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i 11 h 11 U u ii n ir n it u ir ir nun mm ir n n 11 11 n mr n lill u ii 11 ir ll lr i mm i hjhjejejejei -smsw sm jjf pj w. ' i rU Cnj ft G] ft Copyright c pj 1924 frl i ' j J... v hi Letha Best a 1£| ft Editor 1 Lawrence Gross pj 1 Business Manager K f;; : $! Engraved by g B ru Burger Engraving Co. 3 r: Kansas City, Mo. G; m Printed and Bound by J3 C Hugh Stephens Press n VJ. e i fii Jefferson City , Mo. in 0 a r i disisisisisisxsisisisisxsis ' isisiH ' Entrance to qA dm in istra tion building Qorner of Qoliseum The Footbridge (jus ter . Hall The President ' s Home The Industrial Building The Cafeteria ' Hoard of zJTdministration T HE State Educational Institutions of Kansas are controlled by the State Board of Administration. The present members of the board are : Jonathan Davis, Governor . . . Topeka A. B. Carney .... Manhattan Roger Williams .... I.awrence W. P. Lambertson .... Fairview A. A. Doerr, Business Manager . . Lamed We are very grateful to this board for that which they have made possible for us. Each has shown a deep interest in us and we owe them a vote of thanks. c m }t juneiiie 19 24 William A. Lewis, B. S., A. B., LL. D. Page iX President Id. zA. J ewis y S. S. y A. 3 V cc ® P RESIDENT LEWIS, by his undaunted visions of a bigger and greater K. S. T. C., his untiring efforts and the magnetism of his Christian personality, has built our school into a fully accredited college that is unsurpassed in its standards. But greater even than his upbuilding of the college, has been his influence in moulding, inspiring, and directing the lives of young men and women of the school. His ability as an executive, his high standards of scholarship, and his fine personality gives assurance of a bigger and better college and the accomplishment of his aims; to bring the College in closer touch with its alumni and former students, and to make the College of greater service to the State. Page 19 Lulu McKee Assistant Professor of Education Bowman Memorial Kindergarten Train- ing School; Washburn College; Univer- sity of Kansas; Special Work in Story Telling with Martha Sherwood, Richard T. Wyche and Georgiana Speer. Josephine Weatherly, B. O., B. S., B. M. Assistant Professor of Education Kansas State Christian College; Kan- sas State Teachers College, Emporia; University of Chicago; Study in Germany. Page 20 Floyd B. Lee, A. B., A. M. Dean of the Faculty and Dean of Extension Kansas State Normal School; Univer- sity of Kansas. Charles A. Shively, A. B., A. M. Professor of Education Ex Officio City Superintendent; Kansas State Normal School; University of Kan- sas; University of Chicago. Charles F. Wiest, D. D. Professor of Literature Gettysburg College; Gettysburg Theological Seminary; Midland College. C. E. Rarick, A. B. Professor of Rurat Education Kansas Wesleyan University; Uni- versity of Colorado; University of Kansas. James R. Start, B. S. Assistant Professor of Literature Fort Hays Kansas Normal School; Northwestern University School of Ora- tory. Maria A. Stevenson Assistant Professor of Education Lane University; Fort Scott Kansas Normal School; Kansas State Normal School; Baker University. Page 21 Frank P. Mandeville, A. B. Professor of Physical Education for Men University of Kansas. Martha Hill Professor of Physical Education for Women Kellogg School of Physical Education; Columbia University; Vestoff-Serova Rus- sian School of Dancing. James E. Rouse, B. S., M. S. Professor of Agriculture Fred W. Albertson, B. S. Associate Professor of Agriculture Fort Hays Kansas Normal School; University of Missouri. Teachers ' College, Kirksville, Mo.; University of Wisconsin; Kansas State Agricultural College. Page 22 Wm. D. Weidlein B. S. in Civil Engineering; Professor of Physics and Superintendent of Power and Heat, University of Kansas. L. D. Wooster, A. B., Ph. M. Professor of Biological Sciences Kansas State Normal School; University of Wisconsin. Roy Rankin, A. B., A. M. Professor of Chemistry and Bacteriology Kansas State Normal School; University of Kansas; Harvard University. Lulu M. Bice, B. S. Librarian Kansas State Normal School; Fort Hays Kansas Normal School; LTniversity of Illinois. Page 23 Julia F. Rands, A. B. Professor of Stenography University of Nebraska; Nebraska School of Business. Dr. A. M. Vance, A. B., B. E., A. M. Professor of Commerce James IVillikin University, Peru State Normal; Nebraska Wesleyan University; University of Nebraska. Esther M. Scott 9 Professor of Accounting Nebraska University, Lincoln Business College. Edward E. Colyer, A. B., A. M. Professor of Mathematics Cooper College; University of Kansas. Lucile Felton Assistant Professor of Piano Kansas State Teachers College, Hays; Pupil of Alexander Raah, Caruthers Normal School of Piano, Chicago. Page 25 Annie Laurie Gibson Professor of Public School Music Illinois State Normal; Northwestern University; Voice under Mrs. Franklin Knight, St. Louis. Rollins An-Gove Seabury, A. B. Professor of Musical Theory University of Maine; University of North Dakota; Northwestern University. Henry Edward Malloy, B. S. Director of Music Kansas State Normal School; Bethany College; Voice under George Hamlin, Chicago; Ella Bachus-Behr, Berlin; Hin- shaw of Metropolitan Opera, New York; George Ferguson, Berlin; Kirk Towns, Berlin. Bernard W. Miller Professor of Piano Piano and Theory at Ohio Wesleyan University; Pupil of Les Techtonius; Berlin, Germany, under Emil Paur, Theory with Davis. Conservatoire de Montpellier, Montpellier, France. Ethell Snodgrass, B. S., A. M. Purdue University; Columbia Uni- versity. Elizabeth J. Agnew, B. S. Kansas State Agricultural College; Columbia University. Rosalie Blake, B. S. Ohio State University; Columbia Uni- versity; Chicago University. Page 26 Edwin Davis, B. S. Professor of Manual A rts Fort Hays Kansas Normal School; Kansas State Normal School; Manual Training Normal; Kansas State Agri- cultural College. R. L. Parker, B. L., B. S., A. M. Professor of History Ottawa University; University of Chicago. Page 27 Modesto Jacobini, A. B. Professor of Modern Languages Liceo, Taranto, Italy; American Inter- national College; Yale University; New York University; University of Chicago. Victor C. Johnson Professor Telegraphy and Station A ccounting Fred J. Wagner Custodian m Jennette M. Powell Professor of Art Provincial Art School; Montreal Art Association; New York School of Fine and Applied Art; Columbia University; William Hawthorne Summer School; Byrd Cliff Summer School. Page 28 Eva Hedges .... Secretary of Extension Division Edith Hoke .... Secretary to the Registrar Margaret McJimsey .... Financial Secretary Grace Rousey . . Secretary to Public Service Department Page 2Q Training School Faculty Maude McMindes, B. S. . Principal High School Anna Laurie Gibson High School , Music Prudence Morgan High School , Home Economics Elgie Fireoved, B. S. High School , Commerce Martin Eastlack, B. S. High School , Manual Training Lacy Herrick . High School , English Miss Rearick High School , English Kathryn McLain, B. S. . High School , History C. H. Brooks, B. S. High School , Latin E. C. Colin, A. B. . High School , Science Frank Carman, B. S. . Principal Junior High School Ada Taylor . Ass ' t Principal Junior High School Pearl Shutts Sixth Grade Mrs. O’Neil . Fifth Grade Rosella McCarroll Fourth Grade Gaynelle Davis Third Grade Gladys Morrison Second Grade Annabelle Sutton . Primary Mae Paul .... Overflow Fourth and Fifth Page 30 Page 31 Ernest Lorbeer President Carl Hodson ....... Vice-President Dixie Carpenter . . . Secretary and Treasurer Page 32 Paul Lemon Portis Major — Agriculture Chorus. An honest countenance is the best passport. Lennie Nelson Gove Major — Home Economics Gamma Kappa Pi, W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Chorus. Of soul sincere , in action faithful and in honor clear. Eva Spencer Hays Major — Home Economics Art Lovers ' Club, Gamma Kappa Pi, Chorus, Y. W. C. A. Contentment gives a crown Where fortune hath denied. Irene Morris Osage City Major — Mathematics Y. W. C. A., Sports, Chorus. Says little but certainly gets there. Benjamin Wooters Hays Major — English Y. M. C. A., American Legion. He thought as a sage, though felt as a man. Mabel Stadter Miller Major — Public School Music Recital, Orchestra, Opera, Chorus. Loyal in friendship and enthusiastic in a good cause. Dixie Carpenter Hays Major — Home Economics Gamma Kappa Pi, Tau Upsilon Phi, Y. W. C. A. Happy when alone and cheerful when in company. Ivan Townsdin Hugoton Charles Lewis Palco Major— Agriculture Glee Club, Band, Chorus, Y. M. C. A. Editor of the Leader, Chorus. When love and duty clash , Virtue is its own reward. Let duty go to smash. Page 33 3 w. Carl Hodson Hays Major — Commerce Commercial Club, Chorus, Oratory. Words arc women , deeds are men. Anna Joy Hays Major — Commerce Commercial Club. I wish I knew the good of wishing. Lucy Hoke Hays Major — Music Sextette, Chorus. Great minds are easy in prosperity and quiet in adversity. Ruth Parkhurst Hays Major — English Chorus, Y. W. C. A Life is not dated merely by years. Events are sometimes the best calendars. N. Lucille Jones Garden City Ma j or — Com merce Commercial Club, Alpha Tau Kappa. Within the cosiest corner of my dreams, He sits, high throned above all gods that be. Burnette McMichael Lincoln Major — Commerce Alpha Tau Kappa, Commercial Club, W. A. A., Chorus, Y. W. C. A. It is easy, but it is a fine thing, nevertheless , to be modest when one is great. Sylvia Ferguson Salina Major — Fine Arts Gamma Sigma, W. A. A., Art Lovers’ Club. She has cheerful and winning ways, Her charm and humor always stays. Otis Doane Goodland Major — History Debate, Y. M. C. A. I am resolved to laugh and grow fat until forty. Althea Sims Hays Major — Fine Arts Gamma Sigma, Art Lovers’ Club, W. A. A. The gladdest of all when glad The maddest of all when mad. Page 34 Lindsey Clark Hays Major — Commerce Commercial Club, Debate. The worst of life is that there is so little of it. Agnes Minnix Modoc Major — Home Economics Gamma Kappa Pi, W. A. A., Reveille Staff, Y. W. C. A., Sports. She seems dignified , but wait ' til you know her. Ernest Lorbeer Webster M a j or — Agr ic u 1 1 u re Football, Capt. Basketball and Baseball, Kappa Phi Alpha, “IC” Club, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. The leader of the Senior Class , His office bespeaks his worth and esteem. Jennie Wagner Hays Major — Commerce Zeta Pi Phi, W. A. A., Commercial Club, Y. W. C. A. In regard to her height you need feel no fear , As you heighten the figure you heighten the charm. Bernard Brungardt Hays Major — Public Speaking Reveille Staff, Debate, Band. Tends to his business in an unpretending way . Floris Shade Hays Major — Commerce “IC” Club, Capt. Football, Basketball, Glee Club, Baseball. “ Stay-comb Shade. " Gertrude Winkler Rozel Major — Voice Pres. Y. W. C. A., Sextette, Chorus, Band, Student Council. Real worth requires no interpreter . Mrs. Lyle Davis Lorraine Major — Home Economics Gamma Kappa Pi, Chorus Y. W. C. A. Two human loves make one divine. Lyle Davis Phillipsburg Major — Agriculture Y. M. C. A. He hath good abilities , a genial temper and no vices. Page 35 mmm Lawrence Gross Hays Major — Mathematics Reveille Staff, Glee Club, Chorus, “K " Club. Here ' s to matrimony , the high sea for which no compass has yet been invented. Ralph Conger Natoma Major — History “K” Club, Football, Baseball, Chorus, Y. M. C. A. His sayings are generally like women ' s letters; all the pith is in the postscript. Bessie Tilloston 1 lays Major — Music Gamma Sigma, Sextette, Y. W. C. A., Chorus. She has the charm of courtesy and gracious words so sweet. Mary Chittenden Hays Major — Physical Education Gamma Sigma, W. A. A. A heart big enough for every joy. Letha Best Bunkerhill Major — Commerce Gamma Sigma, Tau Upsilon Phi, Editor Reveille, Commercial Club. Her loveliness , so absolute , that what she wills to do or say , Seems wisest , virtuousest, discretest , best. Lynn Ordway Palco M a j or — Engl ish True to himself. Winifred Elder Waldo Major — English Gamma Sigma, Y. W. C. A. One that excels in all she does , and in the essential vesture of creation does bear all excellency. Freda Brooks Hays Major — English Gamma Sigma, Art Lovers’ Club, W. A. A., Chorus, Y. W. C. A. Modest , and simple , and sweet , the very type of Priscilla. Adelbert Cowan Hays Major — Manual Arts Glee Club, Chorus, Football, “K” Club, Reveille Staff. Who trusts himself to women or to waves, Should never hazard what he fears to lose. Page 36 Orrin Don Thurber Esbon Major — General Science Chorus, Oratory. Why should we be punished if we stray , . When all our guides dispute which is the way. Fred Ross Webster Major — History Debate, Public Speaking. He is a gentleman , because his nature is kind and affable to every creature. Nellie Mumert Hill City Major — Public School Music Tau Upsilon Phi, Zeta Pi Phi, I. K. S. K., Y. W. C. A., Chorus. A smile that reaches clear to Colorado. Oma Barry Brownell Major — Home Economics Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A., Chorus, W. A. A. This is the thing that I was born to do. Hazel Dawley Lamed Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., Chorus. Joy rises in me like a summer ' s morn. Mrs. Fred Ross Webster Major — English Chorus, Gamma Kappa Pi. Where the stream runneth smoothest , the water is deepest. Mrs. W. T. McCarthy Hays Major — Home Economics and Mathematics Gamma Kappa Pi, Camp Fire, Chorus. A lady of quiet — she acts instead of only planning. F red Keller Garfield Major — History and English Y. M. C. A. The world knows nothing of its greatest men. Wm. T. McCarty Hays Major — Agriculture Boy Scout Training. That man that hath a tongue , I say, is no man If with his tongue he cannot win a woman. Page 37 Kathryn Cretcher Scott City Major — English Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. The habit of agreeing seems to be slippery and dangerous. Ethel Shutts Hays Major — Public School Music Orchestra, Chorus. I am the master of my fate; The captain of my soul. Theodore Rardin Plainville Major — Manual Arts K. Club, Glee Club, Chorus, Football, Basketball. A college joke to cure the “ dumps.” Emma Wilson Garden City Major — English Y. W. C. A. Always where duty calls. George Tennant Langdon Major — History A man you really ought to know. Bertha Brown Scott City Major — Home Economics W. A. A., Gamma Kappa Pi. Man is Nature ' s sole mistake. Vivian Czeskleba Hays Major — English I. K. S. K., Y. W. C. A., Chorus. A master of poetry , master of prose , A student and scholar wherever she goes. Beulah Richardson Glen Elder Major — Home Economics W. A. A., Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A. Believes in the old adage , “ Let the morrow take care of itself . " Geneva Herndon Amy Major — English and Home Economics Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. Chorus. There ' s a woman like the dewdrop; she ' s purer than the purest. Bernice Fowler Brookville Major — Public School Music Zeta Pi Phi, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Chorus, Sextette. Is there a heart that music cannot melt? Alas! how is that rugged heart forlorn. Dickey Jewell Fish LaCrosse Major — Home Economics Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A. Silence speaks much , words more , but actions most. Page 38 Harold Messick President John Byrd Vice-President Robert Guilkison . . . Secretary and Treasurer Gladys Baird Hays Zeta Pi Phi, W. A. A., Basketball. She seems dignified — hut wait till you know her. Edith Vance Rexford Commercial Club, Y. W. C. A. As quiet as a mouse is she , and yet no trap has caught her. Marjorie Logan Arlington Zeta Pi Phi, W. A. A., Chorus, Band, Robin Hood. Blessed with a deep sense of humor , she enjoys life. In A Miller Salina Gamma Kappa Pi, Alpha Tau Kappa, I. K. S. K., W. A. A., Y. W. C. A. Hope not for impossibilities. Thomas Arnold Hays Y. M. C. A. I work with patience which is almost power. Page 41 Laura Patton Sterling Sports, Y. W. C. A. Talk and the world talks with you , Crab and you sit alone. Gilbert Meyer Bison Kappa Phi Alpha, Dramatics, Chorus, Commercial Club, Band. Oh, that it were my chief delight to do the things I ought. Harold Messick Healy Kappa Phi Alpha, Y. M. C. A., Reveille Staff. My heart is wax, moulded as she pleases, but enduring as marble to retain. John Benson Marquette Kappa Phi Alpha, Y. M. C. A., Chorus. Let not women ' s weapons, water drops, Stain my cheeks. Wilbur Riley Scott City Pres. “K” Club, Glee Club, Chorus. Hunting , coaching , and the ladies , God ' em. John Byrd Bloomington “K” Club, Capt.-Elect Football, Baseball, Y. M.C. A. Here ' s to the love that lies in a woman ' s eyes , and lies , and lies , awd lies, — and lies. Daisy Beeby Hays Y. W. C. A., Chorus, Sports. And yet I ' ll swear none can compare with this ideal Miss. Jessie Myles Osborne Alpha Tau Kappa, W. A. A., Chorus, Sports. In such a smile as well may designate, Sobs love ' s eternal lie — “ Lo , I can wait. " Inez McCall Vesper Zeta Pi Phi, Commercial Club. While in my senses I shall find nothing preferable to a pleasant friend. Mildred Knowles Kirwin Gamma Kappa Pi, I. K. S. K., Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Modesty in a woman is like color on her cheek — decidedly becoming. Nova Moody Hays Brevity of expression is a proof of wisdom. Ida Myles Osborne Alpha Tau Kappa, W. A. A., Chorus, Sports. We are fond of each other, because our ambi- tions are the same. Earl Reed Jetmore Kappa Phi Alpha, " K” Club, Football, Y. M. C. A. Usually prepares his lessons — either in class or “ sometimes " at home . Page 42 ' fa » ; _ — Robert Guilkson Lincoln Glee Club, Commercial Club, Chorus. The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve. From thee I must flee. Ben Renner Rush Center Kappa Phi Alpha, Band, Chorus, Y. M. C. A. I hate the man who builds his name on ruins of another 1 s fame. Nellie Sites Hays Art Lovers’ Club, Y. W. C. A., Dramatics. The great end of life is not knowledge , but action. Ralph Ward Claflin Commercial Club, Y. M. C. A. With thee conversing I forget all time. John Sites Hays Y. M. C. A. If only chemistry books attracted John as do ruffles and frills his success as a chemist would not be questioned. Ross Bland Gove Y. M. C. A., Baseball. Have I found my heavenly jewel? M aranda Ashworth Quinter Y. W. C. A., Commercial Club. There is occasion and cause , why and where- fore in all things. Irwin Con ant Utopia Football, Y. M. C. A. A deep thinker — always of “ Wells. ” Gladys Frank Jewell Commercial Club, Y. W. C. A. Her name tells it all. Page 43 W. O. Johnson Hays Baseball, Football, Y. M. C. A. Trivial affairs of the heart bother him not. Avis Cooper Delphos I. K. S. K., Y. W. C. A., Chorus. She has a smile that she likes to wear , When days are gloomy or days are fair. Bernice Pepper Stockton Commercial Club, Y. W. C. A., Sports. Smile and the world smiles with you , crab and you crab alone. Myrtle Costner Hays Alpha Tau Kappa, Gamma Kappa Pi, W. A. A., Sports, Chorus. Thinks Lor-beer is the best. Edna Hood Oakley Commercial Club. Let me fly from the temptations which 1 cannot resist. Esther Gordanier Randall Y. W. C. A., Art Lovers’ Club, Sports. To wield a brush with ease and skill , This is the mission she hopes to fill. Loyse McElhaney Princeton , Mo. Alpha Tau Kappa, W. A. A., Chorus, Y. W. C. A. I have no other reason but a woman ' s reason To think him so , because I think him so. Edgar Reed Assaria Debate, Y. M. C. A., Chorus. He is social like , he hates to walk around by himself. Hazel Blazer Athens , Ohio Pray , little girl , what kind of curlers do you use? Page 44 Chester Maxwell Quinter Y. M. C. A., Chorus, Band. “A merrier man I never spent an hour ' s talk withal .” Earl Oyer Webster Kappa Phi Alpha, Band, Leader Staff, Art Lover’s Club, Y. M. C. A. Well fitted in arts , glorious in arms , nothing becomes him ill that he would well. Alice Paynter Osborne Y. W. C. A. Whatever she attempts , she does well. Mrs. Lulu Wynette Lamed Commercial Club, Chorus. Does not esteem herself as highly as her friends do. Edith Hoke Hays Tau Upsilon Phi. Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. Margaret McJimsey Hays Tau Upsilon Phi, Commercial Club. Mistress of mine own self and mine own soul. Edna Jensen Quenema Dramatics, Art Lover’s Club. Cupid — whither dost thou stray ? F red Bell Simpson Y. M. C. A., Commercial Club. He who considers too much will perform little. Jacob Gross Hays Chorus. I can look sharp as well as another , and let me alone to keep the cobwebs out of my eyes. Page 45 Anna Laura Blender, Hays Has the riotous enjoyment of a quiet conscience. Hannah Davis, Scott City Nothing is impossible to a valiant heart. Doris Stivers, Fredonia I ' ve found this a life full of kindness and blessing. Estella Thouvenell, Winona Leisure is time for doing something useful. Mary Wing, Lenora Great talkers are never great doers. Harold Lewis President Kenneth Hinkhouse Vice-President Earl Oyer Secretary and Treasurer Harold Lewis Palco Shall , like a hermit , dwell On a rock or in a cell? Josephine Hupfer Bunkerhill She pleased when distant, when near she charmed. Harriet Keefer Salina “Ham” is my favorite. Ethel J ameson Salina Look into her eyes and you ' ll see a little angel, Look a little longer and you ' ll see a little imp. Mae Palmer Luray Reproof on her lips, hut a smile in her eye. Adley Lorbeer Webster Come! on the tide of rapture, Let me float your soul away. Page 4Q Harold Combs Hays A believer in freedom of choosing dates as well as in f reedom of speech. Orel Jones Kinsley Quiet and demure with a smile for all. Ethel Bowen Bloomington What a thing friendship is, world without- end. Wava Baum Wilson She never lets her studies interfere with her education. Mary Farrell Hill City The mildest manner and the gentlest heart. William Haddock Hays A simple man perhaps, but good as gold and true as steel. 4 Matilda Hower Sylvan Grove Let me live as well as I can and die as I ought. Bertha Egger Ellis A n inborn grace that lacks nothing of culture. Louis Cyr A urora Sincerity is the keynote of her character. Maude Adams Quinter I will be my correspondent to command , And do my spiriting gently. Ethel Belle Smith Stockton The possessor of two gifts rarely found to- gether: Beauty and personality. Opal Rose Scott City She was fair and never proud , Had tongue at will , and yet was never loud. Esther Gerold Atwood To live in the hearts we left behind us is not to die. Leona Allbert Hays One of those clever people who can do almost anything with their brush. Frieda Kohler Lincoln A girl befriended and friendly. Andrew Riegel Hays He had talents equal to business and aspired no higher. Page 50 Frank Thom an Russell Florence Brown Webster IHs heart runs away with his head. With her went the scent of all things sweet and fair. Opal Hollinger Two are better than one. Lyons Susan Chittenden Hays Nothing but mirth can conquer fortune ' s spite , No sky is heavy if the heart be light. Freda Veverka Portis Precious things are not always found in heaps. Harold Opdycke Russell God made him and therefore let him pass for a man. Philomena Scheetz Wichita They conquer who believe they can. Kenneth Hinkhouse Palco Men have died from time to time , and worms have eaten them — but not for love. Esther Steinle Dorrance Winding up days with toil and nights with sleep. Lois Beardsley Russell The ornament of a meek and quiet spirit. Albert Fisher Garfield They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts. Luella Grimes Lincoln How long the evening would be without Bob. Page 5 1 Emil Sjogren Marquette The surest way to hit a woman ' s heart is to take aim kneeling. Iva Houghton Jamestown Silence is the perfection of joy. I were hut little happy , if I could say how much . Jesse L. Nelson Gove A lion among ladies — a most dreadful thing. Myrtle Cassidy Monument Happiness of all is that her gentle spit it Commits itself to yours to he directed. Roberta Albach Hays I ' ve touched the height of human happiness. Ruth Fults Sedalia , Mo, A girl whose friendship is worth cultivating. Fern Barclay WaKeeney Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. Harry Engstrom Oherlin It makes me very angry indeed to he wrong when I am right. Treva Echart Lincoln Will my dreams ever come true? Alice Davis Studley With lightest heart to laugh and sing , And yet , knows not the worth of it. Elizabeth Steinle Wilson Surely never did there live on earth A woman of kindlier nature. Earl Barry Codell Who lives without folly is not so wise as he thinks. Page 52 Frank Shearer Wilmore He possessed a peculiar talent of producing effect in whatever he said or did. Emma Bigge Stockton I am not of that feather , to shake off my friend when he most needs me. Hope Eutsler Lincoln If she has a motto it must he “pep.” Paul Brenner McCracken But love is blind , and lovers cannot see The pretty follies that themselves commit. Eva Abercrombie Hays Let ' s go hand in hand , not one before the other. George J Epson Hays If she under-value me , What care I how fair she be. John Forker Haven A noticeable man , with large brown eyes. Ruth Rouner Luray Straightforward, fearless and frank, she wins where others fail. Robert Decker Sylvan Grove Great men only should have great faults. Violet Rouner Luray A nature so modest and rare that you hardly at first see the strength that is there. Page 53 Viola Meyer Hays I hope, for hope hath happy place for me. W. S. Ewer Dresden A man of polite learning and liberal educa- tion. Austin Watson Lebanon That which ordinary men are fit for I am qualified in, and the best of me is diligence. Mary Rongish Wellsville A sudden thought strikes me; let us swear an eternal friendship. Lydia Krug Luray Not only takes the part of a doll, but is one. Mrs. Marion Marlar Lucas For the highest she did still aspire. Goldie Proffitt Alden . No more dates for a week — why wasn’t I good? Mrs. Elgie Fireovid Jewell High erected thoughts sealed in the heart of courtesy. Ruth Schwarz Solomon The crowning glory of a woman is her hair. Ioleane Williams Hays I am especially fond of 11 Slim” men. Lola Hill Stockton Ever fair and quiet — a thing supreme. J essie Kirkwood Lamed Its at home , I only wear it once in a while. Donald Strawn Beloit His highest ambition is to be a divil with the wimmin. Gladys Blender Hays And though that she was worthy , she was wise. Page 54 Mrs. Anna Clark Hays Emmett Smith Excelsior Springs , Mo. Her duties lie in many directions; but she His only fault is that he has no fault, takes care of them all. Margaret Mueller Sylvan Grove There is nothing either good or bad , but thinking makes it so. Christine Balsmeier Ellinwood For highest standards she ever stood , her aim in life is doing good. Eva Hodson Lucas Nature forms us for ourselves , not for others , to be , not to seem. Effie Ashworth Quinter Much done , and much designed , and more desired. Florence Gilmore Osborne Lack of breath was the only impediment to her conversation. Iva McCall Brewster Those about her , from her shall read the perfect ways of honour. Margaret Lovitt McCracken Come let us sit and watch the sky, and fancy clouds, where no clouds be. Elsie Peters Always a smile. Flossie Manges Sterling Downs What shall I do to be forever known, and make the age to come my own ? Celia Muir Stockton I am not merry, but I do beguile the thing I am, by seeming otherwise. Paul Morris Almena Being good is an awful lonesome job. I’age 55 Buffalo “Herd " on K. S. T. C. Campus , Hays • Page 56 Hugh Douglas Wallace Steeples Hazel Hayes Ruby Desbrow . President Vice-President . Treasurer Secretary Page 58 Ruth Ruff Lewis Frances Oheim Kinsley G. W. Manners Lucas Jimmie Shea Selden Mary Teague Collyer William Fisher Garfield Millard Crissman Quin ter May Reed Copeland Raymond Decker Sylvan Grove Agnes Peterson Assaria Glenn Vernon Simpson Flora Rau Bison George Nicholson Salina Lyndal Christiansen Hays Philip Netherland Hays Mary Schoemaker Victoria Arthur Keller Garfield Agnes Bollinger Utica John Shivley Hays Frances Hurlock Lincoln Leo Kobler Penokee Helen Zerzan Hollyrood Page 59 George Mathews Homer Grout Wallace Steeples Annabelle Clark Louise Gosser Tina McFadden Claude Scheuerman Paul J. Selby Lois Hogebloom Grace Fick Archel Ganoung Edwin Peterson Cora Blackwill Lola Brunt Caspar Burgardt Russell Anderson Josephine Parker Hobart Rader Theda Goodsell George Pearce Beulah Davies Martin Zabolitzky T ribane Hays Zurich Hays Gorham M or land Otis Kipp Goodland Scott City Plainville Marquette Quinter Lincoln Hays Oberlin Hays Plainville Quinter Downs Littleton , Colo. Colorado Springs , Colo. Page 60 Hugh Douglas Oberlin Lydia Trimmer Gove Lucille Wright Lenora Maybelle Billings WaKeeney LaVinnie Rose Lucas Gladys Royse Langdon Bertha Marquand Ogallah Walter McFerrin Oberlin Ethel French Geneseo Mildred Baker Hays Martin Ladner Centralia Mary Fogle Hays Irene Sawhill Dorrance Francis Rhine Gove Mae Thompson Hays Frances Luther Great Bend I. D. Conroy Manhattan Avis Cooley Logan James Burchett Oberlin Harold Gilmore Bloomington Helen Sullivan Logan Clemford Kulp WaKeeney Paze 6 1 Maude Mae Grimsley Alma Piatt Daphne Nelson Estella Riffel Laura Pape Bernice Lee Ona Dillman Ethel Cooling Vernal Carlson Bernice Kelley L. McClung Snodgrass Mary Grove Phoebe Hall Wilma Dean Elsie Zeman Charles Small Olga Kelley Carl Malmberg Mary Bell Eva Boxberger Robert Thompson Mary Russell Garden City Hays Gove Stockton Topeka Hays Hutchinson Healy Marquette Quinter Hays Dorrance Great Barrington , Mass. Delphos Wa Keeney Webber Quinter Hays Penokee Russell Hunter Jewell Ira McKay Oberlin Mildred Nibert Hays Grace Spencer Hays Lois Northup Quinter Helen Wilson Garfield Frank Weisner Hays Fannie Shaver Bunkerhill Greta Blume Garb eld Velma Boyle Hoisington Maggie Lee Hall Kinsley Irvin McVey Lucas Nettie Thompson Hunter Nellie Thompson Hunter Cora Wells Lamont , Okla Addie Aiken Hays Oscar Snyder Hays Grace Gregory Deirzes Hugh Farquharson Lincoln Beulah Wieneke Plainville Carl Wesley Baker Lamed Leona Jantzen Hays Fred Fair Oberlin Page 63 £ Raymond Decker Sylvan Grove Rachel Simpson Langdon Charlotte Blender Hays Ona Mae M innick Rexford Mae Smith Hays Catherine Lewis Hays Eunice Gerald A twood Kathryn Zink Stockton Blanche Pfeiffer Wilson Mary Miller Lorraine Erva Omart Hays Amelia Batliner Colby Lloyd Parkhurst Hays Ollie Pierce Osborne Ruth Fick Scott City Gussie Johnson Kackley Rose Purma Ellsworth Rosina Allbert Hays Ellwood Mackenzie Oberlin Thula Sharpe Great Bend Thelma Barnett Rexford Jimmie Shea Selden Page 64 Lucille Reigel Hays Hazel Hayes LaCrosse James Lovitt McCracken Kathleen Storrey Ellsworth Mildred Messick Healy Elizabeth Lawson Stockton Mabel Feaster Hays Lola Luther Great Bend Helen Hoopman Bunkerhill Page 65 5 Freshman Hoboes Page 67 MM Wm. D. Weidlein Head Football Coach Frank Mandeville Director of Athletics The Qo aches T HE Weidlein-Mandeville spirit and Tiger Spirit are emblematical of each other symbolizing victory or defeat with honor and re- membering always that clean sportsmanship is the nucleus around which Tiger Athletics are built. Instilled in the student body by tradi- tion this institution has been cherished, honored and kept untarnished until this spirit of fair play has placed the Old Gold and Black in the top rank of Kansas schools. As the Tiger Spirit is characteristic of K. S. T. C. so are our coaches characteristic of the Tiger Spirit, tolerating neither foul play or un- sportsmanlike tactics, encouraging the defenders of the Old Gold and Black to fight hard for the love of schoo l and of game. But whether it has been in victory or defeat we are proud of the men who are teaching us to “play the game” and carry on. Page 68 K, C lub Riley, Conger, E. Lorbeer, Cowan, Shade, Rardin, Ordway L. Gross, Lewis, Byrd, Reed, Hinkhouse, A. Lorbeer, J. Gross Nelson, Engstrom, Fisher, Rhoades, Douglas, McVey, McKenzie Page 69 J ewis Field It was through the personal effort of President Lewis that we have Lewis Field as it is today. The grandstand will seat 1,500 people, and is only partially completed. In a short time cement will be placed on the grandstand and we will have a stadium to be very proud of. The grandstand and the board fence around the field were built by volunteer work of the boys. The girls then donned overalls and other regalia and painted the fence. The arena is of natural sod and is said to be one of the best in the conference. Page 70 Football Schedule Sept. 27 — St. John’s College at Hays. Oct. 5 — Emporia Teachers at Emporia. Oct. 12 — McPherson College at Hays. Oct. 19 — Kansas Wesleyan at Salina. Oct. 27 — St. Mary’s at Hays. Nov. 2 — Bethany at Hays. Nov. 16 — College of Emporia at Hays. Nov. 22 — Fairmount at Wichita. Nov. 29 — Sterling at Hays. Football Squad Top row — Mandeville (assistant coach), Conant, Rhodes, Schuerman, Anderson Forker, Lovitt, Keller, Burchett, Farquharson, Weidlein (head coach) Middle row — Engstrom, Fisher, Conger, Shade (captain), Cowan, Nelson, Lewis, Douglas, McFerrin, Dumm, Byrd (captain-elect), Matthews Bottom row — Osborne, Rardin, Steeples, McVey, McKenzie, Reed, Lorbeer, Netherlands Opdycke, Dumlar Page 72 Hays 49, St. John s 6 The Tigers opened the 1923 gridiron season September 27, on Lewis Field, with an easy victory over St. John’s College of Winfield. St. John was represented with a fighting aggregation, but it was no match for the Tiger. The Tigers scored three touch- downs in the first quarter, two in the second and one in each of the last two quarters. St. John’s, only score came in the last quarter when Lewis Dau picked up a fumble and ran forty-five yards to a touchdown. Although the score was large, the game pointed out many weak spots, especially in the Tiger offense. Page 73 Page 74 Hays 3 , Emporia 26 On October 5 the Tigers battled the Emporia Teachers at Emporia. This was the first Conference game for the Hays team. Emporia, favored by the breaks of the game, was able to pile up one of the largest scores ever made by a Kansas Conference team against a Hays team. The only score made in the third quarter was made by Shade when he scored via the drop-kick route from the thirty-five yard line. Hays 0 , z3)(Cc c Pherson 7 In a pouring rain, the McPherson Bulldogs scored a touchdown against the Tigers on the home field, October 12. Immediately following the kick-off McPherson blocked two attempted punts by Hays, recovered the ball on the second one and made a short end run for the only score made during the entire game. Page 7.5 Hays 3 , Salina 3 Not discouraged by the loss of the first two Conference games, the Tigers went to Salina on October 19, where they fought the Coyotes to a standstill. Salina scored a drop-kick in the second quarter and Hays made one in the fourth quarter. Hays made 11 first downs, Salina 4. The ball was kept in Wesleyan territory most of the time. The Tigers were kept from scoring a touch- down by the great number of penalties called on them. r ! Page 76 Hays 7 , St. SJXCary s 6 With two losses and one tie, the Tigers were determined that the Saints should leave Hays with another defeat marked up against them. St. Mary’s scored on a blocked punt in the third quarter. The try for point failed. The Hays score came in after Conger ran thirty-five yards through a broken field to the Saints’ thirty-yard line. By successive line plunges the ball was carried over. Page 77 Hays 12, (Jo liege of Emporia 10 A crowd of 1,200 persons saw the Tigers defeat the College of Emporia 12 to 10 on Homecoming Day. The Tigers outplayed the College throughout the first quarter. Shade scored two field goals during the first quarter. The game was a see-saw affair, the Tigers suffering repeatedly from disastrous penalties, and only the stonewall defense presented saved the Tigers five times on the one-yard line. The Hays touchdown came late in the last quarter when the ball was advanced on straight football from the thirty-eight yard line. Page 78 Hays 20 y Bethany 0 On November 2 the Tigers upset the dope as to the expected “close contest” with the Swedes. The men from Lindsborg put up a game fight, but were not able to make much headway against the Weidlein men. Hays scored in the second, third and fourth quarters. Page 70 Page 80 The Tigers, flushed with their victories over C. of E., Bethany, and St. Mary’s, went to Wichita confident of an easy victory over Fairmount on November 22. They received a severe jolt when Fairmount won its first game of the season. They were unable to break up the passing game presented by the Wichita team. Hays 0 , Fairmount 20 Hays 0 y Sterling 0 On Thanksgiving day the Sterling squad, leaders of the Confer- ence, came to Hays determined to win. The Tigers were deter- mined that the Barrel Makers should not win. The teams were quite evenly matched. The strong Sterling line was held by the fighting Hays eleven. When the game ended Hays was still in possession of the ball after carrying it fifty yards down the field on successive line bucks. 6 ill The season was satisfying in more ways than one. From the opening game on the Hays team showed one thing consistently, and that was the characteristic Tiger FIGHT which had been handed down and instilled in the minds of all grid men from Hays that they are never beaten until the last whistle sounds and then not whipped. Tigers are never so dangerous as when behind in the fourth quarter, and this is recognized throughout the Conference. 1 ill The Weidlein-Mandeville combination will make tough sled- ding for everyone in the conference next year. Only five men will be lost to the 1924 squad and men of experience are ready to fill their shoes. Inexperience was the chief handicap during last fall, as only four letter men started the season in permanent berths. With the new material thoroughly schooled in the Weidlein system, watch the Tiger percentage column. JPWv Page 83 Page 85 Basketball Schedule Jan. 11-12 — St. Mary’s at Hays. Jan. 19 — Salina Wesleyan at Salma. Jan. 25-26 — Bethany at Hays. Jan. 30 — Baker at Baldwin. Jan. 31 — Washburn at Topeka. Feb. 1 — St. Mary’s at St. Mary’s Feb. 8-9 — Pittsburg Teachers at Hays. Feb. 15 — Salina Wesleyan at Hays. Feb. 22 — Baker at Hays. Basketball Squad Top row — Opdycke, McFerrin, Mandeville (coach), A. Lorbeer, Wilson Bottom row — Riley, Shade, E. Lorbeer (captain), Hinkhouse, Wheat Page 86 The 1924 basketball squad faced the season with a new coach and practically a new system to learn. Under Coach Mandeville the squad showed a decided improvement over last year, especially in scoring, which was improved on an average of 7 points per game. Although the team was somewhat erratic and inconsistent at times, it was one w hich we may w 7 ell be proud of and one which brought honor in defeat as w r ell as in victory, and it may never be said that the Tiger spirit was better exemplified than in the 1924 basketball squad. Page 87 ij Dutch Lorbeer, besides being Captain of this year’s squad, was high-point man for the season, with a total of 103 points. Dutch was somewhat handicapped throughout the season with injuries and a severe cold. Hinkhouse, Captain-elect, played an excellent game at forward and is a true leader who will be present next year, and with Wheat, his running mate, returning, next year’s prospects are bright for a scoring machine of unusual ability. Riley and Shade, guards were recognized and feared all over the conference. A. Lorbeer and McFerrin were utility men of no mean ability, and next year, with their added experience, will prove valuable assets to the Tiger squad. High School Basketball Tournament Beloit Boys — Winners in Class “A” Tournament Beloit Girls — Winners of Girls ' Tournament Page eg f Holy rood Boys — Winners in Class “C” Tournament Page go Russell Boys — Winners in Class li B” Tournament Women ' s Athletics Miss Martha Hill, Director of Physical Education for Women, received her training at the Kellogg School of Physical Education, Columbia University, and the Vestoff -Serova Russian School of Dancing. Miss Hill took charge of the department this year, but in this short time has won the love and admiration of every girl on the campus. “ K ” Girls Costner, Beeby, Fults, Sims, J. Myles, I. Myles, Ferguson, Miller, Jameson, Chittenden Page 92 Page 93 Fults, Beeby, Costner, Chittenden, Ferguson, Sims, Keefer, Jameson Lovitt, Brooks, Hedges, Minnix, Gordanier, S. Chittenden, I. Myles, J. Myles Logan, Brown, G. Fick, McElhaney, Gilmore, Wing, Miller, Nelson Schwartz, M. Miller, McMichael, Barry, Brown, Profitt, Herndon, Larsen Davies, Cassidy, Marquand, Richardson, Patton, Veverka, Davis, Blender Oilman, Minnick, Storrey, Desbrow, Richardson, Hurlock Daylor, Boxberger, Cooley, Shaver, McFadden, Blender Davies, Hayes, Spencer Sophomore Team Lovitt, Keefer, Gilmore, F. O’Connor, A. O’Connor Vererka, Beardsley, Miller, Brown Cassidy Page 94 Junior Team Costner, Hedges, J. Myles, McJimsey, Davis, Logan, Wing, Beery, Miller Senior Team Groff, Morris, Wagner, Chittenden, Sims, Ferguson, Minnix Page 95 7 Page q8 531 Voices THE ELIJAH With Oratorio Quartet Sunday, May 4 8:00 P. M. Festival Qhorus Henry Edward Malloy, Conductor ORATORIO QUARTET Arthur Kraft, Enid Watkins, Mabel Beddoe, Bernard Ferguson Orchestra 50 Pieces THE MESSIAH With Oratorio Quartet Sunday May 11, 8:oo P. M. The ThCusic Festival Calendar of the Week SUNDAY, MAY 4 No. 1 . 3:00 P. M. Recital — Ernest Davis, Tenor, Boston Grand Opera Com- pany. No. 2. 8:00 P. M. ‘ ' Elijah” — Festival Chorus, Oratorio Quartet and Orches- tra. MONDAY, MAY 5 No. 3. 3:00 P. M. Concert — Kansas State Teachers’ College Glee Club. No. 4. 8:00 P. M. Aesthetic Dance Program. TUESDAY MAY 6 No. 5. 3:00 P. M. Concert — Piano and Violin Students. No. 6. 8:00 P. M. Recital — Enid Watkins, Soprano of N. Y. WEDNESDAY, MAY 7 No. 7. 3:00 P. M. Concert — Kansas State Teachers’ College Sextet. No. 8. 8:00 P. M. Recital — Bernard Ferguson, Baritone, New York. THURSDAY, MAY 8 No. 9. 3:00 P. M. Concert — Hays Concert Band. No. 10. 8:00 P. M. Reading — Mary O. Wooster. FRIDAY, MAY 9 No. 11. 9:00 A. M. 1:30 P. M. Western Kansas High School Music Contest, Solo Events. No. 12. 8:00 P. M. Recital— Mabel Beddoe, Contralto of N. Y. SATURDAY. MAY 10 No. 13. 9:00 A. M. 1 :30 P. M. — Western Kansas High School Music Con- test — Ensemble Events. No. 14. 8:00 P. M. Recital —Arthur Kraft, Tenor of New York. SUNDAY, MAY 1 1 No. 15. 3:00 P. M. Recital — Florence Macbeth, Prima Donna Coloratura Soprano, Chicago Civic Opera Company. No. 16. 8:00 P. M. “The Messiah,” Festival Chorus, Oratorio Quartet and Orchestra. Kansas State Teachers (Jo liege Qoncert IS and Rollins An-Gove Seabury, Director Piccolo H. E. Malloy Flute Margaret Rarick Oboe Everett Nibert Clarinet F. W. Albertson Doyle Brooks Eldon Curry Mildred Lee Dorothy King Mildred Nibert Dorothy Morrison Paul Oshant Saxophone Gordon Kirkman Alfred Harkness Frank Weisner Bassoon Bernice Lee Paul Ward Baritone Gilbert Meyer Claude Schuermen Tuba Charles Lewis Trumpet Earl Oyer Bernard Brungardt Wallace Steeples Ira Rhoades Donald Strawn Cornet Harvey Kleveno Benjamin Renner Hobart Rader Mello phone William Haddock Donald Hemphill Chester Maxwell Clemford Kulp T enor Marjorie Logan T rombone Carl Malmberg Julius Brockel Paul Selby Edwin Peterson Snare Drum Mabel Feaster Bass Drum Frank Thoman Tympani John Shively Page 100 Kansas State First Violin Clara Malloy, Con- certmaster William Dreiling Lois Rarick Edgar Windholz Isabelle Frank George Gottschalk John Bissing David Polhammer Ethel Shutts Mildred King Viola Bernard Brungardt Bass Asa King Clarinet R. A. Seabury C. F. Lebow Fred Oshant Teachers Qollege Orchestra H. E. Malloy, Director Flute Margaret Rarick Oboe Clarence Hapgood Bassoon Waldemar Goodholm Horn Rei Christopher Chester Maxwell Organ Annie Laurie Gibson Second Violin Lucille Felton Carl Malmberg Donald Hemphill Mabel Stadter Dorothy Voss Gertrude Rohe Mary Manners Helen Hoch Agnes Wasinger Cello Alex Meier Margaret Schaefer Cornet A. W. Seng Wallace Steeples Ira Rhoades T rombone Marjorie Logan Julius Brockel Gilbert Meyer Saxophone Bernice Lee Percussion John Shively Piano Mildred Nibert Ivan Townsdin Editor Earl Oyer Business Manager The cQe ader T HK Leader is a four-page weekly newspaper, and is the official paper of the student body. The editor is elected annually from the student body by the student voters at an election held on the second Friday in April. The busi- ness manager is chosen by the editor. The Leader is printed on a high grade book paper, which is very convenient for filing purposes. The purpose of the paper is to give all the school news and to reflect the life on the campus in general. Cuts showing campus scenes and happenings are used freely. The paper is operated strictly on a business basis. It pays its way through advertisements and subscriptions. The subscription price is one dollar per school year and fifty cents per summer term. The advertising rates are the standard local newspaper rates. Members of the Journalism class and volunteers from among the students make up the reporting staff? — I. C. T. Letha Best Editor Lawrence Gross Business Manager The ‘Reveille T HE Reveille Staff has done its best to picture in this meager way the bits of life at K. S. T. C. which have impressed us most deeply and which we hope to keep within our memories. Although it has been a difficult task we have enjoyed it, and we appreciate the help of those who have so courteously assisted us. Page. 103 7a Photos hy Sperry and Althouse Hays , Kansas wm — - O r v Qamma Sigma Organized in 1920 Colors — Yellow and White Flower — Jonquil M. Chittenden, Best, Ferguson, Miss Agnew Lovitt, Fults, Williams, Hupfer Spencer, Brooks, Hayes, Elder, Rongish, Tillotson R. Allbert, S. Chittenden, Keefer, Sims, L. Allbert, Jameson In Facultate Miss Elizabeth J, Agnew Page 1 13 8 Alpha Tau t a ppa Organized in 1921 Colors — Pink and White Flower — Sweet Pea McMichael, Brown, Costner, Storrey, J. Myles Gilmore, Jones Hill, McElhaney, Miller, I. Myles Page 1 14 Tau Upsilon Phi Organized in 1922 Colors — Pearl and Gold Flower— Narcissus In Facilitate Miss Lulu Bice Rousey, Hoke, Hedges, Best, McJimsey Carpenter, Larsen Miller, Houghton, Mumert, Winkler Page 1 15 Fowler, Winkler, G. McCall, Mumert, Wright, Grimes Davis, Eutsler, I. McCall, Eunice Gerald Egger, Logan, Cooley, Sullivan, Esther Gerald, Wagner, Baird Zeta Ti Phi Organized in 1923 Colors — Pink and Green Flower — Pink Carnation In Facilitate Miss Lulu McKee Page 116 Oyer, Lewis, E. Lorbeer, Renner, Combs Opdycke, Reed, Barry, Meyer Benson, Hinkhouse, A. Lorbeer, Messick, Sjorgen Kappa Khi zJllpha Organized in 1923 State Charter December, 1923 Colors — Purple and White Flower — Sweet Pea PLEDGES Irwin McVey Homer Dumm Joe Timken Burton Osborne Ira Rhoades Page tit Shearer, Shively, Strawn, Smith Robert Decker, Ward, Snyder, Bland Kulp, Kobler, Shea, Raymond Decker, Farquharson, Baker Iota Kappa Tau Organized October 9, 1923 Colors — Crimson and White Flowers — Red and White Carnations OFFICERS First Semester Emmett Smith President Robert Decker Vice-President Ralph Ward Secretary-Treasurer Second Semester Frank Shearer President Ralph Ward Vice-President John Shively Secretary Donald Strawn Treasurer Page 118 ■ Minnix, Costner, Knowles, Miss Blake, Ross, Thouvenell, Larson Miller, R. Rouner, Carpenter, Brown, Miss Agnew, Dawley, Nelson Barry, Fish, Richardson, Herndon, Palmer, V. Rouner, Miss Snodgrass Qamma Kappa Pi Organized in 1922 Colors — Pink and Green Flower — Carnation Page 1 19 Larsen, Fults, Allbert, Miss Powell Brooks, Ferguson Lulu McKee, Sims, Lewis, Miss Agnew Page 120 Haddock, Blender, Hill, Spencer, Miss Rands Pape, French Gordanier, Eutsler, Jensen, Anna McKee Page 121 The Qommercial Qluh Rands, Shearer, Gerald, Rader, Hill, Messick, Gerald, Strawn Morris, Wagner, Clark, Best, Brenner, Smith, Fisher, Blender Barnett, Bell, Sheetz, Smith, Hollinger, Ward, Scott, Combs Shade, Batliner, Piatt, McMichael, Pierce, Boxberger, Conroy, Jones Egger, McCall, Blume, Hood, Wynette, Clark, Ohmart, Ewer Farrell, Blazer, McCabe, Goodsell, Frank, Boyle, McJimsey, Oheim Trimmer, Vance, Pepper, Fogle, Paynter, Ashworth, Hodson, Dr. Vance Page 122 Cooper, Mummert, Eutsler, Steinle, Ina Miller Knowles, H. Davis Czeskleba, A. Davis, Ione Miller, Proffit, Eckart I. F S. K; Organized in 1923 IN FACULTATE Miss Elizabeth J. Agnew Page 123 T. W. Q. 4. Qabinet President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer .... Undergraduate Representative . Publicity .... Social Social Service .... World Fellowship Devotional .... Finance Big Sister .... Music Faculty Advisor Gertrude Winkler Kathryn Cretcher Matilda Hower . Eva Hedges . Dixie Carpenter Esther Gordanier Ione Miller Mildred Knowles Hannah Davis Ina Miller Jessie Kirkwood . Alice Davis Bernice Fowler . Miss Agnew Winkler, Hower, Hedges, Carpenter Ione Miller, Ina Miller Knowles, Davis, Kirkwood, Fowler Page 124 Tennant, Haddock, Reigel, Long WOOTERS, SjORGEN Oyer, Lorbeer, Forker, Messick T. -M. President .... C Qabinet . George Tennant Vice-President Chester Maxwell World Service Emil Sjorgen Campus Service Ernest Lorbeer Promotion Committee Earl Oyer Community Service Wil liam Haddock Social and Industrial Research Benjamin Wooters Membership . John Forker Devotional .... Andrew Reigel Finance .... Secretary and Treasurer . Jesse Long Faculty Advisor F. B. Lee Page 125 Page 126 Tillotson ' Grimes Hoke Fowler Winkler Hayes Kansas State Teachers (Jo l lege Sextette T HE Kansas State Teachers College Sextette has been one of the most active organizations in the Music Depart- ment. They have assisted in many musical programs, and will give a concert on the Music Festival Program. The members of the Sextette are: First Soprano Second Soprano Alto Louella Grimes Lucy Hoke Bernice Fowler Bessie Tillotson Gertrude Winkler Accompanist — Helen Zerzan Hazel Hayes Page 128 cl Anniversary Day The Second Thursday in February of each year is celebrated as Anniversary Day in commemoration of the day the legisla- ture of Kansas accepted the grant of the Fort Hays military reservation by the United States Congress for a Normal School, Thursday, February 7, 1901. The celebration aims to keep alive the best traditions of the institution, to pass in review the notable events in the history of western Kansas and the school, to evaluate the present and enlarge the vision of the future. Pane 120 1 ) Bernard Brungardt Otis Doane Page 130 Kansas State Teachers College of Hays vs. Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg Kansas State Teachers College of Hays vs. Kansas City University Question: Resolved, that the United States should join the League of Nations. Edgar Reed ‘Debate Carl Hodson Orrin Don Thurber Mr. Thurber represented Kansas in the Teachers’ College Oratorical Contest at Stevens Point, Wis- consin, Friday, May 2, 1924. His subject was i ‘Education and World Progress.” COMEDY Page 1 33 If all the freshmen were placed in a line, holding hands, they would reach more than half way across the Lake. A lot of people are in favor of this scheme. Dean Lee: “You’re drunk. I saw you running around here in a circle.” Freshman: “No, sir, I’m not drunk. I was just trying to read the name of a Victrola record while it was playing.” “Hazel, it would please me very much if you should entertain your friend without turning the lights off in the parlor,” Mother Cave spoke with chilly sweetness into the all- enshrouding darkness of the parlor. There was no reply. “Hazel, did you hear me?” All was quiet. Mother Cave was provoked, disgusted and im- patient. She spoke sharply: “Hazel, turn on those lights or I’ll come in there this very minute.” Still there was no answer. Mother Cave charged swiftly through the hall; she clutched momentarily for the switch and then the scene was flooded with incandescent radi- ance. The room was empty. They had gone to a movie. Hope: Ben said he’d kiss me or die in the attempt. Frieda: Good gracious, did you let him? Hope: Well, you haven’t seen any funeral notice, have you? “My!” exclaimed Mr. Clumsey» “this floor is slippery. It’s hard to keep on your feet.” “Oh,” replied his fair partner coldly, “then you were really trying to; I thought it was accidental!” She: Hello, Jack, how are you? He: Wonderful, thanks. She: Well, I’m glad someone thinks so. “I have a chance for the track team.” “Why, are they going to raffle it off?” “Yes, I have two bovs in col- lege.” “What is their yell?” “Money, money ; MONEY.” My alarm clock went off this morning at eight-thirty. Hasn’t it come back yet? “Why don’t you drown your sorrow?” “They’d get me for murder.” Prof. Johnson: “I have only one friend on earth, — my dog.” “Why don’t you get another dog.” Some girls are born ugly and others bob their hair. Page 135 Father (lecturing wild son): “Suppose I should be taken away suddenly. What would become of you?” Son: “Oh, I’d be here, Father. The question is what would become of you.” Mr. Shively (in Sociology Class): “If you were ordered to disperse a mob, what would you do?” Student: “Fd pass around the hat.” Page 136 Alice: “Is Paul a good spender?” Opal: “Yes, he spent seven evenings here last week.” Scientists have discovered that women talk less in February than in any other month. She: “My, but you have charming eyes.” He: “Goodness! How’s that?” She: “Well, they’re always looking at one another.” “Was the dance a success?” “Yes, roughly speaking.” rage 137 Teacher: “If I lend your father $800.00 and he promises to pay me back $200.00 a month, how much will he owe me in three months?” “Eight hundred dollars.” “You don’t understand arithmetic!” “You don’t understand my father.” COMMON KNOWLEDGE She had descended in wrath upon her husband at the stage door. “What are you doing here?” she demanded. It was up to him to think quickly, and he did. “Hello, my dear,” he greeted her mildly. “I heard you were coming down town and, wishing to see you, I came here, knowing this would be the f irst place you would look for me.” A man went home in a lubricated state at 2 A. M. To avoid waking his wife he removed his boots. This didn’t seem to help matters much, so he took his socks off too, and finally most of his clothes. He stepped up the stairs gingerly in this state and when he reached the top found himself in Waterloo Station. “Are you sure this theme is perfectly original?” “Yes, sir; but you may have seen a few of the words in the dictionary.” Page 138 Page 139 CUSTER HALL MOTTO Don’t study when you’re tired, Or have something else to do. Don’t study when you’re happy, For that would make you blue. Don’t study in the day time, Don’t study in the night, But study at all other times With all your main and might. GETTING MARRIED Getting married surely is A problem. I had had several pretty Girls and just about the Time that I thought I had won each fair one Some good looking chap Came along and stole her. So I resolved upon a plan. I picked out a girl who Was as homely as the Side of a barn — long, Lean, lanky, bow-legged And double-chinned, But who could sing Like a canary bird. I thought that nobody Would want her after They had had one good look. At the same time I thought Her singing would take the Place of beauty. I married her, and now Every time I look at her I have to ask her to Please sing for me. Prof. Rankin (to Freshman Chemistry class): “Be careful when you handle that potassium cyanide. It is very poisonous. One drop of it on a rabbit’s tongue would kill the strongest man.” OH Did you ever Go to a seven forty- five In an awful hurry And sit and look at the NECKS Of the sixty students In front of you? The masculine necks, Some of them thin And some of them CAESAR! Thick like a bull-dog’s, and The pretty lady necks, Some of them looking like the Inside of a flour barrel And others a la naturelle. And did you have a funny Feeling all at ONCE And wonder whether you had Taken time to wash the back of YOURS? Page 140 Woman at her first ball game: “Goodness, isn’t that pitcher just grand! Why he hits the bat no matter where the batter holds it.” Prof. Seabury: “Dear, do you know I’ve had something hesitating on my lips for quite a spell?” Miss Gibson: “Oh, my! And you know how I hate those little mustaches.” Student: “That coffee tasts like dirt.” Waiter: “It ought; it w r as ground this morning. First Student: “So that pint of chem department alcohol you had saved your life?” Second Student: “Yes, a friend of mine got hold of it and drank it.” Page 142 WRITTEN UPON LEAVING CLASS Mr. Wooster was my teacher; I did not get an “H.” He madeth me to hunt birds’ nests all over this campus, He madeth me to expose mine ignorance before the class. He also madeth me take examinations for my grade’s sake, Yea, though I walked through the halls of this College forever, I will never take Zoology 52; no, never. He madeth me to color hundreds of birds and recognize them by their callings, He used to scold me in the presence of mine enemy, He madeth me to go out on bird hikes at five o’clock in the morning. Surely that “P” shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall live in fear and hatred of Zoology 52 forever. Page 143 Edna: Do you ever allow a man to kiss you when you’re out motoring with him? Goldie: Never; if a man can drive safely while kissing me he’s not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. Allan: I don’t believe there is a devil, do you? Corder: I don’t know, why? Allan: Naw! There ain’t an ; its just like Santa Claus, it’s your Dad. Page 144 Idealism and finer feelings have not entirely ceased to exist as shown by this anonymous sonnet. Her beauty lay Upon her like a Dishrag upon a Lunch counter. His blood leapt In his veins like Water in a steam Radiator. His lips were Sugar with Sweetness. Hers were cream In their softness. Sugar and Cream. Note the similarity of the im- agery here to the opening lines of Milton’s “Lycidas.” The effect of George Jean Nathan and Carl Sand- burg is apparent here also. Note the strength of these lines. LOVE is all powerful, as the author points out. AFGHANISTAN LOVE SONG Don’t like onion, Olives are rank; Don’t like nothin’ ’S generally drank. Can’t do nothin’, — There’s nothin’ to do. Don’t like nothin’ Exceptin’ you. Lots o’ good points There is ’bout me. Ain’t mean cause I’m Too lazy to be. I’m too good fer most To give myself to. Wouldn’t marry anyone Exceptin’ you. Page 145 10 WHY MEN LEAVE HOME Well-meaning husband (to his guests): “If I had it to do over again, do you know whom I’d marry? My wife.” Wife: “No, you wouldn’t either.” THE COLLEGE “BADMAN’S” DAY As He Hopes His Classmates Think 12 M. Arises, eats breakfast, and 2 P. M. Reads mail from thirteen beautiful girls who want him for dances (cuts all classes). 7 P. M. Eats dinner in Bohemian restaurant with chorus girl. After the show they go to an Oriental dance hall, and then joy ride till dawn. He is carried home and put to bed too drunk to find his way. As It Is 7 A. M. Gets up and studies till class time. 8:30 A. M. Five classes. 5 P. M. Goes to gym. class. 8 P. M. Has a date with Cousin Matilda. Her father sits between them and shows the “album.” 9:45 P. M. Goes home to bed. Page 146 Page 147 She: Something is preying on Dick’s mind. He: Never mind, it will die of starvation. “I may be down but I’m not out,” thought the runner as he safely slid into third. Student (to photographer): I look too stout in this photograph. Photographer: Perhaps I developed that one too much. Breathes there a maid with soul so dead, Who never to her man hath said — “When do we eat?” “Go to the Devil,” said Mrs. Satan when the collector presented his bill. Phil: Brevity is the soul of wit. Osopher: Aren’t some girls humorous in their dresses! Bride (consulting cook book): “Oh, my, that cake is burning and I can’t take it out for five minutes yet.” Mother: What makes the little boy next door so shy? Dorothy: I hit him with a rock. Doctor: You seem to be all run down, Mrs. Peck. Let’s see your tongue? Henry: That’s right, Doc; you guessed it right off! Page 148 When the vamp us On the campus, Spring has came; When each maiden Starts paradin’, Spring has came; Boats agoin’ up the river, Couples out in every flivver, And the dance halls All a-quiver — Spring has came. The distance between the ears of many a youth is just exactly one block. A frost will blight a bloomin’ peach tree but can’t stop a bloomin’ bore. If a woman’s beauty increases with the size of her vanity case, the men are in grave danger these days. When the 10 o’clock scholar comes to college he evolutes into the lounge lizard. THE PROBABLE REASON ' ‘Why did Margaret insist on being married in an aeroplane?” “I don’t know, unless it was because no man on earth was good enough for her.” SONG OF HOPELESS LOVE Lady I saw in the .subway today, This is my poem of love, Frolicsome, sprightly and graceful and gay , Smiling at me from above. Though I have seen you each day for a year, And your smile seems to beckon and greet, Beautiful lady, I very much fear That never shall you and I meet. It’s not that I’m bashful or backward or shy; It’s not my intentions are bad, I’m just a human and flesh-and-blood guy ? And you are a silk-stocking ad. Page 140 Miss Snodgrass (in Foods Class): “Figs and dates are very scarce now. In fact, it is almost impossible to get a date.” Page iso STljc jRettcill 1924 How to be a college student: I. Sit around in your room at night in your bathrobe and pink pajamas, with a few goofy friends and give a little vocal harmony. II. Always carry a lot of books around with you. You needn’t study, but appear to be in a frantic hurry to get to the Library.. This will impress the professors. III. A cigarette holder is considered to be quite the thing. IV. Be sure and get an old junked car and make a bearcat of it. Take a gang of fellows out in it, and chase up and down the streets and sing at the top of your voices. V. Wear your hat well down over your eyes, grow a downy upper lip, wear slightly long hair with a hint of sideburns, and go without a collar. Oh, yes! By no means forget the cigarette. illc Page 153 i g 4 1 i m They Backed Us Up! 1 1 1 2 i success of this a 1 § book depended 1 i JpfT|P larg-elv upon adver- 8 l tising. The merchants made 1 1 manifest their spirit of sup- 1 i port, as is evidenced in the 1 1 following pages. Show these m M 1 loyal supporters who so 1 1 magnificently helped us in 1 1 this work that their favor is i not unappreciated. We on 1 1 the staff know and feel how 1 1 much they did for us, and a 1 you are asked to support i 1 them in every possible way. They will treat you square, Students! They went much 1 1 8 1 1 farther for us. 1 4 1 i 1 Thank you, Advertisers! 1 1 1 4 £ Page 154 REVEILLE ADVERTISERS J. B. Basgall The Rapid Shoe Repair Shop John M. Miller Elizabeth Condit J. B. Byars Co. The Hays City Flour Mills H. A. Nickles H. H. Winters 1 Grass Bros. Schlyer Arnold P. V. Gottschalk A. J. Basgall Oehler Steimel W. B. Daniels King Bros. Pharmacy T. G. Reed Sons J. T. Morrison The Chocolate Shop J. G. Brenner Treat, Shaffer Co. The Classic Store Felten’s Transfer and Storage Harkness Pharmacy F. F. Glassman A. A. Wl,ESNER Red Arrow Studio R. S. Markwell Strand Theater Edwin W. Hill H. B. Neiswanger Bissing Bros Oshants’ Variety Store Wm. J. Bellman Oldham Garage Schermerhorn’s Golden Belt Garage Tholen’s Jewelry Store Citizens State Bank Hays City Drug Store Bird Investment Co. First National Bank F. J. Hoch R. M. Drees Golden Belt Creamery M. Haffamier Son W. F. CZESKLEBA O’Loughlin Garage Farmers State Bank Ellis County News Lacy Riggs Tire Shop Goodie Garden Page 155 39 Stores 39 Stores Dry Goods, Ready-to-Wear, Cloth- ing, Shoes, Notions, Ladies’ and Gents’ Furnishings, Millinery, Etc. OUR MOTTO Buy and sell goods for cash and save each customer money Phone 245 Hays, Kansas Chestnut Street The Farmers State Bank Capital and Surplus, 75,000.00 John S. Sack President N. M. Schlyer .... Vice-President F. W. Arnhold Cashier Mary E. Bissing . . . Assistant Cashier Bank accounts opened with us are appreciated and will receive special attention The Bank TVhere You Feel at Home Hays City Kansas Page 136 CKHHTy The First and Last TV ord in Jewelry Our Guarantee of Quality which goes - with each article sold at this store is the highest form of protec- tion available to you in jewlery purchase. J. T. MORRISON Jeweler and Optometrist 105 N. Chestnut Street Phone 152 Hays, Kansas Osh ant s ' Variety The Elizabeth Condit Shop A Little More A Little Better Millinery Sweaters Dresses Skirts Coats Blouses For A Little Less and Dress Accessories SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY Hays Kansas Call on Hoch JhConument W irks For JMionuments Tire Shop General Tire and Tube Repairing A good line of tires and tubes and tire accessories Large Stock to Select From. Quality of Workmanship and Material First-Class. Frank J. Hoch, Proprietor Prices Reasonable Hays Kansas hi S. Fort St. Hays, Kansas H. H. WINTERS HUDSON AND ESSEX AUTOMOBILES Full Line of Hudson. . Essex. . . . . . . .$1425 .... $975 GENERAL HARDWARE Schlyer Arnold Hardware lb At Your Service at Clippers and Electric Curling Irons Any Time Let Us Serve Your THE RAPID SHOE REPAIR SHOP Next Needs 3b Quality Shoe Repairing C. Schafer Hays Kansas N. Main St. Hays, Kansas King’s Kwality Ice Cream As Good as the Name Implies WHY KING’S KWALITY ICE CREAM IS BEST It contains 14 per cent butterfat. It contains 24 per cent milk solids. It contains 12 per cent sugar. Is flavored with true fruit. WHY KING’S KWALITY ICE CREAM IS SAFEST Pure Food products only are used. The entire mix is Pasteurized. The entire mix is Viscolized. The Ice Cream is held at a temperature of zero. If you live in the west, You can have the best, By calling for, King’s Kwality Ice Cream. GOLDEN BELT CREAMERY and ICE COMPANY, INC. Hays Colby Plainville Page 158 BRENNER’S The Most Modern and Up-to-Date Store in Western Kansas YOU WILL FIND HERE: The Newest Styles at all times in — Young Ladies’ and Men’s Ready-to-Wear Garments. We guarantee satisfaction with every purchase, or money refunded. J. G. BRENNER Hays, Kansas Phone 70 Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear Ladies ' Rest Room on Balcony Floor Geo. S. Grass, Jr. E. B. Grass GRASS BROTHERS THE BIRD INVEST- MENT COMPANY Hays, Kansas Builders of Modern Homes “GOOD THINGS TO EAT” 3b 3b Planned and Developed “ Pershing Heights " Phones 4-497 Hays, Kansas modern restricted residential district of Hays Page 159 H. H. King Geo. King KING BROS. PHARMACY The m XaJUL Store We Serve You Better Finest line of candies in the city. Our fountain service is the best. The students’ headquarters for stationery. Everything to be found in a first-class drug store. The Home of Good Goods and Square Dealing. Telephone 8o Hays, Kansas OLDHAM BROS. ‘‘What did Oley do when you called him a fool?” Drive It Yourself Livery “He run, the coward — but he couldn’t catch me.” Auto Supplies “What would you do if Oley and Repairs called you a fool?” “Which Oley, the big one or the Phone 335 201 E. Juniata little one?” MUSICAL NOTE The Human Fish sat down to the piano, tore off a scale or two, while the dog-faced man barked in glee. It was cold Her hands were cold, too, And I — welt wouldn’t you, If it was cold And her hands were cold, too? Page 160 ENGRAVING COMPANY EIGHTH Sind WYANDOTTE KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Builders of Distinctiveyear Books “PHOTOGRAPHY that PLEASES” Photographs Kodak Finish- ing and En- largements It has been a pleasure to do the photography for the 1924 Reveille and we appreciate the pleasant co-operation of every member of the school. The ‘T ed Arrow Studio Opposite Post Office Althouse-Sperry, Props. Hays, Kansas WIESNER’S DEPARTMENT STORE A. A. WlESNER We invite you to make this store your SHOPPING CENTER while in HAYS. Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Notions, Ribbons, Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear. Groceries and Queensware % The Largest Department Store in Western Kansas Phone 88 S. Chestnut Hays, Kansas Page 161 11 19 24 GOODIE A BREAD STORY GARDEN TOLD BRIEFLY Home-cooked Food for Home-sick St u d e n t s The best bread must be baked from the best wheat flour. In Western Kansas is grown hard winter wheat, universally recognized as the best quality from which to manufac- Alumni, students and ture flour. readers of the Reveille Semolino Flour when in town make the Goodie Garden the place to meet your friends is made from this hard winter wheat. That tells you, briefly, why bread baked from Semolino Flour is the best bread ! If I Semolino Flour is the Product of the GOODIE HAYS CITY GARDEN FLOUR MILLS M. ALDICE BEEBY Hays, Kansas Page 162 Tiasgair s Qafe We Like to Serve to Students A. J. Basgall North Main St. Hays, Kansas Q) liege Shop Cleaning , Pressing and Tailoring W E have one of the largest and best equipped Cleaning Plants in Western Kansas. We give you absolutely the best in Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing, and all kinds of Alteration. All gar- ments are absolutely odorless after going through our process. Our prices are reasonable. For out-of- town customers we pay Parcel Post Charges. W. B. DANIELS Dentist Office in Reeder Building Phone 351 GOLDEN BELT GARAGE John R. Staab, Proprietor Phone 475 Automobile Repair Work Tires a n d Accessories DODGE and BUICK SERVICE GOODYEAR Service Station BISSING BROS. Phone 208 202 S. Chestnut Open Day and Night Hays, Kansas Hays Kansas St. Peter: “And what have you done to warrant ad- mission?” Letha Best: “I was Editor of the Reveille.” St. Peter: “Go in and pick out your harp.” Prof. Wiest: “Who wrote Gray’s ‘Elegy’?” Ham Lewis: “Why-er-Dickens, I think.” Page 163 KODAKS and Kodak Supplies of all kinds al- ways on hand and always new. EASTMAN N. C. FILMS The film with 27 years’ experience behind it. Developing and printing done by experts, or materials to do do your own. We make it a point to carry only goods of known quality and estab- lished reputation. That is why you will find only genuine Kodak goods in our Camera department. HARKNESS PHARMACY Ha,s Kodak Supplies Kansas Our Line — Edison Graphaphones, Records, Violins, Banjos and Ukeleles, Clarinets, Saxophones, Sheet Music and Rolls. CZESKLEBA MUSIC CO. Hays Kansas HILL’S Cash and Carry— Help Yourself QUALITY GROCERIES Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Service is Our Motto The Store that Appreciates the Students’ Trade Phone 432 Hays, Kansas The Chocolate Shop Ice Cream — Sodas Luncheonette Home-Made Candies Where Your Trade is Appreciated 1 16 W. South Main Hays, Kan. Page 164 — The Cornerston e — The confidence that every student has in the quality of our Furnishings and the Service of our Cleaning Department is a confidence that has been handed down from student to student. a confidence that we prize above all else, for it is the very cornerstone of this institution. JOHN M. MILLER Men ' s Furnishings Modern Dry Cleaners J. S. B as gall FRUITS GROCERIES QUEENSWARE Hays Kansas Prof. Miller: “I want a hair cut.” Barber: “Any particular way?” Prof. Miller: “Yes; off.” Note: “But not ALL off.” “Does your car have a warning signal on it?” “Yes, it has a little round thing on the front that says “Dodge Brothers.” CARD PARTY The sighing lover led a heart, The girl for a diamond played, The father came in with a club, And the sexton used a spade. Page 165 HAYS CITY DRUG STORE DRUGS SODAS CANDY CIGARS We specialize in high grade toilet preparations We solicit your trade because our goods are fresh, our stock is com- plete, our drugs are pure, and we give you what you ask for Prescriptions. a Specialty Phone 348 HAYS CITY DRUG STORE WM. J. BELLMAN The Winchester Store The Home of QUALITY HARDWARE Winchester SPORTSMAN’S Ammunition HEADQUARTERS Winchester Fishing Tackle and Baseball Equipment We carry a complete line of Winchester Tools , Flashlights Cutlery t T O give its read- ers all the news that’s printable and to be useful in every way it can to the city and community it serves, this newspaper devotes its best efforts The Ellis County News John S. Bird Frank Motz Headquarters for Stylish Clothing and Shoes for the College Man Collegian Clothes J. C. Roberts Shoes OEHLER and STEIMEL One Just Price Just One Price Page 166 Everything to Eat and EE ear Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Season. We Guarantee Everything We Sell. The best is none too good for you. H. A. NICKLES General Merchandise Hays Kansas uniform excellence AND PR CD ADVANTAGES We do fine repairing and guarantee our work. Regis- tered Optome- trist. Eyes ex- amined, Glasses fitted. We are competing with every other source of sup- ply for your permanent trade, NOT the individual sale. Prices reduced to pre-war basis, including repair work. Write for prices and compare with others. Doesn’t it stand to reason, therefore, that we should maintain a quality of uniform excellence and give you all the price advantages possible. A trial will convince you. To out-of-town patrons of our repair department, Uncle Sam will bring your work to us for a few cents and insure delivery. Send your watch and jewelry repair work by INSURED PARCEL POST. THOLEN’S JEWELRY STORE The Home of Reliability 108 South Chestnut Street Hays, Kansas Page 167 CITIZENS STATE BANK Your fellow student banks here. Ask him if he does not get satis- factory and helpful service. Capital and Surplus $100,000.00 C. G. Cochran .... P. J. Deane .... Chas. W. Miller, Jr. Philip Jacobs T. R. Andrews .... President V ice-President Cashier Asst. Cashier Asst. Cashier THE STRAND When you come back to Hays don’t forget to call on THEATRE GOTTSCHALK’S » FURNITURE A temple of the Silent Art. Good music — the best of pictures. Our Sun- day shows are care- fully chosen from the best of attractions. Where you will al- i ways be welcome whether you buy or not. C[ We handle a complete line of Furni- ture. CL We have the largest stock of floor coverings in Western Kansas. Felton Block, First Door West of First National Bank Hays Kansas Phone 236 Hays, Kansas Page 168 THE LAST WORD IN THE FIRST STYLES AT THE BEST PRICES IN TOWN SCHERMERHORN’S Three Stores Hays, Kansas Also Wilson and Ellsworth, Kansas Women’s and Children’s Ready-to-Wear Shoes and Millinery M. Haffamier Son PLUMBING Steam and Hot Water Heating F. F. GLASSMAN Quality Shoe Repairing Shop Post Office Basement Hays Kansas Hays Kansas R. M. DREES Dealer in Meats and Groceries H. B. Neiswanger, D.D.S. Phone 316 115 West 2nd St. Citizens Bank Building Hays Kansas Hays Kansas Page i6q BUILD A HOME Remember that it takes more than bare walls. You will need all sorts of supplies. You’ll need doors, windows, mantels, etc. We carry a large stock of all kinds of Builders’ Supplies, and can furnish you anything you may need, from the cheapest to the best. We also handle the best grades of Hard and Soft Coal, and will deliver to you at the lowest prices, con- sidering the quality. Don’t Buy Until You See Our Stock We Can Interest You TREAT, SHAFFER COMPANY Please remember us when in the market for Lumber and Coal Our Phone is 74 H. Havemann, Manager E. M. Speer, President H. W. Osh ant, Vice-President Victor Holm, Cashier Wm. Karlin, Asst. Cashier FIRST NATIONAL BANK HAYS, KANSAS Established in 1888 Does a General Banking Business Reliable and Conservative We Solicit Your Business O’LOUGHLIN GARAGE AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE Lincoln Ford and Fordson, Cars, Trucks and Tractors Ford Parts and Accessories Storage YOUR PATRONAGE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED Page 170 STYLE You Will Always Find The Newest Creations In Wearing Apparel For Men, Women and Chil- dren at This Store. If you really want the new things you will not regret a visit to — The LA K- T0RE l E X E. B I 5 S I N 5 HAYS, KANSAS R. S. MARKWELL Books , Stationery , School Supplies VlCTROLAS, GrAFONOLAS, RECORDS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Everything in the Schoolroom, College, High School, Grade School STATIONERY Social Business TYPEWRITERS And Typewriter Supplies and Paper SEND US YOUR MAIL ORDERS We supply texts and material for Correspondence Courses. VlCTROLAS AND VICTOR RECORDS— 10% cash and 10% a month. “It Pays to Come to Hays ” BOOKS Fiction Juvenile Bibles Text Books Page 17 j FELTEN’S TRANSFER AND STORAGE We Move, Store, Pack, and Ship PROMPT TRANSFER SERVICE Day and Night Phones: Residence 173 Office 18 Hays Kansas We’ve Got It, We’ll Get It, Or It Isn’t To Be Had PURE FOOD PRODUCTS Meats, Groceries and Fresh Vegetables We desire your trade and will try to serve you well T. G. REED SONS Telephone 169-481 Hays, Kansas Page 172 Qonclusion O UR purpose in this book has been to depict College Life. We hope that, in turning the pages of this volume, you may be reminded of the hap- piest hours of the most wonderful days of your lives. We wish to thank everyone who so cheerfully helped us with the work on this Reveille, especially the Art class for their work on the color pages. If you, who are students, believe that this book is the rightful successor to the Reveilles which have gone before, then we are satisfied. k m k T k 6 T k T k T k T k m T m ¥ Page 174

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