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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1995 volume:

E •t -- fc 1 ' LSD ' 40 r f»T™. ' ' . TiVf.-T •t ' l? i ' " , . " " " -. " r «s -l ' I LO ivJHiiri994-95 rrbu U««d ■nouocn 4 SI t Alaska Canada 9 i Ookfen ShelllMck GILBEKTISIANDS THonc or CAncER PACIFIC OCEAN ChiMmxt ItUnd mocriix isiAnDS I • . • EUKE isunns ConlSea A SAnoA isiAnos rtni Cjledonu ' vS - ninli) ' SOCIETY ISLAriDS SOUTH PACIFIC PORT VISITS HoriQ KoriQ SiriQAPORE JEBE L ALI DUBAI FREMAFiTLE PEARL HARBOR I have long declared that there is no finer ship in the amphibious fleet than USS FORT FISHER, and the 1994-1995 deployment which " THE SUPERGATOR " just completed was another chapter in the ship ' s long history of excellence. Leaving families and friends behind on October 25 1994, sailing around the world, putting a total of 40,000 miles under her keel, and returning home to our loved ones six months later, FORT FISHER set the standard for others to follow and made history in the process. Whether enjoying liberty in exotic ports of call in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai or Australia, conducting bi-lateral training exercises with our many allies in the Arabian Gulf or executing real world contingency operations ordered by our National leadership, FORT FISHER excelled, representing the United States Navy in the highest tradition. The ship trained practically non-stop for nearly a year for this deployme nt, and although sometimes arduous, it paid off in the long run. When called upon, the Navy Marine Corps team from FORT FISHER performed flawlessly. You clearly distinguished yourself, not only as the most professional and effective fighting force in the world, but also as skilled peacekeepers and outstanding ambassadors of the United States. You all. Sailor or Marine, have every right to be proud. In addition, the extended FORT FISHER family and the rest of the American public is justifiably proud of our success. This deployment will always be known for Operation UNITED SHIELD, during which FORT FISHER was a cornerstone in the 23- ship, 7-nation coalition assembled to assist the United Nations troop withdrawal from Mogadishu, Somalia. The operation was a tremendous success and was a textbook example of amphibious power projection " Forward. .. From the Sea " . But the cruise was so much more and each of us have our personal memories - the port visits, the long chow lines, the friendships, the midwatch that had no end, the Steel Beach picnics, the Thanksgiving and Christmas away from home, the thousands of blowfish sucked up inside the condenser, the immortal cry of " Bingo, Bingo, Bingo " over the IMC... the list is endless. Hopefully, this cruisebook helps keep those memories alive. I know that it will for me. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for outstanding effort during our deployment to the Western Pacific, Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean. Obviously, what the ship accomplished was the direct result of your hard work and sacrifice. I recognize that and I could not be prouder of the finest crew on the waterfront - TEAM FORT FISHER. CDR Bill Jezierski Commanding Officer SHIP ' S HISTORY FORT FISHER takes her name from the Confederate stronghold which stood at the mouth of the Cape PVar River in North Carohna, t,aiarding Wihuin rton, the last major sea port to be closed by Union forces. The December 1864-Janu- ary 1865 battle for Fort Fishei " was the most extensive am- phibious campaign of the American Civil War, involving 57 warships and over 8000 Union troops. The landing ship dock (LSD) which bears the name FORT FISHER was built in Boston ' s Naval Shipyard, Quincy, Mas- sachusetts. After commissioning on 9 December 1972, FORT FISHER set sail from the East Coast on 2 February 1972, reaching her new homeport of Long Beach, California, by way of the Panama Canal. On 15 August 1973, her homeport shifted to San Diego, from where FORT FISHER has since operated. From January until July 1974, the ship made her first ex- tended overseas deployment as a unit of the Amphibious Forces, United States Seventh Fleet. To date, FORT FISHER has completed nine extended deployments to the Western Pacific and two to the Arabian Gulf and Somalia. During one of the latest overhauls for the purpose of mod- ernization, from September 1986 through May 1987, FORT FISHER was modified to operate and support the newest ad- dition to the U.S. Navy ' s amphibious fieet, the LCAC (land- ing craft, air-cushioned I, designed to carry United States Marine Corps troops and equipment at high speed from over-the-horizon. The capability to employ up to three LCAC ensures FORT FISHER ' s place in the amphibious fleet into the 21st century. Due to her versatility, FORT FISHER has received a vari- ety of unusual assignments in addition to her primary am- phibious duties. While deployed in 1978 off the coast of Viet- nam, the ship rescued a U.S.-fiagged yacht temporarily held by the Vietnamese. In 1988, she twice transited the Panama Canal to ferrv new LCAC from Panama City, Florida, to Camp Pendleton, California, and in 1991, FORT FISHER supported counter-narcotics operations off the coast of Mex- ico and Central America. In September 1992, FORT FISHER deployed with the first ARG (Amphibious Ready Group) to patrol off the coast of So- malia in support of humanitarian relief efforts. Preceding Operation RESTORE HOPE, FORT FISHER assisted in the insertion of the first United Nations forces into Mogadishu. During her most recent deployment from October 1994 through April 1995, the ship was again assigned to the re- gion and was a highly visible part of Operation UNITED SHIELD, as the United Nations closed out operations in So- malia. FORT FISHER was a cornerstone in what developed mto a 23-ship, 7-nation coalition of naval, gi-ound and an- forces, executing a night-time amphibious landing and sub- sequent withdrawal under non-permissive conditions from the Somali capital. This was the first amphibious withdrawal conducted by United States forces in an operational, non- permissive environment since the Korean War nearly 50 years ago. Performing both conventional as well as unconventional missions with customary excellence and panache, FORT FISHER has earned a well-earned waterfront reputation for professionalism and versatility. " THE SUPERGATOR " is the " 4.0 ship of the Navy. " SUPERGATOR SUPPORT FROM SEA TO SHORE UM ii U ■i II 1 II Pi COMMANDER WILLIAM EDMUND JEZIERSKI UNITED STATES NAVY Commander William Edmund Jezierski, the son of Edmund and Jessie Jezierski, was born and raised in Galway. New York. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma at Norman, Oklahoma, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and was commissioned through the Naval ROTC Scholarship Program in April 1976. Commander Jezierski ' s initial sea dutv assignment was as Missile Gunnery Officer and Navigator in USS BROOKE (FFG 1), followed by subsequent afloat tours in USNS SATURN (T-AFS 9) as Military Detachment Officer-in-Charge, USS ST LOUIS (LKA 116) as Deck Division Officer and Operations Officer, USS DENVER (LPD 9) as Operations Officer and USS FREDER- ICK (LST 1184) as Executive Officer. During the latter tour, Commander Jezierski deployed with the largest amphibious task force to be assembled since the Vietnam War and participated in operations conducted in support of Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM. He later served on the staff of Amphibious Group Three as Surface Operations Officer. His as- signments afloat have included three Mediterranean Sea and seven Wetern Pacific Arabian Gulf deployments. Ashore, Commander Jezierski has served at Landing Force Training Command, Pacific, as an Amphibious Planning Instruc- tor and at Naval Amphibious School, Coronado, as Director of Wargaming. He has earned a Master of Business Administration Degree from National University, San Diego, and has completed Joint Professional Militar ' Education requirements as a grad- uate of the Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia, and has been designated a Financial Management sub-specialist. While in command in USS FORT FISHER, the ship completed a comprehensive interdeployment work-up cycle and deployed to the United States Central Command as a member of the USS ESSEX Amphibious Ready Group under the operational com- mand of Commander, Amphibious Squadron Five. FORT FISHER participated in numerous bilateral amphibious training ex- ercises in the Arabian Gulf with allies of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as a variety of contingency opertions, most nota- bly, Operation UNITED SHIELD, the final withdrawal of United Nations troops and equipment from Mogadishu. Somalia. Commander Jezierski has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal with Gold Star, the Navy Commendation Medal with two Gold Stars, and various service and campaign medals and ribbons. Commander William E. Jezeirski s:: 1 r ,- - ' sfc T 1 i " ' w , v k Lieutenant Commander Randy W. Clark ' p r COMMAND MASTER CHIEF COMMAND MASTER CHIEF BMCM(SW) R.C. HENSON Master Chief Henson was born 28 December 1943. He joined the Navy 15 January 1962, served 4 years, 3 months, 28 days and then entered the civiHan sector until 09 May 1966. He rejoined the Navy 24 November 1974 and has served in the Boat- swain ' s Mate rating since. His duty stations include: Naval Station Charleston - 1962-1963 USS SELLERS ( DDG 11) - 1963-1966 USS CONSTELLATION (CV 64) - 1974-1976 Naval Station Subic Bay - 1976-1978 Assault Craft Unit One - 1978-1980 Naval Air Station Whidbey Island - 1908-1981 USS BERKLEY (DDG 15) -1981-1985 Naval Submarine Base Pearl Harbor - 1985-1988 USSINGRAHAM(FFG61) -1988-1991 USS ESSEX ( LHD 1) -1991-1994 USS FORT FISHER ( LSD 40 ) - From 1994 " In the last twenty-five years of my Naval career, I have experienced many Mediterranean cruises and Western Pacific de- ployments, and have participated in a variety of operations and exercises. However, WESTPAC 1994-95 will be the deploy- ment which I remember the most. Simply stated, each Sailor and Marine did his job with pride and conducted himself in a professional manner. Our Sailors and Marines were outstanding ambassadors for the United States, carrying themselves with pride with every task they were called upon to perform. I will have to go a long way to find a better Sailor Marine team than the FORT FISHER team. The senior leadership can hold their heads up high-they have the best, most professional Sailors and Marines that the United States could ask for. " R.C. HENSON BMCM(SW)USN k Er MiSWiJoeeflnoT. J i MMCMiSWjJaaus E. ;| Ik Sadural M B. Munoz 1 FORT FISHER 1994-1995 DEPLOYMENT CHRONOLOGY Tuesday 25 October 1994 -Begin 1994-1995 Deployment Tuesday 08 November-Sunday 13 November 1994 -Okinawa amphibious operations Saturday 19 November-Wednesday 23 November 1994 -Inport Hong Kong Thursday 24 November 1994 -Thanksgiving 24 November 1994 Monday 28 November-Sunday 04 December 1994 -Inport Singapore at Swmbawang Shipyard Monday 12 December 1995 -FORT FISHER celebrates 22nd birthday Thursday 15 December-Thursday 22 December 1994 -Exercise EAGER MACE, Kuwait Sunday 25 December 1994-Saturday 07 January 1995 Inport Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates Tuesday 10 January-Thursday 19 January 1995 -Exercise NAUTICAL MANTIS, Saudi Ai-abia Friday 20 January-Monday 23 January 1995 -Exercise IRON MAGIC, United Arab Emirates Tuesday 24 Januaiy-Wednesday 25 January 1995 -Inport Dubai, United Arab Emirates Wednesday 25 January 1995 -Humpday celebration at Dubai Seafarer ' s Center Saturday 04 February-Sunday 05 February 1995 -Amphibious landing rehearsal, Mombasa, Kenya Wednesday 08 February-Friday 03 March 1995 -Operation UNITED SHIELD, Mogadishu, Somalia Saturday 11 March 1995 -Crossing-the-Line Ceremony Friday 1 7 March-Friday 24 March 1995 -Inport Fremantle, Australia Saturday 15 April-Monday 1 7 April 1995 -Inport Pearl Harbor, Hawaii -Embark Tiger Cruise guests Monday 24 April 1995 -Arrive Camp Pendleton for troop and equipment offload -Embark Mini-Tiger Cruise guests Tuesday 25 April 1995 -Homecoming! Arrive Naval Station San Diego 10 f , LCDR Rolando JrtSbg: OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT m LCDR D(.n;m F Jones ' ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT w LCDR.lohnB Perkins DECK DEPARTMENT SUPPLY DEPARTMENT NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT 11 ! L BMCS(SW) Guy W, Beckley LCAC 42 CRAFTMASTER ' A us NAVY CD III ASSAULT CRAFT UNIT FIVE DETACHMENT D 12 13 14 ' . . ' wmE LCAC 42 Underway IPIESaRBRBBSa % ' ■9 LCAC 42 Off Cushion 16 DECK DEPARTMENT DECK DEPARTMENT FIRST DIVISION 18 SECOND DIVISION ,.. ■ ' ■ rtiiip k 21 . , 5fi :5 « " te ' ii, •■•■■., ■t ' - " CHRISTMAS IN JEBEL ALI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 24 NEW YEAR ' S EVE DECK LOG ENTRY 01 JANUARY 1995 MIDNIGHT WATCH ENTRY WE ARE CURRENTLY DEPLOYED ON WESTPAC PR OVIDING " SUPPORT FROM THE SEA. " WITHIN THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. INPORTJEBELALI. I HAVE ASSUMED THE WATCH AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS SPECIAL DAY, WITH THE MIGHTY FORT FISHER RESTING AT THE NINTH QUAY. WE OCCUPY BERTHS FIFTY-NINE AND SIXTY. LIMA COMPANY, BLT 3 1 AND AAV ' S ARE IN OUR " DET. " WITH THE EXCEPTIONS NOTED IN D.C. CENTRAL, MATERIAL CONDITION YOKE HAS BEEN SET. DOUBLED FORE AND AFT, STANDARD NAVY LINES KEEP US MOORED. WITH CAPE COD TO OUR PORT, AND JARRET TO OUR STARBOARD. BOTH CO AND XO HAVE GONE ASHORE TO CELEBRATE THIS NIGHT AND ALL OF ITS CHEER. UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYES OF THE CDO FORT FISHER REMAINS SECURE. THE ESSEX, A MIGHTY GATOR, IS THE ARC ' S MAIN HIVE. HOME OF THE SOPA, COMMANDER, AMPHIBIOUS SQUADRON FIVE. WE DO NOT PROVIDE OUR OWN SERVICES FOR OUR BOILERS HAVE NO FIRE, BUT NOT TO WORRY-USS CAPE COD IS SUPPLYING ALL WE DESIRE. WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS HARBOR- THERE ARE SHIPS ABEAM AND ABAFT. THEY INCLUDE UNITS OF THE U.S. PACIFIC FLEET AND VARIOUS YARD AND DISTRICT CRAFT. 1995 IS JUST STARTING, WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE IT WILL STEER. MAY THINGS GO WELL FOR ALL AND TO ALL " HAPPY NEW YEAR! " LTJG John Duerden 25 28 M H It ' A 29 32 - « rp " V 3r 4. D C Nili.! 7«||l I T7 ! ? . 33 34 OC DIVISION DEPLOYMENT MEMORIES 36 ELECTRONICS A TECHNICIANS OPERATIONS SPECIALISTS ELECTRONIC WARFAR TECHNICL S A Break in the Action FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS FROM OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT 39 SHIP TYPE: PROPULSIOtJ: CREW: LENGTH: BEAU: DISPLACEMENT: MAXIMUM SPEED: ANCHORAGE CLASS DOCK LAtiDIHG SHIP STE7U1 (THO 600-LB BOILERS) 20 OFFICERS 340 ENLISTED HEN 320 11A.RIHE TROOPS 562 FEET 84 FEET 13,500 TONS 22 KNOTS AIR SEARCH RADAR FORECASTLE SURFACE SEARCH RADAR CLOSE-IN WEAPONS SYSTEM FLIGHT DECK STERN GJl 40 SHIP ' S MISSION Designed to transport and land amphibious assault vehicles, landing craft and United States Marine Corps troops and equipment across a potentially hostile shore, USS FORT FISHER is a key component of the amphibious forces which carry out the U.S. Navy ' s " FORWARD ... From the Sea " strategy. As such, FORT FISHER is an integral member of the Naval Expeditionary Forces which maintain American forward presence around the world. Her ability to conduct diverse, sustained amphibious warfare mis- sions directly supports the rapid build-up of combat power from the sea for operations ashore in consonance with National interests. Known on the waterfront as " THE SUPERGATOR " for demonstrated excellence in carrying out amphibious missions in the littoral, FORT FISHER is an " Anchorage class " dock landing ship (LSD) whose primaiy physical feature is her well deck, extend- ing from the stern forward to approximately three-fourths the length of the ship. The well is flooded, or ballasted, to launch and recover landing craft and assault vehicles through the stern gate, which can be hydraulically raised and lowered. Extensive cargo and rolling stock stowage capacity is available in the well and mezzanine decks, inter- connected by a series of vehicle ramps. In addition, FORT FISHER has a flight deck for cargo or personnel transport and is capable of handling the largest military helicopters in use today. FORT fisher ' s weapons suite has been significantly upgraded wdth the installation of two state-of-the-art CIWS (close-in weapons system) anti-ship missile defense gun mounts. She also carries six .50 caliber machine guns and two 25 MM chain guns to en- hance her capability against fast patrol boats and other surface craft. With the addition of the LCAC (landing craft, air-cushioned) to the Navy ' s inventory, FORT FISHER ' s ability to conduct high-speed, over-the-horizon amphibious operations has also greatly improved. Riding on a blanket of air at speeds in excess of 30 knots, LCAC have access to 70 percent of the world ' s beaches, as compared to the 17 percent access afforded conventional landing craft. Directly complementing one another, am- phibious operations by heliborne and surface assault offer speed, flexibility and maneu- verability. FORT FISHER was designed to berth and feed 320 Marine Corps troops, in addition to her own 350-man crew. Support for the crew and embarked landing force includes a ship ' s store, laundry, barber shop, library, closed-circuit television studio, bakery and messing facilities. Additionally, further stressing self-sufficiency, the ship is outfitted with an impressive and extensive array of repair and machine shops. Since commissioning in 1972, this ship has been in the forefront of amphibious war- fare, performing her diverse missions with characteristic style and professionalism, pro- moting the highest standards of operational readiness, personal growth and teamwork. Consistent improvement on those standards is our goal, as USS FORT FISHER contin- ues in the service of the finest, most capable navy in the world. 41 42 I - =-« i3v — PN3 Gastelum ai4 YN3 Sweejjey 1 S 4feii ' i b ' K «H- 46 With Supplies ir ;r- - - b |- ' 3 i " 1 - SN Riq elmy Is CO For K 43 ms 46 4m » %T:i " 1 n: 6w»P? :fi 47 PORTS OF CALL wait City I -A... y P- . Kuwait City »i??«HMl »!P T ddhist Temple in Singapore cotic Singapore Dubai. United Arab Emirates 49 Buddhist Temple I U lbJ ' SN Riquelmy and SN Bryan in Hong Kong Riding the Skyway 1 ■ 1 Hong Kong Harbor as seen from a Hberty boat S— ■ A- -V ■ - Beautiful entrance to Hong Kong Harbor SN Bryan Nk. ' - f .»• k -£-lSr-S ' 9 9r ' )fr ' » IP ' » Pr »• IF S . , " .. - -- • Camels in Dubai Along a Hong Kong street WOG DAY The foc ' sle was a tough stop Interesting WOG Day ceremony 52 CROSSING THE LINE ust getting started The officers start earlv in the Wardroom 53 54 55 UNREP SN Winnekens on refueling rig Refueling in conjunction with USS ESSEX 56 AMPHIBIOUS OPERATIONS Bt ' •■ ' . " : -»» »■■. Hasting down for welldeck operations te-of-the-Art Air-cushioned Landing Craft Last deployer for Amphibious Squadron Nine 57 ALL ASPECTS OF SHIPBOARD LIFE 58 i J«l N " :S|W ' AM f p j " ' M HT ' J. ,_,-; S ' " H B THE DAILY ROUTINE FOR SIX MONTHS 59 As the Fort Fisher gUded overseas, thl sounds of Classic Rock, Country anij Grunge echoed across the water. Thre Bands made their debut on the smokers level. With band members from all differ ent rates, the likes of BLUE STEEL THUNDER RIDGE and SCAPULA per formed numerous shows for the crew an( embarked Marines. The big show wen down at the Dubai Seafarer ' s club for tb hump-day party. A record attendance o over 500 people tuned their ears to thi music of the FORT FISHER ' s Bands. 60 J m. u — 63 64 f ' 1994-1995 CRUISEBOOK DEDICATED TO BMKSW) MICHAEL A. WOELFLE BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE 66 CHIEF ENGINEER f 4j| ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT ASSISTANTS AUXILIARIES DIVISION m ' « Wb ;f AUXILIARIES DIVISION BOILERS DIVISION BOILERS DIVISION BOILERS DIVISION ELECTRICAL DIVISION ELECTRICAL DIVISION MACHINERY DIVISION MACHINERY DIVISION MACHINERY DIVISION REPAIR DIVISION REPAIR DIVISION REPAIR DIVISION I lJD_]tUP-.if .-R-jCjM t£:-iN - NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT QMSN Way measuring wind ADMINISTRATION f. V ■u V t Tnr Ik 81 NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT TIMES Sea and Anchor Detail SN Lundy as Command Master Chief QMS Boyd as Quartermaster of the Watch 82 DEPLOYMENT REENLISTMENTS ) Reenlists BM2(SW) White CDR Apollo Reenlists ET3 Cook LCDR Apollo Reenlists RM3(SW) Durnil 83 LCDR Apollo Reenlists ET2(§W) Caf 84 DEPLOYMENT REENLISTMENTS HCMiSWi Munoz and EM2 Manzano ■grutulations SK3 Langc 85 MORE REENLISTMENTS LCDR Apollo Reenlists EW2. SW . iMalinis 86 LCDR Jones Reenlists MM:3 Mendoza LCDR Apollo Reenlists RM3 Farnsworth ET2(SW)Cafrey i A 87 USS FORT FISHER 1995 88 CRUISE 89 90 L995 TIGER CRUISE 91 92 WHEN WE LEFT 25 OCTOBER 1994 4i 3H| moszip .cD , ii.5UPPi. r. im-.ssaou ... i25 Up - " yo ToAlltheGrealGo s I «i JUST KNOw HOVIMUCWI LOVE yOO ?oc - SOB V®WAiK ' ' u %e WAiiruM iaivSi-«iM« ' it woio i .«KV 93 HOMECOMING 25 APRIL 1995 Captain and Command Master Chief arriving. 94 BTl Harris is happy to be home iff . iijifi " al li.; .; sa: S 1 WELCOME __ r 4 HOMECOMING 25 APRIL 1995 95 96 97 " .1 K55; afc - ' WJSMEKi 98 99 f . l 1 100 101 t f 102 103 104 rt Kxt amt 9 i SOUTH PACIFIC PORT VISITS Hona KoriQ SinOAPORE JEBEL ALI DUBAI FREMAMTLE PEARL HARBOR » V. J V ' •1 1 1, i ' ■, ' ' ■ . ' r J .V. • - ,1 ■ ' j ■ ' ' ' . ' i 1 ' M ■ ' ■ ! ' ■ .), .■v 1 (.) 77 " -: ' . ' ,v.

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