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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1988 volume:

.7 9 Q . - 5. ' . g .9 9 . SEATTLE 1 NORTH PACIFIC I am - FRANCISCO . ml 5' LONG BEAC .1 E E .l 1 z 9 E z 3- . d " PACIFIC- : OCEAN den Dragon Equalor O Equator t; - - 1 - x - Y: 1 Phoenix 3, ' . lslands'. 9 g v o a . o 6 - s '90 . 00,60, '16 5g ? Fiii Islands 30 a 8i 6.0 $65 I Samoa islands .3: $6 0M Q. . o Tahiti 09 O 6 SOUTH PACIFIC ' - NEY 2 a ------.-. 5---- 14 July 1988 To the Crew1$z kt We have just completed the s- enthgh: acyme to F O R tog-Eg este a Pacific. At the beginning of this cruise I have set three major go. Is I wante v to i . They - to . ejfg a e cruise, a exercise every aspect of our amphibious capability to its uII xtent d to have a tr ofession ngIne 5 -am pIant-the best in the Squadron. FORT FISHER a iev fthese goals; You -w are the o e$id it. I could not be prouder of your performance. We h. ; no se I s in'uries during thi - l attribut th suoe isors t were genuiner concerned for th r m- ils Ks usi 'tbu I y syg;x Xj ey. o . the beach. We ran LCAC welldeck t oerati 1!! U : ; i im 0. e si at sea and CIC controlled the en - .' - 2 01.1.3";- Lo r orce . - .- i ' 88. During our OPPE in Guam, the E 5' -. -r' slew P- eir xIfessionaIi u . I own in the holes. Along the way, we c o a I of other things e . oo - ' i . -eI beach parties gave us a Chance to relax a bui new friendships. We saw 0 the Philippines and from Hong Kong to G . . 0 Ir em - - i ' officials as well as our boss Admiral Smith ano VE I : - - . D 7 c . t ' i d up the ship as part of our weekly zone inspe o.ns . : ' ' . . : ited FORT FISHER was impressed ' . What we did most of a was bu d a team W: tsta sailor IX" divi on or a r arine from an embarked unit. We were all a part c FORT HER. t Command at sea is the pI , acIe of . riav made this deployment the be one I've -' . FISHER the finest ship I have ev serf , , bqf EDWARD P. ANGLIM COMMANDING OFFICER "I I "11321 miwmiw col CDR EDWARD P. ANGLIM Commander Edward P. Anglim was born April 1, 1947 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Raised in the Northwest, he was commissioned through the US. Naval Academy in June of 1969. Commander Angiim reported aboard his first command USS NICHOLAS tDD-4491, as First Lieutenant and com- pleted NICHOLAS' twilight deployment to the Western Pacific. Transferred to USS KNOX tFF-10521, first of her class, he served as Electronic Material Officer and combat Information Center Officer on KNOX's maiden and second deployment. Commander Anglim was assigned to Navy Recruiting Command Headquarters, Washington, DC. in 1972 followed by tours as Weapons Officer, USS JOHNSTON DD 8211 and Operations Officer, USS THOMASTON iLSD 281. Subsequently in August 1979, he served as the Amphibious Type Desk Officer on the staff of Commander Naval Surface Force, US. Pacific Fleet. Commander Anglim served his Executive Officer tour in USS JUNEAU tLPD 101. He was ordered to Washington DC. in December 1983 where he served two tours; the first as the Amphibious Plans and Programs Officer for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations tSurface Warefare1 and the second in the Congressional Liaison Section of the Chief of Naval Operations. Commander Anglim's personal awards include the Navy Achievement Medal, Navy Commenda- tion Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal with Gold Star. nThe responsibility of the Commanding Officer for his command is absolute, except when, and to the extent, relieved therefrom by competent authority, or as provided otherwise in these regulations. The authority of the Commanding Officer is commensurate with his responsibility. While he may, at his discretion and when not contrary to law or regulations, delegate authority to his subordinates for the ex- ecution of details, such delegation of authority shall in no way relieve the Commanding Officer his continued responsibility for the safety, well being, and efficiency of his entire command." US. Navy Regulations CAPTAIN Gene F. Gauthier COMMANDER Glyn M. Thompson COMMANDER John F. Gamboa CAPTAIN Kenneth R. Barry COMMANDER Nigel E. Parkhurst COMMANDER Richard C. Williams III COMMANDER Arthur J. Gilbert COMMANDER Edward P. Anglim 9 3 22 27 24 15 24 DEC SEP DEC DEC MAR MAR JUN OCT 72 74 76 78 81 83 85 87 COMMANDING OFFICERS USS FORT FISHER tLSD-40i -18 -3 -22 -27 -24 -15 -24 SEP DEC DEC MAR MAR JUN OCT 74 76 78 81 83 85 87 EXECUTIVE OFFICER LCDR JAMES P. MARSH JR. Lieutenant Commander James P. Marsh Jr. was born March 25, 1953 in New London, Connecticut. Raised in the Northwest, he was commissioned through Oregon State University in June of 1975. Lieutenant Commander Marsh reported to his first command, USS SOMERS 1DDG 341 as the Damage Control Assistant. From there he served at the California Maritime Academy as the Assistant Officer in Charge and as an instructor. After additional training, Lieutenant Commander Marsh transferred to USS FANNINC 1FF 10761 as Engineering Officer in 1982, followed by a tour aboard USS DUBUQUE 1LPD 81 as Operations Officer. In 1987 he received an Operations Analysis Masters Degree from the Naval Post Graduate School. Lieutenant Commander Marsh's personal awards include three Sea Service Deployment Awards as well as'the Expert qualifications in both Rifle and Pistol. FORT FISHER'S MISSION FORT FISHER's mission is to carry preloaded heavy landing craft, equipment and troops to an objective area in conjunction with an amphibious assault; to positively control waterborne craft while they are assaulting the beach and provide extensive repairs to craft should the need arise. The versatility of the ship makes it possible to accomplish this mis- sion in a variety of ways. The primary feature of the ship is the well deck which extends from the stern forward; approximately three-quarters of the length of the ship. Large quantities of cargo and vehicles can be brought in to the well, by landing crafts or by the ships cranes. The well deck can be flooded to launch and recover boats and craft through the stern gate. A ramp system leading up from the well deck goes to the other storage area decks where vehicles such as jeeps, trucks, tanks, and equipment trailers can be stored. FORT FISHER has a flight deck to facilitate on and off loading by helicopter. The ship is capable of handling the largest type of helicopter in use today. The flight deck can also carry cargo and vehicles should the situation require such loading. FORT FISHER has three 3" twin gun mounts which can engage surface targets or be used in limited shore bombardment role. Command and control of amphibious operation is conducted from FORT FlSHER's flying bridge, located above the pilot house and the Combat Information Center located behind the bridge. Boat waves are controlled and directed to the assault beach according to precise time tables. As a result of the last overhaul, the ship was modified to land and transport LCAC tLanding Craft, Air Cushionl. LCAC is a boat that rides on an air-filled, rubber skirted devise that enables the boat to obtain and exceed speeds in excess of 30 knots. LCAC provides over the horizon capability, increased access to the world's beaches, quicker delivery or retraction and the ability to deliver USMC material and personnel in-land, over various types of terrain. The ship can berth and feed 320 marine combat troops in addition to the normal 325 man crew. Facilities include a ship's store, a laundromat, barber shop, video games, library, closed circuit TV studio and dining facilities which are also used for showing movies in the evening. Two 50-ton cranes located on the port and starboard sides enable FORT FISHER to transfer items on, off and about the ship. Located near the cranes are FORT FISHER's own four boats. The LCM-6 and the LCVP landing craft are capable of car- rying troops and cargo. There are also two LCPL's which are used for a variety of tasks such as lifeboat, ship-to-ship transportation and boat group commander's boat. SHIPCS HISTORY he The history of USS FORT FISHER actually begins in the early 1860's. The ship was named for the Confederate stronghold Fortnyisheyr Carolina, which stood at the mo th of the Cape Fear FOR: FIS ' SPECIAL EVOLUTIONS D ms: "r... g .. 2. FLIGHT OPS LCAC OPS MARINE MANEUVERS 1A FOR LCAC OPS 8M1 NOVAK GUIDING LCAC IN WELL DE-BALLAST CONTROL LCAC ENTERING WELL MARINES PREPARE TO BOARD LCAC FEET DRY ON THE BEACH J nE 4.1 .L OFF CUSHION BACKLOADING AFTER AN EXERCISE LCAC'S EYE VIEW Flight OPS Flight deck crew LSE guiding in UH-1 . 1O Flight OPS in any seas Refueling an UH-1 Mail call ,1 Making approach to delivery ship Receiving fuel Linehandlers heaving in tension wire 14 Preps for : + X $ . K 2 ; .' W - s g j A M g V f E x W m ; w w - m , i L i : 3 E x , x w '4 V M M r, L - M i A :v V Z' M w M H, I Nanak- zkied " .. ..-- $ i : 3 3 . 2 g s c g 2 . : g - 2 YV' InAI-he- ieId$in the Phi!inpi wee - f y , : L , "in my w .w , A. T 7 ,1 x ,w w ; 4 V . W A 15 , , A; . , . . A . A Aistagmganos forhelotransfer V. I A, V . H I DEPARTMENT HEADS . ENGINEERING LT STEVE RUSSELL 16 OPERATIONS LT CHRISTOPHER MORLOCK ADMIN LTJG CHARLES JOHNSON LTJG RONALD CAUTHIER DIVtSiON BTCS Allyn Schmidt LTjg Steve Pelham 232? VaJ I79 : 4' .5! WM r1? i9 p 2 , V$w 234$- 4! .x x BTC John Moore BT1 Brayn Quenga BT1 Calvin Jenkins BT2 Thomas Abraham BT2 Modesto Andrade .' : .5 - 5 'Q'.; . . . . . AND THAT ROUND SHINY THING l5 CALLED THE SUN 3', xx BT2 Vosot Bussararungsee BT3 William Cannon BT3 Jose Cruz BT3 Mark Hardnette BT3 Anthony Laster BTFN Eric Harris BTFN Russel Hinson BTFN James Cougar ff, 1 FA Robert Williams FA Frederick Simaytis FR John Kotowski , '1" FA Timothy Lakowske FN Thomas Sakowski FN Freddie Miller FN Hubert McKinney TRUST ME - NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW POST-OPPE TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING 22 LTjg Daniel Ballister CWOS James Long MMC Orlando Teofilo MM1 James Shriver MM1 Carl Crow 23 MM2 Richard Sheridan MMZ Nathan Smalls MM3 Jack Jones V SAID, BUD LITE" 24 MM3 Norman Storey MMFN Jimmy Mclntire MMFN Dennis English MMFN Billy Hong MMFN Kelly Madsen FN George Quella FN Donald Edwards 3 ' ' FN Kyle Stocker MMFA Packard Giles MMFA Bobby Hunt MMFA Jason Darrow MMFN Donald Raposo MMFA Duan Larson 26 - 5. A ' NO PARTY TOO SMALL, NO BEER TOO BIC . . . NO HEADACHE TOO LOUD 27 LTjg Robert Petty - " 1 ' . , EMC Ernesto Revita a EM1 Jun Fabian IC2 Robert Rogers EM2 Phillips Sanchez EM3 Paul Davis EM3 Victor Raquidan EMFN Jim Smith ICFN Donald Howard EMFN John Stedham FN Alfred Dalton FN Rex Marks 30 SCOTTY, I NEED MORE POWER!" AYE, CAPTAIN, BUT I DON'T HOW MUCH OF THIS SHE CAN TAKE." LTjg Robert Petty MM1 Flor Buncab EN1 Michael Golubski EN2 Danny Culwell 31 EN2 William Rose EN3 Robert Miller MM3 Randy. Sedy EN3 Lawrence Budgell MM3 Timothy Eagan EN3 Michael Rinehart MMFN Matthew McVey FN Courtney Miller ENFN Kenneth Janiszewski ENFN Dana Bozeman ENFN Kim Wolfe MMFN Randy Hubler ENFA Leonard Sturgis ENFA Sean Fleetham MMFA Raymond Lantz ENFA McDaniels W02 Charles Gundelfinger HTC Alcide Ford HT1 David Stover HT2 Mike Davis MR2 Grant Harris HT2 Garth Freeman HT2 Jearl Rannefeld HT2 Michael Orso HT2 Joe Salvador HT2 Doug Lemay HT2 David Kremzar HT2 Dan Suhonen HT3 Rodney Grady MR3 John Stasel HTFN Michael Scaggs MRFN Brad Cox mg 1,1 -512; FN Francisco Gutierrez DCFA Bob Hodgson FN Paul Miller FN Ricardo Aguilera FN Timothy Kelly YOU WANT IT WHEN? HA, HA. 37 gm .' Wm : W73: $542? w, L Wx ' Sammy wwwmmk $$W$$mgwr ms;$:g a WE V 3?? M VSJQ $$$wgg ?Ewwgiy g, 2 W313 w w; Maya; y Km: u wgzm: 4 : x mm $ . W WW L ,1 43 N W Wigw . : W a 5 m 3 X a : :iibm w uwwm w $ W: m : : : a N m Amzawixmw 35m: : w: L x ???;wx 1:33 mu 3 3 vgiwwz': y? 9f; ' WM W3$$Eggii$$izig v Ti; p : 7 : V M VAN M , N: :H 61 V , W m 11$: aka: ,3: giggiiagmgmw 3 a : y: : w: A: h : gxigxm "SEW: : $ mam : ngggggvg , mama 5W2 am v : , WW: NMLMVw , T w : :M mm; M Enaww 49 K Mm: V r55? Vamamxg MW 93m! 93? waif; W m $211: r :213iiS3nggifngkan ix V V $$m? m 12m: m k W n 41E? awwmw z: ,memw; $wa zygnx; Mignagmixcwsg i a w gw$5ifam w m 3:9 g: ; 1ST LTjg James Dickie BMC Ysidro Flores 8M1 Roy Rathburn 8M1 Danny Stratton BM2 Colin Leach 40 gzwkuwis- 1gIv SN David Wightsman SN Dennis Roehler SN Jerry Bauer SN Raymond Gloria SA Welsey McGlone SA Robert Stallings SR Thomas Wells , L SN Carl Brown SA Otis Banks SA Roy Davis SR Brandi Beaudet SR Randall Hoxie NOW THAT WE CAUGHT IT, WHAT NEXT? BE A NICE HELO AND COME OVER HERE. NEVER DULL ON . . . NEVER DULL OFF . . . LTjg David Hulke ,- ' 8M1 Daniel Dean BM2 Karl Gonzales BM2 Gary Simmons BM3 Joseph McGuire SN Scott Hendrickson SN Eugene Rettelle SN Helder Noia SA Amor Layug SA Oliver Foster SN Thomas Grossnickle Sn Richard Brown SN Gerald Dalton SA Kipling Kahawiolaa SA Delfino Duran SA Harlan Clark SN Roger Greer SN Jay Headley LTjg Paul Weckman GMC Ailetupa Samatua , win 3 GMGZ Robin Tougas GMCZ Phillip Correa GMGZ Michael Schafer 1MG3 George Wohlgemuth GMC3 Cary Luster lg." i, GMC3 Willie Morvant GMG3 Daniel Parsons GMCSN Richard Ritzema m- BE VERK VERY QUIET WE'RE HUNTING KILLER TOMATOES 49 RMCS Gregory Brindley 3! w; 11": SMC John Smosna RM1 David Murray RM1 William Lackey 50 RM2 David Wynn SMSN Donald Farr . RMSN Emmett Wright RMSA Ryan Snarr ,f SMSA Michael Burnham RM3 George Stevenson RM3 Jack Cooper RMSA Gary Lewis SMSN Martin Gilbert RMSR Sean Ma'one RMSR Steven Wimmer RMSA Ernest M0" is ME oJWWMA. , .8 . A1 , $ $9 r , .I nc. naku nu . . 'lm';,s'G J h LTjg Thomas Herman 051 Daniel Schuff 052 Putnam OSZ Hugo Santaella 54 1 :1 3:? "t; EW2 Mark Harrigan EW3 John Hagel EW3 Wesley Holland 053 Kenneth Murphy w v w "ray 1' a OSSN Rnadall Braynt OSSN Scott Carpenter OSSN Michael Hampton 5:? 51 an m, , ?Q ; gbg M Mwanmwu avg 3 Va aw. w a .w nmmmyww mm 3 3:. ENS Martin Brandle ETC Doyle Means ET2 Donald Sexton : ET2 Ronald Hemigartner ET3 Bruce Yochum ET3 Buddy Eggebroten ET3 Elliot Smith ET3 Stephan Hendershot ARE YOU SURE WE WILL PICK UP THE GAME WITH THIS? 2 DK1 Dante Conui DKSN Renerio Obedoza 60 MSC Moises Evangelista M51 Jack Hatcher MESS "RNAGEMENT M51 Hipito Hufalar M52 Benny Orallo M33 Ross Douglas M53 Nestor Josafat M53 Juancho Lucero 'yuzs-I u R M83 Leonard Snider M53 Anthony Hendley MSSA Colin McCalla MSSA Orlie Diaz MSSN Ross Blanthorne 62 SKC Rene Ventus 5K1 Edison Fontimayor . y. . SK2 William McConnell SK3 Pedro Asunctiion 5H2 Michael MCHugh SHSR Eric Reed 4? WWW 9N5 'J imzjx M 7qu 5mg n; 1M y W ,..J,W?- , - FW-GVW ""- U'BTIL: 143752 A m mam: r, L17 Ira?! "I " 1' SHSN Paul Wisniewski WW 5H3 Jeff lverson SHSN Timothy Bradley HMC Jose Lacanienta HM2 Randall Kiger HM3 Kelly Coyne HM3 Pedro Amador HN Wesley Bass 65 QM2 Kenneth Simmons ONE COOKE FIX COMING RIGHT UP QMSN Timothy Gallagher 66 DIVISION 9 zwggk $9 . a PNC James Phipps MAC Ronald Haynes ICC Kirk Merryfield YN1 Jimmie Nabors LN1 Richard Kadlec 68 PNSR James Mines. .. PNSNPhiSlip Wm ; ? , w mmmmww gm gawk wwgw V hgkg : 9 fWaWw waw Wim gob: Q yw Q? o $f Em w ngww w xx3x41, IF? L , a ; 3 5; $7 52 42 , 5w? wax v g cam; mag b , L , .. , , yW $?qume . w4 W a mwmmm $3. mmwamwwmmwww , . , . , SS wfsw: . , aewgwg; 5 avg E m: ,wfwwwwm gm mix germ y Q $.me $9.? i L , 4 , W m wmmmwagmmmwmw$$$ , a aswm f? $ am wmgam $$$ng , , WxawwwM magma? , emw wmwuaiwmmmm , Wwwxq mw gym wwwmwww: a Aww: gmxggkzwv , , L , 4, m? a gg g qzzwf , w wgwkww? a b , 3? 3g , e g b ,5 3: L waif Ki; 7 www.mmmw Emmy ,memmmwmwmwwx MW $$$$wmmw$wmw aux mwmwum m ,, : , ,6 mwm $53: w x mg WW 9 as mm aha 3,, . . - 10"1, . .. a; lamb! ,xx A - -- '1 ' -V.s5.-.rgr f A BMC Whitton GSMC Carree GSE1 Schuman GSM1 Atkins 8M1 Rathbone GSE1 Bacon 3' 'I B. 1 WEN HT2 Battles OSZ Ledbetter HT2 Guthrie GSMZ Crandy YNZ Haynes GSE3 Oliveros EN3 Solimine BM3 Younger GSM3 Benhayon OSZ Todd Rissinger SKSN Rieter GSMFN Garcia 72 3: . f: : l K ' XX? . L '9'? .47? .5; .; ' v ,1 5.... mm I BMC Sanchez ' BM2 Falls BM3 Luspo EN3 Carlson SN Lopez SN Morales ??SIWW SN Zermeno SN Jimenez 75 11th MEU ALPHA BATTERY : EMBARKED ON USS FORT FISHER dSD-4m WESTPAC '88 CAPT. M.P. WYNN ' LT J.J. BELLUSH COMMANDING OFFICER EXECUTIVE OFFICER BATTERY V 11 1stSGT MJ. BROWN LT J.E. Clark 77 , LT G.C. Carroll PLATOON COMMANDER 1 F.D.O. SSGT C.R. Murray SGT R. Martinez SGT F.C. Rosario SGT W.P. Jacobs Jr. CPL C.B. Cordova CP. T.L. Curtis CPL R.L. Driskell CPL S.L. Lewis CPL S.A. Madzairczyk CPL D.A. Oja CPL EA. Parel lll CPL W.E. Stokes Jr. 79 CPL W.L. Wheeler V LCPL CA. Atkins V LCPL A.I. Battle LCPL C. Blake LCPL P.A. Blount LCPL K.L. Brinkman LCPL C.B. Calkins LCPL MB. Ellis LCPL R.R. Gaskell LCPL MO. Granville LCPL LN. Guidry LCPL D.W. Helmink LCPL RD. Herbert LCPL JJ. Jones LCPL T.A. Jones LCPL M.L. Sartin LCPL P.C. Sluis LCPL S.C. Soper .. .0; A. . ., C... LT. OF. Bond LT H.D. Jones Platoon Commander F.D.O. SGT Gerding SGT H.E. Martin 84 CPL R.E. Bequillard CPL R.L. Brittian CPL P.L. Champange CPL GL. Labranche CPL M.W. Lamourex CPL EC. Luna CPL W. Watson CPL D.L. White LCPL K.D. Adams LCPL R.B. Aranda LCPL S.L. Baker LCPL MJ. Bell LCPL B.A. Copes LCPL M.S. Gaskill LCPL MJ. Geller J? D: LCPL T.A. Hall LCPL Hewitt LCPL RD. Lane LCPL RS. Lightburn LCPL J.G. Rivers LCPL J.W. Williams PFC D.M. Anderson PFC E. Armijo PFC R.A. Arnold PFC RJ. Brinkerhoff PFC MC. Clowdus PFC GA. Fye VS?" 5: a? a $2 , 4f seag'atm "4" 69 gm 5V1 332$ abwv 1K :3? a a V a 7 , hfxwamnaw 1n wwgnsg: 31V true go a? 4w 23;sz 4? $$$ $240221 via 9, Em; fr; 3? 53M w w $3331 , in a ,wwwwg ; 4 g m? wax? a ?w $me mAgwmw Wifb 3v; 'i m g 4$$$M ; . v5 4 $5; a: uAKVwa ,. 25: Ln : , "W 31 hmm 212251122an2? Law?" CPL D.C. Baker CPL A.M. Brown CPL B.R. Davis - Q CPL R.S. DeJesus CPL W.A. Hobson CPL B. Partida CPL RJ. Stoll CPL H.l. Tweedy LCPL SJ. Ballinger 89 LCPL J.F. Byrum LCPL R.C. Jostes LCPL J.S. Odhner LCPL J.W. Reisehauer LCPL MR. Swanson PFC K.F. Amadore PFC C.E. Deselms PFC A.R. King PVT l.T. Goodman LCPL B.A. Ahern Survey LCPL D.E. Hamilton Cook HEADQUARTERS SECTION LCPL G.L. Sheasley Amor LCPL A.R. Monroy Ramerez CPL S.M. Rose Survey LCPL A.R. Smith Cook PFC D.L. Buyny LCPL AD. Evans LCPL D.S. Hefner LCPL H.A. Henderson LCPL EJ. Kindel LCPL J.H. Perez LCPL EJ. Sambula PFC D. Begay PFC C. Scott III SSCT S.A. Silva M.T. Chief CPL A. Saucedo Asst. M.T. Chief TOR TRANSP LCPL R.B. Bryant LCPL CJ. Buel LCPL J.R. Buhris 93 94 PFC L. Games PFC R.C. ODENBRETT PFC T.A. Galman PFC MJ. GELLER PFC J.R. Shaults A E S T A E El III..- ;S.NVY 50MSEVENTHFLT g i Wfi-IERE IS iTHE T i RilccERir l E IT'S TliJESDAYL so TEHIS BE HONG IiEONG E iNHEN ls LUNdZH? CD 100 i 2 i ! E i z i 5L JRE YO 1 EEFUL THIS AAE ELOOICE THEYiaE DWCING i i i ,4" ?'X W; r0 HUR T U WEgE CAR g IVlL i5 GONG TO H:URT chu MdRE THA i i 3 3 N ITS CEIOING 101 Don't worry, be happy J Keep those seagulls away from bridge Marine O'club, MCRD u SAILOR WOES TOO MUCH . .. . . AND NEVER ENOUGH . . . HELP q FFP 165 i E g' SN LAYUG WITH HIS COUSIN IN HON G KONG 108 u? w m , , 1? WWW . HONG KONG--THE GEM OF THE ORIENT Moored in Victoria Harbor Kowloon at night A small junk in Aberdeen Entrance to Jumbo Restaurant 251': X WW . J mm Fuuu r r ,i xi ' i g. 5 Water taxi Chinese style Wan Chai District PUSAN AND POHANG, KOREA DABO PAGODA BUDDIES AN OPEN AIR MARKET IN POAHNC M E T S V.. S V: D D U B F. H T T E C R O F .,I N O D P, THAT IS THE QUESTION POWER SHOPPING APRES -" .IVDOEWR SHOPPING I SHOP OR NOT TO SHO Wzlgzy I 792; 'fj' Q aflor'Z' $7 27 NM; Pf W;:; CI IDIP D AV DLJII Ir DIMEC W IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII JUDIK, Dru, I I IILII I IIVLJ WWW "ilfaquelis THE BRIDGE THAT LEADS TO , CLONCAPO CITY II V V" BUY SOMETHING JOE MONEY EXC HANGER IN OLONGAPO 120 a c .1- ' ." "a "wwwrs + w Mwlmu s 3 $ E OLONCAPO AT NIGHT Z g g g ; DLJp Musgc 9 i f J21 i ; 2 e e g , $ - Watching thiStHildr-en playing PUSAN KOREA n ,6 NH W, , e N g, .m, k, a H M 122, J+Sinae,Wow;Children's Rehabilitatin Center On April 13th,1988,14 crew members participated In a ProjeCt Handclas'p and Civic Action project at the Sinae Won Children 5 Rehabilitation Center Pusan, Korea Project Handclasp Is a , , ,person-to- person program designed for the distribution of humanitarian gifts while allowing American servicemen to meet the peoples of nations they visit while depIOyed The Children s I Rehabilitation Center received a sewing machine workshop books, hygenic supplies, food Clothing and toys. Crew members also painted sections of the dormitories as a part of the Civic Action project. I A day was spent doing those projects, but it was not all work. A tour of the Rehabilitation C, ,Center as well as a picnic were inclUded. Crewmembers played with the Children ahd the w wfriendship and goodwill that were shared surpassed the language barrier When the day ended, the crewleft behind new friends and a new hope for the Children' 5 Rehabilitation Center. Yet the crew had received the greatest gift; that of the satisfaction in helping those truly in need. ,NW : ' m :ng II . , . w w , w A m - gnu m ,7 5;; . HXW .' X353! saggy: NM; SHIP'S PARTY SUBIC BAY, PI. 26 FEB. '88 "' . a aw W x 1 KRFQQiUlifL ISL ANIW mamas" w W :55; '6! 8' , . STAY TUNED F OR SEA HUNT EAH GUYS, RIGHT AFTER THIS DANCE 129 w TIGER CRUISE 5-14 JULY THIS WILL TAKE CARE OF THE NEIGHBORS CAT DAD, ABOUT MY ALLOWANCE . . ." WAIT TIL THEY SEE THIS BACK AT SCHOOL .. ?- T OF ALL THEY BOTH CAN MOUNT ON YOUR BIKE g CAN WE SEE THE OTHER EDUCATIONAL TOYS?" a I'LL BE GOOD, so CAN I TAKE THIS 0. . NOW? CO AHEAD SEAGULL, MAKE MY DAY 133 'Jl! Mmlgfw- M $136412 E: 3: WE :13: p, x - LTJC. Dickie f ENS Brandle --NG1-Barr- - HT2 Freemarl YNSN Ross -YNSA Moar - - . . . The Creyy gnd caffeine L1 g U.S.S.R r V b O Mongolian Republic A. .990 China Ww I13" p39 We ,0 Wandstan w K Arabia India 35 , BAY OF , , 1 ARAB?" V : BENGAL Ethiopia SEA: ; k b sm lANKA COLOMBO Ceylon , j Equator 41 1.- QEYCHgLLE ,, , - x I I Golden Sheilback ?IEGQGAWF ,9; a : 11309110 9?? Genricom Australia PERTH INDIAN ; m , ' a , o co v ' , , a Tasmani Kemuclen Mandi $- 7 x C: ' o W 45.1,:qu 4c 0 ng 0 s o. $97 BERING SEA a 0 A'. pp :2 ' k 9 Canada ' g o . !. .. v...9 Q SEATYLE : ; l . t l NORTH ; - ! PACIFIC ' ';" 0 United ' ' States gl 3 W Midway El Islands 2 Q ICancer gl 0 Q... a - - .9 -1- . H N LULU t. a :ll xWEARL MARaogoO O C,0 0 2! Wake Island I PAC I FIC , . Christmas Island 0c EA" . ' gquulor O Equator gden Dirgo'n '3- j x M h 1 1 Li ;- A Phoenle, Q Islands'.c 0gb o ? S 0 '10 Ociefyla 4;. 55 ? Fni Manda 0' O . 49,, a 9' 6,; $ 6 I amoa Islands .61 Q. 06 0 C3. , ' 3, 0 ' Tahiti 9XN00 I 6 I I SOUTH HH' llmk HI I PACIFIC 3x: USHHHU HSIHRHSHJW 31g wm ' g a I b l mswv. m i 16? I .n : i; l H lmvw J'LQ'L 111115, 931', CI u I I l l

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