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 - Class of 1952

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Fort Gibson High School - Tiger Yearbook (Fort Gibson, OK) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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' ' ' ' "' W 'rfv1 'Q "V -..." , ' - ' . - f 1, - , L. .. . V -- - -J ..- -- ""'f" A f' 47 - ' ' --H f ff 1-if-A-J .M J ",.: , ,,..x:..v .-'4 ug- , f JSR Fort Gibson, Oklahoma The Senior Class of Fort Gibson High School Presents 'U lg' 1,UM: Q9 I9 The Tiger For I95Z 'NNIU FOREWORD Our school l1fe 1S a story and from the very start We enter IH at 'Chapter I and play the leadxng part F r me xt 1S a fa1ry tal so magical and cear In wh1ch the slxghtest Wlgh Comes true and sorrows dxsappear It keeps you wonderxng just how lt I1 all e d Q0 on 'qhe Txgeru we have worked wlth thls ldeal To make xt 2 story Wh1Ch carrxes an appeal To scholar lover dreamer all who make up Ft Glbson Hxgh And when you ve older grown and dream of days gone by Thus hook w1ll he a hlstory to turn to when you please And l1ve agaxn your h1gh school days mn happy memorxes . . 5 y K A V 4 1 l . 'V 1 r Y X i . ' o so ' ' ' e, , 1 ' . l , . . I x For others it is a mystery tale, you don't quite comprehend. ' ' . ' wi n . -V - Q 1 Y 7 ' I I P 7 Y mmnsun run EU In apprecxatlon of that person who durxng the sxx years of hxs assocxatxon wxth thls hxgh school has helped make possxble many 1m provements who through hxs earnest endeavors has unquestxonably raxsed the standards of the school and whose ever ready understandxng and kxndly axd has endeared hlm to us a o hxm H C W Brownxng We the Senxor Class of 1952 grate fully dedlcate thxs volume of the Fort Gxbs lxger L W BROVNING Dear Students Let me congratulate you on your successful efforts 1n assembllng the materxal whxch con stxtutes thxs year book It contaxns treasured memorxes whxch wxll last long after you have graduated from thxs xnstxtutxon Wherever the dutxes of lxfe lead you may thls snlll volume be a remxnder not so much of the facts taught nn the classroom but of the real prxncxples of lxvxng whxch have been xmpressed on you 1D your school envxronment Durxng thxs assocxatxon let us hope that you have attaxned the understandxng that xt xs everv cxtxzen s duty to xmprove upon the xmperfect workxng toward those thxngs vhxch wxll serve better all mankxnd May you have been brought to a realxzatnon of the 'greatest W the worth of spxrxtual values However efficient or inefficient your training has been, success and greatness in life will depend upon the spirit and attitude in which we apply the principles we have learn- ed ly best wishes go with you in all honorable and worthwhile undertakings as you leave this institution Sincerely yours, 2416 V 1 ' . . 3 y,.1 AT 1 A' TZ K ' VI . . I V, l . . . 'i ll, t ' , r. . . ' , Administration -4 R. C. Lindsay... .... Member... . 3 Frank W. Nation .... .... Clerk... .. 5 Roy Maher ....... ......... Hember... . 3 C. W. Browning .... .... Superintendent... . 6 Jess Boling ........ ......... lember... . 7 Ewell A. Boatright... .... President... ... 11 To these Men, who have given so nselfishly, of their time and efforts for our we wish to say thanks, and express our gratitude. years years years years years years school Phqh School U... Facuhg C. I. BROINING LAWRENCE E. HULSEY B. S. defree- -Southealtern B. S. E. Southeastern' I. S. degree--Cklnli A 8 I Coumercinl A. J. SENSOR B. S. Southeastern lllilattial Ar!! HII1' IBEAT B. 8. Cllallnn A l I I. A. Qallole of Pacific hth lid .lliC "Q JOHN HARRISON JR. B. S. Cllnhum A B I Vocntirvml Agriculture IAUD HOPKINS I. S. Clzlnhmn A B I lime Eeonznicn BENNETT GUTBRIE B. S. Northelltern jr. Bidi Science Biology BEATRICE REEVES B. S. Northsaltern Jr. nigh Ehgligh -MOK f ls., ,gp-nA4"4"' 655 K .41 1,-X Q ----P-1 EVELYN WOO A. B. Northealsfem ?xYC5o ZISHLING o n I' ltQI1' A, 4 junior Social Science v I .. I X ages Xb-'K DOYLE STONE IILLIAII IICKETT FAYE STOUT A. B. Northeastern B. S- Northeastern B. A. Southeastern junior High lnth junior High Science. Biology Athletics. HARTHA ANDERSON B. S. Northeastern Home Eccmanics IARGUERITE KNIGHT Northeastern High School and Grade lnic Q, ff ' X 'filiwf' I Q gm? 'L 14-4 'W' rl AX L, Y J . ' 4 64.-til. Pi" - - Furs! Row: james Rowan--Stud:-nt Couxcxl. Flentell Perry--Pregnh-nt. Second Row- Don Evnns--Reporter, Mnry Harrx:--Serre!nry--Treasurer, joan Henle-- Sludent Connell. Henry Dye--Vice-President. FLENT ELL PERRY JOAN BENGE .A N gh' ' D RAKDNA TRIPPARD HENRY DYE , ,,1' 5 735' T x, ,f I . Jomnw munuun ruuzcu aucluuzn uv 'C' fr Ig .1 , ,,, '1 SENIORS "OFF TO THE ICE RFVUI-I" Tulsa. lltllhomn lechesdnv. February 6. 1952 MARY HARRIS THOMAS JOE LEWIS - QB' 's :ng 't' 1- 1 'U auf 2 w., Q is L, jx ' Y' nw, ' ' -1-f, , 5 MAXINE RAINES BEN HCIAHAN 'F '5 GARLAND PHILLIPS ADNALYLE COOKSON UARTHA RIGSBY IXJN LANDQS cu 3 Q" I if A RUTH BOYLIN IDNALD EVANS CLARANNE BROINING pig., 1 3 55 , 'ig v Ya bg sv 9 JAIES ROIAN Q BETTY JO BARR ROY BARNETT 3 I 'Z' 11 Q- 11"- - Q -E? 94 Hwy, ,, ,U-ani.. " Rb.: .Sl 5:1 .1 B t 1 :A H 0 Y 3 F.. X . I Q I I I 5 J l 4 , 1 I f 1 :nv Lui . Bobby Gladd--President, Mary JanE Hilger--Student Cbuncil, June Everett--Reporter, Beulah Uowlin--Secretary-Treasurer, james Thornton--Vice-President, Lonnie Ray Lewis --Student Council. A 4 MARY JANB HILOBR BOBBY LENNOX ,9 'X ..'1 1' if - , Bziflhf ' - -A A in . I bl JAMES THORNTON 3 gr , 2 ,Q .J JUNIOR ROLLAND 1' , " 1 ' JOHNNY MAYO 1 -' f -A ' lf 1 , J J NOBLB LYTA1. . ,, 1- . PAUL MARTIN 40 'K 'V CLOYD O'DELL TOMMY BROWN J. C. SELLERS ROCFRS - val? -A ,Q frm 4 A f- 1 Q rv 7 H V' "' . A " J A 7 Ol 4 V P 1 , A N 'Y 1 1 3 ' I I 1 X I 7 A . , . I " -I ,Q n I.. 5 Q Q " I-gi T P N .Q II! 3 I-, ', lk 7 .tzy Q A, 'v -1 'Q D I Q' 4- I . X in , 4 A . ,J D . CARRIE DICK LOIS GARY ELBA LEE RUBY WHITE SHEEFIELD TODD SIMS WALDEN WILCOXSON DIAMOND BOBBY BONNIE JAMES MARILYN KENNETH O'DELL GLADD CLINKENBEARD JOHNSON PHILLIPS DRYE Q -2 "' W' s S Q 'x U. ex I L 0 I , v'5 x.i Q-Y ,Lf 1 "V, I f 4 'fi av! O QQ ff DALE BETTY KATHLEEN WOODS IGERT HIXSON JOYCE WANDA PEGGY DON iiMMY BEULAH TRIPPARD WALTERS REECE ROGERS NETT BOWLIN NILA LONNIE RAY gUNE BILLY CAROL ROWE DEAN HARRIS LEWIS .VERETT HEFNER PRATT RAGSDALE If 'ig X - as , n ' - I" , ,. QQ 9 1. if' f , 1 Q 4 F- J cf 5 ' r 3 -v ' '17 'P J 1 Y l 'I ' ,M A fl PM ' - 7. - " I Q - MI ." I ll Mylar 1 , , 5 A I A r I : ' 71- 79 ST I " i lf 5 fn J uv -a, L .Ji Q CLASS OFFICERS: Marcheta Bowlin--President, Bobbie Nutt--Student Council, Mary Lou Cooper-- Vice-President, Janette Lester--Secretary-Treas- urer, Eugene Kin2--Student Council. JB 6 0 ""' 0 5, s. THOMAS TAYLOR Ik d -- -1 , ' PATSY HARRIS Q W JOHNNY O'DELL N I, I ? .Ag?.- I xx. l nf' fi 12 .f DONALD SHEFFIELD 3 V ' ' " " J A . ff HAROLD GRIFFIN .y 4 9 A ,. T MARY LOU OILLILAND I Y ,. ,A - ' BEATRICE BLAIR I 4 VIVIAN CRAIG ' I f -I I I "' , DORIS DONLEY 4' F' 'J' f- 'F . "- " ' ,' ALBERTA MULLEN , 4 A... , .. -v - 7 . . - 7 A 1- GERALD BERRY ,A ' , , 1 1 I 5, JANETTA LESTER O. X X . TONI MARTIN - f I K .Air QS' X I nnikllralf f VIRGINIA WHITE PATTY JEAN FOSTER " K' 3' "' f- 54 ,. .., " fi FLOYD O'DELL '- 1-M 4 Q JOYCE CRITTBNDEN - In fffp IV' BETTY MCMAHAN 45 if TA A N .1 -ov' iiill! MARY BILLYE BROWNING CAM BELL EFFIE JIMMIE RAINES GRIFFIN S 'fre - qv -Q I 6 I 1 BUDDY HUGGINS BOBBIE THOMPSON CHARLENE STEEBER MARCHETA BOWLIN ff- fm . f -A f .., X 7 Il Lim ' ' Q , I Q 5 fax -7 pe ,lo ELEANOR PERRY DALE KREIDER WELDON ANDREWS NORWOOD HUTCHING ,.s fn- I 04 W Lx Kp T.l , l 5 l , O DARRELL DONLEY JOYCE CHAMPLAIN BILLY WEST BOBBIE NUTT ' Q v ll I 4E 4' an J l ' r VELMA YARBROUGH EUGENE KING fl I? 4 .4 CLARELCE RANDLES MARY LOU COOPER f 2 rm Q- Na 111: "'! CIAQS OF!-IVH N uw 1 u 1 ff :sur oh. Iss? lr-11 63 ff GFRALD QATTFFFI FI jon Aws LovETT A ff FRANK HARNFTT 'sfvs KAY RAGSITALF -f-, I 1 I CHARLENF LAVADA ROLLANTI MARTIN 1' 9 Z QA JAMFQ KIAPF Ibn Y I NANCY MCLAJN 4'O' MARTHA ROWAN , ,. 1: .'L f. , R 41 is azz- xl! f '-4 SHIRLEY SHINAm l,T no 'Aw FLAINE -I0 ANN ANNA KAYF KATIF RHYNF RISFNHOOVER MIFFFIFLD HILCFR . ,Gs ,-' , ,ff " - - o ri' fo 1 -Q 4 4 R I J 0 07: d, for ,X, 1 A . . -, ' T' 4 J ' ' " , 'L , :' - ' f A If - A v ' 1 I g , r' 1 X - V 1 I SUE BILLY CAROL BILL ANNA IA! 533515 ANN MBIS MORGAN HILL HUGGINS PIRKLF PQRY Slls BUCEINS HZFKQ . .. . v Q ' S Q 'O fv- - , I: i P- v V0 ' ' - ' I - ' 4' I ' ' , -V 1 I ' ' r 3 X I' r ,I 1 Q ' BETTY GIARLES VIRGINIA IIIIY LZA JOHN JOYCE TAYLOR ZUBANKS FISHER GRAGG BURUE EIZLING EILIN .3 f-SA . s, ' " I- I 1 for 9 I: 1' ' "" , ' f , 1 k I P ' Q' at . J ' W' 'f - ., 7. : , ,fx ' Aff? ' - 1' fy Q ROSE KBBY VIRGINIA u.A1.LAS IILIHED BILLY DELIIEDICO LEACH SPARKS FARROI YLLIS ANIHEIS BETTY GAYLE IARY KIRK IILII PAUL DIILIEDICTJ BERRY SUITE KATRIGHT TODD SIITH r' - ... 3 1' V, 4 S -9 - un U uv. .6 r-Q Q . ' - S .7 Q I Sp - L ' , A 'W V . A J '. f' . Q W Q PA I A ' , I4 'xl , F9 A 1' 1 Afw.,z,' 1 'ui' fr I NOKIA TWT IIAX INF lux ur.-rrv Rus SELL LAURA GREEN 1-I'1"fl-EFI!!-D AYERS LINDSAY :mom 1.1'r'r1.znu.r slrru aj -.1 ei I I .5 ,' , 1 jf. I , an vs ,,, Y.. 1 If' "7 w A 9. , - vb ,Q is Vs Y' K " 4 .4 f 'L ' ' 7 . -w - ' P-v .4 2 ,Ar , " ' A F A ' 4 4 ' f L A f f-.JJ G fb v 1 ' - A " LUCILLE JESS LKJLA CHARLES VGIDA SAIII THIDA JAMES LEACH HAYO FOSTER IARTTN IOHNSON HX!!! TGERT BYFIELD . "' I I- L ,, Q- A Q . .Q Q 0 ,Q W 1 ,O dh Q is ,' U s x 6 ' - FQ' . L , s -O .4 ' 'v - I ' , ': A ' 7 ' T N ' . y - Q ,,, r W l J l A IA., X - " ' n ' 3' ' . A r - s A . al 5 .. Y 'A- I , ' , A " 1 U , 7 vx 1 AQ ,X W , .1 ELIZAHFTH HOBBY IDNNA GERALU MARGARFT , X14 THORhTOh WILKQ WALTFRS THOMPSON TUVU c11xhFwnrARn Pres: lent 'lpn Sf-.f,pt,Q,,. TIP.'1vu1r-1 R"l""f"' rllf-nl C u Sth x JI STFR AFV!! RP? S 'Q I , 1 A5 , , fs - I ""' -'rx 1 ' ,. e , 'fl , 5, J , I J fx W f -I Gp 'X I I ., Av, 1 u ' Q, 4 N ' r r , f ' iff CARI I A MMY 1 . JAAAIF M Gp., iff LAURA UHTHFNA STFPLING o'LAucuL v- A v v Q.. ,- A W :P L 1 ' . I 0 ri Y! ,V ' - 49 ff", V u I ,I , 4, I K 4. , . 1 ARTHUR NELLIF CARL KNIGHT BENGF FALLEN If 'f--ad ' ,, un 1 1 I. 1 li, T' I WF' ,'L!'l - t Q 'I WAV' HN HFLFN MARTIN QURGF MANUFL THOMAS Ii' 4.4 72 1: 54 Or- Z2 :Q MFI PIO 7 I 8 si I PO 2 Us Q2 un I i Z I 'AVI F,A 0 g. v- . 1 I. I I' 'f I. SHIRLEY JOE IGERT BENGE I1 '- A A' Y Xflk I J. 0 In ' ,fi BILLY RUTH NUTT BAUGHMAN ANNA DANIEL CHANDLFR D0 ARL 1 E BOL ING FERRY ROGERS Pre3,4en Vfce Pres: e IIFLFN PM DHIRP-EY LUFTA Hlll BOBBY TRAVIS gn' 5 ffo. WI dELEN STERLING I U I UNIOR LLIS PAULINE RIGSBY X FREDDIE HUTCHING Secretary WILMA QORGAN NAR ORIL SHA FER , ,X 0"-' w r .0 "' A 7 3 X- f II 1 DOYLE BOLING TOM BARBARA JOH SON HARNETT x LAS ,, ,wi I . , Avg, .1 :rv ' -af' 3 ff- I BESSIF DAVID RAILFY SMITH STATON 4' ANN DEWAIN SHFFFIELD MARTIN ID 'F' SYLVIA DANLA DONALU HU I TT MART IN ROWAN JO-' V . .I I, I ' 4' L ,AI 1 -I ., I I' ,. - ' 3 , ' , I A n . Q .. 'hu' , T . y ' I 44 ' ' ' T. A.- w ' ' '? N t ' A 'd nt an X 'X ' g ' "" I I u W , , Q 0 I 6 K, I I 'ls V' I F D , I, K4 xx X I ' 4' I W! sail .l , In 4' e , '.-- ' - .4 . I f ' ,I I 3 M ' 4 I ' Q 1. 1 .A ?""-'u ,Dt J - I' aff: Q 'U' 'az A H I - ' fi ,full I' XT? J ' s , 1 r 4 lp 7 ' is, I I V if I I if 'I' ' ' I I ff - f I Xigfw' ., If H .A 1 ' I I m 1 I A MINNICK CLOPTON First Row: joan Benge, Thomas joe Lewis- Second Row: Jerry Johnson, Gerald Thompson, Mary Lou Cooper, Eugene King, Diamond O'Dell, Bobby Gladd, joe Ann Lovett, Bobby Sims, Helen Burge, Arlie Perry. CROWN BEARERS df' - nv: 14155223 la 15 IUDGE5' U I" Q 3 I' O 0 Ffx, Q. I Sl fl' u 9 Janet Worley and Joyce Worley 4' To Mr. A. C. Ford, our Custodian for 14 years. we wish to express our deepest appreciation. With his cheerful disposition and kindly smile, Mr. Ford is always ready to coonorate in every school activity. f GARLAND PHILLIPS MARILYN DHILLIPS BOBBY SIMS MARY JANE HILGER ELEANOR PERRY KIRK BOATRIGHT MAX LINDSAY JOHN EICHLING JCVUW fn, . fi S ,v , ' Tk A X ,,, ff -v nv .X y i V ,gk . ,fx I Y fx 2 l I Q . 'H ' ' A I' 1,14 'MIX if 'A -Lf I wr Fl K 0 fvg 'N' A ' U I FX . ,AA 1, I1 . 7 K - ' 4' A X ' -x ,? A f . fl Z gl , 'I . 'I Y ' 1,7 I A A 5 1 BILL PIRKLF ELBA LEE WALDFN BOBBIE THOMPSON MARY BETH BROWNING VIVIAN CRAIG MARCHETA BOWLIN BEULAH BOWLIN VIRGINIA FISH R MARCIA BLACKARD HONGR SOCIETY fr "N 'T ' f I .I -'Lb c 1 2 W., J W' S ,B 5 4' D XX ' undef Q-ii' ' 1 r,?57 1 First Row: Martha Rigsby, Ruth Bowlin, Mary Jane Hilger, C.harlene Steeber, Joyce Trippard, Beulah Bowlin, Patsy Harris, Marcia Blackard, Vivian Craig, Marilyn Phillips Virginia White. Second Row: Velnn Yarbrough, Ruby Wilcoxson, Elba Lee Walden, Diamond O'Dell, Ramona Trippard, Marcheta Bowlin, Beatrice Blair, Bobbie Thcmqason, joan Benge, Viola Nutt, Third Row: Maxine Raines, Carrie White, Kathleen Hixson, june Everett, Claranne Brvlliinilr Eleanor Perry, Mary Beth Browning, Mary Harris, Alberta Mullin, Nila June Harris. G Am? G C G Am? U U09l 'MAL-b-,514 w.eJMJw1.e..b UH JJ milf Hr?-sf-.BIJ wb' GARLAND PHILLIPS BILLY GLENN HEFNER , GARY srus JOHNNY MAYO Wh Junior High Pirx! AH'-s Hill l'1rkle, Paul Smith Hills- Amirr-vix Suiwrie Moore, lvnn llnvis flmrlei Martin, Louis Hef- ner Pills Hill. ff-.-frm :nu ,Inrrvrx Cir-rnlil S:-iiierfxelrl, jnrres llyfir-lil RuQ5ell little-fir-lii ju-SQM1-nn. Flnvd l,ixf-ly Frnnklin llurne-K! Unilas Farrow. Tliirii Rina Czivlp- Kerry Kirk Rfmtriglit. Mnx I,inds:av Cimr les Fulinnks klnlin I-il rl' l inp Art little-field. 0 'Win 4'-L1 4:5 'ik :ny 'I f ja J' Prix! Run, Ile-ttv Inu Ilrnwn, Lurille lf-nvli, Mnrtlm Rowan. Rose D1-lmedxco. l nvniln Muff in, Kny Rr-egsilnle, ll!-l'!v In-lim-Ihr-0, Wi lmn Trwlfh Serrznri Row, Alovrv Howl in, Norma Green. Ginger Fixln-r. I.:-mm lfuruf-. Cilmr lelif- Roi - land, Amin Mm- Perry, Tliefla Igert. 1.- 4. Music FHS? Rfil' Kali-lm: Guinn. Bessie- Railey, Wilma Morgan, Jo Ann Lang- ton. Cleo Rxsenhonver, Shirley Igert. If-v rv johnson, Pntririn Cl inkenheard. flnrjnrxe Shaffer. Helen Burge, Shir- ley Minnirk. Second Row: Genevieve Hrown. Svlvxn Huitt. ll:-len Carman. Ne-llw Ylerigle. Laura Sterling, Opal Rurgz-. Fliznbetli Thornton, Gwendale l.ittle-fir-ld. Luntn Clog'-inn. Anna Cimrxller. Helen Sterling. 7771r1iRow: Mr. Wheat, Pauline Rigshy, Unrharn Warne-tt, Bessie Ronge-. Katherine Davis, Margaret Tmlcl. Agnes Lyle. llc-tlmna O'l.nughlin. Zclmn Gordon. Glmly: Gr:-en, Dann Martin, Ann Sheffield. O A 6 f 5 nil. fi , 4, ga, Illlilll 1 , 1,4 ' .i . . O 'L My A X A in X af J Y. '. Y . .,"g,f,, Q, ig, 1. .. .,, ff: 1 If wk W, ij3',4 Fl NV?" 3 I 'fi-" CAROL PRATT KX Coach FAY MARY LOU COOPER BOBBIE NUTT ilu"-'Te 'v 9 LBS' -11" LEONA BURGEI MARY LOU GILLILAND PATSY HARRIS JOYCE TRIPPARD Manager BEULAH OWLIN DIAMOND O DELL JUNE EVERETT IARCIA BLACKARL. ELEANOR PERRY 4 K ? MARY BETH BROWNING , I 1 ' i1 . 4 , A' ' I , J - 'Q . fy - ju ' 4 'N I f 7 A 3 l R A U , I ' I A .kAA "' I ' "Eff - Q 1 R U 'i..L.Aii W . Y I rc A L . , i 4 J Y I , . , K ! P Al P v . 'I ' - ' I J , U ' A I 7 f . 9' 1 . 3 " .VN ' -V A4 ' . I 5 Y ff fi K 9 ' '77 I f n f ' .. ' I v I 4 6 i l f . V J . b O 32:4 N -- ztfggw , HQ".-1A H , fri!-. L Q . ku X1 I Mg 2' ,rv ' . ..,- , ,f-. 4 .. ' D ! W K V... "Y -f ':. V. ,,-' , 1 ,vs-.. :g.- ,,. S J ..A-1 .V -" 'f-Y - g,,-ff'fw- ' phi- A 4 t. fis?' 1, ':.2'ff'e':uaSEfT:,w-ff' 'EP P' I1rlt bv Lnuxs Hefner Sine bore Babble SL: Bxlly H111 Dunes Eulnnk: Second low Coach Pay Stout Floyd Lxvely lu-k Boatnght B111 Pxrkle Frnrlzhn hrnett hx Lmdny Rune: up Pon.: Invntntxonnl Toumanert 1951 52 I ' 15' Fxrlt Row Leona tinge Bet! Brown Vxrgxnxe Fxlher Eluabeth Thornton Opal Barge Anne lee Perry Second Ros ua Pay Stout Donna hlterg jerry ohnaon Theda Igert Norma Green A El Lyle llnxne Sreffxeld by Rngadele Shirley nnnult Put Llxnkenbenrd 'Ulkfl run lnvxtnticnal Tlfllif 1951 51 F . 44 . s I "', ' U L gf ' . Q , Q 8 ' N xx' xy -Z t 5, A' - :Fl -' : -. ' SI' ' ' C. -'ffc 5 x X -,-5, ' -1 Henry Crwlwr Delilah Works Susan Pnrklns "Praying Awav The Cllosts' Blue Beard Bronson "Nellie, l'h8f6 are you Nellie'9 The Junior Class fit- -. M.- Frank Harlow jack Loring l!'s high time we start sponking Aunt Pr1ssy." Y 9 S 9 ll ,. lx. .J .- l Q -vi Ellm Lee Walden james johnson and Diamond O'Dell A treat for the hoys at the heath." "Girl of my dreams, 1 love you. tmly I rio." Hobgoblin House Delilah HPVTYY Geo Jennings Susan Arn Jennings jill Carter Mother Belcher "I told you it was nothing hut "Now you lean bad! and watch the scenery Hllllh hllfned UNH" l'lI drive this car ifitlulls me." 'vs .xt F1 rs! Run' Martha Rxgsby, Clarnnne Brownnng. Mrs. Wands, Adrmlvle- Conkson jam-Kin If-ste-r, Sz'u1rniRow,' P1llyHe-fn:-r, Ramona Trlppnrri. Ruth Roslin. Fffxrf Rnxus-s. Marv Harms, Gnrlnmi Phnllxps. Thxrri Ron Nnfqnmi lluxchlng, -Inmp Rfman, Marvin Blatknrd. 9 N sv' v-' jk W rg If X. Vx'-1' J ! iff! ,nxt -' I I X J I Y EI Y' X ,f il , . ""' .Q 1 J ' ,J- SW' V R X! ., -'-1w4."5Qfi" ,nj S X1 l I , J V H Q . ' 'll' QI.. f Waiting for n Customer. Library Club Mer-t ing. Straightening the fi les- i HHH WW STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: Ann Sheffield, Arlie Perry, Patricia Clinkenbeard, Larry Wilks, Ginger Fisher, Louis Hefner. Second Row: Bobbie Nutt, Eugene King. Mary Jane Hilger, C. W. Browning, Sponsor, Lonnie Ray Lewis, joan Benge, James Rowan. OFFICE STAFF First Row: james Rowan, Dick Sheffield. Bill West, Ben Mdhhan, Darrel Donley, Don Evans. Second Row: Lonnie Ray Lewis, Thomas joe Lewis. Mary Harris, Joan Benge, Eugene King, Gary Sims. ? fi-' 1 gg? jffa-10? I ,.,f' f Q fi 'ffm' 6 Q .0 - Q OPJZIOQL7 1' -.I f 1 W 1 2 0 : gtgaq s . . :vo '- Q Q Brlxdlng 'Ihe Dogxe. c,Q,'-iq N -5 Studying the Finer Points P. U J 5 in Swine Judging. if Receive Honorary -, ' Andre-wg Degrees in Fe Fa Aa -I "Fouls" lb. Henry lbe, Donald Landers, Flenteu rex-ry, lbnald Evans, Johnny layo, Dick Sheffield. Sanmie loore. Ben lihan, Pat Rogers, Billy Hill, hx Lindsay, Russell Littlefield, Gerald Batter- field, Bobby Gladd, Bobby Leach, Jolnny 0'Dell, Weldon Andrews, Ketmeth Drye, Billy lest, Dxgene King, Toni hrtin, Tommy Brom, Dun Rogers, Gurles hrtin, Billy Andrews, Gayle Berry, Clarence Randles. Charles Eubanka, Floyd Lively, Thomas Taylor, Art Littlefield johnny Bllilton. john Harrison. Instructor. 1911111 Uvel' A "Futug-e' S1affie1d's Prospects- Crominz The '51 Queen- Future Farmer 4-H UD First Rmv: Mr- Stone, Mary Beth Browning, Kathleen Hixson, Patsy Harris, Hobby Sims. Vivian Craig, Bobbie Thompson, Nils june Harris. Second Row: joe Benge. Louis Hefner, john Eichling. Donald Rowan, Bill Pirkle. Kirk Boatright, Billy Verge, T. A. Staton, Tommy Duncan. Arlie Perry, John Martin- Thifd ROW! Eleanor Perry. Bobbie Nutt. Betty Igert, june Everett, Vifilinifi White, Betty Lou Brown, Alherta Mullen. PPEHY RFPC9- JOYCE "' Crittenden, Viola Nitt, Shirley Igert. PFRRY'S PORK PROjECT STUDYING THE CHILD Frrst Rua Adnalyle Cookson, june Everett. Kathleen llixson, Miss Hopkins, llolilwe Thompson. Nxla june Harris. Mary Love Harris, joan llengie. Marcin lllacltarrl. Seunnd Row: Virginia White, Fleanor Perry, Viviun Craig. Mary Beth Browning, Marcheta llowlin. Opal Dirge. Patsy Harris. Beatrire Blair, Agnes Lyle-, Patricia Clink- 1-nbeard. Thin! Row Betty Igert, Alberta Mullen, Peggy Reece. Viola Nutt, Tlwnia Igf-rt,Charlene Rnlland, Charlene Steeher. joyre Pmwlin. jam-tra lx-cter. Fourth Row' Ruth Bowlin, Elba Lee Walden. I3iar'1onr'lO'l'k-ll, Beulah Bowlin. Carol Pratt, Bonnie Clinkenhvartl. joyce Trirpard, Leona Burge. Elizabeth Thornton. Marilyn Phillips. Mum, K XX. Nfw YN Owl! Q. 4' 1 , a 31, fl Ll 044' ' A :Aj A ' V1 gf' KN. xo 14,0 -,,,.f O0 i vi s 'Lk' 50 ca N I 'Eau Fir HL I fl":lw Vin-'V 0 ' I Watch those fi!-FFS Sweets to the sweet lllerpiece All s!ars The guiding star I v , . f r 1 b 2 Q , - 0.5149 'IVA' 5 Ks xl n rxnger? Colne and get t" Um-m-m good Not Beans Azain! !! Ready for seconds' an ,ln Y -01' .A CIBSON ' MQ Ng -' : vb .. 4. ' A I. gm? vu! Snapshots fl. fi CP Wx s E2 fi QFTIIYI V- Inq O I 9,4 li., -Q. E' AF I , - . , Q 095 G. LEES SHOE STORE STEVENSON S 8. SONS 1 1 u II I PHONE 64 Paul Frederick Photographer ll1ofog,rupf1 867111 e I0 Sr hoolx W1 sf Frm STICL L27 Hrm QII1 NLQ7 POTTS 8. NASH COMPANY O I S1 I1 x PVIIIIIIIL' Sfrimm I7 81,7001 Supfrflu 'Huxl C MAH NPN 5 OF PARISIAN CLEANING C0 QI Samir I Dr funn 8. STOR 2 NMI M Illlllfj xff'tlfS Fruzlx and Icgdu :les Phone 4606 'VII VPN VICTOR SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Ima DIXIE CREAM DO NUT SHOP EARL FRIEND Owner P L 3 O MLSKOCEE OKLAHOMA F L WARD 81 SON Commumtm S4114 Iura Stlfllllllj TOIWILCILICI ORIOI mc 5 7 WAI O My mga IICHARO WARD Tracy or Corner Drug Store W'luu hundx Meet RENICK S CAFE For Home Cooked Food Omrmzd I v Vodo Remck YOUR SFI D HI ADQUARTERS Oklohqmo 0 c GO de FIOWQV Seeds Bulbs PIU wfs L. nd Suppines Come un and See us LOCKE'S SEED HOUSE II W Bmcddwoy Phone I36 MUSIQOQCC ORIG I . A'I f NN I"' fn. ., ,Inv VII If -qw' UI- ' 4'-. I-,III III s'VI,:w,fjAv Hi J ,. ,4l,A',, z, A, K , Srx ' r 1 it I5w.wmf'w, T1-If-pIm,rw I ' 787 Iliff IIVII' 4 3 SHN" ' -IIIIU mf 7IO fflv. ,pp 'I' - " ' 4' - .U ' ,ry CQr'vvlir1g fl 'dx 1 f ' f .11-1 .'.' I"- "AI -'-A' 'fl ' 15 'qVIA'If MA , I M. P. ES VO A, W OID ' Q A. - . :og"'sIfxrI11xi14' ' m "' yCTl- " C U I I1 , T S N 'II' TIwmI5Yvu'1 H 'II 'NAUHL JV! Okc' I J , ' . -- 5 -1 w Aw wg PIX P- I7, I I x ' Iv Air Q , I I, I I . I , V-7 4'-7 I' A I If Gnhsfvv I F' II I NP W 1 Y TV HUNTER FUNERAL HOME Q wmwcw COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND FRANK NATION 11 MUSKOGEE DAIRY FARMERS ASSOCIATION INC I Toystee Taystee TAYSTEE Toystee Taystee W P MILLING CO INC OK Hox DUN RITE CLVANERS 8- DYERS lhppel N4 J lfff MUSKOGEE MATERIALS COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS CLARK BOOK 8. CAMERA SHOP AUTO PARTS 8. MACHINE CO W ML KOCEF OKLAHOMA NIH fog PALMER DRUG STORE - IRIiSCRIl TION' Sl IiffIAI,lS'I'S Y THIEFW IALMUH I A, - R -4 f lk 'Q LV ,rl R vv'g'IwIw IIIHLIUI Iwvrxwr L 5.3 L: 925' Mmm! N I ING ,Ei , f IA S "i izvd 1 pu A IL'uI4'r'x I 1 lfmwl 7 IWIVHI Snfrfrfius 'I'I'll1'IJ AIN!! WTIIIIIIKQ SCVII " M, ,I 51 ,ug gy, K' ,3, LI, LM t MT Tukr - -I . 'MAN rw , -. ,W 1 , V. , f F kr Y V X . 4 "WT Krffl ffu' Sfrulxu 5 ,'f'r" ,fm '- 'ww IWL4 PHONE 1232 IV - VL, KOGLI LA 'NA O kr LOIE Q.-.' -' ,' ' ', I ' .' ' B "Al '.'.L 9' ', i' ,.1 5 IA' pk-,VIN 1-,.v no zx I A I NT ' If ". 'OF v A , . . Ink. E 1 , , J w S"""n"' 2 'ff 1 I-mgfivl,-, N9 B"1UdWfH "I se 'm"x lmflzfirlg IuIflu'r"' 1 f fm .xnmar ,.1w., My mv. 1 1 A 1 KA N ' MA' If I INAII P ond F O fmdqu P AZ M. ,If LQ OP UE Robln Hood FLOUR AND Nutreno FEEDS CONGRATULATIONS The msk s over ond rnoy c cmgrotulote you on mb wel! done Yours rs o yearbook pub S ed wxfh the SIQIII on kno now backed by yeors of cxpcruence In the Dub Ircotron of better school 0rmuolS PAUL BENNETT Manager YEARBOOK DEPARTMENT SEMCO COLOR PRESS N W n Owoh oh B L SEMTNER Presudent ROY H NOEL 1 1 ll Ilzf EIIHIIUNI COMWMIMENTS OF I u 1 for C B KAGY AGENCY Istablnhed ln 1905 HINDS DEPARTMENT STORE TAHLEOUAH OKLAHOMA BYNUMS DEPT STORE VINGSTON Tczhlequcn s Most F 0 R commme srorzc H A R D W A R E THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK In Fort GIIISOH Oklahoma Since 1906 Same Management COMPLIMENTS OF 5 25C MUSKOGEE OKLAHOMA MOHART BERNAY WHOLESALE CO VARIETY STORE Mrs Sondndge GULF Courfesv of S Vaughn OII Company Grocery 5' Market Tu 0 Master Sfahons 822 N Okmulgce Muskogee 328 W Okmulgee GULF PREMIUM PRODUCTS Telephone 110 Fort Gubson Okld FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Unlted Stores Tures and Tubes Gosolvne-OII Tnres Tubes Feeds of all Kinds "We Apprerxafe Your Paironagen 0 I , I wi 4 ' o I4 I1 d 129 T .rd Svreev w- nmo Cn. Oki mno Repvurrulainf fIw Img ax You l,ll1' II 'f I f ' In lwurz uful lmur mr How 1' YUL' I I , L I S . I I I . I E i iw BRUCE TYPEWRITER COMPANY Far form Tr zum rl Sues Suu n ll51ItRt u I I1 fo Rrs lTsp1ur1 S11 AIIIIA 1 O 1 I Icflll mul! M WN fwuA+4fwMA 4 1 Bower Better Feed Muskogee MIII Cr Elevator PETERING FUNERAL HOME Q04 WLsTOkrvL1Ig Musk 3 WARREN KELLY MACHINERY AII1s CI'nImers P lrts S 1Ies Servnce M sk gee Ok'ah ma STANDARD JEWELRY CO O nal Razluas W :NIJ Inspeftors ANDY VN II COXEVN Oc ML xk 1 Ok I READY TO WEAR A zdwn Msk O 1 ROY WATTS RADIO SERVICE Parts and Supplies Repazrmg 5929 844 G bs Muskf gee Oklah ma BYRDS JEWELERS frmc Ser I5 acw CARL S CREDIT JEWELERS eu elrs Wzzlzb s Diamonds Wedding 5 Gruduailon G1 fs B X 64 Phone I I3 F Gwbi Oklahoma Easy Payment Plan WESTERN VENETIAN BLIND CO Manufacturer and Repaur Linoleum Tdephane A072 224 'XJ nh Mo rv Stn rf Mask acc Okhhwma C A WOODS Marmqn WALKER FUNERAL HOME Phone 22 7II West Okmulgee Muskogee Oklahoma BOOKS FURNITURE JANITOR SUPPLIES ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT OKLA SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLY 220 N rth Th rd Ml1SkmqzC Okfah wma SHERMAN ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING F0 109 East Br adw W L Sherman Muskugee Okla DRAUGHONS BUSINESS COLLEGE Lak Qu Ok! m Aurfdzted Business Courses A Poszhon or Ixus C raduafz I J ' -' " - .'I"- e"4' li sl " ' 'pre 'rl I1 1 U ' r 1 L1 V ' "ters Ia' ' in' I I 1 'vs If f ' 215 Nmrh I.L,vIh I li If-H Vh -rw 35N H N Lvl' Q III IW' ff- A w A A - A CO. L I P 308 NN' Bram Iwms. 4 L I lf It N. B. J. G I Phi ,W 2-199 222 N Chem-kt-Q 5 H 0 U 5 E 5 I5 VV Brut L AA .'sQl'l' kls I Phvivm ..f I an C Y r xx mi me V, 1 'UN I I , T 1 , 0, i - , . I I I . ' ' ' ' 'f O I . ,I Q A V ' I I na . If I ll ll I II , f, r r j I 1 , I M I ' 'JF' fl pw, 1121 Q Q, Q' ' -' I 'E f f ' ' f f f ' 2 ' LARSON IMPLEMENT COMPANY Drpvmlafwlv Ser: in' af Lou Cos! F G'b INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER I Make Our Ston Your Hnzdquarters Lumber Company Builders Supplies fSAII5k'IQg-Q PHONE 139 LESCHER FUNERAL HOME , ,I I Okloh mo Phone I4 Phone 23 sk I OkIohfmO Cm' PMNT Co RAYMONDS FURNITURE Alhml I hunk Regularly pig Glo' 3IAW Ok ugee WAI I PAPER GLASS PRODUCTS air N Musk gm Ok Ohrmo MUSKQGEE OKLAHQMA Phone 352 PHONE 476 BUSBY BROS MOTOR CO Used Cars nth Many Unused Mules New ond Used Cor: E gd MIsk gee Oklo O me s BOB BUSBY J T BUSBY LANE 8. MORSE LUMBER CO on the oufskzris o For! Gibson xn MUSKOGEE OKLAHOMA SOUTHERN ICE COMPANY S Muskogee Okio Cold Siorage Wfarehousrng 2215 PHONES 2216 RADIO HOSPITAL 1 . Roduo Televuslon Sound Servlce Emerson Du Mon! Motorola Zenith N MIllION5 0F 5 0017! WFS TERNERS P was 3431 O M skogee H C M O 0 D Y ! Gplppms Lufe Insuranfe Q, Bl. MUSKOCE Q-Sy I I rl CHI I v U MI. Ig-fy a I E' If Logzwwm f YI I m I WAINY I I I I Nr wx? Iivwuclwuw If fi I 1 V. . 3OI Bm wow J U, W T N , 402 "C Street AGENT FUNERAL Ire Refrigeration Serrife . . . ll ll 3I8 OVIIH Ffurfh INN 65 U Q A ' 1 ' U 1 l- l .... ...I , 1.2.1 .Lf . 40.1 MANHATTAN DG I -.Jw 1 E QI' -f 's..,Am M. ..,, .ff MAX sQulREs EQUIPMENT co A C PURSE'-LEY5 STORE Plum 379 IIO W Shownu kim Tglwlgquuh Okmhwmu urxllvnxk m Hn IIOMI CGMIIIMLNTS or c BAKERS SNACK SHOP S Plate Iumlns Snnluubu Ire Cream BERRY BU-I-ANE ku! Drink and be Merry 111 O0 mo Phone 4 Ft G Iusorm NEWTON S FOOD STORE PIC INN CAFE Sfsaki and Pub Ummm W1 Dfln r Anxu zrz Anxhmc glflffllllhll 1 Ft G1bSOr1 pl 'V RA C0111 Dr mkx G The Retail Merchants Assoclatlon Muskogee Oklahoma BEBB FLORAL COMPANY BROADWAY THEATERS KLAR S JEWELRY MAY BROTHERS CALHOUNS DEPARTMENT STORE T MILLER JEWELRY COHENOUR JEWELRY DURNILS DEPARTMENT STORE MUSKOGEF FURNITURE CO .-JILKERSON S JONES DEPARTMENT STORE HOLLYWOOD HAT SHOP HUNTS DEPARTMENT STORE KAPLINS JEWELRY MODERN CLOTHIERS NELSON FURNITURE CO S AND Q CLOTHIERS SCOGGINS APPLIANCE TAYLOR FURNITURE STORE SUSMAN S DAVIS SPORTING GOODS CO IA East Thnrd Phone 5 557I Tulsa Oklahoma DlStTl,JIlflJT9 of MacGregor Goldsmith 84 Wilson Athletm Izquupmcnt I II ' 'F Vlwmmn' Ill? Ic1I1I4w3m1l1, O ' 1:f'-'f-f- , 5 lr CIONCHIQATUI AI I INS T O F T G I B I O N , ' - lx 'I -- ' , 2 H' H' ' I In hi I - phhrt, 70 ww 'Q FT wlvs 1 . I . I we ' 4 l 'X i .Y LU' sq l EN. xi 4 ,.4 x UP' X lx-if K: ll' 'gi-6. H. . -, JH' . Y 'Q 5 gefagfsgiln iff 'Qi Z is If 4. ff' --f . 5 -,E 5. N- 5, QQ 4 ,, ap - ,, eu: A 'Q 1 1 ' ' . s ' J 1 4 ' ,., 9? im ij? 44, Z, f ff J! fl r,- ff, . 1 ,Q 4 'Y' 1' .p ,- .. . rTk YZ.- AY 1' 'K "iii" ,X 4' 'sf Z' , f 71.

Suggestions in the Fort Gibson High School - Tiger Yearbook (Fort Gibson, OK) collection:

Fort Gibson High School - Tiger Yearbook (Fort Gibson, OK) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Fort Gibson High School - Tiger Yearbook (Fort Gibson, OK) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Fort Gibson High School - Tiger Yearbook (Fort Gibson, OK) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 20

1952, pg 20

Fort Gibson High School - Tiger Yearbook (Fort Gibson, OK) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 38

1952, pg 38

Fort Gibson High School - Tiger Yearbook (Fort Gibson, OK) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 52

1952, pg 52

Fort Gibson High School - Tiger Yearbook (Fort Gibson, OK) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 27

1952, pg 27

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