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D VYWX llll Finn , X in 4 in , I7 f'33 66 J L if X b YEKN W 6 ITIL' 1 I X , X XR: X x i X -1 X., Fr P " Q XX 6 Th Nh b f levi jx i A bbkcjf d Zim and d A b b If d ' f fha I XX A symlw Cb b d xl VL 4513! ARLOTTA WILUSON -W 6 , b ! if ,Q I , . N ' F- Lf ,fl . pkyk 1 , Q, y M I A iff , ! X 5, M , , f 755555 Q U12 Q., vs, ,-.VK .'Qig'7"' In 4?.f , M mi '3 9 f.?Ni'i:5 QW" ., W., . 1, I I, . K kit whiff. X 5' K' f'--X xl eva, w Q, , ,I Q ,, 1 1 QQ Q, - W ' ' if R' X. IQ, ,, .K 4,, , ,, M ff is iii ii' ' A 11 ,gg .. ,, , X 515158, fy 'w gf? WMM A uw. Y f. 1 '15 ' wi t ff xfl' ' nl l ,m. 1 sig x tl, K, 4. .N uvias X 1 if ,, f .zu wx- , . vm ., if E, 4, W .Q J ws K by M1 v Q.. 9 5 -u . SA 'H ' 5' qw 'A'L 'f F' ik ii F, , Q5 A ,X , v. b thaw, glial, W ,M J we .1 Ma , ' mf -1' Y' -"L jgxf 1 , fl Gia' .4 21.14 if ,L . 0 -A ,A 2,-'Aww N." , S W -wg 1 ig X 3?QQp1,.,g5,gfx5 ' s ,A mf, ' ,Q .www Q98 S' 5 4. ig .Zh -n ,gg w Max ,.3sgW5: Av ,m,p,v. r Q, ww-g, 4 A x ,N N vw-QLWQHQQ, ,X 5 .Q ,-M Q, Y xl, J., ,mga ' ? ,xml Wk vrfgg iq, , f -f. psw -xmm-my A Q ff efgfft X ' "Xi5 s4'f'g XA 2 A, H Q YQ . 3. ,, N g?'R",-3-f 313154. 'J ' 0 A , H 4' ,df "ff X 1' , , ,xml 5 'aff Af!!! wfxx, , , .. :ir 4. If 'y . aw" KX'-.-Q f wg' ' fi 2 , f X 31 Y Q 51" Q , W t 1 Aw - f la, A - W . Le V 1' px H-if I f 31-Q ith? ,N TH s 54 w Kw x A A g A- win ' su 7 . QW! X Siu ga . ' k SY: N Q' Xi L VWX ' RSM iv, f . :L K! A i . ,V gb Mm. 'Y aes. K , , , fr 5' 'i YI 9 , , Big 5 5 .5 255 iii," R , NL x 'lu' ' A .fa- ws .. QE 3, . is E Ri H5 iii FORT HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL R, T O Augus'I'us Ludwig, Principal FEBRUARY 1946 FROM THE PRINCIPAL To The Class of February I946: CongraTulaTions To you, The TirsT class To graduaTe Trom ForT HamilTon High School during a Time oT peace. This is noT so much a disTincTion as a challenge, Tor in This posT-war world, we shall see changes as sTarTling as we did during The War iTselT. We have, however, Tried To show you The way To be a beTTer, happier and more saTisTying life, by sTressing The value oT The arTs, by opening The vasT domains of science and maThemaTics, and The culTural values oT The humaniTies. This new world has always been wiTh us. lT will noT be revealed To you, however, wiThouT pains- Talcing eTlorT, buT greaT is The reward To him who perseveres. ln shorT, we have Tried To help you learn The arT oT living wiTh oThers, To appreciaTe anoTher's poinT oT view and To undersTand his ouTloolc on life. Life is always commonplace To com- monplace people, buT iT can be made sublime by Those who are inspired, To see The beauTy oT The world abouT us, To seelc The good in oThers, and To serve mankind. May your graduaTion Trom ForT Hamil- Ton High School be a sTepping sTone To greaTer accomplishmenTs. Cordially and sincerely yours, AUGUSTUS LU DWIC5 Principal Looking back upon our years aT ForT l-lamilTon High School, we Seniors see Them highlighTed noT only by The Trolic- some school shows, dances, and ouTings, buT also by our ever-gracious grade advisor, Mrs. I-larT. WiTh her aT The sTeering wheel and our course charTed Tor The realm oT knowledge, we seT sail upon a diTTiculT journey. Many obsTacles were encounTered, louT wiTh The incessanT TaiTh, careTul guicl- ance, and deTermined eTTorTs oT Mrs. l-larT, we have aTTained our goal wiTh all The conTidence ThaT she has so inspired in us. WiThouT her Triendly and Tun-loving TO MRS. HART naTure, our school days mighT have been unevenTTul. We'll Torever be graTeTul Tor her conTinuous and hearTTelT endeavors To prepare us for This changing world. Always associaTed wiTh Mrs. l-larT in our memory will be her ever-presenT smile ThaT so insTanTaneously endeared her To us. I-lisTory TaughT us To remember The Alamo and To remember The Maine, buT no one need remind The Seniors OT Febru- ary '46 To remember Mrs. HarT. lT is our sincere hope ThaT we may some day Tul- Till her every expecTaTion oT us. We Seniors Thank you, Mrs. l-larT!! Well donel i There was nighT. The skies were black We sTood alone on a barren and Torsaken waiTed Tor The morning. We waiTed long succumbed To The blackness. BuT every nigh+ musT someTime end. waiTed, The darkness liTTed and Trom The The glow oT early morning. TT is inTo This new dawn of peace ThaT OThers have liTTed The darkness Tor us. . . given us The lighT ThaT we mighT see. . . done This byfThe shedding oT Their blood riTice oT Their lives.,We musT guard Their and sTarless. planeT. We . . . Many And as we easT we saw we now walk. OThers have . They have and The sac- precious giTT oT peace. We musT work wiTh our bodies and our hearTs To keep iT saTe. For This giTT is noT ours alone .... IT is Tor our children and all The children ThaT are To come. WiTh hearTs Tilled wiTh hope and graTiTude, we, The Seniors oT I946, dedicaTe This, our yearbook, To a world oT PEACE. MARY JOY BROWNIN6. TDEDICATION 1 l Yes buT was iT worTh iT ouT There in The grime and muck dying all around me and always Thinking oT home my socks were so weT Americans are in- venTive geniuses why can'T They invenT really waTer prooT shoes and always wanT- ing To geT away Trom iT all away Trom crouching in The dir'T and hiding behind a palm Tree digging my head in The dirT and biTing hard cursing aT every shell ThaT exploded shaTTering IiTTIe jagged pieces ThaT rooTed Themselves inside you aTraid To IeT The Tears come because The oThers would see how cowardly I really was howling inTo The wind on deaT ears ThaT iT was wrong iT was wrong evil evil wrong beaTing my chesT and crying ouT why me why does iT have To be me and shells bursTing all around IighTing up The nighT sky sTars never seemed To shine iT was always so bleak and desoIaTe only The shells giving oTT IighT buT no warmTh and someday iT would end and The world would go back To normal The parade was over aT 5 o'cIock and my TeeT were Tired and burning The people cheered and Threw conTeTTi somehow I didn'T Teel as if This was iT and nowl can siT here on a bench and waTch The cool clean silky waTer lapping againsT The rocks iT is hard To belive and here I am The kids have graduaTed TonighT They are Tull oT hope They have no ambiTion They know everyThing and noThing They are geTTing a chance To realize Their ambiTion and I made iT possible buT was iT worTh iT did iT mean so much To come back and waTch Those kids waTch and envy Them see Their Taces as They go inTo a world oT peace whaT a wonderTuI Teeling iT musT be To know They're noT going To shove a gun inTo your hands and you can sTill go on living The same and eaTing ice cream sodas IeT Tomorrow look aTTer iTseIT no worry everyThing will be here Tomorrow I can sTill go ouT To The ball game I haven'T had a hoT dog since I IeTT They TasTe so good all smeared wiTh musTard and The Greek in The resTauranT wiTh his greasy Tood ThaT TasTes good only when you're hungry buT iT's The only resTauranT open so whaT can you do buT The parade means noThing only apple pie and milk There's a dish you can'T beaT and my duTy is To live and They won'T have To pick me oTT The ground and Try To recognize ThaT bloody pulp ThaT was my Tace so They can send a Telegram home and They'II know I died buT I came home IasT week and I can siT here and waTch The cool silky waTer lapping againsT The rocks And Then I wenT ouTside wiTh Frank his diploma was aImosT crushed he was so nervous he and I wenT To have a smoke and he wanTed To be a docTor iT was greaT having me home again and iT was greaT I only wish I had had The chance To wanT To be a docTor and I am here and you are here aTTer all we made iT possible Today you are noT in jail Tor being a Jew a Negro a CaThoIic or American and you're alive and iT's greaT To have iusT graduaTed Trom high school everyThing is sTill here and only I have changed and can no longer Teel as Frank does because he hasn'T been Through iT and I was ouT There maybe never To come back he here siTTing behind a school desk looking aT The girls never Thinking of me ouT There maybe I would die or lose an arm so he could go Through med school and become a docTor buT I didn'T and The war is over and I have come back and There are so many Things I missed This is a greaT world and IiTe can really be worTh some- Thing when you see kids like This living and happy why should They Think OT any- one or whaT happened yesTerday or me dying when They will be alive Tomorrow and They will be happy because I have never known happiness and TelT despair and was depressed and TonighT These kids have shown me whaT is IasTing and whaT shall remain They will always be here anzl always be ambiTious and will go Torward no maTTer how many die I can or iT noT me somebody else can come and peace will have seTTIed over The world Tarmers will plow Their Tields To grow grain Tor The babies ThaT won'T be Ted on blood and The homes of The dead shall TerTilize iT and The babies will be healThier because These bones made a large sTrong crop and always coming back and we will Talk and iT will be swell To be wiTh her To Teel her close To me again and I'lI never go and always be here because somebody died now I am sure someThing will come oT all The deaTh and desTrucTion The world will live more happily and everybody will work TogeTher so I can always come back and siT here on a bench and waTch The cool clean silky waTer lapping againsT The rocks The breeze blowing Through The Trees iusT sTrong enough To make The leaves rusTle The moon shining on The bare cold walls oT The school making iT gleam and someTimes I Think The school has a soul everyThing seems To emiT a warming glow because This is iT and peace has reTurned. 1: , -,- ,VW 1. ffzivf - 2 A X, Q E 7 F .s .5 .K 9 52 3 Hi ,z 5 55 X 2 5 4 as K ., 'ww-nw-sw,w.nmm'g af. .M M . V , ann: umm- A A-ww,-,wmwwnmm 4.mwavf,,mM,:.w.+x,n- uf--4kMeQrw1,QAr .mfs-,ai MQ,m.w sam-bm, ,. M SEE www uf'-kk -lf Him, STAFF WILLIAM CI-IINOWSKY MARY JOY BROWNIN6 Edifor-in-Chief DOROTHY CARTER Associafe Edifors AUDREY LEXANDER IRENE BLITSTEIN A Ari' Edifor EVELYN TI-IOMPSEN RUTH CARTER Business Ms"s9e's LEIF ANDERSEN Lilerary S+a'FF: Clara Trackiir, Dorolhy Galheral, Con- ssrance Kalz, Doroihy Gonsesrh, Joyce Dexler, Rulh Brandi, Marion Andreassen, Dorolhy Pike, Beri Barnesrsr, Jerry l-lornig, Janel Kowalski, Ivan Polonsky, I-Iarriel Kinz- burger, I-lenry Sass, Joseph Mariani Thelma Lind, Janel Frank. Ari' S+aFF: Richard Hagen, Gil Jacobsen, Sig Arne- sen, Donald Muller, Frank De Pasquale and Virginia Oxley. Faculfy Advisors: Liierary-Mrs. Business SI'aFF: Dorolhy Mowasr, Eihel Svilos, Dolph Am- briano, Doris I-lansen, Janel Rasrh, Marion Sallalamacchia, Pasrricia Eade, Virginia Rulca, Riia Turino, Barbara Bedford, Bill Evans, Palricia Shoai, Eileen Colgan, Jean Geisiner, Doroihy Glidden, Roberi Valluzzi, Pai Campbell and Mildred Savaglio. Typing SI'aFF: Anna Mae Gelohardsr and Sophie Wis- niewski Phiofographers: Roberl Chrisiie and Roberi Carlen. E. Olsen, Ari--Mrs. M. Liger W SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Clara Tracldir, Dorollrmy Gliclclen, Leif Axndersen, Beverly Burke, Rurh Carfer SENIOR SOCIAL ADVISER-Miss Scheh Henry di Sfelano, Roberi' Brady, Joseph Toye, Arfhur Frey, Alfred Bell, Frank Pefers, Richard Black, Waller Erikson, Louis Curran, John Keane, Joseph McGreevy Lynn Warner, George Porfer, Neal Marino, Eugene Green. H OUR BOYS IN THE SERVICE BERRY, FRANCES 97I5 Third Avenue Secreiary 'fo Miss Brookman I: Mr. Cummings' Office 2: Pilof Office I: English Office I: Swimming Club 2. "Oh! I wish Ihe bell would ring." BERGGREN, CLAES 6408 Owls Head Courf Chemisfry and Physics Laborafory 2: Service Corps 2. Same as Richard Buscaglia. BIGGIO, ALFRED 7I5-70 Srreef Varsily Baseball 2: Varsify Baskelball 2: G.O. Represenfalive 2: Service Corps I. Playing Marbles. BLAKE, PAT i038-77 Sireel' Secrefarial Service Squad I: Pilor Typisl' I: Secrerary fo Mr. Rosen I: Secrerary fo Mr. Pfeiffer I: Secre- Iary fo Mr. Dorfman I: Newman Club 6. Riding wifh Bill, fhe Bus Driver. BLITSTEIN. IRENE A. I520 Easi' IO Sfreef Secrefary Drama+ics Club: Secrerary 'fo Mrs. Kossirin: Secrefary 'ro Mrs. Sfern: Pilof: Arisra: Associafe Edifor -Tower. Scrafching 'Ihe eyes ou+ of poraioes. BOVE, JOHN I235-85 Slreef Program Commiifee 5: Ari' Publica. 'I'ions6: Arfendance Commiffee I: Newman Club I. Wafching Girls! . 9.5. 2.04 FHMIL5 MTM BRANDT, RUTH L. I06 Wakeman Place Vicfory Show: Secrefarial Service Squad 2: Ushereffes 3: G.O'. Repre- senfalive 5: G.O. Council 2: Senior Official Class Treasurer. "Male's Mail". BREHM. JACK 7005 Forf Hamilfon Parkway Band 3: Lunch Room Squad It Psychology Club: Senior Privilege Commirlee. Walking a mile for 'Iha+ Camel. BRIOTTA, PAUL Y 6735 Ridge Boulevard Band: G.O. Represenfarive I: Sixfh Term Council: Vice Pres. Sevenlh Term Council: Locker'Room Squad: Newman Club. Siifinig on Shore Road During Eco. BROWNING, MARY JOY I74 Bay Ridge .Avenue Associare Edifor of Pilof: Associafe Edifor of Tower: Swimming Club: Presidenf of TRI-Y-Club: Secrefarial Service Squad: G.O. Represeniafive. "Touiours L'Amour". BRETSEN. LORRAINE 622-54 Slreei Library Squad I: Accounring Squad 4: Mr. Baron's Office 2: Secrerarial Squad 2. Same as Biggi and Walfzing. BURKE, BEVERLY ANN 82-68 Sfreer Beacons I: G.O. Represenfafive 3: Grade Council 2: Swimming Club 2: Boy's Healfh Educafion Office 2: Baskerfball 2. "Mooney". BURNS, RICHARD , 844-7I Sfreef Varsify Baskerball Team 3: Sevenfh Term Grade Council: Inframural Baskeiball 2: Service Corp. I. Be. 8-I837. BUSCAGLIA, RICHARD A. 7322 Third Avenue Radio Club I 81 2: Service Corps: Skerch Club: Lunch Room Squad. Same as Jimmy Cohoon. CALLAHAN, DOROTHY MARIE 77l2 Sixlh Avenue Miss Hol3fman's Office: Museum Squad: Dean's Office: Senior Palrol Squad: Senior Prom Commillee: Senior Show Commillee. Trying fo walk wilhoul being called "Knock-Knock". CAMPBELL, PATRICIA 7I Gelslon Avenue Service Corps 2: War Slamp Repre- senlalive 3: Red Cross Represenla- live I: Baskelball 5: Waves of Science Magazine: Baseball. Talking on +he phone. CARLEN, ROBERT 547-68 Sfreel Lunchroom Squad 3: Biology Club I: Pilol Sfaff 3: Camera Club 2: Rembrandls 2: Tower Slalif 2. Walking knee deep in wax Ihru Forl HamiI'l'on's Corridors. CARLSON, ROBERT 62lI Eighlh Avenue Seaman 3fc Uniled Slales Navy. Be. 2-7252. Nicea--Nicea. CARLSON, VIOLET I85 Bay Ridge Avenue Secrelarial Service Squad I: Cafe- +eria Squad I. Looking for Van Johnson's Brooklyn Cousin. CAROPRESO, CARMELA 8808 Foulh Avenue Secrelary lo Mrs. Hari' I: Secrelary lo Mrs. Slern 2: Program Com- milleei Help in sale of Defense Slamps: Guard oulside of building: Typisl for Pilol. Travelling and Dancing. CARTER, DOROTHY WORTHEN 376-63 Slreel Edilor in Chief-Tower I: Anchor I: Sevenlh Term Council: Grade Ad- visors Squad 2: Vicfory Show. Waiiing for Ihe +rain Io come in. CARTER, RUTH JOAN 376-63 Slreel' Secrelary of Senior Class l: Viclory Show l: Sevenlh Term Council I: Grade Advisor's Squad 2: Business Manager of Tower I. Going barefoot CASASSA, ANNE l2l7-63 Slreel' Tri-Y Club: Newman Club: Secre- farial Service Squad: Sewing Club: Assislanl in Grade Advisor's Office. Thinkin' aboul "him". CASTELLANO, TRUDY 9009 Fiffh Avenue Accounling Office 6: Secrelarial Squad 2: Newman Club 3: Senior Social Commillee I. Reminiscing. CHERRIER, HERBERT 79OI Fourlh Avenue K.I.P. Club: G.O. Represenlalive: Service Corp. "JUDY". CHINOWSKY, WILLIAM 254--73 Slreel Associale Edilor of Tower: Anchor Slalzl: Chemislry Club: Program Squad. Avanfe parlies. CHRISTIANSEN, KENNETH Il5-70 Slreel' Service Corps: Lunch Room Squad: Baskelball Varsily: Baseball Varsily. Cooling elif afler a work-oui in GYM. CHRISTIE, ROBERT 79l9 Sixlh Avenue Glee Club 5: Pilol 5: Cafeleria Squad 5: Tower 3: Camera Club 4: Anchor I. Showing people my darkroom 'Iech- nique. COHOON, JAMES 9524 Forl Hamillon Parkway Newman Club 2: Lunch Room Squad I: Service Corps 2: Secrerary ol Ihe Radio Club I: Senior Palrol I. Same as Ken Johnson. COLGAN, EILEEN 325-93 Sireel Leaders' Club: Musicale: Secrerary 'Io Mrs. Perslcy: Secrefary 'Io Mme. Jolson: Glee Club: Secrelrary 'Io Mr. Smi'Ih. Lislening 'Io Der BingIe's records. CONNOLLY, JOAN 265-89 Slreel Newman Club: Secrelarial Squad 5: G.O. Represenlalive Business School. Wriling fo Sieve. CORBETT, IRENE 64I-52 Slreel Secrefarial Service Squad 2: Volley Ball Club. Waifing for 'I'he Male. CORRAO, MARY 9007 Fiflh Avenue Secrerarial Service Squad 7: Lunch Room Squad I: Newman Club 7: Leaders' I: Grade Council 2: Viclory Corps. Counfing fhe "WHITE CAPS" +ha+ pass by! COSTA, ROBERT 45-87 Slreel Service Corps 2: Inlramural Baslcel- ball I: Newman Club I. Having sfudy fhe Eighi' Period. COTIE, MARY ALICE 446-77 Slreel Swimming Club: Hislory 2: Gym Office 2: Arista I. These men, I love Ihem all!! COUMARIS, GUS CRANNY, HELEN V. II Easl' 7 Slreel Secrelarial Squad: Mrs. Brownrigg's Office: Newman Club. Enferlaining or being enferfained. CRAVOTTA, GERALDINE 373-69 Slreel Library Squad 4: Biology Laboraiory Technician: Leaders Club I: Baslcel- ball: Sollball 2. Thinlrinig of fhai "Cer'Iain" someone. CRAWFORD, JOSEPH 7224 Fourlh Avenue Newman Club: Service Corps 2: Deans Office Squad: Gym Office Squad. Enioying my gym period-on Shore Roe-d. CROSBY, DOROTHY M. I02-74 Slreel Newman Club: Assislanl 'Io Mrs. Mayer 6: Secrelary io Miss Mullen I: Tower Represenlalive. "Reading Page 4 lnewslI" CUFFE, MARGARET T. 370-79 Sfreel' Swilchboard Squad: Sollball Club: Leaders Club: Tower Represenlarive 2: Choral Training I: Grade Coun- :il 7, 8. Colces and iolces wi+h some cerlain folks. CUNEO, JOHN 264 Bay 20 Slreei Service Corps 4: Secrerary To Miss Farquhar I: Emergency Room I: Guard in The Audiiorium I. Pulling girls curls. ' DALY, OLGA ELEANOR 274- Avenue P Arisla: Secrelary Io Mr. Kamini Dramalics Club 2: Secreiary Io Miss I-Iennessey: Soiiball Club IZ Secrelary Io Mrs. Bonom. Worrying if 'Ihere will be enough-7 DEL NUNZIO, ANNE 7006-I4 Avenue Viclory Show 2: Arl Siafl 2: Anchor Slalii I: Baslceiball I: Secreiary To Mr. Andrews: Glee Club 2. "Doing ma'rh problems Ihmllll DE PASQUALE, FRANK 420-99 Slreei Pilof 3: Tower I: Anchor I:Waves of Science 3: Radio Club I: Rem- brandfs Ari Club 2, "Laughing wiih a hyena. and neck- ing wifh a giraffe!" DEROWSKI, WALTER 6903 Sevenih Avenue Lunch Room Squad 2: Service Corps 2. "Spor+s". DEWAR, AGNES 203 Gelsfon Avenue Glee Club 3: Secrelarial Squad I: Dance Class 2: Musicale I: Secre- Iary Io Miss Morrell I. Y Singing and dancing-I! DEXTER, JOYCE 354-96 Sireel Tower Siaii I: 6.0. Represenlalive I: Secrelarial Service Squad I. "Gizmo", DIEDERICHS, MADELINE 669-49 'ISree'r Secrelarial Squad: Mr. Lass I: Mr. Hammond 2. This Above All: To Thine Own Self Be True. DIGNEY, GENEVIEVE 620--80 Slreel' Service Corps I: Secreiary Mrs. Calania I: Secreiary Io Miss Juul 2: Secrefary +o Mr. Sloul: Drama- Iics Club I: Senior Prom ancl Show Commillee. Playing by "STREEMS". DONOHUE, JOHN II7-98 Slreel' Newman Club: Infermural Baslcelball. Pass fo Leave Ihe class. DORANS, MARGARET Secreiary 'ro Miss Hoffman: Secre- Iary Io Mrs. Hari: Caieieria Squad. Counfing 'Ihe boys fha? call me ..RED... DOUGHERTY, THERESA 3I7--89 Slreel' Service Squad 2: Deans Office 2: Swimming Club I: Newman Club 2. Cherchez L'homme. DRAGONE, ANNA 602-88 S'I'reeI' Vicfory Show: Secrelarial Service Squad: Library: Miss Morholi: Mrs. Lyons: Mrs. Franlcle. "Dreaming of Him". DUNBAR, WINIFRED 274-73 Sfreei Swimming Club I: Deans Office I: Assislanl 'ro Mrs. Bonom I: Senior Social Commillee: Baslceiball Club: Secrelary 'ro Mr. Andrews. Sailing 'Ihe "AIohaI" EADE, PATRICIA 9I I9 Third Avenue Tower Slalll: Secrelarial Service Squad Piloi Siaif: Secreiary Io Miss Young: Service Corps. "Hmm-you'II never know!" EATON, ELIZABETH 7020 Ridge Courl Ofhce Messenger 2: G.O. Repre- senlalive: C-lee Club I. Walching a boy's adam's apple while he -Iallcs. ECKERT, VIRGINIA 70l5 Colonial Road Service Corps 2: War Slamp Repre- senlalive I. "'Hmm-you'Il never!" ELMO, MARY ANN 5I2-90 Slreel Arisla 2: Accounling Office 6: Sec- relarial Service Squad 5: Newman Club 4: Leaders I: Senior Social Commillee. Building casiles in 'Ihe air ENGLISH, ANNETTA 454--69 Slreei Service Squad IZ Ping Pong Club? 6.0. Member 8. Drinlcing Coca-a-a Cola-a. EPIFANO. LEONARD ll62-73 Slreel Chemislry Club! Chemislry Squad? Psychology Club: Arisla: Grade Council: lnler Grade Council. Telling 'Friends I won'+ be oul' af nighl' because of homework. ESPOSITO, LOUIS 53-94 Slreel Newman Club 3: Lunch Room Squad I: Senior Palrol I. Life, Liberfy and lhe Pursui+ of GI RLS. EVANS. RALPH I. Dr. Leuch's O'Flice 3: Caleleria Squad 5, 6, 7: Dramalics Club 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. . Osculafing. EVANS, WILLIAM R. 7207 Tenlh Avenue Newman Club: Radio Club: Locker Room Squad 3: Social Commillee: Social Commillee: Boys' I-leall-h Educalion Office: Service Corps. Sfoop--SiH'ing. FARKOUH. EDWARD 9450 Ridge Boulevard Radio Club 2: Kip Club I: Service Corps 2. Huba-Huba. FARRELL, FRANCES 7l I3 Fillh Avenue Secrelarial Service Squad 2: Band I: Assislanl G.O. Represenlalive l: Senior Dues: Hockey Club I: Soff- ball Club l, Minor "I-I". Dreaming of my sailor-Playing curio. , FERROGARI, ALFRED 6923 Third Avenue Radio Club 2: Newman Club I: Caleleria Squad: Senior Palrol. Collecling campaign ribbons for every l,000 lrips lo Ihe Dean's office. FIANI, MARCELLA ' 86l5 Forl I-Iamillon Parlcway Glee Club 4: Musical 3: Usher. Dancing-from Waliz 'Io Boogie. FRANK, JANET M. 7l26 Sevenlh Avenue Orcheslra 3: Pilof 3: Anchor 4: Service Corps I: Musicale I: New- man Club. Life, Liberly and I'he Pursuii of MEN! FROYLAND. ROBERT I54-84 Slreel' Choral Training 7: Presidenl of Choral Training 2: Swimming Team: Service Corps: Rifle Team. Making girls happy. GABRIEL, JACK III-75 Sireel Traclc Team 2: Pilol Slaff 2: Ac- counring Office 4: Mimeograph Squad 2: Service Corps I. "Burning" Franlc Haynes, fhe lover. GABRIELSON, RALPH 75I9 Colonial Road G.O. Represenlalive: War Sfamp Represenlalive: Service Corps: Lunch Room Squad: Inlramural Baslceiball. Playing Ping Pong in lhe girl's locker room. GALLO, ARNOLD 97-80 Slreel Traclc Team 6: Service Corps II Infermural Baslcefball 2. Playing Baslcelball in ihe Girls gym. GARDELLA, JOHN 576 Senalor Slreel G.O. Represenlaiive 3: Assislanl Represenfaiive 5: Service Corps 4. "Dating", GARISTO, FRANK , 435-85 Slreel Freshman Show: Senior Show: Senior Show Commillee. Avanfe parfies. GARONE, BEATRICE 78I2 For? Hamilfon Parkway Program Office: G.O. Represenla- five: Allendance Office: Secrelarial Squad. Waiiing for and wrifing lo JOE. GATHERAL, DOROTHY 46I5 Sixlh Avenue Secrelary fo Mr. Cummings 3: G.O. Represenlaiive: Represenfalive of Sfamps and Bonds: I.Lunch Room Squad: Newman Club. Colxes with AI a+ Hinlcs and Behrens. GEBHARDT, ANNA MAE 39-75 Sfreel Secrelarial Service Squad 2: Em- ergency Room Squad: AH'endance Clerk. Thinlcing of lhe Fulure. GEFFNER, JEAN 74IO Ridge Boulevard Arisla 2: Program Squad 5: Garden Club 3: Baslcelball I: Tennis I. Oh, +ha+'s a secrefll GINSBERG, ENID R. 538 Fiflh Avenue Glee Club 8: Secrelary Mrs. 'Gofch I: Secrerary Miss Young 2: Secre- Iary Mrs. Caiania 4: Secrelary Miss Konig 2: Senior Show Commiifee. Do, re, me. GLIDDEN, DOROTHY I29-92 Slreel Miss DicI1's Office 2: Senior Treas- urer. "Holding hands wifh J.Q." GONSETHL DOROTHY 84-68 Slreei G.O. Sfore 3: Secrefary Mrs. Gold: Viclory Show: Member of G.O. Council: G.O. Represeniaiive 3: Usherelfe. uancing in fhe Dark. GREEN. FRANCES 453-79 Slreei Red Cross Club 3: Swimming Club I: Library Squad I: Accounling Office I: Secreiarial Service Squad. Trying lo explain lo 'friends why I am called "PAT". GREENLEE, ELAINE 565-85 Slreei' Secrefarial Corps I: Choral Train- ing I: Newman Club: G.O. Slore I. He 'hasn'1' come along yef. GUTWI LLIG, STUART 767-60 Slreel Orcheslra 6: Senior Palrol: Senior Privilege Commillee. Wai'Iing 'for Ihe bus af fha Shore. HACHMANN. ANITA 443-83 Slreel' Service Corps 2: Secrerarial Service Squad: Secrelary 'ro Mrs. Lyons: Secrelary Io Miss Young: Viclory Show: Fashion Show. Kidding 'the Freshmen. HAGEN. RICHARD 2I I-70 Slreel Swimming Team I: Miss Dick's Office 2: Lunch Room Squad 2: Service Corps I: Arr Slaff 2: Tower Slaff I. "ANITA". HAKANSON, DOROTHY 7809 Third Avenue Marh. Office 2: Miss I-IoFIman's OI- fice I: G.O. Represenlafive I2 Senior Dues I: Tennis Club II Marla Papers Ior Mr. Smilh. Huba Huba Hubal I I HANSEN, DORIS F. 325-82 Sfreel Pilol' Slaff: Red Cross Club: Secre- rary fo Mrs. I-Iarl: Secrelary 'ro Mrs. Carania: Secrelary 'ro Miss Morrill: Tower Slaff. "Na+ch". HANSEN, SOPHIE 950-68 Srreel Secrelarial Service Squad 2: Secre- 'lary Io Mr. Baron. WouIdn"I you Iilxe fo know? HAYNES, FRANK 325-73 Slreel G.O. Represenlalive I: I-I.E.I3.I. I: Cafeleria Squad I: Elecirical Squad I: Radio Club 3. Burning Jack Gabriel HEGARTY, GERARD 306-78 Slreer Assf. G.O. Represenlalive I: Bike Squad 2: Service Corps 2: Deans Squad I. I'r's in Ihe Sfars. HENDRIKSEN, GLORIA 5806 Fourlh Avenue Beacons 2: Swilchboard 4: Secre- Iarial Service Squad 5: Secrelary +o Mrs, Lyons I: Leaders Club 5: Soil- ball Club 2. Joe, of course!! HERRLE, RICHARD 7IOI Colonial Road Glee Club 6: Cafeleria Squad 5: Grade Advisors Oflice I: War Sfamp Represenlalive 4: G.O. Rep- resenfalive I: French Club I. "As'I'ronomicaI Observe-Iion during Ma+h". HERWAGEN, WALTER 430-'6I Slreel Service Corps 2: Caferia Squad 2: Science Magazine: Library Squad. "There's only one". HIGGINS, MAUREEN 672-45 Slreef Glee Club 8: Locker Squad 4: Musi- cale 3: Viclory Show I: Swimming Club 2: Assislranl' Io Mrs. Schaefer I. Wishing and Hoping!! HIRSCHMANN, HELEN 368-6I Slreel' Tennis Club I: Program Commilfee I: Secrelarial Service Squad 3: Mr. Cummings Olifice 2: Anchor Arr Slaff I: Typisl for Anchor I. Chewing gum. HORGEN, CAROLYN Secrefarial Service Squad 3: Tower Represenlalive 2: Viclory Corps Represenlalive 2: Miss Farquhars Orfice I: Miss Mullins O'FIice 2: Prefecl Secrefary I. Wishing-Will make if so! HORNIG, JEROME IO7A-73 Slreel Cheer Leaders 31 6-O- Represenla' live 5: Secrelary 'ro Dr. Cochran 2: Track Team 31 Tower li Senior Show Commillee. ' Making new friends and icq'-'a""I' ances. H UGGAN, FLORENCE 343-bl S+ree+ Service Corps: Lunchroom Squad. I JOHN I :7. HUGHES, ELEANOR 8320 Fiflh Avenue 6.0. Represenralive 31 Secrelary IO Mrs. Mcl-Iugh. "Hun-ling" Hum!!! HUGHES, FRANCES 8422 Fifrh Avenue Secrelarial Service Squad: Tennis Club: Baskelball Club: Newman Club. Living and enioying life. HUS-OS, ELIZABETH 375-86 Sfreei Tower Club: Anchor Club: Locker Squad. I. Books: 2. Drawing: 3. Pofaloes and gravy: 4. Boys. JACOBSEN. GILBERT 829-60 Slreel Tower Ari Slaff: Track Team 3: Miss Dick's Ari Slaif 2: Service Corps 3: Swimming Team I. Gazing ai' Girls. y 1 K AULQQASH li.: KILLED INN .xi ATLAIQTLCS DQ PUUUGAX' JACOBSEN. MURIEL 8OIO Sixfh Avenue Emergency Room I: Accounling Of- fice 5: Swimming Club I: Red Cross Club 3. Trying Io convince people 'Iha+ I am a SENIOR. JOHANNESSEN, ANITA 8523 Forf l'IamilI'on Parkway G.O. Represenralive I: G.O. Srore I: Service Corps I: Ping Pong Club. "PicIuring" The fuiure. JOHNSON, KENNETH 237-'68 Slreel Service Corps 3. Same as Al Paren+iI KAHN, ARNOLD H. 8233! Forf I-lamilion Parkway Arisia: Physics and Chemislry Labs.: Science Club: Lafin Club: Boosfer Club ITicker Squadl: Program Squad. The Chemislry Laboraiory. KALIL, GLORIA 8000 Fourlh Avenue Secrelarial Service Corps 3: G.O. Orlice, Mr. Bedell I: Secrerary to Mr. Slerne: Tennis Club: Newman Club. Tha+ cerfain Ray- KATEN, RICHARD A. 257-Sl Slreel' Varsily Baskelball Manager 4: lnrra- mural Baskerball 2: Service Corps I: Grade Advisors Squad I: Bi- cycle Room Squad I: Pan American Club 2. KATZ, CONNIE 6648 Bergen Place G.O. Represenlaiive 5: G.O'. Coun- cil I: Edilorial Slaff Tower: G.O. Olilice Squad: Usherelle: Senior rCouncil. GJ. Jack. KENNEDY, DORIS 4I I-88 Sireel Secrelarial Squad: G.O. Represen- Iafive: Emergency Room Squad: Newman Club Represenralive. I'm in Love wi'I'h You, Honey. KHOURY, EDMUND 822-7I Slreei Service Corps. Trying fo s+ay awake in Eco. KNITZBURGER, HARRIET 569-Sl Sfreel Chemislry Club I: Library 2: An- chor I: Tower I: Service Corps 2: Swimming Club. Sfudying for Midferms and Regenfs? KNUTSEN, OLE 8206 Third Avenue Handball Team I: Inlermural Basker- ball 2: Mr. FIasIer's Assisfanr 2. A ceriain blonde . . . DOT. KOHLER, BEATRICE A. 932--79 Sfreef Mrs. Lyons Secrerary I: Emergency Room 3: Tennis: Soffball. Dancing wifh Lorraine, Lillian, Sylvia and Elsie. KOWALSKI, JANET 23I-56 Sfreel Arisla 3: Beacons 2: Secreiarial Ser- vice Squad 5: Assl. G.O. Represen- tafive 2: Leaders' Club 4: Sofrball 2. "Promise noi' 'Io +eII my Mo'rher7" KROLAK, EDWARD 257-72 SII'ee'I Service Corps 22 Cafeferia Squad 2. esoulks. KRUTZEL, HYMAN 225-62 S+ree'r 6.0, Rrepreseralive. Use your Imagina+ion? ? ? Ain"l' you fhe one. KUNZINGER, AUDREY IO46-80 Sireef Newman Club: Secreiary Io Mr. Levine: Chemisfry Laborafory: Tower Slafff Secrerary fo Dr. Leuchs. "Wishing, Hoping, Praying!" LACZ, HELEN 222-53 SIree'I Lunch Room Squad: Asst 'ro Mr. Sferne: Secrelarial Squad G.O. Slorei Asst 'Io Mr. Smifh. Dreams when-I'm feeling blue. LAGE, PATRICIA 80I2 Forf Hamilfon Parkway Mrs. Kolch 2: CraI+ I. The 'Finer fhings of Iife . . . "MEN". LANGELOTTI, THERESA L. 2I4 Dahlgren PI Service Corps: Vicfory Corps: Sec- refarial Service Squad: G.O. Srore: Secrefary Io Mr. Pfehfer: Senior Privilege CommiHee. Why, keeping +hem happy of course! LARSEN, HENRY 57-89 S'rree'r Gvlee Club 2: Mimeograph Squad I: Baseball Team I: Baslcefball Infra- murals. Siffing on Ihe Shore wiih my arm around some Gorgeous Bench. LA SALA, VINCENT 67I5-8 Avenue Service Corps I: Program Office I: Inlramural Baslceiball. Trying Io gef ouf of school. LAVINE. SHIRLEY 80l2-7 Avenue Service Corps 2 Terms: DL,,Leuchs 3 Terms' Lunch Squad 3. immi swimming and going Io school. LEIFSEN. LEONARD IO47--70 Slreel Varsify Baskelball.. Prefzels. LENSTROM, GEORGE ' I02 6eIsIon Avenue 6.0. Rep. 4: Library Squad I. Doing: homework in Prefeci. LEXANDER, AUDREY 8829 Forl I-Iamillon Parkway Associale Ediior of Tower I: Mixed 6ames Club 3: Secrelary Io Miss Miller 2: Dean's Ofiice I: Locker Room Squad I: Swimming Club I. Reading SIeve's IeH'ers. LICKEL, BARBARA II4 Clinion SIreeI 6lee Club 5: Service Squad Ii Musicale I: Newman Club. Jusf call me Iwinkle foes. LIEN, THOR 6023-9 Avenue Biology Squad 3: Nalure Club 3: Biology Technique Club I. WouIdn'I you like 'I'o know-7 LIND, DORIS I2I9-78 Slreei Secrelary 'ro Miss 0'Connor: Service Io Miss Mullin. My sfaff sergeant LIND,lTHELMA 264-57 SIree'r Mrs. I-Iar+ Sec. Squad 5: Cafeleria Squad 6: Baskelball Club: Viclory Show 2: Tower: Senior Show. Makin' like "BeHe Davis". LINDEN, FLORENCE 237 Senalor Sfreef Lunchroom Squad: S.S.S. Mrs. Bonom, Mrs. Kolch: Secrelary Io Miss I-Iigginson: Leaders Club: Cheer Leaders. Romans 3:26. MAHON, PATRICIA JUNE 444-78 SIreeI Service Corps: Lunch Room Squad: Ping Pong Tournamenl: Punchball Team lWon school "HMI: Senior Commi+Iee: Laboraiory Assisianh "Dales wifh Billy". MANCINI, ANN 963-7I S+reeI Accouniing Squad: Newman Squad? Pain+ed for Ihe Carnival. Wolfing. MARINELLO, ANTOINETTE 94IO Forl I-Iamilfon Parkway Secrelarial Service Squad I: New- man Club 3: 6lee Club 2. MARIANI, JOSEPH H52-67 Slreel' Tower SIaI3I: Anchor Siahf: Senior Show Commilfee: Service Corps 3. Hun+ing elephanfs on Broadway. MARTIN, JACK 85A-74 -Sfreel Baseball Team: 6.0. Execulive Council: 6.0. Represenlaiive: Ser- vice Corps: Kip Club: Lunch Room Squad. Loafing. MARTOCCI, MARIE 374 90-S'rreeI Vicfory Show: Secreiarial Squad I: Worked for Mrs. Johnson I: Red Cross Club. Doing my homework every nigh'I'. Is Ihere any oiher pasIime7?? MEEKS, JOAN 273-'77 Slreel Newman Club 8: Baskelball Club 5: Soiiball Club 4: 'G.O. Rep. I: Secreiary Mrs. Gold: Secrelary Mr. Bellaiiore. "Ea+ing" 'n' "Sleeping," , MIANO, MICHAEL 5I7-80 Slreel' Glee Club 4: Newman Club: Lunch Room Squad. A good game of ball. MICHAELSEN, MARIE Service Corps: Secrelarial Squad: English Office: Red Cross Work: G.O. Represenialive. Bifing my Ioenails. MICHALSKI, EDWIN JOSEPH MICHALAK, DORIS 8Ol-70 Slreel' Glee Club 2: Secrelary Io Mrs. Gold I: Service Corps I: Tower Rep. I: Secrelarial Service Squad I: Sec. 'Io Mr. Slaudl I. Making-up-mv-mind. MONACO, LUCILLE 233 Bailery Avenue Mimeograph Squad: Dramaiic Club: Senior Social Commillee: Secreiary 'Io Mr. Friedman: Service Corps: Secreiarial Service Squad. Wrifing Io Them!! MORGAN, EDWARD 560-73 Sireel Lunch Room Squad 4: Silverware Squad 2: Senior Band 2: Carnival: Swimming Team. "TiII Then," "I Dream of You," "AIways." MORRISSEY, ALICE MARGARET 7605 Fiifh Avenue Service Corps I: Swiichboard I: Newman Club 8: Secreiary Miss Young 2: Secreiary Miss McHugh I. Sfar Gazing. ' MOWAT, DOROTHY M. I37 Dahlgren Place Viclory Show: Senior Prom Commii- fee: Secreiarial Service Squad: G.O. Represenlaiive: Girls' Chorus: Senior Prefeci Class Treasurer. Having a good lime! MILLER, BETTY ANN 87OI Shore Road G.O. Rep. 2: Service Corps I: Secreiary 'ro Mr. Baron: Treasurer of Senior Class Preiecl: Pan- American Club and Spanish Show. IHuba-hubal Swimming, dancing, horse back riding and food con- sump+ion. MULLER, DONALD E. 548-73 Slreel' Biology Lab. Squad 2: Associale Edilor-Anchor 2: Tower I: Biology Club 2: Language Office I. Going io ihe Show! MULLEN, JAMES, JR. 530-75 SI'reeI Viclory Carnival: Wrole Prize High School Scripi for WNYC: French Liloeralion Program: Glee Club I: Radio Workshop: Radio Guild 2. Sleeping fill eleven A.M. McBRIDE, CLYDE 36-82 Slreei' G.O. Treasurer 2: Varsiiy Track Team 2: Sec. I-Ii-Y 2: lniramural Baskelball 2: G.O. Office 2: Car- nival I. Ari! Arf! Y.W. McCARTHY, CATHERINE 672l-6 Avenue Service Corps 2: Losl' and Found Squad 2: Secreiarial Service. Airplanes - and - whai' 'Flies - in - fhem. IT. D.I McCARTHY, JOSEPH 98l8-4 Avenue Seven come eleven. McCLOSKEY, MIRIAM 7200 Ridge Blvd. Grade Advisers Squad 4: Presidenl Grade Council I: Presideni French Club 2: Presidenl' Garden Club 2: Vice Presidenl Chem Club I: New- man Club 8. Pounding fhe ivories. McNULTY, ETHEL 369-87 Slreel Swilchboard: Secrelary 'Io Mrs. Brounrigg. "Men and Songs." NELSEN, RUTH ADELE 519-62 Slreel' Viclory Show: Carnival: Musicales 3: Empire Girls' Slaie: Glee Club 8: Grade and Inlergrade Councils. Talking and Waller. NELSON, MAE 3 I 5-87 Slreel Ping Pong Club: Emergency Room Squad: G.O. G.I. Joe wilh Ihe Iighis Iurned low. P,5.Lol .3 VBLOJXA MIM NIELSEN, MARGARET 87I3 Colonial -Road Secreiary Mrs. Slern I: Library Squad I: Allendance I: Service Corps 2: Newman Club 2. Making up excuses. NILSEN, FRANCES 650-90 SI'ree'I' Science Deparimenl Office: Locker Squad: Grade Adviser's Office. Why Ioafing of course! NIVEN, DOROTHY L. 7I26-7 Avenue Glee Club 8: Musicales 3: Viciory Show: Service Corps 2: Spanish Show: Presidenl 7lh Term Council. Thinking and Dreaming - of Whai? You'd be surprised! NORA, CATHERINE 842-39 Slreel Secrelarial Squad: Privale Secrelary. Charles, I'm Confessin'. NUCCI, THOMAS 258-88 S'I'reeI' Gym Squad 3: G.O. Rep. 5: Lunch- room Squad 6. Calling MA 4-4000. O'CONNOR, DOROTHY I5I Garfield Place Assislanl 'Io Miss Morrill: Secreiarial Service Squad I: Newman Club I. Swimminfg in our Swimming Pool. OEHLER, PEGGY 456-40 Slreei' Secreiarial Squad: Assislanl G.O. Rep.: Class President Wriling Io my Marine. OLIVIERI, MARIA IO45-55 Sireel Secrelarial Squad: Emergency Room Squad: G.O. Rep. I: Newman Club Rep. Ward Eighl and Mario AI' Las'I'. OLSEN, MURIEL M I07-70 Slreel Lalin Club: Service Corps: Emer- gency Room: Tennis Club: War Slamp Represenlalive: Secrefary Io Mr. Deulsch. Wailing for "him" 'ro come in. O'NElLL, ANNE B. 678--74 Slreel Newman Club: Red Cross Club: G.O. "DeviImenI"!! ORAZIO, GLORIA C. 825-42 Slreel' Swilchboard 2: Dr.,Leucl'i's,-Oifncez Cafeleria Squad I: Newman Club 4: Secrelarial Service Squad. Wriiing 'ro Ihose Iwo swell fellows. O'TOOLE, MARGARET MARY 939-68 Slreel Miss I-lennessy's Office: Newman Club: Vicrory Show: Accounling Of- fice Squad. Going Io school!!! OXLEY, VIRGINIA 640-79 Slreel Service Corps I: Dean's Office I: Ari OI5ce I: Ari' Wiorlcshop I: Rem- brandls 2: Tower Arr Slafi. Playing by "SIreems." PACCIONE, MARIE 330-86 Slreel Secreiarial Squad 2, Secrelary Io Miss Young I: Secrelary To Mrs, Willison I. Keeping up Ihe Morale. PAPAZOGLAKIS, CATHERINE 306-78 Sfreel' Anchor Rep.: Secrelarial Service Squad: Viclory Corps: Service Corps 3: Grade Council 2. The opposi+e Sex-lYum Yuml. PARENTI. ALBERT I232-78 Slreei' Presidenl of Radio Club: Service Corp 2. The same as Dolph Ambriano PEDERSEN, SYLVIA - 966-57 Slreel Orcheslra: Musicale: Service Corps: Emergency Room Squad: Laborafory' Technician Club. Same as Bigglio, Lorraine, Tango. PESCE, KATHERINE I. IOI8-64 Slreel Service Corps I: Dance Club I: Secrelary Io Mrs. Juul I: Secrelary Io Mrs. Kolch I. Thinlcing of an early relurn of my Dad. PETERSEN, RICHARD 7709--4 Avenue Service Corps: Carnival Show: Seven Keys lo Baldpale Show: Dramalic Club: Senior Show: Emergency Room Squad. Girls. PETERSON, JANET 6OI-79 Slreel Service Corps I: Secrelarial Service Squad I: Secrelary Io Mrs. Juul 3: Emergency Squad I: Secrefary Io Mr. Baron I: Senior Prom and Show Commillee. Dancing ai Beverly Beach. PFLAUM, PHILIP 552-52 Slreel' Anchor I: Pilor I: Emergency Room I: Mr. Cummings' Office 3: Miss Diclc's Office 2: Tower I. Lighis ou!! Everybody. PIERRO, GEORGE I34O-76 SI'reeI' Newman Club: lnlermural Baslrel Ball: Lunch Room Squad. Same as Ray Thorsen. Girls and Sporls. PIKE, DOROTHY 524-83 Slreel' Grade Council: Tower Slall: G.O. Office: Boys' I-leallh Educalion Oi! lice: Dean's Olzlice: Red Cross Club. Inhabiiinq Ihe G.O. and Mr. K's Olilice. PITNEY, MARILYN ANN I56-88 Slreei' Dean's Office 2: Piloi Reporier and Feaiure Wriler 5: Secreiary Io Mr. Schorr 2: Class Secreiary 4: Tennis Club 3: Newman Club. Wrifing shorf sfories and dreaming of selling Ihem. POLLICK, ALBERT POLONSKY, IVAN 883i Fori I-Iamilion Parkway Boy Leader of Arisia I: Cheer Leaders 3: Boosier Club 5: Tower I: Program Commiiiee I: Carnival. PONTOLILLO, ANTHONY 48 I 3-I I Avenue Glee Club 5: All-Ciiy High School Chorus 4: Musicale 2: Service Corps 2: Biology Club I: Piloi I. Running for 'Ihe bus. PORTEGAY, RICHARD M. 8403-7 Avenue Service Corps 3: Radio Club 2: Physics Lab. Assisianf I: Lunch Room Squad I: Track Team I. PIayingII POSNACK, JOAN VIVIAN IO45-54 S'I'reeI Accouniing Office Squad 3: Secre- fary +o Mrs. Mcl-Iugh -I: Secrefary Io Mr. Golomb I: Secreiary 'fo Mr. Rosen 2. Waifing for him fo come along. RAY, ELAINE 965-80 Slreei' Ping Pong Club: Dean's Office: G.O. ' Low Iighfs, sweef melancholy music and Ihe righi' person Ho dance wiII1I. warm f We rf 'f'6i"i'Q REILLY, EUGENIA I23 ParroH Place Secreiarial Service Squad: Mr. Cum- mings' Accouniing Office: Boys' Healih Ed. Office 2. Working in Ihe Boys' HeaI'Ih Ed. Office of course. REINHARDT, ROBERT 333-69 Slreei' Baseball 3: Hoclcey 3: Handball I. You're on Ihe Ball. REYNOLDS, DOROTHY 574-82 Sireef Beacons I: Leaders Club 4: Baslcei- ball Club 6: Sofiball Club 4: Mixed Games Club I: Rembrandfs I. Hauniing fha Gym office and play- ing baslceiball. RICETTI, ROCCO 437-90 Slreel Varsiiy Baslceiball Manager 2: New- man Club: Inframural Baskeiball Lunch Room Squad: Emergency Room Squad: Senior Prom Commii- Iee. Same as George Pierro, Girls and Sporfs. RICHARDSON, ALBERT 307-72 Sireei' G.O. Rep.: Service Corps 2. "GirIs, is 'There ano'rher?" RISPOLI, JULIA 438-90 Sireei Vicfory Corps: Service Corps: New- man Club. U. S. Army--oh! broiher. ROBERTI, ELAINE 97I-66 Sireei War Siamp Rep. 4: Service Corps 3: Glee Club 3: Emergency Squad I: Musicale I: Assisrani 'io Dr. Walden. Wishing on a s'I'ar. ROSE, MARILYN E. 549-77 Slreel' Pilol Office: Cafeleria Squad: 6.0. Rep. "You'II Never Know." ROSEN, GEORGIA 608-92 Slreel Leaders Club: Baskelball Club: Tennis Club, Service Corps 43 NSW- man Club. Aslc me no queslions, I'II +ell you no lies. RATH, JANET A. 68l4-7 Avenue Secrelary lo Miss Farquhar It Secrelary 'lo Mr. Herbsl' I: Vice Presidenl' of Prefecl 2: Prom Com- millee: Tower S'lal"f I: 7lh Term Dance Commillee I. "Pash-pash" wifh a cerlain someone. ROTHFUSS, DONNA LEE 647-85 Slreei Miss Mullins' Office 21 IQL,,I,.Q.l!Cl'1'S Qjfice I: Secrelary lo Mrs. Rosen- lhal 2. 6oing 'through my "memories" RUFCA, VIRGINIA 3l0-85 Slreel' Deans' Office: Mr. Baron's Office: Cheerleaders Club: Business Sfaff of Tower. Waifing 'For'him. RUSCHER, JUSTUS 547-72 Sfreel Newman Club. Playing Ball. RUSSO, MARION . II63--69 S'I'ree'l' Newman Club 4: Service Corps 2: Emergency Room I: 6.0. 8: Sec- relary lo Mrs. Kolch I. Enioying +he view of 'lhe Narrows from lhe windows of Forl Hamillon. SALTALAMACCHIA, Marian P. I072-70 Slreel Dean's Office 2: 6.0. Squad I: Mr. KoHman's Office 2: War Slamp Rep. 2: 6.0. Rep. I: Senior Prefecl' Treas. I. Having a grand lime. SANTANGELO, MARY 275-55 Slreel Grade Advisor Squad 3: Program Squad 3: Lunch Room Squad: Newman Club: Tennis Club: 6.0. Rep. Living +he life of Riley. SOPPIT, LILLIAN 87l8 Ridge Blvd. Swilchboard: Swimming Squad. Answering my Fan-Mail. SASS, HENRY 7825-4 Avenue Service Corps: Anchor: Pilof: Senior Show Commillee. Avanle parries. SAVAGLIO, MILDRED 88l4-3 Avenue Hockey Team: Swimming Team: Lunch Room Squad: Loclcer Room Squad. Sleeping. SCALIA, FLORIAN 7805 Colonial Road Newman Club 7: Sec. of Newman Club: Deans' Office 5: War Slamp Represenlalive 2: Tennis Club I: Senior Social Commillee. Rushing home for mail. SCHARF, WALTER 622-79 Slreel' Lunch Room Squad 2: Bike Room Squad: lnlramural Baslcefball 2: J. V. Baslcelball I. Beverly Beach, Ronlconlromo. SCHELHORN, LORRAINE 648-73 S'I'ree+ Secrefary Miss Young 3: Secrelarial Service I. Ealing. SCHMID, RUTH F. 3l9-79 SI'ree'r Girls Emergency Room 2: Locker Room 2: Leaders' Club 2: Baslcef- ball Club I: Soflball Club I: Secrelary to Mrs. Goich I. "WouIdn'+ you Iilce 'fo know?" SCHMID, WALTER 5003-7 Avenue Aircrafl' Idenlilicalion Club: Glee Club: Gym Secrelary: Service Corps. "Woman-Haier"-Huba, Hubal SCHUSSLER, FRANK J. 468-78 SI'reeI Service Corps: Carnival. "Don"f be biH'er." SHIELDS, VERONICA 244--87 Sfreel' Healfh Ed. Office I: Assislam' Ireasurer Senior Class: G.O. Repre- senfafive 2: Assisfanl G.O'. Rep. I: Newman Club: War Slamp Repre- sen'raI'ive. "U. S. Navy-9I08I7I." SHOAF, PATRICIA ANN 346-56 SI'reeI Swifchboard 2: Deans' Office I: English Office I: Emergency Room I: Tower Business Sfalil. Planning for "our" fufure. SHUTTLEWORTH, ELIZABETH 229-78 SIree'I Anchor Rep. 2 Program Squad 2: Locker Squad I: Secrelary I'o Mrs. Kolch I. Waifing for 'Ihe mailman. SINGER, RICHARD 270-50 Sireei' Chemisfry Club: Handball Team: Bio. IPIanI Deptl: Garden Club: Naiure Club. A week-end show or walk in The counfry. SKILLINGS, ROSE MARIE K 549-6I Slreel' Mr. Baron's Office 3: Emergency Room Squad I: Dr. WaII'on's Ollice 3. Wha+ eIse?? 7 SMITH, JACQUELINE 546--82 S'Iree'r G.O. Sfore: Secrelary 'ro Miss Hig- ginson. Wai+ing 'For my "Baby DoII." SMITH, MICHAEL C. Eafing and Sleeping. SOHN, GEORGE J. 536-76 Sireel Anchor Ar'I Sfalf I7 Service Corp 2: G.O. Rep. I: Lunch Room Squad I. League-Bofh kinds. SOLIMINE, ELEANOR I25-86 Slreel Viclory Show: Red Cross Drive: Service Squad: Secrelarial Squad. Manhaflan wi+h Ray, Always. SOMERS, GERTRUDE 620-84 S'IreeI' Grade Adviser's Squad 2: Service Corps. Sleeping. SORENSEN, ELLEN 283-8I Slreei' Secrelary Io Miss O'Conner: Secre- fary fo Mrs. McHugh: Glee Club 2: Lale Squad: Secrerary Io Mr. Braverman. Procrasfinaiing. SORENSEN, JYTTE 57 Dahlgren Place Library 7: Secrefary Io Mr. Shosrak 2. SiHing in G's. SPERLING, JEROME 35-69 Srreel' Bio. Club: Handball Team: Service Corps: C-lee Club. Reading "Comic Books." SPINELLI, EMMA 5302-6 Avenue Newman Club 2: Glee Club 2: Dancing Club: G.O.: Fuel Ralion- ing. Army, Navy, Marines SPROAT, CATHERINE 57I6-4 Avenue Secrelarial Service Squad: Service COIDZ Typisr fo Mrs. Korch. ..A .. STEEN, ERNEST 7405-ll Avenue Service Corps:. , Huba Huba. 1 SVITOS, ETHEL 8402 Fourlh Avenue Arisra: Assislanr lo Mr. Levine: Pilor: Grade AcIviser's Squad: Serv- ice Corps: Tower. "Ascending and descending Ihe black and while keys." SWANN, THELMA I6l-74 Slreer Newman Club 3: Dean's Secrefary 3: Soffball Club I: Baslcelball Club 3: Swimming Club I: Tennis Club I. Wiih six maiors-Are you Kiddin'7? SWITZER, HOWARD 422-53 Slreel' Biology Lab. Squad 8: Inlernalional Relalions Club 2: Garden Club 4. Small Game Hunfing. TAGGART, JOHN F. bI5-66 Slreel "Rembrandls": Anchor Arr Srafl: Service Corps: Cafeleria Squad. 'Dreamin' of a cerfain Somebody." THARALDSEN, ELSIE 723-54 Sfreel Mrs. HarI's Office I: Miss Hoff- man's Office 3. Same as Biggio, Lorraine, Sylvia, Beairice. Doing Fox Trois. THOMPSEN, EVELYN 48l6 Eighlh Avenue Secrelary Io Mr. Baron I: Anchor Arr Slafl 2: Tower Ari Shall I: Mr. Cummings' Office I. Sunday morning brealfasi in bed. THOMPSON, CARL 67I9-7 Avenue Musicales 3: Boosler Club I: Sec- relary Io Mr. Sachel: Service Corps I: Glee Club 5. Kallring home and Iisiening. THORSEN, RAYMOND 963-52 Slreei' Service Corps: Inlramural Baskeiball: Lunch Room Squad: Proleslanl' Club in N. U. H. S. Same as Rocco RiceHi, Sporls, and Girls. TORKELSEN, ALICE 702l Colonial Road Vice-Presideni Try-Y Club: Secrelary io Mr. Chrisl: Vice Presideni Gar- den Club: Swimming Club: Secre- 'rarial Service Squad: Tennis Club. Clams and chug-a-Iugging. TRACKTIR, CLARA 275-55 Slreei Secrelary Io Mrs. Hari: Secreiary Io Miss Hoffman: Arisia Treasurer: Senior Treasurer: Glee Club: Grade Council Secrefary. "Seeking an honesl man." TRICOLL, EMANUEL 436-73 Sireei Service Corps: Newman Club. "Big Secre+!" TROTT. GEORGE 98I8 Fourih Avenue Radio Club 2: Kip Club: Lunch Room Squad: lnframural Baslcelball. Wafching fhe slriris 'Fly by. TRUESDELL, DON i340-69 Sfreel' Deans' Squad: Handball Team: Mimioqraph Squad. Fuzzy Wuzzy. TYRRELL, JOANN 255-79 Slreei Mr. Ludwiq's Olilice: Gym Squad: Service Corps 2: Heallh Ed. 'As- semblyi Girls' Leaders Club I. Going cul' wi'I'h you Irnow who. VAN BUREN, ANN T. 727--54 Slreei' Gym Squad I: Library Squad I: .Accounling Squad I: War Slamp Rep. 2. "Oh, you men you." VELLA, MADELINE ROSE 1037-75 Sneei Leaders Club I: Service Corps 2: Ailendance Squad 3: Newman Club I. "Thinking of 'thai someone"???? VERDI, BARBARA I l25--74 Sireei Service Corps: Assislani G.O. Rep. 2: Secrelary +o Miss Farquhar. Day dreaming of fha? cerlain 'fellow L. C. - WELLENKAMP, JOHN I09-75 Slreel Service Corps: Senior Pairol. Working, Ealing, Sleeping. WESTERBERG. DORIS 93-74 SI'reeI' English Office 3: Language Office I. "WhaI Else!!" WIENER, SHIRLEY 6737 Third Avenue Pilol Fealure Edilor: Pilol News Edilor: Pilol' Edilor-in-Chief: Arisia 3: Tri-Y Club 2: G.O. Rep. Bufldinqf casfles in 'Ihe air. WILLIAMS, EDWARD 333 Ovingion Avenue Service Corps: Secrelary 'lo Mr. Kollman: Service in Boys' Gym. Sleeping. WINDSOR, GENEVIEVE L. ISO-88 Sireel Secrelarial Service Squad 2: Emer- gency Room Squad: G.O. Rep. IZ Hockey Tournamenl: Girls Tri-Y Club. Wailing for a cerfain someone. WISNIEWSKI, SOPHIE Service Squad 27 Secrelrarial Service Squad 3. Being wifh Adam. 68-I 6 S'rree+ CAMERA SHY Russo, FRANK MCKENNA, Joi-IN YOUNG, ROSE MARGARET 73-72 SI'ree'I' Glee Club 2: General Office I: Viciory Show: Emergency Room Squad I. "Wai'ring for his ship 'Io come in." SENIOR PREFECT TEACHERS Mr. Shomay, Mr. Andrews, Dr. Cochran, Mr. Ragusa, Mrs. Frankie, Miss Scully, Miss Scheh. We Three seniors oT February '46, wheTher by TorTune or misTake, have been given The privilege oT dedicaTing This page To The Teachers, commiTTees, and deparTmenTs oT ForT HamilTon. This is our besT, and we leave TO MR. LUDWIG: Our eTernaI admiraTion and graTiTude Tor always having done his uTmosT in making ForT HamilTon "Tops." TO DR. LEUCHS: A giTT cerTiTicaTe Tor a new Adam sombrero. TO MISS HOFFMAN: A perTecTly Timed assembly ThaT won'T run over The schedule. TO MRS HART: Our Thanks Tor your guiding hand, which Through inTegriTy and TorTiTude has led us pasT The crossroads To The road oT success. TO MISS YOUNG: Our sinceresT appreciaTion To one who has sTeered our "Ship of AmbiTion" To The "Harbor oT Success." TO MRS. OLSEN: This issue ol: The Tower accompanied by our Thanks Tor helping us make iT a success. TO MISS SCHEH: A helmeT and shoulder pads wiTh which To Tackle TuTure senior commiTTee problems. TO MISS MULLIN AND MR. HAMMOND: A radar seT To conTacT The whereabouTs oT all cuTTing sTudenTs. TO MR. CHRIST: A deluxe ediTion oT "Emily's" poems. TO MR. SHOMAY: An arrangemenT Tor aVconTerence wiTh The gods. TO MR. KOTTMAN: Two ducaTs Tor a G. O. ball To be held aT The WaldorT. TO MRS. LYONS: A new drum wiTh which To "beaT ouT ThaT rl'gyThm." TO THE PILOT STAFF: A year's subscripTion To Superman comiks. TO THE GYM DEPARTMENT: A cake oT Lifebuoy Tor each and every locker. TO THE FRESHMEN: A guidance map oT ForT HamiITon. TO THE SOPHOMORES: A volume oT "A Thousand and One Ways and Means OT Avoiding Room I37." TO THE JUNIORS: A camouTlaged answer book Tor The I947 English RegenTs. TO THE FUTURE SENIORS: Our good Times and our headaches--you'll have Them boTh. . TO THE BEHRENS-REICHERT CROWD: The money leTT over Trom The senior dues wiTh which To buy one glass oT coke and Guy Lombar-do's recording oT "Hamps Boogie Woogie." TO THE LUNCHROOM BOYS: A pair of dice wiTh which To earn a meal. TO FORT HAMILTON: We iusT leave. By The Blood, SweaT and Tears oT: JOSEPH MARIANI HENRY SASS IVAN POLONSKY LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT V AND QD, ex DANCEQJ K so-Try GCN ser AND 1 Avi.. GQIG AND LIE M SENIQ O5 r if BOY u i TRACK Through The years ForT l-lamilTon's Blue and WhiTe cindermen have carried The school's name inTo disTincTion. Under The capable leadership OT Coach GranT our TirsT Track Team enioyed Tair success. Among The more prominenT sTars were CapTain Gordon lhmle and co-CapTain Eddie Hyman who carried The colors To Triumph aTTer Triumph. Our Treshmen 880 yard relay proved iTselT Tops in The ciTy by copping The championship aT Van CorTlandT Parlc. The spring oT '44 Tound a slighT de- cline oT l:orT l-lamilTon's sTrengTh in PSAL Traclc compeTiTion. During This Time The Team was capably handled by Al Daly, Tormer ManhaTTan College sTar, subsTi- TuTing Tor The absenT Coach GranT. The winTer season oT '45 sTarTed oTF wiTh a bang when Joe Murphy Took a Third place medal in The STuyvesanT meeT. Our Team's success reached iTs pinnacle lasT spring in Tough meTropoliTan compe- TiTion. Our sprinT relay Teams Toolc medals in meeTs aT Randall's lsland, Red l-loo'-1 STadium and SchenecTary. Al Sussman and Leon Bussielle won silver medals in in- dividual novice compeTiTion. This Tall will iniTiaTe a new Type of com- peTiTion Tor The Blue and WhiTe Tracl4sTers. Our boys will pa4rTicipaTe in The cross- counTry meeTs on Van CorTlandT's Two and one-halT mile hill and dale course. IT is hoped ThaT Coach GranT's year-round Training will hold us in good sTead wiTh The experienced harriers oT The meTro- poliTan area. BASKETBALL ln Their TirsT season oT varsiTy compe- TiTion our Blue and WhiTe baslceTeers scored a lone vicTory over a TighTing Madison Tive. Due To a general lack oT heighT They losT many Tough decisions To Taller and more experienced Teams. ln iTs TirsT PSAL baslceTball season. l:orT l-lamilTon was unable To garner a win in eleven league games. Our lack OT ex- perience made us no maTch Tor The power- houses OT Erasmus, LaTayeTTe, New UT- rechT and Midwood. However, our quinTeT ToughT Lincoln and Madison To a sTand- s+iIl, losing boTh conTesTs by a one poinT margin. Coach DruClcer's aggressive Type oT ball made us a Teared PSAL compeTiTor. The second year oT league compeTiTion saw liTTle advance in ForT l-lamilTon's sTanding in League ll's Tinal raTings, Our Team, however, posed a serious ThreaT To The powerhouses up FlaTbush way. Under The guidance of Al Gazzalle and The Tire OT Sol RomanTz, we smashed LaTayeTTe in our opening conTesT. The Team Then wenT on To lose The remaining TirsT half games. The second parT oT The season saw The deparTure OT many sTars buT a reiuvena- Tion in Team and sTudenT spiriT. The lasi seven games were dominaTed by The all- round brillianT play oT Ol' STreTch l-linTer- meisTer, who racked up !79 poinTs To seize runner-up honors in The ciTy. The Two highlighTs were our one poinT vicTory over lvlidwood and The one man show by l-linTermeisTer in The season's Tinale when he racked up 22 poinTs. BASEBALL Q The baseball Team, under The leadership oT Coach l-larry LeaycraTT, alThough com- paraTively young and inexperienced, has shown To The resT oT The league Tha+ no maTTer how many Times iT may be beaTen, iT sTiIl comes back To TighT and prove iTs compeTiTive worThiness. During iTs TirsT season in The PSAL league, The ForT l-lamilTon baTmen enjoyed scaTTered success. OUT-shining The oTher sTars in The league was our own Dick Murphy, whose baTTing average OT .500 prompTed acTion on The parT oT lvlaior League scouTs. This pasT season saw F. l-l. l-l. S.'s nine old men break even. Paced by The "rub- ber armed" Bob Chrisfiansen, and Neal Marino, who were capably reinTorced by The Tielding and baTTing power of Floyd KaTen and AI Biggio, They showed quiTe a ThreaT To unsuspecTing Teams. NexT spring we will shed a Tear Tor The absence oT Al Biggio and ChrisTiansen upon graduaTion. T-lowever, TryouTs have been held and w'iTh poTenTials TogeTher wiTh The reserve, iT is hoped ThaT l:orT l-lamilTon will induce compeTiTors To raise an eyelash or Two. HOCKEY ForT l-lamilTon hockey broughT To The Blue and WhiTe iTs TirsT ciTy TiTle when iT ouTclassed all compeliTion, losing only Two conTesTs in biTTerly ToughT baTTIes aT The Ice Palace. The season was brighTened by our briIlianT Torward line, Blackie Borab, Bob Tobin, and The Trump card, Tommy "I-IaT Trick" Gerard who was The Ieague's high scorer and sTandouT sTar. The deTense was brilIianTly handled by The raw courage oT Barney Cohen, The vicious checking oT George Foyles and The wide-awake play and brilIianT saves oT Bob I-laITenhoTT, our sTar goal Tender. The Team was backed by many capable and briIIianT reserves who will be seen again in This season's play. IT is mainly on These experienced hands ThaT I:orT I-IamiITon's aspiraTions Tor reTenTion oT The TiTle resTs. BERT BARNETT, JERRY I-IORNIG Girls' SporTs BASKETBALL IT you really wanT To see The EIGI-IT come ouT in The girls oT EorT I-IamiITon, come To one OT Miss SculIy's Monday aTTernoon sessions oT The BaskeTbaII Club. I-lere The girls learn The Techniques oT baskeTbalI-and iusT waTch 'Them shooT Tor ThaT baskeT-BuII's Eye! The Seniors consisT oT Anne Apanovich, Gloria Hen- driksen, JaneT Kowalski, RuTh Nelson, Joan Meeks, DoT Reynolds, and PaT ShoaT. SWIMMING This is The newesT club The I'IeaITh Ed- ucaTion deparTmenT oTTers. IT was organ- ized IasT Term. Mrs. Lyons is The TacuITy advisor, buT The members are under The direcT supervision oT The Y. W. C. A. On Tuesdays and Fridays our "baThing beauTies" iourney down To The Y.W.C.A. The girls are divided inTo Three groups: beginners, inTermediaTes, and advanced. PSAL awards are given To The girls who pass TesTs. Senior members oT The club include, Mary Alice CoTie, Frances Green, Muriel Jacobsen, Jean Ann Begley, and Frances Berry. LEADERS' CLUB For Those inTeresTed in all sporTs, we have The Leaders' Club, now meeTing every Wednesday, under The guidance oT Miss RoberTson. Here The girls noT only obTain reTeree cerTiTicaTes in volley ball, baskeTbaII and soTTbalI, buT learn The "why's" and "how's" oT playing The vari- ous games. Our Seniors are buT Three: Gloria I-lendriksen, DoT Reynolds and JaneT Kowalski. MIXED GAMES CLUB Under The supervision oT Mrs. SchaeTer, This club meeTs every Tuesday. Here The girls learn how To play numerous games. Volley ball, ping pong, badminTon, and Tennis are some oT The games The girls parTicipaTe in. Many oT The girls won Their minor leTTer IasT Term. Regulars OT The club are: Gloria Hendriksen, Audrey Lexander, Marilyn PiTney, and DoroThy Reynolds. BEACONS I-Iave you see The girls wearing Those "cuTe" navy blue uniTorms wiTh a shield on Them? WaTch Tor Them-These girls are The ArisTa oT The I-IeaITh EducaTion DeparTmenT, The Beacons. This Term we boasT our IargesT membership yeT-seven girls. OT These JaneT Kowalski, Gloria I-Iendriksen and DoT Reynolds Tour "Girl AThIeTe" and also Beacon presidenTI are Seniors. These girls supervise school Tour- namenTs and help The Teachers in Their classes. Take noTice, girls, and Tollow Their good example! JANET KOWALSKI AUDREY LEXANDER IT has Tinally come TO an end, Tellow seniors, Our Tour years OT work, play, worry and RegenTs. Remembering our TirsT uncerTain sTeps Through The now hallowed halls OT FOrT l-lamilTOn, remembering The days when we all ThOughT a salmon was a Tish, remembering The Times when These walls seemed so huge and umcamiliar, we look back, reminiscing, and chuckle TO Think ThaT we maTure young men and women OT The TuTure could ever have been so prudenT. ForT l-lamilTOn, like Ourselves, was very young when we TirsT made Our appearance in The days when laTe passes and deTenTiOn were unheard OT. We dug deep inTO our pockeTs To pur- chase The "PilOT," The "Anchor" and Odds and ends in The ever TaiThTul "G.O." sTOre. The scramble Tor The caTeTeria To be TirsT in line, The much ridiculed sand- wiches, The TighT Tor chairs in The lunch- XZC' noe room all became a deTiniTe parT OT The paTTern we Tollowed daily, Tive days a week. To be known as recognized l-lam- ilTOnians, we all developed a special walk known as The "l-lamilTOn ShuTTle," and adapTed a special Technique Tor Overcom- ing The commando TacTics used in The overcrowded buses To and Trom school. There is a serious side TO every sTOry, however, and Ours was The TacT ThaT our cOunTry was involved in a war TOO devas- TaTing TO describe. We had To do some- Thing TO help, and upon pondering The siTuaTion, we hiT upon an idea aT lasT. Among OThers DOT Niven, RuTh Nelson, Clara TrackTir, ROsemargareT Young, DOT GOnseTh, RuTh BrandT, DOT MOwaT, Anna Dragone, AniTa l-lackmann, Barbara Bed- Tord and The CarTer Twins, dusTed OTT Their Tonsils, shined Their Taps and came TOrTh wiTh The glorious "VicTOry Show", The proceeds oT which boughT a Mobile Can- Teen To be senT To The TighTing TronT. NexT came The assembly where Mr. Lud- wig and Miss HoTTman demonsTraTed The arT oT kniTTing aTghans. lT was noT asTon- ishing To walk inTo an English class, or STudy Hall and see boys and girls alike vigorously kniTTing one, purling Two, inTo squares oT The brighTesT colors imaginable. Jeeps were senT overseas Through The many bonds and sTamps we boughT, Courses in EirsT Aid, Home Nursing, Radio and NuTriTion were a necessiTy, being classed as War Courses, and EorT Hamil- Ton was all-ouT Tor The war eTTorT. We gave our TirsT Musicale and were quiTe proud oT The insTrumenTal genius oT our sTudenT orchesTra under The di- recTion oT Mr. RaTTner, noT TorgeTTing The beauTiTul concerTo delivered by The TaculTy wiTh Dr. Leuchs, our assisTanT principal, conducTing. We remember also The ren- diTions oT our piano arTisT, Eugene AlberT. Our TirsT assembly, our TirsT PiloT, our TirsT Anchor, and our rsT ChrisTmas as- sembly in which we sang The hilarious song To The Tune oT Jingle Bells composed by Mr. Ludwig and Miss Young were drawn To a close. Slowly, buT perseveringly we had climbed The sTairs oT knowledge and ended our TirsT year and a halT in ForT HamilTon. The Time came Tor ThaT "EaTal EourTh" Term, meaning RegenTs exams Tor mosT oT us. This was Truly The beginning oT The end. Remember The day ThaT we had To siT in The hall Tor Two hours during a ciTy- wide air raid drill? How lucky ThaT iT was only pracTicel One oT The more pleasanT TourTh Term acTiviTies was The LUNCH Goofs i mtemooe carnival, providing a wonderTul Time Tor all and hoT dogs in The caTeTeria. Having had our TirsT TasTe OT RegenTs, we decided ThaT They weren'T so Terrible aTTer alll?l and ThaT The TiTTh Term was already upon us. AT This poinT we goT To Thinking ThaT we were growing old. "Gosh,,, one oT us would exclaim, "high school is halT Tinished already. How TasT Those precious years Tlewl" However, looking Torward, "Seven Keys To BaldpaTe" was clearly in view. A wonderTul producTiong iT broughT To lighT some oT our own Tal- enTed personaliTies. We well remember BerT BarneTT as "Hermy The HermiT," Helen Lacz as The sulTry siren lwiTh a gun in her hip pockeTl, and Dick PeTersen in an equally imporTanT role. EiTTh Term also broughT D-Day and The EiTTh War Loan, and a Tew highly imaginaTive HamilTonians who were dreaming oT a posT-war boaT- house To be builT Tor The sTudenTs' use on The Narrows. I wonder . .. By SepTember, l944, we were in our sixTh Term. Among The many accounTs oT summer vacaTions was The reporT ThaT RuTh Nelson and Miriam McCloskey had spenT a week aT Skidmore College rep- resenTing our Tair school. BesT remembered oT our days in sixTh Term occurred when RubinoTT played "PisTol Packin' Mama" aT one oT our assemblies, and oT course, ElecTion Day. For ThaT Tall meanT The PresidenTial elecTion, and many were The heaTed debaTes and hard feelings. BuT Then we were all Triends again The day aTTer elecTions. VVell, almosT all. Then Too, ThaT was The Tall when Eugene AlberT audiTioned Tor Leopold STokowski, and we elecTed Eugene as presidenT oT our Grade Council, wiTh Paul BrioTTa, Clara TrackTir, Jean BarTeld, and RuTh BrandT as his Tel- low oTTicers. Then began Those happy, buT worrisome days oT our lasT year aT EorT l-lamilTon. We began by Torming our SevenTh Term Council, wiTh DoroThy Niven presiding. The council planned Tor our Barn Dance and bike ride To Clove Lake. The Tormer was a hugh success, being The TirsT oT iTs kind in The hisTory oT EorT HamilTon. NaTurally, "we" had To be diTTerenT. As Tor The bike ride, iT Turned ouT To be JusT anoTher hike excepT Tor a Tew cour- ageous souls, such as Marion Andreassen and Connie KaTz, who could be seen hav- ing quiTe a Time pushing Their bikes along ThaT TlaT l?'?l STaTen Island counTry. ATTer school we packed The boys' gym To cheer our baske+ball Team To vicTory lw'ho's kidding who?l. AT any raTe, we enoyed The baskefball and baseball games, and win or lose, we leTT always wiTh The knowledge ThaT our boys had given Their all Tor EorT l-lamilTon. A Tew oT The braver souls Trudged down To The lce Palace To see our hockey Team win The league and, ohl whaT a wonderTul Teeling ThaT was! The radio workshop broughT To lighT The TalenTs oT Jimmy Mullen, Richard PeTersen, LeiT Andersen, and Thelma Lind. G. O. elecTions Took LeiT Andersen and Clyde McBride ouT oT oTTice and gave The lower Termers Their chance., f We reTurned painTully Trom our vaca- Tion, noT only proud ThaT we were aT lasT Seniors, buT happy in The realizaTion ThaT ours would be The TirsT peaceTime gradua- Tion. We began by elecTing our Senior oTTicers who were LeiT Andersen, presi- denT, Beverly Burke, vice-presidenT, RuTh CarTer, secreTary, Clara TrackTir and DoroThy Glidden, Treasurers. Our year book goT under way wiTh DoroThy CarTer as ediTor-in-chieT, PiloT conTinued wiTh Shirley Weiner aT iTs helm. Ivan Polonsky was elecTed boy leader oT ArisTa. Our humorous senior show, "Snow WhiTe and The Seven DwarTs," wriTTen by Richard PeTersen was a hugh success. Seniors like AI Biggio, Richard Burns, Vinnie La Sala, Clyde McBride, Tom Nucci, Jack Gabriel, and Kenny ChrisTensen composed our baseball, baskefball, Track and hoc- key Teams. Our social acTiviTies goT OTT wiTh a bang wiTh our TirsT Senior dance. Things were livened up by The enTerTain- menT given by our own classmaTes and oT course we all enioyed The reTreshmenTs lwho wouldn'T?l. OTher ouTsTanding evenTs were our swimming and skaTing parTies, picnic aT Clove Lake and OT course, The unTorgeTTable Prom held aT The Park CenTral. And now graduaTion is here. WiTh mingled oy, sorrow and knowledge l??l we go To Take our places in The world. There are many Things we won'T miss, such as ThaT EorT l-lamilTon bus, laTe passes, salmons, homework, and Those eager Teachers and Their daily quizzes. And so we say Tarewell, hoping ThaT we've conTribuTed a liTTle To The school ThaT has given us so much. JOYCE DEXTER DOROTHY GATHERAL CONNlE KATZ RUTH BRANDT DOROTHY PIKE MARION ANDREASSEN CLASS PROPHESY "Oh, Swami, look inTo your crysTal ball and Tell us whaT The TuTure holds Tor The class oT February, '46. "Magic wonder oT The world, Speak The TuTure yeT unTurled, Pour TorTh marvels Tor This class. Probe inTo The unknown mass, "Ah, I see Tar inTo The TuTure. IT is l956, a year oT greaT evenTs. The crysTal ball is clearing and I see a vision, and whaT a visionl . . . IT is BeTTy Ann Miller, clo+hed in a banner, "Miss RockeT Ship oT I956", and wiTh her is ThaT currenT movie idol, handsome Herb Cherrier. The vision Tades and anoTher picTure comes inTo view. CiTy Hall . .. a crowd is cheering, welcoming home DirecTor Dick PeTersen, He has iusT reTurned Trom producing a picTure in The Belgian Congo. Ah. iT is a sighT To behold, Tor wiTh him are his sTar perTormers, Thelma Lind and BerT BarneTT. Who sTands on The sTeps To greeT Them buT The mayor oT This meTropolis, LeiT Andersen, and his beauTiTul secreTary, Caroline Horgen. We Take leave, Tor The crysTal is Tacling and I Teel ThaT I am being drawn Tar away inTo a sTrange place. There is noise, brighT lighTs. I hear music To sooThe The savage beasT: The sweeT Tones oT Jack Brehm's magic sax are sending TorTh "Slap Me FaTher WiTh A Solid Shillelaghu by JaneT Frank, and keeping sTep are DoT GonseTh and Paul BrioTTa. Friends, The crysTal ball has broughT us To The "Brown Derby" in This year oT l956, and coming ouT oT The wings To enTerTain us is ThaT charming chanTeuse, DoroThy Niven. LeT us ioin a parTy being held here, Tor you are sure To recognize many oT your classmaTes. Our parTy hosT- ess is RuTh Nelson, looking lovely in her Jackie SmiTh creaTion. This is a Triple ceIebraTion Tor Leonard EpiTano, discov- erer oT how To puT The aTom TogeTher again, and co-auThors James Mullen and PaT Fade oT "How To InTIuence Friends and Win AT Gin Rummy." PresenT is Shirley Weiner, Their young publisher: Evelyn Thompson, The ilIusTraTor3 and Mr. EpiTano's colleague, William Chinowsky, who, wiTh his Tamous poliTicaI economisT, Jerome Hornig, has Tormed a new polifical parTy Tor The benevolence OT mankind. The IighTs dim, The spoTlighT shines on DoroThy Barkley, soprano. The piano is being wheeled in by The World's Heavy- weighT Champion oT The pasT Ten years, Al Biggio, and The noTed pianisT, Eugene Al- berT, is being urged To accompany Miss Barkley. Then There is a greaT ovaTiony The crowd is on iTs TeeT, Tor whom do They see buT . . . oh, The crysTal ball shows no more. We are leTT wiTh our imaginaTions and a remembrance oT a specTacuIar eve- ning. Truly, my Triends, you have a class which will bring honor To ForT Ham- ilTon." "Oh, Thank you, Swami, we are very saTisTied wiTh your crysTal baII's predic- Tions." "Thank you, my Triends. Since you are very saTisTied wiTh my predicTions, kindly grace This palm wiTh silver and The Swami will bid you adieu." THELMA LIND IRENE BLITSTEIN Rik-TR T .xxx ,fl 'fry X 'P if ' ga 'f i Q f J L1 55 fJ " My XZ Miss Hoffman-Our friendly Firsi Lady oi The school. The guardian of The clocks and laie passes in Forl Hamilion--Dr. Leuchs. Deans Hammond and Mullin-King and queen of ihe realm of salmon and Cui cards. Mrs. Sierne, our capable head of The English deparimenf. The only person in Forl l-lamilion wifh ihe answer To "Where Do We Go From l-lere?"-Miss Young, our college advisor. From Jrhe French Revolulrion io ihe 6.0.-Mr. Levin, hisiory 'reacher and 6.0. advisor exfraordinary. Whai lo read and when-Mrs. McClenahan, our librarian. Mrs. Lyons-l-lead of Jrhe glamorous girls' gym deparlrmenl. Silver in Jrhe palm enlighfens-lvlr. Baron, our school freasurer. Comprendes espanol? Parlez-vous francais?-Miss Farguhar, chairman of our language deparimenl. Mr. Shosfalc who pilols 'rhe PILOT info behler walers each Jrerm. Mr. Chris+-Our program advisor and connoisseur where Shakespeare is concerned. lnlroducing our new ar+-advisor-Mrs. Liger. A Jrrue exponenf of 'rhe 'rhree B's-Mr. Ralrner. Mr. Ko++rnan-Forr l-lamilJron's candidale for president Enough said. l 1 WE DON'T HAVE buf Heinz ,,.........,,,..A,.,..,,,...A. .. .,...,.. .A Oxford ....,,. dogs .........,, a plow ....,.,, a dancer While ......,, Swords .d,,w., Bergen,... Snooks ...,.... a gong ...........,, a sleeve ...... weekly ..,..... Nick ,.w..,w, Ryan ,. Siefsons ..... Allen ...... Howard ...,,e French ..,,,..c, Sinafra ......w Rubenslein McKinley ...,.., Behrens .....,.. a serpenl' . James a gardenia Waferman's Shaw .....,,..... anger ......,... WE DO HAVE Ca m pbell Ea+on Kaiz a Tracldir .. a Singer Green Shields lv1cCa rfhy Higgins a Bell a Cuffe Daly Nora O'Connor Adams Burns Crawford English Crosby Corie Van Buren Schelhorn a Dragone Miller a Rose Cariers Barne++ Rain SENIORS' INTERPRETATIONS OF SONGS... I'm Biding My Time ,,,,.,,.,,,....,..,....,.......................,...,,......,...,,,,,, ........... Thirreen Years and I'm SHII Doing Time If I Had You .,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,.,,, H Time Waifs For No One ,,,,.., I ShouId Care ,,,.... ,,,,,,,.,., Tempiafion ........................ Senfirnenfal Journey .....,,,,, Minnie The Moocher .,,,,,,.,,,, Your Socks Don'+ Maich ,,,.. Are You Living Old Man? I Dream Of You .,,..,,,,.. ..,,,, So LiHIe Time ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Ii's Goifa Be This Or Thai .,,,,.,,,,,, ., I I-Iad A LiHIe TaIIc Wifh The Lord ..,,.,,,,,, Le+'s TaIce The Long Way I-Iome ,,,,,.,, AND MOVIES. . . In Sociefy ................. .......................,..............,.. Our Vines I-Iave Tender Grapes ,,,,, AIways in My I-Iari The BIacIc Swahn ...,.... Uncle Harry ,,.,,., The Gay Senoriia Dangerous Parfners ConiIicI' ,,,..,,,,,..,...,.,, The Informer .. The Cheafers . The Sheik .............,,,,,... The Fighlring Lady The Conspiraiors M Wiihin These Vxfalls English Repeafer Miss . .., De'Ie niionm, DipIoma La+e Siudenis FaiIures Cuffing Gym Sumrnoned 'ro 'rhe Dean Lunch Room Dogging Boring Class ,,,,,, Graduaiion Nighf English Regen+s Senior Dues Eve of Regenfs Affer The Prom Arisia , ,, ,,,,, . .....,,,,,,,,,,, Freshmen Our Grade Advisor I-Iisiory Teacher Baseball coach Madame JoIsen MuIIen and Mr. I-Iammond Re-genis TroubIe Repori' Ca rd WhaI's Your Name? ..,, ....,., ,,.,,, M r . Joliin Miss Scheh Regenis Board For+ I-Iamilfonl SENIORS' SCRIBBLES 9 X N lllill 'II Illlfif III llilll 1-1 Illill ' I 1111! 5 H Ili!! E 1 Im Q H 5 EEE' ' 2 -' :::E 9- E 5 55:5 E ORCHENRA BAND GLEE CLUB GIRLS' CHORUS SENIOR COUNCIL SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE SENIOR PRIVILEGE COMMITTEE PILOT STAFF SENIOR SOCIAL COMMITTEE SENIOR SECRETARIAL SOUAD ARISTA BEACONS LIBRARY SQUAD ART PUBLICATIONS SENIOR CLASS TREASURERS PROGRAM COMMITTEE CONGRATULATIONS! TO THE CLASS OF 1946 You are standing on the threshold of life. Many opportunities lie before you. One thing is certain-you will be better prepared to meet these opportunities if you have built a SAVINGS ACCOUNT for yourself. A WHY NOT START AN ACCOUNT TODAY- AND WATCH IT GROW? A THE BREVOORT SAVINGS BANK BAY RIDGE--FT. HAMILTON OFFICE 465 86th STREET Main Office-1281 Fulton St. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. ARTHUR STUDIOS, Inc. Official Photographers for the January 1946 Tower A EXCLUSIVELY EQUIPPED T0 D0 YEARBOOK PHOTUGRAPHY 1457 BROADVVAY NEW YORK CITY Tel. STe1'1iug S-9019 CLUB MAYFAIR BROADVVAV REVUE A Every Fri. Sat., SL Sun. Evenin Dining and Dancing A 708 FOURTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Corner 22nd Street Joseph Caggiano S Compliments of A FRIEND JUELL M. BIE JEIVELER A 7810-Sth AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. BEachView S-1818-9 LEWIS BROS. FURRIERS A Ready-made - Repairing To Order - Storage A 7818 FIFTH AVENUE Bet. 78th and 79th Sis. Brooklyn 9, N. Y. HUNKELE'S FLOWERS 7917 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. A SHore Road 8-8820 C A S E Y 7 S 8717-4th AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. A Where All Good Friends Meet SH 5-9675 DOROTHY DOWDELL T100 Shops in Bay Ridge Near Fourth Avenue Near 56th Street A 'clieautiful H osieryv 419-86th STREET 5614 FIFTH AVENUE BAY RIDGE CAMERA SHOP Photographic Supplies Photostzlt Servic-0 Cameras and Enlargcrs Film Derelopiozrg 8616-4-th AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. SHore Road 8-2929 Alfred V. Pidala Joseph Oostantiuo, Jr. Compliments of .I ACK HANNA Choice Meats, Poultry and Provisions MR. 8K MRS. 9104 THIRD AVENUE E' A' Brooklyn, N. Y. Compliments of ROUI..STON7S 7324-3rd AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. A . Leslie Denver, Manager QUATTLENDER'S PASTRY SHOP 9300 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. SHore Road 8-6535 EMPIRE STATIONERY AND GIFT SHOP GIFTS, STATIONERY, TOYS 423-86th STREET Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SHore Road 8-2321 J. Poll DR. M. SOROCK DENTIST 483178tl'1 STREET Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SI'lore Roacl 8-1 964 HORMANN'S ICE CREAM PARLOR Luncheonette and Confectionary 6920 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. SHore Road 5-921 7 Bus. Phone Wlndsor 9-5395 Res. Wlnclsor 9-8158 Res. 611-61st Street, Brooklyn ALICE G. BEDFORD Associated with Nels A. Nelson Real Estate and Insurance 5811 FOURTH AVENUE Brooklyn 20, N. Y. Compliments of FRED KORTMANN MEYER 85 BLOHM Manufacturers of FINE CANDIES Ice Cream and Water Ice DEI-ICATESSEN 7902 FIFTH AVENUE 6823-6th AVENUE Cor. 79th St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. SH 8-6267 PETERSEN BROS., Inc. 7905 3. 7907 THIRD AVENUE Hardware and House Furnishings Phone SHore Road 8-0590 Brooklyn 9, N. Y. We Are Noted For Our Home-Made Corned Beef RYAN'S MARKET Lawrence Ryan, Prop. Prime Meat and Poultry Orders Called For and Delivered 9110 THIRD AVENUE SHore Road 8-0677 Brooklyn, N.Y. C L E A R Y ' S GROCERY STORE 9 1 22-3 rd AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Tel. BEechview 8-3088 WI. 9-8734 Orders Delivered W . H I N S C H DEucATEssEN s. GROCERIES sara. Eye Frosted Foods Home cooking and Baking 6111-4th AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Fashionable Accessories For Smart Women TULIP SHOPS 444-86th STREET Brooklyn 9, N. Y. NORTH STAR FROZEN FOODS, INC. "Brightens Your Table Lightens Your Work" 8612-4th AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. BE:-ichview 8-3065 I DIEGES and CLUST Specialty Jewelers A Manufacturers of Jewelry For The Class of 1946 17 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 8, N. Y A New York, Boston, New Orleans, U Chicago, Providence, Pittsburg , THE WORLD'S GREATEST ARTISTS ARE ON RECORDS A C. A. Hanssen and Bro. Inc. 8504 FIFTH AVENUE Cor. 85th St. LARGEST RECORD DEPARTMENT IN BAY RIDGE A George Von Thun DELICA TESSEN 5602-4th AVENUE A -From Bach to Boogie- Brooklyn! Visit Our Modern Up-to-Dale Self Service Department A Present your G. 0. card on making purchase aml receive FREE GIFT SI-Iore Road 8-7300 SHore Road 5-9786 Henry's Flower Shop A Flowers For All Occasio A 8505A-4th AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Formerly on 86th St. for 17 Years SHore Road 8-2243-2244 Economy House Furnishing 81 Gift Shoppe A THE STORE OF GIFTS BEAUTIFUL Refrigerators-Washing Machines Radios-Vacuum Cleaners, etc. A 8104-8106, FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. BE 8-2519 ANDREASEN BROS. FRUITS so VEGETABLES We Deliver 8905-3rd AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. SHore Road 5-7042 ESTELLE ALBERT CORSETIERE 8318 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Store Hours 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. NICK'S MODERN BARBER SHOP 507-615: STREET Brooklyn 20, N. Y. Nicholas Corselli, Prop. SHore Road 5-9451-9452 BITTAR'S PHARMACY Albert C. Bittar, Pharmacist 832 1 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. BEacl1view 8-1848 SCHNEIDER FLORIST Bonded Member Telegraph Delivery Service 8401-Sth AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. BEachview 8-3344 BERTANN ,SHOP DRESSES and SPORTSWEAR 826-8611. STREET Opp. Dyker Theatre Brooklyn, N. Y. SHore Road 5-3030 BOSCHWITZ BROS. Est. 1896 JEWELERS 8020 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Bllachview 8-2 177 CLIO'S WORKSHOP Circulating Library Greeting Cards-Novelties 8202 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. SHore Road 3-1228 Repairing SUPERIOR LEATHER GOODS CO. Luggage, Trunks, Umbrellas Ladies Hand Bags, Gloves 7722-5th AVENUE Brooklyn Q, N. Y. Branch-5714--5th Avenue Best Wishes MR. 81 MRS. HARRY SVITOS SI-lore Road 3-2070 BAY RIDGE SEA FOOD CENTER Fresh Live Fish, Oysters, Clams, Crabs, Lobsters and Shrimp 3618 FOURTH AVENUE Bel. 86th and 87th Sts. Brooklyn, N. Y. Select Your Druggist As You Do Your Doctor APPELSON 81 APPELSON 3506 FOURTH AVENUE at 85 St. Subway Entrance B. R.'s Most Beautiful Drug Store Rapid Delivery Any Where Slflore Road 3-1 133 Compliments of B E H R E N ' S ICE CREAM PARLOR "Quality Assures Success' ROUGEN'S Inc. FRENCH PASTRIES 85 02 FOURTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Near 85th Street SHore Road 3-0177 Compliments of Tower Staff COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN CO. 366 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, N A Manufacturers of CHOIR ROBES, BAND OUTFITS, ACADEMIC CAPS, COWNS AND HOODS - SPECIALTIES lllllllllll I3l!IIllIDlI ICU, 33 FLATIUSH AVENUE ' IROOKLYN. NEW YORK 0 STERLING 3-0500 PRINTERS AND OFFSET LITHOGRAPHERS Q-Sqffer building up a mosl compleie le'Her- press prinfing planl including an of'fse1'-lil'l1o- graplxy deparfmenl, we 'lalce pride in having af . 185 your service' our sleff of experf lypograplmers. ariisls and advisors. AUTGGRAPHS 'F-5. Frm- FVP1- 5. To you, Fori Hamilfon, we give The youih of our land: Take Them io your hear? As you did us, Teach Them io be sirong And +o be True. To you, Forf Hamilfon, we leave Tifie seeds of our nafiorig May you bring for+lw sweef Truiis Of iiberiy. To you, Forf Hamiifon, we give A grave and precious Trust This is your iieriiaqe:-f Our hope in fufure years. JANET FRANK Z-x,-X-Z

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