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I Uelcame fa t ii i: EDITOR Annie Laurii Danii ls BUSINESS MANAGER Gene Glotzbach Associate Editor Mary Wooster Assistant Business Manager Kenneth Erickson W it hr ut students there could be no colleges. W itbout Fort Hays students there would be no Reveille Students turn the every day routine of going to school into hours of work and of play, hours spent making triends, attending classes, extra-curricular activities and school functions. S nu ot these students work hard, others no: so hard. Some of them are only a part of cam pus life for a short time while others come back for more. Each of them plays his part in the life of Fort Hays State. To these, the students, we dedicate the 1941 REVEILLE. ■ —• ' • - STATE BOARD OF REGENTS Seated ( from left to right) : Mrs Elizabeth Reigart Baxter Springs. Trover Poole. Manhattan; Willis N. Kelly. Hutchinson F M Harris. Chairman, Ottawa Lester McCoy. Garden City Hubert Brighton. Secretary: Mrs Donald Muir. Anthony. Standing Miss Katherine Moot Secretary r Mr. Brr ton V I Markham, Topeka; Drew McLaughlin, Paola. and Oscar S. Staulter. Topeka ADMIN IS I RATION I. D Woosttr Professor of lo oloj? Dean of i he- Underload uate Divisions and Chairman of the Biological Science Group. Ll l .YBf m I AGNFW. Dean of Women Sl ANnt R V DALTON Assistant Professor of Botany; Registrar IRVINT F Wilson. Bursar MAt ' td I GORHAM Assistant Pro fessor of Psychology, and Ad visor to Women W P Mori- i anl Pro cssor of Political Science. Sociology and Advisor to Men C. E. RARICK President of Fon Haas Kansas State College V r SiXle ' n Flhrlich Tat Mr Renner, Guard Paronto. Half back Bergman. Tackle Brown I ull hoik Jcllisoh. Tihklr Kennedy Quarter -back Kohler. Center Miller. End Morel Halt back Stalcup End Cliff on full -bach Fedde. Tackle Harper. Halt bach Hester. Center Hooper. Guard Hungate Quarter ba h Skubal Tackle Stramel. I at hie W tuner Halt Initk B WiUon. Halt -bat h K Wilson. Halt -bach 2c.gler. End SCHHDULH September 28 — McPherson College (night) ai Havs October 4 — Oklahoma Ciiv ( night i at Oklahoma Cttv October 12 — St. Benedicts College (night) - Atchison October 19 — Sterling College (night) at Hav October 26- -Emporia Teachers (night) (Homecoming) at Havs November 2 — Greeley Teachers at Grcelev Colorado November 9 — Peru Teachers at Havs November 16 — Pittsburg Teachers at Pittsburg November 2 — Southwestern College at Havs Five players on this year s team came in lor special recognition when they were given positions n th. all conference team Bill Paronto back, and Joe Jellison tackle were selected on the first team while linemen Stalcup Renner and lihrlich were second string choices. Paronto and Renner were further honored by receiving invitation ' to play in the annual Missouri Kama games at Kansas City Mo Paae Seventeen THE 111! I Him • • The Fort Hays Tigers started the I 940 grid schedule with a bang by trouncing Me Phcrson College 52 0 in the season ' s opener. Hindered by a series of injuries and tough breaks they soon lost their scoring power however, and wound up the season with a record of 5 wins. 5 l osses and 5 ties Following their opening victory the Tigers fought Oklahoma City University to a 6-6 tie and then made their Central Conference debut, losing a close one to St Benedicts 6-0. Stepping out of the loop again the Tiger eleven regained its power temporarily and added Sterling to its list of victims by a 1 VO margin In their second conference start the local eleven held a strong Emporia State team scoreless until late in the final period when the visitors pushed over a touchdown to hand the Tigers their second conference defeat. After this heart breaker the Tigers tied a pair with Greeley. Colo 0-0 and the teachers of Peru Nebraska 7-7. Disgusted with tie games and losses an inspired Tiger eleven upset the dope bucket and handed Pittsburg a 6-0 defeat for the only conference victory of the season The Tigers dropped the final game of the season to Southwe stern 14 0. THE Til NIT... Flindered by injuries and illness the PHI Tiger quintet finished in third place in the Central Conference listings. The Tigers opened the season on their home court by winning two non-conference games from College of Emporia 26- 22 and McPherson 44-25. Christmas vacation proved tor much for the team however, and they dropped a pair of hot ones to Colorado Col lege 50-4 5 and H-17. An epidemic of flu caused the scheduled gime with Emporia State to be cancelled and the boys nursed colds for a week before winning their first conference tilt lrom Southwest ern 5 141. They repeated the following week and downed Oklahoma City University 56 59 in an ' indoor football game ' in which total of 59 fouls were committed. Back in conference play again the Tigers added another victory to their list by nosing out St Benedicts by a one-point margin 59. 8 They journeyed to Emporia State for the next game and lost to the Hornets 57 45. In a two game session with Pittsburg the 1 igers lost both games, the first 4 5 5 I at Pittsburg and 59-57 on the home court. The next week the Ravens of St Benedicts avenged themselves by winning from the Tigers bv a single point 41 42 The Tigers hit their stride late in the season and won their last four games The first was a 59 25 victory over College of Emporia followed bv a conference win over South western bv a score of 4 -57. Next McPherson bowed to the Tigers 42 41 and final 1 the postponed game with Emporia State saw an inspired Hays team finish the season in a blaze of glory with a 5141 win. Editor ' s Note: Hunting must have been added as a major sport this year Staff not responsible. Pauc ;Vi nrtatn nm: t i! 1 1. , SCHEDULE: Dec I --College of 1 mporia hi rc Dw- 20— McPherson College, here lan S — Colorado College, there Jan 4 — Colorado College, there Jan 1 I — Emporia State, here Jan 18 — Southwestern College, here Jan. 25 — Oklahoma City University, here Feb. I — St. Benedicts College here Feb 7 — I mporia State, there i-eb 8 — Pittsburg Teachers, there 1 eh 15 — Pittsburg Teachers, here Feb. 21 — Si Benedicts Collegv. there I eh 22 — College of Emporia there Feb. 28 - Southwestern College there Mar l — McPherson College, there I awren.c McPherson tenter Wayne Bichler ■ nurd Wjrrcn l lax ton guard R.1V St ram el. guard Clinton Keller, forward Ivan Carr ell. forward Warren Fox forward Marvin Bebnke. guard Wayne Loomis guard, captain Clvde Vinson, guard Warren Settles, .enter Coach Busch Gross l Hue T uvnfy For the first time in the history of Fort Hays State the C I C. meet was held on the home course and courts, on May 1 1 and 17 The golf team was strong Three letterm.-n .Itm Davis. Leroy Carter and Gene Glot bach were back to tec off for the Tigers th s spring three, and one newcomer became one of the best teams in recent years. The Kansas State Washburn trip was the highlight of both the gull and the tennis season Coach Waldorf ' s tennis team was also stron ; with four lettermen bavk on the couits Dean Settles Warren Fox Al Most tom. and Ivan Carrell. Carrell. after nursing a leg mjurv last war. was hack to strengthen this year ' s team Coach William Bearlcv s capable track team was able for the first time in Tiger track history to compete for C 1 C honors on the Hays track Ten lettermen formed the nucleus lor th. 1 track squad this season. Co captains were l ed Hoover and Everett Koelling Other lettermen inrluded Itm Finlev Warren Settles .lohn Sipc John Hatcher Clifford l.ahman l orn Small. Carl Fellers, and George Shipley Schedule: April 4 — Dodge City It College and Garden City Jr College, here April 9 — Sterling College, here April 19 — K U. Relays April 2 ' — Hastings, there April 26 — Colorado Relays, there May 2 — Kearney Neb there May 16 17 — Central Conference Meet, here Puiji 1 wentynne LEWIS FIELD... in hie Housj cleaning — bunk making — ping-pong — open house — the fall and spring tormals are a lew ot the activities that occupy the leisure time of the Camp l ewis boys. Housing over two hundred Fort Hays male students. Lewis Field is almost a small community in itself 1 he cooperation and companionship that prevail in all undertakings of Lewis Field are splendid examples of how democ- racy works and demonstrates the interest that this large group of men have for the success of everything they enter Many friendships are formed here that will last long after these men have been replaced by others W, Ticentu tu ' i The feminine touch is applied to this otherwise masculine environment by Mrs. W. A. Lewis. Her advice and help in time o( need has given the camp the assurance that they can be sure of the most homelike spirit possible in such a large group of men. “Mother ’ Lewis’ gracious presence at their social functions provides Lewis Field with an apt hostess A great deal ol the success of this, the youngest institution on the campus, is due to the eftori ol Dr W D. Moreland. Advisor to Men. The duties of field supervisor are performed by Jesse Vague Page T went a - three Robert Lindsay Clark July 20. 1021- lanuaru 15 1041 Pat e I uvn u tour II I T S T I II I V li II II It S E II E : I he spirit of General Custer s Cavalry still rides on in the organization named in honor ot it. I he Seventh Cavalry was organized six years ago by the Student Council as a local honorary leadership fraternity. Membership in this organization is limited to fifteen boys who have excelled in leadership, service, character, and scholarship. When a vacancy occurs, new candidates, to be admitted, mus: carry a unanimous vote of the fraternity I he members are best known lor their work in publishing and selling the Delator, student directory. With the proceeds they grant a one semester scholarship to one of its members Other activities are also carried on by this group 1 he officers are J. D Sharp, president: Ansel Tarrant, secretary treasurer, and Standlee V Dalton, sponsor. T E II I II I S T E I ' II , IN 1 1 S : I he students who are interested in engineering have banded together to form the En gineer s Club. In their weekly meetings they discuss the problems of engineering and the possibilities of entering the field as a life s protession Active participation in preparing the clubs programs is required of every member. For their formal programs there is usually presented a report on some particular question concerning modern engineering projects. Membership of the Engineering Club consists of students who are majoring in engineer ing or those who are particularly interested in such an organization. Many members are majors in other fields but who desire to gain the information and experience that this club offers Officers of the Engineer s Club are Irvin Schneider, president C larence Haynes vice- president Harry Christman, secretary: Eli Boucher, treasurer; and Lane Ruehlen. pub licity chairman Page Twenty- fice Mtsmin 1 1 E .4 L I S T S : Christian solution of problems facing youth today. •• I Ih ' Y M has taken an active part in the college intra mural program and other ceihge activities I hc organization helped to sponsor Pay Re hgtous I mphasts Week the V S S F drive, and the speakers Paul Moritz and ( laudi Ntlson Also each year the Y M efficiently helps the students sell thetr old texts and buv new ones by means of the Book Exchange. c rr v r viee- The officers for the first semester were D. Allen I lota, president. Loren Grove vice president Bob Fuller secretary and John Sites, treasurer For the second sermsur they were Ralph Smith, president bill Muxlowe. vice-president Bob I ostma. secretary: and Vinton Carver, treasurer. | II 1 1, 1 T V I’ t: II N II 111 1 II : The K —a Tiger ' s cherished reward for the spirit displayed in helping to win for us glorious victories, and lor gracefully acknowledging defeat — is bestowed upon a candidate after lie has earned at least one letter in a major sport and after he goes through an appro- ' " Tlw ' wearer of the big gold ' K ' immediately assumes the obligation of leading, pushing, or otherwise guiding the fresh ic bv means of belt or lipstick, to wear his small ill- fitting headgear In like manner they discourage listless wanderers from wearing beaten paths across the campus lawn . . - 1t 11 members of the K club sit in one seen .1 at athletic events and cheer their fellow members and potential members on to victory. At these contests some members are busy selling refreshments to throat sore spectators. The profits of this enterprise are used in giving an annual spring party. . , - . . The school spirit which they show and the zest with which they do things indicate that their s is an active group. Officers of this groirp of Fort Hays veteran warriors are Everett Koelling president Wayne l k‘ mis, vice-president ; and James Finley. secretary treasurer I ' titft TuJitnty-Hix X l P H II 8 C 1 1 1 T 1 8 T 8 : A mutual interest in the advancement of science is the tie that binds together the mem- bers of Delta Epsilon, national honorary science fraternity. As alt branches of science are represented in the membership of this organization the programs contain a variety of sub jects as the members present their reports and research papers. Students who are interested in joining Delta Epsilon must meet several requirements They must be of senior standing with m; rs in some phase of science and they must have a high scholastic standing. Members of the faculty in the various science departments are eligible for membership. Standlee V Dalton is president of Delta Epsilon: George M Robertson, vice-president; and Donald M. Johnson, secretary treasurer. II l) II II I V li Ml V S I f 1ST S : One of the newest organizations on the campus is Sigma Pi Sigma. National Physics Honor Society, the purpose of which is to encourage the study of physics and recognize high scholarship in that field. This chapter was organized in 19 9 but already thev have accomplished a great deal in their field. This winter the group sponsored a speech on mechanics by Dr John Rinehart Officers tor this year were La Verne Painter, president. Kenneth Moore, vice president Dr H. A. Zinszer. secretary and Dr. Clyde T. McCormick, treasurer Pave f u ' cMu M-ivn Bennett Hoppes Schnert Bergman L ahman Settles Boucher Kert: Skubal Cooper Manga no Simmomis Deyoc Matoush Stehwien Duncan McCdlan Stull Erickson Me Elroy Van Kooten Everhart Quint Wallace 1 inley Robbins Wallmtedt Helm Hester Satterlce Novotny P II 1 II K L T l f II 1 Dean Settles Pr u er?j JAMES RN1.EY Vtte Prwdtnr R i s Gl-ORCiE Helm Treasurer WALTER WA! I ERSTEDT ftiiultu SptHmr ACTIVES; Milford Flvnn Paul Stiller Carl Willnur Bob Beerv Walter Urn met Joe Novotny Ray Wilson Ray Bennett Willard Bennett George H?lm Nolan Hester Ralph Qutnt N ' ylc Ruchlan PLEDGES ' : John Bergman f rank Hoppes Melvin Robbins Mi Boucher J dwrn Brady Maurice Huenergardt C?cil Jacobs Ray Sage Bob Sat ter lee Deane Banker Charles Cooper Bob Jessup Eldon Schnert Warren DeYoung Carrol Deyoe Karl Kert Dean Settles Warren Griffing lames Duncan Clifford E ahman Gerald Sharp Cierirr lansonius Harold Ellison Joe Mangano Thainc Simmonds Boh Kircbgessner Kenneth Erickson Guv Mathenev Otis Skubal Bill Penny Marion Everhart Leonard Matoush Marvin Stchwicn Lee Raruk ( arl Edicts V avnr McClellan Wendell Stull Warren Settles Jama. Finley Warren Mthlrov Allen Van Kooten Edward Soash Wayne F isber Helmet Millet John Wallace Pet? Swank Pa ye T uvnru fiyhr nii s 1 1; ii i i: i 1 s 1 1. ii Danih. Stuart Marion chip man I RED UNRUH EVERETT KOFLLlNC. Ted Hoover K i. Weltv President Vice-President Secretary 7 tej surer Corresponding Secretary I Multu Sponsor ACTIVES Roger Arensdorf Chester Banc Ivan Carrcll Marion Chipman Robert Cullcy Ralph Dotson Bill Dye Norman Ehrlich Bcnneti Ferguson Warren Fox lohn Hatcher Robert Hickok Ted Hoover Robert H ungate Winfred Kohler Everett Koclhng Lloyd Koelling Lawrence McPherson Dean Mills Garev Mitchell William Oswald John Renner George Shipley Clillord Sim John Si pc Ralph Smith Ray Stratnel Daniel Stuart Victor Tompkins ( red Unruh Edward Vaughn Newlin White Kenneth Wilson PLEDGES: Irvin Balman Jack Bearley Wayne Bichter Wayne Brenn I D Berger Silas Clifton Bill Davison Robert Fuller Robcr i Garrison Herb Goetz Warren Haxton lack Hearn Bob Higgins Joe Jellison Clinton Keller Ray Knobbe Harold Miller Elmer Morel Clark Peterson LcRoy Power Bill Reed Joe Rinehart Gail Schrader Bill Zuerchcr Bane Biehler Carrell Chipman Cullev Davison Dve Ehrlich Fox Fuller Hatcher Haxton Hearn Hoover 1 1 ungate Knobbe Kohler Koelling McPherson Mills Oswald Renner Rinehart Schrader Sim Si pc Stuart Unruh Vaughn Wilson Pauc Twenty nine I Christman Clark R Clark Cofcr Davis Doerschlog 1 eat her Gcrcn Grass Mower A. Johnson N Johnson P. Johnson Kneller Keller Mathews Meckel Halgedahl Paterson Plumb Reed Rudy Sherman Swanson Turner Vine Miller teg ler Mil l I l I II t I RIDLRlf. GKREN STANLEY MAl.COL.V1 VI KNON! MhCKEl- LEVI SilfcHMAN HOWARD HALIiLDAMI. Ituultu Sponsor William Ml .11 Miller HOML ' R T KELI.FK PrrMdttH V ' nc Prrstdtnf T tea Hirer Set teturu ACTIVES: Harold Anderson Glenn Bradley Russell Clark Herman Cider Hatty Christman lames Davis Waller Doorscblog I rcdcric Gcrcn Edgar Grass Hugh Harries lames Hosier Arris Johnson Wallace Knellcr Paul l iv, hi Stanley Maicolm Vernon Meckel Russell Mtllcr Robert MuMcnunn Bill Penrtson Boh Plumb R uben Rudv J D Sharp l.cvi Sherman Dale Swanson Jack Turner Warren Vine Robert Webster Pt EDGES: Gilbert Burma, ster Neal Burtscher Robert Clark Mark Cleland Clyde I eat her Horace .lacobini Norman Johnson Peter White Johnson Wayne Reed l -co Schracdcr Wallace Shipley Richard Willars l.vnn Yanttss uje Thirtu s 1 1; w t i i i; w w i CLYDE BBYMHR Walter stuive Lowell Richards Charles McGLtre James start I ' r cs. ' iL f’f Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Sponsor ACTIVES: Ward Andregg lohn Atkins Clyde Bcvmcr Michael Biggs Keith Bowser Warren Brandt Wilbur Brucggcr Elmo Carmichael Orlan Carmichael Dale Duane f lovd Gillespie Bill Hall Chuck Irvin Charles McGuire I awrencc Mock lohn Moden Maurice Norrel! Jack Paige Lowell Richards Alexander Robinson Leonard Robison Pat Rogers Gene Rouse Lane Ruchlen I owell Sawyer Karl Scherer Gent Schlcgcl Dale Shade Jack Shick Lloyd Sidener Walter Stuive Victor Thompson I rank Wonner PLEDGES; Charles Davis Lester Hallo wav Bob Johnson Bob Vaughn Andregg Beymcr Bice Biggs Bowser Brandt Carmichael O Carmichael Morrell Donne Irvin Gillespie L ill McGuire Mock Moden New house Schlcgcl Paige Richards Robinson Robison Rogers Rouse Ruchlen Sawyer Wonner Shade Scherer Shcllhouse Shick Start Stuive Taylor Thompson Page t hirty one f n e s ii i i: William Aldridge Ashland Duane Harris Bird City Max Archer Great Head Herman Hants It Kinsley Paul Arv _ Lew i Frank Hayes Pula John Barrett Randall Jack Hearn St. Jtthn Wayne Beeslcy Gout Harold Hedsirom ( ' ourtlund Bvron Blair Geneteo Robert Herman Hill City Mur! Blank (it, untie Id Neil Hmsbuw Fowler l ean Bottorff Osborne Harry Hoi I man St John Melvin Brandenburg Wah • ncu Fester Holloway Jr j Mankato Floyd Brmkmever Hill t it a Albert Humbird I h ( Nellis Briscoe . . Sylvan Grove William Edward Hutton Brewster Nolan Brun .el Ro zel Beverly Irvin McCracken Clair Carlton Jrnnmys Horace Jacobini , Hays Elmo Carmichael Plains ill « Kenneth Jamison Ottbarn Kenton Casad _ 5 Leonard Jrnnison Rush Cent er Eugene Cole Meade Norman Johnson Hays Harry B Christman Ashland Robert Keenan Seward rats Sul can Grove Dale Kelley Monument Bill Davison . St John F.ldon Mace Liberal Clarence Deutsche! : Marvin I Mareseh Nvkotna Norbcrt Diet Wakeeney John McCoy Uiyhton Dale Doane Hu.. lames McMullen Plain vilte Walter Doerschlog ffajoiom Raymond Miller We.xkan Andrew H Dorman Wakeeney Vernon Miller Dor ranee Herman Frchman Pab • John Nimmons Lincoln John Eutsler . Text s t Lawrence Mock Plainviltc Milton Everhart Brownell Hobart New ho use . Colby Frank Fishburn . Medicine Lodge Fred Nim Arnold Ralph Floyd Harlan Foster Arnold Gachstatter Fowler Keith O ' Connor Mai kxvitle ( 1 1 • Phillipsbury Andrew Olson C our t land George Omer Oakleu Eugenr Gcring Beloit 1 red C. Otis Philhpsbury Floyd Gillespie H ugoton Jack Paige Huu» Frank Gooch Minneapolis Maurice Patterson Hoiunyton Gene Gouch . Conway Springs Bill Penny Ellsworth Watne Gouge l dior Bill Petierson Plgincille Edgar Grass. Jr. . H»U A LeRoy Power . Cotlyer Max Gregory Alton Dick Radnor Modi ji John F. Hall Macksville Bruce Rathbun ' .urtth Marvin Hardy Long Island l.owell Richards Bird City Page Thirty three Laurel Rickard Medicine Lodge Pit Rogers $fay? Ruben Rudv Otis Notan Ruchlen Larned Warren Rugan EUinwood i .ui Scherer Ha Warren Schmidt St. John Gail Schrader Larned l.t. V. Vhul e Nicolas Schumacher Hays Walter ScaU . Couhdge Don Shaffer Wilson Donald Sharp Chase Boh Shellhaus Hays Clarence Shubcrt Ogalluh Ohs Sulebottom Ransom Russell Skelton Larned Dean R, Smith Alton Solonon Snyder W • ' Roger Sprenkel Huddum Lyn Stewart Portis LeRov Stincmetze Byers John Srrcck Russell Keith Summers Satuntu Dale Swanson Ralph Swearingen Paul lane red Warren Trimmer Jack Turner Wayne Unruh Karl Venneberg Warren Vine Hays - — Logan Sew York City Wakceney Concordia Pawnee Rock — Hays Znru h Clyde Vinson luniur Wagner I van West. Joe Whitsitt Garfield Smith ( enter Norcatur Phillipsburg Joe Woodrull Glenn Worrell I rands Zeller Bill Zucrchcr M rude Stanford. Nebr. Brownell Max hiville S II I’ II II II IKES Irvin Atkinson Chester Bane lohn R Bear lev John Bergman Wav no Bichlcr Mike Bi gs Hli Boucher Paul Boxber er Wayne Brenn Plat ns Stockton Atwood Canker C : .iu ( • : . r Barnard Zurich R watt It St John Dee Brown Lincoln Btd Btwdttte Etbon Orlin Carmichael Plainvillc Lester Cathcart Danburu . Sebr Robert L. Clark Gooi Russell Mark O eland _ Oberhn Herman Cofer Rt:n rv Warren DeYoung Frame View Jesse St vers Dowthit St. Franatt Clyde Feather Minneapolis John Fdible Stockton Carl Fellers Ki nu-t Wavne E Fisher udetl Milford Flinn Randall Robert Garetvon Copeland James Gleason Kinsley Gene Glot7.bach Plat net lie Pa jt Thirty- fit ' ag 1 7 lur fy »i.v I rank Grit I in Hitt ( Warren Griffing Smith Center w.irt.n Haxton Chau I .It! I it Mi iT ' William Hockett Man .lames Howcr 9 Edgar Howat - - Codell Allen H upsukcr HnrtanJ • rn Johnson ninilm Wjlur Kvlvihn ft V Ivihn Keeler Karl Kert V l Robert Kirchgessner Jersey City. Sew York W.ill.ue IfoH Kobl:i Penokee John K rain. ,; - Leighton Poague Waketneu Robert Postma . . Rextord Albert Querbach Hannon Glen Elder Wilbur Rigby Ness Ctlu Kismet Leonard Robison Owen Robinson Wakeeney Gene Rouse Russell Lane Ruehlcn 1 anu-.i Noel Runyon Gnnnell Bud Sawyer Bird ( itu Irvin Schneider Otlt Leo Sclracder Timhm Warren Settles ll ly Levi Sherman S ter tiny Ki mct Jack Shick Bird City Unr M Hannon Richard Sigle .nett Joe 1 ill St. John Otis Skubal Drexdon Joe Mangano New York City Jack Sloan Mullenvilte Wayne McCcllan Zurich Ralph J Smith _ Chetrycale Charles A McGuire Osawatonre Charles E. Soash Mankato Dean Mills Copeland W.u n. Sol mans Hannon Wakeeney Wendell Stull Patco Clarence Moos Ptuincille Lorraine Swank . _ _ _ Gaulord . Hoxte Victor Thompson Better Maury Norrell Ness City Rirha-d Tuttle Osborne Joe Novotny Zurich Gerald Van Locncn Prairie View Gilbert R Olson Colby Edward Vaughn Seldon William Oswald Luray Chet Walter Downs Morris Parsons Wakeeney Bernard Wolford Claflm Robert Plumb Hays William Wynn: A mra Paae Thirty seven I f uar T birli vujhl Will. ml Ben ru n Webster Clyde Beymer Laktn Kni h Bowser M Ivan Carrell PlaifH Vinton Carver Luray Hugh Chance - McDonald Marion Chipman M or land Kenneth (lark HoXti Charles Cooper Greemhurg Robert Colley MulfintiiUe lames Davis Rag Carrol Deyoe _ Jetmorc lames Duncan Rozel Kenneth Ettdkson Jennings Marion Hvcrhart Brownell Warren Fox St. John Robert 1 uilcr Uiti I redcrick Jeren taflin I Open .rover $ John Hatcher r Nathan Havse MuUinoiUi George W. Helm Syracuse Nolan Hester Gala Robert Hungart ( im Gcrrit Jansomns Ptturie View Peter W Johnson Hays I mmett Keenan H - Paul Kennedy I Wilmer Kuhn ; Hays Ray Knobbe SpPBtville Winfred Kobler Penokes 1 toyd Koelltng ! Allen Van Kooten Long Island I rank Lemon _ Kensinah n 1 1 du .ud Masters ILi i. Archer Moore THburie Ralph Quint Hill C itg Wawn Reed Cppeiand Oliver Roberts Jetmort Alexander J. Robinson St. John Raymond Roemcr Got Doug Seals oplidgt Shipley Dale Shade Hoys Clifford Sims Oakley Thame Simmonds Hmr. John Si pc Ransom Marvin Stchwien Claftin Daniel Stuart - ford Gerald Tomanek James VanDoren John Wallace Arnold Francis Willmeth Beloit Kenneth Wilson Mulvanr George Zeigkr ¥y Page Thirty nine PiJifi Forty ward andregg Hoxte Dick Bhymer Lukin Francis Bishop Kiowa L Warren Brandt Studlty Leslie Briggs St. Joseph. Mo. A.B. Engineer ' s Club: Band: Sigma Tau (iamm.i A.B. Engineers Club; Profes- sional Club A.B. Engineers Club Band. Reveille; Sigma Pi Sigma Who’s Who in American Colleges and Univcrsiiics 4. Sigma Tau Gamma B.S. in Educ. A Cappdla Choir Band; Glee Club Marvin Cox Wakeeney Rex cullfy M ulltnville George R. Davis Bill H DYE Mu Lane Norman Ehrlich Oakley B.S in Bus Ad. and Accounting V.MC A A.B. Parliamentary Law Club. Y M CA : Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. -4 . Business Manager of leader. 3. Pi Gamma Mu; Seventh Cavalry, pres -4 . Student Council 1 . -4 ; Interna- tional Relations Club; Little Theatre. President Student Linton. 4. A B Professional Club Y.M C A International Rela tion.s Club Second Gen erjtion Club: Student Court. 4. B S in Bus Ad Glee Club. Phi Sigma Epsilon. A B. Engineer s Club. K Club: Football, co-caprain. 4. Willard Elder Huy James Finley Hay $ D Allen flora Quin ter Galen Flora Quin ter Robert French Densmore B.S. in Educ. oat ball . K Club; Phi Delta Chi B.S in Educ Y M CA Glee Club; Parliamentary Law Club; K Club Reveille; Leader. Tiger Club International Relations Club; Student Council I. 2; Phi Delta Chi: Seventh Cavalry. B.S in Bus. Ad. Y M C A pres. 4 Par liamentarv Law Club International Relations Club B.S. in Applied Art A Cappclla Choir Stu- dent Council. 2. Band. A.B Parliamentary Law Club Professional Club; Y.M. C.A. Pi Gamma Mu. Pi Kappa Delta; Internation- al Relations Club. pres. 4: Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 4 Student Council; Sev enth Cavalry RAYMOND GUTZMAN Kensington Darrell Hoagland Jet more Waldean Hooper Smith Center Ted Hoover Horton Frank Hoppes Long Island A.B. Engineer’s Club Tiger Dub. Y M C A Who ' s Who in American Colleges md Universities. B S. in Botany ' i M 1 B.S in Educ Football B.S in Hduc Seventh Cavalry Track. K Club Phi Sigma Ep silon. B S in Educ Y M C A Second Gen- eration Club: Phi Delta Chi. Robert Hughes Oakley Orville Kellogg Hays Everett Koelling Abilene Charles Lacey Hoxxe CLIFFORD L ARMAN Wtnona A.B. B.S in Educ. B.S. in Bus Ad Track: K Club Phi Sigma Epsilon Seventh Cavalry. B S, in Educ Aqua Club; Glee Club: Y M C A Track B S. in Educ Y M C A Wayne Loomis Mankato Ralph Loyd Morland LeRoy Mason Stockton Marion Mathews Qutnler LEONARD MATOLSH Holyrood B.S. in Educ. Basketball captain 4 : K Club. Seventh Cavalry. S E B.S. in Educ Second Generation Club. 1 B.S in Educ Y M C A A Cappdla Choir Band Tig. r Club; Parliamentary l ass Lit tie Theatre 1 B.S in Bus Ad. Band; Glee Club Y M. C A Phi Mu Alpha II B S in Educ University of Wichita; English Club Leader; Parliamentary Law Club. Y M C.A Phi Delta Chi II S Paqe Forty -one Poqr Forty- tuso Warren Mcelroy Palco B S. in Educ. Glee Club V M C. A : Second Generation Club " hi Delta Chi UBERT L. MOWRY Hoxiw A.B Parliamentary Law Club. Lind Debate: Profes- ional Club, pres 2. second Generation Club, ires 4: Student Council. ' Who ' s Who in Amen an Colleges and Universi- ies. 4 . President of Stu- lent Union 2: Pi Kappa lta pres 4 Sigma Tau iamma liLDON SM INERT La Cross e A.B. ngineer ' s Club Y.M A Tiger Club. ohn R Sites Salma A B Lind Y M C A Par tamcmarv Law Club: )rchcstra; Second Genera - ion Club Aqua Club X M!N!CK J TEDESCO Bronx. AL Y. A.B •lanhattan College New fork City Glee Club Tiger Club: Newman I u b Little Theatre: beer Leader 2. 3. 4. Iomer Watkins Meduine Lodge B S. in Educ. t ' MC A Tiger Club ' arhamentarv Law Club Lawrenc e McPherson Gem B S in Educ. Basketball Football; K Club. John Ri-nner Oahleu B.S. in Educ- K Club. Football, co- captain 4 Phi Sigma Ep- silon. Earl Schwa rtzkopp Ransom B.S. in Educ- Parliamentary Law Club Y.M.C A International Relations Club. Thomas Small Englewood A.B Dodge City Junior Col- lege Student Council, pres 4 International Re- lations Club K Club; Track Parliamentary Law Club Varsity Man- ager. 4 Victor Tompkins Burrs A.B Engineer s Club. Frank Wonner Wakeeney A B Kansas State College. Man- hatian ; Cheer Leader. 3: Leader. 3 4 Sigma Tau Gamma Vernon Meckel Medicine l .odor B S in Bus. Ad Band Phi Mu Alpha Melvin Robbins Brownell B.S in Bus Ad Glee Club Band Y.M C.A Parliamentary Law Club. Varsity Manager. 4 Men’s Quartet 2 3. 4 A Cappella Choir Phi Delta Chi. Dean settles Healu B.S- in Educ. Southwestern College. Winfield; Glee Club Basketball Phi Delta Chi. Walter stuivf St Ivan Groce B S in Educ. Band International Rela- tions Club Parliamentary Law Club Sigma Tau Gamma. Lee Underhill Wells A.B Band. Quill Club Inter national Relations Club. Y M C A Parliamentary Law Club. Pi Gamma Mu Who ' s Who . n American Colleges and Universities. 4 Profes sional Club. Robert C Yeagy Plainvtlle A B Y M C A Parliamentary Law Club: Glee Club International Relations Club Tiger Club Virgil E Miller Hanstnn B.S. in Agn. Y.M.C A I it tie Theatre Bob Satterlee Machsvillr A.B Professional Club Y M C.A Parliamentary Law Club Orchestra Phi Del ta Chi. J D. SHARP Bloomington A B Seventh Cavalry Debate Glee Club, Band A Cap pci la Choir Quill Club. Parliamentary I aw Club Leader, editor 4 Y.M. C.A . Student Council. International Relations Club ANSEL TARRANT Mullinville B.S in Botanv Glee Club Y M C A Student Council 2. 4 Seventh Cavalry Basket ball K Club Interna- tional Relations Club Fred Unklh Garden Citu ft B Y M C A International Relations Club Parha mentarv Law Club Stu- dent Council. Phi Sigma Epsilon: Seventh Cavalry Keith z holer i atomu B.S in Educ K Club Football Kenneth Moore Haus B.S. in Educ. Engineer ' s Club: Glee Club Eugene Schlegel Hay s B S. in Educ. Glee Club: Y MCA: Band. Sigma Tau Gamma. JIM SHAW III A! menu A.B. Delta Epsilon. B M Taylor hi ns City B.S in Educ Student Council. I Pro- fessional Club Interna tional Relations Club. Sigma Tau Gamma Francis Hays B.S in Bus. Ad Newman Club Ivan Zeller Manning B.S in Educ Page P or tu three f t r r i, t v Ekt-D V Al.lM RTSON. Professor of Botany; Chairman of Graduate Division. A W. BARTON. Professor of Biology William 1 . Blarli y. Assistant Professor of Physical Education; Track Coach. C H. Brooks. Assistant Professor of Language; Extension. R l BROOKS. Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts: Superintendent of Build ings and Grounds. ROBERT I Bugbi-E. Assistant Professor of Zoology Hugh BUR Ni: t i . Assistant Professor of Political Science: Chairman of Extension Division Edward H Coi.YHR. Professor of Mathematics. James W, Chappell Assistant Professor of Chemistry. David M. Coll Instructor in Business Administration. Drew A. DobosH. Assistant Professor of Art. Edwin Davis Professor of Industrial Arts. HQBAKI S Davis. Assistant Professor cf Music (voice). Rni I’M 1 A1RGHILD. Instructor in English and Journalism Orvis GROUT, Assistant Professor of Speech. Pm. I B Gross Assistant Professor 1 Physical Education: Director of Athlet- ics Basketball Coach HANSARD I Hai.GLDAIII Instructor in Music (wind instruments i . MODESTO Jacobin!, Professor cf Languages. Donald M. Johnson Instructor in Psychology. hujf Forty ' four GEORGE A. KELLY. Associate Professor of Psychology Homer T. Keller. Assistant Professor of Music t piano). CARL Malmburg. Assistant Professor of Music i stringed instruments). E. R. McCartney. Professor of Economics: Chairman of Applied Arts Division. Clyde T. McCormick. Assistant Professor of Mathematics William Hugh Miller. Professor of Music ( voice ROBERT T. McGrath. Professor of Education and Chairman of Education Division. Pu e Forty -fivt Lari I Morris Professor of Health and Physical Education: Director of Student Health Service. R 1 PARKER. Professor of History and Chairman of Social Science Group. Marion Pearce. Instructor in Agriculture ROY RANKIN. Professor of Chemistry and Chairman of Physical Science Group. ANDREW Rif.GEL. Instructor in Botany. Homer B Reed. Professor of Psychology. Georgi M ROBERTSON. Assistant Professor of Zoology. JAMES H. Rouse, Professor of Agriculture. I I ScilMUTZ. Assistant Professor of Agriculture: Farm Superintendent. IRA O Scott. Assistant Professor of Education. JAMES R Start. Professor of Speech. Floyd B. Streeter. Professor of Library Science and Librarian L. V THOMPSON. Assistant Professor of Business Administration. PAUL D Waldorf. Assistant Professor of Language: Coach of Football T. V WELLS. Assistant Professor of English. R 1 WELTY Assistant Professor of History. CHARI I s F Wiest. Professor of Philosophy and Chairman of Humanities Group. H A ZlNSZER. Professor of Physics and Astronomy. Poor Forty mx li II II I l T E S T I II E T S CLAUDE Bid Hays. B.S 1940. Fort Hays State. ROBERT FUNS TON. Phillipsburg. A B. 1940. Fort Hays State Harold Hopkins. Utica. A.B 1940. Fort Hays State Tom King. Oakley. A.B 1940. Fort Hays State Dai I LlPPHRT, Bison. B.S. in Agri 19A9. Fort Hays State. J less I VAGUE. Osborne. B.S. in Educ. 1940. Fort Hays State. Poqt Forty seem ( fc 1 m M mr M JH)i [y ' njt ) mJK 00 0 MM d Mr mu flv M y Ml OBji i jpk M H 0 m ' vy 1 !■! -r Where peaceful waters flow ncath the shade of many trees. The afford a resting place for weary students. The buildings and landscaping form a big part of the environment of the Fort Hays student. The happenings in each of them are as different as the architectural planning is different on the outside Poac filly Custer Hall — home of many Fort Hays g’rls — and boysf Here the industrious sew. cook, make pottery, paint, and learn manual training and arts. Page hihu-on the she-tigers have brushed off the 40- 41 season and laid away their duds until the whistle blows next fall keeping everything under control, coach millet listed the following activities on the tigeress’ sports cuff . . hockey, soccer, basketball, volley ball and softball . . the individual teams included tennis, tennequoits. shul fleboard. ping-pong, swimming and archery . . " spark plug " bergland served as assistant in the physical ed department for the homecoming festivities miss harbour ' s dance troupe (members of the orchesis club) presented the la conga for the varsity — and it really had the " umph " . . . hazel bertram is chancellor for this group . . . these dancers also presented some " irish jilts " for the camp lewis formal jive session in march . . . advanced dancers trucked down to saiina in January to take in the ballet russe de monte carlo . . . the ducks had quite a time this year . . they entertained first semester with a " splash " party for the aqua club (boys swim club) who returned the party the second semester . . these deals included watergames. contests and eats . . evelyn hodson was chief duck for this club. FACULTY GRACE E. CARD, Instructor in Health and College Dispensary Nurse GAYNELLE Davis. Assistant Professor of Education and Supervisor of Teacher Training. Thelma Deforest Instructor in Business Administration Elizabeth Barbour. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Lucille E. FELTEN. Assistant Professor of Music (Piano) HELEN T Fisher, Assistant Librarian ( Cataloging j Mrs. Emma Golden. Assistant Professor of Language. PEARL G. Cruise. Assistant Professor of Education. MARY Meik. Instructor in Home Economics ROSELLA McCARROLL. Assistant Professor of Education Myrta E. McGinnis. Professor of English. MARGARET McGimSEY. Assistant Librarian (Orders). MAUDE McMindes. Associate Professor of Education and Director of Teacher Training. BROOKA Knowles. Instructor in Commerce. Eleanor Murray. Assistant Librarian (Circulation). MARY Mae Paul Assistant Professor of Education and Supervisor of Teacher Training. Gladys Rhea Patton. Assistant Prclessor of Home Economics. Jessie Brook Pearce. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education Dorothy Spencer Assistant Librarian (Reference) EDNA B. Triplett. Instructor in English. Dorothy Wells. Assistant Librarian (Documents) CELESTA Wine. Assistant Professor of English. Mabel Vandiver. Professor of Art. ii is i ii i a t e m H n r s Beatrice Brungardt. Collyer. B.S. in Educ. 1940. Fort Hays State. Gwendolyn LANE-FUNSTON. Phillipsburg. A B. 1940. Fort Hays State. DarliENNE Thompson. Alexander. B.S. in Educ. 1940. Fort Flays State. Paj r fifty -five Arminda Arnold Colby B.S. in Educ. Parliamentary Law- Club . A Cappella Choir, Choral Union Esther Atwater Lamed B.S. in Educ. Wyoming University. Laramie. Dorothy Sparks Inez Burkey Blakely 0 0 Hays A.B. B.S. in Educ. Art Club. Little Thea- tre. Reveille. 3. Ruth Burris Wakeeney A.B. Parliamentary Law Club: Y.W.C.A ; Pan- hellenic Council: Phi Chi Delta: Sigma Sig- ma Sigma Dorilyn Davenport Roy gen. Colo. A.B. Little Theatre: Quill Club. Mrs. Jennie Dunwoody Hilt City B.S. in Educ. English Club: Parlia- mentary Law Club: Y.W.C.A. SR. M. GEORGINE Hays B.S in Educ. Shirley Gibson Hays B Women’s Leadership: Parliamentary Law Club. Little Theatre. Y W. C A. Who’s Who in American Col leges and Universities. •»: Club; Do bate. Reveille. Helen Giebler Hays B.S. in Home Ec. Newman Club: Home Economics Club: Kap- pa Pi Sigma Sigma Sigma: Tigcrcttes. Myrna Gilstrap Great Rend B.S. in Educ. Y.W.C.A ; Quill Club. Women ' s Lead ership: Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 4. Thelma Graf Long Island B.S. in Educ. Tigerettes: Delta Sig- ma Epsilon; Y. W C A Lokene Harger Obvriin B.S. in Educ Y W C A A Cappel- la Choir: Orchestra; Band. Sigma Alpha Iota. Mariam Marsh Almena B.S. in Educ. Quill Club A Cap. pella Choir Glee Club Y WC A. In- ternational Relations Club Student Court: Little Theatre Viol i-t Ramsey tiucklin B.S in Educ. Y.W.C.A ; Pi Gamma Mu. Phi Chi Delta. geneva Schwindt La Crosse B.S. in Educ. Y.W.C.A Phi Chi Delta. Lois Heaney ElUs B.S. in Educ. Band; Little Theatre. Women ' s Leadership, pres 4 Parliamentary Law Club Tigerettes; International Relations Club. Pan -hellenic council Pi Gamma Mu: Delta Sigma Ep- silon Marie Martin Dighlon B S in Educ Y W. C A. Annf. Reed Hays B.M and B.S. in Educ. Glee Club Orchestra; A Cappella Choir: W A A Women’s Leadership ; Orchesis ; Sigma Alpha Iota pres. 3 Norma smedley Kensington B.S. in Educ W.A.A.. Y.W.C.A : S e c o n d Generation Club Home Econom- ics Club Duck Club. Theta Epsilon. Regena Hoagland Osborne B.S. in Ed uc. Washburn College. Topeka Eu tie Thea- tre : Delta Sigma Ep- silon. Rosalie McBride Wallace B S. tn Educ. Washington Univers- ity St Louis Duck Club. pres. 4 New- man Club W.A.A.; Kappa Pi. Sigma Sig- ma Sigma Gertrude Resch Oherlin B S. in Educ Pi Kappa Sigma: Lit- tle Theatre Theta Epsilon. Erma sparks Zurich B S. in Educ. University of Colo- rado. Boulder: Uni- versity ol Wichita; Y.W.C.A. Mrs. Alice Steel Hoppes Long Island B.S in Educ. Parliamentary Law- Club. Y WC.A. De- bate Little Theatre. Quill Club Virginia Mull Dighton A.B. Engineer ' s Club: A Cappella Choir: Little Theatre; Y W C A.; W A A Quill Club Joyce Ferguson Riegel Ford B.S. in Bus. Ad. Orchestra: Little Thea- tre; W A A.. Tiger- ettes; Student Council. 4 Pi Gamma Mu: Women s Leadership : Student Court. 4 Pan- hellemc Council, pres J WIm.s Who .n American Colleges and Universities. 4 Delta Sigma Epsilon, pres 3. Evelyn Witt Russell B.S in Bus. Ad. Glee Club Newman Club. Home Econom- ics Club. Tbeia Sigma Upsilon Helen Johnson T rousdale B.S. in Home Ec. W A. A pres. 4: Home Economics Club. A Cappella Choir: Women s Lead- ership. Tigerettes. pres. 4 : Delta Sigma Epsilon Lola Nichols Lucuk B.S m Home Ec. Kansas Weslevan. Sa- linn, Home Economics Club Jean Robinson Hutchinson A.B. Hutchinson Junior Col- lege. A Cappella Choir: Glee Club Quill Club. Helen Wilson Garden (.tty B.S. in Educ. Garden City Junior College. Kappa Phi. YAV.C A.. Parliamen- tary Law Club: Little theatre. Theta Sigma Upsilon Margaret Lambert Stockton B.S. in Educ. International Relations Club Second Genera- tion Club. Y.W.C A.: Theta Sigma Upsilon. Mildred Otis Gretna A.B. Delta Upsilon. Pi Gamma Mu W A. A ; Quill Club: Little Theatre Parliamentary Law Club: Interna- tional Relations Club. Lillian Roper Elfinwood 1 ' $ in Bus. Ad. Glee Club; A Cappella Choir . Tigerettes: Theta Epsilon: Delta Sigma Epsilon. Helen Wray Almena B.S. in Educ. Kansas Wesleyan. Sa- lma. Y.W.C A : Kap- pa Phi. Page Fifty six J II HI I II II s Bcitv Baker Chiton Virginia Jackson Minneapolis Betty Barnes FhilltpHiury Muriel Joy Koont7 H amt on Marie Bartholomew Sto:kton Marjorie Low Syracuse Eunice Batman — w— - Great Rend Ida Louise Luce Colly er Ntxje Boson Gove Rachel Luder Waldo Marjorie Butler Stork ton Virginia Maranville Hour Susan Calvert Hour Marjorie Me E wen - . Natama Elsie Cathcart Oberhn Alma Maude McWilliams Qumter Margaret Chambers — Independence Lena Mcthencv Leott L ranees Dechert Hex ford Enid Mr cr denning Jean Emmons Copeland Vesta Modal Wakeeneu Alma Franzen ( ' an ton 1 orenc Moore Haas Nelda Gfdler U ' lfV.M Verda Moore Hums Imogen? Click Pluinville Ruth Nelson Ellis Esther Giess Arnold Lucille Parsons .. Ham Grace Hartshorn Syracuse Irene Reynolds Hays lean 1 lax ton Chase Normalce Rugan Ethnwaad Winifred Hibbs Osborne Clara Russ Stockton Madge Mill A r kama ( ity Mary Scherer Hau l Anna Hoc ken smith Zara Sharp .... Bloomington Edna Howat Codell Catherine Snmh Morland Patricia Start Hii . t » Maxine Strahm Waldo Ruth Summers Satanta Doris Swanson Haus Maxine Valid tv v f ktem Irene Weigel Hays Evelyn Whined Luna Islund Mary Alice Wiesner Hays I ' uuc Fiiiyeiykt Page Fittu nine SI) Ml ini I) KGS Helen Alexander Parker Dorothv Bacall Hags Viola Bauer Hanston 1 ranees Beougher llaus Hazel Bertram Hays Mary Jeanne Bolan Plain Lida Bradley Lamed 1 ein Breeden Quint er Normazee Brent Alton Wilburma Bright Platnville I la el Broberg Vesper Marjorie l ink Brown (other Phyllis Brown Lucas Naomi Carlton leaning A ileen Carswell Alton Mary Carswell Haas Patti Couch PhiUiptbueg Flossie Cramer Lucerne Dorothv Cummin Kingman Annie I auric Daniels Hags Eileen Dean ( ul Iyer Ruth Donker Beloit Dorothv Dow liny Ogden Bennie Lou Dunlap Lad . Co lo. Geraldine Larnist Colby Marv Lthcl Lari Hays Rena Fvelcigh Noising tun Geraldine 1 all Jewell Betty B I aubion Phtllipsburg Dorothv Fellers Hags Wilma Fountain Lang don Marjorie French Salma Shirley Friikcr F.tibon Margaret Gilchrist Rexiord Wanda Glunt Jet more Patty Gooch Minneapolis Frances Goodnough Hags Georganna Grass Hags Mary Held Burlington. Colo. Murvccn Harris Hud ( i tu Mildred Hcitschmidt Bushton Audra Hoagland Osborne 1 vclvn Hudson Hill City Betty Lou Hoffman ( hupman Irene Hultzingcr Ellis I dna House Med tit nr 1 o dye Ru h Flower Luca Dorothy Hunter Grmnell Helen Jain Waldo Lily Johnson Hay Relda Lou Jones Goo dlund Vclda Marie Kell Lamed Margaret Kimplc (old water LoRcc King Hags Page Sixty Kathryn Kirk Mankato Dons Klaurens Men to 1 ucillc Kline Hoisinyton Ruth Krause Scotr City Lorraine Latham Hoxie Rozecne Lyon l.onymont , Colo. Beunala Mahan Havtland Nadine Mallory RreWster Mary Margaret Mason Great liend Lmily Modcn Wakceneu Eleanor Monroe .. Athol Miriam Moore Tribune Venita Moore L.u Crosse Wanda Moore 1 want Dorothy Mosher _ Rex ford Ruth Nelson hncler Thco Nichols 1 iu 04 Loretta Parker Woods on Frances Parratt Bird Ci tu Wilmetta Paschal Lurau Edna Pearce t iltonvale Evelyn Pctrasek Jenntnus Ordella Pfort miller Nat i»n7U Betty Pollock Hays Velma Portscby Herndon Joyce Reinking llaus Mary Reitinger Pat ‘la Alene Renner La Crosse Blanche Renner Oak leu Erma Riedel HdU Phyllis Rife Lyons l iMitv Riggs Hays Colleen Roberts Oakley Lola Roemer Gove Theora Schmidt Lurau Allegra Scott Hays Margaret Shogrin xu lct Opal Sidebottom Ransom Esther Sim Oakley Dorothv Skaggs Brownell Nellie Smith Reece Floyc Strohwig Set den Mildred Stut .man Ransom Maxine Swanson Sharon Sprmys Louise Sytsma Havs Esther Tenbnnk Dudae Titty Avis Thompson Haas Aletha Unruh Pawnee Rock Luella Weigel- Mermis Hays Delphine Wiesner HdUS Lena Witthuhn Baztnc Martha Wooster Hays Mary Wooster Hays Page Sixty one F II K S II 11 E Caroline Adams Belpre Mildred Albertson Hay A Helen Allord Haves Mullenu ' iUe Margie Allen (hi term I reva Allen for mow Barbara Anderson t • rands Marjorie Anderson Tribune 1 v.i .lane Applegate l urn ti Maxine Archer Waldo on aide Barnett Syracuse Valeria Basgalt Hays Phyllis Baiman tirvai Bi nd I eah Beamet Oak Ivy lleene Beeby Hill ( ,ru Velda Beeby Colby Maxine Bcougher Ormn Maxine Bergman HoiMnylon Kathryn Billings Ptnokee Dorothea Blakely Wahevney Bet ha Bout Is Jennmys Marvallyn Bovard Broun vll Msic Bowen ( hburnt 1 merge nr Breckenndge Wnndslun Vivian Bren Arnold Oca Brtdcnstine Coyle, Oh la. Joy Brown A t Wood Roberta lean Brown A lalunia lean Calvert llay% A 1 vena Carr lamed Wyonnr Carrell Jennings Virginia Cary Cold Water Audrey Cass Orion l.thcl Cathcjrt ObeHin 1 hi Im.t ( i.ii V IlnXie Clara Cobb Bunker Hill (.trace Cole Edson ellarnae Compton 1 arned Marjorie Conkey : drm nd Ber niece Conrv S(. I ranus Mary Cor me (tui held Ruth Virginia Cosscll M ullinville Mary Lou Cummins Paradise Roma 1 ce Custer Quin ter 1 velyn Daniels l.uruy 1 oil isc Daube Bunker Hill Dora 1 ec Dauma Scott ( tly Mildred David 1 u(jan Agnes Deitrr Norton Vernena Deutscher rihs 1 ola Deyoe Jet more Olive Diet Ettbon 1 dtlh Dobbs ( id by 1 orrnc Dor .wcilcr Hays Betty lane Dougherty Plutnville Margaret 1 arnist ( olby I ydia ( athenne Ldic Bird ( itu Arvella 1 nglisli Lin c uln Velma 1 vans ' - i Peggy I at tell Hays Rcita 1 linn Randall Virginia Fuller Inc Gates Norma Giess Pearl Gillespie Vcrgcnc Gleason - Lyons Dodge City Arnold Colly er Radium Helen Gocrlitz Evelyn Goltl Rita Good E st am. iry Graham Carol Griffith Bison McDonald Russel! PlmnviUe Densmare Anna Griswould Fay Griswould Theraby Griswould Bet tv Hadley Audrey Laff Ellis Kiln Kiln Alton Beloit Rose Harmon Gladvs Harness Rosalie Harrenstein Dale Hart Marie Howk Nor cat ur Iowa Point Hays ndjft Bud City Esther Hayes Eileen Hennev Mary Louise Hill Hazel Hillman Lora Fern Holmes Tribune Little River Pawnee Rock Ogallah Lewis Evelyn Hock Dena Fern Hopkins Betty Lou Florner Vivian Howard Blanch Howat Berlmgton Sedan Goodland McDonald Platnville Opal Howell Esther Fluddleston Marjorie Hughes Jane Hull Harriet Hunsley Mankato Hays Oakley Brewster Lamed Betty Hutton Mary Ingram Vcnita Inlocs Mary Lee James Lela Jellison Ellis lowler Quin ter S o kton ( old water Joy Jennings I ranees Johannes Dorothy Jones luanita Jones Mary Jones Pah i Nortonville Monument Penalosa Penalosa Johanna Keller Marjorie Kiefer Leah Knapp Dorothv Kraus Evelyn Kraus Etfi Ptainvitlc Jamestown Hays Ransom Page Sixty three Neva Lamia Kanopohs Aileen Lathrop Junction City Amv Louise I ewis Ro tl Margaret Lee Lewis Brewster Iola Litton Cove Leila Litzcnberger Rfizel Charlotte Losev Cove Betty Lou Madden Manhattan Irene Major Dorram e Dorothy McAllister Lyons Vena McCall Brewster Betty McKclvcy Waheeney Carrel McKinley M ulhnviltc June McK night Lurau Sylvia McQueen Lukin Ruth McWilliams Quin ter Iona Meckfesscl Hotel Margaret Meier Haus Gertrude Meistrell Plain vilte Marv Meistrell Ptainville Vida Meric 1a Winona Betty Milhon Garfield Lucille Miller St. Francis Alyce Rav Mitchell Winfield Marjorie Morris Hill Citu Vera Morris ihii citu Gertrude Morrish Oberhn 1 il.i Mosier Hoxie Maxine Murray Barnard l. a Ferns Muth Otis Frances Neier MulLnOille Kathrvn Newton Goodland Barbara Jo Nispel Haus Wilma Noll Ransom Martha Lou Norton Haus LI va Pearl Nossaman Haus Gloria Oswald Russell Mildred Ortman Mankato Beryl Palmer A t wood Helen Pancake At wood Ann Paschal Osborne Betty Patton Osborne Florence Pearce Menlo Dorothy Peters Xess Citu Alice Pohl Meade Vera Mae Potter Arnold Rosemary Powers Cove Dorcne Prior Sylvia Virginia Pugh _ . Sahnu Lenora Ramsey McCracken Paae Sixty t 1 jor Lois Rarick Arriba. Colo. Dorothy Reinhardt Great Bend Fern Renbergcr l a Crosse Grace Resch ( Iherltn Marietta Rittcl Qutnler Arlene Ross At menu Ruby 1 ea Samuels Stockton Philena Scheuerman Bison Armella Schmidthcrger Victoria Margaret Schneider Great Bend Bernice Scott Gove Nadyne Scott Hays Evelyn Simons Stockton Wilda Simon ( ol ton Wood l alls Acidic B Skelton Hays Rhea Skinner Laurence Arlene Skubal Dresdon Marjorie Sloan Seldon Mary Smith Colby Edith Sondburg Monument Bet tv Stanley . La Crosse Vera Stanton ( tyallah Stella Stauffer l and all Beth Stevenson Scott City Mildred Streckct Galatia Betty Suchstand Ciaulord Virginia Tavlor Flits l.etha Thayer Alton Alice Tholen Victoria Dolores Thalcn Haus Verna Jane Thompson M os- mV AnnaBelle Tilley Great Bend Dorothy Tilley Hansom Eunice TUlcy Great Bend Marjorie Todd (ol dun ter Alberta Trarbaeh .unch Edis T us in Grtnnell Alta Ukele Oyallah Virgin a Underwood Hoisinotan F rances Vanderpool Hill fit y Grace Vand. rpool Hill l itu Opal Vandiesi Prairie Unut ' Marly n Wade Osborne Doris Wait Protection I. a Wanda Warren S ter liny Eda .Jean Webb Alton Alma Weigel Mildred White Minneapolis Durrani e Elizabeth Whitmore Great Bend Pauletta Wilhjck ’esper Velma Wilhelm La Crosse Melba Winslow Brewster Anna Mae Wolfram Herndon Peggy Wood Haus Helene Wurm Oberlin Dorothv Wyrill Kir win Lorna Yada Jamestown 1 ueillc Yeagy Pluinville Glendora Yost Alexander Puije Sixtu kvt WOMENS LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION HOME ECONOMICS CLUB W A. A TI-G-r-r-Etts: Cio you Hays Tiers ' Yea Tigers fight ' When vou hear a group of feminine voices yelling such encouragement at an athletic contest, you can be certain that the Tigerette Club ' is boost- ing us favorite team on to victory. Noise is not this organization . strongest point, av they have repeatedly outwitted the enemy between the halves of home games with clever and entertaining stunts. Armed only with paste- board cards flashlights, and plenty of spirit, the girls have helped the Tigers emerge from manv a fray with a victory They followed the team to 1 mporia where they supplied their team with encouragement in a hard but losing fight Dressed in uniforms of the school colors the Tigerette sit together at all athletic events. Officers of the gold and black clad group arc Helen Johnson president Mary Scherer vice- president Lorraine 1 atham. secretary Audra Hoagland. treasurer and Miss Dorothy Spencer, sponsor Pag Sixty six LADY GENERALS: The Women s Leadership Organization believes heroines are made not born. So it has as .tv a.m and purpose the promotion of leadership among the women on the campus th.r T mLfcT ,h ' S VCar ,hc 0r ? aniMI . ion had char R c of the ushering at Lyceum numbers. Besides this the members had minor projects from time to time during the year on rshl e? °‘ . Wo ™ cn s Leadership Organization .s limited to fifteen. Membership .v based hcuhy members xhohnih,p ' Jnd • «“ ' « Thl ' «, chosen primarily by ihc women ,, , L ?. dcrS of lhc !•“ ” Jrc l “ is Hwncy. president: Marjorie Butin vice- president Anne Reed secre tan, treasurer and Marjorie Holland historian The faculty members are Miss GavnelU Davis l,ss I helma DeForest. and Mrs Nita Landrum r ,,V5 SCIENTISTS OF DOMESTICITY: ,,y h :‘ hcr lhc . “°P . °f { tir w ‘ rk 15 limited to a email sphere or their knowledge is used in broader « te|| h asTmTr«I!ng f the (dome hconom.cs Oub w,M look hack upon the,, ergan. atum as valuable e.oL h m, H v° m r CO ,MK m h S t? ' Ub u ' ' i " ' , ' nd minors rn the department of borne Lr,pTriro( 3ome ncon! 1 m,elT, f™e,eT ' ,n8 ’ ' " ' Thr ° M h p, ° ra0 “ J " d " « ,u — ' w,th J o,he7 f g iHs r a“d nt wome„° f om IS counfry 5 “ " ° ' , ” me to ld « ls jTh club ® ,in,ains • loJn f“nd of one hundred and fifty dollars to aid worthy jun.or and senior Miss Margaret Haggar. is the faculty sponsor and has Ken responsible for the many interesting speakers and programs this vear. GIRL GLADIATORS: Behold the Ama on— the woman warrior! I hc active and attractive girls that make up the member ship nt the Women s Athletic Association display some amazing skills ,n the sports on their program. Hockis basketball baseball tennis and hiking all hold a part of the interest of the group In the fall the W A A girls sponsored a carnival at which there were games of every description refreshment booths, and dancing The organization also sponsored several intramural tournaments for girls. Teams were organized bv other campus groups or independents and were entered in tenntkoits. ping pong, shuf flcboard. and basket ball . The W.A A was in charge of the annual Play Dav May V for the high school girls of Western Kansas As well as entertaining the girls with various games supervised bv members of the association one of the purposes of athletics was stressed bv giving awards for the best health and posture Members of W A A are given an opportunity t , earn mdiv,dual awards I bey are allowed a certain number of points tor engaging in various activities and are awarded a sweater when thev have accumulated a sufficient number Helen Johnson is president of W.A.A Rosalie McBride vice-president: Ruth Nelson secretary Esther Giess treasurer and Miss Geneva Millet t . sponsor I IGERhTTE S Pave Sr.v y-.vetvo YOUNG MEN’S WATERLOO: Custer — Wesley — these two names have a significant place in history books, but to the Fort Hays State coeds who stay in the two dormitories they have a much closer meaning They provide a place to rest one s weary bones after a grinding session in class, a quiet spot for those long private cramming hours before a quiz, a place to cook up those delightful indigestible snacks, an oppor- tunity to make those invigorating nightly sprints to make the front door before closing time, and most of all a place where friendships are formed and acquaint - ances are made that provide memories long alter the cap and gown are laid away Mrs. Martha 1. Walters is house mother for Wesley Hall. Student officers for the first semester were Marjorie Koken. president Frances Parratt. vice-president. Mildred Otis, secretary treasurer: and Pearl Snowbarger. historian. Second semester officers were Marie Bartholomew, president; Helen Wray, vice- president Ruth Krause, secretary treasurer: and Marie Martin, historian Mrs F.thel McKenna is house mother to the girls of Custer Flail. Officers for the first semester were Lola Nichols, president Caroline Adams, vice-president: Geraldine Earnest, secretary: Nelda Gfeller. treasurer: Marjorie French, histor- ian. and Alene Renner, social chairman. Second semester officers were the same except for Helene Wurm who served as secretary Page Sixty eight FEMININE IDEALISTS: T he Young Women s Christian Association has the goal of correlating religion with campus life. It offers opportunity for religious, intellectual, and social expression ami enjoyment to all women students. I heir theme this year, to counteract the chaos in the world, has been Friendship Around the World In connection with this theme they had among others as speaker Mr Savers negro attorney from Hill City. W ith the .M and Newman Club, the Y.W sponsored the annual Get- Acquainted Uay at the first of school and Religious Emphasis Week. rhe Y.W. also helped sponsor, with the Y . VI , the World Student Service Fund drive on this campus and helped to sponsor two speakers. Paul Moritz and Claude Nelson, out standing workers in the Student Christian Movement 1 he officers are Erma Sparks, president Marie Bartholomew, vice-president: Mildred Stutzman, secretary; and Vlvrna Gilstrap. treasurer. Miss I he Ini a De Forest sponsors the organization. WESLEY HALL CUSTER HAM Page Sixty n:n ter tor; ton Barnes Earl Kim pie Parsons Paul Kenner Scherer Swanson Wicsner ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA M ir i Aua Wii sni h Doris Swanson Lucille parsons Mary s hi-ri k Mar Ethm. Karl . Mai Paul President Vice- President Secretary T reaxurer Editor Faculty Sponsor ACTIVES: Bern- Barnes Mary Ethel lari Margaret Ktmple Lucille Parsons Alcne Renner Marv Scherer Don Swanson Mary Alice W leaner PLEDGES: B itv Bca I auburn Mary Heid Louannr Schwartrkopf Move Strohwig t oi$ Sutton Virginia Tavlor } aae Seventy President Baker Bovard Butler Carswell Emmons Graf Heaney Hibbs A Hoagland K Hoagland Hockensmith Hoffman Johnson Jones Mason Me f. wen V Muden E Modcn Nelson Ricgel Rcinking Roper Schneider Scott Skaggs Smith Wine Wood Vallcttc CATHERINE SMITH MAXINE vallettf HELEN JOHNSON I OIS H FAN tv MARY CARSWELL Cl LIMA WINE ACTIVES: Betty Baker Marv Carswell Thelma Gral Lois Heancv Winifred Hibbs Audra Hoagland Rcgcna Hoagland Anna Hockensmith Bet tv Lou Hoffman Helen Johnson Mary Margaret Mason Marjorie McLwen Vesta Moden Ruth B- Nelson Joyce Ferguson Rif gel Joyce Reinking Lillian Roper Catherine Smith Maxine Vallcttc Vice ' P resident Secretary Treasurer (. o m-spondiny Secretary Faculty Sponsor PLEDGES: Virginia Bell Marvallvn Bovard Marjorie Butler Thelma Clark Elaine Cole Jean Emmons Betty Lou Horner Helen Marie Jones Rclda Lou Jones Emilie Moden Bernice Prihbeno I ern Rcnbcrgcr Margaret Schneider Mona Schuncht Nadyne Scott Louise Shay Dorothy Skaggs Roberta VanWormcr Marly n Wade Velma Wilhelm Peggy Wood DELTA SIGMA EPSILON Pape Scanty one KAPPA PH! .VI ARM BARTMOl.OMt ' V Mariam Marsh HKLFN Wilson Frances, Parrott Cora Bihblns Pr cm dent ’a r President Si reluru T ri usurer I ocuhu Sponsor ACTIVES: Marie Bartholomew Marv lean Bulan Marjorie Butler Eileen Carswell Ruih Di »nKer Imogen? Cnek Esther Giess Ruth Mower l.oRee King Ruth Krause Lvalccn Lcisack Mariam Marsh Marie Marlin i ta met Parrott Irene Reynolds Erma Riedel Pearl Snowbarger Maxine Swanson Helen Wilson Helen Wray PLEDGES: Mildred Albertson Eva lane Applegate Viola Bauer Imogcnc Breckcn ridge Roberta .lean Brown Marie Caller Naonn Carlton Zellamae Compton Wilda Simon Marv Corxtnc I velvn Simons lively it Daniels Marjorie Sloan Eileen Dean Marv on Smith Bennie l ou Dunlap Lrma Spatks Rena I veU-igh Vera Stanton Marjorie I ren.h Ruth Summers Lstamarv Graham Mildred Siui man Carol Griffith Alta Ukele Ann Griswould I aWanda Warren Therabv Griswould Lda Jean Webb Betiy Hadley I velvn Whitted Esther Haves Margaret Yantivs Esther Huddleston Lucille Yeagy Jane Hull Venita Intoes Dorothy Kraus Audrey I alt Margaret Lee Lewis Vena McCall I n id Mi .ci Miriam Moore Willmetta Pascal Bernice Prihbeno Ruth Ritfcl Albertson Applegate Bartholomew Bauer Bolan Breckcn ridge Brown Butler Carswell Carlton Compton Daniels Donkcr French Ciick Giesv Cjraham Grit 1 it h A Griswould T Griswould l.alt Mower King Kraus K rausc Lewis Marsh Martin Moore Parrott Pas . he I Reynolds Riedel Simons Sloan Summers Stut nun Swanson Wilson Wray Yeagy Puite Scixrittj-tWO Patricia start President Virginia Makanvilli Vice-President Marguerite Roach Set wary SHIRLEY PRICKER Treasurer Susan Calvert Editor Lucille felten J ' acuhy sponsor ACTIVES: Frances Beoughcr Susan Calvert Dorothy Cummings Annie Laurie Daniels Betty Daniels Shirlcv Pricker Geraldine Earnist Esther Gicss Prances Goodnough Gcorganna Grass Lorene Harger Mildred Heitschmidt Lily Johnson Kathryn Kirk Lucille Kline Virginia Maranville Anne Reed Elsie Louise Riggs Marguerite Roach Patricia Start Allogra Scott Louise Sytsnu Avis Thompson Martha Wooster Mary Wooster Aletha Unruh PLEDGES: Albertson Beougher J. Calvert S. Calvert Cummings Custer A. I. Daniels Earnist Farrell Felten Pricker Giess Goodnough Grass Harger Heitschmidt lohnson Kirk Kline Maranville Norton Nossaman Portschy Reed Riggs Mildred Albertson lean Calvcri Roma Lea Custer Peggy Farrell Martha Lou Norton Elva Pearl Nossaman Velma Portschy Evelyn Simons Virginia Underwood Scott Start Sytsma Thompson Underwood Unruh Wooster Mary Wooster SIGMA ALPHA IOTA v Page Seventy- three SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Bed son Burris Cass N I X 1 ! BHASON koselif McBride President Vue- President Helen Gikbi er Secretary Ruth Burris Treasurer Couch Dl LPHINH Wll.SKF.R Edln it Dimmitt GLADYS PATTON 1 in nltu Spl f t Dunlap ACTIVES. PLEDGES: Nixie Bcason Helen Alexander Earnist Ruth Burns Viola Bauer French Patti Couch Nclda Bccdy Cifcllcr Gwendolyn Dimmitt Maxine Bergman Nclua Gfetlcr Audrey Cass Hcl.n Gieblcr Bennie Dunlap Roselie McBride Margaret Earnist Giehler Dctphme Wicsner Marjorie French McBride Lena Hagen Moore Margaret Meier Irene Major Nadine Mallory Newton Pancake Patton Wanda Moore Kathryn Newton Helen Pancake Dorothy Peters Grace Resell Armclla Schmidt berger Schmidtberger Mildred Strecker Strecker Esther Tenhrink Wiesncr Paae Seventy- four Breeden Elsie Cathcart Ethel Cat he art Carswell Cummings Dechert Cioodnough Hockensmith J ell iso n Koont7 Luder McWilliams Methcney Moore Resch Roper Wait LENA MBTHENY Ntxin Season verda Moore Elsie Cathcart Helen Fisher ACTIVES Nixie Bcason Fern Breeden lirhcl Cathcart Elsie Cathcart Mary Carswell Dorothy Cummings Frances Dechert Frances Cioodnough Anna Hockensmith Lela Jellison Esther Kyle Rachel Luder Alma Maude McWilliams Lena Methcney Verda Moore Gertrude Resch Grace Resch Lillian Roper President Vice President — Secretary — Treasurer Pucutly Sponsor PLEDGES: Grace Hartshorn Marjorie Hughes Muriel Joy Koont? Ida Luce Bcunola Mahan Sylvia McQueen Norma Smedley Anna Mae Walfrom Doris Wait Pcggv Wood THETA EPSILON Pane Seu ' cnty-fioe Pay? Sever) tu six D Basgall V Basgall Bertram Bradley Feller Brown GteK Good Haxton Hill Hodson Kell Lambert Nispel Melb.nev Monroe M osier Reinhardt R .ynolcU Renner Roberts Rugan Strabm Pholcn Triplet i I Vandcrpool G Vandcrpool Witt THETA SIGMA UPSILON Jl ANSI HAXTON l.TNA METHENEY Irene Reynolds Evui vn Witt Evelyn Hudson Edna Triplett Pritida Vtce-Pnvtdti Sr trim 7 ri iUft Edin f aculty S panic ACTIVES: Dorothy Basgall Valeria Basgall Hazel Bertram Dorothy Tellers I modern Gick Rita Good Jeanne Haxton Madge Hill Evelyn Hudson Margaret I ambert Lena Methcncy Eleanor Monroe Dorothv M osier Barbara Ntspcl Dorothy Reinhardt Irene Reynold Colleen Robert Norma Lee Rugan Maxine Strabm Evelyn Witt PLEDGES: Lida Bra dley Marjorie I ink -Brown Betty Jane Dougherty Margaret Gilchrist Ruth Nelson Blanche Renner Lola Rocmcr Dons Thole n Trance Vandcrpool Grace Vandcrpool abeth Whitmore Helen Wilson Lena Winhuhn - President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Zara sharp MILDRED KRATOCHVtL Thkora Schmidt Edna House ACTIVES Marjorie Anderson Eunice Batman Phyllis Batman Maxine Bergman Virginia Cary Flossie Cramer Helen Alford Hayes Edna House Genevieve Keating Ethel Mae Kirk man Doris Klaurens Evelyn Kratochvil Marcella Kratochvil Mildred Kratochvil Carrel McKinley Charlotte Losey Lorrcnc Moore Betty Patton Edna Pearce Florence Pearce Rosemary Powers Violet Ramsey Clara Russ Ruby Lea Samuels Geneva Schwindt Theora Schmidt Zara Sharp Mildred Strecker Darlienne Thompson PLEDGES Lola Dcvoc Helen Goerlit Betty Mae Johnson Mary Virginia Meistrcl! Gertudc Meistrell Arlene Ross Louise Shcrfick Marjorie Todd PHI CHI DELTA Hayes AmLrson Bat.oan Bergman Cary Cramer House Klaurens McKinley Powers Moore Patton Pearce Losey Ramsey Rcsch Russ Schwindt Schmidt Sharp Thompson Page Seventy- seven k i i; mi u i e e BOB CLARK CATHERINE SMITH Pttije Eighty Page Eighty one and Pay Eighty-thnr .1 D. SHARP LOIS HEANEY MYRNA G1LSTRAP I ' iiyt ' Hiifhlu tour i! i; r in, m i in ROBERT FRENCH JOYCE FERGUSON R1EGEL FRED UNRUH Potfe frtghty-fta 1 1 t t l i; t ii k i t is i: Member Junto An: her Maxine Archer. Winnie Biker Chntcr Bine- Mike Biggs. Dean Bottortl, I ' hvllis Brown Roberta Brown Gilbert Burmeister. I laine Cote Ireanr Cole Betty Aon Cowan Hubert. Fiovsic Cramer Mary I mi Cummin . Annie Laurie Daniel lively n Daniel Miry I the! r art I eddy Geren Imogen? C nek ■ Helen Gocrlit Rita Good Mime Dale Hart t rank Hayes Lois Hearns Marie Howk lane Hull Boh Jackson Helen lain William Kin e Wilmcr Kuhn Rachrl I uder Virginia M.iranville Bern MiKelvev loy McKie Hntd Mi .er Chut Mowrv Wilmrtta Pascal Robert Plumb I eighton Poaguc. CIco Pomeroy Oliver Roberts. Philena Scheuerman J D Sharp Norma Smedtry John Streik Keith Summers Ruth Summers Doris Swanson I « uise Svtsm.i Verna lane Thompson Maxine Valletta Marlyn Wade I da lean Webb. Helen Wilton and Glcnndora Yost Townspeople . l ella Philip Scotty Philip Roland Propst and Rurh Bakei H in. ' s Page " Fightu six Escaping from the real world into some fictitious racier the members of the little Theatre group revel in portraying that fictitious character so that u becomes real The founding of the speech and dramatics department has helped remove the handicap of no organized time and has enabled much more specialized work A number of new courses were offered this ycat bv Orvis Grout and Drew Dobosh and other courses which formerly could be offered onlv es ' ery other year or semester were offered s ach semester f he Penthouse and Studio methods were used again this veai I ahoratory performances under student direction were also continued. Student directors were .1 D Sharp. Dominick Ted esc o Freddy Gcrcn and Wilmer Kuhn Mr Grout has been giving the plavx a longer run this year in order to give those participating more experience As an entirely new project the Little Theatre group has been doing some experimental work with Sandburg s poems " We the People Yes For its fourth successive vear the Fort Havs Little Theatre received recognition in The Theatrv Ar s for its fine repertoire Laboratory performances this year were The Man Who Came to Dinner " Ladies in Retirement and Brief Music Public performances were Dear Octopus. Family Portrait Yes and No and (anticipated) Id Rather Be Righi The Importance of Being Earnest " and Othello were taken on the road Page Btyhltj seevn 0 • • f ort Havs un well be proud ol the progress its 48- piece band has made this year Under the direction of Howard Halgcdahl the band made a five day tour playing in all parts ol Northwestern Kansas I hev presented a concert of excellent music in April In May they played a series of concerts in the city band shell I he bands activities were- not limited t« concert music alone for they supplied pep for all football and basketball games I hev were present at all pep rallies and parades including the homecoming parade and kstivtties Arm. slice Day parade and Band day The marching band was under the direction of Drum Major Janies HoWcr. PERSONNEL Clarinets James Howcr Marguerite Roach lean Calvert Dale Swanson Velma Portsthy, I owell Richards. Betty Hadlev ffatold Anderson Shirley I rickcr Arlitia Coddtngton Mildred Albertson Cornels Vernon Meckel Walter Doerschlog I nolle Kellogg. I redone Gcren. Jack Schul c lohn Barrett. Jack Turner Horns Aletha Unruh. Harold Ellison Mark Clcland Richard T tittle Trombones Robert Postma Roma I ea Custer Max Gregory I uba ( ilen Bradley Richard Cooper fluphomum James Peterson Alto Clannei Mildred Hcitvhmidt Bass Clannei I velvn Simons Oboe Susan Calvert Bill Petterson Muir Dorothv f ellers Gcrttuclc Motnsh Piccolo Kathrvn Kirk Bassoon Wallace Sbiplcv Warren Vine Saxophone Helene Wurm Virginia I oilg Percussion Robert Webster. Lorenc Harger Mary Icjn Bolan, Dale Hart Manager I tedenc ( wren I ibrarun.s I rederit Geten George Omcr Drum Major James Howcr Assistant Drum Major Chester Walter Iwirlcrs. Mariotie Anderson Lora Holmes Betty Jane Dougherty lean Calvert flagenia Rills Grace Vjnderpool I ' llilr Hujhtw ttijhl II I! I ' MENTIS 1 The college orchestra has completed another successful year under the direction of Carl J Malmbcrg. The orchestra has a membership of 60 which is larger than it has been in several years. Their repertoire includes many of the outstanding classics. This group played for Teacher s meeting last November and accompanied the Messiah at Christmas time They presented their annual concert in February before an enthusiastic audience. In May the orchestra accompanied the Creation which was presented for the Music Festival PERSONNEL: Violins: Eunice Tilley. James Howcr. Annabcllc Tilley. Mildred Albertson Alma Weigel Mary Wooster. George Omer Lucille Kline Marie Calfec Kathryn Kirk. Frances Goodnough. Miriam Moore. Dorothy Kraus. Erma Riedel. Betha Boulls Lily Johnson. Evelyn Kraus. Shirley I ricker. Ruth Cosscl! Violas: Glenn Bradley. Anne Reed Annie Laurie Daniels. Avis Thompson. Robert Satterlee. Cellos: Martha Wooster. Betty Daniels Robert Gantncr. Dick Radnor Louise Svtsma. Esther Hayes Virginia Maranvillc. Basses: Victor Herman. Jean Calvert Dorothv Reinhardt Oboes Susan Calvert. William Peiterson Flutes Patricia Start. Gertrude Morrish. Mary Louise Hill. Clarinets: Marguerite Roach. Lester Holloway. Dale Swanson Bassoons: Howard Halgedahl. Wallace Shipley. Warren Vine. Horns Mark Cleland John Sites. Aletha Unruh Richard Tuttle Trumpets. Walter Doerschlog. Frederic Gcren Trombones. Robert Plumb, Robert Postma. Arris Johnson Tuba Horace Jacobini. Percussion: .1 P Van Doren. Lorcnc Harger. Robert Webster Page Eighty -nine In reviewing the activities of the Cappella Choir for I ' HO 4 I the high point of interest was the tour of Southwestern Kansas The choir covered 600 miles which included thirteen performances The week s trip was climaxed by a very successful home concert tn Picken Auditorium ' 1 he soloists tor the choir were Martha Wooster Virginia Maranvtllc Mildred Albertson, Eunice Tilley and Leo Schraeder Members of the choir also appeared in the Messiah at the Christmas season and the " Creation for the May Festival The personnel of the choit is as follows: Robert Beery. Maxine Bergman. Mary lean Bolan. Clarence Burmeistcr. Mary I.ou Cummins. Geraldine Larmst. Marg.rct Farrell. Shirley Pricker. Fred Gcccn Vcrgene Gleason I ranees Goodnotigh Grace Hartshorn Clarence Haynes Kenneth Heitschmidt. Mildred Heitschmidt. Lydia Herman. Margaret Hue Irene Holt .ingcr Betty Lou Horner Betty Ann Hutton. Harry Hoffman. Marv Ingram. Virginia Jackson Rclda Lou Jones Leah Knapp Fldon Mace. Virginia Maranville Beryl Palmer Betty l aiti n Anne Reed. Wayne Reed. Louise Riggs Ruben Rudy Violet Shcrfick Otis Sidcbottom Leo Schraeder Donald I homas Virginia Underwood Rivhard Willars Martha Wooster. Helene Wurm I vnn Yantiss Glenndora Yost and Hvclyn Simons. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Page Ninety DIPLOMATIC DIGNITARIANS Once a week the sixteen members of the Student Council gather in Dean Wooster ' s office for a formal, parliamentary bull session Here the members discuss and deal with problems affecting the interests of the student body. They sponsor school elections regulate social activities declare special holidays with the approval of the administration make the secret plans for Pike Day (and trv to keep them secret until the dav arrives) and make necessary rulings concerning campus offenses (this refers, among other things, to rulings on freshmen caps) Officers of the Council are 1’om Small, president I red Unruh. vice president and J. D Sharp secretary Rex Cullcy first semester assembly chairman and John Woclk. second semester assembly chairman, were ex officio members of the Student Council tor their respective semesters MODELS OF AUSTERITY: It takes a student to fullv understand a student s problems No longer can students s.iv their fate has been decided by faculty members too far removed from the problem to recognize or understand it Recognizing the rights of students to a fair trial tb? revised constitution of the student bodv provides for a Student Court Now erring students are tried before a group v ! five students under the supervision of Dr. W D Moreland, advisor to men and Mitt Maude Gorham advisor to women The members of the Court are appointed by the Student Council I he cases and proceedings are not made public Page Ninety one reyeil le Dear Students Well, here ' s your annual at last and with a sigh of relief we can settle back and relax for the first time in months. Up to now vc ve spent most of our time rushing about the campus in search of material or bending over a desk getting it into printable form In our limited space we have tried to include a portion of all the activities and events which make up a year of college life at Port Hays State: to make this book an illustrated diarv of a section of American youth at work and in play. We realize thai it is impossible to please everyone so we only hope that there arc more of you who like I he Reveille than there arc who don t Here is the final result of our efforts, your 19 4 1 Reveille Sincerely yours. The Reveille Staff ANNIE LAURIE DANIl l.S Editor GI N! GLOTZBACIL ttuamm Manager MARY Woosn R AaifOiicifr Editor Kenneth Erickson Amstant JusimMs Manager SHIRLEY GlftSON Organizations M AD’. ,H HlLL Greek Organizations Maury Worrell Men sport Susan Calvert Womens Sport r KANcns Reed Lane Rufhusn Helen Jones. Norm alee Rugan ROL.PH FAIRCHILD Artist Photographer Copy Written I amity Adviser Walter Wallers n nr Adviser Paae a ' i l i i ii i; is Each Thursday afternoon the fa- miliar cry The Leader ' s Out brings .students running from every corner of the campus in a mad scramble to secure their cop v of the school paper With the air of a prospector with his first nugget they clutch iheir prec ious copy and hurrv off to get a glimpse of the latest news. Their laces beam in a smile as they come upon a tasty morsel in the gossip column or wrinkle in a frown as they read the score of a football defeat It s all in the Leader Its columns mirror the achievements and activities of the student body It amuses and informs and serves as the medium through which the various groups of the campus can meet and discuss the problems of the day. The leader staff for the year in eluded J D. SHARP Editor Lrank wonner A.vvrjuufe Editor ( 1st semester) Leroy Carter Associate Editor 1 2nd semester t Bob Culley Business Manager Vernon Meckel Asv ' r Business Manager (1st semester) NEIL HlNSHAW Awt Business Manage r (2nd semester) Bob McKee _ Men s Sports Evelyn Hudson Dorothy Basgali Women ' s Sports Mary Ethel i.arl Columnists Rolp-H F airchild family Adviser Reporter — Betty Ann Hubert. Annie l auric Dan ids. Elmer Denning Lorenc Dor weilcr Imogens Click Herbert Goetz Dorothy Kraus. Stanley Malcolm. I eighton Poague Alcne Renner Arthur Rose. Delores Tholen Irene Weigel and Joe I ill WALTER WAI.LERS7T.DT. Print Shup Joe Lill Bob Postma, Wilbur Rigby Production Staif Page S ' met a three PI GAMMA MU KAPPA PI QUILL CLUB SECOND GENERATION CLUB Pagv Ninety four HUMANITY ' S HOPE: The purpose of the members of Pi Gamma Mu national honorary social science fraternity is the open minded study of all social science problems. T hey do not advocate or oppose anv particular social movement but they regard all social questions with a scientific attitude and attempt to discover the worthwhile points of each. They desire to send out well-informed young men and women equipped with social idealism and fervor to encourage others to be more scientific in their attitude toward social problems A candidate for Pi Gamma Mu must be of junior standing and must have at least twenty hours of social science with a ' B average New members are elected bv the active faculty members of the organization. Initiation of new members lakes place at two formal dinners given each year Programs arc arranged for the initiations and regular meetings Officers of Pi Gamma Mu are Fred Unrub. president. Robert French, vice-president and Dr Raymond Wcltv. secretary. COLOR COMPOSERS: A new composition, the blending of color a block print, sketching a lithograph, or working in ceramics arc all major interests to the members of Nu chapter of Kappa Pi national honorary art fraternity. Students who are majors or minors in art and who have a satisfactory grade point are eligible for membership The vear s project was a calendar illustrated with block ptints made bv arr students and mem bets of Kappa Pi Subjects used lot the prints were scenes and personalities and places of interest in this locality. A sketching trip was taken in the fall to gather ideas for compositions to send to the organi- zation ' s national exhibit. A scries of one man exhibits brought before the general public a sample of what an artist docs with his time. Kappa Pi also sponsored an exhibit for all seniors to display any talent that may have been suppressed by other major interests Kappa Pi officers an- Erma Sparks, president Rosalie McBride, vice-president: I rma Riedel secretary- treasurer : and Mabel Vandiver faculty sponsor QUILL TWIRLERS: The pain of a new idea the iov of creative exptession aie both emotions felt frequently bv the members of Eolh Rune chapter of T he American College Quill Club as ihev gather to acknowledge the talents of their associates and contemporaries. Literary ability is ihc magic password into this select group. Quill Club members meet two times a month and in these sessions the members read their manuscripts which are discussed and suggestions ate made for their improvement For entrance into the Quill Club an aspirant must prepare a manuscript that meets the approval of the orgnization. The pride that comes from a thing well done is the reward that Quill Club members aluc and strive earnestly to attain. Presiding over this distinguished group are these officials: Chancellor Zara Sharp V ice Chancellor Dr Mvrta McGinnis Keeper of the Parchments. Darliennc I hompson. Warden ot the Purse. Dr Floyd B Streeter, and Scribe. Shirley Gibson. SECOND EXPOSURE: A generation ago voung men and women were hurrying from class to class, worrying about exams, and in general passing the time as good I ort Havs scholars do Now as the years have rolled forward sons and daughters are sitting in the same classrooms, studying some of the same subjects as those who preceded them — and always with the resolution to better the scholastic marks of their parents These second generation students are facing some o! the same trying national and international situations that their parents had to cope with It will Ik the ambition of these students u be able to send the third generation to Fort Havs in future years and to have set a high standard for them to follow. Aubert Mowrv is president of the Second Generation Club, and Mildred Albertson is secretary Page Ninety-five MENTAL GLOBE-TROTTERS: The war situation the cons tant shuffling of boundaries — the rise and fall of leaders of nations — the altitude of our southern neighbors- all constitute some of the main interests of the members of ihe International Relations Club. The objective of these serious minded current cvcnrcrs is to help create an intelligent interested nonpartisan public opinion through the careful study and discussion of current international situations that arise to disturb and alter the progress of modern man Membership in the International Relations Club is limited to fhirtv five Any student who has at least twelve hours credit is eligible tor membership in this group. New members are elected to the organization by the club to fill vacancies when they occur Robert Preach was president of International Relations for the first semester The executive duties were then taken over by Nixie Reason for the remainder of the year Walter Stuive was vice president and Vesta Moden was secretary. Ihe second and fourth Thursdays of each month find the members ot the graduate club huddled together discussing their interests in the field of research. It is their desire to make some significant contributions in this field Members are required to hold a Bachelor degree T he leaders of rlns club arc Claude Bice, president Gwen Dimmit vice-president Jesse Vague secretary treasurer Dr I red Albertson, ihairman of the Graduate Council and Dr Myrta McGinnis and Professor Roy Rankin sponsors. PURPOSEFUL PEOPLE: I he members of the Newman Club carry on the ideals ot their patron Cardinal Newman, a.s well as the nJtm The Newman Club is a club of Catholic culture and Catholic fellowship organized in non Catholic universities and colleges The program is threefold religious, educa- tional. and social stressed in that order Meetings are held twice a month for the study of problems pertaining either to religion or to (he campus Ibis year the club has had a series of programs on ceremonies of the mass and liturgy of the church, using either recognized speakers or panel discussions As a project the Newman Club has been sponsoring a drive to raise funds for Bundles lor Britain relief work especially tor the women and children in England Ihe Port Hays Ncsvman Club is considered the outstanding Newman Club in five states and ‘h -’ ihairman of the provincial meetin.; »t the Central States of the Newman Club federation held at the University of Nebraska in April Ihe officers are Walter Keberlein president loe Riedel vice-president Porene Dorzweiler. secretary treasurer, anil Rev. Dennis Tarter chaplain Mr James R Start is the faculty sponsor. ATMOSPHERE FLITTERS: Mu birds and other winged creatures ol the air have nothing on the fifty-five Port Hays men and five Port Hays women taking Civil Aeronautics this year Although this is but the second year ot flight training at I ort Haw it is already the second largest flight school in Kansas — and one ot ihe best, for there have been no failing students. A first course is offered the completion of which prepares the student for a private pilot s license I his year a secondary course was also offered preparing the student tor a restricted commercial license I he college has acquired two complete planes for ground study, the instructors of which are Dr H A Zinv er and Dr C. 7 McCormick The flight work on the campus is supervised by a flight committee with Dr. G. A Kelly as coordinator Paav Ninety stx INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB GRADUATE .CLUB NEWMAN CLUB CIVIL AERONAUTICS ASSOCIATION mm? Puge Ninety-necen 1 SILVER-TONGUED STUDENTS: lady once collected the autographs of All the debate and oratory students because she thought (hat some dav she would be proud to have those signatures. But even though none of the students become famous they wtll still have had experience which will be of value no matter what profession or business thev may enter They will have had invaluable experience thinking quickly and logically, experiences which will give them the poise of sell- assurance This year the debaters have attended tournaments at McPherson. Wtnfield and Newton and the provincial I h Kappa Della tournament held at Newton I he Pi Kappa Delta debate question for the year was one that the war has brought forward lor serious consideration- Resolved that the nations id the Western Hemi- sphere should form a permanent union The debaters also debated on the Fort Hays campus teams from Cape Girardeau. Friends University, and Manhattan lohn Wuelk brought recognition to the school by winning the Native Sons and Daughters Oratorical Con test at Topeka I his is tin: second .successive year Hays has won this contest In the first tournament ol the year two Havs team, won all of their debates. Since then although none have placed thev have gone to the finals at various t.mes in debating extemporaneous speaking public discussion, and oratory Pi Kappa Delta national honorary forensic fraternity, the largest debate fraternity in the world has a chapter on the bon Hays campus Aubcrt Mowry iv president this year Paqr Ninety viuht The final section of your annual is devoted to a group of advertisers who have cooperated with us in making this year book possible Without the support of these business men of Hays, we would be unable to offer you this review of campus events and activities. Therefore, we thank these firms, not only as ad vertisers. but also as supporters, who are solidly behind your 1941 REVEILLE The Staff Mid Continent f n .raving Co. Wichita Kansas THE CARPENTER PRESS Oswego. Kansas Photography by BKEY STUDtO Havs. Kansas BOOSTING The Oldest Bank in Ellis County The FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member of F D I. C. Men ond Boys ' Wear HAVENER ' S Fort Hays State College FOR Clothing Furnishings and Shoes AT Friendly Prices STYLE HEADQUARTERS tujc One Hundred Member of the Nofionol Rcstauront Association i i » i i If you want to enjoy the " Three G’s” i • i I • • i i i I • I » Good Meals Good Service Good Companions at the one home-like cafe in Hays, make it a habit to meet at the ELITE CAFE Mr. ond Mrs. John Sohli West Tenth Hoys, Konsos j | c w lamer rh ‘ LAMER HOTELS We make a speciality of catering to parties in our catering department. Puue One Hundred One Looks interesting . . . What a picnic’ . Foxie and Barbara Jo . . They don ' t seem in a hurry Campus romancers. Imogene and Chet . Where’s Audrey and Bennie? Jimmy and the bo swing out Just a couple of sophomores . This one ' s always in the library. GEO. PHILIP SON GEO. PHILIP SCOTTY PHILIP Dealers in Hardware Coal Gas Heaters Ranges, Paint, Oil, Glass, Cutlery, Ammunition, Guns Phone 53 Eight and Main, Hays, Kansas I Page Ow Hundred Til ' o GEYER ' S BROTHERS DRUGGISTS Wc ore anxious to serve you Hoys. Kansas The FARMERS STATE BANK Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Each Deposit Account Insured up to $5,000 Under Federal Deposit In- surance Plon. Capitol and Surplus $100,000 HAYS BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION LOANS AND INVESTMENTS Hoys, Konsas Phone 38 Cecil Calvert, Sec. QUALITY HARDWARE Plus A Plcosing Gift Department Winter ' s Hardwa re Hoys, Konsas 8 1 0 Main Phone 16 WHITE PALACE INN WE WE APPRECIATE WELCOME YOUR BUSINESS ALL STUDENTS 105 E. 10th Phone 105 Western Kansas ' largest Jewelry store presents the finest line of merchandise in it ' s history of nearly forty-six years. Diamonds of finest quality ot prices no higher than is often asked for inferior goods — Watches, Hamilton, Gruen, Elgin ond others in latest designs — Silverware, sterling ond plated in a wide rongc of prices, eighteen patterns to choose from. Gfossware, rock crystal in three patterns etchings in Rose Point ond First Love Jewelry, Shcaffcr ond Evcrshorp pens, ond pencils. Optical and repair services — REGISTERED JEWELER. AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY THOLEN JEWELRY CO. 804 Moin Hoys, Konsas I’dQi ' One Hundred Three ARE YOU MODERN? — then you will not be disoppointed in o visif to our store with the smartest of modern ready to wcor for college men ond women. T “ I me LA KyT0RE The COLLEGE INN Mr. L. L. Skelton Phone 90 The COLLEGE BEAUTY SHOP Miss Rose Altman Phone 163 The COLLEGE SWEET SHOP Mr. ond Mrs C. W. McKee Phone 90 The GENEVIEVE SEYMORE SCHOOL OF DANCING Phone 90 507 W. 7th TIGER-VILLE Just off the Campus Cooperative Music Merchants Automotic Phonographs for every occasion MR. AND MRS. C. W McKEE DISTRIBUTORS Phone 90 Hays. Kansas Patte Onr Hundred Four We wish to take this opportunity to thonk you for your splendid patronage in the past and also to assure you that the same high standard of motion | picture entertainment will prevail at this theatre { MEET US AT THE STRAND FOX STRAND THEATRE B. F ADCOCK. MGR Shows Doily at — 1 :30 — 7:15 — 9:15 Heading for home . St Benedict ' s, here we come . This one s censored . . . Pals . . . Down the slide . . What’s that you’re saying. Bob Don’t let the medals fool you. it’s really Gene Rouse . Who crossed McGuire up? . . Big Chief Small Our band director . Chef Sidener Pauc One Hundred Fivf Going somewhere, Dome’ . . . Jam session . Curbsetters . Who ' s the smile for. Kirk . Poor freshman . . Off to the daily grind — or is she stop- ping at Mac’s Why Bake ' A Delta And four S. A. I s , . . Finished Product LARZALERE BAKERY i The ! Home Of Kream Krust Bread Cakes Rolls WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 124 W. 9th Phone 640 I I j Pajf One Hundred St a In Buying — Buy the Best I There is a constant supply of the better — DRUGS — SUNDRIES — COSMETICS — CANDIES Also we assure you " prompt attention " in Filling your Prescription AT The one place that enjoys serving F. H. K. S. C. students. HARKNESS PHARMACY —IN HAYS OVER 30 YEARS — I 716 Main Phone 76 | t POPULAR PRICED • STAR • THEATRE CLOSE TO CAMPUS TELEPHONE 890 FELTEN TRANSFER TRUCK LINES Daily Service Between Kansas City and Colby PHONES Kansas City, Victor 6416 — Salino, 6 — Hoys, 169 Paut • One Hundred Seven Yellowstone ' s got nothing on Ft Hays The big parade . . Pardon us. this one belongs on the track page Just a bit of friendly snowballing . . . Registration day Varsity . . . Off on a music trip. Dry Goods Clothing Ladies’ Ready To Wear Shoes Hats Notions Victor RCA Kelvin at or Maytag Washers- Radios -Mangles Toys Floor Groceries Meats Presents Cosmetics Gas Stoves Electrolux Chamber Rugs Coverings Glassware Lamps WIESNER ' S PHONES: MEAT MARKET 740 APPL. 345 Grocery 741 DEPT STORE 88 Paar Onr Hundred Etyhl COLLEGE BOOKS BOUGHT b SOLD STATIONERY NOTE BOOKS FOUNTAIN PENS ATHLETIC SUPPLIES ART SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS Campus Book Store 509 West 7th Everything used in College Hunk fillin ' i SCHOOL SUPPLIES PUBLIC SCHOOL BOOKS OFFICE SUPPLIES LOOSE LEAF LEDGERS LOOSE LEAF RING BOOKS FILING CABINETS LEATHER GOODS TYPEWRITERS Markwell Book Store 1010 Moin St. Everything used in the office TWENTER MOTOR CO. Ford V8 Mercury 8 Lincoln Zephyr HAYS. KANSAS 200 E. 8th Phone 824 I j I I I I I I I I I I I t j j • i i Pag On Hundred Nine Sig Tau rush party Loafers para- dise . Two of the boys from 1 ewis Field Hi. Dutch Silhouette at dusk I hat Ipana smile . This is so- o-o hard The oI‘ swimmin ' hole Cameraman Lane and Kinyi Culley Li 1 Abner comes to town The Store of Quality, Service, and Price FOUNTAIN Cr LUNCHEONETTE CANDIES ART b SCHOOL SUPPLIES DUCKW ALL ' S 5 cent to SI .00 store Paqe One Hundred Ten “Think it through before you act. Don’t move too fast. Dig deeper. Get at the root of the thing. And don’t you give up’ You may be just about to reach pav dirt !” If a man would cat. he must work. A life of elegant leisure is the life of an tin worthy citizen. The republic does not owe him a living: it is he who owes the republic a life of usefulness. Such is the republican idea. HAYS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SOFT DRINKS Phone 263 -FOUNTAIN SERVICE - Drive In SANDWICHES ICE CREAM 327 E. 8rh Groceries Meats Vegetables • l l EVERY ARTICLE SOLD BEARS AN UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE 121-123 E. 11th SAFEWAY STORE Hoys. Kansas Page Onv Hundrvd Eleven t£to Kings Kwality Ice Cream Ice Cream Novelties GOLDEN BELT BUTTER PURE CRYSTAL ICE Are oil mode from Pure selected Products of Western Konsas. Distinct ond Savor in Flavor. HAYS CREAMERY ICE CO. PHONE 184 HAYS KANSAS MODERN EFFICIENT Phone 400 JEP ' S SUPER-SERVICE STATION 1‘uije One Hundred T Welle Who’s the short ie? . . . Isn’t life wonderful . . . Keep a huntin’ Daisy Mae ... I wonder where they ' ve been . . . The last of the Calvert girls . . . Drink milk for energy! . . . Somebody’s getting the short end of this . . They live at Custer . . . No wonder school’s so exciting Darn this history . . . Now how did that boy get on this page! Our Mark of Quality FOR Better Homes — Lower Upkeep Longer Life Pratt and Lambert Paints Curtis Silentite Fromes and Windows Curtis Millwork Colotex Vaporseol and Board Insulation Balsam Wood Insulation Red Top Perforated Rock Lath Red Top Plaster Metalane Wcathership Quality Lumber — Shingles — Asphalt Roofing — -Cement — Brick Everything in Building Materials Coll on us for an estimate on your new house or on remodeling your old house. THE TREAT-SHAFFER LUMBER CO. H. HAVEMANN, MGR. 208 W. 9th St. HAYS, KANSAS Page One Hundred Thu tern Chevrolet Oldsmobile — Sales and Service — — Used Cars — Body and Fender Works O ' LOUGHLIN MOTOR SALES Phone 474 121 W. 1 2rh Looks like n golf game’s in the air . . Drummer boy . . . Breakfast, lunch — or . We ' re in the army now Next year’s football captains . . . Philip Lin, friend of every Ft. Hays student . . This one’s of Bill Dye Pep rally . . . Jim Shaw, THE: THIRD . Remember Pinky ' s Mexican friend, Ignatio? . . Keller, our star forward. J ayc One Hurulrai l uurtrcn ST. ANTHONY’S HOSPITAL Sister M. Evarista, R.N. Superintendent This Space reserved and paid for by the active staff I Hi JiMflHIHi Pontiac Sales and Service BEN F. I)RE I LING AND SON MOTORS PHONE 192 HAYS. KANSAS Buick j 108 E. 13th i i ' MAN N ' S " T G. A. STORE I I i » i S GROCERIES I I f l FREE DELIVERY J Phone 1115 112 W. 11th I New shoes from old with new invisible half soles ! No " repoired look " No " unsightly seam " —BRING OR SEND THEM TO— i Schlegel Shoe Service { 1 1 3 W. 10th Hoys, Kansas | Page One Hundred fifteen Hockey picnic ... Off to class . . . Max and Roach . . . Four Thetas . . . All on a sunshiny day Just loafing, thanks Hey Betty, where’d ya get that car? . . Why Mary, and just off the can us. too . . . Cheerleader Madge . . . A blonde, a brunette, but no redhead’ Morrison ' s Carry complete Lines In Towles Sterling Silver Hollowware Hamilton and Elgins Diamonds Wedding Rings MORRISON ' S JEWELRY ! 107 W. 10th i _ Page One Hundred Sixteen Phone 152 KESSLER LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING We appreciate your business, and hope you have been pleased. Phone 412 Hoys, Kansas Dr. W. F. Czeskleba REGISTERED OPTOMETRIST Phone 167 714 Moin i I i i i i I Central Kansas Power Co. Page One Hundred Seventeen lllll So, Goodbye . . . It’s all over for another year and it’s time to pack up say those last minute good byes, and hurry home. It ' s been a grand year, and we ' ve had a lot of fun. Remember the get-acquainted picnic on College Hill? And the football and basketball games, the Little Theatre activities, the band and A Capella trips, the Junior Prom and the all-school varsities and parties. Remember the evenings in the library and afterwards Mac ' s for a coke? Remember? Yes. it’s been a lot of fun! And so now we say good-bye: reluctantly, for we hate to leave our new found chums and classmates, but won ' t it feel good to be home again. Page Urn- Hundred Lighten AUTOGRAPHS itfr One Hundred Ntnrttrt ' AUTOGRAPHS Puffi) One Hundred l t‘rnlu

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