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 - Class of 1949

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I .. .. ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, THE 1949 DUDGER Volume XXXVIII PUBLISHED BY TI-IE CLASS OF I949 FORT DODOE I-MOH SCHOOL FORT DODGE, IOWA 1 , T fm iw-4 A , Q - . - ft Wi-W A fifwffff x -Sf ' Q? 1 'A L '- 4 V if A A lsfieff . JQAWQSW? LJ gig? f , Agri ,grin Q MnQ,giQig-," , P 'l '35 :if 'f - , .gg f low " Q 5 no 'gqfjgijwilf k y ms 'J' i x About 850 Students Attend Fort Dodge Senior High School. Fort Dodge Senior I-ligh School Students Raise Flag in Annual Fall Ceremony. M ,, ,L 2 3 I949 Dodger Staff EDITOR Nancy Fisher COPY EDITOR Mary Weisbrod PHOTOGRAPHER Don Seltz BUSINESS MANAGER Carrie Rosen TYPIST Arlene Engholm SENIOR EDITORS Mary Krause, Ianice Barber. Dolores Brechwald FACULTY AND CLASS EDITORS Shirley Evans, Leo Rodenborn, lean Lundblad ORGANIZATIONS EDITORS Ioanne Voss, Mary Doughty, Norman Gaumer GIRLS ATHLETICS EDITORS I oan Taylor, Imogene Saucke BOYS ATHLETICS EDITOR Gene Rathermel ART EDITORS Marie Rondeau, Earl Wiss HI-LIFE EDITORS Ianet Officer, Donna McMahon. Dean Clabaugh ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHER Bill Thelander DEDICATION The Class of '49 dedicates this book to Fort Dodge. the town which has played a great part in their lives. ln doing this, they are expressing their gratitude for its schools, churches, recreational facilities, and the cooperation of its people. These things and many others have given them much happiness and many pleasant memories. 4 Book I Book Il Book III Book IV Book V U1 ORDER OF BOOKS Classes Administration Crganizations Athletics I-li-Life 1 ' 5 J Izl V G U' g i ,- --Jw U4 . ' 5 , ' 1 FOREWORD In this book are recorded the 1948-49 school days -the good and the bad-the serious and the gay. These pages are the living memories of the past year so that in years to come, you have only to look back and find yourself once again in 1948-49. For some it is only the beginning-for others it is the end. Those who have just started may feel that it isn't so much their book. If so, just remember that the last is usually the best. Those who are leaving are probably already of that opinion. But new or old. remember: this is your book. You have made it possible. In fact it is YOU. l6l BOOK I CLASSES . . . though the Seniors of '49 leave with some reluctance, they look toward the future with anticipation. With am- bition and energy their fellow unclerclassmen can attain similar goals.. ur' a-.-aus:-...i..smmw--ewwvmuw VQ--wfwwmn-M B111 Fellows Presldent IanetOif1cer V1cePres1dent Nancy Frsher Secretary Mary Doughty Treasurer. Class Moiio: Wo sail on the ship QI Ambition, may we FIHCIIOT in ihe Hurbor' of Success" HJ BOB ANDERSON "l-le's aot just what it takes". . . Student Council: Junior Class, Secretary: Baseball: Football: Wrestling. BOB ARMBRUSTER "A whale of a qood fellow". . Wrestling: Intramurals. 'W' EDNA ARNOLD She always qreets you with a cheery smile". . S.P.Q.R.: A cappella: Debate: Y-Teen. IRENE ASCHERL "Ready for anything you ask, be it fun or be it a task". Y-Teen: Chorus: Pep Club: Intramurals: Little Dodger. IUDY ATWELL "We hope her life leads to success". . . Debate: Make-up Crew: Dodger Players. Secretary: Fiestas Sin Siestas: Pep Club: Y-Teen: One-act Plays. DON BABBITT "A nice friendly fellow". . Stage Crew. 'Uh SENIORS I9 l ERNEST BABBITT "A boy of quiet Ways". . . Pi Club: Wrestling. MARY LOU BAILEY "Fair in face, such anael grace". . . Sans Souci, Secretary: A cappella: Operetta: Y-Teen: Pep Club: Student Council: All State Choir. BRUCE BALLARD "A welcome addition to a class". . Pi Club. IANICE BARBER "She is above all in that talent called hum sr". S.P.Q.R., Vice4President: Orchestra: Show Shop: Y-Teen: Pep Club: Big Dodger: Dodger Players: Une-act Plays. CAROL BARGAR "Her face reflects the nicest in her". . Y-Teen: Stage Crew. LOIS BECKER "Her eyes outshine the radiant hearnsw. . Student Council. MARGARET BLUNT "Wil, lively, and full of fun". . GERALD BONNSTETTER "A riaht aood gentleman". . DOLORES BRECHWALD "Dark hair, shining eyes, merry, lauqhinq, slie's a prize". . . Intramurals: Chorus: Y-Teen: Dodger Players: Pep Club: Fiestas Sin Siestas: Big Dodger: All School Play. CHARMAINE BREON "Not the kind lhaf you forget". . . Y-Teen: Pep Club: Intramurals. DUANE BROWN "A happy-ao-lucky lad". . . Intramurals: Wrestling. DOLORES BRUCE "A winning Way and an attractive face are but a few of her charms". . . Operetta: Y-Teen. BOB BEEH "A merry heart makes a cheery counienancew. . . Basketball: S.P.Q.R., President, Treasurer: Track, Student Manager: Football: Student Council: Chorus. BOB BEERS "Honor to the man who brings honor fo us". . . Football: Basketball: Baseball: Student Council: A cappella: Sophomore Class, President: Intra- mural Wrestling. WILMA BELMER "True hearted, friend of all". . . Sans Souci, President: A cappella, Secretary: Orchestra, Treasurer: Student Council: Show Shop: Operetta: All State Choir: Y-Teen: Pep Club: Girls' Sextet: Dodger Players. RENARDO BIANCHI "A likable, friendly fellow". . Wrestling. PAT BLANEY "But oh, she dances such a way". . . Chorus: Intramurals: Y-Teen: Student Council: Pep Club: Dodger Players: Operetta: Fiestas Sin Siestas: One-act Plays. VIVIAN BLOOMQUIST "What she lacks in size, she makes up in pep and ginger" Y-Teen: Pep Cluh: Intramurals. SENIORS fi 'Q' L10 RUTH BUCK "A dainty inflid With Winsome ways ALMA BUCKNER "Her pleasant smile lwriqhlens the clay". . Y-Teen: Chorus. RICHARD BURKHOLDER "He's small, but so is dynamite". . . Wrestling: Student Council: Intramurals. IO ANN BURMAN "lust cis hopltay os liar Y-Teen: lla-hatv: Chorus: Student Council, DOLORES BURNETT "We see her sweet and lon". . PHYLLIS CACIOPPO "She hos dll the Charms oi CI woman". . Y-Teen : Chorus. smile discloses". . . SENIORS llll IOAN CANNON "Life is not liie Without fun". . , A cappella: Operetta: Y-Teen: Marching Band: All State Chorus: Concert Band: Pep Band: Clarinet Quartet: Dodger Players. LILA CAMPBELL "To see her is to love her". . . Y-Teen: S.P.Q.R.: Football Queen Attendant MILTON CARTEE "Good notured cmd Well liked". , Wrestling. FRED CARTER "It's Q qreoi thing to live", . . Football: Wrestling: Track: Intramurals: Stage Crs-wg Pep Club. EUGENE CASE "And Certainly he is CI qood fellow". . DONNA CASEY "A charming smile is olwoys in style". . LILA COLEMAN "Rarely seen without o smile". . . Paint and Palette: Intramurals: Y-Tccn. AUDREY COLSON "A sweet girl is above all zonksu. . Y-Teen: A cappella: Opcretta. MONICA CRAWFORD "Kind os she is iczir". . . Y-Teen: Pep Club: Chorus. LORETTA CROTTS "A good student ond o delightful girl". . Chorus: Pep Cluh. LYLE CROUSE "Free ond friendly lad". . . Stage Crew: Football: Wrestling: Track: Chorus Intramurals: Band: Basketball. PHYLLIS CROUSE "Nothing could dCII1lf3G!l her enthusigsm torlitew. . , Chorus: Intramurals. IACK CERNEY "His height is exceeded only hy his good nature". . BEVERLY CHAMBERS "The better you know her, the lyetter you like her". . . Chorus: Dodger Players: Y-Teen: Little Dodger: All School Play. GERALD CHINGREN "A mighty mon is he". . . Track: Football: VVrestling: Student Council. ROSE ANNE CHRISTIANSEN "A jolly good sport ond GH untoiling good friend", . . Pep Club: S.P.Q.R.: A cappella: All State Chorus Y-Teen: Orchestra: Student Council: Operetla. DEAN CLABAUGH "Intelligent mind with rndnners kind". . . Wrestling: Cheerleader: Intramurals: Big Dodger. SHIRLEY CLARE "Good heorrted ond good ncxturedn. . Orchestra: Pep Club: S.P.Q.R.: Y-Teen: Chorus SENIORS 2 fi? .. Q K :.:iS2:51si'i:.: K . .. ., .,,. I 1 5 -fiilifiiii - N - - ': :E ::i:: .gqggy Q rs? .el KD- if 121 DOROTHY DAHLQUIST "Theres vim and snap in her plfasant ways". . . LOIS Life Saving. BILL DANIELS "Education makes the man". . . DEAN Student Council: Football: Baseball: WVrcstlinz: Intramurals. "Her ways are Ways of pleasaninossn. . . Intramurals: Y-Teen: Student Council: Chorus MARGUERITE DE LANOIT "Of constant good humor". . Y-Teen: Pep Club. CARL DIANE "Life is what you make ii." ROY DILLON is "His worth, his honor, all the world approved". . . . Football: Basketball: Track: Intramurals. SENIORS Us fr l IOE DOPITA "He has qreat ambitions". . Student Council. MARY DOUGHTY "A maiden with merry brown eyes". . . 49: Little Dodger: Big Dodger: Y-Teen: Chorus: Pep Club: Life Saving: Senior Class, Treasurer: Intramurals. fe? Y f CONNIE DOUGLAS "The mildest manners with tho aentlest heart". . . Y-Teen: Little Dodger: Student Council: Paint and Palette: Pep Club. BOB DOUGLAS "A clever, likable fellow". . . Band: Orchestra: Brass Sextet: Little Dodger: Wrestling: Intramurals. CHARLES DOYLE "Troubles, I have none". . . Football: Wrestling: Track: Intramurals. 'gm DONNA EASTWOOD "Silence is sweeter than speech". . DARLENE EATON "A maid with a lolithesome heart", . . Paint and Palette: Y-Teen: Dodger Players: Chorus: Pep Club. BOB EBERSOLE "A boy of quiet ways". . . Student Council: Intramurals: Football: Wrestling: Tennis. ARLENE ENGHOLM "She is easy to know and to like". , . Life Saving: Big Dodger: Intramurals: Dodger Players Paint and Palette: Mr. Marquis' Secretary. DON ETZEL 'Overflowinq with harmless mischief". . Pi Club, Secretary: Wrestling. SHIRLEY EVANS "Er1thusiam is the breath of genius". . , Intramurals: Chorus: Dodger Players: One-act Play: Plays. CLAYTON EVENSON "Good natured and well liked". . Stage Crew: Pep Club. SENIORS BILL FELLOWS "Always a swell fellow". . . Baseball: Basketball: A cappella, Vice-President: Boys' Quartet: Senior Class, President: Sophomore Class, Vice- President: Student Council: Operetta. HARDIE FIELD "Full of pep and always ready for fun". . . Y-Teen: Intramurals: Little Dodger: Student Council: Fiestas Sin Siestas: Pep Club. IVIARIORIE FIELD "She is life itself". . . Y-Teen, Treasurer: Dodger Players: A cappella: Operetta: Little Dodger: Pep Club: Fiestas Sin Sicstas. IVIARLIN FISHEI. "A light heart lives Iona". . NANCY FISHER "She adds much to life". . . Big Dodger, Editor: Y-Teen, Secretary: Senior Class, Secretary: Little Dodger: Student Council: Intramurals: Pep Club: A cappella: Operetta. PATRICK FISHER "The huntsman leads to trails of happiness", . . Football: Track: Fiestas Sin Siestas: Wrestling. Y-Teen: Little Dodger: Big Dodger: S.P.Q.R.: Pep Club: 14 IAMES FOSTER "Good natured and well liked". . . Track, Assistant Manager: Wrestling, Assistant Manager. IIM FOX "l have a heart with room for every joy". . . Football: Baseball: Wrestling: Intramurals: Band. MARY GADD "Her dimples speak for herself". . . Pep Club: Chorus: Y-Teen: Fiestas Sin Siestas, Secretary: Student Council, Secretary: Football Queen Attendant. IIM GALVIN "l-le'll find a Way". . NORMAN GAUMER "He will undertake to do great things". . . Marching Band: Concert Band: Orchestra: Pep Band: Band Council: A cappella: Bnys Quartet: Opcrctta: Big Dodger: Plays: Make-up Crew: Stage Crew. MARY GEIS "A domesticated lass" SEN IORS Us AUDREY GIESE "A qal you'd like to meet anytime". . . A cappella: Majorette: Operetta: Intramurals. SHIRLEY GREENE "Pretty, petite, and sweet". . . Intramurals: Pep Club: Chorus. ROSALIE GRIMA "Her pleasant ways have been admired by many". . Pep Club. IAMES GROSS Football: Track: Student Council. DONNA GUENTHER "Care sits liqhtly on her shoulders", . Y-Teen: Little Dodger: Pep Club. TOM GUSTAFSON "A friend we trust". . "l will look on the hriqht side of everything" MARGARET HAUGEN "Kind heorts ore more thon coronetsd. . Chorus: Little Dodger: Y-Teen. SHIRLEY HAYEK "lt's noble to be qoodw. . . BILL HEILEMAN S.P.Q.R.: Y-Teen: Chorus. "The thrill of speed grew fast ond furious". . Football: Track: Basketball. ERNEST HEITNER "A mon of few Words". . DON HENSLEY "How lovely school would be Without lesson Track: Football: Intramurals. DON HICKEY "A good fellow among fellows" Football. BILL HAGAN "His future hos CI shining promise", . . Football: Track: Student Council: Sans Souri, Secretary-Treasurer. IVIAURICE HALVEHSON "Good humor is always G success". . CARMEN HAMELL "A quiet little loss". . . Chorus: Intramurals. IEANNETTE HANSON "Sweetness, truth, and every qroco is road distinctly on lier face". . . Y-Teen: Pep Club: Chorus. LA VONNE HANSON "ln Work conscientious: in athletics envied". . . Intramurals: Life Saving: Pep Club: Y-Teen. IOAN HARBACHECK "A friend to all". . . Paint and Palette, Treasurer: Little Dodger: SENICSHQD AA 1 E161 PATSY HICKEY "As qoocl as you will find". . , BILL HILL "Silence and common sense make a1na11". . DOLORES HOLLAND "With merry smile and dark hair, she makes friends most ever where" Chorus: Pep Club: Y-Teen: Junior College Choir: Variety Show. SHIRLEY HIEKE "Our true outdoor girl". . . Marching Band: Concert Band: Orchestra: Intramurals. PHYLLIS HIN ES "The-re's beauty in her friendly smile". . . Y-Teen: Fiestas Sin Siestas: Chorus: Student Council: lntramruals: Life Saving: Pep Club: Littlc Dodger. y . . . Marching Band: Concert Band: A cappella: Y-Teen: Sans Souci: Operettag Pep Band: Clarinet Quartet: All State Chorus. GLORIA HOLLEY "No Woman is ever wise by chance". . . Y-Teen: S.P.Q.R.: Intramurals: Chorus. SENIORS, f17l AUDREY HOOD "Always thoughtful and kind". . Chorus: Debate. MARY LOU HOOD "A fair exterior is a silent rccoxnrnenolation Y-Teen. CHARLOTTE HOOP "Charitable and open hearted". , . Marching Band: A cappella: Concert Band. NORMA HORN "Keep riqht on singing with that beautiful voice". . . Chorus: Y-Teen. BILL HOTZ "He's a friend that's high on the list". . Track: Intramurals: Pep Club. ROBERT HRABAK "A sociable, honest rnan is lie". . . Marching Band: Concert Band. CLARK IOHNSON "Witty, ond lively, ond lull oi fun". . Track: Basketball: S.P.Q.R., Treasurer ELWOOD IOHNSON "He is remembered because lie cont loo forgotten". . . Basketball: llasehallg Football. IACK IOHNSON "l'll be merry arid free". . . PATRICIA IOHNSON "And dear was she". . . A cappella: Intramurals: Y-Teen: Operetta. PATTY IOHNSON "loy is Cx balm to my heortm. . , Librarian: Y-Teen. ROSE IONES "A loved cmd much respected friend". . . Y-Teen: Pen Club: Chorus. DONNA HUDSON "A smile of sincerity that iicvor fades". CATHERINE HUGHES "Quiet cmd lovely persons ore weloouio everywhere". . . Chorusg Y-Teen: Fiestas Sin Siestas. RAMONA HUMPAL "Her friends best know her true worth". , . Librarian. VIRGIL HUMPAL "He is quiet in his ways". . . Chorus. MARIAN IACOBS "A pretty girl is like CI melody". . . Y-Teeng Chorus. ARLENE IESSE "A qirl worth knowing cmy time, cmy place" Y-Teen. A .SENICRS l18l RUTH KEHM "Full of pleasing charms", . . A cappella: Uperetta: Y-Teen: Junior Class, Treasurer Little Dodger. IIM KENNEY "l like the path that leads as it may". . HARRY KILIPER "A good mixture of an athlete, student and friend". . . Football, Captain: Basketball: Track: Student Council President: Junior Class, President: lfiestas Sin Siestas, Treasurer: Intramurals: State Student Council. RUTH KNACK "A modern girl with big brown eyes and personality twice her size". . . Cheer Leader: Pep Club: A cappella: Sophomore Class, Secretary: Fiestas Sin Siestas: Y-Teen: Operetta: Paint and Palette: Life Saving: Football Queen Attendant. SHIRLEY KNACK "The gold of hor hair crowns the blue of her eyes". . GLENN KNUDSON "Modesty merits silent acclaim". . . Football: Wrestling: Baseball: Stage Cr Student Council. SENICRS L19 l CVYQ BEVERLEY KOCHISH "Every natural action is graceful". . Y-Teen: Chorus. ROSEMARY KOESTNER "Rosemary is for remembrance". , , Pep Club: Y-Teen: Little Dodger: Chorus. DONALD KRAMER "Where there's a Will, theres a way". . MARY KRAUSE "A scholarly maiden who pleases all". . . Chorus: Y-Teen, Vice-President: Pep Club: Make Up Crew: Intramurals: Fiestas Sin Siestas: Big Dodger: Life Saving: Orchestra. CHARLENE LARSON "Shes always good natured and nice". , Student Council: Y-Teen: Chorus. CHARLOTTE LARSON "She has many friends, but nary a loo". . Chorus: Y-Teen: Intramurals. IERRY LINN "Quiet and dignified as becomes a real man". . A cappella: Intramurals: Operetta. GLORIANN LLOYD "The truly generous is the truly Wise". . . Pep Club: Little Dodger, Editor: Chorus: Y-Teen Debate: Intramurals. STANLEY LONG "Here is a truly honest man". . IEAN LUNDBLAD "Music hath charm and so hath musicians". . . Y-Teen, Treasurer: Orchestra, President: A cap- pella: Student Council, President: Pep Club: Little Dodger: Big Dodger: String Quartet: Operetta: String Trio. SHIRLEE LUMSDEN "Cheerful and happyg a pleasant coinpanion always". . Pep Club. TOM LYNCH "He smiles at the world and it smiles hack at him". . . VVrestling: Fiestas Sin Siestas, Vice-President. ELMER LARSON "l-le has a mind of his own". . . Intramurals: Wrestling: Baseball. IOYCE LARSON "She opens in each heart a little heaven". . . Intramurals: Paint and Palette: Y-Teen: Pep Club: Debate. ROLAND LARSON "So hale and hearty is lic". . DONNA LEGG "The way to make a friend is to he one". . . Y-Teen: Little Dodger: Chorus: Pep Club. WALDO LINDBERG "Stately and tall, he Walks in the hall". . . Basketball: Student Council: A cappella: S.P.Q.R.: Pep Club: Operetta. MATT LIN GREN "Happy am l". . Wrestling. r SENIORS l 20 SHIRLEY MALFIELD "She's like a sunbeam on a winters day". . Y-Teen: Chorus. GENE MARCHI He speaks and you can hear him" Football: Track: Student Council: Basketball. BETTY MARTIN "Many are her joys in youth". . . Chorus : Intramurals: Y-Teen. DONNA MCMAHON A qal with personality plus". . . Y-Teen: Student Council: Chorus: Pep Club, Secretary: Fiestas Sin Siestns, President: Big Dodger: One-act Play: Life Saving: Football Queen Attendant. MARY IANE MCMAHON "A woman among Women". . Pep Club: Chorus. IERALDINE MERICLE A charming chatterbox". . . Pep Band: A cappella: Girls' Sextet: Operetta: All State Chorus: Marching Band: Concert Band. SENICRS IUNE MERRILL "The best of blessings-a contented mind". . IACK MEYER Intramurals. IZI 'Ku l MONA MILLER "She charms us with the sunshine of her smile". . . Dodger Players, Vice-President: All School Play: Intramurals: Pep Club: Y-Teen: Make-Up Crew. NATHALIE MITCHELL "A friendly miss, happy and gay". . Intramurals: Y-Teen: Pep Club. RICHARD MITCHELL "Who does not love wine, women and song remains a fool his Whole life long". . . S.P.Q.R.: Track: All School Play: Intramurals: Pep Club. EILEEN MOEN "With a song in my heart". . . Chorus. A cappella: Girls' Sextet: Operctta: "Independence now, independence forever". . All State GEORGE NEIMIER "We have great faith in you". . Basketball: Intramurals. DEAN NITZEL "A head to formulate plans". . Track. IANET OFFICER "In her tongue is the law ot kindness". . . Y-Teen, President, Treasurer: Senior Class, Vice-President: Pep Club: Orchestra, Secretary: A cappella, Treasurer: String Ensemble: Showshopg String Trio: Intramurals: Big Dodger: All State Orchestra. IOANNE O'KEEF E "Our-two-worded girl W 'pep personified' ". . Y-Teen: Pep Club: Chorus. DONNA OLSEN "Sheta1ks, she charms". . . SHIRLEY OLSON "May luck go with thee". . Intramurals. ROY MOENCH "The World is as you take it". . , A cappella: Football: Baseball: Operetta. ERNEST MORI "Hard working in all things". . . Wrestling: Baseball: Intramurals. BILL MUNDAY "The noblest mind, the best contentment has". . Student Council. DICK MUN N "Hes small, but so was Napoleon". . Track: Football: Intramurals.. BOB NELSON "Endurance is a crowning quality". . . Football: Basketball: Student Council: Baseball. BARBARA NICHOLLS "She adds a precious thing to the eye". . . Y-Teen: Chorus: Paint and Palette: Little Dodger: Pep Club. SENIORS i221 ALETA ORNESS "There is delight in singing". . . Pep Club: Make-Up Crew: Y-Teen: All State Chorus. Stage Crew: Operetta: Showshop: Orchestra: Girls' Sextet: A cappella: Dodger Players. ALBERTA OTTO "A Winning way-some qirl, l say". . . Y-Teen: Intramurals: Fiestas Sin Siestas: Pep Club: Chorus: Football Queen Attendant. IEANNETTE PATTERSON "She sits hiqh in our hearts". . . MELVIN PEED "He's a fellow we all admire". . Football: Wrestling. VERNON PERSON "He's as good a fellow as any on earth". . . Baseball: Stage Crew: Operetta: A cappella. ELEANOR PETERSON "Her ways are qeritle, her disposition cheerful". . . Intramurals: Chorus. SENIORS as I2 t t R 31 PEGGY PETERSON "Softly speak and sweetly smile", . Chorus. BOB PETERSON "A gentleman and a scholar". . . Band: Pep Club: Pep Band: A cappella CHARLES PITSOR "l am sure he is talented". . . Football: Track: Basketball. CAROL PORTER "She has helped us all in the library". . Y-Teen: Librarian. DOROTHY PRESLER "She's always qoocl nature-d". . . I-'iestas Sin Siestas: Y-Teen. TACK PRESLER "He takes the world as it Comes". . . E SHIRLEY RIERSON "Beauty is a gilt of God". . . Y-Teen: Little Dodger: Chorus: Pep Club. LAURA RODENBORN "A friendly smile, a friendly heart". . . Y-Teen: Pep Club: Chorus: Make-Up Crew: Fiestas Sin Siestas, Treasurer. LEO RODENBORN "The best humored man". . S.P.Q.R.: Big Dodger. MARIE RONDEAU "She is Very noble and capable". . . Y-Teen: Dodger Players: Make-Up Crew: Intramurals: Big Dodger: Play. CARRIE ROSEN "Her motto is 'I can' . . Big Dodger: Y-Teen: A cappella: Little Dodger: Intramurals: Operetta. EARLA RUMME "lt's a great thinq to live". . Chorus: Y-Teen. 5 PAT PURVIANCE Theres Vim and Viqor in her pleasant ways". . BOB RANKIN "What he undertakes to do, he does". . . Baseball: Basketball: Football: Intramurals. GENE RATHERMEL "Never a Worry, never a care, he takes the world as it comes". . . Football: Basketball: Tennis, Captain: Big Dodger: Intramurals IIM REED "A good disposition is more valuable than gold". . . Football, Student Manager: Stage Crew: Track: Intramurals. DONALD RENQUIST "O, for the power of Napoleon". . . Intramurals: Football: Basketball: Tennis. BOB RICH "Liked here, liked there, liked everywhere". . . Tennis: Band: S.P.Q.R. SEN IORS if l24l Football: Basketball, Student Manager: Baseball: MARVIN RUMME "He is a good fellow". . . Track: Intramurals. DICK SAMPSON "Here is a man with judgment dear". . . Track: Football: Basketball: Intramurals. IMOGENE SAUCKE "Beauty lives with kindness". . A cappella: Y-Teen: Big Dodger: Little Dodger: Pep Club: Intramurals: Sans Souci, Vice-President: Student Council. SHEILA SAVAGE "Those Irish eyes are smiling". . Y-Teen. DONNA LEE SAWYER "All harmony and grace". . . ERLYNE SAWYER "Nothing is impossible to a willinq heart". . SEN IORS l25l KENNETH SCHMIDT "Determination will always win". . . Intramurals. CHARLEEN SCHROEDER "She could be moved to laugh at anything", Dodger Players: Intramurals: Pep Club: All School Play. DARLENE SCOTT "She has pleasant ways". . . Y-Teen: Chorus: Pep Club: Make-Up Crow: Fiestas Sin Siestas, Vice-President. DON SELTZ "Effort always creates ability". . . Football: Track: Intramurals: Big Dodger Photographer. DUANE SHAPPELL "Honor lies in honest toil". . IOE SHEKER "He's a boy of quiet ways". . S.P.Q.R.: Intramurals. DON SPOONER "He Welcomes you with a smile". . GILBERT STANEK "A friend Worth having, ci friend Worth knowing, and a friend worth keeping". . . Basketball: Track: Dodger Players: Plays: Pep Club. DARYLE STECK "He walked where others ran". . Track. BOB STERNS "A real man is he". . , Track: Football: Wrestling. IOHN STEWART "Stools low and save the chandelier". . Football: Basketball: Track: Chorus LAYTON STUMP "Success is yours take it". . . Dodger Players. President: A cappella, President: Plays: Operetta: Intramurals: Make-Up Crew. WILLIAM SHELBY "A good student who is liked by all". . Chorus. DARLENE SHOWERS "She has a sunny disposition". M Intramurals. BRUCE SMILEY "A man ot profound ambition". . . A cappella: Band, President: Basketball: Track: Intramurals: All State Band: All State Chorus: Show Shop: Pep Band: Uperetta. CHARLES SMITH "A little nonsense he true of many boys". Orchestra: Band, Shop: Pep Band: All State Chorus: enjoys, which is Vice-President: A cappella: Show Basketball: Track: Variety Show: Intramurals: Operetta. PAUL SMITH "One cf the better drum majors". . . Little Dodger: A cappella: Dodger Players: Orchestra: Concert Band: Drum Major: Operetta: Plays: Pep Club: Make-Up Crew. BONNIE SNYDER "Hair of gold, eyes of blue". . . Sans Souci: Intramurals: A cappella: Life Saving: Operetta: Student Council: Pep Club: Y-Teen. S SENIORS no IOHN SULLIVAN "The truly qenerous is the truly wise". . Track, Assistant Student Manager. BILL SWALLA "His only labor is to kill time". . Intramurals. BOB SWAN "He is quiet and dignified". . . Student Council: Track: Basketball: Football: Intramurals: Pep Club. EDDIE TABOT "From little sparks may burst a mighty flame". . . Baseball: Football: Fiestas Sin Siestas: Chorus: Intramurals. HELEN TAYLOR "She's bursting with enerqyw. . Intramurals. IOAN TAYLOR "Sur1bearns sparkle about her hair". . . Intramurals: Little Dodger: Pep Club: Y-Teen: Make-Up Crew: Big Dodger: Chorus: Dodger Players: Life Saving: Play. SEN IORS E271 BETTY THOMAS "A shy face is better than a forward heart". . Chorus. DON THOMAS "A classmate who is rich in good humor". . Baseball: Basketball: Intramurals. IOHN THOMAS "My mind, to me, a kingdom is". . . Football: Basketball: Wrestling: Track: Little Dodger: Student. Council. N EILL THOMPSON "A better fellow you Could never find". . . Football: Baseball, Captain: Basketball: Student Council: Junior Class, Vice-President. DORIS THORSBAKKEN "Rather quiet, but a loyal friend". . Band: Chorus: Marching Band. VIRGINIA TROST "Gentle Ways, a aentle voice". . LOUIS WAGNER "Mischief and iollity is his middle name" Band. DOROTHY WALTON "She-'s tiny but mighty". . . Student Council: Intramurals. ROGER WEAVER "l-le's a jolly good fellow". . Pi Club. MARY WEISBROD "I-ler hair resembles dancing sunbeamsu Y-Teen: Intramurals: Chorus: Debate: Big Dodger : Pep Club. MARIANNE WENNERHOLM "Blythe and merry is she". . , Y-Teen: Fiestas Sin Siestas. EDWINA WHITE "Modesty sure is her own". . . Librarian' Fiestas Qin 'iiestas' Pe Club: , . .. . . ., p Y-Teen: Chorus. MARILYN TUNWALL "There-'s always a good time when shes around". . . Y-Teen: Little Dodger: Paint and Palette: Intramurals: Chorus: J. C. Choir: S.A.P.'s: Student Council. IOE UNDERWOOD "A man who blushes is not quite a brute". . Pi Club. HARMON UTLEY "The like l never saw". . Baseball. SHIRLEY VOGEL "A qay and hearty lass". . Y-Teen: Librarian. IOANNE VOSS "Variety is the spice of life". . . Sophomore Class, Treasurer: Little Dodger: Big Dodger: Intra- murals: Sans Souei, Vice-President: Operetta: Debate: Student Council: A cappella: Pep Club: Y-Teen: Make-Up Crew: Orchestra: Football Queen. IUANITA WAGGONER "A friendly smile, a friendly heart". . . Dodger Players: Fiestas Sin Siestas: Intramurals: Cheerleader: Pep Club: Y-Teen: Chorus: Play: Football Queen Attendant. SEN IORS l28l MAURICE WIDELL "Honor, virtue, Conscience all". . . Big Dodger, Photographer: Track. LARI WIEWEL "He goes on the theory that the football team isn't the only place you need a.good line", . Baseball: Basketball: Chorus: Football. ELAINE WILL "Gay as a gilded summer day". . . Concert Band: Marching Band: Chorus: S.P.Q.R. ARDIS WILSHUSEN "Little said is soonest mended", . . Chorus: Intramurals: Librarian. BILL WINSTON "A man of aim will soon have a name", . . IZ9 Intramurals: Football: Basketball: Track: Stage Crew. DARRELL WISEIVIAN "I never let my studying interfere with my education". . . Student Council: Band: Orchestra. SENIORS l EARL WISS "His work praised, his friendship prized". . Football: Big Dodger: Wrestling. ELAINE WOOD "Artistic and full of pep". . . Paint and Palette: Intramurals: Pup Club Chorus: Life Saving. HAROLD ZIEMS "He gives his thoughts no tongue". . BILL ZIMMERMANN "l'm not as serious as l look". . WILLIE ZUCK "He dances, he draws, and oh, how he can run". . . Track: Football: Little Dodger: Plays: Dodger Players Operettag Basketball, Student Manager: Pep Club: Fiestas Sin Siestas: A cappella. RUSSEL LILLIG "A nice unparticular fellow". . "Stu" gets measured by Miss Highland Miss Killerlain. Miss Crow. and Miss Moulding These people supervised Class Day: with Mrs. Buegel recording. plan the dinner dance. Mr. Wright, Miss Goodrich. Miss Flom. Senior Class Committees Earl and Bill publish Looks like the fellows had a little to say "This looks best," the class color the Senior news. in choosing the class motto. committee decides. eg ' 'is' 4 X Mary Cullen, Secretary: Iim Baker, Vice-President: Iohn Tarr. President: Don Benson, Treasurer. Junior Class Ciiicers Junior Class Officers check daisy chain with Miss Moss, Junior Class Advisor. With talent in music, dramatics, speech, cmd athletics, the Class oi 1950 had a full year oi achievement and looks forward to a year of leadership and activity' l31i r Qmm.msm:fmm1. f , -, ..,- .K-,uw 1 M, W, , , , -w......,.,., ,, ,, , -.- ? '2 MR. WRIGHT'S HOMEROOM--First Row, left lo right: Iocmri Neewmcxn, Terefrscr Hill, Eurliarcr lolm, sion, Luvillai Grimes, Elaine Halverson, Sherrill Lowrey. Second Row: Lorie-llfr Merrill, Ruby Hill, Shirley Kirchner, Ann Millor, Donna Lfrlliam, Lois lFlE?lKTllOI' Noriricr luliiis, Third Row: Brill lordison, Howciri Olsson, lolin Hcrmillon, Glenn Neilis, lim Mc'Guim. I UNIQRS MR. SCHMID'S HOMEROOM-First Row. lefl to right: ll-lillllffll lust, Qfcllerii Vfiiiliiiig, R' mary Stiles, llizrg' Alix Sicrris, losie PCIGIKSCH, lklfir Qrir Pfiilvr, Second Row: Les lfillsc, Deiiiclrx Pappas, Patsy lifillicziis Hur: Spilrccx, Viiqffiif Stfiwurt, Qzgilefi Yzztes, fzzzi 'Ufzlt-erigk. Third Row: Eili Swcxifi, Ed Perkins, iviczlc liyior, 'fffzltai Vfiliivk Tfllllli r Fftijrscpii Dev? Prcxllf. MISS DOGGETT'S HOMEROOM-First Row, left to right: Patsy Douqlas, Delores Evans, Freda Awn, Naomi DeVill3iss, Bonnie Brocknian. Second Row: Wally Bracken, Don Benson, Maraie Coy, Geri Carlson, Maryann Cadwell, Carina Broier, lames Ellstrorn. Third Row: Bob Crafi, Ed Brown, Ralph Anderson, Dan Berry, Dick Dillrnan, Dick Banq, lack Etzel. I UNIGRS MR. LEEMAN'S HOMEROOMfFirs1 Row, left io right: Darlene Macek, Mari Freerneyei, Noinia Oleson, Donna I. Mclaoqaii, Donna I. Messener, Rose Ann Millea, Second Row: Donna Mann, loan Molvlalion, Peggy Mace, Pai Messerly, Carol Low, Pai Merrill. Third Row: Virgil Milland, Bob Nordquisi, Don Nellis, loe Meneiee, Bob Meyer, Duano Olson, Pat McGuire. Fourth Row: Ray McNeill, Don Moore, Roy Peterson, Valdon Nerlius, Don Nelson, Eill Manninf, QQ ...W-nm, '61 ggi MR. DUEA'S HOMEROOM-First Bow. left to right: Patsy Gordon, Arlene Hauson, Betty Hampton, Vivian Fowler, Gladys Hilton. Second Row: Katherine Fisher, loyce Fritis, Viola Graham, Beverly Florea, Ruth Heitner. Third Row: Lois Hanson, Norma Fellows, Georqeanne Halverson, Nancy Harris, lo!-Xnn Hauson. Fourlh Row: Royal Evans, Frank Harinq, Howard Franks, Emmett Flynn, Dick Hansen, Philip Harinq. Filth Row: August Fitzner, Arihur Hill, Gene Hedlund, Larry Hoyer, lack Hogan, Virqil Goche. IUNIORS MR. CULVER'S HOMEROOM-First Row, left to riqht: Barbara Horn, Katheryn lones, Delores lensen Maureen Inman, Ruth Lacina, Leone Franz. Second Row: Dolores Leonard, Marion Knutson, Evelyn Knutson, Patricia Kuhn, Marcella Licht, lrene Larsen. Third Row: Mary lane Hurley, Madonna lohnson, Louise Larson, Fat Kauirnan, Marlene Riel, LaVonne La'Sourd. Fourth Row: Melvin Licht, Don Keck, lerry Keyser, lohn McCormick, Bruno Kaniniarnieyer, Dick Letheni, Don Hedeaard, Ray Holden, Franklin Holm. J ,lam vs-new hmm 1--vw :nur 1.1.1-M ' ,sr I 1 fl, .wiw ,.-,...,.. MR. TOWNSEND'S HOMEROOM--First Row, left to right: Betty Sorensen, Iacque Schrodt, Marianne Stephen, lrone Sprick, Doris Sheker, Esther Schoenfisch, Charlene Peart. Second Row: Ioyce Schulze, Vernie Phipps, Maxine Peterson, loyce Rork, Norma Pinqle, Luella Knutson, Marilyn Strickland. Third Row: Betty Person, Edward Rutledge, lohn Paulson, lack Rogers, John Powers, Dave Stewart. Fourth Row: Alan Secor, Torn Slaqle, Stuart Porter, lohn Rinqdahl, Torn Pinale, Robert Wells, Duane Schmoker, Arthur Peterson. I UNIORS MR. WATERMAN'S HOMEROOM-First' Row. leit to right: Lucretia Walker, Connie Trevett, Carol Wenzel, Mary Lou Wendler, Dolores Winkle. Second Row: loyce Strong, Marilyn Mao Williams, Alice Pursitull, Marilyn Williams, Donna Swanson Betty Thompson. Third Row: lack Woods, Charles Woodard, loel Whelchel, Dale Warland, Iohn Tarr, Harold Vinson Iohn Valassiacles. Fourth Row: LaVerno Wortz, Carl Woodard, Karl Dencker, Don Swanson, Dick Thompson, Don Struhar, Bill Tliolander. MRS. DENCKER'S HOMEROOM-First Row, leii io riqhtz Arm Czzvmiciuqli, Ami Daniels. Second Row: lwlyrtls DQri'iQry, lzlarlerie Dzyrcri, Connie Ciflirrxri, lylcxry Cullen, Norma Dealfwri. Third Row: Eunice Drown, Ellen Case, Vcldcice Dixon, Phyllis Deppe, Vclzrici Deiickzcu, Norma Davidson, Virginia Crrzuse. Fourih Row: Lloyd Clevmi, Clifzrles Ql'7CllL'l1I'QCl' Dale Chiisiiiiiisori, Paul Clarke, Bernard Cciriae Ed Robeson, Lcwreiisa Eizeiziicixi, Darrell Cmlrell, Came Cox. MISS BOXWELL'S HOMEROOM-First Row, left to right: Mary Bzivwri, Beverly Bueliicr, Shirley Brooks, lO'y'C9 Bsrry. Second Row: Inari Carlscxi, lkflcry Ecmeatz, Nrrricy Briqqs, lcmi Charles Blcirxkeririrzqazi, Vfilliaixi Brooics. Third How: larry Auten, liiii Barker, Tom Burke, Bill Bciriwsll, H Blum. Fourth Row: Daryl Groves, Lfslie Eirigliairi, Dori Carlson, Kay Aiiiswcrlli, Hoy Butler. Bcmcliitis, Beverly Bisou, LTOIIUCI Alycird, Eva Berisori, R056 Arinisrsoi erlgerl Anderson, Toni Balm, Robert Bcussermriii, Richard Blair, Sterling tc? x O Jr" Sandy Wolfe. Treasurer: Betty Somerville. Secretary: Con Gerdes. Vice-President: Dick Beightol. President. Sophomore Class Ciiicers Sophomore Class Officers plan year's activities with Mrs. Mclees, the Class Advisor. The Class of 1951 has two more years of high school, complete with activities, studies, and pleasures. Their first year has been one of success. l37l OX. SOPHOMORES First Row, left to right: Wanda Maier, Mariorie McClure, lane Holt, Elaine Nordeen, Beverly Nitzel, Norma lean Maloe. Second Row: Mary Ann Guthrie, Betty McNamara, Donna Harrington, Beverly Iohnson, Francine Krueger, Audrey lohnson. Third Row: Douglas Lyman, Raymond lamieson, lames lessen, Mike Mulroney, Keith More- land, David Grimes, Royce Lowery, Gordon Mors, Bill Moore. MR. RAKI-IR'S HOMEROOM First Row. lett to right: Lu Demos, Adelaide Foran, Pauline Barnes, Mae Deal, lenny Armstrong, loan Bartlett. Second Row: Dick Douglas, Don Allison, Keizir Beigger, Kenny Cervine, le-rry Black, lim Dulaney, lohn Cross. Third Row: lack Brown, Robert Bergman, Allrort Ford, Bob Briahi, Richarri Cotrnley, Alan Blornker, Ray Block. MISS LIKINS' HOMEROOM First Row, leit to right: leanne lauohson, Betty Kaufman, Charlene Koester, Clarine Koester. Second Row: Delila lordison, Helen Korrneg, Delores Lloyd, Marlene Knnprr, Shirley lennings, Sally Kabilitz. Third Row: Gary lordison, Gene loslin, Denny Loots, Roy Karhula, Eugene Kearney, Lester Keck, Paul Larson, Larry Loots. Fourth Row: Allen Knowles, Don Larson, lohnnie lohnson, Charles lone-s, llarolri Lessrrreier, Bill Long, Gordon Licht, Gerald Kenrrv-dy, Don lohnson. MR. WAGGONER'S HOMEROOM Front Row. left to right: Helen Strange, Pat Staple- ton, Beverly Whitcome, Kay Reynolds, Mary Lou Patterson, lulia Reddick, Bonnie Wright, Barbara Sturdevant, Pat Payne. Second Row: leanine White, Evelyn Sterns, Billie Avis Rohn, Betty Somerville, Sue Pray, Roberta Seaver, Dianne Waters, Nancy Raymond, Marlys Tabat, lune l-luneield. Third Row: Emmett Scharf, Don Van Driest, Eugene Swalla, Robert Rist, Roger Parsons, lerorne Yetmar, Sherman Roe, Charles Weiss, Richard Swanson. l33l SOPHOMORES MRS. WALDBURGER'S HOMEROOM First Row. left to right: Anna Showers, Norma Trimpl, Bonnie Sutcliffe, Eleanor' Trowbridge, Edna Mae Utsler. Second Row: Norma Scliurriaclier, Ruth Tlieis, Norma Shideler, Sena Snider, Nelda Shipman Third Row: Gordon Ulrich, Charles Sinnott, lack Stiles, Bill Strait, Robert Tribby, Truman Staecker. Fourth Row: Paul Tyrei, Don Thompson, Tom Tomlinson, Gail Van Alstine, Randal TTLlSllCllEll, Leroy Teichert, Evan Temple, Bob Shirley. MISS MOSS' HOMEROOM First Row, left to right: Carol Banwell, Carol Bracken, Ruth Bork, Barbara Boraeson. Second Row: Donna Brown, Kaye Buckman, Wanda Bruner, Beverly Clabauah, Donna Carlson, Donna Conlon. Third Row: Ted Ackley, Don Chinqren, Carl Brattmiller. Fourth Row: lim Ashton, Francis Bednar, Bill Ankenbauer, lim Cleveland, Dick Briqhi, Milton Buckner, Duane Chambers, Paul Ascherl. Fifth How: lames Alexander, Richard Bernnan, Richard Bloom, Daryl Anderson, Richard L. Brennan, Keith Bloomquist, Ronald Burnell, Dick Beiahtol. MR. RIC!-I'S HOMEROOM First Row, left to right: Dolores Horn, Sue Hendricks, Donna Hinsch, Dorothy Harp, Dolores Heuri. Second Row: Donna Hoyer, leanne Hotz, Barbara Hoop, Patricia Hauqe. Third How: Donna Hof, Ioanne Heller, Mary Hoqan, Gwen Huqhett, Patty Hudson, Sally Hudson, Loran Hendrickson. Fourth Row: Bob Hill, Pat Halliqan, Harold Hayunqs, Dean Hearn, Ronald Hintcli, Max Hoyt, Lorenz Horn. MISS BERNATZ'S HOMEROOM First How, left to right: LaVonne Porter, Marlyn Petrie, Eleanor Peterson. Second Row: Franklin Patterson, lo Ann Sayer, Iill Roliwer, Beverly Rotman, Pauline Scharf, Nancy Roaers, Donna Pugh, Pat Roberts. Third Row: Don Sitzen, Walt Roberts, Mary Scott, IoAnn Rohden, LaVonne Pepples, Pat Peterson, Phyllis Russie, Norma Rabiner. Fourth Row: Devon Peterson, John Prewett, lim Quinn, lohn Rohwer, Don Prohaska, Iolin Pollard, Ronald Pirkenpauah, Lee Roders. l39l 'Sr 4. 911 SOPHOMORES MISS SHARON'S HOMEROOM First Row. left to right: Mary McFarland, Mary Maddox, Beverly Olson. Second Row: Unia Bell Mosley, Lois Newsuln, LuAnn Mc'l'aqqart, Leila Michelil, Fticliard Nelson. Third Row: Madonna Maier, Anne McNulty, Gor- trude Oleson, Peqqy Merrill, Duane Nelson. Fourth Row: Torn Mallaro, Robert Maddox, lames McNulty. Fitth Row: Felix McCarthy, Mark McCormack, Bolnaine Meeker, Loran Netz, Boqer Messerly Edward Munn, LeRoy Olson. MR. LAKES HOMEROOM First Row. left to right: loan Dencklau, lacqueline Dahleen, W'anda Cross, Larraine Dahlquist, Audrey Cran, Beverly Davis, Barbara Dean, Second Row: Patsy Cobb, Delores Cook, Evelyn Davis, Betty lo Connors, Vivian Collins, Virqinia Durschniidt, Bonny Cox. Third Row: Tom Crosby, Beverly Consier, Helen Coppick, lane Ann Crawely, Mary lo Duqan, Mary Cooper, Lillian Deal. Fourth Row: Everett Dencklau, Lovell Cummins, Gary Cordes, Bob Dickerson, Gerald Cook, Pat Duffy, Colin Demery, Bob Portrey, Willard Dencklau. MISS McCLUSKEY'S HOMEROOM First Row: left to right: Marilyn Galvin, COllOG'Il Gibson, Valrie Gancy, Lois Fvans, Marlene Gardner, Virginia Fox, Second Row: Patricia Ganqe-stead, Donna Faith, Anne Eide, Dorothy Fevold, loAnne Ericson, Martha Glesne, Ruth Fischer. Third Row: Melvin Flson, Harold Gallatin, Paul Forlner, Douglas Frost, Carl Grall, Bob Gross, Bob Gilman. Fourth Row: Ralph Fiala, lerry Groat, Clyde Graham, lim Glaser, Connie Gerdes, Vfesley Fisher, Valri Eaton. MISS FLOM'S HOMEROOM First Row. left to right: Sue Nlfatrous, Evelyn Zeka, Rosemary Weiss, Violet Vlfestlinq, Donna Bae Weaver. Second Row: Sandra Wells, Marcella Wiss, Raelene Williams, Inez Wertz, Donna Ziesrnan, Marian Fllstrom, Coleen Wagner, Carl Zuspann, Third Row: Charles Waterman, Wayne VVenzel, Vincent Wilson, Allan XVeiss, Bonald Wood, Alan Williams, Dean VVilson, lerry Welker, Georqe VVilliams,Ronald Hofuin, Sanfly Wolfe 1401 BOOK II ADMINISTRATION . . . ancl with the help of instructors like W. M. Phares, retiring alter titty-one years of teach- ing, students have the opportunity to learn many things . . . Srfxvwb-awwwisagggagw N xg K N W3 ? CARL T. FEELHAVER Superintendent Mr. Feelhaver once said that Fort Dodge is "a community which possesses a strong and abiding faith in public edu- cation." It is our opinion that Mr. Feelhaver has done a great deal in his years of diligent work in the Fort Dodge school system to bring about this posi- tion of education in our community. These Men Design HOWARD HUGHES Director oi Activities Due to the efforts of Mr. Hughes, the students have enjoyed a well-rounded activities program this year. His careful planning has given us many assemblies and extra-curricular activities. l42l 43 WESLEY A. ERBE Principal Since coming to Fort Dodge last fall, Mr. Erbe has, indeed, been an able principal. He has proved to everyone that his first concern is for the Welfare of the individual student, and he is always ready to help when students call on him. Because of his efforts, it has been a very successful school year. Qur School Year FORREST MARQUIS Director of Athletics As director of Athletics, Mr. Marquis combined good equipment with an ex- perienced coaching staff to provide a Well-balanced athletic program for all boys interested in sports. 553155 High School Office Stuff Left to Right: F li llolii CV' tiiiiiift Aloxaiitlei, lielon Biioae SlllH'I'illtPllll9lll,S Office Stuff Left to Right: Ver na Slattery, Ella Nydoqqer, lvlafialyii l.L11'if,i loan Hur-lvol Board of Education Working with Superintendent of Schools, Carl T. Feelhaver, the elected members of the Board oi Education represent the taxpayers in matters pertain- ing to the city's school system. These board members do their best to improve the educational standards ot Fort Dodge. Left to right: C. 'lf Prrslliriver, lvll'S. l, VI. Greeniiet, lohn lviitcnci-li, S. L. Bivkfil, O, l, 'tN'l1izte1nore, lvlavlc Biiivify Verna Slattery, Seoretaryg O. C. Pfafi, President. Not iii picture: EVVGlLl lrosl, 44 School Faculty AGNES KILLERLAIN MARGARET GORE B. A. B. S., M. A. Library English 1 . Q E K A ' Q. bk 'LY !.v.A, Wx ESTHER MCLEES RALPH SCHMID B. A. B. S. English, Spanish English l45l RUTH GOODRICH B. A.. M. A. English ADELINE SHARON B. A.. M. A. English KENNETH WATERMAN B. F. A., M. A. English, Drgrngiics Miss Demoresfs English Class HARRIET DEMOREST B. A. English, French WILMA HASTIE B. A. English Miss Boxwell's Latin Class MARY BOXWELL A. B. Latin, English 35. ffm , 95 my.. CARRIE LONGFELLOW B. A.. M. A. Frcnjl, Eucqlish 'S 'Qi ,... . 5 - ,Q Q ., 6 55? WAYNE GOODMAN GERALD LEEMAN B. A. B. A. K 3 .511img:L.' 1:1 l'711s11g:', "',:11.l H1S"w1xf l ENGEBORG HIGHLAND B. A., M. A. B.1u21'ic':,111 llistmy 7 -Wk fl ' Bw' kklqbww., V VESTA LIKLNS B. A. 'UW11 ll1C.l'x' J ...u A .l ..,., 'hai fi A , ., .K ' A ROBERT WAGGONER I. R. WRIGHT B. S.. M. A. B. A. Debate, Radio Civics Mr. Leemon's World History Class GEORGIA WALDBURGER B. A. Mctthemutics 1 DORA TELLIER B. A. Mathematics BERNICE BERNATZ NONA MOSS B. A., M. A. A. B. Mcxthemctics IVIC1t1'1GH1CItiCS Mr. Raker's Biology Class Mrs. TelIier's Trigonometry Class K S to Si' .ze ::..a ff: , -1-:.z: .,,. ETHEL SHANNON HOWARD BATH B. A.. M. A. A- B-- M- A- Mczthematics BFJIOQY ELVIN CHAPMAN B. S., M. S. Pluctigul Sgricuzt . Q5 5 ...,., 1 , . Jaw :-i'f..P CLA IR CULVER B. S.. M. S. Biology E47 Mr. McCuffrie's Physics Class MAURICE SINIFT LEROY RICH vw "I"V'1 48 A. B. B. A.. M.A. avgwfflszww x. . 4921 1' .ww 5512915 01' JSE' if M4431 V ,. ' ROBERT MCCAFFRIE B. A. Practical Science, Physics 9' R WIN BAKER B. A. ?'1f:,CLQ'y' . as QM' 'Q A E s 5. . , , x 1 '- wlpriuxc, ig' II EK 'CGW S.i'ensf l ........, MARY O. Mc CLUS KEY B. A.. M. A. Sales, Cc-op, Guidance EAN MOULDING B. A. A11 We W if 9 4 Q k ,X ii ,X Q .... LOLA DENCKER MARGARET FLOM B. S. B. A., M.A. yy:i:u1, SELCIIYVJIIE1 Shifikflllflllii, 'TVQFIIHYJ Miss MouIding's Ar1CIuss Custodmns Paul Loots Chas Clemens, Tony Julius, Dick Sfell FLORENCE NORDMAN B. S., M. A. Physical Education ':f1, ig gg g555'1s:g .. - ,: ' -,.., 1.12. by ,2,::fga::s::f': ff?" in f .3 CLAYTON HATHAWAY B. S. M., M. M. Vocal Music . , ,A 5 I' - ' ...,..- I ',,,. 5 'f WALTER LAKE B. A. , Ins1rumer1tolMusif,: J FIRST SEMESTER!-First Row, lei! lo right: Hcrlverscrr, Snyder, Bailey, Field, Grrmes, Dcgpxrr, Blfrrrfy rVfITIlSlIfIlHSK'I'l. Second Row: lvlaflrrre, Gcrdd, Merck, Frslrez, loirrrslcn Slli'Tl1fle, Bcxfirfesczrr, Kfnssirrc-r lvlerirll, Lxrrrdlnlud, Third Row: Nelscrr, Arrderscn, Dopllcr, filixvfli, Beers, lcwrdrssrr, Rzvrjcrrs, Frist 7NOll r 1 Honra, Sirfrrzz, Cfrrisuzrr, '7Irrwwiril. Fourth Row: Kllliiihl, Fcilcrrzs, 1f'E,rrr':rfn, Ku risfzrr 'Eli 111.144, 'jfrrxf 5 Qprlly, Prchcslcrr, Hari, l.1rrCilrerf1 l,l'YGTlf1Tl1l, Dfrrufrls Elzfel, Service Committee Second Semester meets to clean Student Council the trophy Officers doing Cabinets. office work. Student Cou ncil First Semester Athletic Committee Officers counsel prints names on with advisors. gym board. SECOND SEMESTER--First Row, lell lo righi: Scrmsrvrlle Vfarllcor, Srr2L'lr'rC, Field, Grind, ltlgfflrrze in-rrsarr, Krlrper. Second Row: Halverson, Blfzrrey Clrrislmusmr, Snyder, Dcrcm, Barley, Slrles, lclrrzsic-ri fwlczcek, G. Carlson, Tlzcfrmczs. Third Row: Arrderson, Nelson, Dcmels, Rogers, Hmrrillfrr, 'x'.'c.rrlm'rr-l Kguesicwr, Borqesori, Merrill, l, Carlson, Kulm. Fourth Row: Kmrrsou, Lindberg, jordlsou, Br-ers, Craven ', Hart, Dulfy, Prolraskc, Butler, lvlorelcrrcl, Briqhi, Dopitc, BOUK III ORGANIZATIONS . . . . ancl in our school we have an activity lor every one who is willing to participate .... 5 I 'U' Lett to right: Di-ik Hansen, luanit 1 C ner, Ruth Knack, Dean Ci r 1 Cheerleaders A new pep club was organized by the cheerleaders, Iuanita Waggoner, Ruth Knack, Dean Clabaugh, Dick Hansen and Advisor Dora Tellier. Donna McMahon was elected secretary of the club. The two main events sponsored by the club were the pep rally before the North Des Moines game and the homecoming celebration. Pep Band The Pep Band is a new, added attraction, organized and directed by Walter Lake. Spirit and enthusiasm were always prevalent when the pep band played during pep assemblies and at basketball games. First Row, leit to right: Xlirnrtino, Hollanrt mv mst-1., Ei P-,isi lmzmxx 1 Second Row: ,-'i1t1sv.'v1't1, N xnclas, Corwin tt :iSSi,l1, l-lFIllCl?, Gaunifr. Third Row: Sllllleif Sefrvet, arter ln-ie ft,l:1tflL1't'k1D, Ball, Russell, urrzrnl, Us 11. W.. ..,,. . V .ADAQZ Q T :i1-'l L-f- --V'---A' 1 is-5 ..Q,.. h.m ..'Q 1 ,,.,,, 1 1 Front Row, left to right: Audrey Giese, Donna McTaggart. Second Raw, left to right: Assistant Drum Maier, Keith lvlorolandg Barbara Haaans, lane l-loli, Drum Ma1or,PaulSmith. l53l 4.2 7 Zi i,., , Marching Band The marching band took part in all the home football games, an out-of-town game at Ames, and the homecoming parade. Some of their outstanding between-halves program features were, "The Patriotic ShoW," "When Day Is Done," and "The Modes of Transportation." The marching band was under the direction of Walter Lake. Drum Majors and Majorettes First Row, left to right: .ull fy zz.: E, .1--t 1-3. 1 z ff ,ny ' Second Row: P11 11. sg: ff ' ' ' Third Row: E: 1 1-11, Fourth Row: Tip- Filth Row: Hass Concert Qrchestra The orchestra under the direction of Waiter Lake made its first appearance at the annual Thanksgiving program. The performance again proved the orchestra to be a polished organization. Many ot its members joined the Show Shop Orchestra. Show Shop Orchestra rv, - tg 7 i T The stare at M1 - ' X 1 1. 1 was aiiijr i1:r1'1Liivmi 1 1' ' S.1i:1T fD1.Jt1est1.1. 1111 1. 1 1 Ya11et1es S11 'Hti ' gf? 1 1g:i1' wer E1-sf 54 First Row, left to right: Clare, Oiness, Belnier, Lundhlad. Second Row: Ainsworth, Mfllllllllll, Schive, Haqans, llolt. Third Row: Sfraver, C. Smith, Will, Reynolds, l-loop, XNhite, Fowler, Fourth Row: Ptisx, Gauiner, lessen, Tomlinson, 'lhorsen Warland, Douglas, Olson, Fifth Row: P. Smith lvlallara, Balm Concert Orchestra A most successful season was terminated with the orchestra festival held at Ames. The orchestra featured such numbers as 'Tugue in G Minor," "Symphonie Miniature," Hlphigenia in Aulis Overture," "Overture Straclella" and "Sleigh Ride." Orchestra Council First Row, left to right: Pitsw' Cixi' ri CIC'-'I i'l'."1iz1:1 iii' .'.. :ui Efflitxer, Patsy Dau znzs, l.1: i 3' g'I.f:iri':1.:i1. Second Row: ii. l...:t 1: 'I'1, Presi tfftt Roqiinalsl 3 'liiv--, Vi Pzlsiflfiiit- lime' Oftin-I, V 'zf-tfiiv. l55l First Row, leit to right: Scinve, lyler, lvlanninri. Second Row: flfill, lwlessner, rlirllfxtiil, '1ffIl'llli,ll'l Niven, Swinson Third Row: .faxnswvcxtln 'Qlffit inet fleyriwliis lfznffzn, Stunt, lilf-'. Fourth Row: lii1:.,gl1,i::., Nvllis Filth Row: -L 's, Hwgssl-V, P. killlllll F-.l 'l izwn I Concert Band Fort Dodge High School is proud of its sixty-piece concert band under the direction of Walter Lake. The band went into earnest practice after the end of the marching band season. The Christmas program was very Well received. Band Council First Row, left to riqht: Bruce Smiley, Dolores Second Row: lanies lessen, Nornian Galiniei, Dale Warland, Bill Manning. Holland, Donna lean Me-ssner, Charles Smith. 56 571 First Row, left to right: Seaver, Smiley. Second Row: Libbey, Hoyt, Bueitner, C. Smith. Third Row: Gaumer, Merlcle, Tomlinson, Millard, Thorsbakken, Doufilas. Fourth Row: Peterson, lessen, Waqner, Crouse, Wlfarlaiifi, Olsen. Fifth Row: NValter Lake, conductor, liaqans, Holt, Moreland, Hoop, Grfvay llilf, Trwwlfrixifte, Mallaro, Balm. Concert Band The band and choir presented Christmas carols. Concerts were given at senior high and junior high schools where versatile programs were presented. The band was enthusiastically received by both student bodies. Repertoire Wqhef Lffke ln udlon Cornisi. Rhapsody lanus Overture, Soli.oqu',', Three Kings, Nut Cracker' Suite, CV'i-IILIIP "Nioi:e," Sunday Moiriiriq at Glion, Three Negro Dances, Pavanne CSG-f'fn1iri Moveinentl, Sabre and Spurs, El Charm, Phillipian Festival. -. Clarinet Quartet Left to right: Sferlirdcg ,A.U1SK'JOII1l, Df11f112s 211111111 1:15111 ffr11'11'1f111 Ei7I1I12 ','. 112. Brass Sextet Left to right: 2'F1.'1:1' fkf1Q'11g P 1 1 xt 1111 r?1'SE1li.,1'11,. ' ' ' .HH I1 String Quartet Left to right:I.?1'1111y11:5111'1111111 1.1111 11 .1 11121111 11,wf11'1 F1f1I11.111LH1111, All-State Instrumental Firsl Row. left to right: ICIHE-I O111f'e1, 1c111f- 1? 111 ' Haqans, CGTOl B1:1i'14f111, :'xI111 H111 1 11,1161 1Nf1L'N1l1YY, 1311111 Eclk. Second Row: 1:12111 Fussell, Sf111': 11111'isfz11 1 1 Lkliliiflfiii, FR1LTY11j'I1 St1'11'11l111iL1, R1-1 f-151 Sw1vf21's, 1711111 :x..'.'SYfl, Elfillif 1i1:,11f151:j.', Kf'11f1g Ms 1 . 1-1131111 15 8 Clarinet Quartet Left lo right: Marlene Gardner, Donna Hayes Kay Reynolds Reginald Srlnve. French Horn Quartet Left' to riqht: Max lloyt, Scott Lilmlzey, Richard Swanson, Paul Nycleaaer. String Trio Left to right: Marilyn Strickland, Doroihy Meyer, lean Lundlvlad. Clown Band Left to right: Bill Manninq, Reginald Schive, lames lessen, Duane Olsen, Russell Thsrsen. l59l First Row, left to right: Herrdrrqks, lrlfizozi, Dalrlquist, Crotts, Somerville, Mr'P'arl:rrrfi, lwlfeaver Slrowers, Fox, Hoop, Gibson, Kautman, 'vVi5s, 501 .ye-son. Second Row: lrlouqe, l-lanson, rloaan, Krrrzster, Newman, Ganqestad, NVate'vrs, Fisulror, Rolrcien, lorrrrrrrqs, Krrupp, Mclaqaart, llaqarrs, Larson. Third Row: lvlririlrerl, Kenney, 'l'r1mxvt:rr4l1,re, Rurrrrno Krause, Kalnelrtx, Hrralrws, Slrrlrieler, Hof, Hurrres l3:rg'rr,ras, Sutcliffe, Hotrwer, Sprirlc, Fourth Row: Evans, frrrnpl, Slrellry, l5r4ir1:r'rnl, Clrarrrlzers, Nelson, Krrirrr, Pfrrsorrs, lvlzrllcrrfr, Butler '2".'rrQrrr:.s Ale?-iirnqier, l3iIl'QlSfIl, 'TI mars, llfflfrri rss, Second Period Chorus Very important to the success of the future a cappella choir were the two voice training choirs that met twice a week tor special voice drill and experi- ence. Under the direction of Clayton Hathaway, the students learned the fundamentals of voice control and vocal music. Fifth Period Chorus First ROW, left to right: Brazlcerr, lvflarrfr, Mr'Nuity, Porter, Carlson, lxxvrrra, liqrwk, Partersorr, l'ilTlf, Elrrztsrwn, Gardner, Colwlir, Barrwvll, Wells, Rolrerts. Second Row: Gurdon, Cram, Xlfwrrzvl, H. Horn, Hiflrardson, Scilrulze, linrkrrrrrrr, liialrrrrer, Conrroes lcranot, Barnett, Gleson, Cook, 'rX'rfstlrrrr,r, Halverson, Davis, Cross. Third Row: Cooper, Scliarl, R.:r1rra1'r, D, llorrr, Hide, Huqliett, Rogers, Meritr, l'f'vf':lrl, Glesne, Eri starr, lll-:vis Pepples, Hrirlvmsorr, '.K'illif1:rrs, lviclaogart, Fourth Row: lfffller, Franz ll Pftezsorr, Dfryrve, Brooks, Knutson, Allisorr, S1raif,'Paulsc:r, T3 ree, n - ' r-Ifrii' ,,,1g1"3', Nofdqursi Derrqrcer, lsrdrsirr, Larson l. Peterson, ','r'e?rf7, First Row, leil lo right, lsittinglz Belmer, Orncss, Left to right: Wilma Belmei, Dale l,X'arlana Cannon, Holland, Mericle, Second Row lstcmdinql: Ainsworth, Smitli, Christiansen, Warland, Smiley. Marilyn Striglcland. All-State Vocalists Accompanlsts Featured this year at many club and group meetings were the girls' sextet and the boys' quartet of the high school vocal music department. Accom- panying the a cappella choir at many concerts were Wilma Belmer and Dale Warland, pianists: and Marilyn Strickland, violinist. Girls' Sextet First Row, left to right: Ornoss, Merlcle, Brooks. Second Row: Benner, Strong, Davidson. Boys' Quartet First Row, left to right: Hanson, Ainswoi' Fellows. Second Row: Gauziter. 'QNWQ ' , f an -1' A- Q. , ,Md 'fl 'TL L-if ff .X l. First Row left to right: 31:1 uri, ffinlcle, Cavanauqii, Qmess, Brooks, Balmer, Officer, Snyder, lwlessiiei. S cond Row: Arnmlll, if Mugwiy E-units, Williams, Rosen, N. Fisher, C. rislxcvr, Alvord, Coy, Saucke. Thxrd Row: B. ft.l.1.stl:r1 lf. lt ltlliitfll, lfJf5Villviss, Erialii, lvlallaro, F-iingliain, Christiansen, Bausserman, P. Smith. Fourth Pow: Sxzizmilwi, Ftliisfpii, Strait, Smiley, Paulson, Stump, llanson, Nellis, Moreland, Lindberg. A Cappella Choir The a cappella choir under the direction of Clayton Hathaway was heard at concerts given for service clubs and at Thanksgiving and Christmas per- formances for the student body. The choir also combined with the Iunior Col' lege Choir on several occasions. This musical group is one of Fort Dodge High School's hardest-Working student associations. Choir Officers Layton Stump, President: Wilma Belmer, Secretary Bill Fellows, Vice President: Iane1OHiccr,Trcasurer X . we L" K 3,46 ii' We I RW ' L ,W A "fi A, lf' 'f ' ! Ag in First Row, left to right: Svlirodt, Prftrwsori, Hoop, lVlcgCli1re, Cullen, Drvuolus, lrloiiqc,-, Holland, Mryrivlfe. Second Row: Clirisfizrtis ri, lones, Holt, Kuhn, Slirztiyg, lfowler, 'l'1.zwi ridge, Horn, Stephan, Slllrlllflllll. Third Row: .lknswozili fflrariibers, 'l'yiv,ifg, Robeson, l.i'r1t, lJlcr1i'ii, Voss, Caiinoti, flfilliariis, liDfIVl'ClSCjll, Fourth Row: Gaiiturgt, l7e,llf:Ws, Q. Siiiixli Clarkfg, Dii1:f5:iz,zurger', ,'i,:iiJ1:id, Ecrrs, Prison, lessfn, Butler, A Cappella Choir Annual events again featured this year were Alumni Night, the Christmas Nativity Pageant, a Musical Comedy, a Iunior High School Concert, and the Spring Festival at which Fort Dodge singers were hosts. With a versatile repertoire the choir concluded another successful season with their contribu- tion to the graduation program. Robe Custodian-Bonnie Snyder Dire-ctorfClayton C. Hathaway Librarian-Ierald ine Mericle P' "Meet Arizona" The musical comedy "Meet Arizona" was presented March ll and proved to be a great success. Everyone in the cast deserved con- gratulations for a grand performance. Solos were well presented with a colorful background provided by the chorus and various ensembles. The dancing chorus, under the direction of Nancy Fisher, presented a variety ot dances which added greatly to the effectiveness of the show. Orchids go to Clayton Hathaway and Ken- neth Waterman for direction of the production, and Walter Lake and the Show Shop Orchestra also deserve credit for providing suitable music. It was an excellent show and was enjoyed by a large, enthusiastic audience. CAST Rennie . . .... Keith Moreland Maria . . . Mary Cullen Cappy . . . . . . Vernon Person Aunt Lavinia . .... Marjorie Coy Bertie . . . . . Charles Ditzenberger lack Guldy . . . . . Dale Warlancl Emily . . . Shirley Brooks Antonio . . . Bob Brighi Carlotta . . . Edna Arnold Lettie Blair . . . Aleta Orness Larry . . . . Norman Gaumer Tom Wilder . . . . Bruce Smiley Carlos . . . . Sterling Ainsworth Arizona Tom Tonita Sunrise . . Bruce Smiley . . lane Holt "Meet Arizona" SCENES ACT I-Grounds in front of a Dude Ranch House, Arizona. Mid-morning. ACT II-Scene 1-Same, that evening. Scene 2-Same, the following afternoon. PRODUCTION STAFF General Director-Clayton Hathaway Dialogue and Staging-Kenneth Waterman Orchestra Walter Lake Accompamst Dorothy Meyer Dancing Nancy Fisher ass1sted by Paul Smrth Stage Assistant Georgia Waldburger Costumrng Iane Crow Stage Desrgn Iean Mouldmg assisted by Art Classes Publ1c1ty Adellne Sharon Programs Lloyd Plppett ass1sted by Pr1nt1ng Classes Propertles Vesta Likens Business Management Harrret Demorest Rehearsal Pranrsts Mary Lou Bailey Wllrna Belmer and Sarah MOHSSID HARD The IQLLQ Working as separate units and then as a group, the 1949 Dodger staff Worked first on the dummies, then on pictures, and finally on copy writing. Under the editorship oi Nancy Fisher and the faculty advisorship of Clair Culver, the staff covered every phase of student life and recorded rnany scholastic, athletic, and social events. The photographer, Don Seltz, took over 600 pictures for this year's issue. Letters were awarded to the deserving jour- nalists at the end ot the year. Upper left: Gem, Rathernicil, Boys' flttilctivs Upper center: Carrie Rosen, Business lklaurr 1 Upper right: Nfllllqff Fisher, Editor. Center: liiif, 36131 Saufke ar1dlcf111'fa'yl:,: Girls' .lltfilci s Bottom left: llciincz fv'lclv'lahc11, lainie' Ctlitt I find Dean Ql:1:'f1'.ifj:1, l-lllife. Bottom right: Earl 'ffiss and lvlzjxiit hmtnttfxzii, Par: Exitfzrs, 7-my ta Dodger Staff members were rewarded by a joint- journalism tea, a Valentine party, and the annual Publications Banquet held on May 31 for a sneak preview of the Dodger. In the fall, several staff members attended the Iournalisrn Conference at Iowa State College at Ames. The editors of the senior section, Mary Krause, Dolores Brechwald, and Ianice Barber, are not pictured. Their efficiency and cooperation was important in producing the Dodger. Upper left: Mr. Culver, Advisor. Upper right: Don Seltz, Photoqrapliorp Bill vl1llt7l4lllLlt3I, Assistant Photographer. Center top: Mary Vfeisbroa, Copy Editor. Center bottom: Arlene Engltolm, Typist. Lower left: Shirlcgci Evans and loan Lundlilafi, l' 1 xt. Lower right: Mary Doughty, loannf: Voss, ana Nozzm n Gaumer, Organizations. The Little Dodger FIRST SEMESTER STAFF News Editor .... Irene Ascherl Copy Editor .... Gloriann Lloyd Business Manager . Maureen Inman Make-up ..... Louise Larson Circulation ..... Pat Kaufman Athletics-Iohn Thomas, Marlene Kiel. Advertising-Connie Douglas, Beverly Chambers, Carol Banwell, Connie Cochran, Lois Hansen. Feature Page-Georgeanne Halverson. Reporters-Hardie Field, Mary Barnett, Norma Trimpl, Bob Dickerson, Charles Waterman, Ioan McMahon, Velma Dencklau, Virginia Crouse. Advisors--Miss Adeline Sharon. Miss Margaret Flom. Under the leadership of Editor Glori- ann Lloyd and the faculty guidance of Adeline Sharon, the Little Dodger staff managed to meet all the deadlines of the semi-monthly paper. Business and advertising problems were coped with by efficient, capable staffs. From top to bottom: Miss Sharon at hor desk News and Make-up oditors gather for a aab-fost These girls cxollovted the ads A Pat Merrill takes fliwtation from 'Feature Page Hart". l68l The Little Dodger SECOND SEMESTER STAFF Editor-in-chief .... Gloriann Lloyd News Editor .... Connie Cochran Make-up Editor . . . Louise Larson Advertising Manager . . Lois Hansen Business Manager . . . Pat Douglas Circulation Manager . Virginia Crouse Feature Editors-Pat Hickey, Marlene Kiel, Hoyt Hart. Advertising Solicitors- Charlene Larson, Ruth Fischer, Barbara Borgeson, Norma Trimpl, Elaine Halverson. Advisors-Miss Adeline Sharon, Miss Margaret Flom. Members of the Little Dodger staff represented Fort Dodge at the fall journalism conference at Ames and the entire staff enjoyed several "reward" parties during the year. Hardworking staff members received letter awards at the final awards assembly. From top to bottom: Gloriann Lloyd, editor-in-chief - Miss Flom and Maureen lnman worked out business problems- Reporters take a rest period - "What was the score, kids?" question the sports editors. l69l Carrying on the traditions estab- lished by the Y-Teen organization, the 1948-49 club began the year's program with the annual Gypsy Patteran and installation of officers combined with a picnic supper at Crawford Park. In addition to the bi-monthly meetings the Y-Teens also undertook special projects such as selling refreshments for football games at the stadium, sell- ing basketball pencils, decorating the school for the Christmas sea- son, and sponsoring activities dur- ing Friendship Week in February. Main events of the spring were the Mother's Tea and Dad-Daughter dinner. Top Picture: Group l- -"The Early Birds." Center Picture: Group ll Hlasondettesf' Bottom Picture: Y-TEEN CABINET-First Row, left to right: Miss Hastie, Advisor, Ianet Officer. President, Mary Krause, Vice Presidentg Nancy Fisher, Secretaryp Marjorie Field, Treasurer, Miss Bernafz, Associate Advisor. Second Row-Cabinet: Rosemary Koestner, Donna Legg, lmogene Saucke, Catherine Hughes, Dolores Brechwald, Ioanne Voss, Patsy Williams, Barbara Borqeson. Y-Teens "Santa" pays visit to Service Committee Fort Dodge Hostesses Xmas Party. hangs wreaths. Conference. x ir iS' EsiXS.S4w1r YSL! H fi' film i 31 'f E Alumni enioy French Sung wlfh u Spumsh IUIVIGNOU 590595 pq.-fy, Accent Emburrassmenf Language Clubs Sans Souci First' Row, lei! to right: Holland, Voss, Belrner, Cadwell. Second Row: Balm, Hoi, Pappas, Spilka. Fiesta Sin Siesta First Row. left io right: Halverson, Oito, Lowrey, Walker, 'Wl'1lTe,VVilllarnS. Second Row: Atwell, Field, Williams, Gadd, McMahon, Rodenborn, Scott, lanes, Waqqoner. Third Row: Leihern, Hines, Hughes, Zuck, Holm, Karnmermeyer, Berry, Krause, Brechwald, Tabai. s. P. Q. R. Fl1'IlR3XV. left to righi: Phipps, Case, Barker Millea, Gordon. Socfnd Row: Beeh, Holley, Hayek, Will, H insen, Person, Hilton, Hanson, Rich. Third Raw: Perkins, lXKii:tl'iell, McCormick, Lindbera, Cox, Millard, Rolenbcrn. l 7 1 l Debaters write up script. Ramona and Barb check 'em in. "You're on" is the cue. Debaters, Librarians, and Radio Cperators had fun and learned new slcills Deba ters First Row, left to right: Dorm, Gnu:-y, Pkiurfld Qifir, lVit'C1l1lIP,Aii,'JOil, B1L!lClI1CII'1,l.,lOYii. Second Row: DFI!.'kP'4Ii il1ol,11i:!m', CBITIEHIIN, lvlof l-irsr, l'l1ll,iiEV'I11 l'lw1'11. Librarians First Row, left' to right: Iohrisorx, Iolmslon, Colson. Second Rows' Portur, Frcinz, Driytcm, Humpfxl. Radio Operators First Row. left to right: Bang, Willialiis, Govlioo. Second Row: B1c'1ulco1'1, lfriqlmlni, Meokr F. U21 35,5 15 ,gr or ' rs 01' 'Ria QR Q2 iii Fi' Janice and Judy "talk," Stage Crew sets up scenery. Paul "makes-up" to Layton Under Mr. Waterman's direction students learned stage setting, make-up and acting I i Dodger Players First Row, lei! Io right: Gml.:i:n, Olsen, Gaume-r,SniiIl1,Zuclc Biiixlii. Second Row: Field, Dencker, Miller, Siunip, Aiweil. Third Row: Porter, Dcihle-011, Roriiiociu, Douqlcrs, Beliner,Orness,Q1i,in:ion, Evans. Fourth Row: Bluney, 'vV:iqr,:oiif1z, Breciiwold, Szfiiroeder, Friiiiiiz-lin, Krcliosky, Bcirlwf'a1'. Stage Crew FirstRow,lef1to riqhi: lfniigip, Ef,,i:eson, GC1riCy,KiioWl-es, lenninngs, Katifixizin. Second Row: Davis, lonnson, Stiirqievcirit, Kirchner, Carlson, l-iarrinrqtori, Rohden, Hoqc1n,Zekc1. Third Row: Wiliigxins, Taylor, Cfizfz, Knuzisorx, Xfiiisfrpn, Ev'--nsrzn "'r1,w,ise, Gr:il1i'z1ti,l'7i ,li1rf'i,l-imyt ln-:sri ier. Ma ke- U p C rew First Row, left to right: Piomir'-mi, Orme-ss, liciylor, Ronir-iihorn, Sf-:g1', Pzrrtf-r. Second Row: lilinoi Clark, Vpss, Sturnp,C'1u1'i.fl1 Fniiili,i.Ii1i ' Krause, i7 3 l 3 1 3 l Janice and Dick. Paul and Layton. Norman and Layton. SCENES FROM "THE BLACK VALISE" One-Act Play Night February ll was the date for the three one-act plays presented under the direction of Kenneth Waterman. Contrast in type heightened the dramatic force of the threerone-act plays to make an extremely pleasant evening of entertainment. "When Shake- speare's Ladies Meet" was a Well-presented comedy in which these heroines met to advise Iuliet on her romance with Romeo. "The Black Valise" was a suspense-filled thriller in which the insane Dr. Nikolov tried to improve life by exterminating most of it. Well executed for audience laughs and enthusiasm was the farce comedy "The Trysting Place." SCENES FROM "THE TRYSTING PLACE" Mona and Clyde. Carl and Patty. Marie and Willie. l74l 75 W. ic-. A, A Scene from "WHEN SHAKESPEARFS LADIES MEET" "THE BLACK VALISE" "WHEN SHAKESPEARE'S LADIES MEET" A Farce by Alan Baxter A Comedy Skit by Charles George CHARACTERS CHARACTERS Henry Mason .... . . . Paul Smith Katharine ........ Ioan Taylor The Policeman .... Norman Gaumer Portia . . ...... Shirley Evans Mrs. Dooley. . . Ianice Barber Ophelia . . . . Iacqueline Dahleen Mr. Dooley. . . Richard Heller Desdemona . . . . . Marilyn Trost Dr. Nikolov . . Layton Stump Juliet .... . . . Iudy Atwell Cleopatra . . . Marjorie Porter "THE TRYSTING PLACE" A Farce-Comedy by Booth Tarkinqton CHARACTERS Mrs. Curtis . ..... Mona Miller Lancelot Briggs . . . Clyde Graham Iessie, his sister . . . Patty Peterson Mrs. Briggs, his mother . . Marie Rondeau Rupert Smith . . . . Karl Dencker Mr. lngoldsby . . . Willie Zuck Mysterious Voice . . Iames lessen UNDERSTUDIES: Scene from "WHEN SHAKESPEARPS LADIES MEET" First Row: Mr. Vxfaterman, directory Howard Ole-son. Marilyn, Jackie, Joan. Second Row: Marge Field, Pat Blaney, .w..11. is, g ? , i Sv Q if 3 rx. ea, V, wan-94 Mariorie, Dale, Phil, Dolores, and Shlrley. Keith, Wilma, Norman, Marge, Dale, and Marlorle Elaine, "ln Spring The Sap" Under the supervision of Kenneth Waterman, faculty director, and ludy Atwell and Norman Gaumer, student directors, the Dodger Players three-act farce, "In Spring the Sap," by Guernsey Le Pelley, was presented April 28, in the high school auditorium. The comedy was enjoyed by a large audience. Di. Twll ll lay. ,..Pl1ll11' Diiwsfrn CAST Viale? lvlinre .... .Patsy lT'f?1lTllf!S l'lx1li5w Dill.. ... ..,l'D.':hA '.'.':xi. I1'l losepliinw Slcitftxlg-nil. .... ft'l:11':ge2 fl Viulzir- ',"1 bison .... . .I.'l.,i1 zif- Porter lvlrs. Siiwklli,-1 ..,.. res 5YC'X.l'x'JCIlt1 f.l'-will 4 1 11211751 .,.., ,... K will l,'lt,r:',t111 Susie Mae Y-Yxllll ....loa11'l'avlci Pfzu: Himvrizxvvll. . . .fifil "i' 1 Dr. lvlatihizi Ctlfvtvil-.. .... Sziitlee Evans Mis. lVl1Ilx'P5 ,..,.,,.., ..... l .itlico Btirlmi Professor QilL'JWf'T .Clyde Giuliani lil.w:'l4l1:1.1cl lvlvilltlire Janice, and Palsy. llemvf nfnxnt Q1m1nnt1 Irrives. Prudence Prim. . Howard, Norman, and Joan. ... ...llowr1rclOlsoll Flfzine Krrrtosk y Clyde BOOK IV ATHLETICS ...ancl we congratulate our athletes who have brought glory to our school and community. . 1 FE ii I . 1 Q 3' P 4 R , Q We - , ,,,,, , . 'av wwf f " is- , Q 1f s- " Q nv K I W 1 3 uf 'I f f4'2f- 'fm I I. wfixa: 2 Q.-iff' if ff. I ,aff w, a Lvl, 'Q33K,if g1,5a xx !w:v3Q.f'X f6, lx, V , ffewf emi f - ' Q 9.f'Qg5 9 3- If'E'5'f' 'Q I I I W,Q,v ,gg y i f "?Q ,j1j,J,: , Q- 1. I tx I ififywq Q: is J 1 'N l "?5'i?? F40 ?fMQ'5 i 'I if qw' .fijfgffg . YQ I 3 N at 5 , , Q I 4-f Season's Score Ma kes PORT DODGE FORT DODGE FORT DODGE FORT DODGE FORT DODGE FORT DODGE FORT DODGE FORT DODGE Us Bug Six Champlons . 22 NORTH DES MOINES . 7 CENTRAL SIOUX CITY . 7 WEST WATERLOO . . 6 EAST WATERLOO . . I2 EAST DES MOINES . . 0 AMES . . . 6 MASON CITY . CHARITY GAME 48 DES MOINES TECH U81 Nucleus First Row, leit to right: Seltz, Pitscr, Chingren, Stewart, Daniels, Marchi, Peed, Beers. Buck Row: Hagan, Wiowol, Anderson, Thompson, Kiliper. Season's Review Glory and honor again came to Fort Dodge High School in the form of a Big Six Championship, won by the 1948 football squad under the direction of Coach Forrest Marquis. The Dodgers began the season with three straight victories by downing North Des Moines, the strong Central Sioux City, and West Waterloo teams. Varsity Squad A - t gl'-L is ii, .Yi 'i-- , .. rs' QQ ff : IQQ Q :SIE 5 Q' a m Q . ,.g-. j A QQ Q . , Q , ,Q . .L 5 s Q Awnu ,, ii. ,f Q , A QIQ nl sg .,,--- QQ, Q 6 .fa 1 - , 2.-, Q' 9 QQQQ4 A' Q QI ,, g' .Q .S QQ 9fg445g4'7w-343,f, 5l.,3 QQZYEESGBQ MQ 5 4553 33Q 57 Q,,: Q f 1 I .,.: Q ' dk , ' ,A 6 Q .. W Q ' Q ' ' QQ ' Q . 5 lb' t -4-t . ' ' 1 ' ' . . -' " . . 'fs M M, 5- , Q 1 ,- , ft it , T Q , 3 ei i 5 Q , ,QQ Z, .1 K Q-fQ QQ, QQQK Q.QQr ,Q . QQQQA, E . .ii mf K Q. QQ nyvzizgynvu QQQQLQQQ .17 if :Q-. l vllvl - 1 '. ' . ,',- Q 'Qs Q,'Q- ,.. vr... -v11',,'Q ,,,' Q'gf.,1Qt2.:Q QQQ: 5 ., ..,, Q .", . ,gm ,,,, f' tilt 'K 1, -V ,,', , Q Q First Row. left to right: Thompson, Graves, Thomas, Reed, Berry, Taylor, lordiscn. Second Row: Doyle, Fox, Dillon, Hagan, Seltz, Beers, Thompson, Kiliper, Marchi, Wiewel, Rathermel, Anderson, Stewart, Chinqren, Peed, Pitsor. Third Row: Halligari, Cleven, Bausserman, Burke, Bingham, Hamilton, Karnmermeyer, Daniels, Rich, Rankin, Zuck, Moench, Etzel, Croit, Baker. Fourth Row: Cox, Benson, Renquist, Butler, Flynn, Wolclio, Tarr, Franks, McCormick, Paulson, Boqors, Auten, Ehorsolo, Ellstrom, Howard. T791 W. Student Manager lim Bood msg U 'Q 1 iv . ,-B.. .rs-gg' wi FOOTBALL COACHES First Row. left to right: Ben Duea, Line Coach, Forrest Marquis, l-lead Coach, Second Row: Robert McCaffrio, Assistant B Squad Coach, Win Boker, B Squad Coach, Howard Bath, Backfiold Coach. Season's Review continuedl Then the Red and Black met their first defeat on the East Waterloo gridiron. Returning home, the Dodgers trampled a strong East Des Moines team. Then they met their second defeat on the field of the Little Cyclones of Ames. The next week the Red and Black were engaged in a championship battle with Mason City-the outcome of that game crowned us undisputed Big Six Champions. In the Charity Game, the Dodgers plowed under Des Moines Tech to end a highly successful season. For the first time in Fort Dodge football history, the Dodgers were unscored upon on their home field. B Squad First Row, left to right:.Iohnson, Beiaqer, Hayunqs, Pollard, Horn, Lacina, Erickson, Ulrich, R-ge. Second Row: Burnell, Mallaro, Gerdes, Chinqren, Brighi, Messerly, Gillnian, Brattinillor, Allison. Third Row: Buckner, Kennedy, Fortner, King, Brown, Wilson, Sinnott, Lcssmeier, Peterson, Olson, Mulroney, Parsons, Breckenridge. Fourth Row: Cummins, Dulaney, Counley, ilVilliarns, Black, Douglas, B. Parsons, Darby, Rabinc Hobbs, McPherson. L 'R F-Q. I- I - - y V' 34:5- 5 an Q J ' N 'Q N3 . X. Wk ji I. .J-f Q if .,...::, . W Aj V 'E I ,mv A Q 3 ,,, , WA g 1 Mk C r 1 21 . HQ? . . f W wma, if sf-Q Q W, Q in I I Q I QW' iiieli , . A flam ! QWW , W x 1 H 'H' -. '11 , ff gy A fi b W A X : Eiifa X 5 1 1. 41219 ' 52 5 , L -' A ,, A , m gs mr . f ,g A zsrwjgg' 1 4 Q f K Q MVN M'ga'ifizfiagfliiiiiiffffik .1 , x Lqkfalifms ww- , ,..fif'fJWHw QM. nw N ., N. Hmwx M , ,MQ ,W zi?WSf-HW fn ,wma w.Q3V:h4':W1 M K A :EfMi'g:i,gf:ifTw'i: H' mn BO ., A B EBERSOLE Guard IIIVI FOX Tcrcklm Hmmm nl 4. BILL DANIELS BOB CRAFT Guard Guard Football BOB RICH Center The Beginning I-las IIM BAKER CHARLES PITSOR BOB BEERS End Tfrffkle End sm-M Wx -is MWKA MW 82 Q83 going, .4 4 BOB ANDERSON CHARLES DOYLE DON SELTZ GENE MARCHI Fulibuck Tackle End Guard Letlzermen A Happy Ending WILLIE ZUCK BOB RANKIN BILL HAGAN TOM BURKE Hulfbuck Hulfbuck Hulfhfxvk Pullbuck asv? spain, g91!V""v an--aw-"""" ln- - PAT HALLIGAN TOM THOMPSON IACK STEWART GENE RATHERMEL Hclflmiuk l3L1iIITUIE'i1L'k ifllxrixr QDl.lLII'ifTIL1JCICk V35 2 Ccpiuin HARRY KILIPEB MELVIN PEED Captain-Elect IACK ETZEL fI.1H:x'1.'l1 :v,lx'ri, Lfv:1'w1' IOHN HAMILTON ROY DILLON GERALD CHINGREN LARRY WIEWEL 'Tixuklff TfICkTC Curzrd Hulilifzsk M441 H . . . 35 Fort Dodge . 25 North Des Moines . 40 Fort Dodge . 50 East Des Moines . 38 37 . . . 38 Fort Dodge . 26 Ames . . Storm Lake Spencer . West Waterloo . . 30 East Waterloo . . 28 Fort Dod e 41 Boone . . 1851 We won a berth at the State Basketball Tournament Fort Dodge . 48 Fort Dodge . 45 Fort Dodge . 31 g . 39 Fort Dodge . 32 East Des Moines ....... 48 DISTRICT Sioux City Trinity ...... 41 SUB-STATE Sioux City Central ..... rl, 38 Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincolnjg-'et2f-4,41 1 r'v, ' Ottumwa . ,436 Mason City . . . Webster City . . . Sioux City Central . Webster City . . . West Waterloo . . East Waterloo . . North Des Moines . Mason City . . . Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge 43 47 39 44 32 7""' Q VARSITY SQUAD First Row. left to right: 3: s, l 1 la ., 11115 TEg11s.:11 .7111 1 I5 1., x,5:1.:e .1 1, l1'lIII 5111: 1-1, Second Row: F- -1 R111 1. 1,1 rs f1tp'111lf-: 1, l 1111: 1 111k iw 1- tifi i l'111'.1f111, '.,. .i .ws 111. Third Row: D. '-1 D1"111f111, 11113111 " ,'1111, I 1l.11 Ll Il,.l li, lark 'ff-1t:1, Illil lfrrli-1 f 11.1 P1111-2 Season's Survey Coach "Connie" Goodmans quintet clirnaxed the season by winning the district and sub-state tournaments. Advancing to the State Tournament at lowa City, the Dodgers were defeated by the 1949 champion, the Ottumwa Bulldogs who considered Fort Dodge their greatest threat. The team was well balanced and their defensive action proved to be one of the best in the state. The Dodgers placed third in the Big Six Conference. Bob Beers and Clark Iohnson were co-captains for the season. Varsity Coach Bob Rich, V111 1:v Ft1z':e11t Maxi "B" Squad Coach Connie" Goodman Virqi1Goochee. ti F1'111..1Qi gl'.l"lEZ'lf .,1'11g1 za: Ben Duea Lei! to right: E. Iohnson, Kiliper, Rankin, Anderson, Franks, Stonek, Stewart, C. Iohnson, Fellows, Niemier, Etzel, Beers. B-Squad Traveling Squad QE 32 53,17 Q U3 FirsrRow.1eh to right: Fox, Heller, Wilson, Cummins, I. Iohnson, Morllcrro, Duqqy, Se-note, Iones, l. Iohnson, P. Iohnston Second Row: Ed lohnson, Brown, Robbiit, Stewart, Rossmusen, Buller, D. King, Wolfe, Thompson, G. King. Third Row: Colmcxn, Welles, Anderson, Snider, Lyoll, Duecx. l37l 'Rv 5 fm wma L 4 WM., f sr, BOB BEERS Guard Co-Captain BASKETBALL Guard Co-Captain IOHN STEWART RALPH ANDERSON GEORGE NIEMIER Center Forward Forward K K wzmqg, i F ff 6 IACK ETZEL Prnrwcxrd LETTERMEN 15180 xii HARRY KILIPER BOB RANKIN Guard Forward f wfww if5':i',gQ, mf M3 -Y"g?Tff5' KK 5 AQJM iimgzx - s A ' ' ' ' L "' -. L MW7' gm:,x. ,., 4 2' ,Ny . wwf HOWARD FRANKS ffnlnwr GILBERT STANEK C19I1'fTf ,aw Coach Leeman and Coach McCuffrie work out wirh ca couple of the boys. Mighty Men Winners Under Leeman Eagle Grove Meet . Third East Des Moines . . 5 34 North Des Moines . 3 36 West Waterloo .... . 8 29 East Waterloo ..... . 12 23 Council Bluffs CThornas Ieffersonl . . 10 24 Mason City ..... . 14 20 Eagle Grove . . 11 21 Clarion . . . 14 18 District Meet . First State Meet . Fourth l 90 A-Squad First Row. left to right: Patterson, l-layungs, Burkholder, Wilson, Stems, Lynch, Halligan, Harina. Second Row: Knowles, Millard, Stiuhar, Else-n, Nelson, Crouse, Peed, Anderson. Under the effective coaching of Gerald Leeman cmd Bob McCaffrie, the Dodger wrestlers rolled undefeated through eight dual meets and captured the Big Six Conference Championship. The most important meets of the year Were with the Mason City Mohawks and the Clarion Cowboys. The matmen placed first in the District Meet and fourth in the State Tournament. Individual state champions were: Melvin Peed, 165 lbs., first: Frank Patterson, 95 lbs., second: and Phil Haring, 145 lbs., third. Captain Bob Anderson was undefeated in dual competition. This ended a highly successful season for the Dodger High grapplers. B-Squad First Row, left to right: Knowles, lvlacek, 'Woodard Denclclau, Burnell, 'Wate-rman, Gerdes. Second Row: Anderson, He-degard, Berry, Prewett, Ascherl, Lacina, Ellstrom, Brighi, lordison. DICK BURKHOLDER 112Lb S. Wrestling MELVIN PEED 165 Lbs. FRANK PATTERSON 95 Lbs. PAT HALLIGAN 129 Lbs. VIRGIL MILLARD 105 Lbs. DON NELSON 135 Lbs. IIM ELLSTROM 123 Lbs. 1921 BOB ANDERSON Captum :fy Lettermen ' H 9 155 Lbs. f 'L hfiflfv' ,G 1 V z ,V , sf Q 'Q 'fi' 52" gunna-w mm " " xx 55-, - HAROLD HAYUNGS ' V' 105 Lbs. ,I H V Ni 'Ulm .x , 1 Q Q .1- 1 r 1 ,,-an--. 3 1 M , Jfwfia E .si i 129 Lbs. TOM LYNCH PHIL HARING 4 145 Lbs. ' I FSL 3 :L 1 'W I 1? 'W 1.3 wm'?"""'g7 I , VINCENT w1LsoN 118 Lbs. 1 1 f ' Q 2- ggffigf 2 2 1 1 WW 131 Wg ,,.1,,mm'Dg41 -1',1F:ILj:Il:.,. V A 1155 1 Q BOB STERNS ' 15251.- ' N fiimigimi 1 4533 4aimiQ1f . .I ,... A , , .:, wa f-f1?" fVl'5f? K"f 1 N ' ' Q .,,, ' ' 41- QGEZKQE' N Am w -, ' . 1 1 iI:::1a..: W QE - 1'-" ,, - - f I 1 . vez f fw' 1 .T' J:fz:g1f'. , , , ,::,.Qgyi7,V?4 '1 , 1533 . ,,.. , Z- KJ - -'gag--55:55-g.'.z::,:,: E V I X -f I " i951 aj . Big Six Champions . ,V gig- Y. In Action TENNIS SQUAD COACH BATH AND THE BOYS Front Row. left to right: Hagan, Groit, Rich, Wolfe. Left to right: Rabiner, Groif, Rich, Coach Bath, Second Row: Williams, Moench, McCormick, Hagan, Wolfe. Tyree, Rist.. I949 Tennis Team Honor was earned in the 1948 tennis season by Captain Gene Rathermel when he captured the Big Seven Singles Championship Trophy. Also, Doug Whiting and Bob Ebersole placed second in the Big Seven Doubles Tourna- ment. Coach Bath had one returning letterman, lack Hagan, for the 1949 squad. 1948 SEASON'S SCORES Fort Dodge . . . . 5 Ames ..... . . . 1 Fort Dodge . . 2 Roosevelt iDes Moines? . . 4 Fort Dodge . . 3 Mason City ...... 4 BIG SEVEN MEET Fort Dodge ......... . First DISTRICT MEET Fort Dodge . ...... . First Returning Letterman Rabiner and Williams work as a Twosome. Bob Rich in Action. Jack Hagan. P' , mmmwliwenx I A gif I E ,TQ TRACK SQUAD l9ll8 Season's Record Triangular Meet CHurnboldt, Eagle Grovel . Triangular Meet CSac City, Rockwell Cityl . District Meet ....... State Teachers Relays . Little Cyclones Relays . Valley Relays . . Big Seven . Coach Ben Duea. Assistant Coach Win Baker. Harry Kiliper beginning a 100-yard dash. . Fort Dodge First . Fort Dodge First Fort Dodge Second Fort Dodge Fourth Fort Dodge Second . Fort Dodge Fifth Fort Dodge Third Student Managers Bob Beeh. Virgil Millard Z ..,.,,:, 5 ,Q ..,,,.,. .,.,,., 5 wi. -bnb A egqinvt Yxrlgngp My 52:11 -jf' .,.,,-, L .':g.:g e:-"-2'-V i fiwfffmjg 32:2 x iii' we .,.,: .,: gs:1-g - ,W iw -. 1: gqggrgi 5 grim mn gif-:gc-:--gg: . -' www X, ' I SH 1 P 'O 455452 WWE asf., fl ta . 1 W9 FWYW at ' 5 iii. ' -1s5r:fq,3: iggggwgww3tM 7 ffmsw- wawsgis AMW r w fiitfit' ,, .,,,4 , f , aff? awmwiqs, ' 'Misitfif Dan Hensley Icck Woods Iohn Tan, Dick Hanson. and Melvin Licht Don Seltz takes the stick goes over. takes the hurdles. limberinq up. irom Hurry Kiliper. Season's Summary The 1948 track squad was captained by Sam Camamo and won many events during the season. Dick Ewen, one of the most outstanding sprinters that Fort Dodge has ever had, captured third place in the 220-yard race at the State Teachers Relays. Dodger runners, Camamo, Seltz, Tracy, and Ewen, iinished in fourth place in the 440-yard relay at the same meet and won third place at the Drake Relays. In the Little Cyclone Meet at Ames, the trackmen established two records: the 440- and the 880-yard relays. Dodgers also won the mile relay champion- ship. The Big Seven Meet saw Gerald Chingren of the Dodgers take first place in the pole vault and Don Hensley capture runner-up position. LETTERMEN Lelt to right: Hensley, Sampson, Seltz, Tarr, Zuck, Iolmson, WlIlSTOll, Kiliper, Reed. - My f A Y Q ,ii 5 in we , i A V , .t if Wgwm ks gut1X,UDUG5' , fog-figunsy ',A' it ':"'V 5 'li , Q ' In x ,iv 1, at f. if mam' F I A lgkiff 5 A ,.. 1 2 'fig F Q ' Li J lt I ' M Q A' ew ,tant it p Q R K 1 f -., MCE' E.. 1949 BASEBALL SQUAD First Row, left to right: Beers, E. Iohnson, Quinn, Baker. Second Row: Fox, Fellows, Utley, Daniels, Ce-rvene, Rankin. Third Row: Anderson, Woodard, Etzei, I. Johnson. I 948 S ' Scores Fort Dodge . 11 Pomeroy . . 0 Fort Dodge Eagle Grove Fort Dodge . 19 Humboldt . . . 6 Fort Dodge Dayton . . Fort Dodge . 11 Eagle Grove . . 2 Fort Dodge Somers . . Fort Dodge . 7 Dayton . . . 2 Fort Dodge Pomeroy . Fort Dodge BIG SIX TOURNEY . . . . . . . ThirdP1ace SECTIONAL TOURNEY Fort Dodge . . O Corpus Christi . Neil Thompson, Captain RETURNING LETTERMEN Coach First Row. left to riqht: Baker, Beers, Johnson, Quinn, Cervene, Rankin. Lisle Townsend Second Row: Etzel, Fellows, Utley, Woodard, Anderson, Daniels. Student Manager Dave Stewart , 2 , t , K ri Citi? wg: X as X t T 2 N W ..,. . A if as ,.,,,., V , H f M N-M , .. , iij E igfgfwg Q M, M XZ Q .er-.,, '.2I"2 Q ,. .. ..., gk M gwgkwigg ,...... in ' k1ZZZ1u.,,.. ' Q"A ' Lawns W 4 Q '1 2 W J. QT, Y, 7 Q gf! H53 My fi +4 7 v H' -'Q' 'W i ,,,:, :,. 4 ,,:, . . A sz , , 4 i wxzwww ,, K: If . :fy 5 .Q ' I 1 ' 'Q ""?!W L y - 1 . 2 KH-EfFeE.:::..f'Z min 7 X if .,..., . M -:ii f A A ME? ' ,,: 4 U k 1 " U was fx "'1',1:?1i., i35Z3""f'g'ff.fWZy I I A 1j?1'sf' ,. N,g.g53,,ge5g ,3, AW iw ,ww-V A ' Diamond 1 w..,,g,'e,A H .Q Z, I T 11 , '34- I S - ,f9?f"7,..a 2 - YP' E 'KA Q -2-, f:, , .-g.-I-5, 21 , Q X ,fffif .,'. 1 .1 ,qll :EN In W" an 1 . Wi . ,fi N X fl! M -,A Q f , s Q P., 4 5 i i E ,WA .. W fQ.w.,,,,,,,-mm my Dust Q 4 - v, Q w ig fr - iw www, is U KN is 'wi if ,,!,s3,.,sx sg? 5 fix V' sf 5 W., if -Wmpmw Intramurals Wrestling Champs First Row, left to right: Hill, Hem, Iohnson. Second Row: Flynn, Chinqren, Bloomquist, McGuire. Basketball Champs Left to right: Person, Moench, Meyers, Rich, Swan, Recd. Swimming Champs Left 10 right: Picks-upmlqh, I-Xnkenbauer Sampson, Keck, Kiliper. I. R. WRIGHT, Coach Uooj 101 Girls Athletics MISS NORDMAN Miss Nordman and her assistant, Miss Moss. Girls Physical Education Director Dodgerettes Uozj Good shot! Elaine. Quoit Doubles champs: Imogene Saucke and Joan Taylor In Action Tennis champ: Barbara Johnston. Ruth and Shirley go thru sticks. 51053 Indoor Softball-Baiter up ! ! Nancy and LaVonne give the birdie u beating X N-I Gabbing abou? the game. When do we play nexi? A Q 5. in ' Q This should take an inch off the waist. Darlene and Donna "balance" for beauty M A hot volleyball game. Pat and Dolores play shuffleboard. .. i gf N ,., W .. -x Q , - ,A i i Y W gym-ge ffa' . . s' M S , "f rn , A- 1 Z 'HY rv up , 'EW , .O P f BASKETBALL CHAMPS First ROW, lei! to right: '. 1.4. ' , 1 Q! I F 'U Second Row: " 1 ' 1 ' 1 Basketball Highlights 5 l Mad Scramble! Get that rebound! Jump ball, Good for one point! wif QV' 3' a X 1 Q fam 11 1 4 W. 4. if W m ' . 1.3, 1. .xiwbf 'f wmwf A ,Mm:fv::gM mz,,a W-'--'mmm 1 was M , - Nr "Hand me a towel, Pal !" Volleyball I Champs First Row, lefl lo right: LuVonne Hanson, Shirley Greene, Donna Sawyer, Darlene Showers. Second Row: loAnne Voss, Dorothy Wcxlion, Elaine Woocl. ' L lilblnung Sophomore Basketball Champs Firsl Row, leil' to riqhl: leon Hotz, Violet Westlinq Donna Hinclm, lconne Heller, Sue Wotrous Second Row: Pot Houqe, Gwen Huqhelt, Donna Hof, Pm Hudson. rg ,J H081 BOOK V HI-LIF E . . . . and of course, we have had many good times .... vi my zz, , I fr W I .fx .1 3 123 X I ,sf 'W ,Af if wt, ff, .Yi ' Q 9 I mn-N-Q",-ww--.,,,,,, ,,,, V , ' K. W Su ,,,.!,,,mmA X 1 "-W...,,,,M ,W ! ,, M' j 7 , ,ef f' 5 , '43 9, A .5 4+ ff , , pkyx . x 5 f' ful wwf., Loads OF Fun bl' .NM Feeling at Home. Mary, how flattering! Don'i lell me Clark has a new girl. Gib and George, old Revolutionary buddies. I2 Cunces Our high school beauties. Musicians ? H121 it ,, Qs? NWLMQV ,fi 9,-xiigeys K 5,5 ,i Happy Birthday, Iocnne! Paul and Donna modeling our modern icxshions. Pat Blcmey monkeying around. OF Humor Protection ircm the drips. Everybody's trying Roy Dillon, the to get into the uct. second Betty Grczble. 5113 Pinch Mary Barnett, our loyal Dodgerette from Esquire . . . Well, hi, Mary gambler . . . Niro in deep thought Where is Barb, Gene and Joanne? Don and Loretto, looking crazy. V, if, My, 51151 ,." vi? 1 , f fl , 7 1 .. - S 1 gig , J! V . N. 'E Q me l " W -1 'x e 1 gf., t ' uvfwf .ma ' n--W . . . . For plce S . Don, who would believe it? . ,. . Expo position . . . Detasseling Daze . . Swing it, Jane . . . Dan Nellis, our shake in the grass . . . Angelic lmo . . . Ah, these slumber parties . . . Women brave any weather . . . Clark, always interested in buckets. 1 ' ll 50- 4 - '-.x ' 101404 Football .Queen 'hu' 4.1.4 an . A Attendants A 1 Rua Kauai Attendants m......, ,m,4f.x... n n 5fu4e...,..4.u Artkendinfi fqllnb Oda , Wfaggonu THE PANTHER . . . and for us in Junior College it has been a year of achievement in the arts, activities and athleticsi. . . ,, .. . sw, .. gg K Dean Howard Hughes again served the junior college in the position of dean. Besides his teaching and directing in high school activ' ities, Mr. Hughes also counseled the fresh- man and sophomore students. Dean Hughes was always cheerful and willing to help junior college student organizations and the student body at any time. Junior College Faculty rx E MF i f 'ag' 'aft- fm, I J,-jp ,..t J K 1 .., 213' F 8 i 2 .g 5 ,FA inn if 5 P? ' ' ff' x , I Q, Z Y K s--A-A X - s V ,. , ,l,.,, f ts ' " . 4 :X 'F .X "ti, ' ' ' 0455? fc V. .Q ga 251 A1 ,-fl'-5 ,...,..-4 - 93511. ff ef A K Www Aviv sf Q W. g 'Fi ,Jani HOWARD HUGHES HOWARD BATH lBiologyJ BERNICE BERNATZ llvlathematicsl ELVIN CHAPMAN CPhysi"s, Cheznistryl CLAIR CULVER fphysioloqyl JANE CROW CNutritionD BEN DUEA Cphysical l:dlll'i1llOI1l MARGARET FLOM tlfcon, Geographyl CONNIE GOODMAN CFootbal1J MARGARET GORE tlfnglishb CLAYTON HATHAWAY KChoirl INGEBORG HIGHLAND Clhlistoryl AGNES KILLERLAIN KLil1rartanJ fizoj 121 J WESLEY ERBE WALTER LAKE Registrar Wesley Erbe, Registrar, was in charge of keeping complete records of the student body. Mr. Erbe was willing to help any student in choosing subjects crnd courses and in coun- seling them in different vocational fields. Wesley Erbe was also in chorrge of sending transcripts to other schools, unior College Faculty f 25? llnstrurnentdl Musicl f 'Sift X CARRIE LONGFELLOW jj I 1 'X lfjrencrhl fi' J .f""" , ,..:, 2 Q -,-, 'Lge xg MARY MCCLUSKY yy X lGt1idc111c:e-J i n if J' A X 5 5 rt l IEAN MOULDING KANJ LLOYD PIPPETT lBgsebollJ L. C. RICH lA.k'4'Olllllll"lQl ADELINE SHARON English! ETHEL SHANNON llvlgtheinutivsl MAURICE SINIFT lChemistryl LISLE TOWNSEND lD1'c1ftingl ,tix 'H ROBERT WAGGONER ill CSoCiul Scieilttel M""' ...M KENNETH WATERMAN lDIXt1II1fIlli"Sl , xi RUTH GOODRICH llingiishl 3 , CNot Picturedl H- 31 is ., J yur W 1 s bil: t,..-N-Q ' ,aw 9? w-ff' , -gm 5 S -Q Challdng one up." Gerilng the lowdown on business. Freshmen if pw js. EM' Fir31RJw left tn right: Wu, fx: :N .' 'f.'.l.e N iz ,. .1,' 1 :lx 1, Y: gum, .l'fE1.,I' ll.1v'f'1. Second R:n'J:.3'i1xelf-41: YJ 'Xl xt. Il If 13121, fix fI,,Ei'w1' "fi Third Raw: iq ,. V , X, 1 1 1. nxsgzg e1:1"1r. xi zx::,11-1,if1,.. F:bur1h Row: !1g:1.:5'ri zu, Xilfl 1 EW .l.1r.i,I,:1uJ:',', 'X-Inmx,U",-.'?,1.'v1l.f: Firzt Raw, left to riqhiz LQ kI1'f1 M.'K11x3iry, fiu1rl1i11ss:x1, ',A.'illi:1:11s, R 11,1 e-11lv.,111, Ruvbeal, Wfest, PM-elii. Seccnd ROW!1'vilj11?1,I.'.li1GV.3kY L3iuf.v,1.1,1lw1.i H':Nic7J rm, Nfwjxxlxxx,H'1Ulw'3. 'Ih'r,'1 How: P nf 15:11, C1:1t11:'1 1.1131-1 Fx11:11,,f::1,E ZA, ,QL -r, !:1.1y111:1:1. Four Qx Row: D 114133, Schivfv, '15, 11,:.xn, We1st,RL111CHe, 'I I1Q,111w:m:1, C:1I4HQI1, Kirby. 11221 "Y'tf1": l,-N BA + 2NA 1 Banana. HA C5055 of WN-'PS First Row. lett to right: Rl1OClQ'S,ROl'lT6f,lVlCilllIlLI9I Russel, Lundblad, L. 'x'Jiii-1e2rt, M. Wiriqe-it, Rosberq. Second Row: lolinson, Brown, Evans, Norine, Peterson, Ray Norine, Rossow, Third How: Strom, Cavanauqli, Tilton, Anderson, Davis, Fox, Hay, lense-n. Fourth Row: Chapman, Holi, Olsen, Genoa, lohnson, lCIC11llS,l.FlISF1l'l. First Row, lelt to right: Rutledge, Minor, Ienninas, Fish, Cox, Bradburn, Svlinrt. Second Row: Harrigan, Eslinqar, Armstrong, Mal- linqer, lvlc' ssnsr, lv'lx'N'.lll7 Alexarizlni. Third Row:Drfvlin,Pitzqi+n1lci, Travy, D. Olson, Dillon, Spooner. Fourth How: Brown, Poisnzsk, Petorson,riQnqu1si,l.',nli, lVlarulii,Walle1ri. 51231 Freshmen ' I 5 V1-V, -Q I Q3 ..'- Q. - I A . E, g,f:,ig,s::,.::. -Mk ? ff ., :lrl . . I 1 ' A V"V E: ..":.. E lilu z V 5 ' ,.,.:,Q 1 if . I gm Qzzq A 1 5' Ii ,il I 5 FORREST BAILEY EUGENE BROWN PAUL BUEGEL ARNOLD BUEHLER KENNETH BUTZIER ROBERT GRAMENZ 3 A ww, fi' Y, ROBERT IP-CK I .. ,, . CARBERRY FITZGERALD p Q W G' f-w x.-f X S DONALD RICHARD I CHIQUE1' ENGELBART MLA. N 4 3 WILLIAM MAYNARD V CLABAUGH EREDAL WILLIAM COLLINS CLARICE COPPINGER GERALD EISCHEID H241 91 b 1, 4 ,- Rf RR W-an Zh. - HOWARD HADLEY PAUL HALL KENNETH HICKEY SOVIALLA HOWARD WALTER ILIFF SOpl1OmOres IOHN KOLSAR Q' 7443 ,igq fpQ'1jJ A-.., AW A V . GEORGE ROBERT , K LAWTON NELSON ,E,. . ,. ,- 'f,'5' A,,i R' 55f 1 ELEC ,..' :" ' ' 2. K., Bla, ."' , iffil L Ai.. , scOT'r IACK , ..E., :Z LIBBEY MCKINSTRY ,X , , gif' E.s"2Qa A A ,." IIAA ' SWE L RICHARD GEORGE LILIEGREN MUELLER S A I B A 4 .A ,,,, 1 I .EI ... ,.. ' . ,I V' A.ii3 KENNETH MANN ROBERT MARTIN ROBERT Moss - ' H ' ' H., , .. z -:g- , ,..VL 3 5 . It H W i Ilubl A ,Q V A ,gg ..:. . Vg ? ., A A ,S B i V, X Elk ,.-'1 A R515 f ,L ff: Rv- R 1 ", A W l'::f: , A .,?ffff :ZC32f: -' ---:- --A-:-, 2 3.52: - - , . J I , -nln V , .R ...: I . f1251 .5356 ki W 'sf 0 Emmy , . it , EN 'GG- 41' . 3 in I I ERNEST NUTTING PAUL NYDEGGER DALE ONNEN CLARENCE PESSICA RAY POWERS 'W Sophomores LOU PRAY VN A v ' s. -it ,, ORVILLE RUNDALE LYLE SCHUH ROBERT C. THOMAS S.. E I lr 1. i H ,... ':,I.:-,Q:f-:- 3333555 , .giiim ' R H. if-5 WALDO WIDELL KENNETH WERTZ WAYNE VATH ROBERT TYLER 11' ' ,xx sf -5- im if U26 Mqvawn-1-.,.i VV N-nf' SWM- 5...-1' FORREST BAILEY GENE BROWN BEVERLY CARLSON President Student Council Editor Coiielrqe- Campus Prcsider1tPanthe-r Players Wheels on the Campus l n 1' K 4 sw ,wwf BILL FOX DENNY COLLINS Frmtlvail Co-Captain Basicc3t13cxliCo-Captain Bgtsketizail CO-Captain CLARICE COPPINGER President of SAPS ,q, lyifuvnus -wr' IACK IVICKINSTRY Presiciorit afCoi1eqe Ciicir ,-an ifvwmpk BILL PETERSON Editor of Panther frwm OFFICERS Student Council The Student Council had an eventful year, under the competent direction of Forrest Bailey. They played host to the other junior college student councils in the annual state meeting. The council sponsored the spring and winter iormals and the election of the junior college queen and her attendants. Kenneth Butzier was vice-president and Rita Ruebel secretary. COUNCIL MEMBERS 128 I TIME FOR TEA wnnntlwfn-M Sigma Alpha Phi With Clarice Coppinger, president, Helen Feelhaver, vice-president, cmd Bev Carlson, secretary cmd treasurer, the Sigma Alpha Phi Sorority had a very eventful year. The first excitement of the year was the tea given by the women of the faculty. This was followed by the candle-light initiation, a potluck, a Christmas party, a Valentine dance, and a night in the gym. The final event of the year was the MotherbDaughter Tea. 129 S. A. P. MEMBERS Panther Players . YQ:-iiffrg .'-:: 1-f its E 4: 4 P w.:ffs1t it ,. . ' sf' is A24 yi t E' 5 . ze r iii 'ss M , 'X OFFICERS MEMBERS Organized two years ago, the Panther Players serve as the center for all dramatic productions in lunior College. The Panther Players have produced three one-act plays: "Uncle Iimmy Versus Christmas," "Ladies of the Mop," and "Cracked Ice," at the combined meetings ot high school and junior college group meetings. Scenes from "UNCLE IIMMY vs. CHHISTMASH Iunior College Student Directors: Gene Cle nens and Bill Peterson. Scott, Carlson and Enqholm. Bev Carlson and Billie Abbott. Scene from "LADIES OF THE MOP" "The Importance Of Being Earnest" CHARACTERS David Hogan .... ................... l ohn Tffcrthingtcn Scott Libbey .... ........... ,... A l gernon Mcncrietf Bot: W'erdan ...... ..... T he Rev. Canon Ciiasulole Kenneth Engholrn . . . .........,........ lvlerrinian Vllalt llitf ......,.. ..... L ane, Algy's man-servant Beverly Carlson .... .............. L ady Bracknell Dorothy Meyer ,.... . . .The Hon. Gwendoline Fairfax Margaret Rodenhorri. . ...... .,... C ocily Cardew Helen Feelhaver .... ,.... l ifliss Prism "The Importance of Being Earnest" was a stylized farce and a literary classic. It Was described as a trivial comedy for serious people. As the play Went on, the situation was getting more complicated, but in the end everything turned out for the best. -.JPZXLT I-135' 1 First Row. left to right: Audrey Geisel, Patsy Hickey, Flcrczbeli Tiqxwer, Cfmiro TQpgw111qs?r, Ccrrcl Ho,1z1, 1,1115 XV111:,gf?11, Mary Rgltlpdqo, IV1fIIfj9 Fieflcil Kirivgiy Taylcr, PS1 HUf1'1liSC!Il, Tf1:111qQ11Qi '1,'1'111qe:Y, 11.'IGI'11'!I1 INTCKIUSTTY. Second Row: 11,1111 ESHIIQSY, Bfvedyf '.3L1!lSifI1, 105111 iS"1'.fIf!, CJI'L.ff'Il Csygn f 1. 1 LVL: ff. S5Il?I, 11 111 L1z11fi:111gi Elhil? Alilioit, l'vI:11:Q11f1 IXEINCZI, ?v1'7I11'fI1 513191, 13111 Hmm' I1 1 1 11 f'.1..w311, QXYL1 Meyer, 1511111 SCX. Third Row: 2'U1'1I?1,' filescn Diff Eng P-I:if.F4Ik, M:1:'g,1:P1 fi:is111,fg111, FH: P- '1 IS' 11 sz " it L, .fyl .1 .11 '.'.'1:Ef11 Skim Stewart, fuck r'JIfEX1IiS'I ,, 1.:g1f111 2152? fuk E'IT,EV!1, N 1 P ss , Fun: Knzix, H1351 Mary I,ICIlEi11qe1. Fourth Row: Ifffixle Pishfl, ICIIH Halt, I1.f1'1lv111 Pfilnrfi, UCD S11iti:'sL11, 111' V B Il HGILCJ1 R11:111is Kc-111151111 E11"111c:l111, KQ1111Q1f: 311171-1, E111 .13.11d111sQ11, DSSI! Gixzzmurr, 13-'nf F111w11 "N H 2711185111 '1'11f:1so11, Bolt F1'I4:11z1e's. College Choir fuck F,l1'K111s11y' Mutcrzrs' '1'1711117f:t IN'1z111Fy:1 4111 1, SOLOISTS Kvmmy Fzuglisllli, 11.115111 RL1i1f14i41v, Y il Suzy. 'X'11,i1: '.'.'i3e11, 14511.11 1, .5 11. 11321 Dorothy Meyer. Acconrpanist GROUP ENSEMBLE Loran Olsen. Accompanist 'Waldo VVid-ell, Kenny Engholrn, Ruth Knack, lack Mcliinstry, Loran Olsen. Under the leadership of Clayton Hathaway, genuine appreciation of good music characterized the spirit of the choir. The choir took part in the Thanks- giving program and the Christmas story the first semester. lack McKinstry was president of the choir and did much to develop friendly companionship among the members. Second semester the choir Went to Boone for the I. C. Fine Arts Festival. The choir was chosen from a field of eight I. C. choirs to sing in the evening's program. Don Sampson Won in the baritone class. The I. C. tour to surrounding communities measured up to all expectations. The success of the variety show rested heavily on the choir. An added attraction this year was the choir uniforms. The girls Wore blue skirts and white blouses, the boys blue coats and White trousers. CHOIR IN ACTION CONCERT SELECTIONS Mr. Frog .............. Gearhart All the Things for You. .Ringwald Roll, lordan Roll ......... Murray Let All thc Nations Praise Haggard Deep River ....,...... Rinawald Holiday Song ......... Schumann Poor Wayfrrring Strangenlackson Evening Pastorale ......... Shaw Simon, the Fisherman .... .lessye 1331 Pete and Mr. Culver. Looking things over. Margaret and Jan. The Panther With a streamlined staff, Bill Peterson, Editor, made all deadlines with minutes to spare. Clair Culver, Advisor, aided the staff with their many prob- lems. Ianice Bailey's tarsightedness made possible early completion of much ot the Panther section. Harold Rhodes proved to be an etiicient sports editor. Margaret Rodenborn and Ioan Scharf were responsible tor the class section while Billie Abbott and Carol Holm worked out a satisfactory hi-lite section. Carol and Billie. The Staff. Joan, Harold and Corine. U34 lfi g i s , ,. 3 . E 1:1 as 1 5, is E I Q. ws., .sf I ,i , 1, ls , v X H N-Q. ,f 4, . N K M 3 K sn. KJ 1 Ei , 5 iii V ,iii ,-.1-- ,v'. Z ..,.,, F Arnold writing an article. Gene proofreading. Dale typing a story. The College Campus Under the editorship of Gene Brown the College Campus staff, although only four in number, did an excellent job of getting all the news and gossip. Adeline Sharon, as usual, was very helpful. Peg did a great job in writing "Take It From Me," the ever so popular column. Dale, Arnold, and Bev all did a marvelous job in Writing all the other stories and features. Peg typing gossip. Miss Sharon. Bev at work. 1351 if J. C. ueen JOAN ESLINGER, Queen CAROLYN COOPER, Attendant DOROTHY HAY, Attendant 11561 And MARY RUTLEDGE, Attendant MARILYN ROHRER, Attendant MARGARET WINGERT, Attendant l7Ql G E12 ' in 3 3, Y 1, , S.A.P.s enioy punch together. Formals and finery at the Snow Bali. Ray, Terp, Kenny and Lou talk things over. K"-x J. C. Choir carols in traditional Yuletide manner. i 4 I E 139 Ruth und Lou indulge. Joan and Mary get together on the latest. Everyone had fun at the all-school party. Marge in a Jean and Bob get theirs thinking mood. Abbott actin' natural. the hard way. Joan and her court. Dean and Mrs. Hughes om. Enjoy Gala Evening. in On u Sunday afierncon. X. !WfW2A', ,n,y,wwh 1 V v X Q if f I 7.4 45 Wim A S?. S fx? f :gg - 'gfin + '35 . I 5 , , 'QW ' , 1. ' 5: E Wulf K'Abe" Iliff. Waliz Time. N401 141 PANTHER SPORTS la, Hilm- VARSITY SQUAD First Row, left to right: Roy Montroy, Duane Devlin, Eugene Hay, Walt O'Conner, Terry Cullen, Kenneth Hickey, luck Fitzgerald, Richard Landry. Second Row: Vern Horn, Lyle Fitzgerald, Forrest Bailey, Howard Hadley, Merrill Lefler, Bob Strom, Lou Pray, Ollie Buckner. Third Row: Herb Conlon, Iohn Covanauqh, Wayne Evenson, George Lauqhton, Ottis I-lalligan. Bob Etzel, Bill Fox, Harold Rhodes. i J. Cfs Pigskin Players won four - lost three Dick Iacobs. Student Manargrr. "Coming Around End" e 35 13 28 27 SCORES Worthington Graceland Austin, Minn. Burlington Eagle Grove Waldorf Mason City They 9 18 9 6 13 13 12 51421 Bob Brown Assistant Coach Leeman and Coach Goodman kicking an extra point. with Players Buckner and Fox. Football Coach "Connie" Goodman's call for football players was answered by only four returning letterrnen, so the remainder of the 1948 junior college foot- ball team was made up of transfers from other colleges and "greenies." Everyone thought that the junior college was in for a repeat performance of last year's scores when the team dropped the first two games. After the second game, the squad was plagued with injuries, sprains and bruises. The fans' general attitude was that the team had "nothing on the ball." However, for some unknown factor the team became inspired and won the next four games. Mason City snatched the last game. "Making Extra Yards." "Otis Getting the Word." 3 ? all Rf T ifvfw kiiiffgf WM nQW ,nfs nw BOB BROWN Haliback WAYNE EVENSON End BILL FOX Tackle, Co-Capiain DON EVANS Pullback 'wird' Lettermen ,Y W, , ,,,, Mwwgifv.-., FORREST BAILEY Tackle DUANE DEVLIN Guard BOB ETZEL End EUGENE HAY Quarterback 144 31- OTIS HALLIGAN End LOU PRAY Center OLLIE BUCKNER Hcxlfbcxck BOB STROM Tackle Lettermen 1451 MM LYLE FITZGERALD Guard IOHN CAVANAUGH Hulfbcxck HOWARD HADLEY Center VERN HORN End, Cofcupiain 2 414' 4 332 ,W VARSITY SQUAD First Row. left to right: Gene Clemons, Bill Fox, Kenny Bulzier, lohn Stewart, Denny Collins, Don Blink, Don Leg Second Row: Lyla Fitzgerald, Duane Devlin, Howard Hadley, Bold Brown, Bill lloilcnian, Bill Dowd. Coach Lisle Townsend, We 33 47 61 42 33 46 57 40 58 48 45 37 56 52 51 61 46 SEASON'S RECORD Ellsworth Northwestern Eagle Grove Marshalltown Webster City Emrnetsburg Boone 3 3 Mason City Ellsworth , Emmetsburq Webster City Eagle Grove Northwestern .Estherville Boone Mason City IUNIOR COLLEGE TOURNEY Webster City They 34 39 36 49 52 45 36 50 53 49 47 65 52 54 46 69 55 146 The Panther Five thrilled the crowds Won 7 - Lost IO No returning lettermen answered Coach Townsend's call for the 1948-49 junior college basketball session. Only former high school players and pre- vious squad men turned out for the practice sessions. However, with experience and good coaching, the team became a powerful threat to their opponents. Denny Collins was high scoring man for the year. Bob Etzel was second in scoring. Other men scoring 90 points or more for the season were: Don Blink, Bill Fox, and lack Stewart. THE SQUAD IN A WARM UP. ' 3.5.9. 1 we W, it , X 51471 is ,W H5 x 0 T we ig. f K I I .' K 4 BILL FOX IOHNV STEWART C mi, Co-Cciplfii Le-niet Basketball Lettermen DON BLINK KENNY BUTZIER Fmwcnd Forward ,Mp W Fxfix pwv..-Quang, if? 'A' . 1 Mmm. Lff and-A M M M M f if wu..xJ5kh ff X DENNY COLLINS Guard, Co-Cuptrxin GENE CLEMENS Guard mf Q HSS? ,J I 48 W Jw X BOB BROWN A tip-off. LYLE FITZGERALD Porvffxrci TNAfT1'lC11VIC'?I Basketball Lettermen Getting the rebound. Waiting for the swish. Blink shoots a long one. 1491 DDQ ,sf 1949 BASEBALL TEAM First Row, lei! to right: Buckner, Blink, Marlin, Schuh, Fox, Devlin, Field. Second Row: Norine, Mann, Hadley, Onnen, Pray, Brown, Icxcobson. In The l9ll8 Season We Won 3 Lost 2 Tied I Couch Pippett. Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge Fort Dodge 'Uwe .ff , Webster City . . 2 Webster City . . 2 Ellsworth . Estherville . Eagle Grove Boone . . Hadley up next. Norine warms up. W,..,.....,........-.---- 150 U51 What A Grand Year lt's Been Remember last fall when everyone was bemoaning the fact that almost all of us had eight o'clock classes? Oh, those lucky people who got to sleep late. The girls were welcomed to junior college by a delightful tea given at the home of Miss Bernatz. It seemed as if it rained at every football game, but with the undying spirit of our cheerleaders we rooted for our boys. The junior college council was busy this year and enjoyed two state meetings, one here and the other at Ellsworth junior college. Wasn't it cold the night of the chorus hayride? Some kept warm! And speaking of the choir, the tours were a huge success and a lot of fun, too. "Does anyone know the difference between an icebox and an elephant?" The Fine Arts Festival at Boone gave the Fort Dodge Iunior College a chance to show its talent. We crowned our Iunior College queen at the winter dance at the Wahkonsa Hotel. The spring formal was a gala affair with everyone in a gay mood. Who can ever forget the variety show? It took a lot of work and loads of cooperation, but the result was well worth the effort. The year has been full of activities and happy times, but the Panther will help us remember them always. Again a high school annual is completed, this time the l949 Dodger. Planned and pre- pared by Seniors, this book contains many printed pages back of which is much fun, dis- appointment and Worry. ln my opinion, this year's staff has done an excellent job of co- operating and working toward the same goale a good yearbook. The staffs real thanks is see- ing their Work in print so I'll just say, it's been wonderful, kids: thanks so much. Sincerely, NANCY. I 4 Both the staff of the Dodger and the Panther would like to thank Mr. Culver, our advisor, for all his helpfulness and Willingness in guiding the production of another yearbook. Also We would like to thank Mr. F. G. Weston of the Waterloo Engraving and Service Company: Mr. Walter Merryman of the Messenger Printing Company: and to all the senior photographers for their cooperation in producing our yearbook. NANCY FISHER Editor of the Dodger Bl1.L PETERSON Editor of the Panther Another year and the Panther is here. Pro- ducing the l949 yearbook has taken a lot ot time and a great deal ot Work. This year's staff although inexperienced, quickly assumed re- sponsibility, and in the end everything seemed to turn out fine. l Want to thank the cheerful and hardworking staff l had and everyone who helped put this year's Panther in print. Sincerely, BILL U52

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