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,gswfbunpff ' akwwt 'Aww wvwffwwkczfmzwu.. JQCJQQV 74 IVWSYCJG YIWISUVTWG fcvudpley vga organs t G memagcimemti W hmm FCM 60686 sr sGmuQr c1trZ6ms' VQMJVTW6 f 5 R i . ' Q G Zi 3, 'El , , A 1 Ll.l 32 2 'Q TH I "if i could make days last forever, if . words could make wishes come true jim croce WE LOVE Y --W-wwvwu-...assi JON 5 M. I , ,J tk: f""'7 .1 5 Y-1 e E 5 !""'fs f"""ts i have loved one or two of the people in my past, fading faces in a waking dream, and though they never seem to last very long there are faces i remember from the places in my past james taylor if only all the hands that reach could touch . . mary a. loberg O I To my friend, i want your life to be as beautiful as it was in the mind of god when he first thought of you. ann danner a friend is the first person who comes in when the whoie world has gone out. mary dawson hughes g o?o , s Aro r so y 3 i . m i fu 1 V , f , 5'e973f'f?1?'i3297'33l39W?"f'W 5' A . if i f - s...FZ7 mfr riding on a tapestry of all there is to see so many ways and oh so many things rejoicing in the differences, . . .oh i love the life within me there's no one just like me i feel a part of everything i see yet as different as we are, we're all the same. and oh i love the life around me a part of everything is here in me denver The bleachers were packed-half the gym 1the doors wouldn't open, remember?l The cheerleaders, coaches and players sat below . . . we watched . . . hoped. Fran read it, we cheered, there were tears, happiness and some sadness. We placed our crown on Darcl's head. The guys even gave her a football. There was a parade-the band played. Dodgerettes stepped 13l and the pep club cheered from the trucks where they clapped. There were seventeen floats-many long hours of work. At the game the queen and court were escorted onto the field 173. We didn't win that night, but we tried-we believe in trying-that's what's important. It's over now. But still, we remember . . .The parade 111, the queen 125 and her court 18lg Nancy Larson, Amy Kersten, Jerri Kurtz, Nancy Flogosch, Deb Bingham, and Kris Haugen 1not pic- turedl. We remember the enthusiasm 165, the little kids that carried the flowers and crown, Amy Calvert 145, Mark Miller 153, and most of all, we remember those days last fall. R such a feeIin's comin' over me, there is wonder in most 1 everything i see, not a cloud in 'f . :PT gm- the sky, got the sun in my eyes, and i won't be surprised if it's a dream . . . carpenters flsass 11 YK Ns wif , 3 FE DHT IN tl N EALQ arming! I V F' I ' 4 Hughes won t run in 197 mi ri' mmm Qzlllzh wma! IiSHl'lNf im" o 0 . gal .J . .. 1 I 1 North Viets invade again Qhr Ties ftlnmes Bzqisier SIRIDA DRDERS NIXDN TAPES ALLDDT MIDDLE EAST W minimum 1 . D manga, is b.,..:,e.,,3, Rvuuzonuf XX lun mu tt sfolemini . ' lfmlflfg wut' pt-1 D085 - ti W"-'X wut' 3' are you optimistic 'bout the way things are going no, i never ever think of it at all don't you ever worry when you see what's going down no, i try to mind my business, that is, no business at all when it's time to function as a feeling, human being, will your bachelor of arts help you get by i hope to study further, a few more years or so i also hope to keep a steady high will you try to change things, use the power that you have the power of a million new ideas we can make it happen we can change the world now we can save the children we can make it better we can make it happen we can save the children we can make it happen chicago D , ,, ' 'te 1 g V3- Hffff , 4739 , '40, ""-Q-.MQW 9 X -Q.. 4 -ms.. sometimes i can laugh and cry and i can't remember why but i still love those good times gone by it . Q L , Q-. 'Q g - ibm tif. 'fe f .. -,,...l f . . . hold on to them CIOSG or let them go james taylor QfwW AQMzQ,,Zf,, -fxjix Liz, ,-J X7 1 ,'! 1' t V , ' 'V 'f .' '.fLL f JV' , ,QCYLQ ,Z Cicggv, 1' flbfcflf ,M L Jgtlfgf L k ,, , 1 LL -, fykgif-L dui 4611 R1 ,Alec Manu L34,-ff 75143, n JLVLL iff,-. , L.y1l.1 ?744 ffg1",f:'f.L4'?L Lyffbg 6222 LJZUM .M ,1Q'VLf"'J11,yf ,Jani .ffJ LJLLZc1wa.1f 455 -, 'VLC ..fzf,LLugj A , n ' 'Inch WU, ' and olafciil -, .14 , - f 'QL QQ, 5 ' 4 ' " fxzff , C4 iTfbf'lPL4Jf?5 4pc,wfL,4'Li ,c?f-,LLf 6z.f , ,C nw! K - . Q," 1,--ff Q' 1 . ' ' 657461 LJ ,hz c. Q nc U? ,Zn 1'LL,7'Lf ,,Z6z+L6l'j 1 Ld-fy' A ,Ln LQ fe? rllff., ' ,L9,1fLcg,f fe '14 455,401 ,uc LM '7ngLf, A fLdc4Tf .U LLL ff' gxifflaa JVM, Lived ,flgfcdm 194 ,f 'L' ' ffl ffm, IIT. ' , ',f,4,Lmf,Z0A4,4-ff zlggfefyu L ff 'Jf1,477f64'a4fg,L,2 fwcoj Yflgc ff! ,L'dy!fi' ,x.JlL4,1u.:.. ,-fjfbifl 7117, I . . U1 Us Of ' " 10-674,451 f yur. 4 do ' fgdafz 4.46: at xlggii, J, Li Alf g , -f-'S agp, 21L65lfI'Lafm?Zi, 6d7LrLf.c??'YiA46f- 445 ,am 441-aff 1, . p I 5 ,ff V 41,1-L x.Zzzfn5gLd , , M Q 14 'Maw U1 , , , ,U ffLfQc'n1Zw,4faf1 W bail 34, -fflffill ' f I 'Q x M iiiwjmyf mm? Wie wffwfdwwfzwawff main? KJ "yL0Zcf"N iz 7 'fwffficfwfa ,fu fxmwiwv Q6MWvvZ,i1ffM?ZZf1fi74ffz0 -A , wwf JfL64f?M'iJ " wif. ?"if'fTwf'b'Zj2'mw .......-.w-dv" QQQWMQ W wwf ' , , ,QM ,fue QAHMLMA ixbfw dwwiczipzmflbfvdkffkw W A L,o4, xffugvwwu guild, 61777 k7776Z4ZfrL..,-xx wi those were such happy times and not so long ago how i wonder where they've gone but they're back again just like a long lost friend carpenters li N ,,Ji'1n,. W, 'S gs -wif! 'Vi-' vw-55 F. ., .. g f, W lvl V! FW? I ,KW ay Q, Af. ffm? H 4 -M-.,.4,,Nq-' X, 11 ,,,Vk , ' ww 1' -W ,A 4 wi Nfl, 977' 4--my ,, W ,IQ-ww-W ' gmig V1 , .on Keep on Truckin' Al W we're creativity . . . it's inside . . . it was given to us all for the sake of happiness One of our FEANUTS Pen N-.f-... number 1 number 2 or number 3 Brad n' Don-caught in the act. "Gee, you're swell!" . . . Fran shows Sneree Person that Dodgers are loved. ww M rdf! ,1'D-O-D-G-E-R-S .' DQWDGERSV' Marcia, Jane, Paula, Sarah, Kay, Joan, Julie, and Caren WHAT YOU SEES, IS WHAT YOU GETS, HONEY! 1974 DIAPER DERBY wafh the TWIRP TOTS Jim Andrews Randy McCrady Mick Rathermel Jim Ftodenborn Jim Underbrink Joe Zuspann . . . presented by the "dodger dad- dies' fthe coachesi, and led up the long staircase to fame - these babes made it big . . .Joe Zuspann was christened king with a blanket and bonnet. "Kiss" played at the dance and, following tradition - "the girl was required to pay." The Photos: 1 Barb 81 the Babe fMick Rathermeli 2 "Behind" the scene-Rodenborn 3 Karen Porter didn'tmind paying. . . 4 King Joe and Teddy 5 Underbrink-a mean little squirt 6 Ann 8t Andrews 7 Marcia 81 McGrady 2 ggi 2 0 M ,V .W .4 2 , .,,, , ev Q , V,,,, , f W , M A' re fir.. ls- 'H J 55' 52 if , ,ig , 32 gf lf . 99 3 41 2 M, , 1 2 g, lv VN, def my 4753 5' ,afff , .L 4 , iff ik 2 , ff 11 -wo 1 I X ,A 43' 6 Vy., VZ f W 6 me l . . rubber ducky you re the one you make bath tlme lots of fun rubber ducky lm awfully fond of you in K M... WN I fx fl - i K in A ik V N 98 A f f ' V QQ Qt- i . SS IR W fx-Qim , , It k--. , X ,L " K E- xg 476 JF-Iva, if! wx Kgs ' ' Q 5 QS E5 Eg lying: 5 ,E Kx., . isfax Q f f -Rvws . .f. it 9' : L A ., QF, f 'Kita WX . . fggi?-tg, KSYKL - K X , X. r' - Q b ..v:s.f,.+, ., , 'Q S way . , 2.13 Q N N Q X l KX A+ Q Q 5. 5 gi NS ,, x , ,,.. I ,S X -Ei, Sig? . f' Q Q 2 Q F fa. Q . H Ns ENE Zh i 1 . F if SA FAROUT! A Talent Assem bly! . . am i afraid to fail, am i ready to succeed?" lwill the audience let me try?J CTthe MC "Dick n' Dave" twang 'em to death Charlie Magruder tickles the keys "Ed Mclvlahon and Johnny Carson" "Godspell" by the Chamber Choir www B We'd like to thank some of the people who've made our year special . . . "the late, great, Jim Croce and The Carpenters Chicago John Denver Neil Diamond Roberta Flack Grand Funk Elton John Don McLean Gilbert O'SulIivan Rolling Stones Diana Ross Seals 8t Crofts Carley Simon Simon 8l!or Garfunkel Barbra Striesand James Taylor 3 Dog Night Stevie Wonder . . . llvnii4 I W, ,giis , ur . . . other faces and forces that have shaped our world . . . All in the Family Apple's Way The Brady Bunch Carol Burnett Emergency Happy Days Kung Fu Marcus Welby, M.D. Mash McDonald's commercials Medical Center the "Movies" The Partridge Family The Rookies Sanford and Son Saturday Morning Cartoons Six Million Dollar Man The Waltons and The Wide World of Sports . . ,lust ha it 'WN if 3' . 1. ,Q . Walking Tall American Graffiti The Way We Were Poseidon Adventure Brother of the Wind The Godfather The World's Greatest Athlete Lady Sings the Blues Live and Let Die Paper Moon . . . and far off "places" like kioa 81 wow S l . .canitbe. .. that it was oh, so simple then- or has time rewritten every line? if we had the chance to do it all again tell me, would we? could we? memories. . . may be beautiful, and yet, what's to painful to remember we simply choose to forget . . . so it's the laughter we will remember whenever we remember- MP' . f i ,E he aint heavy K Y? ,. . he'sgrnY bw frfiefgpqfi, the woy V- 4.12 3. 43' Www ,Y in ' V ,. V, I W, 5' , K ik i fi Hg I m a ,A f 1'2 4 KW '.'A, V' ' gf' Krisfa Edd at Ho ecoming 2 we were." ,lu M striesand f fm "' M- f 4, X 1 my ,Q f Mfr, f 7474? W K 3 3 Q- I 2 I ll P' 4 .I Q. FOUL Plmu. .I D "I've used my talents as I could, I've done some bad, I've done some good, I did a whole lot better than they thought I would, so come on treat me like you should . . McLean T e T 1 VARSITY FOOTBALL 73 im ,P fr T . Y or 4 'Y' Vila iss 9 N S E' 5 ' 1 N T ' T T M We suffered together Q mf we worked horder together, Y And best ot oll- We got better together-ond won ,,m"Mj,M The seoson ended too soon. ' Cooch Cox f i Quarterback Jim Andrewy Coaches: Hedlund, Cox, Delaney, Breffle 81 Cook Q www ,. ,,QAx 1X 'W-w ,Ai P 6 C ip -x -H? f if wh . kili , ' ,. fo MAP? P fl N gy JF F V 'li' V' xmww! i K "fi M., l mm.. C- sw :I I' M A 2 l 3' V 1 W I ' A. N' 1 W Gr? W.x X B Q, H Av 19 "' iss - R - , , 54 iff ' ai 11 f 1 .v1.ffe'ka2! 2 This year's varsity football team, Front row: Paul Larson, Brian Danner, Joe Black, Tom Brown, Kevin Thiele, Dan Shupe, Mark Bauder, Joe Moore, Jim Kuhn, Rick Nelson, Joel Shipman, Gerald McCarthy, and Russ Larson. Second row: Jerry Osborne, Dan Ehrhardt, Marc Rhoades, Randy Keyser, Barry Hoover, Tom Hamilton, Tim Hart, Scott Saunders, Randy Shipman, Jeff Prewitt, Donn Henshaw, Tom Reid, Craig Pandil and Don Oleson. Third row: Dale Olson, Tim Zuspann, Curt Licht, Jeff Conrad, Scott McQueen, Jon Fevold, Bob Scott, Kent Peterson, Mark Lockner, Rick Waggoner, Kurt Saliger, and Dennis Vinchattle. Fourth row: Steve Barlow, Kelly Warren, Randy Kolbe, Neal Barthoiow, Carl Anderson, Gene Holtorf, Jim Andrews, Rich Muhl, Pat Lynch, and Mark Chingren. ' ' ,rw I 1 Q WW' 1 - W i ' :mm z 1 3 5 Mx Qt! nr if 1 - . -. . L . , . . . . 1 ' 'L 1 J, sr 5. A 1 if A .,,-,,,r- , First row: Mike Kenney, Mike Brehm, Kip Redman, Dennis Schurr, Dave Moore, Randy Grossnickle, Randy West, Duane Hill, Tim Adair, Second row: Bob Butters, Frank Ludgate, Norman Lund- quist, Mark Benegas, John Schlll, Randy Ellis, Mike Benegas, Bruce Clayton. Third row: Rick Jepsen, Dave Dalvey, Terry Kiliper, Kevin Nordstrum, Allen Meyers, Jerry Hedden, Dusty Holmgaard, Varsity Scoreboard Central Waterloo R' Paul Kruger, Tom Dillon. Fourth row: Chris Smith, Victor Crouse, Dan Maier, Doug Harp, Mike Ritchey, Dan Yoder, Bart Warren. Fifth row: Geoff Hawkins, Doug Dunette, Steve Patterson, Scott Marrs, Jeff Otto, and Mark Donnely. Coaches: Wayne Woolsey, Dennis Hanson, Dennis Johnson. Sophomore Scoreboard Fort Dodge 6 Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge 0 Cedar Falls 19 7 West Waterloo 25 14 Ames 22 Marshalltown 31 0 East Waterloo 25 52 Newton 15 19 Mason City 47 33 Hoover Des Moines 21 Fort Dodge 12 Webster City Fort Dodge Carroll Keumper Fort Dodge Cedar Falls Fort Dodge Boone Fort Dodge lowa Falls Fort Dodge Marshalltown Fort Dodge Ames Fort Dodge Mason City nv f ...if in if J ml I V.. B e m i ' V '77 ' - ' 8 6 13 20 7 32 7 19 37 QRQ55 CQUNTRY The Cross Country team was a young and inexperienced squad with three seniors, five juniors, and fourteen sophomores. Consequently, the season may have seemed unimpressive, if judged by the win and loss column, but improve- ment was great. The State Meet was represented by one junior and four sophomores. So things look bright for future years. Cross Country Scores FD 36 FD 19 FD 22 Webster City St. Edmonds Eagle Grove Triangular Meet: Boone, Kuemper, Fort Dodge Mohawk Invitational Eagle Grove Invitational FD 31 J- Carroll W -Coach Nitzke if S Yiwu' - . ' -'riff' Zi f y z wz ., ,aft if V N H K A V V -1, A ',, ,ww-f -MM' f rf 1 1 ' t?'f?e.4aiw 21 17 15 M, ' . if A 2nd ,,, T j , mf V51 5 iw ' 1 2 'li .4 .M ,, A. 1, 'nn .,1'r1i H TQ i . 1 1,1-f ...JP M my., ,,, 4, ,gn ,, in Quarry! 4th 1 .Q .. , W .X .V I ,M if U' 4,2 VM! . we-. MlM,,w T 26 . 4: 3 fl ,ffl ft img we V 155, . 3' lv YK, :f ,ff ' .K-.. - 92" Mzif sg! ,. T . W- W 1"' 2 1 , , i'?'g,Q3g,J,,,!gf lt' . 'fi if 5 T W rgj, State Meet 18th , .ff Y 1 1 'C meter .,..,, . at if g Lksifit. I Ss my -t . 0, . .., it S g X 'I ,1 if fj,".,Q S . 3"5f'9 1 .-shi M tiff? Xl fix f ?2Hfu.:: X' , ' ..ii . t F 5 i . C . ,t at it 2 f f ' . 'ig if fl Dij X 5 1 E.. Q V ffvf ' . my ,IM at S Z-:film ii X ' ei .av g ' 4 ': NM.-s sf. .-'s:- mg, .,..,. f . 5' it - " , J tp - NIA, 2 i iii 2 tx"-N., 1 ' . . 2 f t t H V , g g S.. S Q., iwjfkg, jx fi? g M stew 5 j Q Nw. ,tg t - , 5 - in 2 . Q r": - T R 2 - K N S . j Y ' 'N 'Y QBGEQ SURGE Q 'F z , 1 '1' ii 2 - 2 is 1: if Vi f ,DN FY ...wi Q W 2 152555 . if 1, i --:' X. I , Z, .. ,,,.. . .4 1 , 'tt' if l f . - K, X is K ,t . XR F I -1.5 g l? ,Q y, V :D Ltgi , .. .. E g . in 15 A H.. qv . . ,R avi.. i 3 R363 j Z, 1, on row is, HayHen ix ' , Mike Ly Doug Largo , Q brin , om'Peters, 446 el Jarrj' son, Marlwvlesserly, Bill 1 K4rS 6TlTNliK i B9?'Charli 1 at 'son'-John 5 ,Qraig Flor I. - ,N Knight, angDan -1 4. 1 . -I .... i .gs . 'ffl Gugtzlaffi -if.. .,. 1M, A d F r . g To r-W Q k,kk, ,j f . . . W, , , . 'Nw ..,... GIRL'S BASKETBALL NEW T0 FORT DGDGE HIGH Coach McNeil and Assistant Coach Delaney. is r WFYPYYYE Anita Ayers .K . Y. Q-...iii X McNeil - a true coach. A.-f'ffM"'i"""T wan. si. ...N -ff-'MT' 'V 1 i i i GiBL'S BASKETBALL TEAM: Jennifer Thompson, Bonnie Fiogosch, Strutzenberg, Linda Van Alstine, and MaryJoJorgenson.Third row: Deb Kenda Jochimsen, Anne Woodruff, Cheryl Peters, and Diane Johnson. Shipman, Ann Beisser, and Anita Ayers. Second row: Rae Heesch, Kim Barnes, Kelly Kimberly, Jane 39 GIRLS' BASKETBALL PLAY EXPERIENCED TEAMS Q ww g ' ' Wilt . 'if , if-it i?' Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge GirI's Basketball Scores Humboldt Humboldt Ames Ames Stratford Paton-Churdan Pomeroy Central Webster Lake City Stratford Litton Lake City Y: iii ri'r ttii Two for Diane if 1 fm. fl 1 DODGER WRESTLERS HAVE WINNING SEASON Varsity Wrestling Scoreboard Eagle Grove Invitational 4th Humboldt Invitational 5th FD 40 7 Marshalltown FD 27 16 Cedar Falls FD 24 21 Humboldt FD 17 28 Mason City FD 11 35 West Waterloo FD 29 18 Eagle Grove FD 24 19 Ames FD 28 20 Waterloo Central FD 47 6 Newton FD 46 12 iowa Falls FD 25 22 Waterloo East FD 22 16 Clarion FD 28 17 Algona Season record: 10 wins-3 losses 1st Sectional 5th place in State Meet State Meet Qualifiers: Pat Lynch, Joe Zuspann, and Randy McCrady. M 41 DCDGER WRESTLING Joe Zuspann led the wrestling team with a perfect record of 25-0. Joe was the state 138 pound champ. 42 2 f Back row: Dale Olson, Craig Stewart, Kevin Thiele, Randy Kolbe, Mike Peters, and Mark Brandt. Front row: Joe Zuspann, Jerry Osborne, Mike Brehm, Randy McCrady, Brian Jesen, Mitch Sterns and Jeff Sandford. 3 "N,- K Z? fr 3? Peters shows his ' 2 1 W HLi7,fN?Z5f1ii-5'- ' . N , xt. .asa ,,. s ,im . . ts. .t. ,ww ., . , ,. 1 " w ists? is t M y W ,if fgtfx' figs- A ij-:giiit-wtsaai'-- ' ' F' wrt.. ' Kk.. .. I fs . kg a t - I -sms . sis,-.gti,g:.f.1 . t 'A k-.:.'.: f, 5, ,gg .tty i' ,LLL fi :' LV T, g A 5 A . .fih.- . unior fvafsity Scores FD 5 , Q27 TTirr,s iii 4 27 ,rrir Marshauwwn it EDT ,,ii 22 ri, friafis-at FD 36 FD ,G J 8 FD d 24 FD? L28 , ,T,, ,i,, 1 5 15 40 21 iiri Humboldt l G T ,Masoneafsity Wesgfviaterloo T Eagig ,,i, ,, , , ,',, Y ,V FD 41 , 1,2 ,HQ iiwentzal Waterloo, FD ,,., ,, FD ,iir iiii a a f ,iw 'yyf , 1 ,'f' Z ' ,, T NQWQOD 'f" ' 'A M ,,,, , ,,,, fi ' . - ' """ "'L T ' , ,',, M , , ,,,, r,,, it ,f I is , , ,vfg W, 4,,A , 4,,,,, X,,. , ,AQ,,.,,, T ,J f?WFQ?f X 7 W? aa Ag, V 5TH IN STATE 'W 'rf-f-'ff .J .W ,,,, W, Jw, f S 1 I if it ' " V I "S Nm-an 1973-74 Junior Varsity Wrestling Team Front row: Bob Butters, Mark Smith, George Cuckie, Mark Brandt, Mark Chingren, Tim Hanson, Randy Utley, Brian Jensen, and Steve St. John, Back row: Victor Crouse, Rick Martin, Terry Nerhus, Gerald McCarthy, John Price, Dan Yoder, Larry Mortensen, Mike Brehm, Jerry Lunn, Dave Moore, Dave New- man and Greg Thompson. 43 , VOLLEYBALL '73 Coach: Jackie Wilde Co-captains: Nancy Rogosch, Rhonda Hauge K a ,, Xfyaf M--W I 'or"""""W - , M, ,- M 'M-. . Va WM.. N Mm 'NNW' fm, L I .wmmm mam A M. '-w..,mMh V ,,,, ,W -KMLM 4 2, L L E -mms '-an ' ,, m g V 1 .,-m,.1,.., . ,K A mwww-mm... Ilia walk-swwwasi . 4 ., .. ,,. . W, . . .,,. . clipboard f Q ,. Q 5 ,X Q 3 I KN A h, - LM Q X L T A . L , in ' icq L if? mmm' , , Vg V 1 Sw ' s. ches we like cream iz' Q . we I 4- . 1 . , ' . . . Fall Season-27 matches. 22 won, 5 lost. Below, our scores listed before opponents for each game. Kuemper 15-10 Manning 11-15 Carroll 11-15 E. Des Moines 15-7 Carroll 9-15 Mason City 15-13 Carroll 15-13 Kuemper 15-4 Clinton 15-6 W. Iowa City 15-4 Wahlert 7-15 Dubuque Sr. 4-15 P. Valley 12-15 15-8 15-14 7-15 15-3 15-10 6-15 16-14 0-15 15-5 15-13 11-15 15-13 16-14 15-5 15-5 16-14 15-12 5-15 15-12 Manning Mason City East Waterloo Newton Carroll Jefferson St. Edmonds Carroll Dubuque Sr. Sioux Center Indianola Davenport Central Wahlert P. Valley 15-5 16-14 15-7 15-2 15-6 15-2 15-3 15-8 11-15 15-3 15-1 15-5 15-17 10-15 TEAM HONORS: District and Big 9 Invitational Campions 3rd State and Pleasant Valley Tournaments INDIVIDUAL HONOR: Rhonda Hauge-All Tournament Team-State 15-8 15-8 15-8 15-7 15-5 15-13 15-4 15-13 15-17 15-4 B-15 17-15 9-15 15-7 15-9 15-12 wk 1 ite? . 7--.. ai Time Out-Team Huddle "ONE ELEPHANT WENT OUT TO PLAY in 5 THE XWILDE' BUNCH Sw! Darf, Darf . . . Watch it Rod, you're gonna kill somebody-' 'Aw mom, come on Kev, let's go beat the varsity team again . . .' We were quite a group-mom, Rhoda Hog, Pete, Peanut Butter and Ftogosch l, Spot, Hallibut, 'Fur, Seagull, Kimmer, Di, and all the rest of us, including our other coaches Rod and Kevin, Bruce and Cheryl too-original members of the Wilde Bunch. With this big, usually happy family, you'd expect a lot of memories . . . we have them. Kim's chicken, Di's dog, Jackie's tears at the goofiness of it all, or runnin' around hanging onto 'Fur's T shirt yelling "Stay Back." The elephant dance at our favorite hot spot-Hardees in Carroll, where Jane collects specimens for her collection and other customers mysteriously disappear when the 25 of us show up . . .Varsity's trek to PV by way of Little Amana gave us Pete's hair frizzed by the rain, a pizza party after homecoming there, and the friends we had to play against for third place title at State . . . State-our biggest goal and accomplishment-Kim, why did you have to wreck your ankle just before played, and Spot, what were you doing in the back of the bus to get a concussion-we know! And how about the burn- ed up warm up, Jackie's flowers, CheryI's cookies, our signs, the steak house and our own Rhoda-an all tournament team member, WOW, all in one short day . . . lt's hard to imagine that it's all over now for some of us, and just a break till next season for others. . ,butwe'll all wait for the new team and hope for even more-our Wilde Bunch is more than just another team in another sport. fs Ma? his ,wk GIRL'S SWIM TEAM A bus breakdown at Badger, Coach Larry, pepperoni piz- za, McDonalds, numerous trips to the jon, a gab session until early morning in a hotel basement at State, and all the other memories that go with a team sport were part of our swimmer's season-fall of '73. Nancy Larsen, Mary Duffy, Laura Woodruff, Liana Sears, Julie Johnson, and Lori Larsen were team members who took part in the state meet. Co-Captains were Pam Johnson and Nancy Larsen. THE TEAM: First row: Lori Larsen, Liana Sears, Kathy Fletcher, Sally Johnson, Julie Johnson. Second row: Ann Beisser, Ann Wiewel, Kris Barton, Laura Woodruff, Sheila Morgan, Karen Porter. Third row: Mary Duffy, Anne Porter, Pam Johnson, Ann Woodruff, Ann Underbrink, Kim Turner, and Nancy Larsen. Not pictured: Diane Keigley, Ann Friesth. if '52 ff W f ff 2 We ,W ev A aaa? Wx 2+ NW f ff , J "G4f'4f5' if -wx New Www WK f e? 07 ,:,,,,,,,,, MRM l an-lm me Wm .. 'M V f "V' V gr www I ' 4 2. TEAMS PLAYED Sioux City North Sioux City East SCOREBOARD Roosevelt Invitational Ames Mason City Ames Cedar Falls Southeast Polk Inv. Sioux City West Mason City Districts State LEFT: Freshman Julie Johnson takes off. US 25 46 5th 26 29 29 42 2nd 56 40 5th 16th THEM 70 49 69 66 66 53 39 55 ABOVE: Freshman Ann Underbrink seriously stands by. HONORS: Mary Duffy placed 8th in the 100 yd. butterfly at the State Meet. She also now holds or is part of five varsity records. This season, eight of eleven varsity records were broken by the team members listed below. 200 yd. Medley Relay L. Woodruff Old: 2:1311 L. Larsen New: 2:09.2 M. Duffy L. Sears 200 yd. Freestyle Mary Duffy Old: 2131.6 New: 2219.4 200 yd. Individual Medley Mary Duffy Old: 2:51.8 New: 2:40.2 Diving Ann Wiewel Old: 148.95 New: 149.80 100 yd. Butterfly Mary Duffy Old: 1:25.0 New: 1:08.85 400 yd. Freestyle Ann Friesth Old: 5:24.5 New: 5:18.5 100 yd. Back Stroke Laura Woodruff Old: 1:14.1 Pam Johnson and Kathy Flethcher wait for times. gfeggtstroke pam Johnson Old: 1:23.8 New: 1:21.4 e, VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: Tim Hart, Kim Gullickson, Gary Maiden, Gene Holtorf, Jim An- drews, Jirn Rodenborn, Bruce McCormack. Second row: Layne Macek, i i i i 2 i A Afx- . . K... ,.:t1.y,,,,:- S Assistant Coach Dave Cox, Craig Barnes, Dave Pingei, Tom Underbrink Denny Dean, Kent Peterson, Keith Baker, Head Coach Jim Friest. W0 s . S 1 ' if wx f wpgqsetgwgywgwm-' M f b. y X Av- ,. I . . .. Vi 3 f. Eg 3 S . , 16 Y x iii? fl: X' f X ' M g 1 s X ff A .4 5 59' : A .f,,, 'l,,,,g ,. JimWAndrews 49 N'-2:14 , , in F ! X5 , pf g V 1 M., 4 Q' WWW S lx l fffvig 'iw ' 5 mil! me Mm' :S M .- gf 254 f 5, Ml 5' YT! i SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Randy Brown, Dan Guetzlaff, John Schill, Mark Donnelly, Dan Siekmann, Gene Moeller, Bart Warren, and Denny Schurr. In front: Team Manager Jerry Bowman, Kraig Knutson, Jim Silke, Tom Peters, Dan Johnson, Doug Downey and Coach Dennis Hanson. :ff 'ei -L - AW' ,gn ,,,., ,, , f , be J A ,,,, ,, Www ixx DODGER TANKERS if M., 'I' 'flfw f :-L 44 I Q -if f r ' f97'.,a-if., ' :,q.ff.,1-3 , X . ,. ' WJ, . .f 2 V- :fle e V ff K J J r ' f J." ' wi' : ,, uf 1 Q ' ,fgg -55 1 ' atterson, Winkler V M' 'rw-',+,:f1.1 ' wfz, -':'..:c:- - , -PN? sf- 5 K. lf is-n i -eg Axh. mfg., K ..:i:sfkg ' .. .- Q..,, . , . , .- .'E's. .:. 3:1521 A X- N. . - es: I . - - -2.5 X, JKMYIN1. '- .. as .. -1 V, . - . z are- :at-fs K-.. 1973-1974 Boys Swim Team: Front row: Bill Kikendall Jim Torp Neil Thompson Kent Flathermel Bill Glaser Dan Essig and Jeff Anderson. Second row: Scott Johnson Jerry Auten Charlie Simp- son Trent Tripp Jon Duvall and Kevin Kozel. Third row: Scott Fortune Jeff Johnson Jim Under- brink Jay Morrow Mick Rathermel and Mike Beers. Fourth row: Bruce Klrkberg Dave Woodruff Kyle Flige and Charlie Magruder. 52 HCJNCRS Most Valuable Swimmer: Bill Glaser Most Improved Swimmer: Trent Tripp Hardest Working Swimmer: Charlie MacGruder Team Captains: Mick Rathermel, Charlie MacGruder Q 549525232 T I ffdlfzigfj if ffm! 5993219 f, Www ,, USVI I f D wi: Y nm , ,,f, 4 L 5 , gi I I rgrjrgzf 1' 4 Vfriffff ,fijwlfr X51 frm ,cw if ur, f Z 5 2 if 1 ' ', ,wr if ,,,1z1,w'W :, 4,4 w rd , I 79 rf . .1 Rawgevelt 126 Sioux Citywest as Mason City 99 Cedar Falls 101 S.C. North 56 59 9,,, I Ci ,W , ,, V ,,,,' 0, , I 9 99 I 9 I , 9 ,yr ' 2 fr I Ity A 33 Ce fans ' 1 1 8 B oone 66 Am es t ,V 84 S.C..1xlorth.4 ' it iw v 1: - 42 Waterloo Wests 99 9 113 I if MarshaIIiQWD4Qf lil , I , ff' f'v,f': I Place In B19 Nine Meet 2 999 9999 L99999999 'i J I I 99999 Kyle Ruge takes a breather. FINISH IN TOP-TEN RATING Q ?,,mrf'lf at iff, in E : 'ref 4-,e,qga f 9 up X -at x Anya ' 1:5 Nfxi rw. .rv 't X x t . 90 Kyle Ruge Jon Duvall Charlie Simpson Bill Glaser Freshman Bill Glaser-4th in State 100 butterfly Junior Kyle Fluge-10th in State 500 freestyle 11th in State 200 freestyle Junior Dave Woodruff--8th in State 100 breaststroke 9th in State 400 yard Freestyle Relay Things look bright for the swim team! 1973-74 DGDGER CHEERLEADERS C4-,Wy WMM off yy! Q 'if' QL KO7' L WW wcqacgvimop MQLQJGC 051' 123' wi 76 cheerleaders Sue Sheker Beth Hoover Jill Dawson Laurie Wilson Muffy Maiwurm Back Mary Ann Woodard Kathy Bennett Sheree Pearson. Front: 55 1 'X 1 , 48" . 513532 , , , if Q , A V ,, . ,wg ,Q . x., 5 1 Ia-iff M iplmff' 2123 wgi ' wx Es mm V , vkrmv. ' K 1 iw . .. A 3 f Y ' gffvavx: Q 1 fi gi. Rr.R.'c? 1 1 e , H T cn Z 4 D5 If I- VITAL oRoANsS "but there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do, once you find them . . jim croce YY l A Cappella Choir: First row: Billie Schoonover, Janet Stiles, Sue Pam Christopher, Julie Hovey, Karol Kersten, Dave Burke, Terry Jones. Kielhorn, Lisa Zehr, Lynnette Wildt, Terri Danner, Becky Lenz, Denise Fourth row: Sam Garst, Paul Larson, Larry Ftoeske, Dale Woock, Dan Wasson, Leann Clark, Diane Trusty, Judy Hilken, Mary Cox, Sheree Per- Dubois, Don Cloud, Mark Pingel, Bill Parsons, Tom Quealy, Kevin Kozel, son, Joan Hendricks. Second row: Donna Bangert, Sandy Wilson, Rox- Bryan Gates, Brian Danner, Jim Ecklund. Fifth row: Paul Hayes, Dan anne Scharf, Wendy Haack, Karen Peterson, Kathy Harris, Liz Noyes, Dickinson, Jim Underbrink, Joe Zimmerman, Craig Barnes, Phil John- Nancy Horney, Pam Newbrough, Lisa Thompson, Kathy Stenhaug, Ruth son, Bruce Cook, Tom Underbrink, Dave Pingel, Mike Garatoni, Gary Vander Maten. Third row: Joe Moore, Dan Jacobson, Janet Grady, Julie Maiden, Mark Hilken, Scott Fortune. Flaney, Marcia Beers, Vickie Huyser, Flhonda Shute, Becky Carlson, A'CAPPELLA CHCIR Choir officers were: Tom Quealy-vice-president, Lisa Zehr-sec.-tres., Sam Garst-president. This year's A Cappella was a busy one spending fifth hour every day preparing for a mul- titude of appearances. First, the choir, along with the other vocal groups and the orchestra, presented the Annual Christ- mas Concert. This year for the first time, the concert was held at North, and two concerts were given on the same afternoon. A Cappela members sold candy bars to raise money for their 'tour'. MUSIC THEATER A Cappella was selected as one of tour high school choirs from seven states to appear at the American Choir Directors Associations Regional Music Convention in Des Moines on February 8. The choir presented concerts before the convention, presenting the conven- tion material to St. Edmond's High School, Iowa Central Community College, Ames High School, and lndianola-Simpson College. Quite a busy week! Selections included 'Selections from GodspeIl', by the Chamber Choir, and Totentanz-Dance of Death by Hugo Distler. ln this piece of music, various characters are confronted by death tRhonda Shutel, and argue with her as to why they should suffer at her hands, while the choir sings in the background. Characters included: Dan Dickinson, Sheree Person, Kathy Boomgarden, Tom Ouealy, Sam Garst, Bruce Cook, Bryan Gates, Don Cloud, Mike Garatoni, and Mark Hilken. Two weeks after the convention, the last concert was presented to Fort Dodgers, in a home concert. But the Choir was not at rest for long. The next day, the spring musical was announced. "Guys and DoIls," was headed from Broadway to Fort Dodge, and casting began immediate- ly. In addition, the choir presented various school assemblies, and choir members en- joyed parties after All-State try outs and after the home concert. This year also, a few members of the choir presented a music theater, 'Babes in Arms' for Music Theater Day at UNI in November. Pic- tures of Music Theater can be seen on this page. Members were: Julie Haney, Dan Dickinson, Lisa Zehr, Cathy Simpson, Tom Quealy, Kevin Van Every, Bill Parsons, Pam Kilgore. At lower left, members of the choir can be seen caroling in the halls at Christmas time. SELECT . rr or wx 1' .Eater 1,5 Q me r Chamber Choir: First ROW: Leann Clark. Der1iSe Wasson, Kathy Dan Jacobson, Scott Fortune, Gary Maiden, Mike Garatoni, Bruce STGUNSUQ- JUUY Hilkenr I-lee Zehf- 590005 ROWS Kami' Harrie, Karel Cook, Don Cloud, Dan Dickinson, Joe Moore. Fourth Flow: Bryan Gates, Kereten, Pam Christopher. Kathy Beemgerdern Julie Hevev, Becky Tom Que-any, Mark Hilkemcraig Barnes, Bill Parsond, Kevin van Every, Carlson, Julie Flaney, Nancy Horney, Ruth Vander Maten. Third Flow: Sam Garst, Seated at piano: Dale Woock, All-State: Julie Haney, Bryan Gates, Karen Porter, Dan Dickinson, Judy Hilken, Bruce Cook, Kathy Stenhaug, Karol Kersten. GROUPS Girl's Glee Club: First Row: Vicki Ewing, Annette Nordstrom, Cindy Nottger, Cyndie Uderman, Karyl Wyman, Jill McNally, Cathy Simp- son-president. Second Row: Cindy Hay, Diane Johnson, Cheryl Hagar, Diane Wasson, Pam Kilgore, Terri Royster, Deb Johnson, Deb Andrews. Third Row: Pam Kuhn, Diane McBride, Diana Bangert, Jennie Fuller-secretary, Diane Dungy, Denise Ayres, Nancy Hockel, Marcell Pommer. Fourth Flow: Lynne Rector, Deb Porter, Lisa Motl, Kim Halligan, Jodi Huseman, Chris Keyser, Kathy Harder-vice-president, Maryann Woodard, Pam Garrett. ' Sophomore Select: First Row: Melodee Hall, Beth Barry, Lynn Pflibsen, Karen Porter, Lisa Saboe, Berta Hamm. Second Ftow: Lauri Wilson, Sharon Neeson, Bonnie Lenz, Kris Fletcher, Kim Turner, Chris Saxton, Liz Johnson, Ann Friesth. Third Row: Ron Hamlow, Mike Castor, Chris Macgruder, Jeff Jones. Fourth Flow: Kevin Wilde, Ron Bemrich, Andy Kon- drath, Paul Kruger, Paul Fthoades. - 4 "io iii. 'aff Fi 1.1: Select Groups performed at -' various activities throughout the community this year. 1 - those who tried out for All- State, performed in different concerts and sang for the Area Council of Churches Meeting. 2 - All-Staters were selected in district auditions in October, and then participated in a 600 A voice choir at the All-State Festival held in Ames over Thanksgiving. 3 - Girl's Glee Club met Third Hour, sang at the Christmas concert and planned a pops concert for later in the year. 4 - Sophomore Select members ' i were selected from the two ' sophomore choirs, and also ' performed at various concerts . during the year. i 'H Chamber Choir consisted of all gi' 1 li. lim 61 ORCHESTRA OR XHOW TO SAW WOOD' Orchestra meets three days a week and practices for many appearances throughout the year. The first orchestra concert this year was the Fall Concert in November for string ensemble. Wind players from band joined the orchestra after marching season and performed for the annual Christmas Concert. ln February, the String Trio from lowa State University came to Fort Dodge, giving clinics to string players from the orchestra. The annual Spring Concert was presented in March. The orchestra also provides instrumenta- tion for the musical each year, and performs at Springtasia in May. In addition, the orchestra appears at various school assemblies throughout the city during the year. Upper right: Mr. Huffman instructs Sherill Law on how to saw wood. Lower right: Members of orchestra selected for All-State were: Diane Wasson, Lisa Koenig, Denise Wasson, Mary Hansman. First row: Lisa Koenig, Sheryl Lucas, Diane Wasson, Mary Marchant, Denise Wasson, Mary Hansman, Leslie Jordison, Bill Secor. Second row: Mike Narigon, Sherill Law, Becky Anderson, Cindy Hay, Sue Patterson, Terri Brown, Lynne Rector, Pam Christopher, Chris Saxton, Terri Danner, Fton Bemrich, Debbie Paddon, Ken Adams, Mary Jane Larson. Third row: Nancy Metier, Lisa Saboe, Janet Grady, Leann Clark, Linda Q I ' .ps Van Alstine, Diana Dungy, Fred Collins, Kris Fletcher, Kris Ewen, Dave Hottman, Greg Dannenbring, Steve Maiwurm, Greg Hemrick, Tom Underbrink, Doug Hottman, Bon Laird, Annette Dillon, Charles Magruder. Fourth row: Mr. Huffman, Buthann Brown. Not pictured: Mark Maggio. Symphonette: Left to right: Chris Saxton, Lisa Koenig, Sheryl Lucas, Mike Narigon, Fred Collins, Leann Clark, Bill Secor, Annette Dillon, 1 Leslie Jordison, Diane Wasson, Sherill Law, Nancy Metier, Lisa Saboe, Denise Wasson, Mary Hansman. SYMPHONETTE i L V , 1 if-fs if- " ful l, , ,,,,,,, W ve 4' 0 E Q ' I 'I , ,,V V 5 is 41 fy, 9 fit sux ,api la , C 'xc' rv-g fl u, A K V, -1.9g,f if Q xt L f' :TJ ,, :if '? . I . MHA Left: Basses Ron Laird and Charlie Magruder tune up before practice. Above: Orchestra officers were: Charlie Magruder-vice-president, Mike Narigon-sec.-treasurer, Lisa Koenig-president. Symphonette performs at various civic events throughout the community. It also appears with the orchestra at many of their concerts, and forms the nucleus of pit orchestra for the musical. -we z. 63 LET'S SEE SOME INSTRUMENT SWING This year's Marching Band was quite a group. Under the able directorship of Mr. Altemeier, Mr. Groethe, and Mrs. Wilde, the band had a remarkably successful season. The band performed at each in-town football game including a pre-game and half time show. Themes this year varied from "The World of Children" to "Holidays of the Year." The band also led the Homecoming Parade and performed a special Homecoming half time. On Sept. 28th, the band travel- ed to UNI where they placed 1st-Class AA, in that Homecoming Parade. ln Oct. the band received a 'l'- Superior Rating at State Marching Band Contest. The band also played for the annual Veteran's Day Obser- vance and created a float for Homecoming which won the prize for "Most Beautiful." This page: 1 - Mr. 'A' works diligently on the band float. 2 - And the band plays on as the Dodgerettes perform another delightful routine. ' Next page: 1 - Mickey Mouse, Banner Guards Laurie Geren and Cindy Knutson, and Twirler Mary Cox delight another crowd at Dodger Stadium. 2 - Able Drum Majors Scott Fortune and Karen Ogren attended Drum Major Camp at Luther College in August preparing them for a hard but successful year at leading the band. 3 - Karen leads the band at the beginning of a regular pre-game show. People In band are usually a close group, so, if all you fans out in Dodgerland don't understand the following, it's probably because you aren't in band. mf g' ,,,, ,W ',f,, I sincerely believe we can be the best band ever this year .... I The following people will make up tardies after school on Tuesday . . . . Band Ten-Hut . . . . Come on drummers, oan't you do anything right? .... Glide steps? .... Steve, did you play for post-game tonight?-I may have but I don't remember .... Load tomorrow at 2:30 A.M., be ready to leave at 3:00 .... Get those knees up, let's see some instrument swing .... 7:30 in the morning, on the field, ready to go .... Cover down .... l'm gettin on the bus with all the Dodgerettes and Flag Girls so we can have initiation .... Kent, what's your squad doin' out in the mid- dle of the field all by themselves? .... Smile Mary .... Don't forget the rolloff drummers .... lf you don't have some black shoes, get some. Jeff Johnson got some real nice ones from the Goodwill for 31.50 .... Work on the float tonight at 6:30, and the following 87 people still owe money for the float .... Get in line Soph-o-more .... Just because you're a squad leader, you think you know everything .... Drummers we need a sectional so what hour today? Fourth? O.K. Sue go in and make some passes .... RP2 LP TTR S24 LM RM TTR FM16 RP, OK squad leaders, got that? .... Dave and Mike what can you tell us about the bars in Cedar Falls? .... Why's half the band over too far? I bet the judges wonder .... All right, no chaperones on this bus . . . .These sophomore guys have to load the equipment Thurs- day night and Friday night afterwards. Q42-. -J HA . I4 ft? You know, we can yell and holler, but until you people get the right attitude, we'll never do anything right .... Mr. Groethe lost how much money playing Black Jack? .... OK, from the top of the show.-But Mr. 'A', this is the 38th time we've done it this morning .... Keep those collars zipped up, even if you do choke to death . . . .Sit by squads first half-Groan. . . . Barb, we get all the way to Cedar Falls, and then you tell me you forgot your clarinet .... Who wants to play poker? You mean who wants to go bankrupt . . . . You don't need to take money for dinner, the Band Boosters are paying for it. Liver, spinach and skim milk .... Were we this bad last year? . . . . Who's changing in the back of the bus? . . . . Terri, can we please wear our sweaters Fri- day night? .... Doug and Sheryl, knock it off in the back of the bus .... Gloria, come on back, Gloria .... You wanna bet?-Sure, whata you got?-Five aces .... Ernie, that's the 57th bass drum head you've broken this season .... You're a heck of a man when you're drunk, Toni . . . . Considering all the disadvantages we had this year, we did remarkably well .... People we have a show-TONIGHT!! .... This whole show is kind of Mickey Mousey .... Anyone who has not turned in their marching folders, please do so . . . . DEEP RIVER FOREVER!!!l ...i-""""W Y '-fs... M... ..c. We-. SRM?-Natuewsss as we-Q4.. e vt. T-.TV 66 Symphonic Band: First row: Pam Christopher, Cindy Lombard, Holly Halligan, Lynne Rector, Terri Brown, Mark Maggio, Deb Sweat, Karol Kersten, Sue Patterson. Second row: Liz Patterson, Melissa Mohler, Chris Keyser, Lynn Gernhart, Julie Hovey, Flon Laird, Dan Tomlinson, Kris Ewen, Kris Fletcher, Mike Garatoni, Gerald Bonnstetter, Phil Brown, Kathy Stenhaug, Annette Dillon. Third row: Vicki Huyser, Carolyn McNeil, Renee Petit, Nadine Oleson, John Ftapp, Scott Pitman, Dave :mwxw"W"'m,0NKQKM Mt'-'-'Q-wnquiaw -vgvgfsttt A Hottman, Steve Maiwurm, Rich Vratny, Fton Bemrich, Brian Sandberg, Dave Woodruff, Al Hayek, Tom Oueaiy, Flon Jacobson, John Oatrnan, Tom Underbrink, Doug Hottman, Kent Pflibsen. Fourth row: Nancy Horney, Kevin Long, Scott Fortune, Dave Lingreen, Matt Anderson, Paul Hayes, Kevin Olson, Bill Secor, Sheryl Lucas. Not pictured: Chris Saxton, Amy Kersten, Kay Underberg, Karen Ogren, Greg Dannenbring, Greg Hemrick. SYMPHONIC, CONCERT BANDS Soon after marching season, auditions were held for Symphonic and Concert Band, and practices began. Mr. Altemeier directs the Symphonic Band whose first perfor- mance was the annual Winter Concert in February. Dr. Joe Messager, asst. Dir. of Woodwinds at lSU was the special guest soloist on clarinet. Greg Hemrick, on bass trombone, was the student soloist. The band also sponsored the Luther College Concert Band in a concert here in January. In March, both bands, along with the Junioi High bands, presented a Festival of Bands to kickoff the fund raising drive for new band and orchestra uniforms. In May, the Concert Band under the direction of Mr. Groethe presented their annual Spring Concert and the Symphonic Band appeared at Springtasia. Both bands gave assembly programs at different schools throughout the year. Band officers: Kent Pflibsen-president, Amy Kersten-secretary, Steve Maiwurm-vice- president, not pictured-Annette Dillon-treasurer and student conductor. ALL'M'3lAilf'Z LETY1' .. so TU iilf. H L Q L , Now for some more famous last words . . . . . . . . . .Bflat scale-legato tongue . . . .please make every effort to be at your lessons this week .... Amy is having a tough time finding housing, check with your parents .... common drummers .... do we have to wear our uniforms? .... prac- ' tice at North on Saturday morning at 8:00, be 1 V there .... our bass trombonist is having .V a slight problem .... get your ticket money V I band tonight .... Iet's take MacArthur 1 Park at 76 .... people, get this music , home and do some woodshedding .... B 1' flat scale, staccato tongue .... this is the l l T ' i . ' NK f f 2 1 turned in .... sign up if you can be in pep W T 1 K Nqr' ,xx 4 'Q f' first time in 12 years that we haven't had a piccolo .... Steve, sit up .... Kent, do you have any announcements? .... We need workers to help set up, anyone besides Barb? .... Sue, why did you leave the stage when you weren't supposed to? It was entirely KaroI's fault .... All right, we need more than 6 people to play in pep band . . . . But Mrs. Henke, we have to leave for i pep band at 11:30 .... Greg, common, stand up. I am, I am .... Paul, quit talking through that darn tuba, will you .... Kris , I has what color of socks on? .... Karol, why are you wearing sunglasses? . . . . Don't put your instruments away, the bell hasn't rung. Bzzzz. Well okay, dismissed. Band members who were accepted for All-State included: Kris Ewen, Pam Christopher, Greg Dannenbring, Ron Bemrich. Concert Band: First row: Anita Monarch, Becky Anderson, Julie Norman, Laura Malsom, Gary Lombard, Cheri Chalstrom, Ann Woodruff, Lynell Stanburg, Ruthann Krivolavy. Second row: Kris Webb, Gloria Klinefelter, Julie Krivolavy, Jeff Jones, Greg Lombard, Brian Hayek,Ken Anderson, Randy Gerrard, Bill Parsons, David Jensen. Third row: Chris Pugh, Tim Keck, Matt Eger, Rocky Porter, Dan Marsh, Tim Zuspann, Dan Schubr- l ing, Gil Beecher, Paul Stenhaug, Jim Torp, Dale Mandelko, Dan Jacob- son, Kevin Shelby, Matt Quealy, Dan Yoder. Fourth row: Gary Moeller, Tom Dillon, Mike Ritchey, Ernie Kersten, Charlie Simpson, Scott John- son, Terry Jones. Not pictured: Rick Brown, Dennis Essig, Rick Helmers Diane Keighley, Kris Kellen, Annette Nordstrom, Sheryl Nordstrom Karen Hemrick. First row: Sherrie Lucas, Bill Secor, Phil Brown, Kathy Stenhaug, Annette row: Steve Maiwurm, Ron Bemrich, Greg Dannenbring, John Rapp, Scott Dillon, Sue Patterson. Second row: Dave Lingreen, Mike Narigon, Doug Pitman. Not pictured: Pam Christopher. Hottman, Kent Pflibsen, Tom Quealy, Kris Ewen, Greg Hemrick. Third Jazz Lab practices throughout the year, spending many long nights in preparing for endless performances. The band started off the year by appearing as a guest band at the North Central Iowa Jazz Festival in December, where Steve Maiwurm and Greg Hemrick were given out- standing musician awards. In January, Jazz Lab went to the Tallcorn Music Festival at U.N.l., where Sue Patterson and Greg Hemrick received similar awards. ln February, the band performed at the Drake Jazz Spectacular. ln addition to competing at various festivals throughout the year, Jazz Lab also performed at many different school assemblies and basketball games. The highlight of the Jazz Lab's year is the annual Perspectives in Jazz held every March. JAZZ LAB Jazz Lab officers for the year were: Steve Maiwurm, vice-president, Annette Dillon, president, and John Rapp, secretary-treasurer. CHQ ,S . R . I ' . l g . Al it , x g g .xx ,J V. l,y-,. .S fr.-so NNN. N. X in flquos i a g g. 1 giratt ii fLL -I XX UPLAY TIME" "You were Born on a Rotten Day." was this year's All- School Play. The play centered around activities at Galileo High School, where Mr. Jones the physics in- structor was desperately trying to obtain a telescope. He, however, is hampered by the budget and students who are very interested in astrology. In an effort to dampen this interest, he makes two ridiculous predictions as Ptolemy the astrologer. Both predictions, nevertheless, come true. As soon as a Ptolemy craze hits the town, Ptolemy dis- appears never to be heard of again. Fortunately, Mr. Jones also obtains his telescope. 1-"Bart Bascom, Director of Athletics, but you can call me Coach!", exclaims Bart while meeting the new stu- dent teacher, Yvonne Smith. 2-An attentive class carefully listens to Mr. Jones. 3-"The P is silent", emphasizes Ptolemy to an irate coach. 4-"l'd love to carry your books," sighs Helen to Fred. CAST: Mr. Jones ......... Bart Bascom ........ Councilman Banks ... Miss Masters ...... Miss Johnson ..... ... ...Sam Garst ,... Tom Keelan . . . . .Bruce Cook ...... Deb Porter .......Ann Hudson Ptolemy ..,....... .... G eorge Spellman Professor Huxley ..... Yvonne Smith ..,.........,.. Jody Thorson W Connie Constellation ........... Kim Naven Miss Marks ............ Joanna Leatherman Mrs. Banks ........ .......... J udy Hilken Mrs. Cannon ... ' Mrs. Ames ... Harry ...,.. ..........PatParks .........KflS Ewen . . . .Diane Yetmar ...... Kevin Shelby Helen ... ,.,. Adrienne Berryhill N4 Z Fred ..,. .......,... G. reg Field Vera .... ..... S hannon Lennier Jan .,.,... .... M aryJane Larson Bridget .... . . . Kathy Terranova George ,... .... Fl ob Bargman John ..,... ...., D ave Burke Allan ...... ..... B ryan Gates Marsha .... .....,.... E ileen Gloe Alma ..,.......... ....... C ynth Ann Smith Liz ,...................... ...... T eri Jones Bob ..................,......... Paul Watts Voices .Fred Collins, Mike Rhodes and cast . . tg: i T i SPEECH DEPARTMENT SENDS SIX In district auditions held in Fort Dodge on Jan. 26, all Fort Dodge speech groups received 'I' Superior ratings, enabl- ing them to compete at State Speech Contest held on Feb. 10 at Cherokee. Here again the speech groups were successful, either receiving 'I' or 'll' ratings. i i Q i 4 1 s Members of Readers' Theater who received a 'll' at State for their presentation of 'Blythe's Spirit' included: Fred Collins, Berta Hamm, Judy Hilken, Deb Porter, Jim Ecklund. CONTEST GROUPS TO STATE 1-Kim Naven pleads with Pat Parks for an answer in the one-act play "Smoke Screen". 2-Kim Naven remains aloof from Sam Garst in "Smoke Screen" which received a 'I' rating at State Contest. 3-Jody Thorson and Pat Parks performing their duet-acting of "Rainmaker" which also was awarded a 'I' rating at State Contest. 4-Kim Naven comforts Sam Garst in "l Never Sang for My Father", their duet-act which earned them a 'l' rating. 5-Tom Keelan appears very upset at Kevin Shelby in the duet-act "The Odd Couple", also worthy of a 'I' rating at State Contest. 6-Choral Speaking, whose version of "The Sneetches" was successful enough to achieve a 'I' Rating at State Contest, included: First row: Eileen Gloe, Shannon Lennier, Kris Wooster, Kevin Shelby, Judy Hilken, Greg Field, Tom Keelan. Second row: Terri Jones, Berta Hamm, Maryjane Larson, Deb Porter, Jim Ecklund, Paul Watts. Not pictured: Fiob Bargman. MODEL U.N. Model U.N. is an organization involving students who are in- terested in world issues. The F.D.H.S. Model U.N. is a member of the Iowa High School Model United Nations. This is a group of high school students from around the state who meet each year to hold mock United Nations sessions. In these sessions world problems and methods of solv- ing them are discussed, as various high schools represent actual member nations of the real United Nations. Held this year on April 18-20, at UNI, Fort Dodge Students represent the nations of France, Iraq, Malaysia, and Senegal. Senior Mike Garatoni was also selected to make one of five policy speeches, his for France. M4247 few its M DEBATE Model U.N. members: First row: Ernie Kersten, Lisa Thompson, Mike Garatoni, Donna Howard, Karol Kersten, Kent Pflibsen. Second row: Flon Bemrich, Advisor Mr. Lehmkuhl, Sue Patterson, Bill Secor, Jodi Huseman, Leigh Hartigan, Holly Halligan, Terry Kersten, Mlke Narlgon, Todd Frantz, Fred Collins, Bob lsacson. Not pictured: C. T. Newsum, Lisa Koenig, Diane Howard, Dave Woodruff, Tom Underbrink, Dawn Blobaum, Tom Peters, Dan Guetzlaff. Varsity Debaters with Coach Cal Kolling were Bill Secor, Bob lsacson, Don Carlson, Ernie Kersten, Denny Schrader. The High School Debate Team began practice in October and participated in tournaments until February. The team travelled first to Estherville in October, where Cindy Hay and Patty Enos received awards for their performance. Fort Dodge then placed fourth in the Novice division in November at the Des Moines Tournament. The Dodger Invitational, hosted by Fort Dodge students, resulted in a first place win for Dodger Novice Debaters. Other tournaments that Fort Dodge entered included: Laurens in December, Spencer in January, and Fort Dodge St. Edmonds in February. In addition to the varsity debaters pictured above, others included: Patty Enos, Cindy Hay, Vicki Huyser, Mindy Natte, Kent Nordquist, Paul Stenhaug, John Antolik. John Antolik and Paul Stenhaug were also involved in oratoryg Mindy Natte and Roberta Hamm in Interpretation, and Ernie Kersten and Bill Secor in Extemporaneous. DCDDGER SENATE Dodger Senate again served as FDHS's form of stu- dent government. The Senate met once a week to talk over school problems and policy. Dodger Senate was in charge of Homecoming Activities, helped with assemblies, and ushered at special programs. This year, a new system of recognizing members of the student body was established, in- itiating the Athlete and Student of the Week. Dodger Senate also had charge of Homerooms represen- tatives. 1-Fran at another of her endless duties as SBP, directing an assembly. 2-Members of Dodger Senate: First Row: Dave Woodruff, C. T. Newsum vice-president, Holly Halligan, Fran McCormick-president, Sherri Kirkeby-secretary, Trent Tripp, Steve Maiwurm. Second Row: Mr. Raker, Mr. Breffle, Mrs. Har- tigan, Ms. Morrissey, Mrs. Kielhorn, Mr. Marquis, Mrs. Henke, Mr. Lehmkuhl, Mr. Winkler, Mr. Linney, Mr. Kruse. Absent: Pam New- brough, Joe Moore. .,,.gf'f ,................ T,-y ., . ,..--i. 7 The Social Committee was in charge of such ac- tivities as decorating for dances, finding chaperones, selling tickets, making signs, and decorating the school for Homecoming and Christ- mas. Social Committee is open to anyone who takes out a petition at the begin- ning of the year. This year's chairperson was Lisa Koenig. Cultural Committee was in charge of all school assemblies for this year, and started the idea of a Talent Assembly. The Cultural Committee also began a handbook for student civil rights. Chairperson was Fay Jonas. MIA l Boy's VICA: First Row: Craig Stevens, William Sindlinger, Mike DeBakey, Jim Machovec, David Fawcett, Mike Lynch, Mike Beck, Tom Kopp, John Hollister. Second Row: Mike Scott, Ron Williams, Dan Hickey, Gordon Seehusen, Jodi Klass, Kevin Powell, Kevin Becker, Kirk Adams, Dennis Frank, Kendal Pommer. Third Row: Steve Ruby, Richard Thode, Dave Burton, Gary Cook, Bruce Evenson, Greg Smith, Gaylen Pierson, Tony Jorgensen, Kent Becker, Randy Birocci, Scott Hepburn. Missing: James Quam, James Andrews, Bruce McCormack. maM1 ,fgkei '- r, f Girl's VICA: First Row: Sue Daisy, Leah Blunt, Kristi Walters, Lorie Niemand, Vickie Vogel. Second Row: Diane Salvatore, Carol Wegman, Beanna Cook, Sue Brown, Julie Black, Mary Degner. -:V V f si fl ,ga Vocational Industrial Club of America QVICAJ is a program design- ed for high school students to learn and prepare for the world of work. Members attend school for half the day and work the other half. Various activities including the Leadership Conference, Employer-Employee Banquet, and annual spring picnic are held. This years officers are: Girl's VICAQ President - Lorie Nie- mand, Vice-president - Vickie Vogel, Secretary - Leah Blunt, Treasurer - Kristi Walters, Reporter - Beanna Cook, Parliamentarian - Sue Daisy. Boy's VlCAg President- Mike Beck, Vice-president - Jodi Klass, Secretary - Craig Stevens, Treasurer - Mike DeBakey, Reporter - Richard Thode, Parliamentarian - James Quam. Advisor for both groups is Mr. Lloyd Patterson. VICA ond DECA DECA: First Row: Sandy Oleson - State DECA AREA Ill Vice-president and chapter secretary, Jackie Blunt - chapter treasurer, Marilyn Telfer, Lori Folvag, Terri Hacker - chapter reporter, Fortchie Reddick. Second Row: Deb Wright, Bixi Charon, Linda Ekstrom, Deb Archer, Deb Roest, Karol Boersma - chapter vice-president, Shirley Crimmins, Kathy Holloway - chapter president. Third Row: Bruce Rogers, Ron Murray, Jim Kesterson, Steve Kudron, chapter reporter, John Nordstrom, Dave Vinson, Steve Patter- son, Kenn Patterson - chapter ad- visor. Fourth Row: Shirlee Pickett, Bill Adams, Craig Bartholow, Kelly Angstrom, Dave Roberts, Dave Pfannes. Distributive Educational Clubs of America QDECAJ is com- posed of students who work part-time in retail and wholesale business and attend school half days. Fund raising activities are scheduled throughout the year to pay for the various activities held on the local, state, and national level. WIE GEHT'S German Club has had many activities this year, starting with initiation of new members. This year initiation was held at the beginning of the year and included, for the first time, first year students. lt was held at Loomis Park, involving a potluck using only German recipes. Games and songs were enjoyed. In November, the German Festival "Oktoberfest" was held. The cafeteria was decorated, a king and queen were crowned, members made pretzels, cakes, pies, drank root beer, ate, sang, and danced to the famous oompa band. There was a root beer drinking con- test, fishing pond, cake walks, and a dart booth. Many members dressed the part of Germans. Meetings are held weekly, with several get togethers to involve more peo- ple. A German Banquet is being planned to be held at the Country Club, and members are also interested in having a soccer game. German Club also helps plan the International Banquet. Officers at right were: Barb Eckhart, Sara Mittlestadt, Donna Howard, Jim Underbrink, and Kent Pflibsen. VITA VINUM EST Latin Club consisted of all students taking Latin. In the fall, an in- itiation picnic was held in Loomis park, in- volving a potluck, and a game of football. A halloween party was E also held. Plans for a X spring picnic, and view- ing a movie in March were formulated. Latin Club members also helped with the Inter- national Banquet. Of- ficers were: at right, Bryan Gates, Rick Swedlund, and Bruce Kirkberg. tx-A ssssli-1, i t ff? 1 - 3 xi .ii it Asn' ES LA vim This year Spanish Club was very busy. The year started out with a potluck, so members could get to know each other. Later in October, a Halloween party was held, where everyone dressed up and played games. In November, Spanish Club went roller skating, and in December the annual Christ- mas party was held. Members went to the Pizza Hut to eat, and then back to the school to break candy-filled pinatas. January brought a bowling par- ty, and club members, in groups of sixteen regularly go to a small Mexican restaurant. Plans for the International Banquet are being gathered. Officers for the year included: At left: Paula Powers, Leighton Berryhill, Phil Johnson, and Bill Secor. BONJOUR, TOUT LE MON DE Sans Souci, or carefree is the name of French Club. The Club had fifteen regular members and twenty-four prospective members. Only those who have had at least one year of French can be regular members. A Halloween party was held in October, with plans for a picnic in the spring for initiation. Members also par- ticipated on the International Ban- quet. Officers of French Club for the year included: At left: Mike Cole, Jane Bonnell, Jill McNally, Kathy Dalvey, Tim Floquet. Sound familiar? You've probably heard cheerleaders and the Pep Club frantically yelling something similiar to this at various athletic events throughout the year. Pep Club, once again one of the larger school organizations, tried to maintain a high level of school spirit and pep. They did this not only by cheering at games and meets, but in countless other ways. Pep Club members painted signs and windows, made booster pins, baked cookies, made Christmas gifts, put on pep assemblies, helped with Homecoming, 50's Day, and sponsored Twirp Week. A 5 'UW 'ZZ' , 511110: I ...,f WE GOT SPIRIT YES WE DG -' , vm. 3' 5 ' Yrs H ' ' V E , , MW,,,,,.,,.,.,,j,l5 I , ..,,, ,,., , , W fi f W' ,ff W L. Left page: 1-Pep Club cheers the Dodgers on to vic- tory, amid a variety of expres- sion, 2-Pep Club struck again, spreading cheer on the windows, 3-Pep Club Officers were: Pam John- son-treasurer, Amy Kersten-secretary, Ann Porter-president, Sue Kiel- horn-vice-president. This page: 1-Ann Porter and Vicki Ewing decorate the dis- play window for Twirp Week, 2-Squad Leaders were: Lynne Kirkberg, Linda St. John, Sue Patterson, Sheila Person, Kim Turner, Donna Howard, absent, Diane Howard. 3-Pep Club members assist the cheerleaders, yelling in the Homecoming Parade. QxL ss... P or . s..r, it :Li rf K-7k K A , . -.-L5.- 1Q-L 4 5 .f2' 5 S. . -A WE ig . do gg i i by Y . ' -. r - A Junior Civitan-involving civic-minded ac- 1 r , S tivities and service projects-has been "A. f , S e e very active this year. Making hand C , eere P t puppets for handicapped children and t gg V ji . sponsoring a Foreign Exchange Student 'iti it weekend where Exchange Students from S by P r the area gathered, are just a couple of ex- 5 4 amples . . . Junior Civitan also had fund raising activities such as selling mixed K E nuts, stationery, and Dodger Football Pins. The club also entered a float in the A , ,KM Homecoming festivities. Members worked , . . . ,. , ,,,.. j . ,,. ,.. . 6 , , ., ,,, j , , . . ,., , ,,. , at the Street Flodders Weekend lan an- tique car groupj, and contributed to Home Inc., a local home and family aide organization. Plans for the future include: the Big Brother Program, and a summer conference. Officers: Scott Toresdahl, Leighton Berryhill, Tonya Boone, and Deb '-afS0n- . ., -t ,h f-S war E. is X Key Club is a high school group that works through the local Kiwanis organization. The club's primary purpose is to provide service to the community and school. Members helped the Kiwanis in their annual pancake feed, and have helped in concession stands at athletic events, ushered at community activities, done sand bag projects for the city, visited homes for the elderly, and have held money making projects. Key Club is a national organization that provides services not only on the local scene, but throughout the nation. Officers: Sec.lTreas.-Ernie Kersten, Pres.-C. T. Newsum, V. Pres.-Dave Woodruff. Faculty Sponsor is Bob Breffle. 5 K 5: u X-,S S S 1 E . .. . V' k Lx , 4 -V ..,, , . 1. . :"rr:- 80 0 o X19 2 pg? F.T.A. officers are: Jane Bonnell, Kathy Bennett, Karen Robinson, and not pictured, Kim Motl. HIGH SCHCOL BOWL F.T.A. Future Teachers of America tFTAl is an organization for those who are planning a career in education and want to find out more about it. Meetings are held once a month to discuss education and also for special activities. Members hold various picnics and parties and had a special Christmas party for children this year. Advisor is Mrs. Pedersen. High School Bowl members in- cluded: Ken Adams, Lavonne Krug, Fred Collins, and Ron Bemrich. The advisor is Mrs. Pedersen. High School Bowl members compete against other teams from around the area, answering questions on a wide variety of topics. High School Bowl can be seen on KVFD-TV. OE The Office Education program provides on-the- job training for seniors who are interested in full-time employment as office per- sonnel. Students par- ticipating inthe office educa- tion program attend school four hours a day, and work in an approved training station three hours a day. Club ac- tivities include a fall con- ference, a state leadership conference, a national leadership conference, and an employer-employee banquet. Members also run the OE coat check at all athletic events at the high school. Officers are: President-Rhonda Niemier, Vice-president - Carol Grif- fin, Secretary - Charla Green, Treasurer - Sue Davis, Reporter - Michelle Kopish, Historian - Carmen Berte. mamma coordinator. AUDIO VISUAL Audio Visual Club is a school service club, helping teachers, and students with such equipment. Students spend part of the school day helping in the AV center and earn credits for doing so. Meetings are held to learn how to operate and maintain the equipment. LIBRARY AIDES Library aides, from left to right, included: Joni Tutor, Chris Henrichsen, Cheryl Hagar, Mary Nelson, Vicki McDermott, Riza Crouse, Michelle Kopish, not pic- tured-Kathy Flockhart, Debbie Ludwig, Deanna Brink. Library aides work in the library, helping the librarians in all phases of their work, performing a necessary job to the entire school. ln addition to those pictured, seven other girls became aides at semester break, including, Linell Stanberg, Mary Clark, Rhonda Cusey, Deb Henry, Pam O'Brien, Marianne Brezovan, and Deb Reese. OE Club: First row: Kris Walters, Sue Gross, Leanna Hubbard, Kathy Hanson, Deb Zimmerman, Deb Delanoit, Rhonda Niemier, Deb Hergenreter. Second row: Jane Anderson, Connie Dunn, Linda Finney, Michelle Kopish, Sue Davis, Charla Green, Carol Scott, Carmen Berte, Carol Griffin, and Miss Joan Harden, AV Club: Left to right: Jeff Tomlinson, Lonnie Lenstch, Ron Hamlow, Mike Castor, Chuck Phillips, Don Gold, Bill DeSchmldt, Joe Moore, Guy Gordon. !..'i".Jn li ff .5 5 Sffafff. XJ, W lf K Ki LITTLE DODGER The Little Dodger provides students on its staff with the opportunity to learn while doing. Staff members contribute to the paper in their in- terest areas, regularly contac- ting various news sources. The pur- pose of the newspaper is to inform the student body. With the privilege of being on the staff goes the responsibility of honest and ac- curately reporting the news. The stu- dent publication also strives to provide expres- sion of all types of student opinion. Little Dodge Staff: First row: Lynn Conell, Lynne Rector, DeeDee Olmstead, Lynn Lunn, Fran McCormick-editor, Annete DeLanoit. Second row: Mr. Rupp-advisor, Heidi Shaver, Sharie Carlson, Paula Burgess, Rich Vratny, Pat Parks, Greg Hemrick, Paul Watts, Jeff Tomlinson, Bill Parsons. Officers of Science Club were: Kathy Boomgarden, Nancy Wilkie, Vicki Huyser, Phil Ducoffe. Science Club is a newly formed club this year, under science teacher Stan Kruse. There are about twenty-five members, but the club continues to grow. Paper drives were held each month to raise money for the club's activities. Plans were made to build an air glider and take field trips. The club also formed a petition to help save baby seals in Norway, being killed by huntsmen. Petitions were circulated through science classes with great results. Presenting: "STAFF INFECTION" Cast of Characters: Exhausted Editor ......... k. dopita Foul Player ....... .... R ob Bargman Vital Organist . .. .... Sue Patterson This Timer ....... ....... k . dopita Dynamic Doodler .... .......... K im Naven Management Review ........... Darci Fuller Our Unders .......,. ....,.. i uniors: Kris Bennett Kathy Bennett sophomores: Terry Kersten Holly Halligan Senior Citizens . .. ......,.. Bernadette Breyton Leighton Berryhill Business Whiz ......... Scott Toresdahl Frantic Photographers .... ..,. T he Director Rich Peters Mary Marchant Jeff Tomlinson Bill Kurtz End Sheet and Cover Production ... ...Kim Naven k. dopita Directed By ...................,....... .... K en Seversen . . . and all the friends whose thoughts are here--special thanks. WILL WE. .? l AM SlCK! and tired of seeing so many selfish, mean, dangerous things goin' on. IT SCARES ME! We're just like every past generation that we complain about: too 'involved' to want to see new ways . . . Sure, we have ideals, but are they lived, proven? What's this business of not sayin' heilo in the halls? Of only knowin' somebody when you need them . . . ls everybody beneath your dignity? You think you're talented? Or is this talent just an excuse to keep from really caring, understanding? You who profess difference and change-do you do it for the sake of difference and not for an improvement in yourself and others? If you think you're smart, give us the answers to the world's problems-show us-do we know too much, too little, or is it that we know the wrong things? lf you put people down, make fun of them, or even walk by a stranger without ever lifting your eyes, are you afraid of others because of what they might see in you . . . Are you that ashamed of yourself? We know of love n' peace n' truth--but dowe live them? You say you want to be treated honestly-try being honest. You say you are. . .down to every last gum wrapper you 'happen' to drop. . .? "Somebody else'Il pick it up," sure they will, for you, for a while. Then our world will be gray-no great sky or trees or other life. . .we're starting to lose it now. There's so much beauty and happiness at stake . . . We've got to control inside, too-it feels so limited at times, yet is so untapped. We can't just say 'nobody's perfect' and not try, not care . . . we have to realize all that we can be and not just what we are . . . lt IS hard, sure, it takes thinking about somebody else as much as yourself. . .How many times do you think of yourself everyday? l believe life IS good, kind. gentle. But only if that's the way we make it, through THE ONE. 4, . if s ws I fee is 5 Fsszar -.assi 3 A J f 5 ar: hir? nz .Q if .ya af- -iki 32151 I X I- Z LIJ 2 I.I.l 0 4 Z 4 E LI.I THE MANAGEMENTE each out and touch somebodys hand ake th s o Id a better place fyou can d ana oss f L " :i,.9:'fiii"i E , . S r ' ' -1 W .er 1 ' 2 f i Keith Altemier Roland Anderson Donald Ahrendt Music Math Special Ed. John Atkins Math Andrea Balk Math I f.' , '- , I , .,,ff g' -' ., .f,fQf Joe Barker Erwin Beenken Marvin Berg Byron Bok Al B0rSZiCh Driver's Ed. Driver's Ed. Industrial Arts Art Social Studies Kay Brown Rosalia Buda Donald Carlson Dorthy Carlson Barbara Cech English Counselor Ass't Principal English English Ron Banwart Robert Bargman Science Principal Robert Breftle John Bristol Social Studies Driver's Ed. W 5 f f V , 5' X :Q , 'YW ' f Donald Cook Math David Cox Health Ed. 'VI- Jean DeBakey Dan DeLaney Dennis DenHartog Gene Fortune Dennis Fredrichs Home Ec. Driver's Ed. English Vocational Rehab. Driver'S Ed. James Friest William George Social Studies Geometry Connie Goodman John Groethe Dennis Gross Margaretha Hagemann Ronald Hagemann Social Studies Music Foreign Language Social Studies Eloise Halm Phil Hansen Art Industrial Arts WX Dennis Hanson Joan Harden Eldo Harder Eleanor Hartigan Bonnie Henderson Boy's PE Business Counselor Psychology Nurse .. I 5 I '5,. I ... I H ' X W gif. M U G it il M 'V H Alvin Huenink James Huffman Sociology Music BB 2 xy? 'W Linda Henke Denny Hewett English Physics "'i , . t 5. 3 Vf'f 4 . l Vernon Huseman Leon Jepsen Director of Athletes Careers Ed. A mum, 17' . l f y if 11 ' , , M f ' Dennis Johnson Ken Johnson Elaine Kielhorn Cal Kolling Stan Kruse Science industrial Arts Home Ec. English Science I ,fy 3. , K . y ,, -guy- ,, A 3,4 ,L .. ff"f?i " W , .rw 7, .. 1 7 551 Q ,f , Larry Lee William Lehmkuhl Math Social Studies ,wtwtu L 5 2 7 2' f iff? ff , ' fri: .V tt ., f '.-.. , 4 ,. E , Anthony Lennon Phil Linney Fran Long William Lynch Forrest Marquis Ed McNeil Don Miller Foreign Language Business Science Social Studies Ass't Principal Counselor Science A f fl t ' ali Larry Mitchell Robert Monteith Jean Morrisey Gail Niceswanger Julian Nitzke Sue Oertel Leo Paine Music Industrial Arts Counselor English Boy's PE Girl's PE Industrial Arts Kem Paffefson UOYU Patterson MHFYAUU Pederson Dave Peters Bonnie Proeschold William Raker Pat Ray Business industrial Arts Social Studies Math Home Ec. Science Art Phil Reed Rochelle Rentschler Ronald Roby Maynard Rossow Joe Rupp Keith Rupp Michael Schroeder Math English Library 8t AV Business Counselor English industrial Arts James Schultz Roger Snell Ruth Sponheim Jan Stark Beverly Walker Jackie Wilde Gary Winkler Industrial Arts Foreign Language Library English Foreign Language Girl's PE Industrial Arts 311 'Q 'W Liwygii? 'fvjlz w 'jf W full' yan . ' -YLfX"fl,'ff9f'M win, ' t , f wgsi V'ft?gL,1fgsgg ,L f. ' ,H L, VV ,,tg, , W ' , A Cathryn Winter Wayne Woolsey Glen Yenger Roger Utman English Special Education English SHCTS 89 "'ww.. . ... . Q so A ' OFFICE ADMINISTRATION 2 5 A 1 .y . R L L F ' ,,.LL .X . 3 5 S 5.4 1. Robert Bargman-Principai A L - 2. Don Carlson-Assistant Principal 3. Forrest Marquis-Assistant Principal A OFFICE STAFF 1. Sheryl Fortune 2. Joyce Johnson if 3. Jan Nelson , 4. Pat Lenz I LA . I Nz. 1- . . .. .,... M. ...L A . M.,h. 14 - .ig Sv.. 1f w X X33 as N S f t L ' ffgiln: ..m:, ,. ::5::L'f,E:'S:'5:.t:LVM .if-s + N 5 '1 f 'I x X- Nw-Wm!! X R' W iw .,,..f- .. lt if f H fi .iw COUNSELORS 1. Rosalia Buda 2. Eldo Harder 3. Ed McNeil 4. Jean Morrisey 5. Joe Rupp HEALTH AND CAREERS 1. Dave Cox-Health Education 2. Leon Jepsen-Career Education Pictured on this page: 1. Robert Bargman-Principai 2. James Huffman-Orchestra 3. AI Borszich-English 4. Jan Nelson Pat Lenz Joyce Johnson Sheryl S... SOCIAL STUDIES 1. Robert Breftle-American History 2. Jim Friest-American History 3. Ron Hagemann-Perspectives, Am. Political Behavior, Readings 4. Al Huenink-Sociology, Area Studies 5. William Lehmkuhl-Western Civ., World Issues, Comparative Gov't. 6. William Lynch-American History 7. Mary Ann Pederson-American History, World Geography, Comparative Gov't 8. Ken Seversen-World and Urban Geography, Perspectives 9. Lisle Townsend-Economics 10. Patricia Bennett-Economics ,nf SCIENCE 1. Ron Banwart-Chemistry, Physics 2. Dennis Hewett-Modern Physics, Project Physics 3. Dennis Johnson-Biology ll 4. Stan Kruse-Chemistry, Physics 5. Fran Long-Biology I 6. Don Miller-Biology l 7. Win Raker-Biology LIBRARY AND MEDIA 1. Ron Roby-Media Specialist 2. Ruth Sponheim-Librarian Pictured on this page: 1. Ken Seversen 2. Dan Delaney 3. Ron Banwart HOMEMAKING 1. Kathy Bocken-Basic Foods, World of Children Home Planning 2. Jean DeBakey-World of Children, Basic Clothing La Cauturier 3. Elaine Kielhorn-Home Planning, Today's Clothing Young Adult Living "", 4. Bonnie Proeschold-Basic Foods, Meal Management Creativity with Foods i ir mf- A ,If 8 NDUSTRIAL ARTS Marvin Berg-Basic Electricity, Electronics I, Electronics II Phil Hansen-Drafting, Archictectural Drafting, Engineering Graphics Kenneth Johnson-Printing, Vocational Arts, Industrial Arts Flobert Monteith-Advanced Woodworking, Technology Building Construction Leo Paine-Auto Mechanics, Power Mechanics Michael Schroeder-Welding I, Welding ll James Schultz-Woods I, Woods II, Metals Gary Winkler-Machine Shop I, Machine Shop II 1. Anthony Lennon 2. William Lehkuhl 3. Byron Bok 4. Forrest Marquis 5. Eloise Halm 'W -:E ,um N PHYSICAL EDUCATION 1. Dennis Hanson-Boys Physical Education, Ass't Sophomore Football, Head Sophomore Basketball 2. Julian Nitzke-Boys Physical Education, Head Cross Country, my Head Track, Boys Intramurals . . 3. Sue Oertel-Girls Physical Education, Head of Cheerleaders 4. Jackie Wilde-Girls Physical Education, Girls Volleyball Coach 5332 1? was Y 4. Md-k,f. NJ xiwr,iVM1,q 2 'N Rm .V ""A"1sy... 4 -M. , r Q ..-1 ' at if N S MAT H EMAT I CS A 1. Roland Anderson-Algebral,GeneralMath I I IWW., . ,W 2. John Atkins-Generallvlath iyi., 3. Andrea Balk-Geometry,AIgebralI I 4. William George-Geometry 5. Larry Lee-Elementary Algebra, Algebra I I 6. David Peters-AlgebraIB,Algebra2 , , 7. PhilReed-Geometry,lndividuallvlath . A' ' 1. Ronald Hagemann ' A , I "I.I LIIIQK 4 yy 'A F' I. V 2. Rochelle Rentschler . . ,.,,,L, I , , ' , , yg 3. John Groethe y A I ' X"'Y-. I, . - 4. JapaneseVisitor,Mr.Okada ' H35 I' 5. Coach Nitzke ... DRlVER'S EDUCATION 1. Joe Barker-Driver Education 2. Erwin Beenken-Driver Education, Coordinator of classes 3. John Bristol-Driver Education 4. Dan Delaney-Driver Education 5. Dennis Frederichs-Driver Education ART 1. Byron Bok-Clay, Advertising Designs 2. Eloise Halm-Design, Drawing and Painting, Art Individual Study 3. Pat Ray-3 Dimensional Designs, Drawing and Painting SPECIAL EDUCATION 1. Don Ahrendt-Special Education SI 2. Wayne Woolsey S BOARD OF EDUCATION 1. Calvin Woods 4. Dr. Earl Berge 7. Wiiliam Gibb 2. Donna Gutknecht 5. Max Landes 8. Richard Fevold 3. Dr. John KOIGSSF 6. Walter Woodman 9. H. L. Whitaker .WW 5 MUSIC 8t BAND 1. Keith Altemeier-Marching Band, Symphonic Band 2. James Huffman-Orchestra 3. John Groethe-Concert Band 4. Larry Mitchell-Vocal Music Pictured on this page: 1. Ed McNeil-Counselor 2. MaryAnn Pederson- American History 3. Board of Education 4. Leo Paine-Mechanics 5. Lisle Townsend- Economics 95 s VJ 1 l.I.I D Z i IJ rr CUR UNDERS3 . . hey tomorrow, where are you goin' do you have some room for me 'cause night is fallin' and the dawn is callin i'Il have a new day if she'II have me . . jim croce V Tim Adair Bob Adams Ken Adams Matt Albright Mark Alcorn Sherry Allen Diana Anderson Ed Anderson Kenny Anderson Kevin Anderson Kim Anderson Rebecca Anderson John Antolik Terry Arndt Randy Ayala John Baber Kristie Baker Mike Barkhaus Sue Barrett Beth Barry Kris Barton Stephanie Bean Hon Bemrich Mark Benegas Mike Benegas Julie Bently Adrienne Berryhill Ron Bettmeng P I El. Q CLASS OF '76 Class Officers: Left to right: Ernie Kersten, Anne Woodruff, Lynne Kirk berg, Terry Kersten. gt 1 K .513 . fl fp . . . , , ,' miie JZ. All B ,Q va. ,pf X 3 Q , .gf g ,ff lf . I A 1 l 2- Q? ti it x sa - H A f if .- ti , "- x . i A C C A V " 'L L L '- js . rx 1 . X . . -. . ' Si A A N LL,. J . -A 2 Q I .Wt . -lf . gk A .' - .. X si? T 23 u A ' Aw . i v I -W ,, 1 ,. 'Rb N vNQs:33.,E.E-E, x Q Q. t i .1.1 'W' K .N ae- kt ,. SEQ 9. f .ilk .x,.. X . , swf viii' - M ' i , , J i ' , ifiggg Q-. -r ," iii. iff' f-- " - . - tl X 5, r 7 N . ' . ff, WELQ fr I .. is 9 -,v-4 s o , . as ws - ' .... , . t 5 H A k iwi-ss. z., -SR A .A A f -- , ., .Ls F K. .f . f A I i ' i :K . .., . r - kr K X . .,k. . tk! 'R " M 5 i., Q 5 :L ii X 'i A a gg ' is Q gf . Afk-f 'lk sa ix Q.. X Q,, A,.. - 1 4 - X X N0 X 1: X X -if V 2 K e i f..f-if F' ' Y l X r x n Q ii, it S' 'E Q si? -was sw I - .TI 15.-fr 1 is 1 VX Q C X XI- K Avg r mg ' A . slss -"'i ' A Xi Ak Q, Q. . K. - , ,ff 5 , . J QTVRFQ . il .. rm 5- Ginger Bishop Cathy Black Lori Black Nancy Blaha Judy Bohm Diana Bonnell Jerry Bowman Michelle Bradley Patrick Bradley Frank Bradt Alan Bradwell Rod Brand Lynnette Brawdy John Breeden Mike Brehm Kathy Brighi Alan Brown Arnold Brown Paula Brown Randy Brown Terri Brown Wayne Bruss Anne Burch Tony Burke Robert Butters Marianne Brezovan Mark Carlson Sue Cartee Jim Cerwick Jan Cervene Sue Cervine Cherri Chalstrom Nancy Christian Angie Cibert Debbie Clark Tim Clark Gary Clavey Bruce Clawson Freddie Collins Rick Collins Sue Collins Gery Cook Mike Castor Sharon Conrad Bob Craw Ken Crouse Randy Crouse Victor Crouse Dawn Cunningham Dave Dalvey Jodie Daniel Greg Dannenbring Lori Davis Jill Dawson Robert Delanoit Randy Dillingham Tom Dillon Laurie Donahe Mark Donnelly Lynda Douglas Doug Downey Phil Ducoffe Doug Dunnette Charlene Eastman Darlene Eastman Pam Eastwood Jim Egemo Matt Eger Tammy Ehrhart Jim Ellis Randy Ellis Mike Evans Daniel Fl. Fallon Phil Farmer Deanna Fawcett Lori Fawcett Cathy Feeley Merrill Ferguson Mike Ferguson Ann Fevold Greg Field Bob Fisher Carol Fisher Kris Fletcher Sue Flaherty Kathy Flockhart X In quest of knowledge? . X -X 'Sf SY Q lg- ,. N- 1- gk 5 Q as r z is Z! XB of 1 XS t -if E We Sw X 5 f ll x Q ex 4 A. ggi Q 5 as - X mi, D ral' 'Y 5 vm? an A Q D' -I f 2 l ,W ' V ik N F , 3 k Rt 5 l il I i 4 x t G ., eg? , We N' Jil.-.fur K., X '?'t5..' x 0 1 3: ll U s s U. A, N. gi t c tw X N 1 as Q Rl is X 1 A if le f .QQ Q . If-F' K if! gym F. rj 1' J Qfgfq . -. X H rr-- -,iii ,,.. ig, , 5 .QL , .,l. lv if g if - N .. sf X my if 2 X at . 517' it Ft' ' ,Q X tt we . 'Q X 3' 4' 6 XR A l x X x it N Y. I N i , .' ,J xg f wzv: Q ui - 111 fa ssfsl. .- 'iii X x I , Yglifw K ft r ' - ' JL x Q. . A ' N5 of ii A- u ., S ' ral E KAN : . 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Halligan Flon Hamlow Berta Hamm Dianna Hampton Leigh Hartigan Geoff Hawkins Brian Hayek Kelly Hearn Jerry Hedeen Karen Hemrick Tim Hendersen Paulette Hennings Christine Hendrichsen Cindy Henry Jody Henshaw Annette Hepperle Sheila Hergenreter Cindy Heuer Duane Hill John Hilsabeck Dave Hively Pat Hogan Cary Holm Cindy Holm Dusty Holmgaard Dave Hood Beth Hoover Terri Hoover Tim Hoppman Teresa Horton Dave Hottman Doug Hottman Jim Hubbard Sue Hudson Kathy Humpal Cheryl Hurdel Gregg Hutchinson Kelly Hutchinson Debby Huwitt Kimm Inbody Dave Jackson V , ,,, ,,,,,. fl' ' .ffi.sf,i.' i' il'v,fv3'i"s,4if -Mfggff 'Zu f ' ii' A .s:'1a2'fL?!5E , , . ,,, Xi, We ,, ,m... 9 6 ' e 5 7 yi' , i We -A 'Nm 2 11 my A , ,lr VW . T iririiei f 2, -,-'if Q 6 ,, X 1 'I 1 f E A V. we f , 's wh' , M V I iifv, ,V K V It 2 if .t-' , i I r K' ,. fu E va' 'Mm 1 Who's the clown? 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E54 L ' SR 78 L. - Q ,--.: .2 RS' X SQQQS i as X S N! N l L . "IV ' 1 ,M Ji M-J' 'rt f X -as V .f If s c v ,l .Jil . .. 3 . A 4: ' , was .N S Fir, X X, 2 xxx k 5 x Q-Y, ' X Q A i xx f 1 Nfsgiaii-: nf., ggi D... .. . , ,c::A. L , Q K cis, -is K if A P ', g jsmsfiifi . M ,fl i C is , , "' as '-- 5" Iii i S Wiii -.ff ' ' ,n v - as gl l gf y S' 1 Y 2 . R as 3, be - "f 413 L J va 2 gy 1- A x fa K , '1 '-14, ' ' is gk. ,x in K5 n Q N in . .g"5feY by 9 . .MMM . Tr, S .. Nia X' 'fl xzk Nl ' V-1 .1 V ., - Jgfywiftf, " YQ I Ji fr tg 9 .if f : J fir?-1 f M' gl C .St K 0 X E g fg l to gif ur fs? X , vv X in Ei tk x ' - Q . . ,K his Cameras do not lie. 1 was X Q r it V it ' at is '-f fi V -- l :IQ 5 t -..:f - F595-X s. f-if ' ' t tx? .- X.,-1533 ' Q x 1 jp x is P xt 'Q BU? st Q 1: In-:wf S L.,,. .Vg -if ' isp-0 s K f' P 'K gs .." r, M , I, f X' 'x . if M wwf ..'L A t 1 td . AQ- L, iz Sharon Neeson Charlene Nelson Mary Nelson Rhoda Nelson Dave Newman Diana Nickelson Lowell Niemand Flick Niemier Julie Nimrod Dave Noll Sherry Nordstrom Terry Nordstrom Julie Norman John Oatman Pam O'Brien Joanne Olsen Kim Olsen Gary Osborne Jeff Otto Debbie Paddon Deborah Parle Steve Patterson Janet Paulson Sonya Pearce Buddy Pecoy Cheryl Peters Tom Peters Dave Peterson Mark Peterson Flenee Pettit Lynn Pflibsen Cyndie Phillips Mary Phillips Bob Pingel Holly Pingel Vickie Pohl Melanie Pommer Theresa Porrez Julie Porter Karen Porter Larry Porter Rocky Porter Jon Potratz Wayne Pratner Mary Prescott Daisy Pressword Chris Pugh Jennifer Pullen Karen Quam Matt Quealy June Rasmussen Randy Rathert Tom Redman Debbie Reese Roxanne Reiter Doug Reynolds Mike Rhodes Keith Rinehart Mike Ritchey Mick Roderick Glen Roest Marty Rogers Scott Rogers Bonnie Rogosch Diane Rolow Pat Rork Ed Rose Mark Ruby Chris Rupp Lisa Saboe Lynette Saliger Paula Saliger Brian Sandberg Polly Sanders . ss. . img w.. 1QT-- X .... 2 it :Swv -t NV 5m " in Xxx. lk NEQE flak W imm- Y ss' xx , X, -Hawes, -,.... ft - -- A . K A ,... , M.. -:-: E: is as -ww N-...f A siyt E5 .-,: fs K 4' Who's the note from, Jill? k'-r . . k..: ftp XRS 2' .'1"'NEx Won't the day ever end? , ,,e, Wflqf, '1 W ' ,'1f,g1f,,'f.-ffm, fW"'2f'1f ft, ,,, S I -vfy 1 Wfffaf f, as ' ' M751 'K M l ,, , , Q4 ' ,Z ' X wllii +1 ' C' f 5 ' H 4 5 fl 'H Haw' M ,Q ' f 22 W' , , Wea ,f,-,,mW- 'f Ar' ffew2"wf'?7WiHl,w Zta it m,,.l 1 :Ei We t 22 :lf J ,, M.,W 'sl 5 S, N 4 an Y, 1 fi? Q 1, , , , f fa M, . , Q lr ,, ,Q the f 1 .wr I get is X 5 yi X J ff7fZ23?Q it at H H Y' fzwfzzfgwgi 'C 2, J 5 , 5, 4, wwf? t 1' 2 f f ff! f fm ,W A f f 'tt 5 f 1, fu? f ,, .,,,. ,l Q 'A ,lb V, vV,,,:4, wi, ,. I , , , X . ffl ' if W ff ,, ,f 4 i 55af'. ,fff 'fzz . W., hw A it E UW V.. 4 xsf ff' iigflf 'eee , 1 f f V is ,,eAz, v M .. 4? , i t l o Jeff Sanford Patty Sestax Chris Saxton Glenn Scarborough John Schill Carol Schlesinger Tami Schmidt Cheryl Schultz Dennis Schurr Candy Scott Tricia Seals Karen Seehusen Laurie Selhaver Sharon Shackleton Jodi Sheker Sue Sheker Kevin Shelby Nannette Shelledy Carolyn Shipman Debbie Shipman Lori Shipman Lora Shupe Dave Sick Steve Sinklinger Susan Sindlinger Dan Siekman Annette Sigler Jim Silke Andrew Simpson Charlie Simpson Betty Smith Bobby Joe Smith Bonnie Smith Chris Smith Cynthia Smith Kay Smith Cindy Smith Mark Smith Shirley Smith Cassie Sorenson Delano Sotelo Gary St. John Donna Staley Linell Stanberg Cindy Steiner Amy Steinhoft Paul Stenhaug Mitch Sterns Craig Stewart Darreli Stewart Brian Stringer Tracy Strom Phylis Surls Sven Swanson Debbie Sweat Renee Teague Cindy Terranova Louise Thedford Kelly Thiele Jennifer Thompson Susie Thornton Nancy Tjalsma Jeff Tomlinson Teresa Tomlinson Jim Torp Gary Trainer Tod Treloar Trent Tripp Jeff Trueblood Kevin Trushcheff T ,J T 4 ww :,, Q it F fl N-,N-Q' 1 v 1 Saw! i gigtu it ,wt ,, T at fi 'V J ,Xvv ,fi e 9 -v, 5 ya, i.,,y W A "2 il? , f'-,f' xr ,V , 5 W 'tg 3 or Y Q I f 2 , Ka ff in f- 1 4 4 Q sv, ip +X X N X X fx? s QR bgN Vi X X ,A TS T .X 5 X T S it NX Q Xt 25835433 W N1 X9 X X, f,.t.ff'i ii i s SMR X Y K X 14 ,-', rf ' f , wwf f ,E '4 f. F me W. . H 'una' f 1 . Q, ff ' , W ' , , 2 , , , .SM E8 xii 5 X iX,iy My J fx 1 fi A5 y but Nfiffr K ,ag ' gif at i ,V if T 3 f if I 4 in A W K yr 7 1- S f s so A s e 1 W, to E E 5' E tc V. iii? at 53' x it fl is is i 3 SA x S G is Qi - E lit rw ,JU Kim Turner Joni Tutor Rod Utley Linda Van Alstine Cynthia Van Glider Dennis Vance Shirley Vesey Julie Vinchattle Carla Vinsand Jaci Vinsand Ann Voss Eugenia Walker Donna Walters Bart Warren Kris Webb Joel Welchel Lori Wendall Randy West Scott Westin Kevin Wilde Dave Williams Kevin Wilshusen Laura Wilson Robbie Wilson Linda Wisthoff Anne Woodruff Mari Wooldridge Class of '76 2 Class of '75 Junior Class Officers were: Mark Chingren, Mike Donahoe, Mary Cox, and Pam Garrett. A 3 ii r lb aka - K iss- , , I V PE :pl Lv ,.,. vllv 'V '. 1' , If ' A 53 John Adams Pam Adams Sue Ahrens Brian Alcorn Chris Aljets Vickie Allbee Mark Allen Victor Amundson Carl Anderson Jeff Anderson Joyce Anderson Rebecca Anderson Deb Andrews Handy Andrews Mike Archibald Rich Arndt Anna Ashton Larry Ayala Denise Ayers Sue Bacon Duane Baedke Luanne Bailey Keith Baker Stan Balke Diana Bangert Donna Bangert Julie Barkhaus Steve Barlow Craig Barnes Dale Beaver Jean Beightol Randy Beisch George Belthius Kathy Bennett Kris Bennett Dave Benson Kris Benson Sherrie Bergman Fton Berry Keith Bidne Leonard Black Cindy Blankenhagen Dawn Blobaum Steve Blunt Tom Bockoven Diane Bockoven Donna Bodwell Keith Boulware W5 J J in ff W t V- z , J K f ' 4 v yy ' ff 'Z' .".5iAi, IE . Jig? K i t ' 1 -' W i""' ' "'si ' ' ff 'I ,J ,J A I JJ! iJ Y J .JJ r f 1 wt J pt Q ' V K L J A- g V J ,gf ' r uf ' 'wr J J X "'f -J wi ' J X ' A ' 7, fxmmf f 7 1 J J rrly J J J J . J ' "" ' J ' .. 'J P M. nf ' fn' 't Jian E4 J ,. J L at ,Q A J J 4 J U 2 ' , J J J y ff 5X32J,J,. 1 J :V J gk 5 A ff 1. if I M I J . . J JJ FA, V JJ ,,, K ' 23 ,Y ' ig I x 'V S 4 4' J f 3, I K ' ' Q ' Www la H'.J MV at ' V X ii, I 'L ' , its J f E., T N W 5 2 GF as J J was I LJ f Z awe M i ' W vm , 1 J if A A A ,VJ 'NI ' ' 2 J J i 3 5 f i , ff: 1 7 ltl'r . ' ' 'W 4 J ff zzl ,J if ' ff - Vlfglfik llll 5 ' S iff? ' J QQJJIFT 'J :ii H ' K i w A .J V I M I 1: r J I E ,J 1' v - r 4 JQQA1, A 6 JW If f saw ' K J ' l'ti J mo: ",, f :J 7. "' Jf J , , ,..,. J ,'t" JJ WL J- ,,i" - J A gg J J .V J if f J'f . A +l . A 'fJrrJ f f J- :J Jw 5 ,, 7 " 1 ' ' I 1 n 1- M i V Yi J' J 'P' If ' 4 f Q H ,JC g 7, J '- J - " W M 'J 'H -J 5 7? YR ' l V41 4 Mm IW' k J ff" ' if j Rik Xi 213 J ,, J W S t,'if" , X ...xr . l iaith l X Pa- LSI' -l .,-. Q .355 gg-. K - was '::- E R .A ,af : : Q Q Q :,..Q ix ...Q .t N5 .K SQ if i M - .., is X F5 , C it G g I , . . 4lff'fU' ' K 'Q ' Qgffxy , H 1 K 7 l gr l wr' MI: gi, ' 3' S- W . 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V X as f' ff 'F f ff 1 5? 1 13 Q2 12 , t 12 435 f , gf 4 E A is K M? s. uf bfi ix l we X an f- ggs k 1 A 3: l ,L 3 Gina Brandow Mark Brandt Clayton Brown Phil Brown Rick Brown Tom Brown Scott Buckroyd Scott Burbank David Burke Brenda Burkholder John Burnquist Robert Burton Terry Campbell Don Carlson Jeri Carlson Shari Carlson Sheri Carlson Jae Carr Craig Carse Kathy Cassem Beth Cervene Kem Cervene Arleta Cerwick Bana Charon Mark Chingren Pam Christopher Marcia Christy Cindy Cibert Karen Cibert Mary Clark Randy Clymer Cindy Coleman Vickie Conrad Mark Constable Flon Cook Kathy core Mary Cox Sue Cramer Deb Crawford Riza Crouse George Cuckie Rhonda Cusey Mike Dahl Steve Davis Bill Davis Herb Deal Sherry Deal 4 Jane Decker Annette DeLanoit Cathy DeLanoit Vicki Dencker Jeff Denklau Karen Denklau Ed Derrig Bill DeSmidt Barb Dickerson Cyndee Dillehay Dorothy Dillon Mike Donahoe Mary Duffy Diana Dungy Mark Durschmidt Jon Duvall Jack Eastwood Jim Ecklund Lisa Eckstine Steve Edgerton Dan Ehrhardt Darlene Elsbecker Pat Enos Kim Eslick Janet Espey Dennis Essig Rex Evans Bill Everett Kris Ewen Vickie Ewing Steve Fellers Tom Flattery Ginger Florea Tom Foughty Todd Frantz Darcy Fuller Karla Fuller Kathy Friesner Rick Gambill Pam Garrett Andy Garst Lauri Geren Randy Gerrard Debbie Getz Don Godfrey Russ Goebel Don Gold Lisa Gribbin Julie Groat Roxanne Groat Y' J HW, V.,,t.. ,,..,l., ,,.. t,., ,..l.,,. . , , ,f V J 4+ A 157 , 5 f? M han , W ff , , w ag 4' fr a 4. ,fa IJ ,JMM , Q If J. -Hqrvff, fi A 'ff' ff f gf Q 9 of v uk V . , ,am M., . -, Ay , QA3 V Z , f v 5 V Va flee 1 , leltf ttrt , li wtf' at iff: I " ' A I f ,r , TH 4 amz, wh, 5. Q Y f X ' x , l , X A 'tl . G9 f 'J . l.Q as ,,..,..,, , Jn 5 ltlt . .. i I 1152, -get ' J wi. if ,fr .E .,,l ' 654 gfjffffi W f55gg'lQit2 J are 1 9 1212 ffl, 5.59 or ' 2: . ge it J . l Y M cv fn ' VV l Il.' . J kg? I ,. I., 2 , V l ' ' ' ,rv ,, s it . KV ZF! F X 1 A gm rt G 1 1 I . . - J. L! 'X , ., M' 'Vu f rdf? J .2 in Q N fit' ,, 1 ., ' ig r, V J ,f -- -me . - .. x 91 'NX X Regex C .Q LQ -N em ...A . K- 1' -..- .. ii , .y. 1 K we . sys A lg if 4 K , is ... .7 .P . 5 K Q W i 3 5 gl Q .... I X . x fi 1 - -. ei.. . ss, 'iii A il? fe- . ei., .,. F3 . 1 ' S XM f we V4 is YQ S me N EX X X k. . x , x X K -J f . 9 mm.A . 2 K .-fx . . v L- -it - ,Q nv, . : L35 ' qq b gl 6 X M Y 5 f X . yi fs' i Q S xr - x.A. . X5 x K 36 is M J' .I V- , .eg-. . i.:Q....-ease. - ---. :eff X. .ss .V X S E 1 2 -Q -are X. . .Q 5. key i 1. i 5 .Sam S S -1" gs? Q. KK-k . if ,J Cindy Guerin Teresa Gurnett Paul Habhab Randy Hacker Cheryl Hagar Chris Hair Kim Halligan Kathy Hamlow Greg Hampton Larry Hanch Mark Hanson Kathy Harder Kathy Harris Mary Jo Harrison Tim Hart Lori Harter Deb Harvey Rhonda Hauge Cindy Hay Rick Hay Paul Hays Diana Healey Raelynn Heesch Mary Heim Ricky Helmers Michelle Henry Donn Henshaw Greg Hepburn Michelle Hepp Lou Ann Hepperle David Herwig Mark Heuser Ron Highland Judy Hilken Tanya Hiracheta Nancy Hockel Jeff Holloway Gene Holtorf Barry Hoover Zip Hoover Maureen Horn Jim Huebsch Barb Humpal Mike Humpal Diane Hunt Pam Hunt Kevin Hurlburl Jodi Huseman Vickie Huyser Matt lnbody H5 Robert Isaacson Dan Jacobson Flon Jacobson Greg Jamieson Brad Jenkins Brian Jensen David Jensen Deb Johnson Diane Johnson Lee Johnson Marsha Johnson Pam Johnson Phil Johnson Tim Jondle Lester Jones Michaeline Jones Bob Kalseim Tim Keck Tom Keelan Gabriele Keim Kris Kellan Tim Kelly Diane Kesterson Chris Keyser Jeff Kicklighter Mike Kilgore Kelley Kimberley Kathy Kinkner Cindy Kinseth Teresa Kirby Bruce Kirkberg Sherri Kirkeby Bill Knight Cynthia Knutson Cindy Knutson Randy Kolbe Kevin Kozel Roxanne Kretlow Pam Kuhn Nancy Kuske Prudy Lamb Kathy Lane Dan Lankford Mary Jane Larson l ia awww Q L+ No one Rhonda's s is 1 MW - I T Ei' . ,, , , 5 , , A . f s for who brightened up .ww 1 li fry V an 'M if 9, .eg K. i if f V T, M . ,:y. .,.,,, 1 V , efirf 4' ' f fa ,E 9 F an 1 ,fir 7 3-,: ii ff Y eiirjdg .4 T 22 , 7, I af an ,,,L ,..,, ,....... ., ,f - -fl rl- fl Wie - . uri ig, Y Z "1 ' 'fl ' 'V f 1 W in-'v ff ,X f ,, ,2,,,.,, Q r , I- vu, -.Wi-L::E':., .Al ffdwli We 'J ig I A 1 ' lily. 7' 1' ' , ' ,, " , fi lf, if in f 1f,,f'wg7f,, 1- ,gwsrai V f ww ,.,,,., ,,.. ,. .-, an J ,,..f, My 5 kxzA3 L T, .,,.,. ,,. 2 w rit f , A 64 f , ' ik, Y , If V: 32 " ' f Q ""?'fs wgfwxf A , A, ,I ff el' - fi' 1 ' ..., T f S A , 'if 25 -ff? , 1' . , A 5 , , Wi , Wah f u A, T W f"'kw f V f -1v1' 3. f F My W 5l1 S L as v ies: QHNV ,.,,L HON3A Mabel Larson Marty Larson Paul Larson Russ Larson Kim Leadley Cindy Leckness Jaci Lemon Greg Lennon Lonnie Lentsch Becky Lenz Cheryl Lewis Larry Lewis Curt Licht Vicki Lile Melanie Lindstrom Teresa Lingenfelter David Lingreen David Linke Cindy Lombard Korene Lorenzen Kim Lowrey Sheryl Lucus Rhonda Lundberg Jody Lunn Lynn Lunn Pat Lynch Russ Maricle Dan Marsh Steve Marshall Rich Martin Wayne Martin Nick Maschino Gerald Mason Diane McBride Leanne McCaffery Gerald McCarthy Mike McDonnell Brian McDowell Sara McGuire Terry McMahon Jill McNally Mona McNulty Bill Meier Tim Mernka Anne Messerly Nancy Metier Tim Michalski Bob Milenberg Dale Miller Sherry Miller Richard Minikis Gary Moeller Melissa Mohler Audrey Mosley Lisa Motl Layne Macek Steve Montgomery Mike Narigon Bessie Naylor Mike Neeson Luanne Neitzel Craig Nekvinda Terry Nerhus Pam Newbrough Cindy Nickelson Kent Nordquist Annette Nordstrom Cindy Nottger Nadine Oleson Danita Olmstead Curt Olson Dana Olson Larry Olson Larry Osborn Jerry Osborne Kathy Osterberg Craig Pandil Bill Parsons Deb Passow Mark Passow Liz Patterson Sue Patterson Sheree Peck Sue PeCoy Sheila Person Sheree Person Jeff Peters Rich Peters Brent Peterson Larry Peterson Leonard Peterson Robert Peterson Steve Pfannes Charles Phillips or 2 is . g ii '?f'Q?g fYf, .9 :f- 5 L 'N .-,, sa W t , f ! 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",.?2f'1 1 wtf ff f' 5' f2"'?X'3'fi f,rf'a',fi1 ,4,,f,,f ,Q Bob Phillips Doug Phillips Keith Phillips Shelly Phillips Debbie Pickett Mark Pingel Marcell Pommer Deb Porter Bob Porter Scott Powell Dave Prelip Mark Presler Jeff Prewitt John Price Lynne Pritchard Tom Quealy Julie Raney Debbie Reader Dave Renken Marc Rhodes Teresa Ricke Kathy Riedesel Rick Rogers Tom Rokes Tim Roquet Larry Roseke Mike Rost Bill Rowell Terri Royster Curt Ruby Darrell Rude Jaci Ruge Kyle Ruge Larry Ruhnke Sam Salter Karla Sande Roxi Scharf Scott Sanders Jane Schliske Donna Schoettmer Sue Schreiber Eddie Seals Michelle Seaver Bill Secor Heidi Shaver Britt Shelton Jim Shipman Dan Shupe Rhonda Shute Pat Simmons Deb Skadburg Nei Skender Peter Slagenweit Jeff Smith Linda Smith Melodie Smith Steve Smith Anita Stangl Teri Stark Shane Steinhoff Kathy Stenhaug Jim Stringer Jane Strutzenburg Patti Sturdevant Hurschell Summers Fton Summers Bob Svaleson Mike Sweat Al Swift DeAnn Swinderman Mike Tague Jenny Swinderman Fiick Tague Tim Taylor Ftandy Teague Jo Leene Terranova Kathy Terranova Bob Thode Kathy Thomas Cindy Tiernan Hazel Thadford Diane Trusty Cyndie Udermann Tom Underbrink Deborah Vinsant Gene Walker Trudy Warehime Denise Wasson Diane Wasson Tom Watters Deb Weiss Chuck Westfall Glen Westling Mark Wheaton Cathy Whitcome Keith Whittington Terry Wichtendahl elsfsv .1-:Xe 1- , , lf Q Q ' ' A l 2 e ' ff A 3 s X ,m l sms i "ln the 5O's" sf ' 'N i w X 5, ta. 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A ,, r.f'5i"h15 "Nfl Nffwff fr: if' ' .Qi 2 , .fs if 'ii' 5, if Homecoming Activities, Chrlstmasgdanpe, Twlrptvwierek . f"'tHssW--Effie tf,ft'f A g as K V " L. N., ,, V' 5. 1 ' 3'-'Q f . .1 2" fl ' planning S9l1l0F'djB, 'Nnpr.daI196.and,.pr9m for graduatln9Ksenlgrsf'1':Kg ' M ft A I , . to W-f,,+ysN,llQasat at t W y it is W TM 8 31, K iggfywjyflgwait K r'fL 'if"gLf1-g'-j'K, ,.,g:x: another year ofsglvlng5Mi'sKp'SponhelmN'a bad time andgettlng klckedqdutlof my K K: ,K K RMK JK, . .af K 8 . K tthag,n,braryK ,, y H KMK, si, ,ir KKXMMEMKK. K KK 3 . :asa V A fp. .-,. s KKK' .K . 4 K ., KK 4. X ,W , K ,Ku KKK? A . 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Kirk Adams A. C. Amerson Bill Adams Mike Albright Jane Anderson Janet Anderson Katherine Anderson Matt Anderson Sherry Anderson Jim Andrews Kelly Angstrom Debbie Archer Laura Arends Peggy Armstrong t Q. it QS: R X . ,xl - 1 Eg 'N 'SF 1: ki? if F S W .. .','b:. t w wmm .,..... .. Q L 5 " S A if f' r 2 g I .Y K' W fl . 2 M. X gk -gs E I - X rees tttht f 5 Q f- f V sl-Q f . E 5 N 1 xii - if 5 A 35'-f S ii if 1 ff 4, i it U 755 ' l X , il l I 5 3 4 .ee A f g f rf: sir .L - - l, fr -- Miss' l sei ,, .-,: FW "fx . 3" Elf. 'L ,N- L-1 L it W I . E 1 1, . 21? 'ug . ' ' x -or K., . 5. i 5333: - I A s 2 t Doug Baedke Roger Baedke Dale Baker Becky Banwell 4- 'X ey ,F X . Q. Q -' A'i.f-huif' X . ,IZW g:.1iQg:zQfiwe1fQ:..f Kris Benegas Gwenda Benson Greg Bentley Leighton Berryhill Carmen Berte Barb Bickford Deb Bingham Randy Birocci Gregg Bishop Bev Block Karol Boersma Joseph L. Black Jackie Blunt Jane Bonnell Julie Black Leah Blunt Mark Bonnell Sherry Blair Brian E. Bockoven Gerald S. Bonnstetter Q 'Nng,,.f X , +.,,"":',,t an-L 48 is N 2 N XS X ss J ls it W tt it Q tt? L. a,' -wed? Kathy Boomgarden Jon B. Bradwell Tonya Boone Sandy Bratland Charles Borer Bernadette Breyton Deb Bradley Beth Brooks :fs ttt. ,MM N i Q 'E .ff-df' Le coeur a ses raisons Ed Brookshire Fluthann Brown Dave Burton Becky Carlson Julie Castor Paula Brown Sue Brown Steve Cahill Alan Casotti Darci Chalstrom S' Even if l knew that tomorrow would go to pieces l would still plant my apple tree. -Martin Luther King, Jr. Bixi Charon Don Cloud Terry Christopher Mike Cole Linda Cibert Toni Condra Leanna Clark Jeff Conrad Beanna Cook Bruce Cook Gary Cook Ken Crosby Dick Cummings Connie Cupp Sue Daisy Kathy Dalvey 5. M- Y i Brian Danner Terri Danner Bradley Jack Davis Sue Davis Dennis Dean Deb DeLanoit K. Dencklau Dan Dickinson Mike DeBakey Doug DeLanoit Pat Dencklau Annette Dillon Jim Decker Barb Dencklau Terry Dencklau Steve Dolder Connie Deimel Denise Dencklau Dave Den Hartog K. Dopita '-X.- H- - -' .te X vw ,G Q 3 Q5 R t N.. if 5 ...Q Q .. ..,. 5 S at il ,J Duane Dornath Monte Dorothy Dan DuBois Celia Echevarria i gk v. 1 Barb Eckart Ted Evans Dave Fawcett Grace Fischer Valli Jo Fletchall Jim Edwards Bruce Evenson Dixie Fawcett Carol Fisher Deb Florea Tobi Edwards Rob Everhard Jon Fevold Kathy Flattery Lori Gail Folvag Linda Ekstrom Deb Ewing Linda Finney Jayne Fleming Glenda Forbes -.Il""iA Y l Y s Scott Fortune Vicki Fox Ron Garrett Jane Geer Gary Gilbert Harley Vern Foster, Jr. Dennis Frank Sam Garst Becky Gehrt Monty James Gilligan Becky Fox Jeanine Fuller Bryan Gates Paula George Dan Girard Kathy FOX Mike Garatoni Pamela Gates DOH Gerdes Eileen Gloe iw .MQW JA 'N gr me f X of 1 X X Q F NN 'T- ' ij 1,,y 5 I Q O X M N 1, 1 J .. ui F 5 F ., X5 X ff- M31 r x I f ? Q Q53 e f -. . 4 ' 1 Q iw gf 5 332 xx x 1 'f .. P 15. L57 H : A 14 . QQ, F el - , S SV ga Jan Grady Sue Gross AI Graves Wayne Gudmonson Steven Grettenberg Kim Guliickson Carol Griffin Deb Gumm T ii 1 S , Xi Joe Moore I don't know what apathy is, and I don't care. Tom Gurnett Wendy Haack Kris Gutknecht Terri Hacker K Sally Haines Fred Hall . , . , ga, X -if we iiiy N E S ex 5 ? , W 5 If 2, f S , A sf 'fa Barb Eckhart Everybody's strange in their own way. Marsha Halm Thomas Hamilton Randy Hanna Dave Hanson Dave Hanson Kathy Hanson Chet Harp Deb Hart VR Lg f Sal Hart Chuck Harvey Kris Haugen AI Hayek George E. Healey Kim Hearn Kim Heileman Greg Hemrick auf-N-M . sa i YN S235 ,255-' ,tl ii ' z Hal Henderson Debbie Hergenreter Steve Hiracheta Joan Hendricks Denise Hergenreter J. Hollister Deborah Henry Mark Hilken Luey Holloway Scott Hepburn Scott Hill Greg Horn its l . 1 f' . 5 1- ' ei Q .fs ., ' S l Nancy Horney Leanna Hubbard Julie Hovey Ann Hudson Diane Howard Jan Marie Hunt Donna Howard Cindy Isaacson Kathy Isakson Richard Jacobsen Gary Jochimsen Jeff Johnson Pam K. Johnson Terry Carl Jones Ray Johnson Tim Jordison Fay Jonas Tony Jorgensen Mike Jones Rhonda Julius S.. V. wi. .. . W f :. .say .i X . , -- f-.. M 2 M 3 QMSMQ1 Q T , Q K R Q 5 Sq as Ei X Q x 1 X 3 Q X qui S f T E X x S NSR X as S '-.5E::l:EE?5,::S. " irc: M151 - IE-.. 5:13 1: ..:. ii.,, i,,..V E .,.,:.,i.i . . ., . X X T X X X SX 3 X R 5 . I 5. 3. ,.- c , i -Ness-wsu 51.5 3 :E , fr Sim ,..,, A 4 it vs, f w- SQ s H Q X f five i -s f 1 ' izn Q .i '.:- 2 S . 1: gf? s Q E 1 Q 5 E T Q Jutta Keim Randy Keyser Amy Kersten Sue Kielhorn Carol Kersten Pam Kilgore Jim Kesterson Karolyn Kinkner Angie Kirchner Jodi Klass Jackie Klinger Randy Knippel . , . 41-wif . . . -tai. . 7 A t' Ae ,wif .H .ue . X saw ., .Ee-f K Lexx. -- - ses? Tr? ,. i f xr . X N., ..,,L , 5. .. we . A ' 555 if ' , gg 1 .g ff ,ef .51 .f 1 I gf 1 ff ierr r ririrrieri 3 Q X 'iii Lisa Koenig Terry Kopish Dick Koestner Tom Kopp Jeffery Kondrath Julie Krivoiavy Michelle Anne Kopish LaVonne Krug sl K or Steve Kudron Pam Kuker ' Jim E. Kuhn Jerri Kurtz T-5 . pp- Q F Q, A N ff Pat Parks Janice K. LaCaiIIe Beverly Larson Scott Lessmeier Paula Laird Debbie Larson Karen Lewis Louise Lankford Doug Larson John Lindeberg I ' 1' ' ' I I ih K I d . magma 'on 'S more 'mpor an an nowe ge Nancy Larsen Graig Leadley Mark Lockner f- .j - i A 9 , , swam Q0 ri if X - A. mLAk fi-fieim Nmmp HX!! ,jim ex X XX F sw M xxwi iff-ivy is Miss? x N x Gary Lombard Cindy Lunn Julie Lumsden Mike Lynch Alan Lundberg Randy Mabe SOON I-U F1139 ren James Machover Mary Marchant Sue Marquesen Mike Marnach Maria Marsh Charles Magruder Garry Maiden Steve Mairwurn Dale Mandelko There is more to life than increasing its speed . 42 Dave Marlin Mick McBride Fran McCormick Doug Martin Mary McClure Vickie McCoy Edda Mauch Bruce McCormack Vickie McDermott Carl MCBI'id9 Debbie McCormack Jim McKim A1-1, iv i E5 VON i 1 l 2 MF' i 'max Jw ln the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me, an invicible summer. Albert Camus Danny McMahon Scott McQueen ,,,r'ri , ,,., , , , A 5 If 44? My , f ,lik 5 Q ei 4 , -.f fl? M at ,, fly 1 W yy, milf, 4,4 ,, , yf , , ZH ! ffyf eg J W ,,,,, MQ? , ,f f 1 rl ff W ff '41 Jackie Meils Beth Merrill Dave Minikis Joseph Carter Moore Kim Motl Gordon Meiners Keith Michehl Sara Mittelstadl Linda Moretti Richard Warner Muhl Wayne Mericle Tim Michehl Jim Moen Debbie Morris Brian Mundie Jim Mernka Marilyn Miller Stephanie Mohr Mark John Morrow Ron Murray S 4 Deb Myers Kimberly Naven Barb Nelson Dave Nelson SX' 2 S, my Janet Nelson Lorie Jean Niemand Flick Nelson Rhonda Niemier Linda Nemitz John Nordstrom C. T. Newsum Liz Noyes I' 1 rard and Coach Winkler Life isn't meant to be easyg it's meant to be life. The Source Karen Ogren Sandy Olesen Donald Olesen Dale Olson Deb Olson Kevin Olson Terry Olson Ann Oppedahl Glenn L. Osborne, Jr. Pat Parks Gayle Passick Steve Patterson Lynn Marie Pecoy Kent Peterson Shirlee Rae Pickett Mike Peters David Pfannes Gaylen Pierson Donna Peterson Kent Pflibsen Dave Pingel Karen Peterson Roberta Phipps Tom Pingel f 46 Scott Pitman Clay Plahn Mona Pohl Nora Polking Kendal Pornmer Anne Porter Mary Potratz Duane Powell Kevin Powell John Flapp Tom Reid Paula Powers Mick Flathermel Dean Rennie Marilyn Prather Debbie Ray Lori Reynolds Jim Quarn Fortunata Reddick Mike Rial 1 aw V ,-2' ,xx Q Caren Robinson Bruce Rogers Paul Ross Jim Rodenborn Nancy Rogosch Deb Ruby Debbie Roest Jim Rokes Steven W. Ruby Curtis Rogers Doreen Rosalez Linda St. John Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits. Pam Ricke Dave Roberts 48 Kurt Douglas Saliger Dee Salvatore Mark Sandberg Joel Sanford Wu' Thu... X 1 Linda Sankey Garry Savery Judy Schlesinger Starlene Schoonover to eaeee S 5' gf: 5 51. - WT.. I: . .. R Q ,,f:., 5. H35 N txtgtwxi till, X S gf xxx , Ri i 7 M x. . ik .v Kay Shrader Bill Schultz Carol Scott Mike Scott ,f 'M 1,gB.' 1-.W 'br i I at ai , f an Paula Powers Linda Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow, Don't walk behind me, I may not lead, Walk beside me and just be a friend Robert Scott Steve Shackleton Gordon Seehusen Flita Shadbolt : S Q23 7 ft 3. , 7:5331 Q- 2 . 1 zfztzwfrfsiri- F S ,. 3 t- . ,..e. Tele Smith Lynn Smith Scott Blane Sternitzke Dave Smith Bob Solverson Sharon Sternitzke Greg Smith Paula Ann Steinhoff Craig Stevens y :lag it S, lx get 5,5 . .f . f S x MQ ,M f'wa..S, if Sf . RSS' ,Q I ,S vw. S i if S' ttttt .S ,f , 5+ fi , 'M-ef' ,S wi S M G tttet Q it g gf as f 1 Qi wlgg fi SS iX r L Q 5 S N, if W F elt S M gt t btrr Slit- S - i Don Shelton Bill Sindlinger f , J " N' X S ,S I S MM ,S Joel Shipman Cathy Simpson g -,,S A . S fi 1 'E'-"""" Kathy S"0d'f1 im Simson Karen eterson- Lin 'Nam 4 Q., CIurei3Jan Hunt S . Mike Simmons Mary Slaven ' " I D "The hurrider I go, the behlnder i get." Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Janet Stiles Brian James Sunner Tim Stufflebean Violet Surls 'Pre -W' flu., Mike Svaleson Kathy L. Thomas Dan Tomlinson Richard Swedlund Jackie Thompson Scott Toresdahl Marilyn Telfer Lisa Thompson Jody Thorson Kevin Thiele Vicki Thompson Penny Trammell Ef- ksi , ... Steve Ulstad Bruce Van Alstine Kay Underberg Kent Van Gundy Jim Underbrink Neil Van Gundy Jennilyn Urwiler Ruth Vander Maten Don Vaughn Dave A. Vinson Don Vogel Vickie Vogel 'FUN Q me--"" . K f, 5 S' R ,. -:-- -i , Q K P ft' V i s ' - - 11s:?:.iE z K - '- 'V ..- N Everything has beauty but no Rich Vratny Rick Waggoner t everyone sees it. Kathy Waller Jane Walker ff' 5 f Q : up me ex Q H ff' NA E WND 35. -K, .3 L 'li' xr X X 9 A i've seen fire ond ive seen rain. Thought would never en Mike Wessel Marc White Terry White we x N 1 X XSS x 2 N- me Q' X 2 3 3 595+-v ,W-ue i've seen lonely times when i could not find o friend but i olwoys thought i'd see you ogoin . . . iomes toylor Sue Woodall Katherine D. Wooten R h d Y t Crystal Woodbeck Kristi Worster Diane Yetmar Mark Woolridge Deborah Wright Linda Zehr L sa Zehr Patty Zabel Deb Zimmerman Joe Zuspann X Q.. , Kar Abbott, Martha Adams, John p. 112 Adams, Pam p. 112 Ahrens, Susan p. 112 Alcorn, Brian p. 112 Aljets, Christy Lynn p. 112 Albee, Vickie p. 112 Allen, Mark p. 112 Amundson, Victor p. 112 Anderson, Carl p. 36,112 Anderson, Jeffery p. 52,53,112 Anderson, Joyce p. 112 Anderson, Rebecca p. 112,62 Andrews, Debbie p. 112,61 Andrews, Randy p. 112 Archibald, Micheal p. 112 Arndt, Richard p. 112 Ashton, Anna p. 112 Auten, Jerry p. 52,53 Ayala, Larry p. 112 Ayers, Denise p. 116,112,61 Bacon, Susan p. 112 Baedke, Duane p. 112 Bailey, Luanne p. 112 Baker, Keith p. 112,48 Balke, Stan p. 112 Bangert, Diana p. 64,112,61 Bangart, Donna 64,112,58 Barkhaus, Julie p. 112 Barlow, Steve p. 36,112 Barnes, Craig p. 48,112,58,60 Bartholow, Neal p. 36 Beaver, Dale p. 112 Beers, Micheal p. 53,52 Beightol, Jean p. 112 Ewing, Vickie p. 114,61 Beisch, Randy p. 112 Belthius, George p. 112 Bennett, Bennett, Benson, Benson, Kathryn p. 112,55,85,74,81 Kristine p. 64,112,85,74 David p. 112 Kristy p. 112 Bergman, Sherrie p. 112 Berry, Ronald p. 112 Bidne, Keith p. 112 Black, Leonard p. 112 Blankenhagen, Cindy p. 112 Blobaum, Dawn p. 64,112 Blunt, Steven p. 112 Bockoven, Tom p. 112 Bockoven, Diane p. 112 Bodwell, Donna p. 112 Boulware, Keith p. 112 Brandow, Gina p. 113 Brandt, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Mark p. 113,42,43 Clayton p. 113 Phillip p. 113,66,68 Richard p. 113 Tom p. 36,113 Buckroyd, Scott p. 113 Burbank, Scott p. 113 Burgess, Paula p. 83 Burke, David p. 113,24,58 Burke, Terry Burkholder, Brenda p. 113 Burnquist, John p. 113 Burton, Robert p. 113 Campbell, Terry p. 113 Carlson Carlson Carlson , Don p. 113,72 , Gregory Jeril n . 113 - Y P Carlson, Shari Jean p. 113,83 Carlson, Sheri Jean p. 113 Carr, Jae p. 113 Carse, Craig p. 113 Cassem, Kathleen p. 113 Cervene, Elizabeth p. 113 Cervene, Kem p. 113 Cerwick Arleta p. 113 Charon, Bana p. 113 Chingren, Mark p. 113,36,43,111 Christopher, Pamela p. 113,58,60,62,66,6 68 Christy, Marcia p. 113 Cibert, Cindy p. 113 Cibert, Karen Clark, Mary p. 113 Clymer, Randall p. 113 Coleman, Cindy p. 113 Conrad, Victoria p. 113 Constable, Mark p. 113 Cook, Ronald p. 113 7, Juniors Cooper, Jack Cote, Kathy p. 113 Cox, Mary Beth p. 113,111,58,65 Cramer, Susan p. 119,113 Crawford, Debbie p. 113 Crouse, Riza Eliza p. 113,82 Cuckie, George p. 43,113 Cusey, Rhonda p. 113 Dahl, Micheal p. 113,43 Davis, Steven p. 113 Davis, William p. 113 Deal, Herbert p. 113 Deal, Sherry p. 113 Decker, Jane p. 114 Delanoit, Annette p. 65,114,83 Delanoit, Cathleen p. 114 Dencker, Vicki p. 114 Dencklau, Jeff p. 114 Denklau, Karen p. 114 Derrig, Edward p. 114 Dickerson, Barbara p. 114 Dillehay, Cyndee p. 114 Dillon Dorothy p. 114 Donahoe, Mike p. 114,111 Dopita, James Duffy, Mary p. 114,46 Dungy, Diane p. 114,61,62 Durschmidt, Mark p. 114 Duvall, Jon p. 52,114 Eastwood, Jack p. 114 Ecklund, James p. 114,58,7O,71 Eckstine, Lisa p. 114 Edgerton, Steve p. 114 Ehrhardt, Daniel p. 114,36 Elsbecker, Darlene p. 114 Helm, Mary p. 115 Helmers, Ricky p. 115 Henry, Michelle p. 115 Henshaw, Donn p. 36,115 Hepburn, Gregory Hepp, Michelle p. 115 Hepperle, Lou Ann p. 115 Herwig, David p. 115 Heuser, Mark p. 115 Highland, Ronald p. 115 Hilken, Judy p. 115,58,60,70,71 Hiracheta, Tanya p. 115 Hockel, Nancy p. 115,61 Holloway,Jeff p. 115 Holtorf, Gene p. 36,115,48 Hoover, Barry p. 115,36 Hoover, Thayer p. 115 Horn, Maureen p. 115 Huebsch, Jim p. 115 Humpal, Barbara p. 115 Humpal, Michael p. 115 Hunt, Diane p. 115 Hunt, Pamela p. 65,115,74 Hurlburt, Kevin p. 115 Huseman, Jodi p. 64,113,115,61,72,74 Huyser, Vickie p. 116,58,66,83 lnbody, Matt p. 115 Isaacson, Robert p. 116,72 Jacobson, Daniel p. 116,58,60,67 Jacobson, Ronald p. 116 Jamieson, Gregory p. 38,116 Jenkins, Kent Jenkins, Brad p. 116 Jensen, Brian p. 116,42,43 Jensen, David p. 116,67 Enos, Patricia p. 114 Eslick, Kim p. 114 Espey, Janet p. 114 Essig, Dennis p. 114 Evans, Rex p. 114 Everett, William p. 114 Ewen, Kritin p. 114,57,62,66,67,68 Johnson, Debbie p. 116,61 Johnson, Diane p. 44,45,116,39,40,61 Johnson, Lee p. 116 Johnson Johnson Johnson Marsha p. 116 , Pamela p. 116 , Philip p. 116,5B,77 Jondle, Tim p. 116 Jones, Lester p. 116 Feller, Steve Fisher, Mike Flattery, Tom p. 114 Florea, Ginger p. 114 Foughty, Thomas p. 114 Frantz, Todd p. 114,38,72 Friesner, Kathryn p. 114 Fuller, Darcy p. 17,114,85 Fuller, Jennie p. 64,61 Fuller, Karla p. 114 Gambill, Rick p. 114 Barrett, Pamela p. 55,21,114,111,61 Garst, Andy p. 114 Geren, Lauri p. 64,114,65 Gerrard, Randy p. 114,67 Getz, Debra p. 45,114 Godfrey, Donald p. 114 Goebel, Russell p. 114 Gold, Donald p. 114,82 Gribbin, Lisa p. 114 Groat, Julie p. 114 Groat, Roxanne p. 114 Guerin, Cynthia p. 115 Gurnett, Teresa p. 115 Habhab, Paul p. 115 Hacker, Randy p. 115 Hagar, Cheryl p. 115,61,82 Hair, Christine p. 115 Halligan, Kim p. 114,115,44,45,61 Hamlow, Kathy p. 115 Hampton, Gregory p. 115 Hansch, Larry p. 115 Hanson, Mark p. 115 Harder, Kathy p. 120,115,61,74 Harris, Kathryn p. 115,58,60 Harrison, Mary Jo p. 115 Hart, Timothy p. 36,48 Harter, Lori p. 115 Harvey, Debra p. 115 Hass, Pam Hauge, Rhonda p. 44,45,115,117 Hay, Cynthia p. 115,61,62 Hay, Cynthia p. 115 Hay, Richard p. 115 Hay, Richard p. 115 Hays, Paul p. 115,58,66, Healey, Diana p. 115 Heesch, Raelynn p. 39,40,115 Jones, Michaeline p. 116 Jones, Teri Lee p. 71 Kalseim, Robert p. 116 Keck, Timothy p. 116,67 Keelan, Thomas p. 56,116,69,71 Keim, Gabriele p. 116 Kellan, Kristine p. 116 Kelly, Tim p. 116 Kesterson, Diane p. 116 Keyser, Christine p. 116,61,66 Kicklighter, Jeff p. 116 Kilgore, Mike p. 116 Kimberley, Kelley p. 39,40,44,45,116 Kinkner, Kathy p. 116 Kinseth, Cindy p. 116 Kirby, Teresa p. 116 Kirkberg, Bruce p. 52,116,76 Kirkeby, Sheryl p. 65,116,73 Knight, Bill p. 38,116 Knutson, Cynthia p. 64,116,65 Knutson, Cinda p. 116 Kolbe, Randy p. 42,36,116 Kozel, Kevin p. 52,116,58 Kretlow, Roxanne p. 116 Kuhn, Pamela p. 116,61 Kuske, Nancy p. 116 Lamb, Prudence p. 116 Lane, Kathy p. 116 Lankford, Danny p, 116 Larson, John Larson, Mary Jane p. 45,116,62,71 Larson, Michael p. 117 Larson Paul p. 117,24,58 Larson Russell p. 36,117 Leadley, Kim p. 117 Leckness, Cynthia p. 117 Lemon, Jacqueline p. 117 Lennon, Greg p. 117 Lentsch, Lonnie p. 117,82 Lenz, Rebecca p. 117,58 Lewis, Cheryl p. 117 Lewis, Larry p. 117 Licht, C urt p. 36,117 Lile, Vicki p. 117 Lindstrom, Melanie p. 117 Lingenfelter, Teresa p. 117 Lingreen, David p. 117,66,68 Linke, David p. 117 i've seen lonely times when i could not find a friend but i always Thought i'd see you again . . . james taylor Sue Woodall Katherine D. Wooten R h d Y t Crystal Woodbeck Kristi Worster Diane Yetmar Mark Woolridge Deborah Wright Linda Zehr Lisa Zehr Patty Zabel Deb Zimmerman Joe Zuspann get s L Nw' ' r . 1 K f .Q f . Adair, Timothy p. 98 Adams, Kenneth p. 98,62,81 Adams, Robert p. 98 Albright, Matthew p. 98 Alcorn, Mark p. 98 Allen, Sherry p. 98 Anderson Diana p. 98 Anderson, Edward p. 98 Anderson, Kenneth p. 98,67 Anderson, Kevin p. 98 Anderson, Kim Suzette p. 98 Anderson, Rebecca p. 98,67 Antolik, John p. 98 Armstrong, Robert Arndt, Terry Allen p. 98 Ayala, Randy p. 98 Baber, John p. 98,38 Baker, Kristine p. 98 Barkhaus, Michael p. 98 Barnett, Susan p. 98,101 Barry, Beth p. 98,61 Barton, Krista p. 46,98 Bean, Stephanie p. 98 Becker, Jesse Bemrich, Ronald .98,81,61,62,66,67,68,72 P Benegas, Mark p. 98 Benegas, Michael p. 98 Bently, Julie p. 98 Berryhill, Adrienne p. 98,69 Bettmeng, Ronald p. 98 Bishop, Ginger p. 99 Black, Cathy p. 99 Black, Lori p. 99 Blaha, Nancy p. 99 Bohm, Judy p. 99,45 Bonnell, Diana p. 99 Boutchee, Callen Bowman, Jerry p. 99,51 Bradley, Michelle p. 99 Bradley, Patrick p. 99 Bradt, Frank p. 99 Bradwell, Alan p. 99 Brand, Rodney p. 99 Brawdy, Lynette p. 99 Breeden, John p. 99 Brehm Michael . 99 37 , P . Brezovan, Marianne p. 99 Brighi, Kathleen p. 99 Brown, Allan John p. 99 Brown, Arnold p. 99 Brown, Paula p. 99 Brown, Randall p. 99,51 Brown, Bruss, Terry Elizabeth p. 99,62,66 Roger p. 99 Burke, Tony Michael p. 99 Butters, Robert p. 37,99 Carlson, Mark p. 99 Cartee, Suzette p. 99 Castor, Michael p. 99,61,82 Cervene, Jan p. 99 Cervine, Susan p. 99 Cerwick, James p. 99 Chalstrom, Cherri p. 99,67 Christian, Nancy p. 99 Cibert, Angela p. 99 Clark, Debra p. 99 Clark, Timothy p. 99 Clavey, Harold p. 99 Clayton, Thomas p. 37 Clawson, Bruce p. 99 Collins, Frederick p. 99 Collins, Ricky p. 99 Collins, Susan p. 99 Conrad, Sharon p. 99 Cook, Gery p. 99 Craw, Robert p. 99 Crouse, Kenneth p. 99 Crouse, Randall p. 99 Crouse, Victor p. 37,99 Cunningham, Dawn p. 99 Cunningham, Jean Dalvey, David p. 37,100 Daniel, Jodie p. 100 Dannenbring, Greg p. 100,62,67,68 Davis, Lori p. 100 Dawson, Jill p. 100,55,106 Delanoit, Robert p. 100 Dillingham, Randy p. 100 Dillon, Thomas p. 37,100,67 Donahe, Laurie p. 100 Donnelly, Mark p. 37,100,51 Sophomores Douglas, Lynda p. 100 Downey, Douglas p. 100,51 Ducoffe, Phillip p. 100,83 Dunnette, Douglas p. 100 Eastman, Charlene p. 100 Eastman, Darlene p. 100 Eastwood, Pamela p. 100 Egemo, James p. 100 Eger, Matthias p. 100,38,67 Ehrhardt, Tamara p. 100 Ellis, James p. 100 Ellis, Randy p. 100,38 Evans, Michael p. 100 Fallon, Daniel p. 100,38 Farmer, Phillip p. 100 Fawcett, Deanna p. 100 Fawcett, Lori p. 100 Feeley, Cathy p. 100 Ferguson, Merrill p. 100 Ferguson, Nels p. 100 Fevold, Ann p. 100 Field, Gregory p. 100,69,71 Fischer, Carol p. 100 Fisher, Robert p. 100 Flaherty, Susan p. 100 Fletcher, Kristy p. 101,61,62,66 Fletcher, Bobbie Jean p. 100 Flockhart, Cathy p. 100,82 Florea, Craig p. 101,38 Folvag, Deborah p. 101 Fox, Jodi p. 101 Frank, Marty p. 101 Freerking, Bruce p. 101 Friesth, Anne p. 46,101,61 Froh, Charlene p. 45,101 Fuller, Timothy Alan p. 101 Fuller, Timothy Paul p. 101 Gernhart, Lynn Ann p. 101,66 Gerrard, Mark p. 101 Gibson, Anne p. 101 Gibson, Lynda p. 101 Gilligan, Mark p. 101 Gordon, Guy p. 101,82 Grady, Jenny p. 101 Graves, Mary p. 101 Green, Ronald p. 101 Grimsley, Ilona p. 45,101 Grossnickle, Randy p. 37,101 Grove, Jerry Guerzlaff, Daniel p. 101,38,51 Gutknecht, Lori p. 101 Hall, Melodee p. 101,61 Halligan, Holly p. 101,85,66,72,73 Hamlow, Ronald p. 101,61,82 Hamm, Roberta p. 61,70,71,101 Hampton, Dianna p. 101,109 Hancock, Alan p. 101 Handeland, Nancy p. 101 Hankel, Edward p. 101 Hanna, Shirley Hansen, Timothy p. 101 Hansman, Mary p. 101,62,63 Hanson, Sonia Harp, Douglas p. 37,101 Hart, Terri p. 101 Hartigan, Leigh p. 102,109,72 Hawkins, Geoffrey p. 37,102 Hayek, Brian p. 102,67 Hearn, Kelly lgl p. 4,102 Hedeen, Jerry p. 102 Hemrick, Karen p. 102 Henderson, Tim p. 102 Hennings, Paulette p. 102 Henricksen, Christine p. 102,82 Henry, Cynthia p. 102 Henshaw, Jody p. 102 Hepperle, Annette p. 102 Hergenreter, Sheila p. 102 Heuer, Cynthia p. 102 Hewett, Debra Hill, Duane p. 37 Hilsabeck, John p. 102 Hiveley, David p. 102 Hogan, Patrick p. 102 Holm Cary p. 102 Holm, Cindy p. 102 Holmgaard, Dusty p. 37,102 Hood, David p. 102 Hoover, Elizabeth p. 102,55 Hoover, Terry Lea p. 102 Hopmann, Timothy p. 102 Horton, Teresa p. 102 Hottman, David p. 102,62,66 Hottman, Douglas p. 102,62,66,68 Hubbard, Jim p. 102 Hudson, Susan p. 102 Humpal, Kathy p. 102 Hurdel, Cheryl p. 102 Hutchinson, Kelly p. 102 Hutchison, Gregg p. 102 Huwitt, Debby p. 102 lnbody, Kimm Eric p. 102 Jackson, David p. 102 Jarvis, Cindy p. 103 Jenkins, Cheryl p. 103 Jensen, Dale p. 103 Jensen, Sharon Jepsen, Richard p. 103,37 Jochimsen, Kenda p. 101,103,39,100 Johnson, Danny p. 103,51 Johnson, Elizabeth p. 103,61 Johnson, James p. 103 Johnson, Laurie Johnson, Mark p. 103 Johnson, Scott p. 67,103,52 Jondle, Ike p 103 M' . Jones, Annie p. 103 Jones, Barbara p. 103 Jones, Catherine p. 103 Jones, Jeffrey p. 103,61,67 Jones, Patrick Jones, Todd p. 103 Jordison, Leslie p. 103,62,63 Jorgensen, Lori p. 103 Jorgensen, Vance p. 103 Junkman, Vickie p. 103 Karp, Gary p. 103 Keeler, Callie p. 103 Keigley, Diane p. 46,103 Kenney, James p. 103 Kenney, Michael p. 37,103 Kersten, Ernest p. 110,98,103,38,69,72,80 Kersten, Theresa p. 72,85,98,103,110 Kester, David Ketman, Debra p. 103 Kikendall, William p. 103,52 Kiliper, Terry Shaw p. 37,103 Kirkberg, Lynne Marie p. 98,78 Klinefelter, Gloria p. 103 Knippel, Brett p. 103 Knutson, Craig p. 103,5, Kondrath, Andrew p. 61 Kopish, Julie p. 103 Krebs, Michael p. 103,38 Kretlow, Ricky Krivolavy, Mary Ruthanne p. 103,67 Kruger, Paul p. 37,104,61 Kudron, Timothy p. 104 Kuiper, Kevin Kurtz, William p. 85 Laird, Ronald p. 62,66 Larson, Beth Larson, Timothy p. 104 Law, Sherrill p. 104,62,63 Leatherman, Joanne Leadley, Jefry Leathers, Chad Lee, Scott p. 104 Lenier, Shannon Kay p. 104,71 Lenz, Bonnie p. 104,61 Lenz, Richard p. 104 Lewis, Charlene Leistman, Richard p. 104 Link, Nancy p. 104 Lofquist, Randall Logue, Thomas p. 104 Lombard, Gregory p. 67, 104 Long, Kevin p. 104,66 Love, Jemerial Ann p. 104 Ludgate, Frank p. 37,104 Ludwig, Deborah p. 82 Lundquist, Norman p. 104 Lunn, Jerry p. 104,42 Lynch, Anita p. 104 Lyons, Eugene Maggio, Mark p. 104,66 Magruder, Christopher p. 104,67 Maier, Daniel p. 104 Maiwurm, Martha p. 55,104 Maison, Laura p. 104,103,67 Markley, Eugene p. 104 Marnach, Anita p. 67,104 Marrs, Scott p. 37,104 Marsh, Mary p. 104 Matthys, Debra p. 104 Mayer, Lori p. 104 McCormack, Catherine McCormack, Linda McDermott, Lori McDonald, William McElroy, Eddie McGough, Dan McNatt, Dennis McNatt, Diana McNiel, Carolyn p. 66,104 Messerly, Mark p. 104,38 Mikeseil, Ellen p. 104 Milenberg, Susan p. 104 Miller, William p. 104 Milroy, Timothy p. 104 Moeller, Gene p. 104,51 Moline, Christina p. 104 Moore, David p. 37,104,41 Morgan, Michelle p. 104 Mori, Cheryl p. 104 Morrow, James p. 104,52 Morrow, Jay p. 104 Mortensen, Larry p. 104 Mosley, Danny Mosley, Major, Jr. p. 104 Myers, Allan David p. 104 Myers, Ronald Myers, Terrilee Natte, Mindy p. 104 Neeson, Sharon p. 105,61 Nelson, Charlene p. 105 Nelson Mary Ann p. 82,105 Nelson, Rhoda p. 105 Newman, David p. 105 Nickelson, Diane p. 105 Niemand, Lowell p. 105 Niemier, Rick p. 105 Nimrod, Julie p. 105 Noll, David p. 105 Nordstrom, Kevin p. 37 Nordstrom, Sheryl p. 105 Nordstrom, Terry Gene p. 105 Norman, Julie p. 105,67 Oatman, John p. 105,66 O'Brien, Pamela p. 105 Olsen, Jo Anne p. 105 Olson, Kimberly p. 105 Osborne, Gary p. 105 Otto, Jeff p. 105,37 Paddon, Deborah p. 105,62 Parle, Deborah p. 105 Patterson, Steven p. 37,105 Paulson, Janet p. 105 Pearce, Sonya p. 105 PeCoy, Burlyn p. 105 Peters, Cheryl p. 105,39,40 Peters, Thomas p. 38,105,5 Peterson, David p. 105 Peterson, Mark p. 105 Pettit, Renee p. 105,103,66 -Pfilbsen, Lynn Gay p. 105,61 Phillips, Cynthia p. 105 Phillips, Mary p. 105 Pingel, Holly p. 105 Pingel, Robert p. 105 Pohl, Vickie p. 105 Pommer, Melanie p. 105 .. Porrez, Theresa p. 106 Porter, Julie p. 106 Porter, Karen p. 106,60,61 Porter, Larry p. 106 Porter, Rocky p. 106,67 Potratz, Jon p. 106 Prather, Wayne p. 106 Prelip, Dwight Prescott, Mary p. 106 Presswood, Daisy p. 106 Pugh, Christine p. 106 Pullen Jennifer p. 106 Quam, Karen p. 106 Quealy, Matthew p. 106 Rasmussen, June p. 106 Rathert, Randall p. 106,108 Redman, Cliffton Redman, Tommy p. 106 Reese, Debra p. 106 Reiter, Roxanne p. 106 Reynolds, Douglas p. 106 Rhodes, Michael p. 106 Rinehart, Keith p. 106 Ritchey, Mikeal p. 37,106 Roderick, Mike p. 106 Roest, Glen p. 106 Rogers, Martin p. 106 Rogers, Scott p. 106 Rogosch, Bonnie p. 44,45,39,106 Rolow, Diana p. 106 Rork, Patrick p. 106 Rose, Edward p. 106 Ruby, Mark p. 106 Rupp, Christine p. 106 Saboe, Lisa p. 106,61,62,63 Saliger, Lynette p. 106 Saliger, Paula p. 106,74 Sandberg, Brian p. 106,66 Sanford, Jeffrey p. 106,42,43 Sanders, Polly Saxton, Christine p. 107,61,62,63 Scarborough, Glenn p. 107 Schmalen, Mark Schill, John p. 37,107,51 Schlesinger, Carol p. 107 Schmidt, Tamara p. 107 Schoon, Cinthia Schultz, Cheryl p. 107 Schuur, Dennis p. 36,107,5 Scott, Candy p. 107 Seals, Patricia p. 107 Seehusen, Karen p. 107 Selhaver, Laurie p. 107 Sestak, Patty p. 107 Shackleton, Sharon p. 107 Sheker, Jodi p. 107 Sheker, Suzann p. 107,55 Shelby, Kevin p. 107,67,71 Sindlinger, Susan p. 107 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith , Christopher p. 107 , Cynthia p. 107 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Betty p. 107 Bobby Joe p. 107 Bonnie p. 107 Kay Marie p. 107 Lucinda p. 107 Mark p. 107,37 Shirley p. 108 Sorenson, Ellen p. 108 Sotelo, Delano p. 108 Staley, Donna p. 108 Stanberg, Linnell Diane p. 108 67 Steiner, Cynthia p. 108 Steinhoff, Amy p. 108 Stenhaug, Paul p. 108 Sterns, Mitchell p. 108,42 Stewart, Craig p. 37,108,42 Stewart, Darrell p. 108 St. John, Gary p. 108 Stringer, Brian p. 108 Strom, Tracy p. 108 Surls, Phyllis p. 108 Swanson, Sven p. 108 Shelledy, Shipman, Shipman, Shipman, Nannette p. 107 Carolyn p. 45,107 Debra p. 107,97,45,39,4O Lori p. 107 Shupe, Lora p. 107 Sick, David p. 107 Siekmann, Daniel p. 107,108,51 Sigler, Annette p. 107 Silke, James p. 38,107,51 Simpson, Andrew p. 107 Simpson, Charles p. 107,38,52,67 Singlinger, Steven p. 107 Sweat, Deborah p. 108,66 Teague, Renee p. 108 Terranova, Cynthia p. 108 Thedford, Ann p. 108 Thiele, Kelly Lee p. 108 Thompson, Jennifer p. 44,45,39,108 Thompson, Neil Thornton, Suzie p. 108 Tjalsma, Nancy p. 108 Tomlinson, Jeff p. 108,85,82,83 Tomlinson, Teresa p. 45,108 Torp, James p.108,52,67 Trainer, Gary p. 108 Treloar, Todd p. 108 Tripp, Trent p. 108,52,73 Trueblook, Jeffrey p. 108 Trushcheff, Kevin p. 108 Turner, Kimberly p. 46,109,61,78 Tutor, Joni p. 109,82 Utley, Rodney p. 109 Vance, Dennis Van Alstine, Linda p. 39,109,62 VanGilder, Cynthia p. 109 Vinchattle, Julie p. 109 Vinsand, Carla p. 109 Vinsand, Jacqueline p. 109 Voss, Ann p. 109 Walker, Eugenia p. 109 Waleers, Donna p. 109 Warren, Bart p. 109 Webb, Kristie p. 109 Wendell, Lori p. 109 West, Randy p. 37,109 Westin, Scott p. 109 Whelchel, Joel p. 38,109 Wilde, Kevin p. 109,61 Williams, David p. 109 Wilshusen, Kevin p. 109 Wilson, Laura p. 109,55,61 Wilson, Robbie John p. 109 Wisthoff, Linda p. 109 Woodruff, Anne p. 109,46,15,98,39,67,74 Woodridge, Mari Sue p. 109 Yoder, Daniel p. 37,109,67 Zimmermann, David Abbott, Martha Adams, John p. 112 Adams, Pam p. 112 Ahrens, Susan p. 112 Alcorn, Brian p. 112 Aljets, Christy Lynn p. 112 Albee, Vickie p. 112 Allen, Mark p. 112 Juniors Cooper, Jack Cote, Kathy p. 113 Cox, Mary Beth p. 113,111,58,65 Cramer, Susan p. 119,113 Crawford, Debbie p. 113 Crouse, Riza Eliza p. 113,82 Cuckie, George p. 43,113 Cusey, Rhonda p. 113 Amundson, Victor p. 112 Anderson, Carl p. 36,112 Anderson, Jeffery p. 52,53,112 Anderson, Joyce p. 112 Anderson, Rebecca p. 112,62 Andrews, Debbie p. 112,61 Andrews, Randy p. 112 Archibald, Micheal p. 112 Arndt, Richard p. 112 Ashton, Anna p. 112 Auten, Jerry p. 52,53 Ayala, Larry p. 112 Ayers, Denise p. 116,112,61 Bacon, Susan p. 112 Baedke, Duane p. 112 Bailey, Luanne p. 112 Baker, Keith p. 112,48 Balke, Stan p. 112 Bangert, Diana p. 64,112,61 Bangart, Donna 64,112,58 Barkhaus, Julie p. 112 Barlow, Steve p. 36,112 Barnes, Craig p. 48,112,58,60 Bartholow, Neal p. 36 Beaver, Dale p. 112 Beers, Micheal p. 53,52 Beightol, Jean p. 112 Dahl, Micheal p. 113,43 Davis, Steven p. 113 Davis, William p. 113 Deal, Herbert p. 113 Deal, Sherry p. 113 Decker, Jane p. 114 Delanolt, Annette p. 65,114,83 Delanoit, Cathleen p. 114 Dencker, Vicki p. 114 Dencklau, Jeff p. 114 Denklau, Karen p. 114 Derrig, Edward p. 114 Dickerson, Barbara p. 114 Dillehay, Cyndee p. 114 Dillon Dorothy p. 114 Donahoe, Mike p. 114,111 Dopita, James Duffy, Mary p. 114,46 Dungy, Diane p. 114,61,62 Durschmidt, Mark p. 114 Duvall, Jon p. 52,114 Eastwood, Jack p. 114 Ecklund, James p. 114,58,70,71 Eckstine, Lisa p. 114 Edgerton, Steve p. 114 Ehrhardt, Daniel p. 114,36 Elsbecker, Darlene p. 114 Helm, Mary p. 115 Helmers, Ricky p. 115 Henry, Michelle p. 115 Henshaw, Donn p. 36,115 Hepburn, Gregory Hepp, Michelle p. 115 Hepperle, Lou Ann p. 115 Herwig, David p. 115 Heuser, Mark p. 115 Highland, Ronald p. 115 Hilken, Judy p. 115,58,60,70,71 Hiracheta, Tanya p. 115 Hockel, Nancy p. 115,61 Holloway,Jeff p. 115 Holtorf, Gene p. 36,115,48 Hoover, Barry p. 115,36 Hoover, Thayer p. 115 Horn, Maureen p. 115 Huebsch, Jim p. 115 Humpal, Barbara p. 115 Humpal, Michael p. 115 Hunt, Diane p. 115 Hunt, Pamela p. 65,115,74 Hurlburt, Kevin p. 115 Huseman, Jodi p. 64,113,115,61,72,74 Huyser, Vickie p. 116,58,66,83 lnbody, Matt p. 115 Isaacson, Robert p. 116,72 Jacobson, Daniel p. 116,58,60,67 Jacobson, Ronald p. 116 Jamieson, Gregory p. 38,116 Jenkins, Kent Jenkins, Brad p. 116 Jensen, Brian p. 116,42,43 Jensen, David p. 116,67 Beisch, Randy p. 112 Belthius, George p. 112 Bennett, Bennett, Benson, BBFISOT1, Kathryn p. 112,55,85,74,81 Kristine p. 64,112,85,74 David p. 112 Kristy p. 112 Bergman, Sherrie p. 112 Berry, Ronald p. 112 Enos, Patricia p. 114 Eslick, Kim p. 114 Espey, Janet p. 114 Essig, Dennis p. 114 Evans, Rex p. 114 Everett, William p. 114 Ewen, Kritin p. 114,57,62,66,67,6 Ewing, Vickie p. 114,61 8 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson Johnson, Debbie p. 116,61 Diane p. 44,45,116,39,40,61 Lee p. 116 Marsha p. 116 Pamela p. 116 Philip p. 116,58,77 Jondle, Tim p. 116 Jones, Lester p. 116 Bidne, Keith p. 112 Black, Leonard p. 112 Blankenhagen, Cindy p. 112 Blobaum, Dawn p. 64,112 Blunt, Steven p. 112 Bockoven, Tom p. 112 Bockoven, Diane p. 112 Bodwell, Donna p. 112 Boulware, Keith p. 112 Brandow, Gina p. 113 Brandt, Mark p. 113,42,43 Brown, Clayton p. 113 Brown, Phillip p. 113,66,68 Brown, Richard p. 113 Brown, Tom p. 36,113 Buckroyd, Scott p. 113 Burbank, Scott p. 113 Burgess, Paula p. 83 Burke, David p. 113,24,58 Burke, Terry Burkholder, Brenda p. 113 Burnquist, John p. 113 Burton, Robert p. 113 Campbell, Terry p. 113 Feller, Steve Fisher, Mike Flattery, Tom p. 114 Florea, Ginger p. 114 Foughty, Thomas p. 114 Frantz, Todd p. 114,38,72 Friesner, Kathryn p. 114 Fuller, Darcy p. 17,114,85 Fuller, Jennie p. 64,61 Fuller, Karla p. 114 Gambill, Rick p. 114 Barrett, Pamela p. 55,21,114,111,61 Garst, Andy p. 114 Geren, Lauri p. 64,114,65 Gerrard, Randy p. 114,67 Getz, Debra p. 45,114 Godfrey, Donald p. 114 Goebel, Russell p. 114 Gold, Donald p. 114,82 Gribbin, Lisa p. 114 Groat, Julie p. 114 Groat, Roxanne p. 114 Guerin, Cynthia p. 115 Gurnett, Teresa p. 115 Carlson, Don p. 113,72 Carlson, Gregory Carlson Jeril n . 113 Habhab, Paul p. 115 Hacker, Randy p. 115 Hagar, Cheryl p. 115,61,82 Hair, Christine p, 115 Jones, Michaeline p. 116 Jones, Teri Lee p. 71 Kalseim, Robert p. 116 Keck, Timothy p. 116,67 Keelan, Thomas p. 56,116,69,71 Keim, Gabriele p. 116 Kellan, Kristine p. 116 Kelly, Tim p. 116 Kesterson, Diane p. 116 Keyser, Christine p. 116,61,66 Kicklighter, Jeff p. 116 Kilgore, Mike p. 116 Kimberley, Kelley p. 39,4O,44,45,116 Klnkner, Kathy p. 116 Kinseth, Cindy p. 116 Kirby, Teresa p. 116 Kirkberg, Bruce p. 52,116,76 Kirkeby, Sheryl p. 65,116,73 Knight, Bill p. 38,116 Knutson, Cynthia p. 64,116,65 Knutson, Cinda p. 116 Kolbe, Randy p. 42,36,116 Kozel, Kevin p. 52,116,58 Kretlow, Roxanne p. 116 Kuhn, Pamela p. 116,61 Kuske, Nancy p. 116 Lamb, Prudence p. 116 , Y P Carlson, Shari Jean p. 113,83 Carlson, Sheri Jean p. 113 Carr, Jae p. 113 Carse, Craig p. 113 Cassem, Kathleen p. 113 Cervene, Elizabeth p. 113 Cervene, Kem p. 113 Cerwick Arleta p. 113 Charon, Bana p. 113 Chingren, Mark . 11336 43,111 P 1 , Chggstopher, Pamela p. 113,58,60,62,66,67, Christy, Marcia p. 113 Cibert, Cindy p. 113 Cibert, Karen Clark, Mary p. 113 Clymer, Randall p. 113 Coleman, Cindy p. 113 Conrad, Victoria p. 113 Constable, Mark p. 113 Cook, Ronald p. 113 Halligan, Kim p. 114,115,44,45,61 Hamlow, Kathy p. 115 Hampton, Gregory p. 115 Hansch, Larry p. 115 Hanson, Mark p. 115 Harder, Kathy p. 120,115,61,74 Harris, Kathryn p. 115,58,6O Harrison, Mary Jo p. 115 Hart, Timothy p. 36,48 Harter, Lori p. 115 Harvey, Debra p. 115 Hass, Pam Hauge, Rhonda p. 44,45,115,117 Hay, Cynthia p. 115,61,62 Hay, Cynthia p. 115 Hay, Richard p. 115 Hay, Richard p. 115 Hays, Paul p. 115,58,66, Healey, Diana p. 115 Heesch, Raelynn p. 39,40,115 Lane, Kathy p. 116 Lankfor Larson, Larson, Larson d, Danny p. 116 John Mary Jane p. 45,116,62,71 Michael p. 117 Larson,Paul p. 117,24,5e Larson Russell p. 36,117 Leadley, kim p. 117 Leckness, Cynthia p. 117 LefT1Of1, Jacqueline p. 117 Lennon, Greg p. 117 Lentsch, Lonnie p. 117,82 Lenz, Rebecca p. 117,58 Lewis, Cheryl p. 117 Lewis, Larry p. 117 Licht, C urt p. 36,117 Lile, Vicki p. 117 Lindstrom, Melanie p. 117 Lingenfelter, Teresa p. 117 Lingreen, David p. 117,66,68 Linke, David p. 117 Lockwood, Diane Lombard, Cynthis p. 117,66 Lorenzen, Korene p. 117 Lowrey, Kim p. 117 Lucas, Sheryl p. 117,62,63,66,68 Lundberg, Rhonda p. 117 Lunn, Joelene p. 117 Lunn, Lynn Louise p. 117,83 Lynch, Patrick p. 36,117 Macek, Layne p. 41,42,118,48 Maricle, Russel p. 117 Marsh, Daniel p. 117,67 Marshall, Steven p. 117 Martin, Rich p. 117 Martin, Wayne p. 117 Maschino, Nick p. 117 Mason, Gerald p. 117 McBride, Diane p. 117,61 McCaffery, Leasse Jo p. 117 McCarthy, Gerald p. 117 McDonnell, Mike p. 117 McDowell, Brian p. 117 McElroy, Shirley McQuire, Sarah p. 117 McMahon, Terry p. 117 McNally, Jill p. 21,117,61,77 McNulty, Mona p. 117 Meier, William p. 117 Mernka, Joseph p. 117 Messerly, Anne p. 118 Metier, Nancy p. 118,62,63 Meyer, Denise Michalski, Tim p. 118 Milenberg, Bob p. 118 Miller, Dale p. 118 Miller, Sherry p. 118 Minikis, Richard p. 118 Moeller, Gary p. 118,67 Mohler, Melissa p. 118,12O,66 Montgomery, Steve p. 118 Mosley, Audrey p. 118 Motl, Lisa p. 118,61 Narigon, Michael p. 118,29,111,62,63,68,72 Naylor, Bessie p. 118 Neeson, Michael p. 118 Neitzel, Luanne p. 118 Nekvinda, Craig p. 118 Nelson, Jim Nerhus, Terry Vaiden p. 14,118 Newbrough, Pamela p. 118,58 Nickelson, Cynthia p. 118 Nordquist, Kent p. 118,24 Nordstorm, Annette p. 118,61 Nottger, Cindy Ann p. 64,118,61,74 Oleson, Nadine p. 118,66 Olmstead, Danita p. 118,83 Olson, Curtis p. 118 Olson, Dana Corey p. 118 Olson, Larry p. 118 Osborn, Larry p. 118 Osborne, Jerry p. 36,33,118,42 Osterberg, Kathy p. 118 Pandil, Craig p. 118 Parsons, William p. 118,58,6O,67,83 Passow, Debra p. 118 Passow, Mark p. 118 Patterson, Elizabeth p. 118,66 Patterson, Suzanne p. 15,118,85,62,66,68, 72,74,78 Peck, Sheree p. 118 Pecoy, Sue Ann p. 118 Person, Sheila p. 118,78 Person, Sheree p. 55,20,118,58 Peters, Jeffery p. 118 Peters, Richard p. 118 Peterson, Brent p. 118 Peterson, Larry p. 118 Peterson, Leonard p. 118 Peterson, Robert p. 118 Pfannes, Steven p. 118 Phillips, Charles p. 118,82 Phillips, Doug p. 119 Phillips, Keith p. 119 Phillips, Robert p. 119 Phillips, Shelly p. 119 Pickett, Deborah p. 24,119 Pingel, Mark p. 119,58 Pommer, Marcell p. 119,61 Porter, Debra p. 119,61,70,71 Porter, Robert p. 119 Powell, Scott p. 119 Prelip, David p. 119 Presler, Mark p. 119 Prewitt, Jeff p. 119,36 Pricem, John p. 119 Pritchard, Lynne p. 119 Ouealy, Thomas p. 119,5B,60,66,68 Raney, Julie p. 119,58,6O Reader, Debbie p. 119 Rector L nne Marie . 64,61,62,66,74,83 , Y P Renken, David p. 119 Rhodes, Marc p. 36,119 Ricke, Teresa p. 119 Riedesel, Kathryn p. 119 Roberts, Michael Rogers, Richard p. 119 Rokes, Tom p. 119 Roquet, Timothy p. 119,77 Rose, Randy Roseke, Larry p. 119,58 Rost, Michael p. 119 Rowell, Bill p. 119 Royster, Terri Lynn p. 119,61 Ruby, Curt p. 119 Rube, Darrell p. 119 Ruge, Jaqueline p. 119 Ruge, Kyle p. 119,52,53 Ruhnke, Larry p. 119 Salter, Samuel p. 119 Sande, Karla p. 119 Sanders, Scott p. 36,119 Scharf, Roxanne p. 119,58 Schliske, Jane p. 119 Schoettmer, Donna p. 119 Schrader, Dennis p. 72 Schreiber, Susan p. 119 Schubring, Daniel p. 67 Seals, Eddie p. 33,119 Seaver, Michelle p. 119 Secor, William p. 119,17,62,63,66,68,72, 77 Shaver, Heidi Jean p. 119,83 Shelton, Britt p. 119 Shipman, James p. 119 Shipman, Randy p. 36 Shipp, Kelly Shupe, Daniel p. 119,36 Shute, Rhonda p. 119,58 Sigler, Tom Simmons, Pat p. 119 Skadburg, Debra p. 120 Skenker, Nelana p. 120 Slagenweit, Peter p. 120 Smith, Jeff p. 120 Smith, Linda p. 120 Smith, Melodie p. 120 Smith, Steve p. 120 Stallings, John Stangl, Anita p. 120 Stark, Teresa p. 120 Steinhoff, Shane p. 120 Stenhaug, Kathy p. 12O,58,60,66,68 Stringer, James p. 120 Strutzenberg, Jane p. 39,45,120 Sturdevant, Patti p. 120 Summers, Hurschell p. 120 Summers, Lee p. 120 Svaleson, Robert p. 120 Sweat, Michael p. 120 Swift, Allen p. 120 Swinderman, DeAnn p. 120 Swindrman, Jenny p. 120 Tague, Michael Tague, Ricky Taylor, Tim p. 120 Teague, Randy p. 120 Terranova, Jo Leene p. 120 Terranova, Kathy p. 120 Thedford, Gail Thedford, Hazel p. 120 Thode, Robert p. 120 Thomas, Kathy p. 120 Tienan, Cindy p. 120 Trusty, Diane p. 120,58 Udermann, Cindy p. 120,55,61 Underbrink, Thomas 48,50,120,58,62,66 Vance, Baynard Byerl Vinchattle, Denis p. 36 Vinsant, Deborah p. 120 Walker, Gene p. 120 Warehime, Trudy p. 120 Wasson, Denise p. 120,58,60,62,63 Wasson, Diane p. 120,61,62,63 Watters, Thomas p. 120 Weiss, Debra p. 120 Westfall, Chuck p. 120,97 Westling, Glen p. 120 Wheaton, Mark p. 120 Whitcome, Cathy p. 120 Whittington, Keith p.120 Wichtendahl, Terry p. 120 Wieberg, Linda p. 120 Wiewel, Ann p. 121,46 Wilde, Wlldi, Wildi, Wiles, Wiley, Rodney Lynette p. 121,58 Terria Lee p. 121 Craig p. 121 Karen p. 121 Williams, Dana Lynn p. 121,40 Wingerson, Bobbie p. 121 Witte. Randy Woock, Dale p. 121,58,60 Wood, Susan p. 65,121 Woodard, Mary Ann p. 121,4,55,61 Woodruff, David p. 52,66,73,80 Wyman, Karyl p. 121,61 Yates, Barbara p. 121 Zentner, Georgia p. 121 Zimmerman, Marvin p. 121,58 Zobrosky, Dean Kay p. 121 Zuspann, Timothy p. 36,121,67 Adams, Kirk Thomas p. 126,75 Adams, William Fullerton p. 126,75 Albright, Michael James p. 126 Amerson, Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson A.C. p. 126 , Jane Ann p. 126,82 , Janet Marie p. 126 Ja Matthew .12666 1 Y D . , Katherine Jean p. 126 , Sherry Jean p. 126 Andrews, James Bruce p. 23,126,36,34,48, 49,50 Angstrom, Kelly Steven p. 126,75 Archer, Debra Lynn p. 126,75 Arends, Laura Beth p. 126 Armstrong, Peggy Jean p. 126 Askeland, Brian Dale p. 127 Askelson, Michelle Lynn p. 127 Ayala, Tanya Renee p. 127 Baardson, Connie Lee p. 127 Bacon, Timothy Alan Baedke, Douglas Warren p. 127 Baedke, Roger Charles p. 127 Baker, Dale Kevin p. 127 Banwell, Rebecca Sue p. 127,64 Bargman, Robert William p. 127,85 Barnett, Robert James p. 127 Bartholow, Craig Ralph p. 127,75 Bauder, Mark Robert p. 127,36 Beck, Jacquelyn R. p. 127 Beck, Michael Dean p. 127,75 Becker, Kent Alan p. 127,75 Becker, Kevin Lee p. 127,75 Bedford, Rosemarie p. 127 Beecher, Gilbert Lynn p. 127,67 Beers, Marcia Elizabeth p. 127,2O,54,23,58 Bell, Craig Eugene p. 127 Benegas, Kristine Ann p. 128 Benson, Gwenda Lois p. 128 Bentley, Greg Alan p. 128 Berryhill, Leighton Vyrene p. 128,85,77,80 Berte, Carmen Kathryn p. 128,82 Bickford, Barbara Mary p. 128,74 Bingham, Debra Kay p. 128,9 Birocci, Randy Joe p. 128,75 Bishop, Gregg Lewis p. 128 Black, Joseph Lee p. 128,36 Black, Julie Ann p. 128,75 Blair, Sherry Kristine p. 128 Block, Beverly Jean p. 128,8 Blunt, Jacquelyn Lee p. 128,75 Blunt, Leah Elizabeth p. 128,75 Bockoven, Brian Eugean p. 128 Boersma, Karol Jean p. 128,75 Bonnell, Jane Elizabeth p. 128,20,2,54, 55,77,81 Bonnell, Mark Elllot p. 128 Bonnstetter, Gerald Steven p. 128,66 Boomgarden, Kathleen Mae p. 129,60,83 Boone, Tonya Kay p. 129,130,80 Borer, Charles Doug p. 129 Bradley, Debra Anne p. 129,3 Bradwell, Jon Robert p. 129 Bratland, Sandra p. 129 Breyton, Bernadette Marie p. 129,85 Brooks, Beth Ann p. 129 Brookshire, Eddie p. 130 Brown, Paula Jean p. 130 Brown, Ruth Ann p. 130,62 Brown, Susan Ellen p. 130,75 Burton, David Earl p. 130,75 Cahill, Steven Michael p. 130 Carlson, Rebecca Helen p. 130,58,60,74 Casotti, Alan Blaine p. 130 Castor, Julianne Marie p. 130 Chalstrom, Darci Ann p. 130,8,9 Charon, Bixi Jan p. 131,75 Christopher, Terry Lynn p. 131 Cibert, Linda Rae p. 131,11 Clark, Leanne Janila p. 131,65 Cloud, Donald Earl p. 131,19,58,60 Cole, Michael Patrick p. 131,77 Condra, Antoinette p. 131 Conrad, Jeff Allen p. 131,36 Cook, Beanna Lyn p. 131 Cook, Bruce Edwin p. 131,18 Cook, Gary Dale Crimmins, Shirley Marie p. 75 Crosby, Kenneth Lee p. 131 Crouse, Kevin Cummings, Richard Dale p. 131,25 Seniors Cupp, Connie p. 131 Daisy, Sue Ellen p. 131,75 Dalvey, Katherine Joann p. 131,77 Danner, Brian p. 131,36,58 Danner, Terri Lynn p. 131,64,58,62 Davis, Bradley Jack p. 131,19 Davis, Susan Marie p. 131,82 Dean, Dennis Ross p. 132,49,50 Debakey, Michael Joseph p. 132,75 Decker, James Michael p. 132 Degner, Mary Kay p. 75 Deimel, Connie Sue p. 132 Delanoit, Debra Elaine p. 132,82 Delanoit, Douglas Richard p. 132 Dencklau, Barbara Ann p. 132 Dencklau, Denise Marie p. 132,17,26 Dencklau, Kayleen Sue p. 132 Dencklau, Patricia Ann p. 132 Dencklau, Terrence Lynn p. 132 Den Hartog, David Stephen p. 132 Dickinson, Daniel Edward p. 132,58,60 Dillon, Annette Ruth p. 132,62,63,66,68 Dolder, Steven Craig p. 132 Dopita, Kathleen Ann p. 14,132,45,85 Dornath, Duane Allen p. 132 Dorothy, Monte Lavern p. 132 Dubois, Daniel Robert p. 132,58 Dunn, Connie Marie p. 82 Echevarria, Celia Maria p. 132 Eckart, Barbara Ann p. 22,15,133,136,76 Edwards, James Arthur p. 133 Edwards, Tobi p. 133 Ekstrom, Linda Lucille p. 133 Evans, James Richard Evenson, Bruce Alan p. 133,75 Everhard, Robert Duane p. 133 Ewing, Debra Marie p. 133 Fawcett, David Lee p. 133,75 Fawcett, Dlxie Lee p. 133 Fevold, Jonathon Dirk p. 133,2,36 Finney, Linda Mae p. 133,82 Fischer, Grace Minda p. 133 Fisher, Carol Ann p. 133 Flattery, Kathleen JoAnn p. 133 Fleming, Jayne Marie p. 133,65 Fletchall, Valli Jo p. 133 Florea, Deb p. 133 Folvag, Lori Gail p. 133,75 Forbes, Glenda M. p. 133 Fortune, Scott Kevin p. 134,65,52,58,60,66 Foster, Harley Vern, Jr. p. 134 Fox, Katherine Ann p. 134 Fox, Rebecca Ann Fox, Vicki Jo p. 134 Frank, Dennis Jay p. 134,75 Freerking, Terry Lee Fuller, Jeanine Marie p. 134 Garatoni, Micheal Rex p. 134,58,60,66,72 Garret, Ronald Kim Garst, Samuel Ashley p. 3,134,56,5,58, 60,69,70,71 Gates, Bryan Dean p. 134,58,60,76 Gates, Pamela p. 134 Geer, Jane Louise p. 134 Gehrt, Rebecca Anne p. 134 George, Paula Marie p. 134,20,4,54 Gerdes, Donald Allen p. 134 Gilbert, Gary Dean p. 134 Gilligan, Monty James p. 134 Girard, Daniel Charles p. 134,144 Gloe, Eileen Marie p. 134,71 Grady, Janet Ann p. 135,58,62 Graves, Allan Keith p. 135 Green, Charla Rae p. 135,82 Green, James Edward p. 135 Grell, Micheal p. 135 Grettenberg, Steven Edward p. 135 Griffin, Carol p. 135,82 Gross, Rebecca Sue p. 135,82 Gudmonson, Wayne Robert p. 135 Gullickson, Kim Robert p. 135,50,48 Gully, Carolyn Gumm, Debbie Jean p. 135 Gurnett, Thomas Hemon p. 135 Gutknecht, Kristine Marie p. 135,74 Haack, Wendy Lu p. 135,2,54,58 Hacker, Teresa Jo p. 135,75 Haines, Sally Ann p. 135 Hall, Frederic Maynard p. 135 Halm, Marsha Marie p. 136 Hamilton, Thomas Anthony p. 136,151,36 Hanna, Randy Gene p. 136 Hanson, David Duane p. 136 Hanson, Davis Joseph p. 136 Hanson, Kathryn Renee p. 136,82 Harp, Howard Neil p. 136 Harris, Steven Ray p. 136 Hart, Debra Lou p. 136 Hart, Sally Jane p. 137 Harvey, Charles Lowell p. 137 Haugen, Kristine Ann p. 137,126,8 Hayek, Allen Vincent p. 137 Healey, George Edward p. 137 Hearn, Kimberly Ellen p. 137,44,45 Heileman, Kimberly Sue p. 137 Hemrick, Gregory Bruce p. 137,62,63,68 Henderson, Hal Linn p. 137,38 Hendricks, Joan Ellen p. 54,11,137,147,58 Henry, Deborah p. 137 Hepburn, Scott Bradley p. 137,75 Hergenreter, Debra Jean p. 137,82 Hergenreter, Denise p. 137 Hilken, Mark Alan p. 137,58,60 Hill, Scott Francis p. 137 Hiracheta, Steven Ray p. 137 Hollister, John J. p. 137,75 Holloway, Kathleen Marie p. 137,75 Hoover, Loren Wilbur Horn, Gregory Harold p. 137 Horney, Nancy Sue p. 138,58,60,66,74 Hovey, Julie Ann p. 7,64,138,21,5,58, 6O,66,74 Howard, Diane Sue p. 138 Howard, Donna Ann p. 138,72,76,78 Hubbard, Leanna Lynn p. 138,82 Hudson, Ann Marie p. 138,64 Hunt, Jan Marie p. 64,8,138,149 Isaacson, Cindy K. p. 138 Isakson, Kathryn Louise p. 138 Jacobsen, Richard Alan p. 138 Jochimsen, Gary Linn p. 138 Johnson, Jeffery Louis p. 138,52 Johnson, Pamela Kay p. 23,138,147,46,78 Johnson, Ricky Ray p. 138 Jonas, Fay Aviva p. 138,74 Jones, Micheal Leroy p. 138 Jones, Terry Carl p. 138,58,67 Jordison, Timothy Scott p. 138 Jorgensen, Tony E. p. 138,75 Julius, Rhonda Jane p. 138 Keim, Jutta Beate p. 139 Kersten, Amelia Anne p. 29,9,139,126,23, 66,78 Kersten, Carol Jeanne p. 139,58,60,66,72, 74 Kesterson, James Patrick p. 139,75 Keyser, Randall Dean p. 139,36 Kielhorn, Susan Diane p. 139,23,58,78 Kilgore, Pamela Joan p. 139,61 Kinkner, Karolyn Kay p. 139 Kirchner, Angela Jean p. 139 Klass, Jodi Lynn p. 139,75 Knippel, Randy Lee p. 139 Koenig, Lisa Jill p. 7,139,21,26,62,63,74 Koestner, Richard George p. 139 Kondrath, Jeffery Reed p. 139 Kopish, Michelle Anne p. 139,82 Kopish, Terry Lynn p. 139,17 Kopp, Thomas Owen p. 139,75 Kretlow, Pamela Lou Krivolavy, Julie Joy p. 139,67 Krug, Lavonne Rose p. 139,81 Kudron, Stephan John p. 140,75 Kuhn, James p. 140 Kuker, Pam p. 140 Kurtz, Jerri Lynn p. 140,9 LaCaille, Janice Kay p. 140,141 Laird, Paula Jayne p. 140 Lankford, Louise Darlene p. 140 Larsen, Nancy Ann p. 140,46,8,9 Larson, Beverly Ann p. 140 Larson, Debra Leann p. 140,80 Larson, Douglas Max p. 140,38 Larson, Paul p. 36 Leadley, Craig Eugene p. 140 Lessmeier, Scott Alan p. 140 Lewis, Karen Lynn p. 140 Lindeberg, John Barbour p.140 Lockner, Mark Scott p. 140,36 Lombard, Gary Allen p. 141,67 Lumsden, Julie Kay p. 141,20,54 Lundberg, Alan James p. 141 Lundgren, Scott Kevin p. 141 Lunn, Cynthia Sue p. 141 Lynch, Micheal William p. 141,38 Mabe, Randy Dean p. 141 Machovec, James Alan p. 141,75 Magruder,Charles Franklin p. 141,52,24,62 Maiden, Gary Lynn p. 141,48,58,60 Maiwurm, Steven Jay p. 141,52,62,66,68,73 Mandelko, Dale Arnold p. 141,7,26,67 Marchant, Mary Louise p. 141,45,17,85,62 Marnach, George Micheal p. 141 Marquesen, Susan Eileen p. 141 Marsh, Maria Ann p. 141 Martin, David Bowman p. 142 Martin, Douglas Alan p. 142 Mauch, Edda Gailene p. 142,29 McBride, Carl Jack p. 142 McBride, Mickey Irvin p. 142 McClure, Mary Beth p. 64,142,149,64 McCormack, Bruce Edward p. 142,48 McCormack, Deborah Jean p. 142 McCormick, Frances Katherine p. 10,20 142,73,83 McCoy, Vickie Sue p. 142 McCrady, Randall Dean p. 23,41,42 McDermott, Victoria Danele p. 142,82 McKim, James Robert p. 142 McMahon, Daniel Paul p. 142 McQueen, Scott Allen p. 142,36 Meils, Jacqueline Ann p. 143 Meiners, Gordon Bruce p. 143 Mericle, Wayne p. 143 Mernka, James Alan p. 143 Merrill, Beth Ellen p. 143 Michehl, Keith Delmar p. 143 Michehl, Timothy Allen p. 143 Miller, Marilyn Faye p. 143 Miller, Theresa Ann Minikis, David Allen p. 143 Mittelstadt, Sara Jane p. 2,5,143,20,124, 17,54,55,76 Moen, James Jon p. 143 Mohr, Stephanie p. 143 Moore, Joseph Carter p. 143,135.36 Moretti, Linda Mary p. 143 Morris, Deborah Kay p. 143 Morrow, Mark John p. 143,4,125 Motl, Kim Kathryn p. 143 Muhl, Richard Warner p. 143,36 Mundie, Brian William p. 143 Murray, Ronald Wayne p. 143,75 Myers, Debra Renee p. 144 Naven, Kimberly p. 144,2O,2,54,55,85,7O,71 Nelson, Barbara Ann p. 144 Nelson, David Eugene p. 144 Nelson, Janet p. 144.3 Nelson, Richard Dean 144,126,36,29 Nemitz, Linda Kathleen p. 65,144,148,149 Newsum, Clint Thomas p. 144,24,73,86 Niemand, Lori Jean p. 144,75 Niemier, Rhonda Lee p. 144,82 Nordstrom, John Merle p. 144,75 Noyes, Elizabeth Anne p. 144,58 Ogren, Karen Ann p. 144,65 Olesen, Donald John p. 144,36 Olesen, Sandra Lynne p. 144,75 Olson, Dale Francis p. 144,36,42 Olson, Debra Anne p. 145 Olson, Kevin Stark p. 145 Olson, Terry Paul p. 145 Oppedahl, Ann Rae p. 145 Osborne, Glen Leroy p. 145 Parks, Patrick Timothy p. 145,140,28,70,83 Passick, Gayle Ann p. 145 Patterson, Steven Micheal p. 145,75 Pecoy, Lynn Marie p. 145 Peters, Micheal Jon p. 145,42 Peterson, Donna Jean p. 145 Peterson, Karen Dawn p. 145,149,44,45,58 Peterson, Kent Dwain p. 145,11,36,48,50 Pfannes, David Jerome p. 145,75 Pflibsen, Kent Paul p. 145,66,68,76 Phipps, Roberta Lynn p. 145 Pickett, Shirlee Ray p. 145,75 Pierson, Gaylen Robert p. 145,75 Pingel, David Scott p. 145,48,58 Pingel, Thomas Robert p. 145 Pitman, Scott Micheal p. 146,26,66,68 Plarn, Clay Killey p. 146 Pohl, Mona Lee p. 146 Polking, Nora Marie p. 146 Pommer, Kendal Mark p. 146,75 Porter, Anne Marie p. 23,19,146,129,46,78 Potratz, Mary Anita p. 146,3 Powell, Duane Lee p. 146 Powell, Kevin p. 146,75 Powell, Mark Edward Powers, Paula Mary p. 65,146,148,77 Prather, Alan Rock Prather, Marilyn Jean p. 146 Quam, James Lee p. 146 Rapp, John Leroy p. 146,66,68 Rathermel, Mickey Gene p. 146,53,22,53,52 Ray, Debbie p. 146 Reddick, Fortunata Dru p. 146,75 Reid, Thomas Edward p. 146,36 Rennie, Dean Paul p. 146 Reynolds, Lori Ann p. 146 Rial, Micheal James p. 146 Ricke, Pamela Jean p. 147 Roberts, David Lee p. 147 Robinson, Caren Marie p. 147,20,2,54,81 Rodenborn, James Peter p. 22,147,126,48,49 Roest, Debra Sue p. 147,75 Rogers, Curtis Alan p. 147 Rogers, Morley Bruce p. 147,75 Rogosch, Nancy Arlene p. 147,8',9,45,44 Rokes, James Harold p. 147 Rosalez, Doreen Anne p. 147 Ross, Paul Albano p. 147 Ruby, Debra Sue p. 147 Ruby, Steven William p. 147,75 St. John, Linda Sue p. 147,78 Saliger, Kurt Douglas p. 148,36 Salvatore, Diane Lynne p. 148 Sandberg, Mark William p. 148 Sandford, Joel Allan p. 148,125 Sankey, Linda Sue p. 148 Savery, Garrett Allan p. 148 Schlesinger, Judy Kay p. 148 Schoonover, Starlene Billy p. 148,58 Schrader, Kay Lynn p. 148 Schultz, William Leroy p. 148 Scott, Carol Elaine p. 148,82 Scott, Micheal Kevin p. 148,75 Scott, Robert Lee p. 148,36 Seehusen, Gordon Wayne p. 148,75 Shackleton, Stephan Joe p. 148 Shadbolt, Rita Louise p. 148 Shelton, Donald Cecil p. 149 Shipman, Joel Bruce p. 149,36 Shodin, Kathy Ruth p. 149 Simmons, Micheal W. p. 149 Simpson, Catherine p. 149,61,74 Sindlinger, William Leroy p. 149,75 Sjurson, James Paul p. 149 Slaven, Mary Ellen p. 149 Smith, Cecelia Bernice p. 149 Smith, David Lee p. 149 Smith, Gregory Alan p. 149,75 Smith, Lynn Terease p. 149 Solverson, Robert Lee p. 149 Staver, Kevin Joel Stelnhoff, Paula Ann p. 147 Sternitzke, Scott Blane p. 149 Sternitzke, Sharon Ann p. 149 Stevens, Craig Allen p. 149,75 Stiles, Janet Christine p. 150,58,74 Stufflebean, Timmy Dean p. 150 Sunner, Brian James p. 150 Surls, Violet Marie p. 150 Svaleson, Micheal Carl p. 150 Swedlund, Richard Nell p. 150,76 Telfer, Marilyn Jo p. 150,75 Thiele, Kevin Robert p. 150,2,36,42 Thode, Richard John p. 75 Thomas, Kathleen Lynn p. 150 Thompson, Jackie Lea p. 150 Thompson, Lisa Marie p. 150,58,72 Thompson, Vicki Lynn p. 150 Thorson, Jody Lynn p. 150,28,69,70 Tomlinson, Daniel Lee p. 150,66 Toresdahl, Scott Wayne p. 150,74,80 Trammell, Corrinne Constance p. 150 Ulstad, Steven Robert p. 151 Underberg, Kay Susanne p. 151,20,54 Underbrink, James Stuart p. 151,23,52 58,76 Urwiler, Jennilyn p. 151 Van Alstine, Bruce Alan p. 151 Van Gundy, Kent Steven p. 151 Van Gundy, Neil Thomas p. 151 Vandermaten, Ruth Ann p. 151,58,60 Vaugn, Donald Eugene p. 151 Vinsin, David Alan p. 151,75 Vogel, Donald Eugene p. 151 Vogel, Vickie Rae p. 151,75 Vratny, Richard Emmett p. 151,66 Waggoner, Rick Lee p. 151,36 Walker, Jane Ann p. 151 Waller, Kathryn Lee p. 151 Walters, Kristi Kay p. 152,82 Walters, Kristine Lee p. 152,75 Warren, Kelly William p. 152,21,36 Watts, Paul Douglas p. 152,71,83 Wegman, Carol Ann p. 75 Wessel, Micheal Willard p. 152 White, Mark Francis p. 152 White, Terry Lee p. 152 Whitehill, Ivan Dale p. 152 Whiting, Larry Eugene p. 152 Wilkiem, Nancy Evelyn p. 152 Williams, Ron Lee p. 152,75 Wilson, Tom Alan Wilson, Randy Wold, Theodore p. 152 Wood, Donna Kay p. 152 Woodall, Susan Lynn p. 153 Woodbeck, Crystal Ann p. 153 Woodridge, Mark Eugene p. 153,42 Wooten, Katherine Doree p. 153,45 Worster, Kristi Jo p. 153,29,71 Wright, Deborah Adele p. 153 Yates, Richard Dean p. 153 Yetmar, Diane Lynn p. 153 Zabel, Patricia p. 153 Zahr, Linda p. 153 Zehr, Lisa Lynn p. 153,58,6O Zimmerman, Deborah Ann p. 153,82 Zuspann, Joseph Alan p. 153,23,41,42 Senior Photogrophs by Bergemon Photos Buckroyd Studios Dole F. Niemier Photos Don Peterson Studios Moyer Portroits The Dodger Staff would like to express its appreciation for the willing assistance these studios provided. DODGER Supplement Spring 1974 The Jazz Lab performed another fantastic Perspectives this year. A wonderful director -- Mr. G-roetheg a group of dedicated, talented kids - the band: un- believeable guests - the alumni, astounding guest soloists - Ashley Alexander, trombonist from UNI, and Bobby Shew, trumpeter from Los Angelesg heavy vibes - music from parents day generations to modern day rock and jazz, stars, rainbows, and fluffy clouds - courtesy of K. Dopitag and overwhelming fans - the ap- preciative audienceg all worked together to make this year's per- formance a success. After proving themselves to the home fans early in March, the band travelled to Jefferson to compete in the State Jazz Band Festival. Here they showed off their talent by capturing the 2nd place trophy in the State. After the festival, they stayed to listen to a concert by the rock group Chase. Early in June the band wound up its year by giving a benefit concert at Oleson Park for the Uniform Drive. Make sure to keep track of the band next year, they're bound to be better than ever! 1 H Trombones Tom Ouealy and Kris Ewen give it all they've got during the mid- dle of a chart. 2 - The band performs with a beautiful and colorful backdrop. 3 - The saxophone section shows off its ever- present charm. 162 PERSPECTIVES IN JAZZ 1974 H. X N. Q ki , L . ,WW dz' 5 . Fairy Mae .... Hannibal . . . Florence . . . Mrs. Paddy... Mrs. Savage .... Christine ..... Dr. Emmett ... Aloysius ..... Evangeline .... Officer ...... THE SAVAGE DILEMMA This year's spring play entitled "The Savage Dilemma", has to be one of the most enter- taining, and superbly performed plays done by the Drama Dept. under the excellent direction of Gail Niceswanger. The play revolves around the experiences of an in- sane asylum, it's staff, benefactoress Mrs. Savage, and a couple of hippies who 'raid the place'. Full of tears and laughter, and evi- dent hard work-Hats Off to the Drama Department. 1-Florence discusses the day's happenings while Mrs. Paddy paints. 2-Mrs. Paddy displays her wrath and anger at a surprised and meek Mrs. Savage. 3-Aloysius proves to Fairy Mae he means business. 4-Dr. Emmett analyzes the situa- tion at hand with an adamant Aloysius. CAST .....JodyThorson ....Jim Ecklund ..... Deb Porter Chris Keyser . . . . .Ann Friesth ....Berta Hamm ,... Sam Garst ... Kevin Shelby Vicki Dencker Pat Parks Q , 5 . 'Q 2 . is if f qi 'itz 2 -"v .L H. Bs! Q V W ' Im' W1-V4 lil X ' Z is al 1 WV. I 163 A ,, W GUYS AND DCDLLS , 2 2 i L.. l This page: 1-Sky relates his father's advice on an ear full ot cider to Nathang 2-Benny and Nicely Nicely confer with Nathan about a place for the crap gameg 3-"That slave drivin Charlie, he's been workin us all dayl", explains Miss Adelaide to Nathan. Next page: 1-Mr. Mitchell directs the orchestra during another late night practice ses- siong 2-"Come to the Save-a-Soul Mission, and repent your sins", beseeches Sergeant Sara Browng 3-"Even when the heat is on its never too hot, 'cause of good old reliable Nathan!" , Q are lv 'EH' if it' if if as aim air-H' wil! ww 59 Q 5, ul ltr!" Q K9 if 8 ' 1 , -of t l.y9 ,., Q 'X as . E it m46mLM ,Awww X ii at This year's very successful, and entertaining musical was "Guys and Dolls". It is a story of Nathan Detroit, who is desperately trying to find a place for his long established floating crap game, much to the dismay of his fiancee Miss Adelaide. ln trying to raise S1000 for the game, Nathan bets big time gambler Sky Masterson that he can not take a doll to Havanna, the doll being Sara Brown of the Mission. Intermingled with all of this, is a Sara that falls hopelessly in love with Sky, a Miss Adelaide who wants to get married so that she can get rid of her cold, the Hot Box Farmerettes from down on the farm, Big Jule from East Cicero, Illinois, who does not like to lose, snoopy Lt. Brannigan from the New York police dept., Nathan's close associates Benny and Nicely Nicely, Gen. Cartwright, Arvide Abernathy and the Mission Band, and the poor helpless drunk, who does not like vulgar jewelry. The musical was one of hard work and many, many long nights. Congratulations to the hundreds of people who gave of their time and talent to make it the success it was. CAST Nicely-Nicely Johnson . Benny Southstreet ..., Rusty Charlie ,...... Sarah Brown ........, Arvide Abernathy ,.. . Mission Band. . ..... Harry the Horse , Lt. Brannigan .... Nathan Detroit ....,. Angie the Ox H,- Miss Adelaide ... Sky Masterson ...,.......... Joey Biltmore ...... ......... Mimi ,.,.,.,.....,.,........ General Matilda B. Cartwright B1gJule... ......,... Drunk .. . ......,..... . , .. Waiters.. ....,.,. .. Master of Ceremonies . Hot Box Revue ....... Cale Cubano dancers Crapshooter dancers 151 'R 5 ? 'tif' Don Cloud . . . . .Mike Garatoni .,., Dan Jacobson ...,..,Judy Hilken .. Paul Hays Kathy Boomgarden Nancy Horney Terry Jones Paul Larson Bill Parsons Diane Trusty ..... Scott Fortune . . . . . . .Dave Pingel . ,.,.,. Tom Qusaly .,. Jim Underbnnk ... Lisa Thompson . ..Bruce Cook . . .. . . .Mark Hilken .....,Terri Danner . , . . .Rhonda Shute . , . . . .Phil Johnson .... Jim Ecklund . ,. ,Mark Hilken Kevin Kozel ......Sam Garst ..., Diana Bangert Donna Bangert Terri Danner Wendy Haack Karen Peterson ....,.Cralg Barnes Karen Peterson . . . . . .Craig Barnes Dan Dubois Bryan Gates Gary Maiden Jim Underbrink gf ...,aus 1-"I'm picking Valentine, 'cause on the morning line, this guys got him figured at five to nine," emphasizes Benny to Nicely-Nicely and Rusty Charlieg 2-"Just so long as ya don't start runnin that crap game," exciaims Miss Adeiaideg 3-The streets of Broadway are filled with passerbys and sight-seers as the musical begins. D c. 5 in 3 F5 rm ig Q. "QQ, Il ,7 V ,,t, W Ns'-ram'-5 liar'- fff' e K1 .t utaiiiii w -9 FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS 2 Bernadette Breyton was a foreign exchange student Janis Cook made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Robert from France. Throughout the year, she stayed with Dr. Brock. She is originally from a suburb of Melbourne, Berryhiil and his family. Australia. DODGER SENATE ELECTIONS Dodger Senate elections were held in late May of the 1974 school year. Kolbe, president, and Pam Newbrough, senior representatives. Not pic- Elected representatives include lrow oney Ann Friest and Cindy Smith, tured are Ernie Kersten. iUf1i0r FSPFSSGMHUVS, and Mike Narigon, S9ni0r junior representatives, frow twol Dave Woodruff, vice president, Randy FGDVGSGNHUVS- as 'Z d f Q Z W W ' J' 2 pf V, . 1:1 vhs au A I , , .Z , 1 I za ll. it 4 N7 . if . l Gilpin lm 1' fs i If l i fly, l l l l l l l 3 l Z l l Q W.A. tConniel Goodman retired from active teaching dur- ing the '73-74 school year. Mr. Goodman began his career at Elwood, Iowa in 1929 as principal and coach. From 1931-1935 he coached basketball and served as high school principal at Bronson. ln 1941 he accepted a con- tract at Newton as head basketball coach and assistant football and track coach. Mr. Goodman's assignment at Newton was interrupted by an 18 month tour of duty in the army during which time he served as football line coach and head basketball coach at Cheyenne, Wyoming. In 1946 Mr. Goodman signed a contract with the Fort Dodge School system as head basketball coach and junior college football coach. ln 1958 he retired from coaching and continued as a classroom instructor of government and economics until 1973. fa Q , ?Wk if ,,, 8530 .. ,X , , L' fig. V- 1 ' , , 1 i w . , i. y , fr V - '-" 4 . " f .4 i -1- fW:"E1,1fg. 62: ii' "",t' Q f N F La "' Wigan MW ' , , isp ' ' '?2"f2f"r..ts5- f ' f Q-if -, i,1g 1 "i,., M 1:2 71451 V Y X 5- , 2 f ' 'I . mf , .I ' , it 1' M' e 4 ,Hflil 1 giifwwb m'W 1974 marked the 26th year Lisle Townsend has taught in the Fort Dodge school system. Mr. Townsend began his career in 1932 at Bradgate where he served as principal, coach, and classroom instructor. ln 1936 he. began an eleven year teaching assignment at Adel as boys and girls basketball, football, and baseball coach. In 1947 Mr. Townsend moved to Fort Dodge and began teaching social science, shop, and co-op. ln addition to his classroom assignments Mr. Townsend served as head basketball coach for the junior college and high school baseball manager for twelve years. ln recent years he has been an instructor of consumer economics and govern- ment in the social science department. J' 1. , s I fn 4, my ,.m....,. ,W ..,.t,.. Q A X .., 365, ' ARR Qi In N... W. -.-..,, New Junior Members included: row one: Sue Patterson, Kris Ewen, Sherri Kirkeby, Kathy Harder, Kathy Harris, Sherrie Lucas, Denise Wasson, Becky Lenz. row two: Donna Bangert, Julie Raney, Jodi Huseman, Chris Keyser, Kim Halligan, Diane Wasson, Pat Enos, Rhonda Shute. row three: Randy Kolbe, Dave Woodruff, Dan Marsh, Tom Underbrink, Todd Frantz, Dave Jensen, Donn Henshaw. HONOR SCCIETY INDUCTS 51 NEW MEMBERS New Senior Members included: row one: Sara Mittlestadt, Edda Mauch, Cathy Simpson, Denise Dencklau, Mary Marchant, Kathy Issacson, Teri Kopish, Mary Slaven. row two: Kay Underberg, Amy Kersten, Chris Gutknecht, Marsha Halm, Ann Hudson, Ruth Vander Maten, Janet Anderson, Jane Anderson, Linda Eckstrom. row three: Bruce Cook, Hal Henderson, C.T. Newsum, Sam Garst, Scott McQueen, Matt Anderson, Brad Davis, John Lindenberg, Rich Jacobsen, Rick Swedlund, Dennis Dean. 396 y' Aft, 35 gk? On May 2, fifty-one new members were formally inducted in the Carl T. Feelhaver Chapter of National Honor Society. Guest Speaker was Mrs. Mary Ann Pedersen, who is also advisor to the group. A reception was held in the cafeteria following the ceremonies. Membership into Honor Society is by a faculty committee, con- sidering scholarship, leadership, service and character. Carry over Senior members were: Julie Hovey, Kathy Flattery, Becky Carlson, Lisa Koenig, Sue Marqueson, LaVonne Krug-pres., Leighton Berryhill, Kathy Boomgarden, Deb Hart, Marilyn Miller, Sue Kielhorn, Kathy Dopita, Carol Kersten-vice pres., Karen Ogren, Lisa Thompson, Barb Eckart, Annette Dillon, Marcia Beers, Dick Cummings-trees., Mike Garatoni, Gary Maiden, Kevin Olson, Kent Pflibsen, Gerald Bonnstetter-sec. 'I69 DODGER BASEBALL 1974 migi w 5, ..:-HL? .Mil " K ' .fi .... .. K 354 f S2 R. ' Q luisiliw-mxwsy . ,K ,, .' Q ply' eww XLQQ ww S "PF f YI if-yi .KA ., VUE? - A af 1 7Mh' 1' iff ,IJ- ,,f '11 .Q 5 Q , c 4. . ,l 5, ,xl 4, J fx f- uw Joe Black 2nd baseman Steve Davis N ft if m-L. if. I I . E 5 f K 5 A QV 55' 5 sub. nf wk X E A W fi si i.i5fws Q M? x Y X if Q is-Q ' fgi,AQ1Lmi3xx:2 ? ig ff! I f was f, ki, Af Black: 5 M5i1i2gg-: L. 1 Q 5 'ii -f A fm .Q x - X- ff A Q .f y y. Vu ! .15 4. . ,ig it . , - , X fm. , , . . . M ' 'JA"'+Vm?1.JF T'i"'4ij'5'i z' . ' ' WT-,nw ...W sv , Qs.,--1 3 QL. x ,, .leap K, 3 ,E 5 YL ,MTQEQW x R QN X iii-, from row: Randy Kolbe, Steve Davis, Bart Warren, Dan Shupe, Layne Nlacek, Neal Bartholow. row two: Coach Friest, Dan Ehrhardt, Pat Lynch, Joe Black, Joel Shipman, Craig Barnes, Kelly Warren, Dave Hanson, Kim Gullickson, and Coach McNeil. 1 7 5 ,C C V Iv-' w ,, M f Ca .- v J ' f 'f'- i .il gf. 4 Q g N wi A, ,M 4 . A ' if fy H ., i C I . ,S f fi ' I i . 1 . i. fi if .. ,' . Q , ,r" ' 7 nf I , " 1 i ' va' p fn. ' N 'W il' """ ,ff f-- "H-' , C-1... Q "'- "--' . , 4, . -X lk' X S, TM! W S ,n S .4 5 7 Y I 1,7 B 27 ' I fi f , ' F l A l K W Q A l i in , my 1 I X jf' 0565, , . I M ' . J A' I UA , il I I , gif . R K, :X .C C ...AC , iii. C C 1 K 1 1974SBaseball Team 'JZ' L ' 1 C wid .Cf , . 'M' QC X I S 3 f ' 4 f S home. A E 5 A , - , QR C , fr mia ,V - ' Q W Q' R Q-4"Y" A A . 4:32 ,C C, C -rn M. 3 fl, 5.3 'X n - V .,. A 4 . , hugs, . ,fir N fxxfgx . N J - Il ,. Q, ' Q Q Ziff ' 'N Ca'f?xb as Q " fx' :vii - Fi f e 1 'iv , X", M- if ki X Mi.-3,-V E, ... L h .x- .. N 5- Q My, 1. '. ki C,, if 'L 1 .Rf 5. A X. 1. .1 s C Q- ,,N,,',C v . .W Schultz Award Winner Dave Hanson Kelly at bat GIRLS TRACK TEAM R 9 Q.. ' 1 :- 45 3 I fs '- AQ I Q i Qkxiiii 151' air . 3 I A 1 ig., I .. - Q I I IIA' .- .320 I I 'K it . 'I-5 .,,: 'N I X if 3 Qi I ' I M' 'S ' T I I I N I 5' I. .W A - I N I fi f I an wX fi - k' 4 Ei I AS f N . I , , - 'Q ,. Q g K M , sim, ,A I Q I ' I W 3 I f M. A ,, Q, I L., W fn' in I ' wi 3 atc 8 I+-:ra -1 Q Q Hi V 'K I Q - " N5 f-1 N- xl f K al Q I I' , ' 9 I W' ,gs x . Q f fi I Aa! Ord' I I ' X x Tb N Zb I :ID X N K if A 5, XX ef . T94 x I 9 652 ,ay . X X., gc . b 4 S . 1 I 7 X S A A I 5, T, I f ' 'D D I S L ' . -1:-2 - .. - I E " - I 1 .Q I fs? I K s I " H 13 I . .3-my I XJ'A ' . . - . . .5 gl f j I .. IK- O I t . Av - .. I X I II' 'S I A wwf QQK I I I X .3 I 'f Q QAM -M ' , W .lm BK Q I e J rl e I It 'af A. Kam I I T At r , I uvli I dl . I NW 5' A , I , 10, Qi K: t Vf.1k,, ' :LW X ' an 7.7551 , , 2't?fe't'3'I'- D iw: SHOWS POTENTIAL IN FIRST YEAR AT FORT DODGE HIGH .,'.+a,G ii' 1 "7c'fXI'3'ii'ff Kathy laces up for practice. back row: Coach Johnson, Pam Garrett, Sue Cramer, Lori Gutknecht, Karen Porter, Kim Barnes, Kim Halligan, Jane burg, Linda Nemitz, Coach Dahl. front row: Kay Underberg, Becky Banweli, Anita Ayers, Denise Dencklau, Mary Cot, Kathy Brighi,,1iII Underberg, Debbie Bingham. - .NY -...NN tfsv - TR K , H A . 9? f I I , KY., an-i , Q L 5 J S? N, . . ., gb F, 6,3 . ' Y V - W. N I - R fl, biwNQiev'?' ' J pk f.. I I 1' K ' . R9 5 . ...N ,nm I i ' A I emit!-ba ,pf SRT I --f-5: If:..."""3r X if ax at, wx 5 . , T- aa tl -I D ,,t,: ,.,. . M .ttt . D D . ' R 5 7 - Lew he . 1 - I eoc iff ' S s I 'I Y jan fi' K' Ter a H , R i t ' QISNFI Q' PII- ng I 1 on in RRIR I K I L " I t . v V, L, X . S . - Er. l ' ..... I IN FD 212 FD 208 FD 210 FD 207 FD 186 FD 205 FD 196 FD 193 FD 204 FD 211 FD 193 FD 203 FD 185 GIRLS GOLF TEAM GET IT TOGETHER 74 SEASON Golf Scores 225 216 221 257 210 228 195 197 209 240 223 228 200 Eagle Grove Ames Humboldt Webster City Prairie Eagle Grove Ames Cedar Falls Humboldt Webster City West Waterloo Mason City Carroll Kuemper --f A -is front row: Jodi Huseman, Becky Anderson, Kathy Bennett, Ann Wiewel, Deb Andrews, Lori Levalley. row two: Nan- cy Rogosch, Mindy Natte, Nancy Tjalsma, Mary Ann Woodard, Nancy Larsen, Kelly Kimberly, Ann Underbrink, Coach Delaney. row three: Muffy Maiwurm, Bonnie Rogosch, Diane Johnson, Laura Malsom, Mary McClure, Kim Turner. Not pictured: Fran McCormick, Caren Robinson. This year's Dodger girI's golf team got it all together with a Sectional 1st place school best of 4th place at the State Golf Meet Team cap tains for the year were Fran McCormick and Nancy District Runner up Larsen- State 4th place Fran McCormick Sectional Runner up BCDYS TRACK SEASON RECORD Holstein Relays Eagle Relays Hi Covey Relays Lynx Relays Humboldt Relays Dodger Relays District Meet Big Nine Conference RRR.. :QNQXFSKS -sl! 7th 2nd 7th 3rd lst 5th 7th 6th place place place place place place place place 3,1 Discus thrower Bob Scott DODGER FD 57 Triangular: Triangular: 60 W. Waterloo FD 83 WC 60 Boone 40 1. Mason City 2. Cedar Falls 3. Fort Dodge 1 I K Q TT at SCENES OF DODGER RELAYS MAY 3rd u RE LAYS DODGERS WIN CLASS HA" TITLE AT HUMBOLDT RELAYS fn. V. as , 4- tim! I ill., q 6 'Ks X . , , Q mi? af fig H Nitzke, Breffle A , .f .. 1 ..,, .,, ga.. K WA bf ' Of vr r ef X 1 K , J y 16522, 34, if 4. Z f- f a if "-.., 12' eff ,3..,.- -, .Q ,nn fi? , 1 .J '79 v-iw-0" M-vu. -...rf Track Team: row one: Kelly Angstrom, Dale Mandelko, Hal Henderson, Mike Lynch, Bob Scott, Brian Danner. row two: Greg Jamieson, Todd Frantz, Mark Chingren, Ftandy Kolbe, Steve Davis, Allen Swift. row three: Joe Moore, Scott Johnson, Neal Thomps, Tom Underbrink, Neal Bartholow, Pat Lynch. row four: Frank Ludgate, Bob Butters, Dusty Holmgaard, Dave Moore, Doug Dunnette, Dan Guetzlaff. row five: Todd Treloar, Joel Welchell, Chris Smith, John Schill, Craig Florea, Charlie Simpson. row six: Greg Fields, Jim Egemo, Duane Hill, Kraig Knutson, Dan Yoder, Ernie Kersten. row seven: Tim Larson, Jim Ellis, Geoff Hawkins, Jim Silke, Matt Eger. row eight: Managers Bill Kurtz, Bruce McCormack and Dave Newman. 'HF QU wi' X s Q . --u . ,Il s Q ni -is qv--vu. sg? -' DODGER GOLFERS HAVE GOOD SEASON Golf Scores 339 Webster City 317 Boone 339 Prairie-Gowrie 348 Humboldt 184 Eagle Grove 351 Webster City 335 Boone 353 Ames 331 Mason City 379 Humboldt 325 Ames 361 Prairie Gowrie 346 Carroll Kuemper Golf Team: back row: Coach Anderson, Dan Girard, Jim Siurson, Matt Anderson, Randy Brown, Jim Bodenborn, Jeff Peters. second row: Scott Marrs, Jeff Tomlin, Paul Larsen, Donn Henshaw, Bart Warren, Joel Shipman. front row: Todd Gullickson, Clark Tedford, and Tom Woodard. Dan Girard DCDGER NETTERS PLACE SECOND IN BIG NINE MEET row: Coach Kopp snows his winning style. I78 0 Q 4 1 . 8' , Randy ai the n ' v ' o f I A uf . . fad v I , wus-wig. . W.. ,, ,W v ' , , . . :QL asf- . 7 - 1 1, ' V , :C . eff" 'YWM , , " ,f f Maw' GIRLS TENNIS COMPILE A 6-4 RECORD I I 'fhmflsf f da slams a return. N-0 if Kathy and her backhand. ovatafrdag ohn Williams Jennyiff er SHDIS F.D. 7 F.D. 2 F.D. 7 F.D. 8 F.D. 8 TENNIS SCORES Boone F.D. Mason City-Newman F.D. Boone F.D. Mason City F.D. Cedar Falls F.D. 5 1 8 4 8 St. Edmonds Mason City Mason City-Newman St. Edmonds Ames SENICJR DINNER DANCE IL JI ff' Qi 4, M W, im 4325 5 M Haugen Joel Sanford Joan Hendrlcks and Jlm Rodenborn Nm 180 I Fort Dodge Senior High School Class of 1974 Senior Dinner Dance May 21, 1974 Starlite Restaurant Dinner: 6:30 p.m Dance: 8:30 p.m. Motto: "Some men see things as they are and ask why: l dream things that never were and ask why not." Robert F. Kennedy Class Colors: Sapphire Blue, Metallic Silver, Ice Blue. PROGRAM Welcome ....... Rick Nelson Senior Class President Vocal Selections ...... Chamber Choir "On A Clear Day You Cari See Forever" "Magic To Do" Faculty Speaker .... . . Mr. Dan Delaney Class Prophecy ....... Narrated by C. T. Newsum Notebook Presentation ....... Anne Porter Vocal Selection ....... Chamber Choir "The Impossible Dream" Senior Class Officers President ....... Rick Nelson Vice-President ....... Jim Rodenborn Secretary .... . . Kris Haugen Treasurer . . . . . Amy Kersten CLASS DAY Y J., Z' Mr. Bargman presents special a Carol Kersten. FORT DODGE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS DAY PROGRAM May 21, 1974 Processional Welcome . . Awards. . . Class Motto . Will of the Cla Hovey Recessional . . . . .Senior High Orchestra . . .Jim Flodenborn . . . Mr. Bargman . . . . . .Mark Hilken ss of 1974 ....... Rick Nelson, Julie Audience Seated Until Seniors Pass Daisy Chain School Hymn ....... A'Capella Presentation o Rick Nelson Symbolic Separation of the Class of 1974 . . . . . Bargman f the School Key to Junior Class . . . . ffl. S' t l 'il at , . Q . ' 9 a 4 zu Mr GRADUATION 1974 Moy 28th Dodger Stadium -A ff' . ' 9 W -.1 YU . 'Wx "N"""z' ,. L ,A 4 fu , R 'N f I 4' .F X G M ...W ,ysvq b "2-.QQFg1"' y-wfM-,,, -N7 4 I-K I i .uo40"' V 3 e., fx., . .,..,.,...-W Sis 1 gm' xl myaAKndv,W,., wwmw MMMQM I timid J , tg: W- , f 2, Q' 3 .- . K 4 Drwigndej Tuttjill addrevsgfjhg-graduating class: A 'D We Q ' Vw '1 'Y V4 , 19 ' ilk A :Life . L if . T1 u K l r V v I , K E r w 4 The Commencement Exercises took place at Dodger Stadium on May 28. Dr. Samuel Tuthill spoke to the graduates of the need to be proud of lowa and of their high school. The Senior High Concert Band provided the Processional and Recessional music. A dance was held at the Elks Club after the graduation exercises. Cal Vvoods, school board out diplomas. premdent hands M! , W? SE v . T ,graduates wait, for the ceremoqyyto begin?- . y ,, W f' ww .M W4 1 , " rwiff' W ,if f xt..-i. Q Wir"-It Jane Bonnell Bruce Evenson QW' - ' r , mf 1 W ,A , M.. my .an W h f f SEEEEEEEQ r X e S ig? 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