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wb. Z4 fwWf"?"ff""? ff2g,.i5f'A WWW M2519 WMM W gfqpifff i3eAy0,,?g5g.3,,,.Mf" WW ,K W4 WR R ' iwfiffjggy cw MM S57 WW W fm V175 Wmjff UW' fum wllww . un' . MLW- 7940 7!ze fbacfgea "Look up" might be your motto this year, -look up as you stand on the front steps, to the bas-relief high above your heads, in which the artist, Victor Holm, has symbolized Youth. BILL CROWL, Editor BEVERLEY BAIRD, Business Manager Center of our exploils '7!w nnnnfn W 194n aw: may Alagk sczmz ew fzwfqe, am Yfofaune .29 EXURDIUM Look up as you enter the Library. Above the doors 'tThe Cavalcade of Youth," as Copied from the Greeks of old, greets your eyes. Like those youths, We seniors for Four years have been bearing Gifts to the altar of the Goddess of Wisdom. We have Knelt for her blessing, and now We are proud to bear her sign From our Alma Mater, The Fort Dodge High School. afzffulwaqin Early Morning C011c'1zzL'c' WM -ITINERARY In this record of the 1939-40 journey, don't miss the Familiar "John Henrys" lining The coverg the scenes you won't Forgetg the administrators, Faculty, mighty seniors And Wee underclassmen. Follow Yourselves through the Odyssey Of the yearg through the class rooms And the Organizationsg recall Academic triumphs of the stage And athletic victories on Gridiron and gym floor. RETRUSPECTIUN After our days of labor and Laughter, We, the last four year Class in F.D.H.S., seek to Relive in the following pages these Most enjoyable years, Recalling all our pleasant Associations with both teachers and Students. As We look with Varying confidence into the future. It is our sincere Wish that, counseled by our Friendly faculty, We may Safely traverse the detours ahead. lm.. fa , 'r Q -s ii v Cx 'ni 1 1 2 Z 4, 'af A With deepest regret we realize That our good friend and Superintendent, Mr. Miller Is closing the last Of seventeen years Of service,-service rendered most Willinglyf to the best interests of The Fort Dodge Schools, the Community and individual Students. As seniors Of 1940, and as a school We express our Most sincere appreciation. Af any hom' in Librarg The ar Carrlers as seen over the west door of the hbrary Headmg the processxon 1n the Cavalcade of Youth they brmg thenr gnfts to the Goddess of Wxsdom Bunk W Busy hours 1n ibe ojice u J - n u sr ' - - 3 Z 3 9wWp Ai g X , X ,I ,ER U AN V Mx Iixas NYATH D To ibr' Mcfmbcfrs of H10 Class of 19405 For cfavfa of you comzzzwzccfnzwzzf means ll new 111111 ilziriguing life of lllIlL'f'llfIH'C' and z1c'bic'Vc'111w1f. May persisiwzf wzibu- siasnz and eforf bring bear!-sfzfisfyilzg szzcwfss fo each of yon. SilIl'l'l'l'1J' yours, K. D. MILLER BOARD OF EDUCATION Front Administering the complicated organiza- tion of Fort Dodge high school are three groups headed by the Board of Education. These seven men determine the general policies, authorize expenditures, provide buildings and equipment. Working with them is the superintendent, Mr. Miller, who has supervision of all Fort Dodge public schools from primary to junior college. Next in line are the high school executives, Mr. C. T. Feelhaver, Principal, and Mr. F. N. Cooper, Vice Principal. Completing his seventh year, Mr. Feel- haver has kept the school moving toward a more up-to-date curriculum, more varied extra curricular activities and higher standards. Mr. Cooperis specific ' Mu"'y.uv C I l 1-In-rsml S it I S I li It l M M I I Rlltli'1lLYt', O. C. Ifaff, H. M. VVast-ni, and A. I., Iii-winks. Set The Pace Recenf evenfs in Europe shoulrl llIlllZ.C3'01l feel happy fo he living in America-fhe land of high schools. There are fnore hoys ana' girls l1ff6'llfllil1g high school in America fhan in all Ihe nations of Europe coni- hineal. In mos! eounfries only ll few are allowed Io progress heyona' fhe elefneniary level in edueaiion. In Anzeriea more fhuu half of our hoys and girls nuzke the daily frelz. fo high sehool. This has heen your privilege. You will he fhe eifizens rznrl lenders of tomorrow. High school sfuzlenfs, nmreh on.' C. T. FEELHAVER Ifiusn N. Coovi-.R CARL T. FEELHAVER duty is to compile attendance statistics, round up the laggards, and put new spirit into the discouraged. In developing the curriculum this year new emphasis has been put upon visual education and class rooms have access to a delineaszope reflecting pictures, maps, and written pages in color. A sound movie and a recording machine are also among recent useful acquisitions. Thousands of pages of material are made available to classes through the new Duplicating Service. In Elmhurst the athletic field and dressing rooms are fast nearing comple- tion. So these men "at the front" not only keep us housed and all machinery running smoothly, but they devise new ways and procure new equipment to give students latest and best in educational facilities. They Keep Us In 'Neff' 'le Y' Lune Bai We .Bda S CORFRICJHT BA urvnamm Drama Inglxsh lhreelor of Ur1m1tles Slageerlft ll XRX LRUIRSHANR Plm B Nl A 1fmlrrsla11rlmg Amerneln lltemture OUI'l1Zll1SlTA ll Supervisor of Pub lnmuons Dodger Quill md Scroll RUISH COODRKH Ali VA HlflHXfHlQ Head of Inelnlm IRLPJYIIULIII XX ll MA HAYIII IS A r lnelnslx and Amerxcan xr ruure Semur C :rl Reserxes Sensor C Sponsor DUROTHX NIAHIUH BA plmavnzg ll'lbl15ll Correc rue Speeelm OFl1,lDll Omron Commcneemcnt Speakers ADI I INI SHARON B A N1 A Jn if r mlmll' English lournalusm The I :tile Dodger Iubluexty unll an Serull RAY MOIND BERRII R B A M A f'7ll0ll1dgl7lg Speech Debate Dlrcctor of lorensxcs Ill l IANI XX ILLIAMS A B lmagnmflzc lnglmslm Instru ntal Xlume lnlerpretne Readxng, HXRRII F1 DlN1ORI ST BA fulfill lrenell Fnhlxslm Asus me xelsmmr of Student Cuenexl Remedml Readme, I 0 11 T me X'Afe'L'f1H 1, ,YW ,WW ' V 9'fveQg555SF, use ' A' ,fj.u,+w Pi f Egg? l'-- -' A , Q 'A " 1" ' 'F A A 1 - 5,322 ' ' 1 -2 V 'e' 0 't I , . . , , l . . fi Z -- A - - -y A - -y 1 . ,.,, , .,,. , . , , . . . I ' ' 5791- W 14 I' if we gfflj' as 0 Q f , . ., 1 . ., ' ' tg , " , f ' 5, . ., .Xt"l'lIL'Q 2 1 " ' lfcg -1 3' ' ilass . O Y A A A n - -y .'I 3 ' ' 1 ' I 'S V , ,- ' . - ' . , 1 . l , . .. , . ., , , 0 , Q , A , ,. Q J . 3 Q d O V , : 1 5 . I 1 , - -, - -y . 2 1 . 5 . , l S " - ' r ' - . ., l . , . ,, 1 , , , ms 1 ' ': ' ' ' 'I ' '. - A 1 ,...A' :"',."v: At. .' - f"'g "n ORPHA CHLNI Y BA lburougb AIIILFIQIH HISIOKQ World Hlstory umor Class Sponsor FRED COOPER B S M A Yflllllllllflllg Amcrncan H15 tory Assnstant Prmclpal Director of Athletics Wres tlmg Coach INGEBORG HIGHLAND BA lvlA C011JC1r11f1011.t Head of Socxal Studxcs Amencan Hnstory, Semor Class Sponsor jACK McLEES AB LIIKVQLIIC Amcncan History Foot ball Coach MARGARET O KEEFF B A roumlcnzlc Cxvncs Amer ncan Hnstory Senlor Class Sponsor tory Commercxal Law Baslutball Coach IANF CROW Ph B vklllful Head of Home Economlcs Department Home Izconomncs Semor Class Sponsor ILA ANTHONY BS urlnln Art Xrt Club J A WCKIINSTRY 1011111 Drattmg, Cytncral Shop Track Coach VERA BYERHOFF sfrulqblforuunf Study Halls V N1 PHARES 141113 Manual Arts Xocatnonal Trade Um: XX E SCHWFNDPNIANN polsuf Prmtmg Gulf and Svummxng Coach P i , . ., .' : ' 's 5 J - . . Y. . . - , ' -, - -. - . , 5 S ' 5 ' Q 7 , - -y ' -u l l I Q . O A i . - -, ' ' . ' ' 5 " ' 9 - ' 1 ' . ' ' . du ' -u ' 1 1 ' Q . O LESTER B. SHAFLAND, B.A., z'L'r.wtilrg American His- Z 5 ' - V ' . '. ' . I , - -, 5 , S 3 - O Y 1 . . A . l l , . ., . , , . . V ' ' . ' ' '. . . ' ' A 1 Y vw 3 0 v . I ' ' - 'V ' .' ,. f . ' . . . . , , . . ,, . . . .r . . , , , fi HOWARD BATH BA MA l0llKIXflllf Blology Head of Blology Department Intramurals H IYINNI BLOXON4 BA IIIQKVIIOIH Physnu Practual Suenu. Assxstant Trauk Coach HVIN C HAPMAIN B A N18 lllfll Hud o I Us mul Summa C lunmtrx ILROX NYDI C C l R B S Nl S 11 :ju IA ul c,llLl1llSll'y laboratory Lamua C lub HU D GRAHAM B S lllfbzzxluxln l'nolm.,y ASSlSlJl1l Football and Xvrcstlnng, Loaalm man Bxolugx H A BIRGAIN BA fxmuun Hnad ol lnstrumgntal Nlualg Orglustra Bunl Instrunnnt1lC1roups W ARD C5R lll KA 1 llua 0 704.2 N11 su C una C lu C lubs Small Nm ll C roups PIORI NC,l' NORDMAIN B 5 111111 Il1ysu.alLduLat1on lntramur1l Athlcum HAROI D E THI ILI BA nfl Pl1XSlL3l Edugatlon Intramurals Assnstant Football Coach KATHI RINE BLAZPR B A loofnruflu Lxbrarnan Q 'Q . I ', . ., l wk' 'f r': '. f 'l '.- .' ' QQ lf , .,'., . .f., V4 ' g B ' ' . FLORENCE RATHERT, A.B., A.M,, lmrllfflrafg Ger- . HO " H , l. ., lirnlrsxg "nl f X ' l . 1."g f"'g ini .Q ' "1 Q '. C ' I N ' 7 7 5 ,- . 1 y-'- f - ' . . . 2 f, . ., 1' " g I' " ' A g NIARN BOXXXI LI BA t0HIf7AllIIIHlLIl7ll Htad of Latin Ikp rmtnt Iatm Assembly Committee X I STA IIKINS B A almrttml Latm Adusor of Stu dtnt Cxunul CARRIE LONGPBLIOW BA NIA auuursallonallsf Htad of French Dtpartmcnt I'rentI1 Sans Soucn Club HOXX ARD HUGHES BA pulnnl Gtometrv Amstant football and Basketball Coach NIARY OLA NIQCLUSKPY BA unruf Algtbra Geom ttry Xucatnonal Qmdange NOVA XIOSS BA fburjnl btunutry Asantant Cnrls Alhlttlus IONI HILICJASON bIIXHItU Izlet Head of Cummtrcnal IBLPIYIIULH! Typing, Htl-ting., HIIIN ZIARFOS5 BA prum Shorthand One Att Plaws HI'I.I N BUI-GPI Ilmrul Hnbh bthuol Ofhu, Lltrk Y I RNICI1 GRANISTED jaslnlzom Assistant Clark Hlgh School OfflCL IJOROTHXI' LARSON zurnfnf Supermtendtnt s Offlct Lltrk 1 Y l B . B I . VV, . ., I . ., I ' I A J . A AN 1,-4,""'S ' , ' . . ARIJI'QI.I. OSIICRGAAR D, B.A., lmjrlng Bookkeeping. . ,, . , .yi 340 New.. Forward ever' Backward never"' expresses h b1t1on for future years Unusual not only because we are record breakers wlth three hundred forty graduates but also unusual IS the selectlon of the class flower gardenla Popular colors are 0I'Cl'l1Cl and n1le green W1th the collab t e 1940 Semor Class am o ratlon of sen1or advlsers and offxcers, ban quet, class day, and commencement com mlttees planned the c mgly 3Ct1VC 1n athletl d loslng fest1v1t1es COMPLETE UIIYSSEY D11 fe I0bl1Y0l1, pres1dent, has been outstand o the football team Bemg a class offlcer IS nothmg new for A1111 Ruflcdgc, VICC pres1 dent Sh e was jumor v1ce presndent and fr h es man treasurer Another former class OfflCCf, Brlfg Lzuas, secretary, d e v o t e Cl much of her txme to journallsm and the L1ttle Dodger Illll Fzvld, class treasurer, IS a member of the Student COUHCll, and took an actlve part 1n one a Y exercxses were scheduled for May 24, and on May 27 the elaborate s n1or dmner dance was held The followmg evemng Superm tendent K D M1ller del1ve1ed th e com mencement address to the class of 40 ct plays ' Class da DICK JOHNSON ANN RUTLEDGE BETTY LUCAS JIM FIELD C! . fi V 1 K I YA l ' . . ' I . ' ' ' ' 'cs an was C0-Captain an 5 It f . L1 . . . K - - ' 1 A ' ' Y . 5 BIZVFRLY IQVFLYN ABBOTT-ax unity as Il mmm' . . . Iinglisli, History, Basket- , ball 4, from Barnum. 9 NICD ACKIiRSON-vriiuyi lmirliug uml fialiillg . . . ling- Iisli, Science, Printing. 9 RUTH NAOMI AI.GOIf+ulm uma .mimi iltzry lu' il A-urhi-r...IingIisl1, Home Iiconomics, Science, History, Commercial, Volleyball Z,3,4g Softball 2,35 Basketball -lg Glee Club 1. 9 CIQCIL ANDERSON-guurl ii! any lurk . . . English. Mathematics, Glee Club 13 Little Dodger 4: Student Council 4. 9 CHARLOTTE ANDERSON-,tl1t' laux llml xunrzy ilixjmiitiml...Iinglisln Commercial, Home Ifconomics, Tips-to-Teens l. 9 FRANCIS ANDIQRSON-if urnzlil ln' unrlivim' mi1l1...Iinglish, Manual Arts, Science, Football lg Track 11 Glee Club I,2. SIQLMA LOUISIQ ANDLRSON-ii luirr nf HtlfIII'i'...ISl'1gIINI1, Language, Ilixtory, Home Iiconomics. 9 ABIZ ARKOIJIJ-"Bill mi' ili.u'oui'iu izml I will Nltflnlllf flvini' t'ur,t"...Ifngli5l1, Social Science, Commercialg Debate l,2,3,-+5 Student Council l. 9 TIiRIfSA ANN ARNIA'IiO1J Iaily uifb lilcrurpi tmzlriliunx. ..IlngIisl1, Com- mercial, Volleyball 2g Softball 2.3, Girl Reserves -1, Glee Club 1. 9 ALMA ARI.IiNE ARMSTRONG-.the but ti mini! of ber uuu...I1ngIisIi, Language, Volleyball 1, Softball 1, Basketball lg Ping4pong 1, Tips-to-Teens 11 Girl Reserves 1,2,3,-41 Art Club 3, Sans Souci 4, Debate l,2,3g Interpretive Reading 4, One Act Playx I,2g Glee Club 1,21 A cappella 2,3,-lg Girls Sextet 5, Girla Glee Club 1.2,-1: Operetta 2,3,-1. 9 GIfNIi ASPENSON-,inn ilumv ilitiuely, Mr. Axjlummu... Iinglisli, Mathematics, Science, Glee Club 1,2. 9 LOLA MARGUIQRITE AULT- All! nffin' T011 ix luir goal . . . Iinglisli, Commercial, Basketball, Captain lg Volleyball 1, Ping-pong I, Baseball I, One Act Playi 1,23 Glee Club lg Student Council 1. IAURIQN VV. AVIQRILI,-lai"i llllltilklllj niimlul . . . Iinglisli, Commercial, NVreStI- ing 1,2,3g Track, Student Manager 4, Band l,2,5,-lg Cliorue l,2,5. 9 IQRMA ANN BAI'iDKIf-il Him Iiltli' miii . ..l1nglisli, Language, Ilonie Ifconomicsg Glee Club l,2,3,4. 9 BIiVIiRI.IiY ,IICAN BAIRD--xlu".t .t-11-0-0-0 rffirielil. . .I5nglisl1, Commercial, Ilome Ifconomics, Mathematics, Girl Reserves 1,23 One Act Plays 1,23 Glee Club l,-lg Dodger, Business Manager: Student Council 1. 9 LIQNORIC BAI'I'lf-ulw ix ,qifleil uilla iulclligvurc. . . I-inglisli, Social Science, Commercial, Cliorus l,2.3,-lg Girli Glee Club I,-I. 9 FRANKLIN BARBLR-:Ibn lmxrfl luwl lun' long, lm! jili riglrl ill. 9 FRITZ BARKIIAUS-fn' liilim lu lln' "mill uf ilu' 1Ill4ln...I'i,l1glINI1, Manual Arts, Science. i BASIL L. BARNHILL-aluujs fbvrv u'fJ1'n fbi' lfuml Slarfx pIaying...Englisl1, Science, Manual Arts5 Vfrestling 1,2,3. 9 DOLORES ELAINE BARTLETT- xbf' aspirvx la be u suuri'1ary. . . English, Commercial, Home Economics5 Glee Club 1. 9 SHIRLEY Z. BEEM-ubo nlIl'dHIAN ua bvr mum' implies . . . English, History, Commercial, Mathematics5 Girl Reserves 35 Glee Club 1,2,35 Student Council 3,4. 9 GLADYS M. BEHIMER-rbi' likvx fo laugh, xbi' likrx lo be gay, in fat-I xbi"x bappy all Ihr iluy . . . English, History, Commercial, Mathematicsg Volleyball, Captain 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Ping-pong 1,25 Senior Lifesaving 15 Girl .Reserves 1,25 A11 School Play 45 Glce Club 1,2,35 Student Council 4. 9 MIRIAM BEIGHTOL-- charming L'laa1lz'rf1o.x'...English, History, Commercial, Language5 Girl Reserves 1,25 Art Club 1,25 Stage Crew 15 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Little Dodger 4. 9 FRED BEISSER-lnonml In be a bzmler-of hva11'lim'x! . . . English, Science, Mathematics5 Football 1,25 Track 1,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Debate 1,25 A11 School Plays 3,45 One Act Plays 1,25 Little Dodger 45 Student Council 45 Class Vice-President 2. CARL OSCAR BLISS1-R-bwuun will mv ilozL'l1-beaten knows llfby! . . . English, Science Mathematics Track 35 Basketball 35 Swimming 35 Debate 35 Senior Play 45 All School Play 4 Glce Club 25 Little Dodger 4. 9 HAROLD BENEDICT-Ibix I1 tl fubmrallj lllllltllul fi'1lou'...English, Science, Mathematics5 Football 2,3,45 Track 3 4 Basketball 1,2.3,45 Little Dodger 4. 9 LORRAINE BENSON-you 1 5 ra har biblml un offirz' Jrxk . . . English, History, Commercial, Home Eco- nt mics Gltc Club 1 9 IRENE LORRAINE BILEK-quivl nrllil you kllflll' bw' Pnglish Commcrcial5 Band 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,4. 9 STANLEY BITT- 'NPR VIIHIQ IY b1r7f:Jl1l2y...English, Commercial, Languages5 W'restling 2,35 Football 4 Intramurals l,2,3,45 Hi-Y 35 Little Dodger 4. 9 DORIS BLACK- mml makmg and rlemf fimling...English, Language, Commercial5 Orchestra DICK BLACK--a lulnullli' uillfiliou lo ulblvfitii , . . English, Manual Arts, Science5 Football 1,2,3,45 Golf 1,2,3,45 W'restling 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Little Dodger 4. 9 ELLA MAE BLUNT-bvr irzlvrvxl ix flH'l1l'1l lo xportx. . . English. Home Economics, Commercial, History5 Volleyball 1,25 Baseball 2. 9 DONNA BELLE BODENSTEIN-u muifl wilb u lnlilbesorm' blur! . . . English, Commercial5 Basketball 15 Tips-to-Teens 15 One Act Plays 1,25 A11 School Play 45 Chorus 1,25 A cappella 3,45 Operetta 2,3,45 Girls Glee Club 4. 9 MYRNA M. BOHN- uuzlufimzx fo ln' a mu.iii'ian. . . English, Commercial5 Sans Souci 35 Glee Club 1. 9 BOB BOLLARD-rllpill' lmx lmurm' him fasl. . . English, N1athematics5 Football 1,2.3,4: Basketball 1,25 Track 1,25 Hi-Y, Vice-President 2, President 45 All School Play 3,45 Senior Playg One Act Plays 25 Little Dodger 3.4. 9 RICHARD BOTHE -for flirnzerx mm! lily ffm' fonmlulion... English, Manual Arts. 1181 ROBERT LEROY BRAKE-mi.irl1ii'f ami illlii,-X un' lvix mitlillv mime. . . English, Science, Mathcmatics5 Basketball 15 W'restling 1,25 Football 1,2,3,45 One Act Plays 15 Dodger5 Little Dodger 4. 9 .HM BREHM-lmzr ut' a ffurrixfvr in nur mitixl? ...l7nglish, Mathematics, Manual Arts. 9 EVELYN BRIGGS-ln'ri"v In your 1I1t'l'l'.1X,..I'il1gl15l1, Home Economics5 Art Club I,2,5,-55 Tips-to-Teens 15 Girl Reserves I,2,5,4. 9 FRED BRIGHI-11 lol of fin' on Inj: nf bix lwuil . . . English, Manual Arts, Science5 Intramurals 1,2,5,4. 9 BETTY ANN BROCKMAN- ilvfrrmiliuliwl it-ill uluuvx uiu.. . English, Home Economics, Commercial5 Senior Lifesaving 45 Basketball 1,2,5,45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Softball 1,2,3,45 Deck Tennis 15 Hiking 1,25 Glee Club 1. 9 HELEN ANN BROFER-lofs of fun ami lwruinx loo. Willa! mart' ilu you uuuI?. ..Iinglish, Art, Mathematics5 Baseball 1,25 Art Club 5,45 Chorus 1,25 Student Council 3. Blass of '40 EVELYN LUCILLE BROXVN-.ibn zvaulx fu keep us young and bvuufiflil . . . Eng- lish, Commercial5 Volleyball 1.2,-1, Captain 1,45 Deck Tennis 1,2,4, Captain 1,45 One Act Plays 2. 9 jOAN ELIZABETH ISROWN-a fYi1'II1I'lYY mixx, happy aml guy . . . English, Commercial5 Intramurals l,2, Captain 25 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Chorus 3,45 Operetta 3,-1. 9 MARY LOUISE BROWN-rari'lVi' seen wiihoul tl smile.. . English, Commercial5 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Operctta 5,45 Girls Glee Club 3,4. 9 MERWYN VVALLACE BRUCE-br makes hay uxlaile Ihr sun shim-s... English, Manual Arts, Science5 Cheer Leader 4. 9 MARGARET EILEEN BURCH -1: plvuxunl Illfkfllfl' of fun ami 5t'Yf0lIUl!'XX . . . English, Commercial5 Tips-to-Teens 15 Glee Club 1,2. 9 DALE BURTON-a haul to formulaic p1ans...English, Manual Arts, Social Scienceg Graphic Arts Club 1. BETTY BROXVN-.vbr would z'.x'pvrin1t'11l in Ihr nursing field . . . English, History, Commercial. 9 CHESTER BROWN1X1l!lIl'fillIt'X I work, lnoxlly I play, mwcr 100 3: xrriuux, aluuyx guy . . . English, Mathematics, Printing. 9 GERALDINE MAXINE BROVVN-just the u'i.tl1 lv In-Ip iumllavr.. . English, Commercial, History. fNo Picturesj. MARGIE M. BUTRICK--sbt' fitltllvs array ber lime.. . English, Artg Orchestra l,2,3,45 Glee Club 3,4. 9 EUGENE CAIN-run' xiii Iigblly on bis sbonlilvrs . . . English, Science, Social Scienceg Football 55 Wrestling 5,45 Hi-Y 5. 9 jACK CALVERT-blond, bushful, and rusy guing...English, Science, Mathematics, Manual Arts5 Intramurals 1,3,45 Stamp Club 4. 9 DELORES ELMA CAMP- BELL-somriimes silence speulzs better than words . . . English, Commercial, Home Economics5 Volleyball 15 Basketball 15 Glee Club l,2. 9 SAM CANNON-fbrefs a z'rou'd. . . English, Science, Manual Artsg Football 15 W'restling 1,25 Tennis 1,25 Intramurals 3,45 Hi-Y 1,25 One Act Plays 1,25 Glce Club 15 Little Dodger 4. 9 DOROTHY EUGENYA CARLSON-rl quiet girl, lm! quilt' u girl. . .English, Commercial, Languageg Baseball 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Sans Souci 3: One Act Plays 1,25 Glee Club l,2,35 Chorus 45 Operetta 45 Student Council 1,2. 3 Class of '40 HOVVARD A. CARLSON-il's a picnic to butt' mi' urouml... English, History, Language, Mathematics5 Wlrestling 15 Basketball 2,3,-45 Tennis 2,35 Football 1,2,3,4, Captain 45 Track 15 Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 One Act Plays 1,25 Little Dodger 45 Class President 2. 9 ROBERT CARROLL--uluugs a swell fellou'...English, Mathe- matics, Languageg Wrestling 1,2,35 Student Council 1. 9 MARIAN M. CARROLL-jolly am! afhlvlic, nice uml z'm'rgvtic...English, Language, Commercial5 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,35 Field Ball 1,25 Deck Tennis 1,2,3,45 Kittenball 2,35 Intramural Manager 1,2,35 Glee Club 35 Student Council 1,2,3. VIVIAN LORRAINIE CERVENE-"llc 120710, llllll 4'un"'. . . English, Language, Commercial5 One Act Plays 1,35 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Oper- etta 3,45 Girls Glee Club 2,3,45 Chorus 3,45 Dodger, Copy Editorg Student Council 3,4. 9 DARRELL DONALD CHAMBERS - cnznzming niakcs mi' olbvr iban u'ise...English, Social Science, Manual Arts5 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 One Act Plays 1. 9 LA DONNA M. CHASE--ber umlzilions reurb fbi' .vlz-y...Iinglisli, Language, Mathematicsg One Act Plays 3. MARIAN DELORIS CHELSTAD-fbi' :nukes fricmls 1'1'eryu'hrre . . English, Mathematics, Commercialg Ping-pong 2,3. 9 ALBERT BERNARD CHESLEY-a tall angular fellow, so was Lincoln... English, Commercial, Scienceg Football 15 Basketball 1,2,35 Track 1,2,3,45 One Act Plays 1,25 A11 School Plays 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Male Quartet 3,-1. 9 ROBERT CHRISTIANSON-cucla man must ilu his bmi. .IEAN K. CI.ARK-"Ie'anii' wilh the light lzrnirn buh". . . English, Commercial5 Volleyball 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Ping-pong 15 Kittenball 1,25 Foods Club 15 Girl Reserves 15 Operetta 35 Glee Club l,2,45 A cappella 35 One Act Plays 1. 9 JUNE CLARK-sbt' lullts with ber f1L'lllkl1lJll', imlbinkulzly lmuzfiful eyes . . . from Rochester, New York. 9 KOULA CONSTANTINE-sbt' is ii-mltby in her friends ...English, Language5 Basketball 1,25 Volleyball 1,25 Senior Girl Reserves 3,4, President 45 Sans Souci 45 A11 School Play 45 Glee Club 1,25 Student Council 1. DAVID COOPER-most is won when most is dureil...Englisli, Historyg Football l,2,3,45 Swimming 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 45 Hi-Y 1,2,35 One Act Plays 1,25 Little Dodger 45 Student Council, Presi- dent 45 Class Treasurer 15 Class President 3. 9 ALICE M. COP- PINGER-us vunffn-1' as ber gigglr...English, Science5 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Girls Glee Club 4. 9 ANNE CREWS-ber' smile is for i'i'r'ryonr, but brr bear! is for "Iot"'...English, Language, Social Scienceg Girl Reserves, Secretary 45 Intermediate Girl Reserves 2,3, Vice-President 35 One Act Plays 1,25 Girls Sextet 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Girls Glee Club 3,4, Secretary 45 Operetta 45 Dodger5 Student Council 1,4, Secretary 4. PHYLLIS D. CROSBY-fills your ears iviib nwloily sullcrlz. . .Eng- lish, Social Science, Science5 Basketball 25 Girl Reserves 35 One Act Plays 15 All School Play 45 A cappella 1,2,3,45 Swing Band Vocalist 3,45 Girls Sextet 35 Girls Glee Club 45 Student Council 3. 9 BILL BARTON CROWL-hi.v rrtorrl speaks for ilsrlf . . . English, Mathe- matics, Science5 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Nature Club 25 Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, President 35 Debate 45 One Act Plays 15 Glee Club 1,25 Little Dodger 35 Dodger, Editor5 Student Council 35 Class President 1. 9 FRANCES CRUSE -just a moment, I'll 1'lHlll4'1'f you . . . English, Science, Historyg from Duncombe. 1201 MICHAEL CUFF-"llnanvlxloinnl ar I um In jrubliv xfvralzirlgn... English, Language, Social Science, Mathematics, Hi-Y 1,25 Chess Club 1,2g Debate l,2,3,4g All School Plav 4: Student Council 4. 9 BETTE DAHLQUIST-Hmefhinkx, my latlry, lbw: truly basl u merry brad". . . English, Commercial, Intramural Manager 3, Bas- ltetball 1,23 Volleyball 1,25 Kittenball 1,2,3, Eieldball l,2, Ping-pong 1, Glce Club 1.2. 9 RUTH E. DANIELS-rbi' lmi common svnxv in IINFUIIIIIIIHI uw-yx . . . English, Commercial. ELEANOR MAYE DARNELL-tba' it rupalfli' uf guml Ibiugx . . . English, Commercial, Home Economics, Glee Club 1.2. 9 DELMAR DAYTON--a quiet .vludml wilb an iulrrrsl in "Mother llarlbu. .. English, Commercial, Printingg Graphic Arts Club. 9 EDNVARD DE BAKEY-u'l1-y nm'l rwryonr In' ax rnrrrvy aml iivilrczlllflml ax I? . ..English, Science, Mathematics, Intramurals 1,2,3g Hi-Y lg Glee Club l,2. MAR-IORIE CLARA DECKER-xbi' says Iilllf buf 0f'L'0IPIl7llXbt'S much . . . English, Science, Home Economics, Volleyball lg Girl Re- serves 4. 9 EDXVARD DEGNER-u'bar'.r Ibe xmell of Ibm' sm lo one lifllz' whiff of 177'illfl'7,X ir1k?. . . English, Printing, W'restling 1. 9 BURTIS DE NIO-he belongx in fbi' role of xlrong, xilrnl men . . . English, Mathematics, Basketball 1,25 Traclt 1,2,3g Football 1. -IIM DENNERY-lull, dark, and lmmlsnmr...English, History, Mathematics, Swimming 3,49 Football 1,2,3,4q Hi-Y l,2,3g Glee Club l,2.3,4: Little Dodger 4. 9 C. ,HAYNE DESSINGER-11 gfmrl wok for a lucky mun...English, Commercial, Science, Intramural Manager 4: Basketball 1,2,3,4q Volleyball 1,2,3,4q Kittenball l,2,3,4g Eieldball 1,2,3,4g Ping-pong 1,2,3,4g Tips-to-Teens 1, Glee Club 1. 9 FRANCES JEAN DICK-xbe fur! van'I make ber ryex bvbaw . . . English, Science, Art: Intramural Manager lg Art Club Zg One Act Plays: All School Play 4g Little Dodger 4. IRENE DOROTHY DILGES-lbrzrouglz in t'l't'1',YfbI?lXQ fwfr in laugbfrr...English, Commercial, Social Science, Home Economics, One Act Plays 15 Student Council 2. 9 ROBERT DONLY, JR.- wboxr muxing rbrrrs will be missed. . . English, Commercial, Cheer- leader 4, All School Play 45 Little Dodger 4. 9 IRVING G. DOR- HEIM-br' lzrrfit ur laugbing...English, Mathematics, Science: Football 1,2,3,4: Wlrestling 2,3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4: All School Play 4' Glee Club l,2,3,4: Opcretta 2,3,4g Little Dodger 3. i JUNE H. IJORN-"fo lu' rffirirnl in a qniel uuy, lbal ix my aim tbrougbuuf fbe Jay". . . English, Commercial, Home Economics, Vol- leyball l,2,3, Baseball 1,2, Captain 23 Basketball 1,23 Intramural Manager 25 Ping-pong 1,2. 9 CORINNE IZLINOR DUBBE- rlrlrrnxirlraf Io four Ihr world-or else . . . English, Commercial, Lan- guage. 9 HERSCHEL JOEL DUEKER-if il's grografvby-be lulowt fbi' amu.'rr . . . English, History. I21l Class of '40 ROBERT DUNSMOOR-applies bimsrlf ililigvnlly . . . English, Science5 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Track 1,25 Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Captain 2,3,45 Little Dodger 4. 9 CECIL ECKERMANJ bus u gooil limi' baring a gooil Iinlr.. . English, Mathematics, In- dustrial Artsg Glee Club l,2,3,4. 9 RAYMOND ECKERMAN-he simply 1L'0Illll work on u'o0ii...English, W'oodwork, Commercial5 Glee Club l,2. CARRIE LEE EDSON-ber mail lrails louuril sziususs. .. English, Commercial, Home Economics5 Volleyball 1,25 Basketball 1,2,3, Captain 35 Girl Reserves l,2,35 Tips-to-Teens 15 One Act Plays 15 Glee Club 1,25 Girls Glee Club 4. 9 DONALD D. EDW'ARDS- Ialzr' noir' 0' fbi' uorlil aml from ini' . . . English, Science, Commercial5 Marching Band l,2,3. 9 BILL EIKENBERRY - szivvrss is noi rzwcbml by iz single IPUIHILI . . . English, Science5 Football 15 Basketball 1,25 Dodger, Photographer5 Little Dodger 45 Student Council 2. ILIAH B. ELLIS-an nrlisf uilb ber lI!'4'tlll'...El'lgllSl'l, History, Home Economics5 from Pocahontas. 9 BOB ELSTON-1101 a ladies, man, bu! ll lailyls nzun. .. English, History, Commercialg Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 Little Dodger 4. 9 VVALTER W. ENGELBART-be may lose bis beuil, bill lIt'l'l'Y bis bearl.. .English, Science5 Tennis 3,45 Solo Club 35 Band 1,2,3,4, President 45 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Show Shop l,2,3,45 Clarinet Quartet 3,45 Woodwind Quintet 3,45 Ensemble 1,25 Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Swing Band 3,4. ROBERT EDISON-H man uilb brains ami wil . . . English, Science, Language, Mathcmatics5 Tennis l,2,3,4, Captain 35 Golf 45 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y 35 Debate 15 Glee Club 1,2,35 Student Council 3. 9 DON F. EVANS-srboul would br rifrv zvifbnnl books . . . Eng- lish, Machine DraWings5 Stamp Club5 Glee Club 1,2. 9 DUXVAYNE EVANS-ibz'n"s loo numb iloing-I z'un'l sri' if ull...English, Science5 Football l,2,45 Basketball 1,2,45 Intramurals l,2,3,4, Captain 45 Art Club5 All School Play 45 One Act Plays 25 Glee Club l,2,3,4. EUGENE EVENSON-u flying be u'o1rlil go. . .English, Science5 9 ROGER JOHN FALLON-ne1'er starls unylbing bi' fdllll ilo . . . English, Social Science, Commercialg Track 3,45 Intramurals l,Z,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 A cappella 3,45 Boys Glee Club 3,4. 9 .IIM FIELD- bis Irisb eyes arf' smiling . . . English, Mathematics5 Hi-Y l,2,3, Sec- retary 35 Student Council 45 Class Treasurer 4. NORMA JEANNE FINNEY-a smile of sincrrily fha! newr fades ...English, Science, Language5 Basketball l,3,45 Ping-pong 1,3,45 Volleyball 1,35 Girl Reserves 1,3,45 Interpretive Reading 1,3,45 Camera Club 45 Chess Club, Secretary 35 Debate 3,45 One Act Plays 1,35 Orchestra l,3,45 Glee Club 15 Student Council 15 Marching Band 45 Dodger5 Little Dodger 4. 9 JEAN FISCHER-a lrnly blushing blond . . . English, Commercial, Home Economicsg Girl Reservesg Glee Club 15 Little Dodger 4. 9 WILLIAM FISHER-I tbinlz I need a rlrmperorir . . . English, Science, Mathematics5 Football l,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,2,35 I-li-Y l,2,3. 12211 MERLE FOOTE-his head and bands work equally well . . . English, lVIathematics5 Football 25 Basketball 1. ' JAMES FOUST-always engaging :md obliging . . . English, Science, Industrial Arts. 9 LLOYD FUHRMEISTER-not all greal men are known yef... English, Mathematics, Science, History, Basketball l,2,3,4g Track 15 Band 1,25 Orchestra 2. KATHLEEN FUTTER-ber efficiency is tbe silent lziml . . . English, Commercial. 9 jULIA EILEEN GAGNON- simply sweet and simple . . . English, History, Languageg Glee Club 1. ' ANNA MARIE GAWTRY-she favors a journalistic fivlil . . . English, Com- mercialg Little Dodger 4. PAULINE C. GEORGE-jus! as happy as ber smile iliseloses.. . English, Science, Home Economics, Volleyball 1. ' DELORES LUCILLE GILBERT-much eoulil be said, but she'l1 keep quiet . . . English, Commercial, Home Economicsg Glce Club l,2,3. ' THOMAS GOLLOB-aml be always saiil he bail his lesson . . . Eng- lish, Mathematics, Industrial Arts, Scienccg Wrestling 1,2,35 Glee Club I. LENORE B. GOODSON--soon slJe'll reign in a foliage small. . . English, Home Economics, Basketball 1,25 Volleyball 1,25 Girl Re- serves I,2,3,45 Glec Club 15 Little Dodger 5. 5 MARILYN GREEN-our Iu'o-worileil girl, "pep personified". . . English, Mathe- maticsg Cheerleader 25 Girl Reserves 3,45 Show Shop 2,5,45 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 String Quartctte 2,3,45Chorus 2,3,45 Little Dodger 4. ' ROSELEE GRIBBLE-iwinkling brown eyes uml a slow, shy smile impress you firsl . . . English, Home Economics5 Operetta 2. BERNARD C. GRIMES-gooil naliireil, quiel aml u'ell-likeil... English, Industrial Arts. 9 NORMAN GRIMES-be uas fhe besl kiml of a frienil. . . English, History, Language. 9 HELEN MAR- JORIE GRUNDON-qiiiel, biz! slill waters run tleep...EngIish, Science, Mathematics, Language5 Basketball l,2,4, Captain 25 Vollev- ball Z,3,45 Baseball l,2,45 Ping-pong l,2,45 Deck Tennis l,2,45 Field Ball 45 Intramural Manager 1,45 Girl Reserves l,Z,3, Vice-President 2, Treasurer 35 Sans Souci 3: Comment Dit-on 45 One Act Plays 15 Chorus l,2,35 Dodgcr5 Student Council I. NORMAN I-IALFI'APiu.'ise, moilesl, :mil eonslaui.,. English, Mathematics, Language, Scienceg Tennis 4. ' PAULYNE G. I-IALFPAP-rluerfiil aml happy, a pleasant fompanion always... English, Language5 Dodger. 9 DALE S. HALL-be tzirneil slowly anil ileliberalely ilroppeil ii in lbs' baske! . . . English, Mathematics, Commercial, Basketball 3,45 Tennis I. l23l MAXINIQ HAMllI.liTON--1111111 111' l1111l1'1'lufqi'i In ilu-sbt' dncx . . . English, Social Science, Debate 15 One Act Plays 3. 9 -lOllN ARTHUR HARMON--af bis ilizik l1i'l1a1l ilu' fouls 111111 uir of um' irfm llfX1'lj Alib4'Ill4'1l . . . lfnglish, Science, Matliematicsg Track 2,3,45 W'restling 2,3,45 Chess Club 1,25 One Act Plays 2,35 Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Operetta 3,45 Student Council 4. 9 W'Il.I.lAM DIQVIQRIQ HARRIS-if 11 1111111'i bl'iIYfl.Y in fbi' riglrl lrlilvv, if 1!ItIff4'1'1 Hof bii size . . . linglish, Mathematics, Science, NlVrestling 1,2,?15 Basketball l,2,45 Glee Club 35 Operetta 45 Chorus 45 Boys Glee Club 3,45 Little Dodger 35 Student Council 152. 9 MARQIORHC HART-by .vajiug 11ufbi11g Alu- l1ll.X.Xl'.1 ux uixr . . . English, Commercial, Home liconomics5 Girls Glee Club 3,45 Glee Club 1,25 A cappella 3,45 Operetta 1.2.3,-15 Student Council 3. 9 GERALD A. HARTSOCK-u liflli' ll0IlAl'llSt' lu' 1'11joj.i ubirb ix frm' of 11111115 lwyx...ling1is11, Manual Artsg Track l.2,35 Band 1,2,3,45 Marching lland 1,2.3,45 Glee Club 1. 9 JACK IIAUSIZR-u ln! of ilbiliiry '11u11lfJ f1i.i ll1ilif1'xl4'1'iu1'. . . linglishg liootball 1,2,3,45 XVrestling 1.2.35 Chess Club 25 Glee Club 1. IKOBIQRT D. HliATl:li-illuwyx 11 i'11rr'1'11i plnlv of filillfllfl . . . English, Science, Social Sciencc5 Football 2,35 Basketball 1,25 A11 School Play 45 Glce Club 15 Opcretta 3,4. 9 VVALTIIR RUDOIPH l'lIilTNl2R--lu' bi-lil lrii fllllgllt' in t'0NlfPtHlj'... lfnglish, Industrial Arts. 9 EUGENE F. HICNSEN-u i'1a.v.i111uli' 'who ix rivb in .quail bllIlIU1'...E1'IgllSl1, Mathematics, Science, History. 9 KENNETH T. HEN- TON-aur 11ig11ific'1l 417111 .rlmlionx l'0lHlL'f1 1!Y'4'Xi1l1'IIlT.11lI7l1'fil!Il'X . . . English, Mathe- maticsg Basketball 1,2,35 Hi-Y 1,2,35 Chorus 15 l.ittle Dodger 45 Student Council 3.4, President 4. 9 KATHRYN HIQRGENRIZTER-fl1r1'1",i 110 lL'i7lfl'1' i11 ber lwurt ...Fnglish, Mathematics, Language. 9 GljRALDlNlf LAURINE HICKIQY-xln' 1lIll'Ylllf .sl1i1'lc, lm! lui'kli'i fbi' li'xi011.i ibut ili'11111111l lllllk . . . lfnglish, Commercialg Little Dodger 4. LLROY HIGGINS-l1i"i 11 Iwi uf quiwl uuyx . . . linglisli, History. Printing oot ball 1. 9 IQRMA M. Hl1.l.-iln"r 11 iluzzliug xfrvak 011 flu' gym floor . . . I'ng isi llistory5 Basketball 35 liield Ball 25 Softball5 Volleyball 35 Ping-pong 3 Deck Tennis 15 Hiking5 Girl Reserves. 9 KIICAN HILL-an uvliii' miml, iilmx rlclrr 11 l uf fzfu i1111l jolly t'lA'Y'...l2l'1gl1Kl1, Mathematics5 Pingvpong 1,25 Volleyball 1 2 Cir Reserves 3,45 Band 1,2.3,45 Glee Club5 Little Dodger 4. 9 RUSSELL O. HILI .iili'1n'i' Ima 1111111i i111z1111h1g1'.i . ,. lfnglish, Social Science, Printing5 Glee Club 9 GAR'l-l'l HINKLF-111 l1.m'l111ll 111' um .iu'ij'l um! x1in'...linglisli, Commercial Social Science. 9 BIQVFRLY KIANIQ HINTON--sbt' i'11l1'r1'1l urfizifirx rivri wav 11'fl'l71'1lX1'1' ical . . . Iinglisli, Industrial Arts: Basketball 1,Z,3,4, Captain 35 Vollcx ball 7 1,-,3,45T:ield Ball 4. 124 A'I HI RINI' I'. IIOII.'XNfuifnlr'111 ' I s ' Q ... i1'sli,IIistnrx'. Seiemx isti rrp 'v evwa -3 5asAetb.lI 2g 'ek Ien lg ne-pin g 25 asc 1. lg 'I ,Ill II Ill lfHl,X Int II I '. . , NIARGARI 'I' IIOI NIAN4ifn' Il unlil like tl fillqln r ml! uf IIIIVVIIIIVQ . . .I nglisli. II il XIII 'I ll 3 I It 1 Dt nis I'i 1 I5 I1II I eltl Ilall 2: Ililting Z1 All Sehnul Play 4: Operetta Ig Glec Club -I: Dodger. ' LIANI. IIOIK Ii-il girl in lvrwij at il Marifv nmru . . . Inelisli. language: Ihngfpnng 1.2: Vt-llvyhall 1.11 Art Club 1.3,-4. President 4: Girl Reserves 1.3.-Ig Sans Snuei ig All Sehnnl Plas' 41 Ilatnn 'liwirling 3. . NIARDI',I.I,I IIOYI'.Y-ifu' ii grulli, ifn' li ifu,l1lrfffii'r'i"i Illllt filrf in fin' mt' . . . Iznglisli, fanninereial, Nlatlieniatiesg Glee I lub 133 Big Klinrus 4g Stutlent Council ig Intramural Manager lj. 9 V.'XI.I.'I4'I4lX XDl"I,I"NA IIUIIISARD-lqrrlllt' uilii, tl IIIIX lYIII'I'...I'iI'IjlIISl1, Ilistnry. Ilnnie V Ieonmnies: Girl Reserves 3,-I. ' VIOI.If'I4 IUXICNIA IIUIIIIARIlgfrunlt'-kwjrllllq fmllli art' lltlilfllflf...I'il1gIISl1, Ilislnry, Ilunie Icnnnniies: Girl Reserves 2,3.-I. ISOIS IIUI.NIIII'IiC1-ilu' 1fn'rll1sIr'i tlmi t1jrln'i'inlli'i fm l'l1unIi'if4Qi'..,I'nglisIi. M.nhematies, Science. tNo I'ietureJ. RONALD II, IIUI,IlSC.II7fm fnrli fum' ls lfn' M111 nf 111-1111 girls . . . Inglisli. XY'nmIwnrIt: Intrainural Iiasltetballg Ilaseballg Glee Club. . DOROIIIY Illflilf- MAN-.1 HIHIIIIII will! aim Mill Vlllll fruit' .1 imma' . . . Iinglisli, Cnmniereialg Ilasltet- ball 1,43 Ifieltlball I,-43 'liips-to-Teens Ig One Act Plays 21 Glee Club 2.3: Girls Glee Club 3,43 Ilig Clmrus 2,3,4. ' IlII,I,Y IIUTCIIINSON-ulnlrr my ,qiililj rmlllmvx, I tim H'Y'ilIIIW . . . Ifnglisli, Mathematics, Draftingg Glee Club I,2,5.-I3 Orchestra IJ,-I. 9 VIRGINIA YVONNI2 INIHOII-tl qlrirl i'or1.nit'm'i' uiulcrs nm' ii'r'i'm' Ifnglisli, Cnniniercial. Science. ' I'iRNIA D. IRVINI'i-l1lt',i,n'il uilfi ffm! IKIHIVIII In jvliutu' . . . Ifnglisli, Commercial, Sneial Science. ' DOROTHY ROSI'i KIIZNSIZN- uifb il WHIIII' llml Icuuln in going . . . Iinglish, Nlatliematies. Commercial. ANIIA V. .IKNSON-I1 rril fnlirrtf IIIIIIIXUI frrri' jun ulwl . . . Iznglisli, Science, llume Iennuniies. ' IIOIS I.. -IUIIINCK-I fllfllk, lln'n'furt' I IllIl...I'.l1gIISI1, Mathe- inaties, Science: Debate Ig Ilantl l,2,5g Urehestra lg Marching Iiand l,2g Show Slmpg Intramural Manager. . DI-1AN ,IUIINSON-ltlrirlti IX lfu' ijrirt' nf life. . . Iinglisli, Ilistnryg Speech: One Act Playsg I.ittle Dodger 3. 5 DICK K. .IOHNSON -fm funn' ut an uflmlwli' 1.x taiilt's11rt'ml, for in lvoyi' ullrlclnii ln' ulivuya fmt Intl . . . Ifnglisli, language, Mathematics: Football l,Z,3,4, Captain 45 Basketball I,2,3,4: 'liraclt I,2,3,-Ig I-Ii-Y 33 Class President 4. ' DONALD K. HIOHNSON-blur' flrinli furl1ll1i'l'rmn1v . . . English, Ilistnry, Drafting: Art Club. ' HIfI.IfN M. JOHNSON -fflullifiii :lI'l'lIlf tllllzlIX Ilgllf-lH'AlI1t'1l . . . Ifnglish, Language: Volleyball I,2,3.4, Captain 2.3: Basketball I,2,3.4, Captain 2,31 Softball l,2,3.-I, Captain 23 Deck Tennis 1,31 Ping-pong 2.3. Captain 33 Ifieldhall 21 I.ifesas'ing IJ,-4: Girl Reserves l,2, Treasurer 2: Orchestra l,2.3,4: Glee Club 1,31 Chorus 55 Little Dodger 4: Student Council 4: Intramural Manager 2,-1. Class of '40 PEARL JOHNSON-uifh nzvrlz and Ill!-AIffil'L2ll'J grace.. . English, Language, Commercial, Basketball, Volleyball, Deck Tennis, Ping- pong, Kittenball, Girl Reserves, Athletic Captain. ' EILEEN -IOHNSTON-ilu' urn! ulmul l'I'l'V'j' laik in u biisinris-like nay . . . English, History, Home Economics, Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Swimming 1,2,5,4, Deck Tennis 1,2,5, Softball 1,2,3,4, Eieldball l,2, Ping-pong 1,2,3,4, Girl Reserves 1, Tips-to-Teens 1, Tumbling, President 1.2, Glee Club 1, Little Dodger 4, Athletic Captain 1. 0 111-LANOR MARGARET ,IORDISON-it taker lift- lo loin' lifr'...Iinglish, History, Girl Reserves 4, Speech, Little Dodger 4, NINA MAE ,IOR DISON-wishing will mukt' il so . . . English, Home Economics, Commercial. ' MARYBELLE ,IOSEPH-"buf uuyx un' u'aVy.v of pli'usur1lm'xx". . . English, Social Science, Language, Volley- ball 1, Basketball 1, Kittenball 1, Sans Souci, Tumbling 1,2. ' VIOLA MARIE JULIUS-u llaiulzillg girl-u uilzxome luxx . . . Eng- lish, Language, Home Economics. VIRGINIA ELNORA K1-Q1iL1iR-rbi' Algleil herself in im ollliloor girl . . . English, Commercial, Language, Volleyball, Captain 4, Bas- ketball 4, Kittenball 3, Eieldball 2, Deck Tennis 1. ' RALPH KINGSBURY-"I uuuf what I mul! when I nun! ii". . , English, Science, Commercial. ' ERNEST LESTER KIRBY-frunlzly, l'ln in eurmal! . . . English, W'oodwork, History, Perry High School 1,2,3. AGNES KLEIN-muy mnie, mx-v go . . . English, Science, Swimming 1,2, Volleyball 1, Basketball 1,2, Lifesaving 4, Deck Tennis 4, Girl Reserves, Glee Club, Little Dodger 4. 5 NEVA FRANCES KNICK- ERBOCK1iR-liir, lungb, uml ln' merry . . . English, History, Com- mercial, Basketball l,2, Softball 1,2, Fieldball 1, Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus, Band l,2, Orchestra 1,2. ' FRANCES EVELYN KNUT- SON-lbrndx u rim uml a .map in her pleilsuni u'uyx...English, Language, Deck Tennis 3, Volleyball l,2, Basketball 1,2,4, Life- saving 3, Girl Reserves 2,5,4, Sans Souci 4, Debate 2, One Act Plays l,2, Interpretive Readers 1,Z,4, All School Play 2, Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Show Shop 1,2,4. ELORIS MADELYN KOHLER-her l0l'1llIIIllIVvj' consists mmll-y of A'x . . . English, Science, Mathematics, Commercial, Volleyball 1, Girl Reserves 4, Girls Glee Club 4, Glee Club l,2, A cappella 3,4, Sextet 4, Operetta 3,4. ' JULIUS KOLESAR-a full, biuzilmnzt' mini who jmrsues bis quiel way . . . English, Woodwork. 9 AUDREY MAE KORTZ-u frm' elif-1111-1111 line iff' , . , English, History, Home Economics, Science, Basketball 1, Volleyball 1, Lifesaving 1, Kitten- ball 1, Quartet 4, Band l,2,3,4, Glee Club l,2, A cappella 3,4, Opererta 3,4. FRANCES KRAMME-sb1"x tiny lm! mighly .. . English, History, Language, Science, Fieldball 1, Basketball 1, Volleyball 1, Sans Souci 4, Girl Reserves 2,3, Sextet 3, Debate 1, One Act Plays 2, A cappella 5,4, Chorus l,2. 9 BONNIE KURTZ-u VlI01ll'Vl1 girl uilla big blue eyes, uml fIl'fSIJllllllfJ' luive ber size , . . English, Mathe- matics, Science, Ping-pong 1, Lifesaving 1, Volleyball l,2, Basket- ball 1,2, Softball l,2, Tips-to-Teens 1, Girl Reserves 4, Intramural Manager 1, Orchestra 3,4, Glee Club 1,3, Little Dodger 4, Student Council 1. ' LANORA MARGARET LANE--a girl uho in arf takes u wry affirm' par! . . . English, Commercial, Home Economics, Quoit 2, Baseball l,2, Volleyball 1,Z, Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4, President 2, Glee Club 2, A cappella 3,4. 1261 ROISVRT C. 1.ARSON-dmlvilmn lmt rm Science. Printing: Intramurals 2.5.-4: One Act Plays 2. 9 HUB I.. LARSON- ln' nut 111l1t'lr4.wIifnl11 . . . Ilnglisli. XY'ootlworlt: Wrestling 2: Football 1.2: Speecli 4. ' I71.OR1fNCI'f LIQNNON-tl l'!liIV'HlI7IK lttsilr. !IIHHl.'1' imil gui Inglisli, 1,atin. Nhtliematics. 1518811-Q Nl.-XY NIARII-. 1.1iES 1.1-.WIS-I1ji'i.i ini! il fwul uf t'ln'rrii'i . . . Ifnglisli. language. Home Nlanngement: Volleyball 1.2.3.-8: Bas- ketball 1.2.3,-0: Baseball 1.2.3.-1: Ping-pong 1.2.3.-1: Deck Tennis 1.2.3.-1: Girl Reserves 4: Debate 3: Atliletic Captain 1.2.5.-1. ' PLIQANOR 1.INGRI"1'iN-tl smile tl ifilvy kwjtv Hit' flulzila tllltlj Ifuglisli. Language. Commercial: Dodger. . VIRGINIA 1.. 1.0VIi1.1. -mm gltztl lllfb twill' tmtf 111111 itl lfrntz ilmifnttril fn maui tl i't1ri'li'ii tiIlV'I...Il1gI1Xl1. Language. Home Iieonomics: Volleyball 2: Girl Reserves 2.5,-4: Art Club 4: Sans Souei .13 All Seliool Play 4: Une Act Plavs 2 151-.TTY LUCAS-it lflnmli' lllfll a Alllllt' ii tr lwlnlrlt' uurllmbllt' . .. Iinglisli. Science. Commercial: Swimming 4: Baseball 3: Volleyball 5: Basketball 5: Deck Tennis 1: Ping-pong 2: Girl Reserves 4: One Act Plays 1.2: All Scliool Play 4: Drama 4: Glee Club 1.2.3.-1: Little Dodger 4: Student Council 2: Class Secretary 3.4. 0 SYLYIA MARION 1.URIIi-il'fJie111ll,w flltlltl flnlifs netrr itfriuil . . . ling- lisli. Commercial. Art: Girl Reserves 4: Art Club 4: Debate 5.4: Interpretive Reading 4: All Selinnl Play 4. ' HARRY LUTHIQR. KIR.-ulltlit' fm i'xIi'rmr lurkt it lnulrl of .ql1Itf...I"nglisli. Nlatlie- matics. Art. MAVIS 1.YDIQRS-tlnlrHitl.q met unil i'fn't'ry azllile. :mum llt'tlI'X fIlll1'X IYVXIIIIF...I'i!1llllSl1. Language. Ilonie Ifconotnies: Volleyball 1.2: Baseball 1.2: Sans Souci 4: Girl Reserves 1.2. ilireasurer 4: Band 1.2: Glee Club 1.2.33 Student Council 1.2.5. 5 MILAN MACIQK- u lilllt' ltltf It ilfm tl Nllllllllg 'fLlt'1'.. . Ifnglisli. Science: Wrestling 1.2.3.-1. Captain 3: Student Council 3. 5 KA'1'IIlfRINIi rl. X1e1iANlf- lfn'ri"t fzlilglrlvlf1i'rut'!1tIfitlxqurx.ittnlilifeilliuft.'l'.tfnlrftl1t1.emei .. Iinglisli. History. Science. Art: Girl Reserves 1.23: Art Club 1.2: Tips-to-Teens 1.2. I'iARl.IfNI, X1cCL'1.1.OL'GII4-ilnlflilinliwfsfn' tltlillvi, lin! ilu' ixl1'l xl .qrll1tf...lft1g.glisli. Nlatliematics. Commercial: Volleyball 2: Prasltetball 2: iliennis 2. ' MARY 1.011151-. NlcGI1,l,-rlul only gmail fm! gumf jul' iuulelfmlyg...I'Qni.glisli. Home Iieonomics: Volleyball 1.2: Girl Reserves 1.2.3: One Aet Plays 1: Glee Club 1.2.31 Girls Glee Club 4: 1.ittle Dodger 4. 9 -IOHN N1eI11iNRY-lmllumg teutnri-il, llilflllllx Aqizimwl. DON VINLI Nil' X1cXIAIl47N-our funr slim' fflluu: luli'II1gi'uii Ifmkt. jrrrwlmflli. tjt:uli...I'ngl1sl1. C.oniinercial. language. Nlatlie- maties: Pnotlsall 2.1.4: 'liraclt 1.4: XX'restlin3.g 2.1,-1: Intramurals 1.2.1.-1: 11ivY 2.3: Sans Souci 4: Debate 2: Une Act Pl.tys 1.2: All Scliool Play 4: 1.ittle Dwdger 9: 'Student Council 4, Secretary 4. ' ,IOIIX K. N1eN1.-XIIOXJM3 ttfntl inn lull, fm! le! fm' ijnulk lrm.qi'r ...I'nglisli. Xlatlieniatxes. Science. Wrestling 2.5.43 Iioot- ball 2.3.4: Intramurals l.2.?.4: Hi-Y 2.3.4: Sans Sittci 4: Debate 2.3.-4: One Act Plays 1: All Scliool Play 4: Sttttlent Council 3. . .IUANITA D. XIAGNCSSON-tt IIIIVILIHNQ ylrlfil ttmiunli' lust . .. Iinglisli. History. Home Izconzimicsg Iironi Cigiwriq. l27f 40 D Wf- f A 425: I . 7' fig, 7. 09' 17 'T .af I Class of '40 CIIARI l"S NIAIIONLY--u ,qmail fwlfuu among f4'IIou 1 . . .I.nglisl1. Science. Nlatlwematicsg Golf5 Track: Basketball I, Captain I5 Glee Club I. 9 -IOHN MARRIQY-lu' ifnujrx Io vmtliing-wit' ilu' Jour . . . linglisli, History. Science. 9 BOB L. MARTIN-lirri-'t ilu' gal- lllllf fcnlgfil. lm! u fn'n"w ilu' Iilifi fair?...IfnglisI1. Matliematics. llistory: Debate 5.4: Student liouncil l. ROBLRT li. Nllfllllllifvm our lcrmui u lm! ln' mm ilu :mill lrr lrrri . . . I-Qnglisli, XVoodwork, Intramurals l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Vfrest- ling 3,4. 9 HELEN MIQRRYMAN-as nierrj' ui lbe Jug ii lung . .. Ifnglisli. Social Science, I.anguage5 Girl Reserves l,2,3,4, President 35 Sans Souci Z: Tips-to-Teens I: One Act Plays 1,25 Girls Glee Club: Glue Club I.2,3: Little Dodger 4. 9 LLOYD DUANIQ INIIfSSIfRLY Tlfffllxfll ii of miml, :mf of lwilli . . . Ifnglisli, Science: Intramurals I,2.3,4, Ili-X 1. l.UClI,I.I-I NIOCKITIWI'-cbt' xingi brr uuzrv inlu bt'lH'fA...I'iI1gIISl1, Science: Girl Reserves 4: A cappella 25,45 Girls Glee Club 3,45 Oper- etta 2,3,45 Little llndger 45 Student Council 3. 9 ROBERT O. NIOIQ-rrzmleit abou! bit url1i4'1i'nn'r1fx . . .1inglish, Mathematics, His- toryg Basketball l,2,3,45 Tennis 3,45 Chess Club l,25 Debate 1,35 All School Play 45 Dodger. 9 W'II.I,IS MOIfI,I.IiR-for l1r't as KQUOIII a frlluu' ai any on rurlli . ..Ifnglisli, Science, Industrial Arts: Track I.1.3,45Hi-Y Z:Cl1orus l,2.3,45 Operetta 2,3,45 Boys Glcc Club 3,45 Boys Quartet 4. KI-INNY NIORIil.ANID-lm frn'nil.t lrrxl kmm' lrix frm' uwirtb... Iinglisli, Seienee5 Track l,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,25 Hi-Y 1,25 Band l,2,3,45 Orcliestra l,Z,3,45 Cliorus l. 9 NANCY MURI'I'IY-- "iim, IIIQIIV. imil1ilaIil5i"...IinglisI1, History, Language5 Art Club 25 Girl Reserves 3,45 Sam Souci 25 Comment-dit-ons 45 Glee Club l,2,3: Girls Glee Club 2.3: Operetta 3: I7odger5 Little Dodger 45 Student Council 4. 9 DI-ILORIS IiI.AINI'f NIUSSIiI.MAN-lmril uorking, ilvaili uml fuilliful it tfn- . . . Iinglisli, Commercial, Home IICHIIOIHICSQ Vollcyball I. ARI,I'iNI'. IIOTA Nl'iI.I,lS-fm' I1 Ilgfvf Imlrl litvt long . . . Ifnglisli, Art. 9 RUBY A. NlfI.SON-frm smile it uurm und glailtome... Ifnglisli. Commercial. 9 RAY S. NI-QVVBROUGH-rffvzrli aluaii wruufi' ululifi .. . Iinglisli, History, XY'oodword5 Vfrestling I5 Basket- ball I5 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Operetta 3. l,A MI'RI.I. NIQXVSUM-jus! lin' uitli fu lwlji inmllirr... Ifnglisli, Home Ifconomics, language: Sans Souci. 9 KATHI,IiIiN NIQNYMAN -li-all :mil I fnlluu ...lfnglisli, Commercialg Girl Reserves 2,3,4: One Act Plays 25 Glee Club l,25 Cliorus l,2. 9 GWIQNDOLYN GI-'NI-Q NICXVTON-u lailtv uilli litvrurj IIJIIKIIIKX . , . Iinglisli, Com- mercial, I.:tnguage5 Interpretive Reading 25 Quill R Scroll 3,45 Girl Reserv-et 3,45 Art Club l.2,35 Sans Stiuci 35 Debate 3: One Act Plays l,2: Operetta 25 Glee Club 2,35 A cappella 2,35 Little Dodger 3,4. rfb IZSI 6 rfb! ERMA NIMS-sbt' will bi' mixxml in gyrn . . . English, Mathematics, Commercial, Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Swimming 1,2,3, Ping-pong 1,2,3,4, Deck Tennis 2,3,4, Fieldball 3.4, Kittenball 1,2,3,4, Tumbling Club 1,Z, One Act Plays, Glue Club, Operetta 4: Girls Glee Club 2. 9 BILL V. NITZEL--I :wifi le! my ilmlging irilvrfere uiib my viliinifiorz . . . English, History, Science, Xvoodwork, Football 1. 9 KEITH GLENN NORDEEN--I uixb I bail ii linlx fair . . . English, Sciences, Industrial Arts, Graphic Arts Club. NAURINE NORTHRUP-imliz'iilnulily uml hrilliamj' uf mimi an' bn but knou rx qualities . . . English, Language, Deck Tennis 2,3,-4, Volleyball 1,2,3,-O, Captain 5, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Fieldball 3,-1, Cap- tain 3, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Ping-pong, French Club 4, Orchestra l,2,3,-4, Show Shop 3,-4, String Quartet 4, Little Dodger 4, Dodger. 9 RUS- SELL NOVY-b1'ri"x 4 man uilb high umbiliorix uml a ilinxin' to ilo gnu! Ibmgx . . . English, Science. Mathematics, Football 1,2, Track 2, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Operetta 2,3,4, Student Council 4. 9 THOMAS OLSON-llae girl who gris him will be lucky. . .English, Mathe- matics, Sans Souci 4, President 4, One Act Plays 1,2, All School Play 3, Glee Club 1,2, Chorus 2,3,4, Operetta 2,3,4, Student Council 1,2. ,IEANNETTE OPPEL-ilk bn qualify lim! counts, not ber quantify . . . English, Language, Social Science, Cheerleader 5, Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4, Tips-to-Teens 1, One Act Plays 1,2, A11 School Play 4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, A cappella 4, Girls Glee Club 3,4, Little Dodger 4, Dodger, Student Council 4. 9 DOROTHY ELLEN OSBORN-ber fingrrx lrip lightly nwr Ibm' lyp4'u'riIi'r keys ... English, Commercial, Girl Reserves 1,2,3,4. 9 ROGER OSMAN- SON-be smiles mi Ihr unrlil, uml il smiles lniflt nn bim . . . English, History, Football I, Basketball 2,3,-1, Swimming 4, Basketball 1,2,3,4: Glee Club 4. VVARREN H. OSMANSON1lIll'fflllll'lPlX uilb lmrnilihvx niiivlrivf ...English, Sciences, Mathematics, V'oodwork. 9 ARLING I. OSTREM-ii likeable, free, frirmlly mini . . . English, Physics, Com- mercial, Wrestling 1, Football 1,Z,3,4, Basketball 1,2, Hi-Y 1,Z,3,-1, Glee Club l,2,3,4. 9 MARY IRIZNIQ LUCILLE OTTO-zu' uncom- lrlixb mnrb ubvn uv work quiz'!ly...English, Science, Language, Basketball, Captain 3, Volleyball 3, Kittenball 1, Glee Club 1. HIAMES PAPPAS-gnml .w11.u' ii fbi' muxlur of lmniun lift' . . . English. 9 NICK PAPPAS-he gurl bil icuy lflilkillg fini for t'l1'Vj'0llL' bi' nlrrlx. . . English, History, Language, W'restling 2, Intramurals l,2,3,4, Captain 2,4, Hi-Y 1,2,3, Chess Club 2, All School Play -1, Glee Club 3, Little Dodger 4, Student Council 1. 9 ANGELA PAUL -lbs fllllXlt'f pwlzi nu! from ber xmiling llfllllll 1'-wi .. . English, Social Sciences, Art, Girl Reserves 4, Glee Club 2,3,-1. ,IOHN Al. PEED-bfrr's one mini ulm ilm'su'l lrll all be krmui . .. Iznglish, History, Industrial Arts, Track 1,2. 9 BERT PETERSON -im unfuilmg goml humor rlaiiriicterizrx lain: English, Science. Printing, Glee Club 5. 9 DORIS jEAN PIZTIQRSON-our ilurr fnlil girl-reinlg Io laugh, lmr, lin' . . . English, Mathematics, Social Science, Commercial, Girl Reserves 3, Art Club 4, Chorus 1,2. 1291 'eff L.:-:V EREDA MARIE PETERSON-sbt' but helped 115 all in Ibm' lil1rury...English, History, Latin. 9 LAVERN PETERSON-deliberalrh' be gow uboni his IlIlXf7H'XA . . . English, Sl1op3 Basketball 1,2,5,4. 9 PAULINE VERA PETERSON-jolly ami l'lIt'l'gl'fiC...E11gl1Sll, Home Economicsg Art Club 43 Glee Club I,2,3,4Q Girls Chorus 4. 9 ALVIN E. PIEPER, jR.-vfforfs uluuyx rrvult' nlliliiy. .. English, Science, Social SClC11CC1 Camera Club 4. 9 PAULINE PINGEL-pulieul, imfux- friunx, l'At'L'l'tli7lgIj' shy . . . English. 9 NELDA ARLINE PLOOG-Ibvy are 1u't'rr alom' who are llt't'UllI17lIHIl'tl by noble ihougbfs . . . English, Language, Commercialg Volleyball I,2Q Basketball I,2Q Deck Tennis I,2Q Softball l,2Q One Act Plays 13 Glee Club 1,2,43 Student Council 2. DOROTHY GICRTRUDE PORTER-u sb-y fan' Li l1l'1f1'f rbtm 1 oruurtl bluff ...English, Latin, Mathematics, Home Economics. 9 DAVIS l'OR'1'ER-fben' uri' Iwo Jays iw m't1'i' xboulil :Larry dlldllff-j'l'Afl'1'tlllj' arm' lamorruu' . . . English, Mathematics, History, Science3 Football 1,2,33 Hi-Y I,2,3, Secretary 23 One Act Plays 1,23 Senior Play 43 Glee Club 4. 9 HELLEN MARILYN PORTER-xfJt"x "Cb1u'lz" full of fllYl...E1'1gl1Sl1, Commercial, Language3 Cheerleader 33 Girl Reserves 1,2,33 Tips-to-Teens 13 All School Play 43 Stage Crew I,2,3Q One Act Plays 23 Opcretta 3,43 Glee Club Z,3,-43 A cappella 43 Little Dodger 4. 9 ROBERT C. PORTER-lbz' wily mental t'.wl't'ixt' I ge! is jumping at t'om'1uxi0nx . . . English, 1'rinting3 Wrestling 23 Intramurals 23 Golf l,2,3,4, Graphic Arts Club Z3 Little Dodger 4. 9 HELEN MAURICE POWERS-xrrzilirltqlj' qnit'!...Englisl'i, Com- mercial, Science, Social Studics3 Girl Reserves 1. 9 JAMES E. RALSTON-lbw lbing I van Jo lies! is rxpamf my :Highly t'lJl'Sf . . . English, Artg W'restling I,2,5,4Q Basketball 1,2,3,4, Captain l,2Q One Act Plays 1,23 Glec Club 1,2. ROSS REED-I thought I xuu' bin! xllztfuyiug, lull lo! il uux a tlrrunz . . . English, Science. 9 ROLAND ROBERT REED-Irby lake lift' seriously? We llt'1't'l' gel ou! nlitr...English, Mathematics, Latin3 Football 1,23 Swimming I,2,3Q Student Manager 43 Tennis 1,2,3,43 One Act Plays I,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus l,2Q Little Dodger 4. 9 XVENDELL J. REED-wise, lull be falkx not of his kll0u'lv1fgv. . . English, Latin, History, M3IhCH13!lCSQ Eootball 1,23 Track Manager 5,43 Hi-Y l,2,3Q Orig- inal Oratory 43 Debate I,3,4Q Stage Crew 3. 9 BETTY REEDY-tu' :Usb ur' mighl burr klIUll'lI lim' ln'lft'r. ..English, Mathematics, History3 she made her record at Clare. 9 VVILLIAM REINMAN-a wal XflIt!1'Hf is run'...English, Science, History, R'12lIl'1C1l12lllC5, Intramurals 2,3,4Q Basketball 2,3,43 One Act Plays 1: A cappella 1,2,3,4. 9 EILEEN M. REYNOLDS-umf llldj' gmail lurk go H1117 Ibm' . . . English, Science3 Speech 43 Drama 4. 1101 GLENN REZABEK-he Iii-vt in Ihr iinkuoun Ihrnugh his nmlhemufiuzl calcula- lio11x...English, Language, Mathematics, Science, One Act Plays 3. 9 BETTY RICHARDSON-if you uvml xonzelhiug ilime, ask me, I'll help . . . English, Com- mercial, Girl Reserves 3,4, Student Council 4. 9 EMMA H. RICKE-her genlle Blass of '40 mimi hy genile ilceilx is known . . . English, Science, Language, Fieldball 4, Volleyball l,3,4, Basketball l,3,4, Softball l,3,4, Ping-pong 3,-4, Deck Tennis 3,4, Tumbling Club I, Girl Reserves 4. 9 DOROTHY VICTORIA ROCHLITZ-her efficieriey is Ihr silent kiml. . .English, Science, Eieldball 4, Camera Club 4, Dodger 4. 9 DONALD RODENBORN-a mighiy Iifilc u'rexlli'r ln' fume io he. . . English, Science, Intramurals l,2,3,4, W'restling l,Z,3,4. 9 MARY JANE FRANCES ROHN-uhul delighl a quiet life affords . . . English, History, Home Economies, Swimming, Tennis. EDGAR ROSEN-om' moi! likely io siicnwl . . . English, Social Science, Mathe- matics, Shop, Football l,Z,3,4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Track 1, One Act Plays 2, Student Council 3. 9 XVILLIAM ROWLAND-I um sure he ix a lalenleil 171011. 9 RAY RUDE-I take Ihc paih ihat It-ails me as it may . . . English, Language, Science, Mathematics, Band l,2,3,4. 9 BETTY JOY RUMME-her hear! is hue io om' . . . English, History, Domestic Arts, Glee Club 1. 9 ANN RUTLEDGE- nice to look at, genfle in speech, everyone thinks Ann's iiisl a peach . . . English, Language, Industrial Arts, Girl Reserves 3,4, Art Club 4, Orchestra l,2,3,4, Glee Club 3,4, Girls Glee Club 3,4, Dodger, Student Council 3, Class Secretary 1, Class Treasurer 3, Class Vice-President 4. 9 BOB SAMUELSON-cramming may make some wise, bn! il makes "Scoop" otherwise...English, Printing, History, Football 1, Golf 1,2,3, Glee Club 1,2. T' EARL SAMUELSON-how far down please? 9 FLOYD SANDELL-he merrily Iwisleil tunes , . . English, History, Woodwork. 9 ISA BELLE SAVAGE-here's a girl who's aluxays quiel-why don't some of us try it? . . . English, Commercial, Language, Sans Souci 1, One Act Plays 1, Glee Club 1,2, Little Dodger 4. 9 GWENDOLYN SAWYER-:ny heart is warm with lhe friends I make . . . English, Social Science, Basketball lg Swimming 1, Glee Club 1. 9 SHIRLEY FLORENCE SAWYER-no one is ever wise by chance . . . English, Commercial, Volleyball, Cap- tain l, Kittenball 1, Ping-pong I, Girls Glee Club 3,4, Operetta 3,4, Glee Club l,2,3,4. 9 HELEN VIRGINIA SCI-IEERER-her hair resembles dancing sun- heamx...English, Language, Art, Ping-pong I, Art Club 1,2,3,4,, Secretary 1, Vice--President 2,3, President 4, Camera Club 4, Secretary, Girl Reserves 3,4, One Act Plays l,2, Interpretive Reading 2, Sans Souci 3, Orchestra 4, Glee Club l,2,3,4, Orchestra 4, Dodger. YY 9 rl Class of '40 GERALD B. SCHROEPPEL-folkx im' uf lun lzimls, uml be ix fbi' leiml nu'.l lllw fu lux. . English, Mathematics, Intramurals l,2,3,4C All School Play 4, Little Dodger 4. 9 DOROTHY VIRGINIA SCHUBERT-nnlbiug ix Jiffirlzli for ix willing miml...English, Commercial, Glee Club I. 9 DOROTHY HELEN SCOTT-:I mix- frrvx of bi-rirlf, ffl Il fm! uill In-full . . . English, Commercialg Volley- lull l,2,3. Captain 3. EDITII LOU SCOTT-ifzlrlligrllri' aml AlfII.Ql'lll'l' uri' fbi' Xj'lI0lIYj'IlI.Y of x1zi'n's.v. 9 XY'lI.I.IAM EUGENE SHAW'-bis Ibolzgblx ilriff fouuml ilu- .tk-1, for fu' nully uuuli In flgi .. . English, Industrial Arts, Math- tmatic-., Intramurals l,2,3,4. 9 MARY LOUISE SHOUREK-orilur it fn'u1i'l1'i firil lim .. . English, Commercial. NORMA MAE SHOW'ERS-.i1m'1'li ix .till fr, but xilvrlm' ix golilru . . . English, Commercial, Home Economics. 9 JEAN SHUGART- small My lbvniv, lurgi' lb-1 praise . . . English, Home Economics, Bas- ketball, Intramural Manager, Glee Club l,2. 9 ROBERT SIGSBEE -lrlumlux im' minlw, lm! nal hair UIIIIIFX m1Inrul...English, Shop, Science: Track lg liasltetball 33 Eootball l. ERANK SIMS-lmnl r'ri'i'l, aml xlmlflilifm XtlIIill'l', t'It'All1 mimlml fwf- luug jnxl imil fuir...English, History, Mathematics: Basketball l,2,3,4, Captain 5, Football lg All School Play 4g Little Dodger 49 Student Council 2, Class Secretary 2. 9 BURDETTE SINCLAIR- fbi' rmlflvit mini! ilu' Inns! 4'Ullfl'llfNIt'lIf but . . . English, NW00dworkg W'rcstling l,2,3. 9 BETTY SINNOTT-bn iz'ay.x im' gunllv, bw' ilivjmiiliulz l'l7t'l'I'fIlI . . . English, Mathematics. AUDREY M. SKIEN-il .-.zwvl flllnrflizi' fciml of gran' . . . English, Curnmcrcial, Home Economics. 9 GUY F. SLAGENVVEIT-a Iuily'x uiil . . . English, W'oodwork, Science. 9 DALE F. SMITI'I-for lll',X if jolly gnml frflun . . . English, Science, W'ooilwork, Mathematics, Track l,2,3,4. ROLAND SMITII-"OL Rnlizml, Ol: .Rn1u11il, lrmfvr uml Irm',',' 9 VERNON XVAYNE SMITH-flashing ll.Y'UlI H.'iII.2l'Al feel, bi' IINIIZI' ilu' lujn' for unullwrr iirlury . . . English, Social Science, Commercial, Track l,2,3,-4, Intramural Captain lg Student Council 1. 9 MAR- GARET RACHEI. SMYTH-muny ir lmfllz' will is lziililelz by u qnivl ritrriur . . . English, Social Science, Mathematics, Basketball 3,4g Softball 3, Girl Reserves 3,43 Solo Club Kg Orchestra 3,43 Band I,2,3, Show Shop 3,-lg String Quintet 4. l32l 1"11fI.lfN 1., SNlfAR1,Y-11 IPIIAIIIUUIIAI' nlilrillur 14 llfr fmfulx Mlm' . .. lfnglish, Lingunge: Sans Suuci, Secretary, Treasurer 1.4: 1i.ind I.2,i,-1: Nlarcliing Band 1,2,3,-4: Dodger 4. 9 lRlfNl'i SOR15NSl'.X-fnr fwurl ii in gnu! in ilu' 1l0flAI...l2l1gllSll, Science. ci01T1111C1"C1.ll. 9 ,101-1 SORV1fTTl+if ix ,quail In fu' merry ilflil n1n'...l.nglixl1. Science, N1,inu.xl Arls. RAMONA MAF SP1fNClf-11 lllfli' "gill" nlmw' mm llllll fir! 1111111 1 . . . lfnglisli, Cun1inerci.ilg limslcerbmll 1,23 Baseball 1,25 Snnx Suuci 31 Speeclig Cilec Club 1,2,3,-1. 9 DICK S1'1'iRRYAAl'1r livin' ilizrrif In ln' in fllllllj' in I 4'iu1...1fnglisl1, Science. Nlallienuticsg Kinlf 2. 9 ALVIN SPILKA-ln' lmi many friemli fm! mlm il fm',..lfnglisl1, Language, Social Science, lfuolball 1,21 lhxketball I,2,3,-13 Track 1: Cliess Club 1,25 Hi-Y 1,21 Debate 15 All Scliuul Play 41 little Dodger -1. 111fL1'iN 1i1.1ZA111iTH SPRICK-lllml of Ifn' fmru li'ilifz'f'i nf luru uri izrmlrrl .. .1inglixli, Cunnnercialg Girl Reserves 31 One Act Plays 1,21 Student Council 1. 9 WILFRIQD STAGMAN-bi' ii nm' 11,711 ilolfv lulk bu! u lillli' . , . Iinglixli, Mnrlienutics, Science, Vfrestling 2,3,4. 9 111iT'1'Y ,IANIQ S'1'AN1fK-uluu-yi manly ulllf iz grin! ,fix iunle . .. lfnglisli, Hvme lfcuninnicsg 1l,1skelb.ill 1,21 Volleyball 1,2g lhxelxxll 1,25 Cilee Llub 1,2. .lUSl'il'll ll. S'l'A1'1.1fTON-llii only lzllllll' lx In kill limi' . . . lnglisll. A'l.llllLl11Lll1CX, Social Science, Glee Club I. 9 MAKIIQ S'141l.1-iS- nl Vbllfflliilx Alllll Villllnlllf fN'fHlll4IIlfX . . . lfnglixli, Cizininereiml, History, 9 l51fRN1C1f MARIIQ S'l'RlNCi1fR-ilu' xjrruili lrrr ililii Ill ifululq ,q1mil...1:l1glnli, M.lll1em.1Klcs, Hume Izcnninnicx. RAY 11. S'1'R1NCi1-ZR-lui' IQIIIIHA lm 11 umln urk 1111.1 lfml ii nzinlg .1 ,qumf All'xll...l'i11gllSl1, History, Wlmdwurk. 9 1'.V1'1.YN HAI S'l'RO11SCHOlfN--lvwr fmlrl ii in lilqlnl in ber rim uri' ffrllefrl . .. linglivli, Cuniliiereial, 1'l4,n1e lfcunumics. 9 N1ARCiARl'.T l'.-XU1.1N1 STRUHAR-ui iu'4'a'I in xfn' lnuki illlll szwrler . . . linglisli, Clmnmer- cial, Volleyball, Basketball: Baseball, l'ielLib.1llg Piiig-pimgg Deck Tennis: Swimming: Life-..ivingg 1nlr.1n1ur.1l Al.1I1.111U1' 1.2,3g 'lvunilxling Club: Une Act l'l.iys, Kilee Club: Clmrus. ROlS1'.R'l' SUl.l.1VAN-lnzsflfnl, lllll .1 .quail ijmrl fur ull of Nm! . . . lfnglisli, Nlallienutics. 9 1Rl'Nl" Al.l"Kl'.l7A SNYANSON-,qi'l1lfi' num, .J 11115 zrfln'-ln'r1i'...lfnglislg Social Science. Science: Ciirl Reserves 3: Speecli 3,43 Operelu 1.2. 9 Xi'A1.T1,R SXY'l'NSON- ln' lillkx llrlif Iilfki ilfwnl t'll'fXfll1lI.Q . . .1',nglixli, C2Ul11111C1'C1.ll1 linker- lull, lkmlbmllg l1lKf'.ll1'1l1f'.1lS1 Speeclig Student Council 1. 1331 Class of '40 KIQRMIT TAYLOR-be uluuys izwam l111.sim'is-inmi'lim1'x . . . ling- lish, Commercial, Industrial Arts. 9 AIUNE ELIZABETH THAYIQR -maui your lvrarlfi ili'xin'x be yonr.v...English, Science, Home Economics. 9 ROSE THOME-iliitinrliou with u lIlffl'VL'7ll'l'... English, History, Science. IRMA THOMPSON-fbi' woman Ibal ila'liba'ruii'x is Init . . . English, History, Science, she made her record at Onawa. 9 LOIS MARIE TILTON-merry umler any cumfiliomw.English, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Volleyball l,2,3,4, Fieldball l.2,3,-4, Baseball 1,2,3,4. 9 JOYCE TOMLINSON-u uiiming uuj-some girl, I say! . . .Eng- lish, Volleyball 1, Basketball l,2,4, Kittenball 1,2,4, Drama 4, Glee Club l,2,3. JORDAN E. TONSFELDT-l lJazi'u'! a fart'-ibi'ri"x nollaing on my mimi . . . English. 9 LUVERNE TORGERSON-women annoy me, I foie lo be unuoywl . . . English, W'oodw0rk, Football l,2,3,4, Bas- ketball l,2,3,4, Track l. 9 MAX TRELOAR-bi"x xmall, bu! xo ix i1'5r1amili'. . . English, Printing, Commercial, Swing Band 4, Student Council 3. ,IOANNE LUCINDA TROST-nrzrr u uorrui, m'ii'r a run'-a bear! us ligb! ax her shining l1rou'n hair . . . English, Language, Intramural Manager l, Girl Reserves 3, Sans Souci 4, One Act Plays 1, Dodger. 9 FRANK ULICKI-silence ix organized pouer. 9 DUANE E. ULSTAD-u man fflllj' xarioux . . . English, Mathematics. Science, Football l, W'restling 2, Speech l, Glee Club Z, Little Dodger 4, Student Council 1. FLOYD VEVLE-lmnur Iii-.v in lmmxf fnil...English, History, Science, Mathematics, Wrestling 1.2.3, Student Manager 3, Debate 1, Orchestra l,2. 9 LLOYD VEVLE-I am no! a poliliriun dll!! my ulbrr bulfifx are ,quail . . . English, History, Science, Mathematics, Wrestling l,Z,3, Debate 1.2, Orchestra l,Z. 9 EDWARD ROY XVAFFUL-a curious Vlllllliillblfillll of urlur, ufblrtr, uml lrzlixifiuli . . . English, Mathematics, Science, History, Football l,2,3,4, V'restling 3.4, Track l,2, Basketball l,2, Hi-Y 2, Speech 4, One Act Plays 1,2, Operetta 2,3,4, Glee Club I.2.3,4, President 4, Swing Band 3,4, Orchestra l,2,3,4, Class President 3, Vice-President l. ROBERT FRANTZ XVALKER-fbi' uorlzl is ax -you Iafze il . . .Eng- lish, History, Track 3,4, Basketball 3, Glee Club 3,4. 9 BEVERLY MAE VVALROD-xlilr bright, .star ligbl, some Jay uv may sn' ber mum' in liglJts..,English, Commercial, Girl Reserves l,2,3, Sans Souci 3, One Act Plays l,2,3, All School Plays 4, Drama 4, Dodger. 9 RACHEL ANNE NVASEM-ilangbfer of fbi' gmfx-Ji1'im'ly tall um! mmf ilii'im'ly fair . . . English. Language, Home Economics, Math- ematics, Sans Souci 3, President 3, Comment-ditrons 4, Girl Reserves A 3.4, All School Play 4, Glec Club 1.2, Dodger, Student Council 2,4, l34l PAUL EUGENE XVEBB-he u luttliw uu as his time . . .I'fng1ish, Mathematics, Science: Camera Club 4, Little Dodger 4. 9 NYILLIATXI D. W'I'iBER-rm uhcn' srl hun u man at ln' . . . English. Nlathematics, Science, Football 1,2, Basketball 1, Athletic Captain. 9 ARDIS BEATRICE W'IfISS-thi'r'i"x vm umtrr in lwr lmnt . . . English, Com- mercial, Science. DOROTHY MARIAN NVHITE-little null is .wmmxit UIt'lIt1l'1l... English, Commercial, Softball 1,23 Girl Reserves, Secretary 2, One Act Plays 1,2. 9 ROBERT G. XVICHE-an irztelliguut miml uith mumn-rx kiml...Eng1ish, Commercial, Mathematics, Debate 1, Speech 1. 9 RUTH E. VUILLIAMS-tnil is the lau' of life aml ilx luis! frieml . . . English, Social Science, Volleyball 1,l,3, Baseball 1,2,5. SHIRLEY W'ILSON-the beat uf hliuixirigs, 4 i'uuti'ntvil miml... English, Commercial, Girl Reserves 1, Glee Club 3,4. 9 XVARREN WELLS W'INSLONV-in lhl' u'at4'r hz".i u ilrruk, nut uf the water he'x a xbeilz . . . English, Mathematics, Yfrestling 1, Swimming, Cap- tain 4, Camera Club 4, Stamp Club 2, All School Play 4, Student Council l,3,4. 9 ELIZABETH ANNE W'INDERS-.vht"x i'le'1i'l', uitty, uml pretty, 100: uri all-munil girl through uml through , . . English, Language, Volleyball 1, Basketball 1, Girl Reserves 4, Sans Souci 4, All School Play 3, A cappella 2,3,4, Girls Glee Club 4, Operetta 3,45 Orchestra 1,2,5,4, Show Shop l,Z,3.4, Student Council 1. VIVIAN WRETMAN-the hunlrr I try, the gumlur to he, the u orser I get... English, Language, Girl Reserves 2,3,-1, Vice-President 2, All School Play 4, Operetta 3,4, Chorus 3,-1, Band 1, Little Dodger 4. 9 DONALD ZAKEER-all great men uri' il-ying, uml I ilrufl feel au uwll !lIj'.1l'lf . . . English, Commercial, Football 1,2,3.4, Basketball 1,2,3, Track Z,3, Hi-Y l,2,5,4, President I,4, Vice-President 2, Glee Club I, Little Dodger 4. 9 JOHN GLEN ZETTI'iLNIIER-either' l'll fiml u uuy or I'll make our . . . English. DELORIS D. ZUCKTl7ll'.1.1 thi' man uho iHrr'nti'il flanks . . . English, History, Sciences, Basketball 1,2,3, Art Club, Speech, One Act Plays, Chorus. 9 JOYCE HAENER-imilmg fun' uml .ipurlzliug 4'jz'.t...English, Commercial, she made her record in Beatrice, Nebraska. 9 RUSSELL I.. ,IOHNSON-Hi'ight ii not what nlahm men ,qn'ut...Eng1ish, Mathematics, Manual Arts, Vfrestling 2,4, Basketball 2, Football Z,3, Track 1,2, Student Council 3. SHIRLEE CLAVVSON-fully uml atbli-fir, Min' urnl i'm'rgi'lii'... English, Intramural Manager 1,2,3,4, Volleyball 1,21 Ping-pong I,2,3: Lifesaving 1,2.3,4, Basketball 1.2.31 Tumbling: Girl Reserves 1, Band l,2,3, Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2.3.-4, Girls Glee Club 4. 9 .IERRY NIUNN-thus my grruter men than l hun' liii-il, hut l iloufvt it. 9 -IACK SKOPHANIXIER-lvl mi' ln' :that l 11111-wwf: fmt to alter mi- . . . English, Nlathematics, Science. He was active at Lake Park. 1351 's Wllcn thc results of the general elcctlon were announced early one September morn mg, the Jumor class learned that IIS leaders for the year were Bruce Le IW, pres1dent, Iam' Glass, vlce presldent, Bob Kllffg, sec retary, and D011 Icuscu, treasurer A l l typlcal junlor students, the offlcers are ex tremely actlve 1n outslde act1v1t1es Bruce IS a football letterman and xs promment ln wrestlmg BCSld6S bemg a member of San Soucl and the glee club, Jane held a part 1n the all school play Bob IS a student counc1l representatlve and plays 1n the orchestra, wh1le Don takes speclal lnterest 1n concert band, football, and Wrestllng WILMA ZUCK DON FORTNEY BOB ENFIELD DOROTHY lsAAcsoN Eight Class llfflcers BRUCE LEFLER JANE GLASS BOB KuR'rz DON JENSEN leatI4f25a-ll.-9 4041 The sophomore class turned t r a d 1 t 10 n topsy turvey last fall when they selected a member of the fa1r sex, Wilma Zack, for class presldent W1lma performed through out the year as one of the cheer leaders as well as taklng an act1ve part 1n g1rls ath letlcs D011 Forfmy, vlce presxdent, plays 1n the band Bob E11 zcla' came out on top ln the race for secretary whlle Dorofbg Isaac' xon, a member of the glee club, topped the treasurer poll for the class of 1941 IUNIOR ADVISERS: Back row-Miss Cheney, Mr. Bloxom, Miss Anthony, Mr. Sehwende- mann. Second row-Miss Cruikshank, Miss Boxwell, Mr. Barrier. Front row-Mr. Mcl.ees, Mrs. Longfellow, Miss Helgason, Mr. Theile. Room Il. MR. MCLEES. Back row--Kenneth Byran, james Boggs, Wfayne Aurand, Marvin Bradshaw, Jim Arnold, Boyd Burnquist. Eifth row-Leland Anderson, Willard Carlson, George Burnet, Ray Carlson. Fourth row- Elmer Aurand, Russell Benson, Vernon Ather- ton, Howard Byran, W'illard Burns. Third row-Bob Bowers, Velma Bean, jalond Adair, Anna Mae Carlson, Elizabeth Carlson, Bemenio Nuncio. Second row-Janice Allard, Arlene Brack, Mary Alexander, Irene Anderson, Luella Carlson, Helen Berry. Eirst row-Bernadine Brown. Dorothy Bruce, joan Armstrong, Caro- lyn Hurnquist, june Abbott. Room 203. MRS. LONGEELLOWQ Back row- .lohn Dishman, Don Echelberger, Harold Eck- lund, Dwayne Crinnigan, Paul DeLanoit, Vernon Droege, Donald Cook. Fourth row- james Evans, Charles Dickey, Don Collins, james Constantine, Earl Ferris, Con Dunn. Third row-W'arren Englebart, Leo Casey, jes- sie Cloud, Elsie Degner, Elaine DeLanoit, Julius Carey. Second row-Clara Crittenden, Jean Dorsey, Mary Ellen Crowl, Norma Dewolfe, Dorothy Elinn, Mary Crannie, Phyllis Chell- bcrg. Eirst row-Nancy Crittenden, Mary Carter, Leona Casey, Edith Cross, Lorraine DeGroote, Mildred Dodd. l38l 1 Q "Hr, 'Q A -Z -5 T? .L .Stay 'A K 'f tb gvfxl A . V I ' Qfffi. 5 ax uw' x X ' X ' 4,9 AY wggntf' 'ffiff ' f A ' Q A KA A1 5,1 gal 1 4 -N - -'Y'-M' 'Pl J, 1 lv 1, ,sh A vw 150, I. 1 g 1 ,r "M -xi e. Vx . . fe, "V T " 4 1. ,MW l , 1 X . , -' if, -' +3 A K 'ff flips' 'Y V322 3 7 Y? , Z 7 I .uv 'J' 5 X "X V v, W , , x 1 'Q 1 A WN ,rj -A b x x . 'X v' W v I Q M, .gs 1 1, . ,, .X HG ' s 2:92, 50, 1, Q A A at , 'gi' - x ,- Q gg' F an Yi Li. Off' sf ' X 7 W' ll , JH, L s .' v-.'- 4 ,gg ., 1 iff? A 4 3 Lili Vy n , 'm G 'V' L va f , 2 "XE .M 0 -5 ' 4.5 , M XX ' 'N a 9 , .. W:-4. 4, ' xw M., M, v K f. 1' ,' . ,Q - J - , A '32 . Y if ' is x' ax ' 1. A 1 nv 1 ., ' ., W4 'b' 4 5 x. 4 ' 5 , X I F , if 1 ,X . , 4. 1 gf, f n 5 ., WY ., V1 3 'J . xl f ,, :N ., ..,, 4 , xl ,. ' 1, A A ' , , A 1 3 L x iq ft. R Q f ii , 'N 6 E '53 f it x X ,yn mx I . lu,-,A K l"" 1 I. ,, , X , 1. K' -' XY "V f- gf , , . ,S n 9, 1, ai . N . :X QQ . 4 - KX A 5 . . I! Room 7, MISS CRUIKSHANK. Iiaek row- Bob Kurtz, .lim Ottoson, Frederick Miller. Fen- ton Isaacson, Gene Alolinson. liourtli row- Ciolbert Mefiartv. Don Jensen, Russell Lindf quist, Howard Merrvman, Sylvester Nelson. Third rovviMildred Mix, Dorothy -lenven, Izlsie Lockman, Iflivabeth Ann Oxley, Doris Kurtv, Second row-Bonnie Jane Lowery, Pearl johnson. I-Qilcen Leavitt, Charlotte Leavitt, Svl- via Lurie. First row-Merilyn Mcricle, Ftliel Knutson. Room 100. MR. SCliW'ljNDI'QMANN. llaelt row-George Meyers, Bob Moore, Bruce Lefler, lliek Martin, Norman Loeatis, Bill Lingreen. liourtli row--Arlie Luxom, Julian Messcrlv, Don Leigliton, limanuel Lemparcs, llervelicl Linney. 'l'liird row-Merry Menefee, Nora Frances Lentl, Opal Lincoln, Betty Magnusson, Virginia Maher, Beverly Lutl. Second row-Geraldine Llnnon, Verona Moeneh, Lorna Belle Longstaff, Mary Helen Lex. Peggy Mahoney. First row- Sliirley Marquis, Alice Murphy, David Lumsden, llette Ann Lyders, Fvelyn Murray. Room IUI. MR, Tl'll"lLL. Back row-XVavne Porter, Huey Mefialiill, Lee Maellowell, Morris Peterson, -lolin Potter. Fiftli row-Glen Neme- eltek, Bernard Parrotts, lfugene Pingel, Harry Payne, Roy Olson. Fourth row 1 Milton MeFwen, Melvin Peterson, Allan Oppold, Scott Pfaff, Quentin Parker, Kenneth Newbrougli. Third row-Kntlirvn Peterson, lftlilya Peterson, Clariee Peterson, lfrma McNeil, Lorraine Peter- son. Seeond row-Patrieia Ormand. Loretta Peterson, Sylvia Peterson, Nedra Olson, Rutli MeTigue. First rowADoris MeLueltie, Neva Pliinps. Vivian MeUon.xld, Helen Payne, Doris McPherson. lNot in pieture: Prob Moretti. Mar- l40l delle Nelson, Ray mond Peed 7. Ronin llll. MR. ISLOXOM. llmelx row---Kem netli Sternitlke, Paul Ross, Ralf l7.ile Sperry, Bill Sinionxon. liifth row-Gordon Sani- uelson, Nlarvin Pugh, Rxyniond Gordon, C..lrl Ruwell, Vuilter Sampson. liourth row-llielt Smith, Wliyne Rude, llruee Ramler, Bernndine Rickey, Betty Reed, Third row-Carol Seott, Francis Stevens, Helen Raymond. Laura Shelter, Muriel Steyer. Second row-Margaret Sehmolter. Doris Reynolds, Marian Relabelt, Cheryl Schuh, lfsther SClllClSI'11,1H, Dorothy l.ou Smith. First row-Charlotte Seeley. Ruth Scharf, Mary Scribner, lielva Rossow, l.ois Rutherford. Room IR. NHSS ANTHONY. lhek row-Don Zettleinier, Roger Strand, Dale Taylor, .Iohn Sweeney, Robert Zelta. liourth row-Sidney Thu-nipxon, Paul Temple, -Io Anne Teefey, Ren- ncth Ulstad, Milo Vois. Third row-W'ylda Sturdevant, Laurel Tessum, Virginia XY'iles, l-.lbel Ulm, lflnine Vandersliee. Second row- llelen Stufflebean, Pat ilflylor, Xvilettm Town- ley, lrene Vnnderhoff, NUfY11.ldC.lI1 Xlfood. lfirxt row-lfvelvn Von Stein, Nluriel Tonsfeldt, Mildred Thonmx, Roxenmry Vfootl, Donnnfile XVheeler. Room 105. MR. lSl'.RRlI,R. lhelt row-Rom .tld Parker. Gary Rabiner, I.eon.ird Thorslmik- lten, XY'endell Wfxtts, Bob Rohrer. Third row- Xlarvin Vinson, ,lohn Rydland. Richard Vflnt- ci-me, Ruth Williams. lloh Seger, llielt Zimmer. Second rnw-Adele Thompson, Doris Sl-tol.1ntl, CR-leen Sweeney, llob Steyer. llelen l'essie.1. llxtr.1 Roneoni. lfirst row-Doris Cieil Peterson, Sulanne Sherman, -lean Vfyatt. Szllitnne Iles- chnu. Norma XYoodvt'.1rd. lNot in picture: XY.tyne Strrmlverg, Helen Tienmnl. l4l. 373 Sopfvi SOPHOMORE ADVISFRS: Back row-Miss Mahlum, Miss Moss, Mr. Bergan, Mr. Hughes. Second row-Miss Likins, Miss W'illiams, Mr. Bath. Front row-Miss McCloskey, Mr. Gra- ham, Miss Ostergaard, Mr. Cortright. Room 206. MR. BATH. Back row-XYalter Apt, Roger Baldwin, junior Brown, Kenneth Brake, joe Anderson, Kenneth Blair. Fifth row-Kenneth Babcock, Bob Armstrong, Sol Ashkenale, Louis Brighi, Marvin Bowers. Fourth row-Patricia Anderson, Marcella Abel, Rich- ard Berrier, Arthur Brown. Third row-Rude Anderson, Perry Butterworth, NY'anda Beyer, Delores Adkins, Eileen Ackley. Second row- Harold Armstrong, llene Blunt, Charlys Bren- nan, Karl Bilek, Irene Amanzio. First row- Genevieve Brofer, Mary Lou Brons, Mavis Baedke, Charlotte Brown, Norma Berg. Room l6F. MR. BERGAN. Back row-Fldon Faine, George Cox, Don Dillman, Robert Enfield, Harry Demery, Arthur Cote. Fifth row-Don Fuller, Guy Clark, james Cacioppo, jim Davis, Keith Daniels. Fourth row-Thordis Folden, Josephine Enzauro, Sylvia Carlson, Pauline Fleak, Ruth Dilges, Morris Durnell. Third row-Patricia Carroll, Mildred Cartee, Phyllis Dessinger, Elsie Beth Fuller, Patricia Crouse. Second row-Beverly Bassford, Frances Cunningham, Marcella Cibert, Bette Davis, Doris Christoplierson, Helen Carlson. First row-joe Dodgen, Richard Dallam, Dick Fisher, Lewis Cook, Theodore Coppick. I42l SW We Room ll0. MISS WfII.I.IAMS. Back row-Dale Decker, Neno Diane, Carl Conrad, Fran Dehart, Bob Castor, Bob Berry. Fifth row-W'ayne Brooks, Eugene Curl, George Davidson, john Fischer, Bob Conrad, james Chingren. Fourth row-Betty Grall, Lydia Birocci, Martha Dal- Iam, Ifltha Gross, Marthajean Durian, Marilyn Fstlund. Third row-jean Bonnell, Helen Bales, Loretta Buightol, Beverly Curl. Second row- jim Dolliver, Helen Carlson, joyce Altselsen, Doris jean Carlson, I.:iVonne Cannon. First row-Bill Goodspeed, Richard Gilbert, john Ault, Doris Ann Carlson, Deloris Carlson. Room 14. MISS LIKINS. Back row-Lloyd Hambleton, Karl Hartvig, Kenneth Gilbert, Ernest Gabrich, Dick Harrold. Sixth H o r t c n, Dun Fortney, Rosemary Kirsch, Blanche Krivohlavy, Ann Garver. Fifth row- Marguerite Hager, Virginia Giocomarra, Alan Geiger, Maxine Goodson, Doris Ann Groat. Fourth row-Ruth Greene, Dorothy Graler, jztnice Hice, joan Hagerman, Laurine Halfpap. Third row-Dick Glendening, Dwain Hart, Abbass Habhab, Bob Knapp, Richard Gadbury. Second row-joyce Krueger, Patty Gilday, Iva jean Folvag, Delores Greene, Beverly Gribble. First row-Vivian Hart. Loretta Gross, Dorothy Grimes, Carol Harris, Doris Goodrich. Room 107. MR. HUGHIQS. Back row-Dick Kehm, Charles Heringlalte, Bob Kallansrud, Bob Highland, Donald johnson, Kenneth Hil- ton. Fifth row-Doraline Henlte, Herschel johnson, Clarence julius, joe Kudron, Fae juri- sin. Fourth row-Fvelyn Hurley, Phyllis Lowery, Nola Helferich, Ethel jones, Mildred johnson. Third row-Virginia Heman, Beverly Ann Hobbs, Donna Fae Hotek, joyce Horn, Margaret Haviland, janice Holstrom. Second row--Pegvv Kurtl, Iiliiabeth Hendrichs, Dor- othy Isaacson, Deloris Hoover, Sara Ann jordi- son. First row--August Heitner, Clarence Hendricks, jack Kearns, Betty Hollister. june Hollister. fNot in picture: Arlene Hurleyp. l45l Boom IU. MR. GRAHAM. B.lclt row-Lelloy Manning, XXVJYIIC Larkin, Dale Merris, Chester Moore, Blake Miller. Fifth row-Kirsten Lyng- stad, Bernard Lon ', Herbert Lee, Bob Michelson, Don Mathey. Fourth row-Marvin Moreland, -lohn Martin, Wltyne Messerly, Dorothy Mede- aris, Don Larson. Third row-Don Loomer. Darwin Larson. Dorothy Martin, Donna Meri- cle, john Litt7en. Second row-Fileen Lex, Adeline Mericle, Vanda Lindquist, jerry Mitchell, Ciilella Mxtcek. First row-Ruth Lin- coln, Mildred Luntl.P.1uline Munn. Helen Mabe, Mary Larson. Room IU9. MISS MOSS. Bsclt row-Blanc l'liiI- lips, Mancel Parrott, john Rebarcak, jack Neilson. Carl Reed, Roger Otto. Fifth row- Lelloy Roberts. Monte Peterson, Magnus Nod!- vetlt, Lloyd Musselmnn, -lohn Otten. Fourth row-lnev Olson, Georgia Mae Reaser, Helen Peterson, Marion Peterson. Third row-Helen Peed, L.iVonne Rice, Fffie Mclfnlmont, Renee Pitsor, Charlene Peed. Second row-Fmogene Nirzel, Bobbie Lou Peterson, Leonard Rnndol, Bob Reinartson, Fvelyn Quick. First row- Cnrolyn Pemberton, Ifvonne Olson, jean Peter' son, Helen Newsum, Florence Porter.lNot in picture: Heman Newsom, Doris MeNeil.J Room Ill. MR. COBTRIGHT. Back row- Hnrris Hawthorne, Leonard Meyer, Sherwood Handelnnd. Orval Mills, Morris Mallot, Bob Michael. Fourth row-Bob johnxon, Darlene Mnttrnm, Bob Hamilton, Glen Lanferman, john Larson. Third row-Judith Mills, Lulilln Mar- tin, Shirley Lawson, Mary June johnson, Bill Lendley. Second row-M.ir1ilyn Huebsch, Millie Kubicek, Hatty Lewis, Pauline McBride, Frnneex Hair. First row--Duane McCullough, Bob Mar- quesen, Dick Lipsey, Barbara Nydegger, Alvin.: NUliYll1Ll.l. l44l Room 207. NllSS MAlll.UM. Rack row-Rolv ert Ralston, Arthur Osterlund, Robert Vftugli- tal, Clayton Wnlliains, Robert V. Olson, ,Iamex Peterx, Raymond Vfewt. lfourth row-Richard Tigner, Robert Pfaff, Charles Walker. liuniee Rich, Phil Ulxtad. Third row-I.eora Zierke. Doris Thomas, Kay Snyder, Don Sperry, Phyllis Rosene, Patricia W'hittman. Second row-Don othy Vfellen, Betty Wvoodward, lfrlene Tilton, Dean W'right, john Sandeline, Ruth Russell. First row-Sophie Pappas, Beverly Rohrer. Verniee XY'illi.1ms, Lucy Partello, Donnabelle Simonton. Ronin 105. MISS MCCLUSKPY. Back row- Hjalmar Sandberg, Gerald Schmoker, Gene Owen, Bert Rosenberg, Iiugene Reuben, Lloyd Schultz. Fifth row-lfloise Schubert, Bob seely. Albert Rumnie, Curtin Lanck, l.eRoy Parsons, Clarence Suer. Four row-Dorothy Sehmolter, Mary Strobel, Mable Reynolds, Faith Tessum, ,Ioan Shafer. Third row-jean Sandeline, lflaine Svaleson, Donna Sehleismun, Josephine Stewart, xloanne Savage. Second row-Alma Seeley, W'ini- vere Robinson, Darlene Ruseher, Hellen Stringer, Norma Stcinhoff. Firwt row-Fern Sanders, Norma Seheerer, .lane Seheerer, Vir- ginia Ryerson, Marie Thorxon, Room 209. MISS OS'I'liRGAARlD. Back row- Kenneth Shelton, l.eRoy Smith, l.eo Simmons, Don Windxehanl, ,lack Vfinslow. Sixth row- Norman Vfiehe, Hob Wells, .lim Van Gundy, Iohn Vfold. Fifth row-Curt Spriek, Ifdward Vanderslice, Lester Smith, Ray W'ileox, Bud Trost. Fourth row-Billie Sittig, Nlary ,lane Wall, Rosemary Nyaldburger, june Thissen. Third row-Jennie Vfalrod, Marie W'achel, Dor- othy XY'iles, Louise Steinmaus. Second row- Vfarren Yancey, Bob Vinson, john Vfilson, Richard Taylor, Albert Zeml-te. First row- XY'ilma Zuek, Mildred Vfennerholm, Betty Venf num, Nlarlys NX'iese, Alaek Nfhittman. l45l Stlll further ahead we come upon the Charlots On the frleze over the east door there are the two marshals supervnsmg the orderlv part of the process1on Bunk W9 9 7 9 Wefowiaisww E. fa' X li if! Imff jmgcfz ls Bob doing the real thing?. . . Nancy in an odd moment . . . A refreshing pause . . . The day begins . . . A luxury of camp life, Wfiletta? . . . Are you a good housekeeper, -Iim?. . . Riglif fJlIgl'Z "Relax and sun- tan,,'Glz1dys' motto . . . Reminder of Helen Snearly's visit to Golden Gate Exposition . . . W'here are you going, Donna Fae? . . . Carl, a real soldier . . . Frannie with her faithful . . Berwin finds right place on hot day. l4Sl DVS iL Lvff lmgvz Bashful Virginia? . . . It might be gym class . . . Isn't he com- ing, Mardelle? . . .Stan and his faithful companion . . . Virginia out for her daily dozen . . . Paddling your own canoe, Gerald? . . . Rigbl page: That's no way to do it, Katie . . . Two well posted . . . Relaxing in the shade on a summer day . . . Desert sunshine agrees with Dorothy . . . Ex- pressing what, jean? . . .XVhat's the danger, girls?. . . Irene laughing it off. 49 ZUe'ae 404 a 316211 They're all wound up and ready to go! . . . Their smiling faces mean it's four o'clock . . .The faculty picnic looks like a lot of fun-but where's the food?. . All aboard! The Dodgers play Boone tonight ! ! ! QP.S. We won, toolj . . .Miss America- 1942! . . . Shirley, always obliging, smiles sweetly for the camera Cor is it for Dick?j . . . This is one time when the football "heroes" all have an equal chance . . . Monday morning hangover ! ! ! . . . Re- member that cheerleader try-out assembly when Shirley brought "the baconv at the end of her rope?...The Girl Reserves patiently waiting to start for the annual "Gypsy Patterann in the North woods. O11 flu' 1ll'.Yf page: The assembly when Frances was "No- body,s Darlin' ". . . The girls help deco- rate the gym for the annual "football 1501 :wp me dance". . . What 'cha lookin' at, boys? CIS she really that cute?J. . . Four lovely dam- sels standing in a row - Bonnie's awfully tinyg We Wonder when she'll grow . . . "How many errors does this one have?" asks Miss Helgason as she checks her typ- ing class timings. . ."Tommy,' fperson- alityj Zuck - has proven she's quite a cheerleader! . . . Mr. Bergan directs the orchestra as efficiently as if it were a sym- lfll Mfwcezeafuwnma phony . . . London bridge has been falling down quite a while, nicht Wahr? ibut the girls don't seem to think soj . . . We hope you're only fooling, Babe - but if you go, don,t stay too long . . . The day the seniors chose their rings . . . Everybody had a fin- ger in this - as the crew worked on the Citizens fingerprinting job . . . Mr. Cort- right resting with part of the stage crew . . . All lined up - for the cameraman! 44001 Wwe Zo 40444 One of Mrs Byerhoff s food classes seem to be enjoying their own cooking plus a party These girls not only learn to pre pare the food but they use their originality school orchestra working hard at a regular rehearsal held each morning during the first period The mid x ear class of 43 entered Senior High this January nearly a hundred strong A ty pical g r o u p sketching while a model poses They are a few of the one hundred ninety two that Thirty one English classes plus speech and debate may listen to their own xoices ox er the recording and amplify ing sy stem 521 f I , I 1 I . I Y . 7 . . . . . 5 to arrange attractive tables . . . The high are in Miss Anthony's art classes this year . 1 Y 1 u n ' - . . Y , . . I . 1 3 . - 1 - V ll ,, Y . . Y- V On exhibition are projects made by the advanced Geometry c l a s s e s under the supervision of Miss McClusky, Miss Moss, and Mr. Hughes . . . Mr. Graham describes the crayfish-one of the many organisms with which his and Miss Rathert's two hundred fifty-two students studied and experimented during the year . . . Even llaefbafyiazyeek Miss Highland has a hard time keeping track of present European countries in history. . .Miss Crow's Clothing 3 stu- dents finish Easter apparel on time... The only high school chemistry Class is interestingly taught by Mr. Chapman . . . Six typing classes make up one of the more popular commercial courses. X L 1 4 ' 1 Q 017 IX, ,xi L , 4 ,' M, . 5 o , , f 4 , -1 ' ' 1 A 1 1 g - . . 4 ix-gf uzwgjl A Y Q f W7 Q - ,J ' 7 i. ay 9 I ' g 17 ' A X4 Wgu' ru Y ,v fa -.,, -' , ,. T 3 S 'P' gi' 'IF 1 1... vi x..,x'H is 'ws IZ 253 .7 -3 . l, 2 tg tl' ' 4.-ry 9' I VA E 2 h -N -kgs' G ' gf'-wg an 3 gs im If-'Q ,M f ' N 'M 3 F In X ' Q, AT fi? s ' A Q5 K 'Wg 'QQ , Trekking Through Teacher takes time to tackle terribly tough translation. 0 Morris masterfully manipulates mad- dening machine many miles. 0 Faculty find "fan-mail" fascinating. o Milo's melodious music makes multi- tudes merry- nevertheless, Nick's nau- seated. 0 "Sober" student studies seriously to secure superior standing. o Jane's j e a l o u sg joke,s on 'fluniorng "Jezabel's" a jest! 0 ix Vu... Seniors scurryg shutter snapsg Hustle, hurryg Chaste perhapsgj Contest closesg chorus of cries- "Room 211 wins the picture prize!" ...J X 7wa4ae 'VII hL s makmg qcs at me It had to be xou Dun ohnsun and Boer x iubbs hnnny Hcntun and Iuullg Ximkur Stnlru as to the stars I we got ms cxcs on xou Dururhx Hmn and Bull Pxshgr am Glass and How ard C xrlmn Does tour heart beat for mc? That scntxmental sandmch Duns Cul Pgturson and lm Freld frank Sums and Vurmu XX1lh.1n1s I concentrate on you Put that doxvn In Yvfltlng Llmd Puhrmusur and Hahn Sghurur Sun Shnrman and Dau Cmmpgr A man and h1s dream Ooh' what sou sand Anm Crews and Bgb Flqmn Bob Bern and Vary Illnn Cruvxl Espcclallx for you Thls changmg world lumug Ruth and Ort N11 5 lhu Lrnnm3.,an and Hahn Grund n at VVJ , ,V A - ,H ,V V. v ,V LV .V ,., lt. IV K- ' . V . 4 V' , A - , " . V v ,, 'P , v v v Y Y, . . , V , lr 1 yy 11 - ' ' 'A yy V V H t an h H - - - as 7' I ' I! 7' x ' Y! 4 ' V V - ' V dk r 'V A V V r 4 V V. - V I ,, .V A - U i -, .V .. A .H .. .. VY It - 0 f . ,g V' .M fi - B. 1, V V1, VV ,. r, Q ir . Q, VT I I 7lnee4aGaawJ Plax mates Falthful former .lm Class Nanu Xlurphx mm Nlalur 1n X nan fgrum Irma lrum and Ill lu I-ll Cirolxm Burnquust Bctvwen Sou and me Ch I d I I I lkloru C llbgrt and gan Sl1u3.,1rt Jr UML an lun NUM Ln s all smg together hxactlv llke W ou Three Lheers for Jnythmi, Xgrnon Smllll lnnlon lsuuon Xllll Xoss Jn Xml: lappns Boyd liurnquxst lm Constanunv. Bull Carl Russgll Cruwl Don lunglu Bud XX mxlzm and Hob Burn Thar old gang of mlm rum. Xlxll r hu Crxnm an Hr x l' Dons jean Pearson and Ioanm Irost -Xnshuzl and mm Pgurs Daw m day out All s xx ell Scatterbrams Nelda Ploog Hahn Xnnn Bmrgr Shlrlu Sanur xmmn. Iwans ohnm Cyustatsmn Ball Snmonson and Ium Dorn and Roger Strand 97 N X 0 J r NX M, . ::".,- V .w', : R , V . , fi ' V 1 . gr- I' V41 .j yo' 4 Il . I I i I '.: .X V4 1 N ' . 44 A K , ' 7 .1 ' x 5 ' vw I li 5 6 V gm..L-K xr ., N '5 ' " mlhe!Vew4 Time and a half for overtime for Bill Rowland . . . Give us a toot on your tooter, kiddos! . . . Anne,s got time on her hands, and "Joe" on her mind. . ."Eppie's" just comparing a n s W e r s with Dick, not copying them Cohj . . . Bob looks sort of dreamy - is it still Mary Ellen? . . . The debaters try a little relaxing after a stren- uous debate CPJ. . . Jim, with his ever- ready camera, has his eyes on a prospect . . Mr. Bloxomys sense of humor and ready wit make him one of the most popular teachers in school . . . Some of the students in an English 8 class, tried their hand at a puppet show . . . Coach Theile, checking up . . . XVliere did Norma get that ex- pression? Cmaybe she ate too many pea- nutsj . . . Marilyn can be serious -- when it comes to studying . . . By the look on Coach Shafland's face, we would say he was trying to prove a case problem in one of his senior Commercial Law classes. IY3l wana We aa, mf? Mrs. Byerhoff carefully checks study hall attendance . . . Some of the "rug-cuttersl' teaching ubeginnersl' the fundamentals at a special practice dance.. .A typical group of Dodgers tobogganing on Fort- konsa hills during Christmas vacation . . . XVho's up in a IPCC Frank, Vernice? . .. Barbara and Ray are sitting down in the office, but they don't look especially worried . . . It's not what you stand for, boys, but what you fall for! . . . Three- lwi fourths of the "Barbershop', quartette getting in a little practice. . . Chuck! got you spotted with his camera, Helen, so there's no use in trying to hide . . . Looks as though Bob came out on top this time . . . The 1940 cheerleaders, M e r w y n Bruce, "Tommy" Zuck, M a r y If l l e n Crowl and Bob Donly-were really peppy...An entertaining scene from "Cupidon le Dentistef' a play given by Madame l.ongfellow's French class. AJ-x. 'V X f ,ff f 'wig' 542' if Lefl page: The stage crew hard at work . . . No wonder Gary,s champion ...Miss Hastie proves an expert at window gardening . . . just one of Lloyd's hobbies. . . Norman ready for a take off. Rigfof page: A "Circle Seven" model. . . Mike looks right at home in front of the "mike,'. . ."Dr.', Richey diagnoses internal troubles . . . Mr. Chapman shows the rest how it's done. . . The scenery is finished, but where does the spare paint go? l60l 'EDTV 4-if - X S- Imff fmgv: Mr. Bloxom helps maidens in distress... lt's all very clear now, jack . . . The track gets I1 work-out, too. . . Bill, a "Jack of all trades". . . Headin, home . . . After the "tooting" is over. . . Riglvf page: Dean keeps the fellows away from his girl. . ."Sleeping Beautyu. . . What's the oil can for, Miss Cheney? . . . The boys Come out of hibernation for spring practice . . . Commencement-the grand finale . . . Four delock. 61 Beyond the center of the process1on come more movmg horsemen shown 1n the frxeze over the southeast door Those ahead rem m then' horses to look baek One for all w ,' .,. . ' 9,1 v a33a,4fmN,39h1f First pin-Iurv I,ori-tin lim-iuhtol, lit-len iirofer, Holi Milison. liolx l'l'zifl'. Si-vimil lll1'lllY"' Jim lfii-lil, lion MvIVlzihon. Thiril pic-liiri-. stzinilintr Milrlrwl Mix. John WVol1l: snail-il Vl'2ArI'vn VVinslow, l'hillis Huglivs. Student Council fr:ff,f:.i. The sixteen-year-old Student Council with its object, "to bring all pupils and faculty into relations of mutual assist- ance and cooperation in the affairs of school life and to develop and maintain democratic idealsf, well in mind, resumed its regular duties as soon as school began last fall. The body is composed of one representative from each advisory group, and eight s e n i o r s and four juniors elected at large during class officer elec- tions. The number of boys and girls is maintained at an equal. An average of B- or above is the scholastic require- ment. ' Council officers are elected and preside at regular meetings every four weeks. The work of the past month is summarized and problems and duties con- fronting the council for the subsequent month are discussed. Perhaps the most interesting p r o j e c t completed by the council this year was the filming of a movie, picturing the Student Council at work. This movie was taken by Mr. Bloxom with the assistance of an espe- cially appointed committee, and is to be circulated among the various civic and social groups and any out-of-town school wishing to know the information it con- tains. The school has often received such requests and we believe that this film will be useful. ' It is through numerous com- mittees appointed during the year that the council carries on its work. The Athletic Committee, whose d u t i e s are limited mostly to the winter sports season, records the names of the contestants on the score- board in the gymnasium. The Auditorium Committee is in charge of ushering at all student activities taking place in the school auditorium and also checks the seats at certain intervals. ' Through the work of the C l e r i c a l Committee the Council office records are kept neatly typed and filed. The Corridor Commit- tee cares for trophies, trophy cases and l64l banners. The Dance Committee, spon- sors of t w o successful All-School dinccs and several equally successful tta dances, provided the music, enter- tainment, and decoration. lnaugurated this year was the practice dance, the outcome of which plan has encouraged this committee to have many more in the future. The Finance Committee sells the tickets for the high school and unior college s t a g e productions. ' lolicc duties are performed by Locker and Parking Committees. Lockers are checked twice daily. Cars and bicycles are inspected to make certain they are parked and locked according to rules. The Noon Hour Committee, Orienta- tion Committee and Better Relations Committee have charge of noon-hour recreations, helping students to become b e t t e r acquainted, and furthering relations among neighboring schools. Various special committees appointed Top picture Dick Kehm. Nedra Olson, Jim Arnold, Mar- cella Abel. Middle picture Bobbie Lou Peterson, Jeanette Oppel, Joe Dodgen. Lower picture Nancy Murphy. Rachel Wzisem, liert Rosenberzz, Mike Cuff. Vernon Smith. ENTIRE COUNCIL: Hack row Dick Kehm, lioh Pfaff, Dick Glendeninxr, John VVold, Joe Doduen, Faith Tessum, Bobbie Lou Peterson, Marcella Almel, Mary Jane Miller, Mildred Kulmicek, Loretta lieixzhtol. Fourth row Phyllis Hughes, Mildred Mix, Nerlra Olson, Caroline liurnquist, lit-tie Lydi-rs, Dwayne Crinniizan. Wendell VVzitts, Paul Tempel, Rom-r Strand, James Arnold, John Gustafson. Third row Mildred Dodd, Cheryl Schuh, Russel Novy, Don McMahon, Fred lieisser, Warren VVinslow, Cecil Antler- son, Michael Cuff, Vernon Smith. Second row -Rachel Wasem. Jeanette Oppel, Helen Ann lirofer, Betty Richard- son, Gladys liehimer, Shirley Beem. Jack Harmon. Front row-Helen Johnson, Nancy Murphy, Vivian Cervene. At deskfKenneth Henton, David Cooper. Standing Committees ATHLETIC COMh4ITTEETxl3H1CS Evans, Russell Novy, Dick Kehm, Dwayne Crinnigan. AUDITORIUM-Bette Lyders, Paul Ternpel, Cheryl Schuh, Jim Dennery, Dick Glendening, Phyllis Stump, Wfendell Watts, Mary -lane Miller, Vivian Cervene. CI.ERIcAL-Shirley Beem, Gladys Behimer. CORRIDOR-lack Harmon, Rose Lee Arnold, John Gustafson Patricia Whittman Faith Tessum Mildred Kubicek Betty Richardson DANCE Ieanette Oppel Roger Strand Mildred Dodd Bobbie Lou Peterson Ioe Dodgen m Dolliver Fred Beisser FINANLE Wfarren Winslow Phyllis Hughes Caroline Burnquist John Wold Mildred MIX I IOHTS James Arnold Marcella Abel Nedra Olson Faith Tessum Dick Kehm IOCKER Vivian Cervene Bob Kurtz Bob ohnson Mary Larson Loretta Beightol Helen Ann Brofer Bob Edison Bob Pfaff NOON HOUR Helen Johnson Cecil Anderson ORIENTATION Mike Cuff Vernon Smith Ray Carlson Rachel Wasem Nancy Murphy PARKING Jim Field Don McMahon BETTER RELATIONS Anne Crews Fred Beisser ack Lipsey Betty Jane Anderson eanette Oppel Bette Lyders John Wold Bob Edison h B Iyd B t lx tes 3 3 3 , . A Q . 3 3 3 3 , 3 ,Il . 1 . , . Y 3 3 3 3 ' -' 3 3 3 , . A 3 3 J 3 3 3 3 3 ' M. , . 3 3 3 3 Y ' "- , . ' 3 3 J 3 3 J 3 3 3 ' T I picture-f Paul Te-mpcl, Dick Glende ' , Cl 1 yl Schu , ette I ers, Vivian C- If-ne, Mary Jane Miller. Fourth p'-t 1 C'l' lys B himer, Shirley Heem. Third picture-Cecil Anderson, Helen Joh ' . Sf- i 1'cture James Evans, Russel Novy. ttum picture- John G 't f' , F" h T ' rn, Jac ' Harmon. LJf1IVk,.L N ON Hoon A gf rlrt Smmuter Offlur Anm Qrcvss Duurl Looper Kenneth Henton Councll Adxxsors Dllxs Ilkln N11 s Demorest bcconml Hmm tmr Offner Don McMahon Daud Cooper Suzanne Sherman by the presxdent make the Councll more efflclent Among dutles often performed by these speclal commlttees are the guld mg of new students on the flrst day of school, the preparmg of mater1al for pro grams for the dlfferent school act1v1t1es, the assemblmg of propert1es for the school plays and operettas, and the preparmg of ballots at school electlons The offncers of the councll consxst of a presldent, v1ce presldent, and a secretary treasurer, each cessful and useful orgamzauon If IS today of whom serves one semestcr The retxrlng prcsldent IS always succeeded by the v1ce president Our offlcers durlng the past year, Presndents Kenneth Henton and Davld Cooper, Vlce Pres1dents Dav1d Cooper and Suzanne Sherman, and Secre tary Treasurers Anne Crcws and Don McMahon, are to be congratulated for thelr fme accompllshments Wlthout the unceasmg work of the counc1l adv1sors, Mlss Ilk1I'lS and M155 Demorest, the Stu dent Councll would never be the suc NEW MPWIBI-Ri Bark row Jack Llpsex Jamu Ilolhxcr Bob Jrhn rn Rn Larlon Jim I-wld Bob hurt: Jams- Dennary I-ront row Phylll btump Rose Lee Arnold Betty Jant Anderson 'Vlary Larson Sluanne bhtrman Idtrlcla Wlttman l67l 5 Q ' l-jg-v 1 V. V , 4 X 'N 5 , ,Yi W fg .ant f, cg ' 1 -l S ,M ' , V Q A " l 1 Q" 2: " s S- V- s - ' ' ", " ' -, . ' ' ' "S .' ' s, . 1 '. '-' . - -s - '- s . , " - , . . . - I ' .V 'S - Y ,, 1 . . V Q V A . , . 5. . . - , v s. '.'. Y' D LIBRARY GROUI M J M lltr S Carl n C 1 t ron D Hnkle R Day R Tomll s n SANS SOULI Qtanll L T Olson l:.W1nsiersMa1amL fll S 1NNth DKt MJ hAA t Qt ll e ny. neary r rug ur sep rm L ey M Mah n S Sherman D C Petero M Lyd 1 K C ntantm M Alevander I' Krxmme J M 'Vhh n l Hllghes aa Zcfzode waffn dpalze Eight Clubs Wlth Mrss Katherme Blazer as sponsor, the newly orgamzed LIBRARY GROUP met regularly to drscuss lrbrary problems, prepare lessons, and learn somethrng of the dutles of a lrbrarran BCS1dCS the regular meetrngs, these srx members worked 1n the lrbrary one perlod a day helprng Mrss Blazer keep the shelves rn order the magazrnes frled, and domg other dutres that m1ght be assxgned ' To make French more mterestrng and to speak If more fluently IS the goal of SANS SOUCI Members met once a month wrth Madame Carrre Longfellow for specral reports and movres of French culture and customs, followed by a socral hour and refresh ments The Valentlne party and the p1cn1c were equally enjoyable The offrcers, Tom Olson, pres1dent, Suzanne Sherman, vlce presrdent, and Helen Snearly, secretary and treasurer, were re elected to carry through the second semester I68 'Z . . i 1 , .. . so , 1, 'U 0 s , . J ' , . , . 'n,'o . . S ' 2. fn' . ' , '. ' 1 ., 1 0 f e uw, H. . . U y, . Z, . 0: , . s ron f, eva 1141 J. Trust, li. lx 1 , D. L1 0 . '. ' 1' ' , . . s n, . ' r1's, . 0 S ' ' 0. . ,' , '. 2 1, . 0. 1 U, '. f . . . . . ,, . . , - . . U Y STAGI' CRFW J Schzuer P Hugh: E Curl R Wllllams J M111 S Lau n F Tllton B Curl F Johnson ohnny on the spot were the members of the STAGE CREW 1n thexr handlmg of the h1gh school and Jumor college dra matlc and mus1cal producuons W1th Mr E S Cortrlght presldmg, these students learned the fundamentals of back stage work and the technlque of settmg scenery and producxng sound and hghtlng effects Notable among thelr achl xements was the pullman car set on vs heels for the All School play For runnmg off the stage productlons 1n smooth fash1on the stage crew certalnly deserves a hand ' Wlth better p1ctures as 1tS goal, the CAMERA CLUB reorgamzed th1s past year under the supervlslon of Mr Leroy Nydegger Plctures were eXh1b1ted and local photog raphers spoke at the seml monthly meet lngs A dark room was constructed as part of the club program Offxcers for the year were Wflllard Carlson, presldent, and Helen Scheerer, secretary 'VIPRA LILIS Bukroxx A I 1 L D VI lm Cue-mlenxnx. N Imnu J Arm trom. Ii Gocdruh C Burnett H mot r ont cw Buckroyd D I' h W ln L ru' Cxrlfn Mr IJ Rilkhllll 569 I . : . c- . . -s. . , . ' ' . ' s, . 'su , .. ' , . , ,. : . QQJ as ' ' ' . . . . .- V - . .D 7 . Y - . . CA. I ' I ' : 1 " ' . "ie wr. '. ivkvy, P. 'U lm, D. 1' - ' '. Q. 'NZ . , s f, . ' 1 " . 1. , . G s Q- s, Fr ra 'f J, ' , . 'is er. '. VV' slow, H. Sihw - . VV. 'Q sz , . u-ff , . ' F - Z f. .K ' X g , V V V K .gi I .- -T. I LI 1 x 11 1 1 11 H111 11 x 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 111m H111 111 1 1 m1 1 Students w1th artlstlc ldeas flI1C,l ample outlet for thtm 111 the ART C1 UB spon sored by MISS lla Anthony In the regular meetmgs, club members 1ss1sted the stage crew 1n pamtmg scenery for stage pro ductlons Offlcers for the year were ane Houck, pres1dent, I aur1n1 Halfpap, VICC presldent, Donna Hurley, secretary, and Arlene Hurley, treasurer ' A colorful fall Gypsy Patteran, Thanksg1v1ng and Chr1stmas baskets, G1rl Reserxe confer were 1 few of the lnghhghts that made the GIRL RFSFRVES one of the outstand L RPSPRWPS 81111111111 M1 111 11 11' I 11 an 1 1 1 s N Murp 11 A Ii11tl111.1 VN r11m111 J 1mm1 1 111r1 r111x J11h11 1111 A 11n 1 L1 xx 11hn 1 n un 'in 11 er 11'1 ron e 15 a 1 my! 11 1 Ox 1 IS Kurll 11 n1l row 11111r1 ll 1 a1'1l 1 1-1 1m1 r 1 r 1 r 111' 1 H111. 1 M I y1 C 11 1 I H111 l7fI 1 AR' ' ,l'l4: Ihvk 1'11w U. 'I':1j1'l111', Q. l':11'k1-1'. li. li111'1'y. D, S111-rrj, Miss Anil 11132 Mi l1ll- '111' A, 'lr-ju, lf. H1 'l1g', I". -Ill 'isi11. ll. Mit'h 111. M. li-i1:h111l, IJ. J, l'1-11-1's1111. R. lflmfs, l1. H:lf1:1. I.. S11-' 2111s, J. Su111i1-li111-, M. 1'lA1s1111. l"1'1111l 1'11w J. H11111-l11. J. Hill. S, I1111'i1-, l'. 1':1rls1111. M. Phillips, l', Gillny. I.. H1-i1:ht1l, Ii. S11 1s1111, .I, V111-11113 P. l4111z1-I. . . Y . . . j . I I X l V . -. I - x x ' 1 1 X y . . I . E . I . . Y - 1. ' ' ' f - ences, and a mother-daughter banquet . . E J . . . . 1 . . . I . - A 4 - GIR If I 7 If: 1' 2 ' ' 'ss Has in M. U Uk- , fl. R'-h' IS111. IC. Ri 'k -, R. VV:1s1-m. L. l!1'z11l,', . lj. . 'lf '. V. ' 1 : , . I-'is1-h1-r, I-', Kr: -. V. L 1v1-ll. F1 h ' E. s , . K1-' , 'I'. Armato. A. l'a11I, G. IJ1-Iialvy. E. -2 'itl, Ii. J S1 , K. N-- ' 1. , F. K hl . Th' i ' J. Te f1', B. H 11, M, S h. I.,'1'1-ssum, VV. T wnl-y. Ii,L11tz, Ii. .'l-y, . S1--1 ' V. H Hz 1, V. H lb , J. H'll. G. Ii h' - , F. Kn11Is111. First 1111- V. R:ft1-1 y, J. ID sly, l'. fh-s. . 1 I1-rs. S. I4llI'll'. K. .nnsiz 1t'ne, .. 1ek. A 1 mg orgamiatlons Offlcers were Koula Constantme, pres1dent, Ieanette Qppel, VICC prts1dtnt, Anne Crews, secretary May IS Ly ders, trcasurer, and MISS W1ln11 I-Iast1c, aduser ' Durmg thc noon hour on Monday or XVednesday or after school on Tuesday or Thursday, 1nus1c dr1fted down the hall from 16 XX where the BOYS and Gnu s GLFF C1 UBS were rehearsmg The only requ1s1te for membersh1p1n these two muslcal groups wls the ab1l1ty to s1ng and the promlse of regular attendance The appearance of these groups III assem blncs met w1th 1nstant approval of the student body Pres1d1ng fO1 the boys were Iohn Gustafson, presxdent, Irvmg Dor helm, VICE pres1dent, and Maur1ce ohan son, secretary and treasurer, wh1le Mary I' llen Crowl headed the gnrls, Anne Crews, secretary, and Cheryl Schuh, l1brar1an I S 1 rms mm. 1 un I M 1h1mn1y ft! UII III Y' I1 IL ,K I I ITIIII I I IITX1 I WK QI UU! l IUNX C l Illl t' KI I 1 ur M yy r r 1 11 11 R 'VI1T1 111 St1y1h1n 11 Ip YS I I I-I' 1 11 x orhum I TTHJLI W Moeller I John rx R 1 uyyell K rm 11 1 ln on 111 1 rms Harm I Ze 1m11r Wa 11 Iohnson R 0 manson H I roottrs oy! W 11 1 mart 1- ar 1 1 1 rson Fn 11 1 I L,11st'1fs1 n K Bra 1 K I'1k1rmxn Ii Remman Q Dickey M Iohmson H Sanrlber l7ll . .Z . Ai. . A . Q A . . V . 1 . . I . 1 1 . ' - 1 l 1 - - 1 A .. 1 , K . I. Y 1 . . . X . . 1 1 . 1 . I v. - . 3 Y . . I 1 Y Y I 0 . - V 7 . . . . - . . J - - 'I ' 1 .c 4. -. - I 4 C . . . . . 7 . . GIR .C GI,I'II'I CLUB: I1. IS1-ight 11, IC. Rich. Ii. I,inr'1vln. A. A ' rt' f. U. I'1-t -rson, 0. I,in1-oln, G, Irv' . A. Gzwvr-1'. . . 1 l'. Anl-'s , M. I.. Iiruns. 'I'h"l oy' II. Sillff. C. Iillrmllxist, M. Slrolu-I, N. I IVV ull'-, M. Hul 2 . IC. N'ns, J. Hi1'1'. V. '- 'fn '. li. Lj l 1 'Y N. VV I. S11-1nn1l ' ' C. Srhuh, K. P-cl-1-sun, M. D "un, IJ. C. I' t"s11n, fVI. J. Mill '1', H. l'ul't1-V. H. .Iuhns11n, II. Ii nhf- , . Johnson, I'. 'I'z1yl1u', H. lin '1-rs. Ifi st ow I". K1hl1-r, M. Mix, II. H bbs. M. Ii. l'1'owl. IZ. Ifliml, M. G1'1-1- . . . ' 'tr '. M. I - L sun, IS. L1 'z1s, S. I'1 pas. IIU Y I . I I CLUB: T111 ' mx' I. IJ 'A , '. Te -. '. 1 , I . I":iIl11n, M. Voss. H. so , If Russell, J. VV1:I1l, . M '- IJ ' . I. lin -tt, IS. H t'h' s . M'ill1 ' B. 's, J. ttl- '- , IC. ' ff l. G. V .' , . s ' . , . I 13, R. lil . IC 1:-ll 2 I'. Ulst' I, Mill-r. I"'rst row J. D1Ilix'er, K. I'1-te S , H. I':t'l'ilI1HlI, IB. 1 f'-I I, .. ' .' . .'1 , . k-, Bnokmakers Assemble A class that is different-that is Journal- ism. During the first semester the new Dodger staff met the sixth period of every school day to gather ideas for che 1940 annual. The first task is organizing a staff. This done, each member is given a definite section for which he is respon- sible. His first job is the planning of a complete dummy for the proposed sec tion Then comes the rush for pictures, the making of panels, and writing of copy The second semester has no allotted period and the work must all be done outslde of class ' Something new this year are journalism textbooks, which give an i n s i g h t into the fundamentals in building a yearbook. From it, the student learns some of the major details of typog- raphy, printing, engraving and photog- raphy. The publishing of the Dodger Directory and Advertising Supplement, near the close of the first semester, cli- maxes two months of diligent ad soliciting by Business Manager Beverley Baird and her assistants ' Important to an annual is a theme, and after much deliberation, The Cai alcade of Youth was selected for the theme of the 1940 Dodger It was high time, we told ourselves, that we became more intimately acquainted with in Ritl has Jean Halfp 1 nn C Marnaret H m n B x rly Walr cl N.-xl rme N rthrul l72 I I I - . y i I . X . x . . x . . 7 . . . ff 7, 1 1 f I - . e - . X I . Above Ai 1 ve f . 1' - ne-tte Oppe-l, Nancy Murphy, Rachel VVasi-m. Below I' zu u 1 i n e a w. A e 're-ws, - f ul- a , U 'U U , ' I' ' 0 1. Annals of 1940 the sculpture over the four doors in our library. This Greek story, told by the friezes in the Parthenon, represents the procession of youths every four years, bearing their gifts to the Goddess of Wfisdomg thus we may liken ourselves to them as we complete our four years at F. D. H. S. and emerge bearing our gifts of wisdom or skill to the outside world. ' With the new camera which was pur- chased by a Dodger fund, Bill Eikenberry is kept busy getting all sorts of pictures for the annual Thus, under the direction of Miss Mary Cruikshank and Editor Bill Crowl, the task of the whole year is completed and you are viewing the result Bill Elkenbcrry ready tv hoot the new camera V73 fr ann r 1 an 1 r h k rmd rinr- H lx H I n Sihz-erzr . . . . 1 v - 4 s 1 -' , Almvi- He-len 1 unilun. Jo ' it 'I'y-nal, Huh li aku liul Mol, Vivian Ci-rxexn-. Hi-vm-r ley liuirwl. lit-low Elf-' or l.lI1U!'t'tAIl liill Crowl, MES C uil-is nn' , Nu ' " my. ali-r1SmAnr 1' e' ,' ' A . f 4 i I-IRQT SPMPVII' K QTAPF J I' N ldn n SK He rn Mcrryman I' ra n It 'mm Alun bpxlk.-1 ftralrlms r rx Anna 'VI url faxxtry S x 1, rc r 1 un Q mu Iilttmr Ars I J n 1 tan lrrl r xx c D lam I I tul Jlm lknmry rl I L i Q rn n I' ur nnu urtl Iur L ukdt V um Wrstman an I r Mer nm li 1 A lx L n Ll I'IVl SI an I I x n I Pen Pushers Preserve Whether If be SCFIOUS fCd1fOI'l3lSD , humor ous Cthat s the P1 l1ne or senslble news C Dodgers beat Mason Clty 40 0 J the Llttle Dodger can produce It ' W1th a staff total1ng s1Xty f1VC members for the year, the Lxttle Dodger IS one of the bus1est organlzatlons 1n hlgh school An observer, peerlng 1nto the L1ttle Dodger Off1C6 the day before publlcatlon, would flnd people dashrng to and fro, h1ther and yon, shoutmg about galley sheets, 18 po1nt Caslon bold, three deck heads, by lnnes, half column cuts, flush left, dummles, the shortage of p1ns and paste and rulers, page proofs, and other th1ngs dear to the hearts of journallsts ' The paper IS d1s trlbuted sem1 monthly IH the advlsory groups to all D R A subscr1bers ' Pub l1cat1on for thls year began wlth a glft 1ssue, put out on the f1rst day of school by members of u1ll and Scroll and last year s staff, w1th Dorothy Namen 1n charge, and g1ven to every student 1n junlor h1gh, hlgh school, and junlor college ' Dur 1ng the year, the sheet underwent a few more changes 1n 1tS stream hmng polrcy The front page was d1v1ded 1nto four rectangles, w1th a three column name plate, and a two column short ltem sec t1on In the fall a sportsmanshlp essay con l74l Toy ov D -' Joh .' Jn, Hi 'k ' , z 'e 1' ' '. Isal I-llu Su 'HK '. S 1 'onrl ow H o w a r rl Groom-rs. Iiol D smonr, . U l A ' . NI' A' ,ouisv Mvfiill. Iiile-un I4 h s on, I-Il -' or Jorelison. Th' o ' fl-'il Anderson. L' - f s 1 , ' - - , Fr' Ik-issur, H: rolml ifne- I :HCL Hel ' Joh son. 'o th l me nl. '- K , -i11- ' M 1- ' - , i "1 ' - ' , Hel- 'o tor. ' iz Huh- tul, lim-S 'l -i . ICXIC ' Y' 'I ."'Al-'I-': G' Rabin--r. Hob Ro lg rel, GV:-n Newton. Hz 'olrl iono- dirt. , . . D . l . .- . . u ' as ' - . . Q . , 11,4 HSRec test was held for the purpose of arousmg student lnterest nn good sportsmanshrp Grand prlze went to Bonme lane Lowery ' W1th Mrss Adelme Sharon s adv1sersh1p a new method of management was 1n troduced 1n the fall, and has been used throughout the year Instead of hav1ng one edltor nn chlef, w1th assoclate ed1tors, all wlth approx1mately the same dutles, a system of several edltors was lnaugurated One edxtor was placed 111 charge of news, one for sports, and one for the ed1tor1al page Each of these editors was responslble for ass1gn1ng nte m s and copyreadmg them ' The staff for the flrst semester l75l SECOND SFMFQTFR QTAFF Standm Ceralfl Schroeppel Carl Bel ser Nick Iappa Bob Brake Roh Dxnly R lard Reed Bill I-llmnberry Bob kl1I't7 Dxck Hansen laul Webb Dick Black Rfb lurter Thxrd nm seated France Dick Nancy Murphy Doris C Peter on Dorcthy Rochlltz Angela Iaul Sec und row Norma Jean Fm nay Jean Hill 130111111 Jane Lowery Jeannette O p p el Naurlne Northrup Ac el Thompson Iflrst row Jean Fisher Su7anne S h e r m a n Jean Wyatt FXECUTIVF STAFF Stanrlmz Jlm D e n n e r y Harold BQ nedlct Helen John son Sn-'xttd Helen Merry man Alun Spllka Betty I una was headed by Gwen Newton, edltor, Bob Bollard 1thlet1c edltor, Gary Rablner, feature edltor and Kenneth Henton and Harold Benedlct, busmess managers ' The second semester staff conslsts of Helen Merryman, ne ws edltor, Helen ohnson and Betty Lucas, copy readers, 1m Dennery, athletnc edltor, and Harold Bened1ct, busmess manager ' Advert1s 1ng was managed by Ce c 1l Anderson, Howard Grooters, Helen Porter, M1r1am Belghtol, and Eileen Johnston durlng the f1rst semester and by Frances Dlck, Marl lyn Green, N 1 c k Pappas, and Dor1s Cell Peterson durlng the second semester. ,I 4 Jf W J" f " NL . -1- , ,. A 1, ALJQH Q . 'uk'-"'. I ,I , 'J A -V 1: E- ' l l ' ll-'I 1',. lvl l.l 7 V Fl Bl I I 1 1 . .1 . . I J. 1 ' 1 - - . 1 J 1 1 ' . "Marching a l o n g togetherf, H. A. Bergan's high school band added color and interest to the football games last fall. With head drum major, Ray Hayden, and seven assistants, the band went step- ping high through new and flashy maneu- vers. In one instance a sham battle between the clarinets and cornets to the strains of the "Wooden Soldier" won praise, and was afterward used by Iowa State Band at Ames. ' Amid laughs and cheers the band made a trip with the football team to Boone, October 6. Win or lose, the spirit was always high as the band rang out with "Hail to You Fort Dodge." ' loyous Fanfar Not only did the band perform on the football field, but with plumes waving, and batons twirling, stepping in perfect rhythm and precision, they marched in the Christmas and Decoration Day pa- rades, and last but not least for the Pave- o-lite celebration. ' To celebrate the formal opening of the Fort Dodge radio station, the band gave a concert, April 25, which was transmitted over the ether waves from KVFD. ' When the foot- ball season closed there could be heard issuing forth from 16E the strains of more serious concert band music. The concert band first appeared on the stage the latter Wada the 21.7411 Marching Band l76l Conr'c'rf Banu' I I ama. ai... Classical Melodies part of February for a high school assem- ' 1940 REPERTOIRE bly. This began a series of concerts, in- cluding those for the junior high, P.T.A., grade school and public performances. ' On April 3, the Ames High School Band appeared on the concert stage at F.D.H.S., thus introducing an exchange concert which the Fort Dodge band returned, April 26, at Ames. This is a new feature for the band, and Mr. Bergan hopes to carry it even further in the future by exchanging soloists with various schools. CONVICICT HAND: Back row- -Ii. Day, R. Sherman, Ii. Mic-ham-ls, W. Enge-lhart, J. Utte-son, IJ. Smith, Mr. Iierxran. R. Hayden. Fourth r-vw D. Christophe-rson. L. Cannon, D. Soren- sen, IJ. Hart, A. Mericlo. R. Rude, J. Ilollivur, IC. Schubert, J. Skuphamnu-r. A. Gimrc-r. M. Norltvwlt. M Mons-fm-, I... Avril. D. Zimmer, J. Van Gunrly. H. Groom-rs. G. Johnson, VV. Curl- son. IJ. Glenrli,-ninu. K. Moon-Ianrl, VV. YVatts. W. Aurand. Thirrl rr-xx' Ii. I.. Howivk. J. Hill. M. Scribner, I. Bilel-4. R. Lincoln. Ii. Kurtz. M. Burch, IJ. L. Smith. D. lionm-ll, J. Mur- tin. M. Voss, B. Van Gunfly, I-I. Auranrl, Ii. Ramble-r, D. Gruzivr. IC, Von Stein. H. Kramer. S4-cond row H. Snr-arly, A. Kurtz. V. Scott. M. Mix. G. Burnett, H. I-Ivklunrl. H. Tie-man. J. Harmon. F. H1-yt, D. Jenson, B. Jenk. First row VV. Iinslel- hart. I.. Anderson, I. Vlfoylr-nson, R. Lisher. J. Armstronir. H. I'c-twrson, M. Bradshaw. M. Frost. l77f "Bravgdg,', C ..., C A .occc. Curzon "XVilliam Tell" do Rossini "Blossom Time" . Ronzberg "Moonlight on the Nile" ,ococ rKing "PavanneU from the second "American Symphonetten Gould "Magic of Loven . .IVKIIIIS "0verture Hongroise ".. . Sleorizickcz "Cypress Silhouettes "ccc Bonne!! "Light Cavalry" .cc. Supju' Victor Herbert Favorites "Mardi Gras "... -- .. Gfflff' Jerome Kern Melodies "Vlase Triste ".. Sibelius "Headlines" Colby "Simonetta" Curzon "Looking Upwardn Sousa "Star Dustn , . . ..Cm'nzic'bacil "Princess of Indian King CHR ISTMAS ASSICM BLY girls meeting alone on Tuesdays and the boys on Thursdays. ' Several outstand- ing performances were given by this glee club during the year. They sang for the XV. C. T. U. convention and the Baptist convention, both held in Fort Dodge, for Karl L. King, and at the junior high school. ' The Christmas program is al- ways beautiful with the lovely traditional As the musician brings melodies from a huge organ, so Mr. Howard Orth with his commanding baton plays upon the voices in the a cappella Choir and Big Chorus to produce programs of unusual and enjoyable music. Constituting a large part of the school's outside activities, glee clubs have become more successful and popular each year. ' The SCVCIWEQ'-tWO members of the third period glee club, dressed in their wine-colored, white-col- lared gowns, have shown unusual advance- ment in a cappella presentations. The entire glee club meets Monday, Wediies- day, and lfriday of each week, with the Snngsters caroling in the halls, and the pageant in the auditorium throughout which music interpreting the Christmas story is sung from the balcony. According to a custom for many years past, the same favorite Christmas hymns, among them "Cantique de Noelf' are sung. ' An unusual feature of the glee club schedule this year was the broadcast over KVFD in Fort Dodge, and l"UlVR'l'H l'l'1Rl0U GI.lfl'1 f'l.Uli: lizufk rim U. Vurlsmx. 141.611,-s. H. IA-wis, li. Milli-r, J. lizmwii. l". Iiulu-y. M. l'i-lu1'snn. H. livhnson. H. Mi-Cahill. li. Heater. C. l'r-tvrson, li. Herlvy, I". liricksmi, li. Jeffers. Thirrl roxy J. Clark, l'. Stump, D. Zllck. J. Fm'- .'f A ' D1 A . 4' ' 1.' , ', , . . . .' ' . ' '. - ' , I . . iiappo. . . A fm. R. ltttrsnn, B. Lnflx-lil. A. Calm-1. li. M11 has-ls. -I. Lai-1.11. G. lixxm. M, himilsoii, P. Sanrlers. boron: :mx M. Mix. S. Sherman. i'. Iiurnquisi. D. Flinn, J. Hagern 1 . M. Huelrsi- . '. I air. .. nrt: niet, IS. H4m'ii'k. S. I':i 1 ms. Il. VVh4-i-li-r. mln h P 'I I H Q ll HFS! IWW M. FTUSY. li. Afllvlfl. J. S4'bk'r'l'el', ll. Thonizis, D. Sinwrisfvri. IJ. l'zii-Iron. li, Wooi!wzir4l, IC. Tilton, N. Wood. C. Si-nxt. --aw, ls. ' ' ' 32' Jw , . - .ff Ax' i . . ,. al . QQ 'if V . . - ...M .f,,f,..A ...mga f ,H . . . ' . - L -."'' s THIRD PICRIOIJ GLICIC f'I.UIS: Buck row IJ. Crank, H. Eeklunxl. i'. Iiekermun. IJ. Martin. IJ. Zuttolniivr. J, Danni-ry, Ii. Ifzillon, I. Dnrhm-im, IS. Chr-:ali-y, .I. Harmun, W. Stromlwrir. C. Russell. Ii. Strand, W. Iimrellaart. U. Mills, R. Novy, VV. Rs-innizin, M. Johnson. Thirrl row IC. VVir-mlvrs. S. Szxwyi-V, D. Il. Huilvnstc-in. J. Gustafson, K. Iirakv.-. l'. 'Il-riiln-I, IC. VVnfful. VV. Mm-Ili-l'. M. Voss, H. Grmciti-l's, 'I'. Olson. J. Jones, G, Johnson, M. I.i-niphmwrs, Ii. I"I:u'i'is. N, lIvVV1:lt'i-, S. VYilson. J. AI-isvlse-n. S4-vivnml row V. Wrvlnizui. M. Struhzir. M. IC. Vrmyl, Ii. .IuIinsi:n, IC. Iiivh. l'. Crnsliy. H. 'I'ii-nizin. 0. Lincoln. IJ. Hnffniun. NI, I.. Iiruwn. M. A. I'l'1'WS. I". Krnmnii-, l.. Ihippi-, H. I'nrti-r. M. Stn-X1-lisnli. V. VVilliaxms. Ii. I.ui-us. I-'irst row C. Si-huh. I". Kohler. IJ. IH-if-rsmi. A. Arnislrzmxr, M. Hiwvy. IJ. l'zirlson. I, Nuns, .I, Iiruwii, M. J. Durlun. II. A. I.yiIm-rs, V. IX-rvi-vw. Ii. Iiuhrn-r. I'. 'I'aylm'. I.. Miwlu-ll. saavwffaaf - WOI in Ames. The operetta, "The Vaga- bond Kingf' is a production of the Big Chorus, - an annual contribution of the music department to the public perform- ances of the school. Singing at Baccalau- reate and Commencement exercises is the final program of the glee club for the year. ' It is the ardent desire of every student in the second and fourth period glee club to "make" the a cappella next year. For these glee clubs Mr. Qrth selects sophomore and junior groups who meet for one hour on both Tuesdays and Thurs- days. ' They practice diligently, give as- sembly programs and cooperate to make greater the success of the Big Chorus. SECOND I'I'iIiIOIJ GLICIC C'I.IFIS: Iiurk row IS. Hobbs, Ii. Sitli-1. I'. Anderson. Ii. Reefly. J. Nia-lsun. M, I'utv1'so1i, II. Vlfinil- 4-hzinz, Ii. IViIII1xrns, S. Ashlu-num-, IS. Miller. J. VVolrI, J. I'4-ters, G. Iiroff-r, G. Mzzcvk, N. He-lfriilgv. Clawsnn, Ii. I.uwi'y. Thiril rim' M. Mahnni-y. Y. Olson. H. Svhverer. Ii. Ililirvs. II. Ilinnrtson. Ii. Trust. J. NVinsl4m. M. I'uh. I., Simmons, G. Hartsm-k. I.. I'arsoris, M. I'z:rrwtt, I.. Runelnll. .I. Kearns. I.. Schultz. Ii. Armstrong, IJ. Marin-ras. V. liyi-rsnn. M. Stfyer. Si-4-nm! rim M. Milli-r, G. Hinl-clm-, l'. Carlson, Ii. Grr-en, I., Ruthvrforrl. K, Mc"I'ixm-, I'. Iflvzik. I". T4--fum. II. Iiivkvy. NI. I.. lirons, N. Slwinhnff. I". Stn-xvlis. IC. .-Xvklvy. Ii. Cross. J, Hive, H. l'zn'lsun, II. .Iuhnsi1n. N. Svhi-i-rm-r, First row Ii. VVuI4lIil1ri:i-r. I.. Sli-innizzns. Ii. I.ini-mln. J. S4-Ii:u'I1 fi-r, VY. Ruliinsirn. A. M1-riclq, M. Ilmld. M. Iintrirk. l'. f':irroII. J. Hnlli-li-V. IS. Gilvlay. IJ. Isazivviii, A. Sr-i-Ivy. IJ. f'hris1ophvl'Niyi. Soft, sweet harmony or deep, melodious rhythm can be heard after school from room 16-XV during practice of the boys and girls vocal groups. Formed by Mr. Howard Orth, these eight groups, a trio, quartets and sextets, are becoming more prominent in extra-curricular activities. During the past year, these vocalists have made many public appearances, singing for the Women's club, Parent Teachers' Association, Teachers Federation Dinner, and numerous high school assemblies. Vocal Groups Instrumental music has rapidly increased in popularity among the students and credit for completed courses is now given and accepted for college entrance. The eighty piece orchestra, a noteworthy example of H. A. Bergan,s splendid direct- ing, gave numerous concerts during the year, and appeared at Ames for the second annual spring festival. Professor Horace Jones, noted violinist and conductor, wielded the baton before this massive group, which included the combined or- TOP PICTURE-Bill Reinman, lx1.ll'lLl.ll Lemphares, Don Zcttelmier, Kenneth Brake. SECOND PICTURE-Doris Christopherson, Patty Taylor, Kathryn Pederson, Loretta Beightol, Dorothy Flinii, liunicc Rich. THIRD PICTURE-Maurice llolmnson, Howard Groozers, lid Vfafful, Willis Moeller. FOURTH PICTURE-Betty Lyders, Beverly Hobbs, Betty Lou Bronx, Nlary Srroebel, Nhrtlmjeiiii Dorian, Billie Sitrig. FIFTH PICTURIQ-XY'nlter lfngelbart, Milo Voss, Wliyne Stromberg, Roger liallon. SIXTH PICTURIQ-Anne Gnrver, Helen Bowers, Mary Siev- enson, Mary lfllen Crowl, K.lll1I'yIl Pederson, Florence Kahler. l.OXY'l'iR l'lCi'l'L'Rl': l,efl-Irving Dorlieim, Gene hlolinson, .lolin Ciustafson. Right-Carl Russell, Oryal Mills, Dick Nlartin, Paul Tempel. l80l SIPIOXY' SI IOI' ORC Ill S'I'R.fX Iiiu-k row Mzirifzirm-I Smyth. Kathryn Imwis. xV2l!'l'l'll Iimu-Ilmart. Mr. H. A. Iii-rizun. So-4-mini rim VViIett:i 'I'owiiIt-y, Iii-vo-rly I.nIz, VVuIlo-r ICm,5r'IIi:irl. Helen Krainie-r, Mziry Ifruwt. I' I I his It Helmn Tiiniin VN .ii.1.iu' L' , ' 1 . 'uynv Aiiiuivivl. .Iuhn Martin. Milo Voss, Nuiirino- Noi'lI1i'li3i. I'll"Y VNV I-IHS' R11InI'vl!l Miss I.iIIi:in Williams. ljoro.1Iiy Iain Smith, Mary Mviiistvo-. I'i':iin'oos Kiiuiisoon. A II tl U IC II B S I I' H S Loon Musical Atmosphere to School Life chestras of Boone, Ames, and Ifort Dodge. Miss Lillian Xvilliams, besides playing in Show Shop, had charge of the strings sec- tion during her first year here. The well- known Show Shop Orchestra, composed of nineteen high school and junior College musicians, maintained the usual high IeyeI of performances. This select group played for the aII-school play, senior play, oper- etta, and other high school and junior college programs. I-Ieard in the year's repertoire: Symphonic Cantata- Hymn of Praise NIt'lIcIlt'ISS0lJll Chorale-Iiugue Buffy Coriolan Bl'l'ff7Ul't'1I Impressario e , Mozarl Life for the Czar . Gliukn Intermezzo from Goyescas CIIYIIIIILIUN Bacchanale Stlfllf-SKIUUX Rosamunde .. SC'f7ll!N'Vf Huldingungsmarsch Grieg URI I'II'.5IIiA: liziwk r-ou. stsinilingf M. Smyth, Il. Zininii-r, U. I.ini'ifln. M. Slrolwl, IJ. I'IoovoA!'. M. Mix. IC. IN:iI'fiiI. W, I'in:'e'I hurt, Mr. Iin-ryan. Miss VN'iIIi:inis. Sitting Ii. SIN-r'niuli, .I. Mzirlln. M. Voss, H. ,Ioohn-on. Il. VVwl. I"ou1'lh rom' M. Iiiilrivk. J VVVAU, G, Iiurne-tt, A. Ibilleoiilm-, H. Kruniir, Ii. Von Stein. VY. Ifliw-lI1:il'l, H. Sm-zirly. V. Scott. Ii. Ross-iiln-115. H. Iieklunol, H Tieman, J. Harmon. W. Watts. IJ. lilo-noleninif. K. More-lzinil, W. Aurand, H. So-he-ervr. IJ. Iilaek. Ii, I.. IH-tersoii. Thi:-ol row If. Knuii son, II. Hulehinsun. M. J. VKIAII. Ii. ,I. I.owery, G. Johnson. M, I"r-nrt. H. I'o-lm-rson. M. Iiraiishaw, I". I'Ir'ii'krun, IS. Kurtz. M. Slew-n son. IS. Nlairriiissoii. Si-I-owl row NV. 'I'uwnIe'. M. Menefee, N. IJ. YVoorI, A. Garxer. h. Fluwsori, Ii. Jer '. P. .vnsvn, . , l"A . A' 5 ik I I VI ixun N Northrup, IS. Johnson. I'. Stamp. Ifir.-1 ron I., Roberson, IS. Lutz, K. 1.1-wis, Ii. I.. Smith. N. J. Ifinney. fl. Hinkle. 4.4-.L Bfuxi Suffi- Xlilo Voss, ,lohn Martin, llelen Tie m a n, Richard Zimmer, Kenneth Moreland, XV a V n 1. Aurand. Qaawpfip fj1Lll'f7ll'f f2IlLH'fl'f- Lewis Anderson, Walt lingel- bart, Irwin XX'ogensen, Roger l.isher. Groups of tooters, blowers, and fiddlers found the year's work more enjoyable and helpful by the opportunity to play for assemblies, clubs, and numerous other outside organizations wherever a bit of music on the program was desired. Organ- ized by Mr. Bergan, these groups include players from both band and orchestra. Clarinets, brass, wood-winds and strings offer a variety to suit the taste of all, and to furnish suitable music for any occasion. Moreover, there are several understudies Slring QllflIf1'fT Beverly I.ut1, XX'iletl.1 Town- ley, Naurinc Xurllirup, Ann Garver, Nlargaret Smythe. Whnilu intl Qnnztrl- Mary Frost, llclcn Snuarly. Helen Ticmmn, lfvelyn Yon Stein, Hub llenli. P Ewa' ' ag ..1g,w for each of these various groups who de- serve special mention. Although they have not played in public yet, they are practic- ing for the time when they will be enter- tainers. Getting "In The Mood" when the ever popular Swing Band is on hand is Sumg BlmJ-- Back row-Max 'I' Bob W ' H ' F ' 'Vmawk Kfluriuvl Quarlvi- Hclcn Sncarly, Audrey Kortz, 3' Carol Scott, Mildred Mix. not hard to do, for "Lewie', and his uswingsters' are popular and sought after for all school affairs. They can always be counted on to make the "tea dancesf' all- school dance, and other high school and junior college parties successful. C,offm.1n, Don Homicll, Bob Yan Cyundy, Milo Voss, from row- lrvin Vfogcnsen. Pc Le Zchr. Xxhilt lfngulbarr, Glen Kohrcr. Standing-lid Vlfxfful, l.cwis Anderson. -Asa-3 H-I-he Comes to Life In 1940 Uperetta Sprightly melodies harmonized with the theme to furnish pleasant entertainment for the audience at the romantic operetta, "THE VAGABOND KING,,, presented April 19 by high school and junior college mu- sicians. Off to a good start with music and lyrics, the appropriate setting and ingenious interpretations of Directors Orth and Cortright combined to produce an effective show. ' This famous story accompanied by the music of Rudolf Friml is based on the life of the French vagabond poet of the fifteenth century, Francois Villon. Old Paris during the time of Louis XI is the setting. Of the ever popular songs, "Only a Rosen and "Song of the Vagabondsi' are the two which seem to catch the fancy of FIIOSC of the youthful songsters. ' And so "The Vag- abond Kingn added another musical suc- cess to a long line of predecessors. The Mob SUUIII' The Cast Rene' de Montignyt sslidward W'afful Casin Cholet u H s , Roger Fallon Margot sscs as as as Phyllis Crosby Isabeaui Mary Ellen Crowl Jehanneton u ssus as u Patricia Taylor Huguette du Hamel ssss as Helen Porter Guy Tabarie s Joe McTigue Tristan If Hermite Bill Carroll Louis XI as XVilliam Reinman Francois Villon Tom Olson Katherine de Vaucelles Frances Kramme Thibaut d' Aussigny Robert Heater Captain of Scotch Archers Gene johnson An Astrologerss ,,s,x I ack Harmon Lady Mary Donna Belle Bodenstein Noel le Jolys sussse u ssss Vernon Smith Oliver le Dain .C Irving Dorheim Burgundian Herald s Carl Russell Pages Dean Tuel and Thelma Burton iw Synopsis of SPPIIPS ACT I-The Fir Cone Tavern ACT II--Scwzr' 1-The Courtg that night Sc'c'm' I-The Courtg that night Sl'l'lIl' 2-The Courtg next morning ACT HI-The Masque Ball ACT IXITSCUIIK' 1-A Gate of Old Paris SCTIII' 2-The Gibbet The onli - ' 'lion takes plziei- in Ulrl Vuris limi- of Louis Xl. Produc-tion Staff General Direetionot Howard Orth Dramaties and Staging , E. S. Cortright Orchestra S H. A. Bergan Aeeompanist Elizabeth Ann Wfinders Stage Design or Miss Ila Anthony Assisted by Ailyziiivi-il Art Vlassi-s Costuming S Miss Jane Crow Avis li-1 l hy Vlolhinu Vlllaavi Stage Carpentry W. M. Pharcs Asaisti-cl lxy V ir1'zi tional flzissvgs Programs S E. Sehwendemann Publieitya oooe Miss Adeline Sharon Business Management ,C Miss Harriett Demorest and Miss Vesta Likins Metal Craft oo,oo S oeeo J. A. MeKinstry Asslslvrl by Mvtal Ll:-xssi-S The Finale Committees l5lNANCE-Warren Nvinslow, Phillis Hughes, Carolyn Burnquist, john Wold USHERING-Dick Glendening, Dave Cooper. Phyllis Stump, Sue Sherman PRGPERTY-Bob Kurtz, Gladys Behimer, Mary Larson. jim Dolliver PROGRAMS-Earl Bock, Keith Nordeen, james lfoust STAGE CREW'-Donn Richey. Ruth W'illi.1ms. Herschel Johnson, Eugene Curl, Earlene Til- ton, Shirley Lawson. xlim Bucliroyd, Bob C o f f m a n. Phillis Hughes, Beverly Curl, Evelyn johnson. Judith Mills. -lane Seheerer iS5l Orchestra VIOLINS-Lillian Willianis, H. A. Bergan. Lloy Roberson. Willetta Townley Frances Knudson. Beverly Lutz, Mary Menefee VIOLA-Naurine Northrup CELLO-Dorothy Smith BASS-Margaret Smythe FLUTE-Mary lfrost OBOE-Robert joeneks BASSOON-Helen Kramer CLARINET-Walter Engelbart TRUTWPETS-Nfilo Voss. klohn Nlartin FRENCH HORN-Helen Tieman TRQMBONE-XVayne Aurand TYMPANI-XY'arren Engelbart All-School Cast Pr esen ts Forty speaking parts marked the All School Play, "Once in a Lifetime" by Moss Hart and George Kaufman, as unusual, and direction by E. S. Cortright assured 100 W success in its presentation to the public, November 23. The lively plot re- volving around three vaudeville actors in Hollywood was made realistic by a studio scene, a pullman car set, and a wedding on a sound stage. These stage settings, said to be the most difficult ever attempted for a high school production, were constructed by Miss Ila Anthony's art classes and the stage crew. Miss Lillian Williams and Miss Jane Crow assisted Miss Anthony in the costuming. Portraying the three vaude- "A laugh A Minute" Comedy ville actors were Beverly Walrod, Irving Dorheim, and Bob Bollard. Suzanne Sher- man played a picture-crazy, small town girl, and Margaret Holman, her fidgety mother. Manuel Lempares, jewish picture magnate, Bob Donly, German producer, and Phyllis Crosby, talkative columnist, kept the plot on the run with character impersonations. Meanwhile the humor of Sylvia Lurie, telephone operator, and Mike Cuff, discouraged playwright, left few idle moments for the audience. Actors, bridesmaids, secretaries, cameramen, tech- nicians, Hollywood socialites, p a g e s , studio attendants, a script writer, and a pullman porter, completed the large cast. Fitz' minutes fill rurlain. Mr. Cortrigbt puts on finishing fourbrs. l36l "0nce In A Lifetime" Re'1'4'jrlio11 Room in flu' Sfmlin Tln W1 Jdmg Sc 4 nz T zz Ellflfl Cas! lun rl x Lutzr Smxlh Jamlx MLM xhnn Bula Mm Bob liul larrl liernarrl Lhulu War ren Wmslmw Iaul Tempe Fourth rmx 'Vl lu kms lh ln Cru by Nxrmnla lxnudnn Kuula Lunstantlm b 5 l urn Jain Huunk Carl lin- r Ggralll Schmppel Thlrfl rms rrank Sm' Ihurlg. Vkalrufl Helen nrter Donna Iklly limlmn us' att: Jppc Manuml mmparn- lr V. rl s lnhn 'Vlartm 'Vllltun NIQFun Sluarm Sherman Dorn zur-,un Prana: Dlck lhttg. Lucax Dorn hrunllun lNut ln thy puturm Irum. Imrhmlm xlXldh VS rflman Jum Clark llulkayne lwan R.-uhll Vla lm 'Vhlu f ll ruml 187 , , w ' , " ,V ,Q . L' ' l . .. i , .A ik I Y , yi- .7 v M , , V. , l X . 4 L ,V w .-b-,tv .. . .4 ' -,': . '. V 1- .v . .. .. stein, Gladys lk-hime-r, Alvin Spilka. liuln Heat:-r. Nick Pappas. Second rmv Muruarut Holman, Boll Dunly, Dun McMahon, Joan- --' -1, -L- mv. ', 'sl'-'.',"-fs -' ful' , 'Fr-l blia-isslr, Jane- Glas, Vi 1' 'z Luve-ll, 1 A . I H l l A 1 I "ThE Family UlJSlEIifS" Senior Play Makes A Hit The Cust Annabelle ss.. L .sss.. Lorraine Benson Father Heller as o ,s.Vernon Smith Charles Grant C C C Prank Sims "Mamma "eeeeeeeee . os Phyllis Crosby Mrs. Grant o Koula Constantine Louise . Beverly XValrod Charles' Brother . Milan Macek XVillie. Jack McMahon Miss Callahan Margaret Smyth Chosen by Mr. E. S. Cortright as the 1940 Senior play because of its interesting por- trayal of American life, "The Family Up- stairsv materialized May 17, in the high school auditorium after three weeks of intensive rehearsal. W1'itten by H a r r y Delf, this light, bright comedy in three acts portrays a modern family of mod- erate means living in a five room apart- ment flat. The plot entangles two typical families, the Hellers and the Grants. Mr. Heller is a hard-Working father who thinks more of his family than he lets on. Though his wife scolds and is irritable, nevertheless, she is a sweet woman whom her children still call "mamma" The three children are Louise, a little ahead of her family, Wfillie, a seventeen-year-old girl- crazy boy, and Annabelle, the baby sister. In the Grant family are Charles, his motherg and his little brother. Miss Calla- han, the seamstress, completes the cast. lSSl ST USAVICIV' F4-rn lirikson, lin-tty Ili-un, Roln-rlu Iii-iisoii. Milflrn-sl llau-lin. Ruth Form-ll, lmlnrm-s Adkins. Devices Used In Education Open to sophomores this year the UNL- Acr PLAY p r o e c t sponsored "Saved,', written by John William Rogers and di- rected by Miss Helen Zearfoss. The story of two spinsters and their niece is told an all female cast. Surprising indeed is the final outcome. ' BROADCASTING ove r KVFD was a new and novel experience for several students this year. D u r i n g the "Housewarming" week, s p e e c h, music, and journalism departments pre- sented programs over the local station. ' Through the extensive Guimxxcii pro- gram sponsored by Miss Mary Mcflluskey, 389 plans for the future are brought to the attention of senior students by several vocational talks over XVOI, and a voca- tional conference April 29, 30, May 1, and 2. Twenty-seven experienced profes- sional men and college students well versed in the different vocations, cooperated with the student leaders to make the con- ference a remarkable success. ' Two NIOVIITS, "Silent Barriersf' and "Rhodes," were presented in the auditorium during the noon hour. Each was divided into three installments with a small admission fee for the entire movie. Honors to Dehaters, Speakers XVith a new forensic coach, Mr. Raymond Berrier from Nashua, Iowa, Fort Dodge high school debaters launched their 1939- 40 season, November 25, at the Thomas Jefferson high school Invitational Debate Clinic at Council Bluffs. Debating on the nationwide high school topic, "Resolved, that the United States Government should own and operate the railroadsf, the Red and Black orators competed at the Brind- ley Memorial Tournament sponsored by Iowa State Teachers College, at the Coe College Invitational meet, at the Western Union tournament at I.eMars, at the Perry Invitational meet and at the Big Four meet held here. Many of these decision contests were won. The Dodgers also debated against Algona, Laurens and Clarion in non-decision debates. At home the de- baters appeared before the P.T.A., Rotary and other clubs. Closing the season, the locals ranked high in the district meet at Spencer and competed in the state meet at Iowa City. ' Both affirmative and negative teams received superior rating at Coe College, while Abe Arkoff and Mike Cuff won superior ranking as individual speakers. The negative team was given top ranking at Iowa State Teachers College, and Abe Arkoff was awarded a four year scholarship to I.S.T.C. for being high point individual speaker. Mike Cuff won a one hundred dollar scholarship at the Western Union tour- nament and .lack McMahon placed first in the after dinner speaking contest. Mike Cuff and Abe Arkoff made up the negative team, while Jack McMahon and Wendell Reed composed the affirmative duo. ' The second team of Bob Martin, Jim Arnold, ,lim Dolliver, Hjalmar Sand- liziek row VVI-mlm-ll R+.-erl, lioli I.. Martin, Jim Arnold. Mr. li errir-r, Sylvia l.nrii-, Norma Ji-an Finney, Maxine Gomlson, Ani Garver, Mike Cuff. Alu- Arkoff. Jim Dolliver. Hjalmar Szimllxor gf. Thircl row sl-ntl-il Sophie l'zippas, Jo Anne Savage. Marilyn l'lstlunil. Ss-vunsl row Jr-:Ln linnnvll, Helen Marie Pot-il, i'hnl'li-nl lk-1-il, l.or4-lla lilfirhtol, lKm'lrnl'zi Nyiluzzsrvr. Milnlrm-il Knllirek, Vvrnirc- VVilliams. Front row Bessie Lewis, Holy VVani:hlul, Jin Fi'-lil. I-'URICNSIl' WINNIC I h RN Lei.-mp..ruln--.u- Nu-1-i-h Alu- .-'wk-Iif. Uriilinul Orutivry Miki- Puff. In Forensic Field berg, Ann Garver, and Maxine Goodson debated at the Thomas Jefferson High School Invitational D e b a t e at Council Bluffs, against East High of Wfaterloo, Laurens, Clarion, and Algona. Proving their ability by winning honors in many of these debates, th ese understudies promise an interesting 1940-41 season. Abe Arkoff qualified at the district meet for the state extemporaneous speaking contest as did Mike Cuff with his original selection "The American Artn for the original oratory contest. jack McMahon and Wfendell Reed competed in the radio speaking contest sponsored by the Iowa Forensic League at the State University of Iowa. ' Mr. Berrier in his first year in Fort Dodge produced some very fine speakers as his record will indicate, and it is the belief that the next year will differ in no way other than to produce a finer group of speakers. SPIVOND TEAM Maxine Gunnison, Ann Carver. Hub I.. Martin, FIRST TEAM NV:-null-ll R4-ml, Jziek Mm'IVl:nhon, Mike Cliff. 1 AI ik if .lim Arnold. Jim Ilolliw-r. Hjalmzur Samlhr-':. r- A uf. V ' .. The frlezc over the southwest door After the ready to jom the others Note the ease and grace wrrh whlch the youth controls thc magmflcent horse nn the center Bunk Wm Bezflallz 0 fbe bleachers L92 r prancing steeds are well groomeci, they are r I 9naS1,M,1fw9 MM 193 11 SPORTS nounnuv FOOTBALL Y arslty B KSKETBALL X .u slty E Perry Sc ptember l 1 September 22 September 29 October 6 October 13 October 20 October 21 YK est ll aterloo Central Sloux Clty Boone Roosey elt Des Wlolnes Fast W aterloo Blue Earth 'Nllnn Noyember 3 Vlason Clty Squad September lh NN ebster C lty September 23 C larlon September '30 Algona Octobc r 14 October 21 W ebster C lty Xl ona October 28 If l lyermore W RESTLHNG Val suv Deccmber 8 WX est Des Homes Deccmberl4 lfldora Ianuary lanuary Ianuary lanuary I' ebruary 2 February 9 Ye P ast VN aterloo Xl est V aterloo C larlon C hc rokee I ag.,le C roye B 7 Squad January lanuary lanuary January February 3 Cllmore Clty February 10 C larlon GOLF -Xprll 6 Xprll 13 April 20 4pr1l21 Nlay Nlay Nlay Nlay TENNIS April 13 Aprll 21 N ay N ay N ay l N ay 9 Xlgona C llmore Cnty C larlon Xlgona Boone Cthereb Ames Inyltatlonal Ctherel East Des Moines Ctherej -Xlgona Ctherel Cedar Rapids Inyltatxonal Ctherej Golf Inyltatlonal Cherej Bug Four Meet CMason Cltyl Spencer Inyltatlonal Cthereb Ames Bng Four Dlstrlct State T 4 They Thcy l4'l 'I Thu Nos ember December December December December December Renyy lck Nlanson N orth Des Nlolnc s Boone East YN aterloo Jefferson Ianuary lanuary lanuary lanuary I ebruary lf ebruary I ebruary I' ebruary W est NN aterloo 'Vlason C lty NN ebster Cnty Boone 2 I1 ast YY aterloo I W ebster C lty W est NN aterloo lm Nlason C lty I' ebruary 2 Humboldt Sectional C hamplons D1-.trlct runnerup B Squad 'Nloy ember 24 December l lanuary IZ lanuary l 1 lanuary Zh lebruary 2 February February 9 February l lcbruary 2 SW IMMUNG Renyy :ck Wlanson Barnum Xl ebster C lty Rockwell C lty Nloorland W ebster C lty Rocluy ell Clty I anyon Humboldt December 8 North Des Nlomes December 11 Roosey elt Des Wlomes Ianuary lb Boone January 27 Sac Cnty January '30 Boone Ifebruary 3 State 'lleet Cxmesj TRACK Xprll Xprll Xprll Xprll N ay N ay N ay N ay N ay 1939 Holsteln Relays Pocahontas Relays State Teachers Relay s Xlta Relay s I1 stheryllle Im ltatlonal Dlstrlct Nleet Big., Four C larlon Relay s State Nleet 1 Thev c Thev c Thev Fourth Place 19+ 9 ,4 --1, - tk 'Y yy' 11-y W' - 4 5- V, ,,,, , , 19 7 4' ' 24- ...... 13 ll - ' . ' . . 4 13 14 - 1-4 .' ...... 46 21 .-i ' " 5 . 19 26 8-Av A. A - V V 25 21 - V V - - V- V- - lg 9 12- ...... 35 28 V - V' , ' A - - 7 .31 15- . ' . . 4 35 25 -1 1 ' - "" 12 '0 19- f ..... 26 24 4' V :-4 4- ff f I 7 7 .- v 5- f 5 ' .... 33 48 ' . - '12-4 . " 5 ..... 32 39 co as V - V 16- ' 5 ' 5 ,... 36 38 B K W , .- 5 23- ....... 40 25 .- , .. , 6 0 " 5 '-3 f ' .... 45 26 . :-I : .l.' 1 I I I 33 0 ' .' 5- ' -' " .' ---- 26 27 . - ...... 31 0 f' 5 9- ' . . 4 29 8 4 - ' . " 5 ..... 7 0 ' 5 4'-4 4- " 5 ..... 18 40 -4 ....... 37 0 - ' 3- ..... 38 26 -4" ...... 6 I3 '- - V4 ,' ' 1 Ag A ' V cc nv , ., ,,x', ' V 2312 -' W, D " - 4 ..... --1 Sl V V- VV . -5 5-if ' . . . I9 17 1 - V ""' 11 .- 513- ' .- ' . . . 27 17 --A - V - - - - - - 5' . 519-Mason City .... 26 H December In-Burnslde ..... L19 l4 .' - 526-'- ' ...... 29 13 ,- 5 '- ...... -16 19 ' 5 -' - ..... 26 11' 5. V r- ' .1 " 5 ,...- 16 20 ' f I ' .... 28 Ili .. -- .,. -' . -... 24 21 .- --A - ...., 45 17 " ' Q - 1 5 5- ' ,f " 5 .... 26 21 yy' ' 5' .- ' ' " 5 .... 41 18 - 5 6-4 f 1 ....... 30 I8 1 5 6-4 5 ...... 46 24 . - 5 9-1' " 5 ..... 20 17 V.-3- ..... 36 14 . 5 20- ' ' ....... 34 5 - Q26-1 ....... 14 26 5 :-1' "5 .... 20 24 L " 1 5 -i ' .... . 23 17 W, 5 - -4' ,Q 4 ' .- . . 23 43 :- . - 44 4 ' - . 20 46 V . V '- ....... 48 17 A . ,- V V. 4 - V - 4' 5 ...... 54 7 I . 'jr V' . , '.- ....... 35 27 j 'V 4:4 . V. . - 4 jll- " ' 4 518- ' U D 4' 5 - 4 QZLJ- V x . 14- 5 5 , 4 ' 21- . 4' 7 T 4 ' 22- V A 1 I 29-4 ,'-' . l . ,,-l 'V LI 5' 6- In " ' ii .V 4- . 11-5 13- 4 Al .4 ' ' .'171Yr. 41 5 3- .1 q 20- ' 41 5 25- 41 5 27-.' - 4 1 FUUTBALL FUR sum FUR MANY Answer1ng the call for grld materxal the last week 1n August 65 eager football cand1dates reported to Coaches McLees Thelle Graham and Hughes ' After three weeks of practlce 1n mldsummer weather wlth only three veterans ln the llneup the Dodgers opened the season away from home by trlmmmg Perry, then' perenn1al early season r1val 19 to 6 In cessant poundmg at the Perry l1ne enabled the Red and Black to earn thexr flrst w1n ourneymg to XVest W a t e r l o o the Dodgers were surprlsed by the Wahawks flashy runnmg and pass1ng attack and returned home on the short end of a 14 to 13 count A week later a power house Central Sioux Clty team 1n noslng out the locals 26 to 19 was forced to cope wlch the most br1ll1ant passmg attack ever staged by a Red and Black team on the local gr1d1ron ' Boone was the uctnm the followmg Frxday on thelr own f1eld when the Fort Dodgers rolled up a 12 to 0 count despxte penalt1es totalmg 125 yards chalked up agaxnst them Put the locals handlly repulsed the touted at tack of Roosex elt of Des Momes and m turn flashed a versatxle offense to clalm a 19 to 7 vlctory ' In the next game East Waterloo set the Red and Black back for thelr second Bxg Four loss wnth a xarled attack that produced scores almost at w1ll as eudenced by the 31 to 7 result 1151 The Orange and Black boys seemed to do everythmg rxght as they handed Fort Dodge thelr worst defeat xn years A week later Blue Earth rode back to the1r M1n nesota home bemoanmg a 12 to 0 loss to a much xmproved Dodger elex en that cllcked from the start and nex er left the 1 . , x, 1 ' Q lf 'Q , . 1 3 V . . Y . 1 ' ' -I J , " ,af u , ' 1 Cl 0 , - ,, . . . . 1 1 1 . . . . 7 7. . . . I . . I thCI'I'1SelVCS in the Win COluI'1'1f1 again, Varsity Mentors, Harold Theile and Jack MeLees, discuss plays. . "B" Squad Coaches, Howard Hughes and Fred Graham, ready - for a workout. V . . 1 . , . , - V . . V . V. V . . , 7 1 ' :M 1' f 'Y A . f-Hn' ur 5 N .I 3, I A .vi-Q .yy . Q 551253 ew 3 T ' 'W . ,L V1 V VI'- ' 1 A , :ff ,, N A' f , fZ ' 235 ' ,. 'Ji' J XX ' -V W .4 , I s 4 A 3 3 h 'Q 49+ 9 id Q1 W 1 'k ,+,'1,"' ' ""' , ,Wg . , Q cf-m Q Q un Q fi 5 '25 . ag fig! "xxx bk .f V51 ' 'J 3" f2 24 ' ' A Ag -Q -fy, QM. 4 wb 'Y 'LQ' V NV Q ' W 33' ,gl w f +4 'l l ' " M, 45' M ,,.Wig:4m,,,.Q V 5 if ,W J iffy outcome in doubt Putting a fitting close to a f1ne season the locals met Mason Clty on the Mohawks f1eld Recent vlctors over East Waterloo, Mason C1ty was con f1dent, but had to come from behmd to earn a 7 to 7 t1e agamst thexr underdog B1g Four opponents ' At the football banquet November 7 ohn Potter was chosen captaln of the Red and Black for 1940 D1ck Johnson, Howard Carlson, and Dwayne Crmmgan were g1ven all state mentlon for stellar performances durmg the season ' A brllllant prospect for a fme 1940 eleven was the result of the e f fo r t s of Coaches Graham and Hughes 1n tutormg the B squad The Dodger understudnes played a full sched B Squad vs Lwermore I97 "B" Squad' vs. Livernzorz' ule of elght games, w1nn1ng seven and not y1eld1ng a polnt to thelr opponents untll they were narrowly defeated rn the seasons flnale Many t1mes they played small town varsntres and came through w1th surpr1s1ng v1ctor1es Makxng the sea son an outstandlng one were two f1ne guards, a smart fleld general 1n a small quarterback, a forty yard touchdown run, a well executed kickoff play agamst Algona, a reverse that caught everyone nappmg and netted 6 polnts, and an eager and w1ll1ng squad work1ng as a unlt One needed only to watch the B squad IH actlon to reallze what a fme job the coaches were do1ng to make th1s 1nexper1 enced group the varsxty of tomorrow Qhvs -3 ar . , . . . . . . , . . , J ' tl 39 ' . . U ,, . . . . rr as - . V ', a , I " ' . . 'U ' n I u - 1 1 ,g ,Mn .. M V . . K A -A u' V " W.-5,4 'Z ,l.L.." -- l r-.-.7..,z.-11 - . . ,.: tw -v-.vfffw-' -. - ' . ' , 'Z , " F '1' 'ffftiz fin-'J '-+1-7-VJ' .. - - g j A i 4 5 M:,.7,i..g".,.:-gm, 1.3 'xye',-1'- . , -.' -- fn- -, sn "fp tw . re-' v. ' - - 'fu '-fd: vm. If - -, iftjfiff ,fx-'If Gridders Win Top rote: Dirk Iofmxolz-One of the best pass receivers in the state. Bill FisfJz'r-Always dependable. B011 E1.VffllliNOt a bad pass all season. 1l'l'jlIg D!lVlJl'illIiA valuable tackle. IOZJII Poller-A combination lineman and back. Sl'l'UlId row: fini Dl'll1Il'l'Vj'?YiJU could depend on jim any time. lark Ml'Mtlbll1I - Opponents couldn't ,ai -- . .. i JL Honor F's gain through liis position. Bran' Lvfler-A left banded passer that can carry the mail. l'1il'.Yf rote: D011 Zczkeer-He played in the line. I:l'l1f0l1 1SlIlIC'S0lIlA good end now,-wait until 1940. EJ Wfzufflzl-Fast and a good line bucker. I,c'flr'r VOIIIIZIS emf lIgIlflISf R00sz'z'a'lf. Cfrnzrlww I'1f1ii'.ml HlltQ!lt'.i am! l.!'.YIlt'l' Sfmflmzd laik lliiugs owr. Jefferson only to lose to Mason City early in January. W'ebster City took the meas- ure of the Dodgers in a close game but the Red and Black snapped back to trim Boone and East Wfaterloo again. The Webster City midgets continued their jinx over the local cagers as they claimed a one-point victory, but in trouncing West XVaterloo the boys seemed to be back in early season form. Mason City did it again on their new floor and a week later Hum- boldt battled in vain to prevent Fort Dodge from closing an in-and-out season with a victory. With a record of ten out of fifteen, the Dodgers successfully de- fended their Sectional c r o w n against Gowrie. At Mason City, the Fort Dodgers took care of Forest City and Dows in Cagers Shine in Court Season Wfhile the football season was still in progress, Coach Shafland issued the first call for basketeers and began to limber up the prospects. At the close of the grid season the squad increased so that it was divided, with Coach Hughes t a k i n g charge of the "Bn squad. The Dodgers, a team with considerable pre-season poten- tialities, got off to a flying start by de- feating Renwick, Manson, Boone, North Des Moines, and East Wfaterloo in succes- sion. By the victory over North Des Moines, Fort Dodge obtained possession of the Des Moines Register and Tribune traveling trophy. The Dodgers retained the trophy until XVest Waterloo handed the locals their first defeat. In the last 1939 contest, Fort Dodge squeezed by order and then came face to face with the inevitable in the district finals, Mason City. The Mohawks, with 30 straight wins in their pocket, had their eyes on the State Title and were not to be denied. Fort Dodge came within three points of destroying their hopes, the closest call the State Champions had in tournament competition. In the all-state selections at the close of the tournaments, Frank Sims, Bob Moe, and Dale Hall were honored. The "Bn squad, with Coach Hughes at the helm, gave fans an enjoyable preview of the 1940-41 team each time they played. The seconds, playing a schedule of eleven games with small town varsities, flashed an unscathed record at the close 11001 if vw.. ' 1 -ff VAliSl'l'Y: liavk row F. lsaavsnn, I., Turxzvrsun, IJ. Evans, li. Hull, IS. Maw. L. l"lihrn14-ister. li. lilsmn, D. Juhllrull. Fruril row l'--nah Shzifluml. G. Rziliim-r. J. l'otu-r, H. Carlson. H. Mm-rryman. li. I-Iulisun, l-I Sims, IJ. f'rinniu:m. A. Siiilkzi. Ii. l'm'k4-r, H. Anvhulz. "IS" SQUAD: liuvk row J. l'c-ti-rs, I". Mzuznussun. S. Ashki-nazi-. U. Mills, J. XVulrl, li. Miller: 'l'. .Iorrlzm, G. Ilziviflsnn. Il. llilmun. S1-luml low li. Mich:-lsun, l.. Humillun, V. Walrufl, D. Siu-rry, J. VVhilm:in. K. lirnki-. D. l'i-tn-iwfii, H. l,ilmlny. li. Klmllln. VV. Larkin. lfrfml row R, Mivhax-l. K. l'm-In-rson. R. Armsirunir. J. l'4lsl1im'k. ll, Muhl. K.!S12l'l. T S d P t I D I ' of the year. Four members of the squad had part time varsity experience before the year closed. The understudies em- ployed a fast break with snappy ball- lllll handling in chalking up their impressive record, giving onlookers a li i n t that Dodger fans will see a much faster game of basketball on the local courts next year. 1 ffm, ,'1 iu? 9? I Sf Q . Yi- Jr? fi 2 3 5' ,A ,A L " ff mi, I , .Q "J, .,y, . 'K 'A 5' - , For ThtuhseeVlNaIliariiiii's XVith a larger squad than in recent years, Coach Schwendemann worked slowly to shape a swimming team for competition. The inexperienced squad was ducked by North Des Moines for their first defeat. Unable to recuperate, the Dodger mer- men fell an easy victim to the powerful Roosevelt squad of Des Moines. ' Turn- ing the tables, the Red and Black tanksters trimmed the Boone paddlers, capturing almost every event. With the first victory came a series of similar wins as the splash- ers defeated Sac City, Newton, and Boone in a return engagement. In the State meet the Dodgers placed fourth in a field so fast that every existing state record fell before the onslaught. ' XVith the vast array of talent displayed among the undergraduates on the squad, many of whom won letters, it is anticipated that the 1941 team will be outstanding. ' Graduation takes only two lettermen, Co- captains Bud Winslow and Dave Cooper, and leaves the rest for a fine 1941 team. Top row LETTERMEN: Dick Kehm, Don Leighton, Dave Cooper, Student Manager Don Hines. Phil Ulstad, Marvin Moreland, VARSITY: lilane Phillips, Kenny Ul:-atad, VVarren Winslow, Dave Cooper, Don Hines, Jack Winslow, Diek Ke-hm, Coaeh Svhwen- demann, Marvin Moreland, John Fisher, Iioh Seger. SECOND SQUAD: liaek row Rudy Anderson, Chester Moore, Ken Ulstad, 2' ' ' ' ' Dl - I3 - 1 l IJ' C - C' h Sehu dr-mann liob Segrr, Marvin Mnelaud l'hil Ulsvul, l"xul I lane lhilllps, Fred o yay, rure Ram rr, ave oopi r, oae t 'eu , f- ' 1 ' . - 1 Tempel. Don Hines, Front row Bill lfielfls, Louis Beisser, John Fischer, Diek Kehm, liob Fischer, Bottom row Letternien: Illane Phillips, John Fischer. Paul Tempel, Bob Reinartson, Bob Seger, Kenneth Moreland, Louis lieisse-r. 11IfIlI.Nf7'tlfflIAQ 41 lwlll for ffu' i'mu'fn'x, lfwil CTllOlJ4'I't1Il1f l"ri'if CIVLIXHIHI. Two weeks before the first meet, Dodger mat aspirants seeking berths on the wres- tling team began regular workouts under the direction of Coaches C o o p e r and Graham. Three returning lettermen and the smallest squad in years made the out- look for another successful season none too bright, but Coach Cooper surprised the critics by presenting an unscarred dual record when the firing ceased. In the first meet of the season with the powerful Valley High team, the Dodgers took the long end of the score by defeating the Des Moines boys 2722 to MM. Another Week of training and a few minor changes in the lower weights gave the locals new strength and they swamped Eldora 35 to To S Iendid Season State Runneru WRESTLERS up - , ll l l l ll RMICN: Top row Huff l':u'Ison, Vlziyturi liziili-y. llucl Mi-Folloiiilli, Stluli-nl Mzmuui-1' John Sulidi-lim-, liill Koll, Dirk lilaivk. in Nlziei-li, limit-ini Row: linlv lu-rry, lion Mi' Muhun, John I.:il'son. lull Rosen. lull Vlufliil, limi limb-l1lmi'ri, Holm Johlisml. 1 SECOND SQUAD: liark row- li. Maier. L. liriuhi J. Jones, Coach Graham, A llrnwn, J. Lipsvy. Ii. Hoyt. Ser ond row W. Armstrong, A Hubhub, A. Antolir, H. Lev. .I Chinszren. L. Smith, l'. Wil-wal IJ. O'Connor. First row D Christianson, Ii. McCullough, I'1. I-'ain R. M k tt R. S son e, or 4- , wan D. Karsten, I. Smith. VARSITY: Back row' R. Johnson, J. Rals- ton, W. Stagman, Coach Cooper, Coach Graham, E. Kirby, D. Cook, J. Sandeline. Second row -C. Bailey, J. Harmon, I. Dor- heim. B. Fisher, J. Arnold, Il. Johnson, G. Cain, J. McMahon, li. Koll, J. Larson. Front row - l-I. Wafful, IC. Rosen, R. Carlson, D. McMahon, D. liluek, D. Roll- enborn. B. Berry, M. Macek, J. Jeys, D. Tuel. 5 on the local mat. Once again at home, the grapplers nosed out the powerful East Waterloo squad, 19 to 17, in the closest meet of the season. At Waterloo, the Dodgers walked over West to the tune of 27 to 11. Mason City's prize matmen were the fifth to fall before the locals, losing 26 to 14. The Cooper men then clamped a scissors on the Clarion Cow- boys and easily squeezed out a 29 to 15 win. The Cherokee Indians were the next victim of the locals, stumbling 26 to 16. In the last meet in dual competition, the Dodgers romped over Eagle Grove, 28 to 16. At Clarion, the grapplers took the lloil ,auf-fx. District crown and placed six men in the state finals held at New Hampton. Here they suffered their lone setback of the season, losing the state title to Osage by four points. Dick Black, 135 pounder, with an unblemished record for the year, was the only Red and Black state cham- pion. ' Considering experience as the best teacher for future matmen, Coach Graham booked six dual meets for the "BD squad. The little Dodgers in winning four and losing to Algona and Gilmore City, s h 0 w e d considerable promise in several weights for the 1940 varsity. Crurrfwx l.y1111 B1nx'r1111 llllll A. ATt'KiIl.Yfl'1' l'l't'Ul'tl fjll1t'. The snow had not disappeared when 1939 track hopefuls began working out on the Duncombe Field cinder path. With only two weeks of training behind t li e m Coaches McKinstry and Bloxom took a squad with six returning lettermen to Holstein, returning home fifth best. A squad of underclassmen competed at the Pocahontas Relays one Friday afternoon, gaining valuable experience and the next day the Varsity met some very fast early season competition at the annual State Teachers meet and were unable to place. The following week, the Dodgers copped third place in the Alta Relays. Their suc- cess at Alta was an inspiration, and at the listherville Invitational meet, the locals claimed fourth place, nosing out several When Warm Weather Men Run Rolls Around The 0val IRACK SQUAD: Rack r-iw Fnrwh Ml'Kinstry, Ii. Averill, I". Bailey, V. Russell, R. Fallon, V, Smith, U. Patterson, IJ. Johnson, J. l'l -luhvr, li. Crowl, H. livnvllirl. li. De Niu, VV. Run-rl, Foam-h liluxum. Front row H, Sandi-l, G. Meyers, G. Nvrneclleck, J. Dickerson. J l'cftvx's, li, Qhesln-y, Ii. Van Ciunily, VV. Mueller, I", lsuacsun, l'. Bock, K. lVlorrlan4l, G. Larson, li. Johnson. H. Peschau. liner ML B34 ,-L TRACK I.l'I'l"l'l'IRMl'fN: Top row lioli Van Gunely. 'l'wo-Mile Ri-layg Gord-.n Larson, l'iuil lit-wk. lioli l':xtti-r'soii, and Ki-nny More-- lunil 3 Jim l'n-te-rs. Svvoml row Mm-fllvy Relay: lim-rnziril Uhr-sloy, Ron-r Fallon. .lim Dir'ki-rson, :mil Fi-nlon lszuu-son: lioln Vain Gumly. First row Dirk Johnrzon, Milf' Relay: lic-rnurll fha-slvy, l'zlul lit-:'k. Vernon Smith, :mil l"i-mon lsuursonl Jim llivki-rson. outstanding opponents. Again on the up- grade the Dodgers placed third in the District meet held here. Growing stronger as the season waned, the locals took second place in the Big Four Conference meet at Wfaterloo and topped the field at the Clarion Relays. The thinclads carried their trophies home in a basket from Clarion, but failed to place at the state meet, the seasonls finale. ' Outstanding on the relay teams during the season's competition were Dick Johnson, Fenton H1171 Isaacson, Kenneth Moreland, Paul Beck, Bernard Chesley, Vernon Smith, Bob Pat- terson, W'illis Moeller, Gordon Larson, Glen Nemecheck, Roger Fallon and jim Dickerson. Isaacson, Dickerson and jim Peters specialized in the broad jump. Bob Van Gundy and Peters pole-vaulted, Van Gundy also taking care of the hurdles. Johnson worked in the weight events and ran the open quarter mile. At the end of the season the lettermen selected Isaacson to captain them during the 1940 season. uk rsxx I ull Fempal limb Max Bob lfaff Klrsun Lmx. lac L oy: amblmlon rom rms o n Smshllnm B11 l f tk lil uk H1 xx nd llllllh limll Illlialtlll L much Qrhnendem.-mn The Swings The Thing T ust as soon as sprmg popped IIS head around the corner the golfers and racket wulders began hmberlng up XV1th two returnmg lettermen the t e n n 1 s squad looked forward to a successful season under the new coach Ravmond Berr1er n Smny n fouh litrrlll The golf outlook was more encouraglng for, although only one letterman was ava1lable, several underclassmen prom1sed to glve the team the support needed to make If a tltle contender Coach Wmllnam Schwendemann agaln headed the golfers I108 GULF: liz " 1 - '. ' - -, ' ' . '.' - ' fs i, 1 'T H - . If ' J h Cz -' -, sl 'faf. Di" lu' ,' ' ,' f'--. Hz' ,f ' - . , I . . TENNIS: lim-k row Orval Mills, Bob Moo, Norman Halfpap, Rorcr Strand. Front row Jim Evans, liob Edison. Walter l'Im:4-llxurl, llo S -' ' ', Joh Gustafson. ' z - - '-'. 1 3 s f 2 T 1 Q f? x "asv: l 3-48 vi' x Q ,Q 'mu' ' vi 1- c ees a encanceg ivim: o 1 'ing 'una a Q was imc-. in Q row 's a wo- win 1-r: 'res L- I lg we L h'Ihl hk tt l D ffl l 1. f tit Mlll It t 1 I VN ll A L :umm-, and how. First row Dean Johnson off the board: Touch Football: Leather-pushers. Physical Eflllcatlllll Two Hours A Week It is check-up time at the beginning of each semester for every boy in school as Harold Theile measures and weighs each and records the results on the student's permanent physical record. As director of physical education, Coach Theile keeps an average of S72 boys in physical trim during the school year, doctors all in- l1o9j juries, and encourages competition in various sports. Once a Week the boys swim and the other period they spend on the gym floor or outside on "Skin Diamondf' On balmy days touch football and kitten- ball are the sports, while wrestling, basket- ball, ping pong, tumbling and boxing keep the athletes busy in the gym on cooler days. Sports This year as in the past, a great in- terest was taken in intramural games under the direction of Harold Theile. In 1939 and 1940, some 375 boys took part in the varied sports pro- gram. BASKETBALL and WVRESTLING are the favorites while BOXING and KITTENBALL run a close second. ' As spring comes, outdoor sports are taken up in the intramural schedule. Bob Moe defeated all contestants in the 1'1ORSl1SHOI2 tournament. In the t e n n i s tournament Nielan Xville came through with a surprising vic- tory to win the trophy. ' During the winter months wrestling proved to be the thrilling sport with the crowning of eight new champions and many close matches. Cf the sixty boys engaged in wrestling, nine won berths on the intramural team. Out- standing matches were run off in the 155 and 165 pound championships with xlohn Potter and Dick Johnson victors. ' ln the basketball tourney four teams were so evenly matched that it was a toss up who would play in the championship bracket. All four teams were confident of an easy victory and hence the title loss was a sad event for some of the homerooms. Room 104 won the title, Top. lm-ft Holy MH", hofevwhom-4'l'11xn1pio!1: Nt-ilun VVilla'. In-nniw vhunipion. Miildlv VV1'vsllin1: vhanmpionsz Bank row John Polli-r. Ilivk Johnson, Garth Hinklm-. Front row Hurry IM-nivry. Dirk Ks-hm, Hzlrolil Arnlstromf. Bottom liuski-thull rhnrnpions: 14:1 1- k row Ifloynl Vs-vlv, 1.i1Yn-rm- l'i-lvrson, Iiloyil Vt-vlv, lfront row Garth Hinkln-, Nick l'nppus. illlll For All 25 to 21, by defeating Room 9. Coach Theile said, "It was the most exciting and interesting game of intramural basketball I have ever seen played." Rooms 218 and 15 played the consolation title game and both of them might just as well have been playing for the championship. ' In intramural SXVINIMING, races are run in the 20-yard crawl and breast stroke, 40-yard c r a wl and b r e a s t stroke, and the 100-yard crawl or free-style. Divers are given points on the best form and the best are declared champions. ' Boxing proved to be one of the best sports in its history when seventy boys signed up to try for a championship berth. Matches consisting of t h r e e two minute rounds were held nightly in Lincoln annex and the weaker boys eliminated. The best matches of the year were between jack McMahon, three times winner, and Julius Kole- sar, while, by his clever boxing, Lloyd Musselman won fo u r consecutive fights to win the 135 pound class. Rooms 108 and 11 won the year's kittenball championship by bowling over all their opponents in a tourna- ment which lasted at least four weeks. Swimmers: Back row R. Mnrigiwsnii, li. 1.1-fully. IS. l's-tvrsun, D. Cook, I". De-Hart, R. Mi-dick. J. Jones, li, Cunningham, F. Bowers, R. Swzmson, H. Hi-m-ilivl. li. Fisrher, L. Hiirui-ns, Ii. Randal. Killa-nhall vhzimps: Bark row Trim Mi-rryman, Flaytori Hailey, I-Izirl lim-k. Vernon Carrol. 1"rnnt row lioh f'uimin1:hzim, Holi Moore, Frank Falun, Hmvuril Anrhulz, Iiivk Hanson. Chi-star Haugen. Boxim: vhanipion-: lim-k row Holi Sw-ls-y, Lloyd Musse-lmau, Marvin flrusz, Julius Kola-snr. Front row Guy Clark, I-111 Ruse-n, Dun .Iohnsnn :mil 2".' 11111 1938 39 Lett Aldrrch Ieanette Sfrrror L1c Sazrrr Anderson Lexus Brvleclball 2 Barrcl Orclacslra 2 Tcrrrrlv I Arkoff Abram S ccclr 2 Aurand Wayne Barra' Orclrcslra Barley Bob Su1rr1rrr11rg2 Loofball I Barley Forrest Vvrcvllrrrg Bales Gay lord Wrcsflrrrg 4 Beck Paul Track 2 Behrmer Gladys Scrrror' L1 c Sacrrr, Black Dick xVlUXflI1lQ2 Col 2 Blomberi, Don Spcccb Bretthauer Ruth Sjrcccb 2 Butrrck Marrorre Orclrcvfra Carlson Dean Wrcsllrrrg Clrlson Hovsard Baxkcfballl Ioolball Chcslcy Bernlrd TracleZ Clawson Shrrlee Scrrror' L1 c Sacrrr, Cooper Dave Suclrrzrrzrrrg Cross James Srrcclr3 Exlcrrr Sjrccclr Ir! azcarcr' U o I Crowl B111 Qzcrll arra' Scroll Cuff Mrehael Srcccb Cummmgs Dale WlSllIll I lcoofball 2 Cummmgs Dean Wrcxflrrrg 4 Ioofball 2 Day Brll Barrrl OrclJtsfra3 Dennery Jrm Srcrrrzmznkg Dessrnger Hoyy ard Football Duck Dvsrght Swrmmzng 2 Poofball 1 Drckerson lrm Traclal Foofball 2 Edrson Bob Tcrrrrrsl Elston Robert Bavkciball Engelbart Vlfalter Barzcl Orclacxlra 3 Engelbart Warren Barrd Eyerett Marjorne Orclr1sfra3 Fallon Roger Tracl lunney Norma ean Sjrcc b Frsher Bull fooiball Fletcher jack Tracle Tlrnn Marron Sfrcccb 2 Foley Jack 17101417011 Frost Mary Barrcl Orclrcsfra Fuhrmerster Lloyd Bavlzrfball erAwards Grffm m Barzzl Orcbcrlra Habhab Oscar Baxbcfball Wg Halfpap Norman Tcrrrrrs Hall Dale Baxltclbcrll Hamrlton Adel S11 ccra I 3 Hoyt Clarence Bcrrrrl Orclrcfira Hovsrck Betty Lou Barrcl Hayden Ray Srclrrrrrrrrr Henton Kenneth Orrrll arzcl Scroll Isaacson Charles Bavltcfball 2 Isaacson Fenton Tracl 2 James Velma rcrllarrc Scroll leyyell Drck Wrcillrrzg I Loofball 2 ohnson Art W cxllrrz 3 Football 3 ohnson Drck K Bavltclball I Tracle 2 Poofball I ohnston Erleen rrrrror Lr c Sallrr ordrson Rrchard S eccb 2 Kehm Drck Szcrrrrrrzzrzg Kenn dy Helen Barra' Orclrcifra 3 Knutson Francrs Orcbcsfra Scrrror I1 c Sazlrr Kortz Audrey Bar1cl2 Kramer Helen Brrrcl Orcbcxfra Larson Gordon Wrcsllrrr I Tracl I Iroofball Lerghton Don Szclrrrrrrrr leurs Kathryn Orclnvfra 4 Lrsher Roger Sjrcccb 2 Lutz Beverly Orclrcsfra Macek Mrlan Wrcsflrrzg 2 'Vlalady Margaret 111ll arrcl Scroll NlcMahon Jack Spcccb 'Nlenefee Mary Orclrcefra Nlrlls Eldon Baxlzclball Nlrx Nflrldred Barra' 'vloe Robert Baxltcfbcrll Tcrrrrrs Nloeller Wrllrs T111 l Vloreland Kenneth Tlclclx Muhl Bob Wrcsllrrrs 4 Loolball 2 Namen Dorothy Orrrll ar11 Scroll 'Nemeehek Glenn Tral Northrup Naurrne Orcb1slrc12 New ton Cvxyendolyn Sjrccclr Orrrll arm' Scroll Olson LeRoy Gol Oppel Jeanette Cbccr Lcarl Patterson Bob Tracl I Baskclball Pederson Russell Barrrl 2 Peschau Ed Sulrrzrrrrrrql Football Peters Jm Track Porter Hellen Cbccr Lcarlcr Porter Robert Col Pray Nancy lull and Scroll umn Kenny Cbeer Leader 2 Rabmer Gary Qarll and Scroll Rrchev Donn Stagccra I 3 Rodenborn Don Wrcsilrng Schuh Cheryl Iunror L1 c Sarrrz, Schultz Marcella Orcbcvfra 4 Scott Carol Band Srms Frank Basketball Srnclarr Ella Barzal and Orcbcsfra 2 Srttrg Nancy z11ll and Scroll Smrth Vernon E Tcrrrzrs Smrth Vernon W Track Smy the Margaret Baml and Orclacsira Orcbcstra Stcrnrtzke Betty rcrll and Scroll Stovte Beulah urll and Scroll Tempel Paul Srcrrrrrrzzrzq 2 Thomas Dale Ba1Lctball 2 Thorson Jacob Wrcsllrrzg 3 Tovtnley Wrlletta Orcbcstra Tuel Mark Wrestlzng Ulstad Kenneth Swrmrrzrng Van Gundv Robert Track 2 Barrcl Xey le Lloyd F00fl7dllMdl1d2Ff Xey le Floyd Wrcvflrnx Marragcr Von Stern Eyelyn Barra' arrcl Orclrcyfra Xoss Mrlo Barzcl arrc1'Orcbcxfra Wafful Edvard Wrcsllzrr Wxtts Wendel Barzcl arrcl Orcbcxfra NWcbb Paul Football Mana Wrnders Elrzabeth Orcbcstra 2 XX!1I1SlOW Vllarren S1c1rrrrr1111g2 XY ogenson Iryun Barrcl arrcl Orc bc :fra 2 Wood Ernre Foolball fur ' I ,ilu ' ' 1 ' ' 1 1. . v 7 t ' v. 9 M 1 , 'I rl 1 f ' T t f ' 11' T ' 6 , . 1 K . , 01' T l v 1 1 V- 1 1 1 Y 5- J vi - 7 , 1 -' I I '11 7 , ' 7 ' , T 1 ' T 11"' T 1 P A 1 1.1 f T , 1 ,Y 1 T-,- D ,V r 1 ' -'- A 1 V , y r T r' ' r' r T .7 x 1' 7 f 1 , f- 1 .12 , 1 - - . V T- 7, ' T I T 7 ' 1 5 ., 1 ' ' 7 '7 D Y " T 5 ' ' c 1 f - . 1 ,, Y 1 ' 1 1 - , , rT 1 ' , T - vw Q ' , rT r' ,, ' ., ' ' . 1 1 Q 1' , - 1 i 1 A . a if I . 1 U . I . Y 1 1 . 1 - . 1 ,1 Y T P' l 1 I 9 ' , T 77' T 'P' L fy 1- A A I F U 1 1 l' .sew 1 7 .f . u 1 ,.A L . , ,A 1 5 , 1 ,. ' , I ' 1 ,, 5 Q , U ' ' 7 3 5 I 1 K , i 1 . ' 9 - 1 1 1 4 4. . A . Y . . l 1 -l f , - 1 sr, R 1 , X, g , -' 'f r'p -pw f-Q' V cr ' T ,V ' , ' T 1 ' 1 s , 1 - 1,1 y. . . G V . 1 ,V 9 ,1 1 1 ' ' IH, - 1 .., , r T 1 - -1 1 - - , 1 , . , . ' ' . ,. . ,, , ., . . f . , - 1 2, 1 - ' ' . f ' g Snearlv, Helen-Barrcl and , -1 at , f- - 1. T '1- ' U - ,. . . ' 1 ' ' , r. 6 , . , . -- J , . , ' Q , I., ' U .. 1 - .5 1 T 1- , 1 --1 ' - ' 1 ' ' 4 1 7 J Vw Q 4 . 1 V. Y. U 1 I. . 7 ' 6 9 1 7 1 v 11 a y' v ,W 1 - 11 '11 1 - Y - 1 - A 1 Y T, VA I I A 1 IJ' . 1 D I 7 7 7 V T Y1 " It - I -1- 1 1 V - 7 ,V1 V . . .I . . 1 9 9 11 7 . . . 1 1 Q 1 t 1, 1 T ,1 1 r , , A 1 ' ' . . 7 v 1 l 1 7 - - 1 , T 1 1 ' 1 - 1 7 1 1- f ' ' , xv A y 1 W ir wk to X11 1 T 1 l v 1 ' 1 7 V ' -1 1- 1 -11 '- 1- 1- 1 . 1 , . , or . ' ' ' , . r ,' 1- . , . 1 , - cc , - . , ' ' 1 .. 1, . A f 1 . ,, 1 , 1 1, ' 0 1 - - 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 W, 1 rl- A U , 1 1 1 - . 1 1 v 1, K J mls ' -- 13 - . . , , . 1 " A 1 ,'-N l ' r -' HH 1 R- U 1 ' 4 1- x Lv 1 A li, ,. Y 1, V, . 1 1 sy 1 . 1 7 T1 T , ' 1- 1- 1 7 . T 1 1 1 -'- - . 1 ' VT- - 1- - 1' Y , V 11- -- 1 - , ' , .. 1 , 1 ., c 1 ,V - 1 t L' w -' -l -li wh, r. we J . K RffQs.,, , 4 K -Q, .4 --QQ. ww Mb . '.-- .we A , XY' 3,25 '1 X- V . , ' ""' . ., -1: ,ff Nxvx I "' x Qs if xi , A 5 ' L if B' .fr W , I . H3 , - 5 K- A L, gnmf 4? . www Zi ' ...X if lggrwifi 1, as 'H ' '53 Q f R K+ L r K .5 Jw ' 'x Q 2 r - E 'A -3 -A-fl' 4 -- 1 -,.M- :T --v ,. , , , WV, M . 1 , im a ka --L-e1ii1u,,,1 115, Eg - 4-A - -vb. gqfwhmq L, W.. -,-if.,.g5,:m-, ...itf 1, . , r5i:,f::s3f1Z?Q5-"1 A f--1' , . , -- whim. . f 'nw - , ' 'S'-1-"iii-Ylaf f' 'z""'f f A 735 ' - f"'ff' L13 iv15'M:"" -, V ffl1fia'C" " .f f- R" "ww ,kfv"'-'H "7-,V -- " JM 3 .yy 3-5 ff M. . . . ,, , A K ' -'df z -. ff A .f ,I I I NFQM , ' 4,915 , 71 X ' 1 4 ... ,A , r ' f 9 1,,, .32,,Zg2E..,x:gft.? , E. . ,.,, f x , , 'V'-'b1rv'.44:, f' I - 'RT' ' ' Q: W ,I 'Q Q, 1 . Q. x 2 way was .v V- -. -f ,513 5, 734 1 Intramural Managers This is the second year in which the INTRAMURAL MANAGERS have been di- vided into groups to assist the instructors in working out schedules and in officiat- ing as referees, linesmen, and score keepers. Fieldball, volleyball, basketball, and qualities of the game she schedules. The manager is chosen at the beginning of the year by popular vote, from each advisory group. It is her duty to keep the girls informed as to the time, place and opponents in various competitions. She directs homeroom sign-ups and tries to encourage her classmates to take a more Upper Left: Lorraine Peterson, Frances Cunningham, Doris Reynolds, Betty Holloway, Helen Berry, LuElla Martin. Upper right: Joan Shafer, Helen Grundon, Suzanne Peschau, Evonne Olson. Lower left: Gizella Mace-k, Wilma Zuck, Hazel Fortney. Lower right: Back row--Margaret Struhar, Helen Johnson, Naurine Northrup. Front row- Bessie Lewis, Jayne Dessinger, Helen Carl- son, Pat Anderson. softball, badminton, ping pong, tennis, deck tennis, horseshoe, hiking and swim- ming are headed by intramural managers. The manager is given the choice of the committee to which she wishes to belong. She must be familiar with the problems active part in sports. This system reduces the weight upon the instructor,s shoul- ders, gives the girls a sense of responsi- bility and develops leadership. It is a great improvement over the old system in that the managers keep in close contact with H141 advancements and may introduce new games, new rules, and demonstrate better equipment to the girls under their super- vision. HORSESHOE, a minor sport, is gain- ing more popularity each season. Because few girls ever become skilled in the art of pitching, no regular tournament has yet been scheduled. New and important Some Favorite Sports been admitted as a regular Friday-after- school event. HIKING is still a favorite among the girls. One can always be sure of a grand old time with Miss Helgason as leader. FIELDBALL is very popular. It is a fast passing game based on the funda- Upper Left: Horseshoe Wilma Zuck, Pearl Howard, Pearl Johnson, Mildred Thomas, and Betty Lucas. Upper Right: Hiking-- Betty Holloway, Deloris Stringer, Wilma Zuck, Gizella Macek, Helen Carlson, Hazel Fortney, Helen Berry, Mildred Thomas, Doris Reynolds. Lower Left: Co-educational volleyball. Lower Right: Fast game of fieldball. is Co-EDUCATIONAL VOLLEYBALL. This is one intramural activity in which the girls and boys can play together with compar- atively little difference between the skill or the rules of the game for each group, and, at the request of gym students, has fiisl mentals of football which, in part per- haps, explains the hit it has made with the athletes thus far. In the nip and tuck battle of the third annual tourney the seniors overcame the tough competition provided by the underclass defenders. I g 'Q ki...- lni-The Pool Many changes were made in DECK TENNIS rules this year, making it a faster but less strenuous game. The tournament was run on the elimination basis, one defeat and the girl was out. jane Tinkham, 1939 cham- pion, was not defending the title. Of the many who entered, Regina C h e l l b e r g emerged victorious, with Marian Carroll, runner-up. To promote better SWIMMING classes, Miss Nordman keeps a chart re- cording the progress that each student makes. From this chart she knows what the student can do, and it serves as an in- centive for them to accomplish more. In addition to drill and mastery work, the swimmers are given time for free choice of activities in the water,-games, tandem swimming or favorite strokes. Many take this opportunity to practice diving form. To all the girls that were interested, Junior and Senior American Red Cross Lifesaving tests were given. Making ready for these tests, studying from First Aid hand books, practicing in the gymnasium on artificial respiration, was climaxed in the first part of May when the opportunity came to pass them. Lifesaving attracts more girls every year. BASEBALL, although somewhat damp- ened at the beginning of the season, ended with fine spirit among the girls. Because of insufficient playing space, the boys and girls alternated nights on which to play on the field. Miss Nordman arranged the teams according to home rooms, but if there were not enough players two or more rooms were combined. Upper Left Erma Nims catching.: a fast servo. Upper Right Naurim- Northrup, uni- of thu :lt-ck tennis Ili-mon. strators. May the ht-st izirl win! Phyllis Chl-llbt-ri: aclvariveii in tlivinir. Ili-monstrzitt-s he-r zilxility. Dorothy Isaacson and Phyllis Chr-llberi: iloiniz tht- taiiili-ni. l116l Team Sports The girls' BASKETBALL round-robin tourna- ment was the favorite team-game of the year. With untiring enthusiasm, long shots, free throws, and unusual angle shots were practiced from the beginning to the end of the season. This is the first time two separate tournaments have been played. It was felt by all athletes concerned that the best plan would be to eliminate the wide difference between the sophomore and the senior teams. The two-tournament system was the only possible remedy. In that way, all the younger girls had a fair chance to win the crown. Closely matched teams is the essential for an interesting game. The new idea worked out well and will probably be continued in the years to come. After playing through the s o p h o m 0 r e tournament a girl has achieved p l a y i n g strategy and practical experience before she is set against upper- class competition. The junior, senior and junior college teams took part in one, the sophomores in the other. The Junior 11 team, winner of the former, was made up of Milly Kubicek, Darlene Mottram, LuElla Martin, Hattie Lewis, Barbara Nydegger, Judith Mills, Helen Carlson, Doris Jean Carlson, and Deloris Carlson. The winning sophomore participants were Gizella Macek, Dorothy Medearis, Helen Mabe, Donna Faye Hotek, Dorothy Isaacson, Florine Johnson, Nola Helfericli, Fr a n c e s Cunningham, Sylvia Carlson, and Pat Carroll. Miss Nord- man directed all basketball practices and had charge of the tournament. I'pp1-r 1.1-ll: Hawk ri.u- l-Iili-on Jnhllwlnll, lirniu Ninif, Maruarn-I Holman. H4-lr-ii Johnson, and Naurim- Nurthrup. Front rim' Hi-It-n Grunilon. Juym- he--iiimfr. Margaret Struhar. ami Vir- :iriia Km-4-lvr. Vpper Right. HQ-li-n Grunwlun uisplayinu tirnis servi- Vnrinu- lfziskvtlmll :ivtion pie! vs. lll7l Winners All Two other advisors for the girls, s p o r t s activities are Miss Nona Moss and Miss Ione Helgason. Miss Moss has charge of the volley- ball tournament, while Miss Helgason super- vises the hiking program. Each of these in- structors takes time aside from her regular classes to work with the girls on specific activities. ' This year's PLAQUE XVINNLQRS can not be determined until the end of the softball season. Room 210, last year's winner, is high in competition for the honor this year. Scores toward the plaque are made by the number of hours each girl in a home room spends on intramural sports, and in- terest in the plaque contest helps to increase the number who enter and to promote better pl a y i n g. ' VOLLEYBALL is the activity which fills in between the fieldball and bas- ketball seasons. The co-educational games add variety during the close contest for the girls' title. Winners of the volleyball honors, Sophomore III's, were undefeated through- out the round-robin tournament. ' In the first part of April, immediately follow- ing the basketball season, the PING PONG tournament was held. In the past years, the preliminaries were held within the advisory groups. But this year the intramural man- agers, who arrange the schedules, changed the system. An elimination SCE-up was used instead. After many hard games, Vernice Williams succeeded last yearis champion, Wylda Sturdevant. Many new girls are fast becoming skilled in playing. Next year's tourney should be very exciting. Upper Loft Miss lone Helizuson. Upper Right Miss Nona Moss. l'laque Winni-rs: Back row Doris Reynolds, Bi-riiziiliiiu Rickey, lit-tty Kee-il. Mary Scribner. Front row Cheryl Svhnh. Margaret Svhmnkur, Carol Scott, Franris Stn-vt-ns. VVirining Viillc-ylmall in-um: liar-k row Sylvia Carlson. Maxim- Gnmlson, Viviun Hurt, Doris llomlrii-h. l'zil Carroll. Frou! Huw Di-luris Gri-vm-, lfliirini- .Inlin- aii , ii ii Q szzvsii , fi '-s 'mn' fiuni, ii iv ,. ' -ii-ii 1 n ll r thx l xi n lrinu in intl lil 1 li ki hlixx VVylil:i Stiirili-vziiit, lust yt'2lI"S Vhziniiiiim. A2 Ii K7 Glrls Athletle Schedule 'M plc mhu Phlslell LX'1I11ll1ltIOl1S are eompleted Intl 1 INLIIII ITIIIIIQLIS eIeeteeI 'mel conlmlttefs UIQ IILL U1 lillli r FleIeIb1II pl letlce ind touln lment beglns VoIIeyb1II Slgli up N os 4 mhm SCIWIOFS XXIII tleldblll fOLllI11I'I'lLI1I B gll'lI'llI'l25 ofthe solles ball tourn1nlent X oluntf er referees and Ie lders meet ILI es fha 'V i Dc 1 4 mln 1 Sophomore IIIs VNll'l xoIIesbe1II tltIe Basketblll prletlee IS lI'I full SVIIIN, ,I llllldlY Deels TLI1l1lS tourn lnlent stllts IIIUIII ll N LOIUPLIIIIOI1 IH AM the plllg pong tournl buf fx ,LX ll ment Ilfeslxlng, test prletlce beelns FCIIPIIIIW I5 lsk etb1II toell nlment eomnlenees Intense IILL throw prletlfe rll Is rece If etlc ws llels tt e footb lll Iette I'ITlLl1 lssenlbls YI.1rf'I1 Blsketbill erossns won b Iunlor IIS ind Sophomore Is APFII I lng, pong tourn lment IS won by XVCFHILC W lIIl.1nls R e g l n 1 'Q Q,I1LIIbLl2, IS deek tcnnls to re x IL vs b1sketb.1II e llmplon H l Is e r t 1 k e two outll gs J Iosture tests lre ttken I lfesu ers stlrt l thell Ilst Ilp before flll 1I tests Iiis blll eontest be gms IV .ls ltesuers SLIFXIXL tests nent eomes to 1 XIIIIX deselxlnz, sglrls get etle 1 x VNIHCI1 they hue spent hellthful 1nd enlovable IIULIIS If spolts Bls lslll IOUI lmltle elose fir? X ,.l. I I mesa wmv ,I ' ' ' ' ' 2 'u' if 1. , I --,- L 1 'ff X ,Rl In-'sg ,xc - L - X 1: I - Q SAN! I , , e , , .,- . , ., N, l el' I nun L I a . 1 . X 'W , , , , r J Q Q ,A ,, L ,... J QQ" l . ' As' 'K an- Scvce gil' e ' ive X ehll' Q 'gf 1 th' IIIX . , Q . , z 1" . 'L X X 1 S A - vnu V L N- ' l , 3 u w y . , .. . f X 3 K 3 . g k .u IT W , 0 ' . I' A-I L .2 I ... C' I - I - r 1 r xv A A ' I I D' , . , ' , 's , f U l - K ' K . . e I ,. . . . . e . Ly N I WY . is .h s v s V to s I Mx' f Nl X u il . . I Y , lm l I I 1 e s I XxX 1 I Y . ' ll U 5 X . l I N k 5 s mx W L s Q s ' I I- f ' . . ... - m '-. . Q OI - , . . ' X 'K' 1. '12 ."". . Q IQ' i ' I.'A'fg " " " F LTC e '- ' 4' 1 X e"...Prc- nal - ' " edre 1" ' I l D l'Y ' l I I I A V l'i'f. KYC D ,I Yx l A ffflff .' '. g ' T tiff ' ' 1- llthlf ' 1 sf a reI s for ' pw tl If pf' I ' . , ' V, I x 1l.f - . f f " ' jfms XX Y e . . . , -i y X ' ' f f W I' TL 3 " . l I Lx! f 'I 55 Q , F235 ff? 'Wave -f R Af X 1 We? 7593 F7KAB U 6 N 'x Q3 in QXXQ X 'M ,ff X!! xf 9 W X ff rg Q K2 K. '144044 X 1 B WZXXY v V s Q 4 .egg N Q B Cx A mmmuimiisg 'X 1 L! 'III' XWXQWXX iii N K w 7 ' V V7 Q 2 Bhhnnlr P GNL' p'vv6 X 4 A 4 A Akqum ffl' .glgg ' X l ni Z 'X f ?- IM .--"15'15l'1-1 fm y Q A Llxfg f A fx fx f , ! If XJ 4'3" up 4 W X CL W if Q 6 A 1 ER var-n!' - 9 X fx ' X 'i L W x vw x, J L ' IFOQY ,DOD E 'TLXQT WE X A ,960 'X ---' ..- Z, Loy nl 1 0 f-q Y , Q- - X0 '1-59 Vw A :f X 509 F? A - X 1 X l X ? O ,X - lf J, - Q W B 'Y if L ff fX1 L 33, .' i xi C K ! sfff' X Q' sf 1 X " 6 1' - L fix rW 1 Q X 1 Q3 gh - 'Q X -E w jfwififfdi LL, ffx X! Kg E fw 2 X Cy' YI A r AQ LQ X M if Em N 1 Zzf S62 fc? W U ,I if 5 Lglfap ,Q.,M 05' C" f 000 ,. - - '7 N M x ,J X 05 w A ,T V WW K N -a M I X I N fxw fn I1 Z' ' c J K exft?-" I -M L ff f 1, fi 3 ff B EA l 1 X10 E .Z nm lll 1 3 U x X? N W pf B um f Nl' fi fp' f. - io Q f, L if X M SA K li I NJ 5 53' ,X Y, X Q 7 ,A .T ., X f Q QE Of' gy rom Lobos. X X i x Q 'A Max w Q 1 ---it 1 Q x ' yff ,. x. 11,2 n: f -4 f Q., Fort Dodge Faculty on Parade Dean Harr1s E Drckey contmued as our favorrte dean for the thlrd year Hrs sense of humor IS prob ably h1s most appreclated tralt and he IS always wrllmg to explam that math problem or answer that questlon Thls year he taught freshman mathematlcs nn addltron to Furopean l1lStOI'y BCSldCS these subjects and hrs admrnlstratlve dutles Dean Dlckey has charge of the student councll He obtalned hrs MS degree from Iowa State College where hc majored 1n economrcs Mrss Shannon drrected the glrls sororrty Slgma Alpha Phl through ltS X 3l1Cd pro gram and taught courses 1n calculus psychology educatron a n d educatlon methods Through the d1ff1cult1es of research themes grammar and hterature M1ss Goodr1ch cheerfully gulded fresh man and sophomore Enghsh classes Comment Dlt On owed 1ts xery exlst ence to Madame Longfellow who also taught the 1ntr1cac1es of the French lan guage 1n regular classes Mr Chapman thlS year studled advanced chem1stry along wlth h1s sophomore class and led freshmen through the mazes of begmnlng chem1stry He also teaches physrcs Coachmg asp1r1ng football and basketball stars kept Coach MCKIHSIFY busy but he was rewarded by produclng flne teams Under M1ss Sharons capable d1rect1on the College Campus appeared every few weeks M1ss Crurkshank supervlsed the work done on the college sectlon of th1s yearbook The t a s k of malntalnmg qu1et 1n the llbrary belonged to MISS Blazer Om T0u,lI unlor college play was successfully produced under the dr rectron of Mr Cortrlght The operetta glrls sextet and glee club are the most notable examples of the work of Mr Orth M1ss Nordman led the g1rls 1n games and swrmmlng The boys gym and swlmmlng c l a s s e s and mtramural sports were drrected by Mr Thelle MISS Hrghland s f1ne mstructron well re pa1d those students who remalned at school durxng the noon hour for her gov ernment class Mr Bath IS admrred by all h1s brology students although h1s many tests are not Radlo speaklng oratory and debate are speech actxv1t1es of our newest teacher Mr Berr1er Mr Ny degger chem1stry laboratory dlrector IS best known for the lab tests he g1ves Havmg v1s1ted 1n Germany M1ss Rathert has many mterestrng facts to tell her classes and entertarn D1e Deutsche Ecke the German language club she sponsors L122 . . . U . , 1 ,, . . . , - C n , 7 s un ly i . . . , . 7 - 1 , f- - ' "',J , 9 a , . ... , . . . ' I c 3 , u . I . . , s.. . . , Q! ' 73 ' ' . l l - - 7 - I! !! l - ... 3 ... . 1 ' Q! ' I, ' l - ... . ... ... ... , J 1 are 1 - , 9 ... a 3 . , . . ' ... a ... , , - Cl ' as 9 7 . .. 0 ... df' 'N-A l My Wuxi Frhgl Shannon Xllsi Ruth Gmxdrlgh 'Hrs Qnrrm X1 Ium,f4.lloss N1r Hun B C lnpman r A x1k.Kll1S r Nhss Flunmg Nurdman 'Vir Harold I' 'llnllg Mm Im,Lbur1., Hu5., Nir Hm 1rd A lhrlx Vr Rlymund BLrru.r 'vlr luruy 1Nxde.x,p,Lr Nhss Ilunmu Rxtlurt Ylnss Adgllm Shlrnm Xivss 'Xhrx C ruxkslxmk Xhss turmm lil ugr X1 Curtrm Hem 1rd C ,QS 0--.-- The freshman class, wxth 1ts large enrollment, IS almost a year older now than when school started last fall After the Sap Day 1n1t1a t1on, freshman g1rls shared m plannmg sororlty dmners and meetlngs The freshman sophomore party never qulte materl 1l1zed ln sp1te of many attempts Members of thus class carrxed off honors mn the unlor college play havmg s1x of the seven leadmg parts Four members of the g1rls sextet, plus the1r 3CCOfI'1p3I'1lSC, were freshmen The entlre debate team was made up of f1rst year students Freshmen were repre sented 1n oratory and rad1o speakmg, others took actne part rn the two language clubs Of course, freshmen played football, basketball and baseball A number of freshmen were lnterested 111 new courses educatlon and educatlonal methods have attracted many students, organlc chemlstry and quant1tat1ve analysls drew sophomores, a new second semester government course met at noon two days a week LfrlS15Itlf'.l1Sl 1Xff,MH..1l72"kNi"lI.aFQLF .T,,2i'2.,l mll'I1'.'.El IHf,ihm Slam Q10 HY' lil qflKTIll.1, mann Kramer Levi R John In Hanrlh in Front IIIX X kann n lVlurr 15 lirvtthauzr lr.-xx Htlltrnin Flnkham Ifllnn Iohr Name-n IRFSHMIIN MFN uk ron l D I mon P Qmxth Pxttu on Nan Vkhulu Allnorn R HHH North Dirk Holm lorter Elston D Han on Walton Qutnson Thlrd row Crlpp ilrxrldnrl Sutter ar on Saxags J it rxv ombars, Brokaw R Brook Q J y F her l ultler Quons IUXX Mdrule Par Bennett Cooper A N11-.on R chu Crm lc than lix rne Nan Cunnly lxmr ten oxell Front ron I Anderson Wo on lillstad l Ro it lb rn T linux D Carl fn Han ken R ode-. J xrahson H ll 0 xr-n Wood J H An en C IA I174l . . 7 ll 79 ' ' ' - 1 , , . . , . . . 4' I I I : ' ' It ' s , ' o ' s , 'e -'son, owe, ,arre-tl, ' -s ' 'npr- ' , " .' . '- z 1. -s ' . ' - ' z z 1 ' , ' . "s , :x 1-, ..- '- 1- , ' X. . sn , 2 1 . ' ' ' " o ,. 1 '. ' . T ',', " ' 1 . " , C ' , : liz - ' Hal, e .2 ' , . . ' , 2 Ms , . ' 1- . . S 'th. Gray, R. Carlson, Sli-!llY'llSOI1, Lisher, Edwards, Hoyt, Fourth row Iiroekmnn, Ii. Carroll. Htzel, Hayden. If s . " ' H, . I - Bl - 1, " ', . 's, ', onsvn. VV. Dug, is - . l . . -1 l ' ' - ' ' -, sons, , ' , . - 3 , i- ' rss. ' fs' , j 1. " 1 ', '- s f , L ' . ' '- .. S , ' Sens , ' 3 . '. 1 11 o . . 1 1. . . sm , s ' , R. h :, L , i , ,V , ' , . z s , 1. ,' rson. l l The sophomore class, although smaller than the freshman class, was just as actne They entertamed for the freshmen, sophomore glrls 1n1t1ated freshman glrls lnto Sxgma Alpha Phl, and manv sophomores attended the meetmgs of the french Club and the German Club, whxle the operetta attracted others Thrs years graduatmg class cons1sted of thlrty SIX members, the largest number ever graduated These sophomores are B111 Adams, Art Brooks, D1ck Brown, Bob Coffman, Albert Cook Art Crawford, Ruth Day Bob Durlan, Chnt Evans, Cheryl Fxtzgerald Ed Flattery, John Flaherty, ohn Gelmo, Gladys GOOdflCh, Mary Habhab Don Hauser, Don H1cks, Dale ohnson, ack Jensen, Robert Lloyd Lrnest Longstaff Bob Lynch john Moe, Denms Murphy Howard Nelson, Glenn Olson, JIITI Rodenborn, Mary V1rg1n1a Rhodes, Ronald Schwendemann, Shlrley Scoles, Margaret Ann Sm1th, Lawrence Stanek 1m Sulek Kenneth Warner, Irma Webb and Fred Wh1tes1de Class offlcers were elected 1n the fall H0'Vl0Rl CLASS link: vx Ol lw 1 L Jffmdn A Br k H Nel mn M4I'n.u Tucker J Ju en Hrk liruur Thlrd rm Dunn Lynch M mre Stamk R Sthuendemann Ilahrrty Hau Lx Wxrnrr Morgxn Rohrtr Strom! row Durnn Whlt uit D John-.on R Day Coodrlch Scole Shcrmxn V Anderun M Rhod M Smith Front: Cook Cranxforrl Adams Lloyd Murphy Hdbhab Fitzgerald MdnKsnLle Webb SOIHOMORI' CLASS OFFICFRS Bch Duuan prcsldent Jlm Sulek nee president Mary Vlfglflld Rhuis ecretary treasurer PRLSHMAIN CLASS OFFICERS Lge Brewer president Dwight Dlek nee preslcl nt Kathryn Levu secretary treasurer 'li 1 s x K . . Y E x V . . . , . . - . 5 3 , J , J J Y 3 l , v ' 3 ,I 3 SOI' . Q ' CS: 2 " 'o 'f son. Mm-, :'2iI s. 74 ' , . no 's, . sr , . " " c, ' , . -msl , iws, - -'. ' 4 ' , -, on , , - ' ' , 4' 2 ', ' S". 1 ' , 'Y , ' - " ' 'i - 05- '. . 3 . . , I I' , ' 5' . ' 2 . , S , . es, . ' ' . 'ow ' , ' ' , ', , '. . . v " -if . ' A . . . - ' v ' 2 1 1 A Z 1 .' , .-' 3 ' .v .' . - .' z . Y' ' '. , .SI 5 . , ,.A. - f 1 v - ' Z , , . , .- : V' ' I V' l S' Q I , vs' - - I l ' 1 W - , Il H D" CD P ng 1 eep News Wlth Campus and Dodger The college Dodgu staff under the sponsorshlp of MISS Mary Cru1k shank, was headed by Beulah Stowe, Edxtor, and Ellnor Hoeflm, Asso c1ate Staff members were Cheryl F1tzgerald Dorothy Cannon, Dave H111 Bob Brooks Donn Rlchey Frances Hanrahan, and Charles Wheeler ' The Collcgc Campus was publ1shed b1 weekly 1n the Fort Dodge Messenger Beulah Stowe was Ed1tor, and Elmor Hoeflm, Cheryl F1t7 gerald j1m Sulek, and Donn Rlchey served as ASSOCIHIC Ed1tors Several new columns vsere 1ntroduced 1n the paper, among them That Poet1c Impulse, Wl'l1Cl'l prlnted student poetry, and the Grouch Club wh1ch l1St6d pet peeves M1ss Adel1ne Sharon and MISS Mary Cru1kshank were faculty adv1sers ' Elmor Hoefhn was l'd1tor of the college page of the sen1or supplement, an ent1re sectlon of Tlx Mcsswzgcr and Cflfflllllll wr1tten by students and pr1nted annually Many Jumor college students wrote storres for th1s paper, wh1ch was publ1shed May 17 JCI R li 1' D nn Ru' C are u r rm 1 vw B ulah I'l1no1 H h D tl D Hll LOIIPKI- LAMIUS B 111 ann-1 an r 1y dl 1111, 1.411 1 an MAIL Hlbhah Margaret Ann Smlth K rl Idr D 1 R h y lllll Day M1 h ll Sh rmdn D r thy Cann n l'r nt row Llln r f 1n Il r nc MatKenL1L Jamf. S l k S ulah bt x Ch ry l1t L rald 1126 I ,, . . . - 9 . . 7 ' 1 1 1 3 ' P Q . .- . 0 -- , . . . . H . 1 I as ' ' rr as ' 9 l J V Y C X . . . , , Q i , ' . . , . . . K . , . DOI 1 'I : ack uw 11 ' hey, Huh lir00kS, fh' I S Wh-'lo . I" 1 L '0 ' ff 0 Stuwv. 1' ' Huvfl' . l"l':1111'1-s ' ' ' , 0 11 C' 111011, Cheryl F' '. Youll, ave ' . ' 4 , Il I f ' 1 ' 'k row- ' " 1 ' , ' " ' , a 1' son, om ic e , ' ' . 1- 1- 1- e ' , 11 u ' ,' 0 . ' 11 - ' ' 0 Hou l' , 4' 11 e 'e ' ' 1 " ', ' ls ll 1: , le ' ' uve, e 'I J' Z rl, . . QUILL AND SCROLL B k D thy N y y 2 t lh h ll H fl SMSJ Qu1ll and Scroll Honors Uutsizanolmg Drawrng members from junlor college and h1gh school students and alumnl the local John Towner Freder1ck Chapter of Quxll and Scroll Internatnonal Honorary Soc1ety for Hrgh School Journallsts held meet mgs for the second successlve year m the hrgh school soc1al room Club members earned apporntment to the honorary group durmg h1gh school newspaper and yearbook experlence and contmued as members 1n the orgamzatron At monthly meetmgs top1cs of journahstrc nature were drscussed, whnle the clrmaxmg event of the year was a formal banquet at wh1ch new 1n1t1ates were accepted and offrcers elected for the commg year Offrcers for the past year were Ellnor Hoeflm presrdent Dorothy Namen vxce pres1dent and B111 Crowl secretary treasurer Faculty adv1sers were Mrss Mary Crurkshank and M1ss Adellne Sharon ' The Fort Dodge socrety, a charter chapter of the rnternatronal orgamzatron, was formed rn june 1926 three months later than the frrst chapter There are now over nmeteen hundred chapters 1n the Unlted States Hawau Alaska, Canada New Zealand and Ch1na U27 O In PTI ... v , M U . . i . 5? , . 5: 1 ffm . ' 5 , ... me :T 3. U . ' I '15 . ET - Sm - ...L1 . . :ra ' E.. FD M - ' nv u mf! IU . :H . - 4 I ,E . gnwxgi ff sci,-. gi oo ' ' 2-1 1 ' X :go . , r 'fl . , -1 o . E15 u ' ,im N. o, . , 2- ' lz . gm ai . . . I . ,,,-4 ' 'QQ' . , Sw . gi . ' 1 . 5: , - o'O ' mg ' . mi - . . . 92? 21 3 WSU u gp W gf r Ei r gl' 53 Eg , S1311 I lueprqg as y l Om .0 , Takmg second place 1n the state forenslc tournament at Iowa C1ty March 29 the Jaysee debate team, composed of ames Cross and Arlene Armstrong, aff1rmat1ve, and Bob Brooks and Beulah Stowe, negatlve, debated the quest1on of 1solat1on The team attended tournaments at Cedar Raplds Emmetsburg, Cedar Falls and Iowa C1ty, and sponsored a tourney 1n Fort Dodge 1m Cross was named top rankmg speaker at the state tournament, and also won fxrst place IH extempore speakmg Beulah Stowe won flrst m 1nterpretat1ve readlng, and Joe McT1gue J1m Cross and Beulah Stowe all recelved flrsts ln rad1o speakmg Ray Berr1er was debate coach, and, 1n h1s f1rst year as a teacher 1n the Fort Dodge school system ably proved h1s ab1l1ty 1n that capaclty ' Other students who debated at tournaments at varlous tlmes durlng the year were Norma Wesley, D1ck Jord1son, and Howard Nelson Debaters who made the tr1p to the UDIVCISIIY of Iowa appeared 1n an assembly before a -Iumor College audxence 1n the Aud1tor1um on May 17 DILBATB TEAMS T p Jams Lro Arl ne Arm iron Beulah St B b Bro lx Bot m Arlene Armstrong James Cros Bob Brooks Mr Berrler Beulah Stowe l128l 3 3 ,I 1 3 . . . , -. . : o s ss, e 5 51, ' owe, mx tvs. to V ' , ' 'Sv , - , ' ' - To tht student councll belongs the respons1b1l1ty of plannmg partles and assembly programs and settlmg school problems The councll IS composed of two faculty sponsors Dean I-Iarrls Dlckey and Mlss Ethel Shannon presldents of both freshman and sopho more classes and two representatlves of each class Sophomores were class presxdent Bob Durlan and reprtsentatwes Ld Flattery and Cheryl Fltzgerald Freshman members were class pres1dent Lee Brewer and Gordon Larson and Beulah Stowe Bob Dur1an served as presldent of the councll Lee Brewer x 1ce pres1dent and Beulah Stowe secretary treasurer Meetmgs were held on Mon days 1n Room 202 Durlng the year the councll planned and chose commlttees for the sophomore freshman party and the 1un1or college play Under ausplces of the councll Flunk Day was held at Dolllver Park May 9 and the annual college dmner dance for students and alumnl was held Nlay 20 at the Country Club lx 179 I . . . . . 7 1 . , . . Y 5 , ... , . . . 3 . , V a , . . . . 7. . I 9 7 9 J ' ' ' . , 7 . . - I . . - y 3 . V 7 Stanflim: lid Flutlery, Gurdon Larson, Loo Brewer, Bula Durian, Sealed Hn-uluh Stowe, Dean Die 'e-y, Cheryl Fitzgerald, Miss Shannon. l Many Junlor college students were actlve 1n mus1cal organuauons ln glrls sextet, glee club, str1ng quartet, swmg band, marching band and orchestra Howard Orth dlrected vocal mus1c, wlnle I-I A Bergan conducted mstrumental groups ' Tht g1rIs sextet, a new addltlon to the musical program, was composed of ane Tmkham, Mlchelle Sherman, Nancy Pray, Florence MZCKCHZIC, Dor1s Lohr, and Mary Eileen Murray ThlS group, much 1n demand among communlty clubs and school organ1zat1ons, sang over radlo statlon KVFD Apr1l 25 ' Glee Club was very active durmg the autumn season, and sang 1n a muslc fcstlval at XVebster Clty, and at assembly programs D1sbanded for a short trme durmg the wmter, the glee club reorgamzed 1n the sprmg wlth a larger membership than ex er, and took part IH a song fest at Emmetsburg, May 1 ' Wllletta Townley took Marcella Schulzes place 1n strlng quartet at m1d year ' Lewrs Anderson was leader of the school swmg band 1IRI S b1XII I IJ 11 I hr Nxnty lrxy Jane Tlnkham 'Vllehellt Sherman Mary Iwlecn Murray I cr 1 C xx Donn I 1 h rt lr k Jim Iinkham Muh Ile bhermxn ront nm Iorrnu MllK1Hllt D TI Ir Vula Antler on ' I'lItLII Murray Mary Habhab Hrlrn hramn Ifrxnccs Hxnrah.-in Ruth lom lxn-.on Mr Orth with Clee L luh b1'RINl QUARTFT I Ioy Roberson Marte-IIa blI'lIlI7 Kathryn I uns Marilyn Green Ili - l 1 . . . .5 . i- - - , . . . a I A . , B . . . D J . . V . . . . . V . . , . . . I . , . Y f . . . . . Y , . . . 7 . . I r." -r's .0 '. 1 ' ' 2 ', ' , , ' - - Q , ' 1' ' ' ', Florr-nn-v M:u'Kn-nziv. GLICI-I CLUB: Buck row Lewis Anderson, l'Izxrt-nee Su t- , I5'll ,ro 'I, Rim-hey, Iioh Parsons, Irvin Wow-nson. liill Day. Second row Kathryn Lewis. Nancy Pray, I5iII Carroll. M2 U'l . A II'ur's, 2 ' ' , " u ' ' 1 . I" ' I" - 4- 2- I xv 'S Uhr, X , V ,, as , - 1 ' V , 5. ' fllj Iumor collegt mtn and women btneflted by an mtramural as well as an mttrschool athletlc program The purpose of th1s program was to provlde athletic tramlng for thos who d1d not compete ln lntcr school sports, and provlde entertalnment and exercxse for un1or college students Credxt was gnen for actual hours of p1rt1c1pat1on durmg class hours ' Coach Harold E Thelle dlrected the men s mtramural recreat1on, holdlng weekly classes 1n the pool and gym nas1um, orgamzmg games between home teams m baseball, basket ball, and touch football, and promotmg part1c1pat1on 1n 1nd1v1dual sports such as wresthng and pmg pong ' Many aysee glrls, under the leadersh1p of MISS Florence Nordman, attended physlcal educa t1on classes each week and took part IH after school games Gxrls played badm1nton, p1ng pong and volleyball, and engaged 1n basket ball and k1ttenball tournaments wlth h1gh school teams They also attended a Plat Day at Webster Clty 1n February, and later 1nv1ted other schools to a s1m1lar yunlor college women s athletlc day at Fort Dodge the f1rst of May for orgamzed games and a p1cn1c Bark row LhLrxlI'1tl1.1rald Prim Knutsm Marian Henflruk n Prant Hanmhan Pront rms Shlrle-3 Stoll Ruth T mlm on Jane Tlnkham 'Vlarmnm Schuenrltmdnn Rlght BLIIUD shot f yalrl team 11 I ' 1 2 3 2 . . . X . . i . l . . . D . . . I - c . , 6 . 7 C . . . . . . , . . . lj . - I - 11 Y 17 ' ' ' ' 1 Top pit-tures, intramural basketball teams in action. Bottom, left, GIRLS' BASKI'I'I'lSAI.L Tl-IAM: ' ' -,' 'AZN' ,'1 'As sc , " "so. " 'cs ' ' . ' 1' .' ' ' ' -S, 1: ' S , ' ' ' . . " ' ' ' ' ' . 'f , ' A 5 0 " s' ' . l l 1 E i 1 A Dramatlcs, Sports, Clubs, Make U Y L A Y E After worklng hours u n 1 o r college students had t1me for relaxauon In th1s sectlon we show you thexr play tnme le1sure hours spent on extra currlcular act1y1t1es On thls page are the mterpre tatxve readers dlrected by Mnss L1ll1an W1ll13mS Opposlte IS the unlor college play the major dramatlc yenture of the year A college cast dlrected by Ray Ber r1er presented a one act play R1ch Man Poor Man by Bertha Burrlll for an assembly In the play were Dorls Lohr Tlxh ylihbh E Murray Markley Bob Brooks A r l e n e Armstrong Sh1rley Scoles Beulah Stowe MSYIOH Flmn Marlanne Schwendemann Jane Tlnkham Helen Kramer and Norma Wesley jaysee athlet1c stars worked hard to make vs1nn1ng teams 1n baseball basket ball and football Lets club together saxd Junlor college students and formed French and German clubs Phalanx and Saps College capers shows c a m p u s guys and gals 1n characterlstlc pos s P1ctures are ready so on w1th the play INTPRI Rl'TAllN 1' RP ADERS 5132 I 9 J 9 a ' 4 9 1 9 ' - ez ' as - - ' y 1 3 7 ' 1 7- - . . . . 7. . . - 1 J ' ' ' ' ' QQ 9 3, . J . , I . . Y . . 1 I ' - ' 1 s ' Q! ' If 33 J J ' I3 ' ll 77 ' ' ' D 3 7 , 'Y c e . r r ' ' r I 7 ' ' , s a ' Aliack row John Flaherty, Franis B oekman. Front rowf Norma Wesley, J' 1 ' m Mar ab a . C ere Fit rald. w - , - ,. , . . X N V l JUNIOR COLLEGE il'l,fAY: Top Burial scene. Choir praetiee at the ehurch. Bottom lCmily's wedding. ' . t, .,, , nth f. . . .in .x nun din sunt H1 karl Larson, Helen Kramer, :Anil Bill Daj. College Players Appear in uOur Town" The college presented Thornton XVilder's Our Touvz as our annual junior college play March 12, 1940, in the high school auditorium, under direction of lf. S. Cortright, our favorite drama coach. The play was given on a bare stage, and its beauty lay in its powerful simplicity. All action was in pantomime, making the characters of Grovers' Corners, New Hampshire, more difficult to portray. The play is notable for its homely speeches and picturization of New Fngland life. Stage Manager, Karl Larson, Fmily XY'ebb, Helen Kramer, George Gibbs, Bill Day, Dr. Gibbs, Lloy Roberson, Mrs. Gibbs, Beulah Stowe, Mr. Xvebb. Davis Porter, Mrs. XY'ebb, Doris Lohr, Simon Stimson, H351 Bob Tucker, Wally W'ebb, Dean Tuel, Rebecca Gibbs, Florence MacKenzie, Mrs. Soames, Marion Flinn, Howie Newsome, Tom Kearns, Constable XVarren, John Owen, joe Crowell, Kenneth Warner, Professor Willard, Don Hauser, San Craig, Claude Wood, Joe Stoddard, Bill Carroll, Wfoman in the box, Ruth Tom- linson, Man in the audience, Jim Sulek, Wfoman in the balcony, Norma Yvesley, First dead woman, Arlene Armstrong, S e c o n d dead Woman, Mary Virginia Rhodes, Dead man, Bob Brooks, Baseball players, Don Hanson, Merrit Wfalton, Choir, Nancy Pray, Florence Anderson. Mary Eileen Murray, Jane Tinkham, jack Jensen, Irving Dorheim. Grid Iron Aloe McTigue , Captain lid Peschau Back Dave Porter Guard Paul Henderson lfnd Art Brooks . Tackle Bob Ashford ,, End Clifford Jensen Tackle Fred Wl1iteside,.. Student Manager Bob Lynch Tackle John Hanson Tackle Stuart Peterson Back Bob Durian Back Gordon Larson , S ., End Wfillis Sapp Guard Darlow Alborn Tackle Gene Morgan ...Back Glenn Rohrer Guard Clinton Evans . Back Don Kehm Halfback 'loc McTigue Tackle Lee Brewer a. Back Dwight Dick s End Russell Bilstad Student Manager Dick Henman S . .Center Top l'4'SL'l Iilll, l'ol'l 1-l'. H x'll4 l A'1' S illl. 1' 1'II it-I' lil' 4xmi ks, Asllfuwl. lioltom Jensen, While-side. Lynch. Top row Sapp. lilomberpr, Hausken, Jensen. Alhorn, Markley. Day. Third row Coach Mt-Kinstry. Ruhrer. Brooks, Cla-volzimi, Ashford. Pitt-rson, Carroll, Iijornson, Larson, Fidvlvr, Foam-h Huglu-s. Second row ' I I l'i nl 1 xx liiltil lrihxu hm-urns. Mi-'I'n:uv, Dirk. lorli-r, Brewer. Lynch, Hansen. Henman. ' I in lx I 5 x Hs 'IVF S. Tim. I uri: n, -ndorson, Morgan, Whitt-side. nog. "o 'o 4 ai. 134 Gladiators Under the guidance of Coach -I. A. Mc- Kinstry, the Panthers of 1959 completed a fairly successful season. The first kick off of the season was with XVorthington -Iunior college. The Fort Dodge boys won by the low score of Z to 0. Next task was to mop up the Luther "BH team with a final score of 7 to 0. In the Burlington game at Fort Dodge, the team tasted the first defeat of the season. Coming back on the victory list, the Panthers defeated NValdorf 8 to 0. In the last quaftcr of a rough game, a W'aldorf punt was blocked and recovered by Fort Dodge, giving the Panthers a safety to add to the touch- down. Instead of continuing the winning streak, the C. men lost to Graceland at Lamoni. Although in a scoring position several times, the Panthers didn't have the power necessary to push over the line. Qnly tie of the season was with Eastern Normal, in an uneventful game ending in a final score of 0 to 0. in the last game of the year, against Mason City, the state champions, the boys made a fine showing, in spite of being on the losing side of the score. In the last minute of play, the Panthers made a touchdown W li i c li brought the score to Mason City 13, Fort Dodge 6. ' Awards were presented to lettermen by Coach McKinstry at a Junior College assembly January 29. ' At the football banquet held in November at the close of the season, Dwight Dick and Don Kehm were elected co-captains of team. Top Ifiavief-I-. l'f lf-1'-1-li. llurimi. l-'onrlh l.zir's-iii. Supp. AI- li- rn. Thirll Nlorcziii.'. lixzin-, S1-1-on! Kr-hm, Sli-- 'I'iun'-. lin-ix--r. liotloni lli--k. Iiilstml. Iii Basketball Starting what proved to be another success- ful season, the Panthers, under Coach Mc- Kinstry, won the first game from Eagle Grove, with a score of 42 to 17, and, com- ing from behind, defeated Northwestern by the narrow margin of 30 to 28. .laysee won next from Emmetsburg, Estherville, and Boone, by high scores. Striking a snag in the win column, the team lost to Mason City to the tune of 32 to 27. In a wild game on the home court the jaysee team eked past Webster City 40 to 34. Fort Dodge, aided by new men, competed in the Estherville invitation tournament, winning the first game with W'orthington, but losing to Northwestern in the second round. Com- peting against Eagle Grove, the locals won by the easy margin of 51 to 23. In the last two and one-half minutes of the return game with XVebster City, the Panthers scored fifteen points, but lacked one point of coming even as the gun sounded, the score being 45 to 44. The next two games on the schedule were lost to Estherville and Mason City. The last game of the season, played on the home court against Boone, left the J. C. basketeers with a 32 to 14 final score. Competing in the state tournament, the Panthers were defeated by Marshalltown in the first round on the Creston floor. ' Although 1940 was only the second year to see a college baseball team in action, it was a satisfactory season. Under the Left to Right Art Brooks, Lee Brewer, Iioli Iilston, Charles lsamgmi, Clint Evans, Dali- Thomas. Gene Morgan, John Hanson. Don Hicks, Lewis Anderson, Howard Carlson, Student Manager Don Kr-hm, Coach J. A, Mc'Kinstry. 11361 Baseball -l, K, HASI-.liAl.l. SQITAIZ: lim-lt row 4'-meh Grzihuni, lid lfluils-ry, lCul l'i-svhziu, lfnlii-i' l'rinp.4, lhx-wer, John l"l:ihi-rty, Cireytun lie-1-lu'i', John Hanson, Clinton livzins. Art Brooks. Holi lCls1:in. guidance of Coach lfred L. Graham, twenty-three prospects turned out for practices at Butler field. In the first game of the season Lehigh came out on the short end with a score of 12 to 0. Buena Vista, the Panthers, second op- ponent, went back to Storm Lake with a score of 3 to 2 in their favor. The next Friday the return game at Buena Vista netted the home team a loss of 14 to 4. The following week the xl. C. team trounced Humboldt, finishing the game with a 10 to O score. Because of the success of this yearls team so soon after its organization, the 1941 squad is ex- pected to make an even better showing. x22' nw li.-XSKl'I'I'liAI,I. SQUAD: liar-k row lial Pesuhau, Lv:- lirt-wvr, I' l i n t Evans, Art Brooks. Allwrt Cook. Sm euml row IP 1- zi n Dix-km-51 . ale Thomas. John H:inson,.Iin1 Sul:-li. lion Hicks, f'oni'h MvKinstry. Front row 12 me n e Morgan, Howzirrl i':irlsi:n. lion Kvhni. ni:in:iL'1'r. If A. lsuzn-son. fwwq-ww: 'ix wtf 52 I N w lv? 1 , A-1 fi 5 gig yi ,W E , ijgfm A Q 5. 5 , V V? I in ' k gpg R"'m. " M' V' , -X f if 'E 52,1 3QQi,,v, , m qi' 5, -' Q 424 fi 9'M fi 'ff ' , ' v L ' M y Vx' ,. 1? I Q In 'bf f diwml W W ' X kg -L lf , V A, 'LJ E' ' V' ' V B . , i 4 Ap 5 I 'Univ K A is ilrtfx ' . 5535! . -4 AJ5 i'-Vw 45 Q W Mf 4 A ow' , A ' ! v Q Li Q5:?5,Qff ZA , X K ,. f , ' ' in W f ? 12' qw ff ,ai wk .Q a SfE.f5,v"Z'??L' 5l'i :sg ive A Ev- Y' A A ',. Vg . W 1 Q Q S N ' f . S f E Q 8 ' , -6. , -W, ,M ...F . 1 , Q Q. I -P I A M,-, , ' ,it -. ' ' E514 , 'JA f if 1 'X' 2 HM ,a s ,s li' 'Iou, FRICNFH CLUB: Back row Bill Day, Bob Lyneh, Roger Lisher, John Flaherty, Don Bonnell, Lawrence Stanek, Art Brooks I lion Hauser. Si-eonsl row Cheryl Fitzizeralcl, Flon-nee Mac-Kc-nzie, Frances Hanrahan, Helen Kramer, Doris liohr, Helen Johnson Kathryn Lewis, Mia-hi-lle Sherman. Film-en Leavitt, Verla Anderson, Mary Habhah, Beulah Stowe, I-'red VVhiti-side. l-'runt row Nanvy Pray, Rae-hi-I VVasvm, Mary Virginia Rhodes, Margaret Ann Smith, Edna Hale, Charlotte Leavitt, Ruth Ilay, Dorothy Nami-n Mrs. l,omIf:-llmv. liuttom, GERMAN Ulillliz liar-k row Dvnni- Murphy, Lloy Rohr-rson, James Sulvk, Karl Larson. Allin-rl funk .lark .li-ns:-n, John M1-1-, lioli 'l'iu'kc-r. Vliff Ji-iism-li, John K4-rsten.'l'hird row Don Kehm, Gordon Larson, lioln-rt liluyil, Ki-nm-Ili Vlfarm-l', liansan Smith. Dirk liruwn, Gi'i-yton liveks-r, limb Brooks. Sm-t-ond row Miss liatht-rt, lion Hanson, lh-an Vooper. lid l'4sm'l'i:ui. Gaylmwl Van Alslinv, Mivhi-llv Shi-rman. lfrulil row lleulah Stowe, Miiry Louise Nesbitt, Rhoda Schultz. lrnia VV1-lili. liilni Hale. lilinor Hin-flin. Students In 'lDie Deutsche Ecke" and An entirely new kind of French club was formed this year, when the old "Cercle Francais" made way for an organization appropriately titled O "Comment-Dit-On." Bi-monthly meetings featured speeches on French topics, contests, and French conversation. The traditional French club picnic was the final event of the year's program. Under the guidance of Mrs. Carrie M. Longfellow, the club was headed by Ruth Day, president, CD Dorothy Namen, vice-president, and Lawrence Stanek, secretary. ' "Die Deutsche Ecken continued to flourish as in former years, but with 'Tl- a new faculty adviser, Miss Florence Rathert. Claiming almost all German I students as members, the club held monthly meetings, which included '-,, instructive programs and informal social hours. Important events were "'l' a potluck supper in February, and a club picnic in the spring. Officers were Michelle Sherman, president, jack Jenson, secretaryg and james Sulek, treasurer. ' Forgetting traditional barriers, the two clubs held a joint Christmas meeting, and presented a program in both languages. .139 That s our Dean A new Lllflf Dozlgc r comes out Peace and qu1et 1n the Morban manner B1ll and blology Long ohn and Peanut Our teachers as we l1ke them Elmor and Chere at home 111 the lab Denny Murphy or IS xt? Mlchelle Nerla and Shlrley study on th staxrs Mary XVISC ready tor school Somewhere oy er the ralhng Cannon Mary Habhab and VIVIQU Martln pose before the bulletln boards oe MCT1gUC we rhmk he s good lookmg too N1ce pos Gladys and nlce oh yyell Mr Nydegger and Mr Chapman h ayen s g1ftS to the chem1stry department aysee cheerl aders and th y re good too Tom Olson Nancy Pray Bette Helleman and Claude Wfood An apple for the teacher says Lee Brewer cheerfully to Mr Bath I 1 40 9 ' I ' I I I K , I I I Q M Y - I I I ' , - I l 1 7 7 . . . f . V P , . ... , , . . I . V . V . . Hi, Jim Rodcnborn. Who cut you off?. . . Marion Flinn, Dorothy' , , . . . . S . , , . . . . .J -- - , . . . 2, f , ' - , ' ...r . f . , e f ' ' Q Q Q ', M , , , I I I QC ,T , . . After the ball is over the Sigma Alpha Phi formal in this case . . .Mary Ifilten on the garden gate. . . Saps or maybe we don t have to tell you. Ruth Tomlinson Jane Tinkham and Edna Halt . . . The Deacon and the Duchess. . . Ernie Longstaff in the boys hall. . .Bill Carroll and Vir- Tinkham but don t fall off on dry land . . . Beauty and the beast with Dorothy Cannon in the starring role. . . A-hunting we will go says Chuck sitting down to wait for the animals to come to him. . . On the old third floor . . . Familiar scene: Fred Whiteside and Dean Dickey in the Dean s office. We hope it s not report cards . . .More men more stairs and more Dozfgc rs . . . It s all in the day s Work. Gaylord Van Alstine in his favorite haunt--he spends a lot of time learning about lab life. , . y , 5 1 , , , I I Y 7 1 ginia Lovell prepare to go for a ride in the gas-buggy' . . . Ship ahoyf, jane , , V Y 3 7 Y 7 Y 7 7 'Y 3 5 3 6 I ' 1 , 7 Y 141i Index to Dodger Supplement Advertisers 111L f11111111111g 1111 1111L 1u11 111s,L 111 1111 L1t1s111L III t11L D11L1gL1 UHLL11111 11111 A111 L1 11s111g 9L1pp1L111L11t 11 LssL11 L1 C1111111111 1111111111 SlLlL1l11 3111 LLL111111 S1111 1 l lI'l ll N C N 111111 711 C1111 11111C 111111111 L IC11111111111, 1 t L 11L 111 11LL111 111111 111111, ll1 1L 13111111111 11111 AC1XLlIlSlI1g S1111111L111L111 1 S111L C111111 IL 1111111s, 111 1111 11 7l1,L1J1 1L1L1t1s111e, 111 f'1L1, ., 11111 A111 Ll tlsmg Supp1L111L111 11111181111 L L 11 L L 111 C1 17111 QCI LDIICLLUI C 1 RN CTL 11111 C 111111 1s11 R 1111111111111 Xl 111111 1 7 11 ll 111 1L 1111111111115 L11111L L1L1.11tL1 p13,L1111C11L1t1s111g111 t11L 1711L1s,L1 and AL11 L1 t1s1111, SUpp1L.l11t.I1f 111 Cl C L1 O1 11111 111111 1 X 111111 C TUX 1 L 11111 15111151 C1L1111L11 L11111111111 1111111 S1111L St111L 11 111 'NL11 s SEI 111111 111 11111111 Q11111 1 L1s111L 11111s1t 151s ll LS lx 111111 1 s 811111 11111, C11111L 1 1 11L11, L NL 1 1151111 C 111111111 C11111111111 1L11,1111111 511111111 QO111111111 NIL jL1l11ll1C. LL1111111111 X11111L1Q111111111 Q11111111111 OC,111111L11B1L1s D111 s C5 Ls1111 1JlLl, C 11111111111 R LL L11L Ll S1118 R11L1111L11 EK CJO111111111 111 1 Wk 11L 1111 S111L 1511111 1111111 X111 1 1-111111 ll ICLIIC 1 ICI C111 C11111111111 D11LL1111 P4 1 1- yll 11 Lvl .1 r1'.-- yi 1 V1' .'1' ' .X 1'1" 11111 X1' ' g"1,I'1l1I1I1g Q 1. .1 'n ,N 1 11 1" 1' .1 1111 151111 17111113 '1' 113' 111181115 CQ1111cg1 CQ. 1JL'1L-11 L11 C11 1'-rs C1.lIL'N 1 1 1115 XYY11'7 111ll111I1gC1 1. 1 T111 1' f'11L11 111"c-f ll' 1511511 -1 51' 11 ' 15" NYLIL1 11l'1lN, ,11 1 f 1.1111 '141'1-1111 1' 5'1g11 '-111f11" 5" 1' 11L1yc1' ' 1111 , 'L' 1'11l'1 1J111g'C'.sK 1f1'L'11'1' 1111 15' '14IA.lI1S1.Cl' X S1111'.1gL' 1'111'1 171111gc 5111111111 Q111cgL' CQ11'.1C.111.1 5lc1-1' '1' Cir 'L'1'1' CQ1111111111 1 1 , 1.1111 N1.1' - 1 ' ' . .1 A.L' llI'1I1g . . 5 1:11111 111113 11II1'1g XY' '111 Tl-' f 01111 -- g .5 . .Xl 1-ll l-'11-111 .. 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'X ' 1111 XV.1 '11 '111 11g Q 1111.1111' Index to Dodger Supplement Advertlsers L I 1 1 1 1 1 U 111 1111 1 11111s1111 S111111I1111111t 111 5 1 X 11 111 111 1 P1 1 11 111 111111 1 1 C11 W1 1 1111 11 I 1x l 1 1111 CI 1 1 J 11111181 IC 11 X X W1 1 11111 1 111 11 1 11I S1 1C111111 1 11 1 111 1 Lk XI11111 1111 1111 11111 XI 1 C111111 XX D111 C111111 1 1 1 1 Il 1 T1111111111111 I,'IlI'X II 1 x 1 514111 1 1 111111 11 11111 A DI 11 S1117 X 1 1111 1 1 1 13111111 1111 Ll 1 1I I-I111111 1 1 1 1 1111C 1 III 1 X XX111 111 1I1 C 11111111 lllflfl 1 1 XI x 11 1 I X S TI1- '11II1111'111g'I1.11I1'.11'1I111I1'1'1'11s111g111 I1cD11I5'11' 1" 't111'1'1 I --1 X. K II. I 111 1111"1 XI1IIc1'- Y III I111I1.111I'I1.11'111.1111 C. K. XI111'. C1111111111111111 C111111.111111111RC1111"'1111111'1'1 NIL I1 I 111'1111111'1'C 1111111. 111 C 11111111'I"1l1N I'.11'11 C I1x1111-1'1 1 1111'I1,1II X111 11' C 1111111. 111 I,.lI'Ix 'I'I11'.111'1' IJ,1111C11'111-111 8 XI.1'I1'1 -l.C . 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