Fort Dodge High School - Dodger Yearbook (Fort Dodge, IA)

 - Class of 1945

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Af MEM j- ,rfj 5 Q W M QW C 1-LQ DMV! 5555 WK! EBM- REM IEEE EEE The future is ours Our nation has called on its young men and women for the ultimate test of their courage, their fortitude and their loyalty. They have met that test in the warg in the days of peace that are to come, their enthu- siasm will enable them to build with their own hands a world Worthy of their vision. '7!ze 1945 Zacfgw Walume XXXFW IIUIIISEH STAFF Louise Constantine D, An.n as or as .nn7,. nnnn n,nnnnn D D so Editor Wayne Smith i,..eeee ,iei,. s D D eeee r , Business Manager Joan Knowles s osss ,ssss.sssos,,ossss r D .sss or is to Senior Edifors Theano Pappas, Anne Mitchell, Vince Swanson Kay Williamsrrr D. s,.oosso.isssss Faculty, Classes, Aciivifirs Nancy Pilcher, Dale Hilton, Juana Kirchner, Arline Estlund lzleanor Hoevet D .ososs D D .D r as Ari Bob Brady, Dick Cervene Ralph Woodard D D D , , Boys' Sfmrfx Jerry Kiliper Donna Rae Olson D Girls' Sporfs Mary Martin Madronna Green rs,r srr, rs.r D D s rrr. r srsrr rrrrr , or Hi-Life JoAnne Foley, Norma Day, Jane Porter Georgeanne Rankin . D - D ,,rr D D r.srrr r ,.rrr,, Copy Editors Dick Kaveny, Martha Pray Jian' .zafqe Jay, School 44:41 fbovlge, iowa -3- To our own American high school, we dedicate this book . . . a place where rich and poor work hand in hand, Where White and black are treated as equals, where We are educated to end ancient hates, prejudices and understandings and to make the world a better place in which to live. I -4- Hail io the school we love ev Are The Seninrs nf '45 gg I F- Q, 2 V f 4 I 'Q , ggi-3 , Q K if - -.v.- V, ,kr ,., -.,i,.Q2.1',sxf:.::: A, f f-E 'I v 5 5 President BOB SCHWEIGER BOB ULSTAD Vice President Secretary Treasurer DONNA RAE OLSON CAROL BODELL . . . Inexperienced, but confident of our ability we accept the challenge of tomorrow. The future holds much for us, an abundance of opportunities and a promise of peace. We know there will be many battles to fight, many victories to be Won. Realizing this we start forward, leaving the past a bit reluc- tantly perhaps, but eager to grasp the future that is ours. Bob Schweiger, Presiderrt of Senior Class -7- will BEVERLY ALLAN-Good semi' and social glrr' . . . Chorusg Girl Reservesg Victory Corpsg Art Club. O BEVERLY ANDERSON-Maiilvn ufiih ibv lPIc"l'k, f1r0u'u ryrs . . . Chorusg Physical Education: Vic- tory Corps. DEBOURAS ANDERSON--Willy um! Iiwly mul full of fllll . . . Girl Reserves. I EDWARD EUGENE ANDERSON-I-l1"ll fiml a way . . . Intramurals: Victory Corps. GERALDINE ANDERSON-A rlmm'.vfirulr'fl lmlly . . . Chorus: Victory Corps. O HELEN ELIZABETH ANDERSON-Frliil7fI1lm'xx aml Xi11l'!'l'ffj' firsl of all . . . Art. LEROY ANDERSON-May hz' bc' 1lxlJ1'n'd in bix own good forlune . . . Chorusg Operettng Student Councilg Band. O WANETA IRENE ANDERSON-The brxf of life is ronwrxation . . . Intramuralsg Stage Crew: Oper- ettag Fourth Period Chorusg Victory Corpsg Hiking Club. DOROTHY MARIE ARMSTRONG-A lhing of bvauly is a joy forevrr . . . Student Councilg A Cappella Choirg junior Chorus Sextetg Operettag Little Dodgerg Sophomore Class Secretaryg Girl Re- servesg Madrigal. I ROBERT BANWELL-A brilliani mind with man- ners kind . . . Bandg Stage Crewg Victory Corpsg Latin Club: Intramural Basketball. JUNE ROSALIE BECKER--So gullant aml so gay . . . Speechg Bandg Girls Athleticsg Co-op. l BILL BEERS-Fume and honors lofty shim' . . . Sophomore Class Presidentg Chorusg Spanish Club fTreasurerJg Art Clubg Science Club: Football fCaptainQg Student Councilg Basketballg Trackg A Cappella Choirq Operetta. -3- O CHARLOTTE BEEBE-Silrncr' is xuffivirnt . . Sophomore Chorusg Girls Basketball Team.. O JACK BEIGHTOL-Tomorrow I shall xrvk flu' ruxf lmrizfm . . . Victory Corpsg Intramurals: Wrcs' tling. IZVIELYN BFLMIZR-In brr quir'!m'xx ix Fhtlflll . . . Victory Corps. O BETTY BENSON-Fim' munnrrx arf' tbr mauflc of fair mimlx . . . Student Councilg Victory Corps. DON BENSON-Nolbiflg grvul um vrrr ill'hil'l'l'l, willmlll rlzfbmiuml. , O VELMA BENSON-Wisz', mmlvxl, and ronxiunt. . f iz W div N'-Jr' Vvfpx ADFRMO BIANCHI-ll ix u world of xlarlliug lloxsillilifirs . . . Victory Corps: Intramural Basket- hall. O MILDRED BLOOMQUIST-Rnrrly .wrn wilholll u xmilr . . . Basketballg Ping Pong: Kittenball. CAROL BODELL-This world bm uugvlx all lun fvu' and HfHl'ff1 is ozwrflozuing . . . Libraryg Little Dodgerg Girl Reservesg Victory Corps: Student Councilg Spanish Clubg Senior Class Treasurer. I JACK BONNELL-Hr will midfrlakc' io do grmll Ibingx . . . Baskerballg Art Clubg Tennis fCaptainJ: Stage Crewg Cheerleaderg Senior Play. HELEN BOTHE-S0 5lU!'l'f mul fair sln' ix Chorusg Style Showg Homemaking Teas. O BETTY JEAN BRADLEY'-S14'r'1'l Xilllillififj' . . Bandg Chorusg Girls Athletics. -9- X g, 3:4 QQ.. .41 I BEVERLEE BROCK-A gay serene spirit . . . In- tramuralsg junior Chorusg Sextetg A Cappella Choir. C EUGENE BROWN-The shortest answer is iloing . . . Marching Bandg Concert Bandg Orchestrag Show Shop Orchestrag String Quartetg A Cappella Choir. O ROGER BROWN-He applies himsrlf diligently . . . Bandg Orchestrag Brass Sextetg Victory Corps. O ELIZABETH BURKLAND-A smilr of siurrrily that I1l'l'l'f fmlfs . . . Victory Corps. I CARL BURT-Ifx a wry good 'uxorlal io lim- in . . . Marching Bandg Concert Bandg Chorus. C LYALL BUTLER-As merry as Ihr' day is long . . . Orchestrag Sophomore Chorus: A Cappella Choirg Operettaq Little Dodgerg Girl Reservesg Radio An- Ylllllncef. O KENNETH BUTZIER-Quirl and rlignifizfil, as bf'- romffs a rrul man . . . Band: Orchestrag Brass Sex- tetg Chorusg Baskerballg Stage Crew. I JULIA CADY-Her friends ba-st know her hm' worlh . . . Sophomore Chorusg Girls Athletics. O MARY JANE CALLAHAN-Chumv' fauna! fourth lm'-time cannoi bush me . . . Chorusg Girl Re- servesg Librariang Art Clubg Latin Club fVice Presi- dent, Secretaryli Radio Announcerg Senior Life Savingg Little Dodgerg All School Play. O BETTY CANNOY-Hard working, slrarly uml failhful is she' . . . Orchestrag Chorus. C RITA CANNOY-HM smilr' is warm uml glailxomc . . . Marching Band: Concert Bandg Chorus. O GERALD CARLSON--Wt' arcomplisb murh :uhm wr' work quietly . . . Footbnllg Baseball. 10- HARRIET CARLSON-Iolly and rnergeiir . . Girl Reserves: Swimming. O KENNETH CARLSON-A beffrr man you roulil m'1'1'r fiml . . . Wrestling: Football: Student Coun- cil fPresidentJ: Hi-Y. MARILYN CARLSON-Good nalureal, quirl and well liked . . . Intramurals: Life Saving: Orchestra: Chorus. O JOE CARPENTER--A man of few ufordx . . . Football: Basketball: Track: Chorus: Art Club fSecretary and Treasurerj: Intramurals: Swim- ming: Hi-Y: Victory Corps fCommander, Land Divisionj, HUBERT CARROLL-Bashfnl and a good xfmrl for all of ibut . . . Debate: Senior Scouts fPresi- dentj: Little Dodger: Football: Student Manager. O JOE CASEY-Drlerrninalion will always win . . . Chorus: Operetta: Intramurals: Wrestling. JOAN CAVANAUGH-Her uwyx are gvnllr, her flixpoxifion c'hc'1'rful . . . Little Dodger: Girl Re- serves: Victory Corps. O DANA CAVANAUGH-Efforlx ulufayx rnfali- ahilily . . . Sophomore Basketball: Track: Intra- murals: Basketball CStudent Managerj: Swimming: Speech. RICHARD CERVENE-Why' lake lift' xr'riml.tly? . . . Sophomore Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Oper- etta: Boys Quartet: Debate: Senior Scouts: Art Club: Tennis: Big Dodger: Victory Corps. O DOLORES CHALLBERG-I,izfr', laugh and lu' merry . . . Little Dodger: Girl Reserves: Victory Corps. CLAYTON CHALSTROM-I iboughl I saw him xtmlying, hu! lo! if was a ilrram . . . Intramurals: Baseball :Student Managerj: Victory Corps. O ALBERTA CHAPMAN-Iiffnrl alufayx rrmllwx ulzilify. -11 . N E-'SZ YQ. , ..,.I' O DON Cl-IRISTENSEN-Wise, bu! ln' :favs 71Uf laik about bis kuowlrrlgc' . . . Intramurals. O JANE CHRISTIANSON-A .llllflillg ffm' mul xlnlrkliflg I'-YIZY. 0 HELEN JEAN COLLAN-1 my my paw mar lcmlx me as it may . . . Bandg Victory Corps. O LOUISE CONSTANTINE-A pvrfvrl woman, nobly plunmfzl . . . Cheerleaderg junior Class Presi- dentg Girl Reserves QPresident, Vice Presidentj: Victory Corps fSecretaryjg Big Dodger fEditorJ: Spanish Clubg All School Playg Junior College Play: National Forensic Leagueg Debateg One Act Plays. O HELEN COPPINGER-l'll lu' Nll'l'f-1' IIIIAI frrv Chorusg Victory Corps. O GERALDINE CROFT-My bmlrl ix warm zuillr Ihr frizfndx I make . . . Student Councilg Chorus: Art Clubg Girl Reserves: Victory Corps. O IRENE DAVIDSON-Ax xilrrl ux xln' lnnlex uml swf'ctr'r. O MERLE DAVIDSON-Hz'n"x a :mm wills lmainx and wit . . . Basketballg Footballg Trnckg Baseball: Victory Corps. O MARGARET DAVIS-A womzufs work is 17I'l'l'l' zlom' . . . Girls Athleticsg Librarinng Victory Corps. I VIVIAN DAVIS-Youfb cormhv buf onrr' in a lifv- tirm' . . . Girl Reservcsg Victory Corpsg Sophomore Chorus. O NORMA JEAN DAY-Shr' bas all ibn charm of woman . . . Chorusg Girl Reserves: Librariang Big Dodger: Art Club. O LOIS MAY DENCKLAU-Sprrrh is .iilifrr buf xilcnu' is golilrn . . . Victory Corps. 12- JOHN DFSSINGLR-114' ix u'' who flolb lulfc buf lilllv. Q BOB DICKICRSON-Ob, if ii 1'xr'z'Uc'r1l lu lmu' u ,qiaflfx .vlrruglb . . . Football: Baseball: Little Dodger: Art Club: Intramurals. VPQRONICA DOYLIC-lr1H,Y. Hire, and i'l11'rg1'lir' . . . Chorus. C STANLEY ECKLUND - Bl'X!Hll', ilull nm' . . . Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Latin Club: Little Dodger: Opcretta: Victory Corps. IIOAN liGliLAN1J-Iuy uml lrlnnim' run ilu' in . . . Victory Corps. . NORMA IQGGIQN-llcr blur! is ux ligbl ui bar rrwx are lvrigbl . . , Intramurals. MAYNARD ROI5I'1R'I' ICCKLUND-ljlllr .mirl ii .wwurxl ruvmlml . . . Band. Q BETTY jliANNl'f ENTERLINK-I'f1'u.wf1I amz' jmx- .vrxxnl . , . Band: Show Shop: Orchestra: A Cappella Chorus: Operetta: Little Dodger: Aceompanist. LUCILLIC IQNZAURO-May your ln'url'x rlzuin' ln' yours . . . Student Council. I FRANCES IQSPINOZA-N1'z'z'r 41 u'urrVy, ln'1'4'r u Curr . . . Intramurals: Girl Reserves: Victory Corps. AR l.lNli FSTLUND-IIz'r Slllfll' is lilw Ibm' l'll'llill'Q milzl . . . Debate: Chorus: Art Club: Spanish Club 1SecrctaryJ: Girl Reserves: Radio Announcer: Big Dodger: Victory Corps. C PAUL EVANS-Hc"s a boy of quid u-'nys . . . Vic- tory Corps. 1131 xy-'J , 14 ALAN EVENSON-The world is as you take il . . . Wrestlingg Football. I MARY LOU FALCO-Sbz"x ulwuyx ,qooll-lmlurml . . . Intramuralsg Victory Corps. HELEN .IIEAN FLEAK--Thaw-'x a rim uml xnup in ber plrusanl ways . . . Librariang Stage Crcwg Student Councilg Victory Corps. Q DONNA JEAN FLETCHER -Sbz' bar many friends uml nary a foe' . . . Intramuralsg Girl Rc- scrvcsg Victory Corps. IRENE M. FIALA-Blrss lbw man who illl't'llfl'll books . . . Chorusq Girls Athleticsg Victory Corps. C .IO ANN FOLEY-Tbr ryvx ban' om' lunguugv i'H'ryu'bf'rr' . . . Operettag Sophomore Choirg A Cappella Choirg Big Dodgerg Art Clubg Spanish Clubg Girl Reservcsg Chorus. LOUISE LIEAN FOOTE-lux! u wixb lo br-lp un- olhrr . . . Stage Crcwq Librariang Girl Rcservcsg Victory Corps. I JACK GRANT FOSTER-Tall, dark, and bund- xozm' . . . Trackg Basketballg Victory Corps. JAMES O. FRI-IDIN-I um :ml lbt' I-yju' lo run' . . . Student Council. 1 I ERMA FRETTE-Her hvarfx as light as ber brown hair . . . Chorusg Victory Corps. S Il I1 ny MARY GARVER-Sbr' xprmlx lm' duyx in doing good . . . Orchcstrug Sans Soucig Chorusg Sopho- more Girls Chorusg Bandg Sophomore Mixed Cho- rusg Opcrettag Girl Rcservcsg Show Shopg Victory Corps. I HELEN LAVONNE GEORGE-This Iilwufin' is rx friend . . . Intramurals. I WILLIAM GIiORGIi-Ili' ii win' who doll! Iullc lm! u lilllm' . . . Intramurals. I xIUNIf GILIILRT-fl xu'l'1'1 llffI'lll'fll'l' leillil of gram' . . . Little Dodger: Girl Reserves: Spanish Club: Victory Corps. I GLORIA GRAS-An inli-lligwnl miml ivilb umu- llvrx kiml . . . Chorus: Library: Sans Souci: Girl Reserves. I I'iVIfLYN MAL GRIfIfI'IIfY-TIN' uxulllull lbul ill'- lilwralrw ii lux! . . . Girl Reserves: Chorus: Victory Corps. I JEAN GRHICNIC-Slit' lmx Ibn! Allllll-Y ilixjroxiliull . . . Chorus: Intramurals. I MADRONNA GREEN-A ll1Ut1l'l'lI girl wilb big blur vyvx and a lnwxomllily lwirv lim' xizr' . . . Sans Souei: Art Club: Girl Reserves: Big Dodger: Chorus. I QIIM GRIiIiNFlIiI.D-Qnivl nufil you lillflll' him . . . Announcer: Little Dodger. I 4IUNIi GRICIQNLIlil:-l'4'rxru1alily ix Ihr' xvfrrl of ibm' uniifm' . . . Stage Crew: Little Dodger: Girl Reserves: National Forensic League: All School Play. I LAURISNCE Ii. GROAT-A qnirl buy, lm! wbul' tl boy . . . Basketball: Victory Corps: Intramurals. I AIANIC GROSS-A frirmll-y mins, bulrpy iunl gag . . . Chorus: Vieto Corps. S P9 M: I MILDRIQD GUIiRNSIiY-Hur iuli'n'iI is fllfllfil lu xjmrly . . . Girl Reserves: Libnlrinn. I CLIFFORD GUILD-Always iz xwrll fellow . . . Basketball: Wrestling: Student Council: Intramu- rals: Victory Corps. -15 at qi Si i .4-J is 57 0 CHARLOTTE HADE-Her zllubliions rrurb ibm' sky . . . Girl Reserves: Student Council: Girls Ath- letics: Victory Corps. C EUGENE HAIR-Euch man must ilo bix lwxl . . . Band: Orchestra: Victory Corps. O BOB HALBACH-Tbrr1"s u rrowzl . . . Basketball: Chorus: Intramurals: Student Council: Art Club: Victory Corps. O SHIRLEY HAMBLETON-She malzrx friends vurrywbcrv . . . Chorus: Stage Crew: Girl Reserves: Victory Corps. O HELEN ROSE HAMLOW-A good cook for u lucky mul: . . . Intramurals: Victory Corps. O ANNABELLE HANDELAND-Hur ruurl fvurlx fu- wardx XIICCFXS . . . Little Dodger: Intramurals: Vic- tory Corps. O MILDRED HANSON-lux! ui lmjrp-y ux ber xulili' zlisfloxvx . . . Basketball: Band: Chorus: Intra- murals. O BETTY HARING--Lv! ull ber ways ln' um'oufim'11 . . . Chorus. I BETTE JANE HARRINGTON-Chvwflzl and happy . . . Intramurals: Latin Club: Girl Reserves: Stage Crew: Victory Corps. O KENNETH HICKEY-Hv'Il fiml a uwy . . . Wres- tling: Intramurals: Track. O WANDA JOYCE HIEKE-Silrrln' ix .illffifffllf . . . Orchestra: Tumbling Club: Chorus: Girl Reserves Victory Corps. O MELVA HIGHLAND-Seldom .wen zvilhonl a smile . . . Sports: Little Dodger: Girl Reserves: Art Club: Victory Corps. 16- O ,IOHN HILL-Nafbirlg xvwilx lu rm! him any frouhlv . . . Football: Swimming: Wrestling: Base- ball: A Cappella Choir: Student Council: Intra- murals: Operetta: Victory Corps. O DALE HILTON-Always Ibrn' :uhm flat' hand slurfx playing . . . Band: Orchestra: Big Dodger: Brass Sextet: Show Shop Orchestra: Trumpet Trio: Intramurals: Basketball: Student Council: Secretary of -Iunior Class: Victory Corps. O li1iT'I'Y HINTCH-Fur u ligbl bear! Iii-vs lung . . . Swimming: Chorus. I IQLIQANOR HOEVIZT-Soiizvduy u.'r"ll sec' ber nami- in lighlx . . . Sophomore Chorus: Junior Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Operctta: One Act Plays: All School Play: Stage Crew: Radio Announcer: Big Dodger: Girl Reserves: Art Club: Spanish Club. I ISD HOLLAND-He is a man, taht' him for ull in all . . . Orchestra: A Cappella Choir: Wrestling: Football: Intramurals: Operettag Show Shop Or- chestra: Victory Corps. I .IACK I'IOLMQUIST-Ilz"x not xo wrious ax bv luukx . . . Band: Victory Corps. A ,fl A , I RACWQ A i ' I K O l.OUlSl'l LCRN--flu' ruin' u'i1.x iufl, grnllr, uml frm' . . . Chorus. O CARROLL HOVICK-Auibiliwi bux im rm! . . . Band: A Cappella Choir: Football: Baseball: Brass Sextet: Intramurals: Sophomore Chorus: Operctta: Student Council: Latin Club: Victory Corps. I LEANNA HOWARD-Shi' Fbdfllli ux lzy lbi' .trin- xbim' of bm' smile . . . Latin Club: Girl Reserves. O ANNICE CAROL HURLIiY-Nalliiug ix iilipox- sible Io u willing bvar! . . . Art Club: Stage Crew. O NHTTIIC IBSIQN-Mr'rk11i'ix is Mol u'r'akln'ix O ROBERT JACOBS--Fvu' bvailx uuifb knuzulvilgr' xo inforrmui . . . Band: Oruhestra. -17 ' my as C HENRY ,IANSSEN jR.-For ha"x as gow! u fcllow as any on rartln . . . Baskctballg Baseballg Footballg Victory Corps. O ADRIAN JEFFERS-Hviglzfb is not uxbal mukvx nzrn grvat . . . Victory Corps. Q PAUL JENSEN-Dvvzlx, no! uwrilx . . . Bandq Marching Bandg Orchestra. I VIVIAN JENSEN-I-lrr lllflffll ix, "I cuff, . . . Sophomore Chorusg A Cappella Choirg Hiking Clubg Art Clubg Intrfmurals. Q EVELYN JOHNSON-Bill lift' lu nu' is rl wvury dream . . . Victory Corps. O LAVONNE JOHNSON-Il'x ll gfllllll fbillg lu lin' . . . Sophomore Churusg A Cappella Choirg Intra- murals. O MARILYN JOHNSON--Sbt' bux ull fbi' fburllz of women . . . Student Councilg A Cappella Choirg Sextette Pianistg Spanish Clubg Operetta. O RAY JOHNSON-Yozfll find bin: just un honest man . . . Victory Corps. I VIOLET JOHNSON-A mozlvst mail! ix sbs' . . Co-op. I LOIS JONES-Shu' ix capable of good tbingx. O LAWRENCE JULIUS-To be l"ffil'il'IllL in u quiet way, that is my aim Ibroughout lbc' day. O RAYNETTE KAUFMAN--In grace and beauty charming . . . Girl Reserves. 18- DICK KAVENY-Hr' is rr'lm'u1l1r'r4'rl l1l't'llIlKt' be runuol be fvrgollrn . . . Sans Souci: Big Dodger. O ALBERTA KERR-A girl as lzrrrzy as u Mun-b morn . . . Band: Radio Announcer: Sans Souci: junior College Play. LIIERRY KILIPER-.fl migbly man is br' . . . Foot- ball: Track: Intramurals: Student Council: Big Dodger: Senior Scouts: Art Club: junior Class Treasurer. U BETTY KING-A frirmlly smile, u friemlly hear! . . . Chorus: Girls Reserves QTreasurerJ: Little Dodger: Student Council :Secretary and Treas- urerjg Art Club: Victory Corps. .IUANA KIRCHNER-I sluml on my own uliuiu- IIINIIX . . . Girl Reserves: Senior Life Saving: Big Dodger: Intramurals: Chorus: All School Play. C ARTHUR KIRSCH-Slnlvly uml lull, as ln' walks in Ihr' ball . . . Student Council: Track: Football: Basketball: Victory Corps: Art Clu Litt Dodger ,lj ' Gl'ORGl' KNACK luum lmnrsl um: 15 . f luis :leur rrufunl . . . Track: Baseball QCap nj:- Football: Basketball: Sophomore Chorus: junior Chorus: Art Club: Little Dodger. I JOAN KNOWLFS-lI's her quulily Ilml !'UllIlfXj noi ber qmmfily . . . Girl Reserves 1SecretnrYl2 Art Club: One Act Plays: All School Play: junior Col- lege Play: Radio Announcer: Student Council: Big Dodger: Chorus: Victory Corps. ERTLE MAE KNUDSON-Tba' frivml uw' lrusf . . . Girl Reserves: Chorus. I CLARA KNUTSON-Hrr full-nts un' of lbzi fines! class . . . Basketball: Glee Club: Plays. SHIRLEY KREIMAR-Ilvallb is lbr' zfiful lrriuriplv of bliss . . . Chorus: Little Dodger: Intramurals. I MATILDA KUDRON-Il's 11 goozl thing lu ln' able and smart . . . Baseball: Basketball: Ping Pong: Vic- tory Corps. --19 I 1 RICHARD KULLMAN-A likvablv, frrv, frivmlly fvllow . . . Footballg Bascballg Wrcstlingg Chorusg Victory Corps. O HOWARD LARSON-A good disposition ix mon' l,'lllllt1l7lt' lbun galil . . . Footballq Trackg muralsg Chorus. Intra- ALICE LASKA-I lou' lifv . . . Victory Corps. I DELBERT LEISS-Tbz' bex! bumorccl man . . Footballg Trackg Wrcstlingg Intramurals. l l X X My ANGELYN IlEMPARES-Sufb joy ambition fimlx . . . Girl Reservesg Intramuralsg Chorusg Sans Soucig Art Club. C MARY LEMPARES-Shi' xmilvx on fha' world :mil it xmilrx bark at brr . . . Orchcstrag Show Shopg Girl Reservesg Sans Souciq Librariang Chorus: Soph- omore Girls Chorusg Victory Corps. ELIZABETH LEPLEY-A 'zuurlhy xlmlrnl, xillwrc' fricml . . . Intramuralsg Victory Corps. Q MILDRED LINGENFELTER-Her :milfs arf' like the glowing sunshine . . . A Cappella Choirg Girl Reservesg Stage Crcwg Operettag Sophomore Chorusg Marching and Concert Banclg Junior College Playg Victory Corps. VIRGINIA LISHER-Win' fo lcxolu' uml lrufivul lo jwrform . . . Orchcstrag Show Shopg Girl Rc- scrvcs. i f SS-QIl,,.fNxlL"Kf'JXk I BERNICE LOHMEIER-A lvloml wilb ll Alllill' ix u blonde wortbzubilc . . . Hiking Clubg Intramurals: Girl Reservcsg Stage Crew. CARL LORIA-Wbui bi' IllIlIl'l'.Vldkt'A fu flu-br ilovs . . . Chorusg Intramuralsg Football: Wrcstlingg Track. I DELBERT LOTT-Nothing is difficult to u will- ing mind . . . Victory Corps. 20- AIACK MCNEILLY-Bofb rarvlvxs and fvnrlrxs of lwurur or bell. C KFNNIZTH MANN-A quivi limi, lm! quih' u lml . . . llasclull. MARY MARTIN-Bvaliiy ix ibm' gift of Goff . . . Intramurals: A Cappella Choir: Sophomore Chorus: Student Council: Operetta: Cheer Leader: Life Sav- ing: Big Dodger: Victory Corps. I ROBERT MARTIN-I will look on rbr bright xizlr' of l'l'i'7'j'flliII,Q . . . Concert and Marching Fund: llaselull. CLARICIZ MICHAELS-l.ruil ami I follow . . Chorus: Attended lfverly High School. C ANNIE MITCHELL-Wil to prrslluile ami llfllllfj' in delight . . . Sophomore Girls Chorus: Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Big Dodger: Victory Corps: Opcretta: Latin Club fSecretaryJ: Girl Reserves: lntramurals: Art Club. liVlil.YN MARIE MIX-Shi' ix wry noble uml ru- lmfrlf' . . . Orchestra: Chorus: A Cappella Choir. 0 ISFVIHRLY MOELLER-It'x rhf Iiltlv rhmgi mn funn! . . . Chorus: Girl Reserves. VERNIELLIZ MOENCK-Yollfb romvs but wifi' in ll lifvtinn' . . . Little Dodger: Model Airplane Club. U jOYCF Nl?l.SON-Soon xiii' will reign in tl roliugr slmlil. LYNN NELSON-N01 u lailiznv man im! u 1tnl,y'x man . . . Band: lntramurals: Wrestling: Football. Q PATTY NELSON-All harmony ami gram' . . . Sophomore Chorus: Art Club: A Cappella Choir: Victory Corps: Little Dodger: Operetta: Sans Souci: Girl Reserves: Intramurals. -21 'Q-ill' 4-4 ffkfi swim Qwbdv' ihl' O DALE NETZ-And cvrtuinlvy hr' was ll gooil frllouf . . . Intramurals. O BETTY JEANNE NICHOLES-A winning xmilr, u wirining way . . . Intermediate Girl Reservesq Art Clubg Chorusg Victory Corps. I CHERYL NICHOLLS-I will look on Ihr bright xirlt' of fwryfhirig . . . Girl Reservesg Art Club. O LEORA NIMKE-A xwrrt girl is abort' all rank . . . Girls Athleticsg Attended Barnum High Schoolg Chorus. O FRANCES O'CONNOR-Her hmlrf is as frm' ax xfcrl. O DONNA RAE OLSON-Sha xilx high in our hrarfx . . . Student Councilg Big Dodgerg Senior Class Sec- retaryg Girls Triog Lifesaving: Sextetg Operettzu Madrigalg A Cappella Chorus fVice Presidentjg Art Clubg Girl Reservesg Victory Corps. O DUANE OSAM1E71fhll5idS!l1 is Ihe hrmfh of gru- ins . . . Attended Casper, Wyrmming High School: Trackg Cheerleader. O JACK PAPPAS-Il'x a wry good world lo live in . . . Bandg Orchestrag Student Councilg Latin Club QPresidentJg Show Shop Orchestra. o THEANO PAPPAS-Shc'x life itself . . . A Cap- pella Choirg Big Dodgerg Chorusg Girls Trio QAC- companistjg Victory Corpsg Art Clubg Girl Re- servesg Operettag Spanish Clubg All School Play: One Act Plays. O DOROTHY PATTERSON-I have u heart wilh room for fwry joy . . . Little Dodgerg Victory Corps. O BOB PAYNE-Hr' lallzx, and taller about l'1'I'fj1fbillg. O DOROTHY PETERS-For a lighl liws long . . . Basketballg Chorusg Sophomore Playg Operetta. 22- STUART PFAFF-Hen' ii a man with jmlgmenl clear . . . Football: Basketball: Golf: Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Big Dodger: Operettn, C MARY IOU PHIIIIPS-Sln"i lliwl filllllll .vu full of lIl4'tlfiH'Q l'l7lll'lHX. NANCY PILCHIQR-I'ulr and Pt'YXl1llIlIif-1' Pi'r.mlli- firil . . . Vice President Sophomore Class: Student Council: Victory Corps: Girl Reserves CPresidentj: A Cappella Choir: Art Club: Operetta: Big Dodger: Spanish Club. O MARION PINGIiI.-All ZTIIVINUVIT KIIILI gran' . Sophomore Athletic Captain. PATRICIA PITSOR-Iler fum' ix fair, lm' fmlrf ix frm' . . . Chorus: Intramumls: Victory Corps. I MICLVIN POLLARD-Herr ix an lmnexl l'Ul1YllllIll' . . . Intramurals: Basketball: Band: Truck. -IANI2 PORTER-To knnu' lwr is in lore frm' . . . Cheerleader: Girl Reserves: Victory Corps: Big Dodger. I OPAL MAIQ PORTIQR-A fuir rxferirn ix u .iilwll rerornnlemlaiion . . . Sophomore Chorus: Victory Corps. MARTHA PRAY-llrr rvrnril XIIHIIQX for ilxrlf . . . Art Club: Vice President -lunior Class: A Cap- pella Choir: Student Council CPresidentj: Operettu: Cheerleader: Girl Reserves CSeeretaryj: Big Dodger: Victory Corps: Science Club CSeeretaryJ. I GERALDINIQ PRIfSI.IiR-All iulrlligrnl miml will: umnmmv leiuil. RAMONA RAli-A lrirlrzillg wuy, .mule girl IRI my . . . A Cappella Choir: Chorus: Victory Corps: Operettn. C ROIIIQRT RAI?-You lmrr' fl'il'lllI.Y . . . Student Council. -23 J ,M W any G GEORGEANNE RANKIN-A lldllgbfff of fbi' goflx, fliz'im'ly tall and most rlitfirirly fair . . . Little Dodgerg Girl Reservesg Big Dodger. O ROBERT RATHERMEL-The mirth and fun grow fast and furious . . . Footballg Tennisg Basket- ballg Wrestlingg Track: Big Dodgerg Stage Crew: Debnteg National Forensic Leagueg Victory Corpsg Intramurals. I JEAN REBARCAK-Trllr-hvartwl is sbt' . . . Vic- tory Corps. O JOHN REYNOLDS-Tha! man who hIu.vln'.t ix fm! qnilf a lrruh' . . . Victory Corps. O MARIAN RHODES-Bmzuly limit witla kimlmnvx . . . Sophomore Girls Chorusg Little Dodgerg Vic- tory Corpsg Spanish Club. O DARALD RICHARDSON--Now's ilu' rluy aml l10ll!'5 Ihr hour . . . Sophomore Chorus: Victory Corps. C MARILYN RICHEY-Good smzxr' and .tovial glrz' . . . Chorusg Little Dodger. I CLYDE RODERICK-Happy, yr .wins of such u busy lift' . . . Sophomore Chorusg Victory Corps. O NORMAN ROSEN--Who life aml wisrlnm rf! om' ran' lvvgau. O MARJORIE ROSKE-I langbnl arm' rfamrzl nml .tang . . . A Cappella Choirg Chorus: Victory Corps. I MERLIN ROSSONV-His uvrib, his honor, all Ihr' world ujrprorml. C GERALD RUBY-Men of fvu' words art' Ihr brit mm . . . Footballg Basketball: Trackg Victorv Corps. 24- I SHIRl.IfY ummrll i.x i'1'i'r rvixi' lay Muffin' . . . Girl Reserves: Chorus: Spanish Club: Little Dodger: Student Council: Victory Corps. U DIQLISIQRT RUMMIC-Calm ax ffn' nigfzf, rlvrlw ax flu' .im . . . Debate: Viutory Corps: Nntioiml Fo- rensic l.e,1gut'. l5l'iVlfRl.Y SAMUl'il.SON--f'1m'r .xmilrx uri' likl' flu' lqluwiuttg xumlrim' . . . Sophomore Chorus: Band: Girl Reserves: A Cappella Choir: Victory Corps. I VIVIAN SANDAL-A frm' frit-ml ii flll'l'I'l'l' if frirml . . . Majorette: Chorus, IIILDICGARDF S A N D IS Ii R G-Ilvr' 1'0l'1ll7lllzll'Y rmzviilx muvlly uf Aft . . . I..itin Cluh: Chorus: Deluxe: l.ittle Dodger Qlfditorj. I DICK SAVAGE-Lift' ix :mf lift- !L'HbUlll fun . . . Choruw: lntr.1mur.1lQ: Nlfrestling: Victory Corps. ODA SCHIQRFF-Tln'-y fm' m'1'1'r alum' :ffm fm' rll'A'UlIIfInIllfl'xl by noble' flmnglifv . . . Chorux: Student Council: Virtory Corps. O Cl.ll5lfORD SCHLIQSINGIQR-Ili' IIVIILX nrrmml ii-irli rl ilignifiml air . . . Baseball. ROISI-IRT SCHXVIQIGlfli-Silrllri' fX.4lj1ll1ll'lI . . . Football: lialwltelhalll: Xvrewtlingg Track: x'lCl4lTy Corpx I WlfSl.lfY SICAVICR-l'll lu' .vluw fu un um' . . Wrcxtling: Victory Corpw. VRANCIQS SlIAPPIQLI.-Nn11.u'1m' non' null llrrn ii lllhlxrlllf . . , Chorus: Victory Corps. I MARILYN SllAVVgSln"v Inwz fllllllll xr: full of flIl'd.YflItQ i'lmrn1.x . . . Sophomore Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Operettn: Sextet: Matlrigal: Marching Band: Concert Baml: Girl Reservew. 125- A iz. 1 Om Y . y- JE -:aryl 4 r YI? ri I 0 BEATRICE SHELBY-Slat' has Ihr Hurst, kimlrxf brnrf . . . Girl Reserves: Latin Club QSecretaryj. O ORVAL SIVERSON-Yes, yes, wr' know ibut ur can jest . . . Sophomore Chorus: Operetta: Senior Scouts: Student Council: Baseball: Quartet: Cheer- leader: Victory Corps: A Cappella Choir: Madrigal: All School Play. GENESE SMITH-A quid liffle mixx . . . Orches- tra: Athletic Captain: String Quartet: Show Shop: Victory Corps. O WAYNE SMITH-Truz' rfigniiy ubillvx in him . . . Football: Wrestling: Track: Radio Engineer: Quar- tet: Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Operetta: All School Play: Big Dodger: Victory Corps. O DICK SPERLAN-Manly chevy lrlruxrx man . . . Band: Orchestra: W'restling: Show Shop: Pep Baml. O DICK STAI-IL-The worlfl is ax you takr if . . . Band: Orchestra: Chorus: Glee Club: Swing Band: Concert Band. O AIANICE STANEK-Han! 'lL'0Vki!1g, xlrmfy, ami faithful is .vbr . . . Girl Reserves: Victory Corps. O MARCELLA STANEK-Sb1"Il go fur . . . Radio Announcer: All School Plays: Girl Reserves: Chorus: Switchboard Operator: Librarian: Little Dodger. O HOWARD STFINHOFF-For l1r".v as good as any fellow on rarlh . . . Wrestlii1g: Victory Corps. O BURTON STENSRUD-IVomen annoy me: I low' io be annoyml . . . Basketball: Track: Baseball. O BOB STERNITZKF-His farm arf' now all rmlml. I ROGER STEVENS-I mt me zlouxu Io pass flu' fillll' . . . Victory Corps: Intramurals. 26- WARREN STUMP-All great men an' flying, uml I don't feel so well myself . . . Chorus: Track: All School Play: Operetta: Cheerleader. O BOB SULLIVAN-Gnozl mlflmwl uml uvll liki-il . . . Football: Wrestliiig. BETTY SWANSON-A qllielvr muiil you lll'l'I'f zlirl iw' . . . Student Council: Chorus: Victory Corps. O VINCENT SXWANSON-Hz' ix uwalilay in bit frivmlx . . . Sophomore Class President: Student Council: Football: Basketball: Tennis: Radio An- nouncer: Big Dodger. GRACE TI'IIiIS-Tln' milzletl Nltllllltll . . Girl Reserves. O ROGER TOMLINSON-Life ix what you mulze if . . . Baseball: Wrestling: Football: Intramurals: Stu- dent Council CVice Presidentl: Chorus: A Cappella Choir. IiIiRNADIiTTIi TOOHIEY-Hn' !'ffll'll'lll'VY it flu' .vilrlll kiml . . . Victory Corps. O ELAINE TRACY-Ratlrrr qlziel lm! a loyal frieml . . . Girl Reserves: Intramurals. ELLA MAE TROVVBRIDGE-Shi' laugbeil aml every bear! wax glunl , . . Chorus: Sophomore Cho- rus: Sophomore Girls Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Opcretta: Marching Band: Concert Band: Orches- tra: Stage Crew: Girl Reserves: Victory Corps. O ROBERT L. ULSTAD-Ha' ix a swell fellow . . . Senior Class Vice President: Student Council: Band: Orchestra: Radio Announcer: Woodwind Quintet: Swing Band: Show Shop Orchestra: Art Club: Wrestling: Swimming: Drum Major: Orchestra CVice Presidentj: Wranglers Club: National Foren- sic League. JOHN GEORGE VANDE POI.-Amlzilion has no res! . . . Baseball: Basketball: Sophomore Chorus: Boys Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Operetta: Latin Club: Intramurals. O KENNETH VINSON-The like I m'1fr'r saw. - 27 I LILA VINSON-Nvwr ll worry, m'wr a can' . Victory Corps. I MARGARET JEAN VOGEL-Kim! lwnrfx arf' morz' ilmn rnrom'l.v . . . Victory Corps. I VELVA JEAN VON STEIN-C111rirl'x dur! bath pi1'rrr'r1 ber hrarl . . . Chorusg Sophomore Girls Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Operettag Victory Corps. I BONNIE VRATNY-Lilzrn' lxrrr, Iilml fhrrr, Iilml t'1'z'r3'rc'lJr'rr' . . . Sophomore Chorus. I DOLORES XVAGGONER-Fine' marzmwx arf flu' Nltlllflfil' of fair mindx . . . Life Savingg Intramurals. I NORMA WAGGONER-D0r.v wrll, avlx 110121-V, fu1gr'lx mulil :ln H0 mnrr. I LUELLA W'AI.ROD-'Tis rvixr to ln' mrrry . . Intramurals. I ANNE NWALTERS-Sboulil lift' ull labor bv? . . Intramurnlsg Girl Reserves. I PAUL NVALTERS-Blrxx ilu' man who im'1'r1fr'il lmofex. . .Marching Bandg Conce t Bandg Orchestra. 'C JN Q ,i I CHARLOTTE WENZEL-lu om' mf! lnnle ulwf lzurgnugr lim . . . Victory Corps. I SAMUEL J. VVESTBROOK-Pm vm! in lbf' roll of rommou mm . . . Bandg Chorusg Operettag Little Dodgerg Latin Clubq Victory Corps. I IRENE XVHITE-'I'l1y nzmlvsi-y'x ll rumllv fn thy mvril. -2g.. Qu ,ivllhtggffi K lxm.,,i I KAY WILLIAMS-Th1'rr'x hcauly in hw' daily life' . . . Victory Corpsg Girl Reservesg Art Clubg Sans Soucig Student Councilg Chorusg A Cappella Choir: Girl Reservesg Girls Triog Girls Sextctg Madrigalg Opcrcttag Big Dodgcrg Sophomore Chorus. I MARIE WILSON-Ix .vhv no! lmxxing fuir? . . Victory Corps. I RALPH WOODARD-llrmur In Ihr num who bringx honor to us . . . Footballg Baskctballg Base- bully Student Councilg Big Dodgcrg Victory Corpsg Intramurals. .AL I BOB BINGHAM--l'm Xlllllll lm! Au um Nulrulroll. I ROGER HOOP-Why iufl 4'L'l'V'J'UIll' rolllmtvil likz' mr? I SHIRLEY GROSZ-llvn' ii our uxmll nmnugcr of mirlh. I JACK LIiMAR-What mulil uw ilu ufilhuul him? I LAVERNIZ LOCKILRT-Sllllilhvl' ix mon' Awz'c'l than foil. I IiDGI2RLY WATTS-Vurivfy in Ihr' wry spin' nf lifv. I ARLINIi WIl.LIAMS-l"m'r ax Ihr u'iml Lx frur. - 29 - As the world becomes more com- plicated and living more difficult, the necessity of education presses more heavily upon all of us. We as students suddenly realize what a fine job you, the teachers, have done in preparing us for responsi- bilities in the homes and commun- ities of years ahead, as Well as for the immediate present. So, in ap- preciation, we would like to say a simple "Thank Youv. O -30.. xNl ll ' A .run www.-,mw.q,, KV SCHOOL BOARD To I'l105t students the School Board is a vague organization. It is this group of men who formu- late the school policies which are passed on to the students in prac- tical application. SUPERINTENDENT Your future begins today and everyday. While we cannot overlook the present, High School and junior College students have too much of life ahead to let the war crowd out all plans for the future. just as illness sometimes helps us to appreciate health, so the trials of war should urge us to work out a more secure future. Someone else may be responsible for this war, but your future will be largely what you make it. '5 . H A IJ X LfLfQ,,L,g,t,u4j "Chiefs Nlr. John Mitehell, Mr. S. L. lkiekul, Mr. H. J. Williams, Mrs. Rutledge 1Maln-ll, Mr. H. M, Wast-m, Mr, A. L, Brooks, Mr. O. C Pfaff, Mr O. J. Whittemore, M1' E. G. Trust. aww -32- PRINCIPAL I congratulate you on the successful completion of your high school course. Graudation from the high school is one of life's worthy ambitions. Be encouraged, for the future has a lot of promise for you, especially if those who are fighting this war do a better job than we did in the last one. If they do this war up right and get the right kind of a peace this time-you will really have a bright future. '5fR7?g44MfC,fv nf Staff" ii , Bike 'B BBW: 31355: VICE PRINCIPAL A year ago when I wrote in this space, the world picture was anything but hope- ful for the allied interests. Now we can see the light, and the outlook is Allied victory. Before another year rolls around we may be through with the horrors of the last three years of war. We then will be confronted with the almost as serious job of readjustment. The way will not be smooth, nevertheless it is hoped that the young people will support actively and with enthusiasm the American way of Life for which we have so recently paid the price of life. Many thought enough of democracy to die for it. Will you think enough of it to work for it? Remember, Dodgers, "It is not how fast we go but the direction we takef' 625172 "FIELD HEADQUARTERS" The superintendent,s o f f i C e staff do more of the general work connected with all the schools rather than high school alone. Mrs. Rutledge handles the school board correspondence. Mr. Wllll.ll11S, secretary, Mil- dred Gustafson, replaced Mar- garet Oleson when the latter got married. Both are helped by Madalyn Lund. This is one of the busiest places in the building. Wlienevei' in- formation is wanted, the office always gets the work. Every day offers a variety of problems for Mrs. Buegel and Eltha Gross whose friendly smiles are always on display. They do everything from shorthand to filing, and have the help of a switchboard girl each hour who volunteers from study hull. UCGMMAND POSTU MISS BERNIFE HERNATZ Mnthvmativs poppy ILA. Iowa Stale 'I'czu'hvrs C'ollm-uv M.A. Univvrsily uf Mivhiuun A0 MISS NONA MOSS Mnthvmatirs vrxlisvivlitimls ILA. IVIU!'IIIII2lr4IlIl' Cullvm-, yzraduzitn- work: Univvrsity of Ilnivs-raily uf California, Univs-rsily of Wisrunsin qv". MRS. DORA TELLIER MISS ETHEL SHANNON 1 Mathematics, Navigation friendly Mathematics sinvm-ro I V ILA. University of Iowa, 1.ZI'lllIlI1ll0 ILA. Mornimzsimh- Uullm-1:1-. g',,1,,m,1,, wnrk:UniversityufC'hic'a1.m, M.A. Univvrsiiy uf luwzi XA V- 9 MISS MARY MrCLlTSKEY Co-op,Guidan1'e hvlpful ILA. Suuthwostvrn, M.A. Univ:-rsity nf' Chicano. xlrxuluatm- work: Columbia Univvrsity, Univcrsity nfl ELVIN B. CHAPMAN Radio, Acro, Chemistry- milrl ILS. Cotner College lNebraskal, M.Sc. University of Nebraska, graduate- work : Iowa Stats- College Oresron State College ROBERT E. TEMPLIN Physics, Biology imzvnious ILS. Nebruskzi 'I'Qal-hm-rs Colll-uc, M.S. Iowa. St:1t0ColII-pro. ixrzuluzitc work: Iowa Stan- Colln-1:1 MISS HARRIETT DEMOREST English svrious ILA, GVIIIIIUII i'ollL-LIU. nlrzuluzito work: Shih- University of Iowa, llnixw-rsiiy oi' Wis1'on:4in.Uni1iI!a University A , W. E. RAKER MISS MARGARET STILES Biology' quiet Biology-fvers:-xtile ILA. Western Union Collene, lI.A. Drake University. graduate work: Iowa Statv College- M. A. Drako University MISS RUTH GOODRICH Englinh thnmuyzh ILA. Ilakulu Wcslvyan, M.A, Univn-rsily nf California. inzuiuutu work: Univvrsity nf l'hia-msn, Shih- Univm-rsity of Inwu f ,.Mv. K B KENNETH HAKES MISS WII,MA HASTIE MISS ADEIAINEASIIARUN English. Vocal Music lvthumris- EllllliSh kinli I'4nKh3h i'mb'1"'U5 l'e-nhurly Cnnsurvutnry tlizxltinicvn-I. ILA. SUTIDSUTI CUIIUPYO, 5rl'Hflll2lt0 wnrkz IVA- R"Sf'U'Y i:"lll'15"- linivvrsity uf Vulnrzuln State University of Iuwa, Univorsity M.A- UI1lVl'l'Sl1y vf IUWH nI'Wis1'onSin. University uf l'ulru'amlu I I W ,371 , 7 MISS LILLIAN VVILLIAMS English puisml ILA. l'zlrsuns Cullm-uv, yrrzuluzxh- Wu Slam- Univvrsiiy nf' lmv:1,i'i1iv:1u'n 1 Ilnivvrsiiv KENNETH WATERMAN Dramatics, Speech--talented B.F.A. Nebraska State Teachers Cullvge M.A. University of Denver MRS. MYRNA PRATT MISS IONE HELGASON MISS MARGARET FLOM English -plvasimz Typing - straightforward Shorthand perse-verimz ILA. Phillips University, 13.0. Phillips B.A. Iowa State Teachers Collegv, B.A. St. Olaf, graduate work: UfliVl'I'Sity, llfaduatf' work: B'-'i-hilfly University of Colnraflu Drake University, University uf Iowa College, University of Southern California, Marta Oatman Sc-houl of the Theatre- MISS DANA SI-IOEMAKER Bookkeeping yuuthful B.S. Drake Univvrsity FORREST MARQUIS A Physical Education manly ILS. Parsons Collvge, graduate work: r llnive-rsity uf Missouri, Univ:-rsity uf Iuwzl w s --i ii: , MISS FLORENCE NORDMAN Physical Education untirinxz ILS. University nf Iuwu, M.A. Ilnivf-rsilyufN1-lrrnska MISS LUCILLE YOUNG Librarian change-able Ii.A. Knox College, graduate wnrk: Univorsity of Illinois, University 4 Wisconsin. University of Denver, Moser Business College suv -f 139.- l I-I. A. BERGAN Instrumental Music tvmnvrnmvntul ILA, Luther Culleirv, if M.M.I'l. University of f'ulnr:uln 4 .wr llii 't I' 1 15 4 MISS ORPI-IA CHENEY Social Studies den-rmim-d ILA. Cornell Cullum-, y,crxuIllutv work: University uf Minm-sntn. llnivvrsity nt' l'I1i4-:nun M V- -v '-- 'ev-W 1 I r FRED N. COOPER Director of Athletics, Social Studies - dynamic ILS. Wayne University, M.A. University uf Iowa, Culleyzu uf Amvrivan Gymnastic Union BEN IJUEA Social Studies I!.A. Iowa State 'I'vachs-rs Colle! gl-zuluatc wurk: lInivL-rsit, nf Inwzx. MISS INGEBORG Social Studies ILA. University uf Iowa, of Inwa, ilraduate work: V l1,,ivl.,-sity uf 5y1i,,m.S,,m uf' Chit-msn, Harvar'1ISummf-1' MISS VESTA LIKINS Social Studies- fohservativv Ii.A. Grinnell. Zraduate wnrk: University of Culurarlu JOHN R. WVllIGH'I' Social Studies paliunt ILA. Iowa Stall-'l'n-:lA'l1v!'s College, y:l':uIlx:m- wurk: llnivursily uf Minmfsnlzi -40- MISS JANE CROVV Clothing, Home Nursing and Nutrition wise Stout Instituuf, l'h.l5., University nf Chicago. izrarluuh- wnrk: Stair: Univorsilyuf1'nlurznlu, lnwn State- Culivllv -. F A 2 - " J mi 1 V, MRS. LAURA RAKER MISS JEAN MOULDING MARION lc. Jusm,YN Homemnkingf sunny Al'f,"lf11'Vl'V Y Printing happy ILS. Iowa Stun- Cnliexre B-A- 9al'1l'tUU U'll05!4'- 11l'HlillHU' University ni' Wism-onsin work: Nul'thwc-stern Univvrsity if Wifi ' 141, .l. A. MvKlNSTRY C0-op, Shop unthusiustir 'T 1 fa ILA, luwu State- 'IR-ache-rs Cnllvgv, irlunlxlzxic- work: Sinim- Univ:-rsily of lm 1-A vii W. M. PHARES MISS MARY BOXWELL MRS- CARRIE M- LONGFELLOW Shop unrufflud Latin jovial Spanish, French uncomiuerablv Indiana State Nurmul, Central Normal B.A. Grand Islan lr , graduate B-A- UniV9Y'SitY Uf Indiana, M-A- Stale Cnlli-gi-, lirudloy l'ulytec'hnic-ul Instituto. work: State nix . 0 luwa University of Iwwa. graduate work: luwa Sum- 'l't'ill'l'lt'l'S Cullf-1:0 6, - WPSivI'n Reserve University. State University of Iowa, University uf Denver V" - ' I M nl 771. ,421 JUNIOBS e 5 , tl V . 5 fi Prmialcnf ALLAN POTTER Via' Prcxidvrlf ANNE GRUNDON Trrnsurrfr HENRY WASEM -43.. L 15 M gg Secretary SHIRLEE OPPEL 946 3 5 2 H , Z .-...A if: Home Room 2051. Mr. Chapman. Lvft to right first row Betty Hivkvy, Huwurnl H4-wht, Mm-rvin Hzmpvn, i'hurlnll1- .lm-mu-11. Sw-mul row Marizul Huriwiiz. Emil Hans:-n. Hill Homllvy, Huh Huxrlin. Luis H:nu,r4-n, Ih-vvrly lflulmsirmn. lhm .Inlmsnn, Imuism- Johns-ni, Marian James, Nzuvmi Juhnson, Maury H4-nklv, Pillllillli Hzxlnliub, Mary Alivv l'i:nlx'4-rsfui. Home Ruom 102, Miss Norrlman. 1,1-ftin riuht first. row Hill Km-ily, Vlzuylun lnvwri-y, Wvmh-ll l.:u-sun, Muryluml Ivlinur, Shirlrw Umm-I, H1-vvrly Muivr, Luismzu- Puym-, Ilzwlrzxru Lawson, Norma Jr-an Mivmicr, Vnrzx lim- l':1llvi'sun. S4-vmul ww Huh Mur- ris, Ihxln Vuynv. Gln-nn lmmllulzul, I.:lwl'm-111-0 Julius, Rvy Kruvkmsm. A1 Potts-r, lh-:lu l.iwlilvulwl'u', Mury Jam' K:lll:1marml, .lum- Lluyll. .lvnm-th' lic-nlsch, I7:Lrlm-ilu Nm-Isola, Iml'l'ainv Julius, Shirivu Rnymuurl, llvlty .lulimauiy .luun Rm-In-I. af -45- Qi Home Rnom 19. Mr. Phares. Loft, to rixrhtf-'first row Colleen Berzrvn, Gwen Babbitt. .loc Arnold, Jim Balm, Bob Andrews, lfloroncc liahvrwk, Norma Anderson, H1-lon Borer. Boverly Anderson, Ramona Bair, Bvvurly Branson. Sz-vonal row Daryl Baslor, Holm lirown, Shlrlvy Anderson, Jo Ann llrcckcm'i1lp:v, Forrest llartlutt, Dorothy Antolik, Maxim- lirzlttmillur, Anrly Barber. Imola Ankvnlmnvr. Hume Room IGW. Mr. Hakes. Left to right first row DonnziR1-inarlson, Jn-annv Sz-ar, lim-My R1-ml, Ruth l'cl'1'y, lionniu limnler. lioso Svltz, linrbaru Su-inmaus, Dec Raymond. Second row- -Carrol Salmon. lrv Robinson. Forrest l'l'lIlt', Mary Jo Phillips. 'l'hirrl row Jack Sm-hmokur, Hob Riukuy, Duane Schulze, Bill Riley, Dick Zicms, Lorraim- Sm-lls, T1-ssio Pappas, Joan Smith. Edwin Reed, Alice- lhltlcclyru, Ilwaine Porter, Mary Roberts. 146- X Home Ronm 106. Miss Highland. Loft to right--first row-Delores Lumsden, Donna Kirby, Glenna Kinxr, Zelda L1-mberiz, llaurvll Klc-mont, Martha Mitcholl. Sevonfl iuw Maxine Lind, Beverly Knutson, Merupe Mitchell, Helen LeMar. Mildred Lurie. Third run' Luis Kuestor, Marilyn Kalnhar, Barbara Luc, Don Kaufman, Dick Kupp, Paul Lessmicr, Huh Kuvhnast, Carl Kurtz, liuy Linllncr. Home Ruom Ill. Mrs. Tellier. Luft lu right first row Jacklfowlcr, lloln Franklin, Murlu Fishol, John Gumlvrsun, John lfuxrli-r. Sm-un4I run' Mary Gross, Juan Gillu-rt, lk-lurvs Fl'6'llt'l'lL'li, Marilyn Fevold, Mary l"e-elhaver, Barbara Gratke. Doris Far- rvll, Ili-tty lfortnvy, Marilyn lflurva, lic-ily Follows, Susan Gilday. Thirrl run' lflnyml Grimvs, Dean Glaman, Wilmer Frif-sth, Bill l"loiL'lu-r. -43- z, fe' Home Room 103--Miss Hastie. Left to right- first row- Tom Millea, Elmer Miller, Marian Macek, Dorothy McGruder. Second row Lois Olson, Shirlec Nellis, Frances Moeller, Marjorie Mcliririe, Marjorie Murray. Florence Martin, Connie McMaht, Katheryn Maier. Third row John Moore, Morrill Mericle, Kenneth McNeilly, Bernard Myer, Bill 0'Brivn, Duane Michelson, Jack McKin- stry, Walt 0'Connor. The present junior class has a big task ahead, that of maintaining the high standards set by the seniors. Their scholastic achievements, athletic accomplishments, attitude, and all school activ- ities have all been "tops" during the past year. We, the juniors, hope for their continued success in the future and we will strive for a record similar to theirs. Al Potter, Prc'sidc'11f of funior clam -49- Dirk Wold , . ,, , President Bob Werdzln , ,. ,... Vice President Beverley Albright , , .Secretary Louis Pray ,, ,,,, , , . ,. .Treasurer Miss Helgason. First row Lyle Schuh, Mary Louise Scharf, Joanne Trost, Phyllis Smothcrs, Joyce Swen- son, Don Tomlinson, Bob Schumaeher. Second row Joanne Schrodt, Betty Lou Towers, LaVonne Schultz, Loretta Smith, Lorraine Tracy. Eleanor Steinhoff, Mariann Sorensen, Gretchen Schnurr, Esther Schultze. Fhird row- Paul Smith, David Schlesinger. Raymond Stahl. Marvin Stringer, Bob Tyler, Roger Skophammer, Inez Saucke. Not in pieturef Diek Tabott, Pauline Simons. Miss Boxwell. First row Glen Lewis, Thersa Kopish, Maxine Krueger, Norma Lee Kutz. Marcia Mail- ander, Shirley Meyer, Delia Lockman. Second row Bob Larson, Johnnie Kolesar, Mary Miller, Lois Martin, Rosey Lucas, Ruth Martin, Viruinia Likins. Third row- Joe Moore, George Lawton, Merrill Leffler, Keith Loehner, John Mors, Scott Libbey, Jack Lunn, Robert Moss. Not in picture Robert Man- nimr, Delores Murphy. Douglas Mosely. 150- Miss Fheney. First row John Harrison, Jackie King, Jackie Huttman, liutty Hcun, Edith Joys, Dulurvs Kallansrud, Richard Jondlc. Svc-mul row Patty Lou Jones, Jn Ann Johnson, Thx-Ima K1-ysvr, Alice K1-nnvy, Suvillu Howard, Margaret Inman, Duruthy Haytvr, John Jnndlc. Third ruw lil-rnard Koi-lor, llnb Jnhnsun. Harold Janssvn, Dm-an Knutson, Roy Hutchinson, Eldon Hnvvy, Herbert Holds-n, Raymond Jnnvs, Jane Janos. Nut in pivlurv Vinson Hanson, Gln-n Horam-ka, Marilyn Husske, Flnytnn Johnson. , , rn, Miss Waterman. First row Elnora Andvrson, Uniel Illarkwoll, Rust-mary Campbell, Cnlli-on Athvrtun, Frank lirvnnan, Joy Andersnn, Durthoa Andi-r:wn, Luis Am-hm-n. Ssfvnnd row Doyle Ankrum, lic-rnmlinv Uampbvll, Kvnna-th Brown, lim-vvrly Alhrirzht, Lx-slic liruwn, Allwrta linker, Edward livvkor. Da Vunnc An- ilorsmx. Third row Edwin llurks-, Duupzlas Acliermzn. Charls-s linurxrart, Ilnls liruwn, Dun linx, Clarr-:wo llalm-um, Ollie liucknvr. Mins Moulding. First rnw Bill Clahmluh, Dixie Cnppick, Alive Estvs, Curmella Iflspenuzu, Elini:-9 Cook, Vharlutu- Dc- Wm-ll. Myron Ce-rvcm-. S1-cuml row Dick Davis, Clarivo l'1vppim:cr, Veronica Cunstablo, llctty lilsey, Viulcl. Darnell, Wunetta Edlnnndsy, Dvlurvs Dnrschmidt, Sam linzanrn. Third rnw Richard Ciln-rt. Walt Chumlrurs, Waynv Hvm-nsnn, Luwi-ll l-Iricksiwn. Dim-k Ellis, Dick l larv, SL-nit ldllis, Dwuyno Dayton, Marvin Vcrvi-nv. Not in nivturc Rs-uinald Flarkv, Guorm- Drmvn, lictty lilsvy, Dick lflngrvlhart. -511 S Miss Templin. First row Georgreann Gillman, Mary Lou Harbaeheck, Dolores Gaffey, Luella Graham, .Iousilyne Green. Neoma Fishel. Second row Bill Gibson, Dean Harris, Mildred Greehey. Pat Fawcett, Olga Heitnor, Dorothy Hanson. Jim Hanan. Third row Elbert Fox, Lloyd Harvey, Joanne Hale, Audrey Guen- ther, Louise Habhah, Donna Groshart. John Harinu. Fourth row-W Richard Fevold, Jack Hankel, Bernard Gothrinir, Cliff Harp, Walter Iliff, Freeman Groat. Glenn Harris, Dill Fox, Henry Harris. r Miss Goodrich. First row--Frederick Larson, Mary Jane Greenway, Marvin Griffin. Verna Kreimar, Mamie Halliizan, Lois Griep, Vat Hauser, Dewayne Hartman. Second row- Don Lloyd, Ilene Moreland, Beverly Jensen, Pauline Harinxz, lietty Lawson. Marilyn Hurley, Grave Hemren, Mary Ann Horner. Third row Duane Kingsbury. Richard MeNitt, Art Hubbard, Ted Lee. Terry Malone, Ilill Larson, Urban Luka- vsliy, liob Heman. Not in picture- Leonard Johnson, Darlene Knutson, Rosalie Lynirstad. Mr. Raker. First row-fMary Dahlnuist, Norma Coleman, Pellily Burke, Viola Bryan, Peggy Dolliver. Ardetta Barber, Anna Mae Brown. Second row John Christensen, Beverly Bailey, Diane Breen, Bettie Baker, Shirlee Allan, Yvonne Cappell, Shirley Brooks, Gloria Brown, Verla Carlson. Third row Bob Arkoff. Floyd Deltman, Jim Demery, lien lluxrir, Jack Coffee, Betty Burnett. Fourth row Joe Cooper, Bernard De- Vilbiss, Bill Briirhi, Hank Dilees, LaVern Anderson, Elmer Akselsen. -52- l ,. A l. ... Mr. Marquis. First row Gene Pingel, Kendall Pieper, Alice Pierce, Mareelline Rial, Jeanne Rollers, Lois Ann Nellis. Mary Phillips, Alvina Ruby. Second row--LaVunne Kiersun, Jeanne Parent, Nan Rosenlscrixer, Nornm Jean Oh-sun, Gwen Peterson, Paulyne Puap, Lou Pray, Ramona Nerhus. Diana Orvis. Third row lloloris Olson, l'aul Alnrell, Chuck Neal, Jack Sehwieger, Tom l'eddiL-ord, Robert Nelz, Gilbert l'onsni-ss, Norma Reimers. Not in lilK'tlll't' Glenda Presler, Kenneth Raseh. Mr. McKinstry. First row--Perry West, Helen Westlimz, Iola Wertz, Jody Williams, Mary Lou Ulstnd, Doris Wenzel, Manley Wright. Second row- Lawrence Williams, Anna Willnrdson, Kenneth Wimxert, Dick Wold, Don Wzxlleriek, Marilyn Wicker, Lillie Williams, Alice Willhoite. Third row lioh Warner, Delbert Walker. .lark Walrod, Gerolnl Wagner, Raymond Wziehul, Donald Waters, Joe Werdan, Harley Wertz, lloh Wells. Not in pil-ture Joyce Wilson. -a Mr. Wright. First row Joan Totman, Beverly Nelson, Marjorie Whitcome, Beverly Sturrlevant, Helen Rumsden. Second row Delores Burnett, Myrlee Zierke, Shirley Thompson, Loretta Peterson, Margaret Wil- liums, Olive Wille, Edward Paap. Third row- --John Scott, lioh Werdan, Ernest Nutting, Merle Nordstrom. .lim Ol'fi1'er, l':1nl Nyllemrer. Waldo Wirlell, Not in pirture: Helen Zuek, Loran Wilson. .Q53i While education takes place prima- rily from one's formal studies, there are also important values to be gained from the school environ- ment, and from one's activities as a high school student. Perhaps one of the "major courses" we should take is that of participation in extracurricular activities where the emphasis is upon doing. From our student organizations We derive ex- perience both in leadership and in "folloWership," which will bring to the present hour and to the future, intelligent and warmhearted living. O H54, "l-hzlzeulualinq the Positive" One of the extra things that add enjoyment to your school years is belonging to one of the various clubs. This year as before, there were several clubs offered for membership. A few of the clubs were for the language students, and many of the others were open to membership by everyone. Something new was added in the spring for the science enthusiasts in the formation of a Science Club under the direction of Mr. Templin. Belonging to a club enriches your school life, so take a tip from the seniors, join your clubs, because the clubs are for YOU ! ! SPUH Under the expert supervision of Miss Boxwell the Latin Club enjoyed many meetings during the past year. These were held every two weeks during the class period. The first semester there was both a Junior and a Senior chapter and they were combined later to form a joint club under the leadership of Seymour Spilka, Primus Consulg Bob Banwell, Secundus Consulg Tessie Pappas, Secretarious, and Dick Sandahl, Quaestor. -56- Iieslas Sin Siestas 99" ...M Starting off this year with a new title, the second year Spanish students formed their club which meets once a month during the class period. One of the year's standout events was the Christmas party to which the members could invite guests. Witli Mrs. Long- fellow as the able sponsor the year's officers were Dick Stephan, El Presidenteg John Fieseler and Shirley Rule, Los Vicepresidcntesg Ar- line Estlund, La Secretaria, and Bill Beers, El Tesorero. The programs offered pleasing variety with informational talks and Spanish songs. Uniting for the Fete de Noel Christmas party and a picnic in the spring, the two chapters of the Sans Souci, French Club, had a very successful year. The clubs are made up of members of first and second year French classes and meet once a month during the class period. Highlights of their varied programs this year included plays, contests, folk dancing, and French songs. Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Longfellow the presiding officer for the first chapter was Martha Mitchell, and in the second chapter Tessie Pappas and Robert Manning. Sans Sunni CTC S E .1 E "Easy, easy now," "hurry with that partition,', "where,s the paint brush?" might be some of the familiar expres- sions you might hear if you were back stage with the stage crew. This ambitious group erects the scenery for the plays and operetta, but more than that, they build the scenery too, in extra Saturday and evening work, and when everyone else is through they have the anti-climactic job of taking the scenery down. Timber! One of the most important but unpubllcized jobs in school is the work of the librarians. These are the girls who volunteer to help straighten up the books, keep them in order, and aid the students who need help in getting their material. Each period finds one or two girls helping Miss Young keep peace in the library. 4 ei gi. llluiei, Please! t Friendship ami Service li ll nt Nancy l'ili'hei': Vim- I're-snlf-nt, Lou Constantine: Sevretary. Martha .Tu lrny: 'l're-:xsilrr-r, lic-ity King: Advisors, Miss Hastie, Miss lic-rnnlz. Energetic and willing describe best the Girl Reserves as they carried out their varied activities during the past year. Meetings were held one evening a month and at several of these meetings work was done on Red Cross projects. The year was begun with the traditional "Gypsy Pat- teranf' highlighted by the presence of Dr. Carl S. Winters. Following this assembly conferences with Dr. Winters were held during several periods of the day. To end the Friendship Week the students enjoyed a "Frontier Frolic" and the whole student body could be seen clad in blue jeans and plaid shirtsg then during the sixth period there was a gala hour of square dancing. .l1iw h . , ,e1....y 1 N we-L+ sw -59- Hnvernmenl hy the Students Martha Pray, President Kenneth Carlson. Vice Presizlr-nt Betty King, Secretary With the bang of the gavel and the familiar phrase, "the meeting will please come to order,' the Student Council started off on another suc- cessful year. The first semester elections ended with Martha Jo Pray, president, Kenny Carlson, vice president, and Betty King, secretary. The second semester officers were Kenny Carlson, president, Dick San- dahl, vice president, and Carol Bodell, secretary. Always behind the scenes were Miss Likins, Miss Demorest, and Mr. Feelhaver with their reliable supervision and help. The Council operates on a committee system With each member belonging to one of the sixteen committees, which meet with Miss Likins frequently. The members all assemble for a general meeting once each month. Working as the governing body of the school, the Student Council members are representative of the school itself, so belonging to this group is one of the most important offices one can hold in his high school career. The Council works behind the scenes, organizing the dances, the plays, keeping the trophies shined and the halls lighted, checking the lockers and cars, working altogether to the best of their ability towards a better school. Kenneth Carlson, President Dick Sandahl, Vice President Carol Bodell, Secretary '-'ar'-' I A lisa Q Q E G ik N Q 'fit' V is fx. H. H I -Q 44 .xg i ml. l A., -A'-4 l V - fa l 1 Q WFSE' Z W4 -Q 'F' CW ,ANY . , U W1 Q46 .. v , .- Ywffwif .4 523 5265155 ,' iqqwa SA f. 1 L N... 3+ ' S . :Y 351. X' , 3 ' f' ' . 1 -as - i R ii A 3 3 5 .,',,, Q "'!f Y Y A Q, ' ' iii Z ,5-3 A l a 5 l Z" l- f l ? Those colorful half-time programs at the sta- dium-the sounds of practicing throughout the building-the Christmas carols in the halls-the varied assemblies and special numbers-the school songs rousingly played by the brass sextet-all the special touches, the extra melody that helped make a good senior year a better one. -63- X X ,ya The Enndulztur Haises , ...-Q -W-iv' ' DALE HILTON President Under the baton of H. A. Bergan the seventy-piece concert band completed a very successful year. The first semester resulted in sight reading numerous pieces and im- proving tone and instrumentation. The first concert was given the early part of the second semester at junior high. Sunday, March 11, a public concert was given, the first of several to be given during March, April, and May. These concerts were largely attended and enjoyed by all. Dale Hilton and Bob Spillman were president and vice president respectively. MIZMISICRS Ole BAND l l.elioy ,Xndtrson, Bob Arliolvf, hlanice lhiley, Cllarence llalroin, Gene lirown, lielty liurneit. Lois llklflkfl, l'.:rl liurl. Kenneili llllfllkff, Rim Lannoy. Keith Carlson, Marion Carr, xvY.llICl' Cliambers. Dale C', l.orr.iine Ciocliran. Helen Ciollnn, Maynard lfkedzil, lielty lfnterline, Priscilla lfvanson, Xlary Ann l'-UUll1.lYCI'. llon Cirieves. lireeniin Groal, Mary Alice Halverson, lfugene Haire, glean llanson, Mildred Hanson, Clifton Harp, Dean Harris, Dale Hilton, .lim Hagan, Carroll Hoviek, Robert Alacobs. Hob johnson, Alberta Kerr, Duane Kingsbury, Douglas Kullman, Norma Kut7, Bob l,.1rson. Scott Libbey, Dean Liclitenherg, Don lloyd, Prob Martin, -lack Mcliinstry, Dwane Mickel- son, Douglnx Moseley. liob Moss, li.1rl Nelson, lloyd Nordmark, Paul Nydegger. Roberi O'Brien, Iiin Officer. Dean Olson. -lack l'.ipp.1s. Melvin Pollard, Bonnie Rflmler. Dolores Raymond. Rita . Ruebeul. Beverly Snmiielson, liolw Spillmnn, lluane Strom. Shirley Thornpson, ljlllla 'Trowbridgm H. A' BERGAN liolv Iyler, lioh Ulsiad, Dorothy Vogel. l'.nil Wolters, lniwrence Whlliams. Tillie W'illmms. Iii,-edgy 454, V f 7 z . . Q5 4 x4 , X S' ,J QA, .dm r. 1 W 1. . f K' . '31 - ' 1 , . ek' ', 4. W 7 Maia ' dh aa .3 W .ff A-292 223. I ,ML W,ff5L?5,:.swXw X A V I X 'Q MD, 'ei .h' a x A 3,.,. X x X ' K? if Y M Y WAS lm V I rms, in A as is-L W H W W .....Y?gyx- '---.. I 3 I YQ Y Z N Q QE J , 'lf ' 4 Q' s 0 ' Y' '44 E Q an V Q X, Km i - 3 s . , Trombone Quartet Witli such ll large trombone section, the forming of a trom- bone quartet was almost inev- itable. Dwane Mickelson, Dean Olson, Dunne Kingsbury, and Earl Nelson were chosen for the group. Performances in school .md to outside organizations were welcomed by all. L i i Brass Sextet Brass Sextet was one of the most p 0 p u l a r instrumental groups produced by Mr. Bergan this year. There were numerous places for which the group played, including many churches, civic organizations, conventions, and school activities. Members were Dale Hilton, Roger Brown, Scott Libbey, Kenny Butzier, Carroll Hovick, and Dwane Mickelson. Marion Carr replaced Roger Brown mid-year. Saxophone Sextet An entirely new and dif- erent group was the saxophone sextet organized the second se- mester. Made up of girl saxo- phonists, who practiced diligent- ly twice a week, much was ac- complished in conquering band and group music. Rita Ruebel, Dorothy Vogel, Betty Burnett, Norma Kutz, Janice Bailey, and Mary Alice Halverson made up the group. SHOW SHOP ORCHESTRA This year, Show Shop Orchestra was organized for but one purpose, that of playing for the operetta, "Her Regiment." Starting practice the middle of February, this select group of instrumentalists gave a fine performance when their big night arrived. TRUMPET TRIO Marion Carr, Dale Hilton and .lim Officer made up this year,s trumpet trio which carried on the work of last year's group. Appearing with the band in a concert, play- ing for Know Your Schools and several civic organizations, the trio completed a short but highly successful year. INSTRUMENTALISTS REWARD For the past several years instrumentalists have been rewarded for their efforts by hav- ing individual pictures in the Little Dodger and Fort Dodge Messenger. Those chosen are taken from band and orchestra members who show good citizenship, outstanding ability and the will to work. For the first band CO11CC1't this year Rita Ruebel, saxo- phone soloist, Dale Hilton, leader of the trumpet section, and Dwane Mickelson, head of the trombone section, had their pictures taken. ,671 Urcllestra Mr. Bergan, with the assistance in string technique of Miss Wfilliams, had a very successful orchestra this year. Music played was by more popular composers although the classical numbers did not get excluded. One of the most enjoyed pieces was "The Blue Danube XValtz', by Johann Strauss. Thanksgiving marked the first appearance of the orchestra, which was closely followed by the annual Christmas concert. The last semester was marked by several Sunday concerts in March and April. Highlight of the year was the renewal of the Spring Festival of Boone, Ames, and Fort Dodge. Held at Boone in the middle of May, the trip was highly successful. Kenny Butzier was this yearls president, and Bob Ulstad filled the vice-president's office. I I l M li M BIZRS OF ORCI IIQSTRA Dorothea Anderson, Dorothy Antolick, Bob Arkoff, Dolores Aurand, htm Brown Lois Buintl p Lyall Butler, Kenneth Butzier, Betty Cannoy, Marilyn Carlson, Norma Cxirlsin M irion Carr D1 t A Cochran, Anne Deppe, Xxiflllldd Edwards, Betty llnterline, Bob Franklin, Don Criuts lupcnc Hurt xi Mary Alice Halverson, Dorothy Hanson, Wfanda Hieke, Dale Hilton ldward Hollan Soxilli "it ,q..' - -i Howard, Bob ilacobs, Beverly klensen, Duane Kingsbury, Bob Kirkberg, Norma Let Kutl Mint lem .1 pares, Scott Libbey, Dean Lichtenberg, Virginia Lisher, Jane Lloyd, Urbm Luktvsky Bltnche Mid son, Robert Manning, Lois Martin, .lack Mcliinstry, Dwane Mickelson Miry Millu Ivclvn Mix Boyd Nordmark, Paul Nydegger, ,lack Pappas, Helen Ramsden, Delores Raymond Bob Spillmin KENNETH BUTZIER Genese Smith. Duane Strom, Shirley Thompson, joan Totman, lilla Mit Trowbridge B b lylu President Bob Ulstad, Mary Ulsrad, Paul Wfalters, .loyce W'ilson. ,H Q, -NAM V f - w.4W,ff. . g-A I 9-.........-. x Q ,-A, sf ,fAj m +2 .ay M 5? au mx. 4' "M 11 M QL W z.:.:fi AH mfs 1: A Q' Q n igh ' , :pax wi - e MQSQK k -. 'Marana d 44" . , . ,f- ' KP -yxmw 4 , Z 5, U' . a I W W X 5 , M do iw 1-. N "A 3 1 55 F 5 n 3 . ..,, vv .vqy vu J , 'Vv-. Q 'f' x Sify, as :':" "I ,,,' .. -i in ir Q 31 wg f ff f Wi g fx E 5 f x is - .fy Marching Band XVith the precision of a military unit the Marching Band carried on its regular between- halves performance during the football season. Playing while maneuvering was em- phasized this year and the resulting color added to a fine season. Again this year Mr Bergan used a patriotic theme for the formations. '1l1l'jl'lL'I'.Y-- 17111111 ixlilllll 7 l7cg1nll.xrris, linh Ulsiail IDVIIIII Mi1jo1'1'!t1's-l3ee Rayinond, Priscilla lfvnnson, Beverly klcnsen Margaret Xlfilligiins Tn Thee We Sing- I :rat low lin-vm-rly Gilrlny, Juanita Amlvrson, Milmlrc-il I.imrn-nfi-lt-r, Mzxry Alive Halverson, Ann lk-ppl-, lilli M n lil nlnn lynn- Smith, In-nny Johnson, Marilyn Johnson, lim-vi-rly .Im-nsvn, Shirlm- Oops-I, Alien- liuilwlm-, Mary Rollin Shu in N I4 Anne S4-ur. Svvonll row l'zilly Nelson. Velvzl Von Str-in, Mary Hi-nkle, Donna Rue Olson, Lynll linllor, Joh 4 x nv. IM-nn llnlnxnn, Stanley lie-kluml, Gene Iirown, liluunor Hoi-vet. Jane Lloyil, l'Ivulyn Mix. Thiril row Mzul x in I hnson, Dorothy Arnistrong, Juni- Lowry, Lois Ulson, Ilia-k Stephan, Carroll Hoviek, John Hill, lilnn-r Avksil in lnl M in y, lh-lures llunlsnlen, Marjory Roski-. Jezinm- Rom-l's, lh-lly lintvrlim-. Vonrlh row lit-vi-rly liroek, lk-vm H vllznnl, l.onio liaruzino. Karl Johnson, Gt-orizv Vzunli- Pol, Warren Stump, Ki-nny lintzier, Howuril Larson, bn I me-y. Orville Sivvrson. Daryl lizusler, Ruth Martin, livtty llnrnm-tt, M:u'i::u'i-l Williams. Kay WVilli:ims. M R. HAKES This year A Cappella Choir was again one of the outstanding activities of school. Because of the reputation of excellence it has built up through- out the years the chorus was much in demand for programs at many of the city organizations. Along with outside appearances it also made several radio broadcasts and gave us several entertaining assembly pro- grams. ln the line of "something new has been added" the rehearsal time was changed this year and Mr. Hakes enlarged the chorus to include many sophomores who had previously been excluded from membership. The chorus combined a lot of work, their programs and the operetta, with the pleasure and fun that comes from singing in an outstanding organization. President Urvi Sinn Vice-President llonna lil O s M711 Secretary Mar' s v I kvwiwm... My A ..Mwf"'WW ..4....w-ff' Qlllll'tPll9 Always popular as a musical group, the boys quartette with its great variety of selec- tions was called on for many performances this year. Mem- bers were Diek Cervene, Or- ville Siverson, Elmer Acksel- son, Wilrreim Stump. Sextet Composed of all juniors the s e x t e t furnished entertain- ment for many clubs this year and should be even more in demand when they organize in the coming fall. Its mem- bers were Betty Burnett, Alice Rutledge, Ann Deppe, Lois Olson, Shirley Brooks, June I,owry. Madrigal Something new and different was the addition of a madrigal group which quickly proved very popular with their group of 17th century songs sung in costume. Members were Dorothy Armstrong, Beverly Brock, Marilyn Shaw, Donna Rae Olson, Jane Lloyd, Kay Wfilliams, Kenneth Butzier, Wfarren Stump, Orville Siver- son, Dick Cervene. -7-J, Nan Kofi-11lwri.:i-l', Norma Ja-an Olson, lim-tty NVilI. l,ol'4-Ha l'i-ters 'n, lmis Ann Nollis, l"l'an4'vs Mot-llifr, l'i-upzy lillrlw, lliani- lin-1 n lhwrolliy Antolik. K2llllL'l'llIt' Mayer, Holm-n Ramsmlefn, Olivo Willv. Donna Kirlny. Shirley Allan, lflln-anor Sh-inIiol'l', Valliq- Lixawx Mary llrosw, Marilyn VVii'lwr, Lilly Mai- Williams, lm-z Salirlw, Marion Vahill, lionnim- lianller, Juana Kil'l'llIlt'l'. Sliirli-3' Wil I Iironk. I'a1Iy Lou Jonesx, Viririnia liikins. l.:1 Vonnm- Rim-rson, Jon.: Si-hroill, Iii-ity Hinvli. lla Vonm- Anmli-rson. Sevoml and Fiflll Period Chorus The Second and Fiftli Period Clioruses are valuable for students wanting to get into A Cappella Choir and offer experience for extra singing. The choruses combined several times for programs during tlie year. Yvonm- l'appi-lv, ANI:-tio liarlwr, lbnnna lim-inartsun, l"luni4'i- Cmf., Vi-rna Kramer, .loan Tnlrnan. Maurill Marirlv. lli-len Mary Ann l"n-1-lhaxi-r, liz-ity Hickey, Mary lion lllstzul, llc-va-rly Allnriuhl, l'lari-nm-1' liali-um, l"r1-1-niali liroal. lmuiv Pray 1 loin llalv, lin-ilu' 1v"vi-In-. Myrlem- Llvrlw, .loan bmlth, Jam-ku' klllll, Shirley lirooks, Gloria lirown, Iiarlmra Lawson. l.m'i'a1ni- 1 oi-ln"in llali- l'm'ln'an, Ilia-lt Stahl, IT-van Knutson. llvan Harris, Marxlarvl l'unm-rs. Marion Hartwiu, lmiw Koi-sim-V, liarlmra Grzitkv Vi-ill 1'allhon. Varl llnrl, l'aul Nyilm1LIi'l', Maynaril l'llis-ilahl, Jim Officer. Anily liarlwr, l'Il4lon lion-y, Sylvia Wilson, Maxinv lirallnilllii 111, --- . ii I H Her Heqlmenl Against the colorful background of the Pomme d'Or and Chateau Belleville in Normandy, the curtain rose on this year,s operetta, "Her Regimentf, The yearly operetta always has a reputation for being good, but this one was outstanding, perhaps because everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The course of love never seems to run smoothly, as the hero Andre De Courcy QOrville Siversonj and the heroine Estelle Durvernay Qjune Lowryj quickly learned. But it wasn't all seri- ous, for some of the most enjoyable parts were the laughs furnished by Dick Stephan and Lois Olson as the carefree Blanquet and untidy Lisette Berlier respec- tively. "Her Regimentn moved smoothly and quickly and the chorus and Showshop orchestra really came through with that extra effort that made the operetta one of the standout events of this year's activities. lilanquet Lisette Berlier Ifugene De Merriame And re De Courey Iistelle Durvernay Jeanette Sergeant Sabretache Madame Guerriere Francois Cbutlerj Colonel Pontsahle CAST Dick Stephan Lois Glson e Wzlyiie Smith Grval Siverson June Lowry Shirley Brooks Kenny Butzier Eleanor I-Ioevet Freeman Groat Wfarren Stump N1 . ',5,- Hays Without Daddy ,- WARREN STUMP MARCELLA STANEK GWEN BABBITT JITANA KIRCI-INER lil-INNETH IIUTZIER A comical farce based on the home-front prob- lems of an anything but typical American family in the current war provided the general plot of the 1945 all-school play, "Days Wfithout Daddyf, The play presents the complex domestic situation of the four-generation Day family while Daddy Day OVarren Stumpj is off to war in the far east. Juana Kirchner, as the Days' mother, was perpetu- ally overwhelmed with her many family duties and her husband so far away. The matriarchal mother- in-law lGwen Babbittj firmly took matters into her own hands only to have everything become much more involved. The WAC lieutenant daughter, Mary, was played by Marcella Stanck, while Lyall Butler imperson- ated the ultra-feminine daughter, Betty. Kenny liutlier, Bill Headlee and Norman Rosen took the parts of three Air Corps lieutenants in the cast, the first of whom furnished the love interest for the Day daughter, Mary. Dick Cervene provided many a laugh as the psychiatrist, Professor lfud. Sam Westbrook was in the part of Reverend Fredrick: Merle Fishel, jose. a Brazilian sailor, jim Greenfield, MacDougall, a Scotch lieutenant, ,lim Christensen as the plumber, and Theano Pappas as a woman re- porter, Beth Finley. Charlotte Jensen was cast as Piggy, Danny Day's girl friend. while Dick Stephan had the role of the exuberant I8-year-old Dannyg Shirley Oppel was Harriet Day, married to the Days, older son. Mary Alane Calahan and -lane Lloyd acted the parts of Grandma's spinster sisters. Peggy Dollivvr was I.eota the maid, and June Greenlief, Mrs. Hustle, cook and housekeeper. 3 ., I-3 2:1 .f 2-JG 5 ':..f? .- fl? 'LH .. WC "VX 'G TN .. sg'-' '52 "IT-1 Gil: 315 GC.. 5... 0-0-1 GC 2.5 F? C Ze.. C QU' 1:1 3 77: 02 -,.. 3 .we :H -7 6 .T- C I. IDAZIC IN TIIE DAYS' LIVING ROOM. i V .W T QQ1 333 Elie.. -H ,MCC Nu Shortage nf Sharpness Remember all those mornings and noons dashing past Room 9 where the activity made you always glance in? Almost anytime you looked there was a group of people all excited and pounding away like mad on the type- writers-that,s right, the Little Dodger staff. This year was as busy as always for the staff, but there were extra ad- ditions to the work. Along with all the usual frantic dashing, there was the endless task of typing the mailing list for each copy for the hundreds of servicemen to whom the paper is sent. But before that took place all the other work had to be done, getting assign- ments, chasing after needed facts or interviews, racking your brain over some eopy only to find there was more still to be done, of figuring out head- ings, checking and rechecking. Yes, it was work, hard and rushed, but it was -7g,, Al Sharun's Shup fun, too, the fun of seeing your copy in print, your heads set up, the reward of all the laughs when the Pi-Line or Iirom The Bench or the lnquiring Re- porter were read, the excitement and expectation and stolen minutes from class work when the Dodger Fridays rolled around. This year, too, the l.ittle Dodger became an extracurricular ac- tivity so all the time spent was the time of each individual. Hildegarde Sand- berg and klune Greenlief handled the liditor role capably and efficiently, with the help of Shirlee Oppel as Busi- ness Manager and there was always Miss Sharon's guiding hand. The whole staff did a super job, cooperating, help- ing each other, getting out the paper entirely on their own time, and to all the staff from all the school goes thanks for lots of laughs and enjoy- ment. -71, g 1 l 'N ,,-"""" H vb Rx Exe dv! wif, 'fa gf? fm? A pw- .im "Bing flruuntl Elizabeth" As a Wind-up to the activities this year, on May 11 the Seniors pre sented their play, "Ring Around Elizabeth." Comedy was definitely the right word for it, with the heroine Elizabeth posing as an amnesia victim to get the involved household straightened out. The clever dialogue delivered by the "sharp eharaetersn made the play a real hit with tht lLlLl1Ll'lCC. Lilurette Carpenter Styles Hubert Cherry Mercedes V ids jennifer lfliyabeth Cherry lrene Oliver Harriet Gilpin Ralph Cherry Andy Pmlnyne Policeman Dr. Hollister Marcella Stanelx Bob .Ineobs Mildred Guernsey Lou Constantine Donna Rae Olson loan Knowles Kay Willi.ii11s Theano Pappas .lim Greenfield Bob Ulstnd Norman Rosen Stuart Pfaff -83- "Talita ll flwa " The engineer gives the signal and the Dodgers are on the air. It's KNOW YOUR SCHOOLS broadcasting from the stage of the high school audi- torium every Monday, Wfednesday and Friday under the direction of Kenneth Waterman. Students and teachers alike take part in this tri- weekly program in which various activities of the school are presented to the public. These broadcasts enable students to become accustomed to speaking before the mike and also enable them to acquire skill in radio announcing and radio engineering. Norris Peterson and Don Walterick were the engineers for the past year. The announcers for the first semester were Vince Swanson, Arlene Estlund, Mary jane Callahan, and Dan Connors. Announcers for the second semester were selected from the speech class. Freeman. llun and Norris at the controls. KENNETH WATERMAN DAN I'0NNl'fRS Basketball roundup ut the mike. Another year has passed and we are still at War. This year has been sig- nificant to us as a nation, for it brought us nearer our goal, total Victory, thru the Invasion of Nor- mandy, the liberation of Rome, Paris, the Philippines and so on. But to us, the year is not only un- forgettable for these things alone, but for the fun, good times, and experiences We have had. From these experiences we, as young people, will be prepared to make the most important contribution We can to the post-War World, that is, the influence of a fully matured and understanding mind. C -86- D""'t We . Cuddle Up our , be so stagger Forbidden - - .. ,, Study complacent, to riLual. iflttle tcgflms Mr' Mac Hints Bob! victory. ' User' 0 ame' "aAgiA 'Q -88- Me-n's , Barking Block ,. U Pow der FE H00 I I The Thai I! '-kzef, Room. 05 'I' Kttark. Kick! H 5' 0 -89- Step FQ Wh:1t's People Take Hex , nfl' F' right 1II'xn-k- fhl' hi?-'T are 5091, paw-the up! ' ' joke. June? funny. rhmce. butter! - . and irn-nds Xfier the dance iw nu-r. 'N - we., W A x,,,.,-1-w W Stu We're Aren't Our claim filgilgtrglqif! takes waiting, you cold, to Entrance. lcamfahd over. Santa. Alhcrta? shame. Marwlhl Fourth Period Chorus Christmas I'nrty. Duck, lictlyf 4.4 191, P Slidin' Pin Him Having a h Whefe's Shirley The March On K ,' Wonderful Exxt. Soma, and Maman Of Thru! enny' Time. Merle 1' Cut a Rug. Dimes. 192.- 'FU A I uve "lt Vould "The Very "Sain:-lmdy "MI 'I he Like lluppn-n Thought "'l'm:cther." "AN nys." I 'NCS Thllllrg Ours." To You." Of N nu." Mc." You An-." "l'll Ba' Sm-ing Yl.ll." 'nl ,P As ' + ,Q rv .A.,I 4 4191: K... ,.x'DKv ' ,455-A f-A. s' ' Q 4 st A ' IQ-f.0'v, lxl I .' Y' G ' ' 'syn' 'a' YE in 3 : - .' f Q-4 - 4 is, I , , 1, W X' l 'o ' 'I I C Xl. ,x'l' X45 - U3 - Banister Banshees. liqual rights for women. Take heed of page ST. Have you been measured for cap and gown? Unaccus- Faculty tomed at ease. as I am- , Smile for R uf! , , the birdee 0 p ' ' Marie. -94- Nite-life ml 'Nc-nth af the Ship R ' h x the shade Blue Ahoy! efml' if or rm Diamond. Apnl' apple tree But don't gn ne-ar Mun Sweel and the wah-r, shortagvl' ? lovely. Barbara. is I ...Q5,. Broadway. Here I Fume " Ilan m-d" l'l'acti1'v1' 'WN hero Behind Thanks Han llalllimr ,, ' Thove ' ' , .. V y , -L, Arm- lhe - T- for tho ni Oil Weflol ' "e"""'5' Fellas?" SIV,f,'ff5L'Qff Buggy Ride. Alum-'chi H95- if 4 K D auf V54 i f "x .LQ-V A K 1! a Ms. Nw- .ch on' 1 . 4 ,I . ,, W-fi R, 5 Certainly one cannot measure the benefits one derives from Working together as a team or group mate- rially. The spirit of fellowship and cooperation developed today on our gridirons and basketball courts is an important phase of education. In tomorroW's World, We shall be working with people of all colors, races and creeds. We shall be closer together in our Work and in our play than ever before. Our school is fulfilling its highest duty both to the present and to the future by offering such programs. O -Jw- 0 B 0.7"yg,5 if PN 33 E 'gdW7Q, 5 4' 9- -'-as 9595: QUH nw efFU19 Qfptywwr , Va T is PIGSKIN PAGEANTRY Ib all those boys and coaches who helped make the 1944 Dodger gridiron season a success, we extend our hearty congratulations. -1 I- , ..-W , ,A - , , , T T.. .,-..,, c . ,, ,r J ,, - J,,,.,. . , y , , A F ,, C ,,,,,.t,,.,, - ,.,,, , ,,, 1 T , ,.,,,, 1 , .. ,..,,.,,W,,,.,,M-. r o T ,, 7 , ,1 5 ,T C, , n,X ,..,,r,,,-...-,,,,...,,,n..,,T,, . ,r rr ,,,,, ,, 4, 1 , -WN-Aww, , , ,. . . ,W X, , , A--M--,-M-A-Mr A-w- N ,W ,W W -.,.,.-nwmmwm.-.,,....W.,..- -..4.,,.,..-, , C' f A A Y "W" " -f- -My ' ' -r 1 "" 1 -r f Y'-r ---- M'-'-"""r 'y U , ,,.,,,.,,,,,, r ,,,,,, , ct., I , ,rr Y T - T A It 1 A d .Q 3 I ,,-- 4 ,,4 Tr., .r , ,, , , Y ,, . ,, T , Q ' ' W t......v,,,,,-- ,,.. .,.,. 7, .. ,F ' , ., 1, T1 First. row left to riizht Carrol Hovick, Bob Rathermcl. Delbert Ls-iss, George Knack, Kenny Carlson. Bill B4-crs, Joe Carpcn- tur, Ralph Woodard. Howard Larson, Gerald Carlson, Dick Kullman. Second row Hubert Carroll. Al Evcnson, Lynn Nelson, John He-man, John Fic-slcr. Robcrt Schweiger, Jerry Kiliper, Charlcs Ernst, Merle Davidson, Bob Dickerson, Stuart Pfaff, Vincv Swanson, lad Holland, Merrill Lefflcr, Dirk Stcphon. Third row Roy Hutchinson, Rey Kruckman, Ms-rvin Hauirun, Elmcr Miller, G4-rald Ruby, Bob Bingham, Al Pottcr, Paul Eidc, Junior Jansscn, George Constantine, Carl Loria Waync Smith Bud Kirsch Irv Robinson. H1-nry Wasvm, Seymour Spilka, Bob Brown, Don Chalstrom, Lowell Erickson. Follrth row Coucli Dura, Coach Marquis. Walt O'Connor, Howard Hecht, Vernon Horne, Don Kaufman. Joe Arnold, Bill Flctchcr, Don Tilton. Daryl Ba:-dvr, Dick Zcims, Craig W2llll'l'S. Glvnn Lunblad. Roy l.indnel'. Lauri-n Ch.-le-en, Virgil Hvnrn, Kc-nneth Sinllcr, Conch Wriirht. Pouch Rnkcr. l'oach Voopvr. Iiriliirnn Greats First row left to right Bill Fox, Karl Burch, Bill Gibson, Jack Schwieuer, Kcnncth Wimzcrt. Bob Ht-man, Chuck Ncal, Dick lfcvold, Doylv Ankrum. Second row Roger Skophammer, Terry Mulonc. Don Lloyd, Dean Knudson, Lou l'ruy. Bill Brighi, Harley Isaacson, Ronald Mc-ssl-rly, Bob Carter, Bob Kirkberiz, Dick Ruxre, Dick Wold. Third row Jim Officx-r, Olly Buckner, Paul Nydemzer, Bob Brown, Delbert Walker, Harold Janssen. Kendall Picper, Gcorirv Lawton. Bill Jack Walrod, Bob We-rdan. Trcmplc. John Harrison. l-'ourth row' Hz-ad Coach Rakcr, Kenneth Brown, Art Hubbard, Gordon Stiles, Bob Elm-I, Dean Fon- tana, Bob Strom, Dale Hudson, Albert Fox, Dick Jondle, Assistant Coach Wright, 4 M f ', o , . ., , .,,...,, .,.,, ,. - ,, ,..,,, ' N,.,-...m -.. --m---'W""r'-'M ' 'er""'r"r2M'W"" "'rrA 'Y it 7' 'M sg W WW. ,unit A QT vin if I 7- Er u :I E? in -v -v g 1 'P' 'Y ff '- 1' I 4 f-.ii ITN ' K r A ,Q .mia RALPH XVOOIJARIB-His defensive work justi- fied liis selection on tlie second All Shift' Twain. STUART l'l"Alili-Always called the right play at tlie riglit time, HOB SCI IXVIQIGFR-A team man at all times. BOB BINGHAM-The Hpudgy boy" was the liandy man on tlwe squad, several times being called upon to fill in at defensive guard. WIIQRRY lill,lPliR-His fierce charging gave many an opposing end a lieadaclie. 2 ARTHUR KIRSCH-Tough on defense. Always gave his best. CARL LORIA-Started several games. Great on open field blocking, JOHN FIESELER-His all-round play featured most every game. XVill lead the 1945 Dodger team. GEORGE KNACK-One of the best running backs developed in the state in many years. Made the first All Sfafv Twain in a walk. Wm' HUBE RT CARROLL-Sflldelzf Nltlllclgfl' "Delivered the goods" in fine style. - 102 - IIICNRY XVIXSFXI-Toolt over late in the season and eame through in great style. KENNY CARISDN-Although handicapped by iniuries he "stood up" at crucial times. NWAYNIQ SMITII-I,aeliing size, his determina- tion brought him recognition on the gridiron and a starting berth in the final game of the season. MI'fRI.If DAVIDSON-The lanky boy fought hard at all times. ISUIS IJICQKHRSUN-His down-field blocking made it possible for the backs to get extra yardage on their runs. DICK STISPI IAN IFRRY RUBY-Wfith no previous experience, he proved what hard work and the right altitude will bring. CHARIIIS ERNST-Ilis powerful drives gave the Dodgers a first down when it was badly needed. GEORGE CONSTANTINF-IIis passing and ball earrying gave the Dodgers many yards. That "buggy whip" arm will bring him state recognition next year. I3II,l. BIIIQRS-I'Iis leadership proved an inspira- tion to all his teammates. Ile assisted during the season and carried on for Hubert. 'V -Us 0 t 'L v W.. , ,l:,f" Q , lg' -- 1031- BOB RATHERMFI.-Saw action in several games. HOXVARD LARSON-Always in there plugging. IRV ROBINSON-Saw lots of action and should be it tower of strength in the middle of the line next year. Al. POTTER-A student of the game. His ex- perience this year will prove valuable in 1945. GERALD CARLSON-He Could "take itf' DELBIERT LFISS-Quiet but hard to discourage. PAUL EIDE-Showed improvement as the season went along. Expected to be Ll bulwark in next year's line. --104 -A ., , i.lNI'I VVum':irtI, Kiliirvr, Ss'i1wvi1,'u1', Iluvitlson, l':lrlsun, llit-lu-limit, l"it-sm-It-It l5At'Kl"li'fl.l t':n'pu-l1Iti', ICVHQI. Knut-li. ltttlrra. t, I . .1 u'j,vr'. ' .5,, . lin 'K' xvyd I. Al.lll'IR'l' LEA 6'-l"OR'l' DODGE 20. Plzxyinu against, thc 2. EAST WATERLOO ti-I"OR'l' DOIIGIC 27. ln this om-mint:-V ht-:nvie-ft lim- In tht- 'I'i1:t-rs' histm-y, tht- lbmlprt-r t-It-vt-n shown-tl tht- thv lbtnlllt-rs tluwm-tl mu- nt' tht- tuulrhvst lvilllw in tha' 4'wIli'1'r1'l1t'1'. prtnniw tt' zu nrt-:tt tt-:un this full. With shut-ml :tml puwt-r thu All Hlvrt Uwltlvl' i'Ul'W1ll'li Willi Fllliliilvli UH' 'l'l'1'.iHIIS' PIIIYF HHN' Ihnhgt-1' h:u'kt'u-Ill, m:tt4'ht-tl with tht- lim-'s stl'm-mith :tml hluvkimr Eli-ll'l' tims- mul tht- in-ztllliflll lmlnwliimr :tml txwlililtxg' simwn hy tht' ability, lrruvt-tl tw- muvh fm' thv Mii1m'sut:uu5, tvaxm wus :lhout tha- In-st st-vu su fur this yvzlr. ag. f 'h :Q Ez- fe' t 3. EAST DHS MOINES lt-FORT DODGE 0. 'I':xkini: ativan- tl. BOONE 7-I"OR'l' DODGE 33. Vunmplt-tt-ly 4-tuntrullim: tht- tztgn- nf ,.H,l.y WUHIUNSS In UW Ummm, vlm,l,,,' 1:2351 Shmtq-rt-tl tht- umm' from start lu finish, tha- puwt-rftll l?ml1,:x-r 1-lon-ll murvht-ul nlrvum ul' an umia-ft-:tt1'il svusnn. Om-uftht'I':u'tm'st'untl'ihutim1tu triumphuntly nv:-I' tht-il' "ul1t'in-lit" rivals, tht- 'l'ui'v:uhu's. 'l'hi-a this wus wh--n Knut-lx, powt-l'I'tll hull' and It-mlim: sm-on-1' fur thc- uumv, plzxym-nl on :x wot, nuultiy fix-lni, wus at In-:ttvtl lutttlt- lnnrkt-tl hy lmttgx-rs. wuw hurt :uni hut! to lvzivt- tht- fit-ld vznrly in the- irznnn-. tht- rlurun-fl lim- pluy :mtl lxrilliztnt runnim: ut' the- hm-Its. +1057 W' ,I ,I Milli- than-li Dm-a, Head Coach Maxquis, Athletic Ilirm-tm' f'uope1', Assistant Coaches Wright and Rake-r. 3. lNDl'Il'ENIlICNl'E T-FORT DODGE 6-I. Tho l'irsl home- ginn- fur lhn- llixnlm-1's was a walk away in every svnsv nf thc in in-l'wl llirmlili a linux' liuls- in ills' visilurs' lim' for Ilia- firsl svurl' il lln- u'a:m-, 'l'hv 1-I-si-i'xw-s playing Illl'L'I'-IiIIlll'Il1S of tlu- mann-, had vrd. IS1-I'm'v llu- garlic was a few niinutc-s old. Carpe-ntvr sram- vir niulil, aflm-1' Ilw ri-grulars had lmuill up a substantial luad. S "W 7. MASON CITY 7-FORT DODGE 6. AHL-r leading: li to U at lllv vluse- dl' thu- first half, thx- llmlm-1's, unablv in scure in thc- soconzl pl-riml. inn- sum-vzwl nut of a hard fought lmaltle- with thu Mu- axxlxs. Knavlq and I':11'yu-1114-1' lmth wvro unable tu play this gzamc lm! thu spark ul thi-ir llmlmwstilclivs and Ihn' rvsl of lhv IL-am was uutslamlinpf. 6. ROOSEVELT DES MOINES 13-FORT DODGE 29. Re-- lmundimz hai-li In thi-ir winning: slroali the Dmlslvrs rullvd over thi' Rumrh Ridc-rs at Valley High Stadium. Carpvute-r ran sixty yards on a revvrsu, thrumrh lhn- center uf thc "'l'vd's" line for thu firsl marlic-r. lwliiml ln-auliful lrl4,r'kim:'. Al the owl of the first in-riml llle sworn' was 15 to ll. N. LA CROSSE. WISCONSIN 0-FORT DODGE 3-I. Winding up a sucvessful svasmm, tho Drnlxzc-rs, with a 1z'1'e4-n bavkfield and a llvu-rniim-ul lim- rolled liver a puwvrful ln-adinfr tm-am from Wis- mmsin. The "Red Raiders" wvrn- bixz and had a xzmnl rvufml but that wasn't enuuuh to stop thu hard drivinxr backs and a vm-li-ran Iiwnluc-r lim-. Nino roxxulars playl-nl thu last Hamm' uf thx-ir 4-arm-r. -106- Basket Ball The first five: VVoodard, Merris. Beers. Constantine and Loekert. Witli the return of five lettermen, Merle Davidson, center, George Knack and junior Janssen, forwards, Ralph Woodard and Bill Beers, guards, the cagers had the prospects of a good season. This combination started out by downing Boone, 34 to 19. Next they were squeezed out by one point when North Des Moines rallied at the last minute. Getting back into their reg- ular form, the Dodger quintet eased past Roosevelt and Iiast, both of Des Moines. At mid-season Davidson and Knack were lost by graduation and Janssen was called in the draft. Red Lockert, a tall, red-headed transfer from Minnesota, with the veteran guards Wfoodard and Beers, formed the nucleus of the team. One of the highlights of the year was the double defeat of both Wfaterloo schools by the Dodgers. Trav- eling to Wfaterloo before mid-year the Dodgers stopped a powerful Vlfahawk quintet the first night, and eased past the Trojans the next night. Coming up to Fort Dodge later in the season, with hopes of revenge, both of these clubs were turned by the magnificent play of the Dodgers. After this occasion, the Dodgers lost to Wfebster City, North, Iiast and Roosevelt of Des Moines by one or two point margins. Filled with high spirit and fight, the Dodgers moved into the State Tournament at Webstei' City. They were scheduled to play Rolfe in the first round. This game was one of the heart breakers of the year. Witli two minutes to go, the Dodgers led a hard-fought game by one point. Murray, from Rolfe, as the last seconds ticked by, dribbled down the floor and shot a long, left- handed, push shot, This shot went into the air as the buzzer sounded ending the game. The shot was missed and his fellow teammate grabbed the re- bound and put it in. The ref- erees and timekeeper didn't see this incident and there was a doubt as to which shot actually went in. Finally, however, the game was given to Rolfe. This concluded a fair season in which the Dodgers lost six games and won six in the Big Seven Conference. Assistant Coach Raker Head Coach McKinstry Assistant l'om'h Wright -107- Q3 :- 3 x i m, - N , R , E 'Z 1 i ' ZZZ: if fi' A ' Q . . Q E i3 '2 ' iifzs 5:" in fi if wr 'R Qi 495 E' 423 35 .,.,, X . Six? ww Www A ,Y , 6 ' 4 9 x -'Xi A at hw ... , , , t ,J , sf ' ,Q My Q ' ! N 1 N -. My iz., A Q is huge a ,Q :. ' Q D 4 ' f f" p i f ww I' X. 1 M.: - ,,,,, if 0 A ww. Wm fm' mw- 4--mi sg f' " , r f K, .A .Q..x , ,NW- ii 4 'rw A t,. mx l., -ff L. lf ,N 'if 'AY I I Ml P 55 A W 4-as ,' A SQUAD l-'irst row Huh Me-rris, Iiill lh-4-rs, Ralph Woodar4l.Junior Janssvn, Merle Davidson, GL-orzv Knack, LaV4-rne Luvk- hurt, Stuart l'fat'f, Irv Robinson. Se:-oncl row Assistant Coavh Rake-r, Hearl Coach ML-Kinstry, flhuvk Nc-al. Merrill I4-fflor, liolu Vi-mlviu. Gt-o1'1,:v Vonstantinv, Ilia-k Wolml, Al l'ottor, Paul Rich-, Assistant Coach Wright. Athletic' Dirertor Cooper. Third row Ili.-lc Stephan. lloan Knutson, llalv Cochran, Churk Swec-ne-y, Bob Brown, Karl Kurtz, U-aryl Iiasler, Bob Khut-ns-st. Laurvn l'll0lCt'Il, Ch-o Iiouyrhty. Ilntlqer Hallhawlss li SQl'All Ifirst row Tom l't'1ldis'ol'4I, llL'llvvrt Walkor. Javk Schwn-iL!A'r, Doylv Aulxrum, Harold Janssen. liill Gibson, l,aV1-rn Autlursun, Holy Fltzol, G4-oruv Lawton. Sa-vonil row Student Manam-r Roger Skophammvr, Bill Fox. K1-ntlall Pivper. Bob Wertlon, lim-lx Holelvn, Holm lirown. .lark Rune, Lou l'ray, Ronald Mr-ssf-rly. Reginald Clark, Third row Coach Rakcr, Russell Thorson. lir'I1IH'tl1 l'1HKl1oln1, Hola llouyzhty. Hob Arkoff. Carl Ilurvh, Grant Rhinehart, Voavh Wright. 4' 'aff' Um 1 if .rl IS 'S 2 1 AX Q lS !'W'w2 Q f ' ix H as sniff if A SQUAD: Left to right: liaek row Freddie Larson, Wayne Smith, Donald Lloyd, Clayton Lowry, Howard Steinhoff, Don Chal- Hlrom, Kenneth Carlson, Allan Evenson, Coach Hen Duea, Edward Holland. Front row Coach Fred Cooper, Forrest Prine, Hill llriizhi, John Hill. Perry West. Joe Arnold, Lyle Schuh, John Harrison, Dick Kopp, Roy Hutchinson, Edward Decker, Virgil Hern. Wresllinq The Dodger grapplers opened the season at the annual Eagle Grove invitational meet, winning second place. Being considerably handicapped with injuries, the Dodgers were only able to win two of the seven dual meets, but in a hard fought Big Seven tournament the matmen won a close second place. Eight men went to the District at Eagle Grove and placed third, four of them going on to the State the following week at Clarion. At the State meet Carlson and Smith placed second and third respectively. ENTIRE SQUAD: Left to right: lim-k row Ted Lee, Edward Becker, John Jondle, Bob lirainard, Viryzil Hern, Joe Moore, Dunne Johnsnn. Richard Jacobs, Coach lien Duea, Dick Kopp. Third row Kenneth Erie, Coach Fred Cooper, Perry West, Hill llrixzhi. John Cavanaugh, Vern Sorenson, Terry Malone, Joe Cooper, Bud Hudson, Don Tilton, Joe Casey 1Manx-Lpzerb, Elbert Fox, l'eter liuekelman, Lawrence Williams KB Squad Manairerr. Second row John Hill, Joe Arnold, Don Chalstrom, Jim Officer, Roy Hutchinson, Lowell liriekson, Forrest Prine, Waldo Widell. First row Wayne Smith, Donald Lloyd, Howard Steinhoff, Freddie Larson, Kenneth l'arlson, Lyle Sehuh, Allan Evenson, John Harrison, Edward Holland, Clayton Lowry. U Q--f-A fu HOLLAND-l 35 Lbs. Didn't have much in the way of natural ability. Everything he accomplished can be laid in the doors of fortitude and determina- tion. If Ed had another year, he would really go. W AYNE SMITH-129 Lbs. Fort Dodge never had a more consistent trainer, a harder worker, nor a wrestler that should have been champion than Wayne. He did win the Eagle Grove Invitational, the Big 7, and the District. He had to be satisfied with third at the State but in my heart, he will always hold the place of a champion. KENNY CARLSON-155 Lbs. He had a fine looking record. Eagle Grove Invitational champion, District champion, and second in the State. Accounted for S of our 7 points. He had seven falls out of thirteen matches that he wrestled during the season. Had it not been for his four weeks absence, our team record would have looked a lot better. When Kenny's right, he is unbeatable. HOWARD STEINHOFF-135 Lbs. I believe Howard was the competitor of our squad. He rose to his best under the most adverse circumstances, He was defeated only once during the dual season and won seven falls during the season. If we had had Howard or Kenny in the Big 7 tournament, Fort Dodge would have won it. lor tht tt im wt hive Ind lots better and we have had many that were more faithful to prictict and some that worked harder and longer, but never have we had a team that suffered my more from the handicapped circumstances. With just a few breaks, this slmt YLIIH might hlvt taken its place with the best. -114- .IUIIN HARRISON-105-112 Lbs. DEL CLAYTON LUWRY-118-123 Lhs. LYLE SCHUII-95 Lbs. Of the five matches he won during the season, four were by fall. This is in keeping with Dodger wrestling philosophy. "Johnnie goes all out to pin." BERT LEISS-155 Lbs. Is another boy with not much of a gift for wrestling but was "all wool and a yard wide" when it came to determination and an insatiable desire to win. Cllayt was something of an "in and outerf' Something seemed to drag upon Clayt at times but his exhibitions in the Big 7 Tourna- ment showed that Clayt has the makings of a big time wrestler. I.ost only two matches during the season. Wiis Eagle Grove Invi- tational champion, Big 7 champion, District first champion, and didn't have a chance to come back at the State. Threw nine opponents of the eighteen he met during the season. Should be a power next season. Season Scores for Wrestling Ifagle Grove Invitational Second Place We They East Walterloo 18 20 East Des Moines West Des Moines S0 0 Clarion West Watei'loo 14 22 Big 7 Tournament Eagle Grove ,. 13 27 District ,,.ss . Osage . ,, . A 5 31 State ....... ...... . -115- We They 29 9 I 3 25 Second Third Fifth .IUHN HILL--112 LIIS. XVasn't quite rugged enough to begin the season. He should have completed the last year of wrestling but Johnnie tried from the start to the finish. He always did his best and the angels can do D0 l'llOI'C. LYNN NHLSUN-Heavyweight Sometimes I think he wanted to wrestle more than anything else and sometimes I don't think he cared whether he wrestled or not. He had ability and if he had stayed with his wrestling last year and allowed nothing to interfere with his program this year, he could have been a champion and I think he would have been. FORREST PRINE-145-155 Lbs. Found himself at Osage. From then until the end of the season, he came and came fast. l predict a successful future as a wrestler. COACHES COOPER AND DUEA - 116-- .Ioe Casey-Student Manager As a manager, he takes his place among those we have had that were better than average. He was regular. punctual, and easy to work with. He always had the wel- fare of the team at heart. -2::e-fn' W 1, my V I WWE- .LY f ff ' JJ Come Sl17l'Il7g Men nf the Diamond This year's team has only three returning lettermen, Woodard, Con- stantine and Martin, infielders. The prospective candidates to fill in the positions are young but full of spirit and should prove to be winners. The schedule for this year was April 10-Moorland, April 13-Eagle Grove, April 17-Callender, April 20-Gilmore City, April 27-Man- son, May 1-Bancroft, May S, 7, 8-Sectional Tournament, May 14, 15-District, May 21, 22, 23-State, and May 25-Big Seven. ttf The Dodger Nine of "44" was one of the best teams developed here since the starting of this sport. Their record proves this by winning eleven in a row but finally dropping one to Davenport, 3 to 0, in the semi-finals of the State Tournament. Traveling to Mason City later for the Big Seven Tournament the Dodger batsmen lost their last game to West Waterloo, 1 to 0, in an eleven-inning game. The Dodgers had a a powerful hitting lineup and their fielding was something to be con- gratulated. Knack and Janssen took care of the mound duties with Bingham behind the plate. Wieshaar was on first with Schuh, Constan- tine, Woodard, and Martin completing the infield. Tomlinson, Dick- erson, and Peterson took care of the outfield. This team had a good record which will not soon be forgotten. -118- lH44'frack Snasnn Coach Ben Duea's cindermen opened the 1944 season with a tri- angular meet with Humboldt and Webster City. Fort Dodge Walked off with first place laurels. They then traveled to Cherokee for the Tomahawk relays where they placed third. At the annual Drake Relays, Fort Dodge placed fourth in the mile relay, first and fourth in the mile run, with Prohaska setting a first record for the high school mile run at Drake. Fort Dodge placed second at the Clarion Cowboy relays. Eighty-nine points were amassed as Fort Dodge won the District, and the following week the Dodgers placed third in the Big Seven at Des Moines. At the State Meet, Prohaska took second in the mile run, the mile relay won third, medley relay fourth, and Wasem won a fourth in the high hurdles. The lettermen were Bill Beers, Ollie Buckner, Joe Carpenter, Paul Eide, Charles Ernst, Leland Etzel, Art Kirsch, Roy Linder, Carl Loria, Elmer Miller, Duane Osam, Don Ploog, Melvin Pollard, Ray Prohaska Qco-capt.J , Gerald Ruby, Bob Schweiger Cco-capt.J , Henry Wasem, and Don Tilton fmanagerj. 1945 This year we look forward to a winning season. When Coach Ben Duea issued a call for trackmen, 71 men reported from high school and 12 freshmen came up from junior high. With eight returning letter- men the prospects are far better than at the beginning of the '44 season. The Dodgers will run in the Valley relays, Tomahawk relays, Drake relays, Fort Dodge Invitational meet, District, Big Seven, and State. As the schedule indicates the tracksters have a big season ahead of them. -119- Gulf Under the expert supervision of Coach Cooper the golfers of 1944 had a very successful season. Members of the team were Captain Harold Schill, Stuart Pfaff, Ray Kruckman, Brad Schaupp, Craig Walters. The team came in second at the Big Seven Tournament and also won the District Tournament. Although winning the District, the team voted not to compete in the State Tournament. Golf in 1945 was discontinued because of lack of enough boys to constitute a team. Tennis With the beautiful tennis courts at Dodger Field, tennis has really come into its own in the last couple of years. This year's schedule is a very tough one. Ames Dual, April 14, Eagle Grove Dual, April 21, Mason City Dual, April 28, Ames Invitational Tennis, May S, Big Seven, May 12, District Tennis, May 19g State Tennis, May 26. The boys, working under the able direction of Coach Cooper, are as follows: jack Walrod, Vince Swanson, Speed Spilka, Rob Rathermel, Dennis Wiewel, Bob Hughlin, Dean Glamon and Bob Manning. Coach Wright coached the tennis team of 1944. The team played in the District Meet but couldn't compete in any other meets due to the lack of transportation. Jack Bonnell was elected Captain. Other mem- bers of the team were Bob Rathermel, Speed Spilka, Vince Swanson, Bob Bickal, Dennis Wiewel. -120- Intramurals Basketball True to form, basketball was the most popular intramural sport this year. This season Coach Marquis used the round robin form of elimination. liach team played ten games, highlighted by fast action and thrilling finishes. Room 103, after many hard fought battles was found to be the victor. Members of this homeroom are: Morrill Mericle, Roy l.indner, Bill Fletcher, Will! O'Connor, Paul Lcssmeier. Wrestlixlg Again this year intramural wres- tling was very popular with 82 boys turning Ollt. The ten cham- pions are as follows: Marvin Griffon, 95 lbs., Myron Cervene 105 lbs., Sam Enzauro 112 lbs., Bill Headlee 118 lbs., jack lfowl- er 123 lbs., .Iohn Gunderson 129 lbs., Dick Savage 135 lbs., jack Anderson 145 lbs., Vernon Sor- enson 155 lbs., and lrv Robinson, heavyweight. Swimming There were 28 entries in intra- mural swimming this year with much close competition involved. Top honors went to Forrest Prine, Marvin Stringer, John Henman, Jim Demery, and Ken- neth Brown. Obstacle Course The obstacle course has proved itself to be highly successful in giving boys 11 more complete p h y sic al education program. Everyone taking part in this pro- gram is trying to better the rec- ord of Jack Blomberg which is 40.7 seconds. "Bloomer Girl" Miss Norrlman and Miss M smas- oss are really "on flacf ball. 123 Six kicks fo a slroke, girls. I for Iarlenifr. Floafiug Pyramid. Classes "Hang your clothes on a hickory line but don't go near the water" is a saying long disregarded by our own Dodger mermaids. The pool is the scene of practical jokes and many hours spent perfecting differ- ent strokes and dives. So much time is allotted for learning the fundamentals of the basic strokes such as the crawl, side stroke, breast stroke, elementary and rac- ing back stroke. Each girl is eager to perfect her own. Those who are more advanced concentrate their efforts on learning new dives and perfecting old ones. Their progress recorded on a chart, which lists some fifty tests, includes swimming from a width to twenty-two lengths on each stroke, stunts, and about ten dives. Lifa Saving Our Life Saving class under the direction of Miss Nordman was made up of 25 girls this year. This includes both Junior and Senior Life Saving. Classes were held between 4:00 and 5:30 on Thursday nights. Life Saving is divided into two parts: water work and general water safety. Water work is carried on during the warmer months and consists of: level- ing, head carry, chest carry, front surface approach, under water approach, block, parry, wrist grip, front and back release, head release, head carry, hair carry, fire- man's carry, saddle-back carry, and tired swimmers carry. During the winter, dis- cussions are carried on on water safety. This pertains to safety rules for beaches, pools, and for swimmers themselves and the techniques and skills in using Life Saving equipment at all times. Tests in both of these are given in the spring in order to be sure that each girl is prepared to carry on Life Saving. Glng, Glug. Oni goes flu' had air CD11 your mark- 1944 I"i4'l:flmll Clmnzjmx. Up milf af 'r'111. W':1fc'lv flmn' Im 11 mia ries. 4 U'i:lm:l-i SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER While the weather is still nice, fieldbnll is the main sport in both classes and intramurals. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER Throughout these months the volleyball courts are set up and volleyballs are in play continually. The tournaments, made up of sophomore, junior, and senior teams, create great excitement. JANUARY-FEBRUARY Basketball, one of our favorite sports, is played continually through these two months and Ll short while in March. MARCH-APRIL Badminton, deck tennis, and ping pong are competitive sports. Tournaments are held both in singles and doubles for each. MAY In May we return to the out-of-doors again to play softball-a good tourna- ment sport. Prnlic Our High School Physical Education pro- gram is divided into two groups: the physical education classes and the intra- mural sports. The class program is a period of instruction. Instruction is given in techniques, skills and rules to every student. Throughout the class program, the following are the objectives we seek to accomplish: l. The development of neuromusclar skills. 2. Development of organic vigor. 3. Knowledge of rules, methods, etc. 4. Ability to work and play cooper- atively with others. lntramurals take place from 4:00 until 5:00 o'clock after school. By participat- ing in these activities, girls earn points toward their letter award in girls ath- letics. This is a recreational program and purely voluntary. Intramurals are divided into three divisions: team sports, dual activities and individual sports, each of which is universally popular. This year we have over a hundred and forty girls participating in the different activities and more letters will be received this year than in past years. Slljllgillg on rmlfniug fi7'Ill'ilIl momvnl. 7 Lrg A rf. Modern --- .i...... ... ... , i . First row Leonard DeVilhiss, Vernon Fiderlick. Bob Pinyrle, Emmett Cahill, Richard Tigrnvr, Leonard Hill, Gordon Cavanauszh Sm-ond row lluanu Hart. Ste-phvn Cahill, Tom Pray. Andy Schill, Georgu Hively, Richard Whitcomlw, Bob Edison. Third row flCd Rosen, Otto Hansen, Paul Shelton, Jim Rhodes, Karl Looks. Lo-roy Hart. Fourth row' Ralph Pool, Ray Pool. Keith Peterson, Al Breen, Willard Carlson, Joe- Vratny, Raymond Hill. - 128 -- Minute Men "W--.. x lf if l T3 5' - w ,,., ?vr' ,Q L U ? 1 ff1:::" ., -V-9 l . ii rl .. - . sf 1 , W 2 First row Junk Fletvlivr, W1-mln-ll Rm-ll, Dick Taylor. Dall- Taylur, Herb Luo, Frzmk Vrzxlny, liuls l'uttcrsun. GL-nv Juhnslun, Gil I"lL-tvhcr, Dunn Tuul. Sovuml rnw Mvrlin Williams, Harnlzl Hill, Ralph Stuart, Curl Rc-Ml, Dun Caxrlson. Ulm Wm-ishaur. Third row--Alison Hill. Rivhurrl I'ur1.m-r, l'hil Dnrvvvilc-r. Fourth row Jim CUllSi,1llll,lllU, Lloyxl Hanilxlm-ton, Tull O'Cunmn'. -129- Our junior college is small but fully aware of war activities and respon- sibilities, yet secluded enough to allow its students to prepare, in quiet concentration, for the future. Sound in academic standing and friendly and democratic in spirit, our college will foster and preserve the fine standards of education of the past. "Upon those of the latest generation, let the proud fabric of freedom restf' C -130- 9- lo' . 'V .,ml2 ary, 1 if Jf' rf' --' ' i.. , f -P' f ,P- 1 ' -3' S 5' 'V as ,If Af J Xb!! d .ff 'y ' -:.'-'WE . guess' 1: , BERNICE BERNATZ Mz1llu'n1afiz'x INGEBORG HIGHLAND Hixfory and EC0l70IIIll'S KENNETH WATERMAN Sf7l'Ct'l7 MARGARET STILES Biology ELVIN B. CHAPMAN ClJl'IlllSfVy' FORREST MARQUIS Physical Ezlucafiori RUTH GOODRICH English Junlnr Eulleqe Faculty With fewer enrolled and fewer subjects offered classes this year are smaller and give each student more opportunity for individual assistance. Miss Shannon is still capably acting as dean until after the war when Lt. Dickey will resume his position. The teachers pictured below are assuming their duties as before. FLORENCE NORDMAN Physical Ezlzifufion -132- Student Council formerly consisted of six members. The class officers were: D President, Don Sampsong Vice lresident, Karl johnson: Secretary-Treasurer, Dennis johnson, with jim Wfhittemore, Mary Ellen Baldwin and Georgia XVeideman as council members at large. December 12 marked the annual Christmas dance of the SAP's. In other years this has been a formal dance but it was chosen to be in- formal this year. Another social occasion that afforded much pleas- ure this year was "skip day." Every- one was packed into either one of the cars or the truck and set off to Dolliver Park. Of course, that was before Uncle Sam called most of che boys away. The spring banquet on May 8 brought the season's events to a close. Sigma Alpha Phi, more commonly called SAP's, is the sorority for Junior College girls. Meetings are held on the second Monday of every month. Officers this year were: President, Phyllis Wiseg Vice-Presi- dent, Rita Masong Secretary, Norma Dooley, and Treasurer, l.ois Burnet. Committees are appointed for each meeting to take care of refresh- ments and entertainment. Norma Lcavcrton tfllibf-f7l'1'fl'7'l'IIl'l'fill' Hlzmlmlili Norris Peterson irlfwlligrfrl-,izzvlf fwllvu' Betty Lou Larson fvlorril-r'r'si'r11'il Bill Van Gundy imln rfrioux-rvsfmuxilrlr' Don Grieves 1"lf4'fl1'l7 lmru jrluyw'-ir'i'1n'nilablr' Kathleen Crawford f1if'l'il'0ll l'fl'llllX Rita Mason aflruriii'i'-rujmlzlr Lorraine Kleber lvru m'l-fin:-u1urfi'xl Lois Finney u'VH-iqromm'il-f'0ugrzliizl I Joan I ieper l'llNYiAll'I'1lfl"-1jill, rigor, rililli Norma Jeanne Headlec ".ilur gu:1'r"-lmjwflll Jack Blomberg ml fVllf'kTKlP1IAl lnlfllrril-1z'illv1' Georgia Wcidenialn rml bilii'-'dill' ull tlrul gorx will: if Don Ziems ui ru IVHIIH'V1'1lT!7slf7Il-Y-xl!-Ill!'k 1' Norma Dooley Snzilrx-frii'mllvy Lois Burnet i'lurim'Ii,iI-ilrnlnlj' i'w.x Marilyn Park gmnf- mlln rwl-un ning Arlene Christiansen prrlly-mvrr-y-rnugwlinl Jeanne Collins ilillwillg l',1l'X'lllII'Y Betty Elsen rurfy lorki --nm'lwr'.i a u 'rigb Rita Marlow 1'nin'-frir mlly Eddie Steinlloff likes bnfzlilzg-ulxo fluff Imuxrx Vernon Gustafson i'axy-goifzg-plraxillll Arlene W'illiams Ill! VII f7'l',l,H',l14'1lA'V'-Qffll' lfrimees Sill llmllfjwllli'-4'u11rli'n11.i Shirley Grosz imjmliiz1'-iluliilfzlz' Marion Maxfield ,illnlinzziflwrrilx fwfr lilennor McClure Xlllilflllh-flIflII'r' fl'iI1lH'I Phyllis Wise i'jfJi'1i'ul--iluirl Gwen liugit likriilfli'-u'iulilivpq rfzlilfiw 7 Karl johnson f7lIIVlllf'l'Xl'X In lfli' ik y--nlif ful Dennis -Iolmson xlMgrr'fIi'ilxi'--lqlrnil ifilrlwr' 'WL uf V'--.. Bunny, looking pleasant as usual. Looks like it's posed. Couldnyt be that you're studying, joan and Gwen. Well, "Hi" yourself, Lauren. Taking it easy, Jeanne? lt must be the latest issue of Esquire to attract all that attention. Note Norris's look of disgust. Lauren, with proper background. Not quite ready-hurry and drink your pepsi. Caught by surprise. Must be 11 letter from llnvir one and only. The "inseparables." "Them were the good old days," huh, Bunny? One of our uhnndsomen servicemen-Bob Kearns by name. The war widow and Red. What a place to pose! We never thought it of you. just going in? Discussing another skip day? Good idea, fellas. Phwet--phew! How's the water, Shirley? Anything in the announcements, Phyllis-joint assembly, maybe? Life 9 , A W i n :J HlEIlliIlES Three A POLl'l'E VALENTINE-"'l'HE BRIDEGRUOM VVAITSH 'l'lx4- lzxlxx uf :x lxrixlv wlxx- 4-lizxxiuwwl liur nximl :xl thx' l:xsl nxixxxxlr- :xxx'l lull thx- lxx'ixlm'!x'mxnx wzxiiixm wxristilxxlxxcl thx- xxlni l'xxr thnx first in zx stxwxxxp ul' llxrux- xxxiu :xvt plays. 'l'lxv x':x'41 xx':x4 :xr l'nllmx's: .lxx:xix Kxxxxwln-5 :ls Ruth Arlums. Jlx:xxx:x Kixwliiizxx' :ls Alxxxl Azixxvs, Luis Ifixxxxx-y :N liuy Wzxlliiixs, Nmxrxixzx I.:-:xx'vrl4ux :xr Gx':xx'x- VVixxstuix. Iflluzxlxxrx' I'lxxx1vvl nr: Axxixx llvixry, Nxxrnx:x .lwxxx Hvzxlllm- :xs Hull-xx 'X-l:xxxx5, .-Xllxx'I'lJl Kxxrx' :xx Mrs. A:l:xixxS. :xml lla-umrizx VV:-iclvnxzxxx zx: l,ox'r:xixxx' Gmnlrix'lx. 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The year began with seventeen boys enrolled and of those seventeen, three remain. Some have gone into the Army, some into the Navy, and some chose the Air Corps. Besides those pictured above, the following boys have left during the year: Karl Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Jack Blomberg, Vernon Gustafson, Don Sampson, and Joe Harrington. -141- Puhlinatinns Big Dodger This year on the Big Dodger Staff, we have Georgia Weidanaaln, Lois Finney, Norma Headlee and Phyllis Wise. joan Pieper was with us at the beginning of the year hut she left us recently to help the govern- ment. Even with fewer students we have tried to mak our section as successful as it has been in previous years. After all our trouble we have gone to, to get pictures of our J. C. boys who have entered service, we have ended up with only a few. College Campus Due to our shortage of boys in C., our College Campus is composed of all girls. They are Norma Dooley, Lois Burnet, Shirley Grosz, and Arlene Willianms, with Miss Sharon as advisor. -142- '7hmk4... To Mr. Joselyn for being an ideal Dodger advisor-so understand- ing, so tactful, and so eager to go to Smith's and the Messenger. To che Waterloo Engraving Company for those fine engravings and such quick service. To Mr. Weston who made many of our dreams come true. To the high school office who so willingly furnished us with reams of information. To Eleanor, Dick, and Bob for adding so much to our book by doing such outstanding art work. To Nels Isaacson for taking our pride and joy, the colored frontis- piece. To Police Officer Gormally who was such a willing model for our Hi-Life division page. Was it three or four trips you made? To Jack, Bill, and Bob for coming out of the dark with so many good pictures. Say Jack, you never did teach me how to work our Graphic Reflex. To Wayne who not only balanced the books but helped Ralph and Jerry out tremendously. To Kay for being an editor's dream come true. Much of the credit should go to her. To Theano, who when not typing, entertained us with her vivid portrayals of the most touching scenes in "SO Seconds Over Tokyo." To the Little Dodger for letting us borrow their typewriters. By the way, one of them needs fixing. To "Mr. Mac" who was always ready with a smile and a "Hi, Blondie!,' To Smith Photos who gave us unrestricted access to their develop- ing department. To Dale, Joan, Martha, Madronna, Ralph and Georgia who worked so hard. To everyone who helped in putting out this 1945 Dodger. Thanks again, LOU. - 143 - A Cappella Choir Administration , All School Play ii,i Assemblies Athletics fBoysJ , Athletics QGirlsj , Baseball ,, t,,,, Basketball fBoysj Basketball fGirlsj Big Dodger Staff Board of Education Boys Quartette ,, Brass Sextet Cheerleaders ,, .. Chorus ,, Concert Band ,, , Dedication Drum Majors ,,,, , Faculty , Fieldball ,, , , Fiestas Sin Siestas Football , ,, , Girl Reserves . Girls Sextet ,,,, Golf ,,.,. , , Hi-Life Intramurals Junior Class 1945 Dndqer Index ,, 71 32-34 , 76-77 83-84 99-122 , 123-127 118 , 107-111 127 , 3,80,81 , ,,,,, 52 , 72 . 66 ,, 99 73 , 64-65 , 4 ,, 70 , 33-42 126 , 57 nn 100-106 , 59 H 72 ,,n 120 , 87-97 121-122 ,, ,, 44-49 Junior Class Officers ,,,.... , Junior College ,,,,,,,,,,,, Know Your School, ,,,,,,, , Library Club ,,,,,,,,, ,, Little Dodger Staff ,,,,,,,, , Madrigal ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, Marching Band , ,,,, ,, Operetta ,,,,,,,,,,,, Orchestra ,,,,,,, Quoits , ,, Sans Souci ,,,,,, .,,,,.., Saxophone Sextette ,,...,, Senior Class ,,,,,,,,,,,, Senior Class Officers ,, ,, Senior Play ,, , ,,,, Service Men ,,,, , , Show Shop Orchestra ,,,,,,,, , Sophomore Class ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, , Sophomore Class Officers S. P. Q. R. Stage Crew ,,,,,,,, ,, Student Council ,,,,,, Swimming QGirlsj ,,,,,, Tennls , ..,,,,,,.,,,, , Track ,.,. ,1, ,, Trombone Quartette ,,,,, Wrestling ,,,,,,, Volleyball -144- 43 131-142 85 58 ,, ,. 78-79 72 70 ., 74-75 .. 68-69 126 57 ,, 66 8-29 7 82 128-129 67 . 50-53 ,, 50 56 ,, ,, 58 60-62 124-125 120 119 66 112-116 , 126 IFE Xx L 8 ll QM HATE EUKLAZED L' ll' L-LQLLQLZ. Q F...-'

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