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IRE THOUGHT Every mortal dreams — and dreaming, soars to un- known heights, only to be brought face to face with stark reality by a crash which leaves its indel- ible mark upon the unthinking masses it affects. Inevitably, but only occasionally, a whole nation dreams, and for years successfully evades a direct encounter with facts. The crash is just as unavoidable. It has come; » » » the daze which ensued is only now clearing away, and once again we have our feet on solid ground » » » with a better understanding of the reality of life and the ineffectiveness of combating it. But even this awakening has not been without value. Memories of it, together with a finer appreciation of the human side of life as it is lived next door, will never die. There has come a deeper realization of the need for statesmanship » » » simple and sincere endeavor for the best that can be obtained » » » honest effort as was put » » » forth by Grover Cleveland, who was inaugurated to the Presidency in the midst of the panic of 1893, and who, by his untiring and far-seeing efforts, brought our nation back to prosperity during the four short years of his term. Cleveland ' s memory remains today as an outstanding example of the crying need of our times » » » men and women going out into the world with a definite purpose in mind and a clear, honest, human plan for reaching their goal. This thought comes as a challange to us » » » to all who would live for the honor of their alma mater. It is only to the credit of any insti- tution that its people shall become sane, reasoning, and yet intensely human citizens. May we make our education count toward such a pur- pose. May our school always be known as a producer of — statesmen! Bus. Mgr. - - VESTER DAVIDSON Editor --- - Helen Dannefer Printed and bound by The Consolidated Printing Stationery Co. Salina, Kansas Engravings by The Mid-Continent Engraving Co. Wichita, Kansas BACK TO EARTH 19 5 4 YE ILLE = • 0 Presenting the Realities of the Year . . . Published by the Junior Class at Fort Hays Kansas State College . . . Hays, Kansas. From the Bridge to Custer Hall Wilbur c. Riley Football Coach D EDICATION To Jack Riley— and his 1933 Tigers, a group of men who are men, and who, inspired by the ambitious and yet intensely practical Riley, one of the cleanest coaches football will ever know, have made gridiron fame for our campus. To the coach, who beside being an all-around good fellow, has grinned at the unfavorable realities he has had to face and built for the College a winning football team; and to the men who, coached by him who was once a fighting Tiger, have given the best that was in them — we happily dedicate this, the 1934 Reveille. ✓ The Hall of Sc ience t O IV E W O Pv. D We have tried faithfully to make this, the 1934 Reveille, a pre- sentation, lasting and yet unadorned, of the realities of Fort Hays Ka nsas State College as they will live in your memory of happy days on the campus and lasting friendships formed there. We offer this book with the sincere hope that in these pages you may re-live the most real of your memories of life at Fort Hays State. And may they always be pleasant! s s s Where Industry Reisns Two Decades We count the quintessential part of all God’s mercies, in this coil of twenty years, Is that no sense of value disappears Or fails. — You saw the challenge, heard the call. — We calmly estimate the rise and fall Of manly purpose in these fruitful years. Yet your laborious works, the untold fears, The joys, the cares, and disappointments’ gall. Remain for thought and wonder! Truly grand Is your creation and its spacious hope. And these horizon-stretching plans shall bless The heart that dared, the mind that strove and plann’d That Youth might grow in grace, and live and grope For Light, and store of treasured Hap- piness. ; — R. R. M. Floyd B. Lee, a.b., a.m., sc.d. Dean of the Faculty Kansas State Teachers’ College, Emporia; University of Kansas; College of Emporia. Robert L. Parker, b.s., b.l., a.m. Professor of History Ottawa University; University of Chicago. Charles F. Wiest, a.b., d.d. Professor of Philosophy Gettysburg College; Lutheran Theolog- ical Seminary; Midland College; Yale University. James R. Start, b.s., a.m. Instructor in Speech Fort Hays Kansas State College; Columbia University. Ernest R. McCartney, a.b., a.m., ph.d. Professor of Economics Monmouth College; University of Wis- consin; University of Nebraska. Maude I. Gorham, ph.d., a.m. Instructor in Educational Theory University of Chicago; Columbia Uni- versity. Fred W. Albertson, b.s., a.m. Associate Professor of Agriculture Fort Hays Kansas State College; Univer- sity of Missouri. Now on leave for grad- uate study at the University of Nebraska. James E. Rouse, b.s., m.s. Professor of Agriculture Teachers’ College of Kirksville, Missouri; University of Wisconsin; Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science. Thornton W. Wells, b.s., m.s. Instructor in English Fort Hays Kansas State College; Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science. Faculty . . . [Page 10] Elizabeth J. Agnew, b.s. Dean of Women Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science; Columbia University. k Manetta J. Heidman, b.s., m.s. Instructor in Textiles and Clothing Des Moines College; Iowa State College. Margaret H. Haggart, b.s., a.m. Professor of Home Economics Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science; University of Chicago; Columbia University. Charles H. Brooks, b.s., m.s. Instructor in Correspondence Study Department and Latin. Fort Hays Kansas State College; Kansas State Teachers’ College, Emporia; Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science; University of Kansas. Modesto Jacobini, a.b., a.m. Professor of Foreign Languages Liceo, Tranto, Italy; American Inter- national College; Yale University; New York University; University of Chicago; National University of Mexico. Homer B. Reed, a.b., a.m., ph.d. Professor of Psychology Indiana University; University of Chicago; Columbia University. Harvey A. Zinszer, a.b., a.m., ph.d. Professor of Physics and Astronomy Lehigh University; Indiana University. Willis H. Walker, a.b., a.m., ph.d. Assistant Professor of History Iowa University. Edward E. Colyer, a.b., a.m. Professor of Economics Cooper College; University of Kansas; University of Colorado; University of Nebraska. [Page 1 1 ] . . . FACULTY Clarence E. Rarick, a.b., ed.d. Acting President Professor of Rural Education and Director of Extension Service Kansas Wesleyan University; University of Colorado; University of Kansas. Hobart S. Davis, b.f.a. Instructor in Voice, Men’s Glee Club University of Nebraska, Northwestern University. Floyd B. Streeter, a.b., b.s., a.m., l.l.d. Librarian University of Kansas; University of Michi- gan. Thelma Hruza, a.b., m.s. Assistant Instructor in English Fort Hays Kansas State College. Mary E. Barrett, a.b., b.s. in l.s. Reference Librarian Washburn College; University of Illinois. Lucille Felton, b.s. Instructor In Piano Fort Hays Kansas State College; Alexander Raab; Caruthers Normal School of Piano, Chicago. Mary E. Williams, a.b., a.b. in l.s. Supervisor of Circulation University of Wichita; University of Michigan. Paul B. Beckhelm, b.m., b.s. Instructor in Piano and Music Theory American Conservatory of Music; North- western University; Fort Hays Kansas State College. Margaret H. Dresher, a.b., b.s. in l.s. Cataloguer McPherson College; University of Illinois. FACULTY . . . [Page 12] Rob Roy Ian Macgregor, a.b., a.m., ph.d. Professor of English Otago University of New Zealand; University of Jena; Cambridge University. Roy Rankin, a.b., a.m. Professor of Chemistry Kansas State Teachers’ College, Emporia; University of Kansas; Harvard University. Walter G. Warnock, b.a., a.m., ph.d. Assistant Professor in Mathematics Harvard University, University of Illinois. Geneva T. Millett, b.s. in p.e., m.a. Instructor in Physical Education for Women University of Tennessee; University of Iowa. Mabel Vandiver, b.f.a., m.a. Professor of Applied Art Art Institute, Chicago; Art Academy, Chicago; Oklahoma University; George Peabody College, Nashville. Jessie F. Pearce, r.n., b.s. College Nurse Washington University; University of Missouri. Elizabeth Barbour, ph.b., a.m. Instructor in Physical Education for Women University of Chicago. George F. Sternberg, m.s. Curator, Museum of Geology and Paleontology Fort Hays Kansas State College. George A. Kelly, a.b., m.a., b.ed., ph.d. Assistant Professor of Psychology Friends University; Park College; Univer- sity of Kansas; University of Minnesota; University of Edinburgh, Scotland; Uni- versity of Iowa. . . . Faculty [Pane 13) Henry Edward Malloy, b.s. Professor and Director of Music Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia; Voice under George Hamlin, Chicago; D. O. Jones, Emporia; Ella Bochus-Behr, Berlin; Hinshaw of Metropolitan Opera, New York; George Ferguson, Berlin; P. Kirk- towns, Berlin. Earl F. Morris, b.s. in ed., b.s. in med., m.d. Director of Health and Physical Education Professor of Public Health Kirksville State Teachers’ College; St. Louis University. Edwin Davis, b.s., a.m. Professor of Manual Arts Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science; Fort Hays Kansas State College; University of Minnesota. Wilbur C. Riley, b.s. Football Coach and Instructor in Physical Educa- tion for Men Fort Hays Kansas State College; Michigan University; Y. M. C. A. School of Physical Education, Springfield, Massachusetts. Leonard W. Thompson, b.s., m.b.a. lr structor in Business Administration Kansas State Teachers’ College, Emporia; University of Kansas. Paul B. Gross, b.s. Basketball Coach and Instructor in Physical Educa- tion for Men Fort Hays Kansas State College; Univer- sity of Illinois; University of Michigan; Northwestern University. Arthur W. Barton, a.b., ph.c., ph.d. Professor of Botany University of Washington; Northwestern University. James J. Yeager, b.s. Instructor in Physical Education and Assistarit Coach Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science; University of Iowa. Lyman D. Wooster, a.b., ph.m. Professor of Zoology Kansas State Teachers’ College, Emporia; University of Wisconsin; Stanford Uni- versity. FACULTY . . . [Page 14] ' t SHkr c Robert T. McGrath, ph.b., ph.m., ph.d. Professor and Director of Education State Teachers’ College, DeKalb, Illinois; University of Wisconsin; Illinois State Normal University. Pearl B. Cruise, a.b., a.m. Assistant Professor of Education Iowa State Teachers’ College; University of Iowa. Florence M. Wallace, b.s. Instructor of Public School Music and Supervisor Fort Hays Kansas State College; College of Emporia; University of Southern Cali- fornia. Now on leave for graduate study, Jordan Conservatory of Music, Indian- apolis, Indiana. Rosella M. McCarroll, b.s., a.m. Intermediate Grade Teaching Supervisor Fort Hays Kansas State College; Columbia University. Mary Mae Paul, b.s., a.m. Junior High School Teaching Supervisor Fort Hays Kansas State College; Columbia University. Emma Golden, b.s., a.m. Kindergarten Teaching Supervisor State Teachers’ College, Ellindale, N. D.; University of Minnesota. Gaynelle Davis, b.s., a.m. Primary Grade Teaching Supervisor Fort Hays Kansas State College; Columbia University. William D. Moreland, a.b., m.a., ph.d. Assistant Professor of Political Science University of Iowa. Elam Bartholomew, m.s., sc.d. Curator of Mycological Museum Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science; Editor Fungi Coluiani and North American Uredinales. [Page 15] . . . Faculty GRADUATE STUDENTS 0 0 0 In conformity with an act of the Board of Regents on January 9, 1929, the Graduate Division was organized for the purpose of giving opportunity to students to pursue advanced work, and to encourage independent investigation. The administrative affairs of the division are in charge of the Graduate Council of which Dr. R. R. Macgregor is chairman. 0 0 0 0 0 J Work for the Master’s degree is offered in Botany, Chemistry, Education, English, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Social Science, and Zoology. Ruby Aldrich, b.s. .... Garfield Public School Music Sigma Alpha Iota; Bethany College; Fellowship Music Supervisor in William Picken School. Bert Bingaman, b.s. - Oakley Political Science Phi Mu Alpha; Inter-Fraternal Council; Glee Club (2,3,4); Chorus (2,3,4); Opera Lucia; Stu- dent Council (2,3). Edna Faye Brown, b.s. - • - Weskan Commerce Kappa Phi; Fellowship Assistant in Commerce Department. Leo Brown, b.s. ----- Hunter Zoology Track (2,3,4); K-Club (2,3,4); President, Science Club; Y. M. C. A. Eileen Kay Hood, a.b. - Great Bend English Missouri Wesleyan; Assistant in Extension Department. Ralph McGimsey, a.b. - Hays Chemistry and Physics Delta Epsilon; Fellowship Assistant in Chem- istry Department. Vernon Moreman, b.s. - - - Rossville Physical Education Football (1,2, 3, 4); K-Club (1,2, 3, 4); Track (3,4); Kappa Beta Tau. Freda Winters, a.b., b.s. - Hays Art Alpha Sigma Alpha; Chorus; Opera Lucia; Orchestra; Glee Club; Washburn College; Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science. [Page 16] Letha Abell Oakley 0 J 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 B. S., Music Glee Club (1,2,3); Orchestra (2,3,4). Effie Ashworth ----- Quinter B. S. y Commerce Y. W. C. A. (1,2); Commercial Club (3); English Club (3,4). Rachel Bartholomew - Hays A. B., English Pi Gamma Mu (3,4); Y. W. C. A. (1,2, 3, 4), President (4); Student Council (2). Virgil Basgall ----- Hays A. B., Jounmlism Phi Sigma Epsilon; Press Club (2,3,4); Leader (1,2, 3, 4), Business Manager (3); Reveille (3). Margaret Brungardt - Collyer B. S.y English English Club (3); Chorus (3); Parlimentary Law (4). Virgil Brown ----- Oakley B. S.y Mechanical Arts Kappa Beta Tau; Football (1,2, 3, 4); Track (1,2, 3, 4), Captain (4); Freshman Vice-President; Senior Vice-President; K-Club (1,2, 3, 4). Vern Carr ----- Nekoma A. B., Chemistry Science Club (1,2,4); Band (2); Y. M. C. A. (2). Homer Courtney ----- Hays B. S., Industrial Arts Glee Club (1,2,3); Chorus (1,2,3 4); Y. M. C. A. (1,2, 3, 4), President (4). Helen Dillon - Garden City B. S., Spanish Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. (3,4); English Club (3). Mary Elizabeth Enfield - - - Hays A. B., B. S.y English Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Phi; Student Council (1); Pep Club (1,2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1,2,3); Orchestra (1 ,2,3,4); Duck Club (2,3,4). Maurine Faulkner - - - - Great Bend B. S., Physical Education Delta Sigma Epsilon; W. A. A. (1,2, 3,4); Orchesis (1,2, 3, 4); Pep Club (1,2, 3, 4); Major Club (1,2, 3, 4); Opera Ballet; Lucia (3,4); Chocolate Soldier (1); Glee Club (1,2); Pan- hellenic (2); Chorus (1,2). Vera Gereke ----- Byers B. S., English Social Science Club (3); English Club (3,4); Independence Junior College. Seniors . . . [Page 18 ] e Stella Havel ----- Cuba B. S., English Y. W. C. A. (2); Chorus (2); Social Science Club (3); English Club (3,4); Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science. Elizabeth Hibbs ----- Stafford B. M. } Music Pi Kappa Sigma; Accompanist, Mens Glee Club (1); Pan Hellenic, President (3); Chorus (1,2, 3, 4); Glee Club (4). Etta Hofmeister - Claflin B. S., Commerce Chorus (2); Y. W. C. A. (2); Commercial Club (3,4). Joseph Hood - Great Bend A. R, History Y. M. C. A. (1,2, 3, 4). Maurine Hunsley - Larned B. S., Physical Education Pep Club (4); Duck Club (3,4); W. A. A. (3,4); Orchesus (4). Marietta Jacobs ----- Hays A. B., English Theta Sigma Upsilon; Chorus (2,3,4); Y. W. C. A. (4); Pan-Hellenic (3,4); St. Mary’s of the Woods College Berniece Johnson - Luray B. S., English English Club (2,3,4); Home Economics Club (2,3,4). Marlyn Kingsley ----- Ellis B. S., English Phi Mu Alpha; Orchestra (2,4); Band (1,2, 3, 4); Inter-Fraternal Council (2); Junior Vice- President; Glee Club (3). Howard Lamoreux - - - - Abilene B. S., Physical Education Phi Mu Alpha; Student Council (4); Band (1,2, 3); K-Club (2,3,4); Senior President; Basketball- ball (1,2, 3, 4), Captain (4); Track (1,2, 3, 4). Bert Lane ------ Bazine B. S., History Phi Sigma Epsilon; Football (1,3,4); K-Club ( 1 ,2,3,4) , President (4); Inter-Fraternal Council ( 2 ). Willard Larson - - - Sharon Springs B. S., Mathematics Kappa Beta Tau; Football (2,3); K-Club (2,3,4); Engineers Club (3). Mildred Lewis - Dodge City B. S., English Leader (4); Y. W. C. A. (3); Commercial Club (3). . . . SENIORS [Page 19] Augusta 0 0 0 0 Norman Lietzke B. S., Physical Education Sigma Tau Gamma; Basketball (1,2, 3, 4), Cap- tain (3); K-CIub ( 1 ,2,3,4); Student Council (3,4); Reveille (2,3), Business Manager (3); President Junior Class. Verne Lippert - Bison A. B., Physics Parlimentary Law (1,2); Y. M. C. A. (3,4); Science Club (3). Art Livingston - Menlo A. B., History Phi Sigma Epsilon; Science Club (1,2); Social Science Club (2,3). Janice Lyons - Ford B. S., Home Economics Pi Kappa Sigma; Kappa Omicron Pi; Home Economics Club (1,2, 3, 4); Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science 0 0 0 0 Wilda Claire McReynolds - - - Montezuma B. S., Music Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club (1,2, 3, 4); Chorus (1,2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic (2,3); Student Council (2); Pep Club (3,4); Girls Quartette (2,3,4). Flossie Manges ----- Sterling B. S., English Kappa Phi; Chorus (1,2); W. A. A. (3). Virginia Maxwell - - - - Gove A. B., English Kappa Phi; Duck Club (1,2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1); Chorus (1,2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. (1,2, 3, 4). Henry Miller B. S., Biological Science Y. M. C. A. (1,2, 3, 4). Hays Luella Mollenkamp - - - - Arnold B. S., Commerce Alpha Sigma Alpha; Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. (3,4); Commercial Club (3); Home Economics Club (3,4); Chorus (1,2,3). Wade Moriarty ----- Augusta B. S., Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Epsilon; Basketball (1,2, 3, 4); K-Club (2,3,4). Lawrence Myers - Oakley B. S., Physical Education Kappa Beta Tau; Football (1 ,2,3,4); K-Club (1,2, 3, 4); Social Sicence Club (1,2). Willis Neal - Scott City B. S., Agriculture Phi Sigma Epsilon; Football (1,2, 3, 4); K-Club ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ). SENIORS . . . [Pag 20] Loretto Nicholas - Hays B. S., Literature Theta Sigma Upsilon; W. A. A., President (3); Duck Club, President (2). Eileen Northup - Quinter B. S., English Theta Sigma Upsilon; Home Economics Club (1,2, 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic (4). Charlie Northrop - Jetmore A. ft., English Phi Sigma Epsilon; Press Club (3,4); Leader ( 4). ♦ Edith Pantzer - Kanorado B. S., Music Chorus (1 2,3,4). Lela Pitts - Mullinville B. S., English Alpha Sigma Alpha; Pi Kappa Delta; English Club (1,2, 3, 4); W. A. A. (2,3,4). Emma Lee Raymond - - - Holyrood B. S., Music Band (1,2, 3, 4); Orchestra (1,2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. ( 1 , 2 ). Everett Runyon - Hays B. S., Chemistry Y. M. C. A. (3,4); Science Club (3,4); Tennis Team (3,4). Mary Elizabeth Reed - Hays B. S., Home Economics Kappa Omicron Phi; Duck Club (3,4). Adran Scheer ------ Hays B. S., Music Glee Club (1,2); Orchestra (1,2, 3, 4); String Quartet (3). Mildred Schlegel - Otis A. B. y English Kappa Phi; Pi Gamma Mu; W. A. A. (4). Avanelle Spangler - - - Florence, Colo. B. S., Psycho logy Kappi Phi; Pi Gamma Mu; Girls Glee Club (1,2, 3, 4); Girls Quartet (2,3,4); Y. W. C. A. (1,2, 3, 4); Chorus (1,2, 3, 4). Ellen Stradal ----- Hays B. S., Commerce Delta Sigma Epsilon; Pan-Hellenic (4); W. A. A. (3,4); Beauty Queen (1); Pep Club (3). . . . seniors [ Page 2 1 ] Norma Stradal A 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - Hays B. S., Commerce Delta Sigma Epsilon; Duck Club (4); Orchesis (2,3); Commercial Club (2,3); Chorus (1); Opera Ballet; Lucia (3,4). Harry Struss - Wakeeney B. S., Business Administration Kappa Beta Tau; President, Inter-Fraternal Council (4); Commercial Club (2,3); Parlia- mentary Law Club (4). W. A. Wallerstedt ----- Hays B. S., English Sponsor Kappa Beta Tau; English Club Wilbur Weigand La Crosse B. S., History Ruth Whitham - Modoc B. S., Home Economics Kappa Phi; Glee Club (1,2); Chorus (1,2,3); Home Economics Club (3,4); W. A. A. (1). Ida Marie Wickizer - Hays B. S., B. M., Music Sigma Alpha Iota; Band (1,2); Orchestra (2,3); Glee Club (1,2, 3, 4); Quartet (2); Chocolate Soldier (1); Lucia (3,4); Creation, Chorus (1,2, 3,4); W. A. A. (1,2, 3, 4); Pep Club (1,2,3); Duck Club (1,2, 3, 4); Major Club (1,2, 3, 4); Orchesis (2); President Student Assembly (4). Eleanor Winters ----- Hays A. B., English Alpha Sigma Alpha, Pan-Hellenic (2,3); Y. W. C. A. (2,3,4); Reveille (2); Freshman Vice- President; Leader (2,3), Editor (3); Vice- Chairman Student Assembly (2); Student Coun- cil (3); Orchestra (1,2,3); Glee Club (1,2,3); Press Club (2,3); Sophomore Vice-President. Martha Wylie ----- Quinter B. S., Physical Education Delta Sigma Epsilon; W. A. A. (1,2, 3,4); Major Club (1,2, 3, 4); Pep Club (1,2, 3, 4); Glee Club (1); Popularity Queen (3); Orchesis (1,2, 3, 4); Vice- Chairman Student Assembly (3). Tressa Yeager ----- Covert B. S., Music and Kindergarten Kappa Phi; Chorus (1,2, 3, 4); Y. W. C. A. ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ). Emmett Yeager ----- Covert B. S., Industrial Arts Social Science Club (1,2,3); Science Club (1); Y. M. C. A. (3,4); Basketball (1,2, 3, 4). Lodema Young - Hill City B. S., Education Delta Sigma Epsilon; Leader, Business Manager (4); Press Club (2,3,4). Hannah Mae Zamrzla - Wilson B. S., Education Seniors . . . [Page 22] Grace Andree - Wallace Baker John Baldwin - Albert Plains Lyons V Elizabeth Bartholomew - Stockton Albina Basgall Hays Clarence Birrer - - Grainfield Helen Bradley - Mark Brown Gordon Christensen - Larned Hoxie Menlo Ann Christensen Helen Dannefer Vester Davidson Menlo Eskridge Hays Adrian Dawson Freda June Denmon Elizabeth Dragoo - Hoisington Prairie View - Luray Linus Dreiling - - - Walker Elizabeth Eppstein - - Great Bend Margaret Trinkle - Fort Scott . . . juniors [Page 23] Keith Forney Alice Funk - Neola Gick La Crosse Ness City - Hays 0 0 0 0 A 0i 0 Erma Garton Charles Heaton Ernest Hoke 1 k k Robert Hoover Robert Jennison Reva Jewell m 0 1 Clara Kleweno Richard Liss Grace Luder Norton St. John Hays Macksville Healy Kanopolis Bison Lincoln - Waldo Mrs. Ethyle McGimsey - - Hays Mrs. Cecil McKee - - Hays William Malcolm - - Almena George Mahoney - - Bunkerhill Irma Miller - - St. John Ray Morton - - Bunkerhill juniors . . . [Page 24] Leslie Nash Mary Nielson Norman Noble Glen Elder - Russell - Hays I) Grace Olson Eleanor Peak Scotty Philip Alexander - Hoisington Hays Bertha Russell George Scott Madge Slavens La Crosse Stockton Codell Robert Solomon - Hays Mandy Lou Spaniol - - - Hays Irene Standley - - - Lucas Marjorie Stephens Mary Tonkin Edwin Weigel - - Hoisington Great Bend - Hays [Page 25] JUNIORS Carl Boxburger Alex Francis Gertrude Hemm Russell Lamar, Colo. - Hays 0 Fayne Hubbell Mrs. Helen Jackson Kirk Raynesford - 0 0 0 0 J Winifred Roe - Raymond Renoe Jack Saunders - Bernard Reidel Audra Royce - James Wickizer Helen Wheat - Dean Wiruth Martha Wright Crystal Young juniors . . . - Jetmore Russell Ellis Russell - Norton - Hays Wakeeney Langdon Hays La Crosse Almena Kinsley Russell [Page 26] John Allen John Aderholdt Dolores Allphin Ida Ashworth Valetta Avery Geneva Barnard • Susank Medicine Lodge Maxine Beckhelm - Kankakee, 111. Helen Frances Bice - - Hays Clyde Billings - - - Wakeeney Floyd Billings - - - Hays J. T. Brock - - - - Hays Winston Brown - - - Larned Ruby Brown - - - Great Bend Maxine Brumfield - - Jetmore Nadyne Calvert - - Hays Dean Caswell Ed Caswell Elva Currence Faye Disney Doris Disney Casper Easterly Phillipsburg Oakley - Nekoma Portis Ellis Portis [Page 27] sophomores Wilma Flora Dolly Mae Fry Marjorie Frasier Qu inter Montezuma Mankato 0 0 0 0 t 0 0 0 0 Henrietta Giebler George Gruver Alveda Hanson Emma Louise Havemann Wayne Herzog Hazel Holtslander 0 0 0 Clarence Kahler - Eloise Kelsey Mrs. Grace Kingsley John Kirkman - H. J. Kolb - Esther Lauderbaugh - - Hays - Hays - Ogallah - Hays Herndon Osborne Holy rood Larned Ellis - Hays - Albert Kanopolis Lucille Leavell - - - Allen Ruth Livingston - - Menlo Ester Loflin - - Ogallah William Markwell - - - Hays Marjorie Monaghan - Haviland George Nelson - - Scandia SOPHOMORES . . . [Page 28] Clara Nicholas Earl Olson Lewis Pankaskie Walter Park Charles Parker Wimberly Piatt - Hays - Collyer Dresden - Russell Lucas Hays Rena Reed Ellis Reinhardt Elizabeth Robinson - Hays - Bison - Hutchinson Corbin Robison Melba Schneider Donald Schoenfeldt Bison Bison Hays Madge Sehnert Herman Schwartzkopf Helen Smart Bison Alexander Stafford Floyd Sower Elmer Spomer - Claude Summers Hays Alexander Garfield Frances Sutcliffe Marie Trotter Agnes Twenter Grain field Kinsley - Hays . . . Sophomores [Page 29] 0 0 Elaine Bitter - Delwin Coddington Lawrence Kressler La Crosse Palco Hoxie Dewain Delp Phyllis Hanley Golden Hicks - Lenora Norton - Dresden 0 Albertine Morrisette Clifton Mildred Marshall William Voss ■ Don Overholt Stockton A 1 men a Ell in wood 0 I Kermit Sanders Merrill Wheatcroft Mary Louise Walker Utica - Dighton - Hays Eva Weller Lucille Wilson William Wheeler Paradise La Crosse - Wichita Maurice Wilson Mrs. Eva Woodruff Mrs. Nellie Zeman Hays Englewood Collver Sophomores . . . [Page 30 ] Hugh Agnew Doris Allen Edward Arnsberger Ruth Atwood Glen Balmer De Etta Barrett Irene Bean Charlotte Beeby Mary Beesley Bernice Benfield Edward Beougher Dorothy Bissing Genevieve Boese Juanita Bradshaw - Cleo Brinkmeyer Vivian Brady Betty Brown Eileen Brown Dean Brown Francis Brown Vera Brown Tom Brown Beth Brunnemer Olive Burger Horace Butler Clarence Condra Alvin Clark Casey Cochran Lewis Waldo Hays Gove Paradise Grinnell Hays Hanston Sharon Sprgs. - Hill City Penalosa Hoxie Paradise Paradise - Larned Alamota Minneapolis Osborne Menlo - Hays Protection - Great Bend - 3 Hays . . . Freshmen [Page 3 1 J A Roy Cochrane - Floyd Conry Frances Crawford Mary Crawford Sharon Sprgs. St. Francis Lincoln - Lincoln Charles Crocker Jack Cronk - Willard Cross - Hope Culbertson Tribune - Covert - Ellis Long Island Margie Curtis - Maxine Curtis LaRue Delp Margaret De Shazo St. John St. John Lenora Beloit 0 0 0 ( Beryl Doane Isabel Dodrill Wilbur Duncan Adrian Eichman Osborne - Menlo Wakeeney Palco Irene Endsley - Ila Fern Fellers Orena Fernald Frances Ficken - Dodge City Hays - Hays Bison Kathryn Fisher Eleanor Fleagle Frank Flipse Winifred Fogo Wilson Friend Oakley Burr Oak Anna Lee Foley Robert Ford Maynard Fox • Ruth Frusher Norton - Waldo Larned - Jetmore FRESHMEN . . . [Page 32] Faye Goller Hanston Anna Lou Galloway - Wakeeney George N. Galloway - Wakeeney Ruth Garlow - - Hays Floyd Geiseu - Sharon Sprgs. Pearl Gerboth - Bison Grace Giddings Arnold Harlie Haag Larned Marcus Hahn Willard Hall - Kathryn Harrell - Arlene Harrison Hays Minneola Paradise Norton Orval Hartsell Florence Hatcher Thelma Headrick - Dorothy Henderson - - Preston Bloome - Byers - Hays IvAMAE HeNNERJCK - Otto Hennerick Christobelle Henning Eugene Holm - - Hays - Hays Belpre ' Hays Muriel Houseman Rex Huff Ralph Huffman Max Hughes - Jetmore Preston Asherville Delphos Mrs. Margie Hunter Clarence Isabell Loletha Jeffries Marguerite Jennison - Hays Bennington Coldwater Healy . . . FRESHMEN [Page 33] Kanona Tribune Speed Ashland 0 Dorothy Johnson Vergil Johnson Vada Johnston Everett Jones 0 0 Clara Kamla - - Winona Clifford Kimball - Medicine Lodge Kenneth Kimberlin - Kansas City Jean Kendig - - Osborne 0 0 Lucille King Mildred King Louise Kirk Alma Kleint Oakley Utica Oronoque Herndon Clarice Koontz James Kuntz Joyce Lambert - Marjorie Langham Hanston Plains Elk City Hoisington I Alice La very Estel Leonard Bennie Major - Leonard Matoush Cawker City Cullison Tribune Holyrood Jerome Mayer - Boyd McCandless - Allen McChristian Ralph McElroy Olmitz - St. John Bison - Randall Lois Meyer John Michael Virginia Mickey Edward Miller - Hays Trousdale Hoxie - Hays FRESHMEN . . . [Page 34] Chester Mitchell Louis Moberly William Mog - Cleo Morrissette - - Montezuma St. Francis Wilson - Clifton Philomena Mullen Edna Nickel Eugene Niewald Clarice Noble Densmore - Levant Bison - Oakley t Robert Oates - Dean O’Brien Helen O’Loughlin Gerald Opdycke Minneapolis Sharon Sprgs. - Hays - Russell Marvin Overholt Thelma Palmer Glenn Pope Sylvia Powell Ellin wood - Larned Selden - Beverly Gladys Ann Pratt Don Pratt - Viola Purma Hazel Rabourn - Hays - Hays Wilson Montezuma Alan Rankin Mary Ann Rarick - Paul Razak Frances Rector -Hays Satanta Collyer Hays Denzel Reist - - Oberlin Ruth Reinhardt - - Bison Ellen Louise Replogle - Hays Olive Richmond - - Codell [Page 35] FRESHMEN 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Ruth Riffel - Glen Riley June Rader - Glen Roberts - Timken Minneola Ellinwood St. Francis Mable Robertson - Francis Roe Blanche Rose Lavina Row Stockton Waldo - Lincoln Larned Elvena Rudman Irene Salmans - Marie Salmon Stella Schlegel Palco Arnold Dodge City -Hays Arnold Schoenthaler - Ellis Marvella Schridde - Great Bend Mildred Schwartzkopf - Bison Carrie Seuser - - Bison Eileen Shaw Leslie Singleton Oscar Smith Vera Springfeldt Macksville - Hays Hays Lorraine Alfred Staab Richard Staab - Jerome Stegman Glenn Stover - Hays - Hays - Hanston Friend Gayle Stover Marian Straham Clarence Teasley - Bernardine Thielen - Ransom Waldo Beloit Russell FRESHMEN [Page 36] Oliva Tholen Vergil Tholen - Glenn Timmons Frederich Toland Edna Trotter Treva Twaddell Goldie Van Diest - Maurice Vaughn - Kinsley Beloit Prairie View La Crosse Marjorie Voehl Gilbert Wagner Marjorie Wallerstedt Margaret Watson - Lenora La Crosse Hays Ness City Margaret Williams Lois Wilson Juanita Wilson Ruby Lee Whitton Ness City - Hays - Wilson Hill City Donna Wilkerson - Homer Wilson - Bruce Winchester - Elaine Wise - Russell Hopewell - Stafford Dighton Helen Witt - - - Bison Opal Woods - - Montezuma Elnora Wright - - Quinter Margaret Wright - Concordia Irvin Young Joe Zamrzla Ivan Zeller - Louis Moberly - Kingman Wilson Manning St. Francis . . . FRESHMEN [Page 37] 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Arthur Austin - Wilson Anita Bogenhagen - - Cheyenne Wells, Colo. Earl Brown - Oberlin Lela Fenton Glade Anita Hayes Ellis Zelma Jones Barnard Irene Honan Edina, Mo. Edith King - Jet more Cecil Leis Lawrence Herbert Johnston Oakley 0 0 0 Nella Mae Marshall - Stockton Marion McDonald - Larned Melvin Ochs - - Bison Harold Shepherd - Osborne Freshmen . . . [Page 38 ] ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ com % 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Fort Hays State 9 Fort Hays State 15 Fort Hays State 0 Fort Hays State 19 Fort Hays State 19 Fort Hays State 33 Fort Hays State 9 Fort Hays State 0 Fort Hays State 41 Fort Hays State 0 145 ♦ Jack Riley Jim Yeager Head Coach - Line Coach The 1933 Tiger football season was one of the most successful in the history of the school, the team finish- ing second in the Central Conference after losing only to Wichita Municipal University, and playing scoreless ties with both Washburn and Pittsburg Teachers. The season record shows a total of seven games won, two tied, and two lost, with 145 points to the Tigers’ credit as compared with 61 for their opponents. Only Captain Bearley was lost from the first string eleven through graduation. . . . FOOTBALL [Page 40] Wichita Municipal 13 K. S. T. C., Emporia 6 K. S. T. C., Pittsburg 0 Southwestern 15 Bethany 0 Panhandle A . M 0 College of Emporia. 6 Washburn College 0 Kearney Teachers 0 Kansas Wesleyan 21 Unusual honors were given to outstanding Tigers this season on honorary teams. Floyd “Cocky” Sexton was given honorable mention on Gould’s All-American selection, was chosen on the all-state team, and on every Central Conference group that was picked. Zeigler, tackle, and Dreiling, guard, were also named on all- conference teams. Rogers, Bender, Palmer, Bearley, and McKee were placed on second or honorable mention teams. “Cocky” Sexton and Rennie Zeigler, juniors, were selected to captain the Tigers during the 1934 season. football . . . Busch Gross - Backfield Coach “Cocky” Sexton - Captain All- Central Conference Honorary Team % K [Page 41] Captain Bill Bearley - Fullback Rennie Zeigler - Tackle Eugene Niewald - Back Lawrence Meyers - Tackle Alex Francis ----- End Harry Reeves - - - - End Sylvester Palmer - Back Dennis McKee - Guard Bill Reissig Back Virgil Brown - Back George Gruver - End Football [Page 42] Herman Rothe Bert Lane Vernon Moreman Dean Skaer Willis Neal - Art Rogers Guard - Back Tackle - End Back Center Ralph Huffman Ed Bender Woody Reinhold Frank Dreiling Gordon Pekarek Ray Morton Guard Tackle End Guard Back - Back [Page 43] . . football . . . BASKETBALL 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 i 0 0 0 ( Coach “Busch” Gross Ellis Reinhardt Guard Richard Staab Center Norman Lietzke Guard Herman Schwartzkopf Forward Letters were awarded to eight members of the 1934 Tiger basketball squad. The list was as follows: Dean Skaer, captain-elect, Herman Schwartzkopf, Howard Lamoreux, Richard Staab, Norman Lietzke, Wade Moriarity, Floyd Sexton, and James Wickizer. Honor sweaters were awarded to the three senior lettermen, Lietzke, Lamoreux and Moriarity, and first year sweaters to Staab and Wickizer. Coach “Busch” Gross has done much toward building a winning Tiger crew, although handicapped throughout the season by loss of members of his team through illness and accident. Wade Moriarity, guard, and Richard Stabb, center, were named on the second alLCentral Conference basketball team chosen by a vote of the five conference coaches. Howard Lamoreux and Norman Lietzke were given honor- able mention. Chester Mitchell Center [Page 44] BASKETBALL . . . Fort Hays 40 Fort Hays 52 Fort Hays 68 Fort Hays 39 Fort Hays 40 Fort Hays 16 Fort Hays 39 Fort Hays 19 Fort Hays 42 Fort Hays 26 Fort Hays 23 Fort Hays 26 Fort Hays 31 Fort Hays 18 Fort Hays 24 Fort Hays 40 Friends University 19 York College 41 Kearney Teachers’ 32 Kansas Wesleyan 25 Bethany 20 Pittsburg Teachers’ 24 Kansas Wesleyan 19 Haskell 16 Emporia Teachers’ 49 Southwestern 14 Bethel 17 Emporia Teachers’ 27 Washburn 32 Pittsburg Teachers’ 29 Southwestern 38 Washburn 19 Ray Morton Forward Floyd Sexton Forward James Wickizer Guard Captain Howard Lamoreux Bill Reissig Guard Dean Skaer Guard Wade Moriarity Guard k % K ' ) fPagc 45] Piatt, Rothe, Coach Yeager, Brown, Lamoreux TRACK Lack of interest in track events in past years has made it difficult for Coach Jim Yeager to build a winning team, but each year his squad has been improving and all indications are that sometime in the near future track will be one of Fort Hays State’s outstanding sports. Virgil Brown, low hurdles and dashes, is captain of the 1934 track squad. Lettermen from last year’s squad around whom Coach Yeager built his team are: Brown, Lamoreux, Schwartzkopf, Kahler, Dunlap, Hoover, Rothe, and Francis. Other candidates for positions on the team were: Curry, Mitchell, Uppendahl, Reissig, Reist, Holm, Reinhardt, and Robinson. [Page 46] INTRAMURALS The purpose of intramurals is to give all the men in the College a chance to, figuratively speaking, “show their stuff,” in the field of sports included in the intramural program. Intramurals are in charge of Jim Yeager, of the physical education department, and the program has developed much in the three years he has been in charge. Soccer, basketball, horseshoe pitching, handball, and wrestling are included in the intramural program. The Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity, shown above, are intrafraternal basketball champ- ions, having won the cup in a three game play off series from Phi Sigma Epsilon. The intramural basketball championship, however, went to Woody Reinhold’s intramural team, which was undeafeted throughout the season. Reinhold’s group is shown in the lower panel. Ralph Eikelberger, singles horseshoe pitching champion, and Karl Hartzog and Omer Voss, doubles champions, are also pictured. The Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity was victorious in the intramural wrestling contests. I Page 47] 0 0 T op Roue Second Row: Third Row: Front Row: Moreman, Reinhold, Duncan, Myers, Larson, McLane, Lietzke, Lamoreux, Francis, Neve, Schwartzkopf. Neal, Lane, Dunlap, Hoover, Bender, Palmer, Kahler, Reissig, Wickizer, Moriarity, Shull. Rothe, Sexton, Rogers, Dreiling, McKee, Brown, Morton, Zeigler, L. Brown, Piatt. Riley, Yeager, Parker, Gross. THE K CLUB OFFICERS President - V ice ' President Secretary -T reasurcr Bert Lane Rennie Zeigler - Willis Neal The K-Club is made up of men students on the campus who have earned a letter in varsity athletic competition. Their purpose is to assist in the sponsoring of good, clean and healthful athletic activities. The K-Club sponsors the annual high school basketball tourna- ment which is held at the college each spring. [Page - 8] THE PEP CLUB The Pep Club is made up of representatives selected by the various Greek organizations and has as its aim the promotion of spirit and enthusiasm at all college contests. With Helen Frances Bice as president, the Pep Club has been unusually active in providing entertain- ment between halves at the basketball games. Dr. W. D. Moreland has sponsored the organization this year. MEMBERS Helen Bice Eleanor Peak Wilda Claire McReynolds Freda Denman Dean Wiruth Marjorie Frasier Martha Wylie June Rader Martha Wright Gene Holm Kathryn Fisher Claryce Noble Harley Haag Bertha Russell Clara Nicholas Virgil Tholen Juanita Bradshaw Elaine Bitter Walter Park Goldie Van Diest Maurine Hunsley Lavina Row Jean Kendig Eileen Shaw Madge Slavens Olive Richmond Elizabeth Hibbs Maurine Faulkner Hope Culbertson Margaret Watson Marie Salmon Virginia Lytle William Malcolm Emma Louise Havemann Helen Smart Alan Rankin Dean Caswell Marie Trotter Ruth Livingston Frederick Toland Eloise Kelsey Arlene Harrison Helen Bradley Madge Sehnert Agnes Twenter Margaret Wright [Page 49] Intramural Heads Major Club WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women’s Athletic Association is an organization of women students who are interested in various activites sponsored by the club, such as hiking, roller-skating, horse- back riding, basketball, speedball, etc. The points won in these sports contribute toward “K” letters or honor sweaters. The local organization this year was host to the convention of the Kansas State Women’s Athletic Association. The local president, Loretto Nicholas, was also the state president. The club again sponsored its annual high school Play Day, April 7, for girls of the high schools of Western Kansas. The Physical Education Major Club is composed of majors and minors in the depart- ment. Its purpose is to further the interest of the girls in the department activities. As usual, the club this year sponsored various numbers in assembly programs. The Intramural Board, sponsored by the W. A. A., had complete charge of the revised program of intramurals. It is composed of two representatives from each sorority and inde- pendent team under a chairman appointed by the W. A. A. The program this year included major sports, such as volleyball, basketball, swimming, and minor sports, such as horseshoe, tenikoits, tumbling, social dancing. Cups and trophies were awarded. [Page 50] DUCK CLUB The Duck Club is an organization of girls with special swimming ability. From time to time, tests are taken to assure the qualification for membership. By passing the first test, a girl becomes a duckling, but is not a full-fledged duck until she has passed a second and more difficult test. The club this year participated in a telegraphic meet sponsored by the College of Emporia. It had charge of the swimming and water games of the high school Play Day sponsored by the W. A. A. and gave a party for representatives at the State Women’s Athletic Association meeting in Hays. The Life-Saving Tests this year were not given until April. Mr. A. T. McCue, from national headquarters, again had charge of the tests. Senior life-savers who passed the tests in 1933 are: Rena Reed, Helen Wheat, Maurine Hunsley, Ida Marie Wickizer, Virginia Maxwell, and Mary Elizabeth Reed. Virginia McFarland has her examiners badge. ORCHESIS Orchesis is an honorary dancing club, composed of girls who have qualified for membership in the interpretive dancing classes. The organization was especially busy this year, presenting short dances such as the “Skaters’ Waltz,’’ and again interpreting “Dance of the Hours” from “La Giaconda,” for the State Women’s Athletic Association convention and at the second presentation of the opera “Lucia di Lammermoor.” Later in the year the club again cooperated with the music department in presenting the dance in “Fair Scene” in “Martha.” [Page 51] HAYS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA The Hays Symphony Orchestra conducted by Henry Edward Malloy has given concerts at Norton, Oberlin, and Dodge City, besides the concert they gave as a feature of the Music Festival program. a First Violins Clara Malloy Father Alfred Carney Crystal Young Hollis Barnhouse Bonnie Zimmerman Besselee Lowery Zelma Jane Felten Mildred Wiest Ruth Butler Second Violins Lucille Felten Adran Scheer Helen Smart Margaret Wright Opal Huxman Ann Reed Violas Hazel Sieling Mary Elizabeth Enfield Cellos Robert Gantner Alan Rankin Mary Louise Walker Geraldine Buckley Margaret Herrman Basses Eleanor Winters Letha Abell Flutes Ernestine Fields Marcus Hahn Oboes Nadyne Calvert Susan Calvert Clarinets Horace Butler Ernest Hoke Bassoon Stella Schlegel Bass Clarinet Emma Lee Raymond French Horns Karl Ruppenthal Elmer Schlegel Donald Kraus Trumpets Wayne Ruppenthal Winifred Adams T rombones Raymond Renoe Marvin Overholt Robert Ford Bass Marlyn Kingsley Percussion Donald Schoenfeldt Bernadine Thielen [Page 5 2] THE FORT HAYS CONCERT BAND The Fort Hays Concert Band is directed by Prof. Henry Edward Malloy, head of the music department. The band has been very active in the extension program of the College, having given concerts at several Western Kansas towns. It has also furnished music at all football and basketball games during the year. Raymond Renoe is student director of the band, Marlyn Kingsley is manager, and Paul King is drum major. The personnel of the band is as follows: Marcus Hahn, 1st flute Marjorie Wallerstedt, 2nd flute Nadyne Calvert, 1st oboe Susan Calvert, 2nd oboe Horace Butler, solo clarinet Ernest Hoke, solo clarinet Gordon Sekavec, solo clarinet Kirk Raynesford, solo clarinet Maurice Van Gundy, 1st clarinet Dolores Allphin, 1st clarinet Bernard Riedel, 2nd clarinet Clifford Kimball, 2nd clarinet Ruth Frusher, 3rd clarinet Alfred Staab, 3rd clarinet Grace Kingsley, alto saxophone Winifred Fogo, alto saxophone Jerome Mayer, tenor saxophone John Dunn, solo cornet Winifred Adams, solo cornet Henry Stull, 1st cornet Juanita Wilson, 1st cornet Winifred Ellis, 2nd cornet Ellen Replogle, 3rd cornet Ed Caswell, 1st alto Robert Bartholic, 2nd alto Wilbur Meckenstock, 3rd alto Erma Garton, 4th horn Marlyn Kingsley, baritone Raymond Renoe, 1st trombone Robert Ford, 1st trombone Don Overholt, 2nd trombone Leslie Nash, 3rd trombone Nellie Mallory, E flat tuba Lowell Runyan, E flat tuba Bub Overholt, B flat tuba Don Schoenfeldt, tympani George Scott, snare drum Bernardine Thielen, bass drum Emma Lee Raymond, bass clarinet Stella Schlegel, bassoon Wayne Ruppenthal, solo cornet Merril Wheatcroft, solo cornet Paul King, cymbals [Page 53] 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB H. E. MALLOY, Director Helen Frances Bice Anna Lee Foley Phyllis Hanley Florence Hatcher Helen Jackson Mildred King Wilda Claire McReynolds Claryce Noble Grace Olson Margaret Oshant June Rader Eileen Shaw Hazel Sieling Madge Slavens Helen Smart Avanelle Spangler Goldie Van Diest Mary Louise Walker Margaret Watson Ida Marie Wickizer Eleanor Winters Dean Wiruth Martha Wright Crystal Young Letha Abell Dolores Allphin Irene Endsley Grace Giddings Alveda Hanson Helen Henthorn Elizabeth Hibbs Flossie Manges Lois Meyer Olive Richmond Stella Schlegel Mildred Schwartzkope Elaine Bitter Anna Lou Galloway Helen Hille Bee Jacquart Berenice Keck Jean Kendig LaVera Krug Sylvia Powell Elvena Rudman Adele Satterlee Marie Trotter Donna Wilkerson Tressa Yeager Grace Giddings Winifred Fogo Nadyne Calvert, Accompanist MEN ' S GLEE CLUB HOBART DAVIS, Director Keith Ackerman Ed Arnsberger Glenn Balmer Clyde Billings John Brack Francis Brown Tom Brown Dean Caswell Ed Crum Adrian Eichman Keith Forney George Galloway Marcus Hahn Virgil Johnson Paul King John Kirkman Wilbur Leffingwell Cecil Leis William Malcolm Ralph McElroy Marion McDonald Harry Mason Wilbur Meckenstock Chester Meyer Leslie Nash Richard Nelson Dean O’Brien Lewis Pankaskie Alan Rankin Kirk Raynesford Raymond Renoe Corbin Robinson Francis Roe Donald Schoenfeldt Clark Shacklett Elmer Spomer Claude Summers Virgil Tholen Fred Toland William Zinszer Max Hughes, Accompanist [Page 54] The Women’s Quartet is composed of Martha Wright, Wilda Claire McReynolds, Anna Lee Foley, and Avanelle Spangler. The group has made many trips to Western Kansas towns as a part of the extension program of the College. They are also featured on the Women’s Glee Club programs. Helen Smart is accompanist. The Men’s Quartet is made up of Keith Forney, Kirk Raynesford, William Malcolm, and Prof. Hobart Davis. It is an important feature on the Men’s Glee Club programs, besides being a popular factor in campus entertainments. Members of the quartet have sung together during the past three years. The String Trio is composed of Miss Lucille Felten, piano; Mrs. Clara Malloy, violin; and Alan Rankin, cello. The Trio presented a recital early in the spring, and also appeared before the Hays meeting of the Kansas State Teachers’ Association. Keith Forney and Ida Marie Wickizer are prominent student soloists, who have taken leading parts in many campus musical presentations. Both sang leading roles in the opera “Lucia di Lammermoor” which was presented in the spring of 1933 and again during the fall semester of this year. [Page 55] 0 ( STATE COLLEGE LEADER The State College Leader is the official weekly student publication, edited by a staff of journalism students and printed in the College printshop. The Leader has been published for twenty-seven years and has followed the growth of the school from the old Western Kansas Normal to Fort Hays Kansas State College. The Leader began as the Western Kansas Leader, was changed to the K. S. T. C. Leader, and later, in 1931, to the State College Leader. Members of the Staff are: Editor Business Manager Assistant Editors ■ Printer Sports Editor General News Eleanor Winters - Lodema Young ! Helen Dannefer Virgil Basgall Walter Wallerstedt Pat Noble Scotty Philip Reporters: Marietta Jacobs, Marjorie Wallerstedt, Vivian Brady, Wayne Herzog, Paul King, Boyd McCandless, Walter Park, Kathryn Parsons, June Rader, Jack Saunders, Maurice Swanson, Bee Jacquart, Hope Culbertson, Herman Rothe, Mildred Lewis, Albina Basgall, Gertrude Hemm, Elizabeth Eppstein, Virginia Lytle, Darrell Pratt, Mary Elizabeth Enfield. [Page 5 6] THE REVEILLE The Reveille is serving its thirtieth year as the yearbook of Fort Hays Kansas State College, having been published consecutively, with the exception of one year during the World War, since 1903. The book is published by the junior class with a staff made up of sophomores who acquaint themselves with the type of work they will have to do during their junior year. Members of the Staff are as follows: Editor Business Manager Assistant Editor - Assistant Business Manager - Classes Editor Photo Editor - Sports Editor Organizations Advisor Faculty Advisor Helen Dannefer Vester Davisdon Eloise Kelsey Walter Park Mary Louise Walker George Galloway W lMBERLEY PlATT Nadine Calvert Walter Wallerstedt Dr. R. R. Macgregor [Page 5 7] Ida Marie Wickizer Orvis Grout STUDENT ASSEMBLY Unusually fine assembly programs have characterized the weekly meetings of the stu- dent body during the year. The programs, during the first semester, were in charge of Ernest Baker, student chairman, and during the second semester, they have been directed by Ida Marie Wickizer, spring semester chairman. Orvis Grout, prominent student in dramatics, has directed several plays for the entertainment of students during assembly hour one of which was “The Passing of the Rosary ’ written by Grout. The outstanding program of the first semester was the annual Christmas pageant, “The Other Half,” which was directed by Prof. James Start, instructor in speech and dramatics, assisted by Baker. Student Assembly officers are: First Semester Chairman Vice-Chairmen - Secretary-T reasurer - Ernest Baker j Helen Frances Bice Martha Wylie Bertha Russell Second Semester Chairman Vice-Chairmen Secretary-T reasurer Ida Marie Wickizer { Eleanor Winters Keith Forney Martha Wright 0 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is a representative group elected from the student body for the purpose of making rules and regulations to govern the activities of students and student organizations. Three members are elected from each class, and three from the student body at large. Dean F. B. Lee is faculty advisor. Winston Brown, Lamed Casey Cochrane, Hays Vester Davidson, Hays Adrian Dawson, Hoisington Keith Forney, La Crosse Howard Lamoreux, Oakley Norman Lietzke, Augusta MEMBERS Kirk Raynesford, Ellis Marie Salmon, Dodge City Gayle Stover, Ransom Merrill Wheatcroft, Dighton James Wickizer, Hays Eleanor Winters, Hays Virgil Brown, Oakley [Page 60] DEBATE The squads chosen for the 1933-34 season of debate were as follows: Men’s squad— Ernest Baker, Edward Beougher, Vester Davidson, Adrian Dawson, Boyd Me Candless, and Walter Park; Women ' s squad — Elizabeth Eppstein, Bernice Keck, Lela Pitts, and June Rader. The College was represented at the Southwestern Tournament by the following teams: Vester Davidson and Ernest Baker; Walter Park and Boyd McCandless; an d Lela Pitts and June Rader. These teams engaged in a total of eighteen debates in this tourna- ment — twelve non-decision and six decision. Each team won one and lost one debate. The following contestants entered the tournament held at Emporia Teachers’, March 1, 2, 3. Mens Debate — Vester Davidson and Walter Park; Women’s debate — Lela Pitts and June Rader; Men’s oratory — Brainard Anderson; Women’s extemporaneous — Lela Pitts. The men’s team lost to Kansas Wesleyan, Emporia Teachers’ College of Emporia, and won from McPherson. The women’s team lost to College of Emporia and Pittsburg and won from Bethany and McPherson. On March 16, the following teams engaged in two non-decision debates each with Kansas Wesleyan: Walter Park and Boyd McCandless; and Lela Pitts and June Rader. Vester Davidson, Walter Park, Lela Pitts, and June Rader represented the College in debate at the National Convention of Pi Kappa Delta, held at Lexington, Kentucky, April 2-6, 1934. June Rader also entered the women’s extemporaneous speaking. Prof. James R. Start is debate coach at the College. [Page 59] y. w. c. a. The Young Women’s Christian Association has a threefold aim: 1. To unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. 2. To determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. 3. In this task to seek to understand Jesus and to follow Him. A new project which the Y. W. C. A. is sponsoring this year is the Happy Hearts Club, directed by Marietta Jacobs. The Club is an organization to provide wholesome leisure recreation for little girls in Hays. Members of the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet are: Elizabeth Bartholomew, Mary Louise Walker, Rachel Bartholomew, Erma Garton, Mildred Schlegel, Eleanor Winters, Virginia Maxwell, Helen Dillon, Lorea Porter, Marietta Jacobs. y. M. C. A. The Young Men’s Christian Association, a student movement of world-wide organi- zation, endeavors to live life at its finest. Any young man who will try to live up to the%est that life has to offer is welcome to membership. The Y. M. C. A., in cooperation with the Y. W. C. A., sponsors the Religious Week program on our campus each year. Homer Courtney is president of the Y. M. C. A. Members of the Y. M. C. A. Cabinet are: Homer Courtney, Earl Olson, Richard Liss, George Scott, Clarence Birrer, Maurice Wilson, Joseph Hood, Ernest Hoke, Leslie Nash. [Page 61] ENGLISH CLUB The English Club is an organization of students primarily interested in English and literatu re. Officers for the year were: President Vice-President Secretary -T reasurer Program Gommittee Faculty Advisor Marjorie Wallerstedt Lela Pitts Marjorie Harkness (Grace Olson - Bertha Russell ( Mildred Marshall Dr. R. R. Macgregor ART CLUB The Art Club is an organization for students majoring in art, and open to others especially interested in art. The programs are built around serious studies in art appreciation. The Art Club sponsors art exhibits and encourages the appreciation of art. Marie DeBey was president during the fall semester and Ida Ashworth during the spring semester. Miss Mabel Vandiver, head of the art department is faculty advisor. [Page 62] 1 A A A A A A A A A ) PANHELLENIC The Panhellenic organization of Fort Hays K. S. C. was organized December 12, 1925 for the purpose of promoting better cooperation and friendliness among the sororities. It has done much to raise the standard of scholarship among the soror- ity girls. President - Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer OFFICERS Ellen Stradal Eleanor Winters Ann Christensen Marietta Jacobs MEMBERS Eleanor Winters Freda Denman Ellen Stradal Bertha Russell Audra Royse Elizabeth Hibbs Marietta Jacobs Helen Bradley Ann Christensen Hazel Sibling ♦ INTER-FRATERNAL COUNCIL The Inter-Fraternal Council of Fort Hays K. S. C. was organized in 1932 for the promotion of cooperation and friend- liness among the fraternities. It supervises rush week activities and makes all nec- essary rules and regulations. OFFICERS President - - - - Harry Struss Vice-President - - - Charles Northrop Secretary -Treasurer - Merrill Wheatcroft MEMBERS Carl Boxberger Dean Skaer Keith Forney Scotty Phillip Charles Northrop Harry Struss William Larson Bert Bingaman Merrill Wheatcroft [Page 64] THETA SIGMA UPSILON Founded at Emporia Teachers College, 1920 Mu Chapter Installed in 1929 OFFICERS President - - Marietta Jacobs Vice-President - - Helen Bradley Secretary - - - Eleanor Peak Treasurer - Loretto Nicholas I MEMBERS Albina Basgall - -- Hays Helen Bradley - Larned Helen Fritts - Paradise Josephine Grundmeier Gorham Marietta Jacobs - - Hays Rosella McCarroll - - - Hays Loretto Nicholas - - Hays Eileen Northup - Qu inter Eleanore Peak - Hoisington Mandy Lou Spaniol - - - Hays PLEDGES Dorothy Bissing Hays Juanita Bradshaw Sharon Sprgs. Beryl Doane Osborne Alveda Hanson Ogallah Gretchen Hall - Great Barrington, Mass. Jean Kendig Osborne Grace Kingsley Ellis Ester Loflin Ogallah Clara Nicholas Hays Lavina Row Larned Marjorie Stevens - Hoisington IN FACULTATE Rosella McCarroll [Pa 8 65] 0 0 0 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA 0 Founded at Virginia State Teachers College, 1901 Tau Tau at Hays, March 17, 1928 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 i OFFICERS Eleanor Winters Freda Denman Elizabeth Eppstein Dorothy Morrison President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS PLEDGES Great Bend Prairie View - Hays Arnold Hays - Hays Mullinville Great Bend Hays Almena Carbondale Long Island - Beloit Wilson Burr Oak Norton Satanta Parsons Densmore Beverly Ellinwood Preston - Hays Elizabeth Eppstein Freda Denman - Dorothy Morrison Luella Mollenkamp - Margaret Oshant Miss Mary Mae Paul - Lela Pitts - Marvella Schridde Eleanor Winters - Dean Wiruth - Geraldine Brown - Hope Culbertson Margaret DeShazo Kathryn Fisher Winifred Fogo Arlene Harrison Bee Jacquart Virginia Lytle - Philomena Mullen Sylvia Powell - June Rader - Beulah Stalcup Marjorie Wallerstedt IN FACULTATE Miss Mary Mae Paul [Page 66] KAPPA PHI Founded at University of Kansas, 1906 Psi Chapter Installed 1933 President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS - Helen Wheat - Elizabeth Bartholomew Ruby Brown Reva Jewell MEMBERS — Actives Grace Andree Albert Elizabeth Bartholomew -Stockton Mary Beesley Gove Ruby Brown - Great Bend Elva Currence - Nekoma Helen Dillon - Garden City Isabel Dodrill - Menlo Elizabeth Dragoo Luray Mary Elizabeth Enfield - Hays Eleanor Fleagle Friend Dolly Mae Fry Montezuma Erma Garton - ' Norton Lillian Gentry Beloit Loletha Jeffries - Coldwater Marguerite Jennison - Healy Reva Jewell Kanopolis Alice Lavery Cawker City Esther Louderbaugh - Kanopolis Flossie Manges - Sterling Virginia Maxwell Gove Lois Meyer - Hays Luella Mollenkamp - Arnold Esther Neff ' Collyer Blanche Rose - Lincoln Mildred Schlegel - Otis Avanelle Spangler Florence, Colo. Adeline Sweeney - Coldwater Mary Louise Walker - - Hays Helen Wheat La Crosse Elaine Wise - - - Dighton Tressa Yeager - Covert Nellie Zeman - Collyer PLEDGES Faye Ahrens Greensburg Doris Allen Winona Anita Bogenhagen Cheyenne Wells, Colo. Betty Brown Hoxie Eileen Brown Macksville Edna Faye Brown Weskan Olive Burger Menlo Grace Giddings - Arnold Christabelle Henning Belpre Hazel Holtslander Osborne Muriel Housman - Jetmore Mildred King - Utica Louise Kirk Oronoque LaVera Krljg - - Hoisington Ruth McCroskey - Menlo Vivian Munger - Hoisington Hazel Rabourn Montezuma Mary Ann Rarick Satanta Ruth Whitam - Modoc Margaret Wright - Concordia Opal Woods Montezuma ) [Page 67] 0 PI KAPPA SIGMA 0 0 Founded at Ypsilanta, Michigan, 1894 Alpha Mu Chapter Installed Oct. 25, 1930 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 OFFICERS President - Audra Royse Vice-President Madge Slavens Secretary Bernice Elliott Treasurer Elizabeth Hibbs MEMBERS Audra Royse Langdon Bernice Elliott Abilene Janice Lyons Ford Winifred Roe - Russell Madge Slavens - Codell 0 0 PLEDGES Olive Richmond Codell IN FACULTATE Miss Mary E. Williams ♦ [Page 68] DELTA SIGMA EPSILON Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio Rho Chapter Installed October 2, 1925 OFFICERS President - - - Ellen Stradal Vice-President - - Bertha Russell Local Secretary - Mildred Marshall Corresponding Secretary - Lodema Young Treasurer - - Norma Stradal ( MEMBERS Elaine Bitter La Crosse Maurine Faulkner - Great Bend Zita McKee - Hays Mildred Marshall Stockton Clarice Noble - Oakley Bertha Russell La Crosse Norma Stradal - Collyer Ellen Stradal - Collyer Martha Wylie Quinter Lodema Young Hill City Nellie Zeman - Collyer PLEDGES Ruth Atwood - La Crosse Maxine Beckhelm - Kankakee, 111. Helen Frances Bice - Hays Faye Disney Portis Ila Fern Fellers •• Hays Anna Lou Galloway Wakeeney Florence Hatcher Bloome Gladys Ann Pratt-Hayes Hays IvAMAE HENNERICH - Hays Lucille King - Oakley Marjorie Langham - Hoisington Inice Crum-Mosier Hoxie Sybil McCoy Wilson Edna Page - - Oakley Mildred Pierson Oakley Elizabeth Robinson Hutchinson Eileen Shaw - Macksville Marie Salmon Great Bend Mildred Schwartzkopf - Bison Edna Trotter - Kinsley Agnes Twenter - Hays Margaret Williams Ness City Luci lle Wilson La Crosse Margaret Wright Concordia IN FACULTATE Mrs. Thelma Hruza rp.lgc 69] 1b D 0 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Founded at Farmville, Va., 1898 Alpha Gamma Chapter Installed in 1925 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 (l OFFICERS President - - Ann Christensen Vice-President - Mary Elizabeth Enfield Recording Secretary - Ruth Livingston Corresponding Secretary - Hazel Sieling Treasurer - Emma Louise Havemann MEMBERS Ann Christensen - Menlo Mary E. Enfield - Hays Emma L. Havemann Hays Helen Jackson - Paradise Ruth Livingston - Menlo Hazel Sieling - - Hays Esther Williams Winona PLEDGES Irene Endsley - - Dodge City Marjorie Frasier - - Jewell Eloise Kelsey Larned Mary Ann Rarick Satanta Irene Salmans - Arnold Frances Sutcliffe - Grainfield Marie Trotter Kinsley Bernice Van Pelt - - Covert LaVera Krug - - Hoisington DeEtta Barrett - Lewis IN FACULTATE Pearl G. Cruise [Page 70] SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan on December 1 , 1 904 Alpha Pi Chapter Installed in 1931 OFFICERS President - Grace Olson V ice-Pres iden t - Eldred Shaw Secretary Fern Field Phillips Treasurer Lucille Felten MEMBERS Ernestine Fields Hays Anna Lee Foley - Norton Phyllis Hanley - - Norton Opal Huxmann - Arnold Wilda Claire McReynolps - Montezuma Grace Olson - - - Alexander Mrs. Phillips - - Hays Eldred Shaw - - Belleville Helen Smart - - Stafford Goldie Van Diest - Beloit Ida Marie Wickizer - Hays Martha Wright Kinsley PLEDGES Ruby Aldrich Garfield Hollis Barnhouse - Wheeler Christine Butler - - Stockton Nadyne Calvert - - Hays Bernadine Thielen - - Russell Margaret Watson - Ness City Juanita Wilson Wilson Crystal Young - Russell ) IN FACULTATE Lucille Felten Clara Malloy Maude Gorham [Page 71] 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 (0 0 I PHI SIGMA EPSILON Founded at Emporia, Kansas, Feb. 15, 1910 Zeta Chapter Installed at Hays, Nov. 7, 1 930 President V ice-President Secretary T reasurer OFFICERS Bert Lane - - Scotty Philip Willis Neal - Wade Moriarity MEMBERS Floyd Sexton - Abilene George Balls - - Hays Virgil Basgall Hays Gordon Farr - Natoma Alex Francis - Oberlin Orvis Grout - Hays Fred Huttie - Russell Bert Lane - Bazine Art Livingston Menlo George Mahoney - Bunkerhill George Messimer - Bunkerhill Wade Moriarity - Augusta Ray Morton Bunkerhill Willis Neal - Scott City Norman Noble - Hays Charles Northrop Jetmore Sylvester Palmer - - Natoma WlMBERLEY PlATT - - Hays Arthur Rogers - Jennings Herman Rothe - Otis Ward Shull - Horton PLEDGES Tom Brown Minneapolis Don Burnham St. Francis Alvin Clark - Great Bend Harold Hunt Ness City Clarence Isabel Minneapolis Everett Jones Ashland Florian Holm - ' - Hays Dennis McKee - Simpson Chester Mitchell - Montezuma Eugene Niewald - Bison Robert Oates - Minneapolis Melvin Ochs Bison Ellis Reinhardt Bison Henry Schenkel - Bazine George Vernard Ness City Edw.n Weigel Hays Rennie Zeigler - Codell Bljd McElroy - Horton [Page 72] v KAPPA BETA TAU Organized February, 1928 OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer - Harry Struss Virgil Brown Carl Boxberger Willard Larson MEMBERS John Allen Glen Elder John Aderholdt Kansas City Virgil Brown - Oakley Carl Boxberger Russell Edward Bender Luray Ed Caswell Oakley George Donecker - McCracken Carlton Fisher - Glen Elder Frank Flipse - Oakley Elliot Gibbons - Dodge City Charles Heaton - St. John Wayne Herzog - Herndon Orvall Hartzell - - Preston John Johnson - Alton Willard Larson - Sharon Sprgs. Richard Liss Lincoln Lawrence Myers - - Oakley William Mog - Wilson John Newson ' - Lewis Boyd Oman Lindsborg Bernard Riedel Wakeeney Harry Struss - - Wakeeney Jerome Stegman - Hanston Joe Zamrzla Wilson Walter Wallerstedt, Sponsor - Hays PLEDGES Brainard Anderson - Trousdale Keith Bunker Jewell Clyde Billings - Wakeeney John Hadley Alton Floyd Sower ' - Hays Leonard Matoush Holy rood Joe Peirano Wilson Willard Hall - Minneola [Page 71] 0 0 SIGMA TAU GAMMA Founded at Warrensburg, Mo., June 1920 Eta Chapter at Hays, January, 1926 OFFICERS President V ice ' President Secretary T reasurer Dean Skaer - Clarence Kahler Merrill Wheatcroft Bob Hoover MEMBERS Vester Davidson Hays Adrian Dawson - Hoisington Vernal Duncan Wakeeney Harlie Haag Larned Gene Holm Hays Donald Hoover - Macksville Robert Hoover Macksville Frederick Hemphill - Clay Center Clarence Kahler - Holyrood Kenneth Kimberlin - Kansas City James Kuntz Plains Norman Lietzke Augusta Walter Park - Russell Harry Reeves - - Woodston Clare Royce Langdon Kermit Sanders Utica Donald Schoenfeldt - - Hays Arnold Schoenthaler - - Ellis Dean Skaer - Augusta Oscar Smith - Hays Elmer Spomer Alexander Gayle Stover - Ransom Beverly Taylor Ness City Henry Uppendahl Dighton Maurice Waeldin Hoisington Merrill Wheatcroft - Dighton Kenneth Wheeler - Wichita Willard Cross - Ellis Dean Brown - Paradise PLEDGES Fred Toland St. John Boyd McCandless - St. John Dallas McNinch Ransom Chester Myer Woodston Glenn Pope Selden Glen Riley - Minneola Dean Stover Ransom Elvis Utz Plains Bill Zinszer - Hays Lewis Burden Cawker City Reggie Buxton Ransom Ed Crum Hoxie Wilbur Duncan - Wakeeney Walter Dunlap Woodston Rex Fowler Wakeeney [Page 74] PHI MU ALPHA Established at New Ensland Conservatory, 1898 Alpha Phi Chapter at Hays, May 10, 1927 OFFICERS Supreme Councilman - William Malcolm President - Keith Forney V ice-Pres iden t Howard Lamoreux Secretary Bert Christensen Treasurer - Kirk Raynesford Warden Bert Bingaman MEMBERS Edward Beougher Grinnell Bert Bingaman Oakley Dean Caswell Phillipsburg Gordon Christensen Menlo Earl Cox - - Leoti Roy Cudney - Leoti Keith Forney La Crosse Howard Lamoreux Oakley William Malcolm Almena Henry Edward Malloy - - Havs William Markwell Hays Earl Meuli Abilene Kirk Raynesford - Ellis Alan Rankin - - Hays Ben Rhoades Hays Claude Summers Garfield Lowell Trull Kansas City James Wickizer - - Hays PLEDGES Bert Bergland Francis Brown Horace Butler Kobert Ford George Galloway Marcus Hahn - Max Hughes Herbert Johnstone Richard Nelson Don Overholt Marvin Overholt Lewis Pankaskie Don Pfeifer Don Pratt Francis Roe Herman Schwartzkopf Clark Shacklette Howard Wray IN FACULTATE Paul Beckhelm (Advisor) Hobart S. Davis Henry E. Malloy Hays Larned - Hays Waldo Wakeeney - Hays - Delphos Oakley - Weskan Ellinwood Ellin wood Dresden - Victoria - Hays Waldo - Alexander - Tribune Norton [Page 75] KAPPA OMICRON PHI Kappa Omicron Phi is a professional Home Economics fraternity, to which only the highest twenty percent in the department are eligible. Miss Manetta Heidman is faculty advisor. Students who have qualified for membership are: Janice Lyons, president, Mary Elizabeth Reed, Helen Bradley, Bernice Johnson, Ruth Whitam, and Maurine Hunsley. PI KAPPA DELTA The Kansas Nu chapter of Pi Kappa Delta was established at Fort Hays State in 1924. It is an honorary forensic fra- ternity, made up of outstanding students in debate and public speaking. During the 1933-34 season the local chapter of Pi Kappa Delta sponsored two high school debate tournaments. Faculty members of the fraternity are: Prof. James Start, debate coach, Prof. L. D. Wooster, Prof. R. L. Parker, and Dr. George Kelly. Students who have qualified for member- ship are: Vester Davidson, president, Lela Pitts, Elizabeth Eppstein, June Rader, and Walter Park. pi gamma mu Pi Gamma Mu is an honorary social science fraternity, which was established on the campus in 1931. Katherine Lewis is president of the local chapter. Other students who have qualified for membership are: Rachel Bartholomew, Vernon Clover, Mrs. Nita Landrum, Mildred Schlegel, Mrs. Rebecca Wells Taylor, Avanelle Spangler, and Mrs. Valrie Macgregor. Faculty who are members of the organi- zation are: Dr. W. D. Moreland, Dr. W. H. Walker, Miss Elizabeth Agnew, Miss Mary Barrett, Mrs. Pearl Cruise, Miss Maude Gorham, Miss Eva Hedges, Mrs. Thelma Hruza, Dr. George Kelley, Dean F. B. Lee, Dr. R. R. Macgregor, Dr. E. R. McCartney, Miss Mary Williams, Dr. C. F. Wiest, Dr. F. B. Streeter, Dr. C. E. Rarick, Prof. J. E. Rouse. Two other honorary professional fraternities, Delta Ep- silon, honorary science, and Pi Omega Pi, honorary com- merce, have chapters established on the campus, but no students have qualified for membership during the 1933-34 term. [Page 76] RECOGNITION s S - D £ )tc 1 1 ' Kappa Phi POPULARITY f]fyel ia f ' htM eft Delta Sigma Epsilon POPULARITY XX? Land tj -XL Q panio Theta Sigma Upsilon REVEILLE QUEEN XXlalie Sadn non Delta Sigma Epsilon BEAUTY QUEEN It ' s a great life! STYLE ... . You Will Always Find the Newest Cre- ations in Wearing Apparel for Men, Women, and Children at This Store. If You Really Want the New Things You Will Not Regret a Visit To — W LA K- T0R£ ALEX E. BISSINQ South Main HAYS, KANSAS DR. O. J. LINENBERGER . . . Dentist . . . Office: First National Bank Bldg. Telephone 294 Hays, Kansas DR. C. J. WILSON . . . Dental Surgeon . . . Building and Loan Bldg. Office 401 Phones Res. 1090 [Page 82 ] ELITE CAFE REASONABLE PRICES FOR THE COLLEGE STUDENT We Appreciate Your Patronage MRS. JOHN SAHL1 Proprietor West 10th Hays, Kansas Friendly Service Cara Nome Toiletries are Featured as an Aid to Skin Loveliness ¥ Save With Safety at Your Rexall Store PHONE 80 ABC DRUG CO. Headquarters for Student Carpenters CITIZEN ' S LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. HAYS, KANSAS Four Registered Pharmacists and mandy Lou Prescriptions are Filled Accurately and Scientifically You May Rely Upon Our Service ¥ FOUNTAIN and LUNCHEONETTE PHONE 80 [Page 83] BKBT cfTUBIO Finest of Photographs Distributors of Agfa Ansco Products Albums, Films, Frames and Supplies “Where there is a Picture to he made Ekey can make it’’ 1934 REVEILLE PICTURES . . . by . . . R. E. EKEY HAYS KANSAS [Page 8 4 J T he New Ful -Vue Lectro No-Scru Machine Absolutely Eliminates Loose Mountings DR. W. F. CZESKLEBA “Glasses That Fit and Benefit ' ’ Phone 167 1 10 W. 1 1th Hays, Kansas THE HOME OF BETTER MUSIC AND OPTICAL SERVICE BURR, PATTERSON » AULD COMPANY Manufacturers of The Most Beautiful Fraternity Jewelry in America Serving the College Fraternity and Sorority since 1870 and now Official Jewelers to over one hundred National Fraternities and Sororities. Write for Your Personal Copy of " The 1934 Book for Modern Greeks " Sent upon request to all Fraternity Members BURR, PATTERSON AULD COMPANY 2301 Sixteenth Street DETROIT MICHIGAN [Page 85] Passing all Tests With Honors TWENTER AND SON MOTOR COMPANY Subscribe to T. G. REED SONS . . . Exclusive . . . THE STATE COLLEGE LEADER GROCERIES AND MEATS FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Keep in weekly touch with your friends, both in and out of college. The Best Student Advertising Medium . . . Modern . . . 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Fresh Meats and Fancy Groceries We Solicit Your Business on the basis of Honest and Fair Dealing We carry a complete line of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 113 W. 11th St. Phone 1 2 1 [Page 88] cidents and treasured Friendships of your college days will fade From your memory. To preserve these things For your Future pleasure, we have printed this book For your school. A good book, like a good Friend, grows in value as the years go by. Keep this volume carefully, and it will give you much gratification and enjoyment in the years to come. THE CONSOLIDATED SAUNA, KANSAS W ITH EACH PASSING YEAR THIS BOOK, YOUR ANNUAL, WILL CAIN IN IMPORTANCE AS YOU THUMB THE PACES IN THE YEARS TO COME, PHOTOCRAPHS AND PIC- TURES WILL BRING BACK WISTFUL MEMORIES OF YESTER- DAY. . WE, AS ARTISTS AND ENCRAVERS ARE CLAD TO HAVE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY OF RECORDING A CROSS SECTION OF YOUR LIFE OF TODAY-THAT YOUR YEAR BOOK MAY BE A PICTORIAL MONUMENT FOR TOMORROW. 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The 1934 Reveille Staff [Page 103] BOO-O-O-O-O-O Dean Skaer for having the best groomed bald head Elizabeth Eppstein . . for making it so John Baldwin, Lela Pitts, Freda Denman, Scotty Philip, and Dean Wiruth ... for being the champion beakers Ida Marie Wickizer . for being so true to Bob Martha Wylie for being such a favorite in the history department Easterly and Easterly on general principles June Rader for leading a dual love life, with Man O’ War and the Beta from Lexington Wee Wee Winters . . . for liking tall men, for drinking chocolate milk, and for going to Kansas City and coining back with twelve dollars Agnes Twenter for furnishing free taxi and rent-a-car service to Gordon Christensen, and others Wade Moriarity for being so inconsistent in his choice of Alpha Sigs Kenneth Kimberlin . . . for his Bing Crosby recitals Bill Moreland for a lot of things Orvis Grout for making us all sob in Assembly Helen Hille because she boo’s other people Red Myers for taking himself out of circulation JlM YEAGER .... because he knows the value of publicity, and we aim to please Henry Uppendahl . . because he was formerly a modest track star Scotty Philip because it’s being done The Boo-Boo Club . . . . because they have booed us Helen Dannefer for the grapevine scandals and for editing this book [Page 104]

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