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f N N' , .- -. 1 ,i-..X,X,,-M-.-Q.,x-K-N,.X,,:, .FJX,- -,yr-VY., --,-,M A- -.f-,,,-VY V- ,f V H J .V W x,---W x ...X , , 7 3 . lf KX" V' fb, " l B K Liv V5 NL. L0!L ,WV Q kk ku A. , , ,f . 0 K 'fl N 45 I V' X-If f Q2 ff 41 " M A U in " f " f If , 6 L' ,nk I l "Vf'41t I7 ,4 1 f -.Q of if ,Lx LD Q0 ,K x N K - G ff! - -E! ,5 hfgwf ,L by i C f Al 4 xQ'v1r wJ JD ob' A rf on M V gawk' V V LV' If IIN' xtplqe 1 If ,. I, V , I ,W . K' J J A if M0 Q fa lf! ' L,-kr J' x cf L' wx W V 283 ,L"" NP - X , , u XJ ' 5 3 GQ Y QQ AX ' J X UA Ng R9 1, 5- KQV' BW T20 Qc- 86117 :Vx L. XQB I Q LVD L x U' '. ' Q-D , A 30 ww S X :V INN ,SQ , i YX , X. N A9 .. X 35 Y Xgxjf X ,fix 4 . V W f -- ,X a , -' l ,xx ,R KY 'KX rgxx .7 I x ., , , , x f 6 ' FQ K Q ' ' Q., 4 , y9 0' - x 'X L Q ,xii ig, I - ,I CX Y .'X ' .1 V w Yi R - U' X! X, A y I X 1,5 X Y i f 'f' Rf fx XV , xT ' K- 'X ' N - V 'x ' - , f wr, X F I f X X .VKX 5 kin 2 .Y H f, . .. X . 4 K-P ,f XX X 'A ,Xhk-xylff' X R 4' Jgxxv H K, x I I -N x A -,kk Y CX t K Q.: ix .yi k X. ,X A lg' Q- xxx X 'X Xi ,W , SGW Ljg' 'gf' yurcx w yr wb X N yan L ' , ur R + x ' C 1 .Aix b 'X' - H W R 'Nw M Q .xx ' Kg f , X x XLN J I ,,-xii' VN v X X X F! Q I X H J Ji X V g A 1 -if Hu 1 fx ,N wx -A X 1 2 X3 W W . E. W yy, . W X. UV , 1 W1 , fl M . lv N U -.--,,XXQ 5, ' h I 'i,L,W'5Mi M 2 ' xg LP 1 fy N , Q D, X w V 4 NNXPXQ H F37 'Q' x. C XRD x X i ' EXKQ ' xx-,XJ JZ ' lu JC, gk .ipc- X. ,,,- x N. - ',. 4- gh, ' glfkxl If ? W'b'4 ff JVM vu, - X QQLXV C A "'- A AUD' 0' ,cg A.. W" L . Xu" , fx V M v E-Mg, xh ,xx K q L kj lx in 'Mir MLW' fx 'J A 'fi ,J lg' - 'f 1 J' A' ff " x X! 6, lt-, V I ,hex 1 Mi! X uv M Y QJOUU K VVJENQJKX 3m:..AQ. M ISI?-L. bb X mm-4 W fx lg, .AM ffwhl j WL l .dal gif wi 5 ,MW 4 f W NC ,ff . Nw ',M,.4AW 'ZMMAU ,Mrf jf' O5 GH U vpffdjfppyjgjd 1 UJ0 ffm if dy r I gp' ff , J Ywlbgp C70 , 2JjA ,f V10 Jv ,V J, vw 'Y ,fl -- ,- W' J9' 'Jd O ' Q xdvufxxp j pf! 65- QLD' '-0531 C1066 bcw5'JyC, Yo, . Wk 'J wif? it -swf L? -T5 XX. LSBQYX Y fx - 9:51 W 5' ,baov 2' jp 4F""RUoN 0 b if Dba, ML ' 2 K f Yvo, ,b J ko fo 43 C-. fl 'ff 4 Uk W T HQSW ,..,, . ., ,,. I , ,-., , , -. ,WW V. W JW XR N I W N ffm 9 iw JW Ng if?-fQZf7V W 04o MV jf? fa Adfgbqwffwp Gfpykgqf Xkffflkf, 5 'SU 'SV NY G2 G! 100 0? f . , D , I CLK E N lx I , A ' . A Ax 1 A XX s , 0 - ' 1 If ' -. Ck 71' 19" L ' Gm Q 4 ,f ' ' f J I, L, r ' Q1 ' MA , 1 'N ' - 4. W f W Ni J", K ' j b' 4 fb .1 x ,1 5 Q' O ' fu I . s CJ I 9 L ' I - 2051? .71 kj V6 7462, WV AE - ' X 0 , KX gdgsfguk XJf,,,. ?4T'w5Q0jG C Mt If yn, df - p f"w,.- vxpl ,e My X . D X fx idx? Cx' v. C ' F 9 - in! ' l N Q ' A f X7 M L 'HJ .- ' A ' V M ' fy KA U C ' N In M V M, W ' X 0 if 3 ffiigyx J inf ov, T N A' I QWfjwX?5i5Qglf5J? A Wy! af Q iffwi 35 515vXyWW W IW f P QCD 531351 9? I 9? fp JK X5 fi, ,ff 7 wx 13 Q mi, N X ' f5j7' M iff Ga Sim ' 2 ,H ' Wswyf Z i L-.. P 9? 1 N . X: 1 ,W .1 N N "e""if'fw , yu .1 5 ' ' 1 ' 1, x x - - Fwy 5' wJ'gTf3'Z.0'f'M 19 1Dodger ,wi'f,3JK,W'7f4lZ1rVff 'JZ' f',2J,1',5gw"fAD"! "ff0"'fv"' Bffaf' l, 'JN Fort Dodge Senior High N Fort Dodge, Iowa I W "V I, ., . 1, 1 , , 11 1' 1' Z1 ' '1' 1 '1 11 .1 QM 11'1,,g,1'- ,- . . , 1 1, 1 ,, I I lv f , ll M1411 .- kr L !'. 1.' iw f f ' 4, ' J , . O ufne .. 1 f .fL1f11!WL . 1 x x V 7 if I 3 1 - , 1, if 4' 7 f 1 1 ' 1 ,' 1 We 1? ' 1 J 1 H W 1 72,1 1 , 1, X p 1 V, , fm, X ,7,,,71,1 1' 'J UN 1' u -A ' 'Q F .V 1 1 l'f'7 f.'1'fJy I .x 11 1 , A xg, ' ,U 1,f. f .ff ,Z 1 xx J' , , I. , "1 W 3 ' X ,f -A V H ,V . 1 'Q 1 N' J , P 1 N' ,J X 1 W ' L'f no 1 f7 1 ff 'I ff ' ,' 7'jf 1 1 I 15 1 1 f f -.J 1 JO 11 , cj ff f W1 11 1 3 1 fl fvj 1 h ,ff 1M U sf R Q xl QW :SNES 2 .03 QR 5 25? I. ' J-,fb C' Q EVTS5 You who are on the road Must have a code That you can live by. And so become yourself Because the past is just a good-bye. Teach your children well. Their F ather's hell did slowly go by. T T And feed them on your dreams. The one they picks. The one you know by. Don't you ever ask them why. If they told you, you would die. So just look at them and sigh. And know they love you. T T T to 1 " plz And you oftender yearsg?fVV W ' 7 Can't know the fears Z 52,410 P L MM 4 That your elders grew by. idk NJ' - A - And so, please help them W Wu Q ff 6 with your youth. , X- , 3 They seek the truth 3. WZ Que! div!!! M f 5 before they can die. ' yfu-QA! Teach your parents well. 9'f'fL5J X264 - Their childrenls hell gow! ' . 54, JAC: will slowly go by. 79f5aY' fQf5'0'V"e' I And feed them on your dreags, 014 . The one they picks. I f ' I: 6 5 ' 'ply The know by. had ' 'AZ J' LM . dx Donlt you ever ask them wh . I X W If they told you, you would die. , So just look at them and sigh. . f And know they love you. ' f ' V V Graham Nash tlflfslfiiiwllt i.F359fEiilW X 3 up tn Un sun HH zzqzsvzmzs A25 127 128 429 'fi V Cf'Mn Fe Co mc mx: Cz.-M was-s fs.-47 a-.vm ax.: 49.E'U1?f5?f4?.f 44 f 45 Zgj NQMO Rh ap.. -33.-Q. ow 72 :73 : 74 H? 'ff W? isis Nw in-a Q 58 ess :so nm: uw: 99 491 5 Un' Pa in 1 N Faculty 6 ba:-.A ,-B Ml, X Student Life 46 Athletics 60 Underclassmen 80 Seniors 1 12 L 5, 'W' ' -- X. X Q, I COOK A in if maxi W ,-,Ln 4 Qc, T .Tex I O 9 ,, mi .1 wa 'f fx1fX'c'C' Vfl j ww' J ' 'O mf 5 lao4f'5 Dfw! 7fff" TW dcqy 514 WQQN I J , W VA,! ffx X 51M X ram 5107 :ne M- MG X 7, pda Wg, A +L, ff' 'Vx . .. ' 6 if , f, QL' If LC x , ki- cfff wi' WC" jf! qw! OAS-gf YA JSC G j DV? , N709 j fl!!! if f f,,f pf? K-. 1.1 3 ,, 1,2 if fp Sf' .fx Q ,M , T l ,ir gif 1 VN -, 1 , iii' n gf! 4 'n M' v'1f-,iw W ' 1 6 'KK . . ,.,, ..., ' " " f.. . ,s -- 'B' '?" ' ' H "ET 'W W',, i 'vri,- , ' , But advisers and instructors are helpfulg They make the system work . . . They and time work as one to make things fit, to give them meaning. These great people command great ideas . . . Great people do great things. Only to the very observant are these great things showng Only to the persons who see is sight given. A . F.D.S.H. Welcomes New Principalls Ideas With Open Arms Mr. Robert Bargman, new prin- cipal for FDSH, moved to F.D. from California. One of the new ideas he brought with him was the "mini- coursev. Experts were brought in on Saturdays to speak on any subject the students were interested in. Another project was the revision of the school handbook. The new one included pictures, a schedule of events, rules and general information about the school and curriculum. In the Held of exchange programs, Mr. Bargman set one up within the U.S. where students could spend a week at a school in another state. "Project Community-Communica- tionsi' was set up where families of high school students hosted a get- together once a month. During school hours parents were invited to visit classes or talk to teachers. Cross-age tutoring was also intro- duced and this involved both the high school and elementary level. Later in the year, Mr. Bargman organized a "Round Table", foun- ded to give students a chance to talk about problems and get to know their administration better. In the spring an activity open house was held, giving the students a chance to display their achieve- ments. Forrest Marquis, vice-principal, assisted Mr. Bargman in his vast duties. He was in charge of atten- dance, curriculum, and the duties of discipline and supervision. Vernon 'KDutch" Huseman, dir- ector of athletics, supervised the entire sports program for grades K-12. He scheduled games, hired officials, purchased equipment, and filed reports with the l.H.S. Athletic Association. Dr. Earl Berge administered the policies of the entire school system. The school board set teachers, salar- ies and planned the future. Below: Row one, left to right: Edna Cul- bertson, Mexie Chism, Eldo Harder, Ed McNeil. Row two: Joe Rupp, Bonnie Hen- derson, Ruth Sponheim, Gail Hartman. Row three: Earlita Kahler, Virginia Mc- Collam, Geneva Hively, Sheryl Fortune. Counselors Assist Seniors in Making Future Plans The five guidance counselors assisted students with their schedules and informed them of collegerentrance tests, scholarships, and other information important to their futures. The office staff aided the administration by keeping permanent records and tran- scripts, drawing up attendance sheets, mimeographing, and handling other office busi- ness. The students received assistance in research and reading by the librarians. The librarians kept track of all books, newspapers, and periodicals which flowed through the library, and were prepared with information for the teachers and students. The nurse's office was moved nearer to the office to provide more space. The nurse administered first aid and kept health records. Left: School nurse, Bonnie Henderson takes a chance to play patient. Center: Ruth Sponheim and Gail Hartman work after school filing books. Below: Ed Mc- Neil helps student Connie Hutchinson with her college plans. S at 'ss wi .em--e X ed' K ,,,..,-A .N W K sb r L. SA! inn Top: Mr. Hewett conducts one of his physics classes. Center: Mr. Anderson prepares to record some grades. Bottom1 Mr. Cook writes up a daily lesson plan. Four New Teachers Added to i Math Department Latin Instructor Retires After Fort -one Years at FDSH . i+'?21s et! , 4-fr5""" - t Y .4..riz M l I 'ilu ff. f I Row one, left to right: Math: John At- kins, Andrea Balk, William George, Sheryl Griffith. Row two: Larry Lee, David Pe- ters, Phil Reed. Science: Lloyd Gayman. Row 3: Clyde Grey, Dennis Hewett, Don Miller. Row 4: Darrell Murray, Win Rak- er, Mildred Taylor. New courses as well as new instruc- tors were added to the mathematics de- partment this year. The new teachers in- clude Mr. William George who taught Geometry and Mr. Clyde Gray, Mr. Ro- land Anderson, and Mr. John Atkins who all taught General Math courses. Cal- culator Math was combined with the Gen- eral Math course this year making a more comprehensive program. Students taking Algebra I and Il, Ge- ometry, and General Math enjoyed new textbooks this year. A new Biology course was offered in Blue Biology this year. It was "The Atom Approach" and taught by Mr. Murray. This course is the molecular approach to Biology. Other charges in the science depart- ment this year include two teachers, Mr. Don Miller who taught Biology II and Mr. Clyde Gray who taught Chemistry. t 5 la V . ,, 1 H X ,af ., is f S5315 5 if iii? Q , 'Qi fx ., ww. 1 I U W Az. L 1 ,Q l 1 Row one, left to right: Languages: Margeretha Hageman, Roger Snell, Beverly Walker. Row two: Music: Keith Altemeir, James Huffman, Larry Mitchell. 'f-sf . ...B 22' "N . gy.-wif Miss Mary Boxwell, Latin instructor in FDSH for forty-one years, retired in June this year. Miss Boxwell earned her B.A. degree in Grand Island College in Nebraska and her M.A. at the University of Iowa. Honors and awards included a summer scholarship for the American Academy in Rome and one for the Uni- versity of Wisconsin. In 1965 she was elected Fort Dodge Teacher of the Year. During her teaching career at F DSH thirteen Latin trophies were won for nation- wide Latin examinations. She was also elected Iowa Chairman of Classical As- sociation of Midwest and Southern United States. Her future plans include travel. She has already been to Europe several 1' times and has also been to Asia. In her travels she did not exclude the United States where she has visited many states including Alaska and Hawaii. tv . we ,asc 1 " The music department provided oppor- -ga. 1 tunities for students interested in per- forming and competing. The marching band played at football games and the pep band at basketball games. Concerts were given by the choirs and orchestra, and in assemblies given throughout the year, students were entertained by the A'Capella and concert band. Music theory class was added to the department and was taught by Mr. James Huffman. All three years of art were taught by Mrs. Eloise Halm. First year students learned the basics of art, and second year students concentrated on pottery and lettering. Third year students worked on individual projects. In the past, students have been offered three years of French, four of Spanish, and two of German. This year a third I year of German was added. Language clubs allowed students to practice the cultures of their countries. Top left: Mrs. Halm, art instructor at FDHS helps one of her students with her painting. Top right: Miss Boxwell prepares her lessons for the day. Center: Mr. Groethe takes time out from directing a Jazz Lab ses- sion. Lower left: Mr. Snell advises Debate besides being the Spanish instructor. Three new teachers were in charge of the Special Education Department this year. They were Mr. Tim Con- nally, Miss Kay VanVickle, and Mr. Doug Boeckman. The three grades incl 'ded thirty-six students in total who ook four regularcoursesg Health Scie ce, English, Math, and Social Studies. Juniors spent half a day at school attending classes and during the afternoon they went to the Re- habilitation Center. Senior students were on the co-op program. New Social Studies courses for 1970-71, Western Civilization, Con- tempory World Issues, World Geog- raphy and Psychology, were offered to Junior and Senior students. A study of the roots of western society from ancient times to the study of contemporary Europe is contained in Western Civilization. Contempo- rary World Issues examines the problems and conflicts facing na- tions and groups today. World Geo- graphy investigates the patterns and cultures of the wor1d's people. An exploration into the science of hu- man behavior helped to make psy- Top: Mr. Huenink and Miss Harders were two of the teachers helping chap- erone the Homecoming dance. Lower: Mr. Dobbs goes over some assignments before school begins. chology an interesting new course. Social Studies Courses Are Revised . E , Q I I TT A 'L if I . H ,354 . . S i n 'W' Q X1 1 MY' Tr: n l Row one, left to right: Tim Connally, Kay Van Vickle, Doug Boeckmann. Row two: Phil Dobbs, Connie Goodman, Ronald Hagemarm. Row three: Norma Hanson, Alvin Huenink, Howard Hughes, Donald Jacobson. Row four: William Lehmkuhl, William Lynch, Mary Ann Peterson, Lisle Town- send. ' . , fa, 'K' ' lg, J, , 1, 1 K .-au . - 'H L . XX t 'X tg .,,,.W,. MMI, X 1 o .8 This year students enjoyed choosing elective English courses. Because they were only a sem- ester long, a larger variety was offered. Courses added this year included Modern Short Story and Poetry which emphasized the study of modern short stories and poetry reflecting important lit- erary developments of contemporary American writing. World Literature, also a new course, was designed for the above average student who was seeking a greater understanding about people of other parts of the world. The new Grammar course was designed for the high school student who felt he did not have a proper background in funda- mental grammar, and the Novel course was de- signed to acquaint students with major novelists and their influences on man and his society. Each class chose the novels they studied. New English teachers were also added to FDSH. They were: Mrs. Dorothey Carlson, Miss Elizabeth Kiesau, Miss Tracy Miller, Miss Rochelle Rentsch- ler, Mrs. Margaret Stallkamp, and Miss Cathryn Winter. Row one, left to right: English: Alan Borszich, Dorthey Carlson, Rose Marie Gay, Lucille Gibb. Row two: Kay Harders, Linda Johnson, Elizabeth -Kiesau, Tracy Miller. Row three: Gail Niceswanger, Rochelle Rentschler, Margaret Stallkamp, Douglas Winebright. New Teachers Predominate in English Department . T 7333112 Left: Mr. Peterson makes use of the library during his study hall super- vising period. Right: Miss Johnson catches up on her extra paper work. 1 li , tina igfyg I Y L , , ', V 1ghgf.5,42.iif , 4 f i V . w J' v Q T Q ' Q lt.. XA 1 ' , 1. ff Q ' if ...W , I V' my ' ' ., " ' iialvay. 1 rx K . , ifiwiifi . 31123 ' .5339 243,516 13 i ,... i l l 4 ai VM. W., New Courses Added to Industrial Arts Department Above: Lloyd Patterson supervises his third period study hall. Below: Coach Nitzke pauses outside the boy's locker room door. Row one, left to right: Marvin Berg, Francis Eberle, Phil Hansen, Kenneth Johnson. Row two: Jerry Korzendorfer, Robert Monteith, Fred Moss, Harold Ryun. Row three: Glenn Yenger, David Cox, Virginia Hilmers, Janet Reese. Students spent two hours a week in physical education. New activities this year included tennis, archery and bowling. New teacher, Miss Virginia Hilrners, helped introduce these areas. The Industrial Arts department added five new courses to their cur- riculum. Engineering Graphics in- volved such areas as drafting and industrial processes. Building Trade placed emphasis on house construc- tion. Power Mechanics was designed to develop an insight into principles applied in power-producing ma- chines, and Basic Electricity explor- ed electricity and its effects. Graphic Arts was an introductory course in the field of printing. New teachers in the department were Mr. Francis Eberle, Mr. Harold Ryun and Mr. Glen Yenger. Important to all students some time during their school years is Drivers' Education. This year simulators were purchased which pro- vided students with realistic driving situations without the risks. John Bristol and Dan Dela- ney were new teachers who joined the de- partment this year. Business education helped motivate stu- dents in business skills. General business, general sales, bookkeeping, and two years of typing as well as personal typing were offered. Secretarial skills were emphasized in the two years of shorthand which were offered. Through distributive education and oiiice programs, seniors receive training by working part time. Home Economics gave students oppor- tunities to develop domestic talents. A new course was open this year to Junior and Senior girls wishing to discuss problems they will encounter after leaving school. The areas of concentration are: personal living, the all important question of money, and how to regulate finances. Row 1, left to right: Jean DeBakey, Elaine Keilhorn, Bonita Proeshold. Row two: Joe Barker, Erwin Beenken, John Bristol. Row three: Dan Delaney, Dennie Frederichs, Ken Gaeth, Joan Harden. Row 4: Phil Linney, Beth Padget, Judy Payne, Maynard Rossow. -Q------V--4. Above: Mrs. Proeshold instructs a student in the art of frying pork chops. Center: Mr. Linney tries to convince his student teacher that there's just one more class coming in. Below: Mrs. DeBakey is one of the two Home Ec teachers. .,' M f l N . my ' .. M" vfwwwmflm s . 3? - H 4-1 -' ' "i' L , Q l lf re Y if l Stud of the Famil Unit Included in New Home Ec Course YS 115 of f fwfr' , :F NM? a ll N P I stu W.. w Q H3 1 uf, .gf .3 . ' 1 3 ' ' .fb ,Q "-iT131,!":" 'f , ,fi ' . 5 "'5'f:f gi- .. , z: ,fi f A F-Z7 tiff! 5 nyggf z,-1' as , ' .. 53 - 'Q , 1 ' f. "1 A yn Q " WL f ' . T. we M fy B ' SQA, 1 ' 1 6 ' Hold on fast to time and mem ories gone As time cares not for things it leaves behind. For morning dew will never be as fresh And minds cannot record all falling leaves. Communication lives in those involved The work, the fun, the love . . A living memory stays with but a few. Above: Representatives meet in the Little Theatre. Below left: Sophomore representatives. Sitting, left to right: S. Ruge, J. Rice, L. Sal- vatore, S, Geer, L. Sears. Standing: K. Bennett, J. Black, J. Hofstad, S. Thomas, M. Kersten, C. Carlson. Below right: Officers preside over a meeting. Left to right: Keith Brown, presidentg Gyreg Fallon, vice-presidentg Dick Rice, secretary. 5 G Student Council Method of The biggest change in the 1970-71 of representatives and the election pro allowed to circulate petitions and each placed on the ballot as long as he met voted for nine students. Class officers enabled the council to progress more The President and Vice-President the secretary was a council member helped the council and the administra dent body with the council. Besides being the voice of the stu school activities. They planned many thc Twirp Dance, and the Spring Prom. William Lynch was council advisor. Adopts New Election Student Council involved the number -pedures. Members of each class were erson receiving 25 signatures was ther qualifications. Each class then ere also members. The smaller group apidly toward their goals. ere chosen by the student body and hosen by the council. These officers ion work together and linked the stu- s, the council sponsored many including the All School Dance, also sponsored assemblies. Mr. x . V ,--,- . ,...., , .t,-., T , , ytyia T J S S S ' me J My .Q1i..af51ftfiffy.f,V M V . lg, li . . .. - . "" "'i i ' ' 1. ' 'rv' 1 ri' , i ' " if-L' I fi: 3 f f V5 3 Y ,X f f - ' 'L t V t 7 ' gf V, .,., . 'N - ' , -. f -1, ' ' - .' Q-Q is -V 'f G- ' s I . Ei. 'fl K- F , 'W V . 1 V V -W fi- satt S . . ., Q -Q .i,, . t egg! . M K -1. T S 'i'di . .lay l 2 Q I . , . KQV 4 f K AV-. .. Below: Senior representatives. Sitting, left to right: C. Hill, J. Ericksen, K. Beer, K. Hoover, L. Leege. Standing: M. Chardoulias, B. Turner, B. Peterson, J. Black, J. Weaton, K. Brown, G. Fallon, J. Magnusson, T. Salvatore, W. Gordon, D. Rice, B. Weaton. Above: Junior representatives. Sitting, left to right: R. Peltz, P. Cain, J. Fallon. Stand- ing: N. Jochims, L. Nelson, M. J. Bock, T. Allen, M. Magnusson, S. Uderman, T. Giere. DECA and VICA Combine School Curriculum With On-The-J ob Training Programs designed for high school students to learn and prepare for the world of work were Vocational Industrial Clubs of America QVICAJ and Distributive Education Clubs of America CDECAJ. Sponsors of these clubs were Mr. Lloyd Patterson and Mr. Fred Moss, respectively. VICA members attended school half a day and worked the other half. All participants of the club belonged to the National and State VICA Clubs. Various activities included the Leadership Training Conference in Des Moines, the Employer-Employee Banquet, and the annual spring picnic. DECA students were instructed in the distribution and marketing of goods. This club too, went to school half the day, and had on-the-job train- ing the other half. DECA sponsored bake sales, concession stands, and dis- play windows. 5 ....,.. if iq 4 e 1 W ' Qi Pulls , .gm-1 Above left: VICA boys work at their desks. Center left: Left to right: DECA officers included: Deb Sawyer, sec.: Sandy George, vice-pres.: Aileen Gilbert, treas.: and Judy Derrig, pres. Below left: The VICA girls included, sitting left to right: S. Horton, P. Laird, D. Rodgers, C. Brehrn, C. Kinney. Standing: L. Albrecht, P. Andrews, S. Sommerfeld, M. Martin, D. Osborne, D. Johnson, missing. Center right: Sharon Horton makes a point. O.E. and A.V. Appl Technical Skills Above: Members of A.V. were, left to right: Mr. Berg, M. Hitchkock, T. Scott, L. Hitchkock, R. Derrig, S. Brewer, P. Clay, J. Mosbruckar. Center right: Price Clay checks over a film in A.V. Below left: Members of O.E. were, left to right: Front row: R. Bohn, L. Schultz, R. Jensen, B. Erickson, E. Allison, L. Zim- merman. Second row: M. Marshall, M. J. Heggen, C. Larson, M. Ulicki, R. Prine, M. Nelson, L. Vigneron, P. Enos. rw X lfwsrtdimlrmn M M W es wt.. . x 4 l. lf: ll L' f 4 W """""" . Q 1 .L A cooperative vocational pro- gram which required on-the-job training was Office Education. The girls who participated in this pro- gram learned basic office proce- dures in class and applied them in office situations. The club advisor was Miss Joan Harden. Bake sales, the selling of address labels, and attendance of the Of- ficers Training Conference at Iowa Falls were the activities of O.E. The highlight of the year was the Em- ployer-Employee Banquet given to honor the employers. An active organization in its fifth year was Audio-Visual Club. The purpose of the A.V. club was to help the faculty in any way they could with audio-visual equipment. Members set up film projectors, tape recorders, and recently the television equipment. The ten mem- bers Were advised and instructed by Mr. Marvin Berg. Below right: Jim Mosbrucker repairs a tape recorder. Debaters Compete in arious Forensic Areas One of the busiest organizations at FDSH was Debate. After spending a great deal of time researching, the debaters went on many debate trips. The debate topic for 1970-71 was Resolved: Federal Government should es- tablish, finance, and administer programs to control air and water pollu- ion in the U. S. In debate, there are different levels. They are varsity cross-examina- tion, second and third year, and novice. Among the various areas in which they partake are radio speaking, original oratory and extemporan- eous speaking. The Dodger debaters were under the new leadership of Mr. Roger Snell. Among the activities they took part in were the Dodger Invitational, Districts, N.F.L., and I.F.L. During the summer of 1970, Fletch Newsum spent five weeks researching at Northwestern University in Ill. Above left. The officers and advisor of debate, left to right: David Elliot, vice- pres., Tim Guetzlaff, sec., Fletch New- sum, pres., advisor, Mr. Snell. Below center: Tim Guetzlaff and Mike Roberts read over their notes. Below left: Members of Debate were: Front row: D. Elliot, F. Newsum, M. Roberts, P. Ellsworth. Second row: L. Anderson, D. Brown, T. Guetzlaff, S. Berger, G. Osborn. Below right: Fletch Newsum and Tim Guetzlaffcheck resources. .1 , g ' Q 1 ' V An active and informed club about the medical world this year was the Medical Careers Club. Mrs. Bonita Proeschold was the advisor, while the Medical Auxiliary sponsored it. The activities of the year started with their chili supper initiation. Other important programs of the club included a Christmas program for under-privileged children, a spring luncheon at the hospital, several guest speakers, and the Powderpuff Girls, Football Game for the March of Dimes Fund. Medical Careers Expands Its Knowledge Of Medical World 'lam Sl USE We lWf,Qlf" gfifift W? ' 'lift 5 if if nf NS 53.4 he ' if N, ,fs tr gf gf? 'fjt , t'w:, ...M-w r - flaw! .V ' -me fl '-1 : , xl 5 L f f ac,-A :YW Left: tt -wa1,ff : 'E ' n W 5 ,AN W1 ii ' '4 1, . ? I -new 'Wham iv-w Above left: left to right, Medical Careers officers: Linda Leege, cor. sec.g Kathy Carse, sec.-treas.g Linda Dillon, vice- pres.g Wilma Pingel, pres. Above right: Medical Career members attend their monthly meeting. Below left: Linda Dillon and Annette Reeves conduct the initiation ritual. Below right: The girls at the Powder Puff game fight for the football. Pep Club Supports The largest and most spirited club at members generating enthusiasm at the girls made pep signs, a Homecoming letes. Points given to the girls who par were totalled for individual awards. Several new additions were added to which admitted the members to the ga council was set up. Representatives Booster Club, and Pep Club officers dis create better school spirit. Miss Virgin Hoover was president. l l l I E ,Athletics nthusiasticall chool was Pep Club with almost 300 thletic events. Besides cheering, the oat, and baked cookies for the ath- icipated in these activities eventually he club. Special patches were bought es free of charge. Also, an advisory rom the three classes, band, Boys' ussed and coordinated their ideas to a Hilmers was the advisorg Kathy . 'gf 5 X Ae' Above right: Pep Club officers included: Christy Champion, treas.g Sue Kurtz, sec.g Les Drollinger, vice-pres.g Kathy Hoover, pres. Center right. Cindy Hill represents cheer- leaders at a meeting. Below right: Pep Club girls line the field Waiting for the team to break the hoop. v w .H.S. Puts on Homecoming Skit An honorary club whose membership was based on scholastic and leadership ability was National Honor Society. Meetings were held once a month to plan the various activities. Skits were put on for the school as- semblies, a Halloween Pizza Party was held, members worked at conces- sion stands, and the yearly initiation ceremony was conducted. Above left: Members of N.H.S. include sitting, left to right: L. Hockel, L. Kiel- horn, D. Beverlin, K. Hoover, K. Beer, S. Wiegman. Second row: J. Heckmann, M. Hays, E. Ewen, M. Roberts, pres., C. Hovick, K. Licht, R. Wretman, C. Weil- and, B. Secor. Third row: L. Leege, T. Flattery, M. Cox, C. Peters, sec.g G. Fallon, vice-pres., A. Kobs, P. Hartigan, treas., W. Pingel. Below left: N.H.S. puts on skit for home- coming assembly. Sitting: Chuck Peters, Greg Fallon. Standing: Linda Kielhorn, Linda Hockel, Kathy Hoover. Above right: Mike Roberts casually pre- sides over a meeting. Below right: Chuck Peters bites into a doughnut. Jr. Civitan Benefits School and Communit V img? we Y 4 1 1 iffy ef. .5 Q l ,K 'f W 'M -as kg If Above right: Diane Root presides over meeting. Above center: Officers of the club are K. Savery, treas.5 K. Carse, sec.g D. Root, A. Reeves, vice-pres. Below center: An organizational meeting. Left to right: Mike Cole, Kathy Savery, Oppedahl, Joe Kudron. Nw . sg- "ns, pI'6S.g Mark 'S .35 it-'Em The Junior Civitan Club began its second year at FDSH. The ser- vice club, open for all classes, gave the students the opportunity to serve the community and the school. The advisors were Mr. William Lehmkuhl and Mr. Bill Highland, a member of Senior Civitan. The clubis activities included sponsoring a bake sale, selling ghost policies at Halloween, paint- ing the interior of the Mission-in- the-Valley, and selling Fun and Food stamps. The publicity, project, member- ship, and constitution committees helped organize the club. The chair- men of these committees were members of the board of directors. A seminar at Greenlake, Wis- consin, sponsored by Civitan In- ternational, was held during August. Five members of the club were chosen to attend by the local Senior Civitan. Latin Initiates New S.P.Q.R. Club 9z3 il C . ,A , warm!! The S.P.Q.R. means Senate and Roman People and consists of third and fourth year Latin students. This year there were two clubs, the Senior S.P.Q.R. and the newly or- ganized Junior S.P.Q.R. The ad- visor was Miss Mary Boxwell. Early in the year, a potluck din- ner was held to initiate new mem- bers. The dinner climaxed a nine week probation period for the pros- pective members. The annual Roman Dinner in May was the big project. The club invited all other Latin students to attend. Each person was required to be in costume and the program consisted of Roman food, Latin songs, and original skits. Above left, left to right: Senior Latin Club officers Were: S. Wiegman, sec., B. Lindeberg, treas.g M. Netland, pres.g K. Hoover, vice-pres. Center left, left to right: Junior Latin Club officers were: D. Blankenhage, treas.g C. Crawford, sec., J. Bice, vice- pres., R. Melton, pres. Above right: Jeanne Crandall watches part of the initiation. Below right: The initiates had to go through a ritual ceremony. Bo si Booster Club and Key Club Reorganize This year Key Club, which was formerly active at FDSH, was re- organized with Mr. Don Jacobsen as advisor. It was a club which strove to serve the community and school. Different activities they spon- sored this year were a tape dance, a basketball game with the Kiwanis Club, Rat Race Week, and a tri- cycle marathon. Boys, Booster Club created and stimulated school spirit. They cheered at all the games, made a Homecoming float, and put on skits for the assemblies. Brad Turner was president and Mr. Doug Wine- bright was the clubis sponsor. K H, i-.. if t V 4g Center: Key Club rests on the bench at halftime. Above: Chuck Peters attends a Key Club meeting. Above center: Brad Turner, president, listens to questions at a Key Club meet- ing. Below: Brad Turner sells Booster Shirts to John Hagge and Craig Burbank. ,sw Publications Strive to Reflect And Inform School ...MA One of the more industrious or- ganizations this year was the Big Dodger Staff. They met each day during fourth period and many nights after school to complete the yearbook. A trip to the Iowa High School Press Association State Con- vention at Ames was made to learn the techniques of creating a better yearbook. A new addition to the Big Dod- ger was made by having individual pictures of the underclassmen. Also new this year was the publishing company and a new, more modern style for the book. One hold-over idea from last year was the 9 x 12 size book. This year's editor was Barb Beers and the advisor was Mrs. Margaret Stallkamp. The Little Dodger staff with a seven-man editorial board put out the school paper twice a month. Their goals were to reflect and an- alyze the attitudes of the student body and provide an outlet for stu- dent expression, as well as print what was happening around school. This was the first year the paper was printed at the high school in- stead of at the Messenger Printing Company. Mr. Johnsons printing classes were in charge of this. Pictures and art work made the paper more enjoyable to read and helped to project its purpose. Kris Beer was this yearls editor and John Hagge was the artist. Above right: Barb Beers, editor, comments on a section in the yearbook. Center left: Tom Narigon adjusts a negative on the enlarger. Center right. Donna Garrett and Maureen Clarke do their homework during a quiet Big Dodger session. Below left: The Little Dodger members were, left to right: C. Echternacht, W. Pingel, D. Fisher, R. Brown, S. Wiegman, K. Beer, M. Bell. .- ij x we X9 M 'V - .aama.... +1 Above left, Members of Big Dodger were, left to right: M, Vasbinder, M. Mulder, C. Echternacht, S. Isaacson, L. Kielhorn. Center left: Christy Champion and Cindy Echternacht discuss the Big Dodger. Center right: Kris Beer, editor of Little Dodger, types an editorial. Below left: The Little Dodger staff takes a break. 31 Publications Staffs Struggle Wlth Deadllnes Top: Barb Beers attempts to concentrate as Linda Kjelhorn and Mary Vasbinder discuss a yearbook layout. Lower right: Mike Roberts impresses the Little Dodger staff with expert balancing ability. l Lower left: Marla Bell works on the advertising layout. w 9 iii Youth Forum Learns of Local Drug Problem !. 55' Above left: Youth Forum officers were: Standing, left to right: Dean Blobaum, vice- pres.g Mark Stratmoen, treas.g Steve Ecklund, pres. Sitting: Marge Hays, sec. Below left: Members discuss the program presented. Above right: Eric Ewen arrives at a meeting. Below right: Marge Hays reads the minutes. Youth Forum held their monthly meet- ings to inform the members about topics of todafy. Usually speakers were the high- light 0 ' the meeting. Mr. Bargman, prin- cipal of FDHS, spoke on International Youth Exchange programs and his expe- riences with them. Members of the Area 5 Council on Drug Abuse also spoke, re- lating the local and state-wide drug sit- uation. Field trips were planned, and the annual spring picnic was held to elect new officers. Sponsors were Miss Norma Hanson and Mr. Lisle Townsend. FTA Attends ICCC Prospective Teacher's Da Future Teachers' Club drew many girls who were interested in teaching. To broaden their knowl- edge of education, the members articipated in Future Teachers ay at ICCC. The girls toured the campus and attended classes. The Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority of teachers held a tea for all FTA members. Visitation Day was held to give the girls a chance to teach an elementary class. This provided an opportunity to see if the girl was interested in teaching. Advisors were Mrs. Mary Ann Pedersen and Mrs. Lucille Gibb. Above left: Joy Wiegamn eyes the re- freshments after a meeting. Above right: FTA members listen to a guest speaker on education. Center right: A question is raised by one of the members. Below left: FTA club officers were, left to right: Sharyl Barton, v.-pres.g Susie Breitwieser, sec.-treas. Standing: Pam Knudson, historiang Betsy Lindeberg, pres. Above left: Chamber choir included: First row, left to right: B. Robson, L. Drol- linger, M. Stratmoen, D. Hanneman, D. Birchmeier, C. Nelson, W. Gordon, D. Beverlin, M.A. Garton. Second row: K. Benegas, S. Ecklund, D. Elm, D. Mes- serly, C. Weiland, K. Brown, C. Wen- hardt, M.K. Buckendahl, J. Jordison, T. Wiewel. Third row: M. Netland, L. Akins, J. Harris, L. Holtorf, S. Anderson, S. Wiegman, J. Bircher, K. Theiss, S. John- son, K. Licht. Above right: Section of A Capella listens to others practice. Cen- ter left: Mr. Mitchell gives directions to choir. Center right: All state singers in- cluded: First row: K. Benegas, M. Maid- en, D. Beverlin, L. Tuttle, C. Weiland, L. Drollinger, G. McClurg, D. Birchmeier. Second row: K. Theiss, J. Harris, J. Bircher, S. Anderson, D. Messerly, J. Holtorf, L. Holtorf. Below: Madrigal choir included: First row, standing: J. Burke, L. Mernka, J. Windler, R. Williams, K. McDermott. Second row: J. Wiegman, D. Paulin. Third row: M. Thompson, G. Mc- Clurg, L. Tuttle, J. Holtorf, L. Michiel. Li ,, I W. ., V. WL, , f A Q l . .U ' ,V , , . ga Lcfl i ...V . in 'Ai Q ,.- El. 'S ll ,il m J ' ff fi sf ' ,Strives to Improve Tone , M. Clausen, D. Lumsden, M. Maiden, L. Mortenson, K. Benegas, K. McDermott, J. L. Akins, C. Nelson, L. Drollinger, D. Paulin, D. Beverlin, T. Wiewel, D. Elm, Third row: E. Ewen, C. Wenhardt, J. Weaton, E. Law, K. Guthrie, D. Guthrie, row: B. Weaton, W. Gordon, J. Bircher, G. McClurg, S. Johnson, D. Messerly, M. Extreme left: Officers of A Capella were, left to right: Steve Anderson, pres.: Wayne Gordon, sec.-treas., and John Holtorf, vice-pres. Center left: A Capella meets for daily rehearsal. Center right: A Capella sings at Christ- mas Concert. Below: Linda Hockel accompanies choir. An organization that involved many students who devoted much time and effort was A Capella. They practiced daily to achieve a blended tone. A Capella consisted of junior and senior members who audi- tioned the previous year. The 73 member choir participated in many activities throughout the year in- cluding: the annual Christmas con- cert, Music Theatre Day at UNI, All-State Music Festival in Des Moines, Dorian Music Festival at Luther College, and the Winter Or- chestra Concert. Select groups of A Capella included the Chamber Choir, composed of seniors, and the Madrigal Choir, composed of ju- niors. The Vocal music department also included sophomore choirs and a Sophomore Select Choir. The Select Chorus presented a program for the ninth grade choirs. Mixed Chorus, comprised of juniors and seniors, gave concerts for the elementary schools. Mr. Larry Mitchell directed all vocal groups. Sophomore select included: First row, left to right, standing: J. Carlson, G. Wing, M. Beisser, C. Swanson, J. Rice, J. Johnson, M. Rosalez. Second row: S.A. Johnson, L. Ecklund, P. Ellsworth, D. Van Gundy, L. Fogde, C. Scott, K. Drol- linger, J. Amo. Third row: S. Thomas. R. Licht, J. Borway, S. Smith, A. Saboe, S. Dannenbring. Fourth row: C. Buttrick, R. Jones, D. Brown, L. Osborne, R. Har- ris, N. Duffy, R. Peterson. N.. wfmm ' t .1 v Center left: Mixed Chorus included: First row, left to right, standing: C. Presler, J. Swanstrom, C. Buck, B. Foster, B. Pecoy, J. Collins, M. Giles, sec., K. Rush, P. Danner, E. Fitzner, L. Nold, D. Lockner, J. Benegas, B. Tewksbury. Second row: K. Crouch, C. Everhart, L. Osterberg, B. Saeger, J. Hanson, vice-pres., J. Berge, S. Hutchinson, treas., V. Leathers, S. Issacson, K. Fuller, C. Halligan. Third row: C. Carlise, B. Matson, R. Peltz, pres., R. Lewis, R. Bell, O. Ford, J. Metier, J. Schultz, G. Webb, D. Wood- ard, S. Peterson. Below: Members of Mixed Chorus listen to Mr. Mitchell. Center right: Jan Berge and Joan Han- son read music. Bands Perform in Various Concerts Row one, left to right: Members of Jazz Lab were: C. Wenhardt, W. Pingel, M. Oleson, T. Narigon, D. Birchmier. Row two: P. Dunn, M. Sheker, R. Brown, S. Barbour, M. Short. Row three: J. Slagle, G. Meiners, R. Hansch, C. Newman, R. Post. The instrumental music depart- ment had l30 students participat- ing. Concert Band, directed by Mr. Keith Altemier, performed in the Winter Concert, Tri City Festival, and Springtasia. The band was se- lected to play at the Iowa Band Masters' Association. Marching Band officers also were Concert Band officers. Mr. James Huffman directed Concert Orchestra. They presented the Christmas Concert, String Con- cert and the Spring Concert. Tradi- tional pieces dominated their pro- grams. Officers were: Wilma Pingel, pres., Greg McClurg, vice-pres., Les Drollinger, sec. Varsity Band, directed by Mr. John Grothe, presented concerts at schools throughout the year and participated in the Winter Concert. Jazz Lab combined jazz and rock in Perspectives, the UNI concert and one at Jefferson. Mr. Grothe also directed this group. Row one, left to right: Members of Varsity Band were: S. Barnett, M. McClure, P. Dischler, M. Giles, P. Johnson, S. Walker, L. Inman, V. Crouch, C. Wieberg. Row two: L. Mortenson, K. Mosbrucker, K. Krivolavy, C. Parle, P. Neeson, R.M. Klingson, lX'l. Cox, S. Smith, D. Short. Row three: G. Jacobsen, D. Pohl, S. Nelson, C. Thomas, P. Pride, D. Beverlin, S. Joslin, K, McDermott, C. Fletcher. Row four: D. Ditzenberger, T. Graves, B. Wilson, T. Cox, B. Grimsley, F. Carlson, S. Ashton, L. Osborne. Row five: M. Rosalez, G. Tiffany. M. Pettit, D. Gullickson, J. Nordstrom, C. Wetzel, B. Habhab. - f- . W .. , v W N.. .. .. .... Ek: ' - - WNW,-W M . A--V, -- ...i.-. , ... Concert Band members included: Row one, left to right: J. Bowman, S. Heckmann, B. Rusnak. B. Redman. D. Replogle, D. Hutchison, J. Collins, W. Pingel. T. Koester. L. Cuckic, J. Callicott, D. Lozcl. Row two: J. Hanson, L. Leege, S. Lunn, D. Rhodes, P. Danner, S. Bartik, D. Pingel. L. Akins, S. Graef, C. Wenhardt. E. Ewen. T. Allen. S. Dannenbring, D. Keyser, K. Abbott, A. Truax. Row three: C. Nelson, L. Drollinger. K. Benegas. K. Mathey, L. Michehl, S. Crane. C. Everhart. D. Link. R. Banwell, M. Fox, D. Elliot, P. Bangert, C. Hieronimus, T. Narigon, T. Coleman. M. Oleson. J. Marsh. L. Dillon. Row four: D. Hanneman, D. Burke, D. Birchmeier, P. Mandelko, P. Dunn, J. Hulett, D. Sickmann, C. Newman. G. McClurg, R. Hansch. R. Knight, R. Jones, D. Ashenfelter, D. Messerly, R. Newman, M. Sheker, S. Barbour. R. Brown. Row five: L. Tuttle. J. Peters, M. Kersten. M. Mid- delstadt, J. Slagle. M. Short. L. Lundgren. J Modern and Traditional Music Pla ed b Bands Concert Orchestra members included: Row one, left to right: M. Roberts, B. Secor. D. Peterson, B. Dean. B. Saeger, C. Hiero- numus, J. Slagle, J. Jordison. Row two: L. Drollinger, N. Hearn, C. Swanson, L. Nelson, Row three: J. Johnson, K. Drollinger, P. Keigley, L. Steinhoff, C. Young, J. Hulett, W. Pingel. J. Callicott, J. Collins, B. Rusnak, B. Redman, C. Wenhardt, S. Graef. S. Johnson, D. Brown. Row four: M. Fox, D. Elliot, C. Newman, G. McClurg, R. Hansch, R. Brown. M. Short. S. Barbour. Row five: L. Tuttle, M. Middelstadt, L. Lundgren. T. Narigon, C. Wetzel. Marching Band, Dodgerettes Give Half Time Shows Marching Band, under the di- rection of Mr. Keith Altemier, performed the half time show for home football games. Various marching formations were cre- ated by the 150 member band. Drum majors chosen by the band were Linda Leege and Colin Wenhardt. Officers included: Co- lin Wenhardt, pres.: Randy Hansch, vice-pres.: Charlie New- man, sec.: and Dan Replogle, treas. The Dodgerettes, a team of 19 pompon girls, accompanied the Marching Band in the halftime activities. Their sponsor was Mrs. Jackie Wilde. Center: The Dodgerettes in- cluded: First row, l to r, Kathy Rusk, Pam Danner, Donna Pau- lin, Laura Holtorf, Rosanette Williams, Cyndie Weiland, Mari- anne VVoods, Dee Beverlin, Kar- en Manos. Second row: Barb Robson, Patti Wells, Jane Mai- wurm, Sue Blunt, Michelle Hig- gins, Chris Henricks, Mary Jo Bock, Deanna Beletti, Renness Gadbury, Diane Durian. Bottom left: Charlie Newman heads the squad during summer practice. Bottom right: Greg McClurg and Randy Hansch look out the bus window. Sans Souoi Combines Language and Culture Center left: Sue Kurtz and Janet Heckmann find out something very surprising during a French Club meeting. Above: Mrs. Walker explains French culture to the club. Below right: French Club officers Were, left to right: Pat Hartigan, sec.g Jim Magnusson, sergeant at armsg Jeff Harris, pres.g Sherry Sil- ver, vice-pres.g and Sally Hager, treas. Sans Souci, the French Club at Fort Dodge Senior High, held their annual Christmas party in December at the Country Club. Jeff Harris, accompanied by Mark Stratmoen, entertained before the dinner which consis- ted of French food. Club mem- bers sang Christmas carols and presente a skit following the dinner. Other meetings included talks on French culture and an international dinner in which members of the various foreign language clubs contributed food native of their country. Mrs. Beverly Walker was advisor of the club. German Club Carols at Christmas ' ' ff a t " 4, 'G 'Q ' ty 'gg 'ffl T , Ap , Xa, Students study the German lan- guage in class. Center left: Members have a good time at a meeting. The people are: l. to r.: Dennis Lenz, Scott Anderson, Ron Lewis, Mike Linke, Roxanne Beisch, Marge Hays, Kathy Wallace, Anne Porter. Center right: Doug Dean, Craig Bur- bank, and Jack La Baume sing at a meeting. Bottom: German Club officers were: First row sitting l. to r.: Craig Bur- bank, pres.g Kathy Wallace, treas.g Second row: Jack La Baume, vice- pres., Marge Hays, sec. German Club in its third year of existence, met regularly to discuss topics of interest, and learn new games and songs of German heritage. Mrs. Marga- retha Hagemann was the spon- sor. The clubis Christmas party was held Dec. 17, The members traveled to three rest homes sing- ing German Christmas carols. A dinner followed with German dishes prepared by the members. Later in the year, the annual in- itiation picnic was held. The new first year members were initiat- ed, and again German food was served. Q EW? 3 ig .,,, , Q -a ny , 1. I an V , .W.qr mg, yy.. 3 gi fit!! .vm M 'Z Q a -t Q . . , - L, A A . g G 1 2 ! tfgx X ' Q 3033 K 4 u L fy Maia Q .- u .La ,mt V ,. fd, ' at Spanish Club Breaks Traditional Pinata Above Right: A Spanish Club mem- ber attempts to break the piiiata. Center Left: Spanish oflicers, left to right. Sitting: Marilyn Cox, pres.g Skip Lingreen, sec.g Sue Peterson, treas.g Karen Manos, vice-pres. Below right: Joy Peters and Becky Robinson enjoy themselves. Below Left: Marilyn Cox ties the knot with Fletch Newsom. The main event for the 1970- 71 Spanish Club at FDSH was their annual Christmas party held in December. The party in- cluded a dinner, Spanish carols, and the breaking of a pinata. A bake sale was held in No- vember in order for the club to rent the film "Behold a Pale Horsen. The club also celebrated Pan American Day in April. This included a potluck dinner of Spanish foods. The club had a new advisor this year, Mr. Roger Snell. Take Her, Sheps Mine Is Year's First All School Pla The all-school play, "Take Her, She's Mine," was presented to the public on November 12 and 13. Originally the comedy was run on Broadway, and later made into a movie. The plot revolved around two American girls at college and their encounters with li e. The first part presented the girls learning about life and moved to where they became more mature and started thinking about mar- riage. Try-outs for the play were held during the week of September 22 to October 2. Mr. Gail Niceswan- ger, director, chose the cast: Kim Windschanz, Mitch Seaver, Ka- thy Hoover, Lisa Jurgens, Betty Saeger, Scott Gernhardt, Pat Hartigan, Carol Smith, John Me- tier, Gerry Tiffany, Jim Gibson, Dwight Guthrie, Scott Bauder, Joy Wiegman, Mike Sharpman, and Linda Tuttle. Above: A father defends his daugh- ter's honor in this scene with Mitch Seaver, Kathy Hoover, Scott Bauder, and Scott Gernhardt. CMessenger Photoj Lower left: Kim Windschanz and Dwight Guthrie converse in a res- taurant scene as Pat Hartigan and John Metier dance in the back- ground. CMessenger Photob Lower right: College social activities are discussed by Kim Windschanz, Carol Smith, and Pat Hartigan. CMes- senger Photob . o 'ew f i . .VA , 45 l can I r ,, ,,, , , A , ,, 1 ,trh 7 ' jg, ,,, , fjgfiqj' 5 'j 4, C""3jTf to .t ' w f - , ' ' f " , 1 3 I "' ' fkff ' , r xiii? W" -mirir V , J,, , ' , Q - B E Sift' ' ,i , ' ik: . , W l. do , KA l i T Our road of life is wider now And the bend in the distance Could bend to an even Wider one. Remember student life and the narrow road You followed with your friends. And that special friend . . . Hours of laughter . . . And plans . . . And tears . . . Memories but not hangups. Lengthen your stride To cover the Wide road. 1 48 Ah L K, 'Er IWZXX Aoorglzj QOQ WIOUZOV in COLUSQ I QMAUY LKW5 JCE! fling 40 L. we Om fm vw Swim? 603 QQUCKNY bonlr Hfwkm XMQQJQM wow. Ms N QQ ' JOQ Weeks ofhard work and late hours went into the preparation of floats with the theme being com- mercials. Despite this, the parade was not held due to bad weather. The crowning of queen Barb Paul- son took place during the assembly. Her attendants Were, left to right: Linda Leege, Sue Hoover, Kris Beer, Pat Hartigan, Sue Sjurson and Sue Kurtz. After the game against Ma- son City, a dance was held for the first time at the Elks Club. V Ezjxk .pf 1 t ,Az i fi 'Q fffekxt Homecoming 1970 iii 5 Him K 1 51? SP Q Y 4 if I Del' x ' ' Q3 A 'fri ,J K ev E F if it In this annual event "The Woman Is Required To Pay." During the week it is customary for the girl to pay for all the expenses including those the night of the dance. King Jerry Black, 2nd from left, was crowned at the dance. His attendants were, L to Rg Mike Hoffman, Chris Ruge, Tim Sweeney, Jim Magnussun, and Doug Zuspann. 55 August 31-First Day of School September 11-First Sock Hop October 9-Homecoming November 12,13-All School Play-"Take Her Shels Mine 20-All-School Dance 27,28-All State Music Festival December 13-Christmas Concert 19-Christmas Dance January 16-Twirp Dance February 5-All School Dance 7-Band Concert 18-19-All School Play 21-Orchestra Concert March 12-AFS Dance April 2-Spring Prom 15-Thespians Play 22,213,211-Musical TID ' zzz: A . f fn ' ,Q , fi, ' K W' ' .gr a 'nz f 'S S' -1 I ' Q S y , af' 1 May 1-Perspectives 8-Ladies Choice Dance 15--Springtasia 26-Last Day for Seniors 28-Class Day 30-Senior Sermon June 1-Commencement 4-Last Day of School P uf , 1 3, x, u 25 iw 2 0 Liar-'SH l l s A, . 'I' Individuals. Y Jw V is " . 1 Q E it sf Q is All working alone But with each other. Side by side they form A long line of people. is 5 Capable of building bridges and worlds But we canlt forget That each is an individual With separate goals And separate roads to follow. "' ' Br V f iff ,,.L,., , I, v , , , ' W-1? fm., , 3 . J . . 11 P ' 1' M o 2 A , QL v Nu..,,w ' N, ' ' f Hi x 3 ' fig! U an r X ,of f Mu. at W, Q mf " ' HQ aw M EQ Wi ffa? 1 Q M M 1 X 1, A E.. nw, 1, 'wr b ,vi-e, sw as 5 L! W , . , gfui, 1?!ffg?f?. we ik, 1 Q .,,,' Q WW xagfiwwylgtfva By strwmg zn practice, . ,-" Y . , ff 5' 2. ee 1 l A . 1 , M- The challenge of competition Was opened to these young men 1 bove right: Maureen Hill sings "Up ort Dodgersv as the Dodgers make an- ther touchdown. Right: Varsity Cheerleaders for 1970-71 vlrere, Row one: Julie Jordison, Jane ricksen. Row twog Mary Ann Garton, ally Hager, Cindy Hill. Row three: Barb eers, Les Drollinger. Top: Maureen Hill, eta Olson. lflow: Barb Beers and Aleta Olson as t e Dodgers take the lead. QW ll Cheerleadersl Ten varsity cheerleaders were elected in spring of 1970. They prac- ticed QO hours a Week during the summer perfecting cheers and chants. Aug. 9-15 they attended the International Cheerleading Foun- dation clinic held in Cedar Falls. Throughout the week they listened to lectures on self-discipline, school spirit, and the planning of pep as- semblies. They were taught cheers, gymnastics, chants, and pompom routines by 5 ICF staff members. At the end of the week over 300 Third at Clinic girls from all over the midwest met in competition. The FDSH cheer- leaders were awarded third place behind Council Bluffs and Shawnee Mission Kansas. Miss Virginia Hilmers, who was a cheerleader herself for seven years, acted as the advisor and helped the squad through fall, winter, and spring sports. The sophomore squad was ex- panded to six members who were elected in the fall of 1970 and cheered for the sophomores all year. Diane Rupp and Laurie Sears lead the pep club during a sophomore basketball game. iffiialffsff iff .-aff? ff.: A V f, gif., ' as 7, 7 if S' , :Q r-. ,, ---rf-fs . ,.-ps , , iff gp so - - ,. - 1' 43 5 my .,.Q i"5"E35M-55 gsecrf C 'rffsili 'A-"r EJ-9' ' 'Helix ff' 3 i iw 1 i , A Q - x-in . W has 43 L.. . 'Y J 8' wr. 3. vt. Sophomore Cheerleaders for 1970-71 were: Kathi Marchi, Mary Isaacson, Diane Rupp, Laurie Sears, Luann Acker- man, and Lettie Lumsden. Left: Maureen Hill, Cindy Hill, and Julie ,Iordison leads cheers at a pep rally. -M 2 W '+ r iff TF-r' . 1. rf wr ' . ... ' ' ,1 iv A, fr ar 4- 'ff 5 Y I r , ' 4' " 'T H HZ: - - rf . - -. i -,ra ' -- P. .1 'ri NJ ,. . If 4 Q3 "W Y ' v-'lm 4.1 ' ., - K.'yg- 1-' '- 'z',,Q-' ,, at te-wife tr-Pre' 42- 'w.a-'Y5?- 1-L. ,Q x 1 s " 4 . VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD--Front row, 1. to r.: S. Harty, R. Schill, T. Rupp, D. Robson, S. Uderman, S. Stiles, W. Gordon, T. Salvatore, J. Hagge, B. He- man, M. Magnusson, J. Livasy, K. Fies- ler. Row two: J. Baker and A. Caladrine, f ran managers, J. Holtorf, B. Weaton, C. Den- nis, J. LaBaume, B. Woods, J. Peters, S. Slagle, R. Kiliper, K. Guthrie, E. Law, J. Weaton, R. Hendrickson, T. Sanders, B. Wing, Doug Seltz. Row three: M. Chardoulias, A. Boutchee, J. Davidson, J. Beers, J. Landes. M. Peterson, T. Sweeney, J. Suhr, A. Deal, J. Hilken, B. Saigh, T. Pinneke, C. Hovick, D. Dean, P. Koppen, G. Osborn, manager. y Dodgers Place 6th in Big Eight Competition NX ' COACHES-L. to r.: Dave Cox, John Peterson, Darrel Murray. Phil Dobbs. QMessenger Photoj Fort Dodge High School football coach Dave Cox had thirteen re- turning lettermen and a host of juniors as the Dodgers entered this year's schedule. The Dodgers fin- ished the year with a 2-7 record and finished sixth in the Big Eight. The Dodgers won over Mason City and Newton. During the season, the Dodgers held powerful West Waterloo to twelve points in what was labeled as a great defensive effort. In the season finale, the Lionis Charity Game, the Dodgers hosted rated Des Moines Lincoln. Although the Dodgers gave a good effort, Des Moines Lincoln won by the score of 18-6. Coaches for the year were Dave Cox, head coach, Darrel Murray, John Peterson, and Phil Dobbs, as- sistant coaches. Top: Dodger defense comes through. Above: Coach Cox gives last minute in- structions. Above Right: Scott Stiles eludes a would be tackler. Right: Dodger offense sets up. Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge SCOREBOARD . . 0 Carroll Kuemper ...... 20 . . 6 Cedar Falls .... 26 . . 12 Ames ......... 34 . . O West - Waterloo ...... 12 . . 12 Mason City ..... 7 . . 7 Marshalltown . . . 21 . . 14 East Waterloo . . . . . 66 ,.18 Newton .... ...7 . . 6 Des Moines Lincoln ....... 18 w. we ,,t,. .J . X. Q 1' ,water ,,,, ' We "'-9:5 5-'iz . Q61 iw as Right: Dodgers run an end sweep. Below: Ron Lentsch reaches for a pass. Below Right: Tony Salvatore cuts for much needed yardage. frlxwj ws f Dodgers Win Over Mason Cit 8a Newton Q f Z A, . J, 'K 1' ' 14, 33 'R K l itiflhiiu The Fort Dodge High School sophomore football team Hnished their season with a 1-6 record. The lone win came over Carroll Kuem- per. Under the direction of new head coach Don Miller and John Bristol, the sophomores learned the funda- mentals of football. From the end of August on, the team worked hard in practice to perfect their specific skills. They gained much exper- ience, which will prepare them for their varsity careers. Over thirty boys were out for this yearls team. SCOREBOARD Fort Webster City . . . Fort Carroll Kuemper ...... Fort Cedar Falls Fort Boone . . . Fort Storm Lake Fort Marshalltown . . . Fort Ames,... Sophomore Football SquadiFront row, 1. to r.: F. Hutchinson, S. Engeman, R Kopish, R. Janssen, L. Chingren, B Scharf, S. Haviland, R. Crouse, K. Fuller Row two. J. Hepburn, manager, A. Fe vold, B. Beck, L. Osborne, D. Phillips, J Grell, B. Fawkes, M. Jamieson, A. Olson N. Henderson, P. Brinton. Row three Coaches: J. Bristol, D. Miller, D. Adair S. Zuspann, A. Chingren, D. Thode, C Clark, B. Ranes, B. Deal, T. Tripp, S Salter, G. Weurflein, R. Behrens. Not pic tured: R. Brawdy, M. Habhab, J. Kirby T. Mortensen, J. Rogers, T. Trueblood, B Hart and J. Classen, managers. Dodger Sophomores Win Over Carroll Kuemper This year's cross-country squad, y ' ' by ,I.H. Nitzke, finished the season with a perfect dual meet rec- olrd. High points of the season in- cluded placing first in the Mason City, Humboldt and Eagle Grove ln- sfitationalsg placing second in the state Mile Team Raceg and placing ninth in the State Cross-Country Meet. l During the season, senior John Boutchee set a new school record in tlae mile run with a time of 4:28.8. Above: Denny LaFol1ette warms up. Right: Al Cibert hits the tape. l SCOREBOARD Mile Team F.D ...... 25 Webster City F.D ....,. 18 Humboldt . . F.D ...... 20 Eagle Grove F.D ...... 15 Carroll Kuemper . . . Ames Invitational ......... Webster City Invitational . . . Mason City Invitational . . . State Meet ............ Cross-Country F.D ...... 20 Eagle Grove F.D ...... 6 Carroll Kuemper . . F.D ...... 7 Humboldt . F.D ...... 15 Webster City Humboldt Invitational ....... Big Eight Meet ............ Eagle Grove Invitational . . State Meet ........... Q A. ,.-gg,-f ,wfifr-.+1" +" it -1,..,.k,,i,,,t: ,+A D v 1.t.LL',.rf 5 if' A".....rL'g' - .:..'gf,! - v 1 Q. , -r .4 l c af it ff if ww- -,ta ,JL N..5!'N4W"' ' pl' me l X06 ,ml 1,11 In D009 30 41 41 48 4th 2nd Ist 2nd 36 20 18 43 1st 5th lst 9th .30 0110 , . Q MT 0011 Plh 3 'FT folly RT 3, rant-00 m ,vow 400 T is jill PUDQ, , Squad-Front row, l. to r. chee, D. Replogle, J. Phillips, D. La.Fol- Behrens, S. Howard, L. Wilshusen C Larsen D. Siekmann, A. Cibert, K. lette. Row two: J. Mortenson, R. Brown, Knight,Coach Nitzke M. Oppedahl, L. Jonas, J. Bout- O. Ford, J. Magnusson. P. Birocci, D. Z X Left: Mike Hoffman strokes to victory. Y. ',w'N: 'n Bottom: Chris Ruge concentrates before his event. W.,x5.,M,f L? Middle: Team members form city initials. "F" formation: First column: M. Morrow, T. Michefelder, M. Hoffman, T. Giere, C, Ruge, B. Kalsiem. Second column: D. Garst, M. Kennedy. Third column: T. Trainer, D. Williams. "D" formation: First column: M. Klein, S. Dannenbring, M. Kersten, T. Cox, D. Morrow, J. Giere. Second column: T. Lawler, J. Rogers, J. Cain, B. West, D. Harp. Swimmers Face Tough Foes, Win Three Meets i The Fort Dodge High School iswimmers finished the 1970-71 sea- ison with a dual meet record of 3-8 iunder head coach Kenneth Gaeth. lNew records highlighted the team's lseason. Tom Giere went undefeated Qin dual competition and set a new fvarsity record for six dives at 277.60 'Bruce West also went undefeated in dual meets and swam the 100 yard backstroke in 59.4 seconds a new Fort Dodge Senior High varsity rec- ord. The swimming team placed ,fourth in the Ames relays in Jan- fuary. In the Big Eight Meet in Feb- ruary, Tom Giere placed first in idiving while the team as a whole fplaced sixth. I The swimming team consisted of .three seniors, eleven juniors and four sophomores. They practiced every day after school for approxi- 'mately four months at the YMCA pool. The swimmers practiced en- durance, form, and speed in prepa- ration for their meets. Co-captains for the season were Chris Ruge and Mike Hoffman. Top left: Dodger swimmers are set for action. Top right: Tom Giere takes to the air. Right: Dan Harp prepares to enter the Water. Individual Records Setg Giere, West Undefeated SCOREBOARD FD ..... 32 D.M. Roosevelt . . . . 63 FD ..... 30 West Waterloo ...... 65 FD ..... 52 Mason City .... 43 FD ..... 37 Ames ........ 57 FD ..... 28 Cedar Falls .... 67 FD ..... 28 Marshalltown . . . 67 FD ..... 65 Boone ........ 30 FD ..... 38 Mason City .... 57 FD ..... 42 Cedar Falls .... 52 FD ..... 65 Boone ........ 30 FD ..... 29 Sioux City Central ....... 66 Ames Relays ............. . . . 4th Big Eight Meet ..,..... . . . 6th Top left: Tom Giere takes on last breath. Top right: Bruce West swims to another victory. Left: Terry Cox exerts himself in prac- tice. VARSITY WRESTLERS-Front row, l. man, D. LaFollette, J. Black Row two B Woods R Thompson R Kiliper P to r.: S. Horton, D. Jones, J. Black, J. M4 Th0mPS0H, D- Undefbufg M Nellalid Koppen B Horton Black, D. Zuspann, J. Livasy, I. Mussel- Dodgers Finish Fourth in Big Eight Competition The varsity wrestlers completed a successful season this year under the direction of new head coach Don Miller and assistant John Atkins. The new coaches stressed the pin, takedown, leg control, and cradle. The wrestlers were taught that it takes four things to win-condition- ing, heart, talent and confidence. . Highlights of the season included the first win over Eagle Grove since 1960 and placing second in the Eagle Grove Invitational. Although they lost to Britt in the Eagle Grove Invitational, the wrestlers beat them in a big dual meet. In their third year of competition in the Big Eight, the Dodgers placed fourth. The Dodgers competed in District Competition in an elimination for the State meet. Right: Coaches Don Miller and John At- kins shout their encouragement. wa-an V I r r W Row one, left to right: B, Hart, student mgr D Robson B Law B Putnam G Mericle C Hovick S Havelin K Messerly D Halligan, A. Deal. Row two: G. Horton, A Chingren L Chingien D Adair S Zuspann K Fieslei B Deal N Hanson D Hearn. Row three: J. Hepburn, student mgr S Barboui student mgi D Heain G Jeffers A Fevold L Jonas T Gumm J Garret, R, Crouse,J. Holtorf, K. McManos, M Mmaid S Ashton J Luson T Johnson J .V. Completes Season With 10 4 Record Under the direction of Coach John Atkins, the junior varsity wrestlers compiled an overall record of 10-4 in dual competition. Two outstanding wins of the year were against Eagle Grove, 35-9, and Ames, 43-3. SEASON RECORD 10-4 FD 35 - Eagle Grove 9 FD 20 - Algona 22 FD 43 - Ames 3 FD 22 - Britt 19 FD 8 - West Waterloo 32 FD 31 - Mason City 8 FD 33 - Marshalltown 11 FD 19 - East Waterloo 22 FD 28 - Humboldt 15 FD 30 - Newton 20 FD 23 - Cedar Falls 17 FD 48 - Carroll-Kuemper 0 FD 21 - Iowa Falls 22 FD 33 - Clarion 9 Randy Killiper relaxes after another vic tory. Varsity Basketball Team-Front row, l. to r.: S. Stiles, B. Peterson, J. Magnusson, G. Fallon, T. Sweeney, P. Birocci, S. Van Gundy, R. Lentsch, D. Goodrich, S. Harty. Row two: H. Hamilton. S. Howard. G. Mains, R. Brown, J. Fallon, G. Torgerson, J. Suhr, P. Zierke, C. Jochimson, D. Behrens, M. Magnusson. Dodgers Finish Third in Big Eight The Fort Dodge Senior High School varsity basketball team, un- der the direction of head coach Dutch Huseman and assistant coach Dave COX, compiled an 11-7 record for the 1970-1971 season. The Dodgers started out the sea- son big, with wins over Cedar Falls and Carrol Kuemper by margins of 19 and 24 oints respectively. Things cooled clown after that, but the Dodgers came back and finished third in the Big Eight. Highlights of the season include dual wins over Marshalltown and a revenge win over Mason City at Mason City. Individually, the Dodgers had two members on the All Big Eight hon- orary teams. Scott VanGundy was elected to the first team and Jim Magnusson was selected for second team honors. Left: Assistant coach Dave Cox and head coach Dutch Huseman. Dodge Cagers Compile 11 SCOREBOARD Cedar Falls . . . FD . . . 85 Carroll Kuemper . . 61 90 52 63 64 85 50 FD . . . 72 East Waterloo . . . . 61 FD 72 53 FD FD FD . . . 61 West Waterloo . . . Humboldt .... Mason City ...... FD . . . 65 Marshalltown . . . . 66 60 Ames .......... Webster City . . FD FD...7O 85 FD . . . 74 Clarion ........ , 36 FD . . . 76 Newton ....... . 74 FD . . . 70 Cedar Falls ..... . 77 FD . .. 57 Ames ......... . 73 53 59 57 East Waterloo .... 67 Newton ...... FD . . . 70 West Waterloo . . . Mason City ...... FD FD . . . 73 Marshalltown . . . . 72 FD FD 49 82 ...88 Left: Bruce Peterson sets up a play. Below Left: Greg Fallon attempts to block a shot. Below Right: Magnusson connects for two, 7 Record s I s Dodgers Compete in Tough Big Eight Conference Q , ,.- ew.,--"v""C"'f 3 ... , W ,.,,,. ' ,, ,mmm---H-' 1 do og.oe t 1X ' if ' " of R vs QW? g,,Q , i xt nd 5 1 11' t A. o g V W ' d t St. , 'QM W -MKWK , " aq- Above Left: Dodgers try for rebound. Above Right: Dodgers take a breather. Far Left: Scott VanGundy feeds to Greg Fallon. Left: Jim Magnusson gets set to shoot his free throw. Front row: C. Gloe, G. Clark, J. Mortensen C Underbrink C Michehl R Behrens S Salter J Preswood Back row D Bou chee, R. Licht, J. Thedford, N, Henderson, J Carlson T Tripp G Uecke Sophs Win 3 of Conference Games Head coach Don Cook directed the sophomore basketball team to a 5-13 year. The Dodgers won 3 out of their last 5 conference games. Their best game of the season was their last 5 conference games. Their best game of the season was their last, at Newton, where they won 78-63. Seasons record 5-13 Cedar Falls 59-63 Carroll Kuemper 66-74 Ames 53-71 Webster City 57-60 West Waterloo 54-70 Humboldt 80-58 Mason City 53-67 Clarion 74-45 Marshalltown 58-72 East Waterloo 58-63 Newton 54-66 Cedar Falls 59-76 Ames 44-60 West Waterloo 73-61 Mason City 58-67 Marshalltown 74-62 East Waterloo 55-62 Newton 78-63 Glen Clark ignores foe and goes up for 2. kv .K I QW -mr, V 0.4 Fil 1, -an-0' Z ' "'?ffff'ff '1 ,. v f Q , V, gy JK F , A my , Q. f ' ,K Qi- WQLQQZWWQ ' ref ! 'sfw 53 a 'A' ' ,ivgfxgff , Haj f Q I could tell NOW where my friends had been I Shall try by the trail to follow their steps. theY left behind. I, also, shall try to find a Way The road they will travel to lead those is 1'1Ot, not Whg f011QW me and Cannot down a road worth traveling be easy. 1 my K. ' .- Q fn. t M' 1. , . -Q .rtzi , . , .v I ,. 'mg A ff-, 3 -we A , X. I 4'l4"fL"f Yet the success depends upon the effort. 4. F .v . " 'J nf! + f , .4 X' '-gf , ,Mx .Q xmYi',5" . , ' Aft- . I - A tj .. xv, , ..... im - it is ,, Q e-fi QA? W-an fu ffw S i' Nut ff I l it 5 MAA. . Ackerman . Ackerman . Ackerman . Anderson . Anderson N. Andrews A D. Arts D. Ashenfelten D. Askelson SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Sheri Ruge, treasurer Linda Salvatore, secretary Laurie Sears, president Joel Black, vice-president Abrams . Adair Addington Abrecht Amo . Amundson . Anderson . Andrews . Ahnolt . Armstrong . Armstrong . Armstrong tax . G, mf if rx N Q I WW 5,15 1 Class of '73 6. QI. I .,,, Y., . A N YT' ff... B ..-f-" I 'RQ g l B x .4 UK S F 0 iw fr' . -. g g. ,"., B 1 ew Kick in nnouncements Q...,.a-""'H R is N L fs. Q A 2 Dennis Lind reads morning announcements Ia.. , 1 . Aultman Axne P. Baker Baker Ball Barbour Bartik Bass Bean Beck Becicer Becker Beekman Beenken Behrens Beightol . Beighton Beisser K. Bell Bennett Benson Bergstrom Beverlin Black Black M. Blaha . Bianchard M. Blunt P. Blunt Borwey Bowen Boutchee . Brand 'HX QW' 1- Pep club members enjoy Dodger's first game. vu. q-.1 S. Carse J. Carlson C. Cerwick M.Cervene . Brandenburg . Brown M.Burbank . Cahill Carlson . Chase C. Bricker S. Brewer C. Brown G, Brown V. Butler M.Bumgarner P. Cahill J. Cain C. Carlson V. Carlson L. Chingren A. Chingren , ! .M QI . V.: ill Q i E Brighi Brown Butrick Callicott Carriker Christopher N 53 H P. Brinton R. Brundage D. Cady B. Carlson R. Castor K. Cibert S,Y -f all Dodgers Enjo First Game of Season I 5 AMX Cibert Clayton Clay Castagnoli Clark Clark Clark Classen M. Clausen Cobb Coleman Collins Conrad Cote . Cox . Cramer Crane Crane Crimmins Crimmins Grinnigan '- V l W1 , 4 Crouch Crouse Crouse Crouse Crouse Dahl Dannenbring . Davidson Davis Deal Deal DeBakey Dencklau Dencklau G. Derrig R. Derrig R. Derrig Dorothy Dickerson B. Dillard M. K- S. Dillingham x f, 85 K. Dorothy L. Ecldund N. Eckstine N. Edwards T. Edwards J. Egemo Ekstorm l T. Ellis P. Ellsworth P. Elsberry R. Englebricht S. Engeman B. Eppings E. Erickson w K. Ernst R. Espland IL. Evans E. Fawcet E. Fawkes M.Fetters A. Fevold P. Filer K. Fishel V. Fisher S. Flatgard R. Flattery J. Fleming C. Fletcher Fogde Tl. Forkes S. Ford 1. Foreman K. Forrest D. Fowler K. Freund l M. Freund 1. Fuller K. Fuller D. Garrett J. Garrett xl Garrett D. Geary I Geer F. Gehlhausen M.Gehrt P. George V. Gerdes W.Gibson Gilbert C. Gloe s. Gilbert J. Gilbert 'ff N. Grabin D. Gold J. Good A V 'a r 9 w i ' f fu f 5 ff 4 Q, so F , we 'Q c 'Q 00 . ' ,- 0 ,av-.J"' TC' v i 2 , Some more school spirit. K , L R . f . ' 1 . G ,ff ml l S 'f -' 35 - Q 1 ,QA Aix ' as A Q 1 Q if 4 n V. a , Y , - , R- 1 o ' 1 .,.. tri' .2 QL Griffin Grell Green Graves Gr andors Grall Grall H aines Habhab Habhab Gumm Gullickson Guetzlaff Griffin Hofstad Hoffman Hockel Hitchcock Hively Hiracheta Hill Horton Horton Holweg Holm Hollister Honesee Hofstad Hutchison Husske Hurtt Hungate Howell Hovick Hovey Jeffers Jarvis Janssen Jamison Jacobson J acabson Isaacson Johnsonm Johnson Jerome Jensen Jensen Jensen Jeffers 9 'Lo-ot 6- ,X fx EI 'E i' ia ar' 1, S. Johnson S. Johnson S. Johnson T. Johnson L. Jonas C. Jones J. Jones M.Jones R. Jones L. Jordison L. Jurgens J . Koerner B. Kurtz A. Kaluski A. Kehm P. Keigher P. Kegley C. Keim 4 K. Kennedy' A J. Kersten M. Kennedy G. Kinseth J. Kirby D. Klein R.M. Klingson D. Knight J. Kolesar R. Kopish D. Kozel D. Krug R. Krug M.Kucra B. Kuhn P. Kretlow B. Larson B. Larson C. Larson J. Larson S. Law D. Lawson D. Leiss M.Lenz R. Licht J. Lieberknecth D. Lind B. Linder D. Lingfelter D. Link M. Lockner M.Lowery L. Lumsden J. Lunn B. McCa1eb T. McCrady M.McCu11ar K. McDowell K. McElvian L. McGuire B. Maas K. Marchi C. Marnach J. Marshal T. Martin M.Mortinson T. Maschino M.Mason K. Mathey M.Mauch J. McNatt M.McNu1ty A A H QA- f r 6 x Emi. :lf nMa ... Sophomore Girls Enjo Lunch Break Rosy Hively and others enjoy lunch break. Gul! C7 S. McViegh G. Merryman P. Messerly D. Michael M.Micha.lski C. Michael J. Mickelson S. Miller M.Minard if N , lv 1 , Sophomore study hall seems to be more of a conversation hall. ' I Bill! S Mitchell Mortensen Moore Mosley Manitz Nelson X? Monson Mosbrucker Morrison Mundie Naylor Nelson f 1 A i I I ' nl Montgomery K. Murphy K. Myers P. Myers T. Myers Mortensen P. Neeson A. Neet R. Nellis L. Nelson Mosier L. Nekvinda R. Netland R. Newman J. Norstrom Murray Naylor Nelson 91 fa J ""- Q . Mr. Grey discusses math with Peg Sawyer. J. Pessica S. Peters S. Peters J. Peters J. Peters C Peterson L Peterson M.Peterson xiii Peterson J. Peterson R Peterson R Peterson T Peterson M.Pettit S Phillips J Phillips J Phillips T. Pingel S. Pingel J Pirie T. Poel J. Posse D. Pohl D. Polka K. Ponsness T. Porrez G. Porter E. Posey C. Oldson A. Olson T. Olson L. Osborne C. Parle D. Passow I. Paulson P. Pelican N. Perkins J 'S' s lj, L... 4. . . 5+ x ff -.. X I. I 741 Q51 255' ,L f . 1' 1 fr ez " NX 'R is .Q , .ll . 'Yi G 6 wr B. Potts D. Pratt S. Presler J. Presswood P. Pride D. Pritchard Kl. Putman L. Quealy P. Quillen B. Radford B. Radford A. Ranthum P. Ramus B. Ranes P. Rathermel K. Rees J. Renken T. Reynolds J. Rice K. Richards A. Riley J. Rivera E. Robins O. Rochon J. Rogers M.Rosales D. Rosen M.Ruge S. Ruge D. Rupp P. Russell A. Saboe L. Saliger L. Salvatore J. Sandeline P. Sanks S. Salter P. Sawyer B. Scharf J- Schrader R. Schramm N. Scharfenberg L. Schrader L. Schreiber W.Schuur C. Scott P. Scott T. Severson D. Sestak 93 Top to bottom: D. Sweeny T. Tefer Sears Siekman Smith Spurlin Stingel Sweeney Terranova M. x ' 'x f Y Steinhoff E. Sigler R. Smith L. Staley T. Stockdale R. Swift W. Teswbury S-- tv . Seehausen Silke S. Smith . Stanbery . Struass . Syferd . Thede fa-4. f' ' T 4 f 2 an Q. . X L... s..- ff... 4' L M.. T M' A P. Sessler K. Shaffer . Simonson W. Simpson S. Smith M. Sorendon P. Steburg D. Steck . Stringer J. Sunner . Tague C. Taylor D. Thode C. Thomas gl I Q iff 'Wil'- 4 "' 3 T i, 8 M. Shipman K. Slagle J. Spencer D. Stcding C. Surls S. Tomlinson S. Thomas D. Short E. Slaven G. Spillman P. Sterns C. Swanson L. Tefer M. Thompson 5 , q, I. sm 5 R. Thompson G. Tiffany P. Trigenza T. Tripp T. Trueblood T. Turner G. Uepke .i C. Underbrink D. Van Gundy C. Vasbinder V. Vinchattle C. Vranty D. Waldshmidt K. Walker P. Walker J, Wallikait W. Walters "- Q, , G, Weber C. Wetzel f' B. Whitcome C. Wieberg . 1 n I . Wilson T. Wilson G. Wing A. Wood J. Woodbeck S. Woodman G. Wuerflein R4 Zobrosky S. Zu spann D. Wieberg H. Wiewel K. Wiley G. Williams P. Williams K. Williamson B. Wilson One can only guess what is on Marcia Helvikls mind. and 96 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Clark Jochimson, secretary Mary Jo Bock, treasurer Vance Larson, vice-president Mike Magnusson, president K J. J. B T D. Abbott Abel Abrzuns Ahrens Allen Anderson D. Anderson K L P S T. C. R. Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anholt Archer R. Armstrong C. Arndt B. Arneson S. Ashton Class of ,72 t 'fl X ey! XT? C. Askeland P. Askeland S. Attleson T. Ayers K. Baardson J. Baab B. Babcock C. Bacon M. Baedke S. Baird J. Baker S. Baker R. Balke P. Bangert R. Banwell K. Barry T. Bartholow L. Bartlett Juniors Enjoy School Parties A X ! A. Bass G. Beck K. Beck T. Beck J. Beers D. Behrens D. Beletti R. Bell A. Benegas J Berge Rick Peltz performs a serious chemistry experiment. Berge Bice Birkett Blair Blobaum Black Blomberg Blu nk Bock Bockoven Bode Bohn Bonnstetter Boomgarden Brassfield Bratl and Brittenham Brodsack Brown Buck Burch Burch Burch Burke Burke Burton Butler Bu ttz 'Qr K. Carter D. Cervene B. Charon C. Chase C. Christy A. Cibert J. Clark Juniors Are Eligible for New Electives ---.....,. N.,,,,m g .. M. Clausen B. Clay J. Collins L. Collins T. Collins K. Constable C. Cook . H Anll H T. Cox V r "iw-iq A C. Crawford . K. Crouch ' -,'A 'ff 1 S. Culver i s. curi .R tm D. Dallman l P. Danner 75 'ia 'ffigki i K. Darrah . V. Davis B. Dean C. Degner D. Delanoit L. Davidson 3 " is i.. .F K T: i W if Q , . Stiiling a yawn during an exciting class is Diana Nelson. Delanoit Dor-othy Eldridge Ferguson Fitzner . Denklau . Dubois . Engler . Ferguson Fletcher C. Dennis A. Duncan C. Everhart T. Fertig S. Foote M. Fox N , Dewey Dungy Fallon Fiesler Ford Fortne Diane Easley . Fawcett Filer B. Foster Francisco J. Dickerson L. Edwards K. Fawkes S. Fishel R. Foster M.Frank . Dillon .1 Ehrhardt . Feeley Fisher Fox . Fuller Marion Giles, Terry Koester and Pam Danner enjoy their favorite autumn pastimeg folding paper napkins. Juniors Enthusiastieall Take Part in Activities 0-.ff Y ...f 1..' C. Halligan D. Halligan C. Halverson K. Fuller R. Gadbury D. Garst D. Gascho K. Gates W. Gates C. Gernhart S. Gibson T. Giere M. Giles S. Gold M. Grady S. Graef B. Graves G. Graves R. Green S. Green P. Grell Grimsley Grove Gunderson Gurnett Gustafson Guthrie Habhab Hacker Hamilton Hamrick Handy Hankel Hansen Hanson Hanson Harp Harris Harrison Harty Harvey Harvey Harvey Hearn Hearn Heidick Helmers Hensley Hepperle Herrington . Higgens Hilgendorf Hilken Hilton Hilton Hitchcock Hogan Holloway Holmstrom Holtorf Horton Hoskins Hovick Howard Huebsch Hughes Hughes Hulett Hutchison Inman Isaacson Isaacson Isaacson Ishmael Jarvis ,Iochims Jochimsen Johnson C. Johnson N. Johnson Johnson Jondle Jones Jones Jordison Jordison Jordison Underclassmen Uncover uestions and Answers Jane Malwurm ponders the eternal question: Should I or 2 J' shouldn't I?" -11. 2 K 4--" L S. Joslin R. Kastendieck P. Kenny D. Keyser R. Kiliper Mark Klein Matt Klein R. King C. Knight P. Knutson T. Knutson T. Koester J. Koestner D. Kopp K. Krivolavy B. Krug R. Kruger J. Kudron R. Kuker 5 N j p T. LaCaille f .K 5 J. Laird ..,, 103 M. Lara P. Lara J. Larsen C. Larson C. Larson J. Larson P. Larson l S. lLarson V. Larson B. 3Law T. .Lawler M.jLeadley R. !Lead1ey D. Lee C. Leiss L. Lentsch D. Lenz R. lLewis R. Link M.WLir1ke M. 1Lingenfelter l . S. N Lmgreen I C. Liscum D.lLockner C. Lofquist S.1Lohater 'ff S. Lowrey MlLumsden l 5 A . JR' I . M ' Q..""w l Juniors Nancy Jochims and Kathy Rusk are caught in a , perfectly natural moment. A. Lund P Lunn ,Q 1 ' . ii' 51 ." 1 ' F D. Maas ,R B McAna.lly 05 l . D, McCabe l M McClure w 104 l G. McClu1'g Q 8, M. McCoy R. Mace J.B. Macek K. McDermott R. McElvain R. McLaughlin Students Find School Place for Work and Fun ...fd if K. McMannus M. McNatt M. Magnusson M. Maiden G. Mains J. Maiwurm K. Manos W.Marchant J. Marsh J. Marsh B. Matson K. Mauch J. Meils R. Melton Tom Narigon demonstrates his fantastic musical ability while the remainder of the band is silent. G Mericle L. Mernka T. Michelfelder J. Mickelson I05 Joy Wiegman contemplates the of the Pep Club Homecoming float. .5 l .X +P? s N. Nekvinda D. Nelson R. Nelson C. Nesvold ..,.f Michehl Mohr Mortensen Myer Nelson Newman 37 s Miller Montgomery Mosbrucker Narigon . Nelson Niemand 1' 'F Y-v Miller Moore Mulder Neeson Nelson Nold Milliken Mornach Murphy Neimier Nelson . Noll . Mitzven Morris Murray Nekvinda Nelson Olson -pw N fs YQ Z Nw: . srl vm " Af Hard Work Brings Out True Spirit of Underolassmen :isa 'lf' Q.. we Olson Ogren Oleson Oppedahl Osborne Osterberg Pace Paine Palmer Parker Patterson Paulin Pease PeCoy Peltz D. Peters Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Phillips Phillips Phillips Pingel Pingel Pinneke Pitsor Porter Posey Potratz Powers Prather Pratler Pratt Pratt Presler Price Pritchard Pugh Putnam Redenuis 'I07 Qi S Robson Rochon Roest Rogers Rogers Rosberg Rose Rumbaugh Rusher Rusk Rusnak S igh S iger S nford i i Sankey Sbhick Sfhmidt Schnell Sizhramm Sfzhultz Schultz Sohwieterman Scott Sease Seltz Semprini Shaffer Shelby 108 if Susan Curl smiles for the camera. -4 G. Rees R. Rees B. Reiter D. Rhodes R. Richards R. Richards J. Rinehart D. Rial B. Robinson 1 R f if' .X 4 ir' .ft 3 Struecker Suhr Swanstrom Swinney Svaleson Tague Telschaw Terhark Terranora Thiele Thompson Thompson M. Shelledy T. Showers ,J ko. P. Sorenson R. Spencer J. Stannley S. Stiles K. Stinman J. Stoakes S. Strootma Steve Howard catches the photographer at work. R. Sherman M. Shoopman R. Shute M. Sigler G. Sindlinger J. Skogmo J. Slagle D. Smith E. Smith M. Smith J. Smith R. Smith Il S. Tomlinson G. Torgerson B. Trace B. Trafford T. Trainer P. Trummel T. Tripp A. Truax M. Trueblood N. Trusty L. Tuttle SI. Uderman M. Urwiler li. Vance l D. Vaughn G. Vincent J. Walker K. Walrod Q. Walters R. Warner A. Webb l E. Webb Bl. West W.West D. Westfall P. Westling M. Wheat O. Wieberg JN. Wiegman C. Wieser l Ill. Williams R. Williams B. Wilson 1 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Windler ff' yu'-ngexf Witte Wolff Wolfe Wood Wood Woodward Woods Worrick Wright Yates Young Zeka Zenor Zierke We sought . . . . . . the concrete facts, afor- mula for victory, foundations to build hopes upon . . . We found. . . . . . patience for those times when the answer came slowly, guidance for the problems that dried our hearts and the strength to live with those that would not be solved. I ., w. if. fg ,, M wx kt - ,mx AQ? We received. . . . . . pride through victory, honor in defeat, the solid feel of responsibility accepted and per- formed. We knocked. . . . . . and doorways opened, keys still turn, more doors open, we enter with confidence, vve've only just begun. The Class of 1971 1- ,J C Vmm. C Q if A 7 5. ,Lf lr i "' , f F' A K fp , Ei' i iff f ii ii 5 Q Q Q 1 t 5 l' 8 Q:- .55 Senior Class officers for 1970-1971 were: Jane Ericksen, treas., Jerry Black, vice-pres., Linda Leege, sec., and Mark Chardoulias, pres. 1971 held many unforgettable moments for seniors at FDSH. For many years the class had been waiting for the moment to be mighty se- niorsg but now that moment is over. Many lasting memories stretched from the start of the first big football game with "Up Fort Dodgers" to the last strains of "Hail to You Fort Dodge' at graduation. On that last day seniors recalled their most unforgettable moments of the year which included Homecoming . . . the annual Christmas concert . . . the all-school play 4'Take Her Sheis Mine" . . . All-State tiyouts . . . cramming for the last finals at the end of the first semester . . . Mr. Barg- manis familiar voice on the loudspeaker . . . cheering the guys on to vic- tory . . . swapping senior pictures . . . cutting the daisy chain . . . laugh- ing at seniors in "Pinochio" . . . putting up the K'Dodgers are out to winv sign on the windows of the school building . . . signing yearbooks . . . white tassels swinging on red caps at commencement and many more. Senior week was enjoyed by all: the dinner dance, class day, all night party and graduation were a great success. College entrance exams, pages and pages of applications, and meetings with college representatives seemed to pay off at last. Everyone departed looking for their separate goals in life and all were proud to say, 'KI am a member of the class of 1971." Top Left: Pat Hartigan takes advantage of the new school dress code. Bottom left: Cindy Echternacht finishes up her last minute assignments in Big Dodger. Qi ik' by Top Right: John Hagge and Barb Rob- son work on their sculptures in art. Bot- tom Right: Bruce Peterson waits at the line to sink in a free throw. ,.-...Q 'Q 1--'ar Hit" 'UQ sd! wav-f", Larry Adkins Linda Albrecht Milo Aljets Lu Anne Akins Nancy Albright Candy Anderson 135 Steve Slagle grabs a cookie to Scott VanGundy has a hard workout in eat before class begins. basketball practice. "'f4a.. y 1 "'hw- ban- Helen Anderson P-0dI19Y ASk81aI1d Paul Anderson S116 ASke1S0l'1 Steve Anderson Kurt Aultman Peggy Andrews ROY! AXD8 Seniors Emphasize Sociai 1 50' ,fun- arfb Ytv 4'-T -fl Kris Beer Barb Beers Marla Bell Bill Beisser Roxanne Beisch Debra Bender Randy Hansch waits for the 8:30 bell to Barb Paulson rushes home at ring. the end of a long day. Muir fix Q-..., Tony Ayala Sheryl Bamett Greg Baedke Sharyl Barton Linda Bailey Scot Bauder Nick Barber Brian Becker Importance of 'Life X 1 5 . N., Seniors Various Club Debrah Blankenhagen Lane Blunt Jeff Black Jerry Black Betty Blunt Sue Blunt Kurt Bockoven Roxanne Bohn Jerry Skadburg listens to Key Club plans at a bi-monthly meeting. l Joanne Benegas Steve Berger John Bircher Kathy Benegas Denise Beverlin Paul Birocci Q, Q14 ...I ,v ,. 'Sit' ,p-. ,mir Attend Meetings Debbie Bonnell Dave Bothe Arthur Boutchee John Boutchee Jo Bowman Richard Bradwell Christine Brandenburg Cynthia Brehm www' K I :mtv 11' l l l i l Dana Messerly is rudely awakened by the study hall bell Susan Breitweiser Jackie Brigdon Debbie Brookshire Dave Brickmier Jeff Brighi Kathie Brown Q0 4U'I'T"P ih- -...... Senior Couples Leave the Past Behind A , Keith Brown Craig Burbank -AA, I A fa Richard Brown Jerry Burch Lorraine Bryan Jon Burke Mary Kay Buckendahl Sue Burkman nr 'XX Two Seniors enjoy a quiet moment in the seldom silent halls of FDSH. Lanita Burleson Allan Calandrine Cinda Carlisle Bill Cahill john Calisesi Mike Carlson SY nd Look to the Future 51 1 Seniors make the most of their last Homecoming Dance. Pam Carriker Christy Champion Mike Chardoulias Dennis Cessford Mark Chardoulias Rodney Christensen , Diane Clark Maureen Clarke Bonnie Claude A1 Cloud W 1,5 David Roy Cook Denny Coulter Marilyn Cox Jeanne Crandall .-,4-if 'ma' 1."""T' o -' if W3 'if 'qi' I fr-M , Ann Crinigan Sheila Crouse Bill Cunningham Dick Dahlquist John Davidson Lyle Crouse Scott Cummings Mardeen Dahl Carolyn Dally Jane Davis Exuberance Is Bemg Penny Davis Al Deal Greg DeMeu1enaere Bill Dencker Judy Del-rig Denise Dayton Douglas Dean Sara DeMeulenaere Keith Dencklau Pam Desmidt 'vu h "'l'3"' 'cv' :jf Gary Dillehay Jerry Dischler Linda Dillon Michelle Dodd enior Leslie Drollinger Paul Dunn Maria Dungy Diane Dunsmoor lL""? is. ,JNDI .Q va r it X ,., H Diane Durian exclaims after her first bowling strike in gym class Q N Diane Durian Cindy Echtgrnacht Steve Ecklund David Elliott Penny Enos Connie Echelberger Chris Eckart Hally Eckstine Debra Elm Becky Erickson Colin Wenhart, Mike Roberts, and Scott Bauder work together on a Physics Jane Erickson Jackie Everett assignment. Darlou Evenson Erie Ewen i l ,. Y L35,my,Yx 'X . I L gi , Ji N I I ,gs f , 1257 2 faux '05 'Q'-M-,J 5 gs if Lila Ewing Jack Ferguson Marilyn Cox is silhouetted against the window as she works after school Greg Fallon Jane Fevold ind Became Unforgettable emorles for Semors Pam Filer Ed Fisher Mike Flatgard David Foresi Steve Froyd Debbie Fisher Cindy Flatgard Terry Flattery Bev Foughty Rennis Gadbury i f A f 1, M,.t,.m,.r,.,Q.f-,a....,.....f- e Vern Schuur gives that special senior look. Sandie George Bill Gernhart .gen ,W Peter Gaillard Donna Garrett 9-, A Mary Garrett Rita Gaunt Mary Ann Garton Debbie Geary Seniors Participate 1 Jeffrey Gernhart Kieth Gerth Ailene Gilbert Scott Gernhart Jim Gibson Dean Gliem Q Adv- sas' 'PS' iv' - Sherry Gliem Doug Goodrich Pam Grace Kris Godfrey Wayne Gordon Kathy Grady EX tracurrlcular Llfe Teresa Gross Tim Guetzlaff Mike Hagel' jim Grove Dwight Guthrie Sally Hager Joan Griep Bruce Grimsley Deb Bonnell looks at proof sheets in the Big Dod ger room. , 1 John Hagge Sheri Halverson Kevin Hamrick Denise Hanneman Randy Hansch David Halm Bernie Halverson Pam Hankel Pam Hanner Denise Hanson Semors Spark Spmt and C arr Out Pam Hanson Jeff Harris Connie Hart Mark Haugen Steve Hay Craig Harmon JoAnn Harris Pat Hartigan Arthur Hay Margie Hays Vfadaw, X --4, Laura Holtorf and Les Drollinger make every moment count during their senior year at F DSH. Responsibilities As Faithful Dodgers Steven Healey Janet Heckmann Paul Hefley Doug Heidick Terry Heim Lauanne Heatherington Ronald Hedeen Mary ,Io Heggen Bill Heidiman Duane Heitkamp W O Seniors Investigate Mitch Seaver prepares to defend himself from Dwight Guthrie. Sue Sj orson before class. and Scott VanGundy compare notes Belinda Heller Kay Hemrick Chris Henrichs Dean Hill Linda Hockel Donna Herwig Cindy Hill Michael Hoffinan Monte Hewitt Maureen Hill Mark Hoffman -R? if-5, Bob Heman Randy Henrickson 1-w'X 1""'V QTY' he ,,..,-" Many Colleges i Lori Lundgren prepares to leave for home after another Dodger victory. W , Janet Hogan Laura Holtorf Gary Horn m Peggy Hogan Kathy Hoover Sharon Horton Tom Holm Sue Hoover Steve Horton 'GS' 1"""V "'7"'s -12-Sv Q-It N-mmf Mike Hager studies his music in a'capella Candy Hottman Terry Hubbard Craig Hovick Connie Hutchinson , , 'qqy-,.f' , iv j.. 'Nw K ,,--f' wr Sue Hutchinson Ronald lssakson Todd Janvrin Ruth Jensen Sheila Johanson l Nancy Husske Carol Jacobsen Bruce Jensen Vickie Jensen CindY Johnson l N . J Senlors Encounter and Conquer an Curt Johnson Jeff Johnson 1 Deb Johnson LeRoy Johnson , Kris Beer works diligently on a classwork assignment. J i ' i Lia Qi fi , Q J ' . ,foi l . - L ' of ' 7 , yi'.J J. f- ' .-V" K K I K Md oil W L ,F , xx ,,.. wx' .o., ,,,.. l :Q l ,Q 1 'N . t 1, f A 'Y ,Q XA --...s, yr 'i 7 If , A .af Merle Johnson Merlin Johnson Problems. Mich ael Jones Greg Jordison v M N, , V Scott Johnston Debbie Jonas Julie Jordison Jim Jorgenson gx j K Mike Short practices for an upcoming concert. 4 Z 9 Q- 4 s y X l l w l l W a l l , , l l Aleta Olson finds support at a weekly pep club meeting. w 1 Larry Jorgensen Bill Kalseim Sue Katzer Tim Keller Cindy Kenney Jeanne Keyser Win I be du G Seniors Lead the Wai Linda Kielhorn Dave Kinsinger Peggy Klass Andy Kobs Tina Koller Paul Koppen Dennis Kretlow Herbert Krout HVX Xi! fo' 'Cb Qin .1-N' G in School Activities Sue Kurtz Dennis LaFo11ete Cindy Larson Debbie Kuske Pam Laird Ed Law ,lack LaBaume JeffLandes Pam Leadley Joan LaCa.il1e Francis Lane Valerie Leathers 'jf' hw 'if'-1.. ,fi ,man-, NT' 'Ks Wino' Home Economics provides fun and learning for Dee Beverlin and Jane Erickson. Linda Leege Ron Lentch rv- , . vx "'w5Na:!x-5-,. '12 S-'.m5:s,sf 1' X . e, i X n XY 2 i Qu A ,ff RT' -- ' :fs K Jfifm X .. X x wi X s Ei-515: .5 ' ' fa 25, -,'e y.gff i s , i A 1 ii ' - A L f ' 5- ew ,.:- swf 34 , j I 4 1 ' b M Q. M 2 S. it 'X . H : 'v i Nw N , M . RQ, ., W ,. K ,EV N Q is Q 3 Mg? Wi' A ,,,.. , ,. Mark Stratmoen 1S caught in the hall unaware. Ken Licht Mick Lile Duane Liesthian Betsy Lindeberg Senior Expressions Revea Mike Lowe Debbie Lumsden Lori Lundgren Gordon Lyftogt his 2 i h 2 W Jim MHEDUSSOI1 Kathy Manchester Tony Salvatore and Cyndie Weiland talk before school. Carlie Malloy Paul Mandelke Feelmgs, Thoughts , and Attltudes. Gary Marchi Mafgafef Martin Steve Mason Dave McDowell Donna Mcmillan Marshal Marshall Craig Martinson Brenda McDowell Richard McDowell Marta McNulty 7 Connie McPherson Maurice Meier Jan Meils Bruce Melco xv? awk' lv' 443' lv Q i ,Q--' ffl e n 3 Maw Kay Buckendahl and Lmda Hockel express dehght at the announce ment of the mus1ca1 L11 Abne1 Mlke M1611 Mark M1tte1stadt Marllyn Mgore Fl'-Wd Mlnafd K21thY Moore Lmda Mortenson 'Lil bner, usical for 1971 Mark Netland Charlie Newman Fletch Newsum Paula Nielsen Loren Niemand Henry Noyes Kathleen O'Connor Nancy Oester lk 'Y Jeff Harris chuckles at the first line. Dorothy Mosley Lawrence Myer Carol Nelson Gary Myers Jeri Naven Mary Nelson lo.. ff" .' l x l qu... 1!"T"' wmv Nvv f KM t nf' Aleta Olson Ann Ondrick Keith Brown checks to make sure his lower lip is still around. Anita Olson Deborah Osborne Ac t1v1t1es, Fmals, Social Events, Grade Point Gary Osborne Wanda Paine Dave Paterson Arlene Peed Jerry Peters Rebecca Page Cynthia Passow Barb Paulson Charles Peters B1-ian Petersen "C- is 'RS T 5-rf' Bruce Peterson Janet Peterson Mike Peterson Cherie Pingle Arm Porter Don PHCYSOH Mark Peterson Michael Phillips Wilma Pingle Randy Porter Jeri Naven, senior representative for Pep Council, attends a weekly council Roseann Powers David Pugh meeting- Rose Prine Barb Redman Ms! -, 142 Only Bruce Jensen knows what is going on in Mr. Grays Physics class. Seniors Reach for Answers. Brad Reed Debbie Renquist Dick Rice Gail Rivera Rick Roberts Bob Reese Dan Replogle Karen Richards Linda Roberts Barb Robson Annette RGQVGS Linda Rhea Dan Rink Mike Roberts Don Rodenborn 6'6" .as kd' Q., 'Sp Diane Rogers Diane Root Ray Rowe Rick Rummel Elizabeth Saeger Mary Rokes Vickie Ross Chris Ruge Tim Rupp Jackie Saeger Seniors Learn Through Experimentation and Donna Herwig works diligently at a Chemistry experiment. Yi' I7 4 Q91 I li ,W i I 2- N Debbie Sawyer Rex Scheideman Jim Schliske Bill Schoonover Lyndall Schultz Rick Schill jerry Schliske Gloria Schmidt Glenda Schuh Steve Schurbon Berger demonstlates his outstanding fingel Janene Schustei Vern Schuui Sup-ef" Seniors Exhibit Varying Rick Schwieg Becky Scott his Q--V, Dean Scott Larry Scott 'Vw Marcia Scott Barb Secor Gil Semprini MitCh Seaver Randy Sells Linda Shaver egrees of Scholastic Attitudes. Sue Sjurson Rick Slagle Tom Slaven Jerry Scadburg Steve Slagle Carol Smith MQ' Mark Shekel' Mike Short R0CkY Shipmafl Virginia Sigler Marge Hays shows concentration for her work. .. . Y P .. qi gd 'nA . Ii 'fig i1,:.1R,E V " 34' f. ' S' Al' 47" 41' iw .lb N:-4' J, Deanna Smith Paula Smith Sandy Sommerfield Judy Steele Carolyn Steinhoff Dennis Smith Vicki Smith Bob Stanberg Sandy Steelman Gary Stephenson i Seniors Make the Most of Evely oment. Diesecting a cat in Mr. Mi11er's Advanced Biology class are Craig Harmon and Brad Turner. Tom Stems Pat Sweeney Mark Stratmoen Tim Sweeney 5 1 3 it ,D S it 1 i 5 'f i f in 1 K fy -... X: 405' ' f-ff' Barry Swift Deb Sunner W, Eileen Sullivan ,Ioan Tabor Eric Ewen directs the pep band at a basketball game. Seniors Boost Spirit at Sports Events Robert Tarbox Tom Taylor Ivan Thede Karen Theiss Ron Thompson J an Taylor Barb Tewksbury Carol Theiss Dave Th0If1aS Dave TFHCY isbn qjfv ik' Michael Trost Jon Ulstad Marcia Ulicki Debbie Vance Dean VanGundy Brad Turner Dean Underberg Sandy Uecke Ben VanGundy Scott VanGundy Arlene Var1Hoff Roger Veerhouse Lorrie Vinsand Janice Wagner Dean Walker Mary Vasbinder Linda Vigneron Mike Waddell Dixie Waldschmidt Shirley Walker 1 1 1 I X Q KW., Q, X l v 'I J J Volle ball Tournament for 1971. Dave Wallace Diane Walters Jim Wearon Kathy Wallace Bob Weaton Cyndie Weiland l 'V 'Um-w, lrvqy. Teresa Gross, Tina Kohler, Sandy Lunn, and Glenda Schuh prepare to win their last game in the state volleyball tournament. Pal Wells Ruth Whitehill Colin Wenhardt Sherry Wiegman wx.. 149 Teresa Wiewel .lim Wi1S0I1 DGTHSG Wil-lff Stephen Wright Diane Zimmerman Tim Wiewel Kim Windschanz Brian Woods Gene Yates Linda Zimmerman LGS Wi1ShUSG1'1 Brian Wing V Rich Wretman Janine Zemke Doug Zuspann Dodgerettes Win Powder Puff Basketball Game. John Hagge Mark Netland and Ed Law score for Key Club. Mark Sheker and Dan Replogle prepare to receive a pass. Craig Burbank is out to beat the girls. X TW' -. . f .1-M 1. ra . v f ...wwki Craig Hovick flexes his muscles. Jim Wheaton participates in the pie eating contest at half time. Abrams, Pam: 82 Ackerman, Elaine: 82 Ackerman, Lou: 82,63 Ackerson, Edwin: 82 Adair, Dean: 82,67 Addington, Jon: 82 Albrecht, Steven: 82 Amo, Julie: 82 Amundson, Vernell: 82 Andersen, Bruce: 82 Anderson, Billy: 82 Anderson, Connie: 82 Anderson, Randall: 82 Andrews, Doug: 82 Anholt, Andrea: 82 Armstrong, Francine: 82 Armstrong, Teresa: 82 Armstrong, William: 82 Arts, Debra: 82 Ashenfeiter, Daniel: 82,40 As elson, Debra: 82 A ltman, David: 83 Axne, Delwin: 83 Baker, Phil: 83 Baker, Sheree: 83 Ba.ker, Steven: 83 Ball, Bernard: 83 Balrbour, Stephen: 83,39,40 Bartik, Sharon: 83,40 Balss, Leonard: 83 Bean, Cynthia: 83 Behr, Robert: 83,67 Behker, Lynda: 83 Belzker, Susan: 83 Beekman, Larry: 83 Beenken, Debra: 83 Behrens, Ron: 83,67 Beightol, Judy: 83 Beightol, Nancy: 83 Beisser, Mary: 83,38 Be l, Keith: 83 B nett, Karen: 83,18 B son, Robert: 83 B gstrom, John: 83 Bq erlin, Debra: 87,39,83 Black, Joel: 82,83,18,68 Black, Paula: 83 Blaha, Marilyn: 83 Blanchard, Chris: 83 Blunt, Melva: 83 Blunt. Pam: 83 Borwey, James: 83,38 Bdwen, Barb: 83 Brand, Doug: 83 Brhwdy, Roy: 84 Brlewer, Sam: 84,21 Brticker, Cindy: 84. Bright, Pamv: 84. Brinton, Paul: 84,67 Brown, Cheri: 84 Brown, Daniel: 84,38,4O Brown, Kenneth: 84 Briundage, Ray: 84 Bdmgarner, Marilea: 84 Blirbank, Mark: 84 Butler, Valerie: 84 Btitrick, Chris: 84 Cady, David: 84 Cahill, Patsy: 84 Cahill, Robert: 84 Cain, Joseph: 84 Callicott, Judy: 84 Carlson, Janet: 84,38 Carlson, Jeff: 84 Carlson, Mary: 84.18 Carlson, Vonda: 84 Carriker, Rodney: 84 Carse, Steven: 84 Castagnolt, Roxanne: 84 Castor, Russell: 84 Cervene, Melinda: 84 Cerwick, Cheri: 84 Chase, Bruce: 84 Chingren, Alan: 84,67 Chingren, Larry: 84,67 Christopher, Lorilee: 84 Index Sophomores Cibert, Kathy: 84 Cibert, Vicki: 85 Clapper, Keith: 85 Clark, Glenn: 85,67 Clark, Lola: 85 Clark, Russell: 85 Calssen, James: 85 Clausen, Mark: 85 Clay, P.: 21,85 Fuller, Juliette: 86 Fuller, Kent: 86,67 Garrett, Don: 86 Garrett, Jack: 86 Garrett, Susen: 86 Geary, Diane: 86 Geer, Sarah: 86,18 Gehlhausen, Frances: 86 Gerht, Mike: 86 Clayton, A.: 85 Cobb, Scott: 85 Coleman, Terry: 85,40 Collins, Nancy: 85 Connors, Timothy: 85 Conrad, Steven: 85 Cote, Luanne: 85 Cox, Mike: 85,39 Cramer, Denise: 84,85 Crane, Sue: 85,40 George, Pam: 86 Gerdes, Vicki: 86 Gibson, Bill: 86 Gilbert, Chris: 86 Gilbert, Jim: 87 Gilbert Sheila: 87 Gloe, Carl: 87 Gold, Debbie: 87 Good, Jim: 87 Grabin, Natalie: 87 Crannie, Lavonne: 85 Crimmins, Cynthia: 85 Crimmins, Doug: 85 Crinnigan, Sue: 85 Crouch, Virginia: 85-39 Crouse, Robin: 85,67 Dahl, Kathy: 85 Danninbring, Scott: 85,38 Davidson, Nancy: 85 Davis, Kevin: 85 Davidson, Nancy: 85 Davis, Kevin: 85 Deal, Burt: 85,67 Deal, Steve: 85 Debakey, Julie: 85 Denklau, Duane: 85 Denklau, Jean: 85 Derrig, Randy: 85,21 Derrig, Rhonda: 85 Dickerson, Joyce: 85 Dillard, Brenda: 88,85 Dillingham, Sharon: 85 Dischler, Peggy: 85 Ditsworth, Dennis: 85,38,40 Ditzenberger, Dana: 85 Drollinger, Kim: 85 Duffy, Noel: 85 Dunlavy, Sheila: 85 Dutcher, Sharon: 85 Eastwood, John: 85 Echevarria, Mary: 85 Ecklund, Lisa: 86 Eckstine, Nate: 86 Edwards, Norman: 86 Edwards, Tonya: 86 Egerno, Jerry: 86 Eckstrom, Dean: 86 Ellis, Terry: 86 Ellsworth, Paula: 86,22,38,8O Elsberry, Parn: 86 Engelbrecht, Dave: 86 Engeman, Steve: 86,67 Eppings, Mary: 86 Erickson, Barb: 86 Ernst, Kris: 86 Espeland, Bob: 86 Evens, Eileen: 86 Evens, Lean: 86 Fawcett, Loran: 86 Fawkes, Bruce: 86,67 Fetters, M.: 86 Fevold, Allen: 86,67 Filer, Dave: 86 Fishel, Kathy: 86 Fisher, Vickie: 86 Flatgard, Steve: 86 Flattery, Pat: 86 Fleming, Jim: 86 Fletcher, Clark: 86,39 Fogde, Linda: 86,38 Ford, Sandy: 86 Foreman, Jeff: 86 Forkes, J.: 86 Forrest, Keith: 86 Fowler, Debbie: 86 Freund, Ken: 86 Freund, Myron: 86 Grall, Diana: 87 Grall, Bill: 87 Grandors, Sue: 87 Graves, Tracy: 87,39 Green, Cynthia: 87 Grel1,Jeff: 87,67 Grell, Paul: 87 Grell, Paula: 87 Griffin, Bruce: 87 Griffin, Sheryl: 87 Guetzlaff, Cathy: 87 Gullikson, Dave: 87,39 Gumm, Tommy: 87 Habhab, Anver: 87 Habhab, Bill: 87,39 Haines, Sally: 87 Halm, Dan: 87 Halverson, Wanda: 87 Hamlow, Randy: 87 Hanes, Sue: 87 Hansen, Neil: 87 Hansen, Terry: 87 Hansen, Darlene: 87 Hanson, Sheryl: 87 Harklau, Laura: 87 Harp, Sara: 87 Harris, Debra: 87 Harris, Roger: 87,38 Harrison, Ketih: 87 Harrison, Lila: 87 Harrison, Roxann: 87 Hart, Brad: 87 Hass, Kathy: 87 Haviland, Steve: 67,87 Hay, Paul: 87 Hearn, Dan: 87 Heatherington, Theresa: 8 Heckman, Sheryl: 40,87 Hedeen, Larry: 87 Hedlund, Marlene: 87 Helvik, Marsha: 87 Henderson, Nick: 87,67 Hensley, Don: 87 Hepburn, Jeff: 87,67 Hewitt, Mike: 87 Hickey, Sandy: 87 Hieronimus, Cheryl: 87,40 Hill, Jim: 87 Hiracheta, Pete: 87 Hitchcock, Mike: 87,23 Hively, Rosanne: 87,90 Hockel, Maryellen: 87 Hoffman, Patti: 87 Hofstad, Jim: 87,18 Hofstad, Ron: 87 Hohensee, Colleen: 87 Hollister, Debra: 87 Holm, Renee: 87 Holweg, Bernard: 87 Horton, Greg: 87 Horton, Neal: 87 Hovey, Mary: 88 Hovick, Barb: 88 Howell, Tina: 88 Hungate, Neil: 88 Hurtt, George: 88 Husske, Curt: 88 7 Hutchin son, Fred: 67,88 Isaacson, Mary: 63,88 Jacobsen, Gladys: 39,88 Jacobson, Julie: 88 Jamieson, Michael: 67,88 Janseen, Randy: 67,88 Jarvis, Kathy: 88 Jeffers, Gary: 88 Jeffers, Terri: 88 Jensen, Deann: 88 Jenson, Judy: 88 Jensen, Lynn: 88 Jerome, Steven: 88 Johnson, Alan: 88 Johnson, David: 88 Johnson, Jeff: 88 Johnson, Jennine: 88 ohnson oan 38 40,88 J , J 1 , Johnson, Pat: 39,88 Johnson, Rosanne: 88 Johnson, Scott: 89 Johnson Johnson Johnson , Sue: 38,89 , Susan: 89 , Terry: 89 Jonas, Lenny: 68,89 Jones, Cindy: 89 Jones, Jeff: 89 Jones, Marilyn: 89 Jones, Russell: 38,40,89 Jordison, Lance: 89 Jurgens, Lesa: 89 Kalusky, Andy: 89 Kehm, Allen: 89 Keigher, Keigley, Terry: 89 Pam: 87,40,89 Keim, Cornelia: 89 Kennedy, Karol: 89 Kennedy, Jim: 89 Kersten, John: 18,40,89 Kinseth, Gayle: 89 Kirby, Joe: 89 Klein, Dennis: 89 Klingson, Rose: 39,89 Knight, Debbie: 40,89 Koerner, Jonathan: 89 Kolesar, Janice: 89 Kopish, Richard: 67,89 Kozel, Debbie: 40,89 Kretlow, P.: 89 Krug, Dale: 89 Krug, Robert: 89 Kucera, Grenaviere: 89 Kuhn, Barbara: 89 Kurtz, Barb: 89 Larson, Bruce: 89 Larson, Craig: 89 Larson, Jeff: 89 Larson, Rebecca: 89 Law, Sandra: 89 Lawson, Darla: 89 Leiss, Deborah: 89 Lenz, Martin: 89 Licht, Richard: 89 Lieberknecht, Jolene: 89 Lind, Dennis: 83,89 Lindner, Rebecca: 89 Lingenfelter, Gary: 89 Link, Diana: 40,89 Lockner, Mike: 89 Lowrey, Marlene: 90 Lumsden, Lettie: 63,90 Lunn, Jackie: 90 Maas, Elizabeth: 90 Marchi, Cheryl: 63,90 Marnach, Christine: 90 Marshall, Jacalyn: 90 Martin, Terrance: 90 Martinson, Marilyn: 90 Maschino, Tom: 90 Mason, Melanie: 90 Mathey, Karen: 40,90 Mauch, Martha: 90 McCaleb, William: 90 McCrady, Timothy: 90 McCu11ar, Michael: 90 McDowell, Kevin: 90 MeElvain, Cathy: 90 McGruder, Phillip: 90 McGuire, Linda: 90 McNatt, Jack: 90 McNulty, Maria: 90 McVeigh, Susan: 90 Merryman, Greg: 90 Messerly, Paula: 90 Michael David: 90 Michalski, Mike: 90 Michehl, Craig: 90 Mickelson, Janet: 90 Miller, Steven: 90 Minard, Mark: 90 Mitchell, Louis: 91 Monson, Terry: 91 Moore, Gary: 91 Morrison, Bev: 91 Mortensen, James: 68,91 Mortensen, Terry: 91 Mosbrucker, Kathy: 39,91 Mosier, Deborah: 91 Mosley, Donna: 91 Mundie, Bart: 91 Murphy, Kaye: 91 Murray, Allan: 91 Myers, Kathy: 91 Myers, Pamela: 91 Myers, Timothy: 91 Naylor, Lois: 91 Naylor, Robert: 91 Neeson, Paul: 39,91 Neet, Allan: 91 Nekvinda, Luann: 91 Nellis, Ricke: 91 Nelson, Lana: 40,91 Nelson, Phillip: 91 Nelson, Randall: 91 Nelson, Rickie: 91 Nelson, Sandra: 39,91 Nemitz, Robert: 91 Netland, Rachell: 91 Newman, Randall: 91,40 Nordstrom, John: 91,39 Oldson, Cynthia: 92 Olson, Alan: 67,92 Olson, Tom: 92 Osborne, Larie: 38,39,67,92 Parle, Carol: 39,92 Passow, Denise: 92 Paulson, Ivy: 92 Pelican, Pamela: 92 Perkins, Nancy: 92 Pessica, Jon: 92 Peters, Donald: 92 Peters, Douglas: 92 Peters, James: 40,92 Peters, Joy: 44,92 Peterson, Conrad: 92 Peterson, James: 92 Peterson, Lorraine: 92 Peterson, Martin: 92 Peterson, Nancy: 92 Peterson, Renee: 92 Peterson, Rodney: 38,92 Peterson, Terry: 92 Pettit, Michael: 39,92 Phillips, Douglas: 67,92 Phillips, James: 68,92 Phillips, Theresa: 92 Pingel, Sheila: 92 Pingel, Tom: 92 Pirie, Jeffrey: 92 Poel, Terry: 92 Pogge, Jean: 92 Pohl, Debra: 39,92 Polka, Dennis: 92 Ponsness, Kenneth: 92 Porrez, Toni: 92 Porter, Gordon: 92 Posey, Ellen: 92 Potts, Robert: 93 Pratt, Margaret: 93 Presler, Sharla: 93 Presswood, Joseph: 93 Pride, Pauline: 93,39 Pritchard, David: 93 Putnam, Karen: 93 Quealy, Lizabeth: 93 Quillen, Patricia: 93 Radford, Beth: 93 Radford, Rebecca: 93 Ramthun, Alan: 93 Ramus, David: 93 Ranes, Bart: 67,93 Rathermel, Penelope: 93 Rees, Kathleen: 93 Renken, Julie: 93 Reynolds, Thomas: 93 Rice, Joan: 18,38,92 Richards, Keith: 93 Riley, April: 93 Rivera, Juanita: 93 Robbins, Elizabeth: 93 Rocron, Oletha: 93 Rogers, John: 93 Rosales, Melanie: 38,39,93 Rosen, David: 93 Ruge, Marc: 93 Ruge, Sherrie: 18,82,93 Rupp, Diane: 63,93 Russell, Patricia: 93 Saboe, Alan: 38,93 Saliger, Larie: 93 Salter, Stephen: 67,93 Salvatore, Linda: 18,82,93 Sandeline, Jon: 93 Sanks, Patricia: 93 Sawyer, Peggy: 92,93 Scharf, Bill: 67,93 Scharfenberg, Nancy: 93 Schrader, Jane: 93 Schrader, Kathy: 93 Schramm, Roger: 93 Schreiber, Peter: 93 Schurr, Wanda: 93 Scott, Cindy: 38,93 Scott, Patricia: 93 Sears, Laurie: 18,63,82,93 Seerhusen, Kathy: 93 Sessler, Patricia: 93 Sestak, Diane: 93 Severson, Tanya: 94 Shaffer, Kim: 94 Shipman, Melody: 94 Short, Dave: 39,94 Siekman, Dave: 40,68,94 Sigler, Eileen: 94 Silke, Janet: 94 Simonson, Fred: 94 Simpson, Warren: 94 Slag e, Kathy: 94 Slaven, Eillen: 94 Smith, Kirby: 94 Smith, Richard: 94 Smith, Robin: 94 Smith, Steve: 38,39,94 Sorenson, Mark: 94 Spencer, Judy: 94 Spillman, Gary: 94 Spurlin, Terry: 94 Staley, Larry: 94 Stanberg, Ronald: 94 Steberg, Paul: 94 Steck, Debbie: 94 Steding, Diane: 94 Steinhoff, Lisa: 40,94 Sterns, Pegg : 94 Stinogel, Jeffi 94 Stockdale, Tom: 94 Stoddard, Mildred: 94 Strauss, Kevin: 94 Stringer, Dave: 94 Sunner, John: 94 Surls, Charles: 94 Swanson, Cindy: 38,40,94 Sweeney, Rick: 94 Swift, Rhonda: 94 Syferd, Randy: 94 Tague, Bob: 94 Taylor, Cindy: 94 Tepfer, Lance: 94 Tepfer, Tim: 94 Ter Hark, Cora: 94 Terranova, Joann: 94 Tewksbury, Wanda: 94 Thede, Kristi: 94 Thedford, Jessie: 94 Thode, Daniel: 67,94 Thomas, Chris: 39,94 Thomas, Seth: 18,38,94 Thompson, Mike: 68,94 Thompson, Rita: 95 Tiffany, Gerald: 39,95 Tomlinson, Jeff: 95 Tregenza, Paula: 95 Tripp: Todd: 67,95 True lood, Terry: 95 Turner, Theresa: 95 Uecke, Gary: 95 VanGundy, Deb: 38,95 Vasbinder, Carol: 25 Vinchattle, Vicki: 95 Vratny, Cindy: 95 Wagner, Craig: 25 Waldesmidt, Paul: 95 Walker, Keith: 95 Walker, Paula: 95 Wallukatt, Julie: 95 Watters, Wayne: 95 Waychoff, Bill: 95 Weber, Gary: 95 Wetzel, Craig: 39,40,95 Whitcome, Becky: 95 Wieberg, Carla: 95 Wieberg, Don: 95 Wiewel, Holly: 95 Abbott, Kris-40,96 Abel, Janette-96,1 10 Abrams, Julie-96 Ahrens, Bruce-96 Allen, Chris-19,40,96 Anderson, Dennis-96 Anderson, Dorene-96 Wiley, Kathy: 95 Williams, Cindy: 95 Williams, Pam: 95 Williamson, Kim: 95 Wilson, Bobby: 95 Wilson, Denise: 95 Wilson, Terryf95 Wing, Gay: 95 Juniors Brodsack, Denny-98 Brown, Richard-98,31,68,76 Buck, Cindy-98,38 Burch , Karen-98 Burch, Karla-98 Burch, Mark-98 Burke, Debbie-98 Anderson, Kathy-96 Anderson, Larry-22,96 Anderson, Pam-96 Anderson, Scott-43,96 Anderson, Tim-3,96 Andrews, Kathy--96 Anholt, Chuck-96 Archer, Randy-96 Armstrong, Rick-96 Arndt, Cindy-96 Arneson, Bill-96 Ashton, Sammy-39,96 Askeland, Calvin-97 Askesand, Patricia-97 Attleson, Sonya-97 Ayers, Tammy-97 Baardson, Kathy-97 Babb, Joel-97 Babcock, Bruce-97 Bacon, Curt-97 Baedke, Mary-97 Baird, Sue-97 Baker, John-i Baker, Margaret-97 Balke, Roger-97 Bangert, Peggy-97 Banwell, Rachel-97,40 Barry, Kris-97,48 Bartholow, Todd-97 Bartlett, Lyle-97 Bass, Allen-97 eck, Glenda-97 Weck, Ken-97 Beck, Tim-97 Beers, John-97,64 Behrens, Dave-97,35,68,76 Belletti, Deanna-41,97 Bell, Ryan-38,97 Benegas, Angelo-97 Berge, Jan-97,38 Berge, Jo-98 Bice, Jim-98,28 Birkett, Debbie-98 Blair, Steve-98 Blobaum, Dean-98,22 Block, Dave-98 Blomberg, Karen-98 Blunk, Patty--98 Bock, Mary Jo-98,96,4 1 ,19 Bockoven, Denise-98 Bode, Arnie-98 Bohn, Joanna-98 Bonnstetter, Terrance-98 Boomgarden, Steve-98 Bradford Brenda-98 Brasslield, Bruce-98 Bratland Steve-98 Brittenham, Chuck-98 Burke, Joe-98,37,35 Burton, Debbie-98 Butler, Mike-98 Buttz, Donna-98 Cain, Paul-98,19 Caldwell, Dave-98 Carlson, Fredrick-98,39 Carlson, Gary-98 Carlson, Jerry-98 Carse, Kathy-98,2327 Cartee, Rod-99 Carter, Kenny-99 Cervene, Doyle-99 Charon, Bret-99 Christy, Connie-99 Cibert, A1-99,68 Clark, Becky-99 Clark, Joe-99 Clausen, Mary-99,35 Clay, Bill-99 Collins, Hazel-99 Collins, ,Ian-99,4O,38 Collins, Terry-99 Constable, Kathy-99 Cook, Clark-99 Cox, Terry-99,39,69,71 Crawford, Cindy-99,28 Crouch, Karen-99,38 Cuckie, Lynn-99,40 Culver, Sherry-99 Curl, Sue-99,108 Dallman, Darcy-99 Danner, Pam-101,99,41,40,38 Darrah, Kathy-99 Davidson, Lois-99 Davis, Valerie-99 Dean, Barb-99,40 Degner, Chuck-99 Delanoit, Diane-99 Delanoit, Vickie-100 Denklau, Leo-100 Dennis, Chris-100,64 Dewey, Rhonda-100 Diane, Becky-100 Dickerson, Jane-100 Dillon, Terry-100 Dorothy, Alton-100 Dubois, Tim-100,36 Duncan, Ann-100 Dungy, Geneva-100 Easly, Denny-100 Edwards, Linda-100 Ehrhardt, Steve-100 Eldredge, Mark-100 Engler, Gary-100 Eslick, Roxie- Everhard, Norman- Everhart, Chris-l0O,40,38 Wood, Allen: 95 Woodbeck, Jane: 95 Woodman, Steve: 95 Wuerflein, Greg: 95 Zabrosky, Ranee: 95 Zuspann, Steve: 95 Fallon, Jeff-100,19,76 Fawcett, Cindy-100 Fawkes, Kurt-100,98,96 Feeley, Ron-100 Ferguson, Duane-100 Ferguson, Kevin-100 Ferguson, Steve-100 Fertig, Tim-100 Fieseler, Kirk-100,64 Filer, Darlene-100 Fishel, Caroline-100 Fisher, Leanne-100 Fitzner, Elaine-100,38 Fletcher, Jill-100 Foote, Sue-100 Ford, Orville-100,38,68 Fortney, Steve-100 Foster, Barb-100,38,54 Foster, Raynette-100 Fox, Jeff-100,80 Fox, Mary-100,40 Francisco, Larry-100 Frank, Marla-100 Fuller, Kathy-100,38 Fuller, Krista-100 Gadbury, Rick-101 Garst, Dan-101 Gascho, Don-101 George, Bruce-101 Gernhart, Chuck-101 Gibson, Sally-101 Giere, Torn-101,61,19,70,71,69 Giles, Marion-101,46,39,38 Goettsche, Jolene-101 Gold, Steve-101 Graef, Silvia-101,40 Graves, Glenda-101 Green, Richard-101 Green, Sheila-101 Griffin, John-101 Griffen, Tom-101 Grimsley, Valerie-101 Gross, Luanne-101 Grove, Pam-101 Gunderson, Linda-101 Gurnett, Margaret-101 Gustafson, Ken-101 Guthrie, Kim-1010,35,64 Habhab, Chuck-101 Hacker, Gene-101 Halligan, Connie-101,38 Halligan, Don-101 Halverson, Helen-101 Hambilon, Howie-102,76 Hamrick, Mike-102 Handy, Lora-102 Hankel, Dave-102 Hansen, Greg-102 Hanson, Joan-102,40,38 Hanson, Steve-102 Harp, Dan-102,69,7O Harris, Diane-102 Harrison, Paul-102 Harty, Scott-102,6-4,76 Harvey, Jim-102 Harvey, Jean-102 Harvey, Nickie-102 Hearn, Dean-102 Hearn, Nancy-102,40 Heidick, Rick-102 Helmers, Dave-102 Hensley, Dena-102 Hepperle, Tom-102 Herrington, Cathy-102 Higgins, Michele-102,41 Hilgendorf, Grant-102 Hilken, John-102,36,64 Hilton, Gary-102 Hilton, Paul-102 Hitchcock, Lyle-102,21 Hogan, Bill-102 Holloway, Peggy-102 Holmstrom, Bill-102 Holtorf, John-102,37,36,35,64 Horton, Bill-102,72 Hoskins, Debbie-102,33 Hovick, Kevin-102 Howard, Steve-102,68,76 Hudson, Steve-102 Huebsch, Maralene--102 Hughes, Larry-102 Hughes, Nancy-102 Hulett, Julie-102,40 Hutchison, Diane-102,40,35 Inman, Linda-102,39 Isaacson, Floann-102 Isaccson, Richard-102 Isaccson, Sherry-102,38,3O Ishmael, Rick-102 Jarvis, Connie-102 Jochirns, Nancy-102,19 Jochimson, Clark-102,96,76 Johnson, Anita-102 Johnson, Connie-103 Johnson, Nancy-103 Johnson, Tim-103,53 Jondle, Paul-103 jones, Jim-103 Jordison, Janine-103,59,40 Jordison, Larry-103,36 Joslin, Steve-103,39 Kastendieck, Randy-103,35 Kenney, Pam-103 Jones, Dick-103,72 Keyser, Debbie-103,40 Kiliper, Jerome-103,72,64 King, Bob-103 Klien, Mark-103,69 Klien, Mat-103 Knight, Chip-103,68 Knutson, Pam-103,34 Knutson, J. B.-103 Koester, Terry-103,101,51,40 Koestner, John-103,111 Kopp, Dee-103 Krivolavy, Kristal-103,39 Krug, Bob-103 Kruger, Roger-103 Kudron, joe-103,27 Kuker, Randy-103 La Caille, Terry-103 Laird, Jimmiejo-103 Lara, Manual-104 Lara, Paul-104 Larsen, Jeff-104,36 Larsen, Vance-104,96 Larson, Cindy-104 Larson, Curt-104 Larson, Jackie-104 Larson, Paul-104 Larson, Sharon-104 Lau, Mike-104 Law, Bruce-104 Lawler, Tim-104,69 Leadly, Monte-104 Leadly, Renee-104 Lee, Dean-104 Leiss, Chris-104 Lentsch, Linda-104 Lenz, Dennis-104,43 Lewis, Ron-104,43 Lingenfelter, Mary-104 Lingreen, Steve--104 Link, Roger-104 Linke, Mike-104,43 Liscum, Curt-104 Lockner, Debbie-104,38 Lofquist, Caroline-104 Lohafer, Sue-104 Lorenzen, Marvin-104 Lowrey, Sherry-104 Lumsden, Marsha-104 Lund, Anna-104 Lunn, Patty-104,35 Maas, Dave-104 Mace, Richard-104 Macek, Joni-104 Magnusson, Mike-104,96,19,76,64 Maiden, Michele-104,37,35 Mains, Greg-104,76 Maiwurm, Jane-104,103,41 Manos, Karen-104,44,41 Marchant, Wayne-104 Marnach, Sharon-104 Marquesen, Bob-104 Marsh, Jack-104 Marsh, Juanita-104,40 Matson, Bettsilu-104,38 Mauch, Karen-104 McAnnaly, Bill-104 McCabe, Diane-104 McClurg, Greg-105,51,41,40,37,35 McClure, Melissa-104,39 McCoy, Mona-105 McDermott, Kathy--105,39,37,35 McElvain, Rick-105 McGruder, Keith-105 McLaughlin, Bob-105 McMannus, Kevin-105 McNatt, Mike-105 Meils, John-105 Meiners, Greg-105,39 Melton, Rollie-105,28 Mericle, Greg-105 Mernka, Lynn-105,37,35 Messerly, Curt-105 Messerly, Laura--105 Metier, John-105,45,38 Michehl, Larry--105,40,37,36 Michelfelder, Tim-105,69 Mickelson, Joan-105 Miller, Gary-106 Miller, Bob-106 Miller, Terry-106 Milliken, Lynn-106 Mitsven, Marilyn-106 Mohr, Julee-106 Montgomery, Stan-106 Moore, Rex-106 Morris, Dan-106 Morrow, Dave-111,106,69 Mortensen, Rick-106 Mosbrucker, Jim-106,21 Mulder, Mike-106,49,31,20 Murphy, Kevin-106 Murray, Debbie-106 Myer, Laura-106 Narigon, Tom T.-106,105,58,49,40,39, 47 Neeson, William-106 Nekvinda, Kathy-106 Nekvinda, Noble-106 Nelson, Dianna-106 Nelson, Diane-106 Nelson, Don-106 Nelson, Kent-106,68 Nelson, Linda-106,19 Nelson, Mike-106 Nelson, Roger-106 Nesfold, Curt-106 Newman, Mark-106 Niemand, Lorraine-106 Niemier, Paula-106 Nold, Linda-106,38 Noll, Dennis-106 Ogren, Kieth-106 Oleson, Barb-106 Oleson, Myron-107,46,40,39 Oleson, Phil-107 Oppedahl, Mark-107,27,68 Osborne, Rosalie-107 Osterberge, Lisa-107,38 Pace, Jo Ann-107 Paine, Ron-107 Palmer, Bob-107 Parker, Janice-107 Patterson, Peggy-107 Paulin, Donna-107,41,37,35 Pease, Jane-107 Pecoy, Belinda-107,38 Peltz, Rick-107,97,38,19 Peters, Dave-107 Peterson, Debbie-107 Peterson, Debbie Kay-107,40 Peterson, Kathy-107 Peterson, Linda-107 Peterson, Sue-107,44,38 Phillips, Dave-107 Phillips, Sharon-107 Pingel, Debbie-107,40 Pingel, Pam-107 Pinneke, Terry-1 07,1 1 1,64 Pitsor, Kathy-107,48 Porter, Jim-107 Posey, Bill-107 Potratz, Karen-107 Powers, Dwayne-107 Prather, Linda-107 Prather, Rosemary-107 Pratt, Jerry-107 Pratt, Paula- Presler, Karla-107 Price, Kevin-107,55 Pritchard, Debbie-107 Pugh, Theresa-107 Putnam, Bill-107 Redenius, Tom-107 Rees, Gary-107 Rees, Roger-108 Rieter, Barb-108 Rhodes, Debbie-108,40 Rial, Dave-108 Richards, Kim--108 Richards, Roxanne-108 Rinehardt, Jeff-108 Robinson, Becky-108,44 Robson, Dick-108,64 Rochon, Percy-108 Roest, Diane-108 Rogers, Joe-108 Rogers, Scarlett-108 Rosberg, Jeff-108 Rose, Ann-108 Rose, Sara-108 Rumbaugh, John-108 l Rbsher, Lynn-108 Riisk, Kathy-108 41,38 Rusnak, Bruce-108,410,116 Saigh, Bob-108,64 Saliger, Linda-108 Sanford, Jon-108 Sankey, Jim-108 Schick, Steve-108 Schmidt, Brian-108 Schnell, Deb-108 Schramm, Keith-108 Schultz, Jerry-108,38 Schultz, Lynn-108 Schwieterman, Randy-108 Scott, Tom-108,21 Sease, Randy-108 Seltz, Doug-108,64 Sernprini, Terry-109 Shaffer, Mark-108 Shelby, Dave-108 Shelledy, Monte-109 Sherman, Roxanne-109 Shoopman, Mike-109 Shute, Mona-109 Sigler, Marvin-109 Sindlinger, Gena-109 Scogmo, Jenny-109 S1agle,Jan-109,40,39 Smith, Dave-109 Smith, Elaine-109 Smith, Jenny-109 Smith, Mark-109 Smith, Richard-109 Sorenson, Pam-109 Spencer, Rick-109 Stanley, June-1 09 Adkins, LarryiTrack, 1 16. Akins, LuanneTPep Club, A Cappella, Chamber Choir, Concert Band, March- ing Band, 35,37,40,116. Albrecht, Linda-20,116. Albright, Nancy-DECA Club, 116. Aljets, Milo--116. Allison, Eva-116. Anderson, Candy-iPep Club, 116. Anderson, Helen-116. Anderson, Kipp-116. Anderson, Paul-116. Anderson Steve-A Capella, All-State Chamber Choir, 35,37,116. Andrews, Peggyl20,1 16. Askeland, Rod-1 16. Askelson, SueiPep Club, German lClub, FTA, 116. Aultman, Kurtil 16. Axne, Ronl116. Baedke, Greg-117. Bailey, Linda-Pep Club, 1 1 7. Barber, Nick-11 7. Barnett, Sheryl-Pep Club, Marching ,Band, Varsity Band, 39,117. Barton, Sharyl-Pep Club, Vice-Pres. NFTA, 34,117. Barton, Roger-117. Bass, Kenny-1 1 7. Bauder, Scott-Drama, 45,1 1 7. Becker, Brian--1 1 7. Becker, Stevei-Track, 1 1 7. Beer, Kris-Pep Club, Little Dodger Editor, Quill and Scroll, NHS, FTA, 19,31,26,50,117. Beers, Barb-Cheerleader, Big Dodger Stiles, Kendall-109,65,76,64 Stinman, Kerry-109 Stoakes, Jim-109 Steootman, Sherman-109 Struecker, Gloria-109 Suhr, Joel-109,64,76 Svaleson, Dave-109 Swanstrom, Jill-109,38 Swinney, Sue-109 Tague, Debbie-109 Telschaw, Beverly-109 Terranova, Girolona-109 Thiele, Vicky-109,35 Thomas, Mike-109 Thompson, Bryon-109 Thompson, Mark-109,37,35 Tomlinson, Scott-1 10 Torgerson, Gary-1 10,76 Trace, Barb-110 Trafford, Beverly-110 Trainer, Todd-110,69 Trammell, Pat-110 Tripp, Tammy41 10 Truax, Allyson-110,40 Trueblood, Mark-1 10 Trusty, Nancy-110 Tuttle, Linda-110,40,37,36 Uderman, Steve-110,1 9,64 Urwiler, Mike-110 Vance, Ron-110 Vinson, Gary-110 Vaughn, Dave-110 Wafful, Bryon-110 Walker, Joe-1 10 Walrod, Kathy-110,80 Seniors Editor, Quill and Scroll, Pep Club, 21, 30,32,46,62,117,120. Beisch, Roxann--Little Dodger, FTA, Pep Club, German Club, 43,117. Beisser, Bill-Cross-Country, Track, In- trarnurals, 117. Bell, Marla-Little Dodger, Pep Club, FTA, 31,32,117. Bender, Deb-117. Benegas, Jo AnneiPep Club, Mixed Chorus, 38,118. Benegas, KathylPep Club, Marching Band, A Capella, Chamber Choir, All- State, 35,37,40,118. Berger, Steve-Debate, Latin Club, 22, 118,144. Beverlin, Dee-Pep Club, A Capella, Chamber Choir, All-State, Music The- ater, FTA, NHS, Dodgerette, 26,35,37, 41,113 Bircher, John-A Capella, Chamber Choir, All-State, 35,37,118. Birchmier, Dave-Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Lab, A Capella, Chamber Choir, 36,37,39,4O,118. Birocci, PaullCross-Country, Varsity Basketball, 68,76,118. Black, Jeff-Wrestling, 55,72,118. Black, Jerry-Vice-Pres. Senior Class, Student Council, Wrestling, 19,5-4,72, 114,118. Blankenhagen, Deb:-Pep Club, Volley- ball, 28,55,118. Blunt, Betty-FTA, Pep Club, 118. Blunt, Lanei118. Blunt, Sue-Pep Club, Dodgerettes, Walter, Collene-1 10 Warner, Bob-110 Webb, Ann-1 1 0 Webb, Eugene-110,38 West, Bruce-1 1 0,69,71 West, Wendy-1 1 0 Westfall, Debbie-110 Westling, Pam-11 0 Wheat, Martha-110 Wieberg, Orlanda-110 Wiegman, Joy-1 10,106,37,36,34 Williams, Dick-1 1 0,53,69 Williams, Roseanette-110,37,35,41 Willson, Brad-11 0 Wilson, Dennis-111 Wilson, Frank-111 Wilson, Jimmy-111 Wilson, Peggy-111 Wilson, Bob-1 1 1,39 Windler, Julie-111 ,37,35 Wingert, Randy41 11 Witte, Garth-1 1 1 Wolfe, Hank-111 Wolff, Collette-1 1 1 Wood, Richard-1 1 1 Wood, Bob-111 Woodard, Deb-111,38 Woods, Marianne-1 1 1 ,41 Worrick, Sherry-1 1 1 Wright, Lesslie-111 Yates, Pennie-111 Young, Carol-1 11,40,36 Zeka, Paul-111 ,36 Zenor, Carol-111 Zierke, Paul-1 11,76 41 ,1 18. Bockover, Kurt-Latin Club, 118. Bohn, Roxanne-OE, 21,118. Bonnell, Deb-Pep Club, Volleyball, 1 19. Bothe, Davei119. Boutchee, JohnTC r o s s - C o u n t r y, Track, 6O,68,119. Boutchee, ArtlFootball, Track, 64, 119. Bowman, Joi-Marching Band, Con- cert Band, 40,119. Bowman, ,Io-Marching Band, Con- cert Band0 40,1 19. Bradwell, Mark-DECA, 119. Brehm, Cynthia-20,119. Breitwieser, Sue-Pep Club, FTA, 34, 119. Brigdon, ,Iackie1Pep Club, FTA, 59, 119, Brighi, Jeff-119. Brooks, Paulletta- Brookshire, Deb Brown, Kathie-A Capella, Pep Club, Chamber Choir, 37,36,119. Brown, Keitl1iStudent Body President 1st Semester, 4,18,19,140.120. Brown, Richard-Debate, Jazz Lab, Concert Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, 22,39,4O,120. Bryon, Lorraine-DECA, 120. Buckendahl, Mary Kay-A Cappella, Chamber Choir, Marching Band, Con- cert Band, Orchestra, FTA, Youth Forum, Drama, 33,35,37,120. Burleson, Lanita-120 Burbank, Craig-Boy's Booster Club, Key Club, German Club President, Track, 29,43,12O,151. Burch, Jerry-T 8t I, 120. Burke, Jon-120 Burkman, Sue-120 Cahill, Bill-120 Calandrine, Al-Football Student Manager, 64,120 Calasesi, John-French Club, 53,120 Carlisle, Cinda-38,120 Carlson, Mike-DECA, NFL, 120 Carriker, Pam-Pep Club, 121 Cessforcl, Dennis-121 Champion, Christy-Pep Club Trea- surer, FTA, Big Dodger, Tennis, Quill and Scroll, Youth for Understanding Club, 3,30,25,121. Chardoulias, Mark-Football, Track, Baseball, Student Council, Class Pres- ident,19,64,114,121 Chardoulias, Mike-121 Christianson, Rodney-121 Clark, Diane-Pep Club, 51,121 Clarke, Riene-Big Dodger, Quill and Scroll, Pep Club, 31,47,51,121 Claude, Bonnie-121 Cloud, Al-Youth Forum, Spanish Club, 121 Collan, Dave-121 Cook, Dave-121 Coulter, Dennis-121 Cox, Marilyn-26,44,121,Pep Club, Spanish Club President, NHS, FTA, 125. Crandall, Jeanne-Pep Clubl 121. Crinnigan, Ann-Pep Club, 122. Crouse, Lyle-122. Crouse, Sheila-Pep Club, 122. Cummings, Scott-122. Cunningham, Bill-Boxing, 122 Dahl, Mardeen-122 Dahlquist, Dick-122 Dally, Carolyn-122 Davidson, John-Football, Baseball, 64,122 Davidson, Wesley-122 Davis, Jane-Pep Club, 122 Davis, Pennie-122 Dayton, Denise-122 Deal, Al-Football, Wrestling, 64,122 Dean, Doug-Football, Track, 43,64, 122 De Meulenaere, Greg-Tennis, A Cap- pella, 46,122 DeMeulenaere, Sara-Pep Club, Ten- nis, 122 Denker, Bill-122 Denklau, Keith-122 Derrig, Judy-Co-op President, 20,122 De Smidt, Pam-Pep Club, A Cappel- la, 36,122 Dillehay, Gary-123 Dillon, Linda-Concert Band, Medi- cal Careers Vice President, 23,410,123 Dischler, Jerry-123 Dodd, Michelle-123 Drollinger, Les-Pep Club, Cheerlead- er, All-State Choir, Tennis, Orchestra Sec. A Cappella, Chamber Choir, 25, 35,37,40,62,123 Dungy, Anna-123 Duffy, Sheila-123 Dunn, Paul-Concert Band, Jazz Lab, Pep Band, Spanish Club, 39,4O,123 Dunsmoor, Diane-Pep Club, Cheer- Durian, Diane-Pep Club, FTA, Dodgerettes, 41,123 Echelberger, Connie-123 Echternacht, Cindy-Little Dodger, Big Dodger, Pep Club, A Cappella, Tennis, French Club, 30,31,36,41,123, 1 15 Eckart, Chris-Boy's Booster Club, 123 Ecklund, Steve-Youth Forum Pres- ident, A Cappella, Chamber Choir, All-State, 35,37,33,123. Eckstine, Hollis-124 Elliott, Dave-Debate, Concert Band, Orchestra, Marching Band, 22,40,124 Elm, Deb-35,137,124 Enos, Penny-OE, 21,124 Erickson, Jane-Student Council, Pep Club, Cheerleader, FTA, Tennis, Class Treasurer 19,62,1 14,124 Erickson, Becky-Pep Club, OE, 21, 124 Evans, Dayle-124 Evenson, Darlou-124 Everett, Jackie-124 Ewen, Eric-Concert Band, Pep Band, Student Conductor, Youth Forum, Little Dodger, A Cappella, NHS, Marching Band, All-State, 26,33,35, 40,147,124 Ewing, Lila-25 Fallon, Greg-Basketball, Student Body President 2nd Semester, NHS Vice President, 19,26,76,125 Ferguson, Jack-125 Fevold, Jane-125 Filer, Pam-Pep Club, Latin Club, 125 Fisher, Deb-31,33,Youth Forum, Pep Club, Quill Sc Scroll, Little Dodger, FTA, 125 Fisher, Ed-125 Flatgard, Cindy- Flattery, Therese-Pep Club, FTA, French Club, Foresi, David- Foughty, Beverly-Pep Club, Froyd, Steve- Fuller, Harry- Gadbury, Renness-Pep Club, Dodg- erettes, A Capella, Little Dodger, Gaillard, Pete- Garrett, Donna-Girl's Volleyball, Pep Club, Youth Forum, FTA, Big Dodger, Little Dodger Garrett, Mary- Flatgard, Mickey- Garton, Mary Ann-Charnber Choir, Pep Club, Cheerleading, A Cappella Geary, Debra-Distributive Education George, Sandra-DECA Club Gernhart, Jeffery- Gernhart, Scott-State Play Contest, Drama Gernhart, William- Gerth, Keith- Gibson, William- Gilbert, Aileen-Distributive Educa- tion Treasurer. Glover, James- Godfrey, Kristine- Goodrich, Douglas-Basketball. Gordon, Wayne-Football, Track, A Cappella, Chamber Choir Grace, Pamela-Pep Club, FTA Grady, Kathy- Gregerson, Lynda- Gribble, Barry- Griep, ,loan-Pep Club Grifhn, Dave-Drama Grimsley, Bruce-Band Gross, Theresa-Pep Club, Intramur- als, Girls Volleyball Grove, James-VICA Guetzlaff, Timothy-Model United Nations, Debate, Youth and Govern- ment, and Big Dodger Guthrie, Dwight-Drama, Thespians Hager, Michael-A Cappella, Tennis Hager, Sally-Pep Club, French Club, Cheerleading Hagge, John-Football, Little Dodger Halm, David- Halverson, Bernard-Ofiice Help Halverson, Sheri-Pep Club, Mixed Chorus, French Club Hamrick, Kevin-VICA Hankel, Pamela- Hanneman, Denise-Pep Club ACap- pella, Chamber Choir, Concert Band, Medical Careers, Pep Band Hanner, Pamela-German Club, Office Help Hansch, Randall-Band, Orchestra Hansen, Pamela- Hanson, Dennis- Harmon, Craig- Harris, Jeff-Chamber Choir, ACap- pella, All State Chorus, Dorian Festi- val Harrison, Robert- Hartigan, Patricia-AFS Club, Pep Club, National Honor Society, French Club, Drama, Tennis Hauge, Julie- Haugen, Mark-Key Club Hay, Arthur- Hay, Steven-Youth Forum HaYS, Margery-Pep Club, Youth Forum, German Club, National Honor Society, Little Dodger Healey, Steven- Heatherington, LaVonne- Heckman, Janet-Pep Club, Youth Forum, National Honor Society, French Club Hedeen, Ronald- Hefley, Paul- Heggen. Mary Jo-Pep Club, Office Education Heidick, Douglas- Heileman, William- Heim, Terry-VICA Heitkamp, Duane- Heman, Robert-Football, Track, Let- terman, Office Help Hemrick, Marilyn-Pep Club, Medical Careers, Junior Civitan Hendrickson, Randall-Football, ln- tramurals Hendrickson, Suzanne- Hennings, William- Henrichs, Christine-Pep Club, Dodg- erettes Herwig, Donna-Pep Club, French Club Hewitt, Monte-President of VICA Hickey, Pamela- Higgins, Edgar- Hill, Cynthia-Pep Club, Cheerlead- ing, Student Council, French Club, leader, FTA, Tennis, 62,123 French Club, Ar, Club i Hixl, Dean? H'l, Maureen?Pep Club, Cheerlead- ing Hiller, Don? Hockel, Linda?Pep Club, Youth Forum, Medical Careers, Accompanist for A'Cappella, National Honor So- ciety Hoffman, Mark? Hdffman, Mike?Captain of Swim- ming Team Hogan, Janet? Hogan, Margaret? Holm, Thomas? Holtorf, Laura?Pep Club, Chamber Choir, A'Cappella, Musical, Music Theater. - Hdover, Elizabeth Sue?Pep Club, Homecoming Queen Candidate Hoover, Kathleen?Student Council, President of Pep Club, Vice President of Latin Club, FTA, School Play, Na- tional Honor Society Hoover, Marcia? Horn, Gary?Spanish Club Hdrton, Sharon? Horton, Steve?Wrestling Hottman, Candace?Hall Monitor Hovick, Craig?Football, Key Club, National Honor Society Husske, NHHCY? Hutchinson, Cinstance?Pep Club, Medical Careers Club, Tennis Hutchinson, Sue-Pep Club, Mixed Cho- rus Isakson, Ronald?All School Play, Drama, Co-op Jacobson, Carol?Pep Club Janvrin, TOdd- Jensen, Bruce?Basketball Manager, National Honor Society Jensen, Ruth?Office Education Johanson, Shiela? Johnson, Curtis? Johnson, Cynthia? Johnson, D6bOI3.hl Johnson, Jeffery? Johnson, LeRoy? Johnson, Merle- Johnson, Merlyn? Johnson, Scott?A'Cappella, Chamber Choir Jonas, Deborah?Pep Club, Latin Club, FTA Jones, Michael? Jordison, Gregory?Key Club Jordison Jerrold?A'Cappella, Cham- Choir Jordison, Julie?Pep Club, Cheerlead- lng i Jorgenson, James Jorgensen, Larry Kalseim William Susan?FTA, Youth Forum, Pep Club Keller, Timothy Kihney, Cindy Kebterson, Mary Keyser, Jeanne Kielhorn, Linda?Big Dodger, Youth Forum, Pep Club, National Honor Society, Tennis, FTA Kinsinger, David?Big Dodger, Ten- nis,Key Club Klass, Peggy- Kobs, Andrew?National Honor So- Katzer, ?Art Club ?Swimming, FCA Ciefl' Meils, Janet?138. Koller, Tina?A'Cappella, Girls Vol- Mglcg, Brucf-31133, 1eYbH11, PSP Club Messerly, Dana?A,Capella, Band, Koppen, Paul? Kretlow, Dennis? Drama, 35,37,40,48,l19,138. Messerly, Larry? Krout, Herbert? Messerly, Wilbert? Kurtz, Sue?Pep Club, French Club flvletz, Terry?l Laske, Deborah? Michael, Carol?138 La Baume, Jack?Football, Track Michael, Mary Ann?DECA, 138. La Caille, Joan?DECA Club Michalski, Chris?138. La Follette, Dennis?Cross Country, Mieir, Mike?138. Track, Wrestling Miller, Mike? Laird, Pamelal Minard, Floyd?138. Landes, Jeff?Football, Track Mittelstadt, Mark?Band, Orchestra, Lane, Francis? Lankford, Sharon? Lanning, Lynda?Pep Club, Office Education, Junior Civitan Larson, Cynthia? Law, Edward?Football, A,Cappella Leathers, Valerie?Pep Club, Future Teachers, 38,135. Leege, Linda?Intramurals, Pep Club, Marching Band, Medical Careers, Stu- dent Council, 19,23,26,36,4O,135. Lentsch, Ron?Football, Basketball, Baseball, 66,76,135. Licht, Ken?A'Cappella, Youth Forum, 26,36,37,136. Liestman, Duane?136. Lile, Mickey?136. Lindeberg, Betsy?Latin Club, Pep Club, Future Teachers, Youth Forum, 28,34,136. Lingreen, Stephanie?Future Teach- ers, Pep Club, Spanish Club, 44,52. 136. Linke, Wayne?German Club, 136. Livasy, Jeff?Football, Wrestling, 64, 72,136. Loar, Annette? Longstaff, Jean?- Lorenzen, MHYY- Lott, Art?136. Lowe, Mike?Spanish Club, French Club, 136. Lumsden, Deb?Pep Club, Latin Club, A'Cappella, Future Teachers, 35,136 Lumsden, Pam? Lundgren, Lori-Band, Orchestra, Pep Club, French Club, 40,136. Lunn, Sandra?Band, Pep Club, Vol- leyball, 40,149,136 Lyftogt, Gordon-136. Lyons, Jim?136. Magnusson, Jim?Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Golf, Student Coun- cil, 19,42,54,76,60,68,137. Malloy, Corkie?Co-op, 137. Manchester, Kathy?137. Mandelko, Paul?-40,137. Marchi, Gary?137. Marshall, Marcia?Co-op, 21 ,137. Martin, Margaret?20,137. Martinson, Craig?Vica, 137. Mason, Steve?137. Mayberry, Tony? McDowell, Brenda?137. McDowell, David?137. McDowell, Richard?137. McGee, Jacqueline? McMillan, Donna?137. McNulty, Marta?Pep Club, Careers Club, Jr. Civitan, 137. McPherson, Constance?138. Meier, Maurice?138. Medical German Club, 4O,138. Moore, Kathy?Pep Club, 138. Moore, Maralyn?Pep Club, 138. Mortensen, Linda?A'Cappella, Band, 35,39,138. Mosley, Dorothy?139. Murray, Crayton? Musselman, Ivan?Wrestling, 72. Myer, Lawrence?139. Myers, Gary?139. Naven, Jeri?Pep Club, 141,139. Naylor, Willie? Nelson, Caro1?Band, A'Cappella, Pep Club, French Club, 35,40,37,139. Nelson, Mary?21,139. Netland, M2IklWY6StllHg, A'Cappel- la, Boys Booster Club, Key Club, Latin Club, 28,36,37,72,139. New, Abe? Newman, Charles?Band, Orchestra, 39,40,41,48,59,139. Newsum, Fletch?Debate, Model U.N., Honor Society, 16,22,44,139. Nielsen, Paula--139 Niemand, Loren?139 Noyes, Henry?139 O'Connor, Kath1een?1 39 Oester, NHHCY? Oldson, Bruce?VICA, 139 Olson, Aleta?Pep Club, Cheerleading, 62,140 Olson, Anita?140 Ondrick, Ann?Pep Club, 140 Osborn, Gary?Debate, Little Dodger, Football, 22,64,140 Osborne, Debra?-20,140 Owen, John?140 Page, Becky?Pep Club, 140 Paine, Wanda?-140 Passow, Cynthia?Pep Club, 140 Patterson, Dave?VICA, 140 Paulson, Barb-?Pep Club, Latin Club, Homecoming Queen, 50,117,140 Peed, Arlene?14O Peters, Chuck?Honor Society, Tennis Key Club, Big Dodger, Boys Booster Club, 1,26,31,49,14O Peters, Jerry?Football, Drama, Golf, 64,140 Peterson, Brian?140 Peterson, Bruce?Basketball, Track, Baseball, Student Council, 19,115,76, 141 Peterson, Don?141 Peterson, Jana?A'Cappella, 35,141 Peterson, Mark?Football, 64,141 Phillips, Mike?141 Pingel, Che1yl?141 Pingel, Wilma-lpep Club, Youth For- um, Medical Careers, Band, Orchestra, Little Dodger, National Honor Society, 23,26,31,40,39,141 K 1 X 4 1 ' gif , LR' 5 1 XX . F ,lx 'g 1, ,, I' J WW, A 5' 1 'F "" 5 . 97 2 XX E715--uvg ,EQ ' ,V4, i lxn - LAN ,gf P flaw cf'ff"'f . k - ,, ,.,1k.1,'Jmf""kJ 'Q ii s QE 'x!P'.j fuk' -. wi ' ' . IX .FX i 00621 - L NPV, -fix L u 0 J fgOf'Al1WP'1" U f r Yi Y 'B 54,11 M ' I QL, .XTYL ffl, Urals LI F,?'6?, X54 V r H Q, 4, L., 5 IL I A U67 4-7 ISC sp' Jvjbib- cf Yu? C4 U bjvxrgyf QW Y'5iwA,,15'yidP',05i3 q CBT hwfil UAV' 5 vaiflgylhpxcxe U' favq I 66 400 ' pn f Y 9 Ami , ,F J , 4 5 W' ' HH NX M 4 XQW W M " Ogcfx 051, IOJSLCJI' ' Q' MP? 5 rude, L- P J P20 UN , Ai SKU JI z 6 V 5 0, RW 1 In df , M A 'J , 71 0 U X Wye V0 U hw H0 1,11 OU Oy . I J Q Q b H M ,E A V767 fl IWW mobo'-E 2 lg Q76 wmfff c " .AQCJ0 gngjpf bl '69 mvw, ff ,A LW ! df' A . 5 Q Y Q XJ- A 5- Ph X Q Mx x Q0 f W Q + ff gi QUT H X311 . ,Q A- JN 2 Q I H Q" Hs -X Q f Q 335 464,50 'QQ AM 75 X 1 90 KQV QQ 4? ,156 C' My lien N-FQ X J N' , vet 7.159 J' X ,rx ,Gly 3, ' QWQO' p X T - YN! .gn 4 fu b xr Q Miro qxrij -ABC' NiJ',?41 J ? X J 0

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