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Name ' 1 :Lk-fl "l'fgt1LL'i A"""fSS ff if sM"f4 When sunset turns to gold these halls of learning IR HAMILTO Fair Hamil+on, our +hough+s +o fhee are lurning, And fai+hful hearls so loyal +o 'rhee-always, When sunse+ 'rurns +o gold +hese halls of learning, And flaming fire illumines fhe Bay, When mem'ry's chords are sfirred wi+h love and yearning, Our pledge +o +hee, For+ HamiI+on. Fair Hamil+on, our pride in 'rhee is growing, When hopes are high and hearis so young, in May, Tho' we like argosies +he world be roaming, From honor's pa+h and du+y's call ne'er s+ray, May friendship! fire be brigh+ and e'er be glowing, Our pledge 'ro 'rhee, For'r Hamillon. AUGUSTUS LUDWI6 - ' xfffz .gli 5.7 ff 4 ,fff 5. fff FORT HAMILTON The Class of June 1955 presents the yearbook of Fort Hamilton High School 8301 Shore Road Brooklyn 9. New York Jon B. Lerler. Prinripa TABLE UF CUN TE "FAIR HAMILTON" EDITORIAL I . TOXWER STAFF I. ..T. ,. PRINCIPALS MESSAGE ., SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION TO OUR GRADE ADVISERS . TO OUR CAREER ADVISERS TO OUR PREEECIT TEACHERS TO OUR SOCIAL ADVISER 'I' W OUR "SENIOR DAZE' .. , I SENIOR PORTRAITS AND BIOGRAPHIES "HAI,LS OI-' LEARNING" . I LAST XVILL AND TESTAMENT MUSIC'AI.E , I , CURTAINTIINIERS PILOT . , CLUBS ,.,, I . ADVIZRTISEMIINTS TS Phzgf S , .IU , I1 15 I4 NIO I- ,, ,QI 'S S4 . So SN +72 TN 00 Thu, we like urgosios the world be roaming, EDITORIAL During our four years as students at Fort Hamilton we were spectators, watching life from a disranceg aware, but unimpressed. Secure in our world of friends, teachers, and fun, graduation was a hazy dream, and college and careers were things in the rosy future. Now that security is shattered. Graduation is a reality. September will find the class of june 29, i955 participating in life, as well-rounded citizens. Our parents and teach- ers haye done everything in their power to prepare us. They will be repaid by knowing that . . . "Tho' we like argosies the world be roaming From honors path and duty's call ne'er stray." flltlrgo fll'c'lU Editor- ln-Chief From honoras path and dutyas call neger stray ' 'P--I "f L -" I I 2 .. .I..,' , Ie.,I, . I ,' .I I Q ..f'. g- ' 5.-., 1' a-'- .. '. '.' .Ii .-IRI '14 I, AI, I. I I ' 1 .X g 1' 1 i . '-ffffuxz ' 9 , . - ' '- . "S -. :J 'I'-Q, A I ' II - s "' . iff. A ' . -' - , .I Q , ' N I I 1 f ' ' U V . , .- ' . . ' l ,, ' ' Q . .' n ' J T.. " -.L-IQI ,' '. .0 'g , , ' ri 9. I, , E- I' . . s . ' ' I fI -., 0 ' ' ' ov ' . , f Q ,J f ' . .FQ .,'.'.' A ' t 'Q vlA:f ' - . 1 -I U' I . . ' -, fa .. 1 . - . -. Q . .5 I ' I -' v I . I I II. .. q' . 'I . I. . , U . O . ' . . .Ft Q .Q ,JI . I I 0 I .q , .1 . 'X-X" . 1 ' ' ' I- I.1'E1lit0r-Ill-Clllef - ' ' . K , I II . S-3I'-if IIs.I .. , . 's . I . ' ' " .' ,-MARCO ARENS . If- A IY . -- 2,5 QQQTI ' I D . 0 5 -, '. -' . . ' I-: aff - '-I 4. . ' Y. , I If.. I II 3 '-" . ,W -'.X 31' ljrx - A ' ' Ihk , , - V -- -,'9.' Q. vp - , .- - 'I -' ' J kqg J-' . ' X-I , ' I .- N I . s L-'1 qc l . ' , , 1 , ' , .5-ff'1a'F!7f', - . Llterarv Editor 0.- - a '--Qs'-:-J' X o '.l.' - g 5 . g v 'Ja..f -' Q! ' ' N' I . . ' ' ' I' , LI-,bLIE EPSTEIN , ' ,' ' ' ...x-- 0 , . : .I . IIA . . , I ' 4 A - .IIf I I :iI ' . 9. ' Q , - . 'w.3l,- ' - - ' .QU '. ' . . 'IQ-g V..-. ' - o ' , 'X W Z, , ' A' . QR I - -4 ' I' ., ' Ji-, .' 'Q' . X X X .5 -I I-,- M5 'L "H I AI ' I 5 I V I S -. 0 . . . , V - -.1 I 'I 1 . .- I ' I . Y" W I . , .-X-11.1, lpclllor f - -. . ' , . . ROY li.-KSMl'SSICN . . 1 .' - ' , . A 'L , '- ', W,-..a. -, 1 , " . . '-T'--? K 11 ' 'Ia ' .of- . - O.. . - ',l-f'-Iv'122-Y - 1 ' , 7. f 2" 24-1 1 ' '- ' 1 wr. V- . -. ' f -' li 21113:-1'1'f . ' I. ' '1f"f5- 'h . ' .' " - ' , 'e' -'3 " -V1 " . 1 .- BllSlllt'5S Manager - - . . .. -,f . ,'9'5 ' AI ,,, - . I W m - I ' .KNNI4-Nlklxll SLHI RNYINI -4 . I -' , Ik. 4.I I II U I ' R Ulm ' FM! . - ' ll ' . --ff1-...- .. . ' - -,-.' . - U ' -' P .. I. III . .p I I ,, ,:,.II ., , . 4 . X . . .1 v- ' - , - N . Y . I U .V .I . I I . I , Ip, ,I I. ...II , . I ' "9 ' ' . - ' I-" Y'- . , ' . x I 1 .. , , a : .' I' .- 0 - , . ' ' I 4 ' . , . - , -in ' ','j"1'f'n'r 4 ,., 4 - 4 . ' ' s. A '. A 5. . I ' -.,I. ,-x.' . " 3 . .ggi - , ' . e. - ' IE- 4"..".'I,'x ' - " 1 ' III I I I . II I, II . ., . M - uuuni f I ' - . . 1 . - I L- x-- - ' ' . 4, . '9 f - f M IS ' A .. . L.. H I , K. ,EE E mr Hamilton, our prlde IT + growing, J - 4A .-ADYISQRS-.- "--" Li-tcrury . isorftg '..f..,. .::Mfg3'jR0ge 'Ritrolwoug Aff.-Admgpt., ,.....,, ' .Q .',, E .,.q, f,f,,g-Jim..-1x fH3fCd,Tum B119-lngS3.,AdNgiSQgA.,.'Q.ihxlglgf, Arlgxila:ir-fSg-iixV'5'r1 1 A .V ., - ,V ' , l . "' A. A .- J A I . ',' ' . , , 0 ,WM . . , . . - , - 1 . ' L , .' . , . ' -- Y . '. . ' . L w. Q ..5AR1'ST1-uafjl .. ...1-Sittfngj'QRdy'A 'R.i511iL1ss'cm, NAM Edltof-1 1sti1iqlid'gQ'3-'Mifgq 'Apruxfilf Editqbr-iagl4Cl3iL't'g fXfr5-,YLigcr4-fakulty' A1iX'i5on3 ELUUG I:cx'in,- Ihniicc Cplmhq Roburf --S.1lTlPS6f'l,. fMz1kcg4up Evqitoyg 'Irg fitgrjayL1in. . 'I' ., ' 'L Not--'fig gli: jixnhhu DLCQIIQ.-' ' . .8 . -D 'gtibl . T I I .' r iQi' .- rv V - . - ,. n A' . 0 I LiTliR'AfRY STAEF .Z Lpit EO right: ,f5itgirggj .'Lcw1i.c' Epgxtcin, Ilritcxraury Editqfxl Edngl Lgviwon, ,fgandiiugj 'KlthcrincfKatlpoldiihUdcttc MiIftq.g,n, Judy KKOTHTIZQHQ Btrry Theflb4r, Asso'Qi.1tc. Ediforg Jamas 'B0j,1d., Sue QpfQphuim'cf.. Muqgo Areas, Edimr-in1ClgicI'3 nludy' Gargiulo, As- 5Ogi.1f6'..EC11K8tLk juodjf' Rauch. YxI'li1L1'INI.LI"iL' Liuchi. ' .- . ' A Q 0 ,- . "', U . , - . . '. :BU'SIN'ESS'STAFFV .4 -A1mc'Schcrvvin, fiusihcfs'-Managtrg Mighad, Galiilghdr, Anjuc Marfl LcuLhs,,'fBctty Hobbs, Roy' R.21SITll1l.SSC'lAlf, Connie ,Anjrsf A jdanncttc' . Hguglgm cf, fI:7L1'LlkIilS,'- Pat'r1da"I'Yur1 Ryan, Nancy LQgreidc,Q..I-lclgh' 'RqChtc,n, Lucille Cziselnova, Cafol' K'Qd'Qf5C?JH, gMargo.Afcns, Phyxmf Ruffmfs, . Alfie .Rmfg Juifly Rami Bafbafa'Rqy, Mr, A-Idea-QHCL Se1vv'yQ, Ifacult' ,Advjgegg Mrs. -Carrk fDgIQorCriioQ "Co-A i wserj 4 . l' -5 VS 'Wu-f Dear Seniors: In the Rose Bowl game of more than twenty-five years ago, a confused player named Roy Riegels achieved a dubi- ous place in the Hall of Fame by running for a touchdown to the wrong goal. lt was only a game, yet the poor man has never been permitted to forget it, for to this day he is asked about it again and again. Are you too running for the wrong goal? Or are you as yet unaware of your goals? Some of them, such as your ethical and spiritual goals, should be fairly clear by now, others, like your educational and vocational plans, may still be cloudy, in any event, you ought always to be check- ing and refining them. The more clearly you can see your objective, the better you can make your way toward it. Choosing a worthy goal is an act of faith, but hav- ing made it, you must carry it through with work. As faith and good works point the way to Heaven, so faith and good work lead to success in life. lt is my earnest hope that you will reach both. Sincerely yours, jon B. Leder v I l I OUR PRINCIPAL JON B LEDER Miss Holfman --1-11:11-g-5 Mr. Quigley 'IJ SCHOOL We thank you Miss Hoffman: For planning our programs and mak- ing it possible for us to take the subjects we wanted and needed. For providing us with literature so that we might become aware of the numerous opportunities available to us. For arranging career conferences which enabled us to select the college or job best suited to our needs. For all these services that you, working together with our grade advisors, our col- lege coordinator, our job placement ad- visor and our program committee, made possible for us, we thank you. Amie Marie Lezzrhr Mention the words "assistant principal" to any High School student and you will get a delinite reaction. The pupil will un- doubtedly produce a negative response. In Fort Hamilton, however, the response to "Mr, Quigley," our assistant adminis- trator would be quite the contrary. Not only is he accepted as a "regular guy" and admired by Fort Hamilton girls and boys, but he is respected for his ability to repri- mand, to befriend, and to guide. This man has a wonderful capacity for under- standing teen-agers. Many years after graduation, we seniors will recall as a friend-Mr. Quigley. fzfciith Gfzrgjzzlo ADMI ISTRA T10 Qlzomfmfz fvifm illhftltfzzt Brhfge: "Lift'i 1llfl'l'fH'H To the Seniors: There are loyal hearts, there are spirits brave, There are souls that are pure and true, Then give to the world the best you have, And the best will come back to you. Now that this long-awaited occasion, graduation, has arrived, we should like to take this opportunity to express our grati- tude to you, Mr. Kaye, for all you have done for us during our four years in Fort Hamilton. You have given our senior boys a greater sense of responsibility, enabling them to earn the respect of their fellow men. Your understanding, your thought- fulness, your cheery smile, will ever re- main a part of our fonder memories of Fort Hamilton High School. fzzciifh Reich Miss Hrookman lg xv-sf ' ' Mr-as NQiI.L,z3f" Mr. Kaye l l T0 OUR GRADE ADVISORS For four years we continually pestered and bothered you. For four years we had program troubles, college troubles, career troubles and, yes, even a few salmon-col- ored troubles. Now, we appear trans- formed. We now face you with only blissful countenances and perhaps you wonder at this change in our beings. You guided us from that frightening freshman year unto that splendid senior year. You saw us better than anyone else in the school. You saw us at our most awkward moments. When we were puzzled and our worries appeared infinite, you somehow brought us away from all those worries. At times, when we were unde- cided and made a beeline to the grade ad- visors' ofhce, you always managed to find time to guide and advise us. Despite all your other duties you never refused to dis- cuss our problems with us and to help us solve them. Yes, we smile now, and it is through your unending efforts that we do smile at marvelous years of high school. We hope, with deepest sincerity, that in future years we shall prove that the immeasurable amount of time and effort which you invested in us was not wasted. flldij' K rofzzmzzz Q 7 .mfvwga Mrs. Hart o Mr. Leielltman 12 T0 OUR CAREER ADVISORS 1 'fi Hrs. Catania Mrs. Rodemann We entered Fort Hamilton, "to grow in body, mind and spirit" and we were aided so ably by you, Mrs. Catania. Your wonderful spirit of helpfulness, encouragement and continued patience helped us overcome the many obstacles leading to a better future. No problem was ever too small nor too large for your consideration, and your friendly assistance always reassured us. We wish to express our sincerest grati- tude to you for making it possible for us to better serve "our God, our country, and our fellow man." Lerfie Ellztleilz To you, Mrs. Rodemann, goes our kind- est thoughts and appreciation for all you've done for us. Witliotit your understanding and counselling, many of us would not have been able to face the business world with the assurance that we now have. The enthusiasm with which you helped and encouraged us will set the tempo for our careers, as well as the pattern on which our futures will be based. Always remembering your inexhaustible efforts, we face graduation and the future with a sense of security. Odefte Militemz 13 PREFECT Our clamor plus our cry and hue Were withstood artistically by Mrs. McHugh. 4-2 MISS SCULLY ' Health Edzzmzfion Miss Scully We'll remember long Because she made our bodies strong. MR. SWAHN ' Hirzory Mr. Swahn taught the why and how Cf everything thats history now -l-el Miss SK1DMoRE 0 Lfmgmges Her sympathy did Miss Skidmore give To students studying the gerundive. Miss WATERs ' History Miss Waters advised us as she saw best And taught us about the east and the nest. +6 Miss MILLER ' Mfzrhezmzrzti Miss Miller taught us the right angle With which problems disentangle. - .lia . 4-7 MRS. FRANKLE ' Set1'em1'j4zl Stfzdjey Mrs. Frankle made teachers' jobs lighter A Because she taught students to use the typewriter. , W W s W N y2?2g,Q7,1' -E-S Miss PATTISON ' English fLeave of Absence Miss Pattison helped us solve many a ruse Now our thinking is clear and not obtuse. Wir!-., 4-9 TEACHERS MRS. MADISON ' Sew'eIm'ial Stzza'ie5 Mrs. Madison showed us the short way To record our knovt ledge from each passrng day. 410 MRs.OLsEN ' Ezzglzrb 4-12 18 L Many a book we were made to open Because Mrs. Olsen ever kept hopin'. -3-11 MRs. HYER 0 Biology Mrs. Hyer fllled our cerebra With many a gem about the anuoeba. MR. FLASTER ' Shop Mr. Flaster didn't shirk To reach us students wooden work. -i-15 MR. PLATN1cK ' Shop Mr. Platnick, fthis is plainj Taught us to cut against the grain. MR. RAPPAPORT ' Eugfirla Mr. Rappaport, since you're new We wish the very best for you. 5 4 ..,.., , , fix it ., fs 0' ts i. ,, , L ,,,.. 11717611 we were of the f0u'e5I fzlllkj You azfnfed our 1'i5i11g fear5. Nou' fvlemcf mfepf our befzrffeff tbazlzksf For gzzicfuzzfe ffarozzgfa the yea1'5. A5 f7l'Ef6ff.l' fmt too perfect f U' 6 fl'jC'6?I I0 IDLI55 ffye ILEJIL, Biz! you lnzre fmzde the perfect prefect. Goa' bfe55 -1'fJIl.' you are 6651, Size Oppelzlveimef OUR SENIOR ADVISOR -4" ,ga "Mr, Kaminu and "senior year" are synonymous to us, the class of june, 1955. As freshmen, sophomores and juniors, we dreamed of our senior activities. As seniors, these dreams became realities because of the time and effort spent by our social advisor. Mr. Kamin, we canlt express our gratitude and ap- preciation for all you have done for us, organizing our class elections, advising our council, planning and attend- ing our activities, directing our show, listening to our prob- lems, arranging our Prom and giving us so many things that are intangible, and cannot be verbalized. Mr. Kamin, your perseverance and exuberance made our senior year one wonderful, unforgettable experience. Margo Aram ur thoughts to thee are turnin gp OUR "SENIOR DAZEJU Q f Q 'X 0 i xx 5 , X. wg ' xiii? Jilin fe'ex 'iiis .QQWI .4 QQ B x Q 'il X 5 mx .ul V ,f I XX N ff , ' M f I i ln: fx 1 fe Q . ' - Q 5- G5 I ,. M in 'X I . N' aax X N RK xx, K !Q 4 1 ezx 5 xg- 7:-' X. 9 tg 'W , 8 I ,jiri -'ii 'Rfk- ' I-5 We 4 ?I., I When hopes are high and hearts so young, in May "OUR SENIOR DAZEP' September 15, 1954 Demfesz' Diazry, Our Senior year! This is it-finally, after years of homework, heartache, and Regents. We are the "High and the Mighty," the ex- alted Seniors, worshipped by Freshies and Sophs, envied by juniors! Our sparkling Senior pins fbadges of positionj insure us against mis- taken identity! Here's to a wonderful, wonderful Senior year!! Prophetically yours, Margo Arefzr and Lerlie Eprtein October 1, 1954 Dem' Difzry, Boy, are we a good-looking and spirited class! Today was our first Senior Assembly. The whole school was electrified by our soar- ing enthusiasm! We sure were proud of our celebrities' debut, but our excitement reached its peak when we received our treasured jew- elry. Wear it proudly! Joyfully yours, L. G M. October 16, 1954 Dem' Diary, Life is wonderful! Tonight was our Senior Hayride. It was fabu- lous! The moon was out and the weather nippy, but we were "snug as a bug in a rug,', all packed in the wagons like sardines. Whoever knew that marshmallows were so good, or that a ferry ride could be so wonderful! Confidentially yours, L. C9 .M. October 50, 1954 Dem' Diary, . . . The clock chimed twelve as our pumpkin coach, drawn by black cats, arrived at the entrance to the Haunted Castle. The moon cast an eerie shadow as a creepy owl hooted. . . . Oh, honestly! Hal- lowe'en leaves its effects. We spent a marvelous evening at our Senior dance. The Boys' Gym was transformed into a supernatural paradise, with ghouls and goblins leering at us from the walls, as we danced to the band's music. Had a simply marvelous time! Eerily yours, L. 6 M. is IAIUAIY IQSS I 2 3 I 1 I 9 I0 ll 'S I6 I7 IB 25 , F5 - lgul 6 November 11, 1954 Dearest Diary, "On a picnic we will go!" We've gone-on a picnic, that is! It was fabulous! We left for Clove Lake promptly at 10 A.M. and even those who make the late bell their constant companion came on time. We didn't take our bathing suits, but some of us went swimming, any- way . . . fand not intentionally, either!j Lucky thing we had some blankets and Fort Hamilton boy scouts who built a fire. We returned X V' -5' lg gg ,I ,f If uf fzhome tired from our exercise, hoarse from singing, stiff from riding -- "Ou M ,, - Apex 2 -. L U55 5 5 I 7 2 IJ' I , 3 4 29 ' ls lo 5 2 2'z '5' ,alla 9 25 2 a Arun. 1955 M' I2 3456789 10111213 111" 55 Nn,.!9'- '5 1 "' i' A 5 3 ll 1 1 f, 11 '2 ' 21 s 9 me "Qu 11 s 15 , 25 15 l9ss I 2 3 . 8 9 I0 ll X5 I6 I7 I8 QF? 24 25 ' J fly 4 '-,I94-4, I1 ,S " s 8 If I, 1 1 20 I, e 2 1, I, Iycus 3 r ,gs 2 5 J 9 4 lo n ,f 5 Sgprs -, I 44,5 ' .,, 1955 ,S 6 1 2 .7 s 2 J ro - Q ,O 25 1 0: Zahn ,, 2 V. -fs 12 'gi ' s 1 I7 ,fl - ' 11oVE"!"'-.nfs Q ,I W- 5 2 3 A 6 7 5 I3 14 'Z .muse-,199 zo 2' 19 " 1 z 21 28 7 B 9 I 5 6 7 I6 ll 12 13 'A 'S 23 R-E is I9 20 2' is so zs 26 27 18 and happy from a wonderful day with our classmates. Exhaustedly yours, L. ci' M. December 7, 1954 Derzfeff Diary. Skating along, rolling with ease-"Oh, honestly, do we ache!" The floor was mighty hard! Everybody looked great-the girls in shortf!j skirts, the boys in ties and jacketsf!!j As we skated, the organ played our alma mater, and we realized how very lucky we were to be Seniors at Fort Hamilton. Nostalgically yours, L. 6' Ill. january 14, 1955 Deareii Diary. "Water, water, everywhere, chlorine's not ht to drink!" We went swimming, at the St. George tonight and had a terrific time. Looks as if Fort Hamilton could top any school in a swim meet. Our high divers and underwater sprites looked terrific. Even though our at- tempts to get a tan under the lights didn't succeed, we had a "splash- ing" good time. Swimmingly yours, L.c?M. Friday, February 18, 1955 Dewey! Diary, . . . "This is our great day." . . . The struggle with the show's script, the friendships formed, the fun at rehearsals, fthose endless hours during Regents Week,j the rushed snacks at three o'clock, be- tween classes and rehearsals, and all our "dazed days" came to a climax! 19 Our show, "Senior Dazen was spectacular. It opened on "typical teenage" comments which led into the gay and snappy opening chorus. The curtain parted on a 1920 scene, complete with songs, flappers, "Moody', Valley, and a blackbottom, and continued into a modern dance interpretation of "Our Four Years at Fort Hamilton." The "French Can Can," K'English Shakespearef' "American Prom'blems,,' "Latin American Mambof' "Bermuda Shortsf' "Vienna Waltzu and "Scottish Finale" all found a place "deep in our heartsl' and memories. The color, excitement and sparkle-dust continued throughout the day-in our classrooms where we were the "teachers,'l in the lunch- room where flash bulbs popped, and reached its peak at our "Senior Party" where we greeted our friends and teachers, revived the show, and let our feet answer the challenge of the fabulous Senior Band. The "critics, agreed that our Senior Day was "the best ever!" Nostalgically yours, L. 6' M. Defzrerl Diary, Friday, May 27, 1955 Tonight was the "Night of our Dreamsfl our Senior Prom. It was wonderful-the beautiful dresses, the handsome tuxedos, the gor- geous flowers, the dinner, the music, our classmates, and our escorts. Golly, remember when we were freshmen, dreaming of our Prom? Well, it was everything that we expected, and even better than that! Mom and Dad didn't appreciate it very much when we came home "with the milkman," after spending the wee hours of the morning "painting the town red!" What a wonderful, wonderful, evening! Romantically yours, L. 6 M. Dear Diary. June 4, 1955 Fort Hamilton together, just hear our voices ring, on our Senior Boat ride. Gosh, did we have a fabulous time! Never has the Hudson heard such resonant singing, happy laughter, and excited chatter! When we jubilant seniors got to our destination, we spent many fun-filled hours frolicking in the sun. Our parents say we look like native Floridians-what with our sun tans Qburns is more like itj. The trip home was . . ., the stars, moon and the waves Qno 'isea sick calamities" or "men overboard," howeverj. Well, it sure was the greatest grand finale for our wonderful Senior Activities. Nautically yours, Ley G Aflargo 2 O SENIORS We'lli Always Remember -NE S Q -S , X U 9. QW X4 May friendships fire be bright and eier be glowing ABBATTISTA, LEE 1053 75 Street Secretary to Mr. Cohen, terms -1-5g Secretarial Squad, term 6.-Business Vforld. T115 111115 111111.21 .fo 17.17121 lo forgelf 1116 Z1'Illld61'fll1 long 1.11121 111111 fill- ge1.1, 1115 11o1e.f lo 111.1119 1111d 1116 111.11'1'e'1ol1f d1'e.11111 I 11.1d z1'1111e .111- I1lIg 111 E11g11i1J. ARRAMSON, ANNE 980 57 Street Secretary to Mr. Leichtman, Mr. Kaye and Mrs. Hartg Library Squadg Aristag Senior Councilg Boostersg Menorah Club.-College. Fo1'1 H.lllI11f01Z 11111 i11z1'.1.1,f be O111.rli111d111g 111 my IIZc'lllU1"1',,' T116 11'o12de1'f11l le.11'1Je1'i' M1111-1e1111',i' g.11o1'e Doz1'11 .II 1116 rvbool, bg l11e J11o1'e. ADLER, MARTIN 1062 50 Street Tennis Team Captaing Intramural Basketballg Cross Country Teamg Baseball and Track Teamg Cafeteria Service Corpsg Menorah Clubg Health Ed Secretary.-College. The Salurdapi 111or11111g5 111 V.z11 Co1'111111d1 P1z1'k,' lbe ride 111 M11 fol- 1111'i' 1.11 Jffcfl' .1 11111115 z'1r1'o1'-my llae 6151111 7711112 11111551111 15.1111 of '55g .11ld 411 1125 g1'e,11 1l111ef. ALLEN, HENRY 5516 Fourth Avenue Track Team, term 5.-Work or Armed Forces. The greaz g113.r .111d 11'o11derf111g,11.r l'ze 1J.1d 1116 f71EJ.1'Il7'6 of u'o1'1111g 111111. AGOGLIA, JOHN -1816 Eleventh Avenue Service Corps, terms 7, 83 Cafeteria Service Squadg Intramural Basketball Team.-College. T112 good 11111e.f I 11.111 171 .f1.x'1b 111- riod 1111116 ullb lbe boy. ALLENBERG, JOYCE 515 Sl Street Secretary to Mr. Golomb, terms 5, 6: Library Squad, terms 5, 6.- Nurses Training. Mr, Sz1.z1111'.1 171.l'101'vJ L'1.?.f.fV, 1111 g-1111 fouiefg ,111d E1111.1 ,md 1115 lerllnev. .MN 7 1' It off MAS ,, x Q 4 if ' fi c 1. 3 1 .A Y I ZZQEE EQ? . ,V .5 , , 5223 gl . sw Iwi I ,-'YV' 'NN X go, AMES, CONSTANCE 211 96 Street Pilotg Aristag Mixed and Girls' Chorusg Cafeteria Corpsg Modern Dance and Trinity Clubg Pan Amer- ican Clubg Senior Councilg G.O. Representativeg "Tower" Business Staffg Senior Grade Treasurerg Mu- sicalesg Red Cross Representative.- Pembroke College. Tbe de.1dl111e.f for lbs Pifol, 166 per- fo1'111u11reJ of lbe CZ70I'llJ', 111-3' f1'le11dJ 1111d "1'e11111z'e" 111 Fort H.1lll11I01Z, 111111 erperirlllj, CADEC, ANDERSEN, BARBARA 150 '-I Street Secretary for Mrs. Rodemann, fMr. Byrong French Clubg Trinity Club.- Business World. 11171 fffflldf B11z11r11e .md Mdgdl, our "ro11.1l d1.1'l,'llJ'I101Z,f,'l ,11111 111e friend- ly al11111de ez'e1'3o11e 6.111 loupzrdi' you 111611 you were J Senior. ANDERSEN, CAROL 8414 Fourth Avenue Secretary to Mrs. Goldg Program Committeeg Red Cross Representa- tiveg junior and Senior Councilg Senior Treasurerg "Tower" Business Staffg Aristag Senior Shovv.-Labora- tory Institute of Merchandising. The 1111161 11116 los "1ll.L.l."' ,zz No1'lbpo1'1', F1112 .111d Lzugbler .11 T175 Fort. C1'-yi11g fpellr M1217 5.15.1 and 10,112 111 0111 S0175 Ye',11', A11d f1'1e11dr .flucere 117.71 I'ze made bare. ANDERSEN, CONSTANCE 6009 Third Avenue Library Squadg Girls' Gym Officeg Secretary to Mr. Cohen.-Business. Ezelyl 111 C. P. and 11111111 111111 toe fllll 11116 Erler ill B11f111e.-'J Al.11111111eJ. ANDERSEN, JOHN 7912 Third Avenue Program Otiiceg English Odice, 2 Years.-United States Air Force. T175 11111511 period! .111d 111-1 f1'1e11d.f. ANDERSEN, NORM.-KN 5318 Eighth Avenue lfi-md. terms 5-S: Cafeteria Service bqudd. terms 5-SQ Music Oth-ze, terms 5-S.-College i11'1Cl Xxfork, 1:11711 Period 11111611 Alf. LJ G1'.z.tre'.t 1115111 1'1.1.r.f, 11111 111011 111 JH, 1175 bgygd, ANDERSON, KENNETH Q - 7506 Fifth Avenue Service Corpsg Intramural Basketball, terms 2, 4: Section Captain, terms S- SL Craft Service.-U. S. Marines. Tlve lauglzr .md good Inner zurlv Elzba .mal B.Id1IA1'.Z,' alto, zbe fill! zfjflu 15012-1' ,md Slrllizxzz D1 Jim, Ljgt,-jr L' JU. ANCELSON, MARION 6SO2 Bay Clitf Terrace Arista: Grade Advisers Squad1 Sen- ior Showg Boostersg Cutting Squadg Menorah C l u b 3 Curtaintimers- Brooklyn College. All .flrlzggle flvrozlglp 111.1llt, Im HI- LITES, "Ulm Hof1e.i1lJ."' Jimi Ili: food Illllef in Jlvw. H.1f.".f offrce. -, .. .-LNTONIELLO, ,IEANNETTE -5 Rapelye Street Table Captain1 Secretary to Mrs. Lyons.-Business. illorrzizzg coffee ,md Ibofe tynici zvrpf Io N, fuzz trirla the "Elf Plffriellli -sfpecull-3 Dimze, Slfifkl .md Sffnzmfz ANTOPOLSKY, FRANCES 1016 541 Street Late Squadg Library Squad: Boost- ersg Menorah Club, - Nursing - Hunter. Toe uiondeaful timer during foe II 1 period, ARATA, MARIA 369 " Street Aristag Secretarial Service Squad: Chorusg Newman Clubg Latin Clubl Senior Showg Social Dance Club,- College. All my friezzdf, the good zimel. radio will: Air. Szabo turd, of courfe, "FLABL'NGE." ARENS, MARCO 7424 Colonial Road Editor-in-chief of Tower: Curtain- timersg Beaconsg Latin and Psychol- ogy Clubsg Student Director of Sent ior Showg Prom Comm.g Girls Health Service Squadg Library Squadz P r o g r a m Office Squad.-Syracuse University. Hi-Liler and leaflserf, all ro demg' Regenzr' bauglyzy, mzuglaly leff. 'Tbore special ruin," my feozor year llvizla Tower deadliner dmuvzzg near. s Ss WWW in s .. .mv are M is Q' ' . K 1 4,1 ' 1 4 1 I ,, 3 'IL av- ,. Z 14 , V 7- I fn' U , f ff' ,,,..,, . , , .- Df , X ' i 3 ARIDA, JAMES 53 95 Street Concertmaster of Orchestrag Lighting Squad of Curtaintimersg Radio Club. -Business. The orcberfrtz, my frieudr and foe fun u'e'1'e had playing logelber, Ib? xbrill of iz good perforzzzarzcej .md the help and izzfpmzliofz of our coll- tflzflor, Mr. Cbelimtkj. ARONSON, ELVY 429 'S Stfefit Aristag Accounting Ofhce Squadg College Secretaryg Table Captaing Beaconsg Language Office: Boostersg Basketball and Volleyball Clubg Mixed and Trinity Clubg Gift Com- mittee.-Business Wforld. The Freilvzzzeiz looiizzg for Ilve pool, lbs Sobpomorer ilrlzllifzlg, toe JIU?- lozxr Zl'tllIH1.Q for lfle' Senior Jtlll' .md llw Sefzfoigr Zl'l,fl7l1I.Q In be Freromezz .142.1r1r. ARONSON, RONALD 6821 Owls Head Court Cafeteria Service Corpsg Tennis Teamg Mr. Kayes Office: Intramur- al Basketballg Menorah Clubg Gym Leader.-Business, The ll'l6l1d.l' I made .it For! Hamil- ton ,md lbe good tmzei ice lud .12 flu' formally period lllllfb. AURILIA, ANTHONY 1021 66 Street Service Corpsg Secretary for Miss Broolcmann.-Business Wforld. Tlw bflrlj ,zz llie lnzzrb Molex the .fec- fnzd .n1rZ'fo1n'Ilv fftfllf, .md coming lo .irlwol uvlly Cbrn. AYVAD, JUNE 921 85 Street Secretary to Miss Galindo, terms 2, 4g Secretary to Mr. Corenthalg Senior Show.-Business World. The floor fr-etbmwz whom I rbrrll lelzre laelaifzd. my reuiokt yetzr, .md flae "Big 15." AZAR, JOAN H. 7420 Ridge Boulevard Secretary to Miss Diclcg Boostersg Girls' Chorusg Senior Show.-Secre- tary at General Motors. Indy tum' jutnriflz: the frm tif the brl.l'k6lbc1ll grwzerg frying to get ,1 fable 212 Ike Tell Room tlfler flye gtzzzzeg' limi ,ill my friezzdi. 23 AZZUE, ANTHONY 7824 Tenth Avenue Service Squadg Cafeteria Squad tLieut.Jg Secretary to Mrs. Ligerg Intramural Basketball, terms 2, -1.- Wcwrk. The girly ,md fellriziur, 81lf7t'L'fyZU-If foe C. .uid Aiidg T., Mrf. Ligefi' CI.I.l'5 .md 1176 .rparrizig iii gym. BABIAK, ANDREW 651 85 Street Service Squadg Musicale '55g Mixed Chorus.-U. S. Marine Corps Viiiiiie .vid his twelve .t,z1zi2'u'irhe,t mid Iu'0 .rpei'i.zi.r,' Jim, S.1die .iffer Ihe ,rixih period. BACKEN, JOAN 556 89 Street Secretary to Miss Miller and Mrs. Lovvg Service Corpsg Boostersg Trin- ity Clubg Red Cross Representativeg GO. Representativeg Senior Social Chairmang Senior Showg Prom Rep- resentative.-Business. Th.1I Cmzy mixed-up Duuhle D.1Ie, Ihe hiiuzrioizr timer u'iIh Ihe ziiifor- gemhle "N.L.I.." and Ihe lvlllgbfff' mid fKJ?'.1' zvilh Bplbf mid Cami. BADYNA, JOHN 350 56 Street Service Corpsg Basketball Teamg Senior Guard.-U. S. Marines. The fini I him' u'iIh feizmzette, Kenny and Ehhyi: Ihe Jiihumzy rider I0 Ilf1.1r'- Iiii'1,' the liziighr zviih Ihe .fIIld611I,f iii S. S. 4A6. BAILY, JANE 335 76 Street The ffieiidi I ziiade here .II For! H.l7IIiiIOII. BALLAN, DONALD 1T'2 82 Street Service Corpsg Track Teamg Mr. Quigleys Othce.-St. Francis College. The Iearheri who mu' me Ihr-uiigh my NIJIIYJ' lwizhlemfiie periudi. 24 Mtv' .uv""" rv: -'ESQ di, X.. ct V V' ' s, if If W, vga X. gf .. WSP , m::a:-ts::- - -,::s:s:21:Z'- ' , 'ska W 1-:N t , A if 8 N X , - X l -.Q is as X Q ,M , S mae -.Q .1 , ,, ,away 4 X A ed' X if -X ,am f -L v X ! -:E R 1 X T i 2, mia? X fa .fm aw' J. - ,.,. tr . af X . , ,r.. .. ..,s,,, ,.,, BARBARO, JOHN 7406 Eleventh Avenue Track Teamg English BookroQm9 Cafeteria Section Captain! MOUUUS Cafeteria Helpg Arista.-College. of the City of New York, Engineering. The day: in the Erzglirh B00f1E7'00I?Y, mid Ihe fini O72 Ihe For! Hamilloii Tmrh Team. BARBERIO, JOSEPH 6625 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Corps.-Army. The frieizdr I made iii Fort Hizmiizozz. BARBOUR, ROBERT 935 85 Street Chemistry Laboratory Squad, 1 yearg Soccer Team, 2 yearsg Aristag Cafe- teria Service.-College. The fini uiifh Fmziih ,zizd NIU. fziul iii Chem L,zh,'Mr. fulIi21',r Chemirirj i'l.1.t.f .uid Min' H.zigr1e.1'J Eiiglifh rliifr. BARTNIK, EDVVARD 1052 74 Street Service Corps, Lieutenant.-United States Army. Flo, ,zfIer .rixfh period luiirh, BARTON, EILEEN S722 Third Avenue Library Squadg Secretary to Miss Millerg Biology Squadg G.O. Storeg Dancing Club.-Nurses Training. Rushing I0 whoa! .zfter uzzizing for .--111115 Air. C07'E1l7h7.II and the hid! from Ihe GO. Snare ,vid my teach- wif. c'.i','1ei'i.1i1-1' Min' Hxigizej. BAUER, ROSE ANNE 5-I-58 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Corps, terms 1-43 Mixed Ch0f11S. f6'rI11S 5-SQ Secretary to Mrs. McHugh, term 1g G.O. Represen- tative, 2 terms.-Business. The luzzrhrormz where we laughed ,md imig, ,uid the uwrzdefful limes zi'iIh ,Ill Ihe gang. BEDELL, BARBARA ELLEN Q 554 TS Street Secretary to Mrs, Olsen, and Mr. Quigleyg Secretarial Service Squadg BoosterS1 Modern Dance, Volleyball, Basketball, Newman Club.-College. :ill 1176 z1'1111d:rf11I 1e,1cI1g,-x,- far Ibgfy' ,tj.111e11ce ,md 1E111d11f1rtt, 7711 171.1111 f1'1e11aJ.f, and e.rpe1'1.1II-3 Table G. BENEDETTO. DOMENICA G. 1006 59 Street Library Squa-:lg Cafeteria Squad,- Business Vforld. M115 U eldfg .111J Ike' 11111 I 11.11 1111 ilu C.1felc1'1.1 Stj11.1J. BENESTAD. HELEN 1i.1'H " Street Secretarial Squad. terms ', S.-Busr ness XX'orld. The f1111 lllfh Dullie, 115: 1511511.11 I 7II..IdE, .md 111: L'7'9ZtLi.' 071 115: 611111, BENSEN, RUTH 91 Gelstun Avenue Deans Othceg Accounting Othce. 4 termsg Trinity Club.-Business. T56 good f1A1e11d,i I 111,zJe, ,all 1156 f111z I had 111 biflmg, and Jive 1'111,glfv I bad Ztlfffl Ruth, 115111, R1,f.1I1f .1111 Bezzy. BENSEN, VIVIAN 825 55 Street Trinity Club, terms 5-2-ig Band, terms 3-85 Secretary to Miss Skidmore, terms 6-8.-Business. M1J.r Skidnzore, Ike u'o11rz'e1'f11I fldl 111 Triazilj' Club, and my I11111'6 Afveriod. BENSTOCK, ROBERT 111 Lafayette AVCUU6 Band, terms -1 and 8,-ML1SiCi21IL The great zimef I had 111 lbs baud, and tba Ieacfaerf. 5 Q if 1 s is 'R' il , ,, IQ ni Q ,K 8 72 'ff' L . 4? L9 'S' Un, WW W ,,ii -K7 A QSW 1 'Mr Q13 R A Q S A 5 "skills , 3 s 1 f '1 rl 55 12,12 , " .Fz,,,1,Q .Z ' f X.. -. .,g ', Q 1 'W' f' 1 1, uve My ,, W 1' ana' i .1 BENTSEN, KIRSTEN 527 94 Street Trinity Clubg Secretarial Service Squad: Miss Brool-:mann's Office.- Nurses' Training. D1'1',1111r of !1em112111lg tl 1611101 and 1117511 11 fi11.1II3' 4171716 11'11e,' poor "Mun CI1.lie," .md .1II lbs z1'1111dc1'f11I I1-11111111 1 111.11Ie. BERG, BRADFORD 818 62 Stree Service Corps, 2 y- ' af" c Training. The gf1111J 1111 I 1.1 1 1111 H11 A 1111. 0 .vcr U BERKOXVITZ, JANET 555 Ovington Avenue Library Squadg Spanish Clubg Radio XX'orkshopg Gym Secretary.-Bust ness College. TIM f1111 .11 Ilve I1111fIJ lable. BERNTSEN., JOHN 546 'S Street Intramural Basketball Teamg Service Corpsg Secretary to Mrs. 1.ow.iBus- iness XX'orlcl. Iulll S1'11II-1 ,md ber 1.115 f1.1,11e,f,' the fuzz 111111 R11-3 111 j11'efe1'1,' Dr, Lem- 61111 Pl7.1.l!L'l 1'I.1,-J. HIE, RUTH 1062 77 Street Girls' Chorusg Emergency Room Squadg Secretary to Mrs. Frankleg Senior Show and Scripts.-Airline Secretary and Travel, ll"a'II 1111.11 2011 H.11111I1011, lmgelr and full. 5511101 36.11-all your kidr .zluuyf 011 the 11111, Freezing L'!7U7llJ6JI Regenfr ,md u'.1I1i.i. HJ111iI11111, we Ierzre you, bn! never 111 0111 Ibougbll. BIEGELSON, RUTH 1042 50 Street Library Squadg Bandg Musicaleg Boostersg Rembrandtsg Psychology Clubg Menorah Club.-Career in art. Band willy Mr. C1'JelimJ16y and Richie J,1yi11g, "Rmb, jun fell 115 when yu11'1'e finifbed 111Iki11g." 25 ,v BIGGIE, RONALD 1113 SO Street Trinity Club, terms 1, Zg Service Corps, Lieutenant, terms +S.-Col- lege. Lunch time .if the .rh0're, .III the grail frieniir I mnde, .ind the zmritferfiii timer. BIRKELUND, BIRTEN 250 72 Street Service Squad.-Auto Mechanics. Meeting .ind tnlking with fi'ieiid,r in the htzilr. BISKOYVITZ, ALLAN 210 Marine Avenue Aristag Curtaintimersg Biology Lab- oratoryg Secretary to Miss Kerweng French Clubg Pan-American Club.f College-Medicine, The line rehetirrtilr uf Citrmiii- limerr, the itifiing honrr ,vpent in the projection hnolh, .ind .III the f1'iei1d.rhip.r tniide' in ichoul. BIUNDO, LOUIS 56 75 Street Lieutenant, Service Corps, terms 5-8g Electrical Squad, terms 7, S3 New- man Club, terms 7, 8.-College. llptzlching john eating lunch, unle- ing to Jthool in the :naming with Ltzrrj .ind telling hint tu he un lime. BJORNSTAD, EVELYN -179 78 Street Secretary to Mr. Teicher and Mr. Cummingsg Basketball Clubg Volley- ball Club.-Private secretary. Sohhing frerhnzen, lmzpfvy rophn- nmrer. e.vpei't.1nt jttniorry reliever! ,feazioryg Bio with Alice tint! the hug in .peilnux BLINN, GAIL -lOl 91 Street Girls' Chorusg Rembrants, Harlo- ween Art Contestg Curtaintimersg Math Bulletin Boardsg Sec. to Mr. Kay,-Business. The Rt'111hr.ii1tfti, elfvt'ri.1IIY1' nn HJI- If,fzr:'en.' rIII.UcL'llIl4Z .1 fI'fl.Q.' nmht- up ,ind the Genertifr',' thoie rr.i:V1' Sjunirh fl.1Jft',l,.' .ill the ninric rioteftfinkr I nerr 1' iued: .ind eZe'I'.1f1llt .11 For! H.l7III!lilII. 26 ,,, we-ii' y' fa X. Qi - s 4' Q X Q 5? X .- K X :- X V, 'Sw ,Aa-f fit, -L nl 5 ' '5' ', , l': I L t . I x f ,R 3 ,dim S '. O " K: X N X 2 is I at 'Q' ,im X time . c X K N BLOOM, GEORGE 7719 Fort Hamilton Parkway Treasurer of Aristag Lighting Direc- tor of Curtaintimersg Biology Lab. Squadg Service Squad.fCollege. n The night reheizr5,1l.f with Ciirttzin- iimerr .ind the rn!! .fiipf I0 RODNZ 125. BOARDMAN, DOROTHY F. 159 Gelston Avenue Class Secretaryg Attendance Squadg Secretary in Gymg Newman Clubg Accounting Ofhceg Regents' Secre- tarial Squadg Senior Show Script Comm.-College. The nieniurj of Irene, Harold and Bah. BOFFARDI, BENNETT 652-1 Tenth Avenue Service Squadg Cafeteria Service Captain.-College. M5 eighih period t'!7677IIJ'fI'-'L 51,155 zrilh Mr, L.1 Gi'tz.f5e. BOGAN, EDW'ARD 551 Marine Avenue Lieutenant, Cafeteria Service Corpsg Cafeteria Service, 4 yearsg Intramural Volley and Basketball Teamsg Came- ra Clubg Secretary in Health Educa- tion Dept.-United States Marine Corps. My u'0nderfiil prefect feather' in Se- nior Term. BOHN, FINN S-13 60 Street Service Corps.-City College, My uid iritndf .ind the neu' finer I ni.n1e.' the lnizghr .ind the good iinier in the Iiznchroom. BOLNICK, BARRY 1068 55 Street President of Band, 1 year: Bandg Menorah Clubg junior Orchestrag Music Othceg Intramural Basket- ball.-C.C.N.Y. Being elected prerideizi uf the hand rind JI! the fnn I had rondiirting far .irrtiiiliiiey .lim zztorking in the Ml'-W' Offfff -vid Ihe Aleiiwpzh Club. BOLTEN, RICHARD Q I 1052 65 Street Qefvlce COYPSZ WUDS "S: Service 5ql-lid. term -11 Intramural Basket- ball. terrll 3.-United Ttates Air Force. The' 11111 I had rrirh S111. G.11f.1. ,md Ch1'jjI0,r, BORRELLI. MATTHEW' JOHN 1158 511 Street Trackg Soccer: Handball: A.M, Pre- fect Squad: Service Corps.g Study Service.-College, The lltill' f1'1e'11r1'.i I 111.1de.' M11 Ko!!- 111.111, 111-1 mare L'11JL'Z7, 11171 .'e.1rhe11t. the 11.1-ir Ihe 511,121,111 C1112 fill? 1120111-1, 11141 .I-0I.1I1'J III Che11.11.tt1'i 1K'. BORRESEN, RUTH 661 5- Street Trinity Clubg Table Captaing Biology Clubg Emergency Room: Mixed Chorusg Musicale.-Nurses' Train- ing, Norwegian Hospital. The d.z.rh I0 gel 012 Ihe IIUIIZ7 11116 before Rulhze .f1.I1'ZEd.' prefer! urxh Barham and 111251. ,z11a' that 5 ffrlffrk beff that zzezer feenzed zo 1-1112. BOYD, JAMES 9032 Seventh Avenue Cafeteria Service Corps, terms 1-6g Detention Squad. Z yearsg Tower Staff.-College or lf. S. Navy. The fun I had and Ihe fflezzdi I made durifzg my IIQ111'-aeazr 111 F011 Hezmilzmz. BOYLE, JOHN WY. A 205 '1 Street Cafeteria Squad, 2 yearsg Lieutenant Cafeteria Squad, 1 yearg Mixed Chorus, 2 years.-College. The luv pfeamnt ,mean in Zhe H11- tmj Clezrrer of Mr. Cohen ,md M14 Ilpolfe. BRADY, DONALD p 85-1 T0 Street Business. I I A 1 Lzzzzrh, Prefeft and 1111.11 Frzfzr hu- zory flaw, 3 sub- S W. -3 h give K QWA, S X V . Nix ,1 S. wr' S 1 ff ' .1 ii '- ff 1 q T -1 I M, 70' .J- -f"'1 M' S 1 1 1 11,55 f7, y 1 ,, he 1 WW 1 1 f ,, 8 , Q1 ,1 X 1 f fe tw 941 713 W' f X , ,M X 121 I 1 , ' Z , Z f ,, 1 , BRESLAW, GERALD 1036 54 Street Mimeograph Squad, terms 5, 6g Ta- ble Captain, terms 3, -ig G.O. Rep- resentative, term 55 Menorah Clubg Intramural Basketball.-Miami Uni- versity. IW-y mhle 011 the girly' ,tide 111 IIHIL'h7,' Mr. j0I1111'i and Mr. U"0Ife'.i flatter. BRICANTI, JOHN 1079 69 Street Electronics. The f1111 111 ,tixlh Iiveriod I1111r'h z1'1'1h Dirfze 57112111 .HILZI Ihe hoyr. BROOKS, RONALD S67 51 Street Cafeteria Squad, terms 5 and -Ig Biology Lab.: Projection Squad, terms " and S.-Brooklyn College or U. S. Air Force. The 2,111.2 111 Ihe "Snake PN" 111016 t'111111111f11I-y i110u'11 .11 the Biology Lezh. zz'1Ih our Jlutz-31 lHZfI1'I1lg ef- If111.f 111 r1'e.1Ie fllllflltiflll. BROYVN, EDW'ARD 364 93 Street Cafeteria Clean-up Squad.-Travel. The HtIIIl7ll,l'I.lffffH uuy III trim-h Ihe hop u'r111Id,qe1 d'1'e,f.t'edf01' gym. BROW'N, JOHN C. 1050 80 Street Cafeteria Service Corps, terms 3, -ig A. M. Cafeteria Squad, terms 1, 2.- U. S. Navy. The good 110161, and zlae friend! I made. BUA, CARMINE 957 59 Street Aristag Chemistry Lab. Squad: G.O. Representativeg Manager of Basket- ball and Baseball Teamsg Senior Showg Captain in cafeteria, Supply Squadg Emergency Roomg Science and French Assembliesg Intramural Basketballg junior Varsity Basketball teamg Newman Club.-Engineering at C.C.N.Y. My .rerzior year, and all Zhe good frieudr I made. 27 BUCETI. DOROTHY 1039 60 Street Locker Room Squad, 1 termg Secre- tarial Squad, 2 yearsg Service Corps. 1 term.-Business W'orld. The "Dre.1mr" while dre.f.fi1z,g in gyni, linirh zvilh Ihe Kid! and moi! of till fha riifh home lo niifez Eddie. BUCKSTAD, VICTOR 964 56 Street Intramural Basketball, 2 yearsg Vice- President of Orchestra.-Business. The good Iimei' I had iii fhe or- LT!17E.lifI'tI and my frielzdi. BURFEIND, GEORGE 883 68 Street Miss Higginsons Secretarial Squad, 1 year.-B. S. at City College. The ,qretzi fimer iii Mr. Su',zlm't hiftoaj' cltifr, .ind till zhe laiiglar I had zriih Dofiie .md Boh. BURNETT, CERARD 9701 Shore Road Latin Club, terms 5, -lg Intramural Basketball, terms 5, 6. - United States Air Force. My jiri! dtzy iii Fort Hizmilloii, Mi'. Kdyefr Dltifh Cltiffef, Ihe cmzrkr we med fo mrzhe. tzfzd. of fllll1'fE FLA- BUNGE. BUSIELLO, VINCENT 92 69 Street Track Team. 2 yearsg Cafeteria Serv- ice Corpsg Service Corps, 2 years- Armed Forces. The fini I ou lhe nach learn mid fhe neu' friezidr I'1'e meide on lhe fe.lNI .uid iii the Jchool. BUTTAFUOCO, ROSE 7217 Third Avenue Dean's Squadg Locker Room Squad. l yearg Health Service Othce, 1 yearg Table Captain. 1 year.-Bust ness. Unzzh rftldllfif I hid my fazreuell To fhofe zzho made my fchoolliiile .to .fu'ell.' Goodhlne fu jmnz, zhe fuio Amie.: and lhe refl. In my ii2fi21orit.fFo1'f HJIIIIIIUII will reign lhe heir. 28 f' 2 QM? . ,..,v,, . i w .... ff 4 's-f Y '51 X Q i WSYQQ' f :1-' rl ' Mpsw.. 5 Q so 4. - SMA -V iq,- 4,e?'3,7 V e ff X ,uv ive W' S es -f E Sa' it ,Q 1 f cb s X 1 c 4' Q wi 5 tgp.. CABIBI, ROSALIE 657 92 Street Aristag Dean's Oficeg Secretary- to Mr. Cummingsg Attendance Monitor in Girls' Chorusg Musicales.-Bush ness. The good Iimer izz lhe Girlf' Choriir zwizh Mfr. Salzherg and lhe lazighf wizh my ffiezidf iii prefefl. CALASCIONE, MARY-ANN 7014 Ridge Court Transportation, terms 7, 8.-Secre- tary. The fuzz I had in my junior and Senior yeizrr u'izh my friendy. CAMPBELL, JOHN 425 57 Street Band, 2 years. - College, Radio Transmitting. The hand, e.rpeciullyu'he1z ue played for u.v.ven1hlief,' izlro the ffiefzdi' I made during zhe four jearf here. CANNIZZARO, MICHAEL 1126 77 Street Aristag Projection Squad of Biology Lab.1 Physics and Chemistry Labor- atoriesg Health Education Otiiceg Morning Cafeteria Help. - City College of New York.-Engineering. The zimer iii fhe Cheniiftry Lah- 0711107-I .md five 121.112-3 zroiiderfizl frieiidr I h.iz'e made. CAPOBIANCO, ROSE 1071 65 Street Girls Locker Room, terms 5 and 6: General Otlice. terms 7 and 8.- Business Wforld. Elly high .irhool dtzyr, ,ill the u'o11- derfnl frieridr I made, .md erpecitzllj uxiifiaig in fha hall for 717016 .rhorf Lzlhr zrifh DUVCEII .md IIIJV'-1. CARLINO, THOMAS 7510 Third Avenue Service Corps. 1 year. The fuzz :re had in Ihe locker room! during the fourfh period. CARLSEN, ROY 914 "9 Street Orchestra. terms -'l-81 Trinitv Club, terms 5, 6.-College. ' Th? lieu fhrullgh lhe .thnre .tidi- ll'TIId0ll'.l' .zmf .IU Ibex f1111 I'1e' hm' Ji F011 H.11111l1c111, CARTISAXO. JOANNE 10'1 5' Street Bnostersg Secretary Music Depart- ment: Secretary Mrs. Frankleg Senior Show: Cu-Captain of Cheerleaders. The g1'e.11 11111e,t lllfb the T.-ICS .fL'f'.ILI7lU.k' ,f'e111111i for Ifhie Big .-1f1,f11'r, J1112' 111 1'f1111'.fe, .lim F1.11:E1'e. CASAZZA. LAYYRENCE "ll Ridge Boulevard Orchestra: Assistant Lieutenant on Service Ciirps.-College. D11 Cf11'h1',111'i Cfaff, CASELNOVA, LUCILLE 69112 Seventh Ax enue Secretary to Mr. Golomb: Bwvvling Clubg Co-Captain uf Biiiistersg Cheer- leaclersg Senior Show: .luniur and Senior Cnuncilsz Prom C11mmitree.- Business Wrurld. TACS: Thofe 1111"o1',2'f11Jh!e ,Qf1f.t1p 151110111 It 11h Ihe 111111 J1112' the 111111- de1'f11l 1111161 zwilh "DIY BILL". CASSIDY, JOHN 'BOS Ridge Crest Terrace Service Corpsg Z yearsg Mimeugraph Squad, 1 year.-Business. The food 11111e.f 121 M13 I!"olfe'.f H15- I11113, fhe f.1fe1e1'1J 1115! illr. L.:- G1'.1i.te'.r Che1111i'11',3 C!.1.ft. CAVANNA, MARGARET 1050 53 Street Secretary to Mrs. Scully. Mrs. Cata- nia, and Miss Rnbertsong Modern Dance Club.-Business. T135 gjyff' jbg host, lb? fl!!! V15 had. The 1041111111 zhtzz 111!! he pfeffj Md. The lz111rh1'00111 ujlh 0111 euI111g fpree, I The laugh.-' hezzz ee11 zhe g11'lr and 11111. WN S X X5 W, '51 X X Rt W' X X Raw ' .s ,L"' 1-Q. S :' .... 11' I L 7 3 . -1 .f f f A51-11 an' 1 iw., X "R W , 0- l . Z, ,ff ff" ffm CELENTANO, MARY-ANN 1043 60 Street Library Squadg Locker Room Squadg Visual Aid Squaclg Secretary to Mr. Corenthal and Mr. Szabog Service 'SQl.l11d1 Secretarial Squad.-College. The flllld l1111e.f 012 fhe S6'l'1'TL'K Sqzmzl' iwirh Mr1111'ee11, Cl.1111fV1' .11111' AIIII. CELLA, ANGELO 1044 65 Street Service Corps, 2 yearsg G. O. Rep- resentative, 2 yearsg Gulf Team, 2 years: Secretary Mr. Bedell and Mr. Sachey. The 1111111111 I Illtldle T11 F1111 H.11111l1011 H1,Qh School. CHIARMONTE, CAESAR 561-L Seventh Avenue Service Corps, 1 termg G. O. Repre- sentative, ' terms: Section Captain in Cafeteria, 2 terms. - Military Service. P7'K.TEL'f .md fhe good 11111e.i Ihmzzgh lbt' 151111 yfxzw z1'11h 11171 f11e11d.l, .md fiffh f1e1'10df11111'h 111 111.1 5611101 ye.11'. CHIMENTI, JOSEPH 5-L16 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Corps, Z terms.-Business. The f1'1e1112'r I 111.11fe 111 Nlvl Se111o1 PVC fer! fhzif. CHRISTENSEN, NORMAN 1268 85 Street G. O. Representativeg Service Corps, 2 yearsg Cafeteria Service Squad, 1 year.-XY'orlc and U. S. Navy. My ,g.111g, .111d' fhe .i'z1'efll1111e.f 111 affe- lerm 11'11h All!!-1 111111 lr111gh111g 5.111111- 11172. CHRISTY, ROBERT 8516 Fourth Avenue G. O. Store, 1 term. The IIKZI' flfelldl I 111.11fe 111111 1hef1111 z1'e had TII .ffh1111f. 29 CHRISTOS. JAMES 626 S-l Street Clerical Wforlc in Deans Othceg Clerical XY'orlc in Program Othceg Tahle Captain in Cafeteria.-Bush ness XY'orld. The 11112 111.11 I Iud 111 111.3 1511111112 L' 111 111.1 f1111111r 55.11. CHRISTIE. ROBERT '910 Sixth Avenue L11111'Iv 1111 II11 .rf1111'H. CIMMINO, CONSTANCE S42 5' Street Locker Room Guard. terms '. S1 Secretary to Mr. Gould, term R- Business XY'orld. The -gnod 11111e.r 111111 1176 "Big li" 1I1e I.lll.QI7.t dI17'I1I.Q 11116 period IlHlL'1i7. .111d 1115 111.112-1 f1'1e11d.t' I 111.1de. CLARK, HAROLD 9960 Fort Hamilton Parkway Cafeteria Service Squad, 3 years-- Lf S. Navy. IIHJIIEIIIIQ 111 1111001 Ill 1I1e 1111111111111 lZ'iIf7 Dui, Irene, FIU-td .111d 511155 51.x'1I1 period 11111111 111111 C1f1.11'I1e, Ed- dit .111d KI1e11. CLARK, JOSEPH 7114 Eighth Avenue Cafeteria Table Captain, term -lg Service Corps, 7. S.-C.C.N.Y. En- gineering. The Iililef 111 prffecl, I1111111 .111d eighth period ttndi: .tfrzire ILIII7 L11111e, L,11'1'.1. Erj111A.111d Mike: M11 IIIYZV 111 IIN L'.1Icfc7AI.I, IIN 1'1'11Z1ded 1'111if.t. .111d 1111 11'1e11dt I 111.1de. CLEMENTE, ALBERT 9265 Shore Road Service Corps, terms 5-H1 Emergency Room Secretary, terms 5-S.gCollege. T151 1.111.501 I had 111 1I1e c.1Te1t1'1.1, .111d 111: .H1c,If llflltt I I1.1d 1111 5111111 ll 11111 fun, 5 U tt, 1-'E If 1 , XL flfil QW E 1 U 1 N 1 112 ' l Tb . X I . F ll 716 JQ It it y ' , X as' X N 5. Nt eg, fly Q . 5. F X' .1 .nv ik?- X ' V COCHR 1 . A 3 3 St et e 'mg u 1 . . Re e f 1 r en f R At e t.. a atory Instiz of 11f1Cl15 ing. - -I V V 1 e 1 11 81 7161 f I ' 1115 art .1 ' I 71 e 0 1111161 1 I . COFONE, X 525 8-I Street Bowling Team, 2 yearsg English Secretarial Squadg Mimeographer for Pilotg Math Assemblyg Table Cap- tain. 5 years.-College. AI! 1111 Ll'01IdE1'fIlI peaple I 11151 .11 F011 H,11111I1011. COHEN, HARRIET 966 51 Street Captain Cafeteriag Cheerleaders: Se- nior Show: Boosters: G. O. Store and Orifice: Locker Squad: Psychol- ogy and Menorah Clubs. The good 1111151 111115 1I1e T.-ICS. 11911116 psriud Illllfb 11116 11.1 11156 1'I',IL'E.l' .111d 711-3 Ig-1111 .fllif 11151111 11.1.1 V11 "1I1'I1j." COLANTUONO. HAROLD 51 Colonial Court Service Corps, 1 year: Intramural Basketball.-College. .41.Y.f677II2I-1 da-1. 'TOP' M1511 Zl ' 1'1111Id ge? d1e.t.ted11L!1, COLSON. JANICE 365 " Street Latin Cluhg Newman Cluh1 Health Ed. Otlicv: Tower Art SIATTQ Social Dance Club.-College. P1't'te1'I, .111 NIII f1'1111d.v, ,IIIJY F111-1 H.11111I11111. COMO. ESTHER 6615 Fort Hamilton Parkway Miss Broolamanns Olhce, 1 year: Girls' Gym Lockers. 1 term.-Busi- ness XY'orld. The 11111 111 f11'g1g1'1, 1115 Igfggivyr 171 H,-lI'I7'Vl .1'e1c11II1 period z1'11I1 illr. llT11I16, Iillf 111051 nf ,III ibg Igygfvj 111:11 1111 H511 is." K' CONTINELLI, ROSEMARY S6-1 -19 Street Wfork for Miss Simon and Mr. Matheson, 1 term: Cafeteria Table Captain, 1 term.-College. Squxre d1z111'111g .III 161' g-1171, .1111-111. 510115 abou! Terr-5, .ind 165 11111111113 167.11 never q1111e A117716 1111. COPPOLA. ROSALIE 105-1 59 Street Secretary to Mr. Byron: Table Cap- tain, 1 year.-Secretary. F1111 H,11111I1011 H1g6, 19111111.15 16.11 1.1 1161676 I 7I1.7J,e' 16: 6.1: 1l.JcIIJ7f .1 per.t011 multi ezer llllr. .1111 Cipe- f1.1II-1', 165 "T11e!!e' IPS. CORINO, ANTHONY Aw S9 Street U. S. Air Force. All 166 1111115 3111.1 .1111 119. frtefi' g11y.f 111 For! H.:1121f.'f,11. COSOLITO, FRANK W '15 se Street Mixed Chorus, 2 years: B111irJg1'rI..L1iD- oratory, 1 year.-Chemical Engineer- ing. Y V V Tbe 1110 52115 111 Wie 11511111 111:12 my fr1e11d.f, 111.1 16e :uc 135.11 'J MJ16 10116 Mfr. Deertou. CRANE, JOSEPH 25' 62 Street Steamtitter. Mr, Sumzbrzff 501111 S111d1ef CI.1-lei. CRIFO, LEONARD 156 23 Street G. O. OHTICCQ French Clubg Table Captain.-N.R.O.T.C. at College. H Mr. Eirmmz uma' Hjllflllj' C.1e.1111'. "Ge12e1f1zl" 51170171.5113 4111! 611 111111151616 army, 166 G. 0. 011116 .11111 Mr. Koltmfwn. P' -tt Vi . 6 is 3.415 N fx 'WS tv. , 5 :,'-'v f .-ir . 1 .W S E3 dsl 47 111 Z 2 H 8 6 A77 2,1 W Q 1 . Q ,EW y rt: l , V , .1 in WHY' W 1 ..,, , , CROSMAN, ENNA S022 Fifth Avenue Late Squad, terms 3, 43 Secretary to Miss Duhig, terms 5, 63 Boosters, terms 3, 4, 5.-Nursing. Mme .md faire g11111g AJOIIIEQ 166 .0111 I111',5e1'1.' 165 5111.116 117.117-3. CUCCIA, MARGUERITE 1074 64 Street Typist in De.m's Orhce, 1 yearg At- tendance Monitor, terms 3, 4.-Bush ness Wtwrld. lueelllllg 166 ,g11'li 111 16.-' C.lfEft1'I.l, G1'.11'1e, IIII1' 1111111111 jul fbI'UIl.267Ullf 11'61111l, .IIILZI z1'.111111g for my 1'011.f111 J1112' R11 for 11111 5111311 1111.x'e'11'-11p 6111 1111: l70lllc. CURLEY, THOMAS "Ill Third Avenue Secretary to Mrs. Grayson and Mr. Lehowitzl ServiCe to Bits. INIt1CliSon .ind Mrs. MCI-lughz Senior Show.- College. A111111 z1'f1111fe1'f11I 11'1e11d1 I 7II.Idtf. IYAGOSTARO. TERESA 9-Q5 Si1OFC Rinlmli Secretarial Serviceg FrenCh Clubg Class Secrettiryg Senior Show.- Brooklyn College. The 11111 111167 Ill-1 f1'1e111li J1111' M11 fjflhtllil H11I1,11'v7 BA". DAMIANI, DIANE S861 Twentieth Avenue Secretary for English Department.- Chemical Engineering. T61 pIeJi.111f 6111111 1176111 111 1115 L'!.J.l'.f6l .11'q1111'111g 1'.11'1011.v j161Iom- f161e- of life, 6111 .1!70l't,' .111 166 f1'1e1112'i' 10116 11670112 I 6.1pAb1Iy .Yb1J7'Ed 11143' 111115 e'.x'r6.111g111g 1111116151 .md 166 I.11er1 1lt'Zl'1'. IYAMICO, DORIS S52 68 Street G. O. Representntiveg Locker Room Squadg Assistant to Mrs. MCI-Iugh and Mr. Shulmitng Secretary to Mrs. Lyons.-Business. R1d111g lo 111111111 11116 16e gtmg z'1.1 R1f61e'.r 1.11-.' 11111 1'1'.1.:y 1111.x'ed up p1'efe1'l,' 16e 56,111 11116 j061111y .md JU 16e f1111 111167 16e "TU"ELI'E IPS" 31 D'ANGELO, GERALD 8217 Seventh Avenue Service Corps. 1 States Armv. The QQIHILZI 1111111 zu had 111 1ll1,iyt 0'B1'Ie11'.1' HI.lfl!l',1 CI.I,l.l', DANIELE., PHILIP 928 51 Street Emergency Room.-L'nited States Army. The fi-1:11115 I 111.1111 .md Ihr ft.IL'bt'7',l I h.1d .11 F1111 H.11111I11111. DANIELSEN, VIOLET l 952 5-l Street Library Squad, term Zag Accounting Squad, term 4.-Business. Szxlh period IIHIKZ1 ,11 ftzhls C u-ilh 0111 freqzzeul 2I.t1ff11',' Ihme .111 too shorf 14'efhe11df, 111111, .fhe ho-1' 111 jel- Iouz DANZO, ANTHONY 1016 5' Street Soccer Teamg Baseball Teamg Service Corps: Intramural Baslcetballg Var- sity Track Teamg Cafeteria Squadg Emergency Room.4Business XX'orld. IIIEEIIJIIKH Ihe hh-yr 111 Ihe Iihnzry 11-er-1 111111-11111g. DARCY, MARGARET 6"9 -18 Street Newman Clubg Mixed and Girls' Chorusg Musicalesg Service Corpsg Health Education Squadg Modern Dance Clubg G. O. Representativeg Table Captain: Senior Show.-Bush nessslfvening College. Thwe z1'fehe11d1 .II Norfhparf, Ihe lhree fllflfkf nzefhud 111 1'h111'11.i,' the AI1111 zwth .1II Ihe ,ZJIIAQ 111 DASKALAKIS, JOSEPH 'Sli Fifth Avenue Service Corps. 2 years, f United States Navy or College. F1111 zzzlh Ihr .i11hif11'11le .md fI111111A3 PIII: 5a 'QW .-49" I, JFS? .'.,1 VN it . . Y ISE D'AVANZO, ROGER 1165 69 Street Cafeteria Service Corps, term 33 AS- sistant to Mr. Tanner, term 3.- Business. The IJIl4Qh7.l' zvilh my friefzdr Ill Ihf C11fg1g1'j,i, .md Mr. S:Jh0"1' Radio C!tI.l'J'. DAVIDE, SALVATORE 74 89 Street Captain Bowling Teamg Manager Track Teamg Manager Cross Coun- Teamg Intramural Basketball and Bowlingg G. O. Otlice.-College. M1'. K0fflIlt1IZ .md Alf. Siem, avid .zII Ihe help fhej gaze 1116. DAVIS, DOLORES 6'-1 61 Street Miss Hennessyg Secretary for Pre- fectg Secretary for Mr. W'o1fe.- Business. The .ri11g111g rhorzzr af Izuzrh, zhe Je- wel txlhf III gwmz. B111 111011 of ,1II. fhe -fill! zrizh Ihs "TzzfIze IPS." DAVIS, FLORENCE 1055 'S Street Secretary of the Senior Class: Sec- retary to Miss Haignev. terms 5, 61 Locker Squad, terms 5, 4.-Secretary. The good 1111161 I had with 11zi' f1t1e11d.r, ' DAWSON, GEORGE '48 60 Street Soccer Team, 2 years.-Xvork. The II'Ie'IId.l I 111.1115 111 1115 KRSIIIUY' ICSJV. DEANE, BLANCHE 115 9-1 Street Service Corps, terms 3-S1 G. O. Representative. terms 5-4.-Business VUorlcl. The -E'VE.1f AII111 zrilh fha girlr 011 .ie1'r'1ce. e.vj1e1'1.1IId3 f.111e: .md Ihfue hig 1111f101'f,111l 1'h.1I1' I had while lI'.IIhIlI-E fhrolzgh the h.1IIi' u'ifh Ihe Thi-no 1ll11.fie1'ef1'f. DEEB. CORNELIA 161 S-1 Street QI-Iome instructionj.-College if possible. M.L.I. 1911! 1111111 uf .1II, 1111 Iorifzg 111111Ive1t. ' DeGI.-XCOMO, FRANK S41 '5 Street Service Squad in Cafeteriag Chemis- try Squad, terms '-S1 Intramural Basketball Team.-College and Bus- iness. The Izro 11111.11 zi'o11de1'T11.' A1t.11'i 1111 llve Chem Squad, Alu, f1111I, .md ,1II Ifve fine friefzdf I 111,1de .11 Fowl .1.11111IIo11. DQGIAIMO. LUCILLE 911 56 Slffitt Late Squad. terms 5. 6: Secretarial Training Squad.-Business Tlwrd period IIHIFAV ztfzlv Al.I1'Y'L, ftf .md Glf17'I.l, 5111 moi? of ,1II.'l1e 171111 Jud IJIIIEIBY 14115 Ike "TueIze IPS". de LUCA, JEANNE 911 85 Street Class Secretary, terms -L 5g Dance Club: Senior Showg Secretary tu Mr. Tanner, terms 3. 4.+Xurses' Train- ing. Tfze Chew flats 111 fllr. JUIIIIIS "Ire- f7o.v".' fbi? hII.ZI'I0ll1' 51111517 Milf? whom I bad Iznzrb, Ifie "Big F11- IEEIIU, Biology uiffs Alf. 101111111 ,md 71241 IMI june. De MAIO, DANIEL 971 67 Street Service Corps, terms 5-6g Mixed Chorus, terms -I-81 Assistant Lieu- tenant Service Corps. terms 5. 61 Musicaleg Seniwr Show.-College. The fun 111 Illllfb, Ike gnjr .md dolfi t111d Ike fofiyzl ezerzff. DEMAREST, PAUL 663 85 Street Orchestrag Band, terms 4-8g Musi- calesg Mrs. Callahanis Late Squad, terms 3, 4g Golf Teamf-Air Force. The boyr 111 the blfzd, all zbe fill! ue had 111 zhe Team Room, md Ljzzfr boy. ,-1-its , X so A X XV if .-.:,:. . I, what wllNfwr"' . ., 'vm- x rt ey X ...sw-f' aff? 4 'T' 22' De NAVE, JOSEPH 871 73 Street Cafeteria Squad, terms 5-8: Service Corps, terms T S.-Business Wfurld. The ,Hood fIUIf:'.l' ze'1lI1 111-3' frfefzdr T11 five t'.1fKfLfl'ItI.' foe 141111 III 111-J' Hlsl'Ifl1'-1' zriffy Mr. ll"oIy'e: Ifye 'good 1.111e.s 1111 Se'r1'14'tf zriffy 11151 f1'1e11d.i, DENLEA, ROBERT 250 62 Street United States Navy. M11 Szmfvz .md JI! 1113 good friefzdr. De STEFANO, THOMAS 'O 88 Street XY'tirk in Dean's Ofliceg Senior Show.-Ctillege. The frm 111 lllljl Iillllllllllf I11!e1111e- dl.Ile 1'I!IHt:bl.I CI.1.v,i. DETLEFSEN, CLAUDETTE 160 88 Street Receptionist, terms 1-21 Secretarial Squad, terms 5--ig Secretary tn Mr. Szabo, terms 5-Hwliusiness Wtvrld. Tlvg good liniei 111 Mr. S:.zho'.r of- fire 111111 Al.Il'Yj, Mr1111ee1z ,md A1111. imd N151 lw111e'111.ii111g t'I.1.i1r z1'1l!9 11.1 t'7'Jl-1 1't't'1pe.-. Di CARLO, ANNE 28 Marine Avenue Newman Clubg Rembrandtsg Secre- tary tu Miss Keeley, Miss Dick, Mr. Szabog Stage Crewg Service Corpsg Senior Show Stage Setsg Tower Art Staff.-Art. G-3111 zvitlv IIJK girlrq behind fbe .frener with Intl, Ifyore "Spet'2.1I.r",- but 1111111 of all "The Tfjree' M111- ieleerif' Di CINDIO, LEONARD 106-2 56 Street Business. The iixlb j1e1'1od.m11'1'atio11 with no food Iefl 111 Ike tuzfeleriu. 33 DIETZ, ALFRED 8515 Ridge Boulevard Band Blfg years.-College. Thme FILIZV1' hand z'ehe.n1mlr and lrnzrlv periodf .md fha good limer liz firrt farm Sjnzujrlv 1z'iIh Doc Coclyrzm. DINGER, ARLENE 120 97 Street Business World, The grew pleailzre I had rzflerzdifzg For! H.Il17llI0lI, .md Ihme fferihdr in Mr. .mtl Mfr. Szz'r1lJzz',i Hi,i'lw'y Qltzi .i ei. DiREDA, DOMINICK 638 92 Street Track Teamg terms 1, 3, 41 Intra- mural Basketballg Service Corpsg Baseball Team.-Business or Navy. The ffm zeiifh fhe lriw1d.r I made an fha rclavhlfi' fe.z111,i. DIXON, DOROTHY 555 RO Sll'C6t PILOTQ Secretary to Mr. Solovayg Mixed Chorusg Musicaleg Physics Assemblyg Modern Dance Club and Basketball Club.-Secretary. Lafrglaizfg zrilh Liz, Mrzrlew, .mal Eileen. Ar H1011 ,ir zhe day had b6'AHI17l,' ll"m'lein.g t.IL'h7 da-i fm' lhe PILOT Shelli 11111 fo lofi of good ffm. DOMINO, JOYCE 1584- 83 Street Secretary in Study l-Iallg Boostersg Secretary to Mr. Carling Cafeteria Table Captain and Section Captain. -Secretarial W'ork. The zcwrzrlerfzzl lime! Llnrlzzg llrflch .Hill fhe zwzzflerflzl ffierldi l!.7rIl I marie. DONNELLY, FRANCIS 5716 Fourth Avenue Service Corps, 2 years1 Cafeteria Service Squad, terms 7. S.'U. S. Navy. Tt.l,lll?AQ Ihr girls on fha Senior line' .11 lllzirlv. 34 Q I . 4 "" f - L ff a .17 7 st':2- 7 Wi QW' T .,., 7 'P ,lf ,I QV-Q 7 s ,Z I 'Q it-We f, ,fs WNW iz. rel 1 r 5' s 14, l x we 5 fe- A 'ww ' v 1 1 f ew X ww 4 5 W X949 92, , , - Z DONOFRIO, ROBERT 975 65 Street Service Corpsg Gym Captain.-Busr ness. . The good zimer and great lflflldf I made in zhir Jrhool and Ihe laughf uiifla Min Scully during preferl. DOOLEY, BEATRICE 341 80 Street Boosters, 2 yearsg Study I-Iallg Locker Roomg Pan-American Clubg Cheer- leader,-Business World. Cheering at Ihe gunzen 71162121142 Bar- hrzra and zli.rfurriz1g the u'e6Eezzfli',' hurrying home affer period fire for al rermizz phone call ,md fheu of I0 work! DORAN, CERARD 8007 Fifth Avenue Mr. Quigley's Ofliceg Service Corps. -U. S. Air Force. Lunch on lhe .rhore zrifh all lhe hogr. DOYLE, EDYVARD 321 63 Street Service for Mr. Sachey, terms 5. 41 Senior Service Corps.-New York Telephone Co. The greai fjnzer in Mr. Su'.ih12'.f So- cial Sflrdier Clrmt. DRAKE, BRUCE '101 Colonial Road College. The good flN1EA' in fha C.1feleri.1 zrifh "L'11rle" Louie .mtl the ho-ii. DROGE, LANYRENCE 5-12 "7 Street Service Corps, 1 year-United States Navy. lln.IllllI.Q for fhe fhree rfrlorh hell. DULBERCER, ELEASE 402 Marine Avenue Program Otiice Clerkg Class Secre- tary: Secretarial Squad: G. O. Store. -Nurses' Training. The h711rI1'10lI.f 11111e.r 111 Mr, 517111- 111.111'r Sp.1111.rh Clary .11111d.rf Ihe h1'.1111J: fhe 1.1111 .te5.r11111,r 111 lhe G. O. Smre, .111 Ihe ll'01Id61'fIl1 f1'1e11df .llld 11.111113 11111e,r. DUNKER, ALICE S05 68 Street Library Squad: Late Squad: Biology Squad: Swimming Club: Boosters: Trinity Club: Senior Shoxv.-Busi- ness Viforld-Secretary, The g1'e.1r I1Il1E.V .11 11111rh.' Ihe 111.111 11111 1'1def.' zhe Zl'011dE7'1IIl 1r1e11d.f, "S1.f1e1"' Bm .11111 .111 fha 4Q1'C.1I 111115-li 111117 fhe ,Q11'1.r 111 R.l1!Ib0Zl'. DUNNETT, CLAUDIA 125 95 Street Senior Class Treasurer: G. O, Rep- resentative: Musicalesg All City High School Orchestrag Trinity Club: Pan American Club: Orchestra: Modern Dance Club: Section Captain.-Col- lege. Tblf "1'1'.1:9" preffrlf rhr 11111 u'11h CADEC Jlld Ih76 111.1115 z1o11de1'f111 f1'1e111z'.r .md IE.ICh761'j, e.rpec1.11143 1111.-5 S1111011, EGEBERG, ELIZABETH 965 5' Street Secretary to Mr. Cohen, term 3g Trinity Club, terms 7 and 3.-Bust ness Wcyrld, F011 H.111111I1111, 1113 f7'1E7?LZ7v, Ihr 11112 15111 e.tpec1.z11V1 1119 f1',lZE11i1,2' 111.11e. uhh 12e1e1' 1111116 6.111-3, EGELAND, ROY 519 S8 Street Program Office: Intramural Basket- ball: Study Hall Service.--College and Viforlc. The f7'167Zd.Y 1 11111de here, Ihe good 11111eJ 112 PhJj.l'1L'J', Llild 1411111 j. ELLINCSEN, MAGDA 5519 Seventh Avenue Library Squad: Accounting Othceg Locker Squad: Secretary to Mrs. Sullivan.-Business Viforlcl. The 11111 111 prefect u'1fh B.11'h.11'a, go- 111g I0 1,1'01'h u'11h L0'1'1'1e, 5112127 Ihe 101111-11u:111e1z' 56111011 Year. so X ., SZ- Q SX X X x QS, lx Q. N . .1 E 5 , X. 1, M s. . -1 V 1 V' 1 .W -mem.. .: 511 W , X '1 '4' '11, .4 1 ' 7 ' ,W 2. th iii ELLIOTT, LESLIE 4715 Fourth Avenue Aquarium Club.-Banking. The h.1L11p-1' 11.1y.r I hrrd 111 F011 H.1111- 111011. ELLIS, JAMES 644 85 Street Mixed Chorus, Musicale: Emergency Room: Service Corps: Chairman of Prom Committee: Senior Council Representative: G. O. Representative. -Air Force. The john 111 fiflh period llllllfb with Bruce .11111 Buhhy Ihe Emit-r0111'e11r.1- 111111 111 h1.r1111j 11'11h 1175 3B'sr171111 the 11.11173 N1t:11l1.g.l 111 Ihe "T" ROU111. ELMSTEDT, IVIARY 17-1 71 Street Girls Chorus. 3 years: Secretary to Mrs. Mcl-Iugh: Section Captain in Cafeteria.-Katherine Gibbs Secre- tarial School. The fZ7.11fE1'1lI.Q of leefh 111 Room 109: fhe .r11e.1h fwfr .rp1'1111g hy M12 Sl1'.Ih711.' .11111 .111 fha 1z'011c1e1'f111 11'1r11Q'.i I 111.1115 111 Ff!1'1 H.111111fo11. ENDE, ARLINE 555 Ovington Avenue Aristaz Deans Squad: Boosters: Se- nior Show: Curtaintimers: Modern Dance Club.-College. 1l11'. K1lIll111 J1112' Ihr' gunz! Senior Shoup .11111 lhe 5111.1 who 11111ef1 10 111.1he ll 111. EPSTEIN, LESLIE 255 75 Street Literary Editor of "Tower": Senior Show and Script Committee: Arista: Curtaintimersg Boostersg Psychology Club: Secretary to Mrs, Hart and Miss Farquhar: Attendance Squad: Secretarial Service Squad: French and Mixed Club: G. O. Representative: Prefect Secretary: Lunchroom Squad: jr. Unesco Club.-College. llivl .ie111111' ,1e.11' zrifh 111111 'Q.110l'6.' H1-111eu .11111 ft't1L'h7e'1'.l hy lhe 11101-1: L.111gh.r 111161101 11'11h f1'1ElZd.l' .ro t1'11e,' The .fe11101' xhuzz' 1111d "1h111e 5117651.11 lz1'o."' ESPOSITO, LOUIS 4004 Eighth Avenue Service Corps, 1 term.-College- Mechanical Engineering. The ,Q111111 11111111 171 lhe 1'11fe1e1'111 .11111 1111 S61'1'1L'e 111111 joe .11111 L.11'r-3. 35 ESTES. ROY 'ZOO Ridge Boulevard INIiXed Chorus, 2 yearsg Biology Squad, 1 termg Latin Club, 1 term. -Navy. The locker room. EVERS, LOUIS 8301 Shore Road Service Corpsg Cafeteria Service Squadg Secretary of Latin Clubg Science Assembly and G. O. Assem- blyl Mixed Chorusg Emergency ROOITI.-Ccbllege. R.O.T.C., Engin- eering. NI3' zerzrberr, tri! IIJE zrofiderfzzi frieizdr I made, foe Rifle Team. ifbe Specitzlr. .uid erperi.1II-3 Fmt Hcllllff- foil iireff. FALCO, CHARLES -1804 Eleventh Avenue G. O. Representativeg Cafeteria Service.-College or Armed Forces. Fifflv Period Iinirli zrillv tzil 1711 frieiidr. I FALCO, MARY 1056 65 Street Accounting Orifice. terms T, 8. - Business School. Tbe greater! bllllizi of girir erpe- cially Rare ,uid D07'EE1I.'Vfh6 8:45 bell that izziig too earl-ig, More gretzf Izznrb periodr. ,md Oli, than .fqiz.1re dmirizzgf FARRAR, .IACQUELINE 539 86 Street Locker Squadg Trinity Clubg Senior Show.-College. The f1'iei1cz'i' I made. FATTIBENE, PATRICIA 246 92 Street Aristag G.O. Representativeg G.O. Councilg Girls Chorus3 Musicaleg Senior Class Secretarvg Senior Social Committeeg Senior Showg Newman Club.-Secretary. Alf, K.1mii1'r office MKII really Jzveif. Tbe frieiidi l'ie made and loze ,ro u'eII,' The .roiigr .md fini zvilb M.L.I. And bioiviiig IZUI wow iipzi ittziid- 11113 by. 36 Q fi i X Q 1. ww, v Q4 .a f 45-1 L A 'iv f vgejirvhv tf tt. et. Q , f NW NWZ in ta -07" 0-A 4? Qi . X Ss , w X I -X a 'guna' c fa , ra.- FEENEY, PATRICIA 100 Bay Ridge Avenue Secretarial Squad: Record Oiicel Miss Van Bokkeleng G,Oi Repre- sentative, terms 1, 2.-Business. All my ffiendr at rrbool Jim' ,III Ike friefidr I made ivoreizzg ffnzrt-time JI MJ1'li1i'J. FELTENSTEIN, INA 9269 Shore Road Rembrandts, Boosters, Menorah Clubg Secretarial Service tor Miss Dickg Stage Setsg Senior Show Stage Setsg Tower Art Staif.-College- Art Teacher Education. Glowing menzmier of friezzdrfyip in Fort Hrwzillom NI-1 1L0l,7d61'fLlI refzim' yetzr: Air. Kanzziz. Zllirr Dirk. Mr. Bede!! Jud Ilia "Big 15". FENNIMAN, STUART '5O' Colonial Road Curtaintimers, Vice President: Or- chestrag Musicaleg Varsity Bowling Teamg Intramural Basketballg Man- ager Basketball Team: Senior Showg Latin Club,-College. My .rezzior View ,uid ,zII five giqr ,md dolly. FERGUSON, MICHAEL 621 '5 Street Cafeteria Service.-Business. Tbe frie11d'i' flhlf I Nude ,zr Farr Hrzmilfoiz. FERRENTINO, ANN 990' Third Avenue Program Oiice. 3 years.-Business. Tlve good linier irz prcfecf zritlv in-3 ber! frierzd'.r Ami, 'I0.I7I, Rafe .md lliubejr flu fnzzrilv period g-wi .uid Ike fifllv period Iiiizrli. FERRENTINO. ROBERT SS' 81 Street Service Corps. '51-'53,-Air Force. The good aid d.z'ir uiziv Mr, rIl,lIb64 rwi in Alei'Zmzzir.zI Dr,1z4'i1zg. FERRIGNO, ROSE 560 87 Street Program Otficeg Secretary to Dr. Cochrang Locker Guard.-Business. Rurlvizig in flve moruiaig with Slmrou ,md gerlizzlg iii jnrr before Ilia bell, .uid .ill flie .QUDAI frieziilr I 111.1a'e .mtl Ilie l.IIIgl7.i IFIYZ7 Ilis "Big 15". FIELDING. ANN 65' 48 Street Program Otiice. 1 year: Table Cap- tain in Cafeteria.-Business. Ufzilizig for lelferr from .1 .rperial .rovieouei Tlve .areal IVIEIIQIA' .md fini .11 For! I'I.zmilI01i: E,rpeci.1llw1 i-11112. my p.1ri11eri1i crime: Anil ilrree otlork. flu! zzomalerjfnl time. FIGVED, DORIS 344 90 Street Arista: Girls' Chorusg Pan American Club. Treasurer: Program Commit- tee: Musicales: PILOT: Cafeteria Squadg Secretarial Service Squad: Modern Dance Club: Trinity Club: College Secretary: Secretary to Mr. Leichtman. - College or Business School. .Mitt Millefi preferl. Ilve befnr Iiiizer uilb CADEC and tlvore PI- LOT "i2'e,1dli1ie.r"'.' FISCHER, ELIZABETH 106' '9 Street PILOT Typist. 4 year.-Business School. Europe. Iliff. FfmzHe'.t peiiazj, .1 day rlogaii. our goal zo ref. TIM mad rnrlv zliib fziajqi I'll iiezu forge! Cathy. Belle. Dol: Ike food lime ue lull. Ami' remeizikeriiig .zlz4'.1,p.r VEPPRE- IADT. FISHBEIN, DAVID 258 Senator Street Aquarium Club: Service Corps.- Unitecl States Navy. Eiilering For! Hamilloii from my pi-e1'ioii,t High School. .M.z1zzz.zl Triziiiiiig. FISHER, ANDREW 329 Bay Ridge Avenue College. The frauble I had my jimi jedi' iii rrbool, lfyllig Zo find lbs rl.1r.r1'00irir. XB al' 5 f Z X We 4 4- -29 7 3 , ew s Aj ,f VW tr V if f I 2 f If . , Vw ,,f 1 xssrbfgg 3 ,, .,,, . in 1- Q S A x N.. .7 N - X xx 'E l v iw. .4-v ffyx A sv f uw is X 4,--Q. N rw' ,W i Q lp fi . , f , It f f 2" ,f , f 1 , a .. ..,. .... A v 4v"'I-t . I I I I FLYNN, NOEL 7222 Fifth Avenue Program Office Intramural Basket- ballg Scholarship Cards: P. S. A. L. Meclalg Senior Show Councilg New- man Club.-College. 17lI,l'SFIII0l'j'6.lI' .md flve' girly I me! iii For! Hawillazi. FOLEY, MICHAEL 5716 Sixth Avenue Assisting Mr. Byron, - XX'ork and Armed Services. My official L'ItI,ff feather, Mfr, Frim- ile, .md colleclizzg pefzuier. FOLEY. RAYMOND 422 72 Street Intramural Basketball, 2 years: Sec- retary to Mr. Drucker, 1 yearg Serv- ice Corps, 1 year.-U. S. Army. The Bre.1i2l.zfr Club .md tba SIlI7lD67' Club, .mal Zlve good Iiwer in Mif.t' 5fffri2'.i Iffilglifli Clair. FONTANA, ROBERT 9255 Shore Road Track Teamg Cross-Country Teamg Pilot Staff Artist1 Arista fBoy Lead- erjg Rembrandts: Cafeteria Serviceg Arista Office Service. - College fPratt Institutej. The 5.11111-dai' NIIZVIIIIIKI' zrilb fbe Cmnt CIIIIIIII'-1'' Ilia plfI6'l'IIO0I2l' in Ilie Ari,-'I.z Office: .md ilae' year of punt zwifb Air. SfllUI'tlvj. FORMAN., CHARLES 86-1 49 Street Manager of Basketball teamg History Otliceg Intramural Basketball.-COL lege. All llte friefilfr I Nitrile, Ike lI1E'lII01'lZ- ble day .ll table G during my .rezzior gear, the fime Ilya lm.fke'llmll IEJIII Ir.1z'eled fo Ricbwoflcl Io play iz gtmie. FRASCA, ADOLPH 1064 57 Street Service Corps, terms 7, 8.-Business Wturld. Tlve friewlr I marie .rl For! Hamil- lull. 37 FRIEDLAND, EDITH 510-1 Fort Hamilton Parkway Band. 5 yearsg Musicalesg Vice Presi- dent of Menorah Club1 Modern Dance Clubp Boosters: Senior Shovvg Psychology Club.-College. Tfyree je.11'.t of 111e11111131l1le1 fIm11gZ11.i'.' 130111111 ,f1e1'1111f I1111111, ,11111 five Ile fozrglvf The -lf1'I.':l1Ll7J I'1e 11.111, .llldl Ike 1111611111 I'1e NI.I677e' Nezer 511.111 ffnere 111e111f1?9' 11116. 1 . FUNICELLO, M. E Pb ' SWZ-1 For amilton Parkway Ii ed Chorus Emer .AV G ill XJVUIIQZ7 ilve 11,1111 11111 I.11111'.1, gf L ' ru ' :L - -J cyl ESQ-lSho ' Business-:Sing if ' ' I HI 77 cf ll? I ll! Q 1-11112-i11iT1111D'1-tliqiig I 9 Q15 ijt 1.1-'J ,1-P" URCHI, CAROLANX "ZZ Sixth Avenue Arista1 Secretary to Mrs. Low: Late Squad: Boostersg Secretary to Mr. Golomb. - St. johns University fteachingj. The 11101'11111g before prefer! 111111 11111 Kaye: U",11t111g for Vicky .zf 7176 and of foe dm: B005-IEIZY, 51112615111 g.z111e.r, .z111i f1111 T116 good f1111e.r 111 preferf -lfll. FUSCO. ANNETTE A. 910 S1 Street Secretary to Miss Van Bokklen. terms 5-6.-Secretary. T115 511511 1111161 I 12.111 111 5117001 .11111 Ike 11111 111 preferf. GALLAGHER, MICHAEL 33-1 S2 Street Cafeteria Section Captain, terms 3-61 G. O. Representative. terms -1-61 Service Squadg Business Staff of the "Tovver"g Newman Club.- Franciscan Brother+Loretto, Penn- sylvania. S111dY1111,Q flu' f01c11111I.1i 111 illr, L.1 G1'.1.t.fe'.i' CZ1e1111.ff1Yi C.-!.l.l'.Y'. C,-XLLO, BASIL.-S 601-1 Fourth Avenue Aristag Beacons. President: Secre- tarial Squadg Leaders Clubg Svvim- ming Club: Secretary to Mr. Shul- man and Miss Tasmang Senior Shovv. -College. E11.i'l11'111112', flu 1f11.1111.i .11111 If111,Q111,gi of 511111111 111.11115 flu 111.1,g11' ll"11111I11 11' 1111t1vIJ111Lg 1111111115 1111 11111 .ZIILIJ 111if111-111' 1111111.11111 115.11 111,111 11e1e1 .jlie . SR 'VN A 1 "' GARGIULO, JUDITH Q 520 88 Street Library Assistant1 Curtaintimersg Cafeteria Serviceg Assistant to Miss Kervveng Swimming Clubg Boostersg Senior Show and Scripts: Tower Staff.-Brooklyn College. Terr 100772 f1111.' 51.111165 116 11011. Fozzrfb period Zll7IL'!.7,' fbi rbeer- le.z12'111g bznzcb, fff 1111117 ICG JI! befpeal. To 11111166 11 .rzvell for 7126. GARGUILO, CATHERINE 5718 Eleventh Avenue Secretarial Service Squad. terms 7, 83 Accounting Office Squad, terms ", S.-Business W'orld. M1-.r. F1'.111He'r 116111155 1-01161110115 111 Af71'E1t?L'f, llllijj SINZOII, five -11111 11116 Dorofb-3' .llld L15 .md tba 1111111-1 1l'0lZlZ7EI'fll! f1'1e11a'r I nude .zf F012 H,Il7ZIIIOIZ. CEB.-SRA, MONA 120 S5 Street Radio XY'orkshop1 Girls' Chorusg Modern Dance Club: Gym and Ra- dio Workshop Assemblies: Account- tersg Senior Show. - Business NX'orld. 1115 f1'1e11d.f .z11d the 11'01112'e1'f11I 1111155 111 preferf, J1112' 11',11f111g for 1155 5611 I0 '1'111g. GEFFKEN, MARGARET 810' Tenth Avenue Secretarial Service for Miss Van Bokkelen and Miss Haignev, terms 5-S1 Senior Show: Senior Show Script Committee. - Business - Travel. The good 11,zf111'ea' 1111-if 111 prefect, Lei' .11111 ber "Tie-d111s.f.f" .1111 .111 105 J'lZ'eU .t1'1e1111'.r I 177.11175 .if I-I.11111I1o11. GEIGER, BETTE 905 56 Street Secretary to Mr. Leichtman. Mrs. Butfa. and Mr. .loltin1 Secretarial 56fYiCf Squaldl Co-Captain of Boost- TFSQ Boostersg Menorah Club.-Cob ege. Mr. Le1c11f111.111, .111 flies 11f111J'e1't11I l1'IzII1f.t' I 111.11175 .liltll 111111 pe1'11Jd 11111111 111111 .111 III-1 f1'1e1112'.t. GOLDBERC. GEORGIXA CV55 Ridge Boulevard Arista: Leaders Clubg Beacons: Pro- gram Office: Library Squad: Latin Club.-College. T111 .e'1111J 11111 117,113.1 III 1115 S1-11001 by fffe Shure, 1'l1'l.ff.f, Be.11'f111.4' .1111I' Rt-vge11f,t Xg,1I171-g, CELFO, EMANUEL 1024 62 Street Chorusg Chair and Table Squad.- Business W'orld. T175 llvird period rvizlv Mfr. Still' llerg, one of Ibe lliotl elijo5.1ble .zlid deliglrlfirl psriodi' of llve day. CEORGALLI. DIANA 6205 Eighth Avenue Vforked for Main Office: Mixed Chorusg Musicaleg Girls' Chorus, terms -1-S: Secretary to Mr. Kottf mann in G. O. Othce, term S.- Private Secretary. .alll 1116 illrill-3 frielidi' I made .il F.H.H.S.: 1125 IJIIKQZU uillv "My Lil- lle Trooper" .il l1ve Senior LIUIL17 T.1ble.' "Toe Aff1'" .md "Dodo" ili VQJNZI .zlid 1115 "Tu'el1e IPS". GIAMANCO, ROSE NLARIE 6614 Tenth Avenue Locker Room Monitorg Gym Secre- tary for Mrs. Levis, Mrs. Lyons. and Miss Scully.-Secretary. T116 .tixfb period linir11 .vid .ill toe l.zug17.f u'il19 Zoe "Big 15", .ilro llve u'01Id6l'f,7lI leuroeri' I 17116 zrorleed lor. CIARDINA, GRACE '58 58 Street Section lwfanager Cafeteria Squad, 1 year,-Business XWorld-Secretary. T126 "DREAMS" ukile d7'6i1'1iI,2' iii gym. lznzrla uillv Zoe KIDS. and 722011 of 111 lloe roto booze I0 772661 Dirkie. CICANTI, VVILLIAM 1023 "2 Street G. O. Representative, senior year.- College. Bugelr iii Biologg and foe fire .md djllrillzile 112.11 uw! Coeoziflry. GILDER, DOROTHY 911 58 Street Secretarial Service Squadg Secretary to Mrs. Mcl-lughg English Office Squadg Accounting Office Squadg Attendance Monitor in Secretarial Training.-Business. Toe many lrzugor uilo Cr1lb61AlII6, 1116 ferrelr .rlarzred wilb Belly and Shelley, jllpfl period lizliro. mid, of foilrie, Mirr Simon. f f at 4' QMW ll. ! 497 f o I f ? 1 She ,V , y C , ff . . .. ' 'X f 4444.111 . , fl W" LW' M' 14' W W, 'FW' Ev if w.,.,. A7- ,i M - 4- 'inf ' f f ,iv 1? 44 7 ull' if . , ., i t CINSBERC, EVELYN 572 86 Street Dean's Olhceg Secretary to Miss Mil- lerg Boostersg Menorah Clubg Sec- tion Captain.-Mills College. Tlml "Mrlgl1ifirelil Oo.rer.rio1i" io Sepl. '54, form mid I iiirziilig llye lrlltf bell for Miri Millerlt Preferl. Tzierdrzyr lllgbl, "firm Se'.rrioli.r" with llve frielidi I made, .old 1129 lerirlvenf. CIORDANO, JOAN 96 First Place G. O. Representativeg Health Ed, Secretarial Squadg Service Squad Re- ceptionistg Newman Clubg Library Squad. The zroliderflil linzer in prefer! with Millie, Krlflvy. Loiiiie, I"iri-r. joe. .md C.1e.r.1z', .llld the rm:-1 f1l1lL'l dor- illg lllllrb. CIRVAN, BARBARA 62" 84 Street Locker Roomg Visual Aid Squadg Tower Representativeg Secretary to Miss Millerg Prom Committee. -- Nursing. T11e l'lol,r1l'lo, Bef. Jlld I L'.I1l.l'td rzl llllifb, "1l'lr.r. C1J.oe" .uid lbe bed Sb.I1f7f, l1ve locker room, I-Ii.tlory zwllo Mr. Lerili, flve .flU11IrJL'l7rIfbe.l rzfler IXIIHIIIIIHI, 11171 frielldi, .old Collille. GODAIRE, YVILLIANI 505 76 Street Service Corps, terms 7, 8.-United States Navy-College. Tlw good lllllel iii llve Ellgliill Clrzlf zrlllv Alllllollri .nidD.niie1e. GODDARDg JANE 220 90 Street Aristag Curtaintimersg Mixed Chorf us, Girls' Chorusg Musicalesg Latin and Psychology Clubsg Prefect Sec- retaryg Pilotg Table Captain.-Cob lege. Cboriit uilb M1's, Srzlzoerg, 114.116 zwilli Mr. Kaye, and .ill lbe' good lilliei Milo my fl'I6l1l1.l from Ulziolz rilzd F. H. I-I. S. GORRA, JOSEPH 1014 85 Street Captain of Basketball Teamg Mem- ber of Basketball Teamg Service Corpsg Service in Deans Othce- College-Business Administration. Toe good lime: wills Ilia TACS twirl HI.1l1Ilr.'H Molly. 39 . rL"' :QU A E ' g f? -" ,,.,i, ' wi., f 1- Jon-:N KFLLS " K 1: 'ff .10 A . . 'V 171 ' 5' ' , f :gig A TED TAUKUS E 'Y' V ROSE NASTASA X f 1 V '- -1 if - mw .111,a H , EL X--MA .Bl lf, v , Fllil' XM MMJRED SCOTTO-LAVINO -1 s -1 n i ,, If-.5 .. R , LW - 1 X r ' ' 1 , ,- ROY ' 5 " '. din MEF? 'Mfxy il . 1 A Q S 2 x Hu 4--1 Q. 4 '--' - '39 XJ' wx- .- A, H L i X 'Q.C'k:' '5 23b-Yx MOST POPULAR ' ,qs 'W ' ' XA-k if A--LLL is M., ' I V ,fy:.iLrg',Pi1.,A 1' , ' fs fx IPS N Q A . PIN UP 4? " ' ,ff f BETTY v..,,,1.5 X ' X 1 , Ak 'A ' 4 I' A AT'-It-Ewx-fsjx-J ,,."'4A,'.I- Y. .."fU0,gL V K JJ I , is Q! - ,M JOSEPH GORRA J! ewkegfw A ,f SPI., ' . I A - Eg RO A yi ff . 1 W, -3 '. 'JQPFJ 94051 6- x Nr ff' ' . -4 Q , N XX . 5 .4 , SQ . ,Q if 1 3-Sw 4 X. X X' ' BV' ff , . WE DON JUAN ' b, 5537 Z' ' ,J ' 315' " H WILLIAMVZJORDP L,-My-'1,:S,',, 1 .x-- V Q W, 5-. if i EAI, 1, CLASS WWE 1 ' , 4 G-'f Cx .1 1 as. , Tx AA A X -, X7 il ,A Lows sPAs1ANcv W I V3.0 Q 'AJ-hjjf 5,2 gi' 1 1. 1 QW MMM ' ' gf ' 7 U C17 - , M,-, X, B ppc N A Ll IX, QW :' Q5 ' Q 3X X QNTE ' ' x I 1 3 " MPR 136 '-'N' ' XAXPKRM I ' t f, 'V' ' A,A.,x-, ,sz FF Qgw X I Pkg C J. Y Y f 1 I' 5 Y -'YA 5E,.k3"l'YE 'i CAES 'X W! X LL.,-44.11-,' MM , JUANWA MOSTAQDA ff' Q - xk ,.-.4-E2--rw 4 E VENUQ- CARLO V , XXX X 1 VIN ADLER as I A 4, N ANNE OK f Htym X13 AI , -1 -gi ff' I -514,1 , M. K 'k V ' ' ,A A 'F L' W' IZ A . - A Ng f-ff .. as gi A I F1 A rj 'MX 7 5 Avg , N fa? 'TT vicgg it I 5 K x 5 Q., K 4-J 1 , , ,, ,X 1 , w 43' X ,, R- A xy J, 5-:W : Q . - M My X X, Rf N . X xx k' U -J ,X ' . i . x FA 1' ,' . 'Q -L ... jff X J f. QAA .J N is X V '-"7Q,,mERg' V, " Q - f 'F ' A fm m QF. , Q! ' ff- 1 A . - 5 .,.f fl A A f-A Mf ,F f 5 ff ff. 4 W T 4 ew? 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LORRAINE SULV' Narrows Avenue Secretary to Mr. Smith, Mrs. Levis and Mrs, Lyonsg Table Captain.- College or Business VUorld. ill-1 tom' -1t.1r.r in Foil H.lIIlTffII1I. .IU Ibe Zl'UlIdIcI'-fllf lriefidr I nhmfe .md Ihr f.Il!'Qh7.l' I'1't' had. 6.lfltl'i.lU-1 N1 my .ve- fiior 15.111 GREEN, ALFRED, F. 620 Poly Place Golf in Senior Year.-Business. The fir!! time fha! I zzyzlhed info Forf Hazzziffofz High School. .md mzzz' .wif read' Ihe moflo iii zht fron! hall. GREENBERC, SOLOMON, H. '915 Sixth Avenue Biology Laboratory Squadg G. O. Representativeg Stamp Clubg Psychol- ogy Clubg Arista.-College and Med- ical School. The da-yt in Ihr Biology lah .md Ih7e .z111n1.1l.r lhere. CRELCK. MARIE CATHERINE 469 74 Street Secretary to Mr. Golomb and Mrs. Finng Service Corpsg Section Cap- taing Art Contest: Red Cross Rep- resentative: Modern Dance Clubg Psychology Club: Senior Show.- Nurses' Training+Long Island Col- lege Hospital. The f.zhnIon.-' Illlleit .iv sophomore .wid feziior. GREVES. RICHARD 5'l Ovington Avenue United States Navy. ill-1 good timer Ihronghofzf lhe rchoof. er,f1eri.1U,1 in Ihe L'.If:fcVf.l. GRILLO, CYRUS 26-l Ovington Avenue Cafeteria Service Corps, terms l-51 Biology Squad.-United States Air FHFCC. Tht 0.13 lmzti .11 Tahft' -L2 ,qw-uw. ,,.,,,. if .ft 59- is WV E SL Yi .4 3 .fmt x 165 s A "' fp' N X K si . Sw X , . '15 Q .Q 6 is GS X X X -. xg 5 x GUIDONE, RUTH 1O'1 55 Street News Editor fPilotJg Aristag Senior Show Script and Castg City'-Wide G. O. Representativeg Senior and junior Councilg Secretary to Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Lowg Cafeteria Squad.-Brooklyn College. The zvofiderfzzl Iimef dufiilg feiiior limrh period: fznz uiih Ihe TACSJ Mr. Ka-melt Math Clair: and 1176 "Slill'ELZ'I'T1't?l'U zvilh hir deadlifier. CUINAN, IRENE 540 73 Street Library Squad, terms -1-'Q Prefect Secretary, terms 4. 55 Table Captain, terms 7, 8.-Business. The hack of Ihe room in Hirzorbx rrifh B.1fh.zr'a, joan. Richie .md Frame. CUMA, MARION 1041 65 Street Cafeteria Squad, term 41 Secretary to Miss Simon. term ".-Business. The moriziug 'ruth Io with zhe eighi o'r1ork hir! .vid fha good ffieazdr I made .11 For! Hamilfoiz. GURSKY. JOHN 515 5' Street Cafeteria Service Corps. 3 yearsg Lieutenant of Service Corps, 2 years. -College. Dr. Lezzzhiufr applied Phviritir C1115 .uid hir j'.1111o11J u ordr. "Copa it." HAANES, RUTH S51 SS Street Late Squad Captain, terms 5-61 Trin- ity Club. terms 3-51 Table Captain. terms 5. 6.-Nurses' Training. Mr. Su',1hiz'.f Ie't'l'iffL' .refire of humor JIZLZ' rtrraifi im'ide11f.r ,it llnlrh zz 11h B.1V!7.Il'.l, xltfoff. .md Ihr felt .II Lzhie B. HAIK. JOYCE 23' SS Street Health Service Monitorg Secretarial Squadg Class Secretaryg G. O. Storeg Senior Show.-Junior College. The G, O. Sim-5 with Mr. COI'El2fZ'l,Z!, Biflit amz' Efeare. My prefect .md .ffl fhle zroiidealtirl frieizdy .md happvy Illlltf. HALL, EUGENE 5307 Third Avenue Service Corps. 2 years.-Air Force. Sixfh period Iefforerr. HALL, HENRY 'IUO Ridge Boulevard Assistant General Organization Rep- resentative.-College. The r1111111f,1I111g .1i111o.rphe1'e zvhirh eutrred me fo p111'r11e ,1 g7'E.lIEl' 1172- de1'.fI.111d111g of 111.3 rzudjef, Ibllj fu!- filling Ihe 1111111 lheme of ed11c.1t1o11. HANDY, FRAXCIS 146 92 Street Service Corps. 2 yearsg Shot Put Team.-College. The f1'1e11d.f 1 111,1de and zhe good ITWYEJ' I had 111 For! H,111z1fIo11. HANES, PETER Quarters 5-A, Fort Hamilton Military Reservation Entered Fort Hamilton High from Springfield Senior High School of Springfield, Ohio in November. 19555 Aristag Psychology Club.- College. Thore people zvhoie frieudihzp I gained dz11'111g 1115 high rrhool ddnf. HANSEN, ADOLF 952 56 Street Aristag Trinity Clubg Trinity Club Presidentg Mixed Chorusg Math Tutoring, Miss Millerg Senior As- semblyg Secretary to Mr. Kassen- brock.-Ministry-Missionary. The mad ddfh zo lznzrh, zhore IYKZIJ girlr az mhle BV: Zhe "ire-hox" with M1'J, Sazlzherg 4725! her Ihree fi11ge1'r hui, mor! of all, 1113 u'o11de1'- ful friends. HANSEN, CHARLES 620 92 Street Mixed Chorus, terms 3-85 Track Teamg Service Corpsg Intramural Basketball, terms 5-7.-College or Business. The f111z ood good 1111161 we had 111 lhe .Mixed Chorzu. 331' . ,. -fs. X Y' Q X S fc so v WS-f f Q s J Y ff sv ,- 1 f x .is wbfxs ,N X mv. 1 2 p. '- X , ,- S N- F S , X I X at 7 Nw sf?'r-5:2q- " 1- it ,X .!, ,022 ' IQV F ggiiffggu Y .sf : s 'ifghgffwxfv u M, 7' R .-.1 -4. if x Q, sg, A ,N A s is - -+ - -we . ia . .-1-A 1 mf E-Xi, 7 ,W- 1 1 91 f 3' V ,, all ff ,re 491- fel' 41440111 iw ?A HANSEN, HOWARD 6711 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service in Cafeteria, 5 termsg Intra- mural Basketball, term 3.-United States Navy. The 11101-11111g fojjzee all the Green T611 Room 1111d dele11I1o11 lhe 126351 deign: the fought X11 Sixlh period i11111'h. HANSEN, STUART 620 92 Street Cafeteria Service Squad, terms 3, ag Intramural Basketball, terms 3, -1.- Electrician or Navy. Hou' f.l.If I7Zj yt-rzrr 1r'e11t all Fort H.11111Zfo11, ,111d MH. Loufi' Biology Clair. HANSSEN, RICHARD 9404 Wfogan Terrace Mimeograph Squad. term 31 Biology Squad. terms 7, S1 Assistant Public Address at Basketball Games, terms 1 S1 Senior Show.-U. S. Army. M71 eilqhlh period Hirlory 1111111 zvizh M11 Sz1'.1h11 111 1e1'111.r 3 Jud -1. HARDY. HEATHER 522 T'-1 Street Mixed Chorusg Trinity Club and Mixed Clubg Table Ctiptaing Senior Representativeg Senior Showg Musi- cules.aOswego State Teachers Col- lege. Rlllilllflig' for Ihe hui 111 3:25. D1111i111g let: uilh Ctlfb-1', 11111115 hare- fvi ,1f1z'e, Cllllil HM. L. l'r" pftzrhzg "lh111,Er" 111 1119 food. Thx! "2-.1e.11"' guy 111 the f1'Jl'EZT1Ig mood. HARRIS, JEFFREY S312 Nineteenth Avenue Mixed Chorus, Musicalesg Pilot Pho- tographer: Curtaintimersg G. O. Rep- resentativeg Latin Clubg Psychology Clubg Biology Lab, Squad.-U. of Pennsylvania, Veterinary Medicine. HCllI'1'dT1ZfT777H1'H 1'FZ7tft1'7'JL1l.f 1111d L112- ddr Zrouhier, l,T1'rZZlf.I, Lljb, Yl'7'6lg, L1111e, T,0l"l, .z11d the hoyf, l7lfId1'TE r111d "FLABUNGE", and "iiJfe1"J" 11e1'e1' f111l111'g good adm-e. HATTAB, PATRICIA 146 80 Street Aristag Curtaintimersg Trinity Clubg Latin Clubg Rembrandtsg Senior Showg Scenery Paintingg Secretary for Mr. Kaye and Miss Hartg Table Captain: Pilotg Radio Workshtnpg Clerk for Miss Mullin.-Illustrator. The fhree wise 111611 t111d 1h11'1y-re1'e11 1111,gefr. 43 HAUCLAND, JEANETTE 262 72 Street Projection Squadg Dance Clubg Sec- retarial Squad,-Business. Mr. Keilrefz, Arnie, ferry mm' the fmyt in IAN? haul mfmiq my Zinn-It pe- riod: Mirr Simon in Iypifig: .md flilr. L,iG''.r "C.zIt'iin1i Fhu'ia'e". HAVVA, GEORGE S46 50 Street Business XX'orltl. ' The fimt I had finding my rlrrrr- roonzr, ,md Ihr fini in rhe r.1feiw'i.1. HAYXVARD, SOPHIA-MARIE 720 52 Street Secretary to Mr. Corenthalp Service Squatlg Cafeteria Table Captaing Chorus: Senior Council.-Secretary. Ami, Carol .md ihe "Big Deri.rim1". fueft bill? eyet, Zhe Smzdrzy-iiighl Farm Rider, rhe "three f7UKQH7'l Jljglbfid in rhorizr, the fini iii Iizurh, and fht friwida' I mtide. HEAD, ROBERT 246 '1 Street Newman Club: Program Othce Squadg Math Tutoringg Distributing the "Times"1 Senior Showg Friday Afternoon Dancing Club: Radio XVorkshop.-College and Engineer- ing. The mam frie1zd't I 111.1415 .11 Furl HtIl7liifIlll,' lhe ,guild Iimer I h.1d zrifh fhe hinirh .md Ihe fillle' I pn! Him ihr Swziffr Shu tr. HEALEY, DORIS i 522 77 Street Table Captain. attendance secretary: G. O. Representativeg Newman Clubg Library Squadg Arista.-College. Seffllld period ,rzizdy ,md fhffre longer zzxiihr home dirrizilq my Svphfmiflre drip. HEFFERNAN, EDVVARD 519 So Street Newman Clubg terms 1-81 Prefect Basketball Teamg terms 3-61 French Clubg terms 5, 6g junior Varsity Basketball Teamg terms 3. 4.!Col- lege. AH uf the fini .md IVUIILS .il Fm! I'iJU!1ifH1Z High St-hrftrl. -14 ,gin 4 X. S X W' , 1 , .,.., . My N35 f 5-T , , X X K fm, 1. M V2 six Q W it freer m f, -.X f e f X5 ig? . i,...,d Q .. . ii, Y Z - " 5 ' t thi. , sk F r rag 1 it - 2552.3 ' A r Q, . HENDRICK, RAYMOND 111 Battery Avenue Radio Workshopg Dean's Othceg Farm Cadets.-Agricultural College. The good frierzdr I made in F011 Hrmiiiioii, HERMANSON, MARIELOUISE 11 Bay Ridge Place Trinity Club, terms 3--ig Cafeteria Table Captaing Secretary Mrs. Mc- Eneaney, terms 5-8.-Nursing. My worzdefjfizi .rophomore tzlzd rezzior yetrrr, fhe F1'11.rl1'efie5. Nicky, and lhe f7'UZL'd iii Aff rum' Ihe adrife I 716- ceizwf from Mfr, Mar. HESSION, RICHARD "17 68 Street Cafeteria Service Squad, 2 yearsg Service Corpsg Table Captaing Serv- ice Corps Lieutenant.-United States Navy. The fuzz zre had 011 lhe hurer, ihe fzrri fhree yerzrr, rind worueizig O72 ihe mr 6l'6l!'-1' izighf .ra I muld ggf 10 rt-html fha 11637 dur. HOBART, FLOYD A 183 Gelston Avenue Biology Squad, 2 years: Protection Squad, 1 year.-College, AI", IUZIIIIYI CZNEIII. Citlfj, jf7g ygfgkr iii ihe r'.1fefer'i,1 .md lhe bark mom in the Bioiogqi Lzh. HOBRS. BETTY 480' Fifth Avenue Secretary to Mrs. Buffa and Mr. D. C0hCr1: Typing for Mrs. Lyonsg Ta- ble Captain. terms 5. 6. - Steno. graphic Secretary. The t'hw'i.thed r1iffn1eriI.r .md fha gmail friemzh I nude. fha fimer izz period 7 H7713 mf' Rffff- 1l10f5c'3', .md Fort Hazlziiluyg High Srhooif HOGARTY, TTIOIVIAS . , S71 59 Street Call'Clel'l.l Squad, 1 years Sgt-vice Corps, terms 5 to 8. - Buginegg Wforld. The IIIIIEJV in my Gym t'I.1.r.t-gf wnb ,ill 1115 fI'le'IILfJ' mi fha tIf7lf7t17'.,IlIl.l', HOLMGREN, SYLVIA n 923 S-I Street Assistant to Miss Sinioi-ig Aggigmm to Mrs. Cataniag Bnostersz Swimming Club,-Nurses' Training. Tlw Hier Io frlwol, :be rmu-d, 117: I'll77,7Uf'.f, mia' Ifae qneriiwz, "ll"lnre ,iid Belly kllfj iff" HOLMQUIST. ANITA 944 5-l Street Trinity Club: Biology Clubg Mixed Chorus: l..1te Squad: Miss Brook- mann's Office: Section Captain.- Stenogrnpher. Lim. .md Ilre fini we lmid wi live zzfei-fzidi' ,rf the INN: ,ill Ilvg jriee d'ii'.1f11e11i,f uw ,Qui our-,refzfi 11111, .mir Lzlzlgbed our Zt'.l-I uni uf, HOLSTEN.. ELSIE 560 'S Street Girls' Locker Room: Mixed Chorut Girls' Chorus.-Business XY'orld. All 171.1 friendrg .md limit mid 11711 iazR0or1z IOS. HOMME, MARJORIE S'11 Third Avenue Secretary to Mr. Kamin. 5 years: Secretary to Miss Millerg Trinity Club.-College. Tbe fini in live Gym forieii, the Se- nior Shoup Ifae bwzzeuozifeir zieei. ezzdr. .md Czfol. HOPE, CLIVE THOMAS 7901 Fourth Avenue Intramural Basketballg Service Corpsg Bowling Team,-Navy Air Force. Aly .ferzior prefer! uvlb Airy Fwfzife and ber penny rollefzimzr. I-IORSTMANN, BETTE 54 78 Street Girls' Chorusg Secretary to Mr. Ball and Miss Higginsong Secretary in Gym Ofnce.-Katherine Gibbs Sec- retarial School. Mfr. Salzberg and Ike Cborui "deep freeze",' German with Dr. Cochran and Min Frzrqufmw gabbing in front of lbe cafeteria mirmrr, and dirlfibul- ing mrmlr from Home Nznirifzg, I . Z f 1, ,f I f 4 'fm X i is f, X ' V l tt Xara I 5 f r 4 7' ,f',. Www AW. HOSKEY, PETER 7-18 49 Street Service Corpsg Health Education De- partment Show. - United SUWS Navy. Mi frieudrf fE'tIL'!7Ef'.l,' ,rixffa ,ber'i0rf ll1m'lv,' ,md Mr. Szz'.1Xw'J H1Jf0r'y Cl,1r,r. HUGHES, JOHN 661 H3 Street Secretary for Mr. Rugusa, terms 7. S. 7Collcgc 01' Air Force. Thi 'quad' lffllltl in I!lIlL'Z7,' Jud' Ike winiyi fllcllrjf I Harrie. HULTGREN, ELISSA 7508 Colonial Road Deans Squad for Miss Brookmanng Chorusg Musicaleg Senior Mixed Sliriw.-Xxrlirud SCC1'etg1I'ii1l SCl1riol. illfxed' Clvorni 11716 illvgr, S.1l:ber,Q. Swim' Slvou' Vc,'l7E.Il'.ltII.l' zriflv Illr. lx'.n1zm .md .Ill live iifffiderjffzl ljmei .fl Fw! H.r1111fffn1. INAANCONE, GLORIA fri 91108 fliiftli' Av nue Sccretiiiufto Mrs. Clussirsigcre- tiiryi tofglfiss Sli.1xgl1lnfg,g Lge! Squadg Sc-cgeliiri.1l'W,Se,ry.lce Squfir,lfLBusiness. , lib-I f1.lIllLlEOW fligf7',Srf7fwl rind Ifae lgfmdjhlzfzdi'u'11KyQffy nfiefidi zifm .Ire ' L fnlzflnff ilu -Agri' 44" ip, f W 1, INIBRIALE., ANTHONY 814 48 Street Agricultural College, The Hflflblj ffltlfrfl' I nztzde in F011 Hmxifllfnf. IMPERATRICE, ELISA 856 67 Street Bowling Club, terms 5, 61 Secretary In Miss Miller, 2 years: Newman Club, terms 7, 8.-College. Gffiripiflh' iz! lltllfb lime. ,md fdCG.l' when our 16.1711 fort, good 1727761 url Ifye L7IrUIt'C,l', Zbe frielidly feelmgr of Ike Zeiiffaerr .md rtlzdentr, ,md bard Iimei wi live but in fha mffrnizzg. 45 a -'I S A 1. . M U x. TMPy:R.y11R1cE, MARIE ," R s 956'6" Street Nevmph Qltibz Secregary to Miss 'txraiht .ma M15 Platnick: Bm-ling Club' Program QFf1ce:'Ad6ounting yjft:liQA'Lil31aa"ry Squad.-vQ1llege. "'1Z:ZU1?'1E11'tQ513,1111d, Pbjfhir ,llld C17EI7I LN .5 1. .Ill '11J,511'-111.11111 .11111 E1'e1I B117 - I-'ll' .11z1'.1y.r' 1'51115111b51' 1115 11111 .1113 1115 1.IIlxQ17X T17.Il Zl'e' 11.1111 11'111'111g 1115 11.171 1111 5 P.AI. INGALLS. REGINA T6 '6 Street Library, terms 1, 2: Attendance for Mr. Swahn. terms 5. 6: Attendance tor Mr. Ger. 1. 2.-Business XX'orld. T17e' 1'1'.1111111111g for 5.x'.1111.r ,md 1115 111511511 I 111.1115 111 F011 I-I.11111111111, IRWYIN.. ROBERT 622-1 Fort Hamilton Parkway Table Captain, 5 terms. T115 13011121 11111 111l2e.f Zlei 17.111 111 111111. 511.11711 .1 L1,Il,Y 111111 1115 110711. JACOBSEN, CAROL 665 52 Street Section Captain: Program Otiice Squad: Gym Squad: Secretary to Miss Kerwen, Mrs. Hyer, and Mrs. Catania: Swimming Clubg Curtain- timers: Senior Show: Gym Show.- College. I-11111511 111111 111111 .11111 11111 E111 11511- 1111115 11175 11111517 p511oa',r .11111 .1111111115 1111151 I ,1111111r1.E'111 t'J11lQ17f. JACOBSEN, MARTIN S91 59 Street Trinity Club, terms 5-S: Cafeteria Table Captain.-Business XY'orld. T115 11111 I 17.1L111I 1111 C.I,1C1e1'1.1 .111 1'111'1111g11 .f1.'1111111. JACOBSON. BERNADETTE 'S Battery Avenue Service Corps: Secretary to Miss Hennessy.-Business XY'orld or Mod- eling. T115 z111111111'f111 1111141 .11 F1111 H.111111- 11111. 11l11L'1'c.f by 1115 P111115, 1ll1'. .Sl1.I15l1l' H1.i'1111Q1 C1.1i ,IIZ51 1115 11111111 1111.151 111111 U 11111111 Jlfuj 1ll.11115511. 46 JAMPEL, FRANCES 1029 54- Street Secretary to Mr. Kaye and Miss Mil- ler: Menorah Club: Girls' Cl'101'11S1 Arista: Locker Squad: B o o s te r-S 1 Tower Representative: Curtaintim- ers: Psychology Club: Senior Show: Table Captain.-Brooklyn College. Miss 11I1I1e1".f ".1f1er 1br55" .V6.f-f107If- zbg gjrlr 111 10111111 period 111126171 "I.'111'1e" ilI.11'1'1 .11111 GN15' C110fl1-V JENSEN, ANN '5' 53 Street Health Education Office, term 31 Library, 3 terms: Mr. Kayes office. term '.-Business YVorlcl. C11111111g 111 51120111 111119 H01IE,1 -17147 C.11'01, .md 1111511111 0111' big 12'ec1.1'1011.r.' bllf 111011 111 .111. 10111111 I7E7'1Ud 111111111 111111 111e ,Q11'1.f. JENSEN, BARBARA - 825 58 Street Table Captain: G. O. Representative: Secretary for Miss Van Bokkelen, Mr. Cummings. Mr. Morton, and Miss Pattison.-Bookkeeping. A113 lV1111e',r I-I15111111 C1.1,f.f, S1701? R11111 .11111 "O11'1' I-I011.r5f".' bmsr .llld 1.115 15111: 1115 Se1Z1U1' 35.11 .1111 177-1 f1151111'.r. ' JOHANSEN, TOVE 9615 Shore Road Girls' and Mixed Choruses: All City Chorusz Curtaintimers: Secretary to Mrs. Grayson: Psychology and Trin- ity Club: Musicale: Swimming Club. ,Norway C11111111115 1115 11.151 1111111 G1',1.1l11.1f1111I. JOHNSEN. ARLENE 1032 S' Street Mixed Chorus: Musicale: Senior Council: Trinity Club: Table Cap- tain: Secretary to Mrs, Saunders: Program Committee.-National Lu- theran Council-Secretarial Vlforker. T,1b15 G. MU. S.11:1151'g .11111 1115 Jl1.y511 C11111'11v, f17c' 1'1'11z1'115.1 b11,r5.f .111.1 .111 1115 11'01111'51'f111 11'1ci1IJ'.V, JOHNSON, BEVERLY ANN 955 '2 Street Service Corps: Library Squad: Emer- gency Room Squad.-Business. T115 111.rr11,r,r11111.v .11 111111 175151051 11111111 111117 1lI1,r,i' 131115. -Ifllilllbl,', 111.111- 15511 ,11111 I-I.111'Yi: 1115 11'1111d51'f111 15.1011 LVI, c VAl1:1'1,I11j 1lI1i'j SINIUII. f JOHNSON, DOROTHY H. '607 Colonial Road Miss Brookmann's Secretarial Squadg Library Squadg Prefect Secretary to Miss Van Boklceleng Latin Club.- College. Ill-3 Zl'OlIdE7'1111 Se11101' 7111.11 111117 .111 NIJ' 111511111 17111 t?.ff7ELT1.I11.1 B1o111,t'-i 111117 1Jl1gt, I-I-ter. JOHNSON, JUDITH A. "1-I 53 Street Service Corps. terms 5, 63 Recep- tionist. terms ', S3 Typist for Mr. Szabo, terms T S.-Eastman Business School, The T1'1e1111.r I 172.116, I17e 11.11115 11.17 111 T111111 .'11e1111e 11161 111111111, 111115 G. 1115 .11,v111 pe1'1012' 111 1115 111663, .IIIL1 "1'lI.15 I 116111 YJOILQH. .11111 111 1-11111'i., Ibe fe.IL17e1:. JOHNSON. RUTH 1054 Bay Ridge Avenue Mixed Chorusx Musicale 53: Secre- tary to Miss Diclsl Senior Prom Com- mitteel Senior Show,-Business and College. T115 11'01111e1j1111 1111161 111111 111e HL'7',l.f-1 1111x5121 11,17 E111.i'." f1.v111 115111111 11111111 .11111 11.11e111g lip 411-11111 ic11o111, JOHNSTON, FLORENCE 6202 Tenth Avenue Secretary to Miss Hennessy, 1 year.- Business XX'orlcl. Alf. S11',1611'.i' preferl. 1111111 Zl 116 11176 .f0p1'1111f11'. Ike 11111 111 ,23111 111111 A11. D1.Ille. .11111 Dodo. J1111 1111111111,g 1111 1115 but 111 156 7k0I'11171Ik'. JOHNSTON, JOANNE 459 58 Street Secretary to Mr, Silverman and Mr. Riccig Table Captaing Orchestrag Girls' Chorusg Musicalesg Trinity Clubg Boosters. - Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School. My z11'o gears of Ge1'111.111 11116 Dr. Coc61'11115 11251 ,fecrez 111ee1111,g.i 117113 Bob, 6111 1110.11 of 1111, Ike 1114115 fr1e1111,r I 111.1115 JONES, JANET 241 92 Street Senior Council Representativeg Social Committeeg Aristag Mr. Kamin's Of- Hce, terms ', 8g Class Secretary to Mr. Levin.-Business. Tuefday 111gb1 111111 M,L.I., Mr. Kdl?21lZ'I ojfce, .r111g111g 12'111'111g H119 j1e1'1o11 1111156 111111 1111 Ike f1'1e1111,r I 1111115 ,c XX . is sa . t st Q To ni sk af- syn W . , T1 I 11. fi-1 X :., 1 1 SL 1' A ,fy 3 1 if ff 09' JORDAN, VVILLIAM 9455 Fifth Avenue Curtaintimersg Basketball Team. terms 5-81 Health Education and History Assemblyg Soccer and Base- ball Teamg Discussion Club.-Col- lege. T A C S 1 "C111'f.111111111e11v," Z1'1f17 "L1111e" 11115111711 bflbjlf, 11111 1.1.11-.1e1Y11111 Z1'1lI 111'e1' Sf. M11'11111'1'1', 11112 G1'11e1'.11'1' A1g1fb1'.1 1'1.1u', IVI11 Kaye 111111 M11 Sh1111111i'. JUNCBLUT, ELIOT 824 112 Street Trinity Club, Treasurerg Band: Sec- retary to Dr, Cochrang Math Office: Music Oliiceg Red Cross Cluhl MU- sicales,-Red Cross Representative, M111 SE1111111111, 111e 11'1111111'1'f111 .11111 1111171711112 T41111111 C1116 111ee1111gr, 111'u ,1e.11i 111 Mr, F1.1lftl"l' jvrefecl .11111 .111 111e 111111111 ,11111 1EJL'l7t'1'.l .11 F1111 H.111111l1111. JUNSCH. GERALDINE 5505 Fourth Avenue Cafeteria Section Captaing Typist in Miss Brookmanns Office: Secretary tix Mr. D, Cohen.-Secretary. T.l61e 1111 1111111 ijml fnil 1'1111l,1111e11 .1 11.1571 11115 T111 11111 111111 1ll1111t, j11.111, .11111 LU11, .111 ,1111,1i1111- l'11111111111h11-11111. KANDO, GEORGE 11311 Third Avenue Service Corpsg Section Captain in Cafeteriag liasketball lntramuralg XX'ork in Mr. Quituleys Ofhce. - Business W'orld, T111 ,g1'..11 1111111 13.11 .11111 I 11.111 111 Ailll S1f11'l'1 11.114, KANTER. LINDA 675 H6 Street Seci'et.u' Service Squadg Library Squadg G. O. Representativeg Pan American Clubg Swimming Clube Busirlcv Sfllmrl. 761 11111 5111111 ,11111 1 b.111 111111 E1'111e 111 L.1ll', .11111 N111 NI.I11Vj' 1111111 z1'1111- !IIe1'1ll1 111111111 .111111 fK.1L17t'1'.l 111 F1111 HJ1111111111. KAPPAKAS, ELAINE 2211 77 Street Mixed Chorusg Musicaleg Latin Clubg French Cluhg Secretary to Miss Van Bokkelen and Miss Mulling Swimming Cluh.+College. T11e 1e.11'1111'1 I 11111 .11111 11111 fI1K11L1l I 111.111e. 47 KATAPODIS, KATHERINE 552 SO Street Secretary to Mrs. Cataniag Modern Dance Clubg Psychology Clubg Mu- sicaleg Senior Shovvl G. O. Repre- serltativeg Toxver Literary Staffg l.i- brary Squadg Radio XXforlcsliopg Service Corps.-College. All if.11f1 mix Zl'lIh Ihe heflg :IH 1111 l'1'1ef111'.i who zzefe to iueff. All llllifh f7er'l11tfi ull fhe ihnie. The ie11f11r rhffzi' which 11411 ffm effffif- KAUFMAN.. DIANE S851 Fort Hamilton Parkway Library Squad1 Attendance Monitor for Miss Farquharg Assistant to Mr. Bedellg Boosters.-Business. 1llrJ1'f1n1g rulfee zrilh -ltulllllcfle .md M7044 'grind HTJ IVTIU' ffl Av. fha "Big li" eifvecmfflri fe.111f1el1e, Siuvi, Sh7.Il'Hl? .md B.1Vb.7l'.l .1111J' fhe lillll Zl'!fh7 Lffieff 111 N11fr1f11111 Cf.1.f.f, KEEGAN, HELEN 5-12 Sl Street Usher Squad, terms 2-ig Locker Squad1 Late Squad. terms 3133 Nevvf man Club.-Business. The horn .md grrfv, The fax! -levll, .11111' e.rpei'1.11f,i Ih.1I .flri feefiulg .lffel I!!-1 1111111111111 cfaier, KELLEHER. MICHAEL T66 52 Street Basketball Team, 1 yearg Cafeteria Service. 1 vearg Supply Room. I year.-College and Business. The good Inner zrilh Ihr "TflC5" .md lf77'JL'fItTt: zrifh Iffzrfe 1ll,1r1,1. KELLS, JOHN 190 SO Street Curtaintimers, 3 Varsity Shovvsl Se- nior Shorv Committeeg Band. terms 1-S1 Musicalesg Mr. Quiglevs Othce Squadg Pilot. Newman Clubg Mathe- matics Assembly,-College, The lrwuez' timer and lhe r'e.1f Igreal lllemfi. KELLY, FRANCIS M. STH Fourth Avenue Table Captain: Senior Show.-Bush ness. The ieuiffr ihwzz' .md JU lhe fflcllalll I Nhlzje, -48 KENNEDY, YVONNE -121 69 Street Coaching the Speech Class: Secretary to Mrs. Cataniaq Senior Show.-SeG retary. The f1111 I had zrilh III-l f1'1em1'f, Pal Feellej' and P.1I Keogh. the zreu' from 1111 H!,fI0l'1 mom Zl'T1142I0ll', .7l'7'E.fbl7I.1iZ ,elif CL1.-'J and Ihe upzfht I0 Jchoof. KENNEY, ANNE MARIE 226 89 Street Secretary to Mrs. Hartz Arista: Se- nior Councilg Senior Shovvg Prom Committeeg Newman Clubg Lating Bowling: Modern Dance Clubs- Notre Dame College of Staten Islancl. Fort H,IIlITIf0ll. Ihe .rrhool which if fofvf 011 772.1 1111. The M11 .md fhe friefzdi .ue five !h1114Q,r zrhfrh IT! IIITII. KENNY, CAROLE '506 Sixth Avenue Senior Mascot: Service Squad: Re- ceptionistg Newman Club1 Girls' Chrt-un Table Captain. - Nurses' Training at Brooklyn Hospital -W Surgery. The Z!'0lIdEl'T1lh 12',z4i.r .wtf .rimtere fr'1e11dt I 111,1d'e mjllflillf 111-1 .fe11I01' ltclf, KEOGH, PATRICIA 260 6' Street Miss Xweidigz Coaching in Speech. -Secretary, The fr1e11J.r I 111.111'e' ,II For! Hamil- fufl .md Ihliel' frerrarf fznifh Ztlflh' TYIOIIPN, illom, .111ez' Dalai-ef. KIRAMIDI5. IVLARY 'Sl' Sixth Avenue Library Squad: Program Othceg At- tendance Monitor: Pan-American Club: Class Secretary for Miss Haig- nev.-Latin American Institute, The llUli'del'Tl11 fv'ie11d.r I 111.1.ies, fiflh ,fveriod f1111rh zrilh .JU Ihe llllll, Jud' illf. Gffhfflllzfr Freiypfv Cf,1ff, I KLEIN, ILENE 'Ili Third Avenue Red Cross Club1 Modern Dance: Section Captaing Attendance Mon- itor.-Secretary. The Ijcll' of fhe' .thaw fmnz Room 204 .md fhe z4'0i1de1'f1rl 1117151 In 1113 11111117 period zvifh Caro! and Irene KLEIN, LORRAINE 105' 55 Street Secretarial XY'c1rk-Miss Scully, Miss Challin, and Mrs. Schaefer: C.ifeteri.1 Service Squad: Locker Room: Senior Shovv.-Secretarial XY'ork. T61 'good Iflllef 117167 161' "TACS" 16: l.111g6.1 ll 116 161 "Big 15", 1111111111 p1'1'11112' 611111567 11116 161 g11'f.1' .11111' 11.111 111'1j1.11111.2 111 165 51111111 561111: KNUDSEN. BARBARA LEE S55 53 Street Secret.iri.1l Service Squad: Pianist for Trinity Club: Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus: Accompgnist for soloists in French Assembly: Music.1le.-Col- lege-Music, 1111 1'.1111L1'1.11.Q11 1111 V115 P11,1'1J1111, 11111 676171111 5111.1 .11111' 1-Hoff .11 f11111'6. .1111 R11161e'.1 1'111.',1'1.11.'1 A111751 111 11'1',111'!'r be I' EJLTA 1 KNUDSEN, CAROL +55 64 Street Musicalesg G. O. Representative: W'orlced for hir. Sc1li,1v.1v and hir. Kaye: Typist for Pilot: Mixed and Girls' Choruses: All-Citv Chorus: Nevvman Club.-Singing Career. 11I7'l. S1f:6e1'2',1' 11o11de1'11117 6ef1'1 .1111 g1111f,111re.' 1125 11111 I 61.1 d11111.',E' 11141 f0111' 'l6.Z1'J' 111 C61111111 KNUDSEN, ROY 539 'H Street Captain of Lunchroom: Service for Mr. Golnmb: Mr, Quiglevs Otiice. -Business Wforlcl. 1111: Hof111,111'1' ll77'Ef6LAI 11116 fuk 11111 A111 Co6e11',1 HI.l'f01'.l Clio' 111113 16C gzfl 111 266 .l'EL'01Zd 11111. IEKOIIJ 51.11. KNUTSEN, KNUT 639 '9 Street Soccer Team: Tennis Team: Service Corps: Mr. Quigleys Office Squadg Cafeteria Service: Senior Class Rep- resentative.-Business. T61 g1'e.11 1111151 111 161 locker 11111111 KOENIC, MADELINE 5024 Ninth Avenue Secretary to Mr. Carlin: Secretary to hir. Plaster: Secretary of Menorah Club.-Brooklyn College. T66 1111.21 1111151 111 H16 period fllllfb 11116 Lorelf, 16e 11011611 11'e experi- enced. 6111 111011 of 1111, 111-1' 51111161 1:11 116116 I 111611 111 6411! 10 !e,z1111 1111111- 16111g, . Qeswlf- es - - 5 x fls ti X S W .,..,. ,HQ 3 s xv X X s ..nndQss.1. vs? LX S X, JV' s 1 ,ye fin' f X, ,, ww! 59,2 1 . 16 if .1 4 f Z f 14 MW X ,wha . ski ,.1 .x." , Q I I N. I' W 19 , 1' I. '.1. 1 , . , 15555. .19..f.'1 .:,, . ,V . X .. 1 A x I I, , 41' 'HWY f I MWM KOLODNY, PAUL 58414 Fort Hamilton P.ti'lcv1'iiy Secretary for Miss Hennessey: Dean's Service Squad for Mr. K.1ye: Psy- chology Club: Treasurer of .lunior UNESCO Club.-College, C.C.N.Y. T61 .1z1'1ff 7l1'1e111f1, 161' 5712.11 111116.13 .1111f 165 z1'111'11l.1' of 11'1.11f01l1 .11 F011 H111111f1611 H1KL'61 S1'6r1r1f, KRAFT, ALICE O38 S11 Street I-.ite Squad with Mrs., term 3.--l-Business. 1111 51111111 11.11, 161 111.111 Lf,I167 111 165 fillt Zl'Tf!7 l'1 .1111f 51111, B111 11116 15111. .11111' 1111 6111 111 '11fl1111'. KRISTIANSEN, HENNING ll1"l S2 Sifffef Golf Team: terms ', gl Bowling terms ', S: Cross Country TLQIIN, terms S, 6: Service Corps.- L'nited States Navy. T61 f1111 1111 161: Goff Te,1111. KRONMAN, JUDITH -Fl 'S Street SL'L'l'L'l.lI'l' to Mrs, Hurt .ind lNIr. Sllll1Y.lYQ Administrative's Otlice: Arist.ig Pllimf Columnist rind Reporterg Tovver I.iter11rv Stuff: President Psvchologx' Cluhg I..itin .ind French Cluhsg lNIenor.ih Clulm- Cirlleltre-il'e.lCl1iI'l,LZ. P11111 11'1.11ff11111 11111 1.11 f111111 fffull- lllif 7111111 1f1'.1Jf11111 11111 1111 iillllf S1111 l'ff 111111 111 111111111 111e1.11111'e .ll11. fI.l7'f, 1ll1'. G.1111l111 ,md H.1111- 1f11111. KURLANDER, IR.-A 153 Dahlgren Place to Miss Dick, terms S-S: Remhinmdts, terms 5-8.-College. T676 illfld 111 161 1111'e'1e1'1.1. KUDLER, RUDOLPH 5812 Fifth Avenue Service Corps, Z years: Lieutenant Service Corps, l year.-XX'ork. T611 :good flllltil 111 M11 S11'11611'1' Hlfffllvl CL111, 49 KVALH'EIM, DOROTHY 510 79 Street Trinity Club, terms 3-S1 Mixed Chorus, terms 6-S3 Cafeteria Squadg Secretarial Service Squad.-Business. Ra.rhin,e fn ,rr-haol in lhe nzorfziug, frm in preferf, and The ezzjoyrihle iinzer in fha Mixed Clmrlzr. LAFFEY, JAMES 469 60 Street G. O, Representativeg Mrs. Farqu- har's Otlice Squadg Miss Keely's Of- fice Squadg English Bookroorn. - Business. All my -ll'lEIZII7.l' ima' the good fizzzer we had lageflwr al fable I in lhe r'.1fe!eri.1. LAKE, BARBARA 6203 Ninth Avenue Library Squad, terms 5, 4g Attend- ance Monitor in Study hallg Emer- gency Squad.-Business. The friemlr I wade in Frm' H.7IIIIl- Ion: lnzzrh Ihe fiffh jwriud wizh fhe .YIIIKZIII-g hiralr hlff umrf of all Ihe "Tzz'rl1'e IPS." LA MONICA, VINCENT 5804 Seventh Avenue Library Squad, terms 1, Zg Section Captain in Cafeteria, terms 5, 6.- Business-Ofhce Vilorli. The f'1'1efzrl,t I zmzrle. and fha frm I had 111 Far! Hrmzillrnz. LAMOREAUX, JUNE 218 Bay S Street Secretary to Mr. Golomb and Mr. Leving Tutoring for Miss Millerg Secretaryg Arista. f College - Bus- iness. llfzifizig for fha hnrer on Zl'lllIt?f NIUVIIIIIIQIQ Mr, Gizzzelen, the girl! in lhe "Bly Fiuifewln .lllbl all Ihe grwrl Iiwtw ju gwz and llnfrh. LANCILLE, SHIRLEY HELEN 150 75 Street Secretary to Miss Hoffman, Miss Duhig and Mrs. Selding Health Ed. Secretary: Red Cross Club Sec- retary.4St. ,Iohn's Episcopal School uf Nursing. Thr' zzwmlnzyg fufiwzre of my Imrh- rri. t.if1er1.1llAi Mr. fffllifz, .zml flame of LILJI fo mr. Chine, Belly, Blrllifbg .tml Rrlgrfit. 50 ,wwe W Q M' Q I im I ff' V fs QW!! Q Q I, s li W f AR? 'x , s E it X I e X ' Q- Q - s X 5 9 IS -.., a .ii-. W, sw 4 ,I rw, Q ' , 'Si " S st ,ff f W Q V ff ,. Sl X .4 ..... I 7 1 gi I2 . ,E .X , ,,.,.. ff LANGLOTZ, CAROL ANN 1137 63 Street Library Squad, 1 year.-Work in the Chase Bank. . My jim' few weeler izz For! Hanrrl- fou, learning fhe new ways of hzgh rrhool, gelfiug loft, making new friemlr, and finally, l00f5if1gf01'u'afrl fa g1'aa711aZi011. LARES, EDWARD 504 84 Street Mixed Chorus: Cafeteria Table Cap- tain.-Radio Engineering. My lar! year in ZVIV. Szabo? radio rla,r,f.' my fffltl farm Ar! Clair. and fha good fimef in Ihe refeleria. LA ROSE, MARYANN 440 41 Street Secretary to Miss Hoffman, term 43 Library Squad, terms 5-8.-Business World. The teacher-.v ima' lhe friezzalr I made: the frm .11 fable GJ fhore jelly ap- fvler irfler rrhaol, and fha flew from the Iflmzry zz'i1zd0u'. LARSEN, SVANHILD S55 56 Street Library Squaclg Service Corpsg Trin- ity Clubg Secretarial Service Squad- Business. The u'011a'erfnl iimer zrizh Irezze. Berry, R11fA7I6 .wal A1271 ,' rhe fuzz in IWIIJJ Sivznzzfr S1512 and'1'ipI Clair. hal erper-rally ihe good time in the -fflllffb period lazzrh .11 fable B. LAYVSON, EDNA 270 91 Street Aristag Tower Staifg Cafeteria Corps: Secretarial Service Corpsg Program Committeeg Red Cross Rep- resentativeg Modern Dance Clubg Pan American Clubg Trinity Club: Boosters: Tower Representativeg Senior Show.-College, Nursing. illiii rllillerfi lively praj'er'l,' .mal Ihe fill! in .md .rmnfzd .rfhrml willy my e.rfveri.zlly CADEC and lhe I1l.i' l LECOTTE, LEONARD 1045 67 Street Service Corps: Gi O. Odiceg Intra- mural Basketballg Cafeteria Sei-viqe Corps.-Air Force. ll"0rkif1g in fhe G. O. Office the .l'EL'0lld period zvifh Mr. Kalfmmlzz .nzrl fhe !ilI,1j', LEGREIDE, NANCY 6636 Ridge Boulevard Secretary to Miss Farquharg Library Squadg Tower Business Staff: Swim- ming Club: Senior Council.-Model- ing. R11i'I1111g to 111151 1-111115 111 fbi 11111111- ing, D11111g 1111111511111-E 11II 111111113 Tl'v1I1I,g Io .1'i1.'.1' cl1.111't d111111g I11111115 A1111 .111 1111 11111 111111 TZVE 111111111 LEISS. LORELL 952 SO Street Service Corps: Secretary tor Mr. ,lol- tini Menorah Club: Secretarial Serv- ice Squad.-Business XY'orld. A15 1'I.1.1'.1e.1' t 1'11111?1111'J III 11 111111 I 111511 .fo 17.1111 Ie.11'1I, fin? 51.11 111 .1II the 1'1'.1Z, 1.'11je.1 111 1177111 pe1'1111f I1111111 Z1 1.'1? ilI,1jeI11.'e. LENZ. HILDRED 3511 S' Street Library Squad: Accounting Orlice. Senior Council: Service Squad. - Business. V V ll ee1ze1,J.1 .11 IXf1111,p1,11 Ztcle 11.1113 NZLEZZ. RIl.fZ7I1Zlk' 3, .1111 1'.1.I,'15Vg' if MD I.. , , 7 , C' 1 "1lI0If1e1"1 Lffife I1f1f111" 111: The 1.173 IIIQZZVI, D.111114i'i 1111111111112 111.1111Ig 1 1 51.13 112171. . , , LEPIS, JOSEPH u S414 Firth Avenue Cafeteria Table Captain. 2 years.- Business. Tfye 11115 .1.f.1e11ibf1e 11111 111. C5 'fl' 1lI11.r1r Dep.z1.'111e1:1'. LEUCHS. ANNE MARIE lo-io 82 Street Aristag Pilot Sports Columnist and Reporter: Tower Literary and Busi- ness Staff: Curtaintimers: Band and Orchestra: Secretary to Mr, Quigley: Boosters: Newman Club Vice Presi- dent: Bowling and French Clubs: Musicales Program: Secretarial Seri- ice Squad: Record Otiice. - Pem- broke College. CADEC U61 H7770fI6'.fflJl P11113 B111- mor, 16.11 "SIU" 11115. Ike ladder 011 Nye root of F.H.H.S., 1'lI1'. K.zief'r 11111111 1111-, joI1111'.r Chem. M11 Solo- 1,1y'.i'fo111'11JI1r111 .md 172-I 1111v411.z111e- "Lo01c5". LEVIN, ELAINE 6"0l COlOf1i3l Road Curtaintimers: Math Assemblyg Aria- tag College Secretary: Band: Secre- tary to Miss Galindo. Mr. Nazer. Miss Kervven. Mrs. Rich, Miss Dickg Senior Showg Tower Art Staffg Boost- ersg Menorah, French, Dance, Swim- ming Clubs.-College. Iliff 11 feu' ll'01'd.f 10 de1'r'1'15e Ike beigbzr Of my fllll 111 B,1111z',' More f11'e-.mige frighlf Ezerg day 1611 56,113 111116 156 H1- L11e5. Es If I-. 'A if 'W' T ' '7,,. 'Zi 1 71 V 1 ize, 'C ..,. . ' Wu aww-"" , A x is Z 5' f . 1 19- LIEBERMAN, ELEANOR 1010 -19 Street Deans Squad, 3 yearsg Cafeteria Section Captain, 2 years.-College. My i1'fE1Id.f, 111111 IIJE fl7IlZtE'.l' we 1l11111g111 zrere 111111132 LINDSTROM, XVENDY 111 Gelston Avenue Secretary to Mr. Tanner and Mr. Kottmann: G.O, Representativeg G. O. Council, second year: Mixed Choriisg Red Crocg Representative: Senior Shovv.iBusiness. H1111 1.11111'11'11'I11'.r111 ,l111'11111' fire: IIIIAQ- 111,y .11111' 11111111115 11110 ffve AI.L.I. LOCKERBIE, ERNAJEAN 26 Bay Ridge Place Aristag Trinity Club. Secretary and Vice President: Girls' Chorus: Cur- taintimersg Librarv Squacll lr. Unes- co Club, Secretary.-College. The good flllfct' III T1'1IIIlYl' CI116, Ike 11111 111 1'f1111'11f, lfwit' "1e11'111"' 1'I,1:rrgi' 117.17 -1.11113 .111J fliltli' I1111y 11'.11I 10 lL'A7fl'fl,, L0 GIUDICE. JOSEPH F. 64111 Eleventh Avenue Vlceeldresiderlt of Psyclitmliigy Clubp Senior Council Represenhitiveg G. U. Represenhitiveg Newman Club: 'liable Captain. - College to study l7sYCl11il11gv'- l1l1t 111111,1e1'111I flllftt I 11.111111 1116 "I'111'f111I1141't Cl11f1" IIII1-ffl' N15 e'.x'11e1'! .1!11e1'.'11111 111 ,ll1. K.1111111. LUNG, DOROTHEA H0211 Seventh Avenue Secretarial Service Squad, 2 years.- lflusifless W111'ltl. T111 111111111 I 111.11111 1ij1e1'1.1IlV1 Helen. .111 11111 11: !7.lLf.' .1111I 111111111113 111-11111 L'!.Itt 111 1'I.11,r, LUNGU, ARLINE 6201 Fort Hamilton Parkway Attendance Monitor, termg 5-SQ Wiirk for INTL Carling Cafeteria Squad.-Secretary. The 11111 11'.'11'111.g 1f111'1I Vlt:LI1' I1111fb f11'11l1 5111111111 .1111f bw' 11111.1 fiifaj, 1011 Ztllllfbl' ZFIIZY lbs I'TZl'L7!I'6 IPS", 6111 eif111'1.1IIi' fbe 111e11101'1er of FIO, D1.1111 tllld D11I111'e.r, ' 51 LO RURBIO., ANGELA 6510 Eleventh Avenue Secretarial Service Squad, Mrs. Frankleg Deans Squadg Gym Squadg Boostersg Newman Club.-Secretary. The friend! I h.1z'e mtzde, zhe affe- zerio, riimzizzg io official floss of 8:45 .md Mr. Morioifr revoaid period Lou' Clrzrr, LUDEMANN, JOHN PETER 630 79 Street Track Team, BVZ yearsg Cross Coun- try Team, 4 years, Captain 1 yearg Electrical Squad, 1 yearg Radio Physics Club, 1 year.-College. The train rider home from Von Cori- lrzizdz Pork oil Sofizrdtzjug and all mg frieizdr. MacCREADY, CYNTHIA DIANE 7005 Shore Road Secretary to Mr. Nazer and Mr. Chelimskyg Red Cross Clubg Bandg Curtaintimers. - C o l l e g e , then Nurses' Training. The good timer we had iii the handy fhe fhtziige to lhe Forhioizr of '55- hiiee mehr, hair hrzzidi' and friizo- lizzer-izz other zvordr, growing up! MAC DERMOTT, DOROTHY 102 85 Street Aristag G.O. Representativeg Baridg Musicales '51, '52, '55g Program Committeeg Intramural Basketballg Trinity Clubg French Clubg Curtain- timers.-College. The rin-th offer Bond rehem'mI,' "The Prince", and Ttzhr, MacINNIS, WILLIAM 182 Dahlgren Place College St. johns or Air Force. Mg' three yetzrr of F.H.H.S. zvilh Chrzrlie Chan and .ill hit your ,md dozzghterr. Mac YVILLIAMS, PETER 6660 Ridge Boulevard Biology Squadg Projection Squadg G. O. Representativeg Senior Showg Table Captain. - Collegeg Medical School. My Izzo -3'e.1r,r io refund peru' Lrifiu. 52 . ,ef T t 7 i-X I ie 4' A f , 5' A W' Z 9 , X 7 Z! ., .i,. . S . K . ...,, W V Q f ,A - V 4 .41 -. . -'S' pw-c MADSEN, KATHLEEN 5304 Eighth Avenue Secretary to Mr. Szabo on Service Corpsg Collected Attendance Cards. -Business Wforld. My woiiderfizl prefer! feather .Mir MfHugh and zhe 511111 timer iii pre- fer! ufifh joan, Louire, Adillie and Vifhi, hill moi! of ali, lhe frieizdr I mode. MAEDER, HELEN 279 92 Street Secretary to Miss Keely, Mr. Mor- ton, Mr. Elosua, and Miss Hen- nessyg Cafeteria Servicesg Library Squad.-Air Line Stewardess. The fuzz mid lhe friezidr, erperirdly Leinzjf and johhizy. MAGALDI, MARIE ELENA 6813 Sixth Avenue. College. Dreaming of my Zim gear and the day I go! my .reizior ring. MAGNUSSEN, RICHARD 6219 Fifth Avenue Band, terms 5-83 Halloween Art Contest, terms 5-6.-United States Navy. The good timer ue had ifz rhe hand wizh Mr. Chelimrhy. MAGRINO, MARILYN ANNE 921 S5 Street Newman Club: Latin Clubg Boost- ersg Senior Showp Secretary to Mrs. Hartg Secretary to Mathematics De- partmentg Mixed Chorusg All-City High School Chorusg Musicale. - Manhattan School of Music. The "freezing" zhird periodr in Room 1083 doing homework during l!HIL'h7.' fhore Stzfzn-day morzzifzgr iiz All-Cifj .md the u'o11derfi1l hidr of F.H.H.S..' MALVINO, ANN , 651-l Eleventh Avenue Locker Room Monitor.-Secretary. The Iocherxn' Vllllllillg for the hor, .md .ill the fini ufilh .Mohey tzizd Flo iii hii'Io1'j'. MAMARY, RONALD 9425 Shore Road Track Team. terms 5-8.-RCA In- stitute. The T116fd.1,1.f 111111 TZ7l1l'.fdJ-1'I 116611 ye 211111 111.1112 pr111'r1ce J! 1116 A1-111111--y 111 111111, r1111z1', 11111. 111111 ,flesh MANCANO.. JOAN 10'-1 65 Street Emergency Room Squadg Secretary to Mrs. Azzara and Mrs. Bonomg Secretarial Service Squadg Newman Clubl Bowling Clubg Boosters: Unesco.-Business. The 1l0I1LZ7EI'fII! 1111111 ,11 I-'mf H,1111jI- 1011 .11111 11111.15 1l02ILTL'7'4lill1', 511.131 zzreia eudr. ' M,-SNN, FLORENCE 923 56 Street Editor-in-Chief, "Pilot": Arista 3 Band: Orchestra: Borough Council: Senior Show: Secretary of Psychology Cluhg Radio Workshopg Modern Dance Cluhg Boostersg College Sec- retary.-Brooklyn College. The "G1'f.11 Ilnlvzle F,1!be1"' .Uld JI! IEE 11o11:fer?11I "P1I0!ee1'r" Z1 611 1011611 10 111:61 lbs de111I111efi. MARESC.-X, ERNEST 557 S5 Street Newman Clubg Cafeteria Squadg Service Corps. - College and Ac- counting. TZ1ef1'1s11d,r I 61116 1111111712 .md Ike 11111 I had 11116 166711 111 F011 I-I,11111IIo11. MARKUSSEN, ROBERT 580 52 Street Cafeteria Squad.-Business, The u'011de1'f11l Z1111e 111 Ibe r11fele1'1,1 11116 161' B,lJ'E6Ib:1II 1611172 Lllld 16.4 girly. MARINOS, GEORGE 541 61 Street Service Corpsg Cafeteria Service Squadg G, O. Representativeg Lieu- tenant Service Corps, 2 years.- Medicine. My fine learberr, and lbeir exrellenl g111d1z11re, mm' my 111f111y good f1'1e11dJ. .J QM, Sf' 'f f Rv .: QQ-Q 1, WSW 1-av' aw- W 11, . N X N M wk 1 11 X A 1 19. 1,1 . ' MARTIN, CAROL ANN 751 58 Street Secretary to Mr. Selwyn and Mf- Smith, terms 3, 4g Regents work for Miss Gelber and Miss Skidmore.- Bahy Nurse-New York Foundling Hospital. The 11111 I had 111 111616 "G" fffb jreriod, 111 Gym, 1111d 111 M1'I.' Gold- jag,-gy S1111 Cl,1i,r, 111111 fha f1'1e111z'r I 11111119 bare. MARTORANA, MARIETTA 7620 Fifth Avenue Secretarial Squad.-Business World. 11111 me, EI.f1e and .M.11',ge Tb111L lb1.r ye,11' bm been .1 11111'.1ge,' A 111116 .YO blue 111111 yer .fo gay Nou' e.11'b 1111111 go bw' 01111 1L'i,Z.1'. MASCI, THERESA 250 Dahlgren Place Secretarial Squad. terms 5, 6.-Busi- ness XY'orld. The 1,1111 111 filff 11511011 2,1721 111112' 11117 161- 11'1111d1'1'f11I fr1e11d,r .md p.1.r.r111g Hole- 11115 B.11'b.11'.1eII111f 1,1 , X. 1' we gC1f:C . 1, ,f , Z. C zffv, '.f1fgQ o ' MASHAMESH. CEOR 'E 6 S S5 Street Service Lunch Period. 3 Navy or College. The f1111 I 6.111 111 j11'ef1'1'1 111111 my 11111111 115111111 MATARAZZO, JOHN 4222 Eighth Avenue Lihrnry Squad, terms 3, 4.-College. The fllll 1f111'111g l1111cb 111 lbs cafe- 1e1'1,1.' Ibe good 11111ei 111 Mm, H-1161-3 file'-feff .md lbs 127.11151 rink 10 JFXJOUI fnzrb 111o1'11111g. MATSON, ARTHUR 346 85 Street Orchestra, 2 yearsg Musicules, '51 and '52g G. O. Representativeg Science Cluhg German Clubg Service Corps.-College or Air Force. llffvl' fl'16l1L7'.l, 1113' 1e111'be1'.r, Jlltf zbe llI'L'bEJ'l7'.l. 55 MATSON, MARION 346 86 Street Service Corps in Cafeteria, terms 1, 23 Girls' Mixed Club, terms 1, 2: Trinity Club, terms 1, 2.-College or Business School. Counting the drzyf till g1'6ZdIlrlfI0lZ rztzd the good timer with jrtrhie, Tore, tzzzd Kathy, MATTHIESSEN, PETER 130 Battery Avenue Aristar Leagueg Captain of Soccer Teamg Emergency Room, Tutoring, Gym Secretary: Table Captain. - University of Rochester. The yearr I spent itz Fort I-Iamiitofz, its tetzcherr and my friends, erperiitlly the mr1them,1tirr izrzd drpzftizzg de- p.zrtme11tJ. MATTSON, JOHN 510 Tenth Avenue Rifle Teamg Mixed Chorusg Trinity Club, Senior Table Captain.-Easb ern Bible Institute. Thore crazy gals .tt mhie D, the fifth period. MAXYVELL, BARBARA 260 57 Street Secretarial Service Squadg Girls' Chorusg Section and Table Captain in Cafeteriag Boosters. - Nurses' Training. The ftoz itz prefer! with hig Tom who .mt in the rorrzerq Girly' Chortzr with Bie Bie and all the timer we were ctzlied dorm for Irzlhirzg. MAYGLOTHLINC, PATRICIA 269 80 Street Secretary of Aristag Curtaintimersg President of Latin Club, Mixed Club: Leaders, Beacons, Orchestrag Girls' Chorus, Program Committeeg Senior Showg Musicaleg G.O. Representa- tive.-College. Mfr. CL1fr77Zi.I, and period eight, The zrorh ,vid the flirt that uxzr rzf- uxtyr .fo grerzt, "The T.1hr", the rltrhr, the Regents ettrh The 772051 zworzderfiil timer of my .ffhool l.'rlP'6'E1'. IVIAYROSE, ROBERT 516 83 Street Intramural Basketball, 2 yearsg Col- lector of Attendance Sheets, 2 years. -United States Navy. The good timer dizririg fourth period Itnzrh zzifh Alztdgie, Doris, Pri! Lllld .tif the re fl of the gtzrzg. 54 K 4 T SX' ' V 9 .ef . fy ,W Q Y, 1 V 1 ' ti 2 .... 2 ff .. ...- . ,,,,.., , ,- .... ,, ,W - Q W .V x ff 3 , 7' 51 A ,WIA K at , .8 AI f M' . AV' xi 1 L j' A . ,puv WM l f e t If sr Q We QW' W W 1 . , , . W - V VF! 7 Wg l 44' , .sm GZ" McAULIFFE, ROBERT 324 99 Street Basketball Team, terms 5-83 Baseball Teamg Newman Club.-College or Business. The "TAGS", The hogr on the hare- hall and hrzrhethall tevwzr and the good timer I had with them. Mc-CARTHY, BARBARA 519 58 Street Receptionist, Program Committeeg Assistance to Mr. Swahng Service in Girls' Gymnasium, terms 5, 6.-Red Cross Club, terms 5, 6.-Bl-15111655 School. My frrt yerir in Fort Hamilton High arid the rvozzdezftzl timer in the lurtrhroom zrith my friends. MCCARTHY, EUGENE '-102 Seventh Avenue Cafeteria Serviceg Newman Clllbl Mr. Quigley's Odficeg Service Corps. -Travel. The fuzz tzrzd the Lzughr .md the two jerzry with Alf. Alortorz. McDONOUCH, DIANE 252 96 Street Orchestra, 4 yearsg Vice-President of Orchestrag Secretary to Mr. Chelim- sky and the Bandg President of Or- chestra, term 8.-College. The IIE7'Z6-Zl'7'JL'LI7Ig rehe.zrr1l.r in Orrhertra with .til the four zioter. ,md the wild rrrstmhle for ch,zirr itz the fifth period Itirzch. MCGINNIS, DONALD 612 S0 Street Biology Laboratory Proiection, 5 termsg Table Captain Cafeteria, 1 year.-College-C.C.N.Y. Mr, Kielrorz .md the Bio. L1h.,' two A3e,tr.i' of e.tIi.v'the11it'.f it-ith Air. Le- howit: .md .til the friertdr I made .md hope Io keep. MCGLINCHEYY, ROBERT 328 S7 Street Service Squad, terms 1, 21 Senior Show.-Business. The good timer in Mrf, Olrgpfr Eug- Iijh Cl.:ZJ'.l', Zh? fill! lttfh Kgygpli, Lottire. Millie, rwd C.1eur in fflh period illllfhf, MCCLYNN, JUDITH 4 S33 55 Street Library Squad: Mixed Clubg Lend- ers Club: Beacons.-Business. Mr. Krzwyelr Mrzzh C1.1.r.feJ.' Befte, L1:. Jlldl 1176 722.111 d.7j11g:r,' I172 11111511 yggpy' 1176 1711111 111111 .111 of 111-1' fI'1EIId,f. NICGOWN. JANET 525 62 Street Arista: Beacons: Volleyball and Basketball Club: Swimming Clubg Assistant to Mr. Swahn and Dr, Cochran: Secretarial Service Squad: Prefect College Secretary: G. O. Representative: jr. Beacons: Mixed Club.-Vfagner College. R11'111g 10 IHI01' 111 Ihe 11.112 01 11.11z'11. The 11111 111 prefer! Zl 1th 11113 511.11111 The fe110z1',f .md ,g1.11f, IZ76 11011 111111 fllll. B111 771051 01 111-F01-1 H.1111111011. 1VIcGREEVY, RONALD 6'5 S6 Street Morning Service. Secretarial Service: Cafeteria Guard tLieuten1nt and Captainjr Secretary 1Boy's Deanj. -United States Merchant Marine Academy. The 1101Id67'VfI!1I177281' I hid 1111111 Oil lhe C11fe1e1'1.1 SEWZICE C01pf. MCLAUGHLIN, MARGARET 3312 Avenue J Cafeteria Service Squad. terms 3-5g Newman Club, terms 2-8.-Secre tary. The f1'1e11dr 111111 411 Ihe 1.111365 I had 112 F011 HJ111111011. hw 111011 01 1111 zhe 11111 z1'11h zhe UTltE1Ie IP'S." McNEICE, YVILLIAM 820 A 55 Street Service Corps: Lieutenant of Service Corpsg Track Team: Manager uf Rifle Team.-New York University. The 161726 memhenf 01 lhe Fdflllij' u'h0 are 0111 171612511 113' u'e11 111 0111- 1e.1rh- e1'r,' my yearr al F017 I-I11111111011, happy 01165 11m011g my rherjrhed mem0'1'1er, MEBERG, ARNE 465 79 Street Dean's Office: G. O. Representative: Intramural Basketball: Varsity Bas- ketball.-St. Olaf College. The h11rhe1h1111 Ieam, l'UlIE16J1 Ma1'15', 627251, M1J1' M111e1'. 'I' 11 X? 1 - : V so f R.. it iff 9' ,11,,..f 7 J: . fx er' X 1 X x K 1 1 .,- -ik, ,351 nr- ' 1' X W ? 4 g X ! I l 1 1' f 1 1, ? s., A., We .V g -1 9' . E51 ,E " 1 , 'K ' 4413.1 Q, -ppc-"' , Li. j 131' . 2' V',WL,.,.Q 1.9 X 111. W' 1 if tw 1 1' in In 11 ,, Qiigiffl , .1115 if, z 4 1 ' 1 MEDINA, JOYCE 273 TS Street Locker Monitor.-Business Wforld. The 11111 I h.1d 111111 Ihe 111611111 I 111.111e,' 111111 fhe z1'.1he11L11 11'e.11111e111 111 lhe E11g11fh 1'1.1.s1i'. MEISNER, ELLEN 1059 58 Street Senior Council Representative: Sec- retary to Mr. Leichtmirn and Mr. Kaye: Arista: Menorah Club: Psy- chology Club: Modern Danceg Locker Squadg Boosters.4-Brooklyn or City College. The .fLI1Idll'1L'b .lJ1!1f711lIAE,' 111 111h1e A, fha g1'e.11 11111e1' Zl'11h7 Alf. K.lY1'6, fha 11'0z1'11ed, 117.11 r1'.1:y F1'e11rh r1.1.r,r .11111 Sfh A17t1'1OLf Che1111J11'y 11'1Ih lllll L,1G1'.11'it. MELBYE, ESTER 521 63 Street fFrom Norwayjg Trinity Club.- Nurses' Training. L,111.Q11,1ge T1'011h1e, T011 .I1111 Sfl'1lg'g1K. MELLE, ELLING 24' '1 Street Entered Fort Hamilton October, 195-1: Cafeteria Squad: Senior Show Director.-Business. T1'.11'h111g Se11101gr bull' 111 11,1115 111 rhf Se111f11' Sh70ll'. MELTZER, FRANCINE 955 51 Street Aristu: Secretary to Mrs. Goldberg: Wfork in Program Officeg Booster Club: Menorah Club. - Private Secretary. The LZILIQ' I llhlrl' 111e111111e11 11110 fhe A111111 S0r1e1y uf F017 H11111i11011, lhe 1720.11 Ij71'1111ll.Q e.x'pe1'1e111'e 1111310116 r011111 hope 10 h111fe. MENDELIN, HONVARD 640 49 Street Mixed Chorus: Musicale, '53.-C0l- lefe. A1 my 111111151 f1'1e1111.r, and Zhe 110611 11111e.r we 1111111151 hrzd. 55 MENDEZ, ADELE 256 88 Street Service Squadg Secretary to Miss Brooknianng Boosters: Newman Club: Section Captain.-College. NI-3' junior .intl Senior Yetzrr and rn.il1iiz,E lwine iz! llvree. MERJANIAN R SE RY h Avenue tt ptr Secretary tr ' 'ss u n and Mr. Plat c ' i' Clu 3 Boostersg M1 e ioru" enior C o u n C i l 3 G. ep es tativeg Senior Prefe t Tr surer" 't C imitteeg - sicale ' .- th ne Gibbs eci tarial 'c1oo. T672 Mon ez' no ing .terrionr nlw if Ilve "BQ ll" elf 111115, zriily flae gnng in flie Cafe 'i , and Ilya 'ride Io ,irliool erer'-y orning zrifb my good friend, Mitt Dire. ' MESSINA, PETER 927 58 Street Track Teamg Pre-School Service Squadg Secretary to Mr. Quigleyg Intramural Basketball.fBusiness. Tbe Zerzrlverr, .ind till ing' friendr in Foil Hninilfon. MICALLEF, RICHARD 6811 Sixth Avenue Business Wtmrld. Mg' ,renior yetir and till Ilye fine frieizlli I intirle. MICHELSEN, HELEN 4819 Fourth Avenue Aristag Latin Clubg Secretary to Mr. Kaming Senior Councilg Prefect Class Treasurerg Math Tutoringg Library Squad.1College. All ing frienilr. llye fiin ,ind flie 8:05 funn. MICHELIS, MICHAEL 50' S2 Street Aristag Chemistry Squad, 2 yearsg Table Captaing Intramural Basket- ball Team.-College. The jritfndr I znniie iinring iny three -35.111 ,if For! Hnnzilfon. 56 is f If RW AQQW 1 0 v Y f f fo ft X N Z Wfx R'-rw W N iw UG' X W f 4 X X 55 fi W I 4: C in f 'I 1 "5 -:iii 4' ff' ' sf -.'. ii , E51 i f , V- A ' 9' Sw vii' f -N .A fx A AWN. H. .525 af , f X ,, 'is le we 'V 'v fm - I " i qu, f " ---- - , X 1 V -1 rig. 1' R S MIDLAND, BARBARA 6818 Bliss Terrace Trinity Clubg Secretary to Mr. Tan- nerg Program Office. - Nurses' Training Norwegian Hospital. Trinily Club, the fun in lunrlo, run- ning the mimeo for Mfr. Frunkle .znil trailing for L0r,e61'bie'f fan' in the morning. MILITEAN, ODETTE H. 6623 Ridge Boulevard Secretary Curtaintimersg Girls' and Mixed Chorusesg Musicalesg Boost- ersg French Clubg Menorah Clubg junior Unescog Borough and City Wide Discussion Groupg Tower Lit- erary Staifg Senior Show.-College. Tbe zeizrkerr, ine Hi Liter, my urug- gle zvilb nmzla, llvtzlkr Io srbool on ibut beizlen pozlbg Cnrztzinlinzeir' my great Senior year, Singing in rborur: all Ibete I bold clear. MILLER, JOHN 615 Bay Ridge Avenue Service Squad, 2 years.-Brooklyn College. The lEJL'bE1'I, ,ind the fun I laezd in ilie f.If6lE'I'lv7. MONHEIT, LINDA 8009 Shore Road Curtaintirnersg Secretary Mr. Stoneg Boostersg Menorah Clubg Senior Show.-College. Mr. Kaye. the gang in 147g alto Zlve rreu' .if A who lure nerer had Q1 qnief day. MONTGOMERY, JEAN 7919 Third Avenue Girls' Chorusg Mixed Chorusg Mu- sicalesg Beaconsg Basketball Clubg Health Service Departmentg G. O. Representativeg Senior Shovvg Boost- ers.fBusiness. Tlw f1'iena'.r I lure nude .ir For! Hnrnillon tina' "The Ttzlatf' Alizv. Snlsbefg .ind ber rlvorizr, MOORE, RICHARD 5518 Sixth Avenue Service Corps, 1 yearg Table Cap- tain, 1 year.-United States Navy. The good liiner we had in Mr. Sfziflllj rlnu. MONACO, LEYVIS - 7759 Shore Road SCIVICG COrpS: Radio Workshtupg In- tramural Basketball: Lieutenant uf Lunch Squad.-College, The fl!!! uflft Ilw "T,1frr", 311,17 IIN? F1115-1' flu t 1-It .idfi-in IVIORBY. DORIS S000 Fourth Avenue Girls' Gym Office: Girls' Emergency Roomg Latin Club.-Nurses' Train- ing. The 111.1t2' 1-11,i'I1e',t 111 Iznzclvg 1116 1.1171 111 7175 GNU Offire .111t2' the I.7Ilgl7.f 111 H 0 111 5 N11 1 51 11.51, MORCH. ALITA 955 5' Street Trinitv Club. terms 5-61 Vice Presi- dent. terms '-S1 President Trinity Clubg Late Squad. Bible Schiiiifl 1Ferguss Falls. RIIHH., The uo11de1'f1zI 1111161 ,md .III I I6.I7'716Q7 flvwzfflv T1111115 Crlllkf ,Qtr- Ifllg 111 and 1,111 017' p1'ed1r.z111e111,f 141112 A1111.z J1111' Iver 5,1'g111g. HPIeJ:e duff! 712.1166 We go." MOSTARDA, JUAXITA 1074 65 Street Secretary frir Miss Hoffman and Mr. Kaming Biology Squadg Psyehulugy Clubg Dramatic Club: G. O, Repre- sentativeg Modern Dance Club. - Executive Secretary. I fbfllk 1611 I tba!! fzezer ree, A 1110 6'7'.IZ.'j .if flvere Ibree, 110111 and 'IIILZI-1 and 7726, 1011, Aim' JII the Ibllllgv ue Zlied Io dw. MOUSKOURIE, AUGUSTUS 315 59 Street Service Captain and Guard in Cafe- teria.-Business. I'II ,zfzcpzjf I'6Nl6I77b61' Ike good 11111e.f I had 111 For! I-1.1111111011 Hzgb Sfbuof. MULCAHEY, YVILLIAM 145 95 Street Class Manager, 1 year. - U. S. Blarines. The good 111125.11 we Ima! Ill Mr. LEZIlZ'.l' Hfi'fo1'kg CIai,f ,md Me ,good gzzjr 111 preferl. S., .,.. a ..,..a..- ..... ,, , ses X 2. . 1... I 1 'Ei' :MQ ,X , .mf 4 .. 7 L J Z I MM- f fA Win-if 'e 'W 55. 'l 3. , , .. 1" 1 .1 . 1 5 ' All , , 1 An 3 1 Q Ak if MUOIO, ANNA 7410 Eleventh Avenue Bonstersg Senior Councilg Prom Committeeg Girls' Emergency Room. -Business. TACS'tIlI e.v11',1 Meer for fbii' gran! rear, fled .1II Ike 111e111111'iey I Zmfd ,io :2'e.11'. MURPHY, NVILLIAM A 362 89 Street Library Squad: Service Squad, term 33 Orchestra. 1 yearg Band, 1 year.- Navy-Ciillege. Ting drfi.111.g 'w11111,i b.1L'f,l'.7,l,E'6 111 B.1111I, llvtf 11111e,i' 111 Ilflift MiIIe1'f jrreftrl ,md ilve 111111 111 I1111rIJ. MURRAY. NANCY DEAN 25 Oliver Street Girls' Clmrusg Mixed Chorusg Cur- taintimers. Vice Presidenti Modern Dance: Program Cummitteeg Secre- tary tu Mrs, Hartg Treasurer of G. O. fcnilltgt. Tfwit I,11tf C1111,1111I1111e1' I'c'Z7cI17',l.7I,l MII 111. ffw IQQ111 11111 111.11 lIClel' u'.1,i'. ffm 11fu11 11111rI11zi,i d111'111g r'Iw1'11i ,md "f11i1 Ifi Gull," MUSCO. ROBERT 10,45 i3 Street Service Ciirpsg Table Captaing Sec- tiiin Cgiptainf -Business. 'Hit 71111 111 file fitllv I1111rI1 111 1111i ie- lllfll' .it.11' llllff fm, lfffgel, AI .mul 51111. MYHRE, INGEBORG 651 R-L Street Program Othce. 5 terms: Secretary In Mr. Tanner, term 51 Trinity Club, 5 termsg Girls' Chiirus, terms 5, 6.- Business and eventually Police De- partment. The z1'1111Je1'f11I 11111tf,t ue had 111 IM' 1llerrI1,111d1ve .md S.1Ier111.111,tb1p CI,1,ri', ,iirft-I1.1rE111,g Mr. Slerne, all Ike IZ6Zl' ff1e111fi I llltldie .md .1Il1IJe old o11e,f I iepf. NALEY, BARBARA 572 78 Street Bimsters, terms 1, Zg Trinity Clubg Cafeteria Squadg Service Ctirps. terms 4-63 Library Squatlg Secretarial Squadg Red Cruss Clubg Senior Su- cial Cnmmittee.-Nurses' Training. The e11m111't1ge111e111 from 711 1' 121111113 J WJ 1111111411 l!fjIl.1'tlIId ,m'1'1'oz1', aIJ.11'ed zrillv 111,111 .HMI C.11'11I .IIILYI flve "1ll. L. I." 57 NARDI, ANN 35 87 Street Captain on Lunch Squad, 5 termsg Secretary to Mrs. Catania and Miss Hofimang Senior Councilg Senior Social Committeeg Senior Prom Committee,-Business XX'orld. Being .1f1'.1iJ .zr .1 f1e.rh111.111, 111-3' riiii- 71651 11.1 J ropli, 777-1' l7.lI7IIiiZ6J.l' 11.1 .1 f1111io'1', 11151 r.111'11e.f.v 11.1 L1 re11i111' k110Zl'iIlx2 ihir ir III-1 I.1.f1 year 111 For! H.1DZIiil11Z. NARDI, LOUISE 8606 Fifth Avenue Secretary to Miss Higginson, Mrs. Vifillison and Miss Hoffmang G. O. Storeg Arista.-Business XX'orld. The good Zi111e5 I had uiih my f1'ie11i1'f 111 F1111 H.1111iIfo11 .111i2' 1.1Ihi11g zvifh i!J67lZ. NASTASA, ROSE JANET 5310 Eleventh Avenue Aristag Secretary of G. Og Vice President of Senior Classg Cheerlead- ersg Beacons: G. O. Representativesg Cafeteria Serviceg Boostersg Senior Councilg Curtaintimersg M o d e r n Dance Clubg Senior Show.-Business Wforld-College. The good Iimer zrilh the TACS,' the irzughr uiih the BIG 15, hut 111oif of all my 1L'0IZd67'fllZ Seiiior year. NAUCHTON, EILEEN 229 71 Street Arista, 2 yearsg Newman Clubg Leaders Clubg Beacons: Program Of- ficeg Library Squadg Latin Club.- College-Elementary School Teacher. Fail Term, "Sej11e111he1' S072gll,' 5111113 Hail, "Sleepy Time Gi1I"',' M.11h T11- I07'iII4Q, "Teach Ale To11i.Qh1".' Se11io1 Ye111', "The High A1111 The 1VIigh15". NELSON, CAROL 8-18 68 Street Service Corpsp Late Squad for Mrs. Callahan.-Business Wrirld. The ,good Iilllei Ih.1d 011 rerrice, lhe ihird period iviih C.11'oi, j.z11e 111111 Birnzrheq 1'i11111i1ig dou'1i io liiufh fo ,gef CIIUZZKQIJ rh.1i1'r for all ihe ,giriix NELSON, DOUGLAS 30" 71 Street Biology Laboratoryg P r o j e C t i o n Squadg Service Corpsg Intramural Basketball. - Academy of Aeronau- tics, The 171.1111 frieiiiii I mode .11 F1111 H.11111II1111, Ihr good IIIIIFJ' .uid hrlid ie.11'11i1i,Q 111 1111 .fe11io1' 1t.l1'. 58 . , 1 0 N S it ' 1 ,- Mr ., 3 . .pw- A 5717- S NELSON, SONJA 955 73 Street Secretarial Service Squadg Secretary to Mrs. Bonomg Table Captain.- Business World. ' Mirr Miiie'1"r prefecl, the Senior Siedfiflg P.z1'1'y. fifzh period lunch uriih the girir, "Charlie Chau" and other frieiidr. NIERODA, YVILLIAM 1564 Thirteenth Avenue Service Corpsg Intramural Baseballg Basketball Teamg Track Team.- Business. The frieizdr I 11z,1de .vid M13 Su'ah1z'r Hifiory Ciarr. NILSEN, CATHERINE JOAN 11-Iome Instructionj 7005 Third Avenue Silver Service Squad.-Business. My jimi .uid only Jen 111 Fort H1711- iiioii. ' NILSEN, SONJA M. 758 60 Street Trinity Clubg Library Squadg At- tendance Monitorg History Ofhceg Program Otiice.-Business or Busi- ness School. R111111i11g for fhe wozaillerz' hui at eighr A1111 rhe LIIJJX 1h.11 Helen .vid I were I.11e.' All the great Ii111t1f. .iii fhe fini I1i ihere three .1c.Il'.V .11 F011 H.1111iI- 11111. NIOSI, ANTHONY -10 S6 Street Table Captaing Service Corpsg New- man Club.-Business. The good TIIIIEJ' I had 111 III-1 Senior Y1e.11- u'i1h I-11111. Ihe f1'ie1111',r I lllrlde .uid Mr. lluoife, ihe g1'e.11e.i1 f6.1Cl7E7' I e1'e1' had. NORRIS CHARLOTTE 961-4 Third Avenue Late Squadg Library Squadg G. O. Store Clerl-cg Tower Representativeg Trinity Clubg Pan American Club.- College. The z1'1111de1'f11l 1111161 zc'o1'hi1ig i1z the G. 0. flora, the f1'ie1i1irhip.r I have 111.1de of feilou' r111de11ir .md zearherr .11111' "fha T.1h.r,' NORSON. SANDRA 9269 Shore Road Booster? Library Squridg G, O, RCP. res6ntative1 Pan American Club1 Girls Chorusg Musicaleg Senior 5l1OW.-College. all-ll 1171156 -1e.I7'j of jfrjfgxgfjpgg 10 ltyhlu zlztzlb urflv illirj illlrflrrz .md "Thi T.1!:,.3 O'BRIEN JOSEPH 561 S-I Street Home Instruction O'CONXOR. ROBERT.-X S305 Fifth Avenue Secretary for Miss Hennessy: Chorus, 2 years: Musicale '55.-Secretarv. T156 greg! zimef fill my iezzror -'le,17' 141115 Lozzife ,md .zff Ike irdf, ,lildr Ilw frm in flirt. S.zf:Lerg'f fbU1'l1i, O'KEEFE, BARBARA 226 62 Street Newman Clubg Secretary to Mist Mulling G. O. Representative.-Air Line Hostess. Toe lime um' Jhort .md full of jun. Unjlb .zll lbs glrfi Jlld ezeryorrfi Bu! Hou' ifr firm Io my ,Hood-bye. To Ike ber! of Jrlroofr, For! H.1I?!f.l zofz Higlz, OLD, VALARIE 90 70 Street G. O. Representative, terms 3-5, Girls' Chorusg Musicales '53, Sag Halloween Art Contestg Senior Show.-W'agner College. flflrf. Salzbergk rerzlilrzlnzg xylem 112 Girlbr Claorur ,md my jrnzzor gem who -Indy, fomz, and erperrrzlla 16,11 guy K. F. Schroeder. OLSEN, ANN 6824 Owls Head Court Trinity Clubg Girls Chorus, 3 years, Musicales 1953, 1955.-Business. The "Two Finger" lretzzmerrt ,md all the fuzz in cborzug foe good limer in prefer! uilb Carole. and zlae mm' dark meelirzg Barbara turd jerzrzre. ,gn-,ya K v . X .. is : . ' 'X S A sr, 'WS t, 5 . ' 2 . ' 3' vi 1 - ft., i..s:asas: I ,. , ,,, 1 ay ,ra fx OLSEN, CAROL 138 Battery Avenue Secretary to Miss Mullin and Mrs, Mclineanyg Receptionist Desk for Mr. Szabo.-Modeling. A Rzzmzjrzg fo be firsf 011 the frflb pe- riod lzmrb lirzeq zbe fuzz in Book- Leejvirzg zuirlr Ctfrol tom' NrIl1Lij',' and uf romire, Ike rrnzzy rider Io Long ltfrnzd in flllil' '54. OLSEN.. JOHN, Jr. Q S18 50 Street Gym Secretary, second yearg G. O. Ottice, thircl year. - College - Air Force, The fizmir Ile lklcl' for Ilvree year! dlzrirfg frreferf, .md mzjirzg ill .zfler L'fiI.A' 1 . OLSEN, MABEL V8 68 Street Trinity Club, terms 4-SQ Cafeteria Squad. terms 5, 6.-Business. The ,good Inner ru Trizzzfy Club, ilu ffm ue lard 111 five Lxzfeftrhr .md .ffl lfre mu' frrerldr I made. OLSEN, MILDRED 7-F 52 Street Service Corps, terms 3-63 Assistant G. O. Representative, terms 3, -l.- Business. The zrorzdrrllvl Inner in jrreferl zrrlb Loaf-t, jmzfzzt, lvlfilt, Cltllljnl, C.1e.i.1r, foe tml! MH. fllrllnglr, .old lfae lsr- iffrr' mutt Jnrzug fifth fnurfa 111 Se- rum Jem. OLHEN, ROY 10.38 59 Street Cafeteria Tahle Captain, term 3.- College. The ,good zrmei 111 Mrs. Hyrrr pre- fer! .old .ill live lrrer1d.r I zritrde. OLSON, BEATRICE MAE 513 64 Street Secretarial Service Squadg Secretary to Mrs. Catania, Mrs. Azzara, Mrs. B a r r e tt 3 Switchhoarclg Biology Squudsg G. O. Representativeg Swimming, Camerag Trinityg Boost- er, and Bowling Cluhsg Senior Show. -Airline Company Secretary, All Ike fun in frreferl, Ike Ll'0IIde'7'- ful frjerzdr l'1'e mode, "Si.szer" Alive and tlff ffJe grew! timer fogeilver zrfrb lbe girlr irz Rainbow. 59 O'MAI,LEY. BARBARA 510 9-I Street Boosters: Art and Newman Club: First Aid Cluh: Mixed and Girls' Choruses: Assistant GO. Rep.: Sec- tion Captain: Musicale: Halloween Art Contest.-Commercial Art. The f1111 I h.1d' Ill fhe Girli' Ch111'111 and Alfxea' Ch7lH'll.l zwilh ihe fe'lI0zt'.t turd girli .md Mrr. S.1f:I1er.2,' 111.111, 711-1' 17.1.1-1' frir11rl.t .11 IIIIIII7. OPPENHEIMER, SUE 6755 Ridge Boulevard Arista: Tower Literary Staff: Senior Show: Senior Show Script Commit- tee: Service Corps: Health Educa- tion Skit: Boosters: Attendance Mon- itor.-Barnard College, There l7Ic'NI01'!e'.f l'lI tzfrztzyr k11f1u' The Serrice Cf11'j1.v, Ihe Senior Shan'- The H1-Lifer, lllllfb, .md 1111 fhe fun. The fr1e11d't I'I'E 111.1de iz! H.11111Il01z. O'REILLY, JOAN 529 82 Street Library Squad: terms 7, S. The 112 jvefecf zrifh AIZIZ, Rare, and A'If1hey,' .zI.10, fhe 11711213-' good Ii111e.w' III gfllll, .md Izmrh zrvlh the Hdr. ORENT, ARLENE 25 Oliver Street Bowling Club: Secretary to Miss Grayson and Mrs. Schaefer: Health Education Department Program- Hunter College. The fuurlh 11e1111d I1111rh and Fridrry nigh! zi'11h Georgie .md A1111e. ORROK, ALBERT 955 52 Street Service Corps.-College. The good fllllell' ue had Ill jwefecl. Inurh .md zhe 111,111-Q' Lzzzghi I had 111 my cI.1.r.reJ. ORSO, KATHERINE 11155 66 Street Late Squad: Secretary to Miss Keely: Typist for Miss Hennessy and Mrs. McHugh.-Business Wmirltl. L.Ilf Y3e.11"i Se111111' Chin lfffb Enfcfie. G1.1t'1t. .mrf I51.111ile,' I1111rh zrifh 111111: "lx'1J.1". .111rf Ihe 111r1r11111-g ruth , 141 111rt, Ihr Gull. CO , ex fa Q . -.sir ' " nw -9 P s , I OTT, MARY ANN 249 90 Street Typist for Miss Brookmann, term 7. -Accountant and Comptometor Op- erator. The good finzer dzzring four-zh period IIHILSZ7 rrifh FMU 111151 Neil: jiflh pe- riod .zrro1111fi11g zrifh Mr. Selzvyz .mmf hir joker. OTTINCER, JOHN 81-L 62 Street Service Squad, terms 5. S. - Con- solidated Edison Company and lf. S. Marines. The good f1'ie11d.r I 11z,1de and Ihe grerzl 1i111e.v we had III rchool. PANEBIANCO, JOSEPH 8915 Fifth Avenue President of Prefect: Assistant G. O. Representative: Newman Club: Mr. Kayes Office Squad: Cafeteria Serv- ice: President of Senior Class.- College. The 1i111e .vj1e11! 111 Air. K,z5e'.r cl.z.i'r.' fhe fE.IL'bEI'.f Ih.1f guided' me: .z1:d' L'eI'I.II1Z f1'Ie11a'.r. PANICO, GRACE 1O'5 S6 Street Secretary to Mrs. Deerson.-College. riff Ihe zz'r111de1'f11I f1'1e11a'.i' I IIZJJE .111J' Ihr zi'011r2'e1'f11I Ie.1cher.r I h.1J. PANATALIANO, MICHAEL S415 Third Avenue Choral Training: Cafeteria Service Squad: Musicales. - Marine Corps and later. Merchandising. My f11t11.f1 .111u' the Chf11'11.r, PANVINI, JOHN 662-1 Tenth Avenue Curtaintimers. 2 years: Mixed Chor- us. 2 years.-Brooklyn College. The fhirrf ,f1e'1'1f1d zrilh lllrr. SJIZ- fwrg .md fhe 111.1111 Lzlfght I hyd, PARADISE, CLARA 215 61 Street Late Squadg Basketball Clubg Bowl- ing Team,-College. Fo111116 11511011 11111511 .11111 f71'efEl.'f. PARDO. OSEP INE QA lil-l9 55 Slfccf Q1 ua ' Q c . to Mrs. Fran- e .tn utfa.fPriv.1te Secre- L1 ' T1 1 I 11.1 Z1 ' QUEEK11111 .ll.l1Yl-' T1 I1111e.r U17 11 11' ' Il'e7'e 111e.111 .ZIILZY 1'o1111'.11'-35 From 111e 6eg11111111.Q of ep1'e1116e1' --111 111:55 111111,g.1 I 111.111 'e111e1116e1'. PARK, IRENE 1'1 Gelston Avenue Secretary to Miss Mullin and Mr. Cummingsg Table Captaing Senior Representative.-Business. T676 11o11de1'f11111111e,r 111111 Dol, ,eo- 111g 11o111e from .r1'6oo1. PARSONS, PAUL 5'15 Third Avenue Intramural Basketball.-Business or Military College. T66 'Ll'eZ1'7lZ 51111112 .7f,f67'II007IJ' 116e11 ue u'e111 o111 :1f1e1' 111111'6. JIILZI 1115 11e1e1' 6IZLi1:7Zg "Baile U"111" be- 111'ee11 1e111'6e1'J 127212, .lll1d61Zf.f. PAULSEN, JOYCE 1001 52 Street Band Librariang Trinity Clubg Biol- ogy Club.-Bible School. Going Io rr6ooZ 111 J .i111'd111e 11111, .illd 166 1111112 1411114 H. 111111 R1116 B. zooe 16e 11'61pped 11611111 of 771.1 jello lo keep me from ,g'6ll11Ig fJ11e1', PEDERSEN, EUGENE T05 59 Street U. S. Navy. Tbe good food Jerzed .112 16e mfe- 1e1'11z d111'111g 16e 161'ee 161771 I uw! 112 Fo1'1 H111111!1o11. me We f, . I. 2232: ' ' .gf , - 'W .1 .f V, , 'ffff , fi .1 W V L nw , Lee' 019' QE ' ,V .. A , wwf 7.1 1, , -A-E . 'I VV ' ' 2 Z ,ff 1 1 PERILLO, ROSANNE 448 43 Street Orchestrag Section Captaing Science Assemblyg Secretary to Mrs. Swahn, Mrs. l-lyerg Newman Cluhg Latin Cluhg Jr. UNESCO Club.-College. AU 16e f1'1e11d.r I 11111de 111111 Vllfj' 1116 11.1 Senior C111111 Re111'e.1e11111111'e 011 16e 5e111o1' Clllllllwjl. PETERSON, DOROTHY 742 59 Street Secretary for Mr. Selwyng Account- ing Squrtdg Health Ed. Otliceg Table Captaing Trinity Club.-Chase N41- tional Bank. Mr. S11'11611'.i 11111119111 1'111'd.r, lVl1'. R11- ,e11,i.1'r 1'1fr111111o11 1'111'd.i', 1116112 G, 11156- 111g for 16e 1'61111'i 111 110156, 1116 .1,t1o1r, 21711, Mr. SEIZI'-111, f1'oz1'ded 17lLl't'1' 1111d 16e 1111111-1 f1'1e1111'.t I 11111de. PETTERSON, IRENE 660 '-1 Street Program Office: Secretary for lvfrs. Lowg Trinity Club.-Business. H1.lff!1'V1' 111111 11113 51111611 111111 11116 171.1 ".r11'.11g61 edge," 111111 16e 11111 11116 165 11111, eiper11111-1' R11161e, 5111111- 111e, 111111 Be11.1', 11171 11'.11'e1111,g 111111e. PETERSON, JOHN 814 51 Street Service Corpsg Health Ed. Secretaryg Cafeteria Table Captain.-Air Force. College. Mr. 561111111-fi 111-er1'11r1.r, Alf. .MJ- 111e.ro11'1 .lI1l11LJ, Mr. Ql!1'Z1t"1'l,t gen- e1'f1J1lj, UIY1' 1'1,1u111.111.1, 111111 116o1'e 1111, my f1'1e111fi. PETRALIA, MICHAEL 10811 Bay Ridge Parkway Lieutenant on Service Corpsg Elec- trical Squadg Band.-Academy of Aeronautics. 7'6e .H7'tf.1f f1111e.i 111 f6e B11111f 11116 1111 16e 6oj'.i',' 1611 1111111 111.16 Io 166 infe- 1er111, l6e 1'1'11111111111g 111 16e 611.1'er, .llfd 16e Z!1lf0I'gt5'1f1lb16 .ie111o1' 3e111'. POHLS, MARIE 8224 Fifth Avenue Aristug Senior Councilg Prom Com- mitteeg Senior Showg Transportation Squadg Secretary to Mr, Kainin- College. D1'K.l.ff1l4Z 111 g-31111, Mr. K11111111, 7723! 111111131 1e1'1'111f fl'.14'l1dj 111111 16e g11yJ 111111 1111111 111 11116 11111111 111 111,11 f11111o1' 71'e111'. 61 PONCAVACE, KATHERINE 501 81 Street Library Squadg General Othceg Locker Room Squaclg Red Cross Committee Chairmang Aristag Psy- chology Clubg Newman Club.-Reg istered Nurse in Roosevelt Hospital. The fellr1z1'.r 111 prefect, ffl? Iimer we 11.1-3511 111 ,ll 3, five l.z1rgfJ.r .11 Table G .zmf III-1' fe.1cl1e11r, e.11wr'i.1I1wy Al1'.l'. Rick. PORZIO, JOSEPH 1015 56 Street Service Corpsg Soccer Teamg New- man Club.-College. 1ll4?EIjlIAQ Ike boiyi 111 foe Ijfi1'Jl'i'l e1'e1'j' 111011111119 r111d fbe ,f1111 ill 1115 re11iu1' preferf. POSNACK, LOLA 10-15 54 Street Boostersg Secretary to Mrs. Grayson and Mr. Hammonclg Section Captain. -Business School. The f1111e Zlllj' ,l'fJOI'l' .111L1' full of fllll. llnifb .zll ripe giflr J1112' ez'e1'-3011e,' B111 11f1z1' iff 1i111e fo 1.1.1 'Q00d-17-16, T0 fbi' bert uf .vr'l10al.i', F1111 H.11111!- f1111 High' POTTS, CLAUDIA 6715 Eighth Avenue Locker Room Monitor for Miss Robertson.-Airline Stevvarcless. The fiflb period 11111112 Ifye laughs 1111111 lfae "B1g F1f1ee11", the ffm 111 ll'l7'. ll"f1lfe'1 Hflffll'-l Cl.1.1,r..z11d LM, bill' llflf 16.111, 1115 f1'1e11a', Role Marie. PRIGGE, BARBARA 161 S8 Street Biology Laboratory: Secretary to Mr. Davidsong Boostersg Latin Club- Business School. The f6P'7'ffTL' lllllfw' zzz had 111 five girly' locker 11111111 .111d 111.1 zz'0111fe1'f11l Jcllffll' gear. PRINDEVILLE, FREDERICK 509 'I Street Service Squad.-United States Navy. rlldm fffefldj ,wtf lfve lllll we lmd. 62 wp, ,,,,.4 . ggi iw YN Q? sl X X W' 1 K ' ,f . ,. ...1f....fac.. e.. . 1, 1.1-we Els X ww f t Q 9. K L 15" 01 . X ,VJ UXN XP? PROSS, EMIL 8515 Ridge Boulevard Band, 4 y'ears.-Work. The fun we had 112 Mr. A7Zdl'6Zl'I' M4116 Clrzrr Jlld Dr. C0cb1'1111'.f Spau- ixb Cl.1.r.r. PUMA, AXGELAA f , A ' . in S-60' 49 Street Program Offrceg Secretary 'to Mrs. Frankle, hlrs. Olseii and Mr. Coheng Tofver'Rep'resentativeg Senior Coun- cflg Secretarial Service Squadg PIOI6 ommittee,-Business XX'odd. 1 ' The ex1E11ded 1111151 u'11bvLee, IZ? 1111- forgelmble Senior ,izflizitiegf 11116 f0'e, r111d ffye 1,111-gb! .ruff 19411 of my SEIITIH' 5 9.111 ' QUARANTA, VICTOR 961 53 Street Track Teamg Service Corpsg G. O. Representativeg Secretarial Squad for Mr. Lebowitzg Soccer Team.-U. S. Air Force. rli-3 1111-'I 1111111011 5.11127 .md Ike 11511 fI1ElId.1' I made T11 F011 H.11111l1o11. QUIRK, JOHN 1 349 65 Street Business. U"e.11'111Ig our GV1111 Iliff-I 0111117001-5 T12 flve ll"111le1' Sg,1.r1111, RAFTREY, THOMAS S21 58 Street Basketball Team, terms 4-S3 Service CQFPS. terms 4. 5.-College of City ot New York. Tb? Xffffd' fllllcf 111111 the B.1f1ee!Z1,1ll Team. M15 Cl7ccl'!t.IdEF'.li, .md 1ll1'. KJ-mu. RAGOZZINO. BARBARA 4 "MO Eleventh Avenue Secretary to Miss Hennessy and Miss Brookmanng .lunior and Senior Councrlsg Cheerleadersg Captaii-ig Boostersl Senior Showg Prom Com. mittee.-College. Tlwrc IHl'l0l'xQ'Elf.lb1E b.1.1ke1b.1llg.1111e.r .md ffm "kQ'l'ef.lf fflllelll zrjflv Ibg gj,-jj, RAMAGE, ROBERT 183 Gelston Avenue Cafeteria Service Corps.-Chemical Technician. The 1e.1rZ1e11r 111111 gohfed 7716, IIIYQ' g111J12' 1I'1eTlZd,f. .11111 111-1 1511 12'.1'1'r of 11e'1e11111111. RANDO. GIA' lOlO 5- Streef Business. T115 451111 .'.'11.'e.i I 11.111 111111 111-1 11-1e11r2'.f, RASMUSSEN. EIXAR '51S Third Avenue Band: Service Squad: Musicales- Air Force. The 11111 I 1111.1 .z1g111114g 111167 f11.11111e 111 11121111-, .2'111'.'1.jg S155 111113 perwd. RASMIQSSEX, ROY A 155 93 Etreet Aft Editor of "Tower g Service Corps: Cafeteria Squad,-College. The good 1111,f' I filj .11 F1111 H1111- 111011, .11111 .nf foe iueff 111611111 I 111.111e, 1151 To11e1. Ifbe 1111 . .MJ Ike "de.l61ZI1,7t e ' H RASMIQSSEN, RUTH 619 56 btreet Secretary U1 Mr. Kaye: Ar1str1Q Tim- ity Club.-Nurses' Training, Of'l',ll'6 1-1' .11111 Alf. K1161' A The 1111511 for 113: bill' JI 11112 121111 of Ike dug A13 Ego, C1111 111115 Mr. 5111611 A1111 1111 111: 4111111115 .11 Fo1'1 HJ1111111111, RAY, BARBARA 965 80 Street Mixed Chorus: Psychology Club: French Club: Girls' Chorus: Arista: Secretary to Mrs. Swahn: Senior Council Treasurer. - Plgttsburgh State Teachers College, Nurse - Teacher. Trying lo get 11p e.11'1y'e11o11gb 10 meal M11'ge Jllli Rmb 111 117726 for rrkool. WW X iv X N ,lkk vs. Q M 6' 3- 11 ' fb'- ,ww 1-7 11111 44 1-13' N 2 e Z 1 I I 5lKa'M my 1' RECHTEN, HELEN 734 56 Street Arista: Trinity Club: Secretary to Miss Miller, Mr. Levin and Mr. Selwyn: Math Tutoring for Miss Miller: Tower Business Stuff.-Bus iness Wtwrld and Travel. 131111111115 fo get U12 fbe 'frligbzly 1'1'11z1'1fe11 1111-,fw",' 1 177 ll 1-1 1'.1c.z111111J 11er1f.1.n.11'3' IIOZZ' 111111 16611 5 the 11111119- 1'oo111 .Q0VU'1f7,' bllf 17111.11 of .111 156 fill! .11111 f1'1e11dr of 111111 111111111 jf1'.11'J. REDMOND, THOMAS 416 T5 Street Aff Scllfml. 71111 11159 11111111 111 9:00 Afll. REGINA, DOREEN ANN 949 53 Street Science Office, term 53 Table Cap- t.1in. terms ' and S. - Business Vlforld. The 11'111111e1'f11l f11e'11dr .lllcll t1111eJ,' the "DRE,-IMS" 11l11le' 11re.f.f111g 111 ,Uylfllf 11111117 ll'IfZ7 1176 "KIDS",' my 111.11 1111111111-, 17lI,Il'Yj' .11111' R11-e, .md 11111' XFIAH 11111111e111+. REICH. .IUDITH 11115 S7 Street Arista: Senior Council: Senior Treas- urer: Tower Literary Staff: Psychol- ogy Club: IXIusic.1Ieg Senior Show: Secrehiry to Miss Kerwen and lNIrs. Kromberg: Menomh Club: Modern D.1nce Club: Science .intl Math As- semblies: Senior Gift Committees: Curhuntimers,xCollege, The 111111111 111 M13 f1111111'.1 Chem f.1.l.l1, 1111 3.1111 1111111 11111111 111 11111110 111111111 11111111 ll 1111 ffve "1'1'011'11"', Lei' 5.111111 ll"1'.1j1 .1111f 11111 11111.31 zmzfir 111 111111111 ll 11Z1 fl111l1'.1. REINHARDT, JUAN 7121 Fort Hamilton Parkway Emergency Room: Secretary for Mrs. Kuhn: Booster Club: Newman Club. Nurses' Training. Hou' ,g11111,1' 11 11:11 Zo be 12 5e111o1', IX11' 11111 I A711417 111 1111116 .ffllgfllg oilltll l.111,gl1111'g,' 5111 eif1e1'11zIly 1136 good 1112761 11116 1115 "T11'e11'e IPS." T REMY, ELEANOR 605 45 Street A c c o u n t i n g Orhce.-Secretarial Work. DllL'ff!l' CUL'bI'JllY.l' GiCI'l1l.11I Cfrfrr, fbe 1e'111o1' lllllfb 1.16112 11116 111 111lB1'eJ1- Tllg 1i1,m1'11fr1o111', 111111 1116 111111131 f1'1e11dy I 111.1de. 63 RESHENBERG, SHARON LEA 365 Sf' Street Girls' Emergency Roomg Girls' Locker Room.-Business Werrld. Third ,l'rer'irriI' Iiirrrb rriifr fetrrrelie. Sirrwy, .rrrd Crrrrrrre: ifre .ririrglqie zriifr Rafe irr ilre rriurrrirrg: Ike I.11i,Qb.i' u'iiIr ilre "Big 15" .zrrd IfJe zi'urrrier'- fri! ie.zrlre'r'i. REXER, ALICE ELAINE 416 Buy Ridge Parkway Secretary to Miss Mullin, Miss Ker- wen, Mrs. Mayer, and Mr, Kuming Attendance Monitor: Curtnintimersg Boosters: Senior Councilg junior Councilg Senior Social Committeeg Chairman Gift Committeeg G. O. Representativeg Senior Show.-Col- lege-Medicine. Tire htzpfr-3 rrrerr10rie.t of IIZ-1'lE.ILiZ7tf7'.f. erperialiy Mitt Mrrilirrf rrrvi rl.z.i.i- rrrezier Jrra' "frail Uv Girif' .if Furl Hmrriiiorr High Srlrool. RILEY, PAUL S105 Fourth Avenue College. Kerilrvy, ,uid ull Ibe frierrdr .zrrd firrr ,rt rlre Furi. ROBERSON, ELIZABETH 851-I Tenth Avenue Secretary to Mrs. Salzherg, Miss Simon. und Miss Mulling Girls' Chorus, Musicules, Swimming Cluh, Boostersg Senior Show.dCollege, Furr rrr .frxrfa period Iizrrrlr, Te,1 Roorrr .zrrd Trriirrgle rviilr ibe 12.11112 5 frfezirrg irr Rfrorrz 108 .md ibe ,miie ierrel .rr io irlrere I buried if. ROBERTS, ELIZABETH 1142 -H Street I-Iallovveen Art Contestg Secretary to Mrs. Low, terms 5, 63 Secretary to Miss Keely, terms 1 8.-Business. Tire fe.1rfJeri I rrrrrid rrezer gel ,along u'iiZr. rrxrrirrrg for More jrreiiorri zueekerrdr, .rrrd my Senior jetrr. ROIIANSKI, IRENE 614 So Street Girl's Dean Squad, terms 5-S1 Bus- kethall Club, terms ', 8, Table Cup- tain. terms 5. 6,-Private Secretary. The frirr I fuer' rrr rrr-1 Srrplmrrrrrre .rrrii fiiriior'.i .rriri .iii ifre Zlfillrfcfi-llf frierrrii I rri,1t1't. 64 41 -MI XX . I SA. WJ.-. . T K B- 3 r 'lr if W i Qsifx . if an s .."" K 1ff:::: is wr 'I W - Rik ROTH, GERDA 7026 Sixth Avenue Aristag Senior Councilg Bandg Mu- sicale, Psychology Club Treasurer.- Brooklyn College. The frrrr we bad rrrrrrrrrrirrg for E.X'e177Z.f dzirirrg Iinrrb period. ROTHMAN, TORSTEN 522 88 Street Soccer Team, 1 termg Early lwiorning Service Corps, 1 term.-College. Mr. Ktrye rrrrd fair joeer: Dr, Corb- r,zrr'r Greek Ie.f.r0rr.t drzrirrg rrri Sparr- irfr Cierii. ROYSEN, KARI 8-IO 68 Street Deans Squad, terms 3. 4: Service Squad, term 6.-Business W'orlcl. Tire Irzugbr with the "Big Fifleerru, rbe fzrrr irr Mr. Teirbefr preierf. irr rifzb period Iurrfb ,irrd my good frierrdr, ilflrzrj, Audrey ,rrrd Carole. RUFFINO, PHYLLIS 56-i 69 Street Senior Councilg Gift Committee, Cafeteria Service Squad: Secretary of Newman Cluhg Pilot Typist: Secre- tary to Mr. Quigley. Miss Farquharg G. O. Representative. - Business XY'orld. rlivr .ferrior .'l5JI',71ILZ7 ,iii fire' fini I Zuni. RUGCIERO, MARGIE 36" S6 Street Late Squad, term 21 Cafeteria Serv- ice.+Business, The zi'nrrrrier'.f1rI rirrrey I Zuni irr Farr' Hurrrriirrrr urilr rrrj frifrrt1'.t. RUSSO, THOMAS 9'A '-i Street Business. The firrr irr Mirr Miller-'er rerrior' pre- fevr, limi rfrcrjr rrilfr Bill irrrrr' foe. RUTLEDCE, WVILLIAM 5722 Fifth Avenue Telephone Company. The good timer 111 the 1'.1feIer1.1 11111- lllg my JEIZIOI' year. RYAN. PATRICIA A. 7609 Fifth Avenue Vice-President of G. O.g junior Representative to G. O.1 Pilot Staff, Senior Columnist. - College, ,Tour- nalism. IV1111e 111.11 .1 -f?'E.fZ7IIZ.I1I THE .fe111u1' I 11151: L1111111 111111 1116 g11'1J 1'11 115151 for- get. T176 G. O.. 1115 P11011 11112 1.Z1lgZ7Ie1' .md IE.l1',f, Xilid 111: 1110 -TEJ7' 721.1117 1'0111'.re I 11102 111 fo111'.3e1rf.' RYAN, PATRICIA B. 25 Oliver Street Secretary to Mrs. Mclineany, Miss Keely and Miss Mullin: Program Committeeg Deans Othceg Discus- sion Clubg Girl Leader of Arista: Tutoring Committee: Senior Show Set Committee.-College. Toe bei! 36.111 of 1115 1116. RYAN, PAULA ANN "16 Narrows Avenue Orchestrag Musicaleg Newman Club: Curtaintimersg Camera Clubg Table Captain in Cafeteria.-College. .ML fo11111'f Hb1'0f67Z-L2701lIii: cheni- 1.r11-Y1' 51111152115 41111 77211 .1I7'l1gg1E Zbmugb F7'E7Ifl7 111111 11111 Go1o1115.' SABA, ROSE A 2-12 92 Street Aristag Secretary for Miss Miller. Miss Haut, and Mr. Shulmang Tu- tored in Mathg Senior Shovvg At- tendance Monitor for Miss Haut.- College-Teaching. W'bg,1 ,wire !01l'V, 111111 f66111Ig 51116 To 11511112 of H1111z111o11, 617211 f1'1e1111.f 3011 1611euf. SABATINO, CORINE 1043 66 Street Secretary to Mrs. Frankleg Service During Regents Weekg Service in Math. Office.-City College. T196 f1111 111 E11g11Jb,' 0111' d1rr11Jr1011J 4170111 "Ter1'y",' dlid Ike p1011111g lhdl JZEZE7' 411116 mme of as X 1 x Y? X M X X . r ee 1W', ,W 4li"""' Q . xg 1 s P' 111 X 1 S, ' X an 1 sw sz x 1 na 1 . , 1 s , y, 111-Q15 ' , ff" 'W' "17,'7 SABATINO, ROBERT 1057 65 Street Baseball Teamg Photo Engraving Squadg Service Corps.-College. The eiglafb Lf7E7'10l2I .fflld-j'. SALBERG, ANITA R 1065 55 Street Musicalesg Mixed Chorusg French Clubg Secretary to Miss Duhig and Miss Farquhar.-Fashion Career. T116 differezzre be1'11'ee11 5'111:19e1'g 111111 51116113 11' 11211 SAMPSON, DAVID 71 69 Street Electronic Engineering. 1111 f111e1111.t. 111111 1111 Mu 11111eJ we l1,Tl1'11'f .Eel r.111g111. SAMPSON, ROBERT I 166 73 Street Rembrandtsg Service Corpsg Tower Art Stuff. - College. - U. S. Air Force. T111' 15071 r 111 fifffy j1e1'1f111' 1111116 111111 "l'111'111" L11111e. SAMSEN, JANET 612 67 Street Aristag Program Ofhceg Secretary to Mr. Stoneg Math Tutor for Miss Millcrg Trinity Club. - Nurses' Training. A171 -l6l11ll1' V'j'E.Il',' 1l1fe'7'IlIe'd1r!fe 111111 Trig. 11116 AIZIZE 111111 E1'11111je1111.' 1111 fbe 3111111 11111141 111 lnuvb, 111111 Ike 111.1111 f1'1e11d1 1 Nlrlde. SAMUELSEN, LOIS-ANN 957 67 Street Secretarial work for Mr. D. Cohen, terms 3-RQ Library Squad, terms 6-8, Nursing. Tfmie 10lIg Zl'1Z1:1J for 11 611.1 10111 11e1'e1' .fee111e:z' 10 co111e,' fbe 141111 111 10111115 lbs ,gym 10fk4.'7'Ji,' 111111 1111 1176 11'01111e1f111 fI'1?l1dJ I 11111'e 111111Z'e. 65 SANDQUIST, CAROLE 844 55 Street Service Corps: Library Squadg Mod- ern Dance Clubg Table Captain.- Business Wforld. Mr. Szz'.1fJ11'J cofzdzzrl rizrdf, Mr. Rn- gzzttfi' 7'E'L'ffflZg mrdr, mole EV, Mr. Quigleyk .ter'z11o11,r during rixlb pe- riod, good fmzer zviib Amr in ,fire- ferf and foe Nlelllvll zvozzderful f1'iez1d.r I mudt fu Fon' H.z121il1o1z. SANDRITTER, HOWARD 226 49 Street Track Teamg Photo' Engraving Squad.-College: The eiglvlfa period fludy. ' SANFEDELE, JOSEPH -1914 Eleventh Avenue Cafeteria Service Corps, 1 term.- Business. Toe good fimegr in foe rjxfly period lzmro .md foe only full ftzbfe of bop on the ,Qfr'l.t' fide. P SANTANGELO, ROBERT 47 9-1 Street Band, 4 yearsg Orcliestrag Musicales '53, '55g Intramural Basketballg Se- nior Band.-Kings Point, Maritime Academy. The rzzffy for the ltzle bell. The oztm-3 IBIZIKJJ' .zrliziliept I ezzjouied ZHJIIXJ Dof. .md foe fmtlverr ffm! 1.111.361 we .vo mzzrlv. SANTAPOLA, SALVATORE 278 91 Street Mimeograph Squadg Service Corpsg Secretary for Mr. Kassenbrock. - Night college and business. The IIIJHJ' ff'jef1d,t, fBJL'Z75l'.f, mm' zi'offdt'1j1'11l e.x'1veffw1ce.t I bod .rf For! H.Il1ljjff!IZ High School. SARKIS, GEORGE 21 S' Street Basketball Varsityg Service Cafeteriag Intramural Basketball.-Business. The good ffmfi zrillv flue B.1ikefb.1H Tami .ruff flu Cl7EFJ'l6Jd67'.f. 66 ,wee ML , f me , X T , 5 . . f V455 ' f XZ' ' , Sgfg w "2 X nm Aggx gat. s 9 X R W! W 0 fx: X f ...Tr 1 s f X N x 'lv Y 7 f ,fe 1 1 WK' 4 -MWF" Q. ttf an u - A f ' 2 ses ,,... , . sw ,E ,Q X. fe X, mjrdg X g- ,... . Q g sx- , - :rim .- vm.. K ,... ss' f 4 ' i 47 ' qv ..,.,. 1 1 t we . K wp' i ,. it N s f s . ' SATTLER, KENNETH 7201 Ridge Boulevard Service Corps, 2 Ye3f53 Cafeteria Service Corps.-U, S. NavY- . Prefer! willy Neil and LOWE Wd Mitt P,1tli.vo1z': mlozozz rardf. SCARABINO, NEIL 1064 63 Street Service Corps, 2 YCHISQ Mf- QU18' ley's Ofiice, term 7.-COHSf G1l?fd- The bogr in Mr. Lez'izz'5 hzszofy tlrzrr. SCHEIDER, CATHERINE T. 275 56 Street Emergency Squad, terms 7 and S.- Business. A I All zbe fuzz in preferig -ffl-'jlllg nz offer 3 rfflorb: mm' fiffb period lunch of lable G. SCHERYVIN, ANNE 6801 Shore Road Aristag Tower Business Managerg Senior Councilg Booster Captaing G. O. Representativeg Mixed Chor- us: Secretary too Miss Tasman and Mr. Selsvyng Bowling Clubg Repre- sentative to G. O, Boro Council.- Business World. Ynwzizzg in foe nzorzziug zviflv N.vz.' TP'E.1,fllIA?I".i Office ,md IIHIFZ7 rviilv foe Chu: To More we could :mf f,ZI'1'-J .' And fc'Ze?l7IJI'f zriflv L.I?'7'-1'. SCHJONG. STANLEY 'O P.urrott Place Miss Duliigs Service Squad.-Test Driver. Toe fimei' in ,fvreferf zvirlv five boyr. SCHNEIDER, GEORGE 444 56 Street Business. Tlve food in Ilve C.1feleri,1. SCHREIBMAN, ROBERT . g 1057 East 12 Street Biology Squad and Cafeteria Squadg Senior Council: Psychology Clubg Dance Club.-Lf S. Navy, and Col- lege. The Biology 1.16 .111d 166 good 11111111 we Znzd rivers. SCOTTO. MARY 1" Dahl reen Place Otlice . , -9- g Llimeograph Squad: General tAttendancejg Service Squad: Trin- ity Club1 Secretary of Trinity Cluhg Library.-Business. J' The z1o11de1A+111l '1,'e1,'di I 111.1d1 111 For! I-1.11111I11111 .z11d 115: I.111g1f1y I had ll IIZ7 K.Ili 111 Ali, TCH-11t1"5 1-I ' 11.11. SCOTTO-LAVINO. MILDRED 9'1O Third Avenue Program Office: G. O. Store: Red Cross Club.-College and Physical Therapy. The 111.111 lo jt'l3ooI, 1155 I.z1e oslf. xv' Ike Z4U12d67'fllI 111e1:d.i I nude .z11d 165 SEIZIOYA I 11157 11171.41 I 11.1f .1 1111111111 SEILER, GEORGIAN.-K -10 S8 Street Secretary to Mrs. Mcl-Iughg Girls' Chorusg Musicalesg Bowling Club: Secretarial Service Squadg Secretary to Mrs. Schaefer.-Business XY'orld. fm Toe good 1111155 111 11241 Je111o1 jam' and F1'1d,1-3 111gIv1.1 ll A1'fe11e and A1111e. .L SELIGMAN, EILEEN 11164 51 Street Pilot Staffg Library Squadg Boosterbg Menorah Club.-College. The fl'IElZ62I.1' Ile 111.1de. 1611.15 Z4 o11de1- fu! lzuzrb pe1'1'odf. .111d Mr, 1l1o1'1o11'1 LJ11 CI.1i 1. 795 X 5 7 1 I , . We... , W1 fm . f SELNES, FRANK 610 Ovington Avenue Machinist. Tbe ZJIIIJLIE E.X'pE1'I61ZF1? I gained 111 my mdio 1'IJf.1ef and Ibe good 111116: I odd 111 Zoe 1.1fe1e1'111 Zoe 11x16 period. 1111 511.51 " - , , ffl , qv vw- N 1 111- 4 fa in ibn- f 1 43" . -vw ' .1 '5,,, . . '74 , 'ff Z6 I x QW SHAMIEH, RICHARD 255 Battery Avenue Service Corps.-Electronics. I The good 1111161 011 .rerrzfe d111'111,2 fifflp period Iuucb, 1111111 R109 DUU1 .111d Mike. 6907 Ridge Boulevard enio .-B sinesb. ,x.!j!,4X , . - 1 ve L27 -1, .fpmz uzzb 1. felloui ' 1 1111i11g pzrlze' SHAPIRO, SANDRA S- etarial 'quadf Caf eria Squa1d3 A - I ah ul? I I ll 1 I 1 .111 ' ' ' 1 H- ' 1 .111d d.1 .. The .1e11'111' algo .111d, fl' ' Al , A- , 111111116 Tfae H1 1 ev I ...g ,qt K SHEARS, ALAN 1062 55 Street Late Squadg Mrs. Ames' Othce: Chorusg G. O. Store.-Window' Dis- play. T175 ifvree -35.1111 I .lpzlll 111 For! H.11111I11111 Higfa ZL'Z7IL'A7 111fI be .111 111111111112 .111d fond 111e111o1j Io me. SIBBERN, EDWHARD CARL 352 S1 Street Attendance Secretaryg Program Com- mitteeg Mixed Chorusg Cros5-Coun- try Teamg Track Teamg Intramural Basketlfwall Team.-Forestry College. The 1.1111 .1t1.11o115 o11 llw .111!111'.1y u'11IJ M11 Turf .111d C1011-Cf1111111'-1 TH.IlIZJ',' ,'11111,z 111 l'.111 Co1'1l.111d1 P.11'i, .111d IIN 16815 511111 1-i1'111111,3. SIERP, CATHERINE V. 5919 Third Avenue liuxintsb XX't11'ld. AI! live f1111 I fmd 111 5141101 Lmzfb 11716 ffm g,111,g, Ifae l.1114gf1,1 11'11fJ 1f1e "B1g 15" e111e1'1.1II1' 11'11l1 fe.111e11e, Sf1.1w11, Lon, .111d 515111. SIMONETTI, PETER 872 52 Street Track Team, terms 3, 43 Study Hall Service for Mr. Gt1lomlT1. terms 5, 6. The good 11111e1 I fmd 111 F1111 Hamil- 11111 1111d Nw f1'1e11d.1 I 111.1de. 67 SINGER, RICHARD 2' Dahlgren Place United States Navy. Tiwre 1i.zLtv,r iii Erigiirb. SLOANE, EDYYARD 51" S3 Street Service Corps, 2 yearsg Cafeteria Service Squad.-Business. The good Iimer iii our gym rltzrr. SLOTNICK. INA 96-1 -19 Street Girls' Locker Room, Secretary to Mr. Quigley ancl Mr. Kayeg Table Cap- tain: Boostersg Psychology Clubg Me- norah Club.-Spanish Interpreter. My .reziiur year, my uvlrzdeifiif friezidi Iain bmi of JU, zbe gre.1Ifime.r ifz Jizz K.1'16l.l' oftire. SMITH, MAUREEN E. 119 Gatling Place Health Service Office. term 43 Table Captain, term 5, 6.-Modeling or Business XX'orld. The 1l'0IILIt9I'fllI frieudr I zimde, the good Iimer uifb Bernie. Air. Szz.zb1z'.r Hi.rtw'A1 CI.1a.i ,uid llve Iiificbet L71 Zfnj jf7UI'e'. SMITH, ROBERT 1157 S4 Street Track Teamg terms 3, 41 G. O. Of- tice, terms 5-Sf-Music or Business College. The -ixllv period Illllfli .md ilvim' period G71 112: wie of Mum qiiile lup- pify. SOLIMINE, NICHOLAS 4' Marine Avenue Cafeteria Squaclg G. O. Representa- UVC1 Service Corpsg Soccer Team, Intramural Basketballg New m a n Club: Senior Show.-College. TIM I-Ilclluja I 1f1.iJe iii Foil H.miii- Iwi. 'T' . ,, I . W i 9 . -naw' gs 3. .1 ' 'Q V' X X s ggi X ,R N 4. . X . A 'lf eta, Ilx I Q 'E if SPASIANO, LEWIIS A 1059 'O Street Curtaintirnersg Cafeteria S e r V i C 6 Squaclg Radio W'orlcshopg junior Or- chestrag Senior Showg Emergency Room.-College. U The jll'l'f7I'I!E 011 our facet zrbeiz .1 bin' flopped 011 73rd Sfffffa SPINOSA, JOSEPH N 351 76 Street Track Team, terms ', 8.-United States Navy. Mr. 53.1605 2-.zdio, .uid gowi zimer .zf irzzrfe practice. STAVRIOTIS, EMIL 2'2 68 Street Curtaintimersg Service Corpsg Ger- man Clubg Orchestra: Discussion Clubg Senior Show.-Armed Forces and College. Clzrltziiifiziierf zuiflv "LLIB". 111111175 hoist: Dr. CULAZILZIIII CI.1.ff, Jiid .zii the friefidr I m.1d'e. STRECHER, REGINA S6-13 Fort Hamilton Parkway Arista: Girls' Chorus: Musicales '52, '55g Secretary to Mr. Quigley and Miss I-Ioifmang Menorah Club. - College. M5 Senior Year, the zctvfzdsrfzzl fi-feizdr I zmzde, .md guna' OI' G-nm. STEINBERC, BARBARA S6-1 -19 Street Senior Show: Deans Squad, Menor- ah Clubg Boosters, Red Cross Rep- resentativeg Modern Dance Club1 Cafeteria Table Captaing Locker Squad.-City College of Business Administration. The fini Zee Ima' .11 Talpie "JI" Izmir ein'-imie Inzzizig Iver tfzwi 5.1-1. STEIXBERC, CAROL 959 58 Street Menorah Clubg Booster Club: Bandg Typist for the Senior Showg Mu- sicale.-College of City of New York. Sifiufe Jmiriaig in gvivi: our dl.l'L'lU- .firmly .zbtinl Terr-i .' lar! but 1101 Iepzif, ffZ3Zfi'f E3 ,sep - I , " 1 .grill GQ, J :JP 68 GUN ' I .I fVX4"6 If - V I U Q MHCQAJ T Q' G, . L Q63 ,JC ANOVA T. Ib STEINBERG, JEROME 905 51 Street Projection Squaclg terms -1-S1 Psy- chology Club, term 51 Senior Showg Dance Club.-City College. T65 fz111 I lud 111 Ilve brick VUUIIZ of the Biology l,1b .md llve fry of fb: Biology l.1b. "I .rl111z1'e11' .1 film l.l.i'f. STENKJAR, DORIS '72 5-1 Street Girls' Emergenq' Roomg term 41 Sec- retary for Mr. Matheson, terms 7, S.-Business World. F011 H.ZIIIllIOlZ, fifllv peijoiz' l11111'b, .wil the 111.11 VIIIZ7 701' .1 15.11 1111 flu buf. uliirli I 11.f11.1ll-1 J1J11'1 lgeff STEUER, ARNOLD 522 86 Street Biology Squadg Service Squad in Cifeteriag Menorah Club,-C.C,N.Y. -Merchandising. illr. D.1z1d.w11 11111 Alf. KIe!.l"?IZ .111d Ilia ,21'e,1f 111110 111 165 Biolffgi' Lib. "HAI-Yffzfll 1IEZe7'.,"' STRANDBERG, LORRAINE 5521 Eighth Avenue Library Assistance to Miss Morrison. term 3, -Z.-Business. The lefzzirer 011 lift-11:54, 11141 f111e11di 111 Ibe a1feIe1'1,1, uble X, ,md ,1ll Ziff f1111 ue b.1d lofelbff. STYFFE, WILLIAM 7825 Fourth Avenue Aeronautics. Min IVJIHJ feeepiwg piefefi' fl.11gf qzzlel, SULLIVAN, GAIL A. 969 77 Street Service Corpsg Receptionist.-Cathzv rine Gibbs Secretarial School. M1'. Su'ab11',r fmzdurl r111'df, Table G 1111d the flfjb for fbairf al lznzcb, lbe 1'1'ou'ded buref, Ike u'011de1'f11l lemo- erf 111111 Ibe many fI'IElZ4Z'I 1 111,112'e 111 F011 H1z1111l1o1z. I 1 X .11 -1-I MQ! X YY' ! W f .-4, ' . Z , 5' ' N I qw ,,,,, , 5 -1 1' ,113 W , , A- 1 .. lv MY, .1 1 1 s"'fT"' X fr X X S f X X cd Q s fW W 1. ss. 1:51-Q-.W .31.j'1,j 'S w 4 A K' X42 4 We 5 1 lm, 1 , I Gv' 15: W I' ' . 'f, f . I ' S. 1, ,My f , MW , SULLIVAN, RAYMOND 622 77 Street Service Corpsg G. O. Representativeg Track Teamg Craft Serviceg Secretary to Miss Wleidig.-U. S. Army. The z1'011de1'f11l 1111191 11114 .zll Ibe 1g1111cff1'ftf11d.f. SUTERA, JOAN MARIE 302 96 Street Newman Club: Secretary to Miss Millerg Pi'ogr11m Ofliceg Cafeteria Ta- ble C.1pt1iinp G, O. Representativeg Treasury Othceg Pilot Office.-Bush ness. The fllll, flu' l.lIlg6fE7', llve f1'1e1112'v, 111111, 0l.i'1f11'i 61111111511 rind 111111'e1'- il.1111l111,g 111 111'1'y Zl'.I-1, .111d F1'.1111'111e'5 f11i111fib1lI1, SVENDSEN, KJELL 6801 Shore Road Trinity Club. terms 3-81 Mixed Chorusg Secretary to Mr. Lebowitz .ind Mr, Bedellg French Clubg Cafe- teri.i T.ible Captain.-College and Europe? Tln .i.11'1't11' Iflllbl' .111d blfirea' Cbrif- 11.111 lfllozi iliflh 111 flve Tl'IlIllj Club. SWITZER. MARION 422 53 Street Assistant to Miss Mulling Secretarial Service Squndg Program Otliceg Red Cross Representiitiveg Tower Repre- sentiitive.-Broiiklyn College, Vlfillf-Y1111'll IN'ez'e1'."' TAIIRUSS, LANVRENCE 7911 Colonial Road Deiin's Othceg Manager of the Bas- ltetbnll Tcnimg Ciiptain of Cafeteriag Senior Show. - College then Busi- Diss. The 'quad 11111e.f I had 1l'Ifb lbe TJICE, "I'111'le" fliizrlpy, ,ind Himk fi! VJL . TANNARIELLO, ANDREW 440 69 Street Cafeteria Service.-Business, The 111,111 zltrgti' Ill gym, and Ike rmb 111 gel nlreried, bu! 111011 of ,ill fbe flllblltfl I Wilde. 69 TARANCELO. EDXVARD S023 Fifth Avenue Arista: Service Corps: Chemistry Squad: Intramural Basketball: New- man Club: Track Team: History and French Clubs.-College. AU 1116 .ldizifgi 111 1116 L'.If6f6l'f.l. TARANCELO, JAMES 8023 Fifth Avenue Arista: Service Corps: Intramural Basketball Manager: Senior Council: Social Committee: Program Otiiceg Dance Club.-College. All 11z'i' f1'1e11d.i .11 F01-z HJIlZfIl0lI .111d rome of fbe I6tlL'bEI'J', 6J'pEL'j.ZU'1 Mr. K.I.16. TARANTINO. ROBERT 960 'O Street Service Squad. 1 year.-Coast Guard, The bnlllflyllllf .Qf1'f,f 111 1l11.r .rrbool ,111d foe good lflllev z1'11l1 The born. TARULLI, JOSEPH IO-V' 83 Street Service Corps, terms 1, 23 Cafeteria Service, 5-6.wBusiness. The good 11111e.r 11116 foe oo-ir. TAUKUS, THEODORE 58 74 Street President of General Organization: Chemistry Squad: Senior Council: Senior Social Committee: Senior Show: Intramural Basketball: Cafe- teria Service Corps.-College. Toe boar .111d "I,'11cle" Louie 111 fiflb 11e1x'od fllllfbl .111d 1111 f.1111o11v r.z111p.114Q11 1 pet UZ7. TEEHAN, JEREMIAH -L39 65 Street Cafeteria Senice Corps: Assistant to Mr. Gerg Service Corps: Assistant Lieutenant Service Corps: Intramural Basketball Team: Lieutenant Service Corps.-Lf S. Marines. Thi Loft nf1o r,11 .13 .NHL ffu .. 7 . , Iliff? f'e1IH.f f.'111c'1Q1. 'o V. ,Jr .., :I ::: L K Q 6 151. K1 S F. - X if 5 - l t 'WF'- Biff 1-an-f' ,axe I iii " I s 9 Qs E s t it 6 T 'W u ft. as.. ' Q-1 89' TYS X Q N 'six Nt .f ' ' X af ' E We TEPEDINO, FRANK 905 59 Street Soccer Team: Track Team. - New York State Maritime Academy. The boys ill fiflb period lznzfla, Mr. Kolfmarz .md Mr. Leboirifz. TESORIERO, JOHN 610 90 Street Track Team: Dean's Oticeg Intra- mural Basketball: Biology Service.- Accountancy.-N.Y.L'. The f1111 ,z11d good time I b.zd Zljfb foe "o1d ,g.111g" 011 foe More 161171. THIELBAR, BETTY L. 545 S1 Street Arista: President of French Clubg Mixed Chorus: Musicales: Volley- ball and Basketball Clubs: Secretary to Mrs. McHugh: Tower Literary Staff: Senior Show. - College - Home Economics. III11 j0f1111'.-' "i'IL11'11.1ge of AIOIIZJH, IV1-11111g De!,111e'1r like "A11.fo111.1- 1o111,r"'V. Jlrr. H.11'1, 1115 z1o11de1-f11l g111de.' A1'f.ff.I. 1111 ,fop111or! p1'1de. THOMPSEX, CAROLE S50 68 Street Secretary for Miss Von Bokkelen: Gym Locker Squadg Senior Show.- Secretary. The good fflllif 111111 fbi "TAGS", 7176 l.111gZ1.r 111111 1115 "Big F1t1ee11",. 11111 .11 1116 Senior Aifffljflij, 'Sgmof Slmzv. M19 61111517 .zr f01lI'i'Z7 period 111111111 ,z11d 1111 good "f7'fEIIa27J' E.r1'Z1e1'. Clmsiie .111d K.1r1. W THOMSON. ANN MARIE 141 Battery Avenue History Department Secretarv: G. O. Representative: Service Squad in Cafeteria.-Business. Toe Z1o111tz1't11i, 1155 1e.1fl1e1-st, 1155 1'e.i1.i'.' 11111 .1l111ze .df 771-1 f1'1e11d,t, my beff. THOMSON. BARBARA 'eos Third Avenue Secretarial Service Squad: Cutting Squad: Mixed Chorus: Blusicales: Tower Representative: G. O. Repre- sentative: Eisenhoxver-Stevenson For. um: Program Committee.-College -Nurses' Training. My Se111o1' 111111111 Lbefiod .11 mole xi: fbf .7101 171 Jlfxtd C1f1o111.r ,111d .all Ibe f1'1e11d.i I 111.1de. THORSEN, THORUN 1065 74 Street Secretarial Service Squadg Secretary to Miss Hennessy and Mr. Cum- mingsg Prefect Secretary: Trinity Club.-Norway, then Business. Home N1n'.fi11g with "Mm Cl7tI.fEl'.' Plvgllif. PJI, lbe girly .11 T,1I2Ie H. .md Ilve nerer e11d111g 111.111 for flw 5 zfrlork buf. THUE. JANET S213 Seventh Avenue The z111r1Jert11I 1i111e.v I lud 1I1n'111g 111-1 -I -ie.11'v .11 Furl H.11111Ilf111. TIMMERNI.-XX, BLANCHE 205 '1 Street Prefect Secretary, -1 ye.1rs.-Busi- ness. The I,1ugI1,f. the Ie.1r.f, ,wld ,JII Ike fifzrere fr-1e11,J'.f I'1'e 111.zde. bm 1110.11 of .1II Iliff. OZIEII ulmfe l7IOIZ7E1'lJ, .l'UTeffIU1I .md ZHIdE7',fI,1IIdHIIQ 111,111.5 111-1 .iefiwr -new 1111fo1'ge'Il.16Ie. TORJUSEN, SOXIA 5200 Fifteenth Avenue Assistant to Miss Md-lughg Secretary to Miss Hennessy, Miss Short. Mr. Eisman and Mr. Lebowitz.-Business. AII Ike fuzz during 1115 fain' Q,e,11'f 111 For! HJ77ZIIl0Il:' ,zII Ifye uofzdefjful friezzdr I 7?ZJdE.' but 711041 of .1II, Ike fuzz and Iuugfaf uifb Ike "TueIze I PS", 0 TOZZO, DOLORES t-X 1 5' ' Ari a' Secre 1 Mr., Sh m oster ' on -1 I' . Busi ess Wfo 6055 uzzf -'gemble ,go 1,11 .fe.ri1f1z.f zrizh lbs gif 41 More f " '- ,211 u OiH67Z7'w6B mb , X 1 I A ll 5K t et an Mr. G glSiSeereta B ' en' 'Sh ' o o - itt if 1 r THA,-SLUM, HELEN 864 6o Street Trinity Club, terms 3-8g History Of- fice, terms 5-6.-Business. Rzzzzfzizzg for Ike buf 112 Ike morzzjzzg hoping 11 would rlopg the fun Soup and I bod III Ibe HItI07'j' Offife, is' . i,x-X . F s s X v Xe X SX Q' t X Q 'K X s X z . 175 Nh , . 9' in '53 st, ' 1 -as Q . I 1 If We 'W 2, M51 X ,WX .gs B V K' ' at-A " -uf , "C .. .,,, ' Y-Xi V. in '2'e 1 fz- K TRICARICO, ROSE MARIE 1025 56 Street Secretary to Dr. Cochran, Mrs. Saun- ders, Mr. jolting Girls' Chorus, terms 5-8.-Medical Secretary. From rI11J'.r Zo t'!il,U thief? and erery ally, lfnilfa my good frielzdr, A11d1ee ,md Renee. Think of fbe Zimer we had Jlffblfllli, A114 I'II 1'emef11!9e1' zvbeu our frzefzd- ,-eip jlflff begun. TROPE, SYDELLE 931 51 Street Lihriiry Squadg Secretary to Mrs. Goltlbergg Menorah Clubg Boostersg Modern Dance.-Private Secretary. The u'0z1de1'f1zI f1'iez1dr I'1'e Nude, my IEIIIO1' yan' 111111 .1II lbe fzzfz we Ima! a'1r1'11zg Imzfb. TULLOCH, ARTHUR 7604 Fifth Avenue Service Squad: Curtintimers.-Conv mercial Air Pilot. The 116111 friefzzdf I 111.1da, .md .ill lbe good 1111161 I hm' .11 F1111 H.1111iIZo1z. TUOHY. JOSEPH V 941 S1 Street Gulf Team. 2 years: Service Squad. -Business. l31II Jud Tom 111 Sbffjv. TUOZZO, SAVICRIA 671-1 Eleventh Avenue Service Squad. term -1. - Business Whirlel. D.1.iI1111g for .1 lttlf 1111 lfae buy El'61'y- 4.115 The ffm we had I11 .1 fuzzy zctzy, The 5 o'1'Iork df1z1'11pu1z1' zz'IJe1z we .1II ,gal wel, rim! Mn 111.1113 .gf1111ll1'je11cI1' I z1'1II 11e1'e1' ffnlgel. URSO, FRANK 1055 SHEET United States Marines. My iezliffr-ye,11' tllldl .111 the jflI7Z we Ind dlzrilzg um' .i1.vIIJ period Izmrfy. 71 D VAINIO, VICTORIA 6830 Ridge Boulevard Program Otliceg Secretary to Mrs. Mcl-lughx G. O. Representative.- Business Wtwrld. Mft. ,7IICHllKgfZ7l.f piefect .mal rlve good finzei' zviilv Magda, Lozziie, jomi, K-lilo' .uid Millie. Riliiyl.-XRIE ,hu -V M6-lStreet 'Si 7 1. 1' S Ffiiil VENEZIA, ROBERT 965 58 Street Service Corps: Soccer Tearng Hand- ball Tearng Baseball Teamg Intra- mural Basketballg Section Captain in Cafeteriag Newman Club.-College. zllri. H'3e1".i Senior Prefer! ,md Ibe fiz1z zzillv Zlve girly. VIENICK, MELVIN -164 56 Street Photography Club, terms 5, 6.- College. Fam' zz'ii1zzz'e1'ful J6,111f ll! For! H.11zzil- 1011. VON BURG, ANITRA 430 'S Street Senior Show1 Psychology Clubg Pub- licity Squad "Curtaintimers"g Boost- ersg Grade Advisers Otliceg Secretary in Arista Otfice.-Brooklyn College. The fini .Il lii11fl1 willy Ilia riwzrd .ind live l.1ii4elz.i' uiib jizcl-1' i1i Mr. fulliifi' Cl1e11zi.if1'y fl.1J5. YVAGNER, VINCENT 542 94 Street Service Corps, 2 years. - United States Navy. The gr-eil Iiizzei' i1z flve C.zff!e1'i.i. 72 ll . ww' ffl? ' Anya' 4,141-v' 'Mawr' 1 -4 W , .... . 'WU' ,K x ,a s X F' '2- if .7 YE 4, Y 1 , f S. sr 'nf e fer fs ,, Q X og ,Q f, A AV V CO5 -..1 , sm ' S ,.. A nw-war 'A 6' " Z' is 7 . 515, E -f S e . v if 4 F N RM ia 7 Ba i ge Avenu xv NCBI a American Club ry tone Psychoo v Katherine CO leg . The f1i1z .111 woes I land ur iz mem- ber of "Cu1'Izzi1zIiiz2e1',f",' MH. Calla- btlll, lllrr. Il"e.vzerberg .md mg many uizforgefitzble friend! who were all 41 part of flares u'o1zde1'fizl years. cr o r. - 3 1 -8.1 a l , ai i rs. - - Q ' cigria School g Evening WI-KLSH, MAUREEN 760 67 Street Visual Aid Squadg Secretary to Mrs. Low, Mr. Shulman, Mr. Golornbg Table Captaing Secretarial Squadg Service Squadg Prom Committee- Business XX'orld. My Senior getzr, fini uilb Claudia, lI'I.Zl'P1.1l.7lIv, .uid Allll, 'QII1-5. Cb.z5e"' i1z Home Nzi1'.ri1ig. .md More "RMU" iiz ibe c.1fete1'iJ. YVEINBERG, EILEEN "lOl Colonial Road Grade Advisers Squadg Library Squad: Corresponding and Record- ing Secretary of Menorah Clubg French Clubg Girls' Health Educa- tion Script VC'ritingg Curtaintirnersg Boosters.-Elementary Education. M11 L.z G1'.zr.i'e'.f Cl1e11z Clair .md Ilya :e1'0'.r 110 0116 ezer failed lo gel.: fllzz Sbi1l11z.z1z'5 Spmziib rl.z.f.f zzifb illmgol. lIl.11'i011, Bill .uid Kjell. YVEINSTEIN. STANLEY 1042 50 Street Mr. Quigleys Office: Biology Squadg Projection Squadg Senior Shovvg Menorah Club. f Brooklyn College and Dentistry at N.Y.U. Tlye Biology Squad .uid 1123 i'i.xtz'l:1 lbwiod l111zt'lJ. i YYEINTRAUB, PHILIP 5009 Eighth Avenue Track Tearng Biology Laboratoryg Senior Showg Cafeteria Captaing G. O. Representative.-City College -Electronic Engineer. Om' m.ii'l1, Alf. Kf3Ii'!II.I1l1l, .iiid flve tellozzi' wi ilzs 11'.1rE 15.1111 mlm cau- Ifiliiiled to ani' z.zr.vilj fe'l.I-1 Ietmz. YVESTERMAN, ROBERT l S26 -19 Street Cateteria Service Corps, 2 yearsg Service Corps.-Farming. The grind fi11ze.i' ire Ima' 4112 M76 bin Iii ,z1z.l f1'u11z Jrlvoul. c ASD .i . ia ja Sq d H o rn -Hiceg Vice P 5 1 ' YVHALLEY, ALICE 971 77 Street Late Squad: Trinity Clubg Girls' Chorusg XX'orlced for Mrs. Hyer and Miss Mattsong Boostersg Aristag Basketball Club.-Nurses' Training. Tbore cold morlzjazgr uxiiiizzg for tba but fo rome, M75 Zl'0I2dE'!'f1lI fuzz in prefect, ,wid Ibofe ezzjoyible limei fu Giv-Ir' Clwrzrr. YYHITE.. ROBERT 9306 Fourth Avenue United States Navy. The Ifllicf zilfiezz I zromferea' if if zzxu' zuorlli 11. YYIK. MARIE 1055 50 Street Math. Ortice. terms 5. -ig Secretary in Study. terms 7, S.-Nurses' Train- ing. The NI.ll1V'g fueudr I m.m'e.' Dol. foyre, illwu. .md ollverfg live -lillil I had 111 Chem flux. WYILLBORG, CHARLOTTE 529 '6 Street Secretarial assistance to Mrs. Hart. -Music School. T56 faierzdilfzff I 5,116 1211115 fu Ikli rfbool ,md 115: 16.156675 14116 zilmm I zcmveed. WYILLIAIVIS, ELIZABETH M. 'O51 Ridge Crest Terrace Emergency Room Squadg Locker Room Squadg Secretary to Miss Mul- ling Secretary to Iwfrs. Heyer, Mrs, Lowg Secretary and President of Red Cross Club.-St. johns Episco- pal School of Nursing. Toe grerzf :infer uilb lllrr. Supzbzz ju pf-efefz. WTLSON, ROBERT 651 55 Street Service Corpsg Senior Showg Cafe- teria Table Captain.-College. lily fl'I67Zdff my l6!lL'bE7'J', and II76 good zimer ue bad, 0 S 5 if me ' -f gb' ' , I fa , f f 4 54 W A X -af f, , 3 1' Wo ' MQ, f I A f, fag, if EA ti W ie: A D 4. 1 , 5 he QV S ' ,M fx vf x i 2511 K' X X , ni E I, , 1' N521 M ii. N is war 1 ntl in ff' 5, if ' . 4 i 5 - ,fr Z , ?f WOLHEIM, DONALD 225 Dahlgren Place Biology Squadg Rifle Teamg Service Corps.-College then Navy. Toe Imzg dnzzwz-0111 0-0-0-of when .romeozze dropr 11 Img' in lbe crzfeterhz. NVRIGHT, JOHN 5721 Third Avenue Cafeteria Squad,-Art School. The lgrzud times I Ind u'ifIJ for .7'1'ief1J,i I made. YOUNG, HERBERT 10-12 50 Street Rifle Teamg Gym Secretary for Mr. Bedellz Projection Squadg Biology and Chemistry Squadsg Secretary in Emergency Roomg Tennis Teaml lXlenorah Club.-College-Engineer ing. The laterz! films I Ind zwlb fha Rifle Tum ziifo Mr. BedeII, .md .ffye bog! fm for Seieullv Purim! Cfiemiifry Sqn,1L2'. ZELLER. ARTHUR 7100 Ridge Boulevard Basketball 'leamg Radio Wfevrksliivpg Intramural Baslcetballg Secretary to Mr. Kassenbrockg Senior Show Committee.-Business Admin- istration. The Pruj1Ie illelgffve Frlirmfi illylde. ZINNIE, RICHARD 501 S1 Street Basketball, years 5, 43 Baseball, Qith year.-College. The lgferll Inzzer zrjfb for Brfrkelbrzll Team ,md foe TACS. ZINO, LOUISE 359 62 Street Secretarial Squad, terms 3, 6g Cap- tain Cafeteria Squad, term 3- Sec- retarial Wiwrk. The grind liwer in prefect u'ifI9 MilIie, form, Crzerizr, Vicki, Kif, joe and lvlfl. MvHu,gI9, and ,III lbe M012- dw-fn! frieflcfi' I 111114122 73 ZR.-SICK, RENEE Language Department, terms 1--Ig Late Squad, terms 5, 6g Secretary to Mr. joltin, terms 5, 63 Secretarial Service Mr. Quigley, terms 7, 8.- Business Wforld. Double Double foil .md Jfruggfe, Une "Izz'i1z5" 110 Alllfcul ,1 101 of lmlzbfe. ZUKAS, FRANCES 92-1 55 Street Aristag Assistant to Mrs, Erankle, Miss Hoffman: Empire Girls' Stateg Class Secretary to Mr. Ger, lNIr. Mortoni Tower Representative: Ta- ble Captain: Boostersg -lr. UNESCO Club: Senior Bulletin.-College or Business XY'orld. Squme Dafzciug in tbe gjm, our dis- t'llJ'J'f01I.f 160111 TEl'7'-I .md ZJII' but rm! le.z,fI. JIU. Fmzzelel, Mfr. Kahn, Aiim HO4ff171.IlI and 1115 fuzz in Sfezz. 2. ZRAICK, AUDREE 695 85 Street Language Department, terms 1'4g Late Squad, terms 5, 6: Secretarial Service Mr. Quigley, term 7, 8.- Business World. The confused glmzrer of zbore frying I0 le!! my zzvifz and me apart. CAMERA SH Y DI BELLA, JOHN QHome Studyj MUO-IO, SALVATORE DOHERTY, BRIAN OLSEN,HARRY M. EINN, RONALD OTOOLE, DENIS EONTANA. FRANCES PERRITORE, BARBARA MORTON, BRUCE SOLE, JOHN QHome Studyj 7-l When sunset turns to gold these halls of learntng i , 2 W xi 2 fi -V 1 ffff fQ ff! 1 ' Z Q Z ,, my xN X,,wmw- x X N NHQNN Z A? Z 1 Z 2 ti 5 ? 2? 4? M, Qf,i f f A ,,,,,' I ff I 4 Wx, f kW Q wrwiw, W EW , 37, V 5W , S, 1 , WW e t fwfmf f , ,ff, ,,,' gh, ,f , ,1 n 1: K I X ,XV ' ' ,. 'v fufiw ibn, 9 Q. -'-- W 5 A,,' , v ,, ., I ff ' 3 71 r f ,,f,,f f ' 1 Q' V X E 7 THE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Bam! Crash! Another explosion in Mr. jol- tin's chemistry class! Wonder how the class made out? In Mr. joltin's class a student either suffocates with chlorine poisoning or catches pneumonia when the windows are opened to let the gas out. Think that's something? You should hear about the "Marriage of Atomsfl Lavoisier, test tubes, skeletons, this is a typi- cal setting for a biology class. Ever hear of mutants, mutations and chromosomes or ever think of studying about the birds 'n' the bees? You will too, especially if you are a student in Mrs. Hyer's class. But let us not forget about the great engineers and electricians of tomorrow. Mr. Szabo's radio class may help furnish your radio or TV repair man. Seriously speaking though, the Science Department of Fort Ham- ilton High School, headed by Mr. David Cohen, is not only the largest of all departments in the school, but its interesting variety of subjects attracts more than three-quarters of the student body. The depart- ment as a whole, tries to give students a better viewpoint of science and the changing world of today. Katbezizze Kafizlboalif SHOP AND MECHANICAL DRAWING During the day, live days a week, if one were to pass these famous rooms in our schools ever popular basement, one would probably hear the pleasant noises of hack saws, chisels, planes, and l'That was my thumb, not the nailln These familiar sounds come from the SHOP rooms where, under the able supervision of Mr. Platnick and Mr. Plaster, our boys and girls plan and construct useful and useless articles for the home, parents, friends and Hdreamboatsf' Many of these articles are easily recog- nizable, while others are and always will be mysteries. On the third floor, a large room with odd looking desks or tables houses the Mechanical Drawing division conducted by Mr. Matheson. Here one hears such expressions as "bracket casting," Horthographic projection" or, more understandably, "Who has my T square?" Seriously, however, shop and mechanical drawing give our boys and girls a well-rounded education, one that will be ever useful in the coming DO IT YDURSELF age. S116 Oppelzheilizez' -6 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT The head of this most important department is Mr. Carlin. It is he who plans English X . courses and productions. The English depart- 6 jg ment has supplied us with perhaps the most I entertaining assembly programs to date. The "Q Dramatic Department and Radio Workshop, under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Kerwen and Mr. Philip Eisman respectively, have turned out two line productions. "The Ghost of Benjamin Sweet" proved a delightful comedy in which the cast enjoyed participating. Mr. Eisman, whose Radio Workshop is com- paratively new to Fort Hamilton, directed a group of future radio workers in the stirring drama, "The Cliff." The Senior class was in- deed impressed with this production. The class of 1955 will never forget the interesting, constructive courses in drama and creative writing. The teachers, Miss Haigney and Miss Kerwen helped to make these subjects all the more enjoy- able. The staff of the TOXVER is especially grateful to Miss Ricco- bono, for without her advice and helping hand this year book could not have been composed. This Senior class will be a long time forgetting the entertainment and valuable knowledge contributed by the English Department. fzzdith Gfzrgizzfo THE ART DEPARTMENT Under the direction of Miss Dick, the Art Department does much of the artistic and deco- rative work of the school. "The Rembrandts" and the major art classes make the posters which sponsor all school ac- tivities. These include GO. elections, varsity shows, musicales, sports and the P.T.A. Many of the attractive art displays through- out the school are the work of students, not only in the major art classes, but many simply in required art classes. Many of the attractive case displays are made by students in craft classes conducted by Mrs. Liger, who is also the Tower Art Advisor. The work of our Art Department is evident throughout our com- munity. For the past several years, students have entered the Hallo- we'en Art Contest on 86th Street and won awards. This year, a new project was added-that of decorating at Christmas, the window of the Fort Hamilton Army Base. Mrs. McHugh, Miss Haut and Miss Adelsohn are the three other members of this small but influential department. Anne Leach! 77 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT m After we have graduated and most of our x high school subjects have dimmed in our mem- N Q, K' mf ories, one will clearly remain-Mathematics. 7X 3 fl Z, QJW We will apply its simpler forms to our daily Q 77: living and as we do so visions of our years in 1- 'x 4 GD Math class will invade our memories. ' ll A - We may remember those three charming per- sonalities A, B, and C, their problems and their triangles, but we may forget how we overcame the obstacles they presented. Thus reminiscing, the words of our beloved classroom rulers will echo in our ears. We will hear Mrs. Gold saying, "Speak English properly! This is a Math class!", and Mr. Kayeis, "Division-not chop-chop!", the famous words of Miss Miller, "The angles of what -a cow?", and of Mr. fGeneralj Shomay, "God bless you, my childll' As Miss Higginson's admonition, "In Math we add, subtract, multiply, divide, raise to powers and extract roots,', resounds in our ears, we will be reminded of the importance of sound principles and we will realize that those years in Math classes were not spent in vain. Size Oppefzbeinzer Z Aid, -F l THE PAN AMERICAN CLUB Uli THE FRENCH CLUB FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT C lf. li'rlsu1:1,4.a1 n Ca va? Como esta ud? Wie gehts?-These expressions may seem a bit strange at first, but they are commonplace to those who know the verbs of our Foreign Language Department. Fort Hamilton offers four foreign languages -three modern and one classical. ln fact, some students have really taken advantage of the opportunity and have studied two languages. But whether we've taken Spanish, Latin, Ger- man or French is inconsequential-the part that counts is the enjoy- ment and knowledge we derived from it. Despite struggling with irregular verbs and idiomatic expressions and worrying over Regents, we did have good times studying a language. Of course, language wasnt limited to the confines of the class- rooms four walls. For interested students there were clubsglgrench, German, Pan-American and Latin. Miss Farquhar, Chairman, and the teachers, Mrs. Hart, Miss Skid- more, Mrs. Seldin, Mrs. Catania, Dr. Cochran, Mr. Shulman and Mr. Cfolomb, all contributed to our culture and education. We may for- get an irregular verb or two but there will always be something de- lightful to recollect about our foreign language studies at Fort Ham- ilton. jlzdiffo Krozzzmzfrz DEPARTMENT OF SECRETARIAL STUDIES The students who pass through the various courses in the Department of Secretarial Studies 4, N tt -Stenography, Typewriting, Secretarial Train- X , WW' . ' ii T it 2: nf 1, - . ing, and Clerical Oflice Practice-receive such .VL fi j I n. i worthwhile competence in various office and n ' stenographic skills that upon graduation sev- . 1 X xp X ll X ' V T M, --' eral jobs are available to them. Some of our 4, lM,,,if if graduates have taken advantage of their bi- S lingual skills and have acted as clerks, typists, or stenographers in countries such as Norway and Sweden. Our students are trained to use various office machines, such as the Dictaphone and Ediphone, calculating machines, telephone switch- board, and various duplicating machines. The phonograph and tape recorder are employed in our Stenography, Transcription, and Type- writing classes to help develop greater speed. There is a great demand for male stenographers and typists in the Armed Services. One of our recent graduates, john Dolan, had been on the Korean front for six months when his superiors learned that he had studied Stenography and Typewriting in high school. He was then assigned to take notes at various Army trials. Edfm Lfzuffofz HISTORY DEPARTMENT Can you remember, way back, freally only tm four years agoj to the day you started Fort Hamilton? How much knowledge about the ,W gill' past, present and future did you then possess? Jam , , None? And how about now? Well, whatever 7 Q knowledge you may have acquired, can be at- tributed to our History Department in Fort Izfpqjqnf f ' - "CN Hamilton, under the guidance of its chairman, Miss Hennessy. From the first year to the last, we study everything from World Geography to American History and World Backgrounds, including Current Events. The extra-curricular activities sponsored by the department are the junior UNESCO Club and the Discussion Group. The junior UNESCO, under their faculty advisor, Miss Alberti, discusses the structure and activities of the U.N. The Discussion Group, with Miss Duhig as its advisor, discusses various topics of the day. The outside activities that the department sponsored this year were the Borough and City Wide Conferences, the Brooklyn College Model Congress and the Radio Script Writing Contest. Though we may not know every date and every act passed in the past, we can safely say that we have a substantial background in the study of history that gives us a firm foundation which will enable us to understand better the world in which we will be living. Offeffe Mifitemi GIRLS' HEALTH EDUCATION DEPARTMENT BEACON S MODERN DANCE nd faithful hearts so loyal to thee . . . alwaysg This required subject may be called by some a "necessary evil" but it really is lots of fun. Starting as freshmen we enjoy outdoor sports until jack Frost arrives in November. Then, until spring we learn rhythmic exercises and plan original patterns. Mixed with exercising is the delightful square and social dancing twice each week. That leaves our gym suits in y the lockers. However, no matter how we try to learn what we can each year, inevitably, by the second week in the fall term, our poor teachers realize all has been forgotten and they, as well as we, must start again. Nevertheless, we do progress and by the Senior year we have a large repertoire of folk and social dances and also nimble arms and legs ftongues, too-to the displeasure of our teachersj. But, despite ourselves, we realize that we have had wonderful times and that our teachers are examples of patience and fortitude. Wfhat we have achieved is well worthwhile. Belly ,TZ7jt'fbtI7l BGYS' HEALTH EDUCATION DEPARTMENT BASKETBALL TEAM J 'Z 2, - X fif, ' ip One department of Fort Hamilton High School where there is certainly no loitering is the Health Education Department. The bop that is! After changing into attractive blue and yellow outfits, they are ready for work. In the gym, all the apparatus is at their disposal to use as they wish. Some of the paraphernalia consists of: a buckle bar, a horse, ropes with which to climb, basketballs, and sometimes a football. After the "free-playn period, the boys assemble on assigned spaces and perform their exercises. Then it's the gym teachers turn to take over and teach the "crew" volley-ball, basketball, badminton. shotput, track or anything else that is in the syllabus. During the warmer months, the out-of-doors season begins and the teams are made up for competition in the different sports. Scores are kept of the winning teams. At the end of the out-door seasons. the boys' group or team with the highest score are awarded a certain number of points toward their term marks and a letter as well. And when senior year rolls around, co-ed dancing during the Christmas Season and on Senior Day, is the special privilege of the senior gym class. jfznzer Boyz' KtIfbB1'jlZE Kt1zQz,z70a'i5 BASEBALL TEAM l SPURTS BASKETBALL-Three cheers for one of the best basketball teams F.H.H.S. has seen in a long time. The team finished in third place fOr F116 1954-1955 season. Captain joseph Gotta wound up by becom- ing the highest scorer in the P.S.A.L. League. Pictured opposite is the coach, Mr. Kaye with Captain joseph Gotta, Robert McAuliffe, Thomas Raftery, Arne Meberg, Will jordan, George Sarkis, Richard Zinnie and Michael Kelleher. BASEBALL-The baseball nine got off to a considerably good start this spring. Comprising the team are joseph Gotta, Robert McAuliffe, Wil- liam jordan, Richard Zinnie, Arne Meberg, George Sarkis, Dominick DiReda, Michael Kelleher, Vincent Gambardella, Michael DePalo, Mr. Siegel, coach. CROSS-COLTNTRY-Followed by a rather large cloud of dust, F.H.H.S. cross-country team ran themselves into third place. This contest was for the Brooklyn Borough Championship. As the dust began to settle, Robert Fontana, Peter Ludeman, Carl Sibbern, Thomas Gato and Guy Raffaele became visible. Manager Salvatore Davide and Coach Mr. Leichtman grinned their approval from the side lines. TRACK-Under the capable coaching of Mr. Kottman, the track run- ners have made Fort Hamilton mighty proud in the past by copping several medals and awards. Great things are expected by the 1955 team, Martin Adler, john Barbaro, Matthew Borrelli, Frank Handy, Carl Sibbern, Joseph Spinosa, james Tarangelo, Philip Weintraub, Peter Ludeman and Manager Salvatore Davide. fSee page 97.j TENNIS-Coach Mr. joltin reported that the turnout for the tennis team was overwhelming. It would seem that newcomers to Fort Ham- ilton are very interested in the sports world here. The future Tony Traberts are Martin Adler, Ronald Aronson, Herbert Young, Heil Ruddin, Patrick Deane, and Robert Boylestad. According to the con- fident team, they have a better chance of becoming city champs than they have had in a long time. GOLF-LQSC year out golf team won the Borough Championship and came in on Midwood High School's heels to the city champs. Mr. Matheson, their coach, has high hopes that early practice matches with good Staten Island teams will make a city championship a sure thing. Members are Captain Kristiansen, Gary Henningsen, Richard Wagner, Victor Tabeek, Louis Alexander, Paul Demarest, Lester McBride, and a promising newcomer john Wfaytowsky. These par- ticular members are the so-called "cream-of-the-cropi' in golf. BOWLING1IH keeping with its excellent record of long standing, the bowling team tied for second place in this winter. The team enjoyed a very successful season with record games played. Over the years, our bowlers attained quite a few honors, and in one instance H9535 they bowled in the playoffs. Coached by Mr. Flaster and managed by Captain Salvatore Davide, are Thomas Hope, Henning Kristian- sen, Stuart Fenniman, Harry Hanse, Martin Fleischer and F tank Cuneo. fzzdilfa Gfzrgizzlo CROSS COUNTRY TEAM RIFLE TEAM TENNIS TEAM BOWLING TEAM T ezst Will and Tes amemj mee 29, I9 P10111 flaeie belly where ufe'z'e ftzzelieel for f0z11' weary yeezry, LV e elelbezrr with 0 ilzlxlzzre 0f h0,Zve5 mul 0f femyf. Wfe zeozzlel like I0 laegzzeezzfla I0 Il105e left belaiml, Some P6zZ1'l.f 0f fzelriee, but 120 gems' can we jizzel. Of worlelly poffeuiofzs to give, we lmre zmzzgloi, 50 what emz we will? Why jim' ll 51111 y lb01l glytl Wfbfzi we pzfblislj, eleellzre KU' 010' lem' T65fl1lN6l'Zf4, Alley lmre Jozzzefhifzg of Jeme. bm' it mmzof be Jpefzf. Principal Leder our gift's sure to please, To him we bequeath all the school's dungarees. To Mr. Quigley we give, so that he'll never be late, A new flying saucer and a winged-roller skate. Miss Hoffman's guides we'd like to keep up to date, With an issue of Lovejoy's for two thousand and eight. To our grade advisors, our advent to detect, A periscope to each: 'Twill our coming reflect. To Mrs. Catania, to avoid future frustrations, We give-automatic self-filling college applications. With the deans we leave just one bit of advice- The Golden Rule use, it's worth any price. To Orchestra and Band we give new trombones and a tuba, With sound effects made by the Philharmonic and Sousa. To satisfy Europe-bound Mr. Solovay's whim, A journalism class to write his trip up for him. To our witty chem. teacher, Mr. joltin, we give, A pair of happily married atoms with him to live. To dean Kaye, a coach and Booster advisor this year, We will bottles of spirit and baskets of cheer. We leave Mr. Kamin a spectacular show, Written by Rodgers, and starring Monroe. All the ref! and rezmzizmler we have I0 lneifozzf, live will Z0 the .feh00l from z4'l90.fe,I201'f41l.r we go. 111 U7if12e.f.f whereof 0111' mzmex zee fzlfzpezzd, .aft flae lim' el0e.f eonzfmzlzfl. 411 11 zeillff rery efzfl. Amze Lezzehf Ea' 1251 Lezzwozz SPECIAL ACTIVITIES wif r' UP, ., 5 NY F H amilton, our pride in thee is growl g THE MUSICALE Many long hard hours of work were spent planning for the Musicale of April 1 and 2. The program was interesting and varied. The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Chelimsky, rendered four numbers including Mozarts "Serenade" from Eine Kfeizze Ntrclvifzzzziik. "The Marche Slave," "You'll Never XY'alk Alone" from Cr7l'0Zl.li6! and Cole Porters l'Begin the Beguinef' Mrs. Salzberg next led the Mixed Chorus in the singing of a variety of lilting melodies. There was a religious song, "The Voice of Praise," and excerpts from Gilbert and Sullivan's Ptzfiwzte, "In a Doleful Train, in which the boys sang the traditional patter song. The charming 'lAll the Things You Are," a Negro spiritual, "Set Down Servantf' the gay Russian air, "On the Yoke" followed, and nnally "Madame Jeanette." These numbers featured many soloists. The accompanist was Judith Plumb. S6 The lNIodern Dance group, Lll'lL'lCI' the leadership of Mrs. Levis, accompanied by the band, did an unusual interpretative dance to Leroy Andersons "Blue Tango." The Girls' Chorus sang tive numbers beautifully and spiritedly, One was an ar- rangement of the folk-tune by Victor Her- bert from Szreeffieizrfr. "Wooder1 Shoes," giving a clippity-clop effect. Mrs. Salzberg also led them in singing "Be Thou Not Still. Oh Lord" and "Our Paschal Joy." two religious songs. Then there was Stephen Fosters "Some Folks Dow and a rendition of "Waitin' for My Dearie" from Briga- doou. Barbara Knudsen and Irene Brodecki accompanied the Girls' Chorus. Mr. Picardi led the band in the grand opening ot' "Pacific Grandeur Overture." then the ever popular "Donkey Serenade," and the rhythmic "Trumpet Boogie." To complete their repertoire they played two marches, "Light Cavalry Overture" and Sousa's "Washington Post March" and a version of "Let Me Go, Lover," currently on the "Hit Paradef' The class of 1955 will never forget either this Musicale or the wonderful Music De- partrnent. Ann Leuchs Betty Thielbar Y Z yn yy C URTAI TIMERS Eb 'C9 Cl C-3 Cnrtain going np! The magic of thoye wora'5! The long awaitetl night ii' finally here. Tenrion fills the air. "Will they lihe it?" "Will it he a Jarrett?" We realize that theres no tiirning hath ana' at soon at the jirft wora' if atterea', we hnow it will he gooal. The eager an- tirijlvation of the aaaliente Jjlnirf ll! on, the fight, the laaghter, anti finally the ajojiilaare thrill ana' entonrage nf .... "All the worla"5 a Mage" ana' to the alealirateil thefpianf of Car- taintirnerf, the Jtage if a worlal. Daring the part fonr yearf, they hare a'ez'otea' ninth of their time ana' a great deal of ejfort to the joroaliir- tion of rnany extejtvtionally well jorefenteal jtrlayf. Of course you remember the exciting romance, "Cyrano cle Ber- gerac," which we saw as freshmen. This was very ably directed by Miss Norma Tasman. In our sophomore year, we viewed the refreshing play, "I Re- member Mamaf which marked the debut of our present directress, Miss Elizabeth Kerwen. As her second venture, this dynamic duenna of the stage delighted us all with a sprightly comedy of the Happer period, "Our Hearts Wfere Young And Gayf, In the autumn of our junior year, "Sud's Follyw f"Potboilers"j entertained us with its satire and wit. "Sight Unseenu was the varsity show, a highly amusing, very British comedy of a haunted house and zany situations. This year, another eerie assembly production, "The Ghost of Ben- jamin Sweet," amused us with its light whimsical humor. By the time that you read this, you will undoubtedly have seen and enjoyed Curtaintimers most recent endeavor, "Pygmalion.H How- ever, at the moment, our enthusiastic dramatic society has just begun rehearsals of this play which, we feel is sure to live up to the stand- ards of entertainment it is known to maintain. Some of the talent discovered within Curtaintimers will be de- veloped in later years, we hope. Certainly, none of it has been wasted for it has given all of us many evenings of real pleasure. For those who were members of this club, a feeling of pride must remain for their achievements, and a nostalgic affection for all their companions who worked with them on stage and behind the scenes. Let us not forget the untiring efforts of those backstage who did so much to make the productions successful. . . . Finally the rartain fallr, anal at we hear the thana'eroa5 ap- planfe, we lenow "the play'5 the thing!" fnalith Reich Oalette Nlilitean Left to right: lfittirzgl Stizarl FEIHITIIIJII, Ind-3 Reich, Ntznt-'j Dam AlIlJ'!'.l-1, Betty Hohhi, Bill PIlt're!7.lb8?'.' fynzzzdjngj Mike Shaft, Oaleffe Alilzlean. D.: TNCI., Our pledge to thee, Fort H umilton 3 ,Q l iii: I i s I ' 'fig VN F -5' Q? Ei'SQ.n x ,W .gs 5 W., vt W ,MS W bb' Q 'SWT 5Tl'1E4 PILOT ork and Ho 16S een -of y QS, LX 1950, 0 ' Q ' K 9 Q Q 5 -9' " I l ' Ed t Aetlve 6 010 'IIS H I ower 1 or -In Mrful C as, ss hoopste 'llgoU'j,',1w. AVC I s with an a 0 Odern 315166113255 filling' fl liji-fi ll, ,x 0 fxlmi V' Joe T 'lfufllglb d akciisses in 3 " 'I 0' LI. an test N, o p f N4 lfti' 6 Q I lofi? Con .x- , "' 'AS W 11 2250 f Q,,f99t OZ' 5" I xl -'S .of 0 ' t Q, lllfy el' A' ai QV tfcflff lzsy '12 Q .ID S 6 ov X941 13? ! C? 'lJIf4!"J ffm 'fv 6161 S idlxitamkaox, 'fe 322 a., Qfwf, R Y- Sf J X R ' 'x0NQ'iSfr E917 041' MIISICHIC Set 6 A-r1aef,Q1,,5fa !6f'6j4' ,SV ,6', For April 1, 2 2-Yea Q A fiifaajje ,w j It -,fxo April 1 and 2 are the big nights 6 SL, Q,,l"0 W- xl! 555 for Fort Hamilton's annual Musi- f Q Q07 G 'IE 'QV ,ln L fa! cale ' cfs are only 75c and may ,f 36, UQ OZ. Hg. '52, "V, 'Gy X be E ' V member of the 701 1 'Of V ff Q5 L Q5 'fs 5 Y' 4 - 14 M1 dv f ll 55 1,hvQQOq07 42: lfo . '- all ' ff f r f hln C Q ' i 4 CZ - ' 0, '.Ofi0f'i' Q t S T an Q tl also featurihb ! 0 1 'f if In 4 a woodwind group, FZ pl' I 413, 0 5 Dance Group this year," i.. Z I 55,5 'Q V Q In and-, 'Of The Band, Orchestra. "xxx as 60 C07 Q 0,5 '-:ll Girls Choruses will ' 'S' ,!f'Of,j57,,.ZGQ Q 01' 5' the gala preseri ejiyx' ex, 5 2006 0515 104, Wf. of +"F"5y09 599 ' 5Qx Q Q t yipxi YJYQKAJ' -ffl? N156 QSJQQ! 950 'C it rp- X 0 0 6 Q1 gba Q? -ST dot lf? Kok Q X 3 .Q Qs ,, 4:55 Q? 'l' 9 -Q ,ON qf Q, K. B ,y N sy 0 is . QQ Q 5 Sf is ae- Q. 4 M,,,,i,' S x 'Gal 'Q K fvybga 4c'o.'.4p 'V Bv Annclle 9 ' Ca" tx cb 9 'wksffsh .--FRY We - - ' -' l ' 4' N 59 c wi O " QPN YV qv ia with its loqu-if Q, O the h m rg QQ 5 .L A . l , L 01, xggxglhli .-5-,x'iXkQ?fiiJifvg1s the E6 'XJ O -,ct-the very inodetsqg ' Xi' O -X iib. RIN bf 96 0 119 ' Q X' 'rho is U' Q 9 . classm 'wlays a vigorous ., I He 5 Seb , XX - Q Q2 .i directed f O! been charac- Qgf: 1 ' oils' 'Q' fu 'OPS ' L W' Q. df dff D AS' I ' Q S lk Q00 8 0 J.. iv hh' C, IA: g 4 rf,f'Yffiil,n Oufifhlfllb SIC A QL' 116 WSffs.,'Uf5ifq'jfffGV ,, 15" 6512011 Tl Ill Lair f Q, 75 GS! 'V' 117.5 Lib, .QOJ 01216 , 'ff4G,f6"fvvp bf fofff' 111111113 W. 1 tl , A-79 SQ1,f'fH,f" of as S F if I1-Glu 4501, p I3 Q, ff S 'Ven G by w flof 864 O 5 1 wtf' mf' xo I tory Co ner G P Wfeff, Q17 'lf - f ' - ' ' H Q ,,, f background mi "sh GW "iw, JU' Vi. ' horns and Orchesuesti' Modern Dani O T X 5 As Y 0 A X ie. 11 the Brooklyp f' eotard-clad girls in- Robert . and Jw- 'jo 61 Y CUCLIOOI audi+ h Danbury, Carol dlth Aklvlsy 21-s J ' QQ . -es on'WN" , . oi Betsy Shack, skillfully. 1-S XXX vw OX e 'V ix r its performance 055: asc ntl-ay Hamm,-3 Comment- X mg tumbler stunts. Q15 Q5 ary Palumbo, God' S . Q . X xs , 11 H . I, AIGX Fmkfhlg pl qw Xxxsb 'log n Potoker P T gl. nrdan, Robert Byrn. 25 0 e K1-of-Y ..rorm." ,qi OW T 4 V6 Qo,xN0 Q qi Q, ? 0 . C4 O C Qallow, Michael if' 99 9- Q99 1' -u1!" exclaimed Ai ,955 HQ S0 xv 0 X' Q O 7 .i st H Stewart 9 XX SN " 6 . and added The more Ju 1 ,o .. , , ham, iv.. D ' 'mas .QD Q, BOY S,.a.mS we put on like this, the garty, and Uknade up ln the l -. more will people appreciate some of,50 this hardy, xu'eill-disci,,.GE ceam. ISalzberg's 1 Drodecki, the fs? 1"ff1'T'3 we do in Fort Ham-i Kfir-hmbl Shaw, renrneonfino- the Mm-ilvn Mai ...ith Plumb Pm-nl ilrfv- H ,ue :f.fQs.w-gWff:v 7"f""'. ' """"' m lvl' 5 H N' r 3351 1 tudents MalieeQfQQiftyf0 N if ' Oval Honor Roll 7 me L ncluding the June 1954 graduates, ac I W--N 6163012 01- . fs Q eligible for the Honor Ron. q1""" mmf . ' 111 C0mDa11m- Q pdmg of the year before, there are thref 6 N0 ffnls mam' students Ns re of 956 or better These et lc ally Sarah Moore, Edwarel Sml., lundson, Judith Plunft ent anyce Evans, George Souls, A.. e Nemore, Julia' 0 , ' ' " ' 49Olsen, GP rcicharl Yr 'L 14 Hamiltonites e' e o o t e zlolilfi All E , 5 . 0 Z if qw 1 'g Tal Db l Sarah Mig: , ., A I ' 9' r A C' M ear's fresl . 'ted N ,Q N New Q' v fn- S l I I -ixcxvah C' cp -, 4- K4 . 'N Last June Ff ..e Ugrad- l man cilas is . NgFlO1-ik waz PAx,Cxt3iiYOn9Q migo 55 590 SoLpBpqpOQ'QQJQ 3' uates earv- 0 .1lOl3l'Sl1lpS to folmel 50 X is 'V1' ' W1 CW SY do K ' 5 N 4' Cop cl1olarfK,n r o I . ,- ' .603 gclgrf b Q 4' O0 'U K' Q3 10 fourteei colleges and uni- l SOHYIIW .-A 02 - 90' ' lt Woe 'Q' 0 Q W 'N Q1 N9 B . , Q if C ug I , . xx X 'Xjlkaxg ,. Q' 'Q Q? L11-Q -'KN gen' Q' E ia versities. ..r boys anfl ten girls QXXQ4' 6 am xixxxc Q59 ,JT ov gl Nw og Q' x 3 lx' gt 6 -1750 Q1 ,VX vw m 5 Q 5. -d"'b CAF' N 'Q - . were QIVEII thls 69" Q ' A N115 .W fix 'lX'Q,4Qb' ..Q0yb'..,b ' 9' ie QQ' K' 1. e fx ,,,.,.,, fu, ,X . x Q, SSID' Q, fb Q ,Q L f 0 X ..,'.. 5-s4'i'1'w2:-'1?.s::,waefe: lf cf' . V 'G 'J fs' 'Q 'U 47 'N 4i Audlbeyr A j O V ,- ' 5 .fvlp XN MQ . cl Z? S QQ, Q: rg Om, ,. ., to U: i, .mo Al , . y Q Q 'N fb Q JS S . ,,. thl ,fx - ' A ' 4 rlve -.Q 'O img o U ff Mi ff: l 137 000, In Bloofl ee flfiff SCJ La . . T I ll io- 'NO Civ.-iv! 'Q NO NO wqx l1'5Bu0'5 6 h6f?t1w1m0f a hee Off 124 ei? elfler elsif 4 ' t b ll r 11, 2t1'to 'o"-le II. l Je f - .0 K b uf- fv I I het an V lille A 51086 0,2 6' yw ,7. SQ Y? E-Q5 ggoqgobbqlwyq 9 ,U 'a one wo' 1 1- I 5 .D - Q 1 Ge .N Pope 1' f'ol1H Cllnilt 2 L' Pa,,"0f1f'Qf fbffy, Q44 0 X ic? Qxgecyoifgfdy " ,College Whffrecw Q4 Xfeiw on -S' F CM' fbffeeoj' og 01 7,4447 f gfofveet? 8990 my I -l'. 'ff' L, V Q . f '1'llBCl1C3lC3.- 0 I A5 g V Ifv-fl. e -5 Q ' Q. ' eo 0 5 find gvtrid Bard ann , gglff' f-fjifcff fjljio So. L56 ulfltetl "b a.S7?rl?"?,4b.3?. 40190 ' 'X xffollegfiate Stn. 77 dflf, Q bf, 076 Of? 45 I' o Qi . f 4 O. 6, ,, 4 ' 0, f I 0 . E' 0 Q0 ,Q ld Attiv Qs te X J ffm Jb.Q'0f" I. 0112 an 1 ates , 3' one to Q 80 7215- o Of' Q 417, 1.12, QJ,,7!'9.s' 173 7 'N Q . 0 -t I Q - Q G , 0 , ' N N fo ffj , N . +41 fl 070 'fir f Q vt xx .Cx by 04' ff: SW- X 000 Qxy '00 Q11 H111 Jill Il 01' ,J Q, K N . Qy. 5, .4 0, I Q, fl, Zf' v' Q qlzr 'O 1 '71 '53 "b 'I 'fe , .o. Q Y O aw ry, 66 c . O,, 1 N o ' x. f', - ', lolz , ' f " f yw '1 0 0 J ff ' f , f ,pgs 5 -3 fa wb, MJ 0 Off N ICC 'J' .X Vs J g, 'I I' 14,1 ,Q-I. L ' 0 0 QU Lin? A? QQ, lgfl. 0 02'71,!4fs6a Cv :nb fi, Jef F 6, -wc ,QS ,tw one 2, Qx, 5 , 'J nr! ., 45, .5- , ,671 lf- . 6 X rf 0 fo 01,0 of 4 L bb S ' 'L 76' 1 495 0 I 121. ,Z-D doa we Mc 0 Q9 T 11 01- . ffewffof- Q9 W A T50 X OV , 1128 X Iliff ffjydlbbg, G91-5 le N 0 X f l -A 0,51 wg ,,,V , J ffl T HX C 5 41 2 11, , V 1 1 , ea 0 0 J J W " ' , ' li-2 'n,1'a,J V- M4575 "fi 'L C71 Q'-77' 12 " ' ' thf 22 If' ,L - - .,-' 51 ':' C19 D jj J' lp 9119 Uh, I , 31 . -- b " , U, A 'Mg' -. ",' ', ,Q 5' 1 L Q If' - " 6 , 'l 'SOP . - P5 'lfohw fx s b if QW. 42,2 Sfesf fm, ' I l,,.f,5g 2z,,-wr 3 'iff 471 , ' . P we l l r -el- '-S4 , Q1 fn, Q ' Qt ,. SQ, f Sm-0 we e '41 lv -41' Je . e C' "fix 1001 ff 'Y '-' ""' . V .V - '91 J , P 'C Q, 77 , ii. 4 It ng LK to I S J .sz -302111. o , it 117 US 033' I ho! O11 V' UU A 4 G S Y, Q I1 I d . l ' 6 fi 1 2 e wg, l l r Q 0 , -Q ' Q, 011 f,, Q J 4 11'- 1 I X5 ' tif l "fl ,V E ', ' f " o 4 11 "1 Da Sb. ' '11 Elfw- ' ' f Q l we lt I . 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"Q, "EI Y M 9 d fo 'fs CWI' i C we-l K oi - ,hcl 017 100164 153 go lH"71g5t I,f"W,k, 17 bas 4'-1... nh- fllu, -f1v:11f- Ll ' ff' ' ' "' , 3-6 6 -J lip- ' li' '.- I ' lib 013 S1 Udl- f G S1 P1116 E ' ' Z I 't 0019 ' 611: -'11 G 11,19 " C081 ll ' . f c 'bl I Sf- S t I f as WH. mhpn t. C9l'0,fh6'125n1'5'Ssn,,O bm fl ROY Rasmussenn- sn- A 3 SERVICE CORPS lx SECRETARIAL SERVICE SQUAD P When mem'ry9s chords are stirred CLUBS QA r-AP with love and yearning, '16 B WWC .'-. L,,'4L5'1' 4. ' K -wr f.--.g .a ' . -5: ,' ,I 539: 1 ftxg I -is-1 . If' , "gl la-.1 55232 '-'J Wg: , ,L-1. .af . f. E- .E Y-I' fr ' fi 7 'L'l'4"'!"v54 L41 flifuif 5-.i-R.. ' "' funk, ma-A V ff-0""v MENORAH CLUB N EWMAN CLUB TRINITY CLUB 1 '..J IIIIII ' AWYW 1 I 4 Ii Ht, Q . lm Y miir . ,lx :W Av . U .W ,C " -' . :iss 5 ff! "WW '51, -.,,'f WN ' V ,' 3' 24, if fefa ze ri 'qn 9-af " f-VAN Ky. 514 I fn , - ,ff-'-Q .-5 I ,I :-.4 ,,,, I5- wg I It: -aid - REMBRANDTS PSYCHOLOGY CLUB TRACK.TEAM USHERETTES CHEERLEADERS AUTOGRAPHS E E3 I '13 Q5 Q P ' 4 , , !f lj'fil"-J -xf..f-di ffs? .. 31' 'W' fs3fgz29c1:5Q-sygz. guess" 'Q , jx Q X45 Jw 6 I fu f . . '- 6 A - o 9 L9 f- f' -' ' st G r l "Q-.-, 'Hi N - 'FUR 25"" .' ' ,f :A f, Q , .. I i' "' I I I. vx"4. J! V ff 4mHJ27,w,QQm fUHv+ H' , I 0. ,.,,..... ohnq.. Q . L. N 'gt' ' . F X J? ,XA A 7! - ' 0 .A X 1 A fgf.,' - L18 .1fg.un' ' ! . . '. 1- f X . V W ',' , Z x' , .-,-.N .f A - - , y . X i 'MQQQ1 J f SLU' , wdix I U 41- I mf, , f 1 X 1 f 'H il' .' ' "' RUB Rm". A I , , B-RIEVUURT SAVINGS BANK OF BROOKLYN 447 EIGHTY-SIXTH ST Fmwnm BROOKLYN 9,NEw YORK June 1955 To the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Graduating Claes of 1955: Speaking for due trustees, the officers and the staff of the Brevoort Savings Balk, may I offer our heartiest felicltetions to all of you indi- vidually and collectively upon completion of your academic course, In addition to having completed studies identical with those offered in the other high schools of the ' city, you are fortunate in having enjoyed certain advantages not available to ell. To name tan -- community life unexcelled in religious, social, intellectual and civic activitiesg and a site be- fore which the commerce and ermades of the world sail. Our best wishes go to you for good health and prosperity. May God grant you a future bright with promise and happiness. Sincerely, President SHORE ROAD 8 B500 excellent design skilled craftsmanship superb quality R I N G S PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES YOUll CLASS JEWELER DIEGESG CLUST BOSTON I7 JUHN STREET. NEYV YIIBK 8. N.Y. PROVIDENCE MANUFACTURING .IEWELERS 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -- we 1 o 1 ' ii 1U T T - i T -. id 1 1 1 1 T S1 1 - V 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I ' SIRVIMG - 1 f1rnv4r10m3' ' .5'4VER.5' With rexollrx-ef of uw-r 34851100.1100 und the following uflives in Brooklyn Main Oj7'frr2 .............................,,,.... Bmarlxvay and Union Ave. U51 Bay Hirlye ...........,...........,.............,,... Fifth Ave. C011 75th St. HH Brz'yl11'o11 Benz-l1..B1'iQ'hto11 Beach Ave. cm: Coney Is. Awe. 1333 FIrztl1u.wl1 .......,.................... Church Ave. cm: Nostranrl Ave. 12157 U'z'IIfr1mxl1z1ry1 ............................ Graham Ave. anrl Bmarlway UU f:Postal Zoni ,Umnlfer Ferlernl Ill5'1IUNl'f I11,wn'rrr1r1+f Cfnymrrrfimf JUELL M. BIE JEWELER 7810 FIFTH AVENUE BROOKLYN 9. N. Y. SH 5-6359 Parking Facilities HAMILTON HQUSE BANQUET ROOM WE CATER TO WEDDINGS, BANQUETS AND RECEPTIONS Accommodations For Four Hundred Persons 100-15 FUURTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. COLLEGIATE CAPANDGOWNCO RENTAL CAPS AND GOWNS CHOIR GOWNS 366 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK CITY CONGRATULATIONS FROM YOUR GASCOMPANY To fully Enjoy The Comfort ond Convenience of Modern Living in Your Home of the Future - Plan Now to Make It on All-Gors Horne FOR YEAR-ROUND AIR CONDITIONING - WATER HEATING COOKING - CLOTHES DRYING - REFRIGERATION Housl-L HEATING G A S I S B E S T KINGS COUNTY LIGHTING COMPANY LllQlLllIl PRESS, nc. 33 Flatbush Avenue 0 Brooklyn 17, N. Y. Ulster 8-2500 SINCE 1915 we have been serving high schools and colleges of Greater New York . . . We take pride in having at your service our stall' ol' expert 185 lypographers., artists and advisors . . . PRINTERS OF THE FORT HAMILTON TOWER DELMA STUDIOS CHASE FLOWER 521 FIFTH AVENUE New York, N. Y. 9 FLORAL ARTISTS I OUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOK I PHOTOGRAPHER 10" discount to all personnel and students I I Main, Ovffiwe and L:1lmmtm'y 477 86th STREET 9 West 211th Street Brooklyn 9, N. Y. New York 11, N. Y. Wphtkins 9,1880 SHore Road 5-1622-1623 SHore Road 8-0500 TERGESEN ...FINEMEATS... Restaurant and Institutional Service 6820 EIGHTH AVENUE Brooklyn 20, N. Y. AL 4-0787 SCIENTIFIC TRI-ART ENCRAVINC COMPANY INC. PHOTO ENGRAVERS I 52 EAST 19th STREET New York 3, N. Y. I SHore Road 5-9603 DYKER RECREATION BOWLING ALLEYS Leo Celano, Prop. I 530 86th STREET Opp Dyker Th t B kly 9 N Y CC 'VIPI IMFNTS CF A FRIEND ULster 2-5257 JUNIOR'S B1'0okIy'n,'s Illosl' Fabulous R?.NIflllI'H7lf Breakfast o Luncheon o Dinner Cocktails o After Theatre Snacks Retail Pastry Shop I FLATBUSH AVE. EXT. at DeKALB Brooklyn, N. Y. G.O. STORE ROOM B60 4th and 5th Periods Daily YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES fnlfl. pair! for by I1 f'rz'enrI of the G.O. Storey MUrrcry H.ill 4-9315-9316 American and Italian Cuisine VICTOR'S RESTAURANT AND BAR Luncheon and Dinner We Crifeo' In Pfriiwfe Prm'fz'es Georgian Room Banquet Capacity 150 Pei-sons Special Cocktail Lounge A. P. Caselnova, Prop. 1 East 35th Street, New York City Compliments oi LOCAL NO. 325 COOKS, COUNTERMEN. SODA DISPENSERS FOOD CHECKERS CASHIERS AND ASSISTANTS UNION 635 FULTON STREET Brooklyn 17, N. Y. 106 INgersol1 7-6111-2 CIRCLE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Co. Lou Eisenstein-Red Sarachek I I I C mnplinzents of I R O Y A L I RESTAURANT Complete Sporting Goods I Outfitters I 760 808 FRANKLIN AVENUE I 9 FIFTH AVENUE Necrr Eastem Parkway I Brooklyn 9' N' Y' I I I I Special Dzisc-aunts fu Fort Hamilton I SH 5-9118 High Sclmnl Stzulents SHore Hood 5-1611 SH 8-0400 SH 8-3058 LEW MICHTOM BAY RIDGES LEADING HABERDASHER Ferltzlring A VTOH' rmfl VVU77 Heusen Shirts rznrl .'lIf'Gregor Sprn'fszI'erIf 8514 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. I Edward T. Minor Co. 'iS+'l'l'lC'f' Sinfe 1806" FUEL OIL - COAL - COKE "Automatic Heating Specialists" 7118 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. I I Licensed and Bonded Your All-Time Favorite ICE CREAM S TE rra ce 6-2805 HinSch'S Confectionery and Tea Room 8518 FIFTH AVENUE BROOKLYN. N. TR 5-2991-2 Ire have excellent Brooklyn positions . . . Come in to discuss your future with us. BUSH EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 148 LIVINGSTON STREET NEAR SNIITH STREET Brooklyn. N. Y. S.K. SMITH CO. i PRODUCERS OF P "Molloy Made" Covers 1 2857 Northwestern Avenue 5 Chicago 18, Ill. Designing and Producing of the 1955 "TOWER" COVERS Executed by Our New York Office 52 VANDERBILT AVENUE New York 17, N. Y. , it-'i!i!i!5!i!i!i'i . MRS. LEE 54,91 - ' "vivo 1 DRESS SHoP Q Quality controlled 'O l S g I Q I A Fine Selection at I -: Very Reasonable Prices Ufdfllf 'S 1 O. 'Q I - Y YQ Q Ice Cream! , if 1 7215 THIRD AVENUE 'gi'i'. A l ,'i'p1 1 RET. 72-73 STREETS -.'l!i'i.i'i'ill1' Ray Ridge. Brooklyn, N. Y. f 1 lor or E E-H ee- The things we've done together- I SHore Road 5-7590 Our laughter and our tears I These thoughts we'll keep forever In friendship-through the years. B44KERl' THE HI-LITES 1 8122 Fifth A.-1-mm Brooklyn 9, N 108 BE 3-3120 24-Hour Service EV-A-REDY FUEL OIL CO. Boiler - Burner - Chimlney - Tank Cleaned - Installed - Serviced KARL LEGREIDE 7309 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn 9. N. Y. YVO 4-2573 STEELE 81 WOLFF PRODUCE CORP. Foreign and Domestic Fruits and Produce Fresh and Frozen 24-Horn SERVICE 23 JAY STREET New York 13. N, Y. GE 9-8720 KRAUT 8a BENSON Distributors of Famous Brand Pouer Tools Marine Supplies Painters. Plumbers and Electrical Supplies 5513-20 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn 20. N. Y. BE 6-6872 B. ROSENBERG Candy. Cookies. Cake 2044 70th STREET Brooklyn. N. Y. ARNESEN PRESS INC. Printers and Publishers 6515 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 20. N. Y. 0 BEacl1view 8-1100 Our Regents are conquered, Our classes are thru- Graduation is coming. And we feel blue. BEST WISHES TO OUR FELLOW GRADUATES CLASS 4-A11 LAMB' Business Training School Typing - Shorthand - Accountfing Individual Instruction and Progress DAY and EVENING SESSION REGISTER NOW' SPECIAL SUMMER SCHOOL 370 Ninth Street, cor. Sixth Avenue Brooklyn 15. N. Y, SOLIUI 8-4236 ETH.-9573 Ti W. McCOMB Prime Meats and Fish Schools and Institutions Supplied 272 FLATBUSH AVENUE Brooklyn 17, N. Y. CH 3-6340 3 CHIN 8. LEE Co., INC. 9 Chow Mein lilanufacturers 123-127 Bank Street, New York City SH 5-5960 LAURITZEN'S BAKE SHOP Finest Quality Cakes 7912 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. WA 9-6709 Edward T. Finneran Co., Inc. Purreyors of Fresh and Frosted Fruits and Vegetables 351-353 YVEST 14th STREET New York 14, N. Y. SH 5-9028 DAVIS FORMAL WEAR Meri's Formal Attire Exclusively To Hire Tony Martili Tuxedos -136 36th Street Brooklyn., N. Y. SH 5-0370 French Art Photo Studio 469 36th STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. "Portraits of Distinction" SH 3-9402 RUTH L. CLOCK Public Stenographer 7607 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SH 3-4500-1-2-3 M. J. STAPLETUN Real Estate - Mortgages Stapleton and Stapleton All Forms of Insurance 7520 3rd Avenue Brooklyn 9. N. Y. SH 5-3800 CONRAD'S FOOD CENTER You Name It . . . Ire Hare It 8614 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. 5 SH 3-3734 JOHN V. MCATEER, Inc. Florist l Flowers for All Ocasions 1 7516 THIRD AVENUE ' Brooklyn 9, N. Y. y -A--- -A -----fl?-Z N SH 3-7370 RE1CHlVlAN'S SILKS Fabrics Galore . . . Throughout the Store 3201 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. 1 SH 3-2774 ANDREW'S JEWELERS Formerly Bratfs 6714 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. SH 3-6267 MEYER 81 BLOHM Mfrs. of Fine Candies. Ice Cream, Water Ice. Ice Cream- Cakes 7902 FIFTH AVENUE Cor. 79th St. Brooklyn. N. Y. Pressers-Tailors We Call 81 Deliver Albion Cleaners and Dyers Clean With Confidence Furs and Garments Stored Curtains and Drapes Cleaned 692-1 -lth Ave.. Bklyn.. SH 3-6560 SH 5-4615 Presto Theatrical Cleaners Rugs Shampooed 151 69th STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. Silyl-r's Upholstery Shop flffanufacturers of Fine Upholstered Furniture. Draperies. Curtains and Slip Covers 155 36th STREET SH 3-3474-5 Brooklyn 9. N. Y Carol-A1111 Kiddie Shop The .-lir Conditioned RIDGE DINER Open .-ill Night 69th Street. cor. 4th Avenue SH 5-9691 SH 3-0079 Y . l Q A BOSCO MEAT NTARKET uf, Spefiufhze m Prime and ffhoive llfeats Iudfhes Lluthes Poultry and Provisions 7306 THIRD AVENUE FW lfvlifvfr' Brooklyn 9. N. Y. 153 Bay Ridge Ave. Bklyn., N. Y. GE 8-9376 HENRY'S DELICATESSEN t Home Marle Salads l Free Delivery w 5423 9th Avenue Brooklyn., N. Y. SH 8-5200-1 YALENTPS. Inc. Brooklyrfs Largest Dealer in Photo Supplies Hobby Crafts - Art Supplies - Sport-ing Goods ' 464-466 Bay Ridge Avenue Brooklyn 20. N. Y. ' SH 5-5527 N. Greenberg Bay Ridge Quilt and l Decorating Co. Slip Covers, Drapes Ready Made and to Order Complet-2 Line of Bedding and Linens 7516 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn. N. Y. POWELL 8: POWELL Ralph P. Chiara - Joseph C. DeLuca Caspar T. Chiara Prescriptions - Surgical Appliances Prompt Service 75th Street at 3rd Avenue SH 5-2660 Brooklyn. N. Y. BE 3-0633 Carl Ragusa Electronic Vacuum 85 Radio Guaranteed Radio and TV Repairs Custom Line Cabinets Featuring 630 RCA Lic. Chassis 561 36th St. Brooklyn 9, N. Y. ECGENE ACCA Vice President Senior Class June '5. Brooklyn Technical High School JOSEPH PANEBIANCO Join in congratulating the seniors at Fort Hamilton on their graduation. Eugene .APCH and Joseph Panehianvo 19494 GE 9-9122 Vte Deliver Trentwedel Sylvester DELICA TESSEN 5709 SIXTH AVENUE Brooklyn 20, N. Y. Gmail L uclc from SENIORS OF -H310 Compliments of MISS SCULLY'S PREFECT 4B2 ALPINE PHARMACY J. l.. Meialich, Pliarniacist 6817 4th AVENUE BE 8-0044 Brooklyn, N. Y. Compliments of Mr. 81 Mrs. HAROLD ARENS lT'e'll Miss You- MISS SKIDMORE'S PREFECT 4-B4 ll'ie'll Always Remember You THE 6'M.L.I.7' llompliments of PREFECT 4A5 Farewell CLASS 4B6 Farewell to THE BIG RED APPLE 4B7 Farewell to Fellow Graduates MR. RAPPAPORTDS SENIOR CLASS 4B3 Auf lluiedersehen .l from CLASS 4A9 SH 5-2967 I A-B-C PRINTING CO., Inc. Printing of Distinction 7817 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. TErrace 6-6620-6621 "Your Comfort Is Uur Businessn Hamilton Limousine Service Limousine Taxi Service 274 - 72nd STREET Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Hold it class, we're going by rows! 4A3 For the good tim-es ice had at Fort Hamilton Complim,ents of 4B12 G L E N D A L Y N Where Fashions Begin Levittown Center BAY RIDGE STORE Brooklyn Smithtown Center A Y V FFCCPOFT Plainview Center 7551 btreel 8 Sth Aienue Hempstead Patchogue 5H0rf' Road 3'1071 Bay Shore Thru-Vue Reproductions, Inc. Trade Mark Reg., Pat. Pend. Mitchell Hanenian, President SOMETHING NEW, PRACTICAL AND ECONOMICAL Beautiful color transparencies from your black and white graduation photographs. Shadow box frames in light or dark shade to match any room. Used as television light.. study room etc. 164 DUANE STREET, New York 13, N. Y. YVAlker 5-2141 Brooklyn Address: 7101 Colonial Rd. BE 8-0246 Compliments of Reed 81 Co.. Makers of Senior Class Pins Compliments of a Friend Thank Youll! llwe thank the advertisers for their fine cooperation in supporting student activities and urge the student body to keep our advertisers in mind when a suitable occasion arises. THE TOWER BUSINESS STAFF This edition of the TOXVER was printed on lllllvlh. Coated stock paper hy Eastern Press Inc., 33 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn li New York. The Hy leafs were printed on Navajo Gray paper, made hy Mohawk Paper Mills. The soft Covers were printed on Navaio White. The color used is Berkshire Red. Types used were Garamond Bold. Bodoni Bold and Roman Bold. The engraving was done hy Scientific Tri-Art Engraving Company Inc., 52 East 19th Street, New York, N. Y. The padded Lover, designed hy Rohert Sampson, is of white art leather, Cordova Grain, was produced hy S. K. Smith Company. Q , ,af And flaming fire illumines the bay,

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