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 - Class of 1966

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'sspfgsf-X-f XR ,Xa 3,'Xd LBS QQ X J AQ? PA THER I. ' 2' 966 X. .v . . ' , - ., . A ' f' S ' 'A 1 f 5 '. .F ' 4 . .f A ' - , in .q..............,.h ,,, .g L, V-'g,..,g,..,g,.., .ui ' 'hr' Y V M '- The College and the Communiiy Working Together for the Betiermenf of All if and '. 1 NN N -is I gi I Ml , ,, Q:PL.1:fSc.n-az,-f2'V'--J Ui-.2 K ,Q P X W X . H Q- o w O x 4 QQ 3 ' 19 Z A 'wx :lu Wd' "Ov 44 0 N 'Vfofrir Cf PANTHER Volume VI 1966 Gaxy M. Lindstrom , Editor-in-Chief Contents Sophomores ..... Freshmen Administration p. 14 .....Nurses and Medical Assistants p. 24 oooooooao p. 32 ......Organizations P- 46 Athletics ....... 'A iz:-s W .sg Y .g '11 , , .f '1 .tx ' j,,,.---5-ji-'-' l y! 23 . ,i '.' '.l', gmt' ' 73,3 ' 1 ' ,avg xii' I ix 1. 5:12. 'Wifi' Vgegi ' 1 R. . f - A :calmness P- 66 p. 60 .... Student Lite 'A Y x ,. l'fV g, ' T ,. gs . 'J 5 .X -, . x .."', -:fm Eg ' ,-Maf.-yiligb . L. 5 ' .f 1 -' Q64 .5 Jag.. . ,. .:.' Af .-A Sigh? ' 4-.emmfi 'fi' 4. ' 4 2 ik, i , ,-ffl " fi ' A-,,:L,gM,w . 4,:Q?"?' " A. ,L , A 1f:eff-- " , , " Hwff ws ' - .fm - ..A-V " 'gy B -.fum gf M' - "Yi, . , wh , 6- T guy' -'jg-fain. 1. I. A Dv? A " - , if " s'3 Lf4., ' ' 1 g g " ' A 1:1 Q' .VA zinullt. 32" ' N , - -4,i:,,.gj!,gga-fi.. 4 11355.-N,,a."7' :1 - - - H 'f Ap,-f-sg , .,f if .-Y, r y -vw' ..A-,gi:5,'A ,Qa, -,4, 1 .:':.-i-,,1 4-.-F-w-- -. . . M --12" - L .Ha -1 4114 - .- ffff'-ff 'M v 4 - 'VV 'I ' '. ' Y. . Q V f 0 5 T'-f.Af1,?f" -b ' M " . ,. f . if IJ Q my- Q j,.'.:!Af---- 51 wi.: ' 'D AM' 5' .y -73 jj 'D I - f.-A at 5-f Y I 4f"iir w x "Q 1' x" 'Kf " 'LU I . ,xx 'nn ,fr -. JU., . , " vv','wvf'1,vj',.: 7' V v-'v T-751' "?r,Q.Qf' iff-Av35f22f,2lgem - .-'.e"' 1 ,iLI"-v' ,--T l"'-'Gi' 'wr' X '5:--g.rf':'4ffw-'ifffifxir ' qv- 3.. 'g f- .Afwqng ' -',-',.'TL:-"5.P':o'qV .1 '. - 'PO 11 ,L ' , "r,,fcJr'W!'I 'l x Em M -f d x -mga? 1 - f mu, AM, 5 gif- He H f . f ' I Nm "7 ws. ' H 'LE . , N 1' . 1l. , M '51 , IT Q T ' ' 1' .' 'bt I L' - . .N "ra.mR f ., X E 1, , W f , ' ' 1 ' - ' ' W -ns "' , Nrw' f J in Y ' I' If V -- ' No' 4 ' fl 1 W ku , , 'qt 45 I I A ' , ' 1,1 . .K Rf , 1 ff! X ., W ' 1 ' I N Q . ft 1 ' f w I 'f 'i'i"1-fi.:-P -T 'R r ' .N L J F-'i?i:T:j.,Q1Z',i V., nun gb, p 3 V . V , -,. .H Y L 'U' 'l""x1 1I'l+ Wim? I b V L'f'W Nc'.w....l , "Q 'H P r- r 7 45 An Aran Vacarinul Terbrlcul Scbaal ADULT EVENING ScHooL CULTURAL RECREATIONAL VDCATIONAL SuslNEss EDUCATION FOOD MARKETING MANAGEMENT OFFICE EDUCATION FORT DODGE COMMUNITY COLLEGE OFFICE OF THE DEAN Pom' Domes lowA April l, 1966 TO THE STUDENT BODY: As we near the end of the current l965-66 school year I would like to pause and reflect on the achievements of Fort Dodge Community College. The year began with a record enrollment of more th mDumwML EDWMNON 900 students and an increase in the faculty staff MEDICAL ASSISTANT! EDUCATION aggxxfszjxxi Our plans for the new l.5 million dollar campus were completed. The new campus will be located on a 72 Umvwswv RMAHEL acre site in the southwest part of the city ausmrsa Anl4lNre'rRA'noN Enucrriou Am: Psvckoncav Lm,WG,AM, Plans for the establishment of an eight county area PM AH' community college district, with Fort Dodge as the E"""""""" administrative center, were also completed insuring FMMQL MD mmuk future students of undreamed of educational opportunities SCIENC!! PHYIICAL EDucA'rloN SDCIAL -SCIENCE! The addition of new vocational programs and the extension of the college parallel program has enabled the college to gain new prestige. College athletics took a new lease on life due to a complete staff reorganization. Our football team o the three year losing streak, and the basketball team won national recognition by being ranked the E16 Junior College Team by the N1A.A.U.C. Congratulations are in order for the student council and the student body. The leadership of the council and he active participating student body provided the ingredient for a most successful college year. Sincerely, Louis R. Newsham Dean EJB: n For Yoltb A11 Adult: 'No-.1 0n."'va.w g777 77 7 7 , FT il ill so --fav . , M .., Yu -fgi I 1 Y ' ,Jgznn 1 -..qnsS1"' Ill "' H-1' u""s' ' Q . ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY Ak..i. . I in if w ' 'gi li I in Will " ' -'.A . V ' DEAN W. CRAMER, B.A., M.A. Registrar and Director of Adult Education LOUIS R. NEWSHAM, B.A., M.A. Dean of Community College V 19' -Hz' D 1 1 "-'r'2-' i, As dean of the college, Dean New- sham has been instrumental in plan- ning for the site and buildings of the new area college. In addition to this he has also helped establish nursing and medical assistance pro- grams. Dean Newsham has an ac- tive interest in all college functions. il F CARL T. FEELHAVER, B.A., M.A. President of Community College Superintendent of Schools As President of Community College, Mr. Feelhaver is in charge of co-ordinating ad- ministrative personnel, providing efficient faculty, and making decisions for the gen- eral good of the college. Mr. Feelhaver has proven to be an able administrator through many years of service to the Fort Dodge school system. A friendly man, he is admired and respected by all those who work under his supervision. BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBERS-left lo right-Mr. F. E. Phillips, Mr. Carl T. Feelhaver, Mr. Cal Woods, Mr james Protzman, Mr. Arthur Johnson, Raymond Carlson, Dr. Duane Schmidt, M. Eldon Davidson, Mr. H. L. Whitaker. Ag., .vi V . DONALD E. CULBERTSON Counselor ' Wi wg ," " ui: fwfr 1 will 5' , ' A' Y 1 io, R V- -I -: TL iz-4 ,-3 fl ' . it ,3 .vii xg l -.k Q . IJ 'TZ' insmrl H-,A -rg ,,, Mr. Zech concentrates his efforts on student's future ambi- tions. JAMES ZECH Guidance .1 , ',v,,,fi '-if V H -, .. ,. : .fz-REQ? -' ' -' ' af 143133 ,,, , I: - -'-ff-':-7 '4 I 1 ' g ,f -ca-:5-T Q ' i' y, gf' gitgiila niu Q-, r .ASAE 'fi ' " "4" ' '- ' '- 'Q . 71 ' ' "' f ' "ff- :sill all I lggg 2, I . , I' 1.. :" ' 3' ' 55: :jj , and-L ' , J, , f U , W Vl1 if'3fsCQl3fQI.'fl , ,. . z z 'r ' - EL-m y lgtllg n -ggi. .2 5' " ee' ' i z' ies :: I: ::' 'H gf' ll n Il 5 " gg ll ll ea , ,,,,. - ' Q 'NH ' ' 'L ' M H 2 :I I , F ,I Ei. 1 1 Tai.-if? - -e 9 We a l 'Q x I.-ff-"'-Li '... . ' . , , '-'WL --+V L fffk 3 "I FDCC was first located, on the third floor of this building. Registration Fall Semester DOROTHY ETHELYNN MOLLY MELCO REECK SCHMIDT -r The college secretaries main- tain all records and corres- pondence for past and present students. Students participate in work- study programs by assisting in the college office ri xacft 1,-.1 1 FLORENCE KEITH HOWARD EUNI CE AKERSON ALTEMEIER BATH BLACKBURN English Music Science English SARAH BUBBERS English LOIS S. CRAIN Psychology GENE BUNDY Mathematics pgs 'W' 1 HARRIETT DEMOREST French M M" 4, "'7 KURT ELVIN B. CHALGREN CHAPMAN Music Science A 'A L f S E Y ROGER ROBERT DITZENBERGER DUNSMOOR Business Business Mr. Ditzenberger instructs the food marketing class, one of the more recent courses offered at FDCC. 5 -1 'H - A G, MARGARET KENNETH j. F LOM F LUGSTAD Business Mathematics JQP-4 f-- wr f 439 qnv, 1 Cari' DORTHIE C. ROBERT HALL HALM English Art lik 1 Q"""' RUTH RALPH GOODRICH GOSMIRE English Social Science " w .ts V. .4 INGEBORG BARBARA HIGHLAND HOFF Social Science Nursing GARY RICHARD M. HULST IN MAN Athletics Social Science The Auto-Mechanics Work-Shop located on the West Campus initi- ated a new vocational course at FDCC in 1965 Phillip Martinson, Auto-Mechanics in- structor, is shown assisting a student. RUgI1lIIES WENDELL E. I JORDON Business Science JERALD KA-RCZ Social Science VESTA V. MARTIN Business ROGER B. NATTE Social Science .gs MARY SULA LINN EY Spanish PHIL MARTINSON Vocational l 1 'SQL MAE OSTER Nursing LILEEN LYNOTT Social Science A ., rl Q Ax-'-.f.cA-z.-, xl 'R- X' 11 1 A 'l', Y WILLIAM G. McKNIGHT Science f DALE F. PETERSON Vocational of the world now? JACK MALLARO Athletics JOAN MULRONEY Vocational GERALD POTTS English Who is solving the problems SON DRA RUTH PRICE ROCHE VOC8.ti0Il2.1 Librarian A? geo FREDA ETHEL SCHMELING SHANNON English Psychology 305 yr- ,-r 'ix MILFERD MARIE ROSENDAHL SCHINDLER Nursing Nursing V .. L --.LL . if KERMIT N. RAYMOND E SMITH JR. STANLEY Social Science Vocational 'Qa- ORAM DONALD A. LARRY J. KENNETH L, TABOR WALKER WARFORD WATERMAN Vocational Music Business English Inspiration corner in the Dungeon where faculty members can be found "pecking". out those wonderful tests that students sweat over. Guess who is making out this one. K f 'lr . ,L 1 . . J' " '. I , -Ogr' 'F v' x ' Q. 1 ' ,972 ..,:,,n-f 1141. 5. -?f..s"E" " 4 5" u va' jf. 4 Ns Y' Q K 1' 5'r v I lf: .,A.,' V lil., W7-V475 - I 1 A 1 A Q mi 'SW if fa ,"4'J. " I A-A ' 5 A o x IP'-f www . .1 aw , I 1 , U Sr? .--A- ,l....- - 'M "fF".'f4Lv:.F,q i fp3v?d??wf.KV.' l-- .M-1.8, V , A J A . Ag-' .nf .' -V W ,H . Y' ', 'WEL ,A ' . 1' V , g W v , 4 5 - V L A . ' 'fx , iv ,3:, , ,, ' V- -. - - k - Wifi, I Q, I, s 1.-I Ls ,..." - f"':f- ' - -. 'A , '. pw, r , , I ,, M .4 ,wqf-. L - .4 ' .nw M" - 1' .9',N-- ' ' Oki Mi. . "'L ' X "" f' . , , U . , ,r iq - , J 1 ' ' fag.: iff' W gf""'-- W' fd F ' QAM. P 33: f, 1" 54W - , - :Ill U ' 'W V. V Hfffpap- ..... ' V ,. A .,-un3' ..+ , 1, -V4.3 V. mgy . If U , , , , . 94- -' -' 1' ry- P' vi .541 5, or' -'A ' .' ' "' .w gr -. ' "Tl -" ,m,- ' n . ' v,Mg.fC . v - ET-.4 ll' KM. kt ,rf n p .. I 'fm - V '..l ..,- ' . - ' . .. g f Q F -5 , -- K 2, J . -, A "" :EJ 4' ,nigga H..,J Linda Allan Arlene Alstrand Roger Bell Jack Berryhill Barbara Blomker Lillian Bowen 5' 1:-f Laboratory and Library, both essential student work places in a liberal education Marsha Castagnoli Sharon Clancy Robert Core Judy Davis Kathy Ballou Larry Bowers Pamela Bowers Richard Bredehoft Dan Buffington Colleen Cahill Marilyn Davis Mary Dingman Mervin Downing Dennis Draper David Durian John Flickinger Donna Gadbury Dale Gentry Gail Guttenfelder Carolyn Hansch Dennis jordison Stephen Kail Lloyd Kaufman Tom Knisley Sandy Hansch Mildred Hansen Sherron Hanson Sally Iackowell Sheri jackowell Phyllis johnson Colette Koester Linda Lehman Gary Lindstrom James Lloyd Ronald Loftus Patricia Mayberry jean Moen ?"'?v Mary Lou Mericle Barbara Millang .ff '44, ee r .4 QL" . ,. -W' Y ad! Charles Peterson Lloyd Peterson Mike Peterson Virginia Potter James Newell Paul Newhouse Don Nichols Elaine Norton Kevin Parsons Ernest Peters Nadeane Pratt Bruce Proeschold joe Reed Roger Reisner Theodore Schleisman Terry Shoopman ,,, -+ 22 Mary Vratny Richard Wind Sandra Wretman Judy Youngblood Jean Shouse Alecia Snell Paul Stevens Robert Stotts Thomas Stotts Sharilyn Stucky , 1' ' Il NURSES AND MEDICAL ASSISTANT5 Il' l'lI Il'I l nm ll SI II II II nm II !I ll I l II' nm . . . . . . jg - - rf: -Q--,,.,, Judy Brent Rita Ferguson Donna Greiner Kathy Hall Mildred Hanson Yvonne Hess Y 0 l MM do lu Charmaine Long Diana Mallory jane Iwai Olesen Judy Plair lull y Blanche Rogers Cheryl Rost Linda Saul H no Sharalyne Stocker Joy Hassel Wilke Miss Oster spent many hours teaching the sophomores. Neither the pharmacy nor the pharmacist will be forgotten, nqx "Su 27 me - 1 .1 1 '-my 191: L, l - 'V' .' :T V iA.'l ' 1. V'- ' ' 'l""l"xLl, ' 'N QU' """ ' 3'la1'-i""",ui ' W Claudia Voigt, Judy Thoma, Julie Sullivan, Jill Hendricks, Sandra Hutchings, Marjorie Carlson, Kathleen Olsheske The Freshmen at work are Susan Hoft, Eileen Hammerstrom, Dorothy Crouch, Cindy Mason, and Debra Hood. Our able instructors. anal- I"' QW l A- .il Y " lg 4 E If 4 . I Buck Row: Mrs. Bee, Anita Rodewald, Diana Moore, Carol Greenfield, Jeanine Young Lousena' Schoon, Mrs. Hoff. Serond Raw: Phyllis Terlouw, Linda Martin, Ruth Bisgard, Linda Mathis, Front Row: Wanda Dierenfeld, Leda Snow Kristine Fish. gf mpercy oslozfaf Many pleasant hours were spent with Mrs. Yeager in the nursery. 1 ' . ' -. .- H "-, , 1 X M . 1 1.1 , 'f ll l Q.. If - M... K Nagy ! V W ' 1 , ' s It , ' .,' ' .wi r ' . 'Q "l' .Q I ,K I .W 'hi' l' ' " ' 'P 0 4 Betty Anderson Kathy Bird Jean Daughters Connie Good Mary Sue Hayes Darlene Hoover - 1 and - mi' -V il' 'ww ' i 1 The Future Medical Assistants are trained in their classrooms to be competent, accurate, and dependable in their chosen field. ' L 4 ,fi - - , e uf - K N l ' i I 0 -ji , ' xi Xxi Xe KS Peggy Moore Henny Vanderwerf Rosetta Wieberg Lorna Zemke 1 I 'Na .,.. V QJ1' 'uf Judy Jennings Sheri Kahl Kathy Kelly Kathleen Kenyon Kay Messerly Lavonne Moendl ' 1 T 1 ,purve-"' Q. E v I ,v. " Q1 ' , , ,. X ' , I V ,' A ' 4 ' I ' 'J ' A 32 f M A 1 f U, , . ' . ' x " ' ' ,Ji Yom Dom Cosmuum tomcat ann ms nz- an la mu -gm 1 ' . V , L T N RAE! Q. ,.... Q A 1 4 '4 ,V f J -Q 1 I I - V, ..1:, L I LE T551 Q f . " i 1?:jgf-'V 7 A' " ' 7 'ZYQ ! If l E T,.gQig59gg4u' 'IA'-11"!lilI'ATIII '1ni1nxl'11:177rrr'7-711119. 1f?'Q'f'f'f':v ,, . .NA Y ., 4 , .. ,.,.,.. . .A ,, I. 1 ' ', .1 -. fffifgltizi' 1 5 5 A ., uf-,q.,,,. hi in I XX , - A N 1 1 x N 1. x' f Xt O f ' ' 1 ' r A f w 1 v ,-11 1 W xml? xxx. QR 'X 1 If . 1 I , W4 x., W ,Q 33 5""'W Front Row--Linda Bowman, Tom Cough- Front Row-Phyllis Moore, Cynthia Higgins, Carol Grunwald, lon, Marilyn Merk. Second Row-Kathleen Virginia Sebben, Janis Alvey. Middle Row-Errol Erickson, Linda Hofmann, Cindy Wafful, Cheryl Janssen. Fertig, Shari White, Janice Meyer. Last Row-Richard jones, Third Row-Steve Thomson, George Hef- Wayne Carlson. ley, Gordon Chalstrom. Fourth Row-jerry Quealy, john Bahnsen, Gary Hall. QSfz1091fz2y of eyan Front Row-Chris McGuire, Becky Scheffelman, Karen Howick, Dennis Royster, Steve Whistler, Gary Miller. Lax! Row- Robert Streik, Dennis Nyren, Dale Deardorff, Keith Bockoven, Dennis Rogers, David Ames. ine-fl 39 9 Y Franz Row-Torn Nordstrom, Sue Pel- ican, Diane Kane, Kathy Harrigan, Con- nie Hentch, Karol Richman, Howard Nyght. Bark Row-Jim Porter, Mark Olson, Bruce Lambert, Alan Buck. or 7 Q J eyzhners Front Row-Patrick H. Wills, Paulette McGough, Lois Pingel. Mid- dle Rau'-Daryl Beall, Duane Iordison, Mark Johnston. Bark Row -Linda Carlson, Arlene Rickard, Clamnn Bowman. ' w , 0 H4 C, 3 -. f f i lt -ri fi! vw "ff Front Raw-Louise Schultz, Linda johnson, Joyce Addington, Ann Beck, Patty Sommerfeld, Last Row-Wayne Bloomquist, David Oester, Nolan Kreft, Bob Mobley, Ronnie L. Bradshaw, Stanley L. McCreedy. Q60 GCQS Front Row-Jim Cunningham, Rillmon Hoskin, Nancy Willardson, Dianna Behrends, Denis Hagen, Tom Underberg. but Row --Zip Hanson, Fred Aljets, Larry Peterson, Greg Brand, Jim Lennon, Tim Kenan, Tim Hart, Marshel Rossow. N .fi Front Row-Karen Olson, Marillis johnson, Norma Gathman, Kay Folvag, Sherry Pieper, Jeff Brooks. Middle Row-Mary Olmsted, Gerald F. Severin, Carol Turner, Lynne Kail. Lax! Row-David Fritz, Don Tierney, David Bisbee, Charles Jackson. Urezzfx Qfzmcici. From' Rory-Fred.White, Steve Ondrick, Dennis D. Niles, jim Savage. Middle Row-John McCartan, Barbara Bohan, Beverly Birkett, Liz McGill, Elaine Cooper. Lan Row-Ken Peterson, Willard Larsen, Mike Davis, Terry Galloway, Tom Martin, Mary Blanchet, Pam Van Scoy. Ill Front Row-Mary Orsland, Chris Osterberg, Judy Guderian, Mary Ann Palmer, Gwen Morgan, Jan Hanrahan, Cathy Britton. Lan Row-David Pelican, Dick Dunn, Steve Hoffman, Dan Harms, julie Strom, Myra Graves. Fran! Row-Lloy Flickinger, Denny Miller, Charlene Hanson, jim Braby, Richard Phinney. La.rt Row-Dennis Houston, David Hanselman, Rick Davis, Mike Bowling, Curtis McBride. CSXUQQIQXJ 902' Front Row--Linda Beaver, Terry Ewen, . Lynn Rossing, Vicki Trygg. Middle Row- ,, Kay Edwards, Bev Meyer, Linda Black, ll jill Hansen, Dianne Replogle. Last Row- .wh Bill Royster, Bill Littell, Terry johnson, " Richard Steele. EN '. Front Row-Donna Freund, Nicki Martin, Gary Klinker, Ray Vought, Brian Hendrickson. Lair Row-jim Deal, Langley Jensen, Larry Reeck, David Stucky, Doug Pingel, Phil Condon. fc' uazhfeof From' Row-Stan Sneller, Jim Maguire, Ron Morgan, Larry Myers. Second Row-Willis Cook, Randy Eilts, Lowell Jay, Roy Law, Gerald Klink. Third Row-jim Julius, Val Gre- gor, Jerry Vonnahme, Bill Ahrens, Dean Richardson, Steve Clark. La!! Row-Larry Grone, Larry Musser, Jerry Eif- fert, Tom Finestead, John McNally, Harry Cox, Dick Camp- bell. U. i f L ,T L ,, ,..f. - A, r-,,,-P L Tl ,. I 'Y Front Rozc,'-Diana'Wilson, Peg Batcheller, Karen ' Johnson, Vicki Rosales. Back Row--Kent Osboe, , Phil Stone, Bruce Cervene. x K 1 i I Front Rau'-Jo Ann Hasty, Jean Capellos, Cindy Harrell, Cathy Shimon. Middle Row-Bob Rhea, Diane Osterberg, Bev Melco, Dave Bilek, Lance Kinseth. Lau Raw-Clayton Gilliam, Nick Walsh, Russell Carlson, jim McMannus. ' E One of our freshman students, Sharin l Shahidi, came all the way from Iran. I She is shown here talking with Mr. Gosmire and some of her fellow stu- dents. Front Row-Roger Dunker, Claudia Hanson, Jeanne Bir- occi, julie jackson, Sue Thompson, Crystal Nekvinda. Back Row-Steve Snyder, Ron Elg, Paul Dillman, Don Frost, Carol Barker, Daniel Hill, Steve Brown, Delmar Warren, Daryl Enfield, Ronald Litwiller. ' 1 Front Row-Sharon Nieting, Mary jo Vainreb, Sherrie Koester, Sandy Eccles. Mid- dle Row-Mary Kay Powers, janet Secor, janet. McDonald, Lucille Toothman. Lax! Raw- Miki Mori, Nancy Smith, Susan Halbert, Janice Mather. l 12229 enf Front Row-Paul Belosh, Ira Wagner, Marvin Williams, Max LaVelle,, Art Newman. Middle Raw -Chuck Rogge, Al Barbati, Bill Myers, Harvey Loyd, john Combs. Las! Row-Ron Sanford, Dick Turner, jerry Gerrard, Dan Drakulic, George Caggiano, Michael Line. asf 701' W f Front Row-jim Clark, Dennis Robertson, Bob Evans. Middle Row-Stephen Ahrens, Terry Froyd, Francis Decker, Dwight Tuel. Bark Row-Dick Ander- sen, Tom Migoon, Ken Wagner, Mike Weston, Rick Tuvell, Greg Anderson. Front Row-Nancy Clark, Kay Vasbinder, Dan Archibald, Edward Palluck, Marsha Morgan, Kathy Nelson, Rene Funk. Bark Row-Lynette Griffel, Denny Kellogg, 'Ivan johnson, Vern Knamer, Gerald W. Thompson, Reece L. Conrad. l 43 Franz Row-Dennis Meyer, Marlynn Koster, Jane Paulsen, Pam Schrei- er, Jane Dowling, jim Wagner. Back Row- Don Schnurr, Joe Loom- er, David Heck, Colin Stoner, Roger Parsons. 71, rn:-Y Fir-.rt Row-Bill Short, Rodney Gress, Alan Jones, Robert Behnkendorf, Darrell Haw- thorne, Jolm Adams. Back Rozu-Wanda Dierenfeld, Marg Yocum, Ruth Odland, Wilma. Bethel, Charlene Maas. Front Raw-Sue Thompson, Cheryl Farmer, Sue Patterson, jack Johnson, jane Hendrick- son, Deanna Bowers, Linda Whelchel. Back Row-Allen Forsberg, Barb Dilges, Ann Schmoker, Irma Pride, Susan Macek, Earni Benson, Laurie Lennon, David Mulmed. Front Row-JoAnn Scales, Dianne Balclus, Mary Rae Johnson, Sandy Hansch, Linda Knopf. Lan Row-Richard Runyon, John Herrmann, Bob DeSmidt, Mike Jergens, jeff Willis, Tim Cox. Front Row-Shirin Shahidi, Pam Snell, Marge Sorensen, Pam Stow, Bonnie String- er, Linda Teal, Donna Borger. Bark Row- Randy Gregory, john Raine, Dennis Spur- lin, Clark Raney, Mike Sweeney. 5 Front Row-Steve Anderson, Douglas Weiss, 'Penny Miller, Jo Lynn Anholt, Don Carlson, Dick Swanson. Bark Row-Harold Peltz, William Bunker, Leslie Peltz, Dennis Oberhelman, Earl Fishel, Warren Blackman. 2 1 Q' J y L, ' ,V at N. V M 'Qu X Xl 'E ORGANIZATIONS .f'lm' . AN, - V . . s 5 -14,Vm"L27'rvf "V: -1 -Q... if ,y, F kgs-we , f"' , C915 X 'nv NQ , W1'f'i'I" X .. . . ,fy QM' tv' s --I J ,- 9? , , I w if .N . A N, 4 ' - L N ,NT v A P 1 Q1 .Vw ,t -, pu. .f , QI Y. Mlgyf if at A-M 1 N I tv -, X'-g V! . . QI: i is Gleerkakrs Zn! yep GM Qzoe Qgupporf There would have been little student spir- it if it hadn't been for our active and spir- ited cheerleaders and the Pep Club. The cheerleaders as shown in the bottom pic- ture are Jeanne Walton, Jayne Iwai Oleson, Linda Saul, Kathy Harrigan, Donna Gad- bury, and Marsha Castagnoli. Marsha lead the group in cheers as the head cheerleader. Student Council members enjoy their Annual Dinner Meeting. We are sorry we have no adequate picture of this pleasant and important occasion. Can you find yourself in the shadows? cgfuofmf G0 an cz' tr!-YI. 5 7 mzhzkfrafzbn Student Council was very active during the 1965-1966 school year. They sponsored Homecoming, annual Graduation Din- ner Dance, and many after-game mixers for all students. Mr. Roger Ditzenberger was the faculty advisor for the group. Helping with the Student Council elections is President Dave Durian. Voting are Jack Berryhill and Kevin Parsons. E Four Donor Com um ull Fort Dodge Community College Student Coun- cil officers are Dave Durian, President, Linda gllan, Secretary, and Paul Stevens, Vice-Presi- ent. 57 j0yfQ1ft50Umf9s Qyzzoa V' -- --ffm: Y- - --V --+1-?7.v..YW U 1 The Choir, under the direction of Kurt Chalgren, presented a Jazz Concert in the spring-an impressive occasion of fun and music. The Christmas performance was also memorable. 'ft' FRI. 1.4.1. And some had a reason for Mr. Chalgren, and the choir, shown with candles, caroled-the spirit of Christmas in their hearts. being joyful. I -1 P . Publications photographers are Enos Matson and Denny Cox. Our PANTHER staff includes, Sue Pelican, Student Life, Diana Wilson, Freshmen, Glenn Morton, Facultyg Cheryl Janssen, Organizations, Gary Lind- strom, Editor, Anita Roclewald, Nurses, and Mike Peterson, Art Work. Not included are Norma Gathman, Sophornoresg Ron Loftus, Athleticsg Paul Grimm, Freshmen, and Colleen Cahill, Student Life. Miss Florence Akerson served as advisor. fvygg Our Editor Gary Lindstrom, and Editor-in-chief, Jeff Willis, in consultation, 0z1r12a1l9m gn gfe yzdahby Mr. Potts gives Mary Kay Powers the journalism Award. Mary will 1 serve as Editor next year. l J l 1 5 The PANTHER PROWL staff members are fseatedj co-editors Sally and Sheri Jackowell, and Paul Stevens. Szarzding are Sue Pelican, Linda Lehman, Sandy Hansch, Mr. Potts, and Nancy Smith. 5I First Row: Dick Goodrich, Pam Bowers, Linda Bowman, Deana Bowers, Lucy Toothman, Shirlee 'I'hompson, Linda. Whelchel Second Raw: Kathy Ballou, Jeane Birocci, john Clements, jeff Brooks, Coleen Cahill, Judy Davis, janet McDonald Zjefa Eamgog - jfe Uozbe Zuszbess l "J 1 . ,ur THE PAR'I'Y LINE IS CREATED: It was typed, printed, assembled, and finally ready for inspection and distribution. Jeff Brooks, Presi- dent of Phi Beta, led the group in activities and serv- ices. Bev lectures to Herman. 9 ll' l . I H mm Mr. Waterman presents john Hock with the Drama Award. This is the outstanding award of the year in Theatre Arts. A, ff, yfeafef Girls y7Zc0boafe0f Under the direction of Mr. Watemlan, the Theater Arts group learned the importance of stage crews, prompting, directing, and acting. In application of these aspects of the theater, they put on excerpts from several plays. I'-' Bottom Row: S. Pel- ican, S, Shahidi, D. Replogle, L. Black, B. Meyer, Second Raw: J. Guderian, J. Paulson, J. Han- son, M. Bickford, V. Tryggg Third Row: J. Hock, A. Rickard, P. Dillman, S. Halligang Fourth Row: J. Porter, R. Vought ' 53 X F A 1:-f 4. , J' ' A+F' - If ,, 7 I - 'EV 1 N Hg f ' . '7f:'P"1"v F We " N N y ff 'Q T .7 ' L ,N5A 1 if . I I Id. if I . v vw ,, I 4 in Front Raw: jeff Brooks, Y-. y. ii Q60 oczb oyy gorme 34 4 is i -f- . 1,11 . W .M Jean Capellos, Barb Millang, Leda Snow, Lily Tyrrel, Sandra Sesslerg Second Row: Lance Kinseth, Paul Stevens jim Lloyd, Ron Rusnak. Several members were absent when this picture was taken. .A.. Club members have discussion with Miss Lynott and Llr. Inman. Supervising the groupis Miss Lynott assist- ed by Mr. Inman. The club was organized through the efforts of Alan Massina who served as its president. The club members were available for tutoring of the elemen- tary children and for Saturday reading. Some members also made possible special group enjoyments of the YMCA facilities. ILFCQ yf eroes GG gqnof Comm zznzf -ca ., 4 s-i., "Scotty" Culbertson served as faculty advisor for the The college sign was one of the ambitious projects spon Club- sored by Circle K. Circle K Club was one of the most active clubs on the campus this year. The following projects and activities 'were sponsored by the club: All-college dance and party, the famous spring Penny Carnival, and the car safety check. Circle K also ushered for grad- uation. First semester, Jack Berryhill served the club as Presidentg Daryl Beall was elected President the second semester. pggqarrffg.. K. fy Circle K Club members included Allen Binneboese, john Clements, Denny Jordison, Karl Smith, Joe Reed, Daryl Beall, jim Lloyd, Charlie Peterson, jack Berryhill, jim Reed, and jim Newell. K... The Regional S.I.S.E.A. Convention held at C.C. brought guests from State College of Iowa. Pictured here are Mrs. Crain, Mr. Richardson, Linda Allan, Dr. T opaske, and Mr. Natte. CSZZUQQIQXS fjoofz , Cjoizcafors 01220174060 Bottom Row: D. Edgerton, M. Halterman, , D. Beall, D. Fritz, , B. Orslandg Second: E. Norton, G. Gutenfelder, K. Howick, S. Shahidi, D. Gadbury, S. Wretman, A. Alstrand, M. Mori, J. Secor, Third: L. Crain, Mrs. Orsland, K. Harrigan, I.. Van Hoff, M. Powers, T. Ewen, C. Barker, G. Youngblood, M. Orsland, J. Youngblood, J. Birocci, P. Mayberry, J. Carey, L. Skidmore, J. Guderian, C. Hanson, M. Palmer, P. Snell, P. Van Scoy, C. Podlesak, L. McGill, Fourth: C. Peterson, G. Erickson, D. Pingel, K. Brokaw, M. Graves, D. Replogle, P. Johnson, L. Allan, C. Turner, R. Natte. Q Cjxcfanyes 15503 t is 1-wwxvvi 11"'fs.1' it tered l1.1fgggl,l' A IT' 'll A 'il ' ,, s- -H.. A f ll, . Q ,fi alla! El ' Members of the International Relations Club are pictured here with co-sponsor Mr. Gosmire. Officers for the year were Presi- dent jim Lloyd, Vice-President Jack Berryhill, and Secretary-Treasurer Colleen Cahill. Fin! Raw: janet Secor, Terry Ewen, Shirin Shahidi, Marie Bowen, and Jo Lynn Anholt. Second Row: Daryl Beall, John Wibe, Richard Shinn, Tom Martin, Jack Berryhill, Colleen, Mervin Downing, Larry Bowers, Charlie Peterson, and jim Lloyd. KM Zzkcusses Cjfifbs Q7120fy7Zd0ra 5 s. -W4 1 141' ffl: 41,1 l United Christian Campus Fellowship's members are, left to right, Olive Peterson, , Leda Snow, Rev. Ogata, Lousena Shoon, Warren Blackman, Carol Turner, Rita Ferguson, and Janet Secor. Other members are jim Newell, Roger Natte, Sponsor, Linda Saul, Myra Graves, Linda Van Hoff, and Karen Howick. N L59 f ,X , . i ,gg It " ' xml craig " ,, - 3 all 'J I K, L. lvl ,.,,.,fI. 41 . l l alllt Q 1- ' c l"XffF A I r One of SAP's yearly festivities is the Sweetheart Formal. Miss Hall, advisor, is shown in charge. This is one of our loveliest occasions. zyma cz gpg!- OCIU 0r0f1Q Ofomb. ci G. Front Row: Sharilyn Stucky, Judy Guderian, Sue Patterson, Gail Gutenfelder, Miki Mori, Barb Millang, Joyce Trusty, Sandi Wretman, Linda Lehman, Barb Dilges, Miss Hallg Second Row: Phylis Johnson, Linda Allan, Jeane Birocci, Olive Peter- son, Cleta Hebert, Marsha Castagnoli, Coleen Cahill, Arlene Alstrand, Marg Yocum, Sally Jackowell, Susan Macek. P5159 if EF. :lf -if FJ' FW' l -553 F 34-315927 E ' . -3 If '-11, fi. id, is YE, p3,l'J 1 l . A. 5.1. vi- wmv .,,,J.d. S qv rv .5 , 'HA'-J 7.1 04-as :-L--., , -Q. ,.g' . mf- , ,am '75 FI , ,f'V'i'3g3fr 5-e,..-., ., . V -V . u Q6 FA 3 -4 - I! MF l' J r " gf.. - A difxil' ' 13,51 ' H ang- ' ng. ,L .li I .,-f M fi . ..,.. nga.- E-fe " Ac.: .. ,- . 2.4,-0 W. - .,.-Q., .!fL,3.,J1,R.,, "5""SN4Tb3 mv' we. ,gun- ,M . . -QRY-,J We? ,king ' A l5sL.1H. .agp ,.. QQ, fn., .1-,F 155 nf .nqamh ' 'Wd ?4-Alamy' 1.3-,a. U X. "-,Q Lv-fm.. .Ii-,af .. 1 'lisa-5.2 A wx - 'aw L '15 us wx-fi:?L9.Q it 1 P '71 4 W H? .nw 2 14 ' p .4 -4, 1 1 'Q .M .Na L: alute to Panthers Many Fort Dodge basketball fans had difficulty deciding whether to take a short trip to Webster City or a long one to Marshall- town last Saturday evening. At. Webster City, the Dodgers of Fort Dodge High met South Hamilton of Jewell in a district finals, escaping with a 43-42 victory to go into the substate. They'll play Carroll at Jefferson this evening. At Marshalltown, ,the Panthers of Com- munity College played in the Region 11 finals against the No. 1 rated junior college team in the nation - Burlington. Burlington won, 89-80, and will nowcotnpete in the national tournament.-, In, past years, given a choice, theyaverage Fort Dodge fan would have readily selected a Dodger game in preference to one involving the college team. It's a tribute, therefore, to the 1965-66 Panthers and their coach, Gary Hulst, that a large following was at Marshalltown to see them battle for the tournament title. All season long, the Panthers have been drawinglarge crowds and a steadily, increas- Ing amountof community interestand back- ing- The 19-4 record they compiled for the sea- son is best in college history and second best among two-year colleges in IowaL It's been an interesting basketball season in Fort Dodge and helping greatly to make it so has been the colorful, smooth play of the talented -Panthers. We're glad to salute them and to offer congratulations on a highly suc- cessful season. Community sentiment speaks for itself, as this l Y' i article shows. The l C a g e r s experienced their largest community participation in many years this last season. 62 The Panthers were head and shoulders above most everyone Qivlv 'gnu-f 1 ,gs all LJ f u but the ball was here just a second ago STATE TEAM RATINGS AT END OF REGULAR SEASON W L Burlington . . . . . 15 0 Fort Dodge .. .. 12 2 Webster City .... . . 10 4 Marshalltown .... . . 13 7 Ellsworth .... . . . 10 6 Grand View ... ... 10 6 Centerville . . . . . 10 7 Creston .... . . . 8 6 Estherville . . . . . . . 5 5 Waldorf ..... .... 7 8 Eagle Grove . . . . . . 7 10 Keokuk ..... . . . 5 8 'Clinton .... . . . 3 6 Clarinda ..... .... 2 7 Mason City .... .... 2 12 Muscatine . . . . . . 1 12 Boone... ,,,0 12 as for the little man Al Nuness served to be one of the most outstanding Cagers of the Panther squad this season. Here Nuness puts one up for two as t.n.nwur.'. 1 rs Pi ,fi ,A . ll-Jnl,5f'i'i':-H:-5 Xi VN--JLQ Xi rw WA' A ef: e e fe -frm' VN, Y M, C is -Q' 'lg Lx, :J ctw T I rf ' '52 '. F r 255 K . . CP!! rxt-'P ' '-"Y Ygjrub, ,, V 4, - ff. . . 1-ref 2f,,ffrfi??5z"f'35 4' -3 -iq., Q.,-ATI-iMiWH,r A., . A , .- 0 . gg' i P F" 525 '. N'lT"5f.fff"f3'5"E2'ff1 . M, -V " V 1. .X -- if 1Q':f.f.,w .,,v w 7142 ' , 33e.ifi-L Ziiimg.- iv 4, aw- ' h ', f. FOOTBALL SQUAD: Front Row: Manager, Will Larson, Dick Turner, Doug Chapin, Al Barbati, Steve Whisler, Bill Tal- bert, David Bisbee, Myron Radke, manager, Butch Hane. Serond Raw: Coach Babe Mallaro, Paul Belosh, Ira Wagner, jerry Moore, Marv Williams, john Brown, Chuck Rugge, Mike Schoneboorn, Harvey Lloyd, Allan jones, Bob Mobley, and Assist- ant Coach Gary Hulst. Third Row: Tim Kenan, Clark Raney, Larry Purcell, Mike jergens, joe Tjaden, john Bahsen, Steve Sheppard, Dan Drakulic, and jesse Dixon. George Caggiano was missing when the picture was taken. .L-I., x '1- The Baseball team includes Kfrontj Alan jones, Craig Balm, Zip Hanson, jim Kauffman, Butch Hane, Steve Hoffman, Dave Fritzg lbarkj Joe Loomer, Jesse Dixon, Larry Purcell, Stu Harberts, Max LaVelle, Paul Stevens, and Paul Belosh. . , . e .-' I Wm--. ima iff Mr-r , , .. rv my gs y7Z6d0Q . x '- ala "4 ,Ar ' J. -m b ,nffixlf . ' ii -e A -,-1 A' -,fl-.ix H ' I I , .wmklfz -:Le - . ll 2 . .t . , . . - - 5 W 1 ,, W , ' V. nrfj I v 1 - .. M 1 ll 4 l M " ' N N n ' r , .- . .. Ll f 3 uffzfe' ' -- v .- W . .,m. , 'L air, 'ff' '-'.,i?1i!,.- 0 ' '- W ,z,f?' HT,f. f -is . N ' Qi ' 'A ' 4 fl ' ' n x ' L , -f iw. 1, ' N Im gggjz 1,33 , I -N., .vfiffl Z . , 'I , N K-'xnxx-4'-Aw., A ' 4 4 1" .. 1 , A TH' 5' 1 .ng ., , 4 4 PM , I- 1- ' L In , ,, . f ' lewis ' W -Xa j . . 3,3 M ' . : ' H U 5' ' l, x. .' ,T L.:?P'-4':.:3hq1 .54 .. . A, .V .L I-, A.- ' U " ' I w1as::sQff 1 A . Q-. N ' 4953 ig 5.f6E: - 11 2 ' '7"""" A 'lv ' J 1 ,117 'l',:,,, . I ,M 4, 1' "1 Q. rf. Y - " , ' 1 , - , x 1:, ,,,ff.A , ,-.-- 1 ,V Q U. us' , I 1,55 I it . V ' , 3, ,n I rs, y, , n V - ' ag , 1 , v hifi. . , X ' . qw , .4 P 0 - ' r, mix:-Ef,1:5,il:MJq X ,,,... . W A 2 -.N , 6 ,QL 1' , tg! fl .V ,L1ui.4,jg, g3.-g px -, 'Q '55 P, f',fXI'jL,'ff'ffi:.,Qffj'r1,VY 1 -- X , " I .ul --5, x ' C--a 1f",v.,,,'.- . ' . -1' 5' A- ' , , 1 V . , , ,H ,. i ,. 1. Q y , A ' f',:- ' A , gg, T ' XX f .JA 11' - - ' " VX - L V Q 'Q I u ' -- 5, .,- ' '---Wf' 9 zf' r , X " ' ' f ' Y I . ' - 'Z' vt, . QL" . ' ' , .' H ,' . r JV, J , X . 5 Q . if H-W! n G W Y z ff ., -av V X o !gM"1 , 3 I' Q , li 7 ::::::. 1' ' ,, ' ' ' 34. ' 'Me-f f 'illiflu' 'v- - ' ,',lr', Ii-N , AW - 1 1 +5 SP L - N.-F, in 1 " .r ., J . Jflfjsq ,ww - V Pg EY V - rr- uv: nj' -. 1 I5 H 1"v,'-' - M pm. -- ' X 95, T11 PJL1., F1 A, F1-,?4, 'Ti E,-,.-, 1-ZA.. L f 1- ' '4 A A , -.,mn-.ww f,, ,"':,,". wr. -v ,,..-+ L ' s I . Q 1 o - .--ff ,av-1 44" ".rq' - ,yi g un- H. 3 ,V ww. 'If' 4. :' 'P 1, 1 ff! .,. . .vm-n . ,Ln ,J ww - PM H :L jf' -. U' - J'-L L' 1 if gm, ,Ju 33. l-, . 4 51, , I Iv w 'k A' 0122 Q MISS LINDA SAUL reigned as our Panther The Fort Dodge Community College Chorale and the College Pep Band worked together to make the most beauti- ful float for the 1965 Panther Homecoming. The theme of Student Iowa State Education Association won a prize for the most original float, the "Purple Warrior Eater. comzlny I 9 65 1965 Homecoming Queen. ' P 2- I ., 'x H! ' ' 11 Ra ' ,- A- 3 '- 'an. nfs.. 5'1E'l ..'- ' 'f ff' '- " f ' , :Y . un Y 'sim-N ' x -', V rx wx H., 'fl rv rg -- i 1 'T f M Q ' N. if' ' N' fi ff - " 'E ' ' A l F ' ' ' I f, af 1 L V M. .. 'Il fir' A K .. . ,lg R' 9 4 I E L M 'F xgii ll 1,1 , 5, I ,tl A tw 1 +1 4 1 A ' '1 F x ' -iw R , . , ' '. A- .'Lf,..-A " " L' YA egg, witq fs32,f-1, 5325-eggffst H 1 , , f-V If l"""' I if fda. M xifulr "r ""'-1 "f H '- . A I ' 'K ' . .. ' the float was "Take the A Train to Victory." The float was Sigma Alpha Phi made the float for our pretty Homecoming in three sections with the pep band riding on the last sec- Queen and her court. tion. xi' X, N Xxx I 4 L -11 ' '23 f i ,, . ' KN, .,.! 1 H yd v xi .P .1 1 HOMECOMING QUEEN AND HER COURT Ed Beranek Mick jones Richard Walrod Gwen Mayberry Marsha Castagnoli Linda Allan Paul Stevens Richard May David Bisbee Queen Linda Saul Arlene Alstrand Jayne Iwai Olesen Pat Patterson Barbara Page l I l9d5c5n0w6QAf nU X . 'qt , I 1 . 1 .N 1 I y : I ' l 'i I ' .' 1 w l 'N I' t ' ' 4 :N -gl' 1 1 t l I 1 ' I' l 1 , ' Daryl Beall crowned MISS KATHY W HARRIGAN Snowball Princess. cn bt Allen Welsh provided the music for Kathy graciously reigned over our 1965 the formal. Christmas formal sponsored by S.I.S.E.A. L-' A,.-.'l"- ' ' 1 ffra The Snowball Court included Colleen Cahill, Cleta Hebert, Marillis johnson, Mary Kay Powers, Shirin Shahidi, Shirlee Thompson, Lorna Zemke, Colleen Stirling, Kathy Scarborough, Sherrie Koester, Yvonne Hess, Kathy Harrigan. jj 91212 I I I 1. ,, I II TI II Be nice to Scotty, Mike! Your future is in his hands! 19 isp? "Ai W ip I l ' I The nursing students provided entertainment .in their infamous go go." 72 e ' .' taining booths in the Carnival. arnzkza Friday, April 13, was not unlucky for Miss Linda Saul, who reigned over the Penny Carnival activities as queen. Candidates Ar- lene Alstrand, Jeanne Blomberg, Mary Sue Hayes, and Lorna Zemke were nominated by Circle K, the sponsoring organization. Campus clubs participated by entering enter- A . .Z fm A "Bed Pan a No matter What- Myra keeps smiling! A Bill Talbert demonstrates his famous vocal ability. t The Ski Lodge Dance was spon- 'sored by the Medical Assistants in the Panther Room after one of our victorious basketball games. 1 5Pa5mafiC 8Y1'afi0US demonstrated bl' F-D-C-C Students- Tim Kennan entertains with his somewhat-questionable janet McDonald and Steve Henry meet secretly at the shore. "velvet voice." "AH, IVILDERNESSW' The story of the play, directed by Kenneth Waterman, takes place in a small Connecticut town in 1906. It revolves around an ordinary American family faced by average problems and who possess the strength to solve them. Steve, slightly intoxicated, quotes from "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam." The cast included Carol Grunwald, Motherg Mike Sells, favorite Uncleg Steve Henry, Richardg Bev Meyer, Lily Millerg Pat Willey, younger son, Tommyg Diane Replogle, daughterg and john Hock, Father. 73 Everything-But . . . Panther locker area? Did you lose anything? Z yjanffef' Q? 00122 Sqnof glgfdf Easily recognizable is our clean, neat and impressive Panther Room! li' lt I This is our small-but good-library. 74 Everyone intensely concentrates-on one thing or an- other. 'x . 'gxvlrr 'F' .1 pf." bf .I . Anybody you know, Tim? 9- f' .. ..-J 'Y 4' F' jim's great salesmanship abil- ity sold many Panther Pep Club pins. l, ll 4+ 1: LVN .,1 -' f: V1.,. M111 'Lv- F1111 Jig :Q- rv 1 1 . '12 f 11 III? ' 'i 'Lj.'j1L.LL.'LJ Ali: 1 1 1 Q ,..h "V""' --1 l,f'I'l-V 'A fximg--1 1 I' 1 -L M.. .,. T....LL in 1 ig. 1 1-'u 11.' . - 1 Q r A .1 NI. W. .1 -V wi. '. . 1 r c ,. , xlb 1 1.11 H1 ' 1 111.1 1 , . 1 ,1 ' vinm. 1 :J 1 -- 1 I 11 1 11 V5. ff' A 1 fe' 11- K 1 qA-A4 , ,HW I 11 WH Y: ,,,f 1,1 1 -1- Y 'T --1, .,. WL., ' 1 graaqzafzbn On Thursday evening, june 2, 1966, Fort Dodge Community College graduated one hundred and fifty- one students. Fifteen students were awarded Degrees of Associate in Applied Scienceg twenty-five, the Degree of As- sociate in Scienceg seventeen, Medical Assistant Di- plomasg and ninety-four, Associate in Arts Degrees. Following the Invocation from Reverend Clarence F. Anderson of First Covenant Church and the "Hallelujah Chorus" sung by the Concert Chorale, Howard R. jones, Dean of the College of Education at the University of Iowa, spoke on "The Revolution in Human Rights." Dean Newsham then presented the candidates for graduation. The Board of Education conferred the Degrees and Diplomas. The Benediction was also given by Reverend Ander- son preceding the Recessional. f-7 ,- . .j Paul Stevens receives his Associate in Arts Degree from school board President F. E. Phillips. Req:- K,- L.,-A 53 Two graduates or Four? The images of Sally jackowell and Tom Stotts reflected in the mirror are their twins, Bob Stotts and Sheri jackowell. i 77 -' QW Q ff. P5 E G fi .W , I l. , 151, ' 3 , I3 : S, ' ' ' ki fl f 93 xiii' wry" K' rf I '.' p-5 gi y K , ff 7 X , fl ' 'gf . A ' .- -Lb.l -Q. ,Yugi X .D - . 7 , 'AVA lift. W' ' ji: ki .- X -'-L" .il ifgglff' if 4 "mf-. -. ILE' 'VIP ? J - W "X .J G lx- Si 'K-' A!! " -4 lj I ? , . 5207. f Qi ff 4 V a"f 71.55 ' if i - I7' ' "' 'vr ' '95 ' gf 414 "--3, '51 0 ., FW ex lil is L f 5 4 '.:'ifg'p1-Q4 1. "ww Q-"mf", ' '- N YT N 4-' " " 4 5: . ,N 4 "' HL "au 2 -V-' ' .., if ., - '- N 1 xx, '-Q., -K - X - Q, . ' f V sg l' 11- J Y"XLm "' K. 5-4- HX l Y' . J. Tax' ! tl I xx--s XXXXK 1""",- bf' X3 CSOPAXOZDOIGQ CQYDOQX LINDA ALLAN 16-49-57-58-69-76 Graduate of FDHS in '64-will major in Elementary Edu- cation at Wayne State, Wayne, Nebraska. ARLENE ALSTRAND 16-57-58-59-72 Graduate of FDHS in '64--will major in Elementary Education at SCI. ROGER BELL 16 '64 graduate of FDHS-will major in history and Spanish at SCI. JACK BERRYHILL 16-49-59 Graduate of Eagle Grove High School in '64-majoring in business administration. BARBARA BLOMKER 16 '64 graduate of Humbolt High-will major in home eco- nomics at South Dakota U. LILLIAN MARIE BOVVEN 16 FDHS graduate of '64-working for a major in history, will attend ISU. KATHY BALLOU 17-55 '64 graduate of Washington High School in Iowa-will work in FD. LARRY BOWERS 17-59 '64 FDHS graduate-will major in Architectural Engineer- ing at ISU. PAMELA JO BOWERS 17-55 PDI-IS graduate of '64-Office Ed girl. Wedding Bells, Iowa City employment in future. RICHARD BREDEHOFT 17 '63 graduate of FDHS-plans major in Business Adminis- tration at SCI. DAN BUFFINGTON 17 '59 graduate of FDHS-will major in Business, future undecided. COLLEEN CAHILL 17-58-59-71 FDHS'er-Hopes to major in Business or Psychology, will work for a BA at SCI. MARSHA CASTAGNOLI 17-58-69-70 '64 graduate of FDHS-will attend U. of South Dakota for degree in Elementary Education. SHARON CLANCY 17 Humboldt High grad of '63-will attend U. of Missouri this fall. ROBERT CORE 17 FDHS graduate-plans to teach English or history after SCI. ' IUDY KAYE DAVIS 17-55 Graduate of FDHS in '64-more college in future. MARILYN KAY DAVIS 18 '64 graduate of FDHS--more college. MARY DINGINIAN 18 FDHS graduate of '64-member of Sigma Alpha Phi- future undecided. NERVIN DOWNING 18-59 '64 grad of PDHS-will major in Chemical Engineering at Iowa State. DENNIS DRAPER 18 '64 grad of Sutherland High-will major in business. DAVID DURIAN 18-49-70 Graduate of FDHS-will major in broadcasting and jour- nalism at ISU. JOHN EARL FLICKINGER 18 Elle-Irjtral Webster grad of '64-will major in Business at DONNA GADBURY 18-57 Manson grad-willattend Northwest Missouri State Col- lege, majoring in Physical Education. DALE GENTRY 18 GAIL GUTTENFELDER' 18-57-58 gf! FDHS grad-will major in home economics at Wayne tate. CAROLYN SUZAN HANSCH 18 Work in the near future, then possibly more college-Eagle Grove graduate of '64 j SANDY HANSCH 19 Eagle Grove graduate of '65-will attend SUI for major in journalism. MILDRED HANSON-19 SHERRON HANSON-19 FDHS grad of '64-major in Social Science at SCI, then teaching. SALLY JACKOWELL 19-51-58 '64 graduate of FDHS-ISU for Sociology major in future. SHERI JACKOWELL 19-51 FDHS graduate-will major in Child Development and Elementary Ed at ISU. PHYLLIS JEAN JOHNSON 19-58 Lake View grad of Auburn in '64-will major in Elemen- tary Ed at ISU. DENNIS EARL JORDISON 19 '64 grad of FDHS-will major in engineering at ISU or Arizona State. STEPHEN LEE KAIL 19 Cedar Valley grad-plans on Engineering degree from Iowa State. LLOYD KAUFMAN 19 Manson grad-will major in Social work at SUI. TOM KNISLEY-19 COLETTE KOESTER 20 FDHS graduate-plans to major in Elementary Education at SUI. LINDA LEHMAN 20-58 '64 FDHS grad-plans Speech Therapy at SUI. GARY LINDSTROM 20-51 Rockwell City grad-yearbook editor, future in law en- forcement. JAMES LLOYD 20-55-59 '64 FDHS grad-will major in Gov't at ISU and Law at SUI-future in Special Agent field of the FBI. RON LOFTUS 20 '64 grad of FDHS-major in science, will enter field of Dentistry. PATRICIA LEE INIAYBERRY 20-57 Pocahontas grad-will major in Psychology at ISU. MARY LOU MERICLE 20 Eagle Grove grad of '64-majoring in Business, plans marriage. BARBARA MILLANG 20-55-58 Hails from '64 class of FDHS, will attend Indiana State for Social Work. JEAN MOEN zo FDHS Graduate of '64-will continue at SCI in Elemen- tary Education. JAMES NEWELL 21-59 '64 Manson grad-will attend the U. of Missouri at Columbia. PAUL NEWHOUSE 21 '64 grad from Central Webster-major in Sociology, future with Uncle Sam or college. DON NICHOLS 21 From Wittemore in '61-majoring in General Science, wants BS in Med Tech. ELAINE NORTON 21-57 FDHS grad, majoring in art, will attend SCI. KEVIN PARSONS 21-49. FDHS'er, major in advertising at SUI. ERNEST ROGER PETERS 21 St. Edmonds of '64-Chemistry major at ISU. CHARLES RICHARD PETERSON 21-57-59 '64 grad of FDHS-major in English, SUI and secondary teaching in future. LLOYD PETERSON Prairie Community graduate of '64. MIKE PETERSON 21-51 From FDHS, will attend SCI majoring in Art Education. VIRGINIA KAY POTTER 21 FDHS grad-studying Business Administration, wedding bells in June. 79 NADEANE PRATT 22 '64 of FDHS, major in English at San Fernando Valley State College BRUCE PROESCHOLD 22 Manitou Springs, Colorado grad, will major in Engineering at ISU. JOE ALTON REED 22 '64 of Churdan, Chemistry at SUI. ROGER REISNER 22 '57 of FDHS, Business Accounting, will continue with telephone comp. THEODORE WILLIAM SCHLEISMAN 22 '60 of Carrol, major in Food Market Management at U. of California. TERRY EUGENE SHOOPMAN 22 From FDHS-take Geology at ISU. JEAN BERTINA SHOUSE 23 FDHS grad, will major in Elementary Ed after a year of work. ALECIA REGINA SNELL 23 '64 grad of FDHS, Liberal Arts major will work after graduation. PAUL STEVENS 23-49-55-69-77 St. Edmonds grad of '64-plans major in sports writing in journalism. ROBERT DALE STOTTS 23 Prairie Community grad, majoring in Psychology at SCI. THOMAS MICHAEL STOTTS 23 Prairie Community grad, majoring in Foreign Language at SCI. SHARILYN STUCKY 23-58 FDHS grad, will major in Vocational Home Economics at SCI. MARY VRATNY 23-76 '64 grad of FDHS, will major in Medical Technology at SUI. RICHARD WIND 23 From Humboldt to SCI for music. SANDRA WRETMAN 23-57-58 '64 of FDHS, majoring in Business Education at SCI. JUDY YOUNGBLOOD 23-57 Churdan Community graduate of '644working for music education major at SCI. QS 0 pf 0122 ore Qfurszhy .712 0Qx JUDY BRENT 26 '63 grad of Laurens Community High, future working as Registered Nurse. RITA FERGUSON 26 Graduate of Davenport West in '64, working as Regis- tered Nurse in future. DONNA GREINER 26 Keota Community graduate of '62, further education in psychiatry. CATHRYN HALL 26 '63 graduate of Augustana Academy, work as R.N. and marriage in future. MILDRED HANSON 26 Harcourt Cons. School grad in '51, work on B.S. Degree in future. YVONNE HESS 26 Grad of Exira Community H.S. in '63, future in a Fort Dodge hospital. CHARMAINE LONG 26 DIANA IVIALLORY 26 Colfax High grad in '63, attended SUI, work in F.D. in future. JANE IWAI OLESEN 26 JUDY PLAIR 26 BLANCHE ROGERS 27 Fort Dodge High School graduate, future in staff at Lutheran Hosp. CHERYL ROST 27 '63 grad of Pomeroy Community High, future in one of Ft. Dodge hospitals and eventually a B.S. Degree. LINDA SAUL 27, 69 '64 grad of Thomas Jefferson High Council Bluffs, future working at Mercy Hospital in Fort Dodge. SHARALYNE STOCKER 27 Grad of Washington H.S. Vinton, Iowa, marriage in June, joining staff at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Dodge. JOY HASSEL WILKE 27 '62 grad of Calumet H.S. Arlington Heights, Ill., future in staff at Swedish Covenant Hosp. Chicago, Ill. yjfeofcaf Qvqsszlsfanfs CQIQOQX BETTY ANDERSON 30 '65 graduate of Pocahontas Community, future to work in doctor's office. KATHY BIRD 30 Graduate of St. Edmonds H.S. in '65, future as a Medical Assistant. JEAN DAUGHTERS 30 FDHS Graduate in '65, future plans to work in a medical office. CONNIE GOOD 30 '65 grad of Central Webster H.S., future working in a doctors office. MARU SUE HAYES 30 St. Edmond High in '65, plans to work in a doctor's office in future. DARLENE HOOVER 30 '65 grad of Prairie Comm. in Gowrie, plans to work in lab out of state. JUDY JENNINGS 31 Graduate of St. Edmond H.S. in '65, future in F.D. as Medical Assistant. SHERI KAI-IL 31 Central Webster grad in '65, employed in physicians office in future. KATHY KELLY 31 '64 graduate of La Salle H.S., more education in future. KATHLEEN KINYON 31 Graduate of Lohrville Comm. in '64, future as a Medical Assistant. KAY MESSERLY 31 FDHS graduate in '65, plans to work in a doctors office in the future. LAVONNE MOENCH 31 Northwest Webster graduate in '65, future work in medical office. MRS. PEGGY MOORE 31 ' FDHS graduate in '41, plans to retire. HENNY VANDERXWERF 31 '65 grad of Manson Community H.S., more education in future plans. ROSETTA WIEBERG 31 Graduated from FDHS in '65, plans to work in doctors office in future. LORNA ZEMKE 31, 71 FDHS graduate in '65, Medical Assistant in doctors office in future. THANK YOU The staff wishes to express appreciation to the administration and faculty for their patience and help. Special gratitude is due Mr. Potts for suggestions along the way and to Coleen Cahill for her efficient response to our SOS. Then also we wish to thank Mr. Larson of the Messenger for pictures. Thank you all! 80 v 1 Q V ' Ia-, - . - nipgp F ff ' 4' , lu, 'Ae . Q V V H - If--S1 'SQQQUDW 15 ,-v Ly n .,.- . . - t WV , ,.AJ 7. ,. 1' ,mgifl ff' nt' s. 1 4' I ' x Q ' - Q 4 , 1 S T aplf' - X N A-A "ii XXX, Q ' f-. o V N11-Y C o ND: o sr PANTHER Volume VI 1966 Gary M. Lindsrrom A Editor-in-Chief new ,' ,. - ' :...,5, -I A " gil ,M t ffivmwfsi-fafilmxfn ff LNW.-Vw ' 4 ww ' UI 'in +7 -.'. Pr ',,'7,5A-' , 2,5 iff' I Lv. 'fx If .1 15' 5 QQ yls , . 44 J' A N 'AF lu, ai 1. 1 ig' . ,,: N- 9? hm! ga..,,J F 4 v T fx . I ' -'sq-..--fd. .... ,:...'.,..-. -....- V Y-.m..-M, Mx...-.....Y,.,... , - ...d.:.n ,. JJ .,, .L.,'f,. QL 2.5

Suggestions in the Fort Dodge Community College - Panther Yearbook (Fort Dodge, IA) collection:

Fort Dodge Community College - Panther Yearbook (Fort Dodge, IA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 65

1966, pg 65

Fort Dodge Community College - Panther Yearbook (Fort Dodge, IA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 79

1966, pg 79

Fort Dodge Community College - Panther Yearbook (Fort Dodge, IA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 68

1966, pg 68

Fort Dodge Community College - Panther Yearbook (Fort Dodge, IA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 85

1966, pg 85

Fort Dodge Community College - Panther Yearbook (Fort Dodge, IA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 68

1966, pg 68

Fort Dodge Community College - Panther Yearbook (Fort Dodge, IA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 72

1966, pg 72

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