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cturn j Printed and Bound by The Consolidated Printing Stationery Company Salina, Kansas Engravings by Mid-Continent Engraving Company Wichita, Kansas D E D I ATI ON " Western Kansas’ Alma Mater! Hail ye men who did create her; no one else can boast a greater — K. S. C., Fort Hays. " Thirty years ago, Charles Curtis led the movement which gave Western Kansans their Alma Mater. Today, he is her staunchest Friend. We, the class of 1933, dedicate this Reveille to him in grateful recognition of his service to our college. • T I HERE is nothing permanent but change 7 .... Thirty years have passed since the Cornerstone of Edu- cation was laid on the site that we now call our Campus Back of this we see a marching line of soldiers entering an unconquered Outpost of Civilization .... the establishment of Old Fort Hays Another line follows .... Pioneer Farmers, changing the virgin prairie to waving fields of grain .... the prairie schooner replaced by the railroad. . . . And then the establishment of a College .... the en- trance of Education .... replacing the Sword with the Pen It is ever thus .... Constant Changes .... Growth .... Progress .... Development .... New Ideas .... New Ideals .... Achievement .... TRAN S ITION v ' - v and a New Order of young men and women eager to enter unconquered realms for the advancement of civilization and the betterment of life. VARIATION CREATION WILLIAM A. LEWIS, B. $., A. B., LL. D. President of Fort Hays Kansas State College FACULTY Dean Floyd B. Lee, a.b., a.m. Dean of the Faculty and Registrar Kansas State Teachers College of Em- poria; University of Kansas. Clarence E. Rarick, a.b., ed.d. Professor of Rural Education and Director of Ex- tension Service Kansas Wesleyan University; Univer- sity of Colorado; University of Kansas. R. L. Parker, b.s., b.l., a.m. Professor of History Ottawa University; University of Chicago. James R. Start, b.s., a.m. Instructor in Speech Fort Hays Kansas State College; Co- lumbia University. Rob Roy Ian Macgregor, a.b., a.m., ph.d. Professor of English Otago University of New Zealand; Uni- versity of Jena; Cambridge University. Maude Isabel Gorham, ph.b., a.m. Instructor in Education University of Chicago; Columbia University. Helen Christie Malcolm, b.s., m.s. Instructor in English Fort Hays Kansas State College. Charles H. Landrum, a.b., a.m. Assistant Professor of History and Social Science University of Kansas; Yale University. Thornton W. Wells, b.s., m.s. Instructor in English Fort Hays Kansas State College; Kansas State College of Agriculture and Ap- plied Science. Page 10 FACULTY Elizabeth Jane Agnew, b.s. Dean of Women Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science; Columbia Uni- versity. Manetta Heidman, b.s., M.S. Instructor in Textiles and Clothing Iowa State College; Des Moines Col- lege. Margaret H. Haggart, b.s., m.a. Professor of Home Economics Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science; University of Chicago; Columbia University. Charles H. Brooks, b.s. Instructor in Correspondence Study Department and Latin Fort Hays Kansas State College; Kan- sas State Teachers College of Emporia; Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science; University of Kansas. Modesto Jacobini, a.b. Professor of Foreign Languages Liceo, Taranto, Italy; American Inter- national College; Yale University; New York University; University of Chi- cago. Homer B. Reed, a.b., a.m., ph.d. Professor of Psychology Indiana University; University of Chi- cago; Columbia University. Harvey A. Zinszer, b.a., m.a., ph.d. Professor of Physics arul Astronomy Lehigh University, Indiana University. Willis H . Walker, a.b., m.a., ph.d. Acting Professor of Economics Iowa University. Edward E. Colyer, a.b., a.m. Professor of Mathematics Cooper College; University of Kansas; University of Colorado; University of Nebraska. Page 11 Wilbur Clifford Riley, b.s. Football Coach and Instructor in Physical Edu- cation for Men. Fort Hays Kansas State College; Mich- igan University. Leonard W. Thompson, b.s., m.a. Instructor in Business Administration University of Kansas; Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia. Paul B. Gross, b.s. Basketball Coach and Instructor in Physical Edu- cation for Men Fort Hays Kansas State College; Uni- versity of Illinois. Arthur Willis Barton, a.b., ph.c., ph.d. Professor of Botany University of Washington; Northwest- ern University. James Yeager, b.s. Instructor in Physical Education and Assistant Coach Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science; University of Iowa. Lyman Dwight Wooster, a.b., ph.m. Professor of Zoology Kansas State Teachers College of Em- poria; University of Wisconsin; Stan- ford University. Page 12 Fred W. Albertson, b.s., a.m. Associate Professor of Agriculture Fort Hays Kansas State College, Kan- sas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science; University of Minne- sota. James E. Rouse, b.s., m.s. Professor of Agriculture Teachers College of Kirksville, Mis- souri; University of Wisconsin; Kansas State College of Agriculture and Ap- plied Science. FACULTY Earl F. Morris, b.s., m.d. Director of Health and Physical Education; Pro- fessor of Public Health Kirksville State Teachers College; St. Louis University. Edwin Davis, b.s., m.a. Professor of Manual Arts Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science; Fort Hays Kansas State College; University of Minnesota. FACULTY Henry Edward Malloy, b.s. Director of Music K. S. T. C. of Emporia; Voice under George Hamlin, Chicago; D. O. Jones, Emporia; Ella Bochus-Behr, Berlin; Hinshaw of Metropolitan Opera, New York; George Ferguson, Berlin; P. Kirktowns, Berlin. Earl Eugene Strimple, a.b. Instructor in Journalism and Director of News Service University of Kansas. Hobart S. Davis, b.a. Instructor in Voice, Men’s Glee Club University of Nebraska; Northwestern University. Floyd B. Streeter, a.b., a.m., l.l. Librarian University of Kansas, University of Michigan. Frederick E. Green, a.b. Instructor in Band and Harmony Indiana University; Louisville Conser- vatory; Detroit Institute of Musical Art; University of Michigan. Mary Barrett, a.b., b.s. in l.s. Reference Librarian Washburn College; University of Illinois. Lucille Felton, b.s. Instructor in Piano Fort Hays Kansas State College; Alex- ander Raab; Caruthers Normal School of Piano, Chicago. Mary Elizabeth Williams, a.b., a.b. in l.s. Supervisor of Circulation University of Wichita; University of Michigan. Paul Blair Beckhelm, b.m. Instructor in Piano and Music Theory American Conservatory of Music; Northwestern University. Margaret Helen Dresher, a.b., b.s. in l.s. Cataloguer McPherson College; University of Illi- nois Library School. Page 13 FACULTY Roy Rankin, a.b., a.m. Professor of Chemistry Kansas State Teachers College of Em- poria; University of Kansas; Harvard University. Walter G. Warnock, a.b., a.m., ph.d. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Harvard University, University of Illinois. Geneva Tracy Millett, b.s. in p.e., m.a. Instructor in Physical Education for Women University of Tennessee, University of Iowa. Elsie Harris, a.b., b.f.a. Professor of Applied Arts University of Oklahoma; Snow- Frowhlich School of Industrial Art, Chi- cago; Boulder U.; Columbia U.; Broad- moor Art Academy, Colorado Springs. Jessie F. Pearce, r.n., a.b. College Nurse Washington University; University of Missouri. Elizabeth Barbour, a.b., a.m. Instructor in Physical Education for Women University of Chicago. George F. Sternberg Curator, Museum of Geology and Paleontology. George A. Kelley, a.b., m.a., b.ed., ph.d. Assistant Professor of Psychology Friends University; Park College; Uni- versity of Kansas; University of Minne- sota; University of Edinburgh, Scotland; University of Iowa. Walter Wallerstedt Superintendent of Printing Plant Elam Bartholomew, m.s., sc.d. Curator of Mycological Museum Kansas State College, Manhattan; Editor Fungi Coluiani and North American Uredinales. Page 14 WILLIAM PICKEN SCHOOL FACULTY Robert T. McGrath, ph.m., ph.d. Professor and Director of Education State Teachers College, DeKalb, 111.; Uni- versity of Wisconsin. Pearl G. Cruise, a.b., a.m. Assistant Professor of Education University of Iowa; Iowa State Teachers College. Florence M. Wallace, b.s. Instructor of Public School Music and Supervisor Fort Hays Kansas State College; College of Emporia; University of Southern California. Mamie McCormick, b.s., m.a. Intermediate Grade Teaching Supervisor State Teachers College, Warrensburg, Mo.; University of Missouri. Mary Mae Paul, b.s., m.a. Junior High School Teaching Supervisor Fort Hays Kansas State College; Colum- bia University. Emma Golden, b.s., m.a. Kindergarten Teaching Supervisor State Teachers College, Ellindale, S. D.; University of Minnesota. Gaynelle Davis, b.s. Primary Grade Teaching Supervisor Fort Hays Kansas State College. Page 15 KANSAS STATE BOARD OF REGENTS C. M. Harger, Chairman - Abilene B. C. Culp - Beloit Drew McLaughlin Paola Ralph O ' Neil Topeka Leslie Wallace Larned C. C. Wilson - Meade Fred M. Harris Ottawa Oscar Stauffer - Arkansas City W. E. Ireland - - Yates Center AMBITION ■1 HM -x . • in ii N? — L « J|E m t r- r-Ci .-J Vfi ■ H-v ■ And lo the weary pioneer, dust-stained and travel-worn, seeking the Flower of Knowledge, saw in the purple distance the white columns and the sky-commanding domes of great buildings. His footsteps quickened, his spirit revived, his thoughts winged their lightning way ahead. To live, to do, to accomplish! Beesley Darland Hubhs Taylor Buck Coulson Bingaman Davidson Hunsley Levan Van Doren Cunningham Grout Mitchell Wamhoff STUDENT COUNCIL Auce Beesley, Gove Marion Coulson, Plains Lloyd Cunningham, Hays Victor Hubbs, Dorrancc Vester Davidson, Hays Henry Buck, Belleville Raymond Darland, Codell Vyrl Levan, Ness City Loyal Van Doren, Hays Beverly Taylor, Ness City Bert Bingaman, Oakley Orvis Grout, Hays Edith Hunsley, Larned William Mitchell, Ness City Meryl Wamhoff, Holyrood This group, whose function is the governing of student problems is composed of three members elected from each class and three members from the student body at large. Class presidents are ex-officio members. SENIORS Lloyd Cunningham - Hays B. S. Botany, Horticulture Kappa Beta Tau, President (3); Student Council, Vice-President (3); Senior President (4); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4); Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class (3); Vice-President Sophomore Class (2). Marion F. Coulson - Plains B. S. Commerce Kappa Beta Tau; Student Council (3,4); Y.M.C.A. (1,2, 3, 4), President (4); Class Vice-President (3,4). Lowell Knisley - - - Logan B. S. Music Kappa Beta Tau; Band (1,3,4); Orchestra (1,2, 3,4); Y. M. C. A. (1,2,4); Glee Club (2,3,4). Ralph Arnold - Hays B. S. Philosophy Parliamentary Law (1); Y. M. C. A. (2,3,4); Social Science Club (3,4); Commercial Club (2). Ruby Albertson - - - - Hays B. S. English Chorus (1,2); Art Lovers Club (1); Vice-President Student Assembly (1). Alberta Alexander - - - Almena B. S. English Chorus (1,2); Art Lovers Club (1); English Club (2,3); Social Usage (4); Social Science (4). Andrew Bahl - Hays B. S. Business Pi Omega Pi, President (3), Secretary (4); Commer- cial Club (3,4); Parliamentary Law (1,2). Irene Bear - Russell B. S. Home Economics Y. W. C. A. (1); Home Economics Club (2,3,4). Alice F. Beesley B. S. Home Economics Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Omicron Phi, Treas- urer (3,4); Science Club (3); Home Economics Club (2,3,4), President (3); Y. W. C. A. (2,3,4), Vice- President (4); Student Council (4). Gove Gladys Blender Hay B. S. Education Y. W. C. A. (4). Page 22 SENIORS Eloise Bloome ' B. S. Home Economics Rexford Theta Sigma Upsilon; Science Club (3); Duck Club (3,4); Home Economics Club (3,4). Clara Bock Goodland B. S. Education Sigma Sigma Sigma; Art Lovers Club (3,4); Chorus (4). Helene Bock Goodland B. S. Education Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Omicron Phi (3), Presi- dent (4); Home Economics Club (2,3,4), Vice-President (4); Chorus (1, 2,3,4); Glee Club (1, 2,3,4). Robert Burnett - Hays B. S. Social Science Y. M. C. A.; Parliamentary Law (2); Social Science Club (1); Band. - Hays Kappa Beta Tau; Science Club (3); Y. M. C. A. (2). Roy Campbell - B. S. Mechanic Arts Lawrence Carlton - Norton A. B. Philosophy Science Club (3); Y. M. C. A. (1,2, 3, 4). Farran Forest Carter - Kansas City, Kansas B. S. Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon; K-Club (1,2, 3,4), Vice-President (4); Basketball (1, 2,3,4); Track (3); Freshman Presi- dent (l); Handsome Man (3). Dorothy Cary - Culver B. S. Music Chorus (2,3,4). Gladys Fern Chegwidden - - Lucas B. S. JOURNALSIM Theta Sigma Upsilon; Reveille Staff (3); Leader Staff (3); Duck Club (4); Pep Club (4). Lillian R. Claar - Oberlin B. S. Library Science Y. W. C. A. (1,2,3), President (3); W. A. A. (1,2); Quill Club (2,3); Leader (1,2); Chorus (3); Achieve- ment Queen (4). SENIORS Roy O. Cooper - - - Wilson B. S. Business Sigma Tau Gamma; Leader (2,3,4). Beulah Courtney - - - Jetmorc B. S. English Art Lovers Club (4); English Club (4); Y. W. C. A. (4). Thelma Daniels - Garfield B. S. Botany Y. W. C. A. (1, 2,3,4), Secretary (3,4); Chorus (2,3,4); Glee Club (2,3,4). Lucretia Davis - B. S. Commerce Pi Omega Pi; Commercial Club - Mentor Fred Dellett - - - Rush Center A. B. Physics Phi Sigma Epsilon; Junior Play (3); Science Club (1); Achievement Contest Winner (4). Edwin J. Dreiling - A. B. English Commercial Club - Walker Charles V. Eads - - - Quinter B. S. Music Phi Mu Alpha; Chorus (1,2,4); Glee Club (1,2,4); Chocolate Soldier (4); Quartet (1). Henry T. Esau - B. S. Social Science Glee Club (2); Chorus (1,2, 3, 4); Y. M. C. A. Buhler Maurice Faulkner - Great Bend B. S. Music Phi Mu Alpha; Band (1,2,3, 4); Glee Club (2,3,4); Chorus (1,2, 3, 4); Orchestra (1,2, 3,4). Carl S. Firebaugh - - - Augusta B. S. Mechanic Arts Phi Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer (3,4); Football (2,3,4); Track. y 1 ■ -r- .. ==3 h Ruby A. Frisbie - McDonald B. S. Commerce Commercial Club (2,3.4); Social Science Club (4). Helen E. Frusher - Jetmore B. S. Commerce Pi Omega Pi; Commercial Club (2,3,4); Science Club (2). Hugh Frusher - Ness City B. S. Journalism Y. M. C. A. (1, 2,3,4); Chorus (3,4); Debate (3,4); Parliamentary Law (2). Gertrude E. Gardner - - Great Bend B. S. Music Sigma Alpha Iota; Dana’s Musical Institute (1,2,3); Women’s Glee Club (4); Orchestra (4). Crystal Griffith - - - Edmond B. S. Commerce Pi Kappa Sigma; Pi Kappa Delta; Pi Omega Pi; Duck Club (3,4); W. A. A. (1,2,3). Mary Herrman - Hays B. S. Music Band SENIORS Anna W. Hiebert - - - Ingalls B. S. Kindergarten Tabor College 1930; Y. W. C. A.; Science Club. Thomas S. Hines - Hoxie A. B. Chemistry Phi Sigma Epsilon, President (3,4); Student Council (2); Junior Play (3); Student Assembly (4); President Student Council (3). Victor E. Hubbs ... Dorrance B. S. Business Sigma Tau Gamma; Commercial Club (3,4); Science Club (2); Y. M. C. A. (4); Student Council (4). Francis G. Jennings A. B. and B. S. Mathematics - Arnold Band (1,2); Glee Club (2,3,4); Chorus (1, 2,3,4); Limacon Club (3). SENIORS Wayne R. Johnson - Weskan B. S. Business Glee Club (1); Commercial Club (1,2). Basil Jones - Smith Center B. S. Education Science Club (4). Brooka M. Knowles - - - Kirwin B. S. Commerce Pi Omega Pi; Pi Gamma Mu; Y. W. C. A. (1,2); W. A. A. (1). Esther Kolsky - Logan B. S. Commerce Pi Omega Pi; Commercial Club (4); W. A. A. (2,3); Science Club (2,3,4); Y. W. C. A. (3). Fern Lacey - Sharon Springs B. S. Music Sigma Alpha Iota; Bethany College (1,2); Y. W. C. A.; Glee Club (3,4); Chorus (3,4). Oliver S. Lawson - Cuba B. S. History Kappa Beta Tau; Social Science Club (4); Parlia- mentary Law (2); Y. M. C. A. (2). Florence Lavery - - Cawker City B. S. History Y. W. C. A. (2,3,4); Social Science (1,2); Art Club (2); Chorus (3,4). John Locke - Covert B. S. Agriculture Track (1, 2,3,4); Basketball (4) Gerald Long - Wakeeney B. S. Business Kappa Beta Tau; Pi Gamma Mu; Y. M. C. A. (1); Commercial Club (3,4); Pop Club (3,4L Kathryn Marshall - - - Collyer Delta Sigma Epsilon; Art Club (1,2,3,4); Chorus (2,3,4); Leader (3); Pan-Hellenic (4). SENIORS Cecil W. McKee - - - -Hays B. S. Mechanic Arts Phi Sigma Epsilon; Pi Kappa Delta; Debate; Editor Leader (2); Band (1,2); Kansas Representative Stu- dent Tour Europe, 1922. Agnes McPeak - Hunter B. S. Home Economics Pi Kappa Sigma; Home Economics Club (1,2, 3,4); Social Science Club (2); Y. W. C. A. (1.2). Effie Mae McWilliams - Hays B. S. Kindergarten Delta Sigma Epsilon, President (4); Chorus (2); Home Economics Club (2,3). Mary Miller - Claflin B. S. English Y. W. C. A. (1, 2,3,4); Social Science Club (1.2, 3, 4.) Margaret M. Mooney - - Hanston B. S. Home Economics Kappa Omicron Phi; W. A. A. (1,2); Glee Club (1,2); Home Economics Club (1). Dorothy Moran - Nekoma B. S. Music Sigma Alpha Iota, President (4); Chorus (1,3); Glee Club (2.3,4); Band (3,4); Orchestra (1,2, 3,4). Eileen Northup - Quinter B. S. English Theta Sigma Upsilon, Secretary (3), President (4); English Club (1,2,4); Home Economics Club (1,3, 4); Pan-Hellenic (4) C. M. Oppy B. S. Commerce Commercial Club ■ Hays Evelyn Pauly - - - - Logan B. S. Art Alpha Sigma Alpha; Art Lovers Club (3,4); English Club (4); Orchesus (4). Page 27 - — - — f Roy A. Norris - B. S. Industrial Arts Band (4); Boxing (4). St. John SENIORS Frank Perkins - Goodland B. S. Commerce Pi Omega Pi (2,3.4); President of Commercial Club (2,3); Commercial Club (1,2, 3,4). Mae E. Patterson - - - Rozel B. S. English Florence Pope - Selden B. S. Home Economics Sigma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Omicron Phi; Glee Club (2,3,4); Orchesus (1,2); Home Economics Club (3,4); Chorus (1,2, 3, 4); Student Assembly. Mary Gayle Reece . . . Spivey B. S. Physical Education Alpha Sigma Alpha; Sigma Alpha Iota; W. A. A. (3,4); Chorus (3,4); Glee Club (3,4); Duck Club (4); Junior Play (3). Katherine Rhoades - Hays B. S. and A. B. English and Journalism Theta Sigma Upsilon, President (3); Duck Club (2,3,4); W. A. A. (3); Chorus (3); Leader Editor (3); Pep Club (4); Leader Staff (1,2,3); Reveille Staff (4); Junior Play (3); K. Book (3 ). Hyacinth S. Roth - - - Hays B. S. Mechanic Arts Commercial Club (2,3,4); Glee Club (2,3); Chorus (1,2,3). Jewell Royse - Langdon B. S. Music Pi Kappa Sigma; Pep Club (2,3,4); Chorus (1,2, 3, 4); Junior Play (3); Orchesus (3,4). Norine Schlyer - Hays B. S. Commerce Pi Omega Pi; Chorus (2); English Club (4); Com- mercial Club (1,2,4). SENIORS Grace Speolstra - - Prairie View B. S. English Kappa Omicron Phi; English Club (2); Home Econ- omics Club (2,3,4); W. A. A. (2,3); Chorus (2). Egla Steinle ... Dorrance Public School Music Chorus (1, 2,3,4); Glee Club (1,2,3, 4); English Club (4). William Stewart - - - Weskan B. S. Mechanic Arts Kappa Beta Tau; Science Club (3); Parliamentary Law (1,2,3). Mearle Stinson .... Viola B. S. History Track (4); Sterling College (1,2,3). Opal Tourtillott .... Hays B. S. Commerce Commercial Club (2,3,4); W. A. A. (2). Neva Underwood - - - Norton B. S. English Social Usage (4); Y. W. C. A. (1,2,3); English Club (4). Roger Unruh - Pawnee Rock B. S. Agriculture Kappa Beta Tau; Glee Club (1, 2,3,4); Chorus (1,2, 3,4); Y. M. C. A. (1,2, 3,4). Vivien Vincent Green - - Clay Center B. S. Music Emporia (1); Phi Mu Gamma; Band (1,2,3); Glee Club (2); Orchestra (1,2,3). Sylvenus J. Wasinger - A. B. Physics, Mathematics Collyer Selden Science Club (3); Commercial Club (2); Mathe- matics Club (1). Pearl I. Wenger B. S. Home Economics Sigma Sigma Sigma, President (4); Duck Club (2,3); Orchcsus (2); Home Economics Club (2,3,4); Pep Club (3,4). Page 29 SENIORS O. P. Weigel - Hays B. S. Music, B. S. Spanish Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Orchestra; Pep Club; Cheer- leader; Dramatics; Glee Club. Gladys Daie Wickizer - - - Hays B. S. Music Sigma Sigma Sigma; Glee Club (1,2, 3,4); Chorus (1,2, 3, 4); Orchestra (1,2, 3, 4). Donald Williams - Luray B. S. English Kappa Beta Tau; Chorus (1); Science Club (2). Marion Williams - - Partridge B. S. Agriculture Kappa Beta Tau; Chorus (2,3,4); Y. M. C. A. (2). Thelma Wynona Wilson - - La Crosse B. S. English Delta Sigma Epsilon; English Club (3,4); Commer- cial Club (4) ;Y. W. C. A. (1). Scott Wylie - Quinter B. S. Commerce Sigma Tau Gamma, President (3,4); Sophomore President; Basketball (2,3); Student Council (1,2,3); Pep Club (1,2,3); Reveille Business Manager (3); Junior President; K. Club President, (3,4); Student Assembly (4); Business Manager Leader (4). Lowell O. Yasmer - Arnold B. S. History Kappa Beta Tau; Commercial Club (1); Chorus (2,3); Social Science (4). Hester Zimmerman - - Edmond B. S. English English Club (4). Page 30 SENIORS James G. Carstens - Jennings B. S. Chemistry Band (1,2,3); Orchestra (2); Football (1); Parlia- mentary Law (2); Social Science (3,4). Josephine Hunt - Hays B. S. Music Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club (1,2, 3,4), President, (4); Orchestra (3,4); Pi Kappa Delta. Charles V. Irvin - - Winfield, Mo. B. S. Physics, History Kappa Beta Tau; K-Club; Football (1, 2,3,4); Science Club,, President (4); Wrestling (3,4). Leo Legleiter, A. B. - - La Crosse B. S. Zoology Phi Mu Alpha; Glee Club (1,2, 3, 4); Chorus (1,2, 3,4); Band (3,4); Pep Club (3,4); Messiah; Aida; Faust. Lawrence Romeiser ... Timken B. S. Biological Science Phi Sigma Epsilon; Basketball; Pep Club; Science Club. Olive Van Metre - - Valentine, Nebr. A. B. English University of Nebraska; English Club (4). Marjorie Walker - - Brownell B. S. Music Alpha Sigma Alpha; Glee Club; Chorus; Pep Club. Kathleen Northup - - Wakeeney B. M. Music Sigma Alpha lota; Orchestra (1,4); Chorus (1, 2,3,4). Page 31 JUNIORS Lynn Drake - - Natoma Business Administration Elizabeth Early - Hays Art Bernice Elliott - Weskan Home Economics Joseph Fisher - Larned History Wesley Freeman - - Wellsford Business Administration Beryl Gardner Great Bend Kindergarten Bee Garton Kindergarten Edith Dale Gunckel Kindergarten Leola Gustafson Intermediate - Norton - Wakeeney - Winona Kathlyn Dennis Primary Katharyn Dickerson Education Annabelle Dickinson Home Economics - Woodston Cimarron Gorham Beryl Harold Spanish Albert Hawkes Education Frederic Hemphill Journalism JUNIORS Florence Henry - Stafford History Gladys Houghton Business Administration - Ransom Edith Hunsley - Physical Education Larned Yuba Hunsley - Physical Education - Larned Mrs. Mary Jones - - Smith Center Social Science Ruth etta Krause Commerce LaCrosse Esther Lanning English Sterling Theron LaPlante Mechanic Arts - Ransom Clarence Leonard Hanston Mechanic Arts Vyrl Levan Business Ness City Ella Major Commerce Dorrance Hilda McElroy Education - Quinter Ralph McGimsey Chemistry Ransom James McGrath - Hays Physics and Mathematics Margaret Nicholas Physical Education Salina Page 34 JUNIORS Lon Robinson Journalism - LaCrosse Eliza Roenne Mathematics - Osborne Leo Roth Accounting - Hays Kathryn Offerle - Dodge City Journalism Harold Palmer Music Galene Perkins Library Science - Hays - Goodland Louie Platts Freeman Commerce Lawrence Rarick - General Science Mary Reynolds Music Wellsford Hays Grainfield John Sauerwein - Hays English Mildred Schlyer - - - Hays Physical Education and Spanish William Schwartzkopf - Alexander Commerce JUNIORS Gladys Spaniol - - - Dodge City Physical Education Helen Starbuck - - Plainville History and Social Science Alice Start Journalism Rebecca Wells Taylor English Julia Tonkin Primary Fred Trauterman Philosophy Loyal VanDoren - Engineering - Hays - Lyons - Great Bend Bunker Hill - Hays James Vaughan - - Greenville, S. C. English and Journalism Berta Vincent Commerce Elkhart Walter Wallerstedt English - Hays Linda West English Fort Scott Merwin Wilson Physical Education Mulvane Donald Ziegler - Agriculture Codell Lula Benson - Music - Hays Page 36 Ethel McKenna English j Berniece Meyer - Commerce Hays Bison Berta Vincent - (She is so nice we put her in twice.) SOPHOMORES Shirley Baird, Almena John Baldwin, Lyons George Balls, Hays Francis Barry, Hays Carol Barker, Beloit Virgil Basgall, Hays Eleanora Becker, Russell Audrey Beers, Jennings Grace Beesley, Gove Ray Beesley, Gove Beulah Bieber, Kinsley Bernard Bieber, Kinsley Marie Bindley, Cimarron Bert Bingaman, Oakley Viola Black, Meade Vyvyan Blackford, Almena Letha Abell, Oakley Delwin Allphin, Palco Annice Anderson, Stockton Ruth Anderson, Ellinwood Helen Bradley, Larned Virgil Brown, Oakley Dwight Burkhead, Gove Eugene Carlile, Jetmore Vern Carr, Nekoma Floy Carter, Downs Mildred Casey, Dorrance Ammon Childs, Rexford Pa e 37 SOPHOMORES Alta Cline, Oakley Marion Conley, Ransom Irven Corder, Quinter Homer Courtney, Collyer Nova Cox, Collyer Lucy Davis, LaCrosse Earle Davison, Tribune Helen Dempsey, Jewell Helen Drake, Nekoma Mary Elizabeth Enfield, Hays Noel Ganoung, Plainville Fred Georg, Alexander Oscar Gish, Alexander Clarence Glantz, Bison Constance Goodwyn, Minneapolis Alice Greenwald, McCracken Max Gregor, Wilson Forest Gregory, Great Bend Orvis Grout, Hays Helene Grover, Jetmore Etta Hofmeister, Claflin Stella Haise, Russell Ruby Hall, Kanorado Ward Hampton, Tribune Beth Harkness, Hays William Helm, Simpson Opal Herbert, Ellis Oscar Herrick, Osborne y i )iiHii7iiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)i gjfliiiiinmiiiini ' . ' ' ,iiiiiii iii. „ h : SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Hibbs, Stafford Betty Hilsabeck, Glasco John Horak, Wakeeney Fayne Hubbell, Jetmore Stella Hupfer, Bunkerhill Viola Hurley, Kanopolis Opal Huxmann, Arnold Marietta Jacobs, Hays Arlien Jennings, Lucas Bernice Johnson, Luray Annette Jones, Otis Casey Jones, Hill City Doris Jones, Webster Mary Alice Kauffman, Jetmore Helen Keller, Pierceville Leola Kennedy, Lebanon Marlyn Kingsley, Ellis Mildred Kingsley, Hays Lena Knoche, Stafford Arlene Kobler, Penokee Howard Lamoreux, Oakley Raymond Lappin, Logan Willard Larson, Sharon Springs Phoebe Lavery, Cawker City Cecile Lawson, Cuba Ralph Leonard, Hanston Mildred Lewis, Hoisington Norman Lietzke, Augusta Page 39 SOPHOMORES Verne Lippert, Bison Arthur Livingston, Menlo Orval Lockhart, Hays Allene Long, Quinter Ellen Long, Wakeeney Janice Lyons, Ford William Maas, Ford Kate Marsh, Beverly Florence Martin, Cuba Harriet Matthew, Little Rock, Ark. Virginia Maxwell, Gove Virginia McFarland, Hutchinson Delbert McQueen, Quinter Wilda Claire McReynolds, Montezuma Ray Messick, Oakley Minnie Metz, Lincoln Alta Miller, Nekoma Atha Miller, Nekoma Ethel Miller, Nekoma William Mitchell, Ness City Page 40 Kearney Morian, Minneola Howard Morse, LaCrosse Nina Mosley, Dillon Berenice Myers, Norcatur Vernon Neidig, Kanorado Loretto Nicholas, Salina Charlie Northrop, Jetmore Esther Pabst, McCracken SOPHOMORES Franc Reed, Stockton F. L. Reed, Stockton Bernice Richwine, Holcomb Marguerite Riley, Scott City Wayne Robison, Maynard, Iowa Melva Rodrick, Lucas Winifred Roe, Russell Henry Roenne, Bloomington Marguerite Roenne, Bloomington Mary Sedman, Phillipsburg Juanita Scanland, Haven Adrian Scheer, Hays Mildred Schlegel, Otis Edward Serpan, LaCrosse Frances Shields, Hoxie Hazel Sieling, Hays Clyde Parker, Hays Ruth Peterson, Garfield Agnes Praeger, Claflin Katherine Pratt, Studley Pearl Slightam, Stockton Margaret Smith, Great Bend Lawrence Smith, Agra Avanelle Spangler, Florence, Colo. Ellen Stradal, Collyer Norma Stradal, Collyer Genevieve Stull, Palco Mary Sutton, Grainfield Page 41 SOPHOMORES Lucille Thompson, Gove Malee Trainer, Cimarron Randall Tucker, Codell Lorene Ummell, Arnold Anne Vincent, Elkhart Peggy Rothweiler, Morland Wilbur Weigand, LaCrosse Ida Marie Wickizer, Hays Arlene Wild, Palco Esther Williams, Winona Faye Wilson, Rozel Martha Wylie, Quinter Wava Wineland, Covert Emmett Yeager, Covert Bonnie Zink, Turon Arlyn Drake, Rozel Jack Fincham, Pratt Paul Green, Stockton Stella Havel, Cuba Dorothy Henderson, Hays Doyle Hoagland, Jetmore Robert Hoover, Macksville Martin Mehl, Holyrood Pane 42 FRESHMEN Ann Angell, Portis Agnes Arnhold, Hays Rex Baird, Hays Darrell Baker, Augusta Marthella Baker, Wakeeney Mildred Boldt, Belmont Royer Barclay, Grinnell Charles Barnard, Medicine Lodge Elizabeth Bartholomew, Stockton Rachel Bartholomew, Hays Vivian Bieber, Kinsley Clarence Birrer, Grainfield Vivian Block, Centerview Idotha Bohrer, Oakley Winona Bale, Chase Paul Botts, Coldwater Carl Boxberger, Russell Ruth Brady, Penalosa Marcile Broadie, Ashland Delbert Brockway, Barnard Dorothy Bunt, Claflin Florence Byers, Radium Helen Chamberlain, Scott City Marion Chegwidden, Wilson Anna Christensen, Menlo Gordon Christensen, Menlo Edith Claussen, Wilson Preston Cobb, Palco Page 43 M FRESHMEN Wayne Cook, Hays LaVonne Corwin, Hays Helen Dannefer, Cuba Vester Davidson, Hays Delwin Coddington, Palco Julia Colahan, Codell Minnie Colberg, Ellis Ruth Conard, Almena Marjorie Conner, Luray Frances Cook, Great Bend Leland Cook, Hays Virgil Cook, Gove Harry Davis, St. John Lewis Dean, Hill City Beryl Deeble, Lucas Leta Dengate, Sylvan Grove Marian Dietrich, Ogallah Sarah Dosser, Jetmore Elizabeth Dragoo, Luray Maurine Faulkner, Great Bend Viola Fink, Quinter Myrle Foreman, Hanston Keith Forney, LaCrosse Alec Francis, Oberlin Etta Frey, Sylvan Grove Nettie Grable, Gaylord Verna Gamble, Speed Erma Garton, Norton Page 44 fi FRESHMEN Virginia Geering, Vesper Vida Gibson, Beverly Neola Gick, Hays Velva Gish, Alexander Maynard Glantz, Bison Joe Goodrich, Oberlin Iris Goatley, Kanorado Verna Gradall, Hopewell Rosa Gramzow, Almena Cecil Grant, Palco Minnie Marie Griffin, Logan Josephine Grundmeier, Gorham Inez Hochmeister, Natoma William Haffamier, Hays Fay Hardy, Hays Christine Haynie, Ransom Frank Hefner, Gove Geneva Helmer, Geneseo Elinor Herl, Hays Blanche Hoagland, Jetmore Ernest Hoopes, Lucas Emma Hostettler, Beattie Elma Irvin, McCracken Dorothea Jennison, Healy Reva Jewell, Kanapolis Ruth Johnson, Larned Pearl Jones, Codell Edgar King, Logan Page 45 FRESHMEN Fiona Monaghan, Trousdale Mabel Mowry, Studley Mary McClellan, Norcatur Miles McDonald, Ness City Jack McDowell, Hays Robert McElfresh, Kanorado June McElroy, Quinter Clara McIntosh, Hays Page 46 George Malcolm, Almena William Malcolm, Almena Leona Marick, Smith Center Virginia Maresch, Nekoma Velda Menzie, Montezuma Earl Meuli, Elmo Norville Miller, Hays George Missimer, Bunker Hill Lloyd King, Jetmore Nora King, Hays Edna Kraisinger, Timken Kenneth Kysar, Wakeeney Gracie Luder, Waldo Ella Lundgren, Lucas Ruby Luther, Great Bend George Mahoney, Bunker Hill Mildred Marshall, Stockton Lucille Martin, Larned Donald Maxwell, Menlo Wayne Maxwell, Gove FRESHMEN Frank McIntosh, Hays Floyd McLane, Cawker City Carroll McQueen, Monument Elizabeth McWilliams, Hays Charlotte Mullender, Waldo Madelyn Murdock, Dodge City Leslie Nash, Kanorado Mary Nielson, Russell Barbara Nelson, Rush Center Howard Nelson, Minneapolis Edith Newcomer, Russell Charles Newman, Rozel Evelyn Ney, Dorrance Pat Noble, Hays Grace Olson, Alexander Herald Osburn, Basil Margaret Pankaskie, Dresden Walter Park, Gorham Dale Parker, Alton Wayne Parkhurst, Hays Irene Pembleton, Palco Scotty Phillip, Hays Nellie Pitts, Mullinville Ruth Polson, Rozel Lorea Porter, Mankato Duward Rabourn, Montezuma Ruth Ramsay, Beloit Irene Randall, Ashland Page 47 FRESHMEN Kirk Raynesford, Ellis Nolan Reetz, Augusta Geneva Reinecke, Great Bend Isabella Reisig, Russell Barbara Robinson, LaCrosse Carol Robinson, Lucas Glenn Roenne, Bloomington Arthur Rogers, Jennings Claude Rogers, Jennings Glenna Rogers, Haven Margaret Rogers, Smith Center Virlen Rogers, Lucas Audra Royse, Langdon Mabel Rozelle, Ellsworth Bertha Russell, LaCrosse Robert Solomon, Hays Hilda Schultz, Oakley Glennis Schultz, Larned Ida Schwerdfeger, Waldo George Scott, Stockton Agnes Skolout, Beardsley Hub ert Shryock, Augusta Lois Simkins, Protection Esther Smith, Reamsville Helen Smith, Reamsville Amanda Spaniol, Dodge City Caroline Stielow, Russell Ethyle Strait, Brewster Page 4H FRESHMEN Beverly Taylor, Ness City Lucille Tichenor, Russell Muriel Tichenor, Russell Mary Tonkin, Great Bend Elnora Truesdell, Lyons Louise Twenter, Hays Helen Urbanek, Lincoln Bernice Van Pelt, Covert Meryl Wamhoff, Holyrood Mattie Weissbeck, Collyer Dorothy Welty, Morland Helen Wheat, LaCrosse James Asa Wickizer, Hays Elton Williams, Ness City Edward Wilson, Rozel Lloyd Wilson, Quinter Lucille Spencer, Rocky Ford, Colo. Ralph Sweetland, Hays Catherine Symons, Liberal Ruby Tarman, Jetmore Eleanor Winters, Hays Dean Wiruth, Almena Milton Wolf, Holcomb Merwin Moody, Victor Ethel Wright, Ash Grove Martha Wright, Kinsley Howard Wyatt, Powhattan Rennie Zeigler, Codell Page 49 THE SENIOR CLASS As the senior class of ’32 plays its finale in caps and gowns, it is with regret that they bid us goodbye, and with deeper regret that we see them leave us. Theirs has been an eventful college career. Four years ago they entered a teachers college; they are being graduated from a college of liberal arts. Their own progress has been accompanied by a great development in their college. Besides the many friendships and associations they leave with us, there are material gifts which they have made to the College. These include a group of fossils which they have purchased and left to the College museum, and a portrait of George Washington — especially appropriate in this year of the celebration of Washington’s two hundredth anniversary. SENIOR OFFICERS Lloyd Cunningham -------- President Marion Coulson - Vice-President Lowell Knisley - Secretary-Treasurer THE JUNIOR CLASS The junior class has been one of the busiest on the campus. Among their tasks this year have been the entertainment of the seniors at the annual junior-senior banquet, the staging of the play “Kempy”, and the publication of the college yearbook, to say nothing of assisting the sophomore class in the administration of freshmen disciplinary measures. From this class has been selected many of the officers who fill the various positions in student organizations; their membership has been unusually rich in leadership. With one more year in which to complete their college careers, the juniors will return in September to fulfill the optimistic predictions of those who have noted their accomplish- ments thus far. JUNIOR OFFICERS Raymond Darland Wesley Freeman Alice Start - - President Vice-President Secretary-T rcasurer THE SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomores — seniors 34 — had the necessary amount of vim and enthusiasm to carry out the duties assigned to the class by the upperclassmen. Among these duties was the initiation of the freshmen; this they accomplished with great gusto. As part of this program, which extended over a considerable part of the year, it was necessary for the sophomores to win from the freshmen the track meet, which took place in April. The outcome of this track meet was decidedly humiliating for the frosh. Though the sophomore class has done exceptionally well already in supporting the activities of the College, the group has hardly had time to “show its stuff’. Their greatest work begins next fall. It is this class that will publish the 1933 Reveille, put on the junior play, conduct the junior se nior banquet, and perhaps even complete the great K which they started building as freshmen. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Orvis Grout --------- President Virgil Brown -------- - Vice-President Ray Messick --------- Secretary-Treasurer THE FRESHMAN CLASS In September, 1931, as the grey dawn broke upon the morning after an orgy of tangled enrollment plans, a weary freshman class shook its aching head and asked, “Whither are we bound?” The path that lay just ahead of the freshmen was a return to the brighter regions of ordered actions and thoughts. This was their labor, and it has been done well. Good sense, good taste, and good looks mark the freshmen, though these marks are well hidden behind a screen of greenery. In their single year of association with the College, they have contributed their full share of talent and ability. Their presence has been felt. Now they have been duly initiated into the circle of College Life. As freshmen, they have been found sound and sensible; it is only natural to expect that the Class of ’35 will continue successfully, because what is sound and sensible now will not change during the passing years. Vester Davidson Eleanor Winters Scotty Philip FRESHMAN OFFICERS - President - Vice-President Secretary-T reasurer IN MEMORIAM GLADYS " HAPPY " SPANIOL whose cheerful disposition and vivacious personality won for her countless friends. A leader in student affairs, her choice as the most popular girl in school in 1931 attests the high esteem in which she was held by her fellow students. We pay her a final tribute in this, our yearbook. VARIATION The charm of sparkling waters, the cool luxuriance of leafy trees, the chequered playfulness of summer light and shadow add to the restfulness and contentment of an infinitely varied college life. Thus may we leaf through Nature ' s textbook with peerless profit and lasting pleasure. Edith Hunslcy Loren Wellman John Baldwin Ot Weigel CHEERLEADERS The Tigers have four excellent “pep” directors in Hun sley, Wellman, Baldwin, and Weigel. To them goes the credit for leading the strong support that the students of F. H. K. S. C. give their athletic teams. Dr. E. F. Morris Paul B. Gross Wilbur C. Riley James Yeager Robert L. Parker PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR MEN The Men’s Physical Education Department, under the direction of Dr. Earl F. Morris, is an asset to the College of which every member of Fort Hays Kansas State is proud. Doctor Morris examines every student twice a year, and it is to him that we take our phy- sical troubles. He has set up a student health program that is not only effective, but enjoyable to carry out. Paul B. Gross, head coach of Tiger basketball and assistant football coach, produced a team this year that was runner-up in Central Conference competition, the highest rating yet achieved by a Hays team since joining that conference. “Busch’s” success is at least partly due to his fine treatment of the players, which makes them just want to work for him. Wilbur C. Riley — Jack, to you — is head football coach. Riley’s teams have not placed all of their games in the won column, but they have learned many a lesson in sportsmanship and clean living — the real goal of college athletics. He and his teams are known for their never-say-die spirit. Jack assists in the coaching of sports other than football when the grid season is past. James Yeager, football line coach and instructor in physical education, is the newest member of the Tiger coaching staff. This year’s intramural program, under “Jim’s” direction, was one of the biggest and most successful ever attempted in the College. Prof. R. L. Parker, besides being at the head of the history and social science depart- ment, is chariman of the College athletic board and its representative on the Central Con- ference board. Mr. Parker believes strongly in clean athletics and good sportsmanship, and he sees to it that both are carried out by Tiger athletes. He takes a genuine interest in college athletics. 5 THE 1931 FOOTBALL SQUAD Top Row: McLanc, Welch, R. Zeiglcr, Mahoney, Drake, Quinlan, Woodruff, Neal, Bearly, Goodrich, Brown, Shull. Second Row: Moss, Lee, O. Rogers, Mitchell, Irvin, Morton, J. Schmitt, R. Schmitt, Baird, Larsen, Mculi. Third Row: Rothc, Wilson, Cashman, A. Rogers, Hawkcs, Harbaugh, Thurlow, Schriner, Moreman, Meyers, Shryock. This is the Tiger football squad that fought through the 1932 football schedule for three victories, five defeats, and one tie. This year’s Tiger team did not turn in many victories but was noted for its fighting spirit, never giving up, even against insurmountable odds. 1931 SCHEDULE 1932 SCHEDULE Hays 0. . . Kearney, Nebr. 2 Sept. 23. . . . .Colorado Teachers at Greeley Hays 0. . . Emporia 26 ' Sept. 30. . Bethany at Hays Hays 7 . Washburn 27 Oct. 7.... Emporia Teachers at Hays Hays 3. . . College of Emporia 0 Oct. 14. . . Washburn at Hays Hays 6 . . . McPherson 2 ' Oct. 21 . . . C. of E. at Emporia Hays 0. . . Southwestern 0 Oct. 28. . . Hays 6. . . Bethany 0 Nov. 4. . . . Nebraska Teachers at Kearney Hays 6. . . Pittsburg Teachers 13 Nov. 11.. Southwestern at Winfield Hays 0. . . Wichita 61 Nov. 18 . . . . Pittsburg Teachers at Pittsburg FOOTBALL Adolph Schriner, guard, played his last year for the Tigers and his work will be long remembered. Ray Morton, halfback, played his first year this sea- son. Next year should find him in a majority of the games. Carl Firebaugh, end, received his third “K” this sea- son. Firebaugh’s fight more than offsets his lack of weight. Arthur Rogers, center, played his first year of college football this season, but he served in every game. He will be a valuable man next year. Willis Neal, halfback, brought the fans to their feet many times with his spectacular end runs. His work on defense was also outstanding. William Larson, tackle, earned his first letter this sea- son. He is one of the biggest men on the team, and he is expected to become one of the best. William Bearly, fullback, was a valuable man to the team for a number of reasons, among them his ability to keep up the fighting spirit. Albert Hawkes, guard, won a regular position on the team in spite of a late start. Morton Fi reha ugh Neal Rogers Bearly Hawkes Page 60 Schriner Larson FOOTBALL Carl Thurlow, end, seldom let an opponent get by, and his ability to catch passes added many yards to Tiger gains. Merwin Wilson, guard, is one of the hardest players on the team. Vernon Moreman, tackle, played every quarter on the season schedule. That fact shows his value to the Jess Schmitt, center, is a four-letter man and one of the steadiest players on the team. Lee Cashman, tackle, won his first “K” this year and will be back for his second next year. Ray Quinlan, end, will be especially remembered for his work in the McPherson game, when he caught a pass and ran for a winning touchdown in the last ninety seconds of play. Lawrence Myers, tackle, is a steady, consistent player, and will again be in action for the Tigers next year. Thurlow J. Schmitt Wilson Cashman Myers Moreman Quinlan Page 61 FOOTBALL Charles Irvin, fullback, was the “pepper-box’ of the Tiger team. He proved a great asset with his ability to back up the line at fullback position. He will be lost by graduation. Ward Shull, halfback, is a great help in solving the backfield problem with his ability to carry the ball and to catch passes. Jess Woodruff, quarterback, is the “slippery eel” of the Tiger backfield. He carries the brunt of the offen- sive attack of the Tigers. He received second all- conference mention. Joe Goodrich, quarterback, has ability to place kick and carry the ball with equal success. Russell Schmitt, guard, is a man who can not be moved from his stand, and few plays ever went through his line position. Tine Harbaugh, end, is unbeatable on both defense and offense. Virgil Brown, halfback, has the speed and ability that go to make a first-class player. Irvin Shull Goodrich Harhaugh Woodruff R. Schmidt Brown Page 62 Gross Carter Moriarty Rarick Shull Meuli Thurlow Lamoreux Wilkinson Licrzkc Taylor TIGER BASKETBALL SQUAD The 1932 basketball season was one of the best in Tiger history. Finishing second in the Central Conference, one notch below the champion Pittsburg Gorillas, the Tigers went through the season with fourteen victories and four defeats. This year’s team included such stars as Carter, first alUconference forward; Captain Thurlow, first alUconference guard; Lamoreux, second alUconference center; Wilkinson, second alUconference forward; and Lietzke, honorable mention. Other players receiving letters were Rarick, Moriarty, Taylor, and R. Meuli. After losing three out of the first four conference games, the Tigers started winning and could not be stopped until the last game, when they were defeated by the conference champ- ions. The following comment, which came from Pete Lightner’s column in the Wichita Eagle, is characteristic of remarks made by Kansas sports writers: “Coach Gross of Hays deserves the prize as the outstanding new coach in Kansas college circles. Gross took a team labeled a tailender and has beaten about everyone but Pittsburg in the Conference.” In non- conference competition the Tigers went through the season undefeated. 1932 SEASON’S RECORD Hays 54 Sterling 19 Hays 17. Hays 39 Sterling 10 Hays 14 Hays 24 Friends 15 Hays 47. Hays 33 Friends 25 Hays 35 Hays 32 Peru Teachers 25 Hays 32 Hays 26 Wichita 31 Hays 19 Hays 28 Wichita 25 Hays 40 Hays 26 Southwestern 11 Hays 47 Hays 33 Southwestern 24 Hays 24 Page 63 ym ltirrrw!fami i?illlHll|ilillhilllll {l P mfAm)} BASKETBALL Lawrence Rarick played in nearly every game. He is known for his ability to start winning rallies. Farran Carter played his fourth and last year for the Tigers this season and is one of the best forwards ever on a Tiger team. He was an all- conference choice. Rarick, forward Thurlow Carter, forward Leitzke, guard guard Taylor, center Norman Leitzke, who will captain the team next season, excels in getting the ball from the back- board and scoring from back court. Carl Thurlow, Leitzke’s running-mate, captained the Tigers this season. He is one of the best players on the team, and a real leader. He earned a place on the Central conference all- star team. Frank Taylor is the tallest player on the squad and his ability to take the tip is a real help to the Tiger team. He used his height to great advan- tage on tip-ins. “Pete” Meuli was a reserve guard this year, but showed up well whenever given the oppor- tunity to play. Wade Moriarity is a good shot with the ball and an aggressive player. He lettered this year, and will no doubt be up with the " first five next year. Meuli, guard BASKETBALL Moriarity, forwarJ Merlin Wilkinson was high scorer of the Tiger squad. “Chief” handles the ball beautifully and hits the basket from any angle, his one-handed shots seldom missing. Wilkinson, forward Shull, guard Lamorcux, center Ward Shull showed up well in the first few games, but dropped out of school before the season was well under way. Howard Lamoreux fits right into the Tiger machine as a regular. He proved himself to be one of the best centers in the Central Conference. Page (1) Lamoreux going over. (2) Mehl and R. Schmitt on the mat. (3) Al!-intramural basketball team. (4) Palmer and Swectland at their usual racket. (5) Hines and Maxwell having it out (6) An intramural soccer game. INTRAMURAL SPORTS More interest was taken in intramural competition this year than ever before. Six organizations — Y. M. C. A., Independent Athletic Club, Kappa Beta Tau, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Tau Gamma, and Phi Mu Alpha — entered teams in various sports. Intra- mural activities are conducted under the direction of Coach James Yeager. Basketball, tennis, soccer, horseshoes, wrestling and soft ball are included on the intramural sche dule. A loving cup is given to the team winning the most points each year, and permanent possession of the cup may be secured by winning it three times. So far, Sigma Tau Gamma has won the soccer tournament, and Phi Sigma Epsilon has won in basketball and wrestling. Winners in their respective weights in wrestling include Miller, Y. M. C. A., 125 lb.; Woodruff, Phi Sigma Epsilon, 135 lb.; Rothe, Phi Sigma Epsilon, 145 lb.; Brown, Kappa Beta Tau, 155 lb.; Rogers, Y. M. C. A., 165 lb.; McQueen, Sigma Tau Gamma, 175 lbs.; and Larson, Kappa Beta Tau, heavyweight division. The all-intramural basketball team chosen after the tournament, included Wylie, Sigma Tau Gamma, Forward; McQueen, Sigma Tau Gamma, guard; Woods, Independent A. C., guard; Livingston, Phi Sigma Epsilon, center; and Deets, Phi Sigma Epsilon, forward. ij »r uininj»miinimniinmii a n Toff Rou — Women’s Athletic Association. Second Row — P. E. Hockey Class; Major Club. Third Row — Sports Class. WOMEN’S PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Women’s Physical Education Department, supervised by Miss Elizabeth Barbour and Miss Geneva Millett, besides offering opportunity for physical development to all women students, offers majors and minors to those women desiring to specialize in this field. The Women’s Athletic Association is an organization of women students who are interested in the promotion of healthful living, in sportsmanship, and in all -around develop- ment in physical efficiency. It furnishes opportunity and rewards for athletic recreational activity. Among the activities sponsored by the association are soccer, hockey, speedball, basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis, swimming, dancing, hiking, and skating. The W. A. A. participates in college play days and each spring holds a play day for the high school girls of Northwestern Kansas. This year ten high schools were represented in the meet held April 2. The Major Club is an organization for those who are majoring and minoring in physical education. Its purpose is to develop interest and ability in the work of the department. Sports Class is open as an activity to any women student in the college. Many take advantage of this opportunity offered them to join in physical education activities. Red Cross Life Saving Corps Duck Club — Ducks and Ducklings LIFE SAVING AND DUCK CLUB The Red Cross Life Saving Corps is a national organization. Membership is granted only to those who have passed standard tests administered by a Red Cross representative. Mr. A. T. McCue, from national headquarters, came to Hays in February to give the tests. Edith and Yuba Hunsley obtained examiner’s certificates. Mildred Schlyer, Virginia McFarland, Ida Marie Wickizer, Margaret Nicholas, and Katherine Rhoades got senior life saving certificates. Esta Moser was granted a certificate in February 1930. The Duck Club is a student organization. It is an activity solely for those who love the sport, and who can pass the stringent tests prescribed for membership. There are two tests to pass. Those passing the first become “Ducklings”. After they pass the second and harder test, they are fulhfleJged “Ducks”. rr i Hi i m miii ' iiiti i i Top Row — Orchesus. Second Row — National character dancing class; Major club as Tumblers. ORCHESUS AND CHARACTER DANCING Orchesus is another student activity open to any woman student who is qualified by her work in an interpretative dancing class. Members of this group are afforded opportunity for original compositions. This group presented one of their compositions at the high school play day this year. Members of the Class in National and Character Dancing danced the minuet in an assembly, March 10, at a George Washington BhCentennial Program. «?f _ • U S 5 ' ' 5 ' W; $ $• ’i t »«t ' i- % " f " g " f f t % g t ' S ' n l £ ' 3! n »f ♦ ■ $ Jh Jf ft To Rout Neal, Rarick, Harbaugh. Wilkinson. Lamoreux, Lictzkc, Larson, Wylie, C. Parker, R. L. Parker, Myers. Second Row: Taylor, Landc, Carter, L. Brown, Schrincr, Firebaugh, D. Zeiglcr, Swcctland, Hawkes, Moriarty. Third Row: Gross, Rogers, Woodruff, V. Brown, R Zeiglcr, Messick, Farr, Bearlcy, Riley. THE K-CLUB Scott Wylie Farran Carter Carl Thurlow OFFICERS - - - - President ' - - Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer There are at present thirty-six active members of the K-Club on the campus. Their purpose is to assist in the sponsoring of good, clean and healthful athletic activities. During such occasions as the annual spring high school basketball tournament held at the College, the members of the K-Club play a large part in conduct- ing the programs. Membership is earned by lettering in Varsity ath- letic competitions. wl Picken Hall in Mid-Winter GLEE CLUB Tofy Row: Gardner, Drake, Walker, Benson, Malloy, Pope, Moran, Olson, Bock, Colborg. Middle Row: Wright, Abell, Siding, McReynolds, I. Wickizer, Start, Enfield, Winters, Hunt, Reisig. Bottom Row: Rogers, Dennis, Early, Si.immick, Butler, Jacobson, Spangler, Hilsabeck, G. Wickizer, Trainer. STRING ENSEMBLE Benson, Gardner, Enfield, Hilsapcck, Hunt, G. Wickizer. Moran, WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB AND STRING ENSEMBLE - s . Is. I f 5 1 f Wn 1 W i sfi » A « " ?! ft’ ft firs m SB, ft, ▼ » T fHhUH Bert Bingaman MEN ' S GLEE CLUB MEMBERS Ralph Jackson Kirk Raynesford Clayton Campbell Francis Jennings Adrian Scheer Ammon Childs Wayne Johnson Dee Shire Homer Courtney Lowell Knisley Harold Smedley Clayton Czeskleba Kenneth Kysar Randall Tucker Raymond Darland Theron LaPlante Roger Unruh Harry Davis Raymond Lappin Loren Wellman Earle Davison Clarence Leonard Meryl Wamhoff Beryl Deeble Ralph Leonard Joe Fisher Charles Eads Vyrl Levan Paul King Maurice Faulkner William Maas John Baldwin Keith Forney Richard McFadden Francis Barry Wesley Freeman Carroll McQueen James Vaughan Fred Georg William Malcolm O. P. Weigel Clarence Glantz Norville Miller Leo Legleiter Paul Green George Missimer Ward Hampton Vernon Neidig GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Vyrl Levan ------ President Charles Eads ----- Vice-President Clayton Campbell - - - - Secretary-Treasurer Davis MEN’S QUARTETTE Levan Forney Unruh .... ... K. S. C. FORT HAYS CONCERT BAND Cornets Faulkner, Maurice Wickizer, James Kingsley, Marlyn Barclay, Royer Knisley, Lowell Cobb, Preston Maxwell, Donald Christensen, Gordon Roenne, Henry Carton, Erma Benson, Lula Birrer, Clarence Flutes Clarinets Smedley, Harold Schlegel, Sylvia Bigler, Horace Calvert, Nadyne Levan, Vyrl Tinker, Randall Raynesford, Kirk Hoke, Ernest Miller, Helen Bass Clarinet Riedel, Bernard Saxophones Heidman, Manetta Gramzow, Rosa Wheat, Helen Russell, Bertha Inlow, Vivian Blakely, Max Oboe Wickizer, Ida M. Bassoon Schlegel, Stflla Horns Green, Vivien Herrman, Mary Baritones Palmer, Harold Fink, Viola Carr, Vern Sch legel, Elmer SwEETLAND, RALPH Carton, Bee Ganoung, Noel Huxmann, Opal Percussion VanDoren, Loyal Bunt, Dorothy Scott, George Moran, Dorothy Williams, Elton Trombones Wilson, Lloyd Roenne, Glenn Nash, Leslie Schmidt, George Burnett, Robert Basses Brungardt, Bernard Weigel, O. P. Corder, Irvin Frederick E. Green Director K. S. C. ORCHESTRA First Violins Second Violins Violas Mrs. H. E. Malloy Fr. Alfred Carney Gertrude Gardner Lulu Benson Bonnie Zimmerman Zelma Jane Felten Clayton Czeskleda Dorothy Moran HENRY EDWARD MALLOY Director Lucille Felten Gladys Wickizer Josephine Hunt Beryl Gardner Adrian Scheer Hazel Sieling Minnie M. Griffin Opal Huxmann Lowell Knisley John Bissing O. P. Weigel Mary E. Enfield Cellos Robert Gantner Allan Rankin Bass Viols Eleanor Winters Letha Abell Hobart Davis Piano Helen Butler Flutes Vivian Green Ernestine Fields Oboes Ida M. Wickizer Mr. Yourak Horns Elmer Schlegel Lawrence Rarick Trumpets Maurice Faulkner Marlyn Kingsley Clarinets Harold Smedley Vyrl Levan Bassoon Stella Schlegel Trombone Lloyd Wilson THE REVEILLE The 1932 Reveille has been published by the Junior Class although some of the staff members have been Sophomores upon whose shoulders will rest the responsibility of next year’s book. The success of this volume is due to the cooperation and support extended by students, faculty and business firms of Hays. THE STAFF Fred Hemphill Norman Lietzke Katherine Rhoades: Edith Hunsley - - Editor • Assistant Editor Organizations - Features Earl E. Strimple - Henry Buck Delwin Allphin Shirley Baird Virgil Basgall - Business Manager Assistant Business Manager - V omen’s Sports - - Men’s Sports Faculty Sponsor THE STATE COLLEGE LEADER The Leader, as a student publication, aims to present a weekly picture of the campus life. It strives for the betterment of student activities and the promotion of good will and is a medium through which alumni may keep in touch with the college. Lon Robinson Virgil Basgall Edith Hunsley THE STAFF Editor Sports Society Earl E. Strimple Scott Wylie Clyde Parker Walter Wallerstedt - Faculty Sponsor Business Manager -ft y. w. c. a. The Young Women’s Christian Association has a threefold aim: 1. To unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. 2. To determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. 3. In this task to seek to understand Jesus and follow Him. THE CABINET Lillian Claar - - - President Mildred Schlegel Devotional Chairman Alice Beesley - - Vice-President Virginia Maxwell Social Service Chairman Lucille Thompson - - Treasurer Rachel Bartholomew - Big Sister Chairman Fern Lacey - Secretary Julia Tonkin Freshman Chairman Grace Beesley - - Finance Chairman Mary Reynolds - Music Chairman Bee Garton - Membership Chairman Thelma Daniels - Social Chairman Miss Maude Gorham and Miss Margaret Dresher - Faculty Advisors Y. M. C. A. The Young Men’s Christian Association, a student movement of world wide organi- zation, endeavors to live life at its finest. Any young man who will try to live up to the best that life has to offer is welcome to membership. THE OFFICERS Marion Coulson - President Lawrence Carlton - Vice-President Robert Burnett Secretary-Treasurer PROFESSIONAL CLUB The Professional Club is composed of Engineers, Pre-Law students and Pre-Medic students. It is an activity organized to promote a professional feeling among members. THE OFFICERS Delwin Allphin Forest Gregory - Edgar King - V irlen Rogers - Ray Messick - Floyd B. Lee - - President - Engineer Vice-President Pre-Law V ice-President Pre-Medic Vice-President - Secretary-T reasurer - Faculty Advisor PI GAMMA MU A National Honorary Social Science Fraternity The purpose of Pi Gamma Mu fraternity, which has been on the Hays campus for one year, is the promotion of the ideals of scholarship, scientific attitude and method and social service in relation to all social problems. THE OFFICERS Gerald Long - President Ruthetta Krause -------- Vice-President C. H. Landrum -------- Secretary-Treasurer STUDENT-FACULTY ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE This group, chosen from the Student Council, has as its duty the reviewing of discip- linary cases presented to the Council. After they are reviewed, they are presented to and acted upon by the Council, then presented to President W. A. Lewis for his consideration. THE COMMITTEE Orvis Grout Victor Hubbs Alice Beesley Dean Floyd B. Lee ------ Faculty Advisor PHI SIGMA EPSILON National Social Fraternity Established at K. S. C. 1930 THE OFFICERS Thomas Hines Jesse Woodruff Fred Dellett Carl Firebaugh President Vice-President Secretary - T reasurer MEMBERS Thomas Hines, Jess Woodruff, Milton Deets, Herman Rothe, Tine Harbaugh, Wade Moriarty, Carl Firebaugh, Charlie Northrop, Lynn Drake, Arlyn Drake, John Mays, Gayle Ryan, Gordon Farr. Willis Neal, Bert Lane, Ward Shull, William Nichols, Arthur Livingston, Varrian Tritt, Albert Hawkes, George Balls, Orvis Grout, Virgil Basgall, Robert Mosier, Farran Carter, Richard McFadden, Max Cregor, Fred Dellett, Alec Francis, Joe Goodrich, George Mahoney, George Missimer, Royal Meuli, Ray Morton, Pat Noble, Russell Schmitt. COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club is an organization for those students particularly interested in Commerce. Its members receive an activity credit for each semester they are members. Officers are elected for a term of one semester. Fall Semester Frank Perkins Victor Hubbs Brooka Knowles Ella Major - L. L. Thompson OFFICERS - President Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer Spring Semester Louie Garlow Norine Schlyer Darrell Baker Lucretia Davis Faculty Sponsor HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club was organized in 1925 for those women interested in Home Economics. Activity credit is granted members. Officers serve a term of one year. Membership is voluntary. OFFICERS Florence Pope - Agnes McPeak Annabelle Dickinson Arva Davis - - President Vice-President Secretary-T reasurer - Editor Miss Manetta Heidman - Faculty Sponsor SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB The Social Science Club is an o rganization for those students who are interested in the Social Sciences. Membership is open and those enrolled receive activity credit. Joe Fisher Dwight Burkhead Helen Starbuck OFFICERS - - - - - - President - - - - - Vice-President - - - - Secretary-T reasurer ENGLISH CLUB The English Club is a society for English students. The programs include a study of the various forms of literature and different authors. Membership is open to all who are inter- ested. Activity credit is given. OFFICERS Dorothy Bischof Thelma Wilson - Bernadine Cooper T. W. Wells President - Vice-President Secretary-T reasurer Faculty Sponsor Purc HO ART LOVERS CLUB The Art Lovers Club gives lovers of art a chance to study the different forms and branches of art. One project of the club is the annual Art Exhibit held in Forsyth Library during the Music Festival. Membership is open and activity credit is given. Fall Semester Alice Greenwald Beulah Courtney Evelyn Pauly OFFICERS - President - Vice-President Secretary-T reasurer Spring Semester Esther Lanning Ruth Polson • Evelyn Pauly SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club is an activity organization composed of those students particularly interested in the Sciences. Officers are elected for terms of one semester. Fall Semester Charles Irvin Virgil Brown Edwin Van Doren Donald Williams - Carl Firebaugh - Lyman D. Wooster OFFICERS - President - V ice-President - Secretary Treasurer Serjeant-at-arms Spring Semester Fred Dellett Raymond Darland Thelma Daniels - Lynn Drake George Mahoney Faculty Sponsor PRESS CLUB The Press Club is a group of students majoring or minoring in Journalism who write for the college publications. The Press Club is soon to become a chapter of a national journalistic fraternity. OFFICERS Virgil Basgall - Charlie Northrop - Lodema Young - President Vice-President Secretary-T reasurer Earl E. Strimple - Faculty Sponsor QUILL CLUB AND AEREND The Quill Club is organized to publish the Aerend, a Kansas Quarterly. This magazine is composed of prose and poetry written by students and faculty members. All students are invited to contribute. R. R. Macgregor Editor-in-Chief Page HI PEP CLUB The Pep Club of K. S. C. has as its aim the promotion of spirit and enthusiasm at all college contests. Membership is open to those interested in the activities of such an organiza tion. Delwin Allphin Ann Angell John Baldwin Pauline Bergin Bert Bingaman Helen Butler Florence Byers Gladys Chegwidden Ammon Childs Helen Dannefer Vester Davidson Maurine Faulkner Josephine Grundmeier Stella Haise Opal Herbert Elinor Herl Gladys Houghton MEMBERS Fayne Hubbell Edith Hunsley Yuba Hunsley Arlien Jennings Gerald Long Robert McElfresh June McElroy Virginia McFarland Delbert McQueen Walter Park Scotty Philip Katherine Pratt Duward Rabourn Irene Randall Katherine Rhoades Carol Robinson E. E. Strimple, Sponsor Melva Rodrick Winifred Roe Glenna Rogers Margaret Rogers Lawrence Romeiser Jewell Royse John Sauerwein Jauanita Scanland Gladys Spaniol Mandy Lou Spaniol Lucille Tichenor Louise Twenter Loren Wellman Pearl Wenger Ida Marie Wickizer Martha Wright Martha Wylie Bergin Hark ness Hunsley Marshall McWilliams Northup Pratt Roysc Siding Wenger PANHELLENIC Organized December 12, 1925 Panhellenic was organized to foster good fellowship among so- rorities on the K. S. C. campus. The organization surpervises rush week, makes rules and regulations for all activities of sororities. The following sororities are represented: Theta Sigma Upsilon, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Pi Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Epsilon, and Sigma Sigma Sigma. Angell Beesley H. Bock C. Bock Broad ie Butler Christensen Enfield Krause Pope Randall Sieling Wenger Wickizer Cruise SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Established K. S. C. Hays, 1925 Colors: Royal Purple and White Flower: Purple Violet MEMBERS Ann Angell, Portis Alice Beesley, Gove Helene Bock, Goodland Clara Bock, Goodland Helen Butler, Winona Anna Christensen, Menlo Esther Williams, Winona Mary E. Enfield, Hays Ruthetta Krause, LaCrosse Florence Pope, Selden Hazel Sieling, Hays Pearl Wenger, Selden Gladys Wickizer, Hays Pledge: Margaret Rogers, Smith Center To Row: Bartcll, Bunt, Davidson, Faulkner, Haise, Haynie, Herbert, Hilsabeck. Second Row: Long, K. Marshall, M. Marshall, Effie McWilliams, E. McWilliams, B. Meyer, J. Meyer, Murdock. Bottom Row. B. Robinson, C. Robinson, Russell, E. Stradal, N. Stradal, Symons, Twenter, Wilson, Zink. DELTA SIGMA EPSILON Established at K. S. C. Hays, 1925 Colors: Olive Green and Cream Flower: Cream Tea Rose MEMBERS Alice Bartell, Ellis Vena Mae Davidson, Hays Maurine Faulkner, Great Bend Stella Haise, Russell Opal Herbert, Ellis Betty Hilsabeck, Glasco Vivian Inlow, Hill City Ellen Long, Wakeeney Kathryn Marshall, Collyer Mildred Marshall, Stockton Effie Mae McWilliams, Hays Bonnie Zink, Turon Berniece Meyer, Bison Juanita Meyer, Bison Madelyn Murdock, Dodge City Barbara Robinson, LaCrosse Carol Robinson, Lucas Bertha Russell, LaCrosse Ellen Stradal, Collyer Norma Stradal, Collyer Catherine Symons, Liberal Louise Twenter, Hays Thelma Wilson, LaCrosse Pledges: Dorothy Bunt, Claflin; Christine Haynie, Ransom; Elizabeth McWilliams, Hays; Glenna Rogers, Haven; Juanita Scanland, Haven; Agnes Skolout, Beardsley; Looema Young, Hill City. Top Rou : Bcrgin, Bloome, G. Chegwidden, M. Chegwidden, Colahan, Cox, Dennis, Dierrich. Second Row: Grundmcier, Harold, Hardy, Hunslcy, Jacobs, Kohler, Matthew, Ncy. Bottom Row. Nicholas, Northup, Rhoades, Schlycr, G. Spaniol, A. Spaniol, Start, Stull. THETA SIGMA UPSILON Established at K. S. C. Hays , 1929 Colors: Rose and Silver Flower: Rose MEMBERS Pauline Bergin, Boguc Eloise Bloome, Rexford Gladys Chegwidden, Lucas Nova Cox, Collyer Kathlyn Dennis, Woodston Beryl Harold, Hoxie Edith Hunsley, Larned Marietta Jacobs, Hays Harriet Matthew, Little Rock, Ark. Margaret Nicholas, Salina Eileen Northup, Quinter Katherine Rhoades, Hays Mildred Schlyer, Hays Gladys Spaniol, Dodge City Amanda Lou Spaniol, Dodge City Alice Start, Hays Genevieve Stull, Palco Marthella Baker, Wakeeney; Marion Chegwidden, Wilson; Julia Colahan, Codell; Josephine Grundmeier, Gorham; Fay Hardy, Hays; Arlene Kobler, Penokee; Evelyn Ney, Dorrance. Baird Davis Dempsey Harkness Henderson Pauley Freeman Pratt Reece Rcincckc Riley Winters ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Established at K. S. C. Hays, 1928 Colors: Pearl White and Crimson; Palm Green and Gold Flowers: Aster and Narcissus MEMBERS Shirley Baird, Almena Gaynelle Davis, Hays Beth Harkness, Hays Stella Hupfer, Bunker Hill Evelyn Pauly, Logan Louie Platts Freeman, Wellsford Katherine Pratt, Studley Mary Gayle Reece, Spivey Marguerite Riley, Scott City Eleanor Winters, Hays Marjorie Walker, Brownell Pledges: Helen Dempsey, Jewell; Elizabeth Eppstein, Great Bend; Dorothy Henderson, Hays; Alta Miller, Nekoma; Ethel Miller, Nekoma; Geneva Reinecke, Great Bend. Arnhold Cline Dickerson Elliott Griffith Hibhs Hunsley Lyons McFarland McIntosh McPeak Richwine Roc A. Royse J. Royse Smith Spencer Trainer PI KAPPA SIGMA Established at K. S. C. Hays, 1930 Colors: Turquoise and Gold Flowers: Yellow Jonquils and Forget-me-nots MEMBERS Agnes Arnhold, Hays Katharyn Dickerson, Cimarron Bernice Elliott, Weskan Crystal Griffith, Edmond Leola Gustafson, Winona Elizabeth Hibbs, Stafford Yuba Hunsley, Larned Janice Lyons, Ford Agnes McPeak, Hunter Bernice Richwine, Holcomb Winifred Roe, Russell Jewell Royse, Langdon Margaret Smith, Great Bend Lucille Spencer, Rocky Ford, Colo. Malee Trainer, Cimarron Pledges: Alta Cline, Oakley; Virginia McFarland, Hutchinson; Audra Royse, Langdon. Top Row: Bunt. Drake, Feltcn, G. Gardner, Huxmann, Lacey. Second Row. Malcolm. Malloy. McReynolds, Moran, Northup, Olson. Third Row: Reece, Reynolds, Wallace, Wickizer, Wright. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA National Honorary Music Fraternity for Women Established K. S. C. Hays 1931 Colors: Red and White MEMBERS Dorothy Bunt, Claflin Helen Butler, Winona Helen Drake, Rozel Lucile Felten, Hays Ernestine Fields, Hays Gertrude Gardner, Great Bend Josephine Hunt, Hays Opal Huxmann, Arnold Fern Lacey, Sharon Springs Helen Malcolm, Almena Pledges: Lula Benson, Hays; Berenice Myers, Norcatur; Clara Malloy, Hays Wilda C. McReynolds, Montezuma Dorothy Moran, Nekoma Kathleen Northup, Wakeeney Grace Olson, Alexander Mary Gayle Reece, Spivey Mary Reynolds, Grainfield Florence Wallace, Hays Ida M. Wickizer, Hays Martha Wright, Kinsley ; Beryl Gardner, Great Bend; Maurine Shimmick, Jennings. Bock Mooney Spoclstra Bccslcy Heidman KAPPA OMICRON PHI National Home Economics, Honorary Established at K. S. C. Hays, 1925 Colors: Red and Gold Flower: Poppy OFFICERS Helene Bock, Goodland - Margaret Mooney, Hanston - Grace Spoelstra, Prairie View - Alice Beesley, Gove - Miss Manetta Heidman - President Vice-President Secretary - T reasurer Faculty Sponsor MEMBERS Alice Bartell, Ellis Annabelle Dickinson, Gorham Florence Pope, Selden Pearl Wenger, Selden Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Bottom Row: Allphin, Baker, Barclay, Barnard, Buck, Campbell, Cooper, Davidson. Davis, Dccblc, Fincham, Hemphill, Hoopcs, Hubbs, Jones, Lappin. Lictzke, McDowell, McGrath, McQueen, Mehl, Park, Parker, Rarick. Rcetz, Scrpan, Shryock, Taylor, Vaughan, Wamhoff, Woody, Wylie, Zeigler. SIGMA TAU GAMMA Established at K. S. C. Hays, 1926 Colors: Purple and White Flower: White Rose Pledges: MEMBERS Delwin Allphin, Palco Henry Buck, Belleville Clayton Campbell, Victor Roy Cooper, Wilson Vester Davidson, Hays Harry Davis, St. John Adrian Dawson, Hoisington Ellis Easter, Randall Jack Fincham, Pratt Fred Hemphill, Clay Center Ernest Hoopes, Lucas Robert Hoover, Macksville Victor Hubbs, Dorrance Casey Jones, Hill City Otto Kobler, Penokee Virgil Cook, Gove; Glenn Rogers, Plainville; Robert Hoover, Macksville. Norman Lietzke, Augusta Jack McDowell, Hays James McGrath, Hays Delbert McQueen, Quinter Merwyn Miller, Hays Walter Park, Gorham Lawrence Rarick, Hays Nolan Reetz, Augusta Edward Serpan, LaCrosse Hubert Shryock, Augusta Beverly Taylor, Ness City James Vaughan, Greenville, S. C. Meryl Wamhoff, Holyrood Merlin Wilkinson, Quinter Scott Wylie, Quinter Donald Zeigler, Codell Rennie Zeigler, Codell; Ogden Kadel, Victor; Top Row: Second Row: Third Row : Bottom Row: Baldwin, Bingaman, Breneman, Childs, Christensen, Corder, Czeskleba, Darland. Davis, Eads, Faulkner, Forney, Georg C. Glantz, M. Glantz, Green. Kingsley, Kysar, Lamoreux, Levan, Maas, Matcom, Malloy, Maxwell. Neidig, Palmer, Raynesford, Reed, Robinson, Tucker, Weigel, Wickizer, Williams. PHI MU ALPHA Established at K. S. C. Hays, 1926 Colors: Red, Black, Gold MEMBERS Brighton Arnold, O ' allah Paul Beckhelm, Hays Bert Bingaman, Oakley Ammon Childs, Rexford Raymond Darland, Codell Hobart Davis, Hays Charles Eads, Quinter Maurice Faulkner, Great Bend Keith Forney, LaCrosse Fred Georg, Alexander Frederick Green, Hays Marlyn Kingsley, Ellis Howard Lamoreux, Oakley Vyrl Levan, Ness City William Maas, Ford William Malcolm, Almena Henry Edward Malloy, Hays Harold Palmer, Hays Lon Robinson, LaCrosse Melvin Torrey, Hays Randall Tucker, Codell Ralph Veasey, Drumright, Okla. O. P. Weigel, Hays Loren Wellman, Abilene Pledges: Gordon Christensen, Menlo; Clayton Czeskleba, Hays; Clarence Glantz, Bison; Maynard Glantz, Bison; Kenneth Kysar, Wakeeney; Donald Maxwell, Menlo; Earl Meuli, Elmo; Norville Miller, Hays; Vernon Neidig, Kanorado; Kirk Raynesford, Ellis; Larry Reed, Stockton; Harold Smedley, Phillipsburg; James Wickizer, Hays; Elton Williams, Ness City. Page 92 Top Row: Second Row: Third Row: Pottom Ron: Bieber, Blakely, Brown, Burkhead, Campbell, Carlilc, Cook, Coulson, Cunningham. Freeman, Helm, Hoagland, King, Knislcy, Larson, Lawson, C. Leonard. R. Leonard, Lockhart, Long, McElfresh, Messick, Mitchell, Newman, Stewart. Unruh, E. VanDoren, L. VanDoren, Wallcrstcdt, D Williams, M. Williams, Wilson, Wyatt, Yasmer. KAPPA BETA TAU Organized, 1928 Colors: Black and White Flower: White Carnation MEMBERS Bernard Bieber, Kinsley Max Blakely, Ogallah Virgil Brown, Oakley Roy Campbell, Hays Eugene Carlile, Jctmore Marion Coulson, Plains Lloyd Cunningham, Hays Wesley Freeman, Wcllsford Forrest Gregory, Great Bend Theodore Gumble, Jcrmorc Glenn Hayes, Rossvillc William Helm, Simpson Doyle Hoagland, Jctmore Charles Irvin, Clifton Lloyd King, Jctmore Lowell Knisley, Logan Willard Larson, Sharon Springs Oliver Lawson, Cuba Clarence Leonard, Hanston Ralph Leonard, Hanston Orval Lockhart, Luray Gerald Long, Wakccncy Roy Lovrrr, Utica Robert McElfresh, Kanorado Ray Messick, Oakley William Mitchell, Ness City Vernon Moreman, Rossvillc Pledges Ray Beesley, Gove; Carl Boxberger, Russell; Virlf.n Rogers, Luray; Milton Wolf, Nash, Luray; Wayne Maxwell, Gove. Lawrence Meyers, Oakley Charles Newman, Rozcl Herman Search, Hutchinson William Stewart, Weskan Roger Unruh, Pawnee Rock Edwin VanDoren, Hays Loyal VanDoren, Hays Walter Wallerstedt, Hays Wilbur Weigand, LaCrosse Donald Williams, Luray Marion Williams, Partridge Merwin Wilson, Mulvane Lowell Yasmer, Arnold Holcomb; Frank Hefner, Gove; Leslie Page 93 r$. — Bahl Davis Frusher Knowles Kolsky Griffith Perkins Schlycr Thompson PI OMEGA PI National Honorary Commercial Fraternity Established K. S. C. Hays, 1929 MEMBERS Andrew Bahl, Hays Lucretia Davis, Mentor Helen Frusher, Jctmorc Louie Garlow, Ames Crystal Griffith, Edmond Victor Hubbs, Dorrance Leonard W. Thompson, Faculty Sponsor drooka Knowles, Kirwin Esther Kolsky, Logan Ruthetta Krause, LaCrosse Ella Major, Dorrance Frank Perkins, Goodland Norine Schlyer, Hays Start Freeman King McKee Griffith Hunsley McIntosh Jones PI KAPPA DELTA AND DEBATE TEAMS Edgar King and Wesley Freeman as the Men’s Team and Crystal Griffith and Clara McIntosh as the Women’s Team represented K. S. C. at the Pre-Season Debate Tournament at Winfield, December 4 and 5, 1931. Edgar King and Adrian Dawson represented K. S. C. in a freshman debate with Garden City Junior College held at Hays February 5. Edgar King represented K. S. C. in oratory and extempore speaking in the contest of the Kansas State Oratorical League, held at Manhattan March 11 and 12. A debate with Denver University was held at K. S. C. March 21. Edgar King and Wesley Freeman were the members of the K. S. C. team. This was a non-decision debate. The K. S. C. delegation to the national Pi Kappa Delta convention held at Tulsa, Oklahoma, from March 28 to April 1 included Edgar King, Wesley Freeman, Crystal Griffith, Clara McIntosh and J. R. Start. All of these contestants were entered in the debate. Edgar King was also the K. S. C. representative in oratory and extempore speaking. DEBATE SQUADS Men Edgar King Wesley Freeman C. W. Mckee Adrian Dawson Women Clara McIntosh Crystal Griffith Pearl Jones Yuba Hunsley SMILEY ' S SINFONIANS Smiley and his Sinfonians furnished the dance music for the Reveille Frolic, January 28, at which Berniece Meyer and Orvis Grout were selected as the most popu- lar students present. Many a crowd at the varsity dances have applauded to the Sinfonians’ music. CELEBRATION Popularity A few familiar grins, and poses, selected at random, showing a few of our idle pastimes. It ' s always fair weather when good fel- lows get together. Note the painted dolls, and the good oP gangs. " Sid " Robinson, state middleweight ama- teur boxing champ; hurdlers and dash men; Director Green gives the band a rest; Tiger cagers arrive home after a vic- torious trip. Visitors who helped Fort Hays Kansas State celebrate her thirtieth anniversary, with a couple of scenes to cool you off when thinking of that hot June day Hays had its beginning October 10, 1867, when the Union Pacific railroad then building from Kansas City, Mo., to Denver, Colo., made its ‘ " tracks’ end” for the winter. Probably no frontier town of the late ' 60’s” and early ”7 0’s” attracted as much attention in the Eastern newspapers of that day as did Hays. It is now the seat of the Fort Hays Kansas State College, St. Joseph’s Catholic College, Fort Hays Experiment Station, containing 3600 acres, the largest in operation, and the Kansas Frontier Historical Park. The Hays Chamber of Commerce has played a most important part in the development of the city of Hays, and the various colleges that now surround and make up a part of the city. It is the will of the Chamber of Commerce of Hays to have and help build the most desirable community that any American Citizen would wish to inhabit. FRANCES NICKLES, Secretary . Hays of today Pane 10$ FROM ME TO THEE Hear Ye! Hear Ye! New Students of the Old Institution: Upon arriving on this campus, begin not as I began (learning by experience), but take this advice from an old timer. It’s all in the way you get started. You of the male sex, bring along Pop’s best pipe, for you’ll never amount to a darn till you acquire the art. Apply for entrance to Jimmie’s Smoker, a southern school of smoking technique. As to clothes, search the rag bag, fray the bottoms of the well worn trousers, and splotch with glorious reds and blues. If you are fortunate enough to make the basketball squad, for heaven’s sake indulge not in pie eating contests in neighboring towns — it may place your name on the ineligibility list for the year. And girls, nothing is important in the apparel you bring along except the length of the skirts. You must swish and swash around to gain comment. Favorable? Well, not necessarily. Bring along a notary public to witness a contract with your housemother, the contract to very specifically state you are to have hot water once during the semester. Even this does not surely spell success. Stay home from the first two or three varsity dances until the men get some extra practice — unless you wish to be toughened up for a place on the football squad. Boys and girls, when the registration nightmare meets you, do not brave its terrors alone. Seek out Jess Schmitt, Tine Harbaugh, Alice Bartell, Henry Buck, Dean Wiruth, Scott Wylie, or Marge Walker. They’ll give you the low down on the professors you can win with a smile, a few nonsensical words, or a pat on the cheek. To put yourself in the public eye from the very first, absolutely refuse to wear a frosh cap. Everybody will surely go gaga over you. Don’t waste your assembly cuts — the women’s glee club sings the last part of the semester. Learn to play bridge if a member of any of Strimple’s classes; these extra curricular activities are important. You are expected to eat the traditional breakfast of “roll an’ cuppa coffee” at the Tiger cafe. (Unless you have a class under Doc Morris — this makes you exempt for the semester). Above all, remember that frosh go to the library to study. The Tiger is reserved for the “work” of upper classmen. (Back booth leased by Chief). Luck to You. Page 106 “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch youm.” — Artemus Ward. • The business houses who have supported the 1932 Reveille by buying advertising space in this section have helped the staff out of a ticklish situation. It was their co- operation that made possible the publi- cation of this year book. They deserve your goodwill and patronage. Page 107 ELITE Cafe It is our wish that the REASONABLE PRICES PROMPT SERVICE HOME COOKING Fort Hays K. S. C. Class of 1932 will always be successful We now have an an- nex to accommodate our increased business Mrs. John Sahli Proprietor West 10th HAYS - - - - KANSAS Citizens Lumber Se Supply Co. HAYS --- - KANSAS State College : Greenhouse ■ V7HETHER you are young or old you have a sweetheart, or wife, or VV someone whom you care for more than all the rest. Maybe it is your mother to whom you wish to show your yearning affections. There are times when you want to express your thoughts of her so she can really know that she is the one whom you most highly esteem. Flowers represent the brightest, finest, and choicest period of any time — they give her those sweet inspirations of love, which is more intense, absorbing, and tender than friendship. If you are desirous to cheer, please, and make her happy there is the one-and-only gift that truly expresses the amiable spirit. " Our Flowers Please " Phone 624 Hays, Kansas Page 108 EKEY STUDIO Finest of Photographs 135 West Eighth HAYS KANSAS Page 109 WHEN RECALLING COLLEGE MEMORIES REMEMBER THE B-C-UmqXa Your Rexall Store Friendly Service Phone 80 Topeka Salina HAYS CITY DRUG STORE KANSAS Hays Lawrence THE W. O. ANDERSON COMMISSION CO. Specialists in Wholesale Fruit and Produce Prescriptions , Drugs and Sodas Hays, Kansas Long Distance 449 Telephone 455 Member of Western Fruit Jobbers Association WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE N. F. Arnhold Sons " The Comer Drug Store” McCORMICK DEERING FARM IMPLEMENTS Phone 348 HAYS - - - KANSAS Repairs, Hardware, Paint and Radios Phone 174 Hays Plainville Page 1 10 THE HAYS DAILY NEWS BUTLER’S ELLIS CO. WEEKLY NEWS Furniture. Floor Coverings, Commercial Job Printing Undertaking Largest and Best Equipped Job Printing Plant in North- Radios, Electric Refrigerators, western Kansas Picture Framing All Kinds of Commercial Job Printing GEO. H BUTLER News Publishing Funeral Director Company HAYS, KANSAS Frank Motz. Manager Store 50 Phones Res. 77 5 Baldwin Straube Gulbransen and Starr Pianos Philco Radios Wind and String Instruments See Us for Better Vision If Its Music See Us All Broken Lens Replaced Czeskleba Music l Optical Co. The Home of Better Music and Optical Service Page 111 National Life Insurance Company of the United States of America ¥ Compliments of ARTHUR HEMPHILL LESTER KRAUSE G. H. HOWER FRANCIS COYLE MARTIN EASTLACK C. EDWARD LAW JAMES S. BARROW W Student Loans and Insurance a Specialty W Barrow-Hemphill Agency Hays Phone 1 1 0 Kansas Page 112 cidents and treasured friendships of your college days will fade from your memory. To preserve these things for your future pleasure, we have printed this booh for your school. A good book, like a good friend, grows in value as the years go by. Keep this volume carefully, and it will give you much gratification and enjoyment in the years to come. THE CONSOLIDATED SAUNA, KANSAS 1 I II I W ITH EACH PASSINC YEAR THIS BOOK, YOUR ANNUAL, WILL CAIN IN IMPORTANCE AS YOU THUMB THE PACES IN THE YEARS TO COME, PHOTOGRAPHS AND PIC- TURES WILL BRING BACK WISTFUL MEMORIES OF TESTER- DAY. . WE, AS ARTISTS AND ENGRAVERS ARE CLAD TO HAVE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY OF RECORDING A CROSS SECTION OF YOUR LIFE OF TODAY-THAT YOUR YEAR BOOK MAY BE A PICTORIAL MONUMENT FOR TOMORROW. THE MID-CONTINENT ENGRAVING COMPANY WICHITA, KANSAS FOOT HEALTH Phone 53 Sick shoes make sick feet Sick feet make sick people Home Phone 302 Here’s your right prescription Let Us REBUILD YOUR SHOES Schlegel Shoe Service 1 1 3 W. 1 0th Look for the Red Boot Geo. Philip Dealer in Mail us your Shoes HARDWARE OUR PLEDGE The Best for the Students of F. H. K. S. C. We have served to the student patronage in the past, the best enter- tainment in pictures. Fox Strand Cattaragus Cutlery Clauss Shears Eighth and Main HAYS - - - KANSAS Kream Krust Bread for .... Sandwiches — Toast A LARGE DISPLAY, FRESH EVERY DAY Cakes ' Cookies - Rolls - Candies Larzalere Bakery Phone 640 Hays, Kansas Page 113 First National Bank Since 1888, the year in which this Bank was founded, The First National has played a prominent role in the progress of Hays and the surrounding community in its agriculture, stockraising and other industries. Forty-four years of contact with the people and their in- dustries in this part of the State has placed The First National in a position to serve these interests even better today. • THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK HAYS, KANSAS “ The Oldest Bank in Ellis County” I’agc 114 Style You Will Always Find the Newest Cre- ations in Wearing Apparel for Men, Women, and Children at This Store If You Really Want the New Things You Will Not Regret a Visit To The LA K- T0R£ ALEX 6. B I 5 5 I N 3 South Main Hays, Kansas Watson’s Brands of Food Products Higher Quality Highest and Best Quality Lower Price High Quality for Low Prices XyX? THE WATSON WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. Kansas Page 115 TIGER CAFE Daintiest of Plate Lunches Short Orders Kistwitches Fountain Service Serves You With Service as well as Choicest of Quality DITCH BROS. Prop. Phone 33 Hays, Kansas OSHANT’S 5c, 10c and $1 Store BETTER MERCHANDISE FOR LESS “Leaders in Our Lines ' HEINIE HERBIG Hays, Kansas MEN’S AND BOYS’ STORE Everything to Wear For the College Man Geyer Brothers, Druggists WE ARE ANXIOUS TO SERVE YOU Our store consists of the following: A high-class Prescription Department, always in charge of a registered pharmacist. A Toilet Department that is not equalled anywhere in this part of the state for its stock of high-grade perfumeries and toiletries. AN UP-TO-DATE SODA FOUNTAIN, COM- PLETELY OPERATED THE ENTIRE YEAR Victor Radios and Victrolas - RCA Radiolas IN OUR CANDY DEPARTMENT We Feature Mrs. Stover’s Bungalow Candies, in Various Assort- ments; Johnston’s Package Line of Chocolates and Fancy Candies. Page 116 St. Anthony’s Hospital HAYS, KANSAS Sister M. Evarista, R. N. Superintendent This space reserved and paid for by The Active Staff Page 117 The Guide to High Grade Foods Over three hundred LEE brand pro- ducts offer you a wide choice of pun delicious foods — something for every occasion, something for every taste AT YOUR GROCER’S To The Class of Red’s Clean Shop The College Barbers Skilled to meet the wants and demands of college students GAY TILLOTTSON, Prop. Phone 545 HAYS, KANSAS Laundry and Dry Cleaning MONUMENTS Your Patronage Appreciated E J. HOCH Hays - - - Kansas T. G. Reed Sons We extend our congratulations and best wishes for a joyous, prosperous career. The Hays City Flour Mills Manufacturers of Semolino Flour HAYS .... KANSAS EXCLUSIVE Groceries and Meats Fresh Fruits and Vegetables MODERN OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE Phone 480 Hays, Kansas Page 118 A BOOK STORE Order From Us Any Book — School — College — or Literature We have an exceptional line of: Stationery Party Goods School Supplies Office Supplies Typewriters Filing Cabinets Equipment Life-time Pens MARKWELL’S BOOK STORE HAYS - - - - - - KANSAS A Future President Somewhere in the United States a future president is studying his lessons, or building a foundation of ability and learning. He is doing it with the aid of the kindly glow of “the sun’s only rival” — ELECTRIC LIGHT Hays ------- Kansas Page 119 This Bank Invites Your Business and Assures Its Customers Personal Atten- tion and The Very Best of Service CAPITAL AND SURPLUS $100,000.00 Signifying, STRENGTH SECURITY EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT N. F. ARNHOLD, President F. W. ARNHOLD, Cashier JACOB BRULL, Vice President NORA L. COLAHAN, Assistant Cashier V. A. WEIGEL, Vice President N. L. DlNGES, Assistant Cashier The Farmers State Bank HAYS CITY, KANSAS THE BANK WHERE YOU FEEL AT HOME Ed BURGE CAFE LEBANON HAYS CONCORDIA We’re here to serve the students who want the best. A satisfied customer is a steady customer. Kenneth “Doc” Tallman, Manager 1 106 Main Phone 989 Page 120 Always Welcome to HAYS Make our store your headquarters while here. We carry a complete line of — Candies Stationery Correspondence Books and Paper College Text Books and Supplies nm i rnr C. W. McKee Hays Phone 90 Kansas Jacobs Construction Company TONY JACOBS Contractor and Builder Builder of the New Lamer Hotel CONSTRUCTION WORK OF ALL KINDS 1 1 East 1 1 th Street Hays, Kansas Phone 131 Quality Diamonds - Jewelry - Watches In no other line of merchandise is quality so hard to recognize and yet means so much. Quality merchandise and reasonable prices are assured when you buy from a concern which has proven its integrity over many years of honest merchandising. For thirty-seven years we have maintained a standard of quality in keeping with the thought expressed in our slogan " The Home of Reliability.” During your four years in college we have merited the con- fidence of many of you as is evidenced by the fine patronage you have given us. May we not expect a continuation of that confidence and patronage from you and your friends throughout the years to come? Established 1895 The Tholen Jewelry Company “The Home of Reliability” HAYS, KANSAS Page 121 WELCOME to Penney’s You Budgeteers! Come prepared to test the truth of Penney’s low price policy. Shop your needs carefully. And when the trip is over compare what you planned to spend with what you actually did. What a dif- ference! What savings! You’ll be amazed . . , and. as a serious budgeteer, you’ll come back again and again to Penney’s! , TA s Golden Belt Creamery 6-Ice Co. , Manufacturers of Kings Kwality Ice Cream Golden Belt Creamery Butter and Crystal Ice GOLDEN BELT CREAMERY AND ICE CO.— Hays ELLSWORTH ICE CREAM CO. — Ellsworth GOLDEN BELT CREAMERY AND ICE CO— COLBY GOLDEN BELT CREAMERY AND ICE CO. — Plainville Products Delivered by Refrigerated Trucks Page 122 WHY CHEVROLET IS GREAT Has Built Over $5,000,000,000 Worth of Cars Buy A Chevrolet Six from O’LOUGHLIN MOTOR SALES Give 71 Days of Employment Chevrolet Sales and Service Hays and Ellis, Kansas Shingles Mouldings Posts When Time Means Money Sash and Doors Cement Our Service Pays Lime Plaster Brick Flue Lining Sewer Tile Wall Board Plywood Plaster Board BUILD — REMODEL — REPAIR Insulation Roofing USE QUALITY MATERIAL Metal Lath Corrugated Iron LUM BER — COAL Ridge Roll TREAT-SHAFFER COMPANY H. HAVEMANN. Manager HAYS, KANSAS Features of the New Ford Beautiful Low Lines, Remarkable Acceleration, Fully Enclosed Six-Brake System, Triplex Shatter-Proof Windshield, Reliability and Long Life, Choice of Colors. Smoothness at all Speeds, Houdaille Shock Absorbers, Economy of Operation, 55 to 65 miles per hour! TWENTER SON MOTOR COMPANY Hays, Kansas Page 123 HARKNESS PHARMACY . . . Drugs . . . Books . . . Kodaks . . . A Complete Line of TOILET ARTICLES, DRUG SUNDRIES CANDIES, BOOKS, MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS Prescriptions Filled by Registered Pharmacists Only Phone 76 1 17 W. Tenth Street Wiesner’s Department Store A. A. WlESNER “ The Place Where You Feel At Home’’ DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, SHOES. LADIES ' READY-TO- WEAR, NOTIONS, TRUNKS AND SUITCASES, QUEENS- WARE, FLOOR COVERINGS, GROCERIES AND MEATS The Largest Department Store in Western Kansas All Mail Orders Filled Promptly South Main Hays, Kansas Page 124 Basgalus Quality Grocery GROCERIES - MEATS and FRUITS Only the BEST is our motto THE HOME OF Richelieu Products Phone 505-75 Hays, Kansas NEVER FORGET THE for Your Cleaning, Pressing, Altering and Tailoring We Clean Everything from Gloves to Rugs and Specialize in the Care of Delicate Textiles FOR THAT WELL-DRESSED FEELING Our Service and Quality Are Second to None Postage paid one way on all out-of-town orders 1 1 5 West Eleventh Hays, Kansas Page I2S HOTEL LAMER . . . offering COFFEE SHOP — DRUGS — BANQUETS Hays Phone 872 Kansas Dancing and Dining for college students TEXACO MOTOR OILS BLUE LANTERN East 8th Hays The healthy mind demands a healthy body, that’s why College Students ask for food from GRASS BROS. GROCERY Geo. S. Grass. Jr. E. B. Grass Phone 4 Hays JUST NEW IN HAYS A complete line of your needs 3}ucfoiPalfc , " QUALITY. SERVICE PRICE” J Hays ...... Kansas Page 126 7 lIT0 iRAE’lIc , FORT HAYS I Prairie, Cowboys, soldiers, William Cody, Wild Bill, Custer, Sheridan, Forsyth, and Miles, Fort Hays. II Normal Teachers, students, Native limestone buildings, Buffalo grass, bluegrass, small trees, Fort Hays. III College, Kansas State, Undergrad, graduate, Better teachers, better buildings, Fort Hays. IV Forward, Old Gold and Black, Marching onward, upward, Western Kansas growing with thee, Fort Hays. John T. Sites. Page 128

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