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M, 74:3 , .f-'g I Q- Fic A S4 ' xl, J 3 .3 . -'i i L 44 Xe 6 1 - 1 A 1 E 5 Yi !l W! 5 1 1 ' 1 1 i 5 i 1 J if ls 1 r 1 1 Y i 1 Q 1 , Pg Jr U +V' A-I i:.m?f9 '7?Q.:':: , , H wr ' 3. -' 1 , 1, E .Q 4'-. 32 1 F' 9:5 -ef . X , ., Q, 1 l -,Ji ' a- gf. A ., , V V W:-j 4 ' gg Cr" , ,-TFT. Qi ' ' " 'f-.1 - ,i 9 , . ' ' , .gh ':.,,1.,: ,J Y .7 ' ,A J fr il,.r, fig -nr, T 'Q . SL V X 1 . I5 . ff-' Yaf- Je Q, 4,17 1., wfif. - H 5' 2' , - M5 g A ' ugly Y LU U 1 L f . 5: fm,-N, 1 , Q , 54 ,Q ,4 -gg, ' W-F L -Q54 ' QQ? ' A' ' , 'Elm' ' I-D 913 , 'Wx 7 aff L, ,, Yi xi i - .I 1, - 'i 1- M 1 .J Sig , 45 .1,e:.- ',, to all those who have helped us grow the class of june 1959 A-- Fort Hamilton High School 8301 Shore Road ' - ff f,,'4,f9 fy f 'f f V V ' f ,:".'f,2c:z,f,"' .. , - ' - C , 4 1 . ' . . . ' 'V ' - f'X'K42F' f 2114427 ,Z 1.1145-'JZ P- " '?izfsf.i,H..1f .xg . 1 - :fv ' 1 ' - Brooklyn 9, New York ' .Ion B. Leder, Principal present th ,- . ' P , Q- www, W4f'flQ'7W, ' 1, ,, P y X Wifjfia 'WW' ' 1" 6 'j Q.. f 4 4.4, ' A V' vf M79 1'f7':fff 'Im ,, -wiki? 1- 'Q .1 fef.w. contents V 5 6 7 8 9 34 34 35 36 38 39 IOO IO2 IO8 IO9 IIO ll2 l I4 Our Adver'risers -P Dear Graduafes, When Russia placed fhe firsf Spufnilc in fhe slcy, all fhe 'Familiar crifics of American educafion prompfly wenf info orbif, where fhey have remained for more fhan a year. Have fheir oufcries made you wonder whefher your own educafion has been in- adequafe? The besf answer is confained in fhe re- cenf reporf by Dr. James Bryanf Conanf, former Presidenf of Harvard Universify, which summarizes recommendafions based on a fwo year sfudy of fiffy-five high schools. In brief, we may confidenfly asserf fhaf Forf Hamilfon High School offers a program of educafion fhaf meefs almosf all fhe qualifi- cafions suggesfed by Dr. Conanf. Whefher your parficular course of sfudy has been besf for you is anofher maffer, for under fhe American sysfem you have nof been forced fo fake one course or anofher, and if is possible fhaf you have chosen courses for childish reasons, despife our besf guidance. If you have chosen fhe solid subiecfs, your educafion has been of greafesf value, if you have falcen fhe easy, downhill pafh, you have a greafer climb awaifing you lafer. The Bible says, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." If is fhe hope and prayer of fhe faculfy fhaf you have all sown well, and fhaf you may live fo enioy fhe fruifs. Sincerely yours, Jon B. Leder Principal Mrs. Cynthia Mcineuny Secretary fo - 'Qu Mr. Jon B. Leder, Principal Wm, Miss Elizabeth Hoffman Administrative Assistant and Secretary, Mrs. Mary Barrett 1 as n Mr. James Quigley Administrative Assistant and Dean of Boys 6 administration "Reason and calm judgment, the qualities especially belong- ing to a leader." TACITUS Mr. William Mills Assistant Dean of Boys Miss Helen Brookmann Dean of Girls Mr. Francis Ptak Assistant Dean of Boys deans "Conduct is three-fourths of our life and its largest concern." MATHEW ARNOLD Mrs. Mary Catania o College Advisor with Secretary a "Many receive advice, only the wise ll profit by it. PUBLIUS SYRUS Mrs. Concetta Bonom Grade Advisor with Assistants The students of the graduating class-section B, grate- fully acknowledge the advice and encouragement given us by our grade advisors-Mrs. M. Finn, Mrs. J. Mayer and Miss M. Randles. Mr. Herman Fischman Miss Rita Duhig Career Advisor and Tower Editor-in-Chief Social Advisor f QNX N X -."- -, Al! N VQ? iv WS 4N 4 M 5 'Friends, Romans, Countrymen . . ." Seated ll. to r.J-M. Milgravis, C. Willson, L. Lake, Miss G. Furganis ffaculty advisorj, M. Sigillo, P. Furran. Standing-V. Yancey, J. Ramsey, C. Slade, J. Russo, T. Duffy. Let's fake that scene again. REHEARSING FOR THE SPRING PLAY: Sitting fl. to r.D-D. Kalesh, J. Wilson. Standing ll. to r.J-R. Tomasetti, J. Furie, B. Cohen, H. Futoran, M. Rosenzweig, C. Rosenzweig, J. Vetrano, C. Greenberg, A. Hittner, I.. Galitzer, J. Nilsen, S. Margolis, H. Ross, R. Feigenbaum, A. Edelman. Faculty advisor-Mr. Philip Eisman. english The key +o doors of awesome +ru+h. +he means of expression on which being lhrivesg Communicalion, sharing- lhe basic need. Translafecl info copulalive, adverbial iambic penlamefersg Words fall in+o place. Yielding supple rhylhm and +he sinuous beau+y of black and whi'l'e Somehow 'l'rans'Formecl info images of lush color. Painfecl here fhe meaning of life. To be or not fo be . . ." 0 Mr. Jerome Carlin xx Mrfh X y X C . si xx W1 , If If 'VKX' , 1 L K . ,ff ,ff .sss I sssi ii if J J VX fad X ,,,,, ,jff NQ57L f f J V if f , 1 x J 03344 fix Firsi- row CI. to r.J-A. Cadorine, L. Diamond, R. Golby, H. Heiss. Second row-A. Hicks, L. Picarelli, C. Nicholas, Miss J. Alberfi ffuculty advisorb, M. Bullan, C. Alekel, C. Khoury. Third row-A. Rusmanis, H. Skilbred, J. Vetruno, S. Wuage, J. Donne, J. Dougherfy. On Our Way fo West Point o Miss Frances Hennessy o History can be fun! history Delving in 'rhe ruins of man's glories and failures. Dusi, coniinually being Siirred and remolded. Dales ancl names, 'rhe keys 'ro caiaclysmic evenis and microscopic inirigues The evoluiion oi socieiies. Their cusioms, riies Our officials, issues, economy. The siaie of ihe Union Conflici and change The world-reduced io peephole size For our shori glances. 13 o We've got the frog right here. V r o Miss Evelyn Morholf o Mr. George Kclnstroom Biological Science Physical Science 14 scienc Why? How? l'l1e method +o all fixings we seelc +o learn Microscope, fesl' lube, Logic: crysfal clarify, Cur fools. We lincl 'lhe innermosl' reasons for superficial fhings. Young cynics, we rediscover wl1a+ if is fo wonder. We scoff a+ nafure for being simple Ye+ here we worship, poe+ like, Complexify. As Freud would say . . . Station F.H.H.S. Broadcasting RADIO PHYSICS CLUB: rl. fo ni -J. Mccwhy, V. Minelli, I.. Diamond, P. Calogaro, D. Perry, T. McNulty, T. Otle, S. Crane, A. Chekov, R. Hogrebe, F. Luciano. fl. to YJ-L. Smith, R. Cyens, L. Sanders, 5. Charney, D. Kalesh, J. Hardiman, J. Kamin, P. Gersten, P. Applebaum, T. Volmnd, J. Moore, V. Gordy, J. Appel, Mr. H. Kamin ffaculty advisorl. Back row-K. McCarthy, K. Swenson. o Miss Antonia Higginson mathematics Tiny, giganiic yei' equal. Rules wiih no excepiiong con+rary, incredible 'ro excepiion-drenched humaniiy Negaiive numbers- proof of exis+ence of a world Beyond posifive realiiy. Perfeciion discovered by imperfecfion lnfinify. xD P-PG lS1.fX..:l' UNINLA xOUX-:r l'-LN-01 555255 I! News UNUX.::l' Q35-LA 195119 P-NGS, COUXON .FN NON DCO I Q 5. DCD xOxO ON twoaco COCOIN INGDXO Fhlxnm .-....l D-4 C53 1 guwuy CUP'-.D OxO 1.."'x Oltizr G,o, Mr. Berkowitz offering bargains to stu dents "af a popular price." Going, Going, Gone. o Mr. John Cummings accounting Ledgers . . . in orderly arrangemenl. Add . . . sub+rac'r, balance . . . Numerals minulely inscribed on +l1e shadows of a livelihood. I7 ,, 5-ugiko A, 52 M Qiif' ,fix as , , , Q P skew 53 gn' -e' 113212. so ij.. P2 5? F .W9Z?f43reg, E,--:to C7 G33 X, Zz, D 5 o X ...fees L 59 nf Q-if fel, 'wfifgn -12211 Q m gg .... f "-- e o X ,zz MGI, fT?P11z,n 3 Q W Q Q rf ,K fffg ,,92"fg1iMGlZ"Q mia? 3 ,gT.s'L. urel.fQ1?"'ff?if,,Z!99l7 aawit 2 2.9:-. C ff, 2 3 . ,ffavgglhwWff4f.Q5'1nn.g'.j"?. ' : N fe 2 Q, O"w..: mm f1,,a,,Af.Z?y:,g,,,f,a12gfimf2aeff,,,K ' E 3 U SQA.: 2-2 fwff.-Mm GMM.. :K 4-' QQ new ,un wwf, a 3.23 1: 8355- "...iW1.f'fw wi? my 'N' i':"1J"" E 8 bo ' K.: "Wi3.KHif'rv 2.9, QE: gig H I9 f' m,.:-Mi,, mm. .5 Q, ,,:r' -- if if ' 'i'i"i5lv'1L.,11"1,L Q 0.7. ' TTI "' ZWELLLTL , A WI " ' Miss Edna Skidmore with fl. to r.D M. Moore, M. Tryland, K. McCarthy, N. Nisco, B. Bold and A. Hittner 125 "La Cucharachau Kneeling-Carol Laub, Arthur Broder. Sitting CI. to r.J- J. Cohen, M. Eisele, C. Perea, Mr. Alan Felder, Mrs. Mary Desibio ffaculty advisorsj, K. Shakel, A. Cadorine. Standing-F. Reff, B. Amador, P. Sclafani, C. Michaelson, R. Livingston, C. Triplett, L. Galitzer, S. Margolis. D. Kalesh, H. Futoran, H. Ross, M. Kramer, B. Friedman, V. Yancey. Standing-C. Martinez. language A As Babel collapsing, we 'rumble info a world of cacophony. Our clumsy longues slrain al' a cedilla or an umlaul. Hearing wislfully, beau+y- guflural German, exuberanl' Spanish, lripping French, slalely Lalin. Slriving lo imifale heard melody. Nurluring profound respecf for our own. 0 Mr. Max Zelclner Mrs. Mary Catania with CI. to r.l C. Rosenzweig, C. Michaelson, R. Golbyy Mr. Alan Felder-top Hza 13 Clase colnfenza de es,-, 3 . yd Q Las , agar con rms a cas? 9116 vm, ' fe estaban 1 jo P IOS 'ni her v XV' X YWNHE fbfadif X 'vefsflllffsgf wmmamwwwwmwwp Wmmmf Qgmm WmQg?my,qV?aM A I.. a fl , 1 'X 'X Koi Q ,,. f fx C '5' 'H L. CN r 2 W ,ag 'l'.ji'5gzz1,1zQmg54rw- ,v f l L X H We SG 'U 'T 5 :..112:13""' " W" f ,Og G 1, zz- I , Nga an 3'-3 5' sa as 'N Jiaznlzirs K -la. 0 S55 . fe.: :Q ,gg Q -...-Q skgiagghzzyl, My s f' - gd -UNQY D' QQ Kalki! df' l' X., 'a Au uit . M 41 QNX Cp ".9cf'Q..0f2i ' "f' Q' ll lx' es'-59" 'mas' 5' .f ew 3 5-fy P If wk Q Qeya if wp K if -95 'X'-5 Q ax A 1 x J ' . 9553 5 426 431. o' wir? CU 43 ' . 3 92,951 Q-, ' ,4:"4 2 PVY7, . ,X u W se! , na, udenten, ' - - X teressie' D-Q 221 iffgi' -f 1 wg, f M 14321 f mv 'fm' rff f 'QD . ' ' Q miiigwxv Vzzlgwf 'H J OOa5"'f 49 - 'vw ,-fs fr? Q 1+ Q -HBVWQQI 593299 l31'2pvU?"' Wiliam Qs? an 8.1 .bam Q52 pr o ps 0 Qf'6Vbg?2.ff'f2'?" 0 'J .lm 0 Miss Annu Dick art I . iss T Prize Winner by Sandra Sorenson 2,1 'er . ' f Slick figures on a 'Hai' background A collage of characierisiics- always changing. Narrow-eyed, we see one beauiy All else is ugliness Vision broadens: In paper-mache and pain+ We see beauiy in line, form. We 'rake shape- , Delicaie washes, new fones. A more cornple+e being. Discussing Plans for Our "Who's Who" Bulletin Board ll. to r.l-J. Avramides, Miss A. Dick lfoculfy udvisorl, P. Piro, E. Levine, L. Gierfsen. Seated-E. Ekelund, P. Siller. Halloween Artists af Work CL. to r.l-J. McCloud, J. Avrumides, E. Levine. if si ' ig g v library The wrillen word of knowledge, power We find civilized man as he dredges from lhe masses, Learning, romance, advenlure, delighl. He yearns, he searches, and, al lasl He lravels +he palh-lhe Cify of Books. e Mrs. Elizabeth McCIenahun o Where ol fellow can be by himself L. io r.l-H. Schmidi, J. Sol? ffaculfy udvisorl, C. Martinez, R. Beichman, R. D 0 Mr. Herbert lessell Primilive rl1y+l1ms of a new generafion Savage, pulsaiing Hosiile 'ro ar+ 'Forms alien +o i+s own And 'llien a cascade of silvery iones Unsiops our sealed-off ears And deepens our perspec+ive. Enclwanied, we hear barefooi folk songs +l'ie medium of a simple people The wal+z, Siafesque vehicle of romaniicism And magnificent colonnadecl S+ruc+ures of melody Assauli' usg ilze expressions of +ormen+ed genius Opening avenues of lighf and beauiy and +l'1ougl1+. . . "and the angels sing." I C. Marchizotto, R. D'Urso, J. Vreeland, P. Savadsky with guitar. music I firsi' row U. to r.1-R. Bruna, M. Mann, A. Sharp, J. Chartrand, M. Briody. Second row fl. to r.J-J. Ceresa, T. Meberg, A. Kay, P. Syverisen, W. Murphy, P. Grunde, R. Helenius. Third row CI. to r.J-H. Heise, L. Chiappe, P. Haggar, R. Gravina, R. Pappaleo, A. Paulsen, E. Thompson. Mr. H. Lessell conducting. first row U fo r.J-D. Celli, E. Kennedy, J. Costello, G. Bilotfi, C. Vignec, G. Lumia, C. Topp, A. Triefeldf, N. Lindvedt, S. Nelson. Second row ll. to r.J-L. Primavera, K. Swenson, A. Reich, B. Kent, C. Khoury, I. Samson, D. Cafra, B. A. Solomon, K. McCarthy, G. Kolsfe. Third row ll. to r.J-J. Cohen, R. Suzuki, D. Amundson, M. Tarta- mella, .I. Mongelli, A. Acierno, B. Rierson. Mrs. Marie Salzberg, conducting. I fl. to r.1-P. Scoggin, K. Cutroni, A. Abramson, J. DeModna, J. Hansen, D. Johann- sen, C. Maroon, A. Olsen, J. Klein, K. Shakel, H. Cuyulis, P. Siller, G. Ofte, K. Quay. Sitting-A. Burger, J. Ableft, Petersen. Faculty advisor-Mr. Herbert Lessell. amnam-my - "Hi-ho, Steverino" Piano-K. Cutrani. Standing fl. to r.J-Mr. William Shine ffaculty advisorl, J. Soltys, J. Samaha, C. Martinez, B. Faerstein, J. Kamin, R. D'Urso. Second row-H. Schmidt, J. Martinez, J. Charney, I.. Shuman. Third row-P. Savadsky, R. Bachman, V. Marchizano. We're just the greatest! shop 0 Mr. John Matheson A crystalline design of the future. Calculated with hairline precision Mathematicaliy: no room for error. Carry it out: see it take shape Smooth the edges with a loving sandpaper. Render it acceptable with cultured sheilac. His task completed, John Chartrand gets his lathe ready for use by student of next class girls' gym Awkward X and f ,, Gangling I We en+er +o grow 0 Mrs. Beatrice Schaefer Rhymm' Coordinmion Endurance We move creaiing, improving enioying, Forward first row fl. to r.J-D. Cali, H. DeBIasio, W. Woiecki, M. A. Radice, A. Brodish, S. Abdelhak. Second row-H. Cuyulis, B. Bold, A. Agoglia, J. Paradise, B. Olsen. Third row- B. Pucci, A. DeSentis, L. Lake, A. Cowles, .l. Thompsen, A. Obadia, J. Brautman, D. Ferris, J. Friedman R. Drosdorf. 27 e Cheers from the bleachers first row ll. to r.l-Sect. Maryanne D'Agostino, Capt. C. Green- berg, Co-Capt. J. Desalve, Sect. C. Kashbar. Second row-F. Apfel, M. Ballan, E. Kaplan, E. Levine, L. Marino. Third row-M. Eisel, B. Brautman, C. Khoury, R. Livingston, B. Amador, M. DeCanio. Faculty advisor-Miss Mary Ann Shaw. o Get that ball! first row ll. to r.J-S. Nisco, L. Gasparino, C. Anderson, W. Woicicki, S. Olsen, L. Denison, D. Million, M. Millissis. Second row-P. Ansara, E. Olsen, E. Ekland, H. Brackfield ffaculty advisorj, Mrs. J. Sullivan, J. Jansen, J. Rachlin, D. Pisetzner, M. Arato. Third row-E. Torland, L. Christiansand, S. Salamone, V. Laferla, S. Abdelhak, K. Swenson, J. Brautman, V. Nisco, K. Shakel, M. Milgravis. Fourth row-D. Dempsey, C. Andersen, A. Constantine, R. Cyens, K. Quay, V. Floor, F. Natanblut, G. Edmonds, K. Olsen. 28 secretarial studies o Miss Sally Van Bokkelen Direcl' preparaiion 'For a fulure. A gradual increase in efficiency slipping info procedure, A grounding in ,pracfical erhics. A forerasle of life. Can you do ninety words a minute? KL. to r.J-B. Christiansen, J. Ericksen, I. Samsen, J. Larsen, J. Gallo , f "av --'wif ,, my 1 ,X , f x """r' ,f f , :QQ 1 H w 1" ,,,,....w,-ff """' .....,,. Q1 Mr. Gordon Lebowitz boys' health education They came as boys lo be: Slrenglhened- morally, physically. Taugh+- responsibilily, leadership. Praclice- fellowship, forlilude. They leave as . . . Men. J. Reiley at but with A. Jones set fo do cafching. some How's your backhand? i r ll. fo r.l-L. Haas, J. Yellen, J. Chur- ney, W. Bryson, Mr. A. .loltin ffucuhy advisorl, H. Skilbred, D. Goer, R. Gillespie, R. Abbof. Kneeling-A. Caclorine. '58-'59 TRACK MEDAL WINNERS MILLROSE MEET-Mile relay 3rd place-Kirk Beck, Bob Lunclgren, Mike TarI'ameIIa Helmulh Mainardy. I BISHOP LOUGHLIN MEET-Ken Borg, 5'I'h in novice high jump. HAYES MEET-Caplain Mike Tarlamella placed .Ihird in open 600. ST. FRANCIS MEET-Capfain Mike Tarlamella receive-dna 6+h place medal in open l 440. HeImu'rh Mainarcly was also awarded a 6'rh place medal in novice 440. MAYOR'S MEET-Bob Cusack lied for lhird in high jump. METROPOLITAN COLLEGIATE MEET-No-vice mile relay 2nd place: Ken Ollgi, Paul Crane, John Zuccarelli, Sleven Shama. P. S. A. L. CHAMPIONSHIP MEET-Mike Tar-+ameIIa 3rd place in open 440. I Richard Cerralo 3rd in I2 pound sho'I'. Our Boys in Blue cl. to r.J-G. Mitchell P. mcnevin, G. Moran J J , , . ones, R. R o Second row-R. Reid, B. Burnek, A. Olsen, P. Meberg, R. Willis, R. Aquino. Third row-E. Mizhir, H. B s G Gavin, A. Kay, W. Conte. Faculty advisor-Mr. Kenneth Kern. 32 Fore! ll. to r.J-R. Khouri, Mr. J. Maiheson B. Tilton, H. Seidel, M. Levin. The l958-59 varsily baskeiball 'ieam had a fine year. Their league record was 5-5 lgood for 'rhird placel and an overall record of 9-9. They clefeafed our arch rivals Sl. Michaels, rl'wice, New Ulrechl' and Lincoln H.S., iwice and splil- wilh Lafayeiie and Curlis H.S. Senior members, Howard Bass, Bill Cornie, Ed Mizhir, Gerald Gavin, Alvin Kay and Bob Russo were malnsiays of ihe ieam. Co-caplains were Bill Conle and Ed Mizhir. Hey, hey, fake if away! Cl. io r.l-A. Brodish, K. Youngman, J. Wilson, H. Cayulis, E. Villias, M. l.aMan'lia, J. Mehlberg, M. Raclice, J. Caccavelle, D. Cali. Faculty advisor-Mrs. Janet Seidler. 33 ' S+uclen+s who are oufsfanding in scholarship, characfer ancl ex+ra-curricular ac'I'iv- a Hy are represen+ed in Arisfa. Members assisi' a+ P.T.A. meefings and con+ribu+e 'lo charify drives. Mrs. Mary Catania, facuH'y advisor, 'Feels l'ha'r +he real pur- pose of +he honor sociefy is fo puf inielleciual ab'li+y +o work fhrough service +o ofhers. To accom- plish fheir goal, Aris+a s+uden+s par+icipa+e in a 'ruforing program by which s+uden+s requiring help in various subiecfs are given +he coaching necessmry fo achieve passing grades. Officers of Arisia 'rhis year were: Boy leader-Morris Kramer, Girl leader-Barbara Bold. Q . The Senior Council is one of 'l'he mos+ imporfam' s+u- ' deni adminisfraiive bodies in Forf Hamilion. The elecfed officers wiih fhe guidance of 'rheir advisor, Miss Rifa Duhig, meef each week fo plan senior acl-ivi+ies. The council's chief funcfions include: fhe appoin'rmen'r of commiH'ees-Service and Benefifs, Prom, Gifl' and Social-which organize all class acfivifies, and fhe appropriafion of money for 'rhe various evenis of senior year. Thanks fo The efforfs of 'rhis group, +he pasi +en monfhs have indeed been a memorable parl' of our high school career. 34 ARISTA MEMBERS Hans Aus Antoinette Bavaro Elizabeth Fasano Judith Gallo " Julia Klein Mary Turano Gail Zolnier Charlene Alekel Barbara Bold Bonnie Breslin Ruth Joos ' Jerome Massimio " Joan Amatucci Barbara Cohn Winifred Hansen Virginia Nisco Maxine Rosenzweig Virginia Wardell Carolyn Anderson Ann Marie Ekeland Janet Gehshan Amy Hittner Margaret Moore Cecily Rosenzweig Mildred Tryland " Charlotte Greenberg Morris Kramer Carol Nicholas Sandra Nisco Andris Rasmanis Karen Swensen " Joseph Tavolacci Lillian Abrahamsen " Henry Heise Mara Milgravis Ruth Moedinger Ann Triefeldt Virginia Gordy Paula Sclafani Judith Solomonoif " Julia Avramides Barbara Brautman Jonathan Charney Anne Johnson Betty Ann Solomon Dorothy Cali Manuela Diaz " Marcia Eisele Judith A. Johnsen I Ruth Livingston Genevieve lumia Sandra Margolis Christina Vignec ' Arthur Broder Carol Ann Laub " Clare Scheck Marge Takvam ' Blanche Usaitis ' Bertrum Faerstein " Jonathan Kamin Paul Kramer Harold Skilbred Elaine Villias Donald Goer Ellen Hoft Brenda Mudgett Janet Hardiman " Barbara Jenkins Herbert Sohl Carol Willson Douglas Kalesh " Florence Nason " Linda Primavera Mary Ann Radice Valerie Scioscia "' Dominick DiMauro Dolores Grieco Josephine Montalbano Arleen Pedersen Maria Roselli Kenneth Torp Carol Barbera Arthur Cadorine Judith Rizika Henry Schmidt xv Virginia Yancey SENIOR COUNCIL MEMBERS OFFICERS 4B14 Pres. Richard Tomasetti 4Al5 Vice-Pres. Dom Di Mauro 4A3 Sec. Joan Amatucci 4A7 Karen Youngman 484 Amy Hittner 4A3 Elizabeth Lind Joseph Russo 4A1l Herbert Futoran Elaine Villias 4B12 Brenda Mudgett Robert Catania 4Al3 Janet Hardiman 4B14 Barbara Freiberg Douglas Kalesh 4B'l5 Dolores Grieco Arthur Cadorine 4AI Jay Cohen Mary Turano 4B2 Jean Caccauale Jean Rappaport 4A3 Virginia Nisco Carol Pearson 4B4 Connie Manfredi Elinor Palermo 4A5 Morris Kramer Charlotte Greenberg 4B6 Lillian Abrahamsen Ann Trifeldt 4A7 Joanne Caltieri Tony Suba Tony Saba 4B8 Allen Adelman Betty Ann Salomon 4A9 Ruth Zimmerman John Mongelli 4BIO George Rafos Blanche Usaitis Behind the Scenes THE ELECTRICAL SQUAD: ll. to r.l-M. Schmier, P. Haggar, R. Tomasetti. Faculty ad- visor-Mr. David Cohen. Hot OH the Presses QI. to r.J-D. Johnsen, L. Lorraine, S. Oleksak, R. Cocchi. Faculty advisor-Mrs. Mary Westerberg. Who Wants Latin IV? Standing fl. to r.J-S. sei fer, R. Golby, S. Waage, J. Hansen, Miss M. Haigney. Seated-R. Good man, P. Silveri, M. Standhope, K. Sorensen, S. Cohen, This spring, for l'he 'firsi lime in 'ren years our school has published a li'l'erary magazine. The "An- chor" is 'lhe culminalion of a year's inlensive work on l'he pari of l'he slaff headed by l'heir advisor, Miss Helen P. Gerlach and edil'or-in-chief, Heilce De Blasio. The magazine includes ficiion, poeiry and arl' illusiraiions-all coniribu+ed by 'rhe siudeni body of Ferl Hamillon. X 7 W X 7 " ,,,, M l X fvfa, . " ff f W Kr We Z 6 lm ff 2 7,,,z',f 1 ,' , f , Z w f ? , 7 vf f Z , Q ff we 1 f Z fi My! 1 g f Q if 41 ff, Y , , f 14 ,QW ,Yu ' bfi I W, , W gg qi ll. to r.J-A. Carlson, G. Lumiu, C. Nicholas, V. Wurdell, Miss H. Gerlach lfuculiy cidvisorl. Not pictured: H. DeBluisio, K. Rafoss, E. Burleigh, K. Furie, G. Ofte. A N Cl-lf NQWQ null' i . fl. io r.J standing-J. Kamin, J. Charney, C. Rube, K. Ward, Mr. J. Solovay lfaculty advnsorl Suthng-J. Appel, M. Moore, P. Gerisen. QW " Q nf' wigs 514 I wiinffnss 'nbllgyl g Each monlh For+ Hamillon s'l'udenl's eagerly awail' 'l'he arrival of 'lhe lalesl' "Pilo+" edilion. And il is no wonder, since 'l'he publicalion offer Hs read- ers l'he besl' in l'he field of journalism. The slalil, wilh Mr. Jacob Solovay as advisor, is managed like lhe sfaffs of l'he leading newspapers we purchase on 'l'he slands. Reading a copy of l'he "Pilo+" explains why il' has meriled 'I'en Columbia Scholasfic Press Asso- cia'rion awards. lf my' ' 'x " i ,,,,. f1tH,.,,M' r' or XM, I , , ., E V XXX, 4 ., I ,V ,M ,f , X, V ,4, X XX X, fc I , WX, 'Q Ng XX f w 7 I .a 1. 'WM 'M 'Y " X' , Xf, X, ,4 Xa, ,f A,sX If 2, f ,Q WX, XX John w--de iiiiif ' 2 i i r X ,W ,. ,X UL I ,,, I I Z 35 ZW . 'QJKW' 1 A i rf-fr VW? f , KW! ,, Q A iuewf W-:..W! 1 , 'mf' XV! ffff W if my My mf 1 y F st? ,J .J 54 Wa, rc? W J wwf' JJWIV I ,. x A7 , I A , C, ,' 1- .- f Q 79' -we A .-1? , ttt, If W K wwf f ' f , ww., g -, J i X li, . g, ,7 '7"W"' if 1,., ' 4 739 ix! www ,,, , 4, 1 7 I 4 ar- A We M 49,9 t , - faq, ,. M ?lw, 1 ,Q , fly, I XM , v"" ' ff' T Vi ,,., 13 5 7" " . -av 4, 2 in K' , f A ' in L "'-iff? 4 , ,,, . f ,W f f,,' Knowledge of religion, inspiration, guidance-ihese are phases of student growth which are encour- aged by the three religious groups a+ Fort Ham- '-'V il+on. The Menorah, Newman and Trinity Clubs under the clireciion of Mr. Eugene Slerne, Miss Janice Alberti and Miss Edna Slridmore respec- tively, endeavor to strengihen the principles of faith so essenlial 'lo our lives. OUTER ARCH fl. to r.J: lucien Zito, Agatha Seneca, Jeffrey Samaha, David Herbert, Agatha lngolia, Donald Hamilton, Marie Roselli, John McCarthy, lorlllltw Marino, Michael Consentino, Mary Turano, Steven Waag, Maura King, Robert Cocchio, Valerie Sciosia, Miss J. Alberti, Miss R. McCann, Virginia Niscm Sandra Nisco, Arthur Cadorne, Dolores Celli, Paula Sclafani, Ronald Kodrich, John Stampanato, Helen Brooks, Ed Shanahan, Richard Cicchillo, Ritllilfd Tomasetti, Anne Clark, Elaine Burleigh, John Dougherty. INNER ARCH fl. to r.J: Virginia Wardell, Gail Ofte, Arlene Olsen, Mildred Tryland, Henry Heise, Christine Vignec, laura Lawcen, Barbara Anderson, Hun! Aus, Winifred Hansen, Vivian Knudnsen, Kenneth Berg, Miss E. Skidmore, Dennis Rudolfsen, Florence Nasom, Arthur Anderson, Arlene Petersen, Ruth Joost Andris Rasmanis, Patricia Scoggin, Anne Abrahamson, Harold Skilbred, Carol Remmen, Ingrid Samsen, Marilyn Scudero, Carolyn Kling. CENTER fTap Row, l. to r.J: Jane Furie, Sandra Margolis, Mr. E. Sterne, Cecily Rosenzweig, Francine Reff. lSecond Row, I. to r.J: Rita Feigenbaum, Barton Friedman, Maxine Rosenzweig, Herbert Futorna, Linda Galitzer. 4Third Row, I. t r.J: Roy Cohen, Caroline Michaelson, Ruth Livingston, Amy Hittner, Barbara Cohn, Morris Kramer. .. .'.'.'.'. . . . 5.1.1-1-2-.'.'. ...-.....,., . - - .--,'.. .........- ff' ',' '.'p'n'v'c'u'n - """"f I ga- "" Qizisizissg ,sfsf fE"f': " "" ' " -,-,A...-.-.,. . . ..,.. ...J .......-,.'.....-.:,:, . . ,. . r- ""' n'u'v'nor'-.4 o ',', . . . . . .I ...V ...fl . ..... .5 9 ,Z -,- , :...5.5..... ...' ' ' ' ' ' "'3':3:3:'. :2:2:3:3:3:1f5'7""":,5f.':1:2:' .-.-.'. ...........-.1 , ----. . .... , . is . . .'.... A :'a'c :..j.:.:.' ES::::::f:E .' ' . n'n'u's'u fu 1.1 Q' .:.:.g.g.g.g.g...:...g...g. 5 g.g.g.g.:.g.:.g. 5... 5... ABDELHAK, SANDRA 7100 Ridge Boulevard Beacons, Curtaintimers, Late Squad, Modern Dance Club, Musi- cale ,56, Basketball. - Nurses, Training The 'KBlue Cast'J,' letters to McCar- thibus, talks with Kay, "GrannieUg crying parties, Nan and Shag weekends at D,' Karen, Kay, Babs, Helene, my senior year. ABLET, JOAN 719 56 Street Girls' Chorus, Musicales ,57, '58, 59, Trinity Club, Table Captain. -Nursing School The work and pleasure in Fort Hamilton, the "Kooga Mooga's",' table E,' chernistryg the walks after school, and most of all, my senior year. ABRAHAMSEN, ANNE 145 Dahlgreen Place Trinity Club, Bowling Team, Receptionist, Attendance Oflice Squad, Record Office Squad.- College or Modeling Fort Hamilton, the wonderful friends I've made and the crazy times welve had together,' the work and the pleasure combined to make a wonderful senior year. ABRAHAMSEN, LILLIAN 1024 64 Street Senior Council, G.O. Representa- tive, Vice-President of the Girls' Chorus, Musicales '58, l59, Arista, Newman Club,-Business School Lunch with "Godfather Barbaraug the laughs in prefect with Kathy, Arlene, and Ruth,' the terrific times in Chorus with the '58 seniors, and of course, Don. ABRANOWSKI, ELLEN 478 68 Street Bio Squad, Service Squad, Table Captain.hSecretary junior English with Miss Haigneyg the birthday parties at lunch,' my friends-Barb, Mary, Alice, Eileen and Babyg and of course, Spanish 2 with Anne. ACIERNO, ANTHONY 425 60 Street Mixed Chorus, Service, Musicalc. -College, Air Force The wonderful times with Miss McCann,' foe and Vinny,' but most of all, Mrs. Salzberg and the Mixed Chorus, lunch with Antimo and Tommy, my friends, Cookie and Arline. 40 ff s, V 1 1 f if f M . AKIVIS, RICHARD 267 Ovington Avenue Latin Club, Cafeteria Service Squad, Musicales, Mr. 'Chelimsky's Service Squad, Band, Miss Hen- nessy's Service Squad.-College The good times I had in all my classes and the many friends I made at Fort Hamilton. ALEKEL, CHARLENE 7202 Colonial Road Arista, "Pilot', Reporter, Secretary to Mrs. Mayer and Miss McCann, Minutemen, Psychology Club.- College The students I met here, my Eng- lish and history classes, and the wonderful teachers I've had. ALFREIM, ASTRID 704 50 Street Mixed Chorus, Musical '58.- Business World The two years in the Mixed Chorus, lunch with fudy, Rosanna and Kathy, Rosemarie and all her H'oes",' the wonderful years of my z e. ALONGI, ANDREW 972 63 Street Service for Mr. Mills.-College The first day of school with all its surprises, my many friends, the fine teachers, the enjoyable classes and clubs AMADOR, BARBARA 913 50 Street Boosters, Secretary to Mrs. McEn- eany, Modern Dance Club, Men- orah Club, Pan American Club, Cafeteria Service.-College The morning rush with Karen to meet Carol and Virginiag fun with the gang at "The Table", "Mau Maus",' Team Room chuckles, my wonderful senior year. AMATUCC1, JOAN 860 72 Street Arista, Secretary of Senior Class, Senior Council, Prefect Secretary, Secretary to Mrs. Tilliss, Prom Committee.-Private Secretary My best friends-Marie, Anne, Tina, feannine, the stairway talks with Marie,' four memorable years at the Fort shared with my won- derful boy friend, Tommy, Debs. ABIUNDSEN, DIANE 768 60 Street English Office Squad.-Business World Aly high school years I'll never forget: crasy bus rides, kids I've metg fifth period lunchg senior yearg zveekends with "George' there and here. ABIUNDSON, DAVID 1017 84 Street G.O. Representative, Trinity Club, Mixed Chorus, Musieales '56, '57, '58, '59.fC0llege All the great kids and teachers I have met: the laughs in the tlflixed Chorusg and those crasy times down in lunch with Uthe boysf, ANDERSEN, ARTHUR 42 75 Street President of Trinity Club, Orches- tra, Band, Musicales.-Bible Col- lege The blessings received through Trinity Clubs G., the violist who couldrft violag the talks in the hallsg all the fun with Keng my German problems. ANDERSEN, MARILYN 676 76 Street Orchestra, Volleyball Club.-Col- lege, Medicine My special friends Heike, Virginia, and Margaretg the Orchestrag the good timesj the teaching staj' of Fort Hamilton, and the other friends I have made. ANDERSON, BRUCE 5117 Eighth Avenue Biology Squad, Cafeteria.-Cob legeg U.S. Navy My happy and eventful days at Fort Hamilton: working with my fellow students and the teachers has improved my mind and charac- ter greatly. ANDERSON, CAROLYN 149 96 Street Arista, Secretarial Editor of the "Toweri', Dean's Oflice Squad, G.O. Office Squad, Boosters, Secre- tary to Mr. Morton and Mr. Spring.-College Being the "lonely junior" now se- niorg the great times in Hjugswg working on the "Tower",' and the wonderful kids and times at the Fort. F' sa' 'fOr ,avr 804' an MQ QW. 0" M. ANGELL, STEPHEN 420-A Senator Street Table Captain, Service Corps- College The fascinating experiments in chemistry and the fun in the cafe- teria during sixth period lunch. APFEL, FRANCES 984 52 Street Secretary to Mr. Davino, Boosters, G.O. City Council, Menorah Club, Attendance Monitor, Emergency Room Squad.-College Eighth period with Mr. "Divine" Davino and Eileeng M.M.'s,' "Sneakers and Guns", the fun in nfth period' lunchg all the friends that I have made. AQUINO, RALPH 279 83 Street Basketball Team, Service Squad.- U.S. Air Force The good times at the basketball gamesg the teachers and all the friends I made, especially all the boys in "the clubw. ARIDA, GERALD 33 93 Street Service for Mr. Quigley and Miss Dick, G.O. Representative, Gym Leaders, Corps, Service Squad, Table Captain.-College All the laughs and the good timesj all the friends I made, especially Wayne, Dug, Vin, john, Bill, Al, and foe. ATTWOOD, KATHRYN 341 64 Street Secretary to Mr. Berkowitz and Miss Miller, Curtaintimers, Orches- tra, Musicales '58, '59.-College The appreciation of culture Fort Hamilton taught meg the friend- ships it brought meg 'fGrannie"g "crying partiesug Paul-one year,' Bob, "my dimples are showingv' Karen and Chip. AUERHAAN, BETSY 7101 Colonial Road Boosters, Menorah Club, Secretary to Mrs. Swahn, Mrs. Low, Mrs. Hyer, and Mrs. Westerberg, Senior Social Committee.-College The fun at table EE,' the great fun in my senior year: the joshing with "Sipsi" and "us".' 41 AUFIERO, ROSEMARIE 5824 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Squad, G.O. Store Squad, Girls, Locker Room Corps, Equip- ment Monitor, Table Captain.- College Fun in the locker room, running around the track with Mary,' list- ening to facl-cie's many problems in prefect, all the teachers that made school a pleasure. AUS, HANS 926 76 Street Arista, Band, Orchestra, Trinity Club, Health Education Secretary, -Pratt or Polytechnic Institute The great times in Band and the excitement of the Musicaleg three years of studying German with Dr. Cochran, the "goofs" in chem- istry. AVRAMIDES, JULIA 327 99 Street Arista, Secretary to Mr. Mayer and Mrs. Willison, Rembrandts, Col- lege Secretary, Tutoring.-College Cokes at the Tea Room, visiting table H,' and all the wonderful friends I made, especially Mrs. Mayer, Debs. AYOUB, JOHN 23 83 StrecL Soccer Team, Rembrandts, Service Corps, Service in Room 306, Cafe- teria Service Squad. The I had as "The Arab", plugging for the Go-Gettersg the "OasisU CTea Roomj, "Mau- Maus",' Soccer Team,' and my brief walk to school. AZAR, CHARLES 978 77 Street Business World. My many friends,' the good times at Fort Hamiltong especially, my great senior year,' the swell teach- ers. BACKMAN, JOHN 261 95 Street Service Squad.-U.S. Navy The good times we had in lunch room with jeff, Mickey, Drew and I-Iarry, the fun in Mr. Mahedy's c ass. 42 BAIRD, ROBERT 656 79 Street Cafeteria, Boys' Chorus, Musicale. -Farmingdale College The good times we had in the Boys, Chorus, of all my teachers I will remember Mr. Shomay, alias, the "CENT BALLAN, MONA 172 82 Street Vice-President of Minuteman Club, Orchestra, Senior Social 'Commit- tee, Boosters, Red 'Cross Club, G.O. Store Service.-College, Medical Technology "Mau-Mausn, Camille, Olivia, Rose, "Guns and Sneakersvg "yea", Letters from someoneg Tanners- ville days, Mom, Dad, thanks can- not pay,' These from my memory, shall never stray. BAMBIN, WAYNE 8801 Shore Road G.O. Representative, Cafeteria Service Squad, Gym Service Squad.-College Fort Hamilton H. S. and the many fine people I have met,' the fun I had in the cafeteria and in the gym, the learning I have acquired. BARBARO, JEAN 4906 Eleventh Avenue Service for Miss Hoffman and Mrs. Slater.-Business World All the friends I made at Fort Hamilton, the third bus at three o'clockg all the fun in prefect with Rosemary. BARBERA, CAROL 946 53 Street Arista, G.O. Representative, D. E. C. A. President, Secretary to Mr. Berkowitz.-Sarah Lawrence Col- lege My school years in the beautiful building overlooking the Narrows, my best friend and companion, Blanche, and "Barbera." BASS, HOWARD 864 49 Street Mixed Chorus, Service Squad, Basketball Team, Senior Activity Committee Representative, Cafe- teria Squad.-College, Dentistry The friends I made at Fort Hamil- tong the wonderful teachers it was my privilege to have, and the many happy hours I spent in acti- vities. BASSOLINO, LYNNE 714 51 Street Newman Club, Bowling Club.- Secretary junior Prom with Dennis: lunch with Ginny and Riccyg bus rides with R.I., EL'ie.jenny.iUo1lsie and joe: law with "Chatter-box .Yum- ber One". BAYBIANN, ELIZABETH 502 57 Street Secretary to bliss Hoffman, Locker Squad, Secretary. Crowded busesg rushing to the cafeteriag worrying about tests: and her 'cunsolvablen Program Committee.- Virginia problemsg illargie and her ques- tions: the wonderful friends I made. BAUDILLE, LORRAINE 1064 66 Street Secretary for Mr. Lebowitz.-Bus- iness World Ifaiting for the bus at eight o'cl0ck in the morning with Arlene, Sandy, and Gloriag fifth period lunch with Maryann, Rosemary and Leej my wonderful senior year. BAVARO, AYTOINETTE 953 58 Street Arista, Secretary to Mrs. VVillison and Mr, Vacchio, College Secre- tary, Table Captain.-Business World Second year Spanish with Doctor Cochrang junior lunch with Sally and Loug junior prefect with Lizg senior lunchg Carol and our se- cretsg the bus rides. BECK, KIRK 9269 Shore Road Mixed Chorus, Track Team, Service to Miss Brookman, Mrs. Hands, Senior Council, G.O. Re- presentative.-College Great friends I rnadej teachers who helped me-Miss Mattson, Mrs. Hands, Mr. Davinoj fun on the Track Tearng that wonderful kitchen, laughs and food,' Mr. Kottman. BECKER, SHERRY 74 Gatling Place Modern Dance Club, Secretary for Mr. Joltin, Mr. Lerner and Mr. Lessel, Menorah Club.-College Our hectic mornings with "Be Early",' the cultured pearlsg Siro and freshman lunch,' Vinnyg Fort Hamilton with my wonderful friends, Ingrid and Cordayg my senior year. ,sr in fi' 4 ' 'T' , ,Ayr f ik MVS is 'l 'wil S.. . fa qi 1495 yi in ,fr -5, f e fi ,ew . , ..,-.,,,, -1. W I A-v Q' M ,yi 3 fe, ., ' we " at .,, if ,I ,. BENEDETTO, LUCILLE 926 62 Street Emergency Room Service.- Business World Fort Hamilton High School,' my teachers: the good times in gymj all my friends. BENTSEN, OLAF 324 91 Street Soccer Team, Handball Team, Service Squad.-College The great times in prefect classg the Soccer Team with Kaare, Larry and Mr. Lebowitz, our coachj but most of all, my senior year. BERADI, PATRICIA 1060 72 Street G.O. Representative, Secretary to Mrs. Low.-College The laughs in sixth period lunchg the wonderful friends and the fine teachers I metg "The Appleug Mike and his clubg the parkway. BERG, ALLAN 970 56 Street Chemistry Squad, Cafeteria Squad. -Business World My high school days with fond memories: the teachers and friends that I met have made a lasting impression in my mind. BERG, KENNETH 962 55 Street Trinity Club Vice President, Or- chestra, Band, Musicales '58, '59, -College The wonderful friends I madeg the privilege of playing in the Band and Orchestraj and the blessings and fellowship of Trinity Club. BERGGREN, DIANE 464 81 Street Senior' Accounting Oflice, Girls, Gym Locker Room Squad.-Secre- tary The wonderful friends I madej the fun Irene, fune and I hadg laughs in gym with Ingridg "the three friends". 43 BERGH, EILEEN 744 58 Street Secretary to Mr. Selwyn and Mr. Cohen, Trinity Club, Basketball Club.-Secretary Meeting the girls at eight on Eaby's stoop, Karen and Lorna In prefect, "Mayer's", "The Sil- houettes", Miss Simon, my senior year. BERLINGS, ANDREJ 7501 Ridge Boulevard Service Squad.-College The great teachers, especially Mrs. Swahn, all my friends, fun in lunch, and my great senior year. BERMAN, NORNIAN 1027 56 Street Musicale, Boys' Chorus, Service Corps.-College The early morning rush to the bus, the great times in hfth period lunch with Mark, Tony, and An- tonio in my junior year. BESERAMY, ELEANOR 370 83 Street G.O. Representative, Secretary to Miss Goldman, Newman Club.- Business World Coming to school with Lynn and the fun in sixth period lunch,' waiting for feanette and Joyce, Spanish class with Mr. Pilevsky and Carl. BILOTTI, GERALDINE 901 73 Street Mixed Chorus, Musicales '58, '59, Secretary to Mr. Szabo, G.O. Re- Representative, Table Captain, Secretary to Mr. Szabo.-Business World Laughs in Chorus, gym, and in Miss Simon's sten class with jean- ette, Margie, and Blanche, but of all, my senior year and the friends I made. BITETZAKIS, CONSTANTINE 529 56 Street Cafeteria Service Squad, Study Hall Service Squad.-College The new friends I have made, all the fun I had with the boys in lunch and radio during my years in Fort Hamilton High School. 44 M? Y-we refer Q . 1 .. 'V -2 is. Z,..v, , r 1 . . 13 X f , i 4, , f N f W W We , f X7 gf ,- Y l. 9-69' 'Ss ,4-4' n .1 . A , , BITTAR, EDWARD 259 86 Stree. Rifle Team, Orchestra, Minute- men, Pan American Club.-Col- lege The kids at the Tea Room, Miss Mattson's lively prefect, Fried- man's promise to change me by February, Miss Goldman's English class, riots, friends, howls, parties. BJORK, BARBARA 5519 Seventh Avenue Table Captain.-Business World The wonderful times going to school with Ann, joan and Carol, third period lunch with Lillian, and most of all, Ronnie. BOLD, BARBARA 7200 Ridge Boulevard Girl Leader of Arista, Cheerlead- ers, Boosters, 4'Pilot" Staff, Band, Orchestra, Musicales '55, '56, '57, '58,-College "Mac" with Helene, great times in Band with Amy, the M,M.'s, gorging at "jugs", Charlotte, the big "C" in Latin, Karen and Sandy, Room 123. BOMFORD, ALFRED 5710 Sixth Avenue Newman Club, Table Captain.- College The fun in English with Miss McCann, but most of all, gym with those wonderful health edu- cation teachers. BOYLAN, RONALD 5705 Seventh Avenue Service Squad. Newman Club.- U.S. Air Force My first impression of Fort Hamil- ton H. S., the many friends I made during my high school days, and the good times that we have enjoyed. BOYLE, JO ANN 315 93 Street Library Squad, Record Office Squad, Rembrandts, Painting for the Senior Play, Secretary to Mrs. Rothman.-College The good times in fourth period lunch with Ethel, the laughs at the roller rink with the girls, the time spent in Hinsch's. BRAATHEN, ALICE 306 58 Street Secretary in Treasurer Office, Trinity Club.-Business World Aly walks to school with Anneg meeting june at eight, prefect with Gloria, Ann and Carolg the no- name club: and most of all, Pat. BRACCIO. ROBERT 419 100 Street Business World The fun I had in fifth period lunch, my great prefect teacher, the wonderful friends and great times we had. BRATLAND, ARNOLD 558 77 Street Shop Service.-Machinist The fun I had in Fort Hamilton, the friends I made, the studying I had to do to pass my subjects. BRAUTLIAN, BARBARA 20 79 Street Arista, Secretary to Mrs. Hart, Minutemen. Boosters, Senior So- cial Committee, Psychology Club. -College Fun with the "Dels",' the 'fMau Mau1s',,' Hworkingw in ojice 1375 the table at three, "lap" tests in historyg and the friends I've made. BREAULT, ROBERT 336 89 Street Service Corps, Cafeteria Service, Track Team, Cross Country Team, Rifle Team.-U.S. Air Force The Hgood guysu, good looking girls and wonderful teachers I have met at Fort Hamilton, the fun in gym and in English with Mr. Davino. BRESLIN, BONNIE 941 43 Street Arista, Art Editor of the Pilot, G.O. Representative, Booster, Se- nior Social Committee, Secretary to Miss McCann.-College Fun with the "Dels,"' the art dead- line for the "Great White Fa- ther", Mr. Greenberg's classy and most of all, Fort Hamiltonls "mother" in room 123. ,.. ,, K 1 ef 'i BRIODY, MICHAEL 623 90 Street Newman Club, Curtaintimers '57, l58, Male Chorus-Musicale, Cam- era Club, Photographer for Tower, Program Office Squad.-Business World The bars on the cafeteria win- dows, the fun I had in "The Man Who Came To Dinnervg lunch with Steve, Ronnie, Gerry, Mari- lyn and Margo. BRODER, ARTHUR 964 49 Street Arista, President of Pan American Club, Secretary to Mrs. Mayer and Mr. Kassenbrock, Minutemen, Se- nior Social Committee.-Brooklyn College, Science The bus rides to and from school, workfng with Mrs. Mayer, fifth period lunch with the "Mau- Maus",' plugging for the Go-Get- ters, and Kings Highway. BRODISH, ARLENE 7201 Ridge Boulevard Boosters, Cheerleaders, Menorah Club, G.O. Representative, Senior Social Committee, Emergency Room Staff.-College Walking to school with the "Big Five", the basketball games, cheer- ing with "Macy, my partner, Dot- tie, lunch at table EE,' the joshing with "Sipsi'J and "UsJ'.' BROOKS, HELEN 433 101 Street Rembrandts, Stage Crafters, Min- utemen, Newman Club, Volleyball Club, Secretary for Mrs, McHugh. iCollege Rushing from class to the cafe- teriaj the fun we had in the clubs, but most of all, I remember the teachers. BROWN, JAMES 1050 80 Street Service Corps, Cafeteria Squad.- Police Force The good friends I made at the Fort and the teachers who trained me. BRUCCOLERI, ANNETTE 835 50 Street Attendance Monitor, Gym Locker Room Squad.-Business World The many friends I made,' the good times in gym with Ann,' fifth period lunch with Ioan, Barbara and Cathyg but most of all, the laughs in prefect 4A9 with Vir- g.nza. 45 BRUINA, ROBERT 183 80 Street Soccer Team, Boys' Chorus, Ser- vice Corps, G.O. Store Squad, Gym Leaders, Corps.-College The run to school, talking my way out of a late pass, the service postj the Soccer Team,' the radio we had in the G.O. store. BRYSON, VVILLIANI 5804 Sixth Avenue Service in Senior Activities Office, Table Captain, J.V. Basketball Team.-Civil Service Job The laughs I had in fourth period lunch,' those "GlobetrottersU of Fort Hamilton, the wonderful teachers, and most of all, "Magua'l BUCCINO, GERALDINE 6823 Narrows Avenue Secretary to Mr. Lessell, Library Squad.-Private Secretary All the laughs I had at Fort Ham- ilton with my girl friends-Ban bara, jackie, ferry, Cathy and Annette, all the rest of my friends. BUCKNER, NATALIE 5001 10 Avenue Gym Service Squad, Secretary to Mr. Spring.-College The wonderful education I've re- ceived, the teachers who gave it to meg and the many good friends I've made at Fort Hamilton. . . .. BUERGERHOFF, ARLENE 364 93 Street Girls? Chorus, Musicales '57, '58, Volleyball Club, Basketball Club, -Business World The wonderful friends I made, Mr. Lessell and the fun in Chorus, "ENOES"g the supper club at table K with Carolyn and Babbi. BULL, EDWARD 121 70 Street Varsity Track Teamg Service Squad, Math Club, Algebra Tu- toring, Table Captain.-Engineer ing. The good times at Track Team practicej the cafeteria dashg pass- ing German 3,' and the arguments with Mr, Shapiro in English. 4-6 1 fe ar 4f'N 'ff' f' , ,- f' ' f f f , as , - warg 3' f ye ,At . 4 J! far sh' ,M-e' BURLEIGH, ELAINE 6735 Ridge Boulevard The "Anchor,, Magazine Staff, Secretary to Miss Brookman and Mrs. Low, Volleyball Club, Neu- man Club.-College Fort Hamilton-I'm sorry to leave the school.' the mem'ry of these happy days will stay with me for- ever. BURO, JOSEPH 1016 59 Street Service Squad, Cafeteria Table Captain.-I.B.M. Operator The friends I've made and the wonderful teachers I've met, the great time I had in my radio class. BYRYES, THOMAS 352 Marine Avenue Business World The wonderful friends I made here and the fun I had throughout the four years. CACCAVALE, JEAN 7215 72 Court Cheer Leaders, Boosters, Senior Council, Secretary to Mr. Gold- stein, Locker Room Service Squad. -Business College The fun cheering with Mac and the basketball team,' running to school with Ioan and Maryann, all the friends I made. CADORINE ARTHUR 6925 Seventh Avenue Arista, Minutemen, Newman Club, Grade Advisers' Squad, Pan Amer- ican Club Treasurer, Senior Coun- cil Member.-College Representing Fort Hamilton at Boys' Stateg three years in Mr. Spring's prefect, tennis practice,' tutoring before schoolg taking crowded buses to school,' and of course the teachers. CAFRA, DOROTHY 949 50 Street Mixed Chorus, Musicales, 758, '59. -Private Secretary. The laughs in Mixed Chorusg study hall with Mary, those crowd- ed busesg all the friends I have madej but most of all, my senior year. CALI, DOROTHY 5615 Eighth Avenue Arista, Cheerleaders, Musicales '58, I59, Pan-American Club, Secretary for Miss Coleman, Miss Miller, Mr. joltin, Mr. Felder, Library Squad.-College Chem. testsg Cheering with Macg Elain, Margie, Mary-Anneg get- ting the "Goose" out of shape: letters to Pete, "sneakers and gunsvg my partner, Arlene. CALIENDO, JOSEPH 314 63 Street -Business World. The wonderful teachers I've had,' the swell friends and all the good times at the Fort. CALOGERO, PETER 878 67 Street Brooklyn Borough Student Coun- cil, Radio Club, Service Squad.- College. The beautiful view from every classroomg the good times I had in my lunch periods and in the extended prefect periods. CALTIERI, JOANNE 9102 Fourth Avenue Senior Council Representative, Volleyball Club, Basketball Club, Service for Mrs. Hyer and Mrs. Ames, Secretary to Mr. Golomb.- Secretary. The wonderful friends I madej mass confusion in lunch, table GG,' the long hike to school with L.g Mrs. Hyer and the laughs in prefect. CAMBRIA, RONALD 1017 83 Street Service Squad, Soccer Team.- College My friends and the teachers I have met, all of the crazy times I have had with the boys in my fourth year prefect class. CAMERA, JESSIE 49 Mackay Place Rembrandts, Service Squad, Sec- retary to Miss Markel, Mrs. Sulli- van, G.O. Representative, Hallo- ween Art Contest.-Business World Mr. Mahedyls class senior year with feang rushing to the Tea Room with Marie, Barbara and fean,' but most of all, my senior year. X XY x N ss sr X N X .. f, X .JF '44 N X . kwa. Q for E ir NS fi 1 X . X.. S s...Q. it lt CAMPBELL, KENNETH 582 Senator Street Health Education Department Sec- retary.-U. S. Air Force The good times my friends and I had in the cafeteria during my three years here. CANGIANO, MICHELINE 928 48 Street "Anchor" Staff, Pan-American Club, Curtaintimers, Biology Lab- oratory Squad, 'Girls' Emergency Room Squad.-College The "Backward Nationug fourth period lunch,' the crowded busesj the Tea Rooms the friends 1,116 madeg my teachers, and especially, my senior year. CANTANIO, ROBERT 703 86 Street Miss Brookman's Oflice Squad, Study Hall Squad.-College Gym classes with Tom and Dougg third year English class with Miss 0,Keefe,' Senior Council with Miss Duhigg the swell kids at the Fort,' all the friends I'Ue made. CAPUTO, JUDITH 9504 Fourth Avenue G. O. Representative, Service to Mr. Felder and Mrs. Lieff, New- man Club. Sixth period lunchg fun on the crowded busesg the good times in Hinsch's with Maureen and Mary Ann. CARLSEN, ARLENE 271 79 Street Beacons, Senior Services and Ben- efits Committee, Copy Editor "An- chor", G.O. Representative, Sec- retary to Mrs. Hart, Trinity Club. -College Fun with DEB,Sg jaunts with joni,' Monsieur Golombg Mr. Swahn's three "angels1',' Siberiag senior year: especially, "Tall Paulvg friends and teachers in four great years. CARLSON, JOHN 6211 Eighth Avenue Track Team, Cross-Country Team, Service Corps, Cafeteria Squad.- College The great times on the Track Team, the fun in the cafeteriag the friends I have made in Fort Hamilton. 47 CARNEY, CAROL 35 Oliver Street Table Captain, Cafeteria Secre- tary, Miss Brookmanis Service Squad, Boosters, Newman Club.- Nursing. My senior year, the mad rush to the lockers, "French'J,' the fun at the games and in the Tea Roomg my sixteenth summer and Everlasting "Crush". CARRARO, PATRICIA 302 Marine Avenue Service Squad.-Business World. Going to school with Chris, Phyl- lis, and Barbara, the wonderful teachers I had, but most of all, my sophomore year. CARRUBBA, GLORIA 1031 67 Street Record Office Secretary.-Business World, Secretary. The cold mornings waiting for the bus with Lorraine, Arlene and Sandy, my wonderful boyfriend, Greg, and especially, prefect with Anne, Carol and Alice. CARTER, CAROL 7721 Fifth Avenue Gym Secretary, Locker Room Serv- ice, Swimming Club, Bowling Club. -Nursing Prefect with Gloria and Alice, sixth period lunch with Dotty and' Cindy, my best friend, Marianne. CASAZZA, CHARLES 630 77 Street G. O. Representative, 'fTower" Representative, Emergency Room Secretary, Cafeteria Service Squad. -Police Department The good times in the cafeteria and on the bus returning from school with Denny, Tom, Gerry, and Bob,' Mr. K. CASAZZA, VIRGINIA 296 Wyckoff Street Cafeteria Service Squad, Beacons, Table Captain.-Business World. The good times in the cafeteria and in the girls, locker room, prefect class 4A9 with all my class- mates, especially Annette, Dutch and Thomas. 48 , f Y. gift S fs' f 1 , j , 7 swf 'YP' ' e f ey fi 1 5- W - f . X ! e e l 'X 5 7 1 f ' Q X re , Ze. We ,f 7 ' J A e' , fe ef af v Qlf ff! 'law' Z, ' l I 2 ff 'f ,lf J 7 -3 'fore I f . . fre' , eww if ,,,, tx ,f aww" l 1 fi i l i x 2 l CASSIDY, KATHLEEN 7038 Ridge Crest Terrace G.O. Office Squad, Gym Secre- tary, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, Cafeteria Table Captain. -Business World The double A cheers, the riotous chow mein fights, lunch with "Fa- rina," "Buckwheat," and "Stretch", third year gym with judy, Suzie and Anne. CAVANNA, JOSEPH 1050 53 Street Mixed Chorus, Study Hall,-U.S. Navy My junior yearj fourth period study with Tony and foe,' the conversations with Mr. Quigley, the friends I made, Tommy, Richie and the boys. CELLI, DOLORES 946 59 Street Newman Club, G.O. Representa- tive, Secretary to Miss McCabe and Mrs. Schaeffer, Mixed Chorus, -Business World, College The wonderful four years at Fort Hamilton, all my friends-Mari- lyn, Agatha, Marcia, Doug and jeff, Miss McCabe. CERASO, JECQUELINE 4218 Fort Hamilton Parkway Biology Squad.-College. The fun in prefect with Rose- marie, Mary and Mariej gym with Sheila, the three o'clock buses, and especially, all the friends I have made and kept. CERESA, JOHN 973 69 Street Service Squad, Office Squad, Caf- eteria Squad.-College The fun in the cafeteria with my friends, Senior Day, and the thrill of graduating. CHARNEY, JONATHAN 7101 Shore Road Arista, Sports Editor of "Pilot," Orchestra, Dance Band, G. O. Rep., Minutemen.-College. Mr. Solovay: "The Great White Father!! of the "Pilot',, exciting Dance Band practice, fun at ten- nis practice, and finally, my three good years at the Fort. CHARTRAND, JOHN 361 78 Street Baseball Team, Track and Field Teams, Boys' Chorus, Musicales '58, '59, Service.-Mechanic or U.S. Marine Corps. The guidance from lllr. Ptakg English and Mr. Davino: Chorus with Mr. Lessellg the friends I madeg the guidance from my teachers. CHARTRAND, ROBERT 361 78 Street Track and Field Teams, Cross- Countu' Team, G.O. Office Squad, Secretary to Mrs. Gold, Photog- rapher for nPilot", Senior Prom Committee.-Photography Career The great time with the Track Teamg a fine coach, Mr. Kott- mann: good times in prefect, the Hang and Miss McCann. CHELL, NIARTIN 9707 Fourth Avenue Service Squad.-College Getting to know the school for the first time when I entered it,' being the only boy in my stenography and typing classes,' the wonderful times attending school with all the boys and girls. CHIANO, ROBERT 1066 Bay Ridge Parkway Service Corps, Newman Club, Handball Club.-College The friends I have made in my four years in high school,' the crazy bus rides,' fighting my way through the crowded halls,' the enjoyable classes. CHIAPPE, LOUIS 5706 Sixth Avenue Boys: Chorus, Cafeteria Service Squad, Study Hall Service.-Pub- lic Accountant Third period service last year with Andy and Bob, salmon cards for creating disturbances in the cor- ridors. CHILVERS, ARTHUR 200 Gelston Avenue Baseball Team, Track Team, Serv- ice Squad.-Air Force The good times I had with Tom, Ronnie, Bob, Tony, Richie and Mort, Fort Hamiltonjs baseball team. as, Q X X ss 'KL 1 V. -ac' Q . so J i 2 .er QW ,D Ng, 3 . , - Y N x Q s Z Ea. Q , i s i re ' .iff x , . , X Ve , emi' 'f S + I ..-v-W' I 99" CHIMENTI, FRANK 5416 Fort Hamilton Parkway Naval Reserves My junior year and the teachers I had, Mrs. Kahng all the friends I made here, especially the girls, also Zeke, Tony, Ronnie, Rich, Lou. CHRISTOPHER, ANNE 353 61 Street Trinity Club, Secretary to Mr. Cummings, Table Captain, Late Room Squad, Bowling Team.- College or Air Line Stewardess The 'ollys and the problems we sharedg "Silhouettes", sophomore year with Barb,' table H,' the many crushes, unforgettable mem- oriesg the best years of my life. CICCHILLO, RICHARD 981 63 Street Newman Club, A.M. Service, Sec- retary for Miss McCabe, Table Captain.-College The many friends I have made in Fort Hamilton High School and all the fun I had with Miss Mc- Cabe ana' my classmates. CLARK, ANNE 1054 76 Street Biology Squad, Secretary to Mr. Berkowitz, Newman Club, Sen- ior Prom Committee. -Business World Laughs I had in prefect with Gloria, Carol and Alice,' all the fun I had with Tina, foan, Marie and feannine throughout the four years. CLERICO, EMILIA 627 92 Street Volleyball Club, Secretary to Mr. Selwyn and Mrs. Finn, Service Squad.-The Business World. The fun I had in Fort Hamilton, my friends Mary jane, Nancy, joan and the 92 Street girls,' the good times in prefect with Sonny and the "ENOES." CLINE, JAMES 7411 Third Avenue Projection Squad, Biology Squad, Cafeteria Service, Gym Squad.- College The sixth period lunch with Molly, Ami, and "The Gen", getting dressed for gymj my senior year,' graduation. 49 COCCHI, ROBERT 613 68 Street Mimeograph S q u a d , Cafeteria Service, Emergency Room Service. -College The lunch period with all my friends, The parties in the rrzimeo- graph room, The junior Prom with Valerie, and the worry be- fore the regents. COCKINGS, WILLIAM 6750 Fifth Avenue Service Squad.-Business World The walk to and from schoolg the days we went out for lunch and gymg and all the fun we had in most of the classes, COHEN, JAY 1440 54 Street Mixed Chorus, Senior Council, Musicales '57, 158, '59, G.O. Rep- resentative, All City Chorus, Pan American Club - Treasurer.-Cob lege "Guns and Sneakers", "All-City",' "Mau-Mausng Tea Room and the table at three,' "Tri-Dels",' Mixed Chorus, ballgamesj indigestion - thirty-two centsg L'oiseau. COHEN, SANDRA 246 75 Street Program Office Squad, Secretary to Miss Keely, Menorah Club, Bowling Club.-Business College The fun in fourth period lunch in my junior year with Ruthie, Shei- la, Caroline and Ronag the fun in prefect with Lorraine and Karen. COHEN, SHEILA 6913 Fort Hamilton Parkway Menora Club, Library Squad, Vol- leyball Club, Bowling 'Club.-Reg- istered Nurse The good times I had at fourth period lunch in my junior year,' the enjoyment I experienced while working in the library. COHN, BARBARA 7101 Shore Road Arista, Curtaintimers, Boosters, Menorah Club, Pan American Club, Secretary to Mr. Kamin.- College Table at three, "Mau Mau's",' "Sipsi" and "us", words for C,B.,' "Sneakers and Gunsnj "Bennie's Blooperug Freddy and my senior year. 50 COLAMARINO, MARIE 7303 Tenth Avenue Newman Club, Service Squad, Bi- ology Squad, Accounting Office Service, Table Captain, Bowling Club.-Business School The good times with Jeannie and Tina,' Anne's "Chin up kid"g planning and scheming with my dear Ioanieg but most of all, my unforgettable junior year. COLLETTI, ARLENE 6718 Tenth Avenue Girls, Emergency Room Squad.- Modeling The fun on the bus with Gloria, Lori and Sandyg sixth period lunch with Marianne and Rose- marieg the many laughs in Mr. Davino's English class. COMMISSO, VICTOR 7207 Eighth Avenue Radio-Physics Club.-College The late passes, "the breakfast clubng and the help given me by Mrs. Bonom and other faculty members. CONNORS, FRANCIS 910 81 Street Projection Squad. - U. S. Air Force The friends I made and the fun I had in Fort Hamilton on the projection squad. CONSIDINE, ELIZABETH 456 76 Street Pan American Club.-The New York State Teachers College How pleasant my hrst and last years at Fort Hamilton were and the people who made them so. CONSTANTINE, RONALD 7410 Ridge Boulevard Service Corps, Senior Council, Gym Leader.-College The good times with the girls at table Lg the fun in lunch with Buddy, Iohnny and Pat,' the laughs in Mrs. Hartis French class. CONTE, YYILLIANI 829 71 Street Baseball Team, Basketball Team. -College. The many laughs with Alike and the rest of the guys during sixth period lunch: the good times with the boys on the teams. CONTESSA, RALPH 367 96 Street Cafeteria Service, Band, Newman Club, G.O. Store.-College The walks home from school: the good times at the Tea Room: all the friends I made at For! Hamil- ton: my senior year. CONYYAY, JOSEPH 1336 74 Street -Business VVorld The great times during my senior year and the lunch periods on the shore. COOKE, EILEEN 564 58 STREET G.O. Store, Attendance Monitor, G.O. Office, Bowling Club, Bas- ketball Club, Volley Ball Club.- Business School Mr. Slater's prefect with "Minnie Mouseuj "Old Faithfulnj the par- lor and Trish,' helping "Fossil Faceu with kitcheng my senior year,' but most of all, Charlie. CORRADENGO, LORETTA 1143 82 Street Secretary to Miss Brookman and Mrs. Slater, Library Squad, Bas- ketball Club, Volleyball Club, Newman Club.-College Mrs. Slaterls prefect with Sandy, Eileen, Karen and Reneeg junior Englishg geometry with "the Gen- eral",' sixth period lunchg I-Iinsch's after school, my wonderful senior year. CORRADI, MARY 6216 Tenth Avenue Secretary to Mr. Carlin, Equip- ment Monitor for Mrs. Schaefer. -Private Secretary Running to prefect with Terry while trying to beat the late bellg my friends Dorothy, Carmel, jackie, Rose and Barbara, all the friends I made. -4""' , , COSENTINO, RONALD 8015 Harbor View Terrace Supply Room Squad, Cafeteria Service Squad.-College The fun I had in the cafeteria with Tommy DeCarlo, joe and Alf all the friends Ilve made. COSTELLO, JEANETTE 229 85 Street Mr. Szabo's Service Squad, Mixed Chorus, Secretary to Mrs. Catania. -Business World My sophomore year and joan,' all the fun Gerry, Margie and I had in Miss Simonls sten and tran- scription classes,' and of course, Don. CROWE, MAUREEN 8602 Ridge Boulevard Camera Club, Secretary to Mr. Schapiro, Newman Club, "Anchor" Staff, Senior Dance Committee- Secretary, Actress Waiting for the weekendsg the friends I madeg being excused from gymg learning to "think'l in Mr. Schapiro's class. CROWLEY, BARBARA 254 92 Street Newman Club, Red Cross Club, Volleyball Club, Secretary to Mrs. Rothman and Miss Garbarini- Nursing The wonderful times in lunch at Table eighty the friends and teach- ers I knew,' my senior year and the good times at Park Circle. CUCCI, MARILYN 746 59 Street Trinity Club, Secretary to Miss Mattson, Mr. Saks and Mr. Cum- mings, Sten Club, Basketball Club. -Business World Carolegs awakening call,' spooks in the lockersg cole slaw jightg "hap- peningsl' of babyg club with "Sil- houettes", fun with Anne, Sid and "Mullern,' all my friends. CULLEN, ALFRED 8515 Ridge Boulevard Service Squad, Gym Leaders' Corps.-U.S. Navy The friends that I made during my four years at the F0rt,' my teachersg the good times with the gym leaders, sixth period lunch. 51 CURRO, JOSEPH 1041 69 Street Table Captain, Service Squad.- College The fun in seventh period study with Frankie, Larry and Paul last year. CUSACK, ROBERT 979 75 Street Track Team, Junior Prom Deco- rating Committee, Service Corps, G.O. Office Squad, Newman Club. -College My senior year, all the friends I made in Fort Hamilton, Track Team practice and the great coaching of Mr. Kottman. CUTRONI, KATHRYN 46 88 Street President of Girls' Chorus, Sen- ior Dance Band, Pianist for Boys, Chorus. Piano Accompanist. - College The fine cooperation of the teach- ers, the good times with Mr. Les- sell,' Lillian, jean, june and Diane in Girls' Chorus. CUYULIS, HELENE 448 85 Street Cheerleaders, Booster Secretary, Girls' Chorus '58, 59, Class Secre- tary, G.O. Representative, Secre- tary to Mr. Cohen and Miss Dick. -Business School Everybody: Mac and Karen Boosters, gorging at "f.U.G,S."j fellow noises-GG, Puddlesg Char- lie,' "BwanaM,' brothersg Bleachyg 108-Steverino's Igloo, joan, inte- grationg "Gugglebum,',' "LILY"- Anthonyg 7-18-57. DACTILOS, MARY 7239 Shore Road Secretary to Mr. Szabo, Service in Study Hall.-Secretary The wonderful years spent at Fort Hamilton, the long walks to school on the shore,' and all those spe- cial friends I made. DALE, GEORGE 8611 Third Avenue Service Squad, Boys' Chorus, Phy- chology Club,-College All the great times in prefect with Mr. Spring, Mr. Arrow's chem classg and the fun in the cafeteria with all the guys. 52 .wee -as-ef f as .3 4 W vgyi f s. W 1 26 DALY, JAMES Service Squad, G.O. Store Squad. -College The good times with Moose, john- ny and Al,' the laughs in prefect with Miss McCann, Billy, Vinny and Tony. 748 59 Street DAVIDSON, ROBERT 6623 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Squad, Gym Leaders' Squad.-College The beautiful school groundsg the view from my classroomg and the memories of all the wonderful friends I had while I was in Fort Hamilton. DeANGELIS, GUY 350 87 Street Book Room Squad, Service for Mr. Schapiro,-College The laughs in fifth period lunch with Ralph, Len and the boys, the fun after school in the "M.E.S. Dublin Limitedng kidding with the cheerleaders, DE BLASIO, HEIKE 369 76 Street '4Anchor', Editor, "Pilot" Staff, Musicales '56, '57, 358, Library Squad, Secretary to Miss Haigney, Miss Van Bokkelen, Modern Dance Class and Club.-College Marilyn, Virginia, Carolyn, all my te a c h e r s Mrs. McClenahan,' "Debs'l the "Anchor',, the "Pilot", Modern Dance-all will leave me with life long memories. DE CANIO, MARY ANN 954 76 Street Boosters, Cafeteria, Class Secre- tary.-Airline Hostess The good times I had with Carol in the Boostersg fudy and Mau- reen after school, and third period lunch during second year. DeFINNEY, JOYCE 307 72 Street Service to Miss I-IoPfman and Mr. Fishman, Cafeteria Service, Re- gents Week Service. - College, Business World The daily rush to gym with jo- Anng the night of the junior Prom, fanet's piece of string, but most of all, the wonderful G.O. Vice-President. DeFONTES, ANNA 5514 Eighth Avenue -Secretary Going to school with Barbara, joan and Annettev: fun in law with chatter' box number two, Lynne Bassalznoq fun in merchan- dising with Annette. DeGAETANO, FRANK 4801 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Squad, Radio Club. - College The vieu' from my classroom win- dows which overlook the narrowsg the-good times I had in my lunch perzodg and all the friends I made. DeGENNARO, ANTINIO I 4922 Eighth Avenue Service Squad, Musicales '57, '58, '59, Orchestra, Junior Council, Varsity Handball Team.-College My intellectual English teacher, Mr. Schapirog the orchestra under the fine direction of Mr. Che- limsky. D'ELIA, ROBERT D 675 86 Street Service Corps.-College The great times in Honor English, Art, and French, but most of all, I hope to remember the wonder- ful people I met here. DeMAIO, THERESA 5718 Eleventh Avenue Secretary to Mrs. Slater.-Business World The friends I made at Fort Hamil- ton, and the fun on the third bus. DEMAREST, ADA 648 52 Street Band, Pan American Club. - College Mr. La Grasse and his experi- ments, Mr. Davinols English classg Band, Teddy, Bay Ridge and Col- lineg and all the wonderful friends I have made in F. H. H. S. I -Q.-Q 761,- if DeMODNA, JEAN 561 78 Street Girls' Chorus - Secretary, Table Captain.-Nursing School or Busi- ness World The great times in Chorus with Kathy laughing at Mr. Lessell, my constant companion during junior year, Alfa with all the girls. DePRIZIO, ROBERT 964 79 Street Secretary to Dr. Sachey, School Service Squad, Mr. Kearns Sec- retary.-College My good friends, Lenny and Bobg the good time I had in Mr. Mor- ton's and Mr. Carway's classes. DE SALVO, JOANNE 479 84 Street Co-Captain of Boosters, Beacons, Curtaintimers, Secretary for Miss Brookmann, Newman Club, Basket- ball Club. - College, Business World "Tabs,'g all my wonderful friendsj lunch with the girls,' "Three Mus- keteersug "jugs"g Hinsch's and Kittenj the HS. H. A. F. T.", my seventeenth summerg "Sometimes" and f'My Special One." DESIANO, MICHAEL 6613 Fort Hamilton Parkway Track Team, Basketball team man- ager, Biology Squad, Study Hall Guard.-College Billyg laughs before and after schoolj sixth period lunch with Billy, Blanche, Patg track with Mike, Bob, john, "jokes" with Ralph, Guy, Eddieg junior English with Blanche and Gorra. DEVINE, MARGARET 9902 Third Avenue Office Squad, Leadership.-Bush ness World How wonderful everyone was to me when I came to Fort Hamil- ton only a few weeks agog all the friends I made in my short time here, the teachers who were so helpful to me. DIAMOND LAWRENCE 1080 68 Street Soccer Team - Captain, Chemistry Squad, Minutemen Club, Psychol- ogy Club, Service Corps, Radio- Physics Club.-Scientist Playing soccer, working with Mrs. juul in the chem. lab, passing French, many friends I have made plus the knowledge and experience I have gained. 53 DIAZ, RIANUELA 6926 Seventh Avenue Secretary to Miss Hoffman.-Bust ness World ABC,' the crowded buses,' 73 Street bus stopg the quiet classrooms, W'ahler's,' the fun with "Casperu,' thelfriends I madeg my wonderful senzor year. DiBIASI, GUS 1978 78 Street A.M. Service Squad.-College The fun we had experimenting in my chemistry class, the first time I experienced looking through 1 microscope in biology. DILGER, ALFRED 8406 Ridge Boulevard Secretary in English Office.-U.S. Air Force Rushing to the cafeteria, the fun with ferry and Bee, the friends I made at Fort Hamilton. DILLON, JOHN 474 68 Street Baseball Team, Track and Field Teams, Mr. Ptak's Service Squad, Table Captain.-U.S. Army My capable teachersg the great times with my teammatesg my coaches, Mr. Kottman and Mr. Ptakg the friends I've made, the laughs with Gil and Skip. DI MAURO, DOMINICK 369 87 Street Vice-President of G.O. and Sen- ior Council, Arista, Biology Lab- oratory Squad, Projection Squad. -College Walking through the halls with infinite greetings, campaigning for G.O. olfice and the great moment of victoryg those tiring improbable meetings, Joyce. DINU, WILLIAM 936 84 Street Baseball, Service Squad.-College Wonderful people I was fortunate enough to meetg teachers I had,' most of all, my swell buddies on the Baseball Team. 54 1 HN. fx If A., 3 ,ww i t fi mt we-ef' 'fa f A, lk , 5 ,ff , , Z 3, f , W f . Z , J ff 3 I f, fr 7 ,.. Qu! I f t fg Gay W L ,f 13 i 5 at , Z ., J I DOCKERTY, JOHN 415 Ovington Avenue Newman Club, Track Team, Min- utemen, Pan American Club, Lead- ers, Corps, Service Squad.-COL lege, U.S. Coast Guard Academy Senior year at Fort Hamilton with our coach, Mr. Kottmanng clubs and teachers, sixth period Leaders' training in Edjs gym class. DONATO, JOHN 622 Ovington Avenue Mr. Ptak's Service Squad, Mt. Szabo's Service Corps.-College, U.S. Air Force The wonderful way I was treated by the seniors when I was a fresh- man, my excellent teachers and great friends. DONELLY, BRENDAN 7513 Third Avenue Service Squad, Band, Gym Leader. 4-College The new friends I made in Fort Hamilton and the good times I had in Band and in the cafeteriaj the struggle of becoming a senior. DONELLY, JAMES 267 Ovington Avenue Senior Dance Band, Senior Shows ,58, '59, G.O. Show 1958, Dixie- land Band, Secretary to Mr. Ham- mer, Latin Club.-College Miss LaFemina's helpful advicej playing with the Dance Band, all my friends, "Chink," "Lunk," "Whitey," Charley DeNaveg the new acquaintances I made. DOONAN, MARGARET 146 92 Street Vice President of Junior Prefect, Sec. to Mrs. Rodemann, Latin Club, Volleyball Club, Girls' Lock- er Room Service, Basketball Club. -Nursing Career My fabulous junior year with the girlsg Margieg "ALPHA,'l Senior Day J58,' table A,' Hinschisg mem' ries with Kevg August I, 1958. DOUGHERTY, THOMAS 410 61 Street Cafeteria Service Squad, Study Hall Monitor.-U.S. Armed Forces Fifth period lunch with Mr. Szabo and my four pals, Virginia, An- nette, jimmy and Rockyj sixth period lunch with the girls of table H. DOWVLING, GAIL 443 83 Street Library Squad, Secretary to Mr. Byron.-Business World The swell times we had walking to school with Stef, johnny and illaryannq talking with jeff in study hallg good times in the caf- eteria with Al. DUBAC, DOROTHY 685 83 Street Secretary to Miss Korner, Library Staff, Lost and Found Squad, Bas- ketball Club, Sten. Club.-College The knowledge I gained which will give me a richer and fuller lifeg the recollection of the won- derful times with Arlene. Larraine, ,Vary and Ann. D'URSO, ROY 982 50 Street Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, Sen- ior Dance Band, Musicales '57 ,58 '59, Senior Show '58 '59.-College Crowded busesg fun in the music department, the Dance Bandg the thirty-two cents specialg friends I nzadeg my terrific teachers. DYDO, BARBARA 8612 Fifth Avenue Library Squad, Table Captain, Volleyball Club, Basketball Club. -Business World The fun in junior prefect wfth "B. C. D. E. M. S.D,' Sandy and "strawa"g walking to school with Ruth, Sandy and Barbarag the Tea Room sessionsg "that special one '. EARLE, GEORGE 214 Gelston Avenue Cafeteria Service, Study Hall Serv- ice.-U.S. Navy The wonderful times I had and the great friends I made during my cafeteria periods. EDELMAN, ALAN 8701 Shore Road Curtaintimers, Baseball Team, Track Team, Cross-Country Team, History Squad.-College Rehearsals for "T.M.W,C.T.D.U,' fifth period lunch 1958-59,' the lasting friendships of so many peo- ple of so many races,' Miss Alberti, history teacher "par excellencef' :Gel S, A s s is 1 1 N .. if Q5 ,W Pa if 52 K- ts-7" Q 2 - 1 EDWARDS, THOMAS 342 54 Street Newman Club, Boys' Chorus, Serv- ice Squad.-U.S. Air Force Fort Hamilton for its kind, thoughtful and helpful teachersg the many friends I have made in the school. EISELE, MARCIA 906 59 Street Arista, Girls, Chorus, Musicale, Pan American Club, Secretary to Miss Coleman, Tower Representa- tive.-College "Sneakers and guns",' sore throats and basketballg long walks with Sedgeg eight A.M.g Feng Spanishj e x p e rt guidancej knowledge ,ffainedg new friendsg jesg "His Highness". EKELAND, ANNE MARIE 61 Marine Avenue Arista, Orchestra, Service for Miss Dick, Rembrandt Club - Vice Pres- ident, Booster Squad, Musicales.- College My wonderful teachers and friends at the Fort,' the Orchestra in the Musicaleg cheering at the games with foAnng Halloween painting with Lilly and Pam. EKELUND, WILLIAM 827 69 Street Hall Monitor, Art Office Squad, Cafeteria Service Squad.-College The fun we had in prefectj the great times we had on the busesg third period' lunchg and Miss McCann. EKSTROM, GLADYS 571 Ovington Avenue Girls' Chorus, Musicale I57 and ,585 Lost and Found Office Squad. -Business World The mad dash to catch the busg the gab-fests in the cafeteriag all the fun I had with Lois and the crowd. ELLENSON, MYRA 321 86 Street G.O. Borough Representative, Li- brary Squad, Modern Dance Club, Secretary to Mrs. Chester and Mr. Kottmann.-College Ode to the Fortg those seven little booksg the mysterious gray foun- tain pen,' a "green little man", "Sipsi and us",' and mourn words with C.B. 55 ELLINGSEN, BARBARA 5519 Seventh Avenue Locker Room Service, Secretary to Miss Hoffman, Table Captain, Trinity Club.-Business World The cherished memoriesg th e "O'lly's7',' sophomore year with Anneg morning coffee at the Tea Room and detention the next dayg riding to school via Bobls car. EMRHEIN, CAROL 67 Dahlgreen Place Newman Club, Program Office Squad, Emergency Room Squad, A.M. Prefect Secretary, Secretarial Service.-Business School, Secre- tary The fun we had in prefect class 4B8 with Lorraine, Arlene, DeDe, Maria, Solueig, Loretta and Ca- mille,' the crowded busesg jammed lockers. ENGER, SOLVEIG 360 75 Street Trinity Club, Volleyball Club, Li- brary S q u a d , Grade Advisors' Squad.-Business World The good times at Fort Hamilton and the friends I madej the fun in prefect with the UENOESIQ' the hike from school with Anne. ERICKSON, THEODORE 333 63 Street -Business World The swell teachersg great times in lunch,' my many friends, my fab- ulous senior year. ERICSON, JOYCE 6805 Owls Head Court Secretary to Miss Brookman, Bas- ketball Club, Volley Club.-Busi- ness World My senior year in the cafeteriag Mrs. Frankleg the laughs in Mr. Shomay's geometry class,' walking to school on those snowbound dayss the friends I made. FAERSTEIN, BERT 301 81 Street Band '57, 358, '59, Orchestra '58, '59, Dance Band '59, Cafeteria Service, Music Service, Vice Pres- ident of Orchestra.-College The great times in Band and Or- chestra with Mr. Chelimsky, Mr. Shine, and Mr. Heffrong all the understanding and helpful teach- ers,' and of course, the wonderful friendships made at Fort Hamilton. 56 JW' -Q, ,, ,ff ,ge X f X ' , f' it fy' f sv,fef-'- . ,gre FAHRENBACH, ANN 41 86 Street Services in the Attendance Office, Emergency Room and on Mr. Sza- bols Service Squad.-Secretary Standing on the corner,' Hinsch's,' the mansion by the Narrowsj the lasting friendshipsg Eddie 3-7-57g Oceanlideg skating, looking for- ward as a senior to future happy moments. FAHY, MARTIN 7616 Fifth Avenue Art Service Squad, Detention Serv- ice Squad, Table Captain.-Bust ness World The help all my teachers have given me in the past four years- many thanks to them and may they continue to help their new students. FAILLACE, ROSEMARY 908 63 Street Secretary to Mrs. McHugh, Ac- counting Office Squad.-Secretary The laughs with Eleanor, Arlene and Lorraineg the long talks with Mary Anng the fun in prefect with feannieg all the wonderful friends I made. FARIA, MARIANNE 1033 56 Street Library Squad, Spanish Club, Pub- lic Speaking Club. - Collegeg Journalist. Fun in gym with Carterg good times in prefect with john and Lo'uie,' the basketball games we won, report card day,' the hay- ride. FARKOUH, WILLIAM 9442 Ridge Boulevard Service Corps.-R.C.A. Institute The whist games at Ronny's house with Tony, Larry, Bruce and my- selfg the good times in sixth pe- riod lunch with Tony and George. FARRAN, PHILIP 7407 Fifth Avenue Senior Social Committee, Service Squad, Rembrandts, Stage Craft- ers, Public Speaking Club. -College Yola, Pat and the starsg table GGQ "that special one",' after school sessions with the teachers I louedg the mad Tea Roomj Miss Far- ganisj Mrs. Altes,' playing 'fElsa ftlaxwellfi FARRAR, JUDITH 339 85 Street Service Squad, Table Captain.- Business World The fun in sixth period lunch with Sue: the good times at Fort Hamilton with Larraine, Mary- anne. Sue and Kathy. FARRELL, LORETTA 1041 78 Street -Business World Good times at the Fort: my great teachers: all my friends: and es- pecially. my great senior year. FASANO. ELIZABETH , 950 81 Street Arista, Secretary to Mrs. Bonom, P r 0 g r a m Committee, Library Squad, Hostess Open School Night. -Secretary Fift-h period lunch, junior and senior yearsg junior prefect with Antoinette.: moments never to be forgotten with Ellen and Steph,- a crush that lasted' three years. FEIGENBAUM, RITA 352 77 Street G.O. Representative, Secretary for Mrs. Kahn, Attendance Monitor, Modern Dance Club.-College junior prefect with Genny and Annette, sten with Miss Simong junior English with Miss Gold- man,' my senior year,' both tables C,' and, of course, Maureen, FELKER, NANCY 7307 Sixth Avenue Table captain, G.O. Store Squad, Trinity Club.-Business World The new friends Ilve made at Fort Hamilton, fourth period lunch in my junior year with Kathy, Marie, Mary jane, Anna, Dee, rlflary and feanie. FENIMORE, JOSEPHINE 715 58 Street Secretary to Miss Goldman and Mr. Berkowitz.-Business World The fun at lunch with Elaine, Ann, Chris, Annette, feanie, Lucy, jean, and Pat,' most of all, the fun we all had together. 1 rf? K' if ,Q K, My ar FERNSTROM, RONALD 315 R4 Street Boys' Chorus, Musicale, Cafeteria Table Captain, Intramural Cham- pionship, Gym Secretary. - Col- legeg Service Mrs. I.ow's Bio class,' the fun in Miss O'Keefe's English class, the good times with all the Torn's that I knew,' three o'clock and meeting Kathy. FIDJE, RUTH 760 55 Street Musicale '58 and '59, Orchestra, G.O. Representative.-Secretary '58 with Inger and the two "m's"g foan and the "Kooga-Moogasug sten with Bethg but rnost of all, Stanley. FLANAGAN, CHARLES P. 8216 Fifth Avenue Newman Club, Psychology Club, Study Hall Service Squad,-Sci- ence Teacher The many friends I made, and the wonderful times I had with therng the careful guidance received from the many fine teachers I have known here at "The Fort". FLEISCHMAN, LAURA 880 59 Street Receptionist, Menorah Club, Pub- lic Speaking Club, Pan-American Club.-Secretary The fun in my senior year, table C and lunch with Sandig Linda, Mark, joel, Ruthg the wonderful teachers, especially Mr. Schapiro. FOLISE, GEORGE 1048 63 Street Service Squad.-College The fun in sixth period lunch with Torn, Marco, Vinny, Blanche, Liz, Carol, all the fun on the bus at three o'clock. FRANCIS, ,IUDITH 7713 Ridge Boulevard Program Olfice Squad, G O. Rep- resentative, Mixed Chorus, Secre- tary in Prefect, Secretary to Miss Brookman, Table Captain.-Model The "checkerino" crowd at "Pops", Laura, foe, Allan, Sandy, Ann, Roger, Patty, jimmy, Marion, Bob, and especially, Larry, 57 FRANCIS, LORNA 4923 Eighth Avenue Secretary to Miss Haigney, G.O. Representative.-Business World "Cuma",' the crazy times with Carol, prefect with Karen and Eileen, the gum that disappeared so fast, my friendsg three wonder- ful years. FREDRICKS, LYNNE 7101 Colonial Road Boosters, Menorah Club, Minute- men, Secretary to Mrs. Finn and Mrs. Swahn, Senior Social Com- mittee.-College My years of cheering the team, the fun at table EE,' my senior year? the joshing with "Sipsi,',- and us' . FREDRICKSEN, BETH I 638 67 Street Service Corps, Trinity Club, Mixed Chorus, Musicales ,58, '59.-Busi- ness World My junior year at Fort Hamilton when-I met Donny, sten 2 with Ruthzeg Mixed Chorus with Mrs. S0liB6Tg,' and' the 'Kooga Moo- gas. ' FREIBERG, BARBARA 169 81 Street Boosters, Trinity Club, Senior Council, Health Service, Secretari- al Squad, Secretary for Miss Mar- kell.-College The many friends I made and the laughs we had in the Tea Room and at the basketball games with jessie, Marie, feannie, jackie and Carol. FRIEDMAN, BARTON 465 84 Street Senior Social Committee, Band, Musicales '57, '58, '59, Curtain- timers, Gym Leaders' Corps, Man- ager of Dance Squad.-College Table E fifth period lunchg Doug, Moe and the "crazy bunchn, "Mau Maul' Pow-wowsg Go Getters Gents,' the Ivy Leagueg the Arab Tent. FRIEDNIAN, STEVEN 7101 Colonial Road Cafeteria Service Squad.-College The -long walk to school every morning with Tommy and Al,' the fun in fifth period lunch with Bob, Tony and Russ. 58 Zmx -an Ge. ff is A of I C Q at 7 .f .4-fs:-N' 'gif 5 4 S fl' '15 FURIE, JANE 145 95 Street Spring Play, 1958, Curtaintirners, Literary Magazine Staff, Senior Social Committee, Menorah Club. -College, Speech Therapy My great senior year,' the Als and fs, "Sipsi', with all the girls, late-evening rehearsals,' those "Par- tiesug EE, and most of all, my herd. FUSCO, ALBERT 5415 Ninth Avenue Service Squad, Table Captain, Sec- retary to Mr, Liebowitz.-College The good times I had in lunch with john, Tommy, Moose, Pinky and all my other friendsj I,ll es- pecially remember the knowledge fue gained at Fort Hamilton. FUTORAN, HERB 5019 Tenth Avenue Senior, Junior Councils, President of Menorah Club, Curtaintimers, Secretary-Pan American Club, Leaders, Corps, Cafeteria Service. fCollege Running for buses at threeg the gang at the table, Mr. Golombg my friends who will always be close to me. GABRIELLINI, NIARY ELLEN 665 79 Street Girls' Locker Room Squad, Table Captain, Secretary to Miss Brook- mann, Newman Club. - Dental Hygienist Miss McCann teaching English I and 3, the good times at lunch with foyce, Bobbie, Loretta, Richie and Yankee. GALITZER, LINDA 956 56 Street Secretary to Dr. Cochran and Mr. Lessell, Curtaintimers, Pan Ameri- can Club, Menorah Club. - Teaching Sixth period lunch with Laura, Sandi and the rest of the kidsg great times in Mr. Felderis classj most of all, the wonderful friends I made. GALLAGHER, JOAN 817 53 Street Girls' Gym Locker Squad.-Busi- ness World Laughs during lunch period with Annette, Barbara, and Cathyj crazy times in the gym lockers with Annette and Carol, going to school with Ann. GALLO. JUDITH 6014 Fourth Avenue Arista, Secretary to Mr. Vecchio, lvfr. Lerner and Mr. Berkowitz, Orchestra, Musicales '57, '58, '59, Program Committee.-College Orchestra with Mr. C. and the hard times we gave him too fre- quently.: second year English and Air. Gersterfs helping handy pre- fect: tllay 2,5 Vic. GALLO, LORETTA 7411 Tenth Avenue Newman Club, Cafeteria Table Captain.-St. johns University Fifth lunch: junior gym with Bet- ty and team 16: locker room mis- chiefg fun and frustration with Elaine: 73 Street bus st op: "Enoes:": P.T.'s,' the appleg and "the Parkway". GABIBALE, RACHEL 1048 64 Street Girls' Chorus, Musicale '58, Sec- retary to lNIr. Alson.-College The fun in Girls' Chorus, the third bus,' gym with Theresa and Aen,' rushing to catch the bus with Tinag Luwannag and of course, Al. GANCILA, LOUIS 6808 Eleventh Avenue -Business World The wonderful teachers, especially in the English department, who helped me on my way into the business world. GARCIA, DEANNA 623 58 Street Boosters, Basketball. - Business World The first day of our senior year, when Brenda, Loretta, Pat and I became movie actressesg all the fun in the girls' locker ro0m,' but most of all, Ray. GASPARINO, FRANK 864 49 Street Projection Squad, Service Corps. -Business World All the fun I had in lunch with Bobby, Frankie, fosy, Pete, john, Larry and Anthony. 3' 1 bv, X Zfff' 'L GAUDIO, LOIS 1068 73 Street C.O. Store Manager, Secretary to Mr. Berkowitz, Accounting Office Squad, Regents Week Service, Bas- ketball Club, Volleyball Club.- Airline Stewardess or College The good times in the G.O, store with loan, Elizabeth and Mr. Ber- kowitzg Mr. Cumming's cigarsg seventh period chemistry with Mr. Zakon. GAUDIOSO, ELIZABETH 1014 62 Street Decca Club, Service Squad for Mr. Szabo and Mr. Berkowitz. -Secretary The beautiful school standing against the Narrows, the wonder- ful friends I will always hold so dearg the understanding Mr. Ber- kowitz, the fun of being a senior. GAVIN, GERARD 915 84 Street Basketball Team, Mr. Ptakas Serv- ice Squad, Mr. Mill's Service Squad.-College The wonderful people I have met and of course the experiences I had on the Basketball Team. GEHSHAN, JANET 9214 Ridge Boulevard Secretary to Mrs. Kahn and Mrs. Willison, Cafeteria Lieutenant, Ar- ista, Secretary of Rembrandts, Red Cross Club.-Business World Four years with Mrs. Kahn,' the Adelphisg the Green Arab Roomj Tommy, crazy crushes, and foyce and Dom. GEMELOS, ELIAS 626 46 Street Service Squad, Cafeteria Squad. -College The many laughs with friends, the surprise of exams, the tons of homework and most of all, the thrill of receiving my diploma. GENERAL, THEODORE W. 233 56 Street Art Squad, Service Corps, Track Team.-College, U.S. Navy The math classes of Mr. Shomay tinged with a bit of humor, and all the new friends I have made through the four years. 59 GEORGE, FOSTER 423 99 Street Track Team, Cafeteria Service.- College My high school years, growing upg learning to stand alone, endeavor- ing to realize my station in life. GEORGE, DOUGLAS 333 101 Street Mr. Shinels Dance Band, Radio Club, Cafeteria Service. Senior Band.-Business Worldg College All the friends I made, especially jerry, Wayne, jim and Richie, the fun I had playing with the Senior Dance Band. GERACI, ANTHONY 1005 64 Street G. O. Representative, Service Corps, Bowling Team.-College The fun in sixth period lunch dur- ing my last year with Mousie, Billy, Liz, Blanche and the gangg laughs coming to school in Mou- siels car with the gang. GHIKAS, CHRYSANTHY l 415 99 Street Service Squad, Secretary to Mrs. Mayer.-Secretarial Work, Marriage My high school years with joan and Pat,' the fun in lunch, and the three o'clock "pick up truck." GIANINO, SALVATORE . 7904 Fourth Avenue Cafeteria Table Captain. - C01- lege, Law School The teachers who helped me in their 5171176 time,' the friends I made, the classes I enjoyed. GILLOULEY, PATRICK Cafeteria Service Squad.-College The I00d in the cafeteria,' the wonderful times in the library and the fun my friends, Mike, Charlie and I had in the cafeteria. 60 IQW WG' ,W ft av M1 1 ' , f! M W, YZ .f f , , f f.,,,rfr ,ye reef. , . yr! X Q re GJERDE, INGER 739 57 Street Secretary to Mr. Quigley, Trinity Club.-Airline Hostess '58 with Ruthie and the two "M's'J,' the "Kooga Moogas",' and walking home with Shirley during my junior year. GJERTSEN, LILLY 142 Bay Ridge Avenue Orchestra, Rembrandts, Modern Dance Class, Red Cross Club, Who's Who Bulletin Board Chair- man, Boosters.-Art College The squeaks at the Musicalesj modern art sessions with Ann, Pam and Pat,' those hen parties in lunch at tables B and E,' the won- derful guidance and help from Miss Dick. GOER, DONALD 528 83 Street Arista, Tennis Tearn, Grade Ad- visorls Office Squads, Math Of- fice Squads, Biology Lab. Squad, Service Corps.-College The Tennis Team and Mr. j.,' our beautiful manager, Fran, and our mascot, Ginnyg the H25 in chemistry, interruptions by Mr. K.,' all these made school worthwhile. GOLBY, RICHARD 7401 Ridge Boulevard Orchestra, Minutemen, Program Squad, History Ofhce Service, Caf- eteria Squad.-College Mrs. Hartis French classes, fun in the program office and cafeteriaj Mrs. Low, Mrs. Heyer, Ruth and Tony on sixth period service, Steve's homeworkg beans. GOLDBERG, JOEL 114 42 Street -Business World Four great years at the Fort, fab- ulous teachers, swell friends and my fabulous senior year. GOLDFINGER, BARNEY 4918 Ninth Avenue Track Team, Gym Leaders, Corps, Spanish Club, Service Corps, Cafe- teria Squad, Camera Club. - College The wonderful times in fourth period lunch with all the girlsj the laughs with Mr. Bedell's Gym Corps, the friends I made at Fort Harnillton. GOLDMAN, ALAN 310 85 Street Minutemen, Pan American Club, Secretary to Mr. Zal-Lon.-College All the fun I had with my friends at table L in the cafeteria during lunch. GOLDSTON, INIARILYN 5423 Fort Hamilton Parkway Secretary to Mrs. Deerson, Rem- brandt Club, Cafeteria Squad, jun- ior Prom Social Committee, Sen- ior Prom Representative, Hallo- ween Art Contest.-College Aly happy yet hectic times at Fort Harniltong wonderful friendships with Aggie, Dodo and Pam, Les- sons learnedg fun at lunch, the swell teachers. GOODNIAN, RONA 6820 Ridge Boulevard Service Corps, Program Commit- tee, Library Squad, Secretary to Miss Hennessy, Menorah Club.- New York Community College The fun walking to school with Ruth, Caroline and Sandyg laughs in lunch periodg my senior year and Mr. Saks in Biology IA6. GORDY, VIRGINIA 86 71 Street Arista, "Pilot'l News Editor, Sec- retary of Psychology Club, Cur- taintimers, Modern Dance Club, Grade Advisors, Office Squad.- College The literary magazineg the Friday nightsg 1957, "The Great White Father",' Carolyng and all the work. GORRA, MARIE 8007 Narrows Avenue G.O. Store Squad, Newman Club, Locker Room Service, Secretary for Miss Van Bokkelen.-College The many friends I made and the fun I had in prefect with Mary, jackie, Rose and Barbara. J- .. GRAHAM, KENNETH 7213 Sixth Avenue Service Squad, Junior Band. - Coast Guard The good times in the cafeteriag the fun on the Service Squadg and Mr. Ptak's gym class. 4015-"' GRAVINA, RICHARD 23 77 Street Boys' Chorus, "Pilot'7 Staff, Boys' Emergency Room Squad. - Pre- Med School The many years at Fort Hamilton where I met many new friena's,' the cafeteria on Senior Day,' many of my teachers. GREENBERG, CHARLOTTE 109 Gelslton Avenue Captain of Boosters, Treasurer of Curtaintimers, Spring Show '58, Locker Room Squad, Program Committee.ECollege Cheering at games, gorging at HIUGSU with Barbara and Heleneg chuckles at rehearsalsj EE fourth perzodg the mad weekendj the greatest friends. GRIECO, DOLORES 1074 82 Street Arista, Psychology Club, Minute- men Club, Red Cross Club, Senior Council, Secretary to Mrs. Swahn. -College The wonderful teachers who made my four years at Fort Hamilton so enjoyableg English with Mrs. Callahang and especially, Mrs. Swahn. GRIFFITH, RONNIE 954 66 Street G.O. Representative, S e r vi c e Squad.-U.S.Navy The great times I had at Fort Hamilton and all the friends I've made during my three years here. GRILLO, CARL 1040 52 Street Newman Club, Service Corps, Caf- eteria Squad.-College The wonderful teachers I had,' the friends in all my classesg the rush to the bus stop each day at three. GRIMSGAARD, PER 405 Clinton Avenue Cafeteria Service.-College Miss OlKeefe's helping handg the fun we had in lunch and between the seventh and eighth periodsg all the friends Ilve made. 61 GROLL, LILLIAN 917 58 Street Red Cross Club, Trinity Club.- Secretary The rushes for the busg the late roomg lunch periods, Frenchg the three Annsg Rita, jeannie, and all the other wonderful friends I'z1e made. GRONLIE, RICHARD 518 80 Street Service Squad.-I.B.M. Training School The many friends I have made here at Fort Hamilton and the good times we had in the cafe- teria together. GRUNDE, PAUL 8402 Fourth Avenue Boys' Chorus, Musicale '58, Serv- ice Squad.-College The great times in the Boys: Cho- rus with Mr. Lessell,' all the friends I have made. GUARINO, ROBERT 1035 70 Street A.M. Service Squad, Sixth Period Service Corps. - College, U.S. Marines john, Nick, Ivar and Kirk, when we tried to sing in the first assem- bly,' the cafeteria "strike" last year,' the fun in "Doc'1 Sachey's gym class. GUNDACKER, PATRICIA 9707 Fourth Avenue Library Squad, Swimming Club, Volleyball Club, Basketball Club, Beacons, Secretary to the Attend- ance Office.-Business World The kids at table G, fifth period lunch, most of all, Ijll never for- get Steve. HALLENBECK, JOSEPH 864 58 Street -Business World The good times with my many friends, all the great teachers, fourth period lunch, especially, my great senior year. 62 ,V 5 .f ,Q ,X , f X f Z 5 , Me W iv ie ,' If were it f , W , W ' 'v' I f.. fr f' .fat U Q ' - f Wh ,fl ,W .s f f' HAMILTON, DONALD 418 83 Street Newman Club, Service Squad. -College Fort Hamiltong the friends I made and the great times I had in my classes. HANSEN, JUNE 7009 Ridge Boulevard Girls' Chorus, Musicale.-Business World The mad rush in the lockers, freezing in Chorus, lunch on Shore Roady Usistersu from "Rainbow'J and "The Three Friends." HANSEN, THOMAS 561 73 Street Service Squad.-College The good times in sixth period lunch with my friends, laughs out- side during P.M. prefect. HANSEN, THOMAS F. 572 73 Street Cafeteria Squad, Table Captain. -College The good times on the seventy hfth street bus, the good times in third period lunch and in the sixth period study hall. HANSEN, WINFRIED 748 60 Street Arista, Chemistry Squad, Leaders' Corps, Trinity Club, G.O. Repre- sentative.-Pre-Med School The great time on Mrs. 1uul's Chemistry Squadg Mr. Bedellls Leaders' Corps, and the many friends I have made among the teachers and students. HANSEN, WERNER 748 60 Street Program Office Squad, Cafeteria Service, Aquarium Squad.-Col- lege or U.S. Navy The new friends I made at Fort Hamiltong the good times in the cafeteria, the teachers, my un- forgettable senior year,' fighting for seats on the buses. HARDILIAN, JANET 9325 Fort Hamilton Parkway Senior Council, Rembrandts, Psy- chology Club, Library Squad, Sec- retary for Mr. Joltin, Arista.--COL legeg Liberal Arts Study How friendly everyone was when I came here as a junior: ants in the chem lab,' the kids from the Fort. HART, PATRICIA 6015 Fifth Avenue G.O. Office Squad, G.O. City Council Meetings, Service Squad, Basketball, Bowling and Volleyball Clubs.-Business World The wonderful times in the G.O. ojficeg helping Eileen with her love lifeg Hrllinnie Mouse",' "Fos- sil Face",: good times in the Dyker Alleys and the "parlor". HARTFORD, SUSAN 714 60 Street Secretary to Mr. Selwyn, Orches- tra, Musicale.-Bookkeeper Those bus ridesg conferences at table D,: the joy of being a senior -too bad it lasts only one year. HARTBIAN, WVALTER 35 72 Street -Business World Laughs in prefectg fun in lunch, enjoyable classes, good times with all my friends, the wonderful teachers I have known. HASSELBERG, SIGURD 385 93 Street -Business World The great times in lunch, all my friendsg the fabulous teachers and especially, my senior year. HASTINGS, EVELYN 1057 74 Street Service Squad.-Business World Riding the bus to school, wonder ful friends and teachers, laughs in prefect, fun in lunch, especially, my fabulous senior year. Q' 'M-rf S' WN? HASTRY, JAINIES 557 59 Street Boys' Chorus, Cafeteria and Study Hall Service, Squads.-U.S. Coast Guard The wonderful teachers I've met and the friends I made at Fort Hamilton, the good times I had fn the cafeteria, Boys' Chorus, and study hall. HAUSCHILD, ELEANORE 901 73 Street Locker Room Monitor, Table cap- tain.-Secretary Rushing to the cafeteria to get milk, the crowd of girls in the locker roomy the understanding ieachersg and especially, all the good friends I made. HEISE, HENRY 670 84 Street Arista, Minutemen Club, Trinity Club, Boys, Chorus, Musicales '58, '59.-College The Minutemen d'iscussions,' Doc- tor Cochran and German, Mr. Lessell and the Boys' Chorus,' the feverish preparation for the Musi- cales,' Mr. foltin and chemistry. HELENIUS, ROBERT 5211 Eighth Avenue Boys' Chorus, Musicalesl '58, '59, Manager of Cross-Country Team, Track Team, Service Corps, Cafe- teria Squad.-College, Engineering All my new friends, my teachersg my chums and the good times we had in Boys' Chorus, on the Track and Cross-Country Teams. HERBERT, DAVID 475 80 Street Newman Club, Gym Leaders' Corps, Gym Team, Gym Service Squad.-College, U.S. Air Force The fine teaching stay? we have which is comprised of understand- ing and helpful teachers. HICKEY, SHEILA 219 90 Street Secretary to Miss Brookman, Mod- ern Dance Club.-Business School My understanding teachers, the mad rush from gym to beat the late bell,' the thrill of my senior ring, and the fun in the cafeteria 63 HICKS, ANNE 6926 Fifth Avenue Minutemen, Trinity Club, Pan American Club, Secretary to Mrs. Mayer and Mrs. Tillis.-College English with Mr. Gersten, Mr. Carlin, and Mr. Gerg the fun in Minutemeng lunch with the girls, history with Miss Albertig detain- ing Ann in the morning, DEBS. HIGGINS, WILLIAM 455 78 Street Grade Advisor's Assistant, Program Committee Squad, School News- paper Squad, 'Cafeteria Service, Secretary, Detention Squad. - College All the wonderful teachers who advised and encouraged meg my stimulating and refreshing senior year,' the pleasant times with my fun loving and vigorous friends. HINDLE, BARBARA 349 58 Street Record Office Squad, Cafeteria Service Squad, Table Captain, Orchestra.-Airline Stewardess Senior lunchg "clean-up" with Lo- retta, Brenda and Connie, prefectg Mr. Ptakg history classes and the "I-Iindle Special 3,,,' but most of all, thinking about Bob. I-IITTNER, AMY 274 Bay Ridge Parkway Treasurer of Senior Class-Social Committee, Arista, Pilot, Band, Curtaintimer, Boosters,-College The band with Barbarag laughs in fifth period lunchg "Mau-Mausnj those Friday nightsg good times in Latin 3, us "Dels"g Tea Room chucklesg all the unforgettable memories. HOFT, ELLEN 801 70 Street Arista, Senior G.O. Representative, Office Work for Mrs. Catania, Typist for Mr. Carlin, Secretary to Dr. Cochran, Assistant Attendance Monitor.-Private Secretary High school days with Liz, table I at eight A.M. with Li: and Steph, fun with Bob for three years. HOGREBE, ROY 338 88 Street Service Corps, Radio Club.- -College The great times I had with the boys in fifth period lunch and on the sixth period Service Squadj all the friends I made. 64 Alfa X X HOKENBERG, ERIC 573 80 Street The Minutemen, Geometry Coach- ing for Miss Miller.-College, Nor- wich University All the fun that Richie, fohnnie and I had in the cafeteria during fourth period lunchg the gay feel- ing I had at Christmas time. HOLDMAN, NANCY 8707 Fifth Avenue Girls' Chorus, Musicales '57, I58, '59, Secretary to Miss Hoffman and Miss McHugh, Table Captain. -Nursing School Chorus with Mr. Lessell, rushing to work with Alice, Lynn and Elaine, fun with the "Endes",' jun- ior year with Vicky and Wanda. HOLLDORF, JAMES 555 Ovington Avenue Chemistry Squad, G,O. Represent- ative, Cafeteria Service Squad. -College fim, Ken, and "the Boys'J,' Mrs. Low and Mr. Greenbergg Mrs. fuul, and the good times in the chem lab,' all the friends I made in Fort Hamiltoln. HOLM, JUNE 871 56 Street Secretary to Mrs. Mayer, G.O. Representative, Girls' Chorus, Mu- sicales '57, ,58, '59, Trinity Club, Table Captain.-Air Line Stew- ardess, Business World Donny I2-I0-575 Alice, eight o'clock on Babyjs stoopg crowded buses,' the rush at three,' prefect with Nancyg fun in senior year. HUGGARD, MARY 7125 Fifth Avenue Secretary in Treasurefs Office,- Business World The wonderful times in gym, the fine teachers who guided me through four wonderful years, the good times working in the treas- ureris office. HUGHES, RICHARD 631 56 Street Study Hall Service Squad, Table Captain, Newman Club. - U.S. Armed Forces The gay times in Mr. Swahrfs prefect class,' walking to school during the rain, sleet and snowg the many friends I made. HUGHES, ROBERT 0711 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Squad.-Business World Fort Hamilton because of all the friends I made during my three ,Tears at this school.: the fun I had with the boys in lunch, HUNT, BIICHAEL 814 52 Street --Business World The unforgettable friends: great days as a senior: fun in Mr. Za- kon's chem class: four wonderful years at the Fort. IAVARONI, VINCENT 1026 62 Street Service Squad, Woodwork Service. -US. Air Force Fort Hamilton and the fine teach- ers who advised rneg the friends I still have - Marco, fohnny, rlffouse, and Tony. INIBRIALE, JOSEPH 926 48 Street Service Squad. - Business World Mr. Flaster's shop class in my jun- ior year with foe, Mario, and Lumardig my cousin foe,' my friends, Frankie and Al. IMPARATO, ESTELLE 38 79 Street Secretary in Program Office and in Deans? Offices, Service Squad, Newman Club, Bowling Club.- College funior prefect, third period lunch with Cookie, Frankie and Patg summer school with Adrieneg Hinschis after schoolg and most of all, my wonderful senior year. INGOGLIA, AGATHA 1031 64 Street Newman Club, Modem Dance, Attendance Monitor, L i b r a r y Squad, Senior Prom Committee, Assembly Programs Committee.- College Anne, Marie, feannine, joan, three ojclock Hgabu sessionsg fifth and sixth lunch periods, Ray and the bug! wonderful teachersg hap- py memories, Mark. -:J -Q- Q T Z fs 3 J, 1. ilfxs W .7 r a . INGRASSIA, MICHAEL 76 79 Street Pan American Club, Newman Club, Minutemen, Program Com- mittee.-College The fun I had in gymg the ex- hausting exercisesg the free play periodsg the mad rush to my next period class. IZZO, ALBERT 525 84 Street Musicale '57, '58, Service Squad. -College The good times during sixth period lunch with my friendsg laughs out- side during P.M. prefect. IZZO, GEORE 530 84 Street Cafeteria Service Squad.-Service, College The great times I had with Bodie Mike, Artie, Tony S., Mike H., and the rest of the new friends I madeg the wonderful teachers I had. JACOBSEN, LAWRENCE 901 80 Street Secretary to Mrs. Catania, Photo- stat Squad.-U.S. Air Force The good times on the Photostat Squad with Mr. Eisner and the boys. JENKINS, BARBARA 356 81 Street Arista, College Secretary, Basket- ball Club, Trinity Club, Table Captain.-College, Nursing Arista installationg receiving my senior pin after looking forward to wearing it for three years,' my teachersg many friendsj good times. JENKINSON, ROBERT 8402 Fourth Avenue Soccer Team.-New York Insti- tute of Technologly The cafeteria period which was always interesting and did a lot to perk up your spiritsg the good times my friends and I had to- gether. 65 JENSEN, CHARLES 623 85 Street Service Squad, Cafeteria Service. -Coast Guard My wonderful years in Fort Ham- ilton High Schoolg all my nice teachers and wonderful friends and the good times we had together. JOHANSEN, BETTY 763 53 Street Mrs. Catanials Office Squad, At- tendance Office, Volleyball Club, Study Hall Secretary, Bowling Club.-Secretarial Work Rushing to business machines class with Margieg fourth period lunch with the kids from Dody's,' Viv- ien's house after school, English with Mr. Cer. JOHANSEN, DOLORES 5007 Seventh Avenue Girls, Chorus, Musicale, Christmas Shows, Bowling Team.-Business World The Hay Ride, Senior Prom and track meets with Mike, a wonder- ful person, Igloo 108, Hi Ho Steverino musicalesg going home with Bubbles, Mr. Kottman. JOHNSEN, JUDITH 258 92 Street "Tower" Business Manager, Mrs. Catanials Secretarial Squad, G.O. Store, Volleyball Club, Red Cross Club, Mr. Szabo's Service Corps. -Secretary The good times I had in lunch with Barbara, fo Ann and Mau- reen,' the fun we had with Mr. Selwyn. JOHNSON, ANNE 904 58 Street Arista, Trinity Club, Mixed Cho- rus, Musicales I56, '57, Secretary to Mrs. Shaefer and Mrs. Bonom. -Secretary My senior year,' good limes with Cucc and Mullerg "Silhouettes'!,' Baby's complex, sten with Miss Simong Rita, Lil and Ann, but most of all, Sid. JOHNSON, HAROLD 343 Senator Street Radio Club, Service Squad, Serv- ice for Dr. Cochran and Mr. Ptak, Lieutenant of Service.-College, Electronics Mrs. McClenahan, our librarian: to her I owe my deepest gratitude for being so patient and under- standing in my four years at Fort Hamilton. 66 W f ee 4 465 JONES, ARTHUR 745 49 Street Captain of Baseball Team, Service Corps, Service in Mr. Ptak's of- tice.-College The friends I made in Fort Hamil- ton and the good' times I had with the boys from the Baseball Team on and of the field. JONES, PATRICIA 356 64 Street Library Squad, Secretary to Mrs. George, Mrs. Slater and Mr. Quig- ley, Program Committee.-College The wonderful friends I made,- the pleasant teachers, three years of sujering in math, second year English with Mr. Gersten. JOOS, RUTH 40 70 Street Library Squad, Program Commit- tee Regents Week, 'Cafeteria Table Captain, Red Cross Club, Trinity Club, Accounting Office Squad.- Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School The long hike to school, the en- joyable German classes,' the after- noons in the Red Cross and Trin- ity Clubsg the wonderful teachers and friends at Fort Hamilton. JOSEPHS, THOMAS 663 92 Street Baseball Team, Service with Mr. Ptak.-U.S. Air Force The fun in my third year with the guys and girls of third period lunchg driving to school with Raj,- and Mort who never reached Bur- ger Prince. KAHALY, JEANETTE 148 85 Street Newman Club, Modern Dance Club, Library Squad, Cafeteria Squad.QSecretary The fun in lunch with joyce and the senior kidsg all the wonderful friends I made at Fort Hamiltonj all the fine teachers with whom I came in contact. KALESH, DOUGLAS 253 83 Street Arista, Vice- President of Curtain- timers, Varsity Handball Team, sity Show '58, Junior, Senior Vice-President of Minutemen, ar- Council.-College The table at threeg lunch with the "Mau-Mausng midnight rehears- alsg campaigningg away gamesj everyone who made the Fort one unforgettable memory. KANIIN, JONATHAN 6701 Colonial Road Arista, 'iPilot" Circulation Mana- ger, Psychology Club Treasurer, Music Office Service, Orchestra, Minutemen.-College Mr. CheIimsky's encouragementg Margaretg the laughs in Dance Band with jonathan Cy chemistry with Donny, Eliot and Andy, and especially, my wonderful friends and teachers. KANE, WVALTER 170 71 Street Table Captain, Track Team, Gym Leaders' Corps, Service in Audi- torium.-U.S. Arrned Forces The good times and the many things learned in Mr. Schapiro's English class. KAPLAN, ELLEN 1 74 Street Boosters, Prom Committee, G.O. Store Squad.-College The mixed up lunches with Clare, watching the boats through class- room windows every year, my friends so true, all the trouble they got me intog and Sid, KAUFMAN, LOIS 469 72 Street Library Squad, Lost and Found Squad.-Business World The mad dash for the bus in the morning, all the fun and good times with Gladys and the rest of the crowd. KAY, ALVIN 937 81 Street Varsity Basketball, Boys' Chorus, Musicale '57, '58,-College or U.S. Navy The good times in Fort Hamilton when the Basketball Team won all its games, the fun in Boys' Chorus. KEAN, BARBARA 7515 Fort Hamilton Parkway Cafeteria Squad.-Business World The jirst day that I started classes in Fort Hamilton-I never got lost so much in one day as I did in this building. KELLY, JOHN 640 74 Street Track Team, Rifle Team, Assist- ant Dean's Service Corps.-College Walking to school with "Stinky"j meeting fellow students in the hall,' lunch with john and joe,' English in my junior year. KELLY , OWEN 252 93 Street Radio Club, Service to Mr. Szabo and Mr. Ptak.--Business World The waiting I went through to become a senior, my wonderful last year,' the way that the time spent at school went by so quickly. KENNEDY, ARLENE 982 54 Street Secretary to Mr. Cummings, Sten- ography Club.-Business World The friends I made,' the fun in my junior year with Larraine, Gunther, Bill and Mariag Dorothy, Mary and Bob in my senior year. KENNEDY, DREW 310 94 Street Service Corps. - U. S. Navy, College The good times in lunch with jeff, Mickey, Harry, Lucky and john, the many fine teachers- Mr. Flaster, Miss McCann and Mr. Quigley. KENNEDY, EILEEN 514 86 Street Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Sen- ior Sociall Committee, G.O. Rep- resentative, Secretary to Mr. Cum- mings, Musicales '57, '58, '59. -Secretary Ch0rus,' Prefect with "B.C.D.E. M.S." Chrisg senior yearg "Three Musketeers", "W.E.L.D."g "Bird Dog",' pot,' pearls, "Seventeenth Summer"g Hinsch'sg letters from "someone". KENT, BARBARA 1017 74 Street Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Mu- sicales '57, '58, '59, Senior Show, Red Cross Club, Trinity Club. -College The good times with friends in Chorusg the excitement of musi- cales,' prefect with joan, Vivian, and Arleen,' the pleasure of be- coming a senior and . . . Arnie. 67 KERRIGONE, THERESA 84 71 Street Library Squad, Secretary for Mr. Cummings, Volleyball Team, G.O. Representative '56, Cafeteria Ta- ble Captain.-Secretarial School Great times in prefect, "Breakfast Club",' those crazy regentsg end- less morning "hikesJ',' being late for classes, but especially, the friends I madeg my senior year. KHOURY, CAMILLE 39 94 Street Boosters, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Senior Social Committee Secretary, Recording Secretary, Minutemen, Senior Show-College "Mau'MauJs,'g crazy lunchesg mad telephone calls, cuz Monag "Endes",' Bohemian parties, "Hor- ror Showsn at R0sie's,r National Backscratcher, my parents, KING, MAURA 7011 Third Avenue Newman Club, Basketball Club, Secretary - Miss Hoffmanis Office, Emergency Room Squad, Library, Service Corps.-Nursing School The understanding teachersg Miss McCabe's prefect, Mr. Felder's Spanish classy my brogue which never could be understoodg Beany and the midnight ride. KLEIN, JULIA n 638 79 Street Arista, Musicales '56, '57, '58, Menorah Club, Boosters, Secretary to Mr. Lessel and Mrs. Lieff.- College Chorus with Mr. Lessellg senior social activities and basketball gamesg but most of all, lunch at table EE, joshing with "Sipsi". . . and "us". KLEIN, RUTH 694 49 Street Menorah Club, Public Speaking Club, G.O. Squad, Library Squad. --Business World The fabulous lunch periods dur- ing my three years at Fort Hamil- ton Highg also the wonderful time working in the G.O, Store with Mr. Berkowitz. KLING, CAROLYN 1051 73 Street Secretary to Mr, Golomb, Locker Room Squad, Trinity Club, Bas- ketball Club, Bowling Team.- Secretarial School The unforgettable memories, my wonderful senior year,' the gab- fest at lunch with Gail, Viv and Arlene, the friends I've made and especially, Dave. 68 - s me t pf 7 . J' N , '7' in ' is W KNOTT, JOHN 613 56 Street Gym Secretary, Deanls Office Sec- retary, Lunch Secretary, Newman Club.--College, U.S. Air Force My good times in Fort Hamilton and the training given me by the wonderful teachers. KNUDSEN, VIVIAN 801 72 Street Trinity Club, Service, Language Office, Secretary to Miss Mattson, Library Squad, Library Typist, Bowling Club.-Business School, Secretary. , jokes during long prefect with Arleen, Barbara, joan and Lynne, hurrying to meet Arleen on time, foanng my wonderful friends . . . and Frank. KNUTSEN, ALFRED 6624 Tenth Avenue Service Corps, Gym Secretary, Ta- ble Captain.-College The wild times in the cafeteria, the Hexperiments' we had with Mr. LaGrasse,' but especially, the mad rush for the buses at three o'clock. KODRICH, RONALD 450 61 Street Pan American Club, Minutemen, Newman Club, G.O. Representa- tive, Service Corps, Cafeteria Squad.-College The good times at table GG dur- ing my senior yearg the friends I made and the wonderful teachers at Fort Hamilton High School. KOERNER, JOHN 8410 Fifth Avenue Cafeteria Service Squad, Service Squad, Table Captain. -- U. S. Navy Fort Hamilton for the diferent service squads, and for the hot lunches which they serve, the gym teachers for their guidance. KOLSTE, GLADYS 524 90 Street Musicale '57, 358, l59, Program Committee, Cafeteria G u a r d , Swimming Club, Trinity Club, Senior Show.--Business World My wonderful friendsg the junior and Senior Proms, walking to school on chilly morningsg table G ,' "Icebox"-room 1085 and, "that special one". KOPPEL, NIARTIN 546 85 Street Track Team, Band, Music Office Service, Musicale.--College The great times on the Track Team, especially at the Armoryg preparing for the musicales with llr. "'C",' the fun in the cafeteria during lunch. KRAMER, RIORRIS 336 84 Street Boy Leader of Arista, President- Minuternen, Secretary - Menorah Society, Junior and Senior Council Representative, G,O. Representa- tive, Go-Getters.-College Sneakers and guns, "Tri-Dels",: "Sipsi",: the "Table",' "Mau- .Haus",- Tea Roomg fifth period lunchg basketball gamesg senior year, the Fort. KRARIER, PAUL 1060 76 Street Treasurer of Arista, Official Class President, G. O. Representative, Secretary for Mrs. Catania and Mr. Kassenbrock, Cafeteria Squad. -College Sixth period lunchj my senior yearg all the wonderful teachersg the swell guys and gals I came to know at Fort Hamiton. KRETOIN, ROBERT 718 60 Street Service Corps.-U.S Navy The first and last day in each new prefect and in each new subject class. KRITZBERG, BEVERLY 971 58 Street Cafeteria Squad, Table Captain, Receptionist for Mr. Ptak, Secre- tary for Mr. Eisner. - Nursing School. Homework transactions in prefectg the daring exercises and enjoyable games in our below zero gyrng the fun in lunch, my friends, and teachers I have knownj Deb's. LAEMERS, DIANA 364 92 Street Secretary to Mrs. Liefl, Table Cap- tain, Volleyball Club, Basketball Club.-Nursing Friends I made at the Fort, my senior year,' Sandy, Ruth, Bobbie and Carol, "STRAWS"g fun in prefect with "BCDEMS",' the Tea Room. ,ga If- I 15, fse,.x ,C Q - ' YI! 1- 5' , sjgz t X Q, is r..-.ew 5 as ' ze sw , I ' gf ,av- ' N aa' . 7 :yi .I rv , . ,, e if 3 5? 6- .al LaFARGE, JOAN 421 72 Street Girls' Locker Room Squad, Girls' Emergency Room Squad, Table Captain.-Nurses, Training jeannie's failing alarm clockg San- dy's blue legg the junior Promg joe's at three, fun in prefectg friends I made, but most of all, my senior year. La FONTAINE, LEONARD 9263 Fourth Avenue Service Corps.-Business World All the fun we had in our club and in the "Dublin Limited." LAMANTIA, MARGHERITA 960 52 Street Co-Capt. of Cheerleaders, Boost- ers, Secretary to Miss Haigney and Miss Dick.-Business World Cheering with Elaine and Macg the three o'clock bus ride with the '57 seniorsj fun in Miss Si- mon's sten class, jeanettej and laughs with Gerry. LANDE, RONALD 443 95 Street Trinity Club, Service Squad.- College Those classroom discussions on "Who Really Discovered Amer- ica?" And the Hpghti' to remain in one piece while traveling through the halls. LANDY, FRANK 229 73 Street Secretary to Mrs. Mayer.-U. S. Navy The four years I spent in Fort Hamilton and the many friends that I made. LAPLACA, WILLIAM 527 74 Street -College or U.S. Navy The fun Demmie, Ralph and I had at lunch in my junior year at table M with Connie, Pat, Vir- ginia, Laura and Annette. 69 LARDAS, STAN 5919 Third Avenue Cafeteria Squad.-College Fort Hamiltong my friends, my teachersg the good days and the badg the cafeteriag gymg freezing with Mr. L.,' but most of all, Kathy ana' Gerry. LARSEN, CAROLE 649 69 Street Trinity Club, Girls' Chorus, Mu- sicalle, Library Squad.wPrivate Secretary The fun in Girls' Chorus with everyoneg Carole and Gerdg my teachers and their homeworkg the good and bad times I have had with Charles. LAUB, CAROL 4923 8th Avenue Pan American Club-Vice Presi- dent, Senior Social Committee, Bi- ology Laboratory, Girls, Chorus, Secretary to Mr. Kassenbrock and Mr. Lessell. - College, Biology Teacher Fifth period lunch with the "M.M.Js,',' Friday night at Amy's,' Dougis white bucks, sneakers and guns,' table at three o'clockg three fun-filled years with everyone. LEICHTMAN, BETTY 610 Ovington Avenue Transfer Student.-Business World Two wonderful years at the Bronx High School of Scienceg and that my year in Fort Hamilton has renewed my acquaintance with many old friends. LEISTMAN, RICHARD 1040 57 Street Service Squad, Table Captain. - College Fort Hamilton High, because it is where I spent the greatest years of my life: I made many friends and had the hnest teachers. LEONARD, DONALD 74 73 Street Latin Club, Cafeteria Service Squad, Service Corps, English De- partment Secretary.-College The tremendous lunch line, the fun on servicej the substitute teachersj biology, history with Mr. Mahedy. 70 7 1 ",, f Z f Z ef f fff ? W , fx X ff fx V' , 4 f n f f fl , ff QV if LEONE, MARCO 6203 Tenth Avenue Service, Baseball Team.-Business World All the friends I made at Fort Hamiltong the laughs at sixth Ape- riod lunch with the guys and gzrlsj and of course, Maureen. LESKO, LIZABETH 1017 80 Street Secretary to Mr. Szabo, Mr. Lebo- witz, Girls' Locker Room Attend- ant, Table Captain, Red Crosf Club, Bowling Club.-Nursing Laughter and learning with "Porky",' the "juvenile luniorsng fudy, Lucy, Gerry, Diane, Terry, and Phyllisg laughs in home nurs- ingg Lee. LEVINE, EILEEN 1037 51 Street Secretary to Mr. Davino, Boosters, Rembrandts, Menorah Club, At- tendance Monitor. - Collegeg teaching Those eighth periods with Mr. "DivineD Dazfino and Frang when our team finally won a gameg my locker escapadesg and my wonder- ful friends and teachers. LEWANDOWSKI, PETER 950 56 Street Cafeteria Service Squad.-College The fun in hfth period lunchg the good time on Senior Day,' and all the wonderful friends I made during the past three years. LEWIS, BRUCE 264 89 Street -Business World The fun in prefectg lunch with all my friendsg the great teachersg and my wonderful senior year. LEWIS, THOMAS 261 60 Street Track Team, Lieutenant of Service Corps.-U.S. Armed Services The wild times we had at the Armory with the Track Teamj and the fun I had in art class in my freshman year. LIBA, LORRAINE 339 93 Street -Business World All my wonderful friends, the great teachers: two fabulous years at the Fort. LIMARDI, HENRY 742 68 Street -Trade School The fun in fifth period lunch with joe, Eddie, Ronnie, and Iohnny, the good times I had on the bus going home LIND, ELIZABETH 1220 77 Street Senior Class Treasurer, Secretary to Mr. Ptak and Miss Alberti.- College The fun in junior gym with Lo- retta, lunch at the shoreg the hon- or of being senior treasurer, the girls lockers, the wonderful friends I've made. LINDTVEDT, NANCY 653 68 Street Mixed Chorus, Musicale 757, '58, '59, Secretary to Mrs. Salzberg, Trinity Club, Locker Room Moni- tor, Bowling Team. - Business Crowded buses, prefect with Mar- gie and june, the Hiceboxug Shirl, Ding, the crowd, Dede, "My Guy", proms and between classes chats with Al. LIVINGSTON, RUTH 237 81 Street Arista, Boosters, G.O. Store Squad, Secretary to Mrs. Low, Mr. Szabo's Service Corps, Pan American Club. -College Walking to school with my friends, sixth period lunch at tablel C,' the G.O. store, and Spanish 3 and 4 with Mr. Felder. LO BRAICO, LOUIS 346 83 Street Service Lieutenant, Lunch Squad. -College The friends I made in Fort Ham- ilton High School, the fun I had on the seventh period Service Squad. A , V 7 11" 5 as f ga 5 O V Y X , - r fe". , y ' ,, gf 1 Tiff- V 5 ri, f ' ., X 2 me 1 x 1 f ,w ,, e LOBRAICO, LUCILLE 346 88 Street Senior Council Representative, Newman Club, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, Secretary to Mr. Golomb, Service for Mrs. Ames. -Secretary The many happy times I had at Fort Hamilton, the confusion dur- ing sixth period lunch, the fun during A.M. prefect. LOGAN, WILLIAM 505 95 Street Service Squad.-Business World All my friends and the swell times I always had in lunch with the boys. LONGO, PATRICIA 6201 Fort Hamilton Parkwy Senior Activities Office, Program Office, Secretary to Miss Randles. -Business World Sophomore year, packed gym lock- ers with a whole six minutes to dress, gab sessions with Lu, the boat ride, comics and cookies in sophomore year. LORENZO, VICTOR 9412 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service in Study, Mr. Ptak's Serv- ice Squad, Track Team.-College The wild times with Mr. Kottman on the Track Team, English class with Mr. Schapiro and Plato, the friends Ilve made, especially judy. LO RUBBIO, ANTHONY 2132 65 Street Manager of G.O. Store, Radio Club, Service Squad. - Business World The fun in the G.O. Store, fourth period lunch at exit seven, the laughs in the gym lockers, the riots on the bus going home. LOTKO, ROBERT 7510 Fifth Avenue Service Corps, Table Captain.- College The first year in Fort Hamilton, the friends I made, the teachers, the great times in Mr. Arrowis chemistry class. 71 LOVITCH, JOEL 919 50 Street Gym Secretary. - Academy of Aeronautics Fort Hamilton, for I have spent the three best years of my life here and have been taught by so many fine teachers. LUDVIGSEN, ANN 903 57 Street Secretary to Mr. Abramson, Dr. Cochran, Mr. Saks, Program Squad, Representative to "Mirror', Youth Forum, Trinity Club, Host- ess - Open School Week.--Business The fun at Fort Hamiltlanj the teachersg my senior yearg long walks to the ferry to meet George. LUMIA, GENEVIEVE 1001 65 Street Arista, Mixed Chorus, Trinity Club, The "Anchor', Staff, G.O. Store Squad, Secretary to Mrs. Low.-College The jammed busesj regents exam- inationsg green gym rompersg long lunch linesj the Musicaleg and the joy of realizing it's all over. LUND, ALFRED 6815 Third Avenue Cafeteria Squad, Service Squad. -College The fun in "Doc's" German classg the good times in sixth period lunchg the many laughs in gym with the "boys",' and all the won- derful friends I have made. LUNDELL, CAROLE 4009 Sixth Avenue Girls' Chorus, Musicale, Secretary to Mr. Joltin, Library Squad, Serv- ice Corps.-Business World The wonderful friendsg the crazy secrets and laughs with C.L. and C.M.,' the eight olclock sessions at tablel "jug but most of all, joey. LUNDGREN, ROBERT 771 51 Street Fort Hamilton Track Team, Serv- ice Squad, Cross Country.-Tool and Dye Maker Fort Hamiltong all my friends and our wonderful teachersg all the good times I had on our Cross- Country and Track Teams. 72 , r ,E ff , .f f e f , . go ,Z f , fri' f f f ff f'??6ffi 2 fat! rig 1 f,,. LUOMA, JOHN 555 Ovington Avenue Boys' Chorus, Table Captain. - U.S. Navy The fun at table Ag the Boys' Chorusg algebra,' all the years of fun and learning. LYNCH, JOHN 428 58 Street Service Corps, Lunch Squad. - U.S. Navy The wonderful friends I madej the school mottog the teachers I met, especially Mr. Flaster and Mr. Goldstein. LYNCH, LAWRENCE 771 52 Street Track Team, Cross Country, Serv- ice Squad.-U.S. Air Force The boys on the teams and my coaches who were the bestg the butterflies in my stomach before each track meet. LYNCH, MARY ANN 417 69 Street Table Captain, Secretary to Mrs. Azzara.-Business World The fun at AA with Kathy, Eddie and Dennisg our little trip to New jersey. LYNCH, MICHAEL 248 92 Street Service Squad.-U.S. Navy The good times we had in sixth period lunch with Mr. Flaster, fej, Red, Harry, Lucky, john and Vinny. MADSEN, PATRICIA 728 51 Street Health Service.-Business World The fun I had with Kathy and Lilg the friends Ijve made in my three yearsg and my most won- derful teachers. INIAGALDI. ARTHUR 6813 Sixth Avenue Mr. Ptak's Service Squad. g College The ridiculously crowded buses: starvation on the lunch line: indi- gestion for thirty-two cents: the mad rush from gym to next period class. BIAHER, JOHN 537 86 Street Service Corps, Track Team, Riiie Team. - Certified Public Ac- countant The good times in the cafeteria: the fun going to and coming from track meets: the concentration in volved in a rifle match, IMAIN, HUGH 309 96 Street Baseball Team, Service Corps. - College The wonderful library hoursg the summers in New Utrechtg third pe- riod lunch in my senior year,' and always Nilflerrilyv. BIAINARDY, HELMUTH 131 74 Street Service Squad, Track Team. - College Miss Higginson, a great mathe- matics teacher and Mr. Kottman, the best coach Ifve ever known. INIAITOS, DEDE 8802 Ridge Boulevard Secretary to Mrs. Kowitt, Gym Secretary to Mrs. Sullivan, Table Captain.-College The kids from the Army Base, es- pecially Trip and ferri,' sixth period lunch with Nan and "My Guyug Gail, Carol, and standing outside during those cold morn- ings. MAJOR, BYRON 185 Marine Avenue G.O. Representative, Chem Lab Squad, Cafeteria Service Squad, Track Team, Service for Mrs. Hyer,-College English with Mr. Schapirog chem- istry with Mr. folting sweating after gymg excitement in lunchg "The Green Arab Room" with Mary and Charoletg really janet l8fI0f58j. on l l R ,QA - an MH -V fb' , 2:-'Z' 'ZW MALECKI, STEPHEN 323 Marine Avenue Cafeteria Service Squad. - U.S. Air Force The good times with john and Larry in my second and third years at Fort Hamilton. MANFRED1, CONSTANCE 716 48 Street Emergency Room Squad. Secretary to Mrs. Slater, Table Captain, Senior Council.-Secretary Mr. Swahnls prefect with Eleanor, Pat, and Rozzyg the fun through the years with Lilliang but most of all, Paul. MANN, MARK 923 57 Street Boys' Chorus, Service Squad, Mu- sicale.-College My junior year and fifth period lunchg Norman, Tom, and Tonyg and all my other wonderful times at the Fort. MANNI, EUGENE 8102 Sixth Avenue Cafeteria Service Squad.-College or Air Force The ocean view where ships carry people to America and a new life. In june I shall be a traveler on this very journey. MANOLIO, PETER 6218 Tenth Avenue Service in Boys, Emergncy Room, Service Corps.-Business World Dr. Sachey in the Boys! Emergency Roomg Mo in fourth period study with the "GeneralUg third period ranch at Tablt II. MANSFIELD, STEPHEN 426 61 Street Service Corps.-U.S. Army The good times and the interest- ing looking people I met at Fort Hamilton High School. 73 LIANZI, PARIELA 7914 Eleventh Avenue 'iTower" Art Staff, Program Of- fice Squad, Service Corps, Rem- brandts, Secretary to Mrs. I-Iyer, Halloween Art Contest.-College Pat, Kareng "The Homburg Kid", janet and the Impala, The lugs Meetings.: Tea Room Fun, "Mary Lou Medalist,',' Antlers, Tape Re- cordings at Cageyls. RIARGALIANO, ROSEINIARY 825 59 Street Newman Club, Secretary to Miss McCabe and Miss Alberti, Cafe- teria Service.-Business World tlfly wonderful senior year, the friendly and sympathetic advice of the faculty, especially "The Three Musketeers", M., R. M., f. A. RIARGOLIS, SANDRA 1069 54 Street Arista, Curtaintimers, Menorah Club, Secretary to Miss Hoffman and Mr. D. Cohen. - Business World The wonderful teachers and the guidance of Miss Hoffman, the friends I made,' sixth period lunch with Linda, Laura, Rita, Ruth, Mark and foel. INIARINO, LORRAINE 791 73 Street Boosters '55, '57, '58, Pan Amer- ican Club, Newman Club, Gym Service Squad, Cafeteria Service Squad, Open School Day Hostess. -College Sleepless nights, my inconsistent marks, the games our team never won,' Cannibalism in lunch, indi- gestion for 32c,' the "TBTLT'J,' and Ufugsn. INIARINO, VINCENT 250 77 Street Cafeteria Service Corps, Service Squad for Mr. Ptak and Mr. Szabo.-College The ringing of the bell signifying the change of classes, lunch or dismissal at three o'clock and the mad rush of students which fol- lozeed. NIAROON, CAROL ANN 631 71 Street Service Squad, Library Squad, Girls' Chorus, Musicales, Open School Week Hostess.-Executive Secretary Fun in Girls' Chorus with Mr. Lessell, good times at table CC and during lunch with C. L.,' crowded buses going to and from school. 74 WM I ' if rf . :"'Z--s ,wx . ' QPF' -mf if Q5 id Q' 5. ,ew 9 ,,.l,. .,,, when L -an--P - M- fel-' Am. -sf at 0' Iva X 4 eff' f if MAROTTA, ANTHONY 1062 49 Street Mr. Szabols Service Squad, Cafe- teria Service.-U.S. Navy t The school bus in the mornzngj the fun in the cafeteria period, also, some of the very nice teachers I had. MAROULIS, CATHERINE 451 84 Street Secretary to Mr. Alson, Service Squad- Business World The laughs in fifth period lunch with Phyllis, fun in prefect with "BB.C.E.M.S.,s', junior year, Pohl's and of course, joe. MARTIN, MARGARET 158 67 Street Trinity Club, Prefect Class Secre- tary.-Business World The good times in lunch at table f with nutty Irene, but most of all, the wild rush to classes. MARTIN, VIRGINIA 778 48 Street Secretary to Mrs. Willison.-Legal Secretary The fond memories and friends that I have made at Fort Hamil- ton, particularly the girls at lunch. MARTINELLI, ROCCO 420 89 Street -Business World, U.S. Armed Forces Dreams of becoming a senior, all the wonderful friends I made and the good times I had in Fort Hamilton. MARTINEZ, CARLOS 660 Poly Place Band, Musicale, Dance Band, Dix- ieland Band, Senior Assembly, Band Service Squad.-College Good times in the Dance Band, fun of being an "Army Bratvg catching up with school upon my arrival during 157 midterm exams, but most of all, Kathy. BIARTINEZ, JOSE 660 Poly Place Band, Dance Band, Cafeteria Serv- ice Squad, Stage Squad, Dixieland Band.-College: Annapolis Fun in the lunchroom during hfth period with the "kid of the pastn: being called an "Army Brat": and the best teacher I ever had, llliss Alberti. BIARTINEZ. SERGIO 851 55 Street Service Squad, G.O. Store Squad. -U.S. Air Force The fun in third period lunch in my junior years the good times in Itlr. Davino's English classg the good friends I madeg and the fun on Service with Carl. BIARTINI, ANTHONY 816 62 Street Assistant Manager of Track Team, Manager of Track Team, G.O. Of- fice Service, Cafeteria Squad. - College Mr. Kottman and the Track Team and the great thrills I got seeing our team wing the many friends I made here. BIARTINI, NIICHAEL 519 66 Street Table Captain, Service Squad, Caf- eteria Service.-College The fun with the many new friends George Paladin, Rocky, Gene and Artg the new teachers I met. NIASSA, RIURIEL 463 52 Street Program Squad, History Squad, Volleyball Club.-Business World The four wonderful years at Fort Hamiltong the many friends I madeg the fun in junior prefect and fourth period lunch. MASSIINIINO, JEROME 827 73 Street Service in Miss Dickls Office. - Business .Administration School My first day at Fort Hamiltong that day in gym I fell of the "horse"g all the friends I have made at Fort Hamilton. -1 Y ,ie it' r i R in -vw -'PS AS 5 ,an-" 2: gg se: sf' ral nf' , ..f-fr' if i F Q MASTERS, ANTHONY 6624 Tenth Avenue Service for Miss Hennessy, Serv- ice Squad,YBusiness World The good times I had in Mr. Swahn's prefect, lunches in the cafeteriag most of all, I will re- member the friends I made in Fort Hamilton. NIASTRONARDO, VINCENT 1029 61 Street Service Corps, Gym Leader, Trin- ity Club.+College The crowded buses going to and from school,' the fun I had in English with Miss O,Keefe,' and my wonderful history teacher, Miss Alberti, new friends I've made. MATHER, THOMAS W. 4814 Eighth Avenue Orchestra, Basketball Manager, Cafeteria Section Captain, Service Corps, Tennis Club. - College, Ministry The fun at rehearsals of the Or- ehestrag participating in the Mu- sicale,' the excitement of getting ready for a basketball game and traveling with the team. MAXWELL, ROBERT 9330 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Corps.-U.S. Air Force The wonderful time I had with my friends in third period lunchj my wonderful senior year and the teachers who made learning so enjoyable. MAZZA, ANTHONY 315 55 Street Gym Leaders, Corps, Service Squad.-College The numerous visits to room l47,' the many laughs with my teachers, especially Miss McCann and Mr. Mahedy. MCAVOY, JEFFREY 302 96 Street Service Corps.-U.S. Navy The good times we had in lunch with Red, Mickey, Lucky, Harry and john,' all the good times with Irene. 75 McBRIDE, HUGH 255 74 Street Track Team, Service Squad, Cafe- Squad.-College The great times I had on the Track Teamg "Doc's" humorous jokesg and all the friends I have made in Fort Hamilton H. S. MCCARTHY, JOHN 635 74 Street Newman Club, Radio-Physics Club, Service for Mr. Byron, Service in G.O. Store, Service Corps, Ta- ble Captain.-College The great times in prefect classy the fun in clubs after schoolg my senior year and graduation. MCCARTHY, KAREN 131 78 Street "Tower" Photography Editor, "Pil- ot" Staff, Beacons, Psychology Club, Mixed Chorus-Musicales ,58, '59, G.O. Council Representative. -College Deb's,' "masterpieces" for Mr, Car- ling the ovalg Siberiag "three an- gels",' Mikeg Hlettersi' to Kayg chem with M.Z.g Miss Steinmetzg the Fort. MCCARTIN, JOAN 230 81 Street Library Squad. -- C olle ge, Teaching The fun I had in my German class and my favorite teacher, Mrs. Westerberg in my geometry class. MCDEVITT, MARY 754 58 Street Service Squad, Secretary to Mrs. Catania.-Private Secretary The Secretarial Department of Fort Hamilton: I think it was com- prised of the best group of teach- ers that I've ever had. I enjoyed this course of studies very much. MCGLYN, THOMAS 8712 Colonial Road Cafeteria Service Squad, Mr. Ptak's Service Squad, G.O. Rep- resentative, Table Captain. - College Fort Hamilton and the help and inspiration I received from my teachersg the good times in fourth period lunch with Moose and the boys. 76 MW- Kiw- Z J 5 fe! 1 i X . "1 ,ff , 1 , , i f f WS, e 6 ,ew Z4 f 1 X ww ,f 'fe' J 1 'NST , Q 1 . , . - N . xt-133 S S V N , ,N -1, i. ,A g ,s lv' s. X N A ' bxwmc , SXWDN w s Svc .X XX ss Y wx AN K st ,As .ss ,..., . MCGONAGLE, HARRY 146 93 Street -Business World Great teachersg my senior year and all my wonderful friendsg the mar- velous times we had together. MCGREAL, VIRGINIA 939 70 Street Class Secretary, 'Cafeteria Service. --Business School Sixth period lunch with all my friends, both old and new, two teachers, Mr. Felder and Mrs. Wil- lison, who helped me very much. MCLEAN, ANDREW 306 67 Street Service Corps, Varsity Soccer.- College The fun in prefect with Richie and Billg those Soccer Team practices on the field with jerryj the fun in lunch with the boys. MCLEAN, JOHN 8121 Sixth Avenue -Trade School, Electrical Studies The many things I have learnedg and the pride of having been a student at Fort Hamilton. MCLOUGHLIN, JEAN 7200 Ridge Boulevard Library Squad.-Nursing Career joan's unfailing alarm clockg San- dy's "blue legvg fun in prefectg sixth period lunchg wonderful friends I made, the junior Promg most of all, my senior year. MCMANUS, EDWARD 61 73 Street Projection Squad, Table Captain, Secretary to Mrs. Liger.-Drama School Lunch with Dennis, Dody and "Farina"j Miss Alberti's well de- sired marksg Mr. Ptak's guidanceg but most of all, Mrs. Liger, the greatest. MCNALLY, ARTHUR 6602 Ridge Boulevard Cafeteria Squad. - U. S. Coast Guard The good times I had with Mike, Bob, Butch and George in gym and lunch. MEBERG, THOMAS 465 79 Street Boys' Chorus, Musicales, J. V. Basketball, Intramural Champion- ship, Table Captain - Cafeteria. - College The good times in Boys' Chorus with Herbyg my friends at Fort Harniltong all the Vikings, two years of prefect with Mrs. Low. INIEHLBERG, JUDITH 571 79 Street Cheerleaders, Boosters, Secretary to Mr. Szabo, Program Office Squad, Menorah Club.-Interior Decorator Cheering with Macy fun in "Breakfast Clubug the Bohemian look,' Shore Road freedom during lunchg sneakers and guns, the friends I made in the Fort. MELSOM, PAUL 711 70 Street G.O. Representative, Gym Secre- tary, Table Captain. - Trade School, U.S. Navy The good times I had in Fort Hamilton, especially in chemistry class, there were many exploding experiments that aroused my curi- osity and interest. MENES, MARGARET 967 77 Street Markell, Locker Room Squad.- Library Squad.-College The many friends I made,' the teachersj the kids from "O.S." and those crazy notes, the "parties" with Nan and Chris in the locker room. MERRITT, WILLIAM 324 Ovington Avenue Cuitaintimers, Dramatic Class, History Squad.-College Prefect with Mrs. Liefg "Doc'sD German classy the mad rush to get to lunch,' the gym classes with Al, Bob and Hugh. i X fn , , ,fr MICHAELSON, CAROLINE 7025 Third Avenue Menorah Club, Volleyball Club, Program Office Squad, Secretary to Mrs. Lieff, Service Corps, Pan American Club.-French Teacher Walking to school with my friendsg fun in fourth period lanchg my senior year, Mrs. Hart's French classes. MILGRAVIS, MARA 7307 Third Avenue Arista, Beacons, Curtaintimers, Clubs, Secretary to Miss Hoffman and Mr. Golomb.-College The teachersg the Beacon games and the fun we had preparing for them, the nervous feeling we all had when we had to give our speeches in the assembly. MILAR, JAMES 774 56 Street Table Captain.-U.S. Army Third year English with Mr. Dick, the fun with all my friends, sec- ond period study with Cy and fohn. MISTRETTA, JOYCE 15 Oliver Street Library Squad, Health Education Squad.-Business College The rush in the halls between classes, the mischief on the Wash- ington trip, the fun with jeanette and the girls,' and my wonderful teachers. MITCHELL, DIANE 365 Bay Ridge Parkway Secretary to Miss Romeo, Mr. Kanstrom and Mrs, Tilliss.-Col- lege Fifth period lunch with Diane, the fun in the halls with Eileen and Diane, the good times in gym with Nancy. MIZHIR, EDWARD 265 88 Street Varsity Basketball Team, Service Corps.-Business World The great times I had after the basketball gamesj all the fun I had in our "club" with Mike, Ralph, Guy and Leng the many other friends I made at Fort Ham- ilton. 77 MOEDINGER, RUTH 223 93 Street Arista, Secretary to Miss Hoffman, Trinity Club, Boosters, Library Service, Attendance Monitor. - Junior College Prefect 4B6g ojfice duty with fen- nie,' sten with Reneeg the walk to school with Marilynj but most of all, senior lunch, fifth period with the "GOOBS". MONEYPENNY, ROBERT 320 62 Street Service Squad, Baseball Team, Bowling Team, Track Team, Ta- ble Captain.-U.S. Army The good times we had in lunch with Kay, Tommy and the guysg but most of all, my sophomore year when I met Carol. MONGELLI, JOHN 7316 Third Avenue Track Team, Mixed Chorus, Sen- ior Council Representative, Cafe- teria Service Squad, Musicale, Ta- ble Captain.-College The wonderful times in Chorus and on the Track Teanzg lunch with all the good friends Ijve made in four yearsg memories I'm leaving behind. MONTALBANO, JOAN 1 1065 Bay Ridge Avenue Arista Secretar to Mrs Bon , y . om, Newman Club, Library Squad.- College The fun at table GG,' Elennig Gail,' crowded' buses,' rushing from gymg the jokes in prefect with "Dizzy',, Vivian, Barbara, Lynne, Whiteyg becoming a senior. MONTANA, MARIO 1054 65 Street -U.S. Air Force All the fun with the boys in fifth period lunch,' the good times on the bus with the guys and girls. MON TUORO, RALPH 879 60 Street Biology Lab Squad, Cafeteria Squad, Projection Squad.-U. S. Navy Good times I had in school with my teachers and the new friends I made. 78 . . 'mf WW re MOORE, MARGARET 150 95 Street Arista, Editor-in-Chief of "Pilot", President of Psychology Club, Or- chestra, Band, Secretary to Mrs. Finn and Mrs. Mayer.-College The wonderful teachers who ad- vised and' encouraged meg those "dead-or-alive - lines", "Psychos",' the last three incomparable years. MORREALE, GILDA 69 70 Street Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, Orchestra, Musicale 58, 59, Li- brary Squad, Bowling Team. - College Lunch in my sophomore year, two years of Latin in four, great times in gym,' "sulking" on the way to school,' and the great "Kooga- Moogas",' Debts. MOSCHETTO, JOSEPH 313 101 Street Service Squad, Pan American Club, Cafeteria Service Squad.- Community College The fun with Richie and Ed dur- ing third period lunch in my sec- ond year at Fort Hamilton High School. MOSSIGE, JOAN 428 73 Street Receptionist for Mr. Szabo, Secre- tary for Mr. Carlin, Trinity Club. -Business World The "breakfast clubvg the fun I had after lurichg and all the friends I've made at Fort Hamil- ton, especially Gerhard. MUCHEWICZ, RICHARD 253 91 Street Mixed Chorus, Photography Club, Cafeteria Squad.-College The fun I had with Andy and Murphy in prefect, the long walks to school in the winter with Bob, Eleanor, and Sonny. MUDGETT, BRENDA 319 53 Street Arista, Senior Council Representa- tive, Social Committee, Beacons, Musicales '58, '59, Orchestra. - College Endless homework, conversations about Dong the fun at lunch with Lori, Barbara, Connie and Massag the mad rides to .school with De- anna and Ray. RIULHEARN, INIAUREEN 9717 Third Avenue Newman Club, G.O. Representa- tive, G.O. Store Squad.-Business VVorld The fun with janet, fudy, Arlene. Carol, Rita and Mary Ann,' third year prefectg sixth period lunch: crowded busesg my senior year: and of course, Mr. Byron. RIUNDELL, LYNNE 245 89 Street Secretary to Mr. Carlin and Miss Brookman, Red Cross Club, Trin- ity Club.-Business World Walking to school with Gail and Marthag llfliss Mattson, Miss Si- mon, and Mr. Schapirof joan's jokesg but especially, my junior year when I inet Skippy. NIURPHY, WVILLIABI 443 95 Street Boys' Chorus-President, Minute- men, Prom Committee, Senior Show, Senior Assembly.-College The three years with Mr. Cer and the struggle to get an eighty when I thought I deserved a ninety. MURRAY, THOMAS 711 60 Street Cafeteria Service Squad.-College The good times I had and all the fine friends I made in Fort Hamil- ton, the madness in the locker and lastly, the food in the cafe- teria. NACCARI, PATRICIA 1050 60 Street "Pilot,' Typist, Table Captain.- Social Worker or Secretary "The Great White Fathers' ojice with john Cardellog the cannibal- ism at sixth period luch,' the en- joyable teaching of sweet Miss Simon. NAPOLITANO, FRANK 6512 Tenth Avenue Cafeteria Squad, Table Cap- tain, Study Hall Service. - U.S. Air Force Fort Hamilton because I realize what a wonderful place it isg the understanding teachers I met,' the great friends I made. .. F f S I gi., emgg . r ' '30 P i - Ve -'gh -1 lit f 37-M eff NAPOLITANO, MARY JANE 9208 Third Avenue Table Captain.-Business World My four years at Fort Hamilton but most of all, the friends I made,' the good limes with Dadilie, Nancy, ana' the U92 Street girls." NASON, FLORENCE 38 88 Street Arista, Trinity Club, Secretary in Gym, Bowling Club.-College The many wonderful friends whom I met,' Trinity Club meetings, and the many unforgettable times which I had at Fort Hamilton. NASTO, MARIE 757 57 Street Secretary to Mr. Carlin, Secretary to Miss Simon, Section Captain.- Business World Prefect with Thedag B,C,E,M,Sg junior year, Mayer's,' Frank's cart- dy store,' Suzanne's charge for lunch, Baby's stoop at eight oiclockg club with the "Silhou- ettesf, NATOLI, MILDRED 610 90 Street -Business World The wonderful friends and great times I'oe had,' the many excellent teachers. NEILSON, JUNE 7614 Tenth Avenue lvlusicales '57 and '58, Curtain- timers, Swimming Club, Girls' Chorus '57, ,58, Service, Senior Show.-Business World Walking to school with Anne, Irene, fudy, janet, Patj Chorus applesg working on the Senior Show with Anne, junior year Eng- lish,' and our wonderful Senior Day. NELSON, JEAN 5109 Eighth Avenue Trinity Club, Bowling League, Bi- ology Lab Squad, G.O. Store Squad. Emergency Room Squad. Secretary to Mr. McCrum.-Com- mercial Artist, Marriage Fort Hamilton itself, my teachers and friendsg but most of all, "My Special Angel',,' and then, my competition. 79 NELSON, MARILYN 443 95 Street Newman Club, Social Commit- tee, Treasurer's office, Cafeteria Squad, Secretary to Miss Haut and Mrs. Le-iff, Library Squad. -Secretary Friends at the Fort,' walking to school on chilly mornings, senior lunch table,' junior and senior proms, fun with john since soph- omore year. NELSON, SALLY 7609 Fourth Avenue Musicales '57, '58, ,59, Boosters 358, G.O. Council, G.O. Repre- sentative, Secretary to Mr. Cum- mings, Table Captain. - Medical Secretary, Community College Antoinette, Louise, and Carol, all the secrets we shared, trying to beat the late bell, Mrs. Salzberg and the Chorus, all the musicales. NEWMAN, THEDA 905 51 Street Service Squad.-Airline School The fun in prefect with Marie, third period lunch, the laughs with Annette, the fun outside eighth period class, junior prefect, senior P.M. prefect. NICHOLAS, CAROL 8616 Fourth Avenue Arista, "Anchor', Staff, Minute- men, Pan American Club, Pro- gram Office Squad, Biology Lab- oratory.-College Antoinette's secrets, Guyis stories, Ucousinsv Ginny and Marcia, Ar- tie and "Nick", Kay and "Ho- mern, Gail and Dede, Bill, Miss Alberti-the greatest teacher, and friends. NISCO, SANDRA 1026 83 Street Arista, Beacons, Co-literary Edi- tor of Tower, G.O. Council Rep- resentative, Musicale 556, Senior Show.-College "Lambda", Hinsch's with the S.f.V.A. girls, Mr. Carlin's "hon- oru class,' Spanish with Mr. Pileu- sky, lunch periods, the two f.S.'s,' friends and teachers, my senior year. NISCO, VIRGINIA 1026 83 Street Arista, Beacons, Senior Council, Newman Club President, G. O. Representative, Co-literary Editor of Tower.-College "Lambda", English with Mr. Car- lin, prefect,' Spanish with Mr. Pilevsky, Geometry with Mr. Shomay, Hinsch's with the SJ.- V.A. girls, my friends,' my junior and senior years. 80 tf ' 4 f N ft .t x 1 '5- .',.f!."' V 46 A aj -1 2 NUGENT, LORETTA 326 58 Street Musicales 758, ,59, Orchestra, Ta- ble Captain, Music Office Secre- tary.-Business World Heart to heart talks with Patree in study, lunch and gym with Bar- bara, Osea, Brenda, Deanna,' but most of all, riding to school in Ray's chariot. NUSSBAUM, MORTON 964 49 Street Captain of Cafeteria Service Corps, Biology Lab Squad, Gym Secretary.-Private Investigator Miss Mattson, the wonderful teachers and true friends who guided me, my many fine school- mates, O,CONNOR, PATRICK 1071 74 Street Service Corps.-U.S. Navy The great times in fourth period lunch with Ronnie and Larry, the laughs in prefect and the good times in eighth period chemistry. OFTE, GAIL 7001 Ridge Boulevard Musicales :58, 359, Volleyball Club, Library Squad, Trinity Club, Study Hall Squad, Red Cross Club. - College "Fair Hamilton our thoughts to thee are turning", wonderful friends, haphazard learning, the "Breakfast Club" and table B, and those daily snacks before history. O,HARE, KENNETH 1036 78 Street Service Corps.-U.S. Navy The good times I had with Ron- nie, Al, Billy, C., Vic and Zeke especially during the third and sixth lunch periods. OLEKSAK, STEPHEN 660 60 Street Mimeographing Squad, Handball Team, Cafeteria Squad, Table Captain, Service Squad, Intramu- ral Volleyball Champs !56.-Busi- ness World or U.S. Navy Fun in the mimeographing room with Mrs. Westerberg, Bob, Doug and Leighton, fourth period,' fun during sixth period lunch. OLSEN, ARLENE 846 50 Street Trinity Club, Girls' Chorus, Musi- cales '58, 159, Secretary to Mr. Kaniin, Bowling Club. - Business World Those cold mornings waiting for Ruthie: the fun in prefect with Lori, table E lunch, perfect har- mony with Arleen in Chorusg many crazy bus rides. OLSEN, ARTHUR 949 56 Street Trinity Club, Service Squad, Table Captain.-College The bus rides every day, German with the "Doc", fun at table Eg all the wonderful friends I've made, my wonderful senior year. OLSEN, BJORG 6804 Seventh Avenue Girls' Chorus '58, Musicale '58, Modem Dance, "Tower,' Art Staff, Senior Show, Bowling Club. - College Walking to school with Anne, june, and fanetg Chorus apples, the fun on Senior Day, the won- derful friends I've made, lunch with Anne, Ab, "fugs,'. OLSEN, ERIC 467 68 Street Service Corps, Biology Squad, Projection Squad, Table Captain. -College The friends I made at Fort Ham- ilton, the fun in the cafeteriag and the teachers who helped me along the way. OLSEN, ERIK 801 70 Street Service Corps.-U.S. Navy The great times during the fifth and sixth period lunch with jun- ior and foe and all the rest of the boys. OLSEN, LEILA 949 56 Street Trinity Club, Secretary to Mr. Mills, Late Squad, Locker Room Squad.-Nursing Those overcrowded buses with Toraj laughs with the "Kooga- Moogas at table E,' the wonderful friends I've madej and especially, the challenging Trinity Club meetings. ssl ,, r I 9' s X 3 .ei Q G04 g Q i ,1 t Af' ' 'dh' t 'WF' OLSON, RICHARD 737 40 Street Cafeteria Squad, Gym Secretary, Service Corps, Mail Carrier, His- tory Squad.YU.S. Navy The years of studying in Fort Hamilton ffivejg making friendsg and especially, my senior year when Bobby M. talked' his teach- ers into passing him. OLSEN, RONALD 752 56 Street Basketball Team, Cafeteria Serv- ice.-Engineering College My senior year, good times in third period lunch with Per, Roy, Richie, and "Little Gooug English with Stanleyg "The Sleeper"g "Baby", and unforgettable Helen. O'NEIL, WILLIAM 218 88 Street Table Captain, Service Squad. - U.S. Marine Corps The friends I made at Fort Ham- ilton,' the many fine teachers I had, the wonderful school which is Fort Hamilton. .. .. ORFALY, LARRY 7825 Fourth Avenue Male Chorus, Cafeteria Service, Service Squad.-College All the friends I made, G's with Kennyg Freddie and Hank, the laughs in my senior year, Tony, Ronnie and Billyg "Outdoor Pa- trolf' OFRALY, MARY 8912 Colonial Road Boosters, Modern Dance Class, Newman Club.-Business World The wonderful friends I made and the excellent teachers, espe- cially Mr. Golomb, rushing from gym and joking in the cafeteria, looking forward to Senior Day. ORLE, THOMAS 1048 75 Street Radio Club, Service in Miss Mil- lerls office, Table Captain. -- College Fort Hamilton as the first school in the United States after my ar- rival from overseas, its fine loca- tion and its friendly teachers and students. 81 ORRIEO, ROSEMARIE 908 48 Street Attendance Office Squad. - Sec- retary The wonderful friends I made,' those long talks with Ann, Gail and Chickie about "those certain people',,' the summer before my senior year, Mrs. Frankle. ORTOLANO, MARY ANN 921 63 Street Secretary to Mrs. McHugh, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Bonom, Program Of- fice Squad, Newman Club, Bowl- ing Club.-Secretary Lunch with "Luanna"g Miss Haig- ney, Mrs. Hauptmang "Beatrice,'g the kids-Ro, Arlene, Lorri, Elea- nor, funiorj and that "special" guy, Cunha! OSMUNDSEN, ANDREA 521 82 Street Girls' Emergency Room Squad, Secretary to Mrs. Schaeffer, Trin- ity Club.-Nurses, Training The lunch line, Tea Room, the teachersg but most of all, my friends, Lorraine, Carol and Char- lotte who helped make my four years seem everlasting. OSMUNDSEN, OSMUND 6915 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Squad.-U.S. Air Force Report card blues, happy days with wonderful friends and many jine teachers in the school near the shore. O'SULLIVAN, CONSTANCE 257 60 Street Secretary to Mr. Goodman, Sec- retary to Miss Gennaro, Table Captain, Secretary to Mrs. Slater, -Business World "PSD", gym and lunch with Pat, Barbara, Brenda, and Loretta,' Mr. Swahn's commercials, the "Hindle Specialvj rushing for the bus,' Yola's cat. PACE, MARY 275 87 Street Newman Club, Library Squad, Boosters.-College or Business The fun I had each day in Fort Hamilton, the great times cheer- ing at the games, Senior Day one of my greatest thrills, but most of all, Graduation Day - june, 1959. 82 ere is rr PALERMO, ELEANOR 258 91 Street Mr. Selwyn's Secretary, Senior Council, G.O. Representative.- Secretary Mr. Swahn's prefect, calling for Kathy, the fun with Connie, Lil- lian, Cathy and Renee during pre- fect, lunch with Renee and Ruth, but most of all, my senior year. PANTALIANO, LOUISE 8413 Third Avenue Newman Club, Table Captain. - Law Secretary Antoinette, Carol and Sally, the talks in lunch, walking home in the snow,' Kenny and the blind dateg trying to beat the late bell. PAPALEO, RALPH 1071 58 Street Boys, Chorus, Musicales '58, '59, Service Corps. - College, Chemistry. My teachers, the friends I made,' my hrst Musicale with the Boys' Chorus and my first white car- nation. PARSONS, KARIN 648 83 Street Health Service Squad, Table Cap- tain.-Nursing The fun I had with Sandy and Lori in our third and fourth year prefect classes,' the good times walking to school with Louise. PARSONS, KENNETH 7825 Fourth Avenue Service Squad, Basketball Intra- murals, Cafeteria Squad, Football Intramurals.-St. Peter's College Laughs in my senior year,' the good times I had with joe Stitch, Turnip, Larry, Donny, Mile and Wayne, the wonderful guidance of the teachers. PAULSEN, ARTHUR 137 88 Street Service Squad, Musicale, Secretary in Study Hall, Handball Team. -Electronics Fort Hamilton High School be- cause it is everything my older brother who graduated before me said it was - I certainly share his enthusiasm. PAULSEN, JOAN 409 59 Street Secretary to Mr. Berkowitz, G.O. Representative, Table Captain, Trinity Club.-Business World The friends I have made at Fort Hamilton, the fun in the G.O. Store with Lois, Mr. Berkowitz, and the rest of the gang. PEARSON, CAROL 88 76 Street Senior Council, Secretary to Mrs. Lied, Mrs. Schaefer and Mrs. Jansen, Trinity Club, Attendance Monitor.-College Friends at the Fort,' sixth period lunch with Sandy, Dee, and Lee, senior yearg sophomore year when I met Bob. PEDERSEN, ARLEEN 740 68 Street Arista, Service Squad, Trinity Club, Girls' Chorus.-Secretarial Work Chorus with Arlene, prefect with Viv, Barbara and joan, joanng lunch with the church gang, all the new friends I made, and . . . Olav. PEDERSEN, MARILYN 9418 Wogan Terrace Trinity Club, Secretary to Mr. Ger and Mr. Kottmann, Account- ing Office Squad, Health Service Squad, G.O. Representative. - Business World Gab sessions in prefect, heart throbs and problems, sten with Laurel, running to school with Ruthie, the "Kooga Moogasf' PEDERSEN, SONDRA 574 77 Street H e a l t h Education Department Service, Cafeteria Service, Basket- ball Club, Volleyball Club.-Busi- ness World My teachers who were so encour- aging and helpful and the many activities and clubs open to every- one which have certainly made me elnjoy my years spent at Fort Ham- i ton. PELMAS, AUDREY 735 55 Street All City Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Musicales '57, '58, and '59, Sec- retary to Mrs. Salzberg, Senior Show.-College All the fun in Chorus with Mrs, Salzbergg Mr. foltin's chemistry tests,' lunch at table Cj and all the friends I've made. S ur Q ,, 1 A I ,jaw ' . , f Zstyw X . ,rj I ,f f ' , r ,V ,, , , cg if 7 ,fp f ,A f ' ...,, 4 ,y ,, f, , , fl iff ' ...X , If ff ,Q 5 ' -s ,GG W lm ' fy,- PENDERGAST, GAIL 348 84 Street Pan American Club, Table Cap- tain, Secretary to Miss Monsen.- College, Nursery School Teacher The talks with Roe and Karen about "those certain boys"g the understanding teachers I knewg the wonderful friends I have madeg and of course, Dede and Carolg Deb's. PEREA, CARMEN 154 28 Street Orchestra, Musicales '56, '57, '58, '59, Volleyball Club, Pan Ameri- can Club, Emergency Room Serv- ice, Table Captain. My four years at Fort Hamiltong rushing to get in on time, run- ning down to the cafeteria, chang- ing for gym,' I'll always thank Mrs. Hyer for all her help. PEREIRA, MARIA ' 307 Fifth Avenue Service Squad, Secretary to Mr. Carway, Table Captain. - Busi- ness World Skating with Nereidag the money problems with Blanche, senior pre- fect with Kathy, Camille, and the girls, Mr. Felder and Miss McCabe. PERNICONE, ARLINE 1137 79 Street G.O. Office, Bowling Club. - Business World My wonderful friends,' those crazy bus rides,' rushing to finish home- work in A.M. prefect, and of course, those never-to-be forgotten crushes "no one knows". PERRY, DENNIS 99 Dahlgreen Place Gym Leaders' Corps, Mr. Ptak's Service Corps.-College The laughs during fifth period lunch with Chris, Tom and Ron- nie,' the great eighth period his- tory class with Mr. Mahedy and the "shadow government". PETERFREUND, RICHARD 1031 53 Street Detention Service Squad. - Ac- countant The teachers and their skill in try- ing to make learning enjoyable for meg my many friends and the good times we had. 83 PETERSEN, CHARLOTTE 525 82 Street Minutemen, Secretary to Miss Ger- lach, Pan-American Club, Curtain- timers, B 0 o ste r s. - College Teaching The gang at lunch and all the fung Senior Dayg bus rides to and from schoolg three great years. PICARELLI, LINDA 878 69 Street Minutemen, Secretarv to Miss Ger- lach, Pan-American Club, Curtain- timers, B o o s t e r s. - College Teaching English 3C7 in 118 with a great teacherg and all my friends in the tea room. PIRO, PASQUALE 6712 Eleventh Avenue Art Editor of "Tower,', Rem- brandts, President of Stage Craft- ers, Boys 'Chorus-Musicales '58, 159, Art Office Squad, Minutemen. -College "MaryLou Medalistng Mrs. Ligerg Miss Dickj Pam and Kareng Baldyg Phil, joel. PISANI, ANNETTE 656 85 Street Service for Miss Romeo, Bowling Club.-Secretary All the good times in fifth period lunch with fosephine, Chris, ludy, Paul .and of course, Mariong the 37715 111 Pfefedi Gerry and Theda. PIZZOLATO, ANGIE 6506 Fort Hamilton Parkway Girls, Gymnasium Squad.hBusi- ness World How excited I was about going to the junior Prom, and how I felt at the time of entering my senior year. POLESE, LAUREL 357 61 Street Secretary to Mr. Cohen and Mr, Kottmann.-Business World The good times and the few hard times at Fort Hamiltong the fun in sten class with Marilyn and Mariag running to school with Sue in the morning. 84 I f f. X M -e Q 0 f ,f ff X f ,ef My L Y -,Q Q 1 Y fx , .rf r 1 , 1 1 ' A ... ,. Y f he I a , NW' t I N WW if 'n K 1 ' it ,, it Q ft is , ff ,vga if A 5 f 57, we oe ffl POLLETT, ETHEL 380 92 Street Junior Beacons, Health Service Room, Red Cross Club, Girls' Locker Room Squad, A.M. Pre- fect Service Squad, Table Cap- tain.-Nursing School Lunch in my sophomore year with fosieg the roller ring with the girls, the good times at Hinseh's. PORTELLI, MARY 428 59 Street -Secretary The laughs in the cafeteria with Ingrid, Gail, Gladys, and Diane, senior prefect with fane and Waine and some of my other friends. PORTER, WAINE 322 99 Street Beacons, Trinity Club, Service in Gym, Basketball and Volleyball Clubs.-Nursing The Beacon game with Pat and Myra and Miss Ahearn's toes, lunch with Pat, Ginny, julia, and jane, prefect with Mary. POTENZA, ROCCO 6410 Tenth Avenue Biology Squad, Table Captain, Service Squad, Art Department Squad, Assistant to Miss Goldman. -College Fort Hamilton and the wonder students, especially Mike, the ex- cellent work of the teachers in making Fort Hamilton what it is. PRICHINELLO, KATHRYN 1451 52 Street Table Captain.-College All the wonderful friends Iive madeg senior prefect with Mariaj lunch and gym with Barbara, Mr. Felderg and Abraham. PRIMAVERA, LINDA 883 70 Street Arista, Mixed Chorus, Musicales '57, '58, ,59, Psychology Club, Emergency Room Squad, College Secretary.-College The wonderful friends and fun Ilve had, especially Pat and our "teas'J,' the "icebox" and frozen fun: these are memories never to be forgotten, Debls. PRYOR, JABIES 145 95 Street Transferred from McBurney in Senior Year.-U.S. Coast Guard The many laughs we had in class with Alf. Davinog the good times I had teasing the freshmen, the fr i e n d ly atmosphere of Fort Hamilton. PUTONTI, RICHARD 288 Dahlgreen Place Service Corps,-Business World The fun I had in sixth period lunch with Zeek, Frank and Tom- my, the good times in seventh period study with Tony and Bartj Senior Day. QUAY, KAREN SUE 310 85 Street G.O. Office Squad, Gym Office Squad, Girls' Chorus, Basketball Club, Swimming Club.-Nursing The fun in Girls' Chorus with Marcia, Pam, Gail and Alice,' the wonderful lunch periods with Bev- erly, Gloria and Ada, and of course, Ronnie. RADICE, lN'IARY ANNE 6834 Bliss Terrace Cheerleaders' Secretary, Boosters, Pan American Club Secretary, Arista, Volley Ball Club, Basket- ball Club.-College Cheering at the games with "Mac',,' our "club", fun with feanie, Elaine, and Arleneg my wonderful senior year,' all the friends I made at the Fort. RAFFAELE, RONALD 660 92 Street Bowling Team - Captain, Service Squad, Lt. of Service Squad, New- man Club.-College The five year plan with Primo, Mouse, Moe and Kenny, all the laughs with the boys from "our clubu in study and lunch, RAFOS, GEORGE 1013 72 Street Senior Council, Senior Prom Com- mittee, Gym Leaders' Corps, Caf- eteria Squad, Service Squad, Serv- ice in Music Office.-College "Apollo and Aphrodite", "Dock" good advice, the boys on Service,- Mr. Swahn's colossal drinksg free food in the back room, and most of all, Karen. Wa pa? lx rs A A. X , egg Q, , 5. uf, 419' ,, yt, RAILEY, JOHN 856 50 Street Baseball Team, Bowling Team, Service Squad.-Professional Base- ball, College All the boys I met on the Base- ball Team,' Artie, Billy and Billy C.,' the bowling team with Ralf and Tom. RANDO, LEO 730 60 Street Service Corps, Cafeteria Service Squad.-U.S. Navy Fort Hamilton High School, the friends I have found and the kind hearted teachers I met in this school. RAPCINSKI, ROBERT 609 86 Street Band, Musicales '58, '59, Handball Team.fCollege The friends I made, the many wonderful teachers I had, the good times I experienced in the Band first period, and in the musicales. RAPPAPORT, JEANNE 6801 Shore Road Red Cross Club, Dramatics Club, Secretary to Mrs. Selwyn, Senior Class Representative.-Theatre "Ianie",' the swell afternoons at the Green Tea Room with fessie, Barbara and Maries the boys, johnny, Richard, Wally, Ralph, and Charlie. RASMANIS, ANDRIS 160 88 Street Arista, President of Minutemen, Orchestra, Trinity Club, Service Corps, Senior Service Committee. -College Teachers and students at Fort Hamiltong their friendship, en- couragement, and admonishment made these years both useful and memorable. RASMUSSEN, LORRAINE 6703 Eighth Avenue Trinity Club, Library Squad, Bowling Club.-Nursing My sophomore year with "Tulla" and "SisD,' lunch at table Eg crazy notes in Spanish, junior and senior prefects with "Lenie"j and crazy bus rides. 85 RATTE, IRENE 15 Oliver Street Bowling Team, Girls' Locker Room Service.-Business World The fun at lunch with Mickey, Lorrie, and Rose, the friends Ilve made, and all the good times with je 17. REFF, FRANCINE 4914 Fort Hamilton Parkway Curtaintimers, Menorah Club, Psy- chology Club, Secretary tO Mrs. Hart and Mr. joltin, Manager of the Tennis Team, Regents Wed-2 Squad.-College Three "fantabulous" years at U16 Fort, clubs, tennis practive, Don- ny, Carol and the "gang", chem- istry with Mr. foltin, French, history. REICH, ANNE 7001 Seventh Avenue Mixed Chorus, Girls, Chorus, Mu- sicales, Modern Dance Club, "Tower" Art Staff, Senior Show. -College The gladness when our school work's done, Bjiirg, janet, june, and "fUGS"-what fun, Chorus Qhow that room did freezej . . . Memories are made of these. REIERSEN, HAROLD 225 94 Street Mixed Chorus, Musicales of ,56, '57, l58, Mr. Quigleyls Squad, Caf- eteria Service Corps. - Armed Services The two finger treatment in the Mixed Chorus with Mrs. Salz- berg, the musicales, and above all, the teachers whom I met while at Fort Hamilton. REITZ, THOMAS 8003 Seventh Avenue Service Squad, Cross-Country Team, Radio Club.-College All the friends Ilve made in Fort Hamilton, the great times we had during lunch, the hilarious bus rides home, the view overlooking the Narrows. REMMEN, CAROL 9403 Fifth Avenue Trinity Club, Secretary to Mrs. Lieff and Miss Haut, Locker Room Squad, Bowling Club.-Lutheran Medical Center Walks to school with Chris,' pre- fect in the cafeteria, meeting C. S., the fun I've had and friends I've made. 86 SAM .r i X for , fe K' X X Q .flhile a!"""' RITTER, CAROL 722 68 Street Grade Adviser Secretary, Gym Sec- retary, Newman Club, Library Squad,-Business World The fun at Fort Hamilton, the long walks, and the meetings in the candy store after school. RIZIKA, JUDITH 7101 Colonial Road Secretary of Arista, Assistant Con- cert Leader of Orchestra - Musi- cales '56, '57, '58, '59, "Pilot' Re- porter, Minutemen, Psychology Club, Music Service Squad. - College Dels, fap tests in history, "Mau Mausn, six milks, chem explosions, MV- C-J and the friends Poe made in Fort Hamilton. RODRIGUEZ, JANE 5822 Eighth Avenue I-are Squad, Library Squad, Trin- lty Club.-Nursing Career The walks and talks with Tania, lllevfun with the boys at three,- senzor prefect with Mary and Warne, and the fun in chemistry. ROMANO, JOSEPH Q 5803 Eighth Avenue Service for Mr. Shomay.-U. S, Coast Guard The laughs I had with the boys in study especially jog, ffglack Pm 1 Tony, Zeke and Az. ROMANO, MARIO . 6322 Eleventh Avenue Service Corps.-U. S. Merchant Marines Th? 55705 times with pals in Mr. Springs official class, meeting new teachers and friendg, ROMEO, ANN 7311 Fourth Avenue -Secretary The mornings with .Pat,' lunch with thekgzrls, my senior yeafi- the many friends Foe made. ROMEO, GENEROSO 1053 66 Street Service Squad. -- U. S. Armed Forces The cafeteria: the fifth period with Louis, lfhimpy and the rest of the boys in my junior year. ROSELLI, lN'IARIE 401 92 Street Senior Class Secretary, Secretary of Newman Club, Secretary to Miss Duhig, Bliss Hoiiman, Basket- ball and Volleyball Clubs, Minute- men-Business Friends I've madeg prefect with Baby and "Di::y"g lunch with Kathy, rllary, jane, Dee, Anna, rlffary, Jeannie and Nancy.: most of all, Eddie. ROSENZWEIG, CECILY 838 52 Street Arista, "Piloti', Curtaintimers, As- sembly Programs, Secretary to Grade Adviser, Magazine Staff, Senior Social Committee.-College "To The Hilt",' "The Table",' Tea Roomj "Auntie Deliang Iran- ian Afairg L'oiseaug "Delsf'g the Swahnsg senior year. ROSENZWVEIG, MAXINE 838 52 Street Arista, 'iPilot" Staff, Curtaintimers, Senior Social Committee, Boosters, Girls? Chorus.-College "Aunt Bessie",' "Mrs. Gibbsug the lost lineg fun with the "DelsJ'g "M.M.s',,' managing the Tennis Teamg table at three, Tea Room chuckles, my terrific senior year. ROSSNER, RONALD 780 East Second Street History Squad.-College The good times in Mr. Cochran's German classg Mr. Shomay's sec- retary classy and the fun with Mike and Pete in lunch. ROSS, HOWARD 7259 Shore Road G.O. Representative, G.O. Store Squad, Cafeteria Service, Curtain- timers, Pan-American Club, Min- utemen.-U. S. Navy "To the Hilt"g late rehearsals, the fun with the 'gangng the "M.M's"g the Tea Room, and of course, those long lines at lunch. QV' QW QP' 'S 44' eve' Kiwi' ROSSITER, KEVIN 836 72 Street Service Squad, Gym Team. - College The fun that we had in sixth pe- riod lunch with Miss Ahearn al- ways trying to keep us quiet. ROSSMAN, DONALD 445 72 Street Track Team, Newman Club, Caf- eteria Service. - College, Engi- neering The wonderful teachers and stu- dents who have made my years at Fort Hamilton most rewarding and enjoyable. RUDOLPHSEN, DENNIS 535 Senator Street Trinity Club, Mr. Quigleyls Squad, Pan American Club. - Christian Education How pleasant the teachers wereg the.good times we had with Mr. Quigley and Mr. Millsg the train- ing I received in being trusted with important jobs. RUGGERIE, ,IACQUELINE 110 72 Street Gym Secretary, Secretary to Mrs. Hyer, Newman Club, Study Hall Secretary, Service in Cafeteria- Business World My four happy years at Fort Ham- zltong .the friends I madeg the crazy tzmes at lunch with the "fun- zor juvenilesuj and the wonderful teachers. RUSSO, JOSEPH 3805 Fifteenth Avenue Baseball Team, Senior Council, Service Squad.-Teaching The exciting moments on the Base- ball Teamg the knowledge I gained in Mr. Schapiro's English class. RUSSO, ROBERT 5510 Fort Hamilton Parkway Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Lieutenant of Service Squad. - College, M.A. Science The fellows in prefect, the boys on the Basketball and Baseball Teamsj the great times in the caf- eteria with no silverware. Farewell everyone! 87 SABA, ANTHONY 248 85 Street Junior and Senior Varsity Basket- ball, Junior and Senior Council, Prom Committee, Service for Mrs. Hyer and Mr. Kottmann, Service Corps with Mr. Ptak.-College The laughs and good times I had warming up the bench on the bas- ketball team. SALINARI, LOUIS 1072 66 Street Lunch Service, Service Squad. - U.S. Armed Forces The cafeteria during the fifth pe- riod with "Gen", Whimpy and the rest of the boys in my junior year. SALLUST, GILBERT 1023 81 Street Service for Mr. Morton. - Busi- ness World The friends I made at Fort Ham- altong and the teachers I have met ere. SALLUST, LOUISE 1023 81 Street Library Service.-Secretary The wonderful classmates and teachers I knew at Fort Hamiltong the fun during jifth period lunch and the long walks to school with Karin and foyce. SALVESEN, GERALD 940 68 Street Soccer Team, Service Team.-Col- lege or Navy The friends I made, the fun I had on the Soccer Team,' and my years at Fort Hamilton. SALVESEN, GERD 649 Bay Ridge Avenue Secretary in Transportation Of- fice, Trinity 'Club.YBusiness Ad- ministrator The breakfast clubg the cheerful, friendly, and life-time companions I'z1e had the pleasure of knowing in Fort Hamilton. 88 -Q 4 1 l , ,., , fre 4 Q 3. I ff it :W-ff f Q ef ,fred 2 S i f , f 4 j VW' X .ns-ff" X 4 i w, , 4"' e fe W er f ff I f 14 ' ragga, f f, X eff ' if , SAMSEN, INGRID 612 67 Street Mixed Chorus, Musicales '58, ,59, Secretary to Mrs. Frankle, Trinity Club.-Business World The laughs with Lori in our soph- omore yearg rehearsals in 1085 waiting for our two chaujfeursg lunch at Table Eg but most of all, the friends I made. SANTANA, ALPHONSE 167 Bay Ridge Avenue Gym Leaders.-U.S. Navy The great times at table F fourth period with my friends who gradu- ated last year, all the kids in gym, my many hne teachers. SAVADGKY, PAUL 128 Marine Avenue G.O, Representative, Soccer Team, Service Squad, Orchestra, Band, Dance Band.-College The great times in orchestra, dance band and 114-5 my music teachers, Mr. Chelirnsky and Mr. Shine. SCAFIDI, LORRAINE 369 87 Street Accounting Squad, Attendance Monitor, Red Cross Club.-Busi- ness World The good times and all the laughs I had with Judy, Maryann B., Sue and Kathy, the fun in third year prefect with fudy. SCAROLA, NANCY 5904 Fort Hamilton Parkway Library Squad, Gym Squads. - Model My three years in Fort Hamilton, the fun I had in fifth period lunchg the friends I've made, but espe- cially, all the memories I shall treasure. SCHAUER, GUNTHER 336 77 Street Table Captain.-Business World Sixth period lunch, the fun in pre- fect with Arlene and Larraineg Don, Al, Steve, Bob, and Florence. SCHECK. CLARE 5411 Fort Hamilton Parkway Arista., Minutemen, Secretary to Mrs. Mayer, Prefect Secretary. - Collegez Teaching Lunches during period four,' walk- ing with Ellcn to classes from floor to floorg mad dashes to the bus at three will always remain with me. SCHRIIDT, HENRY 800 Poly Place Arista, All City Orchestra, Man- ager of Varsity Soccer Team, Sen- ior Band, Lieutenant of Service Corps.gCollege Entering Fort Hamilton in my senior yearg the friendliness and cooperation of teachers and class- mates made my last year in high school a memorable one. SCHBIIER, INIARVIN 9406 Third Avenue Service Squad.-Business World My four wonderful years in Fort Hamilton High School and the good times on the Electrical Squad with all my friends, the fun I had in the Service Corps. SCHWVANI, lNIARTIN 9511 Shore Road J.V. Football lMineola Highj, J. V. Lacross lMineola Highj, Cross- Country Team, Track Team, Caf- eteria Service Corps, Table Cap- tain.-College Coming to Fort Hamilton from Mineola, butterflies before the Cross-Country and Track meets with Vicg Kirk and the other fellows. SCICOSCIA, VALERIE 1032 79 Street Arista, Library Squad, Newman Club, Senior Show - Wardrobe As- sistant.-College My third year English class with Mr. Carling eating ice cream cones with Sandy, Head Garbage Col- lector at Breakfast Club,' "SlopDg and my wonderful senior year. SCLAFANI, PAULA 441 74 Street Arista, Co-Photography Editor of "Tower,', nTower,' Literary Staff, Pan American Club - President, Secretary to Mrs. Hyer, Mr. Zakon, Newman Club.-College Geometry with Mr. Shomayg Mr. Carlinls English classg chem ses- sions, Mr. Mills' poetryg DEB'sg wonderful teachers, :'Tower',g Miss Steinmetz. ll A 2 B! SCOGGIN, PATRICIA 855 71 Street Girls, Chorus-Accornpanist, Or- chestra, Musicales '57, '58, ,59, Trinity Club.-Study Music My wonderful friends, especially Linda and Paulag fun in chorus just before the musicalesg break- fast at table "B" and lunch with "Bill", DEBS. SCOLARO, ANTHONY 6224 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Squad.-Business World The new friendsg the fun in the cafeteria, M and S with Mr. Spring, but most of all, the un- derstanding received from the teachers. SEETH, DIANE 1077 57 Street Secretary to Mrs. Schaefer, Emer- gency Room Squad, Library Squad, Swimming Club, Trinity Club, Basketball Club.-Business School Norma and her "big" lunches, "Silhouettes" with the girlsg May- er's Wallkillg the fun in prefectg and the many friends I made. SEIFER, STEVEN 161 79 Street Program Office, Menorah Club, Minutemen.-College Caroline and Ginny,' the fun in the Program Office with Richard and the gangg the fun in Mrs. Catania's French classg Richard and his homeworks. SENECA, AGATHA 6917 Tenth Avenue G.O. Treasurer, Vice President, Newman Club, G.O. Council, Sec- retary to Mr. Kottman, Mrs. I-Iyer, Basketball Club.-Secretary The fun and the friends, especially Dee, Marilyn, Terry, and Carmelg the Tea-roomg the friendship of Miss McCann. SHAKEL, BEVERLY-KAY Quarters 87-B Fort Hamilton Secretary for Miss Higginson, Girls' Chorus, Beacons, Musicales '58 and '59, G.O. Representative, Pan American Club.-College Prefect and fun with Caroleg Carolg Chemg Carbon copiesg "Ho- mervg fun in the Math ojficeg Cho- rusg Spanish 35 "old" Hamiltong and everyone. 89 SHANAHAN, EDWARD 422 85 Street Newman Club, Service in Dean's Office, Camera Club, Junior Prom Committee Photographer for "Tower,, 358.-College or U. S. Air Force My service in the ofiee and the good times with my friends from Newman Club. SHARP, ALLAN 9110 Ridge Boulevard Varsity Member of Soccer Team, Boys, Chorus, Cafeteria Squad, Service Squad, Curtaintimersf- College, My friends from the team, the good times, the tough regents, but most of all, singing in the Illusi- cale, the soccer game we almost won. SHAUGHNESSY, JANET 319 83 Street Table Captain, Library Squad, Secretary to Miss McCann, Mr. Byron, Miss Van Bokkelen, Sten Club, Program Committee. - Secretary The friends I've made, fun at sixth period lunch, fun with Carol, Maureen, Charlotte and the gang, most of all, that certain boy. SHAW, ANN 459 68 Street Secretary to Miss Hennessy and Mrs. Deerson, Pan American Club, Bowling Club.-College, Teaching The gabfests in prefect, geometry with "The General," that "sar- dine" feeling in the gym lockers, wonderful friends and teachers, that magical senior year. SHIELDS, CAROL 247 53 Street Table Captain, Secretary to Mrs. Lief, Miss McCann, Mr. Byron, and Miss Van Bokkelen, Stenog- raphy Club.-Secretary The wonderful times at sixth pe- riod lunch and all the friends I made through the years, the good times with janet, Charlotte, Mau- reen and the rest of the gang, most of all, that certain boy. SHIRLEY, RICHARD 338 89 Street -U.S. Air Force Trying to do my homework in the short morning prefect,' the many friends I made during my years at Fort Hamilton. 90 I W rf , t 4 X , ,f i. 'VV M 0' f' 9 e azz' . W, ww .la 76 , ,r AMW' f My f 7, SHIRLEY, STEPHAN 6316 Fourth Avenue Track Team, Cafeteria Service Corps.-College The good times I had on the Track Team where I experienced many thrills, had lots of fun, and met many new friends. SHIVERLY, DAVID 435 Battery Avenue -Business World Good times at the Fort, interesting classes taught by excellent teach- ers, many friends, my wonderful senior year. SILBERING, SHEILA 864 49 Street Library Squad, Menorah Club, Table Captain, Public Speaking Club.-College, Marriage Lunch with Rozzy and fackie, dates with Elliott, the rush to change for gym and the excite- ment when the bell rang for dis- missal. SILEO, CARMEL 1016 63 Street Girls' Chorus 958, '59, Musicales '58, 559, Pan American Club '58, Clerk in Attendance Office.-Den tal Assistant Running for the buses with Terry and Mary, all the friends I made during lunch, especially Diane, Agatha, Terry, and of course, fudi. SILLER, PAMELA 238 92 Street Rembrandts- President, Service to Miss Dick, Musicale Art Designer, "TowerH Art Staff, Volley ball Club, Halloween Art Contest. - College Fun in Girls' Chorus with Chris and Karen, wonderful experiences with Miss Dick, Anne, Pat, and Lilly, and Tommy. SILVERII, PATRICIA 124 Parrott Place Program Office, Accounting Squad, Cafeteria Table Captain, Sten Club, Volleyball Club. - Business World The wonderful years at Fort Ham- ilton, the teachers, all my friends, my senior year. SILVERMAN, INGRID 624 36 Street Secretary for Mr. Lessell, Mr. Jol- tin, and Mr. Lerner, Modern Dance Club, Menorah Club, Cur- taintiniers.--Brooklyn College "Be earlyu in the hectic mornings, the cultured pearls, Sirog Fort Hamilton, the fun with Vinny, and of course, Sherry and Corday. SIRIONETTI, ANTHONY 872 52 Street Service Squad.-Business World The laughs in fourth period study with Aloe, joe, Zeke, Al, and our leader, lllr. Shomay. SINI, YOLANDA 460 84 Street Camera Club, Secretary to Mr. Schapiro and Mr. Krinsl-xy, Mr. Szabofs Telephone Squad.-Neigh- borhood Playhouse: Theatre Iforking late on the stage set for the Musicaleg the teachers who have guided and befriended me, and a "very special friend," SKILBRED, HAROLD 7110 Narrows Avenue Arista, Chemistry Lab Squad, '5Pi- lot" Staff, Projection Squad, Sec- retary of Minutemen, Pan Ameri- can Club.-College Halls of learning, vacation yearn- ine. Interesting classes, forged passes Human teachers, rare creatures Tests to weep, insufficient sleep Yet no tears, these were happy years. SMITH, LORRAINE 305 87 Street Secretary to Miss Hoffman and Mr. Cummings, Modem Dance Club, Curtaintirners, Public Speak- ing Club.-Business World Fun during jifth period lunchg prefect with Sandy and Karin,' crowded gym lockers,' competition for a certain boy, and clumsy his- tory books. SNIITH, PATRICIA 346 78 Street Program Office Monitor, Secretary to Miss Korner and Mr. Golomb, Trinity Club.-Business World The wonderful times I had, the friends I made in Fort Harniltong and the crowd from 0. S. if i if 4115 J?" K . 1 , V gin: Left., f Q 69' SMITH, SANDRA 319 83 Street Secretary to Mr. Cummings, Li- brary Squad, Service Corps, Serv- ice in Gym, Volleyball Club, Bas- ketball Club.-Secretary The friends and the Fort,' fun with Di, Bobbi, Ruth, Carol, "Strawsng senior lunch, "Rainbow", fun in prefect with "BCDEMS"j rushing to the Tea Room. SOEVYN, ROBERT 154 91 Street Kitchen Squad for Mrs. Hands, Service Corps for Mr. Szabo. - Business World or Navy The good times I had and the friends I made at Fort Hamilton,' the fine teachers, "Peanut" and Dumphy, but especially, Helen. SOHL, HERBERT 4412 Fifth Avenue Arista, Grade Adviserls Squad, Lunch Squad.-U.S. Armed Force Lunch Squad. - U. S. Armed Forcesg College Fort Hamilton as an institution that has provided me with a good environment during my teen-age years. SOHLBRECK, RAYMOND 140 86 Street Baseball Team, Gym Leaders' Corps, Service for Mr. Mills, Serv- ice Squad.-College All the fun I had with Al during fourth period lunch and all the great times in Mr. Shapiro's Eng- lish period. SOLMONOFF, JUDITH 82 Bay Ridge Avenue Arista, Literary and Art Maga- zines, Library Squad, Prefect Sec- retary, Menorah Club, Pan-Ameri- can Club.-College The long walk, hurrying out of the gym on time, the crowded lunch, reunion at the table at three o'clock,' and those long awaited week-ends. SOLOMON, BETTY ANN 7119 Shore Road Arista, "Tower'i Literary Editor, Senior Council and Show, Mixed Chorus, Musicales, Boosters, Em- pire Girls State.-College The laughs and tears, the "Mau- Maus",' English 3 with Mr. C.g the "ice-boxu in 108, "mon amie, l'oiseauJ',' fun with the "Dels." 91 SOLVIG, CAROL 4923 Eighth Avenue Accounting Office Squad, Secre- tary to Miss Duhig, Locker Room Duty.-Business Worlds "Cuma'J, the crazy times with Lor- na, lunch at table FF, the friends live made, Senior Day, three won- derful years I'll never forget. SORENSEN, ERIC 122 77 Street Band, Musicale, Service Corps, 'Cafeteria Service Corps, Study Hall Service Corps, Band Setup Squad.-College The fun I had in chemistry class with Mr. Zakon's experiment, fifth period lunch with the boys. SORENSEN, KARIN 513 81 Street Secretary to Mr. Stone, Program Committee.-Secretary Fort Hamilton because it has pro- vided me with the knowledge and skill to enter the business world, which has always been my am- bition. SORENSEN, LORRAINE 8017 Seventh Avenue Emergency Room Squad. -- Busi- ness World Rushing for the bus with my girl friends, foan and Carol morning and' afternoon, but we always wound up by singing a tune. SPANO, MARIANNE 655 90 Street Service to Mr. Matheson, Miss Morholt and Mr. Szabo, Program Office Squad, Volleyball Club, Sten. Club.-Secretarial Field The friends I made, the rush to classes, "Breakfast Clubv, home- work on weekends, cramming for tests the day before, my senior year. STACK, DARYL 831 53 Street Music Office Squad, Band, Gym Leaders Corps.-Business World The dificulty of getting on board the buses, the fun going home and coming to school with all my friends. 92 AQ I, Y, ,..,,., , , , . eww , ' if ,.., , , ,,,,. .. i 6 f W' e WW A 'W Q 2 f W Z , A Fw e f Nw Y Q e MWA ' eww fp - .V ,,,.ff ff? f , ,mf ,, V . ' Y fd' hx, 4 I z 1 l i E l f. 2 ,l I 4 4 1 4 1 turf' efhh 77" 6 STAVENAS, KAREN 267 Dahlgren Place Trinity Club, Minutemen, Library Squad.-College, Nursing Watching the ships sailing up and down the harbor,' the misery of health education exercises, and the wonderful teachers who were al- ways willing to help. STAVRIOTIS, NICHOLAS 272 68 Street Curtaintimers, Golf Team, Orches- tra-Musicales '57, '58, 559. - Study in Europe john F., Bob K., Flo O., Gail F., Ellen V., Bill P., Mr. Schapiro's philosophy, "the Web", Matt and the "losers", Belmont, Betsy's par- ties, "Thank you, Fort Hamilton, for a great timef' STEIN, STEVEN 7609 Fourth Avenue Basketball Team, - Engineering College All the friends I made while I was here, the good times I had, but most of all, some of the teachers who helped me. STENSLAND, ALICE 883 57 Street Girls, Chorus, Musicales 358, and '59, G.O. Representative, Secre- tary to Miss Mattson, Trinity Club, Table C aptain. - Airline Stewardess january 25, Senior Day, history, the Senior Prom, regents, morn- ings with the girls, club on Wed- nesdays, Cucc's jokes, prefect with Marie. STRAUSBERG, ROSLYN 864 49 Street G.O. Store, Treasurer's Office Squad, Attendance Office Squad, Menorah Club, Public Speaking Club.-Private Secretary, Marriage Sixth period lunch with Sheila and Eleanor, my fabulous stenog- raphy teacher, Mr. Byron, chang- ing for gym, dates with Phil, my wonderful senior year. STRAUSER, ALAN 7261 Shore Road Service Corps, Photography Club. -College B. A. La Grasse's chemistry classes, the fire-works in the cafeteria, "The Doc's" German class. STROBI, VIRGINIA 502 57 Street Secretary to Miss Hennessy and Mr. Kanstroom.-Secretary Lunch with Betty and Margieg snowy days at the Green Tea Rooms hurrying to do homework during A.M. prefectg all the friends I made. SUSKIND. LESLIE ANN 8120 Fort Hamilton Parkway G.O. Council, G.O. Boro Repre- sentative, Senior Social Committee, Curtaintimers- Emergency Room Squad Us "Delsi',' "Mans lllausvg Tea Room laughsg sneakers and gunsg the table at threeg the "Gang"g the wonder kids and teachersg my wonderful senior year. SUZUKI, RICHARD 2817 West 15 Street Mixed Chorus, Service Corps, Mu- sicales '56, '57, '58, '59.-College, U.S. Air Corps The fun in the lunch room with all my friends with a freshman table captain who worked for serv- ice credits. SWANSON, JOANN 438 78 Street Secretary to Mr. Carlin, Prefect Secretary, English Class Secretary, Bowling Club, Trinity Club. J Nursing Vivian and Arlene and the won- derful times we had, Mr. Carlin, Mr. Solovay and Miss Haigney, three people whose advice and friendship I will never forget. SWENSON, KAREN 7410 Ridge Boulevard Editor-in-Chief of "Tower", Pres- ident of Psychology Club, "Pilot" staff columnist, Arista, Beacons, Mixed Chorus - Musicales '58, '59,-College "Apollo and Aphroditeng Mr. Car- lin's advices Pat and Pamg Latin 35 McCarthibus,' "MaryLou Med- alist",' Sandy, Barb, and especially, Chip. SYVERTSEN, PER 132 Battery Avenue Trinity Club, Secretary of the the Boys' Chorus, Musicale, Serv- ice Squad, Varsity Basketball Team.-U.S. Army The wonderful times going to Mu- sicales, school plays and cheering for our teamsg but most of all, Fort Hamilton itself. l El tg, fs 5 .nv-4' 4 . K 1 .sl 1 Qf' f 'ii s 5 i i lP"x, ?Oh W. -s ,M eg, ' M . 'ls . 4 . , MP' his 'fe-f i l l SYVERTSEN, STAN 723 60 Street Service Squad.-College The friends I have made,' the fun in sixth period lunch with Artie and Dong and most of all, my sen- ior year. SYVERTSEN, SUSANNE 437 63 Street Secretary to Mr. Cummings, Re- ceptionist for Mr. Mills, Secretary in Program Office. -- Business World The great times I had at Fort Hamilton and especially the won- derful friends I made there. TAKLA, RENEE 546 83 Street Secretary of Senior Class, Senior Council, G.O. Representative, Sec- retary to Mr. Byron, Senior Activ- ity Office, Treasurerls Office. - Advertising Fieldl Sharing troubles with Eleanorg go- ing "double"g the Tea Roorng laughs with Ruthg 4-A55 Lori, my senior yearg lunch with GOOBSU. TAKVAM, MARGIE 5601 Seventh Avenue Arista, Secretary to Mr. Carlin and Mrs. Catania, Volleyball Club, Bowling Club. - Business Worldg Secretary Gab sessions with Bettyg. prefectg fifth period lunchg English 915560 with foang Mr. Swahnls history classy and all the friends I made at the Fort. TARTAMELLA, MICHAEL 5010 Eleventh Avenue Track Team, Mixed Chorus, Gym Leaders, Service in Cafeteria, - College The great times on the track team with the boys and a hne coach, Mr. Kottmanng the laughs in Eng- lish with Mr. Davinog the free lunches. TAVOLACCI, JOSEPH 134 Gatling Place Arista, Baseball Team, Musicales '57, '58, ,59-Band, Lieutenant on Mr. Ptak's Service Squad, Presi- dent of Prefect Class, Cafeteria Service.-College My friendsg fun on the Baseball Team and in Bandg the teachers who inspired me with ideas and ambitions. 93 TERCEIRA, WAYNE 9425 Shore Road Track Team, Service Squad, Elec- tric Squad.-Business World The many friends I made in Fort Hamilton, the fun in third period lunch with Parsons, joe the stick, jerry, Doug, Spook and Dunsmore. TERLAGA, ROBERT 563 48 Street Newman Club, Gym Leader, Serv- ice Squad, Table Captain, Cafe- teria Service.-College Mr. La Grasse's explosive experi- ments in general science, hiding all the T squares in mechanical drawing, walking to school on snowy mornings with friends, and especially, Carol. THEOPHILIA, DEMETRIOS 9429 Fifth Avenue Lieutenant in Cafeteria, Service for Mr. Leibowitz. - Business World The fun in the cafeteriaj Mr. Go- lumb's French class,' playing in the Dixieland band for the senior show. THOMASSEN, ANNE 878 57 Street G.O. Council, Table Captain, Sec- retary for Miss Dick, Mrs. Rabe ands Miss Korner, Mixed Chorus. -Nursing Waiting for the bus at Fort Ham- ilton in the Winter,' Chem with Mr. Arrowg lunch at table Eg and the fun we had in prefect. THOMPSON, DONALD 5010 Eighth Avenue Service Squad. I will always remember Wednes- day for along with Wednesday came the most dreaded of all tests -Los Examenes Espanol. THOMPSON, EDWIN 828 68 Street All City Chorus, Mrs. Hands, Serv- ice Squad, Track Team, Mixed Chorus, Senior Prom Committee, Boys' Chorus.-College My wonderful teachersg fun in chorus, Mrs. Hands, motherly love, Mr. Kottmanls understanding, walks to schoolg fabulous summersg weekends in "Heaven". 94- 1, V fm' ,L f Q 7 f ,W fa If f .f,,! 7 f W' ,, ff if sf' ' y Z ff ff ff W 7 W 'J f e X it ,V f 1 if , jf f We ,i tll f 1 , , fe 'O ' I fl' V M Q, . A '- X , M I 4 2 X -ff ff! f W 79 f W mf f W f,! f ff 4, 1 if , ., 'f7: ff ,' 1 " rw, V ge fm z . JW Wf Wee 'X--1. THOMPSON, RUTH 516 82 Street Mixed Chorus, Basketball and Volleyball Clubs, Library Squad. -Business World The friends I made during my four wonderful years at Fort Ham- iltong the good times at sixth pe- riod lunch with the girls at table B, Deb's. THOMSON, THOMAS 769 54 Street Cafeteria Squad, Table Captain.- College, Engineer All the good friends I made at Fort Hamilton and all the good times I had with them. TOMASETTI, RICHARD 1027 78 Street Senior Class President, Curtain- timers, Captain of Electrical Squad, Newman Club, Work for Mr. D. Cohen in Physics Lab, Junior and Senior Prom Commit- tees.-Electronical Engineering My friends, students and teach- ers,' late rehearsals, the electrical squad, the way Mr. foltin taught chemistryg my senior year. TOPP, CAROLYN 538 79 Street Mixed Chorus, Musicales '57, '58, ,59, Secretary to Mrs. Bonom. - Dental Receptionist Those long walks to school,' my junior lunch period, my "sisters" from "Rainbow" and especially, the wonderful Mixed Chorus and all the friends I madeg Deb's. TORELLI, THERESA 1018 63 Street Secretary to Miss Simon, Account- ing Office Squad, Locker Room Monitor.-Secretary All the laughs and swell friends I made in my three short years at Ft. Hamilton, especially fimmy. TORP, KENNETH 125 88 Street G.O. President, Arista, Math Sec- retary, Lunchroom Squad, Cam- era Club.-College The G.O. elections, all the friends I've made, Maureenag "Teddy,' and the Musketeers. TRABULSI. JOHN 561 81 Street Rifie Team, Service Corps, Cafe- teria Squad.-College The fun in fifth period with the boys: the new friends I made at Fort Hamilton. TRIEFELDT. ANN 177 Bay Eighth Street Arista, Senior Council Representa- tive, Chairman of the Senior Serv- ice and Beneiits Committee, Bea- cons, Mixed Chorus, Rembrandts. -College .113 first try at speaking English with nobody understanding me: Chorus: "a-ha": ".1Iiss Swedenvg the teachers who guided meg the wonderful friends I rnade. TRIPLI'1'1'. CAROLE Quarters 703-E Fort Hamilton Pan .American Club, Secretary to Bliss Dick, Curtaintimers.-College The fun of being an ".-lrmy Brat",: the HY", prefect with Kayg Span- ish 3.+18g what started and ended in English 3035 Senior Lunch. TRYLAND. BIILDRED 121 Battery Avenue Arista, Blixed Chorus, Trinity Club, Late Squad, Biinutemen, Red Cross Club.-College llrs. Salsbergs :'T:ro finger treat- menfig Table E in my junior gear: .1-Ir. Carlinis English class: the wonderful friendsliips,'.1Ir.Swahn's three .-1ngels,' my unforgettable sen- ior pear in For? Hamiltong Deb's. TUOZZO. JOSEPH 6714 Eleventh Avenue Baseball Tearn, Service Corps. - College The laughs in fourth period study with lloe, Tony, .-ll, Zeke and our leader, Jlr. Shomag. TURANO, NIARY 9413 Fifth Avenue Arista, Senior Council, G.O. Rep- resentative, Secretary to Bliss Hoff- man. Newman Club, Blinuternen. -College .Yew friends made at the Forty English with .UL Carling senior lunch with the girlsg the view orerloolting the bags missing the bus on cold morningsg Debts. 9 . fi' sa .of , , ,,. Cf' IP .N ,, 5, fi' g 3 'E ff- , , . , .,-1 1' t 40" vl11l'i Af TYRANO. PATRICIA 136 Gatling Place Tre-asurer's Oflice Secretary, Serv- ice in Music Office. - Business World The many friends I made at Fort Hamilton: first period gym with Barbara, Loretta and Connieg the first day of school when we be- came actresses. USAITIS, BLANCHE 943 53 Street Arista, Cv.O. Representative, Sen- ior Council Representative, Chair- man of Service and Benefits Com- mittee, Secretary to Nlrs. Catania. -College Three yearsg my unequaled corn- panion, Carolg teachers, panics in gym: lunch with our groupg crushesg and of course, bliss Van Bolrhelen. UZZO, RAYBIOND 416 57 Street -lf. S. Army The guys and girls I met and the fun I had,' the good times in Alf. S:abo's radio class with Greek and Burro. YALENTE, LAYYRENCE . 6224 Fort Hamilton Parkway School Serxice Squad, G.O. Rep- resentative, Table Captain. - .Aeronautics School The enjoyment I received from my classes in Fort Hamiltong the teachers were L-ery understanding and my subjects were interesting. VECCHIO, ANNA 333 90 Street Table Captain.-Business World .Meeting the girls at 8:15 and wait- ing for .Uary jane until 8:30 with Slog, llarie, Nancy and De Deg but most of all, rushing to meet Earl at three oicloch, VELLANT1. FRANK 943 76 Street GO. Store, Service Corps. The marz3 birthday parties we had in the cafcteriag the great friends and :iorzderful teachers. 95 VELTRI, THOMAS 6815 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Squad, Study Hall Service, Table Captain, Grade Advisorls Secretary.-U. S. Armed Forces Seventh period study with Billyg sophomore year with jimmy and the fellows, the fun with Mr. La Grasse's exploding experimentsg especially, joan. VENTICINQUE, SALVATORE 1010 59 Street Cafeteria Squad, Radio Club.- Business World Fifth period lunch, A. A. in my junior year, and all my wonderful friends in Fort Hamilton. VETRANO, JOHN 6906 Eleventh Avenue Service, Minutemen, Cafeteria Duty, Table Captain, Senior Show, Curtaintimers.-College, St. Bon- aventure The fun in General Shomay's class with the Nisco sisters,' the difhcult time Mrs. Catania had teaching us the French rJs,' fohnls red home- worksg Vive La France! VIGNEC, CHRISTINA 18 Gelston Avenue Beacons, Trinity Club, Volley ball Club, Basketball Club, Serv- ice Squad, Bowling Club.-College The endless days of happinessg long moments of sadness, my won- derful friends, Carol, and our meetings in the halls,' laughs at lunchg Miss Haigneyj Deb's. VILLIAS, ELAINE 768 60 Street Captain of Cheerleaders, Boosters, Senior Council, Arista, Library Squad, Table Captain.-College or Business School Cheering at the games with "Mac",' the fun with Dottie, Mar- gzehand MaryAnn,' my wonderful senior year,' the friends I made at Fort Hamilton. WAAGE, STEPHEN 344 89 Street Newman Club - Treasurer, Minute- men, Musicale '58, Program Office Squad, Latin Club.-College The great friends I madeg the fun in History 3B7, the helpful teachersg the great times in fifth period lunch with Mike, Marilyn, Kathy and Ronny. 96 AIDE OHN W ' J 7259 shore Road Table Captain, Instrument Prac- tice, Junior Band, Senior Band, Soccer Team, Service in the Of- tice.-College The great friends I made at Fort Hamilton, the experiences I had with them, the breakfast clubsg getting a flat head playing soccer. WAKEFIELD, RICHARD 380 92 Street Newman Club, Cafeteria Service Corps, Service Corps for Mr. Mills.-Business World, U.S. Air Force Harry, fef, Irene, Mickey, Red and my other friends who made my years and Fort Hamilton happy onesg Senior Dayg and Graduation at last! WALLSTEDT, INGRID 802 70 Street Emergency Room Squad, Secre- tary to Mrs. Frankle.-Nursing The good times I had in the Emer- gency Room with Mrs. Seidlerg the laughs we had in gymg and all the great friends Iive made. WALKER, RONALD 171 72 Street -Business World My many friendsg the good times we hadj the excellent teachersg the numerous clubs and activities. WARDELL, VIRGINIA 559 84 Street Arista, Trinity Club, "Anchor" Staff, Library Squad, Secretary to Mr. Szabo, Halloween Art Contest. -College The inspiring Trinity Club meet- ings,' my crazy freshman year, fun in lunch, especially at table Eg the helpful teachers, and the won- derful friends I made. WAREN, GRETHA 335 89 Street Trinity Club, Transportation Of- fice, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, Junior Beacons, Cafeteria Service Squad.-Business School The long walk to school with BJ., Illr. Mahedyis history classy dashing down to Sixth Period Lunch,' and all the friends I've made. YVATERS, ADRIENNE 6835 Bliss Terrace Trinity Club, Red Cross Club, Rlusicale, Secretary for Miss Ker- wan and lvliss McCann.-College The long walks to schoolg my junior English classg the "Sup- per Club" and most of all, the wonderful friends I made at Fort Hamilton. WYATERS, GEORGE 311 62 Street Service Corps, Cafeteria Service. Boiler Maker The friends I made and the good times I had at Fort Hamilton High School. YVATERS, KATHARINE 875 57 Street Emergency Room Squad, Class Secretary.-Business World The race for the bus with Patj waiting for my senior year, all the fun during prefect at I, K, and L. INEBB, GAIL 217 Battery Avenue Library, Girls' Emergency Room Squad, Girls! Locker Room Squad. -Business World My wonderful junior year with fan, Peggy, Karen and Kay,' Hinsch'sg "Alpha',g partiesg sen- ior day '58,' the old crowd, Senior Prom,' and most of all, firnmy. WEILL, IRA 9023 Third Avenue G.O. Office Squad, Track Team, Assistant Manager, Menorah Club, Secretary to Mr. Sachey.-College Happy days in the G.O. office with Mr. Kottmann and Mr. Sterne,' my gym teacher, Mr. Sacheyg the fun we had during four years at school. WEINSTEIN, ROBERT 115 87 Street Gym Leaders, Projection Squad, Photography Club, Service Squad. -M.I.T. Nuclear Physics The fabulous and enlightening times I experienced while work- ing with the Projection Squad. WEIR, DOUGLAS 639 Bay Ridge Avenue Service Corps. - Tool and Die Maker The fun I had in the bus coming to and going from schoolg the first time I took second year Span- ish and Geometry. WHIPPLE, ALBERTA 6102 Third Avenue Cafeteria Table Captain, Locker Room Attendant.-Business World Waiting for my senior year,' the friends I made,' the fine teachersg but most of all, the good times in my junior year with Buddy. WILL, THOMAS 952 72 Street Prefect Treasurer, Table Captain. -College The good times and great friendsg the junior Prom,' but most of all, the laughs in Mr. Eisner's prefect. WILLIAMS, ERIC 549 41 Street Sf'-ldl' Hall Squad, Cafeteria Squad.-College or U.S. Navy Fort Hamilton as a fine institution of learningg the teachers who helped such a great deal during the dijicult hours,' the friendly students with whom it was a pleasure to learn. WILLSON, CAROL 8701 Shore Road Arista, Secretary for Mrs. Low, Mr. Ptak, Attendance Office, Mr. Joltinls Guidance Office, Basket- ball Club, Trinity Club.-College The fun,' my wonderful friendsj "fugs,l,' going to Hinsch's,' Mrs. Lowls prefectg meeting my friends at f0yce's,' Senior Year. WILSON, JANET 652 74 Street Secretary of G.O., Cheerleaders, Secretary of Curtaintimers, Boost- ers, Senior Social Committee, Swimming.ASecretarial College Rushing to beat the bell, fun at "jUGSl,,' cheering with Iean and "MACl',' my campaign, the "final stretch" with Anne and Lynng three years of memories. 97 WILSON, LARRAINE 120 Gatling Place Newman Club, Secretary to Mrs. Bonom, Library Squad, Volleyball Club, G.O. Representative.-Pri vate Secretary The fun in prefect, the crowded busesg Tea Room at three o'clock,' my wonderful friends who made an unforgettable senior year, espe- cially Andrea and Arlene. WITACHIK, ANDREW 321 86 Street Service Squad, G.O. Representa- tive.-Electronics All of my friends in Fort Hamil- ton especially Dennie, Bob, Red, Dick, Ronny, Cli1j',' all the good times in hfth period lunch. WOJCICKI, WANDA 65 Gatling Place Beacons, Modern Dance, Musi- cales, Senior Show, Library Squad, Newman Club.-Nurses, Training The good times in modern dance with all the girls,' the rush in the locker room after seventh period,' and the nickels I've Given to Miss M. YANCEY, VIRGINIA 763 49 Street Arista, Secretary to Mr. Joltin, Miss Duhig, Pan-American Club, Mascot of Tennis Team, Minute- men.-College Rushing to school with Carol and Barbarag lunch with Marcia and Kareng knowing Carol,' Tennis Team, Mr. folting my senior year, my friends. YELLEN, BARRY 1043 East 104 Street Band.-College The good times in lunchg argu- ments in.,prefect,' but above all my wonderful friends and teachers whom I will never forget. YORIO, CORDAY 352 79 Street Secretary to Miss Dick, Modern Dance Club, Secretary to Mrs. Tilliss.-College, Commercial Art Awakening, never forget and al- ways be 3, Sherry, Ingrid, whis- pers of wisdorrzg Columlziag fun,' new friends, Gems of the sea. 98 YOUNGMAN, KAREN 882 51 Street Cheer Leaders, Booster Secretary, Senior Class Treasurer, Senior Council, Minutemen Club, Senior Social Committee.-College Cheering with Helene and "MAC',,' fifth period lunchg fun with Mau Mau's,' Sneakers and Guns,' "Dels",' the Table at threeg Tearoom Chucklesg and, l'oiseau. ZABLOW, MIRIANI 812 50 Street Shop Department Office Secretary. --Fashion Institute of Technology The friends I madeg the fun I hadg these things were all part of the game,' the learning and the inspiration made the Fort my "Hall of Fame." ZIMMERMAN, RUTH 518 81 Street G.O. Representative, Secretary to Mr. O,Leary, Library Squad, Sen- ior Council.-Marriage The good times with Sandy and Diannag dancing with Mary jane in Gymg the Green Tea Room and tunahsh sandwiches. ZINNA, EDWARD 8112 Fifth Avenue Class G.O. Representative, Service in the Cafeteria.-Electronics All the new and good friends I made in F.H.,' and my old friends too,' Augie, Fred, Monk, Charlie De Nave, Lunk and all the teachers. ZITO, LUCIEN 1051 78 Street Curtaintimers, Newman Club, Caf- eteria Squad, Service Corps. - College "Deadpan" and meg "fanie"g fun with the Gen."g second period study with Mr. Lessel and Bobj friends and helpful teachers. ZOGBY, RONALD 30 91 Street Cafeteria, Study, Gym Secretaries. -College, The times in 57,55 fifth period lunch at double AA,' third period gym with all the boysg but most of all the many friends I have made. ZOLNIER, GAIL 225 89 Street Arista, Newman Club, Senior Ac- tivities Office, Service Squad, Junior Council, College Secretary. -College The fun at lunchg ,tenior activities officeg going to school with Grace, Lynne ana' ilffartha on chilly morn- ingsg all three years, but most of all, Tommy. ZRAICK, RONALD 40 86 Street Mr. Quiglefs Service Squad, Mr. Drucker's Corps, Outdoor Patrol, Handball Team.-College Mr. Szabo, Orflanowit: ana' the Frogg fourth period lunch in my senior year,' study in the library in my junior year with Billy, Mike and foe. ZUKAS, JENNIE 924 55 Street Secretary to Miss Hoffman, Table Captain, Newman Club, Sten. Club.-Business World Sophomore lunch with Carrieg the crazy talks with Barbara about foeg office duty with Ruthie, sen- ior lunchj but most of all, the great times with Evie. FLYNN, JAMES 484 83 Street Home Study student ! l 1 l Andrew Woiecki and Barion Friedman And away we go! 99 Mrs. J. Frankie 1 " fu-Aw ' ' Mr. V. Kassenbrock '17 senior prefect teachers Miss J. McCabe Miss L. Simon ff.. aw Mr. In sp,-ing Mr. A. Swahn Miss R. McCann 100 Mr. S. Vacchio Mrs. M. Callahan ?"""' 'S ' A55 Mr. M. Eisner i Miss J. Alberii ff fs ' Miss A. Coleman Miss C. Merkel' 431- ,gf 15? C , 1, 1 , ff, ' f' .jj-.. ,png- AJ? if , , 'ffias "-f:.2g,,'Z'f Miss H. Mattson Miss E, Ko,-ner Mrs. B. Slater We opened doors fo New challenges, apprehensively We groped for recognifion. Wise fools our fhoughfs ran "deep" No longer childlike We viewed 'rhe world Wifh new perspecfives. Knowledge . . . foremosf fhe Search 'For 'rrulh The nelaulous fufure Slowly cryslallized. IV Our desliny in sighl Dreams become realifies The ever presenl fafe . . . rises visible on fhe horizon. , , W - 1 ,, 5 f . 4 452 1! lf, V 1 I fW f 1 l Q! if fw jj X X nf 54 gi 1 f f ,f 7 , w2fWZ f M5414 ,V - ' f,,w7,, MQW' 1, .,., Q V I I 2 A ' , W sf W W 1 'KZ u if 5 ' X. 'fi f , ls' ll i -1 u 1 2 .07 f 'Q i 7752! " , . 4 s an 1 '55 up M , 1, I fig? wf 5' -, :L i u an 1 Q79 5,4 47 ,ff 4 'Q ,,-, i i o "Come dance with me." o Loliipops, anyone? o Last minute prompting o "Hail, hail the gang's all here!" i i c The beginning of a perfect day A typical day in Dogpafch, U.S.A." U X Don'f we look snazzy? ld have danced all nig L if ff , ff' 5 f f ,c f-1 f W yf, fl f Among our favorite memories-those delightful autumn and spring days when our lunch periods were spent at the shore. s 3 l Fair Hamilton, our thoughts to thee are turning 107 ,, , .f g. This year the council officers consist of Ken Torp, Pres., Dom Di Maro, Vice Pres., Agatha Seneca, Treas., Jane? Wilson, Sed Sally Nelson, Senior Rep., Chuck Schwank, Junior Rep., Kalhy Fidge, Freshman Rep. Washington Trip THIRD ROW fl. 1' .J-Guide for Tour, lrene Raffe, Mary Carradio, Carmel Silleo, Beffy Lind, Lorena Gallo, Miss McCann, Miss Duhig, Miss Alberii, Tom Russo Uhe driver, Miss Markell, Diane Seefh, Carol Willson, Ellen Hoff, Carol Maroon, Gladys Eksfrom. SECOND ROW Cl. fo r.J-Patricia Carraro, Barbara Crowley, Arlene Johnson, Carol Nicholas, Kay Shakel, Anne Hicks, Ann Shaw, June Neilson, Ann Reiche, Biog Olsen, Elizabeih Fasano, Wanda Woicicki, Diane Amundsen, Arlene Buergerhoff, Marie Nasfo. FlRST ROW Cl. lo r.J-Anne Abrahamsen, Elaine Burleigh, Jacqueline Ceraso, Sheila Silbering, Barbara Dydo, Sandra Smiih, Diane laemers, Marilyn Nelson, Gladys Kolste, Sheila Cohen, Jane? Gehshan, Gail Pendergasf, Marianne Faria, Carol Carfer. ,V ,C 7 f I ,M v .x ,, fi, ' ,xx ' X W5 'iff' , M. zf'W,:1't'2W'7zui7 rr ,4 li f - A ,rllniu 11-1 ' fx funn un.. 'f 4. Q1 W X flower leftj E. Lundmurkp Cupper' lefty H. Duffyy fupper rightl D. Hands: flower flghfl A. Gassmunp Qacross l. to r.J G. Olsen, H. Lamont, E. Bardram L Deane Custodial Staff Keeping Forl' Hamil'l'on lhe efficienlly run school 'lhal' il' is, is lhe job of l'he indispensable cus+odial slaff. The mainlenance of a school lhis size is complex, lhere- fore lhe work is divided among lhree capable people. Mr. Alberl Gassmann heads lhe eleclrical squad, Mrs. Dorolhy Hands, 'lhe lci'l'chen s'l'a'Fli and Mrs. Helen Duffy is in charge of 'lhe elevalor. Wilh 'lheir help our school is always in prime condilion. LITERARY EDITOR Betty Ann Solomon LITERARY STAFF: ART EDITOR Pat Piro ART STAFF If . BUSINESS EDITOR Judith A. Johnson BUSINESS 110 f-wwf' iwr' km W STAFF: X X ,, , ,L Xl xx I Wx, W X Q W ll. to r.i-K. McCarthy, K. Swenson, P. Sclufani, Miss E. Steinmetz lfuculty advisorj, V. Nisco, B. A. Solomon, S. Nisco. fl. to r.J-Mrs. M. Liger ffaculfy advisori, L. Giertsen, P. Piro, P. Munzi, E. McManus, K. Swenson, C. Anderson. CI. to r.j-M. Nelson, E. Bergh, A. Hittner, A. Bruathen, Mr. A. Selwyn lfuculfy advisorl, E. Lind, A. Johnson, J. Rappuporf, Mrs. C. De Lorenzo. ...E EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Karen Swenson COLUMBIA SCHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION . ..,.... -' T me SSIZEN .nxwxznw 'n-us FXRST PLACE CERTIFICATE ns me Tv'ExTY.Focxm1 .-xrxmixx. rumen-ox camera me coxrrsr cpwuctse sr 'ms Amxgrxrxox for cowmsxa ' umvsurgx' m me atv or New tons. omonsn xi was COPY EDITOR-Pamela Manzi ASSISTANT ART EDITOR-Lilly Giertsen PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR-Karen McCarthy CO-PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR-Paula Sclclfani C0-LITERARY EDITOR-Virginia Nisco CO-LITERARY EDITOR-Sandra Nisco STAFF SECRETARY-Carolyn Anderson For the typing assistance they have given us, the Tower literary staff wishes tower staff Our fondest memorieS of an unforgettable sen- ior year have been assembled in the "Tower" '59. The students in charge have exerted every effort to make it their masterpiece. The "Tower" staff is composed of three branches-literary, art and business. The literary staff, supervised by Miss Elizabeth Steinmetz, com- piles the senior biographies, plans the photographs and prepares the copy work. Then the art staff, with the guidance of Mrs. Mildred Liger, organizes these materials and ac- cording to a carefully planned layout, transforms them into the end result-our yearbook. ln order to- complete our book, Mr. Selwyn and the business staff must appropriate sufficient funds for its publication. Additional capital is obtained by soliciting ads from various sources. Thus, with the cooperation of these three staffs and their advisors the "Tower" is brought to you. L . 2 r ' 1" , 2 5 T T- g d .J , .: . Contributors: Pamela Siller-ART Thomas Barreca-PHOTOGRAPHY Robert Chartrund-PHOTOGRAPHY its appreciation to the secretarial studies classes of Mrs. .I. Frankle and Mrs. B. Slater. to express Q ,f ff ,, ,, Q we an pf 7 lf' e l 'N f,X,yf""k'n 'J ' ' 5 . Xiflpf ln lhese leur years we heve grown. Our l l X . LQ-. scope hes lncreased-so much, lhel we now f- X X .-lg h d- el- , - .f h I- H i ' H ei Qu ave ea nm reelzahon o ow Hr e we H? l 1 , X2 F3 know. And yel. even wnlh fhls awareness Xl X1 X comes Commencement when shall es- ll ' X ' 5 Sume Jrne respensllnrluly and lreeclenn lo ff -xxx A X X l ,, g f X, XWIQXX I :l x A 4 1 ff B Q , .X 2' ff X, "Q ffiwfe we fGy,FX X ff QXX X MX l W QXXXX l WX! L f l W l f X vi XX! Xf NZ llx J f ' 4- Km, X A I 7 X ff . -fm ' X WW ef will W 'fif if pursue our goelsm-malerial end lnianglbie, The rnalredel aims--e-jobs, homes, and lerni' lies-will lee our Emrnediale concern. Bu? lel ue nol lergel lhe elher aspecl, lhe personal enrlchmenl wilhouf whlch our grealeel successes would lee werlhless. Our educahen should noir ceaze when we have galislied Els compnleery reguirernenls. We musl keep our minds aler? and open lo lhe unlinnileci opperlunilies lor menlal and spir- ilual developnnenl which will Cerleinly as- seull Us in lhe years ahead. And Il ls our duly 'lo absorb lhese Influences, nel Qual lor ourselves, leul lor lhe world as well. Human- lly will only advance ee lar as lndivlcluals allow il lo cle so lhrough fheir personal achievement Cen we permil 'rhe world lo grind lo a slep Through our menlal slag- nalion? We enl-ered Ferl lvlamlllon lo grow in body, mind and spirll. And when we cle- Qf ,Q mf? X 1' ,ff f Q l f v , AXL. x ', f' f ' ' X x ,l ll X74-11.4 Zvi 'l"' l ll ,X 4 elee, l 1' w lffll elel l ,Ufl 5 X , ff,nY' ,,fl X,,ee' q ,ff , 'Z W X . X if' X X eeeef f X 2. , ,ff L f ff J J lm ff f l W f X , QW X l E, l X l X XM f f LW Qglf f W fw f iff W ff ' W f ff mf f ' f f f A f! X W ff w ff, f ,-W' ff X f , ' 1 1 W X X Wf Xfff X Z f Xyf , 4 ig! y fff fjf 4 ff , X X Vi 1. X X ff XXf Xf X4 M w XX! X XM l rr 4 X X f f M X s ,, V f f ff' :WN 4 WW Z , ff y7 V X f ff 7' W X 1 ff f f l f f f K X 4 IAX XZ!! XXX 77 f f X 1, U XXf XX! XX! fe f f f r f MWIX K XXXZXM Zyf, W Z XX 7X?W f X 7 f 'WW V' 2' yff ff A X XY X X! 4, ff ' 9 Q Xf X f M' Q ,W W , Q5 I W if if if ff f 7 W W' f ff X X 7 f f f f 6 x,X X, f VX WX Q f X Z , X 9 , ff X K X E l 5 l X, If ' 1' 1 f 1+ Y f ff 1 I XX Xff X 1 f 'J X ' X 1 ,A X X ff I f' , X y If X ffm X X g f X1 X I X ' -4 4 ' Cf f: X ,, 51 Ae I ' ' , zpgfw ,, 1 ff' V' f .M -ff , i f .. 112, ,X ,ff ff-, ., XXX? , ,wht X , f X! X W f My WX 1 H f x' ""- X X h l ff 7 ff f W f if X Y W L XMXX it X 7 1 f if 'fi ,jx X X X XX X 3 s X! f I r ,f 9 ! f , 1 I fy X l X 1 W X f f f f ' X H X X sl l f ' r ' f N X f ff Xl 1 1 f . XMDXXX4, X l 6 1 l X I perl le Serve loeller our God, our counlry, X X X 6 X X I X and our fellow man, lel us nel hmufr lhe Z, 3 3 .. , . . . 7 ' ,. " -4 . " exlenl ol our service by our own lnmllelxons. . 4 ' f , egjgzf' i' , ' f fgfq l ' .' Lel Us eoniunue our growlh so lhae, lhrough Q HRT 'lilly ll our unceesung ehforl, belllgerence may be Q ng , l ., 4. s 's X, :ff ,x-X X 5' lorgollen, and logelher we may slrlve To ,pl X - Q' ' H ld A Z l a WW 5?-as-EF-5 sz ' OG, el' OUP WOU' , XXXXJ' l , r Karen Swenson X Xl X Q .Wa , ww' 1 'J' 316 ' 'hem' 5 . Tk L ' , ' cl : I 3- 'NW "' "W 'o ff Y','R'?""! , we :J-'. -.IIQZVX , - ,.-eqfff 3' 1 'l ?' wl f,"'?1?"ll,f2f2'?m 4 . , , , A an ' P1 4 fggfsgif 'Q J l S L ff VXX3.4,L'-'S'5f9LLQ3?:.., fl ,P iiiw X4 F'Q'T,g f h i ffgyilfaq, ! .Mg4g.XXy.X. N ,smug N- Xkl X A r: . X-f Hif i. - l,X,33x-L, '? lim? fhlfgf' 1, if l X 4-re , my X N' ,sl,U,Xf5gM geggaif- ..-2 -:'s,z': Q.. .-v 4 ,,,","" ' ' Q MT . Q XXXX, - - ,if '. ..,.....,, W-, N5 Y--X X 1 . e--.. ' -1 242 7 W 7 ig ...iw A-sA,MXm.MXXg.Xi-Nb I I x K ,ee,eX e l X l on ' X -- ,... hggv I I lf' f,,, V -. 'N . 1 T my 1 M ' I O X X ,, , "Ji xg Q - ,f 'x 'i , ,Q Wh! J !,.X fffxff K gl ,,.,Af:5T N g .lf J -X-X, - x 1' f ' - i ,iv 11 I Mgr! ff!!-' ' : . I nf,-fy f V FW , x , 1 , M . Q 1 I ' - w- X l?ff'N f f - 2414, M' aww! X -ff X i 'L 1 X A , X if yf. ,Y-L i ' x m L ' X b i-A -, 'ZH FORT KN. ' ' -my ,, 'V , Q 1' . 'm"'0-1 ww slfsofvn. ' . , .K r X X ' K X N fin" Q l- inn ix 5 A If . 5 ' . ' ' K V V! 'g , 21 , 73 5 X ,,1' 1 KN 1 , Q J Y , ' ' Q X di ' ' X- Lv? 4- - . K .5 1 , N ff Et j' I V,,k , b 1 12 I t wi ,f f 'Q A 'S jd : i -,Y ' ' Nj 5 f 1 ff N ' X gf K 1 l f X . f ' ff "X ' 6 f ' . 13,2 f ,X A W f ', I Y gl QA 5 X i Q" ' ' X Q ' - Q . K by N if , , , g X X 1: 1 . A - ,, N " X X' 'X ,X -5,5 fi, X rff, . . A . lx L i Z X. ff' J X X A 2 K I v' I ff K- X MH Y, '21-6s,Q M,-Q H r, H ,, 2 gf f - , X- 1,4 1 , f 1 V x f, A Wy, .1 ., -wx J 1 My, , 1 5 Q 'f f ,W '-'f " ' V A J: ff f , I ! 'QArs:I'T2 fl7 X K lx!!! X TJ X xi- J , ' 1' f'if! . 4.Q '. rw? f Q 4 X 34 3 V is . ? A fry, xii Y G .V , H g 1 X ,, 1 My ,hkb ! if ,cf ' f I f I FJ '1 ff ' 4: , 1 ' 5 Zi af E Q N X ,Lf If K' - LX.- x X 5 1 mf +L X I x X' 'F X V4 is . y E I L V,,,f'f' . I J- x X - V1 344, 5 fi' .V R ' h Q , ' . x RN, - 'x X! x X X. XSS- ,. X- X fx 5 1 l X df 2 I I lil:-X Lv , i RX- ..AN x . , X , , , 1, - H ., h ' , - X , f f 7 .,,,--, T, f 4 W: fL X -Q w l"""4' J' ,, ..,,,g Mft, w1.,,:,.Q1lQ. 1'N i ' .s ls. . , Rf X f 1 i 4 E X " ' 3 l!'Ili ' i-if . H . f E f 5 g N , ' II I il Il E Q il .V ,,,- . K, J , , , , i 'i 5 , . ' 5 , T 1 , f will - 5 . , , I J Hilti? X M--- ' ix Q ' ' r 4 l I I i, x J-in . , .::::::f':,f,' ....'7f--fi , 1 f 1 4 ,, M,W, ,-,, 4 1, , "" My ' ' , , ' ' ' M ' -f K" ' ,, , v 1 :LL 3 M M f - -, f cv ? Cl.-,,if!f . ' M i r I N Xkyf K f , ' , ff V ,, L g 1 "VZ Z! ' t M ,W Mi- ff Y! My V! .,!:, 5.5 I ,f . I .x X -BWSHIMA our advertisers Class 4141 Left to right, first row: Sandra Abdalhak, Gail Zolnier, Julia Klein, Marilyn Nelson, Mr. S. Vacchio, Mary Huggard, Josephine Fenimore, Anne Clarke, Judy Gallo, Elizabeth Fasano, Antoinette Bavaro. Second row Cl. to r.l: Salvatore Gianino, ,lay Cohen, Louis Gancia, Robert David- son, Patrick Gillooley, Mildred Natoli, Alice Braathen, Gloria Carrubba, Jenny Zukas, Mary Turano. Third row Cl. to r.j: Victor Commisso, Arthur Jones, Ralph Aquino, Joseph Curro, Ronald Cambria, Constantine Bitetyskis, George Earle, Douglas George, Owen Kelly, Stephen Shirley. Fourth row Cl. to r.D: Gerald Gavin, Martin Koppel, Thomas Reitz, Antimo De- Gennaro, Frank DeGaetano, Peter Calogero, Howard Ross, Richard Akivis, Hans Aus, Thomas Edwards. Missing members not in picture: Carol Carter, Frances Apfel, Myra Ellenson, Barbara Crowley, Joseph Buro, Gus DiBiasi. 6X3 We will remember always our Senior year at Fort Hamilton and our friend and teacher, Mr. Vacchio. Best wishes from Class 4A1. 115 eclal .E nd n-1 'J H-1 F-1 W5 'U YF fb va E Q Class 436 "Ye who have made it-Good Luck!" Class 44147 Goodbye-no, do not grieve that it is over lass 433 First a freshman . . . Suddenly! Senior Year. The progressions . . . growth, and even fear. Included are memories, indelible, not clear. The time draws near . . . we say adieug From 4B8 . . . luck to all of you. Class 4149 Best wishes to the Seniors of '59 from Class 4-A9 Class 4310 s Class 4312 here, and espscially our friend and teacher, Mrs. Frankles 120 Class 4314 Best of luck in the future. Class 41411 Class 41415 Finally! Best wishes, We, the class of 4A15, express sincere best success and happiness to wishes to our fellow classmates, and the our fellow seniors of Fort Hamilton "best" to our Fort Hamilton. 121 CW F54 'ff YF fn fn 3 re, Q 122 Class 4316 First row Cleft to rightjz Lucille LaBraic0, Linda Galitzer, Laura Fleischman, Ann Romeo, Judith Rizika, Mr. Lewis Spring, Mary Pace, Lynne Bassolino, Patricia Madsen, Miriam Zablow, Joan Paulsen, Patricia Longo. Second row Cl. to r.D: Carol Barbera, Janet Wilson, Carol Solvig, Marianne Faria, Virginia Yancey, Joyce Ericson, Ingrid Samsen, Helen Olsen, Audrey Pelmas. Third row fl. to r.J: Anthony Simonetti, Andrew Alongi, Louis LoBraico, Anthony Geraci, John Dillon, Richard Muchewicz, Arthur Cadrine, William La Placa, Douglas Weir, George Dale. Fourth row fl. to r.D: Eric Hokenberg, Robert Kretow, Alfred Bomford, Lawrence Valente, Andrew McLean, James Pryor, John Velrano, David Shively, Joseph Tuozzo. Absent: William Murphy, Daryl Stack, Henry Schmidt, Lelia Ulsen, Angelina Pizzolato, Francine Relf. To the Fellow Seniors of the Class of 359: We Wish you the best of luck in your coming years. May you remember all your great times at the Fort and never forget the teachers who have struggled with you for four years. Also, a special remembrance for all the prefect teachers, especially Mr. Spring, who have helped to get us through our four years on time. May God be with you in whatever you do. Good luck and best wishes. CLASS 4B 16 123 A ' Wil lly KM mm mo r om K xx X 5 Awyisxi A Ni M A 5 xxx rx Q x ,CJ I x N mfr A X 1 Ilglff if If Wffwkmwfllilw Zi A ., wliiit t K " f is df Wiwfm, ij ,f L Nfffiikqiiwl ,sf lima' 'S X ffl ei ,f R it it ifffyvweg X xx Xxx ::,,f,, 5 ,, N Team MR. KENNETH KERN Coach Billy Conte, Captain Ed Mizhir, Co-Captain Bob Russo Bob Barnek Gerry Gavin George Mitchel Bob Reid John Jones Alvin Jones Alvin Olsen Alvin Kay George Moran Dennis Murphy Peter McDevit Paul Meherg Ron Willis 124 Cheerleaders MRS. JANET SEIDLER Faculty Adviser Elaine Villias, Capt. Marguerita Lamantia, Co-Captain Maryanne Radice, Sec. Arlene Brodish Jean Caccavali Barbara Bold Dorothy Cali Judy Mehllaerg Helene Cyulis Janet Wilson Karen Youngman Jean Hammerstrom Carol Pullman Ninette Obadia Joyce Rosenbaum Debbie Skolnick ALL That The Name Implies! Integrity . . . Sincerity . . . Devotion To Public Good LINCOLN SESQUICENTENNIAL -1809-1959 I5Oth Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Birth inco in Savings Bank The Life Insurance and Savings Bank With Resources of over S630,000,000 o Over 310,000 Depositors Founded 'I866 0 Brooklyn, New York MAIN OFFICE ................... Broadway and Union Ave. BAY RIDGE ........................ Fifth Ave. cor. 75th St. BRIGHTON BEACH. .Brighton Beach Ave. cor. Coney Island Ave. .Church Ave. cor. Nostrand Ave. MARLBORO ........ .......... A venue X and West 2nd St. .Graham Ave. near Broadway FLATBUSH ....... ,,...... . WILLIAMSBURG .............. E5E5i5E5S5E5i5E5l l i5E5E5ZfE5E5E5E5i K Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 5 excellent design skilled craftsmanship superb qualify RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES YOUR CLASS JEWELER DIEGES Gm CLUST Bosrou 17 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK 8, N. Y. Pnovmsncs MANUFACTURING JEWELERS THE BREVOORT SAVINGS BANK RICHARD A BRENNAN OF BROO K LY N 447 EIGHTY-soxru STREET BROOKLYN 9,N.Y To the Members of the Graduating Class of Fort Hamilton High School: As spokesman for the trustees, officers, and staff of the Br something offer our pletion o In doing we regard world int astronomi evoort Savings Bank of Brooklyn and hence with of the attitude of an Helder statesmann, I congratulations to all of you upon the com- f your academic courses. so I wish to point out how much more important that training now when the horizons of the o which you have been graduated are being cally extended. Up to now the common ex- pression for boundlessness has been 'the sky's the limit'. But now w Won't you ploits of about the it strike didates s e know that the sky is only the beginning be better prepared to appreciate the ex- tomorrow's astronauts by reason of knowing argonauts of your classical studies? Doesn't you most forcibly that each of the seven can- elected to undergo training as space pilots is described as having an intelligence quotient about lO per cent above normal? And that a most effective protection against radio-active fallout is a smoke screen invented by a girl chemist? Surely your ability to take an advanced place in know- ledgeable affairs and play an appropriate role under- standingly depends on increased capacity to think and that is what your studies were designed to heighten. Our best wishes for good health and prosperity. May God grant ness. you a future bright with promise and happi-' Sincerely, President Collegiate Cap and Gown Co Rental Caps and Gowns Choir Gowns 366 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK CITY TE 9-3055 Adolph L. Bennett, Jr. CO-MANAGER SCHWEICKART 81 CO. Members New York Stock Exchange and Other Leading Exchanges 512 86th STREET BROOKLYN 9, N. Y. The Education Loan Plan A low-cost, ,Day-as-you-go plan for financing tuition and all other educational costs i""' Will your tuition bill always come at the "wrong" time when there are a dozen or more other bills competing for your bank balance? Meeting your son's or daughters tuition costs quarterly or semi- annually is not always easy or convenient. That is why Manufacturers Trust Company, through its Education Loan Plan, offers a student's family the opportunity to pay tuition costs LPrivate Schools, Preparatory, Vocational or other Specialized Schools, Colleges or Universitiesj on a pay-as-you-go basis. You can now arrange for a Personal Loan which will permit you to pay for a full year's tuition in cash, and re-pay the loan in 12 con- venient monthly installments. If you have savings, keep them. Once used, the chances are you'll never put the money back. There'll always be some good reason for spending it. Your only cost is 34.25 per 3100, including life insurance. The life insurance feature is an important consideration because it means that if anything should happen to you, the borrower - a students father, for example- the insurance would cover the unpaid balance of the loan. You are cordially invited to apply for an Education Loan at any one of our more than 100 conveniently located offices throughout Greater New York. Look in the telephone book for addresses, or Call HAnover 2-7200. OUR LOAN SERVICE IS PROMPT, OUR RATES ARE LOW PERSONAL LOAN DEPARTMENT Manufacturers Trust Company NEW YORK, N. Y. LIJQIEIIH PRESS, Inc Letterpress - Offset Printers 33 Flatbush Avenue o Brooklyn 17, N. Y. Ulster 8-2500 SINCE 1915 we have been servm high schools and colleges of Greater New York . . . YVe take pride in llaving all your servive our stuff of expert typographers, artists and advisors . . . Printers of 4'Fort Hamilton Tower" 18 TR 5-9272 Woodstocli Studio Official Yearbook Photographer O 446 FULTON STREET BROOKLYN 1, N. Y. Mayeris Chocolate Shop Designer of Your Senior Day Lollipops O 7620 THIRD AVENUE BRUOKLYN, N. Y. SHore Road 5-6191 7-61 1 1-2 Lou Eisenstein Red Sarachek Circle Athletic Equipment Co. Complete Sporting Goods Outfitters o 886 FRANKLIN AVENUE Near Carroll Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Special Discounts to Fort Hamilton High School Students Compliments of CONSOLIDATED CARPET TRADE WDRKRDDM, Inc, 37-32 22nd Street Long Island City Leif Meberg Tom Meberg ,IUELL M. BIE Jeweler o 7810 5th Avenue Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 8-0500 TERGESEN FINE MEATS Restaurant and Institutional Service 6820 Sth Avenue Brooklyn 20, N. Y. SH 5-9603 DYKER RECREATION BOWLING ALLEYS LEO CELANO, Prop. O 530 86th Street OPPOSITE DYKER THEATRE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. 132 SH 8-7580 AN NETTE'S HAIR STYLISTS Specializing in Hair Coloring and Permanent Waves Personalized Stylings by Annette and Ben Formerly with Betty Charles HOURS: Tues.-NVenl.-Sat. 10 io G Thurs.-Fri. 10 to 8 -182 82nd STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. SH 8-5115 ROSARY GIFT AND FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions We Deliver Everywhere 8506 FOURTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 8-6386 BREHM FURRIERS Serving Bay Ridge Since 1919 Furs . . . 6909 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 8-04005 8-3058 EDWARD T. MINOR COMPANY Established 1896 Fuel Oil Coal Licensed Oil Burner Installations and Service 7118 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. wo 6-4811 GR 5-8113 PERRET, STEELE MOTORIZED 8, WOLFF MESSENGER PRODUCE CORPORATION SERVICE Fast Deliveries 436 WEST BROADWAY New York 12, N. Y. Purveyors of Fruits and Vegetables Fresh and Frozen Foods 24 Hour Service 23 JAY STREET New York 13, N. Y. SH 8-9766 SH 5-5621 BAY RID oforraine mance .sgfualio IRUN BALLROOM INCORPORATED Cha Cha - Meringue - Lindy, etc. TAP - BALLET - ACROBATIC, etc. Dancing Is Fun . . . Learn with a Teacher of Teachers fBOys - Girls - Teens - Adultsj 7124 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Structural Steel and Ornamental Ironwork Repairing and Welding T. Pearson, Pres. 824 64th STREET Brooklyn 20, N. Y. Best wishes to The Senior Class THE MINUTEMEN CA 6-9346 A. Sz A. Repairs, Inc. Auto Repairs 92 Sixth Avenue New York 13, N. Y. "From shadows and symbols into the truth." John Cardinal Newman Compliments of NEWMAN CLUB SH 8-8474 Silveris Upholstery Shop Manufacturers of Fine Upholstered Furniture Lamps - Tables and Accessories Draperies - Curtains - Slip Covers 455 86th Street Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 5-0370 French Art Photo Studio J. Schechter 469 86th Street Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 5-5333-4-5 LANE CLEANERS One Hour Service 8614 Fourth Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. SH 5-3030 Est. 1896 BOSCHWITZ BROS. Jewelers 8020 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 5-9801 J. D. Wilkens Confectionery 8610 Third Avenue Brooklyn 9, N. Y. J. Stock Auto Driving School New York State Licensed Dual Controls - Automatic Transmission Pick-Up Service - Private Instruction Operators' and Chauffeurs' Renewal Applications - License Plates Secured 8919 5th Ave. Bklyn. 9 TE 6-6464 Compliments of 153 BAY RIDGE AVENUE Call SH 5-2233 for Prompt Delivery For Your Drug Store Needs . . . GLOBE DRUG STORE Prescription Chemists 405 86th Street, at 4th Avenue Brooklyn, N. Y. DE 1-0135 B. ROSENBERG Candy - Cookies - Cake 2044 70th Street - Brooklyn, N. Y. SH 5-4540 Est. 1928 STERNBACH'S Furniture - Bedding - Lamps Broadlooms - Linoleums - Tiles Time Payments Arranged 433 86th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. TE 9-0821 Fashion-Bilt Shoe Shoppe Bostonian for Men, Fashion-Bilt Arch for Women, P011 Parrot for Children, P.F. Canvas Shoes for the Family 457 86th Street Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 8-4400 ALPINE REALTY Real Estate - Insurance 7508 Third Avenue Brooklyn 9, N. Y. CH 3-6840 Chin and Lee Co., Inc. Manufacturers of Chow Mein 123 Bank Street New York 14, N. Y. 134 MA 5-3324-5 JOHN J. SMITH PROVISIONS CO. INCORPORATED Prime Meats - Poultry Provisions Purveyors to Hotels and Restaurants 37 GRAND AVENUE Brooklyn 5, N. Y. BE 8-1100-5 ARNESEN PRESS, INC. NORWEGIAN NEWS Printers and Publishers H1 313 6515 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 20, N. Y. SH 8-4146 DUMAL BEAUTY SALON 8616 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 5-9211 C. POHLS Confectionery and Ice Cream 8224 Fifth Avenue Near 83rd Street Brooklyn, N. Y. SH 5-8814 SID'S PANTS SHOP Ready to Wear and Made to Order 464 86th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. SH 5-8043 ORCHID FLORIST Flowers Telegraphed F.T.D. Member 7101 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 5-5320 Free Delivery .lOHN'S MEAT MARKET Prime Meats - Poultry - Provisions 552 86th Street Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 8-3819 Andrew's Hairstylists 8311 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn 9, N. Y. ST 3-9573 Est. 1884 W. MCCOMB Prime Meats and Fish Schools and Institutions Supplied 272 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn 17, N. Y. Best Wishes to All and Our Thanks to Miss Alberti, Miss Higginson, Mrs. Slater, Mr. Les- sell, and, of course, J. C., for all their patience and understanding. Kay Carol Marcia G.O. STORE Room B60 . . . 4-th and 5th Periods Daily Your Headquarters for School Supplies CAd paid for by a friend of the G.O. Storej THANK YOU! We thank the advertisers for their fine cooperation in sup- porting student aetivities and urge the student body to keep our advertisers in mind when a suitable occasion arises. THE TOVVER BUSINESS STAFF coLoPHoN This edition of the TOWER was printed on 100-Ib. coated stock paper by Eastern Press, inc. Flyieat and soft covers were primed on Navaio, made by Moihawk Paper Mills. Type used was Spartan Bold. The engraving was done by Scientific Tri-Art Engraving Company, Inc, The cover, designed by Pat Piro, was produced by S. K. Smith Company. -swam-s,,a ,....,f,i.+ug.efk 'GQ ,fymg L. 'V ,- M - ,. Q., f 1 r f U dj, M N ' 1 .Pk S Mfg, E n 5. 3 K .E ' ' 5 L Q . 5 Q T: -1 ,- V 'Lv , . . , -2 K . . 5, 1 P' 'I .ft " . ,-Lai' ru, ,H . .ffff-4 xg W -f 1,1 A .. sv .x...v-.xr .5 .1 ff":,-wa 15' , ' EF 1 1- ' 4-1-1.1. Ek ., gf., 4, x . f .1 j .4 rf ,X Q ,R S li. fp 1. 4 -N .V V.. f. g.T'.w?.'2 if E .1 -' ffi3.f7?' f ' iV54JEA-1-w!f7."2,-.H ' , vis if J - if If! ' -1 V- 'iv in W. " fiiqf ,- 1f.51.-2, r. ,pw .g tak ,L L .- 2 1 " i .iff fix? S ' f.1.,p-www' -' ' L. 1' 1 Eiga -'a W. F?'?5f5p - 12. ? gif: AF:g:.f-'ms-ff P+ 1 .ggl wird, g " .J fl QQ.. , . 7,11 L- . , 1-H'+Yf'i"Ax'7', '- 1315 'S ' 1'-RF' 4 L' . U- -f'- ",, 'EI' gr W.. ff. "fend ' , if .- -T ' ,F , A ' ,fi V, I . .. FS' , .gi is M I. H , s . 1 A ,ar Q 'I Ui' ' S 't. 15. , ' E1 QL? J.. 42-14 , .4 :fi -in 1 ,J 5.1-1 .V my .I 'a .JC it s- V Ag 6

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Fort Hamilton High School - Tower Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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