Fort Dodge High School - Dodger Yearbook (Fort Dodge, IA)

 - Class of 1946

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s 9 4 .A-Q 1 e Our school has served us in war and peace, night and day for the past quarter of a century. It takes no rest so let us strive forward. N N w , we, '7fze sag, Dunn! 7!ze 7946 fbadgm Erfifor v , 7 B- rrrrr or ,, ., Bill Headlec BllSilI!'SS MdlIlIKgl'l' rrrerrr r, rrrrrrr , r - , Shirlee Oppel Senior EJif0rs-,.rr ,A B -,,rBeverly Branson, Marilyn Fevold, Tessie Pappas, Beverly Holmstrom Frzrulfy, Classes, Acfiuifivsr ,rrrjane Lloyd, Gwen Babbitt, Martha Mitchell, Merope Mitchell, Roma Jane Decker, Beverly Anderson Hi Lifrirr e iiii Howard Hecht, jo Ann Breckenridge, Dwanc Mickelson Boys Afhlefics rrrr . or rDaryl Basler Girls Aflvleticsmr--. ,vrrrrrrrr Marion Macek, Frances Moeller Ari Edifors rrrr,. or WrBob Brady, Sylvia Wilson Copy Edifoi 'rrr -- rrrrrrr Chriscibel Brogotti Phofograpbcrs rvrrr r.rrr 4 -jack McKinstry, Dale Cochran Wolume XXXW 4041 fboclge, iowa -3- It has been said by many that Fort Dodge High School ranks on top. Its scholastic achievements, sports records, and its surrounding community speak for themselves. Now entering the Atomic Age, we of Fort Dodge do so contend that it will, and We will, hold on to our top rank. We therefore dedicate this book and its representation of Dodger life to OUR SCHOOL .. 4 - Y l- 1 Q 4 1 v w ' 4 I V 1 1 I i J J E Q 4 4 To relnzild in xznzxlzim' wlmf wax nlvxfroyml in darkm'sS." june lnwrey, rrmiurerg Dirk Sandal, vice president: Beverly Holmstrom, secretary Aloe Arnold, president. Wfar is goneg peace is yet to be won, but the Seniors of 1946 will strive to make it lasting. The past is goneg the future looms before us present- ing not only obstacles and uncertainties but vast opportunities. Leaving the past, we make a change. As we step into the future, we will take full advantage of the peace won for us by the sweat and blood of those now gone. foe JAW41 K, President of Senior Class -7, Seniaad of 7946 BEVERLY ANDERSON-"N0tlJi'ng can be :lone hastily anil IJl'Ildl'l1flJl,,. . .Girl Re- servesg Dodgerg Chorus. 0 JACK ANDERSON--"Easy maze, easy go". . . Wrestling. 0 NORMA ANDERSON-"Smiling is always in stylvu. ..Latin Club, Vice Presi- dent. v SHIRLEY ANDERSON-"Knowlvalgzf ronzes, but wisilozn lt71KLff?!'Sv. . .Little Dodgerg Girl Reservesg Intramuralsg Football Queen Attendant. v LEOLA JUNE ANKENBAUER-"Tins lilzfzuisr' is a fric'n:t". . .Girl Reserves. 0 DOROTHY X ANTOLIK-"Olvliging ami l'l9f'f'l'f1lI, inrt11stri01is and lzimlf' 0 ROBERT ARKOFF -"A quiet lail, lint quilt' a lail". . . Basketballg Trackg Bandg Orchestrag Intramurals. ' JOE ARNOLD-"Height is not what niatzfx men greatv. . . Little Dodgerg Student Councilg Senior Class Presidentg Footballg Wrestlingg Trackg Intramurals. GWEN BABBITT-"A charming c'lJatterl7ox"...Girl Reservesg All School Playg Dodgerg Student Councilg Chorus. 0 FLORENCE BISACCHI--"Nr'at11ess is a rroufning grace." 0 BETTIE BAKER-"Beauty is tloe gift of Gocln. . . All School Play. 1 ANDY BARBER-"The zvorlil is as yon take it,'. . . Intramurals. 0 FOR- REST BARTLETT-"My thoughts all stray." 0 DARYL BASLER-"I stana' on my own dffdiHll1t'l1fXl,...A Cappellag Operettag Dodgerg Footballg Basketballg Baseball. 0 WILLIAM BECKER-"Misz'bif'f aint jollify are luis 'nziilfllrf l1l1ll1C',,...If1IfI'l1FDl1I'I1lS. COLLEEN BERGREN-"Her frivmlx lies! lenow bw' zvortlff . . Intramurals. FLORENCE BABCOCK-"Silc'nn' is more 'musical tlnzn any songf' I HELEN BORER-"A friz'mlly miss, laapjiy and gay". . .Girl Reserves. 0 ROBERT BRADY -"Ha walks aronml with a ilignifim' air". . .Sans Soucig Chorusg Art Clubg Dodger. 0 BEVERLY BRANSON-"W'lJr'n slve had lbassffft, it stwnefl lilze tlae ceasing of ex- quisite llIltSi!'U...SfUdCI1f Councilg Girl Reserves, Presidentg Little Dodgerg Dodgerg Cliorusg Art Clubg Science Clubg Football Queen Attendant. 0 MAXINE BRATT- MILLER-"I have a pleasant time with my mind, for it is loappyv. ..Intramuralsg Operettag Little Dodger. v JO ANN BRECKENRIDGE-"Her lowlimfss we '71l'l'l'l' knew until stu' sifziltvln. . .Little Dodgerg Dodgerg Girl Reservesg Spanish Clubg Intra- muralsg Art Clubg Student Council. 0 JUANITA BRIGHI-"She has l11'C"ll1lli7lg eyes of ll!0l1lll'1'H. . . Chorusg Intramuralsg Little Dodgerg Spanish Clubg Stage Crew. 0 CHRISTIBEL BROGOTTI-"A little zuortz, a little' play, to keep ns going-and so, good-ilay."'. . . Bandq Science Clubg Girl Reservesg Dodgerg Chorus. nga Beverly Anderson Jack Anderson Norma Anderson Shirley Anderson Leola Ankenbauer Dorothy Antolik Robert Arkoff Joe Arnold Gvven Babbitt Florence Bisacchi Bettie Baker Andy Barber Forrest Bartlett Daryl Basler William Becker Colleen Bergren Florence Babcock Helen Borer Robert Brady Beverly Branson Nlaxine Brattmiller Jo Ann Breckenridge Juanita Brigni Christibel Brogotti L same 'L we z,Wi:slitwWm,21..t,,,..v : ini t? i5FW2f'2effefw:ef,112 f ga if ee .4 -' 5212? I A 552 1 U .f ' - :px ,.,,..,. 'Z P Qi' Egg ? 1 + mi M ig gigs! N 5 5 1 in yoga 5 ig HE is 1 Egan 'S' :,,gI' 'M ,. 2: . , V45 M,,,,.f Senialzd of 7946 ROBERT BROWN-"Gr1o1l humor is always n s11eeess". . . Footballg Basketballg Base- ball. 0 JERALD BRONVN-"Lei each man do his best". . . PATSY BURKE-"S0ffl'j' sjzeulz and sweefly smilev. ..Girl Reservesg Intramuralsg Stage Crew. 0 MARIAN CAHILL-"Laugh and be well" . . . Chorus. D KEITH CARLSON-"Good natureel, serious ami' well liked". . . Band, Vice Presidentg Brass Sextetg Intramuralsg Baseballg Foot- ballg Basketball. MARION CARR-"The horn lilows af 771l1I1'Ilgl7lU . . . Bandg Orches- trag Brass Sextetg Trumpet Triog Showshopg Student Councilg All School Playg Science Club. ' JOHN CAVANAUGH-"Mosi is won when mos! is zlarezlv. . . Footballg Basketballg Wrestlingg Trackg Science Clubg Chorus. 0 BETTY CERVENE-"Lire, laugh, aml he merry,'. . . Art Clubg Girl Reservesg J. C. Plavg Chorusg Spanish Club. DON CHALSTROM-"A truly modest fc'llo1u,'...Wrestlingg Footballg Intramuralsg Basketball. 0 LOREN CHELLEN-"Earth sounds my wisdom and high heaven my fame"...Baseballg Basketballg Footballg Chorus. ' SUSAN CLARKE-"She is fapuhle of good fhingsn.. .Little Dodgerg Girl Reserves: Debate. 0 DALE COCHRAN-"Yo1i,ll final him jusf an honesf mann. . .All School Playg Dodgerg A Cappellag Bandg Brass Sextet. 0 LORRAINE COCI-IRAN-"Silence is the hes! nrmamefif of wome1f'...Bandg Chorusg Girl Reserves. v HELON CONDON-"A nioclern girl wifh big brown eyes aml jiersoimlifj fwiee her size". . . Student Council, Sec- retaryg Spanish Clubg Girl Reservesg Football Queen Attendant. 0 MARGARET CONNERS-"Thy moclesiy is fl ramlle fo thy 1IIPflf,'...Cl1OfUSQ Girl Reserves. 0 GEORGE CONSTANTINE-"Grew is fhy power aml greal fhy fume". . . Eootballg Basketballg Baseballg Student Councilg Art Clubg Science Club. MARCELLA CRAWFORD-"fl finer form, and lovelier face". . .Little Dodger. 0 MARJORIE CROW-"Wisr' io resolve, aim' pafienf fo reform',. . .Girl Reserves. 0 ROMA JANE DECKER-"She sjzealzs much-sela'onz',. ..Chorusg Dodgerg Girl Re- servesg Office Work. 0 MARY DELANOIT-"A girl as breezy as zz March morn." ANNE DEPPE-"Music hath l'll7dfllI5,,...A Cappellag Show Shopg Orchestrag Sans Soucig Girls Sextetg Operetta. 0 CLEO DOUGHTY-"True hearted was he". . . Bas- ketballg Baseball. 0 PATTY DUNSMOOR-"Good nafizred, quief, ami well liked" ...Latin Clubg Intramurals. 0 ELAINE ECKERMAN--"fmt lhe wish lo help ll7l0fhl'l'v. . . Latin Clubg Chorus. .. 10 - Robert Brown Jerald Brown Patsy Burke Marian Cahill Keith Carlson Marion Carr John Cavanaugh Betty Cervene Don Chalstrom Loren Chellen Susan Clarke Dale Cochran Lorraine Cochran Helon Condon Margaret Conners George Constantine Marcella Crawford Marjorie Crow Roma Decker Mary Delanoit Anne Deppe Cleo Doughty Patty Dunsmoor Elaine Eckerman . ,.7,7. Seniafzd of 1946 DELORES MAE EDDY--"A quiet nzaiel is she". . . Latin Clubg Girl Reserves, Intra- murals, Little Dodger. 0 WANDA LOU EDXVARDS-"She opens in eaeh heart a little heaz'en,'...Orchestrag Student Council, Girl Reservesg Latin Club. 0 PAUL EIDE-"Our four star fellow, intelligenee, looks, personality, anal sj1orts"...Footballg Basketball, Trackg Student Councilg Art Clubg Science Club. 0 BETTY ELLIOTT- "In aetion faithful and honor dear". . .Little Dodger, Editorg Girl Reservesg Spanish Club. 0 MARJORIE ENFIELD-"An unmtingzzisherl laugh shakes the skiesv... Chorus. 0 ROGER ENFIELD-"Nothing is zliffieult to a winning Hllllllv. . . Chorus, Intramurals. 0 FLORENCE ERIE-"I have a heart with room for every joyn. .. Little Dodger, Intramuralsq Girl Reserves. v PRISCILLA EVANSON-"Her talents are of the finest elassv. . . Majorctteg Girl Reserves, Student Council, Chorus. DORIS FARRELL-"It's a goort thing to he ahle and smartv. . . Intramuralsg Librarian. MARY ANN FEELHAVER-"Her road leads to suceessv...Intramuralsg Band, A Cappella, Girl Reserves. v BETTY FELLONVS-"The gola' of her hair crowns the hlue of her eyes". . . Intramurals. 0 MARILYN FEVOLD--"There's beauty in her rlailby life". . . Dodgerg Chorus. 0 JOHN FIESELER-"Honor to the man who brings honor to us". . . Football, Captain, Basketballg Baseball, Track, Student Councilg Span- ish Club, Vice President, Science Club, Vice President, Intramurals. O MERLE FISHEL-"Efforts always create ahilityu. . . Trackg Latin Club, President, All School Play, Student Council, President, Wranglersg Science Club. 0 WILLIAM FLETCHER -"Quiet and dignifiezl as heroines a real 'llItlll,,...Tf21CliQ Football, Student Councilg Intramurals. 0 MARILYN FLOREA-"A sweet girl is ahora all ranksf' JACK FOVVLER-"So hale ana' hearty is hen. . . Intramurals. 0 DELORES FRED- ERICKS-"Quiet until you know heru. . .Chorus. 0 WILMER FRIESTH-"He is a man, talze hinz for all in all". . . Trackg Student Councilg Wrestlingg Intramurals. 0 KIEAN GILBERT-"Meekness is not 'weahnessfl 0 DEANE GLAMAN-"Happy am I". ..Little Dodgerg Operettag A Cappellag Science Clubg Tennis, Debateg Wrestling. DELORES GOODRICH--"Moa'esty is a 'll'Il1tlll'l1ly Utffllip...Il'Ifl'tl'll1ILl't1lS. U MIL- DRED GOODRICH-"The pleasant pride of sileneef' 0 BARBARA GRATKE- "Wit, lively, anal full of fun". . . A Cappella, Girl Reserves. - 12 .- Delores Eddy Wanda Edwards Paul Eide Betty Elliott Marjorie Enfield Roger Enfield Florence Erie Priscilla Evanson Doris Farrell Mary Feelhaver Betty Fellows Marilyn Fevold John Fieseler Merle Fishel William Fletcher Marilyn Florea Jack Fowler Delores Fredericks Wilmer Friesth Jean Gilbert Deane Glaman Delores Goodrich Mildred Goodrich Barbara Gratke L, E X A ,N .. ,ff ff "Q ff-4" Seniau of 1946 MARY GROSS-"Good words are worth nzufb, anzl vos! liflIe"...A Cappella. 0 ANNE GRUNDON-"The nzililest manners, anfl flat' gcnflest heart". ..Latin Clubg Girl Reservesg Student Councilg All School Playg Art Clubg One Act Playg junior Class Vice Presidentg Chorus. 0 JOHN GUNDERSON-"I'll liz' slave fo 110 onev... Wrestling. 0 VIVIAN GURNETT-"Her bair rcsrnzlzles rlanfing S1llIl7!'dlllS.U 0 PAULINE HABHAB-"A frzze ontiloor girl". ..Intramuralsg Librarian. 0 MARY ALICE HALVERSON-"An1laifion has bn! one reward for all". . . Bandg Orchestrag A Cappellag Operettag Show Shopg Girl Reservesg Student Councilg Little Dodger. 0 EMIL HANSEN-"IVl1y isn'i r'z'cryone l'0IIfl'l1ft'tl like n1r'?". . . Sans Soucig Latin Clubg A Cappellag Science Clubg Chorus. 0 MARY ANN HARING-"Her snzilc' is warm anzl glllflS0l1IL',,. . . Intramuralsg Spanish Club. LEOTA HARTSOCK-"Lei all ber ways be 1H1L'0l1'filll'!iU. . . Latin Clubg Girl Reservesg Art Clubg Spanish Clubg Chorus. 0 MARIAN HARTWIG-"She charms us by Har sunshine of her smile". . .A Cappella. 0 LOIS HAUGEN-"Many a noble soul is l7ill'tlf'l7 by a quid exfcriorf' 0 MERVEN HAUGEN--"Life is not life at all wifloout fun". . . Footballg Intramuralsg Wrestlingg Track. f WILLIAM HEADLEE-"WlJercr flaerfs a will fbI'1'l',S a way". . . Science Clubg Student Councilg Cheerleaderg Dodger, Editorg All School Playg Intramuralsg Debateg Senior Scouts. 0 HOWARD HECHT "I2"s a jzicniv fo bare lainz arounrlu. . .Footballg Intrainuralsg Little Dodgerg Dodgerg Science Club. 0 MARY HENKLE-"Crawl jiersonaliiy, full of rasc'alify". . . A Cap- pellag Girl Reservesg Operetta. 0 BETTY HICKEY-"Slew has many friends bill nary Ll foa"'. . . Girl Reservesg Chorus. GAIL HILL-"A mislrrss of lvrrself flvongli China fallv. ..Intramurals. 0 EMMY HINSCH-"Smiling is always in siyl1"'. . . Chorusg Dramaticsg Intramurals. v BEV- ERLY HOI.MSTROM-"Sl2c' is like a glimpse of a forgoffen lll'!'lllflH. . .Senior Class Secretaryg Girl Reservesg Art Clubg Science Clubg Latin Club, Vice Presidentg Football Queeng Student Councilg Dodgerg Chorusg Intramurals. 0 CHARLES HOLLISTER -"IPs been a long, long lime". . . Bandg Orchestrag Tennisg Intramurals. 0 VERNON HORN-"His worfln, his Donor, all ibe worla' l1PjJl'Ol"UllD. . . Footballg Basketballg Trackg Intramuralsg Little Dodger. U ROBERT HUGLIN-"A nlan of aim will soon have a nanu','. . . Tennisg Basketballg Science Clubg Debateg Know Your Schools. 0 LEORA ,IANSSEN-"Devils, noi wo1'zls". . . Band. 0 CHARLOTTE JENSEN-"As carefree as ber gigglen. . .Girl Reservesg Intramuralsg All School Play. - 14 ..- Mary Gross Anne Grundon John Gunderson Vivian Gurnett Pauline Habhab Mary Halverson Emil Hansen Mary Haring Leota Hartsock Marian Hartwig Lois Haugen Merven Haugen William Headlee Howard Hecht Mary Henkle Betty Hickey Gail Hill Emmy Hinsch Beverly Holmstrom Charles Hollister Robert Huglin Charlotte Jensen Vernon Horn i A' D :E , Leora Janssen ,..::,3jf' i e U , f 122 R QQ ,fix 1 x Q 32 ii .5 f F, is if 'N-an his fm at 'M'-iv Fax Senicvzfi of 1946 BETTIE JOHNSON-"First in every graceful rleea"'. . .Little Dodger. 0 DON JOHNSON-"The gentleman and tloe scholar". . .Student Council. 0 LOUISE JOHNSON--"M11sie is tlae tiring of tlae worlil I lore most". . . A Cappellag Sans Soucig Intramuralsg Girl Reservesg Operetta. G NAOMI JOHNSON-"Light is ber bear!" .. . Intramuralsg Office Work. 0 NORMA LEE JOHNSTON-"Many are laer joys in yontlvu. . .Office Work. 0 LORRAINE JULIUS-"A 'modest fnaicl is sbef' 0 MARY JANE KALLANSRUD-"TlJere's rim anrl snajz in lrer pleasant ways". . . Intra- murals. 0 DON KAUFFMAN-"Wl1o rloes not lore wine, woiizeiz, aml song, remains a fool luis whole life long". . . Baseballg Footballg Intramurals. RITA KEARNEY-"A fair exterior is a silent Tfl'0'l7Z17'1L'1'Id!lfl0fI.,, 0 WILLIAM KELLY-"Doing as I j1lease,'...Chorusg Operetta. 0 DONNA KIRBY--"These three words describe ber: pretty, petite, sweet." 0 LAURELL KLEMENT-"Pleas- ingly flifferent from anyone else". . .Girl Reserves. 0 BEVERLY KNUTSON-"A smile a Ildjl keeps the elozifls away". . . Intramurals. 0 LOIS KOESTER-"At a :lis- lanee, pleasing-nearer, Cbtl?'llIll1g,,. . . Banclg A Cappellag Student Councilg Little Dodgerg Girl Reserves. ' RICHARD KOPP-"He's small, lnrt so was Napoleon". ..Intra- muralsg Wrestling. v REYBURN KRUCKMAN-"W7be1'e,er be nlorezl, the gocliless slvone !7l'f0I'f'U...C:l"1OI'1.1SQ Boys Quartetg Madrigal: Operettag Foodballg Traekg Golfg Baskctbullg Intramurals. ROBERT KUEHNAST-"Calm soul of all things". . . Basketballg Trackg Intramurals. 0 ALLAN KUESTER-"I am a monarch of all I survey". . . Bandg Footballg Wres- tling. 0 CARL KURTZ-"The noblest minrl, tlae lrest eontentnzent liasn. . .Basket- ballg Footballg Intramuralsg Student Council. 0 DARLYNE KUSTERER-"Her Very frowns are fairer far than smiles of other 'l7ldltlL'17S are.', 0 WENDELL LARSEN -"The force of his own merits make its ways". . . Wrestlingg Intramurals. 0 MARIAN LARSON-"Nothing is rliffienlt for a winning 'l71llIL1.,, v BARBARA LEE-"A little gal wlaose eyes anrl feet Janeen. . .Girl Reservesg Chorusg Art Club. ' HELEN LEMAR-"Sbe,s always gooil natnrerl anal freev. . . Chorusg Libraryg Girl Reservesg Little Dodgerg Art Club. -15- Bettie Johnson Don Johnson Louise Johnson Naomi Johnson Norma Johnston Lorraine Julius Mary Kallansrud Don Kauffman Rita Kearney William Kelly Donna Kirby Laurell Klement Beverly Knutson Lois Koester Richard Kopp Reyburn Kruckman Robert Kuehnast Allan Kuester Carl Kurtz Darlyne Kusterer Wendell Larsen Nlarion Larson Barbara Lee Helen Lemar 'Fas .-17... Senicvzd. of 1946 ZELDA LEMBERG-"Lei lziloufledge grow from more fo more". . . Little Dodgerg Girl Reservesg Chorus. v JEANETTE LENTSCH-"joy and julvasurvx can sbr' src". .. Intramuralsg Chorus. 0 PAUL LESSMIER-"I low' fufixzfoni more Haan she loves mc" ...Footballg Baseballg Intramurals. v DEAN LICHTENBERG--"Hr"ll find a way" ...Bandg Orchestrag Intramuralsg Know Your Schools. - MAXINE LIND-"A youflz lo wbom was giwn xo mnrb of fa0aw'11". . . Chorus. v CALLIE LIVASY- "lf fakes lifv fo lore 1ifz"'. . . Girl Reservesg Intramurals. 0 JANE LLOYD--"Inf1'lli- gl'71t'U aml ziiligz'm'c' are ber rliivf axselsv. . . Dodgerg Orchestrag A Cappellag Maclrigalg String Quartetg Girl Reservesg Operettag Art Clubg Show Shopg All School Play. 0 JUNE LOXVREY--"Music is well sairl fo bc' fha' xj2r'1'c'l9 of ar1gelsU. . . Cheerleaderg A Cappellag Opercttag Sextetg Senior Class Treasurerg Student Council. DELORES LUMSDEN--"Enfhusiasm is fhr' breafli of genius". . . Girl Reservesg A Cap- pellag Little Dodgerg Girls Triog Art Club. 0 GLENN LUNDBI.AD-"Herz"s u man wifb brain and wif". . . Footballg Little Dodger, Editor. 0 MILDRED LURIE--"May your l1r'arl's a7c'si1'z' br' j'U1H'S,,. . .Girl Reservesg Chorusg Sans Soucig Little Dodgerg Stage Crew. v ROSALIE LYNGSTAD-" 'Tis wise fo be u1f'1'ry". . . A Cappella. 0 MARIAN MACEK-"Her irifervsf furnx lo sporfs". . . Intramuralsg Dodger. v BEVERLY MAIER--"A frim Iifflr' miss". . . Intramurals. 0 KATHRYN MAIER- "Plr'asa11f and utbrlfir, nice ann' w1c'rgelic,'. . .Girl Reservesg Intramuralsg Chorus. 0 FLORENCE MARTIN-"An ii1lz'I1igr'111' 'mimi wifb 'nzamferx kind". . . Girl Reserves. MORRILL MERICLE-"No om' knows what be can do lmfil lar' fl'il'S,,...B1lSCb3llQ Trackg Intramuralsg Basketball. 0 ROBERT MERRIS-"I Ildfl' do all fbaf br'c'omz's ll man". . . Basketballg Baseballg Track. 0 DWANE MICKELSON-"Grun1' n11'boi11'xf fame or granf mr' none". . . Bandg Orchcstrag Show Shopg Brass Sextetg Trombone Quar- tetg Doelgerg All School Play. 0 TOM MlLI.EA-"Wl1-3' hike lift' 5l'l'iClIlS1-YPH. . . Intra- muralsg Basketballg Stage Crew. - MARYLAND MINOR-"Sho iallzx ami falks abou! r'l'm'yfl1i11g." 0 MARTHA MITCI-IELL--"Our All Aiizcrifazz Girlv. . . Girl Reservesg Art Clubg Sans Souci, Presidentg Science Clubg Chorusg Little Dodgerg Dodgerg Debateg Intramuralsg Football Queen Attendant. 0 MEROPE MITCHELL-"Sine sifs liigb in our bf'arfs".. .Girl Reservesg Art Clubg Latin Club, Secretaryg Science Clubg Little Doclgerg Dodgerg All School Playg Chorusg Debateg Intramuralsg Football Queen Attendant. v FRANCES MOELLER-"A rose ix fair, buf ilu' is fairer still". . . Stage Crewg Chorusg Dodgerg Girl Reservesg Intramurals. -13- Zelda Leinberg Jeanette Lentsch Paul Lessmier Dean Lichtenberg Maxine Lind Callie Livasy Jane Lloyd June Lowrey Delores Lumsden Glenn Lundblad Mildred Lurie Rosalie Lyngstad Marian Macek Beverly Maier Kathryn Maier Florence Martin Morrill Mericle Robert Merris Dwane Mickelson Tom Millea Maryland Minor Martha Mitchell Merope Mitchell Frances Moeller args QW? ', ".sl1LL4':1Hft ' '1- ,agfygw Y '11 'E , an Q 1.-f -, -g an , sf? ,gi V 15:5 5 -- v .,,, ., :gay 1' . ' .: ,.: v-W f'. . , 2 X Y s ta 5 w , '?f'?Q5.i..e 2, " U ' QQ ,if sa 152-42:51-E 5, ff f 5 if 9 1, ,ig ef, ,cm Q . egg - if at ef kg , , 2? fs "-Ol? .-19... i Seniaad of 1946 ILENE MORELAND-"Oh! this learning, what a thing it isf' 0 MARJORIE MURRAY-"Charitable and open heartealv. . . Librariang Girl Reservesg Little Dodger. 0 BERNARD MYER-"School would be niee without books". . . Intramuralsg Base- ballg Chorus. ' MARJORIE MCBRIDE-"Good sense is a noble giftv. . .Girl Re- servesg Intramuralsg Chorus. 0 DOROTHY MCGRUDER-"A smiling face and sparkling eyes". . . Girl Reservesg lntramuralsg J. C. Play. 0 JACK MCKINSTRY- "If I rlon't do it torlay, I'll flo it tomorrow". . . Operettag Dodgerg A Cappellag Science Clubg Bandg Orchestra, Presidentg Baseballg Basketball. 0 DARLINE NELSON-"It is not strength but act obtains the prizev. ..Intramurals. 0 SHIRLEY NELLIS- "She's like a Sunbeam on a winterls day". . .A Cappellag Intramuralsg Girl Reservesg Operettag Spanish Club. NORMA JEAN NIEMIER-"Life's proud sninmits wonlcl she sealev. . .Little Dodgerg Intramuralsg Girl Reserves. 0 WILLIAM O'BRIEN-"I take life as it L'017ZC'S,,... Bandg Basektballg Trackg Senior Scoutsg Student Councilg Science Clubg Stage Crew. 0 WALTER O'CONNER-"He smiles on the world, and it smiles back on him". . . Foot- ballg Wrestlingg Trackg Baseballg Intramuralsg Chorus. 0 DOROTHY O'DONNELL -"Gay as the summer day". . . Bandg Orchestrag Girl Reserves. 0 LOIS OLSON- "Her reeorrl speaks for itself"...Operettag Cheerleaderg Science Clubg A Cappella, Presidentg Girls Triog Sextetg Girl Reserves, Vice Presidentg Intramuralsg Student Coun- cilg Football Queen Attendant. 0 SHIRLEE OPPEL-"She moves a gorlcless, anzl she looks a queen". . .Art Clubg Student Council, Secretaryg Little Dodgerg Dodgerg Junior Class Secretaryg Girl Reservesg All School Playg Operettag A Cappella. 0 PAT ORRES-"I agree with no man's opiniong I have some of my own". . .Little Dodgerg Bandg Orchestrag All School Play. 0 TESSIE PAPPAS-"In youth ana' beanty, wisdom is but raren. . . Sans Souci, Presidentg Latin Club, President, Secretaryg Science Clubg Girl Reserves, Secrctaryg Dodgerg Student Councilg Art Club. CORA LEE PATTERSON-"The way to gain a friena' is to be onev. . . Latin Club. I RUTH PERRY-"They are never alone who are aeeonzpanieal by noble thonghtsu. .. Librariang Student Councilg Intramurals. v ALLAN POTTER-"Our All American Boy". . . Footballg Basketballg Baseballg Junior Class Presidentg Sophomore Class Treas- urerg Student Council. 0 VERA JOE PUCKETT-"She talks with her twinkable, unthinkable eyes". . . Stage Crewg Chorusg Girl Reservesg Make-up Crewg Spanish Club. ' BONNIE RAMLER-"Content to follow when we lead the way". . . Bandg Girl Reservesg Stage Crewg Chorus. 0 HELEN RAMSDEN-"Her every tone is musie's own". . .A Cappellag Operetta. 0 DEE RAYMOND-"Just as happy as her smile a'iselosesU...Majorette. 0 ED REED-"I haven't a rare, there,s nothing on my nzinrlu. . . Wrestlingg Intramurals. - 20 - Ilene Moreland Marjorie Murray Bernard Myer Marjorie McBride Dorothy McGruder Jack McKinstry Darline Nelson Shirley Nellis Norma Jean Niemier William 0'Brien Walter O'Conner Dorothy O'Donnell Lois Olson Shirlee Oppel Pat Orres Tessie Pappas Cora Lee Patterson Ruth Perry Allan Potter Vera Joe Puckett Bonnie Ramler Helen Ramsden Dee Raymond Ed Reed Wiv- i Seniaad. of 1946 ELIZABETI-I ANN REED-"Ef1ergy mul amlvifion l'0l1l11lf'1' all IlJings',. . . Girl Reserves, Art Club, Latin Club. U DONNA REINARTSON-"ClJr'z'rf11l aml lmpjzy, a pleas- anf fomjmnion always',. . . Chorus, Intramurals. 0 ROBERT RICKEY-"Inzlej7w1rl- 1'm'f' now, IfIlI'l'fJl'11tI'l'HC!' forz'wr.', o MARY ROBERTS-"She Ibn! was fair amz' mfwr flfflltfln. . . A Cappella, Intramurals, Girl Reserves, Sans Souci, Treasurer, Operetta. 0 IRV ROBINSON-"Our fuilla fV'l7llfZ1Jl7lllIf are all willy ilu'c"'. ..Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track. 0 DELORES RODENBORN-"A frzze frieml is forever a fric'ml" . . .Chorus, Girl Reserves, Stage Crew. f JOAN RUEBEL-"A good miml possesses u kingc1'om"...Littlc Dodger, Girl Reserves, Student Council. v ALICE RUT- LEDGE-"Kiml words are Ihr' musiv of flar' zuorlzln. . .Girl Reserves, Treasurer, A Cap- pella, Sans Souci, Sextet, Operetta, Science Club. CARROLL SABOE-"My mind fo rm' a kingdom ix". . , Intramurals, Chorus. 0 RICHARD SANDAL-"One man fli'ffc'r'1'1'l1 from another man in glory". ..Student Council, President, Senior Class, Vice President, Latin Club, Treasurer, Intramurals. 0 DUANE SCHULZE-"SlJoz1lrl life' all labor lJr'?". . . Student Council, Basketball, Track, Intramurals, A Cappella. 0 JEANNE SEAR-"Old those :lark brown fyfsu. . .A Cappella. 0 ROSE SELTZ-"Thr lldlllllly xafixfuciion of Ilya' for1g1zc",. . . A Cappella, Intramurals. 0 BEVERLY SHOWERS-"She azlzls a jJrz't'io1rs swing fo tbl' 1'-vr"'. .. JOAN SMITH-"Her gmflf' miml by gcfuflv :levels is known". . .Girl Reserves, Little Dodger, Intramurals, Sans Souci, President, Chorus, Science Club, Debate. 0 VERNON SORENSON-"Tim worlrl fellows nofbing of ifs gl'!'tlfl'.Vf nzwzu. . . Wrestling, Intramurals. ROBERT SPILLMAN-"Bill mr' 6liXL'0ZH'5l' anal I will eufbazzl fliinr ears". . . Chorus, Show Shop, Orchestra, Wood Wind Quartet, Wranglers, President. 0 SEYMOUR SPILKA-"Wl9y fake lift' sc'riouxly?". ..Football, Basketball, Tennis, Captain, Sopho- more Class, Vice President, Latin Club, President, Cheerleader, Intramurals, Art Club. 0 BARBARA STEINMAUS-"As lzjml as sbt' is fair." I RICHARD STEPHAN -"Gc'11i11s is a man fallen' 'Dirkni . . Band, Sophomore Class, President, A Cappella, Operetta, All School Play, Science Club, President, Art Club, Student Council, Foot- ball Manager, Basketball Manager, Track, Little Dodger. 0 HARVARD STEWART -NlI1tlt'IJl'l'l!ll'I1t'6, now, In1lr'ju'l1zlc'11f'e forever." 0 JEAN STEWART-"Short anal xwevff' 0 VIOLA STROHSCHOEN-"Thr lzvsf of life is fo11z'erxati0r1". . . Chorus, Librarian. 0 DUANE STROM-"He lynx a miml of bis owrfl. ..Band, Orchestra. ..22-. Elizabeth Ann Reed Donna Reinartson Robert Rickey Mary Roberts lrv Robinson Delores Rodenborn Joan Ruebel Alice Rutledge Carroll Saboe Richard Sandal Duane Schulze Jeanne Sear Rose Seltz Beverly Showers Joan Smith Vernon Sorenson Robert Spillman Seymour Spilka Barbara Steinmaus Richard Stephan Harvard Stewart Jean Stewart Viola Strohschoen Duane Strom I wu- 'li Suubad. of 1946 DOROTHY SULLIVAN-"It's a grand thing to liven. . . Science Clubg Make-up Crew. v DON SVVANSON--"His only labor is to kill time." 0 MARGARET SXVEENEY-"Gentle ways, a gentle voice". . . Chorusg Sans Souci. v DON SWEN- SON-"I haven't a care, nothing's on my mind." ' NORMA TAYLOR-"The best of blessings, a contented mind." 0 FLOREN THOMPSON-"Honor lies in honest toil". . . Intramurals. 0 LOIS THORSLAND-"The woman that deliberates is lostl' . . . Bandg Intramurals. 0 DEAN THORSON-"The world is as you take itu. .. Baseballg Intramurals. DON TILTON-"In every deed of mischief he had a hand to execute". . . Footballg Wrestlingg Trackg Track Student Managerg Intramurals. 0 DALE TOMLISON- "A good fellow among nzenv. . . Sophomore Class, Treasurerg Intramurals. 0 ROBERT VEDVIG-"Dignity and reserve are two graces he possesses". . . Student Councilg Basket- ballg Trackg Baseball. 0 JOHN VINSON-"What shall a man do but be 1nerry?". . . Intramurals. 0 DOROTHY VOGEL-"Brevity is the soul of wit,'...SaXopbone Quartetg Bandg Chorus. I ROBERT XVAGGONER-"Obi manly heart, staunch against attaclau. ..Intramurals. 0 HAROLD WALTON-"I was born to other things." 0 HENRY NVASEM-"Our mighty champion, strong above conipareu. . . Footballg Basketballg Track, Captaing junior Class, Treasurerg Chorusg Latin Clubg Art Clubg Intramurals. CRYSTAL WEBB-"She profits nzost who serves bestu. . . Intramuralsg Girl Reserves. 0 BARBARA WEBER--"I saw your face, your perfect gracev. . .Student Councilg Stage Crew. 0 SHIRLEY WEISS-"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"...Girl Reservesg Science Clubg Sans Soucig Little Dodgerg Student Councilg Art Club. v BETTY WEST-"She applies herself diligently." 0 DENNIS VVIEXVEL-"They say greater men than I have lived, but I doubt itv. . . Tennisg Latin Clubg Art Club. 0 BETTY NVILL-"Let all things be done exactly and in order". . . Chorusg Girl Reservesg Stage Crewg Intramurals. 0 ROBERT WILLE-"A 1nan of few wordsv. ..Intra- murals. 0 MARION XVILLIAMSON-"Ambition has no rest." --24-. Dorothy Sullivan Don Swanson Margaret Sweeney Don Swenson Norma Taylor Floren Thompson Lois Thorsland Dean Thorson Don Tilton Dale Tomlison Robert Vedvig John Vinson Dorothy Vogel Robert Waggoner Harold Walton Henry Wasem Crystal Webb Barbara Weber Shirley Weiss Betty West Dennis Wiewel Betty Will Robert Wille Nlarion Williamson Iona Wilson Sylvia Wilson lONA WILSON-"A t10Il1t'.YIiil'tlfl't1 1uxs"... Latin Club. D SYLVIA WILSON-"Ili gran' and lmzzzfy rlmrnziazgn. . . Chorusg Operettag Girl Reservesg Science Club: Spanish Club, Vice Presidentg Art Clubg Little Dodgcrg Dodgerg Debate. 1 NANCY WOLFE-"A w'lwl:1rfj' 11lairlr'11 wfm jvlwlsvs alln. .. Girl Reservesg Debate. MARION YETMAR-"Tim lilwwisc' NNW Wolfe ix ll fri4'l1d.', 0 RICHARD ZlEMS-"A lik1'uf1l1', frw, friendly fellowu. . . Bnsketbnllg lntrumurnlsg Footballg Little Dodgerg Student Council. Marion Yetmar Richard Ziems '7fze Seniaad af 7946 an f , .F WRU' li amz. ' 4 www -NP' ,mmf may is if YW mn , AW' NA. PBEM? f fl SHWRS W f'-in em 1 They are chosen as our guides and following fhem we will reach our desfi1zy.', -28 PRINCIPAL I congratulate you on your successful completion of the high school course. Graduating from high school is one of life's worthy ambitions. You are living in a tentative and changing society. It is my sincere wish that you find yourselves prepared in knowledge, skills and attitudes to live successfully in such a dynamic World. To be capable of adjusting yourselves to changing conditions is necessary if you expect to live as a worthy citizen in this good old U. S. A. May happiness and success follow you throughout all the years. K if Qiedazsw F, X . SUPERINTENDENT Gone now is the glamour of war and destruction. In its place we must find a new challenge to our energy and ability. If we do not, they will bring us chaos and destruction. To get this proper balance, moral and spiritual values must be incorporated in our Way of life. Your education is not complete unless you have learned how to get along with other people. I urge all of you to plan your contribution to lasting peace and good will. ff iyfmlflzd S C H O 0 L B 0 A R D 1 29 " Mr. John Mitchell, Mr. S. I.. Bickal, Mr. H. J. Williams, Mrs. Mabel Rutledge, Mr. H. M. Wasem, Mr. A. L. Brooks, Mr. O. C. Pfaff, Mr. O. J. Whittemore, Mr. E. G. Trost. H11 Umm- of SlllI0l'illU'll1Il'lll f V Miss l.um1, .fXssisl.1111 Miss Cf11st.1fsm1, Flupux'1l1xumh'l1L's SL'Cl'L'l.ll'f' 4 . - , Mrs. Rmlllcdgc, 5k'CI'tl.lI'j l5w.u'J uf 1dk1k'.lliH!1 Ya 5 :'S-23335113 3 Q Q ' '. 3 Ilns y'c.11' our uttluc inrccs xx cu' umiur .uidcd lmrduxms Thu Vuzuruimg xutu1'.111s l'L'x1LlIl'LLi my cxllxl hours uf wm'ls lo lsccp l'QCUl'dS fillcd ULII. 'fhcx' luvu mlscn un this uxux IAdL'I1..llOl1g with IIXCU' z'ugL1l.11' Julius of lsccping Llw sulwuls I'Lll1l1iI1g. Willlulll ClJINl7l.lil1l ll has been ll 11.1111 job well donc. High School Ufiivv Myffw.. . Hrs. lillugal. Uttlu- llurls Illlm Qvrms, ,Xsslsullwl g 230 -s 2 Director of iktllletivs XY'itli the coming ot' the .Xtoniic Bomb. a challenge is thrown in the lap of all of us. The meaning of coopera- tion and tolerance throughout the world has taken on greater significance. Wve here as teachers and pupils must constantly keep a vigil to see that these processes are maintained at a high level in order that civilization itself is able to suriive. Nowhere in our school is there a better place gives niegining to these things, To have world peace, to teach and to practice these things than through there must be a burning desire for it and a willing- our extra-curricular program. where pupils are put ness on the part of all. to make his or her contribution into an atmosphere of "life-likely situations which to it, tgdgvwdl Lfmryrzfk Director of Activities liach spring we here in lfort Dodge High School actually have an opportunity to see a chain of gradu- ating Dodgers forged. XY'e then see that chain CLIE into its separate links. This link is the senior who sustained a high scholastic record during his three music, athletic, speech, and journalism activities he forged himself into the strongest link of his class chain. lt has never been more important that Dodgers learn and practice the spirit of teamwork and cooperation to become strong links in the chain of a democratic society. Bi' knowing how to successfully work and play together we can make the Atomic Age exciting and wonderful. - Zilq A M'!'I'l2'7' years in the melting kettle when he was being brought to the correct degree for moulding by skilled tenders. The microscope discloses that this link is also of such excellent quality because of experiences gained outside the academic courses. By this participation in club, -eq WILMA HASTIE "ln lam' lmzgnr ix lbw Inu' of ki11iI'r1f,si," Ifnglish, Girl Reserves Advisor IS. A. Thompson College Graduate W'ork University of IOWA University of XVisconsin University of Colorado ORPHA CHENEY "I"ir'.ii lo fam' Hn' frlzfh izrzif lax! lo Irizz i' OH frnibs I7l'bI7l!II.,, Social Studies IRA. Cornell College Graduate XVork University of Minnesota University of Chicago IN GEBORG HIGHLAND "A vIil'll.' sfmzzg ir1.tIiuci.r iznif KI fmt' plain Milli." Social Studies, Senior Sponsor ILA. University ot' Iowa NI.A. I.'niversityofIow.1 Graduate Xyorlt University of Chicago II.u'vnrtI Summer School BEN DUEA "I-I Aqfmil lztuzrz' it Iwflrr flmrz all Mn' fwmfx in ilu' zc'nrIi1I." Social Studies, Ifoothall Iirie work, Xvrestling and Track Coach II.A. Iowa State Teachers College ciI'1lLILIl'IIC W'orIft University of Iowa University of Minnesota KENNETH XVATERMAN "Tbi11g.t l'AlI'L'IJ' go .wzooflw uf 1'elm1r.nllx. Drninutics, Speech, Director of Plays and Operettns. Know Your Schools Advisor B.I7.A. NebrnsIt.i State Teachers College M. A. University of Denver IVIRS. DANA FRANCK "Ax 'IIlI'I'I'j' im flu' Juv ix long." Boolilieeping, Council Assistant Advisor B. S. Drake University R. E. TEMPLIN I "A umm of z'bi'4'r'f11I y4'.ilci'iln3'.i arm' ctolifiifrlll fou10rrnzui." Physics, Nucleus Advisor I5.S. Nehraska Teachers College M.S. Iowa State College Graduate XVorIx Iowa State College ,IRAN Mouupmo "ln l'IlflIt'.I rmffriug 4'lll'fbI-H conIi1'.inrfmts fnrrf' Art, Paint and Palette Advisor Ii.A, Carleton College Graduate NY'orIi Nortliwesttrn Uuniversity jiri 0- A W. E. RAKER "Gin me rzuilluw' IPUIVVIYH nf' l'i!'Z7l'X.H Biology, Assistant Football and Basketball Coaeli B.A. Xvestern Union College Graduate XY'ork Iowa State College LIIJLIAN XVILLIAMS "Thr fm! zilziigbml fur, fbi' fnfnr Iinglisli, String Section Director ILA, Parsons College e ,XlI!'l'.H Gl'.lLlllAlIC Vfork University of iowa Cliicago University A 'W' me ,Qi--0 MRS. CARRIE M. LONGFliLl.OWf "True In ffm kimlrmf fminlx of f7t'1l!f'l1 and lmnnf' Spanisli, Freneli, Spanish and lfreneli Club Advisor B.A. University of Indiana KLA. University of Iowa Graduate NX'0rlt XY'estern Reserve University State University of iowa University of Denver MRS. MARGARET PETERSON "W'fml1'1't'1' ix zrorlll doing iff ull, ix IL'Ill'fl7 doing u'r'lf." Biology KA. Drake University M.A. Drake University ELVIN B. CHAPMAN "A fwlivul 111ur1'x 11 jmllrrrz fm' rl lcing. Radio, Chemistry li.S. Corner College QNebraskaj NLS. University ofNcb1'aska H Graduate W"ork Iowa State College Oregon State College MRS. LAURA RAKER "A nzrrry f1t't17'f llmf lungbi ul ww." Homemaking B.S. Iowa State College W. M. IJHARES "W'lm1xur'1i'r iffy lmml fimlullv lu Ju. Jo ll uilfv all ffry miglvl Shop Indiana State Normal Central Normal Bradley Imlyteeliiuieal institute Iowa State College MARGARET FLOlW "Wflml you Jo xfilf lvc'ilf'r'x ufmf ii ilmn'." Sl10I'Il'l2ll'Id, Business Advisor of l.ittle Dodger ILA. St. Olnfs Graduate NY'ork Drake University University of Iowa -33- 4 5 R Saws RUTH GOODRICI-I "l1i'ri' ii il LIHI7' uml frm' fIlllll.lfI'iIlII.N unrulfz Iinglisli B.A. Dakota W' M,A, University of California Graduate Work University of Cliieago State University of Iow.1 MAR Y MCCLUSK Y "I"m' NItl7ll7l'I'X arf' rm! iillf, bn! fbi' fini! of fnritll um! of rmblt' m1mf." Co-op, Sales, Guidance, Business Orggxnivntion Ii.A. Southwestern NI.A. University of Ciliicago Graduate Vforlc Columbia University University of Clliieago FLORENCIE NORDMAN H.AIIII7ffi1llI ii fbi' rrztufw' uf mi lift." Physical Ifducation, Ciirls Intramural ISHN. University of Iowa Sports M.A, University of Nebrnslafl VESTA LIKINS "Tlnjy are llt'I't'l' ulom' Ilmf ure un'mr1fm11ii'il zwifb Social Studies, Student Council Advisor ILA. Grinnell College Graduate W'orI4 University of Colorado NIRS. IONIZ AHART HPIl'tl.lllV'l' um! arliou make bllllfk mfru ilmrt." Typing I5.A. Iowa State Teachers College University of Colorado - 3-1 . :mln ri' uubli' llllflllgllfvii MARY BOXXVELL F Latin, Latin Club Advisor, Assemblies Adxisor B..-X.Gr.1mI Island College Graduate W'orIi University of Iowa THEI. SHANNON "Mim' fmnm' ix my life." Matlxenmties, Sigma Alplm Plii ISJX. Morningside College MJX. University of Iowa Adviso . f .-inf . 5 K, gk ug : M f H ara M. I M.::: . IE:-1' ' Z, "'- A fs, I1 'A Z?-as ' , - PLM , ff - i v ' "R, I I J 29' I.. .4.I L.. "R4'jvz'1mf 1111 ber Iijm, fm! tl .inzilu in fur i it MR S. DURA TELLIER "Nr1fbiu,q gruwf 11115 rl er ilrbir'i'i'i1 llifllllllf 1'i1ll111,ii11.w1 Mathematics, Navigation, Cheerleading Advisor B.A. University of Iowa Cratluate Vfork University of Chicago Columbia University DORIS DETERS "l"irm in fam' minif 11111 gentle in but English, Big Dodger Advisor B.A. University of Iowa 5fH'4'L'b." ....s..... .,...---, SCHMIIJT "High 1'r'evi4'i1 llmuglwlx swim' in ilu' bun! nf L'Uui'lr-xpy Printing B.S. Stout Institute University of W'isconsin Chicago Vocational School HOWARD HUGHES "Tln'i'1"x bonexly, ami ,quail fellozvsbip in lbw." Social Studies, Junior College Basketball Coach B.A. Iowa State Teachers College CLAYTON C. HATHAWAY "AI11iii', u ben soft :aims ilir, z'ilm1li'.i in ilu' un'n1w'y. Vocal Music B.S.M. Drake University M.M. Northwestern University Iowa State Teachers College HOWARD BATH "If his nwrilx iwri' bail by l'l'l'P'-Y man' Biology, Tennis Coach B.A, Peru College M.A. Denver College HARRIETTE MQCMULLAN " 'Tis ilien zu' gr! fbi' riglrl gum! from flu' finale." Librarian FLA. Macnlaster College IS.S. University of Minnesota -35- KIANE CROW "fl um' aml IllIAlt'l'.ifHI11lflIX lirurtf' Clothing, Iloinenmking Stout Institute I'l1.Ii. University ofCl1ieago Graduate Yvork University of Colorado Iowa State College .IOHN R. WRIGHT "Tr11lf1 ii fiulb in Hu' will nf i'i'i'Lr1r1H1g. Social Studies, Assistant Football Coach Boys Intramural Coach I5.A. Iowa State Teachers College Graduate Vforlt University of Minnesota ADELINE SHARON , Iiaskethall Loaeli, "Snl1xl1im' tmil VLIIII ul mlm: frm' .XHIIIVX ullif im1r.i." English, Little Dodger Advisor. B.A. Rosary College M,A. University ol' Iowa NONA M055 "Slip flmf bulb krziwzzlrflfqe if1z11'i'fI7 bfi' Il Matlieinaties, Girls Intramural Athletics B.A. Morningside College Graduate Vvork University of Colorado University of California University of Vfiseonsin BERNICE BERNATZ "A HIl'I'I'i1' lwarl Joes good lilqr il i11i'ifir'im Mathematics, Girl Reserves Advisor B.A. Iowa State Teachers College M.A. University of Michigan I'I. A. IEERGAN "l"z'w fZ7I71X.V are ifiljvomifuli' lo n'ili.qrm'e u Instrumental Music B.A. Luther College M.NI,If. University of Colorado 'nr'd.r," mf skill." 1 36 - J. A. MCKINSTRY "Nafure's 01011 l!UbI4'I7IfZH, ffffllilllj' and frinzk. u Co-op, Shop, Auto Mechanics, Head Basketball Coach, Baseball Coach IHA. Iowa State Teachers College Graduate Wlnrli University of Iowa H ARRIETT DEMOREST "Of IIIUVIHII'-1, f1il1rI'1n'.ii, ami IlIi'tifUlI.N ll I-Inglish, Student Council Advisor ILA. Grinnell College Graduate W'ork University of Iowa University of Vfiseonsin Omaha University mHgIil.x." c ,og at f i it f, .1-1' ' iiii f ii 1 1 4, 'F A ww Q ,N P bfiv, X ,,.. A as H 7, A9.- ! If --Sym Ji YQ M N, - 11 X H QPR A an X S 4 f is From mnfwnplaiion omf may lzecomrf wisp, but kfzowlerfgf' zfomvs only from sfllrfyf, -38- UNIUHS -wmv pw,-we 2 rf Bnlw XVerd.m, xice president: Shirley ilihompson, trensurerg lyle Schuh, president: Diane Breen. SCCVLIIFN The former thoughts and interests of the Junior students concerning the future were focused on the war and its hardships. Now, in the days of peace, we as the future rulers of our destiny must realize the facts. Today we are just students in any of the numerous schools throughout "our country." It will be upon our shoulders to discover what is expected of us. In preparing for this great task we turn to the Seniors, the leaders in style. It is up to them as Seniors to give us guidance in keeping their high standard of school activities. K P Junior Class President -IRQ- 2lSiN1liS. li.'XKlfR l'irs1 row, lufi ln right: Annu Mac liruwn, Beverly Bailey, Ardcun lS.1rlvc1', Sliirlcc Allcn. Sicuml row: Viuln l5ry.m, Mary Ann lhlilquisi, Sliirlcu lirouks, Hdlly liiirnulr, Glurin Brown, Ycxli Cuirlwn, Yximm- C.ippclc, llianc Bri-cn, 'lilxiril row: .lim Dcmcry, lk-ggy liiirlsu, Bill liriglii, kI.icli Ciuffcc. llcnry Uilgcx, 1.41 VL-rn Amlursimn, slulm C,l1x'islcnsuii, Nurum C,, lzlmcr Aluulwii. ' 213-MRS. AH,-XKI' lirsi rim, li-fn in figllli I-'lixiiuii' Su-iriliwliti, l.-ircim SINllll, klimiiiic ilvrmi, l'.xulinf: Simim, Incl Sglilukc. Phyllis Siimllicrx, ,Iuyuc Swenson. Second mw: Hurry Inu luwcrx, Nl.iry lmilisc Sclmrf, Ciruiuliun Sclmurr, lisllicr Sclxultlc, sIu.1nnc Si-lu-iidi, NI.iri.m Sou-mi-11. 'liliiril row: l.ylu Scliulm, D.ix'id Sulwlusingur. RJBHTUHQI Smlwl, l5i1b'l'ylur. Marvin Stringer, Dimnld 'liumlinsom Hub SCl'IlII1lLlL'lQL'I'. uw, ll , lx .........m+f-' 9 210--MR. TPQMPLIN lirsr rnw, lffr to riglxt: Nuunm lfislmul, Llx-usilym' Clrcun, D-vrntlmy H.xnsnn, Xlnry Leu ll.1x'lw.1yl1ucl4. P.1lrici.1 lxxwcult. 'Second row: Donna cll'4JSll.lIAl, Audruy Ciucntlxur, ,Iunnnc Ilxllu, Gcnrgmnn CrlllI11.ll1, Olga Huilncr, Mildred Grculwuy. Vcrgnnac Geyer, Luuixu II.1bl1.1lv. 'Iwlnrd row: l'rccn1an Cirngu, Llim llAg.xn. Glunn Harris, Rlclmrd Vcvnlll, Rnlwrt llcm.1n, llcnry ll.1l'l'lX, Clifford Harp, lflburt Fox, lllbllflli rnw: -Iul1nl'l.1ring,XX'illi.xml'ux.X'Y.1lrcrlliff,lJ,1X'irllrlng.x11, Yurn ll.1n1.xnn, lloyd lhrvuy, Dun llxrris, XY'illi.un Gibwn. 3 2117-MR. XY'A'I'IfRNl1XN lhirst ruw: Ruth Nicycr, l'.1triui.1 Auw.xurLur, 1J.x Yunnc :Xndcrsnn, Bcvcrly Alluriglu. Second row: Aralycu Ilursulnnidl. lllnnrn .'Xndcrwn, Lfniul Blnfkwull, DurLl1u,1 Andcrxml, sluycu Carrier, ,Ivy .'XnLlcrsnn. Third rnw: llnylc Ankrum, Ollw Buglxnur, lrwlic Brmvn, Id Becker, Frank ISFQIIIIJII. C.l.1rcncc Balunm, Bnlw Brown, Kunncllm Brnwn. Ii1lL1l'Ill Rnw: Dun Bux, ljklllglm Auliurwn, Clmrlcs Buurg.1rK. 1,111 2111-MISS GOODRHKH l'1rsL ruvs, Ich to Ylgllli Muluruu H.lllIg.ll!, Nlarxlyn Hurlcy, Iiuwly klcmqn. Sucund ruw: Clmcu llcggun. Nigxrijanc Clrucxmwny. XYCFILI Krcimnr, lhrlcxmu Knulsmx, I.uix Uri-Jp, Paulim llnrinvg. Third rmv: Nhrviu Clriffin, Frmd I..u'wn, llmmm- liinlqsbury. 13: XX',1yx1c H.u'lm.xn, ll-m Ilwyd. lwrurllw rmv: Riulmrd N1CNilI. 'lvud luc, 'Il-x'rv Nhlmmc. Irurmnrd slmbuwn, Hill'wn, Lfrbnn l,ukg1vsky. 9 l084MlSS ISOXXYILI, lfirxl rum: Klub XIAI'IiIl, .Nl.1xim' K1'ucgcr', N4J1'lu.1 lu' Kllll. 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'14rI7N1li. lDL'l'.-X .al Firxl row: l..1 Ymmc liiurwn, Dulrmria Olson, klcnnm- liugurx, Mucullinu Rial, K.ul1lccn Plmilbrmmk, Alvilm Rulxy, Norma Ruimcrs. buruml mu: R,mmn.1 Ncrlmx, Cywun l'uLurw11. Xl.1ry Plullxpx. Cllr-ml.1 Prcxlcr, Nm'm.1 Olcwn, Nan liosclllvurgur, IJ1.1n.1 Orux, luis Ng-llis, llmxl rmx: ,Iurry Slmttur. Lum Pray, lxuudall Pxppcr, C lmrlqs Xml. Crcmld l,.lI'l'iCV, Cnllwrl l'u11xncs.x, in-rw Pmgul. liwurrlx row: Dun S.unmm1s. Cfurtllnl 'l'uucy. ,lack Qclxwiugcr, 'llmm Pcddicord. l'.1ul Angsll, -- 453 - 2UgMISS NIOULIJINCQ I'1rxl row, left lu rxglml: lhxxc Cwppxuk, Xurwlulgl Ckuml.lb1u.Y1ulul lj.lI'IlL'lI, luuicc Cook, C.1rn1ull.1 lxpimvhl, Uclnru ljlll' wlxmidt, Cl1.1rlm1c Dc W1-ll, Cilwicr C'uppil1gcr, Secund rmv: Xlarxuu C crxum-, Hull C,l.1b.1ugl1, Ulglx lhxu, link Ingcllurx, Uiqk ci1bCl'K, Sam l uf,uu'u, Xlyrun C-urxwnu. Third ww: XY'.1ym' lwcmon. Dick l'His, Semi Hlix. IS-MISS Cl HQNVY Hrxr ruw. lufr Uv right: -Iukic King, sluannc -Idmnwn. Hurry Hcuu, .'X11guKx-:mm-x. Ni.lI'g.lI'u'I lmnau, llumllmx liuhl. Scrund row: llnl-wus KLllI.lHNl'Lld, Tlmclma Kcysur. S-Willa lhsw.xrd, ,lukic llutrnfxn, lfdirh tlcyx. I Ilnrd row: Cylcn Hum-ck.1. Ninn lhnscn, Hxxmld ,I.mxwn, licrlvrrt Huldcn. Iulm I-smilu. ISL-x'u.1rJ Kcrlur. Iulm Harris l:Ulll'lh row: Dean Knutson, Ruln-rr Inlmwnx Ruy Hulclmilwm, l'l41uu lfUYL'Y,cLlAYI41Il ,Iul1nsmx. M 14, UNIUHS 9 Il-MR. MCKINSTRY l'ront row, left to right: Jo Ann Vfilliams, Doris w'Cl1lUl, Lillie XY'illi.1mS, Alien Willlmilu, Anna Marie NX'illardSon, Helen XVcQtling, Marilyn Nviclscr. Joyce XVilsim. Sccmwd row: Mnnlcy Vfriglil, I'L'rry XVQH, Ray W.1i-11.11, llarluy XYc1't7, Hob XX'm'x1cr, Uon W'.1lr1'ick, llclburi Wfilkcr, Dick W'uld, -lack Whlrml, limb xY'L'll9, Cicralil XYl.lgI1'QI', Lnwrcnrc XVilli.ims. Not in picture: Mary Ulslzld. 1947 lf YV WW xl EL!-XSS 01319118 Rex Brown, president: Bexerly Lucas, sccxetarx treilsurerq Pete Buukelnmn, vice president. Now, with the close of Wforld XVar H, the future holds a brighter outlook for high school students. The next thing in line is the challenge to us of maintaining the hard won peace. The upperclassmen have set a record of which they have a right to be proud. I'm sure we sophomores will do our best to equal or better it. So, speaking for the sophomore class, I extend to the Seniors the best of luck and happiness a peaceful world has to offer. W Y f jdl' c 706070, Sophomore Class President -46- ' Rm-um luv,-XIRS. IRAXK K Fixx! row, la-i'l in right: Viviun l'4-tm-x'smu. Gluriu I':xtturxurx. Nurnxzx l'm'ry, Juan IN-1-nl. Iivtty I'z1ynu. Phyllis Phillips. Sn-wrlnl rim : Juzm Ni-lwfn. G1-ul'ui:i Lu- Nvlwmvi. Mzxry l'uwerN, Jn Ann Nmltu-ull, J-um Niwlsun. Ilzwls-Inv l'w:n'l 'lhirml rmv: 1,1-Huy Nvkximizl, l.m'zm Olsvn, Frnlai IH-In-1'sul1, ifrrnzl IN-Im'i'r4v1x, Ju Ami l'1'nl1:wlx:l, llfmulxl U'l'nrmur. I"nux'th rmv: fn-vil Phipps, NYiIliz1m l'c1m's1111..Ii-i'1'y N4vlsl4l11ifl.Juhx1 Nmy. Mill-in I':IiNni4-ix, in-1l1i2lrrw-NIKS. l'I'l'1 KSQIN First www, lm-I'1 tu right: Mzxvjyuim- Minor. ltlznlun- iViJll'si1, Mz1r1l5'r1 NI:-Ix1nslx'5'. Iii-W-rly I.114'zis. Mzllihzx MQ-rrill. Rukullf- Myn-FQ. lil:14I5'x Bly-rw. Sm'-mmf rim: Gn-1'u14iim- fNIc'Ginnis, Iile-:nlmr Lind, Mary Imuisx- Nix-will-1', .-Xrvlis lmnsmzui, Ann Nllxlzwxxuy, In-una Mann, IM-lulws Michvhl, Third rmx: P11124-nv 1.1mm-h. INl:n'p'znr':-1 I,:1'wm1. l'z1lrin-in Lung, Ilurrvlhy N11-yer, C'z1ths-r'im' l,m-ntsvh, Jimmim- Mllrm. K'a1'Iu Mum-1-Q. Twp 1-uw: .lurk I.ir15J1-llfl-ltm', Jim Nlvfhy, .Iuvk I,m-hruy. Ellyn-:iv Milmlr. ICu:34-m- Lumix, Julm Nlvluufn-m-, Milo Ltlml, 1"l'zu1k Munzlh. ir1m11llll+XIlSS XX'II,I.I,XNiS First iwsw, 11-ft 141 rluiuz in-11111-s Huynlmm, lirvvrly l':xr'lscm. Vvu AI'n1s11'um4, Nurruzx Jvzm Curi- smu, Lois Iicvlv.-l'. Su-uml row: lifluxizio Flynn, Audrs-y I'lrivksuli, Hill:-n l"1-vlhavvr, Juan Us-rry. Jzmive iiuilm-3, Juni- Dilliuis. 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Czxrrrl Ilnlm, .iruyvv Kuywu, Klc-zxnnr Klwetvr, Armivllu Kllnirun, Bvliy Knmsmm. 'I'hirmI ruxv: Kivhzxrrl .lzwuhx Jziym- Jwhnslmx Dmmzlld Imglvr, .Iuyrw Kzillin, IM-:ln lim-iv. Viryfinin -Ivnninyis. Tun row: K4-ith Jnhnsun, Llujd I W .Iuhnsum Kuxxm-th Jrvlmsmm, Curl Hzxyunua Ilzxvirl limul. Jzxmvs Iiimr, liulucwl Juhlmsnn. ' ' Ruu1112U9f-MISS XYCQKLLVSKY First row. lm-i'l tu rigrhtt Pain Huis-hinsxm, lin-Hy !il'ipz-lllvllmr, Mary Gm-lwv, Iinmxiz- Ilvurn. Kzxllwrifu- -Hulm. llvily XCIINIIMI11, Sm'rvr111Al'wwW1 'l'l1:mmf Hurlvy, .lzwk lfrtl, Kenny ICrim-, Glurizx W l'1sh, X11'y!ll11:1 lwxxwl, Iivtly Mruuvrsnxm. Ihnwf rmx : Lluyxi Hanson, liunnio- Hin-ly, Iinnnim' Hum- ! lrlc-Um, l!:u'lmx':x l'iuL'lwx1. lizvrlmrzx l"ln-ivhl-r, Z:-lclu Ran- Gm-urn, Doris Fvl'ul1sm1, Top VUXVI Iiarrm-l N Ifnvlx'-mg, Iliwk Hvzuiluv, Earl Hluisrvn, IS:-lx Hull. liusxm' Iinwx, Iiurl Cruss, Allmml Hm'i:'k. Hwy llrmmt. -45-Q-- Romu 1113-HR. HUGHES lfirst ruw. ln-fl In right: Juv lil-clmxr, Vunrlzx lmu lirmvn, Alwln-a Almnnl, Iiarlmra lizxir, Rix'h:nrml llrmvn. Sen-unrl Vuw: lh-tty lilmrlzx. f'm'1'im- Alvxmmrlfw. 1.21 Vuunv lielipfhtnl, Vurul Bzlrxrar. VVil- liam Alnlmtl. Nurnm liwxxsrmn. 'I'hi1'rl rmv: liill Anrls-rsun, Dun lil-wk, Darwin lin-1-be-, Kr-ith Anrlvr- QUII. Rzmrlnll Ainswurlli, Narxvy lim-issvr. 'll-1: row: liiL'lmr4l llwyor. NI:1m'ic'm- Anrlvrsrm, Karl liurrlx. lhlzim- lirufn-V. ,lurry lilunmlwrg. liulu Axmclvrmm, . Romn llul'-Nlli, l5l',lill.'XN l'1r-1 rmv, lf-ft in Vmht: 1,au'1llvXM-l-iz, Shlrlx-y lrlmiml, IN:1m'y Vlzllrml, l'lurz4lwl lmm-r, Iirmlm VVs-strc. lizxrlmarzi Wzltrnlls. Shirlvs- Vfilliaams, Se-swxmrl row: Kutlmryn 'l'ayIur. f'zx1he1ryn lfmlvr- wrmml, Ilurmzl 'll1un1ps1vu. Mary VS'usl1lv11rn, Audra-y VN'iunlvlnw, Murlys VVill4'y, Shirlc-y 'l'iltnn. l'hi1'vl row: Hill YVr1lfz-. llllzllw W'mx1l. Nurmzi VVs'lab. llclrvros Vinwon, .lfvzm VV:ulclcll, Ilrvuxrlus VVhi1im:, Rnwnalwl VS'illi:nms. Twp rmv: Allzln VVilMm, liill Trimpl, liill 'l'raL'y, lluzxm- 'I'ric'liL'l, l'zu1l Vl'i4'he-. Dllzmv VVil4hi1svn. ' Rumnl-lAN1lSS l.llilNS lfixwi rmv, ln-ft Lu x'iQ'l11: lil11l1 Svlurwlxfiwli, Mary Stuart, Mzirilyn liulwcr. Dnrullmy Slmc-l-wr. Palsy Szxvagv, Juan SL'l1Z-Ill, Maury li111lf'rlun-. Sevuucl row: Ywrzlc-no Stm'rlev2mt,. Shirley Rivh- uwlwun. Mziruarvl liucla-l1lJm'l1, Ann Rxxtlz-11:1-. Helvu lfL'lHll'L'Hli, l'IlNle Schllletx-V, llvlorcs Smith, I'hir4l row: liill Stewart. Jzwk liusl, Duwuync Sluflivk. lVl:1ynurcl liossuw, Dzxrlvm- Slalwk, lf3l'lHfl1'1l Rm-rl. lflvzxnm' Stzxrxlwmf, Twp row: Dun Spraglug, ICH-nurfl 'I'm1hvy, Hzxrrmlrl Rhorlvs, l'-l'U4l R1-mln-, lfk'H!14'll'1 Schmidt, VV21ync Sin1rmfwm1, l'lal'lw Swwurl. Nm. in pivtllrsft lirlutc Rum-rs, VVillz1rrl Szxlnqo, Hzxrolll Smith. 449- Kimm ll?-NIR. RQXKI R First www, Hifi In right: Hwily NN'-vmlr'11!'I', Ummm SIi1!'t'l-'lu-ann. Jeum-ltr I"z1ilv1'Nu11. 3la1'.iw1'in Vuuul. IM-My Slum-r, Milnirx-ci 'l':xylu1'. Svvului rem : Rilzl lim-lwl. lCx'u Imv VVz1ll'ml. -lrwywv Yzxiws Dnnuzx Sunil. Sue Yam Iivnlhuysexl. Mzxlwlvl Viimalul. Thirwl x-mx: Dam Rnsun. Rivhzxrvl Stwruf Grunt Rhim-hul't. Russvll 'l'l1m'sun. H:1i'ul4l She-lion. Ilivlx Hugh-. Trap r-mv: Azuivmi Sux1!'u1'mi. .Im Szxrxmivrs, llvziu ills-ln. Huh Sirwni, XVil1if Szmillvismi. Jfvhxi NX'wui. Rmmm 41fXllSS SILXRON 1'l7'S1 Vmv. In-ft in rluhiz Mury Zivyh-V, Jrmivlw Yun lizmlx. Jwhzmxizn Yun Iizlnk. Phihex' Iiilmwrw. II-1-lm'is 1"it'ii9l'llHlI1, Urvin l':uzls1m. Sn-vom! row: licsmu lizilisnli. Hultiv IM-1nvl'5'. Jvillllll Nitvhull, Shirln-y Smilvy. Nurmzx Jn-un Km-411-'ly RUM-yi Juli:ir1Svy1. His Svhive, Thirfl ruw: Nznivy Kxmwlvs, lizxrbzlrzi H1-ss, Nusa-n1zll'y L4-iss, Iizxrlmrzl Sxulxwy. Lu Ynmm- Kullmau, Marian King, Juyvi- Vulsnmi, Ruvlwri Diluus, Twp iwvw: Juhn Hult. Austin Ilngzm, Sum Wilswu. liilvy Drzxkv, Mulxin lH'ww:'e, Jim i"ilt'i1, linl Sxx'e-envy. Ilzxlv Himvh, flnrwlmi Siilx-N. Room 7ffXHSS Dl'iI'I'R9 First row, loft In rimht: I"l'um'n's Huwisrm, Nutty Hn-lmirh, IJ4-I-111-N .-Xmuxml, Ii-'Hy lin-an Kuiluns- Tuul. I"l'z1u4'vs N1lfO. Ili-lmww Nellis. 91 mum! rww: l'11L1l I'I.zlwlmlx, Uunm .lfuhu-4z1,, Ilmmlul llesxi-ily. James Himrvn, I'I:11'l Nvlsmx, livtiy Gmil'1'n-y, lilzmvhn- Nlzxilmmlu. 'l'hi1'rI iwvwz Rzxzmmzi Ciivwm. Ihvruilly Jnvhnsun, J4-:nz Hrnsam. Hr-tty Idlsuy. Dunnzz Kzxlzlhzw, Silmyi Grisllznm. T441 rmv: Hula-11 Hill. Ruiwri H2414--', Rivhzuwi NNN, liwixulsw Kx11lm::r,. Iiwvri Nm'nI1n::rk. Ruin-V1 Iiivliiu-x'u, IM-:un Niizi-l. W an v Ni a B 'uw' yr" ,M YJ J.,-f .M ,M C 5' , 'S , w f- .fv "3 'K ,, bf' " ' '- .f, fc -:A 'Mi M T' sf' ,- A.. Y M- " emi w 7 r""If,..4" y-'v,j,4 ,L V:-J. ,wvfffffz ff' .f-H' r"'LH sf if if it m "4 3 A Q -.J '85 iff , J,,,J ,, ff' wwf My .4 .,,H1" .3 3 ..-4 rj' gl, sy 0 ' 4 f , M "' fu an v-'gg-,"' Q ' Y: 'U jx . wwvifw Y,',-3 , ' ff 1:fwf'?5f" "' ff w fn , M, wwf Z?Qf Qu n ww 'ff My f-1 Q A fi WJ. '25 3631 ,":.'3 davit. Q55 A325 CMN w 0 4 ,rf R K, fi M rj V. 815155 , . W 6 E23 Q an gif' wxmfid A 5 Qvf . fm QOH? 3351 14-'Q gg" A Eifiwj A H' 5:5 WG' 3 5155 Q .Qg ini? 22 Q'-new 3:6 YN .33 29 gm MQ' ,E WQQ? Q gf? G,f tfws 1 ww Mapa vvwftr, W Qfwia Y'V"M gp af' '5' :Ev 25 73 sg it Qtn,YA Q QW 5 U' .38 ' . if 6 pd H W' Q 2 V f arf" 9 gf M J M 2 ,, WMM cf' 'rf EQ? Q .-4' 37' W' WZ Q Jw? 4 QQ' f wa , 44' uf, rw w , ff" vv M ,J r' 1r",w' Q W ' X -ft' , . X :MG ri' fl mi E' Y Q 98DQ, a K E X , E, X K1 xfff 2 3 .MWF N lea , Mei , A My X 0 ,.w-W" A lifflf' work, a Iitllf play fo fervlb 115 going." For the second time in Dodger history, the champion football team of this year elected a queen to reign over the Dodger homecoming. Beverly Holmstrom, an attractive Dodger co-ed, received this high honor. She was attended by six popular senior girls: Martha Mitchell, Shirley Anderson. Merope Mitchell, Helon Condon, Bev Branson and Lois Olson, also elected by the football team. Highlights of the homecoming festivities centered around the colorful pep rally which was planned by the cheerleaders. To start the evening, large crowds of students gathered downtown to participate in a snake dance which, starting at the city square, moved up main street and from there out to the stadium. Here the program consisted of stunts put on by the students, and the burning of a huge "R" of straw to signify the deat of our homecoming opponent, Roosevelt, of Des Moines. As a climax to the evening's events, Miss Holmstrom who like her six attendants was dressed in a pastel formal, was crowned "Queen of Homecoming," by the captain of the football team, john Fieseler. The attendants were escorted on the platform by members of the team who presented them with corsages of the school colors. This ended a successful homecoming cele- bration. Martha Mitchell llelon Condon Merope Mitchell Shirley Anderson Beverly Branson Lois Olson - 53 Unris' Bill Hmdlec. fflfoi's get going! Tliis was about tlie first cry uttered in tlie Dodger room way last fall and was lieard constantly until tlie finish, but the Dodger en- tliusinsni neyer gave up-we lmd .1 iolv to do and it was done. All tlie deadlines weren't niet riglit on time, but it wouldn't linye lveen so nmcli fun if eyerytlting lmd gone sinootlily. First came tlie cam- paign to sell tlie lvoola, and inciden- tally tlie record was sinaslied witli over 90 per cent of tlxe scliool sold on it. Next tlie Senior gang went to work. Xvitlm lUL1Cl1 pestering and lieg- ging tliey finally put to- getlier Ll section. Wliat a job! Also lack. Dale sf' 5'-' I Xliss lJClUr's, ,li!lfX1H' and the camera were seen everywhere, anytime snapping every bit of Dodger life. Each section was then hard at work on the dummies and things really started rolling. Copy was writ- teng mounting and cutting began. It was all new to us, but we soon caught on. Piece by piece and page by page the book was sent to the engravers and now it is com- pleted. Witli the fine cooperation of the staff and our wonderful advisor and greatly appreciated outside help, we give you your book. We have tried in every way to record the past school year in the most interesting way. Wfe are proud of this book and hope you all like it. 'WV' EII o fs "Q, IlEliIlH,S Helix lflliol, l'iZ,lfH7 l'1ril Si'illi'ilw' "Did you read that editorial? Have you seen that 9 third joke in the Pi-Line? lt's a killer! y Oh, yes, these are just a few of the many remarks you hear every other Friday morning when that very exclusive paper comes out, linown as the l.lTTl.12 DODGIZR. And who is responsible for it? A swell hunch of guys and gals, who give so much of their spare time. lt is work to get all that copy in on time, racking your brain for something different, Chasing all over for interviews -ms- lilenn Iundhlxtl, 1.111111 Sir1111.f Xi111iwf.1 ll H .ind Nlixs 9li.11'i1i1.,li1'11w1 and certain facts, rushing madly down town to get advertisements and then the folding and mailing job that must he done, because hun- dreds of copies are sent to service men and alumni-but it's fun too, and wonderful experience. For the first semester Betty lflliot was at the editor,s desk and Glenn Lundhlad carried on for her efficiently the second semester. Of course, Miss Shnron's skillful directions and the co-operation of the staff made this year,s paper so successful. md, ,F --ni-- l I-'f' A, L P863 Genivieye Jones ., Elearnor SLOOIIL Cassel. Marilyn McKinstry Pinkie Ames .. Merope Hitchell Dunk Doyle Freeman Groat Bing Hotchkiss ,,,, . Dale Cochrane Eula Hotchkiss ,oV, Bettie Baker Kuester Mrs. Rumble ,. Beverly Carlson Mr. Putnam ,, Pat Orres Officer Ryan Aadion Sanford - . 1 Dr. Blodgett Duane Mickelson A 1 "Billy" , , , Bob Meyer i E "Gee whiz, that Todd kid made me nervous! never lau h-d left the auditorium Greenf' The hilarious p l o t Michael Todd, had come to Cassel's childhood Sweethearts, and Www to help carry out the romantic f angle, the gorgeous Bula Hotchkiss , f arrived from New York to Stal 7 with her brother Bing. Dunk Doyle tried to throw over his two girls, Tony Cassel and Pinkie Ames, to get Eula, but he only ended up drowning Newt on's worms. In this production, the worm comes into his own! g L so much in all my lifellu These were ' . f 1'CUl2ll'liS the crowd IT1ClClC LIS flley XVaterman's production of "Spring lround the worm-raising T. Newton T ' ' A odd, xx ho with his father, Major with the Cassel family durin th . I g e war. Major Todd was one of Mrs You know, I bet I just 1 ew of the after Director centered SHIV Spring Breen CAST T. Newton Todd DiCli Hfllllee Nina Cassel , , Ann Crundon Major Michael Todd ,. Marion Carr Tony Cassel Gretchen Schnurr 449' -58-- fitaniur Class Play Ll-l Ali.-XC f'l'l".liS ' l7.ile Cioclnkin l .ie Tlionmx .Nllan litievter Ci.ipt.iin blxclv Alwolute Alaclt Nlcliinstrv l:.'tLlllil,1I1Ll l3vv.ine Holi Acres Uicli Steplun Sir Antlionv Absolute Pat OrreQ l.vdi.1 lungnisli TNl.1l'IlL1 Xlitcliell l,ucv Doloreg Rodenluorn ya ,lulin Melville Lois Ulson Xlrs. , Given Bilwbitt l Sir Lucius Ovfrigger Consmntine David n mann' Xliclaelvon George Bob limdv if Tlie sceneS of tlie Senioi phi, tlit lfnnous classic "The Rivals," were set in Bntli, England. llnsign Bever- lev falls in love vvitli Lydii Lan- guisli, Il romantic girl of eighteen, .ind tliev plan to elope. l,vdi.i's strict Aunt, Nlrs. Malnprop, and Sir An- thony Absolute plan tlie intirrrige of Lydii and Sir Antlionv's son lack. lfintillv Ensign l'meverlev's true identity is revealed as Captain Ab- solute vvlio lias disguiied liiniself tlint in A lie might win tlie love of Lvdin. At 1 ,-i,. - length slie accepted liim .iltliougli iiiiil complications were .idtled bvitlie C0ml'VmH Uf LUCY. tlie mind, nn Tlionius, tlie Adding color to tlie story was tlie romance of Julia. Sir Antlionvl, niece, .md l.1t1lltl.ind. .1 friend of Captain Ab, solutgs, and tlie jesting of 1501, Acres, .i country buniplxin. VX' ' ' " ' A Q lust scene?" Thar is one of the many "I low did they get thu efieet oi SLIIIISL IH Lhlt I 1 perforlnlnee-and who are the persons questions asked hy .1 Dodger .lt .1 sc 100 f I Y N 'w. This ambitious group works day and responsible? Why, of course-me stage ere I 'formnneesl XY'e want to congratulate them nivht- Smtnrdnvs and .lhove nil. utter me pen F' ' . for their superb joh they have neeomphshed Lhis f'C.ll'. gyme 1' HW me "Ynu'rt: Un 'flue ir" Mr. NY'atcrman and Student Announcer. "Good afternoon. ladies and gentlemen, tliis is your regular Monday, XYiCQl11CSLl.lf' and Friday KNOW YOUR SCHOOLS program lJI'0Llgl1I to you tlirougli tlie Courtesy of radio station KVVD. Today we liaye witli us l'. And so anotlier prograin started. Nearly every activity in tlie seliool was in various ways presented on this pro- gram, and in addition to bringing interesting programs, it also trained tliose interested in radio announcing and speaking. KNOW' YOUR SCHOOLS was under tlie capable direction of Mr. and student announcers were eliosen from tlie Speeeli classes. At ilie Lillllfl'UlX. Yuibing mir upiiiiulis. Hesnlved That '-fi f Back row: Bill Headlee, Bob Spillman. lfront row: Austin Hogan, Nancy Wculf, Mr. Berrier, Milton Poisnick. Witlx Mr. Berrier's return from the armed forces, Debate again took a major role in the extra curricular activities of Fort Dodge. After a lapse of three years the club started again, and the Wranglers finished a successful season by placing second in the State Forensic Contest. The team was composed of Milton Poisnick and Austin Hogan, affirmative, and Bob Spillman and Bill Headlee, negative. Bob Spillman placed second top speaker in the state tournament while Gwen Babbitt tied for first in prose reading. Also entered in the state meet were Nancy W'olfe and Shirley Thompson. In all the Debaters lead a very successful season. The tournaments entered are as follows: Mason City Invitational f -- Waterloo Invitational Brindlev, at State Teachers College Sioux City Invitational -placed 2nd Algona Invitational -placed lst District at I.eMars -placed 2nd State at Iowa City -placed 2nd Back row, left to right: Dick Headlec, Merle Iiishel, Bill NVolfe, Bill Ileadlee, Milton Poisnick, Austin Hogan, Nancy XVolfe. Middle row: Beverly Nelson, Margaret Rodenborn, Marjorie Field, .Io Ann Prohaska, Doug Vfhiting. Front row: Shirley Thompson, Bob Huglin, Merope Mitchell, Bob Spillman, Gwen Babbitt. l PLEDGE Al.LlfGlANCF TO THIQ FLAG . . and rlius imotlier assembly Started. Boone Heading tlie innny pro- grams of speakers, music, .md home talent shows were once again the excel- lent pep assemblies directed by Mrs. Tellier and liended by Llie elieerlenderw. Here we lmve given you L1 few glimpses of the assemblies wliielu were tliorouglily en- joyed by all. Mi' gwfffrmz' STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS liirst Seniester-lS.1rbnr.1 Bair, Lois Becker, Florence Bisnechi, Jo Ann Breckenridge, Bill lirighi, Kenneth Brown, Rex Brow n Marian Carr, Helon Condon, Delores Durschmidt, Merle Fishel, W'ilmer Ifriesth, Mary .lane Greenway, Anne Grundon, Adeline Hal lignn, Olga Heitncr, Barbara Haekert, Herbert Holden, Beverly Holmstrom, john Holt, Charlotte Jensen, Bob Johnson, Don ohn son, Dorothy johnson, -lo Ann johnson, jackie King, l,ois Koester, Bob Larson, Rosemary Lucas, john Mencfee, Charles Neil B ll O'l5rien, .lim Officer, Shirlee Oppel, Ruth Perry, Milton Poisnicli, A1 Potter, Marilyn Rohrer, ,Ioan Ruebel, Dick Sandal Isthti Schultv, Duane Schultze, Russel Thorsen, Hob Vedvig, Don Whilterick, Douglas Wfhiting. In charge of the gavel for the first semester was President Dick Sandal. Other officers were Merle Fishel, vice-president, ind bhnlte Opptl, seeietuy Shown here performing two of the various jobs of the Student Council are john Menefee and Herbert Holden. The Council this year was again under the di- rection of Miss Lilcins, Miss Demorest and Mr. Ifeelhaver. M54- L r ' Merle Fishel took over as president for STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Second Semester-Deane Glnmgm, Marion Carr, Lois Koester, Bill O'Brien, .Io Ann Breckenridge, Ruth Perry, Bob Vedvig, Bev- erly Ilolmstrom, Shirley Brooks, Bill Larson, Beverly Nelson, Olga Heitner, Charles Neal, Kenneth Brown, Delores Durschniitlt, lfsther Sehulty, Don Willterick, Bob Meyer, Io Ann johnson, Kenneth lingholm, Bob Kirkberg, Betty W'oodruff, John Holt, Bur- Bair, Adeline Ilalligan, Rex Brown, Milton Poisnick, John Menefee, Douglas Whiting, Marilyn Rohrer, jenn Lundblutl, Lois Tullis, Robert Ebersole, Merle Fishel, Helon Condon, Don Johnson, Florence lfrie, Dwnne Schulze, Charlotte klenson, Bob Arkoff, Shirlee Oppel. Herbert Holden Jackie King, Bob Johnson, Rosennry Lucas. the second semester and he was helped by the other officers, Bill Larson, vice-presi- dent, and Helon Condon, secretary. Pictured here are Lois Becker and Bill Brighi at work for the Student Council which acts as the governing body of the school. -65- The highlight of taking second year Iirench is ment. such as plays, contests and singing Ifrench belonging to the Sztns Souci-the French Club songs is offered. NVith the fine leadership of Mrs. which meets once monthly in class .ind holds two Longfellow .uid the following officers .mother parties during the year. A variety of entert.1in- year closed with .1 successful Suns Souci. .Ioan Smith . President ,Iohn -londle and Bob Brady . Vice-Presidents Shirley Xveiss and Mary Ann Iieelhnver Secretaries Mary Roberts and Lorraine Sells Treitsurers SANS SOUCI tlireneh Clubjiliaclt row from left: NLxry Roberts, klohn xlondle. Shirley Xliieiss. econd row: Mary Ann l'eelh.iycr, Khrtlm Mitchell. joan Smith. Front roxy: Gretchen Schnttrr. :ther Schultz. Louise johnson. tXot in picture: Lormine Sells. Bob Hradyl. S. P. R. LATIN Cllbli tS.l'.Q.ll,J--liaely row left lu right: Sue Yin lit-nthuysen, XYillis S.tmuelson. Scott Libbey. Dicly l'llis. l:.irle Nelson, lllitnche Midson. .intl Marilyn Nlxirtin. ilihird row: Def lores lddy. l7onn.i Scott. Perry Xyest. Imil llnnsen. Xlerle I-isht-l, Audrey lfriclason. Joyce Cftrf rier. Second row: Lloanne Sehrodt. 'liessie l'.tpp.1s. Beyerly llolmstrom, Lois Mutin. Mary Niille.1, lJorthe.x Anderson. Normgt Carlson. lfirst row: Mary jane Greenway, Norma Anderson, Iona XX'ilson. Yiolet D.truell. .Nlerope Nlitchell. -lemme Rogers. lN'ut in picture: Llilabeth Reedl, A successful yeitr was repented again by the the program being the initiation. Latin Club being open to third and fourth year Each month two meetings are held in class. Latin students. Two outstanding parties were held With the expert leadership of Miss Boxwell and the at the beginning of each semesterg the main part of following officers everyone enjoyed the S.P.Q.R. Primus Consuls . . . . Seymour Spilka .ind Merle liishel Secundus Consuls Beverly Ilolmstrom and Norma Anderson Secretgtriouses Merope Mitchell and Jeanne Rogers Quaestors Dick Snndahl .md Scott Libbey The new club that made its appearance this year is the Science Club, or probably better known as the Nucleus. lt is open to all students taking any form of science, anal meetings are held twice a month. There was a variety of programs ranging from movies, and interesting talks, to worlt on projects. Several parties were heltl during the year. Officers were: President , , liicls Stephan Vice Prcsitlent , ,Iohn lfiescler Secretary-'l'i'e.isurei' l.oix Olson Club Reporter , llowartl Hecht l.ibrarian .Xlice Rutledge lirzinson, Mt-rope Mitchell, Vhris Brouutli, Shirley Thompson, Bovi-1'ly Nelson. Second ram Sylvia VVilson, Dali- Cm-lii'ai1, HLvXN2l1'tl Hecht. Beverly Holnistrom, Joan Smith, Mary Ann Feel havvr. 'l'hii'ri rim: Merle Fishel, Robert Hugrlin, Kiehurxl Stephan, lim-ane Glaman. Robert Mm ninsr, Jim Officer, ISTAS SIN SIESTAS QSPANISH flililil li: ek '4 ', l"om left: li y Hutchinson, Put Orr-s, PII- x 1 in I o t Sylvia VVilson, Delliert VV:1lks-r, Hula I.. lirown, Gt-umre Lawton. Ss-ennrl row: Maxine lirailmillz-V, A Ma e x ni So Ili Hoi nil Bill F' Ih ri ni ry Ann Haring. li tty Cer 1- '. t' vi 2 V2 ' , ' ox. H ir iw ': Doyle AI1kl'llIU. Shirlee ellis, Louise Hzilihah. Don Iii-:ill-Y. lfrnni row: Myron Cvrvz-nt-, Vern Jo Pllflilftl. Nancy S KTNIWIQS. Helon Foiirlnvii. liiestas Sin Siestas belongs to the Spanish Club and students taking seconcl year Spanish. The meetings are held once a month during class with a variety of entertainment, with the outstanding party at Christmas. Under the supervision of Mrs. Longfellow, this year's officers were: lil Presitlente Roy Hutchinson Vice Presidente, Sylvia Wilson l,a Secrelaria , Betty Cfervene lil 'liesarero , Nancy Knowles SCIENCE CI,l'B 1NI'l'l.El'Sl l'ii'onl row lt-fi to right: Lois Olson, 'lllssie Pappas, lieu-rlx liirl lllleser HS Jwsylaw Q I The most important event in the schedule of the Girl Reserves this year was lfriend- ship Weelx. This consisted of an assembly tally by Dr. Jack liinegan of lowa State College. a Pioneer party for all in the gym. and ended with the Alumnae Meeting in 16E. Starting off with a very successful year, the Paint and Palette, the new art club. was originated for the purpose of furthering, interest in art and is open to all interested. The club is under the supervision of Miss Moulding and officers of the past year were Bob Brady, Presidentg Virginia Lilcins. Vice Presidentg Vera Jo Puckett, Sccretaryg and Ollie Buckner. Treasurer. liaek row: Dull: Knllmun, Frwl Renke. lingfcne Milner. Uhnx-li Neal, Huh lirzuly. Ollie lineklxvr, 'l'l1il'rl row: Marilyn Tnnwzxll. Auxlrey Guelllher. Bzlrllziru Nicholls. l'zit1y Dunsmuor, Nora l"i'urn'es la-nlz. Second row: Vera l"uelse1l. Glenn Horeelin. Dunne Vllvorl, l"lm'vl1c'e llzxlwowlq. Doris Farrell. First roxy: Constance Dongrlas, lilinznhetlm Reed. Helen liurer, Dolores l"1'L'nle1'i4'lxs. A R T C L U B -GSH w -Mbfw T110 music fbaf ran dz'r'pc'xf reach and C11 re all ill is cordial spec'cb.', Maruhinq Band ln their colorful black, red, and white uniforms the marching band stepped off to another success- ful season at their first halftime performance, a victory pageant celebration. As representatives of each branch of the service marched across the field, patriotic tunes were played. The highlight of the program was the darkened field with spotlights XSS was Y r 'xx ,W X p sy' 1 , fx playing on rows of crosses and the Goddess ol' Liberty. Mr. Bergan and the band were rewarded for long hours of practice by receiving statewide recog- nition for tonal quality and perfection of drill formations. The season was climaxed with a trip to WL1fC1'l0O at which the band shared half-time honors with the Wfaterloo Band. Left to right: Priscilla Evnnson, Margaret XVilliams, Dee Raymond, Dean Harris. -71- MR. ISI RCLAN Wcirtls of praise and recognition for outstanding accomplishments were .iwnrcletl to Mr. Berggin .ind his seventy piece concert band .is they completed .mother succewful year. Never before hm the band contained such it large numher of experienced soloists. At the importglnt llnllnerl Haml Holi Spillnmn, prcxitlclil lxeiih C Jrlwn. iice presitlent concert of the seuon, the Milla lfuntl Show, the lmntl furnished the giccompiniment for several of these talented students, Other PCl'fOl'l1'lL1l1CCS in- clucletl those for .lunior High .mtl Senior High assemblies and the gI'AlklLl.lIlOl1 exercises. Some Hand Repertoire Barber of Seville, , Slavonic Rhapsody No. l ,, W'illow Echoes W , , , CJ. IiU.YXiI1f , Cf. 1"1'ii'if11m11 lfrzzuk Sinmlz Symphony in I5 Minor-qSecond movement F11111: S4'fJ11lu'rf Triplets of the Finest, , , , Nlelotly gi ln King Paul fIl'lIlIl'!7t'7'tQ ,Karl King' S T T V Lnited Nations Rlinpsooy Atlantic Zephyrs , American Legion Forever 1,111 iff 13c'1111i'f Ciurtfeff SUIIUIIS Morirw Gould gmc, affix' Brass Sextet-the group which lxintlletl the fire for all the pep assemblies. Noted for their large repertoire and colorful music. these musicians were popular in the activ- ities of the school, community, and neigh- boring towns. Nlost of them were also members of Karl Kings Band. Russell ililiorsnn, Allan Kuester, Scott Libbey, Dale Coehran, Dis'-ine Xlielselson. .intl Dean Olson.'Sf Hob Spillman, Xlargaret Larson, Bob Tyler, ,lack Mcliinstry, Mary SAXOPllONlfS1Rita Ruebel. Dorothy Ann Feelhayer, Shirley Smiley. Nlarilyn Nic- Vogel. Glenn lloreclsa, Orvin Paulson. Kinstry, Nancy Wnxlrod, Dean Harris, l.ois hlones. Reginald Shiye. Dick Crouse, l.illie lietty Burnett. Nornia Kut7, Alanice Bailey. Willli""S' MNIYS Willy- Shlflcf' HMC' c0i1Nii1'l'5-siarian tim. Russell 'i'imi-- BASS CILARINl'.T-Christibel lirogotti. son, Allan Kuesler, Maurice Anderson, Boyd .t . . . Nordmarli. Douglas Mosely, liugene l.oots, OBOI 51Mllmu PmSmLlx' Pm? 'limw' liranklin Burton, Douglas Kullman, Court- l'l,U'l'lfS-lilaine Nlarsli, Shirley Thomp- land Cfondit, son, Barbara Hess, Georgia Nelson. HURNSiklUlm Mcncfccv Scott Libbey Nlilclred Hanson, Lawrence Vfilliains, Jean Hanson, Marjorie Minor. BASSOONS-Mary Alice Halverson Dean Lichtenbcrg. IEASSPS--liola Larson, Dale Cochran, Hob Nlanning, lireeman Groat, Clarence lialcom, Robert Peterson. TROMl5ONlfS-Dean Olson, liarl Nel- son, Duane Kingsbury. Dorothy O'Donnell, Cliff Harp, Mary Gochee. BAIKITONILS -- Dwane Mickelson, liob Douglas, Keith Carlson. Allmon Hoyick. PERCUSSION-Rex Brown, Dick Heati- lee, Vidlter Iliff, Douglas Vfliiting, Bill Coy, Bob johnson. ,Makin P , f ,X mb , .M f-.1 3 1.1 -- fl Capella li Q.. Q M R. HATI'-IAWAY lilmer Aliselsen , lune Lowerv Dick Stephan Marilyn Xlfieker l.ois Olson , Membership in the A Cappella choir is the goal of all choristers who study vocal technic in the second and fifth period glee clubs. Under the capable leadership of a newcomer, Mr. Clayton Hathaway, this choir gained the reputation of being a most outstanding and popular musical organization. A very extensive program included many school and community activ- ities. The Thanksgiving and Christmas concerts and the baccalaureate service were the outstanding school performances, while the community entertainments included those for conventions, service clubs, and Junior High. The climax was the tri-city festival to which Fort Dodge was host. It was directed by Henry Veld. The members can look back with satisfaction upon this year as one filled with enjoyment and achievement of invaluable training. Credit of its success is due in part to the fine accompanists, Mrs. Peterson and Mary Henkle. , President , Secretary Librarian , l.ibrarian Vice President Ehnrus gy A FAPPELLA Top row left to right: Glnris Brown, Lois Olson, June Lowrey, Shirlee Brooks, Shirley Rule, Rose Stltl Ardettd liarlrer, Olive VVille, Doris VVQ-nzel, Jeanne- Sear, liarliara Gratke. Mary Alive Halvi-i'son. Anne- Ilcpne. Beverly Jensen Viigziina Likins, Maxine lirattmillt-r, Dorothy Antolik. Mary Ann Fm-elliaver, LaVunm- Riersmi. 'Third row: Mary Gross, Louist John-.nn Lillian Williams, Dorothy Anmlerfnn. Neoma Fishel, Mary Lou Illstarl, Juan Tutnian, Marilyn VVir-ki-r, Marilyn Martin lk-wily bright, Patty Lou Janes, Dolores Auranil, Myrlee Quin-rke. Jaukie King, Shii-lee Opin-l. Alien- liutlwlge, Ruth Martin luis hoes Sem-mid row: Unicl lilaekwell, I.oi'i'ain1- Sc-lls, l"ran4-us Nafe. Mary H1-nkle, lilmer Akselsm-ii. lrlmil Hansen, Elfinri Huuv Pieemin Grout. Ilale i'oehi'aii Cliff Harp. Jaek Mi-Kinstrv. Deane Glaman. Shirlee Nellis. I-Ivvlyii Mix. Mary Roberts. Jani, I loycl Htlmn Zuek, First row: .lniiiinv Hale, Nun Kosei1lvei'w'r,iDiane Breen, Jim Hinton, Ksfiine-th linghnlm. VVillis Szimiu-lsoii, lim K is Paul Nymlegrirer. liarl Nelson, Clzxrenev llalvom, Bula Meyer, Helm-n liarnsilen. lVlarQai'4-T Williams. Rosalie llynustanl. R it nl-. .lean Rcvgi-i's. A Cappella Repertoire lieauliful S.u'ioi' , , .lirclllll ffi1'i.wl1i1i1.wi1 l'r.iise the l,ord iiroin llt-.ixen X. lim sl Num Sleep, lhby, Sleep , BVU will Sfmiz' Let Down the llmrs. U l3e,itli Si Mini I II 7 r Niissa Brevis Y , , H IIi'ilfi',5 llwjifizll Our Father Who Art in lleaxen Nun C4111 lf7elsiel Saw de Vflieel, , H f Hxufwfi' fitllll llalleluiih , , , , lvlllt ll vlnzzmi w liyinn 'lin n l-lem , Till!! illlil l'r'i'if W't1rl11,Q Cindy I uni vyllklll Girls, Sextet - two words lettered with envy and praise. No introduction is needed for these six girls who enter! tained mam' an audience with their catchy tunes and winning personalities. Their extensive repertoire also con- tained serious tunes made effective by their close blending and fine musician- ship which has made them one of the most popular groups for two years. Shirley Brooks, June Lowrey, Anne Deppe, Lois Olson Alice Rutledge and Bn-tty Burnet. SE1 UND P Ol ERIUD son K VHORYS Tun 1'iuu'li-fi to right: I Id Jan-wrx. Iiarline Stan:-k. Shirley Smiley. Imvwllzi Smith. lbulu , url liurvh, John Nlollm-fem-, Bill 'l'r:u'y, lVlild1'01l Luric-. l4m'lui1'a Swain-y, Mary RLlll4'llIZl', Louise Halluhzilr. Thirfl row: Runumni Rai- Gibsim, Juan Si'hax'f, Nurnm Kerluy. lNlm'ilyn Ml'KiIlSll'5'. Lula Mui'tin, liar! Hudson. .Iuhu Nuvy, 191-an Ankrum. Uuris FL-lieu won. Norma Iii-usun, Vvrla l'uiplw, Vira .lu l'iu'ki-11, Si-eiuul ram: Nurmu NV4-lab, Ju Ann Nmltveilt, Palsy Hut:-hinsiiu. Ihn x llrmvu, lim-verly Nvlsun. Keith Jolnxsuu, lilizsvrxi- limits. Duane Wumrl, Ruth Me-yer, Mary Milla-si, Vvwmiifzi Cmxstzilvle. lhvnml lil iw luxrt, Shirlvy Filtim, liirsl rim: Flmw-lavl 'l'iguv!', Mary Ziegfll-.'. Aurlrvy VVilulQ-liul. lim-vi-1'ly l.ui':is, Rex lirmxn. Jfrhn Huli. 1':u'ti-r, Juan VVilli:ims llinulliy Vow-l, Jalnim- Hailey, Virxiiniu lfurcl, Niwniu Newman. 9 n s uarhzt Mi-mln-rs: -5- , Ifri-eniuu ' i , 'I mel' Allsi-lsi-n, un .' -linux, . mug ' in pinpulnr' small 3' -1 u wx 3s u al" quartet. ei '. . ern' .1 g pri: iewimm 'es ' ' ire ' Girls' T ' ye, . .f 1 eu .x ' ex" . ale ' - I -4 ru L ' V " 'I ri ' . l'lTlU I H10 'Ill' .lrl'flIlA'L" Q ins. l'mee.uvl1ey x 're e.1p.1w e ' supply: ' '. rlmus Y' men I AUgfllNS, 3Cl' Vkll"Hl.lllCCN . my 'ie were Lu -1 wee s ' . - .u ix gr' v w. uniiue 'lLlYlllA 'ilitl lllkfnl 'IC fllcn ' x ' . vu"e Nuvclry numbers were Llie speA . y uf rlic girls' trio wliielm frequently wang for civic organ- llilflkllh. Tliey were .ilxu fe.xrureal un nmux' selwiml radio broadcasts. em" .xml "Klum is llusriu' Out All Oxerw were two ul' rlwir well-rememlvereil uumluerx. Sli-mlwrf: I' l ll ' .I um- I.uwx' -' .lvrlw um ' My Q. Myrle l 1,4-lm-4-s Lumsdeu. I' 17112 Alum. N"s - ailriqal Group -,.,,,NN M. ers ' . 12.101 ff,- . fl .lNHf!IlAR21.w,.,Iv lvl ' Pilyn' ' in A LVN jul" ' 'lf . . 'ftf 1 . fl. -l:1:,ifIl?ol, Av! low '.x',,,. ' Ruff' Lap. 1 .1 Mar H UI Yin -You ' HW, V L... '11 k,l'1':1f,, "Us U SGH 'ifvr N, I, 1 1':lm,m Many new and younger voices were heard in the Madrigal group as it entered its second year bringing back tunes of the 17th century. Although they appeared in Costume typical of this period their programs contained other types of choral literature, including special radio arrangeinente. To typify "genuine madrigalsu in tonal caliber and dress was their goal. This group holds great promise for the coming year. ERIOIJ CHORFS Top row left to right: llorutliy Meyer, lilzinehe Mmlson, Dean Nitzel. Sum Czimunxo, Dirk x airy Norrlquisl, Clarke Ste-wzlri, Boll Hull, Milo Lund, Jim Hovey, Loran Olson. Pllezxnor Frm-ws, ll2lI'lJH7'll H you orma .lean Oli-son, llelores l"rerleriek. .lean XIZIYISUII. Roma -lzine Deelier, Adeline Hzxlliiran, Pllzline Marsh. Ver rim Vkalroml. Audrey Guenther. Gwen Peterson, Marry lloll Mewsiii-i', Efllis-r Sc-hiiltze. Verle Carlson. First row: K: ein louise lfeelhziyi-i'. l3evex'ly Cxirlson, lin-yerly f'zirlSon, lieverly Anrlerson. Ui- l.oris lfi'kerrn:xii. Gloria Putters ls ii is ihtll Beverly Jornlifon. Nlzirjorie Minor. .5514 - .-. :W - -77m it i H O i W X-l Waltz llream King Mnxiinilinn X Princess llelene , Prince Rupert Lieutenant Niki Kay Robinson Princess Xlatildn Duchess l,ouisn1 Dale Coelirun Dick Stephan lfreenmn Ciroat Lieutenant Montselii Bertizinm Budget Count Lotlinr , Count Sigismund Jerry Nordquist l'1l1 Betty liurnet Annerl , Lois Olson Solo Dancers l5.u'lwa1xi l,ee. Dennis XViewel OPIQRHTTA CAST Karl ilolinson Marilyn Martin llnelx McKinstry -lolin NWold klune l,owrey Rutli Nlartin xlnne Lloyd Credit for the soft musical bnelxgrouml in the operetta goes to the Sliow Shoppe cjl'Cl'1CSII'.l. Mr. Bergnn and Miss XVilliguns orgdnized the group from among the most talented musicians. and instructed tliem in tlie long liours of learning tlie music. later Nlr. H.uli.1wny took over tlie baton .ind directed tlie final performance. Miss VVillizxmS, Marilyn Rulfii'+ii', Jean Ltllnllulzlnl. lVI:xi',1nn'iu Nlinnr. Eli-:lnor Kllt-svn-r, Shirley Tliornpsoli. Milton Voisnieli, limb Siyillman. limb Tyler, Dwzim' Mit-lst-lsnii, Svotl Lilrlyey. Allan Kuester, Dorllie-11 Anderson. Snvilla Howard, VVanda Edwards, limb Manning, Mr. Bargain. Rex Brown. Before a full house, members of the high school and junior college choruses took the audience to the mythical land of Sylvania where the action of "A Wgiltz Dreamu was laid. There, King Maximilian X plans to marry his daughter, Helene, to Niki, a lieutenant in the Hussars. Helene, however, loves Rupert, a childhood sweetheart, and Niki is in love with Kay Robinson, an American artist. As always, the path of love is rocky, but in the end true love is victorious. Bertrum Budget, an American eiheiency expert, the scheming of Count Sigismund, and the antics of Count Lothar supplied the comedy. A dancing chorus and two solo dances, a waltz and a tap, were outstanding, The show shop orchestra and the choruses added the extra something that made the operetta one of this vearis best productions. t,I'l.'ll05lI'2l lvl0lllbl'I'H IST VIULINS Jann- Lloyfl, Mary l'lfflll.US Joan lilllllllllkill, Dcan Ul- lmriinziiwr. Annv llvnnv. Marilyn Rnhiw-i'. Quin. livclyn Mix. liarl Nvlsnn, Juan Norma Klllz. li1il'lI2lI'?1 HL-ws, Kathryn 'l'uiman, Lois Martin, Martha Mm-rrill f'rui14'li. lTuanr- Struin. lilanvhn- Mavlsuvn. IGASSFS VVanLla l':flNVH!'tlS. Huh Man- ZNU VIULINS Mm.-im.iQ Mmm., ninu, lielmw-s Rayinunnl. Dali' Cnwhran, lilm-zlinnr Kin-slvr, llnrutliy Hansun. Mary Hl'lU'1 R11mS4lK'Y1. fllflry Millva, Iinynl lain Mvssnl-r, Glnria l'z1111-iwviil IJ4n'u1liy N""'lmi'Tk- Amwlik' Juym, mqlsun FLARINICTS 'limb Sixillman, .Iavk Vllll..-KS S-Willa Hwwarml. Ihirtln-:x lll"K"'5'Vry' Blklllrlwylmi' , Amlersunl 0140158 Milton l'uisn14'k. l'a1iy Juiivs. l"LIl'l'l'IS Shirlvy 'l'l1umnsun, lilainv xi Miss XVillinms Marsh. ISASSUUNS Mary Ali--v Halxurrnll lip-an l,is-lilenln-rig. l"Rl'INl'H HUKNS - John M1-m'f1'n' Smit! Lihlwy, Milrlrm-rl Hansnn. l.al1T4-nm Williams. COllNlC'l'S Marinn l'ar1',Allan Km-s in-V, liuycl Nnrslmarlx. TRUMIKONICS Dwam- Miclwlsun Imam- Kingsbury. Ilurnihy U'Dnnn1-ll. l'l'IRCllSSlON Rox lirowll. llmurlar Whiting. O11-l1vst1'a1 Repertoire Symphony No. l, Nlnrcli of Homigc G Minor Symphony My Maryland Stiirnlust Uvcrturc-A-Cosi Vain Tutti One Morning in May I.. Van Iiwffmz t'll . 1'lP'6Ul'Q l,i,v-:I . W. A. Mngarl SAQNIIIIIKI RflIII!7l'l'lQ Iloukqj' CitIVl7IfL'!HIt'l VY. A. Mogurl Iloagj' cit1I'I1IiL'f7LH'l PW-IWNIOPUO 01'l'lll?Sll'll Xvilll .1 wealth of skilled .ind talented material available, the prospects for the year were promising when the orchestra was organized by Mr. Bergan last fall. They skillfully mastered any difficult numbers, both classical and novel, for which Miss Wfilliams, in- structor of string technique, deserves much credit. The orchestra worked diligently at the beginning of the year to prepare for their annual Thanksgiving and Christmas concerts. Throughout the winter they practiced with anticipation of the May festival when Fort Dodge was host to the Boone and Ames high school orchestras. Directing the final concert was James Robertson, director of the Symphony Orchestra of Springfield, Missouri. klack McKinstry, Presidentg Shirley Thompson, Vice President. Q1 -- ui ns rumental Group String Quartet Klane Lloyd, Marilyn Rohrer, Eleanor Kuester. glean Lundblad. A large amount of the world's finest music has been written for string quartets. This year, although the ensemble wasn't organized until second semester, the members became acquainted with several masterpieces. Iispecially well liked were the Hayden "Minuettos.l' Their programs for civic organilations also consisted of much lighter material used as dinner music. Clarinet Quartet Mary Ann Ifeelhaver, Shirley Smiley, Marilyn Nlcliinstry. Margaret Larson. Something new in instrumental groups was the forming of an all-girl clarinet quartet. Em hasis was laced on careful blendin Y and ac uirin a 'reater lsnowled e of funda- E fl 3 A g mental technic. If their stead' iro ress continues, thev vromise to rank amon i the to 5 l S , l 3 entertainers for next year. Trumpet Trio Marion Carr, Russell Thorson, Allan Kuester. Several of the first trumpeters organized to make up this trio which was considered the best in several years. Because of their close intonation and finesse of performance, their presence was requested at many functions, especially at churches. The highlight of their season was at the Milla Fund Show in which they were featured in Hennebergis "Triplets ot the Finest." . gg, if 5 ffl 5. ki ., V 7-vwnqw yy?-gif-.vmfgi-rgqf.Eg,?1-K--fs mdfq, F, ,. 1 .wif-wg ,.f. , .--K EP:-,,i.f11,3f.f-.5 ,, HE ME,,q,i..,?gi.,5k.,,pgg:ygmI,.3,,E,ix-,,kv',3,fA,m,FWg i . Y 2, , we 44 ,, ,, , K , V A , , V 'Iwi' lm., . N K V.,. , . . ,, , i 2 X s I "Life is notqlifiat all without delight." r ' ' L Q34- Q: ,Af . .A , ,. '..L.,,.L1m:'i1f: .4m:1.:l1f-fm ., f ,,-,:Q.,. A M- 'fag-,.a..l-AJ.-D'-..,,L.,n, .f 4, ,nh Y' uauln nvpp.. Georgia turns fzlrmcrcttc. XYrong kittun. Hclld it Ardis. Tlmnfs one Way of getting 21 ride, girls. Drug slnrv Cowgirls nl case. Kind of young. , EVE if' sp MQW- 5, mx' . wh? 2- f N' 1' A. we Y I . W, Y ainvwm S I us! Teddy and I. Lux it slum Hnrd on fcndcrs. On lcswc. Marv, don'r bc than way. V.1cz1ticJns are so much fun. Pctc, how you have change! aqua N I , 'iq 17 Dulft wurk Jody made ll funny. lou lmrd, lJL1l'IL'llC. XY'il dlifc bcwarc! Come. girls, it Couldrft be that funny. Behind those swinging doors. - gg -- XVc'rc worr WM ff ww Fleer! in. y IIC Lhdllyf wlmw up. The Summer Wliere did you get Sleepy time gal. XY'l1y the tree? XY'ho dime it? the shirts? Chi town Bob igfj... Listen to Hal, Winn! No boy to drive? i,..,4w Don'l tear your jeans. Our gentleman farmer. Mk In training. Hey! u i game warden Smile, darn yai. Ifs squirrel for dinner toinorrow. Need help, Mary Alice? I'm waiting. Sunday. F all NY'l1u'x thu 111.111 C1L1Z7lcrn. behind the gun? W'l1.1t big cycsyoul1.1x'c,H11wardY just c41ll11i111 bnsllful -up 7917 W'l1y the cold look, fellows? I see your pant legs, Beans. 1' iw is-' Q X -vi it Ideal Student. Merry Xmas for Lois, Doxfl slip, Don. xo. A lucky day for Daryl and Howard. ls the snow nlflfl or YVOINZIH? Look .lt the birdy. Do you tliinlc you will make the bottom, gang? Personality smiles. MQ Iris only puppy love. -92- Tur, nur, Mary, ir's Q only Anne Arcn't you forgetting sonictliing, girls? Wmler Arenyr you confused, Leg urn. Hubba! Hubba! Merle? Cokes, uf course. just one big happy gathering. Surprised? Jima 1 -923- 1,A r Ill, 7, r, -.WL J-W , , ! 6. -,.h.' . is X S 5' :ff gif. Lighter Moments E 2 . 4 , , f , l , , ,J ,i , f-"Q -iW D .14 fvgswi x Q , . 1 gg , , Q 5 if ' 8 we li. it ff ie Honor fo fbc' men wh bring honor fo usf' Big 7 Champs Front row: Paul Eide, Lowell Erickson, Roy Hutchinson, Irv Robinson, Joe Arnold, Vern Horn, john Fieseler. Back row: Henry Wasem, Ollie Buckner, Merrill Leffler, Al Potter, George Constantine. ndefealed The outlook for the 1945 season was none too promising as coaches Marquis and Duea had only six returning lettermen. Of the three linemen and three backs returning only one had been a regular the year before. Wfith these men as a nucleus, the Dodgers began to roll. Captain Fieseler injured his knee in our first game against Albert Lea and had to miss the Boone game. Having Buckner put across two touchdowns in the second half against Boone, the Dodgers went on to race over Sioux City Central, West, and East Waterloo in rapid succession. Next came our jinx for two years straight East Des Moines had stopped our winning streak. Even with the field on their side we pulled through with a victory. The last two games were the preview of the "46" season as the reserves were played often against Mason City and Roosevelt Des Moines. For the first time in 26 years the Dodgers were undefeated and untied. Fort Dodge was "Big 7 Cham- pion" and claimed the mythical "State Champion- shipf' All members of the first team were of all state recognition and four got positions on the All State Squads. S61:lS0ll,S Record Fort Dodge 47 Albert Lea, . , 0 13 Boone ,, 0 20 Sioux City, O 13 W. Waterloo . 7 26 E. Waterloo , , 6 19 E. Des Moines ,, N13 41 Roosevelt , W 0 21 Mason City ,,,, , 0 27 Shattuck Military Academy 0 -Q8-. arsil Front row: George Lawton, John Harrison, Bob C. Brown, Loren Chellen, Don Tilton, Don Kaufman, Keith Carlson. Glenn l,und- blad, Wilt O'Connor, Bill Fox, -Iohn Christensen, Dean Knutson. Second row: Dick Stephan, Student Manager: Don Chalstroiu, Bill Fletcher, Daryl Basler, kloe Arnold, Paul Hide, Vern Horn, john liieseler, llenry WVLISCIII, Al Potter, George Constantine, lrv Robinson, Rey Kruckman, ,-Xl Kuester, Louis Cross. Third row: ,lim lfitch, jerry Shaffer, Nlerill Leffler, Roy Hutchinson, Ollie Buckner, Lowell lfrickson, ,loc Cooper, Bob Brown, Terry Malone, Nlerven Haugen, klohn Cavanangh, Doyle Ankrum, Bob Moss, .lack Schweiger. Top row: Harold Janssen, Dick Wtmld, Dick Cibert, Herb Holden, -lim Officer, Bill Brighi, Don Lloyd, Dick Fevold, Chuck Neal. Dick Ruge, Bob Kirkberg, Toni Peddieord, Ronald Mcsserly, Lou Pray, Bob XVerdan. B Squad I 5 Iiirst row, left to right: John XX'ood, Bob Strom, Arlo Doughty, Sam Camamo, Gene Marchi, Iiugene Hay, XY'illis Samuelson. Bill Tracy. Second row: Bob Anderson, Bob Beers, Karl Burch, Bob litlel, Larry XViewel, Cordon Green, Douglas XVhiting, Bob Wfright, Neil Thompwn. Third row: joe Sanders, Bob Brainerd, jerry Blomberg, Bob Cupelle, Jack Farrell, Bernard Toohey, Paul NY'iche, Randy Dursehmidt. Bill Vfolfe, Victor De La Torre, Austin Hogan. Fourth row: Dick Mitchell, Manager, Bob Rich, Dan Rosen, Don Bloek, Bob Rankin, ,lack Stewart, lfugene Milner, Harry Kiliper, Bob Anderson, Eugene Rathermel, Bruce Rogers. - 99 - llf The Ellilljil YHHI' Starting with a squad tabbed as a mortal cinch to go nowhere fast, lfort Dodge high sehool's Forrest Marquis came through with thc top eoaehing this fall to earn Iowa'Q Prep Coach of the Year Award. Euanhinq Staff ,w WSZSS, . is Assistant B-Squad Coach Wrightg Line Coaeh llutag Head Coach Marquisg Head I5-Squad Coach Raker, +1003 Rox Hutchinson Ciu.ud Biggest nun on tht tenm. XX ill bt strong nun ntxt Uo- XLJ1. 'U 1 Don T1 ton C enter XI ide hte niiselxlhie for the Tirxt teim. lot Arnold Guard Smallest man on the tt.1m and one of the toughest. Capt. John Ifieseier ,, End First team All-State end. Third year lettcrnmn. Deserved both honors. Dick lfevold ,, , , , Ciiinrd Took over when Joe was injured. Showed up fine. Dick W'old ,, , , Buck Up .ind coming triple thre.1t innn to replace George. .Ierry Schaeffer ,, , ,, ,,,, , , Center Webster City recruit. His misfortune to play in Rob's position. DICK S'l'I'1l'HAN, Slurlf-ni M211 Al Potter Quarter Back Called signals. The results speak for him. Louie Gross Tackle Wlieii Lou worked there were few bettei. .-n..lf X ern Horn , Taelxle In on uery play around his sitle of tht lint. I,oren Chellen Glenn Luntlhlanl Bob C. Brown lrv Robinson Center First team All-State center. Best defensixe man in tht statt. Saw some action. XY'orked hartl and deserved his letter. Automatic Bob. Boy with the golden toe! M, XX 5, E n cl Tackle lfullbaek W A' W1 Winch... v Ollie Buckner Ftlllbnek Started first two games: scored both Boone touch- downs. Paul liitle lfntl Xlost irnprovetl pl.xy'er on the Good pass receiver. K nl! tw A Bill Iiletcher Fullback Iltreh really xx orlxed hartl, was n work horse full- back. Henry WIHSCIII ,, , Back Second team All-State back' lendinv scorer. Don Knutlinnn ,, , , Sit X t as Ll tleerg kept the first team mox Xlerrill lelller , , lullhielx liruising fulllmclig next yegxrls egiptnin. Looking for Ll lor fiom l ue George Constantine it Triple threat mang third team All-State hitls. -103- 4' Xvzllf cYciOI1l1C1' ,, , clULlI'Ll XValt plugged along and enme tlurouglu. Daryl Basler , Tackle Started Boone game after -Iolm and Louie were injured. Chuck Neal , , , Guard Played end and guardg will be in there next year. Rey Kruekmnn , , Bnela FirsL year ns 11 bnelig developed fast. -z-:vb Q rw , , M K --.. .,l, - ,ge - -L xi -535 A 5 -A H 4 ff. , Q X ? + ,faux ' W1 e sf 1 f' 5 W gn X L liege "2 ' , ,Q 4 " 549' W S5 . .V H Q' I ww A 1-Y rg.-1 ..,.. ' 1 1 ,.,. . ,. .,,., , W' 1 X""'V fl 1,1 . f 1- if"-'I' Q 3- ' is -' . ' "-' n ' .S ..,. V. '. " K' 4 Q K K AQ' . f -' ff .414 .... , I - X gf -. 5? ,f:s-a-:a2i'-51f- -WW-5I,'fgEg?fiffgff1' .... , ., ' 1.2 ,fe I 'E 34 ,Q .. VR if an x gi' ' gpg . f "" ... ' - ' 7 -' A " - W3 ' ' . Pwldw' V ""' J W 5 'X 5' - 3' -E if . 'ff ' ff r' f 9 S. I l, I . :Sin g it J , M ,..,. , .L .,.,, W, "3 ' -iq, z. 1155- its U , :ii - W? -'l?512qil 3. e:-fi : . 'Q ' """' ' ' QQ lf - '.Qf35?5'33l . g -1 Q " f' W wg in . ' ' Q "fi k " ff 2 . ' ' 'M ' ' 1'x' L lzfg, n M f fx e M We was y new m e ,,. 7 'lf A A lfwffg- A 1 7W'.f:m "wi 1 5? iam -9 - .L - 2. 5 -, 1, W an Q. Q, K, K za Y QRS?-QQ5? .xl ,,,r,mfg'z:'i-r 1 Q :Q A ,. fr XL pf WZ535 , fl ' W . . gif, ..-Q-3351 12 W- '3:53V:..: 'EUQWU Z M -Swv rs Q -5 1 f-11-lf 2,629 W 2,292 meg:-F ff 4 ,Agn A .W N - 10-1 - Undqers in I-hztinn ' Q , - L Basketball Lett In uwglxl: lrx liubmwn. liwlw X1-llxng. c,l1.1I'lCN Sxxcunux. Cmurgu C,umr.1m1m .xml lllglx XYulLl. Ballhawlis llrsx rmv, ll-rm up Tlgllll Clmrlw Xml, C,l1.x1'lcs Sxwclmu, Q.:-ngu c:UIlNLlIHllI1C, lrx Rulmmwn, lliglx XYulll, liulw Vcdvig, lllruld klnmwn. Second row: .Nllmll-:ig llircctm' lurxuwl Xllrqulx, CQ.u'l Kllfll. lhylu XY'cralnn, lJc.m limxuun, Daryl slcr, Hula liruwn, l,.1Vcrnc ,'Xmlc1'mx1, liill Fox, llu.1Ll Cknclm McKinstry, Axsixlanl Q10.lCl1 Rnlwr. 'lllllrnl row: l.orun ilucllun, llclln-rl Xwnllscr, Cwurgc l,.1wLun, Llnulx Sclm-L-igl-1-,llim lfirulm, Paul lfillc, Tum Pcdclicurcl, lhlylc Anlirum. 7 llltik lu Seated: Dean Knutson, Dick Wold, Bob Vedvig. Second row: Charles Neal, George Constan- SllI'lC, Cfoaeh Meliinstry, lrv Robinson, Harold Janssen. Standing: Charles Sweeney, Daryl Ilasler. The Dodgers, with six returning lettermen, started out on their tough schedule by playing three Big Seven Schools. The Dodgers eouldn't hit their stride and play the kind of ball that they were capable of playing until the season was three-quarters over. Then with a revamped lineup of Sweeney, Vedvig, Robinson, Woltl, and Constantine, the Dodgers won their last four out of five games. Improving all the time, the team won two games in the district playing Eagle Grove and Boone. The Dodgers, next game in the sub-state was with Le Mars whose average height was 6 feet 3 inches. The height was too much for the Dodgers and they lost the game. Even with a lot of hard luck, the Dodgers had a successful season. ilhjliiiiifii ii" WL Que Ei! Wgggif GG ggi? 3 y , if' ki, N-35 QM, liirsl row, left to right: Grant Rhinehart, Roh Beers, Don Legler, Karl Burch, liolu lftzel, Bob Kirltherg, Red Rankin, Arlo Doughty, Coaeli Raker. Second row: Student Manager Richard Mitchell, Neil Thompson, Harry Kiliperhlaek l-arrell, Bob Doughty, Gordon Green, Larry XY'iewel, Bruce Rogers. Third row: Ray lireiholv, Donald Renquist. Austin Hogan, Roy Dillon, Chuck Pitver, Dean Fontana, Don Block, Gene Marehi, Ilugeie Rathermel. g107- S U A D CI lARI.ES SXVISI-QNIQY High point m.111. SI.lI'lCki plnyiiig l'CgL1i.1l' i11 nhc miahilc of nlw sc.1so11 .md w.1x .1 pmul housc. IRV ROBINSON Irx hchi mniiy of ilu high point mum in 1111- N1.1tc to .1 minimum of points. ci.lPI.1il1. DICK XVOID Qrirrvii .is .1 i4LlI'XX'Ll!'Li .md L'i1.111gCLi 111 gu.11'd. NVQ cxpcut .1 lot frcmi Dick iicxt vcnr. Xfiiwilx C..i.1p11 Xlulximwrry .1111i B'Sk1ll.lxI 111.1511 R.1hL-1. -108 -v-A DA RYL BASLER Saw action after Leliler was injured. GEORGE CONSTANTINF Wils the fastest man on the team and always going full speed. H A R OL D JA NSSFN ans developed fast. l'le'll be strong next year with .1 little more speed - 1013 - RIERRILI LEI-FLIZR Lett was Ll first teamer at the start of the year, but was injured i11 the Boone game ould have been goud support for the team. BOB VIZIDVIG Bob and Clhuelx were our scoring punch. Always gave everything they had. 6,1 IHXRI115 NIUXI, He gained a hat of experience this veal' which will prove valuable next season B015 XIKRRIS A inid-year player. Wamtild have been i11 there if possible. M no ee Wrestling When Coach Cooper went to Eldora, he turned the wrestlers over to Coach Duea. He left him three lette1'- men and two regulars along with some green ambitious wrestlers. The team, with only one senior, developed fast. The highlight of the season was the defeat of Osage, who won the District meet from West Waterloo, which in turn won the state championship. The prospect for next year is very bright. The only regular graduating is Captain Joe Arnold. North Des Moines 7 East Des Moines Eagle Grove Clarion ,,,, Osage H East Waterloo H West Waterloo H Big 7 Tournament District 7 State ,,,, 355 i S. if ei? es 5 Coach Duea VVe They 29 11 29 9 N14 21 M14 18 , M21 12 ,,,,25 9 ,ml 8 21 ,, Second t,Thircl Fifth Standing, left to right: Duane johnson, .loe Arnold, liill llrighi, Roy Hutchinson, lfarl Hudson, Lloyd Harvey, Coach Duea. Sitting: Carlo Maeek, Marvin Cervene, John Harrison, Lyle Schuh, Perry W'est, Dick Cibert. - 111 - . ' Z 1 14 - ?n2fi25"Y CARLO MACIZK Really went to town after lie once got stnrtetl. A little better luelx in the tournaments would have helped liim. XlARVlN CILRVIQNU Lost only one clunl meet mnteli and evenetl tlmt up in the Big Seven. NVent to State. JOHN N Y HARRISON Improved as tlwe season went along until lie placed second in the State. LYLE SCHUH Hardest worker on tlie squad. in probably tlie toughest Weight of all. Went to the State. EARL HUDSQUN Earl was Ll plugger. Witli this year's experience lie will be lmrd to stop next year. -112- PERRY WEST A serapper who regained his first string berth after once losing it. DICK CIBERT Should really go next year at 135. Wrestled the best men in the state at 129 and should be hard to beat next year. BILL BRIGHI Wrestled all year in Ll weight above his own, and wrestled the best men in the state. Joie ARNOLD The only senior on the team and the nucleus of it. Joe deserved to be 21 champion, and someday he will be. He was in our hearts. ROY HUTCHINSON "Huteh,' was the surprise man. He was big, but he could really move. Went to state. --113- First roy. lcft to right: clltliil lien Duca, Bill Swan. Lloyd Hnrvcy, Hob Strom, Sam Canlnmo, Herb Hoidcu, Uu.1nt' johnson, Bob Ilotighs, lit-rtild ffliingrcn, Randy Dursclimidt, Kcnnctli I'ric, Xlyron Ccrvcnc. lid I-hyck, Llimlny lzll- Strom, Second row: Student N141n.13.gcr Lnwrcncc XYvilli11l'DS, Bill Andurkon, Carlo Nlicck, M.1rvin Ccrvcnc. Lluiin Harri- son, Lyle Schuh, Perry XX'cxt, Dick Cibcrt, joe Arnold, Hill liriglii, li.irl Hudson, Roy Hutchinson, Robcrt Ifbcrsoic, Third row: Ralph Andurson, I.or.1n Oleon. Richard Jacobi, Don 'l'ilton, Marion blnmcs, Terry Nlgilonc, .lim Officcr, Bill Green, Don Lloyd, Iiiclurd Slcrns, Don Rosen, Tom Lynch. Ifourtli row: -lim lfostcr, Eldon Hm'cy, -lolin H.unil- ton, Richard Brown, Sam Wilson, liob Moss, Dick Crouse, klolin jondlc, linrl W'iss, Flbcrt Fox, Nlguqk Cfgirricr, Holi Nlvcr. Hrapplers lAXYRl'Nl1l' XY'll,l,lAN15, Student M4ui.igcr v-111 '- The Buys Ht Wurk inn Eng, Coaches Duea and Raker at work Track The 1946 track season started with the return of many lettermen. Witla their back- ing and the addition of many new hopefuls the outlook for the year is good. These men were scattered throughout the squad in distance, sprint, and field events. This year the squad has a tough schedule, it includes the follows: Valley Relays, Teacher Relays, Drake Relays, Big Seven, and State, along with some triangle meets here. First row, left to right: Student Manager Bob Myer, llarold klanssen, -lim liilch, Vfayne I'yenson, Dean Nitlel, Gordon Green, lfugene Nlilner, Bill Wolfe, Nlorris XY'idell, Earl Hudson, Don Lewin, Arla Doughty, Roy Dillon, lgugene Hay, Assistant Manager -lames Foster. Second row: "Mascot" -Iimmy Nestlund, kloe Arnold, Bob Ruehnast, Xlerle Fishel, lioh O'lSrien, l,ouis Ciross, XVilmer lfriesth. Bill liletcher, Duane Schultv, W'aldo XY"idell, Paul Nydegger, l'aul lfide, Dick Stephan, Boh Vferden, l.ou Pray, -lim Officer, Terry Malone, Don Lloyd. Third row: Roy Ciroat, jack l,unn, Toni Peddicord, Chuck Neal, lfldon lloyty, llerh Holden, Dean Knutson. Bob Brown, Roy llutchinson, Ollie Buckner, Sain Caniamo, Gerald Chingrcn, Jack Schweiger, ,loe Sanders, Clarke Stewart, Richard Llacobs, Jim Hovey. Last row: Athletic Director Forrest Marquis, Head Coach Ben Duea, lfarl W'iss, Darrell Folyog, Kenny Schmidt, Nlaryin Stringer, Bill Tracey, Dick Ziems. lfloren Thompson, Nvillis Samuelson, ,lim Hagen, Jerry lilomherg, liob Brainerd, Randy Durschmidt, Daryle Stcck, Bill Coy, Assistant Coach Raker. .N F ,Kas- V-WJ' 4' -:na arm. , batik vii-Wizfy -Naam. A A ' I t A' .. . ,p ,Q , ,S , 1945 EES The 1945 track team started the season with very good prospects. Eight returning lettermen formed the nucleus of Coach Duea's team. Four of the eight were molded into the 880 and mile relay teams in the state. Besides the relay teams, we had one of the best hurdlers in the state. Fort Dodge took fifth place in the Valley relays with Heinie Wasem defeating Jack Nygaard, 1944 champion. The Dodgers took fourth place in the Tomahawk relays and won the 880 at Drake. In a surprise move, Coach Duea took five men to the Grinnell meet, entered four events, and brought home four firsts. The mile relay broke the record which had been set by Coach Duea's Valley Des Moines team. The team forfeited its chance to win the District by keeping the relay team together to break the records. They broke both the 880 and the mile records. The team then went to the Big Seven and placed third. Then, two days before the meet, Duane Osam went to the Navy. This broke up the relay team of Osam, Wasem, Kruckman, and Pollard, thus Fort Dodge lost its chance of winning the State. -117- llelberl vll.llliCI', ,Ierry Slmffei-. Bill lmx, Tmni Milled, limb hlmlinxmn, Larry XY'iewel, Ciene Nlarelii, ,lme Nlmmre, Qflem llmng lirsi rmw, lefi lm rigliiz Kenny lirmwn, limb l'llel, l,mren Lliellen, Dale Clmelnxxn, Dielx lievmlel, iiemrsge C mnsi.1nLine, lliek XY'mlxl lxeiili C Jrlxmn, llimrxen, Xlmrrill Xleriele, Xlerle Nmrilxirmni, limb Yeelxig, l.5'le Selinli. Cmaeli Xleliinnrx. Seewml rmxx: Km.1eli llugliex. lliiul rmw: lmrgin Olsen. l'mrnmy llimnipxmn, Dmyle Ankruni, Xb alt O C mnnmr, Reg Clarke, llmb Unix, liill larsmn eirli .'Xnderxmn, llmn Clmrleslrnm, Kennetli lnglelimlni, Kendall llieper, Xl.irimn -l.nnex, liernargl Nlyer. lhvid Xlmr Xnderxmn. lfreel Keinlxe. lfirl l'l.1yringw, Dick Illix, Rayinmnll Brielimlif. Baseball i About fifty boys Answered Cmncli NleKinsrry's cull for baseball. The Dodgers lmve .ill the aspects of .1 very strong team, ,is tbey .ire bolstered by nine leuermen: Cbellen, Coclirnn, Mericle, Messerly, Constantine, W"mlcl, Nordstrom, Veclvig, xml lfevmlnl. Tlie team is also b.1elied by some experienced pl.1y ers who were not letter winners. Only twu boys need to be picked lm fill out tbe re.1m lineup. Tlie team lud only two weeks tm get in slinpe before its first encounter wilb Eagle Grove. C,m.xeliex Nleliinxtry .ll1Ll lluglies nupping pllyx. - l 18 fff 'il5mn, IH-Le liuekleiiuni. liruee Rmgers, lfranll linrlmn, -lmlin Llmnelle, ,lmlin lfmxxler, limb lirmwn, limn limitlinlin. Ciemrge lnmimii lin an nf the api . 52. I l it llialnnnll 1 Q 4 5 The beginning of the season did not look too good for the Dodgers, as there were only three lettermen returning. They were: Constantine, Woodard and Martin. Around these three a whole new and inexperienced team had to he built. There was much work to he done to improve the team. The Dodgers proved to be a strong team they dropped seven of the eleven foes by big margins. The last defeat was the hardest to take, because the Red and Black had just started hitting their stride, when they ran up against Somers. Eddie McNeil held the Dodgers to one hit, as he rang up an eight to three victory. This dropped the team from the District tournament. gg im ...M Tennis DODGER new Teams comms i UNM CQMITC wi mai avALgA.5,Q1 COURTESY GF 'KE QOH DODGE WARD OF EUUCQIQN, ANYWE azwwff wi Camus is EIPSUEVIQ FGLAW YW 4 ikftaifbws Qgxwmg ggmwg D51Er1ICL15Sm06t rms frat WAYS Witt ll MN HELPS Am Srinielsu mei :xv TD Mlf Ai STAY OFF IOUUS 2123952 if CGUFHS Standing: Dunne Mickelson, jack Vfnlrod. Hub Huglin, and Hob Manning. Kneeling: Gene Rxthermel, Douglas XVhit- ing, Don Renquist, .ind Bob l1bersole. This yenr's tennis tenm has some good prospects for the future. If it is not gi strong team this year, it is because of lack of experienced men, but the outlook for the following ye ll rs Ogdiooto. s HQMTAOIN ETAUIN ETAOIN ETAOIN ETAQIN ETAOIN N year is good. Most of the boys are new and the team has only two returning veterans, Gene Ruthermel and jack XVnlrod. Last yearis squad had two lettermen, Seymore Spilkn and Bob Rnthermel. - .,,. rherinel in .ietinng Clmeli lhrli. - 120 - Intramurals XVlien lforrest Nl.irquis became Atlileiie Director, lie was relieved of some of liis former duties. It was decided to put lllIC1'.1l'l1L11'L1lS under one l1e.1d, .ind tlie nun cliosen for tlie job was to be relieved of otlier Coieliing dutiei. Coach -Iolin XY'riglit was the nun eliosen for tlie job of building up tlie lagging interest in lI1f1'LIINL1l'Qll sports. B ll f l r t r l , l d 1 y giving .1 0 iiQ ime cu vor S, more wow were ine uee 0 mr- rieipnre. COALII NYRIGITI' x fgOll,Jll 'iw iff' wK..WM -121- 22 Intramural Bnslxetbnll Champs: Standing: Dick Zicms, Bill l'ilClCllCI', Bill O'Bricn, hlulin Vinson. Knccling: lilnrcn Tlwmpson, Morrill Nlcriclc, Whlz O'CQunnur, Bernard Myers lntiximurnl Wfrcstling Champs: Standing lcft in right: Murlc liisliel. lrv Ruluinsun. Dirk NY'old. llarulql Wfiliiiii. -lulin Vinson. linucling: Ind Becker, tlnlin Holi, Bill c.lLlb.'ILlgll. and Dnnalii O'Connor. I I1f1'L'llHl.ll'.'ll Swimming Clininps: slim llcmcry, Dick Kopp, and Bill Briglii, Nur in piciurc, Nlarvin Strings :- If rf" x 1 H valtb ix the 50001111 blmsing ibut we morfals arf' mjnalzlz' of,-u blvssifzg fbrzf IIIOIIUJ' l'lIlI7I0f buy." - 124 - BASKICTBALI. CHAMPIONS Betty Gripcnbcrg, Butty Crcg- urson, Zelda George, Barbara Bair, w'illl.lI11 Abbot, l..1 Vmme Bciglmtol, Gloria Fish, Doris lfcrgumou, lionnic Huxrn. lllil K 'Ill NNIS CQH.XNlI'lON Karr Xlaicr ' ' wflif l f P l IFIIQI IJ mill. x - T, f c,H,xx1PIoNs L . " l5.1clx ruxv: H4-lun liurcr, Xl.u- im- Bnzurmillcr, Ruse Sl-Irv. W' Scumnd row: llclurue llldy. liriglui. Bully liccd. W Front row: VLTHLI Krcimur, Palllinu linblmb. Miss Mums CIIXXIPIQ .' 'I l k' 151. Q V' ru . L 3 'ix .y- W Q A l A XX P XUIIIXHXII 'ig fy VNS lmulx xnxx lxmlu Xlmllu Ilulmxw Idlly. Kuu Xl.llCI', ,,-X I Xlaxim' l51'.1tlm1llur', lrmm' Q :mx ljlllllll H ll llw lk lU1uI1Ul1lLlu llglln liwrlx ll-mu lillu mlx F L HAI Miss Nnrdman JNIINTUN IJUUISI I, C IIANIPIONS llaulim- l"l.1lvl1.1b .md Kam Xhiur Suplcinliui' llcucinluui' Xlarcli liclll ball starts Lliu wlicul Lurn- Ylillci liall is tlic sulwjcu for This nwnlli lurings Lis lluuls len ing in girls' after-scliool lI'lll'.l' Lliis niontli. ll found many girls nis Lluulvlcs, wliiqli cruatcs quill murals. iiiurivstull in lliis ism'lsuut. a bit of cmnpcrition lwulxvccii lullhs. Uctcilwr lan Liars April Tliis mnntli lirings us into llic Tliis is llic niuntli wlicn Llic girls Now is nhl- riniu for all tlic gii liilsing scason for all girls ixliu misc tunnis raclacts aml a sinall to l.1lsC.1 rcst ln' taking part in xvisli to participatc. lvirnl, wlicn liit, ilics tliroiigli tliu ping pong singles anll llqiulilus. air witli rliu grualust ol msc! Niivuiiilvci' l-clwruary Mai' Now tliaL ilil- cnlll wuallicr lias i-Xli! l"clJruary is tliu inonlli During Lliis tiinc of Llic ycar in wt in, 'ac final tlic girls playing wlicn wc linll tlic girls getting liiml ilic girls out in rliu upgn Llccls lcnnis singles in Llic gina. a gland worlsoiil, wliicli is tlic again. carrying on a sI1'L'I1llOlIs season of lyislxc-Llv.ill. ganic of suftliall. W- 126 A The bulletin board plays an important part in the Gee, some girls are anxious for a workout. Girls' Intramural program. D R E R S 0 S 0 I M N G The girls are resembling a ladies, aid meeting before going into the gym. Clean towel service eertainly carries a line of beautiful girls. Qahemlj ir is :Asian My, some girls just eun't help admiring themselves, but there still nren't enough mirrors yet, huh, Pee-Wee? -r,. Q 1' 3 Q i1i'Xl -127- Swimming plays an important part in every active girl's life. Begin- ning classes are taught proper breathing, tread- ing, floating, etc. Deep end swimmers perfect their dives and swim- ming the lengths. in 2 ff W ia. rag, 4 f K? if . Dodge ball, fancy dives, etc., lend a variety to the clwsses. Life saving is, perhaps, one of the most worth- while nctivities carried on in high school. The classes convene after school and Saturdays. qua F3 ww. vim fM,,,,W ' ' W W Q 2 1 E f T' , s 1 w wvgbf? Q W' N' M y 2' . 5214315 if nf M "De W, M., Q55 ,ff ,uf V1 wifi: ' Q' dwwwgikm ' M lk , ,N ,Q QA W1:sw,,W,5 NM N1 , 'A W ' -aw fw3:'E.mwx 4 A W Q' ww ,M ' vw "If a little knowledge is dangerous, where is the 77 who has so much as to be out of danger? - 130 - 1071 f i L D . E A N There has never been a time when the need for a college education was more evident. The opportunity to receive this great experience is reaching out to many to whom advanced study has never before been possible. Our government has recognized the need for college trained men and women and has opened the gates of higher learning to them. The road to a college degree will still, however, be filled with obstacles. Remember, that anything worth B E R R I E R having is worth working for. The challenge of edu- cation is as great as that we faced when our demo- cratic way of life was threatened. Let us meet this challenge with the same American spirit. Our coun- try needs a mass army in the field of modern edu- cation. - Way Q6I'I'd'f Junior College Faculty Raymond Berrier, Dean linglishg speech Ruth Goodrich English Ingeborg Highland social studies Bernice Bernatz mathematics Ethel Shannon mathematics -1 231 Elvin Chapman chemistry-physics Margaret Peterson biology Margaret lflom commercial A. McKinstry drafting Harriet MacMullan librarian lg llorothi Arinstrong, vice president: -lack lfippgis, president: lloise Mmm-ly, secret.try-treastirer, Pence is won. XVC, the students of xlunior College, therefore by increasing our knowledge will try to uphold and protect this peace for our country and the world. lt is edue.1tion that will shine the light of pence. ff I yi , II ' ' - at 1 za 1 j f. ff J President of junior College il. C. COL'NlfIl-lop ron: ilioni lieiner, lioh lNinxlow, Orxyil Xlillx, ,Ioe liodgen, li.1rl hlohnwn, -Iohn Xhild, Karl King. 5et' ond row: Saxitlberhig. Henry XX.isein. l'.xul Xl.irtin, Don llillnmn. Carl l5.ihl.i.s Keith Peterwn. lront row: Nornm lhy loan Q..lYQ1ILlLIgl1. Mary Lenipnres, lburoiliy Armytrong, Shirley Rule, Pat Dwyer, Betty King. .,17!'J,,. Third row: lryin Fricsth. Karl johnson, Paul Marlin, Hialniar Sandberg, Phil liureh, Otto Jacobson, Cvlen Lundf lilad, Reyhurn Krueliman, Harold Arltoff. Don Jordison. Vere Xvalrod. Keith Peterson, and ,lohn Vfold. Second row: Mildred Hanson, Mary Coleman, Beverly Schuster, Maurice Quinlan, Nora l'ranees l.ent7, Patricia Dwyer, Mary l,t-mparcs. Betty Nitlwlls, and Vivian hlcnson, First row: Vivian Sandal, Betty Ring, lloise Nlosely, Nina Nagy. .leanne Sear. l.yall Butler, Nancy Pilcher. lfvelyn Xlix, Xlargaret NVilli:uns, and Marilyn johnson, Junior College Chorus The junior College Chorus this year, under the direction of Clayton Hathaway, en- ioyed one of its most successful seasons in many years. One of the highlights of the season was an extended tour of Northwest Iowa cities in the spring. The junior College Choir was also engaged with the high school choir in producing the annual operetta "A Wtiltz Dreamu, providing two principals and many chorus people. Witli many more members returning next year, Mr. Hathaway is looking forward to an even more successful season in 1947. Repertoire: Cindy Holiday Song To Thee We Sing Rain and the River Hospodi Pomilui The Lord ls My Shepherd Sleep Baby, Sleep liloise Xloscly, aeconipanist, Yiyian Sandal, Shirley Rule, l.yall llutlcr. Nlary Coleni Nlary lempares, lfyelyn Mix S E X T E T - 1313 - Panthers Coach Hughes fkneelingj Orval Mills, Don llillinan, Don W'eishaar, Joe DiNito, -lohn NX'old, Vern Gustafson. Compiling an average of 55.6 points against 46.8 points for the opponents the Panthers, with plenty of height and experience, sped through the shortened season winning 15 out of 16 games. No one knew exactly what to expect from the bunch of sad sacks that answered Coach Hughes' call for players until the first game of the season with Eagle Grove when they ran up 89 points in 40 minutes of basketball. From then on until the state tourna- ment at Burlington it was a question of how many points the Panthers could make during a game. ff ' Bob Moe, stellar Panther guard, was lost to the team just before the tournament which might have been the difference between victory and defeat. S03S0ll,S Reeords We They Eagle Grove . . 89 28 Estherville . 49 40 Northwestern . . 56 43 Mason City , , 48 27 Estherville 48 38 Boone . 58 49 Northwestern .. 55 32 Creston , 49 33 Creston . . . .. 59 33 Eagle Grove ., 73 23 Mason City . 66 47 Tournament Muscatine , 47 34 Mason City , , .48 45 Burlington . .41 43 -- 13241 Y Panther Back row: Nlr. Marquis, Dean Berrier, Dennis Vfiewel, Heinie Vfasexn, Rey Kruclsman, Al Potter. Bob Nlerris, Ivan Friesth, Student Manager: Coach Hughes. Front row: Crval Mills, Don Kill- man, Don Xveishaar, Alohn XYold, Vern Gustafson. ,loe DiNito, Keith Peterson. Led by seven Wforld W'ar veterans and coached by Howard Hughes, a veteran him- self, the Panther Cagers brought basketball back to the Fort Dodge junior College with a bang by turning in the enviable record of 14 wins against one defeat. The lone defeat Came from the hands of the Burlington squad in the finals of the unofficial state tournament at Burlington in a thrill packed battle, 43-41. It seems good to have the boys back. Actiun Wet feet, Mary? Future Marine. Big Bend. Any danclruff, Lyall? On the sunny side of the strcct. Ship ahoy. -136- Cold, honey? i Bombs away! Let it snow, let it snow. ife School dale. Clothes shortage, Viv? Just 1 the boys. lsn't the hat out of plncu, Max? A cup of coffcc, a sandwich -137- .Iuninr Enlleqe restents .Iosephina , Madge Stevens Laura Jessup, ,, Ben Stevens, Mr. Taylor ,, , Kate Hereford H , Aunt Emily N , Senator Phil Ford lst Legionnaire, 2nd Legionnaire 3rd Legionnaire, , Ronald Stevenst, , PFC Danny Baker Mrs. Garrett Detective , Martha , , , Colonel West , ,, .. FUN CAST Mary Lempares Vivian Sandal , Patricia Dwyer Keith Peterson , Tom Beisser , N Lyall Butler t, -Ioan Ruebel , Jim Greenfield , Tom Gullgren Hjalmar Sandberg John Fischer , Paul Martin Karl Johnson , Eva Veaeh , Irvin Friesth Eloise Moseley Lloyd Hambleton The uniot College play this year was the smashing Broadway success SNAFU. The play dealt vi ith the problems of the returning war veterans by coupling them in some risque predicaments The leading character was ably portrayed by "our boyf, Keith Peterson Calias "Adl1b J Although the cast was not stampeded by a drove of talent scouts brandishing luseious offers to appear on the legitimate stage or in the cinema, the production was considered by most eireles espeeilllx the eirele in the dressing roomy to be a raging success. -138 .-1 -- -7 1 4 x K S lr KM l 1 B r 4 l l li S A notable addition was add- ed to the Fort Dodge Junior College this year in the "Pan- ther Roomf, Located in the west end of the main hall, the 'Room' is a combination lounge, study room, and rum- pus room for Junior College students. A popular gathering place for all junior College students before, during and after class- es, the Panther Room boasts the best in modern equip- ment. Not only does it have a radio, several divans, easy chairs and the like, but it is f-ll Ease rumored that it is soon to have a niekelodain. It is only right that a little of this space be devoted to thanking the persons respon- sible for the new lounge. We thank you, Mary Lempares, Wnillaee Winkel, Mary Cole- man, Shirley Rule, for a grand job. - 139 - Sigma l,yall Butler, vice president, Eloise Mosely, treasurerg Dorothy Armstrong, secretaryg Betty King, president. joyed. Other special occasions were the annual Christmas party at which faculty members were guests, the Valentine dance on February 11, as well as a "chiliU supper given by C. women of the Alpha Phi Early in the fall all junior College girls were invited to help organize "Sigma Alpha Phi," Junior College sorority, for the coming year. Starting the calendar of events members held a roller skating party. This was the first of a series of social gatherings which the Saps en- faculty, and it bowling party. The last meeting was the M0ther,s Day tea given every spring by the sorority. Miss Shannon, the advisor for the group, was assisted this year by Miss Bernatz. N99 140 - C 0 L L D E 0 G D E G E R 1 JODGER STAFF Mary Ieinpares, Pat Dwyer, lfditor, l,y.1ll Butler, and Melvin Highland Junior College publications this year consisted of the College Campus and the College Dodger. The College Campus had a slow start, and it was only in the second semester that it was published in "The Little Dodgerf, Since that date it has appeared in each issue and was the pride and joy of junior College. The Dodger staff also had a slow start, but this section shows they came through. COl.l.liGl7i CAMPUS STAFF Mary Coleman. Charlotte Leavitt, Glenn Lundblad, Mary Lempares, Iiditor, john W'old, Harold Arkuff and Dean Liehtenluurg. Absent from picture: Shirley Rule, Orval Mills, and Jim Greenfield. COLLEGE CAMPUS LUME 27 FURT D.0DiLli. IOWA ' NUIYIBI iterest C. Summer Session Pfmflffrs Win 'L Victory their 11th con dawning Masor Great the lim' finished up X Iecem pon undefeated M dents tested high scorei credit. guard, su does YITIIBI' TWO rolled aio' victory I downing a From Iowa five an their -141- Nm! Sa 7fze .M 4 Iffze 1946 fzswzye Frum the Edilnr's Desk: MI-Iey, Jack! Get movin'g we need that picture tomorrow-And, Bev, how about that copy on your seniors? You want the book to be blank? All pictures, I suppose!-Merope, have you got the car? How about taking this S by 7 camera back? They wanted it yesterday!-No, How- ard, we can,t waste a flash bulb on that picture. We need some good subjects. How about getting l'MickU to work? I-Iels been slowin' down. -Oh, excuse me, Mic!-jane, you go see Mr. Bergan and see if you can get the band picture lined up for Wednesday. What, you,re not speak- ing? Use sign language. Better get Gwen to quit flirting with the sopho- mores while the boys are taking pictures!-XVhat's that Daryl? You want to have more pages? Sorry, son, we've already stolen two of Hecht's and one of Jane's. We'll get caught pretty soon.-Where,s Pat Dwyer? We need some J. G. dummy. She hasn,t done it yet. She,s fired!! No, hire her back, nobody else will work.-Chris, will you type this lousy column for me? I've just had typing six weeks. You,Ve got a date? You,re fired! No, I'l1 take it back, if you,ll copy this, please.-Frances, how are you and Marion coming? Did you get those swimming pictures? Well, keep the boys out of the pool, it's a good camera.-Martha, how about a date- no! I mean a date for all the copy that you're supposed to have in. Get Tessie to help you." l'Well, seriously, now that it is all over, I want to thank Miss Deters most of all for her help, the work she did, and the advice she has given. Thanks also go to Mr. Feelhaver, Mr. Weston, and to Mr. Merryman and all who have helped to make our yearbook a possibility." Thanks, .QM -l43- A Cappella Choir Art Club 77 7 Administration All School Play Assemblies 7 Athletics fBoysj Athletics qGirlsj Baseball 77 77 77 Basketball QBoysQ Big Dodger Staff 7 Board of Education Boys Quartette 7 B x'g1 ss Sextet 7 Cheerleaders 77 Chorus 7 Concert Band Debate 77 7 7 Dedication Drum Majors 7 Faculty 7 7 7 Fiestas Sin Siestas Football 7 Football Que n and Attendants e Girl Reserves Girls Sextet 7 Hi-life 7 19115 Hnllqur Index 7 74- 75 7 7 68 H 27- 31 7 58 63 95-122 123-128 7 118-119 106-110 7 754- 55 H 29 76 73 7 7 97 76- 77 772- 73 7 7 62 1 7 71 7 32- 36 7 67 98-105 7 53 68 7 75 7 83- 94 Intramurals 7 Junior Class 7 7 lunior Class Ofhcers 7 Iunior College 7 Know Your School77 7 Little Dodger Staff 77 Madrigal Marching Band 7 Nucleus 7 Operetta 77 Orchestra 7 7 Sans Souci Senior Class 77 77 Senior Class Officers Senior Play 7 7 Sho i.x' Shop Orchestra Sophomore Class Sophomore Class Oiiicers s. P. Q. R. Stage Crew 7 77 Student Council swimming qoiflsp Tennis 7 Track 7 7 7 7 Trumpet Trio 7 Wrestling C 1.171 -77 121-122 H39- 45 7 39 129-141 7 61 756- 57 77 71 7 67 78- 79 80- 81 7 66 8- 26 7 7 7 59 7 7 78 47- 50 46 66 7 60 64- 65 7 60 7 120 116-117 S2 111-115

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Fort Dodge High School - Dodger Yearbook (Fort Dodge, IA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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