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I ! f 2 P 1 I A 1 Q i Vi E 4 4 I 1 3 5 U 1, ,u 1 I 4 m 0 I! J I i 5 . i L s Q 5 3 3 ? f 5 s 2 E 3 E Y Q E 5 5 E 2 5 5 E s s E E i e ! M I s , 1 E s I E , 76455 7aacce ,- . ...gig , 1- ,-,. .. ,w"g-H." ., ,. , QQ, if .3' H " 'vw H-Fw:?vs,,?1i,.'vf,w5?v-:avi v!,fuf6,f1-5 'v3m':,?v:,1v1.,w-?'w: ?is,,?ffi,'Hf,nkI5-'Mfg ' I . 1 ,. M 'J ' I ,H 1 ' A.. H , ' .14 -1g:v..s3,r3vxvfff,1fzwfawffm-1.1,1fvf,sv1,.wVive:-48+ . .- .. . in . ,- ,. ,tu If ri ,fi .x Vx ,A ,ti 'Y tx 'i in .X ,- ,F ,tu 'i Y h M5 x Y. x . ,A Y f x Y. 413' ' Q - ' ,. .. i. 2. i. 1, 1. 1. f.. 1. .. X 1. - ,. .. i. 2. . ff? in ryeb'y'w'n,vv'yah-wry-'b'v,ab'y'w'b' ,W H. ,A.?..?T?,,,,,,,,?,A,?...,W ,'lf bf., ,S ,. J.. ,.. .2 ,U ci ,.. .I ,,- !,,. ,. ,. ,U X.-. ,.. ,Sl ,.- J.. ,.. hh. ,. AW, . .V Q - :W J -1,-vi' 1 :v'p',v.u'.v 1 v1".f':f J -1,-vi, ' 1 .- , y . . . . Vw .. .. , 'A wwf. V ,K LT' ' 'V 1 I W .f .. A ,,r.,.' ,H+ Q,-,,4.f I-,Lf-,,..+ , u I' 1 ,xA A ,, v I' ' 4' v' ' ,-V' "H , 4 . K . . , f . , . , aopsnrnissutnaaoa-earners .,.,.,.,.,,.,.f.,.,.,-1, ......,.-......f........- , 'I' w, ,L .f , .- U - U f v , v . f v . , , - .. , . .,,.,v4,.1Qu,pa,.qa.g.,,,.,v..g -If." a ', Q l . . o U ' S , - . Va A . . ,!isa"g" alqi' . r' ,."','3L'x r Y! Q. I 1 I : 1-1-ef - , ' an ruvorcl oi' ollrsc-Ive-s. our au-Ilia-ve-lm-llls :mal our aspirzltiems tie 'fawm june, 1951 X 'JJ Us .x . Qu sw IX sflupol Nunn m1Nm-w ' "', da by'lhv ffn111mxx'xx .ny Xrvlk N lin ncHy Nluwrv 'fdlv slhlyx tluxt sail Ull u 1 ilunt right nrmlmuxt UN I lln-lwnx drwwr X r t tlnrvse llL1fSlCI4' ll. l1ulIfrxxw'fl Nxzxllx .0'0'0 ' chr hfHIHlQV lrvils NLUIH 3.-.'.'.. ' . . ...'.' ....... . o'A XN11ihr stlldlwlts zulcl tllvir t1.1cIn1zN . . . . H . - 1 ' I ,-,.,...,.....:.. t .1 .nf In wut tru .mg ltx llllf 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I s ' . ....... . . 'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'0 . . . . . . . . . . . ,. . . . . ......'a.0t. ............ 'I'Z'Z'Z'Z'I'I'I'Z'I'Z'I'. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-:-. .-.-..:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- , . -.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-. ' ' ' - .XH l1.uxv U1 Ulvv ffui IIJ1n1hruL ......... ... .......:.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.-.g.-.' lOi00Ol000Ol00,00.l.l . ....... .. ....... . .... ............ ... .................. ... .... ............ I.0.0.0.l.0.l. ................. .............,.....,...,.......,...,... ........ ....... ..... .. ...U,I,z,:.:,.,...,.,...,.,.,.,.,..... . Klux llmuln xxnl luwlhr rung l1u llu1 .. , .............. . ...... . ........ ... . ,.,.....,.......,.........,.,.......,.g.. ........ .. .........'.'...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 'UH HH' lfyyy ..................... .... ................ .. ...... .......... . .... ...................... .. .................... ...................... ...................... .....................M ...................... ....................... ...................... ....................... .....................U ....................... ....................... ....................... ....................... . ...................... . ....................... . ............ . ......... . ....................... , ............. . ...... ... ....................... . ....................... ....................... . ....................... ......................U . ....................... ........................ , ..... ................ .. ........................ . ...................... . ........................ . ...................... .. ........................ . ....................... . ........................ . ....................... . ........................ , ....................... . ........................ . ........................ ........................ , ..................... ......... o.. ............... ,........................ ........................ -................... .. ....... .... .. ... ... .. 3... ...'. ....... ...... .oo ... ... ... .. I ..... .. ..- .. ... ... .. ... .. .... .. .. . ............ . ,. ................. . . ................. . ,. ................. . V.. ..'............................. .. . ................ . ,. .......... 'o 1 . ........... . .. ................. c . ................ . -. ................ .1 . ................ . .. .................... ..................... . ............. .. 0 0 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 0' ........................ ......................w ........................ ....................... ........................ ....................... ......................n ....................... ......................p ....................... ,...................... ..................... ,...... , . .... .... I Ullkll Ilww-I'wlt II1IHiHlHl . . .'.' '.'.'. . . . .3.. 0 o.o.o'o' .. 0.0 0 0 .1 0 0 0,0'l. . 0 00' ,. .......-...... f . ................. 1. ..................N . . . . . ....................... .. 0.000000000000000 0.f .... X ................... ............... 9.'.'.'.'.'. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - ..................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... .................... ................... .................... ................... ................... ................... ................... .................. ..................f .................. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'o'o'o'v .................. ................. .................f ................. ................. ...............w ................. ................ ................ ..............w ..............................v ............... .............. ..............f .............v ........................... .... , 0 0 0 I ............. '.'...,...'............. ..... .3 .... ................... .,.........,....... ................... .........' ,................v ........ ........ ......r ,........'...,f ,...... ,.........,. ..... p.... .... 55... n.f ff, I Q' .J . Published FORT HAMILTO 8301 hore Road, ugustus Ludwig b the Students 01 HIGH CHOOL Brooklyn, u. . Principal NNIVERSARIES are more than a time for celebration, they are a time for thought and evaluation. Primarily they are a time for looking-back, for recalling the good times that have been had, the progress that has been made, and the events along the way which have contributed toward that prog- ress. Somehow, when the time for this "looking-baekl' arrives, we tend to overlook the unhappy and the unsuccessful, and seemingly tend to View the period through rose-colored glasses. That is as it should be. Life was not made to be a series of tragedies and shattered dreams, and although there are times when that is all it seems to consist of, the tragedies, when viewed ini their proper perspective, do not seem quite so tragic and the disappointments of the moment appear almost insignificant. Thus it is with anniversaries. The suc- cesses and the moments of happiness are most outstanding in one's memory. Anniversaries are also occasions for looking into and anticipating the future. Wihat does it have in store for you-the same things as in the past or something new, something better? That question can be answered only by time but it is possible to help shape the answer by evaluating and attempting to make improvements while profiting from past experience. VVe dedicate this issue of the Tower to two important armiversariesa Fort Hamilton High Sehool's ten years of growth and achievement. and Mr. Ludwig's fifty years of leadership in the field of education. As we review these past ten years, we are grateful that we had Mr. Ludwig's careful guidance through our periods of "growing pains," and we are thankful for the many pleasant and happy nieniories we share together. As we look to the future. we are assured that our lives will be better and happier because of the line training and wonderful inspiration we have received from Fort Hamilton High School and from Mr. liudwig. C O O I O I I O I Q Six .9 ,, . A 753 'Y YY" we .0551 'NM fs kv 1 .IAQ 1 if if f LEX ' Q X t siiioyf y T3 -fi? iw V ?f "if S3535 .s5, e,W:,g1 1' -4 gg 3-,,.E:- 1, 5, ff- 14 Q 1 "M ZGMQ' 'el -: w , mf 44+ gd 1 Z V x Y' A QQVQZKQ -A 1 . ,... Q , 4:1 , Q wx- xx, I ' . f w . -, Q1 iff- 22121 faq. ' -5:-'f s ' 'K 2 F if 4 'if S' K aksgg 'NZ I' Z! - E5 42 mfefz to grow in body, nlind and spirit. to serve better your God, your country and your fellow man. Seven 7a da 2046 , , , F rontispieee ..... ..... .......... Title Page . . . Dedication ............... .... To the Glass of June 1951 .... . . Our Miss Brookmann ...... .... Hamilton Remembers .... Department Chairmen . . . Senior Prefect Teachers .... .... About Mr. Ludwig ..... Wait and See ..... To lWrs. Levis ....... Remember the Time ..... Senior Show ........ Class Will .... Publications . . . A Sports History .... . . . . . . . Elizabeth Goddard .... Diane Rubinger, Karen Jensen. . . George DiBari, Leslie Gordon... Elizabeth Goddard ............. Emily Bond .................. Mortimer Givan, Robert Attiyeh. Ronald Corn ................. Jane Saunders ......... John Ryan, James Luotto .... Wadette Kaibney .............. Elizabeth Goddard, Emily Bond . . Frances Maiorca, Mortimer Givan Karen Jensen, Diane Rubinger Ronald hloss, John Fitzgerald . . . pddldd mmf Vffaatmtdana Fort Hamilton High School Entering .................. Mr. Ludwig ..,...... The Administration . .. Those Were the Days . , Montage ............ Senior Prefeet . .. In the Spring ....................... Senior Grade Council and Class OHicc'rs . Presenting the Seniors .... Hallway of Fann- Carnera Shy .... Senior Show .... Sports .......... Arista, Mixed Chorus . Band, Orrlir-stra . . . . Cliernistry Srjuznrl, Sf-r'rr'l:uri:ul Sw rxiu forps Sm'rx'u'm' C'oi'p' Autographs ....... lfighl V . .,n , S... 06005 lil'l'l'lRARY S'l'Al"F ............... Miss Row Ricicolnoiio, Adviser Rolmvrt Attiyvh, Ronald Corn, CiI'0l'QfC DiBari, -john Fitzgerald, Leslie Gorclon, lilllf Iandolo, Karen 'I1f11sc11, l'Vz1dc'tt1' K2llhI1l'y', 'la1111-s Luotto, Fr:1nc'1-s Mz1ir1rc'z1, Ronald hloss, Diane lll1l'5lI1fIf'I', John Ryan, joan Shelby. ART STAFF ....................... Mrs. Mildred Ligcr, Adviser Frank Bongiorno, Anthony Carnicclli, Sonja Kristcnscn, Donald Maguire, Elinor Mahlstedt, Virginia O,Connell. BUSINESS STAFF .............,..... Mr. Mey'er Wfaks, Adviser Joan Bosch, jane Donovan, Carol Duckcr, Marie Elardi, Jessie Mac Innis, Barbara Seren, Joyce Sullivan, Theo Torgersen. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Nancy Cameron, Guy Pancer, Stuart Sylvester. TYPISTS Sara Kristensen, Virginia La Greca, Alba Volpe. Editor-in-Chief Norman Kurdel Literary Editor Elizabeth Goddard Art Editor Audrey Tonts Business Manager Sue Costantini Associate Editors Emily Bond Morty Civan Assistant Art Editors Gail Novendstern Frances Shupin Make-Up Editor Nancy Kubasak Photography Editor Doris Havecker Nine QM PWGQMZ Speak 'I' IS indeed a milestone in your life when you complete the course of study ol a senior high school. I trust that you will continue in the eternal quest for a better understanding both of yourself and the people about you, As you look back on the past four years, you must admit that you have changed. This is as it should be. Growth implies change. Without it. there is stagnation. What has high school done to you and for you? Of course. you have grown physically and mentally, but how far and how much have you devel- oped emotionally, morally and spiritually. Are you a finer and a more balanced personality than you were four years ago? Has your character grown from the infantile stage of reliance on the parent to a place of responsibility in an adult community, with a high regard for truth. honesty and honor? Engineers tell us that progress in the physical sciences has been so rapid that the world of science may ultimately destroy man. We understand material and matter far better than we understand men. It is recognized by leaders in industry that the great failures in the engineering profession are due, not to any lack ol mastery ol material. but to lack of insight into human nature. The engineer can figure out the various stresses and strains better than he can understand and appreciate human motives and ideals. 'l'hey know what holds up the bridge but they do not understand what holds together the man who builds it. Our own poet, Edwin lVIarkham has stated it most ellieetively in A1011 Hllilrlirlg. WH- are all blind until we see That in the human plan, Nothing is worth the making. if It does not make the man. Why build these cities glorious. If man unbuilded goes? In vain, we build the work, unless The builder also grows. To know men so as to understand them is indeed wisdom, for 'Lwisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom." On behalf of the Faculty, I extend sincerest wishes for all that makes life glorious. May the memories of Fort Hamilton High School bring you much joy and happiness. Cordially and sincerely yours, AUGUSTUS LUDWIG Principal Eleven qw' Yi 2 , -'fI"'Z? TO MISS BROOKMANN: Our final Regents has been completed. No longer are we to assemble in our familiar auditorium, and the hurrying to basement lockers, cafeteria, and gymnasium has come to an endg hut somehow, as we look back, the cafeteria isnlt quite so hectic, the gym lockers are not so crowded, and the rushing around was just Z1 dash of spice adding to the flavor of a splendid high school career. From the occupant of 21 tiny ofhee in room 145 has eome ri steady stream of wisdom, encouragement, and understanding, without which we eould not have overcome the difliculties which have fueed us in the past four years. It seems fitting at this time to express our deepest appreciation to Bliss Brookmunn for her thoughtful :uid eonstuiit ellorts on our heliulli, In closing, Miss Ih'ook1u:u1n, we would like to leuve with you ll message that truly pzirnpllruses you, :uid ull thul you have eoutrihuted to our sueeess in life. c'Sur'f'essl'ulIy to znceomplisli uuy lusk, it is ueeessury, not only that you should give it the hest there is iu you, hut that you should ohlniu for it the hest there is in lhose in your guiclguu'e." 06027766443 I I I O I I C C O I O I 122' Miss Elizabcth Hoffman, Allflllllhlffllllff Asvzvfrmt Mr. Robvrt I12lITlIl1OI1Cl, Dffnl Mr. Law rcncc Ganclriss, Chazrman, Pmffmm fommzttee Mr. Morton Stonc, Af177ZZ.7Zi.Sf7dlZIF Assistant Miss Margaret Mullin, Dran if 74a4e Wwe 76a Few ,li-it 'Y ff? Norman Kurdel T WAS a balmy Autumn day when I first opened my doors ten years ago. To my call for students, many answered. The first term we enrolled stu- dents in the first to fifth terms and my classrooms were comparatively empty. I was a bright new school fully equipped to mold sturdy citizens and to fur- ther learning. On November 12, 1941, after having a troublesome time, the Hrst Pilot was issued and already showed signs of the honor which it would gain among the other high school papers. Soon I got a new electric organ which everybody heard at a special assem- bly. I knew that music would play no small part in the curriculum of my students. I had my first G.O. dance on December 5, 1941 and learned that many of my students were '5hep.U Two days later, to my surprise, Pearl Harbor was attacked and soon I became a school helping to win the war. The second term I saw the opening of the G.O. and the issuing of the Anchor. The Athletic field was finished and a track team was formed. In September 1942, our honor league, Arista, was instituted with the initiation of 38 members. With the cooperation of both students and teachers, we gave a Carnival, a gigantic Victory Show, and a Blusicale. IYtih the money we made on these three displays of my talent, we bought an ambulance and presented it to the Army. I was proud to hear that Allyn lNIcLerie, a Fort Hamilton miss, was dancing in i'One Touch of Venus" on Broadway. The Dramatics Club, organizing my histrionic talent, put on c'Seven Keys to Baldpateu and proved that my students had lots of talent. D-Day was an important day in 1942, and we started a drive to reach a new high in the sale of war stamps and bonds. In June 1944, I adopted Herbert joseph lYorwood, a British IYar orphan. I had my second Blusicale in which Blr. Rattner proved his talent and the talents of my students by leading the band. The summer of ,44 passed quickly and when I again opened my doors, the first thing I did was to adopt another orphan. The june '45 senior class marked the first all-Hamilton graduating class. The summer was already tingling with the coming end ot the war and when we returned to school in September 1945. I was sure that it would end soon. Has I proud this year! Four graduates won N. Y. State Scholarships. I got another feather in 1ny Tower when on October 121. 1945 this A1-my awarded us a citation for Army NYar lillort. l also adopted my third war orphan. "lYhat a l,il'e." starring Twin Nilson, a boy with great talcnt. was pre- sr-ntctl in NUX'l'll'llH'l' lflli :intl was a huge NIICCVSS. I could not wail for the sunnnvr to pass for l was soon to celebrate my lfifth Anniversary, The Pflol issued 1-iglit-urges In Coniiiieinol-,mx my Juni YVIANXIIY. . I O O O Ol Six! rr' zz I was an expensive baby-ethree and a half million dollars worth. The students and teachers put on a huge Anniversary Show and did me honor. I 112111 come of age and after being in business for hve years, I still felt wonderful. After a big year the summer proved to be a quiet and peaceful aftermath. . In September 1947, my classes were filled with vets eager to further their interrupted 1-dirt-atium. My June graduating class was so large that we had to have dual exercises. I was sure growing fast! I The summer again came and flew by and another hard school year began. This year was a big year for Ilramatics. The Ilramatics Club presented 'lOut of the Frying Panl, which was a hilarious smash! The Curtaintimers, our now established and accepted group of Thespians, produced HYou Can't Take It With You" under the capable direction of Miss Tasman. Mrs. We-sterberg, then Miss Scheh, and Mr. Sterne stole the show in their delightful interpretations of their roles. Louis Calhcrn appeared and lectured to the llramaties and Journalism classes. Allyn McLerie, whom you heard about back in 1912, starred in "Win-re's Charley?'l this year. Seniors presented their version of the Roaring Twenties in what was con- sidered to be the best Senior Show to date. After a speedy summer, my students loyally returned and l Iioimd out that four graduates again had won State Scholarships. The Curtaintimcrs on December 9 and lfl, 1949 made history when they presented their highly emotional and lovely performance of uUur Town." For weeks after, they received letters of congratulation for their Hne job. Ilelen Lauritzen, Stan Avitabile and Angelo Amato were exceptional. The Class of 1950 was a remarkable class, said many teachers, but wait till next year, said my sixth and seventh termers. This summer H9501 I had my face lifted. I was completely repainted. My rooms and halls are now yellow and green and some of the offices are blue and pink. After ten years, I sure feel invigorated. When the summer was over, the students returned to discover that all extracurricular activities were to be halted. All teams, all plays, all publica- tions were stopped. The situation will stay the same until the teachers receive their often-promised raises. After ten years of being open to students, I feel sad and happy. I am sad because lVIr. Ludwig will be leaving in June 19515 I am sad because many of my students must go into the Service after high schoolg I am sad because there will be no Tenth Anniversary Show and no Tenth Year Issue of the Pilot. But I am also very happy! Happy because I can see the never-ending march of students who have marched and will march through my halls and will continue to lift me up and make me proud to be a school in these United States. C I O 0 O O O 0 ' Sevclztcerz Thc yours qt Fort Hiuulton hfue not been all 0'I1HdN XYQWQ stuched a httle to unprox c our mmdx YYQ atc all the specmlb 'md tolp a tux Chau XYC,1'C Souioxx xx 1th0ut 211 x L un rg' 4 x 55:1 53.2- 'S V ,X , ,.3:v1r,?,,f1.4Q ,vim Egg, X,-,FA 9153, ta V HU XENXQIZ 4+ VW 1 I H LP Nmmun Kurdel Adm: 779, A ' .... Augustus Ludwig was born in 1880, the seventh of Ludwig offspring. Eyen while a young lad. he revealed his unusual aptitude for learning. This fact became more evident as he progressed through grammar school and secondary school. After graduating from Boys High School, he decided that he would embark on a career in teaching. Accordingly. he journeyed each day to the State Normal School in far-off Jamaica to imbibe the rudiments of peda- gogy. To complete his professional training, he entered Teachers College of Columbia University. where he graduated in 1910. Although he had at first intended to teach high school science. he was destined instead to teach English. He was no doubt influenced to take the latter course by the thirst for literature which he had acquired in reading widely when young. Mr. Ludwig taught first in PS. 71. and then P.S. 80 in Queens acquired his talents. Afterwards. he held a position at P.S. 122. and hnally at Blanual Training High School in Brooklyn for five years. ln the course of teaching. he caught the eye of the 1912 he was appointed to his first supervisory position. ivgtviy that of inspector of public i51Q6fi7 lectures of the Board of , . .. . U 61.9 Education. Recognizing his I 2 talents, the Board appointed hi111 to a position of g1'l'11tl'I' responsibility. principal ol' Public School 112 in Brook- lyll. iXli1l'I'XK'lll'Cl5. 111- l5l'L'llIllt' 9Ll1Jl'I'V1NU1' ol' the sllIl1Illl'1' f'l1'Illl'Il1il1'Y 1111d lllIll11l' 1111111 . , 5 . . , 4, s1'l1ooIs 111 K1-w Xork C.1ly. xxllillfs 111-111g 111 1'411l11'1' IJ11111' Nillllll' l'iNl'XKlI1'Iif'. ln- ww sl'lIl to IFS, lol 1IsIJl'l1H'lIJ.ll ffl ll'Hl'Q2lIll71' llll' st lllblbi, ,lllll'1l ll11' 11111 lllllllt l1'HIIl I,1'1'NillllQ, 1I1111io1 ll1gI1 v'1'1'I'llfAl' board authorities. and in 5, KQQGYQVQ School, where he likewise remedied the situation. Finally, he was appointed thi- Hrst principal of the newly built Fort Hamilton High School, a position which he despatched with the alacrity, understanding. and dignity which has 1-nclf-arc-cl hini to all Hamiltonitcs. Although it niight be dr-duced lironi his brilliant record that hir. Ludwig has had little leisure time indeed, he has, on the contrary, been an active incin- bvr of various organizations and an integral part of the connnunity life as a wholc. He has been president ol' tht- New York Schoolniastcrs' Club, treas- urer of the Brooklyn 'l'1-aclmr-rs' R1-lit-f Association, chairman of the Coininittcc on junior lligh Schools to the t'0IlitxI'I'Ilt't' ol' the Junior High School Prin- cipals' Association, and then president ol' tht- 'Iunior lligh School l'rint'ipals' Association. llt- was thereupon clcctt-cl to the lioarcl ol' llirt-ctors ul' tlu' l'rotcstant 'l'c':u'lu'rs Association, appointed Vlt'l'-t'll1lll'lllLlll ol the advisory council ol' the Brooklyn lnstitutc- ol' Arts and Sciences, and last, hut not least. to this imposing bevy oli social honors, to a lille lllt'IlIl7l'I'SlllIJ in tht- National liclucation Association. M1'. Ludwig has also found ainplc tinic to rnake an odyssey around the world. Ht- has seen the ruins of the grandeur that was Greece, and the glory that was Rome, as well as the Holy Land. MOI't'OVt.'F, he has also visited Syria and Egypt. Unlike many American travelers, however, he has also seen the native beauty of the American continent, visiting Grand Canyon, Yellow- stone and other national parks, as well as the snowy peaks of Alaska. Mr. Ludwig has always enjoyed music. His favorite male singer is the heroic Danish tenor, Lauritz Melchior. In the operatic field, he favors the Wagnerian masterpieces, and he has always held that the tragedy of 'cTristan und Isolde" is the world's greatest work. Mr. Ludwig has long been an avid reader of poetry, and accordingly always has a suitable quotation for every occasion. He also has a Hair for writing verse himself, a fact which is amply illustrated by the majestic lines which he has composed to the music of Sibelius' 'iFinlandia.', Opposite: Mr. Augustus Ludwig and his secretary, Mrs. Anna George. Tzeefzty-one EPARTMENT chairmen are an unusual group in the sense that they are neither fish nor fowl. They are both since they act in a teaching as well as in a supervisory capacity. Perhaps it is the fact that they must see both sides of a question that makes them such an opinionated group-opinion- ated. at least far as Fort Hamilton is concerned. All of these people agree on one thing4Fort Hamilton High School is the most beautiful school they have ever seen. Mrs. Lyons. who has lived in this area all her life. tshe even graduated from Bay Ridge High Schoolj. and helped to organize this school. says that her maternal pride toward Fort Hamilton might interfere with her judgment. but she believes it is one of the finest. if not the finest high school. lXlrs. Stern compares it with a small town college campus and bliss Dick says that the building and location provide a wonderful environment for her art students. As far as physical facilities are concerned. Mr. Lebowitz stated that coming from another school to Fort Hamilton was like coming from "a hovel into a king's palacef, 'LThe essence of a schoolf' stated Miss Farquhar emphatically, His its student body and the weaknesses and strong points of our students are under- standable and close to my heart." Mr. Byron. a comparative newcomer since the majority of the chairmen "came with the schoolf, as hir. Kearny puts it. says that he likes all Fort Hamilton students except the boys who sit in buses my Hziftan A swagmi Lai 'wh fi 0 ,Ibn jiiqlv 77111. mrpflraaqn X g Y L VV. m,wW, ws, .wa wvmm .L,f,, N'V,,,.--ws.. while women stand. Another newcomer, Mr, Nazer, having taught in twenty dillerent high schools, feels hr- has the experiencr- to say that our students are socially aware and well-manncred but rather reserved. Mr. Cummings, Miss Iligginson, and Mr. Kearny all expressed the opin- ion that Fort Hamilton students do not work to capacity. while Klrs. Stern wr-nt on to suggest that she would like to sec their Cultural tastes developed with the students showing more interest in reading and in attending plays and good movies. Mr. Kearny added a Hnal opinion on the subject when he said that Fort Hamilton girls are prettier than those of any other school. Since nothing is ever completely perfect, almost every chairman holds a. dream ol improvements he would like to see made in the school. X111 Byron would like to have a cooperative course established for Stenography and Clerical Practice students whereby they would work two weeks and attend school for two wr-1-ks. He added, "Thr-re is no substitute for actual business training." In a somewhat similar vein, Mr. Cummings advocates the founding ol a Machine Practice class in which the students would learn to operate busi- ness machines, thus eliminating the necessity ol' attending a private business school alter graduation. Miss Dick has always harbored a plan lor a double art period while Miss Higginson would like to have an aclvancm-d Math Club whichi would he conducted like a class, nu-ct during school hours, and would compete in contests with other schools. Mr. Nazcr is most explicit in his program ol' improv1'm1'nts. ul would like to see opportunities for more musical groups such as a Boys' Chorus and small instrument ensembles. We could have even more community sings too." Ile also stated that Fort Hamilton students would develop ll greater appre- ciation for music if they had the opportunity to attend rehearsals. Miss IIenncssey's dream, which perhaps arises from her studies ol' history, is for more good student government and it is Mr. Mathr-son's ambition to have an additional shop room with up-to-date equipment. He would like to see all the students who are planning to take engineering in college, take at least one year of Mechanical Drawing in high school. "It is a basic tool," he added, "and is absolutely essential in the field of engineering." All our chairmen are satisfied with their lives and with the exception of Miss Hennessey, who claims she had never wanted to teach history, have always wanted to teach. Mr. Kearny summed it all up when hc said, 'SI never wanted to be president of the United States, I always wanted to be a science teacher. If I had my life to relive I would do it the same way." It is most understandable to us when the chairmen say that this term's group of seniors is one of the best. Both Mr. Matheson and Mr. Lebowitz feel that Hthe senior boys appear to be marked by a greater degree of serious- ness and maturity. This is probably occasioned by the sobering knowledge that in the not-too-distant future they will be in the Armed Services." Mr. Nazer expressed his regret at seeing the seniors leave adding that they were a serious, well-adjusted group, and most musical too. We too will regret leaving because we will be leaving behind a wonderful group of people-the department chairmen. T1t'e1zty-three THE SENIOR PREFECT TEACHERS. Mr. Benjamine Levine, Mrs. lNIary Westerberg, Mrs. Ruth Petke, Miss Phyllis Weidig, Mrs. Dorothy McHugh, Miss Lenore Simon, Miss Sally Van Bokkelen, lN'Ir. Jaeoh Solovay, Mrs. Anna Cutler, hir. Benjamin Nlorton. hir. Sidney Gould. HE noise. the Confusion. the laughter. the teaehers and friends. they all go to make up our memories ol' our prefeet periods. lN'ho will ever forget Miss VYeidig blowing her whistle in PM. prefect, or lVIrs. lN'esterherg's state- ment. 'cl have a hoy here who has to go home to find out his middle namelu? VVho will ever forget George making some announeement? lYho will ever forget his own prefect teacher? Our teachers have been sueh an integral part of our Senior term and have worked so hard for us that we thought it only fair to give them a ehanee to get us oil' their ehests. lVhat do they really think of us? Aeeordingly we made a tour around the auditorium and interviewed our teachers. First. we visited Bliss Phyllis lYeidig. Speech teaeher by prelierenee and English teacher hy protest. sinee 8-9 is unique in one respeet. It has the only system of sell'-government in the auditorium. "All I say is. 'Open the rollhookli 'l'hey,re xvonderIlul!" But ol' eourse this idealistie system does have its draw- liaeks. Une student added rueliully. "Une time we voted to have no talking in prel'eet.,, - While lXfIr. .laeoh C. Solovav. 8-7. may not he positive that this is fin' best graduating elass he has ever seen. he waxes enthusiastie on the sulw-ieet ol' lxfill llalnilton. "lYhy. lllll gi t'llAlI'lt'l' lllt'Illl1t'I'.n reminisees the Pilol tiaeultx adviser. g'VX'hen Mr. l.ndixig opened the door in lflll. there l was right behind him." The nes! on our list nas hliss l.eonore Simon ol' Il-Q. She has lween .1 SVIIIMI' Inf-I4-tl l4'Llt'll4'li 'IPI' so long that Nlll' lI.lh l1t't'lllI1l' suiiir-ytl1.i1 ,ieeiistoliiptl to Ihr dnl. .llllltbllffll she did adnnl. "Soinetnnes. l so lliiiilx loiioiliglv 01' K, Ireslnnan ilnssf' 'l'.'er11l1'-font Whafs all this? Mr. Sidney Gould, 8-8, believes he has partially solved the problem of discord during prefect. He says, "I put the boys and girls together. The boys are abashed and it keeps them quiet. Besides, it's a more natural state of affairs." While Mr. Gould is impressed by the brains of his class fmore Arista members than any other prefectlj, Mrs. Anna Cutler, 8-11, thinks her girls are prettier than anyone elsels-and the boys are not bad either. We asked her if she enjoyed teaching English Hve times a day and looking a little sur- prised, she answered, '1Wouldn't it be awful if I didn't?" That stopped us. Another teacher who has been here since 1941 is Mrs. Dorothy McHugh, 8-5. She believes that the students have been improving right along, which should ftheoreticallyj make our class the best yet. As we left, patient Mrs. McHugh was saying something rather familiar, 'fGet down in your seats, j1leasc."' ' Mr. Benjamin Morton, 8-6, has a system somewhat parallel to Mr. Gouldls. He advocates a plan where the prettiest girls would sit in front---and the boys? In the back! However he hasn't put this into operation as yet. The auditorium seems to abound in teachers who like to teaeh English. Mrs. Ruth Petkc, 8-10, is another. She is also very pleased with her class-- the best she ever had! She wholly approves of the june 351 Class and likes Fort Hamilton. A perfeet teaeher, if we ever saw onel Mr. Benjamin Levine, 8-1, English teaeher extraordinary, had these few gems for the press. "I have no idiosyneracics at all and am perfectly normal. I wish to remain as anonymous as possiblcf' However, Mr. Levine did sum up the viewpoints of the eighth term prefect teachers. Ile thinks this is the best graduating class he has ever seen and without a doubt, liix prefect is the best elass in the auditorium. That just about sums up the thoughts of all the teachers except those of Mrs. Mary Westerberg. She is a little more cautious and will only admit that this is one of the best graduating classes. However, she is very enthusiastic on the subject of 8-3. "The best prefect in here, a model class!" she said while various surprised members of the class gasped. Miss Sally Van Bokkelen is just about the opposite of Mr. Levine. We asked her if she had any distinguishing traits, and in an indignant voice she said, "'Why, I'm not normal at alll In fact, I'm a very unusual person!" f'But a very nice one at any rate,', concluded her class. Well, no matter what our teachers think of us tand we're pretty sure it's goodj, we'll never forget them. i WW The year is 1980 A. D. Wle open a newspaper, What do we see? Our classmates from Fort Hamilton High. Let's look through the pages so you can see why, lNIortimer Civan, it says right here, Discovered a drug which eliminates fear. He and Craig Mehldau are quite a sensation Saving the people with a new operation. And Emily Bond, so says the next feature, Received an award as the best Latin teacher. Wle read of the roeketship first to reach Mars- Aboard Teddy Drange on his way to the stars. And Ronald Corn, says page number three, Is astounding all science with his theory. s There's been an explosion: indeed itls no myst'ry It's just Bob Attiyeh practicing Chemistry! And now as we turn to the theatrical page, We see that john Ryan,s a hit on the stage. If I hadn't read this, I still would've knew so- Our friend Ronnie lNIoss is a second Caruso. Letls look over here at this exciting news! Alberta Friedmanls starring in the Ballet Russe. We read the next page without any hesitaney- "Coleman and Ricapito Running For The Presidency!" Coleman awarded first prize at the dog show To a little Chihuahua of jimmy Luotto. Look at this ad-the greatest of all. Has Bror the Toni or could it be Paul? We glance across the page with an excited start. Audrey Tonts' paintings are in the lXIuseu1n of Art. And here's a eartoon that sure rings a bell. Il you want to know why, itls by Norman Kurdel. Now who in the Senate is holding a iilibuster? W'hy 1t's Elaine Giniinezg we knew we eould trus l wond il' lic dot' ier er s ' eould be losing her "veree"? We'll eall Naney Kubasakg Slll"S the best nurse, And speaking ol' speaking, here is a eorker. l ,,-. V, lt's Rae landolo, that talkative talker. ': Q ,l' ,f D Who else eoulcl have won the Miss Aineriea eup- l ' l ' Q2 'Jfgjfj But llorraine lletersen, our senior elass pin-up? - A XAKW X fifiucl riltl Bl'lll't' iIllIUlllI3NUI1l8 LlK't'UlllIlllNlll'll the tt ll '53-'rx' s X ., UI Iieeoiiiiiig ."Xiiieriea's greatest athlete. M 4 Jkvllllt' lieal Navy, lorty to ltilll' .Lilly nm X X I' l'1ye toiielitloxriis lor .'Xi'iiix', Karen .leiisen tlitl stoit' f yi El - ,Xml -Iowe Sullivan. who ue kiiexx xxouhl go tai 4 lt ls rearliiiig sueeess as .1 great sxxiiiiiiiiiiig stai 4 W .Xs ue :lose the imlier ili sheer tlislielieli. ' 'I' A We hlul that liiv tloihlartl is etlitor-iii-eliielil l ill l,"Itl' ygiipii 'im ki ,. ,K f' 2--'I H' " Q31 f Q as - .1 ,-M f- g,. YT. ,, . .ale-i -5- fix. "' ..,', R x 'N- 7a 7 Twenty-5fz'f'rz f. -J xx. x K X . ' , F 3 'sg X U ii. 'li A N i In , Y K K ., p I . .XX , I +5 l1Ji I lem C - X TDXFX 3 gill, J ill The graduates of June 1951 are happy to have this opportunity to express their deep appreciation for your so freely given time, thoughts, and talents. You've accepted the difficulties we've had to work under as a chal- lenge rather than a burden and brought our senior year to a successful end. Since senior pin and ring days, the senior assembly, rehearsals, and the show, will always be a part of our fondest memories, you will be also, for it was through your boundless energy that these events were made possible. You gave us our first glimpse of Hsenior doings" at seventh term council meetings and made them a reality for us when we became full fledged seniors. For all this and much more we would like to say. "Thank you." Ba gf f 5 QP4.MJ-"'f-'iii 2 .rf 2,f-,I-"' ,fl-4 The seventh and eighth term grade eouneils, under the leadership of Mrs. .loan Levis, have been an integral part of our Senior year. The seventh term eouneil did rnueh to further our Senior plans. YVith President Niek Piro and Secretary Joan Basedow, they arranged the preliminary work of Choosing our eelebrities and the design for our Senior pin. The eighth term eouneil, presided over by Class President George Lofmark, helped to give us a Complete and successful Senior term. They arranged for our pienie, hayride, boatride, skating party, swimming party and, of eourse, the Prom. In giving credit where it is due, we Cannot forget Don Boggan, Bob Driscoll, Rae Iandolo, and Joan Shelby who worked long and hard in making the arrangements for our Prom. Without this Senior organization and those unselfish individual Seniors putting forth their best elnforts in trying to make our Senior year a success, x 'X -E I, Q 1, f we 1 eine. X' 2 T Q I f -gsm X A ft r v .V .t.,t .1 " I . g I gs 1 si, I I we Hnd it hard to believe we eould have had so much fun. Opposite ......... Senior Class Oiiieers Catherine Johnson ........... Secretary Jane Saunders . . . . .Treasurer Joe Adinolfi . . . . . .Treasurer Emily Bond .... . . .Treasurer George Lofmark . . ...... President Blaine Gimenez Vice-President Alberta Friedman . . ..... Treasurer Twenty-nine pf-Q6'I'lU77 U28 X ftp X ! yu - f ox.. :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.. ...- .'.'.'."-'o'.'.'.'.'.'. '.'. . -'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' ' .-.- - -'-:-'.'.-.-.-.'.- - -I-.-. . . .-.'.-.-.-.-.-.'.-.'.-I- ..,-,-,-N-......'. ..............-..- .... ..-,.......... .................. ...:....g.....:,., ,.,.:...... .,:.........,......,........,.,.,. .' .'.' ' ' - '- . '.' ' '- . .'.'.'. a'n0o.u'n' 'ton' rbvnab ..... .... ...V ,,.,.,.,. . . .-.-.-, . , . ., . .x .,. ... . . .... ...,. .g...-.-.- .....g.,.,.g 5 n + - iq. . -.-.g.'.:.'.'.-. .'.'.-.-.'.-.g.-.'. A u n u'. Q.: 'n 0'a.l'u'o'o'c'u' . ' . . '- .'.'.-.- - -.:Z'.-.-.- -.'.'.-.-.'I'ZgZ'Z-I-I .,... ...' -.-, P. . . . . ... . ... . u... .I .g...: 5.3.-, g.:.g.g.' , '.,g.g.,.f2,.,.,.g. -1. ....:,: ............ ju .-.-Z'Z-Z- I-I-P2-Z Z- ... ..... ...... I au. ".'40 'Q' u'u.'s- ..v-.-. .g.g.'.'.-.'.-. - .-.-.4 g.g.g.g.g.g - ,. g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g. - ...'.'.'.'.' ' ' 'J . . . . . . . ... ........... - . . '.'.'.'.' .'.'.'. .'.t..... ... . - .-.-.-.-.- .-.-.-. . . . a.. -25243. Z'Z'Z'I'I'Z I-I-Z-2-245 I-I-Z'Z+ C'Z'Z'Z-'-'- -Z4-Z-52 , n o'n's' o o a Q u .5-.....'. ----. 0 5 9 o Q 0 Q ' ' ' 0 ' . . . . . . ,-,. ..... .'f'.'.'.'.-2-I-, . .'. . . .-.g.-.-.-.3-,.,.. '1'.-Z'Z'!-I-'W-'-5 -'.'.'.'.-. ., . . . . .'.-.-. .-. .-.-.-,... . .-r.-.'.-.-,-,-,.,., . . . . .- .'.'.'.-.-.-.'.-.-,-,.,- -.-.'.'.-.- . . . ..... . , . . . . . , , ,,,, , , ..,. . . . .... . ,'.'.'.'.'- '.' ' -'-'-'.'.'.'.'.'.' -:-:-1-3-3.-.-.'.-.-.5 ','.'.0.l o c o u s'0'u'o'o'o ........,: -,:,-,-,........... -,:,-,-,-, '-..g.'.'.'.'.-.'.- .. ., ,N , I. ...,...... -,:g:,:,:,.,.2 n'.'.'.',' Q Q o fa.: nu.. J-,v--4 .g.g.g.:.g. -T-sjf. .....f.-. .'.-.:.:.'. R .'.'.'.'.'.- -4" '.'.' ' '.'.'.'. .g.-. anno.. 'Q "anu'o'uno.a on 1. . .... . ...... "J 1. ....... A... . . ,-.'. .'.g.'. ...........,. .g.'.'.'.'. g.g...,.,.,- -.'.'.g.-.5 :-:-:-:-:" L'2'2'2'2'2' '-:-:-:2:-:- ,. ...'...j .'.-.'.'.'. ........:,. .. .-.-.'.- .-.-.-.-.-. '.'.'.v.g .-.-.- ,-,-.-,-.-. .-.'.:.'.x . . . . ...... . ., . -:- -:-:-:-:-:-1 .-:-:-.-.-.-: :-:-:-:-:-: .-1:-25:-:cw :-:-:-:-:- '-:2:2:-:-:-q:-:-gg:-:-:-:-:-.-:gp-' -.-2-1-3-3,.-.g.,.g.g:g.g.g.g. a -'. .... '.'. A .' 5. .. .. ..- .'. ' . -.-.g.:.:2:...g...,.'- . .......... .... va .. -5:-:-z-zz:-:g:3:g:g:f:g .-:gig-:':3::-tk-.-. glglglglglglglglgl ' Zglgig., ,S121132121Zizlgigliizitgg' 23:1:1:1:?' ' ' f:3:3:1: 'I-Htl:-:-I-"'-'-2:-2-I-I-' ':-:':-'-:- :-:-:-:-:- 1-:-:-:iz-1 . . .-:-:-:g:3:5 1?-:':g:1:g..-.-:1.:.,, ':-:-'-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-.- ...,.g.,.-.,.,.,...,......... -.Q.,...,.,.,:.,.g.-., :-:-:-:-:-:-:Q-: :-:-:?:-. "-1-:'2'2-i:-:-'- -:-:-:-:-:- :-:-:-:-:-: . I-Z'1'l'Z'2:' ..... ...J . . . ... - -. ,.,- 1. . . . :-:-22:-:gt 'E32:2:g:2.. g'-2Q:l:g.g.,-.:.-.gzfqfz-Szii' -:-:-:-:-. w:-.-:-.y-:-.-:-.-.-'-'-:-:- :.:.g.:.g. '.g.3.j.:.g.. 1-,-.:,g.,.1:,-.3.1.1-1JZg.' .'.'.-.'.' '.'.'.'.'.'. ' -'-.1.pgg.g.'Qg.Z.- 1 THE GR JOAN M. ABRAMS 319-68th Street Mixed Clubg Accounting Office, terms 2-7.-Business. LOIS ACCARINO 668-82nd Street Trinity Clubg Junior Biindg Orches- trag TOZl"F7' Representativeg Worketi in Music Officeg Program Cnmmittee, term 3g Attendance Squad, term 7. -College. DANIEL ACK ERMAN A I 1152-95th Stregt Service Corps, terms 7, S.-Colley.-. JOSEPH ADINOLFI 87-1-69th Street Senior Treasurer, term 8g G.O. Rep- resentative, terms 5, 6, 71 T0ll'g'l' Representative, term 7.-College, LEE ALPERIN SBU----Hlntl Street Secretary fur Mrs. blnlsimg Mrs. Wtis- tt'riwerg's Service Ciirps. - lgillegcg ALF ANDILRSEN H15 '7'iI'ti Silt-'i Service f,ny-Its, .Z tr IIIISQ Sim:-i 'I'c'.ulul Itrrm. liaisiiit-as, Tlzirly-I rim V6.1 W i !"1."'2'v' C- , ni" . Uv , ,, 2, , t 'jg ZX!! .i w QS X f f , X , ,Q bl ff f M 4 3 an fi if W R 'fs 4 it I TE ALAN ANDERSON 255-91st Street Bandg Intramural Basketball.--BusL ness. MARGARET ANDERSON 1255-85th Street Grade Adviser's Squadg Secretary to Miss Brtwokninnn, terms 2-83 Emer- gency Room Squad, term 7g G.O. Representative, term 6,-Michigan, then Ciilifnrnia. MILLIE ANDERSON 342-97th Street Assistant in Miss HoFfman's Officeg Newman Clulw.-Business. NEAL ANDERSON 0S3A73rd Street fiiilicge. XVILLIAM ANDERSON 7125-oth Avenue St-rvicc Corps, tt-rms 4, S1 Untrmullml Iiiskr-tlw.1lIg l:l'L'Ilt'i1 Clulw---College. IOSI-l'lllNl? ANTONFITI Utw0-- 5'ti1 Street St'kI'L'l.II' Serxiru Squid. l tcrmsg St-t1vt.1rx' In Mi, Kearnev .md Miss Sinmn. liiisiiicss, ANITA APREA l0l6-64th Street Secretary to Mrs. Ames, ilth termg Secretary to Mr. Flaster, 7th termg Secretary to Miss Morrill, Hth term. Business Wforli. . ,. ' iff. 1 B 7 f IIZANNE bl. ARDIA 11159-54th Street Secretarial Service Squad, 4 termsg Attenclance Clerk for Mr. Stone, I termg Secretary to Mrs. Lyons, 2 termsg Secretary to Mrs. Schaefer, 1 termg Secretary to Mrs. Bonom, 1 term.ABusiness Wrirld. GLORIA ARIDA H210 Fort Hamilton Parkway Music Ollice, terms 5, 6, Gracie Ail- viser's Otbceg Secretary to Miss Waiters, Frencli Club, Program Com- milteeg Secretary to Mr. Nazerf- l'arson's School of Design. Ciliflllfill ARlVllfN'l'O 966 frf- fifmlll SlI'L'L'l Track Team, terms 6, 73 Locker Room Squatl, 6, 7, lI1lI'LlIl1lII'.ll Has- lcetlmll, Hgliliess. -4 N - , iv - t c L,wV" 'hw ,wrt 1- A ' 0' , FRANK ARNOLD ' S615-Brel Avenue Intramural Basketball.-Business, BERNICE ASI-IKENAZY 555 Ovington Avenue French Club, 1 termg Psychology Club, 3 termsg Secretary to Mrs. Hartg G.O. Officeg Secretary to Mrs. Sterneg Secretary in Libraryg Secre- tary to Mrs. Low.-College. OF sk .5 'Z 'e ... W x mx 'ill ROBERT A'I"I'lYl2H '52-I-'tli Avenue Clliemistry Laboratory, terms T S1 Locker Room, terms I, 61 Boys' Emergency Room, term ig Assistant In Mr. Kottman in G,O, Otlice, term 'Q Track Team, terms S, il, S, 63 Cross Country Team, terms 5, "1 Math Instructor, terms S, og Ylffllff, term S3 Arista.-College. VIVIAN ATTIYEH -l58eA90fl1 Street Arista: Miss Hoffmans Otlice, Z termsg Miss Brookmanns Otlice, -J termsg Secretary of Orlicial Class, 5 termsg Program Committee, 6 termsg Pan American Club, Z termsg Swim- ming Clubg Senior Gratle Council.- liusiness Wforlcl. l KANDY AUSMBIERQ r ws- -lflth Sm-et Li ' Sc tiaclg Secretary, Miss IN llir1S1 Secretary tollhlrs. l'l.4ulm.!' man: SecrgLirQ't'o Miss Carlson, Sec- l'L'l'1ll'YaBJ0 Mr. Stoney CtfUintimerQ,X Ex -li J l l usincsx X -.4 ' I YQ 'lm Q r J X s . L ' tr IUAN AXlfl.SlfN 958 5fltl1Street flffrlwr Art Staffg Secretary to Mrs. Graysong Moclern Dance Club.- College. ROSE BABBINO 8419-7tl'1 Avenue Secretary to Mr. Hammondg Mixed Clubg G.O. Representative, term 3. -Business. REX BAILEY 6623 Fort Hamilton Parkway College. UN 19 Thirty-three JOSEPH BARBARA 445-54th Street Baseball Te-amg Secretary to Dr. Lemking Mrs. Wfesterbergs Service Squad, Service Corps.-College. INIICHAEL BARICH S53--IOth Street Cafeteria Squad, term 33 Service Corps, terms 5 through S, Lieuten- ant of Service Corps, terms 4 through S3 Intramural Basketball.- Civil Service or I.'.S.A.F. JOAN BARONE 350'-59th Street Locker Squadg Library Squad- Business Wforld. JOHN BARRY 305-90th Street Mrs. W'esterberg's Service Squad, terms 6, 7, and S.iNY'ork or Air Force. 5. J'f'?. -were-rr S MARY BATEH 2 69-8 3rd Street -644251 -6..,,4 K CLAIRE BENDIKSEN 8717 Ridge Boulevard Girls' Chorus, terms 5-75 German Club, terms 2-4g Secretary to Dr. Cochrang Swimming Clubg Secretary to Mr, Solovay.-To see the World. CATHERINE BENEDETTO 349-65th Street G.O. Treasurer's Otiice, 1 termg Li- brary Squad, 1 termg Secretarial Service Squad, 1 termg Attendance Squad, 1 term, Softball Club.-Busi- ness. NICOLETTA BENEDETTO 411-91nd Street Library Squad. 1 termg Secretary to Miss Hohfinnn, 1 term: Secretary for Mrs. Butfa, Record Otiice, 4 termsg Secret.u'ii1l Squad.-Business. JOAN BA5ED5fZfVOVmgm Avenue XVILLIAM E. BENNETT , , V - ' I . , 'S-A--10th Street ti A7235 ,?lullmC temll S' A ' ' f ,Iunior Drama Club, term 3: Curtain- XXIZWCSYY 0 Cfm UUUU -F K timers, terms -I, S, 6. "1 Radio Guild. ' ENT tt-rms S, 6: SL'Lil'Cf.1l'Y to Mr. Kasscn- ts brook, term ig Lunchroom Squad. is term 6. 'Q Vnrsitx' Shows: English ' t"' w Uthcc, tr-rm S.fTl1L'.1ffC Arts. l 'X 5 T- . - 1 I dr s I ' MARCiAlili'I' lSATliH iiii CSUNSTANCIT BER znvaasafti sri-to I - IX itige ' mic ljusiness 5LllU1Jl 4 QJ , q St-gi' L11 fr- uig A I txlfx' W ' ' rs- to Mr Athi" 1 Sec t.1 5' o Ir ' tlt- V. .itnqig L .O CPLISC I C.. t 1 X' 1 'criul uru'il.-1- matic. ool. 4 ' KV ' I I f ,:. A ' 6 ,r 5' V- 'L I X Itvq Q 5 V, if 1 T H E C R A I E fi jf Thirty-four OF UN 1951 NAOMI BIERGER 8502 Fort Hamilton Parkway Library Squadg Secretary to Mr. Gould, Mr. Bedell and Mr. Kayeg lioostersg Modern Dance Clulmf Brooklyn College. RAYMOND ISERGER 5713-3rd Avenue lntr:1n'u1i'alB.rslcetb llg Service Corps: CMJ. it-pr-senta v , Secretary of Lead 'i' ' C Air Force. I . M ll 1 I SIMON BERKHOUT 957-67ll1 Sl rect Business. NORMAN BERKOVVITZ 864- -Nth Street B i o I o g y Squad, term 33 Service Corps, term 83 Intramural Basketball, tt-rm 6. 'Collcge. JOSEPH BIANCO 347-59th Street Physics Laboratoryg Secretary in Eng- lish, term 5Q Intramural Basketball. -Brooklyn College. ALBERT BJORLING 655-56th Street Service Corps, terms 3-83 Cafeteria Squad, terms 3, 4g Soccer Team- Business or Service. K lRXX"lN Bl.ACKl'5liRG 91151 Fort Hamilton P.lI'liXK'.ll' Band. fl pears.--College, GLENN BLANFORD L1-i-ifvtli Street 5CfViCr Corps. 115 yearsg Electriorl .intl Stage Squad, 1 ye.1r1 Band, 3 years: C4liAL'it'1'l.l. Service Squad: -lu- nior Prom Committceg CHI Repre- wnt.1tive.---I'. S. Navy, ANN lSl.OM S0 -7ir4l Street M o tl t- r n Danttg lianrlg Mixed flllll'lIS. Cillllklukl ROBIERT BODEN llG77'7'Sll1 SIFCCI Gym Service Corps, 2 years.fBusi- o' S rvice. , , S DONALD BOGGAN 167-92nd Street Secretary to Mr. Tannerg Mrs. Wes- terbergs Service Corpsg Tourer Rep- resentative, terms 5, 6, 7g Senior Council.-College. EMILY WEBB BOND 159-80th Street Arista, Girl Leader, 73 Piloz, As- sistant News Editor, 7-8g Quill and Scrollg Assistant Literary Editor Tozverg U"r1z'er of Sciezzreg Treasurer of Senior Classg Co-Author Senior Showg B r o o k 1 y n Association of Honor Societiesg Consul Latin Clubg Secretary Radio Guildg Psychology Clubg Radio Club: Secretary to Miss Simon, Mr. Mattei, and Mrs. Seldin. -Middlebury College. Thirty-five A' I I THE GRADUATES A J I ,Lf 1 s In UN FRANK BONgIORJNO , P .JST-" Brd- Street Designgm Senior Ping Deligner of Spring' Iusftal ,Prografng Service C ter 7,23 Gym Secretary, 3m 63'giO,,lRepiQentative, ter Il 5 "VUorlQ in l-Emergency RQ' , terrg 7, qifork., for Mrs.. Iacqbson, tejm 1.5-Pratt or Air Foxes! K I v Q31 ' 'I JAY BOORUM 507-82nd Street Intramural Basketballg Posters for the Schoolg Service Corps.-Navy. "I Ll -' Y l ,rr Q.s.,,,!k,, n " My ' r it .1 " V K V '-U at-Q' ,ant :Min HARTSS' BORCHERS S117-7th Avenue Service Corps, term 3: Chemistry Squad, 1 year, Intramural Basket- ballg Senior Class Representative, terms 7, S,-College. ARNOLD BORG 39 5'-68th Street Mixed Chorus.-Business. JOAN BOSCH 36048311 Street Secretary to Mr. Cummingsg Girls' Chorus, 214 years, 7'fl1l'LV Represen- tativeg G.O. Representative, -4 terms. -Business NX'r,rlrl, lzl. EN I JS ,ll I' " nl R'lll1 Stltet SLU -tary tn . .yn rg Ser it l.IIY t M s mn liL-.f'rrf1et4u'y ttf 1 'Se trtMl'.KnHlll1, I,.tn 41' ' CLH Ullirrg Strut tary ri INI s UTI ftillrgr S ,M l' QW? Tlvfrfy-tix ' "" 5' 6,5 If Q1 Q XX Q WS X XSS Ss s "5 2 f X xii ."f,,'.fi5 ,- , W f Sr, f sf: Nb R N' f 1 , rv w k ,vvr 'E-1 6-t r E, . 1 f . . JANET BOSCO 373-92nd Street Dean's Squadg Tennis Club.-Uni- versity of Miami. DAVE BOSSO 65-1-73rd Street Intramural Basketball.-Business. CATHERINE L. BOURKE 6914 Ridge Boulevard Secretary to Miss Mullin, terms 1, 23 Secretary to Mr. Cummings, 3 yearsg Secretary to Mrs. Hauptman, term lg Attendance Squad, 2 yearsg Usher- ette Squad, 3 years: GO. Repre- sentative, term 5: Member of Senior Crruncil.-Business Career. FRANCIS BROXYN 421-'Oth Street Mrs. XX'esterl-erg's Service Squad, 1 term.-Navy or Business. TERESA BROXYN 'wfaotlt Street SL'kSl'L'f.ll'Y to Miss Miller. l term, SXYllCiIl"O.1lIl Operator in General Ot- tire, 2 terms: Arista Society. I terms: 'Illini Pl1uto.:i'.1pl1x' Statt.-College. ll:XRRll7'l' IKRUXYXSTIQIN -ISI---Sith Street .'Xl'tst.lL Otlieml lilass 5eCl'et.ll'y'1 See- reI.1i'v tn Nts. Sxxalmg Seet'tt.1i'v to Nts. XYillisun1 Seetetrlry tu Nr. Strimg l'sxtlwlogx L lulwg I' 1' r n e lu tlulr lnlleee. ANTHONY HRUNO 5222-lltli Avenue Service Squutlg M u seu m Guiirdg Pfister Cnntestsg Designed lrltli An- niversary Scliuril liuttung Art Otliteg History Newspiiperg Art lixlilwitiiin in Stlimilg Painting Props for Ifyq- !!l.lllflIl,"ATl Cnlle,L:C. Al.MA BRUQUETAS llll9f67tl1 Street Aristug Pan American Clulwg Mixed Clulvg Softball Clulvg Museum Squutlg Assistant to Mrs. Gultllvergg Secre- tiiry tri Mr. Shulmung Seniur Show. Business College. ALFRED BRUZZESE 5619--7th Avenue Niivy, LESTER l5ll'l4LlfR U57fff Slllll Street Hiulugy Squziclg Physics Squiulg Pru- iectiiin Squaitlg Pliutiigluipliy Clulm- - llusiness. ' .Q .. 74 A 1 . X,-1' .WAV GLORIA CACCAVO 1062-69th Street Secretary to Mrs. Catania, term 43 Girls' Locker Room Squad, term 53 Se-ci'etn1'ial Service Squad, term 6.- Business Wfnrld, ROBERTA CAFFIERO 2052-75th Street Girls' Chorusg Secretary tu Mis Simnng Secretary to Mr. Cummings: Senior Showg Musicals: Library Squridg Azzfbor Representative: Sec- retary to Mrs. Cutler.-College. 52 ' .4 f lk I pr .4 IW, .... . 'D 4 f M- , 4. . are J f Z , . f fl X , 1 M2 I l ii. . ' mi 4 e- v Y nr xv f Q v X f VIOYCE CALDEIRA 611439 Flirt H.imiltun l'.irkxx.iv Secretary tu Mr. T.lHDL'f, term R1 Set- retiiry tu Miss Hiiffmim. term og Secretary tu Mrs. Genrge, term Sf- liusiness Writ-ld. ELAINE CQALDERON l-lil Eiist Brel Struct Rritliu Guiltl. term -4, ig Modern Dtincing Club. term 63 Secretary tu Mrs. Crillrilung Secretary tu Mrs. Kntclug Secretury to Mrs. lXlCHLlgl11 Secretuy tu Mr. Hiimmnntll Secre- tary tu Mrs. Segulg Secretary tu Ivliss lXliiIIin.-Wrixies. NANCY CAMERON 7425 Narrows Avenue ,luniiir Oitliestixi, terms 3, Hg Oitlies- tiui, terms -I, S, 6, 7, Hg Mixeil fllnirusg IWW Musitt.ileg Swimming Cllulvg ltisketlwgill Cllulwg Tri-Y Clulwg llsylliiilulgy Cilulw, terms 5, 61 0.0. llL'1I'L'NL'l1l.IllYL'Q 'I'ff11'rr Repi'esL'iit.i- tive, llmxersity ut M.iine. HARHARA C.AMPHlil,l. 7 lllll Ridge liuiileviiiml liusiness. i .4 1 .ff , ws A ' 1 ANNA QANIZIO 50 Eg-r9Otlli' 'Street Helltli Education, 'Squadg English Orticq' Locker Ruom Squ,g1clgq'hSeEi'e- tally liter 'Miss Bruokr a-ring Service Corps.-Bmsi as ,Lf 1 Q ie.. 7 1 lap' L. Lrffti' 4. NEIL CARBONE 867-41st Street Varsity Baseball Team, 3 years.- liiisiness or Navy. OF UN 19 Thirty-seven V f BROR CARLSON 271-86th Street Orchestra, 8 termsg Service Corps, terms 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria Squad, terms 3, 4, 5g All City Orchestra, LM yearsg Arista, Assistant G.O. Representativeg Mixed Chorus, term 13 Radio Club, terms 4, 53 French Club, 3 years.-Brooklyn College. ELEANORE L. CARLSON 543-62nd Street Library Squad, 2 termsg Emergency Room Squad, 2 terms, Secretary to Mrs. Lyons in term 5, Assistant G.O. Representative, 2 terms, Secre- tary to Mr, Cohen, terms 6, 8.f College, then Business World. ELMER CARLSON 774-60th Street Radio-Television School, Air Force. GAIL CARLSON 45-88th Street Library Squad, terms 5, 7, 8, Health Education Ofhce, terms 7, 8.-Scud- der Secretarial School. PAUL CARLSON 2'l-96th Street French Club, term 4, 51 Cafeteria Service Squad, terms 1, 21 Arista, terms 5 through 83 Chess Club, term 6, Orchestra, 2 ycrnrs,-Cilllege. ANTHONY C,ARNlfQlil.l.l 1025 f1Htlm Struct Rembmmlt Llubg Pflfff. fnllttgt- W Aff Slllllfll, was ,gi K Q K 5 x N: ,X . 2 N319 5' ,, S e X t Q We -s es , V 5 -we-asses ww , , t K+ A N .- ' l I , , 2. A' f ,iz 'l f 1 ' ' ll ,xl GERARD CARPENTER 92 Gelston Avenue Intramural Basket ball, Captain Serv- ice Corps.-Business. , ,4 'lblfle at ,lllltlll WH JOHN CARR 938-71 Street Track Team, terms 2 th ugh 6g Radio Clubg Service Corps, term 4g Lunch Squad, terms 5, 6, 7g Secretary to Mr. Kottmang Emergency Room. -Business or the Army. GENE CARRATELLI 923-64th Street Service Corps, 5 termsg Gym Secre- tary, 3 terms.-College lx r , 2' .-. 'V e "W-f f , . f-A 4 w i f ' 1 , k I V .,-,ag-Q GRACE CARSTENS, 5605-8th Avenue Clerical Assistant to Miss Frankelg Clerical Assistant to Mrs. Kahn.- College. LEAH CASANI nos-43th Street General Othce, 3 termsg Senior Council.-Business. RICHARD CATO 317'-bird Street GD, Rt'prt-scnt.1tivc.' terms 1. 31 740I1'r'!' RCPl'0SCI1l.lflYt1 term 4, lntm- murnl B.1skt'tb.1ll,-Armed Forces. THE GRAD ATES Tlrirly-wiglit GF UN 1 LORRAINE CAULFIELD 6830 Ridge Boulevard Locker Room Squadg Emergency Room, Newman Club Secretary, Sec- retary to Mrs. Schaefer.-Business. ERNEST CAVALLO 11806-lltb Avenue Lztborzltory Helper.-Business. MICHAEL CIERATO 750-59th Street Cross Country 'I'rrtck, term 33 Track Team, terms fi, 63 Service Corpg, term 73 0.0. Otlice, term 7.----Busi- ness Wforld. -IOAN CliURVtil,S 317-95th Street Secretarial Squndg Secretary to Mr, Cummings and Mr. Golomlwg New- mnn Club, Modern Dance Group- -- Nursing or Business. GEORGE CHRISTENSEN 7130-Sth Avenue GO. Representative, 1 term, Locker Room, 1 term: Cafeteria Service Corps, 1 term.-Navy. LILLIAN CHRISTENSEN 705-59th Street Miss HoHman's Office, 1 termg Red Cross Club, 5 termsg Late Desk.- Business. , ,qi I, f I fi ,fl . " Z f X .W .7 . , L. Z , if t X W 4, - 6,962 I I 5 E I ru ,.fL 7 R wr? A 5, 6, L 'Cf i 4 r jg, fl, . ..,- - K Wil! V , 'y' ,f. tl! f Z ,512 W fe f .V - ff fl , .-ly , 4 7 M F lex ,Z .' MIL t M w ifi' x' ,,jdQf A- hg kgg . --"MQ X 1 ,, 4- t t B- , i iii' - f'fr if vw . f ' , 'K 4 4' V av- . f 9' , H 7 C 5 X, ,, s 'C S.. L , Z f 7 fa 95 Joris c11ANo S-l-'Oth Street Truck Team, terms 4 through 71 Newman Clubg Secretary to Mr. Drucker, Mr. Kottman, Mr. Sc-igelg termsg Iimergency Room Squad, 3 Locker Room Squad, 2 terms,-Seton Hull Lhiversity or Air Force. SAALVATOREJ CICALE . 8l.t4g5lst Street Cafeteria Squad, 2 termsi Service Corps, 2 terms lnd'Lieuten.1ntg Class Representative and Senior Council, lI1tl'tllUl.ll'Atl Basketball.-Business or the Murine Corps! . - 4 lNlOR'l'l tfli f,lVAN ,SH 1 -nuc' liditt iii-cliiefq-Pflrf7,' azldbmfmtor, l'ilo 3 tlixed C.Iiorus, -i yenrsg 'o- tizite liditorC,lVluq,r 'of Srtklflf 'sy- tlnology Clubg l'rt-sident, Clvess Clubg Mnth 'lglng 'llIll1'L'I'Q Latin Clubg lfrt-:yt ','Rrulio Clulwg Intru- mur. ligitllf--,Cnlullllvixl Unit vt-rsrtv. I C I CLIEARY IOHN 223-57th Street Service Corps, -i termsg Emergency Room Squndp Secretary in Gymg Locker Room Service.-Business. MARY COCHRANE 257-92nd Street Secretary to Mr. Cummingsg Secre- tary for Mr. Kearnyg Secretary for Mrs. Grayson, Secretary to Miss Higginson.-Business. ae df-wa Pr"1,1:-M-. w.,., VUILLIA I COLEMAN 807-44th Street Secretary to Mrs. Gold, term 3g Movie Squad, term 43 Track Team, term 4g French Club, term 4g Biology Squad, -ig Secretary to Miss Miller, 5g Secretary to Mrs. jolson, term term term 5g President of GO., terms 7, 8, GO. Office, terms 7, 8g School Rep- resentative at City Wide GO. Meet- ings ,terms 7, 85 Secretary to Mrs. Hart, term 8, Senior Council, term 8. -College, Law, Politics, Thirty-nine M4 THE GILBERT COLLINS -i7Sg75th Street Service Corps: Intramural Basketball. -Armed Forces. MICHAEL COLON 306-56th Street Business. X Q - 's ' L1 1 JJ I Hayle MARLINE COINIBE 8 Marine Avenue Mixed Chorus, terms 3 through 8g Girls' Chorus, term 51 All City High School Chorus, terms 4, Sl German Clubg Curtaintimers, Miss Brook- mann's Othce, terms 1 through Sq Senior Show.-College. MARY CONNOLLY 257-92nd Secretary to Mr. Cummings, 1 termg termg termg Street Secretary to INIr. Kearney, 1 Secretary to Mrs. Grayson, 1 Secretary to Miss Higginson, 1 term. -Business. CAROLYN COOKE Quarters R6, Naval Briss Prefect Secretary for 21,2 yearsg Sec- retary tn Mr. Swahn, term 53 Secrel tary In Miss Higginson, terms -1, ig Secretary to Rfiss XX'.itcrs, term 72 Frumh Club, term S, Ciillegc, JVLIAN CXJRACHE 655- H5ll1 Slut! Truck :mtl Cross Cmirilry 'l'r.iiiis, tcrins I-"ig Mrs. Wl'SlL'l'l5L'l'M'S St-rviri' Squmig Sc'trc'!nl'y im' MIX Kullllnlllll --'l'r.ivt-I, than Amit-il limits. Furl 3' GRADUA s " "' -iv - t-IGI M111 5 ' , W. .W S A , .,.,, - 4 J, Nw Q ,Q , . V A RQ ....,. 1 1 . I Ss ' t -:si ,ilu s av, it , ,-a.,,rTt,,S.tmSWwXk . ess' Ns., R N K 3 I ' ,' ' ist, y kt .' 1 . - - -NH? - 'W Q 1 f Q J A 7'-IQ 'tl TES RONALD CORN 1010-49th Street Latin Club, term 33 Curtaintimers, terms 5. 6, 7, 8g Chess Club, term 63 Math Club, term 63 Arista, terms 5 through 8g Wforked for Miss Miller, term 6.-College. RICHARD CORNEY 402 Marine Avenue Cafeteria Squad, term 3g Mr. Stone's Office, terms 5, 6, 73 Intramural Bas- ketball, term 6.-College. ANITA CORRAO 6619H1Oth Avenue Aristag Secretarial Service Squa-:lg Library Squaclg Mr. Byron and Miss Hennessy: Soft Ball Club: Swim- ming Clubg Senior Show.-Medical Stenographer. ANTHONY COSCIA i' ,x 1-I4 Bay Ridge Avenue SgcreIaryto'INIiss Simon, term 1, 2: S'"to Missilbe May". term 3: Secretary to INIriQ,I:evine, Mais -I. 5 7. Si Secretary to Miss Keely, ,t 13 Intramural -4B.isketb.iIli crgt. y to Prefect ass: Senior Ct uricil Sth term.-wr Inknoxvn. I ASSLNTA COSTANTINI 500-I Fort Hamilton P.1rkw.iy Business Manager of the Timer: Mr. XY'.ilts' Otiice, 1 term,-Business XY'orltl. CAROL CRAIG Sli-53th Street R.1tlio NYoi'ksliopg Red Cross Clubg St-cr'r't.ii'v to Miss Higginson, terms S, rs, ', S: CllI'f.lllIflll'lCI'Sl History Cilulx -A--follvge. JERRY CROWLEY 718-53rd Street Track Team, 1 termg Service Corps, 4 termsg Social Studies Office, 2 terms.-The U. S. Navy then The Police Department. J N IN 1 3 lston Avenue R N Ogecre ar 0 Mr. ortong Secretary to ' s Regan' nrbn' Representa- li AQ merg - ollege. ,Hwy X A FRANK DA AHER 406-91st Street Service Corps, 4 termsg Social Study Ottice, 2 terms.-College. AUDREY DAVIS 956-59th Street Secretary to Mrs. Sterneg Secretary to Mr. Solovaiyg Typist on the Pilffl. --fSecretary. THOMAS DAVIS ' 1055-73rd Street Service Corpsg Class Secretaryg Intra- mural Basketball.-Xwork. mf' J Q-,J l' I ii Y ROBERT DAGAR " 16 Dahlgren Place 1 . 'fi W 2 .1 Business. Q rf' 'gs ' 6-if in-f ffdiff' Wu' RICHARD DELI. 236-02nd Street Track Team, terms 5, -ig Service Corps, 1 term.-Police Force. RAYMOND DEMAEO 742-40th Street Dramatics Cluhg Biology Club.- Business Wo1'ld. MARTIN T. DENLEA 250-62nd Street Secretary to Mrs. George, l tc-rmg Secretary to Mr. Kottmann, 5 termsg junior Prom Committee: G.O. Class Representative, terms 2, 5, 5, 6: Senior Prom Committeeg Senior Council.fl'lusiness. DAVID DIE PARIS I0737701l1 Street Servicg 'orps, gzrm 81 Tr .isurt-v'oT 8-BQ! it ' clarify gon' Ty'p Q 'iss Henne.W"'tfrfLiisQZ through 6.-Business Wforld, or Night School. . PATRICIA ANNE DETO 514-55th Street Library Squad, terms 4, 5, 6, 7g Emergency Room, term 7g Secretary to Mrs, Bonom, term 8g Newman Club.-College, Librarian. DOROTHY DIAMOND 145-'95th Street Arista, Boosters, Secretary to Miss Skidmoreg Grade Advisers' Officeg G.O. Office, term 3g Tower Repre- sentativeg French Clubg Prefect Class Secretary, term 3g Senior Show.- College. OF UN 19 Forty-one GEORGE DI BARI 718-40th Street Arista, terms 5, 6, 7, 8, Latin Club, terms 3, 4g Pilof, terms 4, 5, 6g Dra- matics Club, terms 5, 6, 7g Tower, term 8, Program Office, term 8.- College. GORDON D1 PAOLO 5901-10th Avenue Program Committee, Treasurer of Senior Prefectg Service Corpsg Intra- mural Basketball.-Work. JO ANNE D1 RESTA 380-88th Street Girls' Chorus, Musicalesg Secretarial Service Squad, Mr. Kearney's Otiiceg Tower Representative, Secretary to Miss Keely.-Business World. JAMES DIVVER i ' 69 ' e oulevard Supply ad e ecretary to Mrs. , y Secretary to Mr. Q e,y's .-Business or College. JOSEPH DOHERTY 8209-3rd Avenue Third Floor Attendance Otlicer, 2 terms, Secretary to Mrs, Hale, 1 termg Intramural Basketball, 1 term. --Travel and then Wfirk. JOHN DOLAN 5519---fllli Avenue Secretarial Service Squgirl, l term1 Mrs. Westc-rherg's Service Squiiil, fi termsp Secretary to Miss llc-imessy. U. S M, C QJ1- , bjlpw vis x if s PAT gif, i i 53-52nd Street wcher g ene al Off1ce.- o JANE DONOVAN 1071-80th Street G.O. Representativeg Tower Staffg Tower Representative, Secretary to Mr. Schulman, 2 terms, Mr. Go- lomb, 2 terms, Mr. Bedellg Emer- gency Room Squad: Senior Show, French Clubg 7th Term Council.- College or Katharine Gibbs Secreta- rial School. THEODORE DRANGE 9023 Fort Hamilton Parkway Pilof, terms 1, 2, 3, 4, Psychology Club, 2 terms, Mathematics Club, 2 termsg Chess Club, 1 termg Arista. -College. ROBERT DREW' 263-57th Street Secretary to Mr, Sachey. 3 terms, Emergency Room: Secretary to Mr. Cuttita, 1 term.-College. CORNELIUS DRISCOLL 315-"Sth Street Service Corps, terms 5, 6: Curtain- timers, term T1 lntramurul Basketball, term 6.-Navy. I ER SCOL - KY? l Y ' -' 1 Street S 'ret.1r to lN 2 L cecretary to lNlr ,i'ds ice-Presdent ' tcc ass: Studs - . ita- ni.ig Citet org, 2 terms. I J, rf 1 'i..i JTHE GR UATES Forty-Iwo OF UN CAROL DUCKER 328 Marine Avenue G.O. Representative, term 7g Secre- tary to Miss Konigg Secretary to Miss Ilrookmanng Girls' Chorus, 5 terms, Mixed Chorus, 1 term, Pro- gram Committeeg Tower Business Staffg Senior Show, Musicalese College. CAROLYN DUNSEATH 594-88th Street Library Squad, terms 1, 2, 33 Ac- counting Squad, terms 6, 7, 8g Secre- tary to Mrs, Frankleg Tri-Y Club, Volley Ball Clubg Secretarial Service Squad.-Business World. WALLACE EDGEHILL 911-83rd Street Servicc Corps, 1 term.-College. IRVING EHRLICH 938-51st Street Assistant to Mr. Kearney, 2 yearsg Chemistry Laboratory, terms 7, 8, Latin Clubg Psychology Club, terms 5, 61 7th Term Grade Council, Senior Council.-College. STAMOS ELEFTHERIOU 122 Bay Ridge Avenue Aristag Service Corps, Tower Repre- sentativeg Secretary to Mrs. Greene, Psychology Clubg Attendance Sheet Collector.-College. CYNTHIA ELG 844-67th Street Secretary to Mr. Kearney, term 5g Secretary to Mrs. Goldberg, term 65 Secretary to Mrs. Ames, term 8.- Business World. 1 ,- .1 , " 2 f is l . , ' Z R , wg V . 6 2 C , - 9' lf' Q' V, ' f , 1 X J f, '7"f" fi We W 5- f -4.3 " " W I We ,VV , M q .ff l l l l i 95 PAULA ELGOT 328-88th Street Secretary to Mr. Kearney: Secretary to Mrs, Mayer, terms 1-75 Tower Representativeg Aristag Basketball Clubg French Clubg Modern Dance Clubg Senior Show.-Brooklyn Col- lege. I ELSIE s. ELLIITIGSENKN c -665-58th Street Secretaryl to Ger, term 31 Li- brary Sqjuzidw term 33 Tower Repre- se tntivje, term 5g,'SeCretary to Mr. Stiullt, term? F61 Class Secretary, term 8.-Eutrnpe, then College. ,IOAN EMIERY 75 Buttery Avenue Hand, terms -1, 5, 6, 71 lktirm-ogixrplt Squad, term l 1 Health Service Others, terms 7, Tennis Club, term ,ig New- mim Club, terms l, 2, 5.A4BllSllll.'SS. IVIARILYN EMMONS 813-71st Street Arista, terms 5, 6, 7, 81 Program Othce, terms 4, 5, ga 77 ggfjollege. CONSTANCE ESPOSITO 823-68th Street Library Squad, terms 4-7g Senior Term Council.-Business. JOAN FALKENBURG 335-68th Street Prefect Secretary to Mrs. Greene, Mrs. Jolson, Miss Konig, terms 3 through 7g Secretary to Mr. Cum- mings, 22 yearsg Mixed Club, term 2g Worked for Miss Hoffman, term 8. -Business. Forty-three HE GR ROBERT FAROUH 9442 Ridge Boulevard Radio Clubg Service Corps.-College. JOHN FARRELL 7 106+10th Avenue Business. ROBERT FAY 220-75th Street Service Corps.-Business. f' i I JOHN E. FERGUSON 371h72nd Street Varsity Bowling Teamg Intramural Basketballg Mixed Chorus, terms 4, 55 Musicale, term -ig Senior Show, term 8g French Clubg Secretary to Mr. Sachey. - College, U.S, Air Force. ADELE FERNANDEZ 1o27f67rh Street Aristag Whrketl for Mrs. Goldberg, terms 5-Hg Wiirketl for Miss Simon, term 8g Vice-President of Spanish Cluhg Softball Cluhg Swimming Clulwg Museum Guard, term 71 Stcnngrapliy Regents Marlcing Committee, term 63 Sclioolf - Business XX'nrltl. ROI5lfR'li FHIIRARA 450 'l'lll1 Slrttl Service Corps, I tr-rm. liiisim-ss, Ff2l'fjJ'-ffllll 1' -if YJ. hr WA 'M 4 .M . i f? is, 5.1 DUATES J L ' .bE..:'5?F N, s ., ....,. .:..,.:., - .Q i M X Q iii'-s i S-.' tw X i , 5 K l 4685 1 .N ' megs va ,l RAYMOND FILFILEY 135-92nd Street Band, 2 vearsg Orchestra, 4 yearsg Service Corps, lk yearsg Musicalesg Senior Showg Music Otiice Squad.- College. AL FIORE 974-54th Street Service Corps, term 8.-College. f ' 1 9 I HE ' FI ILIW . I 205 ort Hamilton Parkway Serv ce Corps, term 85 Secretary to Mr. Druckerg Intramural Basketball. -Business, JOHN M, FITZGERALD Quarters, 703E Fort Hamilton Arista, term 8: Lieutenant of Lunch- room Squad. term 7: Captain of Lunrhroom Sciuad, term S1 Pilot Staff, terms 6..f'."S1 Tower Literary Staff, term S1 Intramural Basketball, term 61 Senior Show, term S1 Cleri- cal Assistant-Mr. Szabo, term 61 Clerical Assistant. Mr. Joltin, term S.-Air Forcel If. S. INI. A.-Xvest Point. DONALD FLORE 6501-10th Avenue Service Corps, terms 4 through 73 Intramural Basketball, term 61 As- sistant GO, Representative. terms 5. if College or Armed Forces. JOHN l7Rl?l-IOMII. 'oll Fort Hamilton Parkway C'.ilietei'i.i Squad. 3 terms: Service Corps, 1 teriu.-AAi'iued Forces. ALBERTA FRIHDMAN 969A43rtl Street Language Othce, terms 6, 71 Modern Dance Class, terms fi illlitlllgll Hg Modern Dance Club, terms -l, 5, 63 Seventh Terni fluuntilg Senior 'l'reasf urer.--Brtmlilyn College. ,IOSLPI 'ALE - ,i '9tll57-Hd Avenue Orch' L terms 5-Ft-1"j'unior Band, te-rg, Track' Team, term 1, 2g Sriunce Club, terms 1, 21 Secretary 'irr'Music Othce, term 6, Intramural ' l5askutba,ll', ,trfrins 5, 6.7-College. I I 'K uf' JO-ANN oARo1fAr.o 2l773fltl1 Street Secretary tn Mr. Gary Secretary tu Miss Yrrungg Secretary tu Miss Wattt'l'sg Tuimfr Representativc'.fSt. 'Iirhn's University. lOSlll'lllNli CiA'l4'l'O 6flll ltltlr Avenue Scrrctary tu: Mr. Kearney, term sg Mr. Cuminings, terms 7, H, Miss Mullin, term 73 Senior Sliowg Solit- ball fQIub.f--liusiness Writ-Itl. ARNOLD GELMAN 74 Gatling Place G.O, Oliice, fi yearsg G.O. Olhce Manager, terms 7, 85 Mixed Chorus, terms 2 through 65 Secretary to Mr. Lebowitz, term 7, Health Educatitzn Secretary, terms 2 through 8g Basket- ball Manager, terms 2 through 73 Intramural Basketball, term 7.-Col- lege. LUCILLE GERACI 751-60th Street Class Treasurer, term 8, Amber Representative, terms 3, 4, Tourer Representative, term 4, Secretary to Mrs. Greene, term 4, Secretary to Mr. Levin, term 6: Secretary to Mr. Kaye, term 8, Switchboard Operator, term 6.-College. liLAlNli GIMHNIZZ 1. sisasliitt srrttr . - 'I' i Q1 Arista, Mixed Clitwtrs, l term, Girls' ' Q 1' Chorus, 4 yearsg Softball Cluhg .... wk xii Mixed Clult Psyclmltigy Cfluhg 'l'rr-Y , edt. A, Club, vita-pr-t-srrltrnt .if c LN, X :Wil 1 , .59 Tffzzw' RL'Pl'L'9L'l1f.ll'lYC 1 term' Prn- A gram Ctmmmittee.-lxatharine Ciibbs f f ' ' Secretarial School, GERALD GIORDANO ' ISU Pl'USPL'L'f Avenue pl, Service Corps, 2 termsg Intramural K ft cf Hzlsketball.-Xxfurli . gk, ' ' r . , . . 'Et' fr , - 0' f " -- 4 tl'tl"- " " u' ,, , X Q L 4? ' j' ' I , ,,,, '15 p A. 3 g 1, .qi ' r' ' ' A Z' -4' 'A i if V f i ff 1 9 5 i i Wersi r 't , t Fl" ,pw J 2 1 mn-4 K 1,1 ,. VIIEAN GIORDANO ltliiifvltli Street Secretary to Miss lirnokrnarm, terms 6, 7.-Business Vlforld. lfl.l'ZAl5lfTH UODDARD 3311 lllllll SlI'C'C'l News lfrlitor, l'ffu!,' Literary lftlitimr, 'l'f11z'r'rg Literary Statf, fl I1 1' fr Il r 3 ll".11'w uf Sriwlrgeg Secretary ul Aris- tag Bantlg lNlusicaIesg Quill .intl Scrollg Secretary uf Psychology Club1 liruolilyn Association of Honor Sn- Cietiesg Tri-Y Clubp Co-Author Sen- ior Showq 7th Term Grade Cuuncilg Mixed Club.+Syracuse University. HARVEY GOLD 7101 Shore Road Service Corps.wCollege. LORETTA GOODWYN L K, ,' 226-97th Qtreet Nevvman Club, 4 termsg Newman Club Ciurrasponding Secretary, 2 terms, Switchboard Operator, 2 terms.--Busifnesk. . A OF UN 19 Forty-five LESLIE W. GORDON 127-70th Street Aristag Quill ancl Scrollg Business Manager of Pilotg Tower staffg Pan American Clubg Psychology Clubg Emergency Room Squad, Secretary to Mr. Kearneyg Senior Show,-Em gineering or Chemical Research. MARCELLA GORONSKY 738-59th Street Secretary in Health Educationg Emer- gency Room Squadg G.O. Represen- tativeg Secretary to Miss Mattson and Mrs. Hyerg Secretary in Deans Of- fice.-Business Wforld. ARNOLD F. GOVERTSEN 826-60th Street Mixed Chorus, 6 terrnsg Orchestra, 4 termsg Soccer Team, 1 yearg Presi- dent of Trinity Club: Miss Hennes- sy's Messenger, 1 term.-College. GEORGE GREGORY 150-95th Street German Club, 3 termsg Service Corps, terms 3, 6, 7, 8g Intramural Basketball.-College. IRWIN GRELCK 915-72nd Street Wforkerl for Miss Millerg Chemistry Laboratory,-College. 4 xl fi. IQ ggi. EEE: ,X g v. if asa A , X Q f W ' I 5 C all .wi .4113 M '- i wc:'i:m I X" ' A ffl 95, I ft WWW - ,,., sgigigq- f if .4 . S'fm2fs f' 'Q 3 l ing c it W t. x. 5' ,,,, - lx 'wr e K mmf' X X f H S -It , ,-, ss . NS? X Sr Q it 2 s. N xx TM' 7 'ri wi 'K V, 44,2 fr Q , s S All s V61 ,E : ' X Q r - V P Ili , A 0,,,.,. ...,,,, 5, ,STR wr Q Xxx I ff I .- -+ , fs? . sa. 'r r I A if . 'E Q' is s 'ip it A 'if-. ' we I Q N - is NANCY GRONLIE 694-85th Street Radio Club, 1 term, Miss Hoi'fman's Otice, terms 1 through 6.-Business. EUGENE GRUNW D 5 72nd re i Corps, msg - ice orps.- '. Inst' e, Dr 'g. I CHARLES GUELLA 4210-Sth Avenue From U. S. Army to Business. CATHERINE GUNDERSEN 269-93rd Street Secretary to lNIr. Kearny, 2 termsg Miss Mullins Olliceg Secretary to Miss Weidig in Study Hall.-Secre- tary. DIANA GURA 4116-Sth Avenue Orchestra, 7 terms: Orchestra Libra- rian, 5 terms: Tnzwr Representative, 1 terms: Assistant Secretary to Mr. Mortong Arista, - Albany State Tc-.ichers College. ELEANOR oiuMsMANN I I BVAN GL'RvAs . 1H6rr6Hll1 SUCH! ,. T101 Narrows Avenue Secretary to Mrs, McHugh, 3 termsg 5 ' Semi,-Lt Cofpsx terms 4. ji SCU-emry Sccrc-fury Lu Miss Hoffmann, 3 will-gg I. ,iq to Mr. Ttlluwl.--Collcsi Secrctziry to Mrs, ciI'CL'I'lL', I termg Q5 N ' I ,,,k 5' si K Progrqrm Conruniiiltr-c-1 Sr-crcluriul St-rv! ' 'H ' fl , - , V ice Squrulf Business Wril'lrl. X, I W . I 5 , L igfiiiff Forty-six OF UN 195 LORRAINIE HADDAD 837-73rd Street lute Squml, 7tl1 termg Sctretury to R CQONSTANCQIE HARR aw Bay Ritlge P.lI'liXN'.lY He.1ltl1 St-nice Sqrmtl, term 31 Sturm, Mr. Stone, Htlm term. - Business Ury to Mrs. SCl1.u-lel',f-liuslncss. XXf1lrl1l. fffiw W l czr,ADYs HAGMAN ' f HAROLD rl' HART S15-Slat Su-ect f ' 5 'lll'V"", 'imfmlll Swat I, ,V C- . l , f - ' " Service Corps Czlfetclml Squutlg Brol- mgnun ,omnuttec-, 2 terms, Miss I A, 1, --VVv' 3 U Q, I- P. .X tw Q ll-Flut- Hoflnmn's Olllre, 5 tc1'ms.f-Business 3 ,gi . N 'Tl Qqlwkf, lllllgmlllt flu-M l' null N1IlLlUIiI1g- I- ,iff my Il .l rllll lLll.l nlxkfe-I l ' W ' ll Y JOAN HAIAIIAI4 ,, nolus llAVliCQlilfR l45sf77rIl Slrt-ct 3 ' I 0Uf75l1l SMU 5f.U.Q.m,.y U, NURS Millww K.,-,H 61 I- AI'INl.lQ Qnlu-str.lg'l'Iwtogrr1pl1y lzrll. l,ll1l'ury Squgul, term 73 lflm'r'g.:enr'y 3 W ,pw 'UI' of l"ff'L"'l 54'L':Ql1lfY U2 Bflfs- Rmml, It-rm 6: l.uulr'rs' Clulw, lr-rms f' W4 MCHlI,L:l1L 5i'W'f1ll1k lL'I'm 'Ulllflllll fi, S3 Vollrly Hull Ollir-ml, term fi, ,Av .K '- FNMIHII llvmr Crlulv: Red UUSS lg,,,i,,,W tj-ff fjlulwg lXllINlL.llLQ UU. R.L'lWI:C9L'l1l11- tm 1 lzxrg lll'1l.LfI'.IllIf4lll1lHIllL'L'Q 5L'Illlll'l,lAL" :M ful 5Q'Ll'il.lI'Y, HLINIHLNN XX'ul'lal. 4 IiVlZlilE'I'l' llAl,VUllSlfN Iil.AINlE HAZAZ Q sgzsslocnlw Srl-ru 4 ,v i W I Sify 7'1fl1 5fl'L'9f 'I',-mjly Cjllllwg Service Corps, terms Gym lNlonitnr, Girls C4l1lm1'trs.Wl5r1sl- 6, 7, H.- Xxfurli eu' Iiilwle Sclmul, 7 HLW5. my nl JEAN HANSEN 922-S4tl1 Street Deans Office, 1 termg Secretary to Mr, Cummings, 2 terms.-Business. THONJE HANSSON 474-55th Street Grade Advisers Squadg Program Committeeg Emergency Room Squadg Latin Clubg Orchestra, 3 years.- College. V ,J L H" li 2' 5 ll if 'fa 'f f .1 r I ' S SV . f H 'L Z? U4 ADRIENNE HELAL , ,f1: -150-95th Street 'V Secretary to Miss Mullin. term lg Secretary to Mrs. Stern, terms 5, 7, f R.-Work. :,. W K l JOHN HELLAND t ' 748-60th Street Service Corps, 2 terms.-Business. W X W X fx? x f l pr' ,ff ,X , , f,, lm 4, :fu ,, E' ' ' Wife Forty-seven THE FAITH HELLER 5221 Fort Hamilton Parkway Girls' Locker Room, term 6g Secre- tary to Mr. Friedman, term 7, Secre- tary to Mrs. Hauptman, term 8, Pro- gram Oflice for Mr. Ganeless, term 8. -Business. HELEN HEMPEL 63-91st Street Mr. Kearney's Squad, term 1, Health Service Office, 2 terms, Late Squad, 3 terms.-Work. SAMUEL HERZOG 922-51st Street Cafeteria Squad.-Armed Forces then College. ROY HIIS 7-il-52nd Street Service Corps, term 1, Biology Labo- ratory, term 1, Aquarium Club, term 2.-Business World. JANET HIND 955-71st Street Secretary to Mrs. Jolson, term 51 Secretary to Miss Simon, term R3 Volley Ball Otiiciuls Club, term 43 Leaders Club, term 53 Mixed Club, term 5g Deans Office, term H1 Soft- ball Club, term 6.-Business School. BARBARA HllNrlS'l'lfD'l' lll9"'79lll 5lI'k'L'l Secretririul St-rvitrt Squuil, 2 twins, Mr. Stiiutltk Ollicc, I tt-rin, l.ilni'iiry Squurl, 1 term. - Wfiirk. Forty-viglit GRADUA -L .,, 1. .4 f w sri' 1.1.5-1'-..:. "'A i ' .. F.. " r ..- 1 ...r. . , , "" t K ' v U s K X A P a ' its IAQ., 5' - . , -t . , xg ,yy f 6' if 'LX TN K Q3 ,, . i Y M' 'sfo' 'M' wx ., L . 1. -V K ,..s- tw S ' P X at -- , .,.. . 'fi PX ' . .s ff, . l N A ir' T ,i Q WF: X 1 9' Q 1 we .1 T- . NO' T - . . - '- tiff ff' in - , far.: , -- - . at " . l A I TES MARIAN JANET HINTZE 6801 Colonial Road Secretary to Mrs. McHugh, 3 termsg Modern Dance Club, 1 term, Modern Dance Class, 2 terms, Girls' Chorus, 6 termsg Musicales.-Business and Night School. JOHN HIRSIMAKI 9229 Shore Road Mimeograph Squad, terms 1, 23 Radio Club, term 1, Radio Guild, terms 2-55 Service Corps, term 6g Band, terms, 3-8.-College. JOHN P. HOGARTY S71-59th Street Assistant G.O. Representative, terms 2, 33 Track Teamuterms 1, 2gVarsity Basketball, terms 2, 3, -ig Varsity Baseball, -1 yearsg Newman Club, 2 yearsg Service Corps, terms 2, 3, 4, 7, Secretary to Mr. Kottman, terms 6. ', 8.-Uhiversity of Iowa or Marines. EVELYN HOLLENFER 329-68th Street Prefect Secretary, terms 1 through S3 G.O. Representative, terms 5, -1. 55 Secretary to Mrs. McHugh, term 23 XVorked for Mrs. Mayer, term -lg Deans Othce, term -lg German Club, terms 5, -lg G.O. Store. terms 5, S1 Class Treasurer, term S.-Career, RICHARD J. HOLSTEN -168-wth Street Service Corps, 4 terms: Music.1le,- Business. BERIT HOLTF C950-4tl1 Avenue Arista: G.O. Rcprcsentntiveg Secre- tary to Mrs. Jolsnn: Grade Adviser Squad. tr-rms 3-S1 French Clubg Se- nior SllUXX'.-'K.lil1.ll'lI1LI Gibbs Busi- ness Srliuol. EARL HOMESTEAD ' 915-77th Street Service Clorpsg Architecture Club- Inclustrial Designer. IDORUTI-IY HOPKINS 207-67th Street Newman Club, 2 terms, Modern Dance Club, term 51 Modern Dance Group, terms 4, 51 Musicalesg Health Service Office, term 75 Senior Show.-Business XXforld. MARION A. HORTENBACH 7824 Fort Hamilton Parkway Secretary to Mr, Stauclt, term 3g Emergency Room, terms 7, 8.-Bush ness. I US Htli Avenue reasurei or '-nior l'L'l7L'Ct.-'llLlSl- .om N11Hoyc1 c CSS. I libmr xl, ot ' isg ibrary Squatlg XX M FRANCIS HUGHES 454-62nd Street College. EDMUND JOSEPH HYNES 276-55th Street Service Corps, term 5g Cafeteria Squad, term 3g Intramural Basket- ball, term 5.-Air Force. f A Z.-2 Zia 1 W Q fv ire f V Il, . e f A 5. 6 2 fy, f lf' f K 1 ' 2. """ M lm 1, . C v .- t l W I 1 RAI? IANDOLO t-70-- I-lth Street Operator in General Otlice, term 73 Girls' Chorusg 312 yearsg Musieales, terms 2. -tg Softball Club, term 23 Boosters, terms Z, 3, Al, SQ Alunior Prom Committee, term 61 Seventh Term Council, term 73 Senior Coun- cil, term S3 Tfzuwr Staff, term S1 Senior Show, Senior Prom Commit- tee.-fBusinc-ss XX'orld. GERTREDE INCARNATO 576-92nd Street Mixed Club, 1 termg Softball Club. 1 term, Basketball Club. 1 termg Or- cl estra, tl terms,-Business. ' 'ar Q.-uLCl:S WA.TIi INGEBRIGHTSEN S20 Bay Ridge Avenue Service Corps1 Assistant to Mrs. Knebel.-XX'ork. NAOMI ISQIIITII 7022 llitlge lloulevaril Girls' Chorus, 3 yearsg Arista, Musi- caleg Varsity Sliowg l"syt'IioIogy Club, terms 5, 63 Curtaintimersg Secretary to Mrs. Greene,--CQ:,llc-ge. TI-IERESA IVERS 8205-3rd Avenue G.O. Representative, terms 3, 4g Newman Club, terms 1, 2, 3, 4g Sec- retarial Service Squad, terms 7, 85 Mr. Byron's Office.-Business. JOAN JACOBSEN 221-56th Street Secretary to Mr. Goldstein, 1 termg Attendance Squad, 1 termg Leaders Club, Secretary to Miss Dick, 2 terrnsg Service Corps, Senior Show. -Art School. OF UN 19 Forty-nine LORRAINE JACOBSEN S18-50th Street Musicale: Girls' Chorus, two years: Program Committee, one year.- Business, Dental Assistant. -IAN-ERIK JANSON 160-72nd Street Radio Dramatics Club, term 1: Serv- ice Corps, term S.-Trip to South America. U. S. Army. KAREN ANN JENSEN 266-89th Street Cheerleaders: Red Cross Representa- tive: Anchor Literary Staff: Secretary to INIrs. Gold, 3 years: Red Cross Club: Girls' Chorus: German Club: Secretary to Mr. Swahn, terms 3-7: Tower Staff: Senior Show.-XYfom- an's College of the University of North Carolina. AUDREY IOHANNESEN 6823 Ridge Boulevard Arista: Mixed and Girls' Choruses. HQ years: Two Musicales: Secretary to Ivfrs. Lyons, 1 term: Secretary to Prefect Teacher for 51,5 years: Swim- ming Club: Softball Club: Leaders Club: Tri-Y Club: Psychology Club: Vice-President of the G.O.-Kath- arine Gibbs Secretarial School. ROY JOHANSEN 773-59th Street Automotive Varsity Swimming Team: Automotive Varsity Soccer Team.- Mechanical Engineer. RICHARD AIOHNSIYN 7llZ lffrrt Hamilton l'.irlqw.iy Service fairps, 2 terms. --- Arnit-il Forces. My gs? A . l L ' e 5 F e X S ff ' x writ .,... e X. . . . t . N , ,f p X S X at Q , x Q T: F gag We -:. t NND' X Tforwgvs-'V I XF, .... Q' ls 'Q' f l Sei:-. I it Q X -VA K I f .S ' :fu X W -'T mx R ' -t . - E.. f 'ti K , ' . '. 'T' 'H-V 5 L THE GRAD A Fifty DOLORES JOHNSON 1034-69th Street Modern Dance Club, terms 4, 52 SCC- retary to Miss Young and Mrs. Cata- nia, terms 4-S: Musicale, term 4: Modern Dance Class, terms 4-8.- College. KATHERINE L. JOHNSON 1020-69th Street Secretary to Mr. Byron, terms 6, 7, 8: Secretary to Mr. Cummings, term 7, 8: Prefect Secretary: Secretary, Senior Class: Arista: Senior Show.-Secre- tary. ' 1 J rtingsih 'A ' VY ' l ' if 81-78th.j6'eet Secretaxytfoi Miss Koniggt Chorus, -I year :F-I"n'tramural Basleetfball: lNIusi- gal s.-Armed ServicesQ ' 1 . 9 . .f tp' l , f . i l, i .i ix' PRESTON F. JONES 10-tl-'Oth Street Program Committee. term -1: Library Squad, terms 3, -1: Service Corps, term 7: Pilar, terms -1, 5. 7, S.- College. RICHARD A. .IULIAN TOS Colonial Road Orchestra, 313 years - Musicales: .-lflrlwr Staff: Forum Club: G.O. Representatix e: Newman Club.-Col- lee e. XYADETTE KAIBNIFY ls:-'oth Street Radio Club, terms 1, 2: Radio Guild. terms I, 2, 1, S: French Club, terms 3, 4: Spanish Club. terms Z, 51 Psy- rlioloex' Klub, terms 5, tw: Arista. terms S-H: Secretarial Serwice Squad, I-S: Varsity Show. term ig terms ,lf.-if'i.u- literary Statl. terms '-, 61 'lliii-'rr Literary Statli, terms ', S: lftlitor-in-chief, Spanish Newspaper, term S: Senior Council, terms ', S.- fiiillt'4LZL'. TES FRANK KATEN OF JUN 1951 MARY KALIAN 226-87th Street Secretary to Mrs. Segalg Late Squad, 2 termsg Assistant to Mrs, Lyons, term H.-Business. THO 03 Fort ilton fPr ay 446 F 9 ramur.l Bas - all, Servi orps, 2 terms. . ' 41 1 ,IEW-7QH14mt't Secretary to "'fTfVine,ite'ri11s 7, 3 egetaWf'to 1'. Knssenlwrr " 5 Secretary to Mr .uttit1, term SQ Service fiUL'P!'9v'lL'I' s 2, Hg Liocli- rffarfn Sqtmrl, tt-rm'-lg Mu 1 -p. resenliltive, tc-ri1f71K . . RL'PI'CS2'I1- tnlive, term 11.-United Sl1llL'S Nilvy. RICHARD KAUFlVlAN 8861 Fort Hamilton Parkway Soccer Tc-amp G.O. Olhce Squarlg Boys' Health Education Ofhcu- lirooklyn College. JOHN KAYE Quarters 9A, Fort Hamilton Nature Squadg G.O. Representativeg Gym Secretary, Chemistry Labora- tory, 7th termg Assistant Class Treas- urer.-Army or College. SHIRLEY KELL 8801 Shore Road Treasurer of Aristag Bandg Orches- trag Tourer Representativeg Latin Club, 2 years, French Clubg Pilot, 3 years, Secretary to Mr. Stern, Mrs. Frankle, Mrs, Greene, and Mrs. Se- gal, Secretarial Service Corps.-Col- lege. i s, ,., ... A 0 'N , if f 'V ,,.,,,,,i 4F51 . l sf .. DANIEL KELLEHER 669-55th Street Cafeteria Squadg G.O. Store- Col- lege or U. S. A. F. ROBERT KELLY S81-68th Street Service Corpsg Soccer Teumg Secre- tary to Dr. Lemlcin.QCollt-ge or Navy. 'AZ -r" . f 2 I , - ,V ooNAI.D KENNY ,M 7306-6th Avenue bfi, Scrvict- Corps, terms 5-R3 Latin Club, V, A , ' tr-rms R, -ig Locker Room Squad, i N l-' C' 1 It-rm '31 ll1lI'4II11lII'Jll Iinsketlmll, terms , -' f., H, ri, s. Navy, g li' it ' if 4 'l . . - . 1 - 7 hi b . c,11oRGE rin IXHOURI ., H822 Ridge Boulevard A i Biology Laboratory, terms 1, 25 Sec- ' l f retary to Mr. Hammond, terms 6, 75 fl, All Xa' Newman Club, terms 1, 2, 3, 4.- ' A ' College and Business Wforld, ww ' A S 'yfr ii' . , -i,,, ax '-ss' f f --Z L JOAN MEL ' ' ,. ' 907-56th Street -- - Girls' Chorus, term E55 Biology Lab- V' Q it 1 oratory, term 4g Secretary to Mr. Ger, Q Z' w term 3g Program Squad, terms 3, 5g V W, xv French Club, terms 3-5g Mixed Club, fs f 2 term 43 Secretary to Mr. Kahn, term ' X ,, A' A 13 Math Coach, terms 3, 4g Musicale, 1 ' term 3g Aristag Boosters, term 5.- College. B y RONALD KINGSBURY ,. yvlv ' 62 Parrott Place Orchestra, 4 years.-Business. . . l N ' ' se J- fe a .- Q My I 1-, Fifty-one I 1 l - , , WU 'ij .,,5, . ,LL Mr "' Z :V 421 A'VL X, Lo 3 ARNO 1 1M x N QL 1 fx! X , N1 i f-""" Mwaq of 766146 C,Ql'V'L'i' cm- 9564 X E, .of q gg F? s JVLM-Fw 6 zz- ' W X 5 3 f 14931591 Q 5 5 ' fl L, ,X zll l 4 . fda . uif 's -A.' -fl. 0. ', -,a lor .' I f,,,A...,yl D i ll lm I. iw f 1 i i , ' ", 'i "7 sl . W :A J V .I V 5 i l w " ffl J lil ' ' l i "'V 2: 4 I ,.. A ' W 111 ' -, 1-1' ,,, 1 , XS, W R W if 5.1 fNiX,g,i.LRfi 0 ' ,, 11 r-P 1 L O ' E E eEl.WLLwriioiQ1ANx'Mf , p 3 M N iq! K ., ,,,, N it O 0 " N 1 - 1 ' , , ' 4, I . ' no ,, ' - '1 -D ie M ...M ' qu , Y lvlyyr I b ,j-in -Q X K Y ,. ,, : I -part . lit -0' my Lt- -- P V: I. q t if V55 fx, A w. l let E f XX . A +23 .4 Kuvkxy 'ej.7ZsM! e in W E l f f ag me e s if Q NX or D i ,,,, f , i 1 get .'-, f new f L I D if gal A ffm, Z i ii l "-,,, l A,.- ' U W J I ' ina ,, ' I ,fqfly j I 0 1 I , V ... l I K xx 4? 4 I - I N 5 9,1 A .X ix, - " N J 5 C, -I j A V, :, vi 5 Q f X Elggihyiigf "' A 1 h a :. Y - ,b 'N 5 A , Lllymfgl jig., yi A 3 I 67 A'2': Q .: ,. :E j W 1 r I ' ,i we sei S- X. l 1 , li ' -'f' "!J i - " "-E ' j -. i 551. . K - 7 I 'Z un lg lib' S K .QQQ-ag3,' P i , av- 'nu I ,gewaaagd -'Q s 1 y il , . e.,4J"fe'4- f l .4 i A Norman Kurdel .Nrnolcl Borg goocllnoks .'kI1lllUlIylll'lllILl artist Virginia Wllnnm-ll Ur-urgw' Il SlFIlll!'ll siriger Rm' lzlmlolo K'll1Ill1'l4l7UX, goocl slante- FIAJIIICTS MlllfTl1l'Ll most likely to sunvci-vel Lorraine l'etm'rs1-n good looks, pin-up Ci-rtrudu' Inearnnto- athlete Brueu- 'Thompson-f athlete Bc-rit Holt:--brainstorm .-Xllbvrta Friedmanfdancer Nick Pirofdancc-r, wit George I Lofrnark-most popular, personality Audrey Johannesen 1 most popu- lar, personality John II Newman-good skate Marlene Combe-singer Morty Civan-brainstorm, Einstein Elizabeth Goddard-journalist Vivian Attiyeh-Miss Secretary Barbara Welt-Einstein John III Hogartywpersonality kid Audrey II Moore-musician John I Ryan-typical Senior, most likely to succeed Pat Miller-best dressed Bernice Ashkenazy-wit Doris Havecker-shutterbug Katherine Johnson-typical Senior Ronnie Moss-heartbreaker Emily Bondgdid most for the school Norman Kurdel-did most for the school, journalist Paul Carlson-musician THE RICHARD KIRBY 7016 Narrows Avenue Secretary to Mr. Kottman, term 6, Assistant G.O. Representative, Intra- mural Basketball.-College or Armed Forces. FRANK KIRSCH S006-3rd Avenue Service Corps, terms 1-6, Mrs. Wes- terberg's Service Squad, terms 1, 5, and 6, Intramural Basketball, Secre- tary to Mr. Bedell, G.O. Represen- tative, term 2.-Vacation out West this summer. MORTON KLEIN 343-101st Street G.O. Office, term 1, Mrs. Wester- berg's Service Squad, terms 3, 5, 6, 7, Service Corps, term 8.-College, Business W'orld. GARY KOLODNY 5804 Fort Hamilton Parkway Service Corps, 3rd term.-Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences. MARCELLA KOLODNY 983-57th Street Boosters, 3 terms, Girls' Chorus, 2 terms, Secretary to Mrs. George, 1 term, Seventh Term Grade Council, French Club, 1 term, G.O. Represen- tative, 1 term, Anchor Representa- tive, 1 term, Tower Representative, 1 term, Worked in G.O Utlice, 1 term, Wrrrked for Mr. Kottmang Assistant to Mrs. Catania. College. HLJWARD KOPPELMAN 638- 79th Street Band, 3 years,-College. F ifty-four GR , ,,.. , -gtf,-R 1 E351 xr S .x F726 QQ S55 ' Q X W ,SRX 6.1 . - -is Q so t 1, N? S Q , I " X i R537 ,r fr ff ,S V ' C . s . ..qi 9, , X , TV' 'X TES SAMUEL KORN 864-49th Street Service Corps, Intramural Basketball. -College. FRANCES H. KORTREY 5-123 Fort Hamilton Parkway Secretary to Mlr. Ganeless, term 5, Secretary to Mrs. Goldberg, terms 6, 7, English Oflice, term 8.-Modeling and maybe College. ANNA KORZIS 162-92nd Street Worked for Mrs. Bonom, term 73 Modern Dance Club, Modern Dance Class.-Business. SARA KRISTENSEN 571-19th Street Secretary to Mr. Kassenbrock, Secre- tary to Miss Riccobonog Emergency Room Squad.-Business W'orld. SON-IA KRISTIANSEN - 557-58th Street Projector Squad, 1 term, Locker Squad, 2 terms, Luncheon Squad, -I termsg Secretary to Mr. Morton, 312 years, XY'orked for Mrs. Levis, 1 term, Tauw- Staff, 1 term.-Busi- ness. NANCY ANN KUBASAK 255 Dahlgren Place Arista: Radio Club, 1 term, Psychol- ogy Cluh, 1 term: Tower Staff, 2 terms, Gym Squad, 1 term: Secre- tary to Mr. Ganeless, 1 term, Secre- tary to Protect. 6 terms, Secretary to Miss llrookmann, 6 terms, Senior Show.-Long Island College Hos- pital School of Nursing, O MARY ANN KUMAR 359-58th Street Secretary tn Miss Mullin, 2 termsg Secretary tn Mr. Kamin, fl termsg Class President, 2 terms: GO. Rep- resentative, l termg Arista, 3 terms: Swimming Club, 1 termg Class Sec- retary, 1 termg Modern Dance Class, 1 termg Library Aid, 1 term.-C6l- lege. NORMAN KURDEL 22 Gatling Place liditur-in-Chief of Tourer, january and june 19513 Art Fditnr llvazfer nf Srienreg Associate Editor, llvmfer of Srienreg flzirlynr, 4 termsg Assistant Art Editor of AIIL'hU1',' Art Editor of Anfborg Chief Czirt00nist of Pilulg Bandg Senior Grade Council, terms 7, 81 Rembrandt Club terms 3-6g Musicaleg Representative tn Wr:i'k- slmp Sclmfil fur School Eclitorsg Mu- seum Squatlg Art Ofhce, 6 terms.- Architecture or Engineering. LUIS LABY 6653 Colonial Road Seventh Term Secretarial Service Squadfbusiness Wtit'lel, ALEX LAMBROS 7808---7tli Avenue Gym Secretary terms 6, 7, H.-Mili- tary Service. 8 Q 1 I' X TH ' true ervic cl, te nsg Or- chest rmsg us' OH:1ceSquaclg Mu' 3 Wtwrke ' Musi Hjce, 4 ye rsg Student Tear stru- ment Practice.-Long Island iver- sity. JANET LANG 310-49th Street Latin Club, terms 2, 3g Science Club, term 23 Program Officeg Secretary to Miss Higginson, term 4g Secretary to Mrs. Greene, Mrs. Gold, and Mr. Kayeg Secretary to Service Corpsg Tri-Y Club.-College. OF U iz , ' f ' V . e M l f I z .,,.. ,,, ,M ,7 ,. y ar. A y W C - Q 1 'f .V , 1" X , . f A A I l ' ,Q Hz. . l f V , fi g i l 49 . I . U? , iz? X 4 'Ulu , I 4 I ,. vm l i G , We i r X ' l 4 , J gal 'Wx Q' aff Q'- 1 We 53 .4 V rs.. - i , , ,gr ,ffl " . .. , ks' ffl vas. V f, l f' I Ml' 5 ALICIZ I.ARSl2N 'hill ith Ax enue Library Squad, term 33 Liirker lNluni- tur, term 6g Secretary to Mr. Sillilutv, term S3 Secretary lim Mrs. lllclrlugli, term S1 Modern Dance Clubg Mudern Dance Class, terms -l-Hg ,luniur Dra- matics Clubg Musicale, term Llp Sen- ior Shuxxxsbusiness, Cullege. CAROLYN LARSEN 930-79th Street Accounting Squad, 3 termsg Tuzrer Representative, terms S, 6g Trinity Club: G.O. Representative, term 6.- XX't1rlC. ELEANOR LARSISN 5 ills --ilth Avenue Girls' Churusq All City Clwrusg Sec- retary tu Mr. Sivliwayg Secretary tu Mrs, liuiitlrit, Business Wfturltl. GLADYS l,AItSliN 680-fl8th Street Messenger fur Mrs. George, 3 termsg W'rirlteil fur Mrs. Willistlii, l termg Library Squad, 1 termg G.O. Repre- sentative, 2 termsg Tourer Represen- tative, 3 terms.-State Tech. Dental Hygienist. LAWRIZNCE LARSEN 469-82nd Street Service Curpsg Bandg Musicale.- College. JOAN LARSSEN 244-68th Street Secretary to Mrs. Stern, terms 1, 2, 33 Locker Room Squad, term jg Mrs. Mayer's Secretarial Squad, term 7g Secretary to Mr. loltin, term 8.-H Business, Travel. N 1951 Fifty-five FRANK LAYDEN 8624 Ridge Boulevard Basketball Team, terms 1-63 Base- ball Team, terms 1-6.--College. CAROL JEAN LEAF 537-77th Street Curtaintimersg Radio Guildg Tennis Club, French Clubg Secretary to Mrs. Jolson, Mr. Golomb, Miss Miller and Mr. Coheng Emergency Room Squadg School Receptionist. - New York University. , . MARION LEE 40-87th Street Aristag Orchestra: Latin Clubg Math Clubg Mixed Clubg Psychology Clubg G.O, Representativeg Tower Repre- sentativeg Girls' State Representativeg Program Committee,-College. MIRIAM LENT 7721 Colonial Road Program Office, terms 1-83 Secretary to Mrs. George, 2 terms.-Business Wforld. DONALD LEVY 1071-55th Street Came from Spring Valley High School in 7th termg Service Corps, term 7g Projection Squndg Assistant to Mr. Friedman in Biology Labora- tory, 8th term.-College. MARY ANN LIIZN H82 -58th Struct Secretarial Service Squad, 6 tc-rms.-- Business Wiirltl, ,X Wg , , X .,,.,. .". , I 1 ::: ,Q . ca wsvs s gs ' X .A M4 f S Newt QW 1. . s I ' mc QQ, X N 1 N , 'har-'W "Qi" i 5- ' Q, 'V --:. ' sf .,, . Vi? si . iff 5 .5 gy y , , 3 ,.12- , M, ,psy Q Ht.: li ' isa .A . '5' 32 t X Q . , f, i ..-,:... fx - ' 5515'- Q .... A 4- - ' - 4" ta? 5 JOHN A. LINDBERG, JR. 936-82nd Street Mr. Kaye's Service Corpsg Assistant to Mr. Mathesong Mr. Szabo's Cafe- teria Squad.-College. GUS LINDEROTH H03-8th,Avenue Service Corps, te- s 5, 6, 73 Intra- mural Baslgetball.-Armecl Forces. , its 1' itil I GEORGE E. LOFMARK 6850 Ridge Boulevard Track Team, 3 yearsg G.O. Council, representing the Sophomore Classg Senior Councilg G.O. Representative, 3 yearsg Leader of Gym Clubg Cheer Squad, 1 yearg G.O. Ofhce Secretary, -1 yearsg Senior President.-College. ALNIA LOINIBINO 764-42nd Street Attendance Squad, term 31 Mr. Quig- ley's Otiice, terms 4, 5. 63 Newman Club.-College. JOHN LORETO S611-'th Avenue Science Clubg Assistant to Mr. Mor- ton, -1 terms: Tnzzwr Rc-presentative, lst tt-rm.iCollege. VALENTIN LOTQREIRO 'S-69th Street kll'Cl1L'Sfl'.l, 2 termsg Intiximural Bas- kctlmllg lilcctrical Squudg Newman Club.-College or Air Force, THE GRAD ATE Fifty-.six OF UN 1951 ,lAMIiS LUOTTO 70-85th Street Tuuferg Curtaintimersg flucfmrg Radio Cluhg Assistant G.O. Representative: Prefect Class Treasurerg Records for Spanish Department: Senior Showg Intramural liaskethall.AUniversity of Notre Dame. CHARLES LYON 576-76th Street Service Corps, terms 5, 6g Mixed Chorus, term 51 Intramural Basket- ball, term 6g Senior Show, term Rf College. DONALD MAGUIRIT 6-15-59th Street Anchor Art Staflg Miss Dick's Othceg Museum Squadg Spanish Newspaperg Service Corpsg Intramural Baskethall. Art College. ICLINOR MAHI.S'l'IiDT 7ltI5 Narrows Avenue Lihrary Squadg Secretary to Mrs. Mayer: Secretarial Service Squadg Mathematics Othce, 2 termsg Fort Hamilton Forum, Ten n i s Cluhg French Clubg Tourer Staff, 2 termsg Senior Show,-College. FRANCES MAIORCA 6524-10th Avenue Aristag Pilot Statfg Tourer Literary Staffg Seventh Term Grade Councilg Senior Councilg Math Cluhg Girls' Chorus, 2 termsg Vice-President of Pan American Clubg Psychology Clubg Program Committeeg Secretary to Mr. Solovayg Secretary to Miss Millerg Senior Show.-Brooklyn Col- lege, 2 years, then to Cornell. NICHOLAS A. MALDARELLI 1071-54th Street Service Corps, 2 yearsg Secretary to Mr. Drucker and Mr. Kottman.- Hollywood. ff ei nip' , rrf' "rf ' f , my , 1 1 Y? 03 f,,, ,M f X A 7 i 4 4 , r Q W 6 f , f , aff I , 4, f ff is f I W f f Q X . 'Z f' X 7 f f 5, 3 ffl! X illll t wav' DOLORIIS INIANCUSI -Hi--Rotli Street Secretary to Mr. Golomh, terms l, 23 Secretarial Service Squad, terms 7, 8g Accounting Othce Squad. 5 yearsg Attendance Squad, 2 years.-Bush ness Wcirld. oiqii L14-:GIANT f L Secr r" , A vic S uad, - termsg ' r mitte S' 'st' iy to ' . oung, Mrs. - ' r. Go- imb and Mr. Tannerg ' C c vm sentative, term 5.-Busi ss. MICHAEI, lVIARCHIi'I'TI S502 - l ltll Avenue Museum Squadg Art Othceg Study Hall Girardg Radio Play. College. CHARLES MARIETZO 95-1-57th Street Service Corps.-College. RICHARD A, MARIANI 44 Bay Sth Street Track Team, terms 5-8g Radio Guild, term 6g Locker Room Squad, term 6g Intramural Basketball, term 65 Serv- ice Corps, term 5.-College, , i ' 7 1' . , , 1, L Lctg,,fr-A-is I, , V. yy , -Lo'f,1' A .X ELAINE G. MARKS 218-75th Street Modern Dance Classg Modern Dance Clubg Tennis Cluhg Leaders Clubg French Clubg Captain of Boostersg G.O. Representative, terms 1-8g G.O. Council Sophomore Representativeg Seventh Term Councilg Senior Coun- cilg Vice-President Senior Prefectg Locker Room Squadg Grade Adviser's Squad.-College. Fifty-seven THE GR DU TES GILDA MAROTTA 750--10th Street Red Cross Clubg Basketball Clubg G.O. Representative, terms 1-45 Sec- retary to Mrs. McHugh, terms 1, 25 Deans Office, term 5L Grade Ad- viser's Squad for Mrs. Kahn, terms 6, 7, 83 Secretarial Service Squad.- Medical Technician. IRIS MARTIN 280-86th Street Secertarial Service Squadg Library Squad, terms 2-5g Secretary to Miss Simong Secretary to Miss Hauptmang Mixed Chorus, terms 3, -ig Secretary to Mrs. Schaeferg Attendance Squadg Senior Shovvg Class Representative, term 8.-Nursing or Business. CARMEN MATINA -1215-Sth Avenue French Clubg Service Corpsg Intra- mural Basketballg Class Treasurer, term 1.-College. RICHARD MAURO 4222-Sth Avenue Lunch Squad, terms 3-81 Needy Chil- dren Thanksgiving Baskets, term 35 Secretarial Squadg Recording Marks, term 4g Office Squad, terms 6, 7, 81 Service Squad, term 63 Gym Secre- tary, term 7g Emergency Room, term 73 G.O. Representative, term 7g Tuiiitr Representative, term 7g Study Hall, Squad, term 83 Arista.-College. DORIS MAZZEO llil-1-7"th Street Secretary to Miss Morrill.-Business. RICHARD iNlt'f,Aliil'l IY IIJS 7Crtll Sturt Wi,rrk, Fifty-rilglil MARCELLA MCCORMACK 749A-56th Street Program Ofiiceg Switchboardg Mr. Byron's Officeg Dean's Office: G.O. Storeg Swimming Clubg Basketball Clubg Orchestrag Senior Show.- College. THOMAS MCDONALD 645-75th Street Service Corps.-Business. if LOIS ANN MCENEANY 921-I Ridge Boulevard Secretary to Miss Hoffman. 1 termg Secretary to Miss Young, yearsg Newman Clubg Arista: Switchboard Operator in General Otiiceg Usher- ettes, 4 yearsg Tozifr Representativeg Senior Prefect Treasurer: G.O. Rep- rc-sentative.-College. MATTHEW' -I. MCENTEE 63-I-+'0th Street Service Corps, terms 4, 5: Cafeteria Squad, term Tg Secretary to Miss Dick, term 63 Intramural Basketballg Track Team.YCollef:e. JAMES McGINI.AY 15 jackson Court College. r K RRYS ,il NGHEY ' ' N JS-Wthgyr A hawk? Cr ps: Stride X IEEE? ,om- ll ittecg litem' I I 1 ' cogmph O 'CQ l RHTLSCI SCCFC- t.m" tm -l 1 Sccrcmry to Mr. Si 'I . - 'r .ry wg' Sacliev' Mi -ri 1 Qi ess "ivy , Con t L 11.1 d. , ' K """ ix! I 4, I X wx v 1 Vx X JOHN MCINTYRE 7200 Ridge Boulevard Service Corpsg Intramural Basketball. -Business, ELEANOR McKEE 325 Marine Avenue Miss Hoffmarfs Office, term 7:- Business World. PATRICIA ANN MCKENNA 276-74th Street Psychology Clubg French Clubg Bas- ketball Clubg Grade Adviser's Squad, 8 termsg Program Committee.-St. john's University. THOMAS McKENNY 7802-fltlw Avenue Bandg Orchestrag All City Band: Discussion Cluh.-College. JOHN McKINNON 430-68th Street Service Corps, 6th term.-U. S. Air Force. ROBERT MCLEAN 555-56th Street Business. O LLOYD MEBERG 62--93rd Street Cafeteria Squad, term 43 Intramural Baskethnllg Trinity Cluh.-Business. MAXINE MEHLBERG 571-79th Street Chorus, Girls and Mixed, terms 4-81 Secretary to Mr. Sterneg Secretary to Mrs. Deersong Secretary to Mr. Swahng G.O, Representative, 7th term.-Singing. CRAIG MIZHLDAU 226-76th Street Track Teamg Aristag Biology Squindg Pilof Sportswritc-rg Soccer Tc-amg Chemistry Squiulg S er v i c e Corpsg Latin Cluhg Sc-cretary to Mr. Berlell. f -College. ARTHUR MIEINCKIZ 453717HlSt Stlttct Hantlg Pliotographc-r for Pflnfg Mrs. Westei'lwtArg's Service Corpsg Photog- raphy Work in the Biology I.Lll301'kl- tory.-College. HELEN MELLO 7307-3rd Avenue Worked for Mr. Morton, terms 2, 35 -Secretarial Work. GEORGE MEYERS 7918 Fort Hamilton Parkway Miss Schroth's Service Corps, term 6g Intramural Basketball.-University of California. OF UN 1951 Fifty-nine FERDINAND MEZZETTI 6801-11th Avenue Business. PATRICIA MILL- Q - 3 U - - - ,--. -1- . '1 if- im n' iz- '- re ni .- A' si es , I 1 I , is 1, ue ., CP XJ P g V qt O . If , ,aff I , ' LAURA MOCKLER 7601 Colonial Road Biology Laboratoryg Nature Roomg Physics Laboratory.-Work and Col- lege. HELEN MOKVOLD 5317-Sth Avenue Secretary to Mr, Cummings in the Accounting Othce, 2 terms.-Bush ness VVorld. JOAN F. MONTEMARANO 375-96th Street Newman Club, 1 yearg Rembrandts, 1 yearg Prefect Secretary, terms 1-53 G.O. Representative, terms 1-43 Wrrrked for Miss Grant, 1 termg Painted Props for "You Can't Tal-ce It Witlw Young junior Hand.-CoL lege or Night College and W'ork. ALTDRIZY MOORE Ilia Hlitll Street Swimming Cluhg fJl'ClK'Sll'1I, 'v yearsg Nlmlern llama- Class :mtl fllulng Sec'- retary to Mr, llzuumnml, ttirius 6, 7, Hg 7'ulr't'r lSl'Pl'l'St'lll.IllV41 flmfmr RL'Pl'L'SL'lll.IllVt'Q fifl, Rl'I7I'LSl'Ill,ItlVL', Airline llustt-ss. MXN . s i S . Q .aw X R rf. QXX Q56 Xx fs f V f Q I iw - f ' Ybfwjfflj-j mo? 4 tergpii Glifjgyesedgtivei lg i my uae!! I ff 1 BARB3xgprf1ZiRQR5a" ky I . a eczetaihy s, Ronog Mr. lon, ' hboar ra ,153 . .J X if eff D ,f" xv W SHIRLEY ANN MORRIS 538-84th Street Modern Dance.-Business. RONALD IVIOSS 232-77th Street President of Mixed Chorusg Mixed Chorus, 4 yearsg Intramural Basket- ballg Sports Editor of Pilolg All City High School Chorusg Locker Room Squadg Tower Literary sfaffg Secre- tary to Mr, Druckerg Tower Repre- sentative.-College. ELEANOREJXIOUA DIE ' - S015 N rrows Avenue French Club: Pan-A erican Clubg Secretarial Service'8iquad: Language Othceg Dean's Utliceg Secretary to Miss Farquhar, Mr. Golomb, and Mrs. Doyagag-4!Tou'e1' Representativeg Swimming Cluhg Program Commit- tiee.--Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School. . RONALD INIULVANEY 'S-4-iird Street Physics Squad, terms 6, 'L Cafeteria Squad, term 6.-U. S. Marines. ELAINE MULVEHAL 105'-'Oth Street Cheerleaders' Captaing Tozrn' Repre- sentative: nl 11 r fi rl r Representative: Secretai'y in Math Class. terms 1, 5. ug l.ot'ket Squad, terms 0. S.-Ratlr arine Gilwlws Business School. THE GR DUATE Sixty ll T I igtli P OF UN 19 ROBERT MURRAY 7500 Ridge Boulevard Service Corps, 2 yearsg Class Treas- urerg Intramural Basketball.-Bush ness. ANTHONY MUSCARELLA 761-40th Street Wiirked for Mr, Kottmang Track Teamg Cross Country Teamg Service Corps.-Police Force. ADRIIENNE NAHAS 8515 Colonial Road Arista: Pllnl Staflg English Otliceg Mrs. Willis1nn's Otlice, terms 2, Hg Math Clulvg Latin Clulwg Assistant G.O. Representative, oth term.- Business. DONALD NASH Osiirslst Street Armed Forces. MICHAEL NASTACIO J 756-4th Avenue Track Team, 3 years1 Chorus, 215 years: Musicale, 1 year, Secretary to Mr, Kottmann, 5 termsg Secretary to Mr. Sacbey, 2 terms, Secretary to Mr. Drucker, 1 term: Intramural Basket- ball, 1 term.-Wfork. Q ' LORRAINE NELSON 848-68th Street Locker Squad, 2 terms: Projection Squad, 2 termsg G.O. Representa- tive, 2 termsg Tower Representative. 2 termsg Emergency Room, 1 term.- Business. ,M , 5 ik? . sf ff f ,if W, KM? 2 auf 5' L -"" .,, I f, ' 'wp Z, "ijt, A ' 1 6 ' , ... H.. ... .-,,..,,,,...., 'C-Em. .,,,,.. KENNETH NIZRSTEN 9-I4-52ml Street Service Corps, terms ', 8.-Business. as 35,45 -if IM' IOHN NEXVINIAN 9-I-I7 Ridge Boulevard Service Corps, Cilfeteria Squad.- College or Alaska. RAE INI. NIERENBERG 871' -'slst Street Secretary to Mrs. Catania, l termg Secretary to Mr. Br.wei'm.m, l termg Secretary tu Nr. Kearney, I lL'I'Il1,-- liusintss. SHIRLEY NI2XX'MAN 554-86th Street Library Squad, 1 termg Grade Ad- visers' Squad, term 33 Deans Otlice, term 4, Switchboard Operator, terms 5, 6, Sg Secretary to Mr. Mortonf- Business. BARBARA NIEVES 257-92nd Street Business. JOAN D. NILSEN 812-59th Street Aristag Library Squad, Late Squadg Worked for Miss Hauptmang Sec- retary to Mrs. Kahng Xvorked on Program Committee.-Business. Sixty-one THE PATRICIA NORKUS 8608-5rd Avenue Tennis Clubg Newman Clubg Secre- tary to Mrs. Doyaga, 2 years.-Busi- ness. GAIL NOVENDSTERN S701 Shore Road Language Office. term lg Grade Ad- viser's Ofiice, term 7, 8, Biology Laboratory, 3 yearsg Tower Staff, term 7: Assistant Tower Editor, term 83 Mixed Club, term 11 Psychology Club, term 41 French Club, 2 termsg Modern Dance Club, 1 termg Senior Show.-College, Art. GORDON NUTT 854-69th Street Program Comrnitteeg Intramural Bas- lcetball.--College. EUGENE O'BRIEN 5519-Gth Avenue Service Corps, 1 yenrp Intramural Basketball.-Air Forces. VUALTER OBRIEN S19-73rd Street Cafeteria Service Squad. term 73 Service Corps, terms 1, 2g CIO, Rep- resentative, terms r, og Inrmmurtrl Basketballp Senior Slirnw,--Lrrng Is' lantl Institute of 'l4ec'l1rwoIoIgy, 'SX -x I vrr nigga lJ'f,fELi-W rr .. Hill lu-AI'l.' Rrruwl Vigo 'y fMtrrrU'?f,g French Clvllll H Ll, f32'bf3r.JJilair'y Irv'lMiss - '.ff't"'..g Drcjiil 'vice tv Mrs, Stfrrl, Srrvru- ff' Iv S MCT I I 111 I Art Stall ,l!UlI'L7' RL'Pl'CSL'l1l1lllVE,QICTIIIS l. 5. 63 Museum Scrrmtl, term H, folltgt, Sixty-lztm GRADUA .WDW 72. . . M ,Q are ai 42 ws. fe f W .- ,,.. r '-'V ibiiiii f-H A . I n XQM ,,,, t V ,, if v l 1 ' 13" V ITF' f s-!47?'ftqs:, XFPYWWQN JH '1 "1 fisf , s ,,. . 9 fi ww X .if N. Z ' X als Yxf X as ? X 1 ik as s i S X X X , , , ,,, ......,.,.,.,,., me f , , iff 4- W1 f- , 'few-A Q 41 X S ,r 'Q jg tm t o SX . ,,,.: ss : - I . Q? 13+ t A Q xa', f l il ,X K uf- 'es Qffj .M . zzi as f l .vs u- , " fn.. , ' E' rw.. gl TES JEROME O'CONNOR 427-80th Street Service Corps Cafeteria, Intramural Basketball.-Work, U. S. Air Force. MARGARET O'CONNOR 8627-5th Avenue Biology Laboratorvg Secretary to Mrs. Finn.-Business World. NEIL ODONNELL 480-86th Street G.O, Representative, terms 2, 4, 53 Assistant Representative, term 6: Cafeteria Service Corps, term 6g In- tramural Basketball, term 5: Newman Club: History Discussion Club, term 13 Secretary to Mr. Quigleyg Senior Show.-College. RUTH OGG 7200 Ridge Boulevard Girls' Locker Room Squad, 1 termg Secretary to Miss Brookman, 1 term: Mixed Chorus, terms 5, 6. T, S.- Business NY'orld. ANN OHLSON . 664-60th Street Locker Squad. terms S, 6.-Business XY'orld. IYDXYIN OLMSTED 0514 Fort Hamiltori Parkxnty Service Corps, 4 terms: lntr.1mur.1l l'r.rsketh.rll. I term.-XY'ork. DORIS OLSEN - V I 752-56th Street Secretarial Service Squutlg Secretary to Mr. Hammond, terms 7, H.- Business. HRNIEST OLSEN i - 56 Mackay Place Secretarriil Service Squutlg Secretary to Mr. Hammond, terms 7, 8.-Busif ness. GLADYS OLSIEN 661-82nd Street Miss Mullin's Office, 1 yearg Mr. Hiimmoml's Office, QW yearsg Secre- tarial Service Squadg G.O. Assistant Relvresentzitive, term 7.-Business. KAY OLSEN 111 Gelston Avenue Girls' Chorus, 5 termsg Modern Diince, 5 termsg Secretary to Miss limimkiniiniig MLlSiC1llL'.tNLll'SiNg, Viv M JLSEN ' jp!! fl1 Street !6g'vi e Cor sg S A a to Ir. Kaye Secie . tern, Gym Office: 9 E f Oi g Club.- w Y ' -is 0 ROBERT ORLANDO 1049-84th Street Intramural Basketballg Service Corps. -College. A if "i, 7 fi .2 tr't ' .1 f , ff, M W X 4. i WW , , , J X 1 Q '55 V I 1 . ,. 2,4 ,M ff I 1 'r'r it ,.4, ,.A d. If A if 'ir' , f S it " MW : 1 . f V f W i Q f A ,496 1 . ,Wa af ,, ,. V X term ,J . f 7, saw M, if vlw1.,, bt' CAROLYN A. ORROK vss!s2ntl Street Trinity Clulvg Swimming Clubg Late Squad: I,nckei'Sqi1udg l-ilWr.1ry Squnclg Secretary tu Mr. Cohen: Secret.1ry to Mr. Kottman.A-Concni'tli.i College- Ntirsing, ANNA PALASTRO 50 5-56th Street Secretary to Mr, Cummings, 3 termsg Secretary to Miss Young, 2 terms.- Business. BEATRICE PALLANDO 1051-67th Street Class Secretuiy, term SQ Locker Room Sqmlci.-Business XY'o1'ltl. CQUYON PANCHR 53-77tli Street Mixetl Chorus, 4 termsg Tower Rep- resentative, term tsg Tuu'e1' Photog- riiplier.-College. JOSEPH PANETTIERE 8121-ith Avenue Service Corps Lieutenrintg Cafeteria Squadg Orchestrag junior Bandg Sec- retary to Mr. Quigleyg Newman Clubg Set-up Squad in Orchestra, 1 termg History Discussion Club, 1 termg Set-up Squad for PTA, terms 1 and 3.-College. MARGUERITA PASCULLO 957-53rd Street Attendance Squadg Program Commit- teeg Secretary to Mrs. Cataniag Sec- retary to Miss Youngg Secretary to Miss Brookrnanng Library Squad.- College. OF UN 19 Sixty-three 4 Q I u A I 1 1 , 1 Q ' . ' i be f ' -'if Dorus PKULSEN , 'S 1 4 ,. 'r616 i373rd Street Qrrlsl ,Choiusiy iSCCI6tLE4"'fO Miss. Qimong S e nfi 0 r Show Committeeg 4 Locker Qgltnbm Siquztti!-Busy-ess: A' tw . xx , 'X' If K xx V RONALD PECK Service Corps, 1 termg Club, 1 termg Lunch Squad G.O. Store, 1 termg Secretary to Kassenbrockg Track Team, 1 Secretary to Mr. Kuttmiin, 1 Navy. JOAN PEDERSEN 1237-81st Street Mr. Luclwig's Office, terms 1, 21 Service Corps, term 5g Mr, Quigley's Office, terms 5, 6, 7g Mr. Stones Ottice, term 83 Assistant G.O4 Rep- resentative, term 73 Senior Council Representative, term H1 Usherettes, terms 1, 8g Seniiir Prum Committee, -Business. 5 I f Lixiei -'e" if uv.. N, , , JOAN c. PEDERsEN A 915-59th Street " Secretary to Miss Mattsimn, 1 ye.ii'g t Class Secretary, term 8.-Business. JUNE PEDERSEN En,i.1lish Otlice, 4 er, 1 tc-rin.--Business. KAY l'l:IJliRSI1N l'mgi'.oin Ulliw' ri-rin 1, Siii'cl.ii'y In Mr. fret, Mi. K.ilin, .mil Miss Hug ginsinn, It-rms G-Hg Aiishi, xlffifffu lic'l1i'csi'lit.itivt. liusimss. .S'i.1cly-fu ll f fl N Q Q X V' SQ s an Q ff S" , H? "f Wi- c X Sa I X R X X Qs 8522-ith Avenue termsg Gym Luck- 'wl' 'Nnll1NIILLI 4 T HE G R ...Ri f f I V X18 5 E fi - ,si S , .A HOW i LILLIAN PERRICONE 7606-Sth Avenue Secretarial Service Squadg Library Squad.-College. LORRAINE PETERSEN 9101-3rd Avenue Secretary to Miss Brookmunn, 4 yearsg G.O. Representative, 2 termsg Senior Show.-Business. BERGER PETERSON 757-56th Street Clerk in Mr. Stones OHice.4Busi- ness. MAGDALINE PETKOSON 'ZOO-Shore Road Gym Locker Munitor, terms 2-63 Seci'cti1i'y to Miss H.1ut1 De.1n's Of- nceg Mudern Dance Cl.issg Modern Dance Club: .-1m'Xwr Representative: Tffziw Represc-nt.itive.-College and Business MURIIEI- PHILLIPS 555-58th Street Swimming Club, 1 term: Emergency' Rowing G.O. Rtpresentatixe. terms S-'Q Class Scci'ct.1i'y,-B ii s i n e s s School. ITLAINIT A. Pl K I l.i1L'li1.'l' SL l l ' , t Wllll Cilubl PIU! T mllll ness. df YT f l A A U2 li Y 1 XYm'kctl it Gci . ' Hi , 'V 11 . ing K ii fi ' - Q ia pw f O i ' I xx L TES W OF UN 19m . NICHOLAS IJIRU H64-68th Street Mixr-tl Clinrus, 3 terms fViCe-Presi- flentjg St-cm-tz1i'y to Mrs. Catania, I term, l'rt-sitlent Seventh Term Coun- rilg Senior Lnuncilg Intramural Bus- kt'tlmll.-Iirrmtlwny :Incl Hnllywoml. l'Hll,lI' IJIRU l05IJf72nd Street Service Clnrpsg Baseball Squudg Intru- murul l541sketlmll.- S. M:1rir1e Cnriyy, 1 ul DOl.0RliS PI.I2MoNt90N 59l7IHtl1 Streel St-crt-tary tn Miss Broukmnnn, I yt-:arg Biology l.gIl1uI'i1tuI'y, I term, limer- ,uenry Ronin, I yenrg Secrelairy lu Mrs. Gluck, IM years, Orrliestrng Nt-wmnn Cltilw.-College, Sfluvnl of NlIl'5IllIL. KIIZANNIE POLIZY IIIO-:with Street Bqintl, 3 lL'l'lIIS.+BLlSlI1CSS, KENNETH POSTEL 357-77th Street Track Team, ZW yearsg Emergency Room Squad, terms 1, 3, 4g Secretary to Mrs. Greene, term 65 Secretary to Mr. Beclell, term 73 Service Corps, term 73 Secretary to Mr. Kottmann, term 83 Intramural Basketballg Ger- man Club, Locker Room Squad.- College, ROBERT PRESTON 718-57th Street Army, then Business. f few,-vf 2-3:.,,,,,,y.1f:3,,IH - 4. V A-yr: A W-1,23 W , N l .f"' 1y,.c:'fV 410, f is A Z , ff 5 f 5 at X Z' :JY f C , ,V , fr -1 Z fr 2 4 , I 7 t W .... ,M f fs Z 5572 ' X , ri' ff imp. ,J , 9 e A 4' 4 l 4 ye 2 ' I X Q an ' ew I ' 'f WZWWZIW 4 I . I G-. .,... ' saw. , I I I "r' M ,5- A Q, iii- 2.112 Q1 A Si. Q IS N I I I i g ,, N s 4 ffwf, I I if f A If . t - ,, . - 6 . I 'MW , t 511: A, so ' LZ? 5 ' I ' I.. X- ' I if I Zak Ewni .II.'Nli PRF f, 'Y ' rect K SI Assistant .O. Re - , W gn , li' Ov C, 2 umfl . Slim D-, ve 5 A .IIILIA PUCCI i76+92ntl Street Grade Advisers Odite, Z terms, Li- bfflfl' SQUIILI. 1 fCI'm1 Program Coni- mitteeg Mixed Clulw, I tt-rm.-Busi. ness, GRETA RAF! DSS .,., . , A . . . ,- ugl. r 1 ' n 1 657 lily Rnlge Avenue lrinily flulw' lilwl ny Squnl li ' ness. DONALD RASMIISSEN 32-70th St ' X 't College. lu ANTOINETTE REGGIO 1257-67th Street Mr. Sterne's Oliice, 3 years, Lfffg, Frankle, terms 5, 6g Senior Show' Secretary to Mrs. Grayson, term LL! Wfork. STEQHEN W. RE1gHE.R'r J A A 145-72nd Street M. Qulgle Ofice, 2 termsgjklr. Stone-,S O Ce, Qdlterrnsg Intramural Basketball, termfiy Secretary to Mr., Kottman. term 85 Service Cofpfsf 21' ICFQ.-Navy. X ' . ' ' .Q1 'li 1' A Q Slxfy-hcie THE JOSEPH V. RICAPITO S65--llst Street G.O. President, 2 termsg City G.O. Council, 2 terms: Band, 2 termsg G.O. Office Squad, 3 termsg Study Hall Squad, 1 termg Track Team, 2 terms, Secretary to Mr. Kottmann, 4 termsg Hygiene Secretary, 1 termg G.O. Class Representative, 2 termsg Intramural Basketball, 1 term, Pilot, 1 termg Brooklyn Borough G.O. Council, 2 terms.-College. DONALD RICHARDSON 145-70th Street Orchestra, Zlfz yearsg Intramural Bas- ketball, term 61 Chemistry Squad, term 81 Senior Show,-College. E , , l Ap' W fd rj rat' DOROTW' R GDQONM' 3106 Colonial Road C oru terms 5 Mixed 81 roup, term 51 Qilodhirn Dari' e Club, terms -1, 5 6g Le Club, erm 41 ennis Club, team: 2g Curtaintimers, 'germs 2-8g,01zrlTnzw1, term 41 Sec- retary to Miss Broiikmann, ternzts 2, 3, 43 Seni Show, Tower Staff- College. Cv i J -n Axitisjoisgxxf. RLNG, I , ,V 4 7 ' -13-1 Sth Street J I Arsity Baktb' l, 3.4'y -a .g Service ' orps, 4 thrm Sgcrj fo F DruCket'.-ACtille I. . Kp Q AY, i hi 'six sa -P Q A4 4 THOMAS RIURDNXN IU--69th Street Service Corps.---Clollt-ge. CAROL Iil'l"l'liR 167 'ltstli Sturt SeCi't'rary to Miss limiikiiiaiiii, lriins 3-6, St-Crclziry to Miss lluiiiiinii, It-rm 2, St-crtrtary to Miss Yniiiiig, Ivims 48 7, 8g 0.0. Iivpi't-st-iilnlivi-, twin 'Ig Arisliig Amfwr llt'pi't-sviilqilivttg f.lIl tuintimt-rs, ttiiiiis 2, 5, 'ig St'tit' Scrvitt' Stiuml, It-rin H, folltiigt, l I Sixty-.six GRAD A mr in-' TES ROBERT RITTER 167-98th Street German Club, terms 1, 2, 3, 4, Intra- mural Basketball, term 65 Secretary to Mrs. Greene, terms 5, 6.-Holy Cross University. MARY RIZZO 1081-72nd Street Secretarial Squadg Secretary to Mrs. Willison, term 63 Secretary to Mrs. Levis, term 8.-Business. WILLIALI ROBERTSON 48-75th Street Intramural Basketball, term 6g Radio Club.-College. RAYMOND T. RODLAND ' 738-53rd Street Mrs. Gold's Attendance Squad: Intra- mural Basketball Teamg Trinity Club. Business. ' 1 SEYINIOUR ,ROINIANTZ H Lldsfrth Street Varsig' Basketball Teani, terms 2, 55 Intramural Baseball, terms l-411 Intra- mural Basketball. terms I--lg GLY O,tiiCe.- D c s t i n a t i n n Vnknown tAtmcd Serviresl. MARIE ROMANZI 1mslMc-'tli Street l't'ogi'.itu ciUlllllllItL'L'1 Assistant to Miss Van lliikkelciig Assistant to Mr. Cumniinus: Assistant to Mr. Ham- iuoiitlg Assistant to Mrs. lirankltx- liusiness, CHARLES ROSS 7200 Ridge Boulevard Remhrandt Cluhg Latin Cluhg Phys- ics Squad, Biology Squad, Orchestra, Piatnistg Girls' Chorus Pianist.-Col- lege, ,lliAN ROXWLANDS 952-58th Street Secretary to Mr. Nnzerg Typist for Mrs. Segal, 2 terms, Mrs. Stern, I term.-fliusiness. DIANE RUHINGER 71102 Narrows Avenue Ciurtitintimersg Pilul, reporter, Swim- ming Cluhg Tennis Cluhg French flluhg Psychology Cluh, Program Committee, Secretary to Miss lirooli- iniinn, Secretziry to Mr, Soloviiyg 'l'uii'er,' flurlfurf Arista Seeretairy.--- Cornell llniversity. llptililllsl RUFFINO , Q, ' 404-writ Fm-t-t Service Corps, 211 yea-r'2 lI'ltl'LlI11Lll'tll lirlilietlvwlfl.-4'WfoILli. N ' L , ' 1 1 'I I ,M 1 I ,Y I Ll! V' k CAIVIILLE RUSSO 1149-64th Street XX"oi-ked for Mr. Cummings in Ac- counting Office, Z termsg Worked for Mrs. Kahn in Grade Adviser's Othce, 2 terms: Typist for Miss Hoifman, 1 termg Al'lStLl,+BLlS1I'lCSS Wforld. JOHN RYAN 241 Senator Street Boy Leader of Arista, Mixed Chorus, terms 5, 6, 7, S1 Psychology Clubg Curtaintimers-Ozfr Tozwzg Pygmal- ion Assembly Programg Tower: In- tramural Basketball, Senior Show.- College. , ,E r 'Wy' JW CATI-llfRlNE SAGOS 5616 Fourth Avenue Attendance Squad, 1 termsg Silver- ware Squad, 2 termsg lfmergency Room, 1 term, Secretary to Mrs. George, 1 term: Senior Showg l.e.1d- ers Cluh, 2 terms.-Business. PAUl.ETTlf SAIXINICK 6755 Ridge Boulevard Grade Advisers Squad: Secretary to Mr. Kitming Deans Squadg Seeretary to Mr. Trezzzlg Girls' Chorus, terms Z-8, Boostersg French Cluhg Soft Brill Club, Art Othccz- College, BARBARA SANDISRS ssl -f-89th Street Grade Adviser's Squad, terms 2, -I, S, 7, H1 Assistant to Miss Millerg Mixed fflulw College. ROSIZ SANGlURCil H67 - fl lst Street Wforked in Record Otfice, Attendance for Mrs. hlllflIl1StllT."'HLlSlI1L'SS. ' JANE SAUNDERS 7100 Ridge Court Orchestra, terms 5, 6, 7, 85 Girl Leader of Arista, term 8, Language Office, term 39 Gym Office, term 15 G.O, Representativeg Seventh Term Grade Council and Senior Councilg Class Treasurer, term 8.-Brooklyn College. JOHN SANTOEMMA 9126-Sth Avenue Orchestra, 4 years, Musicalesg Con- cert Masterg German Clubg Math Clubg GAO. Representative, terms 1-65 Music Office Squad.-College. OFJU' 19 Sixty-seven THOMAS SCARLETT 1 ' i 7-L16-Sth Avenue United States Marine Corps. , 1 I ' v- .'r ' . VUALTER SCHMAND 'O12 Narrows Avenue Collected Attendance Sheetsg Class Custodian, 2 terms.fCollege. ROBERT SCHMELTZER 109-93rd Street Attendance Squadg Chemistry Squadg Arista League.-Electrical Engineer, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. DORIS SCHINIIDT 158-73rd Street Band, terms 2-83 junior Band, terms 1, 6g Orchestra, terms 3, 5: Musicale, terms 2, 4, Emergency Room Squad, 2 termsg Miss Brookmanns Orhce. 2 termsg Mrs. Hale, 1 term.-W'orl:. BARBARA SCHNEIDER Z5-41 Cropsey Avenue Aristag Latin Cluh Secretaryg Ger- man Cluhg Psychology Cluhg Math Cluhg Leaders Cluh1 Mixed Cluhg Modern Dance Cvroupg Lihrary Squadg Grade Advisers Squadg Emergency Room Squad, History As- semhlyg Musicaleg GO. Rt'prest-nt.i- tiveg 'I'o1z'tr' Reprc'sciit.ttivc. --f,oIlt'gt'. iii.AiNi. sr.iu'is s S I is osili sri-or Sc-crctiiry In Mrs, Bonom, term 6,7 i 'ix Drunk Utilti, ttrni I1 I..itt- Saw I Be , Q terms S, 6, R1 l - V 'T ' -if W' X- X ' - iff sr XV ' ,M My tri H, THE GRADL .Si x'l3'-filglit ELEANOR SCHULDT 535-77th Street Mrs. Mayer, term 1g Miss Brook- mann, term 2g Ivfr. Shulman, term 6. -Business College. DORIS SCHVUARTZ 9220 Fort Hamilton Parkway Language Orhce, term lg Secretary to Mr, Quigley, terms Z, 5. 4, Secretary to lNIiss Brookmann, terms 5, 6, 71 Tennis Club.-College. ROBERT SCHVUARTZ S501 Fort Hamilton Parkway Musicaleg Mixed Chorus, terms 2-S3 Captain of Cafeteria Squad, terms -1, 6, 7: Service Corps. terms 1, 23 Sec- retarial Service Corps, terms 1, 21 Cafeteria Squad, terms 1, Z. 53 Latin Club, terms 5, 41 President of Latin Club, term 61 Intramural Basketball, term 6.-College. JOHN P. SCOTT '6lS-11th Avenue Service Corps, terms 6, SQ Physics Squad, term 'Q Intramural Basket- a erm olgloll' . Aiizli SEILER -40-lshtll Street Secretary to Mr, Golomh. 4 terms: Math Ottice, 1 termg Mr. Quiglevs Othce, 1 termg Secretary to Prefect. o terins.-College. BARBARA SIERITX IIS-03rd Street St-crttaiv to Mr, Cummings, 3 terms: Llradt- Atiosttis Othcc. 2 termsg l5iiiei'gti1t'v Room Squad, 1 termg CLO. Reprt-st'ntativc. l turing Busi- ness St.iH' ot' Tori ri .---Business W'orlsl. TE OF UN 19 IUAN SHl:l.HY ll2'is - it-Llntl Street Aristiig Ciirls' f.lnn'us, 2 termsg Ac- ciiunliiig St-rvitc Squml, llfz yuzlrsg llslucrs' Sqimtlg MlISlCilllCSQ Newman Clulwg Pr'iiy,gr.iin f.llIIlI1llllL'C'1 SL'crtrtury tri Mis. Mtllugli, llfl ytuirsg St-vcntlm 'l't'rm f.riuncil1 Serwiiwfitxtintilg'l'f11z'w' l.itt-fury Stuff. Scniin' Slwwg Scniiir l'riiln Climiiuittuc. -Htisiness XX'ivrltl. NXfll.l.IAM bl, SHORTALI. 505-95tIi Street Mrs, Mgitlim-.iiiy's Service Crmrpsg Mrs. Dclwirfs Service Curpsg Mrs. Aim-s' Service flwrpsl Catptrrin uf Supply Sc-ryitc fnrps, I tcrmg Mr. Niiiiiicns Service flurpsg't-teriii St-rvitc flurps. US. Navy. IVRANLIES SIIIIPIN 'MH -llsl Street liinglisli Ullitt-3 St'ci'tilz1ry tu Miss llviim-ssyg 15.0.Iit'pi't-suiitinlivt-,twins 6-7g 'l'ff11't'r ltt'pl't'scl1tulivL', terms R-61 5VVllllIlllIl'll Clulwg Rt-il ffruss f.lul11 Swim' Cniiiltilg Art lliiulm' ul' Rk'llIlWl'LlIIlll fllllwg St-niur Slumwg As' sismiit Art litlilin' ut 'l'fm't'r. Mur- IliIILQt'. IUSICPH SIANU lllll 6Htli Struct St-l'vicc' Ciirps. t'vusinc'ss. TOSANO SIMONETTI 872-52nd Street Physics I.1ilmiu1tur'yg Intramural Bus- kctlmill.-Cullegc or Business. l is ,Ulf y L 1 r y .1 ft buf! . ANTHONY SHVIURO 1025-77th Street Intramural Bnsketbrillg Service Corps. College. 2 I .7 AQ' ,A W' . an.. I ml lege. 476 Hr W QE ,.t..:sf RALPH SKAFLIZSTAD -ml Ox ingti-ni Axt-true Cilblt. ir 'M . - Q , t fi Eur x I i bl- ' Q 3 'l . .- ' 3 4 4 fr 'Y ., I.ll.lAN Slillflillflli lllzsll Hlst Sll'CL't Arist.1g St'trtt.u' Scrxitc Sklthlall THIIN' RL'Pl'Lst'Ht.lliXc'1 SuI'Ll.ll't' tw Mr, ltlwwitf, trims fy, ', Hg Pm- gixiin Ciiiiiiiriittwg St- r x it tt trump Stllllll' Sliivwg'x' tif Miss Hig- lLQllINllll, K.llll.II'lIlL Ciilwlws Htlwiil, RI! HARD NlXll'.RAl.ljl Imam will Slim-t Strvitc C twrpsg lXlil11t-iiAui'.r11liStllmil. f mlllt'Il11', llARfJl.D SflliQil'N'lll ' 10.20 M, if'tl1 Street' Service Qfirpsj lntr.uu'111'IfHiislgt-tballf, 5 4 if nf' ,IOSEPH souro y ' ' 1017-67th Street Intramural Busketballg Band. terms 6f 7, 83 Soccer Teamg Lieutenant. Cafeteria Service Squad, terms 7. 81 Cafeteria ,Service Squadfterms 4-81 Secretary to Mr. Kassenbrock, term 7. sState Tech. . ELIZABETH SPATZ 155 Gelston Avenue Lost and Ftiund, term li Secretary to Miss Hoffman, term S.-Business. 'Q .S'ix'fy-111715 J if THE GR TES DORIS SPEAR 525-72nd Street Secretary to Mr. Corenthal, terms 7, 8. -Business. INIATT SPIEGEL G.O. Office, 1 termg Intramural Bas- ketballg Cafeteria Service Corps, 1 yearg School Corps, 1 term.-N.Y.U. GUS STAMITIADES 1021-67th Street Varsity Baseball Teamg Service Corps, 2 yearsg Intramural Basketball. - Baseball. ROY STENSLAND 856-56th Street Detention Squad tMorningj.-Navy or Work. ELAINE STERP -164-80th Street Secretary to Mr. Cummings, terms fl, 55 Library Squad, terms 4, 5, 63 Swimming Club, term 43 Modern Dance, term 5, Senior Sbow.-Nurs- ing School, KliNNli'l'H STEVIZNS SIS --Hqirtl Street fill. Repitseritzitiveg f,nfetc't'iit Serv- ice Corpsg lzclitor of Spanish News- paper, latogiiiige fjlllikl f,olli-pe, than Soiitli AlIIt'I'lL1I. tS1l'7'l'Ilfy Mba QMS t JOYCE STOLTZ 164 Bay Ridge Avenue Girls' Chorus, terms 1-83 Musicale, 1948, 19495 Grade Adviser's Squad, terms 1-7g Swimming Club, terms 2. 3.-Business. MARCELINE STOUT Basketballg Newspaperg Prom mittee, 3rd year in Fra! . .g Emergency Room, t .- ing. ',',2,?ft,f7,, L.. XM - ,jf M E My f ,ff 'ff 7f'i Y X ffjif CATHERINE STOUTLAND 103-1-71st Street Nursing School. GEORGE STRATTEN 5419-4th Avenue Mixed Chorus, ' termsg Service Corps, terms 1-6.-New York State Ranger School, XX'anakenu, N. Y. DANA SULLIVAN 6'f95rd Street Secretary to Mr. Kamin, terms 4, 5, og Secretary to Mrs. Green, terms -1, ig Secretary to Mrs. Stern. terms 6. '. S1 Mixed Club: Tri-Y Club: Curtain' timers. You Cillllf Tait' If lluifli You: Psychology Club: G.O, Rep- resentative1 Usher. terms 1-S: Emer- genq' Room Squad, terms 1. 21 Radio Guild: Senior Show.-College, 'IOYCE SULLIVAN Roll! Ridge Boulevard To un' 1' Representative: lfiuergency Room Squad: Secretary to Mr. Rott- mann, Mr, Golomb, Miss Farquliar, Mrs. Scliaeferg 'l'oi1't'r Statlig Basket- ball Club, Volleyball Club: Softball Club, Swimming Club, Leaders Club: Ollicials' Club: French Club: Attend' ance Squadg Senior Show. -4ff- College and tlie National Swim Meets, X MARIE SYVERTSEN 4713-7th Avenue Mrs. Gold's Attendance Squad, term 4, Miss Brookmanns Office, term 8. -College. DOROTHY TAMAR 9 e t rctary to otcl Pro Lntltiv n , if U15 A m Hi eg ceg Mi H ma 's Ofti -' .O. re sur s eg .O. ,asp Af- 1 ' 'i s.- ge. DOROTHY TAYLOR 551 Marine Avenue Library Squad, term lg Grade Ad- viser, terms 2, 3, 4g Secretary to Mrs. Finng Secretary to Mr. Tanner, Typ- ist for Miss HCHDCSSY.-SCC1'Ctilfllll School. HELEN TELLEFSEN 7918 Fort Hamilton Palrliwily E m Q r g c n c y Room Squadg Girls' Locker Room Squudg Secretary to Miss Brookmrmng Secretary to Mrs. Segal, Tower Representative.-Nurs- ing. ROBERT TERROSI 8902 Shore Court Arista, Biology Laboratory Squadg Program Committee, Secretary to Mr. Matheson, Secretary to Dr. Lem- kin.-Renssaeler Polytechnic Insti- tute. ANTH TESTA f ,VV 10 r e's Servi p 65 Nts re ry to u , t 3.- ' Ho ood. ' 3 I v ' X'- gf' ce 'OF X 'Zu li' f JDK Y f fl N ARTHUR THOMPSON 633- lStli Street Locker Squad, GO Otiiccg Emergency Room, Track Team.-College. JOHN BRUCE THOMPSON - 7116 Ridge Boulevard.- Al!m7'kGpfCSCHf1lflVL'Q S e r v i C e Corps, Seventh TermwCouncil: Var- sity Baslfetbpll, '5 ,yenrsg Vai r s i ty Basgbztll, yearg Secretary to Mr. Drucker,y 'r,.wvBedell, Mr. Siegel.4 College.l-"ti, J i SALVATORE TIRRITO 1012--57th Street Service Corps.-Business. PETER TODARO Ill!-I-55tl1 Street lntinimiml l'1ilslcctlmill.-College. ARTHUR TOMPSEN 8204-Sth Avenue Cafeteria Service Corps, 5 termsg Mr. Quigle-y's Oftice, 3 terms.-College of the City of New York. AUDREY E. TONTS 9015 Ridge Boulevard Art Editor for Tower, terms 7, 8, Curtaintimers, terms 2-73 Anchor, terms 2-6g Mixed Chorus, terms 1-4, Our Towng Co-Author Senior Show, Radio Guild, terms 3-6g Latin Club, terms 1-4.-College. 19 Seventy-one THEO TORGERSEN 1046-70th Street Co-Captain, Cheerleadersg G.O. Rep- resentative, 2 yearsg Service Corpsg Senior Show, Tower Staffg Attend- ance Squadg Girls' Locker Room Squaclg French Clubg Secretary to Mr. Golomb, Mrs. Gold, Miss Farquhar. -College, then Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School. KARL TORIUSSEN 237 Ovington Avenue English Office, 1 termg Service Corps, 5 termsg Leaders' Club, 1 term,-Brooklyn College. FRED TORVOW 424f60th Street Cafeteria Service Corps, terms 6, 7. -U. S. A, F. OLGA TORTORA 427-47th Street Secretary to Mr. Tanner: Secretary to Mrs. Sterng Secretary to Mr. Swahng Pan-American Clubg E rn e r g e n C y Room Squad: Secretary to Miss Fritz: Treasurer of Prefect Class.-Nursing. x if, " ' .J -ft git g KENFSEI-I Toxvse 1 ' 'QB Bay 'iidge Avenue 6 New S' abd years"Lunch Corps. w- tv qx 'M C i Vi 15 , B xl .7 N 0 VA Q t L -t Q, ,Hy ,Ng J iq r an X ' lg 4 X jOSlZPH A. 'i'RiNc1Ai.i 78 71st Struct Orchestra, 5 tc.-rinsg Hitntl, I tering Care of Instrument Room, 2 yearsg Ilinlio Ciuiltl, I lL'l'lIIQ lHlIALIITIlII'.ll linskctbullg f,iIlil'lI'I'lJl Scrvict' Corps, l tcrmg Musiuilfn Iii-ooklyrif,iillc'gt, 'l't-milling. T H E .S'ffz'r1lly-lat io i ., , . , . ff I , W ,L 5- 5 ' ...... A :., . f --J t t-- Ya -22 i 'f" 4 1 1 li 6 f i , ' - W fs., 'l Q5 we 5? if 1, 5 l A ,- mv 'Q- fy v tt 74' X X xg, X X an 4 . pi i E X +A. ' -Il RACHAEL TULINO 1247-80th Street Secretary to Mrs. Bonom, term 6, Girls' Locker Room Squad.-College. AUDREY TULLOCH 8211-3rd Avenue Newman Club, 2 termsg Science Club, 1 termg Biology Laboratory, 1 term, Secretary to Mr. Leichtman, 1 termg Secretary to Mr. Kaye, 1 termg Serv- ice Corps, 1 termg Program Com- mittee, 3 termsg G.O, Representative, 2 terrnsg Program Office, 1 termg Dean's Office, 1 termg Tower Repre- sentative, 2 terms.-Business. ALICE UNNELAND 8874-58th Street Secretarial Service Squadg Secretary to Miss Van Bokkeleng Secretary to Mr. Cummings.-Business. JEANETTE VAN W' KEN l ' 9524 Ft.' xmilto Y ' B sin s. PM Jn' 0 'N ,. i A x - i I FRANK VOROB -tk -P03 Ft. Hamilton Pal'kw.1v Service Corps, terms 1-S3 Lieutenant Biology Lnlw, 1 term.-Business. LOUIS VASSALLO - 1050--uftli Street Arista: Chemistry Squad: History filllll' College. DI ATES .OAFJU 19 . W . 54492 Vx ANTHONAYA' VIECCHIO .'1ll42-64th Street Slefvicu Corps, 'terms 4-83 Wbrked in Qr'en'ciurI Dtiice.---College. . i ' ' ' 1' 'i I' EUGENE VICARIO 808-40th Street Mr, Bi'iiverman's Service Curpsg Mr. l5yron's Squritl.-U, S. Navy. PHILIP VIVIRITO 1024i64tl1 Street Service I . -rms 7.-Wcmi'k. . ,M f y y Io W . ,wud-4 I ALBA VOILPE 67718 Ridge Buulevalrtl Secretarial Service Squad, terms 5, 6, 7, Hg Secretary to Mr. Nazeit Secre- tary tu Miss Hennessy: Grade Ad- viser's Squad, term 4g Secretary to Miss Brookmanng Typist for the Touw.-Business World. ADELINE WAGNER 5 42-+94th Street Secretary to Mr. lVIai?etone,j1, -Bus'n ss. f A I-,vi i V1.1 E fill I I . "X ,li-4L'pf"7 THEODORE WALLACH 7524-Sth Avenue Chess Clubg Band, terms 3-8g Aqua- rium Club, terms 3, 4, 5.-College. f Q Wrfj ijvlv 1,4 f V , ,rg i fr i , W. ,1 fm ' , ' . ,ff . 1. ' 'Z :sf -I P 1 'G' 2 f 1 'K J sf' M w W -. W r X l K X Z, II W ,if Q raft' ca- , W , iw- - ' Q DQN'v4'E1,s,Hg ,, L li. 1 ,uf A--1 A we--f' ' 2,5-I-73rd Street Service 1 years: Iguneh Servicjyg Squad!f1,'-yeii1',--'Qolle-ge. J' , 'gy ., Liv X' . ' r - --17 IL: 11' ' BARBARA VCELT S417 Fort Hamilton Purlcwriy Aristag Psychology Club: Swimming Clulwg Softball Clulwg Tri-Y Clulvg G.O. Representative: Secretary to Miss Mullin, Mr. Liss, and Miss Higginsung Grade Arlviser's Squritlg Senior Sl1uw,7IXlt. Hulyulie College. CQORA XX' 6102---Hrtl Avenue Cul Squutl, term lg Tulzwr Repre- st-nt.ativt', term S3 CIO, Represeiitn- tive, term 61 Cziptnin of Lille Sqimrlg Dr-.m's Otlice, 2 tt-rms. -lX'lciliu1l Str-iu1gr.1pliv, lliisirit-ss, IANET XVILKINSON 402 Marine Avenue Service Squad, 2 terms: Miss Mullin, 1 termg Science Clulv, 1 termg Li- brary Squad, 1 term.-Modeling. WILLIAM WILSON 37-79th Street Intramural Basketballg Mr. Kearney's Ofice.-State ech. ELLEN WILSON 851-65rd Street Secretary to Miss Mullin, Secretry to Mrs. Sterng Tower Representative. -Business. Sewenfy-three .I-A RICHARD WINNAN 901-80th Street Pratt Institute School of Architecture. MARIAN E. XWINQUIST 9-19-71st Street Latin Clubg Tennis Clubg Mimeo- graph Squadg Library Squad, terms 1, 2, 3, 4, 51 Program Othce, terms 6, 7, 83 Senior Show.-College, and then Nursing. ROBERT WINTER 521-61st Street BARBARA XWOLFE 701-86th Street History Ofliceg Grade Advisers Of- fice, Secretary to Mrs. Swahng Secre- tary to Mr. Kamin, Psychology Clubg Modern Dance Clubg Math Club, Arista.-College, SUZANNE WOLHEIM 327-93rd Street Secretary to Mr. Staudt terms 5, 63 Tower Repres ntative 6.-Col- lege. ARTHUR YNGSTROM 7 79-50th Street Basketball .fBusiness, Service Corps, 8 terms, Cafeteria Service Squad, 3 terms.-Business World. RICHARD ZRAICK i . I 695-Sith Street ramatics Cluh, term lntraniutul Bgskethnll, term 6g Secret-ary to Nirf Drucker, term 7g.Seeret.1' toflllr, 2 Kottman, term S: Service Cc with X Mr. Naimen. ternfs -K. 51 G. . Rep- ' resentative, term 4.-College. 'xl 'til '. 1 ., lf , A y x 'X : i- , Q . 3 A-.NX i , ' Miriirrq in flrfiml ' l f 'X J M A ii I Y GERRY MCKIERNAN ' K U '- 5'-Q X . A 3 T 'E 1 - W - A-Xxx, x 1. ELSE ABRAHAMSEN ARNOLD KVIEKSTAD EDXVARD lNlcGARRl'l'Y ROGER lfGAN ROISERT LANGDUN THUMAS lNlCGRA'l'H THOMAS FAALAND NUl' l.ANGll,l.lf NAUREEN lNlL'KlEARNEY LOUIS FRANCU IOHN l.APl wl0HN lNlOONlfY RONALD HUNT Cilffllliilf l.ARSliN CSARSTEN l7Alll.Sl3N MAX IUNAS llUlilill'l' MANNING VINCSITNT RHODES AR'l'l'llfll KAliS'l'liNSliN IUHN MARKFN KENT 'l'HURS'l'liNSl5N Q., Now our four years haw tlraun to a 1-lose And here we express thcni in rhyinr-. WF- know it would hr- more 1-ll!-c'tiyv in prose 7 But wc-'rc sorry, we dont liaye tht- tinu-. lkf'IIll'IIll'74'I' when we started? lt sec-Ins so long ago. Through the halls we darted, But whf-rc we did not know. fi . . ff 'I fx Alter that came our first trip 'All r JJ C Sw , 1 . x f G I 7 lo the cafeteria. , U qt 5 Right away we lost our grip: " I X lykfbx j lt was like Inass hysteria. X I D . F 07, Hash and specials everywhere, X It Q V It was a fcarsoinc sight. ' 5 1. .5 Seniors grahhc-d for freshmanls chair: .- :1f':1f" Now 1 ask you, was that right? Tl M ' D ' ' l Cl CQ1f15.5f-'5.5:19"- A" ie usic r-partmcnt s iron ian s Q-fgzjf-fQg'.'-if ffm, -'1'-,-,K Showed no mercy for usg Nlany ol' us joined the Band 'Haj Or were drafted to the Chorus. ' i ' ' ' ' , lkt'tll1llNl'tl Art was not so boring. ' ,i I ,' D But that modern work wonlt jivv. VVr' didn'l know what we were drawing, But we got a ninety-livr-. For silver that had not lim-4-n llfflllglll hack . . We were lmrought lwliorm' Miss Sell:-ll. Slim- ' . Sclllr-rlcccl torture worst- than the rack: ' ' 'l'hrm'c long rounds with Mr. S2lt'lll'y. , ' kj Wl1m'I1 a canine roained the school, i, i -I . ' L Mr. Andrews oft demanded, ' . u , . "lsn't this against the rule. Ur have they lowered the standard?" ' Q ' 5f1:gl5ff?-H13 . " -'qi' --,'. al A dauntless figure in the hall Standing at attention, A21 ' . . 3 Generally speaking on the ball, .X Y His name we necdn't mention. - a Spanish, German, Latin, French, It fills us with elationg Since we can court a comely wench, Regardless of her nation. The senior pin-it sure had styleg 6'It's a desk or a whalef, thcy'd say. But they missed it by a mile. lVe know it,s a Model A. I III The boys who sang in the Senior Show Sounded just great. so they sayg To the South Pacific theyldt like to go, Singing off key all the way. It's not that we're proud of our po But let this be our motto: 'Excellent work it's got to be, If the bards are Ryan and Luottof' C UV, Audrey Tonis 605607 .,g0'nl' M111 X X QQ xl P . ,x O' tix 5 5 445,55 is tr M Y Walter O'Brian, Neil O'Donnell and James Luotto as the Andrew ,xl 3 V . 'ill TS -. 'H' ' f '-'M - . fx ' I S 5 ' G if ,E I x Y gg? 1 - ggi- 1 x 1. 'eg seg ff '11 Ti "Hhs--Q 3 iff" I ,eg .ffl ,L iii' ' qqrqg. . ., -- Q ,-'X 1 ,s g 54? . ' ' - 'iii in 1 '5W'7f,lf if y t, Ji-'fi J' Sisters and Bing Crosby. When the fun and work of rehearsing for our Senior Show czune to ai triumphant close, the Seniors breathed a sigh of relief and yet ol rm-givt that it was all over so soon. Written by Liz Goddard and Emily Bond, with Audrey Tonts. the Tenth Year Circus was a riotous production from the opening bars of the overture to the last curtain call. Will we ever forget Miss Brookmann's mystic rendition of Ronald Corn's prophesy, or Tom McKenny with his three anonymous snakes? Serving as ringmaster, John Ryan introduced each act as though he were from Barnum 8: Bailey itself. Dot Rigdon, locker room acrobat, made quite a hit, while the cafeteria scene was declared by its members the best in the show. The skating act, the first of its kind to be produced in Fort Hamilton, featured a graceful solo by Elaine Sterp and Harold Hart. The final waltz scene was introduced by Les Gordon and Dana Sullivan, seated on four bouncing Seniors, who fonned the ,51 jalopy. No circus is complete without a big brass band and ours was no excep- tion. Under the leadership of Ray Filhley and his golden trumpet, they accompanied all the songs and dances. Everyone left claiming the Tenth Year Circus to be the best Senior Show in Hamilton's history and all agree that it could not have been the success it was without the efforts of Mrs. Levis in directing the many colorful dances, or those of Miss Tasman who went through many trials shaping the cafeteria scene into the Hnal product. Seventy-seven Q X i x .cf Sw W ,ia '2' C . fy - ' ab U 112331, .,- - - H. " ,nt . 5123 , -1 -I . two? Z 5 ii ' 5 1121333 D B E?E2?.?5iP63i1 wi 65 E. thc class of Juno 1931. being of sound Inind and body tthnnks to thc Hcnlth Education Dcpartincntl. do hcrcby state thc suggestions as wcll as worldly posscssions that wc wish to lcavc to Fort Hamilton High School when wc hnvc gmdtigitccl. Sonic of thc class scicntists. Lcslic Gordon. Boh Attiych. and Bob Schincl- tzcr :nrc nlrcnch' hnrcl .lt work on invcntions that will hc of lII1lI1CC1S11liLllJlC vnluc to Fort Hamilton. Thcy hnvc pcrlicctccl sonic dustlcss chalk which they hnvc clcdicatcd to Bliss Rlillcr. .ind work has hccn colnplctccl on ii new typc of candlc for Arista-one that lights. Whcn cliscovcrics h.ix'c hccn tinishcd. thcy will join with Xlorty Cixxin and 'liccl Dmngc in thc I113I1l1li.1ClL1I'C of an atom honih which thcx' plan to Clonntc to thc Cllll'lHlNll'f' Sqtmd for cxpcri- nit-ntal purposcs. Our fnturc politicians. Bill Colcinnn. kloc Ritxipito. Nick Piro. and Gcorgc lifll-ITlHI'li. llLlX't' Cl1'dlL'4lU'Cl tl10l11St'lX't's to thc task ol Uwllcctillg .Ill tllc t'0I1liCIIl which is tliroxxn .it tlicni during thc hig political llllllkxi .ind p.n'.idcs so thcx' min turn it ovvr to Klr. Szaho lor usc gis tcst pgipcrs. .Xml l"i'.iIiu's lxl.llUlT.1. tlif- Q.1l who is most likclx' to sncccctl. h.1s volun- tccisvcl to tlongitc lll'li lirst million to thc luturc 'l'n:t't'r slgllll thcxill ncctl it. Uni' cilllillllllllllltl lricntls .lolin llmn. llorotlix liigtlon. Rtilwingcr. Hill licnnctt. lJ.un.i Sullixxun. .intl Ronin' Coin. living' .1 consitlcixitc lot. h.ix'c 4-xlm-ss:-cl tliv clf-sirc lrr lunxw- lo Nliss ili.lNlIl.lIl. .1 iiicgnwlioiic s0 slic can s.ix'c ll4'l' Ylrlt 4' Nlusumns loin l..im1.l. lim l'1llilvx. loin Nlclxcnnx, Nl.ix .lUll.lN, -l.lIll' Nilniicli-rs. .Xumlrvx Nlooiw-, -lilllll s.lllllN'lllIIl.l. Sliirlcx lit-ll. .intl thc rcst. h.1x'c all-fill'-fl wl1.ul tlil- all-lr.ul'liiu-lil nm-tls most is .i lot ol t.llcnt to 1'cl1l.icc tlirwiisclxvs wlivn llu-x lr'.nx'1', .mtl .I nvw scl ol iinilornis lox' mln- ll.lllLl. Lflioris- .h1j'1!lfl'f1l'flll QQ Q py40Q i Q D 55325252311,,:.,.,.1,::1,.,:525 Q 4. E1E5:3:1""""'iiiiiiiiiiziiiiiiiim ' 53 c ,CO ae? ta , 1 "gif "'2E1E1:212r22E1E1f' -EE' Q, 122' REED 2222? , . H E 31332-. 'I 41 ,- ga. .531 ' . , it . " '2 tggit att Q-Brea-:Q 2dr C Woe-pf 3131221333333 J. it' 1 ' -' Vlwwgokb ters lhflllI'll'Ill' clUllllN', fir-urge Slralten, Ronnie Nloss, Rm- lanclolo. .'X11cl1'4-3' 'lUll2lIlIlt'SS4'Il, :xml lllaine fliiileriex, plan to clonzilm- lu Miss lionig' iuul Mr. Nazer sn. rn-cording ol' .full fl Smile al 'ltvlilfixglil :incl lliree extra lingers lor every chorus lll1'llllN'I' to place lH'lNA'l'l'll his it-1-ilu. We would like to clonate llon Rlfllillillitlll :incl -lohn Kanye to thi- srliool with the rr-tiniest that they ln- us:-cl to hm-lp wincl ilu- clock in tht- tower. llracle Advisers' Hquzicl lllt'llllN'l'S, l'zlt lX'1i'Kl'Illlll, Peggy ,'Xi1cls-rsoim, llnyw- Stultz, anal Nancy Kulmasuk wish to leave to tht- VVVI'-lilllllllllll Miss limokniguni, zu class ol sluclents who fllfilllf want Z1 progrzun cliauigv. 'lack Fitzgerald, lNfIichael Barich, and 'lost-ph Soutto, Service Corps Lieu- tenants, wish to leave to those who will remain hm-hind, ll pack ol hloodhounds - fthey always get their inan. Class artists, Virginia O'Connell, Anthony Bruno, Joan Jacobsen, Frances Shupin, and Audrey Touts are planning to chip in and huy Miss Dick the lX1etropolitan Museum ol- Art while Bob Ritter. Ellen Boschwitz, and Don Flore, who sjznwlzriz Deutsfh, are leaving Dr. Cochran a door for his Phi Beta Kappa key. WVC plan to give the Pilot stall the thing they want inost-a Pilot, and we would like to leave Mr. Levine an Ophelia, Mr. VVaks, sorne nionev of his own, Mr. Kearny an experiment that will work, and Mr. Corenthal, a Tenth Anniversary Button tplus three book covers, one pair Fort Hamilton mittens, four packages ol loose-leaf paper, and one Hrst-aid bandage which are included in the original pricej. To Mr. Ludwig, who acted as a shining light of example to us all, we leave wonderful ineinories of Fort Haniilton High School. Setwzty-1zz'1ze EMMW' dcaliwa The students ffet the paper, The school gets the fame, The prznter vets the money, But the sta Gets the blame. w- - .. .'F""f" 1Lti"'.?'f"e ' ,fa TTTTT' s 1 , 5 ee- T' . ' +eeTeeh.. at KPLQDI' - ij-flgg. - lxffnnrfa. . ,.,.. . The first Tower. under the direction of Mr. Hcrbst and selling at the price of twenty-Hvc cents. was issued in june 19-13. 'l ne graduating students of that year entered the school in September 1911 when there was no grade higher than 5 and every student had to complete his last two years. They considered themselves Fort Hamilton's i'PionecrsH and they certainly were. for they were basically responsible for building up the traditions of our school. From term to term. the Tozeer has adhered to the custom of a "Last lNill and Testament." a celebrity page. various dedications. a NClass Prophecy." and other distinctive features. However. occasionally there have been depart- ures. The T0zt'er.t issued during the war contained the names of the boys in service, accompanied by their photographs. Fort Hamilton's "Firsts.,' so called because they were the first class to graduate at the end of a full four- year course. the Class of June 19-15. in their issue of the Totem' handled the celebrity page in a somewhat different manner. Instead of having the faces of the celebrities attached to drawn-in figures. they had the entire figure seated in a classroom seat. In the June 19-17 issue. the seniors had their senior song printed with words and music. The Trizeez' may differ in its presentation from term to term. but it never SVVl'I'VCS in its honest elfort to reflect the activities ol the seniors at Fort llamilton. Our very first Anchor. a, pint-sized edition a trille larger than the Rut111'e1'r Ilifgmt, came out in the spring of 1912. Our own Mr, Benjamin Blorton. who happens to be a senior pn-lieet teaelier this term. was business adviser for this first issue. l'hotrigraphs atlornm-cl many of the pages in the earlier .-l1it'l1o1'.v. but in it-ri-tit years this praetiet- has lit-en tliseontiinietl. Tliese pictures were taken lfilglzly 1 X. W., at various student activities and were placed in the Jlllcfltlli in a montage form similar to the one used today in our 'l'oztw'. Each issue publishccl had a definite theme which was carried out on the covcr ancl in stories, poems ,ancl thc art work. For instance, il' the sea were the theme, the cover would have a nautical flavor, and some of the literary ancl art work would further develop the idea. The whole issue would be lively ancl spicy, salt being the most prominent spice. This method has evi- dently proven cllective because time after time our Anclmr has received first place awards in the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association contest. Whzit to name Fort Hamilton's newspaper was the first problem to lace the faculty advisers and student stall' of this newly born publication. Alice Lawson won thc- name contest sponsored by the paper, and thus the prize ol a life subscription. The paper was thereupon christened "The Pilot." From the start, the publication contained faculty, celebrity and student interviews. There were school, neighborhood and world news columns, sports articles, cartoons and aclvcrtiscmcnts. Music, Book Review and Record col- umns were lcaturcd while each issue contained a column on the amusing siclc. We can be especially proud because our "Pilot" has won a great many awards, one for almost every year of its none too long existence, It has been entered in the Columbia Press Association Contest, ancl has won first prize six times, second prize once. Uncc it rcccivccl a Nleclalist Award. hlalvin Schccter, a former editor, won for liimscll' ancl the "Pilot," a journalism award from radio station VV. O. R. ancl the N. li. Hrmlrl 'l'ril1l1ll1', The paper emanates from a tiny oflice, Room 362, wlit-re editors, report- crs, cubs, artists and business stall' assemble, and unclcr the advice and guidance of Mr. Solovayw write, organize, and sct up thc newspaper. Awards, pictures ol' thc school, of interviewed celebrities and former student stalls cover the walls of this little room from which so many events, occasions, and memories have been and will be tabulated. Although Waves of Science has played an integral part in the extra- curricular life ol' the School almost as long as there has been a Fort Hamilton, the magazine as it exists today only emerged with the arrival of its present literary editor, Mr. Leichtmann. Before that date, it was published only in the form of a mimeographed booklet. Since then. four rather deluxe editions have been issued. The first three of these were but a potpourri of contribu- tions by various students on varied facets of science. However, last year's staff established a precedent in which one distinct theme was selected, by which all writers were limited. Although the latter method was of necessity more difhcult, the quality of the magazine was improved to such a degree, it is hoped that future editions will maintain the precedent. The Waves of Science has been entered in the Columbia Scholastic Corn- petition for four years, and already displays an enviable record, winning two first and one second place prizes. Eighty-one We ........ Everyone who has ever attended Fort Hamilton High School, from its freshmen through its alumni, can be proud of his or her school. To any inspector, our grounds and building are ideally planned and located, and are among the best in New York City. However, one must really be a part of this school to appreciate wholly the most important part of our life here. It is simply the complete accord that exists between all students, teachers, department chairmen, and Mr. Ludwig. As simply a sports item, this article will be confined to our scho0l's sports record. From the very beginning, our teams have reflected a spirit of co-opera- tion existing between members of the teams and their coaches, plus the drive to win. Briefly we list a resume of sports activities and some outstanding stars. Some we know and some we only know about. Our beginning was in 1941 and not very auspicious. It was not until the latter part of the year that intramural basketball was introduced. The following season t19-121 initiated our first competitive teams. A comparatively poor showing was made by our basketball, baseball, and track teams. This, however, did not reflect our true potential as a competitive school since our teams were novices in their respective fields. In 19-13-4-1 fencing was introduced by Mr. Flaster. The track team placed third in a 1,280 yard relay P.S.A.L. meet at the Garden. Eddie Hyman was the star of this team. He was also G.O. President. Our basketball and baseball teams, under coaches Drucker and Kassenbrock. made a mediocre showing. This year, a plaque for athletic achievement was presented by the Health Education Department. The first two names engraved on the plaque were .lay Olitfe and Nickolas hlillionis. 1944-45 brought our first winning season in baseball. From this team. Dick Murphy was the Hrst player elected to the "All City" team. The basket- ball team had another poor season. However. "Strctch,, Hintermcister. the team center, placed second for scoring honors in the city. This same year brought ice hockey and first place honors to us. This team was so outstand- ing, it defeated the West Point Plebes during a war year when the Army team is always at the peak ol' its strength. This year. the golf team played tor the tirst time capturing divisional honors and second place in the city. ln Ifirtfi-rlti the hockey team once again ran away with the league's top honors. They slmt will the leagm-'s "All Stars." Basketball and track had only a liair season. Um' baseball team and golf team placed second and tirst respectively. llnder Mr. lledell, a soccer team was organized and prepared to rompete in l'.S.A.l,. games in future months. filtgflli'-li't"rr 'l'hc following scason crowncd our hockcy tm-inn victors oncc again. 'lihc haskcthall tc-:nn placcd third. Hd N'Il1I'lJlly and Jinx Sotis xwn- tht- outstand- ing playcrs. Thi: socccr tcain placccl third and thc hasclmall tcann lost thc chuinpionship in thc- last gainc. Thi- track tcarn had a vm-rx' succcssliul waix placing in st-vt-ral int-cts. Gr-orgc H4'llil'IlStl'lIl paccd tht- cindcr-nicn. lflflfl-'l-fl brought a gcncrally good sczison to all our tczuns. Howcvr-r, this ycar. duo to luck of school liunds, thc hockcy tr.-am had to hc dishandcd. Gr-orgrr IIf'llil'IlSU'lIl starrcd again on thc track tcani. Our haskcthall tr-ani dcvclo :cd a ncw flock of starsf --Vlfalsh. Nlulvchill. Lavdcn, Thorn pson. Ulscn. I , l and Ring. Thr- howling tcam inadc a good showing. ln thc 1949-Stl scason thc track tr-ani had its most succcssliul yn-ar. taking inf-dials at hoth tht: Cardinal Haycs and lVIanual IIlf'PtS. Thi- outstanding pci'- lornicr on this tc-:nn was Fahrizzio who hrokc the: rccord lor thc Qllll yard dash at thc Stuyvcsant rncct. This ycar thc Kcglars lhowlcrsl linishcd in lourth placc. Now our sports rccord is closcd. This st-ason niost l'.S.A.l,. schools huvc hccn unahlc to conipctc duc to tht- unllortunzitc situation which has giriscn. Wliilt- compiling' tht- data und writing ol' this sports liislory, wc litm- rclivccl und cnjoycd, in rctrospcct, sonic ol' tht- highlights ol' our school! uctivitim-s und wc know that, wht-n wc turn huck tht- pgigcs ol our nn-niory hook, lfort llznnilton is an school wc cun lic proud ol' in githlctics. in scholar- slnp :ind lor ull :around clcun living. MQW 'K - Q gh Af if ff-r o 5: Athlete - uso u" N. KURDEL 1 4 O. 1 I f ' u' . l 1 ' I 'I . 'f'.". ' I - .' - '-.".' - ' . . . ., ., O ,I f . - - I I 1 , ' -': . -. -. -. - 1 ' df . I .O I '." .' fn, ofa, ' I '..: 0: .: "Q I 'u i if. v . . ., . . - U' mp., i, ' f . Q, af: , M .'.. .'..:':',': u . . . . A ..::.,. - I , .:?',':.,'::'.-..','.., , . . - . - . ofa '4,'..' '..'n '. ' . Q: :.:.:A:..u: '. o Q an n ..,...,.-5-',..,. , ., . ., -, N ., . . .,..,:s. .-' u .".:,'.n ,' a" '..'o e, Q. o -5. o.. ., - , s. ., ., 'U - - ' -.'i..t..l. . 5" ','.','.' 'Q I , . ','.n',:,'., . - ' 'v.".".".' , . . Q , - , - -,:. .. ::' ' . . ' ' - - ' ' '.'f.'f.' ' ' . , 0 .':."n 0 , o . ff' , u v '."' . ' e , 4 . , . . . . . , . 1 x 0 ' n o ' ' . . '::.'. Q ' . '., I . - vt , U.. . . .V - l . ' v , 0 ' . ' u ' ' -. 0 . O . ' v ' ' ' ' '. -" '. U . . U I i 0, Q ' v , D . u.: . 0 .H . "I, . ' , 1 ' I xr i THE ARISTA x.,,:,Q M3 Miss Grace Young P' 0 'l'Hl'L MIXLU f.l IZ!!-lfllfj'-fill!! fl, H 312,62 IURI 38 Mr. RLIYINUIICI Nuzcr A 1 - -X ,A . 4 - ., . THIC BAND Mr. Rzxymoncl Nam-I' v M -www. x f THE ORCHESTRA Mr. Alan Braun Eighty-live 3,379-Sf' RVICIIC CIO .SZIIIIIIVI K1 CHEM SQUAD Mrs. Nelly Juul SIQCRIZTARIES Mrs. Concetta Bouom V ., MY I az' Y ' if ' ln Univ 'mf I OOM' nviw- Sz", 5 -1 W ,, l 1 , , 4 .N A l r if- V V z if ' , ' ' 5 57- f f i 1 f l f E l l 2 ' Q L ,V if! - a v V . .f if r "ffl A n , J VAVVZ fm t i .wi ,. ,, i , ff' ff 74,2 BREVOORT Savzhqs Bank UF HIROUKLYN FORT IIAIVIILTUN ISRANCII UFFHIIC 447 EIGHTY-SIXTH STREET Brooklyn fl, N. Y. To the Ladies and Gcntlcincn of thc Class of 1951 Fort Hamilton High School Brooklyn 9, New York The Trustees and Ofliccrs and Staff of The Brcvoort Savings Bank in Bay Ridge offer you individually and collectively our sincere congratulations on completing your high school course, and extend our best wishes for your good health, prosperity and tranquillity. Q May God grant you a future bright with promise and happiness. Sincerely, President Serving Savers of Brooklyn Since 1892 Elghfj'-560671, flu mfcellfence. . RINGS PINS MEDAl.S CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES if-1 ,AAAAAg,.AAAA4AA----AA- c.. m 2 rn I- rn 3 U7 -n C 5 -4 O C 2 O r- P U5 U5 2 Z Q U5 in design era Hsn1ans111?J and quality . 5 fMAIIlJf!xCTUFTIllG JEWEUR' nnsrqrg - 17 IUHN STREET, NEW YUHK 8,N.Y. - Pnovunf l lily-1173111 NCE 'I'RiungI0 5-9272 DELMA STUDIOS 4 fl 6 If' U I, 'I' U N S 'I' H li IC 'I' Brooklyn, N. Y. OUR OFFICIAL YEARBOOIQ PHOTOGRAPHER COLLEGIATE CAP 8 GOWN CO. RENTAL CAPS 81 GOWNS CHOIR GOWNS 366 FIFTH AVENUE N1-pw XYORK CITY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE JUNE 1951 GRADUATION CLASS KINGS COUNTY LIGHTING COMPANY M7 IH l1'Ul'R'l'II .X YEN l' li linmmxlxw, N. Y. N ly LHQTEIIH PRESS, Inc. 33 Flallmusll Avenue 0 Brooklyn l7 STerl ing 3-0500 SINCE l9l5 wc llave lu-Pu Saervlrlg lligll sclwol:-s annul colleges of flrfeulur New York . . . We luke prirlfc in ll2lVllIK ut your servivf: our Stull of expert lypogrupllerg, :urlisls :lml uflvisors . . . l'RlN'l'lCRS UI" "l'OXN'lCR' ANI , N. Y. -was-N5 J'l'll"' 'I'll CH" A 1 AFTER SCHIP! ll VISIT GEORGE' Ice Cfelllll, Soda, 1 Prinfin booklf-ts, 9 .,w,.w C.lxlu.fX I lull AND PIQOIJUCIEIJ in Colorful salt-S promotion foldvrs, Catalogs Sandwiches I I p 2644 8501 1 3rd AVENUE 6515 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 20, N. Y. Brooklyn. N. Y. BEac'hv iew 8-l 100 Nilzrfy-0111 SHore Road 5-9603 Loo Celano, Prop. D Y K E R RECREATION BOWLING ALLEYS BOXVLING BVILDS HEALTH, SPORTSMANSHIP, CHARACTER 530 - 86th STREET Opp. Dyker Theatre Brooklyn 9, N. Y. C H -L-1396 S C I E N TIF I C ENGRAVING CO. Photo-Engravers 406 IYEST 31st STREET New York 1. N. Y. LA1VIB'S SCHOOL The Srhool That Gets Results Establishcd 1912 ,-Xrveleratvd Courses in GFPQQQ-Pillllilll T Tiling, Accounting, Stenogruphy, ypvw ffnnlplonla-try, Graded Speed Diflu- lion, Cixil Scrvic-P Preparation, Brush- np IIOIIFSPS., Inlenaive R9N'I9WN' llllltflllllllll 111xtrzzf'tio11 IJJXY-EVENING isvflflllfll VYIIIIIIIIVI .Slfmol SHorc Road 8-8-I7-I-5 S I L V E R ' S UPHOLSTERY SHOP ,iIII7Illfl1L'fIll'4'I'X of Ffm' Vll1l10I,vt4'n'd I'RIll'lIl.f 1111 1J1f1jn'1'1'r,v, Cznlnizzx. Slip lfmw lmlulru- loclgny 'IR-l.SCJn11I18-IQISU I 11711 NVINTII S'l'.,C1or.otl1,'Xw. lirmllxlvll lgv, N. Y. - -- v v livin l'flKlIl'l'Y-SlX'l'll STREFI l'.fUC'l'-'l'lNll'I l'1fVll'l,UYNll'1N'l' ILIYH WWW 'l'Ul'l'lUN llmoldvll 9. N. Y. Nfllwly'-l1n'f1 JUELL M. BIE I 7810 I"IF'I'II AVENUE Bflllhklyll 9, N, Y. BI'zlll'llVil'XVl8- I 8 I 8 LEWIS BROS. ...FUliRlEIiS... FlU'l'Z'C7'.f in Bay Ridga for zz Q,ZlIll'1'i'l' Cvrztury 8010 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. WOrtl'1 2-I 168-60 C A M P U S SPORTING GOODS CO. I F5213 I5 ROA ID W.-X Y N1-xx' Ymli 7. N. Y. I,Hll ID. Pvllz Ulu, MANDY FUR A Rl:',A1L 'l'Rl:',f1'l' AND 'IYJ ,Hl:'l1"l' B E H R E N S CONFECTIONERY 8610 - 3rd AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Nincty-th TF K.W.S.Y. Cigarettes, Cigars, Candy, Novelties 8604 - 4il'1 AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. CHRISTIAN DANNERHOJ DANISH BAKERY 7612 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. TULIP SHOPS FASHION ACCESSORIES for Smart Women 444 - 86th STREET Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SHore Road 5-5950 I.AURITZEN'JS BAKE SHOP MUrray Hill 9-7l53 REED AND COMPANY SCHOOL SPECIALTIES Makers of Class Senior Pin 373 FOURTH AVENUE New Cork l6, N. Y. Sl-lore Road 5-9786 Serving Bay Ridge for Over Z5 Years HENRY'S FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 8505 FOURTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SHore Road 8-6591 BAY SHORE PHARMACY Open Sundoy B602 THIRD AVENUE Cor. 86th St Brooklyn N. Y SHore Road 8,6535 QUATTLENDER'S FINEST UALITY CAKES A Q 4 Q PASTRX sum' I I VQIZ THIRD AVlfIYlUlf 9300 THIRD AVENUE Hffwlvrr rr Y 121-suklyrr, N. Y. .'Vilz1'ly-furlr NI'IW STORE LARGE NEW STGNIR T H E R O Y A L FORMAL WEAR T0 HIRE Ladies Evening Wraps Special Low Rates For F.H.H.S. Students 536 - 86th STREET Upp. Dyke-r The-alre Brooklyn, N. Y. Sllorv Rozul 5-SI53 Sl'loro Road 5-4027 Emo Dolly RIDGETUVVN DAIRY K DELICATESSEN Birds Eye Foods, Butter and Eggs ery Home Made Salads and Sandwiches 409 - 86th STREET Brooklyn 9, N. Y. CULUM RIA LUNCHEUN ETTE 4th AVENUE CS 85th STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. SI-lore Road 8,2335 J. A. HANSEN FLORIST P1011-90 Member of Telegraph Association Palrgnizg I Our 557 - 86th STREET Advertisers Near Ft. Hamilton Parkway Brooklyn 9, N. Y. N inrfy ..... I a -.1 Q m f'v .4 K' 'QC4' I I KX C . ' I 4 l' 5' This issuv uf thu' Port ll.1millou Yv.u'1wouk 11.15 In-vu prirmwd on gloss unllvd pnpvl' in Nark ink. Hu- l'lllllUSSl'Kl l'UX'l'l'S wvll' nmdc hx' L, U, Smith .xml lin. The- P.llH'l' k'UYlXl'S of K:l1Cll1iCJl Daily Nulvs wlxilv pzvpm-up 'Hn' txpv is Fb.lSkl'l'YiHL' with , f lhuslivnnd llmlmxi Hold, Prillivd .xt thv l'1.lSIl'l'I1 " I if r Pr:-ss, luv., Hl'0UIxb'Il IT, N. Y., Sl' li-0500, ,ff ' Q I 9' ri W X, . j' ' ML Kwai fx. A ff' I 1' ! ' , LM 0' . Y R: Lucia x Begg-?'vsX'VQ X , Ffwff . 'VXA 'ibguybii IVN fx , CJ-9,9-5-qi' . IL-f . J o Q,Y1 fy 36,5111-'JL , W A F'-fo 'KVM' ti Q R U 5 jr' cv 'Q i lHESS!vEM .YMHMtE'BiMTM'l5.l1aHiii'iu?'-'Q3lJ41'f'KI1l,H!4IZ"m7 !ls 95'?NEAEl.' K: 3liP.TIHH , , ,

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