Fort Dodge High School - Dodger Yearbook (Fort Dodge, IA)

 - Class of 1943

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Fort Dodge High School - Dodger Yearbook (Fort Dodge, IA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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XXXLL ol me ni Jocllqe vow Illlllll l I' 4 4f414Q 44 me IIN r 4, won 4 lllonnrf 4411 41444 N 4 us vm, uhm! 415 4 nsse 141 vt 14' n 4 rot us 1141111441 lllllk 114411114 4' 4m ne ur 414 xl nn n4m4t14m vo 440414114 mm 14 rso ur J lhlvm-s 4m t 1 11414101444 u lf 4 'll 1111444 llf n'444 4h44u 111 1 IOIUQTG ,her 011 L4 rs vu 1 14114 gr ner hlIlI'l'IllP 44441441 4 :hot vgru y 4' W IA-5 o , of illllfilll - 1 '. vditor ul hr 1 m l .inessu 11 ' 4 5 n L -opy' n4'v444l4' 4 1 1 1, - 13' 42 ' ly ITISPIII svninr do I 1' ll 1 - hi. -I ss . 4" 'in 1 '-41 1 14444 1 ', 'l ,s.4 'i ' ll '4' g 1 'li W- 114, 1' 1 ' 1 I gs' 'cs cy vl v lv Q 1: 41 ' '. la i 4 5 1' 1 4 4 In fl4 ' 'k t I X s' 1 11 1 41 ' 1 :t 14 1 4111 - - ri 'li 1 4 1h r Bunk I Acccnl Hunk II Accent Bunk IV Accent c J Bunk Ill . . Accent L4 ff-'93, , ,, ,,, 11 ,QU-.43 A , , , , ,. . ff, '11 ff 'Wil 5 M45 ggfvffiff '::f,.L'::w f' A 'f H A M' v',f1,2 'ff-.,f,. Q 'ffwff , 11' '. . .im ' NR 1 :Y ,A , , ,wr , M YQ N ,mmf I WMM' , ' lag A D, ,N ,qi-4" .. .apr , , I , ,, fl-'itz-.1 :I ,115 1:3 W fllf M g Ms, 119 Yffzwi' " ,ff 'w V, '1 ,QV giggff' W- Mfff fi My ,Q-f 4, M' f , j5:..4'i, ,,., ,L , ,'f-fvf JT: f 1 1 AJ.. H '-s-.,,N sh 43" "V W? f '- ' A ' f 2:05715 , H., 5-'7 "'i'!w ff- ' M W W Nw' gay g V- 455- , gi V 1---ff, , ' ,A V ' -vfk , Q' I rw '-4 3 ,,,, ,....,,, V fffw' WN X ' ,Q i ' ,,,. i if f f ff? - " gi 6, ff' f - A' Wim, 'iff - W " " if ze, L ..,, V pw A. 49, ij, 'ff HM, -f , - ,f 'wx fx :,,V 5 z . n 9 1' vu h ' A This book has been planned with an eye to the unusual - the distinctiveg and there's nothing very different about dedi- cating ci year book to the boys in the .irmed forces. Everything we do is for them now--our thoughts, our dreams, our hopes. Our whole lives are centered around the day when they will come back. We .ire proud to dedicate the 19-43 Dodger to thc Ql'lLlLl'lfLS of FDHS who are novx in tht irmtd serx ice of our countrx or x n r li 1 ir ut 1 11 U I Apu vi u me lrofl om ri dn lx nnvth bhi ion link Martin nil in x n ik Ji n en in Rm inlmrii l nh lirik kenny lirxlii Hmmm Nldgnu on lll 1 1 I i ri Allml C52 T 1 Al 'i Slil'2i. Jim Vzxnnm, M: 'k T Al, VV'l- lurxl Olhs n. Teeny Mills, rt M'lIs, Tr: gi-r litmus, Joh, Gustafson. Dvmiy Murphy, Huh l-Ilstiin, limi VVinsliiw, IJ-1 ' - , T Ju l' . 1- ' ' 'll , Th' Cl'tl-Iwi f.J1.-- -S ,l'-- 1- . Si iw-, 'A ' "-i" S- . l-'-i 'th liulu Johnson, lbi'k .I ihnsin, Art Johnson, llnl- Croft. l'hil lin 'h. Uivk G21 iry. Winlllilll Ml. E lt V Q S, f Z I i W ' Here we come! You e.1n't stop LIS. XVe're mad, hil.t1'ious. irresistible. XY'e've got wars i to win antl worltls to builtl. antl we're just the ones who can tlo it . . . XVIi'RIi THF fu , YOUTH Ol: Ahllflilfllv V . Heatls up, laugliing into the wintl, we go out into this grim worltl. just as our pretle- I M eessors of only two years ago rushetl joyfully from these tloors to .1 happy, peacetime life. A ' , so we le.1ve . . . eagerly, glatlly, as though lor .1 larlt . . . to go about our business of win- ' ' ning .intl lseeping tl1e peace. Ours is tl1e opportunity to builtl .1 better worltl than has been ' A , tlreametl possible. V The boys we know, vital. carefree, will soon be keen. tleeisive meng our girls. with their clean. young beauty, will be xxomen . , . waiting for their men . . . carrying on. W'e can wait for our happiness . . . college . . . homes , . . jobs. XVe can affortl to lose tl1e first untlimmetl sheen of youth. XVe ean take responsibility. .mtl be tl1e better for it, while there is a laugh on our lips to match the resolve i11 our hearts. Unless we ean keep smiling, we are beaten, for .1 worltl without joy is .1 worltl without .1 future. Come what may. never let LIS lose our bright banner of laughter. C63 S 41 EK rqccewll on . . . all of us . . . teachers and students, seniors and sophomores . . . we're all here . . . working together, learning together, liking each other . . . C35 ,97 K 'Y X 4 fo.. w 2 K vw Y 1 W4 wb f Q "5 ' . ' vi' , W ' 2 1 ' V . wi' , '3-511, iw ' 1 1 ' ' f N 'IV . 3" we A V X , 'K 'Q VJ' - A 1 Agwf 1' ', ' , '35 N? .91 ,iff Q ' ww 1. "u A X 4 saw Q6 af. 1095 M M As seniors we are different from those because we are graduating in time of war. lenged with the responsibility of securing who have graduated in the past. Yes, different And, as future American citilens we are chal- the kind of world in which future seniors can leave school with eager anticipation for the life ahead. Nve have set up very high standards-standards that we believe will be very hard to equal. lt is our wish that the under classmen will maintain or better these standards so that as alumni we can always hold up our heads and say, "We are proud to he graduates of lfort Dodge High School," f fy -, - Ill' - 01.111 If ' f President of the Class of '-H V ls -fl' il' Yi, . a 2 .P--3' BILL ALGOOI7 . . . lcliolalmlgi' rrurzw lfllf uiulum l1u.qi'r.t...Art Club: Chorus: Little Dodger. . Cil.l'NN ANIJI-CRSON ,..11is ilI7Il7i- fllllll i'un'fi ffm' My .. . Football: l5.1slwtb.1ll: Golf: Victory Corps, Air. ' MARIAN ANlll'.RbL3N,..illl irllwllllqrflf llllllil uilfv wim- mu kllltl . . . Victory Corps, l'rotluction. HAROLIJ .-XRKOVIL... ui' IIIAIX frnxqrl ufml fn' illif ln'rt', lfllf ur'll rlt'1i'1' furyqrf ufml fn' milf ZNWV...lI1ll'.'lI1lLll'.llS1 wvf.ll1glCfSQ Debut-g All School l'l.xy: Radio Announccr: One Act Plays: Chorus: Victrry Corps, Land. ' lilLl, ARMSTRONG . . .il'x Aqnmf In ln' VIIl'l'V'j milf Ulu' . . . l'ootb.1ll: NYrcstling: Ili-Y: lhnd: little llodgcr: Sttttltnt Council: Victory Corps, L.xntl. ' YYONNI1 ,'XRNlS'l'RONG... ifu' Ilfllf tlllllllf tIi'lXfl7.iIl4Q III .1 fvlliiinm-f.kt' 111tlumr...Viutory liorps, Protlutttion. ROSIZ LI-Qli ARNOLD ..., w frt"t nlliximlllii u1111tlrtf...Girl Rcservcs: Debuts: Un: Act Plays: A Cuppclln Choir: Orchestra: lhnd: Show Shop: Stutlcnt Council: Victory Corps, Production. ' ROBERT AULT . . . il lqnmf frllon ulrloug julloux . . . lntr.uuur.1ls: Victory Corps, Protluction. 9 KI-'NNI 'lill l5Al'zBlTT...I'n1 fini uv XLTIIIIIX Jw I funk. NIAR,lORlIf RAISCOCK . . . 11 umnl it ilfl .1 llliflltllllllll' fwurl . . . Latin Club: Victory Corps, Community. . LORRAINIZ HARKEN . .. turn' xiii ligfzlly nu lm' .wlrrmlilrrx . . . Orchestra. 9 ROGER BALD- NYIN . . . lali.u'f1ii'f it fviv llliiltlll' uufflt' . . . Football: Victory Corps, Land. lflDl'l'l'l ISANXX l-Ll ,.., lflit 14 urltl fmt ilugrlw .zll lun fru' :mil ZHVIIVII IK Ult'l'fl1lIllIlAQ...ll1Kl'.ll11lll'.llSQ Art Club 1Vicc Prusitlcnth: Chorus: Littlu Dotlgur: Student Council: Victory Corps, l..1ntl. ' MARY l5:XNXX'lfl.l ..,. lmrmr lim in fmllril Ioll...L.1tin Club tsccrctaryb: R11dioAnnouncur: Orchustrn: String Quartutg Little Dodger: Student Council: Victory Corps, Community. . RIANICIQ liAl'I'lf...lfvt luihfwi umum'r.x with ilu' ,Qwnllrvl lmlrl . . . Intramurals: Art Club: Library Club: Girl Rcwrvcs lVicc-Prusidcntj: Orchustra: Show Slwpg Girls' Chorus: Chorus: Big Dodgcr: Victory Corps, Community. III 'I' II ISARIBIR...1!11'111lL-1111 ff1111g1 11111111111f1l1 11111l 111111 f11y11111l M N11- 111111111., . I11lr.m1ur.1Ix, Sp.l111sI1 I IuI1: X nlnrx Kurpx, I'rmIuui11n. , 0 IIARRI ILXIQHI li . , . f11 1i11M1.f 11f1111 11lf111x 11111, 0 VIR- 4 qs, K1INI.X IS.Xli'lII'l l',.,1l11 11j1j1l111 f11111l1 .f.l1q111flx ...CI111rux. ' x I. III I I N ISIC hl Ii . . .I jvfln ,.'. 1f 11 11111,11111If11.1l f1.11f 1111 lf111111.' . 1. Sp.misIi C IuI1 1l'rumI1:11ljg :XII ScI1111:I I'I.1yg .X l.1pp1-ll.1 K Iimrg Curl! Scxtulg Upcrclmg Girls' Clmruwg Yicmry Lnrpx, KIUININLIIIIIY. . IUIS I3I'Ii1II'I'UI .... 1'111l111'f1x IN ffm' lf111111 tf111l .q11111'1lx lf11' 1'11i1'. .. :XVI Club: 1-X Cappella Clmirg XI.1i11r-,-tru: Iiltlu Ilndgurg Yiylury Kurps. I'r-11Iucrnm. ' IULYII ISI ISSI Ii . . 1 1111111 ifmll 11 111.111 .ln fm! fn' 111111'3 . . . I-11111b.xIlg SXVIITIITHIIIQL IS.1wI1.1IIg Ili-Y: 5tmIcnL C,11unciIg Yiguury iurps, Air. I I ISOIS BIXSUN..,1l11111!11'1' 11 1111111 111111 lf11111 lull. 0 RKJIII.R,I-A ISFNSON . . , Illlflllllg IX 1111j1ni11f1l1' In 11 lclffinlq f11'111'l . . . Girl Rc- 1 scrvcs: Onc Act I'I.1yxg Orclwslraq Lirrlu Dodger: Student Council. 5 lg, CQIRAI IJINE ISICQKI-ORD . . . flflflllflg 11111I1I' .l1ll7If7L'lI 1111 1'11lf111i111111l " fur flff .... -X C.1ppclI.1 Cliuirg Opurcltng Liulu Iludgurg Yicmry ilurps, PFIILILICIIUII. 'H- ' hx ,ww ,,-.. Qt ,I l 41: gx, -fs. , .pq -vx T E . I1-XRI. ISl'I'I'Xl'R 11.111 1'11'1i 1f111l 111 1111w1f111j f11' f1111l 11 f111111l lu 5 1'x1'1'11l1'...Inrr.1mur.1Isg Vfrcsllaimgg I'1m1I1.xII: Hi-YQ Yicuiry Clurps, ff -, as I'rudL1clii111. 9 IJOROIIIY l'1l.ANC1K,..11111l 1111n1'1' lf11111 1:1111 J11' " ' j11v1l11l x11111'r1. 9 IHONIIA liOIJl'NS'llIfN...1l1il1111'l11111 uzffr 11 , I ' 1f1ff1'1'11111' .... - Xrt C Iubg All SuI11111I I'I.iyg One ,Xu I'I.xys: A ci.lPPCII.l P ,V - 'K Clwirg lnrlx' Suxlcucg Ciirlx' Cliwrusg Opcrutm: Sludcnt Cuunuilz 'I ' ' Snrplmizrniaru C,I.1ss 'I'rc.1surcr: Victory Lurpx, Clummunity. V X . ' Q j AL. .. K 7' I ISII HUMI.NI.-XN...11111l1111111.111111111111q.q11111.,.Inir.1m11r,ils A lxI.ll1.lgL'fll C1irIs' Llmruxg Yigwry furpx, I'ru1I11kli1m. . IJOR- .P j' UIIIY ISONXI I I 111l1'Il1g1'1111' 11111f .l1l14q11111' 111'1' f11'1' 1'f111'f 1111111 I I". ...Imr.1mur.lIs iNI.ll1.lj1L'FI2 C11rI Ri.-wrxu 1'IirL-.xmrurbg Art Clubg ' A Ilulutug Om .-Xct I'l.xyig cJTk'I1k'N!I'.l 1I'rux1du-1111: Slum' Slmp: String .71 Qxmrtctz Pug Iludgcrg Student c.ULll'lxflI 1Sccrul11ry1g Yiumry Curpx, V, A Air. 9 .'XI,.'XN I5IiI'I'N . . . I xl11111f 1111 1111 1114 II 11ll111111111'11li . . , Iwmt- A' b 1- , 51' I1.1IIg Ii.lsI-u-lIu.1II: 'I'r.1cI4: SILILICHI R.111gcrs: Scmur Scouts: Ilclmtcz if E'-'uNg.d'1" ," '.". Clwrusz Iiig Dudgur: SKLILICHI Cuunuili Xnqmry C nrps, Sun. I-' .' ' 7' 'i it , A 7943 Av 5 Q' f, ff? ,J 1 M., I . I if .X I igdnx an 'Ng ,553 on S' xl -Suv 2? ,, 'sa W f,'dE -i if I UGLNI- BROXYN . . . rrzmlmuli' rlrnlwilinfz ruign in a uzffx mu Iiasliulbnllg Track: InLr.imur.ils ICJPIJIHJQ XX ranblcrw Opcrctta All Sfli-ml Play: Chorus: A C,.ippcll.i Cllioirg Sruduir Coumi 3, Ilodgcrg Victory Corps, I..lnd. . Rl'.CiIfNrX BR 0,1 110V .lurk lvruu II l'1l'X...VIClUfI Corps, Air. ' XX I ISSTI R BRONX N Lvl mul: Illilll iff: lm luwl. NIARLI NI ISU! R...i1lur1ii 14 :fling In lr arm Spmisi C lub: Victory Corps. Production. . I'zI','IUI'H IXNI IILIR ilu' irzlrrril iirllzffriw wziri NUINIIII ulllm :ml Intramurals INIIII .lgCi'l1 Cliorusg Victory Corps, Community. ' DON! Q AXIPI ...fn'j1if.ll4'rlfm fI7IIl'AlllLI1 . . . Senior Scouts: CRFLIILSIFI fI'rLsidLnt String Quartctg Sliow Sliop. LORRAINI- L,-XRLSON ,. . wfu' um il ffm ll Cliorus PAULIXI C ARLSON . . , fm! nfm urn fran Nu pm ii 4 nz zcili'fv,Ng . . . Girls' Cliorusg Il1lI'.lIULll'.lIS1 Ciirl Rysgrus Art ISI-'UIMXII CARROLL . . , .iili'm'i' ri irawlw' I an s 1 X igtorx Corps, Ill'lltlllClI0l1. IIIIYLLIS C'AS'l'Uli.,.iu1ni lfu iAr'!!l4'14'Hll' :L tory C orpx, Production. ' KILAIJYS CIIAN I I A 7 1 in lIlIl'4'I'lfX lfml url 4 r' filifiw . . . Cilioruxg Viuor C orps C onimun 9 BOYD K,IlRlS'I4IzNSON , . . I urn fmru In ol 1 lu ,s Intra IllLlI'.llK. DENNIS CQHRISTIQNSON . . . cwlxj' 4'rHm', mn XX rcitlmg Chorus. 9 jl-QANNI: CLARK . ..fm111fY3 ii flu LI I r i pan i:h Clulng Litrlc Dudgcrg junior Claes Trcxsunr N iuori Corps Conimuniry. 5 GLORIA COLEMAN . . .4 1Il11 sr 11 III lfvl lnrr.imur.1lsg Girl Reserves: Chorueg Victory Corps Cummunitx r . , W -1, , 4 iff:-if-' '91"'.L- .a:,5-' IJULURI S CiOl.l,lNUSXY'ORiI'lI , . . Vflfllllifilifll IX lfu' fm'-llfl nf 'F-' S wr ,qi'1l11o...l,1ttlc llodgcr, 9 ,IIXI C.OI.I.INS. . .I fm1i'11'I il milk ' 'I llu'r'f"x uulfvrug nu my m1u.l...I5ootb.xll: l5.1sclv.ilIg Victory forpx, ,-Xir. ' IS,-XRBARA COOLIW' ...L 1 flllli' gill 11 firm' 4'-iw mmf frrl A ifilflu'...CQl1ccr l.c.ldcr: Qiirl Rt-wrvusg Girls' Scxlutg A C.ippcll.i llioirg C lioruwz Opcrclla: Sllltilllll Louncilg Victory Corps, Com- f ,G A H1Unity. 'V x gg, Q 7' 'Q ' . L 5 Q, 1 , lilfll COUIWR . . . fuvlqfvl, lfvri win, ix il kirlgfx lmulg ffvrn fu' li .A 9... mlrr' of 111.1111 Iooibnllz li.1sku1b.1llg Tixickg Hi-YQ Spanisli Llubg M 3 All School l'l.1yg One Act l'l.xysg Bmdg Student Council 4Prcsidcntjg t I X . Viutory Corps, Sci. ' MARIAN CRI-WS.. .ill Xllllfll mmf lffxlllfj, if umluui ls lm! ri11'r...Girl Rcsurvcsg Spanish Club: One Act Phys: All School Plnyg Chorus: A Ciippclla Choir: Big Dodger: Victory ' Corps, Production. ' LIQI3 CRlT'I'IfNlJl'.N ...fixb iuirfl-xo Jun ln' . . . Swimming: Victory Corps. Air, 'B ii N11XRCill'. CKIKUVIA . . . Ju' mn lllllfll-Wlillllll . . , Uirl Rcsciwusg Or- -A i clit-stray Show Sliopg String Quartet: Victory Corps, Air. . .NNN H 1 A C ROL'K1lI...iimjil1 mul Alllnl inlzjvli' . . . lI1lI'.lI11Ll!'.llN: Victory 'N ' If Corps. 52.1, I Cil.l' NXYOOU C ROW' . . . il finl-fx HIAIII . . . Airplane V A K Club: Victory Corps, Air. 1 V! sw Lf t L- ISUIS l7,Xl HH . . . fur fn"- in gum! in inn frflnu Illl iunlfi. . DORIS HAY . .. ir114'i'i'm frwlli in Al,lI1fIH'1'... lnlr.imur.ilsg Victory Corps, llfddllkklltlll. . LIINI DAVlS,..ufi, umilli fmlrl, xlulilnfi illqillml If M iifliu k . . . Swiniiiiingg Victory Q orps, c,tIl1'llI1Lll1iIy. Q L iw SHIKI! Y IJAXXASON . . . lm nun uri Mini nf jrlrimlflfllro. 5 NORMAN IDILKI-.RSON . . . mlml illlil u1mfv.'r1u1n, . . Band: Or- clit-strdl Victory Corps, Qfommunity. 5 TOM UORSFY . ..z1l1i4'l imil illlkflllflfil in ffm IIHIVX 41 will umm . . . l5.iskctl1.lll: 'lqcnnis lCl.1p- mini: l..llln Club lPrcsidcnt IQ Scnior Scoutsg Studunt Counci ' X I. 1 2 ,lumor C.l.iss President. A"-A 1943 qw? r ,IOHN 1lOL'1J . . . rmlfuug i1'1'ir11 fu 1111! him 11115 fr'r1nlv11' . . . Iimkul- 4? I 1 lg 1, y n I rl If , , L, l' ,,, ,V , aw, ! . ' +373- K' 1 X' 1 1, Seniaad 1163 871' 1-. Q Q,l"fl 11 --" xx! 1? an 11.1111 Tennis: Yiciory Corps, Community. ' 1.AW'R1fNC1i DOYl,I . . . 1m1l114q1u11.x 1'llf!JIlXlLIllIl . . . Spinisli Club: Victory Corps, Sea. ' N11R11XN1 17U15151f...1 AIM' fifl' 111 if l'IIl1ll'N...cil1Hfl1SQ Victory Corps. Conimunity. 13.-XR1i1i1,1 l7l,'1'1O1S ...L 1111111111111 fun 1111 l1'Xf...1Jl.lNkC1l5.lll1 15118011.1111 Victory Corps. Air. ' 1Sl"l"l'Y l3UliSC11N1117i1'..,frrr llillfllil fm! III li11'1u11f1f 1fr'1'1m11.,, Victory Corps, Community. ' NURMA 1JL'1i SC'l 1X111Y1' . . . 1f:u1l1'ili l11'1u1u1'11l l1Ulll1IlI. NANCY I 151 R501 1 ,.. inn 1111' ilu' 1111111114 nj 1111 I1'1'1 1111121- murals 1C.xpr.1inlg Big llmlgcrg Sllll1L'lll Council: Victory Corps, Saul. U liOSI'1.'1'A 1-.151i1i'1'. , , Ju' ijmlki flu' 11u1z1'r,x1ll l1:r14q111r,q1'4ir1111i1' ..,Urul1csir.1g Chorus: Victory Corps, Production, ' ROl5lfR'1' l-4,111 1.151 1iCi1,1i ...A from fzlllr xjnlrki H1113 fvnill 11 llll.QI7fX fl11n11'. H1'X1iRY lC'K1zRMAN...1n fr1111' 111111 fr1'1lrl'3 11 flu, ' RONALD 1"N1"l1'l,17 . . .11 111'11'l', HAUIIFI1' f1'H4lll'. . 1lQ7YC1'i 1'NN1S . . . flH'H' lf11'11' HHl'1lN 1f1'i1'r'if11' lI1'l'!7I'1'ffX. jvrlilr 111111 .s111'1'I.,. A Cippclli Choir: 1.irrlu Dodgcr, 151'.Vl',1i1,Y ILVANS. ..11l 11 1fl,w!111l1'1', jr11'11xlr1gfi1 1lr1'r, 1'fnll'll1i11,q . . . 1ntr.1mur.llsg Girl Rcsurvusg Arr Club: Cliorusg Spanisli Club: 1.illlc Dodgurg Student Council, Victory Corps, 1.unc1. . RAY FALLON . . . I 11m 111'11lll15 HI mx fr'i1'u1li . . . All School Play: Opurcltmg Swing Band, Quarter, A Cappella Clmirg Littlu Dodger: Senior Class Viac- Prcsidcnt: Radio Announcur. 9 ISILI, FIELD . . .11 lun: unmrzg lu1li1'1 ...Swimmingq Intramurals lC.lPl111l11Q Victory Corps, Air. ix ,gif , ffl 2 BERNICIC VINCK . . . rriergqy uml ainlufmu iouqinr' till lluuiqv . . . lntramumls: Orchestra: Chorus: Victory Corps, Production. 9 ROBERT FlSCHliR . . . ue ,ilrull rm! lrmf: njmu bn like ilguiu . .. liootbmll: Swimming: Spanish Club: Student Council. . l'iLl.A FLIQAK . . . fur iuin' um .xoff will lou' . . . Victory Corps. Coni- munity. CHARLES l5OO'I'lf. . . bm xml Il bu! lu' slurrili fur, but ulml be falls fur. ..ll.1seball: Victory Corps. Production. 9 DEAN IIRIQITAG . . . fur ri ru bis fuiliugx ll'4llll'1l fn ljfflllnh xiilr. . . Vfrestling: Baseball: Victory Corps, Air. 9 SHlRl.liY FULTON . . . pla'u.iiv1gl5 iliffi'n'ril from inlynln' flu' . . . Intramurals fM.1n.igerJ: Girl Reserves: Chorus: llnnd: Orchestra: Show Shop: Pep Hand: Clarinet Quartet: A Cap- pella Choir: Victory Corps, Production. MARY ANN GADHUR Y . . . ber lmlrl ii un! ufiuml . . . lnir.miur.ils: Girl Reserves: Victory Corps, Air. ' W'll.l.lAM GADBURY . . . lmrzorrou' I shall seek Ibm' tail horizon . . . Spanish Club fViee-Presi- dentj: Victory Corps, Air. 5 AUDR Y GAGNON .... i ln' uill would mlm' young muvfx fulnre . . . Life Saying: Girl Reserves: Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Victory Corps: Production. lil.LOXVlfNlf GARLOCK . . . fu we fwfr is In fun bu ...Girl Re- serves: Operetta: A Cappella Choir: Girls' Chorus: Girls' Sextet: Big Dodger. 5 ROBERT GAVVTRY . . . I go ben' In get lbw grrirrul im- jrreixiuli nf fblll'QX . . . Football: Softball: Victory Corps, l..ind. . CIQLIA GliORGli . . . ilu' lmi ii ruilnl of ber nu ll . , . lntr.imur.ils: Chorus. AIUNK GIBISS . . . un ujfiu' gulf fi Iver gon! , . . Girl Reserves. 9 PATTY Gll.lJAY .... guy ax fbi' XIIIIIIIIVI' Jay. . ONNA-Llili GRlfl1Nl.lflf. . . il f1'i.'uillJ' illlile, tl fiflflllllj fnurl. . . lntramuralx QNlanagerJ: Girl Reserves: Tumbling Club: Little Dodger: Victory Corps, Production. 4 ," -"'9 Q W -.4545 .ff .I Y f . , ,s .M lj P 1 x r lk "-T' if Q..-A A A we S A A 1 1 1: 33 Ci uf Wa if QQ 'Y' Vi E, .3 53:5 . In ZR 1943 I,lARRIiLI. GRIIQP . . . tl qzfief lull, ftfl tluifi' it Iinl . , . Victory Corps. Land. 9 MAR-IORIIQ GKIIQP .... x fIi'r1t'r ix KQOIIIVII . . . Intramurals: Victc ry Corps, Crmmunity. 9 SI IURI.IiIf GROAT .... I 'bfx lilly fzzxi 1t1.,L'l1!3 . . . One Act Plays: All S:Ii'n'I Plays: Little Dodger: Stu- dent Corngilg -Idninzr Class Secretary: Victory Corps, Production. ILAN CiljNIlI1R...jr1j ii if ltizlm In any Cfizrl. 9 LA VONNI2 GUfilJIiRSON . . . IIIl'l'A77l'A.l ii noi t4'm1lcr1m.v . . . Spanish Club: Vic- tory Corps, Production. 9 GIQORGIQ HAD-IES . . . ir llI:'!,b.'V1' :mm ii lr:'...XY'res1Iil15g: Iiootbgll. ILXRISAILX IIAMILTON . . . it jr:'rf1't'l ii omwn lllllll-1 plarzlitwl . . . Girl Reserves: XX'rangIers: Cheer Leader: Debate: All School Plays: One Act Plays: Operetta: Girls' Sextettc: Orcliesirag A Cappella Choir: Student Council: Sophomore Class President: Victory Corps. Community LSecretaryj. 9 ISITIWIIY ANN I-IANRAHAN .. . Mimi'- wfby fx it lmlftfrvlfj' tirllu' . . . Little Dodger: Victory Corps, Commun- ity. 9 IJARRICLL I"IANSIiN ...t 1 4iIl'Il'l' Slurtly fi'IIou'...Student Catzneil: Vietory Corps, Air. RITA IlARISACl'IliCfK . . . in frirzzillny tu tl lmxkvt of fcillrux . . . In- trgin :mls qfxlanagerbg Clirrusg Victory Corps, Community. 9 CLARICIQ HARRISON . . . 'Iii trio' fo lu' H1r'r'rI1' . . . Intramurals: Cliarrus. 9 LI-.ROY HART . . . ii :mm uf fru Il nrilx . . . Basketball: Victory Corps, Land. I'I IYLLIS IIAUGII . . . Iifi' 1.x tml lift' uf ,ill tviffmlll flxll . . . Teln- bling Club: Art Club: Orchestra: Little Dodger: Student Council: Victory Clqrps: Cunniunity. 9 LILLIAN HECHT .... i bfi r1Iu1ly.i gouzl llgllltrvif mlllll frm' . . . Little Dntljgerg Victory Ccirpi, I'rodus:tiori. 9 NORMA HIQNDIIIKSON. . .lf1.'r't"s III!! unil soup In lwr I!lt'Il.Yt1llf ttuvii ...In1r:m"raIs: Victt ry Cm rps, Production. XIAR-IORII' IiIl.I,...i4lvli-Wiliuuij-.iumiizi iIl'IlUk..,Il1II'.lX1IlJI'.lI'wQ I Kfirl Rcscrwx. . I"I.fXINI. IIINIS.,.Ii'1ri' AlI.QIlIfX ufflilri IVI fivr.. Ii1lr.1mur.lIx rXI.m.igcrJg Victory fnrpi. Cummuniry. 9 I RMA- ' A III I I. IIINIC II . .. ill. u.i li invlflili llf . . . Yiuury C iirpx, Clini- munity. CiI'UkC.l.IilX'IIY...1clii1l fmlr' V111 gn! In fair. . YIVIAN IIURN . . . wi fu'i1rf IN lrki' il NIIIAQIHVQ luril . .. 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Imlift mt' in if n1tl1...BJndg Victory Corps, Sea. 5 CfIiCII.I:X XIQVAR- I..-XNIJ , , . Viliflrr' 1IIllA'f, fflif if fowl fV'lA'lI4f . , . Victory Corps. Pro- W-Q.-... ,X tIm'rion. I , I . I I 1 QQ fam' s ' Q 5, A EIINI XIcfiUNI"CQI.Ii . . . fn"i ormfl, fm! xo ii ifim1n11li'.., Victory fy 3, I .. Corps. Air. ' GIQNI-1 AIIIYS , . . flfff jil11.f a icuii ... Xyruxtlingg Intra- 'gn , as mur.iIsg Ciliorusg Victory Corps, I,.lIlLI. . I,OIiI"I"I'A NIcI.L'fKIIf V, I ? . . . tl wilifi' il ifilx kwju ufoliilt IIHIIX . . , II1H".'ll11lll'.lIS 1xI.lIl.lgCl'IZ GirI f Rcsurvcs, I -' K IINI NIQNIAI ION . . . fn' IIIIIY 'fV'It'7lilY lfrrn mglzrzzrfzliilizi' f7Ull1'7'A , .. I7ootb,1IIg W'rcxtIing: Intr,1mur.1Is: Ili-Y tprcsidcntl: Spanish Club: Ilcbatcg All School Play. One Apt I'I.xys: Chorus: Big Ilodgurg Vic- tory Lorps. I..1nd. 0 ,IANI I'TI XIINI I'I'.I' ...Ll!f1lIl4Q thi' HIIIX ,qu .,.lJubatc: A CQ.1ppuII.1 llmir. ' ROSITA XIIIII-R . ..n1!fr winfi inufi' imtl tfiufc lm'-, xf1.' umfzw friimfs mm! i'14'r'xuf1uri', 7943 Al 11 4 lk A I :Q gr' ,,.:. . '5 I f I ms: Wx.- .4 , X . In 0. ., . :,S J TZEQ 'SC' 33. It GTR' I X an-ai' 221 , 'sn I ROBIQRT NIOCKILTT . . . u Iifcrufflv, frm, friuflillj fr'IIou . . . XY'rus- tling: Football: Intramurals: Student Council: Sophomore Class Vice- Pr:-Sident. 0 DICK NIUHI .... Im! Imu run I gui' i1Ii'm'i' my ulmli' lift, Irn1g?,.,I5ootball CCaptainI: Basketball: Tennix: Little Dodger: Sophomore Cla-s Treasurer: Victory Corps, Community. 9 DOUG- LAS NIUNIQIIOLXI . . . flu' rrzlfizniutfir .xml jiliutirzg IIIIIIIIINN of Vmlfv , . . Art fluh: A Cilappella C hoir: Victory Corps, Air. IILLIQN NIUNN . . . ioflli .ijriufc .mil iziwllx xmili' . . . Victory Corps, Production. 9 NIIRLYN NATTO .... qo11iI mlII1r'uI LIIIII :MII I1Iei'iI ... Ifaskethall: Track: Ifootbnll: Senior Scouu: Hand: Orchestra. 5 ISILI. NICISON . .. I1llIlI0IQI'tllIllX, ilml ii II Im! I um from fu Jo . .. Victory Clorps, Production. MAR Y NIISON . . .41 xr'ImIifiIx v1uiiIi'H Il Im jiliufwi IIII . . .Girl llc- servcs 4Secret.lry3: W'r.inglers ISecret.lry-iliruasurerJ: Delmte: Big Dodger: Speech: Student Clouneilz Student Rangers: Radio An- nouncer. ' ROISIQRT NI",W'SUNI . . .I um inn' Iii' is .1 Ir1I4'nii'iI nmu Art Club Ipresidentl: Speech: All School Play: Chorus: I.i!tlc Dodger. . KAY NOI.AND,..n1i IHIIIV, ul lriif, Imw i'un1i'. . , Vic- tory Corps, lund. KIANNIQ NYDIQGGIQR . . . 11 quid Iillli' win . . . Intramurals: Girl Rcservee: Xlfranglcrsg Chorus: Debate: Speech: Little Dodger. ' DAN CYCONNOR . . . ilu' lilo- I uri vi' will . . , NIi'restIing: Intra- murals: Band: Orchestra: Show Shop: Yietory Corps. Sea. 5 HIQLIQN OLSON . . . ffm' nzuiit' of flu lnlzgm' I Inuiril . . . Art Club IVice- Presidcntl: Operctta: A Cappella Choir: Chorus: Little Dodger: Victory Corps, Production. KIZNNICTH OLSON.. .bulijiyg I'm in buppy. 9 STANLEY OLSON . . . I'lI mon forge! all I lvurn in Ivoulei . . . NY'rcstling: Football: Hi-Y: Victory Corps, Production. 9 MARINA OSXIANSON ..., v ilrizri' ii nm' gnu! url of KYIIII vroilinu . . . Intramurals fNI.lI1.lgCI'JQ Victory Corps,, Production. ISAILIQY PARROTT . . . if's il ,qru11.I llvzug In Iii 4' . . . lntrninurnls. 9 PAUl,lNlf I'ARTlfI.l.O . ..I1i'r'i'1'w nlflxfi Ill' IIN' militml IHHIHIX . .. Operettm: One Act Plmys: A Cappella Clioir: Girls' Ciliorus: Little Y Dodger: Victory Corps, lroduetion. ' lil TTY P.-XYNI' . . . Iwr firm' ii Irlir, Iver lH.ll'f ii Irni' . , . little Dodger, DORIS PIQDIQRSON . . .IIu'1'i"i Izeuzilri in Iiur iIu.'I5 lift- . . . Intru- murals: Girl Reserves: Cliorus: Little Dodger: Victory Corps, Pro- duction, . DALIQ PliTliRSON . . .in mrrr tix IIJI' iIi1 is I1 11' 5 1 1 3 . . . Basketball. ' KEITH PIQTICRSON . . . fbi' Illce I urn-r mu ., . Foot- ball: Basketball: Tennis: Golf: Art Club: Speech: Senior Play: All S:hool Play: One Aer Plays: Operetta: A Cappella Choir: Ilavs' Chorus: Student Council: Yieiory Corps, Air IPresidentJ. 1 l.OVI'IfLl. PPTITRSON . . . In' ix I1 IIILIII, Iilki' Iwim for IJII ill IIII . . . Art Cl.:b: Band. ' NIAURIQNIQ PHILLIPS .... v IlIIIIIIg If izluujx in xlnslt' ...lntr.imur.ils: Art Club: Operettn: A Cappella Choir. ' CURTIS Pll"PliR ...I WI IIIL' IIIIII ll lu jimi lfu' limi' . . . Intr.1mur.ils: Golf. MARILYN PINGISI. . . . Iberi' ix nl Ixlllglltlllft' in ber ew. ' MARI- LYN PITSOR .... Q be'.x Izfi' Ilvrlf . . . Intramurals: Girl Reserves: Vie- tory Corps, Community. ' .IACK POISNICK . . . Iuiil me iIi.w'r1ur.iz', uml I HIII t'IIl'lJLIlIf tlrim' mn . .. Basketball: Track: Senior Scouts: Debate: Radio Announcer: All Seliool Play: Senior Class President: Victory Corps, Community. .IANLT PORTIQR , , . :ml xl 140111 .xfmlzuu more Ibm: it m'i'iIi'iI . . . Art Club: Spanish Club: Little Dodger: Student Council. ' BIQTTIC PRIQSLISR . . . u iI1nr11'iffi'i4Ii'tI 3 MARY RAIi . . . Iciml uuriIi im' lIu' mniii' uf ilu' uurIiI . . . Girl Reserves: A Cappella Choir. QW--3 1... 1943 IL! 'i DORIS RHODY9 . . . my fmzrl it in frm' in .vti-ul . . . Girl Rtserui Ihndg Orclicstmg Sliow Sliopg XY'ooClwirid Quartctg Flute Quarttt Flute Triog Victory Corps, Production. 9 XVIIIIAM ROBIN ON ...fbt'gi'11fIt'r11ul11I1 zu:rilul1iliI'ut'iI . . . Intr.tmur.1ls1 Cliorusg Sludtnt Council. 9 ,IVAN ROHN . . . I om lun: unil Int ml . . . Intramura s Victory Corps, Comm unity. ,IOAN ROOSA,..i1 Irgfw! bmw! Izirs long. 9 SILVIO ROIXC DINI ...iluilllq in I jrIi'i1o'...Vl'rcstling. ' CI-IARI.O'I"I'I'i ROSIf . lm flrilrft uri' nlrm' llmu inrrmufx . . . Victory Corps, Community. A-I3 ' , f 3 , DORIS ROSI NDAIII.. . . kiml in xfn' it fair' . . . Girl Rutrwts Clliorusg Victory Corps, Protluction. . DORIS ROSRIQ .... t I ll ,K I li 4' of ynfllfi ...Girl Rcscrvcsg Cliorusg Victory Corps, Community X ' ANNA MAI" ROSSING . . , Jil im'Ix frm' unif MII . . . Band Or clwstrgtq I.ittlc Dotlgcr. s 9 OLGA RUBOS . . . il frm' friumf ix form ur u frie'ml...Intrnn1ur1ls -5 Victory Corps, Community. 9 NIARGARIQT ANN RUGI quirl iliguilx Llllll rlmrm of gA'II1IA'I1l'XX . . . Intrnmurnlsg Girl Rcstrus Qljrcsidcntlg I..1tin Club, Orchestra. ' ROBERT RYAN I i tlml om' Irnlv lull you tizlillltlf brlp lm! Iikt' . . . Intramurals Iittlt Dodger. BONIXII SANIPSON let :gl I II H Art C ub A Capptlli C lioir ' NIILDRYD SANIUI ISON my xo Iam mon urls Ilan hu: Intramurals C irl Rtstrxu Chorus Y ittory Corps Community ' DORIS SKNDI LI tfllltftl' NILULI UII 1 I3-ll I x ' 1' sa f '- 1 x 'U' Z Civ Q, W-' L ,A., X x J B' I Xs"'l,. , 1 f.. Wf- 1943 L-f f" 19 ff f 'mis Seniafzd 1261 1 DOROTHY SORIZNSON . . . fl71'l'l'lX 11111si1' in ull things . . . Band: Victory Corps, Community. 9 TONY SORVETTI . . . l'm s11r1'1'ur1'x 111'1' 1:11 1'l11'111Vi to lifu . . . Victory Corps, Air. 9 LAURIQN STANIQK . . . ln' ix 111'l1 1111111 H1111 is 11111 .v111i.vfi1'1I... Intramurals: Basketball: Virstliiiig: Pep Band: Band CVice-Presidenth: Orchestra: Brass Sex- ICI: Victory Corps, Production. DLAN STARR ,.., I nnlx 11lu111' will luugh lll'H'lI ilu' lusk ix a1'1'om- jrlislnwl . . . Hi-Y: Chorus: Victory Corps, Sea. 9 ROSFMARY SUER ..., 1 ln"x 11 jolly gnml f1-111111 . . . Chorus. 9 IIOII SNVANSON ... YUIIY' lifv is 11 fm! you IPIAIAU' if . . . Football: XVrestling. RUTH SWANSON .. .1I'.i uolrlr In !Jl'.Q1lIl1l. 9 AUDRFY SWIIIZN- IQY . ..lr1'r rrrvy foot lm music in il . . . Intramurals: Girl Reserves: Chorus: Victory Corps, Production. 9 DONNA THOMPSON... 11 lrim lilllw ruin . . .Girl Reserves: Band: Victory Corps, Air. 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' VIQRIQ W'AI,ROlJ...mim' Jin jn'irn'i'I.y qlmlilim :ull fmtl their uni . . . Basltetbztllg Tennisg Student Cnuniiilg Vietory Corps, Community. . I.AURI'iNCIf XVALT- IQRICR . . . !l1i'ri"t Inu zum b ilooig-I t'iru'l tri' if ,ill . . . Stutlcnt Ninn- .tgcrg Band: Cliorusg Little Dodger: Big Dodgerg Trqekg Operetrgg Victory Corps, Community. IQYIQLYN NVASIQNI . . . it lull xlzi' uililt In tfiix lift- tum lu' luftl only trillw if .wuilig ii llmngfwf, iiml jmirw . . . Intramurals INILIIILIHCFFQ Lntin Club IVice-Presidentl: Girl Reserves: Big Dodger: Student Councilg Vic- tory Corps, Air ISecret.tryJ. ' SlIIRLIiY XY'ATROUS...I um u jmrl uf till ibut I lmti' mi-I . ..Girl Revervesg Big Dodger. ' LOIS XYIQNNI-1RHOI.NI...full of jilruiing rlmrmx . . . Victory Corps, Community. l,lllI.IITl'TA W'I'IIfAiI'ON . . . .ffm Ilkfll .ir it a frimlil.. .Intr.1mur:tls. ' CHARLOTTIQ XVICHIQ ..., c ln' uoulil i'xjii'rilm'11! in :inning ficlil .. . Orchestra. 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K 'S' N., 6 x I ,-AM, , Q 1- 1943 my lDl5l.ORl-S Clll"Sl.lNCi . . . lm' klllxfllflk UVIVI' l'lhlIIlkfl'A , , . lntr.x- m 'rnlsg Victory Corps, l'rndueliun. ' lRVlN lfRllfSTll . . . r'1i'r5' lfwqqfvl NlllI'L'l'l' izuil Irma 9 LIQONARD l'lANIJlfl.ANl7 . . . lifi' ii ufml 11111 Illzlhl' if . . , liuullullg NYrn-stling: Track: .Iuniur Claw Treas- urer: Vifnzry Cnrps, I..inil. my Kb 'KI' May May May May May ll.'xl.ll l"lOllNliR . . . lfwuri' ii uulfwiug rrlrm' In mi. ' ,IOP LYNN .x dp Yicmry Cnrps, Air. 9 .IINI XVII.- l,lANlS . . . I I4 ill funk nn flu ffrflqfvl inli' of i'1i'ri!fu11g . . . lfimxlullg Gulf: Victory Corps, Air. K DON Wll.l.lS . . . my llmulqfwli .ill ifriri , . . Swimming: Fnnrhgillg lizlselmllg lli-Yg Victory Curps, Air. 5 liliVlflil.Y NlAl'i I,IfllMAN . . . wnllrlfurllq urn' fmi fl4'l'IlLI1li,A'il. . . ll1U".lI11lll"LllS1 Ciirls' Cilcc Club, Al.l.AN Cilfllilili . . . ffriuk fllzlil-1' nf lumorrozz . . . Victory Corps, Cummunity, ' TOM 'IORIDAN . . . full if in fbi' murinvx . . . Fool- ball: liaskclbnllg 'l'r.ick. 9 Gl:RAl.l7 NICGUIRIT . . . for ull your iluyx pri'jmn'. Suninr Calendar Baccalaureate fDr. Harris Hilclier, speakerl Class Day Awards Assembly , Dinner Dance Commencement S. Rupe, spenlierj Class Colors-Royal Blur' and C0111 Class Flower-lnmjzzil Motto-"Cowl qiuzlifiwx :wwf no tItll't'7'ff.YiIIgH . . .11111f111111'11g11111111111111111 txlff' fI11f11, 111111114 11111 1111111111 111 11111111111111 . , . 1111 11111111 111111111 111 1.11111 111 f"'1gf11 '11111"111'11 11111111 11f1!1!11 111111111 . .111'111N1111fN 111111111111 f'.11fl1lg . . .111111 111 1 1 1111111 111' NQ11111' , . . 1111111'1'11l.. 1 111 11111 111 11111 15111 ffl VQ111' , . 11111111111 .11 111111111 . . 11111111 1111 11111 f11'1'111111' 111111 111113 1111 1-X11.11'111111 11111 cf 1 11 SIlfH'7'fllft'lIili'llf llurolif ll"llllt1l11y We Are Sn li' and Ynu Stl Man Although liort Dodge High School always places the accent on youth, this year the accent is more on preparation and training for immediate needs. Many high school and junior college students must postpone future plans while they help clean up the dark spots on the globe. Once more our country is calling for its youth to participate in a desperate struggle. Over one thousand of our students and former students have already answered the call and manv others will follow. Those of us who have had the pleasure of working with you are proud of this record. XX'e know you will give a good account of yourselves. We all hope and pray that when you have finished this job, you may return stronger men and women to carry on with your plans for the future. IN! l I W 'f"O2JLJ9fQ2' - Lf, L,t,LLA,yW1I, The school board is contributing its efforts to- ward keeping the accent on youth headed in the right direction by playing a major part in provid- ing a successfuleducational system for the students. The duties of this institution consist of keeping the building in shape and handling finances. The final decision on all proposed plans is made by the board at their meetings which are held the second Tues- day of every month. The officers are: President. Henry W'asem: Vice-President. Don Petersonq Secretary. Mrs. Rutledge. Nlr. XX'illiams has direct charge of the entire school administration of Ifort Dodge while Nlr. Iieelhaver. Principal, and Mr. Cooper. Vice-Principal, supervise the High School program. XVith their combined efforts our school is kept up to date and in excellent running order. S. I.. liit-kul: H. J. NVilliHms. Slliit-l'iyitvmlvi11: Nabil Nl. litillmlzrm-. Si-t'i't-lziry: .X. I.. lirooks: U. lf l'f2lI'f: Jzinivs I. Ilolliyti lion I't-tvrsoli: H. M. Waist-ni, l'i'4-sidem: li. fi. 'fro t S-gf' Students m Port Dodge H13.,h School h1xt been lxktd mmx IIIHLS to ptrform pl"0dlQlOLlS tlxlxs to lm lp xxm thx. xxlr Tht xx IX thtx hlxt rtspondtd IS ln tuu.d1ns.,lx LOI'l1IT1LFldlblL thmg Tht xttom pllshmtnts through thc. 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A 1 Ay K 'X ,it I 'u ' l 2 ,' Y I lk' ' ' V- Lt., Q I, ' ,. , 'K' h. 1 ' ' 1 ' ' 1 'K : 1 1 1A - V' 1 ' - C r' 1 'L l 1 'L v 11 A -1 1 1 '. ' 1 l V, x nfl xl' K' ,1 o , - Y , , , f i '- , M - xx'c1 '.r,' " ' . . " ' .xdc .Q x " i ,.x , -' I E before xx'c were caught in this mad. viciouk ' X . x ' l 1 ' V -K , il h U' 1 11 1 rv ' 1 - - r 11 X ' 7 1 - .,, 1 1 ' 1- ' 1 I, L L 4, ' s ' 1 X V4 x K ' x x , . i 1 - ' x 3 ' 1 rx Y y 1 ' I 1 - 1 1 1 1- ' -1. 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V, .V . V v i 1 Y Y H. l.YNN Blllxfjxl . . .f71' rfmixlllf df7fH'1'r'idf4' his u'ifi".x ruliuarly arf full 41 lrlazing ,NltI1X4'f flIflIH'fIt'4'X lvim jrrufozmillly . . . B.A.. Southwestern College fliansasjg graduate work - Northwestern Uni- versity. The newest program of studies in the Victory Corps is the Air Division. This division is under the super- vision of Mr. Bloxom whose C.P.T. experience gives him an ample background. The subjects required are two years of mathematics, two years of English, one year of physics and American History, one semester of Civics, one year of radio, auto mechanics and aeronauties plus a Red Cross First Aid eertifieate and twelve hours war work. "nf A quirk glam? into Mr. Tt'llIfIIiII,.Y P113 xirx rlaxx. TM' 0rz'f1eilra'i nigh! Iliff. llnmmunll Hlvlslnn HOXVARD OlxTH 11111 111 11111 11111111 1 1 11111 11111 1 1 11 111111 1111111 111111 1111 1 111111 1 B A lov11St1t1 Tc lClS Collett gm u att work UIIIVCFSIIX of Soutllun C1l1fo1m1 Nl A Stlte U1 XLISIIX of lovm 9 IIA AINTI-IOIXY 1711111111 A11111111111 11111 I1 111 71 11111111 11 ll 1111111111 r111111 1101111171 11 11111 11 1111 11111111 B5 loxm St tt Colltgt gn u IIC work lovm State Collu L 9 XX ILNIA HASTII' 1 j 1 IK 11111 1111111 1111111111 11 111r11111111111 11 Xflltlylll 1111j111 B A Snmpson Colltgt gfldll ite work State Unnersxtx of Iowva Umxersltx of Vmsconsm Unlxersltx of Colorado 0 ORPHA CHHXEX tl 1 111 M111 C171 111111111 111 11111111101 11111111111 1111 111111 11111111 I 1 1 111 1111111 BA Cornell Col lege gmduate work Umscrsltx of Mmnesom Umxexsmtk ofCh1c1go ALBERTA TIGGES 1 L1 PS 11111111 1 11111 1 11111 till 1111' 11111111 0 I1 111111 111111 B A Ioxw 1 Stlte Tmchers Collcgt gn 1du1tc 1110111 St1tc Um xersntx of Iona Umx ersnts of Mmnesota Amerlem Busmcss College 1Mmncsot1 9 HELEN ZEARI OSS CAMP 1 PU 11111 lflllfl tl 11111 7X 11111111 1711 111111111111 B A Coc College 'VI A St ltt Umx ersxtx of Ioxx 1 0 NIARION IOSFLYIN ll 1111111 11111 111111111 111111111 11 11Cl1'1IN 111 1111111111111 1111111 UYIIXLISIY3 of Wl9LOI19lH 0 W F RAKI R 1 1 1 1 1 11111 ffl 1111 1 lIf111flflH 11111111111 1 111 1 N 1 11111 1 ll IIIII 11111 111 M111111 A NVtslt1n Umon Collgt gl ltllllft 1111111 lou 1 SIIIL K olltgt IV' ev. TT' I I I I ' . . . 111' 1'11 1' ' " 111' ll"l11l'I' 1 . 1111'1', 1111 .1'1 ' '. 1 111 111... . ., 'Q ' 'SCJ '. A "1 Qld - . ' ' ...1111 - ,"1.'11'111'kg' 1, 11"1- ' " ' ' 1 ' ' "- f- - ' '. 1 1j1gj'1d - . 1 - 1. N V 1 f ' .... ,r1'1' :1'1 j11'1'1 ' 1'111 ' ".',1 ' . gf' . ., 11133: - . 1 ., . 1 , I . 1 i ' ' . . .1111 11" 111111' off 5111 '11 . " T. 11113 ' ' ',.. '. 1' g . 1, , - g . - 1 J I' , ., 1 ' .1 . . . . . x111"11 g1111" 11 ggz' . ' RQ .1 ,' F " . 1 ' f . . . . ll 1 1. N yi' 7.1 1 Y "1 1 .- ' 7 1 7 1 ' 1 ' ..., '1 " 1 1--f1'."g."..' 1 .., Q1... 1' 1.. 1 K 1. ' " ' fj 1' Hg f "g1' ', ' .' . . .. 2 . . . .111 j11' f1'1' '1' is 111' l'SI1l11H'l' 111111 '. 1 ' 11l'l'1 ' '1 S f .1 A ' 11, 1111 11 1-' 'x 1 'lg ' ,Q "1 1' "1 ."'. . . B, ., 'V 1- ' 101. ,., , 1 1 -1? 11 ' 1 ' mv- ., 5' A 1 1 : F- A " ' 111. 1 S'- '1111 , W. .1 1 x f 5519" Q kk Wir' 1 ai A fSrT9JJ: 1' 1 1' 'Q X 1 -X ' I A xg V MARY A. BOXXX'IfI.I .... if 'sun i'xfn'f'f In mee! luv' fre! fill 411111 silirirrrf IIt'l rr fn' gniflj nf irrmjmrz- .silwilili ...lS.A., Grand Island College: graduate work--State University of Iowa. The largest group of the Victory Corps. the Com- munity division. is headed by Miss Boxwell, whose work through service cluhs in Fort Dodge qualifies her for this position. The purpose of this division is to be of service to the community, participating in scrap drives and helping on the home front when- ever needed. Subjects required are two years of English, one year of American history, one semester of civics, home nursing and nutrition for girls, one semester of physical fitness for boys. and eight electives plus a Ifirst Aid certificate and twelve hours of xvar work every :ix weeks. 11" gi, A xxx l .ss Tlu'gru111l llldffll Ia Nils ralirnmf hm? Land DIVISIIIII INAOMI JEWELL 111 11 11 1 111 JKT J111111'1111g 111111113 11.171113 IILIOIIQS 10 o1111'rv 111111 balm fo g11b1r 101 ILI1 11111 S111 11111: 111111111 1 I g 1111111111 111 1b1 1111111111 owa State Teachers College MA UD1YCfSlty of Mlehlgan 0 BERINICE BERNATZ ibr 11lx111t1x 1 1 11110 soap box 111111111 ax llI1llb IIN QM 11111055 readlng B A Iowa State Teathers College M A U B DIVLFSIIQ ofM1ch1gan U INGE ORG HIGHLAND a 1a113 owr o bu N111111 11111 u1111v113 19 her grfal 11111' 11 sp11111111g B A Umx trsltx of Iovsa M A UHIXLYSIIX of Iowa gradu ate work Unnersltx of Chlcago Harx ard Summer School 0 HARRIET DEMOREST 11111111 1171111 11111111 111r day 111111 111 1111111 111111 111111161 ff 17001711 1 s111zx gl Ill 11 1 BA Stare y oxm Umversntx of XXIISCODSII1 Lmversntx of Omaha H A BERGAN 111x 1111111 s1111111111 111111111' 11 1 1 1111 llf 1ax1111g or 1111111111111111 1ro111 1r1'11111111g 0 tl 11111x1111113 11111111111 x11Joo1 1111111111 1111 15 A B L h M M E U ut er College mversnty of Colorado 0 LIIIIAN WILLIAMS IL 11111111 1 bow 171171317 1190 wrong 11111 11111 Q111 1111' 11 goo1111111gr11j111y H1711 V111 11,111 121' your r111111 or 11 1' B A Palsons College graduate work State Umversxt of I LESTER B SHAFL y ovsa 0 AIND 111 d1IYlLC'1't11 1111 1111111 1111 T111 1111111 111111 111111 fo 11111110 11 1101161 111 11 1 or 111x 111111113 a111 M 1 ZIVX B A Luther College M A Unnversrtx of Iovm graduate xx ork Unnersntx of Colorado 35 'iv' Q-va' -nr' Q36 l l l I .... 11' '. ' " ' . K 1 1 K1 5- K, 1 f, U, K , -,Q P , K, , 1 .HB.A', g . ., 'f ' f ' ' . I nu.. , '.IV,,: I I . .' , . .1 Q -xx , D l I . ., ' 5 . ., ' - '1 ' ' . - ...ML . f ,. ,Hg K Q 1 f ' ' 'va ' 1 1 - 'H ' 1 1 - , K . .. 1 , . ., 1 , 1- -7 ' V . ' Y B . 7 ' x.11' 5 1'1'f11g' 'JI' :111 . .. . ., Grinnell Collegeg graduate work- A Universit ofI '., ' 1' 1' " ' , ' ' ' if . K uf- ' 5 ' .., 3 . .., ' ' . .. ' 11 , 1, ,-., , , 'K, ' 5 , ,' U, fu f . ., .' g ' - 1 ' . . . 1 YK? t Y 1 -Y I if I M., 7' I I s 3 Q' Q, IZRIQD N. COOPER . . . fn- fun tl muffJr-.w1r't'lolu11t' 1-onlnmllil of ii fnilhwy of fiulil urfiHf'i'y in spilt' uf his age . . .College of American Gymnastic Union: B. S., W'ayne University: KLA.. State University of Iowa. hxpericnce in the artillery of the army in the first W'orld W'ar has especially suited Mr. Cooper for his position as executive of the land Division. The purpose of this group is to prepare its members to be hetter prepared to meet the requirements of the armed forces. The subjects required are two years of English. one year of geometry. one year of American history, one year of metal and machine shop, one semester of Civics, one year of physics, and physical fitness for the boys, plus a First Aid certificate and twelve hours of war work. ll'x really z l'f'Y.filI1f7Il'. If munz 212 szzafzfwifvy l7f't'fIHlt'.i a fwap of zlflfffk, l7r'l'1"x HN' l'c'clxr1lI. 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IS.A., Iowa State Teaehers CQoIIegeg NI.A. University of Nlichigang graduate work-State University of Iowa. Under the direetion of Mr. Clortright the Produc- tion Division is preparing its members for eon- tributing to the production of food and war INQIIC- riaIs. Iispeeially suited for this position Mr. Cort- right has aIways been on the production end and has often had .1 large garden. The subjects required are two years of Ifnglish, one year of American history, one semester of eivies, physical fitness and either drafting, woodwork, or metal work plus a Ifirst Aid certificate and twelve hours war work. s A ge!-fvgt'lfu'l' for our Sjmuisfm ellffilfyiuylv. Can YUL' lH'lI1t'if.L Se a IIIVISIIJII IIORLNCE RATHLRT um 1 I l on ll lu a tltllllllllk mal snzoflnnzl 111 U11 l mmm all alxf ls m gnffr II I5 lv 1 A Butler UHINQFSIIX XI A UHINCYSIIQ ofIIImo1S graduate work UHIVCISIIN ofInd11n1 Butler U UIS DINLFSIIS 0 FORREST MAR tl calm n all flu mlm: mzmlzx mul lnlflu l I1 amuzlx is To Srrgaanf Marquis BS Parsons College gI"ldUlfL work Umversxts of Mus sour: State Umvexsnty of Iow1 0 MARY OI A MCCLUSKEY rlu llkm fo :lay rvllvbugf lmllmlu ltlllllllg galovbfs B A Southwestern 'VI A UDlVCfS1Iy of Chxcago graduatn. work Columbm Umwexsntx Umxcrsrty of Chxtago 0 CARRIE LONGFILLLONW xl: lmhs lo lu kfjuf lldlflll In' lozu sun! lafmx aml lmkul lmm B A Umxersntx of Indnnl M A State Umsersxt f Iowa 5r1duate work Wltst 5 o ern Rescue Umx trsntx State Umx ersuty of Iowa Unnersny of Dem er DORA TELLIER xl: lol IX lo ganlrn lm! flmrrmglzly Jzllllzze pulnzg lm' ouu jmfatmx B A Umx crsutx of Iow 1 d gra uate work Unnersny of Ch Columbn Umversxty 0 EDS lcago ON E ATTLESON lm pbllowplyj IN zlonl ay I :ani 1 you Luau If grf Il7t1l1dXl70l4 I U 1 I5 A Crmnell College nnerslty of MlChlg1D 0 CLAIR CULVER aflcr a sfzznuozn gamr l dlflllfl pdifllllf ba lrllmll 0 an a Xl lm sfaal lulx fl xjmf BS Upper Iowa Umxersxty 'VIS Umvtrsxtx of Iowa 440 I4 I : . , ' , ' - ,-,'- A, . 'vr-' V. 'V ' V ' '. . . K . ., ,,.. ., t ., 1 . ., 1. . . .,, J X of f - ff v" - ' ff ' fr Q F . . . A . . , ,f A . , ,, '7 , ' y , 9, ,. V - y - , 4 ' H. . ....'.' '. ,--' 1, .- ,..' ,, - , . ' ' V In 4 , . lt . . ., ,r. ., 3 A V- V - L 1- 'V' , y -1 I N -K, ,. , , ug, 1,0- ' . ., I' I' I. Q' , I' I' Vg Y. Y 1 1 Y IV! 'dv' C 'v I 7 , -1. W- , - , 1'-' I U' I I - . ., ' 4' ug '- ' ' , . . . . . .,, , , . ,. 1 - - -sw -- -, - .,,, ,, - , . I, ,f, ,K 1 .. ,M.A., 1-', ' -1, -'NN'f,-1 a '- v- f f . I , .aa 6. I.. rf. .., .V . o U 'l'l Y Y ,. .., 1 . . A H We NONA MOSS . . . lunly jimfrlt' Mlm Ultlilll' in ali- lmniq fmlfwr' fm' am! .ilifll wif jrir' tim! umm' fiii' . . B.A.. Morningside College: graduate work - Uni versity of Colorado. University of California. Uni versity of XVisconsin. The Sea Division is under the capable leadership of Miss Moss, whose mathematics and science educa- tion espeeially equip her for such .1 task. The activities of the Victory Corps have been limited because of the newness of such a project, but plans for both social and educational activities were made. The subjects required for the Sea Division are one year of navigation, war physics, American history, two years of English, one semester of metal work, physical fitness. and civics besides First Aid and twelve hours of war work. IX X, 1 1h5iitw""'w Tfmf by 1lIHl.Ql'l' .Qt'll1'l'llfiflIl. Tfn' IIIUI1 !7t'!7jll1! lfn' jv'i11li'J lldgt 'Y' 5,,:,g,gl?if-i'fi ,T 'J The Art Club's "Little Abners" and "Daisy Maesn . . . just the drug store cowboys-and girls . . . Shirley and Royce-need we say more? . . . Take A1 good look, you'll probably never see Don like this again . . . Lucky pussy willows to receive such a pleasant look from Theano . . . Betty Jean "put- ting on the dog". . . Louise and Bob in a happy, lovable position . . . Three Wind blown beauties-Nancy, joan and Donna . . . This little piggy WCIHI to market-Kay and Mary lfllen in 21 Cozy mood. L4 43 44 7 ERS Back ro V ce ioresxdeni P Orpbu Cbr nm 1 IFKIIYHIMII o Ibn Umor url: :mrs I QLASS OFFIC n Gadburv ' R D 0 br-:gary Fmt 'ow e Next Fncal Pnlnl I know that I speak for the entxre junlor class when I say, We w1ll do our best to llve up to the fxne and outstandlng record made by the graduatmg class m both the scholasuc and athletlc flelds Although changing condltlons wlll greatly affect our actlons, we wlll try to malntam the hngh reputatlon of thxs school Probably the ma1or1ty of the semor class wrll enter the armed forces of thls great natxon or become employed nn some essentlal war tlme lndustry So nn behalf of the junxor class, I wnsh every semor the best of luck and good fortune m hrs future ventures J QE Z 9071! ILA! Presndent of the Class of 44 sl. ' ' 1 wi-L ,Wir ' 2 hi U-f"'s U . ' 'K l I l7Qf5fe'ff Q ill .. - . - - AI n - ,, s n n n . D - I l 1' f r" ' Y . . I , 1 - V s. 5 - 3 ' Room 218 Nlrs Raker lk 11111 11 1 ul X Xlll 411111111111 11 11111 1111 11111 FL II1111I 111 C 111 11 I5r1111r XXL7 111 ISr1111 I1 51111111 11111 1 TLYI 11111 1 II1111 1111 11 1111111 Yklllllll NL I11I r IYSI 11 1 1 11 1 C11111111 11111 11111 ll1111s111111 1 A111 111 C 11 I1II1 A111 r IIN IX ILdfLfX Il Room 201 Wir Xttleson 1111I 11111 KJLFI I 1111 R11I11r1I V11111 111 111 XX1II1s 11 1 1 11 11 111111 R11 IIFCI S1111111I1 81111111 1111 .11 1 1 1111 I1 S11 1 11 111111 S1Ilf 111 1 11 N 11111 1 111 111111111 1111 111111 1 1,1 1 11 111 111111111111 111 1 111 1 X 111 11 7 1 'I k XX L l 1 I11 If R111,1r R11 1.1 IS. 'I1 '73 b 'X I . ,I1'I " 1' I' . IS I1 IJ. 'I . C11II Fl' 'I cr, I.' .1 I . cl. 1I. QI.-'11 "'I1' I 'f If1I I'IIl1l1, Xll ' lI1II.l,.l111 I':11rcII, '.1r1I Il. I-II 11. IS' . I IS ' . , Ii'-Iy11 5 I1', If' H'-VICLII N11 i'C'111k, Q 41ccCQ' '1. N11 . ' In, I II. I1. .' " I1' - 11111, I' v'II' 51 I' 11 . TI' '-'mld H1 '. " d. I. IJ1 ' , T111 I'r.11'. 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X N It I k kII Ink II I C, I C. 1s 11.1 1 XI 11 I 11 1 'II11r1I '-I.1111 I'11I11ccI11', R11'I. I I' 1'r Y1' I' 1j'I. IMI' P 1' '. CI.1r1'11'c I" 111 RI' I'r1I1.1 Im. D 11 I'I 114, -I. - cb. uk. Sek- 11 I 11'-R1 'I I ' , Ilc. 111 11, R 'I - ,1r1I I'c1'r ll. Ihr IIII' Ulcs 1n, I51-111' -1 1 Ye P-1' , IJ1 , l'11'r . I" 1 11 I' 1I1c X1'1:I1uI1I. H-I' -I. -IC I'l I, IJ111111 'I'.111 I'I1iIIi1 .IQl' bu1I1R-111111.111,. .- ' 1r1-. II' 1 '-I'11I rlosql 1 , D1 II Is,1.1' 11, IJJI' H1 1111 , '.11 I VIIII II 11 , C11-LI11I11111111. C'.1I kI11I1 1 , ISIII KI 1r I1 , IJ'-I1 H I 1 . 'I' 1111 II I , Su' I 1w4I11'cI1'11 V.1rs1'.1, . . '111' hloncx, IS1111111u Iiirkburg, NI.11'1qu1-1111 IC.1II111. I'I.lyI1C ,I I 11 , ll' ,I11I11 III, KI. I1 11.1 II1 'I , I,.lllI ,l11r1I's11 . If' 11'-I'.111I11 ' .I '11- wl, IJ11r II1 IC L1r'y, II'Ic11 I . ' 11, .I. 4'.r'1 R' I., , .1 ,I11I111111, I'.1I1'c11 II yur, Yv111111' R111 '. II-1'rI" KcII1:111. N1 7 ' , 'l'l '--Yi ' S '1 -, .IUI111 Sur, QI f YI 51-.,l1.1 I1'11. I 114' - NIA y X Z I1.1, .II111 -111.15111 SIUI -, -, 1' 'I."'111.I -I1.I1I1' St- 1U,C1I' YI I, R1 -ll, 1 I1, 1.14 XX' K' -. I I1yk , 'I fs I 'I1cr, I.1r1 sl I' , IP S11 , I'1r wx +11 ,1 S 1I' . U S ll , I' I11- II1111111111, K- -I k1'I I11, R'1Ir1I S1 C. 1'1 -ll. I1II1,111 R111Iu11I1 r11. I'r. 11 S1II. Room 20 Nllss Anthons 11r1I r111 11 1 11 1 1 1 11 INLU k 111111 11 111s C 1r1s1111s111 5111111 r1111 1 I1 1 111 SKK r 11111r I11111 r 1 1 1 1 lk 1 r1,1l1r1t1 1r S111 TNI r1111 11111 1 111 111111111111111 XX 11111 1r1 11 11 1 ll1 C1111r11 1 1 11 11 11 IJ 4 A Room 21 Hr losclxn 11r1I r1111 111r111 1111111111111 111 XX 11 1 IIIIIAL UIIIL Ikr L UFKIN LYNUI11 IIII 1.1sI111r 11111 I1 Ill X 1r11n XX11ss 11 1 11.11111 ro 1 FI V11 11111'-1111 1 11r1 X1 111111.11 111111 1 r IXI1 1 1111 111111 X 1 111111 1rs1 r IN III I C 1 1 1 s 11r 1.11 1 11111 11 1s 1 1111. s111 1rI11r11 1 I 1 11r XX 11s Room Z1 I H111 Helgason r1I 11 r11r1 I st1111 11 1 1111 X ll C1r1 1 N111 1111111 'N r1111 1xI11I1I 1111 1 q111s111 F1111r 1 I1111 r11 1111111r 111 1r 11 r 1111 X C 1 11111 Fl 1 X u 1. Ihr 1111 or 1 111 X 11111r 11111 NI1111 11 1rs1 r1 111111 1r11 1 1 n 1 111 1. I 11111 NI1 11 II1 111 111 111rx XIIFX I11111s 111 Q46 'I'I' 1'-AR1 jc' C' r1cII. .I11I111 IJ11Ig'11, I.u- I.11 I I:11cI, l,.1rry Ur' ' II. IMI- l7.1vis. Ifrcd C'r 1, XXHI CQr'11. ld I ' 1. 1I 'f,l1I1 CQ1II' g '1'1I1, II '. d , Io 1.1 IIYCFI. K'11r1I1111 f'.11'.111.1111gI1, C.r11I 1111-1-, Hut ' C,11II1. NIJ A' 1' ' C. I 1. I'1 '- ID1 '.1 I71II 111. A11 . Ci 'A'I. , '. I. C.iI1- . IIc1I1 I"I'rs.,Iu.11'11-I1I1I1 1I, ' 3'- .111. C.I.1I'1.111gI . N r 1.1 ,Iu.1 1111Iy, - A - TI' '-ANI. T I' . -I' 1 "l'11'- 1 ', ID, - Z"I1', C ' T' , IJ XX'-' .. , IJ1 V11 XY" I-1I1:, .I. " . .lack V g-I. S" I w-C1 .Id "'lI'1 . ll-II' X"'II ', IJ1 ' 'I"'I1: , '1Il-- 'l'I1.11'ur, x'IYI1lI1 Wim, M.1rg.1rc1 Tccfcy. I.1 V1 ' X"IIx111, I111I.1 XXVI . If' 11w- vc' I XY'1'I11, 11'1rgi.1XX'c11Iu11 .11 , I 1I ' X'IIN1" ', A 111' XY I, I7 r NY'r1l, glu.11 ' XI1'.11 1. NI. ' ' XY'1slI11'f, Ri'l, 1I 1111. 'I'I1i '111'-II.1 I. . ,I1'i11g' , Y1' 11111 I.i11- gr-','111I1-1I,111I.1'.II11I1'1.. .1.1': Xl.."- , R NI.r . ,I ' NI -ll'.S1'1111d 1 '-IfIs1c.I1 ..I 111, XI1 . XI,1r1'II, IIc.11111r .IcC'I rg . I" NI - ris, R11I11r1 I.11I1.1. II. 1I1I .1' , AI '. ' I' 111-XID' ' N1-"If, I1I'c I.oI1r, I.11I.1- Ic.1 I.-wis, Y 'r 11i'.1 XIicI1.1IsI1i, I.' ' , 'N"I, I11i1l..111s111.111, 'I' I, 'II' .. . 1' 1.I' . Romnlllb Hr lgmplm llfd ru 11 1 X1 Q HL .1 -. I . . . . . l w QL vury. l.l W . ' ,. .lry l'.lHg.fI1l.lI1. Scum wwf, .1 -l '. "YQ ' fi ccn 1 - .M . Q X u - . '- " .UML 1 icvu, lunfu 'nw xzcr, 'l'l1.lI'1 ncw, .can .lf 3.lLLl1U , . 'Y N fl! ' f V5UndiIyI1 'llff v ' x -, -.-' Yrs ', c-1 -' I' cn uni", lu . '- .xij11 , lJm.Q cim , fu , Q -. L' Hun Ronin H. Hr. Vurtright. ' YUV 4 , HU 'Cl ' . .lf N y 1' 1. . Lruu, . - ku .xx ' , XX'.lyr1u . cn, . ' 'I1lL , -r url mnn. . . un we -. ck-mu r-mf on-rr Jun - -rgur. an .- - su . . r mm - ' . Imnu w . . . , .ry v . win, . .ry Asxfu . U x .rnc , . . -. 'rx r-1 -A Urgxn. m um j, 1' - - ' mu , c mfr m u . rm. "x. .- . an hun '. 1479 , IM! lx ul .mfr VIHHI I I flu If L' I YY K 1 vt! i 'Q 5' ff Georgeann, didn't Richard answer when called? . . . That VV.lSI1lI posed was it lfrancis? . . . lrvy and Potts displaying what the well-dressed high school student wears . . . Delbert ready for a take-off . . . Can,t fool us Dee, you're not that sweet . . . Donlt frown like that . . . Phil, that isn't the right attire for the swimming pool . . . Our favorite sub-debs at a picnic . . . Girl Reserves smirlting because they beat the point-rationing . . , Harry ,Iames sends lfrannie with some solid jive . . . Remember Ann, pride goeth before a fall . . . Mobby's really cooking with both burners. 1-+R Bc rnle L Bcrnalz Chairman 0 Ibm So pbomorf' 4111 non Hnlnfnrlznmenl 40 u Beef Art Dans Trlxaiursllcs. ilizesldenl me CLASS 0FF'C,fREmf.l::cksSQr:1arv Nancy PM 6 SOPHOMO Huw Durrhy fm ire xdenf- hr s fur the Hanks Bemg a flrm bellever m the anclent proverb-- All Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy my advlce to the student body IS to partnclpate m as many HCIIVIIICS as possxble to lmprove thelr physlcal fltness Thls year s graduatmg class has set a good example for us underclassmen, and we w1ll do our best to follow ln thexr ootsteps So, on behalf of th e sophomore class, I would lnke to wlsh every member of the semor class much luck happmess, and prospernty ln the future ZW Keen Presldent of the Class f o 45 49 ., x 1 ' ' 'en .H " .1 ' . A 7 Y . .- . : 3 ' . Y o l . 'S ,S . I - . . . . . ,, 73 - ' 7 . . . , . . gr f . 7 . I .'l 7 If f ' 1 - ' . 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Inv. mr lx YNLII Sv I L X X 1r1L Ln L1 mu nr Lx Lnnlr mL I 1rzLr Ru nLttL ku! an Rnlnrta 'XIurr1s I N1 ILL IS O I 1 t X LrnL L XIOLDLI Donna It UIS mn An1.,LI1nL ILn1p1rcs Ixrwl rum n LLS LL Lx II1lJbL1IL1Lx P 'ns I' 1LsOCmnnL Room 201 Nllss Ieuoll lrLI r x x L xx IIl4L,I1l 1rILS IS s Lnsu SI'nr JfINf HL YIWISS Ill L I I 1 K r vm LIKX arm Xnnalullc II1ndL and 1 1L ll w L 1 r Lx 1 Illlgkfi L Inrd s 7 n Hlnx 1 lrsr r4 AnmLL I ur Lx au L L LD Lx r x I Ll uI1nSnr I 1PkXL ll num OIIIL Hn Iwab Fuurtlm nw-Ih'rcII Olson, QICI1 MiII', ISIII K.1'.CQI.I- I,'l'l' . nl' '. " , I' g' KL' , -I . . K 'I wr,-I.1ckIL'N1. fll' d xv 717-Ib' Init, Iivl MII' , .VII 1, .XMI 'i ' , llb 'il14u'I,Iix'cIyr1 .1ix,.I. " I, 'xng. 9c'vn',I '-SI4 IQ' Kr" 4 , ' 3: ', Y" "JI'II1l, ' . I'r I'I1ylI' 'mul , '- fll-. H 'I. Il: r , I 3 I . 5' '-l1vc- Iy I'-r-r nn, joy" N'I wn, ' A 'LI ,"p'I,'. I'g1pp.1s, Imrrainc Kupp. Donna Kurrl. -lack api. , xffl Q' ' ,z xr. TI1' xxx' -Cal 'in I llis, N1-I 3 ' I, nd, CIM ' I'r1rl, rucu H.1rri . I'aL'I If -1, ' Icy' C' ' . ,Ia ' C . LJV mn- klxlmnsn. Srwnd I'--IS' V' H ' pg. f ' . 'I , I':41In ' H w Iv. 5I1I"' IIydc, ' A" .ILL XII nlwlm -n. R1uI1.1rLI Hull, Iv cn, Igugcnu Hair. I" yw- I I-1-,P I- in-,I-ns-,I'm"cI.'G -' VIII- 'I m, I.IU.lI1'I" H Nqr, Marilyn ,I4I'1ns n, I,uc1IIc In! . , K ' b . 4513 Room ll. Miss Likins. I'lm'J r--xxfC1qr.1lJlm' Croft, Ilxlalwtlm Burk lL1x1J,Cvur.lHC.xrlv-11,,lm'C,.1r'1wx1Iur.l3,m.lC.1x- llhlllllll, X1.u'y C .1H.1l1.m, ,Ican C otixu. Su'- md row4,I1xlx.1C .1dy.C 1.1ylon C lulurum. Kun- uciln C arlwn, Bob Hrowxm. Dol-:rw C lulbcrxg. RugC'l'CI1ryxlL'r.l1rwI l'1:xxfl5cNc1'lcc lir-1C lx, Rxm C.mnoy, HL-lun Copplngur, lynll IIPLIIICT. klsmn C .lX.lI1.H1Ql1. Rfflwrr Ixxmklm. 4 l , Room IU x Nllsx NRC luskex 11rd rovx nu .HULL Stun Curl Quart Normm Rosgn VIYYLII Stump DC url Rummg YFIHLLS Suppgll owe. SL5.,Cr Suom row ll C Stn XX ulu Scuur Dnk Spu' U1 Donnx Rn Su mb rg HN 1rdSu1nl1ott H1 L L,.xrLL Qu1dlw.rg, Xllfkklll Sumk U xll Slur 1 1 Cr nrsl rf Butrmu my C L nm mn 1 I5 S xx x Dorn Spun Ropr SCCXCHK Bum' N Slmug son umm SI11ll1 U un Ron War lll Row xx Room 209 Nllss 'I lgfzes Bn ron lm 1 Cgnhv. d u u Duxu rx C1 fur u 1. 1 o 1 u ws rump Clron Sun Cx IC um 'nun C nm mrmx Cn H11 rg L X11 ron ,un C 1 CC L 1 N rx roxx 1 nu Wllhill X U LL C I L L C an hrgxmm 4525 Room I0 Nhss Rathert III' FUNK Uk lk I 11 1Lr1111I Ix 111111 1 11111 1 I1 1 111111. 1 1111 1 1111 Inn kl , C PLC IL QCIYI fl XX ro 1Jr1IC111 1u.1r1 ' S C I I I FX .1I'lJI'I I LS HL k rs 1 C 1 ru ru r1 r111r1L 11 1 11 11111111 1 S11r I I x X Room 3061 Hr Culser 1 rw LI'I"X 1 Y' r Lrg 1111,g11In Jrk 11111 11 1I1 x 11,1 F IX I5uIIu II1w11. Room HIT. Miss Hc1'11:1tz. II11r1I r11XCf'R1x ,I11I111C1111. II11I1 II.1II1.1pIC, I.11IC 11 1 1111. ,I11I111 IIc111.111. C31111 I.1111I1C1111, 151111 II I11111 II1 .rr1111.1!1111, SI111'Icx' II.1111I1IcL1111. I1I II11II.1111I Scf11111I 11111-n,X1Ir1N II1II, IIcIu11 II.1111I11xx. In IXI1 I11I111w111. C11.l1.c II.111C1111, NI.11x .XI1.1- II11L1C1 XX.1111I.1 II1cIu', Xc1'X.1I IIu111I. IIUIQI1 I11I111w1111 I.1I111 II1II. I1r C1 r11wffCI1.1rI111lu II.11Ic, NL-111 Y111Iut I11I111w11, C I1.1rIcx II.1II1uI1r1 C .11'r11II II11x1uIC. II.1I1: II1It1111. I'xL1111cLI1 I'I1CICux R11I1c1'l ,I.1c11I11. 'III CI '-C I1 'Ii I'crr111. Bcity N 'I oIc1. 1911 R.1tI' '. 'L' ' I NI. .I.y1111N-Im , kI11I11 Rui' IIC, N1-I " PoII.1rI, -1 R -I. '.1IC. l',1f lFI'v.l I11s11r, C IyIc R1I-r'k. Sf' 111 1 - Il.1 ldR1cI 1 . S lf.1ff. IJ11ro1I11 I'.11- tur .111, XI1IdrcI R1bcs1111,I3.Ic Nut . NIJ I' XI.1r- l111, Opal Porter. NI ' Rl od' . .X11 ' X111 'I1A cIl.M.1 I L111I'I11lI1p . R111 X11 11. I'1 wx-rf NIJ ' 'R1 ku, Ii11I R ', R,1 R.u. I Iuc Prigu. I'.111y X1-IC111. XI.1r .111 Pingql, lion XI1II1. Nancy IJIICIILJF. Ion XI111- I',1y11c. R11 Urn-1, Iiux- c1'IA I11cIIcr. 'II111'1I 11111 7 lJ.11,1IJ I mqcr, I 1-II11-11 IUCN. .'r,I11u I1 1111. IC.zrI I11-11C,I111IC ICUII111111. I- R .p1r,C.1rI I r1.1, Su-111I 1'1xx-.'XIIu 1.1 Kerr. I.'J11I,I.1 R,:1I111. NI1II -J I 1- "IZur. Ir1I1' '.I:1.- IC1,.11.Is111. .XIRQ I,.1CI1,1. X1 1' I- 1,1 W. I1u.11 IC11g.I7.1 .'11uI'1114.I1r1i 1'-1-.fl11gL ICU, 11CI1. II1l:IwII1 ICKIC11. X -111.1 I1NI111. .X1.1Irm I..1II1.lI11,I4I1s I1.11,N. N111111Iur I1-I1111I1111. XI, - 1111 IH1:m. I11,111 R11 uI.-C. 1531 rqccenjan . . . that's what it takes . . . our extra-curricular curriculum . . . everything from checking lockers to painting numbers on assembly seats . . . for fun and service . . . QS-4 SS li lr Oppolrl thv m RADIO ANNOVNCERS: liar-k Row Mr. Cortright, Dorothy Bonne-ll, Mary lSamx-tall. First Rim' liluyne Johnston, Andy Sr-hill, Velva Antler- wn. Hzxrolml Ar-koff. Huy lfzillon. Mike Friqhl A figure, male or female, standing in the auditorium, is monotonously droning, "Good afternoon friends. This is your regular Monday, Wednes- day and Friday feature, Know Your Schools." This is the introduction to the Know Your Schools radio program which was designed to create interest and fellowship between student and parent. Under the capable direction of Mr. Cortright, the program has succeeded in bringing to the radio audience the interesting facts concerning the public schools and has become almost an institution. The announcers, chosen by Mr. Cort- right for the first semester were: Don Kersten, Velva Rose Anderson, Mary Banwell, and Harold Arkoff. For the second semester they were: Ray Fallon, Elayne Johnston, Andy Schill and Dorothy Bonnell. an at the i-nntrols , . . lfritlsiy :nflernomi as th 1- Little Ilmlnri-r um-Q on the air with the week mu up A59 A NQKNV' fvx QE- ve meg. N0 The Prnpellinq Purse Symbolic of the workings of American democracy is the Student Council of Fort Dodge High School. In the fall of the year, a representa- tive from each home room is elected to serve on the council for one year. The number is divided evenly between boys and girls so each home room alternates every year. In addition to this group eight senior and four junior "members-at-large" are elected. This organization is capably guided by Miss Likins, Miss Demorest, and Mr. Feelhaver. The executive committee, consisting of the officers of the Student Council, makes plans concerning many problems and projects which are presented to them for consideration. They devote the fourth period every day to these workings. FIRST SEMESTER COVNCIL OFFICERS: SEFONID SEMESTER K'0l'NCIL OFFICERS: liud Count-r tviuo-presicim-ritr, lflnyil lNI:u:nuss n Iiiul Vunpt-1' lpiwsiwimiil 5 Howard Huniilhm lpresidentr, Dorothy Bonne-ll msec-rc-taryr. rvii-1--piwsiiii-vit1, Hi-lvn Knzu-k 4ser'l'vLzu'yl. 1-2 " :Hr "The Meelinq Will Please Enme te Urtler " The work of the council is carried on by standing and special com- mittees. Every member is on at least one of these committees and often helps on other ones. During each period and the noon hour, members of the locker com- mittee check the lockers as a protection to the students. At every audi- toriuzii event the auditorium committee plans for ushers. The committee itself is too small to provide ushers for all the doors so aid is given by other members of the council. The car parking committee sees that students park their cars next to the curb adjacent to the building and not in the few restricted areas at the rear of the building. Once a week the building committee meets to clean trophies, hang banners in the halls, replenish the bulletin boards with interesting material, have new trophies engraved, and keep the lights in the trophy cases in good condition. Members of the lights committee also work every period turning the lights in the corridors off at the beginning of the period and on again at the end of each period. Any all-school dances that are held are planned by members of the dance committee. This year one all-school dance was held and a Sadie Hawkins dance failed to obtain the required 150 advance ticket sale. All the typing, filing, and recording of minutes and committee reports is done by two girls who make up the clerical committee. Since such a large number of students bring their lunches to school, a council com- mittee is appointed to plan special activities and entertainment for these people. This is called the noon-hour committee. l IRST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL: Fourth Row-fMarQaret Tel-fey, Dee Sheker, Donna Rae Swanbergz, Bill Robinson lhll Armstronsl, Don Ploosr, Curtis Tessum, Dick Williams, Bob Moc-km-tt, Eugene Brown, lioli Oppold, liud Cooptr Fhlrd Row -Evelyn Wasem, Norma Jean Donly, Janet Porter, Nancy libersole, Jean Coffee, Joan Knowles, Mary Nelson Btverly In hn on, Barbara Hamilton, Gordon Cavanaugh, Harold Minor, Dale Hilton. Sem-ond Row' Barbara Basler. Roberta Ben on I ar Cook, Shurlee Groat, Donna Bond, Donna Peterson, Yvonne Armstrong, John Luclgate, Lyle Myer, liill Sheker l'xrst Row Stuart Pfaff, Helen Knack. Marguerite Kallin, Phyllis Haugh, Marilyn Johnson, Janice Schroeder, Jack Blomberi. Arthur Kirsch, Clifford Guild. At Desk Dorothy Bonnell nsecrectaryr, Floyd Magnusson tpresidenti. FIRST SEMESTER COMMITTEE HEADS: Third Row Donna Hut- Swunherir, liill Robinson. litnrviio lirown, Floyd Magnusson. liill Armstrong. Sw-onrl Row Rolwrtan Henson. Janet Porter, Janin- Suhroerlt-r, Barbara Hamilton, llet- Shelu-r. l-'irst Row Marilyn Johnson. John Luclizutt-. Heli-n Knurk, Gordon C2lVZlIl2tlllll'l, The orientation committee acquaints new students from out of town as well as from junior high with the activities and regulations of high school. The victory service committee was especially active this year in drives connected with the war effort. 1943 was a history making year for the council in that it held its first joint council-faculty meeting for the purpose of getting the views of both students and teachers on the outstanding problem of absenteeism. Through this meeting a new pro- gram of re-admission was established. STUDENT l'0l'NC'Il, SEFUND SEMESTER: lfonrth Row IPUFIIIII Riu- Olson, llonnu l'1-tt-rson, llill Armstronir, VVnltm' lie-self-r, liiuzem- lirown, lfzirrell Hansen. Vincent Swanson. Rir-hzirsl Woorlarxl. Jack lfitzirerulwl, lioli liivkzil. Stuart Vfuff, ill Shi-ks-r. Third Row Otlu Svhi-rff, Margaret 'll-1-ff-y, lim'llura Hamilton, Nant-y l'1licrsole, lit-vt-rly Johnson, Mary Nelson. l'velyn Wasem, Dale Hilton. Hziroltl Minor, Gorflon llxvanauuh. Jack lilomlwriz. Curtis 'lk-ssnm. Si-voml Row Donna Rm- bwanlwrg, Shirley Opp.-l, Ann Grnnrlon, Joan Knowles, Norma Jean Ilonly. Phyllis Hough, Rust- Lee- Arnolrl, lion Plooir, Hob Ulstzul, Howzirrl Hamilton. J1 hn Iniilirznlm-. First Row Dorothy llonnc-ll, Jrun t'offvm', Elaint- Hinos, Shurlt-e Grout, Donna liontl, Barbara lizxsler. Ut-0 She-lu-r, Mar'ul1vl'iT.e- Kallin, Allan lin-t-n. At De-sk Hurl f'' 4l're-sm. Halt-n Knavk lSQt'y.l J"1 ""'wu.., V ,.'3,A,:... ,, , MVC , i v , I 1, 1 Them s usu: J l 72' wifi , 'f - jiff'f"'L.1l . 1 w w' A M 'i Q-'?i3'w S mc, 47 vqvu v 5 we Q Qi I41l.I.XN s., .. REPERTUIRE OF TI-IE BAND M111'1'fJ lllltf l'1'o1'1'ssi1111 of l3111'1'XJ11s frnnz flu' f111lf1'f HSPYIIVIIH D1'11f11'x Wzlflz, Wf1ll', WIlIlIf'lI 111111 Song 1 , Sfl't11l.YX 15111 lIIl'fS I,H1llI!7A' H11l1111's CJl'K'I'f1ll'l', CJIIIIH' Klrfzy-3111111 King Mnrrb, Pan AllIC'l'jl'lIll 1 King MlIl'llf Gwzx frmn "Misx1sx1jJpi S11if1"' 1Gr0fr Marvb, Nigbf Ifliglr! 1 1,Ki11g O1'1'1'f111'1', Tbc' Cl'1l.S'lltlC'I' BIll'lJft'I lUNl'ERT BAND: lh-an Amo. Ruse Lu- .-Xrnulci, l'lz1n-l1m- lialmwwk. Rulu-rl Iianwvll, Rlmlu-Vt liivkal. Samuel lirwais, H0114-l'Iil'1m'11. Luis Iiurm-t. Furl liurt. K4-nllvlh lSut2i1-V, l'lif'i'm'nl Cantor, Hmmm' Fhryfl-Al', F11-ml Frullw. Nurnmn Divke-rf:1l1, Ilunilu Uillun, Jim Imllivlw. laum-Uv I-ln-kluml, IM-tty I'Il1l0l'Ii11n-.Jinx Ifnrrm-l, Rnlwrt I"n1'tm-y, lhnlu-rl I"runklin, Shirluy lfullun, Imn Grivxw. liuum- Hznrrih, Sylvia xmzvn, Dah- HiItun.1'h:n'lf-s Hollister,1'zu'r11ll Huvivk. Rnlwrl Jzu-mlb. I':1ulJvnsun.Stz1n1eyJuhnsun, Margln-ritv Kallin. Jim Kursjvns, Ill This Air all V ...' Z," 1' wir' ..i ...ii . twii-1.1 livery Monday, XVednesday and Friday melodious strains as well as martial airs could be heard echoing through the halls. Behind a maze of music, in l6lf, the band's seventy members could be found blowing and puffing-this was the cause. Although he lost about fifteen of his best musicians, one of the greatest losses in years, Mr. Bergan considered it one of the best he has ever had. Under his baton they appeared for a patriotic program in February and for several Sunday concerts later in the year. They also played several selections for an assembly at the junior high and the high school. In uniforms of red, white and black, they pre- sented a very striking scene. Musical entertainment was provided by them for the graduating exercises. will lurr. lxutlilmwiilxln'l11'l'.Hn'l4'ri lfxnziek, Alulri-5' Lzilliziiii, Ralph I,:iIh:irn, Jznfk I.:- Mars, fVl1lvlrwl l,iiitfi-iih-Ili-i', lzlniin- ll x l li ly ukix li lr Marlin, liurl Mzirlin, John Mariin, Harold Minor, Mil lra-ml Mix. Lynn Nelson. Imn Il'f'niilwi', Ile-un Olson, Martin Url ippis, Mn-lyin l'oll:n'1l, Doris Rlin1lt-s,.I:iriim- Svhroe-dt-r, .lnlin S1-ur. Marilyn Shnw. l,n'sI4'l'SIUlYl1. Il-rrolhy Solwiisvvii. lil lt 'Hi I lin Ii llN1lillYlH'lIl. liivk Stahl, l,:inrin Slam-k, Huh l'lst:ul. IM-lb--ri Wilc,-hue.-iv, lhuii Walters, 4 e L . Yesterda 5' Musicians MISS VVll.l.lAMS REPERTOIRL-1 OF THE ORCHESTRA I"rum'iiisc' Milifuirc' or Slllllf-SIIFIIS Gold :mil Silvcra M ii Svbar Hillbilly Gould Vzilsc' Trish' a ri Silivliiis Svroiiil Syiiijrlioiiy M i H ziyrl ii Viilsc Bliivlff' M M or ai Drigo I'roc'c'xsio11 of flu' Simlrir ljrjnolifou'-Iwnizou' P00111 ii ai Trillivla ORFHESTRA: IM-:nn Amo, Rose' In-v Arnolml, Mary Ashford, Clarcnrm- Balwovk. Mary liamvs-ll,J:1liim'u Hamm, Rohm-rt liickal, Dorothy llonnell. linuvm- Brown, Roger Brown, Lois liurnm-lt, Konne-th Butzier, Lyall Butler, Betty Fannoy, Marilyn Carlson, George Casa-y, Clifford Castor, Gs-ralclinv Croft, Margin- Croft, Fred Crousv, Norman Ijivkerson, Jim Farrvl, Robert Franklin, Lois Finney, Shirlvy Fulion. Mary Garxx-x'. Ijon Greiw-s, Phyllis Hauxrh, VVanda Him-k-, Dale Hilton. limi Holland, Naomi Janowski, Marion Johnson, aliilrfnnlnrrnws' ushers The orchestra under the capable direction of Mr. Bergan and the faithful assistance of Miss Wfilliams had a most successful year. The addition of many new members supplemented the loss of those who graduated. Tests, required of those taking orchestra for credit, included bits about composers, scales and musical terms. A class, held every NVednesday morning for those who failed, proved very worthwhile. Musical pins, awarded annually to those who meet the requirements, were replaced by the "Red F's." Dancing, games and refreshments were en- joyed by the band and orchestra members at the Christmas party. Included in their performances were the Thanksgiving and Christmas concerts. In April they performed for the junior high students. Because of the war, Boone, Ames and Fort Dodge were unable to have their annual spring festival which was to be held at Boone, Iowa. nine Joni-s, Yvonne Knlsow, Kaihli-en Klt-In-r, Margaret Kirhy, Maris- I.:-mnares, Ili-an I,ii'lili-iilwriz, Virginia 4 I II ul. Juni- Lloyd, John Iniclixate, John Martin. Gloria MeI,a1:on, Harold Minov-, Evelyn Mix, Dan 0'l'nnnor, Martin Orrcs Jac I xppus. Doris Rhodes, John Si-ur, Janice Svhron-llor, Gi-nose Smi.h, Dick Stahl, I.:-xurin Siwnek, Holi Ulstail, Don VI 1 litrnii ii . Ivola VVilsnn, I.aVonne NYilson. l .A Strlnll The squuk of the flddle the toot of the horn, the shnll tone of the oboe, and the beat of Wir Bergan s baton lS9Ull'!g from 16E 1re sngns to upper ellssmen th1t music xs hlVll'1g lts sessnons Thus yen' 1 strmg br1ss,vs0odw1nd,c.lar1mt, md horn group xx ere formed fur mshmg 1 xx :de x 1r1etX of num bers for thelr ludnences These I11l1SlC1l hepmts furmshed en tertamment for n u m e r o u s Fort Dodge SLFVICC clubs and pleu ed over manv of KVPD S Knoxx Your School pro grams The crecht for 111 mu sleal groups must go to Mr limb I-ranlxlln Hub Hnkal Durx Rhuriu Ihan Amo John Soar I-RILNIH HORN Q' ARTET Iaul Waltmrs Dun Cruus Dean Amo Harold Minor l I ARINFT QI ARTET limb Spxllmfm Inn-. liurmt 1 m lm I nrt! C64 I 11 ' , , . , . . J 1 1 ' , - v I? 4 1 YY L YYOUDWWND IQYINTETI A A .t 44 ' . . . - , El: im- l.l ljxl, liml 7 my. Instrumental Bcrgln who has 1 knmlx for turning out fmlsiud mum cnns The Show Shop J smill group of sdcct musicians dis plugd thur talmrs at he senior all suhool md sopho morn plax s, md at the Bum i1urL1tc scrum Thur biggest tlsk thlt of duodmg the Tl1U'll.ISLl"lpt for thc opcrgttz Ilrgfix would bg dlfflgult mn for luomplishcd musi uma But to thu cvcs of rhg Lxuburint, unbcltlblc I11LlSl mms nothing V518 nmposinblv. so duuodud it vs is Thur rn und xx IS 1 supurb pgrform mu BRASS SLX'll-T 11 n Vlarlin IJ 11 H111 nur mi r 4 11 HA N411 NTRINK Ql ART!-T X Vldrui 1 rf SHOW SHUI' URI HFSTRA ul ml U All AYIIHN I' 1 m 1 an 4114 11 I- ran 1 ll Xl dfll YYY! YA 1 il' 1 1 1 1 x lhr1.i 165 . ' . , ' N L K i x I ' - L11 , x K , t , ' -J' 4 ' - A ', A " i , 1 'L S ll 'gi' ', .I Pin .L ' 1 ' , 1 i 111, Hznrwld Mi , Laurin St: Ak, lf 4-I Fr uw. 1'larm-m1- 'I - 'l-Q. .' .' L ' I : Frm! f'r41nw, lbnrolhy Hmmm-Il. Lui: liurm-I, i ' "- ' 1ft. N Fr- i'r11uN-, G1-yuwm-HS 'thi i'Iluim1 I.l yd, N' mi J' wki, I1..+1nhy Hfrlizicll. Miss VVill'u N, Hui l'l- stml. Jani'- li'11 -. lhl " klil. Jar - I,lv1,'l, M' '- In yr-f. M: - ui-l'r1ft.HarfluiMin11r,IJal1-H'l- tm. Mr. - ': n. 7 llnilqers' Pied Piper Snappy in their whitc and black uniforms, the FDHS band stood at attention for the flag raising ceremony at the beginning of each football game. As the flag slowly ascended, the band played "The Star Spangled Banner" and other patriotic songs. When the signal for intermission sounded, the band marched down the Dodger field and began to form the letters FDI-IS and the letters of the opposing teams. Then marching up the field they turned and made a V for victory, and marched back to their places at the band stand. Besides the football games the band played at the Masonic convention, Chamber of Commerce, and Memorial Day parade. MARCHING BAND: Dean Amo, Rose Lee Arnold, Clarence Babcock, Robert Banwell, Robert Bickal, Samuel Broas, Roger Brown, Lois Burnet, Carl Burt, Kenneth Butzier, Clifford Castor, Roger Chrysler, Fred Crouse, Norman Dickerson, Donita Dillon, Jim Dol- liver, Jeanette Ecklund, Betty Enterline, Jim Farrel, Robert Fortney, Robert Franklin, Don Grieves, Duane Harris, Sylvia Haugen, Dale Hilton, Charles Hollister, Carroll Hovick, Robert Jacobs, Paul Jenson, Stanley Johnson, Marguerite Kallin, Jim Karsjens, Al- berta Kerr, Kathleen Kleber, Helen Knack, Audrey Latham, Ralph Latham, Jack Le Mars, Mildred Lingenfelter, Elaine Lloyd, Jack Mackey, Bob Martin, Earl Martin, John Martin, Harold Minor, Mildred Mix, Lynn Nelson. Dan 0'Connor, Dean Olson, Martin Orres, Jack Pappas, Melvin Pollard, Doris Rhodes, John Sear, Marilyn Shaw, Lester Smith, Dorothy Sorenson, Dick Sperlan, Bob Spillman, Dick Stahl, Laurin Stanek, Bob Ulstad, Delbert VVilschusen, Don Walters. Mr. Orlh. our nine-stro, unil his so1ii:sli'w--ws. Hand Picked Fur Harman The A Cappella Choir is one of the most out- standing musical groups in our school. Under the direction of Mr. Howard Orth, this choir pre- sents a musical program with finesse. The personnel is made up of former members of sophomore or junior choruses who have looked forward to the honor of becoming one of the singers in this choir. Experiences gained in singing in the A Cappella Choir have permanent values. Many programs and choirs have been enriched with the voice of a former member of this organization which has be- come a part of the tradition of the school. The officers of the choir for this year were: Gene Brown, presidentg Helen Knack, secretary, XVarren Stump and Mary Martin, librarians. W'ith the help of the other two choruses of the school, the A Cappella Choir performed for three important school events: The Thanksgiving assembly, the Christmas program .ind the Commencement exer- cises. Other programs have been given for the junior high school, the district teachers' convention, Karl King's band concert, a Methodist Church program, and three radio broadcasts over KVVD. We com- mend Mr. Orth for his good musical taste and his untiring efforts for the benefit of this choir. liort Dodge will never forget him. A l'AI'l'l'Il,LA l'HOIR: Fourth Row Ili-llvi-rt W'ilsliiifvn. Keith l'v-li-rsoil, ll:-nnis Johnson, llon Szirnpsoii. lfri-il l'rivlisr-. Rohn-rt Mui'- llowvll, Ilon Martin, Uoliulzis Munkholm, Hs-rli Tyre-ll, Dun Ke-rst'-n, I-Illwooil Jrrlvlisiiil, Harold Minor. 'I'hir1l Row Iionitn limleli- -loin, Hvlvn Olson, liz-irlmyzi Hamilton. Laiirvriev VValli-rick, Dick Vi-rvorie. Diizim- Harris, Karl Johnson. Don Vsirlson, liriinu Ses- line, liiiui-nv Brown. Maur:-ne Phillips, Mary Martin. Lois Beiirhlol. Second kms Ji-ziiiiitte Mem-fee. Joan Glenflf-iiiiiir, Mary Lock- man. Phyllis Tabor. Bev:-rly Iaiwri-y, lizirhara liasle-r, Sylvia Hairzc-n. Ellen Thorsen, l'an1ini- l':xrtello. Mary Rm-. Audrey Gagnon. lionnie liarr, Yvonne Armstrong. First Row Shirley Fulton. Joyv- linnis, Norma Uonly, Russ' law- Arnolvl, Jezinni- VVre-tman, Glzulyw- Johnson, Barbara Cooley, Helen live' or, Hi-lin Ifnark. Geraliline liiekforrl, lilizalu-th Re-inmzin, Norma Ht-arllm-, Helen lsziai-son. 2 NIOR I 'IORI S Iifuli Rmx I7 Ilbtll VIII hu n I x 1 n 1 rx In ar un lm ATN 1 1:1 1Iphnmm1r IJ lm H u 11 1r 'I'1rmlms1nn 41111 mn 111rn1 1m vrvnd I 11 I xX1mnn1- VI il 1nn Iidrlmrd Iiluxum an I xr 1111 x 1 1 1 ui mmunx ver x 1nx1rx m1 1 14 1 Ixu .-I vin 1 1 1 r 1: nn 1 Im ann I 1 nun Inman 11 x1 1 un nur 1, 1 1 m1 an I RIH ' RIOD IHORI S I4 I1Ii 1 VII xn1 x my Urth s tn 1 in 11 1+ 1 x on 1 L21 1: I' I I1hr 1m ll x 1, 1,1 uma 1 In 111 Ir1n1 H 211 1n1 Anne it I I IIITI I I IYI F11 I l I l Ii l I Il 1 Q Ili il X III! I H!LIx1X AIU IIIIYIIII III 1iI'IlI I it IN IC t 13 Ill XEI X III LI I II! IIIQ l I QW L I XXIII ll L IIIKN FIIII1 4 1 t QKUIIC UU II Il IX rl K QKII HUQCT X I QIII U t ll LI IkIlTlfT lfTIlII'Ia III I9 UII AIIKKI I KIIQ I I YTIN ll ld U I I' mx ll 1x nn nn 1 K Iiuulx Samuelson M 1111 I pu1 Im NI Ie I nm I-I1 :nm H Ixall Bu Il'. '. 'fi ' -' ' 11 1' " s se , I1-uni: J nh sun. Di'k C1-"1-me, C2xrl Juhnsun, IJ1 C ls ,.Ii K' ij-ns. B I Sk 2 ', II? - 2'1'iS,RlI' ', ,H"llMi HS-' IR ' N1 . ' .1-2LnIl nly, ,2 ' "S , ' .' . 'lllvn IIHIKINVIII. M2 flll"'I' Kallin, Syl 'ia Ham: -n, Shirley Gr rw., D1 "s Si II1' '1 lj I. '- Je-2 -ttl H'-k -y, ' I' 'Til' . I'Il1l2xn vr 11.1-x -t. Fi sl H W An 2 Cunni! uh: , D1 2 Ru' Ole-.' . Iilizulwf-th Rv' ' , fII211Iy1'e J hu: mn, Ii2u'ln2il'2A Iiaslcr, I1-ni1'1- I'i1wi'st1fr, Lilliun R1m1l1-nl: frn. Eil-' H . N rma Je-an H1-2xll1-21. II1 rif S2 lers. Hal- 521211-inn. , POI' " IE ' 211-' uw lJi'li SIflX'1I11l',II1 H2 Nm, Cl21r1-n1'1- Hur 1-y, lI1l VY1-sling. Cliff Czuly, Glvn I'1-t1-lxull, Ut .I211'1fl1smn, IJi2n1- Sh rt, VV21rr11n Shiny. SIfX'2ll'1 l'f2iff, IJ2ll1- Hill , Cliff Gl1il1l, l'21ul IIHIIIIIII vn. "rr ll 11vi1'k, . 1 I Hill. l1vm'1l1 li ' I51l Rm-. CIj1l1' Ii1n1I1-rick, Il1'v1-rly AII1-n. NH mi Jan vski. l'2xlri1'i21 I'its1n'. N1 ' ' J -2 IM I-y, - - 1" Il' '. . W2 f -n . Kay VV'lI': 5. 01211 M211- I'1rI1-r. Ji G --I fi -I I, Darr-I R"h21rIs1l I, Jwh IJ -ssinr -r. Th' 'I R N' W2 I2 "' . lr1'Y H2 2 .N 2 ' n Rl ellis, An 'Mit 'h -ll, H1-Ij Ii'l limi ' 'lj A I-'s1vn. Th '21 1 I'2App2lf. JH2 -ll' Hi 'li I'Ill21 M2-1' 'I"1r ' " lil 2. 2 I'IlL'I1L'I', I41- Fink, I'21t!y N2-ls mn, IJ Iris Rural-Q -. S ' IR ' M: ':2.i'o' K' 'l,'. .Ina Kn1ml1-S, Eil-' 'I . '1-lxa V un 'wt V . Churl Ito H211I -, Sh"l K 1 , R2 J1A2 R2 , I5 "4 S' l-'s. I.illi21n R11l1-nlmrn, Arl- - VI'4lli2l J I" C: lj. 'irst ' Sli' 'I H21 'll . Iivlty .lane Ni1'1l1-S, Mary l,1vri2x, GL'1rru1-21n2I Cl2ilx1v111:h. Hn-lun Juno l1lil1l. ' 'I .' fi . 2 ,em- 2 . E . 2 '2,' -, I -2 ' 1rev1-I, llvr. PHUMORF IIRLS KHORI 'S 15.11111 111111 I 'K1111 11 1 1 1 111 11x 11 11 111 1 1111111 11 11 1111111 1 4 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 41 4 11 111 4 1 1 11 4 1 4 1 1 Ill I1 1x Last 51111111 OND PERIOD QHURI S 141111 R111 I 111 111 I 1rx1r lirur-1 HAFFIH J11e Casny 111 ur RUI1ef1L? Sam 11 1m1 1t 1n1111 1 1 1 1x 1111 1 1 un D11r1 S1n1m111'1 Fourth mx 1 1 1111 11111111 1 1111111 41 4 1r1 1 1 ly Frm Pr1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 111 Qroft '11 1rx 1111 r111 1 1 111 1 1 1 11 1 111111 111 h l41ltx H111 11 1111 4 111m1 xx 11.4 1111111111. 1m 11111 'v1 1 11'y ne 11 .4 111 S0 . 1 ' ' ' 1 11,1 1' 111-y. K1y VV'11'11t11s. MZi'A' 1,1-n111111'1-S, N11 'Q U1 '11-13 1111'-1'1y All- , Yi111-1 l,111111..l4111111111-11' i11u,.l1111111' 1'1'1-1-. S1'1- 1111 linw VV: 1 1 A1111-1's1111,N1111'y 1'i11'h1-1', H1111M111-'1'1'1x'111'i1u1-, M111-'11 1-4111111-s.Yi-11111 .11-1s1'11, 1411111 1114 Jean R11-, Y1'1x11 V 11 S11-111, .-X11 - 21111111111 l"i1wI R111 111- ' -:'1y 151' 14-11, 111-11-1'1y S:1n1111'144111, l'11!1y N111s111. A11 '1111 NY'11':1111N. J111 K 1 V11-5, 1.x'1111 1511111112 SEC' 1' I ' 1 " 1 ' .11111- R1-11 '1-nk. J11111' flruff, IV11 21 '- , - 1 ' , '15 - ' , 1" 111' 115, J: -Q VV11 11 1'-. IJ1-1111 ills 111, 151111 H:111111'h. 1111111-G111'1:111111, Shirl GI' V111-1. 1, 11, E 1" s. ' R ' 1.11V1111111- VK'11Q1111, D11rif A11111-141111, l.11r1111 1'11I1'l'l. Mi1'i11n1 111111111-, Viv11111 1-'111'1111-y. Nl11l111111 .11-1111 R1-11111'1'a1-1. Mi1111'1'11 S11111111111, 1111211111-111 Ke1s1, l"1'11111'is Shappvll, lw 111 VVi1s ,fv1' " H'ux111s,VV1 - 1 A11111-rs 11, Ht'1t'l1 1i11h11. 'l'h' 1 R112 111-I ' 1ir111111'Y, I a ' 'tl '. J1-1111 I' 1'f1-1-, 21111111111 K111111111. 11-1-1111 l-'1'11, Mary 11111111 11111 1w111. J11,-X 111 19111131 J1A11111-1t1- 1111-I-11111111, l'lv11y11 Mix, G1-r11111i - ' , .11 Q 1,1111 l"11l1'11. li -rly li '11, S1-1'11111 lim' H111- A1111-FN111. Yi'11i 111 A111 ,L G1111'i1x l2r11f,1'1-li11G- 1'u1',.l111i11 K1111if , 1 h' 1 '1m. H111 '11111111y, liulty King, 1711111111 J111-111 151 1. 1i111'11:1r11 S11-yer. Vix11111 Ilznif. lfirft R :xx N ' 1 111 An ' C' ' 'h1 ,J -.1-111-- ff1z M: ' J11 C'11' 111 . Vix'i1111 -11-1151-11. l.11V1111111- ,l11h11s1111, H1-11111 01111111121-r. A1111 1,11sk11. 0 'D 3 Jbx vel - " he Firefl " XY'ith .1 drum roll and trumpet bl.1re the curtain rose on the operetta, "The Firefly." The performance. .1 complete success. was a just reward for the many sleepless weeks of h.1rd work spent by chorus, show shop, .lI1Ll stage crew. The story begins on a pier in New York City. Geraldine Van Dare hurries her fiance, jack Travers, who has been flirting with .1 street singer lNinaJ, aboard her .lLll1IiS yacht l30llI1Ll for Bermuda. Nina, masquerading as .1 boy. is smuggled aboard the yacht and goes to Bermuda where she is protected by .in unsuspecting choirmaster, lfranx. She becomes Ll page for Xlrs. Van Dare. Nlr. Thurston falls in love with Geraldine and proposes to her in .1 letter which is never delivered. ciCI'.llQllI1C persuades her aunt to send Xina back to New York, and it is then discovered that she is really a girl. Recovering from his first disappointment, lfranx adopts Nina and they leave the isl.1nd. Years later when Nina h.1s become .1 great singer. they all meet again and Nlr. Thurston's letter is discovered. Geraldine learns it w.1s I11C.lI1I for her and accepts, leaving -lack free to marry Nina. As every presentation must h.1ve its funny incidents, this one had its sh.1re. Through experience, Shurlee Groat knows where the master switch is, for she turned the audi- torium into total darkness. Keith Peterson enjoyed many thrilling rides on the sand bags. Ray is still recovering from the shock of discovering "she" was only a sophomore. liver since operetta time Helen answers to the name of "Zipper Knackf' Need we say more? llenry Kaiser h.1s nothing oi1 the stage crew for they produced a yacht in double quick time. They also constructed a background for the second LIC! that had the audience almost believing the water w.1s real. The art classes painted the scenery. The c.1st was as follows: Captain of the Yacht, Don Sampsong Sybil Van Dare, Barbara Clooleyq Sulette, Shurlee Groatg Pietro, Keith Petersong Geraldine Van Dare. llelen lieckerg Klack Travers. Paul Tempelg john Thurston. Gene Brown: Nirs. Ogleby Van Dare, Gladyce llohnsong jenkins, Ray Iiallonq Herr lfranz, Dennis Johnson: Nina, llelen Knackq Antonio Columbo, Iiarbara liaslerq Corelli. Laurence NValterick. R1't're11fio11 pier . . . Xen' York Cily. Musical Numbers Aer I Overture Opening Chorus Ensemble lle Says Yes'-She Says No Cieraltline, lack. Chorus Call Me Uncle Thurston, Sybil. Chorus love ls like a lfirefly Nina Something Sufette, klenkins Giannina Mia Nina lfinale Ensemble Act ll ln Sapphire Seas Sybil, Ensemble Tommy Atkins , , ,Nina, Ensemble Sympathy Geraldine, Thurston, Chorus A XVoman's Smile -lack De Trop jenkins, Suzette, Pietro XVe're Going to Make a Man of You Nina, jack, Jenkins, Thurston, Franz The Beautiful Ship from Toyland Franz, Chorus W'hen a Maid Comes Knocking at Your Heart Nina lfinale Ensemble Act III Opening W'.1ltx Ensemble The Latest Thing from Paris Chorus and Dancers The Dawn of l,ove Nina lfinale Ensemble Ou flu' Inu ll of ffm' Van Dim' whiff' . . .Bi'r1f111ifa. lllrectnr s MOONSHINE Luke Jack Pun mek Rexenue Officer Harold Arkoff Wuth hrs drawlxng xolcc and nlhteratc. person alnty jack Ponsmck presented a colorful frgure rn hrs role of Iukc the mountam hrllbnllx rn Moon shmc Unknovung Luke the hnllbnlly refused to krll Jnm Dunn revenue offrcer played by Harold Arkoff who was an old enemy of the moonshnners nm Dunn caught by the moonshmers evaded death by a clever scheme Under an assumed name he pretended to be world wearv and begged Luke to shoot hum for he was afrand to shoot hnmself bemg a belncver rn remcarnatnon Presently he had rlhterate luke mfluenced enough that he was afrald to shoot hxm The rev enuer then departed leavmg hrs name and address wrth Luke m case he ex er came to New York Only too late drd Luke realnze Jnm Dunn s farce hrgh rn the of the Dan A small cabm located some place Tennessee Mountams was the scene Totheroh drama In the Darkness Eleanor Hoevet gave a genumely sympathetic and movmg performance rn the role of L1zz1e a trred and drscouraged woman whose unhappiness IS he1ghtened by the behef that her husband Nath rs becommg a drunkard Nath was very convmc nngly enacted by Bob Newsum When Arth the departmg hnred man sugge ts that LIIZIC leave mth hum she agrees How Bess Yath s sister discovers that blmdness not lnquor rs the cause of Nath s strange behavror and Llz decxdes to stay because she IS needed forms a strrrmg chmax to the productnon The part of Arth was well played by Andy Schlll and Barbara Hamnlton as Bess gave a truly fme performance IN THE DARKNESS Bess Barbara Hamllton LIZZIE Eleanor Hoevet Nath Bob Newsum Arth Andy Schlll Dilemma SITPPRESSED DESIRES Mabtl liarlnra lilwwm Stephen Putt nt lfruxxn Hin xutta Ht-ltn liecktr Htltn Btcktr xx is OLlISIlI1LllI'lg in tht lLldlI1S, role of Supprtsstd Dtsirts is l-ltnritttl xxho vx 19 1 fan for psx Cho milxsis thlt is, until the sub tonscious mind of htr sisttr Vllbtl threatened to break up Henrietta s mirriagt Xerx amusing xxtrt tht fltial txprtssions and xxittx remarks of Htnritttls husblnd Sttphtn, plaxtd bx Eugent Brown, who was forcttl to rtad xolumts on psxtho analvsis whlth ht thought utterlv riditulous Barbara Bloxom xx is xtrx rtilistit in her role of on psy Cho analx sis The plax xxas brought to an ll'l1LlSlI1g Climax xxhen the tables vxtrt turntd on Htnritttl, and sht gaxe up all xicxxs on psxtho .lnalxsis and tht sub tonstious mind in ortltr to kttp htr homt sintl Stephen Surprisinglx tlifftrtnt in plot Ind tolor wls Anton C,htl1hox s Tht Boor in xxlith Bomtl Botltnsttin as Xlltllmt Popox drtxx xxtll dtstrxttl praist, 15 did Bud Cooptr in his rolt IS tht tlishini, Russiln bill tolltttor Smirnox, xx ho turnttl to tht rolt of lox tr it tht tlimvc of tht pllx Cast IS Lulu, tht serxant of,1ll xxork, Ktith Ptttrson ktpt tht luditncc in tonstint hilaritx xxith his portrax il of 1 mttk old strx ant troublttl xxlth rhtumltism togtthtr xxith tht finintial wo rits of his ldorttl mistrtss lVl.1CllI11L Popox As tht 'Vlltllmt Smirnox tnttrs to tltmlntl the pax mtnt of 1 tltbt Tht Russiin, 1 tonfirmttl xxomin h1ttr rhtn tlt tllrts his inttnst lxtrsion for the furtr stx Both rags. furiouslx It tht othtr until exchlustttl xx htrt upon the tsstntt of lfftttion tntcrs tl ill ttrminatttl hlppilx THE BOOR Lulta Keith ltttrson Smlrnox Burl Looper Madam lopux Bonita liml enatein l l 1 1 1 -1 Vik- A ' ' 1 1g ' , V " 1 1 ' L 1 -K I' I X l'. l ,, - ' 1 li - Y Y' i l' Y,' " x ,y l VXI' A ' L V IV ,L L t-Q L ' ' - 1 - 1' A L L 1 V 1 V V1 - 111 V1 - - ' A 1 ' 1 A A 1 . 1 :V ' 1 A ' 11 1 lk- ' , . 3 . 1. A -V 1- V V 1 1 V Y V rl i I - 'I X z I X Vx 1 1 ' I V 1 - V V' 'V 1 '1 if 1 1 , S 1 1 . A VK 1 V. - -V - V 1' ' Ph V .I V x lf 3 l ' x 1 V .1 . - V I - A V V- Y I X I V' -f 1 'I 'V .' l 4- V vi xx h Y 1 7- ' 'aj " 4' 'Q "i ' i, , 1 ' 1 ' '. 'i 4 4 ' the innocent victim of her sistcr's ficndish ideas is woefully lamenting the tlcath of herlate husband, 'V V. . L ' ' 1 K 'L L 1 ' 1 V K - t 1 V 1 1- ,- 1 V . V' V- VV -. . V' , , .,1 ' .L 1 1 ' A A K 1 V 1 1- k -1 1' ' ' 1 .1 1 ,t 1- 1 -1 'L 1 lm K is i ' ll . I f l Q III 1 ll ll ll ll 5 Pdrlrulqv Prummts In splu of NI1' Cortr1q1t x mm golxu 111LI wort t1111C Ixtxxun trx outs md pLrtor111111u 111-'11 rx 1 tr -'L 'ru nts xx 1 C11 111 11-1 SCX L ISIC N s IDIFIYILI' 1 topfI1gI1t drus Ck ngmr 1ttL111pts to mold Inr L ll L un S IX Cs, 1111 1' 1 I Lx 1111 1.,I 11111r1C x 1113 111qL11uC t1x 111 1L111111r1L nr wxxgmr C L 1Lx 1' mst XIIISIL s Lo111111u11111' ,ll 1p LLo111111q 111 1 -' nu g IIN 1C xoung 111111 xxI10111 xI1C I11 bun I'-OFIJILILILI1 to su NI11s1C IS umm fmud 111 I1C1 d1s1ppo111t111C11t bx StLpI1Lr1 Applg 1 lu, ur 1xxxLr md xx1tI1 I11s C11Co11r1-m111L11r su -Y L5 on x 111x111-1 LISIIICSS 11 11111pI1111t C11d111 1 C KST IIXR xcTFRs BOITIII I5oLIL11stL111 Shurlu Cyrolt H1.I1.11 Pxulwr XIIISIL I 1rt11LI.,L C1Q1t J I -Y Ix11rx11lxg1Ltr 1 11t1 5upI1L11AppIu' L C ILl11CI1l'lllL SILIHLX Xrmsu Cx I 111 1 lCIx I'o1sn1aIC Bud C oopgr Buulx oI111xo11 Don XIIICIII DorutI1x BUIIIILII 1111 I o In I L11 x I 1 A C L1sto111u Hu IIILIQIIILI' NI111 Cls oxxgm nrlm I 1 1I I lru 1r1 XII I 1txor C Ofll C oILm111 XI111111 C ruxs mu I 11111s 1 1111 INTERMICIYIATH GIRL RESERVES: St-eoncl Row Mal'Lrtu-rite l':u'lson, Iiolule-1' In-His, lit-ily Nieholvs, Shirley Del Vit-rs, Yvonne liilnlifrc-en, Auilrt-y Swe-1-ney. First Row l"i'uni'es lispinuzzi, Iilaiinv Tracy, .Izuiiev Stnnek, lirtle Mui- Knuilson, Gloria C'oli'mzin. Louise 'I'ziylnr. l'Iili-1-ii Woirenson, Cheryl Nicholls. S mhnls The desire to dance prevailed throughout the club's activities this yearg therefore, the majority of their social gatherings proved to be dances. Various devices were employed to provide partners for each dance: such as matching a broken heart or drawing numbers. The julse box provided ample music and the evenings were topped by light re- freshments. Each dance involved three committees: decoration. refreshment and social. The executive branch consisted of Loretta Alensen, president: I,ouise Taylor, vice-president: Gloria Coleman. sec- retary: Audrey Sweeney, treasurer. nf Ser ice A two-day Friendship Festival, highlighted by the presence of Mr. A. Draper of Simpson Col- lege, was the crowning achievement of the Senior Girl Reserves this year. After a series of negotia- tions by the club's members, he agreed to appear. Inspiration to strive for personal betterment was stirred by Mr. IJraper's address. lfollowing an assembly and a day of private conferences. the students gathered in the gym at four o'clock for a dance. This year's officers were Margaret Ann Ruge, presidentg -Ianice Happe, vice-president: Mary Nelson. seeretaryg Dorothy Bonnell, treasurer. SENIOR GIRL RESI'fRYI'IS: Thiril Row Norma .Ivan Hifmlli-1-. June Gibbs, lfrziiiew Vzillzihaii, Doris Sim- mons, Helen lim-liln-rw. Annu Mui- Rf:-sintt, Mytlii-:A Shi-rnizin, Phyllis 'I'ailim', Ni-vzuli-ll In-niln-ru. Shirley Fiiltiin, .Miilrey G2-iifliuii, Nlziry June- f'zill:ih1in. Mary Ann Gziillnurv, ll-lin ll:-urtfi-, St-etiiml Row Ro-if I.:-1' Arnold. illn- stnriei- Hziviuhursl. Mziry lim-. Hairy l":inLtni:in, Doris IN-ilm-i'soii. iii-vi-rly liszins, lflufiiu- I,li,y4l, Lois Finm-v, Doris Iihmles, li:irlm:ii'zi llzislvr, Ruth Ann Siizsiwv, lilli-n Thurs:-n, linrluirzi I'u1li'y. 'l'hi-:inn lhippas, Iivliiee Forster, G1-oryria VY:-iilvniziii, Ji-un Mzilmiivy. First rmv Ilfirothy liiinnn-ll. Iforis R-,ski-, Iilizziln-th Reinmzin. lin-vi-rly Johnson, Mary Ni-lsfvn. Mznrilziri-4 Ann Rum-. lit-xvrly Miss Haslie. V! illizinisr n, I':iulini- I url-nn, Iaiiiise I imstziiillliv, .- , E112 VY til it n' Yuun gf nu 4 ,,f LATIN l'I.l'B: First Row Ann Wusem, Evelyn Waist-rn, Don VVeishaar, Tom Dorsey, lion Kersten, l'hyllis Castor. Second Row M:n'::zii't-1 Ann Rum-. Walter Sehulwrt, Mary liunwn-ll, Mzirjnriv Babeoek, Doris Simmons, Curtis Tessum, Stanley Johnston, Miss lioxwi-ll. Third Row Miriam In-isrhton. Phyllis lf:-ililt-i'soii, lmlzilee Lewis, Mary Lorizi, Norma Jean Hezullee, Mailalyn Lund. After a year of retirement, the Latin Club was re-established this year and proved to be a very worthwhile venture. It provided both social and educational activities for its members. The group consisted of only fourth year students, and meet- ings were held every two weeks during class time. l7irst semester officers were Don Kersten, Consul: Evelyn Whisem, Secundus Consulg Nlary Banwell. Scribus. They were succeeded in the second semester by Tom Dorsey, Consul: Ann W.iseiii, Secundus Consul: XY'alter Schubert. Scribus. In These The birth of La Pandilla Espanola marked the beginning of the 1942-45 school year. lts members consist of those students enrolled in second year Spanish only. The year's attractions consisted of a Mexican missionary and a naval officer of Colombiag both spoke in Spanish to the clubls mem- bers. The Christmas party was climaxed by the visit of Dr. Knowles who presented his film of Mexican scenes. The officers of the club were: Helen Becker, president: Bill Cadbury, vice- presidentg Bonnie Barr, secretary. Sl'ANlSll l'l.l'B: Tliirnl Row li:-tty ll:u'lvui', Hi-len lil-eker, Jeiinnt- Flurlx, Karl Johnson, liuzl C'ou1u-r, Miss Anile-rson. Second Row lillai lflt-nk. Iiilei-n Wuxi-lisnii, liill Gmllrury. .lim MeM:ih-in, Viviun Wiss. First Row Mzirjorit- Johnson, Marlene Iiuvk. Jum- Si-hzirf. Yvonne liukuvsky. llvyt-rly lnvwrey. i firms , .A . 'Y 4 LIBRARIANS: St-eonil Row Gloria Gras, Marie In-nipares, Mary Jznn- f'all:ihun. Louise lfootv, Helen F11-ak, Yvonne Lnkavsky. l"irst Row Joan Coffe-e. Vurol llomlvll. M:-irizzirm-t Davis, Shirley Price. Marjvriv Hill. Uur Clubs Almost every Tuesday night you will find a group of enthusiastic girls diligently learning under Miss Blazer's guidance to become competent libra- rians. During school time they work in pairs check- ing the books in and out, filing, collecting fines on overdue books, and supplying material to be posted on the bulletin boards. ln addition to the general routine, a tabulation was made on the popularity of the various magalines and books. lt is through their encouragement that the reading activities of Dodger students are stimulated. The llelta Alpha Chi emerged from the neces- sity of a medium through which our local artists could expel any excess vitality. Twice monthly the fifty odd members congregated for a party. The type of party varied from picnics to costume dances. During the beginning of the school term they trooped off via jallopies to the Hydro-Electric Park where after .1 game session everyone indulged in weiners and cocoa. The officers were: Bob New- sum, president: Edith Banwell, vice-president: Don Kersten, secretary-treasurer. ART C'LI'B: liavk Row Anne Milrhvll,f'uroli'1iyls-, lion Sampson. Art Davis, Miss Anthony, liill Algooul, lloli Ulstaul, Vhzirlolts- Rust, Annir-e Hurluy. St-1-mul Row Ji-an Foffeo, Patty Nelson, GL-ralvlinv Vrnft. H4-len Kiiaek, l'l4li!h lianwvll, Ht-lm-n Olson. Joan Knowles, Eleanor Hoe-vol, Louisa' Taylor. First Row Jack lionnell. Arthur Kirsch, Gs-oruv Knaz-lt, lion Vzirlson, lioli Nm-wsum. Delbert Wilshusen. l I IRHT FI' AM DFBATI' RS li ll lx R1 xx Iim Mr Mahon H.firul4l Arlfuff lrnnl Run Andy Srhill -su. ii sn 3 Uplnlnnalers The Dodger debate team terminated the most sueeessful season established in reeent years bs plae ing third in the state tourney at Iowa City March 26 The issue of debate was Resolved That .1 Federal Worlel Government Should Be Established reeord at the annual Brindley Tournament at Cedar Iealls with both the affirmative and negative losing no debates and opposing each other in the finals Iaek Poisniek, Harold Arkoff Jim McMahon and Andy Schull placed in that order as high individual speakers winning four year scholarships to Iowa State Teaehers College The masters of the silver tongue appeared at Cedar Rapids for the Coe Col lege Speeeh Festival and onee warn placed first Lite Februarx sm them further north where they eom peted against teams from Minnesota, Iowa, and Wiseoiasin in the Tri St are Tournament They these three meets went xarious invitational contests with schools in this vicinity Mueh eredit tor this yen s exeellent reeord goes to Coach E E Attleson who in his first vear here developed .1 team that will long be remembered for its polished and fluent oratorits Through his efforts they hue aehieved xx ide reeognition UPBATI' l I ASS Arla m Pstlund uit ir: ll lim MrMahon ir Ihr k Ci ru ne Ji-uk 'ms link in Ixnrhmr Hildu.Ar4 S n tr lxithi rim Willis Andy iill CUHNIAHUDL Batty H n rinpton Donna Kllfll Harold -Xrkuff lunmlh Hnktg Jim Kars Ji n M irtin Urn Ruger Lhry-.ltr C787 .I 'I f '.': C ,' - 'l , if wv V 9 is L ' ' 4,4 . '4 ' A .lm-k 15 it-kf if A - p 6 ' X QQ if t I I " .i i ' '.'- ""gz . l 1 A . I . 1 n U ' Q . . , 1 1' a ' ' ' ' " - ' m , " , ' ' , - , . gtg . . . . T . ' . ' U ' ' ' '- . . v The local representatives compiled an enviable brought down first rating there also. Along with K t ' D - , I 4 . . i . i i i 1 1 V ' L . -Iv . . . .X 1 L . 1 Hui! -A of -.Q - is-l iii--i-w'ili.S, '- -- , - I Ju: zx ', ' -" l In dh- 2. 'z f ' - " ':, Scli., linuist- ' -, - ' Back Row Ruth Droege, Eleanor Hoevet. Elizabeth Rt-inman. A typical Saturday mornlnsr with the stare crew. nite Forster. Front Row Georgia VVL-iilt-man, Velvzi Rose uison, Anniee Hurley. liruuntl Wnrlsers Wheri the curtain rises on a play or on the oper- etta and the audience gasps at the versimilitude of the scenery, they little realize the many hours spent in producing it. livery Saturday morning sounds echo and re-echo through the school corridors as the "stage crewersn build the effective background for the dramas. This group of overly-ambitious students is under the supervision of the very capable Mr. Cortright, and much credit goes to them for the success of any stage performance. XVhen the first of the new school year arrives and everyone desperately tries to find his new assembly seat. he will appreciate the hours of toil of seven girls. These girls painted and yarnished new numbers on the seats in the auditorium. fit-"ical xvorl-,f-r.: in thi- Slixii-rintenflt-nt's office: Mrs. Mabel lliiiievlut-. Fhc-ryl Si-huh. and Margaret Uleson. ln a school system as large as liort Dodge's there is need of a capable staff of clerical workers. They make the "wheels go round smoothly and quickly." Mrs. Mabel Rutledge, the secretary to the school board. has had a tremendous task this year to keep her record books since a percentage of the salary is taken for war bonds and victory tax. Replacing Dorothy Larson as secretary to Mr. Willianns is Margaret Oleson. An efficient office worker, a confidante, and an understanding person is Mrs. Buegel in charge of the high school office. Marjorie Coughlin, a grad- uate of 1942, replaced Vernice Gramstead in the high school office. ln addition, a high school girl gives further assistance at the switchboard. VI'-rival workers in thi- l'rinc-ipal's office: Marjorie Couirhlin, D Vis l's-:li-rson, Mrs. liuvylvl. + c Uur Pride An inexperienced but ambitious staff gathered together on a fateful day in September to take steps toward organ- izing what was to be the last Big Dodger for the duration. Under the direction of Miss Anderson, faculty advisor, and with the assistance of Nlarian Crews, editor, everyone was de- termined to do his best. The campaign for Dodger sales, held at the beginning of the year, originated with a campaign carnival. The side shows included: hula hula dancers QDean Stark, Bruno Sestine, Bob New- sum, Dean Tueljg tight rope walker fArthur Hoeflinjg the Boy W'onder fllay lfallonjg the high diyer fShurlee Ciroatjg gay nineties singer CHelen Knaekjg and barkers fKeith Peter- son and Barney Haglundj. As a climax to the carnival the Dodger song was sung by Barbara Cooley and the staff. The many four o'cloCk sessions in- cluded both work on the annual and heated debates on the problems of the world. Between bites of food, bits of conversation, and a maze of paper and Step riuhl up lu thi- lioiluer i-urniyal . , , Hi-len :incl lixelyn insper-I the progress of the Dodger sales ezimpaiizn . . . Saturday :ilti-riiunii finds the Duflxrvr staff nt wow-lt . , , A liiiwlsi-yo View of the dark room . . . Hrual, lu-vper of the dark room. 'S' x N91 ,X 1 ,-any A I -rg' ' , if f, ,fy "2-6, 522 , ,j',,xgfgX 'I - 94 wg? fi 2 ,. 7 I . fa K ji, W 1 X ' 4 " ' ' ' wwf E ' ' an 553 bf 3 xl 1 L 1' fi, V , I H' iq 3 3 'gn ,fi ,y Tj? 4 f f ,V " ,Qi 'g ig " ' 4' in , J .T I I If v, I I 1 ' N xX'gs W A 2 i , .Q , 1 , A if "?i L f 5' 1- ? 6' gf., H.: 1 Q l x V g 'ajnwf x 4 ., V I .,m,W4,y-m,,,m ' 1 7 K ,fi 4 . ws.g4,,,, V .54 t gk? ,, Yywqzf.. 3 I A 2 ' 1 4' Q 1 ' "if 5 ' e V' 'Z , ' gif- ' if ' X f' ff Exit, Le., . 4. 54 ' gb 6. V' , "' . --T , '. O M aw xx , lv'- A ' -V ' nf V, 4,1 I z , 1 K P4 32 1- , 22. is "eil, -N- Q I 1. -Lines The past year has been both busy and eventful for the Little Dodger, Each of the semester staffs has had its share of fun and headaches. Most of the lighter moments were spent in the Little Dodger office, lo- cated next to Miss Sharon's home room. There was the time when the lock on the Little Dodger office door was brok- en, unknown to Miss Sharon. lt proved very helpful when someone wanted to sneak out during class for a sip of I-LO. Then there were the times when Mary Banwell,s "Sid Gay Blaekguardn came out. It was rated as the best scandal sheet in school. When not causing some sort of excitement, the amateur journalists worked hard and diligently getting the paper to press on time. During the past year the paper has been praised and honored many times. National recogni- tion was given to the special Victory Corps edition that was printed in November. .li-anne, Iiill. Ilia-k, Audrey, and Jane with the uuiwlanee of Miss Sharon plan the ni-xt issue . . . Onna-Lee and Mary the editors , . . Iiill, Huh, and .Ii-anne filling: in their "swim:-Imoks" . . . H1-ily, Phyllis, llivk, and IM-1' wfrltim: ufry 1 'fl hziril. qsz P'-Lines The advertising department received .1 feather for its cap when the Arrow Shirt Company gave national advertis- ing to various school papers and chose the Little Dodger as one of the schools to receive a contract. Thousands of Little Dodgers were sent out this year to our boys in foreign and home service. The circulation has been taken care of bv Delores Ulstad and Elaine Lloyd. Something new was added to the Dodger sports sectiong it was a sports column written about girls, sports. The first semester it was "Petticoat Promenade bv Wogie'l and the second semester it was "Petticoat Promenade bv Virgie VH with Virginia Vinsand as its author. The feature page also acquired something new. It was a column telling of the work Dodger students were doing to help the war effort. It came under the appropriate head of "Dodger Parade on the Home lfrontf' Uni- nf Ihnwt' ran- moms-nts when thi- 1-ntirvjonrnalirnl class istogt-thi-r. . . Holi, Virginia, Elaine, and Floyd makinx: work for Mr. Postman . . . The advertising dc-partme-nt Earl. lif-v, Pat, and Gus . . . Virginia types one of lic-rnar4I's stories. MH QvV -4? P 4 lctury Enrps On the flrst day of the second semester of the 1942 43 school year the Vlctory Corps was offxclally maugurated mto FDI-IS Thls orgamzatxon, orlglnated by the Natlonal Board of Educatlon ln collaboratlon Wlth the army and navy OfflCl3lS, has the pra1seworthy purpose of f1tt1ng hrgh school boys and gxrls for the armed servnce and war 1ndustr1es wh1ch are now demandlng so many of our young people Although thls was one of the most drastlc changes ever made 1n our hlgh school, the actual begmnmg was smooth, thanks to the weeks of mtensrve plann1ng by Mr Feelhaver, the faculty, the school board, and the advlsory comm1ttee The last group was appolnted to study problems as they arose and to make recommendatlons for thelr best solutlon No actual power of dec1s1on was gxven them Possxbly the greatest dlfference can be seen 1n the courses of study Many of the standard subjects were altered to meet the new needs, and several ent1rely new ones were 1ntroduced, such as war physlcs and re fresher math, and extracurrlcular act1v1t1es wh1ch would gnve the students further opportunxty for prepar1ng for SCFVICC an after school class 1n radlo code, flrst a1d courses, a noon refresher math class EXlSt1I1g requlre ments for graduatlon are automatlcally walved for Vlctory Corps mem bers, and senlors were gxven all poss1ble allowances 1n the matter of VICCOFY Corps requ1rements so that they could 1o1n The a1r, commun1ty land, productlon, and sea d1v1s1ons are the fnve unlts of the organlzatlon Correspondmgly the faculty was d1v1ded 1nto f1ve groups, each wlth 1ts respectlve head These are Mr Bloxom fair, , M1ss Boxwell Ccommunltyj Mr Cooper Clandj Mr Cortrlght fpro duct1onQ , M1ss Moss fseaj To the heads of the d1v1s1ons goes much credrt for the success of the Vxctory Corps Their dut1es 1n th1s capaclty have added greatly to thexr work Indurflon 1 1 rr mmm or Ihr' V11 tory Corps nzrnibrfrv Q84 I . . . . , . 7 ' 9 , n , 0 - . . l 85 VICTORY LORPS ADVISORY BOARD Mr-. 0 J Whlttnmure Mr S I Ihcknl I' I' Martin Ml L T Iulhaur Mrs HemyI llallldt Mr H J WIIIIBIHN and 'Vlr P J Rodenbnrn 4- Ar -4254 4 O- 7If OOII ff .zy , H L 4 C? W it Q J In thx. nux subject of ILFOIIILIIILS the SILlLlLI1fSlLlI'I1 xxhlt uerx young pnlot should knoxx In flet 1t the und of the ple fllght trumnq thu n tlke the exlm for 1 prnx pilot s lleense LXLlLldlI'lQ thelr hours m t ur md those xxho plss L lrdul their lleense lr IS 1 rtqlllilft. of tha. nr LllXl5l0l'l of rhe VC, Here Roxee Cornell md IIIH C olllns solxe 1 lxnottx problem Hnllqers 'Vhss Croxx s home nursmg course IS one of the most prutlcal ID the sehool not onlx nn xxar tnme but ln peace tnme as xx ell Demonstratnons bv Red Cross nurses, 11 studx of nutrmon, and practlcal applxcatnon such as Irma Shappell s and Xelma Showers bed changmg are hugh hghts of the semester Members of the C.0I11H1LlHltN dlxlsnon must mke the eourse Learnmg the PI'lI1ClPlL and theorx of radlo-reulxers and transmltters not onlx through classroom studx but also by actual buxldmg has been 1 mxx expernenu. for many Dodgers Part of one of che classes learns about rldno flrst hand The ur LllVl9l0I'l rc qunres thas eourse fi Dlll In Htrt su. behold tht hr I'L'lLl1ll'lLf cffttt of tht Red Cross Om of Nhss R1thtrt s fxrst .nd glasses lurns to appls 1 ts pt of htad blndagt In thus standard tourse tht tundamtntlls of tmtrvtnts treatmtnt lre lurncd Afttr tsstnts hours of trammg tht pupil IS glsen .1 Red Cross ttrtlfl Latf. Thls IS a rtqulrement for ull Y lctors Corps mtmbtrs Thus se1r tht boss calloustt hands and broadtntd shoulders mas be traced to tht phssxcal fntmss glass ntss and pltnts ruggtd Obstult courses sxmnlar to thost used ln trammg regular soldntrs, flgld Lallsthcnms, 1nd marching drnll are lmong the builder upptrs tm plos ed bs Coach Nlarquns Thr. snscth pernod tlnss htrt mlkts the gs m ctho the rhs thm1cf5 trud of thur ftct E ...X I Xlr Ttmphns pr1a.t1c.1l sutncc cllss ltlrns ntss tatts about thangt un mttnls nn m txpernmtnt sshlch tould prost strs ustful nn arms mtthanxts and ln mans othtr ss ass Ixlst .1 numbtr of our othtr rtgular subjttts thls om IS bung mort md mort ldapttd to ss lr tlmt Winning Accurate scale model aircraft has proved the most efficient training device for the recognition of air- craft, range estimation and cone of fire. For this reason the army, navy and defense groups needed lit- erally thousands of these models. The huge variety of planes required the modeling of many different types of fighters, scouts, bombers, torpedo planes and commercial planes as well as those of the Axis countries. After careful consideration it was decided that these scale model aircraft could be built through the utilization of the nation's schools. It is significant to note that Fort Kllriiwuml l'i'nw starts Ihiiws out hy riiitiii :ul thi- parts . . . Disk Kullmun fiiiishinu the parts . . . l4zu'bzu'a lil-ixom and Shirley lxi'1-mlm-I' St'lv2ll'2lll!lL! Ihr' paris. rw With Winqs Dodge was delegated the largest order in Iowa. The air students and stu- dents enrolled in this special class are rapidly diminishing the number of planes for which we are respon- sible. These planes, built entirely of basswood, are built to the scale of one inch to sixty-two degrees. Several inventions by Professor H. Lynn Bloxom, our aeronautics teacher, stepped up production and improved the quality of the finished product. Yes, Fort Dodge High School has really rolled up its sleeves, and dug in. And we are applying all our ef- forts for defense and the hastening of victory. Holi Miller, Jar-k Rune, Jai-k Rohn, Iom Stapleton, Mr. Pharm-s, Marlin Urn--a. Ollie- Hahhab demonstrate the various stares in assembly . . . Joe Lynn inspi-cts the finishi-il plum-S . . . Hub Ratht-rmm-l uml George Knuvk pziintinu the ships, soy rqccenl' an lE3lMllll7lll . . . our heroes . . . those we cheer . . . wild excitement of football in the tangy air of autumn . . . measured tread of marching feet in physical fitness classes . . . the honor of FDI-IS upheld . . . Q90 5.-. 913 ev v si ' s 9' 1 rx v , ' v' ,' - 4 ,' 5 . ' - W W 1 '30 5 2 S653 A SQl'AD FOOTBALL: Third row Hill, Sells, VVhittemore. Taylor, VVooda-ird, Pray, Knaek. Weishaar, Hamilton, Whiteomhe, Waseni, Schuh. Gadbury. Second row Coach Marquis, Blombe-rg. Fletcher, Sehill. Rohn, Beers, Carpenter, Carlson, Newman, Rugs, Spillman, Sehmoker, Willis, Handeland, Coach Raker, Athletic Director Cooper, First row Coach Shafland, Te-ssum, McMahon, Anderson. Muhl, Bittner. Peterson, Libbey, Fischer, Armstroniz,Cooper, Fin-seler, lieisser, Martin, Waddell, Coach Mt-Kinstry. Their Heiznril Speaks tlust two weeks before the opening of school on one of the hottest days of the year thirty loyal Dodgers braved the weather and reported for their first football practice. To the eyes of even the mcst optimistic drug store quarter-back, the Dodgers' future looked rather dark. W'ith only three returning lettermen, it looked as if Forrest Marquis, who began his first year as football coach of Fort Dodge High School, would be confronted with a great task. However, despite the inexperience of the squad, cooperation and spirit were excellent, Although their pace slowed down at the latter part of the season, the Dodgers had a good year, winning five out of nine games. On September 18, the Dodgers traveled to Perry to play the most thrilling game of the season. The fourth quarter began with the Dodgers on the short end of a 7-0 score. Then in the last ten minutes they rallied to score 21 points and win the game. Muhl and Woodard were the standouts for the locals with Muhl making more than two hundred yards by scrimmage. With only a handful of spectators braving the blinding September snowstorm, the game between Fort Dodge and Boone made history. But the spirit of the Dodgers was not to be dampened by the snow for they literally ran the Boone team ragged. The final score was 19-0 in favor of the Dodgers who again gained possession of the traditional horseshoe. On October Z, the local preps were to play North Des Moines at Drake Stadium. After traveling through a steady drizzle of rain, they arrived in the capital city and headed for the stadium. They were dressed and ready for action when the officials announced that the game was to be cancelled. Be- cause the field had been newly sodded after the Army War Show, the Drake officials had decided that it was best not to play the game. K7ItIt'k ,fikllflwf for lrmzfllv. Q92 FIRST TEAM: Coarhes Marquis and Shaf- land. Haekfield Knavk, VVhitc'ombe, VVnod- ard. Muhl. Line Fieseler, Cooper, Arm- strong, Pray, Libbey, Fischer, Hands-land. So on Tuesday, October 6, the game with North Des Moines was played in the local stadium. With an eye on the Blue Earth game, just three days off, Coach Marquis used a number of second team men for most of the game. However, the reserves showed what good material they were made of, and the team won their third victory in three starts. In the only out of state game with Blue Earth, Minnesota, the Dodgers won another decisive vic- tory with a score of 12-0. The efficient use of the T formation by East Waterloo resulted in the season's first defeat for Fort Dodge. The final score was 22-6. Stung by their defeat at the hands of East Wat- erloo, the Dodgers went into their game with East Des Moines with a new vigor. They completely outplayed the representatives of the capital city and won by a score of 12-7. On October 30, the West Waterloo team invaded Fort Dodge. Although our players were completely 3, ,at 9, outweighed, they were never outplayed, but they lost by a score of 28-18. The next game for the Dodgers resulted in a defeat at the hands of the Mason City State Cham- pions. However, it is interesting to note that we gained more yardage by scrimmage than the Mo- hawks, and only the failure to score lost the game for us. The final score was 14-0. For the annual Charity game the Dodgers met Webster City on November 13. The power of the visitors overwhelmed the local preps by a two point margin to end the season for Fort Dodge. Transportation difficulties made it difficult to arrange games for the second team. However, the sophomore team defeated the freshmen with a score of Z-0 in an exhibition game on October 6. The younger citizens of Fort Dodge learned very much from their nightly practices, and Coach Marquis has high hopes for next yearis varsity. B SQl'AD FOOTBALL: Third row Bingham, Willshusen. Zakw-r, Killiper, Carroll, Kirsch. Tomlinson, Pfaff. Smith, Hush Second row Kruekman, Fieseler, Spilka, Swanson, Carlson. Dickerson, Davidson, Ernst, Fitzxzi-ruld, Coach Marquis, Foam-h M1 Kinstry. First row Stump, Constantine, Loria, Robinson, Potter, Vifasem, Woodard, Nutland, Larson, Lt-iss, Foam-h Raki-r. ,Mu , 1 1 4 C v . I , V. I 1 ff, . , QT 00 4 AGA. Q6 66 . - "sn- is ,AOA 1 I 1 f La FUAFHINIS ST.-Xl"l-': 1'11111-Iwx Iiukcr. SI1:1fI:1111l. 1'1111111-r. Blz11'1111is. M1-Ki11s11'y. MW Pigskin Parade IxI NYI 'I ll SQIIXIUKIR---R1-.1II1 .1 p.1cI1.1L1g1-111'1.I111.1111111-. II1- 11.11 1I11- 1111.1II1-11 111.111 1111 II11- 11111.11I. 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XXK ll mwr rfwrgcl that UXITJ mmm mu I fu' lux IM-d. IIUNKKU HXNIJI I .XNIP -fC1.l1m-J x.l1l1.1Nu vx- m'l'lc11v.u. In xx lun had lu uni luck In-xr ymr, lm! I gmw Llul-, S1111 uxnux Ilrxl CL RI IISSL X1 S .lux ' . ' ' . if lllxfcnl lH.ll1.lL1Lr'. f lmlllrlllx ilu' Hl.lvl1Xl.lx ui ilu' lg.lm. In IX w.lTul1rw.lx llhll lu' xx.'r'lwJ .lx lmui .ls ,my lun Hun mm ilu' Zum. lk7L'lI UI ISSI K --NX Int In IJJMJ nn mfr 1wVl1.lJg up uv Tldvl. H4 Uvuld pl.1x ntivu'ur1ru'wr gud u1r1vu1L1.1I saw. l'.fv.y 1. Hun 'lb um H.Xf'Kl"lHl.ll: k1.::1-IA. Ibm-lx Mzzrvlwlix. YY1fw1:xv'ul. Vhihvrlxlw-A lw2x1h5lliif1Hlul, N1 P11 ...qu vu . R?. 'Quit'-i'Y f 4' v 4, ,r-192 ' ' ' V'?g?Jv,iaJ"A, 'yi l. 150011, fo r fig flfvrx. Gil 1' a vbvvr! 4? f Z, Ralf l'l'lLlXLlf.:1IlI. , 3. X FOACH SHAFLAND he Man... The war has brought about a great number of changes in our lives as well as the lives of our of our best instructors have gone of their countryg among these is an learned teacher, and a fine fellow. will be missed in our high school as Much can be said for the remark- teams he has built in the eight years teachers. Many into the service active coach, a Lester Shafland will the others. able basketball he has been with us. The students that have met him through his classes and around the school will remember his erect and well polished person. We all wish him the best of luck and all the drive he needs to make his mark in the United States Navy. A fight for the tip-in at the I-last Des Moines izame: note the look on Tom I'ray's fare . . . Swish! Grant Kallansruwl eonnen-ts with an amrle shot that leave: our enemies stanilinu with their mouths open . . . Nu one 4-an tell whether the crowd is busy combing: its hair or watching Muhl sink another long shot. 1979 s- so ,-.Z INS, 5. ,Z A SQUAD BASKETBALL: Third Row Duliois. Pruhaska. Tessum, S1-hill, Cavanmnrh. St-huhert. Sm-und Row Cuaeh Shaflzlnd, Knaek, Anderson, Fieseler Wt-ishaar, Martin. Com-h Ruker. First Row Sells, Davidson. Kallansrud, Pray, Mamiiissmi, Dorsey. livers. ...The Men When there were still a few weeks left in the football season. Coach Lester Shafland issued a call for fall basketball players, and soon there were over fifty boys working out. However, two weeks before the first game, the squad had been cut to twenty-three picked men. These candidates were busy every night learning and re-learning the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, pivoting, shooting, etc. Out of last year's team, which got to the sub-state, there were only three lettermen returning-Muhl, Dorsey, and Magnusson who was suffering from a knee injury which he received in football. However, a number of last yearis squad were out, and despite their inexperience, they had the fight and natural talent that helped them develop into first rate ball players. At first, Coach Shafland had to try various combinations before deciding on the five men that worked best together. After the first few games, it looked as if the right five had been found, but intra-squad competition was so stiff that the first team was changed quite frequently. At mid-year we lost the spark-plug of the team, Tom Pray, who moved to Des Moines and began playing for Roosevelt High. LETTERMEN: VValt Fieseler, Dick Muhl, Jim Sells, Dana Perrin. Grant Kallansrud. P. ,ag . 34' ' wr' 4 ,gi 999 W LETTERMEN: Tum Dorsey, Merle Davidson, lion VV4-ishzu-lr. Hill lim-rs, Floyd Matfmisson, Furl Tessum. This year the Dodgers played some of the toughest teams in the state including the three Des Moines schools, the state champion Mason City team, East and West Waterloo, and many others. However, in spite of the tough schedule, they turned in a good season and entered the tournament play with a record of eight wins out of fifteen games. In the sectional tournament the boys, playing fast ball, took it in a clean sweep, breaking many records and making a few new ones. For example, there was the time when we beat Paton by a score of 76-23 with Magnusson making 57 points. Entering the district tournament, slightly favored, the Dodgers defeated Rolfe the first round, but in the semi-finals they came up against the inevitable Webster City, and were defeated by a score of 34-30. Webster City went on to win second in the state, losing in the finals to Mason City. When the season was over, Floyd Magnusson was elected honorary captain. Maggie has been a three-year letterman, and in his junior and senior years he was chosen on the second all-state teams. The B squad this year was coached by Mr. Rzzker, a new member of the faculty. Although they played only one scheduled game against Lanyon, there were many intra- squad games as curtain raisers to the varsity games. Many of the boys received some experi- ence which will come in handy next year. B SQUAD BASKETBALL: Third Row B-,nm-ll, Horn, Foster. Cavzinaiiirh, Merii Swanson. Spilka, Thomas, Fzivanaugh, liasler. Sei-ond Row Loria. Iiide, Fit-st-ler, Er Vanrlerpool, Larson, Ruay. liutzii-rre, Putter, Coach Rakur. First Row Robinson. L 1 stantini-, Wasem, Seger, Dim-kerson, Waumlard, Kirsch, Wesley, Pfaff. COACH COOPER This year marked Coach Cooper's twentieth year as wrestling coach of lfort Dodge High School. Witli only three returning lettermen, Coach felt none too optimistic for the future as the Dodger grapplers began their first workout. Practices this year were held in the annex at Duncornbe School instead of at Lincoln School. lt was only two weeks before the Eagle Grove meet, so they had to settle down and get to work. They surprised the critics, however, and won the tournament with three firsts, four seconds, and one third. Thus, getting off to a good start, the Dodgers were launched into what proved to be a fairly successful season. The next week Algona fell before Coach Cooper's iron men, and the Dodgers continued their winning streak until they lost their first meet to the state champion West Waiterloo team. LETTERMEN: Kenny Carlson. Diek Wooslursl, John Lumlizate, Edilie Sleinhuff, Denny Christenson. Bob Wil on Q 44 Limher Liqamenls Dec. S- Dee. Dee. jan. Alan. jun. Alun. -Inn feb. I'eb. I'eb. 1 1011 -: ml It-rrur, yt rl x " liwnnv 1hl'1alw11Nu1 our rn-fi-hz ul IUXX1-Ik . . . Ii:-x'n:u'r! Haxwlf n wm'klli1. for :A fi . , . lufnny N-hnwkwr ww- xv.-rrn-fi !'or:nwh1In-lu! n lx CALENDAR If.1gIeCl1'ox'e iI1YiI.1Ii0l'l.ll tournament, first p let -Algona Ifort Dodge -lown TI'.lil1il1g School lort Dodge XVest Wflterfoo Fort Dodge Gilmore City lfort Dodge Eagle Grove Fort Dodge East W.1terloo Ifort Dodge 29-Cherokee Fort Dodge S-Chrion lfort Dodge -20-State District Ifort Dodge tlurd -27-State finlls XY'est W'.1terloo xxmntrs VVRESTLING: I-'mirth Row Kopp, Wit-ha-, Holi :ml Iozxu 11: y Ham! ton Row l'1m:A4'hl'1m1wr,Snliih.1'ulli!l1Iswo1'lh, VV:-it lk VH11 11 n f m Umm. Nm xx m Se-vond Row Stcinhoff, Huylivn, Carlson. Whse 1 4 1 on Tl Ll 1 Sth o er Row I-Xrzu-1-ahreno, E. Sh-inhoff, I,owry, Hahhab LETTERMEN: Dean Freitag. Kenneth Sehmoker, Howard Steinhoff, Bernard Hayden, Joe Fraei-abreno. After that, bad luck haunted the team, and they entered the district meet on Feb- ruary 20, with five wins and three losses to their credit. At the district meet, held in Fort Dodge, Richard Woodalrd won first, Eddie Steinhoff and Kenny Carlson took second, thereby qualifying all three for the state meet. However, they lacked enough points to win the meet. For the second time in Mr. Cooper's experience as coach here, he had lost the district meet. At the state meet at Clarion. Eddie Steinhoff and Kenny Carlson gained third places in Ill? and 145 weights. Dick Wfoodard, heavyweight. received special notice because of his sportsmanship. In the semifinal match Dick refused to take advantage of his opponent's injured knee, thus destroying his chances of placing. In the annual coach's banquet held at the end of the year for lettermen, Denny Christensen was elected honorary captain. This was Denny's fourth year of varsity wrestling, and although he didn't gain the state championship, he achieved a very enviable record during his four years. The B squad had only two meets this year, one against Eagle Grove's second team and the other against Webster City's first team. They took both of these with ease, and by the looks of some of the fast falls and easy decisions, some of them should make tough competition for the varsity next year. LETTERMEN: Jim Ms-Mahon, Clayti n Lowry, Bill Arnistronu, Ti-ii Newman. Glen Schuh. 'Q -4.1 gl bv . 5 -A .Q fzf f '5- BASEBALL TEAM: Bam-k Row Sestine, Herrin-r, Bingham, Tomlinson, VVeishaar, Martin. Johnson. lirakn-, Coach Mc-Kinstry. I-'irst Row Pray. Gadbury, Knaek, Mazrnussun, Ashkenaze, Liuhzate, Woodard. Dillman. Seated on Ground Shipman. Svhuh. Hume Spring... Baseball. America's favorite sport, has finally found its way into lf. D. High School's curric- ulum. Last year it was attempted as an experiment, but this year it really moved into full swing. This was shown by the fact that there were over forty boys out for the early season practice. Coached by J. A. McKinstry, one of the best ball players ever to graduate from Iowa State Teachers College, and playing almost any town they can schedule, Fort Dodge is expected to develop into a baseball- minded school. This year with six returning letter- men, it looked as if we might attain state honors. for, although they have come up against some tough Competition, they have "done FDHS proud." Coached this year by Ben Duea, of the junior high, and sporting one of the best tracks in the country, Fort Dodge High offered an ideal choice for anyone having aspirations for the cinder path. This year the new coach was hampered to a certain extent by the loss of some of his prospects to the baseball team. but the total number of fellows out for the early season warmup amounted to over thirty. Because of traveling restrictions. the team had some difficulty in scheduling meets. Highlight of the season was the entrance of the Dodgers in the Drake Relays on April Z3 and 24. Three relays teams and a few individual performers represented Fort Dodge for the first time in many seasons. ACK TEAM: Hack Roxy Buhaniion. Schulze. I'ullard, l'lnmt:, Riilvy. Linrlner. Fletcher. Anderson, L1-iss, Johnson. St-cond Row Athletic Ilire-etor Cooper, 0'Cunnor, Iilomhi-ru, Pruhaska. Perrin Johnson, VVhit4-mme. Killiper, Fitztre-raid, Smith, Sc-hmoker, Ifaine, loaeh Dui-a. First Row Chintzren. Larson, Stump, Fla-tr-her, Wad ill, Sinclair. Loria, Wasem, Carpenter, Muhl, lic-ers. Q . , 0 + e g . L . ,ja A , "+fiff"'V D f S 4 a: -Xa: 4, su iss f if --71 "UQ 'A ' 4 H , 4 ig x 'N' W V. 1, Q? 5 K ' x V ? V6 V n L 1 MVK LIV :vl V A 1 1, ' A el f f? . My O P 0 3 .,x fzff? , . 1 1.- ,. . Q... s mai U 1 L H 3 X , g g Q' 3 sa! -'7 Q VK 1 u Uur alls Keen competition was the keynote of the intramural wrestling tournament held March 25 and 24 in the high school gym Lll1LlCI' the supervision of l"orrest Nlarquis. lfyeryonc except the varsity wrestlers was allowed to participate and this year the meet attracted sixty-eight boys, the largest number in history. A number of the entrants were coached by varsity wrestlers making the home room spirit high. In the lower weights the number of entrants was not quite so heavy, but the middle and heayy weights attracted furious competition. Referees for the meets were all mem- bers of the varsity grappling team which included XY'ayne Smith, Dick XVoodard, Denny Christenson, slim Nic- Mahon, Bill Armstrong, and Gene -leys. Roger Tomlinson was chief scorekeeper and Nlr. Marquis was official time- keeper. Champions were: 95, I.owryg 105, Block, 112, Hickeyg IIS, Savage: 123, Hollandg 129, Keeler: 135, Loria, 1-H, Vfaseing 155, Crittenden, heayyweiltght. Perrin. I.-inn. lilfwk, Hielsi-y. Szuiiwv. Hullzinfl. K -f-4 lvr. I.-irl.i, NK':i-Q-ni. 1'riItt-mln-ii. I'-rriii . . I'iii'in ini-:ins lizilziiiife ai seein- in Hui' I-iwzil Lfyni . . . YYmiily working' for :iniithi-r win while lfi-I'i-iu-- Mzirrin liiol-ts ini. iltiii I Lllclx Shot Bun In lp Up md ox cr fe VVV... im, iqnr, iclur . Miss l4'l.UliI'INl'I'1 NORIJMAN XVith the opening of school in the fall came the The Intramural managers are chosen from each physical examinations of all the girls. The girls home room at the beginning of every year. lfach were told to say ah! Then with a flick of the wrist manager is to promote athletic support from her a stick was thrust into the mouth of the unwary. respective home room. They are giyen various Most of the girls passed their exams with flying duties to aid in the season's games and report the colors. Then they were permitted to invade the news of athletic progress to their home rooms. gym for the ensuing year. Throughout the year many indoor and outdoor Miss Nordman resumed her duties as head of sports are played by the contestants. The first sport the girls athletic department. She arranges the is fieldball. This year the fieldball tournament did schedules for the games, teaches new games and not come to a conclusion, because of the weather. rules for the old ones, superintends the after-school just a few games were played before the cold contests, and teaches for one semester. This year weather began. Cold fingers were endured for the she has been teaching military drill in the classes sake of finishing the tournament, but it was called also. This is a phase of the new physical fitness pro- off much to everyone's disappointment. However, gram and a requirement for membership in the the girls were consoled by the fact that other tour' Victory Corps. naments would soon be started-inside. INTRAMFRAI. MANAGERS: Third Row Margaret Davis. Pauline Dewey, Beverly Anile-rson. Alirlri-y Sui-4-in-y. f'1msI:ili4'i- Gt-lit-H. D4-Ima-s VVa1:1:on1-r, Betty King. Marion Pinxzel. St-Ieonri Row La Vonne VVilson. Je-anetfe Hickey. Marilyn Vitsor. Yyonnn- Linli- urm-n. Jean Harhaeheek. Elsie Bokelman. Rita Harhaeheek. Third Row Elaine Tracy. Gt-rwsv Smith, Joan Vaxansiuuh, Aniialu-ll Hamlt-laml. Doris Sanders. Charlotte- Hade. Anna Cunningham. wwf' au,- x 'V THI- PEMININI- IYRAMIIJ The x1ruous equupuuueuut us housed un Muss Nord mun s prux ute offuee It us dustrubuted .leeordung to the season md the dem md Cwre of the equupment us neeessary, for the deuth of zu pungpong bull or 1 shuttleeoelc us elegrudung to the morale of the other members of the equupment storehouse The balls must be well fulled vuuth uur ut ull tumes so theur The Tumblung Club us .1 new mstututuon un sehool It wus formed lt the request of s xeu ul gurls Wuth grunts und grouns they drag down the bug, mit used by the boxs for wrestlung M1ny 1 tvuusted lumb emerges from the Tuesduy nught sessuons It hws beeome .1 populur reereutuon for the more lmbu tuous eontortuonusts IUSS UI Women ,,,.,.A.-as-'V The dlneung eluss us one of the newest .lddutuons to the soeuul edueatuon of numerous gurls Thus elass us held onee u week to unstruet the students un the lrt of b1llroom dcuneung Wuth I1 flourush of the hand und 1 tvuurl, they flv unto 1 danee tluut would put the .meuent Greeks to sh1me ln the sprung., softball us the mum game Glad to rush unto the gume enthusmstueully Batter up becomes the buttle ery The gurls reullx putch unto ut Teams ure umu'nedu.1telv forn ed for the tourna ment and euptauns chosen Thus us the last tournu ment 'und wunds up the euthletue se1son for the sear But the gurls are not too dusappounted to see the seuson close fou ut Hulso meuns the elose of school quoap . ,. . , r - . . . . Q , - 1 . V ' V K 1 x x . X . Lk i 3 l x . l x 'l x u 1 1 '.x X 1 ' ' 1 I I x " 1. 1 . 4 J , V ' A Y, '. ' 1' K f . ego wull not be deflated. be out in the warm sunshune once more, the gurls ' L 3 s v s ' , ' , 11 1 1 ' , 'V 1: 1 - , , , , ' , ,' .. ' ' . L. :- l , u YUI I I' Y BAI I LHAMPIONS liaek Rum Vur Lllllii Vuuusanrl l'llen Thursen Wulma Suhul7u Plsue link: lman Ruta Harbaeheek Purst Row Naney Phursulu l'uleun Weuzensnn Flurua Loleman Unna lu freunluc Ruth Sup-.laee Uf The Mal An able .assustant to Muss Nordm an us Muss Moss The math students loss us the gurls gaun Muss Moss offuc1ates at the varuous aollex ball games Durung the vollex ball tournament a famuluar sught us M1ss Moss standung besude the net wuth her ax hustle 1n hand allottung pounts to the deseraung team Exer ready to cope wuth an emergency, she us one of Muss Nordmzan s most helpful helpers Usherung un the volleyball season us the persustent eold weather After beung chased from the play ground by the merculess cold the gurls unvade the gym untul sprung peeks uts luttle head around the eorner lXets .are set up, vollea balls are routed from theur eornfortable laur, .and gurls enthusuastucallx dash unto the gym Furst .a luttle practuec work us done Muss Nordman unstruets the gurls un aaruous MISS MOQS volleyball teehnuques and trucks Then the xaorle beguns The rough edges are smoothed off as mueh as possuble Small contests take place un class Always an unconquerable spurut us present un the gym durung vuorkouts After they haae mastered the fund amentuls, the tourn amcnt us begun Muss Moss :and Muss lNordmun arrange the volleyball schedules and choose the daas for the games Anwruous eves are cast towards the bulletun board for duly news regardung the tourna ment All partueupants are mtensely unterested n the progress of the tournament The wmner us de termuned by eountung the number of games won by eaeh team The senuors Came out on top of the mad scramble for champuonshup thus a ear The other teams played hard, but all theur efforts ax ere futule 41099 ee . . , . . . . . , , . 11 . 1 1 1 . a 1 1 . 1 . , . . , . . . . , , , , 1 1 . 1 1. K 1 1 1 . , , . 1 . . 1 e 1 1 . . e e v . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 v r 1 e. e ' - r 1 . , . 1 1 1 . ' e ' 1 1 1 1 . .5 . , . . , 1 1 A 1 1 . 1 1 4. . L . . 1 1 + I 1 1 , , . - 1 . 1 - e 1 e 1 e - 1 . 1 , 1 1- 1 , 1 1 1 l 1 1 11 1 - a e 1 1 . 1 V . 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . . 1 - , 1 1 . 1 1.1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 e . . a ' . ,' ' L L 1. "L . ' , .. . , . . . 1 1 11 1 1 K I . . 444 14 , A12 ' ' - .5 1' A .1 I- I I . Y .- .. , .1 1, ri. 1- Right after physical exams the pool is accessible to the girls They jump in vsith a shout of glee A fountain of water is raised by the energetic kickers With .1 splash of water and a gurgle the swimmers stirt out on 1 practice swim of twenty or thirty le gths In class many different kinds of strokes are pr1ct1eed md learned The shallovy water swim mers are started out on floating 1nd flutter kicking The deep end swimmers brush up on other strokes criwl, next comes the side stroke In quick sue cession follow the back stroke breast stroke, and diyimg Many .1 swan is murdered in the pool A surprise is ilways kept in store for the swim mers They rush out to the pool in eager antieipi tion Then they stick their little toes in to deter mine the ts.mper1ture ofthe wlter and utter sque 1ls of delight if it is wlrm If it is eold they just utter squells U 1 fo ffnlr mtl Ill umL First the plain dive is practic d from the edge of the pool Then, after that test is passed the racing dive is practiced until it meets the require ments Many 1 resounding smack is echoed through o11t the pool room while this continues After the plain dives 1re mastered the diver is promoted to the diving board Then the fun begins The diver peers down at the swirling water from perilous heights with .1 feeling of nausea With 1 brave sigh On Thursdays life saving class is held One of the requirements for life saving is to swim twenty lengths of the pool The life savers learn to rescue drowning persons and various other tricks of the deep For the first few weeks the swimmers learn their lessons from 1 textbook After they haye digested the contents of the books, thev are per mitted to go into the pool They tackle their lessons with gre1t gusto Fan Jon ll' l i I b 1' J 1 1 A v 1 1- . , g' . ' ' ' , ' A ' ' 3 I Y. 1 1 I 1 1 1 . ' ' ' ' ' l i i - and diving. The first stroke to be improved is the the diver plunges down into the deep. Q . ' s 1 A y ' s ' ' ' ,t - ' I 1 I r - r m ll aids nn 41 11 ElIlEllVEI'S 'I u 4 gluatu Marchrng IS an rntegral part of the lthlttlc pro gram for thrs year It IS necessary to take thrs marchrng dr1ll to belong to the Vrctory Corps Mrss Nordman rs the drrll leader When she shouts Attentlon, ey eryone br1skly jumps to attent1on Numerous other commands are carrxed out the moment they are spoken The grrls are becomrnv experts rn marchrng tactlcs Calrsthenrcs plays an rmportant role rn the ath letrc preparauon for the Vrctory Corps The gurls space off and follow Mlss Nordman rn executmg the exercrses Some of the exercrses are very d1ff1cult It rs not uncommon to have to rush to the and of some poor mrsgurded grrl and untanglc her Then everyone rushes back to her ovy n place and resumes the exerclse A few mrnutes later 1 call for help IS avaln emrtted, and and IS glvtn to the unfortunate one In general hovrtytr, ey ery one thoroughly engovs herself and recenyes an ucctlltnt vyorkout Buofs only noir Nllrchmg and calnsthenxcs take up the fnrst part of the perrod After they hare been completed games are played Opponents are chosen and teams formed to 1ndulge rn a battle for supremacy of the gym floor Often the teams are so vyell matched that the games end rn 1 talemate However keen the competrtron, everyone has 1 good tame jumprng rope has become more and more popular an recent years DlfflCUlf trucks are attempted wrth one or more ropes One very drffrcult truck rs to lump two ropes at the same trme Thrs rs called the eggbeater Those not keeping on therr toes at all trmes soon are lrterally beaten There are 1 yarltty of single rope tr1cks that are trrckv, too The grrls are so lnterested rn th s form of entertain ment that they actually btcoms. tned up rn therr work Desprte all the hlzards and trrals the rope jumpers contrnue to enyoy themselyts nmmtnstly, and as yet nobody hls been hung One of the IUOSE exciting games played by all the girls is shuffleboard. In the spring it is one of a variety of games to be played individually. It is really a game of skill. If you were to watch a game. you would see the participants twist their faces around in thoughtful contemplation of their next move. Distances are gauged, trick twists are tried out until finally the player is ready to shove the worn disk. Then the game is begun in earnest and the battle is on. After the battle is over, the con- testants emerge exhausted but looking forward to the next game to be played. The most popular winter sport is basketball. After the volleyball tournament is over, basketball is begun. Free throw shots, pivot shots, and others are practiced. Before the tournament begins, Miss Nordman holds practice games so those who wish to enter the tournament can brush up on the rules and techniques. In class, teams are chosen and the rush is on for the cute red shirts. Usually there are enough girls Sbuffling along. to make four teams so those who do not play the first time practice shooting baskets on the sidelines. The game is started when Miss Nordman throws the ball into the center. From then on it is any- bodyis game. A mad scramble for the ball follows. Sly little feet sneak out from nowhere and try to trip up an opponent. Eyes accidentally bump into unwary elbows. Fingers become stepped on and heads collide, but aside from these few minor acci- dents the game is very gentle. just as the game is going in full swing and the score is almost even, the whistle is blown and the other teams jump to their feet and invade the floor. The routed teams pick up their torn arms and legs and trot off the floor either dejected or elated. In the basketball tournament the Junior 1's, the only unbeaten team, were the winners, with the Seniors coming in second and the Sophomore 3's third. Students who aided Miss Nordman by timing and scoring the games, were given credit for service in the Victory Corps. BASKETBALL CHAMPS: Hank Row I.aVonne Wilson. Phyllis Tnhnr, Mythea Sher- man, Mary Elizabeth Wail- guner, Virginia Stine. Front Row Ann Cunningham. Lo- lalee Lewis, Helen Luebbt-rs. IVnla VVilson. Myra Martell. In aders llf The li l Sk yuunl lrouml. In senior high quoit tennis is known as deck tennis. A quoit, a net, and two players are all that are needed for the game. The game itself consists of throwing the quoit over the net and trying to put it out of reach of the other player but inside the boundaries. Some players with tricky serves put a twist on the quoit that makes it hard to catch. The winner must win two out of three games. By the end of the third game the partici- pants stagger off the floor with tongues hanging out. Two stretchers are brought in and they are carried away. All friends receive little cards in the mail announcing the date of the funeral. This year the winner of the battle was Nancy Ebersole, with Mary Martin the runner-up. The ping pong tournament usually has more entries than any other. Although it does not take so much energy as some of the other games, the players really get a work-out. However, l11OSt of them are able to walk away from the ping pong table unassisted. They collapse only after walking out the door. Badminton is another popular tournament sport. Girls who wish to practice their playing may re- serve a court on a given night and play until their heart's content for until five o'clock when the boys take over the gymj. In this game the winner is also determined by winning two games out of three. The flight of the bird is watched by eagle eyes. When it soars down toward the floor, it is promptly socked by an energetic badminton en- thusiast. It flies back on its return trip chagrinned at its fate of eternal flight. Some of the enthusiastic returns really batter the bird. But when the old bird is taken out of service, a new one is put into service, so no one but the bird is the worse for wear. Ctlltfllillg if on ilu' rrlwuml. rqccenl' an ,uw 'oz M ,:" vf" 'naw ,ff"'WM . . . how we love it . . . in school and out . . . picnics, parties, - dances . . . young Dodgers at their gayest and most cure- W, free . . . finding fun in everything . . . 41145 Z -V 1 rl 5 If A! nu 4 eff , A ww 5 ar 4' Q. MM, MM vfwvw Z 1 M'v'w-vpng, ,R fl mf-X . ,A 2 1 56 45 AM , M MN, Ev M 1 3 fm Wigan ' f Q . ,,, ,,. ,K ,nr gnu ,f 'l " 5 55,4 1.5 ,Q qw, ,f .fg-Q-N 2 3 5, 5 in .-. 7 MV' 1 ff , W 4 I' ,A . ,"u.f"' I vvx. Q- Z s i 3, . A A. v,f,,.Q MW- X mi: LM , , A -M, Q MW S fm, ,, x I EQ 5 Siii f at A2 55551, A Q Y g":f1'5K' .. :ww 551529592 W 9 1 'H --v!-V-rf '7 1 ? l ,.. .4,.f..,X,M ns!!-X E, .f L. . fif-x ga 1 :F A if XS 3 x W. 'A -U. 'I imzzazilaxanve :W ay ", :ii 4 gg 4 K. 2 ffl f W I I Q I- w ' . 4 9 T"7'v V. MA.. 9 V gig. L17 V54 . ,W if FR X. 1 1 is 3' A if :ffm 1 EJ A x . s., ' z Qfx 5? -5 I .5 l N a fi Ffa. 4 J V K if .X -.Qi 4- 1 C5 E! 513 146664110-It UHHEM . . . an extension of us . . . the eight cfelock classes on third floor . . . rush on research themes for Miss Goodrich . . . terrible chemistry tests . . . upsetting the whole library . . 41205 QIZIQ tg.: 5wi'f -I - lfI'IIft'HtllIf li.g.n lliu iii llxuk. J ri: uh' Rflyulmlif I34'rri4'r 1 l'lmrnnn'lili Mun' iff Ilauiml Ball llur Enuntr Called "No easy hopes or lies Shall bring us to our goal But iron sacrifice Of body, will, and soul. There is but one task for all- lfor each one, life to give. XVho stands if freedom fall? Who dies if our land livef' 1R7llfj'l11'll K i filing In defense of this freedom, these men have left their schools to take up arms against an oppressor. In their hearts they believe that victory will crown the righteous and the just. I 'Q C122 We uswer They lre fnghtmg now , on the battlefronts of the world performing deeds th It no 1mount of telrs, hopes, or pruers of those at home eould ever 'aceomphsh In vouth rests the f11th 1nd hope of our future pe1cc Bw rhelr greelt slcrlflees thes are deendmg whether good or evll sh1ll rule the emrth At present peaec ns just 1 pray er There 'arc mms hlrdshxps 1he1d of us, but xx e, wnrh our eve1 lmsrmg furh ln God, wlll overcome these md rfuse onee more our voxees nn hberts md nn pe1ce We glve thanks to those fnghtn sg men who vnll s1cr1fnee and due so thmt 111 people mly hugh md smg wegun 123 Az almuCul1fPuulMurlm I ruuh lun renee Slumk Pfll uh Ray mom! B4 rm r lin man 7C Iamex Gilman S1 rerun! Burke Gagnon Przzuh Harm Huu lbnrm A 1 m nlnz' Seaman Inu Vt71Ll Nrlw u 1lldflOPlCdt1tf Fr :lion Ima: mn Pm ale hrs! Clem obn Imbfr Meet our new dean, Miss Etlael Sliannon. wlio very graciously accepted tlae position of acting dean of junior college wlien Dean Dickey was granted .1 leave of absence to enter tlie navy as an in- structor. A former teaclier of psychology, educa- tion, and matli, Miss Sliannon was well qualified to fill tlie position. No one was more acquainted witli as many students as Miss Sliannon, wlio lias been a member of tlie junior college faculty for many years. Always a personal friend of every en- rollee. Miss Sliannon gives willing advice to every- one seelsing aid. Nu milinmif fum lIlltIl'jl'x 'III 1341111 Shtllllllllllx mail. In Skill Especially during the present war-stricken times, her advice is valuable to junior college men called to tlae service. lfor many years an advisor of tlie junior college sorority. Sigma Alplia Phi, Miss Slian- non lias always been a confidante and companion of tlie jaysee girls. Slie lias also been .1 council ad, visor for many of its projects. Slie received lier baclielor's from Morningside, and lier master's de- gree from tlie State University of lowa, and lias done advanced work at Iowa State Teacliers Col- lege. NVe want to commend Dean Sliannon for ber conscientious endeavors. A11 "ullJ1rigfif" iq ffl. 11251 6' Q . L Q1 Q-' L... LDSOIN I: ATTLPSON X1 11111 111 1 11111111 11111111 1111111 ll 1 Ill 111111 111111111111111 0 BPRNIC E BERINA FL 11111 ll 1 111111 111111111 1116111 1111111111 XfIll1!1l1lg 1111 0 ILLVIN B CHAPMAIN 11111 11111111111 111 1 111111 11 1111 111111 11111111 1 1111111111 111111 0 CI IR RUTH GOODRIQH 111111111111 111 S111 111 Kd 1111711 1111 115 INGEBORG HIGHLAND 11111111 1 llsllll 1 1111 Ill 111111111 lt 0 CARRII: LOINGI E1 I OW 111111 111111111 1111 111 11 111 111111111 FORREST XIARQUIS 1111111 1111111 11111 xfllltl flllllll 0 I OR ENCE INORDVIAIN 1111 61111 111111 11111111 11111 tl 1111115111 Xttllll . NV ,I f. II. I ...j"41 .... '1'.' " "'...111...1'k . I '. l 'I ' ' ..."g11... " 'W .... ' 'e4'g ' ' .' - '...g 1 CULVER . . . u'1'11-g1'11111111'11 . . . XQ111111 5111111 . . . 17118111115-11k1' . . . 11111111112 I 'I:'.. ' ...1 " ing. 1 1' '1... "...'1-'jf 1' '. JI. - 'HOMURI 1 I -XSS I 4 14 111 4 1 1 NI1 11 111111 141 11 1111 1 111 111 11 1 4 1 1 1 1111111141 IX 1 1 1 1 N Ioo11 II 11111 1o1111o111o11 11111' v1111LI'1 11111111 11111 f11111 1 111111r 1111111111-1 11111 1111111 1111111101111 13101113 111 of 1111 1111111111 1o1111o111or1 1111111 1111' PFOLILILL11 111 111 SLL, 11111 group 111111111 to bt 11111 of 1111 111011 11o111111r T110 of 1111 111111111111r1 111111 f1o111 11111 1 111 1 IL 111111 111110 11 IS 11111111 1111111111111 11 11111 11111 111111111 11 IS 1111111 1111, RO1111' 1111 Don 111 11111111 to 111 1 1111111 of1111 1111111111111 1 111 1 1 gc 1 1111 for 111 1111111 Lf Ill UIIIIIHI' XI11111 '11 11111 of 1111 11111 SAI' 11r1s1111n11 111 NN 1111 1 1 19 A1111 111111 111111111 1111 C 11111111 C 111111111 1n111111115 ILIIIIFL 1111111r 111111111 1111111 1 good 11111 111r111r1, 11111 P1111 1111 1101111 1111 111111111111 r11111 511011111 1111 11111 1111111 R11 11f1 A1111 r111111111111 1 111111 111or111' '1 1n 11 1111 1 1111111 1111 111or1 11191, 11111 1111 fr1111m111 1o1111111 1 11111 111111 or 1 11111 111111111 of 1111111 11 1 1111111111 11101111 of 1111111 for 111111' 11111 l11IlLX1l11LI1lS 11111 1of11 111111111111 xl! IIUNIURI' ll -111111 I I1 I-Rx 1111 I 1 ff? '1- A'x fi' 1 SOI C "1'4111 R111 Luis R1111 -rf 1'1. IJ411-llhy I,-11 Sn1'1I1. Ruth 1 -'l'iu111-. 11-11111 R1--I. Sv- I I' 11' S11'.:11111' IH-S1-111111, Mill'-I Mix. Kz1l111'1'11 I'4-111-1's1111. lllzulys I1"i111-, 'I'h"l R11-.1' ID1 H111I11v111 l'l1, IP1111 H:1111':111z111, R111-1' Usn:111141l1, .Iin 14111- 11'z 11111, P11111 'I'1'n111I1-. S111 1-1-111111 in 11i1'1111'4-: M21 I'IIl1111 l'1'111'l, N111'n1:1 .I1-1111 I"111114-1',,Iz1m- Kurtz, I1111'k11 1l:1g'l14111. .Ia 111-- IHI114111, I'I1I11':11'1I I'1':11I, Iiol Ynln-1. l .'L .f A"L'. ,x'I -' l.l'X1.' ' A I '.'1I 'I' IH1 11co111c? I.,0I'l'f 1111111'cr 11111, 111111111 A1111oug11 one 11LIVC 11o11c 11'it11o111 Lois to arouse our jo11r11.11is1i1 1111.. 'K 1 -1 1 1 1 - 1-11,1411 1 1 fb "-.- 11' 1 1 11 1' 1 . y 1 ' xx- xt x 1 'L x I 1 yi Qt- v 1 Liv 1 l 1 x 1- -1,--1111-111 111111 1 I f 1 1111 111- - -5 .'11- 1115 I - 111111- 1- bf, 1 1 51' ,.Lk1 . 1 . - ' . I I 1 ' C C' I 1' ' 1, " 1 1 L bx ' I H' "HH III 1.111 . 1IL'y'I'C 1'.1 . 11'1111c I,1lLl1IS 11c1'c1'-111111111 1'oic1' 1'.1 1 1111 'K I' ' ' ' 'A 'A '1' ' ' 1c1 ' .1 5111, 1 1' '. . '. 5 Q ,' I' . I -'-' 'I .': R1 N1-'1111111-.14-1-1-1-1:11'y: - I':111I 'l'1'11111l1f. 114'-v-111111111-111, 1 R11-'1'211'111111,1111-1111-11.111111-111, 'M K S 5 I J 1 1 , Q SHMPN I 11 1 11 ghl I111 1 1 1 11 11114 111 11 1 1 1 1 n 4 4 1 1 1rL415 Vhlp 111 1 11 N 411 N11 111 11 11111114 111 111 11 41 1 111 n1 111 Xml rr1 1 111 1111 111 411 1 11 44 11 S 41 11 4 N-41 1 11411 -. 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B1t11r1 11111 11111111 111r111s 11111 1111r1 11 111 pr11l1 111 1 bt I111 11111r1 11111111 Ir111111111 111111 X111 I r1s1111111 S111 11111 S111111r1 XI111111111 1r1 1Il 111r1 11111 T111 XLIILIS 111 XI1111 1111 111 s1111 PLISOIIIIILLI 1n Nl1r1 111111, 11111 XIIFQL, IIILI 11111 , 111 111111111 1 IIOFQLI 1111 C PT 111 Lkt11LlIf XIITX lou 1n11 1111 11111 so Sl.l1LLSSf'LlI 11111 QIFUL 13181111 1 1rs 1 C1111r1'1 111111, 1rr1, S111 11111 OIIL 1 11111 11111111111 111r1 R1pr1s1111111g 111s11 1n 1111 11111 LLTI 1111111 1n11 11r1111s1r1 1r1 tru111p111r 01111 11111181 IILI 1or11111s1 111 11111 s1x11p1111n1s1 1111 B1 11r1 141113 11111 11111 111111111 1111 11111111 111ss H1111 111u111 11111 11n11 111111r1 111111 11r 11111 r1pr1s11111111r1s111111r1 1 1sv FRI-NIH!-XX I I Ass11Hl1 I-RN 1 1 I1 1 1 l"RE.' If: "int Ii 11' I11-l11'11s All 'if . IV: I,y11'I1. fVIz11'1yQ R1-1-11. ICII1-11 I"1':1111-4-s I4r1-1111:111. .I4141j I1z1u'1-1'!11z111. 41111111 fNI'M:1111. S1113 l':11111:1f, .Iz4111- S1-h4-411-1-r, ICI11i111-H: 54111. -Ill I'1II VI -I11y1'1-. 81144111141 R1111' HAIZI mr S1111 111111. l'I1111'l41t14- I'4-141-5111. .1111 11 NI:1rli11. M1 '-" 'A , I'z111I Marlin. M: 111111-11 I4:1r1'1-ll, 11111211111-111 A1111 U 14-y. A11 l1Hl'X1'Y', Mary 111111 Ii1'1111.', H4-1- J411'11i, 11. 'I'h"1 Ii 11' Al '.- I44 I"111'1l11-y. 111-411'1'4' H:1111':111:111. l'I1z11'l4-s 'l'i1:111-1'. 11111 Hi Ry 11. 114111 I1illn1:111. S I ASII1- 1121-. Ji Il11lli11'1'. I.1-s 1' .' '1I1. -I4- j OIJ1111. I,I11y11 Hz1n1l1l1-14111. M: I' 'l R11 I1-S. I"1'4-shm' 11411 in 1111111111 .I41h A11I1rs4111. 1441 A1'm,'11' nu. I"1'1-41 I44-if-44r. I, 11i1' I4-i.'."'. .I4-:111 I4111111-ll, I':1l I411ll4-1'. H1 ' I1 C':1l'.'t4'11.'. Ma 1 :1 l'41111111li11. H1111-11 l'4111rIri::h1. M: ICFII14-1' IJ1-1111. I'z111l 171-11111 1i1. I4 I I1'is1'I14-l', J411111 Fix-h4-1'. Iii-k Ii:11I11111'y. M: 1 G41114IN111. M' 'l'l1 H: S1-11, IK: '11:11':1 Hz1111il11111. Harris Il: '1I11'111-. C'h:1'l4-s 1 ' -, .I11 - I lli-11-r, 19411111111 15:1114-1111. Ja14'k K1-:11'11a. I'1-"Q K1 '1'.. JQ1111- A1111 I,1-1 fy. KIKI4-11 I.y11L1'sl:141. Ili'k Mznrtin. Y:111411-11 1 -' zn1. J I' 1 i 4. Ilrl M 1-111-tt. I.z111'1'41111'4- R. N1-14111, 1441 0'i'41111111'..I4-:111 I'4-11-rf. Ii41I1l1i4-1,1111 I'1-l411'.'1111. I41'111'4- Ii:4n114-r, Ra 11111 R1-114-l.1'z11-l I11sw-ll, 'I'h1 is "1 'z Ii,'1111. N 1'n111 I,114- S1'h1-1'r1-r. Yirxzil Srhill. 144111 S1'I111'-114111n1:41111. VN':1y11- St'41n1111-1-11. 1'I1:11'111N Tig -1'. I44 I1 W1 211111. I!i1'11:11'1I VVI1it1' n14-. J: -S VV1 '1 -I '11, K1 'T W'lki 54111. D111 Wi111w1-11z111z, Ili' M111-s. TI1 Y f4 '11 1, - 1 1 I-1 .ti 3.'. ' V11-51' 1 t' 'A k'11-4t'1 -.-1- - 11+ 1 11'-,-l-. '- .1 A .1 fs- 1. -. 41 1 1 ' '14 ' 1 - " 1 I 1. 1, ' 1 I, ' 11. .4' - V it ..x i, l,- 4 ,L , -.-.,,, K , K-,- .' 1' 1: - -' ' 1 - 1.111' -I7'111', '- KI- 1' f .1 I-r'1-i .v1'ctl-- 41 .X K-' Y-,vm ' 7.1. 1 .' ...K '. . .f . . ' "-l'.1111. NI.11r, Alxrly, 1 1 K, H' 1'-1 ' " '1 xxx. 1 1 ' 1- 1 V 111' - 14 ' A .L-'41 1.-1 1-1 1-1 8 1: NI: 4111111114 41111111 L1-4'r111:11'y ' ' 111111 M11-1111.111-4411114-111: S411A111114-112121-,1i1'1--111411111-111. ., - fa , ,4 V 5, - v -VV f tflilr fi ,ff ff ,fav 4 .. M2-Gig , Ill! 35 X-M ff' Hiv- 5 W Neg s,, a Aw, g A QJJAAQ -au dag.: Ql'.,..a .-8. 5 Y 'Q .zt ,Ah n,?'1 .-. ' . 5:51. 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', r,,,, f S J , n,,.,. xi. 4, x I 11. ,. ' 3 J. .S , ', , ' .nu runs, Iaim- 'ns1n, I ary ,Q A , I iss I 2 , I 1 ' , 'ss ' - ' ' - I ' ', ' 1 I 'I ' ,I ' '- wry '1-lp, Mxhlrcnl Mi. . Jam- Kurtz, Mary Hx-nklc, IJ mr vthy II u Smith, I'fr R1 I. M'.'.' G I" 'h, M II :rf-ll '. M2 'y Illvn Iia . Mi. - Gaul: rr, .Icun IK4 All. He-tlj Oxlvy, Ann Gan' 'Q-r. I "D ' 'R I' 1 . ' ' ' f AI dnyl' which included a humorous assembly for the lv 'UML L ML z"'K.' K -t'lq. '. C.' I I ' ' "- g I L ,I ' - ' I ' A L Y ' - I K. , V v, ' L ' ' Lg . 'i'k ' .. L I1 I " I ' ' L' . , . . . . I 'A - A . x . i ', K . .x . K K ,N 1 V . . X I I K, K' , L 'QQ gk' - . ' I I . ' L an ' I ' ' 1 f - '- jh .1 cw 4 " . l t ' ' ' ff: If 'I ' I '- ' L H 5 " Y' ' '. H I ' Nz ' 'I '. H. . 1 A I I IIL- -, SM, eel 4 I , . 17 . 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J I I Prnm The first thing looked for in Tuesday night's Messenger by the Panthers is the weekly "College Campus" edited by Lois Rutherford, whose guidance and persistence has resulted in a better- than-ever publication. A staff com- posed of various J. C. students has backed Lois to the "nth" degree, and the college is to be congratulated for its cooperation. A novel and unique feature of the "Campus" is a column entitled "Para- graph Pulpit" which consists of ex- cerpts from letters written by men in the army, navy and marines. The letters chosen for publication provide the most interesting and graphic accounts of life in each of these forces. Because of the strict censorship, names and addresses were not included, but the style of writing often seemed familiar. Fashions, gossip and newsettes were the most popular reading because they were based on personal interest. Who doesn't enjoy seeing his name in print once in a while? As in the past, it was the purpose of the College Campus to present to the public an inside view of J. C. activities. Regular weekly newscasts were pre- sented by a staff whose personnel changed frequently. The members of this staff were most often "College Campusn journalists. .lane Ann. Jody. and Madonna putting: final tour-hes on a ses-tion of the Camllllfi - - - Sue types away at the dictation of Lloyd and Betty . . . Jim's hunt and perk system Of lylvini-Y 5697115 to interest "Mickey" and Mary, but he gets the work done . . . Editor Lois supervises the effi- vient Canipus workers Jane. Mary Lou, and Gladys. 41527 Tn Ynu The birth of the junior College sec- tion of the Dodger was a long drawn- out process of hitting the students over the head and dragging them down- stairs by the hair to make them work. Well, it wasn't really that bad, but almost. First, jean Bonnell and Maxine Goodson were named editors, but what did Jean do but leave school to become a reporter on a newspaper. And, of course, Maxine couldn't beat them over the head alone, so Miss Anderson had to help, and finally, little by little, the Panthers began to draggle down to the Dodger office to think about what should be done. Then, lo and behold! their thoughts turned into action- slow motion, to be sure - but better than no movement at all. And those dull-witted boys! Sophie had such a hard time getting them to pose for hi-life pictures. The girls were ever so willing, but too many girls spoil the broth, you know. Or do they ,boys? Well, anyway, the jaysee section was slowly progressing under the guidance of Miss Anderson, Sophie and Maxine. I.ittle by little, copy piled up-until this was the last to be written, and I had to do it. john, Sophie, Dilly, jean, Maxine, jim, Mary Lou and jane all helped write copy, plan layouts and cut pictures. Such a hard-working staff! Tskl Tsk! They even worked one night a week for a couple of weeks. 'Till this animal finally resulted. We hope you like it. Sophie, vo-t-mlitor, and Jean, vopy-t-uttt-r, and that copy! . . . Maxim-, the other 1-o-editor, with the help of "IJilly." sports editor, go ova-r layouts . . . Mary Lou and "Jody" le-ave their vopy to examine some inte-rvstimz pit-ture-s . . . 'Johnnie-," the- other sports expert, explains it all to Jim . . . Jane Kurtz, who is not pivtiirvil, also dill her liit on the vopy. 41333 '1 .. 2- Candid Are you just posing, girls. or are you really waiting for someone? . . . Jody looks pleased about something, wonder what it is? . . . Wfhom do you think you're trying to kid-we know it's trick photography . . . Suzie, Mary, and Charlotte, struggling with a test tube of-you know what . . . Manford and Paul, what,s coming your way? . . . Teddy, alias jim Dolliver, blow- ing a toot on the tootie in the C. play . . . Something new!-Dillmanls working . . . Though camera-shy, girls decide not to pose for this picture . . . Marlys is really stepping up to Mary I.ou's height . . . Mr. Cort- right showing Mary Ellen and Ann just how it's done . . . See something interesting, .lane Ann?. . . lt's AIanie's motherly instinet coming out in her . . .The "three musketeersn combination of J. Cfs boys. C134 A, 1. A '71,1,gf, E, if wi' 51' 9 1 , 'fi 'Q ,. , Ewa, Q 23? 9 ff 04- t .42 JOHN MAICTIN DON RUDYCNIBORN JIM liDNVAliIJS 1 in right: C'ozn'h Cooper. Com-h MvKins1ry, John Martin. i chill, Sol Ashltenzixv, lion Winmlsehzinz, llnli .AY'h'lSll'llllLf. imnl Row lion lioili-iilinl'r1.Gm-oi'gv Hzinrzilnin, Jim Iielwzirils, sz: -sun. Don Ilillmzin. linirei' Usnmymm. Holi Wales, Gremlins As a result of the very noticeable decrease in the male enrollment. unior College athletics was cut to .1 minimum with Panther football ind baseball out for the duration. Vfhen Coach Ll. A. Mcliinstry issued a call for basketball. ten fellows reported. and that number did not exceed fourteen during the entire season. Since many of the nl. C. cagers were ca ed into the armed service, the Panther cage season was cut short. After an unsuccessful beginning. the team, composed of no returning aysee lettermen and but two H. lettermen. seemed to be more than ting its own in its last two games. ln the first of these, .1 fast de- fensive game. the -I. C. quintet from lillsworth downed the fighting Panthers Zl-22. Undoubtedly the most thrilling game on the local court matched the Panthers against their age-old rivals from XVebster City. The local five led all the way until the final seconds when the Welaster Cityans tied the game. and in the following overtime. the Panthers failed to keep the pace set by XVeluster City and lost 48-92. Biggrxl 1'l'fl1l'tl of flu' xruxoxz. SOI. ASHKICNAZI4' I4 ICNTIIN IS.X.XI'SUN Eg.. Q IIHYN IlIl.I.NI.'XS Iifn' "4'M'x,I full I' ff. Ifnalnre Pool balls were tlie places most frequented on klavsee basketball trips. Here, wliile Ilse and Coacli plaved eiglatball for tlie extra dessert. Sol was giving the local bovs .1 few pointers on tlie intricacies of tliree- cuslaion billards. XVIiiIe tlaese Pantliers displayed tlieir .abilities with a pool cue, Virg, Klum and Bob usuallv assumed tlie taslv of improving tlie team's interscliolastic relations. Incidentallv tlieir abilitv in acquainting tliemselves witli tlie coeds of tlieir lwsts equalled or exceeded tlie team's pool-room techniques. Undoubtedly' the envv of tlae wliole team was Iiog. Ile was tlie only one wlio bad someone waiting for liim after all tlie liome games. Despite tlae team's unsuccessful season. tlie Pantliers played bard and accepted defeat in tlie most sportsmanlilae manner. At tlie present time. or in tlie verv near future all tlae members of tlie past season's squad will be working even liarder witli a new team-our Armed I-orces-a team that will accept notliing but .1 complete decisive victorv. Buff: lmzfza jill!-3 fmnfs up lnllf. l VIIULII. SCHILI RIIMIIIQ USNIANS Martln M ny I llen Crovwl Ann Carver John Martin Margery We-'p and Hgalmfr Sandberg Arsenic and Uld Lace Kessclrmg s Arseme 1nd Old Llee wx 15 the thrlller of the year Thar eleld body' ln the wmdovs seat and those elcy cn bodnes mn the basement of the Brewster home eombmed with the cntrstnce of lonlthm Brcxx ster yuth Borls Klrloff felturcs md aetlons, mlde one s hur xetullly stmd on end Abby md Mlrthl Brevs stel thought themselxes to he you eh lrltwblc souls when they relney ed thclr homeless old men roomers of their unh1pp1 ness by glylng them 1 eup of cldtrberry mme lT'llXCd with stry Chmnc, lrseme md 1 dash of pot1ss1um Teddy, thelr nephew who thought he vt as Teddy Roosevelt dug the l1nam.1 Canal ln the basement, each addltnonll loek 1 new grave for mother uetxm of arseme md old l1cc KX fm lr IK ffm, ff ' 'lr'1'zI1l.J r r fl 'vlfll c'rn'jJxr'f Lloyd Hamlmle-ton, Jim Dollive-r, Fenton Isaacson, Dick Garlbury, Inuit- lie-isser, limb Armstrong, Don Dillman. Sol Ashkvnall lfxul , 1 ' 'I ' , I 1 , ' ' , ' '- ' . , ' ' - ' 1 . I - , .1 V H - - s -, - K L v 1 ,L 1 s s f s. . 2 ,Z 1 Y. Y r 2 x v ' 1 . 3 X ' . 1 ' 1 X K L 1 '. X , ' 1 il ' L ' ' . 1 ' 3' V I . N 1 v y . - f 1 v ' H ' X ' x v x - 1 . . . 1 . . . 1 . . . K , . v-V-.' -f s 11 x',v. ' s-- s s 1' '- u -- v ' V' - - 1 - V fl ' f' r ' f 1 ' v f - . 1 . 1 I . . , . t . 4 I . ' 'Q , ' 'Q .' I l , I ,Q ' VN, . ' 1. , ' . . - y . v 1 , y- s . , A N . . . t ff ' , '. '. 71 l ' I I l 7 ' rm 1 mullfafc al 111 u Hllllllfl ' The rn llrx ln murder and klll ng betxx een on1th1n md hrs old mend lunts brought QISPQ of horror from the breathless audlenee Exen UDSUSPCLIIDQZ Mortimer llmost fell pru to his brothers vxlekedness The mx sters vx is solxed xx hen Teddx md the two old pollet It wls somethmg rexolutlonlry for an lmateur group to put on .1 plax thxt was running on Broadway at the slme tnme The plas Compired faxorably vuth the Broad vu ly produetlon Arsenic and Old Lace was one of the best mxsterx plus ever stlged ure V lu! an you lltllflllx 1 r f I 11 mzmlfr IIN!! ln' 'el' 3 "1 " ' l Q ' f J . 4 2 ' .L 4 . aunts were taken to the sanitarium and the murderous jonathan was taken over by the I' . 'V : Ar ' ' ' yfnr, fl.f'f't'l' .5 lc"x f ' . ,-Ur! IHIE H Hnnnr wards I III I III III III Lk! I I lIl'I"Il Il 1 KL! lll Q X I IIHI ll X I XII IIII II 11 I I 11 III I I I II II IIIIIIISII Llx I I I II IHL I Ill III, I HPI I In XIII IIII I III I I I I I Ig I I I I IIII HI I IIIU Il IIIIIIII A I III I lxxar II SIIIIIIIIHH I4 I II I I I llll II I I I In I I I III! Imm II II ll S I nm II Il ll II II,1I III I I I II I I Inuu IIIII IIII S II UXKII L35 I IIIIIII I I I II IIII S II L1Ix I I I II UI I I III 1 II IIII I I I I I I I I II I IIIIIII lrlu I FL 1 I IIn5.,rI.n H1 Lx IIIII II I Isluxwn Ln s II I I I 1rI1r1+lIIIII I I I II LL 1gII 1 I II IIII II I FI mr IIIIIIII Im I I OIII IIIII I I. All IIIIIIIIIIg I Isa rn I III II I II I. II x I 11 II I H' ll l lk Ilft I I7 an NIR I I gm RL U I I II III IIIISI IIII,In IIIIIIIIII ll -III Ill I I IIIIII III S IIrxI.x I 1 II IIII II urwulxl' II II tlllk Ill II In lfl ll Url III I I Ill I1 I II I I I I I I IJIII IIII I I mm msg 11 I III I sn X I III XUIX I I II Il z ll! Ls Il I I I I IIII I nr Im IIIIIIIIIII I ILT IL ll II IIIIII ln Hurx ull! 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X QIIIIII'-I III IIIIIII I, rlfl y I Im H V Hhixn ,Auth X 'II"I"""' 'I"'A'M'NI " ' 'I' 3 III11 l11..11, ID 11715. -LIIIIIII II IIII III III. III,II.IIIIlIIIIl1, .XII III' HI51. IIIIII--I!! III I IIII SI IIIII QI I I I I IIII I-XI' IIIII, Iimc III'-fIIII I Llrz I OI'II r4'X I r'1l 2 IJ Ig- , .I-II1l1i'IIlI I I MI-IIIIIII III AIIIIII ,III III-...III-. sIIIIIIIII.I II. II 2, li kfx. IIIIIII IIIII ,,,f II. I"I' I"I"' " "I QI I I I I"r ll III Ili 'cr, mlim- I I I'.IIII. .'jII'I'I II I I3.1I w.'1vL' k.f I.1I"1'I' IIII Ifrr .'.' I III rr1.'rr1 I fI'1 xfl- I I III ll I III IIIII IJ -V , 'I' In --III hIIIII.III I, ' 'I IIII 2 If . IIIIIIII IS.l 'III'I4.,IIII1n--IIII .lll IIII f114' f.'r I III! III II I'III III IJ I I I ,I'I1iIgSj'I'I-IIII-ll' II. MII ,XA..'I1" 'IIII II IIIIIII II l'f'1 IIII xf', II IIIIII I- I.I I III IJ I, XIII! -'l'I IIIX IIIIIII ILIIIL. 11-, l'.IuIflIIl IIIIII IIII fzzl IIII f.'r II II IIIIII II f.:1fr III IDI '. 111, NI. 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And though the outlook isn't so gay right now, somewhere, some time a new day will dawn . . . when the sky will be serene and beautiful and free of bombers . . . when the rubble will be cleared away for a more perfect world, rising proud and shining from the ruins. Yes, we can laugh as we work and fight, because our eyes look to the future with hope-we know the struggle isn't forever. ,A F, 91" ,,, ,. 1 n ...M I -0 0- .4-...N -pm-. -'- ,ag- .....-.....-...Q M' .QW ----.- .-l-.Z i I I I I A IN lx I Llx I IXNL I X IX I L I W N 11 NN L7 LIK 71 II JI Im I I I 7 ILS XI xx XI UIIIIN 5 Llx 1 II I I'I I'I llIlIIl'I'II I IIII'X 1 1 I 1 I I . X C.1lvpx'II.1 Klum' ff IIIVI IIA! ,XxI xilmuxlxxlluml XII, XI I IUIXUI' .Xxx .1I'xI XI1'pI.mI' 'xIxxIII'Ix YN. NI IlxIV.1l1xxlr.1Ix II'1xw XII SCI-IUI I'I.1x 72. 'I FIIIIIIIII' C Im1'L1x .XVI CIIIIX -7 ILIIIIIIIA C IJ .XXIIIQUIX IIII xp 'YQ-IU5 Iumxrm' KUIIQAQI' .XlIIul1x IfII1'Isj IH!-IIS I.mI1lI1I II. QIMIII III? I,iIw1'.11'x CIL1Iw II. 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