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Text from Pages 1 - 94 of the 1946 volume:

N 3 VtJll Dedication We affectionately dedicate the 1946 Reveille to Wally, our untiring favorite printer whose ready wit and understanding nature mark him a campus favorite. His " personality-plus " makes the printshop a focal point of activities. Long after all other offices are closed, students with weighty problems—everything from date to last minute invita¬ tions—come seeking sympathetic guidance. Efficiency, cooperation and hard work has earned for W. A. Wallerstedt prominence among Fort Hays State faculty. 4 wA n n nn , n WW| })flj IN MENORIAM Zo oleformer j at en i o . Zor . Y a i. J an4tz4 . Z a e Oo Ze e, ai oiefio r o tim, ua or, ant t e tZy- efoet tto ent t to war, wefi et ye ourie ei o ft reserve mole tt ea i or to tc Ze pave etr a . J etr namel ant acel are mer imaael a ton e wri en ftaye, a m oar lear i eir 4mt ei -- etr yree tnyi an Ze tm irin et j brever. , Ze? j ia Z no Ze j br o Zen. Ze Z bfat enZi ’A 6 John Beckner Colby Student 1940 Killed in action Mediterranean 194 3 Gi en A. Chalk Wa Keeney Student 1941 Misting in action Burma-India 1944 Neal Chesney N acoma Student 1942 Killed in action Luzon 1945 Russell E. Clark H ays Student 1939 41 Missing in action India 1944 Mark R. Cleland Oberlin Student 1939-41 Missing in action Pacific 1944 M. J. Combest Ransom Student 1941-42 Missing in action Germany 1944 Clayton C. Doane W oods ton Student 1942-43 Killed in action Germany 19 ' 5 Keith h. Fedde J ewell Student 1936-40 Killed line of duty South Carolina 1942 Robert D. Fittell B eloit Student 194 1 Missing in action Yugoslavia 1944 Harlan B. Foster G eneseo Student 1942 Killed line of duty Corpus Chrisci 1943 T. S. Freeman B rewster A.B. 1930 Killed in action South Pacific 1943 Frank T. Gengler O sborne A.B. 1942 Killed in action Germany 1944 F. B. GEREN Claflin B.S. 1942 Killed in action Philippines 1945 D. Max Gregory O sborne Student 1941-43 Killed in action Ryukyu Islands 1945 John N. Hatcher P lains B.S. 1943 Killed in action Pelclieu Is. 1944 Joe L. Houser Columbus Student 1938-40 Killed in action Germany 1944 H. Van Hoover M acksvillc Student 1942 Killed line of duty Alliance, Ncbr. 1943 W. A. Humbird Agenda Student 1940-42 Killed in action France 1944 Leland L. Jamison Q uinter Student 1939 Killed line of duty Lajunta, Colo. 1943 Charles E. Jones Hill City Student 1937-38 Killed in action Germany 19-»» John H. Keeler J ewell Student 1939 41 Missing in action South Pacific 1944 Bob Kennedv Scott City Student 194? Killed m action Pacific 1943 Wayne F. Kobler P cnokec Student 1939-42 Killed in action Saipan 1944 C. W. (Winnie) Kobler Penokce A.B. 1942 Missing in action Guam 1045 Harold J. Kuhn H anston Student 1940-4 1 Killed in action ETO 1944 David M. Markel H ays Student 1931 Killed in action South Pacific 1943 Herbert O. Meuli A bilene B.S. 1939 Missing in action Bremen. Germany 1943 J. M. ( Jack) Owens H ays Student 1943 Killed in action Germany 1944 Francis H. Paronto W aKeeney Student 1938-41 Killed in action South Pacific 1943 H. E. Rasmussen Jetmorc Student 1942 Killed line of duty Yuma. Ariz. 1943 HERBERT L. Seyfrit C oldwater B.S. 1938 Killed line of duty Gardner. Ks. 1942 Lloyd Sidener Ada B.S. 1941 Killed line of duty Pensacola Fla. 1942 Alvin St abb Hqvs B.S. 1940 Killed in action Pearl Harbor 1944 Victor Tompkins B vers A.B. 1941 Killed line of duty California 1943 Chester Walter D owns Student 1939-43 Killed line of duty Oklahoma 1943 Kenneth L. Wells Hays B.S. 1937 Killed in action Burma 1944 John Will ' Oxon C bcrlin A.B. 1938 Killed in action New Guinea 1943 Glenn L. Worrell S tamford, Ncbr. Student 1940-41 Killed in action Kula Gulf 1943 Pictures of the following men could not be obtained. I!. R. ANDERSON Rolla Student 1939 4 1 K died in a f ' on Germany 1944 ANDREW D. BAHL Hays B.S. 1942 K died in action Germany 1944 Gi.en Bowie Hanston Student 1938-39 Killed tn action Okinawa 1945 W. C. Dutton Hays Student 1939 Killed in action Solomons 1942 Paul Enright Hays Student 1932 33 Killed in action Italy 1944 Eugene R. Harper B arnard Student 194 1 Killed in action ETO 1944 Owen A. Hawver Stafford Student 1935 Killed in action New Guinea 1943 James R. Herman Hill City Student 1940-41 Killed in action Souht Pacific 1044 Francis J. Lovht McCracken Student 1935 Killed in action Franc? 1944 E. Mackenzie Oberlin B.S. 1931 Killed in action China Coast 1945 McArthur Prater Norton Student 1939 Killed in action France 1944 B. D. Rhodabarger R ussell Student 1942 Killed in action Germany 1944 Carl W. Rogg Russell Student 1935-36 Killed line of duty India 1945 Gayle W. Russell E llis Student 1942 Killed in action Germany 1945 W. H. SHIPLEY Ncodcsha Student 1940-41 Killed in action 1944 William Varner Nortonvillc Student 194 1 Killed in action Sicily 194 3 V. E. WAELDIN Hoisington B.S. 1939 Missing in action Japan 1945 7 . 1 a 5[ l M - Ji Left to right: E. R. McCARTNEY, Dean and Professor of Economics; STANDLEE V. DALTON, Registrar and Assistant Professor of Botany; IRVINE F. WILSON, Bursar and Assistant Professor of Business Administration; MISS RUBY COX, Advisor to Women; WILLIAM D. MORELAND, Advisor to Men and Professor of Political Science and Sociology. 11 Top Row: Elizabeth J. Agnew, Dean Emeritus of Women. Fred Albertson, Professor of Botany, Chairman of Graduate Division. Elizabeth Barbour, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Maurine E. Bergland, Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Alice F. Beesley, Professor of Home Economics. Charles H. Brooks, Assistant Professor Emeritus of Language. Second Row: Doyle K. Brooks, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics. Raymond U. Brooks, Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts; Superintendent of Buildings. Hugh Burnett, Assistant Professor of Political Science; Director of Extension. Grace Card, Assistant Professor of Health. Harold Choguill, Assistant Professor of Chem¬ istry. Vernon T. Clover, Assistant Professor of Economics. Third Row: Edna Coder, Assistant Professor of English. Ralph Coder, Assistant Professor of English. E. E. Colyer, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics. Edwin Davis, Professor of Industrial Arts. Gaynelle Davis, Assistant Professor of Education. Drew A. Dobosh, Assistant Professor of Art. Fourth Row: Lucille E. Felten, Assistant Professor of Music. Emma Golden, Assistant Professor of Language. Maude I. Gorham, Assistant Professor of Psychology. Paul B. Gross, Associate Professor of Physical Education. Modesto Jacobini, Professor of Language. Wendell Kellogg, Assistant Professor of English and Journalism. Fifth Row: John H. Krenkel, Assistant Professor of History. Carl Malmberg, Associate Professor of Music. Everett Marshall, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Rosella M. McCarroll, Assistant Professor of Education. Mary E. McCormick, Instructor in Home Economics. Clarabelle McDermand, Instructor in Business Administration. Top Row: Margaret P. McGimsey, Assistant Librarian, Myrta E. McGinnis, Professor of English. Robert T. McGath, Professor of Education. Maude McMindes, Associate Professor of Education. Helen Maaser, Assistant Professor of Music. Ruth Musil, Instructor of Music. Second Row: Mary Mae Paul, Assistant Professor of Education. Jessie B. Pearce, Assistant Professor of Health. Roy Rankin, Professor of Chemistry. H. B. Reed, Professor of Psychol¬ ogy. Andrew Riegel, Assistant Professor of Botany. George M. Robertson, Professor of Zoology. Third Row: Leona Robl, Assistant Librarian. James E. Rouse, Professor of Agriculture. Lester J. Schmutz, Assistant Professor of Agriculture. Clarice E. Short, Associate Professor of English. Dorothy E. Spencer, Assistant Librarian. James R. Start, Professor of Speech. Fourth Row: George Sternberg, Curator of Museum. F. B. Streeter, Professor of Library Science; Librarian. Robert M. Taylor, Professor of Music. Leo C. Thomas, Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Administra¬ tion. Leonard W. Thompson, Professor of Economics and Business Administration. Inez Torrey, College Nurse. Fifth Row: Margaret van Ackeren, Assistant Librarian. Mabel Vandiver. Professor of Art. Walter Wallerstedt, Instructor in Printing. T. W. Wells, Assistant Professor of English. R. L. Welty, Professor of History. C. F. Wiest, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy. Sixth Row: Harvey A. Zinszer, Professor of Physics and Astronomy. Not pictured are Geneva Millett, Assis¬ tant Professor of Physical Education; Charles P. Blackmore, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Sociology; George Heather, Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Administration. Administrative Assistants Although not all of the college assistants are pictured, they deserve recognition for the help they give the stu¬ dents and the aid they offer to the college. Those above are Cora Bibens, secretary to the president; Elaine Faught, secretary, Business Office; Cleta Lesh, secretary, Extension Office; Ethel Artman, secretary, Placement Bureau; Mrs. Dollie Thomas, secretary to the dean; Frances Egger, cafeteria manager; Mrs. Mabel Hopkins, secretary, Registrar’s Office; Mrs. Dora Ringer, social director of Custer Hall; and Eva Hedges, secretary, Correspondence Office. Not pictured are Mrs. Nita Landrum, Alumni secretary; Jo Meier, cashier, Business Office. 14 cr- d c n AciHAutieb The 1945-1946 Tiger quintet wheih started most of the season ' s games are. from left to right: Al Riedel, Marvin Behnke. Cecil Calvert, Wayne Wingo. Roger Furgason. Coach " Busch” Gross, center. Basketball Ozzi Meckel and Norman Reinking, World War II veterans, enrolled in the second semester in time to participate in four games and earn their letters in basketball this year. 16 1945-46 BASKETBALL SEASON SCHEDULE Fort Hays State 65 Bethany 32 Fort Hays State 56 McPherson 40 Fort Hays State 44 St. Benedict ' s 33 Fort Hays State 49 Kearney Teachers 33 Fort Hays State 60 Central College, McPherson 39 Fort Hays State 37 Hutchinson Naval Air Station 47 Fort Hays State 28 Washburn 52 Fort Hays State 33 Washburn 44 Fort Hays State 32 Pittsburg 52 Fort Hays State 45 Hutchinson Naval Air Station 47 Fort Hays State 43 McPherson 36 Fort Hays State 37 Emporia 49 Fort Hays State 44 Bethany 30 Fort Hays State 35 Emporia 39 Fort Hays State 50 St. Benedict’s 34 Fort Hays State 53 Pittsburg 33 Conference Games The men of this year’s Tiger team who met the qualifications of the athletic board and were awarded letters for their participation in basketball are Marvin Behnke, A1 Riedel, Wayne Wingo, Cecil Calvert, Roger Furgason, Nor¬ man Reinking, Ozie Meckel, Nelson Hartman, and Don Livingston. The picture below shows Coach Paul " Busch” Gross, and his 1945-1 946 basketball squad. Standing, left to right, are Coach Gross, Wendell Stull. Robert " Slup " Pelzel, Wayne Wingo, Cecil Calvert, Carl Wiklund, Donnie Livingston. Seated: Roger Furgason, A1 Riedel, Marvin Behnke, Nelson Hartman, Ray Gottschalk. Not pictured arc Ozie Meckel, Norman Reinking, and James Thurman. 17 Campus Glamazons . r - --- y S ■TT| Intramural tournaments of all kinds sponsored by the W.A.A. afford plenty of opportunity for activity tor all the girls on the campus. Hit pin, volley ball, and ping pong are a few of the sports in which unusual skills were displayed by organized campus groups and independents. At the beginning of the fall semester the W.A.A. sponsored a " get-acquainted " fun fest which was enjoyed by returning students as well as newcomers. Members of W.A.A. are given an opportunity to earn individual awards. By a special point system a designated amount of credit is given for engaging in various activities. When a specified number of points is earned, a sweater is awarded. The officers include: Josephine Goodnough, president; Rita Stramel, vice-president; Gertrude Miller, secretary- treasurer and Mrs. Bert Bergland, sponsor. W. A. A. 18 Hubba. Hubba G ' aljs Swimming, archery, softball, ping-pong and orchesis all combine to keep these young ladies in form—and what form. Vitamin Flintheart has nothing on these girls when it comes to keeping fit. It ' s all in fun, and fun for all with them, for no matter whether the call is for batter-up or swing-your-partner, they’re right in there pitching. Football King, Queen Crowned during intermission of a var¬ sity held in their honor, A1 Riedel and Georgia Wolfram became the 1945-46 basketball king and queen. This popular pair, chosen by the K- Club and Tigerettes to reign over the basketball season, were proudly hailed by the entire campus as they marked the re¬ turn of sports to its pre-war place. Using both the tactics of " O.K. freshman, sound off " and " Come on, everybody, yell " this peppy trio Nickie Linnenberger, Doris Peirano and Virginia Van Gundy stirred the students school spirit and made the Coliseum ring with the familiar Fort Hays State yells. Backed by the pep committee these 1945-46 cheerleaders proved their worth both at pep rallies and games, really cheering the team on to victory. 20 Genial Generals Returning once more to a semblance of its post-war importance, " K” Club, under the capable leadership of Marvin Behnke, has seen an increase in both membership and prestige. Other officers include Les Pelzel, vice-president and A1 Riedel, secretary-treas¬ urer. Any Tiger who has earned a letter in any major sport is eligible to membership in this organization. K-Club Lady Tigers In colorful black and orange sweaters, these vi¬ vacious ladies lend a helping hand to the cheerleaders and make the Coliseum ring with their spirited yells at all sports events. Officers of the group are Elda Johnson, president; Elinor Brining, vice-president; Agnese Turman, secre¬ tary; Esther Hueftle, treasurer and Miss Dorothy Spencer, sponsor. Tigerettes TIGERETTE5 21 Reveille King Jerry Wilson Other Candidates Don Strong James Rupp Norman Petty Runner-up Don Slechta 21 Reveille Queen Doris Peirano Jp jHfc Runner-up Estella Hayes Other Candidates Eleanor Meyer Rita Stramel Agnese Turman Reveille Dear Reader: Yes, here I am, your Yearbook for 1945-46. As you leaf through my pages, you should find recorded a sampling of all the activities and events which made this year at Fort Hays State. It is my hope that as you turn to me again in the years to come, you live again in memory all the happy hours you spent here. The untiring editors and staff who slaved long hours to create me were Co-editors —Estella Hayes, right Esther Hueftle, left Bus. Mgr .—Norbert Dreiling, center Ass ' t. Bus. Mgr .—Dick Hoard Copy Writers —Mildred Knight Glenn Neumeyer Roberta Brown Betty Lee Hall Tom Ungles Joan Avery Jo Monsen Nelson Hartman Faculty Advisers—Mr. Kellogg and Mr. Wallerstedt Sincerely, Your 1945-46 Reveille 24 Mildred Knight lllinor Brining Corinne Miller Overdue stories, late tips, evasive beats and beat-up typewriters are only a few of the numerous headaches borne by the co-editors and staff in their efforts to put out the traditional Thursday edition of the State College Leader. " Meet that noon deadline” has become the familiar by-word of W. A. Wallerstedt, who without lino¬ type assistance during the first semester still took care of both the student and alumni circulation. The leader staff for the year included: Mildred Knirht and Elinor Brining, co-editors; Corrine Miller and Jerry Wilson, co-business managers; Glenn Neumeyer, Estella Hayes, Tom Ungles, Elmer Denning, Carmelita Singel, Ger¬ trude Miller, Doris Kinsinger, Evelyn Rockwell, Mary Lou Fellers, Jim Simmons, Bertina Johnson, Doris Robinson, Louise Stillwell, Marvin Swanson, Joan Avery, Jo Monsen, Betty Read, Mary Jane Kitchen, Gladys Oliphant, Betty Pate, reporters. Printing instructor—Walter Wallerstedt. Faculty adviser—Wendell Kellogg. Jerry Wilson Leader 25 Symphony in Black and Gold VIOLINS Marjorie Stein Ann Reed Jansen Edgar Wind hoiz Cynthia Wooster Betty Jean Schmutz Mary Lou Fellers Ted McNutt Marjorie Lebsack Joan Vinaroff Lucille Felten Rosann King Corrine Miller Joan Hall Dorothy Tuttle Margaret Jacobini Foster Needles Ruth Thoman Jean Cooper VIOLAS Clara Malloy Robert Taylor CELLOS Ruth Riggs Elaine Williams Mildred Simpson Jean Hager Luvine Taylor Velma Portschy Hower 8ASSES Paul Grover Esther Hayes John Stadelman FLUTES PICCOLO Kathryn Law Homer Reed Doris Robinson OBOES Josephine Goodnough Donna Jean Myerly CLARINETS Wallace Payne Gladys Oliphant BASSOONS James Hower Wanda Vine SAXOPHONES Melba Price Eleanor Riegel HORNS Aletha Unruh Irene Satterlee Virginia VanGundy Arlene Lebsack TRUMPETS Kenneth Thyfault Rita Jean Hubbard Evelyn Rockwell TUBA Jean Kenyon TROMBONES PERCUSSION Charles Bahl Norman Petty Shirley Tharp Thomas Gatschet Carol Vague Wayne Coddington 26 Banded Together BASS CLARINET TROMBONES Elda Johnson Kenneth Hink SAXOPHONES Leroy Maxwell Buford Gregory Melba Price Bernita Billings Eleanor Riegel BARITONES Arris Johnson HORNS Aletha Unruh Norman Petty FLUTES Kathryn Law Jean Steeples PICCOLO Doris Robinson OBOE Josephine Goodnough CLARINETS Wallace Payne June Gale Gladys Oliphant Albert Giebler Jeanne Hager Madeline Maxwell Phyllis Shearer Betty Pate Irene Satterlee CORNETS Reta Jean Hubbard Kenneth Thyfault Evelyn Rockwell Dorothy Harris David Brungardt William Jones TUBAS Jean Kenyon Wayne Coddington PERCUSSION Thomas Gatschet Carol Vague Maxine Gage 27 Student Songsters Vera Atkison Esther Hayes Eleanor Riegel Thomas Gatschet Paula Barstow Jean Kenyon Edyth Romberger Albert Giebler LaRue Bengston Katy Law Doris Robinson Francis Harms Margaret Bertram Betty Lowe Donna Jean Samuels Philip Morgan Kathryn Davis Irma McElroy Irene Satterly Lester Newland Helen Dittrick Donna McMichael Lila Simmelink Wallace Payne Mary Lou Fellers Rebecca Mayer Wilmet Squire Norman Petty Maxine Gage Eleanor Meyer Agnese Turman Ronald Ramsey June Gale Corinne Miller June Stothard Ray Smith Evelyn Goltl Gwyneth Nelson Dorothy Tuttle Charles Swenson Josephine Goodnough Virginia Pratt Virginia VanGundy Kenneth Thyfault Jeanne Hager Melba Price Marion Witt Lynn Yantiss Dorothy Harris Dorene Prior Cynthia Wooster Jerry Wilson Mary Johnson Erma Prior Carol Vague Arris Johnson A Cappella Choir 28 Women s Leadership Are Leading Ladies Women’s Leadership—with its membership limited to fifteen—has as its chief aim the promotion of leader¬ ship among college women. Membership is based on service, scholarship and character. The members are chosen by the members of the faculty and standing members of the organization. As special projects this year, the group chose to file the applications for the Friday night open-house. Other activities included sponsoring a book drive, selling Delators, acting as ushers at school programs and choosing records for the Social Building. Officers of the organization include president, Thelma Sloane; vice-president, Elda Johnson; secretary-treas¬ urer, Dorothy Galloway. The faculty members are Miss Elizabeth Agnew, Miss Clarice Short and Mrs Nita Landrum. 29 Active Artists By sponsoring exhibits in the Industrial Building as well as in the downtown Chamber of Com¬ merce window, the Art Activity Club makes practical application of classroom theories. Outside speakers and demonstrations pro¬ vide programs for bi-monthly meetings. Officers include: president, Gertrude Miller; vice-president, Mary Zinszer; secretary-treas¬ urer, Erma Lee Krummery; sponsor, Dobosh. Oi U b Resourceful Writers Officers are Mildred Knight, chancellor; Dr. McGinnis, vice-chancellor; Carmelita Singel, scribe; Dorene Pryor, warden of the purse; and Marva Lange, keeper of the parchments. 30 Masculine Moralists Y.M.C.A. Y.M.C.A. was reorgan¬ ized the first semester, and grew with the increased enrollment. Don Slechta was president; Roger Ferguson, secretary-treasurer and Glenn Neumeyer, pro¬ gram chairman. Mr. Stanley Dalton is the faculty sponsor. The Y.W.C.A., sponsored by Miss Rosella McCarroll and Miss Mary McCormick, carried on an extensive program this year. Officers of the organization are Mildred Knight, president; Dorothy Tuttle, vice-presi¬ dent; Creta Sproul, secretary and Dorothy Harris, treasurer. YWCA. High Idealists 31 I.RC. World Planners Sailing off on a magic carpet, members of the Inter¬ national Relations Club attempt to learn the facts of international problems by club forums, well informed speakers and research on current problems. The club officers are: Elinor Brining, president; Ladene Rouse, vice-president; and Esther Hueftle, secre¬ tary-treasurer. Dr. Welty sponsors the club. Newman Club Morale Leaders Stressing religious, educational and social ideals the Newman Club, composed of Catholic college youth, reached their goal of correlating religion with campus life. A series of programs on marriage was one cf the year ' s highlights. Club officers are: Doris Mae Peirano, president; Edwin Werth, vice-president; Mary Alice Basgall, secre¬ tary-treasurer; and James R. Start, sponsor. 32 Deutsche Studenten Under the leadership of Herr Norbert Dreiling, president; Herr Richard Clark, vice-president; Frau- lein Arlene Labsack, secretary-treas¬ urer and Frau Emma Golden, spon¬ sor, the German Club actively en¬ gaged in numerous enterprises dur¬ ing the year. A Christmas party, which has be¬ come an annual affair to the club ' s program was the high point of the year. With the guidance of Mrs. Golden the club has started a Lan¬ guage Scholarship Fund to be used by prospective students in the lan¬ guage department. The club ' s pro¬ grams also include slides on Ger¬ man culture, speakers who speak the language and programs presented by German students. Usually the meet¬ ings are climaxed with the serving of refreshments of German food. German Club Combining social building sundaes with enlightening conversation, these Spanish foreign language enthusiasts have in one year established an organization that shows great promise. This year ' s officers were Mrs. Marie Ferraro, president; Marvin Swanson, vice-president; Virginia Doud, secre¬ tary-treasurer, and Mr. ModeSto Jacobini, sponsor. 33 Home Economics Club Scientific Mancatchers Besides relying on the old adage that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, these models of domesticity learn to create fashion masterpieces at half the usual cost. These clever young ladies easily maintain the standard of " the best dressed gals” on the campus. The Home Economics Club is for majors and minors in the department. The club holds scheduled meetings twice a month of both program and actual activity nature. During the year the members actively participated in numerous campus affairs. They sponsored nutritional lectures and movies, and at Christmas held a party for pre-school children. The club officers are Erma Prior, presi¬ dent; Wilma Wilds, vice-president; Norma Metheny, secretary; Elaine Grafel, treasurer. Miss Mary McCormick and Miss Alice Beesley are sponsors. J4 Ingenious Engineers Combining pleasure with education is the plan of the Engineers Club, an organization devoted to helping engi¬ neering majors or minors by discussing their problems, way to overcome them, and the possibilities of entering this field as a life profession. Active participation in preparing the club programs is required of every member. For their formal program there is usually a report presented on some particular issue concerning modern engineering projects. Officers of the club are A1 Sutley, president; Kenneth Hink, vice-president; Melford Dewald, secretary-treasurer and Mr. Everett Marshall, sponsor. Engineers Club 35 Classrooms Mirror the real campus Governing Greeks Since its organization on December 12, 1925, the Panhellenic organization has done a great deal toward pro¬ moting cooperation and friendliness among the sororities. No longer does each group go its separate way, but through the guidance of the Panhellenic council, many Greek activities are sponsored. Outstanding on the year’s program is the presentation of the shield to the sorority having the highest scholastic average. In addition the social activities are a Panhellenic formal, a Panhellenic tea and a student-alumni Benefit Ball each semester. Officers of the council this year are Mildred Knight, president; Roberta Brown, recording secretary; Marian Witt, corresponding secretary; Annabelle Davis, treasurer and Miss Mae Paul, sponsor. Panhellenic Council 38 Alpha Cute Colors—Pearl Wh ite and Crimson Jewels—Pearl and Ruby Flowers—Aster and Narcissus Publication—The Phoenix u Jo Monsen. President Gladys Shreiber. Vice-President Roberta Brown. Treasurer Eleanor Meyer. Secretary Mary Clarke Roberta Brown Louise Stillwell ACTIVES Arlene Lebsack Gladys Shreiber Frances Warner Carmelita Singel Eleanor Meyer Ella Mae Kaufman Jo Monsen Marion Chase PLEDGES Jean Earl Betty Lee Hall SPONSOR Miss Leona Robl Alpha Sigma Alpha Founded in 1901 at Fartnville, Virginia, Installed F.H.K.S.C. 1929 39 Damsels Divine Colors—Olive Green and Cream Jewel—Pearl Flower—Cream Tea Rose Publication—Shield Dorothy Galloway. President Betty Lowe. Vice-President Darlene Nelson. . . Doris Mae Peirano. Treasurer Georgia Wolfram.... Corresponding-Secretary Recording-Secretary Cynthia Wooster Doris Mae Peirano Bernadyne Brown Virginia Pratt Marion Witt Corine Miller Shirley McCoid Lorene McKee ACTIVES Betty Lowe Dorothy Galloway Georgia Wolfram Darlene Nelson Mr. Horace Jacobini Gwyneth Nelson Orva Jean Scheuerman Norma Jean Mullender Rozanne McKee Mary Lou Fellers Mary Jane Kitchen Donna Jean Samuels Mildred Schreck Virginia Millen Marjorie Brown Dorothy Behnke Jean Steeples Dolores Webster PLEDGES Beatrice Dobbins Edyth Romberger Dorothy Tuttle LaRhea Mullender Betty Read SPONSOR Mrs. Maurine Bergland Delta Sigma Epsilon Founded in 1914 at Oxford, Ohio, Installed F.H.K.S.C., 1925 Rita Stramel JoAnn Chadwick Betty Jean Schmutz Mary Zinszer Em j 3 I rowMB rmTm 1 tenFw ' r mw. • k ' JH ff 1 •} T i . Mk ► j 1 u ,; J. X " MR K .JjA At. w ■ — a Clever Co-eds Publication—The Torch Colors—Rose and Silver Jewels—Pearl and Turquoise Thelma Sloan . . . Mary Lou Munson Mary Ann Joy. . . Elaine Grafel Betty Strong. . . . .President Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer . Editor PLEDGES Theda McClure Mary Alice Clark Martha Flora Dorothy Streck Betty Orten SPONSOR Mrs. Ralph Coder Florence Dietz Carol Deeds Thelma Sloan Mildred Riggs Ruth Riggs Elaine Grafel Betty Strong Ellen Witt Donna McMichael Ruth Freshour Mary Lou Munson Flower—Rose ACTIVES Louese Finch Beulah Rawson Betty Jean Tickel Melba Sarver Jean Shellhaas Mary Alice Basgall Erma Lee Krumrey Mary Ann Joy Creta Esther Bernice Haas Marjorie McGrath Theta Sigma Epsilon Founded in 1921 at Emporia, Kansas, Installed F.H.K.S.C. 1928 41 Sigma Smoothies Colors—Royal Purple and Jewel—Pearl White Flower—Purple Violet Publication—Triangle ACTIVES Gertrude Miller —President Mildred Knight PLEDGES Fredria Fair Dema Goodwin SPONSOR Miss Alice Beesley Sigma Sigma Sigma 42 Minstrel Maidens Colors—Red and White Jewel—Pearl Flower—Red Rose Publication—Pan Pipes Kathryn Law. President Lois Lee Myerly. Vice-President Jo Ann Dougherty. Cones. Secretary Aletha Unruh. Rec. Secretary Maxine Gage. Treasurer Jean Kenyon Kathryn Law June Gale Elda Johnson Pat Lesh Virginia VanGundy Joan Hall Lois Lee Myerly Donna Jean Myerly Agnese Turman Maxine Gage Evelyn Rockwell Eleanor Reigel LaRue Bengston ACTIVES Rozanne McKee Lorene McKee Virginia Lusk Irene Satterlee PLEDGES Esther Hayes Melba Price Paula Barstow SPONSOR Miss Lucille Felten Jeanne Hager JoAnn Dougherty Aletha Unruh Josephine Goodnough Margaret Betram Sigma Alpha Iota Founded in 1903 at Ann Arbor,Michigan, Installed F.H.K.S.C. 1931 43 " Now when a Wesley girl walks down the street, she looks a hundred per from head to feet.” This favorite Wesley Hall song well describes the fifty girls who have made it their home this year under the guidance of their housemother, Mrs Martha Bowers. Although the girls are noted for high scholastic standing and capable leadership, they are also in for their share of college fun. At least, it would appear so from the large group of masculine admirers who congregate in the parlor each evening. Not to be forgotten are the hurried trips downtown for a cup of coffee, the song sessions in the parlor before quiet hours, the many birthday parties and the monthly house meetings presided over by Betty Lee Hall the first semester and June Stothard second semester. Wesley Hall Custer Hall As the midnight hour draws nigh Each Custer girl says with a sigh, " Though parting is sorrow I’ll be at Custer tomorrow,” And the boy whispers, " Dear, so will I. " Mother Ringer, like the one in the shoe, Has so many girls, she’s at loss what to do, But with love and with care, She always is there, Whether a Custerette’s sick or just blue. There always is great fun in store, For the girls on each separate floor, Have gab fests at nights, Till blinking of lights Send them back to their studies galore. Dorene Prior, the Hall’s president, Helps the girls plan every event. And at party or ball, The girls one and all, Work to make every evening well spent. Residence Hall Veterans, green freshies, officious sophomores and sedate upperclassmen all vie for attention at Residence Hall, the main dormitory at Lewis Field this year. Inter-class rivalries, political discussions, date problems and even miss¬ ing shirt buttons—all the many tasks that make parents ' hair turn gray—invariably find their way to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Behnke, who are Mom and Pop to the thirty boys who reside there. " Just like home only more so” is the general opinion at the Hall. One immediately feels at home in its com¬ fortable, well-furnished rooms. Visitors usually find a pinochle game in progress, a group around the piano doing a bit of harmonizing, or a hot ping-pong game in the basement. However " all play and no work isn ' t for dull boys, " so after quiet hours Mother Behnke hurries everyone back to his books. Social activities and organization problems are actively discussed at frequent housemeetings. Tommy Ungles and Bill Jones shared the position of presiding officer. 46 Sisters Sincere Colors—Blue of the sky, Green of the pine and pure White Publication—Candlebeam Flower—Pink Rose Roberta Abel Esther Hueftle Velma Paul Joan Hall Carol Barry Muriel Jones Norva Shepard Doris Kinsinger Mary Lou Blakely Elda Johnson, Vice-President Creta Sproul Amy Lewis Elinor Brining Mildred Knight June Stothard Norma McEndree Roberta Brown Ruth Laizure Dorothy Weeks Donna McMichael Carol Deeds, Secretary Marva Lange Wilma Wilds Dorene Meade Betty Ferguson Dorothy Lange Berta Bartholomew Gladys Oliphant Maxine Gage Betty Lowe, Treasurer Margaret Bertram Phyllis Pauley June Gale Rebecca Mayer Vera Cathcart Phyllis Shearer Dorothy Galloway Irma McElroy Helen Dittrick Wilmet Squire Betty Lee Hall Marjorie McGrath, President Fredria Fair Wanda Vine Dorothy Harris Vesta Minium Helen Ferguson Virginia VanGundy Estella Hayes Donna Myerly Sarah Fort Carol Vague Esther Hayes Lois Lee Myerly Georgia Griffith PLEDGES Bernita Billings Barbara Cannon Kappa Phi 47 Authoritative Orators Fort Hays speech students reached a new high of achievement in intercollegiate competition during the year. In the McPherson debate tournament, held Jan. 5, the debate team, Ladene Rouse and Norbert Dreiling, won all of their debates. Only one other team in the tournament won an equal number. At the Rocky Mountain Speech Conference held at Denver University, Feb. 14-16, the sa ' me debate team won all their debates, defeating the Uni¬ versity of Chicago, the University of Southern California, the University of Utah, Midland College, Nebraska, and Colorado A. and M. College, and ranking higher than such institutions as Leland Stanford and the University of Denver. The closeness of the competition for first place is shown by the final averages in which the University of Nebraska with 53 points won first; the University of Southern California with 52 won second, and Fort Hays with 51 was third. Besides debating, Norbert Dreiling entered Newscasting and situational oratory, winning one of two " superior” ratings in newscasting and a rating of " excellent” in oratory. Mr. J. R. Start, debate coach, entered the debators in two other tournaments, the Kansas Debating League meet at Bethany College in March and the Province of the Plains meet at Kearney, Nebraska, in April. 48 Pi Kappa Delta Second Edition Masterful Methodists Treading in their parents footsteps, these are students whose parents attended Fort Hays State. They had diffi¬ culty in getting organized and did not elect officers this year, but they plan to have a progressive organization next year. When asked if there were scholastic disadvantages in attending the same school as his parents each smiled and answered, " No, in fact, it’s quite interesting. Some of the same faculty members are still here, so we finally found that dad wasn ' t a model scholar after all.” Inspiring devotions, worthwhile discussions, peppy songs and tempting food are all a part of the Wesley Foundation plan, whereby these young college people of Methodist preference worship, work and play together. The Wesley Foundation News, the National Methodist Conference and the State Conferences for college youths were added attractions this year. Officers of the group are Esther Hueftle, president; June Gale, vice-president; Kenneth Kraus, secretary- treasurer and Rev. Dee Walburn, sponsor. Wesley Foundation Second Generation 49 Called the " industrious building” of the campus where students suposedly go to pre¬ pare the next day’s assignments, the library also serves as a center of social attraction. For club meetings or just browsing around, the library provides a wealth of opportunities for knowledge, whether it be in the spacious stacks, in the documents room, or in the museum on the first floor. Burning Midnight Oil It is the busiest building on the campus. Every thing from elections to selling delator is likely to happen in the foyer. Also for those romantic moods there is an excellent record collection on the third floor, and private study rooms when you want to be alone. Studious Mary Thoughtful Mary Merry Mary 50 Stuxll nti Achievement Recognition Elinor Brining Norbert Dreiling Mildred Knight Marjorie McGrath These four seniors were chosen by die faculty as being outstanding in achievement, character, scholarship, leader¬ ship in extra-curricular activities, and potential future usefulness. nSmMOm. 52 Policy Planners " Just bring your campus problems to us and we’ll try to help you” is the favorite expression of the Student Council. The fifteen members of this executive committee of students meet each week and deal with all campus problems brought to their attention. They sponsor school elections, protect campus traditions and regulate social activities. This organization is composed of all the class presidents, two representatives from each class, and three chosen from the student body at large. Officers are Jerry Wilson, president; Norman Petty, vice-president; and Betty Lowe, secretary-treasurer. Other members are Marjorie McGrath, Lois Lee Myerly, Mildred Knight, Warren Griffing. Dorothy Tuttle, Cynthia Wooster, Jo Monsen, Richard Hoard, Tom Ungles, Dorothy Galloway, Wayne Wingo and Don Slechta. Dr. E. R. McCartney is sponsor of the group. Student Council 53 WARREN GRIFFING President ELDA JOHNSON Vice-President ELAINE GRAFEL Secretary Dorothy Biggs Great Beml B.S. in Home F.c. Major, Ho m e E c.; Minor, Soc.. and ling. Home F.c. Club, Tiger¬ ettes Marik Ferraro Hays A.B. Major, History; Minor. Eng. I.R.C.; Spanish Club pres.; Quill Club; Newman Club Florence Johnson Obcrlin B.S. Education Major. Pol. Sc.; Minor, Eng. Quill Club- I.R.C.; Stu¬ dent Council; Choral Union; Y.W.C.A. Virginia Lusk Hays B.M. Major, Music Education A Cappella; Sigma Al¬ pha Iota Helen Shaw H oxic B.S. in Bus. Ad. Y.W.C.A.; Band; Kap pa Phi Ellen Vernon Norton A.B. Major, Eng.; Minor, History Quill Club; I.R.C.; Y. W. C .A.; attended Florida State Wom¬ en’s College Warren Griffinc Smith Center A.B. and B.S. Major Physics Presi. of Senior Class; Student Council; Phi Delta Chi; Who ' s Who Elinor Brining, Great Bend A.B. Major. Eng.: Minor, Spanish Int. Rel. Club Pres.. Leader, Co-editor: Quill Club; Women ' s Leader¬ ship; Tigcrcttcs; Y.W. C.A.; Little Theater Beatrice Fisciili Speed B.S. in Ed. Major. El. Educ.: Minor, Biol. Sc. and Eng. I. R. C.; Y.W.C.A.; Chorus Alktha Unruh Pawnee B.M. Major, Music Ed.; Minor. English Band, Orchestra. A Ca- pella; Y.W.C.A.: Sigma Alpha Iota Marjorie McGrath H ays A.B. Major, English; Minor. Music and Soc.: Pap- pa Phi. President; Y.W.C.A.; Women ' : Leadership; Student Council; Choir: Or¬ chestra; Theta Sigma Upsilon Eyea Sigle Waldo A.B. Major. Eng. Kappa Phi; Quill Club: W.A.A.; IRC: Y. W.C.A.; Second Gen¬ eration Club Dorothy Weeks Jet more B.S. Major in Bus. Ad. Quill Club; Duck Club; Y.W.C.A.; Kappa Phi Roberta Brown Natoma A.B. Major. Eng.; Minor. Pol. Sc. Int. Rel. Club; Y.W. C.A.: German Club; Second Generation Club; Reveille; Tiger- ettes; Kappa Phi; Pan- hcllenic Council; Alpha Sigma Alpha Maxine Gage Hoisington B.AL in Music Ed. Major. Music; Minor. Kappa Phi: Y.W.C.A.; Orchestra; Band; Choir; Sigma Alpha lota Mildred Knight Glasco A.B. Major. English and His¬ tory Quill Club. Chancellor; Y.W.C.A.. President. Kappa Phi; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Women’s Leader¬ ship: Student Coun¬ cil; I.R.C.; Co-editor of the Leader; Pan- hcllcnic. President Gertrude Miller McPherson B.S. Major, Art; Minor, Bot¬ any Y.W.C.A.; Art Club; Quill Club; Leader; W.A.A.; Sigma Sig¬ ma Sigma. Pres. Richard Sigle Waldo B.S. in Education Major, Ind. Art.; Minor. Pol. Sc. Tau Kappa Epsilon; 1. R.C.; Y.M.C.A.; En¬ gineer’s Club; Parlia- imnur LflW (dub Celestine Wilson Hays B.S. in Home Ec. Henrietta Brull Hays B.S. in Bus. Ad. Newman Club Norbert Drf.iling Hays A.B. Major. Pol. Sc.: Minor, Economics and German Debate and Oratory; I.R.C.; Newman Club; Student Council; Rev¬ eille Ruth Laizurf. Hays A.B. Major, English; Minor, History I R C.: Kappa Phi Cab inct: Quill Club Gloria Montgomery Lincoln B.S. in Education Annella Skeen L amed B.S. in Bus. Ad. Y.W.C.A.; Rev. Staff; A Cappella Choir Margaret Wilson Hays B.S. in Bus. Ad. Major, Bus. Ad.; Mi¬ nor. Eng. Theta Sigma Upsilon; Women ' s Lead e r- ship; Kappa Phi Elda Johnson Obcrlin B.S. in Bus. Ad. Major, Bus Ad.; Mi¬ nor. Music Band. Women ' s Leader¬ ship; Kaopa Phi Cab¬ inet; Sigma Alpha Iota; Tigcrettcs. pres¬ ident Band; Y.W. C.A. Richard Clark Hays A.B. Major. Chemistry; Mi¬ nor. Zoology Prc-Med Club Estella Hayes Palco A.B. I.R.C.; Quill Club: Co- editor of Reveille; Kappa Phi Cabinet; Y.W.C.A.; Choir; Leader; Wesley Founda¬ tion Cabinet Kathryn Law Hill City B.M. Major. Music Educa¬ tion; Minor, English Choir; Band; Orchestra; Kappa Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota. President Lois Myeri.y Wakcency B.S. in Bus. Ad. Student Council; Band: Orchestra; K a p p Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota Thelma Sloan Hays A.B. Major, Soc.; Minor. Psyc. W o m e n’s Leadership pres.; Who ' s Who; Theta Sigma Upsilon, pres. Ellen Witt Russell A.B. Major, Pol. Sc.; Minor. Soc. Tigcrcttcs; Newman Club; Theta Sigma Upsilon Anna Belle Davis St. John B.S. in Education Major. Eim. Educ.; Minor. Eng.; Home F.c. Panhellenic Council; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Home Ec. Club; Rev¬ eille; Tigerettes Esther Huefti.k Menlo A.B. Major, Pol. Sc. and Soc.; Minor. German German Club; Second Generation Club; Kap¬ pa Phi Cabinet; Little Theater; Choir; Student Council; Women ' s Leadership: I.R.C.; Tig¬ erettes; Co-editor of Reveille: Wesley Foun¬ dation. President Amy Lewis Rozcl B.S. in Education Major, Elementary Ed.; Minor. Art and Eng. Art Club; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.: Kapa Pi; Kappa Phi Dorene Prior Sylvia A.B. Major, English; Minor Psychology Choir; Tigerettes; Quill Club Greta Stroll Obcrlin B.S. in Bus. Ad. Y.W.C.A.; I R C.; Kap¬ pa Phi. pres. Elaine Graff.l Herndon B.S. in Bus. Ad. . Home Ec. Club; Theta Sigma Upsilon; Choral Union; Y.W. C.A. ;Chorus 55 Dorothy Galloway. President Betty Lee Hall. Vice-President Donna Tean Myerly. Secretary-Treasurer Carol Berry Roberta Bob Bartholomew Mary Lou Blakely Margaret Breckenridge Merceda Cape William Cape Stanley Chittenden Betty Ferguson June Gale Evelyn Goltl Jeanne Hager Dorothy Harris Esther Hayes Muriel Jones Erma Lee Krumrey Dorothy Lange Marva Lange Betty Lowe Shirley McCoid Maxine Montgomery Doris Peirano Irma Prior Albert Riedel Gladys Schreiber Vera Seegrist James Simmons June Stothard Betty Strong Agnese Turman Wanda Vine Wilma Wilds Jerry Wilson Marion Witt Georgia Wolfram Cynthia Wooster Mary Zinszer 56 Sophomores Richard Hoard. . President JoAnn Dougherty Robert Kitchen Wallace Payne. . Vice-President Ann Mae Earl Ella Mae Kaufman Virginia VanGundy. . . . . .Secretary-Treasurer Louese Finch Arlene Lebsack Roberta Able JoAnn Chadwick Francis Gilbert Irma McElroy Paula Barstow Neil Cross Bertina Johnson Norma McEndree LaRue Bengston Carol Deeds Mary Ann Joy Rozanne McKee Bernadyne Brown Florence Dietz Rosemary Herskowitz Lorene McKee Rebecca Mayer 57 Marjorie Mayo Jo Monsen Gertrude Meistrell Norma Mullender Mary Meistrell Darlene Nelson Norma Metheny Gwyneth Nelson Eleanor Meyer Lester Newland Corinne Miller Velma Paul Vesta Minium Norman Petty Clara Rahjes Jean Shellhaas Beulah Rawson Norva Shephard Mildred Riggs Carmelita Singel Ladene Rouse John Thomas Melba Sarver Dorothy Tuttle Irene Satterlee Frances Warner Orva Scheuerman Delores Webster 58 Freshmen Wayne Wingo . . . . Bernita Billings Mary Alice Clark Clifford Jones. Thomas Gatschet . . . . Secretary-Treasurer Marjorie Brown Herbert Brungardt Wayne Coddington Vonna Lee Critchlow Joy Abernathey Francis Balthazor Norine Campbell Melford Dewald Dorothy Antholz Mary Alice Basgall Norma Ann Campbell Helen Dittrick Joan Avery John Beck Barbara Cannon Beatrice Dobbins Carol Banister Ruth Biehler Vera Cathcart Lois Bell Darrell Baldwin Lois Bell Roberta Chesney Virginia Doud Leland Balthazor Margaret Bertram Mary Clarke Jean Earl 59 Victor Edson Sarah Fort Edna Elliott Marian Frye Creta Esther Roger Furgason Frcdria Fair Alta Gibson Dorothy Fairchild June Gilbert Mary Lou Fellers Josephine Goodnough Helen Ferguson Dema Goodwin Lois Finke Ray Gottschalk Martha Flora Georgia Griffith Alvin Gulick Forrest Jeffries Bernice Haas Mary Johnson Margery Hall Marne Karlin Darlene Hanson Robert King Nelson Hartman Doris Kinsinger Mary Heick Mary Jane Kitchen Kenneth Hink Patsy Lesh Reta Hubbard Irene Leiker Donald Jeffries 60 Donald Livingston Marie Lynd Theta McClure Helen McKittrick Donna McMichael Frances Martin Madeline Maxwell Leroy Maxwell Dorene Meade Eleanor Metheny Donald Mai Virginia Millen Delbert Mills Edmond Moore Philip Morgan Gwenivere Morrissey Mae Mostrom LaRhea Mullender Glenn Neumeyer Phyllis Nichol Gladys Oliphant Betty Pate Phyllis Pauley Donna Pembleton Edwin Pfannenstiel Melba Price Betty Read Esther Rice Eleanor Riegel Ruth Riggs Evelyn Rockwell Doris Robinson Edyth Romberger Donna Samuels Raymond Schmidt 61 Betty Jean Schmutz Wilmet Squire Betty Tickel Rosamond Wasinger Thomas Schoenthaler Jean Steeples Tom Ungles Elmer Waugh Mildred Schreck Patricia Stevenson Herbert Unrein Carl Wiklund Delores Scheuerman Louise Stillwell Delores Tuttle Gordon Wilson Phyllis Shearer Rita Stramel Carol Vague Ralph Woodward Lila Shearer Donald Strong Shirley Walker Margaret Bolligg Don Slechta Alfred Sutley Marjorie Walsh Lola Somars Kenneth Thyfault Marguerite Warren 62 Dean E. R. McCartney crowns Reveille Queen Doris Mac Pierano as Reveille King Jerry Wilson, Don Strong, an attendant, and Esther Hucftle and Estella Hayes, co-editors of the Reveille, assist with the ceremony. CIGARETTES STATIONERY COSMETICS MAGAZINES SODA FOUNTAIN DRUGS and APPRECIATIVE SERVICE -. 4 . Fort aT Hays Pharmacy PHONE 858 1101 MAIN 63 WIESNER ' S " Northwestern Kansas ' Largest Department Store " SHOES MEATS GROCERIES DRY GOODS Ladies’ Ready-To-Wear and An Outstanding Basement Department HAYS KANSAS JloMXfbUn MOTOR SALES MECHANIZED AND BODY REPAIR WORK CARS NEW and USED Dealers in CHEVROLET and OLDSMOBILE 120 W. 12TH PHONE 474 64 FRIDAY NIGHT HE CAN COUNT TOO EDDIE’S CONVERTABLE OUT ADMIRING NATURE MODEST MAIDENS WANT A LICK? TOO MANY COOKS SOCIAL BUILDINC WlSU kir GEO. PHILIP and SON CUTLERY HARDWARE PAINT, OIL, and GLASS COAL and GAS HEATERS and RANGES EIGHTH MAIN HAYS, KANSAS STORE PHONE 53 HOME PHONE 302 WESTIN0HOUSE BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY PHILCO APPLIANCES COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS AND REPAIR WORK • HOME FURNITURE CO. GEO. J. GOTTSCHALK, MGR. 802 MAIN PHONE 236 All Students Buy PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS DRUGS CANDIES FOUNTAIN DRINKS at the A.B.C. DRUG CO. A Rexall Store PHONE 80 THE BEST IN Reliable Service! AND TRUCK LUES Daily Service Local and Kansas City to Colby PHONE 169 HAYS 66 WANT GOOD FOOD? Students Will Tell You To Eat at — THE ELITE CAFE ’’The Cafe With Home-Cooked Meals” COURTEOUS HELP LOW PRICES APPRECIATIVE PATRONAGE 109 W. I0TH MR. MRS. JOHN SAHLI PHONE 525 PROPRIETERS MARKWELL’S College Books School Supplies Bought and Sold Public School Supplies Stationery Ofice Supplies Note Books Loose Leaf Ledgers Fountain Pens Loose Leaf Ring Book Athletic Supplies Filing Cabinets Art Supplies Leather Goods MARKWELL BOOK STORES 1010 MAIN 509 W. 7TH C. M. WANN, President M. HAVEMANN, Vice-President H. HAVEMANN, Secretary-Treasurer Serving the Public Since 1876 With Quality Building Materials and Coal CURTIS MILL WORK U. S. G. PRODUCTS CELOTEX INSULATING BOARD AND TILE BALSAM WOOL AND ROCK WOOL INSULATING MATERIALS PRATT LAMBERT PAINTS The Treat-Shaffer Lumber Co. HAYS H. Havemann, Manager 208 West 9th St. KANSAS 68 69 SUPERB LAUNDRY AND CLEANING! KESSLER ' S Pickup and Delivery PHONE 412 126 W. 9th THE BEST IN LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR—MILLINERY HOSIERY and SHOES SPORTSWEAR PHONE 306 FORMAL WEAR DRY GOODS SHOES J. C. Penney Co. Men’s, Boys’, Women’s, Misses’ Clothing 70 THE HAYS CREAMERY and ICE CO. Call Us For BUTTER ICE CREAM NOVELTIES ICE PHONE 484 310 E. 1 Ith FORD DEALERS PHONE 824 HAYS, KANSAS 200 E. 8th STUDENTS Music Instruments Albums Novelties THE HAYS MUSIC STORE “Your Music Headquarters ” HAYS, KANSAS PHONE 167 FOX STRAND THEATER We Play the Best and Leave the Rest Comfortable Seats Air Conditioned 72 Hays Building and Loan Association Ann ' A ☆ ☆ ☆ DRESS SHOP Save and Invest ☆ ☆ ☆ 109 East 11th Hays, Kansas Phone 38 Hays, Kansas Call 833 See Us for the Best In Expert Repair Work RUPP MOTOR COMPANY Dealers in Dodge — Plymouth—Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Washing Machines—Goodyear Tires and Accessories Refrigerators — Radios — Heaters—Stoves 618 Main i ' j j; ji Slovak WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS! H. B. LAMER, Vice-President A. W. STEDHAM, President 73 HAItOESS PHARMACY In Hays Over 30 Years! THE CHOICEST IN DRUGS — COSMETICS — CANDIES PHONE 76 716 MAIN MOVIES Are Your Best Entertainment Attend the STAR THEATER REGULARLY ,JWeet Your Friends at The Star! 74 AREN ' T WE HANDSOME GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART RESIDENCE HALL PROWLS I’.MM’ THAT CHOCO LATE PIE DEPENDABLE THOMAS A REFILL. PLEASE VAN JOHNSON happy AIN ' T LOVE GRAND ANOTHER POLITICIAN comic;.strh; museum masterpieces; RE MEMBER GENERAL AVERY 5-CENTS TO $1.00 STORE THE STORE OF QUALITY, SERVICE, AND PRICE Farmer ' s Cooperative Association GRAIN—COAL—SEED—FEED SERVICE STATION AND BULK STATION HAYS KANSAS issues (Certificate of guarantee id Authenticity an i wi th each We arc proud of our name. And we are equally proud to sign that name to the King-Cut Certificate of Guar¬ antee. We know no better way to show you what we think of the magnificent King-Cut Diamonds — and how sure we are you will he thrilled and pleased Ly th eir brilliance and splendor. THOLEN JEWELRY 804 Main Registered Jeweler—American Gem Society Gals! Fellas! • Flowers? Corsage? Bouquets? Novelties? • BAXTER’S FLOWER SHOP 705 Main Phone 130 76 Remodel! Repair! Build! Schwaller Lumber Co. Quality Materials Call 92 900 Main Everyone ' s Favorite! THE Hays City Drug Store " The Corner Drug Store” 1013 Main Phone 348 Phone 226 Buy Hudson! RAFFERTY MOTOR CO Sales and Service Hudson All-Service Garage 129 East I Ith St. THE COLLEGE INN Quality Meals Between-Class Snacks 77 REMEMBER the WORLD is SWELL IF YOU HAVE HAPPINESS, GOOD HEALTH EMPLOYMENT, TRUE FRIENDS AND A SAVINGS ACCOUNT AT THE FARMER ' S STATE BANK Capital and Surplus—$150,000 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Hardware—Repairs—Gifts I 19 East I Ith Home Owned — Fisher and Mermis Phone 321 78 PUSTR1AL AKTS nyiLOINC| ' OFFICE ROQUES GALLERY IQi rr you: pi: kking BALL TV VACATIONS ARK SUCK FUN STRICTLY BUSINESS, CAMPUS COWBOY [SOCIAL T II.DINC UISTOKV THE STEPS OF LEAKN BE CAREFUL. YOU’LL GET WET STYLE HEADQUARTERS ★ ★ ★ Come In, Browse Around — The Welcome Sign is Always Out! HAVENERS Men’s and Boys’ Clothing THE BRUNSWICK HOTEL For Your Convenience MODERN HOTEL AND CAFE FACILITIES For Reservations—Call 450 Henry Fisher—Walter Ross 701 Main Props. FRUIT MARKET We Sell For Less Quality Groceries—Meats—Vegetables Frozen Food Lockers 120 W. 9th Phone 14 INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS—SALES AND SERVICE WEITZEL EQUIPMENT CO. McCormick-Deering Parts and Repairs Farm Implements and Tractors 219 E. 8th Hays and LaCrosse Phone 156 80 BASGALL SYTSMA FOR PROMPT REPAIR SERVICE Coll 652 Hays, Kansas SAVE! High Quality Low Prices BASGALL ' S GROCERY Phone 25 1100 Main MIDWEST TOBACCO CANDY CO Wholesale Distributors for Anheuser-Busch HAYS, KANSAS PHONE 143 811 FORT ST. 81 LOOKING AHEAD WITH HAYS . . . To Demobilization — To Reconversion To Rendering a Greater Service to the Citizens of Hays and Community— FIRST NATIONAL BANK of HAYS CITY Capital and Surplus $175,000.00 OFFICERS C. D. BLAKE, M.D., Chairman of the Board C. M. WANN, President R. A. MERMIS, Executive Vice-President P. F. FELTEN, Vice-President A. H. DREILING, Cashier ZITA PALEN, Assistant Cashier EARL O. FIELD, Asst. Cashier Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation LAR ALERE BAKERY THE HOME OF Kill:AM KHUST BREAD “THE BREAD WITH A REPUTATION” ALL TYPES OF PASTRIES PHONE 640 124 W. 9th 82 I© 1945 Tho C-C Co. » fwWMfam !i fowe e’iu 107 W. 10th Phone 152 MODERN EFFICIENT JEP ' S SUPER SERVICE STATION 24-Hour Service DEPENDABLE Phone 400 PROMPT 84 BEN F. DRELING MOTOR SALES PHONE 192 BUICK AND PONTIAC HAYS, KANSAS “The Best In Quality Food Always” 507 W. 8th Mr. and Mrs. Walburn, Owners Phone 404 85 Tlie function of the Chamber of Commerce is to boost the community in all worthwhile activities ami create in the public mind the host possible pic¬ ture of the importance and usefulness of this com¬ munity, safeguarding it from those who would prey upon the unsuspecting and to surround it with all the influences possible to the end, that this community will he a better place in which to live. Hays Chamber of Commerce GRASS BROS. FOOD THAT PLEASES Phone 4 235 W. 10th Hays, Kansas 86

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