Fort Gibson High School - Tiger Yearbook (Fort Gibson, OK)

 - Class of 1984

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,-,r.i v- fke-uw5Q, ,,QgmQtJw wQwwvf2iUl4L9U2fI QJMMW gxwqgwgiivw RX Zi 2 61? QQ? K5 QBQQ if? 6352 9 f 6 fcb , 4, W 51035353 Q i?Qi,ZfQ?5f5S5359 diffs? 5263? M . H O JN O35 + GQ Q?Q53Q24??B5i 2 Stepping with TABLE OF CONTENTS Student Life Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Middle School Grade School Administration Sports Activities Advertising 1983 End of School FGS 1 W lr , , Hey kids, that's not Santa Claus. i ll xi Mmm Q V ,f ' im .1--ef nt .H H l 1 Kevin strikes again with his G.Q. look. l i ls it really that funny, Mrs. Molloy? 2 fPEOPLE AT FGS What's so interesting guys? C'mon. pay more attention to the teacher! nun A ' A , .K -K E i, 4, vi? .Wg jc J I Ronnie, Why are you hiding behind l-lank's back? Where's your Red, Renee? Loverboy A class from out of this world 'WWWW' ' V 'T The Godfather Olivia Newton John look-a-likes C'mon Tracey, wipe your feet Shannon teaching ballet in the hall? ff' 0 PEOPLE AT FGSXS I thought you were on a diet? What do you got TIGERS!! Settle down Brian 3 Aah-so!! 4 f PEOPLE AT FGH Could you help me, please? "Little drummer boys Future Homecoming Queen Senior Class Officers lbottom to topl Karen Cahill - Secflreas. Shannon McMahon - Vice President, Marsha Wilson - President. U19 Stepping SENIURS wit ELPH Patty Adkins Denise Alexander Joe Anderson Mark Andregg James Babb Ginger Ballard Vernal Ballew Donnie Boatman l Ronnie Bowden Wiley Bottger Brian Boyd Kelly Bray i 1 Darla Briggs Kim Brown Diane Burrows Jimmy Butler Karen Cahill efsemons ,I . ,. Lewinda Cargill Kevin Cooper Gregg Copeland John Cowclen Robert Cree Cydney Crossland Lisa Tackett Hank Dukes Kevin Fallen CLASS OF 84 'UP ,Yi X Glna Fleak Darla Ford Shelley Ford Smile Kerrye, her feet don't smell that bad. Kami Daniel Tony Delmeclico Donna Foster Laura Franklin Becky Garrett SENIORSX7 Fu fi F inf v V F11 L . 1' u 15 v-if f? 1 , -ef .W , Inf f .V QV ' w -1 Sw 9 1 '-Q 1 1 x x W a. 0 A V fy ' 'f r fb .+A ,, , , A -V +5 .x H " f" E. ' A Y 3 V aff" -1 4- i , ' , 4 s H 'tt' 1' f ge at ., 51 1-, H4 . M I . , I3 A-, - 3--ffwf lt f ,L.1j'1f -f W Q. J , 4 x 5, 5' W -A .V , ik , A W -1. , w 1 ,V w 11 A x W x W M f 1, , .-1 A , .v"','.s ' F ,f 4 ' f pf w X 'P A: -rw f ,, Y ' X i""..g wi 0 Q 1rrfv-'gp '- wgy, 14. fp 4 'lf' mfmt' 'M' X X. , W. ',.P"f'k'! 'f 4 I , ,fit . . Q i .mf 1, A iv ' 1,1 ?' 5 ., ri 1' W , , , 1 W A A?" S , 'H 2 , Q ,, , RI AA A 51 7 6 , x.AA! Af' V Av-, b A gh K, F1 D V . n A ' N n Vi ix FA A ,"' . F F fi 'W . Y, N , ff f v F E 1 A3 Q ' 'Eff 1? J ' W I if , tp J' nf Muay 4 E 4 M :Wm in 1 wg , 1 , - r A A + Q: K N X 'VV 'X 1 'A .4 "' u Aw? f U rm t ,, M x 4 ff v Q 2' " 5' , W PL 'WW Qi-Q ' ' M an y 1 L , , .v. X - , X . -, , n wx ,L . Q 34 N , .- - 1. ,, L W' W 1, M' A X f 4 ' 1 M ,L W: . f 1 Q. Q . . 'K - f rv , t ,, .- ' ' f, X , 4 I It f -1 1 , 2' 1' i .v A , : ' ,, r 5 lp 1 1 . , , , , if' , , ' , 4 -. , . I 5 1 lf' 3' 1, M' r 5 - ' ' ' A k if ' x 1 , f Q, .., in N , . - 1 V I - x Q 25.4, ,in 3 - . " f- gas, f s 3 -f 4-if AG 7"'FiI 3 is . -Y K M if 4 ,, 1,1 C-F' P A .Rv :iff- fb- Nk,l. Qifgfec. -,gl ,fr ""j 31. ' M25 ,wr lf? ,V S in-v' 'NYY H e. 1-wi. iff! Qp 5',..N 4 ldv -awww' .mswnwwv 'M ' J",-'. f 4 NA' 1' ww 4 ,fe 3. 'nm W, aw 'W 5, ? ,li is 4 ff' rr sg 417- kf . 1 MM ,, K Veronica Gaston Mike Gibson Mike Gibson Chrissy Goddard Kevin Godwin ,: Susie Guinn Roger Hammer Renee l-larkema I want out first Scotti. Kerrye Harp Shelly Hatley Mike Higley Shannon I-lornback Steve Howe Mark Hoyd Michelle Hutton Duane Irons 10fSENIORS :iii LASS Kenny Jenkins Rhonda Jennings Lynette Johnson Felicia Jones 0 I l Jimmy Langley Tammy Leech Keith Leonard Mike Lutz Shannon McMahon Sheryl Majcher Jackie Martin Tammy Martin Tracey Miller Julie Minnick Matt Mitchell Julie Moffitt Greg Moydell Mike Nelson SENIORS,'11 Beth O'Dell Gene Pennington Amy Perry David Perry IIS! cn . 7, V fini Sheri Psomas Chris Railey Chad Richardson Scott Rolland 4, Lisa Rutledge Pete Satterfield Lori Schevers Scotti Sellmeyer Jerome Sheilds Q ' Q M i L 5 S" , 3 ' A S 5 Wayne Starnes Robert Steeber Jeff Spencer Connie Stevens Verna Tackett 12fSENlORS Tammy Taylor Lisa Thorton Trina Thorton Tracy Towsend Alan Vann Rhonda Vann Punk Day Jana Wade NOT PICTURED John Owens Donnie Rose Angie Waltman Anita Waters Marsha Wilson Jimmy Wineberger Valerie Yaffe SENIORSX 13 Senior Personalities BEST DRESSED BEST PERSONALITIES Gina Fleak Kami Daniels Chad Richardson Mike Nelson , fi PRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME FLIRTIEST Angie Waltman Felicia Jones Mike Gibson Mike lGibbol Gibson 14 f SENIOR PERSONALITIES Senior Personalities BEST SMILE MOST SPIRITED Shannon McMahon Patty Adkins Hank Dukes Wiley Bottger MOST LIKELY TO DIE TALKING CLASS CLOWNS Julie Moffitt Sheri Psomas Ronnie Bowden Jimmy Butler SENIOR PERSONALITIESX 1 5 Senior Personalities -i' MOST TALENTED MOST ATHLETIC Lisa Rutledge Becky Garrett Matt Mitchell Kevin Godwin 16 f SENIOR PERSONALITIES -ef l 2 BEST ALL AROUND MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Karen Cahill Marsha Wilson Jerome Shields Robert Steeber I Howdy Partner You look so funny for a grown UP I promise I can't see anything "How can I blow out the candle and smile at the same time." "Betty Davis Eyes" sf' f 'UA r I wi 'iiiifl ":EES5i'-,Kg "',H5 -:T .ri:1+95m fnriggngg, A: ,, -Q In5u,:,,, - I.2T,ss':E" ' a 'Is- sr 'Nec : , - -wr 1: I - I . I Q - ,:tto,i ,Q X ,. X x I , , , , f . 0 , ' ' Q sys?-5 aff: - A -'Q - ,'l :Iii - 6054.9 . wr 4 . , 4. ixsmaif -ar aiu ni 5182? I '- for fl f 'If J Nr-rink 95: ri' Hu, I promise that's not rouge on my cheeks S Q SF 35" X is N X kk ' .5 IF N N S www 1 1 You mean I wasn't sup- posed to turn on the water? My horse bucked me off W-mega-5 5 4 me-z...N N bg I can't get e's my doll? 'f Mom! I wish this camera man would hurry. Come on mom! l'm ready to go Q1 r , f L if Q EW 4 15, ..,.: ff ff JV!! I I Q - we I J- 'ill' Read me a bedtime story Please f 1 Q 21 Don't put me down dad, there's no net Hey mom its got me Sunday Best Baby Picture names page 113 SENIOR BABY PICTURESXI7 Q fa! "IIIIIi'ii"Ya 47 AI think I am in lovell No one is getting into these before mel .JMS I .5 l'm just so adorable aren't I .I I . , I Qi. f, K K of-.N-Q :hk 'ik Qi- ssssss X 11. oo, . 5 10 What did you say? presents "Don't ever say that againln Mom, why are they staring at me? "Take it, Hurry!" l 4 .. ,F My n 5, XY- S Q. tif' 'x S VNC? , ' WM we me ff HE' 12 "Flasher" "Mom where's my bat?" l knew that permanant wouldn't work. 1 ? . - ess Happy Birthday to mel I bet you wonder what l've been up to. What do you mean, girls don't play with trucks!! But mom, l didn't do it! Y "l' E rst, i r 1 W s 19 we How does this thing I'm looking at the wrong "I didn't do it" work? l think it's time to take out my birdie!! curlers. Picture names page Isn't love Sweet I Some Party . . . 1 have to clean up the mess 9 Wait - let me get my clothes on first! Opps!! I guess I ate the bowl "Close that door" I dare you too take my hat Al ifga v ' 'm gr- sf I Vv' r A , W I "kL f 'VVVV ,Z F ls W ' 1 I'm Popeye the Sailor man It's a homerun, mom "I think I got more than a A'Don't tempt me" Ten paces, turn, and draw! r"fr ' 0 My H , A 4 It "Sweet and Innocent!" But he said he would call! Bathing Beauty .. iii I " , ,af ,, 5 4. I " C 4, 1 X Q - E1 g ig xy. .. at 'I 11 it if I AMX u Q5 t 'S' '52 Xl 1 "I spilled a glass of water on me!" I pinch between each cheek "Cheese" Olea? and gum." Of course I got a new A I V , doll for Christmas Donlt I every year?I?!?! 4 N, .. 'I rx- . v--- 'U - ' ill - Future Representative for the Hiney Wine Corporation. Wanna go for a swim Baby Picture na mes on page 113 SENIOR BABY PlCTURESf19 'Sophisticated Cowgirl!" How's this, mom? I think I'm out of gas, An officer and a gentleman. Dad. E.: X. 5 .Q J 1 ,ml V it 1 I eeeii I think my animal had an accident. Someday I'll have the best smile. 20 XSENIOR BABY PICTURES I like eating this happy weed, :. -. , ,I as X x X s-wx is -Q I 1' I "1i 18 Dad I have to use the bathroom "But I didn't do it." 1 ig.: .... :iw I Rst .ks .... . , "How do yo lx .8 "Mom, do I have to do this?" Mom, how come grandma's baldhead- .. . v u like my curl?,' How do you turn this thing on? Just call me Elvis! Give me your money or l'Il shoot! The birdie flew away. ed? W I I'm sorry I can't talk to strangers. -..5 k I Q Q A I .stkig ,S 1 ,saw , .is ,,,. -my - I xgifvx k M ,MZ ff sf I absolutely hate having to smile f-A- N when I don't want to. 'I - -L'i G- f. VY . . ff., 'F .... I wonder what's holding this bow on my "25d: for a caIl!!!" head. Picture names on page 113 PATTY ADKINS Att. 12 yrs. Basketball - 1 yr., Flag Corps - 1 yr., Cheerleader - 3 yrs., Jr. Class President, Fellowship of Christian Athletes - 2 yrs. DENISE ALEXANDER Att. 3 yrs. National Honor Roll - 4 yrs., Debate - 2 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students - 2 yrs., Society of Distinguished High School Students - 2 yrs. JOE ANDERSON Att. 4 yrs. Band - 4 yrs., Football - 3 yrs., Weightlifting - 3 yrs., Honor Roll - 2 yrs., National Honor Society - 1 yr. MARK ANDREGG Att. 10 yrs. Football - 3 yrs., Golf - 4 yrs. JAMES BABB Att. 7 yrs. Football 4 yrs., Track - 4 yrs., Wrestling - 2 yrs., Weightlifting - 3 yrs. GINGER BALLARD Att. 8 yrs. Basketball - 3 yrs., 4-H Club - 4 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students - 2 yrs., National Honor Roll - 2 yrs., DramafDebate - 2 yrs. VERNAL BALLEW Att. 3 yrs. Football - 3 yrs., Weightlifting - 3 yrs., Track - 2 yrs., Who's Who Among High School Students, National Honor Roll. DONNIE BOATMAN Att. 216 yrs. Vo- TechfWeIding - 2 yrs., VICA - 2 yrs. WILEY BOTTGER Att. 8 yrs. Football - 4 yrs., Honor Roll - 1 yr., Wrestling - 1 yr., Who's Who Among American High School Students RONNIE BOWDEN Att. 12 yrs. Baseball - 4 yrs., Band - 4 yrs. BRIAN BOYD Att. 9 yrs. Football - 4 yrs., Golf - 4 yrs., Competitive Speech. KELLY BRAY ICheck last page for activities.l DARLA BRIGGS Att. 7 yrs. Basketball - 3 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students - 2 yrs., FCA Secretary - 1 yr., National Honor Roll - 2 yrs., Civic Action Club - 2 yrs. KIM BROWN Att. 13 yrs. FFA - 4 yrs., FFA Secretary - 2 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students. DIANE BURROUGHS Att. 8 yrs. Softball - 3 yrs., Volleyball - 3 yrs. JIMMY BUTLER Att. 7 yrs. Football - 4 yrs., Basketball - 4 yrs., Baseball - 3 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students, Class Clown. KAREN CAHILL Att. 6 yrs. Basketball - 3 yrs., Who's Who - '83-'84, Junior Class Secretary, Senior Class Secretary, Band - 4 yrs. LEWINDA CARGILL Att. 6 yrs. Basketball - 3 yrs., Volleyball - 3 yrs., FCA - 2 yrs., Senior Homecoming Attendant, Honor Roll. GREG COPELAND Att. 3 yrs. Basketball - 3 yrs., Baseball - 2 yrs., Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Who's Who Among American High School Students. JOHN COWDEN Att. 4 yrs. Vo-Tech. Senior Activities CYDNEY CROSSLAND Att. 13 yrs. Softball - 3 yrs., Volleyball - 2 yrs., FHA - 1 yr., Who's Who Among American High School Students. KAMI DANIEL Att. 4 yrs. FHA - 3 yrs., Flag Corp - 3 yrs., March of Dimes Youth Council - 2 yrs., Senior Attendant of Football Court, Best Personality. TONY DELMEDICO Att. 4 yrs. Football - 1 yr., Wrestling - 1 yr., VoAg - 4 yrs. LISA DISHMAN Att. 5 yrs. Yearbook - 2 yrs., Cheerleader - 1 yr., FHA - 1 yr., Home Ec., Drama - 1 yr. HANK DUKES Att. 9 yrs. Drama - 4 yrs., Football - 2 yrs., Weightlifting - 1 yr., Musical - 3 yrs. KEVIN FALLEN Att. 13 yrs. Vo-Tech - 2 yrs., VICA - 1 yr. GINA FLEAK Att. 8 yrs. Basketball - 4 yrs., President of Civic Action Club - 2 yrs., Best Dressed - Sr. Personality, Who's Who - 2 yrs., SecfTreas. of FCA - 2 yrs. DARLA FORD Att. 13 yrs. Band - 5 yrs., Flag Corp - 3 yrs., Chorus - 1 yr., VoAg - I yr. SHELLY FORD Att. 13 yrs. Spanish - 3 yrs., Softball - 1 yr., Volleyball - 1 yr., Yearbook Staff - 1 yr., Who's Who Among American High School Students. LAURA FRANKLIN Att. 12 yrs. FHA - 1 yr., Band - 4 yrs., VoTech - HOSA 1 yr. BECKY GARRETT Att. 3 yrs. Softball - 3 yrs., Basketball - 2 yrs., Volleyball Q 2 yrs., Track - 1 yr., Who's Who - I yr. VERONICA GASTON Att. 8 yrs. Who's Who Among American High School Students, Softball 3 yrs., Volleyball - 2 yrs., FHA - 2 yrs. JEFF GIBBONS Att. 12 yrs. Drama - 4 yrs., All School Musical - 3 yrs., Spanish Club - 2 yrs. MIKE "Gibbon GIBSON Att. 13 yrs. 3A-13 All-District Center, Football - 4 yrs., Weightlifting 4 yrs., Class Flirt, Who's Who Among American High School Students. CHRISSY GODDARD Att. 1 yr. Drama and Speech - 4 yrs., Thespians - 2 yrs., United States Achievement Academy Drama Award - 3 yrs., Speech and Drama Club - 3 yrs., All High School Plays and One-Act - 4 yrs. KEVIN DARRYL GODWIN Att. 7 yrs. Basketball - 4 yrs., Baseball - 4 yrs., Football - 4 yrs., Most Athletic, FCA - 2 yrs. SUSIE GUINN Att. 12 yrs. Softball - 2 yrs., Volleyball - 2 yrs., Chorus - 4 yrs. ROGER'HAMMER Att. 7 yrs. Drama - 2 yrs., Basketball - 2 yrs. RENEE ANN HARKEMA Att. 12 yrs. Cheerlead- ing - 3 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students, FHA - 2 yrs., FCA - 1 yr., Civic Action Club. KERRYE HARP Att. 3176 yrs. Journalism - 2 yrs., Chorus - 2 yrs. SHELLEY HATLEY Att. 10 yrs. Basketball - 2 yrs., FHA - 1 yr., Chorus - IA yr., Votech - B6 yr., Track - 1 yr. MIKE HIGLEY Att. 9 yrs. Who's Who Among American High School Students, Honor Roll, Band - 8 yrs., Golf. SHANON HORNBACK Att. 11 yrs. Softball - 3 yrs., Volleyball - 2 yrs., Track - 1 yr., Flags - 2 yrs., FHA - 1 yr. STEVE HOWE Att. 4 yrs. FFA - 4 yrs., Vo-Tech - 2 yrs., VICA - 2 yrs., Basketball - 1 yr. MARK HOYD Att. 6 yrs. Art - 4 yrs. MICHELLE HUTTON Att. 11 yrs. Who's Who Among American High School Students - 2 yrs., Civic Action Club - 2 yrs., FHA - 2 yrs., Honor Roll - 2 yrs., FCA - 1 yr. DUANE IRONS Att. 3 yrs. Live Stock Show's - 3 yrs., VoAg - 3 yrs. KEN JENKINS Att. 13 yrs. President Teens for Christ, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Art Club - 2 yrs., Football - I yr., Wrestling - 1 yr. RHONDA LYNN JENNINGS Att. 11 yrs. Softball A 2 yrs., Volleyball - 2 yrs., FHA - 2 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students. LYNETTE RENEE JOHNSON Att. 5 yrs. Mat Maid - 4 yrs., Home Economics - 4 yrs., FHA - 4 yrs., Spanish - 1 yr., Who's Who Among American High School Students. FELICIA DEANNA JONES Att. 13 yrs. Cheerleader - 3 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students - 2 yrs., Class Flirt, FCA - 2 yrs., Student Council - 2 yrs. JAMES LANGLEY Att. 4 yrs. Track - 1 yr., Math - 4 yrs., Drama - 3 yrs., VoTech - 2 yrs., School Play - 2 yrs. TAMMY LEACH Att. 136 yrs. Chorus. LARRY LOCKE Att. 4 yrs. Basketball 2 yrs., Football - 1 yr., Chorus A 3 yrs., Track - 3 yrs., Vo-Tech - 2 yrs. MIKE LUTZ Att. 6 yrs. Football - 2 yrs., Weightlifting - 2 yrs. SHANNON MCMAHON Att. 4 yrs. Cheerleading - 3 yrs., Homecoming Queen 83-84, Senior Class Vice-President, Who's Who Among American High School Students - 2 yrs., State Honor Roll - 4 yrs. SHERYL ANN MAJCHER Att. 4 yrs. FHA - 3 yrs., Flags - 4 yrs., Co-captain - 1 yr., Track - 1 yr., Who's Who Among American High School Students. JACKIE MARTIN Att. 13 yrs. Civic Action Club - 2 yrs., Spanish Club - 1 yr., Chorus - 2 yrs., Honor Roll - 1 yr., Who's Who Among American SENIOR ACTIVITIESXZI Senior Activities High School Students. TAMMY MARTIN Att. 6 yrs. Home Economics - 4 yrs., FHA - 4 yrs., FHA Treasurer, FHA President, Who's Who Among American High School Students. MATTHEW DEAN MITCHELL Att. 5 yrs. Vo-Tech - 2 yrs., Musical - 4 yrs., Art - 5 yrs. TRACEY ANN MILLER Att. 1 yr. Basketball - 4 yrs., Softball - 3 yrs., Volleyball- 2 yrs., Student Council - 1 yr., Yearbook - 1 yr. JULIE AMBER MINNICK Att. 13 yrs. FHA - 2 yrs., School Musical, Competitive Speech, Who's Who Among American High School Students. JULIE VALENA MOFFITT Att. 12 yrs. Civic Action Club - 2 yrs., Sophomore Vice President Student Council - Sophomore Rep., Most Likely To Die Talking, Who's Who Among American High Students. GREGG MOYDELL Att. 13 yrs. Band - 8 yrs., Yearbook Photographer - 2 yrs., Newspaper Staff - 1 yr., Oklahoma All-Star Band I83, Basketball - 1 yr. MIKE NELSON Att. 12 yrs. Basketball - 4 yrs., Baseball - 3 yrs., Best Personality, Student Council - Senior Rep., Who's Who Among American High School Students. BETH O'DELL Att. 13 yrs. Cheerleader - 5 yrs., Honor Roll, SpeechfDrama - 2 yrs., WhoIs Who Among American High School Students. JOHN OWENS Att. 5 yrs. Football - 4 yrs., Track - 4 yrs., Vo-Ag - 2 yrs. Weightlifting - 4 yrs. GENE PENNINGTON Att. 7 yrs. Football - 4 yrs., Track - 4 yrs., Weightlifting - 3 yrs., Baseball - 1 yr., Who's Who Among American High School Students. AMY PERRY Att. 13 yrs. FHA - 4 yrs., Senior Student Council Rep., Civic Action Club - 2 yrs., Newspaper Staff - 2 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students. DAVID PERRY Att. 12 yrs. Vo-Ag - 4 yrs., Honor Roll - 1 yr., Band - 8 yrs., Golf - 3 yrs., Football - 1 yr. 22 f SENIOR ACTIVITIES SHERI PSOMAS Att. 12 yrs. Basketball - 1 yr., Track - 1 yr., Softball - 3 yrs., Golf - 2 yrs., Volleyball - 1 yr. CHAD RICHARDSON Att. 6 yrs. Fellowship of Christian Athletes President, Student Council President, Basketball - 4 yrs., Best Dressed, Who's Who Among American High School Students. SCOTT ROLLAND Att. 13 yrs. Vo-Tech - 2 yrs., Football - 2 yrs., Track - 2 yrs. DONNY ROSE Att. 5 yrs. Vo-Ag - 3 yrs. LISA RUTLEDGE Att. 6 yrs. Most Talented Girl, Basketball - 4 yrs., Competitive Speech - 4 yrs., All School Musical - 4 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students. PETE SATTERFIELD Att. 4 yrs. Vo-Ag - 3 lb yrs., Basketball 1 yr., Vo-Tech - 2 yrs., FFA - 3 B6 yrs. LORI SCHEVERS Att. 5 yrs. Band - 8 yrs., Yearbook Staff - 1 yr., Honor Roll, FHA - 1 yr., Who's Who Among American High School Students. SCOTTI SELLMEYER Att. 4 yrs. Basketball - 1 yr., Vo-Tech - 2 yr. JEROME SHIELDS Att. 12 yrs. Football - 4 yrs., Track - 4 yrs., Weightlifting - 3 yrs., Art - 3 yrs. JEFF SPENCER Att. 1 yr. Football - 4 yrs., Wrestling - 3 yrs., Weightlifting - 4 yrs., Track - 4 yrs. ROBERT STEEBER Att. 13 yrs. Baseball - 2 yrs., Football - 2 yrs., Competitive Speech - 2 yrs., Most Likely To Succeed, Who's Who Among American High School Students. CONNIE STEVENS Att. 13 yrs. Yearbook - 1 yr., Chorus - 1 yr., Vo-Tech - 1 yr., Who's Who Among American High School Students - 2 yrs. VERNA TACKETT Att. 13 yrs., Cheerleader 5 yrs., Honor Roll - 3 yrs., Society of Distinguished American High School Students - 2 yrs., National Merit Society - 2 yrs., Head Cheerleader - 2 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students 2 yrs. TAMMY TAYLOR Att. 5 yrs. Flay Corps - 3 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students, FHA - 2 yrs., Junior Attendant - 1982, March of Dimes Youth Council - 2 yrs. LISA THORNTON Att. 12 yrs. FHA - 4 yrs., FHA Secretary - 1 yr., Vo-Tech - HOSA Secretary - 1 yr. TRINA THORNTON Att. 12 yrs. Home Ec. - 4 yrs., FHA - 4 yrs., Art - 1 yr., Spanish - 1 yr. TRACY TOWNSEND Att. 13 yrs. Football - 4 yrs., Weight Lifting - 3 yrs., Track - 2 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students, March of Dimes Youth Council - 2 yrs. ALAN VANN Att. Basketball - 2 yrs., Vo-tech - 2 yrs. RHONDA VANN Att. 4 yrs. Journalism - 2 yrs., Chorus - 1 yr., Volleyball - 1 yr., Drama - 1 yr., Art - 1 yr. JANA WADE Att. 6 yrs. Mat Maids - 2 yrs., Chorus - 3 yrs. ANGELA WALTMAN Att. 13 yrs. Band - 4 yrs., Flag Corps - 3 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students, Prettiest Girl - Senior Class, Football Queen - Senior Year. ANITA WATERS Att. 2 yrs. Band - 4 yrs., Chorus - 3 yrs., Yearbook - 1 yr., Spanish - 1 yr. MARSHA WILSON Att. 8 yrs. National Honor Roll - 4 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students - 2 yrs., Senior Class President, Junior Class Vice President, Drum Majorette - 3 yrs. JIMMY WINEBERGER Att. 10 yrs. Football - 4 yrs., Weightlifting - 3 yrs., Track - 1 yr., Drama - 4 yrs., Journalism - 1 yr. VALERIE YAFFE Att. 1036 yrs., Band - 4 yrs., Who's Who Among American High School Students, Honor Roll, Journalism Staff. KELLY BRAY Att. 13 yrs. Football manager - 3 yrs., Basketball manager - 1 yr., Who's Who Among American High School Students, Newspaper Staff - 2 yrs., Baseball - 3 yrs. I, Patty Adkins, will my outgoing and "spirited" personality to Jody Powell. I, Denise Alexander, will my ability to have patience with Freshmen to Mr. Brashears, who is going to need all the help he can get. I, Mark Andregg, will my awesome one-hit status and the ability to start at L.B. for FGH at 145 lbs, soaking wet, to Joseph Landers. I, James Babb, will my ability to get flip-flop whenever I need it to Jeff Spencer. I, Ginger Ballard, will the scorebook, the camera and the ability to get along with Mr. Johnson for the next two years to Betsy Easley. I, Colonel Vernal Ballew, will my awesome ability to make straight A's and my great ability to skip school to my younger brother Donnie. I, Wiley Bottger, will my ability to skip Monday football practice and get away with it to Trent Lindley. I, Ronnie Bowden, will my ability to ignore and put up with Coach Terronez to Shawn Paulk. I, Brian Boyd, will my ability to leave my hi-tops untied and wear a trench coat to the badest junior-Troy Shields. I, Kelly Bray, will my ability to be a great manager to Allen Lytal. I, Darla Briggs, will my exceedingly long arms to Troy Shields who desperately needs them. I, Kim Brown, will my ability to ride a horse and put up with coondogs to Leslie Pitchford. I, Diane Burroughs, will my ability to talk on the phone all the time to Shelly Barnett. I, Jimmy Butler, will my sexy, hairy legs and chest to Mark Martin who needs them desperately and sense of humor and good looks to my little sister, Dana. I, Karen Cahill, will my ability to remain standing for one full hour of volleyball to Pat Dause. I, Lewinda Cargill, will my sense of humor and ability to keep my mouth shut while people yell and scream at me for no reason at all to Marci Moydell and Lisa Tolbert. I, Gregory Copeland, will my ability to ride the pine and dodge spit at the same time to Mark Martin, who will need it next year. I, John Cowden, will my ability to bite any nails to Brian Clark. I, Cydney Crossland, will my ability to earn enough credits to graduate to Tommy Cox. I, Kami Daniel, will my ability to do an inverted wombat and fall down in the library for no apparent reason to Kim Bargas. I, Tony Delmedico, will my ability to complete basic training to Terry Cox. I, Lisa Dishman, will to my sister, Tracye Dishman, my ability to get out of tickets. I, Hank Dukes, will my ability to skip classes or school without getting caught to Mr. Troy Shields. I, Kevin Fallen, will my super sharp 77 GMC to Donnie Leach because his is always in the shop I, Gina Fleak, will to my "little" sister, Kristi, my exceeding height so everyone will stop teasing her. I, Laura Franklin, will my clean and spotless locker to David Perry. I, Becky Garrett, will my charm and sexiness to Sherry Robbins. I, Veronica Gaston, will my ability to know when I've got a good thing and keep it to Deana Brown. I, Jeff Gibbons, will my suppleness and ability to cope with this world of confornity to Shari Kestas. I, Gibbo, will my centering ability to Scott Cooper and maybe next year he'Il be able to hit the QB's hands. I, Christina Goddard, will my diaper tennis shoes Class Will to any underclassman with enough originality to wear them and a pair of binoculars to my brother, Robert, for lima bean observation. I, Kevin Godwin, will my sore flame throwing arm that throws baseballs at the speed of light to Chris Lewellen who needs all the power he can get. I, Susie Guinn, will my ability to sing extremely loud and make a fool of myself in chorus to Carol Arnett. I, Roger Hammer, will my ability to pick up women on Friday nights to my little brother, John. I, Kerrye Harp, will my seat in Mr. Walker's office to anyone that thinks they can handle it. I, Shelly Hatley, will my ability to drive safely uptown and get out of tickets to Donna Crumb. I, Mike I-Iigley, will my good looks and my ability to pick up girls on the weekends to Shawn Smith. I, Shanon I-Iornback, will my ability to keep the same guy for over two years to Rachael Cobler. I, Steve Howe, will my membership in the coyote hunters club to David Sevier. I, Mark Hoyd, will all my brains to Matt Hendrix to pass English IV. I, Michelle Hutton, will my ability to be late for first hour every day to my sister Jenny and my ability to take beatings from Greg Copeland to his sister, Stacey. I, Duane Irons, will my ability to scoop cow manure to the junior VoAg students. I, Ken Jenkins, will my ability to have a great time and to live a full high school life without drinking a drop of all those pour souls that have tO. I, Rhonda Jennings, will my ability to do things without getting caught to Danny Dominguez. I, Lynette Johnson, will my ability to have never received a warning or a ticket to both of my brothers, James Johnson and David Rosson. I, Felicia Jones, will my customers of ribbon sales to Lavon Wilkie. I, Jim Langley, will my Kawasaki 400 and all my personal belongs to Bobby Harris. I, Tammy Leach, will my unique and well known laugh to Jenny Hutton and Anita Williams. I, Larry Locke, will all my hopes, dreams and Friday nights to Mike Goats. I, Shannon McMahon, having a smile at all time, hereby do bequeath my "cheer"ful ways to Anita Williams and sneaky and sly ways to Rachael Cobler. I, Sheryl Majchers, will my patiences of being on the flag team to anyone who plans to be on the flag team in the coming years. I, Jackie Martin, will my ability to be late for first hour everyday to anyone who can uphold my record. I, Tammy Martin, will my ability to get my license on the first try to my brother and his best friend, Tim Martin and James Cooper. I, Tracey Miller, will my ability to stay cool on the basketball court and not get mad at the referees to Ada Ross. I, Julie Minnick, will my ability to make it through high school without going crazy to Lisa Cook, who is already crazy. I, Matt Mitchell, will my total insanity and ability to goof off in a given situation to my brother Mark. I, Julie Moffitt, will my "outrageous" laugh to Jenny Hutton who knows only how to smile and my ability to park on the sidewalk to Trent Lindley. I, Gregg Moydell, will my height and my ability to take pictures to Mrs. Townsend. I, Mike Nelson, will my ability to stay with one girl throughout the school year to Shawn Paulk. I, Beth O'DeIl, will my ability to embarrass Mrs. Stout to the upcoming history students and my roadmap legs to the upcoming cheerleaders. I, John Owens, will my keg of fine water to Kevin Adams. I, Gene Pennington, will my ability to put up with Coach West and his play calling to Mike Goats. I, David Perry, will nothing to anyone because of the education cutbacks in the state has forced me to give it to Uncle Sam. I, Amy Perry, will the decorations in my locker to Becky Andrews since she doesn't have any. I, Sheri Psomas, will nothing to the Junior class because of a great deal of greed, am still hoping to take it with me - they wouldn't know what to do with it anyway. I, Christopher Railey, will my ability as a senior percussionist to defeat Tulsa Unions 21 piece drum corps and win Outstanding Drum Line Award three times in competition to the 1984-85 FG Drum Corps. I, Chadwick Richardson, will my ability to take ridiculous shots during basketball practice to Mike Osborne and my black shortbed chevy to Leah Jones, who needs it desperately lsorry Georgel. I, Scott Rolland, will my ability to skip school to Doug Ragsdale. I, Donnie Rose, will my ability to get to school to Dannie McElmurry I, Lisa Rutledge, will to Becky Andrews the ability to pick the neatest friends Ilike the friend I've found in herl I, Lori Schevers, will my ability to have a 94 average in Mr. Cannon's class and never make an A on a test, to Becky Andrews. I, Scotti Sellmeyer, will my ability to keep a boyfriend for more than two weeks to Marty Livingston and my awesome typing ability to Tony Martin, good luck kiddies. I, Jerome Shields, will my great gambling ability to any underclassman. I, Jeff Spencer, will my dedication to stay in wrestling till the year is up to John Babb. I, Connie Stevens, will my ability to overcome my shyness to Jackie Stanley. I, Verna Tackett, will the ability to keep Mrs. Godwin mad at me all year long to next year's head cheerleader and my immense 5'2" stature to the 1984-1985 basketball team. I, Tammy Taylor, will my pterodactyl imitation and my height so that I may overlook midgets to Sherry Robins. I, Lisa Thornton, will my gasoline to get more places than my driveway to Michelle Galloway. I, Trina Thornton, will my ability to drive a car to Johnny Ray Bradley. I, Tracy Allen Townsend, will Troy Shields my Mg Midget for a weekend rendezvous with the woman of his choice. I, Jana Wade, will my shirt size to Jon Ann Winters. I, Angela Waltman, will my ability to spill everything I pick up on the person next to me and my preserverance to Sharon Polsley. I, Anita Waters, will my ability to drive a standard truck and run fast - Well . . . to Tracye Dishman. I, Marsha Wilson, will my ability to take the band to state and receive a superior rating to anyone who can fill my "uniform," I, Jimmy Wineburger, will my awesome ability to play basketball to my buddy John Hammer. I, Valerie Yaffe, will my creative film-making abilities to Mr. Maher who taught me everything I know about lobbying. CLASS WILLf23 Class Pro hec p y May 11, 1989 Dear Mrs. Arnett, I was reminded of you the other day as I was shopping and ran into Kerrye Harp, who had her nine children with her. I thought you might be interested in what has happened to the rest of the class of 84. Valerie Yaffe, along with Lori Schevers, is now in California trying to make it big with their combination "Valley Girl - lsod Lacoste" clothing store. Kim Brown, Cydney Crossland and Ronnie Gaston have gone to the Rodeo world where they met up with John Cowden and Donny Rose, who were working as clowns. Lynnette Johnson is a professional matmaid because of her ability to yell so loudly. Angie Waltman is a professional cheerleader now for the Dallas Cowboys. Gibbo has his own dating service, featuring himself as the "Ultimate male companionf' He says business is a little slow but with his two new top employees, Greg Copeland and Mike Nelson, it should pick up soon. Nevertheless, stockbroker, Mark Andregg, has little faith in the dating service and has advised his clients not to invest in it. Shelly Ford has published her own dictionary which can be read in twenty different languages. Tony Delmedico and Pete Satterfield tried to make it to high ranks in the National Guard but failed to go past basics because of Colonel Vernal Ballew. Apparently, they kept making Colonel Ballew mad by repeating in front of the ranks, "Nobody does it like the Colonel." They were quickly demoted. Brian Boyd can be seen from time to time slipping around in his trenchcoat. He's doing undercover work for the Mafia. Chief of Police, Jeff Spencer, has been trying to catch Brian but can only tell who he is by his profile. Gina Fleak and Darla Briggs now coach the Red Heads basketball team. Becky Garrett and Sheri Psomas have made it to the top as a pitcherfcatcher combination for the California Curlies. Their only problem is the coach didnft want them after their hair straightened out, so they are unemployed at the time. Kelly Bray is now Chairman of the Board for Mobil, Inc. and he sees that there is plenty of low cost gas for Tammy Martin, Lisa Thornton and Trina Thronton who are traveling around the United States as National FFAX FHA promoters. Top model, Michelle Hutton, says she owes most of her success to fashion designer Renee Harkema. Hank Dukes and Ronnie Bowden are doing commercials for Budweiser. Shannon McMahon, general advertising manager for Budweiser, says the boys show a natural talent for the commercials. Kevin Fallen is manufacturing Volkswagons. Lisa Rutledge took her horse to go riding in the hills one day and hasn't been seen since. Susie Guinn is finally fat and happy at 210 pounds. Gregg Moydell has his own band that features twenty 6'5" trumpet players. Sheryl Majcher has a job as a cruise director on the Titantic II. Mike Lutz is now a full-fledged astronaut going to the moon. Felicia Jones is suing Beth O'Dell for turning her hair yellow while Beth was trying to give her a perm in her newly opened beauty salon. Mike Higley is still taking summer courses to try and pass Government. Kevin Godwin has a secretarial position with Robert Steeber's computer corporation and can now type 15 words a minute. Donna Foster and Chrissy Goddard have gone back to their home state of Texas and solemnly vow they will never return to Oklahoma again. Chad Richardson is a top politician and was doing well until reporter Connie Stevens brought out some of his 'behind scenes' activities. Ginger Ballard is now starring on Broadway in "Annie Get Your Gun." Marsha Wilson is promoting Polka Dot Tennis Shoes at the New York Philharmonic Orchestra during her off times as orchestra leader. Denise Alexander is now a brain surgeon at Mayo Clinic. Jana Wade is doing very well in the opera and has the soprano lead in Madam Butterfly. James Babb and Jerome Shields enjoyed Home Ec. so much their senior year they decided to make a career of it and are now teaching in the high school. The only problem they seem to be having is Wiley Bottgerg he keeps coming back to try and learn to sew up the pants he ripped while climbing a flag pole, but he just can't seem to get it all together. Julie Moffitt and Jimmy Butler are seen regularly on the Tonight Show along with top comedian, Jeff Gibbons. They have replaced Johnny Carson and seem to keep everyone laughing. Verna Tackett is teaching English and Amy Perry is teaching a Government class at a prestigious university. Shannon Hornback and Gene Pennington have married and have two sons and two daughters that are carrying on the tradition of flag team and football players. Lewinda Cargill has finally been institutionalized, she drove herself crazy. Tracey Miller has been throwing continuous parties to celebrate Lewinda's admittance to the institution. While at one of these parties, Kami Daniel finally got so mad at Tracy Townsend, she shot him. Although Tracy was seriously injured, he did not press charges but rumor has it that he has hired a hit man, Mike Gibson, to finish her off. Roger Hammer and David Perry joined the FBI. Their first assignment was to catch embezzlers, Joe Anderson and Chris Railey, but Joe and Chris kept escaping from them in a get-away car driven by Anita Waters. They were finally caught by Roger and David when they received a lead from private investigator Robert Cree. Alan and Rhonda Vann have formed a singing group and are quickly moving Michael Jackson off the charts. Rhonda Jennings has been hospitalized after mouthing off to a guy driving a MAC truck. Tammy Leach is doing voice-overs for laughing commercials. Scott Rolland, Mark Hoyd and Jimmy Langley now manage RHL Tree Trimming Service and are becoming quite wealthy in their own business. Donnie Boatman has finally come out of his shyness and is a door to door recruit for Matt Mitchell's Buddism Crusade. Lisa Dishman is now teaching Journalism in a college in the far east. Kevin Cooper, John Owens, Duane Irons and Steve Howe have joined a guerrilla camp and are waiting for WW III. Patty Adkins has become a professional psychiatrist and sees patient Jimmy Wineberger often. Jimmy can't seem to get everything together. Shelly Hatley has her own factory where she designs and manufactures high-heel shoes. Laura Franklin now owns Weight Watchers of America. Jackie Martin can be seen driving her car around the streets of Ft. Gibson. Tammy Taylor went to OU and received her degree in interior decorating. She was doing well until she got carried away with long-time friend Darla Ford's house. Darla didn't care much for the bright pink and green coloring and apparently told Tammy with her fists. Diane Burroughs is working a construction job and gets no flack from fellow workers. Scotti Sellmeyer is now fashion consultant for Neiman Marcus. Sweet little Julie Minnick, who had an early spring wedding, says she is living happily - ever - after. As for me, well, I'm sitting back and taking it easy while remembering the good ol' days at Fort Gibson High. Sincerely yours, Karen Cahill 24 lil CLASS OFFICERS: fl to rj Sherry Robins, Vice Presidentg Stacy Copeland, Presidentg Robyn Harmon, Secretary. With JUNIORS Up M Stepping ifign.. an A no CHILI n,.I 25 Miles Allen Becky Andrews Carol Annett Kim Bargas Shelly Barnett Shari Birth Kayln Brassfield Scott Brooks Madison Cauthon Brian Clark Bobby Cobb Rachael Cobler Lisa Cook Mike Cooper Scott Cooper Stacey Copeland John Copus Terry Cox Tommy Cox Birch Cullum Pat Dause Chris Davis Ty Dillman Kathy Dobson John Ecker Lori Farrow Erin Fischer Lisa Frye 3 AVV 3 7 , .1 Ns ' dp...-+-W ,,. , s X , ,X . 4 wit ,r XXX Sheila Galiano Michelle Galloway Michelle Gibson Mike Gilliland 5 L' C X H 3 sheuy Gass ' six iff IP 5 3, 3 R ,ls if X 5 'Q-4, 26 XJUNIORS Q. A 'K -2- . D ' i Q1 f J ,.... . l K ' 4' Q so - :fi m y X TE me .gi jg 1 Q. . M J is i l 2 1 ff' '42 W, , ..-. ,. Q .... Q sfixm 4- 9 . 'fi L. we A 'le it .Q woes 'Ru N X X s X if f V X ss.-+ 3 Ds l Hi -, - ,,-- H" KI, . 5 -I wgwkku, v K . ugh Q. X S 1' X x , N X fa. X - xx X 'F N 3 is 1 l is 4--Q x it X wp: 3 i e yssy i I Q 'I ssay im a. . B, XM ix 'YE D E ,LS if as N. is - sg? ,- S :.. f x K .- lx ia X - VAA-1 54. 1 fb. Q' 1' lx Cindy Matthews Vicki Mayo Mellissa Moore Tommy O'Laughlin Mike Osborne Mike Goats Steve Green Pam Groom Robyn Harmon Kim Harris Lisa Hathcoat Rhonda Henderson Tammy Henderson Steven Hill Charlene Holmes Doug Hubbard Jimmy Hunt Jerry Holt Kevin Igert David Johnson James Johnson Jeff Johnson Kelly Jones Donny Leach Trent Lindley Marty Livingston Karrie Lytle Darryl McClure Donnie McClure Danny McElmurry Clint Mackey Mark Martin Tony Martin Jody Owens Robin Owens Billy Parker Tim Parker Tom Payne Joe Peoples David Perry Sharon Polsley Kathy Railey Matt Reed James Rigsby Steven Richie Sherry Robins Tiffany Robinson Jackie Rodgers Ada Ross David Rosson Billy Rowan Shelly Royce David Sevier Sandi Shaw Troy Shields Randy Sims Ranae Smith Joe Snow Jackie Stanley Cindy Tackett Angie Taylor 28 f J UNIORS 4.4. Linda Vann Travis Wade Mike Young Not Pictured Sandi Batchelor Mike Dunn Jamie Geortz pw, sofa vs f K Mark Taylor J '. . L Si .X . - as ,-1 41 932- CLASS OFFICERS: ll to rl Traci Huggins, Vice Presidentg Mark Mitchell, Presidentg Shelly Harris, Secretary. U11 Stepping With SOPHUMORES 1 ff 14.1 ' U ......d ' 29 Lena Acker Vince Anderson John Babb Donnie Ballew Berry Bargas Kerry Bargas Denise Barker Tina Birth Jenny Boling Johnny Bradley Chris Branscum Mike Brown Cheryl Burgess Evelyn Burroughs Chris Burt Gary Cook James Cooper Angela Copeland Chris Copeland Chris Cox Mike Craig Kelly Crittenden Joe Crossland Mike Crossland Donna Crum Sabrina Dawsey Tracye Dishman Jimmy Dobson Danny Dominguez Bo Dunlap Betsy Easley Shannon Elledge Kim Ford Pauletta Foster Billy Frix James Galloway Sean Gann Kelly Gilliam Jeff Gillispie Robert Goddard Kelli Green John Hammer Patrick Harmon Shelly Harris SOXSOPHOMORES NS-s a:-' 'ff "' ws 1. X xi A -:sri K .ra .eww ,fr X Xs 'ik i S if X , grwwr f !"N ,, , ..,,.... iso .5 sssa lri J 14. ' i'i'k r"""' 1' ' 'P' I 4 S i r 1 a ' ' J is ' Lv-47" f K A. S fy Sherri Heavner Matt Hendrix Carol Hill Lashonda Hill Sean Hornback Brady Horton David Howe Traci Huggins Keith Hunt Linda Isbell Shari Kestas Joe Landers Chris Lewellen Jared Lewis Pam Logan Angela Long David Lyons Allen Lytal Alma Mclntosh Tim Martin Stephanie Meeks Tina Meeks Lillian Miller Nikki Minnick Mark Mitchell Lynette Monks Marci Moydell James Murray Evon Nero Jason Owens Shawn Paulk Leslie Pitchford Jody Powell Lisa Prock Michelle Prophet Eric Qualls Doug Ragsdale Anita Sawyer Michelle Schultz Barry Settlemyre Greg Shepherd Crystal Sheppard Pam Sheridan Tammy Sheridan Sophomoref31 Shawn Smith Mark Stephens Richard Starnes Anna Stepp Tammy Terrell Belinda Tharp Caroline Tiner Lisa Tolbert Wally Urban Teri VanWinkle Kerry Walkingstick Melissa Warlick Steven Whitworth Not Pictured Leslie Cauthon Ramona Hilger Gerald Cooper Carnita Mayfield Sean Robinson Mark Taylor Tammy Terrel , hw 1-- R s ka Q' 1 iii 2 X 5 as x N! 'Q I Brian Whorton LaVon Wilkie Sheli Yaffe Connie Young 'D Q' 32fSOPHOMORE 1 lg, Class Officers il to rl Vice President - Kim Garrett, President - Becky McCurley, Secretary - Julie Thouvenel. UP With FRESHMEN Stepping 33 34jFRESHMEN Robert Armstrong Lori Arnett Kent Ausmus Kelly Bandy Vickie Barker Roy Barrett Laura Benge Joe Beaver Mike Berkenbile Lisa Blair Dodi Blakenship Lana Boyce Dean Briggs Deena Brown Dana Butler Kevin Cawvey Racheal Cawvey Dennis Christie Matt Clay Torrie Cook Michele Copeland Joe Cowden Virginia Crice Suzie Crittenden Racheal Daniels Charolette Dawsey Julie Dye Frank Easton Valerie Ellis Kristi Fleak Darren Fryar Kim Garrett Mike Gass Shelia Gates Doug Gilleland Jeff Gilliam Mark Gilliland Greg Gillispie LeWanda Gillum Nancy Hall John Hallum Pam Harmon Bobby Harris Bobby Harris Jon Harris Shannon Harris Jeff Hicks Diana Hill Tharyn Hill Angela Hunter Jennifer Hutton Donis Irons David Johnson Ray Kisner Ruben Kisner Shanna Langton Mindi Lewellen Jessie Lleverino Brenda McCall Becky McCurley Marty McFarland Angela McKenzie Kevin Marks Patricia Martin Connie Matthews Sally Mayo Teddy Mayes Kimberly Meech Onetta Mosteller Tommy Mounger Preston Mulkey Bill Myers Machelle Nero Jason Nichols David Osborne Sarah Parton Clayton Payne Greg Perry Willard Perry Gregg Perryman Jim Phelan Vickie Radebaugh Catherine RePinec Sheri Roberts Sean Robinson Russel Roth Tony Shackelford Terry Shaw Candace Sheppard Sean Sherman Billy Smith Brenda Spencer FRESHMENf35 Deanna Stillwell Greg Tackett Tammie Taylor Mark Thompson Julie Thouvenel Brent Townsend Kelly Tuttle Curtis Tyner Chebon Wacoche Tonya Wade Daniel Watford Robert Wildrick Anita Williams Christine Williams David Williams Jo Wilson Lanny Wineberger Jon Winter Sw, ' fm T- - - . X, f-.Eg s N xi tr x ts, 5 X' X Yi X Q X iswg J' i. T , 1 tr T T 'X ' ' it 1 ' , i x ki K 5 ,I - , Y X - if s, 1 N. X a T., ge t ,, , sr K a ,. K : w wt s .gg D 'TJ r Johanna Young NOT PICTURED LaShonda Hill Christina Stepp 5 . an Q 'X at se, 5 S. A' ' is.. ., X X fs an A 'Y an D ' .. W r Q 1 T tyre 1 ri I Q.. we - Y' This is what being around Mr. Morris does to you. N Brent you're suppose to wear baseball cleats. What do you mean the garter won't fit Stepping With MIDDLE SCHOOL Brad Allen Steve Andregg LaDonna Arnett Robert Bartholomew Michelle Boyd Lea Ann Brown Brigitte Brungardt Darren Burch Eddie Burch John Campbell Ricky Canada Ranell Cargill Angela Cartwright Angela Clark Michael Cobb Michael Cooper Allen Copeland Joey Cox Dana Crossland Tracy Crum William Cutshaw Kevin Davis Lisa Delmedico Thelma Disney Mike Dorris Craig Dunlap Ann Edson Sarena Elledge Michelle English Marshelle Fair Dana Farrow Sherry Farrow Clay Fitzgerald Dustin Ford Gary Paul Ford Burt Frix Kim Gay Matt Gibson Tonya Gilliam Shawna Gillispie Joel Gloden Jesse Gray Sherry Harkema Shelia Harris Tommy Harris Tracy Harris Stephony Hatley Shelly Hoover Twana Horton Amanda Hunt Karen Hunt Thad Hutchens Ray Isbell Amy Jennings Michael Johnson Randy Jones 38fElGHTH GRADE s triffif s .. .am E fr t Jap sr s N S- 5 X ' 1. o- .. ar: -.ra , . X .. ' ' its 2 s 129155, Q rw'- EC' ', V fss R J an f is 5 Wav V 1 it C Y sas J so - - ' Haris- 3 Sag if x r J X 3 'C' ." ...N tl ' 4 1- i X 3 N 9 M 2 -i tx S. F-Q. , - Si Qf- QE' ' Ni x rn-'V . as L Q X iQWk V ,4 two X f X 1 1 Sherry Keller Sherri Kesterson 3 E . .. V Terri Kesterson ix Q vi apr. 2 ii I . .L S 1 lin I at 5 S ee,! ts Q 2 W ,M r at R ,I 1 1 :V A I N at ' 'ix g a' X i 1 ,.:. V 'F . 3? imwm.. :Eg Y X it . ,Q f Q ,, ' r r rrrr S S in K V T i . ,....,.. , . . ,Q , Q ' -S rr 'N I gg at h7" f F kgszgij i Q . : Q LA -. ,, X E Egg K ,Q ':-.: I S' s Y I h D .:... : K: . A 'Q , . VV 'khk 'YJ Q X ix X , t , YQ, 2 E Q rrrr ' '- rrrr 'r S S rrrr , 1 rrrrrrrrr 1 rrrr S w q - i . at -, , 1 N EEE 5. I" . 1, Ez " f 5 'fix Y aw X X IJ J 3 'UH ff ii sqm Mx 3 7 Angie Stanford Doyle Sterling Darius Taylor i Johnny Terrell Sibrena Krieder Stephanie Landers Roy McElmurry Robert McNeer Bobby Martin John Martin Shayne Mealer Jeri Metz Scott Nicholson Michael O'dell Kevin O'Laughlin Jerry Owens Phillip Owens Gary Page Alisa Paulk David Pennington Jean Ann Perry David Perryman Brent Pollet Greg Raynor Rebecca Reed Virginia Ross Stanley Saxon Michael Sells Paul Shackelford Stacey Shaw James Shepherd Chris Skelton Henry Slape Nick Smith Stephen Snow Natallie Southerland Sue Ellen Thornton Bryan Townsend QW -lli i Bobby Wallace ' 'i:" f Cathy Young k Bi 'Av' we f t , of ii, ,iii A ,V W ,y, ,, y,,,, S' 14 -Q M ' T r A 8. '22,g ,, ., v. . I, "F T I .da,,.HV, F If uw , . 5 "'i' J ,V 4,85 Q SG Q Q' .H m f C9 rf or QM 9 yiy W A Q ,,, I uf , B j My ,, Q 3:-0 ,,,,r 7 ,A 4 ff We f W 5' fi' X Qf ' --W W, Lag rw Kristi Wheeler Cheryl Williams ' Kay Lynn Yandell NOT PICTURED: Kevin Bell James Hale Charles Hicks Gina Pollard Carla Rogers Don Skelton Lisa Torix EIGHTH GRADE f 39 Teresa Benge Helen Bowden Carol Brown Fred Burroughs Lisa Campbell Angela Carmen Charles Chandler Mark Coday Angela Cole Jon Cook Tracy Cook Angelique Cookson Jerry Cooper Tracey Copus Lacretia Cox Patricia Cox Shannon Craig Angela Dause Tammy Dause Corey Davis Lawrence Davis David Everett Eric Ferrell Mary Fitzgerald Mark Gass Sheila Gass James Gaston Monty Gibson Darla Gilliam Kelli Gonczeruk Billy Green Jimmy Hammontree LeAnn Hampton Nona Hanen Adele Harris Donnie Harris Teri Henderson Steven Hill Tracie Hill Leslie Hix Deanna Hollar Anita lgert 40 f SEVENTH GRADE ! 445 W! f la' 'lv 21 VT sr' fl X f , , 1 ,af f wk I . 1 . T f lk mf A Marcy Arnett Nancy Batchelor Tony Beene Michelle Benge Wiiifiifi :'ffW?12,1-iv sis:-1: T1 f Tggik T ,Til - M T., ,T T f T x ,, 5 we alr, ' -Y' T ' . T ' ' A TT .1 TTT ,- T ,,,, ,. jf f f, f , ., T 5? W 2 A T 'G T I sq 'f .TT X, I A, TTT, fx X '- Tw at H aa: " iam. x f GET? T33 if ill F TX S .1 ikklim x f '7 Y! f' as tf Tina Drumheller Michelle Dukes John Erie Naomie Erie ,T, 1 o"' if - T I 'i ' T lb 1 " will rf ::-,' , . ..,,:, T yrt . ,f' ' 1 , , V f ' M T M tttt . 2 gr t M .y., rrr, T , , X A X T f T T T7 v K 0' f T7 ,,,, .W T ff' - H f T ir" i f ' s T K, V. .,,,5 up 'Q-9, ff A-'H .Z . T I M VV Vrykk I Tie :M 7 T " T A T "M V Q - QQ 1. ' 4 l W " ,' ..,T , ff sy, ,,,, TT T 'H' ' K i iyy L, as do A , , ,,t, ,i,, ' T aw an ., - V Q? T 2572 : ..ff,,,7,gm,T,.,1 TT A, X NTTTT TT., , f 3 f Z 4 f 0 A Q1 .ferr ffl? Q e'fff ltfihi 1 Maj gag gif T t Qi ofa , Q. A K , . . 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':' A ff-- EE' ff- f ffl wggwmg ima tt NOT PICTURED Scott Cutshaw Kelly Rhyne Richard Swafford 1. gf, - -- :rugg- , Am tt Y 11.1 X as X' at an f Q Q J lb S 5' X s 1 x e1wtyw Vlaca visa Zh ,,:cl V:l.,ll l.l Q .. . i ,K gi fifl f Y ll,, , X . ,Y .e W er H. , lc.,, l ,N , S' t 1' X ie X . jaw. , Qgwmwy, I,,, 1 Qi NES Jennifer McCall Christa McCracken Mitzi McFarland Crystal Martin Stacy Mealer Kenny Meech Tina Meeks Tonya Miller Dave Monks Brian Morris Steve Morgan Ronald Mosteller Shelley Mulkey Charmin Murr Robert Myers Mitchell O'Dell Angela Orr Joe Parker Tom Perry Dennis Perryman Melody Powell Jerry Seay Trenton Shackelford Gerald Sheppard Patricia Shepherd Shanon Sherman Kimberly Smith Timothy Smythe Gregory Standifer David Stanley Sheryl Tackett Johnny Tiner Chad Tuttle Mike Tuttle Billy Walker Mark Walker Robby Walkingstick Tammy Walkingstick Jimmy Waltman Cindy Watkins Lori Webb Debra Wright SEVENTH GRADE f 41 Faith Ballew Kami Blankenship Shawn Bowers Kristi Brickey Kevin Brown Melissa Butler April Caughman Daniel Cocanour Justin Cook Bradley Coy Tommy Crittenden Shana Cullum Jimmy Daugherty Carrie Dause Kerry Davis Jerrid Diffee Jason Dorris Patrice Dorris Doug Dortch Catherine Drumheller Kenny Drywater Lisa Gates Chris Gauntt Jennifer Gilliam Nicole Gladd Kristin Goertz Lloyd Green Chris Harmon Marcy Harris Rick Harris Shawna Harris Tracy Harris Tanya Henderson David Hensley Shawn Hicks Nicole Hill Paul Hollar Brian Hunt Brenda Hutton Kristen Igert Tammy Johnson Regina Jones 42 f SIXTH GRADE ,mf-, -, vi view "llWVWW E?" , Kliiufli - ' 5-ill , , t ,iil, 6 iztr g , . , f J .VW ' .. , , ,, Q , New wt:-, - ra ' 3' f I ff 1, 3 fl f 1 f 5 ., H fat' 't 5 f Vi Z' z gr j f ,ff 4 Q Q M' 1- 1 , .-2. ,, r g Q ,e V 1 'I' liz r .7' lu ,,, f l 2 if V V V3 5 V V 4- -V f ,, ,V . ,Mft ?M, vff g' iielt iiff J V V V v,. ,, guy VVV3 ,W A V , 5 V! 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"Flasher! l" Happy Homemakers. 441 MS CANDIDS Stepping wit ELEMENTARY Mrs. Oliver Jason Allen John Applegate Lisa Butler Jeffory Dortch Kevin Dukes Silas Dunn Mike Garrett Shelly Briscoe Jennifer Bryan Laquita Bryant Robert Cahill David Chandler Terry Cook Tamara Davis Tammy Drywater Stacy Guthrie Jon Henderson Tony Hill Chuck Lester Nicky Lowder Carrie McGregor Tina Moncrief Alicia Morris Debbie Peoples Brant Pitchford Michelle Qualls Angelique Raynor Mike Reese Tammie Skelton Shelly Swafford Tim Tiner r -r is ,1-sg. Kaylyn Gillispie Deborah Hammontree Mrs Hammontree 46 f FIFTH GRADE Tera Hutchens Tracy Jones Mae Lynn Kirk Ryan Lashley Roger Lathrop Ernie Livingston Jeanne Meeks Joy Moody Andrea Mosteller Charles Perry Harvey Sawyer Sabrina Saxon Angela Standifer Amy Stegall Ricky Taylor Theresa Watkins swag, ' X 35 ,Qi E? i tt NX Q r 'hx 'w W P312 , it s ir. 'Q Ks , X V 'gfx r Qt X r B W Pwr as 4 s iii an K t N X 1 ml N xg? L g E wig? f S E r s, A l V of Q ' K 45 r.. 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FAQ 5 f Eli: ,.,,..---' Chad Kirkhart Jeremy Johnson Kim Mosteller Mitchell Rhyne William Smith LaWana Stevens Ragen Stoy Jerry Taylor Traci Vidacak Melissa Webb Kimberlie Wilde Dennise Williams Peter Williams Tina Wright Danny Yandell . R ,N az ' .A i i ' fzfiifls, isis X X s X x " ' i s S s 2 Y . .1,, .- Nz A X Q X 'X x A Q 2 WE - jf X sr r . 4, mtg N s 5 XM? X X i ,fro x X + R sr Ei I :V Q... 48 f FOURTH GRADE Susan Beaver f 'T-hiavrr f i z.: .F 1. 'Sai 17' av' 4-L Brandi Brown Shelly Butler Meridith Clopton Terry Everett Holly Hemphill Elise Jordon Kenny Keller Nathan Lashley Alicia Laxton W sf 'Z , Tru N-Q ,W xg V -I -.,,,,,,. 1 - A' ,wa MTMW X ' f -hw at 'Q 3' V Z 2 W Q , ' . Q ' ', L. A W gi ,U , "'V 1 ,, , ' ' f z . 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N K if sg? f K, New we is P Y B ,fax -., Billy Arnett Stacie Bennett Leslie Carr Melissa Clay Shane Dause Michael Eubanks Heath Ferrell Melanie Grant Harlene Hall Lee Johnson Jeremy Landers Liza Littrell Adam Mason Amy Mosteller Kerri Perkins Richie Rainbolt Jimmy Ramsey Saundra Rowan Chandra Sallis Eric Shannon Junior Sparrow Kerry Walker Chris White David Wiedel ., . E in ,f Amy Baird Clint Bolinger Jeramy Brickey Bridget Coy Jennifer Craig I RQ!-rf' Si ...,, 'X E -use . :Ss Xkxx t , . XJ X f Q. ,fy f Heather Anderson James Ashby Tobias Clark Randy Clopton Tammy Cobb Sherry Everett Misty Ford Greg Harris Erica Hix Angel Holmes if gram, ,fa 3 Christian Boyd Marc Cox Stephanie Coleman Gabriel Ellis Jessica Gotcher Cory Gray Scott Hyslope Mark Igert Jared Jones Brian Karnes Jamie Nail Paul Osborne Caleb Puckett Matthew Rowan Billy Seabolt Audrey Sheets Kelly Staton Jeremie Stoy Marcia Summers Roger Taylor Dale Troutt Dena Yandell Mrs. Nichols Jem' Edgaf Third Grade Alvin Millsap Jenny Morton Chuck Nicholson Wauhillau Parker Melissa Parton Pam Powders Rusty Prock Jeffrey Royse Arthue Shephard Wesley Thompson Andy Tyler Andy Webb Carrie Young Chris Walters Mrs. Watford Second Grade SECOND 8: THIRD GRADEf51 Mrs. Erb Amber Arterberry Rose DiMaggio Frankie Falwell Derek Ford Tommy Hiseley Darrel Holland Jamie Hopfer Benjamin Livers Janie Lleverino Clarence McGuire Christopher Maddocks Mrs. Hendrix Brian Muck 52 f SECON D GRADE Jeffery Bryan Tia Bryant Lisa Carroll Christy Chastain Nancy Clopton Dana Hemphill Patrick Hill Justin Lowder Dean Moody Brandy O'Brien Brandy Orr Donita Perry Erica Phillips Billy Raynor Davita Swepston 3 Q rp. . v, TW . J I 8 Q ,. 1 , ,V .:,, ,.,, ew W M lar Aj 5' ,Q 2 Z if it 'rr Anthony O'dell Kelly Panter Angel Perry Nicole Points Tammy Ross Jason Smith Andrea Sonnier Robert Woods Jeremy Willis Dale Young Z fl YW 1 wg, , s,,,L . I , ,, ' I' 1 .. , A 4. 4 1 3' J T - ' tw , 5 1: , ' 'HM fx 1 'Vg ki ' 1 ..-. . 1 in is Z 'QQ sr .. :ay f 2 ' , 4: 5, 1 r 'A 517 2 J 'URW ,ans ,N-.,. ,-.ITIKWAI 4,-1 1, frm, ,. -fzlwwlwf : at, ffm , r ff ,fs K . . , ma ,si , .., , .. 72 :lit p Charlene Benge Brant Cookson Amber Dunn Eric Ellis Jimmy Erb Jeremy Frazier Jeff Fryar Elizabeth Harris Melissa Jenkins Jamie Jones Brandie Keese Patrick Kibby Q Jon Leeds ,' Jason Moon Jere Parker I- I,,, X YK ' f' ,- ' V fi rrrs it ab J 4, L ff . x Y 1 Nt Qfa wff ,,,'ih,w?gf 1:29 K xr 5 -gt f ,, , an wr ' ' Q2 I 2 4 ' --,' f T 4 Q ls 9 2 f Q P' Q16 as yi fi f 1 8 ' . e"' if e,, Q ,J QI ' ,iwwmfv , ,521 ' ,f H l .. A Mg '65, l" Y? Q' s,i- iii or 4, , fi '4g"f'y. ' ,"' I 'ff ff' 1, , iw 2? V. V QRUQW V ie. 'EV ' ' Q 4 '5 ' , 4 ' N ' 'lb , 'V .rry l ',i- f - I f 'T '," 5 .V ' A 7, ' , .f 1 if " -- f--- . ' 1 U I Vi Chris McClurg Brock Marks Beverly Pollard Tommy Rose Clyte Sallis Shawn Shugart Dustin Stillwell David Turner Jamie Wilde Genger Wilson Mrs. Rowan Clifton Qualls Tad Registar Marcy Sawyer Jaime Sparks Leonard VanBuskirk Ann Vidacak Tinna Anderson Patrick Clopton Michael Dobson Billy Gibson William Horner Tim Kosterlitsky Mrs. Rhyne SECOND GRADE f 53 Mrs. Stach First Grade Kevin Backes Keri Barcellos Denise Campbell Emily Carr Ron Causby Rusty Dause Duffy Dillman Mrs. Shannon First Grade 54fFlRST GRADE Heather Hill Kristi Holmes Kristy Ivey Jeremy Kerns Lisa Leep George Miller Christi Muck Laura Parton Jamie Rhyne Jeff Risenhoover Lindsay Smith Gina Sonnier Felicia Brown Shatira Brown Bobby Clopton Candice Daughtery Jeffery Hazelwood Jason Hall Steven Martin Joshua Mosteller Shalena Orman Rebecca Pitts Chasity Ragsdale Terry Rhyne Jeffery Roberson Charlie Stamps Jason Smith Christa Sparrow Lane Taylor Ricky Thames Joshua Waggle Tony Webb NOT PICTURED Tammy Sanders Q r Qs E X., w N. S T' E ' " It - Nl! c ssss y aa igt ,i , Zuz i ESV RE J' :El S we ' -, T? Al' y X ., , . N' A ':' ':. .,. xl fi' . , .... hflf 'W ...r, A - its K JJJJLLJ I J I my it K . :"i ' ff E is A iitat 2 ...,,. ,,,.. K :" 1 fr: ri ., .c., i , fe- N - , . S! 9" 'N S My jail ,r A E K B , . i it xg! K l " V. -at ' i S .,.,.. 2 rl 2:1 T f ' we A ' 7 ..,,. Q. . , f y, t L I K ,. Erica Steeber Matt Stach Rodney Stills Jody Valentine Erick Yang .r.. 2 'wil . , Mil W iv 5 3? K JSE 'Q sg Z ,. . J rat.. 5- ' vr. . fl 'xl -L V I Q, rl X X sag X fi , ,ji is-,asf 'Uk 'CC r ' x X fa I , , sq, Qs .1 ts- .- fggzmgi .. , ---- A 'mi' fx vt ..... -':::YEs-is-f , ,W,H,Hg-:::-: '--,ff - - -:gr.-,su -X L. .,,, . ,,,,,,, ., ,W G 1-- . s,rt.tttttf . Q, s. can x ,,s.. Y, i..... ' - va - -- ..... ,, " hlii H , .lf My rrss , V, ..... f , " - I l V' ig g -: -5:3 kkkk 5' .f:,.::-f ' E f- E' 5 ' 1 -2 ,if ' X nf S' is- ' fy L H ' , 'f -L V if Q: i ,... . -f V QL V .. ttt. A My , , , - . rtc,.s ,rt, J ...... . ,N .,, ,X . 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Devyn Denton Seana Gaston Clint George Jeremy Hayes Toby Hiseley Angie Hulbert Jamie Hunzeker Brandon Hyslope Jennifer Jones Chastity Miller Dusty Nail Jennifer Prock April Randolph Russ Reed Stephanie Rozell Kathryn Sims Jamie Smith Christy Stanfield Billy Torix Crystal Turner Michael Bagwell Tonya Benge Matthew Chouteau Jacob Clark Heather Cooper Daniel Davis Mrs. Terronez First Grade Mrs. Voss First Grade FIRST GRADE f 55 Mrs. Thompson Justin Meusel Joshua McReynolds Gabriel Mosteller Stefanie Reed D. B. Rhyne Jennifer Rowan Danny Sexton Kristin Stevenson Rusti Stewart Jamie Stine Misty Vandiver Gary Walker 56fKlNDERGARTEN -W rr- Lu ,....,, V David Bailey - VgV V ' Patrick Dause Q .fff John DiMaggio - .1 ' , f V -2 Mand Geor e ' ' 'J V ' .ei if f V i "--,"- l 3' , f Joni Karnes V ' Jonthan Kerr V, V V Z' ' ,Q ' i-- gi f' V i Q irir V E 4 Michelle Leach 1 V ig f Jimmy Lone , ga .- V Annie Mashburn - 5 ' l . r I c V , FCS. any 5 ' ft: V H t.. tt,. , ,W , ' , . 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" V" Z ' ' Q",- Gary Farrow VV V V ,, X V V ,V 3 . at V , Zed Godwin V ' Y V S'ia E J V H J iii , "'L iirr f if V .NV , J' Jeremy Hixson V IM ' ,L Nikki lgert V f' -7 IVV, 11 ' V : ' Steve Jennings H 5' f 1.312 I V Brett Lashley A VVV V f W , Jason Lashley 5 Q, J -.. , , M V VV? -H W L. 4411 W5 Jfiztiliiilf 5252: :IW 'gf ' '-i"' ,,,, ff ' Sara Puckett ' V 0.39 3 V L VV V - William Rowan 41 ,, V J' S, YV " " . 'Q ' ' , 'f'a'.QV Lynora Sterling LQ, V.. V l -Q5 A I 1' 1, ' ' Julie Westerman VVVVVV VV VV V .. - VV , W Michelle Woods A ii' J' ' Q" "'i 4 "W 2 V if , 1 ' l A w' 'f ?'! fl My , , , 7 ff AK' Alf Q '4 3, 'Tit ff a. H ' a if -W -',' f , J l , l if 1 f ,, K 4 Q 'Z fl yy f ,H , , ,f--fa Mandi Bailey Kevin Barcellos Candace Black Amy Cawvy Suzy Davis X Erick Dean Alydia Fontenot Stacey Garrett Crystal James Greg Jordon Stephen Jordon Justin Jones Mike Mosteller Tommy Neffendorf , Crystal Nichols f " "f f 1 I " 5 Q ,,,.,i, L, X ,lr ' ' 2 1. 'if A , V .,,., . , wi' , ,wg , X ' V 1 1 0' ' I M, M A l 'el iii. ,f P . 15 't , f.t. I A 5, , :gym I ,',- 5 I, y fi rf . 3 A W ? 5. v 5 ll v 4 fv- G 7 v M 'Z -f. 6 41 ' J A ,VM ., 2 :ff f Ma Denny Shackelford Josh Taylor Jamie Thouvenel Leslie Turner Crystal Adams Jenifer Armstrong Melanie Broussard Joshua Corley Courtney Godwin Y 94. ' Aaron Jenkins - A Joey Lyons J . i Mark Maxon A 1 Donetta Mayo 3. A l r Mandy Pitts ' ' 1 , if if Micheal Ragsdale . lf Z Andrew Schulz Q ly ' ' , Jenifer Shelor gi A W L Jo ene epar A V - llll it A ' -" J V Mandy Stacy V ' ,I Q Mike Wiedel xl-Q X ' 7 Justin Wiley i Z'ff'l V ,, J Q, " Samantha Young 6 A 'yt f ' . "" Sherman Davis 72. A V' fn Mrs. Hix KINDERGARTENXS7 X , J Y We're trying to eat! We can't hear you! -A Hey! We just scored! ft I have a question, Busy at the computers. I hate standing in line. ee,yy,-u t A 5 3 t 'ef' eeee f el , - x .'f:A:: 2-55:25 I :ju i gt. 1: yr K' ..f' l :M f . D A K C ..,. ' fi. The wild and crazy gang!!! 58 Story time. Y Stepping With ADMINIS THA TION School Administration 935' l fi John Harrison John Ausmus - Jerry Walker Superintendent High School Principal High School Principal John Martin Roger Shaw Middle School Principal Grade School Principal School Board i Arlie Perry President Walter Stubbs Jere Gibson Tom Hearn Jimmy Leads Vice-President Clerk Member Member 60 f ADMINISTRATION RICHARD ADKINS Counselor lEleml MARGIE ARNETT English ll-ISI DONNA AUSMUS Reading CMSD JANIS BOWDEN Secretary IMSD LEON BRASHEARS Science IHSD EUNICE BROWN Math IMSl JERRI BURROWS English IHSJ JOE CANNON Math IHSI MARY CARGILL Math IMSD RANDALL CARGILL Math KHSD DAVID CARR SciencefAthletics IHSJ PEGGY CAUGHMAN Reading lEleml PAM COLBURN Spec. Educ. lEleml CAROL COOK Receptionist lAdml JEAN COOK Office IMSJ HELEN COOPER Custodian II-ISI CAROL CORLEY Art IHSJ LARRY CORLEY Math IHSJ BARBARA COX EMI-I lE1eml PATRICIA DAUSE Social Studies IMSJ ALLENE DAVIS Spanish IHSXMSJ ANN DAVIS Adm. Assistant MARCIA ELLIOTT Title IV Cultural Ctr. MARITA ENGLAND Finance Secretary SCHOOL PERSONNELf61 BILL EVANS Maint. Supt. TERRY EVANS Maint. SUE GODWIN Community Educ. BONNIE GUY Speech Therapy GLENDA HALL Phys. Ed. CMSI SHERRY HAMLIN Drama CLAUDE HARRIS Adm. Consultant ROBERTA HENDERSON Home Economics GREG HINKLE Dr. Ed. fAthletics ETHEL HOBBS Aide lEleml CARLA HOLUBY LD lElemfHSl JOANN HUGGINS School Nurse SONYA HUNT Aide fSpec. Educ.l SUE HUNZEKER Science QMSI FRANCIS JOHNSON Librarian fElemJ MIKE JOHNSON Counselor CHS, SHIRLEY JOHNSON LD CEI:-:ml JOYCE KIZZIA Secretary lEleml ADA KNIGHT Vocal Music SHARON LONG Custodian CMS and HSI GORDON MACKLIN Band Director PAUL MAHER Social Studies IHSI GLORIA MARTIN EMH CHSI PAM MARTIN Custodian CHSI 62fSCHOOL PERSONNEL awww S V f 5 " s ii ,Z :iff Tw Y' I hx, L' E I 4 43 9: ,I 42 J l ? ,A ' ,,,... , w , of ,W I f 4 Z A I ? VY I.. - if , . , - , 1 I' M fra. K me 'H , .r - 3 in ,ggnwr ITii. DALE MASHBURN Spec. Educ. Co-ord Psychologist BELINDA MEALER English IHSI KIRBY MILNE Title IV Counselor BETTY MOLLOY Science CHSI G. G. MORGAN Fed. Program Co-ord SAM MORRIS Asst. Band Director JOE NATIONS Language Arts IMSI STEVE O'DAFFER AthleticsfHlth. Safety VIRGINIA O'LAUGHLIN Receptionist IHSI MARTHA PANTER Reading IMS! EST HER PATE Opportunity Center IHSI KENNETH PITCHFORD Vocational Agriculture CHSJ LOREEN RIDDLE Treasurer GENE RILEY Drivers Ed.fAthletics Psychology FLORENE ROBBINS Custodian lEleml PETE ROBBINS Custodian IEleml JUDIE ROSE Custodian lEleml BEVERLY ROWAN Learning Disabilities IMSI CAROL ROWAN Physical Education EDIE SEVIER Secretary lAdml JUDY SHAW Aide IHSI CAROL SIMS Enrichment lElemJ ELVA SPARKS Custodian IHSI GEORGE STACH Custodian IMSI SCHOOL PERSONNEL f 63 MINNIE STACI-I A Custodian lMSl CONNIE STOUT History ll-ISI W' DORIS TAYLOR Custodian lEleml V.E. TERRONEZ Athletic lHSl RUSSELL THOUVENEL PsychfCounselor KMSJ I - ifliiiif :Sf A I .S - -'IMG ' ' 3 ALVIN TOWNSEND Custodian lAdml ' K BARBARA TOWNSEND I Q Business f J ournallsm A KENNIE TERREL E f' " BN " Librarian -X - I PAT VANDIVER , S 'FE' I -ff - Math Lab fMSl I ' A FREDA WADE "" A lisn I English1HSl , , If y DORETTA WARREN MSIE Lab IMSI DAVID WEST MathfAthletics KATHY WI-IITI-IWORTI-I Secretary fAdm.l 3 DONNA WILLIAMS E xr L Aide KEleml 'S' 3' PAT WILLIAMS 'M Q A Business T ing CHSJ "i: F I X X vp SIL I N IRID .es2'fI??7?r FRANCES WILKIE English lHSl DONNA YOUNGBLOOD Office CHS, COOKS Row 1 lL to Rl Marie Branscum, JoAnn Mathews, Lora Benge, Sue Farrow, BUS DRIVERS Shirley Arnett, Homer England, Bill Arnett, Duel Carty, Tony Linda Arnett, Marie Parker. Row 2 - JoAnn Martin, Evelyn Carron, Florence Eubanks, Shaw. Linda Holland, Jackie Smith, Billie Bradley, Okla Walters, Mary Rowan. 64 Stepping With SPOF? TS 'A-it - A -H-14:-1 -fi .,. 4 -N . , ff, m f ,. . ,rm L ,Y 1wm-f.x1y-.- 1f..'--wspwfmw. fsgzmwafrfw-ws:y A if -M www. fr wh.. if A A wif, is - Where are you from? Who me? qu Qtligf? jg "Gotcha!" Cheerleaders take 11' at Shrine tournament Cheerleaders leaving for Regionals in San Marcus, TX. Leaning tower of cheerleaders Partner stunts getting bigger and better Mi... ..,,,.,... Its Tiger rag-time! I' Did you say SMILE? l saw him first Shari! X , fy! ,Q - 0 Did you use the crane Beth? CHEERLEADERSXG7 I-Iomecomi HQ 'ww r 'I 42 fr 5 ' ' sf . Queen - Shannon McMahon Escort - Jimmy Butler Senior Attendant - Lewinda Cargill Escort - Mike Nelson Flower Girl Tara Wilkie Crown Bearer Aaron Arterber W lt went by so fast! Queen Shannon and her court Junior Attendant - Sharon Polsley Escort - Trent Lindley 68fHOMECOMING al HOMECOMING QUEEN SHANNON MCMAHON Sophomore Attendant - Traci Huggins Escort - Jody Powell Queen - Angie Waltman Escort - James Babb 1983-1984 H ,M Flower Girl - Jennifer Houghton Senior Attendant - Kami Daniel Escort - Tracy Townsend Crown Bearer - David Wade Queen Angie and her court The Homecoming parade and pep assembly sure was fun! 1 FOOTBALL QUEEN -ANGIE WALTMAN Junior Attendant - Kim Bargas Escort - Wiley Bottger Sophomore Attendant - LaVon Wilkie Escort - Kevin Godwin HOMECOMINGf69 Kevin .. Andregg Wiley Bottger John Owens Jerome 70fFOOTBALI. - SENIORS Gene Pennington Mike "Gibbon Gibson FOOTBALL Row 1 lL to Rl Kelly Bray, Chris Lewellen, Chris Burt, David Lyons, James Johnson, Chris Cox, Berry Bargas, John Owens, Gary Cook, Vernal Ballew, Trent Lindley, John Babb. Row 2 - Brian Clark, James Babb, Mike Gibson, Steve Ritchie, Wiley Bottger, Gene Pennington, Kevin Godwin, Chris Copeland, Kerry Bargas, Tim Martin, Jeff Spencer, Larry Locke. Row 3 - Mark Andregg, Jimmy Butler, Brian Boyd, James Cooper, Jerome Shields, Mike Goats, Scott Cooper, Randy Sims, Sean Gann, Jimmy Wineberger, Tracy Townsend. 1 5 2 Tracy Townsend , ..,,,,, , , Jimmy Butler Kelly Bray - Manager FOOTBALL TEAM - SENIORSf71 The 1983 Tiger Football Team has had a winning spirit and a Udonlt give up" attitude all season. One of the biggest highlights of the season was the win over Hilldale. Through team effort, four all time school records were broken and two others tied. Wiley Bottger received Most Valuable Player. Mark Andregg was named the Fighting Tiger. Mike 6'Gibbo" Gibson was awarded the Most Improved and Gene Pennington got the Sportsmanship award. Also, Mike "Gibbon Gibson, Mark Andregg, and Wiley Bottger received All-District honors and Wiley was named Defensive Linebacker of the year. the the Another one for the record books, Butler. oo ing or worms 0 72 f FOOTBALL Tigers tackle them all the same way. fsee picture to the leftl Vian struggles for yards against the Tigers. fr Tiger Touchdown!! Everyone wants to play for F.T.G. Wiley Bottger 1434-l, flying high, goes up to make a catch against Hilldale, You can start high-stepping it now James! We Two 'ASTUDSN ready for action. Kevin, looking for someone to plow over. FOO-I-BALL!-73 74 f CHEERLEADERS EIGHTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS Row 1 KT to Bl Tracey Harris, Dana Farrow, Jean Ann Perry, Cheryl Williams, Sherry l-larkema, Not Pictured: Kay Lynn Yandell. NINTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS Row 1 IT to Bl Jenny Hutton, Rachel Daniels, Lori Arnett, Kim Garret, Vickie Barker, Not Pictured: Anita Williams. -----1. ,..,,...0-n-f.....a SEVENTH GRADE FOOTBALL: Row 1 IL to Rl Donnie Harris, Jimmy Waltman, Tony Beene, Eric Ferrell, John Erie, Mike Tuttle, Robert Repinec, Trace Hill, Jerry Seay. Row 2 - Chad Tuttle, Fred Burroughs, Kenny Meech, Bobby Myers, Chet Mosteller, Monty Gibson, Chad Gaston, Brian Morris, David Stanley, Mark Walker. Row 3 - Jerry Cooper, David Everett, Mark Coday, Michael Rigsby, Joe Smythe, Jay Chandler, Jon Cook, Mark Gass. ,, , EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL Row 1 CL to Rl David Pennington, Henry Slape, Brian Townsend, Nick Smith, Mike Johnson, Chris Skelton, Craig Dunlap, Darren Burch, Grady Perryman, Row 2 - Mike Dorris, Joel Gloden, Brent Pollett, Johnny Terrell, Matt Gibson, Paul Ford, Joey Cox, Thad Hutchins, Jerry Owens, Bobby Wallace. Row 3 - Gary Page CMGRD Mike Cooper, Robert McNeer, Steve Andregg, Steve Snow, Kevin Bell, John Campbell, Dustin Ford, Doyle Sterling IMGRD, Stanley Saxon QMGRI. NINTH GRADE FOOTBALL Row 1 QL to Rl Sean Sherman, Preston Mulkey, Chebon Wacoche, Kevin Cawvey, David Osborn, Mike Berkenbile, Teddy Mayes. Row 2 - Dennis Christie, Mike Gass, Mark Thompson, Bill Myers, Greg Williams, Carl Barrett, Greg Gillispie, Frank Easton. Row 3 - Joe Beaver, Jessie Lleverino, Darren Fryar, Sean Robinson, Scott Watford, Marty McFarland, Tharyn Hill, John Hallum, Bobby Harris KMGRI Not Pictured: Kent Ausmus, Jason Nichols, Jon Harris. FooTBALLf75 SOFTBALL First Row CL to Rl - Susie Guinn, Becky McCurley, Pat Dause, Ronnie Gaston, Shannon Hornback, Sheri Psomas, Lisa Frye, Cydney Crossland, Diane Burroughs. Second Row - Becky Garrett, Lisa Tolbert, Shelley Ford, Carnita Mayfield, Rhonda Jennings, Ranae Smith, Coach Steve O'Daffer, Linda Vann, Evon Nero, Machelle Nero, Mindi Lewellen, Marci Moydell, Rachael Cobler. amasfssswsawzw- riff' iff ,grit Q X mfi..,1.iNkQHm Shelley Ford Shannon Hornback Becky Garrett and Sheri Psomas is - R 5:ff',,j1.figg-'E:'fiflIiiif' - - 5 Khonda Jennings F" ' 'L 13 Q is 5 ' Sr 'X -'Sv-iwlihtf R X t. .-.:': " Lrr ,,,,,: Q ssssrr .X L iisi W S ' I 'L ,.-N:,,.',.z Q2-09" f 6' 'r' ' Cydney Crossland Susie Guinn 5 R Ronnie Gaston Diane Burroughs 76 fSOFTBALL S-LW' we NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL IL to Rl Chebon Wacoche, Dennis Christie, Jon Harris, Greg William, Kent Ausmus, John Hallum, Darren Fryar, Sean Robinson, Mark Gilliand, Tommy Mounger, Marty McFarland, Mike Gass, Dean Briggs, Brent Townsend, Bill Myers, Greg Tackett, Greg Perryman. Kneeling Mark Thomas, Coach Terronez, David Johnson. NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL QL to Rl Tonya Wade, Sheri Roberts, Kelly Bandy, Patty Martin, Julie Thouvenel, Kelly Tuttle, Kristie Fleak, Becky McCurly, Julie Dye, Dana Butler, Mindi Lewellen, Suzy Crittenden, Candy Sheppard, Coach Hall in back NINTH GRADE BASKETBALLX77 BASKETBALL Row 1 lL to Rl Betsy Easley, Dee Dee Mayfield, Ada Ross, Lewinda Cargill, Tina Birth, Stacy Copeland, Gina Fleak, Jenny Boling, Lisa Frye, Carol Hill, Michelle Galloway. Row 2 - Coach Johnson, Ginger Ballard, Lisa Rutledge, Tracey Miller, Evon Nero, Leslie Pitchford, Darla Briggs, Marci Moydell, Alma Mclntosh, Lisa Tolbert, Kelly Crittenden, Coach Walker. Ginger Ballard Tracey Miller Gina Fleak Lewinda Cargill Lisa Rutledge Darla Briggs 78fBASKETBALL GROUP 81 SENIORS Just a little higher Darla I think it's time for a slam -l l , 0 J l Dribble Dribble Thud You're not getting out of this one Tackle her Stacey l l How about a sky-hook Who moved the goal? BASKETBALL f 79 , X , ..kX A Only forwards can shoot, Lisa Only the refs can call T's Here Darla Q, mr 2 5' N, : , , M. What's that growth on Q your head, Marci? 'Ki Darla on the rebound Don't cross the line Gina Lewinda showing her moves Where's your other leg, Lisa? Where did the ball go? 8OfBASKETBALL so Watch out, my hands are lethal I told you, go over there!! It's Miller Time!! weapons Conference time WN Lady Tigers on their way to tournament finals SIXTH GRADE Front Row CL to Rl Kristen Igert, Heather Sand, Shannon Moody, Brenda Hutton, Carrie Dause, Michelle Snow, Cathrine Drumheller, Robin Shaw, Kim Williams, Beth Phelan. Row 3 Coach Hall, Nicole Gladd, Dana Jordan, Glenora Wildrick, Leslie Roth, Jenny Gilliam, Kristen Goertz, Becky Jones, April Caughman, Coach Rowan. SEVENTH GRADE Front Row - Traci Laxton, Sheila Gass, Lori Webb, Cheryl Tackett, Angelique Cookson, Mitzi McFarland, Angela Cole, Leslie Hix, Marsha lgert, Tammy Walkingstick. Row 2 Coach Hall, Jennifer McCall, Angie Dause, Tina Drumheller, Lacretia Cox, Deanna Hollar, Helen Bowden, Darla Gilliam, Tammy Dause, Coach Rowan. EIGHTH GRADE Front Row - Ranell Cargill, Shelly Boyd, Virginia Ross, Amy Jennings, Stacy Shaw, Sheila Harris, Natalie Southerland, Twana Horton. Row 2 Coach Rowan, Becky Reed, Ann Edson, Stephanie Landers, Alisa Paulk, Shelly Hoover, Sibrena Krieder, Coach Hall. M S BASKETBALLXSI EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL Row 1 IL to Rl Tony Tootle, Kevin Davis, Doyle Sterling, Mike O'dell, Thad Hutchens, Darius Taylor, Matt Gibson, Eddie Burch, Mike Sells, Manager. Row 2 - Bryan Townsand - Manager, Darren Burch, Nick Smith, Johnny Terrell, Paul Ford, Dustin Ford, Steve Andregg, Brent Pollet, Mike Johnson, Ricky Canada, Coach Nations. SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL Row 1 CL to Rl Donnie Harris, Brian Morris, Kenny Meech, Mike Tuttle, John Erie, Dennis Perryman, Chad Tuttle, Fred Buroughs. Row 2 Eric Farrell - Manager, Gerald Sheppard, Scott Lathrop, Joy Smythe, Michael Rigsby, Dave Monks, Mark Gass, Jon Cook, Monty Gibson - Manager, Coach Nations. SIXTH GRADE BASKETBALL Row 1 fL to RJ Brian McKinzie, Billy Mosteller, Warren Yang, Tommy Martin, Jimbo Voss, Wesley Seabolt, Brian Hunt, Michael Taylor. Row 2 - Randy Cox, John Tootle, Mike Price, Chris Harmon, Jerrid Differ, Jeff Williams, Shannon Saller, Daniel Cocanour, Kevin Brown. Row 3 Coach O'daffer, Kerry Davis, Doug Dortch, Steve Sparling, Tommy Crittenden, Tony Sheets, Paul Hollar, Aarron O'Dell 82 f BASKETBALL :ii - , 1,44 . J KE-VPC! -, iw 20,0 ,khiy F -f f a he ,rc i X56 BASKETBALL Row 1 CL to RJ Kelly Bray and Alan Lytal - Managers, Mike Craig, Chris Lewellen, Steve Hill, Mike Osborne, Chris Burt, Gary Cook, Mark Mitchell, Shawn Paulk, John Hammer - Manager, Coach O'Daffer. Row 2 - Coach Terronez, Mike Nelson, Chad Richardson, James Rigsby, Chris Branscum, Troy Shields, Jamie Goertz, Kevin Godwin, Mark Martin, Greg Copeland, Jimmy Butler. 4 f f-.. St -. ... f ig 5. . -Q Jimmy Butler Mike Nelson Chad Richardson Greg Copeland .l f 3' vp.,- . 7' 1 l X l e e 5 1 Qggwy x ll 1,2 xx ogg x 1 :fi ZF x Q " X f LA, X ' -Q -, . 52, 1 r.f' 'rw f , , Q N 'BA KETBALL Kevin Godwin Manager - Kelly Bray BASKETBALL GROUP 8z SENIORSf83 f X . X ss x,-L-2. - 99Ql ! 'af Q 'Kyo' ! I wish I was two feet taller Thats right, l'm bad 84 f BASKETBALL J? ! X Q! L? 0, XX .. 'FW it QQ' fy-, QXNXXQ Y uf vw. 1 , me Vu xx H 'M!1y!f"' g V I ' Ag' f! 1 x 1 ,N 5 1 r , -' - 1 F .- X Excuse me ref, but which way is the mens room? X 'A Nl Qi' !. L X. ..Nl4!0n Ready, Aim, SHOOT!!! He's this tall E? 23 ff , 2 ,7 JN -vga! kr V D , ' V , . S Just try and steal this ball 'V You ain't gettin' this ball fella 21515 1 f - Liles- 3 Good form Wizard if IBF' It won't bounce Mitchell from 30 feet W , l,,, Greg "Sky" Copeland allts it G , , Xin! he ,i hgjf 1 I ri m '?.:4fa'1 M - -Q ' ls N - ',-'M' 1 4. f , H' 1. K ' , ' ' -1 W ' 'f nz. ' A ,,. - ' , , ,,, N ., , x ' " me -MMMM 1 M 1 Y f. t 4 ,i,,i it 7 vm., TQ , , X, Y 1 Our team "Jams" ,M , . , Wg W ,A f ,A , ,, 'fi 41 i ,f Let's play keep away from the ref , ,, 2 , 5, , 'T ,,, NW'-..4...,, Which is higher 941 or 8111? 5 ti , A Alley Oop, Tro Copeland your not a guard! V 120 "We-e-e--e're Great!! 5 , 1? I , U That's All BASKETBALLXSE val. FCA Row 1 KL to Rl Coach O'daffer Kristi Fleak, Vickie Barker, Shari Kestas, Jenny Boling, Lewinda Cargill, Tracey Miller, Gina Fleak, Darla Briggs, Lisa Rutledge, Michelle Hutton. Row 2 Kelly Tuttle, Julie Dye, Julie Thouvenel, Marcy Moydell, Lavon Wilkie, Tracy Huggins, Patty Adkins, Julie Moffitt, Shannon McMahon, Felicia Jones, Darla Ford, Irma Sosa. Row 3 Patty Martin, Chris Burt, Shawn Paulk, Mark Thompson, Mark Mitchell, Jimmy Butler, Robert Goddard, James Rigsby, Rena I-larkema. Row 4 Greg Tackett, Teddy Mayes, Dean Briggs, Mike Nelson, Mike Craig, Darren Fryar, Chris Lewellan, Berry Bargas, John Hammer. Row 5 Mike Goat, Mark Martin, Robert Steeber, Greg Copeland, Chad Richardson, Kevin Godwin, Mike Gass, Greg Perryman. .F 1 FCA OFFICERS Row 1 IL to Rl Gina Fleak, Darla Briggs. Row 2 Shawn Paulk, Chad Richardson. sefFcA fit, MAT MAIDS lSeated lL-Rl Donna Crum, Tammy Henderson, Lynette Johnson. Standing Kim Ford, Anita Sawyer. :i::::ZEf51.Ef ' 9th GRADE WRESTLERS Row 1 Mike Berkenbile, Preston Mulkey, Sean Sherman, Tony Shackleford, Jeff Gilliam. Row 2 Rusty Roth, Bobby Harris, Frank Easton, Carl Barrett, Kevin Cawvey. MAT MAIDS 8a WRESTLERSXS7 HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING Front IL-Rl Shannon Elledge, Mike Galloway, James Johnson, Pat Harmon, Steve Whitworth, Chris Cox. Row 2 - Jared Lewis MGR, Jeff Spencer, Timothy Martin, Danny Domingoez, Chris Copeland, John Babb. Row 3 - Jimmy Dobson, James Cooper, Randy Sims, Kevin Adams, Scott Cooper, Coach Greg Hinkle. NOT PICTURED B. J. Frix. 88 f WRESTLING I think I can hold him? Jeff Spencer - Sr. I I X I, S ,s l'm dying for a drink of Boy, this guy is rough! water. Okay, I think I am ready Lynnette Johnson Kim Ford Tammy Henderson Donna Crum Anita Sawyer Go get him. S if Turn over. x On your mark, get set, GO! T3 .Mf- MAT MAIDS-WRESTLING! 89 90 f WRESTLING EIGHTH GRADE WRESTLERS Front KL to Rl Craig Dunlap, Joel Gloden, Bobby Wallace, Burt Frix, Gary Page, David Pennington, Randy Jones. Back Row - Kevin Bell, Steve Snow, Mike Cooper, Robert McNeer, John Campbell, David Perryman SEVENTH GRADE WRESTLERS Front KL to Rl Jerry Seay, Jimmy Waltman, Robert Repinec, Trent Shackleford, Tom Gaither, Chad Gaston, Tony Beene. Back Row - David Stanley, Mark Walker, David Everett, Jerry Cooper, Mark Coday, Richard Swafford. SIXTH GRADE WRESTLERS Front IL to Rl Troy Thornton, Brad Coy, Shawn Hicks, Chris Gauntt, Jimmy Wilde, Thumper Green. Back Row - Jason Dorris, Jimmy Daughtery, Billy Labrocca, Steve Cardoza, Justin Cook, Paul McCurley. Stepping With ACTIVITIES -A...... i l ! 1 BAND Row 1 QL to Rl Suzy Crittenden, Scotti Gilliam, Jenny Boling, Pam Harmon, Mindi Lewellen. Row - 2, Allen Lytal, Marty McFarland, Darren Fryar, Steve Whitworth, Chris Railey, Mike Higley, Travis Wade, Shawn Smith, Greg Sheppard, Bill Meyers, Mike Dunn, Shanna Langston.Row 3 - Sheri Walkingstick, Michelle Copeland, Rachel Daniels, Stephanie Meeks, Lisa Tolbert, Traci Huggins, Jenny Hutton, Valerie Yaffe, Brenda McCall, Cindy Mathews, Pam Groom, Lynette Monks, Lori Arnett. Row 4 - Matt Reed, Tonya Wade, Angela Hunter, Sheli Yaffe, LaVon Wilkie, Sandy Batchlor, David Perry, Laura Franklin, Sherry Robins, Kim Meech, Connie Mathews, Lori Schevers, Anita Waters. Row 5 - Jody Powell, Kelly Gilliam, Greg Perry, Willard Perry, Joe Snow, Scott Watford, Carol Hill, Kerry Walkingstick, Kalyn Brassfield, Becky McCurley, Rusty Roth, Jason Nicols. Row 6 - Mark Stevens, Joey Peoples, David Perry, Vince Anderson, Karen Cahill, Keith Hunt, Steve Hill, Mike Crossland, Teddy Mayes, Brent Townsend, Terry Shaw. Row 7 - Kim Bargas, Sheryl Majchers, Sharon Polsley, Evon Nero, Melissa Moore, Marci Moydell, Tori Cook, Joe Anderson, Gregg Moydell, Darla Ford, Shelly Gass, Tammy Taylor, Kami Daniel, Kelly Bandy, Shanon Hornback. Joe Anderson Karen Cahill Kami Daniel Darla Ford l Laura Franklin Mike Higley Shanon Hornback Sheryl Majchers 92fBAND 8: SENIOR MEMBERS r""1-fr FLAGS AND RIFLES ROW 1 lL to Rl Sharon Polsley, Tammy Taylor, Kami Daniel Row 2 Kim Bargas, Drum Major Sheryl Majchers, Shanon Hornback, Kelly Bandy Row 3 Suzy Crittenden, Mindi Lewellen, Jenny Bowling, Pam Harmon, Scotti Gilliam, Row 4 Melissa Moore, Evon Nero, Tori Cook, Darla Ford, Marci Moydell, Shelly Gass Gregg Moydell Tammy Taylor David Perry Angie Waltman Chris Railey Anita Waters Marsha Wilson Lori Schevers Valerie Yaffe FLAG 8: RIFLES 8a SENIOR MEMBERSX92- Contemplation . . . U50 Another Standing Ovation. Accepting lst place at State U -O h ax Speaks for itself!! ls the book any good Wilsonl? Need a Rolaids Marsha? Band members getting happy! W 94 XBAND Nothing less than perfection. This ones for you CATOOSAH!! Macklin, find something wrong with this. What I go through for the band Why did I ever join band? The band takes a break and the drummers perform. We know why you're smiling Kami!!! Q A A -7 I I -W , g ,W ,,,,,,,, , , I or we L ,L iiiiiii , , . f c-11' l ,, ,, ,. . , , ,,,,, , Nryr 3331 YQ V , f 'W S' V , ,. ,,,,,,, ,,,, VVVV M .., MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND Row 1 IL to Rl - Amy Jennings, Becky Reed, Cheryl Tackett Row 2 - Sherry Harkema, Traci Harris, Ann Edson, Jean Ann Perry, Tammy Walkingstick, Shelly Boyd, Marsha Igert, Jennifer McCall, Lacricia Cox, Kim Smith, Lee Ann Hampton Row 3 Amanda Hunt, Sherry Keller, Melody Powell, Charmon Murr, Traci Laxton, Lisa Cole, Darlene Lacey, Alisa Sherman, Helen Bowden, Angilique Carmon, Crystal Martin Row 4 - Greg Raynor, Brad Alen, Mike O'dell, Gary Page, Randy Jones, Scott Lathrop, Doyle Sterling, Jon Cook, Kristie Wheeler, Tony Beene, John Tyner, Steve Hill Row 5 - Karen Hunt, Mitzi McFarland, Lisa Delmeclico, Brian Morris, Stephen Snow, Mark Walker, Shane Owens, David Crossland, Ranell Cargill, Scott Nicholson, Tom Gaither Row 5 - Robby Walkingstick, Chad Tuttle, Matt Gibson, Stanley Saxon, Kevin O'Laughlin, Mike Tuttle, Marshelle Fair. 5th GRADE BAND Row 1 KL to Rl Angelique Raynor, Sherry Snow, Michelle Qualls, Shelly Briscoe, Susie Massey, Shelly Walkingstick, Theresa Watkins, Sabrina Saxon, Tera Hutchens, Debbie Peoples, Marcie Cox, Stacey Guthrie, Steve McClurg. Row 2 - Lisa Butler, Kerri McGreger, Danna Whitworth, Susie Canada, Julie Perry, Carla Haas, Natlie Ivey, Leigh Bandy, Dena Young, Alicia Morris, Tamie Skelton, Bobby Allen, John Applegate. Row 3 - John Crittenden, David Holland, Brad Williams, Ryan Lashley, Jason Perkins, Timothy Tiner, Chuck Lester, Joshua Schoonover, T. J. Jones, Jennifer Bryan. Row 4 - Brian Beasley, Brian Hill, Charlie Catcher, Ernie Livingston, Wade Wilkie, Jennifer Carr, Jamie Johnson, Marla Jordon, Angela Black, Jimmy Risenhoover. Row 5 - Jon Henderson, Jeane Meeks, Nicky Lowder, Silas Dunn, Chad Nicholson, Heath Sand, Darren Perry, Clayton Leatherman, Jeff Dortch, Roger Lathrop. Row 6 - Erik Ross, Shane Hyslop, Brandon Martin, Bret Pitchford, Kyle Panter, Mike Reese, Michelle Foster. 6th GRADE BAND Row 1 C L to Rl Dana Jordan, Beth Phelan, Carrie Dause, Kim Williams, Robin Shaw, Tracy Harris, Gena Kirk, Lisa Troutt, Jeff Williams, Row 2 v Leslie Roth, Nichole Gladd, Kristen lgert, Brenda Hutton, Gloria Wildrick, Tracie Page, Michelle Snow, Warren Young. Row 3 - Tanya Henderson, Becky Jones, Jimbo Voss, Faith Ballew, Kristin Goertz, Jenny Gilliam, Jerrid Diffee. Row 4 - Heather Sand, Chris Harmon, Chris Gauntt, Tommy Crittenden, Doug Dortch, Brian Hunt. Row 5 - Troy Thornton, Rae Ann Wacoche, Daniel Cocanour, Paul McCurly, Steve Sparling. 96fBAND ,,,, V ,... 5 Ig. X L i J I nf Travis Wade silk screening ip'-hw:-5 f J sg ft iff hifi 'J 1 Kevin lgert sizing a frame Sheri working hard on her portrait All .N Wm lf' 2 i f . S 1 . - I I Kenny Jenkins oil painting Cathy Railey Allen making jewelry ART CLUB - Row 1 U. to Rl Shelly Gass, Robin Owens, Lisa Prock, Sheri Kestas. Row 2 Donnie Ballew, Kenny Jenkins, Kevin lgert. Row 3 Mrs. Corley A 7 ,Vg -if James Babb working on his oil painting Sheri Kestas drawing a portrait Kenny Jenkins working on an ink drawing Sheri Kestas working on another portrait Steve Green working his silk screen Mrs. Corley showing David Rosson how to put his paper ARTf97 horus Macklin and Morris getting music. l thought you were suppose to open your mouths when you sing 98fCl-IORUS CHORUS Row 1 - Michelle Gibson, Tammy Leach, Anita Waters, Charlene Holmes. Row 2 Ada Ross, Brenda Spencer, Barry Settlemyer, Rhonda Vann, Diane Burroughs we ee l T 'r ---f SEQ +t1F+' 9? X +R sr ' 4 ready to teach a new piece of Guys seem more bashful than girls when it's time to perform for someone +ve vt fs.. , ' ' 5 , X 6 M an-an Sandy Shaw and Lisa Cook took 3rd place at Sallisaw , with their Humorous Duet "Teenage Romance or How to Die of Embarrassmentf' Sandy also qualified in Prose, 2ndg and Dramatic lnterp., 2nd, Richardson. 9500 mm-T "o-Q. 91 1' SU :QE- Burg' 2'--1 233 ""9.g ns 53 nv sag PZ Eiga C225 o :gl SPEECH f DRAMA Row 1 - Chrissy Goddard, Becky Andrews, Lisa Rutledge, Sandy Shaw, Lisa Cook. Row 2 - Beth O'Dell, Julie Moffitt, Shannon McMahon, Patty Adkins, Rhonda Henderson. Row 3 - Hank Dukes, Jim Wineberger, Brian Boyd, Chad 1 ,ji Robert Steeber, Brian Boyd and Chad Richardson preparing extemp. files. Robert and Brian have both qualified for regional Extemp. Robert also qualified in Humorous Interp. S5 is Sandy Shaw, Rhonda Henderson and Shannon McMahon. Sandy took 2nd place at the Conners Tourn. in Original Oratory. Rhonda took 2nd place at the Muskogee Tourn. in Original Oratory. Shannon received 3rd place at the Grove Tourn. They all qualified for regionals. s in Men's R KT' Lisa Rutledge and Becky Andrews took lst place with their Dramatic Duet 'The Laundromat", and 2nd in Humorous Duet with "Patio" Lisa has also qualified with 2nd place in Prose. Becky qualified with a lst place in Poetry. K -Hifi' ' W "1 o E :J ul. UU O rn. 'F 5 A ' was A ,... ' Q Z talks Chrissy Goddard and Shannon McMahon took 3rd at the Conners Tourn. in Humorous Duet, "Where the Sidewalk Ends." Shannon has also qualified in Dramatic Duet. Chrissy has qualified in Dramatic Interp., Humorous Interp., Prose, Poetry, Women's Extemp., and Dramatic Duet. fg. W ll X Q Patty Adkins and Beth O'Dell placed 3rd at Conners for their Dramatic Duet "Suffer Gibbons and Beth O'Dell. Jeff placed lst at the Miami Tourn, in Dramatic lnterp., and 3rd in Prose. Beth placed 1st in Original Oratory. the Children". SPEECHX99 in 'WY , uni , .MAKER3 l it J . CQAX Nw tl ,gr-Y I 0, sb' . 1 -.. 9 4 of ' gg, : , - w 'ATT D Vi 6 ' 4 X 3 Q4 V' fo IOOXFHA 'W ,i I W , FHA OFFICERS - Row 1 CL to Rl Tracey Huggins, Lynette Monks, Tammy Martin, Lisa Thornton. Row 2 - Shelly Harris, Amy Perry, Rhonda Henderson, Michelle Galloway. fi, lg ' v , ,f,, A, , ,,, M , FHA ROW 1 CL to Rl Mrs, Henderson Advisor - Shelly Harris, Traci Huggins, Lynette Monks, Tammy Martin, Lisa Thornton, Amy Perry, Rhonda Henderson, Michelle Galloway. Row 2 Lori Arnett, Rachel Daniels, Trina Thornton Kathy Railey, Brenda McCall, Shanna Langton, Michele Copeland, Kim Meach. Row 3 Stephanie Meeks, Donna Crum, Denise Barker, Crystal Sheppard, Machelle Nero, Angela McKinzie, Netta Mosteller, Tammy Taylor. Row 4 Kristi Fleak, Patty Martin, Julie Dye, Jo Wilson, Jenny Hutton, Kelly Tuttle, Julie Thouvenel, Anita Sawyer, Kim Ford, Tammy Henderson, Lynette Johnson. Row 5 Alma Mclntosh, Valerie Ellis, Kim Harris, Linda Isbell, Michelle Prophet, Nikki Minnick, Evelyn Burroughs, Belinda Tharp, Sheila Gates, Torrie Cook. y . , me f N l 'f Q X n t 3 1, I ! ,- ,X r New ft lnstallation of officers FHA members enjoying their get - together for DadclyfDate Night Miers enjoying and sharing good times with children at the Tot - Teen Christmas Party. Michelle wins first at cook - off Fun and games at Tot -- Teen Party A Girls share fun with guys at the Sweetheart Banquet Members have fun sharing good times with mothers at MotherfDaughter Breakfast FHAf101 Officer Installation Painting pet rocks for initiation Mrs. Henderson giving instructions at FHA Workshop E S A ix . ,. Enjoying MotherfDaughter breakfast E E Members attending FHA Workshop Orientation at beginning of year 102fFHA Discussion session at FHA Workshop FFA ROW 1 U. to Rl Steve Howe, Joe Crossland, Duane Irons, Tammy Taylor, Leslie Pitchford, Kim Brown, David Perry, Mr. Pitchford - Advisor. Row 2 David Howe, Brent Townsend, Robert Cree, Kerry Bargas, Donis Irons, James Cooper, Tim Martin, Mark Stephens, Berry Bargas. Row 3 Terry Cox, Kelly Jones, John Ecker, Darren Fryar, Brady Horton, Deana Brown, Johnny Bradly, Tharyn Hill, Gary Cook, Pete Satterfield. Row 4 Steven Ritchie, Donnie McClure, Donnie Rose, Tommy O'Laughlin, Tim Parker, Darryl McClure, Sean Gann, Tony Delmidico, John Hullum. Row 5 John Owens, Shannon Elledge, Eric Qualls, Chris Branscum, Mike Cooper, John Babb, Bo Dunlap, Doug Hubbard, Willard Perry. Row 6 Brian Whorton, Tracey Hoover, Greg Perry, Terry Shaw, Kevin Cavey, Mike Berkenbile, Doug Gilleland, Bob Harris, Red Payne. FFA OFFICERS Row 1 Duane Irons - Vice President, Tammy Taylor - FFA Sweetheart, David Perry - , President, Kim Brown - Secretary. Row 2 Leslie i Pitchford - Historian, Joe Crossland - Treasurer, Steve Howe - Sentinel. ii A Johnny Bradley showing his steer. ' FFA goes to the National Convention. FFA Sweetheart Tammy Taylor FFA fioa .Is-S ,. ---V-.. Nh , A Jw David Howe sheering his lamb. Kim Brown showing her steer. 'f'1:+ N f '14 Diflo I C: Q. '- l' udo Steve and David Howe drying their lamb. ' 0 'J - or I 1,, ' ,fi IIIIIS' 'CUK Y ' 1 Q:- ' ff!-31 ii ,auf , A040 it o .. fyvby- Q - 1 -N ' - 5 ' milf 1 -"' a5'Q 5 L bt AOFN c s A, Q .- if A 0 Qs: - is - .sf .. ,Q Duane lrons showing his steer. n 'ii is ,S Fi Kevin Cawvey and his steer. Mr. Pitchford showing them h Steve Ritchie trying to stand still. ow it is done. Mark Stephens and Tim Stephens getting ready for a show. Brent Townsend rasping the steers hooves 104fFFA Parents getting involved in FFA Mike and Kevin getting ready for a show. P .gs Tammy KFFA Sweetheartl and Tim with prize winning steer. T? r. is-f Duane Irons showing his trophies and ribbons. ,gf 'ir Leslie Pitchford with her blue ribbon lamb. David showing his lamb. Tim Martin showing his steer. Donnie McClure and his trophy. Mark Stevens and his steer. Kelly Jones with his prize Sean Gann with a winning winning hog. hog. 'MW 'Q if T T if A 'sd N- r t . e'rs'. i si? . Brent Townsend and his Gary Cook with Blue Ribbon Steer. 1983-84 Ft. Gibson Livestock judge. steer. FFAf105 SENIOR 4-H CLUB Row 1 - KL to Rl Rhonda Henderson, Lori Arnett, Lisa Delmedico, Kevin O'Laughlin, Scott Cooper, Tony Shackleford. Row 2- Sue Ellen Thornton, LaDonna Arnett, Mike Cooper, Brent Pollet, Doug Shackleford, Gary Page. Row 3 - Mike Tuttle, Thad Hutchens, Jon Cook, Tommy Harris, Chad Tuttle. PM JUNIOR 4-H CLUB Row 1 - IL to Rl Tammy Dause, Leslie Hix, Patricia Cox, Terri Henderson, Michelle Qualls, Susan Beaver, Alicia Laxton, Dana Fryar, Kerry Kerr, April Huggins, Heather Sands, Dana Rhyne. Row 2 - Danna Whitworth, Carla Haas, Susie Massey, Jennifer Carr, Tracie Page, Wesley Seabolt, Tera Hutchens, Leigh Bandy, Stacy Gutherie, Christie Pruet, Carrie Nail, Natalie Ivey, Rachael Pruet, Row 3 - Brian Beasley, Chuck Lester, Heath Sand, Brant Pitchford, Julie Perry, Brandon Martin, Danny Sawyer, Harvey Sawyer, Tony Harris, Beau Marcum, Toby Martin, Brady Igert, Michael Delmedico, Kenneth Keller. Row 4 - Mike Glovicko, Bo Pollet, Erik Ross, Chad Nicholson, Joshua Schoonover, Chris Gauntt, Darren Perry, Prudence Cole, Brandy Welch, Laquita Bryant, Edna Sallis. Row 5 - Angelina Berryman, Susan Canada, Justin Cook, Troy Thornton, Trent Shackleford, Jerry Cooper, Jon Henderson, Becky Jones, Tracy Harris, Angela Carman. 10614.14 CLUB Heath Sands walking his heifer in the show ring. Thad Hutchins, Mike Tuttle, Justin Cook ready for judge to look at their lambs. Rhonda Henderson showing her heifer. Toby Martin and Kevin O'Laughlin showing their pigs. Chad Tuttle showing his first place South Down Lamb. Jerry Don Cooper showing his heifer named Little Missy. F .Ria Lisa lDelmedk:o showing her heifer. Bo Pollet setting up animal for judge to see. Wesley Seablot with his first place lamb. Heather Sand 4-H club Queen Jon Cook showing his steer. l -sl Heather Sands - 4-H Queen and Tammy Taylor FFA Sweetheart ready to hand out ribbons. 4-H CLUB X 107 JL, ,, - MORNING VO-TECH Front Row lL to Rl Jamie Goertz, James Rigsby, Steve Green, Scott Cooper, Clinton Mackey. Second Row - Lori Farrow, Angie Taylor, Kathy Dobson, Mark Taylor, Karrie Lytal. Third Row - James Johnson, Gene Pennington, Sheri Psomes, Matt Mitchell, Madison Cauthon. AFTERNOON VO-TECH Front Row ll. to Rl Lisa Thornton, Connie Stevens, Laura Franklin, Mike Gibson, Scotti Settlemeyer, Michelle Hatley. Second Row - Donny Rose, Shelly Barnett, Marty Livingston, Jackie Stanley, Shari Birth, Vickie Mayo, Jimmy Hunt, Jody Owens. Third Row - Billy Rowan, David Sevier, Tommy Cox, Kim Harris, Donnie Boatman, Billy Parker, Dannie McElmurry, Bobby Cobb, Doug Hubbard, Fourth Row 5 Chris Davis, Ty Dillman, Kevin Fallen, John Cowden, Alan Vann, Scott Rolland, Jimmy Langley, David Johnson, Jeff Johnson. 108fVO-TECH Alan Vann and Kevin Cooper working on a house fl s Don't hit your thumb, Larry Scott edge on the steel Rolland putting an James Rigsby working in welding class Wake up Shelly and do your work 1 Kevin Fallen and John Cowden repairing a building '12 49" tfw Pete Satterfield overhauling Cute glasses David! R i Angie Taylor serving lunch at Vo-Tech Steve Howe putting u door Stop looking at me, Jamie, and get to work an engine V Scott Cooper working on a V H 1 ry diesel engine f i Ji ,,g. LLV.. Q . N 'X sl.AL F jf .-'--: A gi 5 " . 5 , '1 1 1 Gene troubleshooting in electron- Madison Cauthon training ics I 1' - for vocational services Matt and Sheri working on the press Love the hat Donny! VO TECHf109 P 'N 'QR Shannon McMahon Editor-in-Chief YEARBOOK STAFF Row 1 IL to Rl Shelly Gass, Lori Schevers, Shannon McMahon, Valerie Yaffe, Shelley Ford. Row 2 - Troy Shields, Lisa Tackett, Carol Arnett, Jackie Rodgers, Ranae Smith, Robyn Harmon. Row 3 - Gregg Moydell, Chad Richardson, Mike "Gibbon Gibson, Kim Harris, Shelly Barnett. NOT PICTURED Kerrye Harp. Yearbook Adviser - Mrs. Townsend. .N Q. 1 Amy Perry Editor-in-Chief , ' NEWSPAPER STAFF Row 1 IL to Rl Melissa Moore, Becky Andrews, Amy Perry, Irma Sosa. Row 2 - Jody Owens, Lisa Frye, Kim Bargas, Stacy Copeland. Rhonda Vann. Row 3 - Kelly Bray, Jerome Shields, Jim Wineberger. Newspaper adviser 110fYEARBOOK-NEWSPAPER ' Mfs- Hamlin' Am I supposed to be in Yearbook? W Where's Troy? -gf K , six Nxt'-.. M I -Q, "' ,X 7 " But Mrs. Townsend, I never took typing!!! nv' I 'Fr I like this picture better. We didn't understand that joke Irma! I think l made a mistake. What page is this? ...l gr' 19, l only wanted my sweatshirt in the U16, 2f16- 3f16v 4f16 picture. l can't believe l'm actually concen- trating. :E L- "' ' "': 3 , H ' gf Q , 0 51 zg , , A I - 3.5 I ,,.,1C,,f :,,,i Is this a group effort or whatl? in-I Cheerleading is my life. Publications Hurry Jodi, we have deadline!!! I cant read and type at the same time. Where's the pictures? Gee! I think something might be wrong. ook rb Q5 QI' Cl. CU Cl. cn JOURNALISMH11 .21 Mill- illlll o 1,2 v, I X xl X Ti R 'V I il" DFP!-og, A xx 'Itv IIZXENRICHMENT GRADE SCHOOL ENRICHMENT - THIRD GRADE - Row 1 IL to Rl Chuck Nicholson, Scott Holuby, Shannon Poindexter, FOURTH GRADE Row 2 Thomas Jackson, Byron Cook Jeremy Johnson, Jonathan Drake, Trey Treadwell, Brady lgert, Brandi Brown, Kimberly Mosteller. FIFTH GRADE Row 3 Lisa Butler, Julie Perry, Angelique Raynor, Leigh Bandy, Jennifer Carr, Mrs. Sims Row 6 Brian Hill, Wade Wilkie, T. J. Jones, Kyle Panter, Heath Sand, Chad Nicholson, Chuck Lester. Not pictured Charla Whorton. MIDDLE SCHOOL ENRICHMENT - EIGHTH GRADE Row 1 IL to Rl Mr. Nations, Scott Nicholson, Brad Allen, Brent Pollet, Stephanie Landers. SEVENTH GRADE Row 2 Steven Hill, Robby Walkenstick, Brian Morris, Tracy Copus, Angela Carman. SIXTH GRADE Row 3 Kami Blankenship, Melissa Butler, Catherine Drumhellar, April Caughman, Becky Jones, Brenda Hutton, Jennifer Gilliam, Leslie Roth, Nicole Hill. NOT PICTURED: B. J. Metz, Marshelle Fair, HIGH SCHOOL ENRICHMENT - Row 1 IL to Rl Shari Kestas, Valerie Yaffe, Marci Moydell. Row 2 - Advisor - Mrs. Tyrrell, Patty Adkins, Dean Briggs, Mike Dunn, Advisor Mrs. Davis. ""V sal x, BQ X F : ...H f 7 I :- C 1 7 s nt fu X-fx N. ,., X I X, I an Senior Page 17 1. Connie Stevens 2. James Langley 3. Kevin Fallen 4. Lynette Johnson 5. Laura Franklin 6. Jackie Martin 7. Steve Howe 8. Lisa Thornton 9. Robert Cree 10. Diane Burroughs 11. Kim Brown 12. Rhonda Vann 13. Trina Thornton 14. Tammy Martin 15. Pete Satterfield 16. Joe Anderson Baby Picture Names Page 18 1. Sheryl Majcher 2. Roger Hammer 3. Ronnie Bowden 4. Ginger Ballard 5. Anita Waters 6. Mike Higley 7. Darla Briggs 8. Rhonda Jennings 9. Gene Pennington 10. Jimmy Butler 11. Shannon I-lornback 12. Tony Delmedico 13. Denise Alexander 14. Darla Ford 15. Shelly Hatley 16. Mike D. Gibson 17. Cydney Crossland 18. Jana Wade 19. Donnie Boatman 20. Donnie Rose 21. Mark Hoyd Page 19 1. Marsha Wilson 2. Gregg Moydell 3. Karen Cahill 4. Kerrye Harp 5. Felicia Jones 6. Kevin Godwin 7. Brian Boyd 8. Lisa Dishman 9. Kami Daniel 10. Julie Moffitt 11. Chad Richardson 12. Valerie Yaffe 13. Tracy Townsend 14. Mike Nelson 15. Michelle Hutton 16. Renee Harkema 17. Patty Adkins 18. Lori Schevers 19. Gibbo - Mike Gibson 20. Robert Steeber Chris Railey Angie Waltman Wiley Bottger Alan Vann Kelly Bray Page 20 Tammy Taylor Tammy Leach Sherri Psomas Lisa Ruthledge Vernal Ballew Gregg Copeland Becky Garrett Beth O'Dell Susie Guinn Julie Minnick Gina Fleak Chrisy Goddard Lewincla Cargil Shelly Ford Verna Tackett Shannon McMahon David Perry Amy Perry Tracy Miller STUDENT COUNCIL Bottom row lL to Rl - Lori Arnett, Amy Perry, Sharon Posley, Lisa Cook, LaVon Wilkie, Connie Young. Top row - Shawn Paulk, Chad Richardson, Mike Nelson, Kalyn Brassfield. STATE HONOR SOCIETY Row 1 lL to RI Greg Williams, Greg Perryman, Dana Butler, Kelly Bandy, Julie Dye, Dean Briggs, Teddy Mayes. Row 2 - Kami Daniel, Julie Moftitt, Beth O'Dell, Verna Tackett, Lisa Cook, Sandy Shaw, Sheli Yaffe, Lynette Monks, Jenny Boling. Row 3 - Sharon Posley, Gina Fleak, Felicia Jones, Valerie Yaffe, Mark Mitchell, Betsy Easley, Ginger Ballard, Kalyn Brassfield, Denise Alexander, Row 4 - Kim Garrett, Sandra Batchelor, Mike Dunn, Rachel Cobler, Shawn Paulk, Evon Nero, Alma Mclntosh, Marci Moydell, Row 5 - Mark Martin, Marsha Wilson, Julie Minnick, Darla Briggs, Robbie Steeber, Steven Hill, Mike Osborn, Verna Ballew. Not pictured - Shannon McMahan, Lisa Rutledge, Mark Gilliland. 114fSTUDENT COUNCIL 81 HONOR ROLL Stepping With ADVERTISING fl I Ll.. Matthew 10:38 Chaisf TEENS FOR CHRIST Row 1 QL to Rl Kyle Humphrey, Monte Humphrey, Betsy Easley, Marsha Wilson - Secretary, Julie Minnick, Tina Birth, Shari Birth, Denise Alexander - Reporter, Alan Lytal, Michelle Gibson. Row 2 - Mrs. Hamlin - Sponsor, Tery Shaw, Pam Groom, Kenny Jenkins President, Mike Dunn, Kalyn Brassfield - Vice President, Shelley Ford. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. Romans 8:37 CONRAD BARRETT MICKEY NORWOOD Pastor Assistant Pastor C382-2226 683-56-59 CENTRAL ASSEMBLY OF GOD Baltimore 8 Indiana Muskogee. Oklahoma 683-3221 "You are welcome and wanted" RON l3UTl.ER MONTE HUMPHREY Asst. Pasmrfhlu-iv Youth Pastor amaze? 1387-ioq-S Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us, 116fADVERTlSlNG Paper products 4 for the home... f ...and tissue, towels and napkins for Q' - il industrial, - institutional use. w ill aim p x ,. i ,X With best wishes for your success A 'E Fort Howargwggper ADVERTISING f 1 1 7 WE'RE YOUR KIND OF BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK Congratulation Seniors LEO BELLER The place to buy all your Your link between where you are and where you need to be sport equipment and uniforms 'M I 1 ,Q -Yi Bob Moydell Phone: A Owner -J Nix?-Sglfv 478-2089 , ' YINSHIIJE We deal in: K We carry: ANSPCRU-I-mn Baseball Shoes L-,f-suD.I21u1.Qi...1us.- Football Shorts Basketball X Shirts Baseball Jackets Soccer Travel Bags And More!! and sweats ,9 I f Q D-BAR-J GENERAL 432 West Broadway , 5115, 1' STGRE Muskogee, OK Gas - Food - POP 682-2220 -x A C Q 1 18 f ADVERTISING CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF '84 SHANNON'S COUNTRY MERCANTILE lTl7f1i'i-- GROCERIES - ICE - SANDWICI-IES C SELF SERVE GAS Sz OIL ' PHONE 478-3524 Bob 81 Cindy's Thanks to You for Shopping with US Se, Dr. Theodore Stgff 5 Miles E. of Ft. Gibson on I-Iwy. 62 Ft. Gibson, OK MARTHEI. 0 FT, GIBSON OFFICE ., 478-3252 "Everything Musical" 4 REAL ESTATE FT. GIBSON UPDIKE MUSIC COMPANY X S HOMES BAND INSTRUMENTS LASSMMERCML LESSONS REPAIRS 214 West Broadway I918l 682-2231 MUSKUGEE OFFICE , - .,,- 687-1336 Muskogee OK 74401 I9 5 6826 1209 N. YORK REALTORS 7 KELLY S STUDIO Portaits By "We Specialize Ruth Kelly In Seniors" N 2 - Portrait N f Family Groups Reproductions ' ' .fs Muskogee, Okla W 4 Ph 687-7311 alll Oils - Weddings Black and White - True Direct Color CONGRATULATIONS SR,S OF 84!!! ADVERTlSINGf119 TOWNSEND REAL ESTATE Realtor - Multilist 112 N. Lee P.O. Box 368 Ft. Gibson, OK 74434 Office 478-2485 Bobby 8: Barbara Townsend ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE gp I COOPER INSURANCE AGENCY 443 W. POPLAR P.O. BOX 580 FORT GIBSON, OKLAHOMA 74434 JIM 84 FAYE COOPER 478-2442 AGENTS IIE OPEN TUESDAY THRU SUNDAY 11 to 9 Closed Monday 4 Miles East of Fort Gibson on Hiway 62 Phone 478-3264 OWNED 8: OPERATED BY JIMMY 84 VICKI PRICE Congratulations Shelley Ford 8: Seniors of 1984 JOYCE'S BEAUTY SALON East of Ft. Gibson 478-2771 Lyle, Joyce, 8: Lisa Tolbert FRYAR'S KENNEL Chihuahuas, Yorkies Pomeranians 616 miles east of Ft. Gibson Phone 478-3291 GREEN COUNTRY CASTINGS CORPORATION 612 S.E. 48th ST. MUSKOGEE, OK C9185 683-5683 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FT. GIBSON TAG OFFICE Mable Taylor 8: Staff Mable Taylor Agent Phone 478-2132 CAROLINES FLOWERS 3303 E. Shawnee Muskogee, OK 74434 Bob 8: Caroline Points Business 682-8601 BELL'S QUALITY FOODS Home 478-2110 117 N- I-99 Fort Gibson, OK 478-2464 CONGRATULATIONS MON-SAT 8 am to 8 Pm SR.'S OF 1984 SUN - 11 am to 8 Pm FROM: Congressman OWNERS: GLENN 8: MARION BELL MIKE SYNAR 120 f ADVERTISING Q Whirlpool TUMBLE INN , 'D 0' FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES 'xQ9.15. 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Railroad Fort Gibson, Oklahoma Telephone 478-3051 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! IJAIIE fdmriedife-ho 1903 N. YGRK 1001 W. OKMULGEE ii FORT GLBSON TIGERS BIG RED MARCHLNG MACHINE 7 ' gf '1 1 . I 1 'I9ii't?3Z1f f5.S5 E 1 'f i ' 5 f FOR1 ' I GIBSON j City Bank X 'X MEMBER MUSKOGEE Q C SOQT WATERQ FDIC OKLAHOMA 1 A WAS H gf RINHE R EOAMY BRUSH Whitlock Construction L W ij DRYING SHED rt A 9 1829 N. York ' Qi S U Muskogee, OK 683-1836 H 5 x H H U WE BUILD CUSTOM HOMES Q DOWNLOWN . 'CROSS FROM Sales N .Hp . Q Rgcharvgktg .tw -11 1' IRE S 1. ATIQN r-NRE EXUNGUISHERS H djjfjgggg 683-1953 SERWCE gommercial -- " 35 1829 N. York Bosrdootku E 3 1 Muskogee, OK 74401 Industrial ADVERTISINGXIZS Foxxx The strongest name Compliments of si m in pools Johnsons Chiropratic Clinic, Inc. X Dr. J. C. Johnson 5 f 2602 Chandler Road Muskogee Ok, 74403 C POOLS 687-6657 y Julius Loosen Retail phone 683-6521 Q Catalog phone VISA' 683-7711 Open daily 9:30 to 9:00 Sunday 1:00 to 5:30 GOcgI?ENI'iggIg ,84 -Fungi-1 In Curts Mall I:I'O1'T1 SERVING MUSKOGEE SINCE 1954 THE S 84 H COMPANY womz MASTERS c1EANeRs Larry Sand Jim Hunzeker Azbuihfzijegze JIM w623j5'9?wner Honor Heights Formal Rentals Plaza Shopping and Sales Center THE FORMAL SHOP 3311 w. Bf0adwayfMusk0gee, OK 74401149189 687-1851 Bob Coburn Owner Store hours Mon-Sat 9:30 to 6:00 STORES Several Name brands to choose from Pianos - Organs - Guitars Amps - Drums School Rentals Rentalfpurchase plan Music Lessons Repairs Accessories D KIMBALL the D :quam D - 687-1244 D 407 W. Broadway I O open 9:30 to 5:30 Mon-Sat IN CUFIT'S MALL g8Z'1g'Tl Salutes The Ulf a . 682-4031 FT. mason Open H2520 900 TIGERS 126fADVERTISING Good Food At Fair Prices For Call-Ins Dial 478-2961 MACS INHVEIN 1' Fx f 7' f Wx ff! X X X X ll IZ If '6"f,ff- ,X llsxgs Q twirl 1 l xl V ll Xml . E t t li JZ P K, , I-5 ,vu X' 9' X -s X441 fb fl f?,, V D Xxsx Congratulations Seniors!!! Owned And Operated By Betty McGuire Serving You For 20 Years Ft. Gibson C-274 Home and Auto Supplies 478-3242 Quickway Lock Shop 922 No. York St. Muskogee, OK 74403 Phone 682-8000 THIS AD'S FOR YOU CHEERLEADERS Indian Trails Distributing Co. Muskogee, OK SMALL WORLD PRE-SCHOOL AND DAY CARE Open 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday - Friday Owner Linda Troutt 478-4012 Meat Dept. Produce Fort Gibson 478-2458 478-2460 Congratulations to the Senior Class of '84 with Best wishes For the Future Bakery Cards CARLB Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Complete Line Of Art Carved Class Rings Wedding Bands and Diamond Wedding Sets lfS!X WI sf- agv iyf , 34' 7 -CT R A flaw N5 9 f . ,,... - 217 W. Broadway Muskogee, OK ADVERTlSINGf127 F CRT GIBSON STATE BANK Celebrating 10 years of "Community Banking for you" Best Wishes Seniors of "84" 300 S. Lee P.O. Box 130 Phone: 478-2437 I 918-687-8144 W I- 415 W. Broadway 7' - G G Q Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401 w -e -...- x 501-452-6170 . ' 'V' Y A F F E 4 175- E. Central Mall lm IRON AND M1-:1'Al.c0MPANY,lNc. Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903 V-' F B A 0 l A f 'L 0V:.R 75 YEARa OF bER!flCE j , 1 f Post office sox 916 A H, ' Plant Located at End of "G" Street 'P 4, Q , - MUSKOGEE,OKLAHOMA74402-0916 V' ' I MU:- AREA CODE 918 687-7543 if WE PAY THE HIGHEST PRICES FOR ALUMINUM CANSI I.. 81. S band lnstfufneflt Load Lugger' Service J -go New 54 Used Sleel CO' 7 Industrial Scrap . Pipe-AVWQIGS 8, Trash f T, Bars-Beams "vow Best Marker" -X ID Reinforcing BUS . . l I f Mesh-Plates We Specialize in Bands Sl"eeI5'elC' CONN - KING - SELMER - LEBLANC - YAHAMA SI-IANNONS REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING Bob Shannon Jr. 918-478-3524 Rt. 2 Box 330B Fort Gibson, Oklahoma 74434 OKLAHOMA TREASURE TRADERS Metal Detectors 8x Supplies Books - Coins Gibson, OK 74434 918-478-2525 Fort Mildred Campbell I I A ,1- , " r, I ' Q ' Realtor FI. Gibson 478-2507 f Rixzok' 8 EDGE fi 114 W, Pop1ar 1 Phone 478-2161 - Sandra Gilliam - 2 Cheryl 1 He11um 3 1 Dar 1a Bailey : :"S!yling For Men, Women or Whole Fam ly 19 PIZZA ana Broastea Chicken 3 Dime In or Take Out N 8 Um z,- ll - fteoun I 7 i o Plzzn lg IS THE A BEST CONGRATULATIONS SENIOPS Proua to Serve You ana Thanks for Your Support M73-3915 A02 Poplar FT. GIDSOD ADVERTISING! 129 BASKIN -ROBBINS DERFUL Be sure to order early. Custom-Tailored Only at Baskin-Robbins. NOW OPEN UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Honor Heights Plaza OPEN MON.-SAT. 11 am - 10pm FLAVORS E 1 E ICE CREAM FOOTBALL ? ' ICE CREAM CAKES CALL TODAY 683-3363 3314 W. Okmulgee SUN. 12 pm - 10 pm KIRKS DRUG THEDA'S SHIRT SHOP Sporting Goods -- Trophies A Downtown York Street 207 N. 3rd 733 N. York J'M'NHEDA ROWAN 682-3426 682-6673 I - ! Westside Store 3506 W. Okmulgee 532-2458 personalized ZAI-ES QUALITY THE DIAMOND STORE U' :HHH Wo'Il prim whatever Phone: 918-683-2822 xml 'S' ygu lik. CURTIS MALL A NH' 2242 East shawnee 47151555 Muskogee, OK 74401 I -, - Ron Conway, Manager A x I I . X C 1 H359 ' FO T3G2Bvso?v A625611 CSMQIE74 34 918M78'20O9 130fADVERTISING 1 ' 'mm ' ,fn :Z 'Q-1 t 'V ,.. A -2 ., mir, Stepping Up With Mk , all i 1983 BASEBALL Row 1 IL to Rl - Gnen Pennington, Chris Burt, Chris Lewellen, Mike Nelson, Steve Green, Gary Cook, Joe Snow, Robert Steeber, Ronnie Bowden, Row 2 - Steve Warlick, Jimmy Butler, Steve Hill, Mark Martin, James Rigsby, Shawn Paulk, Gerald Osborne, Row 3 - Manager Kelly Bray, Coach David Carr, James Geortz, Kevin Godwin, Guy Young, Mike O'clell, Ronnie Stotts 2 5 1 , .1 5 Senior Baseball members 1 Mike Nelson warming up Jimmy Butler lays down a perfect bunt BZXBASEBALL Kevin Godwin practicing his swing Parents and students participate in FFA activities We are proud to be a part of FFA. . J xg i ss F N Y QWFPZ Barbara Wade 1982-83 FFA Queen. in HW F F at 3343 xii' Gary Cook Speaking at Banquet. Receiving Certificates FFA BANQUETX 133 Junior - Senior nfgff, Banquet Q flim- HSI 134fBANQUET , f 9 l Q3 Q ' Na 2 j Z L, W If ,,,,, : n n n . n 2 I . ' n ., . , ,. W . Q' ' I ,, J ki' X E-5. 1 'Z' Q ' 'S' ' ir Graduation .Pl 'QL lr 'ff' ' . H ,. ,, ,mm-f ' I ' ' ,, M4 Fa Graduation is a very serious time for RQ , is J I' II F' fx Chorus performs 1982-83 5.2 BARBARA WADE KAY GORTON JULIE HOLT KAREN EMMONS ELIZABETH HARRIS Valedictorian Valedictorian Valedictorian Salutatorian SaIutatorian GRADUATION f 135 Our final get together. Seniors getting ready to receive their diplomas The 1983 Graduating Class. Graduates listen intently to the speaker. Mr. Gary Perryman talking to the grads. 136 f 1 983 GRADUATION GC We finally made it!!!

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