Fort Hamilton High School - Tower Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1960

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wwf Qfss ,W M6 X596 EQ SMX? FMWJXGJ W W W QM W1 A Mwijyma O KJ fy SL if V1 5? V! My Agbfffdfwqy xffg 4 M'ij5gflfff,w fw 1, W k MM lyk cf lfijjwqf WL 1 Willy 5 A- an 2- W. fu MMfQ ,Q L Wwk MMO' ,174 Q QQOVQ JM MM WM wwf fwfr. ' M X AM Www wjff aj! M 2 wk . K0 6 , 1 48 Ah A If , . I . ' ., ....Q, T- l . i ' I ll'- -1 ' i w r I- Y '7-- ' ii- 1- -L ' il3 -Y -L Y! Y "-'J 1 ' L ? 1-5 V - v ' +o Those who will follow nf A Vi, ,pf-' ..11....,,., f L!.f'7f"" 'P C" V f' 1 Ti,"EvM ' J I, Q ffx ,Qui-.ri 'Nr , Xfdbif 'IX x'N'K N-4,34 VM xx. X, -K PX 5' "-s 7 f y x AN Q pf? -fx. Qi J QV 9 A s,...,.,-XX-H A :xg ..,,,, g i 2 x kf' C! EJ ,X P 2 E Aqxw U Y 1 A Os... nv' -., Fori' Hamil+on High School 830 I .1 w. X ,jx I Shore Road I Brooklyn ' -"i: ' GL.. 11'-'11 "':'w5-If'f'i- H Xu. . ' ' J.. 'z.f:,'z -Gif ' wi- f Q. , , . V 3, ,E ' , . ,,.. 9 , . 1 , " b- ' fs. .iff - - H-'52 W, X. , -. - , . ., of f 'H mm, H . V J ,gg-1:4 , ,..,c,2, ' Q, ' -Q: wg . 1 M. v , L1 0 r ,, v ,, M K A , 1 g fr' - 'gziff' if 'ff -if, if - "',fn3f.,f-ia,".M. 44'i2f-,', ,, ,, ' W - , , yw.,,.,3?2 - - -fig if-16 5 Nw., M- 1 o . . - X.: Na, Spy?-,'f.-?:'2'.g f"r'?fS -an 'f' Q. ' ' ,fisfff-SAR' ' 1' fa 'z4.,? - -'x if A ' 'ge .3 H " fum .WW , ka . W.T,.:eiZi'kf::. ,if ai, ,1-',7,,1-,,,' ' ' L L "f" ' - 4 1 4 1' af' " af if ,Qs AW " ' f'f,5'-F-515--, . -- . . , y ,, V , V X L '- '3 ' Kb l 'Q f,4.w, 4 f- 511 ' ' ? ?",g ' , W ,. f . I , f X I . " 1'3, igf,,: , fry . if gg" ,, V , .f V x 249: 2 1-5-.fA5T1i.-Sf' ' ' "P gH',. 4+ in . T ' in f , , 'Wh VN? 'NWL r nz-H' ffffff'-QW, " ' A ' Q UZ yy - :E,,5igM::,-52" Ia! g,n.g',n1.,. F iii, M? J ,.?q.,1I-V ,N ,T ,, . '? .,,:M77Lmfww? ff , 1-an ' -W 1 .4 f - , - u 52053-fi - ff-i 1- f , "- ' flff f f' f v - W- : of, fq' 1.11. au .. A ' v- if-f'..7E'44::Mf, W ,.K W. o ' A H' "" - 1 "-, - SAW- F V' Lv-'--'1 ' - " .' ' ' W , , - ., - ' ,ws -1 4, 2' off? 1:1 fffi, ow -k A 1 , 7 ,L .' f f. -4241.114-' , "N-" ' - 'Q ,.:.-' fi:--fixz'-1--1,-...Hr ' f 4 , ., ,, 1, , ' 5 2,4 - - M . 3, 'Mgw ' -,ffm gh? - -1, ', -, qmgpw A, -:?Ty,x 39, " .mqffff-V . 14 7, ,:15e:L,,f- M.,Wj".,'-w - . ' 1 . i A 'ag 5 ", Q' - 4"-If-. in -,,-if-323' WF' - 3' mg' 'ME' ' mfhyw Yi' Wy, ' xi '1 5-5113 'L " 3, x'ff!L ' 4 'i' ' i ' Y " ' -' ' -V ""'m . f' f ,. f5"f ?' M 9 W ? sYI.A:v4-.-f - ,A Q. , .351 gf. , -' J,-th Vr- v W-Wnggyslfgl. . .V ,nm , ,V- 1k,A,-I-N .I F 1 ,mm .gif-gum:-V. 7 U, - V... I a , MM -' 3... -- qQ,1.,,f,. g ,..-.,. . ,Alisa M, ,4 ,ft L M,2 i ,,,f 0w, YET: - June l96O Presen'rs 'rhe Tower New York Jon B. Lecler, Principal , . f , ,X Le" 4, , ,A Aung? 1 4l'-4.5 . ' . l i contents Dedicalion Principal's Message Adminislralion Deans Advisers Tower Slalifs Valecliclorian and Salu'l'a+orian Seniors Senior Prefeci' Teaclmers Senior Aclivilies Sfudenf-Teacher Candids Service Squads 6.0. Council Senior Council De.par'l'menl's Publicalions Religious Clubs A Arisla A ' Cuslodial Sfaff A Adverlisers F w -M- ,,.,4,,.4 Z , v,,,,,,.dfk, ., is X ' Q mn fi, "V'+T'1:A. X ., - ,, fl' Q J The Hde comes wi'rI1 a shou+ E TER TO GRQW BQDY, MI D SPIRIT Mr. Jon B. Leder and Underclassman, John Curofalo Dear Graduafes, The fheme of your book, "Tides," quife nafurally suggesfs Shakespeare's familiar lines, There is a 'ride in fhe affairs of men, Which, faken af fhe flood, leads on fo forfune. lf is my firm belief, however, fhaf a misconcepfion of fhe idea sug- gesfed by fhese lines is responsible for a greaf deal of needless discouragemenf and hopelessness in many lives. If you are like mosf young people, you are nof af all cerfain af fhis momenf in your life iusf whaf career you wish fo follow. Such uncerfainfy should nof disfurb you excessively, as if is quife common and normal. Relafively few high school graduafes are quife cerfain of fheir ambifions, and even fhese will offen change fheir minds. The imporfanf fhing fo remember is fhaf fhere are MANY roads fo heaven, and fhaf one need nof look for THE one career fo be happy and successful. If you have an oufsfanding falenf, if has probably shown ifself by now, buf if nof, you may feel cerfain fhaf EVERY field will welcome fhe old-fashioned virfues of hard work, honesfy, imaginafion, and inifiafive. Make no misfake abouf if: even fhe falenfed will need fhese virfues fo make fhe mosf of fheir giffs. ln shorf, fhe fide is af fhe flood every fwelve hours, for fhose who sfill wish fo make fhe voyage. If by some chance you miss if, lose no fime in freffing, buf seek anofher ship, and you will surely find safe harbor af fhe end. Sincerely yours, JON B. LEDER Principal Miss Elizabeth Hoffman Administrative Assistant l W,-1' .al Organization, leadership, guid- ance . . . tor dedication to these pre-requisites ot a well-run school we wish to thank our administrators administration Mr. Morton Stone Acting Administrative Assistant 8 Mr. James Quigley Administrative Assistant and Dean of Boys and deans without whose help we would never have reached the goal of graduation. deans Miss Helen Brookmann Dean of Girls A I Mr. Edward Goate 'Q' 1 fiii Assistant Dean of Boys l QQPH .lg Mr. Francis Ptak Assistant Dean of Boys senior Qu-nur During our high school years we have oiien loolced to three special friends for understanding and ad- vice. They have guided and aided us in developing those traits necessary 'For future success and happiness. 5 it We sincerely hope that we shall Q' prove worthy of the confidence our grade advisers have placed in us. -X ' Mrs. Jeanette Deerson Grade Adviser f sf 'Q' Mrs. Jeanette Hart Mrs. Claire Kahn Grade Adviser Grade Adviser lil advisers Fondly we shall recall fhose who have devofed so much 'rime +o us lduring our lasl' year a+ Forl' Hamil- r+on: our college adviser busily +urn- ing chaos in+o order-helping us fo ,find fhe school of our choice: our social adviser magically creaiing sen- ior excifemenig our career adviser conscienriously marching 'ralenis wilh available jobs. These people have srnooihed 'rhe wayg now we musi fravel fhe paih. 3' l , .W ll Miss Rita Duhig Social Adviser 'ni Mrs. Mary Catania College Adviser O " wg .i-ZMQQ X , "1 'T , - L u 4" l 9 . 1 'Q' .O 1 , ' an K ' l,5,c4 K-, V s ru, - - ,Q ' 1 ' ' 51 'K-:J Q ' f 'rf ,y 1, - ' ,.,,4g3,'N,n . an V Z!,,1-ljf , fl ,Qs ,, l M ., iffy . Q W 32 ' l Mr. Herman Fishman Career Adviser 102 , Q, Z Gwendolyn Edmonds Art Editor Carol Montemarcmo Business Editor Advisers Mrs. Dorothy McHugh Art Adviser Miss Elizabeth Steinmetz Literary Adviser Mr. Alexander Selwyn Business Adviser QM Gif? fm--I-'nl n, 'i' f- ? m-38 , ,Q E H IW 3 f :Ei-'?QI', A-hz' . E . 12 X W A '51 A, 9515" Deborah Pisetzner Literary Editor tower staffs Cynthia Winiku Editor-in-Chief Tower Arf S+aFF: Seafed ll, fo my-G. Edmonds, Mrs. D. McHugl1, L. Hasselbaclc. Firsf Row sfanaang U. +0 r.l-L. Loraine, J. Puma, C. Rando, S. Macris, R. Cy- ens, S. Hoff. Second Row ll. 'ro r.l- M. Marziglano, l. Olsen, G, Ricl1'rer, R. Ganey. .4 Tower Li+erary S+aFf: ll. +o r.l-D. Pisehner, Sharon Mecca, Enid Oppenheimer, Jan- ef Ray, Miss E. Sfeinmefz, Ei- leen Olsen, Carolyn Schrader, Susan Salomone, Nine'H'e Oba- dia, Lesley Koechel. 4, CHP Tower Business Slaffz Sfanding ll. 'fo r.l-L. Tonn esse n. A. Sfoberl V. Minor, J. Coraro, C. Za- gallo, N. Perez, M. Valenfino, M. D'Agoslino. Sealed ll. fo r.l-Mr. A. Selwyn, C. Monfemarano. 13 AQN ' ' ' - rfb z..,,5 . f , , .. . ' I Zh ' ' ' ' N , ' , 2 M .lucqelyn Appel '-I' Valedicforian 14 To grow in body and mind Arnold Andersen Salufaforian In 'The full 'ride of successful experimen'r S emors C 9' fi .-M ,XR and Lois Hasselbcach CALLING ALL SENIORS! AAVIK, RACNHILD u G 917 59 Street T1'm1tY Club.-Business World Friendsg teachersg table "Eng "Cutie"g 57th Street. ABAMONTE, RONALD U 910 58 Street Senior Bandg Senior Orchestrag Dance Band.-College The great times in the cafeteria and the wonderful teachers. ABBOTT, ROBERT 1080 68 Street Tennis Teamg Trinity Clubg Library Squadg Program Office Squad.-- College My high school days will never be forgotten. ABRAHAM, ANTHONY 450 83 Street Vice-President of Curtaintimersg Radio Physics Club.-College My teaehersg friends: the girls Pvc known at Fort Hamilton. ABRAHAMSON, STEVEN 327 32 Street Track Team: Service Squad.- College I am greatly honorezl in having at- tenzlezl the Fort. Ai? AHEARN, MARY 866 71 Street Newman Clubg Secretary to Mrs. Jansen and to Miss O'Mahoney.- Business World Wonderful kiclsg fifth period lanchg the buses. AHLM, JUDITH 855 58 Street Office Squadg Secretary to Miss Ahern.-Business World The eight o'clock bus rush, day after day. Oh Gosh! ALBANO, JOSEPH 6-11 73 Street Track Teamg C.O. Representativeg Service Corpsg Cafeteria Squadg Outdoor Patrol.-College Good times in school with Deng many frienrls. ALBERCO, JOSEPH 50 T6 Street Cafeteria Squadg Table Captain.- College Eating with the girls was my favor- ite pastime. .fZ P- -- " , C X R CD raef 12 t Y Wff' f Rf 'fx q 565 ,If an-Joh! X I Dt Msg if A yxfgapx, lQt"""' ALLENBERG, BARBARA T921 Sixth Avenue Volleyball Clubg Secretary to Miss Xlorliolt.-Business Wvorlrl My frienzlsg Senior Year: HEz'er1'- thing Was Great." ' 17 C AMANDOLA, EMILIE llusines wlorld I all my friends. Wx Q 'IT' ANIPICIISICN, CXRUI, -131 til Street llloeleru lluuve: llvalvollw: 51'1'I'1'talry lor Mrs. l'1l'llIllxlt'1 llowliugg 'll1'lllllI Volleyliull tflulu. Business S4-lrool lllrx, SIIWITIIITX .sixllr pwrirl lrixlnry vluxs: Ifrzrl: senior relrerrrsalsg my S4'Ill'lPl' leur. ANDEHSEN, BARBARA U14 52 Street Sevretury ol Trinity lflull: Urelles- tru: 1'slierettes: CU. Representae tixe.-College fflusses ll'I-1,1 zvoriderful teachers: 'I'rir1iIy lflula: rmrl Table E. ANDERSEY. ARNOLD 412 T3 Street Xrrstuz tlu-nustry Squurlz lTl't'llt'4ll'ill Senior Vouuvil llepresentativeg Trin- ity t'lulr.-ft ollege Trlrzirx lflulf: lin-lieslnz flhrmllrflz rlnvniwrrx mlrervtzzresx pr0fe.sseurs- tlllllix. 113 ANDERSEN, ROBERT AMATUCCI, LOIS Senior Council: Prom Committee Table Captain.-Business Vllorld Laraine and Mary Crave: Georgia Senior leur: esperially, Joe. 860 72 Str-ee 1017 T1 Street The great times at the Fort wirh I AMES, DANIEL 211 96 Street Cafeteria Squad: Table Captain: Service Squad.-College lllahedfs Cunzmarulos: fiflh lunrh: all the guys: humanizfng Gail. ANDERSEN, ANITA 333 89 Street Beacons: Mixed Chorus: Girls' Chorus: Senior Council Rep.: Ush- erette.-College: Nurses Training Faye: "The Three Carols": most of all. RI'Cl1I'6. .KNl'll'lRSl'lN, EIIITH Q 903 67 Street liutc- Squurl lor Nlrs. Tiilllilllllllf - , s, l u l,un1'h xfxllr periml: the rmirwl. nflfllllllllfl-IIN1 the Furl, ANDERSEN, LAURANNE 251 90 Street Senior Hand: Library Squad: Musi- eale AS8. '59. '60,-Nurses Training My three years with Ginge anal the giggles. 9321 Lafayette Yfulk Xrt Ullive Squoclf College 'ik llr. CX firsl year ll.TTI.I'I.lIl. snr! ANDERSON, ANNA MARIE I A 827 49 Street Trinity Club: Attendance Office Squadg Girls' Locker Squad.- Business World Linda's Party: that special sorneoneg my Senior Year. ANDERSON, CHARLOTTE 330 94 Street Aristag Beacons: Library Squad: Secretary to Mrs. Hart and Miss Gerlachg College Secretary.-College 7C'sg Rainbow: "Tcddy": Tea Room: Mr. Cer: Senior Year. ANDERSON, VIRGINIA 654 69 Street Secretary to Miss Duhig.-Beauty Culture School My three years with Laurie and the giggles. ANDREASEN, CAROLYN 137 88 Street Pan American Club: Service in time Attendance Ollice.-Business School All the fun we had in fifth period lunch. QL 425 4 ,fi A 'PS ff' J 1-ul' ,, an ANDREASSEN, JUDITH ANDREWS, HELEN 1061 58 Street 364 93 Street Cafeteria Service: C.O. Represelitu- Business World giw,-Buginesg W'0rld The lcurzdcrjul tear-lrers anal fricmlsg All the fun zcilh the girls. especialli Senior Year. Crulflry. ANDREOTTE, GEORGIA -116 68 Street T! Secretary to Nlr. Zeldnerg Table Captain.-Business World The friends l'z'e made: fun lfllll Cathy: especially ,llU1lIIj', ANDRES, JOYCE 8414 Seventh Avenue Bowling Club: Volleyball Club: Q Girls' Chorus.-Business World Senior Year: the six 'ijerl.'s"g jijlh period lunch. ANDVORD, CURTIS 623 83 Street Service Corps.-l'.S, Armed Service A-HI the ,areal times in the cafeteria. ANCELSON. ROBERT 6802 Bay Cliff Terrace Arista: Bibliophile Club: Biology Laboratory 1 Service Corps.-Business World .ll.E.R.:l.F.l.B.: ,llunsieur Cnlonzh and .-I. L.: "The Holy D'-f'lIA1IflUf1'.u 19 ANSTEY, LOIS 355 56 Street 'llrinity Cluh: Secretary to Mr. lllatheson.-College Luting crowrlerl buses: the Cafeteriag honor Englislzg and Patty. ANTONELLI, MARTIN T317 Sixth Avenue Truck Teumg Cafeteria Service.- College Truck Tarun and Mr. Koltmanng "Coose',g "Rot',g Mr. Greenberg. Al'l'El., JACQUICLYN 302 06 Street Ifo-vditm'-in-ellivf of l'll.0'l': Sw'- l'l'lill'y of lkyt-Irology lflulr: Kristal: llilnlinpllile lllulng S1-vwtalry to Mrs. ll1-e'rson.- College l'lI,0T: Frenvh and lfnglixh clnssesg viglrrlr period nmth. APPIO, ANDREW' 9407 Fifth Avenue Boys' Chorus.-Business Wlorld The fun at talrlc Ilg my friends, Bob ana' lfayrie. APPLEBAUM, RUTH 545 85 Street Aristag Associate Editor of AN- CHOR: Bilmliophile Clulmg C.O. Rep- resentativeg Psychology Club.- College "Dels',g "MERAFIBS"g tlze lunr-lr period I lllllllll get. Al'Rl'l.-K, LURICTTA T213 lfiglllli ANf'llill' gt.,-,-4-wry to Nlr. l,lilli.7lll15lll1'S5 wlnrltl V V Fun. ul .wfillr periofl lunrflr wrlll Ilirzru' mul Lorraine. ARATO, MARILYN Beueonsg Cheerleaders: Curtaintim- A ers: Senior Soc-ial and Prom Coni- niittees.-Business Vllorld hlls Cuys": cheerleaders: Hinsclfsg .lIrs. T.g Ping: "Here's Hopingfl nslllfllllllllg Pool fr if Q.. 'fi-..":r AURELLO, RICHARD 311 92 Street Bowling Teumg Cafeteria Service, Study Hall Service.-eflollege Mr. Flmzefs bowling lcssonsg wild times at lunch. 224 Senator Street ARNESEN, ROBERT AURILIA, MARCUERITE 824 60 SU'9'?l 1021 66 Street Service Squad: Service for Mr. Hef- Bowling Club,-Bugimq-gg Wqrlql leroll.-AI'II1f'4l F0l'f'f'5 Fun in ffllz lunchg jokes u'iIl1 Mary. The nomlerlul times I had in llze 4 Q ? A 4 J .W -vii ' W 5' BARBA, THEODORE 6224- Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Corps.-College New friends fue madeg the B.ll".S.g Buzzg Dennyg Kenny. BARNEK, ROBERT 250 91 Street Basketball Teamg Service Squad.- College Malfing the basketball team was a great thrill for me. AUSTAD, KJELL 702 52 Street Soccer Teamg Detention Squadg Boys' Chorus.-College The boring UBreal.'fast Clubvg fun in ':Doc,s', class. AVRAMIDES, JILL 247 Senator Street Secretary to Miss Brookmanng Table Captain.-Business World Good timesg Al's '49 Fordg the Best Years Of My Life. AYLWARD, LINDA 9902 Third Avenue Minutemen Clubg Newman Club: Secretary to Mr. Jolting Health Serv- ice Secretaryg Late Squad.'College Mysticg lunclzg "Original" chem experimentsg everything. f 7.2 twill BARRECA, THOMAS 332 Marine Avenue Photographer for PILOT and TOWERQ Orchestra.-College Driving to school in my Senior Yearg the delectable specials! BARRESI, JACQUELINE 1017 79 Street Secretary to Mrs. Jansen and Miss O'Muhoney.-Business World Fifth period lunchg senior friendsg l1,aPPY memories. egsjvgf f AZZARELLO, ROSARY 6502 Tenth Avenue Service Squadg Service for Mr. Krinsky.-Business World Fun in Fort Hamilton, especially with Franlrie. BACHMANN, RUDOLPH 6935 Ridge Boulevard Senior Dance Bandg Senior Show '58, 7593 Track Teamg Service for Mr. Kottmanng Senior Council.- College Senior Dance Bamlg prefectg Friz- :leg my great friends. BARANOW, MICHAEL ' 5001 Tenth Avenue Service Corpsg G.0. Representativeg Cafeteria Service.-R.C.A. Institute Cafeteria lunch lines and that won- derful food. -x 1 E7 li, BARRY, EILEEN 237 89 Street PILOT Olhce Squad: GO. Repre- eentative.-Brisiness Wlorld Laughs with Riiag mos! of all. ,1lil.'e. BARTELLA, RICHMOND Quarters T-A Fort Hamilton Air Form-e Avamlemy .45 a naliric Southvrner I say, "The South will rise againlw IlARTl.l'I'l'I', l'lLAlNl'l 95241 Fort llulnillon ljilfliwilj lirmstm-rs: Slurly llull Sm-cr:-lur'y: Mmlvrn llumw- lfllilr.-ffifollvge Latin u'iIh Miss .Slriilriiorm lunfh: turllrirlg hornvg lurxlrvllnrll garncs. BASS, PETER 864 49 Street Projection Squad: Co-gettersg Serv ive Squacl.-College The "su:ir1ging,' times in the halls of For! Hamilton. RATTAGLIA, ANTHONY 953 55 Street tlrrlk-ti-rin Squad: Biology Squudz Xlr. lltukl Sf-mire Sllll8tl."fC0lll'glt' lihiril prriufl lanrh uilh .llrlrrk Llllllll. :mil lflorirzila. 22 BA'I'I'ACLIA, JOAN 1059 69 Street Newman Club: Girls' Locker Room. -Business World The neu' friends I madeg Carole Emily and Barbara. BECHTOLD, FREDERICK 28 Gelston Avenue Chorus '58, '59, '60: Secretary of Newman Club: Late Squadg Serviee Squad.-College The urnnzlerful times at lunch thiril pvriurl. girls' side. REERS, SHARON 1120 Buttery Avenue P4-p lflulr: Rc-cl Cross: Ser-rotary of Sophornorr' Class: .lunior-Senior Prom fflmirrnan,-fllvziuly School Ifoniing lrarlr Io the gnorl alrl l"..S.,4.: fnrirl mr'nmrir's of Ccrrnany. REHRENS, PAULE'I'I'E 734 54 Street Trinity Club: GO. R1-presentalivfe ,5T. '60: Library Squaflg Secretary to Nlr. Nlathesorr.-llusirress Worlrl Il"omlr'rful Ivarhvrs: good friends: Joan: many happy days. BELLAND, ANNA 567 82 Street Arista: Mixeil Chorus, Accompanistg Nlrisieules '57-A603 Senior Show,- College Grvat lim1's.' frierzilsg Mrs. Salzherg in Chorus: Dr. ClJL'llfflll.S German rlass. BELLER, FLORENCE 8106 Fort Hamilton Parkway Secretary of Aristag Musicales '58, 09, '60: Bibliopbile Club: Boosters: Volleyball Club.-College "Del5,': Merafib: gurgling r'5 in French four: Monsieur Galomb, BELLOW, PATRICIA 161 68 Street Newman Club: Cafeteria Squad.-H Business World Mike,s Pizzeria: g'0ur Corner", Anna: the fun we had together. BENEDETTO, LUCY 411 92 Street Secretary to Miss Hoffman, Mr. Al- bert and Mr. Cummings.-Business World Walks to school: fun in lunch: won- derful friends. BENSEN, RUTH 930 54 Street Trinity Club: Secretary to Mrs. Rothman: Senior Council Represen- tative: Volleyball Club.-Nurses Training Last bus: three Dons: table E: my Senior Year. BENSON, BARBARA T50 57 Street Cafeteria Service Squad: Class Sec- re1ary,fRnsiness Yvorltl lluaiting for rhe three rfiflorlf hell: Ihe 6'S.IIl'l'I'!1lu lelfvf. -M' T 4, QD' ?Z1"?" BERGER, XANCY 964 49 Street Cafeteria Squad: Emergency Room Squad: Service Squad: Secretary to Mr, Mahedy.-Business World Fifth lunch: Joanie. Ginny, Faith, Marr, and Russ. BERGER, STEPHEN 964 49 Street Track Team: Basketball Team: Math Club: Menorah Clubg Pan American Club.-College The mad dash for lunch from Mr. JClt'0lJSCIl.S room. BERCMAN, ANN MARIE 167 Senator Street Concert Nlistress of Orchestral All City Orchestra: Senior Show 159: RT. A. Performances. - Business W'orltl The fun in fourth year lunch with Mrrry Smilh. BERCM.-KN, ARNULD 966 57 Street finff-tr-ria Serxir-e Squad.-Business World The L'llfl'l1'fI.fl :mil the friends I nmzle. BERGSTAD. ASBJORX Tlfll Narrows JXXPVIIII' Orelie-tra: Chemistry Lab. Squad: Biology Lab. Squad: Soccer Tr-am: blinlltemen.-College The professors: Coldfglfyrl-,gg gf,-fth pcriuil lurzfh. 23 BERKAN, KENNETH . 5 Q 1- N 12 Celston Avenue Q, ir f' ' 1' bervice Corps.-College - ' ' The years of jun and learning at -e Fort Hamilton High School. .E , X W' zt. vqs W, , 5 ff, f BERMAN, DAVID ,gig ww 'th s-.,.., BERTE, SAVE RIO 0711 50 Street Cafeteria Squadg 'lllllllff lluptuin.-W Business 1Vorld Fun on. the fourth bus. BESHARA, ANTHONY 8019 Sixth Avenue Service Corps.-College All the good times in class. BIANCO, THOMAS 1215 71 Street Bowling Teamg Gym Leaders.- College Many friends: 6'u'ild" lunch periods: illr. l"laslCr's bowling lcssonsg Anne. 24 -2 'EN College ---w ersg ecstatif' times. BILLINCS, DONALD 1103 53 Street Pan-American Clulmg G0-gettersg Tennis Teamg Bibliopllile Club.- H.C.C.g from lightweighls to sneak- 963 79 Street fi 1 Clie:-as Club.--College Q' an on The wonderful lilzraryg the friends I made there. in . T' T BITOWF, JOSEPH 6801 Shore Road Gym Leadersg Bibliophile Clubg Program Otlice Squadg Language Ollice Squadg Biology Lab. Squad.-V College The fun at BB with Bob, John, and Larry. BIVONA, VIRGINIA 845 69 Street Business World The girls' locker roomg 1U0fhAl.I1,i,' u-ith Mrs. Callahan on the Late Squad. . Mm, X.-ff' BERMAN, RICHARD 305 95 Street Electrical Squad: Arista.-College Room 1015 wild hfth period lunchg great Senior Year. BERNTSEN, LAILA 567 82 Street Secretary to Mr. Coheng Locker Room Squad: Bowling Club.-- Business World "The Lazy Five"g gym: heart throbsg three P.M.g Senior Year. 3' 5' no-p , xlff' 4 BJORNSTAD, ARLEEN 953 56 Street C.O. Representative: Secretary to MT- G0l0mll2 Secretary to Mr. Stone: Trinity Club.-Business Worltl All the fun at lunch with Margie and June. BJORNSTAD, LINDA 571 Ovington Avenue Secretary to Miss Hoffman: Ac- counting Oflice Squad: Senior Coun- eil Representative: Arista.-Business World Junior Prom with HDinlc,': Senior Day: wonderful frientlsg Miss Mc- Cabe: Billy. 5 D.. g' BLACKFORD, JOAN 1. A. I I l 1 91 T3 Street " L Service in Accounting Ofhce: Sec- retarv in Deans Ofhce.-Busine-s 1' Yvorlel 4 Q 05 Fun in lunch with ,lean and Prix- 7 villa. and especially. Stere. Mi ' X BLEW'I'l'I', PRISCILLA Secretary in C.O. Ofhce.-Beautician .fi X, f 531 83 Street School - ' Gym with Ioan: our crazy lunch r S GET table. 1' A., 'Q' Rf Q " 6 BOBROFF, ROBERT 924 50 Street Boys' Chorus: Chemistry Club: Bib- liophile Club: Biology Lab. Squad: Service Squad.-Armed Forces I leave with many fonzl memories. BOCK, EDWARD 8515 Ridge Boulevarrl Baseball Team: C.O. Representa- tive.-Business Worlcl Coulflrft wait till this year finally arrirerl. BONFIGLIO, MARY ANN 8310 Fifth Avenue Cafeteria Service: Cirls' locker Room Service: Study Hall: Basket- ball Club.-Music Yilorld All the fun with Elsie. Fran. Sharon and mostly, Amy. BOORUM, CAROLE ANN 507 82 Street Secretary to Mrs. Jansen and Miss Van Bol-zkelen.-Business W'orld Good times at Fort Hamilton: most of all. Buddy. BOVE, GEORGE 107 Gatliug Place Hanmlbull Team: Bio. Squad: Pro- jection Squarl: Cafeteria Service.- College Cafeteria service: Hinsch'sg fabu- lous parties: Palriria. BRACHFELD, HELENE 921 57 Street Beacons: Tennis: Basketball: Yol- levball: Pan American Club: Arista. +College Pan .-lrneriran Clali Shout tlrzncing with .1Ir. Pilerslxy. 25 BRA DLEY, JOSEPH A . I 209 61 Street 6T01 Eleventh Avenue llall Bervice: Lafeteria Serxicef- Business Yforld ' Business World The four years of goozl times in the ,xirlh period, rufelefrza at exz! elghl. BRADY, CAROL ANN 8725 Fourth Avenue Urvluzstrag Mr. Ptalfs Service Squad: Music-ales '59 and '60: ln- slrument Room Service.-Businesb wlorld l,aughs in lunch: Urrhestra: :ralli- ing Io school: llarc. IHCANGAN, JOHN 09011 Vllliird 'xN1'lllll' Senior llmiuril: 'llallrln Captain: Se-rxivv Squad: lliology l,alr. Squad. f llolli-ge Fun 111 Tulrlw sl: Hr. llrrrliio in lzisloryg flu' Senior l'rom. BRESCIA, SUSAN The fun at lunch with all the kids. '-'27 .. Y! BRODERICK, STEPHEN T700 Ridge Boulevard Serviee Corps.-College lluonzlerful teachers I have met and friends I hare mazle. . .,, , I' 1, BROOKS, MARCOT 1048 80 Slrmrl Newman Club, Minutemen: Curtain 4 x timers: S4-nior Social floiiimillev. - Program Ullice- Squad vfflollegc Carefrcr' frcshnmn: ,qirldy sopho- - nmrrg lfuxr junior: llfl'll senior. . BROWN, LINDA 841 Tl Street Secretary to Mr. Davinog Trinity Club: Basketball Clubg Bowling Club.-Business World jfx EQ . '34 Meeting Joyce anrl Harriet Monday -' nzorningg Ihe .lazy and Chuck. - BROWNE, KENNETH Ili T-1 Street f ' flulll-'ge sp ,lly friends, Dolan. Cash and Daiis. A, 9 cr' 'i 'fa as-' W YS-,V BUDZICH, .IUDITH 8805 'llliird Avi-rule Service Squad: Cafeteria Squad: Secretary to Mr. Nlalwdy: Sm-ial Studies Squad.-Business Vllorld Senior Dance Banzlg Karon and ,lloirag especially, Ray. BUFE, GAIL 332 90 Street Beacons: Girls- Chorus: Basketball Clulig Yolleyball Clulmg Swimming: Club.-Business Vlhrld The i'R0fls,': llnillyfs parties: ll. .l..' and especially. reforming Danny. BYRNES, JAMES 352 Marine Avenue Newman Club: Table Captain: Sert- ice Corps.-College Wonderful memories: especially Mr. Coate's history class. CACACE, LINDA N 1023 69 Street Modern Dance Club: Secretary to Mrs. Bloom. Mrs. Deerson and Miss Cennaro.fBusiness World The irorirlerful years it-ith Joy, Betty anal llirme. BUFFA, FRED 1048 T2 Street Arista: G.O. Yice President: New- man Club: Mixed Chorus: Service Squad.-College Teachers: friends: Chorus: 6.0. campaigning: memories: Mr. K.: Mr. Z.: 'ilonsf' BUMBY, DOUGLAS 221 96 Street Arista: Mixed Chorus: English Book Room Squad: Soccer Team Manager.-College Squeezing into a taxi: parties at Will's house: Mr. Crowes history class. BURTIS, HARRIET 921 76 Street Table Captain: Receptionist in Lobby: Newman Club.4Business World Meeting Joyce and Len: Marines: Miss Simon: Roseann. CACCAVALE, JOSEPH 878 55 Street Cafeteria Service: Baseball Team.- Business World The wonderful times at the Fort with Bea. CACCAVO, GRACE 1064 66 Street Basketball Club: Service Squad: Secretary to Mrs. McEneany and Mrs. Bonom.-Business World Sophomore year on service and Senior Year at lunch. BUTLER, RICHARD 230 T5 Street Service Squad.-Business World The uild times in the cafeteria. BUZZEE, LAWRENCE 8502 Fort Hamilton Parkway College To the Bow-lVo1i's-Teddy, Denny. Bob. Richie, Kenny, Bee-good luclff BUZZETTA, FRANK 9904 Fort Hamilton Parkway Senior Band: Dance Band: Service for Mr. Carlin: Junior Prom: Musi- cales 059. '60.-College Laughs with Mr. Shine and the boys in the Dance Bond. ff 'N 'Wi .-'L' CACCIOLA, MARIA 7716 Fifth Avenue Pan American Clubg Health Service in Gym: Cafeteria Service.-Busi- ness World The fun in the Pan American Club. CALISE, PHILIP 132 68 Street Service Squad: Biology Squadg Minutemen.--College Physicsg ehernistryg mathg Mr. Cer. CAMERANO, DOROTHY 6735 Colonial Road Business Worltl Freshmen lunrhg wallring to selmol with the girlsg Senior Year. CAMPBELL, JAMES 462 84 Street Business World Great times with Richie. CAMPBELL, LOIS ANN 9425 Shore Road Pan American Club: Senior Social Committeeg Volleyball Clubg Prom Committee.-College lliriselfs: Table Ig 'iJug5": Spanish Fourg Senior learg DUNS, Ann, Elefmorg the Crew. 28 Vu-as s..,..,,,, fl! fi? CANALE, DENNIS 631 T3 Street Outdoor Patrolg Cafeteria Service. -Police Work lhaughs with Joe and Tuffy on the us. CANNIZZARO, DORIS 56 74 Street Secretary to Mr. Levin.-Business World All the laughs with Dolores, Ca- nary, and Frankie Sevin. CAPELLA, DOROTHY 20 Parrott Place Secretary to Miss Higginsong C.O. Store.-Business World The ups and downs in the past four yearsg Eddie. CARAMICO, DOLORES 104 Wakeman Place Table Captain.-Business World The long wallfsg wonderful timesg memories of Fort Hamilton, CARAPELLA, LUCY 1076 65 Street Secretary to Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Rabe, and Mr. Gersteng Table Cap- tain.-Business World Lila and her lunchesg going steady with Tommy. IARBONE, MARIE 5 . 1040 60 Street ,owlmg Club,-Business World 'un at lunch with the fellows and Fzrlsg laughs in class, CARDELLO, JOHN 341 69 Street Secretary of Rembrandt Clubg Sec- retary of the Boys' Chorusg Pan American Clubg Junior Prom Com- mitteeg PILOT Cartoonist.-Radio Broadcasting Field Fun at Table BB with Bobbyg laughs with Mr. Godte. CARDUCCI, SALVATORE 7822 Colonial Road Gym Leaderg Baseball Team.- Business World All the laughs we had in the gym class. CAREY, JOHN 7606 Sixth Avenue Service Corps.-Business World The good times at the Fort with my 'navy new friends. Ewgli biivbk Cf' 1 A5 W u . 1 CARIDI, CHARLES 957 68 Street Library Squad.-College Thanks to all my friends at Fort H unillon. I z'- il ec, 9 xff i V! 1 Xilflx fl Cx Q' K .Y 1,1-, Kg 3 - t X Q x 7 ff? . I ,Q . 11, H Z ,ll I Kfzatdqkk KL JN 'G' F gifs-fl 'V' if fliijbfl E C-XRLSEN, CAROL 979 T8 Street Mixed Chorus: Girls' Chorusg Sec- retary to Miss Romeo.-Secretarial School Going steady with Frankg Senior Year. CARLSEN, STANLEY 843 57 Street Service Corps.-Busines World The good times at lunch and service, yifth period. CARNES, EILEEN 528 92 Street Secretary to Bliss Romeo.-Business World Three zfcloclr bellg candy storeg Carole, Mo, Chiclry. CASALE, ROBERT 6903 Eighth Avenue Cafeteria Service.-Armed Forces .lust wailing for the weekends and lmlidays. CAS.-XZZA, LOUISE 296 Wyckoff Street Business World llnomlerful years at Fort Hamilton with Ginny, Betty and Lil. " 29 CASELLI, ADELE 115 Avenue S Library Squad: Secretary to Mr. Ptak.-Business World Fun u'ith Ronnie: Senior Year: thirzl period lunch. CASELNOVA, RALPH 6902 Seventh Avenue Cafeteria Serviee: Service in Study. CASS.-SRA, ROBERT 1026 T5 Street President of Newman Club: Senior Council: Electrical Squad: Boys' Chorus: Senior Social Llonnnittee- College The fun l had after selmolg Senior Year. C.-XSTACNOLA, MICHAEL 369 87 Street 'Xlixed Chorus: Baseball Team Cap- tain: Service Squad: Arista.- College .-lll the "grits" on the lzaselzall team. -College yy. Rirh, Monte. ferry. anfl Carl. To CASTl,l'lCRANDlf, DIANE Cl'IN'l'0NZE, ,IUHN 'ITIS 011 Stn-et llll2 82 Street 0.0. Rl'IiI'l'Sl'lll1lllNi'I Alffilllllllllgl ll:-tention Squad: Serxirzr- in 0.0. 0llit-e. llusiness Vl'orld Store: lllernlwr of National 0llie1- The fun :luring lunrl1.' trailing for Nlunagetnenl rlssmfititiottf llusinesa llte' llllfl' n'rlm'h' lwll, Colle-git' l,n1'wl half the girls in fltill llamil- full. CASTRONOVO, DOMINIC CERRATO, RICHARD 1059 xo Street 932 84 Street Band: 0.0. Representative: Service Traek Team-: Service 5flUi1fl-- lforps.+ifolleg:e Lollmlf' , I 1 D The gona' times in the eafeteria. L"-Sf u'f'f'A'f'V1d5 nchafllfni lf'f"1fl5 4 and the Children. ft Vjx ...X M, . L A A X CAVALLUZZI, ROSE .XXX CHAPUIS.-XT, CAROL 87 if Street 971 53 Street lgusimx, yX',,r1,j Nlixwl lil1orl14.fl'l11Sit1esQ World Tlmse nzfzhe'-11115: rnx' frientltg Senior' .luninr Year: r'f2fl0U A'lr1t.w'l11'S: Pat: lt'tIl'f llerlf. 'N' IWW'- 30 CHEESEMAN, GERTRUDE CHIARINI, JOAN T. H 1 I u T20 57 Street 1015 T4 Street djf' Qaltialnz Secretary to Mrs. Secretary to Mrs. Frankleg Servire 'gk Azzara and Mrs. Swyahn: Assistant Squad.-Business World Secretary to Mrs. Weissman.-Busb Fun at fourth period Iunchg jun on IQVEEISS Ylorldu the buses. e crazy nerre wrar'l.'ir ff ' - u'ith Florence and Belts: lb Umm W CHIARELLO, BRUCE CHIARINI, FRANK 1024 82, street 338 69 Simi nf!! Band: Travk Team: Cafeteria Serv- Library Squads Service 5quad.- ive Squad.-College Colleve The fun in Bandg laborious :rack The Zew friends fre made in my u-irh the fellas. high school career. in 'Eff' CHRISTENSEN, LINDA ANN 432 97 Street Beat-ons: lfslieretlex: Orcllestrag Service Corpsg 0.0. Representative. -Business Vlforlcl "TC'S',g R.T.D.: Tea Room: Ihr' lighz bulb: Senior Your. ,F CIRMINIELLO, CAROL 1068 62 Street Girl! Rowling Team: Newman Clulm. -Business Whrlil All my zronrlerfizl friends: three frilruloiixbyerzrs ut Ihr' Fort. i . Y f 1 . lf xl , ,L CHULENCARIAYYLI ff Cl O, ROBERT it I fl T ' 5718 lfleventh Avenue firs' fiorusz r ai rer V r'vml1,' ry lkgifrj. R,.O.YBuxin,.,S World E? Mr, lgessc-llzvjlqilb .-lll the fun I hurl and the friends usrness . c ' ' ,V 1 lg, rlly Svnfir 1 Mrusi 0.vp5ijHlly'. ,Hifi .lIr. Less l, 4 if ' V N 1 "' -R 1,11 f r, J' Ifxxn yy JL, LJ, lj 3 4 , t fx - ful :af rr' 1 'ggi J 1 ,LJ .do i XJ all h L fuer -f .l 1 -if CIPRIANI, NICHOLAS 9-14 51 Street Servive Corps: Cafeteria Squad: Table Captain.-Military Fervir-e Laughs icilh the girls final hors in srlmol. i i CIULLA. THOMAS 1016 il Street Enlergem-y Room Serxirfrz Se-rxisze iqtiatl.-fjrrllegze To ull fhe lmiw lhul nzzule it.' 31 it , 57 03 58 Sweet end 01 1 Secre .1 argri s eg I' , Senior ear, :Att ' 'e M ' r: ' -1 to 1 Mis: lN o s 1' 'l e Capt? . Busi- n s or ffl! U len h rou' uhtchesg JM f ' re ale ' COHEN, NANCY 864 49 Street filH't'l'lPil4lf?I'SQ Seeretary to Mr. Mills: Boosters.-College Tfllfg fifth lunrhg Steve: Barlnieg Monfs helping hanzl. COHICN, SUSAN SHIKI Fort llumillon llatrkwuy lvll'll0l'illl Club: Sv1'l'1'tury lo Miss llrookmun: lie-ee-pliollist: 'I'1-lc-pliomr Swvirv: Sm-rm-tary to Miss Goldman. -liollvgm' .4 14'Hll!ll'l'f'Ill four years In look lm:-l.' on. COIRO, ROBERT 229 87 Street 0.0. Representative: Junior and Senior Council: Pan American Club: Seiwiee Corps.-College To have a personality to match my fathefs. 4 COLEMAN, EILEEN 6 Bay Ridge Place Library Squad: Secretary to Miss Haigney: Senior Social Committee. Wldusiness Worlcl Esther. Caryl: eirerlastirzg "crushes',: Teo Room: A.M.S. JR. WHRCADS. COMO, JOSEPHINE 849 68 Street Mixed Chorus: Ser'r1'tz1l'y to Mrs. l"runkl1- and Mrs. Catania.fllusiness wlorlrl :ill zhv frimuls l n1r1rlr': fun 111 sixth lunrh. I , ,i In L li L L , f' ,L t y I lL..,,,..... 4. 5 K af' 'Win-' JL , w ,. , ' f I ' 1 -Q V , CONICLIONEQ SALVATORE 1014- 55 Street College - Period hee lunch: goinglhome with Bernadette. CONNOR, THOMAS 960 56 Street Advanced Physics Club: Track Team: Cross Country Team.- College Fifth lunch with Cy and Mr. Ma- lreily. af", -'N' i' 55951: X- A ', ' .425 i 1. ti --. Sf: V ' P nf: 2"'.,,:,. Lt -S ' ,QL YW' 'I 1 i Qtr' 4 .faq I' , - ii . A 'i ' A r L ' 4, if . f M 1 la I . I CONNORSQ Donuts ' 66 93 Street Secretary of Social Committee: Prom Committee: Secretary to Miss Hoffman: Emergency Room Squad. -Business World The crewg Hinschlsg Sandy: Table one: especially, Ronnie. CONSTANTINE, ATHENA 5018 Fort Hamilton Parkway Beacons: Treasurer of Pan-American Club: Arista.-College Fun in Beaconasg Miss Murkellg Val and Helene. CRANE, PAUL IIROCE, DENNIS Senior Band: Track Team: Cross Country Team.-U. S. Navy Squad.-R.II.A. 'lnsti All the fun on the Track and Crass All the fun I liar! in Gym Leazlers Country Teams. llflfl Bays' Chorus. CRECAR, MICHAEL - N CROPANESE, ANTOINETTE 423 71 5U'Pf't 337 59 Street Author of Senior Show: Cill.?If'I'13l Attendanee Ollive Squad: Red Cross Sf-I-vif-eg Prom Coniniittve.-ff0llf'S? Club.-Business World Laughs with the III'fIIfi0U5 f5V"5 Four years in prefect with Gerry: Danny. flfhfl Und 0-'Pf"'ff'HY- N-,UT eslleeiaily. SamIf1J'. 237 62 Street 5218 Eleventh Avenue Boys' Chorus: Cvni Leader: Servixe COUK, JUDITH 984 50 Street Seeretary to Mrs. Kahn: Talmle Cap- tain.-Business World Ilunnzlerful friends and tfaelzers: Senior Year: buses: crushes. COOPE, MARILYN 327 91 Street Newman Iflulm: Boosters: Junior Couneil: Sefvic-e in Attendance Of- live.-Ifollege Friends: teaelzers: joys and snrrazrsg nerer to be forgotten ms'mnr1'es. CORNETFE, VIVIAN 5-123 Fart l'lamilton Parkway GO. Store.-Business World ill? Ifiree womferful vearx here with Bob. CORRAO, JO.-KNNE 981 63 Street Seeretary for Klr. Cummings.-Busr ness World Th? friends l'1'e made: the Senior Pram ueifiz Frezlzfy. COSENTINO, SANDRA 8009 Fifth Avenue Businesi Wvorld Senior Year: all the fun: many birienzls: Rirhie. COTRARO, JOAN ll5 Celston ,Menue Treasurer of Senior Class: Seere tury of Newman Illuliz Yive-Presi dent of Pun American lllulm: Serxive in General Olliee: Seeretary to Mrs. liailie.-College Lff'u,xfies: .summer niglirx: H:1z1'.'l'es4 i'.imlu. Carol, Ball. Rudy. 4 sg.. ff CUCCIA, PAULINE lllil 61 Street Locker Room S6'l'Yll'f'.-Bll5lllt'sN Vliorld The fun in I,orl.'er Roorn St'f1I'rf perlorl four. CUILEN, JOHN 331 T5 Street liusim-as World All the girls I're mel: und of 1-our-w "sltulying". CUNNINGHAM, DANIICI, 'Hill T5 glint Service Squad. .Mr l'oree The "Fire lieur l'lun" with SIIVIVIII "fl,-I" lfufe. 58-59, CURIALE, ANGELA 923 53 Street Grade Advisor Squadg Newman fflnli.-College Lourdes. .-Inn. Linny. Elafneg the Prom: Mrs. Deerson. cusn, PAUL 5122 Ninth Avenue Serriee Squad: Track Team: ben'- iee for Nlrs. Nlorrison.-College Gum! limes with Dolan. Brotuze. uml Duresg prefecfg lunch. 31 .ugh 'Dx H X pf' Gs' is CUTOLA, LORRAINE 1082 T0 Street Secretary to Mrs. Slater: Seeretury to Mrs, Ileerson.fBusiness World The laughs 111 luneh ll'I'fl1 my friends. Y ? ll IIYENS, RITA 6801 Shore Road Beaeons: President of Psychology Clulx: Seeretary of Basketball Club: il Tennis Club: Cliemistry Club: gy TOWER Art Staff.-College H Triple Us: flllllllliflll Ansarag ehronz X oxome rzherrulionsg H. K. l l cdLQfEllQ y 71.8041 L 'uf i 85 Street Heeretury ol lllc K Qeeretzlry of the Senior Senior l'rom fionnnittee: ol' llle llooslers.-Allrivutc Business World The luuglis ul I,l.'M.4,lIIg Ihe Tea If DAHLQUIST, DALE 801 T0 Street Gym Squad: Library Squud.W-Busi- ness Worlrl Walking to rlusses zrilh Jerry: huses and friends. DAKOVANOS, ALEX 315 69 Street Captain of Varsity Soccer Teamg Service Squad.-Business World The fun in fifth period lunch with all the girls and the boys. DALY, MICHAEL 373 60 Street Orchestra.-College fun on the Third Arenue buses with Al and Marilyn. D'AMBROSIO, WILLIAM 634- Bay Ridge Parkway National Rifle Assoc-iationg Rifle Club.-Gunsmithing Blue Mondays. D'ANGELO, CAROL 111 87 Street Basketball Clubg Secretary to Mr. Mills, Mrs. 1VlcEneany, Miss Dlllllgl. -Airline Hostessg College Service with Franlrieg lunch with Bob, Richie and Rosalie. DASKALAKIS, IRENE 371 86 Street Secretary to Mr. Cummings: Table Captaing Attendance Secretary for Mr. Spring.-Business World Fun with the girls at lunch. DAVIS, JAMES 330 T5 Street Business World The fun with Dolan. Brozvrze. Cuslz. f'9w ,Q ,pil my DE ANTONIO, JOSEPH 1064 63 Street Late Squad.-College All the laughs dozen in period four lunch. DE CICCO, LOUIS 311 92 Street Service Squad: Klatll Tutor.- College The cafeteria anal all the friends l made. DEFFINA, ELIZABETH 1058 61 Street Volleyball Club. Arista.-Business World The fun lviflz my rlrzssnuztcs and especially. Scotty. DE CRAFF, RICHARD 862 68 Street Service Corps.-College The great times in sixth lunchg Allin. DEGUTZ, IRIS 918 T9 Street Treasurer of Bibliopliile Club: llinutemeng Volleyball Club: Sec- retary to Mrs. Catania: Library Squad.-College llIERAFlBg Gurgling r'5 in French Fourg all my friends. 35 V I' DELFINO, MARILYN I68 Bay Ridge Avenue Boosters: Seeretary to Miss Brook- nlann.-lfollegze The good Iimes at "lugs" unfl 1110 gzumes. DELGADO, BLANCI-IE 335 59 Street FIM 1 ll'l'1I,lA, Ii,-KRUI.I'I IlERRENIfACI'II'lR, I'l'lTI'Ili N165 Iiltlttllllll lluull 1270 Ill Street Senior llouuvil: lxvlilllllll l.Iull: l,ul4-ll-rizl 5f'rxic':-.f llusiuess xxillll l'llll1'l'g1m-lley IIUUIII Squull: 5u':'vtul'y I wlnlv: I sur: I l'llllIfll!'l'l'II. to Mrs, 5llll1'l'. Lolll-pe The neu' j11'4'rlfIs I llHl'Il' Ifurol. 1'.vHlI'Il . loan. DE LORENZO, EDWARD 450 OXIIIQIIOII Avenue Lgylll 'IIPZIIIIZ Boys' Chorus: Electri- eal Squad: lllless lllull.-College Goof! times in gym: Doelferty, .nur- ronv. Petrussu. TTIIIIIUIIDCS. DE MARIO, FRANK 649 T4 Street flylll l.eurlers.-Business World .lluny laughs in IIFFSIIIIIUII leur u'itIl Louie' Ile Lilo. 36 ef Secretary to Nliss Mllrkell, Mr. Kott malnn: Mr. Coiile. Nliss Alleru and Mr. Cer: Pall AITlt'l'll'21Il l1lull.- Business wlorld Mr. lloiite, Iiistori' ZZA6 ami jeff. ff-N Q lv DEL G.-XUDIO, EMILY 1024 T5 Street Newman Clulm: Girls' Loc-ker Room. -Business World The neu' friends I rziruleflfurole. ,Ioan and Carol. DEL GAUDIO, ROBERT -1824 Elevelltll Avenue Feuior Ii0lllll'll Represelltativez C0- ciillilkllll of Co-Cetters: 'fable Cup- tuiu: Boys' Chorus: Newman Illllll. -College .-III the friemls I I7IlllIi'l N.llIIllI.S.,I mi' zromlerfzzl Senior Year. i6""Z,Zv:Q ,t DE SANTIS., RICHARD 972 T8 Street Biology Lalloratory Squad: lllless Clull: Serviee Squad.-College Lore of arts and s1'1'em'es. DE VESTA F ' tleet Bu. tue. ,lI' ' I I .' nilr l uni I ruins ',XOIlllfII '. I N J 81 Q' Xlrs, llu l rvive fquurl. 1 si ws 'or , l x :req ru ?j 1' Q Q 5 Q, luv" Nfl-iff? 'WCB' DEVLIN, DELLA T301 Narrows Avmnif' Newman Club: Basketball ffluliz Chee-ring: Squad: Future' 'Iran-lim' Clulm: Modern Dance.-1 Iolle-519 Right rlassrooms? Righz zimey? Curfl he done. DEVLIN, PATRICIA 7019 Ridge flour! Cafeteria Servivflz Svrretary to Nlr. La Crasse: Girls' Locker lioom Squad.-Business World Fragrant lockers: Lallie: applied physics: foggy lutrineg spacious buses. DE WYITT, BARBARA 562 Oxinglon Awnue - T fs, Sevrc-'tary to Nlis, llonsrn.-Air Agn-5, gn- Line Slvwardess Junior Year with Marzhrz: Flea: meeting in A'S: fourth lunrh. DIAMOND, HARRIET -165 84 Street Secretary to Miss Hennessy and Mrs. llc-ersong Senior Social fjornniitte-ez Menorah Cluli.-College H.C.C.g B.G, and D.B.: Tri DSUS: lllJt2'l1S and leurs. EEA. 'Q DI BRIENZA, RONALD DI IORIO, EDITH ANN -140 69 Strefat 533 H1 Strvvt llilrliopliile ffluli.-Civil St'rx'ic'e PLIII-Jxlllt"l'll'Llll lilnliz Ss-we-t:il'y to The frierzzlx I ham' rnmlv: Ihr' grew! Nliv Nlillvr uml Mr. Flrllfllillll Ifnzts llre hurl. l7ll,U'l' typisl.-fiollvgrr' Fort Humfllurz and all nm frivmlx. D1 CAPUA. NICI-IOLAS DILLON, EDWARD H23 Si Slrvvl lil 68 Stn-'e-t llnsiiwss Worlml Svrxiw- Squaflz 'liI'il4'li zinfl lfivlml :Ill the lwrzrx of fun ure' puxxcrl. 'IR-arnxz 'lialulv lfaptaili.-ffolla-gre' Trflrl. prr1rl."rw': Ihr' .Alrnzulfvi ilfr. IXIHIHHIIIIIII fir' unrl Huh. DI CINDIO, ANNE DI PAOL0, MARY lflfill 56 Ftrvvt 2211 TU SU-W-Q Newiriaii lflnlm: Sevreiary to Xlr. I,il,y-my Sqnaflg Yewnian Klub.- Colonxlw and Mr. Z3liOIl.-llllSlIlQ?js 1511,-3,4 W'Ol'lLl ,alll rlze fun I hurl ZUIAIIQ' lr: ,Sflllllll '11, ll'I-:II foe: "c'ud:f1'.'1" Ph 1: JIITIAYI Hjrh ',,,lQ1- A rrijf fzzhuhaus Sfnmr leaf. 37 "' l 19" DI PRIMA, ALEXANDER DOLAN, NOREEN Q lo Tl Strwt T127 Fifth Avexllle Servir-P for fllr. Krinxky.-liollegge Emergency Room Squad.-Business They .said it Villllllll-I be rlom'-but Vforld I ffmlerl Ihvm. Fun in prf'fc'f't: l7If'6'f'-I1 in -lls ul three. DOISKIN, SALLY DOLNYQ XVII-LIAM - - Q H9 l'laItv1'y ,Menus 650 36 5l"'J"l Curtuintimvrbz Sl'1'I'f'lillY to Nlr. Les- llflllfllf' sell and Xlr, F.-illlw,-3'--1,,,l1,.g,. Haring fun in thirrl Iunvh u-ifh Ihr' The tc'ur'hr'r.s rural xtrzrlvlzls: thrvc ,WTS- wnnrlvrful wars. DOLAN, ,l0Sl'Il'll ll0NNI'1l,I,Y, LINDA ANblCv llfm T3 Strvvt 'll' 'rl Wtrul 5e'1'xin'c' to Miss l,l:ll'l'.f'l.0llf'Llt' llq-avoir:-1 S4-nior lllllllll'll 1 U H1 l' jk Cowl Iurlr In lm' fri1'ml.sf lfI'UIl'IIl', l'l'St'IllilllN'1 Sl'1'l'4'lill'y.lH Nlrf, Nlv- 'V' 1Ifll'fX.lllllll:IlS1l. lim-any: Pun xlllt'l'lI'LllI l.lllll.' llllSllll'5S Worlml 1'm,-In-rs: fri:-mls: lllllIll'll'lll'lfI rmfl jmzr 1um1lc'rf11l 801115. DONNEN, JOAN 100 Nlavkay Place Arista: On-lwstra: l'll,O'I': Baskvt- ball Club: Momlvrn llunce Club.- College' Cond limes in the Orchestra: Triple' C55 many llI1fUfg6fIll1!lt' friends 111111 teachers. DOXOFRIO, MARION 6517 Tvnlb ,5nenuv Sevrvtury for Nlifs Cf-nnaro: Table tiaptalilm.-Businvw World Fifth lunrh: Ihr' friffnds I l71!lIIli'. CSl7f'I'l'I1Hj' fllilxe., 'EQP' bf A DOUGLAS, NANCY 313 63 Sl,I'1'f'l library Staff: Hflaltll Sfzrxivr- Mon- itor.-Businvss Worlrl "Brcul.'fust Club" with Gail uml Ilultivg cnrcrgcncy roumg Spurzzfslz Thrf'-". DRISCOLL, BARBARA 424 56 Street Basketball Club: Volleyball lllubg Fw'1'fAta1l'y to Mr. Cummings: Sec- retary to Nliss Hoflnuln.-Bufincrs Wlorltl Vvm: Belly: Cinnyg Table .llg f'.sper'fr1Uy, Kurrl. WM fn.. ny DRUZDOFF, ROSLYN 96-1 49 Street Boosters: Orchestra: Senior Coun- f-il: flurtaintimers.-Business World: College Morning zrallfs uflh DR.4,YCg HCCg Coal.rie'5 gentle push. DUNSMORE, JAMES 20 93 Street Gym Leaders: Projection Squad: Table Captain.-Business World Fire year plan zrith Bobg all the guysg Curolg Phyllis. DURBIN, EDWARD 35-A Fort Hamilton Business wlorld NArmy Bratsu: the good years: my friends. EDMUNDS, CWENDOLYN EKELAND, STANLEY 440 Battery Avenue tlil 5T Street TOWER Art Editor: PILOT: Bea- Table Captain.-Clollege Cons: Rembrandt Club: Tennis I f-mfr zmif fill I grofluolf-, Club.-College I The fun u'e Hflrnzy Bratsu haf rom- A ing to srhool. ,v Lflhj' Hr! l , lpn, pl of 1, fl lv 0 U 1104 i L, Jr t Q' . L ' ll u L ill, L 1 ,, 'lf' 'Vx l' It, J la , Hopf' pl .V tl' rs' pl ' 1 ,I i 'rl My I VP? L! ' ,J fy X. P 9' IA -,VL SUV I ri P Ly tug L' S 1 ,f 4 , ,Q ww: Vx' A 1,1 I L' pl "by E EKNEL.-KRD, ELAINE 84 85 Street President of Reaeons: Seeretary to Miss Riceobono: Senior Council: Ort-liestraz Nlixed ffliorus.-College "The Tu'inx"g 'Y.'astles. lnz'.": .llusirale '60: getting lellers: and Cussy. EKLIND, CAROL Girls' Chorus: Nlusieales '58, '59 '6U.-Business World Crm lfllllt Barbara and Felicia: DURYEA, ROBERT 6-12 T2 Street Business World Wonderful times and friends at the Fnrtg especially, Agnes. EACON, STEVEN 864 -19 Street Chess Club: History Staff: Cafe- teria Squad.-College .'lIr. KHml'HlS biology class. EDELVIAN, BARBARA LYNNE 8701 Shore Road Roostersg Secretary to Nliss Colc- lnan.-Business World ,Ui great Senior Year: Sipsz' and us. 1- r A. 8722 Colonial Road 4 3 I . 3- X - lunrh zrith the gang. ELLI SON, TORSTEN 4901 liiglitli Avenue Mixed lfliorusz Pliysies Cluln: Cafeteria and Nlusie Serviee.-l'ratt Institute I will miss the salt zvutvr in the Sullfllllllllfl pool. EMANUl'll.lE, RONALD -1913 Seventh Avenue 'llalile fluptaiinflloliee Ullieer The fun I l1111l in this .x1'l1ool. I'IllZ1NG11l'Ili, LISA 2811 if Slreel f1Il1'1'I'It'i1lll'l'SI llooslers: Senior l'ro1u liouuuitteez lluskelluill: Yolleyliull lflull. Business Worlml Clieeririg for II11' l1'11111: Ten R1111111 will: "M, L. J. II. M. . ESPOSITO, LUCILLE T00-I1 Fort 1'Iumilton Rewl Cross llluln: Seeretury iu For- eign Luugluuge Ulliee: 1,il1rury Sf1lIi1l1.f'1111S1l1l"SS wlorld The frienfls I 111111le in F.H.: 1'5- p01'I'Illl1'. fillflflllll ESPOSITO, RICHARD 1012 66 Streel Serviee 5ql1u1l.flfolleg:e l,1111gl1x Il ith Ralph. Curl. ferrr. llllll Cui' 1.71 111x' fllfllilll' verzr. JIU 4 l'Vl'N-1 N C 1 A'Q..f-w ' 'A Q H 'iv ESTEBO, GILBERT 429 Seuulor Street College illltlllllllf' 1'111111s: t'lII1-I ll'lIiAl till Fri- day. EZEKIEL, ERICA 5712 Seventh Avenue Hemlirandt Club: Modern l1uuee.- College llH0I1lll'fflll friends: eruslres: 111111-lt period: llllll 1111 class. I"A1TII, UAII, 829 51 Street S1-erelury lu Miss lliekl Girls' Chorus '59, 'blip' Business WOI'lll lfus l'l.lll'.Y: g0SSlf1l.I1,'.f willi l,11111ie lI'il'll1l.X llllll llIl'lll1Il4ll'S. FAUTY, JOAN 231 87 Street Business World l'IlU1 ill lllifll periorl lu111'f1 ill my Senior Year, FAVILLA, THOMAS 9215 Fort Hamilton l'urkwuy Projer-tion Squadzr Service Squad: Museum Guard.-College 1,1mki11g fliflljllfll to june 1960 FAZIO, ROSALIE 6906 Eleventh Avenue Business World All my great friends. and the rnnr- zielous times we had together. FERLAINO, ELIZABETH 7725 Shore Road Orehestrag Cafeteria Squad: New- man Clubg Seeretary in Music Dept.: Secretary to Mr. Mills.-A College Flols nerves: Gertie's stomach: Mr. Mills. FERRANNINI, MARY 470 419 Street Seeretury to Miss Hoffman and Mrs. Barrett.HBusiness World Senior Yearg teaehers anzl frie11fl.s: erowzled busesg bruituotion Day. FESTA, PATRICIA 7200 Ridge Boulevard Program Committee: Secretary to Mr. Saks: Late Squadg liereption- ist for Mr. Goiite.-Nursing beliool Luneh with Carol. Ro: of23f59: Mike: my Senior leur. FICKEN, BARBARA 9115 Colonial Road Girls' Chorus: Seeretury to Alisa Cerlaeh and Miss Keely: Bowling Clulm: Musieales '59. '60.fCIolle-gs Marian: Sandy: Betsy: Mr. Zr1'.'on: my Senior Year. FINE, HOWARD 1057 54 Street Serviee Squad.-College Crea! times in sixth period lunch with Mike and Manny. FINN, MADGE 8824 Ridge Boulevard Pan American Club: Late Squad: Serretary to Nliss Keely: 'lable Cap- tain in Cafeteria.-Business World The hilarious times in Miss Matt- , . son 5 home nursing floss. FITZGERALD, RITA 9909 Fourtll .-Xrenue Class Sevretnry to Mrs. Azzaro: 0.0. Rep.-Nursing ,-ill the good times nt lunrh with Irene llllll flnloinelle. FLEMING, KENNETH 475 57 Street liiology Squz1d.fl'. S. Navy Cfnoil tirnfts in xrhool with Rofirlr: ini' frieriils. FLETCHER, CYNTHIA 525 62 Street Business World Frunlf and hozr he rnrizle me like sfhool. ll FLOOR, VIRGINIA 4817 Fort Hamilton Parkway Beacons: Orchestra: Mixed Chorus: Trinity Club: Xlusicales '58, '59, A60. -College Junior year: KB.: ':Cast1es Inna: "Benny GU0l1I71llIl,.Q those "Trum- petersf, f' X' C' FLORIN, FRANCES 128 Marine AX'E'llllt' Arcounting Squad.-Business World All the happy mvnwrics of sclwal uizh Fr11l1l.'1'1'. -'H' FOSS, HELEN T008 Eiglith Aveiiiiv Table Captain: Sf'c'r6ta1'y to Nliss Nlarkell: Secretary to Nr. Saks: Emergency Room. Squad: Secretary to Mrs. Ames.-Dental Assistant llumzderful times and many frfcmls, cspecially, Rolf. FRANCESE, JOHN 505 62 Strevt Table Captain: Secretary for Miss Mc-Caniig Newman Club: at ,lunior Prom: Service U. S. Navy Hvgging for trim' bottles: tha' rule- l:'l'fr1 xlwvpirig lzrigurlv. Assistant Corps.- v FRANCIZIC, ROSE I-'IRANZICSIQ IIOIIIQIYI' - 1, 8502 'lk-ntli .'xW'llllt' 8223 lfiltli Monm- SPm'rm'tal'y for Miss llonim-o illlll Svrxiw- fforpm- ilu-iriws Worlil lulss Iil'l1llilI'01 Hi-fl tlrow fflllb: lIl'1'fll filIIl'S in r'11f1'l1'rir1: Iwlr'h4'l.x: lbltltll'l'lI Illlllfl' Klub: tflas- Swrv- QIHlllffI.1'II1l.S. tary.--llilsilwss Vtlorlil , l"r1'c'ruls HIIIIIVI "l','lr1i1l1'.': Svnior I'c'ur: flllhlllilillg of Ifnhln: mpv- l r'l'ull1'. I l I 1 FRANGOULIS. JOHN FRAT.-KNTONI. ANN ' l T920 Fllllftll Altjllllfx 6923 Fort Hamilton l'al'lQway Q I.,Il7l'2il'y Squad: llramle ,Mlxisor Hr. Ptalfs Sorvivc- Sqllilll.-BlISlllPr5 Squad: Calc-teria Squad: Nmsspapvi' World Sqlla1l.flfollegv The frfenzls 1 nzuflvg my lt'1llItlCT-Ll l Our S1l'l.fIII71I.I1g pool, Senior Ymf. FRANSI-IN. RICII.-XRD FREDRICKSEN. .IIQDY V 5216 Ninth :Me-iiiw 638 67.5U'f'4'l Sfnwivv Squarl: 'liravk TFLIIIII Sorv- lrinily ffllllli MT- Qllltllfla Uml im- for Xli-5 l.a Ff'Illlllil.'ll0ll9QlP Nlr. lltalxl Selwirv Sqnail.-Hu-iln--5 Thr' gum! tirmxs in lunwh um! Sflltlj' Worlrl hull, Tfihlv E: u'ull.s u'i1h Els' fmfl Ilt'lt'l1f'l Stan ll: Trlrrr 111111 llurix. ,ya 1 FREELY, WC-SLTER FUCHS, DIANE 601 Cafeteria Squad.-College The good times here. Bwinesc World FRIEDMAN, BONNIE w A N 1059 58 Street 255 T9 Street 0.0. C0t1nf'tleC0,llf-ge mmf-ri Ctrortrsr Basketball Club.- The laughs in hltth period lunch. Bueineqg World T9 Street T414 Elew-nth Axenue My friendsg great times and teachers. FULCINITI, FRANCINE fable lil- I .llonfsmhelpg walking u'ith Angie: hut especially. Andy. 1-P ,,ff. . I B0 FUZIE, WILLIAM 6701 llolonittl Roatl ysi Clioru-: Cafeteria Serxitrtz- ljolle-ge Fifth lunrh lllfll the "gun mi' Senior lleur. GABER, RITA 5219 Nintlt Au-nu Ifttrtuintimerx.-Ifollegt- Tlzirtl periotl lunfh: Ihr' 1Il"fl1.f'. liilnriotts times: Senior leur. C.-XBRIELE. ADRIAN 9330 Fort Hamilton Parliway Bowling Clult: Tennis Clult: Cirlf Gym Locker Service: Service Squatl. College Period seren: lorker sertife: all the goutl times. 6' x 'ML' M fir' GALLAGHER, TERRENCE 674 84 Street Service Corps.-Bttsiness W'orld The good tinzes in our third year flff'-if'IX, " fl i- ? we . t .i I f rf ' X ' r X KMJMQ.. , . ' '1 , f 4 .JU ,' .tt L 1 Lb, r ' it f-Kip 1 5.11. , Y . s kJ' I G.-XLLO, .XNNEITE T207 T2 Court lltixiliexs Wittrltl ILIUII fit lrtltle li ttitlr Rttsie: junior xtfftr. GANIBALE. ANIELIA H13 51 Street Progrurn Ollit-e Fquafl: Fevreiary to Xlix- Simon: Newman Klub.- Fa-liion De-igninsl Grtttluution Dui: .-Inn. .-Ingie. Phyl- lis: Bin IAT: the Ten Room. 13 CANEY, ROBERT 363 62 Street Renilmranflt Clulr: Art Ullive Servive: Program Olliee F-erviee: 'YUWER SIalT.fColleg1e CARGUILO, MICHAEL 6302 Elexentli Avenue Serviee for Nlr. Ptali.-College Halls. cufeleria. and buses were ul- umzs filled with girls. Being Mr. ljlll'lIl'I,.Y 1.eprec'lzr1zuz unzl working for my t'm'liers. GARAY, ROGER T913 Rimlge Boulevard Boys' Chorus: Mixed Chorus.- College Tlie lulmriuus gym uwirlmutx. GARICLICK, ALAN CASPARINO, LORETTA 112 T4 Street Cheerleaders: Beaeons, Seeretary of Girls' Chorus: Boosters: Senior S0- eial fl0I'l1Illlltf"t'.fC0llPQlC' "Ik guyxug rhcering at gullies' S.H.'.s: 12ll'.YA'lIl!'I espedally. 11011. G.-KV.'KCAN, RUR Ii RT omg 50 5I,,,.,.l 369 87 Street Servivr- Squgul: Cllemislry Clulm: lllllsiun-ss Worlrl . I Rillr- lll1'1llll.7llllSllll'5S Worlml uflfllllflf fur lliree of-lofi.: fill NU' Ml. Qfrilrorfs prize-pupil4pml. fflfllll-Y GEBARA, W'ALLY Cafeteria Serviee: Serxiee Corps: Senior Rep.: Study Hall Serviref gill. 'gm ,.. R..- :4 N 'E 7 3 "1 CENOVESE, CAROLYN l2fl 35 Street 91-5 T6 Street Bll4lllPSS Vllorlcl Ifuslzing for liuses: lasting frienrl- College , xliips. Friends nw ' or! Ifgm n ex- pe 'i y e . Ch rlie. B . I KY x .W I , K R Q, UH! - N A O .fig CEISINCER, MAURICE GENTILE, MICHAEL 5423 Fort Hamilton Parkwly 1230 46 Sire-1 If an Servive: Co-Getters: XlPT1OTZ1l'llVlll1llI Dior-ver Team: Gym l,ez1der: Trai-k 'vi iurtaintimers.-f'illeue Team: Service 5quarl.4Colle:1e xi H. "H, C. Cf: 1l'f'I-Nl f'l.l'llllSI HH. l1.": The riots fri sixth perinzl lLUZl'll. av 5 ' luuglzs rmrl leurs: "Hr, Z." 1 G is , X S CERARDI, NOEL 155 T9 Street Emergent-y Room: Secretary to Nlzs. i ,vw 'W K 9-mt l ff , , ft . 1 --' . Q I t """ 'CIF' Ligzerz Newman Cluh.-Business World Senior Prom: Hinsehis: fllary. Ar- lene. anfl Ioan: Fonllfonne girls. GERCKENS, VICTOR 263 69 Street PILOT Photographer: Varsity Track Team Captain: Warsity Cross Coun- try Team: Service for Mr. Kott- GERSTEN, PAMELA -177 86 Street Co-editor-in-Chief of PILOT: Psy- ehology Club President: Arista: Xlodern Ilanee Class: Band and Orrhestra.-College PILOT: i'Dels": gurgling r'5 in Fourth Year French. CIACALONE. ROSEMARIE 6615 Eleventh Avenue Prom Committee: Newman Cluh: Art Ofiice Squad.-Business Wlorld .lly Senior liear: activities: 69 Street mann.-Business World crozcd: 311. I M'z'h lllhf'l.lh' ,'ff , P' mlltle otrimthefl telimi. Hemi lliegzbgzibl xfhillj ZLL' 2 at W ff ,aw W H fee? if ' ,143 CERKEN, MARTHA 241 91 Street Secretary to Mrs. Kahn.ft5usint-ss World Prefect with Barbara anal Flea: ITU' sophonlorc year when I met "Him . CIACCHE'I'I'O, MICHAEL y 938 56 Street Cafeteria Servicef-College Fourth sludy with Jef: gym with Pete. .llilre anti jeff. 'K - vw TT! CIAMBALVO, VINCENT GILLIES, JAMES 1035 69 Street 8102 Fort Hamilton Parkway 5 Service Squad: Detention Squad- Mixed Chorus: Pan American Club: , " College Service Corp: Service for Mr. Mills. 3 1 "The Breakfast Cluhng all the good -College times around school. Fun in sixth lunch: laughs u-ith L. C. and L. T. 1 GIANNAKOUROS, GILMAN, CARL CHRISTOPHER 54-1 62 Street Som-er Team: Gym Leader:VSIHtIf' Service: Cafeteria Service.-College The boys on the Soccer Team: Ihc' fun flaring lunch, Mr. Ptak's Service Squad.-Broolo lvn College The fun on the bus at three u':'th all the guys. 5915 Seventh Avenue 115 if' 'hu .N CIURDANU, THICUDURIC 366 83 5Il'v'HI Business Vliorld Thr' :any Spanish l'1IlSN1'.X uiih .1Ir. Folder. CITTO, ANTHONY 1051 67 Slwvl Service Corp.-f-liollvgc All the fun 1 hall on Ihr' bumva. H1 pr4'fr'r:l and fourth pwiod lunch. GIULIANI, RUGICIK T820 llolouiul lloud 'lll'll4'li 'll1'illll1 lulruuuirul Spoilxz Si-rvivv Squad. lfollvgn- Thr' fun I hurl irilh thi' gan in 4'aff'lg'riu. . 1 X CJERDRUM, CAROLYN 861 56 Strvc-'t Girls' Chorus: Mixed Clrorusz Musicales 58. '59. '60: Nolleylmull Club: Secretary to Miss l'lU1'11IlL1l1.i Business Wlorld Table urith "Dorn: 57 Strvvt bus stopg my friends. GLASSER, RICHARD H701 Sll01'l" Road Treasurrr of Psycliology Klub: Hilt- liophilesz Arista: Biology 1,uli.: Table Captain.-Clillflilf Mr. Carlin: psyi-lzo and ,1Ir. K: Buys' Stalvg bio. lab.: Senior Your. 46 fm 9175 'flux 'S' fi. x ma fs 'V' Q, Qian-' GULDBERG, DAVID 5511 Fort Hamilton Parkway Business World Urea! frivrzils: fabulous tr'ar'hcrsg worzzlvrful Iimas and rrzivrrorivs. GOLDBRUM, AIRLINE 5008 Ninth Avenue Boostersg Clreerlvudersg Senior So- Pial Cornruittevz Gym Servicvg Nlenoruli liluliz Table Captain:- College TAC: "S1PSI": fabulous Senior Year: my partner, ilafzry. CORBA, ,IACQUELINIC 1014 83 Slrcvl liirls' filiorusg llooslcrsg S1-nior llouuvilq 1'rom liornrnillecg Surro- tury lo Mrs. Kulul und lVll'. lmsserll. College IfI'1'I'lIl.SiifIg frianilsliip with Mary- ann M.g baskvtball garncsg Tva Room: lugs: .sixth lunrh, GOTTHOLD, KENNETH 751 55 Street Lum-11 Squad: Se-rvive Corpsg Gym Sf-rvirve.-College Crazy times with lrar aml Kenrtyg fourth period Zurich. GOTTLIEB, JOYCE T508 Third Avenue Business World Bobby, the boy who said I rouldrft graduate. GROTH, DONALD K 238 89 Street Cufrdwria Si"I'Vif'l".Tl.-. 5. Aix' Fnr1'P Laughs with ,Un .Uuheily in lzifsmry and lunch. GROTHEER, WTLLIANI 533 92 Street Cafeteria Servifgex Arista.-College The boys and girls at 96th: the rul- mfeg school. GURIAN, LANCE 964 49 Street Trawk Toam: ffro-Q Country: SPN'- ivs- Squad: Puff-tvria Service Squad. -College The fun nf running on the Trafk Team. HAAGSTAD, JUDITH 1040 80 Stn-vt Library Squad: .-'Kt!Hndam'f- Squad: Late RUUIII Sqlxad.-Buxilxe-wx World Fun uilh .Nu::unne. Gerry,': espwifzlly. Ri' hiv. H.-LAS, LLOYD 9281 Shore Road Tennis Team.-Lollege Good times on lhe Ierznis team: teachers: friends. 4 47 HADDAD, Sec-retary to Q., fllrs. Fralzlrlc' ' ' vous: Yolley Y fV' I'IAI'INI'i, STEI'HEN IIA-Kl,V0RSEN, ARl.I'iEN 792241 Furl llanniltnn l'nrkw..y H39 615 Sy,-4-pg Mixf-fl lflnxns: liyin S:-1-r'1'tnr5: 'lirinity lflnli: Nliv-fl lllmrnfz Xlnfi- ,i Svrxivx' Sqllmlf iiollr-gr' villm '59, ifxll. lIlIFI!ll'?-5 Vlnrlil 7'llI'gI.HNl1iI!ll'S in pwlml fin' limi-lv. I.ll'llIl'lll'fl l111.w:'.s: fl'lit'lI!I,N l'1'w mual-': fifrl: prriml lunrli. HALL, ITEQA-XNK HALVORSEN, ARTHUR S21 5,5 gl,-wt 1025 80 Sn-wt Bminess WO,-1,1 Boys' Chorus: Trinity Club: Senior .411 Ilw erijomble clrmsvs. gum! f10l1lN'il1 Pl13'Sif'S 13111111 Afmil-f fliffnds mm' ffm' !:'r1"f1c'1's. Cflllelle - ' The tezzrlzvrs: lhe frzendsi unrl ull the setziur af'ti1'itic'5. HALL, VIRGINIA HALVOIISEN, IRENE T405 Filth :Xu-:nw 1031 80 Slrvvt 51-rvivf' in tlw Gun: S6f'l'f'lill'y to lllilsiralvs 58. 'S'-L -601 Trinity lflnlu: Xlr, SZllIb0.'BllSIIlI"SS Nxiillilfl flirl! lfhorus: SH'rf'tury to Nlra l'rvff'f'I with Bvllr. Jlilliv: thin! liiitlzi.-Blisinfjfs World ' lunrh. tablet C. UnUlIllt'fflll frivnrlf: grm: Ulurzv: Thvlniug Svninr Ivur. VIRGINIA 29 T2 Strvel Newman Cflnli: Lute IIUOIII Sqnanlz Nlrs. Mill son and lil s. Frankle.-Business YU rlml : grm ru li: lufv mum my SUl'f?71IUf'I1Il1 l.irlhzl11,'. HAGEN, CAIIUL ANN l 521 Xlurinc-' AYK'ltllt' Ol'4'llFSll'SlI IN ' " lnsivulvs 29. 601 Beu- lmall lilnlr: Svrvive for Airline Stewuiwla-.Qs Przcnrls: laughs: flr'lv11c: lunrlig .St'l1lllf lvur: zwzllrs If svlzfnrl. .-if HAGEN, KAREN T70 55 Stn-vt Secretary to Nlrs. BnH'u: Iiill-l'lttl'i2l Sen'xi1'c'.-Bllsiln-ss W'0rlrl Fifrli lunwlz: Put and Milliv: uml vxpcrilzlly. Ray. HAGEN, ROY T38 55 Street Trinity lllnliz Svrvice for Mr. Krin- sky: Fervivr- Sqllad.-Collvglc' Sixth lunvli: Trinity Club: "1mc'l.'c'rl" Iilzsvs: gum! IIDIIIPS. L K' JIAMILL, DIANA 9052 Fort Hamilton Parkway lowling Club: Secretary to Mrs. Schaefer and Nlrs. Weissman.- hisiness World 4ll the friends l'1'e marle in F.H. l1.S.: especially, Larry F. o untill V llillxly lr W V W 4 lim ' fill! HAMILTON, ALBERT 5722 77 Street Service Corps: CO. Representative. fflusiness Woi'ld All the fun I had u-ith the "C6n',. HANIILTON, CAROLE 509 T9 Street Ser-rata y to Mrs. Ralmez Library Squad.-Business World Senior Year: fun in jiftlr period lanrli. ,ve '19 VU! J f"""'s I-IAMMARSTROM, JEAN 6804 Owls Hearl Court Captain of Cheerleaders: Boosters: ' Nlusic-ales '57, R581 Girls' Chorus: Senior Social Committee.-College Cheering with Janet: lags: Hirzsrlfsg "Lis Caysng Catsrpillarg Snzolrey. HANSEN, RAYMOND 3-13 lfll Street W l"il'eteri'i Servive: Boys' lfliorum- HANSEN, ROGER 1 1 Business Worltl ers: my Senior Year. Those .wolifl rulnlmr rrzfetcfrizz xper-iuls. ,Sl 83 fitreet Lasting friemlxliips: zrorzalerlltzl terirli- N HANSEN, JOHN HARDMAN. BRUCE 976 57 Street 439 63 Street Cafeteria Squafl.-Business Wo lil ll. 5. Nan' Frierzfls life rnarle: ,fowl limes at I roulzl liarrlly wail until that three lunrli: ",l.P."g 7'wlflr: Senior lrol. ifrlork hell rang. HARLEY, RICHARD l2X 85 Street Gym l,f'iltlPl'5I llrojec-tion Squaxlf- College llrf' IZIIIIII IIIIICS on Projerliorz Squajl. ilfr. Kt'ilSllIl,S A -' YL Q, iw'-5 RN wif' ' 'w t v l' 'K HARMS. YYILLIAM i T913 Tliirfl t-Xventie Serxir-e Squad: Orchestra.-K. S. ,-Xir l'orr-e Tlie' f'l1jIH'IllIl6' limes I hurl in Or- 1'.lIt'.Nlfll. J19 HARTFORD, NANCY 714 60 Street Modern llanee: Ort-hestra.-Busia ness World Always bus four-ueinter. spring. and fall. HASSELBACH, LUIS 717 86 Street Assistant Art Editor of TOWER: Rernlmrants: .lr. Band: Seeretary to Mrs, lleerson: Boosters.-Art llol- lege Senior I"f'flfJ sixth period lunrh with live: sister lfluine: Hinsvh's. HAYES., MAUREEN 977 55 Street Ollii-e Squudg lfuleteriu Squad.-f Business World Slen with Miss Sinmn uml Moiru: l.in1lu lf.: "Murphv": "I-XIQXSQZ Sunly. HENDRICKSON, RONALD 801 T0 Street Chemistry Squad: Trinity Cluliz 'X ,.. ' Advaneed Chemistry Club.-College in q ,wma 'V' ' Fun on the buses. in lunch, and my X ,A Q elrisses. Y A-. '. tt 37' HENNINCS, HERBERT 1058 52 Street Newman Club: History Play: Leaders.-Business Wol'ld Miss AlICllfll,S historiral play: Miss hir-l.'f1i1e's English rluss. Cyln fgift HICW ITT, PETER 7401 Fourtli Au-uue IIIINIIIIWS World Thi- mail rush lu he first on the lgmrh line. fsrs., 17? LQ - -,,,,. "-FN: 3 HIGGINS, CAROLE 455 78 Street Newman Clulm: Cafeteria Serviee.- ' Business Vlforld Wonderful friends: Newnzun Club: -flu' fifth period lunch: Senior Year. - WT? rx "1-'N .Of is 'iw-gy. HILER, THOMAS 505 62 Street Servir-e Squad: Gym Team:- College The fun in the rufeteriu: and es- periully. JU.-IX. X- HINGULA, RICHARD 259 90 Street Program Olive.,-College All the friends I made at Fort Hum- ilton. HIRSHFIELD, BARRY 964 49 Street Elevtrir-al Squad: Biology Squad: flurtaintimersz Service for Mr. Ham- mer: Radio Pliysies Club.-College The boys on the Eleetrical Squad: Stew: Howard: Robert. Y l l i I l i i 122'- HOLVIK, DORIS , : HOPPE RICHARD 849 56 Nrwt i 233 56 Qtreet Girls' Chorus: Musieules '58, TSO. Business World mo: Volleyball club: Tam? Lal" Waiting for the three o'r'loi'h' hell tam.-Business Wforld ,U ring Friends: teachers: lunch: Mr. Ma- N hed-v's prefect with Lois. HITTER, ROBERT 1069 49 Street Serwif-e Squad: Nlixed Chorus: GO. Representative: Chess and Cherker Cluli.-College The ll' was hard, hut I had fun. HODGERT, EILEEN T109 Third Avenue Beaeons: Senior Council: Gym Seri- ice.-College Senior Year: Senior Council: all my uwzderful friends. HOFF, SUSAN 351 Marine Avenue Beacons: Junior and Senior Coun- eil: TOWYER Art SMH: Library and Late Squads: Senior Show.-College Stinlrie: Lighfhulb: lfainbouf: De Malay: N.E.fVl. 3-H-58: most of all. Leighton. HOLLER, KENNETH K 361 95 Street Business World The last four years were ones I u'on't forget. HOLM, MARTIN T80 51 Street Table Captain: Service Corps: lun- ior Varsity: Basketball Team.- College Going to sfhool zdrlz Bill. Brian, johnny. Kenny. HOLOD, RICHARD 315 92 Street 'lflixefl Cliortis.-R.C..-X, lnstitute Mi' friends. my teafhers. and Fort Hamilton. ' v 'Q' UID- HOPE, PHILIP HUDEC, ROY 5322 Eighth Avenue 543 61 Street College Tennis Team: Servive Squad: Boys' i M Friends I made: fun in Iunrh: won- qjhm-us,-U. S. AI-nled F01-C95 "YV l1f'ffU1!011c'herx. Bench in 149: Dodfs at 3100: fun 1 V M with Mr. Joltin. 1 '12, 'N fi X .1 V, M: HUERT.-XS, FELIX 313 58 Street Gym l.1-'a1lv1': Biology Luli: l'ro- f,!I'LiIIl 1i0IlllIliIU"l".flillllflgf' The st11mp1'1l0s for 1111: lunrh 1111121 HULL, BARBARA 9480 Ridge' lloulexurd S1-1'r1-tary to Miss Nlorlioll.-Rusk ne-ss World Cowl fil7Il'S with l'1'fffj'flIi11y in Nvn- ior l'1'11r. HUSSEY, BRIAN 5115 85 Sll1'1'l Nt'Wlllilll lllulu: li2ll'1'Il'lAl1l Sl'l'Xll't'1 Gym l,1-11d1-r: Gym Swv- 1 Bllhilll'hS World l,lIIl,1IllS 11'iIl1 flllllliyllll 1l'IlifilI,2' for 11'1'1'l1'1'111ls. HUTTER, DORIS 857 52 Strvvl Business World All Il11' fun 11nd f1'1'1'111ls 111 II11' Furl. HUTTON, BARRY 550 60 Flrvvi Boy! Chorus: Hills' 'l'1'u111: llllffdlilll 'lffa1n.fl. 5. Nzny U D 1:1111 in third. f1f11rtl1. fifth 111111 s1,x1f1 p1'ri111l 111111'h: .Nllltll hull. 52 A - "' 'f""'f- 'VN rf' Y? HYMAN, MILDRED T53 52 Strvet Girls' FlIlFl'flPIll'y Room Squad: Gym S9l'Vll'f'.'BllSilIt'SS World Fiflh 111n1'h: P111 IIIIII K11r1'11: vw- p1'1'1'11HY. H.R. IANNONE, PETER 937 53 Strvet Biology Squad: 'lll'kll,'li 'll-11111: Base- lmll '1Q"21lll1 Arista.-llollege TI11? fun we 111111 11l11yi11g b11.w1'I111ll. IMVARATU, l'IS'l'l'Il,l.l'I 38 79 Sl 1'1'1't l,l'UglI'ZllIl OIli1:1- S1'1'r1-tary: Sl'4'l'- lury in II1-1111! Ullim-sg S1-1'vi1'1' Squad: NVWIIHIII lflulig llowliugg fllulr, fi1llll'fll' ll11' 1'11'11' 11l flllIll'.S I. lt. M. l,. H, lf. L: Sfllillli l'1'11l. INMAN, ANNE MARIE 9229 Slum- lloud Sl'lll0l' Soviul fiUI1llIllll?l'I S1-1'1'1-tary to Nliss Hoffman: NPWIIIHII Club: UU. Store: SVVllllII1lIlf1 ffluln.- ffollvglv Svrzior Y1'11r: HTI11' Big Tl1r1'1f',g Ilirzsrlfx: MTI'Il,L'l'llj",I Kvrzny. IRCENS, LONNY 1032 68 Street 'Xlodern lluuve lllulmz Sl'1fFPlLll'y to Mr. Kotlmann.-Business WcJ1'ld Long 111ll1's: S25 bond: friends of our Iillflllilfllll 511111111 grounds. ISTRICO, CAROL 920 Sl Street Boosters: Bugketbull Club: Emer- gzeney Room Squad: Library Squad. -College Senior Activities: fun at games: lfflffff 1 ER. first period: sophomore year. JACOBSEN, REDMOND N 723 55 Street 510. Representative.-1iollege Wonderful teavhersg good friends. Mfr? if JAKOBSEN, JERRY 5306 Seventh Avenut Service Squad.-College Crazy times in Mr. La Cmsse's rhom- istry class. JANSEN, .IOCELYN T501 Ridge Boulevard Arista: Orchestra: Copy Editor of ANCHOR: PILOT Reporter: Bea- con.-College Musierzles: rhern. explosions: my wonderful teaehers and friemls. JENSEN, ELAINE x 722 49 btreet Secretary to Mrs. Tilliss and Mrs. Catania.-Business Worlrl I , Linda. Pat. Marion: Mr. Cohte: es- pl'l'I.lIlll'. Tommy. 'F P 't JESSNIK, KENNETH HOT Seventh Avenue Service Corps: Newnian Club.- Business World lfiuiting on the eilfeteria line for those "Spefii1is". JOBERG, RANDI 871 T0 Street Girl Leader of Arista: Boosters: Nlixed tfliorus: Seeretary to Mrs. Gold.-College Mixer! Chorus: .llonsieur Colornb: i'Le1tersf"': S..lI.S.S.: Janet: for- ever the Ruinbozv. JOHANSEN, JOHN 935 53 Street Nlr. Ptalcis Serxiee Corps.-College Fun in prefertg first period gym: laughs u'i!lz the gurs und girls, JUHANSEN, LOIS 821 59 Street Trinity Club: Volleyball Club: Bunrlg Seen-tary to Nlrs. Hart: Musieules '58, '59. '60.-Business Wiorld Friends: fl'Il!'h1'l'.X.' tuhle lf: fun in prejert zcith liorix. JOHANSSON, ROY 837 60 Street Boys' Chorus: Serviee Squad.- College The great deal of elhouing on the Iunfh line. 53 X ,E ,we .lg Swv? JOHNSON., l'HYl.l,lS JORUHNSICN, ROBERT "7" ' 1" loulexurd T40 5,1 Sin-4-I fn-- Hldrc I Arista: JXNK Illllli l'1dilOr-in-fihis-f: S04'4'1'I' Tc-zuu.-1 Qollegu l'll,0'l' Reporter: 'l'riuity Klub: l"rieml.s I nmzle in prefer! 111111 lunfrh: 'rl'1"l'illl'1'I' Of mlillllN'lIIQ'll.f1ZOHPQI' Ihr' Surfer Tvunz. flndris: lfurol: Ilorolrlz Kl'I1I14'1f1I Mr, SU1U1'lH'f Mr. Zuhon. JOHNSTON, MARTIN JOYCE, FRANCES 416 60 Street 807 T1 Street Serxiee Corps.-College Service Squad: Bowling Club: Serv- Neu' ff1if'7IllS and good, clean fun. if-9 for Mr, Z5-ldngrg Table Captain, -Business YVorld Prefer! zrilh lfilly: my junior .sum- mer. JONSSON, VIVIEN KA.-SS, CHRISTIAN 3312 UU Street 105-1 83 SUPP! Orelieslru: Bufketlrall iilulv: Yolley- 12.0. Store Squad: Serxice Squad: hall idllil.fBlISiIlt'5S World See-re-tary for Nlr. Kottman.-Burr llnfillrirzg lo svhool with the Airlx: new Wm-141 Boro Hull: thow prrrriesx l'Vf'V'l4"1l.' The nzrmy friemlx I made: .Uur 26. iions. ond I'f1'elyr1, JOHNSON, ALLEN JOHNSON, LAWRENCE V D 5921 Fourlh :Xvenlxe 865 69 Street Xquarlum Squad: Service Squad: Business World liurtaintimers.-CIollege I wish the three zfeloelf hell rang Good friends: "The Mon Who Conn' sooner. To Dznnerf, JOHNSON, BEVERLY JOHNSON, MICHAEL js Q QTRS 3-A Fort Hamilton 687 86 Sued 'fo' Prom Conimitteez Future Home- IJHH16,-5 gjolfpsl Sf-rvi,-C Squad'T. malfers of Amerueaz I,1lmrary Squad. Bu5in955 Wm-ld Q A X "f'0HfSIC . l The great kids I met: espeeiully Mr. IIIITIIICS class: Senzor Court: Iiufhy' Lillie Tlleoler: U"-I, rings. 1 KADRI, C. RICHARD 9701 Shore Road ffafeteria Service: Service to Mr. La Grasse: Study Hall Service.- College Wolly. Bobby. Charlie und Helen at the "Tea Room" with Midnight. KAI-IALY, CHARLES 148 85 Street Service Corps: Service to Nlr. Eis- man.-College Lunch with Richie um! Unttliy: of course. Helen. I 'A A ' , ' , ,XX xx' e 'R fs ' fi x t X 5 K.-M PX Q , fu? Q 5 . . Aux .J -fx-ycj Q .t L hx 15X gl H. KAKOYIANNIS, MICHAEL T826 Fort Hamilton Parkwav Traeli Team: Service Squadr- College Laughs in .'vIr, .'lIuheilv's hiitorv r'luf.s: long azruitezi Graduation Dov. KANE, CAROLE 98 Bay Ridge Avenue puainess Vvorld Fun in iunrh: u'uiIing for the three o-riorl: hell. '99 25 an one lxnows . Club.-Colleg Crican Club. KAXE, DANIEL KANTER, ROGER nu., ,fy W, AM Q .3 gb 1' 915 49 Street IjI'0jf'I,'IIOIl Squad: Cafeteria Squad: Servir-e for Mr. Zakon.-College Those afternoons in Hr. Zakonfi I,'!lf'flII'Sff,Y 1K8. 675 86 St rf-et Rowling: Team.-Collette The ffreut limes with the girl "i'1f'rv+ KAPL.-IN, DAVID QP 864 -19 Street Cafeteria Squadg Pan American KARLSEN, MARGARET 802 54 Street S1-vretary for Hrx Ralme and Mr Zeldner: Trinity Club.-Rusine-S World Buhifs ot eight: hfth lunrh: Undies, Lzzrington: Senior Year. K.-XSBAR, IAROLE ANN 80097 Ridge Boulevard Senior floumiilz Secretary of Prom forrirnittee: Sevre-tary of Bowlers Newman Lluli: Serretary to Nlr f,,unimingN.-Nlodeling fun ut mirth lunoh with the girlsg Too Room. Y KATOW'ITZ. PHILIP . enorah fflult: Servif-e to Xlrf lzngluh 3H6: rhem. with Hr, Z5 the friends I made. 55 416 68 Street Piy'fjlIOI0gfi Clulm: Rililiophile Club: I' NI , D H7059 ?00d flmf,5 In the P071 ffm' Rutfa: Cafeteria Service.-f,rillege KATZ, ROBERT KEDDIE, CAROL ANN 8702 Tliiril Au-:uw 405 Battery .'AVPIll19 llale-tvria 51-iwivv: Mr. l"tuk's Seri- Yolleyliall Club: l'an-Anieric'an ire l1ol'pf.-llollvgze' lfluln: Lillfl8illIlI'llt'l'S. - BllSlIlr'SS Frivnds at Fort Humillon: Run. World Drew. Rirlz. Juan. Roslin: going turns ulillz ,lrzrlf mul Put: lllll'0lQ'Vl. KEANE, CHARLES KELIM, ELAINE 8206 Sixlll Au-:uw 9524 Fort Hamilton Parlawuv llnllf-ge Bowling: llluli.-Secretary Lmig prvfvrts: lflllllillg fur 3 P.lll. Lunrli ulilli Brlrlmru: ,XIIHVYI Milliv: Smiinr Pram llllll Billy. Q KEARNS, .IUIIN Kl'll.l,Y, MARY ANN 321' T8 Ni-wi H63 12 Firm-1 lllhimisi WRU-Ill Yvwiiigin filnln: 5r'1're'lui'y In Nlrs. Fun in lln' lm'l.-f-mg flu' lnuwx ul ,lllllS1'll, Miss 0'lNlulmm-V. Mrs. ' ilirvv: Ilia' lunrli linvs. Killllll 'I'alil1- fiuplain lullc 1 Ifnnfl rnc'nmri4's I will fUll'I'I'f llf'll.N- llrv, I'lIlfl'1lH'll In ll ,R --Q 41' 45? KELLY, THOMAS T22 58 Slrvet Boys' Chorus.-College Music tn my ears was tlzf' lmll ut llirve dulm-lf. KENNEDY, ALBERT 255 T4 SIFPPI ' rl1I'1lIlSl6l' student from La Salle- A4-aclvrny. Travk 'll-am: Fuotlmall uarterliavkz Glee Clulig Golf w Q . f! l Patil.-,-'xi'niPrl l' nrvvg Thr- grvut Iimvs iw liurl planing at jfmllmll grmzvs. 'Q7' A KHODJAMIRIAN, TANIA 8801 Hialge lioulfrviml Arista: ASSOCi3lf' Editor of AN- KHUR: Senior ffounvilg Bililiopliile Clulm: Trinity Cliili.-College: Thrills. spills not mes umisug three lvrrifir' years: S'V0i1'f". KHOURI, ROBERT l60 Marine Avviiue Golf Team: Arista: Senior ljouncil Reprc-'sentativ : Mr. Ptakis Svrvice Squad: Cfafvte " Serwif-e.-College Tlw ang ll tl V' ' Tea Ruomg lliully ' rlie. L KNUDSEN, DONALD 853 58 Street President of Trinity Club: Service Squad: Orchestra.-College Senior Prefectg fourth lunch: eighth period bell: crowded buses. KNUDSEN, LAURA 908 52 Street Trinity Club: Usberettes: Tennis Club: Orebestra.-Nurses Training Trinity Club: Ken: baseball with Ruth and Helen. KNUDSEN, SHIRLEY 801 T0 Street . Boosters: Trinity Club cial Committee: Prom Seeretary to Miss Brookman and Miss Cerlaeb.-College "The Crew". Hinsr'h's: S.N.C.: Muhedyism: sophomore. and senior years. KNUTSEN, GEORGE 7029 Colonial Road ' Gym Team: Gym Leaders: Service Squad: Table Captain.-College The craziest below sea-level senior prefect: the other rats. KILLERLANE, MARIAN 3702 Tbird Avenue Bowling Club: Newman Club: Sees retary to Miss Yan Bokkelen: Li- brary Squad: Table Captain.- College Barhuru: Putli: rromming for Chem: Mr. Zalron: eight o'c'locl.' malfeups. KINDYA, HELEN 405 60 Street Secretary to Mrs. MeClenahan: Li- brary Squad: Cafeteria Squad: English Class Seeretary: Basketball Club.-Business Vvorld The wonderful times l'z'e had and the friends l'1'e made at Fort Hom- ilton. KITCHEN, CHARLES 5511 Fort Hamilton Parkway Cafeteria Service.-Business World I lifted all my flusses. but study- no. KLANSKY, LILA 226 97 Street Service Squad: Gym Ot1iee.-Busi- ness World Cupie: Regina: Linda: going steady with Arty. KLEINFELDER, ARTHUR 19 Marine Avenue Rembrandt Club: TOWER Art Stall: Orvhestra.-College Ifonzpelition zritli oll my friends in gyrn. KNIHINICKI, KATHY 450 T2 Street Boosters: GO. Representative: Table Captain: Seeretary to bliss Brook- man.-Business World ".Yoslz and St'll'8l'uf und all the fun at lunrh. 1 Senior So- Committee: The 'iCen." KNUTSON, LINDA 8710 'lillird .'xY9llllf' Secretary to Nlr. Stone: 'lirinity Club: Cafeteria Serxiee for Nlr. Plaster.-Business World Cob sessions with joan. ffrzno. Dot. Antoinette ond Marilyn. KOECHEL, LESLEY ANN 132 86 Street Orchestrag Senior Sliowg Red Cross filulig lieeord Uliiee Squadg Library Squadg TUWER l.iterz1ry Staff.- College The girls: erushes: 1-hem: League: my Senior Year. KURINIS., PICTICR -155 lil Street Soeeer 'lieunn Bnselmll 'lienniz 'lirnelx 'lieaniz Senior llonneil Rep.: Serviee tiorps.-t iollegge .4 great honor ieprexeruing For! Hamilton on Ihe field. KOBOWITZ, DEBORAH 8801 Shore Road Curtaintimers.-College The fun I had: lhanlfs to inspiring teaehersg great kids. KRAFT, HELEN y 938 54 Street Trinity Clnlig Senior Band.-Bnsr ness World My Senior Yeor: Tolde E: Cigllfll period study. 58 '7-ul?-.t is 11-serv AN GTE' A!" ,ff QXIWQ ,X 5 Niv- KREY, BARBARA 347 99 Street Business World Luneh with Judy. Cer. Lynne. Betty and Elnineg 12f30f58: George. KRISTIANSEN, BETTY 917 55 Street Trinity tilnb: Program Otliceg Girls' Gym Utliee: Secretary to Miss Hoff- man.-Business World Tolile E: friends. leachersg three years of wonderful memories. KRISTIANSEN, ELS-E 431 Senator Street Mixed tfhornsg Mnsieales '59, '6Ug Trinity tllnlng Progrurn Ullieeg Sec- retary to Miss Vain Bokkelen.- linsiness World Tolile Eg wollring with .lurlv ond llelencg "leelmx"g Senior leur. KRISTIANSEN, KENNETH 717 60 Street Seeretary to Mr. Eismang Cafeteria Service.-Business World Going to Shore Road during lunch periods. KRISTIANSEN, THELMA 983 52 Street Program Office Squadg Musicalesg Girls' Cllorusg Trinity Club.-Bush ness World Wonderful friends and Ieaehersg table E with "Cutie',g of course, 57th Street. KRZYZANOWSKI, HENRY Quarters 50-A Fort Hamilton C-ym Leaders: Boys' Chorus,-Air Force The fun on the Gym Teamg espe- cially, Nancy. LA CASCIA, ALFRED 209 76 Street Service for Mr. Cohen and Mr. Spring: Gym Secretaryg Aquarium Squad.-Business World Lunch with Larry, Tommy, Ronnie. john, Al and b'illy. LA FERLA, VALERIE 5717 Fort Hamilton Parkway Basketball Clubg Volleyball Club: Beaconsg Pan American Club: Sec- retary to Mr. Golomb.-College Senior Prom with Bob: Beawons with Miss Marlfellg Tina and Helene. LAINE, LAWRENCE 547 66 Street Class Secretary: C.0. Representa- tive.-College I enjoyed the wisdom of .l. B. Leflef- LAMANNA, NEIL 7801 Third Asenue G.O. Representative: Junior 1301111- cilg Senior Representative: New- man Club.-College Those long lunch lines and the fun at senior luneh. ,pl i lift , W UL ihiii E , ' 42. K Q-o..,,.., ,., 7 , ' 7 i lf ' 1 WZ ' .4 I f ,. no 4'5" 'L U 'Eff LAMICELLA, ANITA 1058 64 Street Ser-re-tary to Mrs. Bonom: Usher- ette Squad: Mr. Ptal-fs Service Squad: Volleyball Club: Basketball Club.-College "Deep Discussionsng fourth busy Senior Yearg fun at HinsCh,5. LANDON, BARBARA 276 56 Street Basketball Clubg Volleyball Club.- Business World All the fun with Phyllis, Gerry, and the Girls. LANGILL, ROBERT 102 75 Street Trinity Club: Nlusic Department Servit'e.-College Fourth period lunch: third period history utith Mr. Cotite. LANZA, ELVIRA Q 860 68 Street N-vrf-tary to Mrs. N1eEneanyg Li- brary Squad: Usher Squad: Volley- bull Club: Table Captain.-Business World Wonderful times u-ith Anne and Croce: most of all, jirnmey. L.-XPP, SHIRLEYANN . 984 56 Street Newman Club: Bowling Club: See. rfetary for English Class: Tvpist for Chemistry Department: Basketball Club.-Sehool of Nursing The ivonclerful teavhers and friends l'1'e matle at Fort Hamilton. 1 59 93, Qf-. A: '- :Tx --,1,.i..-gy .Q t' -1 "-5 TX.. . 'r -'-1 5.5 ,,.. 'W 'US f ' .pn-.5 LARSEN, CARL LARSEN, IRENE 526 62 Street 8lll ill Slrvvl lfYm Leadffs--Alf.F0l'l"3 Secretary to Nlr. Matheson: Girls free hlllllli IITIIIIIC' It. llliorusz Nlix:-d Cflmrus: lluslu-tlrull and Red lfross lflulis.-Businee World l The .vwll kids: lunfh: Hisfnry 215 .l!IA.X'L'll lflmrus. LARSEN, ELEANOR 626 88 Street Uslierette: Baud: Sevretury for Nr. Stone: 11.0, Representative: illusi- Cale l95T.-College Senior Year: "1'rezc"' ii' mhle I: Elf-urmr M.: laughs: Nmvnrzn. IARSEN, ROGER 533 T8 Stree lluud.-4 Iollf-ge NEYt'I.IIHn the girlv and hoping for results. IARSICN, VAl.l'IRll'1 IASSICN, XY.-Xl,Tl'Ill 931 8l Street 8518 'll' tll Ave ue Hlllllll lliulugy l.ul1ol'ulol'y Squud.1 lliulogy l.ulr.: lliolog' Squgi - Q BllSlllQ'SS World liollf-ge N Cami T.: Ihr "Spiv.s": Ihr lah: .fill fha' ,mimi li 1 sg fl 1 I. exptwirillbt' R. l,llllll.YSlIlI4ll'U. Q0 W ' ' i ,X LARSON, WILLIAM LAUDISI, LAW'RENCE 959 T3 Street 6915 Ridge Boulesard Mixed tllmrus.-College Nluseum Squad: C.O. Representa- Thi- fun we hurl in Mixed Chorus. tive.-College The many frierulx I made at Furl Hamilton. LASH, ANNE LAUER, JOSEPH l5ll 95 Street ' 660 Poly Place Newman lflulmz Nliuutemen: Social Empire B05-S' Stage: tjhpm Squad... 3'Studies Squad: Deaifs Squad: l.i- College lmrary Slluad.-4l0llf:lf' ".-lrrny Brursu: grind Iinzes: lunch: Lunrh in the rujcterifz: lm'l.'vr rfmni: I-'Ury Humjl1,,,,A ' unzlerstumling leuvliersg friends fre made. 60 LAULETTI, DIANE 665 88 Street Red Cross Club: Sei-tive in ihe Cym: Instrument Praf'tiee.-Busi- ness World Fun in junior year lunch: friends nzatle. especially Liz. LEFANDE, MARION 1054 T1 Street Senior Couneil: Arista: Boosters: Seeretary for Mr. Kamin: Volley- ball Club.-Business World Gang on 69th Street: basketball games: sixth lunch: T.P. 11 RP' . , i f f IJ LAURIA, RAYMOND 1033 60 Street Newsnaner SN'-nd: Serriee Corps.- Il. ,Armed Fnrg-eg lllr. Lessvll- l'1'IXl."lll",' The HCf1n"g panifw 7!':ll? Vinnv a"1l .lwllUff'9'?. JCM LE FEVRE, LETICIA Nl C 373 92 Street .ewman 'lubg feeretary o Goldstein nd L r ,Cu40 Busin ss tj Lorl ,r ro : tad, a ter sch ku frier www LEONARDI, ROY T119 Sliore Road Agricultural Seliool The good spirit of the Ieaeherx anzl .whoolrrzalesg the e.x'tra'1'arrif'ular program . LEONARDO, CARL T310 'llentli Axeluie Service Squad: Handball Teanre College Parties anal girlx' xiile at lam-li. jerry: Richie: Guyg Ewvuse. LE'I'I'AIL, ,IO ANN I0-13 84 Street Beaeonsz Secretary to Mrs. Frankle: Trinity Club: Volleyball Club: Bas- ketball Club.-College Mornings at table F: and especially. Herbie. 659 xt...,, rg CT 1 LEVIN, ALAN 6623 Ridge Boulevard Hoy Leader of Arista: Seeretary of lmibliopllile Club: Serviee Corps: Seeretury lo Nliss LuFemina: Cafe- teria Squad.-College iiIER.4FlB: lllunxieur Colornlz and lf..-l.: "The Holt' llltliorzrtrylii lhll". LEVINE, BARRY S59 80 Street Urrlieftra: AIllSlf'illf'I Cafeteria Serv- it-1-: Serxire for Nlufit' Department: 1 ILO. Olin-e-r.fl. S. :Krniy Thr- :fowl llIIll'S I hall al lurzrh. LEVISON, MICHAEL 8306 Third Avenue Coll Team: Sevretary to Nlr. Alo in. Hrs. Swan and Xlrs. Kalin: El' tri- m'z1l Squad: Table Captain.-Cr ege The Uoml arzrl lnarl th it hair' er perl brerl. f KJ 5 J I jf' ,f V XC.. f f LEVITON, GAIL T501 Ridge Boulevard Business World All the fun: my teurlivrsi my friends. LIBERTI, PATRICK 1025 48 Street Projection Squad: Service Squad: Calvteriu Svr'vic-e.AArr11f:fl Fort-vs My work in the r'ufr'ta'riu. Ll NDIILAD, ERN EST 'UBI S1-nior fl0lllll'lll lloys' tfhorusz .rt . Base-liull: lllusivnle- '38 ml fill Slmrn- lluud Coll:-go The l'Ilft'It'l'l.lI 1l'l-ill Curl. Pvtv, and Arliv. LINDQUIST, SUSAN 329 91 Strevt Sevretai'y to Mr. Cer: Late Squad: Table Captain: Sevrvtary to fllrs. Finn: Service Squad.-Business Would 'S 1-wigs-s. Julznrzy: gym and lunrli with Judy: Lori: Hirzsvhfw. LISLEVATN, KARL 'i3ll Fourth Aveiiiw Truvk: S0t'f'f'I'.--LOS. Arun-rl Forvvs. Fnrf Hamilton rrienrnries will lust: 1-iglrth pvriuzl spvvrlr. ,lfl-f'IIllS. l,l'l'Tl,l'l, JOHN 35l5 llimlge- l'loul4-xuril Svrxiw- lor Nlr. .'Xllisnn.-fllusiuvss World Tln' fun l lnul in mi' Sfllllll' l'e'ur. LIUZZI, FLORENCE LOMBARDI, DOROTHY 35 T2 Strvet U07 Sl Street Talmle Captain: Hostess: Nlrs. Az- lll'L1IllLltlf'S.4BP21l1llf'lLlII Sf-liool Zara: History lilllll,-BLlSllIf'SS All the fun I had in fourth, lurirli 'ji "GerIie. Betty and the girirhivst zritli lfizrul. times ut Fort Hurriilturzf' ., N A I 1 'TN t I LOEWE. ROBERT H Q LOMBARDO, Muvm ' 130 69 5U"f9f 84-07 Third Avenue 5 Senior Danni Band: Orchestra: Orplwql-33 Mug,-51953 QU, Repre. Q b Nlusivalvsz Svnior Show.-Busimhss Sentam-ez Gym L,.a,1,,,4S.-College s, ?l""l'l A A nl V PlUf'l.7l,Z under Mr. Shine: tliinlfing 14' ,Qrwut fum s Assmrz u'1l 1 r. f C- U. ' ti.-7 Sliirzrzu U' Q., L. '13 fi I 1 i 1 'UN . it 1 l 1 . ,R 1.5 :Ib LORENZO, FRANK T519 Table Captain: Radio lllub.-Rufb ness World lfurolrn: Karen: table HH: u'ull.'- 391 "Chr if Filth Aven ue LOVE, HELEN Girls iflioruf: NIlXt"I1IiI10l'lli1 Lot-ker Room Servieez Yolleyball Club: Basketball lflub.-Nursing: The fun in Ruvis: .-lnzlfirl will tlze LONIBARDO, PATRICIA 5710 Eighth Avenue Cym Squad: Ser-rc-tary to Xlra Rube.-Bu-inexe World uFilllilIl.l7,fZ in the hulls zrilh Zeke: buses and jrlemls. LOMBARDO, ROBERT 668 85 Street Mixed Chorus: Nlusiealesz Vice President of Newrnan Club: Service Squad: Senior Som-ial Council.- College Mrs. Sulzlzergfs ire box: i'Ba4Bu- Luau: mex urnii: teurhers. LONGO, JOSEPH 622 T4 Street QU. Representative: Xlr. Ptakl Serviee Squad.-ffollege The imriflerful friemls and su-all times fre krmzuz. LOPEZ. MARY Y 350 60 Street Pan Amerif-an Club: Attendant-e Olin-e Squad: Cafeteria Service.- Bu+ine+f World Senior rear: jiftlz period luruqli: crozuled buses: Terri' uml Lurelzu. LOPINTO, ,IO ANN T918 Eleventh Avenue Seeretary to Miss Gennaro: Late Squad.-College The helpful teachers uml good friends l maale. LORAINE. LEIGHTON 9115 Ridge Boulexard 'l'OWIfl'l Art Stall: Soever Team: Ritle Tegunxz Nlimeo Squad: Late Squad: Senior Ii0llllI'1l.-111011626 PflHl'E.S.YJ Rulrzbnzt' : De ,Ilfllllfl ,Y.E.,ll.: 3 14, 53: Llelit Bulb. 1U -. Q ing to school on eoltl mornings: Tea HIV!-4. Rllllfll. LOTZ. ELAINE LUKSHA, PAUL 548 T3 Street I ,N 644 T3 Street Arista: ANCHOR Literary Staff: liilffxteliia 5PV1'if'f'1 Sf'FViV6 f0F NIT. Library Squad: Xolleyball Klub: -'1lif0U--Bl1FiT19SS Wflflll Bibliophile qYjlu1,.,.qjl,ll,.fg,A Erzjoyezl ull my elusses lrmlutlirzg the lfallfs lmme from xeluml: mv ufon- "lU1f'f'1lL'1l6'4l" luflvll rooms. derful Serzlori lrvur. 1? 15 M Q. E' LUND, JOHN 47 TT Str:-et Art Editor of tllf- ANCHOR: Music'- ales: Hemlrramllsz 41.0. He-p.: Stage lfraftf-rs.-1 Iollf-ge Y St. Cuuzlins Meflul: Miss Dirk: HIl1lllI1'l'l'l1 .-lr! ffw1tf'.s!x: l,.C.l,. urul K. LUSS, HANNAH 6735 lliclgm- l'l0llll'Xill'1l llllllhlffhl Me-nurali iilulr.-Nursing Thr' fun unrl sl1'0pl1'.ws nlglils l hurl lllinlring ulmul Cirrrn. LYNCH., l!l'1ATRl1ZlC 259 if Slrvvl Sv1'rc'tul'y In Mr. llllllllllllglh, llusi- nf-ss xwllflll Funrl rilvnznrivx nil Furl llumillun. vspvriullv with luv. LYNCH, DENNIS -117 69 Strevt Table Captain: Serxire Squaclf- S ltr Rolls ,P h 1 A H "The rripv: Miss Dirk: "p1f'111f' zrillz l"urinu: Ilmly. Blll'li'1ll1l'llf. Sailor. LYONS., RICH,-X RD 4.13 Q5 Stn-vt Sc'l'vi:'v 5ql1z11l.-B11sim'x- Worlfl ,'llr. Cvfs lmppi' lumix flaring ilu' Englisli pvriml. 01 'V' RV LW ,yN V-fb W' ,sf YT' MACIOLEK, ROBERT ' 129 02 Strvvt B'lFlllK'SS World Tlzc' many gmail timcs: my Svniur livur: lunrlz. MACRIS, SUSAN 87012 Thirml Avenue Senioi' Council: Arista: Captain of Boosters: Lilmrary Squad.-Cullvgv E1'0fj'lI0flj'f Susan: "llvy."' ".lllCS"g r'l1vz'rir1,Q ul games. MAIDDALONIC, GICRALD 8002 'll1'Illll AVVIIIIK' in-rx'ic'm': 11.0. RQ'lbI'4'Sl'llliIllXl'. --- i,0ll1'g11' Svninr Yvur: Curl: .flnnvg Riwhiag r'.spr'1'iulli', l,l.Yll: mf, . MW MAIHCRA, FAITH 576 74 Slrvvi liLllif'lf'l'lkl Squad: limi-rgenf-y limnng Sevretury to Mr. 5liapiro.fll11silu-ss Worlml Svwrzli'-fifili Street lfus: Lnrryg ,lm1nnc': FOI1llHlIZl'lI.ll'SJ ilu' many fiIAI.l'lIIlS. MADSEN, ROBERT 578 83 Street 6 v Triliity fQl11li.4CI0llPg1c- if Tllf' fun in inslrumwzz Class with Rugf-r, G 'w 1 .1 ,NV MAFFEI, MODESTA 431 60 Street Library Squad: History Class Ser" rvtary.-Business World The uvnllerful friemls I nzuale at For! Hamilton. MAGNELLI, VIRGINIA 36 Bay Ridge Parkwuv' Bowling Club: Svczretarv to Nlisl Duhig: Secretary to Miss Coldmun: Swimming Club.-Business World The good times in thc senior uffir-0 during eighth period. NIACRINO, ROBERT A. 430 69 Strvvt lfafvtvria Svrxive: l.ilrrary SIlllilil.A" Colle-ge The many frivmls l'1'r' nmrlv. MAGRINO, ROBERT W. 921 85 Strvvt Track Team: Hamllmall lllidilllll Serv- ivv Squucl: Cafeteria Serxive.4 College ll was cz long "Gig", but I lllllllf' if- MANZI, THERESA i -102 56 Strevt Swimming: lllulrz f1allf'lf'fl8 5Pl'f'l"f'3 gecwmrv go Xlr, Goiitv.-Bllsim-ss World V . , Fifzh pvrind lunrh: Nvnmr leur. CATIIIPIII fvrry: ,4r1mi110tl1': HllI1IlIl'Il. C QS.. Vf Na.- gpg--"' MAR.-KNO, CONSTANCE 638 92 Street Girls' Chorus: Boostws: Sevretarx to Mr. Lessell: Proni fioniiuittve. Business World "JI'cs": "Three .lIusl.'f'tec'rs": "IN fluysu: Hl.I1.iI'l1..YI um! Kvrirzv. MAR.-STE.-X, JOSEPH 523 Uvingtmi .'xXPllllK 11.0. R4-'pix-'sr-Iitatix 4-,-l Qnllegf- Th e fun in lIl'5IUf'Y ll'IA!h Jlr. "C" MARCHISOTTO, CARL 8309 Tenth AXPIIIIE' gi Arista: Senior IDLIIICP Band: c,I't'll?Q- A tru: Svrvivf- Squad: l'hysirs fflul1.- College ' The grvrzl fum .wxsior1.s zuirh Ur. Shinv. MARINELLU, GERALDINE 533 For! , ' " . - 'Nllll l law. 'Xttwirlul1r'c' OHM:-1 Foreign Lun- ,!llil,!f'N Ullirvi Hvrl fifths Klub.- Bufinr-f Wurlrl Fun uilh Ihr' thru' T0rry'x. Lufv. fuzli. wlnn. M.-XRINU. RALPH 2511 TT Strvf-t Humllmll 'ltr-am: lialvteriu Fquurl.- lnllf-ge hfflh pcriful lunfh and the girl fir Tuhlc' H. fm vw 'N fs Q? MARTIN, l,AVlr'RENCl'1 l5fl Tll Street Si-rriee Corps.-llusiiicss World Laughs at the main exit in the cafeteria. MARTINSEN, JOAN V T19 55 Street Newman Club: Secretary for Nlr. lllatheson.-Business W'orld The wonderful friends and teaclzers at Fort Hamilton. MARULLO, MARYANN 8323 Tentli Avenue Newman Club: Senior Prom Com- mitteeg Secretary to Mrs. Hart: Senior Social Committee: QU. Rep- resentatis e.-College ,Uv l'l'l'fIIISfI'f1g friomlship ivilh ,,ll'l'h'if'I Tea Room: sirlh lunch: lruslrerhrlll games. 66 is 4 if -33, . D - 4 .- 'N ' 4.51, 051' .4 Jig' f M if V, J. 4 Q fi' MARKS, FRANCES 6205 Filth Avenue Secretary to Mr. Kottmann, Mr. Feld- man: Cafeteria Serx'iCe.-Busiiiess Wiorld The fmt and last days-rzolhing in hetzreerz. MARKS., MILDRED 8502 Fort Hamilton Parkway Secretary of Pan American Club: Nlinutemen: Oreliestrag Seeretary to Mrs. Catania.-Business Svhool Four memorable years: many won- derful ffI'I'IIl1S in the Fort. MATHESEN, l'll,l'lANUR 287 Battery Awnin- S1-nior Social Connnitte-ez l'rom fioinmittc-ez 12.0. Repwfseritativel l,l'0gl'Z1lll Ollim- S1-vretaryg Sei-relary to Mrs. 'llillis.--College The rrew. Lois. Eleanor L.: Tulnle "lug Ilinsrh's: sophomore, .senior years. MAVICA, ANTOINETTE 6602 Ridge Boulevard Secretary for Miss Brookman. Miss Goldman and Miss Romeo: Volley- ball Club: Pan American Club.- Business World Three years in the attendance ofliceg Rita. Carol and Mr. D. MAXWELL, EDYVARD 9427 Filtb Avenue Coast Cuural Aeademy Tailririg on the rorner u-ifh ,llariez zmlhirig lo srliool with George. MARRONE, JAMES ' 6830 Ridge Boulevard Track Team: Boys' Chorus: lilffw- trical Squad: Gym l.eader.-Polive Force Boys' Chorus: Trark Team and Leaders' Corps: Dermy. Ron. 111111 Milch. MARTIN, GEORGE Qtrs. 35-D. Fort Hamilton College .flnother more. another svfiool. 'Hb X MAYER, LOURDE A X' MC AVOY, DEI DRE W lolxcvcoqpg- 6913 Fort Hamilton arkway Treagurer of Girls' Chorus: Music- ales 59. '60: Secretary to Nlr. Ler- ner: Bowling Club: Volleyball Club.-ACollege All my friends: teur'her.s: Senior leaf jun. CMJVJ L' L if i iff LM 1 A f ilu 1 if C 1 'ffl A it J 1 , , M! LMP qflflf , lie W' Clif? , - AZZEO, .JEROME ' 1049 T3 Street Business VVorld Senior prefectg uniting fur the hell: lunch. 302 96 Street Public Speaking Club: Secretary to Mr. Cummings: Program Ollic-ez Boosters.-Business Worltl Senior Year: luneh uilh "Luv: the vreu': laughs. MC CARTIN, JEAN 230 81 Street Library Squad: Trinity Club- College French three with fllr. Gulumh: Hpassingv Geurnezry: laughs in lunrh. MC CORMACK, JOHN 228 T9 Street Boys' Cliorug Sc-rvi for Mr. Le-- QQ ' sell: Cafe SPfX'l .-Bl14lllP4S Riot' in r - fe.- K 'Q 4 " 3 i """N luv- I MC CUE, ELLEN 199 Celston Avenue Boosters: Girls' Chorus: Bowling: Basketball: Volleyball Club.-Hugh ness W'orlml Buses: lute passes: jun with .Yunf3v: Ann. 'lzfif MC CULLOUGH. ELIZABETH T104 Ridge Court Table Captain: Secretary to Nlr. Zeldner: Library Squad.-College Secrets zcilh Ronnie. Torfhy. and Linda: Henrfs: crushes. E' in-af XQ, Y--fe MC FARLAND, THOMAS U53 Celston Avenue Rembranrlt Club: B:ind.fBusiness World lfihat ll iiezi: frozvlleil hulls: Stu- ilent fully: flaws. MC CUINN, JAMES THOMAS 554 Fourth Avenue Serxive Squafl: Xe-wnian Club.- lfollf-ge .llunp jrienrli, both ,stuzlenls and Ierlwherx NIC HUGH. PHILLIP 237 94 Street College Hating lun during the fifth period lunfh. 67 F MC INTOSH, LEROY lVl1'L0UGHLlN, M.-fl'l'HENV ffl! Hitlue lloulu url ' A 658 5 9 Street Y' NPWIIHIU ifllll'-'f10llf'3!P Service Squarl: Newman l1luli:- i The jun In lunrh, pcrmtl file. llnsinq-as Yvorld Fun in the zleurfs ofhre. Mt-INTYRE, GERALD Mr-MENNEMON, THOMAS T200 Ridge lloulexzml 302 Marine Avenue Arising Newman lllulm: l.ilvr:lry Business World A :lynx Squad: Minute-nu-n.f1Iollegze The numerous trips to room l-17. The ll'tIl'lll'f.Sf the .sturlc'r1t.s: anal tht' gnorf Itmvs. Vw Ml.KI4:,NN,fK, MARY MeNl'iLLlS., l"RANCl!f. TT2l liitlgn- li0lll4'Y1ll'li V . . Nlfi l'l.ftli Axieiim- 4fm.',liminN,l.g. 11.0. lg,.l,,-1.,,.,mmy,-5 Study llztll i5Q'l'Yll'l'.-' llusine-ss Worlrl g',.,.,-LM,-y nf-ty1,fs. ju,,,,.,, and Mr, Cowl lurlt' in the future to ull nrt' Felmla-i': fiirls' lflioruxl 'liallrle flap- f"14""I5- R ,, -nv-' . , ,,. . ISIN 'l I lun lollc 1 Nu liiiun lfurhuru: f.l'. 1t'c'1'l.4'r11l at lIflII1'1'- lull. x 3 S t x 1 Ml' N ill iss Wlirl V 4. A E? 4 ELLIS, MILDRED T913 Fifth Avenue 'l'almle Captain: Senior Council: Senior Class Secretary.-Business Sf-hool. Gennaro: my friends: and vs- pevizzlly, Juvlrie. MEBERG, PAUL T10-1 Fort Hamilton Parkway 'etlmll learn: Bztml.-Business 'zz' with the gang. hiv 4 tttti """"ws M. l 'Rag L Q, Yrru- t ?8'i:t:n ' L 141 MECCA, SHARON Qllarters lA. Fort Hamilton Arista: ,lunior floum-il: Senior flounril: Senior Prom Committee: ffo-Literary Editor of tlte 'l'0WlCH. -Nurses Training ".Vo-Coanl',: .Sf'llf1l'L'SI lll'IlIllllZl.!'.SI Mr. Carlin: my ring: "Army Bmtsvg letters. 5 Q9 px M , A ' i ' QF W 1 ' Ji 9x I t lLL:IUlfiVlARfgAsl3ET ANA Q X 5 6:5142 92 .ut- Nl efl ffhoh -z Thx Merck! Seer , ai'y to 'Nlix Cat' ia: lxqdhfilo 1 it ee: QU. l'lepresentat'xlf9QN1ir . ltgn. ing: - , X "Three .l1uMggh'Jf'rs": ' ,x f'u'j'."g Hi1i.srh'5.X - BDU x 9 J X U X , 4, " . ij l CXl'f3Jt't ii ltr H '- V . .,:,.,.,,,,, ' x i 1 t l l MILLION, DIANE 568 79 Street Seeretary for Mrs. Ruffa and Mr. Quigley: Reueous.-Cfollege Mrs. Buffn. Mrs. Swzzlin: 11.lf. and walks. MILLISIS, MARY 365 57 Street Arista: Mixed Khorusg Beaeons: Music-als '5U. '60: Basketball Club. fliusiuess World lirnml IIDIIIUS in efnlm and Clmrys: n'ullr1'11y home. MENDEZ, ELIZABETH 420 Battery Avenue Pan Ameriean Club: Bowling fflub: Ser-retary to Mr. Lebowitz and Miss Gennaro.-College Fun in Modern Dance: my zwmler- ful frie 5. I MENES, CAROL 967 77 Street Band: Library Squad: GO. Rep- resentative: Musieales '58, '59, '60.- Seeretarial School Meetings at the bus stop: friends in sr-lmolg meeting Roger. MERENDA, ROBERT 1066 -18 Street Newman filub.-College .Nlreulfirzg out of l11'stury to get I lunrlz. Air, MICCIOLA, GRACE 1032 72 Street G.O. Olliee Seeretary: Library Squad: Volleyball Iflub: Cafeteria Squad.-Rusiness World 0l1.' lu-ln lunrlz perifnlf .-inne and Vern-but espee1'11lly. ??f' MIDLAND, GLADYS 957 67 Street Loeker Room Squad: Late Squad.- Seeretary Luuglix zritfz Eydie. Josie. the girls: Senior Year. MILLER, GEORGE 8613 Third Avenue 'liraek learn.-liollegge Lunrfa periwl ntillz Mr. Zulron and Iflc' fmt.-. MILSOM, JOAN ANN 9320 Hamilton Wzilk Boosters: Library Squad: Basket- ball Club: Volleyball lIlub.fSee- retary Happy rnenmries with Bruee: rnufr- ing new friends: fifth period luneli. 'Tb MINASI, DOMINICK 488 Ocean Parkway Bova' Chorus: Detention Squad.- College Mrs. Szzlzlzergfs open window polivy. K' My IWW MINCIELI, GARY T63 52 Street 'l'rat'k Team: Boys' ffliorus: Music-- ales '57, AS8, 59: Service Squad.- College Cross Country: fun on the Trorl: Team: gootl times in Chorus. MINITER, HARRIET 351 Nlarine Aw-nite Newman Club: 'Nlinutemen lfluli: Math fllulnz Bowling Club: l.ilrrary Sllllllli.--Il0lIf'g11' Lllllfll wilh lfetlr: Oillflf, Bonnie: the llflfllllll lerrrliers. MINOR, ,IANIQT 0541 T3 Ftlvvl Mixed CIIUVIIFI llirl-' 1 'lioru-: Senior Il0llIll'lIZ Ilousl1'l'r: Sl'I'lAl'Iill'f ln Mrs. Sailzlu-rg. ilolln-pe Mixer! lfhorm with .1lr.x. Sulzlwrg: Monsieur' fiolom lr: "Ruin lion "3 Rrrtrcli. MINOR, VIRGINIA 963 To Ftreet Arista: Mixed Llhorus: Set-reta1'y' to Xlrs. Salzlnerg: Basketball Lflulm: Modern Ililllff' Clulm.-College All-.l't'll Chorus: fourth period lzmrh: Izrzforgettulrle friemls: teachers. MIRTICK. ROBERT llllll TT Street Bu-iness World .Ur 1l'UVlllt'fflll tworlnfrs om! the friemls I made. 70 an '-x 'fri 3+ L ffmffif- :same I N M1 QL: P Wil'- ff' EN' iv-.Q .xwus ITN NL- 'WN1' 'RQ6-A MIRTO, MARION 6305 Fort Hamilton Parkway Girls' Locker Room Squad: 'lable lfaptaiu: Secretary to Mr. Berko- witz.-Rusiuess Seeretary Ilontlerful frienfls. especially Jo- anne: Senior Prom in my sopho- IIIUVC Year. MITCHELL, GEORGE 347 72 Street Varsity Basketball Team: Yarsity Cross Country and Track Teams: Service Squad: Service for Nlr. Kottmalnn.-Business World Comes: meets, Cheerleaders: good limes: friends and "Von Vie." MOLDVER, ARLINE 210 lVlz1rinc Au-inte l.ilirury Squad: lflnorgzericy IIUOIII Squad: Am-nflunf-te Monitor. Busi- uws World lllolhs to .rrhoolg good tirnes with. lforol ,flllll unrl friemls. MONACO, NANCY 9406 Fort llamillon Parkway Bowling Clull: Secretary to Mrs. Sehaeker: Lilmrary Squad: Girls' Locker Room Service: Newman llluli.-Business World Fun in girls, lockers: getling a table for lunch. MONDI, ANTHONY 712 61 Street 'lnrar-k Team.-Business World Fourth period lunrhg last bus: 60111 Street bus stop. IVIONTANO, ROBERT . 464 58 Street Service Squad Captain.-Armed Services Fan with Charley: Ralphg the gulf: Mr. Mahedy. l MONTEMARANO, CAROL 9013 Fifth Avenue Business Manager of the TOWER: Secretary to Mr. Selwyn: Table Captain: G.O. Representative.- Business World Micky: .lerryg fan at lunch: my Senior Year. MORANA, JOSEPH 5612 Eighth Avenue Tahle Captain.-lf. Navy Waiting for lhe bell so I coulrl see Pat B. MORITZ, LESLIE 410 Battery Avenue Table Captain: Secretary to Mrs. Slater: ANCHOR 'l'ypist.-Business W'0rl1l The urwnderful frienils I made in Furl Hamilton. NIORMANDO, ANTOINETTTE 1026 66 Street Senior Council: Lilvrary Squad: Volleyball Club: Talvle flaptainf- College Fun 0,1 php fourth husg planninl, parties ii-iili Limla anal funn. avi "5-"" 'wa-. ? -'s g,.,,.f. 'W E MORRIS, LEONA 424 56 Street Yolleyliall filulmg Girls' Chorus: Nlusir-ales 58. '59. '60: G.O. Rep- resentative: Senior Council.-College Crea! times: 'lRair1baw"g many friends: meeting 'lhim',. MORRISSEY, KATHLEEN T014 Louise Terrace GO. Representative: Seeretary to Nlr. Kamin, Nlr, Eieliwald and Mr. Sr-har-hter: Table Captain.-Bush ness Yvorld Mr, Mrzheflfs "prayer" meetings: regents: my friends. MOSCHILLO, ELVIRA T823 Tenth Avenue Sevretary In Nlrs. Jansen and Miss O'Xlalmnev: OO. Representative' Business Wbrlil Friar zrnmlerful rears many new frir'11rls. YIOSCO, IRENI-I 354 91 Street Ne-miiun l,lnlu.fllusiiiess Vtiurlrl llivv fwrirzrzrng Rim: .Uarili'n: Har- lIIll'll.' rirurlwrrz rlanfe flaw. NIOSSIGE. ELSA 428 T3 Street Sevretary in Trans. Ollive: Basket- liallz Yollevlrall lllulv.-Business worlrl Driring the tearhers mad in Henm- etri' anrl Spanish. Tl You x 1 I 1 1 , MOSSLER, GUSTAV MULLANEY, DOUGLAS V L W 324 91 Street 001 T3 Strvvl L bervire for Nlr. Vtak and Nlr. Goiilhz l'hotn,f1raphy Klub: llhess lilulm i ,Q Set-rotary in Hr11e1'g:el1c'y Room.- Mixed Chorus: xlllSiI'l!lQ'S.--BllSillt'Ss I Brooklyn ffollvge Xyorlll Q A-111 the fun uw htm' in fourth mul lftzfvtcritz: "Calf: Mrs. Sulzhvrg sixth Iunfh. fifth hus, Q" i L I I I 1 MUCCIO. ROSE 941 MULLER, ROBERT X 5 l 1 t K I 5? Siflxf' 5606 Ninth .5n'1-'nm Q L BIIFUWSF World ifafetvria Sqllzlci.-Ccmllvge ' Fourth lunrh with my hvst friends: Thy 4'f1.fUIUl'f11: fpgpht-ry: gfuflipg, Q L- t'SlH'l'ilIllf'. Cllllflitl 5 MlJI,l.lIQ,kN, Mlflll.-UCI, MURPHY, RICH-Hu, SIS 85 SH,-,-I 638 lg Strut NPWIIHIII iflulri Gym I.:-zulu-vi 'l'nl1lt- Hllxillwx wyiiflfl 'P' Captain: Gym S1'1'l'l'lill'y. llminu-Ng Ktmning for Ihr lfu.w.w ul lhrww: World Iunrh: mx' Il'llIltll'lfUl !l'l't'Ilt!.N. Thr goof! limos I hml 14'ilh tht- Hllxx. MUNCASTER. MICHAEL NANN, PETER Hin-ft-I SIl'Pl'l Se-rxivv for Ur. Plank and Nr. Krin- BUYS' 111101118-fBl1Silif'SS Whflfld Sky 'I',-ny.-I Bow in Chorus yvllfrzg ut u gtrl Own utith .1Iih'v. lfhinh: lunrh with P11-Y-91.113 through. l,'lItlfll't'. ,Uih't'. 111111 Tout. MURPHY. CARUI, NAPOLITANU. PHILIP 79221 Fourth AXVIIIIQ' lH4l ful Slrvvl Lutr' S4lIlLl4l."'lglliillt'-N World lilllvgr' Swuior tmzr: Put :mtl lfo: l,l'llIIl' Tht- 2 'A ' ' 4 ' Vhflll pwriotl lunrh, uhout t'r1,tt'tt'r1'f1 foofl. T7 If 11 Strfvt 910 56 SUPP! Busuless World f afeterla Squad I ollf-ge The un 111 lhe loakers Iumh 111211 Tf11rd perzmi lunrh uzth Tony. fflur- flllflllldl Rodd Rldg9 Bgulpyafgl FIHICI Beacon PILOFI Psychol hand MuQ11alP Srvretary to Mrs. Nursvs I1 5' - dmm I lf If rzcrds 111 the fun III NELSON, LYNNE NEWMAN FNIAINUI I 9430 llidglef B0lllf'Xi1l'll Qw 5, Sheet Musirzxlesi Jr. Befavorlsz Volleyball 4k vain 1 1 Nrfuuv Club: l.il1ra1'y Squad: Sc-'1'rvta1'y tu qurd 0 6 Nlr, Cer. Mr. F6llllll"I'gI. Mr, Kult- fren! zes 111 lll 1 ut! IIlLlIlll.4ll0llt'glP 1111111 the ex ll 1 1 er TI11' lfnrt: Girls' f.'l1f+r11s: Ifnzpirf' llllllll S. H. 6-1: rm' Svniur Your. NELSON, ROBERT NH HU! S ROGFR 317 56 Strewl llll 80 S Nlr. l'!11k's Se'rxi1'1- Sq11ud.- Nmy x tI11l flill'1"l"l' Fort Hrznzillun is II11' 111151 ,srlnml ill II11 Ill rr ll 1111 ,gn Huy 1fI.lf,i,'t'. 1 Ifl NEYVLANDER, JO.-XNNE 972 51 Street AC1'o1111ti11g Ollim- Squad: lfafe- teria Squad: Secretary to Mr. Kum- mings. Mrs. Hu11pt1111111.-Bllsirless World Fifth per1'111f Iurzvh: .Y11r11'3'. Cllllllf and expcwizzfly. him. iff' HMM NIELSEN, W'll.LI.-XM 606 68 Stn-vt Gym T6-am: Band.-Kings Point College Many laughs at tahlv P: lhc- Senior Shaw: laughs flaring rf'l1c'11r.s11ix: haslfvthall games. NIELSON, DAVID 970 67 Street Bus-ziness World Thr' fun in Ml'.S.S tWIlIllS1'lll.S vlaxs. NIEVES, GIAIIYS 1 , v,, I . 080 l ul! l lun Pan Aim-rivun lllulmz llmsling tflulnz S4-crvtury' to Mr. l,e-lmwilz: Sm-rvim in tlw ElIll'fgl'lll'y llomn.-f tinllege Thc' jun Il'l'flIl'.'llIH ami l,i:: npr' viallv, Ilunllgg W NILSEN, EDITH 6737 Colonial Road Bllsilwss Yforld The zmmlerful menzoriesg Rose. Ilattiv. and .-lnnvtte. 1935 L NILSEN, JOHN 223 57 Street Biology Squad: SPl'Yll'6 Squad.- College Thf' grvat history lvsxans of illr. ,Wah efly. fNUlill,l'l, FRANCINIC 8159 57 Slrvvl Sl'l'I'1'lill'y lo Nlrs, Kowill. Miss Cmn- nuru. and Nlr, xlllfllill. llusinvss wlorld ffYIIIJ has rirlzzs: lunrh: "ilInlt.w'y": llarvg Sfllitll' lvarl lhz' girls. NOBILE, JOANN -1904 l'1lPYf'lllll Awnue Business Xxvflflfl The many laughs with Kathy ami Roseanne zrhilv guing ta srlmnl. fi 'li 'KW' NORMAN, VIRGINIA lllK'l'i.-BllSlIlf"N4 Vllorld laiwx: ,Nam-v. ,luannr'. 833 54 Sll'f'f'l Ynllf-ylrall fllulu: Sr-1-retary to Xli-s Laughx in ,Qvm anrl luneh: l'f!lllAllf'll NURSTRAND, VIRGINIA T624 Tcnth .Mvnllfe Sewetalj' to Mrs. Hart and Nlre. lTf'f'I'H0llZ Program flommittc-ff: Class Seeretary to Mr. Spring,-Business World The lmrzrlvrful friends I marlv: thf' rmisy lunrh periods. f --if I-ff' my C N - v -ft . ff ,L In f JL """Llf'l""1 l NOTARUBERTO, ROSE 21 T2 Street Girl! Chorus: Cafeteria Servic'e.- Bufinv-5 World han at table, K with Annette: fan- mr year. F- A T? 'E' ODI, JOAN O'KEEFE, ROBERT 6705 Ridge Boulevard 529 812 Street Lshers: Yollevlmall Club.-College Fervive Squad: Baseball Team: .Yanf:v: Tea Room: all the friends League Bowling: Cafeteria Squad. flee ,lmujgl -Business World The fun on the huses. O'CORM.-SN, MICHAEL OLSEN, ALVIX 8415 Fourth Avenue T50 59 Street Business World Basketball Team: Service Squad.- Best of all was my junior year. College Happy times: friendgg .llivhaefs games. NOV.-SK, MICHAEL O'BRIEN. WALTER 4822 Fort Hamilton Parkway 336 93 Street Brooklyn College Pools: fun on the busesg lunch. OBADIA, NINETTE T502 Ridge Boulevard TOWER Literary Staff: Cheerlead- ers: C.O. Representative: Klusicale: Vice President of Menorah Club.- College H.C.C.g Sipsig cheering ueith ,llar-: fudig "wagon hxingug Bart-12-6-58. O'BRIEN, JOHN T39 68 Street Hall Servive Squad-C. S. Air Force The laughs in .llr. .9:aho's fglavvev. Newman Club: Rembrandt Club: Boys' Chorus: Musicales 159. '60.- Busines Wrorld The wonderful teachers: the sum- mers at .Yew litreeht. 0'BRIEN, WAYNE T404 Seventh Avenue Service Squad.-College .-HI the fun during my Senior Year. OTIONNOR., ELIZABETH 370 T5 Street Newman Clulm: XIinutemen.!Busi- ne-s World The good times with Harriet. Giant, and the others. i El- fun at St. 1, :""' "1 .1 il, OLSEN, CAROL N12 92 Street Volleyball Club: Sem-retary to Mr. Lebowitz: Girls' Loeker Room Seri- iee.4Business World The good times I'z'e had in Fort Lx Hamilton. OLSEN, DOUGLAS 33l 89 Street Serviee Squatl.-College Sophornore lunrh: bio: Lllflillj Mixx Millefs math rlusx. ULSEN, lCll,l'Il'IN lflf 03 Ftrs-el Arista: lleaeons: Library Squaul: Trinity Club: 'l'0Wl'ili Literary Staff: Senior Show, College "7 CSN: lfuinhote Sisters: "Tetl1li"': Tea Room: TXQIVTS8: nmxr of ull. ,lu4'ft'. OLSEN, EILEEN 963 58 Street Table Captain: Cafeteria Serxiee: Girls' Locker Room.-Business Vlforltl The buses: eufeteriu serrife: the loelter room teilh the girls. OLSEN, IV.-XR 4612 Sixtli .'xYt'Hllt" Arista: TOWTER Art Staff: 5erxiee ljorpsg Cafeteria 5et'viee: llatlio Club.JCollege Hislorx' trirlt Hr. Corrie: lirilerntetli- ate uigehru with "Cert," Sliolnm. To in 4, 'Fl' -aw 50' LM' OLSEN, JOHN 443 U5 Street Business World The uwmlerful times in luneh and prefeet. OLSEN, NANCY ELLEN 238 56 Street Modern Danee Club: Girls' Chorus. W-.lunior College Mike. joan una' all the fun we xharecl. OLSICN, PATRICIA 580-1 lfleventli Avenue G.O, lit'lll'1'S1'lllilllVt'1 Gym Monitor: 'liennis Club: Library Squutl: lloost- ers.--f follegle lfiflh pa-riml lunrli: frlluzlum fowl: ull the gilln. OLSEN, SONJA 704-0 Colonial Hoatl Arista, Trinity Club, lieaeons, Or- ehestra. ANCHOR Staff.-College Great limes in Urrheslru: llmse long talks: nmny zmrulerful frienfls. OLSEN, YVARREN 1070 T8 Street Servir-e Corps.-College Express rnyself? Where to? OLSEN, WILLI.-KM T79 60 Street Business World The enjoyable Classes: wonderful friends and fine teavhers. OLSON, DONALD 320 84 Street Library Squad: Servic-e Squad.- College The laughs an the Serriee Squad las! year. OLSON, ROGER 230 61 Street Business World Wonderful friendsg great tearhersg fun at luneh. OPPENHEIM, ALYSE T101 Colonial Road Boosters: Library: 1'irne1'g1eiicy'Rooni: Health Ed. Servivel Tbllflf' Ulltlaln- -College . All the fun I had and friends I made at :he Fart. OPPENHEIMER, ENID 6735 Ridge lloulevard TOWER Literary Stahl l'l't'Sill9l1l of Bililiopliile Club: l'SY1'll0l051Y tjlubg Arista: Secretary to Mrs. lleerson.-College Q - " M EH A F1H": gurgling It 5 Ill Frerirli Faurq great friends: Senior Year. Vi' O'REILLY, CORNELIUS T30T Fifth Avenue Nlixed Chorus All City Chorus.- .-Xir Force llrs. Salzherg: three hngers: two hnger treatment. J" ORSINI, ANN 1056 TT Street Secretary for Mrs. Huffa: Service in Dean! Olliee.-Biisiness World Senior Year: Jerry. Helen, Gladys and esperiallyr Bafvh, ' OSNATO, DENNIS Y 1054 6-1 Street Serxive Squad.-Business World Fun in third period lunrh with Betly. fidele. and Larry. OTP, FELICIA 249 90 Street lnstrument llraetiee: ,lunior Band. Husinesx World Fun uilh .llarlha and Barbara: has at lhrf'r': "janv PAGUACA, MARIE A Y 1033 66 Street Business World The nvmderjul tears at the Fang marrelaus friends. TT PAIOFF, ELAINE P.-KLLAS, CHRIS 6623 Ridge Boulevard TOWER Art Staff: Sevretury to Miss Dick: ANUHOR Art Staff: Study Hall Sevretury: Yollf-ylmull 535 81 Street Boys' liliorus: Rilrliopliile Iillllll Secretary to Mrs. liulw: I,l'0gll'Lllll Connnittee.-1iolli-ge I'A'I'SAKUS, ICLVIRA flli 59 Slrvvl Arislu: Se-wx-1ni'y to Miss llollrnun: 'llulvlv lin-liupluin. Business World Luiiglis with lfvlli: Hzrhs: grvul rinzvs in l11111'l1. PEDERSEN, DORIS 843 ST Street Reeord Ollice Squad: Gym Locker Squad: 'liable Captain.-Business World Meeting D.I.J, 111 aight ,4..'lI. and LB. at eight PJI. PELLICCIONE. FRANK 1053 53 5Iren-'I Service for Nlr. Mills.--Business wlorld u D , All the good tirnvx 111 prnjlert 1l'IliI Tedilv Harizu. I X 78 if A K1 11" Club.-College Math struggles: Miss Sk1'1l111111'1': Ereryorze who made tlicsv four years Chorus: litnpiu: fulll' uvmzrs. lzrzforgeltrzble. P.-XI,ERNIO, FRANCIS PASTORE, ANTHONY 25891 SN-r-1-1 219 DillllQll'PPll l'lax'v Senior Umm-il Rt'IlI'1'SPIlILllIYP.- S1'l'Vif'f'C0l'I1F-'-Rll5lll4"55 Wwrlfl ijollwt- Lrzuglis in fraslznzrlri 111111'h: Sl'l'l'I.!'C I- I . . My Wills 1111140-11'orlf 111111 jun 111111- 14'Ill1 RIf'i11l'. HHH- Hllli HHH. gr, ' l1i11r'1l. l l PICNYINU, RIT.-X I l lIlf5'l 68 Slrvvl l SPIIIUI' fiounvil: Sl'l'Vl'ILll'y lo Miss i Yun llolxlu-le-n: Yollvylnull filuliz I,l'llllI IiUIIll1lIII!'4'."'IIIISIHPSN Vforld MV .wninr lll'll.l'l.iil'SI flillil Street 1-rozrrl: all N10 girls: R. ll. M l HWMI' . 151:11 il-'I + ' 1 1 if 1 J O L 'I Kilt LWJ, 4 i", Vi " ' i l' 1131 1 ii 'JV- ii .1 PEREZ, NEREIDA 213 50 Street Sevretary to Mr. Goldstein: Treas- urer of Senior Class: Pan Ameri- 1-an Club: Service Squad: Newman Clulm.-College: Business World Slfuling with Maria: sixllz period 1 lunvh with Rosita. Mary: the buys. PERLETT, DOROTHY T920 Fourtli .Menue Xttendanve flllive Squad.-Business World uvllikiflyg 111 wlifmlg .fun 111 1110 Pizza Piave: Boffiw. PERRIN, ROBERT 449 T6 Street Track and Cross-Country Teams: Musicules: Service Squad.-College Fun on Track and Cross-Country Teamsg Van Cortlandt Park. PETERSEN, KAREN 354 84 Street Boosters: Emergency Room Squad: Senior Prom Committee.-Marriage NUS Guysng "fugs": Lonesome uith- out Angela: Freddieg Smashing and Ping. PETERSON, FRANK T21 51 Street Brooklyn College .Yo better school to go to and grad- uate from. PETERSON, RAYMOND 112 Marine Avenue Lieutenant in Mr. Ptak's Service Squad: Monitor for Mr. Stone: Cafeteria Service.-U. S. Navy Wind faithful hearts so loyal to thee -alwaysf, U-av 17" 1 41' PETROSINI, JOHN 1085 59 Street Service Squad.-College The fun with ,-lbbott in lunch. PETRUSA, CHARLES 514 T2 Street Service for Hr. Chelimsky.-College Those good thirty-tu'o cent lunches. PETTERSEN, IRENE 5909 Eiglitlx Avenue Library Squad: Table Captain.- Medical Technician Doris and Judy. do you remember the Senior Dance? PETTI, PHYLLIS 450 97 Street Red Cro-4 Cluli: Secretary to Miss Romeo and Bliss Brookman.-Bust ness World Cowl times zt-ith Pat. arbara. Li: ' Viz 1 .' W MPP ' if. Jew 31314 L X1 'v 4' flwffi QW' PEYT .QKERUCE 264 92 Street Art Department Service: Service Corps.-1Qollegze All mv enjoyable classes and friends. PHILLIPS, MICHAEL 35 Oliver Street Track Team: Service Squad: OO. Representative: Xlath Oiliceg Li- brary Squad.-College Fort Hamilton: chem experiments: the regents: basketball games: the weekends: G.T.R. T9 PIERCE, ALLAN 8-115 Fllllflll -Xwnue' l'1'1'si1if-111 of llurtaintirmwsz S1-1'r1-- tary to Mrs. Hart and MIN. Kuhn: Serxivs- for Mr. Rilglll-Ll und Nlr. AIDIYIUISOIII Pulrliv Spf-aking lflulr. - fifbllvglk' TI11- Ililtq Mr. I'IiSIII1lHf Kvnny: u'11111l1'rful t1'111'h1'rxg grew! fr11'1111.w. PIERNO, ANNE T60 61 Stn-vi S1'1'r1'tury for Nlrs. 'liillisa amd N11 fvlllllil l'l1111n1 15111111 , H. .2 1 i I 15 "' N." N 'FY W1u'l1l M1'11111r11l1l1' y1'111's: fun llfllll 11711. lflllfl' Illlll . . . Tfllllllly. PISANO, JOSEPH T-114 Ferxivv C01'ps.-110116511-' .411 thc fun 1 h1111 111 f 11115111055 World TI11' frivmlx I m111l1': 111111 1'.sp1'1'1'11llx'. fiflh IH'fillll lllllfh. PISANO, SEMERANDA 1050 62 Stn-vt Girls' l11mli11giIl1111: N1 wm m llulv 1 Fifth .'xYf'11llf' 51111153 ff l'lRll.l.l, JUHN PISETZNER, UEBURAH 930 11:1 51111-1 6801 SIIUI4' 11111111 l,!'lt'Il110ll Squaul. 1fnII1-g1- 'xl'1F1ill 131-n1'm1s: I'll,0'l' H1 plrllfl l"lll1 IUIIIII II11' buys 1111 II11' I,1'Il'll 11 , .. 1- 4 ,... 1 - I1 111 1,111 1111! l,111l1m1 'of IOW' .1 15 51111111l. vlmlupy 11111111 1',mpir1- 1,1115 Nutr-. 111111 1 .H . ' r- M-ls 111111 lulllx: l111l1,s 11'ilh MIS. Hurl: lfnglixh lllf1'l'I lufllh f11111': ' Triplv CK. 5 ? K 1 1 Xa: KT! ,- n is 1 vf Yr-Ffx Y 5. POLITO, PATRICIA 957 T1 Strm-1 Vollvylmall. Baskvtlmzill. and Bowling: iilubsg Newman ffluh.-Busirwsw W0rl11 The slaps 11! lf11y's: ,4r11f1r1: 1111- girls. PORTA, FELICE 6522 Elewnth AXPIIUP l.il1r:1ry Squad: Servive in Gym: SPi'I'4'1l1l'f' for Mrs. Rav: S111-retary for 'Nlisf Kv1J1y.fBl1si11f'ss Vthrlrl .VY ll'1IlIllCf-,UI .N1'11i11r 111111 Illlll of 1'1lllf.Sl'. Cuv. E PURTELLE, ,IUSEPH 373 96 Slrw-I. P1'0gl1'11Il1 f,I11l'f'l flufete-riu Squad-- 11111114111- Thzf fun with zhc buys ill fhc' lhirrl 1111111111 lunrh. PRIGGE, EDXVARD 161 88 Stref-t Gym l,P21flf"l'!41 Senior Soviul Cmn- 111itt9e.Af,f1J111'gP The 1111111 1111511 111 zhe f'IlfL'lPl'l-ll. t Q17-or-lt Q r.. PROCIDA, CIRO PUMA, JOHN 1064 60 Street Lieutenant on Service Squad.- Business World Three great years at Fort Hamilton: Mr. Kern. PUCCI, BARBARA JANE 9108 Colonial Roacl Senior Social Committee: Senior Prom Committee: Beacons: Rem- hrandts: Dance Director of Senior Show.-College Ada and our dreams: Jugs: four years of wonderful memories. PULLMAN, CAROL 1042 50 Street Co-Captain of Cheerleaders: Senior Council: Menorah Club: Prom Com- mittee: Senior Show.fColleg1e Dells: cheering with the Mar: lunch at table EE: HCC. QUARTARARDZfPHYL'LISQ A RAIZIDOUX, KENNETH 5 ,853 L52 5lI'ef't 556 82 Street Afistai GO- Rf'll'if"5b'ftall'1?51 Boost' Nluseum Guard: Service for Mrs. ers: Grade Atlvr5,0a1.S:-'2Squ5a1l. - 'Mmm'-Juuiol. qjollmn, College ' fi 'lfvxigu Those nmrnings iritli Allan: after- Abs. Bus stop: Sllfl'Il'lIl of lh'e.A'1Qtl1e'5gT5Qri1r1l1 mmm with Tom' riolence. - ,, - 1 ref egyggfrfyiv, " ii ,V I ,M-W '- U RABE, CAROL ANNE N RABINOYVITZ, ESTHER 1047 72 Street 477 85 Street Arista: l1ll,O'll Advertising: Mun- Senior Council: Senior Social Com- ager: Nliuutemen: 'l'riuity Clulw: mittee: Secretary to Mrs. .lansen ANCHOR Assistant Business Nan- aurl Miss Hoffman: Arista.-Broolv ' A lvn Colle e ager.-College . .W A .H Onerous tesfx: 1'af'a!1onx rcS!5J hrcrlaslzng FIAIISIYHSI rears. llrree: senior gleel Room: Caryl: "llin1": A.llI.S. .lf. Leenie: Tea 860 49 Street TOWER Art Staff.-College Fun. at the shore after lunch. PYBURN, DONALD 5610 Ninth Avenue Boys' Chorus: Senior Council: Treasurer of Class 4B12: Chess Club.-College Good times wilh Mr. Lessell in Boys' Chorus. QUANNE, ROBERT 509 80 Street Newman Cluh: Halloween Yvinrlow Painting: Cafeteria Squad.-College The girls there: Manf I'll miss it all. inf" 'TW RAFFANIELLO, JOHN 665 88 Street Golf: Bowling: Serviee Squual: lwollitor for Mr. Goiite.-College Wuiting on Cafeteria line with Billy and the boys. RAFOSS, KAARE 452 622 Street Art liditor of ANCHOR: Soeeer Team: Rembrandt Club.-A rt Sc-bool Fun with Rf?IIIIII'Ill1lll.YI guidanre from my tearhers: my Senior Year. RANUO, llUNIil'IT'l'A llllll 57 Street Senior Am-tivity Ullieez Serra-tury to Mrs. 'l'illiss.-Business World The good tirnes I htm' zeith nn' friends. RANDO, FLAVIA 755 60 Street Arista: TOVVER Art Staff: Modern Dance Club: Newman Club: Biblio- phile Club.-College Wonderful friends: the teachersg junior luneh: Senior Year. RAPCINSKI, LAURA 854 55 Street Business W'orltl Fun with foyreg esperiallv. meet- ing Frankie. 82 ,?"Q 9172? , 3? 1 'ji-" -nge K 'hw RASMUSSEN., BRUCE 1143 67 Street Service for Mr. Ptuk and Mr. Millsl Musicale '59, 0.0.1 Boys' Chorus.- Business World Great times with joan, Laila. Tom: the Fort. RAY, JANET 2 Marine Avenue Beaeons: Arista: Orchestra: Tennis Club: PILOT Reporterg TOWER. -College Fire tfelock sessions with Mrs. S.g Room 1073 Triple G'sg Norge week- Ullll. RAY, JOHN 342 58 Street lluntl: Gym l,eurl1-rs: Shop Service. MU. S. Air Force Cflfl?ll?fl'!l.f Cvrn l.1'r1rler: Bundg grertt times with the "gung". REGAN, WALTER 468 77 Street Business World The hut summer in New Utrecht. REIBER, DARLENE 580 73 Street ff- 41 l.ibrary Squad.-Business World Good tzmesg frtendsg teachersg and my .Senior Year. REID, ROBERT v 32 Oliver Street Yarsity Basketball: Mr. Ptalis Serv- ice Squad--College: lf.S. Navv Anything worth while takes time and hard work: s'So Long,"' REIN, .IOHN 533 92 Street Art School. Good friends: wonderful teachers: enjoyable classes. REINERTSEN, DONALD 629 TT Street Track Team: Cross Country Team: Service Squad: Mixed Chorus: Musicales.-College Laughs with Ifncle Joe: Trnrlf Team: Mixed Chorus. REINHARDT, RONALD 322 81 Street Tennis Club: Boys' Chorus: Cafe- teria Service.-U. S. Air Force Boys' Chorus '58: merriment in the cafeteria: friends. RENDZIUK, STANLEY 972 47 Street Business World The crowded buses: lunch: all my friends. 4 A in-"' -'WN5 'iv 'K' QL. CW'-5 il to 5 . REYERSON, EVELYN 904 56 Street Secretary to Miss Gennaro: Health Service: Onen School Week Hostess. -Business World Lorie: Jenny: friends: .llay 26: and especially. Chris. RICCIARDI, TI-IERESA 438 90 Street Secretary to Nliss Simon and Miss Alherti: OO. Representative: Bowl- ing Club.-Busines World "Tea Roomu: fun in sixth lunch ut lulzle .lI. RICHARDSON, WTLLI.-XM 302 T2 Street Business World The good times in prefect class. RICHTER, GERHARD 953 59 Street TOWER Art Staff: Track Team: Cafeteria Squad.-College The jun in "Dork" German class. RIDD, VIRGINIA 6316 Vista Place Arista: GO. Representative: Sec- retary to Nlrs, Frankle: Basketball Club: Nlodern Dance Cluh.-Busi- ness World Fond memories: good limes: teach- ers: friends: For! Hamilton. 83 RODLAND, HELENE 278 82 Slrvvt Mixed Chorus: Musicales '59 and '60g Locker Room Monitorg Trinity Club: Svvretary for Mr. Nvvkritzr- Nursing Mvvling Gail: ive box: table E: u'onr1f'rful frierzds. RODRICUES, LINDA 5822 Eightli Aw-uue Trinity Club: ANCHOR -Art Stuff: Sevretary to Mrs. Jansen: St'i'r4'lLll'y to Miss 0'Mal1oneyg l,iln'ury Squad. -College' Fun ul Ilzrvv: Tllllillfl'v1lll'illJJ0lll1I.I'Q Tulzlv ll. mix '34 Q' I Z, XA ROXEY, WILLIAM RUsso, PETER , 359 54 street 1033 61 sm-er ? Business World Service Corps' Cvvm Team -Collef' f nWff"""'fn f i 4 Best times in three years was eighth Fifth period lunch: friends. ce MVC A period study. RUDDEN, JUDY 238 94 S RYBACZYK, FRANK 1 ffeet 553 58 Street Volleyball Club--Nursing Biology Squad: Camera Club: Pho Lnnvh with Dplvfes, Ginnie, and tographer for the PILOT: Music- Jlldjfj llZllghS wlfh Cflflll llflll Aflefle. ales: 0rCl1e5t1'a..-Cgllgge The boys in Mr. La Grasseis eighth period general science class. . . 2 f - 'ililnm-Q. AM 'QW If Ewan Qgm Dlx: SACKS, MAXINE 1056 54 Street Arista: Secretary to Miss Miller: Class College Secretary: Volleyball Club: Curtaintimers.-College Teaehersi "Mad Assigl1n1e11ts": Flutfia: Taniag hBlll11ll'l'S,,J lL'8t'h'- enfls. SALLUSTO, HERBERT 5209 Fort Hamilton Parkway Gym Leader.-Business World The fun and friends at Fort Hamil- ton. SALOMONE, SUSAN 128 Marine Avenue TOWER Literary Staff: Chairman, Social Committee: Junior and Sen- ior Couneils: Boosters: GO. Rep- resentative: Beacons.-College Senior Show: 'ilemon soziasv: long talks: SM.: "those snzilesu: "Martyn, Awww -ff"' 1 ,X A QE.: ered: SAMAHA, JEFFREY 22 TT Street Senior Class President: Senior Band: Nlixed Chorus: Dance Band.-College Mr.S. Sakherg and Mixed Chorus Band: eighth pt-rind. X l SAMALOW, BARBARA 58 71 Street Boosters: Nlenorali Club: Crude Advisor Squad: Senior Social Coni- mittee: LibrarySquad.-College "H.C.C.',: "Uels". Dorothea: basket- ball games: morning walks with fan. j 5 4 1 4 v SANCHEZ, MILDRED f 272 55 Street Table Captain: Accounting Ulliee Squad: Library Squad.-Business World Prefeet zeith Betty ana' Ginny: and espeelialfy, facfr. 1 85 SANDBERG. OLIVIA T108 'llhird -Xvenue Boosters: l'roui tfonunitteez 'lirinity Klub: Sef'rc'tal'y to Xlr-. Bottom.- flollrge "Us Guysu: ffonnie: hu.xl.'etholl games: Hinsr'h's: Colernoris Ixlantl: Senior Year. SANDERS, LOUIS 302 U6 Street History Squad: Biology Laboratory: l'roj1-etiou Squad: l,Fyf'll0lUgly iflub. --1 lull:-gl' All unplzvmtnt :lays mint rome to an mul. SCHABACKER, AUUIIEY HH ii Sire-V! llaslxetlralll Club: Yollvylmll filuln: Seen-tury to Nlr. l,essr-ll.-- lluisiiu-W Wc1l'lnl Musia' l,f'fNll'Il7Il'lHI Mr. li,lf'il'l7I5l.Y. SCHAFFER, MARY ANN 452 T9 Street Servit-e for Mr. Alson in the Shop: Girls' Chorus: Nlonitor in Attend- ant-e Ullir-e.-Biifiness World Close frienrix u'ith llotly' and Steph: going .xteafly zrilh Bohf f E yy! SCHECTER, JANET l30 T2 Street ,lunior Urehestraz Modern ltanee tflubz 'Nlenorah llluhz College Set-- r1't'1rv 41 'olle-'e . v, , ,, "ll.l,'.l,.': my great frienrix: junior - i anal .xenzor rears lll. A HJ. 6 SCHEIN, MICHAEL 88012 llidgt- lltllll1'Xill1l 4 lllll'L1!' Hou' I Illlllillllhlt' lIll'llI.fl'1l the Ihrer' ll-liflflfi ilpll. .KW . 'gr' ' t--f--.X-,--1 .Q , ' iiii in tf :ting is-.--" SCHETTINI, VINCENT 5802 Eleventh Avenue Baseball Team: Service Corps.- College Fun at baseball practice: and to my friends, GOQD Ll'CK.' SCHLEENBECKER, VINCENT 370 54 Street Table Captain.-Business World The good times u-ith friends in the 1 rafeteria. R' K SCHNEIDER, LOUISE 7909 Sixth Avenue Late Squad: Library Squad: Swim- ming: Club: Basketball Club: Ten- nis Club.-College Mrs. Callahan: ",Iug5"5 the greg: times with BDMDASM. SCHOENMANN, CHARLES A 95 72 Street Biology Lab: Chemistry Lab: New- man Club: Arista.-College The cafeteria: three years of Latin: delivering the Times. l SEIDEL, HERMAN 368 54 Street Golf Team: Mixed Chorus: SOCCH Team.-Air Force Fun in the German Class: crani- ming for regents. SEITER, HOWARD 402 75 Street Sort-er Team: Service Corps: Cafe- teria Service: Chew and Checker Club.-College I Thr pjmmflp humor of Mr. KflHSh'j'. A.9,,. f SERGENT, BARBARA 270 Battery Avenue Seeretary for Mrs. Schaefer, Xlrs. Low, Miss Monsen: Girls' Emer- gency Room.-Business World Senior Year: the ucrewi' and Hinsclfs: all my wonderful friends. SEROTA, ALAN Service Squad: Captain of Go Get- i ters.-College The basketball game last year when u-e did stunts. SCHRADER, CAROL 411 T8 Street Orchestra: TOWER Literary Stall: Red Cross Representative: GO. Rep- resentative: Secretary to Nlrs. Cold: Senior Show.-College Cyndi: lung talks and tears: giggles with Lesley and .1lr. Zahun: Johnny. SCHULTZ, BETTY -138 57 Street Secretary to Miss Brookmann and Miss Romeo: Ac-counting Oflire: Basketball Club.-Business World Gym with Antoinette: Senior Year: Vera: Bnbsg Louise: .lilaryann SCHWTSNK, CHARLES 426 R0 Street C.O. Council: GO. Congress: CIF. President: Late Squad: Senive Corps.-College The Cfl.: Miss Jlnnsen: Elertinn.v.' CR.: Kids of US.: I-'.H.H.5. SCIARRONE, ANTHONY T723 Third Avenue Trar-k Team: Cross Country Team: CO. Representative.-College Running uith the Crass Country Team at Van Curtlandt Park. SCUDERO, MARILYN 580 East 51 Street Seeretary of Trinity Club: Girls' Chorus: GO. Representative: Pre- feet Secretary: Klusic- Sen'iCe.- College Trinity Club: French Three zvith llr. G.: terrific friends: 108 lee Box. SCULLEN, ELAINE 665 88 Street Modern Dance: lnstrument Prac- tiee: Secretary to Mrs. Kahn: Red Cross lflulm.-Business World Ifriends made: "Rnse',: sister Lois: esperirzllv "Dirk" and '-RlC'hT6.,. 55" S:-K 1-,J 964 49 Street K' SHAI"FER, MARTIN llfil Sllllft' Iloald lI11sii1r'ss Vvorld Cami Iinlcs: 1l4l't'A't'l1l1.Nj se:'rvt.x: Svnior Your. SHEEHAN, DANIEL ' liuv I 'l llllt' 628 1 I4 ge, . IIl'llllH'2lll4II I1l11l1.4lI11s 1' 'I?iiiIl1l J 1I"url.'il1g in Iii 'aff' ' .Ill Il I frm' fowl: l:. f i I . X X lx 1- L N 1 SIAIIIINICR, IKUIIERT Q1rs. ETX Fort Ililllllllllll Class Xian- l,I'4'Slllt'lll1 Sl'Il'lll't' liluln, ---ll.5. Air I'I0I'l'l' AI'll1I1'llIy IEIIQIIXII ill!-I with Mr. lim. SIBRAVA, YVILLIAM 856 58 Sire-et l'fafote1'ia Service.-B11si11ess World Trying to sleep in the stuzlr hull. SICONOIJFI, ANTHONY 503 63 Street Spryir-p Iinrpsz Gym I.eg1d1'rs.d Iiollvge' The irivmls fra' mudv and flu' unn- clcrjlil rn1'nmri1'x lllt'.I'.I't' girvn 1111 S8 SILBERSTEIN, DAVID 6801 Shore Road Boys' Chorus: I7I'0'It'l'II0II Squad.- Business World: lfollego Tlzv good limes in thi' Boys' Clmruw. SIMARI, CORINNE 8803 Colonial Road Nvwnian lfl11lr.-Coll:-ge "Bon Voyugv. 111 iuS!.' fs ,455 D SIMUNSEN, LINDA T611 67 Slrvvl I311:Qi111-as World Mr. IllllI1IIll'l" lfluinv' Lila' Ann' SI PLEY, KE NN ETH 94-I2 Woggun 'l'orrar,e PILOT: Band: 01'r-he-stru: Senior 1 r IX- 6' "uwX .5 1,,:. ' "ww Dance Rami.-Ilollvgxe Musif-1110s : Orrhestra pruvtirrfsg "Great White Father." Mr. Solo- ray. SIRICO, JOAN 1045 65 StrePt Grade Advisor Squad: Cafeteria SP11'i1'P.-Business Worlfl My friends: fun at lunchg Senior Artiriliesg Vinnie. SKARRE, ANNE MARIE D K' 868 50 Street Mixed Lhorus: ffrinity Club: 541-. retary to Mr. Golomb. and Miss Monsenl College Seeretary.-ilolleue The friends l rnude: nmsr uf ull: my Senior Year. SKAVOLD, EVELYN 6811 Owls Head Court Curtuintirners: GU. nepresentatixe: Locker liooin Squad: Prom ljoin- nnttee.-mlsiness world 'is Guys g I1lflSL'i15Q Sinn' Poker: Gurernurs lslundg herziur leur. SKOCMAN, JOHN 350 88 Street Minutemen Club: Table Captain.- U. S. Navy Wonderful riasses und Icnrhers: espeeially. musir' with Mrs. Srzlzherg SKOLNICK, DEBRA 1030 48 Street Cheerleaders: Boosters: Seerelarv to Mr. Kamin. Mr. Joltin, Mr. Fein- berg.-Businesa W0l'IlI I Tue'-Reg. Nan. RIDj'.-DlId'.i gunf- ing hand: Aunt Martha. SKOYVRONSKI, CAROL 438 73 Street Newman Club: Basketball Club: Yollevball Club: Mixed Clirirus: CO, iRepresentative.-College Crmrderi huses with Barham and Iflxe: Senior Year. 5' ff' SLETHOLT, ROBERT 351 Marine Avenue Trinity Club: Nlinutemen.-Business Whrld Srlwul sufering is rarer: hu! husi- ness zwrlrl suffering is just begin- ning. SLONE, SUZANNE 246 67 Street Table Captain: Bowling Club: Ferviee Squad: Secretary for Mrs. Rabe.-Businesa World Lunch with Judi' and the Hermes espec'iully'. Fftllll-'l.L'. SMALL, LARAINE STT T2 Street Seeretarv to Mr. Solovav: Serxiee Sq lltld.-Seeretary Laughs with Unrygraee. Luis, lliune: my Senior leur. SMITH, ARLENE 61 Uliver Street lfillergretley Room Squad: l,ibrury Squad: Table Captain: Senior ffouneilg Seeretury to Mr, Selwyirh Business Yvorld Shure Rumi freerlum: Senior .'IL'iI.l'l.- lies: dreaming nf ferrr. SMITH, BARBARA 310 85 Street Newman Klub: lQurtaintinierQ.- Busineas World .411 the zi'nr1t1erfL1i Iirnws I had at Fort Hurniltun. 89 'WN SMITH, MARY SNYDER, PATRICIA 226 93 Street T46 59 Street I sm, fll'lS Lborus: Seeretary to Nlrs. Business Yvorld 47 i' T Hyer. Mr. Cer: lxmergenev Room .Uv Senior Year: the umlcrslunding ME. Q? SOHL, UUNTIIICR USIT lbirul AXCIIII1' li:1n4l.- eli.1I.A. lnslitule llllflillg fill! 1l'fIfI Mr. Szabo unrl Tun It . SOLAAS, STANLEY 876 58 Street Service for Mr. Albert: Service Squad: Table Captain.-US. Armed Forces The fun in the school cafeteria with Mr. Mahcdy. SOLER, DOLORES 216 94 Street Business World Laughs wilh Erie. Chris. Judy, Phylis, Doris, Canary. 90 SUMMA, VINCICNT RIP! TI Street S4-rvire Squzul: l'uu Aim-rit-an Club: Xlinutemen: 'l'r'eusurt-r of N1-wmun flub. --f- College Smrnperlirzg In lunrh: ,uuml liniesg zunzrlerful friemlx. SOPP, JERRY 220 93 Street lfufeteria Service: GO. Council Representative.-College The swimming poofs water zvusrft ire! enough. SORENSEN, KENNETH 83127 Seventh Avenue 'Nlixed Chorus: Serviee Corps: Table Captain.-L.. S. Air Forre lluzlllring slowly past the girls' lmhers. Service: Newman Club.-College Pre-test huzlrlles: Helen: Ann .Uu- rie: Mr. Conte. Mr. Cer. SNAPP, MA'l'I'HEYV 369 92 Street .5 Vic-e-llresident of the Senior Class: Lute Squad: Serviee for Mrs. llurfu: .lunior Comm-il Representative: Sen- ior Sllow.-College "Tcfltly": the "Three Mll.Yh4l'ft'l'f.5..I Table BB: "grins" unzl Sue. leur-her.s: many friends. SODEN, CAROLYN 9040 Fort Hamilton Parkway Rc-aeons: Psyeliology Club: AN- KHOR Literary Staff: Arista: Trin- ity Club.-College u--UlII1l'ffI1lfI'il'I11lSI Rainbow: E.S.B. '64: Senior leur: T CE: especially, 7' V II I V t l I YI' ' I E l i . a 1 ' I nw' K: sober' r 1 SPERO, DOROTHY SPIXELLI, DOUGLAS C 0420 Eleventh Avenue 318 92 Street Secretary to Miss Romeo.-Business Service Corps: Cafeteria Squad.- wlflfld in W Collerfe The rhat Club u'ith Linda, Anna. Laughs zrith the gang and changing Marie. flflary, and I . ' Ollfl SPICLIN, CAROL 515 82 Street Arista: Secretary to Miss Dir-k. Miss Yan Bokkelen: Senior English Class Secretary: Table Captain: Program Committee.-Business World Four happy years at Fort Hamilton High: Fond memories Fll Cherish uith a tearful good-bye. for gym. SPITALE, BRIAN Serviee Squad.-Business World Fort Hamilton-its teaehers and all my friends. KN .an-5 VIZ? 3 wi' I . 'LD T30 51 Street SPITALERE, DENNIS V T9 87 Street Business World To the Squuggers. BOIT'-lf'0lf'S. anal the NR.: Tell. Buzz anal the TIIIYS. STAPLETON, JOHN 269 T6 Street Business World Many friends: unnderjul teachers: fun with "the guys." STAUDACHER, BARBARA 9330 Hamilton Walk Mixed Chorus: Secretary to Mrs. Weissman, Mr. Dick. Mr. Cer. Mrs. Morton: Musieales 58. 59. '60. -College "Rats-.4-Ruclrw: thirty below: .-Inna: The ,hte i'.lIau-Haus" at table D. 'N STEINHAUSER, STANSLEY 861 49 Street Pan American Club: Service for Miss Hennessy.-Business World The good times in Spanish u'ith Mr. Felcler. STENE, NIACNHILD 626 T4 Street Cirls' 1-01-ker Room Monitor.- College Waiting for the three 0'el0rlr hellg mam' laughs. STIPANOVIC, ZVONIMIR 111 86 Street Sort-er Team: Secretary to Miss McCabe.-College ,lly grateful appreciation to .lliss .llrC'ahe: Soccer Team with Mr. Lebouitz. 91 STOBER, ALICE 218 Dalilgreen Place Bandg Beacons: Senior Claw ,Treas- urer: Library Squad: Ntbwlllllllfillllll. -College Wonderful friends: rhernislry: fun in band: Senior Year: "Tc"sf' STOESSER, BARBARA T223 Sixth Pxvenue Senior Soeiul lfouunittee: Prom Il0IllHl11Il'l72 Secretary to Mrs. Frisli- liergl: I'1I1lt'l'gl'lll'y Squad: Attend- unee Monitor.-lfollege: Nursing: Senjur Year: fun at lllillsrlfs: Table one. STOKDAL, NOHMA 251 Til Nlrvvl Senior Igilllll. Nursing: llnailing for ieeeh-emls In ,ga au! with K.K. STONE, RUSSELL 6701 Colonial Road i Band: Service to Nlr. l,eaQellg4P1'of i grain Olliee Squad: Cafeteria Serv- ' ive: Serviee t0 Mr. Siegel.-College The fun in luneh with Phil and Tan y. STRANDBERG, CARL 5321 Eigrlull Avenue Serviee Squadfllusiness World l.uneh periml zrilh Teri. STR01ll'Il,, lflilill 650 lluy liiilgn- l'urluvny Som-er 'lim-sun: lNI1I1l11l'll1l'Il2 Serviee ir l,.O. I.ouns'il llepri-si-ntulive, iiflilf 1' Sperial lhanlrs In Mr. ,,!ll'1lll.Nl'll. Mrs. llurl and llllx. Ifalania. Squad: Arista: Si-nit l I v i l 3 l f"2'v"'-sig '7'.T"3Y i I i i SULLIVAN, JOHN 8602 Ridge Boulevard Tennis iflulm: Service.-College The zwmlerful feeling of release ul lzeing graduated. SVARRER, DIANE 814 56 Street Nlixed Clllllillil Nlusicales '58, '59. '60: Sec-retury to Nlr. Kumin: CU. Hepresentatixe: Attendance Monitor. fllusinesw World Teeis al eight: fifth luneh: and es- perially. Lloyd. 1" SWENSON, CHARLOTTE me 53 sn.-.-3 Trinity Club: Cafeteria S1-rxir-et Assistant to Mrs. 1"l'ankle.-Kiollegge My teaehers: Senior Day: ,H.K. anal R.B.g esperially. liar! Ilarniltan. 311 i'sj5"i I TAKLA, RONALD 618 T4 Street Senior flouneil.-College Lunrh zrith Mouse and the Tankg teaehers who guided me. ..-, . X ll, xl -ty, I. 'X I x. nf J,eX,nJ ,fe Business World Senior Year. Hffn1eu'orh': test . The gum! times weft THEOPHILIS, MARIA 9429 Fifth Axe-nue '58, '59, -601 President of Girls' '59, '60: Late Squad: Trinity Club -Business Yvorld TCR: Tea Roon1:fR.T.D.: Senior Year and Ken. i Chorus: Cafeteria Table Captailne Airline Career. "Herbie": three fingers: Table Ig Senior Year. esperzlilly. Johnny. 1' i Q 'X 5 x .Vi THOMPQON MARION THoMPsoNl,lTHoMAs i ' 562 T2 Street 6j5 86 Street Band: SH,l.6,tal.V to M,-U Zeldnm-I N.R.A..Rifle Glub.-R.C.A. lnstitnte Pqrpmg Night Hostess. gem.f,tal.y tq, Thar stef: fevllng on Mondays. Mr. Eisman.-Business' Yyyrlll A K 1 t , l U The twins: Elflry: fllShl7fgltQ GJ .- - fr Tea Roonu',Seri11:jAJ4'fLVf 'R 7 ,, O, Q .U i -9 yt 5, N 9 t 11 ur D dd N B rn en an tl Ginger, Y in 1 THOMPSON, MAUREENA .4 315 91 Street Senior Social Committee: fllllFll'illf'S Boosters: lllixed Chorus: Nlusif-alt-S 3 TARRAZI, GEORGE 630 84 Street .llany friendsg all the fung my TENNEY, ROBERT 345 86 Street Nlewman Club: Nlinutemen: Hand- '-all Team.-College and tearhers mn: fl! he sad when I'm all through. TERCEIRA, PHYLLIS ANN 9425 Shore Road Q Volleyball Club: Basketball Club: .lunior Beacons.-Business World with Franny. Car- TERLAND, LAILX 5513 Fourth Avenue Basketball: Volleyball: Beacons: Leherette.-Business World Grand times: Mary. Joan. Bruce. Tom: prefect: u'aIk1'ng home. TEST.-S, AGNES B29 63 Street Emergency Room: Gym Otlice Squad.-Business World My wonderful times in prefect. lunch and study hall. TEST.-KVERDE, GUY 1027 69 Street Mixed fill0I'lIS.-fl0llf'QIf' Fun in the f'afc'teria irirh Phyllis anfl fFl'f'I1flS. . Q Q K..,f'x THOMSEN, NORENE 963 69 Street Library Squad.-Business World Worzrlerful friemls and teaelzers I had at Fort Hamilton. THORNLOVV, BRUCE 253 69 Street Servire Squad: 'llI'1l4'l'2 Team: Biol. OHV Llllll .l. V. Basketball: Mixed fllioriis.--College Making frivruls: great rirnes in rhv cafeteria and Mixer! Chorus. TILTON, BRUCE l28 Nlilflllt' Merlin Coll 'l'euiii.-College The lax! few mirrutex lrefore Ilirwr' o'f-Iovlf were the longest. TJELMELAND, RITA 932 57 Street Business World T's at eight: our cliaujeurg Daddies at three. TJOM, THOMAS 6805 Narrows Axenue G,0, Store: Cafeteria Servirez Serviee Squad.-Business World Grand limes zuilh friends in sixth period Iunrh. 91 UCP' ' W Yws TOBIN, RAYMOND 338 T6 Street Boys' Chorus: Newman Cfluli: Table Captain: Service Squad.-College: US. Air Force Mrs. Deerson. a zvoriderful mathe- rrifrlirx teacher: the Boys' Chorus. TOMASULO, CAROL 1068 T5 Street Girls' Chorus: Newman Cluli: Sec- retary to Mr. Kanstrooni. Mr. Szabo, and Nliss Miller: Musieales '59, '60, -Business World Senior Year: good times zeitli Emily and Ca ole: three wonderful years. i '- K J 1 1,3 K' U I if . 'ic A if VU fc I , p-.xl I ' 1' in uf' , TUNNHSEN, LEIV 819 60 Street llund and Set-up Squad: Service Squad: Talila- filllllillll.fli0ll4'lI,0 The gorrrl tinres in Monsieur Co- llllllllih l"l'!'lIl'll fflrlsx. TONNESSEN, LINDA 124 Parrott Place Arista: Senior Class Treasurer: ANCHOR Art Stafl: Boosters: Late Squad.-Business Sehool All my friends: Rainbow sisters: Teddy: 7 C'sg Senior Year. TORTORICI, ANNA 1065 54 Street Library Squad: Secretary to Mr. Kanstrooni.-Secretary Going to sehool with Rose and Janet: period four lunch. TRABULSI, FRED . 105 80 Street BllSlI1Q4S Vlbrld Great friends and zronrlerful teafherg, 1 11 iv yvcgslftdxa-V 'E 5 ,Q7 K ,L fayftaffft-4 ZA . ' I' I , ,n - 4' tiffif-'Z'l+J4'A'i" J f' "I, .t .15 el f- fi ,. - .J if q--- -------' TRAPANOTTO, JOSEPH ' A 1069 T4 Street Building Patrol: Outdoor Patrol.- College The great times in fourth period lunch. TRICARICO, VINCENT 1025 56 Street Serviee for Mr. Ptah: Servire for Mr. Raguso.-lf. S. Armed Foree+ Coming home from school during my sophomore year. TRUSCOTT, NANCY 817 Tl Street Mixed Chorus: Trinity lllub. Arifta: Curtaintimers: Modern Dance Club. -Nursing School Everybody, everything and especi- ally. .llixed Chorus. TSANDIS, ANCELO T115 Third Avenue Business wlorld The teavhers: the hornezmrlr: fun on the buses. if , TUMOLO, ANTHONY 354 93 Street Arifta: P-yvhology Club: Gym Sec- retary. Mixed Choru-: Camera Club. -College Jau' stretrfhing in Chorus comes to an end. TWYEED, ALICE 565 82 Street Girl! Loeker Room Squad: Girls' Emergeney Room: Cafeteria Serv- iee.-Business World Lazy hte: third lunfh: zvallrsi and him, TYVOHIC, ELIZABETH 228 ST Street Newman Club: Basketball Clubg Secretary for Xlra. Egan.-College English with Charlie: lunch with Nan. Paulette anrl Irene. UHR, W'lLLlAYl H904 Third Avenue Biology Squad: Serxive Squad.- lfollege Third period lunfh: first period gun: ill, prefefl. ULSHAEER, RONALD T715 Thirteenth Avenue Se-mire Squad: Table Captain: Track Team: Golf Team.-U. S. Ar-med Foreee .-Ill the friends I made in the cafe- teria. evpefifzlly Elliot. 95 L rf-t f., is JIM it . UNDEM, JULIETTE VACCARO, KATHLEEN T58 60 Street 434 69 Street Secretary to Mrs. Fl'lSl'llJFl',f1.-BllSl- Oreliestrag lllusieales: Claw Sec- ness Wo1'ld retaryg Table Captain: Attendanve My Senior Yearg raving for the bus Nlonitor.-Business World or three, Fun will: Georgiag all my friends: "R.H."g especially, Bob. URSO, FRANCES VACCARO, NICHOLAS 1035 69 Street 8012 Colonial Road Newman Club: Girls' Emergency Newman Club.-College Room Squad: Serviee as Reception- All llze many friends l'L'e morle ul ist.-Business Wol'lrl tlze Fort: eiglttlz study. Fun in Senior Yearg the Teo Room: the girls. Z VALAND, THEODORE VICTER, DUROTHICA 5 267 Uxington AVPIIIII' 5702 l'ilc'ventlt Avenue' 5 Cafeteria Serxire: Nlr. l'tuk's Serx- tio-Captain ol Boosters: Set-re L " l 'W ice Squurl: l'syt-liology tllulmg Senior liurtztintimers: Senior Connell: l an JU" Council: Senior l'rom tfonnnitt4-e.-- .Mneriean Club: l.iln'ary Squacl.4 1 College: llleclieine College My friemlx: my fl'1Il'lIl'IIYf my Senior "llels": rliurklrfs ul rcl1rfors11ls5 ll'!1f. rlieering: uwzflcrful lrienrlsg my Senior Year. VALENTINO, MARCUERITE VIERA, JOSEPH 1127 58 Street 303 83 Sheri Senior Council: Seeretary to Nlr. All Stag' f0T POWERS SCTVIVC Selwyng Table Captain: Volleyball Sqllafl-'f-Ulleflf U r fllub-1Bu5ing-155 Wlofld file l!lllgllS I hllil lfl my flllfll Bobby: fun in lunvlzg my frientls: WUV- Senior .4c'tiz'ities. " VENTICINQUE, JEAN VIGGIANO, LOUIS A 1010 59 Street . 4 340 811 Street l Newman lilulr: Cafeteria Service- Millll fllllll.-f,0llPKf' , l llminf-gg wlorld To llze funniest and best ltumorerl 5 lui' Senior Year: ilu' fffenflx l'1'C lerlflters in fmt' .sf-Iwo nmrle. 96 3 VIGNARI, BARBARA VITALE, MICHAEL 1006 57 Street Recs-ptionist: Cafeteria Se-rvit-ez Late Squad: :Xttendanve Squad: Record Sqtiud.-1-11-auti1'ian Sr-liool Business World Fun at lunrh: senior prefect: my 96T 58 Street ,pn 'mfg eh rs. , The buses: prefect: um! all my lea 6 uonflerful frieruls, 39' W'-p VISCHIO. ANGELA VQECELE, G-All, 262 TT Street 634 33 Street Bufimatf World wiieviiaii Club. Basketball Club Friends: zmllring uillr Fran: tml Beat-6,155 Xlixgd Ch0fug,7Lj0llege iN f'5Pf'4'iUUJ- -lUf'5'- Castles lne.: one mile with Helene: cltemistry. 5' E VOSO, FRANK 8005 'lleutli A-Xxeniw Gym Secretary for Nlr. Siegal: Sr-rxire for Nlr. Szalro: 111-'tc-ution Sqluul.-llollegze Going home in ilze "Pluyhouse". VREELAND, JAMES T200 Ridge Boulexard Senior Danes: Hand: Urvlwrtru: Senior Show '59: lllusirailes '59. '60. -College Fun in. the Danre Band :mal fn the Music Depurzment. WTACHTEL, HARVEY 904 -19 Street Track Team: N. B. T. A.hCollege Timing the bells in .lliss .llillefs ffth-period class. W'ACNER, THERESA T115 Fiftli .-'henue GO. Store: Ernergeiicy Room.- Busiuess wlorld Fun in prefefi lvltli llllfllj' ancl flnng uniting for GH. VALLEY, PETER 1-19 81 Street Krista: ffliem. 1.ali. Squad: Radio- llliy-if-N fflulr: flufetf-rin Service Squad: Proj:-vtion Sqtuul.-110110516 The xlnrf-rf' ffI'C'f1ll'Xl1Iill.Y zlfweloped during fur enjuynlnle years. WALSH, JOYCE T115 Third ,-Avenue Program Squad: Servive in Prin- cipals Office.-Business World lfalking to school: fun ut Tea Room: Roger. 97 WARD, KENNETH WEINRICH, MARCIA T120 4folonial Road 5001 Tenth Avenue Cireulation Manager l'Il,U'l': Min- Red Crow lllulmz Nlenorali Club: utemen President.-llollege Library Squad.-Business World Q Well spent time in the PILOT offire. Squeezing into lhe buses: rafetefia Qi, fun: zronderful fl'!!f'ht'f.S, E Q... W-1 WATERS, DOROTHY WEINTRAUB, CAU- ggl 57 gn.,,f,t 6T0l ffoloniulv Roud lflulrs: l.ilrrury Squad: Gym Squad. lgilmifl' Squadi BUUFIPVF--NUl'FllHl - Rusiness Wcii'lrl 5"l","'l5 mlllfllltl . All Ihr' fun al lun'-li zrilh Xariry JU"l"V Pf""1f hU""l7 lflfhl.-lf""'Y and CMN. and Doltv: .St'IIllH' Dar: jr'1z'r14is. WPIATlII'IlRAl.l,. l'lIl.l'1l'IN XVICISSBRUIJ, CARUI. THU-1 Filth AYVIIIII' H04 W Street Girls' Loekvr Room: 'lulalv tlaiptaiin. l'un fxIlll'l'l1'ilIl llluli: Vafeteriu Serv- -Rusinesw World ir-ez Loeker Room Sq1iu1l.ffiollf':11' The fun at lunrh zuith Put anal Fourth hui: ffl-l'll1l.S 1'1'c niarlvg Suzanne. laughs zrilh fflflfl- kv V. VVEISSFIELD. MIKE 267 Ovington Avenue Service Squad: C-yin Leaders.- Kollege I Laughs ufith Larry: Elaine. A7171- Franlr. Freddy: Senior leur. WENZLOWQ RENATE 247 61 Street Ariwta: Bililiopliile Cluli: Volleyball lflulrr Sevretary to Miss Yan Boli- kelen: Seeretary to Ur. Com-hran.f Rufiness World .Ur fanlahuluus Senior Year and the frienfls I made. 50- W'EST, GLORIA 540 85 Street Cheerleaders: Boostersg CD. Rep- resentative: Girls' Chorus: Prom Committee.-Business School "Three MUSlt'6lC6fS,,J Hinsclz'.sg fugs: junior year and Bill. VVESTERLUND, SONJA 986 54 Street Chorus.-Business World Dictation in second year stenog- raphy class. Q W'HITE, ANN Newman Club: Minutemen Club: Lurtaintimera: Library Squad: Cafe- teria Servir-e.-llollege The smell kids aml tf'af'l1er.a fze met. XVI-IITENIAN, MARION 1037 T4 Street Mixed Choruiz Musicals '58, 59. '6U: Emergency Room Squad: Ra-- l-cetball Club: Yolleyball Club.- Nurding Fourth periml lunch: "The 1L'el1u.r",' the Union Gang. WTCKNIAN, BARBARA 415 Battery :Menue- C,O. Representative: Boo-terf: llur- taintimers: Modern Darif-e.-College Fun eraze daze in 1-hem: the great For! I1llfTll'lfU71l'l6'.S. WIESSNER. ARTHUR 100 Caton Avenue 66 T0 Street Elertriral Squad.-Busineea World Belief lure Ihfm nezer. WIIGER, JOHN T49 56 Street Busineis World Fliflli perfrnl lllnrlz lllilll fue, .4rn1'e. and ferry. WIIG, HELEN 94 69 Street Grade :Xdvixork Squad: Secretary to Nlr. Kamin: Biology Laboratory Squad: Trinity lflub.-College Ffffll pvfllfld llU1f'lI.' Diane. Rita. and espevifllly. Sze:-e, WIILLIAMS, ROSEANN WILSON, RONALD 357 88 Street 305 Battery Avenue Bo05ter55 Bowling ClUl'55 PILOT Rand: Service Squad: Lunch Typist: Table Captain.-Airline Squad.-College HOSIGSS The great times with Clilcu. ".-Irmy Basketball games and friemls. Bratsu: Teddy and Band. WILLIS, RONALD WTNIMER, ROSITA 6818 Colonial Road Qtrs. -10.-X Fort Hamilton Basketball Team.-College Volleyball Club: Dean's Squad.- The quiet times in the cafeteria. Medical Record School .lleeting neu' friemls: Carol: the rest of the "Army Bratsf' W'lNlKA, CYNTHIA 9201 Shore Road TOWER Editor-in-llliiefz Modern Dance liluli: Busketliall 41111111 Heil Cross ifluln: 1,ilirary Sq11atl.gf1o1lege Laughs und tears uith lforolvn. Les- ley' 111111 Irwzr. WOODS, DONALD T35 512 Street Business Worltl My prvfert teacher and l'11l.K.K. WYl,ll'I, IIELEN 0307 Tlnirtl Aventu- Uelwrs: Mixed liltorusi 1N'll1si4':t11' ,582 lforvign Itllllglllllfll' Ollict- Squiul: Vollt-ylmll liluli: lluskctlutll liluli.- College MW' 1a'omlc'ffuI :lam at Fort Hamil- ton. YELLEN, JOHN 6939 Ridge Boulevard Tennis Team: Arista.-College Senior Shozr: tennis pravtice: the last game of the season. R ZAGALLO, CONNIE 515 Ovingzton Aventie junior Llounvilz 'l'rc-asurer of Senior Class: Nlixeml Chorus: llusicales 59, '60.-liollegze Lunrh: Senior .4ctiz'ities: my chunzs: ,'lIu,virf1lf's: that special frlwtflii Hin.w'h'S. 100 ZAGBY, REGINA 128 83 Street GO. Representative: Mixed Chorus: Nlusicale '59: Secretary to Nr. Stone and Mrs. Hyer. - Secretarial Svliool Mixed Chorus: Lila and Debbieg Home Title: Richie. ZASO, JOHN 6747 Fifth Avenue Pan-American Club: Service on Detention Squadg Service in His- tory Oliiceg G.O. Representativeg Senior Council Representative.- College Good times: enjoyable classesg won- derful friends. ZECH, LOUISE A. 8012 Filth Avenue Trinity Clulig Basketball Clubg Band '58, '59, '60: Library Squad: Nlusieulc-s '59, '60,-'Business Worlrl Senior Yeurg blasts in Band: lunchg ILS. ZELMA, RICHARD 736 50 Street Table Captain.-College Nothing sounded better than the three o'cloclf bell. ZOLOTOR, LAWRENCE 28 Marine Avenue Service Squadg Secretary in Emer- gency Room: Secretary in Boys, Cvm.-Business World The work I forgot to do. ZRIKE, MADELINE 265 T4 Street Bibliophile Clulmg Svrrctury to Mrs. Rothman and Miss Resivno Brooklyn College My teachers: three .-irahs at lunch: study with P.C.: Mike. f wp 'W' W ZUCCARELLI, JOHN - A 941 02 btreet Traljki projection Squad.-College The greul limes ul table ll: tht' fun af lraflg pmrtice. Rising 'foward fhe Tower. 101 www ,,,.,,..mfwfM'W"W'W- .uni-4"5 , ,ima 4 fM,,j'QZ7lZA 5 ,i ,ft 'Ziff N 1 ' ii Q' ' I w"':': p '-"'w::' . , , ' lilly i n M,74f',,fW 1 ,uf jig, -- K1 Wi A f - " V, ,,.,,, if 74" jug? .f-flkniiiw-8 . WRMHM ., A iff ' 1' ' ' ...., 1 , ., V ,, 4, WW W .x.v v . :Q , , ,- If ,nf A k LWLa.QJJ .lf MW H N-v,,.M,..,. ,.,,,h,,,,.... H WZVS-wi-:jig 1:-J 3 ffl ' ' .'1fl'j'L V M, A,,...,--Y- -- """""""w v V , - Q ' 'l'i"fffffn'yff'i'iKf'i"f'f." ' - vf,W4": 9 iffy . . M N-"""'A"4 ' "W.'n ll I I E' 1.111 'ill w In V .ma A' 1 ' . LH ' I 1 ' , f -. 9 -. gs- ' - "H'W'unl , In ' ' Q ' ' ' A , . W ZW,-aww-wwzr. wMg Thaf sfood fhe s+orm when waves were 'rough Y YOUR GOD, AN YOU BETTER OUR COUNTRY ELLOW MAN 1 Cl les Schwe nk O rw"- 4 'MW Miss S. Ahern ' fb Vq,w Mr. L. Gersten Tlyzjj X! X , . g 5 fMf!f0QQ 195 . ,Ml Q K senior Miss M. Goldman H. Mattson Mr. J. Ragusa 'K tm ,sz Ue ul ' My M gf Jw Miss P Q N, ef. X N Mk L. ,- I V' M 4' X Q , B Q Gerluch prefect teachers W ,,,, V X Xzfl M s M. Rube ' 1 -id Mrs. S. Weissman I Mr. G. Albert Miss E. Korner Mr. J. Crowe ' ,ff .li Mrs. D. McHugh' ,fi Lfff U . J X L . 5 ...f ,XJ ' -x ,f 1 -ef 1 I 'J fp' " N X-, xx: 2 1 , Mr. I. Goldstein Miss R. Riccobono Miss C. Gennaro Mr. K. Kern ---fs 1, ff Miss M. Monsen 3 Mrs. M. Sulzberg ls everyfhing on sfraighf? Sei' your own lollipop. senior 106 These new finker-foys are greafl ,ns day Four years of waifing-here ai' las'r. Senior Show-a fypical day? . . . Masses of red-Everywhere . . . an air of c:on+agious laugh+er and exci're- men+ . . . 'rhe gym a+ 'rhree o'ciock . . . hundreds of 'fired hui' happy SENIORS. Who said +ha+ bird was ex+incf? -10" gf Hmmm . . . nice! W, it V4 L i Senior . . . cool, calm and collecfed T "Because of you . . ." Queen for a day senior show ll A Day in Fort Hamilton Cheers for Miss Duhig 103 Pass Hue blue eye-shadow. Block Hwai' pass! Bu'I' fhe day has iusf begun. Q : Ready for falce-OFF .l. V .JJ M .1 - M' as l ,, 37 an l-: I iff l 3 O.K. your 1'ime's up. Good, we've separafed all +l1e frnends 'hae Who said we never read classics? Only 3I failures? flashbacks The big sweep is on! Urange cards 'rhaf save dimes E. . re - f-X , ' ug 1 N. ...V ' 5' TI'al'lSp0l'+a+iOfl Squad: Seafed-Miss C, Keely. Sfanding U. fo r.,- E. Mossige, G. Meomonies, V. Pucci, R. O'Sullivan. school . servlc So you wani' a program cI'1ange7 Program Sqlladf Firsf Row Il. +o r.,-R. Lo+i+o, R. S+one, J. Halvorsen, I. Cione, R. Pagliaro, K, Peferson, J. Crowley, L. Knufsen J. Gaufier, I. Gelland, N. Ernsf, E, Grelclx, A. Monge. Second Row fl. +o r.l-E. Panagovlias, H. Korinis, M. Brooks, E. Kinzel, M, Sfefanelh I. Orens+ein, J. Diefz, K. Pryor, S, Birkland, J. Brunnsfrom. ,few Mimeograpln Squad: U, +0 r I-L. Lorraine, A, Laman+ia, K. Ab- rahamsen, R. Jusf. Prinfers of +es'rs and failure leHers Smiling faces affer 8:43 Lair? Squad: lFirs+ Periodl Firs+ Row, Sea+ecl ll. +o r.l- C. Olfeefe, A, McCann, P. Hines, V. Leydan, M. Alwill, R Salamone, M. Olsen, Mr. B. Morion. Second Row, Slancling ll. fo r.l-J.De Anfonio, J. Hendriclr, Third Row, Sealed ll. +o r.l-T. Lewis, K. Barlrman, R.Speilberg, S. Cin, J. Johansen, GHFQI-lllO, V. Waage, C. Brodie. I-alle Squad: lSecond Periodl Sealed ll. fo r.l-B. Samalow, E. An S . + , rlersen, Mrs. M. Callahan, L. Schneider, K. Michael. Slanding ll. +o r.l- emors a your Servlce G. Midland, V. Blvona. R. B.sdale. Senior Service Squad: pg... Row' geaied ll. fo r.l-M. McNeIIis, L, Arnalucci. Second Row, Sealed ll. for.l-Miss R. Duhig, M. D'Aqos+ino. Third Row, Sfanclinq ll. +o r.l-J. Samaha, V. Han- sen, V. Magnelli, M. Snapp. Le+'s see your pass. DGBHSI SqUad: Firsf Row ll. +o r.l-B. Hirshlield, R. Lauria, B. Vig- nari, R. Azzarello, A. lnman, B. Ficlc- Q en. Second Row ll. +o .l-J. Sopp. J. Gilles, J. Daly, C. Larsen, F. Hall, J. Caccavale, A. Giffo. Third Row ll. fo r.l-F. Buffa, J. Jacobsen, K. GoH'hold, l. Olsen, F. McKeoun, B. Goldslein. Fourlh Row ll. fo r.l-R. Murphy, V. Somma, W. Olsen, K. Berlren, R. Bobroli, W. Harms. Fifth Row ll. +o r.l -R. Peferson, H. Kzyzanowslri, R. Bufler, C. Procido, V. Schefhini. l ,nun . . . 6.0. Councul: Ffrglc Row +C nl-F. Buffa, C. Schwenlc, M. D'Ag3s- lino, B. Kucher. Second Row ll. fo r.l -Mr. J. Koffmann, F. Srrobel, I. Orenslren, W. Ramsay, B. Sfelma, Mr. E. Sferne. We promise you julce-boxes. . . . l Roady 'For any emergency 114 6.0. Congress: Fig-51 Row U, +0 r.l-A. Andersen, C. Menes, Mr. J. Kofi- mann, C. Schweenlr, Mr. E. Sferne, M. Melin, L. Chrisfiansen. Second Row fl. 'ro r.l-E. Mendez, P. Olsen, B. Andersen, M. Scudero, R. Applebaum, T. Ricciardi, G. Edmonds, M. Marilo, M. D'Agosfino. Third Row lo r.l-R. Fifzgerad, P. Behrens, F. S+robel, J. Longo, M. Lom- bardo, C. Lopez, F. Fulcinfi, K. Knlhi- niclcl. Fourlh Row ll. +o r.l-D. Kaplan, D. Casrronova, J, Zaso, F. Beclwfod, J. Marcyea, R. Andersen. Our perl in +l1e school governmenl' i Nd Red CVQSS Club: Firsf Row ll. +o r.l-D. Geracl. C. Schrader, Miss H. Ma++son, E. Bergen, B. Murray. Second Row fo r.l-C. Reid, L. Manary, B. Beckman, A. Venfoal B. Johnson, K. Kiffesen. Senlor Collncilf Flrsf Row ll, +o r.l-J, Coraro, M. D'Agos'rino, L. Amalucci, J. Samalwa. Second Row ll. fo r.l- l'. Pybu.-n, T, Valand, R. Bachmarn, P. Korinis. Third Row ll. fo r.l-S. Mecca, J. Zaso, A. Anderson, N. Lamana. Fourlh Raw ll. 'ro r.l-M. Valen+ino, A. Smi+l'1, E. Elcincl, E. Rabinowifz. Fif+h Row ll. 'ro r.l-P. Blewifr, 'l, Klwodiarnfridi, L. Loraine, S. Hoff. Sixfln Row ll. fo r.l-W. Gebara, R. Kh wuri, E. Lindblnd, F. Palermo. Se.e1+h Row ll. +o r.l- A. Anderson, C. Pullman, F, Nafanblul, E. Hodgef, M. LeFan:le. The Seniors' Voice l l . 1 l..,...--.. ...H SeI'1lOI' Council: Firsl' Row ll. +o r.l-A. Sfober, R. Delgaudio, M. Snapp, Miss R. Dulnig. Second Row ll. fo r.l-S. Salamone L. Tonnessen, J. Minor, C. Zagallo. Tlwlrd Row ll, +o r.l-J. Gorra, S. Macris, D. Vlcror, A. Halvorsen, Fourflw Row ll. +o r.l-R. Benson C, Della, R. Takla, D. Bumby. Fiffh Row ll. 'ro r.l-R, Pennion, L. Biornslad, R. Cassara. Six+h Row ll. fo r.l-C. Kasbar, L. Donwelly L. Morris. 1 13 WJ! YWZV' li-0 --1 y 3 J 2' ": z .Q .Q I Z -4 ,-' V., Uyl. Wm. ..,.. u I Z E . JU ,ff Z -Wife, 2 x . 2 "I : -I ' Q! , N ,I X A if i' W2 WZ :K wr, f pf -, K' ,. ., , Z f pf Vg. 7! f.f'71'!2fy... f ., -1 M-fw 1 ' 2 f, If jx' L T, X , by 1 f ' 7 V ff' f , Z,g'.,, 'W TWM fwff W1 iii NX- 5 X A X S X A ly if wk .MX X A fXWiXQQXY X Q B25 XXXXQQEXX XA X w X A N, XX X xv? YK Xy X K X X 'QWXQYF NXTXXSXXA X ix-xi YXQEXLLK XX X s x XNX. -N X X 5 X X-X14 QW XXQSQX. X X X. A ,5x5Xig3s. Q X X X QJXXXNX ww f xX - 1 Q SQ, 1-QAXXXXNX XX N X ' f XNXXXfwwXf1Xs1:S X X ' X I5 iXEYXf5QX XV X AXXNEFv1r.-Q N xsyxgx X 5 'A Xs ' if fi-if A .flixfsqsitiix X fi XXXNSQQ X-wx wi- XB i YXXQX A k X-E-A N ' X X X X X X Y psx X,,5Q 2 X X A X X X X A XX K I X QXXXYXEQAXX E-SW-QSSNN-XXQX . X. X X X x ' X xXy-XXX AX XXX. Xx.X Xxx XXXNX-wx My , SX 0 X XA . ' . 0 X ismv X55 Y ,X X T X S '--X X A XX-Xi'FX'L-XQSXXXX 1 X X X W 1iX1YXX sYsE' PiX.iWXX ' X - X 'Q XXX NN-Xm XA 5 .XX ' ,M .Mi f- VN N s ,f,,!i7' W 45. 4, Q 9 4- , , "' f f" 1664 ' 4vv:.Lg W, J was ax, V fldfrhdff , I ,f 441 L7 r-'WM-1 4 v 'T vw -, ! Q-"" Q , HW,,4 y F: I f, gl. :"::f.. " S Y ' z .,,. +Wf'2QR.4u' Q24f3v " :: 3:- W Q f A3143 X' I K ls BP ' 24 fn .II G , , VZ 42 Y ff ' ' I I X 5,277 X if ,.,.. W M., V '92 il qv K Y s english "Great literature is . . . language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree." EZRA POUND Mr. Jerome Carlin "Reading maketh a full man." ' Clllbl F-irgf Row ll, to r.,-P. Katewitz, P. Gersten, S. Hirsch, S. Dunne. Second Row ll. to r.l-R. Bobroacf, R. Applebaum, F. Rando, T. Khodiomirian, J. Donnen. Third Row ll. to r.l-E. Oppenheimer, I. Deguti, J. Appel, J. Yellen, K. Swenson, Mr, L. Gerden, 119 W0 , flu In Under +he supervision of Mr. Jacob C. Solovay " ' and co-edilorship of Pamela Gersfen and Jacque- lyn Appel, lhe "Pilo+" has conlinued lo serve For? Hamilfon wilh reliable and complefe coverage of school news. I+ is l'his qualily which has again mer- -" - iled 'rhe paper a firsf place award in fhe C.S.P.A. MX N x 5 N 'LJKDXQ Ll :UIQ viii l il .9 X Nx X .w A N xx X 0, X A Q hy s I U l . I si I xt J If ' R, 'Q x X I, x Q N . I ' ' compe1'i+ion. Deadline dilemmas an-fmt Edi'l'Ol'SZ Sealed ll. fo r.l-P. Gerslen, J. Appel, C. Rabe, Sfanding ll. +o r.l-K. Ward Mr. J. Solvay K Sipley Anchv Forf Hamil+on is forfunafe indeed in having such a fine lirerary pulolicafion as fhe "Anchor." The given by fhe C.S.P.A. This year's magazine, wi+h Miss Helen P. Gerlach as faculfy adviser, has pre- senled i+s readers wi+h an even wider scope of enioyable, well illusfraled reading malerial. i l959 issue was 'rhe recipieni' o-F a firs+ place award T-'TT' TTT P 1 Publishers of your besf composifions Anchor Sfaff. S had Firsi, Row U +0 rl-R Applebaum J. Jansen, Miss P, Gerlach, P. Johnson, T. Khodiamirian. Sfanding, . ea , - ' ' ' R I + ,-K Rafoss E, Lofz, C. Soden, L. Morilz, E. Paielif, M. Elrsfrom, S. Olsen, J. Rosenbaum, J. Lund. Sfanding, Third aisvorif +oo:l,LL,ci'o2ne55e.n, R. Baffani, A. Andersen, G. Collins, L. Rodrigues. 121 library "The best companions are the best books." LORD CHESTERFIELD Mrs. Elizabeth McClenuhun lnslanl news delivery h NeW5papel' Squad: ll. +o r.l-D. Pfisler, G. Haynes, R. Olsen, D, Walers, J. DiPrima, R. Townes. If il"s here, we'll find il. 1 T Libfafy Squad: Firsl Row ll. 'ro r.l-P. Behrens, C. lslrico. N. Monaco, N. Douglas, M. Weinriclw, G. Micciola. Second Row ll, fo r.l-S. Macris, E. Lanza, H, Kindya, C. Menes, A. Mormando, L. Esposilo, J. Haagsfad, I. Pe++ersen, M. Maffei, H. Miniler, M, DiPaoIa, S. Grenard, A. Tumolo. 122 social studies cv 1.- "Hisfory teaches everyfhing, even the future." LAMARTINE ,e,,,,,..,.,s-g, Miss Frances Hennessy Who chopped down +he cherry free? xx, Now, in fhe i960 elecfions .... . . 1 v MinU+6m6nI Sea+ed U. +o r.,-I. Deguh, M. Brooks, M, Zrike, A, Lash. S'I'anding fl. +o r.J-R. Applebaum, F. Beller, L. Aylward H. Miniier, A. Whife, Miss J. Aber+i, K. Ward, P. Johnson, R. Sle+hol+, J. Scoguis, C. Rabe. F. Sirobei. 123 v ,.. Q' 5 language mf J x -'f i i f i Q . fiiix I-i f' Xi Z F ,Hx 1 bx,X X g5XX,X ii 'gi new Y :assi W - i If 7 7 in ciiy to the building 0X'bXiAlhiCh WU fm every human being brought a stone." Hill H RALPH W. EMERSQN e W M Mill! ww, n ilu A i 3'-is W QU wx HMV 'll NV ii i ,,v.,f V ii'V I M-xg ' X N M 1 u A K w g Mr. Max Zeldner l Nous nous s'amusons de parler le francais. UZ Q. -, I 1 Q biology "Men love fo wonder and that is the seed of science." RALPH W. EMERSON Miss Evelyn Morhol? . . . lherefore lhe solulion 'rurns recl. Biology ReSeal'Cll Club: fl. +G r l-J. Olson, J. Bennel, S. Olsen, D. Slevenson, J. Mavroma, C, Anne Rabe, R. Andersen, M. Hope B, Harlill, T. Paulsen, F. Nalanblul, S. Kaufman. 126 Cafch fhai' paramecium! nal if Biology Squad: ii. fo r.i-J. Joseph, B. Pucci, L. W0iH, Mrs. S. Suizer. According fo Thorndike .... PSYCPIOIOQY Cillbl Seafed il. fo r.,-R. Appiebaum, F. Beller, E. Oopenheimer P. Ka+ewi+1, C. Anne Rabe. J. Dcnnen, R. Cyens, C. Sode I. Degufz. Standing Ui +o r.i-J. Appel, P, Gersfen, A. Tumolo, L. Sanders, R. Glasser, Mr, H. Kamin. 127 fin, Mr. George Kcmsfroom 128 You say your 'fransifor is giving you frouble? chemistry and physics the organized knowledge of Science" HERBERT SPENCER Radi0'PhY5iC5 Club: Firsf Row H, io nl-A. Abraham, Mr. M. Eisner, P. Liber+i. Second Row H. +o r.l-B. Hirshneld, C. Merchissofo, J. Ayd, R. Wallen. The men behind rhe experiQs W if" , f A 5. 1 ' 1 , 4: 1 .., lu fr 1... , 1 , -5: . , ,H .,, 1 H W wr Q? A f I Chernishhy Squad: Udo r.l-Mrs. N. Juul, R. Hendrickson, A. Andersen, P. Wallen, J, Olsen, O. Bergsfad, C. Schoenmann, J. Lauer Ligh'I's . . . currain . . . acfion 'PQI' Elec+rical Squad: U, +0 ny... Mr. D. Cohen, A. Weissner, B. Hirsh- Eeld, R. Berman, S. Grenard, R Cassara. C,H,,lCI8H,.,,Ogj,, + 3NaOH - 3NaC,.H,.,,O, -I- C,,H,,lOHj, -ya n'wW4nv!U5i.:ma W Jw, Advanced CI"leI"l'1iS+l'Y Club: Firsi' Row H. fo r.l-F. Chiarini, G. Voegele, J. Jansen, P. Quaferaro, E. Loh, A. Sfagg Mr. M. Zalron. Second Row H. fo r.,-F. Buffa, Rybaczylr, D. MacPherson, R. HiHer, M. Hanenian. athematics m X en: 5. BI 'cs 'VE lu- cn: 2-.5 ol FY 'E ru N T EES 511 Q. if 3 Z 'U U a Q :T U7 I? -n 'F f XZQ X Z N E V gmuxuun E E xl E 0 2 S E X09 E1 Imullg xwyXK l lnlnms W E fffffffw gl S NNN !W!WMWW??7I!!,,fff1 -lm' .giwfff ffff f fffvffqwwf lffffffffffl num' H mxxv fffmffffl ll'll' Nw ffflfflfll N up ffffffffffll ,, ,,,, , W X -::-, X i X X X X X X X X X X X X X Hd. D1 1, 'lf f' V, . X Qff.-. MY- John C'-l'11mi'19S Accounfing Office Squad: Seam!-Mr. J. Cummings. sma- ing ,l, +o r.,-M. Lamon+ia, C. Korifor, J. Kodrich, B. Skowronslzi. D. Mannin, B. Wolf, B. Carraia, S. Guidice. accounting "The loss will be outweighed by the greatness of your gain." OVID Chess Team: sfanding qu. fo my-c. oak..- vanos, L. Gen+ile, Mr. A. Krinslry, W. Bufos. Sea'red fl. +o nl-E. DeLorenzo, M. Harswiclr, J. Mavro- mafes, M. Workman. Check-ma+e! Sale for a limi+ed +ime only N K Miss Sally Van Bokkelen secretarial studies "Order and simplicity are the first steps toward the mastery of a sub- ject." THOMAS MANN Have you joined the "jet race Qu' The "Tower" lirerary sfafi wishes +o express irs gra'l'i+ude +o fhe secrerarial siudies classes of Miss S. Van Bokirelen and Mrs. J. Frankie for 'rhe iyping assisfance +hey have given us. XZ "Serve and 'rhou shelf be served." i inf? elif, -u-hr A 4. L17 KILL -.ff Service Credif Squad: Seafecl il. +o r.i-L, Kiansky. D. Hufier, Mrs. G. Azzara, R. Fihgerald. Sianding il. fo r J. Trapani, E. Hansen, A. Barreiiai S, Pisano, L. Horne, R, Romanski. lil? The F.H.H.S. Symphony Orchesira fxm S' my 4 Orchesfraz ram Row, soo+oo il. fo r.l-N. Harfford, R. Loewe, J. Rosenbaum, F. Na+anblu+, c. Soden, M. Lombofao, A. sofomon. c. v oooo fo, M. Marks, L. Kooohoi, c. Schrader, M. Daly, c. Brody, c. Hoooo. Second Row, Sea+ed u. fo oy-J. Doonoo, s. Olsen, P. Thompson, o. Bergshad, F. Rybaczyk, J. Jansen, P. eomoo, J. Roy, a. Anoofooo, L. Knudsen. moo Row, s+oooaoo U. fo .J-A. moan- fouoof, B. Lovaoo, J. vroouoooi. w. Hom., J. Looo, c. Marchisoifo, E. euonood, v. Floor, E. Ferlano, D. Koooooo, K. saoloy, A. Aooofooo, Mr. cs. Heffron. Senior musicians Band: Seafed U. 'ro :xl-N. Sfoclcdal, H. Kraf+, L. Hansen, M. Thompson, L. Zech, A. S+ober, C. Menes, F. Buzze++a, V. Larsen, I. Nelson. B. Pucci, L. Andersen, T. McFarland, P. Meberg, P. Crane, R. Wilson. G, Sohl, G. Ascenello, B. Neilsen, B. Chiarello, L. Tonnessen, J. Samaha. Sfanding U. or r.i-A. Schiaronne, J. Ray, F. Sirobei, M. Barinow, R. Casfranovo. 1231 music " . . . the universal language of man- kind." HENRY W, LONGFELLOW Did you bring your bass fiddle? Mr. Herbert Lessell " . . . and 'lime band played on." DBFICS Band: Firsl Row ll, fo nl-Mr. G. Heffron, M. DelSeni, F. Buzzefla, D. McPherson, E. Mallomo, L, Darling, H. Rolro. Second Rc ll. lo r.,-R. Loewe, M. Guarino, N. Simale, T. Psalyes, C. Konmann, H. Samaha, J. Goldman, J. Phillips. Third Row ll, +o r.l-J. Urulan C. Marchisoffo. 1733 Y 3 I 2 I O X l 1.7 mf -f CJLQ' l l ,1 , f fmfnf' FRP FQ, F1 he '40 W ? 0 eff J , farm-Q. - vrvv Mixed chori-15: Firsl Row ll. fo r.l-E. Elreland, F. Fulcenelli, S. Olsen, I. Larsen, M. Wliilman, J. Minor, M. Millisis, J. Rosenbaum, E. Chrisliansen, H. Love, M. Melin. Second Row ll, lo r.l--B. Slaudacher, V. Minor, C. Carlsen, R. Zagby, R. Joberg, C. Chapuisal, C. Zagallo, G. Voegele, Mrs. M. Salzberg, B. Rosen, D. Svarre, J. Como, N. Truscolf, C. Gier- drum, F. Beller, V. Floor, A. Slcarre, A. Belland, Third Row ll. fo r.l-H. Redland, R. Holod, G. Tesleverde, S. Halme, M. Caslagnola, R. Lombardo, D. Bumby, R. Garay, K. Kolsfad, W. Larsen, F. Buffa, A. Andersen. Fourllw Row ll. +o r.l- A. Tumolo, R. Perrin, D. Manasi, H. Seidel, R. Hillel, J. Gillies, J. Samalna, B. Thornlow, D. Mullaney, D. Reinerlsen, C. O'Reilly. Boys' Chorus: Flrsl Row ll. +o r.l-D. Pyburn, B, Rasmussen, R. Delgaudio, T. Kelly, W, Fuzie' R, Bellam, C. Pallas. Second Row ll. fo r.l-R. Bobroffl J. Cardello, D. Siberslein, A. Halvorsen, D. Croce, R. Johannsson, P. Grossafh, K, Auslav. Third Row ll. 'ro r.l-G. Trazzl, J. McCormack, E. Llndblad, F. Clwlclcara, R. Garay, R. Tobin, F. Bechlold, W. O'Brien. J fry Y' Vf 1 1' , ,f ,,. 5.1 ff, .J N , Q 5 1 . rn, 4 . , x " tr l L L 'WL r K x N- l n ,X I 'z Q- f I, p 5 F L E53 G W + L Morris L Donnelly V Rober S Wesferlund C Tomasulo L. Mayer Girls' Chorus: Firsi' Row ll. fo r.l- . es, . , . , . , . , . , Second Row ll. +o r.l-Mrs. M. Salzberg, D. Holvig, P. Johnson, M. Tlaeophilis, B. Ficlren, G. Faiflw, L. Gasparino, R. No+arober+o M. Scudero. Third Row ll, 'ro r.l-C. Marano, T. Krislensen, M. Clwulingarian, O. Elrlind, E. McCue, G. Bufe, M. Smi+h, N. Olsen J. Gorra, J. Andres. Master Craftsman at work "Cherish the trade which thou hast learned and be content therewith." MARCUS AURELIUS m...,,qQ c Q X N. 'RIF Mr. .lohn Matheson f , 1 upoww-ff"""'M KQ 4 ,yy a rt " . . the illusion of a :Omer reality." GOETHE Arranging s'l'uden+s' work in school museum of K Qu Sig'-ifbxf Rembrand+ Club admires fhe work of Kaare Rafoss. Rembrandfsz U, fo ny- K. Rafoss, R. Drageland, R Ganey, R. Andersen, R. Ba+ fani, J. Lund' R, Kasbar, A Kleinfelder, E. Ezekiel, D. Tel Iefsen, A. Aronowifz, C. Ro- meo, Miss A. Dick, C. Hands J. Melchild, W. O'Brien, C Clemenf, A. McTigl'1e. 139 Miss Anna Duck .W X ' I Cheerleaders: ll. +o r.l-C. Pullman, B. Shulman, M. Tuniclr, A. Goldbrum, N. Cohen, E. Neslweim, J. Rosenbaum, D. Slcolniclr M. Aralo, J. Hammarslrom, L. Gasparino. "Grace is fo the body what iudgmenf is 0 I h . .H to 1 e mlnd LA RCDUCHEFOUCAULD O education ...., Y ..., 'N 3' 'Q W 'sl' . 4 x ,- J- . lt! e di X T BOOSl'6f'Sf Firsf Row ll. +0 r.l-C. Gorra, S. Macris, D. Vicfor, L. Hasselbaclr. J. Gorra. Second Row ll. fo r.l-B, Wiclcman, M. Melin, S. Knudsen, C. Marano, R. Williams, B. Edleman. Third Row ll. fo r.l-K. Pefersen, L. Campbell, G. Weinfrauf, C. Kasbar. Fourfh Row ll. fo r.l-E. Barflef, R. Applebaum, F. Beller, A, Oppenheim, B. Samalow, R. Drosdrof. Fif+h Row ll. fo r.l-O. Sandberg, D. McAvoy, S. Salomone, R. Joberg, J. Minor, M. Delflno. Beacons: Firsl Row ll. 'ro r.l--G. Eclmoncls, R. Cyens, A. Consianiine, D. Million, M. Milisis, E. Olsen, L, Donnelly, D. Pisefzner, H. Brachfeld, J. Jansen, B. Pucci, E. Ekeland, S. Olsen, L. Gasparino. Second Row ll. +o r.l-A. Sfober, L. Chrisfiansen, V. LaFerla, S. Salomone, S. Hoff, J. Ray, A. Andersen, G. Bufe, V. Floor, G. Voegele, G. Hagen, J. LeHal, C. Soden A beacon guides ancl ligl'1'rs+l1e way. Baskeliball Club: Firsl' Row ll. io r.l-E. Hansen, L. Slcavold, B.Pearson, C. Win+er, M. Yos+, J. Donaldson, B. Begga, M. Azzara E. Arafo, H. Silber. Second Row ll. +o r.l-C. Burfiend, V. Evanochlco, R. Slaclnowialr, M. General, N. Fenniman, M. Dunn, P. Marclwione V. Pucci, A. Nelson, J, Appel, K. Flanagan, A. Hansen, M. Hansen, J. Jenlrins. Third Row ll. +o r.l-G. Haynes, B. Ornerolo, l. Evanochlxo S. Olsen, L. Tonnessen, B. McKenna, V. Minor, B. Samuelsen, l. Larsen, J. Donnen, V. Ridd. Side oufg rol'a'I'e. boys' h cllth ducation "A sound mind in Cl sound body." JOHN LOCKE We couldn"I' be prouder. Mr. Gordon Lebowitz Golf Team: Firsf Row fl. fo r.l-J. Maran- gos, R. Evansen, J, Hariig, A. Balukas, Mr. J. Mafheson. Second Row fl. fo r.,-H. Siedel, J. Raffaniello, B. Tilion, R. Khouri, M. Levison, J. Schiano. We use our feef, heads, and hearis. ,. V .. Q. I 4, f f ,, v M.-ffw 1- .,.. , ,. X f Soccer Team: Firsf Row U. +0 r.l-C. Giannalrouras, P. Korinis, D. Murielo, G. Marinkis, J. Wilamoslri, A. Vanos, H. Boersma P. Bu'He, A. Jensen, Z. Sfipanovic. Second Row ll. fo r.l-Miss J. McCabe, P. Klein, A. Araman, K. Lislavaiin, K. Ansiad, S. Hahml Mr, G, Lebowifz. Third Row fl, +o r.,-J. Ayd, T. Larsen, C, LaSpina, S. Samman, F. Sfrobel, R. Yelloviich, O. Bergs+ad, S. Mosseri. 144- Varsliliy Basketball Team: Firsl Row ll. lo r.l-R. Banla, J. Jones, A. Olesen. Second Row ll. lo r.l-S. Berger, P. McDevill, D. Reinerlsen, N. Remm en, D. Murphy, R. Willis, Mr. K. Kern, Third Row ll. lo r.l-R. Reid, L. Ayoub, R. Barnelr, M. Olsen, G. Moron, P. Meberg. Sharp Shoolers ..,,...,. :ni Rifle Team! Firgf Row ll. lo r.l-R. Theissinger, R. Bullro, R, Fedmann. Second Row ll. lo r.l-L. Prehe, Mr. R. Bedell, M. Spielman. I 960 Year ol Firsls in Baslcelball Isl lime we played special play-oll game and won l62-48l lo gel second place in lhe League. Isl lime we beal Madison l'l.S. Isl lime we played in Madison Square Garden PSAL play-olls. lsl lime we played on lelevision. Isl lime one ol our players made bolh lhe All-Slar and All- Cily leams. This honor wenl lo senior, Bob Barnelc. LEAGUE RECORD-9-4 OVERALL RECORD-I4-5 143 '-Z Confenders 'For 'rhe Davis Cup TSMUS Teami Fifsf Row ll. fo r.l-L, sarah, L. Olsen, R. Gillespie, F. sold, R. Goldberg. Second Row ll. +0 r.l-D. Godshallr, J. Yellen, Mr, A. Jolfin, L. Haas, R. Abboli. A Q fe, ...J-gl M f I 4 ii . R' rv' . My ' x I S ,gin feds, x ' . ' or ,,... . Q L X ,. f . , . , wr, 2' 'Q .M'y5xawr HaggeSag,,i, ' ' fn '-l3?f"? Ex?- ' for .X On your mark . . . Track Team: Firsf Row fl. 'ro r.l-G. Fielldall, J. Paradise, L. DiMauro, J. Apisa, H. Bodflre, D. Marfinsen, E. Ohlendorf. Second Row ll. 'fo r.l- P. Esposifo, H. Moore, R. Freifas, R. Townes, 6. Minicieli, K. O++esen. Third Row fl. fo r.l-A. Hansen, V. Gerclcens, J. Spifzkoff, L. Gurian, M. Newman, G. Telreyan, R. Ne+land, R. Perrin, S, Berger. Four+h Row ll. fo r.l-S. Shama, W. Meehan, S, Abrahamsen, W. Sibbern, R. Burler, Mr. J. Ko++mann. Fiflh Row ll. fo r.l-P. Crane, A. Sciarrone, G. Aschenneller, R, Gordon, J. Albano. Sixfh Row ll. +o r.l-J. Marrone, E, Dillon, K. Borg, M, Anfonelli, J. Zuccarelli. Jump ball! illlnnm li . lIllH Q, Handball Team: ll, +0 ,,l-G. 564, L- Howard' P Grossarfh, Mr. H. Hammer, Marino, B. Magrino, G, Boys, Nafive ins+inc'r? STRIKE! B'0Wllng Team: Firsi' Row fl. fo r.,-R. Lipani, R. Fonfaine, J. Harkins, R. Aurello, F. Paler E Bellano. Second Row U. fo r.,-G. Tesfaverde, G. McSweeney, S. Zuccaberg. T. Bianco, V. Ru J. Comacho. F.H.H.S. replacemenfs for fhe Dodgers Q . if Baseball Team: Firs+ Row U. +0 r.l-P. lanonne, Mr. F. Pfak, D. Albano. Second Row fl. fo -T. Hamway, V. Scl'1eHini, B. Len+o, R. Melher. Third Row fl. +o r.l-D. Murphy, N. MHS D. Reinerfsen, F. DeLuca, M. Casfagnola, Karl Benlchen. ILT Kf A ff N . gf 3.5, X Z5-, 'fx 1514 NW: ' WWE wswgge Q G X Q, 'AV-:iw QL' -'T' ff ,-5,1 x - s .i 1 5 f Rai? ,xrv MenOf6h Ciubf Firsl Row ll. fo r.l-S. Dobkin, J. Schecler, N. Obadia, F. Beller. i M L f Second Row ll. lo r.l-M. Saks, L. Sanders, N. Cohen, D. Silberslein, M. Schaffer. 118 wwdwwqg em To grow Newman Club: Fifsf Row ll. lo r.l-Miss J. Al- berli, A. While, R. Del6au- dio J. Correo, R. Lombardo, R. Cassera, Miss R. McCann. Second Row ll. lo r.l-M. Brooks, C. Tomasulo, E. Del- Gaudio, C. D'Elia, R. Tenny, G. Mclnlyre. Third Row ll. lo r.l-A. Lash, M. Kelly, A. Slober, C. Skowronski, L. Ayl- ward, S. Lapp. Fourlh Row ll. lo r.J-C. Schoenmann, F. Buffa, R. Tobin, A. Tumulo. 'PT' ' '- 'L' 4 ogwemxw 4k Nha 42. ln spirit Trinlly Club: First Row ll. lo r.l-B. Krislensen, R. Hagen, K. Thorsen, D. Knud- sen, E. Krislensen, A. Hal- vorsen, Miss E. Skidmore. Second row ll. lo r.l-H. Kraft, R. Bensen, A. Scarre, J. Janssen, N. Truscoll, J. Scogman. Third row ll. lo r.l -C. Swensen, G. Floor, L. Knudsen, B. Andersen, M. Scu- dero, P. Behrens. Fourlh row ll. 'fo r.l-R. Hansen, R. Lar- sen, A. Andersen, R. Slelholl, R. Abboll, R. Hendricksen. WWMMWMW MWWWMMM X ' . QQ b-'.43-Tiff XV' 415 ,479 Randi Joberg Girl Leader Alan Levin Boy Leader 40' ...I Florence Beller Secretary SLM? Robert Khouri Treasurer Arisfaz Firsf Row fl. lo r.l-E. Deflna, E. Pafsakos, C. Spiclin, L. Bjornsfad, M. D'Agosfino, M. LaFande, P. Gerslen J. Appel, M. Sacks, R. Wenzlow. Second Row ll. to r.l-F. Naranblul, A. Belland, N. Truscotf, P. Johnson, L. Aylward M. Milllsis, J. Donnen, E. Oppenheimer, S. Mecca, E. Lolz. Third Row ll. fo r,l-S. Olsen, l. Olsen, M. Anlonelli, P lannone, C. Schoenmann, G. Mclnlyre, R. Glasser, D. Plsefzner. Fourfh Row ll. fo r.l-J, Yellen, R. Marino, S. Eaqon F. Buffa, A. Tumolo, M. Casfagnola, A. Halvorsen, R. Berman. Characler, Scholarship, Service Ari5'ra: Firsf Row U. lo ny-A. wnife, c. Andersen, J. Rosenbaum, c. soden, L. Tonnessen, E. Rnbinowafn, P. Quarle- raro, C. Rabe, J. Jansen, A. Conslanllne, H. Brachfeld. Second Row fl. to r.l-Mrs. M. Cafanla, R. Applebaurn, S. Macris V. Ridd, V. Minor, M. A. Kelly, J. Ray, T. Khodiamlrian, F. Rando. Third Row fl. to r,J-D. Bumby, W, Lassen, C. Marghi. soffo, A. Andersen, P. Wallen, R. Tenney, R. Angelson, F. Sfrobel, C. Schwenk, W. Grofheer. 119 The people behind fhe scenes it Exfra helpings for +eachers nap ,L yfidl' I Mr. Albert Gassmunn Mrs. Hazel Coffey Tl? 'iw 'F 459 Mrs. Dorofhy Hgndg Mrs. Hands serving ihose ierrific "specials" The un'ForgeHable 'l'hree o'cloclc bus wi+h "plen+y of room in The rear" i ' 1 ",' j'mfW'W"' -wmv ' ' ' -g ' V Unfil now we have driffed fhrough our lives wifh neifher fhoughl nor cledicafion. Bur graduafion brings wi+h if The realizafion +ha'r our fulures are ours +o confrol. No longer can we be swepl' along wi+h 1'he fidesg we musf discover our goals ancl s'I'rive 'ro reach +l1em. Deborah Piseizner Slow years sailed by ancl ceased lo be g:1"'E'..-: ,4 ufagraph mf! ,KWWL V 1 jx ,lug 'f n if Tl y l , , 1 K f' . JY fl x U ,Z 4 , 1.1 L2 ,ff J ,f "Friends of my youthf at last adieu! haply someday we meet again: Yet ne'er the self-same men shall meet: the years shall make us other men." 152 advertisers 44444 4444 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 EI Z4444444444444444444444444 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4' 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4' 4' 4 4 4 4 4 excellent design skilled craftsmanship superb quality RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES YOUR CLASS JEWELER DIEGES Gu. CLU T BOSTON I7 1oHN smm, NEW YORK a, N. Y. ,,,,o,,.,,E,,cE MANUFACTURING JEWELERS THE BREVOORT SAVINGS BANK ' OFBROOKLYN 447 EIGHTY-SIXTH STREET BROOKLYN 9,N.Y RICHARD A BRENNAN PRES OE To the Members of the Graduating Class of Fort Hamilton High School It is with deep pleasure that the Brevoort Savings Bank of Brooklyn extends congratu- lations to each and every one of you upon the successful completion of your academic studies and your graduation to more advanced affairs. In offering these felicitations I speak for our trustees, officers and staff and I need not add our conviction that today more than ever before the courses you have been pursuing are more necessary to successful living than ever before. I know you all realize how fortunate you have been in attending an institution unique in location and virtually unsurpassed in faculty and facilities. Our best wishes for good health and prosperity. May God grant a future bright with promise and happiness. Sincerely, President 64 ONGRATULATIO " From the Senior Celebrities of The Class of 1960 Arnold Andersen Chuck Schwenk Most Likely to Succeed Did Most for the School Ann Belland Nancy Truscott Musician Actress Ken Sipley Alan Pierce Musician Actor Jackie Gorra Holi Lombardo Vogue Singer Matty Snapp Harvey Wacelitel Esquire Class Wit Mary Ann Marullo Joe Longo Giggles Adonis Rudy Bachmann Lorraine Small Mr. Fort Hamilton Venus Maryann D,Agostin Mrs. Fort Hamilton Carole Kashar Pin up Bob Del Gaudio King of Hearts Linda Bjornstad Queen of Hearts Linda Christensen Class Athlete Bob Barneck Class Athlete Kaare Rafoss Rembrandt 0 Jeff Samaha Don Juan Jacqueline Appel Class Scholar Carol Pullman Miss Chatterbox John Cardello Cupid Connie Zagallo Personality Kid Art Halvorsen Personality Kid John Raffaniello Romeo Adele Caselli Juliet 5 lIl.l. That The Name lmpli6S! Integrity . . . Sincerity . . . Devotion To Public Good Linen n Savings Bank The Life Insurance and Savings Bank Serving the Nation's Savers Since 1866 Brooklyn, New York O MAIN OFFICE .... ..... ....... B r oadway and Union Ave. BAY RIDGE ........................ Fifth Ave. cor. 75th St BRIGHTON BEACH. .Brighton Beach Ave. cor. Coney Island Ave FLATBUSH ....... ......... C hurch Ave. cor. Nostrand Ave MARLBORO ........ . ..,.. Avenue X and West 2nd St. WILLIAMSBURG .... ........ G raham Ave. near Broadway I Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 5 Fort Hamilton High School ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Welcomes The Class of 1960 and Invites Their Full Participation in All Activities RE : have you compared the cost of education loans? You owe it to yourself to compare loan costs with the cost of the Insured Education Loan Plan of Manufacturers Trust Company. For example, a four year, 34,000 education loan from Manufacturers Trust costs only 3143.84 A Personal Credit Counselor in any of our banking offices will help you borrow from 3300 to 310,000 ato finance education at any level A from primary grades to post graduate or business schooling and for one to four years. You can take up to six years to repay. Your life is insured at all times for the unpaid balance, thus assuring that the education of your son or daughter will be continued. Before you borrow, come in and talk it over with one of our Personal Credit Counselors. He'll be glad to arrange an education loan for you. One of our 114 banking otlices is very near where you live or work. 67 of them are open Monday evenings 6 to 8 p. m. 'P .-:' Typical Manufacturers Trust low-cost education loans . W Amuuni to course Period of Monthly X cast 1.5 he Fr nanc ed of Study Repaymenl Repayment per Year' 1311. s 1,000 1 year 12 months S 85.41 S 24.92 YQ 1,000 1 year 24 months 44.21 30.52 4,000 4 years 48 months 86.33 35.96 10,000 4 years 72 merrtne 154.18 183.49 :PHE-JT! 'Includes the cost of insurance Personal Loan Department MANUFACTURERS TRUST COMPANY NEW YORK, N. Y. lSee your telephone book for locationsj 5 HARMANY STUDIOS 8315 FIFTH AVENUE BROOKLYN 9, N. Y SHore Road 8-6868 FORT HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 'F -"'7f"VV'f ' "' 'r 5 1 if f siirwqpv f 4 ' f 1 Ju iv, , W ,?f?.'LM'f73z4 M11 1 ' s +nomf,w:f'9. 5' My -.w :Fed ' rms I , ,,, ,mi .. . 1, ,.,v 4 Www f I tr 7 l A w i it ' 'war ' 1 1 , " . 1 'G 1 J 'lf 'H 'ilf' Y , 15" f l' V I ., ,av -iq, ,f f,.q.1f7J, , 'ft 1. nf' ,W IM, Betty Charles Beauty Salon A Rendezvous for Smart Girls 8312 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. SI-Iore Road 5-7730 SHore Road 5-7731 HIQIIQIIH PIILQQ, Inc. Letterpress - Offset Printers 33 Flatbush Avenue o Brooklyn 'l7, N. Y. Ulster 8-2500 SINCE 1915 we have been serving high schools and colleges of Greater New York . . . We take pride in having at your service our staff of expert typographers, artists and advisors . . . q D 185 PRINTERS OF THE TOWER We Have Finally Made It! Good Luck and Best Wishes to the Seniors . . Class 4A3 SH 5-16223 SENIOR CLASS BOOSTERS CHASE FLOWER MART ' Flowers Styled by Ann Chase Bridal Consultant 477 86th Street AT FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Mr, 8- Mrs. J. Banks Kenneth Biornstad Mr. 8. Mrs. N. Biornstad Mr. 8. Mrs. Roy Brandt Mrs. Elsie Brubaker Mr. M. L. Campbell James Carlton Salvatore G. DiConza Margaret Driscoll Richard L. Ginn Evelyn Junge Mrs. H. Mavico Scotty McConway Mr. 8. Mrs. W. Riesz Mr. 8. Mrs. K. Schrader Betty Schultz Mr. A Mrs. V. K. Smith Mrs. Else Sohl Mr. Herbert Sohl Mr. A Mrs. Tanaiewske Helen Winika Waine Winika SH 8-04100-3058 Howard M. Minor, Pres. Edward T. Minor Co. aservice Since 1896,, Fuel Oil - Coal Licensed and Bonded Oil Burner Installations 7303 THIRD AVENUE BROOKLYN 9, N. Y Collegiate Cap and Gown Co. RENTAL CAPS AND COWNS CHOIR GOWNS 366 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK CITY BAY RIDGE'S NEWEST DRIVE IN MISTER BURGER MISTER DONUT 1453 86th STREET Compliments of MR. JOSEPH LEONARDO YOUNG FELLAH'S 4-57 86th STREET TE 6-6866 A 86th STREETS NEWEST JUNIOR AND PREP SHOP With a Complete Line of Clothing and Accessories in Well-Known Brands AL 4-0787 SHore Road 5-3200 SCIENTIFIC LEEMARK TRI-ART LANES, INC. ENCRAVINC Bowling At Its Best INC. 5 A Photo Engravers 423-33 88th STREET Brooklyn 9, N. Y. A Harry Bellman Leo Celano 52 EAST 19th STREET New York 3, N. Y. IN 7-61 1 1-2 Lou Eisenstem Red Sarachek Circle Athletic Equipment Co Complete Sporting Goods Outfitters 886 FRANKLIN AVENUE Near Carroll Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Special Discounts to Fort Hamilton High School Students G.O. STORE ROOM B60 4th and 5th Periods Daily A Your Headquarters for School Supplies CAD PAID FOR BY A FRIEND OF THE G.O. STOREJ SH 3-0500 TERGE SEN FINE MEATS Restaurant and Institutional Service A 6820 8tl1 AVENUE Brooklyn 20, N. Y. 'BE 8-4440-1-2-3 Carmine Bevi PRINCE MOTORS, Inc. 8910 4th AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SHore Road 5-9801 J. D. WILKENS Confectionery 8610 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. ES 6-9475 Sonny Tringo's Music Studio M 31 s BAKERY aHQOQXihig,gtfa Bread, Rolls, Cookies and Pastry Business: 8811 31-d Avenue - 122 B kl , N. Y. 1806 CONEY ISLAND AVENUE SH 8 2 Home, 237 ggthrgfreff' Brooklyn, N. Y. TE 3-8833 Brooklyn, N. Y. Mr. Ragusa who helped us fine To get along on that old grind. Four years of learning with fun galore. Who could ask for anything more? CLASS 4Bl0 UL 4-5580 KINGS FASHION SHOP 5516 13th Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. Open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.-Mon., Tues., Thurs. 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.-Wed., Fri., Sat. Bliachviewed 8-1170 HERBERT 'S DECORATORS Curtains, Draperies, Slip Covers Spreads and Linens 8114 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Cnelsea 3-6840 CHIN 81 LEE CO., Inc. Manufacturers of Chow Mein 123 BANK STREET New York 14, N. Y. Compliments of Fort Hamilton High School Orchestra Compliments of Robert Kelly and Thomas McDonough 541 86th STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. SH 5-4528 Installation 8a Service Columbia Electronics Co. Radio, Television, Phonos, Hi-Fi Approved Service Agency 9013 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn 9, N. Y. sfreriing 3-9573 Est. 1884 W. McCOMB PRIME MEATS AND FISH Schools and Institutions Supplied 272 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn 17, N. Y. Fortway Plumbing 81 Heating Supply Co., Inc. 5621 FORT HAMILTON PARKWAY Brooklyn 19, N. Y. Compliments of RULO-LEA CO. SH 5-9451-2 BITTAR'S PHARMACY ALBERT C. BITTAR, Pharmacist 8321 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. TE 9-2600 Cliffcorn Answering Service, Inc. 8522 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 8-5115 We Deliver Everywhe ROSARY GIFT AND FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions 8506 FOURTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. F8 .IUELL M. BIE Fine Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry At Attractive Prices 7810 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. BE 8-1100-5 ARNESEN PRESS, INC. NORWEGIAN NEWS Printers and Publishers '1 313 6515 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 20, N. Y. MAin 5-3324-5 JOHN J. SMITH PROVISIONS CO., INC. Purveyors to Hotels Sz Restaurants Prime Meats, Poultry, Provisions 37 GRAND AVENUE Brooklyn 5, N. Y. 24 Hour Service LUdlow 5-9003 PERRET, STEELE and WOLFF PRODUCE CO. Fruits and Vegetables 204 BRONX TERMINAL MARKET Bronx 51, N. Y. FRANK 81 ALBERT HAIR sTYL1s'rs 7912 FIFTH AVENUE SH 8-9272 Brooklyn 9, N. Y. 8510 THIRD AVENUE SH 8-4300 Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 8-8820 HUNKELE FLOWERS 7917 F11-TH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. We, the class of 4A13, express sincere greetings to our fellow classmates, and the "best" to our Fort Hamilton. May God be with you in whatever you do. Good luck and best wishes. CLASS 4-A13 167 T' MW VW 'X i W MMWWM M My fff'f"M? an Uiygvjiffvvfyg QW VW m gp? nbos? qs, XX 0 Wasps, ,ggi xapqa-0 gfg fha'-1 ef' aCcj'So Hof? V Q 49 PX go bv?-' N "li . x 'I 1 In --I 5: ' . ' n L., .' j xx fl SP0 we 7' uw df Q . f "W ' Q Yr! Q . .1 qu.. s..- 1QxQAn se'X32Tg5la Ei? L Q MW QM! ' nuff ff?-ff '4"L- ,JL 1 I N MJ Tffjk by lux! 75' "yay . 13 W V,f WM , f J W Q0 UA 0' L Nl ,ff-?"" f L J 9 Q l

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