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Fort Covington High School - Covtonian Yearbook (Fort Covington, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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'Sl if 23,1 1 wmww f ,,, Www fi ALMAMATERH 4 sig-JJ.Ha's4rlZ,jl 'VLH f05i3ii" ? I F l l J .T D IQ g'grEQfJpE'srJlO 3 gg 2 . The Senior Class of '52 earnestly hOpSS that 'ff the fourth volume- of "The Covtonian , will not only quaint the townspeople with the many aCtiVi'C'i9S Of school but also, in years to come, will be fog us a minder of the unforgettable days spent at FCH ' Hilda Bussey ---- - ----- Assistant Phyllis Brockway ------- Literary Genevieve Prue ----------------- William Boyle ------- Photography Eveline Noreault ---- Advertising Peggy Cooke---absent---Literary Typists Lorraine Dupra Kathleen Smiddy Joyce Dow Eunice Dumas Joyce Mayville Joyce Savage Editor Editor -Editor Editor Editor Editor his, ac- our re- - " L.llVcJA 1:Z09YCZf May we open with a loving tribute to our vivaoious little four year old "Lady-1n-wa1t- ing" who stole the show at our Junior Prom? Ours, too, were among the hearts she made happier. lr DICAT UN i .liy As a teacher, a counselor and a friendg Florence Macartney Hunter served our school for many years. Under her leadershin, hundreds of students gained knowledge and experience that they might better them selves and be of seryice to their fellow men. Of this true lady who gays' herself so unselfishly to her difficult tasks, we, the Class of 1952 will always speak with pride and respect. To her memory we dedicate our yearbook. 5' ADVIINISTRA IGN BOARD OF EDUCATION w lter Bennett Mrs. A. M. Cappie-110, MPS- J-H- Black' Piilip W. Gorman M.D. President, Alfred Larabya Robert Regan, Albert Leger Clerk of the Board - Mrs. Richard Keeler' TP88SHF6PH-- ---- - - M ' HQPPY J' Weir Q6 6 946,46 sy0x"n 0- ag, oeiiygm 4-G0 YD' acl Oxeegos sea sei Congratulations to our very capable bus drivers who day after day, safely and promptly- transport approximately one - hundred and fifteen students to and from the school! Welcome and many thanks to Mrs. El- wood Yaddow, our new custodian, who works so hard to keep the building in tip-top shape! 6 C L Principal Harry J. Weir Math. and Science Aldis Freeman Klndergarten lst Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 7-sth Grade Sth Grade 6th Grade Amzella Derouchie Rilla Gaffney ---- Eleanor Callahan- Blake W. Doney--- Paul J. Edmunds-- Joseph Sciarrino- Emma Tolosky ----- Homemaking walter Marks---Agriculture Pictures Appear with Individual Groups 7 TY DU muff Ave EEN eAu if uL EAL These are nine members of the graduating class as they appeared. in their 'diaper dsysn. Guess who they are. Check your answers on Dage 114. .5 r L+. r if if an X I M .V AV .., , . outlaws when we were "pinched" 1 Y. I FORT CLASS ENJOYS TRIP TO WASHINGTON, NEW YORK A D ALBANY . . 'THE SENIOR FLINGH At 10:30 a. m. April 10th we seniors of Fort Covington high school-started on our class trip. ff: With the band playing, flags fly- '13 ing and the majority of students 5 outside wishing us "1bon voyage" 1 IQ we lfelt ,very :festive as we board- "' ed our old reliable school bus. At Malone we 'finally got all of us jiplus all our luggage transferredl' 'rio the Trailways. Did we feel like 1- by the State Troopers outside 'of Saranac Lake for traveling over- weight on a posted road! Anoth- er transfer at :Saranacg a gay, noisy ride down state, and we reached Albany about six o'clock. After struggling with our suit- cases for 'what seemed miles up State street hill, we arrived at our hotel, the Wellington. The evening was left free for our own enjoyment. The next morning we -boarded a train, chartered for hundreds of senior students. throughout New York State. Needless to say,-Q that trip was fun! Travelingf. down the west side of the Hnd-Q' son, we were able to go directlyl to Washington non-stop. Our route enabled us to pass through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, -Dela-" ware, and Maryland. -After check- ing in at the Hotel Hamilton ear- ly Friday evening, we had an op- portunity to become acquainted with downtown Washington. Saturday morning, we went 'to .lsee the Jefferson Memorial, 'Washington airport, Pentagon IBuilding, Christ church, George. Washington 'Malsonic Memorial, and toured Alexandria, Va., andx Mount Vernon. In the afternoon we visited Arlington Cemetery, arriving in time to 'see the change of guards at-the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.'1 Next we stop-I ped at .the Curtis Lee Mansion, then tookla tour 'of the city, see- ing the various embassies, gov- ernment buildings and parks, Saturday evening, we attended a dance given for the entire' tour group in the Hotel Hamilton 'ball- room. Those headlines tell the story! Beginning with our first class meeting held in January, l9b9, our big aim throughout the four years was our Senior Class Trip. As a class we used to meet, dream up, discuss and vote on money making projects. Cook books, rummage sales, card parties, minstrel shows, food sales, dances, cake walks, suppers, pie-eating contests, plays--- these are some of the things we Wcame up withu. The great success of these activities stands as proof of the excel- lent cooperation of every one of our class members. But our talents were not all directed at money-making. Proudly we point to our class as a very nversatileu one. We have students outstanding not only in school subjects but in every extracurricular act- iv1ty.Below is our lastugangu picture together. Now turn the page and meet us one by one. Sunday morning some of the ,group returned to Arlington Cemetery to see the impressive Easter !Sunrise service. Others attended early Mass at-'St. Mat- theW's cathedral. Later that morning we visited Washington monument. Just as we were leaving that we were stopped by a motorcycle guard clearing the highway- for the president and hisgparty who were returning from a service at Jefferson Memorial. Mr. Truman 'passed directly in front of several of usand gave us a friendly hand wave. In'the afternoon we visited the Franciscan Monas- tery, Zoological Park and the Washington cathedral. Sunday night we saw the Lincoln Me- morial and'a beautiful night View of the Lincoln statue. From there we went to the Library of Con- gress where we saw.the original Constitution. We then took a tour around the capital to view the sbeauty o-f it at night. , Monday morning wevisited the Bureau of Engraving, the Pan American Building and the Smithsonian Institution. We left Washington by'train at noon for New, York City. After checking in at 'the Taft hotel' that evening, we.went to the Ringling -Brothers circus at Madison Square Garden 'lluesday morning we 'went to Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral and the 'R,C.A. Build- ing, where ,we had a guided tour through the building getting a behind-the-scenes story- on radio and television., It is doubted if the 'boys saw'much of it as they were very busy watching our cute ..,..Li-2... little -blond guide, Joanie. In the afternoon 'we Went on a bus tour of upper and lower New York. We saw Chinatown, the Bowery, the United Nations Building, vis- ited. the 'Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and Grant's Tomb. Tuesday night .we saw the tele-' vised broadcast 'of Ted Mack's original Amateur Hour. Wednesday morning we went by, boat to the Statue of Liberty. The-afternoon was 'freeg some of us 'went shopping and some 'went to Coney Island. That evening we went to Radio' City Music Hall where We saw "Singing in the Rain," the Rockettes, and the stirring Easter Show. Weleft 'for Albany by train at 1:30 Thursday morning and ar-- rived at 5:00 a. my--where we J I I changed' to a bus and arrived in Ft. -Covington at 12:30. .L y . 1-:,.,aBt5l'niY3.itL 'Seniors Thotography Manager H William Boyle Class President 1, 23 N Open House H 3, L3 Christmas Pageant Lg French Club 23 Cheer- leader 1,2,3,Lg Softball 1,3,Lg Senior Play My-Literary Editor Yearbook L Harriet Brown Vice President 4 Secretary lg News Reporter 33 Music Award lg Girls' Trio l,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Trumpet Quartet 3,43 Glee Club 1,2 3,45 President, Band Club 4 Wvalentine Var- ietiesn 4 Librarian Assistant 3,43 Softball 4g Homemaking Club 4g Senior Play 43 Asst. Editor Yearbook 4 10 American Legion Empire Boys' State 33 Fresh man Award 15 Sophomore Award 25 Junior Award 35 Eand 1,2,3,Qg Dance Band lg NYSSMA All State Band 1,2,3,uQ Vice-President Band C11 Hvalentine Varietiesn Lg Easeball 1,2,3, Lg Hockey 2,3,uj Senior Play Mg Yearboc Phyllis Brockway Glee Club 1,2 Baton Twirling 2 Softball 3,4 We Hilda Buss J Seniors Glee Club l,2,M, Christmas Fageant M, Cheer- leader l,2, Softball l,H,' Homemaking Club M, HValentine Varietiesu H, Senior Play M, Literary Editor Yearbook M Peggy Cooke President 3, News Regorter l, Cheerleader 2, 3,M, HOpen Housen 3, , Glee Club l, Band l, 2 3, French Club 2, Softball 3,M, Homemaking Club M, Senior Play M, HValentine Varietiesn M, Yearbook Typist M- Joyce Dow Glee Club l,Z,3, Baton Twir1er'h, Softball, l,b, N0pen Housen M, uVa1entine Varietiesnb Home Making Club 3,U, Yearbook typiet U. Eunice Dumas Treasurer 1, Secretary 3,Cheer1eader 2,3,h Glee Club 1, French Club 2, Home Making M, Softball l,3,h, nOpen Housen 3,h, Valenti- ne Varieties, Senior Play L, Yearbook typ- ist M, Lorraine Dupra 11 P Seniors Football 3,4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Softball 2,3,M, Volley Ball 1, FFA President 4, FFA Vice - President 3, Tractor Maintenance 3, 'Open - House' 4, Senior Play 4, Yearbook Typist U Wayne Ghostlaw News Reporter 2, M, Baseball l,2,3,4, Hockey l,2,3,4, Volley Ball 1, Senior Play 4 Robert Grant Band l,2,3,hg Glee Club 1,2,3g Baton Twirler 25 Softball 35 Homemaking Club 3 Carolyn Howard Secretary by Vice-President 25 Football 3,45 Basketball l,2,3,43 Baseball l,2,3,hg Soft- ball 2,3,bg Volleyball lg Senior Play U 12 Francis Latulipe Seniors Dorous Cushman Memorial Award 33 Band l,2,3,4 NYSSMA My Glee Club l,2,Mg Christmas Pageant 1 WValent1ne Varietiesn 4 Softball 3,4 French Club 23 Hopenoaousew wg Homemaking Club 3,4 Shirley Manson Treasurer M, Glee Club l,2,3,H, Band 4, Ba- ton Twirling 2 UValentine Varietiesn H, Soft ball 3,4, French Club 2, Home Making Club 3, Yearbook Typist H Joyce Mayville f as Treasurer 33 Secretary lg Grace Lockwood Mus- ical Award 33 Band l,2,3,Ug qTrump6U Trio 35 Glee Club l,2,3,bg WOpen Houseu 3,43 Christ- mas Pageant Mg Senior Play Mg Wvalentine Var- ietiesn Mg Advertising Manager, Yearbook U I Eveline Noreault President 4s Vice-President 33 UValent1ne Varietiesn bg Softball 3,bg French Club 23 nOpen Housen 3,hg Homemaking Club bg Senior I Play M3 Yearbook Editor b A Genevieve Prue 13 J I Seniors Yearbook Typist H Joyce Savage Vice-President lg Secretary 23 Cheerleader l 2,3,U3 Softball 3,45 French Club 25 nOpen Housen 3,bg Christmas Pageant Mg Uvalentine Xarietieeu M3 Senior Play by Yearbook Typist Charles Smith 3 O C2 N U3 IP ULI I-4 II" O O N 5 I4 O C! Z O S 3 I I I I I Ln I I -FLQNI'-' QUQCJ CDITSU UI-""3 OBO 41--'I-' 5-12? 4 03513 S170 'UUE H0199 I-'3O"S 0239-' QDNTOX . B111 Boyle 9. Lorraine Dupra le J Glee Club l,2,3,M Baton Twirling 2, Soft ball 3,H, French Club 2, Home Making Club 3 Kathleen Smiddy Treasurer 2 Baseball l,2,3,Ug FFAMMQ Tre tor Maintenance l,2,3,Mg Senior Play Jeanne and Joyce Joyce Mayville Eveline Noreault Kathleen Smiddy Savage Senior Play A5128 UTHE WACKY W 7' af' o, 6 9,9 Mrs. Winlfred Woofus --- Mrs. Malcolm -- Madame DeFaker Vera LaVere --- Jenkins Judkins Mr. Richards -- Ruth Malcolm -- Bill Friday --- Egbert Smlthers Cissie Watt --- Mrs. Brown ---- Mrs. Montgomery -------- Officer ------- .---Q---,--u ----...--.-- -..------n an-n-Q-n---vu: ---..--Q.--.v -...------pq -..---.---.-.- -..------..- -.-----..-.n --pa---..--n grazing..- sp--n-u -Q-n 1...- IDO -- Peggy Cook -- Genevieve Prue -- Lorraine Dupra ---- Joyce Dow Wayne Ghostlaw Charles Smith Phyllis Brockway --- William Boyle ---- Robert Grant Eveline Noreault ---- Hilda Bussey - Kathleen Smiddy Francis Latulipe N0vvMlH'oN"" M,-5.50-own, SHN.: Pre-t.,.J, PHASE. hz was may Third husband FTS A Plznsuni XS X Q-QP Lights out!! Ka pole knocked down on the Malone Road! --- strains of soft music by Joe Galipari CHe didn't show upl' --- the setting of a luxurious Carribean Cruiser C No paper decorations may be used! ---- this was the start of our Junior Prom. But everything turned out exceptionally well, and the evening was climaxed with the crowning of the king and queen. Escorted to their WThronesn by Linda Doney and Bruce Dupra, Teresa Ghostlaw and Leo Latulipe were proclaimed the ruling sovereigns 15' UIQ! Nl, Q ff --snr FTR Evvy oo! Ftancas 4? Ti. C LASSTATISTIC s 7 .15 we CLASS COLORS---Green and Silver JLASS FLOWER---Lily of the Valley MOTTO-- Finis Coronat Opus uThe End Crowns The norku CLASS HONORS Valtdictorian---William Boyle Salutatorian ---- Charles Smith Third Honors ---- Shirley Manson OFFICERS 1952 1951 1950 1949 President--L--- Prue Dow P. Brockway Brockway Vice President- Bussey Prue F. Latulipe Smiddy Secretary ------- Latulipe Dupra K. Smiddy Noreault Treasurer ------ Mayville Noreault C. Smith Dupra News Reporter--- Grant Bussey R. Grant Dow NAME NICK NAME SONG William Boyle Bill Anything by Ralph Flanagan's Orchestr Phyllis Brockway Phyl Stardust Harriet Brown Suzie I Can't Help It Hilda Bussey Red Cry. Peggy Cooke Boobie Little white Jloud Joyce Dow Ding Dong Billy Boy Eunice Dumas Ninnie I Get Ideas Lorraine Dupra Lorry Because Of You Wayne Ghostlaw Lou Always Late Robert Grant Bob Beer Barrel Polka Carolyn Howard Baby Jean Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way Frank Latulipe Frankie You Told A Lie Shirley Manson Rosa Undecided Now Joyce Mayville Josie More, More, More Eveline Noreault Evey C'est Ci Bon Genevieve Prue Joyce Savage Kathleen Smiddy Charles Smith Sonny Chicken Kate Gus These Things I Offer You For A Lifetime Tell Me Why These Foolish Things Nho Shot Willy On His Wedding Day 16 Shortest Tallest Oldest Youngest I Cutest Best Dressed Best Figure Best Physique Neatest Nicest Smile Nicest Complexion Nicest Eyes Nicest Hair Nicest Looking Nicest Hands Politest Most Athetic Best Dancer Most Popular Quietest Most Likely To Succeed Did Most For Class Most Emotional Best Disposition Most Musical Biggest Arguer Biggest Joker Biggest Wolf Biggest Flirt SAYING I Don't Know Good Heavens Not So Much So Jeepers George I Ain't Got None Let's Go Bobby I Don't Like Her How Do I Know Mama Mia ' who Cares I Didn't Do It I'll Ask Ma Nha Happen It's A Riot Oh, Tell Me Honestly Ow, Come On I Don't Know HANGOUT Music Room Massena Potsdam Macabees Macabees Peet's Derouchie's Everywhere ' Other Schools Macabees Kelly's School Office In a Crowd Home St. Agnes Smith's Movies Dick L Lou's Anywhere Girl Joyce Mayville Peggy Cooke Eveline Noreault Shirley Manson Joyce Dow PhyllisiBrockway Eunice Dumas Kathleen Smiddy Hilda Bussey Peggy Cooke Hilda Bussey Carolyn Howard Hilda Buseey Joyce Mayville Harriet Brown Lorraine Dupra Eveline Noreault Joyce Savage Shirley Manson E21 Wayne Ghostlaw William Boyle Robert Grant William Boyle Robert Grant Charles'3mith Frank Latulipe William Boyle Frank Wayne Wayne Frank Frank Latulipe Ghostlaw Ghostlaw Latulipe Latulipe William Boyle Wayne Ghostlaw Wayne Ghostlaw Class of 52' Charles Smith William Boyle Everyone Peggy Cooke Frank Latulipe Joyce Mayville Charles Smith Shirley Manson William Boyle Genevieve Prue Robert Grant Peggy Cooke Frank Latulipe Robert Grant Eunice Dumas AMBITION FOOD El. Engineer Food in General Undecided Cheeseburgers Housewife Spaghetti Teacher Pickles Loafing Onions Earn Dough Hot Dogs Eating Soup , Secretary Pineapple Cookies Farmer Potatoes Hobo Beans Secretary Hamburgers Salesman EggS Teacher I Dill Pickles Secretary Anything Air Force Chocolate Ice Cream Undecided Cherry Pie Tel. Operator Spaghetti Teacher Grilled Cheese Farmer Potatoes 17 Class of 1953 Row 12 D. Bashaw, J. Yeddo, B. Grady, G. Mainville M. Jock, C. Benane, J. Brockway, J. Browne, M. Bailey, M. Rouselle how 2: B. Smith, R. Regan, D. Gorman, R. Derochie, R. Boyle, J. Black, H. Foisy, D. Bailey In our freshman year the class officers were elect- ed as follows: Pres. R. Regan, Sec. H. Busseyg Treas. R. Boyle, News Reporter B. Grady. Three of our members, R. Fullum, E. Campbell, and H. Brown left our class. We held two dances and a card party,- all great successes largely because of the help of our advisor, Mrs. Lucas. Our sophomore class officers were as follows: Pres. R. Regan, Sec. J. Black, Treas. R. Boyleg News Reporter, H. Foisy. This year Mrs. Tolosky took over as advisor in Mrs. Lucas' place. We held two dances in our sopho- more year and one member, E. Latreille, left us. The class officers of our Junior year were elected as follows! Pres. D. Bashawg Vice-Pres. H. Foisyg Sec. M. Rouselleg Treas. R. Boyleg News Reporter, R. Regan. We staged a highly successful magazine selling campaign. We had two food sales and held several fudge sales and a ham supper. Most of the Juniors received class rings and were well pleased with them. All the Juniors are looking forward to our Junior Prom which will be held after Com- mencement. 18 Class o 1954 Row 1: . Robert, G. Ghostlaw, N. LHPS-E59 new 2: 1. Johnston, P. Laney, J. Bushey, J- Smallman S. Grant, S. Andrews, S. Peets, P- Smith Row 3: J. Black, V-. Johnson, J. Mainville R. Thebert D. Avery, J. Benane, W. Allen J. Robinson, P- Johnson, J. McElwain, M. Mainville After having the first eighth grade graduation in a long time, as Freshmen we made our way into our first year of high school work. With the help of our class ad- visor, Mrs. Freeman, we had a class meeting and elected officers, as follows: President, June McElwaing Secre - tary, Shirley Peetsg Treasurer, Donald Avery. In our Freshman Class there were twenty-one members until Shirley Andrews decided to move on with the Sopho- mores. We held two dances which were quite Sugcesgful. This year, we have nineteen members in our class Those who left us were Francis Turner and Geraldine La- Rock, who moved away, and John Rushlow, who quit in his second year. Francis Tuper thought farm life was bet- ter. Shirley Andrews, after spending a half year with the class of 'Eh decided to quit school. But this year we had. two new members from Canada - Shirley Grant and John Robinson. he elected class officers as followsgPresident June McElwaing Secretary, Marilyn Mainvilleg Treasurer Donald Avery, News Reporter Norman LaPage. q So far this year we have had a food sale and fre- quent fudge sales. Our Sophomore Jubilee, held in April was a huge success both socially and financially. We feel we have had much success in past years and hope to have more in the next two years. 19 ass o 195 Row l: C. Barse, J. low, J. Brockway, B. Barney, L. Robinson. Row 2: L. Latulipe, M. Noreault, J. Avery, J. Yeddo, P. Mitchell, I. Benane, A. Sbartrand, J. Dum- as, P. Bashaw, J. Robinson, J. Rubadeau. Row 3: J. Martin, B. Tbebert, J. Quenville, B. St.- Thomas, H. Poulton, A. Bailey, E. McElwain , W. Peets, M. Mainville, A. Robert, S. Synder. At the first class meeting in September, the Freshman Class elected officers to lead us successfully through the beginning of our high school career: Pres., J. Martin: V. Pres. L. Latul- ipeg Sec., P. Bashawg Treas., R. Barney. Our class advisor was Miss P. O'Neil. The use of the democratic parliamentary procedure in con- ducting our meetings allows each student to voice his opinions and results in a variety of ideas. The class officers regulate the meetings. After much debate and consideration, our main project for 1951 was to be a Halloween Dance. Every freshman took part in decorating , selling tickets , recruiting cider and doughnuts, selling refreshments and taking tickets. The result was a total success: Wa happy evening with much profit.W We secretly planned and organized a Christmas party with delicious refreshments and a gift for Miss O'Neil. With everyone so willing to help, the party was a real surprise and great fun. In October we said farewell to J. MacGibbon who moved to Brushton. Janice had been a classmate for many years and we miss her now. . Individuals of the freshman class are busy making names for themselves in different fields: W.Peets and E. McElwain in foot- ball: J. Russell, W. Pests , E. McElwain in hockey: W.Peets and E. McElwain in varsity basketball and R. Barney, A. Bailey, C. Barse and W. Bennett in junior varsity basketball. There are members of our class in the glee club, band, and F.F.A. At the end of the first semester , Miss O'Neil left us and was replaced by Mr. P. Edmunds who helped us sponsor our Fresh man Play, NSound Your Hornn, successfully. In our last class meetings we have made many plans for the remainder of the year which we hope will make our class of 1955 Hone of the bestn at Fort Covington High Sehoel. K NUEIRGARTEZN NMaks me a child againu might very well be the wish of any visitor looking in on the gay kindergarten crowd. With seven- teen youngsters registered, this instruction was inaugurated in our school at the beginning of the second semester. Intended to teach the pre-school child initiative and co- operation, classes meet with Mrs. Burton Freeman each afternoon from one until three. Here they color, count,print, march, sing take part in group games, have a free activity period during which they, play with a variety of educational toys, and even enjoy a lunch together. Graduates of this, the first kinder- garten class of FCHS, will be as follows: - Kenneth Arell John LaMay Keith Benore 1 David Lauzon Harold Burditt Charles Ledger David Duncan Dorothy Luke Carol Elmer John Pollic Carol Gorman Rita Bubadeau Dan Grant James Snyder Darwin LaCombe Kathleen Snyder Philip Trudeau 21 22 Row 1 Row 2 Row 1: James Mills, Wayne Garrigan, Janet Lauzon, Shirley Rafter, Carolyn Lamioa, Carl Holden Row 2: Henry Prue, Donald Gardner, Judy Henault, Roger Lamay, Gary Dupra Jerry Yeddo Absent: Judith Henault, Gould Hunter, Rob- ert LeBlanc Miss Taugh F irsf Grade Koreleen Rouselle, Louise Smiddy, Terry Big- ness, Peter Bailey, John Ash, Mary Jock Sandra Jock Francis Snyder, Billy Ash, Ruth Barse, Judy La Page, Wayne La Grave, Linda Lou Elliott Larry Yeddo , .,, ,.,., ---,-au,,,.w,m-w..,p7...-.WA me-Q..-umpww-Y--vu-' aaa 1-,::ww.vamev:mmmr.a ' -aw-2-sm--W-1 m. W-N'-Y econ Grade Bow 1: G. LaPage, R. LeBlanc, W. Martin, R. Bennett C. Gherette, M. Martin, D. Duncan, R. Leuzon A. Rushlow Bow Z: B. Jock, R. Rubadeau, D. Brockway, P. Lamica F. LaMay, P. Elmer, B. Ledger, K. Rafter, Ar Mainville, S. Lemay Bow 3: J. Boyle, R. Gardner, M. Lauzon, Robt.Ledger J. Drumm, W. Gardner, J. Baree, C. Benware D. Smith, L. Viau, K. Smallman Absent: P. Doney, G. Drumm, R. LaGombe, J. Yeddo, L. wilkins, L. Burnell MPS- Saumiel' 23 Third Grade " Row 1: . Rushlow, G. Bennett, D. Holden, L. Bashaw B. Bubadeau, P. Jock, R. Lamica, J. Lauzon Row 2: S. lhomas, W. Martin, G.Col1ette, S.Deroch1e J. Savage, L. LaPage, S. Robinson, M. Lauzon R. Dumas, L. Jock, T. Sperry, M. Benane ROW 3: J. Duncan, H. Benane, L. McE1wa1n, O. Luke B. LaMay, R. Dow, G. LeBlanc, C. Smillie, H. Sperry, E. Jock Absent: S. Gorman, B. Grant, G. Smiddy, E. LaFave Mrs. Regan 3.1" i L. Jock, L. Shatlaw Absent: J. Stevens, A. Smillie, Mrs HOI'8.I1 F iHh Grade Iiichell, R. Lepage, J. Russell, L. Martin Leroux, R. Rafter, D. Boyle, E. Lamay Martin, J. Gardner, L.Kettell, L. Rubadeau LaPage, P. Gardner, S. LaGrave, I. Bashaw Lemay, P. Dow Jock, F. Richards, E. lapage, Paul Drumm Drumm, D. Lamica, D. Bowen, R. Bowen, M. tin M Row l: W. Armstrong, I. Eldred, A. B nan B Tqeb rt Row 2: P. Elmer, D. Eldred, R. Yedco, L Brockway, G Peets, S. LeBlanc, B. Prue, P Raft r, F Lemay Row 3: M. Fullum, R.Stevens, H. Leger, N Cartier, M Rushlaw, E. Lamay, E. Benware, S Ashram M. R 5 z Row l: D. Lemay, L. Ledger, C. Rubadeau, P. Grady, J. Robinson, A. Smith. now 2: M. Barse, C. Kettell, J. Wilkins, K. Main- ville, A. Dumas, L. Eldred, M. Yeddo, M.Sh- atlaw, E. Ghostlew, M. Ashman. Row 3: R. Bsrse, C. Black, C. Perry, Don. Mitch - ell, C. Yaddow, C. Ash. Row Row Row Row Sevenfh Grade Shanlaw, ii. Rafter, H. McPherson, B.Andrews Almona, B. McElwain, H. Mayville, J. Fadden Dumas Benane, E. Lucas, A. Burditt, S. Mainville Tolman, E. Eldred, A. McE1wain, V. Ghostlaw Brockway, D. Dupra Dumas, P.Robert, J. Beaudette, M. Shartrand Johnston R. Dumers, B. Robinson, H. Grant Yaddow Lamica, D. Rubadeau, R. Burditt, W. Tuper Gratton R. Cartier, S. Bushey, 3. Dupra Miss Derochie KL.. qw 'Y ,W wwf .435 fit. -www . M959 V.: ups- af! 'D wwwwme 'WM 'if www' ' M fx 14 -Q-mmm ' ! """' 5595 LA, Q WSJ? 3323 E 5 ww J. McElwain, J. Black, W. Boyle, T. Mayhew, D. Boyle On opposite page reading from bottom to top: mf' Sciaffino MIXED CHORUS: Row l: E. Dumas, P. Johnson, J. Savage, S. Manson, J. Quenville, S. Grant Row 2: M. Bailey, E. Noreault, J. Mayville, J. Dumas, J. Browne, A. Snartrand, H. Bussey, L. Latulipe Row 3. A. Robert, J. Smallman, J. McElwain, P. LaMay, J. Busney, D. Basnaw, J. Rubadeau, J. Yeddo Row 4: M. Mainville, B. Grady, R. Derocnie, R. Thebert, C. Barse, W. Boyle, R. Boyle, J. Black, D. Avery BATON TWIRLING: Row 5: J. Benane, E. Eldred, S. Asnman, A. Dumas, J. Dumas, L. W7 dred, E. Lamay, J. Wilkins, K. Mainville, S. Mainville Row 6: A. MpElwain, C. Yaddow, S. Busney, I. Benane, B. Lamay, P. Smith, E. Dumas, E. Lucas, A. Burditt . SYMPHONETTES: ...A ...- Row 7: W. Armstrong, D. Eldred, E. Yeddo, .E-H211 Glwfiif, 30511 Russell Row 8: P. Dow, J. Gardner, E. LaMay, M. Yeddo, P. Gardner, B. Jock, I. Bashaw, M. Martin Row 9: M. Asnman, J. Wilson, J.LaPage, E. Lucas, S. Busney, R. Barse E. Ghostlaw, M. Shatlaw, L. Dumas 29 y- - -- Junior Row l Row 2 Absent Senior Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Band: J. Martin, J. Mainv1lle,P. Grady, L. Latulipe, B. Jock, H. Dumas, John Russell J. Russell, H. McPherson,B.Thebert, A. Manson, H. Mayville S. Bushey, J. Quenvllle, J. Fadden, B. McElwa1n L. Dumas, A. Ba1ley,K. Mainville, J.,Wilkins, C. Dumas, S- Mainville, E. Lucas, Mathilda Yeddo, Mary Yeddo, B. Dupra Band: Q D. Gorman, Tom Mayhew, S. Manson, DOHFQJ-5 BOYJ-6, D- Bash-HW P. Johnson, B. Grady, M.Jock, M. Noreault, J. McElwain, C. Howard, H. Bussey, A. Shartrand, J. Xeddo - D. Avery, J. Black, B. Smith, R. Thebert, R. Derouchie, J. Smallman, C. Barse, E. Noreault, W. Boyle, R. Howard, R. Boyle 30 if J HANSEL AND GRETEL l'T J. Wilkins, M. Jock, E. Shatlaw, D. Boyle D. Bashaw, C. Robert, J. McElwain, B. Dupra H- GALS AND A Guy J F, ,fi W A his Acco J. B mpanist: J. McE1wain rown, J. Black, J. Yeddo, H. BusseV rr '41 CAFE El? A with the addition of gay-colored formica - topped tables and matching chrome - trimmed chairs, our cafeteria has taken on a Hnew lookn this year. Each month a faculty member has charge of dec- orating the cafeteria in a theme consistent with the Iseason. Add to this background a program of popular recorded music, arranged by Dick Boyle, and you have an ideal setting for enjoying the noon-day meal. ' What's on the menu? Meat loaf, creamed potatoes, spinach, home-baked bread and butter, freshly made cake and milk---this is a typical meal at the rock-bottom price of fifteen cents. And it's the job of our Ucafeteria ladiesu to turn this out on time daily for one-hundred forty to one-hundred sixty-five hungry customers. who are these wonder workers? Mrs. Elmer Santamoor who heads the project and has behind her nine years of hard-earned experience at itg Mrs. Emma McElwain with three and a half years to her cred- itg and Miss Gertrude McElwain who has worked here steadily for three years, following four years of substitute work. These ladies are, indeed, a vital part of our school. May we sincerely congrat- ulate them for their excellent work? 32 .fm iw? Row 1: S. Manson, Mrs. Tolosky, H, Bugsey Row 2: J. Dow, E. Dumas, G. Prue, L. Dupra ENIDR ua-1E Amu3 G. Ghostlaw. nane, W. Peets, C. Robert J. Brockway, R. Barney, D.Bailey, N. Lapage, 2: R. St.Thomas, E. McE1wain, C. Almond, J. Be- Q E E Q E E E 1 x .Nw fT,?5f2Z2fZ3fiZiaZ'Z'KiiiB?42f29i+2ZiM ,, '? , ' --if ' - V, F ff? 'ZF w1MMw,fhM- A . ,N .MN W , -V 'Jam 'lv P. Brockway, S. Peets, K. Smiddy, L. Dupra, C. Benane, J Dow vv Row 2 Absent Aly f AH A - i r r Manager Gerald Ghostlaw, Clayton Almond, Bruce Smith, David Gorman, Robert Derochie, Bill Peets Jim Mainville, Dan Bailey, Mgr. Bob Grant . Willard Dupra, Errol McElwain, Joe Premo, Coach Blake Doney Francis Bashaw, Harry Poulton aPage Ben- PS6 Ba Barney, W. L N. ,R. Bailey, 4? er C. ca O McE1wain, Mill KD C3 01-I D O Dio 3 0 ,Jn 6' E m S-1 M t, c. 5-4-54 QD!-4 H.Gran 5 O Cl I F38 cs Ulm Q EDUC! RI! CD ssc 25:9 -.QS -POE' C3004 1 Jerome Gnostlaw, Joe Premo Mgr. Foisy tor CD do Pam ,QE if -C2 ao-4 1-lcd -I3 -.-4.-I PF!! do f4E CU 3 E35 SHO -v-IS-1974 k-pplll' 37 5: G5 ba F-I CI O -DCD Pa? 0141 r-I O"U r-I lipe, Dona Latu Frank Bob Ct cd CD an D5 UI Sw-P CDG! QCD OD-4 Q r-4 CD1-I -bd-1-I CSEO r-I ff! vu 'U -CIC! OO me o.-4 f.:-G1 .gr-n...--1.- I2 Row l: Bob Grant, Bill Boyle, John Benane, Joe Premo, Errol McElwain, Tom Mayhew, Hector Foisy,Bruce Smith, David Gorman, Bob Derochie Row 2: Coach Blake Doney,Clarence Robert,Jim Russell, Wayne Allen, Ronald Barney, Bill Peets 'Absent: John Robinson ASEBALL. Smith -- Smith -- Mayhew - Ghostlaw Peets -- LaTul1pe Foisy -- Premo -- Regan -- Boyle -- Almond - Grant -- McElwa1n Boyle -- Gorman - Avery -- Poulton Premo -- --- lst Base Right Field Center Field --- 2nd Base --- 3rd Base - Short Stop - Left Field -----Catcher ---- Pitcher Right Field - Left Field --- 3rd Base Center Field --- lst Base ---- Pitcher ---- Pitcher ------ Field ------ Field .X In hockey, our record speaks for itself: ------ - we they lexandria 4 3 Potsdam 8 4 Saranac 3 5 Watertown 3 1 If as s ena 0 6 rrwood-Norfork 2 2 lifton-Fine Forfeited CLASS PROPHECY D You've seen us as We are and as'we used to be. Now look ahead and see us ten years from now. Here s how we picture ourselves in 1962. Bill Boyle --------- Harriet Brown-- Hilda Eussey--- Peggy Cooke ---- Joyce Dow ------ Eunice Dumas--- Lorraine Dupra- Wayne Ghostlaw- Bob Grant ------ Carolyn Howard- Frank Latulipe- Shirley Manson- Joyce Mayville- Phyllis 5rockway--- ----Married to Stanley and has 6 little Gl's. A second Einstein. He now works night and day in his isolated laboratory perfecting the B- Bomb. Regan K Regan now rival Mill M Mills. Successful teacher in Genoa, where her husband is now rinci al P P - ----Latest newspapers carry the announcement of her 18th engagement. Second Tugboat Annie with Silly as her anchor. ----Married to Bobby and has A little Wgreese mon- keysn. ----Now a very successful Medical Secretary in the Alice Hyde Hospital. ----New Manager of the Cleveland Indians replacing Lou BOU.d1'68l1 . ----He and John Benane are partners in the Atlantic Gas Station. ----Vice-President of the Farmers National Bank in Malone. . ----Sole owner of the Peanut Plantation on the State Road. ----Has replaced Mrs. Tolosky as Homemaking teacher at F.C.H.S. ----Now her uncle's biggest rival since she has es- tablished her own auction stable. Eveline Noreault---Having just returned from Germany, she and Genevieve Prue- Joyce Savage--- Kathleen Smiddy Charles Smith-- Lawrence and the little ones have settled down in Canada. ----Married to Bert and is a successful farmer's wife. ----Secretary in Massena and a very loving wife to a former GI. ----Now director of primary education at Potsdam State Teacher's College. ----Owner of a large strawberry farm, and sing- ing Saturday nights over WICY. 9 1AR REiAN+l?'iqAN .5033 42277. ,Ago 'Q MP A-I-r 1 A Y- -vn:fi'2::'?: 5 . ' in 2 ' ' - V1-9 525 BQQMNT 1 QS 'W Xx'Gr 17 oo M t oy: IJ pg Qoogag H 9 - U 5 1 5 ' -. 1 ': , 'I Ag a 5. mm ! V ' GVN' F .. L W' 'fs' imma D H if . 39 H H ll ul , HlldA uS5 ,A U .5 S I S KB 1.5: 2 at we X -if ' WYE' II U Dv Mns ' I ' We, the Senior Class of 1952, Franklin, being of sound mind and CLASS WILL as our Last Will and Testament. William Boyle Phyllis Brockway Harriet Brown Hilda Bussey Peggy Cooke Lorraine Dupra Joyce Bow Eunice Dumas Wayne Ghostlaw Robert Grant Carolyn Howard Shirley Manson Joyce Mayville Eveline Noreault Genevieve Prue Joyce Savage Kathleen Smiddy Charles Smith Frank Latulipe We wish to express our sincere thanks to the advertizers whose announcements appear in the fol- lowing pages. Without their excellent cooperation our year book would have been an impossibility. leaves his talkativeness to Norman La- page. leaves Bob Regan to Janice Smallman. gives her loud boisterous ways to June Brockway. leaves her talent in music to Phyllis LaMay. wills her nice quiet retiring disposi- tion and cool temper to Marilyn Rou- selle. wills her ability to always bring her cafeteria money to Errol McElwain. donates her seat in American history to Billy Peets. leaves her teasing ability to Marilyn Mainville. leaves his nickname 'LouW to Hector Foisy. begueaths his great ability to get the girls to do all his news reporting work to his successor in the class of '53 wills her fountain pen, pencils and ruler to David Gorman. leaves her. chemistry manual for the use of all future science students. leaves her ability, as class treasurer to rake the old money in to the Class of '53. bequeaths her sentimental Sammy Miller. leaves her Wgigglen to June McElwain. ways to leaves her ability to write letters and to make long-distance phone calls to Agnes Shartrand. leaves her love for health topics to Shirley Peets. bequeaths his ability to get along with Mr. Doney to Harry Poulton. just leaves 'you poor girls'. gsm Qs u G 'Z-I town of Fort Covington, county of memory, do make and publish this 'V A gl fi QR, ,Q5 l fxhf, ,-"1 ' if ,glgfh f E1 .EE E . ., 'K V Compliments 5 " I ' W A , ' 65 5 ,, 3 ai. JN, ygaiaxv gf -F 2, qs? Q ve A ff" GHEZ MAURIGE HOTEL fl A fm Grill ----- Dancing Every Night Dundee Quebec Compliments Compliments of of T IZA A DR. F. w. o'LEAaY JOHN E- KELLY ,I In Comercial Printing ' Nuys G, 5 M 1 a one, NEW CLUB RESTAURANT We Specialize In Compliments Italian Spaghetti Ravioli Of Steaks Chops Turkey Ham Chicken CLASS OF '55 Phone 686 21 E. Main St. Malonep C0mp11mentg BOYEA BROTHERS MILL Best Wishes of Custom Sawing 170 the Mill Work Clarence E111o1:1: Lumber I Benin' 01'-We Building Supplies ' and son Leroy , I SUPESINVILQERQET 1 Tel. 214261 Malone 1 I I Fort Covington, N.Y Ambulance Monuments ' C0mP11m9nt3 Compliments ' l of LE CLAIRE of NATIONAL ARMY STORE FUNERAL HOME CORP- Ft. COV. 3809 Bombay nERooH1E'Qs GARAGE - 71 East Main Street Malone, New York H1 iw .alum ., 4.-, M. ....AQ gmt Compliments fm-Safran -,v: V.g. ,l?lw,AW, "" Sf of the of JOHNS CHEVROLET CO- sm. LAWRENCE VALLEY FARQUHAR'S HARDWARE Massena, N.Y. FOOTWEAR CO. L , Shop at SEARS and Save Ma1one's Largest Department Store Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Backu Malone, N.Y. 55 East Main St. Phone 4O . Compliments DONALDSON FUNERAL HOME Best Wishes ' of Vernon J. Donaldson from Lic. Mgr. IDEAL GARAGE CLASS OF '53 Ford Sales and Service Ambulance Service Geo. Smillie, prop. Phone 84 Massena Compliments Congratulations - Compliments of from of COSGROVE'S HOTEL CITY MARKET KEELER E DUMAS ' Bombay, N.Y. Joe Mainville . ' . - v General Electric I . Home Appliances Super - Servzce United Motors y . Automotive 121 - 127 E. MAIN ST. MALONE, N. Y. Radio Goodyear 34 Years' Sales A Service Experience in Northern New York Representing Nationally Known Companies 42 fs. X I T, Compliments IgiQjZompl1ments G 5" I of of ljliwi X X ml? v' ALBERT LEGER PEARL'S !Q!:4 Department Stores, Inc. ' Malone Fort Covington , New Yort N.Y. We Give' Compliments figiiigyl S8cH Green Stamps Of ,,n, E ?TER THE HYDE DRUG-CO. BERNARD FLEUR 'H Almost Everything Briggs Street Corners Westville, N. Y. Compliments' of GEORGE PAQUETTE Egg. ' 7f ,E I 9 - , 4 J FORT GOVINGTON PHARMACY Otto A. Kohout qq!!!!!, Malone Phone 130 Compliments of CANADA DRY BOTTLING GOMPANY -" E E To T ,Lge E II A A --R+ N' '3 . 4 W Compliments Best Wishes of SHARLOW'S RESTAURANT from HUNTER'S' CLOTHING STORE , , Compliments of MILLS AND MILLS F? Fort Covington '?fA A Ft. Covington PTIOHG 6'-W-P3' Compliments I Compliments of C0H1P11men'55 BURNS' Of JEWELRY STORE of KENNETH w. STEWART 1 west Main St. SPRAGUE'S CABIN? w Malone, N.Y. ' Supervisor um Phone 1308 gg' . 1 1:35 14 43 -S27-ffl! Fort Covington Compliments of of ESSO SERVICE STATION Phone 742-Q Compliments of NORMAN STOWELL To Be 51-We mfg? Buy Westinghouse 7 Choice Meats Fancy Groceries FRANK CROWLEY . General Merchandise . mm Bombay, N.Y. V, Bombay New York ROBERT B. REGAN, atty. 'RIRRR N' Congratulations from P. W. Gorman, M.D. W WOR!! west, Main sn. 9 594 Compliments -if TVAfVE Qff Qfw Compliments Malone, N.Y. E f ' ' f - of laf' - o Phone 777 FRANK E. BAILEY as soN PWC' ' 7 WILSON'S LUMBER co. ' J. T. Faubert, owner ' 20 Main St- FAUBERT BU1 CK SALES i Massena, N .Y . Compliments of HOMESTEAD DAIRIES INC. Massena, N.Y. 111+ I Homelite Chainsaws Compliments I.H. Farm Machinery Compliments of Refrigeration of G. L. F. H. B. PARKS CLASS OF '5u Fert111zergSZgSupp11es Malone Phone 772 Bomba 6786 Compliments ADIRCNDACK BUSINESS MACHINES of Complete Line of Office Equipment I I SCHRAMM'S HOTEL I f' A Sales Phone 58M Service g 86 College Ave. G, H Roser Ma2Pnev N'Y' ' D1 1 , Compliments 3351 iglx Compliments of I Ei3Efg2?'x gl of C' 'Sf ' MULVANA' S EQEQQN --'I ' THE FRIENDLY 'IAVERN f SERVICE STATION ' SEBVICE I 1 Bomba Ney York -1Home qi the Finest' Massena NeWFY0Tk ' HARVEY BELL Compliments PATTEWS Locksmith ec Gunsmith of 'One Stop Service' 8 Amsden St ' Foam COVINGTON Malone, N.Y- DAIRY PRODUCTS P Ft. COV. R.F.D. Sinoere Best Wishes F STONE E DESNOYERS from' F. G. Ronan, M.D. 45 Malone, H.Y. 6 vim sip , if h Gy! Compliments Sunoco f'Texaco ' Compliments I 59 ' of CHARLUEMIHAYHEW of KRIFF'S Service Station UPSTATE MEMORIAL CO. Gb FURNITURE STORE Garage Malone, N.Y. Malone, N. Y. Welding Phone 339A C. E. Harwood, prop. Compliment s. Compliments Compliments i'r-"' jf- p of ' -lf 4- , ,-L-f X R' of W. L. Smith R' at qw ' General Hardware Ray Smiddy A Friend Main St. Massena Compliments of 'ROMEO H Y-+6 Compliments I::,..:.-, --4 F. L. CROSS of General Merchandise BROCKWAY'S I.G.A. STORE AMERICAN LEGION Bombay Fort Covington, N.Y. AUXILIARY New York Phone 6272 Salmon River 1418 KARMELKORN SHOP 532 E Compliments I Compliments 25 of of , 1 .:4.,., DICK CAPPIELLO The most complete Hobby Shop in the North Country FO W. Main St. Malone RUSSELL'S BEAUTY SHOP Fort Covington Compliments of THE PALACE THEATER 0 aj Compliments of PEETS' RESTAURANT New Holland Balsrs and Harvesters Massey Harris Tractors and Equipment SPENCER FARM SUPPLY PHILIP'S M MORIAL HOME Massena New York Malone,N.Y. 1288W Scientific Watch Repair Compliments BEST WISHES ASHLEY JEWELERS of To the Senior Class 6 North Main sn. A Massena, N.Y.- Phone 522 ADIRONDACK CLEANERS g I from HENRY LEMAY 1 1 I l Compliments of DUPUIS HOTEL Dundee, Quebec F NORTHERN SUPPLY CO. Up-tgiDate . ' Ladies' Apparel Feed Coal visit Calso Wet Fuels VOGUE SHOP ' ly! N Rf 'S X W 1 Compliments of HECTOR FOISY Tel. 6651 Fort Covington N-Y- 15 E. Mein sn. Malone l f. nv AW?-' Compliments C Compliments X ' fs? ' 322522 2514 of of qgaf 'Bw , THE FRANKLIN DINER Auctioneer Fine Furniture Malone, N-Y- Armstrong ' Queior Malone Phone 152 24 Hour Service -QZMMMZQE Best Wishes E tT . a N 7 -1 rr :Lilly ELDREDGE e MASON INC from and sinee 1896 THE PINES INN Keep Sweet A Good Place To Do Business A 852 -ritr'-fy-f ogansburg ' New York FREEMAN'S APIARY Compliments of SHIELDS SLIPPER COHPCRATION Bombay Compliment., of sTEwART's COAL AND GROCERY M8 INTERSTATE LOAN GORP. 109 East Main St. Over Hyde's Drug Store nLook for the Neon Signn Phone lO26 Malone 7 - X." if , 1 v A N- . as 5, 155 HK 1 3: M, . 3 '- ,fe Lf, 1. 'V . ln .L 5 1 A'.4?f,.Q 1- 5,3 - 'I Q riffs , 2-'ml' 'VW-fl V ,.,n .X . if , ' I sql ,M B UW ,fr 2 'S-'s 'H i 'S y ,. A H. V af? ni, " .R 4.1 3. A Q V " 0' C v , R s -. 1 5, ff ' W . ,. xA - -if M Lv 49 Q . 3 'ld if " ' L' 4 7, 5,2-,C1,i 1 " .., , ......,, Y

Suggestions in the Fort Covington High School - Covtonian Yearbook (Fort Covington, NY) collection:

Fort Covington High School - Covtonian Yearbook (Fort Covington, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 8

1952, pg 8

Fort Covington High School - Covtonian Yearbook (Fort Covington, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 29

1952, pg 29

Fort Covington High School - Covtonian Yearbook (Fort Covington, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 28

1952, pg 28

Fort Covington High School - Covtonian Yearbook (Fort Covington, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 32

1952, pg 32

Fort Covington High School - Covtonian Yearbook (Fort Covington, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 50

1952, pg 50

Fort Covington High School - Covtonian Yearbook (Fort Covington, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 9

1952, pg 9

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