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WTM' SX H X A 1 ' I . xaaa www X 3 J . 23 ai' X, 'Q QQ 2 Q 4 , Q if Z X 'o Q Z 3 6 v 4 8 2 We S 3 W Q ev, 499 Q 0 3 9 I 7 O Q Q 41 z 4 X 5 S X f 2 my I Xl MK 'if I N 2,- Um: 2 qt I lf f li? WJ! f fa 1 lx 1 f-4 e-iii? -1' Ncf' 51 AMW X 71 X X ,-, .. -If,-'1-' Q 557: Cul, uf' . W H X MWWWZJUVWVJ? Z I, WAHM! MGI f X . H H245 J af A Mi, iww9,glff2k12w ,4MW W X, Wi' V' X1 N Y i V Y , 'D :Q - f- 'F' - if ,Hs 571, 0 -, - '15 I' R ll' , FCRT HAMILTON H. S. .-T-..Augus1'us Ludwig, Principal.-:..- JANUARY I945 FROM THE PRINCIPAL To The Class of January, I945: GreeTings and congraTulaTionsl We reioice wiTh you on This happy occasion. So many oT your cIassmaTes have already IeT+ Tor sTerner Tasks in The Armed Forces oT our counTry. QThers, I know, will Tollow I3reedom's call. When They reTurn, you, wiTh Them, will be called upon To make many adiusT- menTs in a posT-war economy. IT has been our purpose during your high school days To help you be prepared Tor The demands oT This newer, and we hope, beTTer world. Geographically, There are Tew TronTiers IeTT in America, buT There is a vasT domain open To all oT you in science, Technology, medicine and The complex problems oT human relaTionships. America looks To iTs youTh To help build Tor a beTTer socieTy, "The parliamenT OT man, The TederaTion oT The world." May you always look back To your days aT I:orT I-IamiITon I-Iigh School wiTh a deep saTisTacTion ol: high endeavor and generous emoTion and may your memories OT your graduaTion bring you much joy and happiness. There is no shame in Tailure. Disgrace lies only in noT having Tried. Service To your Tellow-man is The ToundaTion Tor conTenTmenT and success. Cordially and sincerely yours, AUGUSTUS LUDWIG, Principal. 4 OUR GRADE ADVISER We, 'rhe seniors who are now ar Jrhe very door of igradualion and a new life, wish +o give our sincere and hearrfelr Jrhanks To Mr. Srerne, ,our grade adviser. To each and everyone of us he has been nor only a +eacher, buf a friend. Our days al' Forl' l-lamillon were made more pleasanr because 'rhere was someone ro whom we could 'rake all of our problems wirh Jrhe knowledge Thai' he would help us 'lo "work Things our." We will remember his jokes . . . how he, foo, wore The Senior pin wirh a feel- ing of pride' . . . his appearance al every one bf our social funclions . . . rhe way in which he was able 'ro call by name some i335 seniors . . . how proud we were whenever his special Jralenr for playing The piano asserred ilrself. We hope 'rhal' in fulrure years he will look back and remember Jrhe class of January '45 as being associared wi+h many pleasanr memories. We hope 'rhar he will be glad l'o have known us as we have been proud and happy 'ro have known him. Now, on leaving Fori l-lamilron, 'rhe enrire senior class joins hearls and voices and says "Thanks, Mr. Slerne, you've been swell!" 5 DEDICATION We, The Seniors oT January, I945, dedicaTe our yearbook To The boys Trom our class ThaT are now in The armed Torces. This dedicaTion is buT a small parT oT The pride and graTiTude we Teel Toward Them. We are proud in The knowledge ThaT They are parT oT us, The living nucleus oT The youTh OT America. We are graTeTul Thar They have so graciously Taken over The Tremendous Task oT preserving The ideals which have been handedidown To us Trom our ToreTaThers. On December 7Th, I94I, Pearl l-larbor was aTTacked by The Japanese. IT didn'T mean much To us Then. We were very young and unconcerned wiTh The world. We had a liTeTime ahead oT us and we ThoughT oT The TuTure wiTh hope and eagerness in our hearTs. We never ThoughT ThaT some oT us would TighT and die To make ThaT hope oT The TuTure a realiTy. BuTg now we are a liTTle older and a liTTle wiser. We have TelT The Touch oT war and deaTh. Many oT our boys know whaT iT is To TighT and many will noT come back because They prized democracy and Treedom more Than They prized Their own lives. lT is inconceivable To us ThaT These boys are now maTure young men who are TighTing and dying To-r Their counTry. We knew Them when They were 'The kids around The corner' and 'The guys in our cliem. class'. BuT They're noT around The corner anymore. They're in France, Belgium, lTaly: They were on The beachheads aT Anzio and Siapanq They are in every parT oT The world where There are American Troops: They're TighTing in places ThaT we've never heard oT before:-in iungles and on deserTs: in swamps and on mounTains. Yes, They are TighTing, buT noT because They wanT To. They are TighTing be- cause iT is The only way They can show whaT is in Their hearTs. When we leave ForT l-lamilTon High School This January, addiTional numbers oT us will go inTo The armed Torces. OThers will conTinue Their educaTion by enTer- ing college and The resT oT us will sTarT ouT in The business world. No maTTer where we go or whaT we do we will always Think oT The boys Trom our Senior class ThaT could noT be here Tor graduaTion. We will always remember Their courage and sTrengTh. To These boys The Senior class ioins in saying:-"God be wiTh you 'Til we meeT again." GRACE DELANEY 6 SERVING OUR COUNTRY TO TI-IE GRADUATING CLASS OF JANUARY, I945: ' I'm very happy To have This chance To send my personal wishes Tor TuTure success To all The graduaTing seniors. I've Icnown and enjoyed The associaTion wiTh many oT you beTore my enTrance inTo The army. Well over a year has Tlown by, buT I sTill have many pIeasanT mem- ories oT numerous individuals. I regreT noT having been able To conTinue on wiTh you To wiTness your ioy on graduaTion, s+iII I'm very proud To have been able To do my IiTTIe biT in our counTry's eTTorT aT This Time. I wish you all success in your TuTure plans and careers. I hope ThaT you soon sTarT and conTinue Them in a world aT peace. Sincerely, Cpl. IvIorTon G. STone. CPI.. IVIORTON G. STONE, John DonoTrio, I7.oberT Dale, Erwin I-Ieine, James Andrews, Theo. I-Iavness, RoberT Delaney, John Cyriazhs, ViTo Roselli, Sigurd Foss, Donald I-Iarris, George Jorgensen, Joseph Vurpura, James Ivlazzeo, RoberT Wagner, George Moser, John STendera, George Johnson, Francis Keane, Edward Cassidy, John Sheehan, Jos. Swenson, Gerard Finnegan, William Scully, Edward Barry, Douglas BaTT, Saul Newman, David DunseaTh. 7 TO THINE GWN SELF As The moon emerged Trom iTs hazy covering behind The soIiTary cloud in The sky, iT shone upon a prosTraTe Torm, lying on The whiTe sand, legs and arms Tlung Trom The lean body. MomenTs passed. MomenTs in which The waTer whispered soTTIy as iT passed over The gIisTening pebbles and Then swiTTIy receded again. IvIomenTs in which The oTher worldiness oT The scene seemed To permeaTe The whole being oT The man and make him grow more quiescenT wiTh every second. Two o'cIock in The morning and my Train leaves aT 6 . . . his eyes opened Tor The TirsT Time and he sTared unseeingly aT The cold, unconcerned moon. I-Iis Tace was sensiTive and mobile, The mouTh was Turned up aT one end inTo a sorT oT ironic smile, The upper parT oT his Tace had a perpefual look oT wonder, The IeTT eyebrow was always raised in quizzical amusemenT aT The world. IT was a Tace ThaT poked good-naTured Tun aT The Tollies oT people, iT was a Tace ThaT iusT sTopped shor'T oT cynicism. The amusemenT had IeTT his Tace, Though only The guesTioning eyes and The impulsive lips-now TighT wiTh repressed anger, remained. The momenT ThaT comes To all men, The momenT in which They reTreaT To a quieT spoT and ponder on quesTions ThaT have defied probing Tor cenTuries, had come To This boy . . . he was only I9 . . . early. IT was Time Tor him now To make peace wiThin himseIT and To decide on his aTTiTude Toward IiTe and The world he would be in . . . The TaTes allowing . . . Tor The nexT half-cenTury. I-Ie Turned so ThaT he could see all The splendid immensiTy oT The scene-The sky dark, The moon briIIianT, The sea quieT and diaphonous wifh The sTrangesT mixTure oT colors-grey and silver and green and blue and black: and The lonely expanse oT clean, smooTh beach: and The iuTTing islands To The IeTT, and inTiniTe waTer ThaT was The ATIanTic, sTraighT ahead. The gods were Truly aT peace This nighT. The boy began To speak. To speak as if expecTing an answer Trom The waTer and The sky and The beach. Once upon a Time-noT so long ago in years, buT already awTuIIy hard To remember . . . There was a diTTerenT world. IT was a world oT IaughTer. The IaughTer of The high school kids as They sTreamed ouT oT school aT The sTroke oT 3: The IaughTer oT The kids aT The soda TounTain on Friday nighTs: The cheerTuI smile on The clerk aT The candy' sTore as he handed a IiT+Ie girl 3 caramels Tor a sTicky, 'i TighTIy cIuTched penny, The mixTure OT IaughTer .fbi U, 'I fl ,5 and envy when one oT The boys ran away and QT,-11" -,cf-5' Iii! 'oined The Nav . "A irI in ever orT" The s., j , 5, I Y Q Y rv Y ,,,,gf,1, G . ' winked aT each oTher. ThaT was The Time when - gauge-J.g:..n " . . . every moTher in Town did n-oT have a son in The Navy. ThaT was The Time when The newesT v ii? Y cliche was "We musT do someThing Tor Those '4 9, ,ss 2 ggi- . .. .. . . TEE? P poor Chinese and noT DonT you know There s ' -3 - ' Q a war going on?" .K X 1 Y- -1 1 I H .2-K , Y "I don'T know' murmured The boy, I .don'T 8 know." IT couIdn'T really have been a good world. NOT when There were people who did noT have The "righT To Iive." And yeT all l've f . nl I 7 , heard in These lasT Tive days is We wanT 7 , - -- - ff if Things as They were. WhaT do They wanT in 4553, -.3..,,' ThaT sTaTus quo? Gum in The candy case, Their "i""':Igi Lf?" TavoriTe brand oT cigareTTes, a good 5c cigar, A, - . . . .. . .-., a pockeT book wiThouT raTion poinTs lingling around . . . Chinese babies being Ted opium, 1, Jews being purged, Negroes noT being able 'i To geT iobs, kids in The slums OT N. Y., London , V , s and Paris growing up To be Al Capones? Good :,. ' " God! - if 7 ,ff , v .' ' "Lg,,5o,,,i, As The lasT biTTer words OT accusaTion and quesTion Taded away, There was a compIeTe and uTTer silence. WiTh his arms around his knees, The boy waiTed Tor an answer. BuT no answer came. Only an unyielding quieT. And he Tell back in despair. And Then he heard someThing. The sea. And as he lay, iTs murmurs seemed To Tell him oT anoTher who had come seeking comTorT, over I5O years ago . . . "This man worried Tor Tear ThaT I3 liTTle independenT sTaTes wouIdn'T see The need Tor a merging oT power. ThaT I3 liTTle governmenTs wouIdn'T give up a whiT oT Their sovereigniTy Tor someThing as absTracT and Tar TeTched an ideal as a union. . . . a "oneness" of purpose and acTions. I-Ie prayed Tor wisdom and paTience and The righT words To make Them see ThaT They were To be The nucleus oT a greaT naTion, had They only The desire and The Torbearance. I-Ie hadmany doubTs, and he came here many a nighT, even as you. A wild idea iT was . . . buT look!" ThoughTTulIy, The boy picked up a shell and Toyed wiTh iT aimlessly. I-Ie held iT To his ear. IT Too, had a message . . . There was anoTher soldier who came here, Too. JusT like him excepT Tor his color. I-Ie cafme here wondering if The war was worThwhiIe. IT his people, who had been The cause oT The war would be any beTTer OTT aTTer iT. IT TrighTened him. Would IiTe be beTTer Tor him and his wiTe iT They did have Treedom? They had been lucky. The masTer had been kind- There was Tood and sheITer and help when you were sick, and securiTy. Did Treedom have anyThing beTTer To olzlfer? Or even anyThing as good. Oh yes-he doubTedI BuT he wenT back and he ToughT Tor oThers who had noT had kind masTers--and Tor a dream called a Union. And look-look. The boy ThoughT oT his company aT camp-and he looked raTher proudly aT The shell. I-Ie goT up and sTarTed walking up and down The beach. And even The sand spoke To him-oT a woman who came To ask iT The world which had been made "safe" Tor democracy was worTh her husband's IiTe. The crunching OT The sand seemed To say "I Told her, yes, buT now I don'T know. Maybe she, in her biTTerness was righT. I-low can I know how To comTorT you. Maybe This war can have no good eiTher." As Though To reTuTe This blasphemy, The waves began rolling in TasTer and TasTer and Their soTT murmur Turned To a loud roar-"NoI Noi" iT said. And The boy Turned To The sea, and laughed again-The lines oT his Tace moved inTo Their lConTinued on Page 46l 9 EES N 5 im' -is ,Ng Q 6 sn.. ,pw ' ar wg-ww I R fm W 5 fx , .4 - ,E::gsz.- : X X ,G ' 934 1 MW 3 W 9 fi if if . A Q K 5 Q 1 M Q W vm if . , iw . ' , 55' XX fm. ,ww 4 W fax 4 , V KL i Mfriivn A W fi XX '-K., Y xv Q0 TOWER STAFF Edifor-in-Chief CLAIRE Cl-IINOWSKY Associafe Edifors CAROLYN CONTI FRANCES CONTI Ari Edifor NORMA ANDREASEN Business Managers BEATRICE HARRIS EDNA NEWMARK Liferary Sfaffz Leon Anderson, Eleanor Bell, Ann Berg, Adele Berger, Marie Cordaro, Lois Carlson, Grace Delaney, Marie DiTrani, Vivian Halley, Muriel Krasnolif, Leah Cunningham, Roger Tyndall. Ari' Sfaffz Norlon l-larr, Edna Olsen, George Samen. Business S'raH: Doris Baron, Adelaide Ballanrine, Marion Brown, Julia Collier, Leah Cunning- ham, Janel Erandsen, George l-laden, Bearrice Miller, Ediih Cilron, Edna Weber, Eleanor, Babine, lrenee Tobin, Grace Gugliucci, Lois Carlson, Vivian I-lalley. Typing Sfaffz Lucy Baraialcian, Grace Gugliucci, l-lelen Woeiel, Gloria Anaslasia. Phofographerz Kennerh Benson. Faculfy Advisors: Lilerary-Mrs. Eslrher Olsen. Arr--Mrs. Dorofhy lvlcl-lugh. I2 Miss Mary J.. Scheh SOCIAL ADVISER Senior Class Officers Lesfer Samsen Marie Cordaro Donald Miller Leon Anderson George Samen ALBERT, LEROY FRED 87--69 Street Radio Club, lg Senior Patrol, 1, Camera Club, 4, Biology Club, 1. -U. S. Navy. "To meet cz girl with 4 good bead ofz my Jlaoulderf' ALLINGER, EDWARD 477-81 Street G.O. Rep., 1g Senior Class Trea- surer, 1, Locker Room, l.-U. S, Air Force. "To be a dean for az day." ALWILL, ELIZABETH lN'fARIE 6816 Madeline Court Usherette, 53 Miss HofTman's Of- fice, 5. "If I fold it wauldzft be cl ferret." AMITRANO, GEORGE JOSEPH 9424-78 Street Vice President of Biology Club, 2, Assistant to Mr. Bedell, 2.-Army Air Corps. "To be half the man my brother ir." ANASTASIA, GLORIA M. 185-16 Street S.S.S., 1, Library Squad, 1, War Bond Representative, 15 Secretary to Miss Clancy, 1.-Katherine Gibbs. "To be a 5t0wawrzy." ANDERSON, EDITH H. 4814 Sixth Avenue Grade Adviser's Squad, 1, Mimeo Squad, 1, Program Otlice, 13 New- man Club, 1.-College. "To go to Wert Painlf' ANDERSON, EUGENIA MARY 85 Dahlgreen Pl. S.S.S., 3g Lunch Room Squad, 1g Anchor, 1.-Telegraph operator. "To be an azzialrixf' ANDERSEN, JOHN A. 377--69 Street Service Corps, 3g Intermurals Bas- ketball, 4.-U. S. Marines. "To gmdzmlef' ANDERSEN, LEON 411-86 Street Kip Club, 63 Arista, 4, 7th Term Council President, 13 President of Senior Class, 1, Electrical Squad, 2, Tower, 1. "To play az bazookaf' ANDERSON, MARTIN GEORGE 6833 Narrows Ave. Library Squad, 45 Biology Club, 1, Anchor Staff, 1, First Aid Squad, 4g G.O. Rep., lg Pilot Staff, 1.- Wagner College. "Ex Jcientirz lridemf' ANDREASEN, NORMA A. 42--87 Street Anchor'Art Staff, 59 Tower Art Editor, SQ Dean's Office, 1, Secre- tary to Mr. Schorr, 1, Arista.- College. "Epberifzm 3:19." ANDREWS, JAMES ANDOS, ELSE A 915-55 Street Sec. to Mr. Schorr, 3g Sec. to Mr. Stone, 1, Switchboard Operator, 2, Library Squad, 1, Sec. to Mr. Byron, 13 Arista.-Secretary. "Phil, 1.21." ANTONAKOS, STEPHEN 422-61 Street Anchor Art Staff, 5.-The Army. "Ezl:eI." ANTONSSON, STEFAN 628-53 Street Track Team.-Merchant Marine. "To tmfxelf' APPLEGATE, CLAIRE OLIVE 8701 Shore Road Attendance Squad, lg Sec. to Mrs. Gold, lg OE. Cl. Sec., 1g G.O. Rep, 1g Class Treasurer, l.-Buck- nell University, Penn. "Well nerds!" ARENTSEN, IRENE G. 7517 Third Avenue Attendance Olice, lg Asst. to Dr. Leuchs, 1.-Telegraph operator. "Iii n .recrel'." ARMSTRONG, WALTER W. 58 Bay Ridge Parkway Co-organizer of Inter. Rel. Club, 4g Camera Club, 1g Latin Club, 1. -Armed services. "Iz'r 42 recrelf' ATKINS, BARBARA JUNE 145-79 Street Usher's Squad, 7g Pan-American Club, 1g Senior Social Committee, lg Senior Show Committee, 1g Tower staff, lg Arista, 1.-Buck- nell University. "Quien mba?" BABINE, ELEANOR JOAN 7901 Fourth Avenue Dean's Squad, 3g Program Ollice, lg Tower Business Staff, 1g Asst. to Miss Morrill, 1.-University of Rochester. "W'lmt do you think." BACH, JOYCE CAROL 9457 Shore Road Infirmary Squad, lg Attendance Off., lg Senior Show Committee, 1. -Pace Institute. "To win an Offer." BALBURNIE, JOAN 575--86 Street Emergency Squad, 1. - Katherine Gibbs. "Wouldn't you like lo know." BALLANTINE, ADELAIDE 715--50 Street Sec. Ser. Squad, 1g Library Squad, lg Tower StaE, 1g Tower Rep., lg General Office, l. "Pro11erbr 3:5,6." BALLANTINE, GRACE DUFF 7212 Fourth Avenue Sec. to Miss Dick, lg Acct. Office, 1.-Secretarial work. "Sb!! If: a Jewel." BARAJIKIAN, LUCY 315-64 Street Arista, 3g Sec. to Mr. Cummings, 3g Sec. to Mrs. Willison, lg Anchor, lg Pilot, 1g Senior Treas- ury Squad, l.-King College. "G.1lmfianr 2:20." BARON, DORIS PEARL 924-56 Street Service Squad, 5g Locker Room Squad, 3g Sec. to Mr. Braverman, 2g Caf. Squad. "If I told, it u1ouldn't be n recrel nmbifion any more." BARONDES IARV S. Vice President, o , g War VS? p Rep., lg . ep., lg Ser- ic Cor , wer Staff, 1g 7th Te ce Committee.-Brooklyn lege. f "Prerident of U S." fDon't tell Fmnkj BARRY, EDWARD MICHAEL 10104 Fourth Avenue -U. S. Navy. "To be zz comporerf' A BATT, DOUGLAS JAMES 537-63 Street Library Squad, 23 Service Corps, 1. "Grow iz murlaclre like Mr. Wie- ner'r." BEATTIE, JOSEPH WILLIAM 525-83 Street Baseball Team, lg Service Corps, 1, Senior Patrol, lg Sec. to Mr. Be- dell, l.-U. S. Army Air Corps. "To vote for F. D. R." BELCASTRO, HELEN MARIE - 942-69 Street Typist in Pilot Olilce, 1g Asst. to Mrs. Brownrigg, 1, Carnival, 1g Gen. Off., 1.-Secretarial work. "Be Jomeboclyf' BELL, ELEANOR 345-86 Street Pilot, 3g G.A. Oflice, 2g Arista, 55 Service Corps, lg Empire Girls State, lg Phychology Club, 2.- Barnard College. "Marry at man who can Jzzpporz me in tlae' .rtyle Pd like to get accur- zomeil lo." BENSON, KENNETH , 194 Gelston Avenue Pilot, 7g Anchor, 4g Tower, 4, Camera Club, President, 6.-Navy photographer. "To be photographer for Life mezgizzinef' BENTON, MARILYN EDNA lib-QA . I 561-94 Street Emefgeimhyxgoom Squad, 3g G.O. Rep., 2g res'dent of Class, lg Secretary of Clgssj-'1,,f,7LI. S. Nurse Cadet Corps. i"'i -dm "Ur no Jeerel-iz good nurre and tlren-wife." BERG, ANN 819-54 Street Lunch Squad, lg Service Corps, lg G.O. Rep., lg Tower, lg Senior Show Comm., 1.-Brooklyn Col- lege. "To jump over fre layzlrantrf' BERGER, ADELE 7518 Fifth Avenue Arista, 3, Grade Advisor's Squad, 2, Senior Executive Council, 1g Biology Club, 2g Psychology Club, 2g Tower, 1.-Cornellp "To look like Lam: Turner in a rwealerf' BERKOWITZ, ESTELLE M. 555 Ovington Avenue Dean's Squad, 2, Sec. oilicial class, 5g Grade Advisors Squad, lg Tower, 1.-C.C.N.Y. "To be iz Demorrrztic Claire Bootla Lure." , BERRAN, ROBERT FRANCIS 244-88 Street Locker Squad, 2g Lunch Squad, 5g Secretary Squad, 2g Service Corps, 2.-U. S. Navy. "Baznker." BITTERMAN, ARTHUR 875-48 Street Lunch Room Squadg Auditorium Showg By Eagle QArt Workj.- Commercial Artist. "Adoer2mrer." BLAKE, JUNE I 236-67 Street G.O. Office, 6g Pan-American Club, lg Newman Club, 3. HMM." 5 BOSCO, KATHERINE EDITH 573-92 Street Dearfs Squad, lg Mimeo Squad, lg Class Secretary, 2g Red Cross Club, 2g Swimming Club, 1. "To eliminate the Board of Rel genlif' BOURKE, GERALD ANTHONY 145-95 Street H.E. Office, 7g Radio Club, 2g Chemistry Club, 1.-Night College -Work. "To become an imlmlrirzl cl1emi.f2." BRANDT, BERNARD JACK 308-68 Street Service Corps, 3, Radio Workship member on broadcast over WNYE and WNYC, in assembly programs, Pan-American Club, 2, Senior Show Committee.-Army Air Corps. En- listed Reservist. "To be a civil engineer." BRANDT, LOIS EDEL 59-88 Street Arista, 3, Library Squad, 4, Dean's Office, 1, Latin Club, 1, Leaders Club, 1, Breeding Experiment, 1.- Luther College. "To fly to lloe moon." BRANDT, NELS WALTHER 59-88 Street Shop Assistant, 1. "To have money and time zo do what I want to do." BRENNAN, THOMAS M. 9105 Colonial Road Latin Club, 5, Basketball, 7, Grade Council, 1, H. Ed. Service, 4, International Relations Club, 1. "To have a happy life." BRISK, DORIS MARY 566-52 Street Dance Club, '1, S.S.S., 4, Senior Show Committee. - Stenographer's work. "To go on a blind dale." BROWN, MARIAN D. 7420-6 Avenue Tri-Y Club, 2, Tennis Club, 2, Chemistry Club, 1, Senior Social Comm., 1, Business Staff, Tower, 1, Senior Show Comm., 1.-Rad- cliff College. "To be a doctor." BRYZELL UNE ELISE 33 , J' W. 63 Street, N. Y. C. G.O. Rep., 1, Volley Ball Club, 1, Basketball Club, 1, Gym Locker Squad, 1, Service Corps, 1, Biol- ogy Club, 1.-University of Cali- fornia. "To meez and marry zlae RIGHT gu-yu! BUELL, THOMAS WILLIAM 630-61 Street Lunchroom Squad, 2. "To .fee 1176 world." BUER, PER 715-66 Street Biology Techniques Club, Service Corps, 2, Inter-Service League, Sea- manship Training Corps fin F. H. H. SJ-Merchant Marine Academy. demy. "To gel zbree Jap: on a bayonelf' BUFFONE, FRANK JOSEPH 418-69 Street Service Corps, 1, Treasurer of Off. Class, 1, Cafeteria Squad, 1, Sec- retary to Mr. Grant, 1'. "Habla Ud. Erpanol? 0 parlate voi Italiano? BUSBY, JOSEPH EDWARD . 238-75 Street Senior Band, 5, Cafeteria Squad, 1, Musicale, 1.-University of Penn. "To vofe for Roosevelt." BYRNE, EILEEN BEATRICE 530-78 Street Acct. Office, 1, Library,Squad, 1, Victory Show, 1, Sketch Club, 1, Craft Club, 1.-Business. "S.M.O. Member." CAMPANELLA, MARIE-M. 1553-85 Street Secretarial Squad, 1, Service Corps, 1, Mr. Baron's Office, 1, Mr. Cumming's Oliice, 1.-Secretary. "To be a donor." , CAPONI, CATHERINE GRACE 11-87 Street Dean's Squad, 1, Senior Prom Committee, 1.-Defense plant. "To lzerome Amerifa'r Fir!! Lady." CARLSON, LOIS 151-98 Street President of Beacons, lg G.O. Council, lg Leaders, 3, Emergency Room Squad, 4g President of Girls' Tri-Y, lg Tower, l. "To lmve my own home," CARLSON, MARTHA 614--47 Street Mimeograph Squad, lg Attendance Office, lg Math. Othce, lg Secre- tary to Miss Morrill, 3.-Drake Business School. "To travel." CASAZZA, WALTER JAMES 77ll Ridge Blvd. Service Corp, 2g Newman Club, l. -Destination Unknown. CELONE, JOSEPHINE F. 860-41 Street Class Secretary, 2g S.S.S., 4.- Stenographer. "To be an Air Woe." CERONE, RAYMOND E. 8915-5 Avenue Lunch Room Squad, 2g Service Corps, 5g Locker Room Squad, l.- Armed Service. "To be tz lzntcberf' CHINOWSKY, CLAIRE 254-73 St eet Editor-infChief Tower, lg, "gle- rte ture E ' iot, g jglyifiaicfo lg 7h T oumil Zgoklyn College., o own gn Cotii convertible." CITRON, EDITH 530-77Street Service Corps, 2g Senior Year Book Business Committee, lg Assistant to Miss Morrill, lg Assistant to Mr. Schorr, l.-Brooklyn College. "Underitled." CIULLA, PHILIP DAVID 610-81 Street Senior Band, lg Junior Band, lg Orchestra, 4g Victory Show, lg Musicale, 1.-Navy. "Marriage, mimic and aviation." CLARK, JOHN FARRELL 323'-'68 Street Service Corps, 2g Glee Club, 2. "Unprinztzble." CLAUSON, CARL THEODORE 8201 Fourth Avenue Biology Lab., 5, Chemistry Lab., lg Radio Workship, lg Program Com- mittee, lg Organist, lg Senior Council, l.-Clergy. "To letzrn to dance!! CLINTON, DONALD EDWARD 7918--6 Avenue -Armed Forces. "To ree the little mon who putt out tlae light in ez refrigerator when the door rloferf' COHEN, RHODA 1048-75 Street Biology Club, 2g Library Squad, 2g Locker Squad, lg Attendance Olhce, lg War Stamp Rep., lg Sec. to Mrs. Hyer, lg Anchor, l.-Mills College. "To improve bm trnnxporlotion in Brooklyn." COLAVITO, TERESA J. 527-53 Street Senior Social Comm., lg Senior Prom Comm., lg Dean's Squad, 5, Sec. to Mrs. Gold, 2g French Club, lg Music Office, l.-College. "To lre n Frenrll interpreter." COLLIER, JULIA E. 771-49 Street Assistant to Mrs. Gold, 2g Stamp Rep., lg General Office, lg G,O. Rep., lg Tower Business Staff, 1.- Brooklyn College. "Secret J" COLLINS, CHARLES JOSEPH 632-52 Street Mopped up cafeteria after hurri- cane. "Red Pajama:." CONTI, CAROLYN BEATRICE 1244-41 Street Tower Staff, 1, Service Corps, lg Program Committee, lg Victory Show, lg G.O. Rep., lg Arista, l. -Hunter College. "To throw an egg into an eleclric fan." CONTI, FRANCES LORETTA 1244-41 Street Associate Editor of Tower, 1g An- chor, 5g Program Comm., 2g Lead- ers Club, lg Grade Advisors Squad, 1.-Hunter College. "To walk up a down e.rraltor." CORDARO, MARIE Y. 9701 Shore Road Asst. Treasurer Senior Class, lg Pilot, lg Grade Council, 2g Wom- en's Land Army, lg Year Book Committee, lg Victory and Pan- American Show, 2.-Cornell Uni- versity. "To be a model in 'L.S.'J' model agenryf' CORNELL, HAROLD JAMES 9030 Ft. Hamilton Parkway Physic Squad, lg Track Team, lg G.O. Rep., 1g Service Corps, lg Newman Club, lg Radio Club, 1.- Navy. "Same as Domenic Scarlatof' CORS, WILLIAM JAMES 566 Bay Ridge Parkway G.O. Rep., lg Service Corps, 2. "To be a Jailarf' CRANE, GEORGE D. 951-77 Street Service Corps, 4g Shop Foreman, lg G.O. Rep., lg Late Pass Squad, 1. -Navy. "Want lo be the fir!! to enter Toykof' CUNEO, ANGELO 509-78 Street Cafeteria Squad, lg Newman Club, 1g Service Corps, lg Radio Club.- Army. "To make Mr. Hammond serve de- Ientionf' CUNNINGHAM, LEAH 320-88 Street Beacon, lg G.O. Rep., 4g Tower, 1g Cheer Leader, 2g Basketball Club, 2g Soft Ball Club, 2.-Col- lege. "To fly a P-38." CUTRI, JOSEPH JOHN 92 Battery Avenue Arista, 14g Biology Club, 6g Track Team, 2g Kip Club, 6g Psychology Club, 2g Program Comm., lg First Aid Squad, 6.-Yale or Columbia. "Ta be .fix feet, two inches." D'ALESSANDRO, GRACE EMILY 534 Bay Ridge Avenue Service Squad, 45 Glee Club, 5.- Study German and Music. "To be a .tailor Knot in Waverj." D'ANDREA, PETER EUGENE 315-84 Street Library Squad, 2g Locker Squad, 2g First Aid Squad, 1.-Night Col- lege. "Live a life of loajingf' DAVIS, FLORENCE BEATRICE 365 Bay Ridge Parkway Sec. to Mr. Matheson, 5g Treasurer for OH. Cl, lg Service Corps, lg Tower, lg G.O. Rep., lg Sec. to Mrs. Brownrigg, 1. - Secretarial Work. "Only my HONEY know: Mal!" DELANEY, GRACE ELEANOR 457-68 Street Tower, lg Class Treasurer, lg G.O. Rep., lg Service Corps, lg Dean's Oflice, lg War Stamp Rep., 1.- Brooklyn College. "To eliminale the middlemerz be- zweerrrchool work and marks." DELCIMENTO, ANGIE THERESA 1025-47 Street Mimeo Squad, lg Mr. Smith's Assistant, 1.-Secretarial Work. "To :ee llae 48 .rlale.r." DE ROSA, CONNIE E. 1349-70 Street Senior Council, lg Asst. G.O. Rep., lg Tennis Club, lg Pilot, 2, Senior Show Committee, l.-Office Vfork. "It wouldn't be a Jewel if I told yon." DE ROSA, MARIA THERESA 7002-10 Avenue Newman Club, 53 G.O. Rep., 33 Senior Executive Council, lg Pilot, lg Tennis Club, l.-Ofhce work. "To marry iz millionaire." DESTEFANO, MARIE B. 1015-77 Street Senior Show, lg G.O. Rep., 32 Emergency Room, Zg' Asstant to Mrs. Stern, lg Senior Prom Com- mittee, 1.-Secretarial work. "Oki I have ro many ferret onerf' DICUNTO, DONALD JOE 44-89 Street Band, 7. "Mnr1'y.a rick widowf' DITRANI, MARIE V. 8514-10 Avenue Dean's Squad,' lg Program Squad, lg Pilot, 3g Tower, lg Executive Committee, lg Latin Club, 1.- Hunter College. "To work for the F.B.I. fBang!J" DONGARRA, THERESA HELENE S84--54 Street Emergency Room Squad, 2, Typist to Mrs. McClenahan, lg Newman Club, l.-Secretarial work. Doro, PASQUALE JOSEPH 8831 Fort Hamilton Parkway Publications Office, 25 Newman Club, 1. "Fd like to tomb Mr. Slzomayk hair." DOUR, ROSEMARY ELLEN 139--79 Street Sec. Newman Club, lg Sec. to Mr. Hoffman, Lab. Assistant' to Mr. Edwards, lg Sec. to Volley Ball Club, lg Leaders Club, lg Victory Corps, 1. "To viii! Hawaii." DREELAND, JOHN FRANCIS 249-52 Street Cashier G. O. Oflice, 1, Bookkeep- ing at G.O. Office, 1.-College. "Still iz recref, tony." DUGGAN, CORRINE MARY 265 Dahlgren Place Grade Adviser's Squad, 3, Anchor Staff, 2, S.S.S., lg War Stamp Rep., 4, Senior Show Comm.-Secretarial work. "To be 4 geninrf' DUNN, VIRGINIA DENICE 469-57 Street S.S.S., lg Emergency Room Squad, lg Newman Club, lg G.O. Rep., 2. -Secretarial work. "To viii! Snmpron Naval Training Slalionf' DUNSEATH, DAVID ALBERT 594-88 Street Senior Service Corps, lg Senior Ex- ecutive Council, lg Secretary in Gym, 2.-U. S. Merchant Marine Academy. "Play for New York Rizngerrf' ECHELINI, RICHARD ANTHONY 942-67 Street Varsity Baseball Team, 25 G.O. Rep., lg Intermural Basketball Team, 4, Service Corps, 1.-Army. "To be iz laookief' ERICKSON, RUTH LILLIAN 761-47 Street Emergency Room, 1, Sec. to Mrs. Gotch, 3, S.S.S., 1, Senior Social Committee, 1.-Business College.- "To be Mfr. C." EVANS, ELLEN MARY 8922 Shore Court G.O. Store, 2, Glee Club, 1, Senior Show Committee.-Juilliard School of Music. "Opera Har." EVANS, ROYAL L. 6651 Colonial Road Shop Foreman, 2. "To ree zloe Dodgerr win a World Serierf' EZZELL, RICHARD PETER 738-67 Street Dean's Squad, 1.-Radio Technician in the Navy. "To become Richard I, 'King of the H oboerf " . FERGUSON, MARION 575-S2 Street S.S.S., 1, Grade Advisors Squad, 2, G.O. Rep., 2, Grade Council, 1, Program Oliice, 2, G.O. Oflice, 1. -Bookkeeper. FINNEGAN, GERALD JOSEPH 5619-6 Avenue Service Corps, 1, G.O. Rep., 1.- Armed Forces. "To fly a P-38." F1RPo, ENEA E. 514--83 Street S.S.S., 1, Library Squad, 1, Grade Advisor's Office, 3. "To inberil the .rrnall ruin of :even or eighl million dollarrf' FISHMAN, SHIRLEY 5623-7 Avenue S.S.S., 3, Emergency Room Squad, 1, Grade Adviser's Squad, 1, Red Cross Rep., 1.--Business College. "To be a bubble dancer." FRANDSEN, JANET MARCIA 9281 Shore Road Beacons, 1, Usher Squad, 5, Tow- er Stalf, 1, Basketball, 3, Leaders, 4, Senior Council, 1.-College. "ll'J a panirf' GAMBARDELLA, JENNIE 618-92 Street S.S.S., 1, Gym Oflice, 1. "Take over Leo Durof:ber'r job." GARGIULO, DORIS MARIE 641-79 Street Senior Show Committee, 1, Typist for Anchor and Pilot, Attendance Monitor in auditorium. "To play the piano like fore Iznrbif' GAZZALE, ALBERT ROBERT 553-58 Street Varsity Baseball, 4, Varsity Basket- ball, 3--Armed Service. "See more laurriranerf' GIANGRECO, LUCY THERESA 607--88 Street Emergency Squad, 1, Acct. Dept., 1, Miss Kameros, 1, Mr. Kearney, 1, Miss Farqhuar, 1, -Miss Scheh, 1. "Married lo a reliable man." GILBERT, RUTH F. 1052-74 Street S.S.S., 1, Emergency Room, 1, Leaders Club, 1, Senior Social Comm., 1, Senior Privilege Comm., 1, Senior Prom Comm., 1.-De- fense Work. "To be an Air Corpr Gremlin." GIULIANO, THERESA MARIE 443-95 Street Library Squad, 13 Mr. Cummings' Oflice, 33 Sec. to Miss Waters, 1, Sec. to Mr. Ger, 13 Emergency Room, 1, Treasurer, 1. "A certain roldierf' GRASS, DORIS ANN 929--82 Street Sec. to Miss Higginson, 3, Senior Council, 2, Library Squad, 2, Bas- ketball Club, 2, Math. Tutor, 2, Biology Club, 1.-Brooklyn College. "To pilot an airplane." GREANEY, THERESA ANN 615--61 Street Assistant to Mrs. Kotch, 13 New- man Club, 1.-St. john's University. "To ree that eerlain fellow in Navy Blue." GRIFFITHS, ELIZABETH 402 Marine Avenue Assistant to Mrs. Lyons.-Telegraph -operator. " my birlbplare again." GROSSBERG, JOHN M. 335-84 Street Pilot, 13 Track Team, 1, Program Squad, 1, Latin Club, 1, Rescue Squad, 4, Bio-Techniques Club, 1. -U. S. Navy. "To marry june Allyronf' GUGLIUCCI, GRACE MARY 8008-3 Avenue Secretary to Mrs. Gotch, 13 Secre- tary to Mr. Cummings, 3, Assistant to Mr. Schorr, 2, War Stamp Rep., 2g Tower Business Staff.-Secretary. "Slide down a walerfallf' GULBIN, ROBERT B. 260-75 Street Varsity Baseball Manager, 6, Health Service, 1, Leaders Corps, 1, New- man Club, 1.-St. Francis College. "To be a nzorlicianf' HADEN, GEORGE HULL 257-90 Street Arista, 33 Service Corps, 5g Tower, lg G.O. Rep., 2, Luncheon Squad, 1, Latin Club, 1.-College. "To berorne a Mallfernalicr tearin- er " HAGEL, QUENTIN JOHN 869-73 Street Chemistry Club, 2, Service Corps, 2g Track Team, 1.-U. S. Navy. "Maybe you can lell nie." HALL, MADELINE ADELE 652-82 Street -Typist. "Roger Toagby Gang." HALLEY, VIVIAN T. 239-86 Street Basketball Club, 5, Leaders, 4, Cheer Leaders, 25 Usherettes, 52 Tower Staff, 1, Senior Social Com- mittee, 1.-Barry College. "Il will bend yon." HAMATY, ELI 7710-5 Avenue Lunchroom Squad, 1g Track Team, 13 G.O. Rep., 2.-U. S. Army. "lr lo travel." HANSEN, ELEANOR C. ' 912-64 Street Volley Ball Tournament, 1g G.O. Rep., 2, Lunch Room Squad, 73 Swimming Club, 2. - Business School. "m-nz-m- WHY?" HANSEN, JOHN LAWRENCE 1029--54 Street Service Corps, lg Senior Patrol, 2, G.O. Rep., 1.-Army Air Corps. , a , BEATRICE 536-85 Street ista, 4, 7th Term Council, 1, rade AdVisor's Squad, 35 Sec. to Mr. Stone, 2, Business Manager of Tower, 1, Basketball Club, 1.- C.C.N.Y. "To come to .rcbool :ani 'kercbieff' HARRIS, DORIS 651-55 Street Service Corps, 2, Assistant to Mr. Baron, 1, Assistant to Mr. Kott- man, 1. "To be a good S.M.O. member." HARRIS, JOSEPH 917-56 Street Mimeo Squad, 2, Nature Club, Ig Arista, 3, Program Committee, 5, Latin Club, J., Chem Club, 1.. HART, NORTON F. 9935-3 Avenue Assistant to Mr. Quigley, 4, Assist- ant to Mr. Kottmann, 2, Service Corps, 53 Sketch Club, 2, Tower Staff, 1.-Pratt Institute. "To "know" Hedy, Lana, and Rita." HATFIELD, EVA JEAN 313-86 Street Secretarial Service Squad, 5, Vic- tory Show, 1, Science Journal, 1.- Secretary. "Graduate from Fort Hamilton." HAWKINS, JACK ALFRED 450-95 Street -U. S. Navy. U "Uml2riago." I-IEALY, WILLIAM JOSEPH 7301-6 Avenue Service Corps, 2, Lunch Room Squad, 13 Radio Club, 2.-U. S. Army. "Polirla Bras: Doorknob.r." HEARD, DOROTHY LANSDELL 261-86 Street Victory Show, 1, Cheer Leaders, Service Corps, 2, Leaders Club, 33 Tower Staff.-Katherine Gibbs. "To own a yarn! rornplele wilb faptainf' HENDERSON, HAROLD JOHN 456-55 Street Medical Discharge from U. S. Navy, Service Corps, Mop-up Squad.-Take up drafting after graduation. "Go into a bar and order a glam of mills." HOLM, HELEN 847-57 Street G.O. Rep., Sec. Service Squad, 2, War Stamp Rep.-Secretary. "To anywer him." HOWELLS, MARGARET ELLEN 2 Marine Avenue G.O. Office, 1, Air Raid Squad, 1. -Notre Dame. "CenJoreal." JACOBSEN, EVELYN A. 927-79 Street Cashier in G.O. Ofhce, Bio. Lab. Squad, 1, Sec. to Mr. Levine, Sec. to Mr. Matheson.-Business. "If: a .fecret." JAGUSTJOSEPH R. 915-57 Street Mimeograph Squad, 2, Program Comm., 2, Lunchroom Squad, 2, Chemistry Club, Latin Club, Arista, 1.-Brooklyn College. "Can yon keep a Jerret? So can I." JANSEN, JENNIE TORHILD 822-51 Street G.O. Ottice Squad, Library Squad, War Bond Rep., School Code, Ser- vice Corps. "Romani 1:16." JENSEN, ARNA 280 Ovington Avenue Sec. to Miss Hennessy, lg G.O. Rep.g Sec. to Miss Boal, lg Sec. to Mr. Horowitz, l.-Stenographer. "What a qztertionf' JENSEN, JUNE ANN 600-90 Street Musicale, 2g Tower, lg Orchestra, 7g S.S.S., lg Anchor, 1.-Art School. "To mate my hair fiddle and get a hatch of little rellor for the marie department." JENSEN, RUTH ELENOR 376-95 Street Service Corps, lg Red Cross Clubg Emergency Squadg Dean's Ol'hce.- Cadet Nurse Corps. "Cerzrored." JOHNSON, DORIS ELIZABETH 580-75 Street Sec. to Mr. Rosen, lg Sec. to Mr. Baron, lg Health Ed. Office, 1. "To mahe ap my mind." JOHNSON, DOROTHY ANN 363-79 Street Sec. to Mrs. Lyons.-Secretary. "To graduate." JOHNSON, EDNAR B. 652-46 Street Band, 2g Photography Club, lg Musicale, lg Service Corps, 2g Lunchroom Squad, 2.-Army Air Corps. "Cenr0red." JOHNSON, EDWARD TOBIAS 570-45 Street Glee Club, 3g Service Corps, lg Senior Service Corps, lg Victory Show, l. "To have a real live girl to :all my own." JOHNSON, HELEN MARIE 836-51 Street Mimeograph Squad, 2g S.S.S., 2g Library Squad, lg Sec. to Mr. Schorr, 33 Senior Council, 1.- Secretarial position. "To have big eye.r." JOHNSON, ROBERT BRUCE 148-88 Street Service Corps, 3 g Cafeteria Squad, 2g Varsity Show, lg Nature Club, 2g Inter-Service League, lg Senior Show, 1.-Fort Schuyler, U. S. M. M. A. UPU JOHNSON, ROY HAROLD 763-55 Street Track Team, 3g Co-Captain of Track Team, lg Intramural Basket- ball, lg Service Corps, lg Senior Patrol, l.-United States Navy. JOHNSON, RUTH ELIZABETH 4-34-68 Street Victory Show, 1g Glee Club, 2g Chemistry Club, lg Musicale, lg Psychology Club, lg Service Corps, 1. "To he a Navy Nurref' JOHNSEN, LEWIS JAMES 175A-72 Street G.O. Council, lg Lunchroom Squad, 2g Biology Club, 2g G.O. Rep., 4g Senior Patrol, 1.-U. S. Navy. "Let'.r not get norey, Bah." I IULO, WILLIAM 7920 Ft. Hamilton Parkway Anchor Staff, 4 g Anchor Editor-in- Chief, lg English Ollice Staff, 4g Radio Workshop, 2g Program Corn- mittee.-C.C.N.Y. "To direct a proferrional radio rhawf' KALMAN, SELMA D. 5511-4 Avenue Sec. to Mrs. Gotch, 4g Sec. to Miss Kleinberg, 3g Sec. to Mr. Smith, 3g Sec. to Mr. Levine, lg G.O. Rep., 2g Senior Social Committee, 1.- New York University. "In drefrer gay, I rhall dirplay the farhionr of the day." KAOUK, GEORGE S. 778-46 Street G.O. Rep., 23 Glee Club, 33 junior Band, 35 Service Corps, 5.-U. S. Merchant Marine. KELLER, RUTH 6811 Ridge Blvd. War Stamp Rep., lg Attendance Office, 1, Sec. to Mr. Morton, 1, Sec. to Mr. Ger, 1. "WhaifJ any girlr Jecref anzhilion?" KELLY, JOAN MARILYN 256-93 Street Service Corps, 1.-Berkely Secre- tarial School. "Beachfomher." - KELLY, JOHN EDWARD 42--91 Street G.O. Ofiice, 1, Custodian's Ass't., 1, Track Team, 2, International Relations Club, 1.-U. S. Army. "Money, Money, Money." KENAN, FLORENCE MARY 9101-3 Avenue Attendance Ofi'ice, 13 General Of- fice, lg G.O. Store, 15 Typist for Pilot, 1.-Secretary. "To have a referred .rear az the Paramount." KHOURY, RUSSELL ALFRED 540-48 Street Kip Club, 7, Service Corps, 23 Victory Show, 1.-U. S. Navy. "To heat out Rooreveli when Fm 35." KING, JOSEPH 522-81 Street Chem. Club, lg Chem. Lab., 1, Service Corps, 2, Senior Prefect President, 1g Science Magazine, 1.- Duke University. "To live nexl door to Lana Turn- er." KLEPPE, NORMA 6831 Ridge Blvd. Asst. G. O. Rep., 1, Social Studies Office, 13 Acct. Office, 1g Library Squad, 13 G.O. Rep., 23 Red Cross Rep., 1.-Business College. "To he a hoaxenzouref' KOEHLER, MARGARET MARY 422-49 Street Service Corps, 2, Library Squad 1. -Nursing at Mary Immaculate Hospital. "To write." KRANE, GRACE , 1024-48 Street Service Corps, 1g Secretarial Ser- vice Corps, 1g Volley Ball Team, 13 Miss Morholt's Sec., 1.- Brooklyn College. "To .ree the world." KRASNOEF, MURIEL F. 305-88 Street Tower, 1 Basketball Club, 13 Cheer Leaders, lg General Office, 1.-- N.Y.U. "To jump a horse." KRISTENSEN, LILLY 627-52 Street Library Squad, 35 Apparatus Squad, 1, Grade Adviser's Squad, lg Aris- ta, 33 Grade Council, 1g Math. Tutor, 1.-Brooklyn College. "To gradualef' KRUER, CHARLES MATTHEW 318 Ovington Avenue Cafeteria Squad, 1g Service Corps, 33 Mr. Lass' Office, 1g G.O. Rep., 13 Radio Club, 1.-Fordham. "To vote for Roosevelt." KWEDERIS, DONALD JOSEPH 426-61 Street "To cornh Mr. Shonzay'5 hair." LA CALAMITA, PHYLLIS 9004-5 Avenue Library Squad, 13 Secretary to Mr. Hammond, 3.-Business School. "To inner!! nl fortune." LANGJAN, JEANNE 271-91 Street Lunchroom Squad, lg Service Corps, Leader Club, First Aid Squad, Senior Prom Comm.-Cadet Nurse Corps. "To be an underflzzdy Za Gypry Rafe Lee." LARSEN, ARNOLD W. 57-89 Street Varsity Baseball, 4, Basketball In- termural, Service Corps.-Army Air Corps. "To be on cl roller smarter with 4 certain gorgeaur blond." LARSEN, ETHEL HELENE . 4923-8 Avenue Gym Locker Squad, Library Squad, Grade Aclviser's Squadg Asst. Sec- retary to Mrs. Catania, 1. "To be nf kind and patient ar M1'.f. Siem." LEPRE, ROSE MARGARET 423-95 Street Sec. to Mrs. Grayson, lg Sec. to Miss Young, 1, Emergency Room, 2. LETTIERI, RALPH LETOURNEAU, BERNARD J. 520-84 Street G.O. Rep., Anchor Rep., Radio Workshop, Service Corps.-Colum- bia University. "Ola, No!" LEWIS, MARTIN 8701 Ridge Blvd. Leaders Club, 1, Service Corps, 1, Senior Patrol, 1, Track Team, 1.- Brooklyn College. "How Can Yau . . . S0 Much." LIAN, VIVIAN THERESA 447-79 Street Orchestra, 55 Sec. to Mrs. Hart, 1, War Stamp Rep., 2.-Business School. "To ree tbe world." LINDHOLM, ROBERT C. 114-78 Street Band, 8, Radio Workshop, Carnival Musicale. "A 6 fl. girl." LORDI, GEORGE HECTOR 117-80 Street G.O. Rep., 13 Intramurals Basket- ball.-Army Air Corps. "Lick nl lollypop wilhout getling my lipr gooey." LORENZO, LENA A. 8616 Fifth Avenue Sec. to Miss Koreyg Sec. to Mr. Kearney, Sec. to Miss Higginson, 3.-Business School. "Keep Guerringf' LOWALL, SYLVI MARGRETHA 421-84 Street Service Corps, lg Math Office, 1, Basketball Club, 25 Softball Club, 1.-Cadet Nurse Corps. "Travel," LUNDIN, ELSIE SIGRID 6506-5 Avenue Emergency Room, lg Acct. Office, 1, Carnival, English OHice, 2.-- Stenographer. "journali.rt." LUNDY, MILDRED G. 170-Bay Ridge Avenue Sec. to Miss Hennessey, 1, Clerk in G.O. Store.-Court Stenographer. "George" LYBACK, MARGARETHA 672-46 Street Biology Squad, 2, Nature Club, 2, Radio Workshop, 2.-Cadet Nurse Corps. "Military Secret." MAGNUSEN, ELSIE 5306-6 Avenue Miss Hoffman's Office, 1, Mr. Kearny Office, 4, Shop Office, 1, Sec. to Mrs. Bonom.-Language School. "To have my four lzrotberr home." MAGRINO, FRANCES ANN 175-70 Street G.O. Office Squad, 33 S. S. S., 1, Senior Social Comm., lg Make-up Crew, 1.-Business School. "To join the Navy." MALLEY, CATHERINE AGNES 475-57 Street -Western Union Telegraph Co. "To travel." MANN, JANET MARIE 8801 Shore Road Sec. to Miss Fritz, 2, Band, 4, Musicale, 2. "To have a zebra-striped wall- papered room." MAROON, VIRGINIA LINDA 7241 Shore Road Swimming Club, 1, G.O. Rep., 13 S. S. S., 15 Asst. to Mr. Baron, 13 Asst. to Mrs. Kotch, 1, Asst. to Mr. Hammond, 1.-College "To be a mailer of all trader." MARSHALL, MARY JEANNE 581-84 Street Latin Club, 25 Newman Club, 2g Glee Club, 6g Leaders Club, Farm Cadet Victory Corps, Victory Show. -College. "To fee Dowmvindk fare." MARSTAD, KENNETH E. 1036-80 Street Service Corps, 2, Senior Patrol, 1, Kip Club, 2, Gym Leaders Corps, 1.-Army Air Forces. MCALOON, PATRICK JOSEPH 325 Senator Street G.O. Rep., 13 Lunchroom Squad, 2, Service Corps, 1, Carnival, 1, Jr. Band, 1.-U. S. Navy. "To own a harem." MCCAUSLAND, JOHN P. 579-74 Street Baseball Team, 13 Newman Club, 1.-Wfork. "Welder at Lorklfeedf' MCCORMACK, ELEANOR MARY 544-94 Street Newman Club, 33 Asst. to Mrs. Hart, 1.-Business. "To live in a penzlfoaref' MCGOWAN, KAY 7502-Ridge Blvd. Latin Club, lg Service Corps, lg Locker Squad, 1. "To mee! Pierre Aumonlf' MCHUGH, JAMES FRANK, JR. 427-57 Street Cheering Squad, lg Victory Show, 2, G.O. Rep., 5, Senior Show Committee, lg Assembly program participant. "It bar lo do with following in my fazlfefr footrtepff' MCKINNELL, DOROTHY GRACE 964-52 Street Locker Squad, First Aid Squad, War Stamp Representative, Secretary to Miss Hennessy.-Air Hostess. "To teach teaclaerrf' MCMULLEN, CYNTHIA ADELE 68-76 Street Leaders Club, 4, Basketball Club, 2, Tennis Club, 2, G.O. Rep., lg Glee Club, 2g Service Corps, 1. "Meri who prefer blonderf' MCSHANE, HELEN RAMSEY 161-78 Street Library, 2, Dean's Office, 43 Grade Adviser's Office, 1, Program OfEce, 1, Arista.-Brooklyn College. MEADE, HELEN THERESA 612-S0 Street Wo1'ked for Mrs. Swahn, Cafeteria Squad. "If: a military .recret." MEDCALF, LORRAINE RUTH 558-81 Street Gym Squad, lg Secretary to Mrs, Jaffe, Secretary to Miss Farquhar- Secretarial Work. "To have my dreamy conze true." MELLIS, JERRY 4417 Sixth Avenue Service Corps, 1, Baseball Team, Intramural Basketball.-U. S. Air Corps. "To look into her eyef and ray, baba, baba." MEYER, EUGENE RICHARD 6902 Ridge Blvd. G.O. Council, Victory Council, Social Comm., Senior Show, Serv- ice Corp, Newman Club.-MArmy Air Force. "I'nz a Confederate, ba! I Jiill wear a Union ruff." MILLER, BEATRICE 902-47 Street Dean's Oflice, Senior Show Comm., Senior Prom Committee.-Brooklyn College. "Ir won't be a ferret, if I Zell." MILLER, DONALD ROBERT 319-88 Street G.O. Rep., Senior Sec., Physics Squad, 1, Lunchroom Squad, 2.- Army Air Corps. "IFJ no longer a Jecretf' MINDELL, MARILYN 601-79 Street Pilot, English Oiice, Bio. Lab., Art Staff, Victory Show, Program Comm.-Pratt Institute "To be an adult when I grow up." MJOS, DORIS ELAINE 821-56 Street Service Corps, lg Senior Social Comm., lg Senior Prom Comm., 1g Senior Dance, 1, Victory Show, Senior Privilege Comm., 1.-Busi- ness School. "To run a ferryboai lo Staten bland." MODULA, DOMINIC R. 637--78 Street -U. S. Navy. "To graduate." MODULA, PATRICIA INEZ 657-78 Street Language Office. 1. "To go io Cuba-land of ram and tourism." INIOEN, ALICE INIARION 561--53 Street Emergency Room--.Squash 1, In- ventory worker for Mrs. Kotch, Senior Privilege Committee, Senior Social Committee.-To become a private secretary. "To fit on the Barr? knee and marry hir mn." MONCRIEFF, ANN MARIE 358-80 Street Newman Club, Sec. to Miss Miller. -College. MONTEROSSO, DAMIANO F. 1375-57 Street -U. S. Navy. "See the world." MORAHAN, TRUDY E. 7200 Ridge Blvd. Newman Club, Dean's Ofhce, G.O. Rep., Leaders' Club.-Nurses Cadet Corps. "Left just keep it a ferret." MUENCH, WILLIAM J, 7519 Narrows Avenue International Relations Club, Gar- den Club, Lunchroom Squad.- College. "Aurelie." MYER, TOM FRED 857-73 Street Baseball, 4, 'Basketball Intramurals, Lunchroom Squad, Service Corps, Senior Treasurer's Squad.-College. "To pilrh woo. With who? None other lhun you." NAT OLI, GLORIA MARIE 7002 Tenth Avenue Locker Room Squad, Emergency Room Squad, G.O. Rep., 2, New- man Club, Swimming Club, Senior Oflfice, Cl. Treasurer, 1. - St. Lawrence University. "To fly in u Navy T. B. F." NELSON, ARTHUR CONRAD 8523 Fort Hamilton P'kway G.O. Rep., 2, Service Corps, 33 Cafetria Squad, 7, Basketball Intra- mural.-Navy. "To have rouzhefn chicken with a certain roulbefn rbirbenf' NELSON, GILBERT HARRY 525-80 Street Band, 4, Orchestra, 1.-U. S. Navy. "Lunzbe1'jueh." - NELSON, ROLF 801-72 Street Service Corps, 1, Mathematics Club, 1.-U. S. Navy. NEWMARK, EDNA 626-92 Street 7th Term Council, Arista, 4g Grade Adviser Squad, 4, Program Squad, 3g Tower, Business Manager. -- C. C. N. Y. "To build u better mouretrupf' NIELSEN, DORIS IRENE 531-56 Street Band, 1, Musicale, 23 Victory Show, 1, Senior Counsel, 1, Sec. to Mr. Rattner.-Cadet Nurse. "To marry u nzuriciunf' NORDQUIST, ELSIE SYLVIA 753-52 SUICCI Acct. Office, 1, Senior Show Com- mittee, Senior Social Committee.- Secretarial work. "To .ree what I look like ay n blonde." O'CONNOR, RAYMOND PETER 262-80 Street Intramural Basketball, Cafeteria Squad, Shop Assistant.-Army. "Not to he called u frerhmnnf' OLSEN, ALICE MARIE 528--85 Street Secretarial Squad, 1, Accounting Oflice, 1.-Be a secretary. "To be home every lime lhe phone ringrf' OLSEN, ASTRID 336-89 Street Service Corps, 1, Class Sec. to Mr Ger, 1, S. S. S., 1.-Secretarial work. "To be az geniuff' OLSEN, EDNA 6721 Eighth Avenue Sen i or Show Committee, Stage scenery for Varsity Show, Sketch Club, 3, Anchor Art Staff, 1, Mrs. Brownriggs Olhce, 4, Tower Art Staff, 1.-To be a commercial artist. OLSEN, HAROLD 635-68 Street Lunchroom Squad, 2, Senior Patrol, 1.-Going in Army Air Force. UG' G' LII OLSEN, MILDRED 720-56 Street Asst. to Mrs. Kotch, 2, Emergency Room Squad, 1, Leaders Club, 1, Senior Social Committee, 1, Senior Privilege Committee, 1, Senior Prom Committee, 1.-Accounting. "To tiploe thru tlae fuliprf' OLSEN, RUTH CHARLOTTE 1044-72 Street S, S. S., 2, Accounting Squad, 1, G.O. Representative, 1.-Business. "To be az private Jerrelary to cz hfrmlrome bon." OLSON, EDWARD G. , 229-89 Street Garden Club, 1, Farm Cadets, Deans Squad, 2.-Armed Forces. "How to keep water in llJe azfe- lerlfzf' OSTAD, DORIS RUTH 6701 Fifth Avenue Band, 5, Musicale, 1944, Sec. to Miss Kanowitz, Senior Show and Social Comm.-Brooklyn College. "To play the tfzzmpel like Harry fewer." OSWALD, CATHERINE MARY 630-61 Street Modern Dance Club, Sec. to Miss Skidmore, Gym Office on lst floor, Gym Othce on 2nd floor, Library, Newman Club.-College. "Go to Middlebury College, VI. OTTENBERG, ELLIOT CHESTER 7003 Narrows Avenue Camera Club, 4, Service Corp, 1, Pilot, 1, Biology Club, 1.-Armed Forces. "It'J ez fact but I mn? prorfe if" OTTENBERG, LLOYD ARTHUR 7003 Narrows Avenue Radio Club, 1, Camera Club, 4.- U. S. Navy. PATERSON, GEORGE JOSEPH 4905 Fourth Avenue Shop Super., 1, Service Corp, 1, Sen i o r Patrol, Mopped Cafeteria after Hurricane.-U: S. Navy. "Iz',r a Sewer." PARISI, GLORIA 7825 Fourth Avenue Victory Show, G.O. Ofhce Asst.- Notre Dame. "Il'5 KI xefrelf' PEDERSEN, ROBERT ALBERT 1061K-77 Street Service Corps, 1, Emergency Room, 1, Victory Show, 1, Sketch Club, 1.-N. Y. S. College of Agricul. "Il'5 .4 Jewel." PEDERSEN, BETTY ANN 1237 --81 Street Sec. to Mr. Quigley, 4, Sec. to Mr. Kcttman, 2, Usher Squad, 1. -N. Y. U. "To be happy." PEERSON, GRETA EDITH 8502 Sixth Avenue' -Business. ,. -All-I "To marry d radar." PENDOLINO, JOSEPHINE M. 569-92 Street Service Corps, 3, War Stamp Rep., 23 Emergency Room, lg Senior Social Committee, Senior Prom, Senior Show.-Business School. "To join the Cadet Nurre Corps." PERRICONE, JOSEPH PAUL 446-77 Street Baseball Team, 2, Senior Band, 4, Service Corps, 2. "To join the Navy." PESKO, HENRY THOMAS 7107 Narrows Avenue Service Corps, 2, Band, 53 Musi- cale, 2, G.O. Rep., 2. "Looking for a wife." - 'Tl2f0mBf'm5'F off MQ PLESCIA, JOSEPH L. 245 Dahlgren Pl. Shop Foreman, 35 War Stamp Rep., 63 Service Corps, 3.-join the Navy. "To marry at hig heaviiful blond and have 4 dozen hidrf' POWERS, ELEANOR MfARIE 363-47 Street Emergency Room Squad, 1, New- man Club, 2, First Aid Squad, 2. "To fee Orphan Annie grow up."' PRESTON, ROBERT EARL 8701 Shore Road -R.O.T.C., Yale U. "No Jharper than az serpenfr loolh if the ungrateful child." QUINN, PATRICIA ANN 269-82 Street Senior Show Committe, lg Senior Prom Committee., 13 Sec. Service Corps, 3, Sec. to Mr. Christ, Asst. G.O. Rep., 52 Work in G.O. Office, 1.-Secretarial Work. "Too ferret to tell." RANDO, JOSEPH JOHN 8210 Sixth Avenue Band, 4, Musicale, lg Asst. to Dean, 1.-St. johrfs University. "To live lo fee the Dodge!! win another pennanzf' RATTAZZI, MARY G. 316-49 Street Secretary to Mrs. Gold, 3, Girls Locker, 1.-Business. "To take iz trip around the world." RITTENHOUSE, RICHARD PAUL 8701 Shore Road Service Corps, 1, Musicale, 1, Orchestra, 4, Radio Guild, 5, Radio Workshop, 1, Radio Club, 1.- College. "Wouldn'z you like to hnowf' ROBERTSEN, ARLINE 805-68 Street G.O. Rep., 2, Sec. to Miss Mullen, 1, Sec. to Miss Morrill, lg Sec. to Mrs. Kotch, 1, S. S. S., 1.- Secretary. "To he a fm'nzer'J wife." ROCHE, RUTH LOUISE , 6830 Ridge Blvd. Arista, Usherette, Grade Council, Sec. Service Squad lMiss I-loffmarfs Oliicej, Class Sec. to Mr. Gould and Mrs. Bonom.-Secretarial work. "That would he felling." rn ROGERS, MARY AGNES 269-77 Street Newman Club, Sec. Service Squad, G.O. Rep., Basketball Club, Leaders Club, Economical Panel Discussions. -College. "Travel, adventures, novelist." ROMANTZ, SOL 968-47 Street Varsity Basketball, 4, Lunchroom Squad, lg S. S. S., 1.-Marines. "To ree the woildf' ROSCH, BEATRICE LOUISE 1114-79 Street Service Corps, 23 Sec. to Mr. Shul- man, 1, Program Committee, 2, G.O. Rep., 2, Tennis Club, 23 Tower Rep., 2.-Katherine Gibbs. "To meet someone who talk: farlef than I do." ROSE ENID D. 6735 Ridge Blvd. Orchestra, 83 All City High School Orchestra, 6, Musicale, 2g Victory Show, 1, Senior Show Committee, lg Sec. to Mr. Sterne, 1.-Business School. "To he good." ROSENBLUM, HERBERT R. 8008 Seventh Aveuue Track Team, 2, Service Corps, 5g Intramural Track Champs, 1, Senior Patrol, 1, Leaders Club, 1.-Army Air Corps. "It must he jelly muse jgzm don! rhahe like zhazf' ' ROTHE, MEREDITH WM., JR. 415-47 Street Service,Corps, 1, Senior Patrol, 1, Intramural Basketball.-Army Air Corps. ' "To vote for F.D.R." RYAN, DOROTHY MARY 9524 Fort Hamilton P'kway S. S. S., 2, G.O. Office Squad, 52 Mimeo Squad, lg Asst. to Mrs. Frankle, lg Newman Club, 1, Sth Term Senior Executive Committee, 1.-Private Secretary. "Him," SALEEBY, EDMUND ROBERT 433-85 Street S e n i o r Entertainment Committee, Stamp and Bond Rep., G.O. Rep., 2g Newman Club, Biology Club, Boys' Gym Otfrce Sec.-U. S. Army Air Corps. "To meet Hedy Loman' .ram john Loder." SAMEN, GEORGE E. 825-50 Street Service Corps, 1, Senior Vice-Pres.. 1g Anchor Art Staff, fAsst. Editorj, 2, Tower Art StaE, 15 Scenery for Victory Show, Sketch Club, 3.- Traphagan Institute of Fashion. "Meet Lana Turner." UVoof-wooflj SAMSEN, LESTER C. 857-57 Street G.O. Office Squad, 3g Track Team, 15 Baseball Team, 2g Treasurer- Senior Class.-Advertising.-N.Y.U. "To have my own model agency." SAN ANTONIO, GLORIA T. 562-92 Street Emergency Room Squad, Lunchroom Squad, S. S. S., Newman Club. "To viril Hollywood." SANDRIB, RUTH 325-76 Street Emergency Room Squad, Lunch- room Squad, Sec. to Mr. Shostakg Sewing Club. "Mollhew 6:33." SARGOY, ROBERT 243-78 Street Sec. to Mr. Kottman, Radio Work- shop Play.-Army Air Corps. "To drum like Krupof' SCANLAN, JEAN LOUISE 513-94 Street Biology Lab. Squad, 4, Emergency Room Squad, 1, Prefect Secretary, 3.-Cadet Nurse Corps. "To own ez hultlerhip complete with Milan." SCARLATO, DOMENIL 9818 Fourth Avenue Mr. Quigley Asst., lg Mrs. Gotch's Asst., lg Mrs. Farquhar Asst., 15 Newman Club, 1, Mr. Bedell's Asst., 1.-St.'John's College. "The .mme ar Norton Harris." SCHEFFLER, WILMA JEAN 325-52 Street Library Squad, 2, Mr. Kearney Asst., 1.-Secretarial Work. "A guy named Al." SCHIMMEL, FLORENCE 866-46 Street Dean's Squad, Sec. to Mrs. Gotch, Lunchroom Squad, S. S. S., Sec. to Mr. Sterne.--U. of Florida. "To Jbork 46th Street." SCHNEIDER, GEORGE HAROLD 6902 Ridge Blvd. Service Corps, 2, Late Pass Squad, 2, Senior Social Committee.- American Field Service. "l'd juxt love to have a date wills Lana Turner or Gloria DeHaven." SCHOENIG, MARGARET IDA 613-48 Street Emergency Room Squad, 13 Senior Social Committee, Senior Privilege Committee.-Secretary. "To kits every dougla boy on V- Day." SCHRADER, EDWIN 349-87 Street Service Corps, 1g Cafeteria Squad, 1.-The Service of the U. S. "To live to a ripe old age." SHOHFI, ROSE MARIE 8812 Colonial Road Secretarial Squad, Accounting Squad. -Stenographer. "To graduate." SCHULMAN, BEATRICE 1851-50 Street S. S. S., 23 Dean's Oflice Squad, 13 Service Corps, 1.-University of the City of Los Angeles. "It'.r a secret. Im'z il?" SCHWARTZ, GEORGIANA M. 364-64 Street Service Squad, lg Sec. to Mrs. Bonom, 13 Sec. to Miss Farquharm Secretary. "Wouldn'l you like to know!" SCHWEIZER, LOUISE E. 9118 Fifth Avenue Accounting Orlice Squad, 2g Senior Show Committee.-Secretarial Work. "To be a geniurf' SCHWEYER, ALICE O. 118-80 Street Basketball and Leader's Club, 23 Sec. to Miss Miller, 33 Sec. to Miss Fritz, 13 Asst. in G.O. Store, 2g Red Cross Club, 4. - St. Lawrence. "You'd be .vurprired .' J !" SCOTTO, JOSEPHINE P. 8117 Colonial Road Acct. Oflice Squad, 2, Worked for Miss Keely, 1g G.O. Rep., 1g Stamp Rep., 1, Senior Social Com- mittee, S enio r Prom Committee, Senior Show.-Washington Secre- tarial School. "To join U. S. Cadet Nurre Corprf' SCULLY, NATALIE PATRICIA 252-93 Street Service Corp, 1g G.O. Rep., 2g Grade Adviser's Squad, 31 Senior Social Committee, Senior Show, Senior Prom Committee.-U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps. "To be an Army uurre overrearf' SCULLY, WILLIAM RICHARD 5614 Fourth Avenue Victory Corps, 1.-U. S. Army Air Corps. "Truck Driver." SCUTTI, ROSE MARGARET 269-89 Street Biology Lab., Emergency Room, Dean's Otlice, Gym Ofdce, History Ofiice, Newman Club.-Cadet Nurse Corps. "That would be telling." SHAMIAH, JOSEPH G. 155-82 Street Service Corps, Track Squad, Photog- raphy Club, Chemistry Club, Bas- ketball Intramurals.-U. S. Service. "Meer Lana Turner and llven-" SINCLAIR, DOLORES M. 508-55 Street Program Office Squad, 1, Senior Council, Senior Social Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Senior Show Committee.-U. S. Nurse Cadet. "Trar'el." SHEHADI, ELEANOR 9281 Shore Road G.O. Representative, Secretarial Squad.-Secretarial Work. "Marry the borfr ron." SKARBEK, LEONORA 7412 Sixth Avenue Newman Club, 2g Senior Show Committee, Tri-Y Club, 25 Sec. to Miss Miller, lg Math. Helper, 1.-- Business School. "A1fia1rix." SORENSEN, EDITH 151-89 Street Mrs. Brownrigg Office, 2g G.O. Rep., 2, Class Treasurer, 13 Senior Committee. Play "To be a model." STARKINS, ELIZABETH L. 443-100 Street S. S. S., 13 Program Committe, 1, G.O. Treasurer's Office, 1.-Busi- ness Committee. "To go lo the Paramount every IlVe:lnerday." STELGES, WILLIAM ROBERT 270-71 Street Senior Patrol, 1, Math Office, 1.- U. S. Navy. "I won'l tell you. Nyabu STRATTON, AGNES SULLIVAN, DOROTHY P. 8022 Fifth Avenue Miss Mullin's Office, lg Miss Asst., 2, Dr. Walden's Office, 1.- University of Maryland. "To have curly hair all llre lime." SULLIVAN, KATHLEEN 356-74 Street War Stamp Rep., 2, Class Sec., 1, Sec. to Miss Skidmore, lg Sec, S. S., 2.-Business Work. "SlJl! Il'.r a secret." SWENSEN, JAMES G. , 561-57 Street Victory Show, Program Office, 1. -U. S. Navy. "To be a sailor." TEDDER, GLENN FRANCIS 825-71 Street Lunchroom Squad, lg Chem. Squad, 1.-University of Pennsylvania. "A terrain girl." TELLEFSEN, TORLEIF M. 277-69 Street Service Corps, 1, Farm Service, 1. "IVouldn' you be SUPUNCTI- FIEDX' TENNENT, ALICE E. 337-64 Street G.O. Rep., 1g Sec. to Mrs. McHugh, lg S. S. S., lg Lunchroom Squad, 1, Dr. Leuchs Assistant, 1.-New York University. "To .ring at lbe Metropolitan Opera." TESSITORE, SALVATORE J. 469-69 Street Service Corps, 13 Miss Hoffmarfs Assistant. - Merchant M a r i n e Academy. "Enter Engineering College after the war." THEISEN, JUDITH 682-82 Street Gymn Office Squad, 1, Emergency Room Squad, 1, Textile Art Club, 13 Lunchroom Squad, 2.-Cadet Nurse. "Mmmmmm????" THOMAS, WILLIAM THYSENIUS, MARIE INGA 634-78 Street -Office Work. "To throw tz bridal houquetf' TRAGNI, FRANCIS JOHN 318 Bay 10 Street G.O. Rep., 2g Service Corps, 23 Senior Social Committee, Victory Show, Carnival.-N. Y. U. "To he what I nm not." TURINO, ALFRED LOUIS 524-69 Street Chemistry Squad, 5, Physics Squad, 53 Electric Squad, 55 Chemistry Club, 2, Arista, Radio Workshop. -Cooper Union Engineering. "It'r 4 ferret." TYNDALL, ROGER GRANT 1020-69 Street Anchor, SQ Pilot, 2g English OHICC, 4, Radio Workshop, 2. "Be hack Jtage in a tirerxing room after the show." VELLA, JOSEPH FRANK 942-67 Street Service Corps, lg Senior Patrol Corps, 1.-Army Air Corps. "To he a good Army Air Corps pilot." VERDI, VIRGINIA 8801 Colonial Road Library Squad.-Cadet Nurse. "Thnt'5 tz ferret." VILADESAU, MARION P. 535-51 Street Biology Lab., 55 Nature Club, 45 Sec. to Mr. Stone, 1g Senior Prom Committee, Senior Social Committee. -Model. "To play fuliet with Errol Flynn tu Romeo." VUKELIC, JOHN WILLIAM 845--72 Street Senior Patrol, Service Corps, lg Eco. Club, 1g Math. Club, 1.- U. S. Navy. "join the 'W'd126.!'.,' WALSH, THOMAS JOE 811-52 Street Service Corps, 1. "To give Mr. Ktzmin tt rut dip." WALZ, MARGARET E. 88-68 Street Emergency Squad, 1g Locker Room Squad, 1g Dean's Office, 2, Miss O'Connor's Office, 13 War Stamp Rep., lg Newman Club, 3.--U. S. Nurse Cadet Corps. "To he tt Milan: mate 1fc." WARDI, BERNICE MARY 8820 Ft. Hamilton P'kway Asst. to Mrs. Kotch, 13 Asst. to Mr. Schorr, 1g Asst. to Miss Hoff- man, 1.-Offlce Work. "To he cz movie Director." WARNER, DOROTHY 6702 Ridge Blvd. Secretarial Squad, lg Swimming Club, 2, Radio Guild, 3g Softball, lg Ping Pong, lg Tennis Club, 1. "To hecorne a pianirtf' WATSON, DAVID HARDY 7721 Ridge Blvd. Service Corps, l.-U. S. Navy. "To own a hattlerhip full of WdD6J.'! WEBER, EDNA LILLIAN 7512 Third Avenue Program Oflice, 5Q Attendance Office, lg Business Staff of Tower, lg Senior Show Committee, Senior Social Committee.-Otiice Work. "To live long enough to .fee the Dodgerr win another pennant." WEBER, ELAINE VIRGINIA 7224 Fourth Avenue Gym Locker, 15 Acct. Office, lg Mrs. McGill, lg Miss Higginson, 2.-Business Work. "To get a good nighfr .rIeep." ZOHMAN, LENORE 7223 Fort Hamilton P'Way Arista, Phychology Club, Biology Club, Service Corps, Grade Adviser's Squad, Laboratory Assistant.-Pre med at College. "To play Chopin? Fantarie Im- promptu in Boogie." . Camera Shy WEBER, THOMAS GEORGE 758-55 Street Orchestra, 4, Chemistry Lab., lg Musicale, lg Service Corps, 1.- Tri-State College of Indiana. "To hone the Eco. teacher have Laryngitirf' WENNER, WILBERT M. 654-46 Street Service Corps, 1, Chemistry Club, 2, Help to Mr. Matheson.- Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. WOELFEL, HELEN HILDEGARD 532-82 Street Secretarial Service Squad, 43 Grade Adviser's Squad, 25 Sec. to Mr. Schorr, lg Sec. to Mrs. Bonom, lg G.O. Rep., 3, Spanish Club, l.-Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School. "To find the tree that growr in Brooklyn." ZACCONE, SANTA 254-90 Street Arista, 2, Dean's Squad, 5: CIPISS Secretary, 2g Apparatus Squad, 1.- Brooklyn College. "To ree the world." DONOFRIO, JOHN NEVILLE, LAWRENCE FERRETTI, AUGUST NICHOLS, FRANK ROBERTSEN, ELVIRA ' 4o'l 'A'- ggu quo mill 0 ' '-' vm v n . '11n,.4 'lt' .. :sl .Inf- Me -. . 54 f .fl u Hr . a"1o!t""K ", . J .fl , I 1 , . 5? V2 'F 'v'. 'v3 .un LK' G' in 51512521 vfi':F4 f:L':K-Q. quo ls-I 9 .' ah' ,ogg .4571 nv 14,i , ,Q-lv l'4 ff: "Jr ,ax I 4.v 155- , Q,-A gerdrlu' upon, -as ug' . f lan- .ndgrfgzg Q9 ., 1ngQ':P -'v' 'on l""4g-ng' ,9w,0zv.un:,. va' 4- ,:C' 12--. 19- 1" " '2-,.. O I, Q ,r c-,A v.-.,: '-:fda-.- 'vldl .Q.7.. 9- IX gig, 23727 "2ix::' ' --, xl .1 - 1, 'A . .- 1 g. X , 'L 5 1 1 1 BOY HRW 197 GEORQE E SHNEN . , ..,. ,.. Q gg." -af., f. 'JI' -va! ,3 3,17 .1 - ,v':, 4. ... 5- .--. ' .f , ,fi .if Wei .. .. , - 2-"' P1 1' UPL. at "' ..,,, rf"-'v 'A ' ' Aff' , E.- ng, . ,ju , 51 - .. -' ' '.' . ,, 1,1 14,6459 Eff A , B , A Y' ' Q'4?"3-' Af, 1 6 an-21 'fn-9 Wd--V . A l Ol .- v r ..4 ' ll -ii ln . . 5, 5' 1" 14, 1' 9 I Gam. M119 DUNN CZ D55 4 N057 AMFLY LKON fgfy 4' .9 5.-,r, f- . ,, X - 1 A , W 3 an THE GIRLWQH ' LIKE TO FREEZE! Z - wma, mfrfer ff, px XM NOR!-IF? mpkeweffv Z : Kfwxf'xf3, 'Xt f' Q 5? Q1 2 -E j :max Es. 1 , 'H 1 fi Sl. 2 T '- :R uf 5 H . I I s,. 4 K , Xksjx ir: ..f f X ,I , WN-UP QHPL EDITH 567.95 TYPI MO:JT CLR55 MCHLooN Gm! X VU' 5 FOR M E J CZH55 ,ZLITICXHN ,505 year-we-ofv ...S 5557 0 . CASBQH f QIPH Tal? JDE C UTZWE FRAN Kkgbgsgp MHRLE TR AGN' COROHQO M051 fox 4+-JE SCHOQ1, D ARL: Cyp NOLIFSKY D c. vfg STIFF i 'V4 -94 5754, i Qgop ski? TE L55 CUNNINQ HHN 'ff f Airy POK Z sow DRH BOHRDS DELIGHT Euegfvf f-,E ,EK - BEST pfmlv P9 Mmm' Q2 57FPH14fKjg:" Jw' 'I glfpleb R cLHSf9 ' .-fl r'FN -51.-ww . 91614055 CLASS HISTORY IT was on a warm, sun-shiny morning Three and a half years ago ThaT we TirsT assembled as The Senior Class oT January '45, We Took a look aT The building ThaT was To be fa second home To us-some skepTically, some proudly and all wondering. QiEiv T T 3 T llixf '- in 19,44 'W'5s'4?TMmi ' l ll l X : 'Ee K ,l lll l i 1 ,l ,.'eiii- a 51211552555sessigllsliiail' ' I llllll ll'llllllll3ll?ll'illlllllllllllllllllll l' ll ll' lll 'If T ,Q lllll if llhlw lil js W lllll . T- f l i l ' ' ' v f l T P? X X il niglllilili -awww' Tfmwmr I: , ,.,. T,--scifi ....., , 4 :E--In. ur h l T , Nr V IT' Je: I gszzzssil -' . ' 'aaa "" -- ---- 2-215551555 - 1' W-:'!:.::e::::!2u:eE"' r 1 if- ms- .124 , N kg ,,rr'l , 3 NQYAOONS IN 'Q iris.. X 'V r' f-nf' "' fi ' prmwwmmew Elly ,-ig. N - " l -H PRE? HIL l W? 40 Now we can loow back and laughingly recall RegenTs, salmons, cuT cards, deTenTion-we Took Them all in our sTride. We can remember . . . The Time ThaT as gullible Tresh- men we doled ouT small change Tor huge school badges ThaT marked us as such . . . The very wonderful Times we had over ReicherT cokes . . . and The weeks oT hilarious Tun we had rehearsing Tor The Senior Show . . . The case oT jiTTers we had upon Taking our TirsT RegenTs and de- ciding ThaT suicide would be easier . . . signing huge peTiTions Tor eiTher Frankie or Bing in The caTeTeria . . . The way we crammed inTo a crowded bus every morning wiTh seemingly a Thousand oTher kids and righTTully as- sumed The name oT "The For'T l-lamilTon Bus Commandos," . . . We shall always gloaT over The huge success oT our TirsT VicTory Show. IT was here ThaT we discovered, To our asTonishmenT, The versaTiliTy oT our TaculTy . . . Mr. ChrisT's "Casey AT The BaT" . . . Mr. lvlaTTei's and Mrs. Gold's "lll Bacio" . . . The dazzling appearance oT The Gay NineTies Revue. BuT we also showed a more serious side in The TirsT issue oT The "PiloT", piloTed by Claire Chinowsky, Eleanor Bell and Marie DiTrani. The ouTsTa ndin g work OT Roger Tyndall and ,William lulo on The "Anchor". Then our TirsT ArisTa Reps .... Joe CuTri, Edna Newmark, Helen lvlcShane, Leon Anderson, BeaTrice l-larris and Claire Chinowsky. Suddenly we were caughT in The draTT. We Tound much To our regreT, ThaT Mr. STone our grade advisor, was To leave Tor The army, buT Tollowing in his TooTsTeps came our popular Mr. STerne wiTh 'his corny jokes and sincere Triendliness Tor all. Then came- The nighT oT The carnival-a hecTic nighT oT dancing in The gym, eaTing in The caTeTeria, and applaud- ing wildly To The Senior llvlinsTrel Show in The audiTorium. We even saw The besT circus This side oT Barnum and Bailey and were Ta sci n aTed by The anTics OT George AmiTrano and Al Turino in The Magic Show. We gazed long and Tixedly aT our TaculTy baby picTures--somehow we iusT couldn'T believe ThaT our Teachers had once been babes-in-arms. Such class musicians as Enid Rose, Phil Cuilla, Doris Nielson, Mary Marshall and Tom Weber helped make our musicale such a success. And who will ever TorgeT The musical TalenT foT some oT our Teachers? The kniTTing craze broughT ouT our more domesTic side-The male sex noT To be excluded. We kni++ed in iclass, in The hallways and during The assemblies. The resulT oT which was TiTTy blankeTs To The afghan drive. We shall always remember Those comparaTively peaceful days ThaT we spenT as Juniors beTore enTering Those happy TurbulenT days oT our lasT year aT ForT l-lamilTon. We Turned ouT en masse 'Tor baseball games and cheered old F. l-l. l-l. S. To vicTory-someTimes. Such sTars as Jerry Mellis, Tom Myer, Richie Echilini, Arnold Larsen and Al Gazzale played on The Team. We crowded inTo The Boys' Gym To waTch The baskeTball games leaving always wiTh sore ThroaTs and The knowledge ThaT The boys played a grand game-and anyhow our Team is colorful. We look back wiTh pride To The work of Bernard BrandT, Bea Rosch, Muriel KrasnoTT, Ann Berg, Lois BrandT and RoberT Sargoy in The Radio Workshop's producTion oT "My ClienT Curly" . . . AT The success oT The SevenTh Term Dance, largely Through The eTTorTs oT Marie Cordaro, Adele Berger, Ann Moncrief, Bea Harris, Edna Newmark, Bea Miller and Frances and Carolyn ConTi . . . whose greaT aThleTic prowess enabled Them WTO balance on sTepladders and in general do a preTTy swell iob oT pinning up The decoraTions . . . To The acTing oT ,Frank Mcl-lugh and RoberT Johnson in "Seven Keys To BaldpaTe" who deserve "oscars" Tor Their Tine performance. We reTurned Trom our summer vacaTion wiTh The realizaTion ThaT we were seniors aT lasT. Our already swelling pride was increased a hundredfold as we TasTened our 'senior pins To our sporTs iackeTs and sloppy joe sweaTers and sTepped inTo The revered world of SENIORDOM. ATTer Their elecTion Leon Anderson, George Samen, Donald Miller, Les Samp- sen and Marie Cordaro Took over Their duTies as senior class oTTicers . . . Joe CurTi and Helen McShane became boy and :girl leader of ArisTa . . . William lulo assumed new responsibiliTies as EdiTor-ln-Chief oT The "Anchor" supporTed by Roger Tyndall, Rhoda Cohen, Frances ConTi, and Norma Andreason on The sTaTf . . . The "PiloT" conTinued wiTh Eleanor Bell as news ediTor and Marie DiTrani as a columnisT . . . our senior year book "The Tower" goT under way wiTh Claire Chinowsky as iTs ediTor and The ConTi Twins as associaTes. We were Tinally asserT- ing ourselves as seniors. Then came The Hurricane. We were asTounded-aTTer all, iT's noT every senior class ThaT can boasT oT a hurricane ThaT ushered Them inTo Their lasT Term. We arrived aT school The 'Following day To Tind much To our regreT The caTeTeria Tlooded, The rooTs leaking and The bell sysTem on The blink. For ,weeks aTTer we were supplied wiTh a novel, if noT original, excuse Tor noT doing our homework. IT was Then ThaT-preTecT period became a sTrain on our nerves and pockeT- books . . . we had our picTures Taken and waiTed in anxious anTicipaTion Tor Them-Then consoled ourselves wiTh The ThoughT ThaT good looking people don'T Take good picTures anyhow . . . our class rings and pins came and we TlaunTed Them before our Triends Tor days aTTer . . . we had a skaTing parTy when The seniors invaded The Bay Roller Rink . . . elecTion day in November had a double meaning lConTinued on Page 461 4I Spafzldk 'w BOYS' SPORTS Now ThaT our Teams have passed The period oT organizaTion and adiusTmenTs, we can lool: Torward To beTTer Things To come. Such is The unanimous opinion ol: Mr. Drucker, Mr. LeaycraTT and Mr. GranT, coaches oT our bas- keTball, baseball and Track Teams respecTively. I. Baseball ATTer losing iTs TirsT six games, our baseball Team really goT under way and won iTs lasT Tive. These vicTories were over such schools as Poly Prep, Midwood, Bushwiclc and Tilden. The ouTsTanding player on The Team was Richard Murphy, The righT Tielder, who baTTed .500 Tor The season. l-le was piclced as one oT TiTTeen sTars OT GreaTer New Y o r lc, WesTchesTer and L o n g lsland. Franlc Gomez, our besT piTcher, who won 5 while losing I, was anoTher big TacTor in The winning sTrealc. NexT s e a s o n , Mr. l.eaycraTT plans To have The Team enTer The P.S.A.L. and also To Talqe on Poly Prep. and ST. Michael on The side. Some oT The boys who will be on The Team are: Phil Monaco, IsT1 AlTred Biggio, Zndq Joseph Rombi, s. s.: RoloerT Gorman, caTcher, and Prank Gomez and Freddy Boram, piTchers. The coach also expecTs a lo+ Trom such Tellows as Gerard, WolTman, I-linTermeisTer, Wurm and Olson. 2. Track The Track Team is really plan- ning Tor big doings during The 42 LEON ANDERSEN coming season. FirsT, There are The Three main championship meeTs, The P.S.A.L., The Brooklyn Championship and The CaTholic School Champs. ln addiTion, we have Tive dual meeTs scheduled wiTh Poly Prep, New UTrechT, Erasmus, Manual, and Lincoln. lvlr. GranT is also hoping ThaT The Team will be able To compeTe in aT leasT Three indoor meeTs aT Madison Square Garden. Larry DeGeorge, Roy Johnson, Al S u s s m a n , Nunzio Capano, AnThony Bonanno, capTain, and Macfxlpine, co-capTain, are some oT The boys The eoach is basing his opTimism on, in looking Tor- ward To The Team's besT season yeT, BaslceTball AlThough The P.S.A.L. games, Twelve in all, do noT geT under way unTil December I, when our Team plays LaTayeTTe aT home, Mr. Drucker has arranged several warm up games wiTh Bushwick, ST. lvl ich a els and Poly Prep. These games should geT our Team in Trim, so ThaT iT will make a Tine showing in championship com- peTiTion. Among The players Trom lasT Term are: Terry Mogavero, Sol RomanTz, Leroy Eide, Bill l-lalaby, "Bud" Larsen, and "Albie" Gazzle. The coach has also sTarTed a iunior varsiTy Team, consisTing oT boys Trom The TirsT To The TourTh Term. ln This way he hopes To discover and develop TalenT Tor TuTure senior Teams, which will really puT our school on The map in The sporTs world. GIRLS' SPORTS Have you ever vaulTecl upsTairs Tive aT a Time? Hm ---- Have you ever danced To The rhyThm oT The drums? Hm- - - Have you ever sworn aT a lock on a door? Hm ---- . Well-if you have, you have been To GYM. FRESHMEN look 'Forward To iT. SOPHOMORES geT on To iT. JUNIOR geT used To iT. SENIORS geT ouT of iT. HOCKEY CLUB: Have you seen The girls wiTh The sTicks'? These girls have enlisTed in The HOCKEY CLUB which meeTs every Monday aTTernoon, under The leadership -of Miss Scully. This is The newesT and one of The mosT inTeresTing clubs The HealTh EducaTion DeparTmenT oTTers. Regulars are: Vivian Halley, Leah Cunningham, Lois Carlson, JaneT Frandsen and DoroThy Heard. CHEER LEADERS: Three cheers Tor our CHEER LEADERS, more power To Them. Girls like DoT Heard and Lee Cunningham, who won Their minor leTTers lasT year deserve crediT Tor launching This club and geTTing iT well under way. This club meeTs every Thursday under The direcTion' 'of Mrs. Grayson. BASKETBALL: IT you Think ThaT Girl's BaskeTball is a slow game you should parTicipaTe in one oT These Friday aTTernoon games, under The supervision oT Miss RoberTson. Here girls learn how To shooT, dribble and pass The ball. Senior players are: Silvi Lowall, Vivian Halley, Lois Carlson, Leah Cunningham and DoroThy Heard. IT you are inferesfed in sporTs in general, The LEADERS CLUB is Tor you. Here girls may obTain referee cerTiTicaTes in Volley Ball, Basker Ball and SoTTball. This club is under The guidance of Miss Brookman. Regulars aT The club are: Shrimp Frandsen, Pee Wee Cunningham, Skinny Heard, STreTch Carlson and Blacky McMullen. BEACONS: The lasT and mosT honorable is BEACONS, arisTa oT The HealTh EducaTion DeparTmenT. Only Tive oT our ForT HamiITon girls have achieved membership. They are Lois Carlson, Leah Cunningham, JaneT Frandsen, EdiTh SackeTT and Elaine Doyle. OT These, The TirsT Three are Seniors. Headed by Miss Brookman These girls do such jobs as direcTing and supervising The TournamenTs oT The school. Take noTice,-They may be your children's TuTure Gym Teachers. LOTS CARLSON LEAH CUNNINGI-IAM - Fam .. . ,. 44 T WE DON'T HAVE buf WE DO HAVE Drene ....,.....................,..A...,,, ,......,... a hill ........,,A a soul ............... Swan Lake ...... a lilly ......... love ........ Liloerly ......,... a 'ltloclc ,,.......... hay ............... Delilah ...,.,,....., a .duke .........,.,.................. Slierloch Holmes ......... E lmdy .,....,......,o...........,,.,.. black ........,. a queen Conover Dorsey .....,.o,.. Dale .....-.....a Hari' ...........Sacl4eH Rose .......-.....Ro ma niz .......... Collier ........a Heard rass ...........Samsen Baron a.............Wa1'son ,......,...Walz a.,......,a..,Brown King a,.au a,.Powers ...,..,..lv1iller 6 QOVWQ ----------- E ,............... a Bell RUPPEVJV ---------'ee-----A-----,---ee'e----- ..............,.,................, B allanline Aloboii and Cosrello ,,,,,,,., ,,,ooooo,,,,.,, O lgen and Johnson Babe Rurh ....,..oi,o,,,,,,,,,,,,AoA,,,o .,,.-.-.--.--- Q Omez a house ,ii,,,,,,4 -.--, a Holm Scl1uber+ ,,,l,,oo,,,o a Cuba Libre Fields ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, a general ........... a derriclc ....... Houslon roomer ,,,.. .............B6Cl1' .......a lvlarlini ............Weber' lvlarslwall ...............,,Krane San Anlonio ......A.........Tennenl' 45- TO TI-IINE CWN SELF lConTinued Trom Page 9l usual channells, and he Threw his head back in joy. "You're righT" he yelled To The ocean. You and a guy named Shakespeare. You know whaT he said?-"This above all else, To Thine own self be True . . ." ThaT means ThaT l can make my own world, as long as l know whaT I wanT, and remain True To my ideals. ThaT's wha+ you Tried To Tell me, isn'T iT? The waves subsided and again There was ThaT quieT. Only now iT was noT ouT oT This world, iT was parT oT The world. And The boy walked oTT-The shell sTill cluTched TighTly in his hand-and even The ausTere, uncaring moon, seemed To burn more warmly. ELEANOR BELL CLASS HISTORY lConTinued Trom Page 4ll Tor us, besides being The mosT imporTanT elecTion in Tour years iT was The day oT our Senior Picnic aT Clove Lake Park. The ChrisTmas Season heralded in, ThaT gala day oT days-SENIOR DAY . . . we Tripped The lighT TanTasTic liT such a word can be used in reTerence To jiTTer- buggingl aT The senior Tlea hops . . . and Tinally The Senior Prom aT The Waldorf- AsToria-a long awaiTed hope became a joyous realiTy. And now graduaTion is here. We have a hosT oT Treasured memories and quiTe a biT oT educaTional equipmenT wiTh which To Tace The world beyond The campus. VVe are going To miss so many Things we griped abouT conTinually1 The ForT l-lamilTon Bus, Miss lvlullin's daily quizzes, English Themes, endless dues To be paid and oTher Things ThaT could be lisTed so easily. Yes, ForT HamiITon-we have reached The goal we worked Toward Tor Tour years, buT we're going To be a very sorry bunch when we leave you in cold February. CAROLYN AND FRANCES CONT! ' - 45: -T 2,5 .. 'f".'5:-1 96? ' -:, - ,:'.',--- ,,,, - 2. , -'T 'i 'Z " 5 .1 are. :Sy in, , A Q ,fo w " if ,IFF rom' H fre ww .iii ' 'WJ G OBYE Xxx 'rfr' 2 1 1354? fi! , ' gi L ..,, . Z . ,5" ,ef-ff . 46 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We The class oT January, '45, being oT sound mind and body ldraTT board please noTel wiTh one lasT goodbye leave This, our lasT will and TesTamenT. TO MR. LUDWIG-Our deepesT graTiTude, and as an aTTerThoughT PaT McAIoon's zooT suiT. TO DR. LEUCI-IS-The UniTed Air Lines To geT The sTudenT body To school on Time. TO MISS I-IOFFMAN-A hep-caT assembly program. TO MR. STERNE-A scripT To supplanT The corny iolces he Threw aT us all Term, buT seriously E. S., we Think you're swell. TO MISS SCI-IET-I-The eTTicienT senior commiTTees. Well anyway, we had good inTenTions. TO MISS YOUNG-College applicaTions wiThouT quesTions. TO MRS. OLSEN-Our hearTTelT Thanks Tor The paTience she had in geTTing This publicaTion ouT. TO TI-IE PILOT-Permission Trom The I-lay's oTTice Tor Tull speed ahead. TO FUTURE PIN-UP BOYS-Tom Myer's dimples. TO MR. BARON-The screams leTT over Trom Frank SinaTra To accompany his bow Ties. TO MR. I-IAMMOND AND MISS MULLIN-A year's deTenTion. TO TI-IE GIRLS' GYM DEPT.-Some rocIceTTes To accompany Their shorT sIcirTs. TO TI-IE FRESI-IMEN-The boaTing club on The Narrows. TO TI-TE SOPI-IOMORES-A daTe bureau To geT Them sTarTed. TO THE JUNIORS-A Junior Prom lsweeT dreams, chiIdren.I TO TI-IE SENIORS-Our gym suiTs, our regenT's boolcs and our luck. lYou'll need iT.I TO MR. MATTEI-Umbriago, Comprenden Uds. TO MR. LEVINE-The money coIlecTed Trom The ATrican domino games in The lunchroom ThaT wenT Tor The aTghan drive. TO TI-IE BEI-IRENS-REICI-IERT CIRCUIT-A sound prooT iulce ioinT so ThaT The records can bIasT TorTh, colces on The house, and soTT wood on The Tables so ThaT you can carve your inifials on Them. TO TI-IE BOBBY SOCKS BRIGADE-ShorTer skirTs, longer swe-aTers, and drool cups. TO FUTURE TOWER STAFFS-We leave a carpeTed oTTice compleTe wiTh Varga's picTures on The walls, also aspirins and sTraighT iaclceTs. "We Three" leave you wiTh: Oceans oT EmoTions Puddles oT Purple Passion Gobbs oT Green Goo ADELE BERGER MARIE CORDARO MURIEL KRASNOFF lwriT by our hand Tor The class oT January, I945l 47 Miss Hoffman-'lhe lady who guides our schools desliny. Symphony and swing are synonymous To us wilh lhe name of Rallner-Music Dept head. Dr. Leuchs is our lgel-here-on-Timel aclminisrralrive assislanlr. Mrs. Mcl-lugh-+hru her e1Cfor+s our school publicafions are arffully adorned. Mr. Lass-l-lead of The English depi. and specialisl in corn and volun+ary-com- pulsory assignmenls. Deans Mullin and l-lammond, salmon cards for sale, need we say more? H's noi' Jrhe money Jrhar bo+hers him, iusl lhe lack of il-our G. O. adviser-Mr. Bedell. 48 Chief worrier of The Piloi'-Mr. Shosralc. Teacher, program advisor and proud papa-our inimilable Mr. Chrisl. She answers our informarion please que-slions, Miss Young college adviser. Mr. Jolrin-Forl l-lamill'on's nomina+ion for swoon king. Also renowned as science prof. Lord of denials, medicals and commando lic-Tacs-Mr. KoH'man, Boys' l-l. Ed. Chairman. Our own Einslein, Miss Higginson-malh chairman. Amicable, conscienlious science chairman-Mr. Kearny. Wizard of rhe books. Mrs. McClenahan-charming, capable librarian. 49 or noi' g Marie DTram W ea+he f Towlsn TOPICS VOLUME I NUMBER I BROOKLYN, NEW YORK JANUARY 3 I, I955 ChaTTer Box Grace DeIaney's currenT besT seller, "Kid SisTer," has aT lasT come To The aTTenTion oT "The GreaT Genius." The well known producer, direcTor and acTor, Frank Mcl-Iugh, has boughT The screen righTs oT The book and plans To give Top billing To Doris Baron and BeaTrice Rosch in The roles oT GerTrude and Les Kirk- land. I-le himselT will play The male lead oT The masTerTul Judd. In The inimicable and well loved role ol: Mickey de Devereuax is The irrepressible PaT McAIoon. Enid Rose, world renowned vio- IinisT, will appear Tor The TirsT Time on The screen as guesT con- ducTor in The dream sequence oT The movie. The DirecTor oT PhoTography Tor The specTacular million dollar producTion, KenneTh Benson A.S. C. again Teams wiTh George E. Samen, The well known Arabian creaTor oT Tabulous gowns and seTs. Go and see "Kid SisTer" and geT noT only The besT enTerTain- menT movies can produce, buT also enjoy The Tine inTerpreTaTion oT The novel given by The Tore- mosT sTars oT sTage and screen. In The News The recenT illness oT Roy John- son has broughT To The aTTenTion oT The major league The need Tor This greaT baseball piTcher. SporT Tans Trom all over The counTry have senT everyThing Trom Their sincere wishes To acTual Tinancial help To The ball player, wishing him a speedy recovery and re- Turn To The diamond . . . Millions oT men have wriTTen Frank Tragni, one oT The Ten besT dressed men, asking Tor his advice. This has led To a daily column called "Tragni's Tricks," which appears in The N. Y. Chronicle . . . LT. Col. Gene Meyer has invenTed, Tor The exclusive use oT The Army, a new Type rockeT ship. Pleas have come To him asking ThaT he release his invenTion Tor commer- cial use. Male Mail Bob Johnson, nominee Tor Mayor oT Garden CiTy, has re- cenTly received a leTTer Trom The PresidenT oT The Chamber OT Commerce oT ThaT ciTy, sponsor- ing his coming elecTion . . . Dr. Joseph CuTri, TorernosT psycholo- gisT oT The Belle CounTy I-IospiTal. has accepTed The posiTion oT I-lead oT Socialized Medicine Tor The CiTy aTTer receiving peTiTions signed by The leading ciTizens oT The communiTy demanding ThaT he accepT The responsibiliTy oT This revoIuTionary proiecT . . . Fan mail keeps pouring in, buT To no avail. Tom Meyer, The modern ValenTino, has declined all screen oTTers and has sTaTed ThaT his reTiremenT Trom The screen is a permanenT one. I-Ie inTends To devoTe all his energies To direcT- ing. IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD Virginia Dunn, chosen Two years ago as Typical SecreTary oT The counTry, was again selecTed as one oT The elecT. Miss Dunn, now Mrs. Jones, was chosen Typical Wife and MoTher oT I955 . . . Marie Cordaro, The ToasT oT Mad- ison Avenue, who has been mod- eling exclusively Tor SophisTicaTe Magazine, has received The John I Powers award given annually To The mosT successTul model oT The previous year . . . Lois Carlson, Bay Ridge's enTry in The Olympic swimming meeT, has broken all records Tor The IOO yard back sTroke. In her recenT exhibiTion, Norma Andreasen, well-known porTraiT painTer, won high reco-gniTion Tor her Tine presenTaTion oT The lovely Jennie Jansen . . . The mosT specTacular dancing Tind oT The year, The Brooklyn-born beauTy, Edirh Sorensen, is now appearing in The SerT Room oT The WaldorT AsToria . . . Claire Chinowsky, eminenT disTricT aTI'orney Tor Brooklyn, has been nominaTed by The NaTional ParTy as Their can- didaTe Tor The UniTed STaTes Sen- aTe . . . So you see, iT is a woman's world. American Honored by England Leon Anderson, Chairman OT The Science Division oT The Rock- eTeller InsTiTuTe, has been honored by being knighTed by The King oT England Tor his magniTicenT work on a cure Tor cancer . . . American men are making Truly greaT sTrides in The polifical, sci- enTiTic and aThleTic worlds. DO YOU KNOW ThaT Lee Cunningham and Ma- rie De STephano have recenTly sponsored a chariTy ball Tor The underprivileged children oT The slum disTricT . . . ThaT The Team oT PaT Quinn and Jack I-lawkins, I-IarvesT Moon winners, donaTed Their services To The ball? . . . And ThaT all The above celebriTies have one Thing in common? They are graduaTes oT I:orT T-lamilTon I-Iigh School. "" I!! , " .. !!'!!!l' f , W l m w f, Fl.. A !! .P . .. .! .5 1 !'.'. .2 ai.. M 1.1 SEPA 1 nf LMf 'f-iff 599 1 v- WTWHU W fl -1 YM 17'Tfl71l H IW "' V f 1 Q H f R+ W 2 - j W WK 1:-Tiff' f , A Q 'Www A V f W iz f, fff.4 , v lim!-L-I -'K 3 2 0 'T A " f "W, 0' 529 ' mffff' 'l-- 'mg 60vif'0 , kamemo' !- f'fff 7A ffufpfi iff' f jf ,if 515 yfff ff ' J . ' ,, Q, rx -Q'K','-'Si 1 ,. ' f' ' v ,X J ',6,q ,f, .h:'?:.'a?f' , 'N 4, f ' , V 5,603 X ' .wx df- f 1 M X '5 - 5 J W wwf f .- W ffg f XGWGY as 3 ' f. 5 QQ-yXX'7X!d SNL?-fgxx if fy' fly I 0 ii ! W IW I s, Q V59 ' 'F ,. X 11' ' 5 ' ' f Fw E1 - "W . U' -,.', ig., ' f 5 j ai: , s x . iff EE , , gif," ' ff' f X l ' ,-, i" .-.34-1' 5775f1"' ods, ff! ' Egg? Qs--'1:-:auf-'zf'-1'-112:-vi-L-"1':"?SQ-It Q9 5 0 ff" f . Q QQ' flat ,gdb cd. ' l jf ,M ws' .sb . M ,jf , f "'Sf:Q'o,x ' afkitfzf X I ,-If I I se., ith", V. ','?pJo I ,-I, If ff ffff7W7ff V 'O fffifff ,WWX , gigig q gt A f X ,-ff' KV ,"' f f ,f' ' V " If if f!,f'!f5QQ'i f" Mfg!!! 'l ff 427950 'f U ' ' N 1 :UH un ur 5,1 r:. K il l qty. 9 , gp 51 in HH' .. :I :rg ez frlsz xeavifl ,.. s In ,, Ez : 73 + . II .P !! F., ' "P In - U I A : ' K gg 1 . A ,, ' fi QM, - ew 01620: , XV I I 5 ' ',i ft , 4,57 , pax. -'ii 5 ,rg "Z ' Z 4, 0 1,7 "' 'ffkfnxrf "' K' 7"--W ,Ere .'---.u.a7Uv 052 p ' xy! ,... pq h 4fl?3jQ- K , lf! X f L: ' ""' mit 560 M fm! "' L Jul xl . M r ' 56M!J7WFFGH "fmz ""' 647i 11166 SENIOR COUNCIL SENIOR SHOW COMM. SENIOR SOCIAL COMM. ART PUBLICATIONS STAFF SECRETARIAL SERVICE SQUAD SERVICE CORPS USHERRETTES ELECTRICAL SQUAD MIMEOGRAPH SQUAD GIRLS CHORUS PROGRAM SQUAD PSYCHOLOGY CLUB ORCHESTRA BAND GLEE CLUB PILOT ARISTA ANCHOR RED CROSS CLUB LIBRARY scpuAn CLUBS Clubs and causes, Funds and donahons Whirling around ln mad gyrafions lnferspersed. Wifh orgamizahons. Creafed for The reahzafion Thalr clubs can cause Much irrifafion Which lead us-where? To consfennafionl is Tor The Treshman, iusT TourTeen years oT age. T-le exiTs as a senior, a "wiseguy," and a sage. is Tor The orderliness we have abouT This place. Once a guy who wore a Tie, was called a menTal case. is Tor The RegenTs, known Thru ouT The land. The nighT beTore, we pray The lord To lend a helping hand. is Tor The TempTing plaTes They serve in The caTe. The Chinese noodles ThaT we geT, are a Tancy name Tor hay. is Tor The homework we seniors never do. We Think iT's dull and such a bore and somehow we goT Thru. is Tor The absences when SinaTra is in Town. Miss Mullin does noT like him, she'd love To shooT him down. is Tor our moThers, who call ouT in Their TrighT. "Come in, my dear, come in, The wolves are ouT aT nighT." is Tor The illness we have when TesTs are due. NexT day we come wiTh noTe in hand, ThaT sTaTes we had The Flu. is Tor The locker rooms, jammed up To The doors. Your locker's in The ceiling, or down upon The Tloor. is Tor The Teachers, so kind and True are They. They never ThoughT we'd make The grade unTil This lucky day. is Tor The orchesTra we have aT our school hops. Their band is plenTy solid, Their singers are iusT Tops. is Tor The nuisance ThaT we have been, now here's To The Treshies, leT Them begin. COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN CO. 366 FIFTH AVENUE New York, N Mmeufactwfers of CHOIR ROBES, BAND OUTFITS, ACADEMIC CAPS, GOWNS AND HOODS-SPECIALTIES Hamil+on Camera and Hobby Shop 551 - 86 STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y. BE 8-0377 ac MODEL PLANES, SHIPS, ACCESSORIES SC DEVELOPING, PRINTING, ENLARGING We Cater To Your Hobby C om plimemif of E. C. Walcleck HOME FOR FUNERALS 7614 FOURTH AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Q SHore Road 8-6968 SHore Road 5-6643 DIEGES and CLUST 17 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 8, N. Y. Manufaduring Special+y Jewelers S OFFICIAL IEWELERS FOR THE CLASS OF 1945 S RINGS, PINS, MEDALS, TROPHIES, ATHLETIC AWARDS ARTHUR STUDIOS, Inc. Official Phofographers for 'Hue January I945 Tower EXCLUSIVELY EQUIPPED TO DO YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY 1457 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY NORMANDY PRINT WORKS Wishes To Ex+encI Hs Hear+ies+ Congra+uIa+ions To The Graduafes A. HILLEMEIR BUTCHER Prime Meats-Poultry-Provisions Fancy F ruits-Fresh Vegetables 4924 EIGHTH AVE. cor. 50th St. BROOKLYN, N. Y. Tel. Wlndsor 5-1419 Phone Wlndsor 3-1596 LEON FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions 5601-8th AVENUE Cor. 56th St. BROOKLYN, N. Y. STEPHEN KITTEL SELECT MEATS Poultry and Provisions 3312 THIRD AVENUE Bet. 88 81 89 Sis., Brooklyn, N.Y. Phone SI-Iore Road 8-0091 Compliments of SCHWEIZER'S BAKERY 9118-5th AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. LIORET'S LAUNDRY sf FANCY CLEANING 8704-3rd AVENUE, narr 37th St. BROOKLYN, N. Y. SH 8-1222 Compliments of BARRACK 463 Section K FOSTER FIELD, TEXAS Compliments u f THE HARBOR VIEW DINER 9299-4th AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Tel. BEachview 8-0690 PETITE BEAUTY SALON 3324 THIRD AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Miss Helen Tel. Wlndsor 6-6607 HENNINGTON FLOWER SHOP A. Henningsen, Prop. Funeral Designs Our Specialty 5309-8th AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Compliments of R. OSMERS DELICATESSEN 7522-3rd AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. SH. 5-6150 Compliments of QUATTLENDER'S PASTRY SHOP 9300 THIRD AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. SHore Road 8-6535 Compliments of DR. IRVING WEXLER D.D.S. 8502 FT. HAMILTON PKWY. BROOKLYN, N. Y. SH 5-4228 Compliments of HENRY SCHILLING Delicatessen and GfllCeflBS 9316 THIRD AVENUE SH. nd. 8-1065 Brooklyn, N. Y. Compliments of HIRSCIPVS DELICATESSEN 8006-3rd AVENUE Bay Ridge 0 Tel. SHore Road 5-2400-1 S. BIRNBAUM 446-86th STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y. Hardware, Housewares, Paint, Radios, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Vacuum Cleaners, Music Dept., Carden Dept. Phone SHOre Road 3-2769 HARRY COHEN, 0.11 OPTOMETRIST 7606 FIFTH AVENUE Office Hours 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. BROOKLYN, N. Y. Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted Compliment! of John J. Darraugh and Sons ca FUNERAL DIRECTORS so. 3-3777 M. L. TOWBIN, Inc. "Where Better Furniture Costs Lessi' 666 FIFTH AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. BEachview 8-1818-9 Ready-Made, Repairing To-order, Storage Lewis Bros. FURRIERS 7818 FIFTH AVENUE fllctween 78th and 79th SISJ Brooklyn, N. Y. Sllore Road 5-3333 SOLAR FURRIERS Manufacturers of FINE FURS 8706-3rd AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Wm. B. Kaplan Behrens Confectionery and Luncheonette HOME MADE ICE CREAM and CANDY 8610-3rd AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. SH 5-9301 FRED'K L. BRAUN 8912 THIRD AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Tel. SHore Road 8-5971 0 SHore Road 5-1410 .lACQUELINE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 9401-3rd AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. SI-lore Road 5-4550 JOHN and NORA HAIR STYLIST John J. O'Neil, Proprietor 7523 FIFTH AVENUE Brooklyn 9, N. Y. Tel.. SH 5-1217-1218 C. PHILLIPS B. Cincotla, Mgr. FRUITS and PRODUCE 8322-5th AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. DREYER CHEMISTS 4923-8th AVENUE Corner 50th St. BROOKLYN, N. Y. Wlndsor 3-8943-8917 8910 FAMILY CENTER FURNISHINGS FOR THE FAMILY 8910 THIRD AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. O Phone SHore Road 5-3980 RIDGE MARKET H. Esposlio, Prop. First Class FRUIT 81 VEGETABLE MARKET 3008 THIRD AVENUE Near 80th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. SHorc Road 5-2660 POWELL' S Surgical Equipment, Trusses, Belts, Arches, Prescriptions 75th STREET at 3rd AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Phone SHore Road 3-4577 S H A C K 9 S Prescription Pharmacy Established 1912 Sth AVENUE 81 78th STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y. Prescriptions promptly called for and delivered at any distance PETERSEN BROS., Inc. and HOUSEFURNISHINGS HARDWARE 7905-7-3rd AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Phone SH 8-0590 Phone SHore Road 8-0960 SUNSET HARDWARE CO. Hardware, Paint 81 Housefurnishings 7721 FIFTH AVENUE BROOKLYN 9, N. Y. Licensed Locksmith Edison Mazda Lamps SHore Road 8-9060 We Deliver NAGEL"S Delicatessen-Dairy Authorized Birds Eye Dealer Home Cooking Our Specialty 8816 THIRD AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Fashionable Accessories For Smart Women TULIP SHOPS 444-86th STREET Brooklyn 9, N. Y. JUELL M. BIE ,IEWELER I 7810-5th AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. ALLEON PHARMACY Full Line of Cut-Rate Cosmetics 6823 FIX HAMILTON PKWY. fat 69th Sm BROOKLYN, N. Y. SHore Road 5-9632 Compliments of MR. 81 MRS. V. CORDARO 0 Phone SH 8-7895 ROULSTONS 8802-3rd AVENUE Compliments of Manager Martin Jordan S H E F T E L S CORSETS OUR SPECIALTY Gloves, Hosiery, Underwear, Handbags 434-86 STREET BROOKLYN, N. Y. SH 8-8440 Phone SHore Road 8-5035 N. KRASNOFF PHARMACIST The Prescription Store 8723-3rd AVENUE Cor. 88th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. F RANK'S PHOTO STUDIO We Also Make Statuettes That Can't Be Beat. All Work Done At Studio 9224-4-th AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. SHore Road 5-0720 B. L. DAVISON LADIES TAILOR and FURRIER 8722 THIRD AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. Tel. SHore Road 5-0933 R E L I A N C E CLEANERS and DYERS Cleaners of Distinction 7717 FIFTH AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. All Your Goods Insured While In Our Care D. MURKEN DELICATESSEN amz HOME COOKING 8823-3rd AVENUE BROOKLYN, N. Y. DR. HARRY HIRSHMAN SURGEON DENTIST 7410 FIFTH AVENUE Over Woolworth's Store BROOKLYN, N. Y. SHore Road 8-8927 lillllli' - ' ' ' lllllllillll- ,mp EPCU ' STERLING 3- 0500 gm WW W 'I flumusnnvf BHUUMYN. NX Compliments ,Q-1 f -.:' - of I ENTIFI f , ' A S Q 2f n . . x , . ,xxfg QQ1 W FAMOUS PECPLE 7 .1 Gkflflf "c ,J if C -- f l. , . -: 7 ,I xy U55 I.. LJLQ. fqqfg::i.f:,?. . X P,k-..,....,.., . A 191 .-.,.1.1g1! I gf Sfiffi ' I' - 5553 "Y f M-. j , E. .,.e:s5'17- i4,Qa?1!,,:. . I Jgfzfffy, X55 X :Tar ir ' ,,,, His--" .s ' L 01363 ........- - - 1 "1L1'I'- . - 'xv - '-,jT' SONNET And so we grope along 'ihe vas? incline: Conirive and build in slowly moving Jriers. Sfone upon slone, line upon line, Our crafi consfrucis lhe pyramid of And if ihe block be rough or poorly hewn Hold liasfer siill and mark iis desiined place. Then grind Hs surface smooih. 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Suggestions in the Fort Hamilton High School - Tower Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) collection:

Fort Hamilton High School - Tower Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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