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,... ff" ' 'YN J u .4-rg J g..-.1 1-rf xl P' val .-A-A -,jx ity? 'in' ldv: g... if xx H kxi 'fe' 4413.- M an V u....J. aidw ,, - ,A lghi 0--ei 'if' g'f'f 4 Yi ' . 0. -- 1.. ' l4'r ff- 64 'il 4 A v i V h .I my 5 . 1 -gif. Q? 'gf "Y", ., mn .Kp fa X ,X "H-vu' J X 4 . fl. I I 'iR'.ffi.ff.Q-A IDEM, ' 'K "Y-'IW-H .1z-'- - JH211,31-!f?3.433ug+.--,2L,.4:,?"'ff.. .: , il' ..'y':?:-l,'JffI:-"A 5 ' Y , , , H. oj?1 g'1JL" f3E1?vfi'ff3'Hff3'f',",' 1 I' W - ' j'5s,feQfj',h - ff, ,+',':f',Qfff'. .- , , QM. .if'z1 '.G.fg:ff ' " 'UQ' ':'n"'f"f:?:f-' f U.,,i,'.f,': 3' . 6 gh" -'., jf' ,.'fi"zf'g1q, f s-f,upffz:f,cM - .Ir I-,,!i,'v gQ.j5cqfffvj",z:, Q9 . fzciffg-iff-4312: , ' Q24-':f,f::,g: V, ,fv N'--. -s, . 4'-'k'r"91', 3 5 if V yvb Pb +9 -f r eg. - V! A E, -.1 . W vnu Q, WV U hw Q!!-V Dfw ff 1? 2f'fffQfQ Qww 114431 V 5 X N n 5 yQg, ff M W f wif if ? , W , A L S 9 fda! .I lLf ,Q I Ln Aj? J - K7 175 ff -'97, ln NL JJ yy F W 'Ni C1 LWWfWffff1Zf?z4 ff W XC M F lf, 4 M M f w Q, f, 4 QW QA? A,Jff, lfyzf6!4fgQ4,Q if V F JL N 'Wl'Q4f,f YWZJL 7 . V , g fl ,V j 4 4, p JL fwvfwpflffwz Qgwswxu V X A f fly I i W1 35 Q Q ff A 5 Exxiqgi ff Q WW 71 Jdwlfykgeiiplwe K 2 OU, gk ima LLL LU 5' f dx ew. R ,Y iso nx'I'J'0or?5 Q 4 TVOCCJQ, 551640 .see Wworc CFI' -Ocvxkfiws' fs Y 9 vw CWD W I 1,,!affu.,fM 5, SN by C 60? Qoxhsw I K ' - 3 I aff Qj'D XV7 ,A ' Jf7t,cyf' , ,v,v'- Q fl ,fl B! 27 BMC-7 "7 " Jil- fjgf I 0453 Eb Kg! kfQX L,LL-Q, fab 'bb 4 Ja LUV QZQ7 9 Sq 9 . Qixdf yy u og ,173 044, A of Y AJOFAK dxf! AL 9 P iq 0, C9 5 Q, A Xa Q 04 9 Mm x w x5'! il X V 4 4. Al ..-.M ,,........4. 1 , . 2 I S I 967' DODGER FORT DODGE SENIOR HIGH FORT DODGE, IOWA ,VOLUME 56 Q i Q 1 X " fl.. ee, 1 tssts e ., x s . ef stei r Q: .,.. ixvh rg fe, id W12' t FGREWORD Dodgers come day after day into the empty hallways and classrooms of Fort Dodge Senior High School seeking knowl- edge. This knowledge is motivated by the faculty who encourage creative self-expres- sion through the implements of learning. Dodgers recognize these implements as textbooks crammed into lockers after daily use, audio visual equipment used to re- inforce learnings, and organizations and clubs which promote individual and group unity through talents. The learnings have been held high by the classroom teachers and administration. One such educator is Carl T. Feelhaver. 1967 marks the end of thirty-three years of outstanding service by Mr. Feelhaver in the Fort Dodge Community School Sys- tem, twenty years of which he served as superintendent of schools. Under his ad- ministration, many innovations and pro- gressive steps have taken place. So, we the staff of the 1967 Dodger dedicate this book to Carl Feelhaver whose outstanding career has paralleled a period of vast growth in our school system. ef-ig, f fi Kfv H I F. sw 3 5.2581 ,., , Q fx. 0 ,JI 4 iw L 1 bl t -1 J, fr J, 2' I fx ll' 1 ' K , gf f 1 , X , if it , it if J K ,vtQG2 NT :sms 3 iv dj ' it' L 1 if '7 ,C 1- L I Ms .Lf , ,lf ,,' uf , .A ,A ki ,fl 1 f 1 , , J, it Adrninistration , : .--' J Organizations Athletics . Underclassmen Student Life . Seniors -Taq., , ,A ,M Z x .. V f 'ff ADMINISTRATI Q as U pw at t A t f x . 1 2' tg' N . I yt .. - 1 3 .4 X 'Z v wax' it U wa, ' -rs, Y- 'J X ' . . . t ,- , V , , s - t - 1 f K .4 A , . 1 , l YI' K , it M , ff r , N r fx f f J V Y Nkxgii LC Air, if fl I W A ,TX wil 4' pimdx 974 .1 if , r hx W I FY Fld ' t , J Y 1 5 V I Y K Jw E. Paul Seydel represents fourteen years of leadership as principal of FDHS. Mr. Seydel had the responsibilities of administer- ing the high school, organizing and coordinating the various groups and units, and guiding the completed organization smoothly through the dif- ficulties of each year. "iff T21 1 1 t X., Carl T. Feelhaver serves as the superintendent of public schools. Some of the many responsibilities facing Mr. Feelhaver were looking after the facilities, preparing the budget, recruiting personnel, updating the curriculum, providing satisfactory working conditions for the staff and carrying on inservice training programs. Teachers Strive For 9-ff get X Msg' e gat 5 :K . -My e if :Mil i yu-f""" K' 11 Serving as the director of athletics is Vernon Huseman. McNeil, as director of activities, scheduled and super- Mr. vised all of the student activities. This entailed the arrange- ment of the various assembly programs. Ed McNeil spends much of his time arranging student activities Sr-FY Mr. Huseman scheduled the athletics contests in which FDHS participated and hired the officials who 6 ran the contests. PM 1l'12l3il4il 5 F . U as zo 21 zz 23 za H 28 29 30 - i+ , NN.-ev Nw' qu-1 Representing disciplinary authority is Forrest Marquis. Serving as vice principal, Mr. Marquis was in charge of at- tendance. He carried out disciplinary actions and those aris- gaining E counselors to all students are Ed McNeil, ing from absenteeism and tardiness. na u ertson' and Eldo Hafdef' A i The objective of the guidance counselors was to aid all stu dents in their educational, personal and vocational problems Better Education The Fort Dodge Board of Education determined school policy and expenditures. It was responsible for the orderly conduct of public education in the community. The 1966-67 Board of Education is composed of, from left to right: F. E. Phillips, Carl T. Feelhaver, Cal Woods, James Protz- man, Arthur Johnson, Raymond Carlson, Dr. Duane Schmidt, M. Eldon Davidson, and H. L. Whitaker. 7 The office staff is composed of, standing left to right: Janet Croff, Earlita Bowlingg seated, Sue Ainsworth. Publishing bulletins, keeping records and answering telephone calls were the tasks of the office staff. .EE 5 g U . . " ' ' v fllarntnlmimrl v 5 i s , 3,1 I v li I as ' ' 7 'gp Top: Teaching girls' physical education are Janet Reese and Florence Nordman. Bottom: Julian Nitzke and Roger Higgins teach boys' physical education classes. Two hours a week of a studentis schedule were devoted to physical development. Each student used this time to exercise his body correctly. English and Social Studies Devoted to developing students' English skills are, standing, left to right: Jo Ann Cormaney, Bonnie Morris, Judy Duncang seated, Geneva Gorsuch. Helping Fort Dodge High School students to fully understand the language they speak and use was the responsibility of the English department. Sophomore English emphasized the study of outstanding classics and stressed correctness and clearness in writing and speaking. Centering around American literature, junior English emphasized com- position evolving from the reading done and stressed individual needs in spelling, vocabu- lary, and usage. Senior English covered ex- pository composition and the history of great ideas as expressed in English and con- temporary literature. Speech and debate led students to quick thinking and clear articula- tion of ideas, thus developing skill and self- confidence. Drama covered the principles of acting and included a study of the history of the theater. fi 1 A ff? V of s ii' Q ' 'Q af- ' -"r-'lil e 5 S l i F ' K' 5 E I I i it E3 s , Q t it t Gail Niceswanger, Eleanor Hartigan, Dorothy Mann, and Lucile Completing the English Siaff HFC, ff0IIl lefl to Tight! Gaylell Gibb encourage the development of creativity and self-expression. LHISSH, SPCC131 Cdl1C3li0H, loan Hultgren, Virginia Hiliflh, Sharon Kersenbrock, Jean Bartlettg seated, Agnes Miller d Mary Kajewski. Encourage Self-Expression Explaining an anatomical chart are Mildred Taylor and .lohn King. Not pictured, Richard Foremanek. Win Raker, Lloyd Cayman, and William Becker are seen working with a balance. FDHS offered three science courses. ln bi- ology, students attempted to learn how and why organisms act as they do. Chemistry dealt with the study of the structure and composition of materials and the changes in composition. Students taking physics studied the science that deals with matter and ener- EY- X ff Swffi-f ' , J, 'XJ 5 -- :U WF Q 536, -. s Vs- n x E .Ji fiif ,fifizff 'E FQEER .Qi A Es 'wk Q 9 ,X Ax X .W Q. w ., .ts I Q W ' my 1 9 34 32 xv K , ia , R ff x f ' ' we - 1 Q ','9y,:fV ' Fifi '-.H Gr.. 2: .A '- av.- The industrial arts department is instructed by, from left to right: Dennis Bockert, Donald Clark, Lloyd Pattersong seated, Ken- neth Hoff, Jerry Korzendorfer. Not pictured: Rex Raine, David Barkmeier Numerous courses in the field of industrial arts were offered to interest FDHS students. These classes in- cluded drafting, woodworking, a basic course in met- Students to Think Motivating students in business skills was the aim of the business education classes. General business emphasized the parts students play in our business sys- tem. Covering the fundamentals of sales- manship was general sales. Two years of typing were offered, which included a one semester personal typing course. Secretarial skills were emphasized in the two years of shorthand offered. Clerical practice familiarized students with fil- ing, business machines, communications, and keeping financial and stock records. The-bookkeeping course was directed to those interested in office work and to college-bound business administration students. Through vocational trade and industries, the distributive education and office education programs, seniors received on-the-job training by holding part-time jobs. als, two years of printing, vocational printing, motor mechanics, a machine shop course and vocational auto mechanics. FDHS offered three fine art courses. First year stu- dents explored the elements of art. Lettering, advertis- ing techniques, ceramics and sculpture were covered in the second year. An honors course for talented stu- dents completed the program. Arranging a still life display for art students are Eloise Halm and Robert Halm. x' FDHS offered two years of algebra. Geome- try was a course open to anyone completing one year of algebra. A semester course in trigonometry was offered, which was followed by a semester of analytic geometry. Complet- ing the program was general mathematics, primarily a commercial arithmetic course. The social studies courses provided FDHS students with practical training for being use- ful citizens. Sophomores were required to take world history. It was devoted to the study of the history and geography of areas of the world, excluding the Americas. American his- tory, required for juniors, covered the period of time from the explorations to the present, with special emphasis on the economics as- pects. Civics was required for seniors. The first semester was devoted to the study of problems involved in all branches of govern- mentg second semester was a study of eco- nomics problems covering banking, credit, business cycles, world trade and government finance. Teaching social studies are, from left to right: W. A. Goodman, Vernon Huseman, Norma Hanson, Howard Hughes. Larry Lee, Merven Haugen and Hedy Fritz teach students to think analytically. Teachers Serve As Teaching math, the lkey to science, are Robert Silke, Nona Moss and Phillip Reed. I 'X 4 ,m.. MQ n Q me aan x ii, gsm .5 X ., K l ,Th .R gs --6 . ws ,xy K K X 3 -if uf EN XX N X N Q: Q -v . Q - 1 i ix My ' Z Y Q. ' ,X Af X wk if M sth .Q WRE f 1 ' . , ,Sig - YV Y 'N' . ,-WJ .qw -9- - 'il 58 .Pi ' k if X 1 Lg: - , Lfffik . ' 1 A15 Q ' 1 --... -4 mu., O 1 TY' QRGANIZATIG S Beryl Phipps, Kay Cooper, and Sue Osterberg clean the trophy case as one of their Student Council duties. Fund Drives As a result of a vigorous campaign last spring, Andy Fotis was elected student body president. Working along with him to make his term success- ful were- Ray Siefer, vice president, and Nancy Landes, secretary. The entire Student Council, meeting approximately once a month, with the help and advice of Mr. William Lynch, made de- cisions and tried to solve problems affecting the student body. The major assignments of the Stu- dent Council were to organize Homecoming ac- tivities, plan and decorate for numerous school dances and lead various fund drives. Many committees performed such duties as clean- SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council Officers, Ray Siefer, Nancy Landes, and Andy Fotis stop first period before trophy case Reach Top ing the trophy case, counting money for fund drives, collecting during school-sponsored drives, welcoming and orienting the two foreign exchange students, Jaime Rojas and Crysanthi Souli. For their main project the Student Council developed a Hall of Fame for which members may be se- lected after a five-year waiting period. The Hall of Fame will afford deserved recognition to out- standing athletes of the past and present. This year the North Central District Student Council Convention was held at Fort Dodge High School for the first time, where the officers of the district were elected. Front raw-l to r-J. Brnhm, C. Weston, W. Tabor, A. Fotis, R. Siefer, J. Rojas, D. Allen Row 2-J. Algoe, D. Moore, S. Osterbcrg, K. Cooper D. Cadbury, K. Habhab, K. Brinton, S. Wolff, L. Arney, N. Landes Row 3-D. Trumbo, G. Schaller, S. McHenry, B. Phipps, C. Dannenbring, S. Hasty, C. Souli, C. Neiting, B. Hoover, S. Cassoti. I6 JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL- Front row-l. to r.: M. Scott, S. Fuller, K. Miller, B. Nelson, R. Pingel, A. Tyler, S. Bakerg Row 2-D. Blankenhngen, P. Iordison, J. Johnson L. Larsen, J. Halverson, B. Hrabak, L. Ruge, K. Wickwire, C. Cnpallos, A. Heitland, A. Garstoni, J. Cuckie. SOPHOMORE STUDENT COUNCIL- Front row-+I. la r.: V. Gordon, S. Sears, B. Stromberg, B. Fanel, V. Vander Maten, S. Lindeberg, M. Paulsong Raw 2-D. Mnrkley, N. Moore, N. Conrad, P. Baker, B. White, C. Berry, M. Hilgendorg. Student Council lnltlates Hall Of Fame Student Council officers conduct the monthly meeting for all homeroom representatives. Cindy Byram, editor of Big Dodger, approves layouts and copy for the entire staff. Photographers for the Journalism Department are Howard Haase, Bob Marquis, Bob Blou- dek, and Chuck Geer. Big Dodger Remembers Photography Department Roberta Becher, Pam Jordison, Beth Packer, T Ad P J h son, and Vicki Blair relax before the deadlines. ony amsi am osep Those who worked industriously on the Big Dodger happily presented a yearbook which they felt spelled out a success story of the school year. With the cooperation of its staff, headed by its exacting ed- itor, Cindy Byram, under the direction of its advisor, Mrs. Dun- can, the hard work and long hours proved in reality to be a pleasurable experience from beginning to end. - The gathering of information, planning of lay-outs, picture taking, and copy creating required extra zeal on everyone's part and demanded considerable energy from all. There were many long hours spent in the performance of painstaking duties to bring forth the necessary results. Sharing of ideas, interests and experiences brought about a closer feeling of unity and provided profitable gains for all the staff members. There was time for fun too, as the organiza- tion and planning took place, and materialized. Neil Cadbury, Gordon Schaller, LuAnn Arney, Jolyn Magnusson, Jean Algoe, Marilyn Jones, and Marcia MacNamee combine efforts for a layout. :yay ' -un1nnmnf---M1-M mi H"' Mopping up after a dark room flooding experience is Howard Haase. D -si.'15'5'-Fai i 'Sa- eii nb V ws 'ST Ar-e is Little Dodger Staff Editors who meet fifth period are Sitting: C, Weston, B. Collins, M. Anderson, L. Wilsheuseng Standing: C. Schubert, D. Behrens, K. Hively. Q Little Dodger Features New Sports Lolumn Determined to bring forth interesting articles about the Fort Dodge Senior High activities, the staff of the Little Dodger searched unrelentlessly for information about sports, plays, assemblies, and students in order to make their newspaper newsworthy. Credit for its success in providing interesting reading can be awarded to editor, Dave Allen, his able and hard-working staff and their competent advisor, Mrs. Virginia Hatch. These enthusiastic journalists, who put together the Little Dodger, willingly gave much of their valuable time and energy. It was their cooperation that made this year's paper tops. ' The hard-working participants looked forward eagerly to pro- ducing each issue even though it meant scurrying interviews, per- sistent working to secure advertisements, copy writing and rewrit- ing, late night proof reading, and meeting printer's deadlines. Trials and tribulations were considered a part of the work, which gave invaluable experience to each staff member. Problems were en- countered, pondered, and conquered. It was a happy crew who with pride and satisfaction finished each issue and saw its popularity proven by the excited readers who eagerly devoured its news. Folding papers on -another Thursday night are Lowell Handy, Vicki Blair, and Janet Curl. fC Mrs. Hatch, sponsor, confers with Dave Allen editor-in-chief of Little Dodger for 1966-67. Securing ads on Saturday afternoons is Pam .lordison's advertising responsibility. . . K ..-. lit" t. K w ,Qs mls. . Q ., C., it... ,fi A t or gli Q 31 'S 1 L , il .K . lf' SM P. J, A lv 1 1 igs New 1,- 5, J . ,a X nf 1 , pi, Sixth Period debators compare notes to confirm debate arguments. ational Forensic League- First In orthern District Interest reigned and goals were great with the National Forensic League in 1966 and 67. The organiza- tion headed by president, Richard Cleland, vice president, Mollie Churchill, secretary, Ann Rae Heit- land, and treasurer, Anita Garatoni soared to a very successful year, under the capable supervision of their advisor, Miss Sharon Kersen- brock. Dodger debaters secured an en- viable record, ranking first in the northern district nine times out of ten. They earned a perfect score of five wins and no losses at the Ames tournament in February. They were hospitable hosts to the Dodger Invi- tational Tournament in December. Their polished group traveled over a thousand miles to participate in de- bates and contests and spent many long hours using their fine skills win- ning special recognition for their inspired members. They not only won coveted hon- ors, but also promoted worthwhile interest in forensic activities and were provided with invaluable ex- perience. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE- L. to r. front row-J. Wiggins, M, Windchanz, A. Heitland, D. Hear n, A. Garatoni, A. Tyler, M. Churchill Row 2-A. Howick, R. Cleland, J. Stinehart, M. Peters, B. Burnquist, J. Vander Maten, R. Friesth. 20 Q. re 5-we 'TW' -...J TRADE AND INDUSTRY- Front row-left to right-N. Anderson,J. Purkapile, R. Hickey P McGuire S Rice Row 2 R Temll R Sherman M Septer K. Allen, K. Wileyg Row 3-B. Sandven, R. Murray, M Merlcle J Witte Aspirations To Success For The Trade and Industry Club The Trade and Industry Club worked hard and gave its members enjoyable business train- ing experiences in club activities and social events at their meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. The members were guided by Pat McGuire, president, Randy Sherman, vice-president, Keith Witte, secretary-treasurer, and reporter, Sue Price. Mr. Donald Clark acted as advisor for the club. OFFICERS, Sitting: P. McGuire, president, S. Rice, reporter, Standing: R. Sherman, vice president, and K. Witte, secretary-treasurer. T Inav Q 15 N X . gn s- , ' Nr: FBLA- B B Front ww, I to r: C. Michaels, L. Thompson, P. Meyers, J. Cleveland, Mr. Linney, G. Gibson, B. McDowell, J. Conrad, P. Scarborougbg Second row: R. Schwanz, S. Rink, V. Jordison, D. Gascho, B. Mason, L. Witte, K. Habhab, S. Bennett, J. Martin, S. Orsland, P. Gross, B. Boyd, L. Jacobson, C. DuBois, G. Grell, B. McCutchen, P. Wearmouthg Back row: J. Frob, J. Baker, M. Porter, A. Oleson, V. Blair, M. Kolesar, J. Ackerson, B. McNealy, L. Rennie, L. Hcrwig, S. Baker, L. Olson, G. Porter, J. Parker, K. Ostrem, L. Behrens, K. Monson, D. Bergvig. FBL Builds Capable Business Leaders The Future Business Leaders of America pro- moted preparation for better citizens and more capable leaders in tomorrow's World of business through its well-planned organization. The main project of this club was the production of a student directory which listed the Fort Dodge High School students, their addresses and telephone numbers. Regular meetings were held at which business directors and teachers spoke on topics of timely interest. Miss Jones, a business instructor in the Fort Dodge Community College, was the speaker at a December first Christmas party which was held at Treloars. An interesting and informative year was achieved under the guidance of Mr. Phil Linney. FBLA OFFICERS-Sitting: Jayne Conrad, presidentg Vicki Jordison, vice presidentg Standing-Pam Meyers, historiang Kathy Habhab, parliamentariang Mary Ann, Kolesar, sec- retary-treasurer. i . .- l Ill? President Jayne Conrad helps compile student directories student body. . .... . rin. for DECA OFFICERS, sitting: Pat Hewitt, Karen Standing: Reggie Cartee, Mike Conrad, Dana Wilson, Mike Noltger. Education gained, experience had, was the motto for those who comprised the D.E.C.A. organization. The members gained practical knowledge and also stored up information for future need. Those who participated in this club worked to acquire the skills necessary for doing commendable work on a job as well as working toward gather- ing experience to be used later in life. Meetings were held once a month and members made real progress in developing an understand- ing of responsible citizenry and the value of edu- cation in preparing for a career in marketing and allied jobs. Sf! 1 uf: 'Q if,-it if .1 it Ne.. it as D.E.C.A. members relax in classroom situation before reporting to respective jobs. DECA Students Spend Weekend In Des Moines D.E.C.A.-Front row-left to right-M. Nottger, M. Conrad, L. Nelson, K. Ostrem, R. Cartee, J. Ferguson, D. Wilsong Row 2 -S. Simpson, S. Sheker, S. Hedcen, P. Carstens, D. Weston, J. Olson, E, Eckelbcrger, K. Sastak, 'S, Flowers, C. Kourey, E. Horton, P. Hewitt. 23 FUTURE TEACHERS- ,QI i P' P s Front row-left to right-C. Diane, J. Farr-cl, J. Watt, L. Beaver, C. Burk, K. Habhah, J. Shcrrat, J. Sandelinc, E. Demery, T. Haugen, P. Ellis, J. Heman, N. Hill, B. Hrabach, R. Becherg Row 2-J. Griffin, S. Lochray, J. Jackson, K, Macek S. Osterburg, L. Behrens, J. Hnncla, L. Plnyn, M. Holin- strom, K. Heitkamp, R. Hanson, M. Mori, C. Melton, C. Leplyg Row 3-V. Gritton, K. Janvrin, B. Patterson, M. Hanson, N. Blair, N. Osborn, 0. Knickerbocker, B. Phipps, S. Fjetland, R. Schlesliinger, D. Wessman, S. S-scor, S. Vratney, H. Jenson, L. Scharf. FTA Attends Prospective Teachers' Day Future Teachers, Club provided an opportunity for high school students to explore their interest in the teaching profession. Through activities, they learned aspects of this profession. A tea was given in the fall by Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority at Riverside School. This gave the members an opportunity to talk with the professionals. At the annual Prospective Teachers' Day in November, the Webster County club members were guests of Community College. Guest speakers helped the members to decide if this was the profes- sion of their choice. Finally, all junior and senior mem- bers received an opportunity, on March 15, to observe and teach in an elementary classroom. Completing their year was the annual picnic and installation of officers at Loomis Park. Helping plan Prospective Teachers' Day are the F.T.A. officers -Sitting-Roberta Becher, Sue Osterbergg Standing-Shirley Behrens, and Beryl Phipps. . L . Vv.. 7, ai g , , ,V o fray, V f qi gilt. ,523 .ff 1 , L, X mi. . Beryl Phipps, secretary-treasurer of Future Teachers, reads the minutes of the last meeting. 1 1 Qt Xrwfii Ffh ,A ,,fxg,.g,. ,- isr- , .S s Front row-left I0 right-H. Eckert, S. Crosby, E. Rogde, M. Rogers, R. Nietland, M. Biroccig Row 2'-N. Wagner, R. Rogers, L. Ruge, M. Gribben, K. Mrlnlirc, L. Hubbard, K. Klauss, D. Zolndsky, C. McKnight, M. Mori, R. Bucky Raw 3-S. Hasty, S. Crosby, J. Magnusson, L. Larsen, .l. Johnson, E. Miller, V. Cobb, N. Landcs, K. Rourke, A. Dowd, P. Joscplison, C. Bundyg Row 4- C. Horn, C. Lynn, G. Hoviek, K. Drivr, V. Ellis, J. Vnucuudy, P. Sw:-nt. R. Askelson, M. Benson, C. Crouse, I. Badger, M. Mclfzuldan. Medical Careers Club Hosts Children's Part Medical Careers Club offered an acquaintance with and a broader knowledge of the mysteries and magnificence of the medical profession. Under the guidance of their advisor, Mrs. Harold Proeschold, the officers of the club, president, Susie Hasty, vice president, Nancy Landes, secre- tary-treasurer, Ann Dowd and corresponding sec- retary, Carol McKnight, planned monthly meetings which provided enlightenment and inspiration to theirmembers. A Christmas party for underprivileged children was a valuable experience for these girls who aspire to learn more about service in health-and com- munity welfare. The specialists from the medical profession who spoke at some of the meetings added the necessary and beneficial knowledge about their careers giving impetus to the member's desire to know more about how to help others. Carol McKnight serves hotdogs to members and their little friends during the Medical Careers banquet. W' , Squealing with delight, little guests of Medical Careers members receive gifts from Santa Claus, 4 ,fr of 7 Listening intently to Mrs. Duncan tell about her trip through Australia are members of Youth Forum. Youth Forum Inspires Interest In The World The Youth Forum members were given exciting glimpses into the affairs and conditions of the world through the timely programs presented at their monthly meetings. Visionary speakers promoted travel through the mindis eye to Africa, Europe, Australia, Colum- bia, and Canada. A realistic adventure was the trip the members made to Cornell College to become better acquainted with college life. An interesting forum on World Law, as well as a worthwhile program about Abe Lincoln, gave added zest to a well-planned year under the advisorship of Miss Norma Hanson and Lisle Townsend. An enjoyable extra this year are the refreshments served by the members. F-" 26 Seconding the motion are Martha McFadden and Peggy Shoemaker. Oscar Habhab, Mark Anderson, Cheryl Dan- nenbring, and Cathie Tinker serve as Youth Forum officers. A-S .ig Mary Ann Birocci, Margret Maurey, Crag Nelson, and Dale Morris dress as characters representing Roman Mythology for Latin initiation. LATIN CLUB- LATIN CLUB OFFICERS, Sitting: Chris Johnson, Pam Joseph- song Standing: Cordon Schaller, Oscar Habhab. Latin Club The Senatus Populusque Romanum Club was under the leadership of Miss Mary Boxwell. The initiation party, the reception for the alumni, and the annual Latin Banquet were the social events of the year. The purposes of Latin Club were to further an interest in Latin and to make Latin class enjoyable. Officers were elected by secret votes. Only fourth year students were eligible for the offices of Primus Consul and Secundus Consul. The officers were Primus Consul, Gordy Schallerg Secundus Consul, Chris John- son, Scriba, Pam Josephsong and Quaestor, Oscar Hab- hab. Front row-left to right-S. Moen, J. Johnson, P. Josephson, .l..Magnuss0n, N. Wagner, C. Johnson, R. Becher. Second row- V. Cobb, M. Maurey, L, Pfaff, D. Morris, O. Habhab, K. Hoyman, M. Birocci, Third row-R. Schlesinger, M. McFadden, M. Jones, C. Schaller, G. Mosbrucker, C. Nelson, S. R0we,'S. Vratny, B. Phipps. 27 SPANISH CLUB-Front row-left to right-S. Hepperle, A. Reed, J. Fletcher, S. Sinclair, C. Heitkamp, S. Memka, M. Mori, J. Wiggins, B, Hrabakg Row 2-L. Sharf, H. Eckhart, S. Lochray, C. Tinker, M, Stevens, C. Knickerbocker, M. Wells, C. Lynn B. Goodrich, N. Landes, R. Hanson, Row 3-M. Andre, V. Gritton, F. Kaufman, S. Secor, L. Handy, L. Olson, J. Rojas, S. Baker K. Skogmo, V. Sween, D. Wessman. Spanish Club Listening to tapes through earphones is part of the Spanish Club training. 28 The aim of Spanish Club was to speak the language as much as possible in the business meetings and to become familiar with the culture of the various countries. The annual Christmas ban- quet Was held at the Fort Dodge Country Club where the high- light of the night was the traditional breaking of the pinata. Spanish Club was held once a month during class periods. Highlights of a trip into Mexico and slides, of Spanish speaking countries were among the top programs of the year. Jaime Rojas, our American Field Service student from Chile, added additional foreign influence to the meetings. A special dinner banquet featuring a Spanish menu was given on Pan American Day in April. The club's activities were ended in the spring by the annual picnic at which prospective second-year students were initiated 'into Spanish Club. SPANISH OFFICERS, Front Row-left to right-C. Brown, B. Hrabak, S. Williamsg Row 2-D. Wessman, M. Scott, S. Baker, T. Trace, R. Cleland, J. Evans, N. Landes. 9 1 FRENCH CLUB- K iff! Front row-left to right-D. Johnson, S. Cannon, B. McDowell, S. Bartik, R. Olmstead, M. Bradwell, J. Flahertyg Row 2-G. Siekmann, J. VanGundy, K. Macek, K. Cooper, J. Sandaline, K. Brinton, J. Jackson, C. Alexander, K. Drier, Row 3-TS. Kuske, P. Gustafson, L. Parker, J. .Wal1ukait, C. Blobaum, S. Rink, K. Hively, C. Bryam, C. Kloess, D. Lindner. Using the French language in everyday situations and utilizing cultural contributions of the French people were the purposes of the Sans Souci Club. Under the guidance of Miss Harriet Demorest, and Mrs. Beverly Walker, the French Club met monthly on the last Wednesday. Sans Souci was composed of all students in the second-year French classes. The members of Sans Souci enjoyed two parties this year. The first was a Christmas party held at Treloafs Inn. The second party was a picnic at a local park. The purpose of the picnic was to initiate prospective members for the following year. French Club French Club .students search their minds for answers to another vocabulary test FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS, Sitting: P. Cus- tafson, C. Kloess, S, Bartik, J. Jackson: Standing: J. Flaherty, S. Rink, D. Lindner. eece ...iff ' -,..,.EL. f . ' 1 29 5 A CAPPELLA, Front row-left to right-J. Sandaline, S. Orsland, R. Buck, A. Dowd, C. Siekmann, N. Nabor, N. Landes, N. Blair, K. Moeller, K. Mclntyre, P. Jordison, K. Drierg Row 2-D. Ness, L. Macken, C. Carlson, G. Shill, M. Rainey, R. Neit- land, D. Dalquist, J. Algoe, C. Tinker, B. Phipps, K. Hively, L. Pfaff, M. Mori, G. Zelms, R. Calvert, R. Wiedeman, C. Wal- lace, D. Markly, R. Tudor, S. Drown, D. Culver, M. VanGundy, C. Higgins, Row 4-B. Sheker, M. Anholt, D. Olson, D. Shimkat, S. Griffith, B. Ellsworth, R. Pingel, R. Pieper, S. DeWitt, B. Wenhardt, K. McClure. Where? 6l1ar!cy?DeIights FDHS Students Under the direction of Mr. Larry Mitchell, the 1967 A'Cappella choir filled the music room every day during the fourth period with enjoy- A Cappella officers Cindy Nieting, Ray Siefer, Karen Dreier, Larry able harmony- In addition to its annual Christ- Leege, and Dianne Moore discuss music for the spring concert. mas Concert, the choir blended their voices to add to a Christmas assembly. Other appearances included concerts at high school, both junior highs, service clubs, district student council convention, and various senior activities. The highlight of the year for its members was the presentation of the musical, "Where's Charley?" This delightful musical production told of the adventures and misadventures of Charlie Wykam and Jack Chesney who invited their girl friends up to their apartment with the understanding that Charley's aunt would be chaperone. The aunt never arrived. The elected officers were Larry Leege, presi- - - Q dent, Ray Siefer, manager, Dianne Moore, ' .1 secretary, Cindy Nieting and Karen Dreier, li- brariansg and Scott Griffith, C. B. Higgins, Kathy Brinton, and Gretchen Siekmann, ward- ' s robe managers. 30 5 , E. Klauss, C. Bundy, C. Neiting, D. Moore, M. Nichols, K. Wick- wirc, B. Goodrich, B. Parker, C. Peterson, S. Moen, S. Barth, M. .Ionesg Row 3--M. Messerly, R. Peltz, L. Leege, D. Trumbo, R. Siefer, K. Brooks, G. Lindgren, S. Hartman, M. Trost, M. McGuire, C. Myers. All-State musicians include: Row 1-D. Ness, L. Kramer, K. Drierg Row 2-N, Landes, K. Brinton, N. Naborg Row 3- L. Crummer, K. Hively, L Leegeg Row 4-M. Raney, S. Bar- tik, D. Schoong Row 5-R. Pieper, R. Siefer, D. Shimkat. A Cappella members dress for their Christmas television appearance. Marilyn Jones, Beth Packer, and Larry Leege review music from the operetta with Mr. Mitchell. 3l Merrill Peters and Judy Drollinger, along with other members of the orchestra, tune up for a practice session. In addition to the presentation of the traditional Christmas program the Fort Dodge Senior High Orchestra had a heavy schedule which included con- certs at North Junior High, South Junior High, the Winter Wonderland Concert and the Springtasia Con- cert. Mr. Altemeier directed the orchestra while Mr. Moberg directed the string section. Louise Kramer, Larry Crummer, Karen Dreier, and Dorothy Ness were the Dodgers who participated in the All-State Orchestra during Thanksgiving vacation. ORCHESTRA- .Carol McKnight, Debbie Shelby, Sue Osterberg, Cindy Alexander, Louise Kramer, Roger Pieper and Larry Crum- mer are the Orchestra officers. Orchestra Presents Springtasia Concert Front raw-left to ,right-L. Kramer, K. Brinton, N. Moore, N. Windler, J. Worrel, K. Froh, M. Foster, L. Osboe, L. Mackeng Raw 2-D. Ness, I. Mc- Nally, D. KDPIJ- C. Alexander, J. Hartman, J. Hanson, A. Russell, L. Dickerson, J. Schnurr, L. Crummer, C. Dannenbring, N. Shafer, D. Culver, B. Wenhardt, M. Peters, J. Drollingerg Raw 3-M. Andre, M Porter, C Dianne, K Phipps, J. Kurth, S. Crosby, S. Osterberg, K. Drier, C. McKnight, S. Cue, Carlson D Davis C Myers M VsnGundy C Brown S. Bnrtik, D. Shelby, K. Wickwire, L. Leege, G. Gibson, H. Bode, B. Patterson, R. Phillips, M. Viers, R. Pieper, B. Shimkatg Row 4-M. Zabel, D. Q R 'iioe 4 x A nn 5 L. lo r.-front row-J. Wallukait, M. Rogers, V. Sween, A. Anderson, P. Webster, C. Svalson, M. Hanson, D. Wcssman Row 2-J. Isaacson, D. Bergvig, M- 5Cl1Ulfl. C- Rogers M. McFadden, N. Osborn, V. Ellis, S. Kane, S. Rink Row 3-L. Arney, C. Lepley, R. Rogers, P. Fjetland, P. Newbrough, l. 2flalgnusspnhL. Rennie, P. Holstein, C. Johnson, J. McNally Row 4-N. Wiezer, D. Shelby, J. Johnson, L. Larsen, C. Mncek, J. Sherrnt, C. Cnpellos, C. I! Cf, . ZlUgUn Girls Glee Takes Part In Spring Concert The air filled with music as the Girls Glee Club practiced and perfected their singing techniques three days a week during second period. The members of this club devoted many hours to rehearsing for their an- nual Christmas Concert. Diligent prac- ticeproduced an impressive performance Girls prepare for Christmas Concert. and their efforts were very well received. Opportunity to dance in the spring operetta was an honor for the partici- pating members and many tryouts for this were held. It was a busy and profitable year for this energetic group who worked faith- fully under the leadership of Mr. Larry Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell beats the rhythm with his foot. l GLEE CLUB OFFICERS-Sitting-Dee Wessman, Sherri Rink, Standing -Teri Haugen, Cynthia Capellos, Judy Sherrat, Chris Johnson ff" 3 , S "' vi-W 'Hwy' "i 5 - Ti f1fbsf'Q3f ,E .i . L -72:-A is-, i ,W if Q 1 Q, i L..4 5 -..,.,. iw ' it 1,5 ' v Pep Club boosts Dodger Spirit to many victories. Dodger Spirit rises. Pep Club Arouses Dodger Spirit Pep Club played an important role in rousing school spirit at pep assemblies and games. To earn enough points to be a pin member a girl had to participate in many various activities. Ath- letic events, meetings, working for the bonfire, different homecoming committees, and painting signs were ways a girl could obtain these points. The bonfire was a complete success due to much hard work by the loyal members. They made the decorations for the homecoming assembly and sponsored sock hops. Pep Club unified its members by purchasing uniforms of black skirts, white blouses, and red sweaters. 34 Vicki Nelson, Marilyn Jones, Barb Goodrich, Nancy Landes paint signs to boost Dodger teams. 2..- r . ,--sis 'fx I L. to r.-front row-J. Weiss, C. Weston, T. Goodman, I. Brittenham, G. Schaller, L. Castagnoli, A. Fotis, D. Allen, D. Woods, R. Swcatl. Raw G. Lundgren, K. Heinze, K. Hanson, J. Rojas, Mr. Cayman, Mr. Hageman, D. Burke, P. Kirst, B. Perkins. Row 3-R. Peltz, T. Ruge, S. Booche, Larson, S. Swinney, M. VanGundy, W. Tabor, A. Lepley, D. Kopp. Raw 4-J. Magnon. S. Hartman. G. Knutson, D. Lools, B. Kemp, L, Chalgrcn, Morrison, M. Anderson, D. Ashbeenner, C. Wallace. Boys' Booster Club Obtains Charter The Boy's Booster Club deserved praise-worthy credit for a job well-done. Their energetic members helped to provide an active interest in the loyal pride of our school. The club met regularly under the supervision of Mr. Cayman and Mr. Hageman, organizing and planning activities which would deepen and extend school spirit. Concurring enthusiasm was contagious and the members saw their efforts and plans spiral into enduring loyalty. The club's efforts helped make for continued good will ous ways. in the halls, classrooms, and at all the activities. The promising group filled a need and promoted the spirit necessary for a school to be foremost and forth- right. Ray Siefer, secretary-treasurer, Gordon Schaller, president, Bruce Perkins, vice president, stop in the hall to make a phone call. ,F xx A I 2- M. M. Boys' Booster Club members show their enthusiasm in vari- 35 . A- 1 . , ' r 5 ' 'swiss fe ' ' L 6 j gf 1 A :Ri Q 5372 ll llllfl A BAND, Front row-left to right-L. Crummer, J. Schnurr, L. Dickerson, S. Crosby, J. Drollingerg Row 2-K. Drier, S. Oster- berg, C. Mandelko, J. VanCundy, S. Moen, E. Klauss, D. Caulkin, H, Eckhart, S. Hewettg Row 3-M. Birrocci, L. Sharf, B Patterson D. Schoon D. Bass D. Hern K. Wickwire, L. Leege, K. Beiser, B. Ellis, B. Sheker, S. Bartikg Row 4-P.- Cook, R. Schlesinger, C. Capellos, M. ,Peters, D: Bergvig, M. Swedlund, B. Shimkat, L. Kramer, S. Kastendic, L. Rupp, W. Simpson, K Davidson, C. Diane, M. Barnhill, M. Robson, D. Carlson, K. Phipps, L, Maas, T. Adams, M. Messerly, C. Brown, M. Mohler, D. Croft., Band Members Participate In Musical STAGE BAND, Front row left to right-S. Cue, S. Osterberg, B. Ellis, S. Bartik R. Pieper, B. Sheker, N. Cadbury. Row 2- A. Kallansrud, S. Drown, K. Bieser, K. Alstott, D. Hem, D. Bass, L. Leege, G. Gibson, M. Viers. Back row-L. Crummer, D. McCabe, C. Myers, T. Adams. . U A. Russell, V. Sween, T. Neimier, B. Phipps, L. Macek, M. Mori, M. Dannenbring, J, Hambleton, D. Moore, C. Dannem. bring, N. Schafer, D. Culver, B. Winhardt, M. Gunther, T. Trace, C. Brown, V. Cobb, S. Drown, J. Ulstad, T. Haugen, C. Togens, K. Alstott, F. Wiewel, M. Paulson, S. Cue, T. Fredrichs, R. Pieper, B. Clausen, K. Etzell, S. lnnman, C. Fisher, R. Rogers, D. Harvey, C. Myers, M. Schlesinger, J. Jensen, P. Crunwald, M. Viers, R. Pieperg Row 5- D. Zolnosky, D. McCabe, D. Davis, M. Zabel, P. Carlson, T. Akins, B, Clark, J, Pride, P. Zierke, O. Jenson, M. Grove, A. Kallansrud. Spirits were raised as the 1966-67 Dodger band marched down the field during football games and filled the stadium with the strains of "Up Fort Dodgers!" Led by drum major Larry Leege, the band provided various interesting programs through- out the season. During one halftime, a patriotic program was presented featuring A Cappella, a huge American Flag and the majorettes twirling lighted batons. In addition to this regular appearance, the Mr. Keith Altemeier begins the Christmas Concert. band, under the direction of Mr. Keith Altemeier, played various concerts. The pep band successfully enthused pep assemblies with many fast tunes known to Dodgers. Among the snappy numbers, the band played Herb Alpert's music and ended with the school pep song. Concert band presented programs which were given at North Junior High, South Junior High, and Senior High School for public audiences. BAND OFFICERS-left to right-Brian Wenhardt, Dan Culver, Chuck Cue, Larry Leege, Cheryl Dannembring, Dianne Moore, and Beryl Phipps. w.. ,M Y. ,yay Jaime lives with the Calvin Woods' family during the 'year- Standing-Jaime, Dennis Woods, Seated-Mrs. Woods, Marianne, and Mr. Woods. Jaime - Our Chilean A. .S. Student Jaime spends many hours with his American brother, Denny Woods. E5 38 Jaime s l Jaime Rojas, our A.F.S. Student from San- tiago, Chile, arrived at the Calvin Woods, home in August, 1966. Jaime's subjects at Fort Dodge Senior High included civics, Amer- ican history, English, Spanish, and typing. After graduating from high school here, he will have four more months of school left to fill his high school education in Chile. Jaime found the atmosphere of FDHS much like his own, although the major difference was "the girls". Jaime participated in many school activities. He was a member of Student Council, vice- president of AFS Club, and a member of Spanish Club. He enjoyed swimming, soccer, and basketball. His spare time was spent listen- ing to music, watching TV, and going to shows. Jaime's future plans are indefinite, but he hopes to become a pilot or study sociology. Rojas stops outside the school before returning home. f 4 -' """""""""""r lllt... fffdlil 2 l . it ff' V From Athens, Greece came our seventeen-year-old AFS Student, Chrysanthi Souli. While living in Fort Dodge, she made her home with the Vernon Moore family. In comparing FDHS with school in Greece, Chry- santhi felt that we had much more freedom. In Greece twelve to fifteen subjects are required, and the students attend school from two until seven in the evening six days a week. Chrysanthi enjoyed watching all sports and liked to participate in basketball and volleyball. For recrea- tion Chrysanthi preferred dancing and music, her favorites being Italian and French. Parties and music occupied many of her leisure hours. Chrysanthi's future plans are still indefinite. She would like to travel and attend a language institute for a year or two before attempting to pass her entrance exams at Athens University. Chrysanthi Souli, our AFS student from Greece. Diane points out to Chrysanthi pictures of their friends in last year's Dodger. Chrysanthi - Gur Greek A.F.S. Student Chrysanthi's American family, the Vernon Moores-Sitting-Mrs. Moore, Chrysanthi, Mr. Mooreg Standing-Diane Moore, J. D., Nancy Moore. ha- AFS CLUB Front row-lelt to right-M. Peters, B. Hoover, D. Allen, D. Kopp, B. Friestu, D. Hern. Row 2-C. fllorn, P. Iordison, D. Ness, S. Cappellnl, C. Cnpellol, E. Klnuss, K. Hnbhab, L. Arney, L. Macek, L. Bouder, S. Kane. Row 3-N. Moore, M. Hanson, S. Bartik, M. McNamee, C. Thompson, C. Dnnnenbring, C. Higgins, L. Larsen, N. Jensen, N. Landes, C. Berry, I. Drown, V. Gritton. round The World With Peanuts - . . . Theme The A.F.S. Club in its second year gathered members and momentum. Those who belonged were given a chance to become better ac- quainted with this year's foreign exchange students, Chrysanthi Souli of Greece, and Jaime Rojas of Chile. These personable friends from other lands showed slides and gave talks about their native homes at the meetings. Interest in American Field Service was furthered through the relating of experiences in a different land and also by the spirited activities that the club promoted. One high- light of the year was the tobogganing party held at the American Legion Country Club. A.F.S. week, March 6-10, brought about the . annual dance and the fund raising drive. Both were successful in providing fun and funds. Officers of the club, president, LuAnn Arney, vice-president, Jamie Rojas, secretary- treasurer, Chrysanthi Souli and sponsor, Mr. William Lynch helped make this club an im- portant one. Sara Swan volunteers for a committee assignment. A.F.S. CLUB-Front row-lelr to right-S. Baker, B. Marquis, R. Siefer, J. Rojas, D. Woods, B. Perkins, J. Stinehnrt. Row 2-0. Habhab, G. Zclms, A. Tyler, S. Rinlr, R. Aslcelsou, A. Heitland, M. Winclachanz, C. Macek, S. Swan, P. Jordison, A. Garaioni, E. Hoskins, C. Schubert, M. Scott. 40 ilu f..- AA i . A AUDIO VISUAL-Front row-left to right-G. Zelms, B. Perkins, Mr. Barkmeier, K, McMahon, B. Packerg 2-row-A. Kasaldrau, S. Crosby, P. Jordison, S. Osterberg, C. Dianne, K. Johnson, U. Tinker, R. Pellz. A.V. and O.E. Organize in I966 Audio Visual Club, which was formed this fall, was open to all students for the purpose of learning how to operate the audio visual equipment at 'F.D.H.S. Meetings were held twice a month with refreshments served afterwards. Sessions were spent learning the various parts of the machinery and learning how to repair the equipment if a machine should break down. Each member delivered films for one week at differ- ent times during the year. The officers were president, Bruce Perkins, vice-president, Sue Osterburgg secre- tary-treasurer, Beth Packer. The newly organized office education program served as an accent for on-the-job-training and corre- sponded with school work in clerical and secretarial work. Miss Olson was advisor of the group. Officers included Sandy Davis, president, Peggy Scarborough, vice president, Peggy Cross, secretary, and Kay Peterson, treasurer. Members of this group competed in the State Con- vention at Des Moines and worked in downtown offices after school. The year was ended by a banquet given by the girls for the employers. OFFICE EDUCATION-Front raw-left to right-K. Monson, S. Davis, L. Behrens, Miss Olson, C. Michaela, P. Scarborough, K. Pederson. Row 2- K. Etzel, D. Zuspann, J. Peterson, L. Waggener, M. Moses, S. Bennett, S. Oraland, L. Jacobsen, P. Gross, K. Wickwire. 'i i . . F ' u 1 A I Nr. A I 4I Andy Fotis sums up his case as prosecuting at- torney in The Night of January 16th. 42 I 96 Thespians and Alice ' Above-Madhatter trio, Ron Calvert, Ed Gilbert, Terry Goodman wait for the approaching queen. Left-Queen of hearts, Kathy Hively, demon- strates her influence on the King, Paul Willy, ' 'R and her court, M. Harris, S. Swan, and J. Ger- rard. tell the truth?" asks Ron Calvert to Mike "Do you swear to Viers, as Judge Kerry McClurg overhears the swearing in process. Tap Dodger Talent in january lofi! in Warzdrrlaml Acting found its glory and reward for those who were the Thespians. Footlights beckoned and aspiring actors worked hard in this honor society of students who were active in the speech department. Production of two highly successful plays, Alice in Wonderland and The Night of January the Sixteenth, gave opportunity for dramatic ex- pression of those who had successfully com- pleted regular class work in dramatics. Other members proved their skills in working as makeup and stage artists. Enjoyment was great for those in the club as well as for those who were lucky enough to see the productions which were produced under the very able direction of Mr. Gail Niceswanger, the club's sponsor. Officers are Scott Griffith, presidentg Betty Fellers, treasurerg Cindy Byram, secretary. 1 ill? THESPIAN MEMBERS-Front row-l. to r.-B. Kemp, C. Blobaum, S. Griffith, B. Packer, C. Weston. 2nd raw-R. Siefer, K. Hively, B. Fellers, A. Fotis. 3rd row-C. Tinker, A. Paulson, E. Gilbert, D. Culver, R. Calvert, T. Goodman, C. Byram, A n i is ? - ' : Applying lipstick to Wayne Tabor is Mr. Niceswanger while Miss Gerber, the student teacher, observes. 43 x n 1 ff i Ani ATHLETICS I , , sf' Wil, 1 1.6.5 I ififffs 23'-'C-if , 3- , T ' 'u'i Those who lead the cheers and spark the enthusiasm of players and spectators alike are, l. to r., Sharon Wolff, captain: LuAnn Arneyg Jean Algoeg Carol Straderg Sharon Pattersong and Barb Goodrich. Cheerleaders Spark Enthusiasm In Teams In the spring numerous girls worked out and coordinated their voices and actions in a process called cheerleading. All of them worked hard, but finally the stu- dent body chose the six girls, who, in their evaluation, would per- form the best together and create the most enthusiasm. These six prac- ticed all summer so that they per- formed as an organized unit when the sports seasons came around. However, their efforts did not cease here, but they continued to practice so that they became more proficient and generated more enthusiasm as the year went by. These girls brought a bit of spice and color that complimented rather favorably all sporting events. The varsity cheerleaders urge the spectators to rise up to the occasion. 46 Cheerleaders Barb Goodrich, Sharon Patterson, and Carol Strader perform a new cheer ln the shape of a pyramid. Sharon Patterson shouts, "Up Fort Dodgers!" nd Spectators f All 1 2. ,- . ,A -,. K, sf srifxt., X Last fall the sophomore class chose four girls from many will- ing and capable candidates to rep- resent them as cheerleaders at their athletic contests, both in Fort Dodge and out of town. These girls practiced many hours each week and often correlated their cheers to those of the varsity cheer- leaders. They continually aroused spirit in the sophomore class and the whole student body with their zest and eager ability. The sophomore cheerleaders from left to right are: kneeling, Cyndee Schmidt and Janie Togeasg standing, Sara Chap- man and Sharon Knutson. 47 5-mule, 3 -f QE F ull! x ,. 0' I rx Q .- V 1 ""'3 " " ' ' Sx' ' . . were , to l gif - K,, me W :gpm-1 ,r-. ,A X715 Y A f QP G 3 Q'-39 2 l lj-J N451 Kneeling: l. to r. Boh Ellsworth, John Baldwin, Jose Grady, Tim Frederichs, Bruce Bockoven, Al Clarke, and Don Brand. Standing: l. to r. Kent Johnson, Bruce Edmondson, Kent Magnusson, Cliff Wallace, Kent Brooks, George DeBakey, Scott Sweeny, Kurt Hanson, and Danny Lage. Cross Country Conditions Athletes The cross country team works out at the American Legion Coun- try Club hill. SCOREBOARD Fort Dodge .... .... 36 Humboldt ........... 22 Fort Dodge .... .... 2 3 Carroll Kuemper ..... 37 Fort Dodge .... .... 2 6 Carroll Kuemper ..... 31 Fort Dodge .... .... 2 5 Prairie Gowrie ....... 35 Fort Dodge .... .... 3 7 Humboldt .... ..... 1 9 Fort Dodge .... .... 2 8 Pocahontas . . . . . . . .27 Fort Dodge .... .... 4 5 Humboldt ..... ..... 1 6 Fort Dodge .......... 28 Prairie Gowrie ....... 29 Big Six Meet-6th State Meet-14th Cross country entered its second season at Fort Dodge Senior High under the direction of Coach Nitzke. With two returning lettermen off last year's squad, the Dodger runners compiled a 4-4 dual meet record. Many boys went out for 'cross country in order to gain the endurance needed in other demanding sports. The athletes went through strenuous workouts daily and ran many miles weekly so that they would be in top condition for their other sports. Vicki Gritton displays perfect form during an intramural volleyball game. Girls as well as boys were encouraged to participate in or- ganized athletic activities at FDHS. Competition was offered in field ball, volleyball, basketball, and softball. Miss Nordman oragnized all events, which took place after school. Senior and junior teams composed one league and sophomore teams had their own competition. At the end of two years, if a girl had participated in all events she signed for in girls' intramurals, she received a monogram award. as swavrr . , s as .,g ...VL ks-ia.. . 1 : - MUST? . 5 as-sql . www as Jai A X t.:,,,s .,. :Ns-it N.. ., .N ',..f . . , .,-t.y. A Practicing layups before a game is Dee Cadbury. Girls Participate in Intramural Activities Driving for the basket, Pat Cook puts the ball up with a soft touch. . Through the net, Anne Reese volleys after a serve. 49 5:5 f -.1 41 t 'J ..ff Sitting: R. Schmidt, D. Mahoney, K. Miller, D. Guarill, D. Brown, D. Markley, D. Olson, G. Perry, V. Gordon, B. Hathaway, W. Fiesler, J. Carlson, C. Malmberg, Kneeling: A. Smith, R. Pingle, D. Kehm, G. Mosbrucker, M. Viers, D. Nicklus, J. Spittal, L. Castagnoli, B. Heistand, B. Sheker, S. McHenry, M. Kennedy, M. Algoe, J. Livasy, M. McGuire, Standing: Student trainer D. Woods, D. Roney, D. Swift, J. Bratland, P. Gunderson, D. Lyerly, A. Fotis, T. Allen, G. Koch, T. Tragenza, J. Licht, M. Arlinson, D. Hager, M. Lee, D. Nelson Dodgers- Oppose Five' The 1966 football season provided a number of surprises and disappointments for the interested Dodger spectators. The year began with a bang as the Dodgers topped Boone, rated 8th in a preseason poll, 33-20. However their spirits were deflated as the team went down to defeat at the hands of Car- roll Kuemper and Cedar Falls. With great anticipa- tion the squad next prepared to take on the three powerful East schools on successive Fridays. De- feated by Sioux City and Waterloo, the team next turned its sights to the homecoming game with East Des Moines. Rain poured and thunder cracked, but the weather did not dampen the Dodgers' spirits as they lost a close contest to the highly favored Scar- lets. Victory also escaped the Dodgers' grasp in the next two outings with conference opponents Mason City and West Waterloo. The annual charity game with Sioux City Heelan was the last contest for the 1966 Dodger football team. They entered the, sta- dium with elevated spirits and played a hard, deter- mined game. It was perhaps their best effort of the The coaches for the 1966 Dodger football teamsg Richard For- lh h th th h t d f manek, Dennis Bockert, and Roger Higgins, give freely of their year, at Ong ey came out on e S or en 0 a valuable time and experience so that it is possible for the players 54"28 Score- t0 flmCti0I1 as an Organized football ieam- Although the season was unproductive victory wise, it provided many thrills and much excitement for all Dodger fans. 50 Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Dodge ........ Dodge Dodge ..... . Dodge ........ SCOREBOARD . .33 Boone ............. . . . 7 Carroll Kuemper .. 0 Cedar Falls ..... . . .20 East Sioux City . . Dodge... 0 East Waterloo Dodge .......... 19 East Des Moines .... . Dodge .... ..... 1 4 Mason City . . . Dodge . . 6 West Waterloo ...... . Dodge .......... 28 Sioux City Heelan SEASON RECORD 1-8 Rated Football Teams .1 'T l A ! Even football players need to take a break, right Jim Licht? Dodgers make a tackle on the rain soaked field during the Homecoming game. Q Q 42 ,Q Q5 7 1 1 f 4' E i.g,,N' Q FII f I, '-. M4350 Nfl SCOREBOARD Fort Dodge. . .20 Boone ......... .20 Fort Dodge. . .35 Algona Garrigan . . 12 Fort Dodge. . .24 Carroll Kuemper. . 0 Fort Dodge. . .35 Perry ......... . . 0 Fort Dodge. . . 19 Webster City . . . . 14 The season opened for the sophomore football team with enthusiasm high and aspirations elevated. Coach Robert Silke worked hard and long, directing his young squad to an undefeated season. The only blemish on an otherwise spotless record was a 20-20 tie with Boone in the opening contest of the year. The boys that went out for sophomore football gained the valuable experience and sportsmanship that is demanded by competition on a varsity level. The sophomores score a touchdown for their undefeated season Sophs Compile Llndefeated Record Sitting: l. to r. L. Wyatt, J. Evans, D. Markley, S. Tepfer, S. Sears, S. Daniel, S. Gibson, B. Folvag, B. Livasy, D. Wilson F Larson, K. Sprinkles, Kneeling: l. to r. D. Tuttle, D. Sankey, J. Ulicky, J. Irvine, M. Anderson, J. Miller, P. Mulvihlll M McHenry, N. Conrad, V. Gordan, T. Goodman, K. Randall, Standing: G. Bookes, D. McCabe, S. Herber, J. Culver, B. Spore D Berkland, K. Alstott, B. Farrel, D. Howard, K. Beisser, A. Schaffer, S. Walters, M. Carver, B. Stromberg, C. Keiser. MQBRV v,GRf VQQRT nnoss MOR DODGE DODGE Q32 moms t Y 2 U00 QORr GE ions! luv' if , ...,. at Wimwk , The 1966-1967 Dodger varsity basketball team included, kneeling: Mike Algoeg Jose Grady-.--Standing l. to r.: Alvin Clarke George De Bakeyg Mark Bockg Gary Mosbruckerg Tom Alleng Kent Magnussong John Prideg John Baldwing Kent Brooks Jerry Spittalg Bruce Presley. Dodgers Defeat St. Edmonds for District Fort Dodge .- .... Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ 65 Fort Dodge ........ 74- Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ 75 Fort Dodge ........ 64- Fort Dodge ........ Fort Dodge ........ 64- Fort Dodge ....... Coaches Vernon Huseman and Tom Hartigan inspire the team to a victorious season. SCOREBOARD Boone ......... Algona-Garrigan . East Des Moines . Webster City . .. Humboldt ..... Eagle Grove . . . West Waterloo . East Waterloo .. Mason City Clarion ........ East Des Moines . Cedar Falls .... West Waterloo . East Waterloo . . Cedar Falls .... Mason City .... Sioux City Central Webster City St. Edmonds .... Ames ......... Basketball is a popular sport at FDHS, and year after year Coach Vernon fDutchJ Huseman has produced consistently good teams. At the be- ginning of the year some doubts stirred as to how good a squad this one would be. The varsity had only two returning lettermen and lacked depth and experience. However, after winning the first two games and five of the first six, FDHS once again appeared to have the outstanding basketball squad which has characterized the school in recent years. After a slow start in the Big Six race, the cagers caught fire and finished second behind perennial champion East Waterloo. Moreover, the squad was greatly improved from its early season form and played with a deliberate, team effort. Immediately, the Dodgers entered rigorous tournament competi- tion, aiming for one of the eight berths in the state -AA tournament at Des Moines. Decisive victories over Webster City and intercity rival St. Edmonds captured the district title for the Dodgers. Next came sub-state competition against Ames on their home court. It was an exciting game, with the Dodgers leading most of the way, but the 6th ranked Ames squad pulled out in the fourth quarter and then hung on for a 57-55 victory over Fort Dodge, eliminating them from further competition. As the season closed, Coach Huseman looked forward to next year when his team would have the experience from juniors and sophomores that it lacked this year, and he forecast that next year Fort Dodge would have a team in the state meet once again. Championship Jerry Spittal maneuvers between the defense for a well deserved field goal. During a break in the game tension, Dutch Huseman JIVCS over strategy with his players 1 -62" Xi. Q7 Agyr' J! Y i 1 J 1 5 rx, gb Q if X at .W 56 . 'Ll SH? 'Eff i .,w an f , - l x 2 L..t.,. .. l l Y ' l Q., SOPH. BASKETBALL SQUAD-front row: Sam Boutcheeg Scott Kregerg Kurt Keiserg Denny Howardg Bruce Edmondson: Bruce Strombergg Mike Lee. Second row: Dave Tuttleg Vic Cordeng Dave Markleyg Mike Koppg Steve Tepferg Tim Estlundg Terry Goodman. Third row: Dennis McCabe, student manager: Walt Fieslerg Steve Hardyg Brian Sporeg Alan Shaffer: Tom Forbesg Don Aschbrenner, student manager. Sophs Gain High School Basketball Experience Poised in mid-air, Walt Fiesler prepares to shoot over an opponent's outstretched hand. .w,l.... l 2 SCOREBOARD Fort Dodge Boone ............ Fort Dodge Algona-Garrigan. Fort Dodge East Des Moines . . . Fort Dodge Humboldt ......... Fort Dodge Eagle Grove ...... Fort Dodge West Waterloo .... Fort Dodge ........ East Waterloo .... Fort Dodge Mason City ...... Fort Dodge Clarion ......... Fort Dodge East DesMoines .... Fort Dodge ........ Webster City ..... Fort Dodge Cedar Falls ...... Fort Dodge West Waterloo .... Fort Dodge East Waterloo .... Fort Dodge. Cedar Falls ...... Fort Dodge Mason City ...... Fort Dodge ........ Sioux City Central C ,lf The 1966-67 FDHS sophomore basketball squad opened the year with victories over Boone and Algona-Carrigan. Under the direction of Coach Robert Silke, the young Dodgers had a successful season and compiled a 10-7 record. Many indi- viduals stood out as good prospects for the varsity next year as all participants savored their first taste of high school basketball competition. 57 Q-,J This year's Dodger varsity swimming team included, front row, l. to r.: Bob Hoover, Mike Brand, .lim Wells, Stan Baker, Jeff Michelfelder. Second row: .lim Ruge, Jim Maurer, Mark Mayer, Joe Flaherty, Jeff Jacox. Third row: Ray Siefer, Marc Trost. Ron Calvert, Kraig Stromberg, Greg Sternitzke, Dale Calkin. Fourth row: Bill Kohler, student manager, Coach Cary Carr. Swimmers Enjoy Second Season in New Standin b the office of the new YMCA ool Coach Car Carr g y . ' P , Y discusses tactics with one of his varsity swimmers. X fi 58 With seven returning lettermen from last year's top-notch varsity, the FDHS swimming team began conditioning soon after November 1 for a long, hard season. After several weeks of strenuous workouts, the Dodger swimmers prepared to open the cam- paign against highly rated Des Moines -Roosevelt. Although defeated by tl1e Ruffriders and then by Sioux City Central and West Waterloo, the swim- mers snapped back into style compiling an 8-2 record for the remainder of the season. Included in the victories were double conquests of Boone, East Des Moines, and Mason City, and a first place finish in the Boone Invitational. Following a final victory over Ames, the Dodgers next conditioned for district and state competition. The team as-a whole captured third place in the district and qualified ten in- dividuals in seven events for further competition. Against the best in the state assembled at Ames, the Dodgers took 19th place, a respectable showing for any team. Coach Gary Carr had much to look forward to next year with a number of promising sophomores and juniors and even a few freshmen returning, and next year's swimming team is expected to be one of the best in the state. YMCA Pool Mark Mayer resets on the starting block after a close race. Fort Fort F011 F011 Fort F011 Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Dodge .... ,. .27 Dodge ...... 35 Dodge Dodge ...... 53 Dodge ...... 67 Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge ...... 51 Dodge ...... 54 Dodge ...... 65 Dodge. Dodge. ......38 ......59 ..'.....56 .....56 SCOREBOARD Roosevelt, D.M. Central, S.C. . . . West Waterloo . Lincoln, D.M. .. East Des Moines Mason City H38 West Vlfaterloo . Boone ........ Mason City .... East Des Moines Boone ........ . . . . .341 Central, S.C. ... Ames ..... . . District meet-3rd State meet-19th Swimmers poise before the crack of the gun. Anticipation builds as coach and swimmers alike await th of a race. ....60 ...57 .....f142 ....28 .....36 .....57 ....39 ....JH ....41 .....30 .....61 .....39 0 OUICOIIIK' L fl' ' ' Q After a tough meet, the varsity swimmers deserve a rest. I 5 if v if sk N --. A -X i i , X, xr .5 a - X-.Q - --Qxg S. s X. -- N . Q After a grueling freestyle race, Kraig Stromberg lends a helping hand to Jeff Michelfelder hits his apex during Jeff Jacox. a dive. ff, 60 Swimmers Take Boone Invitational Relaxing his taut muscles, Bill McCarroll stretches A Dodger swimmer renders a towel to his water soaked head. prior tg 3 rage, iw I ,Q x 'W 4' x '. wr' X V 1 X' - 7- V A . x . . F of s Ko' ,, 'T .. A3 Q. -' . H . , Q fp- .SP M., .1 1 13 ,cy Q so l .fll K A i i J s 1 ,J Z it 4: s Q x P I ' U S , Xu.. Q M A . B Nix This year's junior varsity swimming team includes, front row, l. to r.: Rick Scott, Jack Nelson, Doug Thomas, Scott Hill, John Kucera. Second rozo: Kirk Benson, John Kurtz, Neil Cadbury, Bob Kersten, Steve Strom. Back row: Steve Lindberg, Randy Pieper Roger Pieper, Kim Alstott, Mike Littzen, Mike Mohler, Dave More. .V. Swimmers Strive for Self-Improvement Steve Drown loosens a teammate's muscles before a race. Every day after school found the junior varsity swimming team hard at work at the North Junior High pool. They practiced daily on form, turns, starts, and building endurance so that they might have a chance to move onto the varsity. This phase of the swimming program showed the most im- provement from day to day, and many boys did earn spots on the first team. John King coached the J.V. and kept them inspired to work hard throughout the year. This was the unheralded facet of swimming that so few knew about or appreciated. Steve Drown congratulates Bill McCarroll on a good race. 6I "-Q. The varsity wrestling team this year includes back row, l. to r.: Mike Viers, Dale Morris Doug Spillman, Tom Kirby, Rick Ruby, Steve Page. Front row, I. to r.g Jim Neighbors, Bob Tague, John Cuckie, Tim Frederichs, Joe Sestak, not pictured, Bruce Heistand. Dodgers Send Four to State Meet Pondering the outcome of a match are Coaches Wayne Cormaney and Dick Formanek. Ninety-five pounder J oe Sestak seeks an opening for a takedown. . V ---3 U K.. .. We . . ...imw M 62 Q SCOREBOARD Q l Z Fort Dodge.. .... 14 Eagle Grove .... ..... 2 6 Fort Dodge ........ 66 East Des Moines . . . . . . 6 ' Q Fort Dodge. . .... 25 Britt .......... ..... 1 4 + i Fort Dodge .244 Algona ..... ..... 1 8 Fort Dodge. . .... 55 Estherville ..... ..... 1 1 Fort Dodge.. ..... 9 West Waterloo . .... .30 Fort Dodge ........ 25 Cedar Falls .... ..... 1 4 p ,A Fort Dodge.. .... 24 Mason City .... ..... 1 6 Fort Dodge.. .... 18 Clarion ....... ..... 2 3 Fort Dodge. . . . . .5 East Waterloo . . . . . .36 Fort Dodge.. .... 38 Iowa Falls .... ..... 1 0 Fort Dodge ........ 34 Webster City .... .... 6 Sectional-2nd District-2nd M Tim Frederichs uses his head while struggling for a pin Wrestlers Learn Self-Dlsclplme In a burst of strength, Bob Tague picks his opponent up and drives Coach Formanek makes a momentary adjustment on him forward. Bruce Heistand's headgear. ,R ,, i H1 'tts . . ,-es: Q Squarins Off and Sizing his foe UP before 3 match is Bob Tague breaks his opponents grasp for a well earned escape sophomore Joe Sestak. Eagle Grove Invitational goes To Dodgers The sport that demanded the most from a boy was wrestling. It forced him to keep his body in top condition and his morale high. It taught him self-discipline in eating and sleeping habits and the necessity of physical fitness. These boys sweat it out every day, striving for quicker moves and greater en- durance. But all the hard work paid off as the grapplers compiled an 8-4 dual meet record, and had several outstanding indi- viduals. All eleven Dodger wrestlers entered Sectional competition and eight earned the right to continue to districts where four qualified for the state mat meet. Only Jim Neighbors, of the four, survived first round matches among rugged competition and went on to take third in the state at 127 pounds. 64 Jim Neighbors, undefeated during the regular season slderolls one of his victims. ,X-A ,IV WRESTLING SQUAD-kneeling l. to r.: Gene Brown, Woodrow Wheat, Brian Farrell, Dennis Olson, Jim Carlson, ,Ierry Irvine. Standing l. to r.: Bob Livasy, Steve Sears, Keith Brown, Dave Larsen, Gary Lafollette, Gary Perry. Junior Varsity Completes Near Perfect Season SCOREBOARD Fort Dodge .27 Eagle Grove Fort Dodge .39 East Des Moines Fort Dodge .30 Britt .......... Fort Dodge .34 Algona .... Fort Dodge ...... 47 Estherville .... Fort Dodge .23 West Waterloo . Fort Dodge .24 Cedar Falls .... Fort Dodge .31 Mason City .. Fort Dodge .35 Clarion ....... Fort Dodge .22 East,Waterloo . Fort Dodge .41 Iowa Falls .... Fort Dodge .48 Webster City .. The Dodger junior varsity wrestlers continually challenged the top grapplers in each weight division throughout the year, in hopes of earning a spot on the first team. This was evidenced by the im- pressive record the J.V. compiled this year, marred only by a narrow defeat at the hands of highly regarded West Waterloo. These boys were as val- uable to the squad as anyone else, for they forced all the other wrestlers to put out that extra effort that separated a good wrestler from a great one. Retaining control of his foe, Woodrow Wheat works for a pinning combination. X s 65 f-' ff' ,.- E .k. ! E 1 T W ' HSQ f I U .1 1 LI DERCLASSM N 1 K 1 Q..-.y The C ass Of '68 CLASS OFFICERS- Stan Baker, President, Randy Peltz, Vice-president: Joyce Johnson, Treasurer, Barb Hrabak, Secretary, HOMEROOM 106-Front Row-D. Attleson, D. Attleson, D. Baker, D. Anderson, J. Baldwin, M. Amendt, E. Archer. Row 2--D. Alstott, G. Anderson, K. Anderson, L. Baud- er, R. Ball, B. Abel, A. Anderson, J. Armstrong, L. Ackerson, C. Anderson. Row 3-T. Abbott, S. Babcock, P. Baker, B. Allen, M. Andre, J. Baedke, I. Badger, R. Askelson, C. Albright, L. Arnold, D. Anderson, M. Anderson, S. Baker. HOMEROOM 7-Front Row-B. Birkett, D. Bass, M. Bock, M. Bamett, J. Bratland, G. Brehm, R. Boersma. Row 2-N. Beekman, L. Beaver, S. Bradwell, S. Bowers, S. Borwey, R. Boring, V. Benson, D. Borer, D. Blankenhagen, B. Bever, D. Bishey, P. Blunt, S. Brehm. Row 34D. Bennett, D. Bolender, M. Birocci, C. Blobaum, S. Behrens, V. Beck, L. Blunt, M. Benson, N. Blair, E. Bohm, K. Bowers, K. Benson, T. Bloom, D. Brand. 68 HOMEROOM 28-Front Row-J. Conkel, P. Carlson, S. Cannon, M. Churchill, D. Burke, R. Calvert, R. Bryan. Row 2-J. Butterworth, L. Cahail, R. Buck, P. Conrad, C. Bundy, C. Capellos, M. Butterworth, C. Burke, C. Burman, B. Cooper, K. Brown. Row 3-G. Buffum, G. Cassen, 0. Brown, S. Crosby, J. Cahill, D. Brust, D. Carlson, B. Clausen, K. Carlson. Juniors Study American Literature HOMEROOM 33-Front Row-D. Davis, G. DeBakey, M. Daniels, J. Ertl, L. Crouse, L. Crouse, L. Dreier, S. Drown. Row 2-S. Echelberger, E. Demery, C. DeLanoit, S. Echelberger, C. Dennis, U. Dungy, L. Easley, P. DeFoe, C. Dally. Row 3-B. Dunn, D. Darrah, R. Dencklau, T. Dennis, L. Dickerson, G. Davies, M. Davis, R. Dencklau, R Crouse, J. Cuckie, S. DeWitt. HOMEROOM 5-Front Row-B. Friesth, D. Gaster, D. Englebrecht, C. Geer, S. Elliott, J. Flaherty, D. Ferguson. Row 2-R. Garrett, J. Fletcher, S. Goings, D. Ford, P. Fjetland, K. Froyd, C. Fisher, C. Edwards, S. Graves, S. Edger- ton, J. Gerth, B. Gadbury. Row 3-E. Finch, D. Gilbert, V. Farrell, A. Garatoni, M. Everhard, L. Faith, D. Geary, S. Fuller, L. Gathman, M. Fardy, S. Ford, M. Evans, G. Edgerton. - za I I ' v fm Vis: HOMEROOM 115-Front Row-H. Haase, S. Hartman, T. Hanneman, P. Gunderson, H. Harris, D. Gwinner, B. Hanes. Row 2-S. Grandors, N. Gross, J. Halvorson, P. Goings, C, Heitkamp, T. Haugen, P. Gurnett, N. Harvey, S. Heeden, L. Grimes, O. Habhab, D. Hearn, E. Gilbert. Row 3-D. Haugen, R. Hair, B. Hathway, K. Grady, P. Gustafson, M. Gunther, S. Inman, P. Habhab, P. Gilbert, K. Heinze, B. Hamlow, D. Guarill, D. Harp, S. Gumm. Juniors Are Active HOMEROOM 10-Front Row-T. Hill, D. Jensen, B. Hovey, D. Johnson, C. Johnson, K. Hanson, B. Horner. Row 2-R. Jensen, K. Hendrickson, S. Hunt, J. Heman, B. Hrabak, L. Hubbard, D. Johnson, L. Holmes, P. Hughes, A. Heitland, S. Hepperle. Row 3-H. Hoover, D. Hill, S. Johanson, L.- Henrichs, M. Hanson, B. Henrichsen, B. Jochims, J. Isaacson, K. Herrington, N. Hill, P. Hungate, M. Hoover, R. Heun. HOMEROOM 109-Front Row-D. Lage, G. Koch, B. Koller, C. Krause, B. Klinger, L. Josephson, J. Kobs. Row 2- T. Kelly, B. Lalor, J. Johnson, A. Lara, L. Johnson, M. Krass, P. Jordison, C. Klass, E. Jonas, R. Jones. Row 3-S. Kuske, D. Jones, F. Kauffman, G. Lafollette, S. Kane, L. Klein, S. Knutson, K. Kolbe, P. Jordison, L. Johnson, R. Koester. 70 X A 1 HOMEROOM 103-Front Row-D. Mahoney, C. Macek, G. Lundgren, K. Magnusson, D. Lyerly, J. Mace, S. Lundberg. Row 2-D. Lindner, N. Lynn, R. Magoon, L. Leiss, J. Magnusson, M. Larson, L. Larsen, C. Lepley, L. Long, R. Larson. Row 3hB. Lind, C. Malmberg, M. Leiss, L. Macken, M. Lyftogt, A. Logan, A. Logan, J. Mallinger, C. Linclstrom, J. Lowrey, L. Larson, L. Maas. In All School Plays "Help, Mr. Caymanl' scream Oscar Habhab and Bob Marquis. Kent Brooks studies his postulates in Mr. Reed's geometry class? ,I 7 HOMEROOM 27-Front Row-M. Montgomery, K. Miller, D. Markley, B. Marquis, D. Maschino, M. Michehl, B. Morrison. Row 2-M. Mori, B. Mason, S. Mernka, K. Moeller, S. Montgomery, M. Miller, J. Moll, M. Mori, M. Mar- quesson, K. Mason, C. Moen, K. Montgomery. Row 3-L. Myers, J. Maurer,'S. Michelfelder, S. Moore, E. Miller, D. Morris, A. Mosely, N. Manusos, G. Mehl, M. Messerly, A. Mendenhal, .l. Myers. E74-i HOMEROOM 4-Front Row-R. Netland, M. Oleson, R. Nelson, B. Nelson, M. McLary, W. McMannus, M. McFadden. Row 2-K. McClurg, M. McNamee, L. Olson, D. Ness, J. McNally, K. McIntyre, C. McKnight, P. Newbrough, S. McMahon, D. Nielson, C. Nelson. Row 3-R. McDowell, C. Meyers, J. Oleson, C. Nemechek, P. Mulvihill, P. Nelson, T. Mitchell, K. McClurg, B. McCutcheon, B. Nowell, M. Murray. Not Pictured-R. Myers,'D. Olson, L. Nickless. Junior Officers Lead Pat Gustafson finds the lost tack. Mark Anderson and Oscar Hahhab exclaim, "These books are better than you ll 'A think ! " pus ,X Xp! HOMEROOM 108-Front Row-L. Polad, R. Pieper, B. Perkins, J. Pride, R. Pingel, J. Peterson, H. Ranthum. Row 2 --W. Pugh, M. Peters, K. Person, J. Parks, V. Pritchard, B. Paulson, A. Paulos, C. Pearson, R. Peed, B. Patterson, R. Peltz. Row 3-L. Parsons, G. Perry, B. Packer, J. Parker, K. Pontius, C. Pederson, P. Pavek, M. Porter, M. Pratt, D. Quillen. HOMEROOM 112-Front Row-D. Roney, B. Schmeling, R. Schrader, C. Sandahl, S. Roming, P. Ray, D. Schoon. Row 2-K. Roark, S. Reis, J. Sandeline, L. Ruge, A. Reese, T. Ruge, V. Saboe, F. Reese, R. Rogers, L. Rykus, N. Rushton, J. Schnurr, L. Ryerson. Row 3-L. Rennie, K. Rosales, A. Reed, I.. Scharf, M. Redenius, D. Scharf, R. Ruby, B. Schlick, T. Ruby, J. Rozales, C. Schubert, G. Seholt, J. Sampson, C. Sundeen, C. Rogers. The Way For 523 Students Teri Haugen leads "The team is in a huddle!" 'i Charge! Dennis Woods, Marc Scott and Edward Gilbert prepare for the All School Dance. N 4? L...-Awe, I HOMEROOM 12-Front Row-W. Schuh, S. Skophammer, A. Smith, M. Schwering, C. Svaleson, C. Tague, S. Swin ney. Row 2-P. Shoemaker, P. Smith, P. Sweet, A. Sullivan, 1. Stitt, D. Shelby, N. Swift, D. Streif, C. Stringer, K Sheker, S. Swan, R. Schwanz. Row 3-C. Silver, L, Schultz, M. Sollenbarger, E. Swanson, R. Schmidt, E. Stiles, A Smith, B. Spillman, M. Scott, J. Scott, P. Scott. HOMEROOM 38-Front Row-D. Trupe, W. Walters, C. Tinker, R. Tudor, C. Wallace, R. Taylor, T. Trace. Row 2 -A. Tyler, C. Thompson, P. Vauble, C. Togeas, J. Wade, M. VanEvery, J. Ulicki, V. Tague, R. Theiss, C. Taylor, M. Thorndike. Row 3-B. Tague, P. Wearmouth, B. Torkelson, R. Walker, M. Van Cundy, P. Trusty, B. Vollschow, L. Thompson, M. Trost, D. Thompson, K. Vinsand, J. Ulstad, T. Vinsand. ' ' 9 Juniors Join A Cappella Junior Dan Schoon gets caught in the rush. HOMEROOM 39 N.W.-Front Row-D. Wooster, J. Zinnel, G. Zelms, B. Wohlers, F. Wiewel, G. Wessel, T. Wendell. Row 2-K. Wegman, J. Wiggins, D. Wright, S. Williams, N. Wies-er, P. Willey, M. Windschanz, K. Wickwire, L. Win- gerson, A. Zuspann, K. Wright. Row 3-M. Zabel, B. Wildt, B. Westfall, B. Zenor, J. Weiss, B. Wenhardt, D. Wilson, S. Whelchel, E. West, J. Witte, D. Zeka. The ass Of '69 CLASS OFFICERS- Vic Gordon, President, Walt Fieseler, Vice-president, Sharon Knutson, Secretary, Shelley Pieper, Treasurer, HOMEROOM 21-Front Row-M. A. Anderson. J. Ashenfelter, R. Bass, K. Alstott, S. Barger, D. Ashbrenner, M. G. Anderson. Row 2-K. Bass, N. Anderson, M. Barnhill, K. Bamett, J. Baker, K. Askeland, P. Baker, G. Banta, C. Bacon, T. Andrews, C. Andrews. Row 3-T. Akins, D. Albrecht, W. Anderson, M. Aultman, M. Bamhill, J. Arm- strong, V. Archibald, J. Ault, I. Badger. HOMEROOM 35-Front Row-S. Bonnell, S. Barger, B. Bickford, S. Boutchee, D. Berkland, B. Bendiken, M. Brand. Row 2-P. Beal, S. Bice, C. Bennett, K. Brockman, M. Brinton, C. Breeden, C. Bever, N. Blunt, S. Best, S. Becker, D. Bishop, K. Brandel. Row 3-D. Bowman, K. Beisser, D. Brennan, J. Blomberg, C. Berry, L. Beightol, J. Billings, R. Bell, J. Brittenham, R. Bonnstetter, L. Brennan. Not Pictured-C. Books, L. Berger. HOMEROOM 2-Front Row-J. Carlson, B. Cob, L. Buckingham, J. Carr, C. Burke, M. Carver, B. Clark. Row 2- V. Carlson, C. Christenson, S. Buttz, V. Campbell, L. Burke, S. Clark, E. Claude, C. B. Buettner, D. Bryant, S. Capellos. Row 3-P. Burgess, B. Buckendahl, S. Chapman, M. Bumgardner, C. Christy, B. Calisesi, D. Brown, B. Burnham, C. Brown, C. Cahill, J. Clabaugh, .l. Buelt. Sophomores Top Sales HOMEROOM 23AFr0nt Row,B. Denker, N. Conrad, N. Conrad, D. Cottrell, D. Crouse, C. Davidson, J. Davis. Roug 2-A. Cook, K. Cooper, L. Davis, D. Dahlman, J. Daniel, T. Davis, A. DeFoe, M. Davidson, M. Dannenbring, S. Danlel. Row 3-T. Dencklau, L. Del.anoit, D. Crosby, S. Crosby, D. DeMeulenaere, S. Culps, K. Dencklau, D. Croft, R. Conrad, L. Daniel, L. Dencklau, S. Crosby. 4 l 2 L F - iii I , 45. . HOMEROOM 105-Front Row-J. Evans, M. Edmundson, B. Farrell, J. Espeland, T. DeVilbiss, L. Feeley, W. Fieseler. Row 2-C. Eastwood, C. Dutcher, C. Diane, J. Echelherger, B. Ellis, B. Edwards, J. Enburg, S. DuBois, S. Erickson, K. Ellis, D. Everett. Row 3-R. Drown, J. Fisher, M. J. Drown, J. Drollinger, A. Fishel, T. Estlund, D. Fawcett, S. Ernst. Fawkes, C. Espeland, M. Fisher, D. Buckett, HOMEROOM 9-Front Row-B. Friesth, T. Forbes, S. Fuhrman, K. Froh, T. Goodman, V. Gordon, D. Gilday. Row 2-M. Grimes, J. Grandors, M. Foster, V. Graves, M. Gribbin, D. Flickinger, V. Flowers, D. Grove, J. Forster, J. Gerrard, N. Gaugcr, J. Hambleton, P. Grunwald. Row 3--J. Garrett, J. Frank, B. Gcrnlrart, M. Grovc, J. Gar- rett, B. Folvag, S. Gibson, J. Goings, D. Fitzner, T. Friedcrichs, J. Gilliland, M. Hade, D. Guetzlaff. On Ll.F. Drive W 'W'-" All studying and no play , ' , . . , make Roger Pieper a se- rious boy. Nancy Conrad and Mr. Guyman accept the U. F. Traveling Trophy from Dave Allen as Andy Fotis gives his look of approval. HOMEROOM 104-Front Row-W. Holn, C. Henderson, D. Hemphill, D. Harvey, S. Hebert, S. Harty, M. Hilgen- dorf. Row 2-E. Hoskin, I. Holstein, T. Hergemreter, E. Harton, M. Henry, S. Hason, J. Hartman, J. Hefner, B. Heistand, G. Hansen, V. Harris, D. Holm, S. Helvik, G. Hanson. Row 3-C. Hay, B. Hofstad, N. Hanes, L. Hoover, D. Hearn, T. Hoover, D. Haroldson, J. Hanson, C. Haye, R. Hilton, A. Harvey. uit! t .IMI Z nh 77 l HOMEROOM 3-Front Row-P. Hughes, L. Jessen, C. Keiser, L. Klass, D. Howard, R. Howell, G. Jerome. Row 2 -T. Howard, J. Jones, S. Ibrahim, J. Kauffman, L. Hudson, W. Kloss, P. Kennedy, A. Jones, S. Kaundart, K. Johnson, A. Jones, S. Johnson, K. Janvrin, L. Jensen, S. Keyser. Row 3-T. Howard, S. Jochimson, O. Jensen, A. Kallansrud, L. Keyser, B. Jensen, S. Knutson, A. Johnson, C. Jurgens, G. Hoyick, K. Kersten, S. Kastendieck, J. Irvine, J. Johnson. Sophs Have Llndefeated 'Li Kent Carlson portrays the mighty Atlas. Chris Pallos explores the Q world through the micro- scope. HOMEROOM 26-Front Row-B. Logue, J. Kurtz, T. Leiss, R. Linn, M. Lee, S. Kreger, M. Lindstrom. Row 2- K. Loots, D. Kuske, D. Lessmeier, B. Koester, C. Krug, J. Lindberg, J. Laird, S. Larson, K. Liestman, D. Lacina, C. Larson, L. Lange, A. Lennon, M. Kopp. Row 3-J. Larson, J. Kurth, F. Larsen, M. Little, S. Lindeberg, K. Larson, S. Larson, B. Livasy, B. Larson, K. Loots, R. Lennon, M. Leutsch, L. Larson. fx W V .4525 HOMEROOM 30-Front Row-J. Maurer, R. Mericle, M. Mc Henry, H. Meier, J. Mc Namar, G. McMahon, H. Magennis. Row 2-M. McClure, C. Melton, S. McClure, P. McHenry, C. Maness, D. McCabe, J. McDermott, M. McClure, D. Marquesen, N. Martin, P. Mehring, J. McNally. Row 3-D. Markley, P. McCruder, D. Machovec, P. Macheal, N. Martin, D. McVeigh, J. Mahany, L. Mehring, P. Matson, J. Metier, K. McCollam, B. Meyer, E. Martin. Football Season Bruce Perkins, alias Ar- ' thur Murray, practices . with Dummy for the All- School Dance. ' ,,,,v.-qu-Qm!0""" Pg' Band members closely follow a Dodger gain. S s 1 I HOMEROOM 39 S.W.-Front Row-J. Nordquist, D. Nelson, S. Obrien, C. Pallos, R. Noll, P. Mulvihill, J. Miller. Row 2-D. Mosbrucker, N. Moore, C. Morgan, L. Niemand, P. Page, D. Miller, J. Michelfolder, J. Moen, A. Muklebust, P. Moeller, V. Neet, S. Nelson, M. Mohler. Row 3--T. Niemier, L. Niemand, M. Neff, P. Olson, L. Osboe, L. Moore, M. Ostrem, D. Morris, M. Mori, M. Ober- 79 . , , . 3 HOMEROOM 31-Front Row--M. Peters, J. Parter, V. Ramus, G. Peterson, K. Phipps, M. Person, J. Peterson. Row 2-L. Plahn, D. Peters, S. Pieper, V. Reed, V. Peterson, J. Potratz, J. Palmer, L. Raney, S. Phillyes, K. Polking. Row 3-J. Pagge, W. Porter, S. Peterson, J. Porter, B. Pingel, M. Paulson, M. Pringle, M. Paulen, J. Pierson, J. Pugh, W. Pease. Sophs Get First View HOMEROOM 16-Front Row-J. Roberts, W. Sampson, M. Schlesinger, M. Scheller, M. Schill, R. Rosalez, L. Rodewald. Row 2-T. Rial, J. Scheidman, B. Schmoker, R. Rork, L. Rupp, M. Robson, A. Roberts, E. Rice, D. Sawyer, S. Schelldorf, M. Sease, D. Schutzenhofer. Row 3-S. Richardson, D. Sandven, J. Roney, L. Reisner, S. Sanks, C. Schmidt, S. Sears, M. Schill, F. Schroder, A. Russel, R. Rice, R. Scott, D. Sabus, D. Scott, P. Schnurr, R. Robinson, T. Sankey. 2 EW f I- E-ililili HOMEROOM 24-Front Row-B. Sills, W. Simpson, J. Stinehart, B. Shimkat, B. Stromberg, R. Sorenson, R. Smith. Row 2-G. Sherman, G. Simpson, D. Siefert, V. Suhjda, R. Shoemaker, J. Showers, J. Sestak, S. Sharat, S. Smith, P. Strain, M. Soppeland, D. Sebek, K. Sprinkle. Row 3--B. Sheker, M. Spencer, B. Sommerfield, C. Spurlin, R. Slotten, B. Stevens, C. Stinman, N. Shafer, A. Simonson, S. Stone, M. Soop, B. Spor, A. Shafer. KB un.: -- - - - HOMEROOM 29-Front Row-M. Swedlund, K. Van Gundy, T. Trusty, R. Bnmdage, K. Umbaugh B Thompson R Tinterh. Row 2--L. Trott, M. Tollefson, J. Vander Maron, C. Wagner, J. Vander Hoff, S. Va ughn C Vander Hoff J. Ulicki, D. Tague, P. Waggoner, J. Togeas, J. Taylor, R. Tepfer, C. Vogt. Row 3-D. Walker, D Twedt A Thor son, C. Voelschow, B. Vojak, N. Walker, A. Telschan, P. Vrathy, M. Troutwine, S. Tepfer, J. Vander Maton. Of Semester Exams HOMEROOM 39 N.E.-Front Row-P. Zerke, M. Waters, L. Wyatt, N. Williamson A Wiles L Wllshusen .l Worrel. Row 2-D. Wardell, K. Warren, J. Watt, S. Weinzetl, N. Williams, G. Wilt D Zolnosky M Wills S Zemke, N. Windler, M. Woodman, K. Wharen, P. Whiting, B. White. Row 3-J. Winters R Williams D Zable M. Wright, C. Wiemer, C. Ulertz, L. Wood, E. Wells, J. Whitmer, M. Wood, P. West HOMEROOM 102-P. Cahill, D. Surls, C. Wertz, E. Wyatt, W. Wheat. , . 3 I in Ulicki D Tuttle J t Q I Q 1 el 3 5 I W sq.. . , ,.,,1.,.,,. , SW ei' if The Pfesideni Of A-V Club, Bruce PCT' .loLyn Magnusson, Marcia McNamee and Cynthia Capellos add decora- kins, pushes a movie projector to an tions to the Christmas tree in the front hall. assigned classroom. Tuning up their violins before orchestra practice, Dorothy Ness and JoDena McNally exercise their vocal chords. Stretching in efforts to clean up a printing press is Rick Nelson. New Views 7 'Q I I ,4g5w.e x Jerry Butterworth gives another classmate the sly look before action in a history class. Sophomores, Diane Machovec, Lynda Raney, Barb Hofstad and Jennifer Frank crack the books before a pep club meeting. 35,51 k k kk F N sr. f f' 7 Q 'ii nfl? Q l 3 , . , N .lane Stitt needs more than udippity do" for that hair- style after a wet toboggan ride. For I96 mfs. rw' 5. :life X ' "x.4v-'UN x Neil Williamson and Don Everett disassemble the organs of the biology dummy in a classroom learning experience. , ..,. wwmkwm-W Loren Rodewald with his earphones connected, is ready for takeoff in French class. .Q 3 gg M1 x t fi f Junior Mark Messerly swings a huge spotlight into position for a pep assembly skit. Kathy Kersten, Judy Drollinger, Jim Stinehart, and Marvin Morrison shake it up at an after game sock hop. "gas t - up -3 Us 5 "" W1 L if 'Q 'I N l i 3 . 1 STUDENT LI 12 if 1 fY?!i3fx Qko f- 5 f Q-1. L X 4 -ul ',, P luhlil ARX 5 Y-Hillld Convert T. 9-'--il-hf'FlliilI1 Play l9fffyl'1'hf'Sll'il Concert M.-XIRLII 6-IIL PA. I". S. Week .mal Dun, 2 I-27 'Easter Vacation 31- 'P:I1lllDfNill9 Weeks M' H filics Hand llffluf t'sllXm :ff ur I im :Eli in 1 f-ry me-'A fi'-f diff' '41 W I I APRIL N4 12' Student Council Ih.n1rtCfmfLre-me llixlrict C0llfCl'CIl4't' MAX -3 gl mol Un - f'f' "Q-nio1'Q, I 'Nt 'IV Jl Xlu 1- S1-niorflinncr l Dante ' cr'-1 'mu ' 1 , .5 6h Y Graduation 9- 5vl1oolYPall' 1 vs Ch sud il A f ' ' :nit K , 0,5 . f W . , ,. 3 o ff ' A I f A A I I sr: A ww R4 Diff: iff?-L v v ' . . .'M,-F.-'ff' u"R-'x f N n Q :-.n,.:s1:--iw 13 ' ' L 9-4 .1 n'9c'6 Q' A - mr:-' . .a . c i le 5 a 'x' 'qui' :ff5,f9'..,2' X ' -" - C1.l"gg'f.3',L3 hai'-v VK Q if ' 'r In U 4 ga 0 .N Y ' ' N .- - .1-6 , ' fry:-'sg . ter,- ' ' U" :fibre , ',,45?e-459' r ww,--+.: f K no'-g-::1,'q 'i-62,21-in-' itil: -. wi.. 'Tn'--J-R 3:51-x-.jig WGA . 4 87 A uniformed Pep Club boosts Dodger spirit. As fall sneaked up on a lazy summer, busy Dodgers began work on the bonfire. Trucks piled high with boxes and loyal Dodgers were unloaded into numerous garages. School started, and the daily workers were justly rewardedg for the bonfire was the largest in the history of Fort Dodger Senior High School. The bonfire sparked the Dodger football team into a decisive victory over Boone. The assemblies rang with excitement generated by the ever-present Dodger Spirit. The Pep Club, which acquired sharp new uniforms this year, could now boast an ap- pearance as mighty as their sound. The Boy's Booster Club reorganized and added their enthusiasm and pep at the assemblies, and at the games. The going was rough for the Dodger teams, but student support didn't lack. Bus trips were as great as ever as a lot of Dodgers showed their pride in their football teams. Homecoming neared, excitement and anticipation mounted, as Dodgers each strove to out do the other as numerous floats took shape. Bonfire, Games, Kick off Dodger Weeks of work produce the biggest bonfire in FDHS history. Vicki Nelson gives her full support for the team. Assemblies, Floats Student Life Tlic- bonfire luluzes the Dodgers onto victory. Coach Higgins fires up the Dodgers. Sam Hartman stretches in anticipation of Homecolnin ww Scott Griffith concentrates on painting HR 8's float. ... .Q Mt, t F 4 M v v if u " -... A 3 JA .Ii 1-w f-- fi 'qi 4--I1 in JK X.- xx, 4' X I 1 K X x X Q , ...L ,jixf 9 x ! QRS' 5 Jaw ,WR ,A K J' 4' . fxf N if if is It X xx XXX w ' my ww , u m X P X N X s- RM VW Lettermen initiates push pennies through classroom doorways for president Larry Castagnoli. Training Choir, Girls' Glee Club, and A Cappella members com- bine their voices to perform the Magnificat. Gary LaFollette7 Greg Koch, Bruce Heistand, and Andy Fotis blend their off-key vocal talents for lettermen's initia- tion. Mid-Year Activities As the year drew to a close, Dodgers kept busy socially. Lettermen's Club staged their hilarious ini- tiationg the music department presented concertsg and school clubs sparked the season with their annual Christmas banquets and parties. Twerp Week introduced 1967 to F.D.H.S., as the tables turned and the girls treated the boys. Bob Hoover, crowned Twerp King 1967, reigned over the dance which concluded the Week of fun. A Cappella members present a Christmas drama, Amahl and the Night Visitors, for a student assembly. 1w:w-vzunfs, , maxaman. Q af...f. ,.:.w , QLv - ' , mf:::fmwif . f -' Q ,.1iz- sf ,. f w-- , 2- - hifi , , ""t'-gffwf,,- 515 If' .N ,J uw.. s. 4" i fi? I 2 1 J -dl' K Implements Motivate I 1 I gs Joyce Jones and Susan Hunt prepare spaghetti for their meal assignment in cooking M M M-approves Ann Anderson Mr. Gustafson assists Bruce Tefler, Mike Scheller, De- anna Johnson Annette Jones, Larry Klass -with their art projects. James Messerly and Mlke Schwerxng repair a rear axle in auto mechanics l t th I Motivating her students m a world history cass o give emse ves practical experience for the future. 94 if if . ' i "X 1 ,uv Of Learning Dodger Students Using the tools of various basic skills, as well as those implements of pre-vocational courses, students prepared themselves for careers after graduation. The students learned to master the use of equipment as simple as paint brushes and as complicated as lino- types. Cooking class, printing class, and auto me- chanics used equipment that gave practical on- the-job experiences. Complete training in operation of the implements was given the students so they L1 artistic talent in class, Marc Kennedy sculpts a bust of Shakespeare. In printing class Doug Maschio sets type for a pamphlet project. became highly capable in using the equipment. Proj- ects undertaken in the classrooms would prove fruit- ful in the future. Wearing their protector lasses G Peterson and al g , ary W ter Samp- son weld a project in welding class. y, 5 W 9 X , W! fi W .X i X . 95 Scenes Like Capture , ,,, .lulie Halvorson flashes a smile at the end of another school dav QQ? g1i12QQfQ Directing the pep band for one of the pep assemblies f, Sl is Mr. Keith Altemeier. ' Tired and bubbling Dodgers jam the concourse before school in the morning. MA of s 8:55 5 , l lille f 4 f K' ,.,qQ'?"f'f A 96 These Our Year Steve Baedke and Sue Fuller just love it when 3:35 rolls X 1 a around. f .4-'P The Thespian bus trip apparently has gotten the best Oscar Habhab. .I H 0 Jane Scheideman and Mike Paulson operate the popcorn machme for student council's turn in the concession stand. n Q Dressed as a meter maid for a mock trial, Lowell Handy takes his oath. f if V' l Q 'W X r E il ik:-ev V ' x Ts V milf: 1 -A SNL . .-.gff" 1136 ' A T' .fn 1 f -QF- i if SENICR VX SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: swing, left to agar-Diane Moore, treasurer: Sharon Wolff, Sem- ' tary. Standing, left to right-Mike McGu1re, president: Bob HOOVCY, V1Ce-PfCS1dem- The lass Of '6 The seniors held many memories of their final year at Fort Dodge Senior High School. A class, once closely knit, departed, each member looking for his goal in life. Seniors recalled the activities of the year which included the biggest bonfire in the history of F. D. H. S., homecoming, the annual Christmas concert, the many plays, and the operetta. The activities of senior week, the dinner dance, class day, the all night party, and graduation were pursued by all. Chemistry and physics tests, research papers for English, Shakespeare, and the college entrance exams .made lasting impres- sions. For many years, the class had been waiting for the moment to be mighty sen- iorsg but now that moment is over. Karen Ostrem and Cindi DuBois spend many nights studying at the Public Library. 'OTS 'Y , "!?"" SUE ACKERMAN TONY ADAMS CYNTHIA ALEXANDER JANICE 'ACKERSON MICHAEL AHRENS JEAN ALGOE COLLEEN ALLARD KENNY ALLEN RONALD ANDERSEN DAVE ALLEN TOM ALLEN l SUSAN ANDERSEN bv I MIKE ALGOE ANITA ANDERSON JEAN ANDERSON 1 1 . . L-34: ., 4,1-, - -me-' y-L" 'V - MIKE ARLANDSON Seniors Toil Over MARY LOU ANDERSON PAMELA ANDERSON JAMES ANDREWS NANCY ANDERSON TOM ANDERSON MAURICE'ANHOLT DON ARN DT LUANN ARNEY RICHARD AULT STEVE BAEDKE JANE BAKER BETTI DEAN E AULTMAN RICHARD AYALA 1:9 . .ew KEN BAKER Research Papers SANDRA BAKER SUE BARTIK LINDA BEHREN5 CANDY BARKER ROBERTA BECHER SHARON BENNETT KEVIN BENSON BRUCE BINGHAM GARY BIXLER -CHYRL BERGVIG SHARLEEN BITTNER VICKI BLAIR -r-' 1. LINDA BLOCK RONALD BLOMBERG ROBERT BLOUDEK GLEN BLUNK LAURA BLUNK l? if DIANA BLUNT BRUCE BOCKOVEN RANDY BOGE W 'wif' MIKE BRADWELL Music And PAMELA BONNSTETTER BETTY BOYD Students Sharon Patterson needs to borrow an era-er. auf' F Richard Murray calls the service station for a tow. TERRY BRENNAN CHARLES BRETTHAUER KATHLEEN BRINTON GENE BROWN MARGENE BUNDY BLAINE BURNQUIST CYNTHIA BYRAM 5 - , , 'X-'iw ' . ,, -, J' xxx Present Christmas Assembly KAREN BRAYTON JOHN BREHM 'asf an 'W' LINDA BRANDEL X 'Tv' 'P-v Nv- CT"f ny REG CARTEE SUE CAHILL GLORIA CARLSON ELAINE CARR DALE CALKIN BETTY CARR PAM CARSTENS LARRY CARTER STEVEN CASOTTI LARRY CASTACNOLI RAMONA CASS Seniors Spend Weekend At MARC CHRISTOFFERSON GARY CLABAUCH ALVIN CLARKE Thanksgiving All-State MICHAEL CONRAD BRUCE COOK ' RICHARD CILELAND VICKI COBB PAT COLLMAN JERRY CLEVELAND BILL COLLINS JAYNE CONRAD PATRICIA COOK ROBERT COOK H-... CONNIE COONTS KAY COOPER Ja, CONNIE CROUSE - ., wifi Q a. E, I! , ,K ,il , L t 1 . , -. ' J ' . . , A X ,-QQ I QIO7 'Y-fr x LARRY CRUMMER STEVEN CUE DANIEL CULVER JANET CURL DEBORAH DAHLQUIST RANDY DALLMAN JOSEPH DANIEL SANDY DAVIS C.T.F. Honor Society CHERY DANNENBRING RANDY DAVIS Dan Culver, Scott Griffith, and Ray Siefer pose as kings in Amahl and The Night Visitors. 1 l 1 9 T Q 3 Cathy Tinker has a dramatic moment as the Duchess in Alice in Wortderland. Installs New Members MARIE DELANOIT DARREL DENCKLAU DEAN DENCKLAU DOUG DENCKLAU LYLE DENCKLAU DANNY DENNIS JUDY DILLINXGHAM ANN DOWD KAREN DREIER CINDI DUBOIS UN bw... DEBORAH DUNN LELANE ECHELBERGER HELEN ECKART BILL ELDRIDGE IIO. VICKY ELLIS BOB ELLSWORTH PAT ELM HARLAN ERICKSON wif X I: 4, . X K A 'V SBP Presents Portrait KATHY ENAFIELD KATHY ERICKSON Linda Behrens offers the needed answer in Civics class. QNX BRIAN ESPELAND Karl King To FDHS H KAREN ETZEL FRANKIE EVANS Tomorrow's leaders are Scott Griffith, Dan Culver, and Cindy Byram. PEGGY EWING JANINE FARRELL PAT FARRELL BETTY FELLERS JERRY FERGUSON ROGER F IN K SUZANNE FJETLAND SHERRI FLOWERS LINDA FORTNEY ANDREW 1-'oT1s H OUS6 CHERRY FORTNEY DIANNE FORTNEY CHARLES FOUGHTY JUDY FROH DEE GADBURY NEIL GADBURY DENNIS GALLOWAY WILLIAM FREEMAN Home Planning DALE GARRETT DONNA GASCHO LITA FRITTS A PATRICE GEHLHAUSEN Students Create Plans JIM GRAVES GLENDA GRELL SUSAN GERNHART LARRY CILLILAND DAVID GRALL GARY GIBSON BARBARA GOODRICH JOEY GRANDORS WILLIAM GRIBBLE DONALD GRIFFIN 5 N30 x I I X PEGGYGROSS LINDA GUDERIAN KATHY HABHAB DOUGLAS HAGER LOWELL HANDY JANET HANSCH MONICA HANSEN RUTH HANSON LEE HARRIS A,m...y.: LINDA HARRIS Office Program in Chrysathi Souli and Mark Scott N. t,.,,.,N,, A .....w,Q.'A-ww:-.,f,L..1, ba ..-.-qv: M,w.....w..a..f.muu SUSAN HASTY Education Organizes I 966 PAULA HEBERT SHARON HEDEEN decorate the cafeteria for the A.F.S. Dance. , Q'-5 BRUCE HEISTAND I 1-maui if LINDA HERWIG VAUGHN HEMMESTAD 4Ux' DAVID HEPPERLE PATRICIA WN SHERILL H ETT PAT HEWITT RENEE HICKEY LARRY HOOVER CINDY HORN KATHRYN HOYMAN BOB HOOVER EVELYN HORTON ALLAN HOWICK LYLE HOLM MELODIE HOLMSTROM Annual is Height Senior DAVID HUDSON 2-9.5 CLAUDIA JANSSEN JOHN IBRAHIM LINDA' JACOBSON CAROLYN JAKOBITZ JANICE JACKSON JEFFREY JACOX BRIAN JAMIESON JIM JENKINS NANCY JENSEN MELBA JERC-ENS Dinner Dance of Many Activities TRUMAN JANSSEN ix JOHN JENSEN LARRY JESSEN JEFFREY JEROME Q23 'Mint' CURTIS JOHNSON DENNIS JOHNSON PAULETTA JON ES CHRIS JOHNSON KENT JOHNSON KATHY JOHNSON DENNIS JONES ALLEN JORDISON VICKI JORDISON PAM JOSEPHSON SHEILA KEELER MARILYN JONES Seniors Have 5716 Nzyhf DAVID KEHM BARRY KEMP 3 MARC KENNEDY Leads In af january 16th TOM KIRBY EVELYN KLAUS SHERRY KLEIN PAUL KIRST DANNY KLEIN CIN DI KLOESS CINDY KNICKERBOCKER GARY KNUTSON DOUGLAS KOPP DEBBIE KNUTSON MARY ANN KOLESAR GAIL KOUREY ,mmf-ffggwfr. 2-If 1- . -- ' ---- '11 . - '.2:,::zfLezae.:'sszzfgsszzefga E' A ' ' , - - . fge-zfpxix-gmgg LOUISE KRAMER '-: 'Y I R N .P IX A ALAN LEPLEY JAMES LICHT CAROL LINK MIKE LITTZEN Long hours of homework will do it every time! Civics Classes LEORA KREIMAN ssoso 5 A ,X fv,L ,"f xr ' E TIMOTHY LAIRD NANCY LANDES .IEANNE LARSEN THOMAS LARSON LARRY LEEGE 'C'--of Wwe, DONALD LIVASY JOHN LIVASY DENNIS LOOTS SUSAN LOWREY an Q5 4 Y Pam Josephson and Carolyn .lakobitz look up from thenr lmnuework CATHY LYNN 'while Ann Olsen paces the cafeteria floor. CATHY MACEK LORI MACEK Pose Mock Trials JAMES MAGOON NATALIE MANDELLCO JO ANN MARTIN ,, g ,,.f-,. 'L", -f H85 f 'X A , . it-L, kry , V . , I 1 ,f E J ARLA MARVIN MARK MAYER MARIAM MEIER DEAN MERRIL MAURICE MECKLENBURG MIKE MERICLE CAROL MICHAEL JULIE MITCHELL KAY MONSON JOHN MOORE MIKE MITCHELL DIANNE MOORE MARVIN MORRISON DECA offers GARY MOSBRUCKER Wk MARSHA MOSES RICHARD MURRAY EARL McBRIDE TOM MUELLER PAM MYERS RANDY McCLURE ELIZABETH MCNEALEY NANCY NABOR YN CZ' .f , X ARBARA McDOWELL JIM NEIGHBORS VYRON NELSON LINDA NELSON VICKI NELSON RONNIE NESVOLD RONALD NICHOLS .DAVID NICKLAUS MIKE NOTTGER MARGARET NIELSEN CYNTHIA NEITING Seniors Instigate John Pride, Al Clarke, George DeBakey, Randy Pingel, Kent Magnusson and Kent Brookes experi- ence a deflating halftime. MICHELE NICHOLLS ROY NIELSEN M. Q X ANN OLESON Pep Club Uniforms RUTH OLMSTED LARRY OLSON T' f el 1' L M +221 - gc 3 N3 1 x N 5 'Q , 'S' M X . 1 va , :f5i11Eif'1iEx LF' 4 ' ' . - 853:5 5 ' 1 , ' , ' .V ' f RNRR 1 Q ,W E , E- if JOY OLSON SUZANNE ORSLAND NICKY OSBORN Dv SUSAN OSTERBERG KAREN OSTREM STEVE PAGE DENNIS PANBECKER LOUISE PARKER DARLENE PEED LEWIS PEPPLES 2 f ' MARILYN PATTERSON ALLEN PAULSON GEORGIA PEARSON SHARON PATTERSON JAMES PAVEK KATHIE PEASE JOYCE PETERSON KAY PETERSON LOU ANN PFAFF BERYL PHIPPS 5,1 . .L .A jf . gk 'w,... I I Seniors Investigate KATHY PHILLIPS r No J f x .gf CINNIE PORTER BRUCE PRESLEY JUDY PURKAPILE ROXANNE PORTER MELINA PRICE CYNTHIA RADFORD RANDY REEL DONALD REMINGTON CAROL REMINGTON SUSAN RICE STEVE RAMSDEN SHARON RINK WILLIAM ROBERTS Many Colleges MARILYN RANEY 'QQ' 1T""'P' 4-Q, ELAINE ROGDE MICHELE ROGERS JAIME ROJ AS SALLY ROWE DAVE SABUS GARY SANDELL BRUCE SANDVEN gp-nf' ef x-tk X , if-14 Barry Kemp, Prof. Cayman, Larry Chalgren, and Ron Calvert listen as Ray Siefer develops another Hamlet and jlflac!zetl1,O'ffer Nav' S-..' DARLENE SANFORD PEGGY SCARBOROUGH GORDON SCHALLER x , x SUZANNE SECOR KATHY SESTAK WILLIAM SHEKER RANDY SHERMAN JUDY SHERRATT DAVID SHIMKAT I' 15" fbe for Batmzfn. Values of Life to Seniors SAN DI SHEKER GRACE ANN SCHILL RUTH SCHLESINGER RONALD SEASE -2 -ig H-f MARY SHULTZ RAY SIEFER T GRETCHEN SIEKMANN Senior Class Committees Holly Eckart ponders the score of another Dodger basketball game. I30 ROGER SIMONSON SAM SIMPSON SUSAN SIMPSON Ng. -1-H J - J' SHIRLEY SINCLAIR KRIS SKOGMO KENNETH SLAGENWEIT REBECCA SMITH .aff SHIRLEY STRINGER RICHARD ST. JOHN CAROL STRADER Prepare for Graduation. Mike Algoe experiences pre-game jilters during lunch. RICHARD STECKELBERG ---.-....,,,, I 1 ln.. l GREG STERNITZKE MARK STEVENS Q STEVEN SMITH CHRYSANTHI SOULI DOUG SPILLMAN GERALD SPITTAL 11: ,pr 'R .A 5' 9 .5 I .E W fs J- K -' 9. - l3I up--' KRAIG STROMBERG RICHARD SWEATT VICKI SWEEN JUDY STUFFLEBEAN DANIEL SWEENEY DONALD SWIFT MICHAEL THOMAS CATHERINE TINKER CYNTHIA THOMPSON JAMES TORCERSON WAYNE TABOR Senior King Twerp -THOMAS TREGENZA DAVID TRENT xx LINDA TAGUE f, 1 5 A X 1 X 1 QTY' LAN CE TRICKEL Reigns over Week JAMES VINSAND SUZANNE VRATNY f DAVID TRUMBO DICK VANDERHOFF STEVEN VANNONI. RONALD TERRILL J EANNIN E VAN CUNDY MIKE VIERS RICK WADDELL NADINE WAGNER LINDA WAGGONER PAUL WALKER L., K, . Q : 'sa I H , .. r' , H., , fx W ff" .I E 2 :iff I I I I R? ig , : K M, 1 ' Q , in 3' so I 1. 5 ggi? 53? fl' JANE WALLUKAIT Lil PAM WEBSTER ELLA WHAREM WAYNE WHITMER I ROGER WEIDEMAN MAIDA WELLS CLIFF WESTON LINDA WEISS DEE ANN WESSMAN DEBORAH WESTON KASSIE WICKWIRE RON WILLIAMS KEITH WILEY MIKE WILLIAMSON. the Sv Dodger Spirit KURT WILLIAMSON H ' mfyw www 1 wr:-1ev-rf-"sy-ff-wf-Mfr . -vw A 1' 4. fig' ' 11--'4 if KEITH WI'I'I'E GJ '52 LINDA WILSHUSEN JOAN WINGERSON RANDY WISTHOFF DANA WILSON LINDA WIN TERS JAMES WITCRAFT SHARON WOLFF KATHLEEN YATES DOUG ZABEL DENNIS WOODS RON YETMAR DOLORES ZUSPANN is I 967 Mascot LANA WITTE I 4:13 ACKERMAN, SUE. T K I, T 81 I Club. ACKERSON, JANICE. Pep Club, Little Dodger, Spanish Club, F.B.L.A. ACKERSON, PAT. Bowling. ADAMS, ANTHONY. Band, Or- chestra, B.B.C., Student Director of Stage Band, Dixieland, Big Dodger. ADAMS, MICHAEL. AHRENS, MICHAEL. Church Youth Group, Worked at Mes- senger. ALEXANDER, CYNTHIA. Sans Souci, Orchestra, Pep Club. ALGOE, JEAN. Varsity and Sophomore Cheerleader, A Cap- pella, Student Council, Pep Club, Sans Souci, Big Dodger, Home- coming Attendant. ALGOE, MIKE. Football, Basket- ball, Golf. ALLARD, COLLEEN. T 81 I- T S: I Club. I ALLEN, DAVE. Editor of Little Dodger, A.F.S., Student Council, Youth Forum, Boys' Booster Club, Vice-President of Honor Society. ALLEN, KENNY. T 81 I Club. ALLEN, -THOMAS. Football Co- Captain, Basketball, Student Coun- cil, Lettermen's Club. ANDERSEN, RONALD. Spanish Club. ANDERSEN, SUSAN. Pep Club, Future Teachers' Club, Student Council. ANDERSON, ANITA. Youth Fo- rum, Girls' Glee, Little Dodger, National Honor Society. ANDERSON, JEAN. Pep Club. ANDERSON, MARY LOU. Little Dodger. I36 Senior Directory ANDERSON, NANCY. T 81 I. T 81 I Club. ' ANDERSON, PAMELA. Medical Careers. ANDERSON, THOMAS. ANDREWS, J IM. ANHOLT, MAURICE. Youth Fo- rum, A Cappella. ARLANDSON, MIKE. Football, Youth Forum. ARNDT, DON. Played guitar. ARNEY, LUANN. A.F.S. Club President, Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Student Council, Span- ish Club, Girls' Glee, Big Dodger. AULT, RICHARD. Future Teach- ers of America, Thespians. AULTMAN, BETTIDEANE. AYALA, RICHARD. Played soft- ball, Swimming. BAEDKE, STEVE. BAKER, JANE. Pep Club, F.B.L.A. BAKER, KEN. Swam and Bowled. BAKER, SANDRA. F.B.L.A., Spanish Club. BARKERBCANDY: Rode horses. BARTIK, SUE. Orchestra, Band, A Cappella, Pep Club, A.F.S., French Club, Stage Band, All-State Quartet. BECHER, ROBERTA. F.T.A. Vice-President, Latin Club, Pep Club, A.F.S. Club, National Honor Society, Intramurals, Big Dodger. BEHRENS, LINDA. F.B.L.A., O.E. BENNETT, SHARON. F.B.L.A., O.E. BENSON, DOUG. Part-time job, Liked to work on cars. BENSON, KEVIN. Liked to ride horses, hunt and fish. BERGVIG, CHYRL. Pep Club, Band, Girls' Glee, F.B.L.A., In- tramurals. BINGHAM, BRUCE. BITTNER, SHARLEEN. Pep Club. BIXLER, GARY. Spanish Club, Intramurals. BLAIR, VICKI. Big Dodger, Lit- tle Dodger, A.F.S., Pep Club, In- tramurals, F.B.L.A. BLOCK, LINDA. Pep Club, Girls' Glee, Medical Careers, Intramur- als. BLOMBERG, RONALD. Little Dodger. BLOUDEK, ROBERT. Big Dodger Photographer. BLUNK, GLEN. Liked working on cars, fishing, hunting, and trap- ping. BLUNK, LAURA. Worked as Nurse's Aide. BLUNT, DIANA. Supported Dodger team at games. BOCKOVEN, BRUCE. Track, Cross-country, Boys' Booster Club. BOGE, RANDY. Wrestling, Track. BONNSTETTER, PAMELA. Sup- ported the team at Dodger games. BOYD, BETTY. F.B.L.A. BRADWELL, MICHAEL. French Club, Intramurals. BRANDEL, LINDA. Supported the teams. BRAYTON, KAREN. Enjoyed sewing, Supported the teams. BREHM, JOHN. Student Council, Wrestling. BRENNAN, TERRY. BRETTHAUER, CHARLES. At- tended the games. BRINTON, KATHLEEN. A Cap- pella, Marching Band, Orchestra, Little Dodger, Concert Band, Youth Forum, National Honor So- ciety, Student Council, Sansf Souci, Pep Club, All-State Chorus, Mad- rigal Singers. BROWN, GENE. Boys' Booster Club, A.F.S., Wrestling. BROWN, WILLIAM. Planned to go to' trade school. BUNDY, MARGENE. Worked in office, Liked to bowl. BURNQUIST, BLAINE. Youth Forum, Debate Team, N.F.L. BYRAM, CYNTHIA. Thespians Secretary, Youth Forum, Sans Souci, Big Dodger Editor. CAHILL, SUE. A.F.S. Club. CALKIN, DALE. Swimming, Track, Band. CARLSON, GLORIA. A Cappella, National Honor Society, Youth Forum, A.F.S. Club. CARR, BETTY. CARR, ELAINE. Youth Forum, A.F.S. Club, CARSTENS, PAM. Youth Forum, CARTEE, REG. Youth Forum, Boys' Booster Club, Vice-President of D.E.C.A. CARTER, LARRY. Planned to go to J.C. or enter the service. CASOTTI, STEVEN. Student Council, Boys' Booster Club, A.F.S. Club. CASS, RAMONA.. A.F.S. Club, Youth Forum, Intramurals. CASTAGNOLI, LARRY. Football, Basketball, Golf, Baseball, Presi- dent of Lettermen's Club. CHALGREN, LARRY. Youth Fo- rum, Tennis, Student Council. CHRISTIANSEN, PAUL. CHRISTOFFERSON, MARC. Y.M.C.A., Worked. CLABAUGH, GARY. Planned to attend J.C. CLARKE, ALVIN. Basketball, Cross Country, Youth Forum. CLELAND, RICHARD. CLEVELAND, JERRY. F.B.L.A. COBB, VICKI. Band, Pep Club, Medical Careers, Latin Club, A.F.S. Club, Youth Forum. COLLINS, BILL. Little Dodger. COLLMAN, PAT. Pep Club. CONRAD, JAYNE. President of F.B.L.A., Pep Club. CONRAD, MICHAEL. D.E., Presi- dent of D.E.C.A. COOK, BRUCE. COOK, PATRICIA. Band, Pep Club, A.F.S. Club, Medical Ca- reers, Intramurals. COOK, ROBERT. COONTS, CONNIE. COOPER, KAY. Youth Forum, A.F.S. Club, Pep Club, Student Council. CROUSE, CONNIE. Medical Ca- reers, Pep Club, Intramurals, Youth Forum, F.T.A. CRUMMER, LARRY. Band, Or- chestra, A.F.S., Pep Band, Little Dodger, National Honor Society. CUE, STEVEN. Vice-President of Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Stage Band, Baseball. CULVER, TERRY. CULVER, DANIEL. Band, Orches- tra, A Cappella, Dramatics, Honor Society. CURL, JANET. Pep Club, Little Dodger. DAHLQUIST, DEBORAH. Youth Formn, A.F.S., A Cappella, Pep Club. DALLMAN, RANDY. Boys' Boost- er Club. DANIEL, JOSEPH. Boys' Booster Club. DANNENBRING, CHERY. Band Treasurer, Youth Forum, Student Council, A.F.S. Club, Orchestra, Pep Club. DAVIS, RANDY. Boys' Booster Club DAVIS, SANDY. President of Of- fice Education, Intramurals. DELANOIT, MARIE. Pep Club, Youth Forum. DENCKLAU, DARREL. Member Church Walther League. DENCKLAU, DEAN. Member Church Walther League. DENCKLAU, DOUG. Member Church Walther League. DENCKLAU, LYLE. Church Walther League. DENNIS, DANNY. DILLINGHAM, JUDY. Member DOWD, ANN. Pep Club, A.F.S. Club, Medical Careers. DREIER, KAREN. Marching Band, Orchestra, A Cappella, Li- brarian, Pep Band, Youth Forum, A.F.S. Club, Medical Careers. DUBOIS, CINDI. Pep Club, F.B.L.A. DUNN, DEBORAH. Pep Club, A.F.S. Club. ECHELBERGER, LELANE. ECKART, HELEN. Medical Ca- reers, Marching Band. ELDREDGE, BILL. Church League Basketball, Sophomore Football. ELLIS, VICKY. Medical Careers. ELLSWORTH, BOB. Cross-coun- try, Track, Vice-President Thes- pians, A Cappella, Lettermen's Club Vice-President. ELM, PAT. Pep Club. ENFIELD, KATHY. I37 ERICKSON, KATHY. Intramur- als, Youth Forum. ERICKSON, HARLAN. Enjoyed Hunting and Fishing. ESPELAND, BRIAN. Track, Cross-country, Boys' Booster Club. ETZEL, KAREN. Band, Co-op, O.E. Club, F.B.L.A. EVANS, DEWEY. EVANS, FRANKIE. EWING, PEGGY. Pep Club, F.B.L.A., Little Dodger. FARRELL, JANINE. Pep Club, Future Teachers' Club. F ARRELL, PAT. Pep Club, Youth Forum. FELLERS, BETTY. Thespians, Pep Club, Worked in school of- fice. FERGUSON, JERRY. D.E.C.A. FINK, ROGER. F .B.L.A. FJETLAND, SUZANNE. Pep Club, Future Teacher's Club, Lit- tle Dodger. FLATTERY, JOHN. FLOWERS, SHERRI. D.E.C.A., Intramurals. FORTNEY, CHERRY. FORTNEY, LINDA. FORTNEY, DEE. FOTIS, ANDREW. Student Body President, Varsity Football, Stu- dent Council, Boys' Booster Club. FOUGHTY, CHARLES. Intramur- als, Sophomore Football. FREEMAN, WILLIAM. Boys' Booster Club. FRIDAY, KENNETH. FRITTS, LITA. Intramurals. FRITZ, MIKE. I38 F ROH, J UDY. Intramurals, F .B.L.A. GADBURY, DEE. Student Coun- cil, Pep Club, Intramurals. GADBURY, NEIL. Big Dodger, Swimmer, Stage Band. GALLOWAY, DENNIS. Attended the Dodger games. CARRETT, DALE. Boys' Booster Club. GASCHO, DONNA. Pep Club, F .B.L.A. CEHLHAUSEN, PATRICE. GERNHART, SUSAN. GIBSON, GARY. Orchestra, Band, F.B.L.A. GILLILAND, LARRY. GOODRICH, BARBARA. Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Homecoming Attendant. GRALL, DAVID. M.Y.F. GRANDORS, JOEY. GRAVES, JIM. GREEN, BILLIE. GRELL, GLENDA. F.B.L.A. GRIBBLE, WILLIAM. Boys' Booster Club. GRIFFIN, DONALD. GRIFFIN, JACKLYN. A.F.S. Club, Youth Forum, Future Teach- ers of America. GRIFFITH, PRESCOTT. Youth Forum, Thespians, A.F.S. Club, A Cappella, Boys' Booster Club. GRITTON, VICKI. F.T.A., A.F.S., Spanish Club, Intramurals. GROSS, PEGGY. Office Educa- tion, Secretary of O.E. Club, F.B.L.A., Pep Club. GUDERIAN, LINDA. Worked at Safeway. HABHAB, KATHY. Pep Club, A.F.S. Club, Future Teachers, F.B.L.A., Student Council. HAGER, DOUGLAS. Football, Boys' Booster Club. HANDY, LOWELL. Little Dodger, Spanish Club. HANSCH, JANET. Pep Club, Fu- ture Teachers. HANSEN, MONICA. HANSON, RUTH. Future Teach- ers, Spanish Club. HARRIS, LEE. HARRIS, LINDA. HASTY, SUSIE. A.F.S. Club, Pep Club, President of Medical Ca- reers Club, Student Council. HATHAWAY, JEAN. Worked af- ter school. HATHAWAY, JOAN. Worked af- ter school. HEBERT, PAULA, HEDEEN, SHARON. Youth F0- rum. HEISTAND, BRUCE. Football, Wrestling. HERWIG, LINDA. F.B.L.A. HEMMESTAD, VAUGHN. Part time job, liked to work on cars. HEPPERLE, DAVID. Attended Dodger games. HEPPERLE, MARY. Worked after school. HEPPERLE, ROBERT. Liked to work on cars. HEUN, PATRICIA. Youth Forum. HEWETT, SHERILL. Band, Pep Club, A.F.S. Club. HEWITT, PAT. Pep Club. HICKEY, RENEE. T sr 1, T sl 1 Club, Pep Club. HIGGINS, CHARLES. Boys' Boos- ter Club, A.F.S. Club, Youth Fo- rum, A Cappella, Spanish Club. HILL, DENNIS. Going into the service, liked to work on cars. HINTCH, VICKI. Enjoyed going to games. HIVELEY, KATHY. Little Dodg- er, A Cappella, Youth Forum, Sans Souci. HOLM, LYLE. HOLMSTROM, MELODIE. Pep Club. HOOVER, LARRY. R HOOVER, ROBERT. A.F.S. Club, Boys' Booster Club, President of Spanish Club, Student Council. HORN, CYNTHIA. A.F.S. Club, Medical Careers, Pep Club, Youth Forum, Homecoming Court. HORTON, EVELYN. D.E.C.A. HOYMAN, KATHRYN. Youth Fo- rum, Pep Club, Latin Club. HOWICK, ALLAN. Debate, Youth Forum, Little Dodger. HUDSON, DAVID. Boys' Booster Club. IBRAHIM, JOHN. JACKSON, JANICE. Future Teachers, Sans Souci, Youth Fo- rum, Pep Club. J ACOBSON , LINDA. O.E., F.B.L.A. JACOX, JEFFREY. Swimming AKOBITZ CAROLYN. Intra- J , murals, Pep Club. JAMIESON, BRIAN. Boys' Boos- ter Club. J ANSSEN, CLAUDIA. JANSSEN, TRUMAN. JENKINS, JIM. Going into the service. JENSEN, JOHN. Band, Enjoyed games. JENSEN, NANCY. Youth Forum, A.F.S. Club, Spanish Club. J ESSEN , LARRY. JERGENS, MELBA. Pep Club, Majorette. JEROME, JEFFREY. 4-H. JOHNSON, CURTIS. Football, Track, Boys' Booster Club, Cross- country. JOHNSON, DENNIS. Boys' Boos- ter Club. JOHNSON, CHRIS. President of Girl's Glee, Vice-President of Latin Club, Treasurer of National Honor Society, A.F.S. Club, Pep Club. JOHNSON, KATHY. A.F.S. Club, Little Dodger, Pep Club. JOHNSON, KENT. Cross-country, Basketball. JONES, DENNIS.. Enjoyed going to Dodger games. JONES, MARILYN. President of Pep Club, A Cappella, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Big Dodger. JONES, PAULETTA. JORDISON, ALLEN. Member of 4-H, Plans to attend College. JORDISON, VICKI. Vice-Presi- dent of F.B.L.A. JOSEPHSON, PAM. Secretary of Latin Club, Big Dodger, Little Dodger, Medical Careers, Intra- murals. KEELER, SHEILA. D.E.C.A. KEHM, DAVID. Football, Boys, Booster Club. KEMP, BARRY. Thespians, Boys' Booster Club, French Club. KENNEDY, MARC. Football Co- captain, Lettermen's Club, Golf, Intramurals. KIRBY, TOM. Wrestling. KIRST, PAUL. Boys' Booster Club. KLAUS, EVELYN. A.F.S. Club, Band, A Cappella, Medical Ca- reers. KLEIN, DANNY. KLEIN, SHERRY. T Sz I, T 81 I Club. KLOESS, CINDI. A.F.S. Club, Pep Club, Youth Forum, Secretary of Sans Souci. KNICKERBOCKER, CINDY. F.T.A., Spanish Club, Pep Club. KNUTSON, DEBBIE. Pep Club, Sans Souci, Little Dodger. KNUTSON, GARY. Youth Forum, Boys' Booster Club. KOLESAR, MARY ANN. A.F.S. Club, Pep Club, F.B.L.A., Home- coming Attendant. KOPP, DOUGLAS. Orchestra, Youth Forum, National Honor So- ciety, A.F.S. Club. KOUREY, GAIL. Pep Club. KRAMER, LOUISE. Band, Orches- tra, Student Council. KREIMAN, LEORA. Pep Club, Youth Forum. LAIRD, TIMOTHY. Liked radios. LANDES, NANCY. Secretary Stu- dent Council, Vice-President of Spanish Club, Treasurer of Pep Club, Vice-President of Medical Careers, A Cappella, A.F.S. Club, National Honor Society, Secretary of Junior Class. LARA, LUPE. LARSEN, JEANNE. Pep Club, In- tramurals. LARSON, THOMAS. Boys' Boos- ter Club. LEEGE, LARRY. A Cappella, Band, Orchestra. LEPLEY, ALAN. Little Dodger, Boys' Booster Club, National Hon- or Society, Youth Forum. LICHT, JAMES. Football. LINDER, JERRY. l39 LINK, CAROL. F.B.L.A., Youth Forum, A.F.S. Club. LITTZEN, MICHAEL. Swimming, Boys' Booster Club. LIVASY, DONALD. LIVASY, JOHN. Football, Wrest- ling, Golf. LOOTS, DENNIS. Youth Forum, Boys' Booster Club. LOWREY, SUSAN. Pep Club. LYNN, CATHY. Medical Careers. MACEK, CATHY. A.F.S. Club, F.T.A., Pep Club, Sans Souci. MACEK, LORI. Pep Club, A.F.S. Club, Band. MADSEN, MICHAEL. MAGOON, JAMES. Part-time job, Boys' Booster Club. MALLINGER, JOHN. MANDELLCO, NATALIE. Band. MARTIN, JO ANN. F .B.L.A., Pep Club, A.F.S. Club, Orchestra. MARVIN, ARLA. MAYER, MARK. Track, Swim- ming, Cross-country, Boys' Booster Club, Debate. MECKLENBURG, MAURICE. Youth Forum, Boys' Booster Club, Tennis Team. MEIER, MARIAN. Intramurals, Pep Club. MERICLE, MIKE. T Sz I Club. MERRILL, DEAN. MESSERLY, JAMES. MICHAEL, CAROL. F.B.L.A., Youth Forum, Secretary of Span- ish Club, O.E. Club, Little Dodg- er, Office Education. MITCHELL, JULIE. Pep Club. MITCHELL, MIKE. Wrestling, Boys' Booster Club. MONSON, KAY. Office Educa- tion, Pep Club. I40 MOORE, DIANNE. A.F.S. Club, Youth Forum, Pep Club, Band, A Cappella, Student Council, Homecoming Attendant. MOORE, JOHN. Worked after school. MORRISON, MARVIN. Youth Forum, Debate. MOSBRUCKER, GARY. Football, Basketball, Track, Latin Club. MOSES, MARSHA. Office Educa- tion, O.E. Club. MUELLER, TOM. Worked after school. MURPHY, PAUL. Enjoyed going to basketball games. MURRAY, RICHARD. T 81 I. MYERS, PAM. F.B.L.A. MCBRIDE, EARL. Intramurals, Enjoyed going to Dodger games. McCLURE, RANDY. Intramurals. McDOWELL, BARBARA. F.B.L.A., Pep Club, Youth For- um, Sans Souci, Intramurals. MCGUIRE, MICHAEL. Football, A Cappella. MCGUIRE, PATRICIA. Pep Club, President of T Sz I. McHENRY, SCOTT. Student Council, Football, Wrestling. McNEALEY, ELIZABETH. Pep Club, A.F.S. Club, F.B.L.A. NABER, NANCY. Pep Club, A Cappella. NEIGHBORS, JIM. Wrestling. NELSON, VYRON. Worked after school. NELSON, LINDA. NELSON, VICKI. Secretary of Pep Club. NESVOLD, RONNIE. NICHOLS, RONALD. Member of Church Group. NICHOLLS, MICHELE. Youth Forum, Future Teachers, A Cap- pella. NICKLESS, DAVID. Football, Wrestling. NIELSEN, ROY. NEILSEN, MARGARET NIETING, CYNTHIA. A Cappel- la, Secretary of National Honor Society, A.F.S. Club, Student Council, Youth Forum, Intra- murals. NORMAN, DAVID. NOTTGER, MIKE. D.E.C.A. OLESON, ANN. Pep Club F.B.L.A., Student Council, Girls: Glee. OLMSTED, RUTH. Intramurals, French Club. OLSON, LARRY. Basketball, Spanish Club. OLSON, JOY. D.E.C.A., F.B.L.A. ORSLAND, SUZANNE. O.E. Club, Secretary of F.B.L.A., A Cappella. OSBORN, NICKIE. Youth Forum, F.T.A., Girls' Glee. OSTERBERG, SUSAN. Band, Pep Band, Orchestra, President of Fu- ture Teachers, A.F.S. Club, Youth Forum, Student Council, Intra- murals. OSTREM, KAREN. F.B.L.A., A.F.S. Club, Secretary of D.E.C.A., Pep Club. PAGE, STEVE. Wrestling. PANBECKER, DENNIS. PARKER, LOUISE. Sans Souci, Pep Club. PATTERSON, MARILYN. Intra- murals. PATTERSON, RODNEY. PATTERSON, SHARON. Sopho- more and Varsity Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen. PAULSON, ALLEN. Wrestling, Thespians. PAVEK, JAMES. Boys' Booster Club, Baseball. PEARSON, GEORGIA. Church League. PEASE, KATHIE. A.F.S. Club, Youth Forum, Intramurals. PEED, DARLENE. PEPPLES, LEWIS. Basketball and Football Manager. PETERSON, JAMES. PETERSON, JOYCE. Office Edu- cation. PETERSON, KAY. Treasurer of O.E. Club, F.B.L.A. PFAFF, LOU ANN. Little Dodg- er, Pep Club, A.F.S. Club, A Cap- pella, Youth Forum, Latin Club. PHIPPS, BERYL. Little Dodger, Student Council, Youth Forum, Secretary-Treasurer of F.T.A., Uniform Chairman for Band, All- State Quartet, A Cappella, Latin Club, Pep Club. PHILLIPS, KATHY. T 81 I, T S1IClub. PORTER, GINNIE. Pep Club, Youth Forum, F.B.L.A. PORTER, ROXANNE. PORREZ, MARTIN. PRESLEY, BRUCE. CroSs-coun- try, Basketball, Track. PRICE, MELINA. Latin Club. PURKAPILE, JUDY. Pep Club, T 81 I, T 'Sz I Club, Medical Ca- reers. RADFORD, CYNTHIA. Spanish Club. RAMSDEN, STEVE. Liked to play basketball. RANEY, MARILYN. National Honor Society, A Cappella, Youth Forum, Medical Careers. REEL, RANDY. Worked. REMINGTON, CAROL. RICE, SUSAN. Pep Club, T Sz I Club. RICHARDS, RICK. Plans to join the service. RICKE, JAMES. Worked on cars and went fishing. RINK, SHARON. Sans Souci, A.F.S. Club, F.B.L.A., Girls' Glee, Pep Club, Spanish Club. ROBERTS, WILLIAM. Swim- ming, Boys' Booster Club, T Sz I. ROGDE, ELAINE. Pep Club, Medical Careers, Girls' Glee. ROGERS, MICHELE. Youth Fo- rum, Medical Careers, Girls' Glee. ROJAS, JAIME. A.F.S. Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Boys' Booster Club. ROWE, SALLY. Latin Club. SABUS, DAVE. Liked to work on CHIS. SANDELL, GARY. SANDVEN, BRUCE. SANFORD, DARLENE. A.F.S. Club, D.E.C.A. SCARBOROUGH, PEGGY. F.B.L.A., Youth Forum, Office Education. SCHALLER, GORDON. Student Council, President of Boys, Booster Club, Latin Club, A.F.S. Club, Golf, Big Dodger, Lettermen's Club, President of National Honor Society. SCHILL, GRACEANN. F.T.A., Little Dodger, A Cappella, A.F.S. Club, Pep Club, Youth Forum. SCHLESINGER, RUTH. Band, Latin Club, A.F.S. Club, Pep Club, Youth Forum, Future Teachers. SEASE, RONALD. SECOR, SUZANNE. Spanish Club, Youth Forum, Future Teachers, Intramurals. SEPTER, MICHAEL. D.E.C.A. SESTAK, KATHY. D.E.C.A. SHEKER, SANDI. D.E.C.A., Pep Club. SHEKER, WILLIAM. Football, Baseball, Band, A Cappella, Boys' Booster Club, Youth Forum. SHERMAN, RANDY. SHERRATT, JUDY. Future Teachers, Pep Club, A.F.S. Club. SHIMKAT, DAVID. A Cappella, Youth Forum. SHULTZ, MARY. Pep Club, Girl's Glee, Youth Forum. SIEFER, RAY. Vice-President of Student Body, Vice-President of A Cappella, All-State Chorus, Swimming, Secretary-Treasurer of Boys' Booster Club, Youth Fo- rum, A.F.S. Club, Thespians. SIEKMANN, GRETCHEN. A.F.S. Club, Sans Souci, Vice-President, Student Council, A Cappella, Pep Club. SIMONSON, ROGER. SIMPSON, SAM. SIMPSON, SUSAN. D.E.C.A. SINCLAIR, SHIRLEY. Pep Club, Spanish Club, Little Dodger. SKINNER, GARY. SKOGMO, KRIS. Pep Club, Span- ish Club. SLAGENWEIT. KENNETH. Played guitar. SMITH, REBECCA. SMITH, 'STEVEN SOULI, CHRYSANTHI. Foreign Exchange Student, A.F.S. Club, Youth Forum, Student Council, Pep Club. SPILLMAN, DOUG. Wrestling. SPITTAL, GERALD. Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Letter- men's Club. I4l A QQITECKESDRERG, ICHARD. e Eh . x Lv Q . , Q. with TRENT, DAVID. Track Manager. TRICKEL, LANCE. Track Man- ager. TROUTWINE, TIM. WESTON, CLIFF. Student Coun- cil, Thespians, Little Dodger Youth Forum, Boys, Booster Club, Key Club. WESTON, DEBORAH. D.E.C.A. E1dII1im1Krg. S'PEEN,Cl?fIAI ff iff S OHNLQI ILARDP TRUMBO, DAVID. Treasurer of District Student Council, A Cap- WHARE , ELLA. Church Choir. Rf X C .X JSTRQJER, pella, Boys' State Delegate, Stu- WH ' ER, WAYNE. Wofkea. dent Council. X QCKWIRE KASSIE , . Office Ed- O emwggn H, Sggent TYFR ., RONALD. st 1 A Imaam, O.E. Club, F.B.L.A. I GEQJV VAQDERHOFF, DI . A WILEY, KEITH.T 811. LSTRIN , SHIRLEY. Pa ic . " W STROMBERG RM I Wim, Sans Souci. N fftfWILLIAMSON, MIKE. Wrestling. 'mg' , VANN0 TEVE -l WILLIAMSON, KURT. Worked STU F ERN, D . VIERS, IKE. F than, S - after school. SWE T Rl ARD T aim g lin B nd, Orch ' WILS ,LINDA Youth F0- Choi , S531 .S Cl - th O. VI AND, ES' runililj' Club, Little Dodger. rum, A.F . Club, s' Boo ,J f' Club, kLtt1l5D0d L fx 1 OG E. r f X f WILSON, DANA. D.E.C.A. ' NEY, D IIE . ilu. If V A Y, S ZQNNE. Pep Club, NGERSON, JOAN- Band, Of- .fr , Intra u ls, S Boost r ITITIA. La ' ub. A Chestral X, I. fi AD E RIC' ' Cot al WINTE , IN ike to go to EWR 1' VII gint Islam ' D l Od NER I DA ub dam ' ' , . e , Cfu BQ, rcegtr U QIISPEE 4 , .L'A.,O. lub. WISTHO ANDY. Boys' B005- ' ' ' 'N ter Cl , .F.S. Club, Youth Fo- SW SH , WA N , A INE. dical Ca rum, anish Club. ' ' ' , Club F. . Club, Lat- SWI ILIIKLD. otbals 11 ,Ream - K2 W CRAFT, ,JAMES- Q A . ntra A Boys stef X! T sl Boys, its e 3 Spanish b WI , LANA. F.B.L.A. dent Council, ation nor Sp P , met K S S0 CP LF , SHARON. Varsity Cheer- Y A Glrls Glee TAOUE, LINDl ullw THOMAS, MICHAEL., f n is Basketball. THOMPSON, CYNTHIA. P Club. pians, President of Youth Forum A.F.S. Club, Pep Club, Intra- murals, A Cappella, Little Dodger, Spanish Club. TOROERSON, JAMES. A Cappel- 1 R, . El5.I - U Youth Fo m ittle dgg, Stu- cl"WALL A JANE Y - ,D ru 1 an i WI EBB, BON wE irIS, Gle . You um Pe ub. IT EMA GER A appel WELLS, MA A. e Club, Youth Forum, S i l , I tia- murals. TINKER, CATHERINE. Thes- S N A ub, Y , For I. f D n WD u la, Band, All-State Quartet. TREGENZA, THOMAS. Football, Wrestling. A I 42 WESSMAN, DEE ANN. Pep OI b Spanish Club, Little Dodger, ture Teachers, Student Council, Girls' Glee. , eading, Secretary of Senior Class, Homecoming Attendant, National Honor ociety, Student Council, W S, DENNIS. Football Man- Boys' Booster Club, A.F.S. lI 1 C ub. 7 WO , FRANQLSQJ ES, K T EEN. Pep Club, uth Spanish Club. W.. BEL, DOUG. ZUSPANN, DOLORES. Office Ed- ucation, F.B.L.A. A Cappella ........ . . . 30, AFS Club ........ . . Audio Visual Club .... . . . Big Dodger ...... . . . Board of Education . . . . . Bonfire ........... . . . 88, Boys' Booster Club .... ..... Cheerleaders ..... . . . 46, Christmas Concert .... . . . Cross Country . . . . . . Counselors . . . . . . Debate . . . . . . DECA ............ . . . Director of Activities . . . . . . Director of Athletics . . . . . . Faculty Art .... . . ...... . . . Business .......... . . . Drivers, Education . . . . . . 9 English ........... .... 9 Foreign Language . . . . . . Home Economics . . . . . . Industrial Arts . . . . . . Mathematics ....... . . . Music ............. . . . Physical Education .... .... Science. ....... Social Science ..... . . . 12, Speech ...... . . . FBLA . . . ...... . . . . Football . . . . . . 50, 51, 52, French Club ..... .......... Future Teachers .... . . General Index Girl's Clee ....... Girls' Intramurals . . . Homecoming .... . Homecoming Court . . . Junior Homerooms .. Latin Club ....... Lettermen's Club .... Little Dodger . . . Medical Careers . . . Office Staff . . . Orchestra . . . Pep Club . . . Plays .... Principal .......... Senior Class Officers .. Senior Directory . . . Senior Portraits .... Social Calendar .... Sophomore Homerooms Spanish Club .... . . Stage Band . . . Student Council . . . Superintendent .... Swimming .... Thespians ......... Trade and Industry . . . Twerp Week ..... Vice-principal . . . Wrestling . . . Youth Forum . . . .......- . Q-.-.-. 33 49 89, 90, 91 . . . . 91 . 68-74 . Q 27 92 19 ....25 8 32 34 42, 43 6 100 136-142 101-135 86, 87 75 28 36 16, 17 6 . 58-61 42 ....21 93 7 . 62-65 26 I43 il' if A PARTING THOUGHT Each individual is a part of the student body, so each person contributes a part of himself to FDHS. There are brief mo- ments of glory and defeat for some stu- dents in sports, club activities, musical and dramatic productions. All of us share the reality of examinations and deadlines, the semester grades, and the noontime cafe- teria rush. The laughter of students echoing through the halls or the quietness of classes at work is heard. Then, to the sound of bells, Dodgers move out of the rooms and corridors, leaving the building empty. Thus, the days fly by, and with them many experiences. Dodgers will remember the excitement of registration, the casual mo- ments with friends, and the countless hours of study both in and out of classes. To each of us this school year means some- thing different and will be reflected in individual ways for various reasons. Every page suggests different thoughts for each of us. The 1967 Dodger presents the work, the activities, and the people of Fort Dodge Senior High School with the help of Taylor Publishing Company. W. ,,, 4l ff 05, N,vWWVW M -fa 6. Qy , ,f U A ,Z ' www New X00 we 'Sy L MAQA Xfbfpw .1 433 W9,N,mdwN MJL W -fU7G-fvfi, Mgwwgff W 'vid 5 PO ' ' ,ZQWNZQ QQLWZA WDW ij A ' f X , .0 l V , Q Avgdlktavla fffv' My MEP' AMPK 7,5-jfckf W W iz wi? WW ,yd x . '- A' ,v f-up-ak-ff if NJ hx, K 7 fyfilvl' . ff M . 33'f5f?UIQlL3T3zk+f C5 -izgmmfv 1-emdriiw A c'0",C7t C16 G3 LM A Q IQMN 31 x 1:-C fi-x 9 - 4 ,! L wW NL K 'Q' 59 N X , M Sm NX I L.Lf4,'Y" 47 C41-'ii 41.Q.fg' iff'-.'XLmPrAw-i', 3' E D tml! f L if -I ' - X Q Q 0 ' S R M U, 11, W , E gk Ng, SQ S A QE Q MLQXLSXWWWWRM QA J S mmzxmww S S f WS x ff, Q Q K I 41 4r'n.,,,. -ls! ph fr' Q 1 I u. J V,r,,w,v V .-4 .!. Ml ' M if if 1 71 it' JI . , . """".Q "F-9" 'Q LI' , "Qui 1 " H: . 1-in E 111.4 ,..g , 5 .. -1' '.., aw 1, 'Fu fb- K Q - ' A , ' :F W X rf X. ,c -.T qv' xii 1. ,, 1, -.y- nq ' i. .4-I -Q.. l x V. v 9 fx 4 -bd -Q1 x ' - , W A. ' ' xx- , ' 1 - ' ,g::::.jf' 8 - 4- - ,L- :xlzgzlua V ly X W 1 1 . ..,, ' r . . 1 H .-.A f 1 QI.. 4.3 -I . if -. 4 I 1 I 5 I 3, v X Wh H R 'V 7 - f , . n M , Y gr 1 ' . ,, . ,. '- r ' ' T , . 4 U., ' ' .A - .' X , -' f M,-Q X, -M,',,,a' Li"f',.1,,f'r.",, , w-FN' .ri . , SA-XWXQ' ' ' 'JK ',1g'5f11F.QfQf,Lk, if .EH . ' , " , 'ff ' ' " " ' X A f ,wwf f1M A 2 M , f ' A ,P ,jx f11"'4:"" ,4 uf A: , .:'x9'.-'L v E4 4 ' 1 f 0,1 U . M , Q 1 ,, -, ' In A I n 1 I 1 0' m ...f ' 4 ., M 1 1. Gil, 'A n , ag, rf! f. X . J' '12 w Q. n .. gg ,ie .3 4, -PM hrs: I 4 ,i4n, 'Y A ' "IW ,wwf

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