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4 44, W -fl T551-5LL ,,LA' 1' EQ ' ii A1,, THE. SIREN foRT EDWARD I-non school. I9 56 ' DEDICATION Wgf WWW b L C a o 1.1 1 ug mam our Luruun of Ihr. bum to Richard Grurrruglr HL wa, d frrmd ro all and a credu to our clam H15 chberful srmle w111 be remembered through thu years ' 5 I W, W V I :Qi H Milf' U W W', lil' lax f Y5f'!, 'QVV ' ' STAFF ROW ONE: Donna McKittrick, Barbara Blackall, Donna Holbrook, Sy1viaCatone. ROW TWO Anne D'Ange1ico, Nancy Robinson, Richard Labosier, Robert Armando, Elizabeth Chapman, Joanne Brablc. SPORTS Robert Armando LITERARY -Xnne D Angehgo PUBLICITY Elxzaberh Chapman EDITOR IN CHIEF Barbara Blackall ASSISTANT EDITOR Donna Holbrook TYPING Sylvra Catone ADVERTISING Joanne Brablr PHOTOGRAPHY Rlehard Labos1er ART Donna McK1ttr1ck CIRCULATION Nancy Robmson EDITOR'S MESSAGE We the staff of 1956 proudly present our edmon of the Siren This book contains the pleasant memories of the school year We hope that you will enjoy each page of this yearbook as we have enjoyed plannmg and pre and also to Mrs Munson Miss Rourke Miss Fitzpatrick Miss Cam and Mrs Holbrook who gave their assistance in helping to make this book a success Barbara Blackall Editor ln chief Donna Holbrook 0710141 Assistant Edttor paring it. We express our gratitude to Mr. Gardiner, who supervised our work, , . TABLE OF CONTENTS -XDMINIS TRA TIOIN ACTIVITIES I x -I Qs fg 'H-li Ev? - .A 'fl SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN SPORTS S T Clif, F' ADVERTISEMENTS I H - N f H aa AX!-LET ? 0 2,,- ' Z ADMINISTRATION PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE Defer not ull tomorrow tomorrow s sun to thee may never use C Archle HODICIHS BOARD OF EDUCATION lt'- li. BERNARD W CURTIS JOSEPH W DEL SIGNORE LOUIS G FISHER FRANCIS M. TERRY Pl'8SldCl'lI KENNETH R, HAYW ARD K ENNETH R HAYWARD 'Y' I gf M GORDEN R ELLMERS !i"" 'xyltllhg JAMES B IEONARD r' 'N FRANCIS I. TIERNEY FRED A VIELE Clerk FRANCIS I. TIERNEY V1ce Pl'ES1dCl'lI BERNARD W. CURTIQ . , , It my . A a ' " i ,f . ' 3 K Q ng, ' USFFUT L , K, 2,4 Vg ,411 'J A A '."X,-.' . W . , , , . 'ff ak- f f ' ..', ' -I I 2, Q , r if + ,, I ha . M 7 ' -E 1 L A fr' U, 4. , 5 I 1 c I A . V, ' va 'Q '51 Q E. . i 'E A C fl . . . 4-Q. 'Q' is 11 fx 1 ' ,,f- 2 4 " ' . ,J if :".0.y , dr 54 5 ' . 5 . , .vi - '. -E ' 1 ' ' 'ff . FACULTY ROW ONE Mrs Munson Lat1n and Enghsh Mrs Holbrook Cornmercxal Mrs Fahrenholz French and C1txzensh1pEducat1on M1ss Hanna Mathemancs Mrs Loughhn Enghsh Mlss FIIZ patrxck Commerclal Mxss Rourke Commerc1al ROW TWO Mr Bltunger Muslc Mr Mullen C1t1zensh1p Educauon Mr Gardmer Cmzenshxp Educauon Mr LaSarso, Enghsh and Llbrary Mr Toomey Sclence Mr Lewza Phys1ca1Educa non ABSENT FROM PICTURE Mr Hopkms Prmcxpal Mr Leonard AsslstantPr1nc1palandSc1ence Mxss Cam Sclence M1ss Canavan Gmdanoe D1rectorandC1uzensh1p Educauon Mlss Etu Mus1c Mr Davls Manual Arts Mr Coombs Dnver TralmngandC1t1zensh1pEducat1on Mrs Carroll Phys1cal Educauon Mxss Cromn Marhemaucs Mnss Rogers Enghsh Mrs Hartpence Home Econom1cs M1ss Harmon Art M1ss McCurry School Secretary Mrs Kllcoyne School Nurse : . . ' ': . . ': . . .. . .:. ' .3 . .' .:. .- ., .:. ' .D : ' .Z ' I., . .: . .'.. . .2 . . . 3. .. :I ' . - . : a .' .. 1 ' . . .. . Z . .'. :. '. . .. . .:. ' .: . .' :. '. .. .. . .: ' , . .:. .' .:, ' .3 . I 'I' . Q' . : .' . - ENIOR-5 RICHARD DONA LD W OOD "Dick" "The reward of a thine well done is to have done it. " Good basketball playerg likes the hotrodg hypnotizing eyesg always with Lesg good class president. Basketball 1,2,3, 4, Football 4, Baseball 1.2, 3,45 Class Officer 1,2,3,4g Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Varsity Club 3,4g Prom Committee 3: Senior Play Committee 43 Washington Trip 4. CLASS RIC HA RD CLAYTON LABOSIER "Dick" "Full well they laughed at his jokes with counterfeited rzlee, but many a joke had he. " Always in the dark Croomjg Vagabond member: second home, Burgoyne Avenue. How're things at the Fish and Game Club? Band 1,25 Orchestra 1.2: Noon Hour Club 1,25 Class Officer 2. 4, Sophomore Play Committee 2g Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Gym Dem. 23 Intra. 1.3.4, Photography 3,4g Scorekeeper 1,31 Yearbook Staff 4g Prom Committee 33 Senior Play Cast 4g washinczton Trip 4. LESLIE VIDA ROGERS .. Les.. "The very flower of youth." Pretty smile, adorable prom queen, has eyes only for Dick, second home, Burgoyne Avenue. Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3, Class Secretary 4, Choir 1, 2,3,4,Tickets Please 1.2, 3,4, Vice-President Tickets Please 3, President 4, washington County Music Festival 1, 2, 3, Sophomore Play Committee 2, Sirenizers 2, 3,4, Gym Dem. 2, Committee for Graduation 2, Sophomore Dance Committee 2, Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Prom Queen 3, Graduation Usher 3, Vice- President Sirenizers 3, President 4, Junior Ring Committee 3, Senior Play Cast 4, Washington Trip 4. OFFICERS ANNE CHRSITINE D' ANGELICO "Geli" "Love and smoke cannot be hidden." Perfect Mary in senior play, Vagabond lover, attractive prom attendant, loves to park Qdriver training carj, always eating celery. Tickets Please 1, History Club 1, Choir 1,2,3,4, Sophomore Play Usher 2, Gym Dem. 2, Sophomore Dance Committee 2, Sirenizers 2,3,4, Junior Prom Attendant 3, Forum 3, Prom Committee 3, Graduation Usher 3, Outing Club 3, Senior Play Usher 3, Senior Play Cast 4, Class Officer 4, President Choir 4, Literary Staff Chairman 4, Washington County Music Festival 2, Cap and Gown Committee 4, Washington Trip 4. ROBERT GEORGE ARMANDO "Bambi" "There is honesty, manhood and good friendship in him." Man of distinctiong loves to drive in secondg nice dresserg short: curly hair. Student Council 1,2,3,4g Varsity BasketballManager lglnt. 1, 2,3,4g Sophomore Play Committee 2g Gym Dem. 23 Football 3,43 Track 3, 45 Choir 35 Decoration Committee for Prom 3: Sirenizers 3,43 Senior Play Committee 4, Editorial Staff of ROBERT I. BRI SLIN "BriS" "Music is well said to be the speech of the angels. " Good musician, craves Italian foodsg made a good Mr. Bradley: plans to take over Abe D. 's job. Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Music Festivals 1,2,3,4g Basketball Int. 1,2g Track 2, Choir 2,3,4g Sophomore Play Cast 25 Empire Boys' State 3: Treasurer Student Council 4, Sirenizers 4g Senior Play Cast 4g Washington Trip 4. Yearbook 45 Washington Trip 4, THOMAS HAMMOND "Gorry" "l cried for madder music and for stronger wine. " God's gift to women! Always teasing the girlsg second home, Griffin Avenue: never seen without "Smitty, " Track l,2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4, Cross Country Team 1,2,3g Basketball lg Student Council 2,3,4g Sophomore Play Com- mittee 2, Sophomore Dance Committee 2, Gym Dem. 2: Basketball Int. 2,3,4g Varsity Club 2.3.4, Football 3,4g Prom Committee 3g Washington County Music Festival 33 Washington Trip 4. ' .ws . E., f 1,- x-I---1 LA WRENCE ALHEIM "Bugger" "A friendly spirit is the gift of God. " Good-naturedg alias Jughead and Henryg may be an actor. who has your Vagabond hat, Lar? Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Baseball Manager 1g Cross Country Team 1g Basketball Int. l,2,3g Volleyball Int. 25 Sophomore Play Cast 2g Gym Dem. 2g Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Basketball Manager 35 Prom Committee 35 Senior Play 43 Choir 4g Scorekeeper 3g Washing- ton Trip 4. CHARLES BRADLEY BEMIS "Chuck" "My heart is full of friends." Seen on Mechanic Streetg likes to baby-sitgmakesa good soda- jerk. Watch out for dishpan hands. Football 1.2, 33 Baseball 1,2,3g Varsity Club 1,2,3, President 43 Basketball 2,3g Sophomore Play Committee 2g Track 35 Choir 35 Junior Prom Committee 31 Senior Trip 4, good. " ton Trip 4. df if fro NCL.. ,cf 3 1 MARY NOLAND BENNETT "Mar" "l have tranquilsolitude and such society as is quiet, wise and Quiet type: braing prize shorthand student. Are you still carrying the torch for Notre Dame??? Gym Dem. 25 Sophomore Play Committee2g Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Tickets Please 2g Junior Prom Committee 35 Senior Play Cast 4g Yearbook Typing Committee 43 Washing- Q, BARBARA JANE BLACKALL "Barb" "A simple maiden in her flower is worth a hundred coats of arms." Nice cheerleader5 cute prom attendant5 loves her "tall one"5 hard-working editor5 had her problemsg likes certainChevies and station wagons! Choir 15 Tickets Please 1,2,3,45 Class Officer 15 1-li.storyC1ub 1,25 Sirenizers 2,3,43 Sophomore Play Committee 25 Gym Dem. 25 Basketball Int. 25 Forum 2,35 Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Cheerleading 2, 3,45 Prom Attendant 35 Prom fi! 'ni 'sf .5 . gi IOANNE ELIZABETH BRABIE NIO.. "The only way to have friends is to be one." Second Clara Barton5 loves latin??? Real Brissie day! Kind of quiet5 looking forward to using the hypodermic needle. Tickets Please 1,2,3,45 Sirenizers 2,3,4g Sophomore Play Usher 25 Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Gym Dem, 25 Class Officer 35 Senior Play Usher 35 Decorating Committee Prom 35 Graduation Usher 35 Editorial Staff Yearbook 3,45 Choir 45 Junior Ring Committee 35 Washington Trip 4. ' Committee 35 OutingClub 35 Yearbook Editor 4. 1-ar is SYLVIA THERE SA CA TONE "Spitz" "Good things are twice as good when they are short. Pretty hair5 cute prom attendant5 Coach's favorite secretary5 efficient Miss Shea. When are you going to get a car of your own, Syl? Tickets Please 1,25 Choir 15 History Club 15 Int. 1,25 Sopho- more Play Cast 25 Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Prom At- tendant 35 Gym Dem. 25 Prom Committee 35 Forum 2,3: Graduation Usher 35 Senior Play Usher 35 Sirenizers 2, 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Yearbook typing Chairman 45 Washington Trip 4. ELIZABETH ANN CHAPMAN "Patty" " To all that sail upon the sea." Likes tojitterbugg cute prom attendantg Waggie'slittle helper. what'snew in Archgyle? How's the mail delivery from Hawaii? Tickets Please lg Choir l,2,3,4g Sophomore Play Cast 2g Sophomore Dance Committee 2g Gym Dem. 23 Sirenizers 2, 3,4g Junior Prom Attendant 3g Prom Decorating Committee Chairman 3g Outing Club 3g Sadie Hawkins Decorating Com- mittee Chairman 3, 4g Publicity Chairman Yearbook 4, Senior Play Committee 4: Yearbook Typing Committee 45 Washing- ton Trip 4. ? : if MARY ANN CHOPPY "Chops" "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Vagabond loverg warm up the meatballs: interest lies in "gloves" fvillejg made a good Miss Eggleston. Choir l,3,4g Tickets Please 1, 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Play Cast 2, Gym Dem. 2, Sirenizers 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Dance Committee 2: OutiI1gC1ub 3g Prom Decorating Committee 3, Senior Play Cast 43 Senior Trip 4. IW' VX S+-4 ROSE MARIE CHOPPY "Rosie" "Though she was vanquished, she could still argue. " Always with Cass, loves to argueg good home ec. shopper. Wh0'S your latest flame? Tickets Please 1,2,3,4g Press Club lg History Club lg Choir lg Library Club 1,25 Gym Dem. 2, Hockey Int. 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 2, Play Committee 23 Junior Prom Com- mittee 3g Senior Play Cast 4g Washington Trip 4, it wall' R-1. JOHN RAYMOND CREASER "Crusher" "Here I am and here lremain." Dry humoristg attracts trade at Pelotte's: friend to everyone. How's that hot rod standing up? Basketball Int. l,2,3,4g Sophomore Play Committee 2:Gym. Dem. 2: Outing Club 3g Track 3g Sirenizers 4: Senior Play Committee 43 Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Junior Prom I I 1.1 DOLORE S DEAN " Dee" "Laugh until you can laugh no more." Never without her perky Mercury: pal to allg gets cool shots with the camera. Who's that "secret" 1ove??? Tickets Please 1,3,4g Int. lg Band 1,2,3,4g Sophomore Play Cast 2g Gym Dem. 2g Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Senior Play Usher 35 Junior Prom Committee 33 Graduation Usher 3g Senior Play Cast 43 Sirenizers 49 Orchestra 4g Washington Trip Committee 35 Washington Trip 4. C AROLYN MARY DURKEE "De De" "Nothing is more to a man than a blonde. " Friend to allg good French studentg tall: excellent Miss Wheelerg always getting into secret accidents with her father's car. Tickets Please 1,2g Choir 1,2,3,4g Library Club 1,25 History Club 1g Gym Dem. 2g Music Festival 1,2g Sophomore Dance Committee 2g Sophomore Play Usher 25 Prom Committee 3g Senior Play Cast 4g Washington Trip 4. JAMES ETU 1. Toes.. "Be not the slave of words." Prize football playergalways ready to help out at Bucky's stationg frequently visits his neighbors, Who's your secret admirer, Jim? Football 1,2, 3,4g Basketball 1,2 ,4g Intramurals 1,2, 3,4g Sophomore Play Committee 2g Gym Dem, 2: Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Prom Committee 35 Senior Play Committee 4: Washington Trip 4. rf' RAYMOND FISH ..Big Ray .. "We boil at different degrees." Likes his ABC'sg second Cicerog always asking, "Where am I going to eat today?" Football 1,2,3g Track 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2,3p Sophomore Play 2: Junior Prom Committee 3g Sophomore Dance Com- mittee 2g Gym Dem. 2, Varsity Club 3: Outing Club 3. f?" JANET LEE FORG E T "Zeke" "She is rich with treasures of friendship. " Live wire, has fun at parties: likes bugfsj. You'll get some- thing for Christmas next year, Zeke! Choir 1.2.4, Band 1,2, 3,4g Tickets Please 1,2,3,4g Basketball and Hockey Intramurals 1,2g Sophomore Play Usher 2g Gym Dem. 25 Prom Committee 33 Graduation Usher 33 Sirenizers 3, 45 Senior Play Cast 4g Washington Trip 4. 'iq KENNETH HUNT "Between jest and eamest. " Ebba" C ASSIE FLORENCE GIFFORD "Cass" "That's why it's time for a change. " Favorite activity, square dancingg always with Rosieg terrific hockey playerg loves her ID bracelet. How's Clifford? Choir l,2,43 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 Tickets Pleasel,2, 3,43 lntra. 1,23 History Club 13 Library Club 1,23 Press Club 23 Band 2,3, 43 Gym Dem. 23 Sophomore Play 23 Senior Play Usher 3g Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Washington Trip 4. Quiet type??? Out-of-town Romeog shines toward Glens Fallsg loves first period Eng,lish??? Basketball Intra. 1,2,3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball Mana- ger 23 Gym Dem, 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Prom Committee 33 Varsity Club 3,43 Senior Play Committee 43 Washington Trip 4. LEW IS IVES "Tinker" "Hitch your wagon to a star." Loves to raid refrigeratorsg second home, Feingolds'3 likes all the girlsg favorite hangout, "Pete, the Greek's. " Choir 1,2,33 History Club 1,23 Intramurals 13 Baseball 13 Basketball 2,3,43 Track 3,43 Sophomore Play Cast 23 Gym Dem. 23 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Tennis 3,43 Class Officer 33 Outing Club 33 Junior Ring Committee 33 Prom Committee 33 Football 43 Varsity Club 43 Sirenizers 43 Senior Play Cast 43 Washington Trip 4. PATRICIA IEA N LE WI S " Patsy" "My care is in the future." Good worker at games5 never without Dick5 almost can hear wedding hellsg always in a "pink slipper". Choir l,3,45 Tickets Please l,2,3,45 History Club 15 Noon Hour Cluh 1,25 Library Club 1,25 Gym Dem. 25 Sophomore Play Committee25 Prom Committee 35 Sirenizers 45 Washing- ton Trip 4. MARY AGNES LORD "Mar" "Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well." Good typist5 has an out-of-town interest5 always with Sandyg frequent customer at Brennan's. Choir 1,2,3,45 Tickets Please 1,3,45 Sophomore Play Usher 25 Gym Dem. 25 Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Graduation Usher 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Senior Play Committee 45 Yearbook Typing Committee 45 Washington County Music Festival 25 Card and Invitation Committee 45 Washington Trip Q W Www 4. -if LA WRENICE E MURRAY Butch Let us have a Joyful time Likes to Jazz things up5 loves partiesg has a standing interest in Collier's. "Let's keep things moving this year, gang, " Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Sophomore Play 25 Sophomore Dance Committee 25 Sirenizers 3,45 Track 3,45 Tennis 3,45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Senior Play Cast 45 Washington Trip 4. . F x THOMAS PICKETT H Marlon" "Baloney is flattery so thick it cannot be true, and blamey is flattery so thin we like it." Interest lies in Ridge St. in Glens Fallsg second Marlon Brando! Did Gert get your sidebums yet? Band 1, 23 Orchestra 1 ,2g Baseball 2, 33 43 Basketball 3, 43 Foot- ball 3,43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Play Committee 43 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Washington Trip 4. 9... WAYNE PHELPS "Phelpsie" "l-le that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast." Always seems to win the turkey raffle: likes baby -sittingg keeps first period English lively. What's so interesting in Wappinger Falls? Football 1.2.43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,23 Prom Com- mittee 33 Varsity Club 4g Senior Play Committee 43Washing- ton Trip 4. NANCY ANNE ROBIN SON "Robson" "Charm is the measure of attraction's power." Good cheerleaderg made a nice Barbara in the Senior Play: cute prom atte.ndant3 one of Mr, Coombs' Prize Dwreszees. Choir l3Tickets Please 1.3.43 Press Club l,2,3,43 Sophomore Play Cast 23Gym Dem. 23 Decorating Committee Sophomore Dance 23 Cheerleading 3,41 Sirenizers Treasurer 3,43 Prom Attendant 33 Prom Committee 33 Forum 33 Editorial Staff 43 Senior Play Cast 43 Cap and Gown Committee 43 Washington Trip 4. CAROLYN GLADYS WELLS "Carrie" A merry heart untroubled by a care." GEORGE DANIEL STEVENS nloey.. "He always makes straight for his goal. " Good basketball player, humorous typeg " Pile in for the lake, boys." Seems to shine only when he's with the girls, who's the latest "dream, " Joe? Basketball Int. 1g History Club lg Sirenizers 1,33 Volleyball Int. 2g Sophomore Play Cast 2g Gym Dem. 2g Basketball 2,3, 4g Track 3,43 Tennis 3,43 Prom Committee 3, Senior Play Cast 45 Varsity Club 4g Washington Trip 4. Good musician, pretty prom attendantg made a good Mrs. Aldrichg excellent student. How's A1abama??? Choir 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Q'chestra 1,2,3,4g Noon Hour l,2,3,4g Class Officer 2g Graduation Committee 2g Music Festival 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Dance Committee 23 Gym Dem, 2: Prom Attendant 3: Prom Committee 33 Graduation Usher 3: Senior Play Cast 4. JAMES MICHAEL WOOD nwoody.. "Be a live wire and you won't get stepped on. " Friendly: made a good Bill in the senior playg loves bookkeeping II?? Remember the attic? Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Chou 1 Band 1 2 Orchestra 1 2 Soph omore Play Committee 2 Sophomore Dance Committee 2 Gym Dem 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play Cast 4 Washington Trip 4 LOUELLA MARIE WOODARD "Lou" "Make good use of the present." Likes a Vagabond: pretty smileg oh! those dimplesg always up' to-date on the "news", Tickets Please 1,2,3,4g Sirenizers l,2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4 Library Club 1,25 Forum 1,25 Sophomore Play Cast 25 Soph omore Dance Committee 23 Junior Prom Committee 3g Soft ball lntra. 35 Senior Play Committee 4g Washington Trip 4 CLASS HISTORY Let s start way back at thevery begxnmng We came upon the scene as green httle freshmen tn the fall of 1952 Our class leaders for that year CODS1SI6d of D1ck Wood as prestdent Jack Roberts as v1ce pres1dent Barbara Blackall as secretary Leshe Rogers as treasurer and Bob Armando as Student Council representattve We were assrsted ID our hxgh school years by faculty adv1sers namely Mtss F1tzpatr1ck Mlss Hanna Mr Btttxnger Mrs Gr1ff1n M1ss Penalls Mr Toomey Mrs Fahrenholz and Mr LaSarso The class of 56 IS smcerely grateful to these teachers who gave asststance and advtce tn ttme of need Ttme marches on! The autumn of 1953 came and a group of more conftdent puplls returned to school as sophomores We sponsored the tradmonal sophomore Halloween dance and presented a hlghly successful three act comedy ent1t1ed Arch1e Andrews under the d1rect1on of Mr John Skaden Class off1cers for the year were D1ck Labosrer prestdent D1ck Wood v1ce prestdent Carolyn Wells secretary and Leshe Rogers treasurer Bob Armando and Tom Hammond represented us 1n Student Councll. W1th the operung of school 1n September 1954 we entered as Jumors The year s acuvxtxes began w1th the electron of our class offxcers D1ck Wood was chosen as prestdent Lewts Ives as v1ce prestdent Joarme Brablc as secretary and Leshe Rogers as treasurer Bob Armando and Tom Hammond were elected to Student Counctl The eagerly awatted class rmgs ftnally came 1n Januaryofl955 Soon May came and w1th lt the juntor prom Leshe Rogers our prom queen marched through the gym to the stratns of Melody of Love our theme song and Joxned the lung Dtck Wood at the throne She was preceded by her attendants Sylvta Catone Nancy Robxnson Barbara Blackall Carolyn Wells Anne D Angehco and Ehzabeth Chapman June brought an end to another successful year Well ll ftnally camel September of 1955! We became semors and were bxg wheels now We began the year wtth class elecuons D1ck Wood was chosen as prestdent D1ck Labosler as v1ce presldent Leshe Rogers as secretary and Anne D Angehco as treasurer Bob Armando Bob Brlshn and Tom Hammond became our Student Counc1l representatlves Our senlor play entttled What a Ltfe under the d1rect1on of Mrs Loughhn was presented w1th great success on December 8 Four years of hard work brought our long awalted senxor tr1p We, the class of 56 now look back wtth prxde on our h1gh school years and conf1dent1y anuctpate what the future holds for each of us , , . . . 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 1 f l - 1 1 - 1 - 1 - , . . . . . - . H . ,, . . 1 1 - 1 - 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - . . . . . , . . . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 I 1 - sl 11 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 . , . . 1 1 1 0 - 4 ' - u ' 11 1 - - 1 . - . . , . I 1 - 1 1 . . . H . ,, . . . 1 1 1 1 . , . . . . ' 1 N R'x1I INICBKINAME Larrx Rlnerm Robert Rrmando c harles Bemrs xlary Bennett Barbara Blankall Joanne Brablt Robert Brrslrn Sylvra Csatone Llraabeth Lhapman Riary Ann Cahoppy Rose C honpv John Lreaser Rnne D Rngelreo Dolores Dean C arolyn Durkee James Etu Rax mond Frsb Janet Forget Q assre Glfford lhomas Hammond kenneth Hunt Levxrs Ives Rrthard Labosrer ltatrrtra Lewrs Nlary Lord Lawrence 'xlurray Wayne Phelps Thomas Pu kett 'xanry Robrnson Ltsht Roxaers Georg stexens Q arolvn Rx ells lamts Rx ood Rn hird Rx ood Lontlla Rx oodard Bugger Barnbr Chun kre 'xlary Barb rrs Sprtz Patty Chops Rosre Crusher Gelr Dee De De Toes Brgz, Ray an Cass Gorry Ebba Trnker Drek Patsy Mary Butt h 'helpsre Marlon Robson oe Larrn. oodx K Lou CLASS F RVORITE S RYING Let s do somethrng Boy that Englrshl Take rt easy Do me a favor I don t belreve you Joe Rbsolutelyl Thrs rs uorng to be a lousy ay He QIVCS me a pam OK Buddy' Oh lordre Arn t that a shame We re off lrke a urrty shrrt You don t mean rt do yo Oh gads' Sure rt does I 11 see rfI tan get the tar Q I Can t you afford rt" Hey wart for me You don t have to tell me I know rt How bout that? when are you uorng to glxe me a break? I don t thrnk vou 11 be home on trme tonrght I m hungry agarn H1 011 Yes Maaam' Pretty brg, busrness Hov. s thar'7 On the lme, krds You jerk' Je xous arme a f herrn. 'x1ot'er what was rn the 11a11 to ax? Why you bet 'xlarx Xnn got a11x mort meatba11s'7 Ge xxl ,V T , , I ., . 1 r . , A - r 1 , K . . I J . .. X A.. .. 3 . l .. , . . , . F I ,, .. .. . .- N .. .R H v , ' I -- , . 1 , I V' 3 - HB . ,. .. . - . wi, .. , . , . r ' . , . , ,. . ,. .. . . -V - 1 . . A 11 H .. n ' A 44 . - 'I - . . - t ,. ,. . - -. , , , u? , . . V . ,. - .. .. h .. 2 V HJ ., ,, . - , , . ,. .. .. ,, , . . ,. , . . .. .. .. . , , - . , . A , . V . , , .. .. .. ,. .. L n A - A v l ..I S.. ., - 1 . H Q' L J , m , . . I ' L r .A , ., Y Lj l'. 1 Rx I y, . - x Y y vw l V11 vu , V V ' ' In L ' D1 k r 4 .r , ' , 2 . A , , V .. .. .. he ,HZ ! ,- F AVORITE POS5ESbIOX Father s car Plnk Ford Car Radlo Ball and charn 'vloney rn the bank Trombone Toby QSenatorJ Wallet Rae doll Class rrng Drlwer s llcense Nlemorles 33 Plxrnoutb Bern s rlng 49 Cadrllac Charm'79 Yellow rrbbon Artlue s shrrt Class rmt, Nly rrbs Clas treasury ferj Dramond Drarx Car Dart Board Class rrnp fwllen l ve trot rtj 7 package Class rrnl, Class r1ng,'7'79'7" Letters from Dotham Xla Few old letters Hot rod Vagabond hatll ROSTER PET H K-.TE Someone callrnq me Lawrence CIIZ Ed Gettlng up at 4 50 for an offrte COIl'lD18ll'l1llQ, people Phony to lsrns Baby srttrng Gettrng up rn the morntng Tall people Slow songs People who are not punctual Home Ec shopplng at noon hour Class dues Standard transmrssron cars Jealous people Jealous people Pullrng out rn football Unexpected v1s1tors Drets Conterted people Sllly glrls Frlter trps Father s uslng the car Sthool on Monday mornlng Staylnu, borne nrplrts Job at A SL l Dantrng Bossy gurls Unexpected guests Nuts Forward g,1rls Gettmg up rn the mornmg 5 C 99 900900 Dantlng Boy trazy glrls F -XVORITE ACTIVITY Drlvlng, and lruntrng Buying gasvvfmfw Football Lrstenrng to records C heerleadlng Lattng Sleeplng Secretanal work for the lrtterbuggrnu Watclung drum torps Gym and dantrnt, Basketball Tellrng Labosrer how Drrvxng Telepbonrng Open a1r at 10 30 Wrrtrng letters Solo clar1net'?9'7'7'7 Gettrnt, crazy lrarrcuts Football Drrxrnr a Ferngold car Parklnt fthe tarj Dana rnq Roller skatrng loptorn at tlle club Shootmg darts wtth T P LO3.Lll drue Football playlnt, clarlnet Cheerleadrng Knot krng, on Wood SLOUIIDQ new terrrtory Wrltrnq letters Basketball Drrvlnq to lower part of town Danclng . :j . i Job T I . A v s' y X A . . X . R. to . Y Identlfication bracelet Show-offs Gym and dancing ' X 5 r . . 3" x L" - - s - ' ' 'tsl Q ' -- -' Ml tee Rotert Xrtttantlo f larles Bentts tslars Bennett B trlwara Blue ltatl J tanne Bralwle RotertBrtsl1n N txta eatttne lla rtetat tanttttn Nlarx Ann C happy Ro e 'xlarte C hoppx loltn C reaser Xttne D Angel tt Dolores Dean Carolxn Durkee Ra Ftslt Janet Forget Casste Gtfford l ltotttas Hatttntond lxennetlt Httnt Le ts ues Rteltarel Laboster Patrteta Lems Marx Lord tlonalcl Morrtson Lavrenee Nlttrrav ks a sne Phelps ltottta Pte ell Natte Rowtn on e lte Rouers Georsln. 5le,XeYlS arol llNe es W W elle. M tt e. e lt ls no e WI-l0'S WHO t t r Best dressed Best elaneer Qtttetest fest tttt e Xlmaxs ltlnslttnt. Best ttlortt eel N ost ettte tent slOsl21l'tlst1e Q,l'i171eslL3Ll4l6 Best square dancer Drtest 'ttttnortst 'xlost ent'tttstasttC Nlieltles' elrtwer Pretttest exes lallest Best stors teller Pleus a realeool clartnet Nteest votee Sltxest Class Ronteo Class pltotoslraplter Nlost dependable Best saleslaclx Nlost A slrteultttral rrttnded Lattn tnaster Stues ltall sparlsplue, Best tttttttte Best aetress Pretttest rtatr Wttttest Greatest out of ttttsn .3 s t low t ost .ll Ds' ll1lk.l'CSl La '. 'I ftlltetnt Bes ttttt. eel A 'V 3 I 1 " ' Nt s 'l t ' ' A, 'K lv 1 rs ' ,. I ' 1, -IV' Q t ttls ""' Ql , L 2 , W 5 t A f 1 . J 1 J Y I - I 5 .' ' H t at . . t Y ' - V tat' I' ,X V A 3 ,. Y 4. M- v W My 5 wks ,. , . .' "5 T s - -A :Ji , . , .v 3 X' 1 vs ' ',e LI' jst 'ills - Bl - - V Q A ,ltttttx Noel C1 ,g ' tt Kit " l W tl :tt f ment.- Ul-4 Al L Jiifl Tslt .tttettttsttzve '- if A ,, L H t 15' Q 4 I . N ' ' H 5, ,, , fa':2..f 'L 5 . ' f N-e ELgiw .u - ' 3' I A, 4, wg?-2 ',,f.,.-4 ' ' 1 ' ,, y , ,4 ,k V. ,A ..5F:g'.ig,345,,,,Lw .W ,z ,g,.,g,ff' fqwh , ' . ,,-pp. H,-. 5,2 Xp- ,Q , :ff AL . I - "'f ,W J I, ,,. ,4e f- ,: 1 ff LQ , " 1 , lv' ' ' ,2 MQW V .r'?+3fl' Mfff 1 M Z' 5 l,Af,-r',1- 'fu f , , ,H .,, .nap X ww 'vue N 2 CHOSEN BY ME Serenade of the Bells JO CY The Longest Walk Stung of Pearls Moments to Remember Secret Love St Louts Blues Suddenly There s a Valley Seventeen Most of All Mtster Sandman Sh Boom Pepper Hot Baby Melody of Love Brown Eyes The Longest Walk Blackberry Wtnter Autumn Leaves Its a Stn to Tell a The Kentuck1an Walktng My Baby Back Home What a Ntght Dtamonds Are a Gtrl s Best Frtend Only You Kangaroo Melody of Love There Stands the Glass In the Mrddle of the Ntght 'vlaybelltne My Boy Flattop Only You I m 'rlabama Bound X cllow Rose of Texa Too Puoptd to Pop Ttna Nlarl HIT PARADE NAME Larry Alhetm Robert Armando Chuckte Bemts Mary Bennett Barbara Blackall Joanne Brablc Robert Brtslrn Sylvra Catone Pat Chapman Mary Ann Choppy Rose Choppy John Creaser Ann D AHQCIICO Dolores Dean Carolyn Durkee James Etu Ray Frsh Janet Forget Casste Gtfford Kenneth Hunt Lewls Ives Richard Labosler Patrrcla Lewls Mary Lord Donald Morrtson Larry Murray Wayne Phelps Thomas Plckett Mancy Roblnson Lesl1e Rogers George Stevens Carolyn Wells James Wood Rlchard Wood Louella NN oodard CHOS EN FOR ME Shoot It Agatn Drtvtng Around Charlte My Boy Mary Mary Qurt Hey Joe Undectded Man Wtth a Horn Won t You Have a Wlth Me? Soldter Boy Chopsucks Polka Durkeetown Polka Dear John Only You Trafflc Jam Polka Lrttle Brown Jug Belles on Hts Toes c Contrary 1 Ice Cream Soda Cuprd Pterced My Heart Bug a Boo Whtte Cllffs of Dover A hunttng We Wtll go On the Sunny Stde of the Street Half a Photograph Weddtng March Selllng Out Tonlght Old MacDonald Had a Farm I L1ke Them All Beer Barrel Polka Black Dentm Trousers Poor Ltttle Robtn Open the Door Rlchard Wee Wee. Hours P S I Love You Growln Up WLUOGIS Woodpeckcrbong Song of the Vagabonds I I l H .1 0 I vu ' I4 p 1 , .. . . ue., . - .. . . ., "Let Me Go, Lover" Thomas Hammond "I-lambone" 1 " I 1 5 JUNIOR PROM K KING Rlchard Wood QUE EN 4- 1 Y ! ' U a Q Y i 1 9:14 x x lk -e Leslie Rogers CROWN BE ARERS Helena Chapman William Durkee S o+04"'Q'o"' +9 b om od ow QV Q10 Q' t 9' In CLASS WILL Larrx Alhe1m w1lls to hlS brother h1s ab1l1ty to get up at f1ve o clock Robert Armando w1lls to M1ke Roche h1s abthty to run out of gas Chuck1e Bemls leaves hrs false teeth to Chops Mazregka Mary Bennett w1lls her ab1l1ty xn French to Jean Aurelta Barbara Blackall w1lls to Jo Ann Cook her long walk to school Joanne Brablc w1lls her baby slttxng Jobs to her slster Carol Bob Brxshn w1lls h1s ablhty to sleep to any v1ct1m of tnsomma Sylvla Catone w1lls to Sondra Munoff her ab111ty to s1ng soprano Patty Chapman w1lls her job at Wagner S to Sally Bruso Mary Ann Choppy w1lls her 1nterest 1n Gloves to Sandra Catone Rose Choppy WIUS all of her ambltlon to Barbara Flowers John Creaser leaves h1s job at Pelotte s to anyone who can earn the pay Anne D Angehco refuses to wtll her 1nterest ln the Lab to anyone Dolores Dean w1lls her ab1l1ty to catch the school bus 1n the mornmg to Joy Carolyn Durkee w1lls her 1nterest ln Hudson Falls to anyone who wants tt James Etu w1lls h1s job at Bucky s to anyone who can get ll Ray Ftsh w1lls h1s speakmg abxhty to lweal Wmch Janet Forget w1lls her dlets to whoever needs them Cass1e Gxfford w1lls her abxllty to play hockey to Estelle Felngold Tom Hammond refuses to leave Smltty to any me Ken Hunt w1lls to Jon Hall h1s ab1hty to gxve Coach Lewza helpful suggestlons Lew1s Ives w1lls h1s job at Femgolds to George Godfrey Rxchard Labosler w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to do math to Bart Carpenter Pat Lewts w1lls to James Flowers her ablhty to talk 1n class Mary Lord w1lls part of her lnterest 1n Brennan s to Sandy Merrlll Don Morrtson leaves h1s football eqmpment to Dxck Roblnson Larry Murray w1lls h1s tenms ab1l1ty to Butch P1erce Wayne Phelps w1lls h1s love for school to anyone who wants ll Tom Prckett w1lls h1s ab1hty to play darts to Rat and the boys Nancy Robtnson w1lls to all dr1ver tralmng students her abxhty to dr1ve Leshe Rogers refuses to w1ll her tnterest ln the lumber company to anyone George Stevens leaves h1s old seat on the bench to James Shaw Carolyn Wells w1lls her chaxr 1n orchestra to Patty Godfrey James Wood w1lls h1s excepuonal talents ln sports to Louls 'Bonzo Rea Dxck Wood w1lls h1s love for algebra to N1cky Becker Louella Woodard w1lls her glasses to anyone who cares to wear them ce Douglas V . . . . , . . , - - - na n - - ' 1 . . . , - A - n va . . . , 1 - - - - an vu . , . , . . . . . . , . . . , . . . . . . . , ,, SENIOR PLAY Put that mkwell down Henry' Put rt down' It s Mr Bradley s Mrss Shea Mr Nelson Mrs Patterson Mlss P1ke B1 Mtss Eggleston Mxss Johnson Mr Vecchttto Henry Aldrtch Gerue Mr Bradley George Btgelow Nlr Ferguson Marv CAST Sylv 1a Catone Lewrs Ives leslre Rogers Mary Bennett James wood Mary Ann Choppy Janet Forget Lawrence Murray Lawrence Alhetm Nancy Robxnson Dolores Dean Robert Brxsltn Rrchard Laboster George Stevens Anne D Angellco Qtudemg R056 Nlarle CTIODDY Cassle Gtfford Patrxcra Lewts Mary Lord BarbaraPearson.... .. -. ' 1- - au.: on.-1 . .nl 1 can , . V "Let me alone, George Bigelow! Supposing someone should see us!" WE'LL NEVER FORGET M 11 1 111 1111111 l.11I 115111 C111 5 M115 1111111111111 1 1 11.1111111111 KVA 111151111711l1Z1111,H1E111l115 1 1111.11 131111111 111.111 51111 111 .1 c111.1111 11.155 1111111111 T11111 H1111I11UI1L1 u11d11'CL11 T11 day 111 XI111 111111 11.15 C11111 1111011115 1 1C1fU1' 1111111g 1111 1 11111.11 c11111111 115 111111 R111 4 T111. day 1111111111 By11'5 LIPDLI Q111 tuck M1 B111111g11 5 111,a1111fu1 S111g1I1g v111c1 Larry X111L1YI15 5u1111b 110111111 ab1111y T111 JUHIOI g1115 1111151 y1a1 a1g11111e111 111111111 111611 11111111 T111 da, 5y111a C11111111sp111111 1111 11111ks11a111 T111 fl.1I1 111 c1111111.1111111g 11.1111 Barbara 81110111111 and 1N1111cy R111111151111 da C11 CaD13lY1S B1111 E111 51131111111 111 1111ub11 fOl' 111k111g 51111115111115 141111111111 51111111 31 11115 of sandy 1111.1 s 111111115 T111 day P21111 C11ap111a11f111g111 111 go 111 1111111 111111111111 T111 1115 ri 1 '11 1311151-1, V11r::1111t. T1115111'15111:11'1 1151-1' 1' N1'1A 4' '54 1 'Y A 1111, T11' ' M515 ' y 1 1 - . A Q ' 11 '1Ll3S, 11 - is A, , '1 , , '- . , , U I Cu11a111f11gs111111111 51,1113 w11111111g 11111111111 111 111u11 11.3111111115 Al 2:13-1 11119 1111111111111. 1- " 1 C ' A 111' 11111, 1' 1-1f- ' 111-'dbg ' . 1 . SENIOR BALL CAN YOU IMAGINE Crirolgi. Mfcill- uo111uw11l1 .113 111-fiom nvyl fxllf C-WlTIlElNI10l'l 1111111111 311112. porroq 1111115 hall? Torx: Ha1111:1o11d lo5111gl.1, 111.11111 xoicdl Ray F1511 A mallet QAIICCF7 Bo.-1O'C1:1111ullp,ut1111g L1 crow cm" Dolorm Dram d11x111g 11 l 4511 cdr 1111541 Godfrpy on 1111 honor roll jo 11111 Cook and Nancy 110111111011 w11l1 10Ilglld1l'n Sylua C111o11L .1 1.11111 lxhlw Roclm John CrLabL1look111g1w1cr dl a gmq Xwaynr lhglpb worl111111 dl 1l1L 1 SL Paul slmrhan gomg M1111 our g,1rl dl a r1111L Barbara Blackall 1121111111 1111 lpuer J B111 Haloy nor 1r.1,1111,r Illg 111115 NICKE BQCkLrl1lx111g 111115 Tom. P1Cl-full 1101 acung, llhi. Nlarlon BIHUCIOQ D11111111 Holbrook a1111 Kdllllgpl s 1 11l1 11111111111 Illp Lomlx Hraru Cluo in G1ftord 11 b3IlU d1rLC1or Lf.bl1L magma and mm D A11gLl1co .1 nu 1111. lldllld D1c11 11 11 M111 u1 11,1 1.111 o U flllg ll 111 1.1x1111.1o our A L or 1,4 1 gr lllg libdllj up fx Q xl' 1. llwl ly., 1W11 I db 11 1 1. ll l L 5 1 1- allL1 11 HA, U X W Q, wLJI11p wg H SL Ngvfm Ld' 1511513 'kllnk 1llL1 L1 L r Lll MI111, 1 1111 1 mor Plllsl, I. , . L ' . 11 ., . 3 .. by 3 5, 1 r Q 1 1-v' ' x V , x P11 L' ,Q ' 1' 1 V' ' ' gf? ' " 1 " "7 1 ' , , ' Y '. , A , I l A "l.kll " : f' 1 7 C494 ' ' ' ' ' " lk Low., " lu l ' dl 1 11' Bo.1Br1:l'111 l" ' j l- "' :dll - -'rly 1'-5-1' 1 1'sl1' 'F 511 ,p- E?-rrj:111111 "1 ' D ' 1' A j.'..111:1L- lirawlu 11-.1llj.'11aI111g1l1r 'rrpuxcm' 1111. Lg 111 1' rl 1 llg l11: lj1'l1I1f.uZ1LL'w'1 r'." 15.111 lf.-'-.Z1A' ' Vu' 'g1.1t!I.uGr.111Li UI11 11" Xiu. L 'YxU..llxIl1 : .lilildr Fo:1Eq' rg 1111, 111.1111 1-111 ..11 ll A -LL' N' .11l,.,. - ','qlll1"l1lflk-1 T11 "tru" I-1:3 X1 ru- 1 Q" 11.1 rr- 14.11. 1 -. 'g 41. ux .1Z1.11.11trr1115 , x NDER- CLASSNEN 'I' alfa X wlykx ww Q- ' I N , . Y SM c " NX . rf- -N Wx V X . Nt f XsxrF'x Af? ffl Y 225,52 4' 1 ., IUNIORS ROW ONE M Keenan D Holbruk J McCarty J Sharp P Haley W Brady T Maslachenko J Cook Douglas In Iwewell ROW TWO I W1111arns S Bruso G Smuh D Harrmgton K Smuh S hm Keech D McK1ttr1ck M Blddlscombe A Munoff M OConne1l 5Catone ROW THREE J Gmo Matern D Russell M Roche W Haley W Ph1111ps F Perry J Leonard B Healy ROW FOUR A McCabe R Dorvee R Etu R Gorham T Burns R OConne11 D DelS1gnore G Godfrey R Iusl PRESIDENT SECRETARY .TOD Sharp John McCarty VICE PRESIDENT TRE XSURER Wllllam Brady Drnna Holbrook STLDEINT COUINCIL Peter Halex Tamara Maslachenno SOPHOMORES ROW ONE C Brablc J Aureha R Sanderspree A Colller J Shaw N Munoff J LaC1a1re J Welch ROW TWO M Chamberlaln C Cutler S Clmo J Chapman B Carpenter T Fxsh R Guxlhly D O Hanlon ROW THREE J Catone J Cronhkne W Shan E Elhs IN wmch H Benway P Godfrey B Rehms G Perklns ROW FOUR B Havens E Mazlejka J Mwcllonald R Robmson S Munoff E Wood cock M Osgood D Trombley M Howe ROM FIVE R Ixnwman J Hall PRESIDENT SECRETARY james Shaw Patricia Wall VICE -PRESIDENT TREASURER Anne Collier Jean Aureha STUDENT COUNCIL Richard Sanderspree ' Robert Havens FRESHMEN ROW ONE A Murray F Morency S Ptckett B Murray S LaSarso P Sgorrano P Sheehan M Smatko J Davxs V DAngehco P McCarty J Aldous P Jones S Merrlll. ROW TWO J Kttchner J Lxndsay B Schroeder E Femgold M Roche M Lawrence C Nylander R Iuhucc1 J Dav1s M Ives J Lord D Regner J Byers ROW THREE W Raymond R Boucher S Huffer D Tennant L LaSarso B Pxerce C Carpenter S LaFounta1n R Browrn, M Chemer R Pratt C Healy ROW FOUR J Brablc S Bennett R Caruso E Durant N Becker P Ftsher J Terrter J Pxdgeon J Morrlll L Varney D Aureha R Ward T Arcun ROW FIVE J Keenan G Pleroe R Mercler W Cheeney H Harrmgton R Pratt PRESIDENT V1to D Angehco VICE PRESIDENT Paul Sheehan STUDENT COUNCIL Margaret Smatko SECRETARY Peter Sgorrano TREASURER Jeffrey Davls : . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . . t , . , . , . , . , . , . . ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I , . , . . . . : . . . , , . , . , . , . , . . , . , . . . , . , . , . . . , . , . . . . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . . . , . ,df N49 -f ',Qkg,,,Ab,, f' .fmf"'+'H ' ' - ffm'f"? ' , MW A eb, 'izj:?S r 4f. Fi! Ei ,ww 1 '.. ,-- -7 if 4' 2 J. -iff 4, Q A L-,L-i 14 AW 1 f i li- -ri' Q " -f sh ,Q 'r y ,. ,N Q: " 1A , ui '74 M . , 4? 'ff' 1 4 -gf' -W, 'ff f , all aa f ' mr, , 50 2 , 'f , , gf MW 242 V, ' we fi ,. ' F mil '7 3"-,, S 3? . A 5 2 " D V, 1 J .fl 3f'.'l? , 'fu-'-fx an 'Yr 11 1 " J . I ' . ',f,ff.,, I 1' N - , K ' 35: ' U 'M ,-iff ' 'fa if' wi' fb ' ' ' 'fe' uf, A - ,. ' , :V I. ' A 1 .,,-' L iw, 7 ,fx 4- N ' -. ,-V r 4 .fu - ' v ! , 3, ff -L ,, . M A 1 V P f 1 .Q .Q1v:jr.f" 4 .4 1' 5'-'Q ' ,g if 121: , - q gi' ,,g f',m ' . , , .4 H gn Q. , 1 1. H. ' 1 1 p, Iwi ' 5, s I' Y I 'seq 251 ,Ml ,, ,wg A, f-l wg" -pam .ry '-'fe we . ,if E fav , 1 5,22 is M 131: Q ZN ipwf. QQ, , f -A jnffjz. .. , 'Q , . 452 :Q A ff f ,cf 1 M mf" 511 .Eff ,..!. . .'.f, -, .FIA 35-33 . 359' W gb ' 3,-Q. 52:1 swf vw ' 'W . fy .wvwq .,,,,,i M A 'J-'r?. .. '-qv, , 1 5 we -Rf,-iq, f' ,Q ' L,..f,Q,v si K 11. . . . " N A 1 Q 7 L Q4 avr. 'Y 5 f ' .,f H Z, ' E, 9 Q!! A ' Q.:-g "' 1 is u 5, .QE ii Y L' v vr ,, ww, x gf -Uk , ,, 0 Q QI if x. - 5 NA 0, W ii A-Q i 5 J 5 'xx llf ES' ign- x M ...Z 'gf ,. mga ,gg , ff? 2 ? M, M f,, 7' s 4 s I B 0 'H 5' n K-' 4 S Ml , a 'ie-' F' 'WF 1 A ,H 'Q I' , 3,18 in 'Q'-df' 4 7 s,5Iv Kb' ,I Q, W, ' A , 'Q Q' I A A ,'Gn.' m 1, Q x 'Wu 'Q .xg '- " x 'lr 99" ,. ,J fs '21 STEADY TOTS The royal couple of the class of 6 'I'15 klux ha: rw keep her eve on her TON1cat Ihu mrl l1keQ IO szer her E-Ulxs from a Glens Ialle nakerx , I izixx , X ,. , rv" X., , . M, , . -SW -:Y '5 . l 9 3- ' 'x I an , 1 4 v , qxl' ' 1' ' x 'ef A - Brlly goat couldn t help bunklng tlus Nanny goat These two always seen together travel tn style a green Chevre 4 ,-'S P-'M ,an The case of a deer and a cat travel mg in a 54 Salmon Ford Thrs boy had 1I lucky he had only to cross the street to hrs second home Tlmes have changed! . , I Q1 v X, . . -gi., A 1 1 ,X C? Hi' 4 Vp I I Q gxfjx 0 U O : ,ff Q C H R I S T M A S 3- 4' ' f - . " .Nh . x 'ani " 1 X7' H- Q N' -bf' 'CN--i ,sf . , ,- 1 IW ,A I. ith '. :lb PORTS X "',q -Er? lk IN MEMORIAM Frank Belden Conscientious in his work, Cooperative in school activities, A fine example of good sportsmanship A gentleman, a friend W1 NIARS uve RO OSS x Ye NX ROOM Pxc eu Y.. M5096 Bama rAcCawg Y.. xo ww mms tw Sxeve Yu ood Y-Owl No was Bain ood V1 V'oeX s Y-O 'YYXQE-E eva oac bewlza wg L YABTA N I 'Q' if Z 'V 5 4. it 'lv' 4 sw R 'VV vi :XL.Hu9,Y'. ,C.86',X. ,G. 05, N4 . 19-.Xxxsx . e, 1. ' Xa , o, . , 1. in , . Q . N4 ' vi . X. , E , X. S , YJ. ' X , C 'G . FOOTBALL FIRST ROW Left to Rlght R Ius1 K Hunt F Perry J Etu, G Stevens R Wood W Phelps SECOND ROW R Armando J Hall, R Rob1nson L Varney L Ives T Ham mond T Plckett THIRD ROW M Roche B Healy H Harrmgton R Mex-cxer D Plerce P Sheehan C Healy Coach Lewza The Flyzng Forts ended the seaon wxth a record of one wm and fxve losses The one thnllmg vtctory was the South Htgh game whtch ended wlth a score of 19 14 Desp1te the ftne coachmg of Stan Lewza and Jack Toomey the mexpenenoed Forts were unable to keep possessxon of the Northern Conference utle wh1ch was won tn 1954 After Frank Belden s tragxc death caused by an mjury tn a football game all football acnvmes were canceled Thls was the last season for the followlng boys Rlchard Wood Donald Morrtson Wayne Phelps Thomas Hammond Thomas P1ckett James Etu Robert Armando George Stevens and Kenneth Hunt Delsignore, J. Shaw, E. Maziejka. FOURTH ROW: R. Gorham, R. Etu, W. Brady, G. X QA 1 V "fit , S QM'-14' 1 " f -fe 'hr .2 S . 'yn hw 'T' 5 gf 1 " 1 1 X 5 I 1 ' " ' B c- x.. 'X g' is z ' X I 1 7, f. ii , 1. A f it , x -" s 4' A V ' A -1 . , -E f ,. tn I FV K ' y Q. f,'. K im 4 su- mm I 'B I M. . N P ,u E14 ky ,Vf x 'A A .V E1 I 1 A ' V. J, J., A as ' Q :gd 'H 3 -, , 'Xl 44 if Tw L H, Q. ff X' .-U Li Q , I , "Jr I ' t at , 'N A fa RJ Q V! 5 H qi l g 5 1 J Q F if J- ,9 ' A ,g 72 . 1 . '- ft x A i X4 4 v I , Q J 'gi ' '4 K N ' I 7 2 l . H5 :A ,,,, I 0 COACHES lil ,g5Il9l 6, ygnjllilffj ION . . ,A ,Q f 1' M 77 5 ' 2 I l ffff fv, STAN LEWZA Phys1calEducat1on Football Basketball J 'N JACK TOOMEY JACK LEONARD Football I V Basketball Baseball Track l 4' ,adsl B. ' J ' " D I U l Rm APR .W ' -'f'f"?l, . Y - qw? 'Q Y A .A 4 B ,Q ' lg 1 Q .5 K K ,ga H . .5 M, 2 K K f vt, My gk A 1 B " wx .xt A. '16 V--A ', .l . filx ' 9 0 ' I , - M . ,.w.A.,, ,. ' J L... WM, 3 E v QT I- . Vj H Eu !-'I M A' " bf ' x N ,Q gr D D 4 ,J i'i""x wi 2? 'a 3. 4--' ' - w - gig v ig 3 x R if Qg, ,. I BASKETBALL L Ives M Roche E Maz1eJka R Armando G Pxerce Although the basketball season of the Fort Edward Flying Forts ended wxth only a 5 13 record xt was an mterestmg one The boys made a fme showmg tn many games especrally ln the last game of the season agamst Hudson Falls They also dxsplayed good sportsmanstup throughout the year Fort Edward coached by Stan Lewza represented the Northern Conference tn the Class D Sectxonals Theu' performance was a credit to themselves and to the conference They were v1ctor1ous over Hunter Tannersvllle 83 46 and over Berhn Central, '71 57 However they were defeated xn the serm finals by Castleton The squad w111 only lose five boys by graduauon Dxck Wood George Stevens Lewls Ives Jlm Etu and Robert Armando All the remauung boys wxll see acnon next year x - ' Y Q 4 5 g . ' ,Ii 5 1 1 Nr IB x 2 T 10 A 13 7 9 2 WP ROW ONE: G, Stevens, J. Shaw, R. Wood, R. Etu, R. Iusi, J. Etu, ROW TWQ Coach Lewza, J. McCarty LV BASKETBALL ROW ONE W Raymmd P Sheehan J Hall, C Biddxscomhe B Healy J Sharp D D Angehco W Harrlngton B Ward Coach Toomey The Fort Edward .Tumor Varslty completed the1r season wuh an 8 '7 record These boys dlsplayed spurt and f1nesportsrnansh1p under the coachmg of Jack Toomey The scores were close up unnl the flnal seconds of nearly every game. Many of these players w111 be seen on the VBFSIIY squad of next year O Cheeney. ROW TWO: R. Caruso, B, Carpenter, T. Durante, N. Becker, R. Sanderspree. .T . Chapman, H. ' , .. ,wg.w , , WND-WTI' ' f-'f ' an 4, ., ' 7-ik? Q W W- .ff 5, i6'hlA.."a". " P. g . . W 7 -wx e . 'f p is 'Q' K-X M. V !an, N A 'XI -v gf:- YQ? J nfl: if :LQ fi nut, L, . ,,...-12 J .5 I 1 TRACK FIRST ROW Mxchael Sheehan Floyd Varney W1lhamSchlake M1chael Roche Charles Berms Wtlhs O Connell, Raymond Flsh F ehx Perry Edward Maz1e3ka SECOND ROW Robert Ius1 Wllham Haley Thomas Hammond George Stevens Lew1s Ives Frank Belden Robert Armando Lawrence Murray THIRD ROW Robert Newell Gary Potter Rlchard Sanderspree Robert Gtulllly Donald Cronkhlte Ronald Merrxll Raymond Hubert Lawrence Alhelm. FOURTH ROW John Creaser Coach Jack Leonard The track and fxeld forces of Coach J ack Leonard completed a successful season for1955by w1nn1ng the Northern Conference t1t1e the Waslungton County Track Meet and the Class D Secnonals at Johnstown The success of thls team was made posslble by the enthuslasm of Coach Jack Leonard and the team members and by the support of the people of Fort Edward Famxhar faces whlch were mxsslng from the 1956 team are those of Frank Belden Charles Bemls Robert Newell Raymond Hubert Raymond F1sh Wllhs O'Connell Edward Ryan Wlulam Schlake M1chae1 Sheehan Floyd Varney BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW Charles Benus R1chard Wood Robert Etu Robert Newell, M1chael Sheehan W1111am Davldson James Shaw SECOND ROW Jon Hall Davtd Wxlhams Mrchael Roche John McCarty Frank Belden Thomas Plckett Donald Morrison THIRD ROW Charles Daly Coach J ack Toomey In 1955 Coach Jack Toomey s baseball team f1l'l1Shed 1n good standmg ln the Northern Conference by complenng the1r season wxth a 7 5 record They defeated the teams of St Mary s Academy Hudson Falls Wlutehall, Granvllle and South Glens Falls Mrssmg from th1s year s team were. Frank Belden Robert Newell Edward Ryan Charles Berrus Mtchael Sheehan Wllllam Davldson Wtlham Hayward ' n 0 n 1 p . I , I D I I I - I , , , . . . . . ' . , . . - v a n . . . . , . C' 5, 5 ,, 3 ,w X 2 .Q . muffin I 1- " H f,"1 151 511 itogi 551 mga New X0 C91-Qwgv 5. lic 1.'t'1' PhCJlOQI'11IJl1Cl' Q1 'L ,L fp xi! ' ' I-' Franchised New Car Dealers Complete Graduat1on Serv1ce "'Class Rmgs "Commencement 'kAnnouncements '0'Caps and Gowns "'Medals and Awards '9'D1plomas '4'Taylor made Yearbooks I. G BALFOUR C0 Your Representatwe HODGKINS OF BALFOUR Gus Hodgkms 4' Bob Gray 4' T K Hymers P O Box 9 Schenectady New York Phone 3 5374 1 I O I Bentley 81 Simon Taylor Yearbook C0 SENl0R CLASS of '56 GEORGE SATTERLEE HOSE C0. . N0. 2 SHEEHAN INSURANCE AGENCY GLENS FALLS NA'I'l0NAl, BANK and TRUST C0. Auto dway Fort Edward, N Fort Edward Office Fort Edward, New York FOR'I' EDWARD TEACHERS ASSOClA'I'l0N BRENK CML and LUMBEE C0 INC Compliments of og 0 HAYWARD and SlNGl.E'I'0N GLENDALE FURNITURE COMPANY MERKEI. and GELMAN lN'l'EllM'l'l0NAL BRO'l'llERIl00D 182 Broadway Fort Edward 5-4185 Glens Falls, New York Congratulaiions to the Class of '56 Glens Falls Compliments of I of Pulp, Sulphite d JOHN R DURKEE ll0SE CUMPANY lNCORPORA'I'ED KING S PHARMACY THE DECORA CORPORA'l'l0N Compliments of O Q Broadway one 5-4918 Fort Edward, New York Buy where the flowers grow Flowers for all occasions HAGEN'S GREENHOUSES 27 Willow Street Hudson Falls Flowers by wire ' ' 'll Your Home of Magazine Fashions THE FASHION SHOP I 17-19 Ridge Street Glens Falls New York Phone 2-4835 Best Wishes To the Class 1956 ROBERT BASCOM Van the Shoe Man Van s Children Fair VAN S NURSERY FURNITURE 29 Ridge Street Glens Falls C ornpliments of AT TORNEY JOSE PH DEL SIGNORE and LOUGHLIN CLOTH ING COMPANY MILDRED ELLEY Secretarial School for Girls 227 Quail Street Albany New York Send for Catalog THE WRIGHT FUNERAL HOME INC 19 East Street Fort Edward New York R P Carpenter Licensed Manager Phone 5 5319 Ambulance and Oxygen Service 24 hours WOODCOCK REXALL DRUG Charles E Woodcock Your relrable drugstore for 28 years Sick Room Supplies Baby Needs Headquarters Cameras Bought Sold Traded Authorized Dealer for Leadmg Manufacturers of Photographlc Equipment Bell and Harwell Polarold Eastman Kodak T D C Stereo of ! . , , Camera and Home Movie H Cornpllrnents MA1N HATTAN BAR ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE State Reglstered Veteran Approved 134 Washmgton Avenue Albany 10 New York ALLEN PRESS Prlntmg and Embossmg 9 Edward Street Fort Edward New York Telephone 5 5431 M111 Supplles Electrlcal Supplles L1ght1ng F1xtures Ingersoel Rand A1r Tools Cham Llnk Fence DuPont Exploswes Valdura lndustrlal Palnts NEWTON 81 HILL STEVE S Barber Shop Broadway Fort Edward New York MARION S CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 195 6 Get Off To A Good Start Shop at FOWLEPUS Glens Falls, New York The World Is Your Oyster Compl1ments of MURRAY'S DEPT. STORE Fort Edward, New York of T 126- ' Any home worth bu1ld1ng IS worth belng bullt well' S MAMTVIOINE Fort Edward New York Congratulatlons to the Graduatmg Class BILL S MARKET Always Good Coffee OLD FORT RESTAURANT Corner of East Street and Broadway Open 21 Hours a Day Lou Flsher B111 Montgomery Cornpllments of the ECONOMY DEPARTMENT STORE Glen Street ROBERT J BOWE Fuel O11 and Kerosene 10 Burgoyne Avenue Fort Edward Telephone 5 5331 SOUTH ElND GROCERY J Cllfford Jangrow 49 Broadway Fort Edward New York Compllments of W. A. SANDERSPREE Sportmg Goods Photo Supphes LAPHAM S "It Pays to Play" 2 3175 282 Glen Street Glens Falls -- n 1 F ' Building Contractor 3 l 1 D 7 LEWIS GROCERY 98 Eaststreet THE ERLANGER STORES Fort Edward, New York Cold Cuts Glens Falls Saratoga Springs Groceries Beer Comvhmenfs of STE VENS FURNITURE AlJlliONDAClx IAHNII RS COOP FXLHAINCIL IWC 138 Maln Street COMPANY School Street Hudson Falls New York Fort Edward lNew ork Better Values Complmrn ents SMITH BAISERY QPPE'X,HEI'VI'S Fort Edward New York Comphments of 18 Mc Crea Street C lf PL PERS CONIPANH P ort Edward 'Xlt n S and Boys C lotlnng Phone 5 3642 206 Glen Street Peer Glens Falls New York Cold 'Xleats CFOCGFIGS T 5 T , , T Y of 1 V LT 1 LEE AND HOLLY'5 G1tOC'IiItY Compliments of l " ' ' I FAIRHOLME DAIRY J P Wlcks Proprletor 110 East Street Fort Edward New York Phone 5 5064 Grade A Mllk We G1ve Double S St H Green Stamps Every Wednesday Try Our DSIICIOUS Ice Cream SAVAGE'S SUPERETTE Broadway Fort Edward New York GLENS FALLS BUSINESS IVLACHINES Underwood Authorlzed Agency 4 Washmgton Street Glens Falls New York D1al2 1804 SEXTON BROTHERS MARKET Meat Grocerles and Produce Broadway Fort Edward New York Phone 5 3360 TRAVER'S SERVICE STATION PENDER 4 6 Broadway Hudson Falls Fort Edward Ready to wear New YOFR Establlshed Over A Half Century I Phone 5 6886 Tlres Accessortes Batterles Lubrtcatlon Typewriters Adding Machines STOP and Save at M xii? My R EQESXM MMM Q2 7 uffffffffaf M M M W 5 SVXQ5 H iq! HM , ,, 2 6' ' fm! QNX 5 k 6 psi 4,5 F of J 'Q ' f S2 X5 5 5 ' ff ,ff ' Q S3 2 5 V' Wffsfmfg fs ,. if If V ,V Jw Q5 if f Q9 ."'i f Ei Xe J! EAW Jfifiw 5 KJ INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas Cnty PubMs?1e's fave' MJw'utvu'e' B331 BWP' FAfTORY HOME OFFVKE ww I T, g S gp: , IP'

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