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,- 5 E E 'rl1GXf.uM.::. 'Qian-'f'.,11wm.1bwliafff: .J'4m'E!M'1lM1fmeima 1 ff-!.vZ,'ZaNJ m'4rJzJ!nA:::"nBN , ul: ' f1m'e-.anm1v:lzrbv.:.'1.o:l.1nmwkiK"a-ui ov'1?H,.fu1st1ausmA1's-1.!u'z!l-v41w3J'..m 'mfw Zmeisfafil was uh, , Q 3 5 3 1 F 5 3 SI 9 .1 1 5 1: 11 E 1 s 5 4 F PZ z fi bl Q Z 5 Q 53 E 5 4 L, ,i 2 . 1. 2 E 2 E 1 W ? W . 9 ii a 2 7 F 5 Z C 5. E 1 I ? . E 1 7 Y , E Aa Q fH'I'!Hl2Hn3!u RH!!! ' iiliilll , . IS? 19-Pl-'-fl"1i 4 F Q XXX V JAN. 950 TOWER . SQ. I-'ACI LTY Ol" FORT HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL E TH ITICIJSY Q AMI-IS NIR. LUJWIG AUlIfS'l'LfS NIR. OFFNIAN H P1lAIZABIi'I'll NIISS y L: '35 .Z II' 1.- L1 LL 1. 1. F 1. 1. Y. I 1. E a. I 1 L 2 f-3 .: rs I 1.1 Z 1: L K .CI 2 'Q sl ..-1 6 f 5, -. gf I 2 5 fl M - 7 Z LC. .- -a 1 'fi c.. Ld ,Q L:-. O 'ff 2 I fr -r- V E I an .E ... ra - M LJ ..- A -F Q 'I M fl? L- rnev, M r. Kea F 4? A ,- 1 '1 , I :L : gl 7 E J if L K 7 .- ,.. 'L I 1. 7 I .: f: Af --. -L -L CO TENTS A OUR DEDICATION-Madeline Clausen and Patricia Flynn ...... ...... P G5 REMINISCENCES-Patricia Flynn ..................................,,,..........,....... .,..,,...... 1 0, 11 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN YEARS--Estelle Clausen . 13 WE LOOK BACK-Mary Mercer ................................,........,................ . 46 MUSIC DEPARTMENT-David Parker .......,................................ . 47 WE DONT HAVE-Virginia Martin and Carmelo Paris ...... . 48 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT- Doris Mattson, loan Ronnan and Elaine Shapiro .......... ....,. 4 9 CLASS PROPHECY-Maureen Doyle and Patricia Ryan ....................,.. ..........., 5 0, 51 MISS 'EM OR MATCH ,EM-Maureen Doyle and Patricia Ryan ....,.. ........... . 52, 53 GIRLSf SPORTS-Dorothy Scoblete ........................... ................ ........... ...... 5 4 BOYS' SPORTS-John Carry .................. ..........,. 5 4, 55 YOVTH-Anita .lenssen ................... ..........................,............,.......... . 56 FRIENDSHIPS LIGHT-Margaret V. McLaughlin ................ . 57 PHOTOGRAPHS-ILLUSTRATIONS FACULTY PICTURE ...............................,.................... ..................,.................................. 2 FORT HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL .....,.......... . 4 MR. AUGUSTUS LUDWIG .,..........,,........,,.. . 6 OUR GRADE ADVISER ..........,.. . 8 TOWER STAFF .................................,..,...................................,.. . 14 "WE,LL NEVER FORGEPIW-Senior Saying ...............,............,..,..,............................,.................... L15 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS, PREFECT TEACHERS AND SOCIAL ADVISER 16 THE SENIORS .........................,..................,...................................................,,.......,.........................................,........ 17 TOWER MONTAGE .....,...., .,.... 4 3 CELEBRITIES' PAGE .........., ............ 4 4, 45 CLUB PICTURES ............ . 58 Three 4 x E 5 I I I nvipal l9'0 Nj' ffss-7 Ji? Q. ., Jw ll fl 7 1 To the Class of January 1950 . We rejoice with you on your graduation from Fort Hamilton High School. Now that you have achieved this goal, it is well to look back in order to evalu- ate what your membership in a cosmopolitan high school has meant to you. By this time it should 'be apparent to you that all of us on the faculty emphasize over and over again that it is the individual student that matters. There is no such thing as mass education. Each of you is an individual that we respect as a human being. It has been our objective to discover for you your hidden talent, to evaluate it, to develop it in order that you may make the great- est possible use of it, in the service of your fellow-man. This has not been easy but it has been most thrilling. To do this, we have offered many and varied experiences in the class-room, in extra-curricular activities, in athletic contests, in social gatherings, where you have learned to respect and to cooperate with stu- dents that make up a cross-section of our community. Out of these experiences, it is our hope that we have assisted you in finding yourself so that you may take your place in the community as an upright, honorable and valuable member of society. Our school is in reality a man-building institution. Our product is not the machine or the gadget of the assembly-line, but a human being, endowed with intelligence, a conscience and a heart to assume his responsibilities in the world and to serve his fellow man in making the world a better place in which to live and in which to make a living. Our own poet Edwin Markham has expressed it vividly in 5'lVIan Building." We are all blind, until we see That in the human plan, Nothing is worth the making, If it does not make the man. Why build these cities glorious, If man unbuilded goes, In vain we build the world Unless the builder also grows. And in building a better manhood and womanhood, we have not lost sight of the inestimable privileges that have come to us in living in a democracy. Our country offers you vast opportunities to use your talent, not for the enslave- ment of man, but for service to others. The greatest happiness can come only when we give of ourselves in working together as citizens in a community, of all nationalities and creeds, but all Americans, in service to God, to country and to humanity. May your graduation be the stepping stone to greater achievement, and a life crowned with happiness because you have learned to serve. Cordially and sincerely yours, AUGUSTUS LUDWIG Seven To the Grade Adviser Mr. Bruno Mattei Now that we are mature seniors, we are able to look back on our four years at Fort Hamilton with loving pride. It has been through the efforts of you, our Grade Adviser, that we have achieved our respective goals. We gratefully recall the numerous times you have helped us with our social as well as scholastic activities. The Junior Prom, boatride and the Senior Picnic will always remain vivid in our memories as will your participation in the Fifth Anniversary Show. We feel that we are now well prepared to meet any future task that may confront us after we leave our Alma Mater. And so, Mr. Mattei, the Class of January 1950 thanks you and bids you a fond farewell. Hasta la vista! MADELINE CLAUSEN PATRICIA FLYNN Eight DEDICATION T0 THE TOWER Now that we are enjoying the days of our youth, the Senior Class realizes the important part we and the others of our genera- tion will play in the future of the world. It is our belief that dur- ing the period of our education at Fort Hamilton, we have devel- oped certain standards. These will aid us in the solution of prob- lems in business, government, and world affairs that will confront us. Youth and enthusiasm are to a marked degree synonymous. Each rising generation is prone to be critical of the accomplish- ments of its elders. Yet we should examine without prejudice the justice of this cycleg whether at times our very enthusiasm does not create some of the problems which we seek to solve. lt is up to us to progress towards even greater things and yet we should not be blind to the mistakes of our elders. Serious thought should be given to the conditions which cause the problems of humanity, rather than to their cure after we have fanned them into flame. We will always look hack on Fort Hamilton and its teachers with love and gratitude. In the Golden Light of Youth we look for- ward with hope and confidence. MADELINE CLAUSEN PATRICIA FLYNN Nine RE IN ISCENCES The lights on the shore were hardly visible through the thick fog. Julie walked close to Bill and wished they hadn't come. It was a penetrating fog and she was chilled to the bone. The bleakness and dreariness of the shore depressed her and she thought again how 9 o foolish they had been to come all the way from California just to see a school building and Walk along a street. There were times when she didn7t understand Bill's actions and this was one of them. ll Up until a few months ago, Julie and Bill had been very happy iil in California and Bill's writing had been extremely successful. He if' had been in great demand at all the studios in Hollywood since the I day he wrote that story about juvenile delinquency among 'teen- N if, 'IN agers. But now it was different. Everything that Bill had submit- niiql ted to the studios for months now had been rejected. Not timely, E too common, not what we want at the moment-had been red pen- .bil ciled across the top of each one and returned. And Bill had grown more and more dejected, but he didnit stop writing. It was just a temporary phase, he said, it would pass, every writer went through in I periods like this. But the day his pet story was returned, the one he had been working on for months, he stopped writing. He was 4 I through, he said, he just didn't have the stuff to be a writer, his .I ideas had gone stale. And he was through with California. He was ji" going home. Home where they had grown up and gone to school and had the best times of their lives. They wouldn't bother to sell g the house or furniture, they would just go and then they could l always come back. After ten years in California he wanted to go Q home. Julie didn,t understand why, but she couldn't talk him out of it. 6 Yet Julie should have understood Bill. They had been married x for ten years now, ever since they had been graduated from high school. From their freshmen days they had gone together. As they walked along the murky street Julie remembered the time they had gone to the Varsity Show when they were ufreshiesf' It had been called 'LWhat a Life!" And would she ever forget the Fifth Anniversary Show when the teachers had really let their hair down? How they had laughed at and enjoyed the part their Grade Adviser had played! The Junior Prom had been her first formal dance K Ci e C QQLKQ ef 9 DJ and she didn't get home until uwayw after two. And the Senior lioatride was really extra special. A whole gang of them had missed the boat because they just had to have a last 'fhot dogf' But they didn't have to walk home. They got on a boat chartered by another school and it was fun defending their school against a whole boat- load of 'cenemyv students. And, of course, the Senior Prom was the ending of a perfect Senior Year. It was the most wonderful prom ever and everyone had had a wonderful time because no one got home before dawn. Yes, they were all wonderful, their high school years-just wonderfully perfect. She suddenly felt cold and came back to the present with a start. They were standing under a lamp- post and there was a fine mist coming down now. She looked up at Bill and followed his glance up at the lamp-post. g'Remember, Bill, our Senior pin was a lamp-post and it looked just like thisf, 'fThat's what I was doing just now, remembering. I thought to myself, why did you want to come back here after ten years in Cali- fornia, a place you have come to love? And do you know what the answer was? It was because we had such a good life here. We did all the things school kids are supposed to do and we enjoyed our- selves. I thought of the wonderful times we had here in this high school. And l thought of that first article I wrote about 'teen-age deliquency, of how deeply I felt on the subject. And suddenly I knew what was wrong with my writing. I was trying to put into words things that I knew very little about. You have to write about things you know and believe in or it's no good. Now that I know what was wrong. lim going back to Hollywood and write the best darn script the studio has ever had. Come on let's go home. And this time I mean our real homegCalifornia.', Julie smiled and as they walking up the street she turned around. The high school was dark except for a few lights-janitors toiling through the night. Through the mist she could see the tower and the hands of the clock pointing to nine. In just twelve hours, students would be leaving prefect to start classes for the day. She thought, we had fun then. but we can have just as much fun now. Oh, it's alright to look back but looking forward is even better. PATRICIA FLYNN i' - 'TL 5 j YV X , Highlights of the Golden Years The great days were November 3 and 4, the days we presented our Senior Show. Cnr first performance on Thursday at 3:15 caused many a bitten nail. Would the curtain open at the right time, and would they turn the spot off soon enough? We worried and prayed for it to be a success and it was. Our second performance on Friday morning was a little smoother and more polished but there were still quite a few jangled nerves backstage. After all, our fellow Seniors were out there watching, as were our parents. Each group tried to make its own scene the best. The "Strolling Through the Park" had to open up the show with a bang! Our mas- cots were in this scene and they were a hit. The "Minstrel,' followed and they had to be as good, and better than the first scene. For Mr. Quigley's sake they had to be "letter perfectf' Then came the ever popular "Varsity Drag." Mr. Mattei played a big part in the "Baby Scene" and of course got a big and welcoming reception. The "Juke Box" scene featured the familiar Lindy and even included the "Voice." The Finale was made up of every scene in the show and when we sang "We are Seniors of Fort Hamilton" we put our hearts into it. We really felt like Seniors and were proud of our class, our show and our school. The show was fun, but it was hard work and rehearsals some- times lasted until 7 or 8. If there had been a few more late rehear- sals we would have suffered from malnutrition. And some of the people in the show came back to school later to work on scenery at night and on one Saturday morning. The stage hands also had a big job to do and we all worked together to make our presentation a success. It could not have been a success though, without the untir- ing aid of Mrs. Levis and Miss Kehoe and we are extremely grateful to them for helping us to make our Senior Show the "best one everf, ESTELLE CLAUSEN Thirteen STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ART EDITOR BUSINESS EDITOR Patricia Flynn loan Muzzio Helen Horgen ASSOCIATE EDITORS ASSISTANT ART ASSOCIATE BUSINESS Estelle Clausen EDITORS EDITOR David Parker Lois Ioswig Joseph Moscola Gloria Solimine LITERARY STAFF Madeline Clausen, Maureen Doyle, Anita lenssen, Virginia Martin, Doris Mattson, Verna Meyer, Carmela Paris, Joan Ronnan, Patricia Ryan, Elaine Shapiro. ART STAFF Patricia Deegan, Patricia Ford, Peter lannone, Helen Norton, Harold Pedersen, Rose Tuzzolino, Frances Westbrook, Sylvester Dicindio. PHOTOGRAPHERS John Donohue, Charles Eichel. BUSINESS STAFF Anita Hansen, Thomas Richmond, Laurence Serhus. FACULTY ADVISERS ART--Mrs. Liger. BUSINESS-Mr. Waks. LITERARY-Miss Riccobono. WE'LL NEVER FORGET Aw 5, SENIQQS bf- R0 I 487 5 3 yxvyy SENIOR I'RlfFlilI'l' 'l'FIACHl'lRS Mr. Edwards, Mr. Anmlrews, Mr. RRIQIIISLI, Dr. lfovllran, Mrs. l,igc-r, Nlrs. Gold, Mrs. llllllllllllllll SOCIAL ADVISICR SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mrs. .loan Le-vis Carmela Paris, Alex Cipriano, Madeline Clausen Andrew Coppola, Robert Erickson 5iA'll'l'lI ALBA, LOUIS 7-79 Street Biology Lab. 43 G. O. Rep. 73 Photostat Squad 7, 83 Service Corps. fCafe.J 7, 8g Chem. Club 7. -College??? "The four enjoyable and unforget- able years at Fort Hamilton." ANDERSON, NORMA 1071-72 Street Senior Prefect Secretaryg G. O. Rep.3 Sec. to Miss Tobin: Sec. to Mrs. Petkeg Switch board operator. --College. "Rowland, Jeannie and all my school friends." ANDERSON, DONALD 470-75 Street Trackg Dramaticsg Cafeteria Squad. -College. "The swimming pool on the fourth floor." ANDERSEN, JOAN 34-2-52 Street Worked in program committee 4, 5, 63 Secretary to Miss Pattison 7. "The same book reports we used every term, and my favorite sub- ject, Shop." ANDERSEN, RICHARD 575-73 St et Corp 4, 5 I Q. l "The ood ANDREASON, ASTRID 713-46 Street Switchboard 3, 4g Secretarial Squadg Tennis Clubg Secretary to Mr. Corenthalg Hockey Club.- Business. "The encouragement and help from Mom, Dad and Walter." , 7, 3' w cuz.. ' ' e . . . wi ANGELL, GLENN 879-56 Street G. O. Representativeg Photostat Squad: Fort Hamilton Soccer Teamg Rembrandt Club3 Cafeteria Service Squad.-Adventure and Success. "Mr, Cohen's Photostat Squad." ANTIPAS, GEORGE 6613 Ft. Hamilton Pkway Cai. Service Squad 1-53 French Clubg Soccer.-College. "Those lines in the Lunch Room." I 5 ' "K ANTQIZXNQUN, RAXMOND iv A -44-3a-95 Street Intramural Baslletballg L 0 4: k e r Room Squa 3 English Olhce Squadg Secretary r. Ragusa.-Business. "Those l Qure.Liom4'Miss Mullin." ' I , J' , , wg Hy. I ARAT H O S ow Q becal ? ? E feel ARSCOTT, KEN 177-72 Street Hockey Squadg Intramural Basket- ballg Baseball Squadg Service Corps.-College. "The good times at Fort Hamilton, lSee Correlllf' ASHLEY, ELEANOR 54 Bay Ridge Pkway Secretary to Mr. Rattnerg Secretary to Mr. Levineg Secretary to Mr. Jolting Senior Social Committeeg Senior Prom Committee. "Mr. Joltin, Mr. Levine, and the one I met in Fort Hamilton just 3 years ago." V ' o p 3 1 h . ege i sho oo loud, . m's t e w .' ASLANOGLU, HENRY "0ogie" 129-97 Street 1 year Service Corps.g IV2 years Pilot Staff: 1 year Mimeograph Squadg G. O. Rep. 2 termsg Senior Show. i'Fort Hamilton High. playground of the world." BAKER, JOHN 221-97 Street Newman Club. 'iMr. Edwards and his Physics Class." BARRETT Y -84 Street Sec. Mr. e e 5, 63 Sec. to Miss nn 83 G 0. Rep. 41, 5 ' ower Re ' Newman 'N u Senio S 'l C mittee.- mes That J n o met was a freshman." BARTLETT, SALLY 242-69 Street Silverware for 8 termsg Worked for Mr. Kayeg Worked for Mrs. Lyonsg Worked for Mr. Staudtg Red Cross Clubg General Ollice. "All my friends and my sincere thanks to Fort Hamilton High Schoolfi BEDER, JOYCE 1113-84 Street G. O. Representative 1, 23 Health Service Oliice 1, 2: Emergency Room 33 Grade Adviser 73 Tower Representative.-Business World. 'The work I did in Fort Hamil- ton." ELLINI, FLORENCE 8920 Shore Court Secretarial Service Squadg Worked for Mr. Kearney C1 termJ.-Busi- ness World. "The fun, the friends, and that certain G. A. who met me every 3 o'clock." J fill f BENTSEN, BIRGER 327-94 Street G. O. Representative 1 termg Cafe- teria Service Squad 1 termg Pro- gram Committee 2 termsg Arista 3 terms.-Aeronautics. i'Dr. Cochran's German Class." BILOTTI, KATHLEEN ANN 8623 Shore Road Worked on Secretarial Service Squad for Miss Hennessy.-Busif ness. :Tort Hamilton, a beautiful school." BJORNSEN, BRUCE 6830 Ridge Blvd. Service Corpsg Intramural Basket- ball. BLACK, MARIE ELIZABETH 213-50 Street Anchor Staff g G. 0. Reps.g Sec. to Mr. Wolfe: G. O. Rep. Deanis Ofiiceg Tower Rep.g Sec. to Mrs. Goldberg.-Business and Marriage. 'Those long lunch lines and those short lunch periods." BLOMBERC, JAMES 666 Ovington Avenue Chem. Squad.g Basketball Teamg Bowling Teamg Arista.--Duke Uni- versity. 'iHow fast those summer vacations seemed to go." BORSELLINO, JEAN 4113-8 Avenue Sec. Mr. Coheng Sec. Mr. Matteig Sec. Mrs. Kotchg Mixed Clubg Cur- taintimersg Varsity Showg You Can't Take It With Youg Nursing Teacher. Wfhat wonderful Grade Adviser, Mr. Mattei, Marie, Joe, June and our wonderful times." BRERETON, CHARLES 340-32 Street BRETSEN, NORRIS 801-70 Street G. O. Representative. "Miss Higginson's Math Class." BUONELLO, VINCENT 1034-72 Street G. O. Representative 3 termg Emer- gency Room Secretary. 1 "The friends l made at Fort Hamil- ton." BUONO, FRANK 9115 Colonial Road Manager of Basketball Teamg G. O. Store: Photostat Club: Tower Rep- resentative: Anchor Representativeg Intramural Basketball. "The boys, all the swell friends I made at F.H.l'I.S. and Mr. Druck- er's cnrly hair." I X BUON C E, O HI ,' 1 , ' venue of Club ixed ubg Sec. t s. ' ,' -' Commit . te: e to r. ' ar ' .vi Pro Co in . Sec. 2. L . an teig ower 1 rese a' : enior Louncig ,nior Sh siness World. "That derful G o- dviser, Mr. Mattei: Ray, 'e, Jean, and Anne." BUONATO, TH AS 107--73 Street Service Corp.: Hockey Squad. "The wild trips with the boys." BURNS, LENORE T. 121-86 Street Tower Representative lg Secretary to Mrs. Stern lg 7th Term Grade Council.-Business World. "P.D., also the fun, friends and happv times spent at F.H.H.S.. es- pecially in Mr. Solovay's English 2 class." CAGLIOSTRO, SERAFINA 7807-3 Avenue French club for 2 yearsg Vice pres- ident and secretary of French Clubg Secretary in Newman Clubg Miss Higginson's office four straight termsg Miss Farquhar's olfice. - Brooklyn College. g'Mrs. Low's prefect and all the friends I met in F.H.H.S. during the short time of two and a half years." CAMPBELL, PETER 511-83 Street Bandg Service Corpsg Cafeteria Squadg Intramural Basketball.- Work. "The Senior boatride in June 1949." CAPOCASALE, RONALD 357-68 Street College. Photostat Squad: Service Corps.- "Friends and lunch lines at F.H. HS" CAPUTO, ROBERT 315-64 Street Art Department: Service Squadg Intramural Basketball. "The boys, and a live-foot six-inch blond, .l. C." CARLOZZI, GLORIA ANN 1072-49 Street Secretarial Service Squad: Secre- tary to Dr. Leuchs, Dr. Walden, Mrs. Kahn, Mr. Kottmann, Miss Hoffman.-Business World. "The fun I had racing through the halls with Red. Reason: Mighty Joe Young." 4 'lm J CARNESI, DOROQISQIY Si! S - r treet Boosters: Senior Shoyrg Egret rial Servhiive Squad iff , epfary to r. Stone a al . 'ig ey.- Business World. .fThe Byrsb,-fagoig wonderful b k A .' Q 'J as etfm Mm? lk xr' l CARROLL, DOROTHY 41-75 Street Girls Chorus. "The first day at F.H.H.S." CARSTENS, JOAN PEGGY 5605-8 Avenue Trinity Clubg Mixed Chorus, Swimming Clubg All-city Chorus. -Lutheran Bible Institute. "Miss Konig, Miss Mattson and all the kids." CASSIDY, THOMAS 660-75 Street G. 0. Representativeg Assistant to Mr. Flasterg Tower Representativeg Service Corps.-Business World. "The day when I met Lou, Joe, Sonny." CASTELLANO, PHYLLIS 84-2-40 Street Boosters, Mrs. Kotchg Mrs. Spielerg Mr. Leving G. O. Representativeg Junior Prom Committee. "The friendship that came to be, for surely it will be always within my memory." 3 ' " 1 'I .' .- 11,0 A -IIA 'ff' V! ,AJ4 . . . , CATANESE, ESTER 967-53 Street Arista for two termsg Worked for Miss Hennessyg Worked for Mr. Gouldg Worked for Mr. Matteig Worked for Mrs. Kosstrin.-Busi- ness World. "The friendship I've found in Fort Hamilton, especially Gloria's rela- tive." CRISTIE, CHARLES 673-56 Street Chemistry Squadg Intramural Bas- ketball, Monitor for Mr. Mathe- son and Miss Riccobono.-College Chemical Engineer. "I'll never forget the years I spent in Fort Hamilton with my dear friends and teachers? CIPRIANO, ALEX 816-61 Street Senior Class Treasuryg Senior Councilg Senior Showg Secretary to Mr. Sachey 5, 6, 7 terms.-Col- lege I hope! "The trouble I had to get into F.H.H.S. iand outJ." CLARK, RICHARD 8917 Shore Court Library Squad lg Pilot 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 4g Intramural Basketball: Service Corps. 5, 65 G. A. Assis- tant 7, 8.-College or Naval Acad- emy. 'LLavoisier, Dalton and Mr. Staudtf' CLAUSEN, ESTELLE 8718 Ridge Boulevard Associate Editor of Towerg Secre- tary to Mr. Kottmang Library Squadg Girls Locker Room Squadg Secretary to Miss Keelyg Boosters. -Junior College. "Those four enjoyable years." CLAUSEN, MADELINE 7-78 Street Co-captain of Cheerleadersg Secre- tary of the Senior Classg G. O. Rep. 7 termsg Girls Chorus: Secre- tarial Service Squad 53 G. 0. Council 7g Tower Staff, Senior Show.-Wagner College. "The ups and downs with the cheerleaders, Dr. Cochran's prefect, and all the gang." COLE, HARRY 309-96 Street Mrs. Westerberg Service Corps. Q2 to 835 Mimeograph Squad, Mr. Quigley's oiiiceg G. 0. Representa- tive. 'Those country club dances with the boys." COLLETTI, ROSE MARIE 65-80 Strcet Mixed chorus 4 yearsg G. O. Rep- resentative 4 yearsg Program Ofiiceg Musicals: Secretary to Miss Ricco- bonog Sth Anniversary Show.-Col- lege. "My four years of chorus and all the friends I have made at Fort Hamilton." CONKLIN, WILLIAM 669-81 Street Service Corp. for two years.-Work. "I'll never forget the lunch lines in the cafeteria and the swimming pool I used so often." COPPOLA, ANDREW 34-9-49 Street Vice President of Senior Grade: G. O. Member 8 termsg Senior Show.-Work. "The good times we had during the lunch periods." CORRELL, FRANK "Bugs" 7th Senior Councilg G. O. Repre- sentativeg Service Corps.g Lunch Squad: Baseball Squadg Intermural Basketball.-Alaska. "The boys in prefect, the girls in the hallf' CREACO, CLARA 270-86 Street Sec. to Mrs. Buffa 3 yearsg Cen- eral Office 1 yearg Grade Council: Social Committeeg Secretary to Mrs. Bonom.-Business World. "Connie and Claire my best friends and that certain someone, Angelo." CRESCITELLI, JOE 6216-10 Avenue Service Corps Lieutenantg Cv. O. Member.-Work. "The pretty girls in the hallway." CURIALLE, PETER 598-38 Street Service Corp.g Hockey Squad: Bowling Team. "The dances with the boys of Cel- ston Tech. l 1 R V ey all l nni Clubg 'wi g 3 unior Dr atjcsg C. esentativ 3 Sec S .' If ' Pet ez ec. to 'o g enior LV-1 Council. "Hamilton High," . chool, r fun and friends, especia ss." ii ' DANIELSON, ARNOLD 645-52 Street Business. "My accounting classes with Mr. Sternef' DE BASTOS, ALFRED 129-99 Street Pilot 1, 2g Chemistry Squad 6, 7' 8.-College and the Business World. "The fine times I had in the Chem. Lab." DE CHRISTOFORO, ARLENE 8001-11 Avenue Newman Club: Red Cross Clubg Deans Squadg Library Squadg G. O. Representativeg Miss Hennessy's Squadg Locker Room Squad.-COL lege. D'ELIA, OTTAVIO 6405-11 Avenue Member of the Service Corp.g G. 0. Representativeg Cafeteria Service. -Business. "The times with 'the boys in the lunchroom, Stefanich, and Sally." DE CISE, ROBERT 1261-53 Street Attendance Squad: Photostat Squad: Intramural Basketball.-College. "Graduation day with lasting memo- ries of Fort Hamilton." .1 ' , x . 5 a DE LORENZO, ROSE 6205-9 Avenue Secretary to Mrs. Kahn: Program Office: Secretary to Mrs. Mayer: Class Secretary to Miss Coseglia. -To go to a Fashion Designing School. "All my wonderful friends and teachers whom I met during my high school years, and the girls." PRIZIO, CLIO 02 318-86 et o C. 0. Re esentative: Anch R - , resen ati : Iewman , Re , oss uh: Mr. Sa Secre- ar rls' Locke R S uad. JY? 'C w derful frl s a d r. De VOURSNEY, DOROTHY 7905-3 Avenue 0, Captain of the Boosters 6, 7, 8: so Softball Club: Tennis Club 2: Sec- retary to Mr. Kearney, Mrs. Gold, Miss Simon: Health Service Squad: X, Typist for Tower: Senior Show.- Career Girl. "Fort Hamilton, the school which is I ,tops on my list. The fun and my frieniis are the things which I'll 183. Jf DI CINDIO, SYLVESTER ,ff 1062--56 Street fi Track Team: Service Corps.: Tower Art Staff: Intermural Football.- College. "My four years of 'forced' laborf' DOHERTY, RICHARD 214 Gelston Avenue Service Corps. f'I'll never forget that Speciallllu DOLAN, GEORGE B. 973-70 Street Track 2-7 terms: Cross-Country 2 terms: Bowling 2 terms: G. O. Rep. 2-4-6 terms: Lunch Squad 5-6: Service Corps. 4 term: Sec- retary to Mrs. Lowe and Miss Simon. "So long, folkslii DONDERO, ROBERT 7420 Colonial Road Hockey Squad 1, 2: Service Corps. 7, 8.-4'The Big Redw Cornell Uni- versity. DONOFRIO, ANTHONY 975-65 Street Service Corps.: G. O. Representa- tlve. "Dave Sansone, he saw me come, and he saw me go. My best pal in and out of high school? DONOHUE, JOHN 380-92 Street Service Corp.: Member of Bowling Team: Member of Basketball Team: Member of Newman Club: Class Photographer of 8th term.-Work. "Some of the girls at F.H.H.S. and the good times I had there." DONOVAN, JAMES T. 986-77 Street Varsity Cross Country Team: Var- sity Track Team: Manager Cross Country and Track Team: G. O. Representative: Health Ed. Office. "The City-,Cllamps Cross 'Counf y "ll,f, f-' ' ffiipzz DOYLE, MAUREEN 128 Marine Avenue Cheer Leaders: 7th Term Coun- cil: Senior Social Committee: Tower Staff: Senior Show: Senior Prom Committee: G. 0. Office: Newman Club.--College. "Cheering at the Basketball Games and some really wonderful friends." EILERTSEN, JOHN 43 1 6-3 Avenue Service Squadg Bowling Team. "Those beautiful girls in Fort Hamilton High School." EISENHARDT, FRANCES 319-73 Street Worked for Mrs. Frankleg Worked in Girls Gym Ofliceg Secretary to Mr. Morton.-Business World. "The best years at Fort Hamilton H. S." ELLINGSEN, IRENE 8008-3 Avenue Mixed Chorus 4 yearsg Christmas Showg Musicalg Cafeteria Squad. -Business World-Wedding Bells. "Mom, Dad, Vivi and Vic." EMANUEL, CHARLES 4109-8 Avenue Assistant to Mr. Kassenbrockg Emergency Roomg Photostat Squad. -Business. l H "My four years in Fort Hamilton. EMSLIE, MARION 7920--3 Avenue Typist for Miss Young.-Business. "My lonely last term without theft Ji,z'3W'? Harry." 844'w1! ENG, EDWIN 659-69 Street lntermural Basketball g Textile Swimming Teamg Track Teamg Locker Roomg Service Corps.g Senior Show.-Arizona. - -f : , FATINO, BRUNO ERIKSON R0 RT , 5 enat 'Sefi r Preside ' C ep- rese ti s taryg 5- sis t Kleinb sistant 0 ' ic ' is- e Qlxfiii "T e times I froz al schow He b S, ' QLSK Esso , AUDREY cb 181 Dahlgren Place Chorus three yearsg Secretary to Mrs. George: Senior prefect treas- urer.-Business World. "My mother and father for all the help and understanding they have shown me. I'll always he grateful." . m FADOOL, ALICE 84 10 Ave Girls 1, us 3, , S. . . r, ,. ' rquha us1 e' s- - t n e fl ' - ' S r ow , . . , . . f. G' . , I 'V' he if -45 I 1, amiltoi an 1047-69 Street Bandg Track Team.--College. "The wonderful times I had." FILI, SAVERIO 902-4 Avenue Secretarial Service Squadg Worked in Assistant Administrator's Olhceg Designed Senior pin.-College. '6All the 'Senior Privileges." FIRNENO, EUGENIA 1044--65 Street Secretary to Mrs. McHugh, Mrs. Bonomg Attendance Squad with Mr. Matheson. "Planning the future with that man of mine, and all my friends." FITZGERALD, MAURICE KGFHZ7, 741-43 Street Baseball Team: Intramural Basket- ball.-College. "The days in Mr. Corenthal's class with l.a Valle and Bellif' FLACK, WILLIAM 934-55 Street Soccer T m: Kip Club: Service Cori . "Th rful tim on the Soc-- r earn nd tha onderful bus I il FLOBERC, ROSE MARIE 6810 Bay Cliff Terrace Gym Office: Locker Squad: Bio. Lab. 3, 5, 7: C. O. Rep. 6, 5: Sec. to Senior Class 8-8. "The comments I got on my new colored hair: English 7: that 6th and 7th period study with Eddie and the firm of "Polchynsky, Flo- berg, Berg and Jones" at 6th pe- riod lunch." FLYNN, PATRICIA 118-77 Street Editor-in-chief Tower: Anchor Staff: Curtaintimers: Senior Social Com- mittee: Grade Adviser Squad: Ath- letic Clubs: Locker Squad: Pro- gram Committee.-College. "Fun and friends of those Colden Days." FORD, FRANK 193 Battery Avenue Service Corps. "The good times in history." FRANZA, PAULINE 1028-38 Street Library Squad Q1 terml: Secretary to Mr. Byron: Secretary to Mr. Kearney.-Business. "The wonderful times I've had and the friends I've made at F.l'l.H.S.', FRASCA, HARRY 843-50 Street Band and Orchestra for 2 years: Newspaper staff.-College. 'Fort Hamilton and all the home- work they gave me." FRISHKON, HELEN 476-47 Street Secretary to Mrs. Seldin 1, 2: Miss Brookmann 3: Mrs. Schaefer 4: Mrs. Lyons 5, 6, 7, 8: Miss Scully 8: Beacons 7, 8: Senior Prefect Treasurer: Senior Council.-Busi- ness World. 'Tour happy years of friendship, fun and learning." F RUCHT, ELAINE 1037-51 Street Arista: French Club: Psychology Club: Program Committee. "The wonderful friends I made here." CALANTE, FRANK 1214-52 Street Intramural Basketball, Baseball: Musicale 2 years: Chorus 3 years: Senior Show. MThe ice-box in 108: the four swell years that flew by at Fort Hamilton High: the wonderful friends I'll never forget." GALARDI, DOLORES 1119-53 Street C. O.: Secretary to Miss Keely: Att. Squad to Mr. Matheson.- Business. uThe fun and frolic at Fort Hamil- ton." GALASSO, SAHVATORE 1075-65 Street Service Corps. 6 terms: Lieutenant 3 terms. "The times I had in Mr. Flaster's Shop Classf' 0 f 'Sims fr- QW? GARDNER, Go Team: G. O. Ser- vice Corps.: Art Club: Bowling Team.-College. "Fort Hamilton, and future springs and falls and most of all our '49 golf team." - GA'I'l'0, JOSEPH 9414 Ft. Hamilton Pkway. Track: Secretary to Mr. Sachey: Secretary to Mr. Kottman: Emer- gency Room: G. O. Oiiice.-A long rest. "The swell boys and girls I met and the good times we had." GERSTENFELD, ANN 938-54 Street Secretary Service Squad: Worked for Mr. Wolfe.-Business World. "The 'Happy Hillbillies' singing in the school bus." GIACALONE, MARIANNA 217-95 Street General Office: Boosters: Locker Room: Typist for Tower: Secre- tarial Service Squad: Emergency Room. "4th period lunch with the girls." GIACALONE, SALLY 627-80 Street G. O. Rep.: Tower Rep.: Sec. to Mr. Mattei: Senior Social Com- mittee: Senior Show Committee: General Oliice.-College, then Mrs. "All the fun I had 'in meeting and making many wonderful friends." GIALLOMBARDO, LOUIE J. 1029-46 Street Service Corps.: G. O. Rep.: Vice President 3, 4.-Pace College. "My senior year with Ernestinef' tw- J L GIGANTE, MARGHERITA GGRita,9 916-41 Street G. O. Rep.: Sec. to Mrs. Kotch 4 terms: Swim Club: Sec. to Miss Simon: Worked for Mrs. Gerber: Senior Show.-Business. "The wonderful time I had." GIORDANO., General our deep Joe, ,lean Grade Adviser, GJERSVIK, EVELYN Worked in Miss Hoffman's oliice during 6th term: Worked for Miss Mullin during 8th term. "The fun and frolics at the fort " ,Misafir GJERSTEN, SONJA 715-60 Street GOWRIE, PATRICIA 1170-75 Street Secretarial Service Squad 2 termsg Miss Mullin 1 term: Late Squad 5 terms: Mrs. Mac's office 2 terms. "My friends at Fort Hamilton High School." up Qff' pjlfflwb xffffiw'W W! Wil ii GRASSO, JOHN 932-41 Street iology Squadg G. O. store clerkg urchasing agent of Mechanical Drawing Departmentg Intramural Basketball.-Business. "The fun during lunch with the boys." GREENFIELD, DONALD 5504-8 Avenue President 4th termg G. O. Store 5th termg 6th term G. O. Store.- Work. GRUBEN, MARIE 532-83 Street Assistant to Miss Mullin 3, 4, 5, 6, 7g Assistant to Mrs. Segalg Ser- vice to Mrs. Kotch.-Business, then Marriage. h H, "My Senior Year and 'Edd1e. N1Lm"i'Rfanofu ,Mawr HADDAD, JOSETTE 915-32 Street Sec. to Miss Tobin 2 termsg Sec. to Mr. Silver 1 termg Sec. to Mr. Rattner 2 terms, Music Office 1 term. "Mr. Rattner and the Music Office." HANSEN, ARNE 6717-8 Avenue Tower Staff.-U. S. Navy. "Mrs. Westerberg and her 'Every- body against the wall'." HANSEN, JANET 5224-3 Avenue G. O. Rep.g G. O. Storeg Sec. to Mrs. Hartg Sec. to Miss Simong Sec. to Miss Hoffmang Senior Show Committeeg Senior Council. -Business World. "F.H.H.S. and those wonderful years with Ernie and all my wonderful friends." HARRIS, JOHN 745 Street Soccer Team.-Busines HARVEY, vIR 546- Street Secretary to Miss Hoffmang Secre- tary to Mr. Waksg G. 0. Repre- sentativeg Newman Clubg Swim- ming Cluhg Program Office: Bas- ketball Clubg Softball Club. "My exciting prefect and all my Gym makeups!!!" HEARD, JUNE ELIZABETH 261-86 Street Beaconsg Basketball Clubg Softball Clubq Trinity Clubg Chemistry Clubg Senior Show: Ushers: Swim- ming Club.-College. "The fair play and good sports- manship which was taught to me during the clubs after school." HELVIG, ELSIE 7122 Narrows Avenue Capt. of Cheerleadersg Leaders Clubg Swimming Club: Senior Showg Sec. to Miss Farquharg G.O. Representative. "Cheerleaders, the class of Jan. '50 and F.H.H.S." HIGGINS, CHARLES 321-60 Street Service Corps.g Intramural Basket- ballg Lunch Room Guardg Senior Show Committee.-Work. "The swell friends and the good times I had." HIRSCH, ARTHUR 6914 Ridge Boulevard Service Corp. 2, 35 Chorus 2-8g Musicales 3, 5, 73 G. 0. Repre- sentative 6g Senior Councilg Intra- mural Basketball.-College? "Miss Konig in 108g the meetings in 112, and the 'organization' in the Auditorium." HOFENER, DORIS 8009 Fifth Avenue Secretary to Miss Mulling Program Committeeg Switchboard: Senior Show Committee, Leaders Clubg Basketball Club.-Texas and then College. "Extra holidays, chocolate cokes and all the kids." HOFFMAN, ANNA 159 Celston Avenue Sec. for Mr. Siegel in G. O. olliceg Sec. to College Adviser Miss Youngg Soft Ball Clubg Program Com.: Newman Club, Senior Show.-Busi- ness. "Fridays at 3:00 p.m .... Johnny." HOFFMAN, ROBERT 540 Senator Street Band 6, 7, 8, Musicaleg Intramural Basketballg Library Squadg Ser- vice Corps. , "I'll never forget the guys, the gals, and Mrs. Gluck's "Three Blind ice." HOLMER, SONIA 311-62 Street Orchestra 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 83 Jr. Band. "The fun in Orchestra with my little bass fiddle, Mrs. Gluck and the two other bass players kibitz- Inge! HOLZ, ROBERT ' 518-80 Street Service Corps. 7, 8.-Work. "Having eighth period study." HORCEN, HELEN 620-80 Street Secretary to Dr. Waldond-35 Sec- retary to Anchor Staff 63 . Hurry to Mrs. Mayer 73 T a 8, Senior sbow.J-B31 ' . "The fun ybazin pref t." nj 54 -' . '1' . it Ny Utxf A SJQAQV I . 1 V M. 5.,,r I HUDOCK, WILLIAM 743-68 Street Photostat Squadg Service Squad fMuseumJ .-College. "The school bus and lunch lines." IANNONE, MARILYN 935-39 Street Secretary to Mr. Matheson: Secre- tary to Mr. Waksg Secretary to Mrs. Mayer, C. O. Representative. -Business. IANNONE, PETER 334-61 Street Tower Art StaHg Kottman's olliceg LeBowitz's office, Senior Show.- College: Here's hoping. "The swell times I had with the boys in my Senior year." JABLIN, DAVID 929-50 Street College. "The good times we had in F.H. HSV! JACOBSEN R " Psychology Club tos Squadg Assistant to 3 Inter- national Re ons 5 Repre- sented F.H. . . at orwegian Comm nity g o ibuted 4 articgxtb a cience.-Col- lege. X ' "The evenings uw on preparation for Regents." JACOBSON, FRANCES 545-76 Street Red Cross Club, Senior Show: Locker Squad.-Business. "The taxi rides to school." 5 , . My Y NS TA J AN 2 " -91XXLStreet ssi tant o Mrs eorgeg Program Coglimitt 3 ' ed Clubg Softball rpg bg we Staffg Secretary to r. Ka ' , Red Cross Clubg C.0. Represen ativeg Senior Showg Sec- retary to Mrs. Stern.-Institute of Arts and Sciences." "Those glorious days!" J OHNSEN , JOHN 367-95 Street Service Squadg Cafeteria Squad, Intramural Basketball.-Colle e g . "The swell time I had in Mr. Edwards' classes." JO N , BARB A 67-49 Street S etary of ristag Class Tr s- : t t g a e C cilg De ' ceg n ' Oflic g Class Se ry, Mus' ce.- llege. ll the on rful e le I met ' F.H.H. d chran's pre- -f fem." A JOHNSON, FRED 836-58 Street Latin Club.-Business. JOHNSON, CRETA 51-83 Street Sec. to Mrs. Hart 3 yearsg Official Class Sec. to Dr. Cochrang Tennis Clubg Basketball Club, ' Mixed Club.-College. "The Gang, and the wonderful times we've hadf' x 3 B . H SO- JO 736 Street G. O. e e tiveg etary to Mrs 3 cretary to iss Si- mo Se r to . Sterng T er Re se tiveg en'or Show mitt Career ' and n-. .H.H. , Miss Smon and my rie-nd"' 4 X x JOHNSON, LOUIS G. O. Representativeg Bowling Teamg Chem.. Squadg Service Corps. "The many friends I made in Fort Hamilton." JOHNSON, ROBERT 638-83 Street Secretary in Math Office.-College. "The barren wastes of sixth period lunch with McNamara and Scalisif' 145 5 Str c. rs. Rose tha ' . . rese ati e' S . o M p man: ' ' ' quad' Sen i Com e ecretary rs. Frankle. ' ss and Marriage! I F.H.l'I.S.g a 0 1 1 o , - I si t ' The wonde l . es ' wi at W f f lf ,1 l JONES, JEFFERSON 81-78 Street 4 terms of Chorus-President 1 term: Intramural Basketball: Musi- cales, Senior Assemblies, Gradua- tionsg Miss Scheh's Service Corps. -2 terms. "I'll never forget Miss Konig's deep freeze in the fall term." JONES, MARGARET "Peggy" 523-79 Street Secretarial Service Squadg Health Ed. Ofiiceg Library Squad, Anchor Representativeg Switchboard opera- tor-two terms.-Business, then a Mrs. Degree. 'SThose long discussions with Pat in prefect." vp.: Joswlc Lots f-P' v I 4453-83 r t Cheerleaders 3 Senw brandt Club: Tower 5 r - sentative to Yougl For 3 P gra Com 'ttee and' ffic ' Ju i Pr Commi e to . St . S Art , P I g 'S - QQ ea u C er U ' . N , in fo 29' frle wo lx acult a e o ti s ja ha 'at b I lr X, , 1 1' ' X . , I QV. ., f U -fl.. KABELKA, JOHN 6201 Ft. Hamilton Pkway. Work. "My Senior Term." KELLS, MARY 190-80 Street Program Committee: Miss Hoff- man's Office: Miss Higginsons Oiliceg Senior Show Committee: Newman Clubg French Club: Latin Club: l.eader's Club: Basketball Club: Tennis Club, Mixed Club. fffollege. "The good times and fine friends at Fort Hamilton High School." KELLY, WILLIAM 835-53 Street Service Corp.: Cafeteria Service Corp."College. KEOUGH, DANIEL 205 E. 17 Street Latin Clubg German Clubg Tower Staifg Senior Show: Current Events Squadg Intramural Footballg Intra- mural Basketball.-College. "The fun I had during my 7th term lunch period." KILKENNY, JOSEPH 254-83 Street Newman Club: Socker Teamg Ser- vice Corp.g Basketball Varsity in Pa.: K. T. Clubg 7 period Social Club: G. 0. Representative. "Yours truly, Utopiaf' KJERSEN, J. DONALD 138-73 Street Supply Squad: Photostat Squad, Class President and G. O. Repre- sentativeg Assistant to Dean Ham- mondg Arista Society: Program Committee for Trinity Club. "My 'double lunch periods' fask me about them sometimelf' KLEIN, EDNA 854-54 Street Orchestra 4, 5, 6, 83 Musicale 48, 49.-Business. "Orchestra, fond memories, swell friends, Mr. Sachey's prefectf, KLIPSTEIN, EMIL 226-87 Street French Club-President, 1 termg International Relations Club. KNUDSEN, ARNE 339-78 Street Photostat Squad 23 Service Squadg Mrs. Westerbergfs Squadg Intra- mural Basketball.-College. "My four years at Fort Hamilton." KOTSONIS, DIANE 1035-85 Street Class representative 4th termg Switchboard Operator: C. O. Rep- resentative 5th term.-Vassar Col- lege. "Fun, friends, and 5th period lunch." KREY ERALDINE 5 'lgren c - The cr ' , I Sq , ad 5 W e or ' 4 C ld 5 ewman Clu ow. in s World "T e s, t m t make A.M. prefect for bell." " 1, or - V--Y I KRISTIANSEN, CERDA 976-56 Street Gym Office, Locker Squadg Trinity Clubg Secretarial Service Squad: Typist for Mrs. McClenahan.-Bus- iness career. "The fun I had and the friends I leave behind at Fort Hamilton." ,- 77 v' I1 L x I . , ., 1 to X ' ff 1 ,lv L' ,l '," N' 'uv'-' XX X ,Q 'N XDR? V Wuv in 1S1'g5l:Si3ERT,, R' Ng-34 . , 8 0 51 Sexes. 'iljockermgg' din S lrqdf -S Mary to klilrgt-liar 9 Se 'ry s Hen- gzsyg 'Qgnptan R quadg Tower ffg SQ r Sh . Busin Sf! Wrlqmwonde ' 'lfri s t - ea, at"'I et and' . dwa s' p ,fectj . .X KVIST, RUTH 34-3-57 Street Girls Chorus, Mr. Kearney's olhceg Musicaleg Leaders Clubg Library Squadg Tennis Clubg Softball Club. -Dental assistant. "Be-ing called 'Giggles' in C.T.07." LAFAYETTE, DONALD 8515 Ridge Blvd. Cross Country, Track Teamg Or- chestrag Band.-A Music Conserva- tory. "The lunch periods on the shore." LACO, MARILOU 875-86 Street C. 0. Representative 151: Secre- tary to Miss Higginsong Secretary to Miss Hennessyg Tower Repre- sentative 121g Secretary to Mr. Kottman.-Business World. "Fun, friends and all the wonder- ful times at F.H.H.S." LAND, RUTH 350-79 Street Locker Room Squad-4 terms: G. 0. Representative-2 termsg Secre- tary of my senior prefect classg Tower Staff. "I'll never forget to remember." LANCELAND, I-IILDUR 6711 Ft. Hamilton Pkway. Arista: Attendance Secretary in Prefect 3, 43 Secretary for Math. Oliice 7, 89 Secretary for Mrs. Doyaga 5, for Mr. Shulman 4, Mixed Club 4.-College. "The wonderful friends and the wonderful times I have had at Fort Hamilton." I. Z-'ff LARSEN, ELSIE 716-51 Street Secretary in Dean's Oliiceg Secre- tary for Mrs. Goldg Secretary for Mrs. Selding Program Committee 45th termlg Secretary for Miss Boyerg Mr. Cummings ofiice.-Col- lege. 4'The wonderful friends and teach- ers, all of whom have been so n1ce.' LEACH, JOAN 278 Carroll Street Secretary to Mr. Shulmang Secre- tary to Mrs. Levisg Secretary to Mr. Gerg Secretary to Miss Jokiel. -College and Business. 'Tort Hamilton, music apprecia- tion with Miss Konigf' LENTINI, VINCENT 907-63 Street Service Corps. 3-43 5-6 Lt.g 7-8 Captain.-Work. "Marty, Ramon and his girl Tessief' 4 '- LEVINE, HARRIET 145-78 Street Library Squadg Mixed Club, Sec- retary to Miss Farquherg Secre- tary to Mr. Bedellg Psychology Club 8th.-New York University- School of Education. 'Tort Hamilton, my friends and my memorable senior year." LOFTON, FRANK 816-62 Street C. 0. Rep. 7, 85 Soccer Team 6, 83 Band 5, 6, 7, 8g Orchestra 8. -Wherever I put my hat. "The three years I spent to com- plete my two-year Math. course.' LONCO, ETHEL ANN 6324 Ft. Hamilton Pkway. Miss HoHman's Office 3, 89 Secre- tary to Mrs. Kahn 3, 53 Secretary to Mrs. Frankle 4.-Business World. "The friends and teachers are so dear "Made all through high and senior year." LYLE, HENRY "Buddy" 7200 Ridge Blvd. Championship Hockey Team: Senior Show Committee. "The great times and friends I've inet at F.I'I.I'I.S." LYNCH, JOSEPH 24-8-92 Street Cafeteria Squad: Service Corps.: Basketball: Mr. Quigley's Office: Newman Club: Mr. Kottman: Handball Team.-Police Dept. "The fun I had with Mrs. Mac and Margie." MAEDAR, JOAN 279-92 Street Girls Chorus: Tower repr enta- tive: Secretarial S uad: . Miss Higginson: S ep.: Musi- cale.-Busi . "Fun r n ommy." MA' M ALDI, MARYANN 6309-10 Avenue Secretarial Service Squad: Secre- tary for Miss Simon: G. O. Rep. 7: Class Vice Pres. 8.-A lifetime contract with that certain some- body named "Frank.', 'sI'll never forget the school by the hay and the little shoes on the girl named Kay." MAGISTRO, JOHN 8722-3 Avenue Newman Club: G. O. Rep.: Cafe- teria Squacl: Capt. Silver Squad: Senior Council: Service Corps.: Oflive Class President 3-6. MAHON, JAMES 640-65 Street MALLEY, PATRICIA ANNE 146 Wakeman Plaza Library Squad: Mixed Games: French Club: Language Oflice: Dean's Office: Anchor Staff: Senior Show Committee. 'Tun with Betty, Pete, Lis and Wette could he no better." MAMARY, JEANETTE 139-86 Street Girls' chorus 3 years: Assistant G. O. Representative: Musicalez Secretary to Miss Farquhar: Red Cross Representative: Senior Show. "Mr, Gould's Law Class with Yvonne." MARTIN, MICHAEL 613-77 Street MARTIN, VIRGINIA "Vivi" 7200 Ridge Blvd. Leaders Club: Secretary to Mr. Gould-Program Committee: Secre- tary to Mr. Mattei: Switchboard: G. O. Representative: Anchor Rep- resentative: Tower Art and Lite- rary Staff.-Bucknell College. "The wonderful times at Fort Ha- milton, Irene, and Roy." MASSABNI, GEORGE 8102-ll Avenue Band I to 8 terms: Mimeograph Squad: Worked in Emergency Room.-College. "Fort Hamilton High School." MA'I'I'SON, DORIS 4113-7 Avenue Arista: Secretarial Service Squad: Accounting Office Squad: Trinity Club: Secretary to Mr. Goldstein: Tower Staff: Program Committee. -Business Career. "The happy, well-spent years at Fort Hamilton." ER, MARGARET 6913 Ft. Hamilton Pkway. ecretary to Miss Young I term, ecretary to Miss Hoffman 1 term. -Business World. "Waiting patiently for the 3:00 bell and Miss Young, one of the best." WWW x , 236-88 Street rc estrag lueitalesg Secretary to ,X sp lr N M5c?5i.v+N,xcAT11ER1NE +0 Miss Hi ong Red Cross Club, J' Te 1 ub.-Business jQand a half years in Orches- under the baton of Mrs. Gluck." J Mc ' LBERT ' 520--83 Street Newman Cl , erv' e Corps.g I ntram al Baske Wo k d .. senior erms and .H.S.- playground the, orldf, xx -7 t McLAUGHLIN, MARGAR T 277 Dahlgren Place French Clubg Pilot Club, Pilot Oliiceg Movie Projection Squad 6g Curtain Timers 5, 6, 7, 8, Orches- tra 2, 6, 7, 85 Secretary to Miss Farquhar 4, 5, 8.-College. "Curtaintimersg orchestra and this, my senior year, teachers and friends I've made, are things that I hold dear." McNAMARA, ROBERT . 4813-II Avenue Orchestrag Bandg Chorus, Drama- tics Clubg Musicale. "The barren wastes of sixth period lunch with Scalisi and Johnson." MECKLOSKY, MORTON 5402-4 Avenue Aristag Service Squad 3, Bio. Lab. 4.-College. "My buddies." MEEHAN, RICHARD 540-60 Street Student Council 3rd termg Kip Club: Grade Council 7th term, Senior Show.-Paris. MELORA, CLAIRE 733--53 Street Secretary to Mr. Lassg Secretary to Miss Morrillg Secretary to Mr. Buigley and Mrs. Amesg Senior Class Treasurerg Senior Council.- Business World. MERCER, MARY 314-37 Street Senior Show Committeeg Sec. to Mixed Chorus: All-city Chorusg Anchor Staffg Program Committee: President 7th and 8th term, pre- fectsg Curtaintimersg Girl leader of Arista.-Radio actress or singer. "The fun, the tears, of my happiest years. Rehearsals after 3 and Satur- day mornings." MEYER, VERNA "Betty" Mixed Clubg Secretary to Mr. Ka- ming Grade Adviser's Olhceg Senior Showg Secretary to Mr. Matteig Tower Staff. - Nurses' Training - College. "The orderly prefect periods and the Tower meetings with its panels." MISTRETFA, VINCENT 847--50 Street Class Pres. 2. 3: Service Corps.: G. 0. Rep.: Intramural Basketball. 'Tech Institute and then WORK! MONRAD, ALF 7113-7 Avenue Service Corpsg Worked for Mr. Gerg Attendance Monitor.-Happy life. "8lh period study." MOORE, ROBERT 316-87 Street Track Teamg Tower Rep. 6g Lunch Squad: Intramural Basketballg Sen- ior Show.-College. s'The fine friends l've met in my four years at Fort Hamilton, espe- cially Dick." MORROW, WILL R. J. 8602 Ft. Hamilton Pkway. Service Corps.g Chem. Lab. Squadg Mr. Quigley's Olhceg Senior Class Treasurerg Senior Social Commit- tee.-College. "The teachers, right or wrongg all those senior privilegesg the friends and that cafeteria. MOSCOLA, JOSEPH 7222 Ft. Hamilton Pkway. Tower Staffg Class Presidentg G.O. Representative.-Work. "Those wonderful days." MOSER, FRED 844-69 Street Photostat Squadg Mr. Leichtman's Cafeteria Squad.-College. "The good times I had and those "Brooklyn Fans." Mosaa, JOHN ' ' ' ,Q 155-88, Streest Service Corp. lv ' U ' V MURAT, MATILDA "Matty" 541-86 Street G. O. Olliceg Miss Keelyg Madame Jolson: Secretarial Service Squadg Mrs. Hart. "My struggle to get through in three and a half years." MURRAY, JOSEPH 353-80 Street MUZZIO, JOAN 45--76 Street Tower Art Editorg Junior Prom Committeeg Seventh Term Councilg Senior Show Committee: Senior Social Councilg Rembrandts: New- man Clubg Anchor Art StaH'.-Col- lege-then teaching. "School iFort Hamiltonl, the girls, and' the boy 1BillJ. NAPOLEON, LOUIS J. 1204 Tabor Court Service Corps. 5th termg Intramu- ral Basketballg C. O. Representa- tive 4th and 5th terms: Senior Showg Prefect President 7th termg Newman Clubg Senior Social Com- mittee.-Natrona, Pg. "The Senior Year, and all the Senior Activities." NELSON, JEAN 6802 Ridge Blvd. Gym Locker Room Squadg Tower Art Staffg Businessg Swimming Club. "All the swell guys and gals." NELSO Alg M. v nue Senior 5 Music ' Tryk, Team.- i e Es -and! Insurance. x ' h ' "The sw l' ' e a alht e fxien s I ma F 011 Schoolb ' A ' f' 1 NESHEIM, STANLEY! S 6801 Owls Head Service Corps.3 Lunch Squadg Mimeograph Squadg Aristag Class Secretary. "Eight o'clock and exit 14." NESS, ANNE M. 938-79 Street Dean's Office 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Secretary to Mrs. Grayson, Secre- tary to Mr. Solovay, Senior Coun- cil. "The wonderful times in my senior term, prefect 8-3 with Mr. Ra- gusaf' N S GEORGE "Peckege" 9 ' - 938 t t ' h O 3 rv' 2, e lor ho I "The od N es a r nds I had W 0f2gZwf.J NICHOLSON, EDWARD 367-95 Street Baseball, Football, Basketball.- College and Uncle Sam. 'Tll never forget to remember the things I want to forget." NODELAND, GIL 715-45 Street Service Corps. 6, 7, 8.-Work and maybe school. "The Senior Term, I finally made lt." NUNNO., LEONARD 826-48 Street Track Team, Nature Squad, Senior Guard, Show Committee. "Fort Hamil'ton's good-looking girls." KJ ! N - I-.4 O'CONNELL, ROBERT 263-56 Street Service Corps. 7th term, G. O. Member every term. "My friends from Fort Hamilton." O'HARA, ROBERT 8701 Shore Road Gym Squad, Intramural Basket- ball, Service Squad.-Work with Pay. "I'll never forgetli' OLSEN, ALF 561 Senator Street Service Corp., Radio Club, Kip Club. "Those four years in heaven with my friendsf' O S , DREY -52 reet O. 3, 4, m rge oom , , T n i ub' e Club, r t o Mr ' ond I " ody, r a th e otbal s CA f nd e social ' . Also t p and - dersta ing from er and Dad." OLSEN, EDWOOD 329-83 Street Trinity Club, G. O. Representative. -Agriculture College, Alaska or Midwest. 'fAll those numerous senior privi- leges!" C Q aku OLS IL 8 lace Wears Col a rvice quad , io S 5 Seni S -L si prefect 4 i fl IC 3, frie m ur' g t, and Mr. E y term O'ROURKE, EDWARD 135-93 Street Newman Club, Intramural Basket- ball, Service Corps.-College. "The fun and friends I had at Fort Hamilton and talking the 2nd period with the fellows." K 0sTHUs, NNET 8 -56 Street ervi q d ' . Lab. Ass.: Jr. Com .-N.Y.S. College o Fo acuse University. Tho utiful Fort Hamilton girls. A ' l PACCONE, BARBARA 8718 Ridge Blvd. Secretary to Mr. Cer: Secretary to Miss Keely: Girls Chorus: Boost- ers: Service Corps.-College. "Those vivid descriptions of Ten- nessee by my favorite teacher." PALLAD , IS 237-96 Street Inst tice 1, 2: Jr. Band: Sen L 6, , 8: Christmas A ly: er ssembly: Musi- . : Varsity h : Service Squad. usine . he leas h ork and the most n I had du g my Senior term." PANOUSIS, ARTHUR 479-62 Street Band: Orchestra: Emergency Room: Musicale: Varsity Shows: Service Corps: Lunch Squad: 5th Anni- versary Show. "The very pleasant look on Mr. Rattner's face when he called me Panuisance. I'll really miss him." PAPAMARCOS, EUGENE 526--69 Street Service Corp. Lieutenant. "The Service Corps. with Cresci- tel i." PAPPAS, WILLIAM 373-92 Street 3 terms on Mrs. Westerberg's ser- vice corps.: 3 terms on Mr. Quig- ley's service corps. "FORT HAMILTON 'Fine'." PARIS, CARMELA 205-71 Street Senior Treasurer: Tower Staff: Senior Show Committee: Swimming Club: Softball Club.-College. "Fort Hamilton, Mrs. Petke's Eng- lish Class, the girls and Bill." PARKER, DAVID, J Q., 67 B d O h I Sereet an : r est sica es, . O. Rep.: 'hhgll' m Council: mr , Coun ' Senior Showsu-College or ess. In " en I an to bo . I'll r eac s, all the hostf, PAULSEN, DONALD A. 1001-52 Street Photostat Squad: Supply Squad: Aquarium Club: Biology Squad: Soccer Team.-Business and Night School. "Just, take the sweetest phrases ..- PEDERSEN, ARLINE 949-56 Street Secretary to Miss Mullin: Emer- gency Room: Chemistry Club: Chorus: Social Committee. "The fun, the frolic, my friends, and those week-ends." PEDERSON, HAROLD "Pete" 7061-77 Street Tower Art Staff: Service Corps. 7: Gym Sec. 5, 6, 7, 8: G. 0. Repre- sentative 3.-Traveling. "That would be telling." PENSA, MARITA ANN 296 Dahlgren Place Secretary to Mrs. Jolson: Secretary to Mr. Edwards: Dean's Office: Mixed Chorus: All-City Chorus: Musicales.-College and Marriage. "The patience and understanding of Mom, Dad, and Miss Mullin." PEREZ, CAROL 339-36 Street Worked in Record Ollice, Worked for Mr. Staudt, Dancing Club 7, 8, Dancing Class, Senior Show.- Kentucky, here I come. "Friends, sodas, triple dates and 'SAlLBOAT'.', PERIN., VICTOR 774-48 Street Varsity Basketball, Band, Orches- tra, Musicale, Varsity Show? SCF' vice Corps. , "Mr, Drucker and Mr. Rattnerf' Y, DOROTHY PERR 7210--10 Avenue Curtaintimers-"You Canlt Take'lt With You," "Our Town", Trinity Club, Sec. to Mr. Weiner, Pro- gram Committee, Tower Represen- tative, Attendance Office? Lan5u?ge Ollice Secretary.-Nurses Training and College. , "Strolls along the shore, Mr. Wien- er, the girls." ERSEN FRANK PET ' 755-42 street Intramural Basketball, S e r V 1 C 6 Sfirpsnda S in Spanish with Mrs. Y Y jolsonf' PETTI, ANTIMO 6223 Ft. Hamilton Pkway. Cafeteria Corps. 1, Service Corps. 2, 7th Term Grade Council.-Col- lege and a job. 'The summer days and the walks along the shore with pleasant com.- panyf, PETTI, GLORIA 1137-49 Street G. O. Representative, Emergency Room, Locker Room Squad 3 terms, Mr. Quigley's Ollice.-Col- lege for M.R.S. degree. "Reading, 'Riting, and Redheadsf' PIERZ, EDWARD 40-77 Street Service Corps.-Mr.. Quigley, Mr. Kay, G. O. Rep., Service-Miss Schroth and Mrs. Westerberg. "The promise made by Mrs. Haupt- man, 'No homework for the rest of .the term if Brooklyn wins the ser1es'.,, POLCHYNSKY, PAULINE 101 Celston Avenue Worked for Mrs. Hart, Newman Club, French Club.-Business. g'My friends, and Billy up at West Point!ll" POLLACK, PATRICIA 417 Westernernelt Ave., S.I. Secretary and then a Mrs. Degree, Secretarial Service Squad, Secre- tary to Miss Hennessy, Secretary to Miss Young, G. O. Representa- tive. 'Those long discussions with Peggy in prefect." POTTERTON, DAVID 926-54 Street Chorus 2 years, Lunchroom Squad, Supply Squad, Attendance Squad: Intramural Basketball, Internation- al Relations Club, G.O. member 3 years.-College. g'The fun in Mr. Braver n's cl while he s telli g f L5 0' 50 RECKLEFF PHER 364-93 Street Newman Club, G. O. Representa- tive, Intramural Basketball, Sec- retary to Mr. Ragusa.-Unknown. "The lectures Miss Mullin gave me and 6th period lunch in school." REISO, SOLVEIG 95-79 Street Typist for Anchor 1 term, English Office 1 year, Secretary to Mr. Kottman 1 year, G. O. Oflice 1 term, Secretarial Service Squad 5, 6, 7, 8.-Business World. "My friends, memories, and that certain someone." R MOND, THOMAS 5718- Avenue ewman Clu Emerg cy Room: G. O. R sentativ Curtaintim- ers: P ient efect: Grade Cou i O ,T : Sec. to Mr. " sh 6 i Mr. Levine, and t girls i efect 8-3.,' f a .-C ge. h RONNAN, JOAN 439-83 Street Cheerleader: Senior Show: Secre- tary to Mr. Cummings: Tower Literary Staff : Class Treasurer: G. O. Representative: Mixed Club: Newman Club.-Nursing School. "Cheering for my friends, and the good times had at F.H.H.S. RUANE, JOHN 279-82 Street Mrs. McEneanyis Raiders: Mrs. Westerberg's Cafeteria Squad: Mr. Quigley's Office: Newman Club: Mr. Kottman: Intramural Basket- ball: Handball Team.-College. "The delicious specials, girls, boys and the silent teachers at GYM TIME." RUGOLO, JOHN S. "Sonny" 969-43 Street Track Team 3: Baseball Team.: Service Corps.: Senior Show.-Work or joining the Navy. "The swell times with my buddy Andy: also a little 5-ft. 4-in. eyes of blue." RYAN, PATRICIA 547-76 Street Mixed Chorus: G. O. Representa- tive: Tower: Senior Show Com- mittee: Program Committee: Sec. Service Squad: Athletic Clubs: Newman Club.-Nursing. "Chorus-Fun-Friends." SABBAGH, YVONNE 703-86 Street Basketball: Monitor in the gym, lockers: Worked for Mr. Cum- mings: Worked in the General Office. "The wonderful four years at Fort Hamilton." SACCOLITI, FRANK 54--87 Street Band and Orchestra: .Musicale and Varsity Show: Service Corps.: Soc- cer Team: Newman Club: Senior Council. "Carefully borrowing Pop's car. Bob, Frank, and all mv friends in and out of school, and Donna." SALSMAN, JOHN 241-62 Street Secretary to Mr. Smith.-College after high school. "All the friends I made at Fort Hamilton." SANTANGELO, JOHN 47-94 Street Service Squad: Cafeteria Squad: Senior Show: Band: Musicale: Varsity Show.-College. "I hate to leave Fort Hamilton H' h ig . Its memories I'll always remember: But as you see, my four years went byz So goodbye, Fort Hamilton High, forever." SCALIA, BEVERLY 1125-57 Street Attendance Squad for Mrs. Gold: G. O. Representative in term 12 Emergency Room Squad: Secretary to Mr. Staudt.-To be a nurse. "Gene, my four years at Fort Ham- ilton and the fun with my girl friends." -: 04.1.44 SCALISI, ROBERT 5917-11 Avenue Anchor Staff: Attendance Squad. "The barren wastes of sixth period lunch with McNamara and John- son." SCHIAVO, ANNA 1078-65 Street SCHWEGERLE, KARL 5905-7 Avenue Service Corps.: Gym Captaing Emer- gency Room Work. "Those senior privileges!" SCHWEYER, GLORIA 118-30 Street G O. Representativeg Class Treas- urerg Mixed Chorus: Secretary to Miss Gerberg Secretary to Mr. Keamey.-College. "The Three Musketeers." SCIALABBA, LOUIS 94-7-41 Street Mrs. Westerberg's Squad 2 termsg Member of General Organizationg Secretary of Mr. Segal.-Unknown. "Finally !" if SCOB T D1KOT mi 1 9 Street A st 5 aco 5 taintimersg Sie 1' 11 ' , G Representa- 7 ' ' S, 9 Mr. Cum- h c 0 5 I ers an jokes QTADZIV , G1 or AX . g 0 e, n l how Career. 5 3 J Y ' 1rl and t o s 5 I Y, 6 9 QV nd ose afternoon cokesf' SEALANDER, JOAN l 515-40 Street Arlstag Official Class Secretaryg Accounting Omce Squadg Secre. tarial Service Squad: Program Committeeg Tennis Club.-Business College. "F our wonderful years of work and fung Leaming was not a task at Hamil- ton." SERENA, NICKOLAS 535-45 treet Band 4, , 7, 8g Se tary to . Ratt 3 ' chology ubg Kip bs ice ' usicales.- Co g r attner nd e bo s in the g lt ' De t and the 'Three ioa' SERHUS, LAURENCE 255-79 Street Bio. Squad: Bio. Clubg Psychology Clubg Electrical Squadg Projection Squadg Mimeo. Squadg G. O. Ticket Squadg Tower Rep.-Col- lege in Detroit. 'Tll never forget, you." 6LBud99 SI-IALJIAN, GREG 971-58 Street Mixed Chorusg All-City Chorusg Senior Guardg Biology Lab. Squadg Tower Representative. '6The swell friends I met-and 'Jean and IT' SHAPIRO, ELAINE 6902 Ridge Blvd. Library Squadg Secretary to Mr. Kaming Secretarial Service Squadg Grade Advisers Squadg Mimeo. Squadg Class Secretaryg Towerg Senior Show.-College. "The good times and friends at F .H.H.S.', SHAW, ROBERT 534-55 Street Library Squadg Cafeteria Squadg Gym Secretary.-Work. "The friends made at Fort Hamil- ton and Harry T." SHEINFELD, BARBARA 1037-51 Street Mixed Cluhg French Clubg Psy- chology Clubg Program Committeeg Program Office 3 termsg Arista. "The wonderful times we had in Eng. 604H with Miss Haigneyf' SHIRLEY, ROBERT 8119-7 Avenue Service Corps.g Cafeteria Squadg Rembrandt Club. 4'The friendship of all my fellow seniors." SHORT, ANNA MARIE 773-44 Street Emergency Room Squad, Mixed Club, Trinity Club, Worked for Mr. Cer. - Methodist Hospital School of Nursing. ' 'T Emergencggiotvnhvith the ton e he1 ail- ment ." ow? SHORTALL, LEO CW 305--95 Street Mrs. Westerberg's Service Corps. 4 terms, Mrs. McEneany's Supply Squad 3 terms, Mr. Kaye Service Corps. 1 term, Mr. Quigley Ser- vice Corps. 2 terms, Mr. Naiman Service Corps. 1 term, Mimeograph Service 1 term, Assistant to Miss Debin 1 term. SMITH, ANITA 463-78 Street Dean's Office, Secretary to Miss Hennessy, Locker Monitor to Mrs. Gerber, Attendance Monitor to Mrs. Cold.-Nursing Training. "The friends and teachers of F.H. H.S. Well, Mom, it took me a while, but I Hnally made it." SMITH, JANET 716-53 Street Secretary to Mrs. George, Library Squad, Secretarial Service Squad. -Methodist Hospital School of Nursing. "The wonderful people who made Fort Hamilton such a wonderful place, and five prefects with Dr. Cochran. SNOW, FRANCES 354-75 Street Tennis Club, Emergency Room, Locker Squad, Library Squad. "All those times I thought I wouldn't." SOLIMINE, GLORIA 125-86 Street Arista 6, 7, 8, Senior Social Com- mittee, Tower Art Staff 8, Anchor 6, 7, 8, Secretary to Miss Far- quhar 4, Secretary in Eng. Off. T, Secretary to Miss Dick 6.-Business and Art School. "My friends, cokes, jokes, my mates, Hamilton, teachers and Lunch eight." i SPENCE, IMOGENE 316-68 Street STEEN, AUGUST JR. 217-96 Street Miscellaneous. "Never being absent or late for 4 years." , I , f , .!, , 14.2.1-,gr-Z fe. 1 '- , ' 1. .fl I STEFANICH, ROBERT 4907-11 Avenue Secretary to Mr. Drucker, Base- ball Team 2 years, Cafeteria Ser- vice 1 year, Secretary to Mr. Siegel, Service Corp.-Baseball QI hopel. "Millie and Duke." SULLIVAN, ANDREW 569-74 Street Track Team 3rd Term, Gym Sec- retary, Locker Room CBoysJ, Sen- ior Show Committee, Service Corps. -Arizona. SULLIVAN, ROBERT 7213-8 Avenue Service Corps., Intramural Basket- ball, Mr. Matheson Shop, Prefect Pres. 4th term. "The tedious hours on the rack while the teachers tried to beat knowledge into me but killed them- selves doing it." SWALLINC, MARTHA 9723-4 Avenue Dean's Squad, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Arista, Swimming Club, Tennis Club, Career Club, Sec. to Mrs. Hauptman.-Dental Assist- mg. 6'My wonderful Senior Term." THO S , ELYN 372-91 Street h Sen' r Council 85 etar t r. Cu mings 4, 85 Miss Mul 5 Mr. Quig- ley's O 75 Store 1, 2, 3. -Advent "My spec pals in F.H.H.S. and a friendship that could never die." TOPOROFF, PHYLLIS 386-95 Street Orchestra5 Aristag Mrs. Willison's Officeg Program Committeeg Latin Club5 Swimming Club.-Brooklyn College. "The time my viola string snapped during the Musicalef' TORREGROSSA, JESSE 401-76 Street TOZZI, PAULINE 155 Gelston Avenue Library Squadg Boosters.-Business World. "Trying to get in before the late bell in Mr. Ragusa's prefect, and shop with Mr. Wiener." TRAD, GILBERT 1124-81 Street Mr. Quigley's Service Corps.5 Mr. Flasteris Shopg Intramural Basket- ballg Cafeteria Squad. "The Guys, Girls, and words of wisdom." TRAMANTANA, JOHN 641-69 Street Service Corps. 1 year Mr. Quig- leyg Service Corps. yz year Mr. Kayg Service Corps. My year Miss Schehg Library Squad.-College. "Friendship in F.H.H.S." TUOHY, JOHN "Roger" 415 Ovington Avenue German Club 4, 55 Newman Club 2-85 Second Period Social Club 85 Longfellows 1-85 Intramural Bas- ketball 1-85 K. T. Club 8.-Col- lege. "The many friends I met at F.l'l. H.S." TURCK, RANDOLPH 7022 Ridge Blvd. Chorusg Track Teamg Lunch Room Squad5 Service Corps.5 Chow De- tailg Senior Show.-University of Mine. 'AMrs. Liger-Terry Shawy - the Senior boat ride and picnic-what a crew!" TUZZOLINO, ROSE "Red" 1301-57 Street Boosters-5, 6, 7, 85 Tower Staff: Newman Clubg Service Squad-Sec. to Mrs. Catania. 6'I'll never forget the Boosters, the basketball games and racing through the halls with Gloria to catch a glimpse of that athlete fthe shadowlf' ULLENES, CHARLES 839-56 Street Se ce Corps ' G. . p. 4th t J 6' " he da n line in t e Z In teri VALENTI, MARY ANN 923-63 Street Worked for Mrs. Stem in English Office as Typist.-Business World. "The girls, Fort Hamilton and my Senior Term." VALLILA, ANNE 1048-56 Street Secretary Service Squadg Secretary to 4Mrs. Kotch 3, 45 Emergency Room Squadg Secretary to Miss Simon.-Business World. "The swell friends I've made in Fort Hamilton." f VALLONE, VITO 434-48 Street Baseball Squad 2 termsg Intramural Basketballg Vice President 3rd term prefectg Service Corps.-Try-out with a ball club. f'Tg1e swell friends I met in F.H. H 77 VALVO, FRANK 763-60 Street Senior Band 3 yearsg Senior Band Committeeg Service Corps. 2 termsg Musicales.-College. "The days with Mr. Rattner in band and the great sax section." VERCINE, DOLORES 2318-62 Street Accounting Squadg Senior Show Committee.-Dancing career and Stratford, Conn. "The fun and friends in my senior year and that "certain someone." O . 'fd .K is an G O epresentative r de ounc iser Secretary 5 A f 364 7 Street Mi . if r sg All- ty Chorusg t . . ' g to iss Konig asketball, Locker iss Konlg ' hree fingers between your teeth a d 'Carmenf But most l Squad. of all, that ot gang of mine." WACNER, THOMAS 542-94 Street Service Corps.g C. O. Store Terms 7 and 8 with Mr. Corenthalg Intra- mural Baslgciyll 6 7, 8. f -X' 1 Xxfrf-'zu . J 'Q ', l'f'7L" . egj WALLACH, LAURA 6802 Ridge Blvd. G. A. Squad 43 Secretary to Mr. Qui le 3 Secretar to Miss Hoff- s Y 1 Y t . mang Secretary to Mr. Kamin. "Mr, Staudt and valencesf' WATSON, ROYCE ANDREW 918-83 Street Captain Biology Projection and Electrical Squadsg German Clubg Curtaintimers, Varsity and Senior Showsg Orchestrag Radio Cuild.- College, Pre-Medical. "F rt Ha 'lto . ' ,LLM jc?,ww. WEBSTER, JO 25-49 Street Math Squad lg Secretary to Miss Hoffman lg G. 0. Representative lg Service Squad 1.-Night Col- lege. "I'll never forget the swell guys and gals that left me behind." WEIDMAN, RICHARD 1174-42 Street G. O. Representative 4th term: Tower Representative 4th term: Track Team '46, '47 seasong French Clubg Senior Social Committee: Senior Prefect Treasurer.-College. "The friends I made at F.H.H.S." WESTBRO , FRANCES 82 . I-Iai 'l ayx is 0 an ' I Q S re t r ' ich an 1 er . .+Fort amilt , WHALEN, HENRY 464-54 Street Service 3, 8. "The friends! made at Fort Hamil- t0n."3 who ffefPfff yftfw 1. ,f M' f' M 'yt,f.,,a YOUNG, DORIS 8310-10 Avenue Aristag Library Squad: Secretary to Mr. Corenthal: C. 0. Represen- tativeg Accounting Oihce Squad. "The fun, friends and memories left behind." ZACHAROS, CHRISTY 8643 Ft. Hamilton Pkway. Service Corps.g Cafeteria Squadg G. O. Representativeg The Red Crossg Squad Leader in Gym. "Working myself into trouble and lying myself out of it." ZAMBARDI, ROSEANN ' ' N f 123 ' 75 Street Secretai or': Mr. ,La sg. Secretar for ' s lChristile'j Girls' Lo Room' Q3 Ad: Secretary I rs. Mayerg wYnm'f1 Clubg Ytlfall Club.-Collegeki' . De- gree. " "I'll never forget the girls." LAUGHRAN, WALTER 505-45 Street G. 0. Representativeg Intermural Basketballg Service Corp. "The boys of Bay Ridge." ZANDO, RAMON JOSEPH 4214--8 Avenue Service Corps.g Assistant to Mr. Kassenbrockg Cafeteria S q u a di Emergency Room.-Business. "It was a tough iight, Mom, but I made it. Jo, Vin, Sal, and Mr. Kaye." BYRNES, JOHN 69 Dhalgreen Plaza Service Corp.-College. "What you feel like after 3 periods of Gym." JIPP, NORMAN 745-59 Street Service Corps.g Cafeteria Squad. "I'll never forget to remember." . CAMERA SHY AWAD, DONALD BAMBERGER, JOHN BILELLO, JAMES CHRISTIANSEN, NORMAN DI MARCO, WILLIAM FABRIZIO, ALFRED HARRINGTON, CHARLES JOHANSEN, ROBERT JOHNSEN, EDGAR LOPRESTI, PAUL MASSON, LESLIE MONSEN, LLOYD PENGEL, WALTER RUSSO, RONALD SIMPSON, JOHN VECCHIO, JOHN WALSH, JOHN WEBER, ROBERT A Sl it . ' fx mx nw, i Vx. Q ll: -is ., M ,N v g. 1 fi f iifwfgfb Q Q, zz,-f K 031.1110-,1,Z, X 'J f X W ,.A,x WX ., ibbi 1229 XXX ?jL62,f'Uf Qt, XX ft A " .E ,Y 71109554 - XR CQ x 'Pain J- X ax ,725 XX x 7HQf'L! .biv DQULCWLJ J 01.494, Me, D535 we, 0 4W0 Wai 3lyfnfr1. qw P11040 D mom . is T14 .1 . Q A 5 ' Q " V ' . . 1510152 Nm P-974 Dm A' Emu 71544, 5024215540 ,Q , 64516. fm Mamm ffaqlwlm. -4 ACTOQ saws, PWEXXMMW LUOK B CK When we entered high school back in February 6, 1946 as nervous freshmen, it was the beginning of a wonderful experience. Within a matter of weeks we , 544.3 became aware of the numerous activities offered to us and we began to enroll in clubs. For those of us who dreamed of becoming future Sarah Bernhardts and John Barrymores, the Dramatics Club offered wonderful opportunities. Dorothy Scoblete, Patricia Flynn, Mary Mercer and Royce Watson signed up with Mr. Roberts and we were on our way. That term we watched Miss Tasman and her group perform "What a Lifelw In second term we helped present the Fifth Anniversary Show with Mary Mercer representing our grade. The months flew and in January 1947 '4The Trysting Placev and 'LThe Romancersw were presented. Our fourth term came bringing uOut of the Frying Pan." Two years had passed and we were now half-way through our high school life. The Dramatics Club was becoming dearer and more important to us with each rehearsal. In fifth term we presented 'fJunior Miss," with Mary Mercer playing Judy for two assembly performances. During this term, Jean Borsellino, Dorothy Perry and Donald Anderson joined the ever-growing group. From that time on we decided to call ourselves uCurtaintimers.', It was a very suitable title since in sixth term we nervously waited for the curtain to rise on our production of "You Can't Take it with Youn with Jean Rorsellino and Royce Watson adding to the gaiety. During our senior year we became avid Thornton Wilder fans. We presented not only 'LOur Town" for the assembly program in seventh term, but in our last, our senior term, we gave the entire production. Many of those who entered with us were graduated in 3h years and our representatives of the class of January '50 were Jean Borsellino, Donald Anderson, Thomas Richmond, Royce Watson, Dorothy Scoblete, Mary Mercer, Margaret Mc-Laughlin and Dorothy Perry. We leave Fort Hamilton with memories of long rehearsals, missing props, forgotten lines and nervous opening nights. And we'll never forget Miss Tasman to whom we give our thanks for giving us the opportunity of becoming part of NCurtaintimers." MARY MERCER Forty-six , f f if USIC ,af , B A N D al. Qj Jmfz-LX9 When the band was first organized in 1941, it was a very small organization indeed. Un- der Mr. Rattner's able direction, it has greatly progressed and has grown to its present membership of about sixty-five. During our four years at Fort Hamilton, we have seen many of our fellow classmates participating in its activities. After we have left our alma mater, we will still recall the long awaited Christmas and Easter assemblies, and the Spring Musicales. Nor will we forget the diligent work they did during first period in preparation for them. In our senior term, Mr. Rattner was transferred to another school but he will always be remembered for his friendliness and grand work. Mr. Nazer, who is the new conductor, is wished success by all the senior class in his association with our very fine band. 0 R C H E S T R A If you have ever passed the auditorium during the second period, you have undoubtedly stopped to listen to the music coming from within. It sounded so melodious and effortlessly played that perhaps you didn't realize how hard this group worked under the direction of Mrs. Gluck. Many students receive their first opportunity to take part in such a musical organization only through the tireless efforts of Mrs. Gluck. It is she who starts our musically talented students on their way in Instrument Practice, which is the stepping stone to the orchestra. Besides the spring festivals and numerous assemblies, the orchestra will be remembered most for its participation in the graduation exercises. C H O R U S E S The familiar strains of "Just a Song at Twilight" mean only one thing to any Fort Hamiltonite. Miss Konig is looking for new members for Mixed and Girls Chorus. Few people realize the hard work that goes into learning a song to per- fection. Every chorister will remember many days of singing certain parts of a song over and over until perfection is reached. Still, of the one hundred members in Mixed Chorus and some ninety in Girls Chorus, there is not one who would want to give up being in Chorus. The seniors in Chorus will never forget the thrill of singing at the Spring Musicales and many assemblies. They are grateful to the Mixed Chorus for their part in making graduation exercises such a memorable event. DAVID PARKER ri U N igpittw V ,A 1' l J 5 X fr :SJ V f' 4:92 5' , f DE P R I E I df? ffl' ,W- X T' v , .' 1 . F arty-seven 'f '25 3 vt ". was I 4,521 ,G 4 ' ' 2 :IA J Vg nw V' ..n P ml H1 5.0-'J :Bu N M 4 :Jr P5 :J E 9.0 '11 . .. 7 L X KV' QQ' mafia: N 1 ff 1 2 6 WE DON'T HAVE . . . BUT WE DO HAVE 1 . . a Cadillac .,,........................... ....... ,,,,,. .....,,,,................... ,,.. ......... , a F o r cl 2. a Farmer ...... a Corbett ,,,,,....... 4. a Chopin ............ 5. a Blizzard ..........,,... 6. IVIennen .,,..,....,... 7. Varga .....,,..... 8. Ohrbaeh ......,... 9. Caesar ...,..... 10. a Gable ........., 11. a Sinatra ...... 12. Holmes ............ 13. New York ,..........,.., 14. a Fire .................... 15. a Washington ..... 16. Brooklyn .......... 17. Browning Gardner Sullivan Wagner .......,,.,......Snow ................Iohnson ....,.....-.....,.Petti .....,.,....Napoleon Flynn Martin .........,..Watson ............Paris Byrne ......a Lafayette .............,..Richmond ...,.......,......Barrett 18. a White ......,.. ............... a Black 19. an Old ..........,.,.,............. ........,.,..........,....... a Young 20. Behrens .......,..................... ....................... A ndreasenlsj 21. Abbott 81 Costello ........... .,.,..,...... O lsen and ,Iohnson 22. Less ......,...............,...........,,.. ..,.,..........,......................... IVI oore 23. White Bock .............. .......................,.,.... H offman 24. a Chef ................. ..........,.... a Baker 25. Heinz .................. ............ C ampbell 26. a Waterman ........., .,...... a Parker 27. Dugan ................ ........,,.... L arsen 28. a Sheriff ............, ........ a Mayer 29. Lewis ......... ........... C lark 30. Nylon ...... 31. a Painter ....... ....................Lyle ......a 1VIasson 32. a Russian ....... a Turk Allen ....... .......,............. B urns 34. the Sea .....,..,... ....,,,...... t he Land 35. the D.A .............. .....,....... H arrington 36. Crosby ....,.,,...... ......................., IVI ercer 37. Byrd ......................... ..............................., P erry 38. the Tall of it .,,,,,...... the Short of it 39. a Rabbit .,.............................................,.........,.......................,.............. a Bunny 40. Oregon ..............,,.,................,.................................................,..,,.......... Virginia CARIVIELA PARIS, VIRGINIA MARTIN Y 1-rr'V'l-' "1'1"l'l"" x'rr'r'-r' 'm'l'l'I swam J-H-'ff' 1.- THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the seniors of January 1950. heing in the golden age of youth. and of sound mind and heart declare this 7, our LAST WILL AND TES'liAlVll'lNT: ! y 3 av, v To WN t v Mft illlliitl pf 1,1 gl. A To Q9 9, 59, V, 9 Q O-, N' 'af T T gl su A 0 To We leave: Mr. Ludwig: Mr. Quigley: Miss Hoffman: Mr. Mattei: Our heartfelt thanks and ad- miration for making our school a pleasant plat-e for education. Our w o r n - o ll t transportation cards. The high spirits of the class of January ,5fl. Our gratitude for hrightening up our spirits and programs. Q . 74 'na L 'Pr .Ni by Mft, ,' o 5,9 Mt: ff ,Iii '03 4 ,ky tl"-'Yu fl' N. gf 3 P. Y 5? Us 'it Ts fl vis? NT Ag? or 12' 0,11 , ATV iz! it l .1 A To Miss Riecobonoz .X Tourer Staff that will know its theme. 5 To Mrs. Levis: The social life of future seniors ' :fs fi - To the Deans: Little sheep that will not go 4' astray. 6402: To Miss Young: Our thanks for arranging those n-'ll' helpful career conferences. g To Mrs. Catania: Our appreciation for getting us 3 3 ' ,,'. . started in the husiness world. 27 ft l f " f I, llll K I ty To Miss lfandles A recording of MThere'll Be No 'must-ull' and Mr. Stone: Changes Made." Q ' To Mrs. Westerherg: Waitresses for the cafeteria. To Senior Prefect Students that will remain seated. Teachers: . To Mr. Ragusa: A tlmeclock for the late corners T0 Mrs, Schaefer: Future gym classes without arthri- Q tis in the ankles. QQ To Mr. Levine: The leading role in g'Hamlet.,, Q ,E To Mr. Braverman: A pocket that won't he touched. l To Mr. Sterne: The hope that someday there will M 4 i he a hoy cheerleader. Q. 4 fl To Miss Miller: Paneless doors. To the Future The promise of empty pocket- Seniors: hooks and joy-lilled hearts. SE I To the Sopllomores: The thrill of their first Regents. N S To the Freshmen: A future of Delaney cards. 2 To F.H.H.S.: Worn out hooks and initialed Q-3, desks. 94: ' . A JOANRONNAN. ELAINE sHAP1Ro p tftvfff W + 4 l 'Q Q9 1.4 YY iTt"TI"'t"'l"l" 77 fV "1-l -1-11 Scgzwnnf- .J.fUllI0 ' P as 4 l if ' 4 div Sli' 5 "W 'G PRoPHEcY or 5 CLASS or JANUARY 1950 The Twentieth Century Limited chug-chugged into the station as many eager and curious spectators looked on. The reporter pushed lhrou h the crowd ready to interview the many celebrities. Ladies and Gentlemen the passengers are about to leave the coaches The first person to ali ht is Patricia Flynn, the well known Con ressuoman and author of three books on foreign affairs. Be- hind her 1S Marv Mercer Tomorrow Miss Mercer will sing the lead in the opera La Boheme at the Met. Speaking of singing, l can see Q . K s' P A 1,2 'Z 1 . f T" . ' U ' .T U v . lj 7 H 7 , .. . 'g .' T gq up v y . . r Y - l ' , l Arthur Hirsh who will return to sing at Carnegie Hall to celebrate l . . the anniversary of his debut there five years ago. My goodness, here l is a surprise! Dot Scoblete along with her team of women baseball , players! Coming from the far end of the train is the Dodger base- ball team with the manager, Joe Gatto and pitcher, Bed Fitzgerald. ' The Yankee team and manager Al Fabrizio and pitcher Sonny Buo- tolo are coming from the opposite end. The teams are in town for the World Series beginning tomorrow afternoon. Donit forget folks, I Frank Buono will announce the game. Quite a number of people are here to see the teams play. A , few are David Parker, returning from Washington, D. C., where he l received rank of Admiral, making him the youngest one in the U. S.. Harold Arata, Bob Erikson, Andrew Coppola and Larry Serhus all l the way from Detroit. Emerging from the smoker, are the stars of the television show, c'Leave It To The Boys," Ken Arscott, Bud Lyle, l Lou Alba, Bob Dondero. They tell me Bud is really on the ball. By the way, they're featuring Bob lMilton Berlel Moore and Norma A Anderson who's subbing for Marie Wilson. l Well, here is the girl you've been waiting for, boys! Itis ,loan l Johnson! She will make a personal appearance on the stage of the Roxy at the premier of her new picture. Her best friend, Janet ll Hansen, is with her. Janet was voted first among the nationls ten ' best dressed women. Fm sure you've heard of that new fiourishing II ' Horse Club, friends. Over to my right are the co-owners, Frank 1 V ll! i, Q 4 f PGGAN . f fp 'vanilla Wi f' L 4 ilk mt I l .,1G ml- I I N f Correll and Red Simpson. And to my left is that blond lromhshell of Broadway. .lean liorsellino and with her is Tom Richmond. They'll open in L'John's lfifth Wife" next Wednesday. Another team who has been dancing its way to fame and fortune on every stage in the U. is Sally Ciacalone and Frank Saccoliti Here comes ,loan Muzzio, artist and kindergarten teacher, with Bunny Clausen. who found a new pill for Fort Hamiltonites to take when the special does not look appetizing. Behind them is lVlaureen Doyle. outstanding child psychologist. who has just returned from abroad. Pat Ryan and Ruth Land. the new superintendents of nurs- ing at Lenox Hill Hospital and Methodist Hospital respectively. arriv- ing from a meeting at Johns Hopkins. Stepping from the dining car is Lois Joswig. outstanding commercial artist. accompanied by Mickey Ronnan, an airline hostess at T.W.A. and Harry Conover's own V. V. Martin. Folks, lim sure you recognize this famous criminal lawyer. Yes. he is none other than Alex Cipriano. And coming right in my direction are the travelers of the week, Harold Pederson and Glenn Angell. They are. as you know, returning from their trip around the world. Do you know, they tell me that Dot Perry was the pilot on the return flight across the Atlantic. Doris Hofener was on the plane too. She was coming from Paris with her exclusive dress designs for winter. Now at the end of our long procession of personalities are Lou Palladino, Bob Hoffman and Arthur Panousis. They have formed their own band with Jean Vetrano and Frank Galante as soloists. I want to remind you that Arne Knudsen of the N. Y. Times and John Donohue of the N. Y. Tribune have been photographing the celebrities as they come from the coaches. PATRICIA RYAN MAUREEN DOYLE i 1 l 1 1 i my tl : 3:3595 iii N 1 llll x, 'i 'tfttwnnnilnlltltttw HSI Norma Anderson Bunny Clausen Estelle Clausen Maureen Doyle Pat Flynn Sally Giacalone Janet Hansen Elsie Helvig Doris Hofener Greta Johnson Joan Johnson Lois Joswig Marilou Lago Hilda Langeland Virginia Martin Doris Mattson Margaret McLaughlin Mary Mercer Joan Muzzio Anne Ness Connie Paris Mickey Ronnan Pat Ryan Dot Scoblete Gloria Solimine MIX 'EM cheerleaders' captain actively athletic round and round she goes, Where she stops nobody knows pretty as a picture known for her poems Cry baby! you'll fmd her in an advertisement for lpana Irma smart as a whip a future Clare Booth Luce our little tomboy Arthur Murray's sister Ain's she sweet? a photographefs dream an individual all her own Hi there, Mr. Bones! quiet and reserved Loul Lou! fashion wise artistically inclined sweet and lovely this one has the Toni watch your blood pressure talk, talk, talk patience is a virtue ANSWER qcifzsp J SZ 'H 'TYZ 'Xl 'QZ 'O 'ZZ 'D 'IZ 'A 'OZ 'X '61 'J '81 'H 'Ll 'O '91 'H 'Sl 'I 'W F Lfty-two GAL .Z-I GG .I-I cy .OI AN .6 GV .8 GS .L 67 .9c1- .9 Gm .V GW .Q 60 .Z GH .-I: CD Louis Alba Glenn Angell Ken Arscott Frank Buono Alex Cipriano .lohn Donohue Bob Erikson L'Fitz" Fitzgerald Joe Gatto Arthur Hirsch Jeff Jones Henry Lyle Morton Mecklosky Bob Moore Louis Napoleon George Ness Bill Olsen Louis Palladino Arthur Panousis Dave Parker Tom Richmond Larry Serhus .lack Simpson Richard Weidman Chris Zacharos ATI-I 'E a real zooty character our good natured Mr. President manager of the 'basketball team the twin without the Toni Could there be another? President of Chorus What a smile! a man is judged by his voice a future John Barrymore What words of wit this one doth speak! Paint my portrait, please! Quite a stepper! smile, please that famous trackster a witty individual small, but noticed he,ll succeed in just about every- thing redheaded player on the diamond college bound What clothes! "Hippy" a future Carmen Cavallero six feet twog eyes of blue everybodyis friend fleet-footed basketball player ANSWER fB0ysj 7 sz '41 'vz 'A 'sz 'H 'zz '1 'iz 'fi 'oz 'A '61 'L 'si 'Q 'Li 'a 'Qt 'V '91 'I 'vi si '0 'zi 'J 'II 'H '01 'N '6 '21 'S 'H 'L 'nf '9 'X 'Q 'D '17 'S 'S 'X 'Z 'J 'I F ifty-three SPORTS GIRLS' Whether it be indoors or outdoors, fall or spring, the activi- ties in the gym never cease. On Monday the Modern Dance Club met under the supervi- sion of Mrs. Levis, enthused over the novelty of this new club. Each Tuesday, under the guidance of Mrs. Schaefer, the Leaders Club met. This club prepares girls to meet the requirements for entrance into Beacons. Miss Robertson met each Wednesday with the girls of the Basketball Club. This coming term, being the spring season, basketball will be replaced by the Softball Club. The Mixed Club assembled on Thursday with Miss Brook- mann as the faculty adviser. The activities in this club were ping- pong, badminton and volleyball. At the Y.W.C.A., the Swimming Club met with the guidance of Mrs. Sullivan, on Tuesday and Friday. An added feature this year was the 4'0fficial Clubv directed by Mrs. Grayson. The club enabled girls to try for Junior Referee Certificates in volleyball and basketball. The girls have to pass a practical test and a National Board Exam. The Beacons, which is the honor athletic society of girls, sports, totals seven this term. Among these are three seniors, June Heard, Helen Frishkon and Dorothy Scoblete. DOROTHY SCDBLETE BOY? Now a recognized athletic power on the P.S.A.L. map, Fort Hamilton has fielded highly successful baseball, basketball and soccer teams. ln addition, we have garnered golf, hockey, and cross country laurels. A recently formed bowling team has shown up well in league competition. Victories do not come easily. They are achieved by long hours of work and by the coach's masterminding. On this page we will attempt to give credit where credit is due. Track and Cross Country Our trackmen ran well in competition last year. The out- standing competitor was George Helfenstein who won every in- door race in which he was entered. Al Fabrizzio, Paul Matera, Art Tompsen and Eddie Rahn were our top sprinters. Moving into the distance runs, we had Captain Ron Casey, ,lim Donovan twho also managed the teaml and ,lohn Corry and Ronald Pheney. Tompsen, Donovan, Pheney and Casey were medalists last season. The others were only a step away. This January, through graduation, we lose Al Fabrizzio, the senior boy athlete, and ,lim Donovan. ,IW Prospects for a successful season are bright due to the crop of younger runners Mr. Kottmann has developed. As "Boys' Sports" goes to press, the cross-country team is looking forward to a good season. Unbeaten in three years of dual meet competition, they arehoping to preserve this great record. The team is composed of veterans Karl Siebenborn, John Corry, and Captain and Manager Jim Donovan. The newcomers include Mike Cerato, Mike Colon, Bob Attiyeh, Ron Pheney, Tom Celentans and Tony Mussarella. Baseball Last spring, we fielded another in a line of good baseball teams despite a scarcity of sluggers and an appreciable amount of pitching depth. Ray Amara was the class of the mound staff. A big season by him next year might mean a championship for us. The other hurlers were John Scarola, Dave Sansone, and Arnie Ramberg. At the initial sack was Frank Layden, at second, .lohn Chiarenza and at the far turn, Chubby Cutolo. John Bruno handled the receiving. ln the outer pastures was Bob Stefanich. The nine has lost Drury, Bamberg, Bruno, Cutolo, Chiarenza, Scarola and Stefanich through graduation. The team was coached by Mr. Siegel. He will have a big rebuilding job on his hands next spring. Basketball Last season, a stream of bad breaks made it impossible to produce a winning team for the first time in several winters. However, our boys played a colorful, exciting brand of ball. A number of games were played into overtime periods. The first string was composed of ,lay Mulvehal, ,lohn Walsh, Dickie Olsen, Frank Layden and Bruce Thompson. This season, the team shapes up pretty well although it's rather early to make any predictions. Those who figure prominently in the team spot- light are Frank Layden, Bruce Thompson, Arnie Bing, James McManus, George Searing, Vic Perin, and Joe DePaolo. Soccer During the past few seasons, the Fort has turned out excel- lent soccer teams. Last year we established ourselves as perhaps the outstanding defensive unit in the city. We had only one point scored against us in fourteen games. ln a play-off game with Lafayette, we tied 0-0 despite the fact that the game went into overtime periods. ln another play-off game at Brooklyn College Field, Lafayete defeated us 2-0, but it took them overtime periods to do it. Lafayette, by the way, is the perennial Brooklyn cham- pion. A This season, Coach Bedell is faced with a tough rebuilding job. However, he has seniors Frank Saccoliti, Don Panaeren, and Loften, who has been converted from goalie to center forward. Other veterans on the squad are Gus Cheros, Earl Hansen, who is developing into a top goalie, and Burt Kligfeld. JOHN CORRY 'Huh l 'Z YOUTH Doors open, welcome Smiling, girls and boys Young, and full of life7s joys Ready for adventure Willing to partake in play. Gradually getting to the business of learning Ah! the awakening day! Doors open, marching forward Young ladies and men Smiling serenely and then, Realizing, where they have been, Those glorious days well spent joyful though full of sentiment, Passing, could not be lived again. The thought brings tears to the eyes But, as the sun is shining brightly in t e skies, h Hopeis abroad, they did their best As they leave their homing nest. ANITA JENSSEN FRIE SH IP' LIGH 'l'111' 111'1111l11f.w flfllllll ll I11111 1111.5 1'11rl11 111 11'111111r1111s 11'11ys. I11 1111'1' g1'1'1' 12I'ff11. Yvllilllgll 1111111 11111y .wp1'11A' of 11rl x11 r111'1' .115 Il1'!lII1,V 1,1111 1111.v 1111 f'lIlIllNlI'1'. I -111111 11111r1' 111'111111'1111s ll'lI-YS lull 1111111 1f.x1sl1'11g s1'111'1' 1111 11llI1' 111'g1111. T111' Il'Ill'III1lI 11f !'f1l'llllSlll.llhS g1111141'11g fllllllt T11 lIf'IIll1.Y-S 1Il'1-ILQ'1I1 11111 111-Y 115 1'111i111. ,fl fAI'l.t'lIllS1I1'1I 1'111111'11g f1'11111 I111' 1lf'llI'1 Ill 1111 ils 11'11y 1101's joy l.IlllII1l'1. ll is Il 11111111 ill 1l1lll'A' uf llllgllf T1111l S1111-11115 ils :2'lI'IlIIIl.lIg. .w111'111'11g 11'g11f. 11111111 41-fl'l'lIIl.Vll11I .w111'1'1111 11'1'r 1111 I111' sp111'r1' fflllllfl 111'1'11g ffllt' 1111l1pi111'.v.v llllI'fl' lll'1II'. ,l 11U11f',Y of 111111l11'111'.vs C1111111 1111'1111, fur 1111p1's. II lfllt' .Ylll'l'1'S.Y, Tlmsf' 1111p1's f11r f.ll1lll'f' y1'11rs 111 111' 11711111111 f111' 1 " ll 111111111' ft'll1I.1,Y. MAHCAHWI' X1 . 'NI1:I,Al'GHLlN Fifty-sczvlz SENIOR CIOl'Ni'III, Mrs. .loan lm-is Fifly-eight A RISTA Nl iss Crave Young SENIOR SHOW flONl'N1I'l"l'liE Mrs. .loan Levis Sl-XIHlC'I'ARl.-KI, SERVIIIIC SQUAD Mrs. f:0I1I'f'II1l Bonmn an ANCHOR STAFF Miss Iluigzlwy-l.ilr'rary Mrs. NlI'HllglIl-Aff SENIOR S0111 M, COM Ml'I"I'PI H Mrs. .loan Imvis Fifzy-nine BAND Mr. Ruynionml Nazel' MINI-ID CHURUS Miss 'Nlzlrie Kuuig Sixty BEACONS Miss Elizabeth Scully I-Ililil.HMJ XII l'1lIQ1l'llQ' HHS SQPHIQ' Il I PISTR A Mu, llurrir-t Ulmk IH lfIlUHlgS ss Murir' Kumi Sixty-one GD. COUNCIL Mr. Joseph Knttman Sixty-turo THE REMBRANDTS Miss Anna Dick LEADERS CLUB Mrs. Beatrice Schaefer RHI! CROSS fIl.l'Il Miss llllllllilll Mattson CUR'l'AlN'l'IM HRS Miss Norma Tusnlan TRACK 'l'liA?Nl Mr. .lusvplx Kottmun Sixty-three OFFICIALS CLUB Miss Elizabeth Scully Sixty- four TRINITY CLUB Mrs. Mildred Liger PHOTOSTAT SQUAD Mr. David Cohen l,A'l'lN CLUB Urs. Ilurzn Sf-Hin LIBRARY SQUAD Mrs. Iilizulu-th Mr-lflenuhuu RADIO CLUB Miss Phyllis W'vi4lig Sixty-five .924 wvcellmwe... in design crahsmanslzip and quality amss rms Menus cn-:ARMS cups PLAQUES TROPHIES .IEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS I MANUFACTURING AUEWEIQERS DTI -E17 EJHNESTFEEMESWQRKE Nl-Y S -I Sixty-six ARTHUR STUDIOS, INC. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE JANUARY 1950 TOWER Exclusively Equipped To Do Yearbook Photography S 49 WEST 46th STREET New York City Sixty-seven THE BREVOORT SAVINGS BANK OF BROOKLYN FORT HAMILTON BRANCH OFFICE 447 EIGHTY-SIXTH STREET Brooklyn 9, N. Y. I To The Class of 1950 Fort Hamilton High School Brooklyn, New York Dear Graduates: Best wishes and sincere congratulations! May Cod grant you a future bright with promise and happiness Sincerely, R. AVA. BRENNAN, President I 1 Serving Savers of Brooklyn Since 1892 Sixty,eight'- o COLLEGIATE CAP 81 GOWN CO. 366 FIFTH AVENUE New York City CONGRATULATIONS TO THE JANUARY 1950 GRADUATION CLASS KINGS COUNTY LIGHTING COMPANY S 6740 FOURTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Sixty- PRINTING CREATED AND PRODUCED in colorful sales promotion booklets, folders, catalogs .flrnesen Press 6515 FIFTH AVENUE BROOKLYN 20, N. Y BEachview 8-1 100 Phone SHore Road 8-8474-5 Established 1921 S I L V E R ' S UPHOLSTERY SHOP Interior Decorator Upholstering - Draperies Slip Covers To Order S 455 EIGHTY-SIXTH STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. Seventy HUNKELE FLOWERS A FIFTH AVE. Sz 80th STREET Brooklyn 9, N. Y. IHSIEIIII P REBS, Inc. 33 Flatbush Avenue o Brookl STerling 3-0500 SINCE 1915 we have been serving high schools and colleges of Greater New York . . . We take pride in having at your service our stall' of expert typographers, artists and advisors . . . Printers of 'Towef yn 17, N. Y. '85 and the 6Pilot' LAMB'S SCHOOL The School that Gets Results Established 1912 0 Stenography 0 Gregg-Pitman o Bookkeeping o Typewriting o Comptometry Dictaphone o o Civil Service Preparation o Individual Instruction Brush-up Courses - Intensive Review Graded Speed Dictation DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Special Summer School Free Employment Service Inquire Today - Telephone SOuth 8-4236 LAMB BUILDING 370-372 NINTH STREET Corner Sixth Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. BEachview 48-1818 LEWIS BROS. . . . Furriers . . V 8010 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. V Furriers in Bay Ridge for a Quarter Century Seventy-one WOrth 2-1168 p C A M P U s SPORTING GOODS CO. SHore Road 8-2491 BAY RIDGE JEWELRY F. D1 C1ovANN1 o LOU D' PELTZ Watches - Jewelry - Gifts o S Watch and Jewelry Repairs . . . . 3 2 0 B R O A W A Y 8016 THIRD AVENUE New York 7, N. Y. Brooklyn 9, N. Y. 1 SHore Road 8-6402 GEORGE KAISER Choice Meats 7606 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. ULster 3-4216 JOSEPH MOSCOLA General Brickwork Brick Steps - Brick Porches Waterproofing - Painting Up Buildings 1127--54th STREET Brooklyn 19, N. Y. SHore Road 8-6267 MEYER 8 BLOHM Manufacturers of FINE CANDIES Ice Cream and Water Ice 7902 FIFTH AVENUE Cor. 79th Street - I BROOKLYN, N. Y. SI'lore Road 5-9786 Serving Bay Ridge for Over 25 Years HENRY'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions A 8505 FOURTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Seventy-two Phone SHore Road 5-0813 H . J A F F E Upholstering and Interior Decorating Draperies - Curtains - Slip Covers S 8309 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. SHore Road 5-9801 B E H R E N S Confectionery and Candy Home Made Ice Cream 8: Ice Cream Cake 59 8610 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SHore Road 5-4540 S T E I N B A C H ' S Linoleums - Carpets - Rugs Juvenile Furniture - Bedding 0 430-86th STREET Brooklyn, . N. Y. SHore Road 8-0293 .V ' HENKE 85 WOODS Home Kitchen Delicatessen Home Made Salads Our Specialty We Deliver A 7616 THIRD AVENUE Bet. 76th 81 77th Sis. BROOKLYN, N. Y. EMPIRE GIFT SHOP 423-86th. STREET Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SHore Road 5-7640 Established 1889 SEAVER BROS: - Misses and Wornen's Wear S 7506 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. SHore Road 5-1293 "THE NEW LOOK" AT SODA LOUNGE, Inc. Deliveries Till Midnight I 9221 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. TULIP SHOPS Fashionable Accessories for Smart Women A 444-86th STREET Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Seventy-three SHore Road 5-9519 GREEN TEA ROOM Home Cooking - Fountain Service CATERING S 443-86th STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. J. Schechter F RE N C H A R T PHOTO STUDIO "Portraits of Distinction" O 457-86th STREET Brooklyn, N. Y. SHore Road 5-5960 LAURITZEN'S BAKE SHOP Finest Quality Cakes Y 7912 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. .IOELL M. BIE . . . Jeweler . . . O 7810 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. A 86th STREET AND FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. RICHARD VARIAN Books - Library - Greeting Cards S 7721 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Good Luck to the Seniors- From the Faculty Seventy- four MWJ A AUTOGRAPHS k This issue of the Fort Hamilton Yearbook has been printed on gloss coat paper in black ink. The cloth covers are made of Levant Keratol cloth and the paper covers of Chemi- cal Daily Sales white paper. The type is Bodoni Book with headings set in Bodoni. Printed at the Eastern Press, Brooklyn, N. Y. -- QW - . . -' ." 'Q Q -." V1 V . . V ' ' A' 'A ' '. ' . :igift VV1fk4..LV', :isavx fix. .V wi. fl' 511 , .fg A J g m . ' 11 jc. .fi 'f'gfg','gfVV xi . jf ,.7VV',."4f'x. xgV,,YCQx.'5. 5'Qgy!3,fi4b3J:' .EL"Efj'?jQg2.r5gh.4..,: -V'j'7?9'Zi". pix, A- j5Q.XX,.t Milf ,.""w5 V:-'ff ,Q sw- 1 .Vfswig V1ViXvV "'1vV7:iV ffVZ+4f.vvV. Q::rVf2 V.J.w3w V fVV7V3fVz:-f zfagq A144-SMV -vbf QJVVVVQVQVVV V- V, 7-'." 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Suggestions in the Fort Hamilton High School - Tower Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) collection:

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