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wrnmmmmm HWA V.- . I.HH ’ ».- r »if ' .IUlJOC.tMli ' C Wi lx cle ire for bid- der isjxd better Future for r H.N., aurvcL a .ix ji .flK.ggK£ lo xltxj cxrvcl ir nxex irea lss!bor fronx ker sow sy et forfck tkro jgk our uii e .cl- iKiM tr or oxcl ir pirHvg le xler xwe eajrrv e tljj dedicate tkir uolurxe ot tke T eveille. . A. pREUSD " T o pre erue in our memorie man Jendunng and organized form die per onnel and accidie; daf gcwe a m piraiion and de ire for eruiee drough a bigger and better future for de Fort to ban cvj Dormal Jcbool haj been de purpoje in preparing dij PEILLE of TO COPYRIGHT 1923 E a Moo € itor Glenn C. Archer John Piedet Business Managers ' Sn ra ved hy BURGER ENG. CO. KANSAS CITY MO. Printed and QounJ by HUGH STEPHENS PRESS JEF PERSON CITY MO. The Foot ' Fridge la Sheridan Qoliseum The IT imari s Building Industrial Hall The Administration Building Administration Building, Rooking J (brth The President s Home School (gardens poarb of bnumstratton T HE State Educational institutions of Kansas are con- trolled by the State Board of Administration. The present members of the board are: Jonathan Davis, Governor .... Topeka E. L. Barrier . Eureka E. N. Underwood Atchison A. B. Carney Manhattan A. A. Doerr, Business Manager . . . Lamed This Board has shown a deep interest in our school and we are grateful to them for it. We lost a great friend by the sudden death of Mr. Kimball, former Business Manager, but hope to find as worthy a friend in Mr. Doerr, who fills the former’s vacancy. Page 17 2 William A. Lewis, B. S., A. B., LL. D. $resibent W. a. ietois, W. a. 11. ©. P RESIDENT William A. Lewis came to us from the Uni- versity of Utah. He is a Missouri man, having been reared on a Missouri farm and receiving his elementary education in a country school and a town high school. He graduated from the Chillicothe Normal and Business College, taught a country school, and later graduated from Valparaiso University. He was a student at the Armour Institute of Technology, and took special work in both the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin. He taught in the High School at Warrensburg, Missouri, and the State Normal School at the same place. He taught Chemistry in the Central High School of Kansas City, in Kansas City College of Pharmacy and at the State Demonstra- tion Farm in the Missouri State Normal. Then he occupied the chair of Industrial Education, was Professor of Agriculture and director of the State Demonstration Farm at the Uni- versity of Utah. President Lewis came to our institution in March, 1914. Since then the college has developed and increased until it is now ranked among the best. We hope that our school will have a bigger and better future, as exemplified, in all that is good and worth while, by our beloved President. Page 19 wm Floyd B. Lee, A. B., A. M. Dean of the Faculty and Dean of Extension Kansas State Normal School; University of Kansas. Elizabeth J. Agnew, B. S. Dean of Women Kansas State Agricultural College; Columbia University. Henry Edward Malloy, B. S. Director of Music Kansas State Normal School; Bethany Col- lege; Voice under George Hamlin, Chicago; Ella Bachus-Behr, Berlin; Hinshaw of Metropolitan Opera, New York; Georg Ferguson, Berlin; Kirk Towns, Berlin. Page 20 Charles A. Shively, A. B., A. M. Professor of Education Ex Officio City Superintendent; Kansas State Normal School; University of Kansas; University of Chicago. Lulu M. Bice, B. S. Librarian Kansas State Normal School; Fort Hays Kan- sas Normal School; University of Illinois. Edward E. Colyer, A. B., A. M. Professor of Mathematics Cooper College; University of Kansas. Page 21 R. L. Parker, B. L., B. S., A. M. Professor of History Ottawa University; University of Chicago. Clara Louise Malloy Professor of Violin Madame Zillisix, Milwaukee, Wis.; Cecil Olm- pzrey, Milwaukee, Wis.; Bethany Conservatory; Harrison Keller, Berlin. Flora May Ellis, B. S. Professor of Physical Education for Women Western Illinois State Normal School; North- western School of Oratory and Physical Educa- tion. Page 22 Julia F. Rands, A. B. Assistant Professor of Commerce University of Nebraska; Nebraska School of Business. Charles F. Wiest, D. D. Professor of Literature Gettysburg College; Gettysburg Theological Seminary; Midland College. George J. Woodward, B. S. Professor of Physical Education University of Kansas. Page 23 Wm. D. Weidlein B. S. in Civil Engineering Professor of Physics and Superintendent Power and Heat, University of Kansas. Georgina Wooton-Roberts Professor of Art De Pauw University; Chicago Art Institute; Church School of Art, Chicago. L. D. Wooster, A. B., Ph. M. Professor of Biological Sciences Kansas State Normal School; University of Wisconsin. Page ZU Victor C. Johnson Professor of Telegraphy and Station Accounting James E. Rouse, B. S., M. S. Professor of Agriculture Teachers’ College, Kirksville, Mo.; University of Wisconsin ; Kansas State Agricultural College. Maria A. Stephenson Assistant Professor of Education Lane University; Fort Scott Kansas Normal School; Kansas State Normal School; Baker Uni- versity. Page 25 Alta Roberts, B. S. A ssistant Professor of Home Economics State Manual Training Normal; Teachers’ College, Columbia University. Modesto Jacobini, A. B. Professor of Modern Languages Liceo, Taranto, Italy; American International College; Yale University; New York University; University of Chicago. James R. Start, B. S. Assistant Professor of Literature Fort Hays Kansas Normal School; Northwest- ern University, School of Oratory. Page 26 Roy Rankin, A. B., A. M. Professor of Chemistry and Bacteriology Kansas State Normal School; University of Kansas; Harvard University. Lulu McKee Assistant Professor of Education Bowman Memorial Kindergarten Training School; Washburn College; University of Kansas; Special Work in Story Telling with Martha Sher- wood, Richard T. Wyche, and Georgiana Speer. A. M. Vance, B. E., A. B., A. M. Professor of Commerce James Millikin University; Peru State Normal; Nebraska Wesleyan University; University of Nebraska. Page 27 Mabel Dora Senter, B. S., A. M. Professor of Home Economics State Normal School, Wayne, Nebraska; Okla- homa University; Columbia University. Rollins An-Gove Seabury, A. B. Professor of Musical Theory University of Maine; University of North Da- kota; Northwestern University. C. E. Rarick, A. B. Professor of Rural Education Kansas Wesleyan University; University of Colorado; University of Kansas. Page 28 Walter B. Roberts, A. B. Professor of Piano Christian College; American Conservatory of Music, Chicago; Institute of Musical Arts, New York. Anna Laurie Gibson Supervisor of Public School Music Illinois State Normal; Northwestern Univer- sity; Voice under Mrs. Franklyn Knight, St. Louis. Edwin Davis, B. S. Professor of Manual Arts Fort Hays Kansas Normal School; Kansas State Normal School; Manual Training Normal; Kansas State Agricultural College. Page 29 Page 80 Margaret McJimsey .... Financial Secretary Grace Rouse y . . Secretary of Public Service Department Edith Hoke Secretary to the Registrar Dixie Belle Carpenter .... Manuscript Reader Eva Hedges . . . Secretary of the Extension Division Page 31 LAJJEJ draining ikfjool Jfacultp Maude McMindes, B. S. . . Principal High School Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Anna Laurie Gibson High School , Music Illinois State Normal, Northwestern University Prudence Morgan High School , Home Economics Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Elgie Fireoved, B. S High School , Commerce Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Martin Eastlack, B. S High School , Manual Training Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Mildred Hamilton, B. S High School , English Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Kathryn McLain, B. S High School , History Fort Hays Kansas Normal School C. H. Brooks, B. S High School , Latin Fort Hays Kansas Normal School E. C. Colin, A. B High School , Science University of Kansas Frank Carman, B. S Principal Junior High School Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Ada Taylor Asst . Principal Junior High School Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Freda Knoche, B. S Sixth Grade Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Mrs. Minnie Rogers Fifth Grade Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Julia Mullen Fourth Grade Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Rosella McCarroll Third Grade Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Gladys Morrison Second Grade Fort Hays Kansas Normal School Annabelle Sutton Primary Colorado Teachers’ College Page S2 Page 38 3 President First Semester .... Glenn C. Archer President Second Semester .... Robert Spencer Vice-President Ella Moe Sec . and Treas. First Semester . . . Florence Leach Sec. and Treas. Second Semester . . Goldie Cummings % Charles V. Crissman Quinter Major — Manual Arts Y. M. C. A., Chorus, Football, Basketball. ’ Tis not for mortals always to be blest. Eva M. Pugh Sylvan Grove Major — Home Economics Y. W. C. A., Gamma Kappa Pi, Chorus. 1 f you never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you , You ' ll seldom find a reason to be looking really blue. Pearl Wilson Hays Major — Home Economics Gamma Kappi Pi, Y. W. C. A., Chorus, Student Council, Student Assembly Officer. Sincerity is the keynote of her character. Dove Stull Brownell Major — Home Economics Gamma Kappi Pi, Y. W. C. A., Campfire, W. A. A., Chorus, Basketball. The only way to have a friend is to be one. Abraham G. Schneider Webster M ajor — Agriculture K. Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Chorus, Orchestra, Band, Pinafore. He never lets his studies interfere ivith his educa- tion. Elaine Faulkner Great Bend Major — Piano and Voice Gamma Sigma, W. A. A., Chorus, Y. W. C. A., Band. Her accomplishments are as varied as the colors of Joseph ' s coat. Zella Clark Hays M ajor — M athematics Y. W. C. A., Gamma Sigma, Pinafore. I am sure care ' s an enemy to life. Florence Leach Sylvan Grove Major — II ome Econom ics Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A., Basketball, Chorus, Senior Class Treasurer. As frank as rain on cherry blossoms. James O’Brien Russell M ajor — Commerce Debate, Student Council, Senior Play, Messiah. As honest an Irishman as cut a throat or scuttled a ship. Robert Spencer Hays Major — Manual Arts Class President, K. Club, Pres. Glee Club, Class Play, Pinafore. Every inch a man , to say nothing of his feet. Page 35 John Riedel Hays Major — English Dramatics, Debate, Oratory, Business Manager Reveille. A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and con- fident tomorrows. Bernice Fowler Brookville Major — Music Orchestra, Pinafore, Chorus, Y. W. C. A., Band, Sextette. We ' ve tried French, and “Dutch” and all the rest , But the sons of Ireland we like the best. Maude Archibald Geneseo M ajor — English Campfire, Y. W. C. A., Basketball, Leader Staff, Reveille Staff, W. A. A. An all-around good scout and a friend to everyone . Bertha Meyer Bison Major — Home Economics. Campfire, Basketball, Chorus, Banquet Serv- ing, Gamma Kappa Pi. Her smile goes all the way around and buttons in the back. Ward Harold Dresden Major — History and English Dramatics and Oratory. And must I cease to talk? Oh , cruel fate! Carl Knowles Kirwin Major — Manual Arts and Commerce Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Band, Chorus, Track, Baseball, Scout Masters, Debate. Comb down his hair , Look ! look , it stands upright! Katherine Farrell Hill City Major— Home Economics Gamma Kappa Pi, Chorus, Banquet Serving. Che ' s Irish , that ' s enough. Gertrude Rohe Bunkerhill Major — Music Y. W. C. A., Campfire, Sextette, Chorus, Pin- afore, Student Council. Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. I la Mort Hill City Major — Voice Pres. Gamma Sigma, Vice-Pres. Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., Band, Orchestra, Pinafore, Student As- sembly Officer, Basketball. Here is a girl with a heart and a smile Who makes the bubble of life worth while. C. Arlo Blocker Asherville Major — Commerce Pinafore, Commercial Club, Glee Club, Track. Like a circle ending never Doth my tongue run on forever. Page 36 Fred Appl Bison Major — Manual Arts Basketball, K. Club, Band, Football, Baseball, Y. M. C. A., Pinafore. They say women and music should never be dated. Alma Dusenberry Ionia . Major — Music. Y. W. C. A., Sextette, Chorus, Pinafore, Debate, Orchestra. Should the light of the sun, moon and stars com- bine, It could not equal that one Ray of mine. Elizabeth Campbell Bunkerhilt , Major — Piano Orchestra, Pinafore, Recitals. It is love that makes existence possible. Mamie Fike Plainville M ajor — English Dramatics, Chorus, Y. W. C. A., Basketball. She is not too busy to be friendly. Emerson H. Felts Winona Major — Agriculture Pres. Y. M. C. A., Boy Scout, K. Club. Married — isn ' t it a shame? William Keller Garfield Major — History Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Debate, Oratory. A clever , pleasant , willing mind , A gift that one can rarely find. Florence Bruner Burdett Major — Home Economics Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A., Debate, Ban- quet Serving. Our thoughts and our conduct are our own. Ruth Grove i " Dorrancc s ' Major — Home Economics Gamma Kappa Pi, Chorus, Y. W. C. A. Would there were more like her. Bernice M. Donmeyer Salina Major — Music Y. W. C. A., Pinafore. She never for long anxiously waited For a “special” that day was recently dated. W. A. Flynn Hill City M ajor — Agriculture American Legion, Y. M. C. A., Chorus, Debate, Oratory. He has a smile that bubbles from the heart , and loves its fellow men. Page 37 Ernest R. Albert Hays Major — Commerce Capt. Football, Baseball, Commercial Club, Student Cou ncil. Pres. Student Assembly, Chorus, Rifle Club, K. Club. ’ Tis said that absence conquers love , But oh! Believe it not. Charlotte Bowlus t Russell Major — Fine Arts Gamma Sigma, Y. W. C. A., Chorus, Dramatics, Pinafore, Art Club. Not Trotsky or Lenine — but Red. Ella Moe Jamestown M ajor — Physical T raining Tau Upsilon Phi, Pres. Y. W. C. A., Managing Editor Reveille, W. A. A. He ' s of stature somewhat low — Your hero always should be “long” you know! Bertha E. Palmer Hays Major — Music Pinafore, Band, Orchestra, Sextette, Chorus. True worth is in being , not seeming. C. Edward Law Hill City Major — Manual Arts Glee Club, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Basket- ball, Pinafore. He says a thousand pleasant things — But never says “Adieu.” William L. Rankel Clyde Major — English Glee Club, Chorus, Debate, Leader Staff, Pin- afore. I am not in the roll of common men. Dorothy Voss v Inspiration , Ariz. Major — Piano Orchestra, Chorus, Pinafore, Recitals. Happy am , from care I am free! Why aren ' t they all contented like me? Bertha Bailey Geneseo Major — Fine Arts Chorus, Y. W. C. A., Campfire. She has a great big soul, ' Tis worth your while to know her. Anna Meyer Hays M ajor — K indergarten Y. W. C. A., Chorus. Quietly she does her work and knows not what it means to boast. LeRoy Opdycke Russell Major — Commerce Chorus, Football, Basketball, Glee Club, Pin- afore. I don ' t care what happens just so it doesn ' t happen to me. Page 38 Mrs. Adah Cain Hays Major — Home Economics Wise to resolve and patient to perform. Marie Myers Bunkerhill Major — Romance Languages American Legion Auxiliary, Y. W. C. A., Or- chestra. A heart to no folly or mischief inclined The workman is known by his work. Mae Abel Hoisington Major — Home Economics Pres. Gamma Kappa Pi. Tau Upsilon Phi, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Debate Club, Chorus, Basket- ball. Oh, find me the man whose rib 1 am . Glenn C. Archer Great Bend Major — Manual Arts Pres. Senior Class, K. Club, Basketball, Base- ball, Business Manager Reveille, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Y. M. C. A., Rifle Club. When l said I should die a bachelor , I did not think I would live to be married . Faye Hisey Lenora M ajor — Commerce Gamma Sigma, Commercial Club, Chorus. Thou who hast the fatal gift of beauty. Mary Hedges Hays Major — Mathematics , Languages Tau Upsilon Phi, Commercial Club, Chorus, Y. YV. C. A. Cabinet, Reveille Staff, Basketball. Her voice is ever low and gentle , An excellent thing in women. Page S9 The Fountain in Winter Page UO Page hi President Mary Chittenden Vice-President Ted Rardin Secretary and Treasurer Letha Best Sergeant-at-Arms Lawrence Gross Page 1 2 Lawrence Gross Hays K. Club, Pinafore, Football, Basketball. The sweetest noise on earth is woman ' s tongue , A string which hath no discord. Mary Chittenden Hays Gamma Sigma, W. A. A., Class President, Cho- rus, Student Assembly Officer, Student Council. She puts her worries in the bottom of her heart and sits on the lid and laughs. Olive Kobler Penokee Tau Upsilon Phi, Chorus, Band, Pinafore, Re- veille Staff, Y. W. C. A., Sextette, Orchestra, Sec. Student Council. This world is made up of Steeples — and people. Oma Barry Brownell Gamma Kappa Pi, W. A. A.. Campfire, Y. W. C. A. Silence is more eloquent than words. Lanning Rankin Hays Glee Club, Rifle Club, Orchestra, Pinafore. Nay, if he take you in hand , sir, with an argu- ment, He ' ll bray you in a mortar. Lindsey R. Clark Hays Y. M. C. A., Debate. All may do what has by man been done. Vivian Czeskleba Hays Y. W. C. A., Chorus, Dramatics. It is good to lengthen to the last a sunny mood. Agnes Minnix Modoc Gamma Kappa Pi, W. A. A., Y. W. C. A. Her very frowns are fairer far , Than smiles of other maidens are. Geneva Herndon Amy Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A., Chorus. Honor lies in honest toil. Lester Hackerott Hays Y. M. C. A., Debate Club, Rifle Club, Dra- matics. JVhat is mind? No matter. IV hat is matter? Never mind. Page 43 Ed. M. Nickel McCracken Commercial Club, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. His mind his kingdom , and his will his law. Bemjamin M. Wooters Hays Y. M. C. A. He only is a well-made man who has a good deter- mination. Beulah Richardson Glen Elder Gamma Kappa Pi, Camp fire, Rifle Club. Pretty to zvalk with , pleasant to talk with , And pleasant to think on, too. Edna Fairchild Bunkerhill Y. W. C. A., Basketball. It ' s good to be merry and wise, It ' s good to be honest and true. Jennie Wagner Hays Y. W. C. A., Commercial Club, Basketball, Chorus. Where none admires , ' tis useless to excel , Where none are beaux , ' tis vain to be a belle. Mabel Blender Hays Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A. I laugh , for hope hath a happy place with me. If my bark sinks, ’tis to another sea. Lucy Hoke Hays Pinafore, Sextette, Chorus. Untwisting all the chains that tie the hidden soul of harmony. Irwin J. Conant Utopia Y. M. C. A., Football. He does , indeed , show some sparks that are like wit. Althea Sims Hays Pinafore, Chorus, Gamma Sigma, W. A. A., Art Lovers’ Club. She has an elephantic sense of humor. Charles A. Lewis Hays Pinafore, Glee Club, Band, Chorus, Y. M. C. l m And after all , who knows , whether ' tis greater To conquer worlds or oc a moment loved? Page hh Ernest Lorbeer Webster K. Club, Vice-Pres. Y. M. C. A., Pinafore. And when once the young heart of a maiden is stolen , The maiden herself will steal after it soon. Sylvia Ferguson Salma Gamma Sigma, Gamma Kappa Pi, Art Editor Reveille, Art Lovers’ Club, Pinafore, W. A. A. Lead me down to the still “Blue” sea , away from the “Riley” waters. Frances Nickles Hays Gamma Sigma. Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath. Letha Best Bunkerhill Gamma Sigma, Tau Upsilon Phi, Reveille Staff, Y. W. C. A., Chorus, Class Officer. Always friendly, just the same. Always square in life ' s old game. Ted Rardin Plainville K. Club, Glee Club, Pinafore, Y. M. C. A.. Band. Three-fifths of him genius, and two-fifths sheer fudge. Ralph Conger Natoma Chorus, Rifle Club, Y. M. C. A. My only books were woman ' s looks, And folly ' s all they ' ve taught me. Eleanor Griffes Hill City Y. W. C. A., Dramatics. In soul sincere, in action faithful, in honor clean. Ivan C. Townsdin Ilugoton Debate Club, Chorus, Y. M. C. A., Leader Staff. Education is the only interest worthy the deep, con- trolling anxiety of a thoughtful man. Gladys Conway Norton Dramatics, Campfire, Y. W. C. A. Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind. Bernard J. Brungardt Hays Orchestra, Rifle Club, Band, Debate, Oratory, Dramatics. Hear ye not the hum of mighty workings. Page. If 5 Adelbert Cowan Hays K. Club, Glee Club, Pinafore, Orchestra, Y. M. C. A., Football, Basketball. Studying makes some people wise , but it makes me otherwise. Clara E. Morton Bunkerhill Y. W. C. A., Basketball. 1 have a heart with room for every joy. Floris Shade Hays K. Club, Pinafore, Glee Club, Football, Basket- ball. Is this a dream? Oh , if it be a dream Let me sleep on , and do not wake me up. Gertrude Winkler Rozel Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Vice-Pres. Women’s Aux- iliary, Sextette. A daughter of the gods , divinely tall And most divinely fair. Page J 6 Page k 7 President Wilbur Riley Vice-President . John Byrd Secretary and Treasurer Gladys Garrison Page k8 Ruth Mather Burdett Basketball, Swimming. Sweetness, truth and grace Are read distinctly in her face. Ruth Parkhurst Hays Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Those about her, from her shall read the perfect ways of honor. Grace Dillon Hutchinson Alpha Tau Kappa, W. A. A., Campfire. Persistency wins. Myrtle Costner Hays Alpha Tau Kappa, Gamma Kappa Pi, W. A. A., Chorus. Watch me grow. Kenneth Hinkhouse Palco Football, Basketball, Chorus. A man I am, crossed with adversity. Benjamin A. Renner Rush Center Y. M. C. A., Band. Clever men are good, but they are not the best. Ina Miller Salina Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A. Everybody likes her. Faye Desbrow Hays Y. W. C. A. Size has naught to do with capacity. Ruth Mix Scott City Y. W. C. A., Campfire. Friendliness was her middle name. Robert B. Gilkison Lincoln Commercial Club, Glee Club, Pinafore. He is wise who listens much and talks but little. Page t,9 4 Edith Wunderlich Otis Y. W. C. A., Chorus, Banquet Serving. Unconscious of her worth. N. Lucille Jones ' Garden City Tau Kappa, Commercial Club, Campfire. If to her share some female errors fall , Look on her face and you ' ll forget them all. Adalia Popp Grainfield Y. W. C. A. A quiet gentle maid. Harold T. Combs Hays Commercial Club, Y. M. C. A. I have immortal longings in me. Joy Richardson Quinter Banquet Serving, Y. W. C. A. Ladies , like variegated tulips show 9 Tis to their changes half their charms we owe. Avis Cooper Delphos Pinafore, Y. W. C. A. Her grin would dim the shining sun , and warm a polar bear. Lula Taylor Ogden Basketball, Y. W. C. A. She will be working when night cometh when no man can work. Gladys Baird Hays Alpha Tau Kappa, W. A. A. ; Y. W. C. A., Pin- afore. Begone , dull care! thou and I never agree , Begone , dull care! prithee , away with thee. Nellie Sites Hays Art Lovers’ Club, Y. W. C. A., Chorus. The greatest rivers make least din. William Haddock Hays Scout Masters, Y. M. C. A., Rifle Club, Chorus. Men of few words are the best men. Page 50 Mrs. Blanche Flynn Hays Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A. What would Bill do without her? Burnette McMichael Lincoln Tau Kappa, Campfire, Commercial Club. The force of her own merit makes her way. Thomas Arnold Hays Debate, Oratory, Rifle Club, Y. M. C. A. In every deed of mischief , he had a heart to resolve , a head to contrive , and a hand to execute. Marjorie Locan Arlington Band, Y. W. C. A., Pinafore. The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business. Florence Saunders Ada Y. W. C. A.,- Rifle Club, Campfire. True worth is in being , not seeming. John L. Bulkley Wakarusa Football. A mere madness , to live like a wretch and die rich. Sylvia Epler Scott City Y. W. C. A. In her friendship there is nothing insincere. Nina Russell Lakin Y. W. C. A., Campfire, Rifle Club. For her heart was in her work, and the heart giveth grace unto every art. Claryce Silver Ellis Y. W. C. A., Dramatics. I can sing, I can play, I can dance away a day. Albert F. Fisher Garfield Commercial Club, Y. M. C. A. He has a heart as sound as a bell. Page 51 Nora Roelfs Stockton Chorus, Campfire, Y. W. C. A. It ' s nice to be natural when you ' re naturally nice. Ralph A. Ward Grainfield Commercial Club, Y. M. C. A. Sleep , riches , and health , to be truly enjoyed , must be interrupted. Emma Miller Lorraine Gamma Kappa Pi, Campfire, Y. W. C. A., Chorus. She wearest not her heart upon her sleeve. Chester H. Maxwell Qtiinier Band, Y. M. C. A., Chorus, Pinafore, Scout Masters. 1 am aft nthe man who invented work. Ida D. Brooks Garden City Y. W. C. A., Chorus. To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. Anna Shipley Lebanon Y. W. C. A. Yes , I am as mild as I look. Ida Myles Osborne Alpha Tau Kappa, Commercial Club, W. A. A., Pinafore, Chorus, Student Assembly Officer. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthu- siasm. Wilbur Riley Scott City Football, Glee Club, Basketball, Chorus, K. Club. He cast off his friends, as a huntsman his pack, For he knew when he pleased he could whistle them back. Matilda Hower Sylvan Grove Campfire, Banquet Serving, Y. W. C. A. Worth, courage, honor , these indeed, Your sustenance and birthright are. John Byrd Bloomington K. Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Class Officer. I can look sharp as well as another, and let me alone to keep the cobwebs out of my eyes . . Page 52 George H. Tennant Langdon Y. M. C. A. A man with a purpose in life. Ruth May Hall Carneiro Y. W. C. A., Campfire. A fine thing in woman — she possesses a quiet tongue. Harmon Flinn Jewell City Y. M. C. A., Football, Basketball, Baseball. Who lives without folly is not so wise as he thinks Nellie Mumert Hill City Tau Upsilon Phi, Y. W. C. A., Dramatics. Laugh every time you feel tickled , and giggle once in a while Estella M. Thouvenall Winona Campfire, Rifle Club, Gamma Kappa Pi. She has common sense in an uncommon way. Elsie Miller Garden City Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A., Campfire, Cho- rus, Banquet Serving. Make use of time , let not advantage slip. Paul H. Andree Albert Band, Glee Club, Y. M. C. A. Dreams are the best part of life. Jessie H. Myles Osborne Alpha Tau Kappa, W. A. A., Commercial Club Pinafore. Which looks the most alike , she or her sister? Mary Audrey Neeland Lucas Y. W. C. A., Commercial Club. Faith , that ' s as well said as if I had said it myself. Lyle Davis Phillipsburg Rifle Club, Y. M. C. A., Boy Scouts. For talk six times with the same lady , And you may get the wedding dress ready. Page 53 Gladys Garrison Satina Gamma Sigma, Campfire, W. A. A., Class Offi- cer, Pinafore. A smile for all , a welcome glad , A jovial , coaxing way she had. Maranda Ashworth Quinter Y. W. C. A. silence were golden I ' d be a millionaire. Freda L. Brooks Hays Alpha Tau Kappa, Press Club, Leader Staff, Chorus, Campfire. And still we gaze , and still the wonder grows , How one small head can carry all she knows. Harold R. Messick Ilealy Commercial Club, Y. M. C. A., Chorus, Oratory and Debate. ' Tis the taught already that profits by teaching. Mrs. Clarence Clark Hays Banquet Serving, Chorus. A perfect woman nobly planned To warn , to comfort , and command. Asa C. Popp Grainfield Dramatics, Y. M. C. A. Night after night he sat and bleared his eyes with books. Flora Hoi.tslander Osborne Y. W. C. A. From a little spark may burst a mighty flame. Esther Gordanier Concordia Art Club, Debate, Y. W. C. A., Chorus, Camp- fire. When she will she zvill , and you can depend on ' t , But when she won ' t she won ' t , and that ' s the end on ' t. Mabel Stadter Ellis Y. W. C. A., Pinafore, Chorus. You ought to know me — I am a wise girl. Sadie Hall Garfield Commercial Club. They laugh that win. Page 5 k W. O. Johnson Hays Football, Y. M. C. A., Basketball. Worth makes the man. Bernice Pepper Stockton Y. W. C. A. Rules don ' t bother me. Bessie Tillotson Hays Tau Kappa, Gamma Sigma, Sextette, Pinafore, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Chorus. Personality plus. Gladys Frank Jewell City Campfire, Commercial Club. Loyal in friendship and enthusiastic in a good cause. Herman J. Ward Washington Y. M. C. A. Great thoughts , like great deeds , need no trumpet. Edgar Reed Assaria Debate, Oratory, Chorus, Y. M. C. A. I thank God that I am as honest as any man living. Mary Brown Scott City Y. W. C. A., Swimming. And good luck go with you. Florence Gulick Garden City Y. W. C. A. A soft smile cooleth a teacher ' s wrath. Magcielee Fink Monument Tau Kappa, Basketball, W. A. A., Pres. Women’s Auxiliary. A face with gladness overspread , Soft smiles by human kindness bred. John C. Bensen Marquette Band, Orchestra, Y. M. C. A., Boy Scout. But if it is a sin to covet honor I am the most offending soul alive. Page 55 George Gatschet Solomon American Legion, .Rifle Club, Commercial Club. As proper a man as one shall see in a summer ' s day. Dora Butler LaCrosse Y. W. C. A. Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Zita I. Bissing Hays Alpha Tau Kappa, Commercial Club, Chorus, Pinafore, W. A. A. As pure as a pearl , And as perfect; a noble and innocent girl. Hazel Blazer Athens , Ohio Y. W. C. A., Commercial Club. As merry as the day is long. John T. Sites Ilays Y. M. C. A., Scout Masters, Chorus. The sufficiency of merit is to know that my merit is not sufficient. Ashba Hedges Hays Y. M. C. A., Chorus, Oratory. An honest man , close buttoned to the chin , Broadcloth without and a warm heart within. Jennie Leone Bibens Fort Smith , Ark. Gamma Kappa Pi, Y. W. C. A. 1 count life just a stuff To try the soul ' s strength on. Lois McElhaney Great Bend Alpha Tau Kappa, Chorus, Y. W. C. A. Possessor of woman ' s greatest asset — unlimited talking speed. Gaynelle Davis IV ellington Art Lovers’ Club, Y. W. C. A. A sunny lass, an antidote for sadness. Fred L. Bell Simpson Y. M. C. A., Commercial Club, Debate. Who does the best his circumstance allows Does well , acts nobly , angels could do no more. Page 56 Edna Hood Oakley Commercial Club. Believes in doing her own thinking. Cecil W. McKee Sterling Editor of Leader, Press Club, Debate, Oratory, Scout Masters, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. lie says what he thinks , and thinks what he says is right. Hazel Main Grainfield W. A. A., Gamma Sigma, Chorus, Basketball. If you don ' t know Hazel , it is your misfortune. Harry Smith Randall Commercial Club, Basketball. One of those individuals characterized as a good scout. Alice Peterson Iianston Reserved and quiet; kind and always true. Robert Decker Sylvan Grove Y. M. C. A., Scout Masters, Chorus. Let me have an audience for a word or two. Margaret R. Pauley Linn Chorus. Gentle of speech , but absolute to rule. Della L. Kaps Bunkerhill Y. W. C. A., Basketball. Joy rises in me, like a summer ' s morn. Daisy Beeby Hays W. A. A., Women’s Auxiliary, Campfire, Chorus. She is all that she seems to be. Jacob Gross Hays Chorus, K. Club. They zvho from study flee, live long and merrily. Page 57 Page 58 Page 59 Jfresfjmen fftcersi President Audrey Barnhart Vice-President Marjorie Logan Secretary and Treasurer Harold Lewis Page 60 George Jepson, Hays Helen Foster, Protection Harry A. Engstrom, Oberlin Francis M. Hederhorst, Stockton Grace Cox, Ellsworth Fred E. Newell, Damar Mary Rongisch, Hays Marian Marlar, Lucas Mildred Knutson, Wakeeney Earl Oyer, Webster Nell Marie Silver, Ellis Eva Thorene, Sharon Springs Harry Hill, Stockton Jessie Kirkwood, Lamed Kathryn Schilstra, Cawker City Celia Muir, Stockton John Forker, Haven Harriet Keefer, Salina Audrey Barnhart, Scott City Ioleane Williams, Hays Russell Godfrey, Garfield Leona Albert, Hays Hope Eutsler, Lincoln Effie Ashworth, Quinter Bernice Locke, Covert Alvena O ' Connor, Waldo Walter Thompson, Hays Florence Brown, Webster Opal E. Hollinger, Lyons Austin Watson, Lebanon Page 61 Frances L. Rhine, Quinter Ida Lamback, Atwood Paul Morris, Almena Ethel Bowen, Alton Dale V. Fireoved, Smith Center Lola Hill, Stockton Clarence Stull, Brownell Emil T. Sjogren, Marquette Gladys Blender, Hays Tressa Dotts, Buhler Leo Propp, Russell Lucy Davis, Ness City Esther Gerald, Atwood Myrtle Cassidy, Monument Isaac Pembleton, Palco Charles R. Schoonover, Bucklin Philomena Sheetz, Wichita Eva Abercrombie, Hays Donald Strawn, Asherville Edith L. Vance, Rexford I one Miller, Rush Center Emmet A. Smith, Excelsior Sp’gs, Mo. Maude Adams, Quinter Donald Hemphill, Wakeeney Winifred Wood, Adrian , Mo. John Taylor, Lucas Treva Eckart, Salina Bessie Brown, Paradise Earl Barry, Hays Vera Dalrymple, Bennington Page 62 Lulu Wynett, Lamed Nova Moody, Kismet Lillian Caprez, Waldo Melbourne Nelson, Marquette Chester Steeples, Zurich DeEtta Shottenkirk, Garfield Adley Lorbeer, Webster Gordon Melia, Bucklin Mildred Knowles, Kirwin Ed Rongisch, Hays Edith Jameson, Salina E. C. Landis, Hays Alice McCabe, Lyons Lawrence Bemis, Hays Eva Hodson, Lucas Lawrence Becker, Logan Iva Houghton, Jamestown Edna Warner, Ellsworth Harold Lewis, Palco Susan Chittenden, Hays Herbert Thompson, Hays Muriel Crissman, Russell Ethelyn Weaverling, Plainville Florence Gilmore, Osborne Florence O’Connor, Waldo Hester Crissman, Hays Freda Kohler, Lincoln Frank Thoman, Russell Lillian Martin, Natoma Inez McCall, Vesper Harold Opdycke, Russell Page 63 Scene On Normal Lake Page 6 4 President George Nicholson Vice-President Oel Spellman Secretary and Treasurer Jesse Long Page 65 5 Oel Spellman, Penokee Deffie Phillips, Luray George Mulroy, Hays Sylvia Day, Woodston Lloyd E. Parkhurst, Hays Elsie A. Steinert, Russell Ralph E. Noble, Stockton Blanche Marquand, Hays George L. Nicholson, Salina Curry Edwards, Sylvia Marjorie Corrick, Grainfield Clarence Hanna, Wakeeney Lawrence McIntosh, Hays Mary Leikam, Hays Frank E. Miller, Moundridge Katie Preston, Zurich Jesse W. Long, Quinter Genevieve Hill, Hill City Lola Kellog, Plainville Page 66 Page 67 George J. Woodward, Coach and Director of Athletics William D. Weidlein Line Coach Coacfjes “Rook” and “Bill” have for three years made athletic teams out of material fit only for farm use, in a manner which justifies any claim they may make to creative powers. If they are with us next year we hope to produce material worthy of their efforts and outshine all previous accomplishments attained by the Fort Hays Normal. The standing and recognition which the Fort Hays Normal receives in athletics is due a great deal to its efficient coaches. They work hard and faithfully to build up the Tiger teams. They not only strive to develop winning teams, but “Tigers” that are known for their good sportsmanship above everything else. The confidence of the student body, faculty, and the entire squad in the ability of “Rook” and “Bill” to develop good teams creates great enthusiasm for all sports. Page 68 “H” Club Cowan, Opdycke Conger Schneider Lorbeer Rardin, J. Gross, Riley Spencer Albertson H. Lewis, Engstrom Albert, L. Gross Byrd Shade Appl Archer Barnhart, Felts Page 69 Emerson Felts Cheer-leading became a fine art this year with Emerson Felts leading the rooters. The cheering was always organized and “pep” reigned supreme. The rooters never quit rooting whether the team was losing or winning. The old cry of “Let’s give ’em fight!” sounded by Emerson, undoubtedly brought a response which showed alumni visitors and the visiting team that the old spirit of F. H. N. lived again. “Pigeon” was always on duty, whether it was on the athletic field or in the auditorium cheering the debators. Pa( e 70 Captain, “Pete” Albert Page 71 jfootball ikfjebule Sept. 27 — St. John’s College at Hays. Oct. 5 — K. S. T. C. of Emporia at Emporia. Oct. 12 — McPherson College at Hays. Oct. 19 — Kansas Wesleyan at Salina. Oct. 27 — St. Mary’s at Hays. Nov. 2 — Bethany College at Hays. Nov. 16 — College of Emporia at Hays. Nov. 22 — Fairmount at Wichita. Nov. 29 — Sterling at Hays. jfootball is guab Page 72 ©ttatoa, 1843 The football season of 1922 opened October 7 on the F. H. N. gridiron with a victory for the Tigers over the Ottawa Baptists. The first half found the Tigers vigorously applying themselves to the college game, true to the form handed down by the F. H. N. Football Conference Champions of 1921. The Tigers started the scoring by crossing the line for two touchdowns. The score at the end of the first half was 12 to 0. Ottawa came back the third quarter fight- ing furiously and succeeded in crossing the line when Shoger recovered a blocked punt and ran for a touchdown. Early in the fourth quarter luck was again with the Baptists when a pass was completed after the Tigers’ safety had knocked it into an Ottawa man’s arms, who ran for their second touchdown. With the score 13 to 12 the ability to come back was demonstrated by the Tigers when by straight football they made three successive first and tens carrying the pigskin over the line to victory. Page 73 JfldPfjerSon, 1446 The “TigeF’- Bulldog” game played on the McPherson field October 15 resulted in a defeat for the Tigers. The first defeat for the Tigers in the Conference in two years. The Tigers scored in the first few minutes of play when McPherson fumbled the kickoff and the Tigers recovered. Shade used his toe for the extra point, first quarter ending 7-6. Both teams scored during the second quarter. Score — Tigers 14, Bulldogs 13. The only score made the last half was a drop kick by McPher- son winning the game. During the second quarter an attempt by the Bulldogs to gain by an end run resulted in a fumble, which Rardin of the F. H. N. picked up and ran for a touchdown. The game was played in a field of mud and during a rain and windstorm, causing numerous fumbles. Twice during the game the Tigers were held for downs on the three-yard line. Page 7k EangaS Wesleyan, 3=0 The home-coming game was won by the Tigers after fifty-nine minutes and fifteen sec- onds of give-and-take football. The score came with less than a minute to play when Barnhart returned Cannon’s punt from the Tigers’ twenty-five-yard line to the Coyotes’ twenty-one-yard line. Then followed a penalty of fifteen yards giving the Tigers the ball on the six-yard line. Two line plays placed the ball on the three- yard line. Shade then drop-kicked from the fifteen-yard line for the three points which won the game. The Tiger interference d uring Barnhart’s great carry back of Cannon’s punt worked as it never had before. Shade, Opdycke and Conger tore through the Coyote line for many good gains. Captain Albert gained three firsts in ten by successive plunges. The Tiger “never-say-die” spirit again car- ried the Gold and Black to victory. Page 75 §s t. Jfflarps, 0=21 The second defeat for the Tigers in two years was administered at St. Mary’s when the heavy St. Mary’s football machine, remember- ing the scores of previous years, met the Tigers with “blood in their eye,” winning after sixty minutes of hard-fought football. Kelley and Riley were injured during the game. Riley sustaining a broken jaw, which kept him from playing the remainder of the season. Even with the big score against them, the Tigers fought to the last whistle. Pugnacity is the Tigers’ middle appella- tion. They never know what the word “quit” means. This game was Riley’s Waterloo, but he will fight his weight in elephants. Would rather play one minute in a football game than be crowned queen of Ireland. He always waged a bitter and gruelling fight until fate called him off with a shattered mandible. His opponents found him full of fight to the last whistle. Page 76 Petfmnp, 0=7 A lone touchdown beat the Tigers on No- vember 3, when the Swedes carried the ball over in the first ten minutes of play. The game was played on a field of mud, thus cutting down the chances for carrying the ball with any success. The Swedes opened strong at the start scoring by a short pass into the end zone and kicking goal from placement for the other point. From that time on neither team had an opportunity to score. A punting game which gave neither side the advantage was waged during most of the game. Reed, Byrd, Lorbeer and Schneider played an excellent game. Shade did some wonderful punting and com- pared with the Swede “booter.” The results being Bethany 11 punts for 219 yards, while Hays punted 11 times for 360 yards. A slippery ball and heavy footing slowed the game, but nevertheless both teams showed signs of being in the game every minute. All the players showed fighting spirit throughout the game. Although much advanc- ing was impossible because of the mud, efforts in making passes and punts made the game an interesting one. Page 77 College of Cmporta, 3=3 4 1 k 1 t ¥ The last game away from home was played on the College of Emporia ' s gridiron, resulting in a tie score with both teams retiring from the field dissatisfied. The game was hardly contested and inter- esting but lacked the climax of victory. It cannot be said that the Tigers lacked the “pepper” because a muddy field greeted them, accompanied by eleven huskies who later in the season won from the strongest in the Confer- ence. F. H. N. scored in the first half when Shade used his toe for the three points from the 25-yard line. The Presbyterians made their counts dur- ing the last quarter. During the game the Tigers advanced the ball to C. of E.’s six-inch line, but were unable to push it across for the six points. The game from the bench might have been deemed a defensive game, both sides being un- able to gain much ground. Page 78 Jfatrmount, 0=7 The last game ended in a defeat for the Tigers when Guthrie, fullback for the Shockers, intercepted a forward pass on his own twenty- two-yard line and ran seventy-eight yards for a touchdown. The other point was made via the drop-kick route. Only once during the game were the Shock- ers within scoring distance, while the Tigers car- ried the ball inside the Shockers’ fifteen-yard line four times during the last half, but were unable to score. The Tigers made ten first in tens while Fairmount made but six. The plunging of Cap- tain Albert, the return of punts by Shade, and the line played by Byrd made them the outstanding players for the Tigers. Looking back over the season’s scores we feel that the record is one which justifies every man who had anything to do with the making in throw ing out his chest and asserting his right to exist. We do this, and more, too, in proph- esying an even more bril- liant showing next year. Page 79 QUIGLEY AND EDMONDS— CHAMPION OFFICIALS 1 1 mm pill ■K li« i gaapai |Nft80NMW m«i asssfe H V ' • ' ■••■ ' , - , mmmt- vs -- fff gy ' ifpSp Page 81 6 JPas etball ikftebule January 10-11 McPherson at Hays January 19 Kansas Wesleyan at Hays January 26 Bethany at Hays February 3 St. Mary’s at Hays February 9-10 Sterling at Sterling February 13 Bethany at Lindsborg February 14-15 McPherson at McPherson February 23 Wesleyan at Salina March 1-2 Sterling at Hays March 5 St. Mary’s at St. Mary’s March 6 Washburn at Topeka Pas ettmll H guab Rardin, Cowan, Riley, Shade, Barnhardt, Lorbeer, H. Opdyke, Hinkhouse, L. Opdyke, Schneider. Page 82 Captain LeRoy Opdycke “Uppie” has a winning way on the floor. The “big” chief hasn’t a white feather in his war bonnet. Never was a slave driver more unrelenting in driving his men on and never did a slave driver have more willing slaves. Assays 100 per cent fight. Page 83 “Shady” spilled ’em, knew all the points of inside basketball and he had the faculty of using his knowl- edge and ability where they counted most. This habit grew on him as the season advanced, much to the de- light of the rooters. Floris Shade “Riley” is looked upon as a dinosaur, or some- thing equally as fierce, among the Kansas Colleges. No goose flesh ever roughened Wilbur’s epidermis over a game. He seems to take great pleasure in outdoing his opponents. Wilbur Riley “Hink” — A plethora of altitude, and paucity of latitude, acted somewhat as a handicap for Hinkhouse. Extraordinary grit, perseverance, and adaptibility made him, however, one of the most valuable men on the squad. Kenneth Hinkhouse Page 84 “Dutch” — His vigorous silence on the court gave him his energy for determined, defensive playing and accurate shooting. He played the game with the vim and pep that tickles a coach enough to make him hug a cactus. Ernest Lorbeer “Barney” loomed up in his first season as a tower and a red fence. Training was a tenet in his religion. Consistency in strenuous playing was a headliner in his make up. Audrey Barnhart “Abe” applied himself vigorously to the college game and was one of the steadiest and most consistent players on the team, and at times he displayed brilliant flashes of form which rank him as one of the best players seen on our floor this year. Abraham Schneider Page 85 cfjool pas etball tournament WINNERS OF GIRLS’ TOURNAMENT— BELOIT QUINTF.R BOYS’ TEAM— WINNERS OF TOURNAMENT Page 86 CT M NASTICS Flora May Ellis Director of Physical Education for Women Chittenden, Baird Winners of K. Sweaters Women’s; Miss Flora May Ellis, Director of Physical Education for Women, received her training at the Western Illinois State Normal School and Northwestern School of Oratory and Physical Education. Miss Ellis came to the Fort Hays Kansas Normal School in 1919 . Since she has had direction of this department the or- ganization or courses for special certificates in physical education has been completed. Miss Ellis offers many theoretical courses as well as the regular classes in general floor work, dancing and team games. It is through Miss Ellis’ interest and co-operation that the Women’s Athletic Association has been established and properly organized. Every member has a love and admiration for her and appreciates her valuable assistance. Pa( e 88 Top Row — Chittenden, Moe, Ferguson, Dillon, Bissing, M. Hedges, I. Myles Second Row — Bowlus, Tillotson, Baird, E. Hedges Third Row — B. Meyer, Costner, Stull, Barry, Minnix, J. Myles Bottom Row — Garrison, Sims, Mort, Fink, Abel, Wagner Pomen £ gtesoctatton The Women’s Athletic Association perfected its organization this year and revised their point system. The membership has increased and a greater gen- eral interest shown in every phase of girls’ athletics through the activities of this organization. Page 89 Jfrestfjman Champions; A. O’Connor, McCall, S. Chittenden, Thorene, Dotts, Logan, F. O’Connor, Schilstra. is opf)cimore fEeam Costner, Main, Myles, Myles, Fink, I. Miller, Epler, Baird. Page 90 Junior eam E. Hedges, Barry, Chittenden, Richardson, Ferguson, Sims, Wagner, Minnix. Senior Ceam Myers, Rohe, Dusenberry, Abel, I. Miller, M. Hedges, Archibald, Mort Page 91 ■ MR H Page 92 ®f)e 1923 Krtmllc Ella Moe, Editor Glenn C. Archer, Business Manager John Riedel, Business Manager The Reveille this year has been financed in three ways: By the sale of three hundred and fifty books; by the sale of organization and panel space, and by the advertising which the book carries. The staff is proud of the fact that this year established a highwater mark in the matter of advanced sales. The plan of the book has been consefvatism, mechanical and editorial cor- rectness, and a desire to include as much as possible in as new and attractive a manner as we know. We have tried to make the cuts uniform and to pre- serve page balance. Mary Hedges, Treas.; Maude Archibald, Literary; Sylvia Ferguson, Art; Emmerson Felts, Athletics; Olive Kobler, Asst. Bus. Mgr.; Letha Best, Asst. Editor. Page OS Page 94 Jfesttbal Chorus 500 Voices Orchestra, 50 Pieces Henry Edward Malloy, Conductor “The Messiah” with Oratorio Quartette Sunday, May 6th ORATORIO QUARTETTE Gladys Swarthaut, Soprano William Phillips, Baritone Louise Harrison Slade, Contralto Arthur Kraft, Tenor Calendar of tf )t Wttk — ®f)e JfluStc Jfe£ttoal SUNDAY, APRIL 29 No. 1. 3:00 P. M. Concert — Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. No. 2. 8:00 P. M. Concert — Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. MONDAY, APRIL 30 No. 3. 3:00 P. M. Concert — Piano and Vocal Students. No. 4. 8:00 P. M. Joint Recital — Mr. Malloy and Mr. Roberts. TUESDAY, MAY 1 No. 5. 3:00 P. M. Concert — F. H. N. Sextet. No. 6. 8:00 P. M. Concert — Hays Concert Band. WEDNESDAY, MAY 2 No. 7. 3:00 P. M. Concert F. H. N. Glee Club. No. 8. 8:00 P. M. Aesthetic and Interpretative Dance Program. THURSDAY, MAY 3 No. 9. 3:00 P. M. Concert — Piano and Violin Students. No. 10. 8:00 P. M. Joint Recital — MissFelten, Miss Gibson, Mrs. Malloy. FRIDAY, MAY 4 No. 11. 10:00 A. M. Western Kansas H. S. Contest Ensemble Events. No. 12. 8:00 P. M. Concert — Hays High School. SATURDAY, MAY 5 No. 13. 10:00 A. M. Western Kansas H. S. Contest (Solo) Events. No. 14. 8:00 P. M. Concert — Artist Quartet. SUNDAY, MAY 6 No. 15. 3:00 P. M. Recital. Florence Easton, Metropolitan Opera Co. No. 16. 8:00 P. M. “The Messiah.” Page 95 Jfort formal 0rcf)e£tra H. E. Malloy, Director First Violins Clara Malloy Robert Depperschmidt William Dreiling Elizabeth Campbell John Bissing Lois Rarick Carl Engle Helen Smith Helen Mehler Second Violins Lucille Felton Carl Malmberg Dorothy Voss Donald Hemphill Mabel Stadter Bernice Fowler Marie Meyer Telka Kraus Mildred King Viola Bernard Brungardt Cello Alex Meyer Margaret Schaefer Olive Kobler Basses Otto Linnenberger Asa King Paul Andree Flute Ed Law Clarinets Cornels Wallace Steeples Fred Osh ant A. W. Seng Earl Oyer Tympani John Benson Organ W. B. Roberts Piano Dorothy Voss Poor 97 JSS f Tfccvjetti e | Page 99 Pace JOO m Page 101 — H i§ Page 102 Page 10, Photos by CONARD LaCrosse, Kansas Page 10k Top Row — Mort, Chittenden, Clark, Tillotson, Best, Ferguson Middle Row — Williams, Nickles, Warner, Rongisch Bottom Row — Bowlus, Hisey, Faulkner, Sims, Garrison amma ;i tg;ma Organized in 1920 Colors — Yellow and White Flower — Jonquil In Facilitate Miss Elizabeth J. Agnew Paijc 105 7a Top Row — Abel, Wilson, Grove, Carpenter, Ferguson, Meyers, Thouvenell Second Row — Pugh, Clark, Flynn, Farrell Third Row — Herndon, Richardson, Blender, Barry, Leach, Bruner, Stull Bottom Row — I. Miller, Fairchild, Minnix, Costner, Elsie Miller, E. Miller amma lUppa Organized in 1922 Colors — Pink and Green Flower — Carnation ACTIVE HONORARY MEMBERS: Miss Elizabeth J. Agnew Mildred Hamilton Miss Mabel Senter Maurine Speer Mrs. Roy Rankin Alice Beeby Mrs. J. E. Rouse Page 106 Top Row — E. Hedges, McJimsey, M. Hedges, Mumert, Abel Middle Row — Rousey, Knutson, Houghton, Cummings Bottom Row — Carpenter, Best, Moe, Kobler Up£tlon $fn Organized in 1922 Colors — Pearl and Gold Flower — Narcissus In Facilitate Miss Lulu Bicf. Page 107 Ipf)a au l appa Organized in 1921 Colors — Pink and White Flower — Sweet Pea In Facilitate Mrs. Georgina- Wooton Roberts Top Row — J. Myles, Tillotson, Bissing, Jones, Fink, I. Myles Middle Row — Baird, McElhani y, Hill, Costner Bottom Row — Gilmore, Dillon, McCall, McMichael, Brooks Paf c ios Ashba Hedges Business Manager )e Heaber T HE LEADER, the laboratory product of the Journal classes, is a four-page weekly student newspaper. This year marks a new era in the life of this student publication in the fact that it was changed from a bi-weekly to a weekly paper. The copy was furnished by the Journalism class the first of the year but during the last semester the editor had to depend on contributions from the student body. It is the purpose of the editor and staff to publish the school news of the campus and to run cuts that the students will like to keep. The Leader issues its humorous publica- tion April Fool week. I ' af c 100 Top Row — Bell, Hall, Combs, Phillips, Strawn, Vance, Hollinger Second Row — Jones, Messick Third Row — Mulroy, Gerald, Smith, J. Myles, Hill, Forker Bottom Row — Propp, Bissing, Morris, Lamback, Gilkison, Blazer Page 110 Top row — Sheetz, Nicholson, Hisey, R. Ward, Martin, F. Miller, McCabe Second row — Schoonover, I. Myles Third row — Frank, McMichael, Vance, Hood, Melia, E. Nickles, Landis Bottom row — Rands, H. Hill, Fisher, Pauley, Gatchet, Rodgers Page 111 Top row — Moe, Mort, Winkler, Bailey, Carpenter, Minnix Second row — Kohler, Sites. Bottom row — Bowlus, Tillotson, M. Hedges, Parkhurst, Abel S. W. C. Cabinet President .... Vice-President Treasurer .... Secretary .... Undergraduate Representative Finance .... Social Service . Music Big Sister .... World Fellowship Devotional ... Ella Moe Ila Mort Gertrude Winkler Bertha Bailey Dixie Carpenter Agnes Minnix . Olive Kobler Bessie Tillotson . Mary Hedges Ruth Parkhurst . Mae Abel Pd{ r lit Top row — McKee, Lorbeer, Felts, Knowles, Long Bottom rozu — Nickles, Keller, Tennant, Maxwell jfML C. 3. Cabinet Emerson Felts Ernest Lorbeer . Cecil McKee Carl Knowles Wm. Keller . George Tennant Ed Nickles J esse Long Chester Maxwell President . Vice-President Secretary . T reasurer Social Devotions Finance Membership Social Service Page 113 8 Campfire Top row — McKee, Beeby, Cooper, Adams, Conway, Cassidy, McCall Second row — Eutsler, R. Hall, Lamback, Elsie Miller Third row — Abercrombie, Vance, Thouvenell, Gordanier, McMichael, Archibald, Tay- lor. Ashworth Fourth row— Knowles, G. Hill, Kohler, Rohe, McElhaney, Russell, Brooks, Marlar Fifth rmv — Shottenkirk, Dillon, Saunders, E. Miller, Roelfs, Frank, Ione Miller, Hower Bottom rmv — Stull, Leikam, Richardson, Barry, B. Meyers, Garrison, M. Crissman, Muir Page llJf Top row — Bowlus, Roberts, Weaverling, Bailey, Gordanier, Griffes Bottom row — Ferguson, Sites, G. Davis, Albert, Sims, Snyder rt Hober’s Club The Art Lover’s Club was organized primarily for the students majoring in Fine Art, but later included a few others vitally interested in the Arts. Meetings are held every other Friday afternoon. The subjects for discussion have included contemporary artists and their work, going especially into the graphic art, as well as painting and sculpture. The different phases of home decoration have been studied, including period furniture, draperies, and rugs. In each case an interesting exhibit was provided, each member having become familiar with the subject in hand prior to the meeting. The club also sponsors the various Art Exhibits held on the campus. Page 115 Top row — Klotz, Nelson, Wagner, F. O’Connor Middle row — Fowler, Baird, G. Davis Bottom row — Logan, Gerald, McCall, A. O’Connor Zeta $ ln Organized 1923 Colors — Pink and Green ‘ Flower — Pink Carnation In Facultatc Mrs. Georgina- Wooton Roberts Page 116 Page 117 “iPtnafore” The Right Honorable Sir Joseph Porter, First Lord of the Admiralty . .Mr. George King Capt. Corcoran, Commanding H. M. S. Pinafore Mr. Walter B. Roberts Ralph Rackstraw, Able Seaman Mr. Rollins A. Seabury Dick Deadeye, Able Seaman Mr. Dwight L. Wooster Bill Bobstay, Boatswain Mr. William Rankel Tom Tucker, Midshipmate Master Paul King Bob Becket, Carpenter’s Mate Mr. Lawrence Gross Josephine, the Captain’s Daughter Miss Zella Clark Hebe, Sir Joseph’s Cousin Miss Margery Logan Little Buttercup, a Portsmouth Bumboat Woman .... Miss Be rnice Fowler First Lord’s Sisters, his Cousins, his Aunts, Sailors, Marines, etc. Page 118 Tillotson Palmer Dusenberry Rohe Cummings Hoke Kobler Jf. M. Sextette T HE F. H. N. Sextette has been an active organization on the campus. They have taken part in assembly pro- grams and special musical programs. They will give a concert on the Music Festival Program. Concerts were given at Oberlin, Dorrance, Kirwin, stock- ton, and Beloit, all of which were received enthusiastically. Much credit is due Mr. Malloy as director and Bertha Palmer as accompanist. Page 119 James O’Brien William Rankel Fort Hays Normal vs. Pittsburg Normal Decision for Hays Question: Resolved that United States should adopt the Cabinet Parlia- mentary form of government. Fort Hays Normal vs. Kansas City University Decision for Hays Edgar Reed William Flynn Page 120 Oratorical Contest Cecil W. McKee The seventh annual contest in Oratory with K. S. T. C. of Pittsburg was held in the Fort Hays Normal Auditorium March 23, 1923. Cecil W. McKee represented Hays and his subject was “Force, or the Alternative.” Roy E. Boyer was the representative from Pittsburg and the winner of the contest. Page 121 Jfort ftapsi iSormal Panb Flute and Piccolo H. E. Malloy Tuba Charles A. Lewis T rombones Carl Malm berg Marjorie Logan Lore Smith Snare Drum John Benson Bass Drum Frank Thoman Clarinets Chester Steeples Lucy Hoke Fred Albertson Doyle Brooks Elaine Faulkner Dale Fireovid Altos Bernard Brungardt Bernice Fowler William Haddock Chester Maxwell Donald Hemphill Saxophones A. Carl Knowles Nell Marie Silver Ila Mort Bertha Palmer Cornets Earl Oyer Wallace Steeples Lewis Groff Benjamin Renner Harvey Klewens Page 122 Page 123 Hicks so very lean. So, you see, between them both They fill a Ford machine. ook ef a| obse.Tvirjg ' dcnoci-o lender TDiy-. tlli ' b _ “What waz the last card I give ye, Mike?” “A spade.” “Shure it wuz. I saw ye shpit on yer hands before ye picked it up.” OH, SHUT UP! “Poor Agnes slipped on her veranda last night.” “Well, well! Did it fit her?” Iva: O, conductor, please stop the train I dropped my rats out of the window. Conductor: Never mind, lady, there is a switch this side of the next station. Wh T ' DufcK Swmq ' s A man spends the first twenty years of his life waiting for a chance to shave — The next ten waiting for the barber to shave him — And the rest of it waiting for his wife to TELL him to shave. An officer was showing an old lady over the battleship. “This,” said he pointing to an inscribed plate on the deck, “is where our gallant captain fell.” “No wonder,” replied the old lady, “I nearly slipped on it myself.” Parker: Do you believe in heredity? Lee: Do I? Why, Tve got three of the smartest children you ever saw. TO SAVE HIS LIFE “What makes Tinker carry such a big wad of bills every time he goes out in his car at night?” “The stick-up men told him if he didn’t have plenty of money next time they held him up, they’d shoot him.” Pane 111 Page 125 (Mserbatton Did you ever notice this: When a fellow steals a kiss From a righteous little miss, calm and meek; That her scriptural training shows In not turning up her nose, But just simply turning round the other cheek? Boyd: “I hear Tony is engaged to a giddy young fool ’ Lois: “Yes, and the ring hurts my finger terribly.” First Stude: “Do you know my friend Ralph Conger?” Second Ditto: “Yeh, I used to sleep with him.” First Stude: “Roommates?” Second Ditto: “No. Classmates.” Edith: “I hear St. Peter is going to resign his job.” Anna: “How is that?” Edith: “Oh, the reformers are preaching that thousands of beautiful girls are going to hell every day.” “I am going to be married.” “To whom?” “A student.” “Oh, dear, I’m disappointed.” “So am I, but a poor girl has to start somewhere.” She: “Do you like fishballs?” He: “Don’t think I ever attended any.” Ila: “Oh, what a stunning necktie!” Ed: It must be — the salesman got four dollars out of me while I was still dazed.” Page 126 Pagr 127 Mr. Lee: “What is intelligence?” Loke (after much perplexed thought): “Intelligence is the imme- diate and accurate response to a question.” Miss McKee: Now, dearie, what comes after “G?” Child: “Whiz!” “You’ve been calling on my daughter for some time. Why don’t you come down to business?” “Very well. How much are you going to leave her?” Visitor at Hays: “Ah, this village boasts a choral society, I understand. “No,” said a native, “We never boast of it.” True Courtesy: Won’t you take my seat, Madam? Embarrassed Beneficiary: Oh, I thank you so much! I’ll take the seat with pleasure, but I don’t want you to stand up. Premonitory Senior: “So you didn’t propose to her after all?” Another Senior: “No, and I’m not going to. When I got to her house I found her chasing a mouse with a broom.” Page 128 Page 129 9 Page 130 The people gathered in admiring throngs around King Bogus. They shouted his praise and as one great voice the great cry arose: 4 4 All hail the king!” But the king, hearing this, turned to the people and said: “How can you hail when I’m reigning?” “Why do you object to my marry- ing your daughter?” “Because you can’t support her in the style which she has been accus- tomed all her life.” “How do you know I can’t? I can start her on bread and milk, same as you did.” Chaperon: “Why did you tell him you had to go to the dressing room for some cold cream?” Co-ed: “I had to do something to get the chap off my hands.” All in the Family. Personal. — If Mr. Spivis, who left his wife and baby twenty years ago, will return to his former address, it would give the baby great pleasure to knock his head off. Pork: “Why did you name your child Montgomery Ward?” Beans: “Because he’s of the male order.” Design Arch: “I’m rendering a bachelor’s house.” Science Plebe: “What’s funny about it?” Design Arch: “No Eves.” Page 131 PROFESSOR’S LIMP One day Prof. Wooster was walking down the street when accidently he allowed one foot to drop in the dry gutter. Thinking deeply on some obscure subject, he un- consciously continued walking with one foot on the sidewalk and the other in the gutter. A friend seeing him stopped and said: “Good morning, Professor. How are you feeling this morning?” “Well,” said Mr. Wooster, “when I left home this morning I was feeling quite all right, but during the last few minutes I notice I have a limp in my left leg.” A GOOD MANY OF THESE “What is Mr. Schneider doing these days?” questioned the man who just got home. “Oh, he’s working his son’s way through college,” returned the other. RIGHT “The man who gives in when he is wrong,” said the street orator, “is a wise man; but he who gives in when he is right is — ” “Married,” said a meek voice in the crowd. Page 132 Page l.i.i Charlotte: “You don’t call me cutie any more.” Bob: “No, girlie, that word is too reminiscent of life in t he trenches, he replied.” Fond Freda (entertaining a fond beau): “Did you count the petals of a daisy to see if I loved you?” Fond Beau: “Nope, I used a three-leaf clover.” IGNORANCE IS BLISS “Say Bill, you ought to keep your curtains pulled down. I saw you kissing your wife last night.” Bill: “That’s one on you: I was down at the Arcade bowling last night.” “Pet’s going to sue the company for damages.” “Why, what did they do to him?” “They blew the quittin’ whistle when ’e was carrying’ a ’eavy piece of iron, and dropped it on his foot.” The Hays doctor coughed gravely. “I am sorry to tell you,” he said, looking down at the man in the bed, “that there is no doubt you are suffering from smallpox.” The p atient turned on his pillow and looked up at his wife. “Julia,” he said in a faint voice, “if any of my creditors call tell them that at last I am in a position to give them something.” “I bought a car in here several weeks ago,” said Asa Popp, “And you said if anything went wrong you would supply the broken parts, didn’t you?” “Surely.” “Well then, I’d like to get a nose, a shoulder blade, and a big toe.” Doctor: Now you see what comes of eating green apples when your mother told you not to. Boy: I didn’t eat ’em cos I liked ' em. I ate ’em to find out why she told me not to. Page Page 135 Page 136 In a hotel in Miami, Ariz.: “When the handles are off the faucets it means that the water is not to be used. The landlady will provide baths on Saturdays and Sundays. Use no wrenches.” Miss Effie Luffler, teacher of singing; Special pains given to beginners. — Ad in Ohio paper. In a Minneapolis Theatre: “Will the party who took the wrong auto robe please return it to the box office and get theirs?” A city girl visiting a farmhouse watched the butchering. “Who would have thought,” said she, “that hogs have inner tubes!” Tremendous Slash In Wardrobe Trunks. (Traveling Goods Adv.) Usurping the railroad’s prerogatives. PARIS, ILL., NEWS The interurban car due here at 10 o’clock Tuesday night struck a cow between stops 5 and 6. Our old-fashioned cow had only four. All, All Alone! James Sproggins of this city lived for nine days on onions alone. Sign in Alma, Mich., hotel bathroom— “Swipe the tub when through.” In a theater in Alpena, Mich. “Pass away one quiet evening here.” In Decatur, 111.: “For Sale — A fresh cow; gives five gallons of milk a day and a heifer.” In Portsmouth, Ohio— “For Sale, female billy goat.” On a flat building going up in Chicago — “Mill work by Gosch.” Page 137 WHY NOT? His arm, it slipped around her waist — Why shouldn’t it? Her head, it dropped against his breast — Why shouldn’t it? Her heart it gave a tender sigh — Why shouldn’t it? Her hat pin stuck him in the eye — Why shouldn’t it? Prof: Your reports should be written in a manner that even the most ignorant may understand them. Stude: Well, sir, just what part is it that you do not understand. The Sunday School teacher had just told how Lot’s wife had turned into a pillar of salt. “That’s nothing,” said Johnny, “when Dad was young he saw a woman go down an alley with a pitcher. She looked back and turned into a saloon.” Two goes into four, Four goes into eight, Pa goes into places, That makes him stay out late. Ma goes into hysterics, Then goes into bed, But what goes into corned beef hash has never yet been said. A TAKING GIRL She took my hand in sheltered nooks, She took my candy and my books, She took that lustrous wrap of fur, She took those gloves l bought for her, She took my words of love and care, She took my flowers, rich and rare, She took my ring with tender smile, She took my time for quite a while, She took my kisses, maid, so shy — (She took, I must confess, my eye) — She took whatever 1 would buy, And then she took another guy. Page 13 8 Page 139 t? mmm Page HO 21 jfltbmgbt §amt The football game was over, and before the parlor grate A maiden and a man were lingering rather late. They talked of punts and passes, things which were rather tame, Till Cupid put on his nose guard and butted in the game. He lined that couple up and made them toe the mark, Soon he had them going with scrimmages in the dark. As they sat there in silence in their new found bliss The man thought the scrimmage ought to end with a kiss, Thereupon he tried one, an amateur affair But he lost it on a fumble, and instead it hit the air. The next landed on her ear and the maid did shyly say You’re penalized for holding and likewise off side play. Fiercely he tried another this time succeeding fine For he made a touchdown on that warm red five yard line. As they sat there in silence communing soul to soul The parlor door swung open and father kicked a goal. Page lkl Freda: Are late hours good for one? Earl: No, but they’re good for two. Grace R. I never kissed a man in my life, and if I had I wouldn’t tell. DIPLOMACY Newlywed: “You know, I don’t know what to call my mother-in-law. I don’t like to call her ‘mother’ and yet I can’t very well call her ‘Mrs .’ What did you do? " Experienced Husband: “Well, I called mine ‘Say’ for the first year, and after that every- body called her ‘Grandma.’ Little side long glances, Little winks so quaint, Makes you think it’s love When it really ain’t. Page lif2 Page U S Pane UPt Page l fo 10 A. A. WIESNER SON “The Place Where You Feel at Home” Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear Groceries, Queensware The Largest Department Store in Western Kansas South Chestnut Hays, Kansas PEOPLE’S BAKERY Stop! Look! Listen! Try Our Bakery Products — The food our best and prices right — At your service day and night. TIPTON BROS. Phone 640 Hays, Kansas Hays Business Man. — “Why did you leave your last place?” A Frank Girl. — “I was caught kissing my employer, sir.” Hays Business Man. — “Er-um, you can start tomorrow morning.” Page 1 fO WE’VE GOT IT, WE’LL GET IT, OR IT ISN’T TO BE HAD. PURE FOOD PRODUCTS Meats and Groceries We desire your trade and will try to serve you well. T. G. REED SONS Telephone 169-481 Hays, Kansas THE HAYS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE believes in the Fort Hays Kansas Normal School, an institution exemplifying unselfish service, basis of a creed to which all organizations of a public nature must subscribe in order that their existence may be justified. I HIS ORGANIZATION RECOGNIZES the Fort Hays Kansas Normal School as the most potent agency in western Kansas now devoted to the development of the future citizenry of the state — students today, tomorrow the masters. SINCE THE SCHOOL WAS FOUNDED its great influence has been interwoven with every achievement of worth that has gone into the history of this city. The record of the coming years shall bear likewise the imprint of its labors. B( )T H WORKERS IN A COMMON CAUSE, sharing the same obli- gation of public service and acknowledging identical ambitions, the Fort Hays Kansas Normal School and The Hays Chamber of Commerce to- gether look confidently to the future. The Hays Chamber of Commerce H. LEE JONES, Secretary. W. A. LEWIS, H. A. NICKLES, ALEX SCHUELER, JR., A. W. SENG, H. H. WINTERS, ROY L. WARD. HERMAN J. THOLEN, President. H. F. ADDISON, J. B. BASGALL, C. A. BEEBY, H. W. FELLERS, GEORGE GRASS, JR. Page 1 7 BISSING BROTHERS SHOE STORE Shoes Macle-to-Measure Clothing Cleaning and Pressing Convincing proof is in merchandise. We have ready for your inspection — Shoes — Oxfords — Pumps. In fact all the latest in Shoes at the prevailing popular price. We are also representing two of the best tailoring concerns. Spring samples now on display at prices that will surprise you. Come in and look them over. Our Cleaning and Pressing Dept. We have the largest in Western Kansas, and are equipped to give you absolutely the best cleaning and pressing, repairing and altering. All garments are absolutely odorless after going through our process. For out-of-town customers, we pay parcel-post charges on orders. Phone 208 S. Chestnut Hays, Kansas F. F. GLASSMAN QUALITY SHOE REPAIRING SHOP Post Office Basement HAYS KANSAS Grass widows are nice, they say, but cannibals never eat them — they’re afraid of hay fever. Rankel. — “Who’s waiting at this table?” Waitress. — “You are.” A. L. CLARK SON Publishers of “THE HAYS FREE PRESS” Job Printing School Supplies South Chestnut St. HAYS, KANSAS Page UtS FELTEN’S TRANSFER AND STORAGE WE MOVE, STORE, PACK, AND SHIP PROMPT TRANSFER S ERVICE Day and Night Residence 173 Phones: Office 18 Ha y s Kansas Freda: “Wouldn’t you have liked to have had an old-time knight in armor plate make love to you?” Lois: “I should say not! Sitting on an iron knee doesn’t appeal to me.’’ One of our Journalism Students: — “Much doing around this town?” “I reckon not so much,” admitted a native. “Last Thursday a man fell dead in the postoffice and we didn’t discover the body till the next Tues- day.” “That’s dead news.” — Lamented our scribe. Page 1 9 EXIDE BATTERIES LET US GIVE YOUR BATTERY A PHYSICAL EXAMINATION And why not? Your battery is the heart of your automobile and lighting system. You owe it to your car, and to yourself to give your battery a physical examination. Call at our Exide Service Station. No matter what make of storage battery you have it will receive unprej- udiced, expert attention. Your interest is our interest. Perhaps all your battery needs is slight repairs and some over- hauling — maybe nothing at all. No matter, it really will pay you to call. RUNYON Battery Electric Station H. H. WINTERS Full Line of General Hardware At Your Service at Any time Let Us Serve Your Next Needs Hays Kansas To lengthen or not to lengthen it, That is the question. “When ice cream grows on Macaroni trees, When Sahara’s sands grow muddy, When cats and dogs wear B. V. D’s, That’s the time I like to study.” — Charles Lewis. Page 150 MILES’ Cafe and Bakery Fresh Bread and Pastries OPEN DAY AND NIGHT SOUTH SIDE BARBER SHOP We cut your hair And entertain you,; We shave your beard And do not pain you . Laundry, Bath, Shine, Electric Clippers, etc. W. B. DANIELS DENTIST Office in Reeder Building PHONE 351 MAIL YOUR CLOTHES TO JOHN M. MILLER Modern Dry Cleaners Men’s Furnishings Florsheim Shoes N. Chestnut St. Hays, Kansas CALL ON HOCH MONUMENT WORKS For MONUMENTS Large Stock to Select From Quality of Workmanship and Material First-Class FRANK J. HOCH, Proprietor Prices reasonable HAYS, KANSAS More Mathematics for Mr. Collyer From one of the numerous weeklies: ' ‘Announcement is made of the marriage of Mrs. Lena Johnson to Hans Doe. This is an interesting marriage in more ways than one, since Mrs. Johnson married her former son-in-law and becomes her grandson’s step- mother.” Page 151 STYLE YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND THE NEWEST CREATIONS IN WEARING APPAREL FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHIL- DREN AT THIS STORE. If you really want the new things you will not regret a visit to — IM LA K- T0R£ ILEX E. B I 5 5 I N 5 115 North Main HAYS, KANSAS Remember JV e appreciate your business — Have a large stock — It is The Citizens Lumber and Supply Company Hays, Kansas Page 152 TO THE SCHOOL CHILDREN OF AMERICA SERVICE IS NOW YOUR IDEAL THIS IDEAL IS THE FOUNDATION OF OUR SUCCESS LET’S CO-OPERATE ONE WITH THE OTHER PEABODY SCHOOL FURNITURE CO. TOPEKA, KANSAS R. S. MARKWELL Books, Stationery, School Supplies Victrolas, Grafonolas, Records BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES Fiction Juvenile Bibles Text Books Everything in the Schoolroom, College, High School, Grade School STATIONERY Social Business TYPEWRITERS And Typewriter Supplies and Paper SEND US YOUR MAIL ORDERS We supply texts and material for Correspondence Courses. VICTROLAS AND VICTOR RECORDS— 10% cash and 10% a month. “It Pays to Come to Hays’ Page 15 “SOCIETY BRAND” Clothes “ARNOLD’S” “Glove Grip” Shoe REEDER SON The Store for Men HAYS, KANSAS “Mallory” Hats “Phoenix” Hosiery Arrow Shirts and Collars H. H. KING GEO. KING KING BROS. PHARMACY THE REX ALL STORE Opposite Post Office Finest line of candies in the city. Our fountain service is the best. The students’ headquarters for stationery. Everything to be found in a first-class drug store. The Home of Good Goods and Square Dealing. TELEPHONE 80 HAYS, KANSAS Page 15 4 Wholesalers’ Cash Stores Company RUPP’S BILLIARD and POOL The store that saves you money. ROOM One of the Largest Chain Store Companies in the World. HAYS, KANSAS OUR MOTTO: “We sell for less.” Make our place your head- quarters for recreation and amuse- ment. THE ROYAL CAFE The Place of Students ' Quick Service Hot Lnuch and Good Eats a Specialty ICE CREAM SOFT DRINKS AND CIGARS OPEN AT NIGHTS Rongisch Son Hays, Kan. South of Depot Hays, Kan. BRUNSWICK HOTEL H. M. RARDIN Manager SOUTH SIDE HAYS, KANSAS Page 155 J. B. BYARS CO. Buying for 40 stores, we buy for less and sell for less. THE STORE OF QUALITY AND GOOD SERVICE EVERYTHING IN LADIES’ READY TO WEAR AND FURNISHINGS AT PRICES THAT WILL MORE THAN PLEASE YOU TO ALL DISCRIMINATING BUYERS, WE INVITE COMPARISON One-half block east of First National Bank on Second Avenue Across the street from News Office Phone 573 209-w-n-Main St. HENRIETTA STAR “Cosmetician” HAYS, KANSAS Telephone for an appointment Shampooing Manicuring Hairdressing Massaging Scalp Treatment Marceling Hair Coloring STEINWAY And Other Famous Pianos Lowest Prices in U. S. Payments arranged to suit CALL OR WRITE 1015 Walnut St. KANSAS CITY MISSOURI Page 156 Congratulations to you — Class of ’23, and hearty good wishes. You ' ve learned many things, among which is the excel- lence of our Semolino Flour. THE HAYS CITY FLOUR MILLS Designers and Manufacturers GOLDEN BELT OF GARAGE Exclusive Commencement JOHN R. STAAB, Proprietor Phone 475 Stationery Class Pins and Rings Automobile repair work Tires and accessories Personal inquiries and correspond- DODGE and BUICK ence are given prompt and SERVICE courteous attention GOODYEAR Service Station Jaccard Jewelry Co. 1017-1019 Walnut St. opf:n day and night KANSAS CITY. MO. HAYS KANSAS Page 157 BUILD A HOME Remember that it takes more than bare walls. You will need all sorts of supplies. You’ll need doors, windows, mantels, etc. We carry a large stock of all kinds of Builders Supplies, and can furnish you any- thing you may need, from the cheapest to the best. Don’t Buy Until You See Our Stock We Can Interest You We also handle the best grades of Hard and Soft Coal, and will deliver to you at the lowest prices, con- sidering the quality. TREAT, SHAFFER COMPANY Our Phone is 74 Please remember us when in the market for Lumber and Coal. H. HAVEMANN, Manager. E. M. Speer, President H. W. Oshant, Vice-President Victor Holm, Cashier Wm. Karlin, Asst. Cashier FIRST NATIONAL BANK HAYS, KANSAS Does a General Banking Business Reliable and Conservative We Solicit Your Business O’LOUGHLIN GARAGE AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE Lincoln Ford and Fordson. Cars, Trucks and Tractors Ford Parts and Accessories Storage YOUR PATRONAGE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED Page 158 H. B. NEISWANGER D. D. S. THE HAYS CITY CASH GROCERY i Staple and Fancy Groceries Citizens Bank Building HAYS, KANSAS LACY TIRE SHOP HIGHEST CASH PAID FOR POULTRY AND EGGS GENERAL TIRE AND TUBE REPAIRING E. F. BERKLEY, Proprietor A good line of tires and tube tire Phone 610-464 accessories 146 North Main Street 111 So. Fort St. Hays, Kansas HAYS, KAN. THE LAST WORD IN THE FIRST STYLES AT THE BEST PRICES IN TOWN SCHERMERHORN’S HAYS, KANSAS Women’s and Children’s Ready-to-Wear Shoes and Millinery Page 159 THE HAYS THE STRAND CITY DRUG STORE THEATRE MODERN OPTOMETRY ® Modern methods used in testing A temple of the Silent Art. Good eyes and fitting frames. music — the best of pictures. Our Sun- day shows are care- W. F. CZESKLEBA Registered Optometrist fully chosen from the best of attractions. HAYS KANSAS Accross from Post Office HAYS KANSAS GOTTSCHALK M. HAFFAMIER BROCK SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS New and Used Furniture PLUMBING Steam and Hot Water Heating J. T. BROCK LICENSED EMBALMER Phone 423 HAYS, KAN. HAYS KANSAS Page 160 r Where Kraft Built College Annuals are Produced T he Hugh Stephens Press, home of Kraft Built College Annuals, is the largest, uniquely equipped modern plant in the West, specializing in the production of the highest type of college year books. Surely there is something besides ex- cellent printing and binding, faithful per- formance of contract, and intelligent co-operation, that draws, year after year, more annual staffs of the large univer- sities and colleges “into the fold” of the Hugh Stephens Press. Perhaps it is as one visiting editor expressed it, our “ideal organization working in an ideal plant, ideally located, " that gives character to the annuals we produce. The orchid, rarest of flowers, is produced only when all conditions are favorable to its growth. The near-perfection of Kraft Built annuals is the result of careful craftsmanship under ideal conditions. The “Hugh Stephens Press folks " know what an annual staff is up against. Our Service Department renders expert assistance as part of our printing contract, and supplies the staffs with a complete system of blank forms, together with a handsome ninety-page Manual Guide dealing with the latest methods in advertising campaigns, business and editorial systems for College Annual production. Helpful advice and ideas are given on art work for Opening Pages, Division Sheets, Borders and special sections, combining Kraft Built bindings, inks and papers into beautiful and artistic books — SUCCESSFULLY EDITED AND FINANCED. Write for estimates and samples to THE HUGH STEPHENS PRESS College Printing Department JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI BURGARDT INGENTHRONE Accessories, Gasoline and Oils, Repairing, Machine Work and Welding HAYS KANSAS When the students are going up town, You’ll hear the students say on their way — GROUT’S BARBER SHOP W. A. GROUT Under Citizens State Bank BETTER MERCHANDISE FOR LESS Students save money by sup- plying their wants from this store. We have school supplies, notions, and all needed Ready to Wear for ladies. Give us a trial and be convinced. OSHANTS VARIETY STORE HAYS, KANSAS The ELLIS COUNTY NEWS Published Thursdays JOHN S. BIRD Editor FRANK MOTZ Manager Circulation, 2,100 To publish everything of news interest to its readers and at the same time to promote every movement that may prove helpful to Hays and the Community it serves, this newspaper devotes its best efforts. Page 161 11 CITIZENS STATE BANK Your fellow student banks here. Ask him if he does not get satisfactory and helpful service. Capital and Surplus $ 100 , 000.00 C. G. Cochran President P. J. Deane Vice-President Chas. W. Miller, Jr Cashier Phillip Jacobs Ass ' t Cashier T. R. Andrews Ass ' t Cashier Page 162 ST. ANTHONY’S HOSPITAL HAYS, KANSAS SISTER M. ADELAIDE Superintendent Page 163 SCHLYER ARNOLD Dealers in Implement Hardware A complete line of T. H. C. Harvesters, Hudson and Essex cars. SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY HAYS KANSAS The Sign of Quality Clothes Sold by OEHLER STEIMEL The Good Clothing and Shoe Store There is a sureness of quality and an assurance of service that always go with Home Oil Company Products White Carnation Gasoline, full of kick and energy, for sale by BEMIS STEIN GOLDEN BELT AUTO CO. O’LAUGHLIN GARAGE NORTH SIDE GARAGE Brilliant kerosene, the best of quality, no smoke, no smudge, or carboning up the wick, burns steadily. For sale by A. A. WIESNER SON J. B. BASGALL CARL LEIKER GRASS BROS. H. A. NICKLES REED’S GROCERY STORE Use Home Lubricants for best results. Very truly yours THE HOME OIL CO. When you come back to Hays don’t forget to ca ll on GOTTSCHALK’S FURNITURE Where you will always be wel- come whether you buy or not. We handle a complete line of Furniture. We have the largest stock of floor coverings in Western Kansas. Felton Block, First Door West of First National Bank Phone 236 HAYS, KANSAS Face 16 J, KODAKS And Kodak Supplies of all kinds always on hand and always new. EASTMAN N. C. FILMS The films with 27 years’ experience behind it. De- veloping and piinting done by experts, or materials to do your own. Wc make it a point to carry only poods of known quality and esta’ - lished reputation. That is why you will find only genuine Kodak goods in our Camera department. C. A. HARKNESS HEADQUARTERS FOR HAYS KODAK SUPPLIES KANSAS Everything to Eat and Wear FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES IN SEASON We guarantee everything we sell. The best is none too good for you. H. A. 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BRENNER HAYS KANSAS Phone 70 Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Ladies’ Ready to Wear Ladies’ Rest Room on Balccny Floor Page 170 GOODIE GARDEN Home-cooked Food for Home-sick Students. Alumni, students and readers of the Reveille when in town make the Goodie Garden the place to meet your friends. A GOODIE GARDEN M. ALDICEBEEBY Eat Ice Cream Every Day Instead of a Special Treat. There is more nourish- ment in a pint of ice cream than an equal amount of almost any other kind of food. Instead of eating ice cream on Sundays only, or for special occasions, eat it every day. You love it on hot days. It tastes better than anything else. The fact that you crave it shows that you need it. Nature calls for the foods that we need. Ice cream is the very best food you can eat. It builds health and vigor. Make “ICE CREAM EVERY DAY” Your Motto GOLDEN BELT CREAMERY ICE CO. Inc. Phone 484 HAYS, KANSAS CONARD’S STUDIO LA CROSSE, KANSAS We do everything connected with photography. Portraits, Views, Enlargements, and Frames. ONLY 45 MINUTES DRIVE to one of the most modern and best equipped studios in the State. Page 172 IDE 4 S SERVICE BURGER ENGR4VING C9 __ KAUNAS CITY rJSSP?’ Specia izing in the Jbui diner L Q f Co e e n uats Pave 17. i Appreciation Our task is finished. The Reveille, 1923, takes its place among the records of our Alma Mater. It is our earnest wish that the contents of this book may ever revive pleasant memories of our days spent at F. H. N. We are grateful to Mrs. Roberts and the following mem- bers of her art class for the color sheets: Esther Gordanier, Nellie Sites, Beulah Richardson, Althea Sims, Charlotte Bowlus, Ethelyn Weaverling and Sylvia Ferguson. To Earl Oyer goes the credit and thanks for the cartoons. Mr. Rankel has given a great deal of his time in taking group pictures and snapshots. All the members of the staff have spent much of their time in making this book possible and we greatly appreciate their help. Without the hearty co-operation of the business men in town our book would have been a failure financially. And to every student and owner of a 1923 Reveille we give our thanks. Ella Moe, Editor . Glenn C. Archer , M rs John Riedel, j Page 17 4

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