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GROW I BODK MI 19 A D PIRIT 2 ya Mx Q 30 gf QQ Graff I-f . .f T, inf, fix tgjlfq fav? ffjx, My , L! ' ' ' . ' . IJ , ' . Y' 3 ,A Lx J E ry J ' I - . WU HU if i ff jj LU 'J X . 5 f 'J r ff X 5 .f 1: 1 1 3 , , . f, , ,- , pl .s ,f 1 X. I 1 . r I . . , . 1'f9'f0f " f,,fD if i 'rg n!!5i'q I1 X W 1' ' I 5 A ' ' 11 . .,' " s .ff 1 1 - n 'f by 1 Ai l X Ll' ,K 1 ,I iff .asian 4 Vf f jf X. WM A of M f G fre fwg . Y C 1 -Ayn' WM fx , ,1 ff A K vkfbf' , f I ' 1.1. , fb-k L L ,ZC LJQJIY-vw . 4, ' N ML ,fn , f, ff 72' 'A 4' WV! 'I Lf ,V L ,- 635 mfg X A f1 3 J' 66 an J 47 W7 if mini f ff K fl, A 'df' Y N txfm mia ki'-""'-n Illllllllklxnxuw l I gb by MILD 9, 1 0 X Us 'M L I , K . ws ur' QQ 4. 1 gf Mm M 'lf I I 'N W W ,',' "LV, W1 ip ' . 1 W H! 'HU ag A", If l Il" M a H IJEDICHTIIIN s The class of 1954 is happy to dedicate this issue of The Tower' to Mr. Robert Hammond who, after years of outstand- ing service, retired from the school system this February. He will be remembered by his many friends among the faculty and the students, for the understanding he, displayed was Dean of Boys and his fine character and personality. ' mff ' 'e Y .- , . a Q PE?" gy 1 :iii ,, are . 1 i Q TOWER SENIOR YEAR BOOK Published by The S'rucIen+s of FORT HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL 83OI Shore Road, Brooklyn, New York JON B. LEDER . . PRINCIPAL ai' JANUARY AND JUNE 1954 WE S All-WF JUDY CI.-XNO Editor-in-Chief Ji. VM, fry 3 , -xl 'ENN-'21 Qi. Y E'?'5-gl LOU ELLEN ORR 'irffiliii Art Editor ,SK .rg X l LITERARY STAFF GRAQE C1INCO'l"l'A Buxznesx Manager Seated: Miss Rosc' Ricrobono, Advisor: Carol Mc'Govvrn and Joanne Gor- don Associzxtc Editors. SInndinff,'ADorothv Woltman, Judy Ciano, Editor-in-Chiefg joan Fox, Nancy Pc-llcigrino, Audrey-Ann Appel, Marilyn Earl, Carole Busby, Dorothy Vanco, Marguvritc Rizzo. Not Showng Rita Carroll, Carole Turino, of Jan. 1954. MARCIA BERNSTEIN Photography Editor BUSINESS STAFF Mr. Alexander Selwyn, Busi- ness Adviser: Mrs. Martha Ford, Circulation Stafl' Adviserg Grace Cincotta, Business Mana- ger: Martha Ricapito, Jean Kelemen, Barbara Olsen, Ed- ward Imperato, Irene Kuroski, Barbara Polisena, Marie Casel- nova, Elsie Russman. ART STAFF Lou Ellen Orr, Art Editor. Left to Righty Arlene Abdelnoor, Dor- othy D'Antu0no, Secretary: .Ioan Hofseth, Lillian Ellingsen, Assistant Art Editor: Mrs. Mildred Liger, Adviser. Our special thanks to Nick Bn-rnini for designing the cover. Biographies and articles typed by Secretarial Training A55 Mrs. Bonom, teacher. CONTENTS Page DEDICATION .... . . . 1 TOWER STAFF . . . . . . 4- EDITORIAL ........... . . . 7 MR. LEDER'S MESSAGE .... 8 SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION ............................ ..... 1 0 COLLEGE COORDINATOR AND PLACEMENT ADVISER ..... ..... 1 2 TO OUR GRADE ADVISERS ............................. ..... 1 3 JANUARY CELEBS ................... INTRODUCING JANUARY SENIORS ... LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT .... DON'T HAVE-DO HAVE ..... THEME SONGS ............,..... INTRODUCING JUNE SENIORS .... JUNE CELEBS .... CANDIDS ..................... LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CHRISTMAS COMES ................. YOU'VE HEARD OF-BUT WE HAVE- CURTAINTIMERS ................... SENIOR SHOW ........ DIDN'T WE HAVE FUN! ... STUDENT ACTIVITIES .... .....14 .....15 .....19 .....19 .....20 .....21 .....4-0 .....52 .....67 .....68 .....69 .....70 .....72 .....74 .....75 Our Four Years "Enter to grow in body, mind and spirit" . . . that was our aim when we entered Fort Hamilton High School in September, 1950. At that time we were foun years younger and though we hate to admit it, we looked and acted four years younger. It took those four years at Fort Hamilton to make us seniors but in that time we have grown and learned a great deal. Our minds as well as our bodies have grown and everything that we have learned has found its place in our minds and take.n root there. Much of this knowledge we have stored away for future reference. During these four years, however, much has been happening in the world about us. Tremendous changes have taken place in the fields of politics, economics, of international relations, of science and indus- try. We have been made aware of these changes and their influence upon us-on our body, our mind, our spirit-largely because of what we have been taught at Fort Hamilton. All this growth and maturity which marks our entrance into the adult world, either that of business or that of college, has been definitely hastened as a result of Fort Hamilton High School's line and practical ideals. Now that we are leaving Fort Hamilton, we like to feel that every graduate of the class of june 1954 is departing "to serve better his God, his country and his fellow man." judy Ciano 'joanne Gordon 7 March, 1954 Dear Graduates: Last Christmas a group of you made a generous gift to a charitable institution, which responded by means of a poem. The sentiment appealed to me so much that I slipped the poem under the glass on my desk, where it serves to refresh my spirits from time to time. Who Does Goofs Work Will Get God's Pay Who does God's work will get God's pay, However long may seem the day, However weary be the way. Though powers and princes thunder nay! No human hand God's hand can stay, Who does His work will get His pay. God hurries not, nor makes delay, Who works for Him will get His pay, Some certain hour, some certain day. He does not pay as others pay, In gold or land or raiment gay, In goods that perish and decay. But God's high wisdom knows a way, And this is sure, let come what may, Who does God's work will get God's pay. Sincerely yours, 10N B. LEDER Principal SCHOO M N ST ATTION F ' i MISS ELIZABETH HOFFMAN MISS HELEN BROOKMANN Adininiswatire As.ri.x'tant Dggn of Girlg 1 MR. JAMES QUIGLEY MR. MARTIN KAYE Administrative Assixtant Dean of Boy WN' X 0291-Q' K X 1 1 g :X TO MR. KAMIN Hail and farewell! Millions of high school students have been using these words for generations. But in our case we do not really mean to say 'sfarewelln because our memory of you will remain forever. It is you who quickened our pulses with zest, energy and enthusiasm during our Senior year. It is you who, by your example of unselnsh service, has given the word "service" a new meaning for us. Without your aid in manifold instances, our Senior year would have been a social "flop". And so to you, Mr. Kamin, we all say i'Hail ..... l" joanne Gordon , g- fudy Ciano X59-9fAv,5 y,,LfU+ X .N up I. j 11 V"N,,?f'' WN College Coordinator And Placement Adviser l M rs. Catania M rs. Rodemann l No words can adequately express our feelings towards your joint effort in guiding us. Whenever we had problems concerning our future in college or in business, we always knew where we could find some friendly assistance and advice. With your help, we are now able to go forth into the world with confidence. It is with your guidance behind us that we were able to choose our proper field. So it is with deep gratitude that we express our appreciation for all the help you have given us and ask you to accept the sincerest thanks of the class of 1954. r fudy Ciano foanne Gordon 12 NMQJJWG V o Our Grade Advisers if K A f lf! M Mrs. Claire Kahn We who are about to graduate and are ready to go out into the world want to offer you our sincere thanks and appreciation for all your help during the past four years. When we entered Fort Hamilton as "Freshies'l it was you who greeted us with an encouraging smile and made our problems your own. We must have been aw- fully hard to handle then, in that first year, but practically painlessly, you helped us to realize our responsibilities, not only to the world around us, but to ourselves as well. Very few of us realized that that was only the very beginning of a Erin foundation on which you were to continue building in the coming years. During the intervening years you helped us in solving all our problems, but it was in our Senior year that you appeared even more important than ever to us. With your encouragement always behind us, we worked hard. Now, because of your faithful guidance, the final Regents is completed and we are graduates. It is very hard to say goodbye to you who were ever helpful and whom we shall never forget. We hope that we shall fulfill your expectations of us and we greet and salute you now with "Thanks for everything, Mrs. Deerson and Mrs. Kahnv. joanne Gordon .ludy Ciano 13 6 C K Jw Fix Xxx .ff f ,N Pai Brannigan George Chrisfensen Mos? Popuiar 4 r S Personamy Kids s. Vmceni Loffu fiff Bes+ Looking nn' ff' PeferWV5QH , X Best 'Looking Mazzeo .,""'-' Class Tease James Kin ,155 X72 f, -1 I' Mosf Pfjpu xx, Carol T X C5655 'Vvfnf Barbara Maxwell Cbarfes Anderson fl? f' . Riiga Cgrroln Good Skgfeg Good Skafes sem De'AfvQe'Q C635 Mafff l ' X X Xgx, Q-1 , X Y f X , 'Nil . N XX Y v N , qt". , ' . 'I X x ff ' X ,, - fs- AN f Y lv ' " f ' x N, f ' ' V' .xxx 'ff 1 ff I '-X fl ff 'r , , . , Qibv' 1-'4-Q Nm i "7 ff' ww ' ke ff' Aff - xxx i ff . , ,rg 4 nf I f' jff, ,lf " I K' I V, Y! I' ff' gX.x 1 ,f.1A!U'yff , wj . f If 3 -QQ ,,ffw"-4Qu..,' ' I mal, 2, ,, I Jw. f f 4 :if 1 f e Yvpiyff P' "L 'J L5""' Z ' 'Q .' I9 - ' '- X K' 15' 'f X, '. nil",- 3. X HX 14" -J, 4A,'r,,f.1x T '1 -. L,-I , 'ff "" ' 5- 'Q -5 v 7' v " 'yr' 'x ' ' ' L ' , . , If I y' 'fx I .' 4 4' X ,. -5 , , ' f 'I , , -4, isa:-'fej ' ' ' 5' .f- I 54. fi1:il"'i5!'t' I f x 3.q:::.QQf' ' . I fl! , ,. M -1:22232 4- y X Z W, ' 1 A ' 4' f " ' X , A ',:'.gE.i:g?5f' X I1 'xx -SST. '12 V ' Z' xxx ' -fI'3'm'y'! f ff ' -Ax Ubin- ,f 1 Q, f X x 2' . 4 il ,ff Xfy ff . f' off' , X f f' . X ' , ,, 7 j ff ' f f , V 15, V r VK X , X X . ' 1 V ' fflf .T . f ' y f , K , X f f f f 'f ' ,fb 2 f if 5' ' ,A 'fy ,f X, .fgf f . fi' f , 1 ff' f X f ff ,Z 1 , y A ff f 7 6 I0. 1 ,ff , nl!! f ff X I I . , , X , , X K iff f K In ff -,I ,ff ' , Zfhfifv ,. Jn' M2110 71 f' 4 ,- . 1141.0 ff IL ff ' '- fzfaw-'fl1.' -.. V 6' -1 I, wif I , ' ':If2' fff1'i'- 'TX 'E3"'!'5ia9f3I7fQ' , ' : -fa-1 .,fifff-'-?,f','f- Hif i "gf, "' ' 25:12 f "fi" in 'ffl-E77 A 4 ' ' 1 ' , ,A , . ' ' EEE' H: iff!" -f.:Y5sr,i2 wi ' 2.27: , 'Li-:EEEE EW? '-'ikffif -"uri:-ifiEi'7T1'. 1 ' f 557.-Q2"Zf5g1ff"fQQ4g TIQC' --' '-- :1Q.zsia,fL4--f- ,Q-,-, 1, 92it2y555E?QN11Il-'ET' I 11 .-5f'.?35g?i:Q-.faxffw , f --525,-4 , ,. .gzaligg .' -,a.:'9ig'!s' 221107 I , Q!-,f :L 47' L -' , -' "'::'::'?'5-"Z:-' Ji' -nw ' ' ,. f D-1-fs' 'gfbfj f':gshfe-f'wfVw51H x .i3r'fZff"4 Ig' ."'.S'-""'iIIk ,Fi -Aug gi' , . , , - fYQ?AQ:3 "1 A ' '12'flux6F':fg5.:1v3 XS? ' A f 'J' 0 .. H- 'fjf' ' fav' f ':f 12Hsg1a -Lp. . . fclff , - F'-1f?'f'Z -WXEQC ggi' J,-gt' 4. .XA --.1 - l ..s f ' ,af b - -f -I 1 .X .1-,W X - ',. 1 Xixfxjl. 'ks h -'4 rms:-ff'.-bi - Y -ff. rx .. . M 5: L 4 murm ' 417- ""1,.m.7 ANDERSON, CHARLES H. 842 52nd Street Table Captain,-Business. Mr. Sacheylr "Mental Giantr" and the Boyf. BARBERI, VIRGINIA 7212 Narrows Avenue Library Squad, term 5, Class Sec- retary, term 8.-Nursing School. ' The friends I made at Fort Hamil- ton, erpecially Mrs. Deerxon, for her friendthip and guidance. BARNAO, JACK 7805 Fifth Avenue G.O. Store, term 85 Intramural Bas- ketball, Track, Service Corps.- Trade School or the Armed Forces. Mr. Sachey'J "Mental Giant,r,"' the great guyr 1 met in Fort Hamilton. BARRETT, PAUL 7200 Ridge Boulevard Soccer Teamg Swimming Team QCity Championshipjg Baseballg Service Corpsg Kitchen Help, Secretary to Mr, Lebowitz and Mr. Sachey.- Business. U All my yearr at Fort Hamilton. BATEH, ALBERT 269 83rd Street Service Corps, terms 5, 63 French Club, term 6g Soccer Team, terms 6-8, Secretary to Mr. Kassenbrock, terms 6-83 Table Captain, term 4. The good old dayr that I rpent with Mr. Tanner in English 4 and 5. BERGERSEN, JOHN 6116 Seventh Avenue Service Corps, Term 2.-Work "The Lunch Period." BRANNIGAN, PATRICIA 6831 Ridge Boulevard Business A D y 'n to rneet Gloria in Dornr' Hurry: g - the good timer with jerre and Richie. 16 BOSCO, ROBERT 533 63rd Street Intramural Basketball, terms 4, 5.- Navy. The "Study Hall." BYRNES, CHARLES 6745 Fifth Avenue Cafeteria Service Corps, terms 6, 7, 8.-Navy or Air Force. The cafeteria Urpecialrl' that loohed good enough to eat. CARLSEN, LESTER 352 80th Street Service Corps, term 5, Cafeteria Squad, term 4, Table Captain, term 5 .4Contractor. Mr. MatheJon'5 flatter and all he taught me in Mechanical Drawing. CARROLL, RITA 381 93-rd Street Secretary to Mr. Sachey and Mr. Cohen, terms 1, 2, 4, 63 G.O. Repre- sentative, terms 1, 2, 4g Silver Squad, terms 2, 3g Cafeteria Captain, terms 7, 8, Senior Council, term 83 New- man Club, terms 1, 2, 3.-Business. Prefect with George, Artie, Vinny and Patg lunch with john, George, Healy, Anita, and Artie. CHRISTENSEN, GEORGE 929 71st Street Intramural Basketball, terms 1, 3, Service Corps, terms 2, 5.-Army. The joke reuionr and all the joke- .vterrf Rita, Vinny, Artie and Pat. D'ANGELO, ELIZABETH 8217 Seventh Avenue Secretary to Mr. Stone, term 4g Sec- retary to Mr. Selwyn, terms 6, 7, 83 Secretarial Service Squad, terms 4, 6, 7, 8.-Business World. All the friendr that l made at Fort Hamilton and the mad dash from prefect for the hui. DE CANIO, WALTER 954 76th Street Service Corps, 2 years.-College. Business School. The Jhort Jeriions in Mr. Quigley'.v office. joan, foyce and Lynne and .reventh period in the lohhy. FITZPATRICK, JAMES 547 56th Street G.O. Representative, term 1, Service Corps, term 8.-Business World. All my friendr and Mr. Sterne'r johr. HASTINGS, JOAN A. 1057 74th Street G.O. Ofiice, terms 4-7g Secretary to Mr. Carlin, term 83 Secretarial Serv- ice Squad, term 5.-Business World. The friendr that I made in Fort Hamilton, and the mad darh at 2:20 p.m. HOGAN, DENNIS 258 57th Street G.O. Representative, term 7, Lieu- tenant Cafeteria Service Corps, term 73 Captain Cafeteria Service Corps, term 8.-Navy. The limer we had in Mr. Levin? clan. I-IUSEBO, BERNT 847 69th Street Intramural Basketball, Service Corps, terms 4, 5.-Business. The good timer wizh the hayf. IMMORDINO, MARION T. 405 99th Street Secretary to Miss Miller, term 35 Secretary to Mr. Carlin, terms 6, 7, 8, Secretarial Service Squad, terms 6, 7.-Business World. Prefer! and the ffiendx I made in For! Hamillon. KANIA, JOHN 442 61st Street G.O. Representative, term 8.-Busi- ness. Mr. Sierne, my grade udvirer. LEE, JAMES 265 62nd Street Service Corps, terms 6, 7, 8.-Busi- ness World. Mr. Sa:hey'J "Mental Gianlf' and :he hoyr. LOFTUS, VINCENT 7104 Tenth Avenue Service Corps, terms 2, 4, Cafeteria Squad, terms 6, 7.-Business. Mrr. Hyerlr prefert with Artie, George and Rim, running up to Westerly Lane and our lalhr of Plato wilh Bah, R011 and Rich. LYNCH, ROBERT 265 71st Street G.O. Store, term 8.-Navy. Our tripf up zo Wferterly Lane with Virmy, Ron and Rirh. MACRI, ' 32 62n reet . Sur' y' l Gi nn" the W. MASUCCI, SALVATORE 882 54th Street Service Corps, terms 5, 6, 7.-Busi- ness World. Mr. Sacheylf "Mental Giarzlf' and the hoyJ. MAXWELL, BARBARA 278 92nd Street Library, term 33 Locker Room, term 8.-Business. All the ffiezzdr that I made. MAZZEO, SARA 1049 73rd Street Library Squad, term 73 Secretarial Squad, term 8,-Business. All the friendr I made at Fort Ham- illon and Mr. Safheyff Jlorier. MOLEN, WILLIAM 584 60th Street College. The fuzz I had in prefect. 17 NAPOLITANO, MARIO 7402 Tenth Avenue Service Corps, term 1, 6, Secretary to Mr. Ger, terms 4, 6.-Navy. Mrs. H yer's prefer! class. SAMUELSEN, EILEEN 610 Ovington Avenue Sercetary to Mr. Cummings, Term 73 Service to Miss Fritz in Cafeteria, Term 6.-Business World. Mr. Szabo, a wonderful friendg Ioan, Carole, Barbara and Anne, who belped me survive from Monday to Friday,' Tbe Senior Skating Party,' tbe trouble I managed to get myself into, and my graduation day. SCHATZ, ROBERT 7101 Colonial Road English Office Squad, terms 5, 6g Cafeteria Service Coprs, term 8.- Business. Tbe broken down rnimeograpb ma- ebine in tbe Englisb ofire. THOMPSON, RICHARD C. 1077 86th Street Secretary to Mr. Siegel, term 3, Golf Team.-College TULLY, PETER 468 60th Street College. Tbe fun in prefert. TURINO, CAROLE M. 316 Ovington Avenue Late Squad, Term 2g Secretary to Mr. Edwards, Terms 1, 2g English Ollice Term 8g Tower Literary StaE,, Term 8g Senior Council Representa- tive, Terms 6, 7, 8.-Business Friends and fun so bard to forget, my pen witb no ink, someone spec'- ial, and prefer: witb all tbose "Mental Giants." WAY, MARGARET 317 95rd Street Girls' Emergency Room, terms 1, 2, 4, 83 Curtaintimers, terms 2, 55 Girls' Chorus, terms 3, 6g Mixed Chorus, term 75 Secretary for Miss Christie, terms 1, 2, Red Cross Club, term 6. Mrs. H yer's prefer, esperially George, Artie, Vinny and Rita, but most of all, tbose talks and walks witb Don. WRIGHT, PETER H. 5721 Third Avenue Service Corps, terms 4, 5, 6, 8.- Westerly Layne witb Bob, Ron and Vin,' our talks and Vin's episode witb tbe dog. Don, and Nils. I i s Small in number but mighty in spirit! CAMERA SHY-JANUARY CAMERA SHY-JUNE James Calandrella Rocco Cortese Michael De Gregorio Anthony Fraga John Gaughran John Grimila Thomas Lanigan Ronald Lattuga Charles Staudenmaier John Talbot -18 Joseph Coniglio Gerald Connors George Dahir Joseph De Lorenzo fHome Studyj Nancy Dinsmore Robert Farrell Lawrence Freehill Arthur Harrington Bernard Hegarty Patricia McCauley Graham Payne Edward Ruotolo Anthony Santoro Frank Vicario Salvatore Vicario Elsie Tellefson Business World. Tbe crazy tbings I did wttb Bob Zami ill emh 'Patamvnt The Class of January 1954, being of sound mind and good health de- clares in writing, its last Will and Testament. We hereby agree to leave: To future students, our names, elegantly carved on the desks. To the Freshman, four whole years to go. To the S ophomores, the scotch tape that held our books together. To the juniors, the wonderful thought of being Seniors. To the Seniors, the Regents to take and "enjoyf' To the Track Team, a set of wings. To the Cheerleaders, more powerful lungs. To the Band, new music. To the Senior Council, a planned term's activities. To the Craft Classes, our hand-woven baskets. To the Cafeteria, more Hero sandwiches. To the Senior Treasurer, our emptied pockets. Still of sound mind, we leave: To the Deans, blue salmon cards. To MR. LEDER, no more January classes. To the English Department, all our worn-out run-on sentences. To the Science Department, open windows in every class. To the Art Department, Modern interpretations. To the Gym Department, our Medicals. To the Sten, Typing and Math Departments, lots and lots of erasers. And to the TOWER, good pictures every time. But most of all, to Fort Hamilton High School, all our dreams and the memories of happy and education-filled days within its walls. I155witness whereof, we affix our signature on this day of January 24, 4. Carole Turino DON'T HAVE DO HAVE 1. Campanella Thompson 2. Grant Lee 3. A Will A Way 4. Hymn Carroll 5. Chase 8z Sanborn Maxwell 6. Stromberg Carlson 7. Wrong Wright 8. Scars Byrnes 9. Hershey Bosco 10. Browning Barrett 1 1. Snead Hogan 19 T eme Songs Spanish Class Lunch on the shore Seniors Our Senior Year Our Friends in FHHS Senior Prom Regents Studying for Chem. Room 108 Fort Hamilton Specials Our Faculty Our Senior Show Macbeth A Seni0r's Fountain Pen Before Regents Graduation Chem. Teachers History Late Student Emergency Room Monday Morning Hygiene Inspection Tomorrow Mrs. Hands and Cooks Graduation Day Salmon Cards Freshman Sophomores Juniors Assembly Detention Nutrition Class Boy's Future True or False Test Square Dancing Underclassmen After Third Quarter Report Senior Girls Locker Room Shop Class Students and Faculty Fort Hamilton High School South of the Border Down by the Riverside Get Out of Here and Get Me Some Money fl oo Easy to Remember, So Hard to Forget That Old Gang of Mine Stardust Laughing on the Outside, Crying on the Inside Three O'Clock in the Morning Let Me In, I Hear Music One Meatball Young at Heart The Greatest Show on Earth Crazy, M an, Crazy How Dry I Am Didnit Sleep a Wink Last Night Rags to Riches I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire It's in the Book Open the Door, Richard Show Me the Way to Go Home Sleepy People Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk There's No Tomorrow Among My Souvenirs Stranger In Paradise Allez Vous-en Till Then . . . And the Band Played On Oh, What a Beautiful Morning Gonna Bake a Sunshine Cake You're In the Army Now Gotta be This or That Changing Partners Too Young just One More Chance Sweet and Lovely Whistling in the Dark Blacksmith Blues Side by Side Thanks for the Memories judy Ciano Dorothy Vance SENIGRS ABBATE, LYDIA 6809 Tenth Avenue Secretary to Mrs. Deerson, terms 3-83 Secretary to Mr. Levin, terms 7, 83 junior Council Representative, term 6, Library Squad, term 7.- Business. - My prefert teaeher Mr. Lenin, listen- ing to Rita, Grate and Ioan. +L- tl' , CABPELHALIE, KATHRYN s . 7100 Ridge Boulevard Lllbrary Squad, term 23 Late Squad, term 33 odeiyn Dan Club, term 3.-Nwe 'jprainr 2 Thrgeehe rs for , y swell pals, Arlene, Terry, and Val, , An extra cheer for thi reat , And all the memories l o deank ABDELNOOR, ARLENE 165 84th Street Boosters, terms 5, 43 Library Squad, terms 5, 63 Psychology Club, terms 3, 43 Tower Art Staff, terms 7, 8. The "Melahins" at tahle D,' Miss Dirk and Art 2 and 3, The fun while on the Tower Staffg The wonderful friends and all the laughs. ADIPIETRO, FRANK 1073 57th Street Cafeteria Service Squad, term 63 Service Corps, terms 7, 8. - St. john's or New York University. The fun with the hoys in prefert and the rehearsals in the recreation YUUIU. ALEXANDERSEN, JOAN 730 57th Street Class Secretary to Miss Duhig, term 33 Miss Fritz, terms 4, 53 Library Squad, terms 3, 4, 63 Secretarial Service Corps for Miss Hoffman, terms 7, 83 Attendance Monitor, terms 5, 6.-Business or College. The wonderful friends Poe made and those that I left hehind. ALFANO, JOHN 644 73rd Street Service Squad.-Industrial Design- ing. The friends you just can't do with- out and the good times we had to- gether. X WI , QW. L, 249 t Street i 'al's ce e 3. cord ce, r s , Secrt ' Service , e s , 'r Squad term g u Busi ss. Thir period C em, and senior year. 22 AMATUCCI, NICHOLAS . 7203 Eighth Avenuc Service Corps, two years.-Business World. The wonderful times I had in Fort Hamilton. AMUNDSEN, BARBARA 8312 Tenth Avenue Secretary to Mr. Cummings, terms 5, 6, 7, 83 Mr. Levine, term 33 Mrs. Rakita, terms 3-8.-Business College. My senior year,' the many friends I made and fourth period lunch. ANDERSEN, ,IEWELL 7105 Ft. Hamilton Parkway Secretary to Mrs. Kahn, term 53 Mr. Quigley, term 53 Mr. Kaye, term 6g Locker Room.-Business. The friends and fun l'll leave in F.H.H.S. 3 Narrows gb as , E , un l3,3xflm'l'of.CFl11l:E3 P yectionoggnbadg - iology Squad' Library Squad?-P Wagner College 5Jnd'Mari S if-v"" lllrljffapprgltilion for having gained , . flgefilifldl friend in F.H.H.S. 6',,,x' ANDERSON, ERIC 558 Senator Street Armed Forces. The Gym Lorherr. ANDERSON, JUDITH L. 336 93rd Street Trinity Club, terms 3-83 junior Or- chestra, terms 3, 4g Secretary to Mr. Cummings, terms 5-8.-Business. Watthirzg Trinity Cluh grow, the new friends I made, especially Eve- lyn, and the hours spent in the AL'- counting Opzice. ANDREASEN, WINIFRED 713 46th Street Secretary to Miss Tasman, 1 term, Library Squad, 4 terms, Secretary to Mr. Levin.-Business. The friends and fun I had in Fort Hamilton, my letters to Russ, and the many secrets Barbara, Chris and I shared. s 40", 44 J ANDRISANO, CHARLES 350 63rd Street Service Corpsg Assistant to Mrs. Weidig, terms 1, 25 Basketball Team.--Printer. My good friend: and the bert years I Jpent in Fort Hamilton. , M RET 50 39th Sth? t Secretar o berg, ter ' Gym ter 8.-B ' ss l h r' r I ma e e f I had f great y ' the me "cr prefect, n rten with Mrs. Goldberg and Mir: Simon. ANSTEY, ADA 1273 83rd Street Locker Room, 2 termsg Late Squad, 1 term.-Business World. Needler and pint, needles and pint, When I leave Fort Hamilton, my trouble begins. A LO ., NY h S 2 Oi treet h rrgry uad, eargg s imeo- gra her for th P o , -iff-'F 4' d Fr Depar nt, t in A dvis 's O y sta. gil g 4 time ege to , flyb 2 icin . Th od old d ' r. nay, wd, r. Swahn ' the t' er in I hemirtry ' ct that tooh me one a a y rr to complete. APPEL, AUDREY-ANN 302 96th Street Assistant Make-Up Editor on Pilot,' Reporter on Pilot,' Aristag Psycholo- gy Club, Tower Staffg Camera Club, Secretary in Gym Otiiceg Secretary to Mr. Solovayg Secretary to Miss Keely in Study Hallg Class Secretary to Mr, Ganeless and to Mrs. McHugh Pro- gram Officeg Program Committee during Regents Weekg Helped Mr. Morton during Regents Weekg Jun- ior Council.-Brooklyn College. The two L'r, the PILOT and mort of all, Fort Hamilton. I-QL IQPWIS ALLEN ' vi 3 901 80t reet Aristag ,' ix -C rus' C tai e ' n- tfxxf K QU : Pha l - Frerhmerl, esefler pegoatr. ARENA, ANNA 7118 20th Avenue Secretary to Mr. Cummings, terms 2-5, Mrs. Kahn, term 73 Mrs. Cata- nia, terms 7, 8g G.O. Representative, terms 1-5g Tower Representative, terms 1-5, Senior Council Represen- tativeg Mixed Club.-Pace College. All the boys and girl: I met at Fort Hamilton and the good timer I had with them. ARENA, PHILLIP 1075 66th Street Supply Squad, term 6.-College. Frank, Eddie and Addie. ARONOWITZ, MARCIA 5001 Tenth Avenue Program Committee, terms 4, 52 Secretary to Mrs. Frankie, term 6, Locker Room Guard, term 7.- College. My .renior year and the fun I had being Mrr. Franhlelv "girl Friday." ASKLAND, BARBARA 7922 Fort Hamilton Parkway Locker Guard, 2 termsg Secretary to Miss Brookmann, 2 terms.-Bush ness. ' The fun Witzntie and I had. ASSELTA, JOAN 1051 59th Street Attendance Squad, terms 2, 3: Late Squad, terms 4, 5, 6. My .fenior lunch table and the fun we had, but mort of all Mfr. Schaef- er'r Gym clarr and "Eight Dyna- miter." ATTAGUILE, MARIE 1122 64th SUCH! Library Squadg Table Captaing Sen- ior Show.-Business. My Senior Prefect with the girlr in Rows 3 and 4 fifth period lucnh and the wonderful yearr in Fort Hamilton with Marie and the "Roo:- ter." ATTIANESE, ANTOINETTE 841 55th Street Emergency Room. - Nurses' Train- 1n . Waiting for the bell to meet IVoe, until the seventh term when there war no Woe, but inrtead Fran, Rita, and Don. f ATTIYEH, RICH R ll Vw 752 ntlqfrfvfgn u r r , terms' 5-8 ou try Te m e 5 , 1 orus, t , ta, te 5- Tr a r rista, t ms 7' ' ea , terms 3, 4 5: . quad.-College. Sa urday morning at Van Cortland! and the call rlipr in Room 123. 23 BASIL LENWOOD ' . tftfff' Wulf jelly , M 101453150050 est 12 ,terms 6 wi , ht .t 5, 1r,4.if,2f:l.3' My senior year i prefect with Audrey and the fou h period gym. AXELSEN, ROY 356 89th Street Service Corps ZVZ years.-Work The hoyx on the Seroire Corpr AYRES HELEN 350 74th Street College The good time I had in Sofial Stu- dief Clan. BARBER, CORNELIA 7205 Sixth Avenue Secretary to Miss Weidig, terms 5, 63 Library Squad, terms 4, 5, 6g Table 'Captain Cafeteria, terms 5, 6, 7, 8.-Nursing. The friendt, fun and teafhers, Mrs. Swahn, Mrf. Callahan and Min Wei- digg and waiting for Mr, Lenin to open the door for A.M. prefett. BARBUTO, FLORENCE 1023 68th Street Library Squad, terms 3, 4, 5g Typist for Pilot, terms 6, 7, 8g Pan-Amer- ican Club, term 63 Secretary for Ps cholo Club terms 7 8' Ps Y gy , , , y- chology Club, term 63 Table Captain CCafeteriaQ .-Nursing. My teacher: and friendf, Mrr. Cal- lahan, Mr. Byron, Mr. Solovayg deareft friend! Norma and aur' d the fun we, had workin e - P11391 , in '- 0 Q' 'BYKR ASTRIIi r Qi' 1 d 5 ird v ufe e ' e ' ' rogr O X 136 S 3 ll i e I Rey i em e ama' res Class 'xr lPr s' nt-' G.O ophomore Repre- serit tive.-Bu ness World. The Mingx I learned. - ' y 516 58th Street iervice Corps, terms 1-85 Lielxtenant J. Qermsg Ijate Squad, 2 ,tcrmsg Hal- lovJe'en Painting Contest: Service to -'Miss Weidig, term 7.-Waslington- ville and U.S. Navy. 1' " The wonderful timer with 'Dorix and the fun in Min Fritz'r hirtory flair with the hoyy. 24 BASMAJY, DONALD 382 90th Street Band, term 7g Cafeteria Service Corps, term 7.-Business My Gym teacher, M'r. Safhey, and the fun we had. BAUER, EDWARD 3458 Fort Hamilton Parkway English Bookroom, terms 1, 23 Prom Committee, terms 7, 8g Dance Com- mittee, term 7.-Art-designer The good timer I have had while worhing on Jrhool rommitteef. BENNETTI, JOAN 5614 Fourth Avenue Library Staffg Secretarial Squad Assistant to Mr. Elosuag Museum Squad.-Secretary. All the .rwell frierzdr I made. BENVENUTO, PHILIP 4922 Eleventh Avenue Baseball Team, terms 5-83 Intra- mural Basketball.-Business. All the fun I had in lunrh with the hoyr. BERG, GRETHE 426 Marine Avenue Secretary to Mrs. Ames, Mr. Quig- ley, terms 3-8.-Nurses' Training. The third period Geometry Clan and Mr. Kaye trying to pound into our headr, THEOREMS and POSTU- LATES. BERGSTEIN, LAWRENCE 7311 Fourth Avenue d s 6, 7, 8g Senior Orches- nf , 83 Mixed Chorus, terms 7, 83 eball Team, terms 6, 8' oss Country Team, terms 3, 4, 55 terms 3-8 Ba ball Team Mgr., erm , . uad, r s 6 Servieodqua t ' terms 7 8 erm ers andw - derful expe 1 I had at F rt Hamilton. if 'iilifr q Q 5. - .efpizg , - ' ' 1 J ' ' B T ' at r' I ' , . ggdau. . BERNINI, NI A. 051 58th Street Intramural Track, ntramural Hand- ballg Intramural Soccerg Pilot Car- toonist for 2 yearsg Service in Art Department for 3 years.-Art. "The wonderful timer with Mooney, Cheech, and all the guyr and girl.r under the TOWER." BERNSTEIN, MARCIA 18 86th Street Arista, terms 5-8, Secretary to Mrs. Hart, terms 1-6, Pilot, terms 3-8, Psychology Club, terms 3-6, Photo- graphy Club, terms 5-8, Boosters terms' 3, 4.-College. The "Great White Marter'r" dead- liner and headlitzer. r BEST, NANCY I. 469 78th Street Secretary Gym Ofhce, terms 3, 4, G.O. Representative, terms 5, 6, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, terms 5, 6, Leaders Club, term 5, Beacons, terms 6, 7, 8, Typist for Pilot, terms 5, 6, Secretary G.O., terms 7, 8, Grade Advisers' Squad, terms 7, 8, Secretary to Mr. Leicht- man, terms 7, 8, Secretarial Squad, terms 7, 8.-College and Business. My rampaigtt for Serretaryg Anna and Pat and the wonderful timer I had in Fort Hamilton. BILLINGS, ROBERT 258 67th Street Mixed Chorus, terms 4, 6, 7, 8.- Business World. All the fuzz itz the Chorur, itz Room 108 and the cafeteria rpefialr. BITETZAKIS, GREGORY 5811 Third Avenue Service Squad, 5 terms.-Air Force. The futt I had with the teachefr attd the frietzdr that I made. BJORLING, CAROL 655 56th Street Secretary to Miss Dick, terms 4-8, Miss Haut, terms 3-2, 86th Street Hallowe'en Art Contest.-Theatrical Business. My teacherr. BLANFORD, CHARLES 944 77th Street Member of Soccer Team, 3 years, Most Valuable Player Award for 1952 season, Band, terms 5, 6, Or- chestra, terms 7, 8, Secretary to Mr. Kassenbrock, terms 5, 6.-College at Cornell. Our All Star Soccer Team, and all of itr tfirtorier. BLUMENREITER, HENRY 239 93rd Street Rembrandts, term 7. - Business World. The good timer I had with jean, Richard and Carl. MW rf B IC I L gy DX 2 Boulevard Ari a, ter , - Pr ide t of G.O., t s 7, , r ent of r Club, rm , 6, Club, -7, Art Sq a and a Crew, ms 1-4.- ssel . All t friettdr I hare made. 6' BOGGAN, ANNE MARIE 167 92nd Street Class Secretary to Mrs. Swahn, term 1, Secretarial Service Squad, 8 terms, Secretary to Mrs. Kahn, term 1, Mrs. Willison, terms 2, 3, Mr. Cummings, terms 4-8, Assistant to Senior Social Adviser, terms 7-8, Arista, terms 5- 8, Newman Club, terms 1-8.-Busi- ness. My reniot' year attd all the .rtvell guyr and girlr at F. H. H. S. , XECNQBIN, f V T A R lx 8322 venue Arrsta, ,term .,7,L8,' n' O , To term 1,"Sgcr ary to rs.i ania ' - terms , 5,L ry tg' ish' Har 174, 5 Cl rical Assist-at antx r.Su ,tl s5,6'StAd X Prog , term 7' oithif' termw3.-College.--Hflgzgngdale A 8g T. The good timer in my reltior year and Mt'. ,Ioltitfr Chetttirtry clarr. BONDE, THOMAS 962 80th Street Captain Golf Team, Cafeteria Serv- ice Corps, term 5, Lieutenant on Cafeteria Squad, terms 7, 8, Trinity Club.-St. Olaf College. The gym lorherr. BONZIY, v ' e ryllo r , eerittg at- 3 att er cially that VVA L 1 Q oo a f 4 I, i he I' a e f y , X I . ff ' ft! 5 te BOUSGUET, WILLIA 530 82nd Street Service Corps, Cafeteria, 1 term.- The Navy. The good old gym, where I melted itz the near rummer motzthr, and froze in the winter. BRADSHAW, JOSEPH 48 91st Street Service Corps, terms 4, 5.-United States Marines. The good timer with Gut, Marty and erperially Allie. 25 BRADY, BERNARD 9217 Third Avenue Service Corpsg Cafeteria Squadg Track Team.-Work and Air Force. Fort Hamilton High School, all my fllrijnds, and the wonderful time I a . BRAKAS, GUNDA M. 953 79th Street Pratt Institute.-Europe. My friends, especially the "Mela- hins" who helped me hecome part of a new and wonderful school and country. BRAYDEN, RICHARD 929 71st Street Service Corps, term 5.-City College. The characters in prefect and the time when the hasleethall team won three straight games. BRITES, ANTHONY 6420 Eleventh Avenue Cut Squad, terms 4, 53 Assistant to Mr. Szabo, terms 7, 8.-College. The good times with Phil, Eddie and Franleieg Mr. Lehowitz in first period gym and my senior year. A U F I w ,, ' f l ' E 0 9 , 3 6 reet 5 Secreta I r . .Cata , s 1, X is 'an er 1 , 4 Mrs. I ffa, 1 In 7 . on, t 7, 8' ers usiness. RN 0 eanette suc fun,' I'ren nd Bea cheer ever one. BULTMANN, GERTRUDE 6710 Fifth Avenue Service Corpsg Assistant to Mrs. Swahn, term 5Q Secreterial Service Squad, term 63 Secretary to Mrs. Bonom, Miss Hoffman, Late Squad, terms 3, 4g "Waves of Scienceug Class Secretary, terms 5-83 Mixed Chorus, terms 5-83 jr. UNESCO. president, term 7g Red Cross Club. -Nurses' Training. My good friends and the under- standing teachers. BURNS, CAROL ANN 1429 77th Street Secretarial Service Squadg Prom Committeeg Pilot Staff.-Metropolb tan Life Insurance Co., C.C.N.Y. Full of life, talk and pep, Here's a school that's really hepg With laughs and smiles and friends so sweet,- Fort Hamilton's one that's hard to heat. Q26 I . ' Ulf ,rf 0 BURN 3Jy ' GSH 451 80th Street Library Squadg Boosters, Cheerlead- ers, 2 years-Captaing Vice-President of Senior Classg G.O. Representa- tive, 3 yearsg Girls' Basketball Club: Swimming Clubg Junior and Senior Council.-University of Vermont. The fun I had and the friends I made at F.H.H.S., especially cheer- ing, and "just Us Girls." BUSBY, CAROLE ANN . 539 92nd Street Cafeteria Section Captaing Boostersg Newman Clubg French 'Clubg Bowl- Aristag Program Committeeg Secre- tarial Service Squadg Tower Staff, ing Clubg Stage Sceneryg Senior Show.-College. Trying to get those gorgeous gym suits on in six minutesf the crazy exercisesg but most of all-the three o'clock hell. BUTTACAVOLI, CONCETTA 505 85th Street Secretary to Miss Brookmanng Libra- ry Squadg Attendance Squadg Recep- tionistg Bowling Clubg Swimming Club.-Secretarial School or Busi- ness. The fun in study in seventh term and the mad rush to the cafeteria. x CAMB , G GE FIA l St li Biology Squad, 2 yearsg L' te ant Service'Squad 1 yearg ieu ,. I of Projection Squad, 2 yearsg Pr ec Class Pr ' rytfwfor 2 years.--Den- tistry. Th r gg C . ff ' ed up times w' the - ,f CAME A, ALP NS P' 49 MacKay Place Service Corps.-College. The rushing hack and forth in the cafeteria, and all the friends 1 made in Fort Hamilton. CAMINITI, MARGARET MARY 119 74th Street Business. All the good things. 1 Secretary 1 Oth e, 'BNHS L Se A unt' Office rms 4- Secreta to s. Lo rms 5, CAMPBE L, A E 7 s-6537 ITT, t mixed Club, ter g Volley all Club, term 33 Pro- gram Committee, terms 3, 5.- Business World. Learning how a sardine feels in Andys school hus,' the "quartet" in Mrs. Kahn's class, and fourth period lunch CANTALUPO, ANTOINETTE 1046 52nd Street Emergency Room, term 5g Secretary to Mrs. Lyons, term 7.-Secretary. Third period gym with Dotty, Rose, Marcia, and Irene, and fourth period lunrh with the girly, joe and Chrir. CANTALUPO, PAT - 913 53rd Street Gym Office Monitor, term 4, Emer- gency Room, terms 5, 6.-Private Secretary. The wonderful friend: I maheg hid- ding ahout "The Roo.rter," and espe- rially that wonderful guy, Riehie. ANTANIO, FRANCES M 7Q3 86th Street ' LQ 'rls' Czirus, ter 3-85 Mixed Chorus,- 23 oosters, term lg is 3 C mihadaterm 2, S nior Prom ' ittee' ccounti Office, 1 ior Shovyyv mmittee K CL usrne areer 'L X rhorur, ' citing garner, ou Jt Senior mbly, hut mort of a , the wond l friendr and tearherr. in if ughrn 1rL'iut,fLfeltgt, 5siiS1gl in PON ANGELA 1 15 70th et Sec ial ce uad, my to rs. son t ms, r. ar- s, 2 te sg rss Keel 2 terms, Mr. ith, term' Represen- , ewman ior o Co mittee S e e e 4g, i u , 5 or 1 W W 6- t the Ly X arti . V C RLSON, CAROL 839 55th Street Biology Laboratory, terms 1-5, Boost- ers, terms 3-63 Girls' Chorus, terms 7, 8.-Police Department. I'll alwayr remember the yearr filled with fun The hig ruth to lunch with that rperial one,' The 'running from table E to G' And the hind arrirtance of Mrr. D. CARROLL, FRANCES 6917 Fort Hamilton Parkway Accounting Office, terms 7, 8.-Busi- ness. The wonderful timer with Margue- rite at lunrh, ringing with Arlene and Valerie in the Aeeounting Of- fire. CARSON, RUSSELL 433 72nd Street Business All the friendr I made. CARTER, JOAN L. 526 9th Street Girls' Chorus, terms 4-S, Worked for Mrs. McHugh, term 2.-Beauti- cran. The flrrt Murifale I eifer took part in and the friendr I made, efperially Dotty and Connie. CARUSO, JOSEPH 838 40th Street Service Corps, terms 7, 8.-Butcher. The fun in the eafeteria. CASELNOVA MARIE B eader g 1 , erms 5-6, ryrafiad, -5, G.O. of. fice, term 6, Sec arial Squad, terms 5-8.-Nursing. Thore wonderful timer at Fort Hamilton. i 2 th G.O e n , 3.8, ni ou e es ative, term 2:0 0 r, -6' , r o - CASSATA, JOSEPH 462 69th Street Library Squad, 1 term, Lunchroom Squad, 1 year.-Business. The good timer in fourth period luneh. CASSIDY, EDWARD 349 88th Street Soccer Team, 1 year, Secretary for Band, 1 year.-United States Army or Business. The good tirner in Mufie with Paul and joe. CASTA Vice nt of . , 1 year Chorus, 1 .. 1 if , horus years. Secre T e wonder ' ' 14 thing Ka f f n ho ur wit Mrr. 1' hergg and t f uartet in Mrr. Kahnir rlarr. J 3 S et retary of ml rist i Sec- retarial Serv Q 1, ' ed - ' f - J h -f. - l J Mr. u ' ' - CAVALIERI, RAYMOND 1029 68th Street Service Corps, 3 terms.-Air Force. The many laughr we had with Mrr. Low, our prefeet tearher. 27 l CECERE, VIRGINIA 1024 64th Street ,Locker Squad.-Business My Jenior lunch tahle with Paul, and the many laughs we had to- gether, hut mort of all Mrr. Schae- fer'r gym clan, and the Eight Dyna- miter. -CENTONZE, ALBERT 1042 82nd Street Service Corps, 2 years.-State Tech. The fun with all the guyr in gym. Cl-IIN, BETTY 8622 Fifth Avenue Study Hall Service Squad, 2 termsg Cafeteria Service Squad-Table Cap- taing Girls' Emergency Room Moni- torg Class Attendance for Mr. Shulmang Modern Dance Club, term 53 Mixed Club, Volley Ball Club, ,junior Beacons, and Senior Beacons' Club, term 4-8g Pan American Club. -Nursing. My unforgettable friend: and the good timer we rhared on the haileet- hall team. l i CIANO, JULIA AN "U xp ' ' " if 1 S4 70t Street Eaiorkiilieliief, realm- sacio Social lm bl? ' C it eeg Grade Adviig s' Squadg .5 -E J Ne an Clam juniQraand S nior Counci' S211 or Shot Scripgi om-N Senior ow -Colle h The gr t myiijeniorjiyear and the hilari iq: times in gym and lunch fhow coxld I ever forget them?J and JODOJUDELMA. mitteeggltsketballljgzimrfiiog C5161- CICALE, ANTHONY 814 51st Street Arista, terms 5, 6, 7, 8g Biology and Projection Squadsg Vice-President Chess Clubg Tutoringg Secretary to Mr. Leving Captain Intramural Bas- ketball Teamg Section Captain Cafe- teria.4College. Mr. Lenin teaching ur hir famour haihethall playi. CINCOTTA, GRACE 599 90th Street Accounting Oflice Squad, Secretary, terms 3-85 Secretarial Service Squad, terms 5-8g Secretary to Mr. Kaye, term 7g Mixed Clubg Aristag G.O. Representative, terms 5, 63 junior Councilg Tower Business Manager.- Business. The girlf in fourth period lunch and the long wallet to Jchool in the morn- ing. CLARK, ALAN 8701 Ridge Boulevard Captain of Track Teamg Cross Coun- try Teamg Service Corps.-College. Mr. Kottmann and the trach team. 28 CLEMENS, CHARLES Quarters 9A Fort Hamilton Basketball.-West Point. All the frierzdr I made. COHEN, IAN 345 86th Street Curtaintimersg Basketball Team Managerg Pilotg Electrical Squadg Biology Laboratory, Bandg Service Corpsg Photo Clubg G.O. Represent- ativeg Gym Secretaryg Guardian Staff.-Brooklyn College and journa- lism. The long walhr to Jchool on winter morningr, the PILOT deadliner, and' the gym teachers. COLLINS, THOMAS 8414 Fourth Avenue Service Corps, term 7.-Coast Guard. The "Fort Hamilton Special." CONGEDO, HENRIETTA 1044 67th Street Secretarial Service Squadg Secretary to Miss Dick and Mrs. Hartg At- tendance Monitorg Girls' Chorusg Senior Show.-Secretary. The fun I had with Dotty and the girlr in gym and lunchg the good timer in the Girlr' Chorur and my renior prefect. CORDING, MARLENE 8615 Colonial Road Orchestra, 5 termsg Library Squad, 2 terms.-Dickinson College. The concertr, harke hall amer, par- ti 4' a tae 5 it , ' 9 50th Street . 1 . ff "' Secretarial Qeifviceu S "ad for' Mljsf' Bonom, ' erm S, Migsyggoffman term eg vig in calm' Gym m sg Red ross Cluh,.terms '5,' .-Busi- ness.World. ' pp The fan I had and the wonderful friendr I met. ' coo E . K 86t t e ry to ' egan, t - ecreta o r . B , er g Che, s, te , ' Se ior I C0 itte .-Se IKM hnach not ti 5 a 0 h t err rufhing I hl ' met iv and Mim an i 'he g 'at ti with the cheer ead I err. ' CRISALLI, JOSEPH 7722 Sixth Avenue Service Corps, terms 4, 55 Cafeteria Service Corps, term 6.-College. The good timer in my senior year, and prefect with Mrr, Srhaefer. CROCE, GERALD 64 Parrot Place Senior Council, terms 7, 8g G.O. Representativeg Senior Show, Or- chestra, terms 5 and 65 Curtaintim- ers, Golf Team, terms 6, 7 and 85 Vice-President of Pan American Club, term 55 Treasurer of Pan American Club, term 6g Director of French Show, term 7.-College. The guy! and gal: in Chem. and lunrhg By Gorh, we were tz grand old huneh! CUMMING, RICHARD R. 710 59th Street Varsity Rifle Team, 2Vz years.-Col- lege. All the good timer. CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS 711 50th Street Service Corpsg Gym Secretary, Emer- gency Room Secretary.-College. The good time in prefect, CURTIS, PAULINE 610 81st Street Library, 1 term, G.O. Store, 2 terms. -Business. The fun in Mfr, Bonom'r prefert. DAHL, LEONARD 5713 Eighth Avenue Hall Monitor for Miss Randles, 1 term, Prefect Secretary for Mr. Levin. The Fort Hamilton "SperialJ." DALIA, ANN MARIE 744 39th Street Service Corps, 1 termg Secr:Q.qhfor Mr. Tanner, Mrs. GolQerg, Miss Keely and Miss Hoffman.-Busi . All the fun I ,N an t friend! I made efzrii Y A , Roralie and jean. N Q . '5. 'Yi' sz. T- I at DAMON, RICHARD 8001 Fort Hamilton Parkway Orchestra, 3 years, Lunch Room Squad, 1 year.-College. The friendr that I made at Fort Hamilton High School. D' ANTUONO I R CB' I yt B' Cliff rg,-ce' ad, it, s , 43 Gy A , ,terms 3 1, ste r 59? V 5C . 4 -' rs, 5. s , creta1!U 5 e 7, sg ' - ' I le QC T . I u J if LI ry,t' ' iss Kerwe ' - ' up Eclito o ow - Art St terms. r Secti . am.- g . er l l tl I 1967? , 1 th Je o unf ettahle e em- irt eaeherf, Mr. joltin and Mr. Staattt. D'ARCY, JEAN CATHERINE 511 Eighth Avenue Worked for Miss Hoffman, terms 3, 4, Library Squad, terms 5, 6, Ac- counting Office, terms 7, 8.-Busi- ness World. The great timer I had in hfth period' lunrh with Eleanor, Margie and efpe- rially Ann,' and rurhing for the hui at 3 dclorh. DAVVICZKOVUSKI, ROBERT 660 60th Street' Gym Secretary, 1 year.-Business. My biology teacher, Mfr. Low. DEANE, JAMES 7200 Ridge Boulevard Service Corpsg Cafeteria Squadg In- tramural Basketball Team.-Marines. That old gang of mine. DE ANGELIS, SARAH 350 87th Street Library Squad, terms 3, 43 Emer- gency Room, terms 7, 8.-Business. All the running and rufhing in the morning with Rosie, and Gloria'J famour Jaying, "tahe ga.f",' .fitting and waiting for S. S. in jarohrenir. DECKER, RICHARD 264 56th Street Service Corps, 4 years, Rifle Team, terms 3, 4.-Business. The friends I hare made. 29' fr Q5 yi h r nerr I fe ith thir of well! 'X . ' 4 ".. l' I' LT' I 5 It 4561 I t n . M, ! g r y A i ., I '4 . ' ' tl Y r - DB' GRAW, NATALLE' - t ' , L 1 Nfstl- Street S tary to is g Secretlry of ' ' Pigict Clgns?4Gh Sophomore Year 'Repr sedfativpli G.O. Qlaai' Rcpref A V sentiiveg Boosters' eteria Sqrflce ' 'SquacL,--'Plattsbu tate Teachers 'I A 1 F ' lf' Marie, letterr, catching the 10:20 - har, thore unforgettable weeleendr, and the wonderful friendr and teach- f"' err at Fort Hamilton. I I DELIA, R , f ' 1 f I eventh Avenue I 1 . '- -. - 6- 3,4g -JA' terms 5, 6g SCCIC is I'S. Varna' , : .I Arista. I ' Marie and me rur i g to eat and comh our hair to ree the "Roorter," DE LUCA, LOUIS 1045 64th Street Service Squad, Cafeteria Squad, In- tramural Basketball Team. - Air Corps. The frietzdr and fun I had in Fort Hamilton. 5 D M K 126Ge n v rista, terms 5 ' i ice purer . Ka , terms g ixed Club, -Busi- ess. Fourth period lunc hunch of girlr. Q W guage., Mtxgafgar A i5 Lagoa 4 amilton'Parkway I retatyb Mr. ganneg te nm 51 . rs. Azzara, term ern lDQiSce Club, term 3. Busl sf f, ' ' The fun I h fith B t d Sonja rurhiag to-if r i x J e could he frrt on nefog ch. DE S TIS, RB! A ' 07 72 St eet . Rep .en t e, terms 1 23 owe R esen ive, term 33 ew- L an 1 g Re ord Office, rm 7g oc 'tor, term 6g easurer's ffl! - iness. ' he 'g a d 2, my zendr from of 1, 0 H 1' ' i toget e to compore ' ine two th ruitahly tell SKY LUCILLE ' Rig- l . 601 79th Street ' ec t 'toy ss Gelber, terms 3, A ' re 0 Miss Kerwen, terms 7, 3 his-Chorus, terms 5-85 Musi- Xgles, 4, 6g.Oog1situtional Com- xy I ittee gf the Mermlah Club.--Col- xy xt legagf ' ' 5 I X zme Mm zherg decided that M , ar a frrt r rano and not a rec- -' J d alto, and Englirh SD4 with Mirr 5 JKerwen. ul ff VG 30 DIBS, DENISE 616 67th Street Prefect President, Prefect Secretaryg Secretary to Mr. Cummings, terms 7, 8.-College aud Business World. Fort Hamilton for all my good friendr, and the good timer with Mirr Simon in Sten and Tranrcrip- ll07Z. DIETZ, EDWARD 1005 52nd Street Service Corps.-Business. The good timer l had during my lunch periodr. ,ab-M If QLJ, DI GIOVANNI, GLORIA 9226 Fort Hamilton Parkway Library, terms 1, 23 Emergency Room, terms 6, 7, 8g Secretarial Service Squad, terms 7, 8.-Business. Thore morning meetingr in Dom'r with Patryg fun with Sharon and Sally in the Emergency Room. DI LILLO, MARIO 926 49th Street Cafeteria Service Corps.-Air Force or Business. All the fun in "Doc'r" clarr. DIMINO, GUS M. 9955 Third Avenue Bowling Team, 3 yearsg Service Corps, 2 years.-College. The good timer in my renior year and prefect with Mrr. Schaefer. DITO, PHILIP 1011 50th Street Service Corps, terms 4-7g Secretary for Mr. Sachey.-Business. . Playing accordion for the murtc worldg my teachers and my friendr. DOHERTY, CORNELIUS 8209 Third Avenue Bowling Team, terms 5-8.-Kings Point Naval Academy. The hard timer Mr. Flarter had with the Bowling Team. DOHERTY, GERARD S. 7203 Fifth Avenuf Service Squad, term 7. - Unite: States Navy. The fun with the hoyf. CIA 89th tree! ristag td-Mi ersg Girls' and Mix d us' Senior Script Com- rogram Committee 'Service Cor G visers ad Mod ' . eg 3 , S er ce' 3 Secre ta g, Mr. Kamin, Mr. -Nazer, and i s Skidmore.-Nurses' i Training. ' Mri. Salzherg ond Mr. Ntzzer and their open windowf. DOUGLASS, ALBERT 662 56th Street Service Squad, 1 year.-College. The good timer we had in our Spon- irh flow. DRAUGELIS, FRANK JOHN 663 92nd Street Rifle Team, 3 yearsg Program Of- fice Service, 3 years, Gym Service, 1 yearg Service Corps, 1 year.-COL lege. The Rifle Meetr ue oltnort won. C OSEPH 775 47th Street Se orps, 5 termsg Lieutenant 0 rvice Corps, 1 yearg Late Squadg feteria Table Captain, 1 t .- C qge and Dentistry. 0 day pl ed the or ion for .r. Cor mkldff while t Jong "Si ' ." EAGEN, R RT THOMAS 752 46th Street Service Corpsg Secretary to Mr Drucker, Secretary to Mr. Lebowitz -College or Navy. The fun I had in the morning go- ing to Jrhool. EARL, MARILY ' Shore Road Curtaintimers, " now student direct of " earts ere Young and y" Arista G' Leader, jun- ibr an enior C 1 3 Chairman of Se ' Social mmitteeg Se etary iss H n, Mis Rand Sen- i howg o r tag.-C e or Bu ess. '- tloun AMAH- AB o juft U1 1rlJ." J' A ix Xb-tv A, ,yer iw... EDMONDSTON, ALEX 7511 Narrows Avenue Service Corpsg Rifle Team.-U. S. Air Force. That 3 o'elorh hell :md how good it founded. BIKE, ROY 6701 Fifth Avenue Naval Air Force. The good timer I had in Mr. Sel- wyn'r bookkeeping eltzrr during the fifth and Jixth terms. ELLINGSEN, ARLINE 453 73rd Street Mathematics Office, term 43 Emer- gency Room, terms 5, 63 Secretarial Service, term 8.-Worlds Secretarial School. My .renior year, all the fun with Audrey and the "Big Fire." ELLINGSENVLILLIAN, , 9 58th S feet Tow Ar aff, Assi nt Art Edi torg n meri e a g a at t r, o o dui e t n bg ial C . . ' , , nt P y ol Chg? nch Club' Mrs. Catan 's Office, term 4. -Norway: College, Business. Min Hoigney, Ilfirr. Fmnhle, Audrey, Dolly, Laurie and mort of all, Fort Hamilton. ELMSTEDT, SVEND 174 71st Street Trinity Club.-Air Force. The fun in Mr. Snzith'5 prefert with the hoyr. EMERY, NAOMI C. 7702 Sixth Avenue Pilot, Cub Reporter, News Editorg Arista, terms 5-85 Psychology Club, terms 5, 63 Rembrandts, terms 5-83 junior UNESCO Club, terms 7, 8. -Brooklyn College. Getting newr and itzterrfiewr for the "Great White Mailer." EN DRESEN, DANNY 7217 Tenth Avenue Service Corps, terms 5, 6, 7, 8.- College. The great timer I had during eighth period stud y. 3 1 .lp gp, 1 ' Ex 'l ER SSO JEAN ' l A 4401 Fou h A n cretar to S reasur r l r 5 6 Sq srnes rlcl. tey, Dol , D and Mar no y hu t laughr. ERIKSEN, FREDERICK 968 57th Street Assistant to Mr. Levin, Special Dis- play Projects in Mechanical Drawing, Equipment Monitor for Mr. Lebo- witz, clerical work for Mr. Teicher, chair monitor during A.M. detention. -College or Armed Services. That I finally made it! ERIKSEN, MARTHA 314 100th Street Basketball Club, Secretarial Squad, terms 3-8, Secretary to Miss Haupt- man, terms 3, 43 Senior Show.- Business World. The friendr and fun l'ue had, all my friends in gym and all the talhr in lunch. ESSEX, EILEEN 258 62nd Street Cutting Squad, Secretarial Service Squad.-Business World. My wonderful Senior year with all my friendr and the harernent locherr with Addir, Roremarie and Dot. ETHERIDGE THOMAS 6810 Vista Place Cross-Country Team.-Draftsman. "Fort Hamilton." EWALD, HARRY 111 86th Street Service Corps.-U. S. Air Force. Mr. Szabo and hir cryrtal detectorr. 5119 Ninth Avenue Baseball Team Intramural Basket ball, Service Corps. College or Armed Forces. The great timer and great friend I had in Fort Hamilton. EWAYS, PHILIP I 32 e ' S , s ec t , n, terms 7, , c taryt rs , , Q u , er , 4. FAICCO, JOSEPH 358 Bay Ridge Avenue Business World. The exercirer in Gym, the boyr at the lunch tahle and the rtudy periodr in the library. FALKENBERG, DONALD W. 302 96th Street Service Corps, term 7.-College or Trade School. ' Fort Hamilton and all my friendr. FALKENBURG, DORIS M. 335 68th Street Girls' Basketball Club, terms 3, 4, Secretarial Squad, terms 5, 6, Swim- ming Club, 1 year, Secretary to Miss Hoffman, 1 year.-Secretary My fifth period lunch with the Iwo Peggyr, Dot and Grace. FARKOUH, LORRAINE 9450 Ridge Boulevard Assistant to Librarian, term 2, Sec- retary to Mr. Kaye, term 3, Secreta- rial Service Corps, terms 4, 5, 6.- Business and Travel. The wonderful dreamt I had while .fitting in Hirtory, and the oner that fdme ffllf. FARRELL, CHARLES 644 57th Street Cafeteria Service Corps, terms 5, 6, Secretary to Mr. Elosua, terms 7, 83 Gymnasium Secretary, terms 3, 4.-- Business College. The wonderful timer and teacherr 1 had in school, and the wonderful timer we had in prefect with Mr. Elofua and the friends I made while here. FEENEY, DANIEL 432 73rd Street Program Office.-Work Prefect with Mrr. Low. FERBER, SHELDON 4 Street Arist tern? dgqid, ter , Presid 0 , ,ter s 7, 8, - retary to r. Le ' nriixilr. Naze ' Chemistry borat S terms 7, 8, All Cr High 00 1165- tra, Senior Serv orp - College. -- " The time t in muri my and in the r ry atory. Rye . FERNSTROM, BARBARA 315 84th Street Dean's Squad for Mr. Hammond, 4 terms, Library Squad, 1 term, Rem- brandts, 2 terms.-Nursing School. The fun at fifth period lunrh with Gahija, Lynn, and Nancy. FERRARA, ANTHONY 1005 69th Street Service Corps, 1 year, Secretary for Mr. Sachey and Mr. Lebowitz.- Music. The laughr in Mr. Letfitfr rlarr. FERRARA, DOROTHEA 1035 68th Street Secretary to Mr. Nazer, term 5g Sec- retary to Mr. Cummings, terms 7, 8. -Secretary. Etta'r mad darh from the gym down to the rafeteria to he the jirrt cur- tomer on line. F RRA , FRANK ' 1024 66th Street S a , Service Corps.-N. Y. Bro n College. All r in my rt clarr. K' FILIPPONE, RICHARD 6411 Tenth Avenue Service Squad.-Business. Fort Hamilton, the many friendr I made and my wonderful prefect. FIORINO, JOHN 323 59th Street Projection Squad, 3V2 years.-Col- lege and Accounting. The fun with Mr. Freeman, Mr. Bloeh, Mr. Davidron, Mr. Brernich, and Mr. Keilren in the biology laboratory. FITZGERALD, JOSEPH 213 90th Street College and Armed Forces. My friendr in Fort Hamilton. FITZGERALD, PATRICIA AGNES 9909 Fourth Avenue Section Captain, term 7, Cafeteria, 7 terms, Worked for Miss Mullin, term 1, Tower Representative, term 3.-Women's Army Corps. All my rhop rlarrer, and all the friendr I made at the "Fort." FITZPATRICK, EDWARD 846 53rd Street Service Squad, Newman Club, Pho- tography Club.-Business School. The good timer at Fort Hamilton. FLOWERS, BARBARA 249 60th Street Trinity Club, 2 years, Gym Locker Squad, term 6, Table Captain in Cafeteria, term 8.-Business The fun and friend.: at Fort Hamil- ton and the hlerred timer at Trinity Cluh. FLYNN, ROBERT 230 62nd Street Newman Club, 6 terms, Program Office, 2 terms, Secretary to Mr. Kline, 1 term, Service Corps, 2 terms, Library Squad, 1 term.-Busi- ness. The great timer we had in prefect with Mr. Elorua. FOX, JOAN 7317 Fifth Avenue Art Staff, terms 2, 3, Program Com- mittee, terms 4, 6, Reorganization Committee, term 5, Emergency Room Squad, terms 5, 6, Secretary in Gym, terms 7, 8, Secretary to Mrs. Seldin, term 51 Tower Repre- sentative, terms 7, 8. - Nurses' Training. My renior year and all my friendr, erpecially Dot and Lee. FIUKNCIS, DIANE 4923 Eighth Avenue Secretary to Miss Hennessy, Secreta- ry to Mrs. Westerberg.-Secretary. Audrey and Virginia, the good-morn- ing of the hoyr in prefertg the gum that dirappeared ro fart and the rweet tinhle of Mrr. Bonom'r hell. FRASCHILLA, CAESAR 6810 Tenth Avenue Cafeteria Service Squad.-College or Navy. The timer I almort quit, thore har rider home, and the rwell timer with the hoyr. 33 FRASER, AUDREY 907 85th Street Attendance Monitor for Mr. Ger, terms 1, 25 Attendance Monitor for Mr. Golomb, term 4g Mixed Club and Health Service Squad, Bowling Club, term 6, Secretary to Mr. Math- eson, terms 7, 85 Senior Show.- Business. My renior year with Arline, and ffth period lanrh with Virginiag alm my Jenior prefert. FRIEDMAN, RONALD 940 57th Street Service Corps, terms 3-63 Lieutenant, terms 7, 8g Captain of Boys' Cafe- teria, terms 6, 75 Gym Secretary, term 6, Silver P.S.A.L. Award, Cur- taintimersg Built Scenery for School Play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay."--Brooklyn College. That deliriouf gravy that "alwayJ" accompanied our lunrh and the help Irgol from Mry. Kahn, my grade ad- zfzier. FRUDDEN, EVELYN C. 9510 Fourth Avenue G.O. Store, 4 yenrsg Secretary for Mr. Smith, terms 5, 6.-Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School. Toarling "Our Book," the fire of zu and "fimmie'J Jinx." GABRIEL, JOHN 361 97th Street Service Corps.-College. The good friendr lhal I made here. GABRIELE, JANE A. 1055 66th Street Secretary for Mr. Byron, terms 4-8. -Secretary. The fun I had with all rhe girly at tahle "B," efperially Nancy and Doz- ly and the wonderful training that Mr. Byron gare me. GALLAGHER, GEORGE 305 89th Street Worked for Mr. Quigley, 1 term.- United States Air Force. The mad ruth lo get lunch. GAMBARO, ANTHONY 1125 51st Street Service Corps, 1 year, Photostat Squad, 1 year.-Work. My wonderful Jrhool. 34 GARCIA, ROSALIE 713 39th Street Service Corps, 2 termsg Library Squad.-Manufacturers' Trust Com- pany. My wonderful friends, "The Fire" in lunrh and my pal, Ann Marie. ,' 4 ' ' u I 'GARRISON, CY IA! I . 'f .fn ' JIHEI77 89th Street Secretasy to ,Miss Grant, terms!! 63 to Mrs. Deerso terms 'S-83 Secre- taria Squq ,lteiiyns 518.-Navy. Showing axfreen, Carole and Elliv' nor my daily air mail Vlelierf-, and Peggy and Mardy. ' 1 ' S GARVEY, PATRICIA SUSAN 265 81st Street Assisted Mrs. McHugh, 2 terms, Mrs. Bonom, 1 term, Girls' Gym, 1 term, G.O. Representative, Red Cross Club.-Art School. All the many friends I made. G A ANNA 5 5 3 treet retarial Service Mt , 23 ,l 00 ta n partie Lo R , IYIQS 3, 4 ' -, t' , y o Mis ee , r 1 G0 nd r R . e five of , eight, t ki e oy . 1 GATTO, PATRICIA A. 6411 Tenth Avenue Worked for Mrs. Goldberg, G.O. Representative Zire years, Senior Council Representative, junior Coun- cil Representativeg Treasurer of Sen- ior Class.-Secretary. All the fun I had at lunrh erperially with Phyllir and Marie. I . . ' v GA ALY - "fl L' , I -1, 5 4 S f :rl er ce f gn' F is rs. alzb ms5 .rt . Nav. ' 5 T I IQ JJ f- amill . nl, . ! 1 GEORGES, HUBERT 112 Marine Avenue Service Corps, Cafeteria Squad.- College. ' The .fhipr I Jaw while looking out the window of my Hirtory clan. GIDDINGS, ROBERT 1071 79th Street Service Corps, term 1.-College, Police Force. The fun I had with the hoyr. GILIBERTO, MARIE S. 877 61st Street Gym Office, term 3, Gym Locker Squad, term 4, Emergency Room, term 5, 7, Library Squad, term 6, Secretary for Mr. Carlin, term 7.- Secretary. All the fun I had with "The Five", erpecially with Sylvia and Pat. GILLIAM, ROBERT 162 Senator Street Service Squad, 1 term.-Wagner Col- lege. The great flood of 1951. GIMLER, JOAN 176 Gelston Avenue Curtaintimers, terms 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Secretary to Miss Kerwen, terms 6, 7, Library Squad, term 4, Late Squad, terms 1, 2, 3.-Business World. All of my friendr at Fort Hamilton and the eighth period with Mirr Kerwen. GIORDANO, JEANETTE 431 69th Street Arista, Mrs. Buffa and Mrs. Segal, Record Ofhce, 149 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, Table Captain.-Business, Travel. Four yearr of work and fun, Una and Carole and a certain rome- one, The Record Office, period two All my friendr, ro good and true. GOLDMAN, SANDRA 1037 51st Street Secretary for Miss Mullin, term 3, Mrs. George, term 4, Mrs. Segal, terms 5, 6, Miss Brookmann, term 7, and Mr. Morton, terms 3, 8.-Busi- ness World. The friendr I made at Fort Hamilton, and jack. GOODHEARTZ, ILENE ' 5411 Fort Hamilton P y re EiMiss Far r , ers Club, 7 a ter - l7t s3, 'Mix lub qrms 3,4 4 . od ce ms , 5, D s, a- , 6, 7, . e - ' , term 3, Tower resentative, terms 3-6.-Modeling. The hoyr and girlr, my renior year, and the utzderrtandittg teacherr. GORDON, JOANNE 145 70th Street Associate Editor of Tower, Co-Cap- tain of Boosters, G.O. and Boro- Wide G.O. Representative, Senior Show Script Committee, Senior Show, Junior Council, Manager of Bowling Team, Swimming and Psy- chology Clubs, Receptionist, Library and Grade Advisers' Squad.-Col- lege. That reriior year, my underrtanding parentrg thore wonderful friertdr and all the crazy timer, erpecially with JODOJUDELMA. 'X 306 even h v n etar - o N 'ss at er ner Bice, rm 3 College F , . friendr I have mad at Fort H ton. GRACE, DANIEL 364 65rd Street Service Corps, Cafeteria Service.- Navy. Mr. Swahrfr Hirtory clarr. , JJ 0 all GRAVINA, ROBERT 449' 01 Street Electrical Squad, 5 ter sg rr Squad 2 terms' Lost a J 1 O da., ' terms, G.O. Olhce, 2 Edt 1 Phys' ,v Laboratory 2 ter XJ. ' " ea Navy. I R The great timer with the hoyr,' Hinch'r Hymie and the "rpecial." GRECO, LUC LLE CAROL fl 7M Street rs Swa xterm 1 ow term owe en Ar 1 17 ' orus, Att n ce 'Offlce . , h , , ' on- te ,S n n ac Commit- t o S ro 'it- r Ins . ll reme lo where we laug d rang, And I'll ne get he at -time with the ng. IVhen it'r put t geth r 't er out to t Fort Ham t r a plac I'm rare I will . GRIFFITI-IS, VVILLIAM 415 Marine Avenue Service Corps, 3 terms, Captain, Lunch Room Squad, term 4.-Busi- ness. The great timer with Mr. Matheron in Mechanical Drawing. GUAGLIARDO, FRANK 1027 58th Street Intramural Basketball, Supply Room Attendant for Mr. Cohen, P.S.A.L. Medal Award, Service Corps.- Armed Forces. The great timer and great friendr I had in Fort Hamilton and Mr. Le- 1'it1'r prefect clarr. 35 A , A Q i if flh eriod l c d the I fu Ajfvw. ,B I . ,lf J., ,ua cw if GUBITOSE, PHILIP 731 40th Street Service Corps, 1 year.-U. S. Navy. The fellouzr from Fort Hamilton Parlerway. GUNDERSEN, JUNE 924 83rd Street Secretary to Mr. Nazerg Receptionist for Miss Keely, Bowling Clubg Bea- cons Club, term 4g junior UNESCO Club, Arista.-Nurses' Training. "Fair Hamilton." al t U -LVLL, G VAS, MARIE 7201 Narr s Avenue S etar to Dr. , fefm 13 La adg e e Sq aclg Secre- t A v' e iluadg afeteri Squ c' g.Se or Sh , A ' .-- HES talie, the ,tte'r.r, e :15 2 ,111 Wwlegffl E , ., N nk X ench l Se ' r n- GUYON, PETER 376 73rd Street Service Corps, term 4. All of the friendt I'1'e made. HADDAD, GEORGE 837 73rd Street Service Corps, 3 termsg Cafeteria, 1 term.-Collegeg Navy. The fun in the "recreation hall" during AM. prefert. I HAGEN, EDNA V 738 55th sneer r'tag Secretarial Service Squadg rked in Dean's Office, 2 yearsg ' ' Chorus, Musicale, 19539 inity Club.-Business Wrnrld. M . Salzhergk irehox, namely Room 8 and chorus with Eleanor, Sig, ,Eid Ann. HALL, MARJORIE 227 55th Street Secretarial Service Squadg Secretary to Miss Van Bokkeleng Emergency Room, Locker Roomg Basketball Teamg Girls' Gym OH'ice.-Business. Table "A" and the gang in the Lorher Room, jan, Liz, Ada, and Connie. 36 HALL, WILLIAM 6917 Sixth Avenue From Saint Michael's D.H.S.-Mer- chant Marine College. Corning from St, Mirhael'r and mah- ing ,rome of my her! friendr in Fort Hamilton. HAMWEY, R ERT - Street a ity B ye ' m ra l r F T ' J mad urhi e at Fort amilton erperiA ' he r eer lead- rr. HANSEN, ARTHUR 310 60th Street Biology Laboratory work. The fun in the Lah. HANSEN, CAROLE ANN 318 80th Street junior Representative to G.O. Coun- cilg G.O. Representative, terms 1, 83 Secretary to Miss Hoffman, terms 1, 5, 8, to Mrs. George, terms 3, 4g Secretarial Service Squad, terms 2, 8g Senior Show Committee.-Business World. All my friendr, how rwell they are, To top them all, you'd travel farg My Mom and my Dad, who made me ree, That the hert ir yet to he. HANSEN, HELEN 730 57th Street Aristag Trinity Clubg Secretary to Miss Hotfmang Pilot Typistg Secre- tary to Mrs. Bonomg Attendance Secretary in Prefect.-Business, Tra- vel. Tufo wonderful .ftenography teafherr -Mfr. Bonom and Mir: Simon: Min Hoffman, three wonderful year: rpent in Fort Hamilton and the many friendr I're made, erpecially Carole. HANSEN, HERBERT 940 78th Street Service Corps, terms 3-6g Golf Team, terms 7, 8.-Draftsman. All my friends. HANSEN, SIGNE 251 71st Street Library Squad, 5 termsg Emergency Room, 1 term, Mixed Club, 2 terms, Girls' Chorus, 2 termsg Trinity Club, 4 terms.-Business World. Mr. LE1'll1,.1 prefect and the rixth period lunrh. HANTMAN, MELVIN N. 1065 57th Street Worked for Miss Dick and Miss Haut, terms 3-6g Cafeteria Service Squad, terms 7, 8.-United States Navy. The food in the cafeteria. HARMON, MARGARET, G. 654 Bay Ridge Avenue Secretary for Mr. Kamin, terms 4-7. -College. Fort Hamilton for my good friend! Denire, Terry, joan, Artrid, Dorir and judy and the rwell timer during thi! hfth period with joan and Ar- tri . HARR, JUDITH A. 609 75th Street Emergency Room, terms 7, 8.- Business. The happy timer with my friertdr, Dorir, Margie, Denire, Terry. HARTEL R. HERBERT 732 53rd Street Service Corps, Gym Secretary, Emer- gency Room Secretary.-A Military Career in the Marines. The lunrher in the rafeteria. HEALY, DONALD 480 82nd Street Service Corps.-Business. The great timer with Mr. Sarhey, Dr. Lemlein and "The Leila." HELLAND, TURID 748 60th Street Locker Room Monitorg Gym Moni- torg Trinity Club.-Business. Thore "uplifting" exereirer in gym followed hy the rare for the lunth- line to get lunrh for table D. HELLSTROM, ELLINOR 6605 Ridge Boulevard Mr. Quigley's Oflice, terms 7, 83 Mrs. Segal's Office, term 2.-Business World. All the fun in prefeft, The good timer down at lunrh. Will mahe it hard to ray good-hye To that rery ,fwell hunrh. ,Vi to WW 3, Ch r immi g HE Y A 90 t il La e , ter , ste s . -32 b, ' ecr ar' er y iss all m 'iendr S ice , t , , I M' in r - ' . , 'ar e , all t e eat time . .J HENRIKSEN RICHARD 5115 Seventh Avenue Service Corps Cafeteria, 1 yearg Sup- ply Assistant to Mr. Cohen, 1 year.- Business. Mr. Lehoufitz'r gym elarr. HERRE, MARILYN J. 920 72nd Street Secretary in the Dean's Office, Libra- ry Squad.-Buyer. Mr. Rirei'r Biology Clan with Loni and Slim, and Mr. Shomay'5 Math clan. HIGGINBOTHAM, JOHN 557 68th Street Service Corps, 2 yearsg Gym Secreta- ryg Cross Country Team, 1 Season.- Collegeg Navy Air Force. The good timer I had ar a .renior of Fort Hamilton. HIGGINS, LOUISE 422 100th Street Library Squad, 1 termg Secretary to Miss Brookman, 199 years and to Mr. Quigley, 1 year.-Business School. Rurhing to hirtory after gym and rixth period lunch with X-Ray and Eddie. HIGH, GRETA ANN 243 Senator Street Secretary to Mrs. Catania, term 45 Cafeteria Squad, terms 7, 89 Bowl- ing Clubg French Club.-Business. Drerrirzg for gym, waiting for the 3 delorh hell, and all the wonderful friendr I made. HINTZE, BERTHA 6115 Fourth Avenue Secretarial Service Squadg Secretary to Mrs. Mcl-Iughg Girls' Gym Office. --Secretary. Toarting "Our Book," the five of ur, and our memorier of Ortoher. 37 HOBEN, JOHN JOSEPH 557 72nd Street Intramural Basketball, Electrical En- gineering. The heft teacher I had, Mr. Teieher, who understood and helped me plan my work. l y J '. fy X Q fx l ' ' is IO ,. 0 "1 ' 8 55t eet J ris ilotj ur ' ' g Pro- ra Pr am' mittee.- lgol-l JJ lit dia er I didn' make, Mr, So a ' ' r, Ra ura and all the JU 8 friendr I'1ze made in Fort Hamilton. HOMMEN, KARL A. 666 56th Street Service Corps, Trinity Club.-Air Force. The fun I had in Mr. Levin'r pre- fert flair. HOPKINS, WILLIAM 6713 Eighth Avenue Projection Squad, terms 4-7.--Busi- ness World. Mr. Kielren and the Biology Lahora- tory. HUGUENIN, JOAN MARIE 356 92nd Street Library Squad, terms 6, 7 ,8, Ac- counting Offlce, term 3, Boosters, term 3.-Business. Fifth period lunrh with Kitehie, Sue, Either, Rorie and Sandy. HYLAND, CONSTANCE 5423 Fort Hamilton Parkway Health Service Squad, terms 4, 5, 6, Library Squad, term 7, Girls' Chorus, terms 4-8, Musicales, 1952, '53, '54, Psychology Club, terms 7, 8, Cafe- teria Squad, terms 7, 8.-Business and 'Night College. The little thingy so hard to forget, esperially fun in Chorur with Dori: and Carol'J Charleston craze. IANELLI, MICHAEL , 957 51st Street Varsity Basketball, Intramural Bas- ketball, Secretary to Mr. Sachey, Service Corps, terms 3, 4, 7.--The Army. Bafhethall practice and St. George and the dragon. 38 IDA, JOSEPH 1043 79th Street Service Corps.-College. That girl Dotty! IMPERATO, EDWARD 6924 Fourth Avenue Service Corps, terms 2-7, Cafeteria Service, term 5.-College. The Srhool Cafeteria. IMPERATRICE, ANTHON2' N. 836 67tl Street Pres' ent of e 195 -5 qllafi , Cl Pro 0 it., , Pr e , 11h yea .- C eg Civil Engi eer' . The good frie I nth? not only among u e hu amoltcg the tea err, an t e' I the Jrhoolir ma rex an other artivitier. INGLIS, MARIORIE 9946 Fort Hamilton Parkway Girls' Chorus, 3 terms, Secretary to Mrs. Segal, 1 year, Miss Keely, 1 term, Mr. Hammond, 1 term, Bas- ketball Club, 1 year, Cheerleaders, terms 6, 7, 8.-College. Meeting the girly in the hall to talk over our weekend dater. IRV NG, 77 N r o nue s Health Serv J ri l 5 s Psyc usicale 3 Bl-16k 0 - .f, f, te . S -, -. 4 .. A' - 1 r o' Cflr E , 1 uh' 1' ' , ho y V , : fi ls' , 3 , v ' ' , .1 i- ve ' ' e if er 'nt c r G' , r. .e V , An t e ir: I think are great ISAKSEN, VIRGINIA 140 77th Street Arista, Usher Squad, 7 terms, Sec- retary to Mrs. Schaefer, Mrs. Lyons, Mrs. Levis, Miss Robertson, Miss Brookmann, Mrs. Catania, Tower Representative, 3 terms, Class Treas- urer, Boosters, Psychology Club.- College. Mn. Sehaefer and her "earnalionJ",' getting ready for the "Point," JACOB-SEN, GEORGE 97 71st Street Trinity Club, Cafeteria Service Squad, Service Corps.-St. Olaf Col- lege. The three great year: Jpent in Dr. Corhranlf German flats. JACOBSEN, WALTER 838 58th Street Late Squadg Service Corps.-United States Air Force. The wonderr of rcience at revealed by my Jcienre teachefr. JAGOCK1, ROBERT F. 7006 Louise Terrace Biology Squad, 1 year, Program Committee, 2 years, Program Office Squad, 155 years, Aquarium Club, 2 years.-Syracuse College of For- estry. The good friendr I made here in Fort Hamilton, Jtudentr and teacher! and the good timer I had during the lart three years. JAMIESON, ROSE MARIE 418 61st Street G.O. Representative, term 33 Cur- taintimersg Girls' Gym Lockers, term 6.-Nursing School, The hue of ur. JENSEN, HELEN 938 54th Street Trinity Club, terms 3, 43 Secretarial Service S uad.-Business. My lunchlerr lunch period: at Table D, became of Mabel, Turid and Arleeng the fun with "Babr",' and the all too :hott weehendr with the gang. JENSEN, SONJA 839 57th Street Biology Office, term 53 Secretarial Service Squad, Biology Laboratory, term 5.-Business. The Fort Hamilton leacherf, my friend! and the beautiful rcenery. JESSUP, PETER F. 258 75th Street Service Corps, term 34 Class Pres- ident, term 4.-Service. The good timer I had, the friendr 1,116 made and the trouble I could never get out of. JIRANEK, EDWARD F. 6818 Fifth Avenue Baseball, terms 5, 6, 7, 8.-United States Navy. The good time I had at Fort Hamil- 1071. TI DO THEA 333 57th Street Conn an m hang' carter. lllll JOHANSEN, CHRISTINE 713 46th Street Museum Squad, term 25 Secretary for Miss Randles, term 43 Secretary for Miss Simon, Secretarial Service Squad, terms 7, 8.-Business. My Jenior year, friendf, and the cheerful "good morning.r" of Mr. Shomay. JOHANSEN, ESTHER MIRIAM 745 53rd Street Trinity Club.-Business, then Travel. The many good timer and the friendr I made in Fort Hamilton. JOHNSON, GARNET 264 95th Street Trinity Clubg Record Office, terms 2, 3, 5, 6, 8g Secretary to Mrs. George, term 43 Attendance Squad, terms 3-6.-Business. The early luncher, all my wonderful friendr and Trinity Club. JOHNSEN, JOHN 760 56th Street Cafeteria Service Corps, term 52 Class Treasurer, term 6, Secretary to Mr. Sachey terms 6, 7, 8. Dito and the good timer we had in the Emergency Room. JOHNSON, BERGIT M. fTerryJ 7704 Fifth Avenue Math Office, term 3g Gym Office Squad, terms 5, 65 Emergency Room Squad, terms 7, 83 Section Captain Cafeteria, term 7.-Business. My wonderful friendr Margie, Den- ife, Joan, Dorir, Artrid, and Judy, and the fun in Mirr Mullin'J Math clatrer. JOHN ON, OAN . 6802 Ridge Boulevard T s e' thc terms 4, 55 Gym re y or M' s Scully, terms 5, i Ty ' , terms 7, 8, Cafe- T le ain, term 63 Boost- r 2- . B siness World. T wonderfu timer at lable A,' .rhop ' Mr. Flarler. , ter Secretarial Squad, u 39 I 1 A as ' Shuttcrbu 15 ' I Politicians ALAN suevsxv " Q Q W K J' ' 9 6, . N CAROL MCGOVERN It Q' JOHN E' - 0 Vsnus f AN LENTD ,ai ,Wzuiri it A x ,. 'lf'-Y ., 4- S7 .Szrzgr , . I " 9 -mm. I ARLEEN PEDERSEN 'Ns-f -Q 5 -iv -E:-:jj Q A , 5.1: 'Z' H, Q ALLEN Arm 4 :, .,4.,? U Q xr:-:hd gl ' R .qu x M " , ix . G- Q PHYLLIS oogc 3 lf' -' 1 A f . , I my S W rs ' -. V . ' 4 , ' 4, .53 ' , X, J f Pt"I'50I!!l!I.fQ' 1x'id.sQ , QHWJ, I -' Madame Curie 'Q' ' f ' CAROL - 'Gus sm-os ' -Govem JEANFTTE -- - E ML Eznslcm MARIE. MARL VK CLIN 'Um .4 15171115 BARRY ONECL H :Ls FRAN ...-- . Q JEAN VON an s Best WQLANTAQUS LUCLILL1: COURY BRAC? QKQAR PA an 5fic'l1,c J eadaz dak Pr.f.vi11z1'.rt LOU 'ELLEN ORR 'in-up MARIO journaiist 'puny KRAWITT firlisfs PELLEGWW0 .V 4' fr T xi?-Sv' , LYDIA ABBAT su., E MARIO vmgm f lzallvfbcfrf S. F' 'V J' g..-ff' LYNNE PENDERGAST Athlclrx , al 'mzarx GEWRGE Mcmsm lkquira RL vsvz JOHNSON LUCILLE CFZFCW Mu me BOBICK Acts fxsw SH mu Jouwafzw TZ? JOAN AL EXANDERSEN My sums oft Po LOUIS PECORA Kibitzcr ww .mcosss 'x I 'Dad Um! Or .School Nil Nl K ALAN SHEVSK JEAN KELEMEN -JK Paxhion Plate f NNNA ARENA ' Q-J ' Afrtnr ALLEN APPEL 0 i XJJOHNSON, RAYM ND JOHNSON, LILLIAN 313 85th Street Gym Secretary, terms 4, 7g Typist in Dean's Office, term 7. Serretarial training clan with "SiJ",' lunch and gym with the girlr. JOHNSON, MARYANN 313 85th Street Secretary to Miss Farquhar, term 73 Girls' Health Education Office, term 7.-Secretary. Being mirtahen for my .fitter in the hallr and ur five, Arline, Marie, Syl- zfia, Rorie, and me. 20 93rd Street ,' .O. ta- , m 1 1 eries, Office qu om 123g Ofiice Squa , 62.-College. The friendr ade d thore Math rlarrer with Ri rita oy-L gfGivrc ' e fP R ! e r e .2 ' 4 JOHNSON, T. ROGER 95 73rd Street Secretary to Mr. Sachey, term 2, Cafeteria Service Squad, terms 3, 7g Mixed Chorus, term 6.-Business. The three yearr I rpent in Latin elarr. JOHNSON, SHEILA 8523 Fort Hamilton Parkway Arista, Boro-Wide Aristag Grade Ad- visers' Office, All City Radio Work- shop, Curtaintimers, U.N. Assembly, Eisenhower-Stevenson Forumg Her- ald-Tribune Forumg Girls' Chorus, Musicale, '52,-College. The long hourr I'ue stayed, The thingr I'1fe done and reen, All the ood friend: Foe made, Erpeeialiy Marilyn and jean. JOHNSTONE, JOHN 249 62nd Street Cafeteria Service.-Navy. Mr. B1'tl1!E'1'7IZd72,J hirtory clan. JONASSEN, RAYMOND 830 71st Street Collegeg Marine Corps. The good timer I had while I at- tended Fort Hamilton. 42 JORDAN KATHARINE 351 Marine Avenue Make-up Editor, Pilotg Aristag Pho- tography Clubg JUNIOR UNESCO Clubg Biology Squad, Library Squadg Program Committee, Mrs. Gold, tu- toring, Secretary to Dr. Lemkin.- Cornell University. "The Great White Matter" and the dummy. JORGENSEN, AUDREY L. 838 55th Street Trinity Club, terms 3, 43 Service Squad, term 4g Attendance Squad, term 6, Dean's Squad, term 7.- Nurses' Training. Mirr Mullin'.f extended eighth period Math Clair with Norma and Dot. JORGENSEN, JANE 680 Poly Place From Killeen H.S., Killeen, Texasg Fort Hamilton fSenior Yearjg Camera Club, Bandg Arista.-Col- lege. The hand tripf. KAPPAKAS, MARIANTHE 220 77th Street Usher Squadg Girls' Chorusg Musi- caleg Rembrandtsg Program Commit- tee Cafeteria Secretary, Locker Room Squadg Attendance Monitor.-Fash- ion School. I'll .ray ro long and not good-bye To thir .fchool with itr tower in the rhy. KARPOWIC, WILLIAM R. 638 54th Street Assistant Circulation Manager, Pilot,' Aristag Track Team, term 5Q Cafe- teria Service Squad, terms 3, 5, 63 Service Corps, terms 3, 4, 7, 8.- College. My many friendr, the good timer and the way johnny and I felt after trarh prartice. 9 Q KATZANEK BEVERLY 69 A is ' Senior ass a qua te Squad, term 3g Assis t t term 4.-College. The wonderful friendr mad Senior Show and Mr. Kamin, nd the great timer in the cafeteria. t I et , , Cl s- ur rg S 'o Sectio tai-rr Lt d, ' A cl ns KAY, RONALD 937 81st Street Service Corps, 5 terms.-College. All my good friendr. KEARNS, RICHARD 8303 Fifth Avenue Service Corps, 1 term, Lunch Corps, 3 terms.-Armed Forces. The teacherr I had. JEAN . I ' Squa g g3b item' Cm it 1 3 t l Sq e , g e a , terms 2- u I o cilg r i ' c C airman corating ommittee.iFashion School. My many ye 'lton High, with the wo derful g ' gufr. . 10- Jo' lj VL 12 di d Avenue t I ' GET President, term gzyzhfxlendr, l l7 ofo, and Dr. KESTEN, NATHAN 847 69th Street Intr m al s , term 6.- Broo g The great timer I had while I war a renidr. KHOURI, HOWARD 9430 Ridge Boulevard Mathematics Club, 1 term, Lunch Squad, 1 term.-College. Mr. Lehowitz'r joker during the Driver Eduration periodr. KING, DORIS 1860 66th Street Cafeteria Squad, terms 7-83 Usher Squad, terms 2-7g Locker Squad, terms 4-8g Emergency Room Squad, terms 7, 83 Visual Aid Squad, terms 7-8.-Businessg College. Friendr rinrere and wonderful, Lihe the oner that 1,126 found here, The laughter, fun and happinerr, I'zfe had in my four yearr. KINZEL, THOMAS N. 8822 Third Avenue Secretary to Mr. Drucker, Health Ed., 1 term.-Alaska. The fellowr that called me hy my lart name and the few that called me by the hrrt. KITCHEN, MAUREEE ,f ,J I ,- Ar 59 atling Place Library Squad, terms .7, 87-Business XVor.ld.' ' ' 'f 1 '- 1 ' . The ,-good ,timee in prefect with C3411-' thia, Efliher aid Carol. I . f f H K APP RES ' 48 60th sue r. Leder' c er 3 - tion Capta , ms g a ad, a a , . 7, Music , te 6' ' ' -8. jean, Dodie and Martyg hut it lot of laughr. KOHNER, THEODORE 359 Ovington Avenue G.O. Store, 2 termsg Cafeteria Serv- ice Corps, 2 termsg Service Corps, 4 terms.-Night College. The good timer in the G.O. rtore and the timer in prefect. KOPROWSKI, ALEXANDER F. 749 41st Street G.O. Othce Squad, terms 2-85 As- sistant Manager Track Teamg Man- ager Track Team, term 6-83 Secre- tary to Mr. Bedell, term 6.-College. The wonderful timer in the G.O. offite with Mr. Kottmatz and Mr. Bedell and the good old track team. KORINKO, PETER 565 85th Street Service Corps, 3 terms.-Work. Mr jolt n r rhemirtry clarr out Que neue-,Puri KRAGKOXV AL I ,,' J, t et Ta ltfm 5' or e avy NN' fe . 'l , m- b t mn' es . e wonder ul timer with my palr, - . . 4 ?ytSTorn and Mel k KRACKOW, ANN 755 53rd Street Secretarial Service Squadg Secretary to Miss Hauptman, term 45 Secretary to Miss Simon, terms 5, 8g Account- ing Office, term 35 Cafeteria, term 25 Boosters, terms 3, 4, Senior Show.- Business. Mirr Simon, and the wonderful timer I had making friendr there part four yearr at Fort Hamilton. 43 I yytmyll Ni 1' W1 , J lx ' l Eiga- I ,lt ' t 1,1 , 'eu 5 ' ' ch , 3t .' mit e, -7 etar. ' t Class, 'e I I r. foli V ' " H . '. Y 1 Shore on , s 4 ter s Pi! , oru ni ms ' l e rogr om 5 A 4 C 1 ' alerl an aniert r niar year, rne and him ken doun rlaernirlr rludenir. KRISTIANSEN RAYMOND 9019 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Corps 2 terms Soccer Team. Navy Tlae good llrner in Mr. Balllr prefect flair and zlye mad a'aJlJ in the lanrlr ine. KROGSTAD, CAROLE 754 55th Street Advertising Manager of the Pilot, President of the Psychology Club, Secretary of the Pan American Club, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, At- tendance Squad.ANurses' Training, Methodist Hospital. The memorable loourr in and about llie PILOT Office ufilla my farforize slave driver, the Chorus and Mrr. Salzlierg, Mr. Kamin, Helen Laurie and, of marie, my friend, Mr.r. Hyer. Li a y iesta e lil! and KURosK1, IRENE 359 59th Street Treasurer's Office, 4 terms, Mr. Hammond, 2 terms.-Professional Roller Skater. My senior year and tire fun I bad. LAMB, THONIAS 734 52nd Street Newman Club, Service Club, Terms 2, 4, 6.-Business. The frieiidi I l1a1'e made. 4-4 LAMPRINAKOS, JOHN 433 84th Street Service Corps, Band.-College. The argurnenlf about Ike great Soullr ima' the "Rel1el,r." LANDE, GILBERT 443 95th Street Service Corps.-College. Tlae four year! in Mrf. L0w'.r pre- ferr. LANDON, ROBERT 7117 Seventh Avenue Newman Club, 4 years, Music Of- tice Squad, terms 4, 5, 63 Band, 4 years, Intramural Basketball.-Board of Education, Bureau of Construc- tion. My .feninr Zerm willy Mrf, Finn, Roy, Boi: and Rare. LANGDON, DOROTHY 1029 54th Street Secretary to Mrs. Ames, term 7, Service for Mr. Quigley, term 7, Modern Dance Class and Club, terms 4, 5, 6, Musicale.-Business World. Mrr, Lezfir' Modern Danre Clary, and the aclrer and paint that go will? il. LANING, DOLORES 770 Sith Street Senior Council, G.O. Representative, terms 3, 4, Late Squad, terms 1, 2, Senior Show Committee, Girls' Chorus, terms 2-8, Musicale, 2 terms.-Florida and Business. jean, Dolly and Marry, no rnoney, but a lot of lalrglrr. "Larry, My Boy." LARSEN, EVELYN 724 42nd Street Arista, Secretary to Miss Haut, terms 1-8, Worked in Dean's office, terms 1-4, Biology Squad, terms 7, 8, Trinity Club, terms 1-8, French Club, term 6.-Business World, Nursing. l Trinily Club, all tlae friends I'1ie made, erperially jadizla and the frhoal .rang "Fair Hanzillrinf' LARSEN, HARRIET -125 89th Street Secretary for Mr. Kottman, 3 years, Secretarial Service Squad, Deun's Ofhce, lst term, Late Squad, 2nd term, Table Captain 6th Period Lunch.-Secretarial Work. The fan I had in my .senior year. J fr LARSEN, MABEL 773 58th Street Secretary to Mrs. Segal, term 35 At- tendance Office, term 4, Secretary to Mrs. Willison, term 7, Trinity Cluh. -Business. The fourth period lllrlfh uiizh Helen and the mud ruth for the hui iz! three. LARSEN, MORTIMER B. 1068 81st Street Wagner College or Navy. My prefer! learher in Fort Harrzilzorl, and rhe lime we had in rhe rhemit- lr ' Jr. ,hw 'L SAN A Q Ivy 79th Street Pl. ' T' ity Club, term it l 'cker Ro quad, ermvig Service 333, , Mix rus, terms 7, S, Ta Captain, rms 7, 83 junior C ncil Repre ntative, term 6.- le School or usiness. reezirzg in rhorur: luzzrh and gym wifh joan, and all the good limei. Att LAURIA, FRANK 853 48th Street Service Corps, term 5, 6.-Armed Forces. Mr. Bra1'erman'.f Social Sfudier flair. LEBANO, FRANK 8624 Ridge Boulevard Service Corps.-Clothing Business. Wlbfll I um a frarhmarz and mel my friend j. C. in Arr Clair. LEE, RICHARD 9453 Fifth Avenue Service Corps, terms 5-8.-Army. Fort Humillori, hemzue of all lhe friezzdr I made. LEHAN, NANCY E. 8015 Fifth Avenue Miss HofTman's Otiice, term 5g Sec- retary for Mr. Nazer, terms 6, 7.- Secretary. Meeliug Dolly and frwie every morri- irzg mid all fhe good rimer. ., ,. 1 if it bf" WI, LENTO, JEAN f f it A2 ttf, 4, 143 7kt1tl'StreelZ iss, tap s 7, 8glSetretarial Eirv-ice firgnfa ,lt'ermsy5, 4, ' Sefre ly to g iss Hoffma fxrnissa, 8: Sefretary to Mr. Co en term, iifto 8, Lilimry Squad, ter 1.-Colleg . ' L' Fr rr Me rabbi' in rhellui1Mr-oonr, ,, TJ lie 1' lley hullr in gym, -, F7A,bfI7?jl2fd1'l:'4Wli7Ig done in study, Coober fhie gloomy furezt'ell hy 11111. l I ' f1' l, ' ua , term ,E earl ' N Fel? iw ' Jfgadd' 4 ' 7 6 Klr 3,25 I5 IL? I .rg 1,'a,4,fLJLf LESLIE, JEAN 1151 75th Street Mixed Chorus, 8 termsg Musicalesg Arista, 4 terms, Usher, 7 termsg Trinity Club.-Nurses' Training. Fighliug fro.vlhife for four yerirr in 108 and fhore Krazy Zion Kidr. LIBLICK, GEORGE 5 I 1' .5611 58th Street Service Cor . tefms 5-84-Veterinw ry Sur eon. , f The hcfilr aah ,r ir1lMa!L'k The furrjilz hqflujgf l Ggzirlijf! hu edgy , 1 ir! driht and , J. X LICHOTA, FRANK 721 48th Street Help in cleaning up shops during midterm and the last week in june.- United States Air Force. The zearhifzg of Mr. Flrmer' and Mr. Mrzlherorz in ,shop and lllc't'hc1lIr:t'tll dmtwirlg. LIEN, INGRID 93 Dahlgren Place Orchestra, terms 5, 8, Mixed Chorus, terms 7, 83 Trinity Club, Musicales. -Nurses' Training. Thote "homeu'orhle,r.r" ufceherzdr, and ihe frm zwilh Zion Kids. ' U. LIND, RUTH? ' 5 Z QQ , 210 mnA'St?:eelL Wcmrked for plifs Regan, 2 termsg B' k9.!tbalP'Club, terms 5 63 Iebraty. Scgafl, term 7g,G'il5hCho1'us, terms 7, 8.14-Busihessrvglorld. V My Jltnior year, all lhe fuzz I had mid all lhe frieridr I rrmde. 1 I J ' 45 LODGE, MILTON 50 85th Street Service CUFPSQ P.S.A.L. Awardg In- tramural Basketball.-U. S. Army or College. The inrpiring lecturer on "How to Play Barkethallu hy Mr. Levin. LOPRESTI, RICHARD 1043 78th Street Service Corps, 135 years.-College. Sixth period lunch with "General Shornayf' ITC E I A 69 15 Tenth Avenue Zlrack Team, te I, Sjggtge' Corps, e term 53 Q.O. iswive, terms 7, 8.fB sincvs. JJ . The WLJFJ on thefmorning harrer. K. LOVITO, JOHN 276 76th Street Service Corps, 5 termsg G.O. Store, 4 terms.-Business. All the good timer. LUNDGREN, BETTY 771 51st Street Secret y to Mrs. eorge term 3' Mrs erson term 5 rs ' , ' 9 Ivf i I 'KLM g o keg ggiomxfqu rm 43 . epr i term 63 CD ' n afeterfuf Squ , ter ster Club Busines ood lzmer nz on i h g 'i ' 'i-z t i ufith janire and Mtrr and the three o'vlorh darh fo the hm. Mac O AN, LIETOZ mt 8 reet Ar 2 yea g Mixe Chorus, 3 years3 C ntai rm rs tis Skinner in "Our e ts' oung and tive- le e. ' The explorion in n'J chem- iitry flair. GMNj ou si lxliepresenta- S MACKIE, ALEXANDER 966 52nd Street Service Corps, terms 7, 8.-Navyg Priest. My .senior year and all itr fuzz, hut atortlyy, the rlore friendr I made. 46 MADSEN, EVELYN V. 977 55th Street Emergency Room Squadg Modern Dance Class and Club, 3 terms3 Girls' Chorusg All City High School Chorusg Attendance Monitorg Musi- cales, ,52, '533 Table Captain.-Cob lege. Mfr. Hart'J French Claw. MAIORANA, SADIE 8602 Narrows Avenue Secretary to Mr. Trezza, terms 1, 23 Program Office, terms 3, 43 Secretary to Mr. D. Cohen, terms 5-83 Cafe- teria Service Squad, terms 5, 63 Clerical Assistance in Cafeteria, terms 7, 83 Rembrandtsg Swimming Clubg Mixed Clubg Volleyball Clubg Basketball Clubg Beaconsg Ushers Squad, 4 yearsg Halloween Art Con- test.-Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School. The innocent trouhle I managed to get into: The rracy fun I had with all my "weird" frierzdr, and nerfer a dull moment at Fort Hamilton. MALLEY, TERENCE 146 Wakeman Place Cafeteria Service Corps, term 6g Lib- rary Squadg Book Room COIPSQ Pan- American Club.-Colby College. The rtruggle in M'l'I. Gold'r clarr. MANGHIR, RONALD GEORGE 452 81st Street Captain of Service Corps3 Tennis Team3 Track.-College and Business. The grade adoirerr and tearherr who helped me in Fort Hamilton. y f MANIPELLA, ARN M ' 4 th St eet Ban item S etawin GJQQPTC O 3 rms.-C lege - The go' nfi e uringf emlhgrd period rn. Q K, iq MANISCALCO, ANTHONY 5109 Tenth Avenue Banclg Orchestrag Baseball Teamg -Armed Forces. My merrhandiring rlarref. MARANDINO, ROBERT 43 80th Street Service Corps, 3 yearsg Riile Team, 1 yearg Cafeteria Squad, 2 years.- College. The lunrh liner in the cafeteria. MARCONI, ROBERT 120 Gatling Place Service Corps, 1 term.-Business. My wonderful uhool. MARINO, RALPH T. 1022 Bay Ridge Parkway Service Squad.-United States Air Force. The .rixlh period lunch with "Gen- eral" Shornay. MARTIN, CRAIG 539 79th Street Table Captain in Lunch, terms 3, 4g Service Corps, terms 7, 8.-The U. S. Navy. The flood in Jrhool whirh gave us lhree half day holidays. MARTINSEN, GRETA 875 jrd Street G.O. lv l: ' e, sg Arista, vu' 5 g S etary ior Council, ' 63 9- or cil Representa- t e, t 75 .- tarial Service 'N .tu erm ' 3, 4, 7 gcervice I1 s, ,f- .- 'e ' or . F rth ' ny nr .re 1 ye r u V' all ' ore a arte' I MARTIN A. 6712 Seventh Avenue Service Squad, Cafeteria Service Squad, terms 3, 4, 5, 6g Mr. Quig- ley's Office, terms 4, 53 Two P. S. A. L. Medals.-United States Air Force. Mrr. Cuzlerg Prefecl Cla.rf,' and Mr. Brazferrnan'r Hirlory Clan. MASSABNY, RICHARD 71 71st Street Lieutenant of Lunch Squad, 1 year.- College. The fun on the lunrh squad. MASTRONARDO, ROSE R. 1029 61st Street Trinity Club, Attendance Oliceg Secretary to Mr. Golomb, Mr. Cohen, Musicaleg President of Fourth Term Prefectg Vice-President of Fifth Term Prefect.-College. The great converraiion of, "Are You In the Mood?" with Bohg lhe crazy laughr in Cherniftry with Dick, Al and Elfie, hreahfaft in A.M. prefeft. i AFA HI N O CE 56 55th Street tt an g A A S cretarial Squad, Clgy . usi' . , he ny f ' ' ozh old new y M renzor norier f om few. a 1ngs fBas e TTS N EV'ELY ' terdS5gA ngO , r ro Ofiict 2, P C e er , e Club, 3.-B iness. Fourth period lunch, the gay lirnerg the "quarter" in Mrrr. Kahnfr rlarrf and our gym ruin-.flraighl from "Vogue!" juilrgajilna-Ngdgmgifh caiifrxf' 1 yearg Street Loc Rfqugn uad, 1 yearg Gym Servmquad, 1 ye .-Business. For 'lion H' Ger and hir orice, the J guyf. MAYE, JOHN E. 7406 Narrows Avenue Cafeteria Service Corps, terms 7, 85 Service for Ofhce 151, terms 2-8. The lunrher on Shore Road. MAYER, LURANA 6913 Fort Hamilton Parkway Secretary Service Squad, Pilar Of- flce.-College. Thore wonderful Iirner in Jrhool, meeling Magda and dl.rruJ.ring thou' phone rally, the juhe hox, and of fo work! MAZZEI, GEORGE W. 7723 Twelfth Avenue Tennis Teamg Service Corps, Assist- ant in Chemistry Laboratory.-Darb mouth College. Trying noi zo hlou' up For! Hanzillorz while working in the Chem. Lab. MAZZOLA, DOLORES 1134 49th Street Section Captain, terms 7, 8.-Tap and Ballet Teacher. My fourth period gym fluff and "The Eight DynamileJ." 47 ro te ? ff"-2 VX? TIAN, EDA 41 5 85th Street U to Mr, Bonano, Mr. vig? 9 sn, G.O. Represen- 've h quad, 4 years, Girls' oru , ' le.- atharine Gibbs ecretarial S My rweet .fi eel ty that larled all day in the ra eria. MCCONNELL, JOSEPH P. 160 87th Street Ofhce Squad, terms 3, 4, 5, Bowling Team, terms 3-8, Captain of Bowl- ing Team, terms 5-8.-U. S. Marine Corps. The good timer at lunch with my friendf. MCCORMACK, JAMES 272 71st Street New York Institute of Photography. The mad darh for the cafeteria lunch line and the "SperialJ." McCUE, WILLIAM 380 88th Street G.O. Representative, term 5, Service Squad, Cafeteria Squad, Library Squad, Photographer for the Pilot, Camera Club.-College. My tearherr, and ,ifth period lunrh. MCDADE, JAMES 305 57th Street Newman Club. The wonderful timer at Fort Hamil- ton. MCDERMOTT, JAMES D. 6914 Sixth Avenue Service Corps, terms 3-6, Bowling.- College. All the friends I made. MCGARRY, EUGENE 152 83rd Street Newman Club, 3 years.-College. My three years at Fort Hamilton High Sfhool. 48 McGOVERN, CAROL A 6802 Ridge evard Newman Club, Senior Council, Vi President, Junior Council, A e Q Editor of Tower, Boosters, e Show Committee, Senior 1 Girls' Basketball Club, term 5 P Grade Advisers' Squad, term 6, La W' Squad.-College. Fort Hamilton High Srhool, all wonderful friendr, the enjoya timer at work and play, jurt ur girl and CAMAHELGAB. MCGRATH, DONALD 208 Gelston Avenue Service Corps, 2 terms. Mr. Szaho'r radio flaw. MCKEAN, PEGGY 1133 82nd Street Secretarial Service Squad, Secretary for Miss Hoffman, 1 year, Mr. Quigley, 1 year, Gym Office, 1 year. -Business or School. My friendr at Fort Hamilton. McL IN, PATRICK J. 652 th Street Cor e ret for Mr. a te J r terms S If I I 4 X0 , 6, 7' 7 4 :MT .-Busr- s. 'lx f ff' m e re. Q MCMANUS, JOHN J. 1048 73rd Street Service Corps, term 1, Intramural Basketball, term 6.-Navy. The friendrhipr I made while at- tending Fort Hamilton High. MCNAMARA, JANET 213 55th Street Secretarial Service Squad, terms 5-8, Class Secretary, terms 1-6, Secretary to Miss Van Bokkelen, Miss Haig- ney, and Mr. Morton, Typist for Miss Kerwen, term 7, Cafeteria Squad, terms 7, 8, Basketball Club, Usher Squad, term 7, Grade Ad- viser's Office.-Business. My memorable renior year and all my wonderful friend: that made it ro. MCNELLIS, EDWARD W. 7913 Fifth Avenue Service Corps, terms 5 and 6, Cafe- teria Squad, Lieutenant Cafeteria, terms 7 and 8, Lieutenant Service Corps, terms 7 and 8.-Linesman in New York Telephone Company. All the great timer on the Service Corp: during the fifth period. I A ? H TH 7 7 arrott Place ay Service f oft underr . ' WO -'f ,, , . , ' ,, V' 47 21! ' ' L , -- if J'."7'- qu , Intramural B nl- S, r or . D 'f " in t r , Wr. Quig ey and nf . i MCNULTY, GAIL 648 83rd Street English Oiiice, 2 years, Usher Squad, 4 years, Library Squad, 1 year.- Business. The Chrirtmar party in the Englirh office with Mr. Levine and Pepri. McSWEENEY, DENNIS 944 54th Street Secretary for Mr. Ball, 1 term, Serv- ice Corps, 2 years, Class President, 1 year, Intramural Basketball, P. S. A. L. Medals.-Telephone Company. The fun in prefect. MELE, MARY ANN 1016 59th Street President of Prefect Class, terms 5, 6, 7, Secretary and Treasurer, term 3, Late Squad, Mrs. Callahan, Sec- retary to Mr. Ganeless, term 7.- Private Secretary. The fun in Mfr. Schaefer? gym elarr and the "Eight Dynamiterf' MEYER, ROBERT 537 81st Street Service Corps, term 4.-College. Mrr. Sfhaefefr quiet prefect. MIGLIORE, MICHELINA 6318 Tenth Avenue Service Corps, 4 terms, Secretarial Squad, 1 term, Senior Council, 1 term, Junior Council, 1 term, G.O. Representative, 1 term, Prefect Pres- ident, 1 term.-Private Secretary. The yearr that I rpent at the Fort The many thingr that I'1fe been taught. I hnally really made the rrore, And now I'm a graduate of '54 MILHAM, THEODORE 7408 Sixth Avenue Table Captain Cafeteria.-Business. The fun in Mr. Le1'in'.r rlarr. MILl.ER, THOMAS 437 61st Street Secretary for Mr. Golomb, 1 term, Cafeteria Service Corps, 2 terms, Service Corps, 2 terms, Clerk in G. O. Store, 1 term.-Air Force. The food in the rafeteria. MILLIGAN, EDWARD 6623 Fort Hamilton Parkway Band, 2 years, Soccer Team, 2 years, Cafeteria Service Corps, 5 terms, Morning Detention Service, 1 term. -Navy and Travel. Q e r ti uour good time C MODICA, PHYLLIS 1031 67th Street Secretary to Mrs. Goldberg, term 4, Attendance Monitor for Mr. Smith and Mr. Morton, Mixed Chorus, terms 7, 8, Senior Show.-Business World. The great fun down at lunch, and the good timer with my pal Pal. MONACO, LOUIS A. 7739 Shore Road Service Corps, 4 years, Radio Work- shop, terms 7, 8.-College. I The laughr in Mr. Shomayk nmtn clan. MONTANA, ROBERT 680 81st Street Cafeteria Service Squad, Orchestra. -Wagner College. . The wonderful timer at Fort Hamil- 1071. MOONEY FRANK 1025 58th Street Secretary for Mrs. Gold, 2 termsi Intramural Basketball, P.S.A.L. Med- als.-U. S. Air Force. Marhed potatoer and the gang. MOORE, ROBERT 244 57th Street Biology Lab, 1 term, Program Com- mittee, 2 terms, Service C0rPS, 1 term, Stamp Club.-College. V The rwell timer in Mr. C01'6'llll?41l-I clan. 49 MOSS, WILLIAM S. 7920 Fourth Avenue Intramural Basketball, term 4, Trin- ity Club, Table Captain, term 4.- College. Mr. Shomay's math class. MOSSIGE, HERBERT S. 428 73rd Street Service Squad, 2 years.-Business World. The good times in Fort Hamilton. MUELLER, CAROL 461 86th Street Secretary for Mrs, Olson, term 1, Program Oihce, terms 2-7, Worked for Mr. Byron, terms 7, 8, Girls' Chorus, 3 years, Musicale, Arista.- Secretarial Work. Stopping of at Florenre's at three and the friends I made at Fort Hamilton High School. MULLER, HELEN 549 84th Street Program Oliice, terms 4-7, Usher Squad, terms 1-8, Stage Design, term 6, Mixed Club, term 5, Trinity Club.-Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School. Three years of German with Dr. Cochran, and the late has. MURNO, ROSE MARIE 1040 71st Street Accounting Ofhce, terms 5, 6, Secre- tarial Service Squad, term 7, Swim- ming Club, term 6.-Business. All the fun I had in gym with jeanie. I . o f - MQIIRHY, MARILYN A- ' 745 441th Street ', rista, terms 5-8, SAC nting Of- ficehwrms 528, Mixerbfflllllbjerm 3, Volleyball ,Zlub, 5 rogram Committee term B" G.O. R?resen- ytative' frm 4. Business. ' All tliflngentlldenu I met on Andy's schobl has, fourth period lunch and alll the wonderful friends and teach- er! in Fort Hamilton. MURPHY, RAYINIOND 660 Poly Place Business. The teachers' wonderful understand- ing. 50 MURRAY, THOMAS 302 99th Street Cafeteria Squad, 1st term.-College or the Armed Forces. The good hot lunches. NAHAS, ODETTE 120 97th Street Arista, terms 5-8, Latin-American Club, Late Squad, terms 2, 3, 4, Program Oflice, Secretarial Squad, terms 7, 8.-Business. Those restless Sunday nights dread- ing school the next day. NASS EDWARD 763 52nd Street Varsity Basketball, 2 years, Cafete- ria Service Corps, 1 year.-U. S. Marines, Police Force. All the fun with the hoys. NAUGHTON, THOMAS J. 449 64th Street Service Corps Terms 3,5.-Services. Mr. Flasterland his nickname for me. NELSON, JANICE 766 51st Street Trinity Club, terms 3, 4, 5, Biology Lab, term 3.-Business. Betty and the rest of my friends, the sixth period lunch: and the rush forthe hus when the day ended. - N NEVIN, CLAIRE K. ' - Q 807 71st Street Gym Secretary, term 4, Secretarial Service Squad, terms 6, 7.-Secreta- tial Business. A The great times with the girls in gym and at lunch, and in Mr. Mor- tonlr prefect. NIELSEN, ROBERT 360 95th Street Track Team, G.O. Oflice, terms 5, 6, 7, 8.-College. The good times in the G.O. office. A EN, MART N O NILSEN, DORIS 520 76th Street Trinity Club, Program Office, terms 7, 83 Mixed Club, term 5g Art Of- fice, term 4, Girls' Chorus, 2 years, Halloween Art Contest.--Pratt In- stitute. The shitteritz' and shahin' in 108, All those times I thought l'd he late,' Dortor Cochran and his wit,' I really will miss all of it. E . 74 5. NN' 5199454 A Socc r ibqiiarhs-U.S. a . 7 -YL! 5Jyea at J. Th ft amQ Qbokdb .QA NILSEN, ROBERT 5713 Eighth Avenue Service Corps, terms 5, 6, 7.-Drafts- man. The great times I had in the Service Corps and during lunrh. i II NILSIEN, l LEY N V l,Uf'lJ f - 70 e lkly Tfiri lubg or Mi ullin, I V 27 ye rs.fMe i l , LGF ewell For r am H h .1 tv I. y u wits a lg ' l mvrz s good-h e. Mrs 1 82nd Street terms 5-8, Squad, . Representative, ficlgmittee.-M tests in Miss ig 4 n's math rlass, Dolores, my aily rush t 8:40, and lunrh with Lorraine. 4 ,. . moments Wi s n and a NUNZIATO, ANTHONY P. 6914 Sixth Avenue Baseball, terms 5-83 Service Squad, terms 5, 6.-State Tech. All the fun I had with my pals in Fort Hamilton. NYGREN, GRETA 976 58th Street Business. The go d had with Peggy O'HANDI.EY, WILLIAM A. 563 61st Street Intramural Basketball.-Television. How hig the sthool looked, when I first saw it. ,0'LSEN, BARBARA 0 9 56th street e retar' Ser ' S , terms 3, 4, g stag T w usiness St 3 mor s r ' eni g ' i ru ' rn' B si- Worl . Freezing 'n orus, a my friends, ri ly Carol, ttie "Honey." OLSEN, CAROLYN JOAN 7301 Fourth Avenue Emergency Room Squad, Locker Room Squadg Visual Aid Squad.- Business World. All the senior activities, my friends, ang waiting for those prerious week- en s. OLSEN, GERTRUDE 450 60th Street Late Squad, term 1, Table Captain, terms 7, 8.-Business. All the good times I had and the friends I made in Fort Hamilton. fYV1 LS S f 7 , Stre a eri S ,t 13 muephig uad rms e - orus, -8g lvalsicales, 2-1953: sta, gms 5-83 e ior Section pt ' term 7 usiness he freeyn temp t res , A he y g with I ate. T e un had at tahle , hen waiing for the hell at three. oLsEN, JUDITH 752 56th Street Secretary, Accounting Office, terms 3-8.-Secretary. The fun and friends I had in Fort Hamilton. 51 KW, If I VW 1 if K 4 he 4 A515 FQ, mf wi QQ J iw Nt N Q5 wg ,X 5 f 'E Umm V A lvf-1 V, , era. t . ,,,,W,, O'MALLEY, ARTHUR T 67 rd Street Varsity Rifle Team Captain, term 8, Mrs. Catania's Office, 21h years, Service Squad, 116 years, Table Captain.-Navy and College. Mr. Bedell ar a great coach and a :well guy. O'NEILL, BARRY 258 95th Street English Office, 1 term, Intramural Basketball, 1 term.-College. ' The football gamer during the third period gym. ORLANDO, GRACE 4823 Eighth Avenue Secretary to Mrs. George, term 3, Mr. Byron, terms 4, 5, 7, 8 and Mrs. Westerberg, term 6.-College. The glowing tower in the cloud, The rchool that will alwayr make me proud, The fun 1,116 had and the Jorrowr, 200. The friendr Foe made that were alwayr true. ORR, LOU ELLEN 7501 Ridge Boulevard Tower Art Editor, All-City Radio Workshop, junior Council, G.O. Representative, terms 5, 6, 7 and 8, Vice President and Program Chair- man of Psychology Club, Grade Ad- visers' Squad.-Dramatics and the Stage. Conrtant trip: to the loft and found, Swimming party where I nearly drowned, Homework hnirhed hy prefect hell, And Mr, Kamin, a friend who war rwell. OSBOURN, JOAN 90 70th Street Secretarial Service Squad, Grade Ad- visers' Office, Secretary to Mr. Ger, Mrs. Goldberg, and Mrs. Hart, Hal- lowe'en Art Contest.-College. joan A., Val, Judy, the rert of the hoyr and girl: and my lart year at Fort Hami ton. OWRE, JOAN! A606 9 ' J 55 Street cretary ,- 'ss ber, rms 3, 4. ..Bus' ss. K 'J ur g lwhr very ywith D ne, lu h d ym thSa , ' ll the ' od J a the 'dr I fp. N xp' if ' A, 5 A PAGU GA, -1 ER 1 l 1038 66th treet Service Corps, terms 5, 7, Basketball Team QVarsityj, term 7, Intramural Basketball, term 5, P.S.A.L. Medal Awards, Supply Room Helper for Mr. Levin, term 5.-Armed Forces. The good timer we had in Mr. Le11in'r prefect, the important pep talk: Coach Kay gave ur before game-time. 54 PAINO, ANK 8 Dahlgren Place Library erm, Service Corps, 4 te r d for Mr. Ger, 6 t , ork for iss Gold, 1 te , P ot raphy , 1 term, Bowlin College. The t' e ng r howling matc er n Dyker Bowling Alley, erpecia y when Mr, Flarter howled with ur. PAINO, JOSEPHINE 180 Dahlgren Place Late Squad, terms 2-5, Secretarial Squad, Library Squad, Table Cap- tain, term 7.-Business World. All the fun at lunch with Frankie and the "Big Five." PALLINI, ROBERT 4424 Third Avenue Paratroopers. The workoutr we had running the track. PANAYOTTI, IOSEPHINE 335 80th Street Health Service Squad, Newman Club, Social Studies Club, Secretarial Service Squad.-Business World. Mr. Wolfe, Mr. Corenthal, Mr. Solo- vay, Mr. Ger, Mr. Marcur, Mr. Shul- man and my pride and joy heing a graduate of Fort Hamilton High School. PAPA, ANN 1014 62nd Street Emergency Squad, terms 3-7, Girls' Service Squad, terms 5, 6, Secretary to Mrs. Lyons, term 5.-Business World. The crazy timer we had in Mr. Mor- ton'.f prefect. PAPACONSTANTINOU, GEORGE 408 59th Street Track Team, 1 year, Soccer Team, 1 year, Secretary for Mr. Szabo, 1 year, Cafeteria Service Corps, 1 term, Cafeteria Squad, 2 years.-City College. The Jwell friend: that l'1te made in Fort Hamilton. 1 fn!! 6 PARIS, dj CJirE:'?f'0LLL,gal .' 205 7 t Captai get Ui 6 Gre r ea r ' Bo s esgya ' ,i , 5 ,Elims 1 3 ,ket if u j 6 Y., Co, S, , -Jliiwman 'ter s 7 8,4 enror ow, term fd 1 if . Low'.f Lfect, zghydszd gyrtjrf wit the girlrg ch rin 'fthe WJ with my friendr an m aff ther enjoyahle four yearr. 6 ' ,uf , , rut Secretarial S uad ate Squad Secre tary to Mrs Deerson, Service Corps, A gf . lu ' ' 0 P! I !,jJ ' I V L 6 ackay Place , r . . - t Halloween Art Contestg Aristag Rembrandts.-Pratt Institute. Monday morningr after those heauti- ful weeleenilr. PAULSBOE, GUNHILD S. 901 60th Street Secretary to Mrs. Gold, term 6g Sec- retary to Mr. Carlin, term 7g Secre- tary to Mr. Lebowitz, term 7, Trin- ity Club, terms 3, 4g Emergency Room, term 7.-Hanover Bank. We "Five," erperially my pal, Marie. PAYTON, ARTHUR 354 91st Street Work for Mrs. Gold, Term 43 Ser- vice Corps, Term 7.-Work Mr. Shomaylr witty joker. PEARSON, ELAINE 963 57th Street Emergency Room, terms 3, 4, Assist- ant to Miss Gelber, Mrs. McHugh, terms 3, 4.-Dress Designer. Fort Hamiltong rurhing with joan to he at work on time and the much too .fhort weehendr. PEARSON, ROBERT 7907 Fifth Avenue Service Corps, Intramural Basketball. -Navy. The hoyr' locherr and MH. Bonom'J little .filrfer hell. PECORA, LOUIS 5824 Eleventh Avenue Secretary for Mrs. Gold, 3 ICIIIISS Secretary for Mr. Siegel, 2 terms, Secretary for Mr. Drucker, 2 terms, Newman Club, Vice-President of Class, 2 terms.-College. l The good timer I had with my friendr in Fort Hamilton, efpecially in Mfr. Franhlehr clan. PEDERSEN, ELEANOR 9418 Wagan Terrace Attendance Office, term 2g Mixed Club, term 5, Usher, 5 years, Trinity Club, terms 3, 4.-Business or Busi- ness School. The lunch room rurh, the changing of randwirher and the .reventh period ruth to work. Us-e PEDERSEN, ELEANOR lj T -7 Street Trinity Clubgggrusg 'Cale 19525 Secretar to Mis Ta , terms 1, 2, Se tary t Leicht- man, terms 3, , ibrary ad.- Nurses' Traini . in Home Nurfingg th in horur with Edna, Sig, a Frang and all the wonderful frien made. qi The poor treatment I r . Ch g PEDERSEN, FRANKLIN 849 53rd Street Service Corps, 2 years, Table Cap- tain in Cafeteria.-Navy. All the friends I made at Fort Ham- ilton. PEDERSEN, GRACE 741 55th Street Late Squad, 4 termsg Library Squad, 1 termg Gym Office, 1 term, Trinity Club, 2 terms.-Business World. The conrortionr we turned out in Min Mntt.von'r Nutrition 2 clarr, and the fun we had in Mr. Levitfr prefect. PEDERSEN, NATALIE MARIE 522 Ovington Avenue Secretary to Mr. Stone, terms 3, 45 Mr. Quigley, terms 5, 6g Mrs. Hyer, term 73 Red Cross Club, terms 3, 4g Swimming Club, term 6.-Business World. The rrazy timer in Mr. Morton'.r pre- fert rlarr! PEDERSEN, RUTH ARLEEN 837 53rd Street Orchestra, Senior Council Represen- tativeg Secretarial Service Squad, Trinity Club.-Business or Further Schooling. Menfrier of our rrhool down hy the rhore,' Purhing on the hurer to get inride the door,' PELLECCHIA, ARLENE A. 1015 60th Street G.O. Representative, term 5.-Busi- ness World. The fun I had with Chinh, Phil, and all the girl: in hirlory rlarr. PELLEGPINO CY M, , V 06 Parr t lace I ' ' ' C boa D cl ntramu al Basketb Ar , o r er ' f h. h , e ' Bic 1 , g Ne n Clu g Boost rsg Senior ction C pt- aing Senior Show.-Coll ge. Loeher ' room hluer, r. Wgye, Springtime on the Shore, a righ-hl ed September and my image of F.H.H.S. 55 PELLICANE, JEAN 972 66th Street Secretary to Miss Van Bokkelen, Miss Mullin, Mr. Quigley, Mr. Car- lin, and Miss Higginson, Swimming Club.-Business School. The fuzz in gym with Sandy and Roe and the iripr io lhe Tea Room. PELLICONE, JOHN 413 88th Street Service Corps, 1 year, Cafeteria Squad.4College. All fhe good frieudi' I made izz Fori Hamilton. 1 gy A GAsT YNNE itgyg-rrh street P side f th Be ons, 2 years, ju ior eacons 1 year, Leader., sketbal lub, 1 ye ' ol- ' e all lub yQecretary ry ' s Rob- e son ars. Nurs raining. The fr' ndr SJ? 1 e, lhore won- derful luizrlfuJ7fh' , and lhe Girli' Health Educ on Epelflplelll. PERSINGER, TEDDY 310 85th Street Aristag G.O. Office Squad, terms 3- 83 Program Ofhce Squad, terms 1, 2g Program Committee, term 25 Secreta- ry to Mr. Kottman, terms 2, 35 Mr. Bedell, terms 4, 53 Mr. Siegel, term 65 Mr. Drucker, terms 7, 8g Emer- gency Room Squad.-Pace College. Mn. Deeriong the fiiendihipy I made, and the good timer in the G.O. Office. PETERSON, ROBERT W. 665 88th Street Service Corps, terms 3-6g Mimeo- graph Squad, terms 3, 43 Cafeteria Service Squad, terms 7, 8.-Robert Wesleyan College. My heir friend Bruce and ihe crazy fimer we had al fifth period luizrh, and on lhe Service Cofpf. PETERSON, WILLIAM 7215 Third Avenue Navy. Rogerli empiy .real every Monday morning. PHILLIPS, ALFRED 339 86th Street Senior Council Representative, Intra- mural Basketballg French Club, Table Captain.-College. The good iimer with Hamhoize, jake. Airlie and Saifiizo in fourth period lunch. 56 P T X r trs. -Allfor i ton 0 Libr y a 53 Ser Corps. g g Newman ubg G.O. ep a e, term 7, Te is Team, m -8. est Point. adizzg ihe wittirimzr rarved and wriltezz Oil all the delhi. PICCIONE, PAUL 1037 60th Street Service Corps, 11h years.-College. The hard work till Ihree, lhen to mee! V ee. PIPITONE, MARIE 1124 56th Street Secretary to Mr. Carlin, 1 year, Mrs. Schaefer, 1 yearg Late Squad, 2 yearsg Gym Service Squad, 3 yearsg Usher Squad, 3 years.-Secretary. The fun wilh the Eight Dyzzamilei' in Mfr, Sehaefeifr gym flair. POLISENA, BARBARA - 1149 59th Street Arista 5-83 Pi! 1, terms 5-8g G'rls' gs, terrmsp 3- g 'ed OI' te S Q e r jf 't r s m 4 5 6 Peie Scfreta Ch r 8g I clog R p n e, XP,y 0- gy cg rnld'i ' Library Squ ter , ,' J Mr. ev'w1ter s , Br l Col . fe fuzz of fur! makingl ' eve morning at 82443 lhe dea lofi' of the PILOT,' MW. Solorfay, Mil Sa '- herg, Mr. Le1'i11 our prefe teach 1,0 Mr. Golomh and all my - err and all my friendr. POWERS, FRANCIS X. 263 52nd Street United States Navy. The good limei in Mr. Le1'ii1'J Hir- lory clam' with Rogevit, Dean and Moland. T Q f h ,r n . gelir clan, a '1' 61f'l7ll.f h -' ' A ' ir fr ef . PR WI EL B si ess " e i uo ' M1111 klllg PRUDOWSKY, SANDRA 806 62nd Street Secretary to Mrs. Catania.-Business Wcmrld. Thore wonderful limef in gym wilh jean and Roe. it , t , S J - I G- P tiveg Se 1 Sh siness PYBURN, JOHN 739 49th Street Service Corps, 2 years.-Marines. The good timer with the hoyr. QUINN FRANCIS 368 74th Street Cafeteria Service Corps, Service Corps, 1 yearg Secretary in Gym.- Air Force. The timer at table C with Don Fitz- palrich, Dwyer and Ga-Ga Hegg- rathy. QUINN, JAMES 368 74th Street U. S. Air Force. foe, Dwyer and the hoyr in the fifth period lunch. FFANIEI. , A CQFAX 6 2nd Street 414 to Mrs. Rich, 4 years, Sec- etary o 1 r. Ham o d, term 5.-- Bus' A . ' f Th ' ' war rho rid f ll of fun, Wfilh all ? ir 1 er one .y , But now i ray good-hye, To the hert of . hoalf, Fort Hamilton High. RAHN, MARILYN 5517 Seventh Avenue Emergency Room Squad, term 55 Gym Ofhce Squad, term 6.-Secre- tary. Waiting for the hell to ring after erery period-except lunch. RAIS, MARGARET MARY 7818 Fifth Avenue Newman Club, Boosters Club, Worked for Miss Hoffman, terms 1, 2, Mrs. Hart, term 3, Miss Dick, term 6, Tower Representative, term 3, Lieutenant Cafeteria Corps, 1 term.-College. Biology with Margie, tahle A and X-ray,' Englirh the .rezfetzth period, and all the friezzdr I made. OROT 4 Mac R , f ogram c erm , ce ' e I Xp, t 3, 4, ecret LG d er ooste ' - a terms 5 ecreta o enior lass ter e nta- r rgenahl en , eh Ir glut 1 amef, and e fin i uit ur rl tml- eijltxfw. REA ON, GAIL FR CE' 208 R' B levar ecretar to Mr. enthal terms 4- 83 Ari a terms ' Cheerle' er ' B.-gliusines ' The wonder ul " J lunch with Marjorie, Marlh d Phylilit .retzior year, md C hert erer. iff? d Se r r to ss aha If Q cr r. min s, term 3g ter i Z7 f fi , I 0 I REGAN, THOMAS 474 68th Street College. The hoyr and the fuzz u'e had in the fourth period radio clan. ,'35lDy RW! " 32 qlmafgfla fhcretar to Mrs. Ifahnf terms 2, 33 -Secretary to Mn: Ly s term 45 Locker G:m'tert1'hi, 5, ul,7g Visual Aiddgl .r for Ittrs. Lyonzyterm 7.- smess. ' ,ff Thelorhelfxi! igitiboltty, alh my wonderful frie jj' r:1yycrl2y"'1iJ- ter, fewell. 7 f ' REID, MARGARET 259 89th Street Secretarial Squad, terms 5-85 Secre- tary to Mrs. Deerson, 4 yearsg New- man Club, terms 3-85 Basketball Club, term 53 junior Council, term 6, Senior Show, Arista.-College. The fun in the locker rooms with Grate and Cindy and the ruth home for mail. REID, RICHARD 7410 Ridge Boulevard Service Corps, 2 yearsg Orchestra, I year, Photography Club, 1 termg Table Captain, 1 yearg P.S.A.L. Medals, 2 years.-College All the friendr I made. REIME, VIRGINIA 6811 Fort Hamilton Parkway Dean's Squad, 3 terms, Program Of- hce, 3 terms, Library Squad, 1 termg Science Office, 2 termsg Basketball Clubg Trinity Club, G.O. Represen- tative, 4 termsg Senior Council Rep- resentativeg junior Council Repre- sentative, Senior Social Committeeg Senior Privileges Committee: Senior Show Committee.-College, Medical School. The good timer al the harhelhall gamer, and then up to Hin.fch'.f. RESCIGNO, PASQUALE 902 65rd Street Service Corps.-College. "You gotta have eot1nectio11.r." 57 J 1 CMO, ART W 865 t S rect J 1or as eni epres nta- ' e 0 G.O. uncilg .O. reas- urer Arist Bo ste sg wma 3 ' cretari Servi e Sq 'A niowxipt C itt olle he eauy rr i t H ' whirh I cou e o e ,' ll , jean and Do e, y gr t J, a d Mr. Smith'r pref t uf gie d no reatr. RI ARDS, J 25 54th et e y sg U years? . I nf n S lor ay nd th I' I er oo '. W RICHTER, HERBERT W. 953 59th Street Boys' Emergency Room, terms 7, 8. -New York State Tech. All the friendr I made. R , ARCYU IT ' fd ' Att dance c m 23 Girls C ea s' Musicaleg Se etary t s He , t m 7, wer S d , terms , .-B in s T e mo ning ' , - The ha to r , The I h' k ' Wfit artha " ir." OBE ABETH 3 1 56th Street n a 1 er etb l ' pzre ct 7- and my nder ul riendr. f Jp r. l e ry, t , n e - m- i.. , 5 tr uad yag ock: . S e fm mry I ROBEBES, LOUISE My E 1142 44th S r ef 511: ry t r. Brave v .1 ,ter 3, . rms 5, 4 - ow, Ax t , as tb C , nior oratin o 1 '- i' for f arn a e' or 'n th ce' 'r torg ib term 1 g Ju '. Coun- Ci er lle . e, timer i f renior year ith arilyn, Co " and all the ' idr, and Mrr. ow'r wonderful riendrhip. RODEMANN, DOROTHY 31 89th Street lArista, terms 5 g Orchestra, terms wh mCurtai t' , te s 5-83 Mixed 0,0 'A ug 'yC ,.ermanClubg ' S ua . Colle b J, the work ' th u . l remember of Fort A 1 0 .f tif fviiirk 21 ERS, T OM RODLAND, GORDON 910 81st Street Worked on stage sets for "Cyrano"g Worked for Miss Haut, term 33 Trinity Club, terms 3, 4.-Business. The fun in the cafeteria. e ' od 'm 't .L in. Z,,H5fdl5' ROLANTI, DOLORES ' gs Q, if " 557 Znd Street ',L1 rary Squad ter 2g cretary to Mr. eorg ter , , o M t s 5 m Clu' r -C ege. MrF'geerJon, Mrr. Jtretrhed auf mir te efore morn- ing hellg nyrdiidrg my teachers and my Jenior year. Committ , r sfijfpi ewman -f ROMOLO, SAVINO ' I , 8115 Colonial Road 'I Service Corps, terms 5-8, Intramural , , Basketballg G.O. Representative, o terms 7, 8.-Air Force. V. - at My four year .rtruggle with required ,lt murir, rtarting with Min Konig and 1 ending with Mrr. Salzherg. 7 , f. 1, , , - r. 4. 4 f ROSSI, ROBERT if 590 92nd Street Service Corps.-United States Navy. All the wonderful timer. ROTH, DANIEL P. 9281 Shore Road Varsity Baseball, 2 yearsg Varsity Rifle, 3 yearsg Projection Squadg Electrical Squad, Cafeteria Squad.- College. The eight mart harehall team of '53. RUBENFELD, JANET C. 1042 50th Street Emergency Room Monitor, Grade Adviser's Squad.-Secretarial Work. The fun l had in my senior clan with the "Big Four." 4 RUBIN, MARCIA JOY 420 Ovington Avenue Secretary to Mrs. Low, terms 1-8, Biology Laboratory Squad, terms 1-4, Dean's Squad, terms 3-8, Secretary to Mrs. Salzberg, terms 5-8, Typist on Pilot, terms 5-8, Girls' Chorus, terms 4-8, Musicales '52, '53, Psy- Chology Club.--College. The ire hox and the hot-houre and fuzz in 108 with Maur. Salzherg, and of routire, Fort Hamilton, too. RUFFINO, ROSEMARIE 364 69th Street Mixed Chorus, 1 term, Art Office, 1 term, English Office, 3 terms, Newman Club, 2 terms, Library Squad, 1 term.-Business World. The good timer I had in the hare- ment lorherr with Addir, Eileen, and Marie, RUSSMANN, ELSIE 351 81st Street Orchestra, terms 7, 8, Trinity Club, Health Service, Office terms, 1, 2, Secretary to Mr, Nazer, Secretary to Mrs. Gluck, Program Committee.- College. The patience of my parents, all my frierzdr, tearherf, the Music Offire arid trying to get ONE .round out of that violin of mine. RUSSO, PATRICK 7813 Tenth Avenue Varsity Basketball, 2 years, Co-Cap- tain Basketball Team, Newman Club, junior Council, Treasurer of Senior Class.-College. The good timer I had during my lart year at Fort Hamilton, erpecially thore crazy harhethall gamer and prartire. RUSSO, RACHEL 9402 Wagan Terrace Secretarial Service Squad, 4 years, Secretary for Miss Simon, term 4, Mr. Tanner, term 4, Mr. Kottmann, terms 5, 6, Newman Club, terms 2, 3, 4.-Business. My favorite tearher, Mr. Kottmann, SACHER, ALBERT 450 95th Street Building Patrol, Tennis Team, Cafe- teria Service Corps, Projection Squad.-St. john's University of Pharmacy. Fort Hamilton for the fur: I had on the tennif team. SADLER, WILLIAM 327 73rd Street Service Corps.-Business. The good timer I had in the rafe- teria with the hoyf. SAGOS, CONSTANTINE 5905 Fourth Avenue Arista fSocial Committeej, Service Corps, 7 terms, Lieutenant, terms 6, 7, 8, Cafeteria Chairs-Mr. Ger- 8:00 A.M., 5 terms, junior and Sen- ior Council Member, Table Captain, terms 3, 4, Tutoring, Spanish and Math.-City College. The hoyr' lofher room. SALVATORE, GILDA A. 948 51st Street Class Secretary in junior and Senior Year, Deans Sq d.-Secretary. e fuzz I ad my ,reiiior flax! ith he " g F ur." f 1- '9' 1149 78th Stree Mixed Chorus, terms 2-8, Arista, terms 7, 8, Musicales, terms 2, 4, 6, 1 sALvEsoN, WARREN ki 7 Program Office, terms 5, 6, Cafete- ria Service, terms 3, 4, 7, 8.-St. Olaf College. The timer I .rpeut itz the Latin clan. aff I I SALZMANN, LORETTA 663 66th Street Secretary to Mr. Shulman and Mrs. Hyer, President of Pan-American Club, Vice-President of Psychology Club, Secretarial Squad, 1 term, Biology Laboratory Squad, 5 terms.- Wagner College and Teaching. My unforgettable friendr, Mr. Shul- man and Mrr. Hyerg fellow Jetziorr Artie Eddie, Carole arid Iilo, and the 9th Street S Se Corp 1 afeteria,,1 term, n o o Club 1 term, Sec- C e and si un t e Serrire C :pr on I , ride." you fe d. ' , 1 .L I ., 1 i JS f I , W I' . - , R ' I 2 .l 1- , re V- ,v if --fr cy Room, 1 e .- fa 5 .. If Fl e ' I o' " li I SAMUEL, R ERIC 7101 Shore Road College, Business Administration. The leniency of Mr.r..Rirh in prefect flair. f S I 8 . . ., xi . -Q IQ ' ' " lx ' l A ' 4 . 3 K., - K . .a N . I X 0 . -N ', 0 ' 1 ' 'l A "4 H SANDNES, FRED 1021 75th Street Service Corps, terms 4, 5, 6.-Navy. Sleeping in rtitdy hall. 59 ,Was ev-f .ln J, u .T SAVAGE, JOHN 244 57th Street Navy. All lhe .ienior arlirilier, SCAFIDI, MARGARET 369 87th Street Attendance Ofhce, terms 1, 2g Table Captain, terms 5, 63 Girls' Emergen- cy Room, term 7.--Business. The fun I had in Mrr. Rirhfr pre- ferz: fhe fonrlh period lanfh, and all lhe u'onderfnl friendr I'1'e made, evpefially Sharon and Guy. 1S'CARLATTl, ADDIS ' "A 222 80th Street Library 'Squad, terms 1, 25 Account- ing Ofiice, terms 3, 4g Treasurer's Office, tefms 5, 6.-Business, Private Secre ary.. The Sim in lhe lother roomr with Marie, Eileen, Roremarie, and Eileen D.,j4n.fhing ro work on zhe "calm, flqizief' ,rrhooh hui. 477 83rd Street friendi enior I made SCHWARTZ, GAIL . 8501 Fort Hamilton Parkway Library Squad, term lg English Of- fice Staff terms 3, 4, 5, 6g'Grade Advisers' Squad, Secretarial Squad, Bowling Clubg Swimming Club, Sen- ior Show Committeeg G.O. Repre- sentative, Treasurer of Prefect Class. -College and Teaching. The happy fimer .spent in Fort Ha- millon bar mort of all my ienior year. A o scHwAR ,fjflfo .r - - . 71 0 nial ary uad P V . , t i N3 gr e quad, tei' 3-6,-E ta to rs. Cataniaq Cohv is h ar- quhar, rwenflllfirsl Liger, Miss M l' , M .lSalzber Aristag ' ,gs 7, 83 Camera lyk, terms 7, . Brooklyn Grade vise ' I uad College. If only rould really 5 A ' wha! I liked the heir, I ,query if would he Fort Hamilton, my friendi' and all Ihe resl. 60 LAF ANTI-IO Y G Sriram I Jr 19 Fort Ham n Pa wry ativ en c io aptain 1 :Sie-Sa . all Te 2 rs, h o tat qua 2 . 3 Fre Cl , sg Al . ' ' S ' l e M. ollin and hir a u eetu and .!xper'in1e11t SEAMAN, MARILYN F. 435 52nd Street Locker Squad, terms 5, 6, Secreta- rial Service Squad, term 7.fSecre- tary. All the fun in Min' FriIz'.r cla.i1r,' Mr. Selwyn and Mfr. Ford: my ,renior year and wailing for my friend Mar- girerile after eafh period. SEIF, STEPHEN 8307 Fourth Avenue Baseball Team, terms 5-8, Electric Squad, terms 3-8, Lunch Service Corps, terms 7, 8.-College. Al 1 e zror we didn? do ge. gr, rr... . Lfb. -iff 4, SENECA, CHARLES J. 6917 Tenth Avenue Secretary to Mr. Kassenbrock, terms 6 ,7, 8.-College. MH. Bonom and lhe three yearr I .vpen1'u'i1h her in her .rerrelarial lraining flaw. SETTEDUCATO, JOAN 902 44th Street Secretary to Miss Higginson, terms 5, 7, 8, Secretary to Mrs. Gold, term 6.-Secretary. The detention I had lo Jeri-'e for he- ing laieg Zhe crorrded hu! at threeg and zhe friendx I'1'e made. SHAPIRO, MORTIMER JOSEPH 243 78th Street Orchestra.-College. All Ihe good limei. . Q SHARP, WILLIAM 9110 Ridge Boulevard College and Chemical Engineeriri. The periodi in gym , ff SHOUCAIR, JOHN ' jf College. Mzmelh f .. hhff-Qlavfd SHAUGHNESSY, ANN 771 39th Street Girls' Chorus, 3 years, Musicale '52, '53, Mixed Chorus, 1 year, Secretary to Miss Hennessy, terms 7, 8g Pro- gram Committee, 1 year.-Business Wturld. The giflr at luhle A: M1',l'. Salzherg .md all my nzarzy friezzdf. SHEETZ, ANDREW 467 75th Street Service Corps, terms 5, 6.-Rensse- laer. All Ihe frieudr I hare made. . SHEFSRWAN J, :L !Pr ' tl Seniol, G O r t ty 4 cijiae I Repres iv' to C un . .g . e , 1 cilg Presiwjj unior F , Vice Prrtagxp en :ld , Orchestrag C ' imersg I s' Cross oun- try Tpackg Kal gy ' try Lab,-Q-C?Kger 'I K fs Aggof I' e ho-yr arrdylsg made .rc f1l,fnr me, Ihe 'ml 1' flare il l1'Ll.l', , ' .-.V ,ff SHIRLEY, RICHARD 8220 Fort Hamilton Parkway Cross Country Team, terms 5-73 Track Team, terms 5, 7, 8g Service Corps, terms 2, 3.-Navy. The greal Iimex I .llbelll af a memher of the C7Il.l',l'-Clllll1I7'J' leam. SHOCKLEY, ROBERT 20 Gelston Avenue Cross Country, terms 5-73 Track Team, 5-85 G.O. Representative, term 43 Table Captain, term 6, Service Corps, terms 2-3.-Marine Corps, then College. There uvvzderful from rozmfry Salar- day I7l01'lIlllg.lA al V ml Cflfllrlfldl Park and all Ihe frieudi I made in lheie four -3't'dI'.f. 'Cafeteria fILunl1h ' SICA, RICHARD 5 9615 Sorh Street G,O. Representative, terms 3-6, Serv- ice Corps, terms 5, 6, 7.-Draftsman. The full during lllllfh mid my girl, Prll. SlCKLER, ROBERT A. 8808 Colonial Road Cross-Country Club, term 52 Cap- tain, term 7g Track Team, term 5-7, Wcmrk for Mr. Quigley, term 7, 8.- Air Force. Gflflllg up 1111 ScIlIH'd.I.1' lll01'lIllIg,f ill 7:00 to go fo Van Cortlruldl Park .md rim n'o.v.v-mmzlry. SIERP, ARTHUR 5919 Third Avenue Service Corps, 3 years, Captain, Sen- ior Year.-Wlork. Mfr. Lau' and rhe u'r1v'drohe luuhwif. SILVERMAN, JOAN 5016 Tenth Avenue Grade Advisers' Squad with Mrs. Kahn, Receptionist, Arista.-Secreta- ry. The fuzz I had in my senior' vlan u'ilh fhe "Big Fn1n'," SIMONSKY, HELENE 1077 54th Street Switchboard, term 51 Dean's Office, terms 3, 7g Attendance Othce, term 4.-Secretary, The hell fha! mug on Ihe .iemud floor during clurr. wsdzfevsm A ANSI Nlixe The IIIIAELZ' ch 'rr K 2 an X Quveyg ww QQ 1 ,-Q., HELEN MARI Street zrtg T e M11r1dr1,7 mm 11- 4 Lady Mrzvheth: rm!- IIIUZ 8245 hell .md SNAPP, GERALDINE 9006 Fifth Avenue Wlorked for Mr. Stone, Mr. D, Cohen and Mr. Corenthal.-Business The f1'lKl1d.t Kzlfrrrle ffl F017 Htllllll- 1011. 61 SOLBERG, WARREN 760 52nd Street Baseball Team, 2 yearsg Basketball Team, 2 years, Band, 2 years, Intra- mural Basketball.-Agriculture or Business Wcmrld. The Three Murkeleerr llvfji -VV EDWARD 527 85th Street ewman Club, 6 termsg President, Last 2g Representative at G.O. City Council, 42 termsg Pilot Reporter, 2 tern1sg,.Zurtaintimers, 2 termsg Pan- orps, 5 terms.-Collegeg Career in l Sgriterlcan Club, 4 terms, Service journalism. The wonderful friendr and leacherr that I'11e made, the PILOT,' "I RE- memher Mama", and pizza! with Al. se-- SPADARO LILLIAN 53 'XJ 7 736 59th Street irls' Emergency Room, terms 5, 6, Girls' Gym Office, terms, 3, 4.- PA' 3, Wsiness. Fifth period lunch with the girlr. vs v--V . ?f?H"QS':.t. ao. Q4,gyg?"i,.,,,,.',, vua. an-u'Cu SPINA, E ISSA Yswv-4-. 56 79th Street Girls' Chorusg Mixed Chorusg Mod- ern Dance Class and Clubg Senior Show Committeeg Basketball Club.- St. john's University. My mmmder and the crazy timer u'e had tngether: alto thore cold dayf in Mfr. Salzhetgk mom. SPRECHER, ADRIAN 1068 71st S reet dcretary to r. 'v 3, 'fb Jo" so,trs' "ecre- f egedar I rs' lpn' We ur re '0' lark' i'0Il li f SPRINGER, CARL 6715 Eighth Avenue Band, Service Corps.-Brooklyn Col- lege and Business Administration. The fun I had with the hflyr in the hand. STACEY, KATHERINE . ' 229 54th Street Emergenc oom, term 3.-Secretary. Fart ilton High School and the g 'ner with my friendr who ure 117 ng the bert. eww 62 STAINO, MICHAEL 1414 81st Street From New Utrecht High School. Certified Public Accountant. Avrrzfnzting ll'llh7 Mr. Selufyn. STARKESEN, ANN 5914 Eighth Avenue Locker Room Squad.-Business. Friendr, teacher! and lunch. STARR, RONALD 8920 Third Avenue Arista, 2 yearsg Reporter on the Pilot, 2 years, Worked in Dean's Office, 1 term.-Brooklyn College. The locker room in une DmIllfQlv'i'e4J4 Kwfvuiilllffvv STEELE, RUSSELL 249 62nd Street , Service Corps, Biology Laboratory.- Wtmrk. Mr. Flutter and the way he called me "Smelly," STEENKAME HE SA tex hird M914 View Arista -83 1 Reporter, terms - al Ser quad, te - -air ew n b, ter - ' Senio k s em Tower in - ta . i s- tess. " , f 1 The PILOT 0 ' f -erpe l three, the .reni0'r 0 , the - Anenzhly, hut heft 0 1 ' 1 130 8731 Sire Prefect Secretary, 4 yearsg Sec etai to Mrs. Low, 1 yearg Emergency Room Squad, Vg yearg Program Of- lice, 1 termg Art Office, 1 year.- Nursing. The "big four" and all the friend: I made in Fort Hamilton. STORAKER, MAR STRAUSS, RICHARD 440 86th Street Electric Squadg Physics Lab., French Clubg Varsity Basketballg Bandg Cafeteria Service Corps.-St. John's College of Pharmacy. The uforh we didrft do hack-ftage, SULLIVAN, MATTHEW 522 89th Street Work All the tearherr, for their patience and interert in our welfare. SUMNER, WILLIAM GRAHAM 310 67th Street Junior-Senior Council Representa- tiveg Senior Service Committeeg Serv- ice Corps, 3 termsg Decorating Com- mitteeg Cafeteria Squad, 1 term: Pan- American Club.-Teacher's College. This .rchool and itr beautiful girls. SUNDBERG, WALTER 346 54th Street G.O. Representative, terms 1, Zg Handball Team.-College. The good timer in Mr. Morton'5 lau' clarr. sURI.Ess, Joi-IN 675 72nd Street Table Captain. terms 5-83 Service Corps. terms 6, 7, 8g Late Room Guard, terms 5, 6.-College or Armed Services. The fun early in the morning trying Io get to the Fort. SWANSON, ARTHUR 311 62nd Street Navy: College. Getting caught ,rrnohing in the hoyf' fgafn. D 40 100 h Street ,Trinit : . ecre V . ave, M rs. hn, Dr. c a , Mi el- ' , ' -Gali , s , agl man. c011 e good timer in f ,r. TADROSS, VALERIE 123 Marine Avenue Arista, terms 5-81 Secretary, Account- ing Othce, terms 2-81 junior Coun- cil, term 7g Senior Council, term 8. -Business . The Melahinf at lunch, The uuartet in rten: The fun on the Council- Oh to he there again! TAFT, GLENDA 6914 Ridge Boule Swimming Club, term ,5' ern Dance Club term 4. ness. S a 'riendf TENNARIELLO, VINCENT 968 66th Street Cross Country, 3 termsg Service Corps, terms 4-7.-Business. All the good friendr I made. T , EDITH S. 27 57th Street e Ofli , Se r ar t iss o Miss ann.-Priv e e tary. T .fe ior clan it e "Bi r " TERRIBILE, RICHARD 233 58th Street Cafeteria Service Corps, terms 3-6g Captain, Cafeteria Service Corps, term 79 Service Corps, terms 4, 5, 64 G.O. Representative, terms 3, 4g Track Team, term 43 Junior Council, term 6g Senior Council, term 7.- Navy. All the good timer I had with my friendr in school and at the Juiim- ming party. THOMPSEN, ANNY 5815 Eighth Avenue Trinity Clubg Secretarial Service Squad, Locker Monitor.-Business. The laughr and the trouhle I had keeping my .feat under me in lunch thanhr to a few ioherr. THORESEN, HOWARD N. 8108 Eleventh Avenue Championship Team in the Intra- mural Basketball Tournament, term 6.-Architecture, All my friendr in Fort Hamilton. TOMASULO, DORIS 1054 75th Street Class Secretary to Miss Duhig, term 3g Class Secretary to Mis Fritz, terms 4, SQ Locker Room Guard, terms 5, 6, 7g Visual Aid Instruction to Mrs. Lyons, term 7.-College. The wonderful timer in the lorher room with Irene, and the fourth pe- riod lunch with Toni, Marcia, Rare, joe and Chrir. 63 TRAMANTANA, PAUL 641 69th Street Program Otfice, term 53 Aquarium Club.-Business. The senior HllllU1lf'6iEIZ parfy and the hoys and girls of Ihe school. ,Allele zhe B6'hV6'Il,.f with TURANO, JOHN 8016 Fort Hamilton Parkway Chorus, 2 yearsg Band, 1 yearg Senior Band for the Showg Service Corpsg Secretary to Mr. Drucker.-Travel. How I wasted my timer-5 IX f A K .fyb QW O TURANO, RIT ' A 136 Gatling Place Attendance Ofhce, term lg Mrs. Kahn's OHice, term 2g History Of- fice, term 4g Section Captain, terms 7, 8.--Secretary. The fun and friends I made, especial- ly in my senior yearg the school has in lhe fifth lerm, and the 8 Dyna- miles. TURETZKY, RUTH Z. 1045 54th Street Typist for Daily Attendance Sheet, terms5 and 6g Dean's Squad for Miss Brookmann.-College. Mr. B1'd1'6'1'7lldl7'.f history class and the "lovely" food in Miss Mallsoffs' nufriliozz class. TURITTO, PHYLLIS 334 93rd Street Attendance Office, term lg Secretarial Service Squadg Secretary to Mrs. Kahn, terms 2-8 and Miss Hoffman, term 7g Newman Club, terms 3, 4g Arista, terms 5-81 Assistant G.O. Representative, term 6,-Business. Mrs. Louis' prefect, gym and lunch with Marzha and Grace, TUZIO, FRANCES 365 87th Street Program Ofhce, 3 yearsg Bowling Club, 1 yearg Swimming Club, 1 year.-Business. The good times, lhe hard timesg the laughs ufifh the girls in luzzchg Anita and lhe "Big Fire." 64 TWEED, ANN 565 82nd Street English Ofhceg Gym Ofticeg Usher Squad.-Police Department. The good limes in Mr. B7'cl1'E'1'71lcUl'.l' class and the fun in the fifth period lunch usifh Miss Frilz and Ihe girls. TWOHIG, JAMES 426 61st Street U. S. Army. The help the teachers gare me and Ihe help I got from the Grade Ad- sers. VALENTI, MARIO 124 86th Street Basketball, 2 years.-College. All the good limes I had ufilh Mrs. Salzherg. ll . .1 It hx! ' , Ji' NCE sa' ea? ' " , f' i IL ,11-5 O Street 5 t ll i 'n 5 GV' rvice uad L- r Sq To e Staffgnioi n 3 th S rttqenior S 1 Com m' teh nior ow.- lege .' MrN'La rasrfin chemistry, lhe rip- roaring time! in gym and lunch, and 1000 IUDELMA. VAN NERON, FRANK 7208 Seventh Avenue Service Corps, 2 years.-Navy. All the hoys and girls. VAZZANA, FRANK P. 1157 74th Street Service Corps, term 7.-College or Business. All zhe friends and fuzz I had at For! Hamilzofz. MW QI Tam q 24 Slit Street . vin s 2-6g or r. terms 5-6g Secre r um ings, terms moste rms 2, 52 Basketball .--Be ician School. e times in my senior year 1h . ryly11, e i s VERDI, ANTHONY R. 526 77th Street Track Teamg Service Squad.-Ma- rines or College. All the futz I had with Mr. Koltmann on the track team and hearing him my we will have 11 Jhort two and ll half mile work out. Boy! They were real fuzz! VERGINE MARGUERITE 2318 62nd Street Secretary to Miss Grant, term 33 Mr. Golomb, term 33 Miss Dick, term 6, Mr. Levine, term 6g Boosters, terms 2, 3.-College. Biology with Honey, lunch with no 77101161 and Fruit, hut mort of all, the fuzz and the Senior Hayride. VEZZUTO, JOAN 1160 51st Street Secretary to Miss Van Bokkelen, terms 3 ,fig Locker Squad, terms 5, 6, 7, 85 Secreteary in Emergency Room, term 7.-Business. The pri1'11te talkr in prefect with Lydia Ahlmleg Mfr. Srhaeferlr gym rli1.i1r and the Eight Dynamiter. VIGGIANO, ELEANOR 750 39th Street Secretary to Mrs. Catania, term 3.- Business. All the good timer I had and the u'oi1a'erful frieudr I made. VOLD, JOHN 825 53rd Street Service Corp.-Armed Service. That 1111111 dizrh for 11 .1 eat oil the hui. VOLPE, CHRIS A. 863 Both Street G.O. Store, 1 term, Service Corps, 1 term.-Navy. My trifu' Io Mr. Qzzigleyfr Office. WALLACH, FELECIA 7524 Fifth Avenue History Otlice, terms 4-83 Psychology Club, terms 7, 85 Rembrandts, terms 7, 8.-College. Thofe crazy mixed up bidi, WALSH, HELEN E. -140 Senator Street Secretary to Mme. jolson, term 1, Art Ottice ,terms 2, 7, 81 Museum, term 4, Gym Otice, term 51 Mrs. Catania's Office, term 6.-Nurses' Training. A to11.i1 to C11-Mtz-Hel-Glth .md my .retiior year. WALSH, INIYRA 851 -14th Street Service Corps, terms 5 and 6g Ollice terms, 3 and 4.-T.VU.A. Hostess. The fuzz in Hirlory 2x85 Mitt Mul- li1z'.f math help t'ltI.l'.l',' my ,reuior year. WALSH, ROBERT J. 354 56th Street Service Corps, term 7, Basketball Team, term 6.-Business. M1'. Br111'er71m11'.r History rl.1.i.f. WARWICK, ROY 9006 Fort Hamilton Parkway Trinity Club, terms 3-83 President, terms 7, 8, Soccer Team Manager, terms 5-73 Secretary to Mr. Kassen- brock, terms -1-8, Miss Regan, term 3, Mrs. Hands ,terms 3, 7, Sq Miss Keely, term 6.-Business. The wotzderful tzleelitzgi' in the Trin- ity Cltth and .ieeiiig the Trinity Clnh grow. WHITENACK, VARALANE 6745 Fifth Avenue Art Club, terms 4, 51 Library Squad, terms 5, 6, Worked for Mr. Quigley and Mrs. Ames, term 7.-Business and Art School. The .rixlh period llhlfb with .1 three mile line and no food. WIK, LEONARD 105.5 50111 Street Service Corps, Trinity Club.-Cob lege. The mad dash of the hoyi from the gym to get lo their lorheri' hefort' the hell 7'lIlg.f. WM WILHEL Ovi t s Lib 1 erm Co 11 z 1111 ei et o o tl 61 ter uee en e un o nater mr I2 I 1 mon N, R O , iff!!! 4 ' V on ie "l ho' , F16 3, , C us, m. 7! A 1 a ll . l 12 "tw g "' h ' f ' - d o .Ht 1 ,ill r, a m 'Flil l- 63 XWILLIAMS, JOHN 64 Parrot Place Cafeteria Service Corps, 1 term. All the Senior Actiritier. WILSON ADRIENNE 255 91st Street Secretary to Mr. Levin, term 1, Mr. Stone, term 53 Locker Guard, term 5, Table Captain in Cafeteria, term 6. - Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School. All the good timer with Amy and Mr. Lerin and the crazy timer in ll"iihen'.r with the wd ft three. g RO QV 4 rine Avenue . m 's ce, terms 3-4g if . W' so ' ffice, terms 6, 6g H, e. in t Ofice, terms 7, 83 n ance lub, terms 3, 4g 0 M e lub, s 3 Senior by 5 9 Com ' . hool. fruz ri nd o Jeem to he fp ' th t Ayfour years' ago. ff' X A n WY 'N K. . U Q 1 MY. pr WILSON, GLENN 86 87th Street Cafeteria Service Corps, term 7, Service Corps, term 7.-Banking. Mr. Solowy, tt wonderful man, it wonderful teacher. WILSON, JOHN FRANCIS 9010 Fifth Avenue Service Corps, terms 4, 5, Newman Club.-The Navy or Professional Football. The fun during the .fixth period lunch with Hon and the hunch. WINNE, BRUCE 596 88th Street Vice-President of Camera Club, term 53 Mimeograph Squad, terms 5. 63 Cafeteria Squad, terms 4, 8.-U. S. Navy. My life-long friend, Boh, and the guyi' and dollr in fifth period tunuh, efpecitzlly the "Over the Mountain" hnyr WITACHIK, BETTY ANN 321 86th Street Secretarial Service Squad, terms 4, 6, 75 Secretary to Miss Watersg Sec- retary to Mr. Lebowitzg Secretary to Mrs. McEneany.--Business. All the laughr with Amy, Adrianne and the tufinr, and Wfilhenr after three. N. 66 WOLANTEJUS, JOHN 213 Dahlgren Place Track Team.--College. 1 ,V The way Bill and Iffeit offer track practice. i ' I J F WOLTMAN, DOROTHY 6911 Fifth Avenue Secretary to Mr. Cummings, terms 1, 2, 95 Secretary to Mrs. Catania, terms 5-8, Tower Staff.-Business World. My .renior year and my wonderful friendr, joan and Lee. YOUMANS, JOANNE , " . vor 86:11 Street Sieikta for terms 4 5g S cre ary forvwri' 51 soster rm , usiness fSeC txffapqflork . j The goo i 'e A ,o'r year with Mar 1, Connie ing the .rixth pero itz h d e period Hi5toryii mti gum. YOUNGMAN, BRUCE 882 51st Street Biolo Squad, terms 4, 5, 6, Pres- ide Uchesp, Club, fterm '73 'Gep- tain. Intramural Basketball Team, term, 5 g .Arista-4'-Cbllege. C The morning! .fpent in 145 and my friendr. ,N A I A ZEMISCH, AMY LOUISE 351 Marine Avenue Business World. The crazy timer with Addy and the gang at IWilhin'.r after three. ZANCOLICH, VICTOR 580 East 17th Street Service Corps, terms 3, 6.-College. The good timer in prefect and in the cafeteria. ZINKIEWICZ, JOSEPH F. 648 75rd Street Dramatic Clubg Service Squad.- United States Navy. The laughr in Mr. Knmin'r hiology clan. f 5552151 I ill tmh lvziamvni We, the class of June 1954, in appreciation of the time and effort given to us by our teachers and friends, do hereby bequeath. Our sincere thanks to our Grade Advisers, MRS. DEERSON and MRS. KAHN, for their understanding and wise counseling. To our Principal, MR. LEDER, the fondest memories of the school by the Narrows. To MR. QUIGLEY, three giant Hrecrackers To MRS. F RANKLE, a never ending supply of bright copper pennies. To our gym teachers, a radar set so they can detect those bulging ankles. CStockings, that is.j - To MR. SELWYN, a budget for the next three years. To MISS MILLER, a box of dustless chalk. To MRS. CATANIA, a large supply of scholarships, one for every senior. To the Chemistry teachers and future Chemistry students, a giant supply of nose and ear plugs. To the Deans, a pack of bloodhounds to capture any wandering sheep that have gone astray. To MISS HOFFMAN, and MR. HAMMOND, a pleasant remembrance of the wonderful years spent at Fort Hamilton. To MRS. SALZBERG, a dozen window poles and an extra set of three fingers. To the future Seniors, the memories of our Senior Year and a fat wallet. To the Juniors, dreams of becoming Seniors. To the Sophomores, Regents exams with Questions and Answers. To the Freshies, NEED WE SAY MORE? In witness thereof on this day of June 1954: . Dot Vance joan F ox 67 CHRISTMAS COMES just a few days to Christmas and everyone was exchanging seasonls greetings and naturally waiting for the Music Department's annual Christmas program. As usual, we were not disappointed. Promptly and on schedule, under the expert direction of Mr. Nazer, the Band and Orchestra played beautifully and, led by Mrs. Salzberg, the Mixed Chorus and Girls' Chorus sang divinely. Two programs were given, the first on December 12 combining the talents of the Orchestra and the Girls' Chorus. In full and rich tones, the Orchestra played, among other numbers, the gay and seasonally appropriate "Skater's Waltz" and the delightful "Rudolf, the Red-nosed Reindeer". The Girls' Chorus, in absolutely ethereal tones, gave us "Bless Ye the Lord", "In Bethlehem's Lonely Manger", with Adele Irving as soloist, "Carol of the Bells", "Vienna, City of My Dreamsu and a Negro Spiritual, "Oh, Yes". The piano accompanist was Eileen Brodsky. On the following day, the program was given by the Band and the Mixed Chorus, the latter opening the program appropriately enough with, "On This Christmas Mom" following this by the moving "On the Oak". "Ride the Chariot" which followed, had Carol Knudsen as soloist. The group of songs ended with "Rejoice Ye People, Loudly". Barbara Knudsen was the piano accompanist for this program. The band performed giving us, among other numbers, the "Gloria" overture and the "Hill Country Ballad". The final numbers consisted of a group of familiar Christmas Carols including "Silent Night" and "Come, All Ye Faithful". These annual programs of the Music Department have become so much a part of the Christmas season that the school body, students and faculty alike, could not conceive of the holiday season without them. In closing, we must not forget the gay and colorful stage decorations which added so much to the enjoyment of the whole, the work of the Rembrandts under the very able supervision of Miss Dick. Marguerite Rizzo Dear Prefect Teachers: You have forgiven the constant buzz of a talkative class during the early morning prefect. And you have excused the banging of doors and the eager rush for raps in the P.M. preect. You, our prefect teachers, have seen the Class of 1954 at its worst and also at its very best. We can't thank you enough for accepting our faults and encouraging us to continue our education. Now that it is time to say good-bye we realize just how much you have meant to us throughout the past four years. Carole Busby Nancy Pellegrino 58 You've Heard of oaoooaoaoooooomwrorowmmrorom C7101-P-bam'-OsDooxxmU1-P-boron-O55zllazrlllarbzglbooxlmm-Awww Plaid Martin and Lewis a Stadiuni Lord Allan a Queen Blankets a Wolf Maxwell House a Will an Old Man a June Rose London Buffalo Bill Lanza Bobbsey Twins Roosevelt Colgate a Stripe Breyer's a Baby the Rolling Stone Grant Wrong Autrey Hate Hartley Abraham Corridor Mama And Less Lewis Iron Texas Conover US' C r'P 2 ru I sw 4 rn U5b3U9Lb9b3LA3lX7lS9h9IONDlN3l0INUlXDIOr-b-1r-1r-1o-Ardr-1 U1-poem--oaoooxrcnuw-seam.-QtgooX,o,U1,Pw5:E',LDmX,c,U1,gwN,-A 36. Tweed Olsen and Johnsen fanj Arena Earl Burns faj King Sheetz fab Fox Martinsen fab Way Qaj Youngman faj Mayrose Paris fKitj Carson Caruso johnson Twins Wilson Craig Martin faj Starr Reid's fab Dahl Qthej Moss Lee Wright Cassidy Love Taft Strauss Hall Papa Orr Moore Clark Steele Montana Powers Carol McGovern Marilyn Earl 69 URTA NT MERS "THE PLAY'S THE THING." These might very well be the appropriate words to express the enthusiasm of the student body when the dramatic club "Gur- taintimers" is at work. As Sophomores, we viewed our first play by this group, the comic sword-flying, tear-jerking, "Gyrano", directed by Miss Norma Tasman. How could we ever for- get the dramatic ability of Donald Richards, with his sonorous voice and his over- sized nose? As juniors, we were thrilled by an assembly program, "I Remember Mama". When we compared it to the television version, we were overjoyed to see some of our classmates portraying the different roles with such surprising talent. This also was the debut of our new directress, Miss Elizabeth Kerwen who during this same year, gave us an opportunity to see a delightful flapper comedy, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Here for the third time we enjoyed the acting of our talented fellow senior, Sheila Johnson who starting from a two line part in "Cyrano" as the Orange Girl rose to play leads first in "I Remember Mama" and now in this play. Her dramatic ability is accompanied by beauty, poise and a vi- brant personality. As Seniors, we were presented with another assembly program, a one-act play, "The Pot-Boilers" or "Sud's Folly". This amusing satire caused much favorable comment for several months. Now at the close of our high school career, we have the vivacious directress, Miss Kerwen again at work with the club on an English play with a bit of English dialect, "Sight Unseenn. Full of ghosts and wit, we find a very different presentation that really puts our imaginations to work. If I don't want to be boiled in Earl foilj by my fellow co-workers, I must not forget to say at least a few words on the unseen work of the committees on lights, props and make-up, the stage crew, the stage managers, the prompters and last, but certainly not the least, the curtain-puller. I know we all hope to see the name of our star, Sheila Johnson, in Broadway lights so we can proudly exclaim we knew her "when", and one can never tell, the curtain-puller might even have his curtain-call too! ' Marilyn Earl President of Curtaintimers 70 SENIOR SHOW The Seniors of June '54 had reached their long-awaited goal. Four years of scholarship, laughter, tears, intense bittemess and supreme happiness were almost gone. The band struck the downbeat, the lights dimmed and a ripple of excite- ment ran through the audience. The Senior Show had begun! And a truly magnificent start it was! The Hamilton Senior Band, under the competent direction of Larry Bergstein, accompanied the chorus to the song of "Seniors", written by Beverly Katzenek. As though this musical feat wasn't fine enough, Drillmaster Joe Dupcak and his group of unwilling recruits, Alan Shevsky, Tony Sclafani, Arthur Anderson, Bill McCue, Eddie Bauer, George Jacobsen, Roy Sivertsen, Bill Moss, Eddie Souls and Warren Salvesen, executed a hilarious military drill to the cleverly written tune of "Sound-Off" by Allen Appel. Two lovable clowns, Martha Ricapito and Ann Shaulghnessy, introduced the audience to the Hamilton Bop Shop, a cozy little ice cream parlor serving as a second home to the Seniors. Lucille Desky, in the role of a waitress complete with Brooklyn accent, took orders ranging from a Screwball's Delight to a bowl of oatmeal, taken straight. Dorothy Rodemann, Joan Hofseth, Carole Busby, John Shoucair, A1 Mackie, Nick Bernini, Jean Lento and Nancy Pellegrino managed to drive Sheila Johnson, their prefect teacher, out of her mind in a manner similar to the methods employed by most Seniors. Carol McGovern and Evelyn Madsen took Paul Tramantana, a mixed-up freshie, under their wing and .... poor little Paul! Fort Hamiltonites received a distinct shock as they got the "inside story" on Judy Ciano, Lilly Ellingsen, Dot D'Antuono and Margie Rais as these four gals gossiped about their "dear friend". Loud was the laughter when Frank Adipierto found himself faced with the problem of teaching a group of giggling girls, Dolores Laning, Joanne Gordon, Dot Vance, Marie Caselnova, Virginia Attwood, Helen Muller, Jean Keleman, Nancy Best and Sadie Maiorana, to do push-ups in the Girls' Gym. No less confused was Doris Nilsen, instructor of a group of "Charming Men", Mike Ianelli, Frank Lichota, Bill Sumner, Richard Terribile, Tony Gambaro and Edward Imperato. Phyllis Modicais beautiful rendition of "I Can Dream, Can't I?" left the audi- ence spellbound. It even induced Eddie "Alexander" Ruotolo to pop the question. Quite a feat! A truly professional touch was in evidence as each of the dance groups per- formed its intricate steps. Thanks are in order for Jean Castagnola, director of the Lindy, Natalie DeGraw, director of the Charleston and Louise Roberts, director of the Waltz. There were tears in many eyes as the entire cast sang "Auld Lang Syne", Fort Hamilton style, to words written by Lillian Ellingsen. As in all stage productions, our Senior Show could have never been the suc- cess that it was without the assistance of those backstage. A word of praise for Ian Cohen, Director of Lighting g Joan Gimler, Make-Up, Theresa Steenkamer, Prompter, Tom Bonde, in charge of the Curtain 3 Marilyn Earl, Stage Manager, Ann Krackow, Chairman of Costumes and Eddie Bauer, Director of Props. The entire Class of June '54 is greatly indebted to Mr. Kamin, the guiding spirit behind the Senior Show. Only because of his great understanding, his gentle scolding and his fine encouragement, were the Seniors able to do the truly marvelous job that they did. Audrey-Ann Appel 72 W . E x ?,v WSWS Q QRS? we , X A, Qgf N . Q, , egg, as 3555 ., . 9' E x +21 , W5 ilk b f A , M Jalal We Wane cm. Double, double Toil and trouble were the words of the Senior Social Committee and Council as they danced around the calendar trying to fit in double activities. Since we were the first class in Fort Hamilton's history to have Senior privileges for a year, we got the wish of many previous graduates who had exclaimed, "Don't you wish we could do,it again?" The Senior Assembly opened the doors on our Senior year, when we con- gratulated the newly elected celebs, and proudly sported our senior pins so skill- fully styled by Irene Kuroski. Ready and rarin' to go, and dressed in our best bib and tucker, which on this occasion happened to be jeans, sport shirts and red suspenders, we staged a successful barn dance. We kept our country mood by next having a Hay Ride at Clove Lake Stables complete with a marshmallow roast over open fires, and guitar music under a full moon. Again in the spring, Dobbin and his pals. were hitched up to the old wagons for an encore through the rustic roads of Staten' Island. With a dash and a splash, Fort Hamiltonites invaded the St. George Pool for an evening of swimming and fun. The St. George Pool again opened its water locks for all the mermaids and frogmen, for a preview of the summer ahead. I Our skating parties at Bay Ridge Roller Rink resulted in a good time for all, even for those who were sitting on the Hoor half the time. The wonderful spirit of our class was seen at our Senior Show, where the talent of our seniors was brought forth with acting, dancing and singing, accompanied by our Senior Band with Larry Bergstein fTenor Saxophonej-Leader, John Tur- ano CTenor Saxophonej, Bob Landon CAlto Saxophonej, Arnold Manipella QTrumpetl, Bill Trevouledes QDrumsj and Sheldon Ferber QPianoj. The flickering morning sun beat down on New York's Hudson River, which carried our boat to the beautiful hills of Bear Mountain. On the return trip, after a wonderful day of swimming, eating and fun-making, under a silvery moon, the boat carried back tired, sunbumed and freckled-faced seniors, to the shores of Brooklyn. Everything was just wonderful, but the biggest affair was our Prom at the Grand Ball Room of the Hotel Astor. Pretty pastel gowns made a rainbow of love- liness that filled the atmosphere, with the excitement that had been building up for four years. There was considerable burning of the midnight oil in preparation for Regents before graduation finally closed the doors, leaving us with many happy memories and wonderful friendships to last-from here to eternity! Marilyn Earl Carol McGovern 74 F Mx 6' f A Summa A an K. ! -if QT 2 x. 11.0. OFFICE SQUAD I CSI-IERE'I"I'ES I Front Rowq Virginia Isakson, Marian Kappakas, Marin my Pipitone, Ecla MCCIQ-nahan, Gail McNulty, Adel: Irving. Bark Rowg Doris King, Eleanor Pederson, Mrs. Schaefer ean Keleinen, Sadie Maiorano, joan Richards Helen Muller, jean Leslie, Marie Shannon. Sealed: 'll-ddy Pm-rsinger, Joanne Gordon-City Council Rs-press-ntative. Sflllllfiflgf Alex Koprowski, Bob Nielsen, Larry Bergstein. TI-IE GIRLS CHORUS Front row, l to rg Signs- Hansen, Dolores Knapp, Joan Carter, Cabija Kulber, Judy Krawitt, Eleanor Pedersen, Rose Mastronardo. Illiflrlle row, I to r: Ann Shaughnessy, ,Ioan Osbourn, Lucille Greco, Carol Mueller, Peggy Hendley, Mzirrcizi Rubin, Eda Mcfllenahan, Marian Kappakas, Marguerite Rizzo, Dolores Iianing, Carol Carlson, Mrs. Marie Salzberg. Luv! raw. l to r: Adele Irving, Evelvn Madsen, Connie Hvland, Edna Hagen, Peggy Boyd, Evelyn Frudden, Fran Cantanio, Dorothy Lind, Doris Nilsen. v BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row, Warren Solberg, Mario Valenti, Pat Russo, Joe Corra, Tom Raftrey. Middle Rowg Edward Nass, William Jordan, Don Fitzpatrick. Last Row, Ian Cohen, Manager, Bob Hamwey, Jack Badyna, Charles Clemens, Pete Paguaga, Mike Ianelli, Roy Olsen, Bob McAuliffe, Richard Strauss, Richard Zinnie, Mr. Kaye. Photo Credit to ferry Harris SERVICE SQUAD Front Rowg Louis Buindo, Joe Dupcak, Kurt Schirr- macher, Mr. Paul Szabo, Richard Sica, Frank Peterson, George Haddad, Walter Englund. Second Rowg Phil Daniele, Carolyn Nahas, Janet Peter- sen, Mickey Migliore. Last Rowg Vincent Tennariello, Robert Anderson, Dan- iel De Maio, George Marinos, Ronald Bigge, Rich- Mike Petralia, Jerry Teehan, Gus Sagos. V BOWLING TEAM RIFLE TEAM Kneelingg Alex Edmundsen, Art O'Malley, Dick Cum- Standingg Neil Doherty. ming. Standingg Mr. Bedell, Adviser, Herb Young, Adviser, Mr. Flaster. Lou Evers, Dan Roth. ard Hession, George Brodbcck, Savino Romolo, BASEBALL TEA M Fran! Row: Edward Ruotolo, Rolmert Salma- tino, Richard Terrilmile, Dan Roth llfaptainl, Vin Ciainardella, Doininielx Di Reda. Second Role: Thoinas Collins, Larry Berg- stein lManagi-rl, Frank Vauana, An- thony Brites, Richard Attiyen, Robert McCauliil'e. Lzzrt Role: Mr. Siegel lfloaehl, Peter Cloak- ley, Jack Jorgensen, Phil Benvenuto, Warren Solberg, joseph Gorra, Roert Nilsen, Steve Seif. SENIORS OF THE SECRETARIAI, SERVICE SQUAD Fronl Rowg Virginia Reiine, Helene Simonsky, Sandra Goldman, Rose Mnrno, ,Ioan Alexandersen, jean Ericson, Anna Arena, Gail Schwartz. Second Row, Lorraine Kronrot, Patsy Cantalupo, Rita Turano, Dolores Mazzola, Mrs. Concetta Bonoin, Faculty Adviser: Grace Cincotta, Leona Schwartz Doris Olsen. Third Rowg Joan Setteducato, Ann Shaughnessy, Martha Ricapito, Natalie Pedersen, Marie Caselnova, Valerie Tadross, Helen Hansen, Charlie Seneca, Sheila johnson, Theresa De Muccio, Jean Castag nola, Anne Krackow, Carol Mueller, Antoinette Cantalupo. Fourth Rowg Maria D'Elia, Felicia Wallach, Margaret Reid, Arlene Ellingsen, Nancy Best, Carole Busby, Nancy Pellegrino, Barbara Ainundsen, Anny Thompson, Arleen Pedersen. Fiflh Row: Freda Gorra, Theresa Steenkanler, Irene Kuroski, Audrey Frazer, Lillian Ellingsen, Odette Nahas, Dolores Knapp, Ann Boggan, Marilyn Bohn. Last Rowg Marcia Rubin, jean Lento, Sylvia Paulsboe, Adrian Sprecher, Sadie Maiorano, Lillian John son, Mardis Storaker, Edna Hagen, Judith Andersen, Connie Ventra. 'l'HE REMBRANDTS Front row: Barbara Lussow, Anne Di Carlo, Marian Kappakas, Miss Annu Dirk, Gail Blinn, .-Xnn Perkins, Marv Ann. Lax! IOZUZ' Willard Sampson, Nicholas Bm-rnini, Albert Krakow, Robert Fontana, Michael Bohiek, lrzi Kurlzinder, NI:-lvin Hkllllptlllilll, Rohr-rt Szxnipson, Everet Furgcuon. SENIORS OF THE ORCHESTRA Sealed: jerry Croce, Arleen Pedersen, Alan Shevsky, Elsie Russrnan, Morton Shapiro, Dorothy Rods-mann. Slrzndinff' Charlie Blanford Richard Damon, Larry Bergstein, Bill Trevouledes, Robert Landon, Richard Reid, Robert Montanzi, Ingrid Lien, Marlene Cording. f' ,Wwfwoai kwfwwwe ' 0 P1Lo'1' s'1',xFF ' G Ruud C, Q, i l , , ,,t,.,- i Top: Hvlvn Hansvn, Allvn App:-l, Ronald Starr, Lorrainv Kronrot, Edward Souls, Judy Krawitt, Nicholas Bvrnini, I.arry Bm-rgstr-in, Advlv Irving, joan Hofscth, Barbara Polise-na, 'l'hm-ru-sa Stwn- kamvr: Carol Krogstad, Adv:-rstising Nlanagcr. Se'r1ir'1l.' Ray johnson, Cirvulation Managvr: Naomi Einvry, Nvws Editor: Marcia Bvrnstc-in, Hditorrin- Chia-f: Katharine' Jordan, Maki'-lip Editor: Ian Cohvn, Sports Editor: Mr. Solovay, .-Xdvisvr: llvlvn Slnirfivh. Iirzrrlfrzlu: Gahija Kulhc-r, Audrvy-Ann Appvl, Flon- irc Barbuto, Marvia Rubin. SENIORS OF THE BAND i V Left lo right: Anthony Manist'alCo, John Lailiprinakos, Richard Strauss, Shvldon F4-rln-r, lan llohvn, Donald Basmajy. Carl Springcfr, john Turano, Graham Paynv, Larry Bm-rgstm-in, Rohm-rt Landon, Ed Milligan, Jam' Jorge-ns:-ri, Arnold Manipvlla. Advisrr, Mr. Choliinsky. 'l'HE GOLF CLUB CHEMISTRY SQUARD lef! Io riyhfq Anthony Anzalone, Sheldon Ferber, Georg Mazzei, Richard Attiyeh. Firxi How: 'l'ony Santoro, Herbert Hansen, Jerry Croce, Bruce Younginan, Victor lahx-ek. Las! Role: loin Bonde, Paul Dernerest, Gary Henningsrn, Roy Pavlson, and Leonard Dahl with the Golf Cluh. and ARISTA Front wwf Marie Gurvas, Judy Krawitt, Leona Schwartz, Audrey-Ann Appel, Virginia Isaksen, Adele Irving. Serond wwf Lorraine Kronrot, Richard Attiyeh, Marilyn Earl, Mrs. Mary Catania, Ray johnson, Sheila johnson, Doris Olsen. '1'hi1'd row, Ann Shaughnessy, Jean Lento, June Gundersen, Nancy Pellegrino, Gabija Kulber, Carol Busby, Odette Nahas, Grace Cincotta, Theresa D1'Muccio, Joan Hofseth, Marcia Bernstein, Carol Mueller. Fourth row, Marie D'Elia, Martha Ricapito, Margaret Reid, Valerie Tadross, Barbara Polisena, Beverly Katzanek, jean Castagnola, Barbara Olsen, Dorothy Rodemann, Karin Nordin, Katherine jordan. Fiffh row, Helen Hansen, Jean Leslie, Evelyn Larsen, Edna Hagen, Theresa Steenkamer, Dolores Knapp, Ann Boggan, Marilyn Bohn, Jane Jorgensen, Naomi Emery. Sixth rowg Teddy Persinger, Anthony Anzalone, Bruce Youngman, Ronald Starr, Michael Bobick, Anthony Cicale, Al Krakow. Clinton McGowan, Gus Sagos, Warren Salveson, Robert jagoeki. i -QQ' vw- SENIOR PREFECT TEACHERS Fifi! row, Iefl to righl: Mr. Cohvn, Mrs. Cutlu-r, Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Salzln-rg, Mrs. Bonoui, Mr. l.m-vin. Serond row, iff! in riglzlq Mr. Morton, Mrs. Finn, Mrs. Svhacfcr, Mi's. Franklv, Mi's. Haut, Nlrs. Low, Dr. Lvinkin. Lax! row, left io right, Mrs. Hyvr, Mr. Sachvy, Mr. Druc'kn'r. l.. Mi THE CHEERLEADERS A Center Fronl: Pat Burns, Captain. Q ' W Left lo right: Pvggy Rl-id, Fran Cantanio, Marin' llasvl , Q M nova, Pat Bonham, Dot Rappm-l, joy-:Kimi B:-agl Fl HE SOCCER l EAM Ht-lcn SIIlll'ClK'll, Co-Captain: Marin- Paris, Gail R:-ai with Ed Milligan, Cvorgv Papavonstantino, Nick Bvrnini don, Marjorit' Inglis, Bn-a Doulvy, Lufillv Cuurx and Clharlvs Blanford. Faculty Advisrr, Mrs. Marion Finn. SENIOR COUNCIL Fran! row: Richard 'll-rribilv, Martha Ricapito, Barbara Olsvn, Alan Shrvsliy, jc-an Castagnola, Marilyn Earl, h Fran Cantanio, Judy Ciano, Virginia Rr-imc. Mzddle ww: Carol McGovc'rn, Bm-v Katzanvk, Barbara Polisc-na, Arlrvn Pvdvrsrn, Ann Boggan, J:-an Kl'll'Illl'Il, Miclu-y Migliorv, Dolorvs Laning, Bcttf- Nilsson, Nifholas Brrnini, Gus Sages. Las! row: Bill 'l'r1-vouledcs, Arthur Anderson, Phillips, John Shourair, Anthony Anzalom-, Clinton lklvflowan. M ENORAH CLUB Faculty Advisc-r Mr. B. Mortori N EWMAN CLUB Fifi! Row: Margarct McLaughlin, Phyllis Rullins, Patricia Ryan Edward Souls, Gvraldinf MCHalc', Margarvt Rvid. Second Row: joan Reinhardt, Marge Darcy, Margarvt Hayward Ircnm- Stohc-r, Audrr-y Pagano, Frm-da Gorra, Joan Gimlcr Maria Arata, Janivv Colsrn, jean Lento, josvphinv Payanotti Third Rowg Peggy Moysc, Angie Turco, Ivan Dc' Rozii-rvs, Jear Dillon, Gloria Lowe-, Barbara Casazza, Marian Switzvr. Fourlh Rowg Thomas Solis-ri, Gcorgr- Grant, Nr-il Flanagan Willard Sampson. I 5 I TRINITY CLUB Faculty Adviser Miss E. Skidmore 3704 wvceffwfwe. . . in design craksmansldp and quality . RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES JEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS MANUFACTURING 5EWElERS , nlfsfs s clusl susion v 17 IUHN STREET, NEW YURK 8, N.Y. - rnovwfuc X 4 Best Wishes from A peda Studio OFFICIAL YEARBOOK PHOTOCRAPHER 212 West 48th Street New York 36, N. Y. Clrcle 6-0790 MUrray Hill 4-9315-6 Luncheon and Dinner Victor's RESTAURANT AND BAR Italian and American Cuisine ' We Cater to Private Parties Georgian Room Banquet-Capacity 200 Persons Special Cocktail Lounge A. P. 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O 530 86tl1 STREET Opp. Dyker Theatre Brooklyn 9, N. Y. NEvins 8-2548 Circle Athletic Equipment Co. Complete Sporting Goods Outfitters 808 FRANKLIN AVENUE Near Eastern Parkway Special Discounts to Fort Hamilton High School Students SHore Road 8-0500 TERGESEN . . . FINE MEATS . . . Restaurant and Institutional Service 6820 EIGHTH AVENUE Brooklyn 20, N. Y. ThlodonCompu MUrray Hill 9-7153 REED and COMPANY SCHOOL SPECIALTIES Makers of Class Senior Pin 0 373 FOURTH AVENUE New York 16, N. Y. AM' Business Training School Typing - Shorthand - Accounting Individual Instruction and Progress DAY and EVENING SESSION REGISTER NOW SPECIAL SUMMER SCHOOL 370 Ninth St., cor. Sixth Avenue Brooklyn 15. N.Y. S0lWh 8-4236 SHore Road 8-5300 HOGAN AND CALVIN REAL ESTATE . INSURANCE 6926 4th AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Compliments of JUELL M. BIE JEWELER - B . R O S E N B E R G CANDY, COOKIES, CAKE 2044 70th STREET 0 Brooklyn, N. Y. 7810 FIFTH AVENUE ' Brooklyn, N. Y. BE 6-6372 SHore Road 5-9028 Special School Rates DAVIS FORMAL WEAR Menis Formal Attire - Exclusively Tony Martin White Formals TO HIRE 4-22 86th STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. ARNESEN PRESS Inc. PRINTERS 81 PUBLISHERS 6515 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 20, N. Y. 0 BEachview 8-1 100 Helen Muller MULLER'S LIQUQR STORE L-35 You Ring-CE 9-7676-We Bring 5215 FOURTH AVENUE Brooklyn 20, N. Y. Silver's Upholstery Shop Manufacturers of Fine Upholstered Furniture, Draperies, Curtains and Slip Covers 455 86th STREET SH 8-8474-5 Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Clean With Confidence We Call 8a Deliver Albion Cleaners 81 Dyers Pressers - Tailors 6924 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. SHore Road 8-6560 Furs and Garments Stored Curtains and Drapes Cleaned SH 3-2774 ANDREW'S JEWELERS Formerly Brad,s ' 6714 FIFTH AVENUE ' Brooklyn, N. Y. W . M c C O M B PRIME MEATS AND FISH Schools and Institutions Supplied 272 FLATBUSH AVENUE Brooklyn 17, N. Y. SHore Road 5-2660 Powell's Surgical Equipment and Prescriptions G. Chiara J. DeLuca R. Chiara 75th STREET at 3rd AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Edward T. Finneran CO., Inc. Purveyors of Fresh and Frosted Fruits 8: Vegetables 351-353 W. 14th STREET WAtkins 9-6709 New York 14, N.Y. UL 4-2970 Free Delivery Frank's Fruit and Vegetable Market 5611 FT. HAMILTON PARKWAY Brooklyn 19, N. Y. ME 5-7478-9 Est. 1913 L. STARK 81 CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS Purveyors to Hotels, Restaurants aml Institutions 692-698 EAST 156th STREET Bronx 55, N. Y. T.N.T. SERVICE STATION 776 THIRD AVENUE Bet. 26th sf 27th sts., Brooklyn, N.Y. For FREE Road Service in Brooklyn, Call STerling 8-9698 SHore Road 8-6267 MEYER Sz BLOI-IM 7902 FIFTH AVENUE Cor. 79th St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Manufacturers of Fine Candies Ice Cream Cakes Ice Cream and Water Ice SHO,-e Road 5-5960 UL 4-1616 Orders Delivered LAURITZENAIS BAKE SHOP LAUREL MEAT MARKET Finest Quality Cakes Quality Meats - Lowest Prices 7912 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. 5519 FT. HAMILTON PARKWAY Brooklyn, N. Y. GEdney 9-4864 MICHAEUS To Hire 5415 5th AVENUE 1 Flight Up Brooklyn, N. Y. G.O. Store ROOM B60 4-th and 5th Periods Daily Your Headquarters for School Supplies fAd. paid for hy a friend of the C.O. Storej F19 - Compliments of Compliments of CLASS 8A1 CLASS SB8 Compliments of Compliments of CLASS SB2 CLASS 8A9 Compliments of Farewell to Fellow Graduates CLASS SA3 SENIOR CLASS OF 8B1O Compliments of Compliments of CLASS SB4 CLASS 8A11 Congratulation t The Graduates Compliments of CLASS 8A5 CLASS 81312 C0mPlim9"fS of Goodbye to fellow graduates And others we have seen pmfect 530113 theFflf3 fold faithfuls" CLASS 8B6 3,413 Compliments of Compliments of CLASS SA7 CLASS 8B14- WO 4-2573 Complim-ents of STEELE 8: WOLFF PRODUCE JOHN J. SMITH CORP. PROVISIONS CO. 37 Grand Avenue Brooklyn 5, N. Y. Purveyors of Fruits and Vegetables Frozen Foods 24 Hour Service 25 ,lay Street New York 13, N. Y. rv X , . 'P Q' 'I gh .Q 0 U TE 6-2805 4- . A . H H IN S CH I . H - - sr Confectionery and Luncheonette A . Ice Cream Cakes Our Speeikzlty 1 fi" 5- 3518 FIFTH AVENUE BRAOOKLYN, N. Y Compliments of MP. and Mrs. J. S. Phelon, BOQSTER ADS . George Anderson H. Avrulis-Wines lr Liquozs Mr. 8 Mrs. John Basil Bay Ridge Station Boyer Family Boys Table Capls. 4lh Pr. Speedy Charlie Charlotte M. Ciano Ellen Ciano Compliments of Class 8BI2 Compliments oi Class 8AI3 Dean's Off. Squad lsi Pr. Joseph 81 Frankie DeMicheIe Nicholas T. Domingues Ralph Ericsson Roberl G. Farrell Mrs. T. Fitzgerald James Fihgerald Besf Wishes Frank's Shoe Shop A Friend Fuad, Sam and Larry Mrs. W. H. Gimler Mr. lr Mrs. B. F. Gordon Mr. lr Mrs. E. Grable Josephine B. Gross Henningsen Florist A. Higginson Mr. lr Mrs. Holder H. P. Third Ave., lnc. Dominick J. Imperalrice Julia R. lmperairice Peler lmperafrice Maria lmperalrlce Reuben Johnson, Violinisf lr Teacher J.S.T. Thomas Mr. 8 Mrs. Kelemen Roberl Merritt King Mrs. Ralph J. Klein Mr. Stephen Knapp Mrs. Stephen Knapp LTL Mrs. Selma Macher Mrs. M. Maroila Mr. John W. McCar'lhy NeiI's Luncheonelie .. Brenda Polisena Mr. lr Mrs. J. Russello Mrs. Henrietta Salmon Tabla "C" 41h Pr. Girl's side Table "E" 5th Pr. Lunch Mrs. Carolina Tesoriero Mrs. Josephine Tesoriero Wilson Drug Store The cover material was supplied by the Holliston Mills. The paper covers are of Mohawk Paper Mills Navajo Dark Blue. The text is set in Baskerville and Garamond Type with headings set in Goudy Handtooled. Printed by the Eastern Press, Inc., 33 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn 17, New York, ULster 8-2500. 4 1 s ' . ' T 54 DEPAR T TO SER VE BETTER YOUR OOD, YOUR COUNTRY AND YOUR EELLOW MAN 1 1 J I 1 x ,sf ,-L, J Uvfvxhy xM35'1'v ELM-095, f WWW W ' Nw MW' , J j 1 V! fi if X R, AI ,f , 3,1 i y Q - ' Q 5 grim Y W f"X ix 1 ff QXXK, ki? 4',V ILLWF' L63 gf' Jia fy, if I Vw! I' J , X fl' I vrt, f A Vdrf.-. 1 I In XD 52 T . OKYV .koi 31 V 'E A A" v UAE , v xx' L XX 3 yllwilfp 110 yzifgig QJQRDA f Qf V HV , ,- xxx MJ TAX -A45 wif if kj.,,15 Jf?jM,Qc k W Ib,- 'Q 'Q X ,jk Dj M Tv' jf f SSk6BJSNQf f2z pi ,NIR Kf' f"i. AZN H Q , r J ,- ,N , r , . V a vg ' , 563- oz, g , , - , ,, f- ' 1 , f. 1- ,y v w" f"2:'1- 'm nf- '- ,.3,? , ' . M- gs , . .Qt 5-f, 1, . t ' "1 - "1-11 , -, M , --4, -1 , f- - we ,, f -- M ' - '-Y-. re -F-" 'V f flffgf f f-f -- - ff ff..,Asan-f , -..Q-,-A..L-.-.., ,...- -----,. -. ' ' ' ' ' Y x

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