Fort Edward High School - Siren Yearbook (Fort Edward, NY)

 - Class of 1938

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Fort Edward High School - Siren Yearbook (Fort Edward, NY) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 7 of 28
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Page 7 text:

THE SIREN. 1938 Senior Roster ALFRED RICE ------ "BEECHER" "And still they gazed, and still the won-der grew, that one small head could carry all he knew." Tnack, 3, 4, Press Club, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Washing- ton Tour, 4. EDWARD ROBERTS ---- - HHECKY' ' "Many delights if thou canst give, Mirth, with thee I mean to live." President of Junior and Senior Class, 3, 4, J. V. Bas- ketball, 2, 33 Varsity Basketball, 4, Varsity Football, 3, 4, Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 45 Captain of Football, 5: Track Manager, 3g Press Club, 4, President of Dramatic Club, 4, "Charles" in Senior Play, Washington Tour. RAYMOND ROODS ----- "SKIPPY" "Blessings on thee, little man, Let's see you grow up if you can." President of Freshman Cllass, lg Press Club, 4, Vice Presi- dent of Class, 2, 33 Vice President of A. A., 33 Vice President of Dramatic Club, 4g J. V. Basketball, 1, 25 Varsity Basketball, 3, 43 "Papa" in Senior Play, 4. HAZEL ROOKE ------ "ROOKIE" "Let me live in a house by the side of the road, Where the race of men go by." Treasurer of Freshman Class, 1, Officer of Board of Directors, Economics Class, 4. WALLACE ROUSE ------ "WAGGY" "Sunset and silence! A man! Around him earth broken, beside him two horses--a plough." Assistant Basketball Manager, 1, J. V. Basketball, 2. MICHAEL RUOTOLO - - ---- "MIKE" "With his muttering, making such a song, Keeping other chaps awake the whole night long." Dramatic Club, 4, Editor "Siren," 4, 53 Washington Tour, 4, Baseball, 4. JOSEPH SMATKO - ----- "JOEY" "Thy beauty halmts me, heart and soul, V Oh, thou fair maidens, so close and bright." Baseball, 2, 3, 43 Captain of Baseball, 45 J. V. Basket- ball, 1, 2, Varsity Basketball, 3, 4. HELENE SMITH ------ "SMITTY" There is a garden in her face where roses and white lilies grow." Treasurer of Sophomore Class, 2, French Club, 33 Dra- matic Club, 4g "Mrs, Grant" in Senior Play, 4, Accom- pa-nied Glee Club, 3, 4. MARGARET STEELE - - - - "GINGER" "All her bright golden hair tarnished with rust." Glee Club, 2, 33 Dramatic Glub, 4, Basketball, 33 "Anna- belle" in Senior Play, Washington Tour, Usher, Gradu- ation, 3. EILEEN STICKNEY ---- "STICK-NEE" "The smiles that win, the tlntg that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent." Secretary of Economics Class, 4. JOHN TOOLE ----- "CUPID" "Let me play the fool, With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come." Vice President of Class, 3, Washington Tour, Member of A. A. Board, 43 Track, 3, Manager of Football, 43 J. V. Basketball, 3, 4. ELIZABETH VINES ---- "PLUMBER" "You have the feeling that nobody steals, Oh, it's great to be young, with a dog at your heels." "Mother" in Senior Playg Dnamatic Club, 43 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club, 35 Press Club, 4. SUSIE WILLIAMS ----- HSUZY Q." "Quiet talk she liketh best In a bower of gentle looks." Dramatic Club, 43 Usher, Senior Play, Glee Club, 3, 4, Girls' Basketball, 2. DOROTHY WOOD ------ "DOTTIE" "In small proportions we just beauties are, And in short measures life may perfect be." Dramatic Club, 43 Usher, Senior Play. ROBERT WOOD ------ "WOODIE" "Ohio, Ohio, how lovely you are, To send me a maiden so like a star." Vice President of Class, 15 Washington Tour, Football, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 4. BRADLEY WRIGHT - - ---- "BRAD" "Doctor, for they called you that knew you best, Would echo helpless laughter to your jest." Superintendent Industrial Arts .Shop Class, Athletic Trainer, 45 Dramatic Club, 4, Business Manager Siren Staff, 4g Washington Tour, Stage Manager, Senior Play. Page Five

Page 6 text:

' THE SIREN. 1938 'I Senior Roster KATHLEEN GEORGIANNA - UKAT' ' "All the world With your voice is loud." Basketba-ll, 3, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Usher, 'Senior Play, 4, Washington Tour, 4. FRANK GUGLIELMINI ---- "ICEBERG" "Come and trip it, as you go, On the light fantastic toe." Manager of Track, 4, Washington Tour, 4. E-DNA HOAG ------ "ED" "O, for a draught of vintage, that hath been cooled along age in the deep delved earth." ' Press Club, 45 Dramatic Club, 4, Economics Club, 45 UShel', Senior Play, 4g Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Washington Tour, 4. JEAN HORWALD ----- i'HORWAL.D" "And nobody knew where the lassie would roam, For the magic that called her was always unknown." Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. LEONARD JOHNSON ----- "SWEDE" "I have never heard praise of love or wine." Dmmafic Club. 49 Press Club, 43 A. A. Executive, 4, Bas- ketball Manager, 4, Interclass Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Asst. Property Manager, Senior Play, 4. MADELYN JOINER ----- "HORNER" "Like 3. poet hidden in the light of thought." "Miss Callahan," Senior Pla-y, 4g Dramatic Club, 4, Press Club, 45 French Circle, 3. ANNA KONOPKA ----- "CUPCAKE" "In costume somewhat over-prim, In manner cordially sedate." Press Club, 43 Dramatic Club, 4, French Circle, 3: Girls' Basketball, 3, 43 Economics Club, 4. JANE MCCREA ----- ' 'TARD Y " "I sway, I bend, retreat, advance, And evermore I dance! I dance!" Secretary of Junior Class, 3, Press Club, 43 Cheer Leader, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Debate Team, 3, Dramatic Club, 43 Washington Tour, 43 "Louise" in Senior Play, 4, Usher, Graduation, 3, "Mother" in "First Dress Suit," 4. Page Four , RICHARD MCCURRY ----- "RICHIE" "I pass, at night, from town to town." Vice President of Economics Cla-ss, 43 J. V. Basketball, 3, 4g Football, 45 Dramatic Club, 43 Washington Tour, 4. GILBERT MILLS ------- "PORKY" "What could I fear on land or sea If I were loved as I long to be." Proiperty Manager Senior Play, 4g Dramatic Club, 42 Circulation Manager of "Siren," 4, Press Reporter of Senior Class, 4. FLOYD MAYRAND - ---- "DANKER" "His slashing eyes, his iloating hair, And all should cry, 'Beware,!' 'Beware!'." Manager of Baseball, 43 Assistant Manager, 33 Dramatic Club, 45 Washington Tour, 4. ROBERT MONTGOMERY - - - - "TICKLE" "I am Sir Oracle, and when I ope my lips, let no dog bark." Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, All Conference, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain of Tnack, 35 Varsity Basketball, 4, WILLIAM MONTGOMERY - - - ' 'WIMPY" "Edna, thy beauty is to me, Like the gently perfumed sea." Football, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 4. EDWARD NOLAN ------ "NIBBLES" "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you." Ba-seball, 4, Transfer from Chillicothe, Ohio. HELEN O'SICK ------ "ITCHY" "I met a lady in the meades, Full beautiful as a fairy's child." Dramatic Club, 45 Press Club, 4, Basketball, 3. ELIZABETH PAQITETTE ' ' - - - "SISTER" "Sing I for love and idleness, I naught else ls worth the having." Dramatic Club, 43 Press Club, 4, Economics Club, 41 Usher, Senior Play, 4, Washington Tour, 4. DONALD PHELPS ---- - "PHEI-PSY" "Still waters run deep." Press Club, 4.

Page 8 text:

-P P THE SIREN. 1.938 Senior Class History During our Freshman year, Raymond Roods acted as President, with Robert VVoo.l Vice-President, and Hazel Rooke, Treasur- er. Miss Mary Hughes and Miss Anna Cain were class advisors. During our Sophomore year, john Car- penter acted as President, with Raymond Roods Vice President, and Helene Smith as Treasurer. Mary Caputo was Secretary and Miss Hanna and Miss Seibel were Class Ad- visors. During our junior year, Edward Roberts was made President and Raymond Roods Vice-President, with Mary Caputo acting as Treasurer. Jane McCrea was elected Sec- retary and Miss Hanna and Miss Reed were Class Advisors. In our Senior year, Edward Roberts was re-elected President, and joseph Bowe was made Vice-President. Mary Caputo was elected as Treasurer and Grace Butler acted as Secretary. The Class Advisors were Miss Hanna and Mr. Griffith. -1-T9T....,. Harvest Dance The Senior class held a "Harvest Dance" on November 19 and it proved to be very successful. Fenton Murray's orchestra played for the dancing and later in the evening cider and doughnuts were served. Many members of the faculty and Board of Education were present. Everybody present seemed to enjoy himself very much. The "Harvest Dance" helped to increase the Senior Washington Trip Fund and they appreciated the public's aid in making it a success. .....,i9,,,- Senior Play The Senior Play of the class of 1938 was produced Thursday and Friday, December 16 and 17, at 8:15 P. M., in the High School Auditorium. Under the able direction of Mr. Griffith, dramatic coach, the cast pre- sented "The Family Upstairs," a comedy in three acts. V The play showed life typical of many fam- ilies today. Joe Heller, street-car conductor, and father of the family, was portrayed by Page Six Raymond Roods. His wife, Emma Heller, played by Elizabeth Vines, did quite a bit Of hen-pecking and still tried to manage the family also. VVillie, the brother of the fam- ily, was played by George Chambers. VVillie was trying to help others, but his ideas were rather vague for such a lazy fellow. Mar- garet Steele was Annabelle, the kid sister, whose antics proved very amusing. ,lane McCrea as Louise Heller, the oldest daugh- ter, and Edward Roberts as Charles Grant, provided the romantic angle to the plot. Madelyn Joiner as Miss Callahan, was the gum-chewing factory girl whose tongue was as free as her gum. Herby, Charles' kid bro- ther, and Mrs. Grant, Charles' mother, brought before the audience Joseph Bowe and Helene Smith respectively. The play was purely an amusing one and provided the audience with many laughs. It was a real success and money realized from it was added to the Senior Class Fund. - lie.-...T... St. Patricks Card Party and Dance The party was held on St. Patriek's night. It was our last money-making proposition before our trip to Washingtoii, so the whole class worked very hard to make it a huge success. Through the suggestion of Mr. Fletcher, we had most of the organizations of Fort Edward backing us. The card playing began at eight o'clock and the "Swingsters" played for the dancing which started at nine. Despite the weather, we had a grand crowd and the party was a huge success, netting us over 55200. ......-t9........ Senior Characteristics Best workers for class ...... Mary Caputo and ,lane McCrea Best girl student ........................... Ellen Donahue Best boy student .................................... Alfred R166 Most likely to succeed Grace Butler Best looking girl ........................ Margaret Steele Best looking boy ........ ........... ll lichael Ruotolo Best athlete ............... Robert VVood Best girl dancer .......... ............ M argaret Steele Best boy dancer .................. Frank Guglielmini Most popular girl ................................. Betty Vines Most popular boy ..................... Edward Roberts

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