Froncis Zurich Lamed Minneolo Obcrlin AH R. NULTON Hays MARCUS OLIPHANT Offerle JIM PAXSON Penokcc CHARLES PEARSON Garfield EDO HELEN REISING RAYMOND RICKE MARY BETH RIGGS FERN RINGEISEN FRANCIS ROBINSON ELEANOR ROCKWELL MELVIN ROEDER Konsos City Zcndo Sotonto Sharon Springs Osborne Hoys Prairie View L. SHOTTENKIRK RALPH SHRAUNER EUNICE SIM MARILYN SLAYTON JOHN SMITH RUBY SNAVELY JOHN STADELMAN Gorfield Protection Oakley Ulysses Ulysses Sublette Hoys JAMES VINES Attica LEONA WASINGER ROSE WENTWORTH Schoenchen Hoys BETTY WERNER Hays SHIRLEY WILSON Hays ALICE WORLEY Porodise IRENE WYLIE Phillipsburg —41— JAMES AHRENS Grccnsburg WILUS ANSCHUTZ Russell JAMES BABI Wokeeney DELORES BAAIMAN Grinnell Russell BONNIE BISEL DORIS BINDER Hoys PAT BOLANI Proirie View ILENE 80DGI Portis JOHN RAYMOND BERLAND 8AR8ARA BILLINGS Hoys Penokcc DALE 8ENDA Colby Hopewell DORIS CARSO Russell TOM BYERLEY KonsosCity CURTIS CAMP GENE CAMP8ELL CLARK ALICE 8ULLOCK Monter EULAH BULLOCK F. BURMEISTER Monter Hoys Notomo Lokin MARILYN DIE' Wakeeney THAINE CROWN COLLETA CURTIS DONNA LEE DARBY Agro Wellington Hoys VESTA De80ER Proine View MARY DINKEL Victorio LAVERNE DAVIS Hill City C. DEUTSCHER Ellis JUNIOR FLINI Ness City 1 DOROTHY FLEMING ROBERT FLEENOR Kono pol'S Hcoly IRENE ENGEL Hoys JIM FEASTER Cloflin VIRGIL EVANS Gove dale ficken Bison CLOVIS EMRICH Miltonvolc DOROTHE D GORE Sterling NADA GRIFFITH Wokeeney MARY A HALBLEIB OPAL HAMBUK Brownell________________Ell is___ VADA GRIFFITH Wokeeney DON HALL Russell DELORES INGRAM LOWELL HAWKS Goodlond MARY L HARVEY Bush ton MERLE HUS JO EVA HINKHOUSE MARY ALICE HOGAN Polco Kinsley ALMA HU8ER Ellis ■MARY HOOKER Winono StocktonDON CLARK Dighton V.' DOUGHERTY CARLENE DUNCKER M DILLARD Notomo •BERT FOSb Lorncd LEE FOX Rozol FERITA FOWLER :L HAMILTON VERNA HANSON LEINAD HARDMAN DALE JAMES Shields -JNIE IRWIN Gorhom VERNA LOU JACOBS Hoys CHARLES BEHRENS Alger, Mich. MERLE BAWER Powrvee Rock ELLIS BAKER CHARLES BARNES Phillipsburg MARLAN BARSTOW NORMA BASGALL Hoys JEAN BARRY Smith Center DON BAKER Greot Bend Ash lo rid EVELYN BRADSHAW Oakley A 8RANDY8ERRY Hill City FLORINE BRUNDAGE GILBERT BRUN' Brownell Victoria LUCILLE BOYD Phillipsburg MARGARET BRANT Hill City ERMA BOTT McCracken WILMA BRISCOE Solino GEORGE CRAMER Heoly DON CLARK Dighton DUANE CONGER Codcll LEW COSTELLO Scott City GUY CONNER McCrocken MARVINE CONVERSE Lorncd DENZELL EKEY Codcll LORES EASTLACK Ookley ADRIAN EGBERT Hill City D-NELLE EHRLICK Hoys M DILLARD CLASS OFFICERS JOHN BOLAN............................ President DOLORES INGRAM...............Secretory-Treasurer FLOYD KINSINGER...................Vice-President JULIA HARRIS DONALD JONES EllisRu™ JE£UCKA ELAINE JOHNSON VELDA JOHNSON EUGENE KEADY Dighton CLETUS KARL If TOM KEELEY Rock NORMA JOY LEWIS KEST Cotherine Zurich LEWIS LOESCH Roymond h. McClelland jerry Mccor R08ERT LOOMIS Alton Studley CAROL MUNSON ANN MURPHY LuELMA MURRAY MARY MYE Hoys Lo Crosse Scott City Plains ROBERT MICHENER JIMMY MOORE Hoys Otis JAMES MULDER ELVERA MUNSELL Logon Hoys CALLISTUS PFEIFER VERDEL PFISTER MYRON PINKSTON NORMAND PRATT MYRNA PRIOR M. REMMER WANDA REIMELT TED REEVES Pownce Rock Seword Frederick Overload PnrL MARY B SCHARTZ Ellinwood C. SCHLICHER Hoxie JAMES SEACHORD Steele City, Ncbr BETTY SEE Ransom D. SIDEBOTTC Great 8cnd BARBARA SCOTT Lorned C. SELTMANN Alexander LESTER SEUSER Bison JAMES TOMLINS Wellington JOHN TOMLINSON MARION TOMPKINS ALLEN TREXLER MARGARET UNRUH 8 VAN DE W Overload Pork Byers Hill City Cossodoy Proinc View LoQUITA SPEM Ogolloh ETHELMAE WILSON Mocksville LEON WOLFORD Claflin W WILLENBERG Wichito DARLENE WINTERS LoSollc Colo. B L WILKERSON Hoys DWIGHT YORK Heoly R ZIMMERMAN McCrocken.UTIE LOSEY Gove FLOYD KINSINGER Ness City GORDON KIBBEE Rondoll BONNIE KNITIG Rexfo'd M. LAUNCHBAUGH JULIUS LEGLEITER NORBERT LEI Moxic LoCrosse Hoys McCORMlCK BOB McCOY DONNA MACK VIVIAN MARCOTTE Wirvono D. MARHOFER Arnold Elkhort Russell Norko A £ lk R08ERT NOLTE KENNETH ODOM Mocksville ELEANOR ORMSBEE Smith Center BILL PEMBLETON Hill City GAYLE PEMBLETON Hill City DORA J. NICHOL Polco CONNIE PARR Piorccville NEUMEYER Alcxondcr ROY RICHARDS Offcrle LUGENE RITTER Hois ington JO ROTHENBERGER MARVIN RUEHLEN Osborne Lorned ANNIE RICE H.ll City LOIS ROBINSON Hill City PEGGY ROLLINS Lebanon RHOADES JANIS STEVENSON Codell JERRY STARKEY Hovilond NORMA STORM LoCrosse DALE SUTTON Arnold DOROTHY SWICK Lyons NORVIN TARN Gypsum WES SUMPTER Downs RREN SMITH Gove i i! ALFRED WEISNER Ellis ROBERT VINES CHARLES WEBB Kensington LON WELL. JR. Alexander MARY WEIDNER Sublette VIOLA WEIGEL Hoys AtticoHERBERT BARKLEY Hoys CLAUDE BRAY Miltonvole JACK FINCH Jomcstown MILFORD JOHNSTON Zurich NELLIE ADDISON Hoys L. C NEAL OgollohELIZABETH AGNEW Deon Emeritus of Women iciiiii «i ■iisintt ihisiis E. (. ALMQUIST Assistont Instructor in Photogrophy ALICE BEESLEY Professor of Home Economics and Heod of Department KATHERINE BOGART Assistant Prolessor of English D. I BROOKS Assistont Professor of Mathemotics end Physics OR. HAROLD (HOGUIU Professor of Chemistry Heod of Deportment DR RALPH V. COOER Professor of EngWsh ond Heod of Deportment Choirmon of longvoges ond literature KENNETH COOK Instructor in Business Administration MARION COUiSON Assistont Professor of English EUGENE CRAINE Assistont Professor of History EDWIN OAVIS Professor of Induslriol Arts ond Heod of Deportment GAYNELLE DAVIS Associote Professor of Education end Director of Elemenlory Education WILLIAM EASTMAN Instructor in Biology EUGENE ETTER Assistont Professor ol Mothemotics LUCILLE FELTEN Assistont Professor of Music WAITER FLEMING Assistant Professor of Mothemotics ALEX FRANCIS Assislent Professor of Physical Ejection Heed Trock Cooch NAOMI GARNER Assistont Professor of English OIL HARLEY GARRETT Assistont Professor of Educotion JOHN 0. GARWOOD Assistont Professor of Business AdministrationEMMA GOEDEN Asseciote Professor o(longsege MAUDE GORHAM Assistant Professor of Psychology PAUl B. GROSS Atsociote Professor ol Physkol Education 0 . SAMUEL HAMILTON Htod el Philosophy Deportment I ELAND HEIN2E hstruclor in Jojenoliim OR. LEON HEPNER Associate Pielcssor ol Zoology OR. GENEVA HERNOON Instructor in Speech RALPH HUFFMAN Htod (ooch ol Foetbd Assistant Piofrssor ol Physkol Edvcotion HARUN JOHNSON hstruclor in Cheehstry HARRIET KETCHUM Instructor in Speech MABEL LACEY Assistont Professor ol English LAWRENCE LEE Assistant Protester ol Political Science CARL MALM BERG .ssociote Professor ol Mask 11. MARSHALL Assistant Professor ol Methemotics EDWIN MARTIN Instrvctor in Zoology HENRY J. McFARLANO Assistont Professor ol Biology ESTHER HAYES Assistont Instrvctor in Musk MOOESTO JACOMNI Professor ol longuoge ond Heod o Deporlmtnl HELEN MAASER Assistant Professor ol Musk OR ROBERT T. McGRATH Prolessor of (dvcolioa ond Heed of Deportment 19—mm »« iiisiiiii issisnms fllZAKTH AGNEW Deon Emeritus of Women (. (. AlMOUtST AssHl ont Instructor in Photogrophy ALICE BEESLEY Professor of Home Economics end Heed of Deportment KATHERINE BOGART Assistenl Professor of Engtsh OR HAROIO (HOGUIIl Professor of Chemistry Heod of Deportment DR. RALPH V. (ODER Professor of English end Heod of Deportment (heirmon of longuoges ond lileroture KENNETH COOK Instructor in Easiness Administrotion MARION (0UIS0N Assistont Professor of English EDWIN DAVIS Professor of Industrial Arts ond Heod of Deportment GAYNEllE OAVTS Associate Professor of fdueotion ond Oirector of Eltmenlory Education WAITER FLEMING Assistont Professor of Mothemoties AlEX FRANCIS Assistont Professor of Physical Education Heod TroeJc (ooch NAOMI GARNER Assistont Professor of English OR. HARLEY GARRETT Assistont Professor of Education 0. K BROOKS Assistont Professor of Mothemoties end Physics EUGENE (PAINE Assistont Professor of History luauE fetten Assistont Professor of Music JOHN D. GARWOOD Assistont Professor ol Easiness AdministrationEMMA GOLOEN Assotide Professor of lonjuoge MAUDE GORHAM Assistant Professor of Psychology PAUL B. GROSS Associote Professor of Physicol Education OR. SAMUEL HAMILTON Heod of Philosophy Department LELAND HEINZE Instructor in Journalism DR. LEON HEPNER Associolo Proftssor of Zoology OR. GENEVA HERNOON Instructor in Speech RAIPH HUfFMAN Heed Cooch of Football Assislont Professor of Physicol Educolion MABEL LACEY Assistce -t Professor of English LAWRENCE LEE Assislont Professor of Political So race HARLAN JOHNSON HARRIET KETCHUM Instructor « Chemistry Instructor in Speech ESTHER HAYES Assislont Instructor in Musk MOOESTO JACOIINI Professor of longvcgt ond Heod of Oeportment HELEN MAASER Assislont Professor of Music W_ ROBERT T. McGRATH Professor of Educotion end Heod of OeportmentJOEL MOSS Assislonl Professor of Art ILA NEWBECKER Instructor in Hem Economics (MARIES C OMON bstrvctoe in History ALICE MORRISON Assistont Professor of English JESSIE PEAKE Assislonl Professor of Heollh MARIA PERRINS Assislonl Professor of Sociology OR. ROY RANKIN Professor of Chemistry WILBUR RAYBURN Instructor ia Industrie! Arts ANOREW RIEGEL Assistont Professor of lotcny JACK ROOGERS Instructor in Politicei Science JAMES L ROUSE Professor of Agriculture LESTER J. SCHMUTZ Assoocte Professor of Agriculture, form Supervisor JAMES R. START Professor of Speech ond Heod of Deportment ROBERTA STOUT Assislonl Professor of English OR. f. B STREETER librorion Professor of libeoty Science -$0- (AOE SURAN Instructor in Physicol fducotion Heed (occh of Boskefboil VERNA PARISH Assistont Professor of English KATHRYN RJOOLE Instructor in Women's Physicol Educe! ion or. ira scon Assodete Professor of Edrcotion OR. ROBERT M. TAYLOR Professor of Music ond Heod of DeportmentUO THOMAS WIMONT TOALSON Assistant Professor o( Economics Assistant Professor ©I Mathematics ond Business Administrotion GERAID T0.MANEK Instructor in Biology Instructor in History Professor of Art ond Hrcd of Deportment WALTER WALIERSTEDT Instructor in Printing Hcod ol Printing Deportment JAMES R. WEILS Instructor in Agriculture ond Assistont form Supervisor T. W. WELLS Assistont Professor of English OR. RAYMOND WELTY Professor of History ond Heed of Deportment DR- CHARLES WEIST Professor Emeritus of Philosophy WILIAM WIKINS DR HARVEY A. ZINSZER Instructor in Music Professor of Physics end Astronomy Head of Deportment RAMUS EGGER Director of Cofeterio ond Instructor in Home Economics AMIN ASS MARGARET McGIMSCY Assistont l rarkn HELEN MdLRATH Assistant libroricn DR R. 8. MKHEHER College Physidon MSS. ETTA MHLER Housemother—Residence IW1 MRS. CLAOYS STEWART Housemother—Custer Holl INEZ TORRY College Nurse ED URBAN Assistont College Printer MARGARET vonACKEREN Assistont librorion —SI—THETA HOUSE’CiSV.’ ' few IT IS IN THE meetings of the Ponhellenic Council thot problems and difficulties that arise in the sororities are discussed and settled. With the recent affiliation with the National Pan-hellenic Council the Panhellenic group has met and handled new problems. The membership in the council is supplied by two members from each sorority and offices are filled on a rotational basis. Mary Alice Gott-schalk. Theta Sigma Upsilon, was president for the year. Miss Gaynelle Davis with the assistance of Miss Verna Parish and Miss Wilma Wolf served as the Preferential Bidding Committee.IN AN EFFORT to promote close hormony among the four social fraternities on the campus, the Inter-Fraternal council, under the sponsorship of Dr. R. V. Coder and Dr. Harley Garrett, played an important role in the social activities of the school this year. Each Greek fraternity is allowed two members on the council, and this group serves as the governing body for the fraternal life on the campus. Such activities as the rush week smokers are sponsored by the group. In cooperation with the Pan-Hellenic council, the Inter-Fraternal council also took charge of the All-Greek formal in March, and are even now making plans for the Greek conclave to be held this summer. Archie Harman, Phi Sigma Epsilon, was president of the organization. —55—FIRST ROW: Margaret Rhoades, Dorothy Swick, Betty Deutscher, Betty Swick, Mary Beth Riggs, Alyce Barstow. SECOND ROW: Velma Augerot, Shirley King, Shirley Grofel, Dorothy Luce. THIRD ROW: Judith Kahn, Eunice Sim, Shirley Schmidt, Vesta DeBoer. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Carman, Arlene DeBoer, Julia Sullivan, Romona Funk, Ruth Anna Andree, Luonna Lebsack. FIFTH ROW: Irene Wylie, Phyliss Shearer, Vice-President; Ruth Riggs, Secretary; Elaine Hamburg, Treasurer; Mary Alice Gottschalk. EDNA CODER Faculty Sponsor —56—FIRST ROW: Shirley Wilson, Joan Sears, Helen Reising, Pat Underwood, Wilma Horner, Wanda Lowe. SECOND ROW: Lois Welch, Delores Ingram, Wando Riemelt, Doris Binder. THIRD ROW: Ferita Fowler, Donna Lee Darby, Corol Gager, Pat Boland. FOURTH ROW: Normo Storm, Irene Engel, Jean Manning, Mory Lou Fellers, Mory Myers, D'Nelle Ehrlich. FIFTH ROW: Mary Jo Weidner, Phyliss Duffcy, Jeon Steeples, Betty Read, Cloir Kvasniska, Virginia Millen. SIXTH ROW: Patricia Everton, Vice-President; Mary Jane Kitchen, Secretary; Normo Powers, Editor. ACTIVES NOT PICTURED: Mary Alice Brown. PLEDGES NOT PICTURED: Mory Lou Newman. MAURINE BERGLAND Faculty Sponsor —57—FIRST ROW: Alice Worley, Margaret Brant, Gloria Buck, Ruby Snovely, Verna Lou Jacobs, Darlene Winters. SECOND ROW: Gladys Volenta, Marilyn Slayton, Ido Jo Faurot, Shirley Thorp. THIRD ROW: Patsy Earl, Rita Jacobs, Wilma Brisco, Ruth Ann Biehler. FOURTH ROW: Martha Lou Morion, Vice-President; Mory Lee James, Secretary. NAOMI GARNER Faculty Sponsor —58—FIRST ROW: Ido Lee Brust, Delores Lewis, Barbara McCormick, Harriet Klenk, Betty Moe Werner, Kothleen Neumeyer. SECOND ROW: Corlene Dunker, Fern Ringeiscn, Mary Ann Lewis, Donna Cassel. THIRD ROW: Jone Ruth, Shirley Britt, Lu Etta Hansen, LaQuita Speno. FOURTH ROW: Patricia O'Toole, Vice-President; Margaret Brown, Secretory. ACTIVES NOT PICTURED: Morgaret Brown, Rose Mary Kraus, President first semester. ALICE BEESLEY Faculty Sponsor 59—FIRST ROW: Carol Hornbaker, Robert Hooker, Jack Phipps, Max Shepard, Norvin Snook, Gilbert Lietz, Milton Gill, Terry Keeley. SECOND ROW: Robert Blum, Walter Androes, John Berland, Cecil Calvert, Rex Curtis, William Shook, Don Foster, Kenneth Mock. THIRD ROW: Marcus Oliphant, Ralph Shrouner, George Gottschalk, Jr., Norman Pratt, Felix R. Wasinger, Robert Giebler, Thomas Byerly. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Walters, Robert Hawes, Clarence Wolters, Leon Morlan, Raymond Berland, Bob Earnest, Dorrell George. FIFTH ROW: Jomes Hopper, President; Bob Schmidt, Vice-President; Ralph Engel, Secretary; Robert Thompson. Treasurer. ACTIVES NOT PICTURED: Junior Merrill, Quentin Bogart. Robert Berland, Robert Blazer, Rex Beraer, Carl Brecheisen Donold Ferguson, Joseph Gingraux, Frank Ginther, Duane Guv, Robert Janousek, Edmund Moore, Donald Moeckel Robert Riggs, Kenneth S hwertfeger, Olen Smrcko, Ralph Walters. PLEDGES NOT PICTURED: Arden Cronn, Joseph Hickel, David Jensen, Bernard Wasinger, Gregory Wasinger, Harold Augustine. LAWRENCE LEE Faculty Sponsor —60—FIRST ROW: Leon Roberts, Leon Wolford, Joe Hubbard, Virgil Quint, W. W. Schraeder, W. K. Gutherie, Jr., George Dennison,. Rex McConnell. SECOND ROW: Donald Crippen, Virgil McKinzie, Bill Jellison, Clifford Jackson, Robert E. Molone, Jim Thurman, Bill Campbell, Bill Jones. THIRD ROW: Harley Horner, Dick Barrett, Rex Morxmiller, Herschel Betts, Bob Bowman, Roy Borber, Kenneth Dellett. FOURTH ROW: John Carmody, Ralph Luevano, Bob Honey, John Dickerson, Dale Scheib, Goyle Kraus, Bob Faurot. FIFTH ROW: Roger Brown, John Murphy, Paul Andree, Bud Anderson, Don Davis, Chorlcs Stuppy, Archie Harman, Roger Furgason. SIXTH ROW: Leo Meyers, Gail Lupton, Vincent King, President; Gleyn Lowe, Vice-President; Wayne Wingo, Secretary; Frank Gilman, Treasurer; Dole Huxman, Dale Van Lcrberg. ACTIVES NOT PICTURED: John Andree, Al Amburg, Richord 8arnes, William Browning, Bub Corwin, Don Horsh, Nelson Hartman, Don Hertel, Lionel Howell, Tom Hunsicker, Rupert Knowles, Robert Mahoney, Marvin Meade, Sam Moore, Robert Mylnar, Harry Rathbun, Joe Rohleder, John Samuelson, Roland Schlegel, Eldon Thornberg, Dole Younkin, Lynn Wylie. PLEDGES NOT PICTURED: Douglas Boston, Jomes Farley, Jerry Scheer, Clyde Scott, Buddy Tomlins. FRED UNRUH Faculty SponsorFIRST ROW: LoMoyne Johnson, Al Lowenthol, Adolph Mores, Robert Foss, Poul Pfeifer, Bob Christensen, Kenneth Odom. SECOND ROW: Bill Pike, John Tomlinson, Horlond Hoffmon, John McConnaughhoy, Henry Pohlman, John Mullender. THIRD ROW: Norman Boldwin, Tom Hedges, Joe Anstine, Ted Reeves, John Smith, Russell Duer. FOURTH ROW: Carol Dee Grimes, Lowell Howks, Don Slechto, Poul Miller, Fred Pohlman, Marian Borstow, Vernon Walker. FIFTH ROW: Philip Morgan, Chorles Cross, President; Worren Peterson, Vice-President; Loren Cole, Secretary; Curtis Erickson, Treosurer; Robert Smith. WALTER WALLERSTEDT Faculty Sponsor —62—FIRST ROW: Bill Mahoney, John Bolan, Jomes Ahrens, Keith Fitzgerald, John Tomanek, Merrill Durr, Croig Culley. SECOND ROW: Valerion Brungardt, Orville Wahl, Charles Pywell, Leland Balthazor, Alfred Wiesner, Allen Trexler. THIRD ROW: Phil Shanline, Ted Jury, Richard Kitch, Robert McClellan, Robert Abernathey, Jim Duncan. FOURTH ROW: Warren Teasley, Robert Wagner, Melvin Roedcr, Charles Pearson, Richard McCall, Henry Unruh, Vernon Bell. FIFTH ROW: Robert Gorham; Bill Bolan, President; Myron McKinley, Vice-President; Sam Gorham, Treasurer; Russell Pennington, Historian; Duane Foulk, Gilbert DreiJing. ACTIVES NOT PICTURED: J. M. Archer. James Colyer, Dale Cummings, Fred Dcyoe, Charles Forsyth, Dale Hearon, Warren Kraus, Donald Patton, Francis Shell. PLEDGES NOT PICTURED: Kenneth Duncan, Edward Filbert, Herbert Gerstner, Donald Jones, Don Leuszler, Herbert Kuhn, Ted McNutt, James Moore, Grant Smith, L. A. Sowards, Sam Teaford. CHARLES ONION Faculty SponsorTri Sig Formol Delto Formal Theta Rush Tea Theta Formol SAI Formal Alpha Formal TKE FormalMEMBERS OF THE WOMEN'S Leadership Organization are chosen primarily by the faculty women with the help of present members. It is a group of young women of the college who show outstanding leadership abilities, and who have the possibilities of promoting leadership principles on the campus. President of the group this year was Mary Lou Fellers and the faculty sponsor was Mrs. Nita Landrum. —66—THE QUALITY OF leadership is the prerequisite for Seventh Cavalry. Composed of fifteen men who through their outstanding achievements in the varied fields of activity on the campus, the group has os its aim the development of leadership not only in college but in post-college life, the promotion of worthwhile activities, and the advancement of college training. To become a member, a student must have the unanimous approval of the organization. Among the worthwhile activities promoted by the club this year were the publishing of the Delator, college directory, and the conduction of a school in parliamentary procedure for officers of various campus organizations. Harold Gill was presiding officer for the year. —67—DELTA EPSILON, the goal of all science majors, is a national honorary society composed of members of the science faculty and scholastically high ranking seniors whose work is in any one of the great sciences. Believing that each of the sciences has problems relative to those of the others, the purpose of the group is to promote discussions of these problems in an effort to affect a better understanding among the different fields. Officers for the year were: Dr. H. C. Cho-quill, president; Everett Marshall, vice-president; Dr. Harvey Zinszer, secretary-treasurer.This year, under the leadership of Harold Gill, president, the group presented various programs to its members in an effort to further the understanding of the problems connected with the world of physics. Other officers were: Della Jean Furbeck, secretary; Dr. H. C. Choquill, treasurer; Dr. Harvey A. Zinszer is faculty sponsor for the group. SINCE ITS INSTALLMENT on the Fort Hays campus in 1939 the local chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma, national honorary physics fraternity, has come more and more to play an outstanding role in the campus life of our prospective Einsteins. The purpose of the organization is to encourage the study of physics and to recognize high scholastic scholarship in that field. —69—THE FOSTERING of interest and understanding of the problems which become manifest in the field of the social sciences is the over-all aim of Pi Gamma Mu, national social science fraternity. In an effort to meet that objective, the group has during the year sponsored programs which have aided in the development of more open-minded and better informed thinking on the part of the members. To be eligible for membership in Pi Gamma Mu, a student must be a junior and have a high scholastic achievement in the field of social science. New members are selected by the faculty members of the organization, and are initiated each semester at a banquet at which some well-known speaker discusses some current social problem. Officers for 1948-1949 were president, Gilbert Ellithorpe; vice-president, Donald Slechta; and secretary-treasurer. Jack Rodgers. —70—THE FORT HAYS Kansas State College Honor Society was organized in 1937. The purpose of the organization is to emphasize and stimulate the qualities of scholarship, character, and sense of community responsibility which should be the main goals of a college education. Each year the organization chooses members from the top twenty per cent of seniors and graduate students for honorary admission to the society. New members for the year were graduates: Byron Blair, John Launchbaugh, William Reed, Vernald Rowe; undergraduates: Claude Bray, Russell Bray, Nellis Briscoe, Roy Carter, Velma P. Deyoe, Jack Finch, Esther Hayes, Robert Kitchen, Robert Marple, Glenn Neumeyer, Helen G. Shell, Marvin Swanson, Orva Jean Wolf; faculty: Nita Landrum, Dr. Harold Choguill, Dr. H. B. Reed and Dr. Harvey A. Zinszer. Officers for 1948-1949 were Dr. W. D. Moreland, Acting President; and Maude Gorham, secretary-treasurer. —71—KAPPA PI, national art fraternity, is composed of members chosen from the art department whose scholastic achievement has met rigid specifications. It has as its goal the promotion of art interest among college students of all departments, the development of unusual talents and abilities in the field. Each year the various artists sponsor exhibits of original as well as "imported" works and play a leading role in community activities during National Art Week. The local chapter has the distinction of having among its membership the national vice-president of the organization, Drew Dobosh of the art faculty. Miss Mable Vandiver, head of the art department, is the faculty sponsor for the local chapter, and officers for the year were: Martha Lou Morlan, president; Rosanna Healey,secretary-treasurer. —72—THE INCREASING role which foreign affairs is taking in our daily lives make the field of international relations a most, important one. With this in mind, the International Relations Club has sought during the year to promote a program of better understanding of the tremendous difficulties with which the world is confronted today. At the same time, they have made intensive studies of the people and cultures of the various countries of the world in the belief that much of our international political misunderstanding is due partly to a lack of understanding of the people themselves. Through a series of lectures, discussions, and informative programs in which all members participated, a better informed citizenry emerged from the organization at the close of the school year. Fred Deyoe served as president during the year. [ I UL —75— KAPPA PHI is o notional collegiate organization for Methodist preference girls. Its basic aim is to make every Methodist woman in the college world today a leader in the community church tomorrow. Kappa Phi is so organized as to form a closer association among Methodist women students, to make their work more effective and sufficient, to take care of incoming freshmen each year, and to provide in a college woman's way religious training, leadership and a wholesome social life that they may be stronger and more efficient women of the church and the world in future years. Madeline Maxwell served as president for the year. —74—"STUDY TO SHOW thyself approved . . . workmen that needeth not be ashamed . . —7S— With the above thought in mind the members of the Young Men's Club of the First Methodist Church became active members of Delta Sigma Theta, a national religious fraternity for college men of Methodist preference, on January 31, 1948. The purposes of Delta Sigma Theta are to create a closer and more intimate Christian atmosphere, and to organize life around the Master of Life; to develop effective leadership of the clergy and laity in the church; to provide religious training and to encourage a study of the Bible; to acquaint Methodist men with the history, activities, and purposes of the church; to promote wholesome social activities. Officers for the year were: Roy Duell, president; Paul Krause, vice-president and Gordon Maxwell, secretary. Wfcnta ...THE FORT HAYS CHAPTER of the Notionol Newman Club is an organization of Catholic men and women who have os their basic purpose the encouragement of cooperatvie religious activities of Catholic students and the promotion of a wholesome social life among its members. The name of the cluh is derived from John Henry Newman, one of the first to recognize the necessity of high spiritual ideals for college students. The ideals which guided Cardinal Newman were sincerity, truth, intellectual honesty, and courage. To carry on these ideals is the goal of the local organization. James R. Start is the faculty sponsor for the group and officers for the year were: Mary Jane Kitchen, president; Margaret Carman, secretary; Helen Reising, treasurer. —76— 1 - J THE PROMOTION OF BETTER speaking and more logical thinking is the goal which members of the debate squad have sought to attain this past year. In an effort to develop all around ability the group did not confine themselves to debate only, but participated in such related fields as oratory, extempore speaking, and discussions as well as radio work. Members of the squad participated in invitational tournaments at Kearney Teachers College in Nebraska, McPherson College, and the University of Nebraska meet in Lincoln. Besides these, members of the group competed in the Kansas Debating League tournament at Bethany College at Lindsborg and the national Pi Kappa Delta competitions in Peoria, Illinois. Effective participation in intercollegiate competitions enables the forensic students to become eligible for membership in Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic fraternity. This year only two members, Robert Earnest and Joe Anstine, were left on the campus, but after the year's competitions, the membership was considerably increased in the late Spring initiations. Mr. James R. Start is faculty sponsor for the group as well as coach. —77—THE PRE-MEDIC CLUB has as its membership the medical technologists, doctors, dentists, and nurses of tomorrow. Its basic purpose since its organization in 1943 has been to bring together the pre-medical students on the campus in an effort to give them a common basis for discussing the technical problems of the medical profession. With its ideal of humanitarian service, its. program of medical brotherhood, and its encouragement of medical knowledge, it plays an important part in the college life of each pre-medical student. This year's officers included: Jack Phipps, president; Kenneth Dellett, vice-president; Marvel la Remmert, secretary-treasurer. Edwin P. Martin was the faculty sponsor of the group. —78—[ [ 1 J. PRE-ENGINEERING students meet twice each month os the Engineers Club to discuss current problems of interest to the field of engineering. Each member is required to take an active part in the meeting's discussions. Many worthwhile progroms were brought to the club this year in order to give each member a well rounded knowledge and background of the field which he has chosen. Henry Unruh acted as president during the 1948-49 school year. —79—FUN HAS HELD its head forth this year at Residence Hall with sessions ranging from cards and just plain bull to studying. The dormitory has been active in intra-murals and other activities about the campus. Mrs. Etta Miller, housemother, has held the fort as general commanding officer and has endeavored to make the dormitory home and to keep all from majoring in campusology. Cheerleader Gerald Huber has capably led his fellow students as president. —80—[ CARD PARTIES, late hours, and general fooling around plus a little studying has kept Lewis Field Stadium livened up throughout the year. Featured have been barn dances which were viewed with favorable comments by all who attended. Under the leadership of Wesley Scheuer-man the men of the Stadium experienced two semesters of relaxation and cogitation. —81—THE REVEILLE STAFF OF 1949 has attempted to compile in this yearbook a combination of photography and artistic tolent found on the campus. Members who were major participants in the construction were: Editor............RUTH FRESHOUR Associate Editor... ELEANOR STUPPY Business Mgr.RICHARD BURNETT Art Editor...................ROY DUELL Student Editor.MARY LEE JAMES Greek Editor.............SHIRLEY THARP Organization Editors........JEAN MANNING, DONNA LEE DARBY Sports Editor..CHARLES STUPPY Foculty Sponsor: WALTER WALLERSTEDT Others assisting were: Joe Anstine, Dorothy Luce, Judy Kahn, Alpha His-key, Shirley Schmidt. -82-IN SPITE OF rushing around all over the campus gathering news until the very last minute, shortages of copy, failure of key stories to materialize and all the other headaches that go into the publication of o weekly paper, the Leader staff came through with flying colors this year. Leland Heinze, journalism instructor, had the push that seemed to keep all the wheels rolling even when things seemed almost too heavy; and Walter Wallerstedt kept the print shop going at full speed ahead. Co-Editors RICHARD DILSAVER, MARLYN STORM Business Manager...............................WARREN PETERSON Photogropher......................................BILL KITCHEN Society Editors ..................MARILYN WARD, JUDITH KAHN Reporters: Jim Vine, Bob Schmidt, Doris Corson, Loren Schmitber-ger, Jean Barry, Ann Crumly, Calvin Kinzie, Mary Lee James, Shirley Tharp, Norma Powers, Fern Ringeisen, Joe Hickel, Richord McCall..Frank Corman, Bill Forney, William Orth, Richard KesslerLois Robinson, Mory Harvey, Mory Beth Schratz, Wilmo Brisco John Stadelmon, Tom Gotschet, Clyde Denton, Richard Barrett, Dorth Hibbs, Jim Maxwell 85—THE CHOIR, under the direction of Dr. Robert Taylor, supplied pleasant listening for campus audiences during the school year. Besides providing many outstanding programs for the student body, including the "Messiah" during the Christmas holidays, the group took good music to surrounding communities during their tour in late spring. l J —84—1 0 M SETTING THE PACE on the compus in the field of music this year was Sigma Alpha lota, national music fraternity. Under the presidency of Marvel Hull, the girls provided a variety of artistic programs for the student body. Among these were the pledge recital and the piano recital of Eleanor Reigel in the spring. The S.A.I. group was also active in other fields, too. During the foil homecoming festivities they won first place in house decorations and stunts. -87-UNDER THE CAPABLE mothership of Mrs. Bower, the girls who make Wesley Hall their ''home away from home" enjoyed o fine school year. Highlighting the year were parties in the dorm on holidays and other special occasions and then there were those never to be forgotten formals. President of this group of girls was Alma Hueftle and the secretary-treasurer was Clariece Bertram. « —88——89—Headed by Paul Miller, Kappa Sigma Kappa, the group did much toward arousing patriotic fires in the hearts of Fort Hays students by such activities as pep assemblies, bonfires, and general interest campaigns throughout the year. THE PROMOTION OF STUDENT pep and spirit on the Fort Hays campus was the prime concern of the Campus Booster council the past year. The organization, which only a year ago was sanctioned by the Student Council as the governing body for all pep organizations and activities, is a representative body consisting of one member from each of the major organizations on the campus. —90—FOR THE WOMEN on the campus that liked to combine play with work their goal has been W. A. A. Under the guidance of their president, Harriet Keplinger, they sponsored their traditional carnival, which was a big success. Besides their social affairs they carry on an extensive women's intra-mural program. In the spring another annual custom was carried out and this was their high school play day. —91 — ] n by JOHN VALE Mary Lou Fellers and Tom Hunsicker took the principal leads. by CHARLES DICKENS Dr. Robert Taylor portrayed "Scrooge" and was supported by a cast of college students.FORT HAYS THESPIANS found on outlet this yeor in Little Theotre. The organization, under the guidance of Roy Gertson, President, achieved great success during the year through first class productions of three well known plays. "Our Town", presented in November, wos notable for the superb performances of the entire cast. Gayle Combest portrayed the stage manager and Rosanna Healy ond James Pettigrew interpreted the romantic leads. "The Christmas Carol" was given in December just before the Christmas vacations. The Hays Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored the performance and special times were set in order to give Hays grade school students the opportunity to see ond hear this famous tale. Dr. Robert Taylor as Scrooge, headed an exceptionally brilliant cast. Tom Hunsicker and Mary Lou Fellers played the principal roles in the spring production of "The Two Mrs. Carrolls". This exciting suspense drama proved to be a big hit. Superb directing as well os acting wos the key to its success. The dramatic productions were all under the direction of Miss Harriet Ketchum and Dr. Geneva Herndon, who in their first yeor of the college revived the dramatic interest of the campus from the depths of indifference. During February, Fort Hays was granted a chapter in Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatic fraternity. Ten students were able to meet the eligibility requirements and impressive installation ceremonies were held in the Oil Room of the Lamer Hotel. Dr. Herndon and Miss Ketchum ore sponsors of the fraternity. Gayle Combest serves as director. —95—L A WORKABLE KNOWLEDGE and proficiency of the German language and culture is the aim which members of the German Club sought to achieve during the year. Composed of students of the language, the group sponsored programs and parties which gave the students a clearer conception of the peculiarities of the German tongue. Mrs. Emma Golden is faculty sponsor. Donald Fleming served as president and was assisted by Lois Bell who served as secretary. —94—1 J. THE UNDERSTANDING of the culture of our neighbors south of the border, as well os their language, served as the keystone of Spanish Club activities throughout the year. One of the most recently organized groups on the campus, is fast becoming a leader in the promotion of pan-Americanism through the medium of a thorough knowledge of the conversational language of the peoples to our south. Modesto Jacobini, head of the language department, is faculty sponsor for the group and Frank Carmen served as president for the year.MARY JANE KITCHEN WILMET SQUIRE headed the honorory organization for writers. MTHE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB under the sponsorship of Miss Alice Beesley, combined their two monthly meetings into business and activity in their field. Under the presidency of Bernito Billings they brought a successful season to a close by attending the State Home Economics Convention at Wichita. —98—JOHN DICKERSON RAY SKUBAL PAUL ANDREE JOHN MURPHY CHARLIE JOHNSON Tockle Guard Center Guard Tackle REX MARXMILLER Halfbock AL BILLINGER Quarterback rex McConnell Fullback RALPH "Red" HUFFMAN Head Coach PAUL "Busch" GROSS Director of Athletics JACK HAGUE Halfbock DON LEUSZLER End CADE SURAN Assistant Cooch ARCHIE HARMAN Guord CLAUDE BRAY Student Assistant —100—Guard Hague Scores Cotty Rambles Nice Catch! Horry Hogue Scores Agoin The Seniors David ond Goliath Tockle Speed and Deception Al ond Automatic Archie —»0i—DON NICHOL End GLEYN LOWE Halfback BUDDY TOMLINS Fullbock HARRY RATHBUN Tackle DON DAVIS Center GEORGE PFEIFER End The 1948 grid seoson opened with o tilt ot Lewis Field with the Coyotes of Kansas Wesleyan. The Tigers threatened often in the first half but fumbles and penalties prevented them from scoring. The second conto wos a different story, however, and speedy Jack Hague leod the Bengols to o 21-0 victory. Northwestern Oklahoma proved a worthy foe but came out on the short end of o 20-0 count. Glcyn "Digger" Lowe provided some of the fireworks in this froy by bringing the crowd to its feet with a sparkling 69 yard touchdown run. In the first conference game at Winfield egainst Southwestern's Moundbuildcrs, the Tigers were forced to come from behind to win 20-7. Al Billinger's 35-yard touchdown acriol to end, Don Nichol, knotted the count ond Hogue added two more counters, one coming on on 84 yord jaunt. Pittsburg State was next on the agenda and when Jack Hogue flashed 94 yards to paydirt with the opening kickoff it was all the spark needed to send the Tigers off to a 27-7 triumph. The Homecoming tilt brought St. Benedict's Ravens to Lewis Field but o hard charging Tiger line and a host of slick running backs was too much for the Atchison boys and they went down to defeot by a 40-0. score. The powerful Emporio State Hornets proved too tough for the Tigers ond they lost their first gome of the seoson 25-0. Injuries in the Emporia gome were numerous ond when the Tigers deported for Kansas City to meet the Rockhurst Hawks they were without the services of Don Leuszlcr, Bill Campbell, ond Jock Hague. Coach Huffman's gridders tried valiantly but were unable to cope with the Howk poss-ing attack ond they dropped o 20-7 decision, Fort Hays fooled many Sports scribes when they held highly regarded Woshburn U. to a 6-6 tie on Lewis Field. A trip to Los Cruces, N. M. to meet the New Mexico aggies was the season's finale. The Border Conference feom come from behind to trip the Bengals 27-14. Jack Hogue, red headed speedster from Oberlin, not only mode the All-Conference eleven but he also received honorable mention on the Little All-America squad. Lcuszler, Johnson, Skubol, ond Andree made the 2nd All-Conference teom while Nichol, Harmon, Johnston, ond Murphy were given honorable mention. Next season Coach Huffman will be without the services of such fine ployers os Archie Harman, Paul Andree, Glcyn Lowe, Don Dovis, John Dickerson, Dole Huxmon, Vint King, ond Ken Guthrie. VINCE KING Guord COTTY MATAL Halfback HERSHEL BETTS Holfbock BOB FAUROT Quarterback —10?—DONALD KOERNER Tockle FORT HAYS....... 21 FORT HAYS........ 20 •FORT HAYS........ 20 •FORT HAYS........ 27 •FORT HAYS........ 40 •FORT HAYS......... 0 FORT HAYS......... 7 •FORT HAYS......... 6 FORT HAYS........ 14 ’Conference Games. Kansas Wesleyan....... 0 Northwest Oklohomo . . 0 Southwestern .......... 7 Pittsburg Stote........ 7 St. Benedict's......... 0 Emporio Stote......... 25 Rockhurst............. 20 Woshburn U.............. 6 New Mexico A M........ 27 A? - 1 i BILL CAMPBELL Guard MARTIN VANN End ROGER BROWN Center MEL JONES Tockle VAUGHN WELLS Tockle —10 -HARRY VINSON Center RALPH HUFFMAN Assistont Coach GUY CONNER Forward DON NICHOL Forward ■ AL 8ILLINGER Guard CARL PAUSTIAN Guard CADE SURAN Head Coach FRED SIMMONS Forward M GLENN MITCHUM ■ Guard DON MOECKEL Guard GLENN CONNER Forward CLAUDE 8RAY Student Assistant CURT TARRANT Center —1W—Into the Ozone -105- Up Goes Al Time Out Two Points Not Quite The ConnersDON LEUSZLER THE '48-'49 HOOP SEASON sow the Tigers win 16 of 22 gomes and clinch second place in the conference. In the first two games the Suronmen took victories from Western Colorado State. Two tilts with Kearney of Nebraska netted another pair of wins. The Tigers opened the conference season with Rockhurst, a new conference member, and showed the Hawks that it wouldn't be easy picking by spilling them 65-41. The Four State Tournament at the Coliseum found the Tigers downing Central Stote of Missouri but falling before the powerful Regis College of Denver. On their first road trip Hoys failed to get going ond dropped consecutive frays to Woshburn, St. Benedict's, and Wichita U. The locals stopped Konsos Wesleyan at Hays but lost to Southwestern's Moundbuildcrs on the Winfield court. The Bengals came out of their foreign court jinx by topping Rockhurst at Kansas City and Kansas Wesleyan at Solino. When Southwestern met the Tigers on the local maple they touched off a 68-42 Hoys' victory. Even Wichita U. of the mighty Missouri Volley Conference could not stem the tide on the local court. After losing a 66-60 heartbreaker to the Hornets at Emporia, the Tigers pulled one out of the fire at Pittsburg by a 56-55 count. Woshburn U. with its fine center, Tom Carlson, moved into the Coliseum ond the fans were treated to a thriller in which the lead changed hands more thon a dozen times but when the final gun sounded Hoys led 66-58. St. Benedict's Ravens never got a chonce on the Tiger court when the Suronmen connected from every angle to trounce the Atchison crew 90-56. Pittsburg State surprised local fans by motching the Tigers bosket for basket until the finol minutes when Carl Paustianond Harry Vinson dunked deciding field goals. Emporio State with the CIC title already tucked away moved into the locol spotlight and found themselves out-scroppcd and out-shot to the tune of 69-57. The Hornets never held the lead in this battle which resulted in their only conference loss. Don Nichol, Glenn Conner, Harry Vinson, Carl Paustion, ond Al Billinger usually made up the starting five but they were ably backed by "Dutch" Moeckel, Fred Simmons, Glenn Mitchum, Curt Tarrant, ond Guy Conner. The latter two are newcomers os ore Bob Ziegler, Pete Dawson, and Buddy Tomlins. Other members of the team are Arden Cronn, Don Leuszler, ond Fred Pohlman. Cooch Suran loses but one player through groduotion; but senior Harry Vinson's rebounding abilities will be missed by Fort Hays in 1950. ARDEN CRONN FRED POHLMAN —106— JAMES TOMLINSFort Hays............................... 65 Fort Hoys............................... 63 Fort Hoys............................... 87 Fort Hoys............................... 68 ‘Fort Hoys................................ 65 Fort Hoys............................... 55 Fort Hoys............................... 49 ‘Fort Hoys................................ 54 ‘Fort Hoys................................ 53 Fort Hoys............................... 51 Fort Hoys............................... 89 ‘Fort Hoys................................ 44 ‘Fort Hoys ............................... 75 Fort Hoys............................... 72 ‘Fort Hoys................................ 68 Fort Hoys............................... 61 ‘Fort Hoys................................ 60 ‘Fort Hoys................................ 56 ‘Fort Hoys................................ 66 ‘Fort Hays................................ 90 ’Fort Hoys................................ 56 ‘Fort Hoys................................ 69 Conference Games. Western Colo. State.................. 54 Western Colo. Stote.................. 30 Kearney Stote ....................... 73 Kearney Stote ....................... 55 Rockhurst .......................... 41 Centrol Mo. Stote.................... 48 Regis College........................ 54 Washburn U........................... 68 St. Benedict's....................... 71 Wichita U............................ 59 Kansas Wesleyan...................... 46 Southwestern ........................ 52 Rockhurst ........................... 49 Kansas Wesleyan...................... 60 Southwestern ........................ 42 Wichita U............................ 48 Emporia Stote ....................... 66 Pittsburg Stote...................... 55 Washburn U........................... 58 St. Benedict's....................... 56 Pittsburg Stote ..................... 51 Emporia State ....................... 57 —107—CIC Co-Champions ALEX FRANCIS Head Coach LES PELZEL —108— FRED SIMMONSMILE RELAY TEAM Kennedy, Yochum, Nichol, Hertel Triangular Meet at Hays Fort Hays ....................... 119 Kansas Wesleyan................... 36 Sterling ........................... 9 Fort Hays.................... 96 1 2 Kearney ..................... 68 1 2 Fort Hays.................. 106 2 3 Kansas Wcslcyon.............. 24 1 3 CIC Meet at Pittsburg Fort Hays....................... 57 Emporia State .................. 57 Pittsburg ...................... 26 Washburn ....................... 15 Southwestern ................... 10 Emporia Relays Fort Hays..................... 36Vi Emporia State ................. 3134 Wichita U..................... 25’ 2 Ottawa......................... 2214 Pittsburg .................... 131 2 Southwestern ................... 7 Vi Friends U....................... 5 Konsas Wesleyan................ I Vi FOR THE SECOND consecutive year the speedsters of Coach Alex Francis finished the season undefeated. The Tigers opened the 1948 season against Kearney State. This team was the Nebraska State champion of 1947 and would have gone through '48 undefeated but the Black Gold marred their record. Their next test was the Emporia Relays. In a meet of this type, points are alloted for each event the same as in any ordinory Track Meet except that each school enters 4 men in each Field event and these points are awarded on the basis of composite scores. All Track events are 4 man relays. Ft. Hays gained top scoring honors in the 440 yd., 880 yd., ond Mile Relays. The composite score gave the Tigers a victory in the Javelin throw ond a tie with Wichita U. in the Pole Vault. As a result of their fine performance Hays garnered more points than any of the other schools that competed in their class. No further serious opposition was encountered until the Tigers journeyed to Pittsburg for the CIC Meet. Although they were tied by Emporia Stote in this meet the Tigers undoubtedly were the most outstanding group there. Les Pelzel closed his career at Ft. Hays by scorching over 100 yds. of cinders in 9.7 seconds. Not only did this set o new CIC Record but it made Les the only Ft. Hays athlete ever to hold a Central Intercollegiate Record. Don Hertel set a Ft. Hays Record by running the 220 yd. dash in 21.2 seconds. By virtue of their victories in the Conference Meet,Don Hertel, Don Nichol, Les Pelzel, and Fred Simmons made the All-Conference Team. For Hertel this is the second time that he has made that select group. A Mile Relay team made up of Hertel, Nichol, Kennedy, ond Yochum onnexed that event. —109—CARL BRECHEISEN DON MOECKEL EUGENE RAY CHARLES PEARSON NORVIN SNOOK JERRY SCHEER —no— CHARLES CLEVELANDVIRGIL McKINZIE CHARLES CLEVELAND RICH ROEMER INCLEMENT WEATHER kept the action of the Tennis and Golf teams down to a minimum during the '48 season but a few matches were arranged and played. The netmen opened the schedule with Kearney of Nebraska and gained a 2-1 victory. Although they were unable to annex the singles match they did claim two doubles matches. Dutch Moeckel, Eugene Ray, Carl Brecheisen, and Rich Roemer made up the winning combinations. In the next match with Kansas Wesleyan the Tigers were swamped by the rampant Coyotes. Brecheisen and Roemer teamed to salvage the only Hays victory. The Bethany Swedes were just as tough and two doubles triumphs were all the Tigers could gain. In the CIC matches the local courtmen failed to score despite an inspired performance by Charlie Pearson. The following men gained letters in Tennis—Don Moeckel, Eugene Ray, Rich Roemer, Carl Brecheisen, Norvin Snook, and Charles Pearson. The Golfers were unable to win any of their two matches with Kansas Wesleyan but they surprised their followers by grabbing a third place rating in the Conference matches. The Links team was composed of Bob Blazer, Jerry Scheer, Virgil McKinzie, Charles Cleveland, and Joe Beggs. —Ill —TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPS Tau Kappa Epsilon CECIL CALVERT High Point Man '47-'48 Sigma Tau Gamma CONNIE BAMBER Kappa Sigma Kappa DON DAVIS Phi Sigma Epsilon BOB GORHAM and DUANE FOULK Tau Kappa Epsilon LOREN COLE . and ADOLPH MARES Kappa Sigma Kappa VIRGIL McKINZIE and ROGER FURGASON Phi Sigma EpsilonORGANIZATION LEAGUE HANK POHLMAN CHAMPS ROGER BROWN Koppo Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Epsilon Phi Sigma Epsilon AS THE SEPTEMBER enrollment ended, the touch football season got under way ond mony exciting contests took place on the field adjacent to the football stadium. Tau Kappa Epsilon led by slick running Dole Hearon, came through with the cup in their possession. Roger Brown and Don Davis of Phi Sigma Epsilon eliminated all competition in the golf tournament. Hank Pohlman of Kappa Sigma Kappa was the victor in the shuffle board singles while the Phi Sigs annexed the doubles title. The TKE's Bob Gorham won the aerial darts singles and teamed with Duone Foulk to claim the doubles oward. Kappa Sigma Kappa gained more points, when Loren Cole and Adolph Mares took the table tennis doubles and Cornelius Bomber annexed the tennis title. George Vemich picked up some counters for Lewis Field when he won the table tennis singles crown. Two basketball leagues were organized, one for organizations and one for independent teams. Phi Sigma Epsilon's powerful aggregation won the organization title for the third consecutive year and thus restored themselves as a contender for the Intra-murals cup which they have held the last two seasons. The Andies, a slick passing outfit led by Don Hertel, showed its heels to the other members of the independent league. At this writing, the TKE's hold an edge in team points but they will face strong opposition from the Kappa Sigs as well as the Phi Sigs. —113—ATHLETES WHO EARN letters in varsity intercollegiate sports competition make up the membership of the Fort Hays State K-Club. Besides representing the brawn of the campus, the organization is also active in many other fields. The K-Club assists the Tigerettes and the Campus Booster council in promoting programs to advance the school spirit and pep. The club also sponsors the annual Dog-patch party held each spring. The highlight of the school year is the day the K-Club pledges make their appearance on the campus. Dressed in feminine attire, they give caricatures of everything from the modern flapper to the 19th century bloomer girl. Donald "Gabby" Davis served as president of the organization this year. I l J. —114—WITH PEP AND ENERGY the gold sweatered Tigerettes led the students in loyalty and enthusiasm through the seasons of athletics. The Tigerettes were in charge of Homecoming halftime which was mode memorable; later during the basketball season, they presented their annual Varga calendar girls at halftime. Leading these girls this year has been president, Jean Earl; vice-president Wilma Horner; secretary, Eleanor Stuppy; treasurer, Mary Lee James. —115—FORT HAYS' quintet of cheerleoders has proved itself os o peppy and loyal team which has led the student body through victory and defeat. Rosanna Healey, Gerald Huber, Patsy Earl, Bill Forney, and Donna Fay Cassel deserve highest praises for their energetic contribution to the school spirit of the student body. An amendment to the constitution was proposed by the student council and adopted by the student body to change the cheerleaders' uniforms from black and gold to white. This has greatly —116— OB? ■117-Queen MARY J. KITCHEN Prince LELAND PAGE King BILL BOLAN Princess ELAINE WILLIAMS THE! 1948 HOMECOMING found olumni wondering in from for and wide to attend a weekend of festivities. The onnuol Tug-O'-Wor between the sophomores ond freshmen was held Friday afternoon with the sophomores claiming victory. Friday evening was set aside for stunts presented in the Coliseum with Sigma Alpha lota capturing first honors. On the morning of October 25 the house decorations were judged and again Sigma Alpha lota took first place. Preceding the afternoon game, a gala parade of floats and bands crept slowly down Main Street while a strong north wind kept onlookers stamping their feet. Phi Sigma Epsilon's "Toast to Victory" float took first place. To the organization placing in the most events a Super Pep prize was awarded. Phi Sigma Epsilon secured this award with Theto Sigma Upsilon taking second. Members of the championship teams of 1917 and 1921 were special guests at the Homecoming and were given places of honor at the game. Dr. Claire Wilson, a member of both championship teams, presented corsages and boutonnieres to Queen Mary Jane Kitchen, King Bill Bolan and Princess Elaine Williams and Prince Lelond Page. Twenty-five bands led by Fort Hays' morched in review for the Homecoming Royalty during the half. After the Tigers crushed the St. Benedict's Ravens 40 to 0 the Homecoming program was climaxed with a dance at the Coliseum. —118——611—Uncle Sam comes through Dey's dreary days . . . before After . . . Battle of Rathbun bungalowLEWIS FIELD, a veritable city within a city, is called home by young college families numbering nearly four hundred strong. Lost foil the colony elected Paul Andree as their first mayor ond Harold Ellis, Charles Forsyth ond Harold Gill os councilmen. Dr. Moreland ond John Gertsner, caretaker, advised. Lewis Field, democratic in manner symbolizes more than just row after row of apartment houses. It symbolizes future students, the American way of life, young fathers and mothers pursuing the good qualities of leadership, friendship, and loyalty in their school. Fort Hays State. Lewis Field, where education is given a purpose and much of the stuffiness that marks the purely academic, will long be cherished by those who can later relate that they ottended a college where they could live "at home." ' J[ Wet wash Future Fort Hays party-makersWE HEARTILY EXPRESS our thanks to Mr. Paul Bennett, year book manager of the Semco Color Press, for helpful advice and sympathetic understanding. To these following photographers we extend our appreciation, Orlan Carmichael of the Moderne Studio, Bill Kitchen, "Chappy" Gingeraux and Don Burton, who have helped us through our trials and tribulations. Organizations submitting candids are also to be thanked. We gratefully acknowledge Mr. Walter Wallerstedt for always being ready to lend a helping hand. —THE REVEILLE STAFF —122—ABERNATHY, ESTHER, Hill City . . . B.S. in Home Economics; Y.W.C.A.; Home Economics Club; Koppo Phi, sec., treos. ANDREE, PAUL J., Otis . . . B.S. in Physical Education; 'K' Club, pres.; Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges; Phi Sigmo Epsilon. BALTHAZOR, LELAND, Palco . . . A.B.; Newman Club; Engineer's Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon. BAMBER, CORNELIUS, Ness City . . . B.S. in Industrial Arts; International Relations Club; Kappa Sigma Kappa. BEARDEN, JAMES PAUL, Phillipsburg . . . A.B. Degree. BELL, LOIS, Selden . . . A.B.; Y.W.C.A.; German Club, sec.; Pre-Medic, sec.; Alpha Sigma Alpha. BILLINGS, BERNITA, Penokce . . . B.S. in Home Economics; Women's Leadership; Y.W.C.A., sec., treas.; Home Economics Club, pres.; Kappa Phi. BOOTH, FLORENCE, Greensburg . . . B.S. in Education; Delta Kappa Gamma. BRECHEISEN, CARL BERNARD, Parsons . . . B.S. in Physical Education; 'K' Club; Sigma Tau Gamma. BRECHEISEN, GLADYS, Offerle . . . B.S. in Physical Education; Y.W.C.A.; Ponhellenic Council, sec.; Kappa Phi, treos.; W.A.A.; Campus Booster Council; Sigma Sigma Sigma. BREEDEN, FERN, Quinter . . . B.S. in Education; Y.W.C.A.; Home Economics Club; Theta Epsilon. BREJCHA, HAROLD A., Gaylord . . . A.B. in Chemistry; Engineer's Club, v.-pres.; Germon Club; Delta Epsilon; Sigmo Pi Sigma, v.-pres. BUCHOLZ, ROBERT H„ Wakeeney . . . B.S. BUCK, GLORIA, Sawyer . . . B.S. in Art; Leader; Reveille; Tigerettes; Little Theater; Art Activity; Kappa Phi, treos.; Alpha Sigmo Alpho. CANNON, BARBARA, Gaylord . . . A.B.; Y.W.C.A.; International Relations Club, trees.; German Club; Little Theater; Kappa Phi; W.A.A. CARTER, J. LEE, Wellington . . . B.S. in Industrial Arts. CLEVELAND, CHARLES, Wellington . . . B.S. in Physical Education; 'K' Club. COLLINS, LORENE, Kansas City, Missouri . . . B.S. in Education; Y.W.C.A.; Kappa Phi. COMSTOCK, ROBERT G., Selden . . . B.S. in Business Administration; Kappa Sigmo Kappa. CROWN, WINTON L., Agra . . . A.B.; International Relations Club, v.-pres.; German Club, treas.; Pi Gamma Mu, pres. CULLEY, CRAIG H., Hoys . . . A.B.; Engineer's Club, pres.; German Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon. DEUTSCHER, BETTY, Ellis . . . B.S.; Y.W.C.A.; Tigerettes; W.A.A.; Theta Sigma Upsilon, treas. DEY, DELMAR, Hays . . . A.B. in English; Spanish Club; Sigma Tau Gamma. . DIXON, DONALD A., Almena . . . B.S. in Education; 'K' Club; Phi Sigmo Epsilon. DODRILL, WILLIAM, Stockton . . . A.B. in Music; Y.M.C.A.; German Club; Delta Sigma Theta, pres.; Interfraternal Council, sec.; Band; Orchestra; A Cappella Choir; Tau Kappa Epsilon. DREILING, CLEM A., Hays . . . A.B. in Music. DREILING, GILBERT, Victoria . . . B.S. in Physical Education; Newman Club; International Relations Club; German Club; Pre-Medic Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon. DUNCAN, K. J., Holden, Missouri . . . B.S. in Physical Education EARL, PHYLIS JEAN, Hays . . . B.S. in Physical Education; Tigerettes, pres.; Spanish Club; W.A.A., pres., sec.-treas. ELLITHORPE, GILBERT, Batavia, Illinois . . . A.B. in English; Seventh Cavalry; Pi Gamma Mu, pres. FARRINGTON, ALVA LEE, Lucos . . . A.B. in History; Pi Gamma Mu. FELLERS, MARY LOU, Hays . . . A.B. in English; Women's Leadership, pres.; Leader, feature ed.; Ponhellenic Council; Tigerettes; Spanish Club; Little Theater, v.-pres.; Student Council, sec.; A Cappella Choir; Orchestra; Delta Sigma Epsilon, v.-pres. FERGUSON, DONALD L., Menlo . . . B.S. in Industrial Arts; Sigmo Tau Gamma. FLEMING, DONALD, Kansas City . . . -v.B.; German Club, pres. FORSYTH, CHARLES C., Medicine Lodge . . . B.S. in Physical Education; Tau Kappa Epsilon. FORSYTH GARYFALLIA LILLIAN, Medicine Lodge . . . A.B. in English; Spanish Club. FOSS, DEWEY W., Larned . . . B.S. in Business Administration; Band; Orchestra; Phi Mu Alpha. FRESHOUR, RUTH ELLEN, Hays . . . A.B. in English; Reveille, editor. International Relations Club; Spanish Club; Theta Sigma Upsilon, pres. FURGASON, ROGER, Shields . . . B.S. in Agriculture; Y.M.C.A., sec.-treas.; 'K' Club; Phi Sigmo Epsilon. FRANKS, LOLA SOMERS, Bloom . . B.S. in Physical Education; Y.W.C.A.; Little Theater, v.-pres.; W.A.A., v.-pres. GATSCHET, THOMAS, Hays . . . B.M. in Music Education. GILL, JR., HAROLD H., Hays . . . B.S. in Chemistry; Seventh Cavalry, pres., v.-pres.; Delta Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; Sigma Tau Gamma. GILLILAND, JR., CLARENCE W., Hays . . . A.B. in Mathematics; Attended Pittsburg Kansas State College, 3 years; Kappa Mu Epsilon, mathematics fraternity. GOODNOUGH, JOSEPHINE, Hays . . . B.M. in Music Education; Women's Leadership, sec.-treas.; Tigerettes; W.A.A., v.-pres.; Sigma Alpha lota, pres., v.-pres. GOTTSCHALK, MARY ALICE BASGALL, Hays . . . B.S. in Home Economics; Women's Leadership; Newman Club, sec.-treas.; Ponhellenic Council, pres.; Tigerettes, pres.; Home Economics Club; Germon Club; W.A.A.; Student Council; Theta Sigma Upsilon, pres. GREGUIRE, GORDON, Russell . . . A.B. HARDY, MARVIN A., Long Island . . . A.B. in Biological Science; Spanish Club. HARGADINE, STANLEY S., Kinsley . . . B.S. in Physical Education; Y.M.C.A.; 'K' Club. HARMAN, ARCHIE L.............B.S. in Physical Education; 'K' Club; Campus Booster Council; Student Council, v.-pres.; Interfraternal Council, pres.; Intramural Manager; Phi Sigma Epsilon. HARMAN, FRANCIS R., Hoys . . . B.S. in Business Administration; A Cappella Choir; Community Chorus; Phi Mu Alpho. HARTMAN, NELSON LEE, La Crosse . . . B.S. in Mathematics; Leader; Reveille; Y.M.C.A.; 'K' Club; Engineer's Club; Little Theater; Campus Booster Council; Phi Sigmo Epsilon. HIGGINS, HORACE, Hays . . . B.S. in Chemistry. HOPPER, JR., JAMES D., Gem . . . B.S. in Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma, v.-pres, pres. HULL, LAURENCE L., Woodston . . . B.M. in Music Education; Seventh Cavalry; Sigma Tau Gamma; Phi Mu Alpha. HULL, MARVEL, Woodston . . . B.M. in Voice; Women's Leadership, v.-pres.; Sigma Arpha lota, pres. HUNSICKER, THOMAS O., Morland . . . A.B.; Phi Sigma Epsilon. HUXMAN, DALE L., Ness City . . . B.S. in Physical Education; Phi Sigma Epsilon. JANOUSEK, ROBERT J., Ellsworth . . . B.S. in Agriculture; Sigma Tau Gamma. JOHNSTON, KENNETH, Great Bend . . . B.S. in Business Administration; Leader, sports ed.; Y.M.C.A.; Kappa Sigma Kappa, treas. JONES, CLIFFORD, Utica . . . B.S. in Agriculture; Y.M.C.A., v.-pres; v.-pres. of Freshman Class; Phi Sigma Epsilon. —128—KELLUM, MINNIE, Dodge City . . . B.S. in Education; Y.W.C.A. KING, VINCENT, Barnard . . . B.S. in Physical Education; 'K' Club; Phi Sigma Epsilon, pres.; Student Council. LANE, GLEN A., Phillipsburg . . . B.S. in Botany. LINDSEY, GLENNIS, Kanopolis . . . B.S. in Business Administration and Economics; Pi Gamma Mu. LOWE, GLEYN A., Wakeeney . . . B.S. in Physical Education; 'K' Club; Student Council; Phi Sigma Epsilon, v.-pres. LOWISH, MAX M., Hays . . . B.S. in Agriculture; Seventh Cavalry; Delta Epsilon; Kappa Sigma Kappa. LUEVANO, ANDRES R., Santa Ana, California . . . B.S. in Physical Education; Newman Club; 'K' Club; Spanish Club; Phi Sigma Epsilon. MARES, ADOLPH, Luray . . . B.S. in Physical Education; Y.M.C.A.; Kappa Sigma Kappa. McDANIEL, ORVAL L., Palco . . . A.B.; Th.B. Degree from Bresee College, Church of the Nazarene, Bethany, Okla. McDONALD, CLIAL D., Gorden City . . . A.B.; German Club. McVEY, JAMES R., Hill City . . . B.S. in Agriculture; Kappa Sigma Kappa. MERRELL, JUNIOR LAUREN, Newton . . . B.S. in Business Administration. MILLEN, VIRGINIA MAE, Seneca . . . B.S. in Home Economics; Y.W.C.A.; Panhellenic Council; Home Economics Club, treas.; Delta Sigma Epsilon. MOOREFIELD, JAMES, Hoisington . . . B.S. in Agriculture; Delta Epsilon. MUNDERLOH, HERBERT . . . A.B. Degree. NEYER, ISABELLE QUERBACH, Hanston, B.A.; International Relations Club. NEYER, JOHN WILLIAM, Hanston, B.A., International Relations Club. NICHOL, PHYLLIS, Hill City . . . B.S. in Home Economics; Y.W.C.A.; Home Economics Club. NIMZ, FRED G., Arnold . . . A.B. in Biological Science; Y.M.C.A., pres.; Spanish Club; Delta Sigma Theta. PARKER, CLIFTON, Ironwood, Michigan . . . A.B.; International Relations Club; Delta Sigma Theta. PATTERSON, GEORGE M., Hoys . . . B.S. PATTON, DONALD, Densmore . . . B.S. in Education; Tau Kappa Epsilon. PAULEY, PHYLLIS, Woodston . . . B.S. in Home Economics; Y.W.C.A.; Home Economics Club; Kappa Phi; Campus Booster Council. PAULK, JOHN L., Russell . . . B.S.; Delto Epsilon. PAYNE, WALLACE, Scott City . . . B.M. in Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha; Germon Club. PETERSON, WARREN, Falun . . . B.S. in Business Administration; Leader, co-business mgr., business mgr.; Reveille; International Relations Club; Interfroternal Council; Kappa Sigma Koppa, v.-pres. PFEIFER, PAUL E., Hays ... A.B. in Economics; Newman Club; German Club, treas.; Koppa Sigma Kappa. QUINT, VIRGIL J., Victoria . . . B.S. in Economics and Business Administration; Newman Club, pres.; Phi Sigma Epsilon. READ, BETTY LOU, Hays . . .A.B. in Mathematics; German Club; Delta Epsilon; W.A.A.; Delta Sigma Epsilon. RIEGEL, ELEANOR, Ford . . . B.M.E.; Women's Leadership, pres.; Tigerettes; Bond; Orchestro; A Cappello Choir; Woodwind Ensemble; Sigma Alpha lota, sec. RIGGS, RUTH, Hays . . . A.B.; Spanish Club, pres.; Orchestra; Theta Sigma Upsilon, sec. ROBINSON, DORIS M., Osborne . . . A.B. in English; Women's Leadership; Leader; Y.W.C.A.; International Relations Club; Tigerettes; Little Theater, pres.; Campus Booster Council; Scholastic Honorary Society. ROGERS, JR., EDWARD, Hays . . . B.S. in Business Administration; Sigma Tau Gamma. ROLFS, NED O., Genesco . . . B.S. in Physical Education; 'K' Club. ROOK, HELEN FERGUSON, Menlo . . . A.B. in English; Y.W.C.A.; Home Economics Club; Sponish Club, sec.-treas. RUSSELL, C. C., Dodge City . . . B.A. in English; Leader. SAMUELSON, JOHN, Monument . . . B.S. in Physical Education; Student Council; 'K' Club; Homecoming King; pres.. Junior Class; Phi Sigma Epsilon. SEAMAN, J. 0., Bloomington . . . A.B.; German Club. SEBELIUS, OPAL, Almena . . . B.S. in Education; Koppa Phi. SHANLINE, PHILLIP E., Turon . .V B.S. in Mathematics; Engineer's Club, pres.; Campus Booster Council, pres.; Tau Koppa Epsilon. SHEARER, PHYLLIS, Arnold . . . B.S. in Business Administration; Y.W.C.A.; Kappa Phi, pres.; W.A.A.; Theta Sigma Upsilon SHELL, F. J., Medicine Lodge . . . A.B.; German Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon. SHOOK, WILLIAM C., Victoria . . . B.S.; Student Council; Sigma Tau Gamma, v.-pres, pres. SIM, JAMES, Oakley . . . B.S. in Industrial Arts. SIMMONS, LELAND K., Barnard . . . B.S. in Business Administration and Economics. SLECHTA, DON B., Ellsworth . . . A.B. in History and Political Science; Seventh Cavalry, v.-pres.; Leader; Reveille; Y.M.C.A., v.-pres, pres.; International Relations Club, v.-pres., pres.; Quill Club; Student Council; Interfroternal Council, pres.; Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges; Pi Gamma Mu, pres.; Pi Koppa Delta, pres.; Kappa Sigma Kappo. SLOAN, DUANE G., Lebanon . . . B.S. in Science and Mathematics; Y.M.C.A., pres.; International Relations Club; Engineer's Club; Delta Sigma Theta; Compus Booster Council. SQUIRE, WILMET, Wichita . . . A.B.; Y.W.C.A.; Quill Club; Spanish Club, pres., v.-pres.; Kappa Phi. STARKEY, MAXINE NELSON, Gem . . . A.B.; Y.W.C.A., treas.; International Relations Club; Spanish Club; Kappo Phi; W.A.A. STEPP, CARL E., Dorrance . . . B.S. in Industrial Arts; Phi Mu Alpha. STORM, MARLYN, Hoys . . . A.B.; Leader, co-editor; Y.M.C.A.; International Relations Council; Quill Club. STUPPY, ELEANOR, Barrington, Illinois . . . B.S. in Physical Education; Reveille, assistant ed.; Tigerettes, v.-pres., sec.; German Club; W.A.A., pres.; Alpha Sigma Alpha. SWENSON, CHARLES BENJAMIN, Gove . . . A.B.; Germon Club, v.-pres., pres.; Delta Epsilon. THURMAN, JAMES W„ Rozel . . . B.S. in Physical Education; Student Council; Phi Sigma Epsilon. UNRUH, MARY E., Hays . . . A.B. Degree. VAN SCYOC, NOLA, Osborne . . . B.S. in Business Administration; Alpha Sigma Alpha. VINSON, DOROTHY TUTTLE, Osborne . . . B.S. in Business Administration; Y.W.C.A., pres.; Student Council; Women's Leadership; Tigerettes; sec.-treas.. Junior Class; Delta Sigmo Epsilon, pres. VINSON, HARRY W., Garfield . . . B.S. in Physical Education and Industrial Arts; 'K' Club; Sigma Tau Gamma. WALKER, VERNON E., Hays . . . A.B. in Chemistry; German Club; Pre-Medic Club; Student Council; Kappo Sigma Kappa. WALTER, NORMAN D., Norton . . . B.S. in Business Administration. WINGO, WAYNE C., Colby . . . B.S. in Physical Education; Seventh Cavalry, sec.-treas.; Y.M.C.A.; 'K' Club; Student Council; pres.. Freshman Class; Phi Sigma Epsilon, sec. WOOD, WILLIAM BOOTH, Bunkerhill . . . A.B. in General Science. WRIGHT, J. V., Medicine Lodge . . . B.S. in Zoology; Y.M.C.A. —129—THIS PAGE IS dedicated to the business men of Hays who have contributed their time and effort, as well as advertising, toward making this book possible. Students of Fort Hays State, long after they have been filed away in the alumni office as has-beens, will never forget the wholehearted support which they and their school have received from the merchants and professional people of Hays toward making this a better college and community. The 1949 REVEILLE staff expresses a big Thank You. —130—JAMES MOTOR CO. LINCOLN MERCURY GENUINE PARTS Wholesale Retail Complete Quality Service 200 E. 8th Phone 1350 983 LAMER HOTELS in KANSAS HAYS SALINA ABILENE JUNCTION CITY Lamer Lamer Lamer Bartell Mulroy Clayton Crossroads H. B. LAMER A. W. STEDHAMGagelman Motor Co,, Inc. FORD SALES and SERVICE "Theres a Ford in Your Future" 528 East 8th Phone 14 HAYS, KANSAS WALBURN’S COLLEGE GROCERY Students, we appreciate your business and the loyal support you are giving to our store. MR. AND MRS. W. D. WALBURN 507 West 8th Owners Phone 404 —132—BELL’S LADIES READY TO WEAR AND MILLINERY New Location 802 MAIN Phone 264 HAYS, KANSAS Schwaller Lumber Co., Inc. Serving You Since 1892 Westinghousf. Appliances, Building Material Hardware, Paint, Coal and Wallpaper CALL 92 900 MAIN BEN F. DREILING, INC. PHONE 192 Buick, Pontiac and G. M. C. Trucks HAYS, KANSAS « —135—Sporting Goods Leather Goods A Complete Stock Riding Equipment of Amateur Photo Hobby Supplies Supplies Equipment SCHLEGEL’S HAYS CITY DRUG STORE "The Corner Drug Store" 118 W. 11th Hoy , Kansas HUMBURG CO., Inc. HARDWARE APPLIANCES Butane GAS Propane . Bulk Delivery of Cylinders 110 W. 11th PHONE 946 THE NEW “FOX FORT HAYS” THEATRE To Be Constructed Soon —134—MANNS IGA STORE The best in quality foods Shop The Easy Way . . Phone 1500 Montgomery Ward Catalog Office 114 WEST 11th HAYS, KANSAS 219 W. 10 Phone 1274 HARDMAN LUMBER CO, Building Materials DuPont Paint Builders Hardware 126 East 11th Phone 437 EBSTEEe UtLtHS "The Silver Center of Western Kansas” PHONE 1287 LAMER HOTEL BLDG. Ask Your Grocer for ENPJCHED SEMOLINO FLOUR "A Western Kansas Product” The Hays City Flour Mills —135—SCHERER’S 1107 Main St. Phone 306 Exclusive Ladies Ready To Wear Featuring Nationally Advertised Lines Such as— NELLY DON — DORIS DODSON and JOAN MILLER Dresses FASHIONBILT COATS and SUITS BELLE-SHARMEER Hosiery VAN RAALTE Hosiery — Gloves and Undies MISS SWANK and LADY LOVE Slips FORMFIT — LIFE Brassiers and Girdles VASSARETTE Girdles THE HAYS MUSIC CO. V. M. MECKEL The Music Headquarters of Western Kansas 714 MAIN ST. PHONE 1215 ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Standard and Portable Sales and Service Northwestern Typewriter Co. Lamer Hotel Building Phone 1223 HAYS, KANSAS —136—SCHERER’S SHOE STORE 1109 Main St. Phone 594 Western Kansas Finest Shoe Store Featuring High Grade Shoes for Men — Women and Children Air-Step - Forest Park - Connie for Women Roblee and Pedwin for Men Buster Brown for Children X-RAY FITTING AVAILABLE FOR APPRECIATIVE SERVICE THE FORT HAYS PHARMACY SODA FOUNTAIN — DRUGS — MAGAZINES PHONE 858 1011 MAIN —137—DEVELOPMENT OF THE "SAVING" HABIT WILL INCREASE YOUR CHANCES FOR SECURITY, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS. Invest in a Savings Account at the Farmers State Bank Capital and Surplus $200,000 MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. 5 CENTS TO $1.00 STORE Visit Our Modern Fountain and Luncheonette 138—DRY GOODS SHOES J. C. Penney Co. Men’s, Boys’, Women’s, Misses’ Clothing THE HAYS CREAMERY and ICE CO. Manufacturers of PIERE CRYSTAL ICE ICE CREAM NOVELTIES KINGS KWALITY ICE CREAM Phone 484 310 East 11th HAYS, KANSAS —139—MARKWELL’S Typewriters Books Stationery Note Books Fountain Pens Athletic Supplies Art Supplies School Supplies Playing Cards Office Supplies Loose Leaf Ledgers Loose Leaf Ring Books Filing Cabinets Leather Goods MARKWELL’ S BOOK STORE PHONE 96 1010 MAIN The Brunswick Hotel For Your Convenience MODERN HOTEL AND CAFE FACILITIES For Reservation—Call 450 701 Main Walter Ross Proprietor —140—May Havemann, Pres. W. C. Wann, Vice-Prcs. H. Havemann, Sccy.-Trcas. Serving the Public Since 1876 With Quality Building Materials and Coal THE TREAT-SHAFFER LUMBER CO. H. HAVEMANN, Mgr. Headquarters For Pratt and Lambert Paints 208 W. 9th Phone 74 Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. —141 —COMMERCIALA Salute TO Fort Hays State College BY HAYS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE STAR THEATER Always Fine Entertainment for the Entire Family THE HOME FURNITURE COMPANY The Most Beautiful Furniture Store in Western Kansas THE PHILCO STORE 229 West 10th Phone 236 —144—Gambles The Friendly Store, Where Cash Buys More! Phone 78 115 West 11th Better Haircuts at the BROWN BARBER SHOP 713 Main Hays, Kansas FOSTER’S STUDIO FOSTER B. HUFF —Photographer Photographs That Live" Fine Furniture -- Low Prices KROEHLER SCALY SPARTON RADIOS MENGEL YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS G. E. APPLIANCES Complete Tloor Covering Service "Comparison is the Measure of Value” BUTLER’S 119 West 10th HAYS, KANSAS Phone 50 —145—The Hays Daily News "Northwest Kansas’ Largest Daily Newspaper" LOCAL — NATIONAL and WORLD-WIDE NEWS PHONE 67 CENTRAL KANSAS POWER CO. —146—Rhoades Dairy High Grade Dairy Products For Over 18 Years Continuous Delivery Service 311 EAST 11th PHONE 990 COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS SHEAFFER — WATERMAN — ESTERBROOK ZIPPER NOTEBOOKS GREETING CARDS PERSONALIZED STATIONERY SPALDING SPORTING GOODS CAMPUS BOOK STORE BERT E. BERGLAND Your College Store PHONE 30 509 WEST 7TH —147—For Your Mealtime Pleasure Fat At NICK’S CAFE OPEN NIGHT AND DAY Full Course Meals or Short Orders Home Made Chili and Pies At Popular Prices 1006 Main Hays, Kansas FOOD THAT PLEASES GRASS BROS, THE BEST IN RELIABLE SERVICE FELTEN TRUCK LINE Daily Service KANSAS CITY WICHITA SALINA COLBY and Intermediate Points Household Goods Intrastate and Interstate Phone 169 Hays Phone 4 Hays, Kansas 235 West 10th —148—Hays Building and Loan Association ★ ★ ★ “Save and Invest'' ★ ★ ★ Hays, Kansas Phone 38 DREES' FUR STORAGE hatters Phone 944 PASTEURIZED GRADE A MILK 312 East 9th HAYS, KANSAS CHOCOLATE MILK BUTTERMILK CREAM Phone 406 St Anthony’s Hospital SISTER FRANCES CLARE, R. N. Superintendent This Space Reserved and Paid for By The Active Staff —149—EKEY STUDIO PORTRAITS — ENLARGING COMMERCIAL PHOTO — KODAK FINISHING — PICTURE FRAMING — The Oldest Studio in Ellis County FINEST OF PHOTOGRAPHS 218 West 8th Hays, Kansas ALWAYS REMEMBER: “If You Take Care of the YANKEE DOLLAR —The YANKEE DOLLAR Will Take Care of You” 327 EAST 8TH EL CHARRO MOTEL and EL CHARRO CAFE One Mile East on U. S. Highway 40 Phone 77 Phone 1338 —150—THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ESTABLISHED 1888 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Oldest Bank in Ellis County, Kansas CONDENSED STATEMENT OF CONDITION December 31, 1948 RESOURCES LOANS AND DISCOUNTS.....................................................$1,525,538.31 OVERDRAFTS ................................................................. 2,329.01 FEDERAL RESERVE BANK STOCK.................................................. 6,750.00 BANKING HOUSE $12,000; FURNITURE AND FIXTURES $11,097.54 .................. 23,097.54 OTHER ASSETS ................................................................. 305.36 CASH AND SIGHT EXCHANGE................................$ 909,124.33 GOVERNMENT BONDS .......................................... 1,915,893.23 MUNICIPAL BONDS ............................................. 792,072.49 OTHER BONDS ................................................. 436,300.00 4,053,390.05 LIABILITIES CAPITAL ....................................... SURPLUS ....................................... UNDIVIDED PROFITS ............................. DEMAND DEPOSITS ............................... TIME DEPOSITS ................................. $5,61 1,410.27 $ 50,000.00 200,000.00 35,082.02 5,148,647.13 177,681.12 OFFICERS R. S. MARKWELL - - - Chairman of the Board R. A. MERMIS............................President P. F. FELTEN.......................Vice-President CARL W. KRAUS......................Vice-President A. H. DREILING............................Cashier ZITA PALEN ----- Assistant Cashier JOHN ATKINS - - - - Assistant Cashier E. A. ZWENGER - - - - Assistant Cashier $5,611,410.27 DIRECTORS P. F. FELTEN ... - Fcltcn Truck Lines FIDELIS ENGEL.............................Farmer CARL W. KRAUS.............................Farmer ROBERT S. MARKWELL - - Morkwell's Book Store NORMAN W. JETER.........................Attorney MURRAY C. EDDY - - - - Physician Surgeon HENRY SCHWALLER - - Pres. Schwaller Lumber Co. R. A. MERMIS...........................President A. H. DREILING.......................Cashier Students Find the Best Clothing at —ibi—RUPP MOTOR CO., Inc. DODGE PLYMOUTH DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS MASSEY HARRIS FARM EQUIPMENT Sales Service 6 0 0 MAIN PHONE 833 HURST MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH Sales and Service PHONE 1169 219 EAST EIGHTH HAYS KANSAS —152—Baxter’s Flower Shop “Say It With Flowers" Member of Florists Telegraph Delivery Ass’n BRUNSWICK HOTEL 705 Main Phone 130 Dealers of CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE O'JloMXjltliti MOTOR SALES MECHANIZED AND BODY REPAIR WORK CARS NEW and USED PHONE 474 120 WEST I2TH —155—GEO. PHILIP SCOTTY PHILIP GEO. PHILIP SON DEALERS IN HARDWARE PAINT BRUSHES, PAINTS and GLASS GUNS and AMMUNITION TOOLS and CUTLERY PHONE 53 EIGHTH and MAIN HAYS, KANSAS m orridon Phone 152 107 West 10SUPERB DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDRY KESSLER’S Pickup and Delivery Phone 197 126 West 9th BILLINGER’S BAKERY Home Of KREAM KRUST BREAD PIES, ROLLS and CAKES 124 WEST 9th PHONE 640 HARKNESS PHARMACY IN HAYS OVER 40 YEARS The Choicest In DRUGS, CANDIES AND TOILET ARTICLES MAGAZINES ... ICE CREAM Phone 76 715 Main Dee Erickson Sporting Goods Company JgjQsii Ask your Football Basketball JEWELER Track z put reJ ed Tennis Before you buy any gem stone get the Hunting and Fishing benefit of what your Registered Jcweler can tell you. He has made a special study of gem stones and can Kelp you a lot in choosing. Equipment To he a Registered Jeweler means that he has passed examinations hy the American Gem Society and is qualified hy study, experience and high business principles to serve you. When you huy gems, jewelry or silver, look “The Store for your Registered Jeweler. Behind the Sports’ Tholen Jewelry Company 804 Main St. — Phone 385 — Hays, Kansas © 1948 A.G.S. 119 W. 11th — Phone 971 —156—Bissing Clothes Sporting Goods Adam Hats Esquire Slacks Don Juan Sports Shirts 217 WEST 10th PHONE 300 TRUMBO FLORAL SHOP “House of Flowers’ IF YOU WANT THE BEST IN HOME COOKED FOOD GO TO THE THE ELITE CAFE LOW PRICES COURTEOUS HELP 109 Weit 10th Mr. and Mrs. John Sahli Phone 525 Proprietors —157—COSMETICS - - - HOSPITAL SUPPLIES - - - STATIONERY The ABC Drug Company Your Friendly Rexall Store PRESCRIPTIONS • HALLMARK GREETING CARDS • DRUG SUNDRIES PHONE 80 HAYS, KANSAS THE JACK JILL SHOP “Let Us Clothe Your Children — That's Our Business” Everything for Infants to 12 Years Old LAMER HOTEL BUILDING PHONE 1462 —158—ANN'S FEATURE NATIONALLY KNOWN MERCHANDISE DRESSES Daryl Junior Paula Brooks Paul Sachs LaVine LINGERIES SUITS and COATS Swonsdown Sacony-Palm Beach Shagmoor HATS Peter Pan Wonder Youth Textron HOSE Mojud ☆ Mulroy Hotel Bldg. Gage Avalon GLOVES Aris JEP'S SUPER SERVICE STATION 24-Hour Service MODERN EFFICIENT PHONE 400 1302 MAIN —159—• yuvc YEARBOOK Lithographed by... SEMCO COLOR PRESS FINE COLLEGE AND HIGHSCHOOL ANNUALS B. L. SEMTNER President 129 N. W. 3rd ST. OKLAHOMA CITY mssm jS 5S ; £ . j ';'’ 'r"'' • -' -x ' s. ..t • _ w Viyv ,’wv», gfe'efe 5 ? £ H :i Jfeijn 1 Si tess 5ot?vi ssilM RtWM 2 «:• Hi S5t 2

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