Fort Hays State University - Reveille Yearbook (Hays, KS)

 - Class of 1947

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REVEILLE Wake: the silver dusk returning Up the beach of darkness brims, And the ship of sunrise burning Strands upon the eastern rims Up, lad, up, ' tis late for lying; Hear the drums of morning play; Hark, the empty highways crying " Who’ll beyond the hills away?” Up, lad: thews that lie and cumber Sunlit pallets never thrive; Morns abed and daylight slumber Were not meant for man alive Glenn Neumeyer Editor Rtchard Hoard Business Manager Clay lies still, but blood s a rover; Breath ' s a ware that will not keep. Up, lad: when the journey ' s over There ' ll be time enough to sleep. A E Houseman Strong hands holding the globe, symbolize well the role education must play in the future world if it is to be one free of war and greed, establishing and maintaining on a world wide basis the high standards of living made possible by modern inventions. Each college student, if such a world is possible, must discover in his daily activities and his associations with his colleagues and teachers, the hidden potentialities that may prove beneficial toward achieving this end. This presents a challenge to the institutions of higher learning that forms the nucleus of world solidarity and understanding. This is the yearly story of a college that helps form this network, a story of the students who must help to make this better world of tomorrow. Dedication To the ambassador of Fort Hays State College, Hugh Burnett, this book is gratefully dedicated. His ready wit and friendliness has won many friends for Fort Hays all over the state. His understanding nature has made him one of the most popular faculty members on the campus. A gentleman, a scholar, and a friend, he has won the respect of students and faculty alike. 4 Kind Marion Boss Left to right: E. R. McCARTNEY, Dean and Professor of Economics; STANDLEE V. DALTON, Registrar and Assistant Professor of Botany; MISS RUBY COX, Advisor to Women; WILLIAM D. MORELAND, Advisor to Men and Professor of Political Science and Sociology; WALTER E. KEATING, Bursar. 8 Elizabeth Agnew, Dean Emeritus of Women ' F. W. Albertson, Professor o f Botany and Head of Department; Elizabeth Barbour Assistant Professor of Physical Education; Alice Beesley, Professor of Home Economics and Head of Department; C. P. Blackmore Instructor in Sociology; Earl Bondurant Instructor in Journalism. C. H. Brooks, Assistant Professor Emeritus of Languages; Doyle K. Brooks, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics; R. U, Brooks, Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts, Superintendent of Buildings; Hugh Burnett, Director of Extension Service; H. S. Choguill, Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Edna Coder, Assistant Professor of English. E, F. Cellyer, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics; Marion F, Coulson, Assistant Professor of English; Edwin Davis, Professor of Industrial Arts, and Head of Department; Drew Dobosh, Assistant Professor of Art; Lucille Feken, Assistant Professor of Music; Alex Francis, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Harley Garrett, Assistant Professor of Education; Emma Golden, Assistant Professor of Languages; Maude I, Gorham, Assistant Professor of Psychology; Paul Gross, Professor of Physical Education and Head of Department; Ralph Huffman, Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts and Physical Education; Kenneth Kitchen, Assistant Professor of Music. Mary McCormick, Instructor in Home Economics; Margaret McGimsey, Assistant Librarian; Robert T, McGrath, Professor of Education and Head of Department; Carl Malmberg, Associate Professor of Music; Everett Marshall Assistant Professor of Matha- matics; Dorothy Morrison, Assistant Professor of English. 9 Mae Paul, Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Rural Education; Jessie Pearce, Assistant Professor of Health; Maria Perkins, Assistant Professor of Sociology; Alvin Proctor, Assistant Professor of History; Roy Rankin, Professor of Chemistry and Head of Department; H. B, Reed, Professor of Psychology and Head of Department. Andrew Riegel, Assistant Professor of Botany; George M, Robertson, Professor of Biology and Head of Department; James Rouse, Professor of Agriculture and Head of Department; Lester Schmutz, Assistant Professor of Agriculture, Farm Superin tend ant; Dorothy Spencer, Assistant Librarian; James Start, Professor of Speech and Head of Department. George Sternberg, Curator of Museum; F. B. Streeter, Professor of Library Science, Librarian; Robert Taylor, Professor of Music and Head of Department; Leonard Thompson, Professor of Economics and Business Administration and Head of Department; WiJmont Toalson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Inez Toi rey, College Nurse; Harry Truman, Assistant Professor of Biology. Mabel Vandiver, Professor of Art and Head of Department; Walter Wallerstedt, Instructor in Printing; T. W, Wells, Assistant Professor of English; R. L. Welty, Professor of History and Head of Department; C. F. Wiest, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy; Harry Zinszer, Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Head of Department; Joel Moss, Assistant Professor of Art, (Gradute Students)—Ernest Hoopes, Lucas; Horace Jacobini, Hays; Floyd Read, Norton; Irma Read, Norton; Jack Rodgers, Ulysses, Ethel Simpson, Hays, 10 11 12 Seniors CAROL BARRY..Ransom Y W, C, A—T reasurer Quill Club Second Generation Club Custer Hall Vice President Kappa Phi—Secretary International Relations Club LAWRENCE BECHTOLD . . .Gaylord Phi Sigma Epsilon—President Little Theater Northwest Missouri State Teachers ' College Columbia University, N. Y. (4) LEIGH BELL. . .... .. . .Norton BYRON BLAIR___Geneseo Y.M.GA. German Club Tau Kappa Epsilon—President Student Council International Relations Club MARY LOU BLAKELY. .... .Ogallah Spanish Club Kappa Phi—Recording Secretary Y.WX.A. Who’s Who in American Colleges Pi Gamma Mu International Relations Club-— Secreta ry MARION BOSS .. .Morland Y.M.C.A. Tau Kappa Epsilon TUNE BRECKENR1DGE.. . Woodston YAV.C.A. Home Economics Club—President WILLIAM CAPE .Eskridge Pi Gamma Mu—President Pep Club Little Theater Who’s Who in American Colleges MERCEDA CAPE ..Eskridge Y.W.GA. International Relations Club RAYMOND CUSTER .Wakeeney Sigma Tau Gamma DOROTHY DENNISON. . .Wakeeney Y.W.GA. Chorus Kappa Phi Delta Sigma Epsilon—President International Relations Club Student Council Women ' s Leadership Pi Omega Pi—President Junior Class—President Who ' s Who in American Colleges RUSSELL DICKENSON. ..Roll Y.M.C.A. Chorus A Capella Choir Band Student Council Choral Union Phi Mu Alpha“President 14 BETTY FERGUSON.Menlo Duck Club Kappa Phi Y.W.CA.—Secretary Pi Omega Pi Second Generation Club ROBERT FINCH ... . .Lebanon Y.M.GA. International Relations Club IRWIN FRANZEN..Topeka Y.M.CA Tau Kappa Epsilon BETTY LEE HALL..Natoma Alpha Sigma Alpha—President Kappa Phi Wesley Foundation Women ' s Leadership—Vice President Y.W.CA International Relations Club Reveille Staff Tigerettes Junior Class Vice President JAMES HAMILTON ..Hays DOROTHY HARRIS . ..Kinsley V. W .C A.—T reasu rer Home Economics Club Kappa Phi-Vice President Sigma Sigma Sigma—Secretarv W. A.A. Orchestra Band A Cappella Choir Wesley Foundation ESTHER HAYES .... . .Jennings Women ' s Leadership A Cappella Choir Kappa Phi—President Sigma Alpha lota Choir Chorus Orchestra Y.W.CA. Choral Union Who ' s Who in American Colleges LELAND HEINZE ..LaCrosse Phi Delta Chi—President Kappa Sigma Kappa Leader—Editor Y.M.C.A.—President, Secretary I nter- Fraternal Cou n ci 1—Secretary International Relations Club Student Council Seventh Cavalry Second Generation Club Santa Ana, Calif. J. G. MARY FRANCIS HERRMAN . , Hays Chorus Orchestra RICHARD HOARD .Jewell Student Council Sophomore Class— President International Relations Club Reveille—Business Manager Phi Sigma Epsilon—Treasurer Choir Pi Gamma Mu Kansas State College Manhattan 1) JOSEPHINE HOBART .Atwood MANLY HUBER _.McPherson RAY HUFFMAN.. Asherville Dodge City Junior College (1-2) Phi Sigma Epsilon—Vice President I nter-Fraternal Council Football K Club ERMA LEE KRUMREY..Offerle Dodge City Junior College (1-2) Tbeta Sigma Upsilon Kappa Pi—President Art Activity Club—President OMER KUHN . .... .Wichita Football Newman Club Little Theater Newman Club Intramurals Track Tau Kappa Epsilon DORIS LAMOREUX ..... _Hays Tigerettes Home Economics Club Newman Club—President 1 -3) Delta Sigma Epsilon Woman ' s Leadership DOROTHY LANGE _..Simpson Kappa Phi MARVA LANGE.. .Simpson Kappa Phi W.A.A. Quill Club Spanish Club Y.W.CA. L5 ft JOHNNY LAUNCHBAUGH . .Hoxie Seventh Cavalry Kappa Sigma Kappa Aqua Club BETTY LOWE .Wakeeney Orchestra Band Choir Pi Gamma Mu Woman’s Leadership—President International Relations Club Student Council—Secretary Kappa Phi—Treasurer Delta Sigma Epsilon—President Who’s Who in Aemrican Colleges Achievement GERTRUDE MEISTRELL . .Plainville Art Activity Club Kappa Phi Y.W.C.A. MARY MEISTRELL .Plainville Leader Band Y.W.C.A. Chorus Spanish Club CORINNE MILLER . . . .Pawnee Rock Tigerettes Co-business Manager of Leader Orchestra Band Choir Womans Leadership Little Theater Delta Sigma Epsilon LARRY MOCK .Plainville Sigma Tau Gamma MAXINE MONTGOMERY ..Lincoln Y.W.C.A. Home Economics Club—Secretary KENNETH MOORE.Hays Engineers Club Glee Club DONNA JEAN MYERLY. .Wakeeney Orchestra Tigerettes A Cappella Choir Band Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Iota—Treasurer Who’s Who in American Colleges ELMO NASH.Long Island Sigma Tau Gamma KEITH O’CONNER.Macksville Phi Sigma Epsilon K Club—Vice President Fo otball Track HUBERT NUSS .LaCrosse Y.M.C.A. Sigma Tau Gamma—Vice President —President German Club Pratt Junior College (1) CLEO POMEROY .Hoxie Y.M.C.A. Little Theater Tau Kappa Epsilon International Relations Club ERMA PRIOR .Sylvia Choral Union Home Economics Club—Vice Pres.— Pres. Spanish Club—President Custer Hall—President RONALD RAMSEY .Fredonia German Club Little Theater International Relations Club Phi Sigma Epsilon BUSTER READ.Hays Who’s Who in American Colleges German Club Sigma Pi Sigma—President JIM REED Kappa Sigma Kappa Y.M.C.A. Band Little Theater ROSCOE RORABAUGH ... Oskalooua Bowling Green State University, Ohio (3) Student Council Phi Sigma Epsilon Football Basketball Track All-Ohio Track Team K Club Varsity Club Leader Staff GAIL SCHRAEDER.Larned Southwest Mo. State Teacher’s Col¬ lege Phi Sigma Epsilon 16 WARREN SETTLES ....Healy Men’s College Quartette Men s Glee Qub Choir Phi Delta Chi—President Kappa Sigma Kappa—Secretary K Club Seventh Cavalry Sophomore Class—Vice President Senior Class President Basketball Team Captain Varsity Track All-Conference Center in B. B. International Relations Club Tau Kappa Epsilon A Cappella Choir Y.M.C. A.—Secretary Pre-medic Club WANDA VINE .Zurich Orchestra Y.W.CA. Kappa Phi Chorus A Cappella Choir Band IRWIN SHAW .H oxie Band Y.MCA, MELVIN STEGMAN.Offerle JUNE STELLBERG .Hays Choir Quill Club Y.W.CA. Kappa Phi HAROLD SUTLEY . Speed Little Theater Y.M.C.A. Tau Kappa Epsilon ROBERT TOMBAUGH.Burdett Little Theater Reveille Staff Quill Club JUNE WELTY ............. .Hays Woman’s Leadership Band Choir Student Cou n d l—Secretar y Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Iota—President Achievement Y.W.CA.—President Who’s Who in American Colleges RICHARD WELTY .Hays K Club Orchestra Engineers Club International Relations Club Who’s Who in American Colleges Pi Kappa Delta Achievement Phi Sigma Epsilon—President JERRY WILSON ..Hays Phi Mu Alpha Little Theater A Cappella Choir Student Council—President Band Pre-medic Club Leader Business Manager Choir CYNTHIA WOOSTER _. . Hays Delta Sigma Epsilon—Secretary— Vice President Woman’s Leadership—Secretary— Treasurer Pi Gamma Mu Reveille Staff Orchestra A Cappella Choir Student Council Who’s Who in American Colleges Achievement LYNN YANTJSS . ...Long Island Phi Mu Alpha—Treasurer Choral Union A Cappella Choir Glee Dub 17 Juniors RODNEY BEAMGARD .Atwood CARLETON BERNEKING .....Hays FLORENCE BERNEKING .Hays JOE BRUNGARDT ..Hays ALLAN CAFFERTY.Hill City ORLAN CARMICHAEL ...Hays BERNARD CARSTEN ..Stockton ROZANNE CECHMAN .Hays JO ANN CHADWICK_Salina LEE COMBS ...Lamed CRAIG CULLEY , .. Hays JO DAUBER ..Bunker Hill FLORENCE DIETZ .Wakeeney WILLIAM EASTMAN .Hays JACK FINCH .,. Lebanon LOUESE FINCH ..Ellis FRANCIS GILBERT ...Halford JO HAGEMAN . Stockton DOROTHY HOLBEN .. .Phillipsburg BERTINA JOHNSON ...Oberlia 18 BOB JOHNSON ..Hays LORENE McKEE .........Hays ROBERT MARPLE..Kirwin REBECCA MAYER .Brewster MARJORIE MAYO ..... _Natoma KEITH MEADE ....Hays MAE MOORE .......Palco EDMOND MORIN ..Damat DARLENE NELSON ...Earned GWYNETH NELSON.Lamed GLENN NEUMEYER ...., .Alexander VELMA PAUL . Weskan MARION RUTSCHMAN ....Ransom WALLACE PAYNE .Scott City DALE PORTCHY .Herndon CLARA RAHJES ..Kensington DORIS RAMSEY .... _Kensington BEULAH RAWSON ..Studley MAX A RORABAUGH ..., Oskaloosa ELIZABETH ROSEL ..Ulysses YVONNE RUDER ............Hays RUBEN RUDY ..Otis RICHARD SAMUELSON . .Monument ORVA JEAN SCHEURMAN . .Bazine HERBERT SETTLES .Healy DON SHARPE ___Chase CARMEL1TA 5INGEL, Indianapolis, Ind. ROBERT SNYDER. .Ness City WENDELL STULL ..Palco HAROLD SULLIVAN ..Hays DOROTHY TUTTLE .Osborne VIRGINIA VAN GUNDY ..Osborne HAROLD VAN PELT ..Oberlin BERTHA WEILERT _ .....Hays EDWIN WERTH ....... .Schoenchen MARION WITT .... Hays MARTIN WOODS . Pratt NELLIE WORKMAN ... .Greensburg ROBERTA ABEL ...Scott City DON BEAMGARD ......... Attwood 19 Sophomores ARTHUR ALANIS... .Beeville, Texas JOE ANSTINE.Ponca City, Okla. NORMA BALDING ..Medicine Lodge MAX ARCHER .Great Bend ALCIDE BALTHAZOR .Palco LELAND BALTHAZOR.Palco MARY LOUISE BARRY.Smith Center DWIGHT BARTLETT .Almena MARY ALICE BASGALL.Hays LOIS BELL .Seldon RUTH ANN BIEHLER .Colyer BERNITA BILLINGS .Penokee BARBARA BLAIR .Salina AILEEN BRACKE TT .LaCrosse CLAUDE BRAY.Miltonville RUSSELL BRAY .Hays HAROLD BREJCHA .Gaylord NELLIS BRISCOE .Sylvan Grove HERBERT BRUNGARDT .. .Victoria BLANCHE BUCK.Sawyer 20 GLORIA BUCK.Sawyer NORINE CAMPBELL .Hays NORMA ANN CAMPBELL. Wakeeney BARBARA CANNON .Gaylord MARY ALICE CLARK .Hays DONALD CUSHENBF.RRY Sharon Springs MARGARET DAVIS.Studley WILLIAM DODRILL .Stockton LOIS DOLL .Larned GILBERT DREILING .Victoria FRED DUBUS .McPherson ROSEMARY DUNCKER .Ford JEAN EARL.Hays MARGARET EARNIST .Colby MARY LOU FELLERS .Hays HELEN FERGUSON.Menlo AUDREY LEE FIELD.Formosa RUTH FLETCHER .Belleville MARTHA FLORA .Collyer DOROTHY FORD.Hays SARAH FORT.Ulysses FRANCES FREELAND .. .Dodge City RUTH FRESHOUR .Hays MARIAN FRYE .Arnold DELLA JEAN FURBECK ...LaCrosse THOMAS GATSCHET .Hays EUGENE GERING .Beloit DELORES GRIFFING...Smith Center MARION HARDY .Long Island ARCHIE HARMAN .Kinsley FRED HAYNE .Garden City MARY HELEN HEICK .Ellis CLAIR HOLBEN .Phillipsburg KEITH HOWARD .Sylvia RETA JEAN HUBBARD .McKracken 21 BUD HULL ......Brewster LAURENCE HULL ..Woodston DONNEL JEFFRIES .Modoc BILL JONES .....Utica MARNE KARLIN ...Catherine KENNETH KAUFFMAN ....Almena VINCENT KING .Barnard DORIS K1NSINGER.Ness City MARY JANE KITCHEN........ Hays PAUL KRAUSE ...........Scott City IRENE LEIKER .Hays EDGAR McCAULEY ..Zurich DONNA JEAN McMICHAEL Stockton JAMES McVEY .Hill City LAWRENCE MARCOTTE ....Zurich PAUL MARSH .. Russell LEROY MAXWELL ___.....Hays ELEANOR MEYER.. .Sioux City, Iowa VIRGINIA M3LLEN .Seneca JO MONSEN ..... Elmhurst, Illinois JAMES MO ORE FI ELD ... Hoisingmn PHILIP MORGAN ....Atwood GWEN MORRISSEY ......Woodston MARGARET MUIR ...Stockton MADELANE MOLLENKAMP . MAXINE NELSON _ Gem GEORGE PATTERSON ... Hoisington DONALD PATTON .......Densmore MARY LOU PEERMAN Great Bend RUTH PEIRCE ..........., Burr Oak PAUL PFEIFER . Hays MELBA PRICE . Bazine VIRGIL QUINT ..Victoria BETTY READ .....Hays ESTHER RICE ..Hill City 22 ELEANOR RIEGEL .Ford DORIS ROBINSON.Osborne EVELYN ROCKWELL.Scott City MIJA RORABAUGH .Wakeeney GERALD ROTH .Victoria JAMES RUPP .Hays DONNA JEAN SAMUELS ..Stockton DELORES SCHEUERMAN.Bison BETTY JEAN SCHMUTZ.Hays SOLOMON SCHNEIDER ..Wakeeney DONALD SCHWARTZKOPF LaCrosse PHYLLIS SHEARER .Arnold TOM SHOOK .Victoria DON B. SLECHTA .Ellsworth LAWRENCE SIBELIUS .Almena LOLA SOMERS .Anthony WILMET SQUIRE .Wichita JEAN STEEPLES.Hill City DON STRONG .Hill City ARDATH STEEL .St. Francis JANE STELLER .St. Francis CARL STEPP .Hays RITA STRAMEL .Hays MARY SUMMERSON .Hoxie ALFRED SUTLEY .Speed BETTY JEAN TICKEL.Hays GEORGE TRAMMEL .Hays CAROL VAGUE .Norton SHIRLEY WALKER .Goodland AILEEN WILSON .Atchison WAYNE WINGO .Colby EUGENE WOOLVERTON ...Ruleton MILES WYCOFF .Pawnee Rock LEO KRUG .LaCrosse JOHN PAULK .Russell 23 Freshmen CURTIS ALBERTSON ... ..Hill City HARRY BARTON . ROBERT BERLAND . ... Hays CAROL ALGER . ____ CAROL BAYER . BERTHA BERTRAM .. .Morrowsville NORMAN ANDERSON . - Dodge City JOHN BELL . .Wichita ALVIN BILLINGER . .Hays EMIL BAKER . . Macks ville LAWRENCE BELL ..... .....Wichita NORMA BISHOP ... NORMAN BALDWIN ... , McCracken ROBERT BELL . -Stud ley ROBERT BLAZER .. EDWARD BARRICKLAW .Courtland DALE BENDA. WILLIAM BOLAN .,. DON BARNES .. , Wakeeney PHIL BENDER . .Waldo ELDON BONDY .... ... Ellis RICHARD BARRETT ... DIANE BERLAND . .. ... .Zurich THOMAS BOONE ,, .Sharon Springs DEOCLECIANO BARROS .Brazil FRED L. BERLAND . ..... . Zurich MARY LOUISE BRACK .Otis CLIFFORD BARTEL .... JOHN BERLAND . HAROLD BRICKLEY --Hays 24 WILMA BRINING . ..Great Bend LOREN COLE . ...... Almena HENRY DINGES . .. Sehoencben ROBERT BRISCOE .... Hays GEORGE COLLINGS .. Gove ADRIAN DORZWEILER ... Havs MARGARET BRISCOE. .Sylvan Grove JAMES COLYER . FRED DEYOE ......... FLORA LEE BROWN ., . Hays BARBARA CONGER ., .... Natoma NEIL DOUGHERTY . ... .Lorraine MARY ALICE BROWN ROGER BROWN . JOHN PAUL BRUMITT RICHARD BURNETT . JEAN BUSBY .. RILL CAMPBELL _ . . Hays Smith Center . Hays ........ Hays . . _. .Beloit DON COPPER . OLEN COPPER . KEITH CORNWELL . .. HOWARD CORRIGAN. KENNETH CRIDER ... . Plainville . Luray .Garden City .Phillipsburg DORIS DOWNING _ HERB DOWNS .. DONALD DRE1LING . .. MARIAN DREILING .. NOREEN DREILING . . .« . Bird City ....... Hays .. Hays x.,. .Victoria .. Hays DOROTHY CARMICHAEL Plainsvilie WINTON CROWN _ REX CURTIS ..... . Agra JAMES DUNCAN . MERRIL DURR ...... . Salina REID CECHMAN . Hays VIRGINIA DAUBER .Bunker Hill ROBERT EARNEST . . Hays HELEN CHAMBERS ... . . .Otis BETTY DAVIS ........ .. Earned ROBERT EICKBUSH .. .Hays JAMES CHENOWERTH . , Grinnell RICHARD DAVIS. .Stud lev WANDA ELLIS . . ... Cleveland WALLACE CHERRY . . ., . Protection DONALD DAVIS . FREDA ENGEL . .. ... Hays DUANE CHR1SLER .... ♦ ♦,, .Natoma KATHRYN DAVIS ,, ♦ .. ♦ Srudley RALPH ENGEL . . Hays CLARENCE CLARK ... Hays VIRLEEN DAWSON .. . Jennings LLOYD ENGLBSM AN . . Prairie View LOWELL CLINE ....... .Phillipsburg RANDALL DENNISON ... Hoxie JO ANNE EYMAN . ., . .Johnson JOANNE COFFEY ..... . . .Hays BONNIE DcBUSK . .. MacksvilJe ALVA FARRINGTON ., .Lucas LUCILLE COKER . .. , Scott City DELMAR DEY .. BOB FAURET.Springfield, Coin. 25 DONALD FERGUSON .Menlo EVADNA FLORA .Colyer DAVID FOOS.Bazine LEE FOOS .Bazine CLIFFORD FORT.Ulysses RAY FORT .Ulysses DONNA JEAN FRANCIS.Oris EDWIN FRAZER .Wellington THAYNE FRAZIER .LaCrosse FLORENCE FROSS _ Hays HELEN FUERCH . Ellis BUD FURBECK.LaCrosse BILLIE GAGER .Woodston GERALDINE GALE .Goodland BEULAH GALLION ..Grinnell PHYLLIS G ARM AN ..Courtland JEANNE GATSCHET.Hays BILL GEARHART .Lenora EDWIN GEIST .Hays DORRELL GEORGE .Sublette ROBERT GIBBONS . jetmore FRANK GILMAN .Colby DON GILMER .Caldwell MARVIN GINN .Corbin LA VERNE GOETZ.Victoria SAMUEL GORHAM .Turon GEORGE GOTTSCHALK .Hays NANCY GRASS.Hays ALVIN GULICK .Densmore WILLIAM GUTHRIE ....Wellington CORINNE HAAS .Hays JACK HAGUE .Oberlin NORMAN HANCOCK ... .Plainville DOROTHY HANSEN ..Russell VIRGIL HARDER . Otis DWAYNE HARDMAN ....Hill City STANLEY HARGAD1NE ....Kinsley ROBERT HARKNESS ..Hays FRANCIS HARMAN .Hays DEAN HARSH . Stockton DON HARSH .Stockton NELSON HARTMAN .LaCrosse EVERETT HARVEY.Hill City BOB HAWES ..Satanta CHARLES HAYES .Jennings THOMAS HEDGES.Offerle ROGER HENDERSHOT .. .Wakeeney NETTIE HERGERT .Albert CHARLES HERMON _Jetmore PHIL HIGGASON .Oakley GORDON HOCKMAN ...Wakeeney RAY HOUSER .Paradise JAMES HOWELL .LaCroses ELM A HUEFTLE ..Oakley FLOYD HUENERGARDE .Bison WILLARD HUGHES .Oakley DONALD HULTMAN ..Smoian CHESTER HUNT .Ness City RICHARD HUNT .Hays DICK HUS .Stockton 26 BENNO IMBROCK .... .Phillipsburg EDWIN KNOLL ........ JOHN LONNON _ _Hlb VICTOR INMAN. -.Norton JAMES KNOLL ........ ...... Saline DOYLE LOVERIDGE . ... .Ellis SIMON JACOBS . .... RUPERT KNOWLES ... ..Hays ROBERT LOVERIDGE .. MARY LEE JAMES. ALICE KRANNAW1TTER .Park GLEYN LOWE ........ HARRY JOHNSTON ,. WARREN KRAUS . WANDA LOWE . KENNETH JOHNSTON .Great Bend DEAN KRUG . .Russell ALFRED LOWENTHAL . .Hays DALE JONES .. . . .Wakeeney HERBERT KUHN .. . .. Morland MAX LOWISH .. ....... Hays GEORGE JONES . .. Codell ROBERT LAMP ..._ Phillips burg DOROTHY LUCE . VIRGIL JONES .. PAT LANCASTER . ... .Chicago RICHARD McCALL .... . .Wakeeney ROBERT KAPS ... .Bunker Hill WILLIAM LANGDON .. ..Lucas DOROTHY MacCLELLAND .. .Paico ALFRED KARLIN ...... .. .Catherine MARGUERITE LaRUE . . ..Hays HELEN McCOLLUM . .Hays W1LFRICK KARLIN .. .. .Catherine MARJORIE LEBSACK .. NORMA MCELROY. . . . . ...... Paico IRIS READY . ALOIS LEIKER ......... ..Hays MYRON McKINLEY . . . . .Mullinville HUBERT KEIL . MAURICE LEIKER ..... ....... Hays TIM MAHONEY . HARRIETT KEPLINGER ,.. Herndon MILTON LEIKER . DUANE MAIN . FREDA KING . ..Ellis RUDOLPH LEIKER ..... .......Ellis BOB MAPES ... FRANCES KING ....... VIOLA LEIKER .. BETTY MARSHALL _ ROBERT KING . ....Ellis JOE LESCHETSKO .Perthamboy, N. J. LA VINA MARTINDALE .... Gorham WILFORD KING. DON LEUSZLER . .. .. Almena SHIRLEY MASSIER .... .Ellis HARRIETTE KLENK . . . .Wakeeney LEO H. LEITZ . LOREE MAXWELL .... 27 LAVINA MAXWELL . ROSEMARIE NULTON .Hays ERNEST RE1SSIG . MARVIN MEADE . .. CLARA OCHS . LOIS JEAN RHODES . ALFRED MEIS . Sharon Springs BETTY ORTEN . ... McDonald BOB RIGGS . EDWIN MULLICK . .. CLAIR ORTH . WILFRED ROBERTS . .Hill City ABE MILLER . .Hays JOHN OSHANT . .Hays DANIEL ROGERS .Hoisington LYNDALL MILLS ... LELAND PAGE . Prairie View ALFRED ROHR . FRANCES MITCHELL ... Montezuma FRANCIS PARSONS ... DAVID ROPER.Muskegan, Mich. SHIRLEY MITCHELL .St. Francis CARL PAUSTIAN . ROBERT ROTH. DON MOECKEL .... BOB PELZEL . CONNIE SANDERS . JUANITA MOORE . .Ellis ROBERT PERCIVAL .. WESLEY SCHEUERMAN .. SAMUEL MOORE ... LOIS PERCIVAL . BOB SCHMIDT . STANLEY MOORE . . WARREN PETERSON GEORGE SCHMIDT . EUGENE MOOS . FRANCES PFEIFER ... .Hays JAMES SCHMIDT . BETTY MORRIS .... JACK PHIPPS . RALPH SCHMIDT. ANDY MORRISON . MARY PHIPPS . .Hays WILLARD SCHMIDT .... DON MOSIER . L. V. PREWETT . JOAN SCHOEN . BLAINE MOSS. JAMES QUILLEN . VERLIN SCHOENTHALER ....Hays JEAN MUNSON .... .Hays LAWRENCE RADLOFF .Logan CARL SCHROLLER . Marysville DONALD NICHOL . LEON RASMUSSEN ... REX SCHROPP. JAMES NICHOLS ... CHARLES REINER .... IGNATIUS SCHUMACHER ....Hays 28 FORREST SCHUS . OLEN SMRCKA . LUCY THOLEN ....._ ..... .Hays LOUIS SCHUSTER ,.., ... .Bills MARILYN SOMERS ... MARGARET THOMAS ... . . . . Gaylord DORIS SCHWARTZ .. ,„.„, . Gorham KENNETH SOWERS .. ........ Lucas KENNETH THOMPSON ... Brownell MARVIN SCHWF.RTFEGER . .Satanta MARVIN SPEIR . IOHN THORNS .. .... JAMES SEUSER .. ......... Bison PHYLLIS STANLEY .. . . Great Bend JAMES THURMAN .... .Rozel MAX SHEPARD. JANICE STARKE . ... .Macksville DUANE THYFAULT . ... DARRELL SHERBON ..... Hays DORIS STEELE ....... .Hays RUBY LOU TICK EL. .Ha vs RUTH SHOOK. ...... Vitcoria GERALD STEGMAN ., ... . Spearville LA VERNE TOEPFER ... ... Victoria WINSTON SHOOK .. . ......Victoria TEAN STEINLE . .Russell JOHN TOMANEK . .... Collyer WENDELL SIBLING . ........ Albert BILL STINSON . ., .Wellington ANITA TOMBAUGH . .... Burden BERTHA SIMONS .... ...... Stockton ROBERT STOCK. NORMA JEAN TOMLIN. .Russell JEAN S1TZ . ...... Gorham DOROTHY STRECK ... ,...., .Russell THANF. TOMLINSON . .Smith Center LUMIR SKUBAL . ...... Dresden JAMES STRICKHART , ... .Scott City BRUCE TR1BLE . ...... Palco RAYMOND SKUBAL ...... Dresden CHARLES STUPPY .... ,. Lykens, Pa. TOM UNGLES . ... . Satanta GEORGE SLE1CHTER ......... Palco VELMA STUTZMAN . HELEN VERHOEFF .., . DUANE SLOAN _ FRANK SUMMERS . LOIS VINSON. .. .Garfield BOB SMITH .. CLINTON TALBERT . ...Ellis DELORES VOTRURA . .. ...... Lucas BOB SMITH . .Pawnee Rock WARREN TEASLEY .. ...... Natoma FAY VOTRUBA . BOB SMITH . SHIRLEY THARP . ... .Russell ORVILLE WAHL . . McCracken DICK SMITH . .... .Ness City ALFRED THOLEN .. . . .. Hays VERNON WALKER . . Macksville 29 CLARENCE WALTERS .Hays WILLIAM WELCH .Hays EUGENE BORTZ .Great Bend GRACE HAYES .Jennings NANCY EDWARDS .Russell THAYNE PROSCH .Satanta JEAN WARNER .Arlington LOIS WELCH.Great Bend MRS. FERRIL WISE .Hays RALPH WALTERS .Hays MILFRED WENCEL .Caldwell FANNIE LOU WOTEN. .Garden City IDA JO WATKINS.Sublette ROGER WENTZ.Wellington LYNN WYLIE .Quinter BETTY WAUDBY .Russell WILLARD WERNER ....Wellington IVA RENE YOST.Great Bend DARROL WEAR .Dorrance WILLIAM WILCOX .Tribune RICHARD YOUNGER .Hays FRANCES WEBER .LaCrosse ELAINE WILLIAMS .Hays DONALD ZIMMERMAN . . .Jennings NORMA WEBER .Hays EDITH WILSON .LaCrosse BETTY HERMAN .Hays THEODORE WEIGERBERGER Anthony WESLEY WILSON .Lenora RUSSELL PENNINGTON . ...Bogue NICHOLAS WEISER .Claflin GARRAH WINSLOW .Atwood LONNIE LEWIS .Burr Oaks HERMAN TRAPP .Russell RUTH McNICHOL .Tribune LOREN LANE .Phillipsburg 30 The year’s activities in¬ cluded demonstrations of make-up, the movies " Great expectations” and " Julius Ceaser”, the reading of Sheridan ' s " The Rivals”, and the presentation of four one-act plays: " Noni- kin and Ninikin” Kreym- borg; " The Old Lady Shows Her Medals”, Barrie; " Tri¬ fles”, Glaspcll, and " Ladies Alone”, Rogers on and Clements. Little Theater Feats of magic and dra¬ matic reading featured Little Theater ' s first work¬ shop meeting, where every¬ one from carpenters to sound men were assembled, A string of pearls, an irate detective, and a murderer added up to make " Square Crooks”, their first produc¬ tion of the year, a success. Their spring project, " The Patsy”, gained for them an enthusiastic audience. 31 Graduate Club Older and wiser, yet realizing that the sharing of experiences will aid in climbing higher in the field of learn¬ ing, the Graduate Club enjoys a variety of programs of both social and academic nature, including outside speakers, thesis resumes, and panel discussions. All Graduate students who are candidates for their master s degree are elig¬ ible for active membership. This year Horace Jacobin 1 served as president of the organization, while Professor George M. Robertson acted as faculty sponsor. 32 Womans Leadership Betty Lowe was elected president of Women ' s Leadership, which is an honorary organization. The club is lim¬ ited to fifteen members who are chosen on a basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Betty Hall was elected vice president and Cynthia Wooster was elected secretary and treasurer. The all school party held at the beginning of the fall semester was sponsored by this organization. They also directed the selling of Delators and helped in the reorganization of the 7th Cavalry. Student Council Gathering in Dean McCartney’s office each Tuesday, the Student Council discusses and deals with problems affecting the student body. Everything from smoking legislation to green ribbons for the freshmen can be traced to the plans of this group of fifteen members chosen from the student classes and from the student body at large. Student council members are: Warren Kopke, president; Richard Roemer, vice president; Betty Lowe, secre¬ tary; Leland Heinze; Warren Settles; Jerry Wilson; Tom Ungles; Joanne Coffey; Russell Dickenson; Betty Orten; Darlene Nelson; Solomon Schneider; Richard Samuelson; Larry Sibelius; and Gleyn Lowe. 33 Debate Delores Griff ing, Joe A ns tine and Glenn Neumeyer qualified for Pi Kappa Delta, National forensic organi¬ zation, by representing the college in more than five in ter-collegiate debates this year. These three students at¬ tended the tournament at McPherson. Griffing and Anstine attended the Rocky Mountain Speech Conference at Denver. They won three out of five rounds of debate, and Anstine %von a rating of superior in news comment¬ ing. Miss Griff ing received a rating of excellent and was the only woman to place. Neumeyer and Anstine attended the Kansas Debating League at Salma, winning four out of five debates. 34 Quill Club The Eolh Rune chapter of the American College Quill Club is composed of students who show unusual abili¬ ties in writing. An honorary organization, prospective members must submit a manuscript which meets with the approval of the organization. Quill Club members meet twice a month to criticise their manuscripts and make suggestions as how to im¬ prove them. Quill club also sponsored an all school assembly, and Velma Paul, president, attended the national conference at Gnnnell College. Faculty sponsors of Quill Club are Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Coder. Art Activity Club Working in cooperation with the art classes, the Art Activity club does individual pieces of work for the college and community. Making posters for the artists and lecturer series, retouching campus billboards, and fix¬ ing window displays are only a few of the numerous activities engaged in. Picnics and outings, where the members have an opportunity to sketch from nature, and the annual artist ' s ball were part of the year s agenda. Erma Lee Krumrey is president of the Art Activity Club, and Drew Dobosh is faculty sponsor. 35 Newman Club Upholding the ideals of its patron, Cardinal Newman, the Newman club has a three fold program, relig¬ ious, educational, and social This is an organization for Catholic students of non Catholic universities and colleges. The Newman Club, under the direction of Rita Stramel, president, holds regular meetings twice a month for the purpose of stimulating student interest in religion, and to cultivate good fellowship and solidarity. They also worked coordinate with YMCA and YWCA in sponsoring religious emphasis week, Mr. James Start is faculty sponsor. 36 Y.W.C.A. Approximately thirty girls, with Miss Rosella McCarrol as their sponsor, were active in YWCA during the fall and spring semesters. Dorothy Tuttle was elected president; Clara Rahjes, vice president; Betty Ferguson, secretary; and Carol Barry was elected treasurer. The YWCA maintained an active existence this year, attending a church conference at Emporia as well as en¬ gaging in campus activities. This organization worked with the Newman Club and YMCA in sponsornig Religious Emphasis week and the Easter sunrise service. Y.M.C.A. The Young Men’s Christian Association, under the able leadership of Mr. Harley Garrett, faculty sponsor, has seen an active school year. Participating in everything from watermelon feeds, hamburger fries, swimming meets, intramurals, and helping to sponsor Religious Emphasis week, there has never been a dull moment for any of its members. The YMCA is now a metnber of the Rocky Mountain Student Christian Movement and sends delegates to the various conferences. Officers for the first semester were: Leland Heinze, president; Bill Jones, vice president; Glenn Neumeyer, secretary; Don Slechta, treasurer. 37 Pre-Medic Club Pictures, lectures, and informal discussions help the members of Premedic Club learn more about the field of medicine. Composed of premedical students, the aim of the dub is to help students who are preparing for a medical career understand more about the various fields. Organized in 1943, it has made rapid gains, both in membership and activities. Under the leadership of Jerry Wilson, the organization has made much progress to¬ ward its goal of uniting all premedical students at Fort Hays. Dr. F. W. Albertson is faculty sponsor. 38 German Club Always noted for the variety of interesting programs planned, the German club upheld and surpassed the goals of previous years. Through the use of slides, outside speakers, and parties, the meetings increased both the interest and adeptness of its members in the use of German. The highlight of the year was the annual Christmas party whose program, decorations, and menu were typi¬ cally German. With Ernest Keil as president and Mrs. Emma Golden as faculty sponsor, the year drew to a suc¬ cessful close. Spanish Club Under the capable guidance of Erma Prior, president, the Spanish Club made a noteworthy gain both in mem¬ bers and activities during the year. Although it was only organized last year, the fine interest and cooperation the members have shown have earned for it a deserving place on the list of worthwhile campus activities. 1 4 Professor Modesto Jacobini is the faculty sponsor. UliH 39 Kappa Pi Kappa Pi, national honorary art fraternity, is composed of art majors and minors, who have displayed unus¬ ual ability and have a B average for their college work. The purposes of Kappa Pi are to promote art interest among college students; to bring art departments of various colleges closer together; to know the work of other students through other exhibits and the Sketch Book, and to recognize potential and professional ability. In their regular meetings, creation is combined with recreation, Erma Lee Krumrey is president and Gloria Buck, secretary and treasurer. Miss Mabel Vandiver is faculty sponsor. 40 Engineers Club Composed of all students interested in any phase o ' engineering, the Engineer’s Club plans programs that will interest them in the latest fields of research. Talks on civil engineering, anti-submarine techniques and various other phases of engineering made up the year’s discussions. Under the leadership of Craig Culley, The Engineer’s Club has enjoyed a successful year’s ac¬ tivity. Mr. Everett Marshall is faculty sponsor. Home Economics Club Organized in an effort to give the girls an additional opportunity to work on actual class projects, the Home Economics Club combines business and pleasure in studying modern methods of improving the quality of living in home and community. A Christmas party for the crippled children at St. Anthony’s hospital and a state home economics convention in Wichita added variety to the year’s program. Leaders of the group were Muriel Jones, president; Darlene Nelson, vice president; Maxine Montgomery, secretary; Sarah Fort, treasurer; and Miss Alice Beesley, sponsor. 41 W.A.A. " Lots of fun for ail " , promised Susie Meyer, W.A.A. president, when the girls enrolled, and none w r ere dis¬ appointed. In addition to swimming parties, basketball tourneys, and hit-pin baseball tournaments for all the girls on the campus, they held an all school carnival, complete with a king and queen to reign over the event. Even the high school girls had their day, for the annual play day committee invited guests from several West¬ ern Kansas high schools. 42 Pi Gamma Mu Membership in this national honorary social science fraternity is limited to j uniors with twenty hours and seniors with thirty hours of “B” in social science. New members are elected by the active faculty members of the organization. The purpose and desire of Pi Gamma Mu is to study all social science problems opemmindedly and to develop young men and women w r ho are well informed in social problems. Officers of the organization this year are: Bill Cape, president; Cynthia Wooster, vice president; and Mr. Charles Black mo re, secretary-treasurer. Kappa Phi With the slogan, " I ' d love to ' ’ and the motto " Others”, the Kappa Phi girls built a year of fellowship around the theme, " You must be the world you want”. This organization, open to all girls of Methodist preference, seeks to build Christian character and to further its aim of making every Methodist woman in the world of today a leader in the church of tomorrow. Their monthly cabinet breakfasts were presided over by Esther Hayes, with Dorothy Harris as vice president; Carol Barry, recording secretary; Gladys Oliphant, treasurer; and Miss Cora Bibens and Mrs. Ruth Davis as co¬ sponsors. 43 A Beautiful E 44 45 Leader Hot off the press! Every Tuesday you can see a group of students gathered ar ound the bulletin board catching up on the latest school news and gossip. Thursday is Leader day, and every Monday and Tues¬ day there is a mad scurry of reporters hurrying to meet the Tuesday noon deadline. Then comes the frantic scratches of the red pencil as the copy is writ¬ ten in its final form and hurried back to the print shop to be set. On Thursday morning you can hear the roar of the presses as the students patiently wait fot the first edition. Don Slechta served as business manager this year, while " Wally” Wallerstedt and Earl Bondurant saw that the news reached the black on white stage. Leader deadlines were met despite the fact that three different persons served in the capacity of edi¬ tor during the year. Carmelka Singel and Jo Monsen started the year as co-editors, but since both had quit by the dose of the first semester, Leland Hemze was named editor for the remainder of the year Staff members included; Kenny Johnson... Sports Editor Bonnie De Busk , .,, ,. ...... Society Editor Pin key King Chuck Reiner Elmer Goetz ..General News Warren Peterson Arthur Alams .. . ,. Photographers 46 Reveille With a sigh of relief, we turn the Reveille over to yon. We only hope that you will be satisfied with it If you don’t think putting out the Reveille is a heck of a job, just look at these grey hairs. We started the year young and inexperienced. Now we are vet¬ erans, and that is no joke, son. It was lots of work and we hope we have suc¬ ceeded in capturing a few memories of this year at Fort Hays State. Staff members this year were: Glenn Neumeyer . Editor Richard Hoard.Business Manager Bertina Johnson Associate Editor Richard Burnett ........ Asst, Bus. Mgr, Jo Ann Chadwick Blanche Buck Gloria Buck Jean Steeples Chuck Reiner Warren Peterson Pinkey King Don Slechta Joe Anstine 47 Orchestra VIOLINS Samuel Siurua James Hawes Cynthia Wooster Betty Jean Schmutz Edgar Windholz Mary Lou Fellers Ted McNutt Foster Needles Lucille Felten Marjorie Lebsack Corinne Miller Kathryn Reed Dorothy Tuttle Jean Cooper Patricia Lancaster VIOLAS Clara Malloy Robert Taylor Ro bert Wynne Ruth Thomas CELLOS Ruth Riggs Charles Hoener Mildred Simpson Elaine Williams La vine Taylor BASSES Esther Hayes Victor Herrman John Stadelman TYMPANI Carol Vague 4B FLUTES Clement Drieling Homer Reed Jean Steeples Lois Rhoades OBOES Josephine Goodnough Donna Jean Murphy BASSOONS Wanda Vine Eleanor Riege! CLARINETS Wallace Payne Thomas Gatschet HORNS Lucille Coker Virginia Van Gundy Robert Eickbush Irene Satterlee Robert Briscoe TRUMPETS Dee Payne Kenneth Thy fault Evelyn Rockwell Ralph Payne Reta Hubbard TROMBONES Norman Petty David Roper Charles Bahl Leroy Maxwell TUBA Richard Barrett Though the students failed to show their customary enthusiasm for the band this year, Mr. Samuel Si uni a managed to have the band represented at most of the games, and in the Homecoming activities. The following students participated in band activh ties: Richard Barrett Francis McGee Helen Chambers Juanita Moore Dorothy McClellan Evelyn Rockwell Clement Dreiling David Roper George Desch Irene Satterlee Doris Dowling Kenneth Thyfauk Thomas Gatschett Bruce Trible Jo Goodnough Ida Jo Watkins Nettie Hergert .William Wilcox Victor Herman Ralph Payne Lonnie Lewis Samuel Moore Mrs. B t B. Payne Joyce Hewitt Wallace Payne William Dodrill Melba Price Robert Eickbush Norman Petty Jean Cooper Shirley Messier Charles Hayes LeRoy Maxwell Fannie Lou Wo ten 49 Choir-Quartet Noma Balding Barbara Blair Mary Louise Brack Dale Benda Flora Lee Brown Joanne Coffey Lucille Coker Jean Cooper Russell Dickenson William Dodrill Clement Dreiling Merril Durr Carl Gafney jo Goodnough Robert Grass Tom Gatschet Elmer Goetz Francis Harman Esther Hayes Reta Jean Hubbard Elma Hueftie Lawrence Hull Paul Krause Marjorie Lebsack Erma Prior Doris Ramsey Ren aid Ramsey Eleanor Riegel Doris Robinson Evelyn Rockwell Donna Jean Samuels Irene Satterfee Wilmet Squire John Thorns Kenneth Thyfault Robert Tombaugh Betty Lowe Wanda Lowe Lavina Martindale Rebecca Mayer Marjorie Mayo Francis McGee Donna McMichael Eleanor Meyer Corinne Miller Wallace Payne Norman Petty Melba Price Dorothy Tuttle Carol Vague Virginia Van Gundy William Welch William Wilcox Elaine Williams Jerry Wilson Marion Witt Eugene Woolverton Cynthia Wooster Lynn Yantiss QUARTET 50 William Wilcox Russell Dicken son Lynn Yantiss Leroy Maxwell 51 ' he Greeks The Greeks play an important role in the day by day spectacle of college life. They offer a vivid setting for the ideals and aims of college education; they symbolize the qualities of leadership, friend¬ ship, brotherhood, and loyalty that are so vital a part of college. Working together in their quest for enjoyment, the Greek organizations form the nucleus of campus social life. Parties, formals, and other social events provide enjoyment and relaxation as well as pageantry to college. Enjoyment is not the only aspect of the Greeks, though. They are also conscious of the import¬ ance of the academic phases of college and there is keen rivalry among the different organizations for high scholastic achievement. The various sororities vie for the scholastic shield, and the fraternities take pride in maintaining a high grade point average. The Greek intramural teams are also always near the top, and actively compete for athletic honors. The rush weeks are always a scene of lively activity as each organization tries to pledge those who demonstrate the qualities of leadership and brotherhood. Each organization strives to top the other in all phases of campus activities, but the competition is friendly and when the all Greek formals come, all rivalry is forgotten. Many friendships are established as a result of Greek fellowship that will last through the years. The Greek organizations strive to build the ideals of college education through fraternal associations. They strive to build the character and the leadership necessary to face the demanding world. The Greeks play a leading role in the unfolding drama of life at Fort Hays State College. 52 Sigma Tau Gamma Orlan Carmichael. . President Hubert Nuss.. . Vice President A1 Haas .. .. Secretary Tom Ungles ...... .......... .Treasurer Mr. Charles Black more. ...... Faculty Sponsor William Shook Larry Hull Robert Schmidt James Quillen Winston Shook Pat Rogers Jack Phipps Robert Blazer Robert Johnson Ernest Hoopes Robert Stock Jack Conrad Royal Johnson Edgar McCauley Ralph Engel Reid Cechman Cecil Calvert James Hopper Alois Leiker David Roper Clarence Clark James Rupp Robert Hawes Bernard Carsten Edmund Moore John Wise Bob Smith Bill Christianson Dale Oldham Robert Pelzel Junior Gottschalk Herbert Downs Harold Gill Delmar Dey Leo Van Syoe Marvin Schwertfegi Pat Merrill Joseph Gingraux AI Billinger Walter Andros Larry Mock Ray Custer Robert Glassman Robert Riggs PLEDGES Max Shepard Robert Roth Richard Hunt 53 Kappa Sigma Kappa Alan Cafferty . Glenn Neumeyer Warren Settles. Kenny Johnston .... Walter Wallerstedt . President ...Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Sponsor ACTIVES Joe Anstine Charles Archer Connie Bamber Parian Betts Nellis Briscoe Bob Chrisensen Richard Clark Dale Combs Loren Cole Bud Furbeck Leland Heinze Roger Hendershot Ray Johnson Kenny Kauffman Pinkey King John Launchbaugh A1 Lowenthal Max Lowish Jim McVey Phil Morgan Andy Morrison Warren Peterson Paul Pfeifer Jim Reed Chuck Reiner Wilfred Roberts Jack Rodgers Herb Settles Don Slechta Wendell Stull Frank Summers Vernon Walker Clarence Zeigler Fred Dubus 54 Tau Kappa Epsilon Byron Biair .. Marion Boss. Bill Crawford . Omer Kuhn . William Hockett .... . President ..... Vice President . .......Secretary . Treasurer . Faculty Sponsor ACTIVES Irvin Franzen Sidney Bishop Paul Krause Melvin Stegman Bob Tombaugh C H. Culley Myron McKinley A W, Sutley Bill Dodrill Fred M, Deyoe Don C Patron Harold Sutley Edmond Morin Merril Durr Russell W, Pennington Warren Teasiey Jerry Eddleman M. L Ginn Rex Schropp Marvin Tomanek j- M, Archer Maurice Gleason Phil Shanline Orville Wahl Robert W, Bell Warren Kraus Bill Dolan James Colyer Sam Gorham Bob Snyder PLEDGES Dale Hearon Glen Klaurens Dale Marcy 55 Phi Sigma Epsilon Richard Welty ..... Ray Huffman. Solomon Schneider Richard Hoard . Joel Moss . . President ...Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Sponsor Tom Hunsicker Gleyn Lowe John Andree Paul Andree Dwight Bartlett Don Beamgard Rodney Beamgard Donald Chambers Olen Copper George Dennison Roger Furgason Frank Gilman Virgil Harder Don Harsh Nelson Hartman Don Hertel Phil Higgason Buddy Hull Bill Jones Vincent King Edwin Knoll Robert Loveridge Tim Mahoney Van Mellick Leo Meyers John Murphy Keith O’Connor Ronald Ramsey A1 Riedel Richard Roemer Roscoe Rorabaugh Richard Samuelson Roland Schlegel Wendell Sieling Don Strong Charles Stuppy Jim Thurman Wayne Wingo Jack Wolf Wm. Younkin Joe Jellison Don Sharpe William Guthrie Edwin Frazer 56 Phi Mu Alpha Russell Dickenson Edgar Grass . Jerry Wilson . Lynn Yantiss . Kenneth Kitchen . President Vice President . Secretary . T reasurer Faculty Sponsor ACTIVES Ruben Rudy Dewey Foss Eugene Gering Keith Meade Wallace Payne Elmer Goetz Francis Gilbert Ozella Meckel Stanley Chittenden Dale Portchy Charles Lamoreaux Robert Grass Leroy Maxwell Norman Petty Thomas Gatschet John Thorns Carl Stepp Charles Peirano Victor Herrman Ralph Ocsch Don Meade Carl Gafney Harold Sullivan Francis Harmon Bill Welch Neal McGee William Wilcox Herbert Giebler Warren Kopke Horace Jacobini 57 Inter-Fraternal Council To the Inter-Fraternal Co uncil this year fell the task of reviving fraternity life as it had been before the war. The council, more than ever before formed an agency to provide for organized pledging, rushing, initiation pro¬ cedures, intrafraternal athletics and social activities. During the year a new constitution was written and approved by the council. Though concerned with the prob¬ lem of establishing rules and procedures for the organization, it also worked with the PanheJlenic council in spon¬ soring and organizing the all Greek formals which were held each semester. Membership of the council is composed of two representatives from each of the fraternities. The officers of the organization are chosen from the active membership. A1 Riedel w r as president of the council the first semeter, and Robert Johnson served as president the last semester. 58 Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council, under the leadership of Gladys Schreiber, has done much toward uniting the various so¬ rorities for concerted action. This council makes rules concerning pledging, rushing, the activity weeks, and active services Since its organization, the council has done much to promote friendliness among the sororities. This year the Panhellenic Council cooperated with the in ter-Fraternal council in sponsoring the all Greek formats It also sponsored the Panhellenic tea. The officers of the organization are chosen on a rotational basis. This year an Alpha was president, a Delta was secretary, and a Tri Sig was treasurer. Rita Stramel represented the Deltas and Normal Ann Campbell was the Tri I i 11 i 1 ' . Sig representative Miss Mae Paul is faculty sponsor for the Panhellenic Council. 59 Alpha Sigma Alpha Betty Lee Hall ... Gladys Schreiber Carmelita Singe! Ruth Ann Biehler Miss Leona Robl . President .Vice President . Secretary . . Treasurer Faculty Sponsor Eleanor Meyer Gwen Morrissey Louise Stillwell Jo Monsen ACTIVES Lois Bell Verlene Carmichael Barbara Jean Conger Delores Griffing Mary Lee James Margaret Muir Blanche Buck Gloria Buck Pledges Bertina Johnson Lois Percivai Shirley Tharp Ida Jo Watkins 60 Theta Sigma Upsilon Mary Alice Easgall Ruth Freshour . Mildred Riggs . Betty Deutscher .... Mrs. Edna Coder ... . President ...Vice President ... Secretary . Treasurer ..Faculty Sponsor June Bissing Mary Alice Clark Florence Dieu Louise Finch Martha Flora Bernice Haas Evadna Flora Virginia Oshant ACTIVES Mary Ann Gingraux Erma Lee Krumery Donna McMichael Betty Orten Rachel Oshant Ruth Riggs Pledges Jean Steinle Ruby Lou Tickel Betty Jean Tickel Aileen Brackett Joanne Hageman Jean Munson Lois Jean Rhodes Bertha Weilert Norma Weber Edith Wilson 61 Sigma Sigma Sigma Clara Rahjes .. Carol Banister . Dorothy Harris . Rosemary Duncker Miss Alice Beesley. .. President .... . ..Vice President Recording Secretary .. Treasurer . .Faculty Sponsor ACTIVES 62 Norma Ann Campbell Margaret Earnist Doris Rahjes Ramsey Norma Lea Bishop Beulah Gallion Delta Sigma Epsilon Betty Lowe . President Cynthia Wooster . Vice President Vera Cathcart . Secretary Georgia Wolfram. Treasurer Miss Mary McCormick. Faculty Sponsor ACTIVES Jo Ann Chadwick Doris Peirano Lamoreux Rita Stramel Mary Lou Fellers Virginia Pratt Johnson Dorothy Tuttle Dorothy Galloway Betty Lou Read Marion Witt Mary Jane Kitchen Maxa Rorabaugh Mary Louise Brack Lorene McKee Donna Jean Samuel Mary Alice Brown Rozanne McKee Cechman Orva Jean Scheuer- Joanne Coffey Virginia Millen man Wolfe Audrey Lee Field Corinne Miller Betty Jean Schmutz Sarah Mae Fort Darlene Nelson Thurman Jean Steeples PLEDGES Joyce Hewitt Phyllis Stanley Wanda Lee Lowe Helen Marie Verhoeff Mae Spencer Donna Jean Francis Jeanne Gatschet La verne Toepfer Marguerite La Rue Marjorie Lebsack Betty Marshall Ruth Shook Jean Warner 63 Sigma Alpha lota June Welty . Irene Satterlee Lorene McKee . Donna Jean Myerly Miss Lucille Felten.. . President Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Sponsor ACTIVES Jo Goodnough Barbara Blair Jean Kenyon Esther Hayes Eleanor Riegel Evelyn Rockwell Melba Price Elaine Williams Elma Hueftle Noreen Dreiling Lucille Coker Flora Lee Brown Yvonne Ruder Rozanne Cechman Marjorie Lebsack Lavina Martindale Lucy Tholen Reta Jean Hubbard Harriet Klenk Jean Cooper 64 65 66 Homecoming QUEEN BETTY LOWE Princess Rita Stramd KING RICHARD SAMUELSON Prince William Shook 67 5f , k vC b V y 7 i K Club The K Club, one of the old¬ est organizations on the cam¬ pus, is composed of athletes who have won at least one let¬ ter in a major sport during their college careers. All pledges must undergo a rigorous initia¬ tion service to become an ac¬ tive member. Dressed in typi¬ cal sweater and jean attire of H ' bobby sockets; 1 K Club pledges presented an amusing spectacle this year, K Club sponsored an all school varsity, and a Dogpatch style dance. At the Dogpatch dance money prizes were given to the couple with the most authentic Dogpatch costumes. With Joe Jellison as presi¬ dent and many of the old mem¬ bers back, the K Club has re¬ gained the important position it enjoyed before the w F ar. Pep Committee The Pep Committee, under the leadership of Barney Boss, has done much toward improving school spirit this year. Taking charge of pep rallies and helping supervise the all school varsities, this organization has helped bring back that old Tiger enthusiasm. 68 Miss Mae Paul, faculty sponsor, also deserves much credit for the success of this committee. Tigerettes The black and gold sweaters of the Tigerettes are a familiar sight at any athletic event. Whether Fort Hays is winning or losing, the Tigerettes are al¬ ways there cheering. Under the leadership of Doris Lamoreux, these pepsters have played an important part in Tiger suc¬ cesses. The Tigerettes assisted in the Homecoming activities by di¬ recting the parade bands to their seating places in the sta¬ dium, cheering, and working in the concessions at the game. They also provided refresh¬ ments at many of the other home games to raise funds for new uniforms for the group. Membership in this organi¬ zation is limited to forty girls, and new members are admitted on a quota system from each dormitory, sorority, and from the student body at large. Cheerleaders Leading the cheering sections, the cheerleaders have helped encourage the Tigers on to success. The cheer¬ leaders were elected by the student body after each candidate had demonstrated his ability in an all school assembly. 69 - The Fort Hays State Tigers, after a lapse of four years during the war, resumed football play in the 1946 season under the tutelage of Head Coach Ralph ’ Red” Huffman. With the largest number of men to report for football in the history of the school, only twelve lettermen were among the team candidates. While it was a promising squad, the Tigers were out¬ weighed in most of their contests and greatly handi¬ capped by lack of experience; nevertheless, they fin¬ ished in a fourth place tie with Washburn in the C. I. C. standings. Fort Hays States conference record was: one victory, two tie games, and two defeats. With no captain being elected, the following six men served as acting captains in the various games of the season: Joe Jellison, Paul Andree, Wendell Stull, Ray Huffman, Harold Van Pelt, and Keith O’Connor. Two Fort Hays State seniors, Harold Van Pelt and Ray Huffman, were honored at the close of the season by being selected to play on the Kansas college all- Tiger 70 Football star team against a team of all-star Missouri college players in the MoKan Bowl game in Kansas City, Mis¬ souri. Joe Jellison, outstanding Tiger lineman, was selected as tackle on the all-conference team, and Paul Andree and Rex Marxmiller were placed on the all-conference second team. Honorable mention in all-conference rating was given to Tiger players Harry Johnston, Kenneth Guthrie, Wendell Stull, Roger Wentz, Vin¬ cent King, Jack Hague, and Ray Huffman. Though not pictured above, George Pfeifer received a letter. Hays . . 14 Kansas Wesleyan ... ... 0 Hays . . 0 Colorado College ... ... 15 Hays . . 0 Southwestern . ... 12 Hays . . 0 Pittsburg. ... 0 Hays . . 7 St. Benedicts. ... 14 Hays . 25 Emporia . ... 6 Hays . . 20 Washburn . ... 20 Hays . . 14 Colo. School of Mines 35 71 Tiger Looking back over the season we find that the Tigers split their con¬ ference play with five wins and five losses while they won six of their nine-conference games. The three games the Tigers lost were one to Kansas State and two to the Greeley Colorado Teachers. Both of these teams had basketball during the war and had the odds on the Tigers in that respect. Only one home game was lost by the Tigers and that one was by one point, 56-57, to the conference champs, Emporia State. The Tigers rec¬ ord on the road was not so favorable, however, as they won only two games, these from Pittsburg and Kansas Wesleyan. St. Benedicts received their worst beating of the season at the hands of the Tigers at Hays. The Tigers hit their peak and left the Ravens on the short end of a 81-54 score. In the first game of the season the Tigers crushed Friends Univer¬ sity by an 80-30 score to nearly equal the St Benedicts beating. The season as a whole has been successful. The Tigers tied with Washburn for second place in the C. I. C., and with all but one member of the squad returning, we are looking forward to an even more suc¬ cessful season next year. Cade Suran’s handling of the Tiger team has raised high hopes for the coming season. Warren Settles, center, was chosen for the all conference basketball team by a unanimous vote of all the coaches. He was the only member 72 t? , Basketball of the team who received such an honor. Al Billinger and Sammy Samuelson of the Tigers were given honorable mention and both will be back next year. CONFERENCE Hays .. . 63 Washburn . .. 47 Hays ... . 52 Southwestern.. . 50 Hays . . 47 Washburn . .. 64 Hays .. . 40 St. Benedicts .... . 51 Hays . .. 37 Southwestern. . 44 Hays .. .. 66 Pittsburg .. . 52 Hays . . 56 Emporia ...... . 57 Hays .. . 81 St. Benedicts .... . 54 Hays ...-- . 63 Pittsburg ... .. 58 NONCONFERENCE Hays ... ... 80 Friends University . . 30 Hays . ........ ... . 40 Kansas State .. . 48 Hays . . 73 Kearney Teachers . . 48 Hays . .. 64 Hawiian All Stars .. . 42 Hays . . 67 Kansas Wesleyan ..... .. 31 Hays .. .... . 77 Bethany... . 54 73 Swimming, dancing, volleyball, ping pong, hit-pin baseball, basketball—these are only a few of the variety of sports engaged in by our lady Tigers. From the " put your little foot” routine to the advanced interpretative orchesis, the girls find emphasis placed on grace and poise. It s not all work and no play, for with swimming, spash parties In duck dub, intramurals, and hit pin tournaments in WAA, the girls have ample opportunity for friendly competition and fun. 74 75 Residence Hall Typical evenings around the piano with the usual amount of bad harmony, fellows huddled in one corner trying to study, friendly horseplay, the com¬ mon ‘ bull sessions ' all these add a part to the life at Resi¬ dence Hall. Under the super¬ vision of " Mom " and ' Pop " Settles, the year’s activities have been friendly and enjoyable. In spite of habitual financial embarrassment, the Dormitory managed to decorate for Christ¬ mas and cooperate with the Sta¬ dium in sponsoring a barn dance. Bill Jones was president for the first semester and Warren Peterson was president the last semester. 76 Stadium The Lewis Field Stadium is always a beehive of activity; Ping pong, house cleaning, bed making, and last but not least, studying, all have their place in life at the Stadium. Under the direction of Dale Marcy, Lewis Field has engaged in a multiplicity of activities. Having a strong intramural team, entering in the Home coming parade, and working with Residence Hall in spon¬ soring a barn dance, life has not been dull for the men who live there. An atmosphere of friend¬ liness prevails everywhere, and many friendships are formed that will last long after college days are over. 77 Wesley Hall They say home is where the heart is, and Mother Bowers has certainly made Wesley Hall worthy of that title. Watching over her forty-five girls, she en¬ forces quiet hours for study and yet sees that friendships are formed, confidences are shared, and that plenty of laughter mark each daily round of ac¬ tivity. As well as monthly house meetings, the girls and their dates this year enjoyed the an¬ nual scavenger hunt, a " June in December formal, " and a March dinner party, all capably direct¬ ed by Elinor Brining, Presi¬ dent, Betty Lee Hail, Vice President, and Dorothy Harris, Secretary -T reasu rer. in Custer Hal Custer Hall, well protected from wolves by Big Creek and the Custer Hall bridge, is home to the girls who live there. Mrs. Gladys Stewart and Mrs, Dora Ringer, hou semothers, keep peace and quiet reigning over rhe dormitory, which will ac¬ commodate eighty-eight girls. Law and order was kept by floor representatives under the direc¬ tion of President Erma Prior, Vice President Carol Barry, Sec¬ retary Vera Cathcart, and Treas¬ urer Ruth Ann Biehler for the fall semester. With the coming of the spring semester Evelyn Rockwell was elected president; Ruth Ann Biehler vice presi¬ dent; Lois Bell secretary; and Mary Helen Heick treasurer, Custer Hall held open house during Fort Hays homecoming week and many visitors attended the tea which was held at that time. The spring formal was the high light of the year with several informal parties being held during the early semester. 79 Lewis Field The Lewis Field of today presents quite a contrast to what it looked like in the early stages of its development. Under the guidance of Dr. Moreland, Lewis Field has gradually moved forward in spite of the many difficulties. Tihe above picture of " Splinter Village,’ shows the latest housing additions. These new buildings for veterans and their families, contain sixty-three apartments w T hich were built and furnished by the government and are under the supervision of the Federal Housing Authority. This latest addition makes the Lewis Field of today a small city in itself. Congratulations are due Dr. Moreland for a job well done. 80 MARKWELL’S Typewriters School Supplies Books Playing Cards Stationery Office Supplies Note Books Loose Leaf Ledgers Fountain Pens Loose Leaf Ring Books Athletic Supplies Filing Cabinets Art Supplies Leather Goods MARKWELL BOOK STORE PHONE 96 1010 MAIN 81 FOR Hays Building PROMPT REPAIR and SERVICE Loan Association ★ ★ ★ BASGALL SYTSMA “Save and In vest” ★ ★ ★ Calf 652.. Hays, Kansas Hays, Kansas Phone 38 SUPERB DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDRY KESSLER ' S Pickup and Delivery Phone 412 126 West 9th WALBURN ' S COLLEGE GROCERY “The Best In Quality Foods Always” MR. AND MRS. WALBURN, Owners 507 West 8th Phone 404 82 !xi; It ' s great to get tired; more fun to relax with a frosty-cold, spar¬ kling, nippy-tart Dr. Pepper! How good it tastes l Within mo¬ ments, you feel fresh and chipper. The flavor is unique; never mo¬ notonous. A dependa¬ ble, steady standby any time you ' re hungry, thirsty or tired. .. ■ ■ fc . ■ ■ THIRSTY TIRED AT 10-2 4 O ' CLOCK or Any Time You ' re HUNGRY 83 Swpiaved Colorado Engraving Company 515 N. SANTA FE AVE. PUEBLO, COLORADO 84 FOOD THAT PLEASES GRASS BROS. Phone 4 Hays, Kansas 235 West 10th For Your Mealtime Pleasure Eat At NICK ' S PLACE OPEN NIGHT AND DAY Full Course Meals or Short Orders Home-Made Chili and Pies At Popular Prices 1006 Main Hays, Kansas HOME OF KREAM KRUST BREAD ★ ★ ★ BILLINGERS BAKERY Pies, Rolls and Cakes ★ ★ ★ Phone 640 Hays 85 CENTRAL POWER COMPANY THE HAYS DAILY NEWS “Northwest Kansas Largest Daily Newspaper” LOCAL-NATIONAL and WORLD-WIDE NEWS PHONE 67 MARLENE DRESSES SWANSDOWN SUITS AND COATS I 108 Main For Everyone s Favorite! THE Hays City Drug Store “The Corner Drug Store ” 1013 Main Phone 348 Hays, Kansas 1 107 Main Sclte te i l Hays, Kansas 1 109 Main Complete Stock of Ladies ' Ready to Wear Shoes tor Men, Women and Children Millinery and Accessories WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS H. B. LAMER, Vice-President A. W. STEDHAM, President 87 • SHOP THE EASY WAY, PHONE 837 “The Biggest Store In Town” Montgomery Ward Catalog Office We Appreciate Your Patronage 114 West I Ith Hays, Kansas ABBIE ' S CAFE " Where Hays Eats " A. E. SHERRILL, Prop. Phone 1378 706 Main 88 GO TO THE MASTER CLEANERS FOR QUICK, DEPENDABLE SERVICE! PHONE 12 127 WEST I0TH 89 SCHWALLER LUMBER CO. Westinghouse Appliances, Building Material Hardware, Paint, Coal and Wallpaper CALL 92 900 MAIN FOR EXPERT RADIO SERVICE, SEE Ned Warren RADIO SERVICE DEPT. THE HAYS MUSIC CO. PHONE 1215 FOR YOUR RELAXATION SWIM and DANCE AT THE HAYS MUNICIPAL POOL OZZIE MECKEL, Mgr. 90 HURST MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH Sales and Service HIGGINS CAMP TRAILERS PHONE 1169 129-131 WEST 8TH THE HAYS MUSIC COMPANY V. M. MECKEL The Music Headquarters of Western Kansas 714 MAIN ST. PHONE 1215 LEADERS IN STYLE ★ ★ ★ Come In, Browse Around— The Welcome Sign Is Always Out! HAVENERS MEN ' S AND BOYS ' CLOTHING 91 92 OLDHAMS MOTOR SERVICE SERVICE IS OUR MOTTO Phone 335 1108 Oak Schlegel Shoe Service SHOE REPAIRING FANCY LEATHER GOODS SADDLES and HARNESS I 13 W. 10th Hays, Kansas JEP ' S SUPER SERVICE STATION 24-Hour Service MODERN EFFICIENT PHONE 400 1300 MAIN 93 J j t f ' J - TV L Jb | «Py r J , 1 DRY GOODS SHOES J. C. Penney Co. Men ' s, Boys ' , Women’s, Misses ' Clothing 94 BEN F. DREILING MOTOR SALES BUICK AND PONTIAC PHONE 192 HAYS, KANSAS WEITZEL EQUIPMENT CO. McCormick-Deering Parts and Repairs Farm Implements and Tractors INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS —SALES AND SERVICE Phone 156 219 E. 8th FOR GOOD FOOD! Eat Where the Stu dents Meet To Eat THE ELITE CAFE " The Cate With Home-Cooked Meals " COURTEOUS HELP LOW PRICES 109 West 10th MR. AND MRS. JOHN SAHLI PHONE 525 Proprietors 95 FOX STRAND THEATER We Play the Best and Leave the Rest COMFORTABLE SEATS AIR CONDITIONED TWENTER MOTOR CO. Inc. “ There ' s a Ford In Your Future PHONE 824 HAYS, KANSAS 96 Dealers of CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE Q F 2o44XjUUn MOTOR SALES MECHANIZED AND BODY REPAIR WORK CARS NEW and USED PHONE 474 120 WEST I2TH DUCKWALL ' S 5 CENTS TO $1.00 STORE THE STORE OF QUALITY, SERVICE, AND PRICE 97 KOBLER SUPER SERVICE . RAY L. KOBLER 7th and Main Street—Telephone 1367 Tires HAYS, KANSAS Batteries GAMBLES The Bell Dress Shop ♦ • • The Friendly Store, Ladies ' Ready-+o-Wear and Where Cash Buys More! Millinery Phone 78 1 IS West 1 l+S • • ♦ Phone 264 Hays, Kansas For Your Convenience MODERN HOTEL AND CAFE FACILITIES For Reservation—Call 450 Henry Fishery—Walter Ross 701 Main Proprietors THE BRUNSWICK HOTEL 9S REMEMBER THE WORLD IS SWELL! WHEN YOU HAVE SECURITY, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS INVEST IN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT AT THE FARMERS STATE BANK Capital and Surplus $175,000 99 ALWAYS REMEMBER: “If You Take Care of the YANKEE DOLLAR —The YANKEE DOLLAR Will Take Care of You” 327 EAST 8TH FOR APPRECIATIVE SERVICE THE FORT HAYS PHARMACY SODA FOUNTAIN — DRUGS — MAGAZINES PHONE 858 1101 MAIN The Magnavox Modern Sym¬ phony “ Produced in White Oak and Mahogany — Record Cabinets Optional Equipment. Hays Hardware and Electric YOUR MERCHANDISE MART Just North of the Post Office HAYS, KANSAS " BANK BORROWING IS BEST " THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HAYS A GROWING BANK WHICH HAS SERVED FAITHFULLY SINCE 1888 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 101 REMEMBER For Flowers Corsages Bouquets Novelties BAXTER ' S FLOWER SHOP “Say It With Flowers” 705 Main Phone 130 Keepsake ' matched ring sets FOR tJ-let FOR DIM... Keepsake Matched Wedding Ring Sets, for the customary double ring ceremony. Sculptured in perfect taste, these precious circlets will be I if ' time symbols of your happy wedding day. All riPflt illustrated available m white as wall os natural gold flings enlarged fp show derails Price include Federal ta Keepsake NOBLE Matching Wedding Pmgi 20 00 and 10.00 Keepsake REGINA Matching Wedding Pings 15.00 and 10.00 THOLEN JEWELRY COMPANY 804 MAIN ST. HAYS, KANSAS AUTHORIZED KEEPSAKE DEALER 102 HARKNESS PHARMACY IN HAYS OVER 30 YEARS The Choicest In DRUGS, CANDIES AND TOILET ARTICLES MAGAZINES ... ICE CREAM PHONE 76 715 MAIN Attend the STAR THEATER REGULARLY MOVIES ARE YOUR BEST ENTERTAINMENT 103 ,y o op ' . ion 0 fo oo py Phone 152 107 West 10 WIESNER ' S “The Place Where You Feel At Home ” Ladies Ready-tcrWear and An Outstanding Basement Department DRY GOODS GROCERIES HAYS KANSAS 104 IN KANSAS P. T. AIR SERVICE, Inc. Government Approved Flying School MUNICIPAL AIRPORT—HAYS May Havemann, Pres. W. C. Wann, Vice-Pres. H. Havemann, Secy.-Treas. Serving the Public Since 1876 With Good Quality Materials and Coal THE TREAT-SHAFFER LUMBER CO. H. HAVEMANN, Mgr. Headquarters For Pratt and Lambert Paints HAYS 208 W. 9TH KANSAS 105 HAVE YOUR PRESCRIPTION COMPOUNDED AT THE A.B.C. DRUG COMPANY THE REXALL STORE MENS TOILETRIES STAG COURTLEY OLD SPICE SPORTSMAN YARDLEY WOMENS TOILETRIES TUSSY CHEN YU REVLON CARA NOME PRIMROSE HOUSE SEND HALLMARK GREETING CARDS PHONE 80 EKEY STUDIO FINEST OF PHOTOS PORTRAITS, COMMERCIAL COPIES, KODAK FINISHING AND FRAMING ANSCO DEALERS PHONE 669 One-half Mile on 13th Street 106 GEO. PHILIP SON DEALERS IN HARDWARE PAINT BRUSHES, PAINTS and GLASS GUNS and AMMUNITION TOOLS and CUTLERY PHONE 53 EIGHTH and MAIN HAYS, KANSAS 107 FOR GOOD FOODS and a COLLEGE ATMOSPHERE THE COLLEGE INN THE HAYS CREAMERY and ICE CO. Manufacturers of PIERE CRYSTAL ICE ICE CREAM NOVELTIES KINGS KWALITY ICE CREAM PHONE 484 310 EAST NTH HAYS, KANSAS 108 Ask Your Grocer for ENRICHED SEMOLINO FLOUR “A Western Kansas Product” THE HAYS CITY FLOUR MILLS When You Buy, Buy Hudson! RAFFERTY MOTOR CO. SALES AND SERVICE Hudson All-Service Garage PHONE 226 129 EAST NTH 109 THE BEST Bendix Home Laundry IN H RELIABLE The One-and-Only Bendix Washes, Rinses and SERVICE! Damp Dries Your Clothes All Automatically ☆ eMame fyuAsiitufie Gatnfia+uf, GEO. J. GOTTSCHALK, Mgr. FELTEN ' S TRANSFER " The Philco Store " AND PHONE 216 800 MAIN WAREHOUSE PHONE 284 309 WEST 15TH TRUCK LINES ☆ The function of the Chamber of Commerce is to boost the community in all worthwhile Daily Service activities and create in the public mind the Local best possible picture of the importance and usefulness of this community, safeguarding it and from those who would prey upon the un¬ Kansas City suspecting, and to surround it with all the to influences possible to the end that this com¬ Colby munity will be a better place in which to live. PHONE 96 HAYS Hays Chamber Of Commerce 110 Better Haircuts at the BROWN BARBER SHOP 713 Main Hays, Kansas SAVE! AT BASGALL ' S GROCERY High Quality and Low Prices DELIVERY Phone 25 1100 Main Good Food Made Better by Careful Preparation THE EL CHARRO CAFE A. M. " PETE " DOTSON, Mgr. BAR-B-Q MEATS—CHOPS—SPECIAL STEAKS CHICKEN-IN-THE-ROUGH PHONE 77 We Make Reservations for Special Occasions COLLEGE SWEET SHOP TRY OUR MALTS ICED DRINKS ICE CREAM “Just Off the Campus” PHONE 90 HAYS, KANSAS in COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS SHEAFFER—WATERMAN—ESTERBROOK ZIPPER NOTEBOOKS GREETING CARDS PERSONALIZED STATIONERY SPALDING SPORTING GOODS CAMPUS BOOK STORE - - BERT E. BERGLAND = Your College Store PHONE 30 509 WEST 7TH LOOKING BACKWARD... . . . over the years events, we almost find ourselves regretting that it is all over. It was a good year, and one we will not soon forget. The parties, picnics, dances, and the many friendships will not be forgotten. Since the first day, when the old timers stood marvelling at the number of fresh¬ men enrolling, Fort Hays State has been a busy place. In our memory books there will be many pages from the past year—the hours spent on the steps of Wesley and Custer, busy nights in the library, the Homecoming activities, the Greek formals. These are a few of the things which shall be remembered of Fort Hays. With the usual senior nostalgia, the usual farewells and " see you next year " prom¬ ises, another year draws to a close. There is a big crowd at the bus station and depot, a bedlam of cars and students, and then with a last glance backward, another year is over. 112 Mi

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