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i Portrait Photography by EKEY STUDIO Hays, Kansas MID-CONTINENT ENGRAVING CO. Wichita Engravers CARPENTER PRESS Printers Oswego, Kansas . . . llte Studenti fyosit fCanAaA, State, Gotlecje me We ' Would cllaae Dear Reader: ® Acquaintanceship is the basis for friendship. Through this publication, no doubt, the bonds of friendship will be strengthened and the circle of friends will be enlarged. One of the strongest words in our language is “Friendship.” It means so much. Involved in it are all the emotions of life, as well as all the intellectual attributes of human personality. Throughout the pages of this publication there comes again and again the quiet, but the irresistible assurance that these bonds of friendship become a “wee bit tighter.” Also there are evidences that the circle of friends will be expanded because of this publication. Our wish is that these may be the results t hat follow. Dear Reader, you have a part in the splendid undertaking of passing from acquaintanceship to friendship, and of experiencing the resultant joys and satis¬ factions that come from such an adventure, if you will peruse carefully these pages. C. E. RARICK President F. H. K. S. C. Ijow K+tcuv fyi, Jd, ' ll e 7 e DEDICATION: To Dr. E. R. McCartney . . . energetic, “quiz- zatorial.” a scholar and a gentle¬ man. a man of action as well as words—to this kindly “down-to- earth” individual who gets things done, we dedicate this book. INSIDE: If you have a corn on your little toe. if you want to see the team go to town, if you missed your " Leader.” if you have a passion for Sousa or have to practice for H. M. S.. then—it’s the Coliseum. OUTSIDE: Four walls and a skylight, militaristic turrets and an impression of infinite endurance, strength and pleasant memories. [ ' be t anV ccoV ry • ipr nicS few p ott 1 NS 1 DB-- forging u home cCC arts. P ain ' one of tb in «be industrial uting and coartments eathetei Ow uAtrUal A U OwduAtrUai uitAUuj, INSIDE: Here go the future doctors of Western Kansas, the psychologists and astronomers, the chemists and radio operators and perhaps even a few troupers from the Little Theatre lab. OUTSIDE: Bright and new with its great black revolving dome housing a giant telescope. Science Hall presents an impression of modern concepts and futuristic aspirations. 1 SoLewoe, Mall • ••••• . _ I he Faculty Inside and • • • • Outside the Classrooms AdwiniibiGtia+t L. D. WOOSTER. Dean of the College: Professor of " Zoology ELIZABETH J. AGNEW. Dean of Women STANDLEE V. Dalton, Registrar: Instructor in Botany IRVINE F. WILSON. Bursar w. D. MORELAND. Adciser of Men: Associate Professor of Political Science Maude I. Gorham. Adviser of Women: Assis ¬ tant Professor of Psychology STATE BOARD OF REGENTS Page Sixteen I‘RED M. HARRIS. Chairman Lester McCoy _ __ Drlw McLaughlin Mrs. Donald Muir Ralph t. ONeil Grover Poole Mrs. Elizabeth Reigart Dr. h. L. Snyder_ W. T. Markham__ -Ottawa -Garden City -Paola -Anthonv - Topeka -Manhattan —. Baxter Springs -Winfield -Topeka ART MABEL VANDIVER. Professor of Art JOHN M. STRANGE, Assistant Professor of Art DREW A. DOBOSH. Instructor in Art INDUSTRIAL ARTS ED Davis. Professor of Industrial Arts R. U. BROOKS. Instructor in Industrial Arts; Superintendent of Buildings BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES JAMES E. Rouse, Professor of Agriculture L. J. SCHMUTZ. Instructor in Agriculture; Farm Superintendent FRED W. ALBERTSON, Professor of Botany; Chairman of Graduate Division ANDREW RIEGEL. Instructor in Botany A. W. BARTON, Professor of Biology HOMER B. Reed. Associate Prof, of Psychol• ogy GEORGE A. KELLY. Associate Prof, of Psy¬ chology MAUDE I. GORHAM. Assistant Professor of Psychology DONALD JOHNSON. Instructor in Psychology GEORGE M. ROBERTSON. Assistant Prof, of Zoology Page Seventeen ROBERT BUGBEE. Instructor in Zoology GEORGE F. STERNBERG. Curator of Paleon¬ tological and Geological Museum ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION E. R. McCartney. Prof, of Earn, and Bus. Admin. L.W. THOMPSON. Assistant Prof, of Econ. and Bus. Admin. David COLE. Instructor in Business Admini¬ stration THELMA DeFORREST. Instructor in Busi¬ ness Administration EDUCATION Robert T. McGrath. Prof, and Director of Education MAUDE MCMINDES. Director of Teacher Training and Associate Prof, of Education GAYNELLE DAVIS. Assistant Prof, of Educa¬ tion PEARL G. CRUISE. Ass-stant Prof, of Educa¬ tion MARY Mae Paul. Assistant Prof, of Educa¬ tion ROSELLA McCARROLL. Assistant Prof, of Education ENGLISH JAMES R. Start. Associate Professor of English Page Eighteen T. W. WELLS. Assistant Prof, of English MYRTA MCGINNIS. Associate Prof, of English DOROTHY E. Sampson. Assistant Prof, in English ORVIS GROUT. Instructor in English CELESTA WINE. Assistant Prof, of English FERN Brock (Not Pictured) Instructor in English: Assistant to the Dean of Women EDNA TRIPLETT, Instructor in English LANGUAGE MODESTO JACQBINI, Professor of Languages C. H. BROOKS. Assistant Prof, in Extension and Latin MRS. EMMA Golden, Assistant Prof, of Languages LIBRARY Floyd M. Streeter. Librarian LOUISE M. PaXSON. (Not Pictured) Assist¬ ant Librarian (Circulation) Maude E. Druckenmiller. (Not Pictur¬ ed) Assistant Librarian ( Reference ) HELEN Fisher. (Not Pictured) Assistant Li¬ brarian (Cataloging ) DOROTHY WELLS. (Not Pictured) Assistant Librarian (Documents ) PHILOSOPHY CHARLES F. WlEST, Professor of Philosophy HISTORY AND SOCIAL SCIENCE R. L. PARKER. Professor of History R. L. WELTY. Assistant Professor of History HUGH BURNETT. Assistant Professor of Po- litical Science: Director of Extension Serv¬ ice ARTHUR KATONA. (Not Pictured) Assistant Professor of Sociology HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION EARL F. Morris. Professor of Health and Physical Education: Director of Student Health Service PAUL B. Gross. Director of Athletics: Bas¬ ketball Coach PAUL D. WALDORF. Coach of Football ; As¬ sistant Prof, in Language Page Nineteen WILLIAM L. BEARLEY, Assistant Professor of Physical Education; Track Coach JESSIE Brook Pearce, Assistant Professor of Health GENEVA MILLETT (Not Pictured) Assistant Professor in Physical Education for Women ELIZABETH BARBOUR, Assistant Professor in Physical Ed. for Women GRACE E. Card. College Dispensary Nurse; Instructor in Health HOME ECONOMICS MARGARET H. HAGGART, Professor of Home Economics GLADYS Rhea Patton, Instructor in Home Economics MUSIC WILLIAM Hugh MILLER. Professor of Music LUCILLE E. FELTEN. Assistant Professor of Music (Piano) Hobart Davis. Assistant Professor of Music (Voice) CARL MALMBERG. Assistant Professor of M usic ( Orchestra) HOMER T. KELLER. Instructor in Piano and Organ PHYSICAL SCIENCES ROY RANKIN. Professor of Chemistry JAMES W. CHAPPELL, Assistant Prof, of Chemistry EDWARD E. COLTER. Professor of Mathe¬ matics CLYDE T. McCormick. Assistant Prof, of Mathematics H. A. ZlNSZER. Professor of Physics and Astronomy Brooka Knowles. Mary Meek. Robert STEELE. NY A Vocational Instructors (Not Pictured) Page Twenty GRADUATE STUDENTS Marilla Alford Mullinville A. B. 1932. Friends University Betty Bennett Edmond B. S. Education 1939. Fort Hays State Lawrence Cressler Hoxie A.B. 1938. Fort Hays State CECIL HasE Selden A.B. 1939. Fort Hays State Dean Isaacs Scranton A. B. 1939. Fort Hays State Dale LIPPERT Bison B. S. in Agri. 1939, Fort Hays State ROY MlSCHKE Long Island A. B. 1939. Fort Hays State James Sampson Hays B. S. in Educ. 1939. Fort Hays State Katherine Schoendaller Bazim B.S. in Educ. 1939. Fort Hays State Melvin Smith Studley A. B. 1939. Fort Hays State Sr. Josephine Specht Hays B. S. in Educ. 1924. Fordham University. N. Y. SR. M. REMIGIA NEDER Hays B.S. in Educ. 1921. Fort Hays State JOHN Webb Protection A.B. 1939. Fort Hays State I Page Twentg-onc We’re Good ■ Page Twenty-two BUT Not Too Good I Page Twenty-three HAROLD ADAMS Utica A. B. Phi Delta Chi: Vice-President. 4: Tiger Club: Parliamentary Law Club: International Relations Club: Student Council: Y. M. C. A.: Interfraternal Council: Intramurals. CLAIR ANDERSON Kansas City B. S. in Educ. Phi Delta Chi: Secretary. 3: President. 4: Second Generation Club: Band; Trumpet Trio: Leader: Reveille: As¬ sistant Editor. 3: Interfraternal Coun¬ cil : Orchestra John Atkins Norton A. B. Sigma Tau Gamma: Vice-President. 3: Secretary. 2: International Relations Club: Student Council: Basketball: Reveille: Popularity. 2. CHARLES Bacon Hays B. S. in Educ. Football: Intramural Manager. 2. 3. 4: Assistant-Manager. I. c VELMA BILLINGS BACON Hays B.S. in Edue. Guy Barnes Rush Center B.S. in Educ. Sigma Tau Gamma: Football; Little Theatre. Elva Bartel Bison B.S. in Educ. Garden City Junior College: Union College. Lincoln. Nebr.: Home Eco¬ nomics Club: Art Club: Y.W.C.A. Kathryn Bellman Havs B.S. in Educ. Sigma Sigma Sigma: President. 4: Second Generation Club: Tigercttes: W. A. A.: President. 4: Orchesis. Bruce Bkrndt Glasco B.S. in Educ. Phi Sigma Epsilon: Band: Orchestra: A Capella Choir: Men ' s Glee Club: President. 4: Trumpet Trio. Richard Beymer Lakin B.S. in Agri. CLAUDE BICE Hays B.S. Sigma Tau Gamma: Vice-President. 2: K Club: Football: Second Generation Club; Seventh Cavalry: Kansas Acad¬ emy of Science: Band: Glee Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges: Delta Epsilon. Lynn Bishop Ford B.S. in Educ. Dodge City Junior College: Football: Intramurals: Y.M.C.A. Forrest Bodmer Natoma B.S. in Bus. Ad. Sigma Tau Gamma: Parliamentary Law Club: Second Generation Club. JAMES BOEVH Paine View B.S. in Bus. Ad. Sigma Tau Gamma. Jay Boyer Colby B.S. in Educ. Phi Della Chi: Football: K Club. s Page TiOenty-four A S KATHRYN BRENEMAN Hays A B Alpha Sigma Alpha: Tigerettcs. AMOS BROWN Great Bend B.S. in Bus. Ad. International Relations Club: Y. M. C. A. LELAND BROWN Glade A. B. „ „ Phi Delta Chi: Quartette: Glee Club: A Capclla Choir. BEATRICE BRUNGARDT Collyer B. S. in Educ. Glee Club: Newman Club: Y.W.C.A. LUCILLE BURKE Monument A.B. and B.S. in Educ. Phi Chi Delta: President. 4: Women s Leadership Organization: Reveille: As¬ sistant-Editor. 4: Quill Club: Tiger- ettes: Little Theatre. JOHN BUTLER Stockton Pasadena Junior College: Phi Mu Al¬ pha: Parliamentary Law Club: Y.M. C.A.: Band: Chorus: Kansas Academy of Science. ELEANOR CALVERT Hays B.S. in Educ. Sigma Alpha Iota: Vice-President. 3: Tigerettcs: W.A.A.: Orchestra: Band: A Capclla Choir: Leader: Glee Club: Women s Quartette DOLOR CARAVEAU Garden City A.B. Garden City Junior College: Newman Club: Tiger Club. SENE CARLII.E Jetmore A.B. and B.S. in Educ. Parliamentary Law Club: Who s Who in American Colleges: Student Legisla¬ tive Assembly: Student Council: Inter¬ national Relations Club: Y.M.C.A.: Little Theatre: Debate: Oratory: Quill Club: National Witanogomat Assem¬ bly: Pi Kappa Delta: President. 3: National Debate Tournament: 1st place in State Debate Tournament: Chair¬ man. Constitutional Revision Com- mitee. Dean Carroll Russell B.S. in Bus. Ad. Phi Delta Chi: Leader: Editor. 3: Reveille: Editor. 4: Y.M.C.A.: Quill Club: Parliamentary Law Club: Con¬ stitutional Revision Committee. WAYNE COOK Gove A.B. KENT COLLIER Smith Center A.B. and B.S. in Educ. Sigma Tau Gamma: President. 4: Leader: Editor. 4: Alumni News: Ed¬ itor. 3: Reveille: Little Theatre: Glee Club: Who’s Who in American Col¬ leges: Quill Club: A Capella Choir: Intramurals: Track: International Re¬ lations Club: Intcrfraternal Council: President. 4: Seventh Cavalry. Harry Creager B.S. in Educ. Phi Sigma Epsilon Concordia 4 Page Twenty-five o F i 9 O Gwendolyn Dimmitt Obcrlin A. B. and B.S. in Educ. Sigma Sigma Sigma: President. 4: Kappa Phi: Pi Kappa Delta: Quill Club: International Relations Club: Parliamentary Law Club: Student Council: Tigerettes: Women ' s Leader¬ ship Organization: Y.W.C.A.: Cab¬ inet: Band: Little Theatre: Student Court: Who ' s Who in American Col¬ leges: Debate: Oratory: Student Legis¬ lative Assembly: National Debate Tournament: Leader: Assistant-Editor. 2: Reveille: Pan Hellenic Council: Toastmaster. Jr.-Sr. Banquet: Popu¬ larity Queen. 2: Vice-President Junior Class. Eugene Dirks Pawnee Rock B. S. in Bus. Ad. Phi Sigma Epsilon: Y.M.C.A.: Band: Tennis: Parliamentary Law Club: In¬ tram ura Is. JACK Eades Stockton A. B. Y.M.C.A.: Intramurals: Football. Willard Elder Invale. Ncbr. B. S. in Educ. Phi Delta Chi: Football: K Club. Floyd ELKINTGN Prairie View A.B. Parliamentary Law Club: Debate: Pro¬ fessional Club: President. 1. 2. MARGUERITE FESLER Palco A.B. Theta Sigma Upsilon: House Manager. 4: Band: Newman Club: Pan Hellenic Council: Little Theatre: Leader. Robert Freeman Brewster A.B. Pi Kappa Delta: President. 4: Inter¬ national Relations Club: Vice-Presi¬ dent. 4: Student Assembly: Speaker Pro-Tern. Topeka Student Legislative Assembly: National Student Legislative Assembly: Assistant Business Manager. Reveille. 4: Newman Club: Reveille King. 4. Gwendolyn Lane-Funston Phillipsburg A.B. Quill Club. Robert FUNSTON Phillipsburg A. B. Quill Club. WALTER GAUMER Obcrlin B. S. in Educ. Phi Delta Chi: Treasurer. 3. 4: Glee Club: Presidnt. 4: Leader: Assistant Business Manager. 3: Popularity King. 3; Football: K Club. MILDRED George Oberlin B.S. in Educ. Sigma Alpha Iota: Orchestra: Glee Club: President of Custer Hall: Inter¬ national Relations Club: Secretary and Treasurer. 3: Women ' s Leadership Organization: Kansas City Conserva¬ tor of Music: Duck Club. Robert Helman Norton B.S. in Educ. Phi Sigma Ejpsilon: Cheer-Leader: Orchestra: Band: Band Twirling major: Band Commander: Assistant Student Director of Band: Owner of Campus Dance Band: American Legion Award: Intramurals: Who ' s Who in American Colleges. Amy Hildebrand Fowler A.B. and B.S. in Educ. Kappa Phi: President. 3: Pi Kappa Delta: Vice-President. 4: Pi Gamma Mu: Y.W.C.A.: Little Theatre: W. A.A.: Duck Club: Tigerettes: Inter¬ national Relations Club: Student Legis¬ lative Assembly: Student Union Chair¬ man. 3: Student Court: Who ' s Who in American Colleges: Student Coun¬ cil: President. 4: Parliamentary Law Club. Harold Hopkins Utica A.B. Intramurals. Page Twenty-six LAWRENCE JANSEN Topeka B.S. in Agri. A Capella Choir. JAMES JENKINS Hutchinson B.M. Bethany College. Lindsborg: Hutchin¬ son Junior College: Phi Mu Alpha: Vice-President. 3: Band: Orchestra: Concertmastcr. 4: A Capella Choir: Little Theatre: String Quartette: In- terfraternal Council: Vice-President, 4. ELMER JOHNSON Levant B.S. in Educ. Phi Sigma Epsilon: President, 4: Bas¬ ketball: All Conference Team. 2. 3. 4: K Club: Seventh Cavalry: Big Six: Who’s Who in American Colleges: Student Council: President of Sopho¬ more Class: Basketball Captain. 3. 4: Intramurals: Student Assembly Secre- ury. 3. DONALD KAUFMAN LaCrosse A.B. Delegate to Estes Park Convention: Y. M. C. A.: International Relations Club: Tiger Club: Men s Glee Club: A Capella Choir: Professional Club. TOM KING Oakley A.B. Kansas State College. Manhattan: P» Gamma Mu: Y.M.C.A.: Parliamentary Law Club: International Relations Club: Little Theatre. LlNNlE DORIS KIRKMAN Hays B.S. in Educ. Delta Sigma Epsilon: Secretary, 4; Tigerettes: Vice-President. 3: Second Generation Club: Phi Chi Dc ta: W.A.A.: Vice-President, ' Ba % Little Theatre: Inuamurals. Paul Lucas Macksviilc B.S. in Bus. Ad. Phi Delta Chi: Secretary, 4. Lyle Luce Collyer B.S. in Bus. Ad. Marvin Lacey A. B. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Ruth Garlow-Leas B. S. in Phys. Ed. CAROL LEICHLJTER Clayton A.B. and B.S. in Educ. Phi Sigma Epsilon: Sigma Pi Sigma: Y. M. C. A.: International Relations Club: Varsity Manager. 4. VYRL LEICHL ITER Clayton A. B. Phi Sigma Epsilon: Professional Club: Band: Varsity Manager. 4. LOUISE LOCKER Ellis B. S. in Educ. St. Mary’s College. Leavenworth: Sig¬ ma Sigma Sigma: Secretary. 4: New¬ man Club: Y.W.C.A.: Tigerettes: Pan Hellenic Council. MARY ANNE LOCKER Ellis B.S. in Educ. St. Mary’s College. Leavenworth: Sig¬ ma Sigma Sigma: Treasurer. 3: Tig¬ erettes: Social Service Chairman: New¬ man Club: Quill Club. ;ma Epsilon: Y.M.C.A.: Second ;5pnrClub: Band: Intramurals. S HELiA CKENNA Jctmorc |tema Sigma Sigdxg: International Re- latioS assh Pbi Chi Delta: Glee Club. LOUISE Marvin LaCrosse B.S. in Bus. Ad. Y.W.C.A.: Glee Club: A Capella Choir: Theta Epsilon: Vice-President. 4. LYDIA MERMIS Hays B.S. in Educ. St. Mary ' s College. Leavenworth: Sig¬ ma Sigma Sigma; Newman Club: W.A.A.: Glee Club: Little Theatre. DON MICHAEL Medicine Lodge B.S. in Educ. Phi Sigma Epsilon: International Re¬ lations Club; Y.M.C.A.: Track: K Club: Pi Gamma Mu. Russell Miller Garfield B.S. in Bus. Ad. Phi Mu Alpha: Parliamentary Law Club: Y.M.C.A.: Band: Glee Club: Student Assembly. Page Twenty-seven ALLEN MlTCHEM Oakley A B Y.M.C.A.: President. 3: Who ' s Who in American Colleges: Parliamentary Law Club: President. 3: International Relations Club: President. 4: National Pi Kappa Delta Convention: Debate: Oratory: Extemporary: Student-Legis¬ lative Assembly: Student-Assembly Vice-Chairman. 3: Intramurals: Pi Kappa Delta: Vice-President. 3: Band: Professional Club: Seventh Cavalry: Student Court: President. 4: Glee Club: Secretary-Treasurer of Junior Class: 1st place in Native Sons and Daughters Oratorical Contest. 4. Frank Osborne Hanston A.B. LaVerne Painter Healy A. B. Phi Delta Chi. Cl.EONE PARKER Trousdale B. S. Kappa Phi: Home Economics Club: Y.W.C.A. Greta Pilcher Courtland B.S. in Educ. Y. W. C. A. Robert Rath Morland B.S. in Educ. Phi Sigma Epsilon. James Rawson Studley B.S. in Educ. Phi Sigma Epsilon: K Club: Seventh Cavalry. Page Twenty-eight ANNE Reed Hays B.M. Sigma Alpha lota: President. 4: Or¬ chestra: A Capella Choir: Women ' s Leadership Organization: Who ' s Who in American Colleges. Marion Robbins Norton B.S. in Bus. Ad. Phi Sigma Epsilon: Seventh Cavalry: Y.M.C.A.: Basketball: K Club: Stu¬ dent Council: President of Junior Class: President of Senior Class: Big Six: Vice-President of Freshman Class: Intramurals: Student Council delegate to National Council. 1939. Maxine Robertson Stockton B.S. in Educ. Kappa Phi: Kappa Pi: President. 4: Y.W.C.A.: Cabinet. 4. Lfe rothe Otis A.B. Kansas Wesleyan: Sigma Tau Gamma: Vice-President. 3: Intrafraternal Coun¬ cil: Intramurals: Leader: Assistant Business Manager. 4. WARD RiegEL Hays A. B. Football: K Club: President. 4: Seventh Cavalry: President. 4. CLARENCE SCHAMBER Boguc B. S. in Bus. Ad. Newman Club: Parliamentary Law Club: Band: Glee Club. Vernon Schraeder Lamed A.B. Phi Sigma Epsilon: Parliamentary Law Club. Charles Schwarz Offerle A. B. and B.S. in Educ. Dorothy SCHWARTZKOPF LaCrosse B. S. in Educ. Stephens College. Columbia. Mo.; Iowa State College. Ames. Iowa: Glee Club: A Capella Choir. Wanda Mae Scott Plains B.S. in Educ. Delta Sigma Epsilon: Kappa Phi; Home Economics Club: Y.W.C.A.: Tigerettes: President. 4: Women’s Leadership Organization: Pi Kappa Delta; Debate: Little Theatre: Glee Club: A Capella Choir: Leader: Assis¬ tant-Editor. 3. Maxine SEBELIUS Almena B.S. in Educ. Kappa Phi: Y.W.C.A.: Band: Glee Club: Orchestra: Debate. Arthur Self Norton B S. in Educ. Texas Technological College, Lubbock. Texas: Engineer’s Club: Y.M.C.A.: Tennis: International Relations Club. Iva Mildred Sell Stockton B.S. in Educ. K.S.C.. Manhattan: Parliamentary Law Club: Y.W.C.A.: Phi Chi Delta: Home Economics Club. Sylvan Sidesinger Hays A.B. University of Kansas: Phi Sigma Ep¬ silon. CLARKE SIMPSON Lewis B.S. in Educ. Phi Delta Chi: Glee Club; Y.M.C.A.: Intramurals. THOMAS SMITH Colby B.S. in Bus. Ad. International Relations Club: Seventh Cavalry: Student Council: Tiger Club: Y.M.C.A. HOWARD STEHWEIN Claflin B.S. in Bus. Ad. Phi Delta Chi; Football: K Club. Bard Stephens McCracken B.S. in Bus. Ad. Sigma Tau Gamma. Mildred Stevenson Hays A. B. Theta Sigma Upsilon: Duck Club: Tigerettes. j ; Roland Stewart Hill City B. S. in Educ. Sigma Tau Gamma. CLARENCE STEINMETZ Byers A.B. VERNON STUTZMAN Ransom A.B. International Relations Club: Y.M.C. A.: Pi Gamma Mu: Parliamentary Law Club: Band: Glee Club: A Ca- pella Choir. B. M. Taylor Ness City B.S. in Educ. Sigma Tau Gamma. JOSEPHINE EILTS-THEX Pawnee Rock B.S. in Educ University Preparatory School. Ton- kawa. Okla.: Pi Kappa Sigma: Reve¬ ille: Leader: Little Theatre. DARLIENNE THOMPSON Alexander B.S. in Educ. Phi Chi Delta: Glee Club: Quill Club: Little Theatre: Tigerettes: Pi Gamma Mu. JOHN TROUT Rush Center B.S. in Educ. JESSE VAGUE Osborne B.S. in Educ. Pi Gamma Mu: Lewis Field Super¬ visor. ELMER VEC.ERA Kensington B.S. in Bus. Ad. Football: Y.M.C.A. LEWIS WALLACE Nakoma B.S. in Educ. Sigma Tau Gamma: Parliamentary Law Club. HAZEL WEBS Alexander B.S. in Educ. Theta Sigma Upsilon: Kappa Phi: Duck Club: Home Economics Club: Y. W. C. A. LAWRENCE WEBS Alexander A.B. Phi Mu Alpha: Parliamentary Law Club: Professional Club. DALE WEEMS Lebanon A. B. Phi Sigma Upsilon: Engineer ' s Club: Sigma Pi Sigma. Levene Weigel Collyer B. S. in Educ. Newman Club: Parliamentary Law Club: International Relations Club: Pi Kappa Delta: Debate: Oratory: Football. ROBERT WESSEL Kansas City. Mo. B.S. in Educ. Phi Mu Alpha: Orchestra Reva Wharton Lamed B.S. in Educ. Pi Kappa Sigma: Parliamentary Law Club: Y.W.C.A. INEZ WIBBELER Grcensburg B.S. in Educ. Robert Wilson Mulvanc A.B. Phi Delta Chi. Billie Wirshing Norton A.B. and B.S. in Educ. Alpha Sigma Alpha: Vice-President. 4: Band: Orchestra: Glee Club; Lit¬ tle Theatre. MARY ZELLER Brownell A.B. Pi Kappa Sigma; Treasurer. 4: Pan Hellenic Council: Glee Club: Tigeret¬ tes: Newman Club. Page Twenty-nine - Ward Andregg Hoxic Leslie BRitias St. Joseph. Mo. Ruth Angell Portis Jack brown Ulysses Marvin Behnke Bushton Ruth Burris Wakeeney Francis Bishop Hazel ton Leon Churchill Phillipsburg Maurice Blake Rush Center Rex culley Mullinville Dorothy Sparks-Blakely Hays Betty Daniels Hays Marie Bex .art Kirwin Dor ilynn Davenport Roggen. Colo. Max Boles Hays George Davis Studley William Bonewell Russell Mrs. Jennie Dun woody Hill City Doris Brakebill Morland Bill Dye Mulvane Warren Brandt Studlev Marjorie Fellers Hays C L Page Thirty A CO s Joyce Ferguson Fhillipsburg James Finley Hays D. Allen flora Quinter Galen Flora Quinter Robert French Densmore Shirley Gibson Grtensburg Helen Giebler Hays Thelma Graf Long Island Charles Guthrie Stafford Lorene Harger Oberlin Vance Harkness Ransom O F George Harries Hays Margaret Hatcher Plains Harold Hawes Gorham Lois Heaney Ellis Kenneth Hutschmidt Bushton Margaret Henderson Almena Robert Hickok Ulysses Darrell Hoagland Jetmore Regena Hoagland Osborne Bonnie Holmes Dighton Ted Hoover Norton Frank Hoppes Long Island 1941 Page Thirty-one ELM A HUENERGARDT Bison Marie Martin Dighton Jane Louise Issacks Hays Leon Marvin La Crosse Helen Johnson T rousdalc Vernon Meckel Medicine Lodge Art Joy Hays Noel Nejfert Glen Elder Everett Koelling Abilene VIRGIL MILLER Hanston Charles Lacey Hoxic Floyd Moore Madison Clifford Lahman Winona Kenneth Moore Hays Margaret Lambert Stockton Albert Mostrom Garfield Wilma Lauderbaugh Kanapolis Aubert Mowry Hoxic Evaleen Lebsack Hays Virginia Mull Dighton Ralph Lloyd Morland Henry Pratj Studies Rosalie McBride Wallace Violet Ramsey Bucklin Warren Mcelroy Palco GERTRUDE RESCH Oberlin Francis McKenna Jennings Irene Reynolds Hays Courtland Maag Russell Mary Richards Waldo Miriam Marsh Almena Melvin Robbins Ransom Page Thirty two ir Lillian Roper Dean Saylor Eugene Schlegel Eldon Schnert Hays St. John Hays LaCrossc Walter Stuive DOROTHY STUTZMAN Ansel Tarrant Dominick Tedesco Victor Tomkins Sylvan Grove Ransom Mullinville New York Byers Arnold Schoenthaler Hays Lee Underhill Wells Earl Schwartzkopf Ransom FRED UNRUH Garden City GERALD SHARP Ultica H omer Watkins Medicine Lodge J. D. SHARP Bloomington Carl Weist Hays SID SlDNER Ada Helen Wilson Sublette Thomas Small Englewood Evelyn Witt Russell Beth Smith Bloomington Frank Wonner Wakccncy Pearl Snowbarger Goodland Helen Wray Almena Erma Sparks Zurich Bob Yeagy Plainville William Stowell Oberlin George Zeigler Hays Page Thirty-three n ■? ZODORA BARKER-GlLL Hays Betty Barnes Phillipsburg Marie Bartholomew Stockton Oscar Bean Waldo Nixie Beason Gove Stuart Been Shallow Water Willard Bennett Webster Bernice Betthauser-Rhoades Hays Clyde Beymer Lakin John Blakely Hays Norma Blakely Wakeeney FlDEI.IS BOLLIG Plainville John Brack Great Bend Henry Brasseield Palco Vern Brock Ransom Elwin Burmaster Ellsworth Marjorie Butler Stockton Wilma Caldwell Burr Oak Susan Calvert Hays WILLIAM CAPE Murdock Vinton Carver Luray Elsie Cathcart Obcrlin Hugh Chance McDonald MARION CHOPMAN Modand Geraldine Chittenden Hays Jean Cire Deerfield Adrain Clark Galena KENNETH CLARK Hoxie Ruth Clarke Plainville Chester Collier Smith Center Lester Collier Smith Center Theron Collins Norton Eleanor Compton Lamed Maxine Cook T rousdale Charles Cooper Greensburg Richard Cooper Nickerson Maudie ccrzine Ga: field CLASS Page Thirty-four STELLA CRAWFORD ROBERT CULLEY Jim Davis Carrol DeYof, GWEN DOUGHERTY ALDEN DONAVAN James Duncan Carl Dvorak Kenneth Erickson John Roy Evans Marion Everhart Cecil Fabricius FLOYD FAHAY Bill Fawver CECIL FELZIEN Virginia Fink Lova Fisher Wesley Ford Natoma Mullinville Hays Jetmore Plainville Clay Center Rozel Spcarville Jennings Claflin Brownell Hill City Quinter Phillipsburg St. Francis Kirwin Ludell Meade WARREN FOX ELMA FRANZEN IRVIN FRANZEN ROBERT FULLER FREDERIC GEREN 1MOGHNE GlCK ESTHER GIESS MYRNA GlLSTRAP Dale Gordon LOREN GROVER Marcia Hahn William Hall ALMA HANEY Lawrence Harsiibarger John Hatcher Jeanne Haxton George Helm JEWELL HEMPHILL St. John Canton Canton Little River Claflin Plainville Arnold Great Bend Larned Stockton Hays Phillipsburg Meade Lucas Plains Chase Syracuse Byers O F 942 Page Thirty -fit JEAN HERMANN Hill City RACHEL LUDER Waldo Winifred Hibbs Osborne Marjorie McEwen Natoma II a Hobson Alton Lillian Maixner Wilson Anna Hockensmith Densmore Stanley Malcom Almena Lola Hoover Ford Virginia Maranville Hays Mary Horacek Rush Center Edward Masters Hays Joe Lef. Houser Columbus Don Matthhs Blackwell Edna Howat Codell Lena metheney Leota Robert Hunt,ate Cimarron Paul Miller Hays John Hunziker Phillipsburg Enid Mizer Jennings Marie Inloes Quinter Vesta Moden Wakeeney V irc,ini a Jackson Minneapolis Archer Moore Tribune Geritt Jamsonius Prairie View Marie Moore Orion Hazel Jay Bucklin Loreene Moore Hays Nina Jewell Kanopolis verda Moore Hays Peter Johnson Ha vs Blanch Mosher Rex ford Bernadette Jury Oat ' lin Elvira Mostrom Gat field Marianne Jury Claflin Ortwin Mueller Claflin Emmett Keenan Hays Newell Mullin Elmira. N. Y. John Kirwood Weir Ruth Nelson Ellis Or vine Kitchen Kanarado Don Newell Lebanon Berta Kline Hoisington Paul Nicholas Hays Lloyd Koellinc, Talmadge C. D. Page Palco James Light Liberal Frances Paschal Osborne Ida Louise Luce Collycr Gertrude: Pekiiam Hunter Ella May Luder Waldo Page Thirty-six Wendell Pyle Hays wilds Smith Gem Ralph Quint Hill City Avis Snyder Abilene Robert Randel Baldwin Dorothy Sproul Obcrlin Gertrude Resch Obcrlin Lorene Sproul Obcrlin Walter Ridenour Moscow Patricia Start Hays Ruth Rigby Ness City Vinton Stearns Haddam Kenneth Riggs Hays Ray Stramel Hays Marguerite Roach Obcrlin Ruth Summers Satanta Raymond Roemer Gove Gerald Tomanek Collyer Catherine Rath Morland Maxine Vallette Stockton Nyal Ruehlen Lamed Dwain Van Dalah Cleveland Agnes Rumeord Hansion Junior Van Doren Hays Clara Russ Stockron Velma Van Leewen Beloit Ray Sage Carlsbad. New Mex. Dorlyn Wade Osborne Celia Seinert Bison John Wallace Arnold Mary Scherer Hays Robert Wasinger Hays Clara Schneider Kanopolis Betty Wear Barnard Warren Schoen Downs Irene Weigel Hays Mort Seals Coolidge Mary Alice Weisener Hays Dale Shade Hays Paul Wheeler Orion Zara Sharp Bloomington Evelyn Whitted Long Island George Shipley Holly rood Dorothy Williams Mentor Clifford Sim Oakley Frances Willmeth Beloit Thaine Simmonds Woodston Joanna Wing Marienthal Lois Simons Woodston Eldon Wise Penalosa Catherine smith Morland Lorraine Young Norton John Smith LeRoy Page Thirty-seven Russell Eileen Broberg Vesper Orion Elva Brown Lucas Collycr John Brown Mullinville Schoenchen Wilbur Bruegger Bushton Barnard Eleanor Brust Claflin Barnard Milton Bullock Mentor Hoisington Harold P. Burmaster Ellsworth Plains Johnnie Calcara Kanopolis Bogue Bob Campbell Rush Center Grinnell Naomi Carlton Jennings Morland Leo Carrither Johnson St. John Georgette Cartwright Kansas City Lamed Mary Carswell Hays Stockton Mahle Christiansen Geneseo St. John Russell Clark Hays Ashland Mark Cleland Oberlin Francis Adee Mace Alder Helen Alexander Byron Allison Bernese Andrews Roger Arensdorf Irvin Atkinson Lorraine Aumiller Ethlyn Bainter Chester Bane Dean Banker Warren Bartel Doris Barton Dorothy Basgall Mary Baxter John Bcarley Phillipsburg Wilmore Parker Brewster Stockton Ensign Plains Seldon Jennings Stockton Meade Otis Lucas Hays Healey Atwood L eight c Page Thirty- Rachel Beller Frances Beougher Wayne Biehler Armilla Bieker Mike Biggs Francis Billings Elton Boese Mary Jeanne Bohan Alson Bondy Lois Borah Marion Boss Warren Bowker Elda Bradley Beulah Lee Bray Wayne Brenn Delbert Broadie Elnor Clemes Herman Gofer Pattie Couch Flossie Cramer William Crawford Charles R. Cross Ruth Cross Dorothy Cummings Ardith Curtis Ruth Curtis Annie Laurie Daniels E. Louise Dauber Julia Davenport Eileen Louise Dean Victor Delimont Warren DeYoung St. John Ransom Phillipsburg Jennings Natoma Lewis Sylvan Grove Kingman Courtland Courtland Hays Bunkerhill McCracken Collycr Long Island Prairie View Olga Dillinger Kenneth Dolecek Richard Dougherty Styers Douthit Carol Downing Alfred Dreiling Lorene Dreiling Bonnie Lou Dunlap Wilma Durand Mary Ethel Earl Ellenc Earnest Fern Eaton Loula Dean Edmundson Elsie Elder Donald Fairbanks Clyde Feather Brewster Holly rood Dorrancc St. Francis Kirwin Ogallah Collycr Eades. Colo. Great Bend Hays Hays Grinnell Dcighton Bison Hollenbcrg Minneapolis Perla R. Fees. Jr. John Felible Dorothy Fellers Irene Fertig Marjorie Fink Wavne Fisher Milford Flinn John Fornwalt Sid Foulks Kenneth Fountain Russell Fralick Kenneth French Marjorie French Shirley Fricker Edwin Gardner Robert Garctson Jamestown Stockton Hays St. John Collver Ludell Randall Penalosa Ness City Topeka Mullinville Dcnsmore Salina Esbon Plainvillc Copeland o 4 F 9 Page Thiri 3 Margaret Gilchrist Rex ford Mvrna Marie Giles Bellemont Harold Gill Hays Dale Glaze Penalosa James Gleason Kinslev Gene Glut back Plainville Wanda Glunt Jet more Frances Goodnough Hays Georganna Grass Hays list her Gray Kirwin June Gregory Woodston Eunice Griffin Hill City Frank Griffin Hill City Lena Hagen Ellis Harold Hall Hays Warren Hall Hays Elsie Hanhardt Timkin Alvira Hansen Athol Kcithe Harkness Ransom Hugh Harries Hays Page Forty Murveen Harris Bird City Warren Haxton Chase Earl Hcal er Alexander Wayne Hedden Colby Mildred Heitschmidt Bushton Dennis Hemmer Bushton Robert Henrickson Hays Eileen Hickman Luray Audra Hoagland Osborne William Hockett Plains Evelyn Hudson Hill City Bet tv Lou Hofmann Chapman Inez Holtzinger Ellis James Howcr Hays Allen Hunsicker Morland Dorothy Hunter Grinnell Grace Husted Dresden Cecil Jacobs Hays Robert Jessup Hays Arris Johnso n Oberlin Lily Johnson Hays Genevieve Keating Lincoln John Keeler Montrose Florcnle Kcil Galatia Velda Marie Kell Larned Clinton Keller Page City Milford Ketling Cedar Nadine Kelling Cedar Tom Kelly Topeka Karl Kertz Natoma Kathryn Kirk Mankato Wallace Kneller Rolla Lucile Kline Hoisington Harvey Knipp Damar Lucile Koons Winona Aileen Koontz Hanston Ruth Koontz Hanston Leona Koster Hoxie John Kraus Hays Ruth Krause Kismet .hi Marvin Krause Scott City August H. Kruger Natoma Clara Mae Kurtb Offcrlc Katherine Laas Ness City Dixie Lane Phillipsburg Dorothy Lanz Wichita Lorraine Latham Hoxie Wilbur Leebrick McDonald Anna Leonard Lyons Joe Lill St. John Glennis Lindsey Hays Ruby Littler McCracken Betty Raynor Lucas Hays Wayne McClellan Zurick Irene McElroy Hays Charles A. McGuire. Jr. Osawatomie lone McNeil Cedar Maywin Lorce Maddy Stockton Nadine Mallory Brewster Joe Mangano New York City. N. Y. Ninnctte Marcotte Ormal Martin Ellen Mason Mary Margaret Mason Norma Miller Warren Miller Dean Mills Emily Moden John Moden Cynthia Monaghan Eleanor Monroe Miriam Moore Venita Moore Wanda Moore Clarence Moos Eugene Morgcnstcrn Celia Morris Dorothy Mosher Ben Mosier Pat Murphy Winona Gaylord Norton Great Bend Hays Osborne Copeland Wakccncy Wakeeney Haviland Athol Tribune LaCrosse Brewster Plainville Galatia Armel. Colo. Rex ford Hoxie Dodge City Vada Murray Lois Nelson Hubert Newell Lola Nichols «Junior) Theo Nicholas Maury Norrell Raymond Novis Joe Novotny Catherine Obley Gilbert R. Olson Donald O ' Neil William Oswald Onieta Palmer Alfred Pancake Loretta Parker Frances Parrott Morris Parsons Wilmetta Paschal Merccda Patton Juanita Peacock Hoisington Dresden Damar Lucas Lucas Ness City Wakeeney Zurich Hays Colby Phillipsburg Lurav Minneapolis Atwood Woodston Bird City Wakeeney Luray Eskridge LaCrosse Page Forty-one Clyde Pel ton Raymond Joyce Reinking Hays Norma Russell Mankato Orru Pember Ness City Kahtleen Rempe Plainville Lowell Sawyer Bird City Valdah Pember Ness City Blanche Renner Oakley Margaret Scheib St. John Mary Pfeifer Ellis Ida Hester Replogle Hays Irvin Schneider Otis Ordella Pfortmiller Natoma Erma Reidel Hays Allegra Scott Hays Robert K. Plumb Hays Phyllis Rife Lyons Nadine Scott Cedar Betty Pollock Hays Wilbur Rigby Ness City Roberta Seaman Osborne Melvin Poison Rozel Louise Riggs Hays Velma See Manning Mary Lois Porter T rousdale Dean Robertson Irwin LeRoy Shaw Jr. Hoxic Velma Portschy Herndon James Robertson Stockton Mary Margaret Shepard Plainville Robert Postma Lewellen. Neb. Hollis L. Roden Gorham Levi Sherman Sterling Dorothy Printz Liberal Eunice Roeder Prairie View Margaret Shogrin Fowler Floyd Pruitt Hays Lola Roemer Gove Richard Sigle Covert Thelma Pugh Satina Ailecn Rose Wichita Esther Sim Oakley Evelyn Ramberger Abilene Earl Rose Kismet Gerald Simoneau Damar Donald Ramsey Fredonia Gene Rouse Russell Sarah Jane Sjogren Marquette Lee Rarick Glen Elder Eunice Rucker Burdette Dorothy Skaggs Brownell Dorothy Reed Hays Lane Ruc-hlen Lamed Kathryn Skidmore Hays Alice Reeves Almena Haxe Sloan Mullinville Page Forty-two Erma Jean Smith Lorna Smith Ralph Smith Mickey Spillane Maxine Spohn Dorothy Sprague Roberta Storment Eugene St. Peter Eunice Streeter Eleanor Stroble Floye Strohwig Walton Stucky Evelyn Grace Sturdy Mildred Stutzman Harold Sutley Lorraine Swank Isabel Swanson Maxine Swanson Louise Systma Long Island Bloomington Wakeency Brooklyn. N.Y. Culber Courtland Cottonwood Falls Damar Hays Seward Selden Murdock Kingman Ransom Speed Gaylord Chetopa Sharon Springs Hays Mildred Teagarden Avis Thompson Victor Thompson Agnes Tullis Richard Tuttle Aletha Unruh Zola Mae Unruh Lucille Upp Roy Vallentine Eileen Van Wormer Leigh Vickers Gerald Van Locnen Chet Walter Wanda Walters Henrietta Wasinger Carrie Watkins Bob Webster Henry Weins Luella Weigel Phillipsburg Winifred Wcishapl Herndon Hays Vincent Welter Dresden Beeler Waldrette Wheeler Orion Hoisington Del phi ne Wiesncr Hays Osborne Steve Wilcox T rousdak Pawnee Rock Arthur D. Williams Russell Springs Burdette Ray Wilson Linden. New Jersey Fowler Ruby Winslow Brewstei Ashland John Woclk Russell Osborne Geraldine Wolcott Almena Hoxlc John Wolfe Prairie View Prairie View Bernard Wolford Claflim Downs Ma:tha Wooster Hay} Portis Mary Wooster Hay} Hays Ruth Wynne Prairie Vieu Medicine Lodge William Wynne Prairie Vicu Hays Lois Wyrill Kirwii Goessel Hays Paul Younger Quinte Page Focty-thm We Can " Look On Page Forty-four uik Page Forty-five .-as - M iteAA, f Mahe ' -feetieoe. The Fort Hays Little Theatre group has finished another year of great de¬ velopment. Two outstanding steps in the advancement of the dramatics depart¬ ment have taken place during the year—the addition of a dramatics minor to the curricula and the attainment of a studio theatre. Director Orvis Grout, with the help of Drew Dobosh. art director- Clarence Stinemetze and others of the Little Theatre, brought about on the third floor of Science Hall the realization of their hopes for a studio theatre. Its purpose is to furnish the group with a larger laboratory and permit a four-or-five-night run. Besides these improvements the Little Theatre has continued the projects of past years: The Russian Penthouse method of presentation was used some again this year. The Children ' s Theatre presented " The Prince and the Pauper " with about fifty pupils from Washington School taking part. Student directing in aboratory performances was continued by Mrs. Frank Birmingham. Sene Car- lile. Jennie Dunwoody. Shirley Gibson, and Lloyd Sidener. Two shows were taken on the road together— " The Physician in Spite of Himself " given as a matinee and " Ghosts” given in the evening. The fine repertoire for which the Fort Hays Little Theatre has for the past two years received recognition in The Theatre Arts was duplicated this year Laboratory performances were: " Hedda Gablcr. " " The Children s Hour " Night of January Sixteenth. " " Astonished Heart. " " Fumed Oak. " and " Red Peppers. " Public performances included: " Yes. My Darling Daughter. " hosts. " " The Physician in Spite of Himself. " " Susan and God " " Our Town. " " The Silver Cord. " " Family Portrait. " and fanticipated) " Wingless LITTLE THEATRE MEMBERS: Ted i B?n r H.n an M S ' S ' " E? rn ««. Winter Kuhn. Lloyd Sidener. Eunice Streeter. Dominick Birmingham. Frances Adee. Orlan Carmichael. Kenneth Dolecek. Ik? ' McP !L J b AIk ‘ Hoppes. Grace Husted. Mary Anne Locker. u cl . i d RamM V- Clarcnce Stinemetze. Inez Wibbelcr. Vincent Bogart. Dorothv Edward F,.?h. E ' w ' t? Bo “ th " - F| o»« Cramer. Julia Davenport. JoUi, N d i k ir i 1 ' D W 1 r I Cn if w”. ' .. Gibson. Imogcne Gick. Eunice Griffin. Lois Heaney. i V. Pa o M ,ldr d 0,,s - Ronild Rjms «v. Ruth Rigby. Rav Sage. Dean Saylcr. Wolfe Sh Cterorhv PF m “c Ru,h Sumineis. Louis Sytsma. Reva Whorton. Henry Wiens. Walton Maranville P Franc “ Goodenough. Bill Bonewell. Carl Wiest. Winnie Baker. Virginia Townspeople working in the Little Theatre Bert Bergland. Izella Philip. Maurinc Bergland. Scotty Philip. Roland Propst. Page Forty-seven Robert Freeman, speaker pro tern Student Legislative Assembly. Topeka. Allen Mitchem. winner in Native Sons and Daughters Oratorical Contest at Topeka. William S. Stowell. speaker of the assembly of the National Pi Kappa Delta Convention at Knoxville. Ten¬ nessee. Student Assembly Chairman spring 1940. Fort Hays Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta: Amy Hildebrand. Gwendolyn Dimmitt. Wanda Mae Scott. Nixie Reason. Allen Mitchcm. Levcne Weigel. Fred Unruh. Sene Carlile. William S. Stowell. James R. Start, faculty spon¬ sor: Robert Culley. Aubert Mowry and Robert Freeman. Amy Hildebrand. Student Assembly spring 1939: Women ' s Debate. Sene Carlile. Student Assembly Chairman, fall 1939: Men ' s Debate and Oratory. Faye Forty-eight Speech Actutiti l a t Pi Kappa belta The speech activities of the year included the annual High School Debate Tournament, sponsored by the local chapter of Pi Kappa Delta and participation in the debate tourna¬ ments at McPherson. Hutchinson. Bethany, and the National Convention and tournament of Pi Kappa Delta at Knoxville, Tennessee. Other events included the Student Legisla¬ tive Assembly at Topeka where Robert Free¬ man was elected speaker protempore and the Native Sons and Daughters Oratorical Contest at Topeka which was won by Allen Mitchem. The prize that he won was a hand¬ some loving cup given by Senator Arthur Capper. The delegation representing Fort Havs Kansas State College of Pi Kappa Delta at Knoxville. Tennessee, included Sene Carlile and Allen Mitchem in men’s debate: Amy Hildebrand and Gwendolyn Dimmitt in women’s debate: Robert Freeman and Will¬ iam Stowell in the Legislative Assembly: Sene Carlile in men’s extempore: Allen Mitchem in men ' s oratory: and Wanda Mae Scott in Women’s oratory. Officers of Pi Kappa Delta during the year were: Sene Carlile. president: Amy Hilde¬ brand. vice-president: Nixie Season, secretary- treasurer. Page Forty-nine fecutd William Hugh Miller Head of Department of Music ROBERT HELMAN Student Band Director Chester Walter Drum Major Fort Hays can well be proud of its excellent band. Probably no other group on the campus works any harder or longer hours. It appears at all football and basketball game supplying " pep " , and " flash " for enthusiastic audiences. The band this year performed some outstanding marching formations under the direction of William Hugh Miller, head of the Department of Music, and Robert W. Helman. assistant director. The band is gaining a reputation for playing only the best of music which will mean much to the cultural development of the students enrolled, and the community which it serves. The instrumentation of the band has been increased to the point where music of a symphonic nature is being played, which adds much to its real educational s ' alue. The band makes an annual tour, having played in all sections of Western Kansas, and in addition gives concerts at home. The personnel is as follows: Clarinets: Broadie. Butler. Fellers. Fesler. Frickcr. Gick. Hower. Krause. Mallory. Moore. Obley. Portschy. Reynolds. Roach. Simons. Bass Clarinet : Grass. Oboe: Wirshing. Flutes: Fellers. Kirk. Montague. Swanson. Saxophones: Anderson. Baintcr. Butler. Heitschmidt. Klaurens. C. Moos. J. Moos. Stutzman. Zeigler. Cornets: C. Anderson. Clark. Corzine. Gcren. Hacket. Hatcher. Meckel. Riggs. Shaw. Horns: Berndt. Cleland. Harris. Unruh. Baritones: Bcougher. Johnson. Lill. Robertson. Rouse. Ruth. Stehwein. Trombones: Buehler. Burback Carlton. Postma. Sterrett. Basses: Bradley. Cooper. Inlocs. Jamison. Rose. Drums: Bolan. Harger. Holl. Helman. Kline. Kneller. Webster. Page Fifty OndteAbia The orchestra under the direction of Carl J. Malmberg. can boast of a highly successful season. It went on a live day road trip to Northeast Kansas, playing to enthusiastic audiences in fifteen different towns. The orchestra has made steady progress since it early beginning. The entire personnel becomes more professional every year. The orchestra plays the highest type of symphonic literature, and boasts a large library of standard numbers. It is an activity which affords much real enjoyment and eduction to its members and the community. The personnel is given below: Violins: Bradley, Goodnough. Harting. Hower. Jenkins, Johnston. Kirk, Kline. Moore. Wooster, Robertson. Felten. Violas: Daniels. George. Reed. Thompson. Cellos: B. Daniels. Jury. Parrott. Sytsma, Wooster. Basses: Calvert. Inloes. Wessel. Flutes: Start, Montague. Oboes: Wirshing. Clarinets: Broadie. Roach. Bass Clarinet: Grass. Bassoon: Boal Horns: Berndt. Cleland. Sites. Tuttle- Unruh. Trumpets: Anderson. Clark. Geren. Tuba: Johnson Trombones: Johnson. Plumb. Rouse. Sterrett. Tuba: Johnson. Percussion: Harger. Van Doren. Page Fifty-one Vacal The campus musical activities would not be complete without due mention being made of the fine contribution to the musical life of the student body by the A Capclla Choir. Men ' s, and Women ' s Glee Clubs. Each organization offers a wide variety of repertoire to satisfy the many musical tastes of the students. These choral groups have presented many concerts at home and on tour. It is interesting to note the many repetitions of names in the roster of these vocal oganiza- tions. proving the interest of the student body in these choral groups. Mention should here be made of the addition of another choral organization to the campus this year, the Choral Union. This group numbers 250 members, and is made up of students from choir. Glee Clubs. Faculty, and singers from the surrounding communities. The Choral Union presented the " Messiah ' ' at Christmas and the " Elijah " at the May Festival with the college orchestra and outstanding soloists. 1 he Women ' s Glee Club, directed by Miss Lucille Feltcn. maintains a high standard of performance. The club includes the following members: Barnes. Bray. Brock. Calve rt . Carswell. Clemes. Cordell. Cummings. Fcrtig. George. Giess. Good nought Hagen. Henderson. Horacek. Isaacks. Jewell. Koons. Koontz. Lane. Maddy. Marvin. McNeil. Reed. Reidel. Riggs. Scott . Scheib. Schwartzkopf. Sharp. Sebclius. Snow- barger. Wear . Winslow. College Women ' s Quartet. Page Fifty-UCo 11 Vocal .J tS .9 . !?y.. , y i .. a zyy. «•««» ' • £«• participated m a home W m. :.”5 ivies» ,a, 5. and the Elijah. Of interest to the students was the introduction of several popular compositions to the repertoire. The Choir also experienced a large increase in enroll¬ ment due to the efforts of its director. Mr. Miller. crease in enroll- The personnel is as follows: Bainter. Berndt. Beougher. Billings. Bolan. Borah. Boudreau. Briggs. Calvert Carlton FreTh ha Gi ' rl C rV C r dd i ' Cr l mc £ Curt u Dcan - Dou hcrI - Fellers. Feliblc. Fink. Fricker. HehrehmMr k HVl Goodnough. Grass. Hagen. Handardt. Hansen. Harries. Heitschmidt. M. K-aure h llie H | k A H °M m f n ? ' HO aa " ‘ Johnsc,n - Kell. Kline. Koontz. Kraus. D U n k- Malcolm. Marannlle. M. Moore. T. Moore. Paschal. Pfortmiller ShcnaVd ' .wfh ' A ‘ u CCd ' D - Keed. Riggs. Roper. Rucker. Schwartzkopf. Scott. Settles. Ma«h W S SC W rerVlX Th ° mp ° a - Unruh ' Wiko ' Wi “ Iow - interm olfrtif und f ,hc dircctio " of Hobart Davis serves still a different musical Jnd ° n tOUr have b “ ,horou hl ' ‘ a »P« DavisVe ' T;. ®h°“‘! rCa t: U - 1° " ™ Bro ™; Buc,um »- Bnrbach. Burmaster. Currence. Malrolm u C 1 h S.uf 1 ' . ' ? f”’ F,nlc V ' Fountain. Fox. Gaumer. Harries. Lacey. Light. Schlcee Schoeiirhai M ‘e u ' ohr. ]Moore. Morgenstern. Navarro. Riedel. Robbins. SchatnLr. St! ' pcter. S Trf o 1 Wa ter °w r ilson hr ntiss Yeag ” SimP ™ ' S " " “ Men s Quartette: Robbins. Wilcox. L. Brown. W. Settles. Page Fitty-thi ee fieltlnd the Off they come! Over 2000 " Lead¬ ers " roll off the press every Thursday and by afternoon they are in the hands of every student on the campus. 1000 of these are mailed Thursday evening to alumni and subscribers in various parts of the world. " Cover you beat! Accuracy first! Make the deadline! " These editorial admonitions are familiar to every re porter. In " covering " the news of the campus, student journalists have an opportunity to contact every depart¬ ment on the campus and learn from practical experience the methods anc practices of their profession. This year the " leader " has strived to please its readers and meet all col¬ legiate demands. It has deviated some from regular practices in featuring more pictures and lighter reading material. This student publication is under the direct supervision of Mrs. James Sampson, faculty adviser, and Mr. Walter Wallerstedt. who has charge of the printshop. Kent Collier, as editor, heads the staff and makes the final check. He was assisted by Josephine Eilts the first semester and by Ruth Nelson the second. Rex Cully, business manager, has Lee Rothe as his assis¬ tant. Other students reporting during the year are Ruth Clarke. Mary Alice Wicsner. Irene McElroy. Frances Adee. Grace Husted. Maurice Norrell. John Evans. Warren Fox. Gwen Funston. Eleanor Calvert. Lester Collier. Mar¬ guerite Fesler. Robert Rath. Betty Baker. Clifton Wiles. Frank Wonner. Imogene Gick. Marion Stalcuo. Bob Cully, Jean Herman, Evelyn Hodson. Marjorie McEwen. Annie Laurie Dan¬ iels. Dorothy Basgall. and Ellen Mason. The production staff includes Joe Lill. Bob Fostma. and Wilbur Rigby. Page Fifty-four REVEILLE STAFF; Dean Carroll. Editor Lucille Burke. Associate Editor BILL Hall. Business Manager ROBERT Freeman. Assistant Business Manager. Mrs. Dorothy Sampson. Faculty Sponsor. Dorothy Sparks Blakely. Artist Ray Sage. Photographer LOIS He ANY. Organizat ons " 1KEY " EVANS. Men ' s Sports Annie Laurie Daniels. Womens Sports I.MOGENE GlCK. Greek Organizations JACK TEETERS. Designs DREW DOBOSH. Layout Director WALTER WALLERSTEDT, Printing Adviser Guys 2 nd Gals: We wanted to be different! We were! (Ye gods) We arc! We came in happy and young and gay. now look at us wouldya! If you don ' t think putting out a REVEILLE is a big job. ask our roommates. It wasn ' t that we weren ' t experi¬ enced. it was just that we had the wrong kind of. say wait a minute, we mean we were inexperienced as far as putting out a yearbook was concerned. And then we decided to have a Ball and Bill ' s suit was late in getting back from the cleaners and then we had a dust storm on March 26 (remember?) and April 1 the deadline. We had a lot of fine cooperation but it was still a heck of a job (we wouldn ' t kidya). So from us to you we present the 1940 REVEILLE. Dean Carroll and Bill Hall Page fifty-five We Are " Rugged Individualists’- Page Fifty-six ■MB We Do Organize Page Fifty-seven " CAMERA " and " UNICAMERALISM " The Student Council is the on-house, one-purpose legislative body of the students of Fort Hays. Every Tuesday evening at 7 o dock sixteen representatives of the various classes gather around a long table in the Dean ' s office and begin activities. If the basketball team came out co-champs in the conference, then the Council goes to bat. calls a special session and plans for the forthcoming holiday. They sit as a committee at elections, plan and announce Pike Day. and otherwise delve into campus activities in which the interests of the student body are involved. " r. l Hddeb “ nd - representative at large, has presided over the group. Members from the freshman dass are Mark CleOand. Gene Rouse and Russell Frahck: Loren Grover. Stuart Been and Nixie Season are Rohbins° r rlTn nUtlV H : ? Sfea 5 P ; . Anscl Tar an . t and Ga,en Flora bail from tbe i uniQ r class and Marion Robbins. Gwen Dimmitt and John Atkins voice the interests of the seniors. Robert French and Robert Culley arc wS 3rgC t? d S u nC Car , f-. first scmcster assembly chairman sat with the group during that time and u ilham StoweOI. assembly chairman this semester, also is included in the organization. JUNIOR JUDICIARIES last T fal| S senu»ter " ° Urt eSlabI,sbed ,ast ycar witb tbc adoption of the revised consitution. began its first sessions du ti| 0 L™f?SSL ari ft i f ° r considcral ‘° " by tb ' J bod V concern minor indiscretions and breaches of con- ssm- zj (0 D un “rtjrja? RoLn C and‘ ob?A,lY Mi,Ch m " PKM ' M 1Dd Amy Hildcb » " d Gwendolyn Dimmiu. Page Fifty-eight DYNAMIC DIANAS mM pT iL L “. dC 7i? ip u 0rganiZation . eo " «Ponds to the Seventh Cavalry for men. E tion into this honorary organization is one of the highest honors which 3 E? Z w ZZZ tb,s £Jmpus - M " p u «rvt h the fwul ' sponsors ' 5 M “ ™ m DtFonsl - Jnd Mi « G ' ik™ Millet, are are: An ” r Hildebrand, president: Wanda Mae Scott, vice-president: Mildred Cieorge. secretary-treasurer: Gwen Dimmitt. Marjorie Butler. Winifred Betty ' B . LucU U |«’ ' kurke. V ' R ” d ' J ° VC F " “ on - Pa,ricia S “«- FORWARD MARCH The Seventh Cavalry was originally organized four years ago to distinguish young men of unusual ability and leadership. Membership is limited and is not to exceed fifteen undergraduate students Each fall the group publishes and sells the ' Delator. " student directory, and with the proceeds grants a one semester scholarship to some man student. The selection is based on need, scholarship and achievement. Members are Ward Riegel. president: Marion Robbins. Everett Koelling. Claude Bice. Dean Isaacs. Robert French. Standlee Dalton, faculty sponsor: Allen Mitchem. Ansel Tarrant. Jack Johnson. Wayne Loomis. James Sampson. Rex Culley. James Rawson and Tom Smith. PciQe Fifty-nmc SOCIAL SCIENTISTS Pi Gamma Mu is a national honorary social science fraternity. The organization has as its fundamental purpose the advancement of the study of social problems. Membership is limited to juniors, seniors, graduate students, instructors and alumni who have attained an exceptionally high degree of scholarship in any of the social science departments. Hays is the Theta Chapter. Members include: Dean Agnew. Betty Bennett. Miss Brock. Mr. Burnett. Mr. Cole. Mrs. Cruise. Rex Cullcy. Miss DeForest. Mr. Dobosh. Joyce Ferguson. Robert French. Merle Gentry. Mrs. Golden. Miss Gorham. Miss Hedges. Amy Hildebrand. Dr. Kelly. Tom King. Mrs. Landrum. Dr. McCartney. Mabel McCoy. Miss McMindcs. Dr. McGinnis. Don Michael. Roy Mischke. Dr. Moreland. Mr. Rouse. Darlienne Thompson. Dr. Streeter. Jess Vague. Dr. Welty. Dr. Wiest. and Mr. Wilson. Don Michael is president. BROTHERS OF SCIENCE Delta Epsilon is a national honorary science fraternity. The purpose of the organization is to unite men with common interests in order to stimulate scientific study and research. To be eligible for membership a student must be a senior and a science major and demon¬ strate definite scholastic superiority. The group holds regular monthly meetings at which times students and faculty members present original papers of especial scientific interest. Dr. H. A. Zinszer is president. PEN DIPPERS The joys of composition—prose, poetry or plays, are the common grounds of associa¬ tion in the Eohl Rune of the American College Quill Club. Individual membership is selective on the basis of literary ability. The organization holds regular bimonthly meetings during which members present readings of original manuscripts to the group. The club also sponsors social activities such as informal dances and parties. Shirley Gibson has presided as chancellor this year, and Dr. H. A. Zinszer as vice-chan¬ cellor: Dr. Zinszer is also secretary of the national organization. Pictured arc Dr. Myrta McGinnis. Zara Sharp. Manila Alford. Mary Locker. Shirley Gibson. Joe Eilts Thex. Alexander Robinson. Dr. H. A. Zinszer. Floye Strohwig. Dar¬ lienne Thompson. Kent Collier. Virginia Mull. Charles Rhoades. Gwen Lane Funston. Robert Funston. Dorilynn Davenport. J. D. Sharp. Eunice Griffin. Imo Burbach. Roland C. Propst. Lucille Burke and Joe Lill. Members not pictured: Sene Carlile. Dean Carroll. Stella Crawford. Dale Johnson. Myrna Gilstrap. Iva Mildred Sell. Mildred Otis. Margaret Shogrin. and Dr. F. B. Streeter. DAUBERS DELUXE No elementary “doodlers " have we here but real honest-to-goodness artists. Painting, sculpturing, designing or what have you in the way of artistry, all have their definite part in Nu chapter of Kappa Pi. national art fraternity. This group is composed of students with artistic ability who meet for the purpose of informal study and entertainment. In their meetings each member peruses his own parti¬ cular artistic inclination: in the picture the entire group is seen sketching from a model. Pictured are: Helen Giebler. Margaret Heunergardt. Mabel Vandiver, faculty sponsor: Verna Wendelin. Erma Sparks. T. W. Wells. Pearl Metcalf. Enid Bond. Maxine Robert¬ son. president: and John M. Strange. Page Sixty-one SLIDE-RULE ARTISTS The Engineer ' s Club is an organization opened to all students who are interested in engineering in any of its phases. Programs are prepared and noted speakers from off the campus are invited to attend. Each year there is a day set on which these young engineers are recognized. 7 he dub is sponsored by Professor E. E. Colyer and the Faculty Adviser is Dr. C. T. McCormick. Officers of the club arc: President. Lloyd KoelOing: Vice-President. Vinton Carver: Secretary. Victor Bruns: Treasurer. Victor Tompkins: Publicity Manager. Norman Ehrlich. FORT HAYS. JRS. The Second Generation Club is an organization of sons and daughters of former students. We have only recently grown up. Children of our first graduates arc now in college. The realization that the group is growing leads us to believe that our parents as pioneers at Fort Hays, established an institution worthy of the highest commendation. Claude Bice is president of the club. Faculty sponsors and members are as pictured: Jansen. E. Griffin. Markley. Fink. I. Luce. Holtzinger. Roden. Rhodes. Grass. Start. John¬ son. E. Kline. Maixncr. R. Hoagland. Kirkman. Paschal. A. Hoagland. Mrs. R. Welty. Mr. J. Start. Dr. F. Albertson. L. Luce. Ycagv. Basgall. Reinking. Wasinger. D. Fellers. Beason. L. Roemer. Maddy. Weisner. Blakely. M. Moore. Bellman. B. Kline. Lambert. Beougher. See. Replogle. Riedel. Smedley. Mrs. Ed Davis. Mrs. F. Albertson. Mrs. J. Start. Mrs. N. Landrum. R. Clark. A. Moore. Mowry. Miller. Chittendon. M. Fellers. R. Roemer. D. Hoagland. Sites. G. Davis. Carlton. Talley. Pearce. Hoppes. Chipman. Richmeier. Gill. Kraus. Dr. R. Welty. Mr. Ed Davis. Nicholas. Stewart. Been. J. Davis. Simmons. Bice. Lloyd. R. Clark. F. Griffin. WORLD WATCHERS The International Relations Club is an organization whose purpose it is to study and interpret the national and international problems at the current time. Dr. R. L. Welty is faculty adviser and Allen Mitchem. president. Members arc: Stuive. Collier. Dimmitt. Met heny. Lambert. Compton. George. Stutzman. Beason. Hildebrand. Moden. Michael. Kaufmann. Brown. Tarrant. Smith. Schwartzkopf. Yeagy. King. Davis. R. French. Mitchem. Unruh. Flora. Weigel. Sharp. K. French. Freeman. CULINARY QUEENS Membership in the Home Economics Club is composed of majors and minors in the Home Economics department. The object of this club is to study modern methods that will improve the quality of living in the home and the community. The club has a social program and each year sends representatives to the State Convention of Home Economics. The faculty sponsor is Miss Margaret Haggart and president is Elsie Sires. Members are: Front row —D. Stutzman. Nichols. Parker. Cathcart. Bogart. Sires. M. Stutzman. Back row —Weigel. Scott. Patton. Johnson. Clark. Sim. Webs. Page Sixty -thre. WILLING WORKERS The Y. W. C. A. organization fills a place in college life that is very essential to the well developed young woman. Each Wednesday night these young women gather and discuss questions that are vital to them all. The theme that dominatd their programs this year has been “Finding Myself Through—. " Their meetings and social activities have been sponsored by Miss Maude Gorham and their cabinet consists of: Marjorie Butler, president: Shirley Gibson, vice-president: Dorothy Stutzman. secretary: Erma Sparks, treasurer: Louise Marvin, devotional chairman. UNIVERSALISTS Active membership in the Newman Club is enjoyed only by Catholic students, however participation in the programs and meetings is open to anyone interested. The purpose of the club is general in that it strives to stimulate student interest in religion, to cultivate good-fellowship and to engender a feeling of solidarity and strength through social contacts. Programs of the organization include questir box and voluntary discussions groups, lectures and general social activities as dances and parties. Levene Weigel is president. Mr. James R. Start, faculty sponsor and Rev. Dennis Tarter, chaplain. There are over one hundred members in this organization. CHRISTIAN COLLEGIATES The Young Men ' s Christian Association is the only organization on the campus for men in which membership is unrestricted. This group, in addition to its religious under¬ current. endeavors to foster good fellowship and sportmanship and is active in intra-murals and social activities. William Stowell was president last fall semester and Vernon Stutzman this spring. There are approximately ninety men enrolled in Y. M. C. A. ACADEMIC ELITE The purpose of their organization is to promote the scholastic and social activities of the graduate students. All graduate students that arc candidates for their masters degree are eligible for active membership of this club. Post graduates arc eligible for associate- membership. A variety of programs, consisting of guest speakers, panel discussions, and other social activities are sponsored by the organization. Miss Myrta McGinnis is faculty sponsor and officers arc: Betty Bennett, president: Melvin Smith, vice-president: Kathrine Schoendaller. secretary-treasurer. Other members are: Alford. BergDand. Billings. Branson. Cresslcr. Eades. E. Edwards. K. Edwards. Hasc. Hopkins. Isaac. Lippert. Mischkc. Moon. Older. Resch. Sampson. Speckt. Studc. Webb. Wendclin. Wetlaufer. Page Sixty-five POLITICIANS- PARADISE When and What to move and why. the privileges, rules, tricks and complexities of parliamentary procedure are learned and put into practice by the Parliamentary Law Club. Each semester a group of new students as well as a few conscientious repeats, enroll in the class under the direction of that venerable parliamentarian. Prof. C. H. Brooks. To the students interested in learning to conduct public meetings and to those aspiring to political careers, this training is invaluable. The group pictured here of last semester ' s class includes: Fred Unruh. John Woelk. Levene Weigel. Vernon Stutzman. Ralph Smith. Merle Gentry. Roy Mischke. Earl Schwartzkopf. Ray Sage. Clifton Wiles. Forrest Bodmer. Sene Carlile. Robert Campbell. William Stowell. J. D. Sharp. Robert Plumb. Homer Watkins. Dorothy Stutzman. Nixie Beason. Mildred Stutzman. Kenneth French. Mrs. Alice Hoppes. Marjorie French. Lois Heaney. Beatrice Brungardt. A. R. Self. C. H. Brooks, instructor. Robert Freeman was president last semester and Levene Weigel is this spring. NOT A MAN IN THE HOUSE Fort Hays has two residence dormitr-ies for girls=Custer Hall, which accomodates nearly ninety girls, and Wesley Hall, a Methodist institution which houses about fifty girls. Coeds living in these buildings are organized groups and have their social functions just as the sororities do. Mrs. Ethel McKenna. Mother Mac. is the house matron at Custer Hall. Mildred George, president: Regina Hoagland. vice-president: Dorothy Stutzman. treasurer: Mary Zeller, secretary: Nina Jewell, social chairman: Marjorie French, historian. Mrs. Martha L. Walter came to Wesley just this year as house mother to all the Wesley girls. Officers there are: Marian Marsh, president: Inez Wibbeler. vice-president: Myrna Gilstrap. secretary-treasurer: Eleanor Compton, historian. SKY GRAZERS The dreams of eleven Fort Hays students materialized when the Civil Aeronautics Auth¬ ority of the national Department of Commerce provided for a flight training program here. The boys have undergone a period of ground instruction under Dr. Zinszer and Dr. McCormick and they are now doing practice flying, working toward the 35 hour minimum in order to gain their private pilot ' s license. Members of the class are: Jack Brown. James Rumford. Charles Rhoades. Melvin Smith. Floyd Fahey. Ernest Kcil. Vyrl Leichliter. Millard Shelton. Lavon Powell. Kenneth Holmes, flying instructor, and LaVerne Painter. IT S THE BUNK— —that com ms! At least it is to the more than two hundred young men who for nine months of the year make the organization known as " Lewis Field " their home. Each fall the Field begins a new life. To the fresh it is at first merely a place, a bunk to sleep in: it implies boarding at Cody Commons and waiting for a turn at the ping pong tables. To the rest of the group, to the " old boys " it is the hearty hellos and the back-slapping welcome of fellows back into a common life. And thus through the long time Lewis Field evolves from a place read about to a home, from a sociological experiment to a better understanding and apprecia¬ tion of human values, and lastly as a source of many pleasant memories. Mrs. W. A. " Mother " Lewis with her kindly understanding and her efficient, yet gracious manner lends a more dignified and less impersonal air to the life at the Field. Jess Vague, amiable and conscientious, pursues his duties as supervisor while in the background lingers the virtual head of this organization. Dr. W. D. Moreland. It is largely due to the energy and foresight of Dr. Moreland that the essential details of the Lewis Field as a functional project have developed. The following men have been members of the Lewis Field group this year: Arensdorf. Atkins. Banker. Barland. Bear ley. Been. Bennett. Biehler. Birdsong. Boese. Bondy. Boss. Boucher. Bowker. Bowman (Harold and Harlan). Brassfield. Brenn. Briggs. J. Page Sixty-eight Brown. Brownlee. Bruns. Buehler. Bullock. Burdette. Burger. Butler. Cape. Caravcau. Carlile. Carrell. Carrithers. Carroll. Carver. Carthcart. Chance. Chipman. R. Clark. Cleland. R. Cooper. Corrigan. Creager. Culley (Rex and Robert). Davis. Deyoe. DeYoung. Duncan. Eadcs. Ebbert. Ehrlich. Erickson. Evans. Everhart. Fabricius. Fahey. Fees. Fcliblc. Fellers. Finley. Fisher. Flinn. Ford. Fountain. Fralick. K. French. R. French. Fuller. Gardener. Gentry. Gcren. Griffing. Grover. Harshbarger. Hawkins. Haxton. Hedden. Hemphill. Hester. Hoagland. Hockett. Holl. Hoover. Hopkins. Huencrgardt. Hungate. Hunsicker. Hunzickcr. Hutton. Jamison. Jansen. Jellison. A. Johnson. D. Johnson. Keeler. Keil. Keller. Kelling. Kertz. Kinney. Kitchen. Knipp. Kobler. Koelling. Krause. Krueger. C. Lacey. M. Lacey. Leebrick. C. and V. Leichliter. Linn. E. and M. Loomis. Lloyd. Luce. Martin. Michael. Miller. Mitchem. Moore. C. and J. Moos. Mosier. Muller. McKenna. Oswald. Overholser. Petlon. Poison. Postma. Ramsey. Randall. Rarick. Rawson. Reynolds. Ridenour. Rigby. Robbins. Robertson. Roehl. Roemer. Rose. Rypma. Satterlee. Schlick. Schneider. Schocn. Schooler. Schwartzkopf. Sehnert. Settles. G. Sharp. J. D. Sharp. Sherling. Sherman. Shipley. Sigle. Sim. Simmonds. Sloan. T. and H. Small. C. Smith. J. Smth. T. Smith. Soash. Stearns. Stover. Stowell. St. Peter. Stucky. Stutz- man. Swank. Tarrant. Tomanek. Tompkins. Tuttle. Unruh. Vaughn. Walter. Wasinger. Weigel. Wiens. Wiles. Willmeth. K. and R. Wilson. Woelk. Wolfe. Wolford. Yantiss. Ycagy. Page Sixty-nine aim THETA EPSILON Theta Epsilon was founded at the University of Iowa. There are at present nine active chapters in the sorority. The lota local chapter was organized at Fort Hays. Kansas State College. February 10. 1940. Theta Epsilon is a Baptist sorority whose aims are to promote friendship among Baptist preference girls as well as to develop a cultural and spiritual character in its members. During the year, the girls have enjoyed a varied and interesting program including the development of charm and personality. The religious needs of a college girl were given much thought throughout the year. Social activities were enjoyed in the form of informal teas and picnics, and a spring banquet. The main event of the year was the installation service which was held February 10. 1940. A group from the Beta Chapter of University of Kansas installed the Iota Chapter of Hays. The patronesses of Theta Epsilon are: Mrs. Robert Wynne. Mrs. J. P. Van Doren. Mrs. Carl Coffelt. and Miss Pearl Wilson. Members are: Mace Alder. Carol Davis. Gertrude Resch. Wanda Mae Glunt. lone McNeil. Aileen Koontz. Nadine Kelling. Geraldine Wolcott, Margaret Paxton. Anna Hockensmith. Verda Moore, Eunice Roeder. Lena Metheny. Ruth Koontz. Front row: Mrs. Wilbert Chappell. Lillian Roper. Louise Marvin. Dorothy Cummings. Lorraine Long, and Helen Fisher. PHI CHI DELTA (Not Pictured) Phi Chi Delta sorority was organized on the Fort Hays campus in 1936. While the organi¬ zation is primarily for girls who attend the Presbyterian Church, no girl is barred from membership. Officers: Lucille Burke, president: Mildred Kratochvil. vice-president: Iva Mildred Sell, secretary: Darlienne Thompson, treasurer; Elsie Sire, chaplain: Clara Russ, sentinel. Members: Evelyn Kratochvil. Linnie Doris Kirkman. Vivian Sytsma. Geneva Schwindt. Ruth Burris. Arthelia McKenna. Fern Brewster. Marcella Kratochvil. Avis Snyder. Zara Sharp. Jean Cire. Eunice Streeter, and Rachel Seller. Miss Mabel Vandiver is faculty sponsor. Page Seventy KAPPA PHI EVALEEN LEBSACK __ President Hazel Webs _ Vice-President Helen Way _ Treasurer Marie Moore __ Secretary CORA Bibens _ Faculty Sponsor ACTIVES: Marie Bartholomew Ruth Clarke Virginia Fink Imogene Gick Amy Hildebrand Evaleen Lcbsack Marie Martin Marie Moore Qeone Parker Gwendolyn Dimmitt Alma Huenergardt Berta Del Kline Irene Reynolds Maxine Robertson Wanda Mae Scott Maxine Sebelius Lois Simons Pearl Snowbarger Hazel Webs Helen Wray Not Pictured: Ila Plantz PLEDGES: Marjorie Butler Wilma Caldwell Eleanor Compton Olga Dillinger Esther Giess Margaret Hatcher Marie Inloes Ruth Krause Loree Maddy Marianne Marsh Frances Parrott Ida Hester Replogle Irma Riedel Dorothy Sprout Lorene Sproul Dorothy Stutzman Maxine Swanson Leigh Vickers Inez Wibbeler Page Seventy-one ZXI J MJ S 4444 J MJ ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA KATHRYN BRENNEMEN __ President BILLIE WIRSHING Vice-President MARY ALICE WlESNER ___ Secretary MARY SCHERER- Treasurer MARY MAE PAUL In Facultate ACTIVES: Ruth Angel! Zodora Barker Kathryn Brenemen Jane Isaacks Marianne Jury Cornelia Dale Page Berniee Betthauscr- Rhoades Mary Scherer Mary Alice Wiesner Billie Wirshing Mary Mae Paul PLEDGES: Ethelyn Bainter Betty Barnes Geraldine Chittenden Mary Ethel Earl Irene McElroy Vada Murray Agnes Tullis Not Pictured: Frances Billings Glennis Lindsey Georgene Nelson Juanita Peacock Eleanor Stroble Paae Seventy- ftro DELTA SIGMA EPSILON Joyce Ferguson_ President LOIS Heaney- Vice-President LINNIE DORIS KlRKMAN _ Secretary Helen JOHNSON_ Treasurer ACTIVES: Betty Bennett Joyce Ferguson Lois Heaney Helen Johnson Linnie Doris Kirkman Marjorie McEwcn Wanda Mae Scott Catherine Smith Maxine Vallette Not Pictured: Ethel Harkness Edwards PLEDGES: Mary Carswell Ellene Earnest Thelma Graf Jean Herman Winifred Hibbs Audra Hoagland Regina Hoagland Grace Husted Betty Raynor Lucas Mary Margaret Mason Lillian Maixner Vesta Moden Frances Paschal Joyce Reinking Lillian Roper Eileen Van Wormer Dorlyn Wade Not Pictured: Betty Baker Anna Hockensmith Emily Moden Maxine Spohn m , y ywr SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Gwendolyn Dimmitt ___ President KATHRYN BELLMAN _ Vice-President Lydia MERMIS _... Secretary RUTH Burris _ Treasurer GLADYS Patton __ Faculty Sponsor ACTIVES: Nixie Beason Kathryn Bellman Ruth Burris Gwen Dimmitt Louise Locker Mary Anne Locker Rosalie McBride Lydia Mermis Gladys Patton Not Pictured: Helen Giebler PLEDGES: Frances Adee Patti Lee Couch Carol Downing Irene Fcrtig Marguerite French Berta Kline Marie Moore Wanda Moore Mary Richards Not Pictured: Fern Brewster Bennie Dunlap Wilma Durant Lorce Maddy Evelyn Ramberger Lois Simons Page Seventy-four a SIGMA ALPHA IOTA ANNE REED_ President Eleanor Calvert __ Vice-President ViVIAN SYTSMA__ Secretary PATRICIA Start _ Treasurer Miss Lucille felten _ Faculty Sponsor ACTIVES: Doris Brakebill Eleanor Calvert Betty Daniels Mildred George Marcia Hahn Wilma Lauderbaugh Blanche Mosher Anne Reed Margaret Roach Patricia Start Betty Wear Not Pictured: Vivian Sytsma PLEDGES: Frances Beougher Susan Calvert Shirley Fricker Frances Goodnough Georganna Grass Lorene Harger Lily Johnson Bernadette Jury Kathryn Kirk Virginia Maranville Norma Miller Catherine Rath Louise Riggs Louise Sytsma Avis Thompson Martha Wooster Mary Wooster Not Pictured: Dorothy Cummings Esther Geiss Mildred Heitschmidt Lueile Kline Allegra Scott f MJ J MJ t7 J Page Seventy five THETA SIGMA UPSILON Marjorie Fellers__ President BONNIE HOLMES _ Vice-President Mildred Stevenson_ Secretary Gwendolyn Dougherty. Treasurer IMOGENE GiCK_ Editor Dorothy Sampson, faculty Sponsor ACTIVES: Gwen Dougherty Marjorie Fellers Marguerite Fesler Imogene Gick Bonnie Holmes Lena Metheny Irene Reynolds Kathryn Skidmore Mildred Stevenson Hazel Webs Evelyn Witt Lorraine Young Dorothy Sampson PLEDGES: Dorothy Basgall Maudie Corzine Dorothy Fellers Myrna Marie Giles Jeanne Haxton Evelyn Hodson Margaret Lambert Ellen Mason Norma Miller Eleanor Monroe Dorothy Mosher Gertrude Peckham Dorothy Reed Velma Van Leewen Not Pictured: Constance Bogart Madge Hill Madell Holmer L Uj ■ ■» Page Seventy-six PI KAPPA SIGMA jssj mm Nina JEWELL __ President FLORENCE KEIL_ Vice-President ELEANOR MACKEY_ Treasurer Edna HQWAT_ Secretary LOUISE PAXSON_ Faculty Sponsor ACTIVES: Edna Howat Nina Jewell Florence Keil Virginia Mull Not Pictured: Eleanor Mackey PLEDGES: Julia Davenport Josephine Eilts Tbex Reva Whortton Not Pictured: Virginia Dralle Page Seventy-seven PHI SIGMA EPSILON Elmer Johnson__ President JAMES Rawson _ Vice-President VYRL LEICHLITER _ Secretary VERNON V. SCHRAEDER _ Treasurer DR. R. L. WELTY __ Faculty Sponsor MRS. O. F. BOLINGER. Housemother ACTIVES: Bruce Betndt John Q. Brack Jack Brown Harry Creager Eugene Dirks Bill H. Dye Warren Fox Harold Hawse Robert T. Helman Robert R. Hickok Elmer Johnson Marvin Lacey Carol V. Lcichliter Vyrl Lcichliter Lyle Luce Don Michael Robert L. Rath James Rawson Marion Robbins James Sampson Vernon V. Schraeder S. S. Sidesinger Ward Riegel Dale Weems Not Pictured: Wilbur Strong Bernard Mermis Alfred Nelson Kenneth Edwards Osmund Hunley Marion Stalcup Jack Isabel Jess Woodruff Newlin White Everett Koelling PLEDGES: Byron Allison Chester Bane Marion W. Chipman Robert French Robert Hungate Lloyd Koelling George Shipley Clifford Sim Ray Stramel Not Pictured: Eldon Reigcl Sam Hankins John Donclan Phillip Boudreau Wesley Ford Merlin Loomis Ivan Carrell Winifred Kobler Dale Johnson Carey Hartenbower Richard Coin Daniel Stuart Jack Driscoll Howard Latham Fred Unruh Ralph Smith Tom Kelly Bennett Ferguson Edward Vaughn Victor Tompkins Kenneth French Robert Culley Ray Knobbe S f S4fJ £ { ? Page Seventu-eiaht LU« PHI DELTA CHI FRATERNITY CLAIR ANDERSON_ President Harold Adams_ Vice-President PAUL LUCAS_ Secretary WALTER GAUMER_ Treasurer Walter Wallerstedt. R. E. BUGBEE_ Faculty Sponsors Mrs. BESSIE Raynor. Housemother ACTIVES: Clair Anderson Harold Adams Fidelis Bollig Maurice Blake Leland Brown Dean Carroll Willard Elder James Finley Walter Gaumer Vance Harkness George Helm Frank Hoppes Clifford Lahman Paul Lucas Warren McElroy Erwin McKenna Paul Miller Floyd Moore LaVerne Painter Melvin Robbins Nyal Ruehlan Jerry Sharp Clark Simpson Howard Stehwein Bob Wilson Eldon Wise John Wallace Mrs. Bessie Raynor Robert Bugbee Walter Wallerstedt Carrol Deyoe Kenneth Erickson John Evans Robert Jessup Ort Meuller Don O’Neil Floyd Pruitt Ralph Quint Lane Ruehlan Ray Sage Thaine Simmons Arnold Schoenthaler Mickey Spillane Ray Wilson PLEDGES (Not Pictured) Cecil Fabricius Joe Mangano Charles Cross Wayne McClellan Bill Paronto Nolan Hester Marion Everhart John Brown John Bergman Joe Bouser Willard Bennett Cecil Jacobs Keithe Harkness Earl Rose James Duncan Maurice Heunergardt Page Seventy-nine SIGMA TAU GAMMA FRATERNITY Kent Collier __ President LEE ROTHE __ _ Vice President LEWIS WALLACE _ _ _ Secretary JAMES BOEVE ___ Treasurer JAMES R. START . Faculty Sponsor MRS. J. A. DAVIDSON Housemother ACTIVES: John Atkins Guy Barnes Clyde Beyimer Claude Bice Forrest Bodmer James Boeve Leon Churchill Chester Collier Kent Collier Lester Collier Art Joy Don Matthes Wendell Pyle Roy Reeves Lee Rot he Eugene Schlegel Dale Shade Lloyd Sidener Bard Stephens J. Roland Stewart Walter Stuive B. M. Taylor Lewis Wallace Mrs J. A. Davidson James R. Start Not Pictured: Jasper Cardona Charles Rhoades Wayne Samuelson PLEDGES: Ward Andregg Mike Biggs Warren Brandt John Calcara Bob Campbell Bill Fauver Sid Foulks Harold Gill Charles McGuire Pat Murphy Don Newell Maurice Norrell Leonard Robinson Gene Rouse Bud Sawyer Frank Wonner Not Pictured: Warren Miller Keith Ping Bill Hall Keith Fedde Waldean Hooper Bob Currence Brice Logan Paul Wheeler Kenneth Shearer William Hall Silas Clifton Dennis Hemmer Ike Zamr la Page Eighty PHI MU ALPHA JAMES JENKINS__ President JAMES Davis- Via-President NEWELL MULLIN_ Secretary COURTLANB MAAG__ Treasurer Russell Miller_ Historian CARL WIEST — Supreme Councilman William Hugh Miller. HOMER Keller Faculty Sponsors ACTIVES: Bill Bonewell John Butler James Davis James Jenkins Courtland Maag Vernon Meckel Russell Miller Newell Mullin Henry Pratt Lawrence Webs Robert Wessel Carl Wiest George Zeigler William Hugh Miller Not Pictured: Rex Pearson PLEDGES: Delbert Broadie Galen Flora Frederic Geren James Hower Paul Nicholas Robert Plumb Roy Vallentine Not Pictured: James Anderson Harold Anderson Warren Bowker Jim Harries Paul Light Stanley Maholn Robert Musseman Levi Sherman Bob Webster Page highly-one THH ATHLETIC " 11° " BOYS One of the oldest and most influential organizations on the campus is the men ' s athletic organization known as the " K " Club. Membership is restricted only by an individual ' s ability and determination. F-ormal admittance is granted upon the earning of at least one letter in a major sport during any one season ' s competition. This group in addition to sponsorng a very stiff initiation program, are the police¬ men of the campus, they enforce " keep off the grass " rules, uphold the traditions of the school and otherwise wield a decided influence over campus activities. There are approximately forty men in this year ' s organization. Ward Riegel is president. CAMPUS PLPSTERS Tigerettes! They are the generating force that motivates the enthusiasm, pep. and excitement at all sport activities. This group consists of 50 girls all dressed in the school colors of black and gold. Membership is honorary. Under the capable guidance of Miss Mary Mae Paul and the enthusiastic leadership of Wanda Mac Scott, president, the Tigerettes have had a very successful year. We Like to Win Page Eighty-two — I Frankie Wonncr CHEER LEADERS Madge Hill Tedese© " Teddy " We Can Lose i Page Eighty-three Page Eighty-four Page Eighty-five fyoothall Yes. we all like to win but there sometimes comes a time when we lose! Considering the fact that Coach Waldorf had only a few lettcrmen back and lots of green material, we don ' t think the season was a fail¬ ure in spite of the fact that the Tigers lost a majoity of their games. The Tigers bumped into some ‘’rough " com¬ petition. e.g. (W. U.), taking on Kansas State, a member of the Big Six. and New Mexico Aggies, a member of the Border Conference. Captain " Tobe " Hunley was the only Tiger to receive an all conference rating: he was select¬ ed as half-back. With true Kansas spirit, let ' s take a peek in to next year ' s prospects: we believe that with a host of lettermen returning and a few back who for devious reason were not in the line-up this year, that Fort Hays State won ' t be a team to be trifled with and is likely to be one of the favored teams for the conference title. The Tigers have chosen John Renner of Oakley and Norman Ehrlich of Monument as co-captains of the team for next season. RESULTS Hays 7 New Mexico State 33 " 7 Kansas State College 34 " 0 Oklahoma City University " 7 Pittsburg Teachers 7 " 7 St. Benedicts 13 " 0 Emporia Teachers 28 " 46 Southwestern 6 ’ 14 Hastings College 0 ” 7 Wichita University 26 Page Eighty-six Paul Waldorf Football Coach Bill Bearley Track and Assistant Football Coach PAUL • Busch " GROSS Basketball Coach JIM SAMPSON Assistant Basketball Coach aAJzetLall Yes. we like to win and we did in basketball! The Tigers enjoyed a most successful season, winning 11 games and losing only 4. The mainstay on the team was captain " Jumpin ' Jack Johnson. " He was chosen all conference forward and captain of this honorary quintet. He was the second high scorer of the conference. In contemplation of next year ' s outlook, we cannot help but smile bcause all of this year ' s team will be back with the exception of John¬ son. In all probability the Tigers will be the " big shots " of the conference. This year the title was shared with Pittsburg and Southwestern but let ' s wait and watch them win it another year! In addition to the men pictured here. Coach Gross has some very able men coming up from the B squad plus a new crop of promising candi¬ dates coming in next fall. SUMMARY ys 44 Sterling 25 38 Bethany 31 38 College of Emporia 21 44 Emporia Teachers 42 42 Pittsburg Teachers 31 27 Wichita 30 37 Southwestern 38 33 Colorado College 31 52 Colorado College 50 36 Southwestern 31 31 Wichita 30 39 Pittsburg Teachers 37 36 Emporia Teachers 38 49 St. Benedicts 29 43 St. Benedicts 46 Page Eighty-sec.n w. Loomis, g: I. Carrell. f: M. Robbins, f: W. Fox. f. M. Behnke. g: W. Settles, c: E. Johnson, c. P. Nicholas, f: C Keller, f: L. McPherson, g: R. Stramel. g. Page Eighty-eight Qoljf and le+uuA While golf and tennis are still in their infancy at Fort Hays they are rapidly making headway and the time may soon come when they are prominent parts of the athletic program. This year a number of fellows are out for golf under the supervision of Ed Davis. Jim Davis is the only [hi. year V ” Glo,zbich ind • " possibilities for chalking up Eugene Dirks and Ivan Carrell. tennis lettermen and several newcomers are out to put Fort Hays on the map this year in the racket slinging field. TRACK (Schedule) April 4 Sterling College Hen April 17 Kearney Teachers at Kearney. Nebr. April 20 Kansas University Relays at Lawrence April 24 Hastings College of Neb. Here April 27 Colorado Relays at Boulder. Colo. May 10 McPherson College Here. Coach Bearley has 10 lettermen returning and M other men out for track. With such a large group to fill in last year ' s vacancies, the indications are for a successful season. The returning lettermen are: Everett Koelling. C. I. C. dash champ: Alvin Staab. javelin: Don Michael. Ted Hoover. Dean Saylor. Gerald Sharp. 440 and 880: Clifford Lahman. distances: Newlin White, hurdles: George Shipley, pole-vault: Jim Finley, dashes and broad jump. Inasmuch as this copy goes to press before the season gets under way. all we can do is predict the results of the competition. So—with a new cinder track and the old western Kansas determi¬ nation cropping out on the boys, we are telling you to keep your eye on the sports page and you ' ll read about the Tigers " burnin ' up the track.’ Page Eighty-mm r !-l Qinli ' SpxviU Another inning of Girls ' sports is completed and the Women ' s Athletic Association. Duck Club, and other organizations put away their sporting goods until another year rolls around. The games played during the year arc divided into two types. Team sports include hockey, soccer, basketball, volley ball, and soft ball. The individual games include tennis, tenniquoits. shuffleboard. ping pong, swimming and archery. Taking part in these arc not the only activities of the athletic minded. Thirteen members of Miss Millets hockey class journeyed to Lawrence in November to enter the annual hockey play day at Kansas University. Advanced dancing classes made several worth while trips, going to Lawrence to participate in a folk dance festival in November, seeing the Hanya Holm concert dancers at Wichita in Feb¬ ruary. and with members of the Health and Physical Education department, attending the district convention at Wichita in March. One of the highlights of the Orchesis Club was the presentation of a " circus " between halves of the St. Benedicts basketball game, given under the direction of Miss Barbour. They also put on the pageant " Harp of the West " for the College Women ' s Day program given in honor of senior girls. The Annual Play Day. attended by over 200 high school girls, was held May fourth and had for its theme " Mexico " . Volley Ball, tenni¬ quoits. swimming, hit pin baseball, and soccer were played during the day and awards were Page Ninety given for the girl with the best health score and the best posture. Rosalie McBride was president of the Duck Club and Kathryn Bellman headed the W. A. A. Picnics, parties, and meetings were the main activities of the year and two girls. Linnie Doris Kirkman and Kathryn Bellman, received the highest possible award, for earning 1000 points. Helen Johnson. Ruth King, and Elsie Sire, received smaller awards for earning 500 points. Page Ninety -one Page Ninety-tivo A Beautiful Setting for Important People! Page Ninety-three Kent Collier Sene Carlile Revei I I e Recognition Page Ninety-four M Anne Reed Gwen Dimmitt Achievement Page Ninety-five 4 tM Page Ninety-six ROYAL FAMILY: f " e C rlilc f 4 ' " ' W ' « r f° nc F " g uso„ l? 0 ? ' ™ G ic k ™ rmn R°b bins Gwen n, . aZ j T " « ir at “ s milh R I t , l ' ° r raine V S l r - ! ds: PatSt UnS ' i 93 9 O Sk ' dmor e . St3rt m d rvn n a0d Pape Ninety-seven Page Ninety-eight m tmu Enthroned : Ruth Clarke and Robert Freeman: Amy Hildebrand and Claude Bice. Patricia Moreland. Julene Mc¬ Cartney and Jacqueline Kelly. American Royal Contestants: Imogene Gick. Marjorie Fellers. Kathryn Skidmore. Nina Jewel. Vesta Moden. Berniece Betthauser-Rhoades. Mary Alice Wiesner. Louise Locker. Dorilyn Wade. Amy Hildebrand, Dar- lienne Thompson. Doris Brakebill. Betty Wear. Patricia Start, and Vera Brock. Page Ninety-nine Page One Hundred Tivo Tiger-Ville Established — 1925 JUST OFF the CAMPUS THE COLLEGE INN Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Skelton The COLLEGE SWEET SHOP Mr. and Mrs. C. W. McKee GUY’S COLLEGE GROCERY Mr. Guy Thoman The COLLEGE BEAUTY SHOP Miss Rose Altman The GENEVIEVE SEYMOUR SCHOOL of DANCING The R. C. A. RECORDING SERVICE and R. C. A. Records COOPERATIVE MUSIC MERCHANTS Wurlitzer Phonographs for every occasion. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. McKee, Distributors 507 W. 7th Phone 90 Hays, Kansas Page One Hundred Three COZY CAFE " Home of Good Things to Eat " “Skeels” Gallagher, Manager 1 1 r W. 10th Hays, Kansas ( (■ ()nt‘ 11 urult cd lour PONTIAC BUICK G. M. C. TRUCKS SALES AND SERVICE BEN F. DREILING and SON MOTORS PHONE 192 HAYS, KANSAS 108 E. 13th A. B. C. DRUG CO. THE REXALL STORE 1007 Phone 80 The FARMER ' S STATE BANK Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Each Deposit Account In¬ sured up to $5,000 Under Federal De¬ posit Insurance Plan. CASH AND SURPLUS $100,000 The Hays City Drug Store PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS — GIFTS FOUNTAIN SERVICE PHONE 348 HAYS, KANSAS Page One Hundred Five Hays Building Loan Association Loans « Investments Hays, Kansas Phone 38 T. G. Reed and Sons EXCLUSIVE GROCERIES and MEATS FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES MODERN Phone 408 Hays, Kansas GEYER BROTHERS Druggists We are anxious to serve you HAYS, KANSAS NEW SHOES FROM OLD WITH NEW INVISIBLE HALF SOLES No " repaired look " No " unsightly seam " —BRING OR SEND THEM TO— Schleyel Shoe Service 113 W. 10th HAYS, KANS. BAXTER ' S FLOWER SHOP Phone 130 BRUNSWICK HOTEL FELLER ' S SERVICE STATION BETTER GASOLINE AND OILS FOR LESS East 8th. St. Hays, Kans. Quality Hardware PLUS A PLEASING GIFT DEPARTMENT Winter ' s Hardware Hoys, Kansas 810 Main Phone 16 MANN ' S LG.A. STORE GROCERIES MEATS FREE DELIVERY Phone 1115 1 12 W. 1 1th. St. Page One Hundred Six Buy an ELGIN " America-First " Mode! Values never before offered for less than $29.75 NOW 24 ' T H 0 L E N J E W E L R Y C 0 First Class Repair and Optical Service ' rcciSTRtED JEWt ' ER ' MLklC N lihM NXUTY 804 Main St. t m Page One Hundred Seven WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS WE WELCOME YOU BACK NEXT FALL OPEN ALL NIGHT WHITE PALACE INN 105 EAST 1 OTH PHONE 105 FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS HAAG WASHING MACHINES (THE METER MISER) AND OTHER HARDWARE N. F. ARNHOLD SONS Hays HARDWARE Plainville Page One Hundred Eight MODERN EFFICIENT PHONE 400 JEP’S SUPER-SERVICE STATION SOFT DRINKS —FOUNTAIN SERVICE- 06 SANDWICHES ICE CREAM PHONE 263 DRIVE IN 327 E. 8th. Page One Hundred Nine DINE and DANCE THE ROSEMONT FRANK HONISH Call 360 WE CATER TO . . . Private Parties, Banquets, Weddings, Clubs, etc. You Will Find Prices as LOW or LOWER Than any in Town! SAFEWAY WESTINGHOUSE and PHILCO Electric Refrigerators BE N DIX —the successor to the washing machine— FURNITURE — NEW AND USED Home Furniture Company GEO. J. GOTTSCHALK 802 Main Hays, Kansas Phone 236 Take Care Of Your Eyes —And your eyes will take care of you. W. F. CZESKLEBA PHONE 167 714 MAIN DR. Flat top, modern, stylish design, gleaming white finish Page One Hundred Ten " TOPS " in STYLE " RIGHT " in PRICE HAVENER’S 11 4 w. nth HAYS, KANSAS FORDV8 MERCURY 8 LINCOLN ZEPHER TWENTER MOTOR CO. HAYS, KANSAS Page One Hundred Eleven T — -3 xtz ——r In Buying — Buy — THE BEST — There Is A Constant Supply of The BETTER— .(RUGS, SUNDRIES, COSMETICS and CANDIES With Also “PROMPT ATTENTION” in Filling your Prescription AT THE— HARKNESS PHARMACY The one place that enjoys serving F. H. K. S. C. Students —in Hays Over 30 Years— 716 Main Phone 76 Page One Hundred Twelve WE SELL Chevrolet Oldsmobile Sales and Service WE BUY WE TRADE USED CARS ALL MAKES Complete Body and Fender Work Oloughlin Motor Co. Phone 474 121 W. 12th Page One Hundred Thirteen AFTER SCHOOL RECREATION STAR theatre GOOD FEATURES GOOD SHORTS Page One Hundred Fourteen Ballroom ond Banquet Facilities Always Available for you at the Lamer OUR MARK OF QUALITY FOR BETTER HOMES—LOWER UPKEEP LONGER LIFE Pratt and Lambert Paints Curtis Silentite Frames and Windows Curtis Millwork Colotex Vaporseal and Board Insulation Balsam Wood Insulation Red Top Perforated Rock Lath Red Top Plaster Metalane Weathership Quality Lumber—Shingles—Asphalt Roofing—Cement—Brick Everything in Building Materials When Time Means Money Our Service Pays THE TREAT-SHAFFER LUMBER CO. H. HAVEMANN, Monoger HAYS 208 W. 9th St. KANSAS Page One Hundred Fifteen -- Dry Goods Clothing Ladies’ Ready To Wear Shoes Hats Groceries Notions Victor RCA Kelvinator Maytag Washers- F resents Cosmetics Gas Stoves Electrolux Radios -Mangles Chamber Rugs Toys Floor Coverings Glassware Meats Lamps (shuts Phones: Meat Market 740 Appl. 345 Grocery 741 Dept. Store 88 Page One Hundred Sixteen St. Anthony’s Hospital SISTER M. EVARISTA. R. N Superintendent This Space Reserved and Paid For by the Active Staff Page One Hundred Seventeen GEORGE PHILIP SCOTTY PHILIP Dealers In HARDWARE COAL and GAS GEO. PHILIP HEATERS and SON RANGES PAINT OIL, GLASS CUTLERY PHONE 53 Eigth and Main, HAYS, KANSAS Larzalere Bakery The Home Of KREAM KRUST BREAD Wholesale and Retail Phone 640 Page One Hundred Eighteen HE STRAND Management wishes to take this method of thanking you for your splendid pat¬ ronage in the past and also wishes to assure you that the same high standard of motion picture entertainment will prevail at this theatre. Your Movie Headquarters in Hays Fox Strand Theatre B. F. ADCOCK, Mgr. Shows Daily at — 1:30—7:15—9:15 FELTEN TRANSFER TRUCK LINES Daily Service Between Kansas City and Colby —PHONES— KANSAS CITY, VICTOR 6429 — SALINA 40 — HAYS 169 Page One Hundred Nineteen Compliments of The Hays City Flour Mills manufacturers of SEMOLINO FLOUR — PHONES — PLANT 330 OFFICE 65 Page One Hundred Twenty HAYS CREAMERY and ICE COMPANY KING’S KWALITY ICE CREAM GOLDEN BELT BUTTER PURE CRYSTAL ICE HAYS, KANSAS DON ' T SAY ICE CREAM Say KING’S KWALITY ICE CREAM " FIT FOR A KING " Made only from the very purest products under the most sanitary conditions—-Served in all the leading Drug Stores and Cities in Western Kansos. RETAIL FOOD STORE GRASS BROS. PHONE 4 HAYS, KANSAS Page One Hundred Tiventg-one DISHES GLASSWARE COSMETICS GIFTS TOYS HOSIERY LINGERIE DO-NUT SHOP Luncheonette SCHOOL- SUPPLIES IN WESTERN KANSAS’ Fountain LARGEST and MOST COMPLETE CANDY FIVE CENTS To ONE DOLLAR STORE Duckuualls Store Page One Hundred Ticenty-tivo TEXT BOOKS NEW and USED BOOKS BOUGHT and SOLD FOUNTAIN PENS LOOSE LEAF NOTE BOOKS COMPLETE COLLEGE SUPPLIES STATIONERY SCHOOL BOOKS and SUPPLIES LIFE TIME PENS TYPEWRITERS ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT GREETING CARDS GIFTS, GAMES and DENNISON GOODS OFFICE SUPPLIES (Just off the Campus) BOOK STORE BOOK STORE Page One Hundred Tix ' entg-three Page One Hundred Tu. ' vnty-four . . . In clothes made especially for you by designers who know college girls and boys, and know what they will wear. If you want to be right —in all the clothes you wear visit— THE CLASSIC belles and ®eaus of 1940 Your College Days are filled with excitement and Wonderful T imes . . . They will become your most pleasant memories—so why not meet each occasion dressed for that event . . . GET THAT CLASSIC LOOK THE CIA K- T0RE Page One Hundred Twenty-five Fort Hays College Hays, Kansas Dear Mom and Pop: The first thing that I missed when I came to school was the home cooked food . . . I discovered that the—ELITE CAFE—served my favorite dishes—with that special and very delicious flavor in food that I get at home . . . Next year I won’t have to spend weeks looking for an ideal place to eat that has FRIENDLINESS . . . GOOD SERVICE . . . REASONABLE PRICES ... and above all the BEST of FOODS . . . Love Joe College ELITE CAFE MR. and MRS. JOHN SAHLI West Tenth Hays, Kansas Page One Hundred Tu:enty-six .. . isvrr..-: — BRUNSWICK HOTEL CAFE F unction Room PARTIES—DANCES KESSLER LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING Through Service We Grow HAYS, KANSAS PHONE 412 Page One Hundred Twenty-seven GIFTS Sterling by Towle Hamilton Bulova WATCHES Elgin MORRISON ' S Jewelry Store Page One Hundred Tiventy-eighr

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